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gender critical and female politics
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File: 1652719199311.png (129.34 KB, 672x456, FS32wxXWYAIrWr2.png)

No. 5309[Reply]

a thread for those who identity with strains of feminism while also holding cultural or political right wing and or nationalist beliefs, please don't come here for the purpose of infighting
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No. 14131

This whole thread reeks of disingenousness, it’s really weird. The constant moid accusations, all the while calling whites "retards". If I were to partake in this I would honestly surmise there are a few brown moids here, but I’ve read women having this discourse in the past, and apparently they’ve read "ours" since they mention that Twitter sphere. Which, again, is just an online niche thing. I know women in real life, and most of them are against immigration, and surely against the gender delirium, all the while being feminist or adjacent. That disqualifies us from being left-wing feminists. Are we right-wing, then? Perhaps. Is this impossible to grasp? Women are not a hive mind, if you’re here you’re certainly at least critical of the gender theory and therefore should know this.

No. 14135

>seethes over moid accusations in the thread
>calls everyone else she disagrees moids in the same breath

No. 14140

Disingenuous, once more.

No. 14749

No. 14834

This was such an articulate explanation. I'm glad you put into words how it is that feminist women can find themselves identifying with aspects of right wing/nationalist beliefs without being racist, or moids. There's nothing wrong with prioritsing our own safety and rights, every other race is given that liberty, but Europeans are somehow racist for wanting to retain the cultural standards native to their lands. That should be the bare minimum for any country, to retain the standards of it's people, not capitulate to new arrivals.

File: 1637582008671.jpg (41.29 KB, 640x714, e8sftobwn6121.jpg)

No. 3774[Reply]

While all religion are awful and subjugate women, none is worse then the religion of the Arab pedophile and that is undeniable, so this is a thread to discuss its evils and crimes against everyone but especially the women subjugated under it
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No. 13192

File: 1681225182753.jpg (82.19 KB, 623x622, Equality.jpg)

I unironically hate libfem Muslims 100x more then regular Islamist Muslim women, cause they aren't being hypocrites, their simply following their creed that they believe in but libfem Muslim will deny what's right in front of them and create their own truth.

No. 13217

>and now Islam is going through that phase.
Uh anon, you might want to take a look at history before making this statement. Islam isn't suddenly going through this phase, rather unlike the other Abrahamic religions has not come out of it since it's inception.

No. 13398

File: 1681454221790.png (247.13 KB, 768x983, bau3k3.png)

This is the issue of racism in Islam right, the fact is cultural wise Muhammad and his companions were a bunch of 7th century Arabs who practiced slavery, of course they would have retarded Ideas about race, along with society in general.

No. 13437

In Poland or Czech Republic the police wouldn’t be making excuses for child abusing Muslims because of 'culture'

No. 14642

I really don't get this video, why was there such an empahsis on western women horses.

File: 1672922932953.jpg (118.25 KB, 1280x720, coomer.jpg)

No. 7420[Reply]

A thread for discussing the cancer in society that is pornography.

>pornography is the orchestrated destruction of women’s bodies and souls; rape, battery, incest, and prostitution animate it; dehumanization and sadism characterize it; it is war on women, serial assaults on dignity, identity, and human worth; it is tyranny

-Andrea Dworkin
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No. 13524

Nta and I swear to God I'm not some demented anti-Semite, I even had friends who were Jewish. It's just kinda wired how much a small ethnic group are overrepresented in well everything. Honestly not discussing this overepresentation gives power to the Anti-Semites because it is being disingenuous to ignore it.

No. 13530

there's wikipedia articles about how this happened if you're actually interested in learning something.

No. 13531

I was about to say the same thing. It's actually a fascinating, long-term anthropological story but i guess the tinfoil hat conspiracies are more exciting for bored people who hate their lives

No. 13565

I posted this in a previous thread, essentially it was prejudice, dumb luck and nepotism, and this phenomena is not limited to Jews, there's even a term for this "the mercantile minority" for e.g The Chinese in South East Asia are vastly over represented in every field, the economy, politics, academia, banks and the media, and the Chinese in the Philippines are only 1.2% of the population yet make up more then 60% of the upper class, Igbos(an ethnic group in west africa) are another case, due to a number of factors the Igbos lived in more urban environments compared to other west africans, when the colonizers came they ended up working for them and became a mostly urban educated class and then they had a culture that prioritized education and for this reason they were hated and persecuted

Similar thing in Europe and North America with Jewish people, there is a rational explanation for for Jewish overrepresentation in a lot of industries is that those industries were considered "dirty" one, like film, porn, comic books, record music, etc, and the less respected academic disciplines (at the time) like psychology and sexology and the rest was pure nepotism, so its not some grand Jewish conspiracy but its something that should be acknowledged without accusations or devolving into anti-Semitism

No. 14575

File: 1683004373182.png (15.78 KB, 979x503, utah-pornblock.png)

Utah has joined Louisiana by requiring age verification for adult sites.
However unlike Louisiana, Utah doesn't have the digital driver’s license system for age verification. MindGeek who owns Pornhub and other porn sites is blocking Utah from accessing their sites in protest.

File: 1659079085038.jpg (246.67 KB, 800x800, Tumblr_l_502072421667743.jpg)

No. 6232[Reply]

All day every day in radfem, gc, terf, feminist, pinkpill what-have-you spaces you can find the phrase "no hope for women". I've typed it myself. And sometimes it feels good to acknowledge that despair, almost comforting, but in reality it just paralyzes us. Let's talk about what gives us hope instead.

>What gives you hope for women?

>Are there any women who inspire you? Not just feminists or in a feminist way, but admirable women in general
>What do you think should be the next step for the feminist movement?
>Can you think of an action anons could take today to advance the liberation of women, however small?
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No. 13777

I really don’t think so, a lot of them casually “misgender” Sam Smith and some of my ex-TiM “non-binary trans femme” friends and don’t really correct themselves. The average libfem understands males are not women. Anyway, the reason the guy got kicked was because he kept whining in our first meeting that our materials for women’s groups didn’t talk about or consider the man’s perspective enough and the whole group started resenting him for centering himself. Even if they’re libfems they all care about having a space to discuss and promote stuff like pads and menstrual hygiene and clearly don’t like males barging in. I think they might play along with “trans women” or whatnot, but I don’t think they would be enthused to include TiMs.

No. 13780


I long for the day when a friend asks me to "hit them with that terf shit"

No. 13878

When I see that most women are now getting college educations and becoming fully independent before they date men or get married, if gives me hope. They'll be less likely to get trapped in marriages because they'll have the financial freedom to leave if they want to. I knew women who were abused but couldn't leave because they couldn't survive on their own.

No. 14537

I'm getting a copy of a list of womyns lands and it made me realize how excited for the future I am. It brings me so much joy to know there are SO many other lesbians out there, all so connected and living lives away from men. I'll be there in the future when I'm not in college, hopefully to spend at least a few months over there if not longer. Though it's my dream to live there for the rest of my life when I'm ready.

No. 14541

>also the sad reality is that without actual military support this uprising will fail
That's the unspoken part of this mythology and the most blackpilling point for me, that all of this is actually wanted (where it exists), allowed by the moids.

To clarify, there are two very distinct topics being discussed here.

The first is separatism >>14537
. It is achievable and already exists without the moids in power having directly created it. They tacitly allow it, probably don't care, and I can't see these groups disappearing anytime soon unless they were to be presented as "deviant sects". For me, this is the healthiest, most accessible and achievable way and the one that allows a total separation, even if it could be subject to troonish infiltration attempts.

The second is the gain of influence in the moid society >>6681 , the access to positions of responsibility, the taking of power in the current system. It seems illusory to me. Generally, for a fundamental social change to occur, there has to be an insurrection, or even a revolution. There have been militant women, even feminist fighters, but nothing analogous. All that was allowed and phagocytized by the moids, at least some moids, the wealthy and powerful ones, obviously. However, the internet has really allowed for the emergence of real mass alternative currents created organically, and this is a note of hope. Too bad it can't exist in a country like Iran that has tight control over its intranet.

But until women have the physical, or at least material (guns), capacity to lead an insurgency, this is all mostly wishful thinking. Even if it seems to be materializing in reality, all this is actually very precarious. To take an extreme case, see Afghanistan. I know it's not quite comparable because religion is much more important there, including for women, but the way everything turned around in just a few days blew my mind. Nothing is ever immutable and the greatest empires have collapsed, but our foundations depend entirely on their goodwill, or rather their interests.

File: 1672500905700.jpg (57.15 KB, 467x432, feminist2.jpg)

No. 7214[Reply]

This is a thread to post anything related to radical feminist merch, like pins, badges, necklaces etc that you might think looks neat. Through the ages I've seen a lot of cool stuff that might be cool to wear as a radfem that I've wanted to post in here since forever. So please feel free to join!
Examples include but are not limited to:
>Vintage feminist badges (pic rel)
>Clothes with cool quotes
>Yonic imagery
>The venus sign
>Harry Potter / JKR stuff
>Literal pink pills
>Other feminist type of merch (though please try to keep it in topic with /2X/)
Post away!
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No. 12979

File: 1680911032818.png (1.77 MB, 1808x1164, 775.png)

Gotta be Froslass. Let's appreciate these Pokédex entries:
>After a woman met her end on a snowy mountain, her regrets lingered on. From them, this Pokémon was born. Its favorite food is frozen souls.
>A Pokémon inhabited by the soul of a woman who died bearing a grudge in the snowy mountains. Legends of Froslass placing deathly curses on misbehaving men send shivers down my spine.
>The soul of a woman lost on a snowy mountain possessed an icicle, becoming this Pokémon. The food it most relishes is the souls of men.

No. 13745

File: 1681831900088.jpg (30.13 KB, 686x554, wwvsd.JPG)

does anyone know who made the patch of a witch with the word TERF on her hat? She also made a patch that says "Dworkin save us" … I can't find her store and I can't remember her name, hoping someone can help me out because she has the cutest terfy merch out there. While I'm here tho, wildwomynworkshop and duckriotclothing both make cool radfem stuff.

No. 13895

File: 1681999815164.png (39.25 KB, 570x570, 0858Hatterene-Gigantamax.png)


I would like to nominate Hatterene as well. Despite the color scheme Hatterene has, she is a female exclusive pokemon. She is also based off of witches in fairytale.

No. 14450

File: 1682724768443.gif (1.92 MB, 478x287, monsterhigh-gifs.gif)

I wish there was stuff with Abbey from MH.

No. 14533

File: 1682888990795.jpeg (70.35 KB, 680x666, twam.jpeg)

one of the best TERF signs i've ever seen. from today's Let Women Speak event

File: 1677467085800.jpg (28.42 KB, 336x500, 6703615-L.jpg)

No. 10868[Reply]

I think this is a good thread to discuss here. There's some times when I see women online who once considered themselves to be radfems to completely change their views and get into other ideologies at large. They become spinsters, blackpilled, right wing, libfems, etc. I've even seen women start identifying as nonbinary or transition after they no longer interact in radfem spaces. While some of them do a 180° turn, others just keep some of their radfem views while not interacting with other radfems anymore. I would like to discuss this phenomenon here, and in the case any of you have decided to stop being a radfem, you can also contribute to the thread and say why you quitted and how your views changed. Please no hate.
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No. 14490

But ugh that feeling. It's a very energizing, exciting feeling. It's also like seeing yourself through the eyes of someone discovering you - who thinks you're so interesting, pretty, fascinating, funny, etc.
I actually said that to Michael. Attraction is not as much about the other person as much as it's the way that person reflects back on you this sort of idealized version of yourself. You get to shine.
Now- does that last? I guess in a good relationship. But in a shitty relationship it doesn't.
But I love that feeling of seeing myself through his eyes. I can feel he's like impressed by me and it's the biggest most massive self esteem boost and I'm kind of obsessed with the feeling. It's hard not to be.
I have to make a big dent in my reading so I'm actually going to avoid that part of the internet tomorrow though. I have a tight deadline to meet.
Most guys are too retarded or just assholes to really let a woman know she impressed them.
Anyways, if this lasts another day, week, month, or whatever, I'm going to enjoy it for what it is. For a temporary nice nice feeling.

No. 14496

I recall having a similar discussion about this topic some years ago with Terri strange started dating some moid. when you believe that all men are terrible and cartoonishly awful, the moment a man demonstrates even a small amount of kindness and compassion, it would likely challenge and potentially change your worldview, there was also an incident where some radical feminist theorist, In another incident(that was posted some years back), a radical feminist theorist recounted how a young man saved her when she suffered a serious injury and took her to the hospital. This experience had a profound impact on her worldview and led to a change in her perspective.

No. 14512

how silly. if all males were cartoonishly evil then all of "this" would be simple for women, no? the trouble is they often turn on women after a long time passes combined with their collective behavior overall.


thank you for taking the time.
>Most guys are too retarded or just assholes to really let a woman know she impressed them.
no, that is quite standard male manipulation, pretty basic. she writes like she is still 20 years old and has had next to no relations with males.
I suppose many of these types of women do not actually believe in what content they put out or internalize it. once you truly understand what males are their attention on you is rather laughable.

No. 14514

>I suppose many of these types of women do not actually believe in what content they put out or internalize it. once you truly understand what males are their attention on you is rather laughable.
This is exactly what's going on: she couldn't be bothered to apply the theory to reality and chose to entertain the flirting with an engaged man. Look at how there's no mention of his fiance either in these journal entries. It's all just me me me I love attention that I'm getting right now - yet in a matter of weeks she changed the narrative to claim she was "abused and charmed" and spends her nights crying on the bathroom floor. She also claims to be totally over the situation but can't stop making sly little videos and posts about it.
Tbh there is one good thing about this situation and it's that both KC and LM now have huge red flags over their heads. The former is an autistic unemployed unfaithful scrote and the latter is a spineless attention-seeking homewrecker who can't even muster up any sympathy to the women she hurts. Any person with standards and morals will hopefully steer clear of these idiots in the future. I hope KC's (now hopefully ex) fiance can move on and be happy.

No. 14517

Did anyone happen to see if anything else went down with LM yesterday? She’s deleted a lot of stuff now kek

File: 1648025523613.jpg (88.53 KB, 976x549, p06b69vl.jpg)

No. 4405[Reply]

ITT: female figures that you looked up to or were inspired by, but turned out they were either pick-me's or betrayed their ideals for one reason or another
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No. 14385

Can you write your Modern!AU Dworkin fanfiction somewhere else? Kek we’re not even talking about her anymore

No. 14396

Any female commentary youtuber ever.

No. 14400

No. 14446

This entire book was dedicated apologia to tradfems. Insightful, but also failed to hold women responsible for their own behavior. Dworkin was like that, I feel she had vaguely benevolent sexist attitudes in regards to treating women like helpless children, and excusing every maladaptive "adaptation" women have developed as justified due to the patriarchy being evil etc.

No. 14485

The benevolent sexist kid gloves that feminists put on to tackle these types of women is a problem that isn't exclusive to Dworkin and it is definitely frustrating. They do this shit because they waste their time trying to get conservative women or tradthots to "see the light," and if they beat around the bush and try to sell feminism by obscuring the role that patriarchy-princess type women play in upholding the patriarchy and paint them as perma-victims then these women will wake up and get on board. It almost never works, it is a massive time waste, and it waters down feminist discussions. As retarded as blackpill shit can get, it is why I have to appreciate it since they can get into the thick of things without trying to placate an audience of imaginary women that they have to get onboard, lest they be "put off" by honest feminist or feminist-adjacent discussion.

File: 1677263701769.jpeg (8.35 KB, 187x269, ss.jpeg)

No. 10759[Reply]

Posts, discussions,theories, and organizing surrounding females belonging to the superior sex belong here.

>Cultural avoidance of physicalogical capacity

>Sexual restraint, humility,diverse biology etc.

All discussion belongs here
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No. 12269

The 4B movement has clear objectives and methods that aren't illegal and won't jeopardize their exitance, you aren't giving any points though, you are saying the same thing over and over again like a moron for the ages

No. 12274

I mean, they noted "sexually" which probably implies some dumb seduction shit.

No. 12282

Yeah, but what's the common objective for female supremacy? What is the endgame?

No. 12285

I was excited to read this thread and am now terribly disappointed

No. 14477

Well seems like the threads dead enough to ignore OP. Does anyone have any better ideas on the concept?

File: 1637532646336.jpg (27.62 KB, 474x362, mds.jpg)

No. 3744[Reply]

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No. 9858

You fucking retard you date 5 year older guy and can't even tell him you don't wanna be with him. You're 18, not 2.

No. 9897

b-but anon female pedophiles exist, didn't you see that teacher dating her student hmmmmmmmmm?? absolutely outweighs all the male child rapists

>sometimes men would straight up get up and leave class because they couldn't fucking face facts the professor was talking about.

Now this is actually vile. Turning a blind eye to the magnitude of male crime is why it still exists to the extent it does now and to think that people who are supposed to be professionals about it willingly choose to ignore the facts is some bleak shit.

No. 14407

I think it's creepy how gay men view female musicians as their emotional support dolls. Maybe I am thinking too much into it, but yeah.

No. 14423

I completely agree with you, I fucking hate those faggots. They think they can be around women when they’re more disgusting and sexually motivated than even any straight man. Fuck those HIV infested, degenerate, Jews.(racebaiting )

No. 14463

A mentally unbalanced man isn't safe to date. Depressed men are more likely to take others with them when they rope (see all the men that kill their entire fucking families then themselves). It's because men are so egotistical they 1. See their kids and/or gf as their property 2. They literally think they are the center of the universe and that their family is better off dead if they are dead too. I've heard this excuse from multiple scrotes. Look at that diary of a wimpy kid scrote that was "planning to kill justin trudeau" but first killed his mom "so she wouldn't have to bear with what he did". Yup, that is scrote logic. They are really that self centered and evil. They are fucked in the head! I will NEVER date or even befriend a man with any sort of mental illness or emotional problems they are ticking time bombs

File: 1646761113549.jpg (103.49 KB, 1200x900, 1_CD6061239ROBERT-MAUDSLEYfram…)

No. 4319[Reply]

the holy mother goddesses has erased all human males from the face of the planet however tasks you the choice to spare any male or group of males(you have to choose at least one)

My choice is Robert Maudsley
he had a childhood where he was constantly was physically and sexually abused and worked as a teen callboy, he murdered a client who had a collection of child smut porn almost immediately after he showed him, he was sentenced to life imprisonment and so murdered 3 more human cockroaches in there(2 Pedophile rapists and a wife beater who beat his wife to death)
imo he's a better man then 99% of scrotes on this planet
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No. 14345

Why are you even on this board if you think most men are le good lol, go to /ot/ or somewhere where women still want unicorn boyfriends and vent about their shitty partners raping them for medicine. Why are you in the thread about the purge when it's clear you wouldn't want an actual purge at all lol

No. 14347

So going by your definition, if a woman is in a relationship with, or married to an abusive man, because she couldn't get a non-abusive one, that's a femcel too.
That would be silly.

No. 14359

File: 1682626149231.jpg (47.51 KB, 600x713, YMO Prologue.jpg)

These 3 mother fuckers, 2 of them are already out but I would keep them as crazy beat producing grandpas in a special grandpa tower. If they want to go outside they would have to run around with techno party lasers and sound boards bolted on them to make everybody know they are out in the streets.

No. 14492

No. 14943

Sorry ladies, I would save my nigel. It doesn't matter how good or feminist some random celebrimoid appears to be. You never know them well enough to discern the covert misogynists. At least I can say the one I know personally is good to me, and that's what really counts. Saving a moid you don't know personally only makes sense if you think their contributions to humanity as a whole outweigh their inherent male sociopathy.

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