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gender critical and female politics
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File: 1639066242311.jpeg (342.19 KB, 1086x904, 2tN0Wbp.jpeg)

No. 3915[Reply]

ITT: We discuss feminism that addresses women's class inequality along with patriarchal oppression and serves the needs of all women and not just pretentious, doughy, upper middle class university goers
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No. 10562

anyone have any good podcast or video recs?

No. 10587

One thing I find disconcerting is gender critical feminists aligning themselves with figures on the political right, I think it makes sense pragmatically on practical issues like certain acts of legislation and keeping troons out of women's spaces but we shouldn't kid ourselves into thinking they're our friends. When push comes to shove, the right will take the side of trannies over women because they are both misogynist - from /pol/tards claiming "trans women are better than real women!" to conservatives who'd rather they had a tranny child than a lesbian one.

No. 10611

yes and this has also led to right-wing people calling themselves radfems or gender critical feminists when they still believe in femininity, the patriarchy etc..

No. 10629

100%. just because someone is anti-trans or anti-porn doesn't mean they are radical feminists. I grew up in a conservative christian patriarchal misogynist environment so I know that first hand (everyone around me hated trannies, thought porn was evil even if they consumed it, and they sure as shit hated women), but it seems like women who grew up in more liberal households don't know or something and get sucked into supporting right wing misogynists because they share one or two opinions on controversial topics. sometimes I feel like peoples pattern recognition is broken here or I'm taking crazy pills or something.

No. 14648

>I think it makes sense pragmatically on practical issues like certain acts of legislation and keeping troons out of women's spaces
doesn't seem very pragmatic to me to trade stuff like reproductive rights etc for the tranny stuff.
exactly, god i hate this shit so much, just look at amount of replies in the "feminationalism" (lmao) thread on here vs this thread (although to be fair a bunch of those replies are people infighting kek). brainwashing and propaganda from the right is extremely prominent especially online.

File: 1646779844008.jpg (223.2 KB, 1203x799, peak.JPG)

No. 4326[Reply]

How did you peak? Are you currently peaking? Are you trying to peak someone else? Have you noticed others peaking over certain events?
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No. 9654

Starting to question if it's worth trying to peak people or not. They kind of have to be ready to peak on their own or they won't listen, typical cult behaviour after all. But then again, if you don't plant the seed and let them know they're allowed to question trans ideology will they ever get there? And there are many normies who are just going along with it without thinking at all, maybe those are the only ones worth trying to peak.

No. 9697

i peaked a couple of people, some more than others. You gotta do it softly. I tell them various tranny stories like the testosteronejew story or that i saw that "dick" covered in hair, tampon thief… You tell them like 2 stories a month so it's not forced and it worked well. Must be more difficult to peak burgers though.

No. 9846

i think what fully peaked me is that gender dysphoria disorder was removed from the DSM-5. even though, there's a statement within the criteria of each mental disorder that states that a disorder is fully recognized as long as there's a great amount of distress that affects every aspect of a person's life; physically, mentally, occupation, relationships, and etc.

it's ironic for trans people to say you don't need gender dysphoria to be trans or that therapy or psychological evaluation is a long, unnecessary process. even though they need hormones, surgery, change their names, address them in a different pronoun. they also can't stand looking at themselves because their ideal and real self clashes from the disparity and for them to be addressed by their deadname causes dysphoria. they also change their relationship with friends and family and even their workplace either for the better or worse.

what they're dealing with differs from people who are bisexual and gay and yet they want to be lumped to a group of people for oppressions points and forced unity, now they're trying to force themselves into women's space even tho women only managed to receive their rights only a few years ago.

it's not fair they get people to kneel in front of them and yet women and LGB and other minorities of society have to fight for years, losing lives and face actual oppression.

No. 9851


Cosplay is the worst scene for this. We need a secret peaked cosplayer club.

No. 10597

I think I started to peak when Roe v. Wade was overturned in some of the States and was annoyed by liberals and their reluctance to call women women but are happy to call men exactly what they are. Does that men that FtMs have privilege because they call themselves men? It made me realise that no matter what females identify as, we cannot identify ourselves out of sex-based oppression. I've always believed that biological women's issues are different to MtFs, but like Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, I'd be eviscerated for sharing this opinion.

I also started watching Mag Berns bc for the first time I needed to listen to different perspectives and everything she said made sense. I'm not comfortable with the nebulous concept of gender identities or that they are somehow innate. It's not something you can think too deeply about before you get reprimanded for asking too many questions.

A male sexually assaulted my female friend at university a few years back. He now identifies as a trans woman and if very popular, setting up a gofundme to get private treatment for his "dysphoria". Since he was high up in a society, my friend reported him to others, but they said they would "keep an eye" on him as if he won't do it again. I hate him so much and I hate how handmaid's fucking fawn over him for being stunning and brave while I know he's a sex pest.

File: 1639109493941.jpeg (Spoiler Image,14.35 KB, 275x275, 1570525585384.jpeg)

No. 3923[Reply]

Vent about subhuman xy's, share your experiences about them, and give advice on how to avoid and deal with them.
No not my nigel/not all men
No racebait
No planned violence posts
As always please do not respond to bait, doing so will result in a 3-day ban.
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No. 9907

File: 1675976708535.png (410.96 KB, 649x895, breast feeding mom.png)

No. 9918

Sooo there's already one pink pill thread active. You think it will get like 500 replies by tommorow and reach limit?

No. 9936

I couldn't find it when I went searching through the catalog. I searched backwards and this one came first. But hey, while you're being a hall monitor, why don't you contact the mods and have them remove this one so there's no confusion?(necro)

No. 9946

Nta but the current pink pill thread is regularly active and you did necro this one so if you want to not get banned or ignored, maybe take the L and repost to the correct thread. It's currently top of this page.

No. 9953

I go jerk off to that one. Jannies delete this (the thread not my comment)(go jerk off to this then, bye)

File: 1675718290438.jpg (560.63 KB, 1800x1800, 00-nat-utah-transgender-1-kjhc…)

No. 9771[Reply]

Being a woman makes me miserable, even if I know it doesn't make any sense. It would be lovely if the trans stuff really worked, but I don't believe it does. So instead I'm just trapped in this mode of existence, while I wish desperately to not be this. Has anyone found an actual way to fix these sorts of issue?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 9823

Well, there's always an easy was out

File: 1656200655270.png (242.48 KB, 1080x350, Screen Shot 2022-06-25 at 4.44…)

No. 6040[Reply]

Post your favorite Dworkin quotes here
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No. 9273

" she describes the confrontation that turned them into sworn enemies. On the day of their godson's barmitzvah, child pornography was criminalised by the supreme court. Dworkin was delighted, but knew that Ginsberg had problems with the legislation.

"Ginsberg told me he had never met an intelligent person who had the ideas I did," she writes. "I told him he didn't get around enough. He said, 'The right wants to put me in jail.' I said, 'Yes, they're very sentimental; I'd kill you.'" When I repeat this story to her, she chuckles, and says in her slow, throaty way, "Oh good , I love that. Don't worry, you can print it now, he is very dead." (Ginsberg died in 1997). "
from https://www.theguardian.com/books/2004/sep/30/gender.world

i dont blame her for initially putting morals aside to get a leg up and get her work out there (which is presumably what she did)

No. 9274

still working with a pedophile is something a normal or a good person wouldn't think about it

No. 9284

Do you know there was a more rational and well respected explanation behind the Incest Taboo
In nature family members don't mate with each other and yes they help each other survive, feed each and protect each other, cause it increases the chance that their genes will be passed on the next generation, its a phenomenon caused in response to natural selection
even before gene theory this was a wildly accepted, but the moron wanted to be subversive, sometimes a morn is just a moron

No. 9291

maybe she wasn't a good person then.

No. 9310

File: 1674282056116.jpeg (195.05 KB, 1600x861, 1334848A-047D-41B5-8634-AF3BF1…)

not explicitly radfem but still a nice quote

File: 1653085099776.jpg (139.06 KB, 1046x757, 16529064653363.jpg)

No. 5384[Reply]

So I think the biggest problem with current radical feminism is that its kinda cringe and it attracts mostly cringy people who really should focus on being less cringy rather then on feminism

so first off aesthetics, a lot of current online radblr tries too borrow heavily from riotgrrl and feminist punk rock scene and the problem with that is that almost all of that scenes consisted of what we might call proto-libfems and now those women are currently promoting women like Hillary clinton and publicly supporting troons and nowadays the punk aesthetic in general is associated with baby zoomer industry plants

secondly changing the way we express male hatred, this isn't me saying "uwu don't be mean to men" rather anytime I see a radfem quote/song angrily going on how she hates men and she'll kill them, I almost die of the shreer cringe of it cause it comes across as a sixth grade nerd acting out against a high-school jock, I can't help but imagine men snickering when hearing this, knowing damm well that they could easily kill the physically weak female academic and most women with their bare hands in seconds, so it ultimately come across as pathetic Impotent rage so my solution is the way the redscarethots express male hatred, though using male supremacy rhetoric against them, "go die in war" "build a house like a real man" "real men don't spend time arguing with women" work way better then the ctingy impotent rage most radfems express

feel free to discuss more ideas to make radical feminism less cringe and improve on it
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No. 7159

also, people generally don't like thinking. trans ideology actually encourages not thinking, or challenging its tenets. like, we all know how quick their rhetoric falls apart when you just ask them questions like:

>what is gender?

>if anyone who says they're a woman is a woman, then why do they (men) transition? how do trans women know what hormones to take if (the female) sex doesn't actually exist?
>what did jkr actually say that was transphobic?

but to ask these questions is to out yourself as a "transphobe, and so their minds will lock up hard against them. so it's a whole thing of just blindly going along with vibes. also helps that troonshit is just building up off of stereotypes we've all been drip-fed since birth, e.g. the most basic pink = girl blue = boy shit.

radical feminism isn't like that. you have to sit down and challenge your internal biases to understand it. you have to look behind the curtain. your average person isn't going to do that.

which is fair, because your average person has ten million worries more pressing and immediate than men calling themselves women, or overturning the patriarchy. it's sad but true

No. 7200

KAM is pretty concise but men and libfems just hate dark humor applied to moids, lol.

What does decringify even mean? Have you seen how fucking cringey tra memes are? Do you want radfem memes like that too?

As someone who has been in tra zoomer reddit spaces before, it's not much better, it's way worse and it's just that people are inclined to misogyny which is why fds/femcel/radfems/trad/whatever are lumped together without nuance even though they have distinct qualities.

No. 7212

What about just encouraging women to talk to women? Men talk to each other all the time without intrusion and without the community policing itself. Women get shit on for “gossiping” and being “hysterical” for talking about our lives or other womens but it’s a powerful thing to look around at other women and see them agreeing with you or shutting you down for harmful ideas.
Lolcow was the first womens community I existed in that didn’t push “women are gentle and soft and there’s only acceptance and kindness here” or where men were told explicitly to gtfo and not return. I’d never experienced that and while it’s in an online space it helped me get my shit together and deprogram some fucked up fetish shit I’d normalized. Lolcow is the whole reason I found radfem ideas and places.
We don’t necessarily need radfem memes just womens truths, and then when another women comes along to say “well ackshully” enough women will reply “it’s our lived experience, count yourself lucky. We’ll be here for you when you realise.” Or a man comes along and says their typical disturbing and uninformed take women will just ignore it and tell him to stfu and get out.

No. 7952

Radfem ideology and Radfem spaces don't need to be 'less cringy' because what defines cringe is a subjective, elastic bullshit definition anyway. Scrotes are going to call anything that doesn't align with coom and degrading women 'cringe', pickmes are going to follow suit.

More critical eyed anons are going to pick apart arguments on the basis of actual logic unlike the former, which isn't bad in itself but it's holding up standards where the opposition has none at all. Because of this its actually honestly unintuitive and uncessary for growing radfeminism.

Women having impotent rage over moids is justified and not cringy to me. There's absolutely nothing wrong with a forum that exists just for shitting on men that's what TRP is and MRA and that's why it's ideology and pundits are so successful. I see no issue with a gender reversal of this.

No. 15672

>puberty is thickness and thickness is ugly but the ocean is thick and a woman so i am a beautiful woman too
Nonna please. This is pathetic.

File: 1668888935907.jpg (113.64 KB, 640x906, toad bulls.jpg)

No. 6828[Reply]

why aren't feminists talking about modifying human sexual dimorphism when every thinking woman recognizes that women are oppressed because of biology?

moids managed to create toad bulls within a decade but feminists had 200 years and still didn't create an eugenic plan to make women stronger, bigger and less pickme? or at least making it possible for women to reproduce without men?

No. 6830

Can't tell if you're baiting or retarded

No. 6832

File: 1668973175087.gif (3.59 MB, 338x209, both is good mashup.gif)

No. 6833

ok what is your long term plan for female liberation then?

No. 6844

well, for starters I think we should remove you from the gene pool

File: 1651510112578.jpeg (15.65 KB, 300x168, 72B3F96A-5BAC-48A2-BACE-DDCB54…)

No. 5017[Reply]

This is a support thread for trans widow anons, or anons who dated an abuser who trooned out to either avoid accountability or trap someone.
Treat this thread like you would the vent thread; don’t snark at other anons for not seeing red flags, staying in a relationship past its expiration, etc.
We love you and you are not alone.
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No. 6548

You’re not stupid. You were a teenager who didn’t know better. Predators pick their prey. That’s why their predators. I’m sorry anon. I hope things are better now and fuck then.

No. 6550

File: 1663786292460.jpeg (31.42 KB, 554x554, CFE2959B-E4C4-463E-8019-FC38DF…)

thank you anon! its very kind of you to say, it was genuinely quite a bad time in my life and i wasted a lot of time in this but i like to think it has hardened me, for better or for worse

No. 6557

You’re welcome anon and I hope things in the future are much better for you. Don’t beat yourself up over the past.

No. 6558

I was with my boyfriend for 5 years and he trooned. He was a psychotic maladapted narcissist.
>became more and more mentally abusive, would not call me his girlfriend for the first 6 months
>would kick me out constantly and beg me to come back
>forced me to engage with his demented fetishes like pegging and chastity
>literally starts to skinwalk me with the way I dress and my interests
>has 0 hobbies, not even moid video games. Just watches youtube and browses trans shit on reddit and tiktok
>gets laser hair removal on everything except hair and eyebrows
>always confrontational (like all men) playing devils advocate and always saying shit just for the sake of upsetting me
>starts taking hormones and dressing in women's clothes fulltime. Looks ghastly
>I ran away
>he doesn't do anything except rot in his house and play out his fetish now
>I've never been happier

This isn't even scratching the surface, the amount of mental torture and abuse he has put me through is unreal and I am so much happier since I've left. His behavior is what peaked me. Reddit screenshots and TIM threads on here and the other farms came later. Nothing is as blackpilling as real life.

No. 6618

I was in a 2 year relationship with a guy who trooned and furried out 1 year in. I was in a bad situation regarding my home life when I met him so I fled to him because he was jobless and gave me attention I craved.
Even the first year dating him sucked. He drugged me, I had a bad trip from that. I'm still recovering from that to this day almost a decade later. I we probably only had PIV sex like 4 times, he came within 10 seconds each time. His best friend was a lesbian who turned into an Aiden, which is where he got his influence from. The coming months he was attached to Tumblr, following the posts of this one furry troon with a purple dragon as his persona. One day we were spending the night at his parents house and he told me he dreamt he was a sexy dragon lady. A few months in, we move into an apartment together with mostly Aidens and two gay men. A few weeks after that, he decides to buy fake tits. His Aiden BFF started throwing away her old clothing and he showed up with a shit ton of women's clothes. The thing was the fucking skirts. All of them tight and long and had stripes on them. He dressed like a typical troon would, anything to hide his man legs.
There was a time I thought I should get into makeup, and I couldn't even have my own products. I left the apartment for a few weeks to attend intensive therapy and I came back to him wearing my clothes and my makeup rummaged through. It felt so unsanitary. Also, while I was in therapy, he asked if we could open up our relationship because he wouldn't be able to see me often and I don't remember his reason, but I think he wanted to fuck other troons. He did none of that, I remember when I came back home and seeing a condom on the floor. I asked if he saw anyone, he said no, it was because he used the dildo he bought me.
One thing he did do while I was gone though, was hang out with my best friend, watch movies, get her drunk, and sexually assault her. I remember her texting me what happened because she felt bad and I said it was no big deal because our relationship was open. I should have known better. I really wasn't in the right state of mind.
I put up with this guy for about 2 more months until he said we needed to break up because I ended up hating everyone he was friends with because they did drugs. I told him I had a bad trip before, his response was it wasn't possible because he talked to someone. I did hate his friends, they wouldn't shut up about their constant use.
OnPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1661150061949.jpg (178.73 KB, 1500x773, See_Jane_Drill_-_Edited.max-15…)

No. 6433[Reply]

Post educators. Threadpic is seejanedrill on yt, my go-to for DIY projects

prompts: instructors on youtube, tutorial bloggers/websites, authors, journalists, educational or instructive works by historical figures. If you find yourself reading/watching someone helpful, consider posting her ITT!

(This thread is different from the content creator one because you're encouraged to post historical figures, ancient texts, etc)

No. 6439

File: 1661213436609.png (548.88 KB, 1024x559, TSkovSunhold_wide-1-1024x559.p…)

Tamitha Skov is a geophysicist who makes cool informational videos about space weather.

No. 6440

she seems really cool

No. 6446

File: 1661394845452.png (156.87 KB, 425x308, Screen Shot 2022-08-24 at 10.3…)

If you're into space then you might also like Dr. Becky Smethurst, the astrophysicist youtuber. Although personally I find that she plays into clickbait content a bit too much for my taste. But no hate to her. It's hard to collect online coin by simply being good at what you do. Gotta sell it to the masses somehow.

No. 6456

I've posted her more than a few times in various threads but I really like Tibees aka Toby Hendy. She makes videos mostly about physics and math and has a lot of videos reviewing exams and stuff like that. Watching her videos makes me feel smarter

No. 6468

I had never even heard about that topic before! Pretty cool.

File: 1654827475805.jpg (37.34 KB, 675x675, ag_7.jpg)

No. 5816[Reply]

I know some might not believe me, but I have always been sex-repulsed since I was young, I never had true sexual desire for either sex, but I did have a romantic desire and liked the way men looked, more then any idea and act of sex. of course this was before I was pink-pilled and now have forgone any Idea of a romantic(and thus sexual) relationship with a man, but I still like looking at men, I go through tiktok occasionally and see very beautiful young males just doing stuff and it always puts a smile on my face, I can't really describe it cause I know I'm not interested in a romantic relationship with them and neither have any sort of sexual desire, but I just like looking at good looking male faces, Ideally they wouldn't even speak either rather just exist for my sake so I could stare at them
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No. 5949

File: 1655243061505.jpg (470.72 KB, 661x1492, aesthetically.jpg)

No. 5951

more or less, but I only ever fuck them if they are attractive
I guess asexuality is the wrong term to describe me, I am attracted to males but I am generally sex repulsed

No. 5958

i don't see why this should make you any more or less of a radfem. i can understand what you're going through, though

No. 5976

>>5942 anon. Your sexuality is ok anon. Become a radfem if that's what ur beliefs align with.

No. 7344

I’d say if I had to be attracted to anyone, it would be men, I was always hetero except sexual. Back when I knew TIFs I identified as asexual but then I realized how warped this term became and I dropped it. I guess this name can be fitting for some but I really how how the queers changed it. And honestly I wouldn’t consider it any separate orientation (for me it’s a lack of sexuality).
I like men aesthetically but only some of them of course (those in my type).
When I was young I believed maybe one day I will have a loving husband and children, then I wanted to adopt and then I realized if I want to pursue celibacy I can’t fully trust any living man. I have male friends but realized my ideas about future relationships were very vague and only based on societal expectations. I feel much better being single.
I accept romance in fiction but when it’s not sexual (because I avoid this in media). Romance in fiction isn’t something I care much for though, so it’s only in case when it is present.

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