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File: 1685702385129.jpeg (16.36 KB, 275x244, 1620635678657.jpeg)

No. 15258

Manifesto-chan was a lolcow poster who graced us with her keen and accurate insight. Part artist, part scientist and 100% misandrist. Post your favourite manifesto-chan caps here.

Some commonly used manifesto-chan words below if you want to do your own searching.
"false self"
"cuckoldry anxiety"
"mate guarding"
"sales tactics"
"artificial niche carving"

No. 15262

some of these terms actually go back to Solanes, Dowrkin and McKinnon

No. 15321

I still have the zip the admin gifted us of manifesto-chan. even after years I still haven't read it, she's too smart for me.

No. 15322

File: 1685770212204.png (36.21 KB, 606x593, sadly she got banned.PNG)

Going to sage because this isn't manifesto anon but whenever I see posts like this one I can't help but remember her. Her spirit is still among us.

No. 15358

please share nonna
manifestochan definitely carried the torch of decades worth of feminist intellectual thought and knowledge

No. 15448

Here you go nona
it has no expiration date so as long as the site is up other nonnies can download it

No. 15450

I am so happy this is getting shared and propagated

No. 15471

damn thanks!!

No. 15508

What happened to her? Did she just disappear or…?

No. 15509

probably left after the Shaymin disaster,(a lot of nonnas did) most of normie nonnas have come back but the mentally unhinged one's went over to other spaces.

No. 15543

Can someone post some notable caps from this? I'm worried about downloading a file from an anonymous image board and want some proof of legitimacy before I dive into it.

No. 15545

File: 1686020577694.png (14.89 KB, 824x353, on radfems.png)

No. 15547

File: 1686022060614.png (61.24 KB, 3153x482, why do men seethe.PNG)

No. 15555

File: 1686031627680.png (49.82 KB, 944x1116, zip folder.png)

sure, I uploaded the zip, this is how it looks.

No. 15568

Thanks for the upload. I'm reading it rn and her writings are fascinating.

No. 15621

thank you nona, this is truly a gift to have.
I may print these out and physically archive them.

No. 15664

idk. i also think men get really mad at women they dont consider attractive doing well in the dating world or just being happy in general and not caring about what they think because men get really insecure when their opinions dont matter kek.

No. 16969

nona, i think the file was deleted.

No. 17096

https://anonfiles.com/Qfp43c3cz8/the_teachings_of_manifesto_anon_zip ntayrt but i remembered i saved this, so here you go anon

No. 17148

File: 1690032117159.png (339.25 KB, 3515x843, all men have mommy issues.PNG)

Going to post all the caps from the zip file to make it easier for nоnnies to read and so that it's archived here too

No. 17149

File: 1690032148337.png (362.47 KB, 3626x1712, anger, deprivation and soyboys…)

No. 17150

File: 1690032195040.png (596.35 KB, 1981x1487, artificial niche carving.PNG)

No. 17151

File: 1690032223934.png (194.96 KB, 3625x624, chivalry is a meme.PNG)

No. 17152

File: 1690032254896.png (630.17 KB, 1751x1317, compartmentalizing.PNG)

No. 17153

File: 1690032286200.png (107.34 KB, 778x509, cuckolded reddit pickme cope.p…)

No. 17154

File: 1690032311829.png (51.25 KB, 1469x361, cuckqueen 1.PNG)

No. 17155

File: 1690032346248.png (105.15 KB, 981x545, cuckqueen 2.png)

No. 17156

File: 1690032373568.png (222.16 KB, 2098x1593, cucks and cuckqueens.PNG)

No. 17157

File: 1690032402915.png (53.33 KB, 1911x188, cucks and handmaids.PNG)

No. 17158

File: 1690032427802.png (139.71 KB, 1706x969, cumbrains.PNG)

No. 17159

File: 1690032467943.png (89.28 KB, 1720x474, diversify your portfolio.PNG)

No. 17160

File: 1690032546985.png (157.18 KB, 1688x770, dunning 1.PNG)

No. 17161

File: 1690032569387.png (128.93 KB, 800x597, dunning 2.png)

No. 17162

File: 1690032741207.png (109.81 KB, 902x533, dunning 3.png)

No. 17163

File: 1690032818732.png (333.58 KB, 838x1348, every straight mans goal.png)

No. 17164

File: 1690032877843.png (185.82 KB, 1647x686, evo psych 2.PNG)

No. 17165

File: 1690032914128.png (330.96 KB, 1735x1843, evolutionary psychology.PNG)

No. 17166

File: 1690032960143.png (46.8 KB, 1628x240, exclusivity meme.PNG)

No. 17167

File: 1690033016296.png (332.94 KB, 3604x1873, exploitable ethics.PNG)

No. 17168

File: 1690033130347.png (273.66 KB, 851x1273, exploitative sexuality.png)

No. 17170

File: 1690033172845.png (236.11 KB, 1715x1247, externalising.PNG)

No. 17172

File: 1690033208483.png (421.47 KB, 2029x1267, externalising2.PNG)

No. 17173

File: 1690033274474.png (564.65 KB, 1715x1734, freud.PNG)

No. 17174

File: 1690033322993.png (198.77 KB, 3444x1297, game theory.PNG)

No. 17175

File: 1690033362038.png (144.06 KB, 1763x1074, how to kill warm fuzzies.PNG)

No. 17176

File: 1690033465636.png (603.24 KB, 891x1426, how to tell if a guy likes you…)

No. 17177

File: 1690033529589.png (73.42 KB, 862x440, impersonal porn.png)

No. 17178

File: 1690033567111.png (135.9 KB, 3551x459, incelsectional 1.PNG)

No. 17179

You new farmhands are all retarded you could have removed your farmhand status from those posts before you posted.

And i know you are a farmhand because poor jannys only have the ban or delete option.

No. 17180

File: 1690033715652.png (159.49 KB, 1637x817, incelsectional 2.PNG)

Read >>15321
>I still have the zip the admin gifted us of manifesto-chan. even after years I still haven't read it, she's too smart for me.

No. 17181

File: 1690033752211.png (177.85 KB, 906x877, is it wrong to cheat.png)

No. 17182

File: 1690033842665.png (115.14 KB, 865x570, is porn impersonal.png)

No. 17183

File: 1690033915169.png (234.06 KB, 879x799, lol.png)

No. 17184

File: 1690033948813.png (900.86 KB, 2012x1901, male evolution.PNG)

No. 17185

File: 1690033992609.png (362.37 KB, 865x964, male psychology.png)

No. 17186

File: 1690034046011.png (234.62 KB, 907x1121, men cheating more later in lif…)

No. 17187

File: 1690034100832.png (46.01 KB, 3585x228, men dont have standards.PNG)

No. 17188

File: 1690034128825.png (317.41 KB, 1747x1813, morality externalisation.PNG)

No. 17189

File: 1690034169265.png (183.57 KB, 1670x899, mother strategy.PNG)

No. 17190

File: 1690034198310.png (160.66 KB, 1647x605, muh apocalypse.PNG)

No. 17191

File: 1690034248992.png (545.26 KB, 1634x442, muhapocalypse.PNG)

No. 17192

File: 1690034292186.jpeg (170.78 KB, 597x952, on commies.jpeg)

No. 17193

File: 1690034322771.png (166.53 KB, 3573x480, on communism.PNG)

No. 17194

File: 1690034364019.png (366.3 KB, 1998x574, on feminism 1.PNG)

No. 17195

File: 1690034415669.png (250.08 KB, 1679x1234, on feminism 2.PNG)

No. 17196

File: 1690034475870.png (162.06 KB, 3502x607, on politics.PNG)

No. 17197

File: 1690034569826.png (63.25 KB, 824x353, on radfems.png)

No. 17198

File: 1690034612222.png (165.52 KB, 3518x580, on socialisation.PNG)

No. 17199

File: 1690034657035.png (72.07 KB, 820x402, on therapy.png)

No. 17200

File: 1690034694694.png (293.89 KB, 3617x1643, opportunism.PNG)

No. 17201

File: 1690034737435.png (387.07 KB, 3613x1702, parasitisim.PNG)

No. 17202

File: 1690034793434.png (230.13 KB, 3613x1375, pedophilia.PNG)

No. 17203

File: 1690034835034.png (329.68 KB, 1994x1589, pickmes never win.PNG)

No. 17204

File: 1690034872364.png (419.96 KB, 1701x782, poisonivylul.PNG)

No. 17205

File: 1690034918723.png (567.39 KB, 1932x1430, porn 1.PNG)

No. 17206

File: 1690034957956.png (525.11 KB, 1392x536, porn 2.PNG)

No. 17207

File: 1690034999082.png (457.13 KB, 1688x1679, porn 3.PNG)

No. 17208

File: 1690035040352.png (466.42 KB, 2004x1645, projection.PNG)

No. 17209

File: 1690035077814.png (224.18 KB, 3522x562, psychology 1.PNG)

No. 17210

File: 1690035103450.png (293.84 KB, 3637x1571, psychology 2.PNG)

No. 17211

File: 1690035139936.png (280.9 KB, 3672x1535, random posts 1.PNG)

No. 17212

File: 1690035174878.png (74.21 KB, 2953x338, random posts 2.PNG)

No. 17213

File: 1690035204471.png (66.71 KB, 1951x401, reminder- all men watch porn.P…)

No. 17214

File: 1690035268742.png (370.39 KB, 3547x1906, romantic love scam.PNG)

No. 17215

File: 1690035302748.png (134.09 KB, 3444x665, same_meme_gets_owned.PNG)

No. 17216

File: 1690035355054.png (177.55 KB, 1949x1196, schooling.PNG)

No. 17217

File: 1690035396389.png (1008.6 KB, 2025x1813, sex dolls.PNG)

No. 17218

File: 1690035452468.png (869.12 KB, 1995x1826, sex segregation.PNG)

No. 17219

File: 1690035491958.png (374.78 KB, 1937x535, sexual attention = worthless.P…)

No. 17220

File: 1690035557955.png (351.7 KB, 849x1406, sexual opportunism.png)

No. 17221

File: 1690035589027.png (156.83 KB, 3509x497, some advice for lolcowfarm.PNG)

No. 17222

File: 1690035622594.png (155.24 KB, 844x840, some useful observations.png)

No. 17223

File: 1690035650137.png (386.67 KB, 3578x1967, strategy 1.PNG)

No. 17224

File: 1690035732389.png (327.05 KB, 1580x920, strategy 2.png)

No. 17225

File: 1690035774865.png (118.98 KB, 1662x437, tantrum forecasting machine.PN…)

No. 17226

File: 1690035804598.png (85.04 KB, 3535x306, tard wrangling advice 1.PNG)

No. 17227

File: 1690035838379.png (42.58 KB, 1652x199, tard wrangling advice 2.PNG)

No. 17228

File: 1690035871605.png (70.21 KB, 3556x253, tard wrangling advice 3.PNG)

No. 17229

File: 1690035939445.png (136.27 KB, 961x637, tard wrangling advice 4.png)

No. 17230

File: 1690036009540.png (353.79 KB, 1073x1104, tard wrangling advice 5.png)

No. 17231

File: 1690036080413.png (205.92 KB, 1958x558, the degenerates of gender.PNG)

No. 17232

File: 1690036131302.png (67.09 KB, 3483x212, the gender of rationality.PNG)

No. 17233

File: 1690036315581.png (584.54 KB, 1320x2424, tr00n masterpost.png)

No. 17235

File: 1690036411131.png (37.94 KB, 2991x194, trad shilling.PNG)

No. 17236

File: 1690036478477.png (104.65 KB, 3614x296, virginity.PNG)

No. 17238

File: 1690036546255.png (37.6 KB, 1975x205, we wuz logic.PNG)

No. 17239

File: 1690036589971.png (117.68 KB, 1006x589, whiteknight gets owned.png)

No. 17240

File: 1690036645475.png (166.12 KB, 3153x482, why do men seethe.PNG)

The last one!

Thank you nonnas for uploading!

No. 17380

Ily nona, thank you! I read all of the caps and I feel like it changed something in me. Manifesto Chan was so based, I hope she's still among us

No. 17391

Thank you! One of the links is broken (or was broken?) and I got scared that these pearls of wisdom will be tucked under the rug again for some time. Somebody needs to subtly pour these into other websites, too.

No. 17402

File: 1690144465264.gif (2.46 MB, 664x377, im-doing-my-part.gif)

Manifesto-chan's wisdom has to be circulated and shared, it was extremely worth posting her collection! I had the zip downloaded before the link stopped working, but wasn't comfortable posting it myself, glad a nоnny shared it again (ty nоnny!). Given that this is an imageboard, thought it was only fitting to also include them all here too

No. 17455

it seems they tried to censor the truth
glad you saved it nonny, thank you for your service. if it goes down again I can re-upload it too.

No. 17473

File: 1690211971086.png (106.08 KB, 1226x562, manifestochan.PNG)

I only appreciate the original Manifesto-chan's posts that were like powerbuffs to women but the posts with the autistic FDS bullshit was written by another anon. Picrel is my one and only Manifesto-chan.

No. 17476

File: 1690212213244.jpg (98.59 KB, 980x381, tick men.jpg)

No. 17477

File: 1690212444246.jpg (117.36 KB, 967x525, tick men 2.JPG)

No. 17483

If I recall correctly admin said she made a recompilation of the manifesto anon posts with the same IP address so i guess is safe to assume those are from the same anon

No. 17491

It was one rogue farmhand who had a meltdown and just picked her personal "manifesto-chan" i.e. the one writing FDS slanted posts and leaked all of the posts made from her IP address and the admin at the time publicly chastised her for doing so.

No. 17536

I downloaded this a while ago but only got to read it today (and then found out it was uploaded image by image just a few days ago, kek), I can't express how thankful I am. It was all so incredible and insightful, I'm glad I have more facts to back up my beliefs now.

No. 17630

Wasn’t every single post in that image dump made by the same person if they’re from the same IP?

No. 17651

I love it except for the FDS retarded parts and I really hope it's not the same anon. Because how could you be blackpilled and still be like "don't engage UNLESS he pays for everything! Then it's ok to fuck men and be with them" kek.

No. 17665

The farmhand who dumped the docs censored the IPs in the posts so they could be from a couple of different addresses she tracked down, there's no way to know. Anyway, the focus is heavily on the manifesto-chan writing FDS crap while posts like >>17473 aren't included in the dump, and that in particular was one of the first emergences I had seen from the anon writing these eloquent feminist manifestos. So there are possibly a few different anons who have been coined as "manifesto-chans" but personally the FDS ideas are in direct conflict with the academic manifesto-chan vouching for separatism and a heavy leaning towards bioessentialism, something missing from the posts included in the megadump.

No. 17670

damnn does manifesto-chan have a tumblr i can follow kek or is there any active radblr out there like her because reading all of this was a gift and i want more

No. 17672

I think the reason that post wasn’t included was because all the posts in the dump are from 2019 at the latest. I think her point was basically this: it’s absolutely not worth it to be in a relationship with a man unless you’re getting something tangible out of it, >>17225
and you need to compartmentalize like you would with a dog. I don’t think she ever claimed to have any kind of ideology or be blackpilled really.

No. 17673

You're a blessing.

No. 17690

File: 1690375664435.png (808.26 KB, 645x4088, seven-strictures.png)

Not Manifesto-chan but there is a Tumblr that scratches the same itch. I've compiled some of my favorites of hers, I hope other nonas find them as insightful as I did.

She is not a radfem although radfem-adjacent in many ways.

No. 17691

Holy shit based. Haven't seen anyone on tumblr hit the nail on the head thinking out loud like this other than sespursongles and nakimushiga-ru

No. 17697

If she thinks that under any circumstances it's good to be with a scrote then everything else she says is deemed worthless. We had blackpiled/separatist women producing content of equal or even higher quality on the internet, so who cares about some anonymous poster who thinks it's ok to suck dick as long as he's rich and pays for your lifestyle? Her rants sound just like a cope then because she probably can't get that "rich alpha male provider" kek

No. 17699

>females used to pair bond with other females before the inception of sexual reproduction
Woo woo, also failed middle school biology. She sounds fucking dumb. Also

No. 17704

Speaking of sespursongles, do you have the PDF of her posts?

No. 17707

No. 17713

Manifesto-chan was well liked by the whole site, while you are disliked, cocksucker-chan. You used to spam other boards calling anons cocksuckers until you got bullied hard. Stop. Manifesto-chan never harassed anons or insulted women like you usually do.

No. 17757

I think I'm not the anon you're referring to (although I agree with her posts kek). But it is what it is. You will get nowhere with female liberation while being with a scrote, yes, even if he's rich. And the "she was popular and you're not tehee" is like, middle school tier logic. So what? People love things that make them feel good. Reading her posts can make you feel good, indeed. Does she propose solutions actually serving female liberation? Not really.

No. 17773

I believe the posts are written by different people some of the beliefs are contradictory and the writing style is different too.

No. 17774

You're still unliked. Even if it's several newfags doing it, no one wants to have some neet loser call us cocksuckers because shes mad she was born as a woman. Go to therapy or something instead.

No. 17777

ntayrt but cocksucker is a top tier insult, sorry

No. 17792

>no one wants to have some neet loser call us cocksuckers
I want

No. 17816

Agree it's such a good insult even cocksuckers themselves use it to insult each other kek

No. 17818

I don't ever say that. It's just another way to humiliate women

No. 17823

Yeah since the blackpill anons are tru and honest trans men, they try to humiliate us like they think men would.
Wish your mom had sucked your dad so you wouldn't be here.

No. 17825

damn BITCH go get your tits cut off or a necrotic flabby fat chunk sewed on top of your fupa. fuck outta here

No. 17829

trying to figure out the thought process behind an offended cocksucker saying this to display its feminist superiority

No. 17831

>if you aren't a cocksucker you aren't a woman, FAT BITCH

No. 17833

>"i am offended by the term cocksucker because it is an attempt to humiliate women by saying they suck cock"
>"also i wish your mum had sucked your dad's cock so you wouldn't be here HAHA i made you think of your mum sucking cock"
saying this and calling women fat pussy bitches who should go get their tits chopped off aka revoke their woman club badge for not joining in with the group cocksucking festival going down in this thread has nothing to do with trying to humiliate women though, feminist queens

No. 17840

>samefagging to reply to yourself
Literally go outside girl, wtf. Also stop with the weird trans agenda even if you get plastic surgery, you'll be a woman with plastic surgery and flat chest, not a man.

No. 17857

If women don't want to be humiliated then they don't have to act in ways that makes this insult true but reminding women they actually have agency will always make them throw tantrums and mald (lol)

No. 17858

stop using samefagging accusations as a last resort at backtracking from being a deranged borderline who mistakes her symptoms for feminism "girl"

No. 17870

The titchop anon wasn't me, if you think it's me just report it for samefagging. I'm against transitioning and I'm the last person to tell someone to get surgery to transition

No. 17886

i didn't say it was you but pretending the "girlies" here would never say that and it must be a samefag is laughable when one of you has been spamming exactly that nonstop for a week

No. 17905

I thought it was too mental to be said, telling a mentally unstable woman to get surgery to mutilate herself is evil and I hope that anon realizes that.

No. 17967

>If women don't want to be humiliated then they don't have to act in ways that makes this insult true but reminding women they actually have agency will always make them throw tantrums and mald (lol)
Nta but this is somewhat true. I don't want to use misognistic terms to describe other women and refuse to use this one specifically, but not because it's offensive to women uwu >>17818 because it isn't "humiliating to women". (As if all women engage in this behavior by nature lol) but rather because I believe it to reinforce and glorify males that, and it's repulsive. I agree with the sentiment though, I don't see much point to pulling punches when women are autonomous and capable of free will. Packing women in cotton is pointless. Women should be shamed for stupid actions and should never be shielded from reality.

No. 18016

The problem with this argument is that this specific insult (in the way it is being used here) is that it's trying to shame women who engage in that activity. A very specific insult that I've only seen lesbians use against other women. I don't think liking penis or males is wrong (straight women exist, that's their sexuality and I will respect that) and I understand the sentiment of dread because of the charged significance of the moid. With that said people in general put each-others genitals in their mouths, no worship power dynamic involved, is just for pleasure. Thinking something beyond that sounds demented but I respect your opinion.

No. 18018

I don't think sexuality is set in stone like rape apes would have you believe in order to conveniently make this argument that "straight women need love too" uwu

What you're really arguing is "Straight women need to humiliate themselves uwu" it's a spineless and weak counter argument. Being attracted to and loving an oppressor is pathetic. Making this argument on the basis of what some people get pleasure from is bleak and fucked, some people derive pleasure from rape and children but we don't magically allow it because "no power dynamic involved" uwu. You don't get to pick and choose when "power dynamics" (which is just code for degradation and humiliation btw) are involved. The problem with your argument is it isn't even a counter argument, it's just coming up with harmful excuses to worship rape apes and dick suck.

No. 18020

It's like you're defending makeup "I only wear it to look pretty for mysef!!1!1" Kek you sound stupid as fuck right now.
And OSA women are notorious for putting each other down for promiscuity, calling each other sluts and whores but being totally okay with engaging in that behavior themselves because while they recognize how degrading it is for other women they think they themselves are special or they just can't accept that the degradation applies to them or they just do not care.

No. 18030

No the issue is that, using the term cocksucker for women only glorifies men and insults women. We all know the retards who call anons cocksuckers don't only do it to the women who praise men but to any woman they disagree with to humiliate her. A lot of the anons who use the term also SOMEHOW get super butthurt when someone says women are superior or that they love being a woman, coincidence? I don't think so.

No. 18036

Nta but the amount of troons I've seen slinging that insult I refuse to give them the satisfaction of using it too.

No. 18063

I'm honestly not trying to argue that it's okay to use the insult, I only believe is unfair that the sexuality of some women is being vilified and used against them. My agenda is not wanting to normalise the word (I guess it comes off that way) like other misogynistic insults.

No. 18068

Male genitals - cock
Oral sex on men - sucking their genitals
Osa women are cocksuckers and dick sucking is the most despicable, subhuman male supremacist shit you can ever do. So what's the problem? Women suck so we have to face the consequences of it by not allowing ourselves certain words?

No. 18069

The majority of women hate oral sex and have never done it unless forced. Faggots on the other hand proudly proclaim how much they love sucking dick. Scrotes are the true cocksuckers.

No. 18070

You're incredibly unintentionally based for conflating het women with cock sucking then acting very kind about it kek. I don't think I've ever seen such a apologetically anti het post that's so damning that the actual humiliating act of cock sucking is conflated and stated as inseperable from your made up sexuality.

Both are cocksuckers, yes what's your point? Cock sucking women aren't in competition for the rights of the humiliating term it's earned from doing it, the number of women or men doing it is meaningless.

No. 18074

Calling women cocksuckers feels like you’re dehumanizing them the same way trannies try to do by calling us ‘womb havers’, you’re all very weird.

No. 18077

99% of women who dat/ed men suck/ed dick please anon stop this is so delusional and inauthentic. Women talk about being bj givers all the time and say they love this degradation like come on what's up with all the denialism here and defensiveness, ignoring what real life looks like which means you're basing your point on nothing while women are out there sucking off moids on a mass scale kek

No. 18078

Insult targeted at our natural form that literally all of us share at birth that is beyond our control == insult describing degrading behavior that most women choose to do
So those things are equal in weight now apparently.
It's very clear anon has not had female friends because I've been bombarded by talk of women I used to be in close contact to who were proud of and constantly talking about being "cocksucking whores", in their own words, as in they described themselves that way. And cocksleeve and every other degrading word under the sun they were (and I'm sure to this day still are) proud to describe themselves with.

No. 18079

This is incredibly naive, to put it mildly.

No. 18080

I would never put my mouth near a penis, weirdo

No. 18081

File: 1690647376679.jpg (27.99 KB, 640x569, 109bee80f616626f1536c663dd2ac4…)

In my language cocksucker is an exclusive insult for men, so I don't get this discussion in the first place.

Also this is lc, if someone calls other posters sluts or whores or whatever, they should go back to the smegma infested shitholes they came from. Don't shit up manifesto-nonnas thread with this trash.

No. 18083

Sometimes I'll swing by /2X/, notice the cancer of being terminally online has only spread through the board instead of being contained in one thread, and go back to real life where I'm actually making a difference with my actions.
Cocksucker-chan, I hope you'll turn off your computer some day, you've been at it for quite a while now.

No. 18085

We can tell you're here all the time seething over any slightly blackpilled opinion and crying in other boards and threads about it. Stop moralfagging
When you hate men so much you end up worshipping them through defending cocksuckers and being a denialist

No. 18087

Okay I hate males(but I lost interest in them and talking about them feels like making them real while they have been erased from my mind for a long time) but wouldn't dating men for money still require you to be a private pornstar for them plus it would be dangerous. Don't get excited about shit like this, I've seen what happens about women who get too excited then go on dates with those moids and get raped/get the cum rag treatment

No. 18092

Off topic, not targeting any anon. But personally make up can be so creepy to me and a huge trigger. It's a lot to explain but basically I think the urge to perform femininity is somewhat natural but the person who does it identifies with the femininity and this femininity performance and wants to bond with others and the external reality over this identity but not every woman identifies with femininity or masochism and it personally disconnects my mind from my body, I would feel like I'm wearing a mask but without wearing make up our position in the "society" or other human minds changes so I can't stand the idea of having to wear it just to be accepted/attractive and to not be punished by others. I can't stand the fact that I have to look aesthetically pleasing to be liked if I literally dont identify with my external appearance

No. 18107

Based sister
This is true

No. 18108

I wish your mother did too so we wouldn't have to stand a misogynistic retard like you who fucks up every discussion because she can't go ten minutes before ONLY insulting women and praising men.

No. 18109

.t trans identified male who thinks he's both female and that all women want to suck him off(we don't)

No. 18150

But cock sucking is doing a humiliating behavior. Having a "womb" is not performing a self humiliating masochistic behavior. This is a false comparison.

No. 18180

The tranny also spammed his paid article in the blackpill thread and posted a soyjay(?) today telling anons men and trans women are great to be around. Just ignore it.

No. 18187

Stop making things up and inserting half truths (there was a self-admitted moid saying men and "transwomen" aka men make good friends in the peak trans thread) to fuel your headcanon about blackpill anons in the blackpill thread. There is proof you've been doing this harping about one blackpill anon you're obsessed with to cause infighting about the headcanon you have for this imaginary anon (who is anyone on this board you disagree with) for months now.

No. 18189

A man literally posted a soyjak today, you're supporting the incels that post in 2X, stfu and stop schizophrenically accusing every anon that can see men posting here as being the same person.

No. 18190

You mean Pepe, right? The frog?

No. 18191

Idk it said chud and I've only ever seen that word in soyjak men posts. He also spoke about how trans women are hot so I'm %99 sure there's a tranny camping here. Maybe it's the same tranny that's been attacking mods and making rumors in meta, his name was blain or something.

No. 18233

What the fuck happened to this thread?

No. 18265

I don't know, the mods are fucking dead or something

No. 18278

Doubling doesn't make what you're making up about any anon who disagrees with your retardation true. Stop hyperfixating on blackpill.

No. 18282

One person got offended or wanted attention and everyone gave them that and now it’s a shit show over here.
this thread is fucked now, kek.

No. 18290

You're wrong. The one who stated the derail was a cocksucker-chan(aka the user who calls all female users cocksuckers) who was butthurt about manifestochans opinions, see >>17697

No. 18298

Are you still whining and moralfagging in every single thread here loser?

No. 18308

That’s who I was addressing, the one who calls everyone a cocksucker because they’re butthurt

No. 18316

I'm sorry anon I misunderstood and yeah, that newfag has been screwing up 2X. She(?) has also been ban evading.

No. 18435

Bumping to ask, does anyone know why manifestochan left the site?

No. 18456

I can only speculate that a big part of it was the banishment of feminist related threads to this board. I see glimpses of her (or a disciple) in leftcows, tradthots and MtF threads occasionally, which makes sense given the subject matter. I never got the impression that she took herself super seriously, she just came here during her free time and lost interest as the site became less active.

No. 18457

I believe this was the last thing she posted.

No. 18487


No. 19363

Late but thank you so much. That original .zip link utterly blew up my computer with sus popups

No. 19591

File: 1693256520194.jpeg (1.69 MB, 1242x1520, 1688859427051.jpeg)

It's been deleted, can anyone post it?

No. 19600

read the thread >>17148 >>17148

No. 20658

File: 1698936599437.png (159.91 KB, 3588x401, wailing loser faggots.PNG)

Dropping some rare 'chans

No. 20659

File: 1698936645037.png (206.54 KB, 3567x603, government gfs.PNG)

No. 20660

File: 1698936684288.png (172.91 KB, 3602x498, muh male genius.PNG)

No. 20661

File: 1698936717571.png (108.73 KB, 3500x505, penile pride.PNG)

No. 20662

File: 1698936750086.png (92.03 KB, 3579x305, inceliat.PNG)

No. 20675

Thank you for sharing these here, anon. Which thread did you find them in? Also,
>commiecel assumes his rightful position in the nomenklatura, where Bernie Sanders personally dispenses him a bangmaid
Cracked me up. Whoever this anon is, she plays with words like musical instruments. It's kind of like what I call "intellectual masturbation" where creative quips get intertwined with already uncommon or foreign words, but she somehow does all this without coming across as pretentious. Really entertaining.

No. 20677

I'm somewhat of a manifesto chan historian so I quote search her popular phrases a lot. This was a combination of MtF threads, leftcows, tradthots, radfem cows and the femboy thread. Basically anything that discussed gender politics, you could find her in.

No. 20685


a criminally underrated blog with similar unhinged (positive) blackpill feminism

No. 20700

that blog is retarded their logic basically says that if a woman is raped she is forever tainted by the man's sperm and that men's sperm will forever actually change woman's genetics, how the fuck is that kind of old as fuck "women get forever ruined by sex" bullshit feminist?

No. 20701

There’s some research that suggests if you have a son, even if you don’t carry to term, it colonized your DNA basically. scary stuff.

No. 20704

This type of information only turns into a negative if it's in the hands of a scrote, but you could say the same about anything concerning women. Males twist anything that is pertaining exclusively to females and make it something to exploit, mock or capitalize on, no matter how positive and non-offending the original statement is.
Women having higher empathy levels on average - which is one of the most important things for caretaking of offspring - got turned into "women are too emotional to hold any position of power". You know, the thing that makes women best fit to moderate and control the trajectory of the species with production of offspring - yeah, that makes women unfit for moderation and control. There's a Manifesto-chan post about that somewhere up there, to reinforce this statement further. You think if you just say the 'right' things about women, suddenly misogyny will poof and disappear? It's more adaptive and inventive than you give it credit.

Knowing what happens on a microlevel in your own body if you get fucked by males is crucial information. Even if the blog is not completely factual, why are you so quick to rule out the possibility of semen (not sperm, by the way) leaving some imprint inside of you? I understand that the thought is uncomfortable, but shutting down discussion at the first negative feeling is counterproductive.

No. 20716

I can see where you're coming from in that ""once you're tainted you're tainted forever"" bullshit ala purity culture that is weaponized against women but
>that men's sperm will forever actually change woman's genetics
This is literally how meiosis works and fertilization. There are surface antigens on spermatozoa. This is how all viruses, some parasites and pathogenic disease that alter your genetics work, including cancer. This is much of how immunology works. Once you contract a virus you have that in your genome forever. We currently don't have a way to alter genomes and to cut viral RNA/DNA out once its in a human genome hence why HIV is so harmful to this day and even HSV and HPV which has a direct correlation with cervical cancer. Viruses cannot be "cured" because they integrate in the genome of the host and can only be managed. I won't speak on it deeper but its also why some people are skeptical of vaccines and are antivaxxers. Its one of the few things antivaxxers actually have reason to be skeptical of.

The immune response in reaction to sperm is actually theorized to be an offshoot of the antigenic response. That's not even a tinfoil; its how antigen-antibody interactions occur and capacitation and the acrosome reaction during fertilization occur. Also I'm not a weirdo personally obsessed with this shit kek (though it is interesting). Its part of my major since its human developmental biology. I agree with this anon >>20704 as males will turn information against women the best you can do is unironically trust your perceptions lel and discuss this with other women, not shut it out.

No. 20722

God I miss Trust. She had more posts in preparation and I was hoping she would come back but looks like she won't…

No. 20745

Duuude, ouside of off-topic (which has a dif population, really much like gossip boards vs off-topic boards on lc) leftypol isnt like that. The only issue with it are trans bs and (inevitable) moid moments tbh. I whiteknight it cuz its probably the only malechan i can browse without melting my brain with rage.

No. 20746

Its the same with girl fetuses, their dna can stay in mother's body for a long time. Nothing serious tbh, the only thing it proves is that one cell dna on its own means nothing compared to a complete organism

No. 20747

Spermatozoas definitely dont fertilize cells that arent ovum. You cant claim smt changes ENTIRE GENOME just because it does technically change it for one (1) cell. Not to mention that the way viruses work is drastically different from the process of fertilization, claiming otherwise would earn you an F on exam.
>why are you so quick to rule out the possibility of semen (not sperm, by the way) leaving some imprint inside of you?
Not op but 1) because its supposed negative effects can be explained more "easily", in terms of Occam's razor, with sociology, 2) rationalizing negative feelings connected to sex with males and motherhood with biology is very sus, since they are clearly caused first and foremost by patriarchal society and moid behaviour

No. 20751

What started "patriarchal society" if not male biology?

No. 20752

I didn't claim shit that isn't taught in a undergraduate molecular biology course ESL anon, I can't understand what you're saying or your vague arguments. Spermatazoa have antigens on their heads that are detected by the womans immune system. When fertilization happens foreign DNA is integrated into the womans aka meiotic division. The ENTIRE GENOME is affected because this foreign DNA grows into a human after many cell divisions which redirects the blood vessels and energy of the womans body towards growing, the womans adaptive immune system doesn't kill this growth and needs a way of recognizing that it isn't pathogenic. The crux of the discussion was that ferilization involves meiotic division and foreign extragenic DNA working it's way into a womans body, which is true. Also no one's being assessed for this weirdo shit, we're discussing it on an anonymous website smooth brain.

>Not op but 1) because its supposed negative effects can be explained more "easily", in terms of Occam's razor, with sociology, 2) rationalizing negative feelings connected to sex with males and motherhood with biology is very sus, since they are clearly caused first and foremost by patriarchal society and moid behaviour

That's not the most simplest solution. The most simplest solution is biology and the most primitive reason for survival, not sociology. The needs for survival come before the needs for societal structure and comfort, you've read Maslow's hierarchy in reverse. Also The entire field of "sociology" kek. Sociology deals with society wide behavior but it's not second to ethology, animal behavior and biology. You're putting the cart before the horse. Rationalizing negative feelings with males is not "sus"(go back) female animals do this too due to things like traumatic insemination. Traumatic insemination in the animal kingdom isn't caused by man made "patriarchy" you nonce. "The patriarchy" is literally being forced to, choosing to and supporting that other women copulate with the oppressor, not some abstract intangible icky feeling about males as created by humans.

No. 20755

I dunno, but it definitely wasn't started by fucking sperm
>ESL anon, vague arguments
Nice microagression, faggot. As if your og post wasn't a bunch of unintelligible bullshit. As for ESL - I am not going to double check my posts on ibs for grammar and vocabulary errors lul
>spermatozoa have antigens on their heads
Just like fucking pollen, your point being?
>/too much to reference/
The ENTIRE GENOME is affected AFTER IMPREGNATION happens, you fucking donkey. Ie its not caused by ~sperm~, but by process of gestation. The og argument was about SPERM BY ITSELF CAUSING CHANGES IN FEMALE GENOME, just in case you forgot that for whatever reason.
>That's not the most simplest solution.
Its simple by Occam's razor, ie by the amount of proof it requires, learn to read. You simply need much more proof to blame male biology, since its supposed to be a constant, something cannot be influenced by time and culture. Which is why societal explanation is "simpler", since its both easier to prove and disprove.
>maslow's hierarchy, insemination, rant about sociology, mega stupid definition of patriarchy, etc
?????? Stream of consciuosness much?

No. 20757

The source of the patriarchy is both sexes biology, I hate the glamorization of womanhood in rfeminist spaces, female biology is designed for childbirth which requires a male. The egg chooses the sperm but when you see how it looks like, it look like a rape on some micro level and if men are parasites then why whole female biology revolves around being inseminated by them. Following this logic that patriarchy comes from both sexes biology, heterosexuality is actually a patriarchal invention, why do we need those relationships for if they are naturally a male dominance and benefit, women just demand to keep sucking. What if we lived without the concept of het relationships? It makes sense to reject them if you reject the "patriarchal society".
Libfems with men brainwashed us to think hetsex and relationships is something cool and beneficial a woman can do and that a lot of women who have hetsex aren't less intelligent (they are) meanwhile it's a glorification of female masochism. If women can't stop wanting men then they are patriarchal and only the internally complete women or women who are mentally malelike will reject them and be able to not need men, rest is "feminine", male identified (but as woman and not in a male brained way) and engages in patriarchy and female socialization even here, even in feminist or misandrist spaces. I personally consider myself a "crazy angry feminist"(I'm mocking the fact that people call me that way) and a "male brained" (it's actually proven that brains of autistic females are masculinized) woman who wishes I were a moid unironically sometimes(or rather saying this openly could possibly open a door to me expressing myself more freely which isn't allowed otherwise. I hate gender roles and how they are present in the way women naturally socialize and how the only spaces only without normies, pickmes and men are radfem spaces which guilt trip you for being in them without the purpose of serving others or activism as if we have to always justify our existence with "I'm serving others"). Rejecting womanhood means also rejecting something that burdened me for years: heterosexuality (even my own, just cause I have it doesn't mean I want it. Even eating food gives you pleasure that you didn't choose to feel, it happens automatically) and cool girlism(cool girlism is the same thing as female heterosexual attraction and het attraction doesn't exist without cool girlism and being male identified) and rejecting performing femininity which is also a natural female urge, they express themselves through it and it also exists to attract something as which attractor they identify as hetero women especially. Without men world wouldn't progress as much as it did but with men we are slaves but also without males influences, women are still the same. Rejection of patriarchy then means rejection of the concept of het dating and sex but what is life without it?
I think the world as we know can't exist without female exploitation. But how else human world could possibly look like.
Men are a natural born terrorists, oppressors and abusers of women I agree with that and their behavior is basically how ego works, ego is seeing yourself as separate from others and empathy as one. Without ego there's no maleness even without misogyny their male identity dissolves. But women on their own will never stop desiring extreme degradation and masochism and nothing will take it out of them, they are extremely heinous with their male worship which makes all the feminist words here and claims men create the patriarchy false. I could post proof but it would be seen as a ragebait or offensive to women meanwhile it's not me offending them, it's them saying they want to be owned, they obsess over men, they want their mouths fucked and asses slapped, feminist spaces have the tendency to deny reality meanwhile it's like one step away from us, being itself, we can look and I can prove what it is through just showing you it, my logic is based on real observations of real life(it reminds of when men deny reality and how we should read real female experiences instead of listening to pickmes and men). Porn exits and will always do and porn exposes the dynamic between men and women, and what male and female biology is separately through showing what it is as one in hetsex. Women will for eternity want degradation (i also think they make up for how useless to them their own sexuality is, with degradation and abuse because it provides them stimulation).
I don't know how else to explain the phenomenon of female masochism, human sexuality will always be brutal and humans have natural sado masochistic impulses, women love extreme misogyny in sex… That's why being pro sex is libfem shit.
I have observed reality for years, I'm a freak when it comes to watching people and researching human behavior. So I know that even the biggest feminists or women who come to rf spaces to praise their Nigels for being gentle and not watching porn, still engage in degradation and masochism and suck dick which is violent. I even went as far as stalking the perfect relationships for months or years in search of whitepill, I saw men being the "ideal" women dream of and acting straight up from a written romance novel with a perfect preplanned scenarios, being not like other men and yet it wasn't good kek. How a non patriarchal society can look like? Maybe it's time to stop glorifying womanhood I personally am tired and achieved independence, nobody neither women or men owns me or is entitled to demand I think this or that or not say this or that so I can't stand neither women or men and I recommend developing your consciousness as an individual that's not one with the society esp developing your consciousness as a woman through allowing yourself anger which otherwise would be disapproved of if you expressed it in front of others. But well, Do you wanna be outside society and reject sex and relations? Can world preserve itself without female exploitation? Men and misogyny is a cancerous behavior that spreads so quickly the second you look away but I dont know how female biology isn't servile. I know this will get aggressive responses. Can womanhood be something else than service to others especially men? I can't accept womanhood because of the sado masochistic human sexuality that's naturally abusive and women and men make me unconformable with it and the norm is to accept this degrading shit just cause wonen do it. This is a "patriarchal society" women participate in with smiles on their faces and dicks in their mouths (this is why I'm socially isolated, women love to socialize over their masochistic sexuality and pursuing het relationships, I'm done being brainwashed to see their sexuality as non degrading, I'm done seeing torture porn and trauma content). I have gone through hell due to both sexes I just don't get how patriarchy can "not exist" possibility, how women sexuality can stop being so tyrannical in a masochistic ways and male in sadistic. Celibacy is the only possible liberation from the patriarchal dynamic so far because sex is patriarchal. It gives me a relief. I think patriarchy origins are really both sexes biology, female heterosexuality is a sexuality "under patriarchy" because of our own and male biology, outside of the relation with men, is a woman still submissive if the male form that's designed as dominant can't define the female form through it's own physical dominance and vice versa? With men, women are submissive due to the design of our body (even piv leads to a male orgasm naturally but not female and being penetrated means submitting your body to the penetrator), only without them we can be NOT submissive technically. Men exhibit cancer behavior as a collective and can be called a terrorist group against women but I can't imagine life can be different, maybe I would if women weren't so severely retarded and make me lose hope, even in feminist spaces the aggressive responses and gaslighting are consent but outside them you see shit like "I wanna be an owned sex toy owned by my man and tattoo his name on my skin". "Male biology creates the patriarchy" sounds promising but doesn't exist outside this space.

No. 20758

>wasn't started by sperm
No shit, no ones debating the violent behavior of cells, the context matters that you refuse to discuss or are coping out of discussing.

>Just like fucking pollen, your point being?

We aren't plants and cross pollination is ironically usually pretty good for plants though lol the point being the recognition by immune system is an offshoot of antigen-antibody response of the adaptive immune system that happens when foreign/exogenous DNA is detected. DNA is universal too in all carbon based life and degenerate. Plants that reproduce by vertical gene transfer have a similar mode of reproduction like animals, the point being exogenous DNA is detected, taken up, identified and remembered and/or destroyed by the female’s immune system during instances of reproduction like how antigens and antibodies work with viruses for example.


That's what we're talking about, meiotic division following capacitation and fertilization/acrosome reaction. Impregnation follows fertilization/conception. Is fertilization not caused by sperm? Clearly there's something going on with immune system recognition at the time of conception, 50% of the genetic material is exogenous. At that moment the genome is affected since a copy of the exogenous DNA must be made to prevent the immune system destroying it.


Oh you're shifting the goal post

>You simply need much more proof to blame male biology, since its supposed to be a constant, something cannot be influenced by time and culture

I literally give an example of traumatic insemination. Biology is a constant. Are you talking about human males or all males making an exclusionary anthropocentric argument? If so, traumatic insemination exists in humans too. What proof could you possibly want? 97% of sex-based crimes? Everything in criminology consistent with male biology? The societal explanation isn't simpler nor easier to prove it's much more difficult, and that's exactly why it's used to justify male violence. Testosterone makes males more aggressive at a cellular level and can be quantified through a hormone panel. There are genes that are associated with male violence. We know how how animals organize; primates in particular are violent and patriarchal, rape is a part of their "social explanation" for survival. Quantitative data in the social sciences also backs up and strengthens biological arguments, incidentally. Even people who argue nurture>nature who make arguments like yours (which is the most popular explanation for male violence) end up having to play damage control to explain away, mitigate and cope for male violence when nurture only confirms and exacerbates nature. People rush to come up with excuses for male violence and then what results are false and idiotic solutions to "train men not to rape". The reality of biology bleeds through the cracks until it can't be denied. Its visible through art and law, its visible through all institutions, across cultures and history. If biology is universal why would culture and social forces not be? People are aware that males are inherently violent biologically so laws are made to allow this violence but disguise it as "human nature" full well ignoring that women aren't rampant pedophiles and rapists. There's a manifesto-chan post that mentions this actually, it gives the example of "crime of passion" >>17238. "Crime of passion" being a legal cope for allowing violent male behavior of almost certainly murdering women and children. The social explanation is not only not simple, its weaving elaborate stories to justify male violence and that women continue to tolerate this harm, unquestioning and scapegoat a few really bad males, fooling society into thinking there's a real possible solution for male violence short of castration, execution and imprisonment.

Either way, I don't really see your motivation for making this argument predicated on nurture>nature. Are you genuinely skeptical of biology? Then I'd suggest looking into it. I'm personally not convinced by the trust your perceptions blog, it's just an interesting concept to discuss. As for your argument that nurture outweighs nature and can be more easily quantified and is simple to explain by "social explanation", that is just not true.

>You simply need much more proof to blame male biology, since its supposed to be a constant, something cannot be influenced by time and culture. Which is why societal explanation is "simpler", since it's both easier to prove and disprove.

You brought up Occams razor and sociology for some reason so I gave reasons why you're misinformed about the shit you're writing about, you casted a wide net on topics then became catty and confused when I actually tried to discuss them. Maslows hierarchy is commonly used in sociology to describe a hierarchical ordered by precedence, mode of behavior and it happens to fit well with the Occams razor shit you are spewing and perfectly contradicts it. The most simplest behavior would be survival-based, informed and predicated on biology, not whatever you're calling societal explanation. You then pivot to whichever one is "easier to prove" which isn't the original question but regardless biological is still easier to prove and the most simplest, second to social. You seem to think that genes can't be affected by "time and culture" but every instance of reproduction is evolutionarily important and informs social behavior. Nature is not only more simple and important than nurture; nature directly informs nurture in genetic populations. It makes sense, you can't have one without the other and one precedes the other, nurture is important too but nature precedes it. You brought up patriarchy, sociology and behavior in the first place and cannot understand or are too lazy to even see the content of what I'm discussing and write it off because you don't understand. I've at least tried to see your point of view. You don't seem to want to engage or know anything about biology or social science so why bother? There's nothing to gain from this discussion since you're too retarded to likely even read this in the first place and even more difficult, to comprehend any of it.

No. 20768

I think you're right and I've dealt with the same thoughts for years, I picked up on this pretty early as a kid and I didn't have to be abused in any way in order to start hating men and women who actively pursue men. I think my autism also made me less receptive to social and biological programming, which I'm grateful for, despite the existential isolation I experience every day. I'm bisexual but I never acted on the hetero part of my sexuality, I just can't imagine sharing my body with a man, male looks alone can be attractive to me, but the male biology utterly disgusts me. I'm not even talking about all the emotional and intellectual consequences of dealing with men, just physical repulsion by how their parasitic sexuality works and by their dicks. I don't believe this world can look any different. I think we just have to focus on ourselves at this point and, if posssible, reach out only to like-minded women. Feminism is a scam and we are alone in this world. There's a few women like you or me, but they're hard to find irl. All my female colleagues have boyfriends and they bond over femininity and things male-related and some of them want me to find a boyfriend and introduce me to their boyfriend's friends. In their minds, it's something good and they want me to be "included" in their tribe, which is logical from their point of view. But that's just another reason why I just can't actually connect with them, on a deeper level. Being male-partnered and being mothers will always be the core of female identity (in general). We just have to focus on ourselves, our personal growth, gaining knowledge, securing ourselves financially, investing in hobbies etc. and, if we're lucky, the few people we can connect to.

No. 20783

>Feminism is a scam
Without feminism you wouldn't have the right to exist without a male master. You would be forced to suck dick and be a kitchen slave just to survive. Read a book to see how women lived a few decades ago and be grateful retard.

No. 20795

File: 1699464986601.png (114.62 KB, 828x1876, boyf.png)

The glory of the past does not always reflect the present state of things, especially ideologies. Feminism was crucial in the past because, as Solanas words it, males and females were living virtually on top of each other in the nuclear family. Something had to be done to loosen up the chains of this. Feminism focused on loosening up the chains, BUT not on removing the chains altogether.

Feminists still do not want to remove the chains as is expressed by all libfems, half of radfems, and all sorts of other flavors of feminism. Feminists want to live with men, but they want to live with men while somehow simultaneously retaining the privileges of Free Women (who have no boyfriends, no husbands, no sons). Stardew Valley profile pic over here would rather suffer threat of incarceration for abortion or birth control with a thousand negative side effects than give up cock. Anon you're replying to is correct in her assessment of the situation, and there is nothing shameful or wrong about dismissing feminism in its current state. Expend your energy and effort on those who are receptive to it.

No. 20796

All right I should clarify "today's feminism is a scam", don't get so emotional

No. 20803

Don't reply to trolls

No. 20848

Damn, if only you guys knew how much i regret typing that post right now…
Leftypol is all blazing with heated discussion of how "females are just as violent as males", "dont rape and kill just because they are weaker", "when get the power become even worse than men", etc (it's not their only antifeminist point, that thread is genuinely raging, but the one that stuck with me the most, cuz i even bothered to rageply to it - my post being full with vocabulary errors, of course).
Like I said before I knew it was full of troons and had moid moments, but all that shit (from what i have seen!) was balanced with pro-feminist posts and lack of boardwide incel circlejerking. Which is why I was capable of browsing that board without feeling enraged/cringing inside - ie the emotions I feel when i lurk other male chans. But now since that full mask off, i dont find it to be any different anymore.
My fault, but I've learned my lesson and will never ever go again in male spaces for "fun" or "communication" again lol. For machiavellian reasons only. I would rather deal with rude and shizo farmers than with scrots.

No. 20854

its tolerable, but of course the exposure to feminist critique missions any man stuck in his right/left discourse to come to any excuse about the incompatibility of women’s freedom.

it’s the same strike as always, women are differentiable beings who in intellect and capacity cannot be compared to that of a man’s, and yet can bank on the same encroaching violence and plagues that men jointly weapon. i don’t think it matters whether they believe in an equality, they are stuck to the bone with ideas that already squash women’s actual societal well-being.

No. 20874

Women have no inclination to be “just as bad” as men. There’s no reason for it. Men rape, pillage, conquer, and violate women because they are biological parasites who have to manifest their own sexual bargaining through oppression since their gametes are so worthless. Women don’t want men like men want women. There is virtually no reason to oppress men (outside of reactionary reasons such as violence PREVENTION), there’s hardly even a reason to have them around in the first place.
Men love to pretend like they’re needed, that they are coveted by women the same way they cover women. They spin fantastical tales about a world where they matter enough to be violated by women, pretending to be disturbed by it. They’re annoying as fuck. They know they’re lying, but they actually want it to be true. These men would love to become domesticated sex slaves, but no one is buying.

No. 21521

File: 1702312877432.jpeg (204.57 KB, 1060x906, IMG_2135.jpeg)

ATTENTION EVERYONE Manifesto-Chan is back!!! Please keep your eye on tradthots, leftcows and troons for more.

No. 21523

File: 1702312899949.jpeg (410.03 KB, 1015x1896, IMG_2368.jpeg)

No. 21525

File: 1702312925635.jpeg (359.56 KB, 1130x1578, IMG_2388.jpeg)

No. 21526

File: 1702313148672.jpeg (219.45 KB, 1089x1001, IMG_2389.jpeg)

No. 21605

this isn't based enough to be considered a part of her legacy methinks

No. 21609

Hmmm I think it’s pretty clearly her though. Two of her core points were 1. pregnancy is resource extraction 2. Males can’t maintain both morality and an erection at once.

No. 21610

Manifesto-chan never wrote like an ESL

No. 21611

What was ESL about that post?

No. 21624

File: 1702608921517.png (30.09 KB, 1833x153, IMG_3401.png)

Is this manifesto-chan too?

No. 21625

I think the prose is a bit too flowery to be her.

No. 21628

I wonder, was this actually her in the PP thread? The typing style seems a bit different, but the points are all aligned with many of these screenshots, especially these: >>17473 >>17476 >>17477
Regardless, the posts are really well-written and I hope an anon with more time neatly screenshots them and puts them here alongside the rest of the goodies.

No. 21629

In my humble opinion, no. Manifesto chan focused way more on male biology and genetics. I don’t think she would say “queue” instead of “cue”. Also, stylistically her posts were a lot more punchy and caustic. And she tends to avoid the 2X ghetto, probably because around three people actually use it.

No. 22312

It's exactly the kind of tone and vocabulary that sweaty little brainlets on reddit get big internet points for trying to emulate, except that it's effortless and breezy whilst still being laser-focused and very evocative. I think the way she uses chan lingo makes all these years of rotting my mind on imageboards almost worth it, because it's just delightful.

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