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gender critical and female politics
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File: 1576678938207.jpg (252.79 KB, 1900x2168, PicsArt_12-18-08.19.39.jpg)

No. 15[Reply]

Figured I'd jump the gun before someone tries cluttering up any GC or pp threads with Reddit screenshots (aka me.)

I wanted to draw a tiny, miniscule, micropeen, but I didn't want to have to spoiler this work of art, so we'll just pretend the tiny, miniscule, phallic antenna thing is how a Reddit mascot would masturbate.
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No. 3622

File: 1580662051683.jpg (605.56 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200202-174822.jpg)

No. 3627

They both kinda sound like dumbfucks tbh.

Clearly the men commenting are just pissed that a woman would rather carry someone else's child to help out their situation than carry and birth their genes. The comments are just a manifestation of their primal outrage at that level of rejection lol.

But the woman in this story just doesn't make sense either.
If she's never been pregnant before then how would she qualify for surrogacy? Sounds like a shady dealing to start with, possibly cheating?
If there's money involved, I can't imagine it being all that worth it in the grand scheme considering a bad pregnancy can mean nine months of suffering, permanent bodily harm, or in the worst case–death.
Also pregnancy hormones do batshit things to the brain insofar as bonding. She should realize there may be lifelong mental problems if she experiences depression or anxiety post partum. For someone who doesn't want kids, it's fucked that she's being so nonchalant about the negative outcomes here.

It almost reads like fiction writing because the scenario doesn't make sense.

No. 3639

I can imagine a situation where a woman wouldn't want to raise kids herself but would love her friend enough to be a surrogate, but yeah surrogates are usually only first time pregnancies in third world countries where the doctors let any shit happen so it seems like your typical ragebait reddit shitpost where you just have to ask "woman bad?" and rake in the upvotes.

No. 3648

It's a fake story posted for outrage on Reddit.

No. 3666

Sounds to me like they simply don't have a lot of money, and know they don't, but the husband is insistent on having kids, and being a surrogate also gets a lot of money which is why it may seem like a better option

Men are so selfish and fixated on their crotch goblins they don't care about the money situation, if they even want to stay, the woman's physical and mental health, etc

File: 1578191056001.jpg (136.5 KB, 1200x800, rey_lastjedi.jpg)

No. 770[Reply]

A place to discuss..

>how women are portrayed in media

>what we don't like about how women are portrayed
>how we wish women would be portrayed
>favorite female characters in fiction

And anything else pertaining to the discussion of women's portrayal in movies/books/TV etc. No rules except general site rules and please spoiler text if you're going to give major spoilers for something.
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No. 3569

It’s about the fashion industry so no way it was ever gonna be feminist. Streep is a good actor and Priestly was interesting but just because she’s an interesting female character it doesn’t automatically make her “feminist”. People need to stop calling everything feminist.

No. 3582

I like this movie because it's dumb and I think Anne Hathaway is very pretty, but I think anyone who thinks the message of the movie is ""Be more like Miranda" fell asleep for the last act. At the same time, what's more libfem than a woman crushing others to succeed? It reminds me of libfems who loved tv!Cersei because she was an asshole and drank wine all the time. It's like if they call those characters feminists then it's an excuse to be an asshole themselves instead of actually doing feminist work.

No. 3654

File: 1580738707283.jpg (911.36 KB, 2560x1920, Fry-Eighth-Grade.jpg)

I really enjoyed Eighth Grade. I find it funny though how a man directed and wrote all this.

It doesn't exactly aim for feminist themes/undertones, but how Kayla was portrayed and the rest of the girls is pretty realistic and relevant especially in this day and age.

I just don't see how well this would work if the leading character was male. Young girls are more likely to face social insecurity in their appearance or status, peer pressure, etc. and how the main character tried to deal with all that was pretty uplifting and fucking relatable.

No. 3656

I love her relationship with her father and the awkward chicken tendies nerd

No. 3658

the movie was incredibly boring but bo burnham seems decent. very dull, but pretty realistic. good message overall. i expected more laughs or literally any comedic undertones and so it was disappointing in that sense, but it was a nice overall theme. main complaint is the pacing. and bo has been with a woman 12 yrs his senior for like, 6 years now, even though he's very desired by young women, so that's nice to see.

File: 1577976692654.jpeg (109.22 KB, 712x1200, 4202A457-AF87-4E7A-B413-D010E2…)

No. 627[Reply]

A place to discuss and vent about pickme or fake self-serving feminist behaviour you have witnessed or experienced, online or IRL, to post cringe screenshots or memes, theories and tinfoils etc.

This is seperate from the tradthot general as it’s not just for discussing particular women with particular belief systems, as there are many kinds of pickme out there. However, Trad-thottery can still be discussed as it is classified as pickme behaviour.
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No. 3612

File: 1580612683133.png (27.67 KB, 1184x138, 436664.PNG)

'it's ok to fap to loli' cool girls are the worst

No. 3618

The anime catgirl profile picture says troon but I admit that with some kink/BDSM cool girls it can be hard to tell.

No. 3621

Yeah probably some weeb who thinks being short makes her look just like her 8 year old manga catgirls. She's defending it not because loli actually looks like short adult women, but because it's her fantasy that she looks that way and she doesn't want her nasty masturbation fuel shamed.

No. 3628

Idk about you guys, but I've never seen a short adult woman with small breasts and accidentally mistook her for a 10 year old. People who say shit like this are just pedo apologists.

No. 3650

To be fair, small breasted women do get told we're only appealing to pedophiles.

File: 1578697440283.jpg (42.64 KB, 644x342, PRI_76963458-e1567661897665.jp…)

No. 1474[Reply]

I know we have a female dating strategy thread but I thought it might be interesting to have a thread for us dumb handmaidens who have boyfriends and still date men despite knowing bad they are.

I recently started seeing a guy and I found out he's a brocialist that's pretty indoctrinated into the trans nonsense. I'm just casually dating him for fun and sex but it's starting to grow more intimate so I don't know if I should tell him I'm a radfem or not. I could either tell him and see what happens, or I could not even bother risking him reacting poorly and just dump him. I know the latter is probably the right thing to do, but the dick is good and my crush is strong.

Do you struggle with getting crushes on shitty men?
How does your partner feel about your radfem views?
Do you need to vent about your boyfriend and his male ways?
Or have you met your perfect Nigel and want to boast about him?

Tell me about your Nigels anons!

No. 1485


Thread already exists, locking.

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