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File: 1548109580483.jpg (12.75 KB, 256x275, 1547065562030.jpg)

No. 7671

Kpop Critical # 15 - "Couples Edition"

Rant about Kpop, its creepy fandoms, and/or its fucked up industry. Or just nitpick some idols.

· Don't sperg, complain or pick fights.
· Don't racebait.
· Don't fangirl, save that for the Kpop General thread here: >>301262
· Don't derail about dumb shit. If it doesn't directly have to do with Kpop, don't post about it here.
· This thread is not about shipping or fangirling. Save that for the general kpop thread here: >>301262

Las thread >>349793

Previous threads:

No. 7679

You forgot to mention the 14th thread

No. 7680

The best thread pic till now

No. 7681

So someone on the last thread mentioned Taeyeon's departure from SM >>357806 and I found this

>And whilst I don't know how true it is but I have heard in the past about Taeyeon & Yoona having different contract terms and lengths that were signed back in 2014.. Apparently in those 2014 renewals whilst the other members of SNSD signed on for an additional 3 years to 2017. Taeyeon & Yoona's ran for an extra 2 years, putting them both into 2019. We're now in 2019 and whilst it seems that Yoona has renewed her contract. Taeyeon has held out on doing. That is if it is true that they both signed 5 year contracts in 2014.

I wonder how and why both of them have different contract lengths than the rest of SNSD?

No. 7682

Probably because they were the most popular (and thus profitable) SNSD members.

No. 7683

This and SM knows it, it's why I wouldn't be suprised if they try to hold them hostage and try to scare them into staying or leave the industry all together

No. 7684

I'm cackling about how Somi and her attention seeking white dad lost out on JYP's ITZSY group, especially since they seem to be going for the girl crush image that she loves.

No. 7685

I wonder if Jessica was offered the same but she rejected it and that was what made her leave SM? She was a big deal too back then

No. 7686

I wonder when Somi will get her debut, we all know how shit YG is. Idk if leaving JYP was good, but entering YG is a stupid move.

No. 7687


No. 7689

As much as I don't like Somi, I'm still worried that if she goes solo she might still have a chance. Just look at Sunmmi, she's not a good singer but she has the looks and lucked out with 3 good songs in a row.

I hope she falls by the wayside like Yubin

No. 7690

She could have left JYP exactly because she was told she wouldn't be debuting with ITZSY.

No. 7692

File: 1548122342942.jpg (41.92 KB, 540x360, DxcrNS9W0AAPlJF.jpg)

Somi is pissed she lost because it would have been Miss A (Suzy and the girls) all over again, especially with that visual hole chaeyeon

No. 7694

File: 1548123079055.png (775.14 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2019-01-22-09-06-14…)

Is ITZY Twice 2.0 though? All of them seem to be counterfeits of other gg members. For instance this girl reminds me of Tzuyu.

No. 7699

The girl in ITZY is Chaeyeon's sister. Chaeyeon probably got booted out of JYP because of her looks.

No. 7700

Itzy doesn't remind me of twice. The girl crush vs innocent concept is an obvious reason but also no itzy members are foreign to Korea iirc and talent was held in a higher regard than visuals for choosing members

No. 7701

god the lip make up for the promo is so bad

No. 7702

File: 1548127852744.jpg (237.22 KB, 1000x1500, 2dfe239a22bf411f7504d814db2d85…)

She looks like kyulkyung more than anything

No. 7703

How do you guys feel about Grazy Grace?

I like these "expose" videos and her personality of being straightforward and honest about the industry, but I sometimes feel like she's still fake herself

No. 7704

Lol she still looks worse than her sister, she must have talent to still debut over Somi

No. 7705

I liked her produce 48 video. her nose is so sad though.
well most of trainees from sixteen have already left JYP. idk who else they could've chosen.

No. 7706

File: 1548129551120.jpg (25.82 KB, 668x393, images.jpeg-2.jpg)

This Chaeryeong girl looks like Twice's Chaeyoung, their names are also similar. Weird.

No. 7707

God she has such a punchable face

No. 7708

Idk who grace is but both their noses are so botched

No. 7709

How? She looks fine.

No. 7710

File: 1548129794184.jpg (27.05 KB, 452x678, images.jpeg-3.jpg)

Oh right she does. This pic especially. Idols are really morphing into each other.

No. 7711

I really enjoy these sorts of videos but I didn't like what I saw of her on UPR. Also I don't find her music to be that good.

No. 7712

File: 1548130234566.jpg (1.75 MB, 1500x2250, 141024_보그패션나잇아웃선미_by_안쓰_6.jpg)

So sunmi used to look like this before she became a walking skeleton

No. 7723

Holy fuck I thought this was Seulgi for a second.

No. 7725

Holy shit she does

No. 7727

Is this why she likes Seulgi so much kek

No. 7729

Yeah they're trying too hard to go for the 2NE1 image and failing, because honestly JYP isn't good at making "badass" girl groups - WG and Miss A didn't have the "luxury swag" concept.

That said if they're real competition to Black Pink I'm all for them because they've been robbing an empty house with their "girl crush" image and I'd like to see blinks get salty when the inevitable fan exodus occurs

No. 7730

I don't doubt that Taeyeon and Yoona got better contracts, but I think Taeyeon at least signed a 2-year contract in 2017 and that was probably under immense pressure. I was expecting her not to renew after the Jakarta airport incident where SM let her face crowds with just one guard, but I guess SM's blackmailing worked.
They're not above using emotional manipulation to get people to sign contracts.

No. 7731

Because seulgi reminds her of her younger self? Lol

No. 7732

File: 1548140983249.jpg (175.46 KB, 520x780, sunmiyah.jpg)

nah she's always been a twig but did have a rounder baby face as a teen

No. 7734

File: 1548146392351.jpg (59.39 KB, 530x691, 201807021654773775_5b39db70257…)

hansol scares the shit out of me. no wonder sm didn't debut him

No. 7735

he's botched like yuta though and yuta looked scarier at some point, ig they fucked up both of them and got rid of one of the clones

No. 7736

Personally I hoped that Yubin would be the one doing better… I've always found her more interesting than Sunmi. But I also understand that she's 30 now so the industry is more likely to push her aside

No. 7737

Yubin also doesn't pander to men's fantasies of lesbianism despite being actually bi/lesbian, so she didn't have much of a chance anyway.

No. 7738

I could never tell the difference between Yuta and Hansol

No. 7739

He always looks so miserable. I watched The Unit and I don't remember ever seeing him smile.

No. 7740

Kek he looks like a baked cheetoh

No. 7741

File: 1548173960933.jpeg (101.91 KB, 652x1024, C4D64234-1279-4149-B104-F57C17…)

i always thought hansol looked like a more feminine version of yuta before they both fucked up their faces. when i first saw him as a rookie i thought he was the prettiest one around but now he looks downright terrifying.

pic related is him from his smrookie days

No. 7745

JYP doesn't care about her. Her last single came out by the end of November and was only released on Spotify less than a month ago.

No. 7746

File: 1548175725594.png (131.21 KB, 912x513, Screenshot (134).png)

I don't understand why she stayed. She talked about being confused when WG disbanded and I guess that plays a big part. But the other girls were right to leave, I guess Sunmi and YeEun already had their solo debuts under JYP and knew how much he stifled their creativity and potential. Yubin is probably only now realizing that pretty much any label would treat her better than this. Anyways, she renewed two years ago so hopefully, her contract isn't much longer.

On a related note, there's been reports about Sunye singing with a label and returning to Korea to make music. Way back in the day, Sunye was actually my first bia in the group but then she chose to become a missionary and a mother/wife over her group before her contract was even up… and now that everyone else has gone solo she wants a piece of the action? She has a life in Canada with 3 kids and has denounced fame before. I don't understand.

No. 7747

And isn't Sunye getting hate exactly for that reason? She's often pointed to as the one who destroyed WG

No. 7748

Idk i've never thrown hate her way and JYP destroyed the group itself, it's none of the girls' fault. But her actions confuse me nonetheless. Polaris says she'll have broadcasted promotions.. of what though? gospel music?

No. 7749

iirc she re-signed with jyp at a time when she knew she was about to leave the country and industry. it's not her fault wonder girls were fucked over, but she definitely extended their hiatus by making it seem like she'd be back soon when that wasn't her plan. it's weird how much more shit yg gets for 2ne1's downfall when wonder girls have been a mess behind the scenes since the beginning and were abandoned for a new girl group too

No. 7750

File: 1548182763811.jpg (85.12 KB, 463x463, YOONHYE_14.jpg)

he looks like the one girl from rainbow

this one

No. 7751

File: 1548182795711.jpg (84.52 KB, 1000x645, autism.jpg)

i know these retarded channels have been brought up before but damn this channel always pops up in my recommendations and i literally don't even watch anything related to vkook, k-pop ships or whatever. i don't understand why armys keep whining about their poor boys getting their privacy invaded yet believe in and give clout to these channels where they make 20 minute analysises on every breath they take. like i checked out this fujo's videos to see if she actually makes a point but her editing is laughable and she doesn't even make any sense, she just tinfoils about how v is depressed because he drank water and looked skinny during a performance or how south korea supports them coming out because vkook is a popular ship in korea and 14 year old pansexual enby armys are crying in the comments because muh lgbt representation

No. 7752

It's so ironic to watch this interview now. Timestamp 00:53, the interviewer just says out loud that JYP doesn't care about them ("He prefers other unnies, right?"), the girls agree and Yeeun says "There's also TWICE on top of that now" and jokes about the fact that he "coaches them more closely". They knew it.

No. 7753

Yeah it's common knowledge that they were thrown under the bus for Twice

No. 7754

That's a lot of views. I wonder if they are just conspiracy theory-ing in order to make bank.

No. 7755

File: 1548191703367.jpg (21.38 KB, 227x299, 227px-180510_상암_미야와키_사쿠라_(6).j…)

they look the same tho.
Sakura was so overrated looks wise it's crazy

No. 7756

File: 1548195960676.jpg (36.99 KB, 660x374, Annabelle_800_400_81_s-660x374…)

No. 7757

File: 1548197863485.jpg (116.51 KB, 1078x1345, 40023793_1842085605856446_3449…)

All of Izone has overrated visuals imo. They praise Hyewon (girl in pic) even though she is ugly. The laugh lines make her look so awkward to look at. There are so many visual holes with them its crazy

No. 7761

her nickname was 'chucky' on 4chan /kpg/ for that very reason lol

No. 7762

hyuna and edawn come off as very attention seeking and stupid for what they did. obviously there's nothing wrong with dating, but coming out about your relationship when you know it'll just damage your career is such a dumb move. at least wait until you're getting married. it makes me think they only came out about their relationship so they could post couple photos on instagram. why do international kpop fans want everybody to feel sorry for these idiots?

No. 7763

western fans perceive any woman who is unapologetic about hopping on a dick as some sort of queen or something

they did the same thing with sulli despite her questionable behavior

No. 7764

To be honest, I cannot stand Sakura, she's way to overhyped.

No. 7765

File: 1548202202391.jpg (83.01 KB, 540x700, 36b15b78fc85221becf3e43ceaade9…)

Irene's got them too and she's praised like crazy

No. 7766

Me neither. I guess it's the peak of japanese members in kpop, like after this I can't see anyone else getting that kind of popularity, not to mention that most japanese members before her were so bland and uninteresting, take the Twice girls for example. It was unique at first to have japanese members in kpop but it's become so overrated.

No. 7767

File: 1548204401232.png (234.3 KB, 497x433, irene.png)

so people have been accusing that one guy from suju of being a predator because he put his hands quite low on irene's back during a choreography… thoughts?

No. 7775

its leeteuk so we already know he's a creep and he probably did do it on purpose

No. 7776

File: 1548204610290.png (118.31 KB, 315x240, efef.png)

he was praticallly jamming his dick inside the original singer…

No. 7778

I don't get why they had her perform with super junior when she's so uncomfortable around men in the first place. he's already shown predatory behavior but that's a reach imo.

No. 7779


Is that Leetuk? He's a known creep. He is known for sliding into much younger girls' insta DMs.

No. 7780

and into their dormitories

No. 7781

rv stans really just manage to make irene seem like even more of an autist by acting like she was terrified doing the choreography they’d rehearsed. leeteuk’s sleazy but he’s literally just doing the choreography, already edited to be more conservative, and the two of them are on good terms as it is.

No. 7782

How do you know they are on ''good terms'' kek?

No. 7783

leeteuk as a whole is just,,,, unfortunate.

I want to feel bad for him after seeing that clip of him talk about his fucked up childhood (and his dad eventually murdering his grandparents and all that) but thats obvs not an excuse for any of his pervyness, yeesh

No. 7784

Holy shit, I didn't realize that happened to him, that's pretty fucked up.

No. 7785

this literally took a minute to search for and find, there’s more instances of her interacting with him just fine. wouldn’t be that convincing otherwise but it’s about irene and her fans claim she is terrified of men and doesn’t hide how much she hates being around them. if it’s so amazing that she ever seems okay around a man then… she seems fine?

i was surprised to see any news to do with him at all since i thought he was the one who had to miss some of the chile dates because he had enteritis? if that was a day he was there then the guy was probably just focusing on not shitting himself

No. 7786

you're an absolute moron. you can't tell anything from a scripted commercial. acting friendly towards each other is part of the whole fan service thing. you must be like 14

No. 7787

like i said, there’s other videos too, i picked the first one that came up, i’m literally just going off of seeing people who are fans of the two of them saying they’re close. i’m not a fan of either of them, i don’t know much about either of them. almost all i know about leeteuk is that he’s creepy but multiple female idols still seem to talk nicely about him, and all i know about irene is that she looks like she’s being held at gunpoint most of the time, whether or not she’s meant to be fake nice for fanservice, so any time i see her acting happy i assume she is at least fine

No. 7788

Irene is seen as an unapologetic lesbian queen that hates men. As usual kpop fans love projecting.

No. 7789

As much as Koreans like to lie to themselves, they LOVE J-pop idols

No. 7790

Huh, I didn't know we still do this nasolabia thing.

well, this is lolcow

No. 7791

ngl when I look at irene I can't help but think she must be a secretly autistic

No. 7792

Irene looks pretty when they're not visual but Hyewon just has an unfortunate face regardless. Its less about the lines and more of the awkwardness of looking at them

No. 7793

File: 1548213223782.jpg (85.23 KB, 920x1024, DvaJZKdW0AA6993.jpg)

This one is especially awkward

No. 7796

File: 1548213256799.jpg (24.66 KB, 678x452, images.jpeg-3.jpg)

No. 7797

She looks terrified in every picture I've seen of her

No. 7799

This thread has really gone to shit ever since the obvious non-farmer stans raided it as a place to air their unpopular opinions. I can’t believe I’m seeing shit like “visual hole” posted unironically. I could entertain the BTS shit because the Armys are milky as fuck. This thread has declined so hard from what it started out as.

No. 7801

Then rant about something kpop then shitface

No. 7803

It's crazy how much nicer the first 3 or 4 threads were rip

No. 7805

Be the change you want to see anon

No. 7807

I don't doubt Irene is overreacting but Leeteuk has a history of being creepy to women and young girls

No. 7809

I just think they should of waited until they both had another source of income lined up. All they are doing is showing the world how jobless they are.

No. 7811

I was in that concert and I saw Irene dance with other guys with no problems, she was smiling and everything…. this is how the coreography goes, that's it omg
I get this thread is for critiques but this is so nitpicky

No. 7812

Nah, it's more like he has history of being accused of being a creep. Kpop stans hates old people

No. 7813

Isn't she like 15? God some anons here have such a vendetta against nasolabial folds and features like that, they are not even that noticeable since she's so young. You all sound like incels you ugly hags. I can get the hate for Hyuna or Jhope but come on, even Irene looks fine.

It just goes to show that people here hate the ps culture from kpop idols but you then give them enough fuel to feel like they need it, and then make fun of them even more. It's digusting. First threads were definitely a lot better before you jealous bitches came to nitpick on every female idol under the sun.

No. 7814

Any snarky thoughts on SVT's new comeback?

No. 7815

Maybe best to post on the General thread? Critical will shit on every video and call Scoops a hunchback over and over before talking about the song. I actually really liked it anon, I think Seventeen is a talented group but I will admit I've never checked their b sides much. I did like the chorus, it had that wholesome feel. Didn't care much for the "home" move they do with their arms during it lol kind of too literal.

Just to add to the critical before anons foam at the mouth, I really don't like the berets idols are using lately. It's just too anime bishounen for me.

No. 7816

I usually like svt's stuff but this song is kinda bad and the song doesn't really fit the video imo.

No. 7817

Its called critical for a reason

No. 7818

I thought it was just boring. Their music kinda fell off for me after 2016 though.

No. 7819

File: 1548261690396.jpg (261.82 KB, 1000x493, TXT.jpg)

these kids are younger but taller than bts in average lol i want to see them standing next to them. half of them speak english too

No. 7823

Home shouldn't have been the title track, it's boring even though the instrumental is nice. Most people thought Good To Me or Getting Closer deserved title, and I can't help but agree with that. Shhh was the best song on the album but it's a unit track so it wouldn't have gotten to be the title.

No. 7824

kek i always assume idols' height is about 5 cm shorter than they claim, they lie too often about it

No. 7825

Kai seems kind of cool, just very different from other idols that have been copy pasted everywhere, just judging from his past to the languages he speaks. The rest are boring and forgettable unless they really play up Beomgyu's rocker shit.

No. 7826

I wonder if they'll be a band, considered one member used to be in one and another plays the guitar. Unlikely, but still.

No. 7827

I wonder if they'll be a band, considered one member used to be in one and another plays the guitar. Unlikely, but still.

No. 7828

would be cool if they were a band, i wish groups playing the instruments and writing their own songs like day6 were more common

No. 7829

Nice try Suju stan, but 20-something Leeteuk hitting on 14-year old Yoona and Krystal is not just SJWs being loud, it's creepy no matter how you try to spin it.

If it was, say, Heechul grabbing Irene's waist it'd clearly be a case of RV stans overreacting, but since Leeteuk is always fucking creepy it's natural to be suspicious of whether Irene allowed him to touch her or not. It's not a vendetta against old people, it's a vendetta against creeps.

No. 7830


He needs to get a new mic, the audio sounds like shit.

No. 7831

His voice is too tragic for any mics to help it

No. 7832

So you're saying Heechul can touch girls, but Leeteuk can't?
Beside, its choreography - of course she allowed it. Dont act like she's 20 or something

No. 7833

File: 1548270607559.jpg (274.44 KB, 785x291, 220727.jpg)

anons in this thread who said that they don't like the absolute masterpiece that is idol are just ignorant about korean and south african culture and you guys just don't understand how deep and genius it is..

No. 7835

>scoops a hunchback
Well they’re not wrong

No. 7836

ah yes, making jokes about being obsessed with yoona when she was 13 and planning to marry her isnt creepy at ALL its just those darn netizens!!11 and since yoona joked about it too its perfectly ok!!11 because victims of sexual assault/abuse/harrassment dont EVER make light of the situation or joke around about it as a cope or because they're raised in a society that completely ignores females who are victims of said incidents and pretends its not even a thing

No. 7837

I’m guessing you guys have never watched those Korean variety shows where fat men in their 40s will kiss girls that are practically toddlers.

Age gaps are not considered controversial in Korea and a grown man “waiting” to marry a girl once she’s legal is commonly accepted. It’s just like when western fans act appalled by sexist behaviour even though variety show hosts will literally hit female idols on their heads repeatedly during broadcasts both in Korea and Japan.


>Ye Eun literally has to pull the child away from the host
>3:15 he goes to kiss her again, ye eun covers her mouth

No. 7838

Anon, just because it's normalized there doesn't make it not fucked up?

No. 7839

Do you think anyone is implying it’s okay? We’re clearly all in agreement here. But you could spend all day trying to single out specific Korean men when it’s clearly a widespread cultural issue.

No. 7840

Age gap is okay if both people are adults. This example is so bad and have nothing to do with this discussion

No. 7841

wena nido

No. 7842

Do you have something more interesting to talk about then? Funny how you all keep whining about how the earliest threads were so much better than this but you keep coming back here even when you know this thread is heavily invested with jealous newfags. You could have just started a new topic or something, it's not like those so-called annoying topics are gonna last all thread. Plus the earliest threads weren't that better anyway, there were obvious attempts of fangirling and such.

No. 7843

She had the same terrified/blank expression on during the majority of pd48.

No. 7844

And i was talking about her blank expression not the nasolabial folds since anon above me mentioned about the awkwardness
>less about the lines and more about the awkwardness
I wasn't the one talking about her folds, and why do i have to explain myself it's lolcow dammit. Don't get so butthurt over silly things.

No. 7845

File: 1548288296392.jpg (65.6 KB, 682x1024, 31da6251044eb36f4f4eb1cd018c5e…)

honestly i don't think his issue is that he's ugly, just pledis keeps forcing the same pretty boy with lip tint makeup on him that they put on every other member and it really does not work at all. his features are too masculine as opposed to someone like pic related.

No. 7849

Implying? That was a whole justification, don't act coy.

No. 7850

I think Scoop is kind of hot in an uggo way. I really can't explain it, but the lip tints and such really highlight how ghoulish he looks, it's terrible.

No. 7851

File: 1548289124749.jpg (40.36 KB, 730x720, Dxbxm2YWkAArU-1.jpg)

his new forehead is too small

No. 7854

This is crazy

No. 7855

is this the first botched kpop hair implant surgery?

No. 7856

almost all asian men are pedo freaks and it doesnt make it any more ok
theres nothing ok about someone 18+ fantasizing about fucking/marrying/doing basically anything with a damn 13 year old

No. 7857

oh no we aren't going Anti-asian thread now are we?

No. 7858

Shut up!! This is the anti kpop thread not the Anti Asian Thread. You are so fucking annoying.

No. 7859

>>7851 who is that?

No. 7860

good god it was one reply thats actually completely related to the post in question

No. 7861

File: 1548298895941.jpg (28.84 KB, 480x460, eb9f1031e0ff9b4767e9912528e5e4…)

He really did have a big forehead but his new implants look ridiculous. Also it is save to bleach fresh haur implants?

No. 7862

File: 1548299059048.jpg (764.66 KB, 2112x2112, 03-vintage-my-friend-jenny-dol…)


Looks like doll's hair.

No. 7864

You guys are insane if you thought anyone was justifying anything. I have not seen a single person in this thread say that was ok nor did I make any attempt to imply that (it’s not acceptable under any circumstance wtf). That post was critical of the social behaviour demonstrated on public broadcasts, it’s literally backing up your point of culturally accepted sexism being an issue in South Korea, hence why some anons are concerned about certain men and the repercussions on the women around them.

Critical discussions don’t always require oversimplified complaints like:
>muh men are fucking creeps gross
>korean idols r disgusting

Sometimes you can just add to the conversation as an extension of a topic. Same reason I’ve seen other anons bring up that show where callers ask for advice on personal issues and unfortunately the guests often spew toxic bullshit at them instead of being any sort of real help, because it’s a symptom of a wider problem in Korea.

No. 7865

File: 1548299671389.jpeg (84.8 KB, 560x765, DT1BqwSXkAAXiIa.jpeg)

His new hairline here looks fairly decent though? So what happened between then and now? That recent pic looks…like garbage

No. 7866

isn't this picture a couple years old? was definitely before his hair transplant, so that's shopped lul

No. 7867

Knock it off with the infighting. Take you bullshit elsewhere if you can't stay on topic.

No. 7868

File: 1548300059289.jpg (317.53 KB, 1279x1920, 1322c6ca-c7d6-44a7-b37a-d9b52a…)

You sure that ain't shopped? I found another photo of his forehead and it doesn't look like that

No. 7871

Did some searching and it is an old pic from 2017 lmao for some reason ratmies were talking about it a few days ago and i thought it was new

No. 7872

File: 1548300662847.jpg (119.15 KB, 1080x1350, 47691990_2000976189984842_9207…)

hmm maybe he didn't get a hair transplant

No. 7874

"YoU'rE OuR pReSeNt" cringe

I'm suprised bts fans didn't start a shitstorm about this unless they did and I'm just out of the loop

No. 7875

you could be right, fansites are known for bad shooping

No. 7876

File: 1548301249518.gif (4.96 MB, 350x350, download.gif)

creepy fucker

No. 7898

how do these bitches tolerate that after buying a shit ton of albums to get in. I would've punched this bitch so hard, it'd have fixed his whole damn face.

no way in hell would i put up with that - even if i was brainwashed.

No. 7899

You underestimate the limits fangirls do

No. 7900

File: 1548301880809.jpg (95.9 KB, 1080x1920, 358b6ce9195f05009ecc055fe7d102…)

this isnt creepy, its just sad because its obvious he cant see her and has to get a closer look to even know whats in front of him

No. 7901

Lmao i hope those dimwits realize its impossible to criticize kpop without considering the nation's culture. Plus it was totally relevant to the topic.

No. 7902

its because this thread has loosely become a kpop "fan" thread instead of a kpop critical thread, so even if someone is posting critiques here there seems to be a ton of "not ALL koreans" apologists in here anytime anything critical of korea as a whole comes up even though its directly related to the kpop industry

No. 7903

File: 1548302456588.png (748.38 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2019-01-24-07-33-46…)

Imagine looking at him up close

No. 7907

I would have nightmares for the rest of my life

No. 7908

File: 1548305925217.png (375.85 KB, 640x621, ph8hr05sow2qbwe.png)

Some Armys are so desperate for western approval that everytime their oppas interact with anyone from the US they jump with joy. The don't care if is a C lister singer like Halsey.

No. 7910

he looks like a 50 year old drag queen. never understood what armys see in him that makes them go "he's the most handsome man in the world!!", some others in bts look better if you ask me but they don't look like a fujo's wet dream so they aren't as popular

No. 7911

i lost brain cells reading those anon's posts. how could anyone think your post was supporting those creepy korean men?

>that was a whole justification

"whole justification" - this is why we dont want fucking dumb spergs from twitter here

No. 7912

She got into the signing BECAUSE she likes bts, of course she doesn't mind you sperg

No. 7913

She obviously wrote that long response to take the heat off the Suju creep because she likes them.

No. 7914

Not surprising. This thread is less “critical” about Kpop and more about sperging out about groups or idols you don’t like.

No. 7915

File: 1548350649957.jpg (53.55 KB, 610x610, CrewmmxW8AAUw8b.jpg)

Lmao nope, Minho did it first.

No. 7917

File: 1548354397663.png (318.35 KB, 634x603, V solo.PNG)

BTS' house retard will make his solo debut soon, can't wait for him to wail like he's being castrated while trying to hit high notes

No. 7919

File: 1548354523660.jpeg (104.9 KB, 1024x576, 219AFC53-D7C4-46BC-A40B-0526D1…)

Sometimes off in this picture

No. 7924

this is going to be a goldmine. don't understand why they gave him the first solo out of all the vocalists tho

No. 7925

It's not like a proper solo I think, just a single. Maybe it'll have an MV but I don't know whether he'll promote it or anything.

Regardless it will be a fucking trainwreck.

No. 7926

i'm ready for some bland acoustic ballad with vocals that sound like white noise

No. 7927

File: 1548354755439.jpg (30.84 KB, 395x450, DjJQqkoX4Ag1aVL.jpg)

Scoups looks like Grimes' long lost brother

No. 7929

File: 1548355951660.gif (3.64 MB, 480x468, 1523739613113.gif)

>It's another episode of "ARMY wants to talk shit about her least favorite BTS member but she doesn't want her twitter friends to know she isn't uwu ot7 so she comes in this thread and posts something no one but ARMYs would care about"

You know, if it was an actual MV I could get behind discussing it but a fucking twitter video? You bitches are obsessed.

No. 7942


this thread is for criticizing, not for "haters only"

No. 7943

Why are you so paranoid. I only ever stanned girl groups and that was many years ago (probably gave myself away with that WG clip from 10 years ago).

Yeah most posts are either about (1) a specific member of x group being "ugly" (usually they look fine or it's a purposely unflattering shot), which begs the question why one would care so much about a random idol's facial features if not because they're invested either as fans or "antis" (forgive the term but you know what I mean)

(2) x idol is gay, lesbian, hates the opposite sex, or is autistic around the opposite sex, or is stupid for being caught dating or choosing to publicly date

If you deviate from calling out specific idols for any of these reasons then it's totally off topic, don't bother discussing the wider issues of plastic surgery in SK just laugh at how every female idol has the same face over and over again, don't point out any systemic problems within the entertainment industy because anon only wants to bitch about x company or x group, any comparisons are off topic. Like fuck off.

No. 7944

and where was OP criticizing and not being a hater exactly with that post? please enlighten me dear anon.

There have been a few interesting, original discussions about the industry in a bunch of threads but they ALWAYS get drowned out by shit like >>7908 and it's obvious that it's some ESL dumbass stan that is fed up that twitter's hated kpop group of the week isn't the one they hate.
Of course you need to have some certain level of investment on the topic to be able to discuss it but these anons just refuse to hide their power level and frankly I don't see why they would have to come here to make those posts they do. Literally just badly disguised stan speak.(Derailing)

No. 7945

Are you for real? I wasn't using "whole" in the stan twitter language, I was using it synonymously with entire, because it was an entire piece about how her idol wasn't a creep, every man in Korea's a creep (which isn't necessarily wrong, it is a culture thing, but the entire thing felt like a justification for Leeteuk's actions: as in 'he's not bad, he's just raised that way :(')
The complaints aren't unfounded, anon. And most of us KNOW that's its a cultural thing, I just question why you brought it up again. It seemed as if it was a way to defend Leeteuk as >>7913 said. We all know it's a wider issue there, we were just talking about the specifics instances of that idol as we routinely DO in these threads.

No. 7946

I think that’s joshua.

No. 7947

I don't even know the specifics about Leeteuk. I know nothing about him other than he's from Suju. My knowledge of the group is limited to that 'sorry, sorry' song they had forever ago. I wouldn't have even remembered his name had you guys not brought him up.

>I just question why you brought it up again, It seemed as if it was a way to defend Leeteuk

Already answered that for you:
>Sometimes you can just add to the conversation as an extension of a topic

Anyways I won't make any more posts on this subject because I don't want to derail but you guys need to chill or else this thread will become an actual echochamber if you're getting paranoid over anons that agree with you in the first place.

No. 7948

>as opposed to someone like pic related

No. 7949

i don't contribute that much but honestly the most annoying posts are about how (anti)armys have come here and ruined everything and it's brought up in every fucking thread, aren't you tired of derailing? why can't everybody just post whatever they want, nobody stops you from having deep conversations about the true nature of kpop industry or whatever

No. 7950

now you guys are complaining about complaining and theres no discussions happening

No. 7951

Do you guys think the reason bts is producing so much solo work is because big hit is going to debut a new group soon..so bts are going to disband soon and want to secure a future for themselves?

No. 7952

File: 1548362072356.png (958.12 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_2019-01-24-15-33-54…)

Looks like a lace front tbh

No. 7953

Technically they’re discussing the current state of the threads.

Anyway, why are some idols so poorly dressed in comparison to other members in their groups? Do their stylists hate them?

No. 7954

File: 1548362694608.jpg (160.44 KB, 670x526, 1Q5vVyPXclU.jpg)

i randomly remembered this irene's outfit (even tho she's not usually poorly dressed, it's just bad).

No. 7956

File: 1548362724793.jpg (92.96 KB, 640x640, sunny.jpg)

SM idols always have the worst wigs/extensions and I don't understand why.

I mean that's kind of subjective. I remember Lisa stans always throwing a fit about her outfits for a while but I think I recall her saying she liked her them? Anyway, I don't think any stylist have a serious vendetta against their clients lol

No. 7957

holy kek is that sunny? how long ago was this?

No. 7958

File: 1548362824793.jpg (104 KB, 800x771, 03268b65fd371375a8c552907fba4e…)

Kpop groups have centers and visuals, people they want to stand out more than the others. But, most of the times it's because the stylist has no fucking fashion sense whatsoever and one member just gets lucky.

No. 7959

Why do they all have the same whack style. They look like clones.

No. 7960

I heard >>7953
stylist tend to dress the least popular members in the ugliest outifts for whatever reasons

No. 7961

File: 1548362903855.jpg (69.7 KB, 650x526, ab82ebce741cb3881398023104feb1…)

Blackpink's stylist are fucking shitty. They cut up expensive/beautiful pieces and call it fashion. Bonus: they hate Lisa.

No. 7968


This photo is from 2015

No. 7969

the really do. Don't get me started on the awards shows where idols have to wear all black and the female idols almost always arrive in tennis skirts.

No. 7970

They probably hate her because she's not korean kek

No. 7971

yeah, that was during party so 2015.
>Bonus: they hate Lisa.
again with this meme. don't believe the instagram stans.

No. 7972

File: 1548363175714.jpg (100.24 KB, 600x934, CyTJNhZUAAA2MkR.jpg)

You guys can't have a discussion about terrible outifts without mentioning nct

No. 7973

File: 1548363233799.jpg (42.77 KB, 480x480, 49365575_322483871694050_39282…)

Anon, look at the shit they put her in

ik it's a meme but you cannot tell me they don't hate her ass kek

No. 7975

im- is this legit? Kpop companies must really love sticking several identities onto idols during promotions.

No. 7976

Can you jpeg some more please? Where in the world do you find these

No. 7977

File: 1548363452781.jpg (Spoiler Image, 70.11 KB, 1024x579, 1e132bfa3449a02b35f2b03df593fc…)

It's a rite of passage for SM idols I believe.
..That's literally what her sponsor (Celine) gave her.
I think Jennies wrinkled Chanel dress and Jisoo's bulky blazer are worse. Again, this is subjective.

No. 7978


No. 7979

yes. suga and jungkook have been vocal about being insecure for their individual futures.

No. 7980

Wait I actually liked SHINee's outfits during Juliette era… But yeah it seems like every single sm group has a fashion terrorist as their stylist

No. 7981

I unironically like a lot of NCT's outfits, I just think they look like really out there manga designs and I can respect that.

No. 7982

That's not unique to BTS, though. Look at EXO's solo activities, GOT7's or even Shinee's back then, just to name a few BGs.

No. 7983

Someone out there definitely hates Lisa, just look at her outfits in the DDU-DU DDU-DU MV.

No. 7984

their stylists are trying harder to make them look expensive than fashionable. i like rose's look in the pic though

No. 7985

that's definitely true. YG is known for flexing

No. 7986

Koreans really do hear SEAs though

No. 7987


No. 7988

File: 1548369779053.png (64.5 KB, 459x395, Screenshot_2019-01-24-17-35-57…)

So JYP is gonna debut three more groups in the next two years. Isn't too much?

No. 7989

no because idol fans are getting stupider and stupider. they don't care about anything except buying things so it makes sense to cash in on that.

No. 7991

>>7988 I feel bad for whatever group ends up not being an instant hit bc they're gonna get tossed aside and locked in jyp's dungeon.

No. 7992

Did anybody discuss this already?

No. 7993

apparently one of the groups is going to be another korean girl group. seems kinda weird to debut another girl group so quickly but it'll probably just be a group like twice

No. 7994

This some shit you see out the corner of your eye when you got sleep paralysis
I really need these fucking stylists to stop putting red eye makeup on top of these too pale foundations
Does JYP realize that money isn't infinite no matter how big of a company they are? I mean Twice makes them a decent amount of money, along with like their 3 other groups, but where is the money to debut 5 groups coming from?

No. 7995


this isn't kpop per se but what the hell

No. 7996


No. 7997

>husband keeps touching and kissing his 5 year old private parts even when the child express he doesn't want it
Welp, I knew Hello counselor was a shit show but making comedy out of pedophilia is just too much.

No. 7998



He should be reported and arrested, not made to seem like a comedian. This is sick

No. 7999

Well that was hard to watch

No. 8000

That show is fucking garbage. Why the fuck are they joking around about clear child abuse/paedophilia? That nigga needs to go to jail and get his ass beat. Why is that show still on the air? They're not professionals and their advice is shitty. Half of those cases on Hello Counselor need real professionals and law enforcement involved not a bunch of washed up comedians and botched idols joking around about serious issues and giving half assed advice smh

No. 8001


Why is everybody laughing? A guy touching his kid for 10 minutes is sexual abuse. I hope someone helps that poor boy.

No. 8002

File: 1548380494549.jpeg (8.19 KB, 257x196, images.jpeg)

No. 8007

this made me physically ill.

apparently a bunch of kpop fans on twitter are contacting the channel that airs this mess of a show. i'm glad they are doing something nice and productive for once.

No. 8008

File: 1548384409488.jpg (215.61 KB, 1080x1080, nightmare.jpg)

i don't know why SM is known for their visuals when they have monsters like these… not to mention the boy groups of years past

No. 8009

sage for OT
Honestly that show is just hard to watch in general, they make light of some actually serious topics instead of helping, and the hosts sometimes sympathise with or play devil's advocate for some really questionable people. I remember seeing one clip on YouTube of a son who says he doesn't think his dad loves him, with his dad fully admitting to prefer one child over another. It just feels so wrong seeing real problems made into light "entertainment"

No. 8010

"He's old fashioned"
Ew what? More like predatory. Did anyone in the audience question why he's diddling his kid for 10 minutes? Just because he's publicly announcing it as if it's no big deal doesn't mean he's innocent.

No. 8011

holy shit

No. 8012

Lmao I remember when Tiffany's livejournal got leaked

No. 8013


No. 8015

>They like it for a bit…

I don't even know what to say

No. 8017

File: 1548391980807.png (Spoiler Image, 427.26 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-01-25-11-50-21…)

The hosts literally laughed after the father said this. None of them thought that it's creepy or realized that this was an unnecessary thing to say, I mean it didn't explain why he had that moronic habit in the first place. What a backward society.

No. 8018

He also likes to "prank" his children by doing things like hitting them for no reason and throwing nasty socks at them because he likes to see them cry and also basically sexually harrasses the mom :/

No. 8019

I found the whole episode if any one is curious. It's really worse than that 2 min twitter video makes it seem. The kid is terrified of the dad and cries when he has to sleep with him.

No. 8020

Mother of fucking GOD what the actual fuck is wrong with these people?! How could these sick fucks LAUGH at a little kid being sexually abused by their own fucking father?! This shit is sick on so many levels, the police should have been called imminently and this sick fuck should never be allowed around children ever again.

No. 8021

Oh my god as someone who also had an abusive father this made me feel fucking sick. That fucker literally openly told them what he's done but even if he didn't everything about how he and his son acts screams red flag as well. How the fuck do you talk about this on a national program? He is so obviously abusive, said what he's done himself and this is how these so-called counsellors react? That child couldn't even talk or look at people and said that he hates it and they can't even see how fucked up it is? I really hope some Korean lawyer in their mind sues them and an actual therapist helps the boy

I remember seeing some other clips from the show, there was another teenage girl who talked about how she was getting beaten by her father and literally no one took it seriously, it was edited with these dumb texts and effects Korean shows use. What the fuck is wrong with this show? I understand making a lighthearted show with people who have basic dumb problems but seeing domestic abuse victims and people with mental illnesses treated like this is just disgusting. It's sickening that domestic abuse towards kids seems so normalized

No. 8022

File: 1548393554051.jpg (349.31 KB, 1080x1080, 1548384409488.jpg)

This four look like clones.

No. 8023

sm confirmed that kai and jennie broke up

No. 8024

This is dystopian as fuck, it's literally like the shows in One Million Merits or whichever that Black Mirror episode is called. I'm gonna assume he got inspired by this kind of show. Really horrific how they are laughing about abuse, and all the cute silly stuff on the screen despite the topic

No. 8025

lmao this shit was obvious PR from the start

No. 8026

File: 1548410185381.png (418.37 KB, 720x1018, Screenshot_2019-01-25-16-54-53…)

I found this one under that news. Seriously they need to stop with the whole uwu baby fantasy. It's sick af. He's 26.

No. 8029

Same poster, if you ignore the dumb animations and keep watching, actually 60% of the audience look shocked and disappointed as all the awful things he does keep rolling in, (20 minutes so far) and he even lies right on camera about how he "helps" her. Plus the hosts are disapproving of everything. So it is not as bad as it first looks (and they even introduce a member of government or something from Singapore who disapproves too.

This guy is super abusive, even making her clean while heavily pregnant, every thing he does is awful. Sexually harassing and groping her and even his own mother. Someone needs to beat some sense into him. The "kissing" his son while he is held down for 10 minutes is mighty concerning. It is ok because "they are mine". Like wife and child are toys to do whatever he wants with.

Overall, terrible but at least she could put this on tv and tell everyone

No. 8030

Jennie is going to top brand rankings again because of the buzz the breakup will generate.

Their management probably did this after seeing that nobody gave a shit about them dating - no angry blinks, no mad EXO-Ls (the possessive ones left around the Krystal era), no pressed media.

No. 8031

i was looking at exo-l and blinks' tweets and some of them think they might've been forced to break up because of knets and dispatch but idk

No. 8032

This is sickening. I knew that they laughed off abuse, but I didn't think they would do it even with sexual abuse and pedophilia.
I see kpop fans have made a #endhellocounselor hashtag, but aren't they all international fans? I'd really like to know what actual Koreans think of this.

No. 8033

This squishy baby narrative infantilizing these idols is so creepy. I doubt anybody would refer to an American guy in his 20s-30s as a ~smol chubby whiny lil baby owo~

This whole perfect idol thing has made these fans forget these guys are real adults, who likely do messy adult shit. The "he's so qt lil baby" image they use to protect themselves from this isn't going to change anything.

No. 8034

Everything about the the uwu lil baby thing makes me gag. It also doesn't help that they write fanfics that seem to have underlying pedo themes (they seem to force said themes on Jungkook which is disturbing as heck.)

No. 8035

i understand all the babying if the idol is a minor or has a genuinely childish personality (doubt) but it's even weirder when it's with someone like chanyeol (the guy is like 6'1" for fuck's sake) or jungkook who are both bulked up adult men

No. 8036

Whenever I scroll past that OP, I keep thinking that if they were non-korean celebrities everybody would have written them off as druggies already (which they likely are). But because they're precious k-dols they're so "woke, yas, slay, queen&king, couple goals,…".

Same with >>8026
Even if a let's say american celebrity would be a decade younger than Chanyeol people would already say he's either a pussy or rude/entitled for making a fuss about something so minor.

In the twitter thread of that hello counselor pedo scandal the top tweets are all saying "it's not a cultural thing". Yes it is! Why is it so difficult to grasp that Korea is a less than ideal country, that there are many bad koreans and that nobody does shit about that?! Parents beating their children, husbands/bfs beating their female partners, kids commiting suicide en masse either because of academic pressure or unimaginable bullying (not just namecalling, they're literally trying to beat classmates to death) has been rampant for decades already, and yet society always turns a blind eye to these issues. They don't give a fuck about their own people, and even less about some dirty foreign k-drama or music fans. But try explaining to a kboo that their Oppas are not innocent and soft and so much more gentle than the boys in their countries. "Koreans are kind, they respect elders and help each other!"…
Making fun of idols and their orbiters kind of stopped being funny; it's just sad.

No. 8037

There's a variety of reasons why people will never accept that Korea is less than ideal because 1) they're afraid of being called racist, xenophobic or whatever the fuck is the new popping word at the moment 2) they're a koreaboo who doesn't want to admit or see that their fairy tale land is not what has been marketed to them through the korean media they have consumed 3) pride in believing that the thing they support (kpop or korean media) is woc and therefore can do no wrong, aka sjws who believe their gay trans bois are fighting the system even though they're just a bunch of marketing tools 4) they're fucking stupid or they actually don't care and just want their Kpop fix.

No. 8038

It really looks like they did that in order to hide a potential Irene dating scandal.

No. 8039

i dont see what being bulked up has to do with it, and trust me, they do it to all of them, they are all adult men, and it's equally gagworthy

No. 8040

They look like normal adult men and nothing like a child

No. 8041

File: 1548436177164.jpg (80.01 KB, 600x768, 524330_43111-0.jpg)

homegirl looking like a fish

No. 8042

not really, no

No. 8043

File: 1548437591178.gif (4.56 MB, 320x388, 928131ee399b2cad3cc979b01adcd2…)

what the actual fuck was going on with his hand

No. 8050

ive been a huge fan of hyuna for years, but i can admit i havent been diggin her appearance since triple h began. one of the main things that i cant stand is the way she wears lipstick now. she just smears it around and goes over her cupids bow as if she applied it in the dark. i know she is going for the dead/heroine chic look but it just does not suit her. the only time it did was during the now promotions with trouble maker. her hair has been an absolute tragedy and she needs to stop going back and forth from bleaching it and darkening it cause she is balding. and the whole thing with the scale pic, the ig pics/lives of her eating high calorie foods, saying shes gaining weight, just seems like bs to me. she is looking like a damn skeleton these days. her face has been so sunken in and her arms and legs are sticks. shes always been fit and thin, but she just looks ana tier now. this all makes me wonder if she is just struggling mentally from being kicked out of cube, or if she is trying to rebel from the clean and sexy image they pushed her in all these years. its probably both tbh.

No. 8051

File: 1548439068416.jpg (34.99 KB, 597x328, 3ce9b6a3-5bf5-4767-b580-9381f0…)

No. 8052

Wait is he bleeding?

No. 8053

Yes. But this is old, it has been posted before.
And poor baby Jungkook survived this brutal injury, so let's not freak out…

No. 8054

File: 1548442108472.gif (1.55 MB, 352x250, 05043932901938.gif)

Idk what it is but it looks pretty weird. Makes me remember of Daehwi's ear starting to bleed during a performance and it was cause by his earbuds or something like that. Some other members reacted immediately when they noticed it which is shocking for k-pop

No. 8059

What is going on with that guy's eyes in the background?

No. 8060

He's trying to be sexy

No. 8061

Which members reacted, I can't tell in that small gif?

No. 8062

File: 1548446884863.jpeg (220.8 KB, 1080x1343, CCA089C7-221B-4DA3-A17E-F09CE9…)

Imagine if this was on American TV. They would’ve arrested this guy on air. I don’t understand why they would have people with no education on these kinds of topics to give advice.

No. 8064

What dating scandal?

No. 8065

File: 1548457372990.png (285.88 KB, 1080x900, Screenshot_2019-01-25-18-00-38…)

Top kek V was left out some shitty tribute video and now armies are throwing a hissy fit and saying that big hit has some vendetta against the autist.

No. 8066

if you ask westerners the "scandal" they're hiding is apparently irene being a lesbian, possibly with jennie lmao

seeing so many people project their weird "irene hates men and is a proud feminist/misandrist" fantasies onto her now and its getting really annoying

No. 8067

man it's not like you need to be educated on the topic to know that this is fucked up. i'm pretty sure 90% of the people outraged right now aren't educated experts which just baffles me like is everyone on that show retarded and/or soulless???

No. 8068


Basically this, Koreans are the new fetishized ethnicity and give crazy stans an outlet to dehumanize idols as they please so even implying that there is fault in their culture will get you dragged by kboos, if the twitter didn't make that statement kpop stans would swarm her calling her racist or something (not even mentioning the child or subject at hand that was abused) and clearly this is an apparent issue in the kpop fandom that no one wants to talk about.

Then again once kpop's international appeal dies out they'll mass exodus to anything similar that gains traction and see the same thing again.

No. 8069

koreans on naver seem as disgusted as international fans about this

No. 8070

That relationship was so weird. Almost PR.

No. 8071

Her voice is so gratting. She looks super pretty with blonde hair and dark eyebrows though

No. 8072

What I read is that Irene is supposedly with an actor much older than her.

No. 8073

Kek does she not know what enunciation is?

No. 8074


If Ariana Grande doesn't, why should she

No. 8075

This is so boring and generic, I almost fell asleep.

No. 8076

are hyuna and edawn just attention whoring or are they actually on drugs?

No. 8077

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say it's just their ~edgy aesthetic~

No. 8078

I like her personality and root for her because she's been through a lot with her family, but she always sings like she's got something stuck in her throat.

No. 8079

it's just the rich korean hipster aesthetic that all of them are doing over there rn

No. 8080

I kinda agree but I think the beginning sounds nice.

No. 8081

Who directed this and why does she look like a cringy ghost?

This actually reminded me of Ariana. She said love me harder at 1:06, which is an Ariana song. And honestly this sounds like a dangerous woman reject.

No. 8082


kek at Dangerous Woman reject. Tiffany is so fucking cringey, idk who told her she looked good trying to be sexy but it just doesn't work. I truly think she should have just gone the irrelevant MC/show host route instead of trying to make some sort of an American solo singing career for herself.

Am I the only one who has realized that the GP doesn't even respect the so-called 'legendary' SNSD anymore. All of this time, I thought they were 'legendary' to the public for songs like Gee, Oh!, RDR, Genie, etc, but I guess the recent comments towards SNSD members in their solo ventures reflect the attitudes towards girl group members after their time is up. They're no longer the "Nation's Little Sisters" or whatever gross peso shit they can come up with to infantilize them. The only member who gets positive comments is Yoona but she's nowhere near the level of fame in the public eye that people (Sones) thought she'd have years ago.

And I apologize if this is all irrelevant, but girl groups truly have the shortest shelf-life, no matter how fans try to make excuses, "Oh, they're still popular!" AOA has fucking tanked since Heart Attack, EXID kinda died after Ah Yeah, Girl's Day was popular for like a year maybe. It's basically a known fact at this point that being an idol is just being a puppet for years and then being left with no education (except if you "study" Acting or Music at some "university" like they all do kek). BP and Twice fans act as if they've surpassed 2NE1 or SNSD, which were far more influential in their time, and yet 2NE1 and SNSD don't have the longevity of solo careers afterward. Twice already has that same pedo-bait image, and once a scandal breaks out, or when they've gotten too old, they're done for, unless they somehow pull an APink and keep trudging on, but idk. Seems like 3rd Gen Kpop fans don't realize that this is gonna be their idol's reality soon.

No. 8083

File: 1548547682272.png (433.56 KB, 699x577, jytfd.PNG)

I dig this song but I lose my shit every time I watch the video. Sorry if this was covered before.

No. 8084

what video anon?

No. 8085

I meant to sage this, sorry.
Lip and Hip by Hyuna

No. 8086

Nta but Here's the video is anyone is curious

No. 8087

it's sad that even though she looks disgusting in this, she still looks better than current day

No. 8088

Yeah, this song showed up in my youtube recommendations and I was shocked by how she looks compared to her Bubble Pop days (I never followed her obv). Now I'm curious what she looks like if 2017 is good compared to today.

No. 8089

Unrelated but why does her voice sound so different from 00:53 to 1:05?

No. 8090

File: 1548550279715.png (525.74 KB, 507x598, Capture.PNG)

here you go

No. 8092

How is it possible that she looks worse and worse every time I see her?

No. 8093

Sounds good to me. If that's really her singing voice she needs to stick to singing Her rapping voice is real grating on the ears.

No. 8094

It is a weird feeling to see that snsd is pretty much like..not even a thing amongst kpop fans anymore.
They were THE biggest girl group and everyone considered them the nations gg even(except for fans of male groups that thought the girls got too close to their oppas) and now they basically arent even acknowledged. Its almost sad in a way even though Im not a fan. It really shows how fast time goes go by and things change. But kpop is weird now anyway. Seems like Twice is really being pushed as the new nations GG, and they have non korean members and were formed on a talent show. Really just weird.

No. 8095

Wait for a few more years and Twice will be as irrelevant as SNSD is now

No. 8096

I believe TWICE's popularity is going to gradually fall soon especially due to IZ*ONE which seems to be really popular due to PD48 and seems to cater to the same crowd as TWICE. Also because their contracts are like 2.5 years long instead of just 1 like Wanna One or IOI.

No. 8097

File: 1548573543677.png (857.18 KB, 719x734, hyuna p nation.png)

well, looks like it happened.

No. 8103

It happens. TVXQ are still selling 100,000 seat Japanese concerts, but they aren't the fad that they were anymore. Their last Korean comeback didn't even chart. Big Bang has been overtaken by BTS, and in the future some other boygroup will overtake BTS.

>Seems like Twice is really being pushed as the new nations GG

All they have now are rabid Japanese fans tbh, their title tracks haven't had that universal public appeal like TT or Cheer Up did. They're Kara 2.0 basically.

No. 8104

What a tragic decision, Psy will regret this as soon as he sees loud Twitter stans won't buy their albums

No. 8105

File: 1548587526120.jpg (127.37 KB, 749x1127, Dx2bcLaUUAAM5Rc.jpg)

This isn't suprising at all.

No. 8106

That's fucked, has he gone on to get any dodgy surgeries? because if that's what happens then no wonder no one has their old face in sm

No. 8107

File: 1548591516609.jpeg (28.74 KB, 500x333, 11384DC2-78AD-4C5C-9E0A-49D6C1…)

That’s so sad. Not to be a stan but I’ve always found him as the most handsome member of exo. I don’t think he’s had any big surgery to fix himself up tho. If you see his pre debut pictures, you kind of get it. SM recruiters really do see diamonds in the rough.

No. 8108

My Kpop prediction: Hyuna gets in a big drug scandal or she breaks up with that zombie of a boyfriend and her career goes to shit

No. 8109

Yeah he looks pretty much the same from then to now. Some people say he got very minor ps done on his nose but I'm not so sure

No. 8110

IZONE released a new song which sounds like outdated trash from AKB

But then again I guess Japanese market digs this.

No. 8111


No. 8112

kpop grew so much though. It's not so that people forgot about snsd more that there are now so many new people post-bts that never knew about gen2.

No. 8113

Its from his gq magazine interview for the feb 2019 issue


No. 8114


Same fag but here is the actual interview source. https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/0So5sKS0ez880HZpihAM_g its in chinese though

No. 8115

It’s no wonder idols end up mentally fucked when they’re treated like this.

No. 8116

The only reason Hyuna is still relevant is because of Edawn and his fans from when he was in Pentagon. If Hyuna breaks up with Edawn his fans will drop her immediately.

No. 8117

The only groups AKS actually care
about are the 46 groups and it really shows. Wouldn’t be surprised if this was a left over from one of the other 48/46 groups.

No. 8118

its s the opposite most of edawns fans left him after the dating scandal and even other members fan sites closed down hyunas fanbase was largely unaffected

No. 8119

Hyuna and E'Druggie look like two crackheads you'd find infront of the popeyes on 3rd avenue in the bronx begging for money for their kids to eat (even though there are no kids insight) and then get snarky and upset when you buy them food instead of give them money.

No. 8120

Not surprising. I think most professions in Korea do this and its really fucked. You have to send in model like photos when applying for jobs at a damn grocer unless you are related to or friends with the owner lol. Its sad though for sure.

No. 8121

File: 1548607158144.png (15.83 KB, 796x121, Stella Kim.PNG)

a trainee who almost got into SNSD, Stella Kim, had something similar to say about the bodyshaming that goes on at SM


No. 8122


It’s amazing how wrong you are in just two sentences.

No. 8123


It’s amazing how wrong you are in just two sentences.

No. 8124

Lol what? Edawn fan detected. She's waaayyyy more famous than he is. He's a nugu to sk.

No. 8125

Hyuna was very famous, and for sure is more famous than E'dawn - but let's face it, it's all gone now. her career is over. fake twt stans don't count
I hope they'll disappear. I like psy but he's stupid if he thinks that they will do anything

No. 8126

Not really. If they release a catchy song, people will like it.

No. 8127

Nugu internationally too.

No. 8128

his only achievement is being hyuna's boyfriend

No. 8129

They might like the song but will they buy the album?

No. 8130

no one buys albums in korea anymore except for 13 year old girls so its not important if they're separating themselves from the idol world

No. 8131

But the 13 year old girls' money is what most companies are chasing. Lots of artists who do well digitally, like Melomance or Bol4 or Ailee, are only as relevant as their last hit song. They likely won't make much money from songs alone. The only real way to make any money is through CF deals, album sales, and concerts - all of which only artists with a fandom get to have.
I doubt Hyuna's druggie image is landing her any CF deals and she was never a beauty like Sulli (who continues to land deals on her looks alone) and her last song barely charted. I don't want her to fail but let's be realistic, her time in the spotlight is almost over.

No. 8132

i thought the albums sells in sk were mostly from middle aged men and women bulk buying to get into fansigns

No. 8133

File: 1548622364946.png (1.28 MB, 1162x784, Screen Shot 2019-01-27 at 3.49…)

Jimin from AOA straight up looks like a skeleton

No. 8136

definitely not middle aged men. older women, sure but they're still a small audience.
there's korean pop music outside of the idol world, anon

No. 8137

don't girl groups have male sasaengs and fansites or are their fansites women too?

No. 8139

WTF is that actually her? I feel bad for her.

No. 8141

depends on the group, but most male fans of female idols these days are teenagers or in their early 20s

No. 8142

wtf happened lol??

No. 8143

File: 1548630427031.jpg (38.75 KB, 634x674, 4BD2E85100000578-0-image-m-110…)

What happpened? She looks like Mary Kate Olsen.

No. 8144

they took the video down

No. 8145

It was predictable, they had already hidden the like/dislike ratio and the comments were ALL negative. They're doing damage control.

No. 8146

Korea expose coming through with some solid journalism on BTS misogynism


No. 8147

File: 1548632852815.jpg (17.4 KB, 370x370, 1535399324109.jpg)

omg those tweets…

No. 8148

A new anti-korean website I can check out, thnx!

No. 8149

There is klownisms too his rage towards the country is pretty funny but he dosen't post anymore.


No. 8150

It's appalling and deceiving to have a very obvious sexist male band speak about female empowerment. I dont understand anyone who likes BTS already because only lurking these days in the past few months, there is so much evidence against them. so gross

No. 8151

File: 1548643055901.jpeg (25.29 KB, 527x294, 87021805-E8D9-44BF-BBC6-84265F…)

Actually depressing because she was actually cute on unpretty rapstar and that was only like 3-4 years ago

No. 8152

I think she's the leader so she feels like shit after her group has gone downhill without Choa, can't say I blame her

No. 8153

>>8133 where is this pic from?

No. 8154

Oh wow this is beyond disgusting

>And its depiction of under-aged girls—who perform under the label of “idols”—has come under fire for encouraging pedophilia. A performance by Bonusbaby, a South Korean girl group, last year had members wear pink bibs while dancing to a song entitled “If I Become An Adult.” Jeon So-mi, from I.O.I., another prominent all-female K-pop group, revealed during a 2016 interview that the stage outfits they wore for some of their performances were in fact children’s clothes.

No. 8155

I think the FBI is gonna knock my door after watching this.

No. 8156

File: 1548647268111.jpeg (72.08 KB, 350x400, higiugi.jpeg)

Where's Chris Hansen when you need him

No. 8159

I didn't know that ARMY stands for  “Adorable Representative Master of ceremonies for Youth” before… this explains everything

No. 8160

im sorry WHAT? why is Bighit so fucking bad at naming things?

No. 8161

Yup.. and TXT stands for “ Tomorrow X Together,” with the "x" being read as "by. You'd think they would learn a thing or two after their huge success but no…

No. 8162

Lmao this is just too funny

>When questioned about BTS’s speech, two different spokespersons for UN Secretary-General António Guterres, who spoke at the event and launched “Generation Unlimited,” responded with “who is BTS?” and “what is BTS?” Even after hearing an explanation of who BTS was, the spokespersons continued to repeat “who is BTS?” and “what is BTS?”

No. 8163

uh..what deals are sulli landing exactly? last i saw shes literally doing porn..

No. 8164

she has a fashion line and a photobook that sold really well

No. 8165

>One South Korean feminist who asked to be unnamed for this piece reached out to me privately to share her experience of being cyberbullied for publicly criticizing BTS on Twitter on the grounds that the group did nothing for the LGBTQ community in South Korea and yet used its pro-LGBTQ image as a marketing strategy to appeal to international fans.
oh my god armys need a reality check because this is the fucking truth. stan twitter turns them out to be feminist gay legends when they literally have never openly said anything about being pro-lgbt. if you actually care why aren't you speaking up for the lgbt people in your country? i was waiting for their shady shit to be called out by someone with a big influence, hope that happens

No. 8166

b-but suga said "nothing is wrong" when he was asked if he's pro lgbt!!!!

No. 8167

Thank fuck that guy probably doesn't have Twitter so armys can't spam him….then again I don't doubt they'll be making angry calls to the UN demanding an apology from the fucking Secretary General of the UN of all people

No. 8168

they're all like "these are very old, they were just kids and that's just a cultural thing but they've changed a lot!! they apologized, they are not like that anymore!!" as if they didn't just start going all social justice because it's the trendy thing right now. it's not like they were 12, they were around 18-20 and knew what they were doing

No. 8169

File: 1548656395890.jpg (14.34 KB, 240x320, people_just_do_nothing_uk.stev…)

I think edawn looks like Steves from people just do nothing? Just an overall crackhead vibe

No. 29104

Kpop-Critical is now certified /weeb/

No. 29117

File: 1548661863274.jpeg (167.98 KB, 946x2048, 8093FED6-9130-4A0B-894B-786BB1…)

rap monster’s english is so fucking cringy omg

No. 29435

i have a strong feeling that he spends a lot of time on army twitter and picked up stanspeak from them

No. 29437

I know kpop groups are desperately trying to get attention but I can't understand why anyone thought this would work.
when have the even spoken about female empowerment anyways? the only thing I remember is that song 21st century girls but that song is just laughable.

No. 29439

they say that rm wrote that song with a feminist professor or something like that but it has such basic lyrics, if they were trying to write a female empowerment song they could've done much better

No. 29456

File: 1548673153364.jpg (41.49 KB, 600x402, 5fe3bd053549f0889de1e399b1f18a…)

i know this has been said so many times and it doesn't add anything new to the topic but RM's face is so punchable

No. 29571

The newest episode (ep. 436) of Running Man

No. 29572

File: 1548685701672.png (53.63 KB, 743x321, Screen Shot 2019-01-29 at 1.26…)

Ok what the fuck

No. 29573

Woke feminist kings… they were misguided, punching women is just a cultural thing.. They are actually just criticizing the mistreatment of women within the K-pop industry here…

No. 29578

I still cat believe that there are army’s who seriously believe that RM is attractive. I get that beauty is subjective, but dude looks like a rat and he doesn’t even have a decent enough personality to make up for it.

No. 29579

People are really defending them like their lives depend on it by devaluing the writing and saying they were just "kids"….Yikes.

No. 29582

File: 1548690651750.jpg (943.92 KB, 1500x1000, 29177233351_b169e6c794_o.jpg)

it's kinda sad how much she's damaged her face, she was kinda pretty when they first came out

No. 29587

i used to find her the prettiest member; now she’s the same brand of plastic as taeyeon and jessica.

red velvet’s visual charm (imo) was that the members all had very distinct looks from each other and stood out in their own way; nowadays wendy looks like your typical surgeyed up kpop barbie

No. 29588

File: 1548691191855.jpg (147.48 KB, 600x900, 29851746841_64bc42ab8f_o.jpg)

who allowed this

No. 29590

>the following lyrics, which RM wrote: “Yeah, you’re the best woman, the best vagina / So good are you at doing it, the best vagina / But now that I think about it, you were never the best / I will stop calling you best and instead call you gonorrhea.”

Ah yes, the talented genius rapper went all out I see.
Did his feminist professor help him out with this one too?

No. 29592

File: 1548692178029.png (536.42 KB, 500x700, d8lj0sh-a6b7fc99-1aa0-401d-b08…)

Yeah. Starting with ICC Dr. Kim really did a number on her face. I'm guessing they were trying to lean into this "rich foreign exchange student" aura she was assigned to. The plastic surgery wasn't as obvious as it is now because of the bleached hair and overall styling (and because it was fresh) but the problem with these extreme procedures such as a jaw shave is that it requires constant maintaining which ups the risk of fucking up.
Not to armchair too much but with her fluctuating weight and plastic surgery girl seems to be very insecure. Shame because I really liked her kind look she had when she first debuted and she's undoubtedly one of the best vocalists of her generation.
>red velvet’s visual charm (imo) was that the members all had very distinct looks from each other and stood out in their own way
Funny that you say that because literally all people would talk about during their debut was how similar they all supposedly looked.

No. 29594

What the actual fuck is this

No. 29595

RV stylists give Seulgi the worst clothes/styling because of her "girl crush" image.

No. 29596

So that's what he meant when he said he's gonna beat that pussy like you never ever felt before

No. 29605

No. 29606

What is everyones thoughts on this video? It was linked in the video the anon posted and it explain the hello counsellor situation in a sort of cultural point of view.

My issue is they and other people a like keep saying that touching/playing with kids penises is normal in korean culture but why would you want something borderlining pedophilia apart of your culture in the first place…

No. 29611

LMAO is he a 12 year old girl?

No. 29618

It's incredibly upsetting and fucked up that someone would choose to bring a pedophile man who abuses his kids and his wife to a TV show so the audience can laugh at the situation. The mother needs to divorce him and he needs to be far away from her and the kids, perhaps in jail.
The culture stuff is just an excuse for abusers.

No. 29626

yes something being part of a certain culture gives it context but that does not free it from criticism.
ive noticed its mostly non-koreans pulling the culture card though lol how absolutely cucked do you have to be to be willing to excuse pedo shit for another culture just so you can continue to jerk it to your korean idols in a peaceful mindset? call me when this show gets taken off air and the man is in jail.

No. 29627

Because then these morons would have to accept that Korea is not this happy fairy tale land that they've been spoon fed but the Korean media they consume. It honestly tells you the current climate of things when people are excusing pedo shit as "cultural" or whatever buzzword they fancy. I'm pretty sure everyone in this thread is in full agreement that this asshole needs to be thrown in jail and the show needs to be taken off the air. Now.

No. 29628

File: 1548710060819.jpg (45.93 KB, 480x640, GkjK4gajysM.jpg)

lol is his favorite artist picasso now or something

No. 29629

File: 1548710277563.jpg (95.87 KB, 470x470, xgfgfcdrdcfcfcfh.jpg)

That feel when your oppar can't paint for shit.

No. 29631

Its kinda funny how its considered racist to critique a certain aspect of a culture but patronizing and speaking over the people of said culture is… woke. I guess!
Well what was his favorite artist before then, army-chan?

No. 29633

File: 1548712676231.jpg (14.55 KB, 480x480, 1499105604515.jpg)

>some manufactured idol who is in car commercials pretending so desperately to be an artiste

No. 29636

This is kinda old, and when I first saw it I thought it was a joke.

No. 29637

this army is saying that bts' manager told fans that bts themselves don't want people with dslr cameras in concerts. i wonder if these rich fansites have some money beef going on with bighit because they blacklisted some of them too

No. 29638

That is kind of weird, I wonder what the beef is.
Aren't Fansites some of the biggest cashcows for Idol groups?

No. 29639

These dudes literally don't have an ounce of talent.

No. 29645

File: 1548714941293.jpg (113.53 KB, 1003x1300, artist-painter-french-inspired…)

Hey, but at least he's got one of that little french artist hats! Next thing he's going to try and grow a mustache

Also, their fans always whine about them being overworked, meanwhile Oppars have time to replace every single bone in their body with plastic and make meaningless "art"…

No. 29648

Do you think with how underweight idols are, they get their periods?

No. 29649

I doubt it. It's probably considered it a plus, the girls can wear skimpy outfits any time without periods being an issue. The men that run these agencies don't give a fuck as long as they're making money.

No. 29651

he's been bragging about growing a beard for a while now

No. 29653

Who is that in the picture? Don't tell me it's Wendy…

No. 29655

Pretty sure that only happens if you're Ashley-tier. Your body doesn't just stop functioning because someone's a little underweight, hamplanet.

No. 29656

most idols are probably on birth control, so even if they are a healthy weight they don't have one.

No. 29661

JFC Amber just come out and say your gay, SM and Korea don't give a fuck about you anymore anyway.

No. 29665

>surprised sm still has a contract with her.
>thought Imthe thumbnail was a guy for a sec.

No. 29669

Moved to >>>/ot/363062.

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