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File: 1673295473878.jpg (976.41 KB, 1733x1155, no-mans-land-how-to-build-a-fe…)

No. 7654[Reply]

I thought this would be a fun thread
>Have you ever been to a land?
>Can separatism work?
>Stories from lands
Remember to keep locations vague! Don't doxx yourself or lands.
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No. 7871

Yeah. Scrotes have literally poisoned wells of female communes, it’s the same way they invade domestic violence shelters and chimpout about women talking about them alone/without including them. They desire access to women because they see us as a resource. It’s why communist moids still accept our oppression when communism claims to be against it in writing but not in practice.

No. 7875

my thoughts exactly. I don't think people realize how many women separatist groups have evolved over the years across the world, completely distinct from the 70s-present academic movements. Especially in indigenous communities.

Also the successful ones keep a very low profile, I have one friend on one right now. They're making some changes to make it wheelchair accessible (for me kek), but it will take some time.

No. 7880

File: 1673767315880.jpg (506.27 KB, 1686x1074, 1661177330622.jpg)

I don't think anyone here is referring to rural female communities, rather the female communes started in the 60's-80's started by separatist radical feminists in the west that failed solely due to their own incompetence, the women's commune in the past failed because they were created by upper class university students who expected a "Sapphic feminist utopia" and were surprised that rural living away from society was hard and required effort

No. 7881

samefag with all that said, there are women's only communities that have worked and currently prospering but they don't work the way most radfems imagine, Umoja village in Kenya, the Kihnu community in Estonia and Jinwar in Rojova(syria)
let's start with the oldest the Kihnu, you'll often see that claim the Kihnu are a matriarchal society(that's simply not true) cultures like the Kihnu have existed in small corners around the world, where due to harsh condition men do all the physical labor and women handle the administration, there are certain historical examples in various Nordic countries where all the able bodied men would spend months days or weeks hunting or fishing as a matter of survival for the community so the women were left to run things, Its not a perfect system but its better then what most women have historically have had to deal with
Umoja is recent example and it should serve as an example of exactly what to do if you want to establish a successful commune, they have a reliable method of income for the community(selling garments and textiles) they have relations with Kenyan government for protection if any rebel group tries to attack them, they build schools and hospitals with the income they have, they allow women with male children to be in their communities and thus they have a sustainable population growth
Jinwar was only established only in the past few years, it was created by the YPG for women and children, many of whom lost their husband's during the civil war, just like Umoja it operates on self substantiality, it has actual facilities to provide education and healthcare for the women and children living there, it has to work because these women literally have nothing else waiting for them

If a successful women's commune is ever created in the west, it has to follow these examples

No. 9261

watching a documentary called Prostitution: Behind The Veil. It's about two women who are navigating life as prostitutes in Iran. So far I've seen
>an old moid pay a 17 year old run away to be his temporary wife because she has nowhere else to go
>the chief of Islamic enforcement police has been raping teenage girls
>a moid sleep with one of the women, her child asleep in the back, and her explaining that when she was leaving the car he intentionally moved the car to smash both of them into concrete
>a moid sell one of the prostitutes actual 3 month old baby, another woman explaining that the same moid would beat the baby with a rod and the ribs were constantly broken so the moid would drug the baby to make it look like she was sleeping soundly. Nobody is freaked out for some reason
>a moid cut open one of their arms. She reveals this moid has paid her for a temporary marriage, and then shows the marks from her beatings. He is also beating her baby
>a moid tell one of the prostitutes that she's too expensive so he turns to her toddler son and says "tell mummy $5"
>In the end one of the prostitutes enters a temporary marriage with an old moid who calls her a hundred times a day
And I have to wonder how we can draw up kind of goal in the rf community to set up female only spaces in places like Iran, jesus christ. Out of anywhere in the world that needs to seperate women from scrotes it's Iran. Every single moid no matter how small their appearance in the documentary is an utter nightmare to women. Just dozens of pedophiles, abusers, borderline murderers, etc, and neither of the women are even remotely fazed by any of it.

File: 1659079085038.jpg (246.67 KB, 800x800, Tumblr_l_502072421667743.jpg)

No. 6232[Reply]

All day every day in radfem, gc, terf, feminist, pinkpill what-have-you spaces you can find the phrase "no hope for women". I've typed it myself. And sometimes it feels good to acknowledge that despair, almost comforting, but in reality it just paralyzes us. Let's talk about what gives us hope instead.

>What gives you hope for women?

>Are there any women who inspire you? Not just feminists or in a feminist way, but admirable women in general
>What do you think should be the next step for the feminist movement?
>Can you think of an action anons could take today to advance the liberation of women, however small?
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No. 7556

Wish I could have roomies like that. It's a shame nearly all women I've gotten familiar with would rather move away with their nigel or kids. College friendship was so precious to me and I can't mimic it back. Good for you, nonna!

No. 7856

>> Mom was born in a small village to generational trauma and patriarchy loving parents
>> Her parents spoil her little brother as the “man” of the family, inevitably he grows up to be a man with inflated ego and he thinks he’s entitled to everything
>> They deny my mom education yet send their sweet little boy to school
>> Mom begs her teacher to convince her family to send her to school / grandpa listens to a male teacher (instead of his daughter) and finally sends his daughter to school
>> Mom graduates, gets a job, is unsurprisingly the most successful child of the family
>> She was almost married off to some pedophile in the meantime….
>> Grandpa later regrets what he has done to his daughter and asks for forgiveness
>> After my grandparents pass away the entitled uncle thinks he should inherit the family estate because he is the man
>> Mom and aunt politely tell him to fuck off
>> He’s in and out of jail
>> My cousins who are raised by him are now asking for money from their aunts because they’re also raised as entitled manchildren with zero skills
>> They’re also told to fuck off

No. 7874

I think this has been repeating all across the world beautifully, because the same exact thing has happened in my family (my mom's generation)

No. 9247

Based mother. Hope all of the bloodline parasites in your “family” die off soon.

No. 9258

If you're the type of person to be bossy and stand up to authorities, you should consider being a medical advocate for your friends.

I've been an advocate for a couple of friends. You have her discuss her medical concerns with you before the appointment and you make sure that her wishes are heard during the appointment. Without thought, doctors will brush off legitimate concerns. Make them give a more in depth answer, push until they tell you what they would do if it was this disease/disorder for certain. And if they say, "Well I would order an MRI/blood work/ect," request it. And if they decline, tell them you want her concerns and their decline of the procedure in the medical notes, and you want a copy of the notes before you go home.
They'll claim that they cant', push for whys and ask to speak to the practice manager or the patient advocate. Because if the doctor's dismissal of the procedure is in the medical notes, that means if your friend does have the disorder, that the doctor didn't do their duty of care and can be sued for medical malpractice. And the doctor knows that, so they'll authorize the procedure because it's safer to do so for their license.

File: 1646779844008.jpg (223.2 KB, 1203x799, peak.JPG)

No. 4326[Reply]

How did you peak? Are you currently peaking? Are you trying to peak someone else? Have you noticed others peaking over certain events?
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No. 5354

I attended a mh group a few years ago, and one day we were introduced to the tranny. When I tell you I was instantly confused it's an understatement. Mini skirt, beard, fishnets, shitty eyeliner.. you know the type. I am fairly open minded and was a handmaiden back then so I was nice and befriended them. One day, a few of us were going for drinks and a bitch afterwards and he said could he come. I had no issues so sure, he was welcomed. Somewhere between leaving the pub and waiting for the bus, he pivoted the conversation onto his FETISH, of sticking things up his arse, constantly masturbating and posting this online. Being "nice (push over)" I engaged, made a suggestion about how he should try make money out of it if he's already doing it for free. He then proceeds to show me and my lesbian friend countless photos of his porn selfies. We're talking tail dildos, machines, all whilst wearing lingerie. Eventually we said explicitly "pack it in" after countless missed social cues bc of course he's like that. Still doesn't get it, making a near 2 hour bus journey home AWFUL. Said friend and I made up some excuse as to how we needed to go home just to avoid being around him.

The BEST part is that when we brought up how uncomfortable and how it was such an awful experience to feel trapped in this situation to the mh group the following week, a PSYCHOLOGIST said we were being dramatic, he didn't do anything wrong, it's not illegal and if we felt so strongly about it to go to the police, making a mockery of us for feeling a way about it at all.

That handmaiden of a psychologist peaked me more than the tranny did I think. Thanks for the thread, I've never been able to get this off my chest.

No. 5399

File: 1653188879326.jpeg (18.62 KB, 274x247, 32BBD04B-BB44-4307-BDED-0F84EB…)

Peaked even harder when I found out my pedo dad had transitioned. My best friend’s pornsick balding boyfriend thinks he’s trans. (While mooching off of her for the past ~2 years, she found out he hasn’t been saving money for them to move to a more “progressive” country where he can transition; instead he’s been blowing his paychecks on shit food and OF). She’s been venting bits and pieces to me about how terrible it’s been dealing with his “dysphoria” and I finally got her to open up more about it . I tried to give neutral commentary on some of the things she shared, but in a way that could get her to start thinking about how males transitioning are always for the coom vs females transitioning due to trauma, harassment, etc.

No. 6436

I think I reached my ultimate peak when my cousin trooned out and started showing up to family events wearing a breastplate, coomer chokers, those shitty aliexpress tennis skirts, and thigh high socks. This fucker gets away with everything too, he just sits in his room all day playing video games or whatever and nobody bats an eye; while the actual girls in my family are heavily critiqued and have expectations placed on them. My mum also had the nerve to suggest that the ONLY reason the troon cousin wouldn’t get pregnant was because he stays in his room all day. The brain rot is unbearable nonnies. My parents used to be insanely anti-trans, they used to argue with me when I was a teenager and insisted that my TIF friend was totally 100% a real man now, so I don’t know how the roles were completely reversed in the past 8 years kek
My friends are huge handmaidens and/or they/thems so it’s impossible to breach the subject. I don’t see them much anymore though, so it’s not a huge deal.
My boyfriend is pretty strongly anti-trans as well, so I’m thankful to have someone in my life to be terfy irl with kek
Not to be super sappy or anything but the farms have been such a safe haven, i love u all

No. 7798

File: 1673559679724.png (377.08 KB, 471x471, DB8C5DF2-8E84-4CEE-BB97-2B735E…)

Oddly, I’ve hit true peak trans after reading about Assigned Male Comics’s nasty posts on KF. I started slowly peaking though after my ex-fwb (MTF) kept violating my boundaries (I started that relationship but it got weird fast); I was in college, a libfem Tumblr gendie, and I thought I was bi at the time. Discovered radblr, had a bunch of drama with former fandom “friends” over radical feminism from a narc TiF lmao.

Also, every single MTF I’ve ever met in real life has either been creepy or managed to have the nastiest hair known to mankind somehow.

No. 9313

I was all in support of troons the first few years, but then it started to feel weird how they suddenly started to pop up like mushroom everywhere. Even people I knew that previously had no issue with their genders suddenly trooned out or called themselves the opposite sex despite still presenting as man/woman, cosplayers that mostly dressed up as male characters suddenly "relating a bit too much" to the character larp, etc. I'm sure all of you already get it.
Then the fucking whining and moving the goalpost slowly becoming more obvious to me. You couldn't criticize troons nor bring up detransitioners without someone crying violence, bullying, or make up their own logic as to why someone would detransition.
Then both I, my straight friends and my lesbian friends, started being called transphobic for not dating troons and I had it.

File: 1646761113549.jpg (103.49 KB, 1200x900, 1_CD6061239ROBERT-MAUDSLEYfram…)

No. 4319[Reply]

the holy mother goddesses has erased all human males from the face of the planet however tasks you the choice to spare any male or group of males(you have to choose at least one)

My choice is Robert Maudsley
he had a childhood where he was constantly was physically and sexually abused and worked as a teen callboy, he murdered a client who had a collection of child smut porn almost immediately after he showed him, he was sentenced to life imprisonment and so murdered 3 more human cockroaches in there(2 Pedophile rapists and a wife beater who beat his wife to death)
imo he's a better man then 99% of scrotes on this planet
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No. 7887

>Daddy issues
Nta but you mean having anincompotent scrote for a dad blamed on the daughter? Fuck off with scrote logic, void brain, misogynistic, pickme bullshit.

I've never seen a Radfem adjacent here unironically cite made up moid shit like 'daddy issues'.

No. 7888

Your “daddy” probably watched porn and made your mother want to kill her herself, but a sexist blaming abusive fathers on little girls probably isn’t ready to hear that.

No. 7899

File: 1673814372545.png (Spoiler Image, 532.91 KB, 552x634, reportoftheweek.PNG)

i'm unrepentant.

No. 7941

Based choice

No. 7973

only good choice

File: 1645810955145.jpg (18.48 KB, 340x330, 1645648858124.jpg)

No. 4254[Reply]


I have always been interested (and disgusted) by how males operate on a mental level, so I thought it would be kinda interesting to make a thread discussing strange male behaviors and how to spot them in the wild. We can discuss things both niche and autistic and huge behavioral red flags.

A few of my observations:
>Men pay no attention to detail have very little concept of nuance. They seem to see everything as "it's whole" This can be seen how they cant clock troons because muh long hair and boobs. How they cant decorate because le gamer setup and a dumpy couch they found on the street is all they have in their apartments. They don't notice changes easily unless they are major or drastic.
>Most men are autistically fervent in their beliefs especially political one. They tend to be extremists on either side or they are le enlightened centrist intellectuals who love to play devil's advocate. Usually they have nothing new or interesting to say when they do this and do it to look smart or neg you.
>Male humor is 100% either muh dick hentai boobs bust a nut, some stale meme, le epic pop culture reference or some lame drawn out story of some dumb shit they did in high school.

Please share your male psychoanalysis but no armchairfagging.
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No. 7265

I read that too. But the movie was created like that for child fetish purposes. The movie character might not want to fuck her, but the male viewers do. The producers, the creators do. It was made like that to put a certain image in the male viewers head. Ask yourself why they had to cast a very beautiful little girl for the role, why she had to wear a choker? Why not cast an awkward looking normal preteen with bad fashion sense?

No. 7317

The script literally mentions that they have sex, it's just cut out of the film because the child actresses parents were good Hollywood parents for once.

No. 7321

File: 1672657301205.png (58.43 KB, 747x179, Screenshot 2023-01-02 115715.p…)


Nonna, do not be naive when it comes to perverted and depraved mind of moids.

As >>7265 has pointed out, they filmed the underage character like that not without (not-so) hidden agenda

No. 7374

It's been a long time since I saw it but there seemed like subtext of unacted-on love from him, kind of like many a non-hentai anime romance, and I thought I remembered him reminiscing about a lost childhood love which seems sus too. Even way back when I saw it, it seemed like a super dodgy film from a super dodgy director.

No. 7845

If they did, you would just say the man doesn't want to fuck her because she's ugly, not because she's a child.
As for the writers and producers, it's Hollywood. Throw a brick in any direction and you'll hit a pedophile.

File: 1669637694015.jpg (56.39 KB, 800x533, black-girl-embracing-comfortin…)

No. 6864[Reply]

Family member trooning out? Boyfriend talking about "dysphoria"? Best friend wants to become a boy? Has someone important to you drunk the kool-aid, and you're unsure as to what to do?

Come here to grieve, give advice or just vent.
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No. 7645

My childhood friend and first girlfriend, and I feel responsible because I introduced her to the LGBT sphere when we were 11, both "in love" with each other but haven't yet realised. It was just a childish crush. I was the first one who fully outed myself as a lesbian and she soon followed, then she asked me out and we were girlfriends for a few years. Then puberty hit and she got really into all the gender bullshit. She broke up with me because she started really considering transition as she told me years later, but it was probably also because I never truly treated her like a girlfriend, more like a friend because I was too shy to show affection. I reached out to her recently, asked how she's doing now. And suprise suprise, she's fully trans. I shouldn't feel guilty, but I believe that if I hadn't exposed her to the gay gender cult when we were kids she might've never even considered transitioning.
My second girlfriend turned tranny was my highschool best friend for two years, and my reason for peaking. So I guess I should thank her, in a way. She mentally deteriorated because of her poor family situation. A really crazy bpd type, twitterfag with self diagnosed adhd and autism. She is trans/nonbinary now. On twitter asks people to refer to her in angel/angelself pronouns and talks about autismgender(?). Me and my friend cut all contact with her. She's a druggie art student now.

No. 7649

File: 1673282570882.png (358.2 KB, 900x406, Screenshot_9.png)

women in my nerdy internet hobby aren't exactly trooning out but they are guzzling the gendie kool-aid; the avalanche slide from she/her to she/they to "any pronouns! uwu!" or like… she/he is something is frustrating to watch. i know that doesn't mean they're trans and i'm fairly certain it's to be trendy and fit in with their friends but god it pisses me off so bad. especially when they're called a woman & they go "ummm i'm not a woman though tehe? i'm she/he look at my pronoun roles"

No. 7743

A girl I went to college with trooned out about 7 years ago. She was always out as a lesbian, and I might've been guilty to gaybaiting her sometimes when I drank too much, but I don't know, I guess I got flirty with anyone who would allow me. This was ten years ago and I was younger. Anyway, she was always so sweet and shy and could take a good joke and be silly when needed. I didn't know her super well, I can only recall as many times on one hand hanging out together, but I guess she felt close enough to me to tell me she was molested when she was younger. I had never had anyone admit anything like that to me so I just felt so bad for her. She ended up moving away across the country, I still had her as a Facebook friend and then I saw her start heading down the pipeline. About three years later she came back to town for an anime convention and she visited me at my booth. She seemed like a completely different person, so loud and annoying. I'd never seen her like that before. She seemed like she couldn't even keep up with a normal conversation, she was just blasting words into the air. It was really strange, because she used to be so much more reserved. I initially wrote it off as maybe she gained some confidence, but now, years later I think she's just going full speed ahead in her own delusions. It's been around 7 years since she started transitioning, she cut off her boobs, her hair is gone and she has the worst pubey sliver of manbeard I've ever seen. I haven't really spoken to her deeply in years but she just used to be so cute and kind and I'm just so sad seeing what she's become.

No. 7793

I used to have a close guy friend growing up that was always a bit insecure because he was short and skinny, but despite that always seemed pretty secure in his identity. A pretty much standard, typical dude. Once he entered university he started to get increasingly pretentious, writing long texts on facebook about how we as society should be more accepting towards each other etc, light mode virtue signaling. Shit you knew he didn't 100% believe in when you talked to him irl. When we were around 25 he started cosplaying and soon after he started hanging out with a group of gender specials which got his pretentious ass in overdrive and each of his outbursts online were more performative woke than the other with comments full of genderspecials agreeing with him to so even questioning his weird rhetorics would end up getting you dog piled by his retarded fans. One day he suddenly drops he's a "demi girl" and a year later he troons out. All of us that knew him for years were in complete disbelief because it was so out of character for him despite his woke online persona. I finally deleted him off all my friend lists when he made a post on international women's day about how it is a privilege for us to have periods.

No. 9532

Sage because so far she's not actually trooning out (thank god), it's more so that I'm losing her to the tra social contagion.

My best friend came out recently, which I don't have an issue with at all, even though I think she chose a label that sounds a little extra kweer. The problem is she's in a situationship with an enby and is drinking all the TQ+ kool-aid. You can clearly see that this girl she's hanging around is influencing her views. It's getting in the way of spending time with her because now she's always bringing up pronouns. When we have conversations, she'll stop to correct herself when saying "women" and clunkily replace it with crappy jargon like "feminine-presenting" or "identifies as female". I can't help but wonder if the themby she's sleeping with chastised her for not using inclusive enough language before because you almost get the sense she's walking on eggshells around the topic of gender. She's also done a few things that are really out of character for her. Naturally, I have worries she's going through a self-destructive, rebellious phase and losing her sense of self or something. My worst fear is she'll try to change her gender identity and ultimately seek medical transition.

I don't think I'll ever tell her I'm a terf unless she eventually peaks on her own. I don't even want to chance risking our friendship, it's just not worth it. Sadly, I can already feel us drifting apart all the same. She's changed so much I hardly recognize her. I can't even imagine how everyone else on this thread feels. Any tips? I'm open to suggestions.

File: 1655235770702.jpeg (163.48 KB, 1280x877, 505EF787-5D30-4A60-95D8-8C7D4F…)

No. 5945[Reply]

A thread for music, movies, shows, books, anything created largely by and for women!
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No. 6476

She posts supportive messages from radfem/GC women on her IG so if you all wanna send her a message I'm sure she'll appreciate it. I'm just happy to see a woman who is showing her allyship to GC/radfem spaces, she's really brave.

No. 7014

File: 1671134256518.png (333.13 KB, 851x501, 318697318_10159314100338321_18…)

Nüshu is a syllabic script that was used exclusively by women in Hunan province of southern China and a now is the subject of a film created by an all-female group of filmmakers.

"Spanning past and present Hidden Letters follows two millennial Chinese women, connected by their fascination with the secret language of sisterhood and their desire to protect it."

I have not watched it yet but it looks great!

No. 7015

that reminds me, I saw a screening of this documentary about The Slits + a live Q&A with Tessa, Palmolive et al. a few years ago. they're all still really cool women.

they spoke a lot about the need for a re-surgance of punk + feminism and at the time I remember feeling like there wasn't a space for the same sort of movement anymore (because i felt like both punk and feminism had been co-opted). but now I'm starting to change my view on that, since peaking. I am now very much in favour of a female underground movement and can see it happening again.

No. 7607

File: 1673226096704.jpeg (161.78 KB, 1200x900, 793c167c4c87976f6a56daaeeb1846…)

Kath and Kim is the goat

No. 7609

nice. different. unusual.

File: 1672922932953.jpg (118.25 KB, 1280x720, coomer.jpg)

No. 7420[Reply]

A thread for discussing the cancer in society that is pornography.

>pornography is the orchestrated destruction of women’s bodies and souls; rape, battery, incest, and prostitution animate it; dehumanization and sadism characterize it; it is war on women, serial assaults on dignity, identity, and human worth; it is tyranny

-Andrea Dworkin
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No. 7717

You answered your own question, nona. Men are anti porn for their own sake and do not think about sex workers' well-being at all.

No. 7744

Yeah the super male perspective of being proud of not watching porn. This is a paranoid reading you need to touch grass.

No. 7748

are you feeling called out or are you just bad at reading comprehension?

No. 7753

Kek, how many times have you heard this shitty 'argument'?. I'm sick of the 'it's just fiction' meme spouted by just about fucking everyone in order to escape criticism of anything ever that is a fucked up fictional work. This same meme argument is used to dismiss and decry any criticism at all in media and is gobbled up by handmaidens (but mostly scrotes) as a cop out for their knowingly twisted shit.

Bonus points if pedos use it to argue it prevents them from committing real pedo crime/it's a stop gap, despite evidence arguing it does the exact opposite and of anything normalizes abuse. It's baffling how normalized pedofilia is in Japan I wonder how the average Japanese woman feels about that shit on a daily basis. I wonder the kind of mental gymnastics a father would have to pull to ignore the constant pedo shit pulled. I can't imagine seeing pedoshit be openly peddelled in a public space so candidly in media like it is there.

Drawn porn may not have real people ergo no real human suffering but fuck if it still carries the same twisted messages, dehumanizing shit and inhuman coomer shit that's even more extreme than the regular human trafficked kind.

No. 7898

I see the nofap cows thread got locked.

Just stopping by to say that nofappers are doomed because this is not how male sexuality works. A male can't de-coomdition himself, he can only create a new fetish to hopefully lose interest in the prior ones. Studies show that an older a male is, the more paraphilias he has. Progressively more unorthodox sexual interests are a marker of age, decrepitude and being effectively "used up" in males, much like accumulation of mutations or loss of DNA. I'm guessing there's a good dose of crippling fear of mortality there, given the whole "life giving holy semen" lore popular with nofap faggots.

I've read some "successful" (x Doubt) no-fap stories in which the coom chimp describes the process of "cultivating a fetish for wholesome things like love and cuddles". That's basically it. They can't "reset" themselves to an earlier, purer state via abstinence because ever-escalating pursuit of sexual stimuli is what they're built for. Basically their only option is to turn a normal human experience into a sick, shameful taboo and hope that it "passes" as not being corrupted.

File: 1637532646336.jpg (27.62 KB, 474x362, mds.jpg)

No. 3744[Reply]

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No. 7164

I gotta fucking vent. 96% of sexual assaults are caused by men, (when a sexual assault happens TO A MAN, it's usually BY ANOTHER MAN), estimated 91% of victims of rape & sexual assault are female and 9% male, Nearly 99% of perpetrators (rapists) are male. 90% of pedophiles are men, 20 in every 100 American men are attracted to children, it's awesome. But nah #notallmen and #mensrights cause you got your feelings hurt by the statistics. DISUSTING SLIME. YOU ARE A PLAGUE UPON THIS WORLD. I wasn't even like this until I went to school for criminal justice and sometimes men would straight up get up and leave class because they couldn't fucking face facts the professor was talking about. Or argue with a professor who spent their entire life studying this shit. Done venting thanks for allowing it.

No. 7166

File: 1672442221231.jpg (96.58 KB, 960x906, RDT_20220420_02143487370948735…)

>no one listens to male rape victims
>little boys are taught that their teachers are prizes and they're lucky if one molests them
>MILF porn programs men to think women are doing the assaulting and also that it's hot
>Meanwhile bro code is shielding male on male rapists from accountability while society pretends they don't even exist
>this must be womens' fault

I'm so exhausted nonnas.

No. 7174

Okay, I get I'm autistic but I hope I didn't word it THAT badly.
I'm not sympathizing with scrotes at all. They dug their own hole and are greatly exaggerating the like 1% of perpetrators so they don't have to admit that it's actually their own male family members doing it. They just use media tropes and porn to form their opinions about the world, and grown men are absolutely doing it too.

No. 7185

oh thank God sorry haha

No. 7224

Right? Don't get me wrong, I think anyone who wants to fuck children is a nutcase who needs to rot in jail, including female offenders, but I don't get why we are pretending male children are traumatized by sleeping with their "hot older teacher" as seen on the news every few years. Admitting it doesn't make them feel the same as girls molested by older males doesn't mean condoning it. There is a distinct difference and it comes not only from other males but from the boys too. Degenerate

File: 1653085099776.jpg (139.06 KB, 1046x757, 16529064653363.jpg)

No. 5384[Reply]

So I think the biggest problem with current radical feminism is that its kinda cringe and it attracts mostly cringy people who really should focus on being less cringy rather then on feminism

so first off aesthetics, a lot of current online radblr tries too borrow heavily from riotgrrl and feminist punk rock scene and the problem with that is that almost all of that scenes consisted of what we might call proto-libfems and now those women are currently promoting women like Hillary clinton and publicly supporting troons and nowadays the punk aesthetic in general is associated with baby zoomer industry plants

secondly changing the way we express male hatred, this isn't me saying "uwu don't be mean to men" rather anytime I see a radfem quote/song angrily going on how she hates men and she'll kill them, I almost die of the shreer cringe of it cause it comes across as a sixth grade nerd acting out against a high-school jock, I can't help but imagine men snickering when hearing this, knowing damm well that they could easily kill the physically weak female academic and most women with their bare hands in seconds, so it ultimately come across as pathetic Impotent rage so my solution is the way the redscarethots express male hatred, though using male supremacy rhetoric against them, "go die in war" "build a house like a real man" "real men don't spend time arguing with women" work way better then the ctingy impotent rage most radfems express

feel free to discuss more ideas to make radical feminism less cringe and improve on it
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No. 7155

File: 1672438326807.jpg (145.22 KB, 1920x1040, fthfg.jpg)

i kind of get what op means.

the tranny shit has spread so far so fast because it does have a sense of style. defining womanhood (i focus on "womanhood" because let's be real, ftms are totally irrelevant in the grand scheme of things – nobody is arguing over what a man is) in terms of aesthetics and fantastical things like "spirit" and wrapping it up in a bunch of poetry just…sells, lmao.

painting troons as people trapped in the wrong body & valiantly going against "gender" by transitioning sounds cooler than anything radical feminism has to offer. just watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ffNwiGVPhFE. i'm a terf hardcore but even i was kind of moved watching this troon compare his womanhood to the ocean. it sounds pretty.

but radical feminism suffers from being a "bitter, ugly woman" thing. trans crap is like art and religion bundled together.

No. 7159

also, people generally don't like thinking. trans ideology actually encourages not thinking, or challenging its tenets. like, we all know how quick their rhetoric falls apart when you just ask them questions like:

>what is gender?

>if anyone who says they're a woman is a woman, then why do they (men) transition? how do trans women know what hormones to take if (the female) sex doesn't actually exist?
>what did jkr actually say that was transphobic?

but to ask these questions is to out yourself as a "transphobe, and so their minds will lock up hard against them. so it's a whole thing of just blindly going along with vibes. also helps that troonshit is just building up off of stereotypes we've all been drip-fed since birth, e.g. the most basic pink = girl blue = boy shit.

radical feminism isn't like that. you have to sit down and challenge your internal biases to understand it. you have to look behind the curtain. your average person isn't going to do that.

which is fair, because your average person has ten million worries more pressing and immediate than men calling themselves women, or overturning the patriarchy. it's sad but true

No. 7200

KAM is pretty concise but men and libfems just hate dark humor applied to moids, lol.

What does decringify even mean? Have you seen how fucking cringey tra memes are? Do you want radfem memes like that too?

As someone who has been in tra zoomer reddit spaces before, it's not much better, it's way worse and it's just that people are inclined to misogyny which is why fds/femcel/radfems/trad/whatever are lumped together without nuance even though they have distinct qualities.

No. 7212

What about just encouraging women to talk to women? Men talk to each other all the time without intrusion and without the community policing itself. Women get shit on for “gossiping” and being “hysterical” for talking about our lives or other womens but it’s a powerful thing to look around at other women and see them agreeing with you or shutting you down for harmful ideas.
Lolcow was the first womens community I existed in that didn’t push “women are gentle and soft and there’s only acceptance and kindness here” or where men were told explicitly to gtfo and not return. I’d never experienced that and while it’s in an online space it helped me get my shit together and deprogram some fucked up fetish shit I’d normalized. Lolcow is the whole reason I found radfem ideas and places.
We don’t necessarily need radfem memes just womens truths, and then when another women comes along to say “well ackshully” enough women will reply “it’s our lived experience, count yourself lucky. We’ll be here for you when you realise.” Or a man comes along and says their typical disturbing and uninformed take women will just ignore it and tell him to stfu and get out.

No. 7952

Radfem ideology and Radfem spaces don't need to be 'less cringy' because what defines cringe is a subjective, elastic bullshit definition anyway. Scrotes are going to call anything that doesn't align with coom and degrading women 'cringe', pickmes are going to follow suit.

More critical eyed anons are going to pick apart arguments on the basis of actual logic unlike the former, which isn't bad in itself but it's holding up standards where the opposition has none at all. Because of this its actually honestly unintuitive and uncessary for growing radfeminism.

Women having impotent rage over moids is justified and not cringy to me. There's absolutely nothing wrong with a forum that exists just for shitting on men that's what TRP is and MRA and that's why it's ideology and pundits are so successful. I see no issue with a gender reversal of this.

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