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No. 11642

>A person who conceals or masks their gender-critical views, especially from friends or within trans-inclusive spaces.

Thread for cryptos to share tips, vent, and talk about why they're crypto and if they're going to stay crypto. Have you managed to peak anyone by being crypto?

Any celebs you suspect of being crypto? picrel she kept her daughter from trooning out by letting her experiment with androgyny. jolie has also actually left the western feminist bubble

No. 11645

My workplace and family didn't fall for gender ideology so irl I can be a terf, but every online space I'm in is infested by TRA and troons alike so I'm crypto on all social media.

I will never post or interract with troons on my own and I keep it polite and short to anyone who brings it up. At most I will make statments like "of course I support LGBT issues! I have many gay friends who I love and support" so I can be seen as an ally while still changing the focus away from trans and onto gay people instead. That way if they insist on keeping the conversation up I can largerly ignore any trans opinions and focus on supporting gay people by going "my gay friends say this and that…".

Some example of cryptoterf excuses:

>Why don't you talk about trans issues?

(if you don't do any activism)I don't talk about poiltics on social media because no meaningful political conversation has nor will ever happen on twitter or tiktok. I only talk with the real people around me who matter and who can make actual change.
(if you occasionally do activism for other things)I don't personally know any trans people that well and I only listen to my closest friends when it comes to any kind of "activism", so I would go to my close gay friends to support the exact LGBT activism they say is good and valid. That way I don't accidentally support a bad person or organisation, such as Autism Speaks or Peta which both famously turned out to harm the people and animals they're supposedly helping. It would feel wrong to promote trans things when I have no idea if they're correct or if trans people even agree with them.

>Why don't you have your pronouns in bio?

(if you're ESL) English is not my first language and that isn't a common thing here. My local friends would think I'm a ameriboo and make fun of me if I had foreign pronouns in my bio, it would be like a weeb having japanese they can't even read in their bio just to look cool.
(if you don't have your own face as a pfp) Men in the past have been really intimidating and sexist when they found out I'm female so I'd rather keep myself anonymous at first glance so only my friends or people who stick around know I'm female. I think there is value to letting women and minority groups be anonymous online to prevent discrimination.
(fake woke excuse) I don't really like labels and I'm not sure what gender I am or if I'm like agender or something so I don't feel comfortable putting anything solid down. It's like if I actually write it down it becomes more real so I want to kind of figure myself out first.

>Trans women are women, right?

(lie to get them to drop their guard but don't repeat the phrase) Yeah, of course. Oh speaking of X, here's another thing… (immediatedly change topic)

No. 11728

File: 1678653007403.png (76.67 KB, 818x359, Screenshot_5087.png)

I feel like azealia banks is a crypto terf, actually no, just full out terf kek and i love her for that. And i believe the conspiracy that azealia is a farmer

No. 11748

>(fake woke excuse) I don't really like labels and I'm not sure what gender I am or if I'm like agender or something so I don't feel comfortable putting anything solid down
Another fake-woke argument I've read for not having pronouns in bio is that they're actually problematic, because some people might be closeted or just because someone has a certain identity doesn't mean they inherently use certain pronouns. I kind of like saying that I'm "any pronouns" (except "it" or something made up) while only calling myself a woman, just to kind of show that's meaningless, and I don't care about "misgendering". Why should I care if someone calls me a "he" when I'm clearly a woman and look like one, lmao.

No. 11749

File: 1678679111055.jpeg (11.45 KB, 315x315, huh.jpeg)

good thread idea anon.

i've been playing ignorant with some people, and just asking basic questions as if i know nothing about the gender debate. which always results in the other person saying something along the lines of "yeah… I know it doesn't really make much sense but… I dunno" or "I know what you mean… but…umm"

you can tell a lot of people just don't want to think about the logic or reality and want to be kind and it's fun to watching them expose how fickle their support actually is, just by asking innocent dumb questions about gender.

in the end they sympathise with my confusion because they know they can't explain it. i don't know if this will make them re-evaluate their stance though, that is yet to be seen.

No. 11750

Yep, I take art commissions and like participating in fandom projects, so I have to be crypto to not be blacklisted everywhere. Has anyone succeeded in finding fandom friends that aren't gender believers as a crypto? Sometimes I'll see people with no pronouns who never touch trans topics and wonder, but I'm not bold enough to risk outing myself by asking them.

No. 11753

>just by asking innocent dumb questions about gender
what innocent dumb questions do you ask

No. 11756

>i've been playing ignorant with some people, and just asking basic questions as if i know nothing about the gender debate
Seconding this strategy, it works to protect yourself and you can get away with being a tiny bit "terfy and ignorant". I think it works best with 1 or 2 basic questions before you change the topic as if you're not really that interested.

What do you need to do to not be blacklisted? I'm fairy certain I'm blacklisted in a few spaces based only on not having pronouns in bio kek these people can't handle anyone having a different opinion than themselves

nta but I think saying things that a normie would think but that are now seen as evil and bigoted can work. Like saying "trans people are men/women who feel like they were born in the wrong body and like they should have been born as a man/woman instead right"? "i don't really understand non-binary, how is it trans if you're not transitioning at all", "wait but boys can like pink and barbies too, that doesn't mean it's a sign a boy is trans, right? it's so sexist to say that being a girl means you like pink and barbie". "Only transwomen who had the vagina operation go into female changing rooms right? no real woman even if trans would want to expose little girls changing there to dicks, that would be so creepy and gross"

No. 11764

Yeah those are obvious as all fuck. Just don't get into the topic.

No. 11765

>those are obvious as all fuck
they're not if they think you're a poor ignorant normie who doesn't know better

No. 11771

If you’re crypto anywhere but at work you need to cut that shit out. I genuinely believe you are all contributing to this madness and for what? To avoid a brief potentially awkward encounter? Nearly every time irl when I say my opinion when trans shit comes up non-gendies agree with me like they were just waiting for someone else to say it out loud to have permission to think. Quit being such a coward, you don’t have to go around making every conversation into how you think all male trannies are pedo just say something honest if the topic is brought up by someone.

No. 11772

I do art and I do commissions, I'm also on twitter.
Everytime I see my husbandos (which are all "golden retriever" men, what a coincidence.) with top surgery scars I puke in my mouth a little but I guess the tifs and tims money that don't know where it ends up to quickly soften the nausea.
I also refuse to put my pronouns, saying that not only it makes me extremely uncomfortable, but I stated before that I want people to look at my art, not me, so whatever they want to call me it's fine, since I don't care at all about misgendering and some guy calling me a dude will not ruin my day. I hate that I have to play the "My gender doesn't matter!!!" card to be left alone but I think that this fad will go away in some years and either I will see people acting like nothing ever happened or disappear completely to avoid shame. I suspect that Marina is a crypto but sadly her fanbase is ex tumblrinas so she has to keep up with this shit, poor woman.

No. 11774

File: 1678722941835.png (165.83 KB, 1280x1280, 1671288199312.png)

not really a radfem anymore but definitely crypto (as in I believe in reality). Nice thread anon. I want to ask nonnies in here: is it possible to be friends with gendies while being a crypto?

No. 11775

I've been honest with real life friends and family members since I know we can disagree on things peacefully, but there's no way fandom people on twitter are going to do anything but call me an evil genocide lover, so why bother arguing with them when I'm trying to have fun watching my silly shows?

No. 11776

I've been honest with real life friends and family members since I know we can disagree on things peacefully, but there's no way fandom people on twitter are going to do anything but call me an evil genocide lover, so why bother arguing with them when I'm trying to have fun watching my silly shows?

No. 11778

File: 1678724279422.jpg (57.03 KB, 1600x900, cover6.jpg)

I'm the collector of TIF friends somehow.

Best friend is a TIF. Not a weird fujo but one of the butch lesbian "trutrans" variety that trooned out because she couldn't handle the expectations from her hyper conservative korean family who wanted her to get married to a nice korean man and have 3 children by age 22. I love her to death but I know the second I bring up GC shit, that's the end of our friendship right there. She already called all the JK Rowling stuff "terf dogwhistling" and I asked her if she read it and she said no, fucking lmao. She was the one who could benefit from reading it the most.

Then one of my writing buddies online also trooned, got top surgery and everything. When I met her she was just a cool lesbian living with her partner and then in less than a year she got gender therapy and cut off her tits. It's a good thing she did that because that instantly killed all of my desire to be her friend.

It makes me incredibly sad tbh, I feel like everytime I gain a cool GNC girlfriend, I lose her to troon shit. I'm only crypto to the bestie though, everyone else knows I'm GC. Luckily our friendships don't overlap. I do feel that inevitably she will figure it out and it will instantly implode our friendship of 10+ years. Just waiting for that moment, tbh.

No. 11780

Depends on the gendie and what you guys have in common. A handful of my friends are gendies, but they don't base every living day of their existence on them being gendies so it's easy to focus on the things that the foundation of our friendships are based on before I peaked.

No. 11781

the culling of cool GNC lesbians is real and makes me very sad. one of my best friends i've had since childhood has always had body dysphoria and hated having breasts etc. since puberty - this was long before the gender shit was a thing. for a long while she was starting to work through it, after she came out and got into feminism and learned that performative femininity was bullshit and there was a reason puberty made her uncomfortable etc. but now she has been given this new shiny explanation for all her experiences as a woman not fitting right and think she is just getting sucked in. plus she equates trans and non binary people with "being gender non-conforming" which is especially annoying. I've tried subtly questioning her and saying "but aren't those things the opposite?" but felt like i reached a limit before i would have to go full terf-mode and definitely don't want to lose her friendship. i will put up a huge fight if she starts taking hormones or considering surgery though.

No. 11801

I’m crypto mainly to keep one specific childhood friend who is a mega TRA. If she didn’t exist I wouldn’t care… I post about Hogwarts Legacy in my “close friends” stories that she can’t view. I wouldn’t be surprised if a couple of other friends were disappointed by it bc I care a lot about general social justice like racial issues and obviously feminism. but they at least know that it’s stupid to care that much about a game.

I also shared one of Laetitia Ky’s posts to my public story recently. If anyone simply clicked the post and read the caption they would see I’m supporting a TERF. Kind of hidden in plain view I guess kek.

No. 11807

>I genuinely believe you are all contributing to this madness and for what? To avoid a brief potentially awkward encounter?
To avoid losing our jobs nona. They have proven to harass workplaces and family members of complete nobodies for speaking up online. I can't speak against it but I can completely ignore it and not give it attention. I can only talk freely with people in person, which I do so they know exactly how deranged these people are.

Yes, but any time they bring up gender stuff it's annoying as all hell, but they can peak. I've had woke friends who are now peaked terfs.

No. 11810

File: 1678790170679.jpeg (17.83 KB, 450x300, D254729E-E873-4456-8E89-47CAAA…)

Pretty sure Lauren Mayberry is crypto. Prominent feminist, speaks out and posts about lots of social issues but completely silent on trannies and gender shit. A few years ago she was harassed and receiving death/rape threats for speaking out against Chris Brown, so I can definitely understand wanting to just live in peace these days without stirring the pot. I have a good feeling about her and really hope I’m not wrong.

No. 11811

File: 1678791240462.png (7.7 KB, 319x166, lauren mayberry.png)

sorry to disappoint

No. 11812

File: 1678791812907.png (150.47 KB, 651x673, diane.png)

I have a feeling Diane Morgan (Philomena Cunk) might be crypto terf or at least GC. She is connected to Ricky Gervais and Charlie Brooker - him and his wife are quietly GC - and just seems intolerant to bullshit and nonsense.

No. 11813

Noo kek. But, 93 weeks ago I hadn’t peaked yet either. So I have hope for everyone. Especially self-proclaimed feminists.

No. 11814

nta but I think she's just a well meaning liberal and has no actual idea about the damage troonism causes

No. 11840

my wish for 2023 is that at least one cool well known famous person will be revealed to be gc or openly peak. if you could pick anyone anons who would it be?

yes you can definitely have gendie and handmaiden friends as a crypto but i think it's wise to keep in mind that not everyone will be open to being peaked or peakable at all. some will be open to it depending on the issue being discussed and their own personal experiences but some just won't allow themselves to open up to the "wrong" way of thinking and risk getting weird and aggressive.

No. 11848

>if you could pick anyone anons who would it be?
The Harry Potter cast

No. 11850

It sucks because with everyone I would love to see be GC, I know that "coming out" would essentially end their career and even ruin their lives. For non-celebs the stakes are a bit lower though we still may risk jobs or relationships. At least we won't be subject to stalkers who send rape and death threats. As much as I'd love to see someone like Dolly Parton say that men can never be women, I know it's just a wild fantasy.

No. 11860

>It sucks because with everyone I would love to see be GC, I know that "coming out" would essentially end their career and even ruin their lives
That's the case for all of us out there, not just famous people tbh

No. 11861

>trans is punk
kek wut?

No. 11864

samefagging but i think it would be great if someone "queer" like kristen stewart peaked or "came out" somehow as gc. or as an ex /mu/fag any of kate bush/bjork/fiona apple, in the dream world

No. 11883

I tried to see if an old internet friend was a TRA by joking about teenagers taking over the internet with their pronouns and such but she ignored what I said and we talked about other stuff instead. I didn't think it was too forward because we used to be real and mean like that all the time. Sad because her sister and mom are lesbians especially her mom is gnc butch so I would have thought they'd all be fellow terfies but maybe not kek.
Also I'm in this weeb women's community and various discords as a crypto. There's TiFs and pathetic enbie women in their mid 30s everywhere but at least everyone's female kek. The other day, someone shared this tweet saying the community is filled with terfs and I'm like, bitch where? I want friends kek.

No. 11886

I have to be crypto because I'm in music too and the scene is painfully woke where I am. It sucks because some gendies are genuinely nice people in casual conversation. Hilariously though, the second I have alone time with a non-TRA it's like they're dying to talk about how silly and irritating they find it. I truly believe a lot of people act politically correct and kind in public but have peaked a long time ago in their minds. In creative industries in particular, optics and reputation are so crucial and easily shattered that you can't risk saying one easily misinterpreted word/dogwhistle. I have to play dumb all the fucking time and pretend I don't know about trans rights.
It's tiring nonnas. I feel like I'm always looking over my shoulder. I'd make a gc twitter or something but I've been off social media for a while and I feel like it'd just make me more unnecessarily outraged and upset on the daily. Reading lolcor comforts me enough in knowing there's more cryptos out there.

No. 11888

I'm struggling trying to stay crypto in a discord sever that my friend is in. They're all 15-19 and most of them are trans, so I usually play ignorant when JKR or the supposed 'trans genocide' is brought up. It's strange seeing these perfectly fine teenagers think they're legitimately being killed off for having fae/faer pronouns and wearing popular band tees.

No. 11893

I made a GC twitter account and can confirm it’s not good for your health. It sucks bc it’s a good way to support like-minded individuals who may end up getting dogpiled by TRAs occasionally. I love to show solidarity with feminists and LGBwithouttheT. But at the end of the day it makes you feel like shit and it isn’t worth your well-being. Luckily I forgot the password to mine and I’m too lazy to reset it kek

No. 11897

Tbh, i had to unfollow a lot of those accounts because i find the way terfs are treated so bleak. It really goes to show how a lot of libfems really don't give a shit about women who are abused in any capacity. It makes me so sick tbh. I also really don't like how right-wing men tend to hijack threads made by terfs to propel their own bullshit, if i ran an account i would block them right away and tell them to fuck off. I also think that constantly exposing yourself to misery all the time is just not good for your mental health.

No. 11899

Same. I made the account so I could follow TERFy people without being noticed but it ended up being too intense. And I watched women I respect start to become unhinged from it all, the more they got sucked into arguments with TRAs and going down rabbit holes. Part of me wants them to take it easy but we also need women speaking up as much as possible. But I don't think you can be consistently involved in that conversation, every day, and not become crazy in some way. The gaslighting, abuse, completely nonsensical arguments is too much.

No. 11900

>I also really don't like how right-wing men tend to hijack threads made by terfs to propel their own bullshit
whenever i see a terfy hashtag trending now, it's always overtaken by right wing moids (nearly always matt walsh) that are just piggybacking off of feminist arguments, that in reality they don't give a shit about but are just using one aspect of an argument to push their anti-LGBT or whatever.
it reminds me of how Tommy Robinson made the grooming gang story a right-wing issue by piggy-backing off of feminists who first raised the alarm for girl's safety, and then he distorted it into an anti-muslim thing. all the women's hard work in uncovering and trying to protect those girls was now undermined by Tommy foaming at the mouth about immigrants. this kind of shit is always happening.

No. 11904

Definitely. At times I’ve felt like I blacked out and became unhinged too, after arguing with like 15 shitty people insisting that lesbians like penis. It can be too much for someone to handle and maintain their sanity.

No. 11907

It's the kind of thing you can't do on the daily, but it can be hard to regulate social media use

No. 11912

I always get a laugh out of how anime fanfic groups are true female-only spaces even though half the people there claim to be male or genderless

It does make me sad to see women in their late 20s and 30s buying into it though. Like sis please your brain is fully developed, I know our hobby is immature and cringe but you're better than this.

No. 11916

Did some who tried to have an undercover terfy/GC twitter has been able to connect with women who have similar ideas from around the world ?

No. 11922

i have a lot of art-related hobbies so kek, troons and tras everywhere.

want to bite my own fingers off whenever i have to sit through another discussion of how gender and homophobia didn't exist before the ebil white colonizers spread their ebil transphobic homophobia anti lgbtqiazyz+ agenda to the innocent brown folk

i am black myself btw i just get sick of how they talk

No. 11923

i'm wondering this too. i have such a hard time speaking to people that are so ideologically different from me.
>how do you deal with it irl
normally, but i don't have to make friends with my boss or coworkers obviously. in my hobby spaces though…i would like to make friends and talk more but their minds are so far from mine it's annoying. how do they cape so hard for an ideology that can be blasted apart with simple questions like,

>what's a woman/man?

>what's it mean to "feel" a gender?
>what is a gender?

No. 11925

Been crypto for about a year now, was a TIF before so I'm still surrounded by troons. Most are TIMs because I was inflicted with the curse of liking video games, though I made really good friends with a girl who used to be a TIF and even though she was still a TRA a lot of the stuff she told me about unintentionally peaked me.

No. 11931

radtwt and overlapping groups are alright, tbh it's kind of degraded over the years from a larger community to multiple smaller kinds of groups. there's women of all ethnicities and backgrounds there if you want to connect with other woc who discuss feminist issues in general and not only trans shit.

No. 11932

Depends on what you mean by connect. There are tons of them and they’re relatively easy to find once you follow a few GC accounts or search hashtags for relevant topics. So you can definitely connect by showing solidarity and liking their tweets or replying. But I haven’t actually made friends or even had a conversation with any of them. I don’t think that’s necessary tbh

No. 11936

DA that doesn't surprise me but it does make me feel kind of sad kek. I don't have any GC friends or anyone I talk to outside of places like this I feel I can be honest about my thoughts on gender with. I want terven friends so bad tbh

No. 11957

>what's a woman/man?
A miserable pile of secrets

No. 11963

does anyone else remember crypto chan in /ot/? she was ALLEGEDLY a low-key but still famous celebrity who peaked and was venting online about being peaked in the industry and not being able to say anything as it would ruin her career. i wish i saved the message as it seemed intriguing. obviously lolcow= anonymous board and people lie but i think about her sometimes. hope you are thriving and peaking hollywood

No. 12052

Considering making a fake profile with some variation of enby pronouns to see if I get more accepted and get more commissions that way since I don't post my real face or name anyway. Get that troon money kek

No. 12063

i peaked recently and a few months before that, my online friend (also autistic because of course she is) came out as genderspecial (literally just wanted people to call her fake pronouns and identified as enby because it "felt right"). i played insanely stupid about feeling enby too but i am not sure what gender identity even means i overthought it i'm just so dumb and confused :(

and naturally she was unable to tell me anything coherent and kept sidestepping the question lmao. i pushed harder and said i fell into a rabbit hole and i didn't know there was so much controversy about
being trans and i just don't know who to trust. she talked about how it's okay that i still need to "educate myself" but that those views are causing trans people to get genocide'd and parents of trans kids have to escape the states (absolute bs like "life saving healthcare", made me want to barf).

i just ended up being like i'm sorry idk what i'm talking about i'm tired. she didn't get mad because she's a pretty good person (why i am trying to peak her) but she's been in a genderspecial community for so long and has many, many troon friends, so i'm not sure if it's possible. might risk it and make a last ditch effort by sending her a link to "the new backlash" but then not push it and going full crypto on being gc because all the spaces i'm in are full of trannies and i don't feel like being ostracized currently thank you very much.(. :( )

No. 12072

i cope by thinking of transmascs and they/thems as women doing drag

No. 12176

This sounds very interesting, I hope you're able to find the posts. If you remember any exact phrases you can put them in double quotes "like this" using the search function.

The problem with that is that I don't think there's any online pay method other than crypto that keeps your real name/address completely hidden from others if you want to take commissions.

No. 12182

>The problem with that is that I don't think there's any online pay method other than crypto that keeps your real name/address
This is my issue kek sometimes I consider just openly pretending to be woke because it's the norm, but I just can't live with people thinking I support child genital mutilation and that I denounce real science even if every woke person around me thinks it's all ok. My moral compass just won't allow it. My moral compass would however let me take their money and donate it to anti-troon causes against their knowledge.

No. 12232

File: 1679705821871.jpg (85.48 KB, 872x654, Tumblr_l_210575243968296.jpg)

I'm gonna lose it. Even when they complain about men hating on women's interests, men get to be labeled men while women are "vague unknown entities who are the primary audience of such interest but must not be named because it triggers my and all my aiden friends' fragile mental states to see this category of people be applied to my interest". As if the act of calling it a women's interest is somehow worse than moids seeing us brainless subhumans on the basis of being female. I feel for TiFs and their dysphoria and their method of coping in a woman-hating world, I really do. But I am so sick of them.

No. 12235

TiF irl friend wanted to go on Grindr. I couldn't be like "that's for gay men not you" so I was like "the cis gay men on there are pretty outrageous and I've heard horror stories" to dissuade her. I've snuck radfem talk past her before but I gotta stay crypto because she's steadfast about her "gay" trutrans identity. I still have pronouns on Insta because every other she/her does but I hate being a sheep

No. 12258

Make a business Paypal, you don't need to pay to register a real business to do it. Your real info will only be visible to the company you register for and customers will see the business name only.

No. 12261

My dumbass leftist friends are all mocking TERFs right now considering their roomate is trooning out. When Aiden has had a change of heart I'll try to peak them, can't deal with this fucking bullshit.

No. 12262

>Any celebs you suspect of being crypto?
Maggie Smith wouldn't even have been crypto, she would have been a proud terf is she was still alive

No. 12264

girl she's still alive

No. 12278

File: 1679775226580.jpeg (58.19 KB, 1170x623, 82CC7B00-B60D-4DBA-BFF1-6F09DB…)

nta but i thought she wasn’t alive anymore either…

No. 12395

so she's a terf then kek

No. 13848

File: 1681938823367.gif (2.21 MB, 247x183, 1681254334024394.gif)

hate getting reminded of how much my online associates (that word is cheesy but i can't call them "friends") hate terfs. i can be in the midst of settling in and growing comfortable in a server or a gc, then BOOM tra shit. today it's "jkr is an evil transphobe". god i want to ask them what the hell did she say. i wonder if any of them even know

No. 13941

File: 1682100458423.png (473.42 KB, 1690x1221, double-double-meal.png)

Most of my friends have trooned out and I have no idea how to make them spit out the troon pill. Im so tired of having to lie about being a "tirf" on my Twitter so I don't get rape threats from trannies

No. 13942

What is the significance of the In & Out Double Double meal?

No. 13948

>she kept her daughter from trooning out by letting her experiment with androgyny
This is extremely based, honestly. When I was a kid I was a "tomboy" and used to tell my parents that I wanted to be a boy, and I'm so fucking glad my parents didn't take that seriously and just let me play and be a kid. I grew out of it once I got into high school, turns out I'm a bisexual woman who loves being feminine and also being outdoorsy and shit. I can't imagine how upset I'd be now if I had woke 2023 parents who made me troon out as a child just because I liked playing with action figures in the dirt with the boys.

No. 13949

Kek, apparently a based In N Out manager kicked a troon out of the bathroom saying "You're not supposed to be in here. I don't have time for this". lmao

No. 13950

Also it really chaps my ass that they bring race into it, every chance they get for extra discrimination points.
“They kicked me out because I’m a BLACK trans woman!!!”
Like uh, no, it’s because you’re a grown man with a penis, we don’t care what your skin color is

No. 13979

I'm similar to a few here, social media artist that gets art commission mostly of bl ocs from she/they gendies. I peaked last year but before then I had she/her pronouns on bio. Now I just keep a female symbol. Every now and then I get "terfs dni" bio following me kek.
Unfortunately, yes. I've justified it as having a friend with a religion that makes them smoke a day and possibly increase risk of dying.

No. 14044

Does anyone else feel a bit lonely being crypto, like you really want to be honest with gendie or trans supporting friends but you know you can't unless you want to lose them? If I thought I could peak anyone without risking being cut off then I'd probably try it.

No. 14070

Yeah, I feel lonely knowing I'm possibly the only sane person in that space. If I didn't have a few peaked friends and lc to vent on I'd go insane. I try to limit my time in those spaces now because I realized no one can grow as a person nor thrive in a space where mistakes and honesty isn't allowed.

The TRA community is practically the definition of toxic positivity: always affirm, be kind at your own expense, reality and truth is too mean so we must deny it, disagreement is seen as violence, honest mistakes are acts of internal bigotry.

These people will rarely get out of the cult unless they want to themselves, they will only spiral further and there is nothing you can do to a whole group. For the sake of your own mental health you should really try to stay out of those spaces and find better ones. You know these people will not accept you as you are, they will not tolerate your thoughts the way you are tolerating theirs despite knowing the harm they cause - are they really your friends?

No. 23331

File: 1711162766556.jpeg (579.61 KB, 1170x853, IMG_6609.jpeg)

sorry for necro but i need to vent. i made friends with a girl today at my liberal arts “gender diverse” women’s college today and we get along so well! she’s in my major and we both love our subjects and we want to do similar work over the summer. but then she starts talking (out of nowhere) about how she dropped her friend because this girl is a radical feminist, specifically because she was anti sex work and “believed women are oppressed”. i wanted to rip my hair out. and i just had to play along.

it’s so depressing making new friends you actually like for once and then realizing they would drop you in a heartbeat if they knew anything about you. it’s so disillusioning. i feel so isolated because almost everyone is like this, and i constantly have to perform. i also have adhd and as a result i tend to blurt stuff out and say more than i mean to, so i am terrified i am going to betray myself. i just feel worn out from having to so carefully monitor myself so often.

No. 23332

Even for gendies, disagreeing with the idea that women are oppressed is pretty fucking wild

No. 23333

go to a “gender diverse” women’s college and you will find the most misogynistic women you have ever seen. their takes are worse than pornsick scrotes sometimes, and that’s saying something

No. 23334

True. What I tend to do with my gendie friends is I'll say I don't believe in gender (true) and the only truth is our physical selves (also true but they can't detect this if it's in gendie-friendly language kek).

No. 23350

My best friend and the most important person in my life who I love to the moon and back and would kill and die for, would drop me like a hot potato immediately and start being completely repulsed and disgusted by me if I admitted I was a gc radfem. I've been able to slip in bits of anti porn stuff into convo but that's the farthest I can go. It just sucks so bad. This is an actual cult that was brainwashed people

No. 23352

I'm exactly the same way, I love her so much but I know it's not the same for her and she'd get rid of me so fast without even letting me explain myself or bothering to hear me out, because I'll immediately be a nazi to her or some shit.

No. 23353

I hate this for you both. You deserve the same unconditional love from your best friends back. I know you love them but I think male centred women absolutely suck and I kind of hate them? I try not to but I do. Why would you ditch your best friend for the benefit of a fucking misogynist degenerate like India willoughby?

No. 23367

File: 1711219290698.jpg (32 KB, 300x300, biochan.jpg)

I'm newly peaked so for now I'm keeping quiet and waiting until the shock of learning the truth wears off. If I let my emotions take over, I will sound like a hateful rambling alt-right nazi scitzo lunatic TERF and my words will be dismissed. And it's really fucking hard because the deeper I go into this rabbit hole, the more insane it gets.
For example:
>The World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH), the international association which sets guidelines for the medical ‘transitioning’ of children, has been collaborating with participants of a fetish forum that hosts and produces fictional child pornography and extreme sadomasochistic content.

If I came across this article a year ago, I'd think it's some misinformation spread by hateful bigots and wouldn't even bother to read it. And here we are.
Most of my friends end up agreeing with my GC takes but still respect trannies pronouns because well, they (my friends) are good and well-meaning people who don't want to be mean and offend anyone. I don't want to lose any more people, so I'll take it slow.

No. 23369

I always wonder if those types of women (misogynists in mostly female spaces) only like men because they're not around them so they conflate their fantasies of future male partners with men irl.
What opened my eyes to men early on was the way men acted online, especially when they thought they were only around each other. I made the mistake of joining an old school star wars forum back in the day and my experience there always sticks with me. Not to mention 4chan and reddit.

No. 23393

I'm begging you all to stop associating with these types of women, you deserve so much better than these male worshipping degenerates. I don't know how you even tolerate their presence, the second I hear extreme gendie shit from people's mouths I've already relegated them to nothing more than an acquaintance. If she'd choose to side with sex offenders in skirts over you then is she really worth your unconditional love? Unless you're going to attempt to slowly peak them, don't waste your time. There are actually some women out there who are more neutral about the subject and won't crucify you on the spot for presenting different ideas, as long as you aren't too extreme about it

No. 23451

I’ve decided that going forward, as a litmus test when meeting new people who I might potentially become friends with, I’m gonna try to inject Harry Potter into casual conversation - say something like “OMG this reminds me of that one part in Half Blood Prince…” and if the girl I’m talking to doesn’t immediately launch into a “JKR bad!” tirade, maybe there’s some hope that she’s not brainwashed and I can proceed with the friendship.

No. 23538

My best friend turned into a troon too, at first it wasn't bad but the last few years of our friendship all she talked about was wasting her college fund on a tit chop and eventually started referring to women only as 'bitches' and getting deeper and deeper into the gendie cult. She didn't even sound like she had an original thought. She did some shit to me too so I cut her off and even though I still miss her every day it was such a huge relief. If I'd met her today I wouldn't have gone near her, at least I have the memories. Hope you nonna's can work it out somehow, it will be okay.

No. 23562

File: 1711594223331.jpeg (3.28 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_3305.jpeg)

i am so exhausted. im becoming closer friends with these girls at my college and we have long, lively conversations in our dining hall and spend hours talking about anything and everything. and today i brought up the idea of beauty rituals and how anti pornography i am… and they agreed with me! keep in mind we haven’t known each other super long yet and being antiporn is super “terfy” apparently. but i did my best not to mention gender. though one girl was like, sexuality has to do with actual sex yknow… and i couldn’t tell if she was talking about genitals or having sex, because both were relevant to the conversation. they also joked about me being anti pornography. i am hopeful but also terrified because i can’t tell if they were just agreeing with me to be passive/get along or actually agree.

i go to a very very very very terf-phobic school, like public ostracization if you’re even considered a terf and since i’m the head of the gay club it’s double danger. so it’s very dangerous and you have to be annoyingly careful, because people here LOVE to hate and are extremely catty and insane. i don’t know. it’s very stressful being crypto and having to constantly monitor yourself, especially since i accidentally got too comfortable too fast. i’m trying to practice thinking before i speak. it’s just difficult and a lot of energy. i wish people could just agree to disagree and leave it at that, but it turns into a sort of social witch-hunt.

picrel is something actually found around my school printed out by what i assume is the administration (because they do shit like this)

No. 23563

To be honest, reduxx vexes me. They use very biased language, and it does a discredit to the legitimacy of the news the report on. You're more likely to peak by being more subtle, and the readerbase that's already peaked will catch the drift anyways.

No. 23564

I was pretty crypto for a while, then two years ago I got a gf who was nonbinary at the time and I respected her because I really did love her still. I tried to be a lot more open about it, but I always found a way to wince at TIMs and feel pity for TIFs. Then, about a year ago now she's come out of being nonbinary without me saying a word, surprisingly thanks to the barbie movie and meeting other TIMs and TIFs irl in some gay club, which made her rethink the whole thing. Made her realize that she just didn't feel like a stereotypical girl is all because she is not super pink or frilly. Now we are both really terfy for sure.
It's easier for her to be out about it since her campus doesn't care, but mine is very ""inclusive"" to say the least. Last thing I want to do is be friends with some guy, they're always a risk, and being friends with another woman is hard since they usually are pro-porn and tirfs. I'm happy to have my gf but other than that, total crypto.

No. 23568

unfortunately i have to be crypto. my profession is related to computer science, so if i was ever publicly outed as a terf, it would be career suicide. i've had a tranny at the workplace try and copy my mannerisms and style after they started transitioning and all i could do was smile and play nice. all the other moids at my workplace love to go on about tranny rights while simultaneously saying the most misogynistic shit about actual women. i fucking hate it.
i can at least deal with it since my best friend has also peaked. just having one gc friend you can vent to and chat with really makes all the difference in the world.

No. 23571

I feel like reduxx started out decently but now it's doing the same thing that feminist current is doing which is snuggling up really close with rightwingers but reduxx is worse because it's using retarded bottom of the barrel sensationalist language you'd find on a rejected third rate fox news clone page

No. 23579

I've peaked over the last 4 months, and it's hard because a lot of my long-term online friends are gender specials, and sincerely believe all the shit they spout. I knew if they knew even a hint of what I've been truly thinking about TRA, they would stop being friends with me immediately. It sucks knowing your friendships depends on something so precarious. I'm trying to distance myself and find more like-minded people, but it's hard.

No. 23580

I know it can feel isolating when you first peak, nonna. I also have a lot of rabid TRA friends and even some friends that have trooned out. Though I’ve kept my distance more from troons now because I’ve realized they’re always unapologetic degenerate coomers and often narcs, I’ve come to accept that I’ll have to overlook differing beliefs if I want to have friends in liberal circles. Occasionally I drop some of my real views, gently, like how I don’t support troons competing in women’s sports, and I’ve never received any backlash for it. I do genuinely believe more and more people are starting to realize that gender ideology is stupid, or that it’s at least gone too far

No. 23581

File: 1711650788811.jpg (25.49 KB, 735x723, 72.jpg)

I'm in the same boat, but I've kinda started showing my actual female friends screencaps of males being awful & links to news stories and pointing out how it's ALWAYS MEN pulling the awful shit and I've successfully gotten them in full agreement that most men are indeed evil. I've carefully floated rephrased SCUM manifesto things and they ALL agreed with it every single time. Even my genderspecial girl friends. AFAIK, none of them have read it, or at least have never openly said they have. I've also never directly asked, purely out of fear!
They still will say all troons are valid & TIMs are women tho, and gladly include them when they want to be… I really wonder how many of them are just trying to be careful & avoid trouble. I just try to avoid having to give my opinion about troons whenever possible, and never ask. However, one of my close friends admitted that she thinks a large number of TIMs are just AGP, when we spoke at length about Chris Chan in private.

You're right, it's super hard. Walking on eggshells sucks but like.. Sometimes you can plant a little seed, or get tiny little admissions, or get them thinking. They probably agree with more than you think, if they're women. It's just really hard to get anyone to admit anything because we're all so scared of being rejected by our whole circle friends. It feels super culty, it reminds me of when I was leaving my religion, and I don't like it. I still love those friends though..

No. 23587

I used to be a chronically online loser and was a TRA but then I became friends with older women in the real world and it was the most healing experience for me. It's got me rethinking my friendships and what I want in a friendship and I'm wondering if I should cut off all my TIF friends. I've already ghosted the one TIM friend I had. I'm just tired of being friends with chronically online autists and I feel like I'm ready to move on from this way of living. I became friends with them when I was a NEET but now I'm in school and employed. The thing is that they aren't bad friends and we've been friends for so long, I feel like I will regret cutting them off.

No. 23588

You don’t have to do anything extreme like block or unfriend them on social media, just stop messaging them, mute or unfollow them if you want, and focus on spending time with sane friends IRL. If any of your online TIF friends confronts you for being distant it’s OK to say “Sorry, I’ve been busy with school.”

No. 23590

This is so creepy because it's like it's made for children, those with a childlike mentality, or some form of repression/trauma around their genitals or sex characteristics. Who cares that much about the names of things as an adult? No mature adult worries about calling their vagina cute names (unless they grew up being extremely shameful about vaginas).
It's gross that a big chunk of transition feels focused around keeping people in an infantilized state while calling itself "therapy". Though it makes sense when you know they target autists and anyone in an infantilized state is more likely to walk into a therapist's office and unconditionally trust and follow the path in life they tell them to follow for a "better and easier life". "Trust the adults to tell you what's best for you but we'll make you think it's your idea cause you're letting us 'guide' you". Much easier to guide you down the path of lifelong medicalization if you want people to dictate your life for you and you trust others to do the thinking more than yourself

No. 23600

100% agree, and it makes radfems look like retards when this is the shallow aspect of our movement that gets publicized. The optics need to be cleaned up.

No. 23605

It sucks because even other radfems will push back and get really defensive when you point this out. I honestly think a lot of "alt media" has this problem where they've gotten so edgy and contrarian that they forget the whole point is to persuade people who are on the fence and present yourself professionally to accumulate as much credibility as you can. It's just not the sort of thing you could send to your well-meaning liberal mother without coming across fringe and extreme.

No. 23607

Right? There's merit to be had in proper packaging and troons have that down pat with their constant assertions of victimhood and "genocide" while everybody classically hates an angry woman who doesn't know how to sell herself. We need to be more strategic about this.
But it's hard when the cause is something that's so difficult to be public about. And furthermore, so many who do grouo up and get public about it then turn around and get into bed with right wingers for the ironic male protection of it all. I feel bleak about this often.

No. 23612

this thread makes me so sad… look how many of us have to hide..

No. 23641

He's hanging out with his friend and said friend's tranny "girlfriend". I am coping and seething ngl
Wish I could just unpeak and live in blissful ignorance.

No. 23887

The troon information network surveilling lolcow is bigger than i thought. A personal cow of mine with a very small niche account was sent my post about him. There must be more of them on here than i thought. Just to let you know that when you post about them, they'll know about it if they are an online goblin. He can't figure out who i am course kek i know it eats away at him.

No. 23889

so in other words, if we maintain basic opsec we can slowly drive them to a paranoid breakdown?

No. 23890

good plan

No. 23917

Omg I just saw this thread and I was about to vent in the vent thread. Anyway i'm just wondering if anyone is in the same spot i'm in. I used to be a tra and with my interests being in anime and I attracted troon friends like a magnet, not even on purpose. But now i've been secretly peaked for a few months and what pushed me over the edge was seeing TiM boxer "Fallon Fox" beat up a women in a ring and popped a euphoria psycho boner saying like "yeahhhh wasn't that a nice sight to see" and I was like fuck i've got this whole trans shit wrong. Of course the reasons for men and women to transition are diffrent but nevertheless I realized how fucked women have been by accepting and coddling this shit me included. While i'm not close to some of the few troon friends I have, I'm starting to regret being friends at all with any of them at all especially all the fucking eggshells I have to walk on but on the other hand I feel like with there being no other reason to drop them aside from their delusions since technically they haven't done anything bad to me, i'm kinda stuck with them with if I do drop them I run the risk of committing total social suicide and being suspected as a terf. I'm jealous of the nona's who don't run into this ideology irl cause as a SoCal fag even if I go out of my way to avoid troons, I still see them at school, I see them at work, I overhear non tranny tra's talking about trans rights in public and I also have handmaidens in my life that I also just can't drop unfortunately. It's like something is in the fucking air, like the smog is filled with cross sex hormones making everybody retarded. On one hand this is my home but on the other hand I fucking hate here it's so annoying. I feel so alone sometimes, I wish to have JK Rolling levels of fuck you money so that I can be ideologically free but all I can do is hang on to a sliver of hope that this will all comedown eventually somehow, someway even if it makes me as delusional as a tranny

No. 23924

im sort of in the same position. honestly im just ghosting them and just attributing it to just naturally growing apart with age because I dont have the energy to even argue with these people anymore.
idk what to say to this really, but try to just learn to tolerate being around these people since unfortunately they will be in our working/education spaces until the tide changes, but don't ever involve them in your life or become enmeshed with them in any way. If youre feeling brave enough try being subtle and bring up terfy viewpoints and see if theres someone in your group of friends that seem more open minded. I got to still keep certain friends because either they dont give a shit about politics too much, or i was kind of an anchor they'd be able to lean on when they want to secretly complain about TRA's.

No. 24013

Being a crypto is so isolating. I peaked about 3-4 years ago, of course I'm a fucking zoomer too so all my peers either support or are trannies. I can only trash talk trannies in front of my boyfriend and mom, I'm so completely done with having to switch my thoughts to pc when I'm with other people. The thing is too that I'm sure a lot of people think this way as well, they're just not vocal about it.

No. 24044

This is kinda stupid, but I've heard nonnies complain about it so I'll share it anyways. I used to be semi-popular in a community for MxM art on twitter. I exclusively drew the bottom as biologically male for obvious reasons, then came the bitching on curiouscat from self-inserting tifs and handmaidens alike demanding why I wouldn't draw (certain character) as ftm or like/follow anyone that does because he was heavily headcanoned as trans. I replied and went on a tirade about how I choose not to interact with ftm trans content because I was traumatized from being forced into transition by an abuser and it's heavily triggering. I had to include shit about being forced into it because if they had perceived that I was a detransitioner I knew I'd get shit on even further and labeled transphobic. It worked wonders and even dissuaded the commisioners from asking for ftm art, because trannies operate on a system of trauma/oppression levels, the worse it is the more protected you are. If your problem is the opposite (FxF artist being pressured into drawing mtf/futa shit) I honestly don't know how you could relent rabid mtfs from not harassing you with rape threats even if you do make up a story about an abuser. Tifs for a fact are substantially less of threats than the tims are.

No. 24048

too bad it doesn't work for us who don't want to draw or see faggot porn. No trauma can justify excluding dick from your life. Nasty whore I hope they continue harassing you.(calm down)

No. 24067

Tbh, I think the best course of action is to just ignore it wholesale. The more they harass you, the more you should just pretend you don't see it. They get bored quickly anyways.

No. 24073

Agree with >>24067 on just ignoring them, they usually get tired after awhile. I'm surprised you even got away with the forced transition explanation because I've seen so many troons shit on detransitioners for simply feeling like they were pressured to transition and didn't use the word forced.

I think saying something like "I don't draw trans content because I'm cis and I don't want to speak over trans people/misrepresent them" also works. This goes for any left-leaning related stuff but as long as you wrap your reasoning in wokespeak (like trauma as you said, making it into a privilege/representation thing, or just asskissing the group in question) they'll accept your explanation.

No. 24077

Some scrote in my husband’s workplace does misogynistic shit like hitting on women while drunk and he’ll get into heated arguments in defense of trans rights. We don’t live in the west but international circles are still full of tranny supporters who simultaneously hate women

No. 24095

I know this is a lot harder in non western countries but can you report him for sexual harassment? Hitting on female staff (while drunk) should get you pretty much immediately fired

No. 24332

"they were bothering transgender people!" oh that's too bad… guess what I'm doing in my free time?

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