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File: 1541545196772.png (646.93 KB, 706x646, 1541451456645.png)

No. 321283

Rant about Kpop, it's creepy fandoms, and/or it's fucked up industry. Or just nitpick some idols.

· Don't racebait
· Don't fangirl. Save that for the Kpop General thread here: >>301262
· Don't derail about dumb shit. If it doesn't directly have to do with Kpop, don't post about it here.
· This thread is not about Korean society as a whole. Save that for the Anti-Korean Culture thread here: >>306105

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No. 321300

Here's BTS and Charlie Puth's Fake Love performance where everyone's vocals were all over the place.
Armys are like "You did amazing Jimin!!" in the comments since he cries when he messes up in performances I guess

No. 321319

I just came here to post this! Christ, it was so so bad. Rapline were decent, vocal line was embarrassing. None of them could hit the notes.

No. 321320

Also Charlie Puth sounds like he's being castrated in the chorus. Jimin was pure shit, V was tragic, Jin was surprisingly OK for once and Jungkook did best (which isn't saying a lot)

No. 321326

All of them were bad but V's line was all over the place. It kinda shocked me when he started singing.

No. 321327

I am hollering at this. So fucking bad! It’s a sad day when useless Jin is one of the better vocalists. Why is Charlie Puth there and why does he have a career?

No. 321332

File: 1541552631302.jpg (866.39 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20181107-075950_You…)

The height difference tho. Charlie is 1.8m according to Google, while JK is 1.78m. JK looks awfully small compared to Charlie, that does not look like a 2cm gap to me. It gets worse when you realised that JK must be wearing insoles and still looked small. I am aware that all Kpop companies fake their artists' real height, but damn, use some logic next time??

No. 321336

File: 1541552982615.jpg (521.66 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20181107-081005_You…)

Also, JK's soles kek.

No. 321339

File: 1541553509502.jpg (242.15 KB, 1078x1078, 20181107_081815.jpg)

>Please stop criticizing their vocals. It would be better off if we ignore it for good. Got it? Good.


No. 321347

I'm bewildered at the amount of people who would actually sit down and type that BTS are extremely talented. This performance sucked ass and their vocal weren't even close to sub par, just admit it. Don't be fucking afraid to criticize your faves. This is exactly why they'll start flopping.

No. 321349

File: 1541554804702.jpg (70.98 KB, 1024x922, DorVYQjUcAE_LLd.jpg)

samefag, I just got V's part. My EARDRUMSS

No. 321368

V sounded like he's tone-deaf.

No. 321369

>"I don't understand why they are doing this to themselves"

Maybe because they agreed to sign their lives away by contract to BigHit when they became Kpop idols?

No. 321383

RM: ugly/pretentious af
J-Hope: fake persona/lots of ps
Jimin: annoying/insecure/not cute
V: crazy/childish
Jungkook: introverted/boring
Jin: literally useless

Jesus what an unlikeable bunch

No. 321404

File: 1541565200277.gif (90.19 KB, 220x220, tenor.gif)

Even Jin is singing better than Jimin.

No. 321415

whew, i never noticed that he was so small. if charlie is actually 1.80, there is no way jungkook is 1.78 with these soles

omg i can't believe evil bighit made the vocalists… sing… unacceptable…
i agree that they are kinda overworked with consantly releasing new shit and the tour, but this performance didn't suck because they were tired, it sucked because their vocal techniques are god-awful and you hear how bad they are more clearly since it's a ballad version. they make bts out to be gods who can never be criticized but how do they expect them to improve if no one calls a shitty performance shitty, i don't know. bts members won't have a mental breakdown if they hear people criticizing them (not sure about jimin tho), they are adult men who make a living out of performing, not fragile babies, just stop.

they have no talent to make up for it either. terrible vocals, jungkook usually manages to not fuck up but i don't find his whiny singing that pleasant. their raps are okay for k-pop but it's not anything mindblowing, they get praised for "~~writing their own songs~~" when their name is credited with 15 other people and the lyrics aren't even that good. j-hope and jimin are okay dancers so i'll give them that. 2 good dancers out of 7 in a group that focuses on dance performances, yeah

No. 321430

My reply got fucked up a bunch but I really have to say Jimins vocals are absolutely terrible. Also wtf why does it sound better other times. Do they lip sync?

No. 321443

File: 1541570313325.jpg (32.07 KB, 610x407, 432418_81599_3035_org.jpg)

naeun was known as the pretty member of pink and yet she fucked her nose up lmao
looking like she used the same surgeon as irene


No. 321444

File: 1541570379861.jpg (47.46 KB, 542x526, 06251-e1529213940523.jpg)

samefag but its so tragic i have to post it

No. 321448

File: 1541570647275.jpg (29.88 KB, 452x678, images.jpg)

All apink members look tragic now. Here is Eunji.

No. 321449

File: 1541570678436.jpg (99.94 KB, 560x823, unnamed.jpg)

Didn't they learn anything about Namjoo botched nosejob?

No. 321450

File: 1541570730858.jpg (20.3 KB, 553x554, eunji.jpg)


They should consider changing their plastic surgeons lol

No. 321452

File: 1541571021577.jpg (12.89 KB, 300x300, s-l300.jpg)

They're like a completely nugu group!
Maybe it will work for them since they're dead in the water at this point anyway with all the ~cutesy~ girl groups that took over. They should just rebrand lmao. They can even bring back the member they Jessica Jung'd back in the day Im willing to bet she has a new face too. They could do what hello venus did and go full on slutpop, add new members and add edm to all their songs.

No. 321454

File: 1541571080168.jpg (29.7 KB, 656x467, -.jpg)

Apink used to be pretty during their debut, except the one on the far right (pic related). She's got a botched nose since the beginning. Idk who she is so I have no idea how she looks now.

No. 321455

thats namjoo who DESTROYED her face even more than before

No. 321457

im still convinced namjoo was replaced and thats not her lol
takes off tinfoil hat

No. 321460

File: 1541571593464.jpg (20.84 KB, 400x600, Namjoo-2-1.jpg)

O shit. What a shame. She was a lot better and cute on predebut pics. Her nose looks irreparable now.

No. 321462

File: 1541571686444.jpg (37.63 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

She wasnt even that bad in the group.

No. 321506


thats just tragic

No. 321551

ooo v, jimin and charlie are a hot mess in this. i dont think they are usually thid bad though

No. 321563

>>321462 what did they even try to do here, how much therapy did she need after this

No. 321571

taehyung needs to stop attempting to hit high notes for the sake of humanity or we'll keep getting gems like this

No. 321581

File: 1541599214402.gif (978.79 KB, 331x255, 51E0D87A-8C7D-4306-9D8A-65DD20…)

What a tragic case of dick nose

No. 321583

I played this video and my dog started barking at the laptop.

No. 321585


I lost it at the top comment of this video

No. 321587

File: 1541600295835.png (61.97 KB, 795x421, Screen Shot 2018-11-08 at 1.18…)

shit sorry forgot the screenshot

No. 321588

Do you think the whole Jimin being insecure thing is genuine, was he always like this or did he just start to fake it when he fucks up so that he can get this pity party and whoever critiques him get attacked by armys

No. 321610

The comments, jesus…

>Y’all need to remember that the boys kick themselves HARD after almost every performance because they feel like they ruined it, especially jimin. Stop pointing shit out cuz the prolly don’t feel good about it anyway smh

>Im not gonna lie, this was painful to watch. Not because of his mistake, but because of what might've happened after this. I remember watching an ep of Burn the Stage where Jimin was very disapointed at himself because he cracked his voice (and I didn't even noticed it). I hope they were just happy with themselves and their performance

>some of you act like bts are perfect. PLS DONT BE INSENSITIVE. they are also HUMAN like tf. not everyone's in a great singing condition. also PLEASE APPRECIATE the fact that they always try to give their best in every performances and NOT LIPSYNC. imagine being in their position thinking that they didn't do well. SUPPORT THEM AND APPRECIATE THEIR EFFORTS INSTEAD OF BEING INSENSITIVE AND GIVING CRITICISM AND NEGATIVE COMMENTS.

They act as if Jimin castigates himself if we don't kiss his ass after every performance.
Don't we all wish that our teachers, professors, bosses just once gave us an ounce of the sympathy that bts always gets? Army are like the parents of some retarded kid who hand out medals for participation and "trying". They're all grown men, this is their job, they should have to do their job well, otherwise they deserve to get fired - meaning in this case no awards, not getting their contract renewed. They shouldn't deserve their fans love and millions for just existing, it's simply not enough.

No. 321611

File: 1541604322140.gif (123.88 KB, 590x333, 1398142446426.gif)

It actually sounded decent until Jimin and V came in. Jfc if this is what they sound like at their concerts…

No. 321612

File: 1541604495261.png (25.09 KB, 632x104, Screen Shot 2018-11-07 at 10.2…)

No. 321619

Most men are lying about their height. Chances are that Charlie is actually less than 1.8m - so JK with is thick soles + insoles is likely not (much) more than 1.7m kek
But I bet their delusional fangirls would rather say that him, Taylor Swift and all the other taller foreign singers are actually 2 metres than admit that their Oppa is shorter than themselves lol

No. 321622

File: 1541606779558.jpg (282.06 KB, 1024x683, bts-billboard-music-awards-201…)

i mean, fans are still customers who pay for their music and entertainment, so of course they can be criticized if they aren't doing their job properly. thousands of people are paying to see you performing live yet you can't still learn how to sing for shit? jimin and taehyung wouldn't get ridiculed for sounding like dying whales if they spent some of their money on vocal training instead of ugly gucci shit

lol speaking of bts and gucci, their head-to-toe gucci look in bbmas was hilarious

No. 321629

>Y’all need to remember that the boys kick themselves HARD after almost every performance because they feel like they ruined it, especially jimin

If Jimin's kicking himself after every performance because he feels like he ruined it maybe he should go take some training so he can actually be good at his job? Goddamn.

No. 321630


I believe he's insecure because he's constantly starving himself and wearing colored contacts to hide his real eye color. I don't think that's any reason for people to just allow him to be bad at his choice of career though.

No. 321632

J-hope looks so ridiculously bad with that pose and hair that I'm lost for words. Does that boy have any ounce of self-awareness at all

No. 321636

he thought he was killing it lmao!!!!

No. 321638

why tf is gucci so popular? i can't stand seeing this ugly shit everywhere, i hope this trend dies out soon

No. 321641

For real, aren't kpop idols supposed to train a lot? Both now and before fame when they were trainees… I've heard of trainees spending 14/16 hours a day practicing, but where are the results exactly? You'd say that after having spent years training they would be Mariah Carey tier singers, and yet they suck so bad. Is "training" a code word for "spending the whole day in a room taking selfies and playing with their phone"?

No. 321651

I’ve noticed that a lot of Kpop fans are obsessed with idols hitting high notes.

No. 321652

When will army’s, and Kpop fans in general I guess, realize that they don’t actually know these idols?

No. 321653

I've heard the same thing. The ones I've heard of actually sound like they improved over time. There's no excuse for them sounding like cats being strangled. All it takes is hiring a vocal coach and putting in the work but they're too lazy for that

No. 321655

File: 1541614430806.png (447.43 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181107-201115.png)

So this person claims to not be an army but creates a whole thread defending them. I've never known anyone who's not an army to stick up for them. They must be posting this to get some likes and retweets

No. 321658

even people who have no interest in kpop know how terrible bts' fandom is. whenever they get called out for being a shitty fandom, they'll say "but bts has been treated like shit by the other kpop fandoms!!" as if it excuses their shitty behavior. what have kpop fandoms actually done to bts anyway? they really have no self awareness that they harm bts' reputation more than anyone else kek

No. 321661


BTS were accused of sajaegi a few times circa the Boy in Luv era.

But so were tons and tons of other groups. It'd actually be easier to name a group from the same generation as BTS who haven't been accused of sajaegi, and many of them were accused of it way more and much more loudly than BTS ever were (SISTAR, Block B, Teen Top, Laboum). Most of the other fandoms of groups accused of it took the L and got the fuck over it, but Army have had a victim complex ever since and act like BTS were oppressed because a handful of posts on Pann suggested that beating Big Bang on the charts was a bit weird for a relatively unknown (as they were back in those days) group.

No. 321668

So Key's single Forever Yours is ok. I was expecting more

No. 321696

File: 1541623287125.jpg (20.07 KB, 494x621, images-1.jpg)

I think Charlie is really around 1.8m (ofc it could be less, but even if he lied about his height, it's still not far from what's listed). This is a pic of him and Harry Styles, who is said to be 1.83m tall according to Google and this pic makes sense to me. Charlie being 1.8m and Harry 1.83m.

Idk whats gotten into army's mind for even believing BTS' published heights because to me, they always look small even without us needing to compare them to western artists. Just them standing together (along with their awful soles) makes it obvious that their real heights are far from the published ones.

No. 321699

How tall do you think they really are? They can't lie that much

No. 321701

File: 1541623957459.jpg (278.86 KB, 1080x1106, 20181108_035101.jpg)

Army couldn't accept bts being the only one that got criticized so they decided to direct the hate to Charlie despite his voice being stable in the live performance. I don't like him, but damn these army are in full denial and delusional af.

No. 321706

File: 1541624367866.jpg (224.3 KB, 1080x945, 20181108_035946.jpg)

From realkpopheights.tumblr.com

No. 321707


Charlie Puth's face looks "weird" when he sings because he's focused on singing, not on looking uwu cute for 12 year old fangirls.

No. 321708


i'd be surprised if jimin and suga were taller than 168-170 cm in reality, tbh. their proportions make it clear

No. 321722

the verses are fine but the chorus is a let down
and the styling is terrible

No. 321725

Korean singers really seem to over exaggerate a lot though.
Taeyang from Bigbang claims to be 173, I've seen him IRL and he is at most 160-163, same with Jay Park who also claims to be 170 or something but is 165 at most, most likely smaller.

No. 321734

File: 1541630131355.jpeg (157.7 KB, 1242x574, BBB0D31D-BAC2-4CA3-945E-1F9CFE…)

This comment on the vid is exactly how I feel kek

No. 321735

he sounds like shit in fake love

No. 321738

And here I thought I was bad for adding 2 cm to my height on paper… lol

No. 321740

File: 1541630722217.jpg (398.39 KB, 1080x1050, 20181108_054006.jpg)

This made me wonder why Jin betrayed SM and chose a nugu company instead, and I got this kek

>Jin thought it was a prank that SM wanted him to join them

Either it's true (what a naive dude he was right) or SM decided to dispose of him cause he lacked any talent whatsoever. Even til now he hasn't had any acting job yet, and we all know why.

No. 321744

He was always like this
It’s literally in his nature to want to please and get attention so he try’s so desperately- grasping at straws to get any bit of acknowledgement. Like even in stupid instances like hogging the camera during during vlives, bon voyage, interviews he likes to be heard. And during his private vlives he constantly asks army if he’s doing well enough. Then if he feels like he’s doing a shit job he uses his sex appeal to try and get one over. I’m convinced once he stops getting constant reassurance and people stop listening to BTS he’ll probably be a hasbin try hard old idol or just succumb to alcoholism and suicide.

No. 321746

if he did debut in sm, he probably wouldn't be popular at all, as he's one of the least popular members in his group now

>he would have been a member of EXO.

why does this person even assume this kek

No. 321756

File: 1541631725327.jpg (539.78 KB, 1080x1605, 20181108_055345.jpg)

Not sure if this was a fake news but the drama had finished and I couldn't find his name anywhere in the cast list. Either his role got cancelled or his group was too busy promoting idol during that period, but he really was cancelled lol.

Idk about other companies but normally a company would support their individual artist's job even when the schedule don't exactly match that of the group. Like that one time Joy ditched RV's schedule in North Korea cause she was busy with her acting job, and Lay with EXO.

Either bighit was so greedy they wouldn't want any of the member to be missing during promotion time, or whoever in charge of the drama decided that Jin just didn't live up to their standards.

Correct me if I'm mistaken but there must be a reason why companies like SM let their artists take individual jobs, I think they can generate more money (and popularity) that way. If it was Bighit that cancelled him then it's such an idiotic move knowing Jin is the least popular member of the group and he let go of one huge chance for his name to shine.

No. 321764

File: 1541632917654.jpg (217.91 KB, 1080x647, 20181108_062052.jpg)

So they say it was the sound engineer that messed up the performance. Still doesn't explain why jin out of all the vocalists sounded better than the rest of them (and that's saying a lot).

No. 321765

>he hasn't had any acting job yet, and we all know why
Because no actress would be willing to kiss his bj lips?

No. 321769

I think whoever posted that was lying. The link in the tweet just leads to one of their comeback trailers. You would think bighit would try and get him some sort of acting gig since actors have way more prestige than idols in korea.

No. 321783

it’s a korean culture thing, you always have to say how you put in sOOOOO MUCH TIME in your work and sacrificed your sleep, food, etc. for it (even if the end product itself is garbage lmao) and you’ll get praised for it. companies like to brag about how “””hardworking””” their trainees are and how they spend literally all of their free time practicing, but for all we know those idols could just be fucking around during their free time (that’s probably the case considering how few of them are actually decent performers despite “training” for 3 or more years). in the end, koreans won’t care about any of that as long as they keep pushing the HARDWORKING AND DEDICATED AF!!! narrative

No. 321820



Looks like the wrong sound mix was played during this. It would explain why everyone including Charlie looked stressed. I wonder if the show's sound engineer got shit for this since it's a pretty big fuck up?

No. 321839

No. 321849

File: 1541646097872.jpg (72.12 KB, 970x546, bts_james_corden_late_late_sho…)

this is what they looked like next to James Corden who is 1.73 so I think it's true

No. 321851

Because at the end of the day, you can't force talent. It's either there or it isn't. With training just about any voice can become passable (unless you're totally tone deaf) but tonal quality, range, flexibility, to some extent those can't be taught or practiced into existence. A beautiful voice is a beautiful voice regardless of training. Training can help keep that voice healthy and viable for longer. There are very few amazing voices in Kpop that I've heard.

No. 321865

whoever made this cut off the feet and shifted the host down lmao. you can see that corden's knees are about where these guys feet are…

No. 321869

idk it's from this video, all of them seem around corden's height

No. 321871

File: 1541650996763.jpg (508.91 KB, 1080x1576, 20181108_111820.jpg)

Lmao he's desperate, if it's just 1 song and not on iTunes US it would be more convincing.

>Songs from Chinese rapper Kris Wu’s new album have been removed from U.S. iTunes Charts afterallegations that his fans have been using bots to manipulate the ranking.

>Wu, a former member of the popular Korean-Chinese boy band Exo, has just released his new album “Antares” last Friday, managing to edge out both Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga off the U.S. top spots upon launch.

Slightly OT cause it's Cpop but he used to be in the Kpop scene.

No. 321877

Wow bts is really a bunch of manlets

No. 321881

I read Ariana’s manager had something to do with him being taken off of the charts

No. 321882

File: 1541655247314.jpeg (205.94 KB, 1203x705, AC7E14DF-3BCF-4977-9AD1-A22764…)

But then he said he has nothing to do with it

No. 321885

This sums it up perfectly

No. 321888

Ugh. Many times idols and artist who can actually sing take out their in-ears and sing perfectly because they can

No. 321897

omg the fans going crazy in the background. Like wtf behave yourselves.

No. 321901

Even though the backtrack was wrong, that doesn't explain why their vocals suck. Being tired is always an excuse these ratmys use when BTS constantly show that they don't have it(talent). So what they're saying is, when the backtrack is wrong their voices also goes bad? The backtrack doesn't come from their throats. This shows a lot

No. 321911

i don't think you or other anons understand. If you can't hear your own voice you can't even speak let along sing. Usually you can hear it through your ears and jaw but if you're in a loud enough concert you need your own voice played in your ear so you can sing. If they play another channel, you're gonna sing like that and even in the way a deaf person does

No. 321912

okay. If that was the case then its fine but I would expect them to be off key, not cracked voices

No. 321915

File: 1541663723102.png (362.18 KB, 552x317, 1.png)

Honestly though, it might be his Chinese fans doing it and not him/his management.

Chinese fans are fucking crazy when it comes to their faves.

No. 321934

File: 1541670963135.png (207.54 KB, 631x639, Untitled.png)

That's possible, Chinese fans always do the craziest and most expensive thing for their idols, like paying for those billboards in NYC.

What makes it suspicious is that he didn't just top the charts in iTunes US (pic related), but also in several other countries. It's kinda impossible, I think? Unless the Chinese fans are doing their craziest attempt to make him the 1st everywhere. Or… it could have been true that he was using bots, Chinese hackers are not to be underestimated. They could even steal data from the US government (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cyberwarfare_by_China), so hacking iTunes is just as easy as stealing candy from a baby.

It's kinda embarrassing seeing him boasting his 'achievement' like that, he wanted to show the world that he was able to surpass EXO's popularity by being sly.

Correct me if I'm mistaken but I don't think I've seen more than 1 BTS's song getting on top of the charts the way Kris Wu's did (6 songs in total)? It would have made a lot of sense for BTS since we all know how crazy their fans are.

No. 321943

If you can't hear yourself and the backtrack is wrong best thing to do is stop the show and have the engineers get their shit straight. Oh well

No. 321947

No, they did the professional thing. Especially Charlie since he kept playing the piano when the track stopped completely. They knew they had like 3 more performances after that where they could perform much better anyway.

No. 321955

I haven't read all the previous threads but do you guys ever talk about how, you know, kpop is not even real but is a soft power initiative by the korean govenment? -like, the teens are really screaming but would it ever have occurred to them organically to start a beatlemania over roboticised foreign language 90s pop if that hadn't been seeded. Gangnam style is utter shit but somehow they memed it. I'm not sure how exactly they drive it and it's not even aimed at america it's aimed at China but westerners are absorbing stray hypnorays

No. 321965

they are desperate to be accepted by the world as a superpower country or they are just mimicking america at everything.

No. 321967

It’s definitely aimed at America as well otherwise they wouldn’t be so adamant on promotion over here.

No. 321969

Does s.korea even have their own music outside western culture? those ballads are definitely not it

No. 321971


Kinda. Most adult Koreans don't listen to idols, they listen to stuff like HuhGak, Urban Zakapa, Park Hyoshin, Beenzino, Dok2, Nell. Most of those artists are still heavily influenced by Western music though, they're just influenced by Western rap, R&B or rock instead of Western pop.

No. 321973

I meant like their music has an korean signature sound as compared to latin music

No. 321976


It doesn't really. Trot is a genre of more old-school Korean music that's semi-unique but it has next to no influence on today's mainstream music.

It's also shit.

No. 321992

File: 1541683542989.jpg (95.5 KB, 1000x500, yang-hyun-suk.jpg)

>The next group to be introduced from 'YG Treasure Box' is Group J, made of all Japanese trainees


These trainees ain't shit. They all look the same and sound bad lol. What happened to the Mixnine boy group again? So YG decided to create a boy group survival program, yet everybody seems to forget how he treated the winning group of Mixnine. Poor kids didn't even get to debut.

No. 321993

File: 1541683910557.jpg (59.13 KB, 1000x500, the-east-light.jpg)

This is so cringe worthy

No. 321994

another survival show? And are these boys twins or something?

No. 321999

Yep, after mixnine's failure… and nope they aren't twins but they all look the same. See the allkpop link to see the rest of the members.

No. 322007

I wonder why companies keep pushing their japanese talents/trainees when they clearly arent aiming for diversity? Its well known that foreign artists are treated badly and arent even allowed to embrace their roots (tzuyu got bashed for waving Tw flag) or be vocal about it unless it benefits the companies (sm artists working in china atm).

Theyre expected to act, speak, look, and think like koreans. This applies to half koreans as well (from the interview with ex member of chocolat).

I legit thought it was cool when takuya of cross gene started it in 2012 by becoming the first japanese idol in korea (no idea though) but then they keep popping up like wild mushrooms lol, the latest being the yg trainees. I just dont see the selling point anymore, considering how bland and mediocre they are.

No. 322008

Is that a man or a woman?

No. 322009

p sure it's one of those underage guys who got beat by their producers

No. 322014

Imho even without talent one can still do well in something. As you said, certain things like range can't be changed because they're innate, but with enough practice one can become decent… not groundbreaking, but at least decent. I think they need to practice more, with a competent coach, and that whoever makes their songs should actually assign lines according to each of their vocal ranges instead of just picking the most popular members and calling it a day. This way, they could make a better impression in live shows instead of upsetting the nearby animal shelters

No. 322024

I agree that the companies downplay their roots, but the Tzuyu flag incident was more about the Chinese market losing its shit over any hint at Taiwanese sovereignty than making her Koreanized.

No. 322034

Range can be increased both ways. If you get proper training you'll have a solid technique and you can work on things like tone etc. Trust me there's a lot that can be worked on and improved. You might not be born with a beautiful tone but those things can be worked on. Consistency is key

No. 322054

File: 1541693925137.png (439.7 KB, 1080x1064, Screenshot_2018-11-08-19-08-05…)

I really hate seeing this kind of posts on instagram. On discover page, music section is full of this shit. I just want to ban kpop altogether from my discover, but I guess it's not possible. I wouldn't mind if only music videos show up but all the kpop content is either ridiculous dance rehearsals (it's even worse if there are tryhard sexy moves involved), shitty quizzes or exaggerated praises about idols.

No. 322059


I fucking died when the guy with the long black coat ascended while sounding like a goddamn goat

No. 322079

That's why I said to some extent. The majority of Kpop singers have the same basic sound and it's because pretty much none of them have any innate vocal talent. Of course training properly and consistently helps and can make them decent but overall almost none of them are amazing to listen to.
Which wouldn't matter except Kpop fans always go on and on about the "talent" of their faves and how they are much better singers than western pop singers or jpop singers etc because of their training. So it's interesting when a whole mess-load of them are passable at best.

No. 322082

This is true. With lack of talent being the case they're not even willing to do the bare minimum to get to a level of decency. The least the can do is work on improving their tones but it's just pure laziness

No. 322084


you need to stop opening ANY kpop related things on ig, eventually they'll go away. but of you open them (even accidentally) they will keep showing up. that's how i got rid of kpop on my feed, never "clicked" on anything related

No. 322087

i like how they post about bts being the greatest family-like besties with the most unbreakable friendship ever and then also post about how they get jealous of each other or how much they want to fuck each other

No. 322089

File: 1541699954694.jpg (241.24 KB, 723x597, IMG_20181108_125704-2.jpg)

What is wrong with Jimin's left eye?

No. 322091

He looks like a ladyboy

No. 322095

File: 1541700664148.jpg (85.07 KB, 1094x366, ruhroh.JPG)

Yikes. Music Station is canceling BTS appearance because of the atomic bomb tshirt.
ARMY meltdown in 3…2…1
sidenote- I actually feel a little bad for their J-fans given that seem like the only non-feral ARMYs in existence.

No. 322098

>their J-fans given that seem like the only non-feral ARMYs in existence
t. weeb

No. 322101

you mean "best regards, weeb" or some shit. enkus toimi t.

No. 322102

Not really. I just mean they don't seem to sperg out the way international fans and Korean fans do.

No. 322113

His human suit is slipping off

No. 322114

i’ve seen people say the current relations are going to cause problems for other groups too, but the only kpop idols solid enough in japan right now to be on a show like music station are bts, twice, tvxq and jaejoong. i guess twice might be at risk but having japanese members is going to help, and they definitely are popular right now. tvxq are established enough that they survived the last “ban” on kpop and won’t lose sleep over another, and jaejoong’s been on music station twice this year and has recently been aligning himself with his new best friends hyde and yoshiki, so he’s got connections to fall back on. the only groups i really see suffering for this are the nugus who release a couple of japanese versions of their songs just so they have enough fans to get some tour money

No. 322118

i wonder what's going to happen to their japan tour? it's going to start soon

No. 322144

I wonder how much ps they’ve had done?

No. 322156

Twice's appearance had already been cancelled. This is bigger than the shirt thing. It has to do with the recent court ruling and the right wing nationalists threatening to riot outside venues. Even if the average Japanese citizen doesn't care, they'll still need to cancel because of the threats.

No. 322173

twice didn’t have any performances upcoming, the only cancellations are rumours about no kpop at kohaku this year after a couple of acts were invited

No. 322226

I’ve been wondering this for a while it’s just his contacts. I guess they just get messed up often which is super uncomfortable he should feel it in his eye fucking up. What a freak.

No. 322231

File: 1541717953784.jpeg (792.47 KB, 1138x1167, 5A0D68A4-8E72-41AB-B729-6201E3…)

No. 322243

This pic is NSFL, should be always spoilered jfc

No. 322247

his contacts will be the death of me

No. 322248

a true post-halloween spook

No. 322260

He has an astigmatism in that eye and it causes the contact lens to shift around

No. 322265

God dammit I wanna laugh but at the same time I have the same issue as him so I know he can't help it. Gotta give it to him though, if I were him I wouldn't be able to keep posting those pics after seeing my own fans making fun of my eyes under my selfie posts constantly.

No. 322339

I guess it's curtains for Winner.

No. 322354

What a vacant stupid face she has. I really can't tell what they are going for with this debut.

No. 322356

im lowkey pissed that either bts or twice are going to win song of the year when it could go to someone with actual good music (like dean for example)

No. 322358

I find Jennie very pretty, but she's often serving "lights are on, but nobody's home" look on stage and in vlives. The solo teasers are perfectly on brand, which is: pretty, sleepy, wears clothes well.

No. 322363


wonder if she is having an affair with YG or Teddy the producer because I don't understand why she is having a solo. Jennie is pretty but has zero stage presence, forgets the lyrics of their songs and can't dance even if her life depended on it.

No. 322381

Her parents were rumored to be YG shareholders long before BP debut (Ikon's BI parents too), there's another rumor her mom is CJ E&M higher-up. I hope it's not true, and nobody is ensuring other girls never get more lines, media attention or commercial opportunities than Jennie, because the thought is kinda depressing.

No. 322458

File: 1541752548163.png (38.73 KB, 109x122, Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 5.35…)

i don't follow kpop nor care for it in any way but i just scrolled thru the thread and damn this is the ugliest face i have ever seen in my life lmao

No. 322480

File: 1541760511986.jpg (71.27 KB, 720x720, 40925743_450174348804529_88293…)

lol funny cause somebody posted this on the @kpop_confession_stand account

No. 322481

File: 1541760563801.png (18.59 KB, 200x202, thumb_youre-ugly-sorry-its-my-…)

Has anyone seen this tho

No. 322559

"pretty but untalented'' describes 99.99% of kpop idols

No. 322573

File: 1541778957641.png (250.63 KB, 352x530, hyoyeon2.png)

There's no way she's not trying to emulate white women. The same people who praise her and call her queen dox white girls who try to look like koreans (ie what they do on PULL). Pathetic.(racebaiting)

No. 322576

File: 1541779387849.png (585.11 KB, 777x502, tae.png)

Samefag but all of them have botched themselves beyond redemption. Worst thing is that their company probably forced them to undergo surgeries in order to prevent ageing. The fact that Tiffany, Sooyoung and Seohyun look mostly fine reinforces this belief.

No. 322604

Where the hell is his chin though

No. 322671

I know this is old but she looks like knock off Irene here.

No. 322686

File: 1541800177276.gif (2.13 MB, 480x288, l0MYrJpVugfLoXQje.gif)

Same dr. Kim

No. 322709


Have the BTS cancellation party begun? CNN, BBC, Billboard and Al Jazeera has reported on Nuke t-shirt-gate.

No. 322712

Tasteless and tactless.

and ofc army freaks want to defend them

>But other fans rallied around BTS.

"Don't be sad, this is not your fault, the [tense relations] between both countries is beyond your control… Jimin don't blame yourself," said one Twitter user.

No. 322717

File: 1541803063067.jpg (88.59 KB, 695x1024, 1539106577506.jpg)

all the news sites tweets about it are 100s of replies of "you dont have the full story, it was gift, oppar didn't know, why dont you tell people about what japan did to korea?" etc

No. 322720


If you read Korean responses about it, they think Americans will side with BTS and Koreans. Probably because it was America who bombed Japan.

They don't seem to realize that Americans are disgusted by this.

No. 322721

File: 1541803475232.png (73.91 KB, 610x573, 9.png)

the white knighting and blame shifting are at insane levels


No. 322724

>They don't seem to realize that Americans are disgusted by this.
huh? americans don't give a shit. most americans who do give a shit are probably armies who aren't disgusted by it because they're, y'know, armies. barely anyone else here even knows who bts are.

i personally don't give a single fuck about the shirt, but i do hate bts so i won't object to some controversy.

No. 322725


Koreans would flip the fuck out if a Vietnamese celebrity wore a shirt making fun of comfort women, even though what Korea did to Vietnam was pure evil.

No. 322726

File: 1541804051893.gif (776.38 KB, 388x182, FSDW.gif)

Dear anons, is it finally happening???

I love how they placed the caption "K-pop star gives speech at the UN" right next to it. Let people see the hypocrisy.

No. 322728

File: 1541804184633.jpg (65.93 KB, 518x425, korean-liberation-day-1.jpg)

>but muh japanese colonization

everybody knows that the Japanese government and their army did some horrible things during WWII, but that doesn't mean people should celebrate an event were hundredthousands of civilans (including thousands of koreans) got killed.

Fair that the designer or whoever wanted to make a shirt celebrating korean liberation, but why didn't he choose a picture of some of the korean freedom fighters who bravely stood up to the Japanese empire, or a picture from Korea has liberation happened. Why choose the fucking atomic cloud.

No. 322729


UNICEF was quite literally founded to give relief and aid to countries that recovering from the devastation of WW2. The irony is delicious.

No. 322730

Exactly. You can support and dislike a country at the same time. I don't support or like Japan's invasion of China and Korea, but I also do not support any mockery of the atomic bomb which kills over 100,000 innocent civilians and still hurts people due to radiation poison.

fuck bts.

No. 322732

>>322729 please, someone go point that out to the ratmy

No. 322742

Just wondering… I know japanese idols dress like shit but are kpop idols any better? Look at this shit for Christ's sake looks just as bad to me

No. 322744

But it's Gucci head-to-toe, anon!!! That's all that matters!1!1

No. 322752

File: 1541807474446.jpg (148.03 KB, 1024x646, DR4xuMOVAAEKEfZ.jpg)

having seen more from them, it doesn't even seem that bad tbh…

No. 322764

I can’t believe this psycho said that Japan “plays up” the atomic bombings. Like how do you “play up” a bombing??

No. 322766

that guy's blog is basically him making out as if he's the ultimate knowledge on korea (last time I saw it), so not surprised he runs crazy on twitter as well

No. 322768

File: 1541813927173.png (863.73 KB, 883x780, ee.png)

So I guess they were removed for good?

No. 322769

Sounds psychotic tbh.

No. 322770

Haha, good.

No. 322771

the hundred thousand innocent civilians that were murdered by the bomb were not the ones invading china and korea, but werk.

It's like, can this person sound anymore fucking pyscho for saying that japan isnt a victim to the bomb? because they were. That shit is horrendous and the affects are still seen in various parts of the country today. It's one of the reasons countries aren't using the bombs today and we have treaties over not using them. jfc. Apologies for my semi rant

No. 322773

File: 1541814817247.gif (239.39 KB, 220x164, hahahatakethatplasticsurgerymo…)

nice one, japan

No. 322787

>That shit is horrendous and the affects are still seen in various parts of the country today.

Agreed, but war is horrendous like that in general. There were no easy ways out of that situation. Have you ever read The Man in the High Castle? We could have just as easily ended up in a much shittier timeline.

No. 322806

The Japanese had pretty much surrendered before the bomb and there's documentation that the US just wanted to test the bomb which is why they used it on civilians but that's only recently released information that no one really likes talking about so the rhetoric that bombing civilians ended the war isn't as strong as it used to be but as to not be off topic, I really think the only way you can like BTS is if you have yellow fever cause they are all scary looking after all those surgeries and they keep showing their ass to everyone. If one direction dressed up as Nazis BTS fans would've lost their mind (rightfully but you know what I mean).

No. 322813

Kek I hope this scandal is BTS's downfall, and it's hilarious that the member who needs the most asspats and attention is the one responsible for it.
If they keep it up, soon every country is going to hate them. They already lost some Korean fans for trying to work with a right wing Japanese nationalist and know they're losing Japanese fans for this.

No. 322815

File: 1541821504776.jpg (267.24 KB, 720x742, IMG_20181109_224430.jpg)


No. 322816

>he used their first take
ya, it shows

No. 322818

legit starting to look like khloe kardashian

No. 322820

File: 1541823901386.jpg (193.75 KB, 1023x1365, 034977fcc3cb17d84b81217467fc21…)

Taetae is one of the most tragic cases because she was KNOWN for being a favorite, physically.

It just blows my mind when the idols known for being attractive and popular butcher their face. Its very clear they arent living in the same world as a normal person thats for sure.
Kyungri hurts me as well. She was so beautiful. She still is but I feel bad that her eye surgery was butchered so much. I think she's still pretty popular(as a nine muses member is allowed to be anyway) but its still noticeable and theres no way she isnt self conscious walking around with one monolid and one non monolid.

No. 322829

the hypocrisy is that their campaign was about being anti-violence. the way they used their unicef campaign to promote their albums is already fucking disgusting, can't you just make charity work without making it all about your shitty music? i hope unicef drops their xenophobic asses, they certainly don't deserve to work with them.

>Japan considers itself a victim of World War II by playing up the nuclear attacks
lol what? he sounds mental and seems to have an even bigger victim complex. a korean being happy about the bombing of hiroshima and nagasaki for the sake of nationalism is the most ignorant shit anyway, thousands of koreans lost their lives in the attack too

No. 322849

File: 1541833365494.jpg (433.43 KB, 2896x2896, 20181110_085820.jpg)

I know this has been discussed many times before but damn. She was so pretty to me before

No. 322851

BTS and their fans are uneducated as fuck. I honestly cringe everytime one of those idiots make any kind of 'political' tweet.

No. 322853

If this scandal becomes their downfall together with the whole racist thing with ratmys and the reporter. I'll be sipping tea the whole time

No. 322855

I'm sitting here wondering what their next 'incident' is going to be

No. 322856

File: 1541835312510.jpg (49.95 KB, 800x500, girls-generation-snsd-kpop-lee…)

she was but oddly enough i cant pinpoint when it started to go wrong

the boys maybe?

No. 322859

the way i see it, this atomic bomb incident is something they can't apologize for because they are Koreans so they can't 'upset their nation'. It's either japan ban bts(I hope) which will hurt their pockets or bts apologizes. One way or another they loose.

No. 322860

apparently their most recent single in japan sold well and bighit hasn't avoided uploading jimin videos so it seems like bighit doesn't care tbh.

No. 322861

their japan tour starts in a few days, i think something might happen soon. a lot of japanese shows already got their appearences cancelled. won't happen but i hope someone brings up the topic straight up to bts themselves in japan lol

No. 322862

I bet there are japanese ratmys like"I'm japanese and I'm not offended". I really hope there isn't anyone like this

No. 322863

most Japanese fans I've seen on twitter seem to be "they're not awful human beings, but they messed up", "their crazy fans defending them are worse" sort of tweets

japanese fans saying things like "I'm japanese and I'm not offended", "bts did nothing wrong uwu" seem to be overwhelmingly american japanese

No. 322869

Yeah that could be it

No. 322877

The Japanese media is just riding this wave. They were actually only booked for one show and that got cancelled, they were never booked or confirmed for any of the other shows they're "cancelled" from. Can't wait to see how far the media is willing to push this whole issue. Especially now that their album is #1 on Oricon and the most bought Korean album in Japanese chart history.

No. 322879

This is so scary. I thought Irene was a natural? As natural as an idol can be anyway

No. 322900

This though. "Most bought Korean album in Japanese chart history" wow. I had no idea the bts obsession ran that deep in Japan yikes

No. 322906

>Seungri has been dating 18yo actress for one year

But his fans in the comments are more concerned by the fact that she's too ugly and plastic looking.

No. 322908

Didn't he get married last year/earlier this year?

No. 322909

that was tayang or whatever his name is

No. 322911

File: 1541844348801.png (540.25 KB, 831x335, samee.PNG)

I don't know whose who. they all look the same

No. 322926

Lmao SK must be the top country with the highest number of twins in the whole world

Sarcasm intended

No. 322927

Irene's PS has always been said to be the most successful among SM female idols. No surprise they're trying to fit the same pattern for every female idol now.

No. 322939

Lol I find it funny how ratmonster, jimin and j-nope are usually standing next to each other in pictures because they're the worst looking from the group. It especially shows in this picture, looking busted and inhuman in grandpa clothes

No. 322961

Wtf I love Japan now

No. 322973

apparently this was fake? now i'm disappointed.

psychopathic shatmys continue to rage about how bts are victims and the big bad japanese civillians who were vaporized by atomic bombs totally deserved it, surprising absolutely no one

No. 323014

So the whole bts is cancelled party is fake? what a bummer

No. 323016

Irene out here lookin' like a whole ass grandma with her sagging skin. 30 years ain't old. If I didn't know her I would have thought she was in her 40s

No. 323036

Are BTS' Japanese fans really okay with this whole thing? I'd be disgusted if some popular boy group member wore a t-shirt glorifying an attack that killed thousands of people from my country and their fans here still kept worshipping them for some fucking reason but what do you expect from k-pop fans

No. 323048

File: 1541863299650.jpg (12.84 KB, 480x360, sunny.jpg)

You're naive if you think she hadn't already undergone ps in her pre debut pictures. Also she was a late addition to the group, maybe they wanted to ''pretty'' her up before letting her join..? Pic related is Sunny when she was a child

No. 323076

iirc she was a late addition because she got in based on connections

No. 323090

I guess it's not that farfetched to assume that she had work done before

No. 323099

She's the niece of the SM entertainment CEO. That's literally the only reason she got in.

No. 323108

Jennie performed her solo at Blackpink's concert, it sounds like your typical Blackpink song and she's practically shouting the lyrics.

No. 323111

i don't understand what the weird teaser had anything to do with a song like this

No. 323112

>title: solo
>lyrics: now i'm going solo
>lyrics: i'm going solololololo

I guess they tried to make something a little harder for her to forget while performing. It's going to get even more embarrassing when she's on stage alone and the other members can't cover for her when she forgets these lyrics

No. 323113

her whole image, even more than the other blackpink members, rests just on wearing designer brands. there's nothing behind it. even when cl was always wearing moschino and jeremy scott it was that the brand was bright and in your face and it suited her image, jennie just gets dressed in expensive clothes because they're expensive. she has no sense of style or identity or brand that isn't wearing short and tight, expensive designers and shouting lyrics about how she's expensive and totally unique. it's as if she's seen people talking about how yg idols like gdragon are style icons and influencers and get magazine covers and wanted to be like that but has no idea what made gdragon stand out

No. 323125

I get the impression that YG wants her to be the next G-Dragon, except Jennie has no actual talent

No. 323127

Fancam of entire mv was available on yt for a moment. The song is a lifeless mash of Gashina, DDD, Good Boy and melodic bit from Moana. Jennie sings in monotone. Music video is mostly sitting and walking around in great variety of outfits. Lots of sultry blank stares into the camera.

Not my type of music, but Korea ate up worse from Teddy. Personally I'm so over instrumental hooks in kpop.

No. 323128

Why did this have to be a solo? It could just as well have been a group song tbh. The song doesn't sound like it will let her solo project stand out from the BP project. I don't see the point of it at all.

When GD, Taeyang, Sungri or whoever makes a solo, the music they make is different from what they do in Bigbang. This song just sounds like the other black pink songs.

No. 323132

lel @ all the responses telling her to delete the video because it will ''affect the views of the MV''.

No. 323133

i'm not a fan of gd's music exactly but he is one of the idols who actually have the potential to make it on their own and he did make it very well. i don't think anyone from the currently popular k-pop groups stand out individually like him

No. 323165

That performance was boring and bland. It's like a stick figure forcing itself to sing and dance.

No. 323203

Entire Jennie's solo single Solo @21:24 - https://t.co/fq1GgWVE65

No. 323215

Get wrecked BTS kek

Can't believe people are blaming Japan on this when those shitty bands rely on Japanese money for income

No. 323217

is she just copying sunmis concept? the song and video reminds me of a low-budget gashina

No. 323228


>boring song

>boring video
>can't dance
>can't sing
>0 charisma

It's also clear that despite Jennie being … what she is, enough money was put into this by other involved parties that it's still a nice looking video. I wonder if she'll ever try doing anything besides staring into the camera with dead fish eyes though.

Also kek, the part where she undressed in the laundromat. Definitely the only memorable part of the video. It ended up being more than just "I can look cute and wear clothes". It had "I can take my clothes off" too!

No. 323235

If I’m reading their site right, they’re selling 5 different versions of the single and the limited versions have an event lottery ticket included. So they’re pretty much doing what most Jidols by inflating their sales with gimmicks. Oricon physical sales numbers probably aren’t the best way to gauge what’s mainstream in Japan tbh.

No. 323238

The instrumental sounds a lot like Victoria's Chinese solo, too. Kpop's always been derivative (which is part of the fun for me), but everything about this effort is lacking an identity.

No. 323243

File: 1541890563636.jpg (27.05 KB, 720x715, 0320271812.jpg)

a friend of a friend is an army so i stumbled upon this

looking at her posts gave me a headache because she constantly uses words like unnie and jinjja

No. 323248

Lmao I hope that will happen!!!

No. 323249

>this is the result of the training of 5 years
I know it's obsolete to say this about kpop groups but DAMN everything about Blackpink feels so empty, bland and most importantly dated. If you told me this song was written and recorded in 2010 I'd believe you.
Imagine paying to see this and 1 hour of the same five songs remixed and a bunch of sloppy covers omg YG is shameless, even by entertainment company standards. They're lucky there's so many new kpop fans who don't remember/don't care for 2ne1.

No. 323251

I don’t like Jennie’s song but the music video is nice, I guess. Also anons were right about having a bunch of backup dancers to make up for her giant lack of stage presence lol

No. 323255

this has “pls believe she’s the next gd” vibes down to using similar locations in london to g-dragon’s crooked video. the difference is that crooked was filmed in london because the song was more rock based and the fashion in the video was really punk inspired, so london fit. jennie’s in london because it’s a cool city. if they don’t want it to be obvious how vapid her image is then they shouldn’t try so hard to model her on other idols who at least had some kind of image. it’s telling that people had no idea what jennie’s solo would be like other than it being try hard and focused on image, and that at least with rosé people know to expect a whiny, alternative pop track. i hope the other solo tracks are more exciting

No. 323289

Yikes, that was hard to watch

No. 323291

bp is the perfect example of clothes wearing people, not people wearing clothes. ugh.

No. 323296

File: 1541902827954.jpg (271.35 KB, 668x1024, 44492779512_c01a34497c_b.jpg)

sure but she was still pretty up to a certain point

there comes a point when an idol has had so much surgery that they actually start to appear as they did before they got any surgery in the first place but with an even shittier nose

No. 323298

You'd think YG would teach her what to do when she forgets the lyrics. Like she could have danced, or let the audience sing the lyrics, but she just sat there and looked like an idiot.

No. 323318

What makes it more cringe worthy is that it didn't happen just once. You'd think she'd know what to do after her first blank out experience, but nah. This was when they still had like 5 songs only.

No. 323320

File: 1541910500884.jpg (56.92 KB, 700x933, sunny-loi-giay-don-nguc-ngay-t…)

I just can't forget how ugly she was during their "Party" promotion

No. 323368

File: 1541930708762.png (1.56 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181110-085415.png)

Yeah. She looks like a weird plastic version of her former self.

No. 323411

File: 1541943500409.jpg (214.8 KB, 866x605, 0087371704291042.jpg)

Apparently Jimin got the "nevermind" tattoo again. He had this tattoo and the HYYH tattoo back in 2014 MAMA when the HYYH albums were teased. I guess they are going to announce their new era in MAMA and I'm curious whether they are going to keep milking the fake woke agenda or the HYYH storyline which is already all over the place. The Love Yourself albums were a mess. What do you think they'll come up with next, do you think their music is going to keep getting worse?

No. 323420

From the comments
>"She didn't forget the lyrics, she mixed them up with the Japanese lyrics to troll the haters!"
On another note, I'm surprised that they weren't lipsyncing this time

No. 323444

Probably because Gashina and Jennie's song were both made by Teddy.

No. 323619

Are you sure you're in the right thread? I swear some of you aren't even subtle about only disliking one member and stanning the rest LMAO Y'all are more updated on BTS than the pro kpop thread

No. 323643

I've said it in the general kpop thread- so many of these anons are ex-armies that just veered into the other extreme. like how do they know so much about their tattoos and storylines kek?

No. 323690

they'll eventually start to flop if they keep making such generic shit but ratmys don't care about the music and will act like anything they release is a masterpiece so idk

No. 323738

File: 1542013156332.jpeg (961.19 KB, 1069x2004, 4F59B871-7F07-4B1E-AEFF-303416…)

ratmys everywhere are drinking bleach

No. 323745

BTS music video "storylines" are dumb and so is any other group that does it.

It's never an actual coherent story, it's always the most vague pretentious shit that stupid tweens end up spamming 65 long tweet threads trying to decipher, and in the end the "story" always ends up being some shit like "this member was dead the whole time" like a ghost story written by a middle schooler.

No. 323753

So Wendy's new face in the cover of RV's Seasons Greetings is real and not shopped according to this video. That makes it even scarier.

No. 323754

Here I thought Anon was kidding about the stupid lyrics, but it's fuckin real. I thought kpop couldn't be any dumber but Jennie has officially outdumbed any Kpop solo artist by going sololololo

No. 323755


Why does she look like she's half white here?

No. 323758

File: 1542017934803.jpg (972.52 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20181112-171211_You…)

She will need this many backup dancers to make up for her zero stage presence lmao. Pic related is a screenshot from her MV.

I don't like Sunmi but Gashina is waaaaayyyyyy better than this. Jennie's MV is full of try hard aesthetics yet none of those are pleasing to the eyes.

No. 323760

File: 1542018211812.jpg (45.7 KB, 480x640, images.jpg)

Correct me if I'm mistaken but I think Wendy has always looked like she's half white? I mean her predebut pics could pass as a half white girl. She used to look like Kyla, now that I think of it. SM's effort to make her face looks smaller is absurd though.

No. 323761

File: 1542018517539.jpg (37.61 KB, 370x553, wendy.jpg)

Tbh she's always looked somewhat white, (atleast imo) and the PS doesn't help. I was always convinced she is at least part white.

No. 323773

I have no doubt that companies pressure some idols into getting plastic surgery (there's been enough low-tier ex-idols confirming this) but with cases like Bom, half of SNSD and Wendy I think people are greatly underestimating the pressure even normal people are submitted to in South Korea, and their own personal greed.
I wouldn't be suprised if it's Wendy herself who's forcing herself to "diet" this extremely and to keep getting cosmetic procedures, especially since the other members aren't doing the same. She should have never gotten that jaw shave, she's gonna have to keep fucking with her face until she dies.

No. 323776

cl repeatedly losing her shit over blackpink isn’t a cute look for her empowerment brand when she constantly shows support for ikon and winner. she performed at the olympics closing ceremony despite there being many more deserving artists, you’d think she was literally tied up in a basement

No. 323801

I'm that Anon. Yeah tbh that also crossed my mind though I was a bit unsure cause if it's really her own choice, then the company must still be taking the role of approving the PS cause she's one their active talents. The question still remains, why only her? Is SM really giving her that kind of flexibility? I mean if they're not careful, she could have ended up with a botched face (like in Namjoo's case). So the company must still be doing their job at picking the procedures and selecting the best time for her to undergo PS to match the time of promotion.

I think Bom's PS only started going downhill when the scandal broke out and she became inactive? I mean her face was already in the proccess of falling apart even since before 2NE1 disbandment but it only became real scary after that. It's obvious that her company just stopped giving a shit at whatever she did cause they couldn't milk her anymore.

No. 323817

This is hilarious, I hope CL goes full lolcow and spills some details about those blankpink hoes

No. 323819

Are exols always this embarrassing? You know people here hate your oppars and their stans as much as bts and theirs, right? Take it back to your twitter account

No. 323837

is there any context for this or is she just pissed that blackpink/jennie is getting treated so much better than she was?

No. 323843

I'm not that anon but I think she's just pointing out how bts is not the first and the best in everything, it's just a coincident that exo is the one taking the position, not that she was doing the exo > bts thing. Maybe lol.

No. 323846


Plus armies do get insanely pressed whenever EXO wins anything. I'm not a fan of either group so I don't care either way, but Armies have a few groups they're weirdly insecure about and EXO is definitely one of those (and so is Blackpink and NCT).

No. 323854

whew these sales are good for such a mediocre album

tbh both exo and bts are overrated and not anything special, they make similar music and their fandoms are the cancer of k-pop fandoms but i'd rather see exo being successful than bts. exo does have members who are just as irritating and talentless as bts members but looking at both of the groups' performances, i actually think some exo members are talented vocalists (thanks to sm taking vocal training seriously) whereas literally no one in bts is a good vocalist or rapper

No. 323856

She was so cute and her jaw was perfectly normal, too.
If her jaw shave was SM's doing, they're criminals. And if it was Wendy's own doing, she needs therapy.

I'm craving some idol drama tbh, it's been too long since the last kpop catfight. I hope she spills some tea

No. 323866

I think it's funny how the sentiment towards army/exo-l has completely reversed in the last 2 to 3 years. People wanted DEATH to exo and their arrogant stans and bts were seen as the weird underdogs that one had to support to stand up to the mean cheating big 3!!
Now army have turned into everything they hated in other fandoms and exo-l seem to have collective memory loss of their past obnoxiousness.

SM probaly has trusted doctors where they send their kids to if they agree to the idea of plastic surgery. Maybe they even have some kind of company flatrate LMFAO.
Wendy's jaw shave reminds me alot of Jaehyun's from NCT, except she got the loose skin grafted which makes her look like the moonman from the side.

No. 323910

File: 1542042376941.png (572.2 KB, 845x439, jennie1.PNG)

Damn this is so unlikable lol she literally does the bitchiest face the whole MV. It's SUCH a rip off of Gashina that I can't believe more people aren't talking about it. I'm so done with only music choruses, it's so empty to me and not impactful.

Also I'm not a big fan of Blackpink but are they doing solo MVs for all members? Because I can't understand why YG didn't choose Lisa for this. She's a lot more believable as a rapper and I haven't seen one person that doesn't choose her as an automatic bias when seeing their MVs. Why choose Jennie? Is it only daddy's money? Or maybe because Lisa is not Korean lol

No. 323913

Honestly wouldn't be surprised if the song is actually a scrapped Sunmi song.

She stopped her cooperation with teddy after the plagarism scandal. I wouldn't put it past YG to just throw the solo at jenny so the song wouldn't go to waste.

No. 323920

Because Jennie's been pushed since before BP debuted. There are multiple assertions that her mother is high up in the company.
Lisa is shit too. Kpops Iggy Azaela but with shittier flow and worse blaccent.

No. 323924

File: 1542043979402.jpeg (93.11 KB, 933x695, 56EFF7A1-084F-44CF-8250-4BDD1B…)

>It's another “All the Blackpink members are whores except for Lisa of course!“ post
Hide your jealousy better SEA stan

No. 323929

File: 1542044295365.png (50.07 KB, 624x336, 3546789.png)

They are trying really hard to push her as the female G-dragon.

Well YG said all the members will be getting solos, but I kind of think he only said that as damage control.

No. 323932

oh my god…

No. 323933

this sounds exactly like gashina
and the way the word "solo" is emphasized makes it sound like jennie left blackpink after a shitstorm and made a song like this to diss them lol

No. 323937

File: 1542045332809.jpg (82.6 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Is there even a single jaw shave that looks good/natural in the first place? I feel like it's one of the most easily clockable surgeries. It's like those surgeons have no idea of how jaws are supposed to look like… okay, make it smaller, but maybe take a pic of a real slim jawline as reference?
No, they just have to make it fake as fuck. It might even look good in certain angles, but with profiles and 3/4s you can spot them right away.

>always in Paris, fashion sense/feeling
Lmfao, they assigned personality traits to each of them, then when it comes to Jennie they could only say "fashion, always in Paris"

No. 323943

Wtf I love Momoland now

No. 323944

File: 1542046335704.png (428.55 KB, 707x396, Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 5.10…)

I have no words

No. 323946


I don't know why they can't just admit he sounded like crap and laugh it off. They make it into a much bigger deal than it needs to be with their insane need for everyone to act like BTS are perfect all the time.

No. 323947

why why do they always have to be mad about every little thing, doesnt it get tiring? they giggled because it sounded fucking hilarious im sorry. if jimin and V are smart they will see the funny side of it too and laugh at themselves.

No. 323948

whoever is behind ratman's smug smiling frog face looks like something that comes out of your closet at night

No. 323950

momoland's ig comments are a mess lol. and just a few days ago armys were the ones speaking out against bullying over some fake story. I really can't wait until their obsessive fans move on to something else. but whatever the next big kpop fandom will probably be even worse than armys

No. 323951


Apparently Jimin looked devastated and sat with his head cradled in his hands after because being unhappy with every performance is easier than getting some vocal coaching.

No. 323952

File: 1542046871882.png (374.51 KB, 593x487, hoseoktrustinme on Twitter a…)

From the replies.
>"Poor Jimin is beating himself!"
Boohoo, someone please call Taehyung and tell him to pull some fans' hair so that Lizard can smile again

No. 323957

Wow, this is a grown ass man having s little baby meltdown. Even Ashley Simpson had more grace after her on-stage fiasco. Funny, funny stuff.

No. 323960

their vocals in that performance sounded awful, anyone would be laughed at if they sounded like them, jimin and taehyung aren't special.


i'd try to feel for him but he keeps fucking up the same way, i don't understand why he doesn't try to improve himself if he is that stressed about not being good enough. you are a fucking multi-millionaire, go take some voice lessons or something.

No. 323961

this is the same fandom that made fun of exo's lay incident(something to do with his health)?
Oh boohoo poor baby reptile didn't perform well. This fucker is rich enough to get him a vocal coach. I don't feel sorry for his pathetic ass

No. 323963

ive heard he does take voice lessons, he has a private coach

No. 323965

File: 1542047844679.jpg (34.59 KB, 685x385, methode/sundaytimes/prod/web/b…)


Exclusive photo of Jimin's vocal coach.

No. 323966

File: 1542047959599.gif (992.12 KB, 389x259, 1126.gif)

this explains everything

No. 323968

not just jimin's coach but the whole bts vocal line

No. 323970


That goat is getting paid.

No. 323971

Unrelated but that blond dude on the left is really ugly

No. 323973

this was them practicing for bbmas. bts' vocalists are a mess but they can manage to not sound like dying goats sometimes, their performance with charlie puth extremely half-assed. do they not care about korean award shows anymore lol

No. 323976

nah jimin and jin's fake love screechs always sound bad live, you're right. i think the rest sounded okay there though, compared to the one with charlie at least

No. 323980


This still sounds like shit.

No. 323982


Anon, are you OK? Do you need an ear exam? V was screeching like he just hit puberty five minutes ago.

No. 323983

File: 1542049917237.png (45.7 KB, 703x359, MV MOMOLAND 모모랜드 _ BBoom BB…)

Ratmys invaded Momoland's MVs too

No. 323985

Shouting instead of singing is his trademark

No. 323995

Been lurking here awhile, but new to actually posting shit.

I used to be a fan of EXO, and SHINee & TVXQ before that. I stopped paying attention to Kpop a few years ago after having been disgusted by most of the fandoms' behavior and drama-mongering all the time since I just wanted to enjoy music. Poked my head back after hearing of Jonghyun's suicide.

Glad to see not much has changed at all. Ugh. Can't really enjoy the music lately either because it all sounds more and more samey by the day.

No. 324022

> pop into a thread about drama and criticism.
> surprised to find negativity. lol

No. 324025

I'm pretty sure they were talking about fandoms behavior. Stop trying to infight

No. 324030

File: 1542054308400.jpg (438.93 KB, 795x635, 754230254020636.jpg)

i didn't look at it carefully and i was thinking "only jungkook's outfit looks okay" but then i noticed the red and white stripes on his coat. their clothes are filled with unnecessary details, i don't understand why whoever designed these thought it was a good idea, it's just messy.

they look like middle schoolers

No. 324042


Chill. Didn't say anywhere I was surprised by all this shit, read better.


Pretty much. Fans kept making drama about the most insignificant things so I gtfo'd. Lost a few friends but they were the sort who would screech about sasaeng fans and then turn around and do the same bullshit if oppar was within driving distance because "they never visit here so I have to see them while they're here!!"

No. 324053

Fancam of the performance. Audio is shit but you can still tell she's shouting all her lines, ugh my ears…

No. 324056

File: 1542057896289.jpeg (47.21 KB, 480x768, 7D1993D7-71BF-430A-A0D9-ADC453…)

Taeha. She’s just a blah looking idol. Even though momoland is shit they still could’ve chosen a better looking member. And for how obsessed Korea is with their idols weight I’m surprised her company hasn’t forced her to starve herself yet.

No. 324057

File: 1542057995689.png (25.99 KB, 538x288, Capture.PNG)


No. 324058

I wonder what it feels like to get everything handed for free… The only thing this girl is working on is keeping her ana body

No. 324059

now that a jewish human rights group caught on to the various instances of bts showing their ass (jimin’s shirt, namjoon’s boy london hat etc.) armys will probably go anti-semitic next

seeing how they’re trying to justify the nuclear bombings they really have absolutely no limits to how low they’re willing to stoop for their oppars. truly a brainless cult with absolutely no morals or empathy whatsoever. watch them screech about wokeness while they’re at it- they did the same thing while hurling racial slurs at that reporter.

No. 324065

File: 1542059555234.jpg (60.19 KB, 800x584, DryBrXAU0AACUNF.jpg)

The nazi hat is bad but wtf were they going for with taehyung on the right he looks awful

No. 324068

Links please?

No. 324072

tinfoil: Bang pd and Ratmon are secretly nazi/right wing Japanese supporters, hence the Nazi hat, Holocaust memorial photoshoot, obsession with German literature and working with a right wing japanese producer. Everyone had just been to dumb to notice, until lizard oppar fucked up and wore a historically insensitive shirt, calling attention to all the other historically insensitive shit BTS has done
Kek really tho, I'm living for this scandal. It came at the perfect time to, right when BTS is at the peak of they're career.

No. 324073

Nevermind, found it myself. But this sounds definitely promising.
Headlines like "wearing nazi hats" could get them into deep trouble in the US.

Delusional twitter:
>They are well known organization especially in Jewish community, They will need to give us response. Please act with respect to establish image for the boys.

>this is so fucking infuriated for me as an Actual jewish person bc like!! u don't care abt us!! u only care abt shitting on bts!!!

>By getting a Jewish organization to go on record, it’s giving the Japanese propaganda outlets credibility. We cannot allow this to happen!!!

We've got it wrong all along, the jewish organisation needs to apologize for daring to speak about their holy Oppas!

Also, check out the ARMYAreDiverse hashtag; lots of moms in their 30s, 40s, 50s… Imagine your mother being a kpop fan.

No. 324080

File: 1542062136654.png (52.37 KB, 401x565, army.PNG)


No. 324081

>the subtle crytyping

No. 324091

will they ever get tired of playing the victim? it's been years at this point.

No. 324122

they are quick to care about korean culture and history the second they need to defend BTS. reading some of the tweets from armys before the bomb shirt stuff you'd think they hate everything about korea other than BTS.

No. 324130

I think they legit think (with their one ounce of dumb brain) momoland are the ones bullying bts

No. 324131

If he's this vulnerable, he should have just quit idol life. It's a bad thing for both him and his stupid fans that he always plays pity party whenever something bad happens. If this guy kills himself (which he's very prone of), his cult will follow too.

No. 324134

I'm surprised nobody has ever edited bts' page yet.

No. 324136

File: 1542070291834.jpeg (603.9 KB, 1242x2057, B6A37728-5F15-472E-9F38-272E15…)

There have been a bunch of attempts, just check the edit history. This was a decline for editing in the recent issue with the nazi imagery controversy. Their page is protected though and I assume Momoland's isn't so of course people will vandalize it. It's embarrassing.

No. 324142

Even with BTS I wonder who sees some potential drama and thinks ”DAMN gotta troll everybody and edit their wiki! THAT'LL show 'em!”.
Like, what is it about kpop that makes both the stans and the haters so goddamn autistic? I swear I've been around several different fandoms but kpop always manages to be extra retarded. I mean I'm still in this shit thread myself ffs lol!

No. 324175

change boom bboom bboom to ah yeah and thats actually exids wikipedia page

No. 324218

are these fuckers neo-nazis or something? their holocaust memorial photoshoot was the most disrespectful and stupid shit ever, i don't understand what made them think that it was appropriate. didn't namjoon with his ~~1% in the entire country~~ intelligence know what holocaust is or what the swastika on that hat means? they would never let it go if a jewish group made a "sexy" photoshoot in some war memorial of korea (which is just as awful) but bts can do anything and get away with it, i guess.

No. 324221


and they thought once international outlets started posting about it they'd all side with bts lol.

No. 324224

This makes me so angry…
>young kids in their 20s
>b-but Japan
>jews are right-wing
>korea is the number 1 victim in history! Don't they know about comfort women?! They only care about themselves!
How can a country claim to have the superior education system, yet be so dumb at the same time?

>didn't namjoon with his ~~1% in the entire country~~ intelligence know what holocaust is or what the swastika on that hat means?
Don't forget that he's also literally king of german literature. Since pre-debut, meaning before 2014 and that incident…

No. 324227

I want all the racist and insensitive shit thses kpop fans and their ugly 'oppas' and 'unnies' should be exposed, they should get dragged for everything and most importantly kpop should cease to exist along with all those rats.

No. 324231

Those people who say this is disgusting: You're not a real army. I guess you (antis) can't sing beautiful like bts. And now go back and learn for school. they don't needs this hate. Kill the jews

No. 324235

ratmy logic
>"stop being racist towards our poc baby boys!! they are oppressed!!"
>black guy calls bts "a group from south korea"
>they attack him with racial slurs for being racist

No. 324238


They don't get it at all. They think this is some sort of covert Japanese psy-ops and we're all just secretly Japanese people in fake noses and wigs.

No. 324239

fucking crazy that koreans still see them selves as the victims in this

No. 324240


It's making me laugh how they think just saying "But it's a LIBERATION DAY shirt!" is going to magically make everyone blind to the fact it depicts a mushroom cloud.

No. 324245

Just curious but are these all international fans defending this shit? Does anyone know what Korean fans think?

No. 324247


Some Korean fans are annoyed, but they're more annoyed in a "Oh great job morons, you made us all look bad" way. Mostly they think Westerners just don't understand and have no idea about Japan's war crimes, and that the Western critics will totally change their minds if they find out that comfort women existed.

I don't know many ARMY but from what I've seen the international ones are split into two camps: The ones who admit this is fucked and are disappointed (this is a minority) and the ones who are saying the same dumb shit as the Korean fans.

No. 324248

is having a one-digit iq the norm for armys?

No. 324250

File: 1542107078636.jpeg (179.6 KB, 747x765, 63F995B0-C657-4912-AF03-0CA90A…)

is having a one-digit iq the norm for armys?

No. 324257

lmao people now claiming that the nazi hat picture was edited by haters

No. 324259

Armys are like fairies, their brains are so small that they can only feel one very intense emotion at a time.

No. 324260

Imagine not being able to tell why a Navy uniform vs a Nazi uniform are two different things and why people would be offended by one…

No. 324270

Oh they do know, they just don't give a fuck. They only care about their comfort women.
>[+265, -7] They're crazy ㅋㅋ listen up, you Jewish group. Japan is not the victim of an atomic bombing, they're the same war criminal country as Nazi Germany ㅋㅋ why are they saying crap without even knowing history
They really don't feel sorry at all that innocent civilians died as well. In their eyes they deserved it 100%.

>[+64, -2] That Jewish group is hilarious. Just like how you guys were persecuted by the Nazis, many countries in Asia were persecuted by Japan. Japan is Asia's Nazi. How about you educate yourselves on all this before you speak?

So…then why is it okay that your rapmonster wears the same hat those evil nazi's wore?
>Crazy people ㅡㅡ what are you all doing to young kids who are only in their twenties!!!!

I don't get this one at all: we should dismiss what he and Jimin did, because Japan is also doing wrong? That's some 3rd world mentality, an eye for an eye, they are shitty, and therefore we're also shitty back at them.
>[+4,294, -67] This is ironic. Fine, let's say an Asian man in his twenties wore a Hakenkreuz without knowing its meaning. It's understandable that that would cause outrage. However, Japan has had instances of their rising sun flag being used by their self-defense force and being flown by the hands of right-wingers in the middle of Tokyo and no one cared. The Jewish group only cares about the Hakenkreuz and not the rising sun flag. Japan is the one still proudly using the rising sun flag, and that's an ironic tragedy.
You could say the same about them: you only care about the rising sun flag and don't give a fuck about the swastika hat and sexy memorial shoot.

No. 324272

Because they're all no brainers. They think Japan is evil but try to glamorize Nazi when Nazi actually worked with Japan. The japanese were even referred to as "honorary Aryans".

No. 324273


Why the fuck would a Jewish rights group care about the rising sun flag? Imagine this in reverse, if people spammed Koreans with shit like "Shut up about your comfort women and your colonization, why don't you care about the Holocaust?"

No. 324277

File: 1542114349123.jpeg (90.95 KB, 1200x675, DrPC21lU8AA4p9F.jpeg)

>1) The shirt is actually #LiberationTshirtNotBombTshirt
>2) BTS are being used as a scapegoat for the tensions between Japan and Korea and being currently targeted by Japan Extreme Right Wing supporters. This is equally threatening to their life

And suddenly all army are jewish…
>As a Jewish army I'm really upset by this whole na2i bullshit ppl r saying bts r doing and what not… The holocaust is a huge fucking wound in the Jewish heart and it should not be used as a way to hate and hurt bts….

No. 324278

File: 1542114370609.jpeg (109.69 KB, 1200x675, DrPC3R3U0AAHKgY.jpeg)

No. 324280

File: 1542114689580.jpeg (191.56 KB, 687x1200, DruB-m2UcAEozlC.jpeg)

This has more to do with korean culture, but it certainly explains their behavior a lot

No. 324281

File: 1542114858933.jpg (79.99 KB, 892x799, Dr1URV8UcAAJjZK.jpg)

Are they stupid or just being deliberately obtuse? The reichsadler is right there. It doesn't even matter if you put a different symbol inside the circle, it's still the reichsadler.

No. 324282

File: 1542115115099.jpg (957.81 KB, 848x1894, bighit.jpg)

bighit released a statement about the controversies.

i don't understand what took so long to make a statement about jimin's t-shirt and i don't believe their excuses. it's good that they are apologizing but i really doubt that they actually feel guilty, they are doing this because of the backlash.

this statement was released in korean, by the way. doesn't a single person in bighit speak english?

No. 324283

Big Hit have released a statement apologizing for the atomic bomb t-shirt, Nazi hat and Nazi uniforms.

I guess the ARMYs trying to claim the last two things were just photoshopped must be pretty embarrassed right now.

No. 324285

Tzuyu released an entire video apologizing over waving Taiwan's flag and Bighit can't even make them write a statement personally? It's a little nitpicky, but really they could do better.

No. 324287


Plus BigHit can't be bothered to translate their own apology into Japanese and English, the languages of the people who were actually offended by this? Their nationalism is showing again.

No. 324288

Of course bighit doesn't care. What do you expect from a s.korean where in their home country, 99% are extremists, insecure and have a 'victim' personality.

No. 324289

lol now koreans will get angry for bighit bowing to the japanese

No. 324291

>actually, the tshirt has a totez different meaning (you choose to be offended)
>WE didn't buy the hat (we only choose to wear it)
>again, you don't get it, it only looks nazi-like
written by some poor intern

No apology from bts, no personal apology (as in actually saying it out loud) and all that way too late.
They only panicked now because of muh precious yen…

No. 324292


They have never apologized for that.

No. 324295


Armies on Reddit are still claiming the hat was photoshopped even after Bighit said it wasn't. You can't reason with them.

No. 324296

That's actually beyond rude

I hope Japan doesn't back down and continues excluding them from their shows lol

No. 324298

The way ratmys talk about BTS reminds me of how Trump fans talk about him.

No. 324299

Are they being careful not to offend their 'people'?

No. 324300

guess that they have to try not to lose too much yen or won

No. 324301

/r/bangtan posters are frothing at the mouth for Bighit to sue the Simon Wiesenthal Centre.

When you're hoping a not-for-profit human rights organisation for holocaust victims gets sued it might be time to wonder if you're the baddies.

No. 324303

they would never release a statement if they weren't panicked about losing money, they don't care.

>those involved did not do appropriate research beforehand
this is a fucking lie. how? how did they not know? anyone who lives in this planet and knows just a little bit about history knows about the hiroshima attack and what the atomic bomb cloud looked like, let alone koreans who were directly affected by the attack. they knew what they were doing, unless jimin (or whoever gave him the t-shirt) dropped out of school in kindergarten or something.

No. 324304

It's like s.koreans have a habit of doing something racist then play victim when caught. Did they do that photo-shoot for attention? because the last time I checked they were unpopular during that time. Koreans have too much pride to apologize for their shit. They give the "we do not sympathize with western problems" vibe but expect everyone to play pity on them. Pathetic!
I want them to be dragged even more and more of their shady shot to be exposed so they can learn the hard way. I want to see how far their stankmys will go, how high they will jump for their ugly, untalented kings

No. 324321

So when Japan is offended Bighit takes two weeks to release a statement, but when a Western organisation criticizes them they rush out a statement within 24 hours?

They really are so desperate for Western validation.

No. 324326

Whoa, that's actually pretty sad… Brainwashing kids at a young age to hate is always horrible.

No. 324327

How are they gonna contact victims of the atomic bomb directly if 99% of them have unfortunately died or old age, radiation poisoning or just died durin the incident?

No. 324331

who's going to tell bighit that bts will never be taken seriously in the west and not because they are korean, but because they have the most obnoxious fandom ever, have no talent, no good music and are unlikeable as fuck

No. 324333


It was a mistake not apologizing for the Holocaust memorial photoshoot and hoping it won't get brought up. The moment BTS tries to push into the West again it's going to be brought up, and this time people are going to start asking why they didn't bother apologizing.

No. 324336

won't happen but i really hope some interviewer brings up their bullshit in their faces and we'll get to see how they react

No. 324338


The fandom would eat the interviewer alive. Remember how they harassed that British interviewer for saying RM's English isn't that great?

No. 324339

Lay's english is even better than ratmon and his IQ ain't that high

No. 324340


Lay always sounds like he's chewing while talking but at least he actually manages to get out full sentences instead of sounding like Trump after a visit to Tumblr.

No. 324342

I feel like rat-king(rm) and rat-queen(halsey) are the ambassadors of Tumblr. They perpetuate a lot of bullshit like whole fake woke shit when it benefits them.

No. 324349

File: 1542125543419.jpg (132.14 KB, 600x371, 73004122.jpg)

nothing changed. idk what i expected from ratmys

No. 324351


>Felt he made ARMYs all over the world worried

Ah, so this is where ratmys get their martyr complex from. Jimin.

No. 324353

even on /r/kpop they are going on and on about this like armys are the true victims. I know people always say idols are coddled but this is just bizarre to see.

No. 324355


That post has been swarmed by ratmys. The voting and comments will probably level out once the rest of the community gets to it.

No. 324359

they get away with celebrating horrific crimes against humanity and casual nazism while their braindead fans cry victim…

what’s next? when ratmon or jimin have their first rape allegation (because it will be one of those two) all the self-proclaimed feminist shatmys will spit misogynistic slurs at the alleged victim, the gayshippers will undoubtedly be the most enraged because how DARE the rape victim get in the way of their ship, not only will korean society shame them because it already does by default but the batshit crazy “woke” fandom will grill them alive and the oh-so-progressive ifans will mass send death threats and claim anyone who sides the victim is REALLY the rape apologist somehow because muh oppars wrote a superficial wymon empowerment song once…

shatmys at their core celebrate every form of bigotry when they don’t try to out-woke other fandoms and brag about how progressive their racist xenophobic sexist oppars are and there is no level they won’t stoop to. they represent the lowest common denominator of crazy fans and i have no doubt that jimin could rape an infant and these monsters would find a way to blame the baby/parents. they’re fucking subhuman.

No. 324363

This bitch is promoting anti-bullying and her hello skunks do the exact same thing? bullying people who've got their shit together(the reporter and the rest) what's the logic here? Do armys have IQ levels hitting the negatives now?

No. 324364


No. 324366

it's fucking sad because if a bts member had a rape allegation i can see armys getting mad at the girl for being an attention seeker, getting in the way of their ship and shit. disgusting


why do they call them? like what do they even talk about? "yeoboseyo~~ our baby oppars wore a swastika hat and disrespected a holocaust memorial but they jinjja had no idea what they were doing uwu kamsahamnida if you don't call them out on their anti-semitic shit"

No. 324367

>replies under that tweet
armys calling for the organization to "set aside millions to pay for damages to the boys" for defamation and thinking bighit has legal grounds to sue.
I'm disgusted.

No. 324370

to my knowledge the dude just said bts is from korea. Why is army even triggered?

No. 324372

> when ratmon or jimin have their first rape allegation (because it will be one of those two)

Don't underestimate V this way kek.

He's so conservative he seems like one of those men who separates women into "brides" and "whores" and thinks it's fine to treat the latter like dogshit.

No. 324373

to my knowledge the dude just said bts is from korea. Why is army even triggered?

No. 324377

to my knowledge the dude just said bts is from korea. Why is army even triggered?

No. 324382

I'm trying to imagine what these phone calls between armies and the jewish rights group go like and I just feel embarrassed. Humanity was a mistake

Tbh I'm worried about his future partner, he looks like he'd make a horrible husband and father

No. 324388

He'll be an abusive husband for sure. possible sex scandals-lizard, rat and the mouse(jk)
dating scandal/ps post-health scandal-gangnam aunty hope, wasp-stung lips(jin)
drug scandal-yoongi
abusive scandal/cult scandal-granny tae

No. 324395


Jimin reminds me of Moon Hee Jun. He's definitely gonna be the member still wearing an outdated idol haircut and trying to date 20 year olds in 15 years.

No. 324398

>drug scandal-yoongi
can see it happening

No. 324400

File: 1542131041658.jpg (63.74 KB, 799x600, moon-hee-jun-then-and-now.jpg)

I wonder how reptilian man will look like in his 30s with all the lizard ps written on his face. people like sehun are already showing it and his just in his mid 20s

No. 324401

It's finally happening. BTS is tumbling down.

No. 324403

He's besties with bogum, i can absolutely see the cult thing

I feel like he'll pull a jaejoong and get a new face every week

No. 324405

File: 1542131618971.jpg (502.8 KB, 805x1072, bts-21st-century-girls-lyrics.…)

this is what armys see as a feminist anthem. this

No. 324411

some truly deep lyricism, the haters will never understand

No. 324412

I honestly can't imagine unironically enjoying this music genre.

No. 324413

File: 1542132466301.jpg (46.59 KB, 1125x401, DrHsEyVV4AAYVgv.jpg)

this whole ~~uwu pure baby boys~~ thing is so funny

No. 324415

He's a dude. he's 21. he def knows about sex, especially considering how gross that society is.

No. 324416

oops sorry it's hard to keep up with all this army drama.

No. 324417

Isn't Moon hee jun inly 41 or 42? He looks so rough

No. 324419

No. 324420

File: 1542133152334.png (636.79 KB, 809x509, kpop.PNG)

No. 324422

character development on kpoppies

No. 324424

I'm so glad that I am not the one answering these phone calls. Not enough alcohol in the world to deal with that level of ignorance.
Speaking of which, one of the more disturbing aspects of this whole saga has been all of the ARMYs saying that they didn't already know about Imperial Japan's war crimes. Even if you don't study it in school (not sure why not) the informational is readily available and kind of common knowledge. You don't need nationalistic Koreans leading you to the light.
Also what is it with so many non-korean Kpop fans immediately siding with Korean ultra nationalists over issues?

No. 324431

File: 1542134099622.jpg (441.57 KB, 1080x1697, IMG_20181113_193250.jpg)

I really don't understand their point.
Bts did something wrong and by calling them out, you're aiding Japan? And because there are right wingers in Japan who don't like bts they're now the biggest victim, even though they did wrong as well…?
I hate how their only response to criticism against bts is to post pictures of japanese right wingers or akb in nazi costumes. Like is this enough to rid bts of any fault? The average japanese person is not guilty at all, so constantly yelling "But your country did this!" is just on another level of retarded and obnoxious.

Legal actions… How do they think they can sue?
>yes our poor little 20-something men did make a few tiny mistakes, but that doesn't mean you can call them out. That's literally murder!

No. 324432

File: 1542134192263.png (8.87 KB, 740x101, kpop2.PNG)

pt 2. according to the article he had a personal ig that wasn't even on private where he insulted both his members and fans, is he actually that dumb or am i misunderstanding this?


No. 324434

I doubt it wasn't private from the get go lol that would just be unbelievably stupid. apparently his account got hacked and that's how the info got out. his career is probably over anyways. I really don't see how he could recover from it.

No. 324436

Lmao this is the same guy who's thrown fan letters and gifts in the trash and was caught? I'm seeing right now that he's got all sorts of scandals… Dating scandal, mocks his fans, gave away his cat for a cuter one, throws away fan gifts and letters (unless it's expensive gifts) and was caught playing online and calling a female teammate a cunt. He's got them all

No. 324437

Oh my god they are so stupid, I can't believe a grown ass adult is doing this. Wearing shit related to tragic historical events when you know what they mean isn't a mistake, army. You do that on purpose. I don't understand why she felt the need to bring up the Japan & Korea conflicts, had to victimize BTS in there somewhere

What exactly Bighit and Seo Taiji & Boys are going to sue them for lmao? Are they going to sue a Jewish rights group for calling out anti semitism?
>BTS does something stupid
>Someone critiques it
>"This is defamation!!! @Bighit!!!"

No. 324443


I don't know what's more annoying, the fact that BigHit's "apology" is so shit or the fact that so many people are swallowing it.

Anyone looking at the footage from the Seo Taiji concert can see it has deliberate Nazi imagery. They were carrying flags with a stylized swastika on them. What does it being Seo Taiji's concert and not BTS's have to do with anything? Did he force them at gunpoint to do it?

No. 324446

Bighit's apology reminds me of that makeup guru's fake cry apology(sorry if it off topic).

No. 324449

This should be a wakeup call to Korea that if they want their media to be exported globally and recognized on an international stage then they will need to start treating other's cultures with the same sensitivity they expect us to treat theirs with.

They can't just scream BUT WE WUZ COLONIZED every time they fuck up.

No. 324451

their apology is filled with lies. they could've literally used anything to "criticize the uniform education system" and they chose to go for nazi imagery? really?

No. 324453

No. 324467

Sadly they aren't really facing any serious consequences but I hope at least UNICEF cuts off ties with BTS. They are horrible representatives for the campaign. The campaign's themes are "love yourself" and "end violence". Except the arrogant ones, BTS members clearly don't love themselves, and they've been involved in shit that glorifies violence. Not to mention them turning the charity into a whole advertisement

No. 324469

File: 1542137704411.jpg (86.67 KB, 750x648, Dro0mg6UUAAsFtZ.jpg)

List of buildings suggesting anti-Japan & anti-other countries of Korea ① Korean government office in Seoul City Korea "Tsunami" ② Building which designed the United States 9.11 terrorism ③ Pyeongchang Olympic Venue "Tree of Life" (Almost like an atomic bomb mushroom cloud) I will not be done by chance.

No. 324471

To add on this, sorry if its off topic. This anti-japan thing is really deep in the korean culture. the UNICEF should have investigated before collaborating with bts

No. 324482

File: 1542138509251.jpg (133.09 KB, 1024x1024, 3aXNamy.jpg)

no comment

No. 324485

wow, such an artistic criticism on the education system. so beautiful, i'm in tears.
this is some cult shit

No. 324487

File: 1542139088091.jpg (108.29 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Their Not Today outfits were also pretty risky. Dark uniforms with belts high on the waist…

No. 324491


How can one group have so much weird nationalist and Nazi shit in its past? Are they for real just secret Nazi fans?

No. 324501

A lot of Asian bands dig the nazi look (especially j-rock). I think it just looks edgy to them honestly.

No. 324504

Yeah, there were a lot of posts about it in the anti jpop thread I think. Nazi shit just isn't as big of a deal in EA countries.

No. 324506

File: 1542140102121.jpg (40.35 KB, 326x251, wewuzbuddhists.jpg)


It's OK guys, delusional ARMY #383 is on the case! This image of the reichsadler holding up the hakenkreuz is CLEARLY a traditional Buddhist symbol.

No. 324508

i'M eXtReMeLy uPsEt tHeY hAd tO aPoLoGiEz foR tHiS
pathetic. she probably looked this up on google to find excuses. it obviously wasn't in that context

No. 324509

Big difference is that visual kei is extremely niche and loathed by the public. The average japanese thinks of them as trash.

Meanwhile bts is doing the same, but also wants to be seem as wholesome and inspirational for kids.

Those edgy bandguys at least don't hold talks about love, respect and peace in front of the UN.

I personally wouldn't care, it's the hypocrisy that annoys me so much.

No. 324513

people called taylor swift a nazi for nothing and this shit goes unchecked?

No. 324514

I wish they would too. But now armys are just going to eat up everything bighit said and act like anyone who brings this up are just haters because bts ~apologized~

No. 324515

The whole cult like response of the fans is really making me lose faith in humanity, how far will this people go to defend these men. They treat them like little boys who do nothing wrong but they are grown ass men, they had to know it was fucked up and if they didn't then thats no better, it just shows how ignorant they are and thats embarrassing especially if they have the nerve to speak up in the UN.
This all feels so wrong, how can people straight faced say that there is nothing wrong with a shirt depicting the atomic bomb?? And make up shitty excuses for a nazi hat? Reading their responses on twitter, They all sound like a brainwashed cult, and its honestly fucking upsetting.

No. 324518

That was big in the late 90s/early 2000s and many vk bands today that would pull that would definitely be called out.

Not to mention vk/jrock is a pretty small subculture and genre that isn't trying to go international and over to America like BTS is.

Xjapan has been trying, but even Yoshiki knows better to stick to a clean image or else no one outside of Japan would want them performing.

basically this

No. 324521

Holymoly, i never noticed the Twin towers /9-11 building. When was that built?? because that's pretty damn disrespectful depending on the time frame.

No. 324522

Agreed. honestly I doubt any scandal could make some of these people come back to reality. They could lose some younger fans with dating but they'd still have dozens of adults that have no problem obsessively stanning and defending them at all costs.

No. 324524


I actually think dating would turn the fans off. That's how it always goes with these types.

They'll make a fuss and lie and say they're TOTALLY fine with it and actually they're happy and they always wanted oppa to date! But you notice that almost immediately they stop fangirling as much, and quickly move on to someone else. I've seen it a lot.

No. 324525

these bitches are a bts fan first, human second. it's like as long as they get to hear "armies are our girlfriends uwu" or see some gay fanservice, no matter what the fuck they do, they won't care.
bts and bighit don't give a fuck about anything other than money either

No. 324530

File: 1542141918755.jpg (326.36 KB, 720x1000, s8.jpg)

Can I take this opportunity to voice my frustration with SHINee now?
I never understood how there wasn't a bigger outcry in the international kpop fandom, maybe it's because SHINee and their stans are seen as ~woke~?
The inspiration for their aesthetic is SO fucking blatant.
Korea is really selective with condemning war criminals LOL

No. 324531

File: 1542141959348.jpg (35.72 KB, 335x535, bt21.jpg)

Immediately after "apologizing" BTS let us know they have some new merch coming out.

No. 324533

wtf is this dumb bitch talking about? The buddhist symbol of peace is not turned to the angle a Nazi swastika is. And while they can be easily mistaken by ignorant ass people, they are clearly two different symbols. Boy london has profited off of nazi memorabilia for too many years now and been called out on it.

No. 324534

>>324533 sorry but, that isn't a boy london cap tho? you're right about them profiting off of that stuff tho.

No. 324537

Yeah, I mean Boy london as a brand in general constantly uses the nazi symbols in their clothing and it's gross anyone supports them.

No. 324539

huh, ive never heard about this one. definitely worth calling out incidents like these and bringing attention to them though. i don't really understand why people wouldnt call out shinee for it, but then again the kpop fandom is essentially a cult

people will ALWAYS use the excuse of "its a buddhist symbol!" any time the symbol is used in asia. its pretty pathetic. anything to excuse oppa of any wrongdoing

No. 324558

Fuck, the people who are most likely offended by bigshit are foreigners and they didnt even try to reach then through the right language? They must be aware that their apology letter would be translated somehow, either they didnt want to spend some money to pay for a translator (because they knew the fans would have done it for free) or they lack the ethics of a good, healthy company.

No. 324572

I wonder why no one snitches on bts or idols in general, I mean, don't they have any old friends or shit like that? Vendetta-chans?

No. 324577

I wish they had the same attitude as Top's ex, to expose their dirt

No. 324578

Silence can be bought. The korean fans also are keeping ALOT to themselves and have been burying sasaeng-related information for years, which makes this recent controversy even more interesting as it shows that even the fans themselves have lost their grip over the fandom. Army is truly an unhinged beast now and it's only getting worse.

No. 324580

bighit probably has a deal with dispatch to keep possible scandals hidden.

No. 324584

100% on the sasaeng/open secret thing. sasaengs have kakaotalk groups where they trade info about other idols for info on their specific idol. there are open secrets like exo chen's girlfriend (ex? don't know or really care) and etc that people don't want spread

No. 324590

Sometimes it happens, see the Jennie scandal. But fans won't believe it

No. 324591

lol I can basically guarantee you that none of those guys are virgins.


I honestly don't know why people keep repeating that Japan has never apologised. It's not true.
Japan has apologised so many times, but Korea keeps ignoring it so they can have a scapegoat handy.

No. 324596

Wikipedia is really not the most useful source.

and if they did apologise, why dont they teach about comfort women and the burial of nanking in all their history texts? they're been trying to bury their war crimes for decades. It's never been a public nor a recorded apology.

No. 324615

you know exactly why thats the case though lol

No. 324619

yep, this is why the stuff about t-ara didnt come out until the scandal
koreans had known about jiyeon being an underraged camgirl and hyomin being an iljin prostitute(allegedly) for years before it surfaced
in fact im sure caps from the jiyeon vid were posted around sites like ilbe right after t-aras debut and you could probably search the archives if thats still possible and you know the right korean terms to search

No. 324636

File: 1542154700634.jpg (27.85 KB, 709x565, SSCRUSHERCAP.jpg)

>the hat was MOST LIKELY a buddhist hat
>b u d d h i s t h a t
a what now

also why are they still pretending it wasnt a nazi hat, when bighit have already owned up and apologised for it. i mean i know theyre braindead but come on, even the company admitted it.

pic related is one of the first things that comes up when you GIS 'nazi hat'. compare it to rm's hat. it doesnt matter whether it had a swastika on it or not, it styled to look just like a nazi hat.

No. 324641

File: 1542155249906.png (126.89 KB, 633x853, bp-rania_1542140591_Screen_Sho…)

girl they aint never letting you back in a kpop group
nice try tho

No. 324649

she's trying so hard to stay relevant to kpop fans. wasn't she supposed to be releasing music in america?

No. 324655

She's indirectly saying that all Koreans are dumb and can't do a quick 1 min research to know what those symbols mean despite being the country with the highest internet speed. Also they lack the curiosity to do so.

It doesnt matter even if people like the king of german culture exists in the country (read: ratmon), all koreans are uwu baby who live in an isolated land and cant be bothered to care about other countries' suffering cause they always suffer the most!!!1!1

No. 324657

Gotta love these morons claiming it's ignorance.

No. 324658

she literally talked about the racism she faced while she was there, but now that its racism and prejudiced vitriol directed towards japanese and jewish people, its not the koreans faults they dont know any better!!11

No. 324660

Koreans know they just don’t care. What they don’t know is how to see other people as human and respect them the same way they want to be respected.

My students gleefully hated Japan and Japanese people, and could tell me in detail all the horrors and ways Japan tortured Koreans because their teachers encouraged this type of learning, but when I had students drawing fan art of nazis and role playing Hitler and German troops it was all “haha, they’re so smart and so interested in WWII~ in Korea its okay!”

You idiots, Japan and Hitler were on the same side!

Oh, and they never talked about what Japan did to China either, because they also hate the Chinese. So it was all “woe are all Koreans, we are the most oppressed, most occupied nation ever!” So yeah I’m really not surprised by how this is all playing out. It’s scary though that kpop fans are now trying to weigh in on history and politics because of Korea’s propaganda and brainwashing. I can only hope that they eventually grow out of this and move on.

Also, I hope that ARMYs batshit craziness overshadows Bts. I want some reporter to investigate how crazy they are and how brainwashed they act. I want a story on nearly illiterate ARMYs calling Jewish organizations to plead for their oppas, harassing journalists, and trying to bury stories

No. 324681

Twice is still appearing at the Kohaku year end festival even though armys were insisting that BTS' music station perfomance wasn't cancelled because of the bomb shirt and that all kpop groups were going to be effected lol. gotta divert the blame somehow.

No. 324683

File: 1542172240814.jpeg (851.23 KB, 1242x2105, D8C2788D-DE87-4B1E-8086-04D517…)

Awww :-/ so sad for jiminie

No. 324692

What an ignorant little bitch…Both Jimin and the fan.

No. 324696

Honestly Korea as a country is the problem. Years and years of reinforcement and this racist shit becomes the norm. However this does not excuse anyone. In my country certain beliefs were pushed onto me but you get to a certain age where you start questioning things and figuring things out for yourself.

The truth is they know and they don't care as someone said earlier. Or if they don't know which is highly unlikely, they just don't care enough to educate themselves. I was thinking about teaching in Korea as a way to travel but I see now I wouldn't last a week in that hell hole

No. 324699

>This thread is not about Korean society as a whole. Save that for the Anti-Korean Culture thread here: >>306105

No. 324709

Koreans are too dumb to know that and they say they have a high iq. These kpop idols/koreans wearing 'nazi' fashion and they don't know japan and Germany were alliances? How dumb can people get? Does the whole"Korea is better, korea are the victims" have a registration for dumb people or what?

No. 324730

"My wallet* hurts a lot…" FTFY

No. 324734

lmao what, you’ll be fine in korea. don’t listen to the ex-koreaboos in this thread

No. 324737

File: 1542197524687.jpg (81.08 KB, 590x678, IMG_20181114_121159.jpg)

BTS fan who works at a Tsutaya in Japan threatens(?) to release personal information of customers who badmouth BTS

No. 324738


BP fans are proud AF because Jennie made the choreography "herself". But this is just so fucking bad .. can't sing, can't rap and can't dance.

No. 324740

Turns out she deleted everything after people found her real identity (Miura Juri, student at Education Department of Sugiyama Jogakuen).
Trust ratmy to talk that much crap whilst linking it to their real identity.
Anyway, currently blowing up on Twitter, so I can't see BTS gaining back any popularity in Japan once people know how crazy their fans really are.

No. 324744

humanity was a mistake

No. 324750

the fact that her given name is homophonous with ‘acceptance’ makes this even funnier

at least she makes a good example of exactly why japan should never cave to bts or their crazy fans

No. 324756

And a lot of them do still have an issue with Japan because the older gen fills their heads with hateful crap and the government still pumps out propaganda constantly. Kpop and online commenters are not a minority opinion in this case.

No. 324757

It’s still a good way to travel! And make money. But you’ll definitely realize that a lot of the problems in kpop are seen in the society as a whole too. It doesn’t take an ex-koreaboo to see that, just someone with a pulse and a modicum of critical thinking skill. I don’t regret going at all but I also am never surprised by the weird shit that happens in kpop anymore, it’s really just the tip of the iceberg.

No. 324764

To say that "they didn't know" it's a pretty big insult, you're basically saying that they're dumb and ignorant as shit - because I mean, who wouldn't know something like that? Even elementary school kids know. I thought muh Korea had one of the best school systems in the world…

No. 324771

it's true that some people wear stuff like this without knowing what they actually mean but in jimin and namjoon's case, this argument doesn't make any sense. if namjoon was actually a 1% student in the entire country, there is no way he didn't know about the holocaust. if he hasn't been living under a box his entire life, there is no way that jimin didn't know about the hiroshima attack either. it wasn't just ignorance.
looking up jimin's academic success, apparently he was the top student in his high school. any high schooler from any part of the world knows about the historical events that has affected/happened around their country (or important historical events like the holocaust), let alone top students, i don't understand what armys are on about.

No. 324798

She looks 35 here lmao

No. 324803

>>324798 "they must be exagg–OH" shit she does look like a fkn mom

No. 324822


>This past week has been absolutely harrowing

Not as harrowing as being the victim of Nazis or atomic bombing, but OK.

But seriously, it's worrying that some people let their favorite idols dictate their happiness so much. What are they going to do when their favorite groups eventually disband? Makes me kind of mad that the companies pull them along with all of that "we love you and we want to make you happy with our music" shit when it's really "we love the money".

No. 324824

Did she make these slides herself or…? I know she’s known to be an airhead, but the fact that she misspelled “실화냐” is hilarious. And she’s really shit at explaining like half them to purely english speaking audiences. It hurts to hear her speak sometimes lol

No. 324826

to be fair most idols from her generation are the same tier as she is now, look wise
shes still pretty and hasnt completely ruined her face with plastic unlike the majority of her former group mates, so props to her

No. 324831

File: 1542219873349.jpg (1.45 MB, 2499x3500, lily-collins2.jpg)


Wow, she's only 29 and she looks like this. When you compare her to other 29 year old celebrities it becomes obvious how badly she's aged. Pic very related.

No. 324888

What she doesnt even look bad though!? I honestly think its the way she is styled (cheetah print blouses/dresses especially with that design would age anyone) and she has a short bob.If whoever the girl is in your pic cut her hair in a bob and wore that same outfit she would look much older too. I normally dont comment but this just confused me to no end

No. 324892

How about you compare her to idk other Asian women? Seems disingenous to compare to someone of a different race.

Not a koreaboo, just don't want to see this racebaiting shit.

No. 324894


I'm not into Kdramas so the only currently promoting 29 year old female idols I know are other SNSD girls, who all look just as bad because they've been given the SM plastic surgery hack job. Calm down.

No. 324899

Don't tell anon to "calm down" we just don't want this thread derailed

fucking koreaboos

No. 324912

File: 1542228861200.jpg (172.21 KB, 671x720, 20181115_035153.jpg)

Idk what's worse: Tiffany overstyling herself to detach her from the GG image or Taeyeon getting infantilized just recently when she's almost 30. I'd understand why Tiffany would despise the GG image though, it's that bad.

No. 324914

Stop baiting please.

No. 324915

Well she's almost 30, right? tbh I'd rather see more mature women anyway, I'm over the "I'm 24 but look like I'm 12" look

No. 324916

I prefer Tiffany to be honest. At least she isn't pretending to be 15.

No. 324917

File: 1542229302680.jpg (186.39 KB, 1200x1664, tiffany-young-at-daisy-love-fr…)

There are so many videos of koreans guessing the ages of celebrities - black and white - and they always add at least 10 years, just to push the agenda that they're much more youthful looking, so it's quite funny that a rich korean women, in a staged pic with good lightening, looks like this at an age of just 29. I mean good for her that she did not bend to the plastic craze, but let's not kid ourselves, she's just not very attractive. Especially for an idol.

No. 324922

I like Tiffany but she's had plenty of work done.

No. 324927

File: 1542230164511.jpg (37.93 KB, 720x405, IMG_20181114_211359.jpg)

This was posted on EXIDs twitter. LE is 26 and apparently has seriously pissed whoever runs the Twitter off.

No. 324929

Let’s be honest, the only reason the average east Asian looks super young is because of Photoshop,ps and/or excessive amounts of makeup.

No. 324932

her face fucking terrifies me spoiler this shit anon.

No. 324933

there are actually people who consider her to be natural…delusional

No. 324934

File: 1542230888976.jpg (61.53 KB, 450x800, yikes.jpg)

Taeyeons definitely worse.
Like..she posts these selfies to make herself look like a 10 year old, but you see her face in real life and its terrifying how hideous her plastic surgery is and how much it has actually aged her in an unnnatural way.

When i see tiffany I honestly dont think she looks old for a 29 year old. Ive met plenty of girls in real life around her age that look a million times older and more haggard. Her styling needs a little bit of work ofc. And the hair isnt doing her any favors.

No. 324935

File: 1542231212910.jpg (419.89 KB, 709x1063, B3uJiKf.jpg)

I think exid is 2 comebacks tops away from disbandment at this point

most sm idols creep me out because they all look alike, her and irene being the prime example

No. 324938

Not gonna lie, I get really triggered when I see girls that were super pretty and cute destroy their faces with surgery. Really brings out my BD. Its like several of the not so attractive idols were able to fix their faces into a more "ideal" look, while a lot of the attractive ones did the opposite. So you have people like Hyoyeon looking hotter than Taeyeon now. Crazy.

No. 324942

It's just so weird when i realized that irene is 27 already; just 2 years younger from taeyeon and tiffany, yet she's always showing this retarded baby image to the public (vid related). I'd be embarassed if i were her.

No. 324948

farmers are so weird, this person looks like she could easily pass for late teens early 20s to me.. just a passerby to the thread though

No. 324950

Dont most kpop idols do that? The whole ~uwu~ child innocent kid leader virgin~ bullshit. I dont remember many groups where that wasnt a huge "personality point" of at least one member. Maybe Rania. But thats just because they came right out as grown up sexual women. I even remember when they were making idols do that stupid Gwiyomi bullshit on variety.

No. 324951

The others are not much younger though. Doesn't matter whather you're in your early or late 20s, that shit is embarrassing as hell.

No. 324954

I think that was the point, anon.

No. 324965

Eh, I don't really see it. She looks her age to me.

I think it's mainly the nose. It's not a bad nose, but it doesn't belong to her face, hence why the uncanny feeling.

No. 324968

Of course its the nose. The nose is the central focus of the face. If you fuck that up, you're fucked!

No. 324970

File: 1542234340030.jpg (4.42 KB, 285x177, changminnosejob.jpg)

sm's plastic surgery is really hit or miss. for snsd, yoona's jaw work looked good at first but gets more and more uncanny every year, yuri's jaw shave was awful, and taeyeon's face is just baffling at this point. nct's yuta's chin was a mess and still hasn't fully recovered, rv's wendy doesn't even need to be mentioned… but they have some of the best successful surgeries too. nct's jaehyun's jaw work was minor enough that it made his face look better proportioned instead of worse, and tvxq's changmin got a great nose job.

actually, other than the occasional botched nosejobs or eyelids done too deep, single procedures (ie not years of constant work like taeyeon, bom) only tend to immediately fuck up an entire face when it's the chin/jaw. hani, jaejoong, yuta etc all would look perfectly fine if they hadn't fucked with their jaw/chin. it's so risky and rarely pays off (jaehyun, jaejoong's early shave when he debuted, jessica, yoona when she first had it done) that i don't know why it keeps happening

No. 324973

File: 1542234713011.jpg (15.11 KB, 474x266, iV7V1kKxbrvhuw_xDi37FwHaEK.jpg)

something happened with jessicas face between 2012 and 2014 and it looked really weird

seems to not be so bad now but i definitely remember wondering wtf happened mainly to her eyes on one side of her face

No. 324988

File: 1542235718778.jpg (90.28 KB, 828x434, hjy.jpg)

same, Hong Jin Young was gorgeous, I have no idea why she didn't get scouted by a big company.

Now shes travelling around doing trot shows and spending all her money on more plastic surgery.

No. 324994

Nah, it’s because we have a thicker dermis and more buccal fat, which keeps us looking like late teens in our thirties. Keeping coping though.

No. 325023

>>324994 stop the asian hype, asiafag

No. 325134

O dang my bad

No. 325172

File: 1542249847344.jpg (84.96 KB, 741x1024, IMG_20181114_202639.jpg)

Any thoughts on that video of Ikon laughing at a member pretending to come out to his mom? Their fans are being shitty about it, as are armies.

No. 325179

>as are armies
not really the time for armies to play moral police

can't say that i'm surprised though, korea is just not there yet when it comes to respecting and accepting homosexualty.

No. 325229

Yeah, armies don't have room to talk. Them acting like iKON are literally hitler in a desperate attempt to divert attention away from BTS' current controversy and ikonics completely brushing it under the rug with "i-it was just a mistranslation! o-of course my oppars aren't homophobic!! úwù" are both annoying.

No. 325282

Ikon has had a bunch of scandals so it was only a matter of time before they messed up again. I'm not surprised about armys either. almost every time I see an idol getting dragged it's being fueled by them. they really believe bts are woke kings that will never say something problematic. though it'll probably be hard now that bighit knows to remove anything that will upset ifans.

No. 325316

File: 1542261820842.png (3.13 MB, 1242x2688, 09B17F35-C211-4A66-A4A8-4BF039…)

So I was on Kanye west twitter and i realized exo fans are legit spamming his twitter w fucking streaming posts??? WTH do they do this? What’s point?

No. 325323

apparently kanye followed baekhyun on twitter. I don't think there's a point to it unless they're hoping kanye will post about it or something.

No. 325379

But you don't look like that though.

No. 325386

I just told an army what Ratmon did at the holocaust memorial with the Nazi hat and they changed their profile pic from Jungkook to a random meme. I asked them why and they said that they unstanned. This is the first non brain dead army I have come across, I actually have hope that the rest of those brain dead cunts will see the rat and his lizard friends for what they are.

No. 325389

Unfortunately most Army are too young and dumb to see sense yet. Wait til there's a dating scandal though. Celebrating mass murder and wearing Nazi hats didn't turn them off, but oppa dating a girl will.

No. 325401

File: 1542277271958.jpg (702.33 KB, 1080x1920, 20181115_172122.jpg)

What is this abomination

No. 325402

Yep. Most of them will pretend they are happy at first “Oppa has a girlfriend, so cute!”. But they will lose interest and move onto another boy group that aren’t dating so they can project more gay shipping onto them, lol.

No. 325403

I love watching them desperately assure people they actually want oppa to date, because we all know it's not true.

No. 325422

i really think one of them dating is going to be bts' downfall too. ratmys don't care about their terrible releases and performances, they don't care about their hypocrisy, they don't care if they are racist and sexist, but if one of them dates a girl and it goes public, they'll dip. "i want them to date, i really don't care at all! i'm here for the music!!" is a huge lie since whenever a girl dares to be around their oppas, she gets harassed. they even made the female singer suga worked with apologize for making armys upset over the dating rumors armys themselves started, i wish i was kidding.

No. 325425

omg i fucking hate it when they pretend to be fake happy and accepting about their oppas dating. then they stop listenting to their music and sales shoot down. kek.

No. 325430


I find it hilarious. They put all that effort into pretending that it's OK and they're fine with it, and then their group's sales, fansites and views coincidentally drop at exactly the same time. And then a week later you find them saying they have a new fave.

No. 325499

seeing ratmys shading ikon is wild

what they did is fucked up and inexcusable but at least they don’t go around celebrating atomic bombings or promote neo-nazism while their braindead anti-black fans cheer and hurl racial slurs at anyone who dares disagree

No. 325507

ikon's bobby posted on instagram a while back supporting colin kaepernick, can you imagine how much armys would go on about how important it was if it was a bts member who posted? armys just shouldn't try to blow up scandals from other groups, because their faves have almost definitely done it too. kpop fans use the word bias to talk about their favourites and it's such an accurate term, they have completely different standards for idols they stan and don't stan

No. 325514

File: 1542299726721.png (54.63 KB, 809x208, edawn instagram.png)

E'Dawn's music career is officially over, he's not going by his stage name anymore and he even changed his insta username (and possibly deleted many pictures from his profile, I remember there used to be more but I'm not sure).

No. 325515

they also feel the need to vehemently deny their bias has ever done anything wrong rather than acknowledge that okay, their bias fucked up, end of story

there isn't a single artist i like that hasn't done some problematic shit in the past and i don't see the point in denying it. pretty much every single idol had messed up or done stupid shit and when it's not the stan's fave they're a monster that needs to be canceled immediately but if it's their bias everything is always everyone else's fault

bts and their insane atomic bomb celebration, xenophobia and nazi symbolism etc. deserve to be canceled because there really shouldn't be a way to recover from all that since it's so horrific and clearly reflects the fucked up values of the members and bighit. but of course ratmys are happy to brush it all under the rug because japanese civilians totally deserved to be vaporized and jews shouldn't be offended by nazism!!

No. 325520

the taiwan flag scandal with tzuyu was ridiculous, a 16 year old taiwanase girl had to make a video apologizing for holding a taiwan flag for fuck's sake. bts has done actually fucked up shit yet it was brushed off with bighit's terrible response. the double standards, yeah

No. 325521

He also said "I don't like him" when asked bout 6ix9ine. We'd still be getting 60 tweet long essays written on this if it were RM.

No. 325530

Wonder what he's gonna do in the future. He will probably stay with Hyuna to suck up as much of her success and money as he can, but he can't possibly do that forever, right?

No. 325532

Damn, he fucked his career over for a woman who probably gonna break up with him sooner or later.

No. 325541

i don't understand why they felt the need to make their relationship public. yes, the way k-pop revolves around idols being promoted as ideal boyfriends/girlfriends is fucked but that's the way the industry is, they could've kept dating while keeping it private and still making money. all the years edawn spent on becoming an idol went to waste. it was a bad decision

No. 325549

and they completely fucked over the other group members, if i were in pentagon i would hate them both

No. 325550

tzuyu got so much more hate when she actually did nothing wrong but people will still act like jimin is some martyr.
and they constantly say that they call bts out when they do something problematic but most of the time they just coddle them like most stans do.
well he has more fame now than he did before. I wonder how long they'll be able to keep the public interested considering hyuna isn't as popular nowadays.

No. 325555


They kept it secret for two years so I don't buy the "We didn't want to lie to our fans" excuse.

It seems like Hyuna was probably butthurt that Pentagon fans were accusing her of sexually harassing Edawn for flirting with him and touching him a lot. I'd probably be kinda assblasted in her situation too especially as little tween fangirls were calling her "too old" for him (she's 2 years older) but she probably should have kept it to herself.

No. 325584

File: 1542306026280.jpeg (199.35 KB, 750x931, 19ECA504-64D5-4C4B-A358-AF6955…)

hyuna posted this pic today. first time i see a pic of him actually smiling since this whole ordeal but he looks dead inside while his eyes scream “no i’m happy, i really am”

not gonna make hyuna out to be evil in all this because the industry being fucked isn’t her fault but i really do wonder if he had a say in going public about it.

No. 325588

He looks so frail. Well, most male kpop idols do, but his styling enhances it so much.
He looks like the junkie who walks up to you at 11 pm in the train station to ask you for 5$ "for his ticket"

No. 325593

File: 1542307027486.jpg (89.08 KB, 1600x1000, masterpiece-faceapp-4-FACE0517…)

Are we sure the smile wasn't edited on with Faceapp?

No. 325594

I don't think she would've done it if he said no but they probably didn't expect to get kicked out from cube.

No. 325595


He looks like he's lost a lot of weight since he left Pentagon. He was always thin but not this thin.

No. 325613

not if he said no but what i'm wondering is if she asked him at all

maybe i'm cynical but e'dawn had so much more to lose and from what i recall it was hyuna who confirmed the rumors

No. 325636

Am I the only one that thinks him getting kicked out and this whole dating scandal thing, actually benefits him more than anything. Dude has nearly a million instagram followers, he could easily get into
fashion, through sponshirships and having hyuna’s name atached to him. They’re already considered a power couple and could make bank off that if they wanted to. Kid’s gotten more fame off this entire fiasco than if he were to chill in pentagon, doing nothing for years. Think it’s really naive to say his career is over. Sure he can’t be in another idol group again, but if his primary goal was to just be famous, then yeah checkmark he wins.

No. 325644

i feel this way too. i literally did not know who he or pentagon was until he was associated with hyuna…

+ CUBE is focused on how successful gidle actually is so ion think they care too much about him.

No. 325645

Agreed. He could even become a Youtuber like that one guy from Day6

No. 325654

File: 1542313746074.png (207.21 KB, 407x481, 1lz604gujiy11.png)

No. 325658

A girl simply wearing a shirt related to comfort women rustles Nips' jimmies? Lol. They can fuck off for this one.

No. 325659

Agreed. Its not comparable to the BTS situation. Its simply a nitpick on that persons behalf.

No. 325660

double posting but
>>Marymond also donates 50 percent of its operating profit to a foundation affiliated with the Korean Council for the Women Drafted for Military Sexual Slavery by Japan
Yeah, nips can double fuck off for this

No. 325670

I understood the Atomic bomb shirt, but this is reaching Japan. The japanese right-wingers shouldn't of brought attention to a shirt that donates to war victims.

No. 325687

>They’re already considered a power couple
Are they though? All the hype about these two seems to be mostly coming from international fans, some of who seem to only started paying attention to Edawn after this dating controversy. I wouldn't be surprised if this is another Kard situation.

No. 325699

It seems to be one asshole politician from Hokkaido who is already known to be a bag of dicks.
No need for slurs

No. 325706

File: 1542318357944.jpg (59.72 KB, 673x542, Capturejj.JPG)

Oh damn. He is getting swamped by Twice fans and he's seriously responding to every single one.

No. 325739

the absolute state of this board

No. 325740

File: 1542321956192.png (1.55 MB, 1440x900, positive aspects.png)

I don't understand how anyone takes japanese right wingers seriously tbh.

They are so crazy that it's funny

No. 325741

its ironic because bts would have fit right in had jimin not repped the nuke

No. 325747


what a extremely ugly creature

No. 325754

RM didn’t wear the Nazi hat at the Holocaust memorial. He still shouldn’t have worn it and bighit is a sack of shit for even thinking they could do a photoshoot there, but those are two separate incidents

No. 325758

No. 325762

I didn’t realise that I wrote it like that, I meant to write them as separate incidents.

No. 325771

Agreed. Nips can be butthurt all they want, but those women deserve some kind of justice for their disgusting degeneracy.

No. 325825

wtf is this real or did they bend it somehow? its disgusting af

No. 325826

Lmao at 'this is so HUMAN'. I am now convinced that there are no limits to their crazy

No. 325827

you know ratmies are fucked when you can't tell if this kind of shit is just trolling or real

No. 325847

Random rant but I've been seeing so many people praise Taemin for how he was once 'tone deaf' and then ended up being the first member to be given a solo. Like he became this amazing vocalist. I've heard people talk about his 'angelic' voice that to me sounds more like a breathy mess most of the time.

Taemin was the first to get a solo because SM saw him as a cash cow. They saw a cute kid who could really dance and that they could market as kpop's Michael Jackson(ugh). Even with his vocal training his voice was still much weaker than every other member except for Minho. He probably got the cream of the crop when it comes to song selection for his albums as well. I find it annoying when fans make him out to be this amazing kid that went from nothing to something when it's obvious SM was backing him 100%. Not taking away from the work he put in but yeah. I know he's not problematic but geez these fans can really go overboard with their praise sometimes

No. 325852

Taemin made colorist jokes though

No. 325857

File: 1542358266297.jpg (42.43 KB, 450x105, 9003437675621.jpg)

are all armys anti-social fujos jfc i don't watch anything related to the retard and the baby rat yet videos like these keep ending up in my recommendations after watching k-pop related stuff. i don't want to see this schitzo shit, who the fuck cares if they were living separately or not like do you really believe these fucktards are actually dating and their company is trying to hide it but you can see the truth because you ~~know them better than anyone else~~

No. 325858

File: 1542358424120.jpg (24.63 KB, 500x134, 4580436752773.jpg)

No. 325860

Oh? I remember him being what they would consider 'dark skinned' when he auditioned for SM so for him to turn around and make colorist jokes is gross

No. 325861

File: 1542359232503.png (281.11 KB, 726x488, Screen Shot 2018-11-16 at 12.0…)


No. 325869

With that much ps? only your ratmys do

No. 325872


Both V and Jungkook come across as the most heterosexual guys in the entire group so this is hilarious to me. They both seem aggressively straight.

No. 325873

shatmys who ship the members together and laugh at stans who ship them with girl idols “because they’ve never interacted” are hilarious to me because uhh guess what

No. 325876

They don't really seem that close either so I don't understand what uwu chemistry these fujos see in them, they both seem closer to Jimin but maybe it's just the attention whore being the fanservice machine he is, idk. Most of the friendships in BTS seem fake as hell in general

No. 325877

File: 1542362149608.jpg (161.86 KB, 800x1200, jimin-taemin-1.jpg)

The fact that he's close friend with Jimin (not sure if still) makes it even worse. Shitmies think he's a bad influence for the angelic baby lizard uwu.

>BTS Fans angry at Taemin after spotting him vaping around Jimin

>Jimin’s fans are worried that Taemin’s habit may be a bad influence.

>“If I were Jimin, I wouldn’t be friends with Taemin.”

>“Taemin shouldn’t be smoking around Jimin.”

>“I wish Jimin didn’t hang out in those places.”

It doesn't take a genius to know that friends tend to have similar interests. It's what united them in the first place.

No. 325879

In other news, San-E released a new track called feminist.

I don't want to translate the entire song, but he's doing the classic "I am a feminist, but men are the real victims here".

He also has a funny line where he raps that no man ever asked women to be pretty, but in literally the next line he raps that women are acting childish when they go without bra, don't shave and cut their hair short.

No. 325880


It's just fujos slamming the two most attractive (in their eyes kek) guys together. There's no real logic to it.

No. 325882

>When did we ever say you needed to be pretty?
>I like long hair don't change

Did he mean this to be a parody?

No. 325891

Nate comments are hilarious as well

>From a male perspective, I find the lyrics refreshing… but I worry if San-E will be okay, I already see feminazis throwing a fit…

>He's speaking the facts though. In this generation, men are more discriminated against while women get all the perks.

>It doesn't matter whether San-E served or not. He's speaking on behalf of us men who are suffering at the hands of the wrong form of feminism.

No. 325893


The only fit feminists are gonna have about this track is a laughing fit.

No. 325895

omg i'm sure seeing evil taemin vaping ruined our innocent angelic baby boy :( jimin hwaiting!!

their fans really make bts out to be literal manchildren who don't understand anything and always have pure intentions. when the rumor about jungkook smoking was going on, i remember seeing tweets like "jungkook and smoking? lol, he is very sensitive to smells, how can he smoke? he's still a baby" and shit. these guys get infantilized to death and it's fucking annoying, they are grown ass men in their 20s, come on

No. 325902

File: 1542366259154.jpg (83.54 KB, 553x383, 34235.jpg)

What the hell happened with Taeyeon?

No. 325906

she looks like she's in her 50s. The face and neck color ratio is hilarious. Somebody call the ghost-busters. Throw the whole face away!

No. 325908

Interesting timing with the case of the group of men who gave a woman serious head injuries for having short hair and looking feminist.

No. 325910

File: 1542367359297.jpg (45.9 KB, 400x572, kappa-Kyoichi_Shimazaki-makeup…)

Why is her mouth so weirdly big?

No. 325911

she reminds me of James Charles.

No. 325913

The entire thing is full of contradictions. Parody or severe retardation?

No. 325914

Wow she looks a mess. I don't even know what else to say…

No. 325916

Probably why he made the song tbh. He posted the security footage of the women verbally assulting the men before the attack and got a lot of hate for it.

No. 325919

the woman attacked him first and there is clear evidence that she provoked one of the guys and started harassing him

No. 325920

kek if you didnt know any better about the people they were referring to you'd think jimin was an infant in a cot and taemin was a single mother mindlessly chain smoking in a chair next to him

No. 325921

Source for that clear evidence?

No. 325923

File: 1542370900952.jpeg (576.93 KB, 871x1776, 59662178-50B2-4C53-B82F-5C9B73…)

No. 325927

Another Korean news report about it.

Basically just some Korean terfs sperging and then crying victim when they didnt get the reaction they wanted

No. 325929


No. 325931

How are they TERFs?

No. 325932

Doesn't look like they were crying over nothing to me. https://mobile.twitter.com/boroja8902/status/1062726235166466049
Also wtf, "terfs"?

No. 325933


I knew there were trannies on this board.

No. 325934

Yeah, they tend to end up outing themselves, in one way or the other.

No. 325935

I'm looking at the video, and I don't see any footage of the women attacking the men.
Since this is Korea, I wouldn't be surprised if they just took the violent men's testimonies, ignored that they would obviously lie and reported it as if it's all fact.
I understand why the two women would just disappear and try to get away from this shit. One of them was clearly severely injured, and law enforcement still entertained the aggressors.

No. 325936

File: 1542372572881.png (252.42 KB, 429x384, 1528294984967.png)



No. 325937

According to the stories those injuries are from the pushback after the wonan laid her hands on the man. Korea is extremely sue crazy, if you’ve got provable injuries the average person doesnt go and hide, they they exploit that shit and get the law on your side. But go ahead and blindly defend the woman based on 0 evidence.

No. 325939

File: 1542372840734.jpeg (833.1 KB, 1242x1115, 31C76614-487C-474E-8A9E-E2A990…)

Can somebody please explain her appeal to me?

No. 325940

Where is the evidence to back up your claims, or is it all just stories? Why wouldn't CCTV or indoor security cams pick up one of the women assaulting the man if that's what really happened?
Even if she did physically go after one of the men (and leave him with absolutely no injuries worth photographing in the midst of all this drama…), since when is the shit linked in >>325932 an appropriate response instead of just shoving her away again?
Also, explain the TERF thing, please. Everyone is asking.

No. 325941

The CCTV does not show the women physically attacking the men. You would think that would be the first thing people would point to, since they were so eager to show the CCTV footage of the women shouting insults.

But of course they can't point to any footage of the women hitting the men. Because it doesn't exist.

No. 325942


Just go back to /tttt/. We don't punish women for thought crime here.

No. 325943

Why are you falling for an obvious scam? The men have been contacted by police, but police say both women have mysteriously gone missing. Just vanished into thin air.

This is so obviously a fake case just like that case of the Russian feminists pouring acid on men a few months ago that ended up being a hoax.

No. 325946

NTA, but I'm just wondering about these claims that the women "attacked" the men when they tried to leave, but magically went completely unseen by the cameras, and left no actual injuries on any of the men.
All we have is blurred footage of some people saying insults indoors, but not getting physical, and then some footage of four figures walking outside next to a police car. No attack, no violence, no nothing. If this really is another hoax, the sloppiness apparent in this episode of "feminazis get TAKEN DOWN by the TRUTH" is appalling.

No. 325948


It's very remiscent of how Goo Hara's ex said he attacked her, but his "proof" was a couple of tiny scratches on his cheek, while she had pages after pages of medical records detailing her severe injuries. But people still fell hook, line and sinker for his story because muh menz get abused too.

And then a week later it came out he was the scumbag after all and everyone with more than one braincell got to say "I told you so."

No. 325950

>See I'm different?
>It's okay, I'm not dangerous
>I'm different trust me

Why does this sound like something a serial killer says to try and lure another victim into his murder van?

No. 325959

She's looking like that abomination from last British Bake Off these days

No. 325960

She’s always looked like a strange muppet to me, even when snsd first debuted

No. 325994

File: 1542383860243.jpg (104.84 KB, 1080x1345, Wl_qerD4.jpg)

is looking like a grandma a trend there or something

No. 325996

Jfc who is this

No. 326004

File: 1542384811990.jpg (69.73 KB, 1080x1250, srCZszN7y6s.jpg)

that's Hyuna

No. 326027

it's funny because while i find both straight and gay shipping with k-pop idols cringy, these guys fucking around with female idols or trainees is more realistic than them being uwu oppressed lgbt legends in love who can't come out because of bighit.
i don't see how shippers are any better than the self-inserting stans since they do the same shit. i check out psychotic kpoppies for the gems sometimes, there was this cow-tier vkook channel (who had almost 200k subs, god is dead) whose favourite was v and she was like "i'm not like all the other fans, we have very similar personalities. he isn't my bias because i want to date him, he means much more to me", she was posting about how much of a gorgeous bottom taehyung is and shit. it was like jungkook was her ideal type and v was what she wanted to be or something because she was so obviously self-inserting herself into him lol

No. 326033

so they really decided to make looking bored and annoyed her brand? ok then. i guess all the undressing is supposed to make this snoozefest at least somewhat exciting so that the viewers don't fall asleep.

i hate how her face is unnaturally white when her skin tone is obviously darker, and it's even more obvious because of natural looking dancers around her.

No. 326038

File: 1542388830267.png (446.15 KB, 609x494, h.PNG)

No. 326041

ew, i thought he was gay

No. 326051

Looks like a crackhead

No. 326061

To be fair, fansites tend to edit idols faces to be far whiter than they actually are.

No. 326066

It's weird as fuck, but it's the same as "omg they don't know anything about Nazis though, poor bbys!! :(" It's easier to pretend a group of grown, educated men are just sheltered toddlers than to admit they're anything less than perfect.

No. 326109

shes literally one of the ugliest idols now i cant believe it lol

No. 326110

>unironically using the term terf anywhere outside of twitter or livejournal


No. 326112

is she…literally balding…

No. 326120

yuk!! pedo eww. She's old enough to be his daughter

No. 326132

I hate that literally every photo or gif of her is edited to make her look ghost white and pasty lmfao something about her specificly that people thinks she needs some tumblr-esque washed out grainy filter.

No. 326134

She’s basically ana-tier like sunmi so wouldnt be surprised about hair loss with this recent obsession she has with being spoopy

No. 326138

this will be jimin in 10 years where he'll be out here dating underage girls. why do most CEOs get with women half their age? first its YG then this dude there

No. 326152

File: 1542401715763.png (125.11 KB, 267x262, 0gGoS78.png)

>His width
>The candid pic of them together is literally him with his wallet out

No. 326186

He looks like a pregnant potato with super small arms

No. 326188

Skinny arms with zero muscle tone, medium-fat beer belly, gigantic ass + hips. That's unironically the body of a "beta" male kek.

No. 326190

this dude and his girl have one thing in common at least, a flat ass

No. 326203

File: 1542408033457.jpeg (723.67 KB, 1242x893, 1A2FDAED-0C1C-4B74-BED7-E44B51…)

Goddamn I guess I never really acknowledged how rich they got.

No. 326204

>in cash
does this mean literally in cash or that he just paid for it upfront lol

No. 326205

that's actually what a lot of shippers do. they say it's because straight fanfiction sucks and they need "muh representation" when honestly it's bc they'd like to see themselves falling in love/fucking their fave. also "bottom taehyung" or "kookv" is big on twt bc a lot of the girls (some who claim to be lesbian, nonbinary, ftm -.-) wanna fuck jungkook or their "bias wrecker" lmao

i should stop stalking this side of twt but it's so strange to me - that these people place these headcanons on real life people

No. 326211

File: 1542409118788.jpg (Spoiler Image, 127.14 KB, 625x754, creeps.jpg)

samefag, but here's an example

(spoiler for those who don't wanna see)

No. 326220

The funniest part about this to me is that the apartment is in the same building the rest of BTS live in/their dorm. Almost as funny as the fact that their neighbors are politicians and respectable senior celebrities

No. 326226


Y’all should probably use the other half of his name as a nickname kek

No. 326230

this is kind of only tangentially related but i just dont understand the "jock" and "nerd" thing, why are americans so obsessed with this

No. 326238

He must have paid her or smth

No. 326239

File: 1542424415868.gif (2.53 MB, 500x281, tumblr_onb6vldO5Y1qdku5lo1_500…)

LE from exid looks like a bobblehead

No. 326240

her face looks like an anamorphic tiger mask

No. 326245

File: 1542425014848.png (596.3 KB, 601x564, exid.png)

she got a boob job as well

No. 326249

this is way too detailed, it's almost like this is what they want to do themselves. i like the hypocrisy in how stans tweet millions of shit like these and it's okay but when cupcakke said she wants to suck jungkook's dick ratmys lost their shit. "this is sexual harassment, jk is barely an adult (even though him and cupcakke are the same age or something lol) and he doesn't like hearing stuff like this!! omg don't tag bts if they see it everything's over!!" why don't you bat an eye when other ratmys do it then, how is talking about how much you want v to suck him off any different lol

No. 326254

File: 1542427242629.jpg (32.29 KB, 445x341, thesnickersnightmare.jpg)

No. 326256

File: 1542428750061.jpeg (498.87 KB, 800x5796, image.jpeg)

Lol I just found this. It still boggles my mind why they thought going on stage with red flags and nazi-like clothes was a good idea What the hell was the purpose of that??


Holy shit why is her face so goddamn swollen

No. 326260

this was completely intentional, it's obvious. what the fuck is wrong with these human scums, if they did something like this in their europe concerts they'd get arrested. what are they going to do next, burn a jewish fan alive on stage or something?

No. 326276

you spergs. they just look like my chemical romance or lady gaga dancers. Fascist aesthetic has been a pop music go-to for fucking 35 years, michael jackson stirred people up with it, madonna used it. You dumb babies these retard gooks are just cloning whatever was the fashion one generation ago in the west as usual

No. 326277

omg this is so accurate

No. 326283

File: 1542438842521.jpg (54.22 KB, 827x444, 8590067213.jpg)

you both sound like retards. settle down.

No. 326284

Calm the hell down edgelord, there's clearly more to this than just bts dressing up in military gear. Don't forget about them posing at the holocaust museum for a photoshoot and the atomic bomb shirt controversy.

No. 326288

You have a point but it's still fucked up no matter who's doing it, and the way people like MJ, Madonna and Lady Gaga are marketed is different than these manlets. They are marketed as ~~innocent, unproblematic, inclusive, equalist, woke, brave legends who speak up about issues no one talks about~~, their audience is buying it, they even made some terrible equality speech on the United Nations. Their company and fans are trying to cover it up and acting like they are infants who didn't know what they were doing and had no malicious intent. Even if they are trying to be massive edgelords, I don't see how wearing a t-shirt glorifying the Hiroshima bombing has any more pros than cons to a group who is constantly jerking off Japan for sells

No. 326338

What…..the flags are from the Class Idea performance with Seo Taiji. A Seo Taiji song about being anti-totalitarian where he uses pseudo a totalitarian imagery.

No. 326340

The concert outfits and flags were for a performance by another artist, Seo Taiji has used those for that performance for decades now and they fit the song theme. The Nazi symbol on the hat is photo shopped in by people who like to start shit, but the original hat did look pretty WW2 related, just not a full on Nazi hat. It was also for a magazine shoot so it was provided by the magazine crew. I don't like bts either but spreading misinfo like this just discredits any scandals or fuck ups they might have in the future, since people will just assume it's another made-up thing or no biggy. There's a reason these pics (minus the atomic bomb shirt) are from years ago yet they didn't do anything to their success back then and didn't affect it even now.

No. 326343

Classroom Idea is performed in gakurans sometimes so that could be it

No. 326344

The Nazi hat isn't photoshopped, even Bighit talked about it in their official statement about the controversies >>324282

No. 326345

The hat was not photoshopped. It was controversial at the time and Ceci, the magazine, apologised for it. Don't spread lies.

No. 326347

My bad, when I looked it up I saw versions without the swastika. Weird that he didn't immediately recognize it and refuse to wear the hat.
The rest of what I said is still true though

No. 326348

Whether or not the hakenkreuz on the hat was shopped (it wasn't by the way) it still had the reichsadler on it.

Armies actually photoshopped the hakenkreuz OUT but are so dumb they didn't know the reichsadler in the specific style it's depicted in on that hat is also a Nazi symbol.

No. 326349

Putting a black symbol in a white circle on a red flag has not been okay since 1945. Whether there was a malicious intend or not, to claim that you weren't referencing nazi germany in your anti-totalitarian performance is just straight up lying . Get back to defending your oppas on twitter, armybot.

No. 326352

File: 1542451221172.jpg (106.88 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Exactly. So the uniforms reference Korean school uniforms, I buy that part. They look similar enough.

Clearly they're not carrying these enormous flags in a very specific design for no reason. They could have carried the Korean flag but they're not, they're carrying this one. So why? What is it meant to represent?

Let's all think hard about what this flag reminds us of.

No. 326356

wasn't someone from bts a german literature poser or something like that

No. 326357


Yes, RM again.

No. 326363

Since he's supposed to be the "IQ over 9000, was a top student in the whole country, speaks English and Japanese like a native, interested in German literature, fount of knowledge" one, the way ratmys insist that the entire group, even RM didn't know anything about the Holocaust and the Hiroshima-Nagasaki attack is funny.

No. 326364

kek i need (anti)fanart of this

No. 326370

Nothing "medium" about that. He's a whale.

No. 326372

lol i was thinking the same thing. ugly rich men, what do you expect

No. 326373

File: 1542456495971.jpeg (76.28 KB, 750x455, FDD0EAA9-AA06-4D59-92A6-903367…)

i know this is particular tweet is a year old but i still see it all the time from black fans and i just don’t understand. you cancel other groups for lipsyncing to the the n-word but when your oppars do it you just reiterate these garbled excuses that are always invalid for every other group? over a slur directed at your own race? take their advice and love yourself.
>>inb4 messy scribble

No. 326375

if a group they are butthurt over like blackpink or exo did the same contoversial shit bts has done ratmys would never shut up about it

No. 326381

I always find it embarrassing as a black person when I read garbage comments like this…This just surpasses ignorance.

No. 326403

Yeah is morbidly obese medium-fat to americans?

No. 326404

no im american and def can tell hes obese

No. 326413

Black K-pop stans in general are often just a self-hating, hypocritical disgrace. Somehow, fans of "non-normie" hobbies who happen to be black often turn out just fine, but black K-pop fans will make excuses, flounder about and ultimately degrade themselves and other black people all to defend their oppas. I've even seen them call other black people slurs in a 100% disparaging manner, just for calling their obsessive WKing for these racist boy bands cringy. They've really internalized the shit that gets flung at them, both from other fans, and their idols. They think there's nothing wrong with it.
It's probably because the whole fandom/koreaboos in general are unhinged embarrassments to the human species, but it's still sad to see.

No. 326418

bitches like her need to be terminated

No. 326425

File: 1542467639123.png (68.02 KB, 822x540, l.png)

i stopped following whatever blackpink's doing about a year ago and back then everybody was kissing jennie's ass, watched a new fancam and things have changed apparently lol. i didn't expect this, how lazy can she be that even her fans have had enough of it?

No. 326428

glad to see they’re calling her out on it. armys who direct the least bit of criticism in bts’ general direction get crucified so frothing praise is all you ever see. i was worried blinks would be the next armys but that doesn’t seem to be the case. they can still be rabid and insufferable like stans of most groups but there’s a pretty big gap between regular kpoppies being obnoxious and army’s absolute degeneracy.

No. 326443

So I was checking out YGs new survival show with their male trainees and they allegedly spend $100,000 per trainee per year. That seems like a huge waste considering the vast majority of those trainees will never debut.

No. 326448

this whole "you can't criticize bts" mindset is so toxic. how many more fuck ups do ratmys need to finally be able to criticize bts? their recent shit is so bad, they are trying to become vocal focused but their vocals are terrible, saying "jimin you did amazing!!! haters gonna hate!!!" doesn't change anything. that's how you get the awful performances like the fake love one with charlie puth

No. 326449

Why do they insist on spelling it Rosé? Does she go by Rosé and pronounce it like the wine?

No. 326457

yeah, its supposed to be rosé like the wine

No. 326461


I feel like this has something to do with the fact that they're women. I feel like female fans are more open criticizing female idols, than the male idols they're "in love" with.

No. 326465

do korean men even like that really? i know for some of them ofc they do but i mean..by and large it seems to be a niche because korean men prefer dfc on young looking girls more than bimbo shit. so when all these idols get implants, like t-ara and 9muses and crayon pop and the like i have to wonder if its to attract foreigners instead

No. 326467

good god what is that thing on the left ew

No. 326468

yeah and all those trainees have to pay the shit back lol which is why the trainees and their families end up in debt and the companies more or less still profit with their shady dealings elsewhere that enable them to take out the money in the first place

No. 326485

What a f* up cycle

No. 326488

I wanted to say that too. There are a lot of reasons why blackpink are as polarizing as they are but their fandom being level-headed certainly isn’t one of them lol
The big 3 don’t put a debt on their trainees. The kids that end up debuting also are getting monthly salaries (as small as it may be). Most of them come from wealthy families/ have connections anyway and buy their way in.
Siwon, Sunny, all of Blackpink, Yeri are some that come to my mind right now. It's those that got picked up by small companies that you should worry about. I mean remember the girl from GLAM who had to resort to blackmailing that actor (who was likely a sponsor she was set up with by her agency anyway) because her company completely abandoned her and her group for the sake of its new boygroup? Wise bussiness move as we all can see years later but on a human level so messed up. The idol industry is just sad.

No. 326503

You're barking at the wrong tree here. The song and performance are from two decades ago, by a different artist. They're backup artists during that performance. Seo Taiji and his concert staff picked the theme, which I assume has something to do with the song being anti-totalitarian. You can literally look it up instead of constantly sperging about the same moot point.

No. 326508

Or Jennie is just a piece of shit to the point where the most rabid fanbase of a girlgroup at the moment got tired of her shit? BP fanbase is full of yaaasss kween slaaaayy fans who focus more on girlgroups and a fucked up commercialized version of feminism. The reason they're sick of Jennie now is because of the numerous bullying accusations, the way she treats other members on livestreams, how little she cares about her work(always forgetting her lines and the dance moves), barely doing the bare minimum, and generally being a cunt despite getting everything handed to her on a silver plate from pre-debut. Yet because of her background, YG still gives her opportunities others in the company deserve a lot more. AND she still manages to make those opportunities go to waste because of how untalented and uncharismatic she is.

No. 326509

> The song and performance are from two decades ago, by a different artist.

Wait, do you think the Nazis happened more recently than 20 years ago? Do you think the Nazi flag is a new invention? Holy shit.

No. 326511


This is dumb, anon. The fact that those flags are meant to resemble Nazi flags is incredibly obvious, and if you try to deny it then you're either blind or a ratmy.

It being a Seo Taiji song doesn't change that. It being a performance of an old song doesn't change that. The song being about Korea's fucked up school system doesn't change that. Are you stupid or just being deliberately obtuse?

No. 326513

Are you fucking dense? I'm saying the theme and outfits of the song were picked before half these guys were even born. I'm saying if you're going to criticize bts or anyone for outfits and stage props, pick ones where bts and bighit were responsible for that theme and props. Not a performance where they're back dancers to an artist who's responsible for the theme and song. I get the rabid hatred but at least direct it towards the right place if what you actually care about is the nature of the offensive gesture instead of just pointless sperging

No. 326514


So can I perform Madonna's Like a Virgin while doing a heil Hitler salute then? I mean, it's a song from the eighties so according to you that means any Nazi references I do during it is cancelled out for some reason.

No. 326518


Nobody put a gun to BTS's heads and forced them to take part. They chose to.

No. 326520

Are you guys missing the point on purpose? This was from the Seo Taiji 25th Anniversary concert. It wasn't a cover of the song or a performance at their own concert. They were back up dancers/performers for Seo Taiji during that particular song. The point is NOT about how old the song is, you absolute morons. It's about the fact that you're purposefully ignoring the fact that Seo Taiji and his team are to blame for the pseodu-Nazi imagery, not the gook twinks.

No. 326521

You're either 12 or retarded if you think it's that simple

No. 326522


So if a group has already been photographed wearing a Nazi hat and posing sexily in a Holocaust memorial would you or would you not agree that agreeing to take part in a performance where you're given a flag that looks like a Nazi flag to wave around is just a tiny bit suspect? Or are BTS innocent little babies who were bullied into it by big mean Seo Taiji?

No. 326523

File: 1542481656416.jpg (6.49 KB, 279x180, rat-trap.jpg)

Did armys infest the thread?

No. 326525

I'm saying focus on on the Holocaust photoshoot and the atomic bomb shirt, things they almost directly chose because then it ties them to the fuckup harder. There's a reason even normies didnt give a shit about these controversies and fuckups: most of them can be very quickly dismissed because they were chosen by a magazine team or a different artist's team. And that's exactly what has happened.
Pedantic bitches like you are the reason they keep getting away with obvious red flags(literally LOL)

No. 326526

But we are focused on those things. The only reason we're discussing the Seo Taiji shit this much is because you came along to tell us BTS are poor little baby boys who were forced into being part of the performance.

No. 326527

Are you a ratmy anon? you do really sound like one

No. 326528

If that's what you chose to take from what I've said, then fine, sorry about tour poor reading comprehension.

No. 326531

imagine how the koreans and koreaboos would react if a western artist got involved with anti-korean imagery, did a disrespectful photoshoot in a korean war memorial and performed an anti totalitarian song dressed up as japanese soldiers with rising sun flags lol

No. 326532

why are you guys getting triggered for? You sound like a bunch of 12 year old ratmys geez.

No. 326533

I’ve noticed that people from Asian countries seem to be less disturbed by Nazi imagery than people from Europe or America. I guess it’s because the Holocaust didn’t directly affect Asian countries, but it’s still tone deaf to use Nazi imagery for the aesthetic when pretty much everyone knows what the Nazis did during WWII. If kpop producers want to use military attire as an aesthetic that’s fine, but swinging around a red, black, and white flag that is obviously quoting from the Nazi flag is just gross.

No. 326535


Imagine if a Japanese group wore a rising sun t-hat, then a shirt depicting war crimes being committed against Korea. And then people found footage of them performing with a another artist who uses imagery that plays on Empire of Japan imagery. Korea would FLIP, and "But it wasn't their song!!!!!!" would not work as an excuse.

No. 326537

File: 1542482603488.jpg (116.62 KB, 720x719, po_blackpink_jennie_lazy_vinta…)

How is this considered a fashionista?

No. 326539

omg anons, you are forgetting the fact that our bangbang oppars suffer from serious brain damage and can't tell what swastikas and mushroom clouds look like, y'all are being too hard on them, they don't know anything!!

No. 326542

And ratman has an iq of 150 with a great interest in german literature

No. 326543

File: 1542483366853.jpg (422.03 KB, 1920x1080, Blackpink_DDU_DU_DDU_DU_Lisa_7…)

her, blackpink, and gdragon all have that image and they wear some of the ugliest outfits ive seen in my fucking life

No. 326549

Has anyone else listened to the new exo album? It is the worst fucking thing, I can't believe it came from SM. I used to adore exo when thru relased Exodus and repackage, but now their songs sound like shit. They don't even seem to promote or do anything for the fans, I don't know what happened to them.
At least Kyungsoo is still cute.

No. 326554

Their title track was enough to tell the album sucked

No. 326563

>I don't know what happened to them.
SM is pouring a lot of money into NCT, just compare their latest MVs. They're going to let EXO die quietly like f(x), it's a shame because they used to be good.

No. 326564

the bed squeaking noises in the chorus of tempo were hilarious, like what the fuck?

No. 326567

super junior is still going even after a dozen scandals and losing like half their members. SM would never let any of their boy groups die like f(x).

No. 326568

are they still doing that latin pop shit?

No. 326573

yes lmao

No. 326578

speaking of suju, does anyone remember when they had a 14 year old model act as their love interest in their mv for devil?

No. 326587

They cant jist die out, missing out on their annoying hijabi indonesian girl + chinese woman demographic would cost them a fortune

No. 326588


Why DO Indonesians love them so much anyway?

No. 326592

>hijabi indonesian girl

I see these girls a lot in 2.5D fandom too. I'm surprised that pretty non-muslim guys singing, dancing and doing fanservice isn't haram.

No. 326598

went on twitter only to be met with fresh pics of girl who just got serendipity tattooed on her asscheek

just army things

No. 326601

Well tell your other army friends to stop retweeting NSFW images lol
Suju are lucky they debuted at a time when the market wasn't so saturated and most of their fans are old femcels anyway. And to think that the best idol vocalist is in that shitpile of a group. No words.

No. 326603

File: 1542489894398.jpg (Spoiler Image, 203.75 KB, 1080x1033, 5jF6pkV1c.jpg)

nta but

i mean, i follow just a few kpop accounts to keep up with the news and that's enough to get your tl fucked

No. 326605

i'm an ex-muslim from somewhere around middle east and yeah, it would be haram in islam logic. k-pop isn't that huge here, it's mostly popular with hijabis for some reason. my own guesses are k-pop with it's whole family-friendliness can be appealing and they see aggressive men with beards all the time so seeing baby faced guys with proper skincare is refreshing lol

No. 326606

og anon here and yeah if i could somehow block every ratmy on that website i would.

also notice how she actually tagged bts in the pic lmao

No. 326614

Honestly SM is a mess. They stopped marketing and promoting Shinee for Exo and now they're more interested in Nct than Exo. They see Shinee as a passive source of income because they have a steady fanbase and are now doing the same to Exo. Same sad cycle which is a shame because both groups could have been a lot more popular than they are

No. 326618

it looks like blood

No. 326622

Lmao yeah. I never liked exo as a group but at least there would have been 1 to 3 decent songs that I'd like from their album. Now they sound like pure garbage, just like btshit.

No. 326623

File: 1542493142491.jpg (105.5 KB, 960x721, DrzP3A9U4AEAEHg.jpg)

Male idols are marketed as love interests, female idols are girls you want to be when you grow up (even when you're already grown up lol) or girls you want to friends with.

I think they made Jennie's image - 1%, human Chanel, always in Paris - too out there, even for fantasy la-la land. Kids can't relate to much of that, or picture themselves hanging out with her.

No. 326624

File: 1542493546356.jpg (96.22 KB, 960x720, BCG MATRIX.jpg)

Yeah, no. This line of thinking is so dramatic and illogical. Exo and Shinee are now cash cows, just like other 'abandoned' groups like Suju and TVXQ. Meaning they spend the bulk of their time performing in big venues and making a lot of money off the huge fanbases they got when SM was promoting them the way they do NCT. It would be dumb af to continue giving well established groups as much promo as the rookie groups who actually need it. Why the fuck would Exo and Shinee want their earnings cut into with expensive MVs? Why would they want to spend their time promoting on music shows for free? Why would they expect to become significantly more popular when they're already so well known and visible to the public? It would be a waste of time and money for them to do anything but milk their fanbase now.

No. 326629

I'm indonesian and it's true that muslim kpop fans are massive here. I dont mean to talk shit about my own people but I think it's due to their own inferiority towards foreigners, white and korean/japanese people in particular. A lot of them fetishize foreigners and dream of marrying them. I mean it's not totally impossible but most of them are just delusional.

There have been some successful cases of indonesian women marrying korean men and they became huge, almost like celebrities. Unstable teens would go on online random apps to meet random korean men only to get used (financially and sexually) and disposed afterwards. Many korean youtubers who knew they wouldnt have been successful in their own country started creating contents for the indonesian market and got popular overnight despite them being mediocre and annoying af.

The indonesians do not only just fetishize foreigners but also those of chinese descent because they're the closest thing to koreans in the country lmao. If a chinese-indonesian girl uploaded a cover of korean songs or talked about auditioning for SM on youtube, the dumb kpop fans would insist that she's talented and that she could have easily been accepted as an SM trainee when she's just so plain. The girl (if she's dumb like in most cases) would take the compliments and start thinking she's all that and would take advantage of her east asian features just like the random kvloggers that got popular overnight.

Its just annoying how indonesians think that once someone looks east asian they they can easily become an idol. The fetishization is huge and massive. I swear most of them wish they're born east asian so they could have been a part of kpop. It's funny cause not even the girls that got into kpop from a more advanced neighboring country (singapore) became successful, like the skarf case, and they are chinese-sgean.

*saged for blogspot

No. 326631

Has loona gotten less popular or has the fanbase been less annoying?

No. 326637

Interesting, how does it fit in with being a devout muslim though, or do they want to get out of that?

No. 326653

I'd say not all of them are devout muslims. Like some would only wear hijab as an attribute/don't wear it at all (still identify themselves as muslims) but would resort to free sex and alcohol when an oppar tempts them to try all sort of things. The others are devout muslim with conflicting ideas, they know what they're doing is wrong according to their religion but still do it anyway. I'm not saying that they can't/don't want to change but I don't see so many of them making an effort to.

I personally had a friend who would wear long outer and hijab outside but her room was filled with oppars posters from top to bottom. Another also wore the same conservative attire but she would take it off every time she came in contact with a foreign guy (through videocall and such). There was also a case when a muslim girl dated a Korean guy she met through a dating app. She had literally done eveything for him, including pre-marital intercourse only to be left and insulted (he called her a monkey etc when they broke up). She really thought they'd get married only cause she kept telling him that in her religion they forbid pre-marital sex.

It's embarrassing, I know but it's the reality. Those dumb kpop fans should get a reality check and start seeing people from all races as equal so they will stop degrading themselves in front of foreigners, or oppars in particular.

No. 326688

>>326425 it's strange to see my friend bashing jennie like her life was on the line a year ago too and now she's promoting Jennie like she's queen what did the girl to manipulate some of her haters to become fans?

No. 326690

>>326629 i can fucking relate to my own south east asian country, lots of men and women from the west, even from japan!, would come here, vlog on their first eating traditional or common food, say some words or phrases, sing some songs and become insta-famous overnight that they became guest panelist for something they aren't experts of, the jap dude on cosplay, praised like their academy award winning actors even though their fame will down in a few months or years… cause they are irrelevant as fuck

No. 326730

is this an attempt to send bts nudes lol

No. 326731

This is true but they stopped promoting them at the height of their popularity where as they could market them just a little bit better and gain an even bigger fanbase. Obviously it's too late to do this now with the older groups and they have to focus on nct now.

No. 326775

File: 1542528561605.jpg (784.4 KB, 1219x1333, 612205727.jpg)

a woke legend's advice to a woman over 35 who wants to become a musician. truly inspiring, what an intellectual, follow your dreams guys

No. 326786

If its a direct translation of whats on the screen he said its good to get get married (like its something that everybody looks forward to kind of way, “ you have someone to give you asspats everyday uwu i want a wife”) not that its better to get married. Not ~problematic~ just boring and basic af and probably meant to pander to the lonely fugly fangirls like everything else their management tells them to say.

No. 326788

little did he know that he would grow up to look like a grandma in pearls

No. 326791

This was on the weird Korean counselling show and not something made by Bighit for ratmies so I think it's just him showing his retarded country boy self

No. 326792

No. 326804

i watched this stupid show with a few other idols and lost any illusions i had about them, most of them are sexist af. guests with mental issues are treated there like garbage, the hosts are completely ignorant about such things. any woman whose husband is an asshole is advised to be more patient or something. i get that it's just the korean mentality (doing anything to not get a divorce, etc.) and it's often like this in my own country, but it's such a shitshow anyway.

No. 326814

i've seen some clips from the show, there was a teenage girl who was a victim of domestic violence, she had an abusive father but no one took it seriously. some of the guests there have serious issues but they treat them like shit for comedy purposes

No. 326819

V is extremely conservative. I don't know how his fans haven't noticed this yet.

No. 326845

File: 1542550131785.jpeg (165.91 KB, 750x701, B3694E6B-F081-471C-BDCB-9B1EB9…)

shatmys on twt are still shitting bricks about nams nazi hat being photoshopped and call the people who want jimin to apologize for the atomic bombing shirt nazis i can’t tell if their iqs are really in the negatives or they’re just completely devoid of morals, probably both

in other news a japanese nazi is supposedly threatening to hurt jimin at a fansign. irony. last time there was a threat like this it was directed at jimin too, he really seems to bring out the worst in both stans and antis.

No. 326847

what the fuck is a handshake event lol do they just get in line shake their hands and leave

No. 326848

yep, that's basically it. sometimes fans come to give presents or get signatures. but majority is just telling them thank you and all that for a minute or so.

No. 326853

k-pop events with idol-fan interactions are really superficial and weird, i don't understand why people buy shit ton of cds to interact with their oppars for like 30 seconds
is that guy a legit nazi and wants to attack jimin or are armys making it up?

No. 326854

They cash in on sweaty horny fans getting to touch their idol's hand.

No. 326860


Every fansign ever:

>Idol: Wow you're so pretty/handsome!

>Fan: No, you are.
>Idol: Haha no I'm not. Thanks. Next.

No. 326861

File: 1542553461952.jpg (43.5 KB, 650x115, 00341002103001.jpg)

you'd think they have never spoken up about their heterosexuality lol

No. 326862

Normally there's at least one group in a Kpop group who pings my gaydar, the entertainment industry has a lot of gay men in it after all. But every single member of BTS seems like a typical straight boy to me. At a push I could see Suga being bisexual, but only in the "I'll kiss a man for female attention but I won't do anything more" way.

No. 326868

Anons it's true, we must respect that they might have multiple tumblr genders.

No. 326870

File: 1542556108590.jpeg (96.72 KB, 750x430, 9B246073-5E2B-44A0-967D-7086C5…)

>At a push I could see Suga being bisexual, but only in the "I'll kiss a man for female attention but I won't do anything more" way.
then he’s not bisexual

anyway blinks are saying jennie’s “lazy” dancing is due to motion sickness. thoughts?

No. 326877

Lmao I think suga has the most self respect in BTS, which isn't saying much but if any one would pull the fake bi shit for attention it would be Jimin no doubt. Hes the biggest attention whore in BTS he'll do anything for asspats

No. 326879

He isn’t bisexual if he isn’t attracted to men, I think he’s just straight tbh. All of them seem straight. But kissing man for female attention is something that Jimin would do, he’s the most attention thirsty person in existence. He already does a lot of fanservice so I wouldn’t put it past him.

No. 326881

lol doesn't he do that already? i've seen clips of him admiring men or something like that. it's not like he slipped accidentally, he's aware he's on camera all the time.

No. 326882

from what i've seen jimin and v already do a lot of gay fanservice out of nowhere

No. 326885

I have severe motion sickness and dancing or exercise doesn't trigger it lol. Why would it? It's an inner ear problem caused by your body not being able to reconcile being inside or seeing something moving but not actually physically moving itself. This is just delusional fans making excuses again.

No. 326931

Yep its a disgusting show and ive only seen episodes involving idols i liked. The male idols ALWAYS show their fucking asses and yet it rarely ever gets brought up. Isnt it also the show where one of the SJ guys called Sulli fat and Amber went AWF on him? The fat super junior guy i think.

No. 326932

if theyre lucky one of the guys from the group will slap them or call them an ugly bitch!!!11

No. 326934


Don't forget saying "You should cover up more" if you wear a shirt that exposes your shoulders, like V did. Dreamy!

No. 326937

he pulled a girl's hair too. why does he treat the girls on fansigns like shit lol what's wrong with him

No. 326939

What, this really happened?
How do they have fans?

No. 326944


The fan he told to cover up more because her top showed some shoulder said it was charming and he was just concerned for her. Their fans are absolutely delusional and will excuse anything.

No. 326946

I've seen the ones with Shinee members particularly Jonghyun. He was one of those who actually seemed to give decent advice and actually listen and think about how to help the people in question. This is from what I remember. I might have to go back and double check but yeah for the most part this show is a mess and doesn't give a damn about the issues at hand

No. 326947

File: 1542572282500.gif (1.75 MB, 409x178, bts-v-fan-meeting.gif)

this girl who got her hair pulled defended him for some reason too

No. 326950

I saw an episode with one of the NCT guys that was OK. There was some husband who was complaining that his coworkers kept insulting hi wife and calling her ugly and fat. But he was focused on how embarrassing it was for him, and most of the guests just commiserated with him and said that sounded really hard… for him. Then at the end this guy said "I mean it sounds like it would be harder for your wife though, why aren't you more concerned about how your wife feels?"

It's pretty sad that this sort of bare minimum empathy for women stuck out in my mind as unusual kek.

No. 326951

Seeing this just makes me want to punch his reptile face even harder.

No. 326952

Same. Those adoring fans are the source of their money and fame, the very gall to do that…

No. 326953

V gives off the retarded vibe. Every time I see him he seems dumb. Is he naturally stupid or its his fake personality?

No. 326957

I watched another one with NCT and Momoland and it was meh for me. One of the guests was a woman that had an older brother who treated her in a very weird way, was very controlling, didn't let her date men, made her sit on his lap and she was very upset and confused. Iirc one of the hosts made a joke about her being fat and people in the comments defended it saying it's just the way Koreans are, as usual… The idols were supposed to vote if this situation was a problem or not and two members of NCT voted no, I don't remember what Momoland voted for. Wtf? I think I stopped watching after that because they didn't solve anything, the situation that woman was in seemed hopeless.

No. 326960

That poor woman, what the fuck.

No. 326963

>Jin tries to stop V
>mean while Jimin looks at the scene like it's all very amusing for him
While I think there's enough evidence to write V off as retarded and incapable of acting like a normal human being, the more I see the more I get the impression Jimin is a major asshole.

No. 326972

I don't think an idol called Sulli fat on that show iirc it was just some guy in the audience. Another member of super junior said that Suzy should lose weight but that wasn't on hello counselor. That show seems genuinely awful though.

No. 326981

The Jimincel smirk gets me every time. He literally pulls this cartoon villain smirk, it cracks me up.
Someone should smirk at him like this everytime he fucks up on stage and goes to cry in a corner.

No. 326984

File: 1542576563526.jpg (124.38 KB, 500x1127, 201307300012771550_51f68a8ce48…)

That fine specimen of a man said Sulli could lose some weight in her arms and… calves. Men mistaking actual muscle for fat that you can simply lose…

Shindong said this (and luckily still gets backlash for it nowadays):
>Don't start if you're only going to quit after a few days. Your body isn't the type to change with a diet.
>If someone had to lose weight, I would tell that person to lose weight. Lose some weight, why can't you take care of yourself. When I say this, the person might think, 'Look who's talking,' but I would reply, 'I'm a boy and you're a girl.'
>I'm just saying. Honestly, I would want the person that I love to be more pretty or more handsome.

A lot of people accuse the posters of this thread of being jealous and only shitting on korean women, but honestly, I just feel sorry for them.
Korean mra somehow think that the fact that they have to serve means they have it worse than the lifetime of sexism, pressure and abuse their female counterparts face.

No. 326988

>When I say this, the person might think, 'Look who's talking,' but I would reply, 'I'm a boy and you're a girl

He belongs in a trashcan

No. 326994

He is absolute trash.

No. 327025

God what a diaper of a human being
Like get some braces and maybe some double eyelid surgery, Quasimodo lookin ass. But seriously, that fucker has some nerve saying shit like that, as if they’re not already under a ton of pressure.

No. 327038

I’m so confused. 50kg and 170cm is literally a bmi of 17.3. Even by Asian standards that could never be fat. What kind of meth is this guy on?

No. 327046

File: 1542587187551.png (769.34 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20181118-221813.png)

I was watching Orange Caramel's A~ing live performances (because I love the cute outfits) and now I'm mourning over their old faces. Why idols do this man? They'll never look like Kim TaeHee anyway so why not just look like themselves? Raina was so cute but I can barely recognize her these days; Lizzy developed an ED and cut her jaw off and so did Nana.
Shoutout to the flattering makeup style

No. 327076

File: 1542595995790.jpg (54.75 KB, 500x330, fxsnsd.jpg)

F(x)'s tomboy-ish concept suit them… Korea wasn't ready for them. SNSD's rebellious little sisters

No. 327099

as far as i know the majority of shinee are/were sweethearts
the only one i ever heard anything bad about was the onew scandal i think
both key and jonghyun spoke out a lot on a variety of issues about acceptance and mental health

No. 327100

Oh ok i got the two confused. It was leeteuk saying it about Suzy and then somehow donghae was asked his opinion and said women cant be fat but its ok for men or some shit.

No. 327101

Oh sorry this is me >>327100
i didnt see your reply before i posted lol. Thanks for clarifying. But I do think Leeteuk was the one who called Suzy fat.

No. 327103

Let’s be real, the only reason barely anyone defends shindong is because he’s fat and not particularly attractive.

No. 327183

didn’t shindong do a complete 180 and suddenly start supporting fat acceptance and talk about empowering fat women?

which of course isn’t healthy either. why is it always one extreme or the other with men? or was this just his attempt at damage control?

No. 327212

he's either dumb and weird or just very good at pretending to be dumb and weird, but i don't think he's stupid in a "this guy has actual issues, he can't help himself, don't be too hard on him" kind of way, he knows what he's doing. they probably told him to exaggerate being quirky so that he won't be completely boring though. he is an unforgettable performer since he isn't talented in singing or dancing, so he makes up for it with fanservice and being a weirdo

No. 327213


He wasn't like this when they first debuted either. He sort of faded into the background and nobody really paid any attention to him for the first year. Then he started the whole muh 4D alien shit.

No. 327217

he's a forgettable performer** lol

No. 327221

File: 1542638343965.png (277.79 KB, 553x430, Screen Shot 2018-11-20 at 1.37…)

Why the hell was this cringe on my dash

No. 327222

File: 1542638611910.png (498.64 KB, 602x942, bigshit.png)

apparently big hit are filing police reports against people who make malicious comments about bts. now stankmys are like "everyone gather the receipts!"

No. 327223

inb4 we all go to prison for calling jimin a cockeyed manlet

No. 327225


They're going to look back on tweets like these in a few years and want to crawl into a hole.

No. 327226

i'm guessing this whole "bighit is suing haters!" thing is supposed to be about the death threats and shit, like the weirdos who say they are going to shoot jimin in a concert, but ratmies are going to abuse it and report anyone who says anything negative about bts lol

No. 327227

doesn't bighit have better things to do? i get dealing with death threats, but if this is about ordinary hate comments, it's ridiculous. can't wait for another "fuck off haters" song by bts

No. 327228

File: 1542639696140.png (260.62 KB, 1646x1080, 2355675474.png)

yeah exactly. i dont understand what qualifies as a "malicious comment", like a threat or just anything negative? from the replies i think armys just want anyone who has anything negative to say to get sued or go to prison

No. 327229

they're shooting bh and themselves in the foot because reports on legitimate death threats are going to be buried under their petty complaints

No. 327230

>tfw there are people who think someone should go to jail for saying something mean about a boy group
This is why we won't make it

No. 327232

this is some dictatory level shit lmao what the fuck do they expect bighit to do, "hello officer, this person on twitter is saying that our cashcows suck at singing and this person called them ugly. please arrest them"

No. 327236


"You stand here today charged of… calling some Korean guy a rat. How do you plead?"

No. 327237

they’d use a wide array of different breeds of rats as proof of defamation.

“point out the rat breed of which mr. kim is supposedly a specimen” “can i pick more than one your honor”

No. 327238

>disband momoland
this has to be a joke

No. 327245

how dare anybody not like what I like! those meanies! send them to jail


No. 327254

when was this??????

No. 327255

>This is why we won't make it
As a species? You might be right.

Nope Army hates Momoland because they supposedly laughed at the Lizard's voice crack.

No. 327257

Its so fucking weird how jimin gets the most death threats. I wonder what knetizens know that make them hate him more than international fans. Maybe hes just too snooty? I mean all he does is hog camera time with his uwu shit and cry and barely sings well.

No. 327259


He's an annoying nationalist who gets the most lines despite not being able to sing then throws himself a big dramatic pity party every time his voice cracks because he can't be bothered to take vocal lessons. What's not to hate?

No. 327265

i feel like it somewhat has to do with the whole uwu pure baby boy thing, people who try to market themselves like that attract the most psyhotic ones

No. 327281

File: 1542648844560.jpg (25.21 KB, 584x329, 1531875372468.jpg)

"Show the jury which one of these reptil species you claim Mr. Park belongs to"
"Your honor, I fear it might be a breed scientists haven't yet discovered"
"And what about Mr. Kim? You said before he's supposedly a rat. Yet scientists have never seen a rodent this big"
"…Have you ever watched an episode of the Ninja Turtles?"

No. 327282

File: 1542649071870.jpeg (123.62 KB, 1280x720, C023B19B-903D-47FE-BF22-7B575F…)

No. 327290

not sure if it was their choices but some of the stage names in bts (and just k-pop groups in general) are very cringy, why would someone name themselves something like rap monster, v or suga and except to be taken seriously

No. 327294

Well, Rap Mnster already changed his to RM (but I refuse to call him that, he deserves the shame of having had such a name) and "V" makes no sense at all . Suga is really funny, because ratmy can'T decide whether he's "Yes slay, melanin king!" or "omg, his skin is so milky white, just like sugar". Cringe x3

No. 327303

Jimin’s stage name was supposed to be babyG apparently. That has to be the worst lol.

No. 327310

Lets not forget “I’m your hope, your my hope, I’m Jhope” god, the cringe.

No. 327312

There was also Seagull or some shit for Jungkook. But yeah Baby G was the worst.

No. 327317

haha yeah, remember when taeyeon did that after her wreck too
koreans genuinely feel they have power over people its hilarious

No. 327320

that thing in the front row under the hat is terrifying

No. 327322

lol seriously, i like how bighit decided to do something like this after receiving backlash about several different shit. they really can't take criticism

No. 327333

They are covering up the whole problematic scandals with pity party "our reptilian man's life is in danger" bs

No. 327337

Antis: Armys don't shower. They smell like shit
Armys: b-b-but we did it for our boys. You hater!1!!!!!!

No. 327339

Suga said bighit would sue people for writing hate comments about them. I didnt think he was serious. Bighit and bts are pathetic. They are just trying to cover their asses after the Nazi controversy.

No. 327340

Death threats are fucked up but they have more than enough money to provide security for Jimin, it's no excuse to ignore the criticism, they are dealing with these issues so unprofessionally

No. 327344

bts fall will be so bad. I'm waiting for the day ratmys threaten someone's life literally then the person files a lawsuit or threatens a gang member. They should get what they asked for.

No. 327366

Apparently the Korea Independence Day t-shirt that Jimin wore sold out because of the ratmies buying it. It depicts an atomic bombing for fucks sake. They are so brain dead. I hope one of the members has a dating scandal, that is the only thing that will make them leave the fanbase at this point. They don’t care about Nazi imagery and disrespecting the holocaust and atomic bomb victims but as soon as oppa gets a girlfriend, they will leave.

No. 327369

They pretend that they will fully support bts dating but it’s complete bs. They will just leave the fanbase discreetly after fake pretending to be happy for them.

No. 327372

The person who wrote the title is going to get sued now lol

No. 327374

File: 1542657177410.jpg (4.3 KB, 275x246, 1542430569807.jpg)


No. 327403

some of them might already be in a relationship, they are just hiding it because they know the rats will dip if they date publicly. it's funny how they are sure that their oppars are 100% untouched virgins as if they actually know what's going on in their lives

No. 327411

what guy anon? where'd u read this at?

No. 327419

his stage name is iron, he was going to make it to bts but left with supreme boi and some other people

No. 327532

Unbelievable what's been going on with Jennie. It's been barely 2 years since her debut, she has everything a rookie could want in terms of sales, concert tours and a solo single. Yet she performs as if she was protesting the fact that she has a gun to her head.

Usually idols are reprimanded for not "working hard enough". It really makes me wonder what's happening behind the scenes at YG for them to accept having this depressed/jaded girl front and center representing the company.

No. 327533

File: 1542688098816.png (194.24 KB, 1048x589, Screenshot (115).png)

comments on that vid

No. 327541

File: 1542689451824.jpg (92.56 KB, 862x439, ysqu8cro.jpg)

Jesus, it gets so bad 50 seconds in. If she's acting like this at the beginning of the tour, I can't wait to see how much effort she will put at the end of it. Maybe she'll fake an injury to get out of performing and just sit in a chair while other 3 dance around her.

No. 327544

She's spoiled and getting bored of all of this already. Just like how a spoiled child gets easily bores of their new toy.

No. 327547

it's like jennie is a mainstream pop artist who tries to dance for one performance and the other girls are the professional backup dancers

No. 327551

damn, even sunny and jessica waited until practically the end of their careers to pull this shit lol

No. 327552

she like not doing the head spin as to not mess up her hair or something and keeps messing with her hair. It's so annoying. You can't just see how little she cares about the group

No. 327559

File: 1542693881535.jpg (37.34 KB, 443x604, large.jpg)

This is awful

No. 327562

Yes, it is extremely cringe. But can you imagine how he feels now when he says it?

Jhope is probably more dead inside than any other member.

No. 327567

They performed in my country last night. I'm aware that the audiences were annoying af (they couldn't shut up when BP were being interviewed) and the audio system was shit, but Jennie didn't even try to hide her bitchy expression and being lazy like usual while the other members seemed genuinely happy to be in that shithole last night.

I never liked BP to start with but now I have more respect for the rest of the members for giving their 100% into every performance, especially Lisa. This makes me wonder even more why YG picked Jennie as a solo artist when she can barely manage it in the group.

No. 327571

YG always has favorites for every group. members who get thrown to the side still worship him for some reason, i would be so bitter

none of blackpink's members seem very close

No. 327572

He looks like a failed human reptile hybrid experiment. So busted my face hurts looking at him

No. 327574

I wonder how the other girls feel being in a group with someone who puts in zero effort, but gets the most attention.
What the fuck is the camera man doing

No. 327583

vomit inducing

No. 327607

File: 1542710068780.jpg (104.38 KB, 1000x500, G-Dragon.jpg)

Military does wonders to people

No. 327630

File: 1542712053645.jpeg (361 KB, 1080x1711, 21E83246-D8DA-4655-8648-6A2BA7…)

did he gain a lot of weight or is it just a really odd angle?

anyway, supposedly one of jennie’s background dancers spoke up against the fans calling her out. i’m too lazy to post all parts of it but the entire translation can be found here: https://twitter.com/poopheyy/status/1064782534418956288?s=21

No. 327644

lol why is she snapping at chinese fans specifically? and why does jennie deserve a special treatment when other idols manage to do their job better while having more songs? her hard work doesn't matter and there's nothing to praise if there's no result.

No. 327658

why does he look like kangin now

this entire thing is just jerking her off lmao

No. 327678

File: 1542717850825.jpg (598.3 KB, 1280x720, Screenshotter--BLACKPINKDDUDUD…)

She really was half assing it, look at how she raised her hand compared to the others. Yeri got bashed for being lazy at performances but not Jennie, wonder why??

No. 327681

Isn't Jennies mom a higher up in YG?
I know Lisa's dad is a famous chef in Thailand, but what about Jisoo and Rosé?

No. 327690

No. 327693

thought he was shorter than 1.73

No. 327727

he most definitely is, male idols basically always lie about their heights.

No. 327730

God they're all lazy sacks of shit, what an utterly tedious performance. Big 3 Privilege is alive and well, no minor label group would get away with that.

No. 327737

2:07 to 2:14 is especially tragic. Jisoo is shit, too. Lisa and Rosé are the only ones salvageable

No. 327755

This is the best he's looked in years.

No. 327756

Do companies give idols foreign language lessons during their training? In some groups, a lot of members speak English pretty well, like Blackpink but I guess it's because some of them lived abroad or something

No. 327759

jennie studied in nz and rose was raised in australia, i think lisa learned english on her own or something. not sure about jisoo. but generally i dont think theres any foreign language training during trainee days. they probably start learning whenever they plan on promoting in another country (japan, china). not really sure though

No. 327766

File: 1542738211735.jpg (108.05 KB, 1500x906, Masters-of-the-Universe-Classi…)

He looks exactly like this

No. 327775

Yes learning Japanese, Chinese or English is part of their trainee programs. At least for the big 3. They also have PR training so foreign trainees probably need to have reached a pretty advanced level of Korean before taking part in that.

You’ll probably notice that almost all big 3 idols can speak some conversational Japanese if nothing else.

No. 327783

>this is the hill mentally ill ratmys want to die on


No. 327784

she probably had to hook up with an old disgusting sponsor to get the solo
i'd be unhappy too lol

No. 327793

jfc I thought this was an ugly youtuber wannabe mua who tried to recreate his makeup style. He looks horrid. His chin implant (or jaw shave who the fuck knows) and lip injections are so obvious too.

No. 327798

File: 1542744568305.jpg (2.26 MB, 3264x1865, blackcrap.jpg)

Why are they always dressed as if this group is called Jennie And The Blackpinks(backup dancers). The other 3 members seem to be wearing the same kinda all black outfits while jennie is wearing a white blouse with a silver belt wich makes her stand out from the other members.

I notice this whenever some picture shows up online of blackpink. My attention immediately goes the the one with the more flasy clothes or obvious very different from the rest.

No. 327801

YG should try to make it less obvious when he favorites a member, the top right pic is so obvious. I bet the rest of them are tired of her.

No. 327808

File: 1542746380669.png (330.43 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20181120-152912.png)

No. 327813

File: 1542746930688.jpg (70.77 KB, 640x640, 2ne1cl.jpg)

← History repeating itself.

I wonder if Jennie could pull out of Blackpink before the contract end, like Jessica and Sulli, who also weren't into their groups and served half-assed performances. YG idols known for their laziness - TOP and Bom - aren't exactly happy stories either.

No. 327814

File: 1542747063530.jpg (79.88 KB, 766x960, 1457487590383.jpg)

ah yes, BTS deserves it so much more than the Thai cave divers

No. 327819

Can you imagine if BTS actually won it over the cave divers or anyone else though? The backlash from the public would bury their reputations in the West, it would be delicious.

No. 327822

what has bts actually done to deserve such a title?

No. 327832

Anybody want to explain
>right ankle/22cm

No. 327834

>>327832 not that anon, but it says it's an edit so is this some stankmy joke idk man

No. 327840

There would be backlash but that's very optimistic anon.

No. 327843

make hormonal teenage girls panties wet clearly

No. 327869

Nomination next thread page

No. 327896

File: 1542760062266.jpg (144.49 KB, 885x1200, 8662bebbbf55e77ecbfec037ef7229…)

It's not a joke, it's from the love yourself program book. all the bts members have a page, no idea why they included fucking ankle size

No. 327899

They want to give the shitmys a glimpse of delicious look into the ankle fetish life. What else?

No. 327901

This is a disgrace to humanity. BTS should be banned from existing. It's the most disguting stuff I've ever seen in the whole year. One thai cave diver actually passed away while trying to rescue the boys trapped in there! What have BTS done??? Posing as nazis and wearing an offensive t-shirt when they could have donated their effortless-earned wealth for something of real values?

No. 327904

With the whole 'the 90s are back' thing going on I'm pretty sure it's a primmer for when they start selling exclusive LYS YWsomeseriestheykeepmilking BTS ankle bracelet

No. 327923

File: 1542767415587.png (124.55 KB, 348x773, nastarmys_if_u_nasty.PNG)

Don't know if this has been talked about but jeez there are even BTS fans on pornhub.
I came across a vid where two korean dudes were going at it, and the comment section is infested with comments like these.
Like, I don't know how they can cry about slander!! then pull shit like this. It's creepy.

No. 327928

lol i watch asian gay porn a lot and these comments started popping up in the last year or so

No. 327929

Is this an actual joke? Oh well, it's TIME, so yes.. but still. What the actual fuck.

No. 327931

He looks horrifying, plastic surgery has gone too far.

No. 327932

He looks healthy in his face and not a dead skeleton.

No. 327935

This is cringey as shit, because you know most of these comments are probably made by underaged teens.

No. 327941

File: 1542770116351.jpg (95.87 KB, 583x765, DsDWcXGVYAA0IaW.jpg)

plus him recruiting that 10 y/o trainee who straight up looks like a mini-jennie

No. 327947

going around porn videos to comment about how the people in the vid look just like two real humans sounds freaky

No. 327959

Lmao I've come across so many comments like these two, it's really creepy. It reminds me of how I watch like two kpop music videos on Youtube and suddenly my recommended page is flooded with those videos titled "Jimin's moans 18+" or a ship name and the audio is of a couple having sex. It's extremely bizarre and real creepy, especially with all the comments obviously coming from tweens.

No. 327960

everytime I think RM is the worst looking from bts j-hope comes along with his freaky ass face and bad haircuts

No. 327962

So Ed Sheeran said he likes BTS and wants to do a collab

Why is every artist mentioning them are they even that popular?

No. 327964

they want the ratmy clout

No. 327968

This. Honestly these artists who claim to 'like' bts are all cloutchasers. They probably see it as a way to open themselves up to the fan base and ride off of their weird popularity

No. 327973

they infantilize jungkook to no end but also want his ass drilled and it's creepy

No. 327978

File: 1542782060526.png (Spoiler Image, 14.36 KB, 893x84, Untitled (3).png)

yeah its pretty fucking weird, anyone know why they do this? i mean most of the fans are teenage girls right, what appeal does this have exactly….

No. 327979

Idk why this shit always cracks me up. But yeah I mean I see this similar to yaoi I guess, they are using real ppl and just making them into fictional characters. Plus with the gay fan service shit they do, it just fans the flames for horny teen girls who like to fantasize about situations which will literally never exist.

No. 327985

The thing that bothers me is k-pop fans always treat the maknaes like "uwu he is still a baby :(( his hyungs raised him and he loves them so much", "she is such an innocent bean omg we watched her grow up" and these members are usually the ones who get shipped/sexualized the most

No. 328051

Lmao guys this BTS bomb tee thing is blowing out of proportion, it appeared on the local news from my country (I'm from Latin America)
I'm just lel

No. 328057

File: 1542799344991.jpeg (20.06 KB, 320x320, 93B4AE0A-5489-4EDE-B6F7-A63F2A…)

amazing. now we just need the rest of the world to wake up to the cancer that is shatmys.

has anyone noteworthy spoken up properly against >>327808 yet?

No. 328097

This makes it all the more hilarious because I think Jennie is the worst dressed out of all of them even though CL was usually the """"""best"""""" dressed
saged for irrelevant

No. 328103

File: 1542811411595.jpeg (149.98 KB, 1247x798, 042D2F39-215B-4496-BAC6-DE2B75…)

They all look like voldemort to me

No. 328119

this is embarrassing, i hope they'll give the title to the thai cave divers instead

No. 328140

They're just fujos who channel their sexual fantasies into dudes they think are attractive so they can enjoy it from a safe distance. It's the same reason some YouTubers and even other all-men bands have a ton of gay smut content made about them.

No. 328151

File: 1542824747943.jpg (226.45 KB, 575x685, 7654411076312.jpg)

the exo-l and army fanwars are ridiculous to watch lol
>sided with nazis and right wingers
are they mixing up exo-ls with their oppas

No. 328156

ever since bh put out that apology they've been trying to make everyone else the bad guy for pointing out that the shirt was fucked up lmao

No. 328186

lol i love how theyre blaming it on exo stans?? if exo did the same shit you just know ratmys would be right on their asses. these fandom fights are so stupid, i wish theyd have a mosh pit fist fight. throw hands for oppa so he knows its real

anyway, what have bts done to even deserve person of the year? all theyve done is release shitty music, have a nazi/shirt controversy, have voice cracks and give a trash speech at the UN about loving yourself? their fans will eat up and hype up everything they do. i wouldnt say theyre exactly inspiring…

No. 328190

i see bts getting praised for having mental health awareness in their lyrics but like… where exactly did they do it? which song? do they really think lyrics like "u can't stop me lovin' myself fuck da h8rs xd luv urself guyz" equals to speaking up about mental health?

No. 328196

they don't at all. their fans make that shit up

No. 328200

>Petition for TIME Magazine to remove BTS from the cover
Sounds good to me.
>…and put BigBang, Wonder Girls, SNSD or EXO instead. These groups paved the way for Kpop in the west and it is very disrespectful to them to have TIME Magazine praise someone who is just living off of what other groups have previously had
What they don't seem to understand is that BTS is not on the cover of TIME because anyone gives a shit about Kpop in the west, they're not on the cover because TIME wants to praise BTS for their Kpop contributions, they're on the cover exclusively because their fans will buy 8 copies of the magazine to have every cover. It's not about who did what for Kpop, it's about sales. I definitely vaguely knew about the other groups during their heyday, but it never seemed to me that any of them had a whack ass fanbase that loves spending money like BTS does. TIME isn't going to cough up a cover to some groups that made great contributions to Kpop (assuming what they say is true) if no one is going to buy it.

>sided with nazis and right wingers

I can't believe exols would claim that Jimin oppa wearing an atomic bomb shirt and rape monster wearing a nazi hat is actually bad…
>The most disgusting people ever

No. 328223

>>327896 yea, we as a species deserve to vanish

No. 328299

lol no. korean men loves tiddies and korea's idea of sexy is like america's in the late 90's. very tacky.

No. 328317

File: 1542857997824.png (445.39 KB, 402x551, rv.png)

I don't understand why they'd release an Halloween-esque concept in December two years in a row.

No. 328318

pls stop giving seulgi bleached hair sm im begging you

No. 328347

File: 1542866690062.jpg (18.51 KB, 134x141, 20181122_130335.jpg)

Wendy, what the fuck

No. 328359

File: 1542869721079.jpg (70.72 KB, 500x751, gaon2.jpg)

That shoop… Whose bodies are that supposed to be? lol

No. 328402

Probably the most disgusting BTS' song ever. Take a look at the lyrics.

If I ruled the world I’d do it all

(Westside, westside, westside)

If I ruled the world I’d do it all

(Westside, westside, westside)

If I ruled the world I’d have it all

All guys probably feel the same

>When it comes to pretty girls, there’s no racism

>European, Asian, Caucasian girls

>(I have ‘em)

>Call Rick Owens, Ann Demeulemeester

>Alexander Wang and Shane Oliver

>I’ll make them make

>the Kim Nam Joon Collection forever

The color of the clothes would be black,

now I’m finally pleased

Music, turn it up,

>I’d pick my nose out of boredom

>So I’ll make a song and

>make everyone on earth sing it

>The title of the song would be “Ae gu ga”

>I’ll be buried under pretty girls as I watch TV

>All girls of the world would want me, ready to die

Boys, bring me alcohol,

or you can just disappear

Anyway, this is my kingdom

If I ruled the world

I’d do it all (I’d do it all)

>I said 1 for the money, 2 for the money

If I ruled the world

I’d do it all (I’d do it all)

I said 1 for the money, 2 for the money

Everybody say he-o-e-oh-oh!

Everybody say he-o-e-oh-oh!

Everybody say hey, ho! Hey-hey-ho!

I know it’s ridiculous

but I’m singing this childish song

If I ruled the world, sometimes, I dream

If I ruled the world, first I’ll hire a real estate agent

And buy a house to live in with my family

Yes, next I’ll awaken my savings

And buy a four-wheel drive, put in some gas

>Even if it’s too much,

>I’ll get it with zero-interest discount

>Stocks and gambling

I don’t wanna do things like that

I rule the world so why would I dream small?

Don’t ask me that because

>I still want to do music with my BTS family

>I will become the Kim Jung Eun of the hip-hop world

>And put a ban on everything but our music

I know it’s an unreasonable dream

But it’s my dream, don’t make fun of me

If I ruled the world

I’d do it all (I’d do it all)

I said 1 for the money, 2 for the money

If I ruled the world

I’d do it all (I’d do it all)

I said 1 for the money, 2 for the money

Everybody say he-o-e-oh-oh!

Everybody say he-o-e-oh-oh!

Everybody say hey, ho! Hey-hey-ho!

I know it’s ridiculous

but I’m singing this childish song

>Oh girl, where? Oh god, here!

>All the girls of the world are

>in hope world, lined up

>Even if I lightly spend all the money I want

>Money is put into the goalpost called my wallet

>I’ll fearlessly walk around the stage

>Even if I don’t run, my mileage would still build up

>I will soon gift myself with these dreams

>I’ll shout with the name of BTS,

if I ruled the world

If I ruled the world

I’d do it all (I’d do it all)

I said 1 for the money, 2 for the money

If I ruled the world

I’d do it all (I’d do it all)

I said 1 for the money, 2 for the money

Everybody say he-o-e-oh-oh!

Everybody say he-o-e-oh-oh!

Everybody say hey, ho! Hey-hey-ho!

I know it’s ridiculous

but I’m singing this childish song

No. 328406

woke homosexual legends

No. 328409

File: 1542889753173.jpg (140.16 KB, 500x500, Untitled-1.jpg)

Jimin in this era looks like a mixture of the kid from Ju-on + the hunchback of Notre Dame. How anyone can love this thing is beyond me.

No. 328460

i wish they gave this song and choreo to some other idol, then i'd be able to enjoy it… she looks like an inexperienced backup dancer put in the front by mistake.

No. 328463

>European, Asian, Caucasian girls


No. 328465

She's a terrible dancer.

No. 328466

Apparently brown and black girls don't real. Yikes.

No. 328468

European girls, asian girls and caucasian american/australian girls. Such woke kangz!!!

No. 328471

So much yikes. And these guys want to be on TIME magazine?

No. 328480

every time i see shit like this i think of that tweet about kpop idols dancing like that cringy scene in riverdale.

this is so bad

No. 328481

>well all races are represented in europe, so youre included
>I think European may imply all races
>they were most likely trying to think of one more word that represented as many people as possible and added in European.
>If they're talking simply about European people. than yes, European does apply to all races.

The delusion! I love how much in denial all of them are (already back then in 2016!), BTS really can do no wrong kek.

No. 328482

File: 1542896559275.jpg (97.02 KB, 821x1080, min.jpg)

i expected to see something like this

No. 328487

2016: BTS serenades girls who're born in the 21st century, age range: 0-16…

No. 328488

It's far more likely that what was meant was "European, Asian, white American" and they know it.

No. 328490

wow, namjoon writing a song like this after being criticized for writing misogynistic lyrics is definitely about him becoming a woke king and not about the worry of losing fans and sells. they might as well come up with an insincere "all humonz r equal!!" themed song after the hiroshima t-shirt and nazi controversies lol

No. 328491

>You’re mine
>You’re beautiful enough
>Don’t worry don’t worry
>Baby you’re beautiful

He consulted with a women's studies professor for a song about women's empowerment and a song that just bleats "you're pretty" is all he could come up with?

No. 328495

Is this suppose to impress anyone or make the song less sexist? umm..

No. 328496

>If anyone keeps insulting you (insulting you), tell em you’re my lady, go tell them (tell them)
>Whatever other people say, whatever this world tells you, you’re the best to me just the way you are
how is it empowering women? if anything, it's a "let's please armys" song

No. 328498

Ratmon: So what do women feel empowered by?
Professor: Equal legal and civil rights, maternity care, opportunities for promotion or pay rises at work, safety from sexual assault and harassment.
Ratmon: Yeah I'm just gonna tell them I'd fuck em.

No. 328499

Fedora monster

No. 328501

File: 1542898392690.png (48.44 KB, 836x211, screenshot.png)

So I wanted to find the exact words about RM consulting a feminist professor and came across this post https://www.reddit.com/r/bangtan/comments/7em92q/171122_exclusive_interview_with_bts_ahead_of/

There was this remark at the end of it. Bighit put a few words about "female abhorrence" into the Enlish version and there was nothing about it in the original.

No. 328502

File: 1542898454323.png (20.22 KB, 738x207, fan translation.png)

This is what was in the original translated by a fan, if i compared the interviews correctly

No. 328503

File: 1542898519738.png (30.34 KB, 647x383, official translation.png)

No. 328504

I don't even understand what Bighit is trying to say with "female abhorrence." They really need to hire someone who can actually speak English if they're going to put out official English translations. Do they mean misogyny?

No. 328540

Weren’t some of the highlight reel girls 16 as well? And some of them said they would date a girl who was born in 2001 (at youngest) which is a bit suspect as well. They are sounding more and more perverted.

No. 328547

I’m guessing Rapmon wrote this song and it’s not surprising. ‘No racism but only if the girl is pretty and only white and Asian girls are pretty’ is basically what he’s saying. Some army’s still thinks he likes black women after he made colourist comments, made this song and said his girlfriend ‘must’ be pale. The delusion. He’s so unlikeable, I hoped that the POC army at least would boycott him, he’s clearly excluding them, but they always defend him.

No. 328580

You're right, it was written by Rat, Suga and Jhope and produced by Pdogg. Pdogg actually writes and produces the majority of BTS songs (including basically every hit they've ever had) but ratmys conveniently forget that fact when it's time to shout about BTS being self-produced geniuses.

No. 328589

not to mention their songwriting is awful

No. 328603

I don't actually know if this idiot meant anything by it as in did he deliberately exclude Black women or is he just a thoughtless moron. But the defense from their fans is pure hilarity.
This made me laugh out loud

>well all races are represented in europe, so youre included

>I think European may imply all races
>they were most likely trying to think of one more word that represented as many people as possible and added in European.
>If they're talking simply about European people. than yes, European does apply to all races.

The level of delusion. European is White. Non-White people in Europe live here but they are not Europeans. White or Black people living in Asia are not suddenly Asian. European isn't a catch all for whoever the fuck you want. If he said Euro, he meant White. I don't know if it's grasping at straws to defend him despite knowing they're talking shit or are they genuinely that stupid and don't know what words mean.

No. 328605

the 9000 iq guy forgetting a whole ass continent.. yeah

No. 328611

File: 1542908916409.gif (839.36 KB, 245x190, IMG_3602.GIF)

>I will become the Kim Jung Eun of the hip-hop world
>And put a ban on everything but our music
>But it’s my dream, don’t make fun of me

No. 328615

>I will become the Kim Jung Eun of the hip-hop world
Can you even rap? whoever this is, you can't spit for shit. You have no fashion and your pathetic

No. 328623

I'm glad they didn't include African girls because in reality no normal african girl would find those guys attractive. Ghost looking face and tan body would be mocked there

No. 328627

Why do they do that to themselves? lmao. They look like Caspar the ghost in the face and the body is a tanned colour, it doesn’t look normal at all.

No. 328635

he's in it for the money,fame and free pussy. He just stayed since no one would want him if he was poor. You can tell by the way he is skinny. Ain't no hoe want a skelly unless he got paper

No. 328636

>they have a rep of small dicks, no african even the desperate would want that.
nice double racebait

No. 328637

Honestly this is why. Personally I think Suga is one of the better looking and least annoying members but he's short, has small eyes, a round face, and doesn't fit Korea's beauty standards for men at all. He's staying in BTS for the coochie.

No. 328639

i started to talk with a girl from my college. i thought she was pretty chill but then i saw she had some pic of v and jungkook as her lockscreen and asked her if she's a fan of bts. she said "yes i am, i ship them very hard", and started to talk about gay ships and shit. she believes that taekook is real, she also said something like "you know chanyeol and baekhyun from exo? they went to spain to get married since gay marriage is legal there", i thought she was just joking at first but she was serious. i didn't want to come off as mean so i couldn't say much to her, i see delulu shippers on the internet all the time but actually meeting one irl was so awkward

No. 328640

>they probably think its cute/pretty/luxurious/devine
how is this race bait? the other one I agree

No. 328645

I'm sure they're the same people who would raise hell if a white man did something like that… but it's oppa who did it, so it's all fine, let's all pretend they're not racist at all. Oppa sure didn't mean it uwu

No. 328646

and she has friends?

No. 328649

she has some friends, one of her friends is a bts fan too

No. 328656

i met a girl who seemed really nice and smart up until she very seriously said that she can't live without jungkook, she knows she'd never be able to marry him but she still loves him with all her heart. once there were some rumours about him dating someone and she was so upset, she looked depressed for a whole week, cried herself to sleep, etc. kind of an odd behaviour for a 21 year old lol. i still think she has a nice personality but why does she have to be so crazy.. it doesn't seem to be just a phase, too, it's like some fans are unstable to begin with and then they become armys or join another crazy fandom and things go downhill even faster. some people just need to be in some kind of cult to validate themselves or something.

No. 328658

wtf?? they should stop with dating bans and just start dating publicly, maybe fans would stop being babies if they got used to their oppas dating

No. 328667

that's the whole point of dating bans. they want these kinds of obsessive people attached to them bc that's what sells. ik when i used to be an army i was ready to buy a shit ton of physical albums and their summer/winter packages just to show my devotion. thank god i chose getting spotify instead

No. 328674

Honestly this is pretty tame as far as songs about getting girls go, but how anyone can act like they're a bunch of sensitive gay boys is beyond me.

No. 328682

War of hormone is pretty bad too. Same with the ‘boy in luv’ video. They push and shove the girl around, it’s so uncomfortable to watch. An army was defending them saying they are ‘bad boys’ that’s why they were roughly handling her.

No. 328685

Does she have her own boyfriend? Maybe she should get one? It’s unhealthy pining after someone like that.

No. 328687

its like they glorify abuse or something like that since they are "men" so its like they can get away with it. So fucked up

No. 328689

it's very ot but she's talked about dating a 25 year old guy when she was 16, so yeah, it's likely that she's been through some trauma.

No. 328691

Wow, I feel quite bad for her.

No. 328701

He has so many black fans I honestly don't understand it. maybe it's because he's one of the least popular members?

No. 328709

I don’t get black people liking Kpop at all or anyone over the age of 16 liking it

No. 328712

I wish more groups were like Orange Caramel. The best k-pop is the stuff that would never work in the West. It’s hard to defend the genre when BTS are the spokesmen to the GP.

No. 328730

File: 1542931141046.jpg (606.2 KB, 1080x1345, 20181123_065810.jpg)

At least they still got their brains in the right place

No. 328735

Are they talking about bts?

No. 328740

Yup it's from this link that was mentioned above
Correction:At least SOME OF THEM still got their brains in the right place lol

No. 328742

They worked so hard at the camera angles to make sure the performance was enjoyable but it's still Jennie on the stage. I think the performance wou