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No. 330275

Rant about Kpop, it's creepy fandoms, and/or it's fucked up industry. Or just nitpick some idols.

· Don't racebait
· Don't fangirl. Save that for the Kpop General thread here: >>301262
· Don't derail about dumb shit. If it doesn't directly have to do with Kpop, don't post about it here.
· This thread is not about Korean society as a whole. Save that for the Anti-Korean Culture thread here: >>306105

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No. 330288

Everyone have been talking about Jennie and I just saw a video were shes performing and dude that’s the laziest Kpop idol I’ve ever seen. She must be sucking some powerful dick to be in front of every cover lmao

No. 330292

File: 1543273763564.jpg (29.01 KB, 500x499, bmiOwIz.jpg)

i feel somewhat bad for lisa, even though she is really cringey most of the time. she gets paid way less than her korean bandmates, probably experiences some sort of discrimination or racism, but still seems to work hard (like rosé and jisoo).

i wonder how long jennie is going to be in the group, she obviously has 0 work ethic. her leaving before their three year anniversary would be so milky. 2019, please deliver.

No. 330293

No. 330297

File: 1543274263807.jpg (Spoiler Image, 21.15 KB, 540x249, 095d7bb237becec0eabe7d0cf68576…)

imo i dont see how shes appealing at all
shes just not attractive

No. 330299

File: 1543274291890.png (87.86 KB, 500x303, what-candl-sav-except-yikes-35…)

No. 330302

That's a very succesful nosejob tbh

No. 330304


Poor girl lmao

No. 330305

I would love to see black pink as 3 (obvs without jennie)

No. 330306

File: 1543275430731.png (456.85 KB, 1440x1643, Screenshot_20181126-182804~2.p…)

Yg has been pushing for Ella a lot.Probably a future Jennie style favorite? Usually yg is on the secretive side concerning their pre-debut trainees so it's unclear to me what they're trying to make her (especially bc she's just ten..) I don't think any typical trainee would even be allotted so much time with blackpink

No. 330309

Also sorry for samefagging but but its clear she's not an official trainee but they want to make some kind of a music career with her

No. 330310

File: 1543275512675.jpg (15.65 KB, 429x343, tumblr_ouiox4LqUb1wof3vuo5_500…)

Eh, it's still on the wide side, and looks kind of weird in 3/4 and side pictures, like it wasn't shaped very well. Still an improvement though

No. 330311

This is the kind of nitpicking that makes these kpop threads shit

No. 330312

>Rant about Kpop, it's creepy fandoms, and/or it's fucked up industry. Or just nitpick some idols.
Also, why do the wks arrive every time Lisa is mentioned? I've seen dozens of nitpicking and sperging about Jimin with nobody batting an eye.

No. 330313

it wouldn't make sense to keep her locked up when she was already kinda popular and probably won't debut for another 5+ years. I don't get why they signed her to the black label instead of ygk+ or the main label though.

No. 330314

Is that the little Jennie clone? What's the reason of pushing for the clone of a girl you already have in your agency?

No. 330315

this may be off topic, but to the anon who posted this, did you get it from a user on lipstick alley? LOL if you did

No. 330316

Looks like YG got some inspiration from SM

No. 330317

Yeah, I was the one who originally added that thing about nitpicking in the op and I regret it now. These threads have gone to shit.

No. 330325

aparently bighit is gonna debut a new bg next year. I wonder if they're gonna try and switch up the concepts or just make a bts clone

No. 330331

i heard they are called 6aces.

No. 330332

the anti culture thread is locked retard. it's been locked for a week.

No. 330335

ugh I hope not. has bts even had a breakthrough song in the US yet? closest thing is mic drop but that song was awful.

No. 330337

B-wolf kinda sounds like a joke name but couldn't beat Rap Monster

No. 330342

i know right, both stupid mf names. i wish they could be original without being tacky lets hope bighit doesnt f this up

No. 330352

This is just embarrassing.

No. 330354

Idk the constant spew of content with new bgs and ggs Kpop delivers is just exhausting. I'd definitely say this group is where BigHit in general starts flopping bc the U.S. only sees Kpop as a trend, not something worth being taken seriously.

No. 330357

the US in general only has gotten any interest in kpop as a viral joke. even a decade+ ago when artists like BoA tried to make it over here no one gave a shit, even when she worked with popular producers/rappers. there's no formula to crack here. (but of course people will argue tooth and nail against that)

No. 330361

He's Latino and is also openly gay…Wouldn't be shocked if Korea used him as a prop to make fun of

And besides that, why promote in Korea?

No. 330362

kpop isn't even popular in the west like kboos have some how fooled themselves into believing, the only reason it gets any traction is because their rabid fans will bring in a shit ton of traction and interaction at a single mention of their bias, therefore it gets milked by people in the west who have noticed this. social media also makes it seem more popular than it really is. kpop is honestly more embarrassing than it ever has been. at least before you could tell it was actually kpop and had its own style (even though it was recycled american garbage), now it's just recycled american garbage except with try hard asians behind it.

No. 330366

armys: my boys are proud south korean poc artists and they do NOT need western attention okay? stop telling them to learn english, they don't care about breaking into america
meanwhile bang si-hyuk:
what success formula lol, are you going to give them a fake social justice agenda too?

i remember seeing armys saying "i think bighit not working with another group is perfect, they need to focus on bts" and shit lol. you know they are going to be butthurt if this new group has actually talented members

No. 330367

There's this things with people being obsessed with the idea of being an idol, but not understanding how toxic the industry is at all.

Anyways, here's some nightmare fuel

No. 330368

If the new group actually have talent, I can't wait for armys to scream at other people for speaking the truth kek

No. 330369

>inb4 the new group has talent but is a flop
Hoping for that tbh, BigPd needs some humbling.

No. 330371

funny how he managed to get only one successful act out of a few failing acts only because he struck the iron while it was hot and now thinks he has the key to success lol

No. 330398

tbh i feel like they are going to be bts 2.0 but a bit more talented since bighit can be pickier with their trainees now. they are going to market them exactly like bts and it's going to be boring
i know they had some scandal with a girl group but bighit is stupid for not taking female trainees anymore. the testosterone is overflowing in their company

No. 330406

at least their fans won't have to worry about female trainees getting close to their oppas. no matter what kind of group bighit debuts it'll probably be a bts copycat.

No. 330430

this fujo ratmy sounded like a fucking rooster. there's no way they heard her amongst thousands of screams lmao armies are delulu as fuck

No. 330432

the anti-korean culture thread was locked so maybe you should take that out of the op lol js

No. 330442

Ella appeared as a model on Zion T (the black label)'s music video so I think she's being advertised as their model atm. When she's old enough they'll give her a sololololo or smth.

No. 330444

>There's this things with people being obsessed with the idea of being an idol, but not understanding how toxic the industry is at all.

Lmao couldn't agree more. And wtf that dude was doing???

No. 330445


Fuck that, I hope they make it big right from the get go so the BTS hype train finally can crash

No. 330447

6Aces? kpop still follows this trend of having retarded group names?

No. 330448

what's his talent again? coz I don't see any

No. 330449

They'll just be bts 2.0. Why would you want that?

No. 330451

I wont be shocked if some of the trainees are gay

No. 330454

Nta but looking at the kind of people Bighit usually works with, I don't have high expectations from them. However, they will probably do better and try not to make the mistakes they've done with BTS, they'll use the army clout too. Maybe if their new bg makes it big, we won't see the reptiles so often anymore

No. 330455

File: 1543314900951.png (752.31 KB, 689x530, temp_5020a18715bfd2ac0437c32d3…)

I wouldn't want to see this thing anymore. It won't be long till bighit turns their new boy group into the reptile species

No. 330457

omg the most handsome oppar alive guys

No. 330460

at least they don’t look hideous? if they’re actually somewhat talented they could serve as a juxtaposition to bts and hopefully exemplify to everyone (except hardcore ratmys) just how below average bts truly are if nothing else.

No. 330466

It's so cringy how BigHit constantly push this idea that they don't care about making it in America and it's America that wants them, not the other way around. That's what they SAY but when you look at their actions, from changing BTS and Rapmonster's name to this, it's obvious that they desperately want American attention.

No. 330467

that maknae looks 12 what the fuck

No. 330468

not as ugly as bts but still not terribly attractive

No. 330476

eh, the one with the tragic stage name + the two who look twelve look acceptable. or maybe my standards for bigshit at this point are just low lmao

the writer of this article seems like a borderline illiterate 12yo yg/bp stan. do we have anything else on this or is it all rumors?

No. 330479

Are they really going to debut next year? I thought they would debut around the time the eldest in BTS enlists. Is he enlisting in 2019?

No. 330483

the funniest thing is that if bh debuts a new bg and it flops since they are using their "success formula"

No. 330488

i don't understand how his "success formula" worked out for a group as talentless as bts in the first place. as much as they deny it, they'd be nowhere if it wasn't for social media

No. 330491

I think they just made 7 ugly men "pretty" with ps and exploited the whole tumblr "deep" narrative on them and there you go

No. 330493

yea like, the whole "formula" relies on 14 year old american girls with mad yellow fever.

No. 330494

I strongly believe that twitter made them famous. How do they get from hip-hop nungus to extremely famous in less than year?

No. 330495

…that‘s literally it though. Some of you are so blinded by your autistic hatred you're just as delusional as their stans.
Plain, ~approachable-looking~ young boys you could watch on youtube and communicate with on twitter? With the power vacuum the disbandment of 1D left behind? BTS are this generations boyband whether we like it or not.
Holy shit, the victim complex you Lisa stans have is army-tier. She paid her way into korean idoldom, she has what she (and all of her SEA stans self-inserting) wanted. If anything she‘s lucky she’s in a 4 member group under YG, she would never get as much attention in some 9 member group under bumfuck entertainment. Take it back to instagram.

No. 330502

Aren't there talks about BTS being exempt from enlisting because they have ensured "success of korean culture"in the west?

No. 330504

It's been brought up, but it'd be career suicide for them if they actually went through with it. Korean men feel strongly about army duty, and you can see why it'd be fucking infuriating to have a bunch of pop singers get to skip a gruelling two year process that all other men have to go through just because they released a few songs people liked.

No. 330505

By armies, yeah

No. 330506

lbr the majority of Kpop fans in America are Asians not from Korea.

No. 330508

their ~~worldwide success~~ is going to be irrelevant by the time they start to enlist so i don't think the military will actually care

No. 330510

This is a critical thread and its not just hating bts without a reason. Some people always wonder why they are famous. Based on the knowledge their fans say that bts talk about "deep" topics and in actual sense its just hypocritical. The whole love yourself shit they preach about yet they don't practice it. And yes, they are this generation's boy band who appeals to hormonal teenagers but they don't appeal to everyone. Sorry if your "oppars" are being called out on this thread. It is what it is.

No. 330514

>This is a critical thread and its not just hating bts without a reason
No, I get that. It's just that I feel like most people here don't even bother reading the thread as seen by >>330502 for example and ARE in fact just blindly hating, and that's whatever, but don't pretend otherwise. We've had that topic discussed like three times in the last thread.
>Some people always wonder why they are famous
And I think that this is a very naive question that can be answered with little research. I think most posters in this thread are actually asking "Why aren't my faves that popular?".

This thread has the potential to actually freely discuss controversial topics regarding kpop without triggering a hoard of retarded stans but it ALWAYS ends up with stuff like "hehe jimin looks like a rat" and I don't see how that adds to an interesting discussion.
I guess I'm just expecting too much and this place is just a place for armies and blinks to shit on the members they don't like and then run back to twitter to gush about their faves LOL

No. 330515

Then go for it. people focus on bts, bp, plastic surgery because thats what is being brought up constantly, unfortunately. If you have something then bring it up and have a discussion

No. 330516

don't see why some anons talking about how bts look like reptiles makes you unable to "freely discuss controversial topics", anon. stop being a pussy.

No. 330518

File: 1543327610526.jpg (53.14 KB, 650x140, 1935264416838767.jpg)

i can't believe armys ended the homophobia in south korea

No. 330520

I have been though lol And I never said I was against discussing those topics, I actually think they can be very interesting. Just not when it's the same thing over and over again ya feel
Where did I say it didn't?

No. 330521

>>330520 might wanna freshen up your reading comprehension, nonny.

No. 330533

What "success formula" lmao. BTS was a one-trick pony, it got so popular because of mere luck. They managed to gather so many obsessed stans when they weren't as popular, the big majority of them being ex beliebers/directioners looking for the next pretty boy group to latch on (if I remember it right, 1D was disbanded right in 2015, the year when BTS started suddenly gaining so many int-fans) and spam everywhere. Their stans basically did free advertising for them, everywhere. We know the rest of the story.
The new boyband will flop.

If you really feel the need to sperg over irrilevant shit, at least sage it.

No. 330535

>BTS was a one-trick pony, it got so popular because of mere luck.
agreed. if bighit doesn't take too long and debuts them while the bts hype is still around, they'll probably make them bros with bts to make armys stan the new group. people will see them as bts 2.0 and not as a group on their own

No. 330559

File: 1543334120871.png (640.96 KB, 519x676, jimincostume.png)

she's gonna scare off some people with that shit

No. 330560

nta but it wasn't that irrelevant, the OP linked it. kind of stupid tbh.

but yea, BTS is only successful because of twitter. if anything, rather than a success story, it's a cautionary tale about letting high school girls on the internet.

No. 330563

I would predict it going the other way. New groups are rarely supported by fans of their sister/brother groups. f(x) fans hated Red Velvet. Teen Top fans hated 100%. Infinite fans hate Golden Child. Big Bang fans hate both iKon and Winner. EXO fans aren't aggressive to NCT yet but the moment NCT have a song that isn't totally ignored by everyone except NCT fans, they will hate NCT too. I am certain that ratmys will go crazy, accuse BigHit of favoring the new group, and cause a big stink about it.

No. 330568

Nta but OP texts are usually copypasted, even on /pt/. Plus that thread was locked only recently, I didn't know that it was locked either. It's no big deal

Then it will be actual army time for BTS (because I don't think they're gonna actually make them skip it) and ratmys will latch on the next group. I wonder which one will it be… Maybe NCT?

No. 330569

>>330559 who the fuck and why are they verified, this is gross

No. 330572

this reminds me of weeaboos with their body pillows

No. 330574

NCT is a strong possibility, though NCT's fans really hate ratmys and don't seem to like BTS much either. But a lot of NCT videos have that pretentious artfag shit that ratmys are always claiming BTS are deep geniuses for having. Plus NCT's music isn't very good, so it would be easy for ratmys to adjust to kek.

No. 330576

File: 1543336268537.jpeg (22.13 KB, 720x444, DqOhdsVW4AAj7fM.jpg large.jpeg)

why would people present themselves like this on the internet i just don't get it

No. 330577

Maybe a possible new group, with a stable number of members and an artfaggy/woke concept (see LOONA)

Speaking of LOONA, is it true that they flopped? I'm kinda surprised. They had pretty faces, a "different" enough sound and visuals (in kpop) and were pushed a lot. What went wrong?

No. 330582

>Their stans basically did free advertising for them, everywhere
This is it. He doesn't have a success formula. Their success was literally due to their fans spamming every social media platform, every youtube video and every news article about a great tragedy with "Any armies here???? XDDD" until they recruited enough fangirls to spam US programs and radio stations until they agreed to host BTS.

I kind of doubt their fans that weren't already into kpop pre-BTS will stick with a kpop group, because I genuinely do think BTS' success is luck rather than a genuine interest in kpop. Many of the English speaking ones on twitter denounce kpop as a whole anyway and only like BTS because BTS is totes different and they're real artists!!!!!1! Ironically, my guess is that they'll fall back to whatever teenybopper group/soloist follows in the footsteps of JB/1D/5sos/21p.

No. 330583

So goddamn embarrassing. I hope people laughed at her dumb ass. Also..Why are they verified on twitter?

No. 330585

So goddamn embarrassing. I hope people laughed at her dumb ass. Also..Why are they verified on twitter?

No. 330590

File: 1543338532562.jpg (58.5 KB, 539x524, ae7d55421e14b78c1dc0884df0e42d…)

I think YG should replace Jennie and just have her model. Clearly she doesn't care about being a performer, she half asses all her BP lives now and puts minium effort for her solo performances. She's so cocky, I'm sure you all seen the Jennie lazy videos by now, she even laughs when she doesn't do the moves and stands there while everyone else dances infront of her WTF
I believe the bully accussations, the people she bullied said that Jennie was a spoiled brat with bad behavior. I feel bad for Rose, Jisoo and Lisa they are pretty much thrown to the back so that YG can shove Jennie down everyone's throat.

No. 330595

I believe the bully thing too, she did look like your average bullying Stacy with her clique
Plus I think that idol personas are based on their actual selves. Not always (see J-hope and how sometimes he seems done as hell with the cheerful persona they gave him) but most times, I think they are. Idols aren't good actors, you can see them slipping when their idol persona is different from who they are… and Jennie never slips, not even once.

No. 330596

She's just a teenage actress having fun. It's cringy but meh.

No. 330604

i've seen people praising her like "she's the whole package, she speaks english, she can sing, rap and dance" but she isn't really good at singing, rapping or dancing at all, she doesn't even look into performing. i think she's pretty though, maybe she can do better as a model

No. 330629

Your comments are right and it’s funny that a critical thread gets so angry when people point out criticism about it. Fact is, the amount of information the so called “antis” here know make them impossible to not be fans or follow them on social media.

No. 330633

File: 1543344375651.jpg (130.45 KB, 900x600, Ds48z66WsAAeR6-.jpg)

why is the majority of twice so unfortunate looking

what the fuck is wrong with chaeyoung lmao

No. 330636

Jeongyeon, Chaeyoung, Jiho, and Dahyun are all so ugly to me, I don’t get how they got to debut. They really make the group look uglier imo.

No. 330637

>>330633 the one on the far left, oh no.

No. 330639

Nayeon's botched ps face

No. 330640

when stray kids debuted i felt like a lot of armys latched on them, their stans were just as annoying

No. 330642

>"Any armies here???? XDDD"
god that shit was irritating. why did they even do this, like did they do it on purpose to promote bts?

No. 330647

Garbage pail kids is the first group that comes to mind when I think "great value BTS". They've got the fake deep bullshit, tumblr pandering, cringey fans, plus half the members are fugly.

No. 330653


I have no clue and tbh it just turned my casual indifference to BTS to utter irrational hatred. I'll be on completely unrelated videos and there's always an ARMY there being "I SEE THAT BTS DISPLAY PIC"

No. 330654


Samefag. Sorry, forgot to sage.

No. 330657

Everybody keeps saying that Jennie gets pushed because her parents are rich etc.
YG is into young girls, so isn't her fucking him for the sweet fame a la Weinstein + Hollywood actresses a possibility as well? That would explain literally everything. Getting pushed and only wearing super expensive clothes since right after debut, getting a solo, getting away with being bitchy and super lazy, and so on.

No. 330658

jeongyeon has severe down syndrome face
theres literally nothing marketable about her now that she dropped the poor mans amber schtick

No. 330659

its always a possibility that anyone who gets famous fucked their way to that point, especially females, so yes

there have been rumors about lots of idols through the years and some all but confirmed, like g.na

No. 330660

File: 1543347628271.png (56.55 KB, 580x367, 1.png)

Black Pink fans are fuming over that Jennie is lazy video that went viral on YT

No. 330661

I'm loving all these Jennie lazy videos. I hope she keeps getting her entitled bratty ass exposed

No. 330662

File: 1543347849411.png (379.1 KB, 583x540, 2.png)

They also realized that the "she's tired from preparing for her solo" excuse didn't work, so now they're saying she's depressed instead lel

No. 330664

This is so cringy, I understand screaming their names and shit but why would you screech a ship name lmao

It would be a shitstorm if she got replaced at this point but I agree that someone else who actually puts effort to improve deserves to be in her place

No. 330665

why even wear that outfit when you literally have nothing to hold it up lmao

No. 330666

I mean just look at this. The other girls look like her backup dancers.

No. 330667

File: 1543349196267.gif (4.46 MB, 250x444, SolidIdleGreyhounddog-size_res…)

I honestly can't watch a BP video without feeling slightly nauseous. They're so disgustingly skinny, especially Lisa, no idea how anybody can defend that.
There have been many celebrities with far healthier looking bodies who got bashed for promoting dangerous ideals to little girls, but they can walk around, looking like they jumped straight out of a sad teens pro ana thinspo folder and still get a pass…?

No. 330668

File: 1543349222645.gif (2.62 MB, 252x446, GlamorousRashGrouse-size_restr…)

No. 330669

File: 1543349288318.jpg (96 KB, 706x1024, 80d407aeae10a4b072c7045c1f6298…)

Last one. Her legs don't look too bad here, but her arms are scarily bony

No. 330670

>>330666 @1:30 she seems to think it's her turn to sing something, is this child ok

No. 330672

File: 1543349766729.png (222.66 KB, 720x391, Screenshot_2018-11-27-15-12-08…)

If you saw this pic with no context you'd think it's Jennie's solo live but it's actually BP's live.. I bet Jennie is treating the other members like shit because of all the special treatment she's getting. The other members don't seem happy with how she's performing it honestly seems like they are trying their best to ignore it

No. 330673

File: 1543349849930.jpg (247.68 KB, 1200x1800, tumblr_ogqm2g1sEd1vws52co1_128…)

that hair looked atrocious, idk what the stylists were thinking. she probably has little real hair left due to the constant bleaching

No. 330674

They practice for 8+ hours a day dancing before promotions. That has got to burn tons of calories. Also, if you look at her predebut pictures, she was always stick skinny, which is normal where she came from in Thailand. But some others ex. Hyuna and Lizzy are obviously dieting.

No. 330675

File: 1543349962386.jpg (153.97 KB, 750x881, blackpink-lisa1.jpg)

also whatever this was lmao

No. 330676

File: 1543350135172.jpg (82.7 KB, 500x750, tumblr_mgfngkWySF1rvvjlxo1_500…)

In this picture she was 15. I have to admit she did glow up, but her body has never changed. She's actually been slowly gaining weight as she gets older. She has more muscle tone now than debut.

No. 330677

Also why are y'all picking on Lisa's body when Rosé is Barbie doll skinny??

No. 330678

File: 1543350289040.jpg (94 KB, 500x750, main-qimg-e594263fac0a144f2f19…)

No. 330679

File: 1543350312675.jpg (120.04 KB, 458x609, After-School-Flashback-Hot-Sex…)

Lizzy hurts me so bad man. She was such a dream in the Flashback promotions and owned the sexy concept. There was no reason to lose more weight she was already thin but looked healthy. I guess when you're in a group with girls with impossibly modelesque proportions like Nana, jooyeon and Jungah though, it can be easy to feel you need to keep losing more.

No. 330683

File: 1543350550719.jpg (323.53 KB, 540x810, 2015110220073014604.jpg)

When she was active in Orange Caramel, her legs were sticks, I felt like she was going to collapse

No. 330684

what the fuck did they do to her skin color? is there a skin lightening surgery or something? it's really disturbing that companies make idols go through that

No. 330685

yep im adblocking this image thanks

No. 330688

Many of the newer pictures of idols are either photoshopped, have better lighting, or a mix of the two. But her skin definitely got lighter. Korea is farther from the equator than Thailand, so her skin is getting less sun, but it got 20 shades lighter. Thais have naturally tan skin.

No. 330691

>>330678 jesus fucking christ, her face doesn't look so skelly so this gave me a spook

No. 330693

I had thought about this before. It's not just with her but with other idols like Sooyoung and Wendy. I was thinking possibly bulimia cheeks, but it could just be Asian genetics

No. 330695

File: 1543351464162.jpg (69.63 KB, 728x486, KdCa06nV0zk.jpg)

i've never really followed sunmi and never knew she was so skelly, i tried watching her gashina performances but it was almost painful to watch her dance. the concept is supposed to be sexy but wtf is sexy about looking like this??

No. 330697

I think Chaeyoung has it worse, she legit looks retarded in most pictures. I also never understood why she's constantly spamming selfies when she literally has no fans except during those 5 minutes she had short hair. I know idols are attention seekers by nature, but people like her and Tiffany are just so fucking annoying with their attentionwhoring.

No. 330699

Her company has probably tried to get her to put on weight, but Sunmi herself has admitted she can't. Whether it's an ED or she truly is naturally skinny, she was even skinnier in 2007 in her Wonder Girls days. I noticed though when styling her they like to show off her long legs, but usually nothing like crop tops or low cut shirts, because she is kinda flat. It just felt off when i watched that performance because she was trying too hard to be sexy when she has the body of a 12-year-old

No. 330702

File: 1543352184853.jpg (88.62 KB, 750x1155, vx03xbhhmw501.jpg)

Holy shit
People on this site say people look like they have downs/autism as an overused insult (half of the time it isn't even remotely true) but if I saw this picture and didn't know who she was I would actually think she had Downs syndrome

No. 330703

taeyeon annoys me more than tiffany with her >i look and act like an insufferable 10 year old even though im one of the oldest idols still in the industry thing she does in videos and photos

its all fake sm manipulation when they cultivated pretend "characters" for snsd to play as kids and now that they're adults, its cringe af when they still act like that

most of the girls have grown up so its time for her to do the same

No. 330705

Lisa stan please take your various spergings to the general thread. Black Pink is an obnoxious group full of rich girls who's family bought them their careers. Lisa is not excluded from this.

No. 330707

But not every skinny person on this planet has an eating disorder. Have you ever watched ss vs ss? If you think every underweight person must have an ED you're either uneducated or jealous. Not trying to fight, but I'm tired of people calling Lisa anorexic. I used to have an ED

No. 330708

Yes, let's go back to discussing our reptilian boy Jimin. Why is he so ugly?

No. 330710

Please stop talking about general appearance. It's something you can't control without plastic surgery, which will get you even more hate. Don't be so shallow

No. 330712

this video of their rehearsal didn't age well, fans were defending her back then saying that she was tired. turns out she was just a lazy brat all along. i wonder how yg will react to the backlash, will she suddenly improve her performance or will they let her do whatever she wants on stage?

No. 330714

She trashed her own image, how stupid.

No. 330715

Drink coffee

No. 330728

looking through the comment field was funny and insightful but of course you’ll have shatmys jacking off bts in there too like they’re not the embodiment of overproduced garbage boy band music with shit personalities, barely any talent and sloppy work ethic now that they’ve gotten comfy.

can’t even enjoy critical content without armys howling about their victim and superiority complexes

No. 330731

Who are you responding to anon?
Where in my post did I mention anything about Lisa's body? I don't care about her size whether it's natural or not.

No. 330746

File: 1543355505766.jpg (41.24 KB, 480x480, Ds25FQjUwAAlu0x.jpg)

Lisa is wearing Jennie's backup dancers clothes, Thai akgaes are fuming, as usual

No. 330748

File: 1543355541680.jpg (60.28 KB, 480x480, Ds25FQhU8AA2NdN.jpg)

No. 330749

Oh I'm sorry based on the context of it, you didn't reply to any post so I assumed you were talking about what I said about Lisa's body

No. 330753

I give Blackpink 2 years before it'll all start tumbling_down.mp3.

No. 330754

"she can't gain weight even when she tries" is up there with the worst kpop excuses for idols who never weigh more than 45kg. if they genuinely eat enough calories for their height and to match how much exercise they do and still keep losing weight, that's really alarming and is a sign of health issues. so often idols diet plans come out and say they'll eat 600-900 calories a day when they exercise for hours and fans still latch onto one time where they saw a video of the idol eating chicken and think that means they're just naturally skinny and definitely healthy

No. 330755

shikshin unnie lol!!111

No. 330761


Also, you can be skelly and not be anorexic. It just means she probably eats like a fucking toddler without any regard to her health. I’ve met people like this. “Oh I just eat so much and I’m soooo healthy guyz lol” when all they have for the entire day is a few fun sized chocolates and a tiny pack of chips. When they do eat a lot, its fried stuff like nuggets or half a box of processed mac and cheese. Its just as bad as fatties who claim they are healthy because they have a few veggies.

No. 330766

Or be a major athlete. Remember if your TDEE is higher you can eat more and stay slim. These girls train as much as athletes and it's all cardio. It's actually kind of sad

No. 330770

Sunmi's TDEE before and during promotions is 2200+ cal because she exercises all day by dancing. She can eat whatever she wants. And if she was sedentary it would be 1400 calories, which is actually not starving. 1200 calories is 3 400 cal meals. Real anorexics eat 200-800 calories a day depending on the severity of the disorder

No. 330776

File: 1543358648906.jpeg (102.82 KB, 1000x750, E2BE7DF3-5690-48FB-B068-513ABC…)

>These girls train as much as athletes

They absolutely don't. How many idols have talked about their insane ”1 meal (and by meal they mean a sweet potatoe) a day” diets? You guys are absolutely delusional. Look at Pink, that's how someone who actually has to train like an athlete for her dumb twirling-in-the-air-shit looks like. ”Taking care of your looks” means restricting in Korea. Doesn't have to mean they have a fullblown ED but to say they eat well is a blatant lie. They'll all be fucked once they hit their 40s.

No. 330778

you're correct
no way in hell would koreans ever accept a body type like that

No. 330779

you’re a fucking idiot of you think you can accurate guess the TDEE of a celebrity you don’t know whose public stats are probably fake

No. 330788

>She's naturally skeletal guys!!
>She exercises all day!!
The two biggest bullshits kpop stans like to spread. I can't believe someone ITT is even buying it. Christ

No. 330791

Y'all just admit you're jealous and educate yourself on TDEE and how metabolism actually works before you sperg in this forum on how you're fat and every kpop idol is anorexic because they have a better body than you

No. 330798

I feel like I need to making something clear. I didn't say there aren't any idols that don't have an ED. IU, Sojung, JinE and Wendy to name a few. But an eating disorder is an actual disorder, and it is way more than being skinny, there is a distorted mentality. Please stop using that term lightly. Also dieting and anorexia are two different things.

No. 330801

the majority of diets are glossed over eating disorders
if you're not overweight or need a special diet due to a health condition, you probably have one

No. 330803

Anorexia also eats away at your brain as demonstrated by anachan right here
We understood you just fine and I don't think anyone thinks that ALL skinny idols have an ED. It's the autistic Lisa stan that keeps shitting up this thread and now the unpopular opinion one that cannot deal with people talking about other people's body and needs to log out.

No. 330805

kek you're delusional

No. 330807

File: 1543362335805.jpg (65.08 KB, 250x348, 2gy63at.jpg)

Lisa and Rose are still young enough to have natural fat on their faces, but mid-late 20s idols like Hyuna, Sunmi, Yoona need facial fillers, bra padding and hair extensions to not look alarmingly skeletal after years of restrictive dieting. Without artificially stuffed cheeks they would all be serving sunken, skull-like faces.

No. 330808

All those three people are me anon kek

No. 330811

>educate yourself
>in this forum
>just because they have a better body than you
Anachan AND kpop stan, what a deadly combination. I can't even laugh at someone who seriously thinks that being so skinny that you don't even have thighs anymore is "a better body"… delete twitter and get some help.

No. 330813

I use reddit. even worse oh no. I actually gave up on the kpop fandom a long time ago and only came to this thread because I have knowledge and would like to contribute to a decent conversation but I got people calling me out for being a sperg and I actually am oh god I'm the worst person ever! Kpop stan when I was 12, used to have an ED, and autistic???? oh boy I'm the worst person ever

No. 330814

Tell me are all your other friends on twitter just as retarded as you about this topic? Or is the reason you're sperging about m-muh ED here because nobody gave a shit about you anymore? I swear all anachans are fucking attentionwhores

No. 330816

Jesus anon, stop being so defensive, you dont need to defend yourself here

you're anonymous

what the fuck just close the tab and go

No. 330817

>I use reddit.

Nvmd >>330814 then LMAO

No. 330818

You're embarrassing yourself, hon.

No. 330819

You sound like you still have an ED tbh, you should get help.
Plus, you have to be 18+ to post on this board.

No. 330820

with all the sperging about eds i now almost prefer reading posts about how the lizard boy looks like a lizard.

idk how to embed an instagram video here but i saw this recent video of hyuna and edawn and wtf are they doing lol, their attention whoring is so cringy. i feel bad for him (for her as well, but she has more chances for continuing her career) but at the same time everything they're doing seems so immature and this hype from new-found stans they're relying on will probably die out soon

No. 330821


and of course all the dumbasses on omonatheydidnt are screeching YASSSS queen anytime a post about this bitch comes through

No. 330822

p cute choreo tbh

No. 330823

She got new stans just for making the decision to publicly date? Definitely all international. Anyway I'm confused as to whether she's still under Cube or not because I've heard different things

No. 330830

File: 1543365116336.jpg (705.75 KB, 1080x1349, chaemong.jpg)

Why would anyone post this???

No. 330831

the tongue thing she does really is a sign of someone with slight retardation tbh

No. 330836

Hey, if it worked for Ariana.

No. 330885

>Speaking of LOONA, is it true that they flopped? I'm kinda surprised. They had pretty faces, a "different" enough sound and visuals (in kpop) and were pushed a lot. What went wrong?

No hook.
Nothing memorable, musically, visually, artistically or otherwise.

No. 330906

File: 1543383786257.jpg (12.62 KB, 318x318, vVLG6Nz.jpg)

it's so strange to me how shameless companies are about throwing away most of their groups after the members have reached a certain age. how stupid do you have to be to decide to become a kpop idol? you dedicate your entire youth to becoming a product who is constantly, closely monitored. if you're really lucky, you might be able to live off the money you made while being an idol, but most of them are going to fade into irrelevancy (if they manage to gain some popularity at all). not to mention all the awful sexual abuse they most likely are facing behind the scenes. i know that a few of them get into acting, and some male groups continue performing and making music even though they are 30+, but it seems like the average female kpop idol's career ends when she's in her mid/late 20s.

it's just so incredibly dumb in my opinion. in 5-10 years you are going to have a bunch of emotionally unstable and unemployed ex-idols in their early 30s with melting faces due to botched jaw reductions looking for something to do with their lives.

No. 330916

>how stupid do you have to be to decide to become a kpop idol?
tbf most of them are underage when they decide to do it.

No. 330951

File: 1543396401377.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 524.19 KB, 1203x846, 90AB4BD4-85D1-4716-8442-B146A9…)

I wish you spoiler’d that pic. Yuta is something out of a junji ito horror manga.

No. 330952

Facts and their parents force them into it basically.

No. 330969

File: 1543399826492.jpeg (29.35 KB, 454x676, images (1).jpeg)

I wish I understood korean's obsession with Han Gain
Like yeah she's got a tall nose and koreans like that, but do other celebrities
Idk it just looks like a normal nose to me, idgi
If any anon can elaborate what's so amazing about her nose in particular, I'd very much appreciate it, I'm genuinely curious
Besides, her cheeks and chin are huge and she only looks good on pictures, I've always asked myself why didn't koreans pressure her onto cutting down her cheekbones and jawline. Quite kind coming from them

No. 330970

but so do other celebrities*
Fucking keyboard

No. 330971

YG just blocked a shitload of Jennie being lazy videos kek

No. 330973

File: 1543402086063.png (10.06 KB, 814x168, lol.png)

That's hilarious. The other fancams from wich they used to make this compilation are still up so people will still see her shitty attitude.

what is yg and the fans gonna do now? delete every video and fancam of every blackpink performance?lol

No. 330975

this is beyond pathetic. i don’t dislike her but yg blocking those videos is basically just admitting they’re right. instead of proving them wrong by having her work harder and repair her image, censor them! this does nothing but prove how petty and unprofessional yg is. if you’re this incapable of taking criticism, it’s either because you have the maturity level of a 5yo or because you know the critics are on to something.

No. 330976

Damn, Jennie really must be sucking YG's lil dick huh

No. 330977

File: 1543403387126.jpg (22.38 KB, 485x632, images-3.jpg)

This isn't the K-drama thread, plus you sound a bit off

>If any anon can elaborate what's so amazing about her nose in particular, I'd very much appreciate it, I'm genuinely curious

I don't know her but she looks normal to me. The things you mentioned about her having huge cheeks and chin means she's almost all natural? Good for her.

I'm not against criticism but it's like you're just making something up to ridicule her or something. Would have been different if you're talking about LE, Namjoo, Bom, and the likes.

No. 330978

It's not like it matter. Kpop and their fandoms seem to be opposed to criticism in general

No. 330982

that’s what made those vids a breath of fresh air though. the person behind the one with 2mil views admitted to being a blink and the comment section was filled with ppl who seemed to genuinely like her but still recognized her laziness and wanted her to improve.

of course the infantile brainlets have to ruin everything because muh infallible qweens

No. 330994

Hyuna and her bf are fucked now, they think because they have international fans love they will hit big in Korean when they decide to release something. (If they do, maybe they will just go by the Sulli route and do nothing all day) but the reality is that international fans are the laziest when they have to buy albums.

No. 331007

lol, saving money not buying some shitty album by some irrelevant kpop stars is lazy? more like good money sense

No. 331013

File: 1543414965966.png (434.33 KB, 866x1300, 8bac656a2a592f63bae61d7c0325d6…)

Junji Ito called, he wants Korean surgeons to stop plagiarizing his characters

Copyright? Since when are fancams and performances recorded by FANS owned and copyrighted by YG?

No. 331015

File: 1543415378271.png (322.95 KB, 932x594, Skærmbillede 2018-11-28 kl. 15…)

Has anyone ever chekced the sasaeng tag on instagram?

These bitches are out there not only selling contact infos, but their faves passports too.

How crazy can they be

No. 331027

i remember an anon pointing out something about the sasaeng tag on twitter. there were accounts who were selling phone numbers and kakaotalk ids of idols, their family members and shit, it's creepy as fuck. the tweets i've seen were mostly in korean, some others were in japanese and thai. are these accounts just scammers or do they actually have these informations?

No. 331039

I'm curious, how much they spill from other sasaengs for those informations?

No. 331046

pididiapad kpap

No. 331050

a friend of mine who used to be an army and speaks chinese found an account on weibo that had an obscene amount of data on jungkook, probably not contact info but there were photos of him going somewhere taken from some buildings and other creepy shit. it was a while ago and idk why it was put there for free, you probably need to dig deep to find things like that. i can't imagine what kind of info these fans manage to get, given some of them get into telephone companies and such or are wealthy and have connections.

i think i heard about sasaengs working in telephone companies from this documentary. how does everybody get info about airport flights all the time anyway? some of them probably work in the airports or buy information from the staff

No. 331070

bts has been to an airport in my city for a connecting flight. they were going to a trip that hasn't been publicly announced. their fans, including the ones who live here didn't know about it but there were pics of them in the airport that were clearly taken without their knowledge going around somehow. bts isn't as popular here that they would get recognized in an airport when they are dressed up casually, so these pics were most probably taken by the stalkers. i don't understand how they knew that they were going to fly here when literally no one else knew.

No. 331093

1. too many members
2. all members are soloists that don't cohere as a group
3. too much s. korea pandering with "hi high" when they should be trying to win over their international fanbase

No. 331113

oh boy thats TOTALLY a smart thing to do

attack the fancammers that spend millions of dollars to follow and promote your dumbass idols and even help idols that would have to suck hundreds of old men sponsors cocks go viral from videos of them thrusting their cunts into the audience instead!

No. 331147

File: 1543440132652.jpg (Spoiler Image, 58.02 KB, 640x640, Rk3qp7I.jpg)

yg blocking videos that expose jennie's laziness is such a pathetic, yet milky, move. has he not heard about the streisand effect? oh, the salt he has created by trying to protect his ~princess~

why are so many kpop agencies awful at doing their job? gfriend is like, the total opposite of blackpink:

>didn't get anything handed to them

>seem to work hard
>are good at live performances
>all of the members seem to be equally hard-working

so you think they'd be a solid group, right? tragically.. most, if not all, of them have awful botched surgery (i guess their small agency couldn't afford a proper surgeon). looking at them performing is hard, the uncanny valley vibes are too strong. wtf was their agency thinking, like you finally find a group of somewhat talented individuals.. but you destroy most of them with botched surgery. the members look so weird together; sowon looks like slenderman's long lost niece and umji looks like she has an extra chromosome..

how hard is it to create a decent group, with members who aren't lazy or look like junji ito caricatures?

No. 331155


Don't get me wrong, I love Gfriend's talent and especially their obvious hard work. But sometimes I worry if they're worked to the bone even worse than many other groups, because they're from a smaller agency and they want them to shine in other areas, like their famous dance moves. In Weekly Idol, they always excecute 2x dances so perfectly it seems very rehearsed. This might be just my tinfoiling but it's borderline creepy. Might be their kinda uncanny valley faces, too. I just thought they were just a bit unfortunate looking naturally.

No. 331157

gfriend were briefly looking like they could be the head girl group of the new generation before things went bland. started off with snsd plagiarism accusations, but at least they backed it up by being as energetic as snsd were when they debuted. yuju is one of the better new gen vocalists and a couple of the others seem competent enough. me gustas tu and rough were hits, navillera did well, and then they switched it up with fingertip and it sold about half as much as navillera. twice blew up with cheer up, tt and knock knock becoming hits between navillera and fingertip and that really didn't help.

their dull music and increasingly bad plastic surgery killed off any chance at getting above twice. they were one of the only newer groups i was genuinely interested in so it sucks that they've been completely stagnant for about 2 years now, i don't know how they could really get back to their peak

No. 331158

Do you really have to be pretty to make it? That's only to appeal to male fans right? Aren't female fans better anyway? Look at Adele.

No. 331166


in the context of kpop? yes. i know that sowon can't really help her body type/body proportions, and that saying rude things about umji's appearance is.. well, rude. but they just look so incredibly weird standing next to each other. without shaky and slightly nauseating music show camera work they really do look strange, like.. adding them in the same group seems like such a weird choice.

and i believe that the members who have had work done (like sinb and eunha) looked much better before their horrific surgery. almost any girl can look cute with the right styling and makeup (or the right plastic surgeons i guess), their surgeries were not needed. it's ironic that their appearance is the only thing they "lack" due to their agency being idiots.

it's not that most of the gfriend members don't look pretty.. they look very freaky.

No. 331170

File: 1543443440705.jpg (70.62 KB, 1080x1191, DtHOIEVV4AAZbfB.jpg)

I doubt YG himself saw lazy Jennie videos and had them blocked, probably somebody from pr department quickly intervened. I do find it hilarious that the chosen one of her group, like GD, CL, BI before her, turned out to be shittiest live performer YG has ever produced.

No. 331178

In kpop? They probably use that quote from The Neon Demon. "Beauty is not everything… beauty is the only thing"

The funniest thing is that the copyright strike was manual, so we have no doubt that they saw the videos, it wasn't an automated strike. Pr department? Perhaps, but I think that YG himself must have seen the videos. There are other "negative" videos about Jennie that are still up and have been for a long time… yet the second someone gathers proof of Jennie getting objectively lazier, it gets a copyright strike? Hmmmmmm

No. 331180


They just do it for attention and to get a rise out of their idols. There's also a sick sense of pride from being able to have been able to get a hold of that information and sell it out, like having a leg up on other sasaengs. In the TVXQ Sasaeng document, there's one sasaengs that stole Yoochun's SIN/SSI number or smth like that and made a post like "lol sorry, I used it to log onto an internet cafe, I didn't want to use mine and I can't use my parents so lol I used yours, i really needed it tho"

No. 331189

the thing is they looked better pre plastic surgery and would have been fine visually

No. 331190

sorry this >>331189 was meant for >>331158

No. 331270

File: 1543467868309.jpg (148.48 KB, 2115x1352, Kpop-Idol-Mullets.jpg)

i was looking at some random new mvs and there is someone with a mullet in almost every boy group lol why did this become a trend now

No. 331283

Did BTS start this trend? They all look awful. Don't tell me kpoop is still stuck in the 80s/90s with their fashion trends.

No. 331290

idk who started the trend but as far as i know v got his mullet this year, some other idols had mullets in 2017. the bleached hair with a mullet and blue contacts look makes people look like the jocks from the 80s and it needs to go

No. 331304

I think it was g-dragon. I haven't seen a single one look good

No. 331317

Hi High was a stupid move for a debut. You have an "alternative K-Pop" group with artsy videos and all this other shit and open with a cutesy girl group concept?

Hell Favorite would've been a better choice, and that musice video was almost just a choreo vid.

But I'm not sure if the group is even about moving numbers or some CEO's pet project. When it's fairly known that the K-Pop industry is hostile to outsiders like Blockberry Creative.

No. 331347

i wish they just taking trainees under the age of 18. seeing 12-14 year olds becoming trainees is really disturbing, i don't understand how these parents let their child go through something like that for money

No. 331350

speaking of parents not being involved in their children's lives and letting them ruin their life by selling their soul to a kpop company, how do you guys feel about somi's stage dad? the optimist in me believes that his stereotypical ~western~ macho appearance intimidates creeps and makes them stay far away from his underage daughter. the realist in me just feels bad for somi, i don't understand how a father can be okay with his young daughter being in such a toxic industry. not to mention the numerous ways somi has been sexualized since her early teens.

what kind of dad is comfortable with their 14 year old daughter dancing in tight, revealing clothes and singing about asses in order to appeal to men much older than her? i find so many of the sixteen performances disturbing and inappropriate.

No. 331356

File: 1543494343092.jpg (163.79 KB, 748x1200, DtKp4ahU4AIod4i.jpg)

I've never understood her style tbh

No. 331357

lmao why does e dawn look like he's been crying?

No. 331361

i would too if my girlfriend looked like michael jackson

No. 331362

i’d cry too if i ruined my career only for my girlfriend to look more and more like a drowned rat every day

No. 331364

Okay so it's my first post in this thread but I swear I'll never get over fandoms.
They get way too toxic (especially twitter), crazy stuff they do and other stuff which majority doesnt do but sexualizing minors is just disgusting.
Also I had friend which was hard pentagon stan and she was like "Cube is shit for doing this. Kfans are delulu"and other stuff and she blocked me when I tried to explain her that from business point of view it could kinda ruin pentagon and there was reason why cube tried to deny it. Like woman that you read one article on netizzenbuzz doesnt mean all kfans are devils.
But like kpop industry is one pretty abusive and toxic industry.

No. 331372

i wish they just stopped taking trainees under the age of 18*

why the fuck did they make a 14 year old girl sing a song like this and how is his father okay with it?i feel bad for somi and all the idols who got into the industry while they were underage. minors being worked in these schedules, going through extreme diets, getting plastic surgery, being sexualized to appeal to creepy adults is just disgusting

No. 331379

Why does she always seem so much more into him than him her? Grandma is clinging onto that poor boy’s arm, she looks so haggard.

No. 331380

if sm really wants nct to succeed, they need to stop adding more members. k-pop groups just have way too many members in general, what's the purpose when most of them only sing or rap for 5 seconds? just make a group with the ones who have okay singing or rapping skills and make the others backup dancers or something

No. 331381

She looks like a granny. This is what people think is fashionable?

No. 331383

>just make a group with the ones who have okay singing or rapping skills and make the others backup dancers or something
That's basically how their sub-units work minus the backup dancer part (unless you count winwin and the other 3 who don't get lines in 127 as backup dancers). They only shoehorned all 18 members into one song one time and that was the song's whole gimmick anyways.

No. 331385

Isn't he the same dude who is now trying to push Somi's little sister into becoming an idol too? He also said something like "She's even better than Somi"… narc parents.

She was live on insta about two hours ago, when I opened it there were the both of them looking like drug addicts. I don't know if this is a bad attempt at grunge, but whatever it is, it's not working

No. 331388

I feel bad for Somi. Her dad seems like a classic narc stage parent trying to live vicariously through her, and every time she breathes she gets a dozen netizens reeing about how she's half white so she's a slutty old-looking bitch who should just do porn already.

No. 331393

And her mom beats her with a pan.

No. 331407

>what kind of dad is comfortable with their 14 year old daughter dancing in tight, revealing clothes and singing about asses in order to appeal to men much older than her? i find so many of the sixteen performances disturbing and inappropriate.

Plus Somi was on some show were her used clothes were put up for auction and four grown men were bidding over $700 for it.

No. 331430

Jyp has such an unfortunate face, he looks like such a creeper.

No. 331451

there’s a pretty large section of kpop fans that will have any opinion that contradicts what the majority of kfans say. it happened when sulli was working with a literal pedophile photographer and got criticised, loads of international fans loved her because she was a kween who did whatever she wanted. it happens when iu gets criticised for playing up her “uwu i’m so smol and innoncent, look how big my clothes are on my tiiiiny wittle body” thing and sings in a baby voice. they want to go against strict standards for idols but can’t seem to recognise that sometimes people are being criticised for legitimate reasons

No. 331456

File: 1543510745007.jpg (155.54 KB, 700x1091, agYV6mK_700b.jpg)

lots of people say about the women in kpop "oh they are being exploited!" when its just the same as the guys.

Don't forget how many of them usually get recruited from instagram. Thats what they want, fame fame fame. It's doesn't matter where you go, people are willing to do whatever it takes to be a somebody.

Why don't they simply settle down? Get a normal job and life? Instead of training since they are 14 and living on noodles? The addiction to fame.

Why does IU still play up the smol girl routine even though when she started she was in a dress playing a guitar? She wants to be popular.

No. 331471

she's an okay singer but idk how to feel about her. i've seen some discussions about how "iu is not an idol, she's an artist!! she writes her own songs!!" and it's like.. she is marketed just like any other girl group member, nothing different.
i also like how k-pop fans exaggerate idols who write their own lyrics. songwriting is a thing that should be praised when it's actually done well. you see fans praising k-pop rappers who write their own verses when the lyrics they write are basic as fuck

No. 331503

this is what kpop songs about Real Issues™ sound like to me. this could be any RM mixtape track.

No. 331506

related and also horrifying: produce 48 had a 13 year old sing about being rawed so hard you can't walk straight. (wonyoung, red bandana top) One of the other girls on stage is nearly twice her age.

No. 331511

This happens all the time with English songs. It’s pretty obvious they’re chosen because they sound good or have good choreography, not because of their meaning.

No. 331521

they are just told to sing what to sing, they do the dance they are told to do, they are 13, they don't really think about it very much.

Not that anyone would guess shes 13 from her height, she already has the same build as the 22 year old members.

She might lose job opportunities in the future if she keeps growing.

How many 6 foot 1 Korean female idols are there?

No. 331523

it's still inappropriate for a 13 year old, wtf? you wouldn't see a 13 year old doing this on a tv show in a western country. loads of pop songs have sexual innuendos in them, but these often get removed/changed if they are performed by kids. "side to side" is literally about feeling sore after getting fucked. the producers of the show could have changed the lyrics, but they'd rather objectify someone who just entered their teens.

No. 331524

>but they'd rather objectify someone who just entered their teens.
That’s implying whoever chose the song cared enough to check what it actually means.

No. 331525

LOL oh more poor sweet summer child, k-pop has nothing on America.

No. 331526

please god give us an amazon idol, i would love to see a 6 foot 1 girl stand next to jimin the cockeyed manlet

No. 331545

File: 1543521845809.jpg (203.43 KB, 1114x1704, jfc.jpg)

You can't tell me this is an actual human

No. 331549

taeil from nct also has these monstrous unnatural nostrils and some other idols too, what's wrong with korean surgeons? do they think it looks good or does it just happen when the nose is botched beyond saving

No. 331551

I also absolutely loathe veneers on people where it makes them look like horses because they're so big. This asshole looks like a fucking donkey when he smiles

No. 331552

i thought sk have the best surgeons? People should look at kpop idols ps before going there to get one

No. 331553

It's probably a result of too many nosejobs, once you go too far it's hard to salvage it.

No. 331556

>>331523 slightly ot but I really think it's
weird how in SK sexy adult (female) idols are very much looked down upon while child idols with a sexy concept are somewhat applauded? I feel like Koreans are thought of by others and themselves as being sexually conservative (unlike those stereotypically slutty westerners) and yet nobody will think twice about a child idol told to do something sexy

No. 331572

>best surgeons
Lmao, no. Some nosejobs can be successful, but on average their skill level is Iran tier.

No. 331573

i think it has more to do with certain idols having shit noses to begin with. kai and taeil both had shit flat and wide noses to start with, but got nose jobs to make their bridges more defined but it just looks shit and uncanny looking. i've never seen a good nose job done noses like theirs

No. 331578

I really don't see how people can mindlessly consume most of the shit K-pop companies put out.
The level of dehumanization and objectification idols receive is unreal, and I feel like it's just getting worse.

In the video, it's just Suga back stage eating but he's clearly uncomfortable about being filmed and trying to turn his back to the camera, yet the fans just eat this shit up, like he's a product and not a person, or like he's some animal in a zoo.
It's disturbing. But hey I guess bighit will do whatever they can to keep ratmys around

No. 331603

the video is mostly speculating and making up excuses, but people in the comments are talking about the motion sickness and depression as if it's a well-known fact lmao. i get that being considerate about someone's mental issues is important, but come on, idols often have obvious EDs for example and fans ignore it, and here we have a rich spoiled girl with poor attitude and suddenly everybody feels bad for her out of nowhere.

No. 331617

I really hate when people declare MENTAL ILLNESS! DEPRESSION!! ANXIETY! with absolutely no proof. It gets used as an excuse for poor behavior so often, it becomes patronising and demeans people with actual struggles.
But stans gonna stan.

No. 331623

It's the same card the insufferable Taeyeon stans play every single time anyone dares criticise their uguu coddled poor ickle baby as well. I swear these people project so fucking hard.

No. 331641


She used to at least try in the past. So somethings changed, maybe shes YG's mistress, thats the only way she could get away with being filmed acting like a lazy ass and not only have the other girls virtually ignore it, and YG not chew her the fuck out, but issue takedowns of the lazy vids.

She knows she doesn't have to try because she knows theres not going to be consequences for her.

No. 331652

wasnt tia's dad the same way, letting her perform songs where she literally humped a chair on stage and then went to her blogs and posted about how uWu christian and jesus loving she was?
i wonder if theres a connection in the father being white and the mom being korean, considering a lot of white men who bed asian women are creepy weirdos in the first place

No. 331653

shes so fucking unfortunate looking and this is what happens when truly ugly idols get out of the idol dungeon and have to dress and style themselves lmao

No. 331654

i do believe taeyeon sufferes from depression only because of how she talked about it when she was a lot younger, but it doesnt excuse anything wrong that she has done, such as the car accident

No. 331669

i think u are onto something. you know people who fetishize mixed babies? there are hundreds of parents who make ig pages for their mixed children and try to promote them as models, basically exposing them to a bunch of strangers on the internet while living through them/their fame. somi's dad (probably her mom too tbh) is most likely one of them, but on steroids or something? the way he is preparing her little sister for the entertainment industry is so creepy.

a lot of mixed race children struggle with their identity (just take a look at r/hapas lol). i don't think somi's narc stage dad or her physically abusive mom are going to help her if she were to face such issues.

are any of you familiar with the tumblr www.black-kpop-fans.tumblr.com? i used to read it for laughs a few years ago, and i remember someone on that blog going on and on about somi having white privilege. which is rather ridiculous, as she was literally bullied for her mixed heritage. my point is that she has struggled with numerous things (racism, her mom hitting her with a fucking pan, old men thirsting after her ++). i wonder if it's going to lead her to snap when she's in her early 20s or something.

No. 331721

If it's really that bad she would seek help for it and take time off to work on it and not go on endless solo tours.

No. 331726

File: 1543543821466.png (722.09 KB, 3264x3264, Image-7.png)

holy shit what happened to yooa from oh my girl??? please god tell me these are just crappy pictures

No. 331735

Shouldn't Hyuna still have a stylist or something? I'm sure she's with another company now, and even if she's not she could still afford a stylist.
I'll never get why people edit idols skin so light. Her face and neck are literally the same color as the background.

No. 331737

…. Her legs vs her face

No. 331753

not sure if drowsy, drugged up, or just too plastic to move her face

No. 331755

Poor guy, he's looking so damn uncomfortable yet the ratmys can't see it, they say they care for their oppas and shit but when it comes to them receiving some kind of respect and privacy they act like they don't even are humans. I mean, they signed for this and they saw it coming, but still…(sorry, my english sucks)

No. 331772

File: 1543547084496.jpg (109.29 KB, 656x876, I1Eijye.jpg)

She's been looking really tight and puffy lately (probably fillers). They went overboard with overlining her lips and she's pouting too much, too. I get it because she just got a lipstick CF, but man, a little goes a long way.

Also I think her double lid surgery a year or two ago looks strange.

Yooa is naturally darker and visibly so next to the palest member of her group, so of course their stylist will never match her face makeup to her actual skin color because ~muh pale skin.

No. 331774

File: 1543547460839.jpg (7.26 KB, 225x225, download.jpg)

sorry kpopfags i'm not into kpop, but are you guys telling me this is the same person as pic related? how do you even get surgery to look so drastically different? this shit is crazy

No. 331775

Why they don't just make her tanned skin look good rather than hiding it and failing completely at it?

No. 331776

File: 1543547633062.jpg (Spoiler Image, 67.44 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

She really let herself go compared to Bubble Pop era.

No. 331779

the only people ive seen worried about this video are actual armies. i just watched it and hes just a dude eating chips. hes a rich celebrity being filmed back stage by an officla film crew, what an outrage.

No. 331781

File: 1543548031514.jpg (77.09 KB, 1199x800, 9zaSJE4.jpg)

The eyelid surgery really did a number. Also they fuck around with her makeup (and likely fillers) to her detriment. Pic related is from earlier this year, where she still looks like herself.

Cause Koreans will nitpick tan skin 99% of the time. A lot of them bitch about AOA Seolhyun being tan, calling her SEA derogatorily, although she's considered one of the top "visuals" of her generation.

No. 331788

she looks like sulli here is she starting her baby prostitute era?

amazing what a stylist can do eh?

No. 331789

File: 1543549238395.jpg (234.88 KB, 1221x888, Sin título.jpg)

Seolhyun is not even tan, she is just normal. Tan people are way darker than her, i'm tanned myself. (i know there's some lightning in Seolhyun's picture, but still)

No. 331796

File: 1543550591870.jpg (104.25 KB, 1000x500, misc_1482269393_e_seolhyun.jpg)

i remember how mean people were to her when she was on that survival show or whatever because she was ~dark and ugly~ without makeup
that was around the time netizens started hating AOA for every little thing though

No. 331801

People are saying Jennie only puts effort and doesn't look like absolute shit on her SOLO performances (which is true), but even there she lacks a lot of energy, she's very boring and doesn't try to make people interested in her performance on stage. In fact, she ruins her own song and act with her attitude and laziness.

No. 331804

Samefag but i mean, the song itself its pretty average, at least try to make it interesting while you're performing hun

No. 331812

i saw her irl once and she isn’t even close to being tan… she’s just not as pale as most other celebs who’ve had skin whitening procedures done on them anyway. idk why ppl are so mean to her, is it bc of the history scandal? (which i still can’t believe was a real thing lmao)

No. 331833

I always thought something was weird about Hyuna, if you've seen her interviews, its like shes a robot, as if she'd just go to an awards show naked unless someone told her to wear clothes.

And everytime someone asks her about songs and stuff she just blankly responses with "Well it's the team of people around me that handle that"

No. 331834

she's a true studio hack for sure.

No. 331837

bts songs are either something like this or generic edm with f da society f da haterz la la la i have money i wear gucci lyrics

No. 331839

File: 1543565412602.png (588.29 KB, 1104x612, Untitled.png)

How can they shoop so much yet not fix her crusty butthole lips?

SK's bone to pick with tan skin really is bizarre. None of the idols in pic related except for the first dude can even be considered tan.

No. 331840


Here's the article if anyone's curious. Spoiler alert: None of them are actually tan.

No. 331849

Hyuna's lost the stylist shes had for 11 years. Now she has to figure out how to dress herself lol

No. 331857

lmao this video is literally just a grown ass man eating a snack and it has 1.5 million views. bighit knows armys are going to watch anything so they milk content out of everything

No. 331858

>milk chocolate
Ignoring how weird that is, has the writer ever actually seen milk chocolate?

No. 331873

it still doesn’t make sense for yg to literally let her ruin his company’s image just because he’s sleeping with her. blackpink’s his main cash cow right now and her sloppiness is fucking up their image. he has enough money to buy anyone he wants, it makes no sense he’d let one of his artists ruin the image of his most relevant group + the company at large. not to mention the other girls are prettier than her anyway.

the more logical reason would be that her parents are paying her way out of everything but that still doesn’t make sense at this point because this way she’s costing him a shit ton of money in the long run.

No. 331874

>it still doesn’t make sense for yg to literally let her ruin his company’s image just because he’s sleeping with her.
Never underestimate how dumb some men will get over coochie.

No. 331907

File: 1543587364479.jpg (184.25 KB, 630x630, 277380164782864.jpg)

choose your fighter

No. 331934

why did they censor jimin wtf

No. 331942

If you're not pale you're tan
If you're not skinny you're fat
If you don't look like a teenager you're a crusty ajumma

No. 331962

Something about idols not searching their names just to find hate or keeping their precious jimin posts positive loooool

No. 331965

ratmys are obsessed with making everything about bts whether it’s other idols’ drama or completely unrelated shit; they were sperging about how hard the bts members work in the comment section of that viral lazy jennie video

i guess in this case they felt victimized because blinks have made fun of jimin’s horrific singing before but their lack of self-awareness is still astounding

No. 331966

lmao if jimin understood english and did actually search his name on twitter he'd be more terrified to see all the stuff ratmys write about him.. the cow hybrid shit

No. 331984

I never saw someone bring this group up even tho they are quite mess.
But probably because they flop so hard.
Flopping for 6 years already. Last album sold around 1k and they keep having lineup changes every comeback. One member got plastic surgeries to look like V and copied his photos. Well just search 24k sungoh and you will see what I mean. They had also quite lot of controversies surrounding copying groups. ( https://pann-choa.blogspot.com/2016/10/enter-talk-24k-who-were-accused-of.html )
Also their recent comeback Bonnie and Clyde.. I have zero clue if I just watched way too much choreo videos from SM groups but their choreo looked so similar to NCT 2018 empathy choreographies.
Like I know they are literally 100% self producing group because their company couldnt even afford what was the position (Record producer? Im not sure but I remember them saying they dont have anybody who would check their music before release)

And when I asked their fan about the choreography issue she just went "No Jeonguk(member which makes choreographies) is just inspired by NCT because he likes them)"
Like there is difference between inspiration and copying parts of choreo

No. 331989

The other stuff is true but the 24K member didn't get PS to look like V lol. He already looked like that long before V even debuted. Ratmys are just crazy.

No. 331990

this is one of the messiest, most disjointed songs i’ve heard in a while. my ears hurt

No. 331991

Well I guess he could but in this case their debut era and the era after didnt really do him justice because to me he started to look similar to V during 2015 but I suck at recognizing stuff like this so my opinion in this is kinda invalid.
But yeah might be just ratmys going crazy again for nothing.

No. 331992

File: 1543604925958.jpeg (46.39 KB, 750x261, 8B76913B-B56E-48C7-B034-A3C8B0…)

jenninists are running out of excuses kek

No. 331994

Sad, I liked the concept in the promo pictures. That's the thing, I've tried to get into Red Velvet many times… but their songs all sound the same to me, the sound is "eh" and so non-catchy. The only song from them I can remember is Red Flavor, that's it.
Scratching my head over how tf did they get so popular and relevant

No. 331995

poor girl, she has motion sickness, depression and periods that last months. stay safe, jennie

No. 331996

…Why are they doing a Halloween concept one month too late?

No. 331997

>Scratching my head over how tf did they get so popular and relevant
Starts with an S and ends with an M

No. 331999

oh, but it suddenly stops when she performs her solo song; such a miraculous period! stream solo!!! jennie hwaiting!!!!! /s

No. 332000

This is completely invalid lmaoo. Girl groups normally just deal with their periods (just like every other female that gets it) or don't even get them due to starvation.

No. 332001

File: 1543605785162.jpg (66.37 KB, 450x637, 65bfbf1bb7eb40560464ee739a36ea…)

nta but army have also been accusing a japanese actor of "trying" to look like taehyung. it's fucking hilarious because he's never had any ps, he's been in the industry since 2011 and that's just his face. he probably doesn't even know who bts are.

No. 332002

Army’s are wild, I’ve even seen them try and start drama with Arashi fans over light sticks.

No. 332003

do they really think anyone who looks like the retard is copying him.. armies are ready to call anyone copycats over the most stupid shit, it's insane. i remember seeing some dumb fight between armies and blinks over armies saying one of the girls in blackpink is copying jungkook because she makes vlogs and jungkook makes vlogs too lmao

No. 332004

This sounds like all their songs combined. Do they recycle their concepts?

No. 332008

no anon, obviously this random japanese actor conspired in the womb to look like taehyung and that's why he slightly resembles him despite being older than him and starting his career before taehyung did.

No. 332020

that song sounded pretty awful. why did anyone think adding the high pitched screams was a good idea?

No. 332023

File: 1543608758969.gif (2.7 MB, 125x125, 2fY5gHs.gif)

Don't forget her dad is rumored to be a hospital owner. Maybe she could get a health check at his workplace.

Although, it has crossed my mind Jennie is on something. Nothing illegal, not a YG-pharmacy joke. Maybe Xanax or Klonopin, for anxiety, courtesy of hospital dad. There are moments during live performances where she looks "out of it", some vlives she seems drowsy and talks really slow.

No. 332024


Having once been in Kpop, there's a weird… obsession (that's really too strong a word but can't think of smth else that fits) with Halloween lol.

A few examples of Halloween-esque songs/MV's that came out not in October are BTOB's Thriller (Sept 2013), Lee Junghyun's V (June 2013), Narsha's Bbi Rri Bba Bba (March 2011). I'm sure there's loads more but my knowledge is dated and I can't think of more recent ones off the top of my head.

That Red Velvet song is more Halloweeny than most I've seen though, with all that orange and obvious Halloween decorations looking set.

No. 332027


Same tbh. They sound like they have decent voices from the songs I've heard but the songs all sound the same and the concepts are all weird tumblr artsy. I remember their debut MV bc I was curious when they came out but I can't remember any individual song for the life of me.

No. 332030

How do ice cream cake, rookie and bad boy even sound or look alike?

This song is pretty bad though. I don‘t know who SM is trying to appeal to tbh They need to debut a new girlgroup, with the death of SNSD and f(x) they only have RV and I‘m not sure if they have the charisma or energy to be the sole female earners for SM. They‘ve lost their freshness.

No. 332032


I don't even remember what those sound like and their newest song has already begun to fade even though I've listened to it a couple times. I vaguely remember So Good bc I enjoyed the music video and the sound was more up my alley.

I was never really invested in them though, so it's likely more because I didn't care to commit them to memory. So I'll admit to them probably not sounding or looking like the same churned out concept every time, but they have this tumblr edits-looking aesthetic feel to them that doesn't really stick in my memory very well.

No. 332034

Did sm make them sing a mashup of their songs? coz this new song sounds like the mixture of their perfect red velvet songs. its also a bad boy 2.0, the rip off version

No. 332037

Red velvet's discography is really varied though? I can't think of 2 songs that even sound alike. Whoever picks their title tracks is tone deaf. >>332030 Like this anon said, i have no idea who they're trying to appeal to. SM has this thing where they refuse to follow trends with their groups so it's like a hit or miss coinflip every comeback

No. 332039


That's the point I was making though, I never got invested in them enough to actually look up stuff beyond their title tracks and the MV's. If their main tracks weren't hooking me, I didn't see any reason I should waste my time looking. It didn't help that they debuted around the time when my interest in Kpop was waning so I wasn't up for putting in more effort to see if a group was good.

If you want to recommend me some of their better songs, I'll take them.

No. 332040

With the styling I was expecting ifan-bait but the song.. my god. I also 100% think this was for halloween but got pushed back for whatever reason. It‘s so obvious lo

Not that anon but seeing how RV are exo‘s female equivalent imo they shine on rnb-influenced songs. The Red album for a more poppy and perfect velvet album for a bit more mature sound. There‘s decent stuff on there.

No. 332041

Im pretty into red velvet and I like most of their songs, even Rookie but I have to agree with this. The rest of the album is forgettable too even though they always have at least one b-side I really like. So disappointing.

No. 332044

Zoo, Kingdom Come, I Just, Some Love, Oh Boy, Aitai-tai, Little Little, Butterflies

No. 332048

one of the funniest comments i've seen about rv was on asianjunkie (i think, maybe reddit) from someone talking about how their concepts were legitimately so scary, and how something like peekaboo is totally unique because like, they kill people in the video!! rv's "scary" concepts to me come off as fun, campy 70s style B movies, i don't know how far up irene's ass you'd have to be to think they're so goth and unique and not just slapping a few halloween decorations on some dull r&b or electro pop songs. and their dead eyed stares never actually fit what they're doing, it's just off putting.

seeing fans cream themselves over concepts is so repetitive. tear away cheerleader outfits, school uniforms, military inspired outfits etc and the song has no concept, it's just a song - and that's fine, you don't need to try to pin a theme to every bubblegum pop song. you see fans of groups like snsd saying "they're so varied, they did so many concepts!" but it's only rare ones like hoot that really have a theme as a song that couldn't be detached from the styling. you could pretty easily swap the 'concepts' of gee and oh, or you think and mr mr and it wouldn't feel too out of place. they have loads of different song styles, yeah, but being able to wear a nurses outfit and leather trousers in the same concert isn't what makes an artist varied.

it's cool that kpop is usually more out there with styling and mv choices, i do like when an album has a cool, cohesive theme, but usually the song itself isn't whatever concept they say it is. it's cringy when a group is asked to talk about their new song and all the can say is "we did a beach concept this time!" and can't tell you anything about the song itself.

No. 332056

Yeah, I agree with that. It's probably why I remember So Good.

Thanks both of you for the recommendations, I'll have a listen when I'm not at work.

No. 332067

how does it sound like bad boy? if anything is the halloween version of dumb dumb

No. 332071

>someone talking about how their concepts were legitimately so scary, and how something like peekaboo is totally unique because like, they kill people in the video!!
Lmao it reminds me of the Loona stans saying how "dark" is Love4eva's MV. They go into a forest at some point and leave one of them behind, wooow so dark and scary

No. 332072

You're right anon, and actually, Dumb dumb its the only song i can remember from them besides Russian Roulette

No. 332101

File: 1543618672862.png (56.21 KB, 810x587, Capture.PNG)

red velvet stans are delusional

No. 332105

File: 1543618931290.png (24.76 KB, 773x189, Capture.PNG)

literally the same person

No. 332107

…did you make the original comment?

No. 332108

I never got this mentality. What does it have to do with YOU, personally, that your fave got plastic surgery? What do you gain from being in denial about it? Who even gives a shit about it in 2018 omg. These stans need help.

No. 332111

File: 1543619544297.jpg (177.62 KB, 600x1694, red-velvet_1543613251_dnn.jpg)

No. 332117

File: 1543620280298.jpg (23.52 KB, 480x600, umGyzQZ.jpg)

i feel like jyp is the only big company who does "concepts" somewhat successfully. from a marketing perspective, twice's music videos containing tv and movie tropes is clever. it's not like i'm a fan of twice (although i kinda respect sana for realizing early on that adapting the "i'm just a cute and dumb girl tihi!" schtick would benefit her), the members are extremely bland and some of their songs are unlistenable. red velvet though, i honestly don't understand who their fans are. twice has a huge male fandom, but afaik that's not the case for rv? their songs are so awful.. who wants to hear high pitched screams in the songs they listen to? who came up with this garbage? everything about this concept is so sloppy and corny.

what i don't get though, is how this stuff even matters in the big picture. why is having multiple concepts good? it's not like the members decide any of this, everything is manufactured by a team of professionals. the idols just have to wear different clothes and change up their facial expressions and body language.

one thing red velvet and twice have in common is the awful watered out "rapping" in their songs. i'm pretty sure the rap parts prevent the songs from gaining mainstream fame? huge groups like snsd and kara never had these cringey parts in their hit songs.

No. 332123

Cant speak on twice but for rv their producers, namely kenzie, play a big part on this. That baby-talk-rapping shit used to be f(x)s thing which is probably why a lot of the earlier comparisons between the two groups arose, but its just a stylistic meme kenzie cant seem to let go of. Just something to give to the non-main vocals to do i guess

No. 332130

she's probably brainwashed by all the critics though, that's why celebrities (and regular people too) end up going under the knife a lot of times.

They get criticized for their looks over and over so, even if they didn't see a problem with their appearance in the first place, they'll resort to surgery to fix those "issues" and fit into the public's ideal. Which is funny because there's a huge stigma with ps in sk even though society basically forces you to get something done.

Although, even if I don't she's pretty, I hope she's genuinely happy with herself now, specially with her past weight issues and so. But that's something I hope for everybody.

No. 332133

I don't think groups with majority female fan bases are necessarily a bad thing. Female fans are loyal and will buy your shit even when you're old and washed up, snsd as an example. Can't image any twice fanboys caring about the group when they hit their late twenties, and by then jyp will have already shitted out 2 girl groups in their place.

Concepts matters for some because even kpop fans can get tired of the same shit. Twice went through it when international fans kept complaining how most of their title tracks and music videos look and sound the same, and they don't really have any range. Same with blackpink. Generic teddy pop track with a buildup and a drop, every single song. I think 'concepts' just means something, new, different, exciting, even if it's manufactured. Twice even broke out of their formula a little bit with yes or yes and dance the night away, and got mostly positive responses

I agree with you though this comeback is trash. Red velvet is extremely hit or miss . SM is notorious for not giving a fuck and picking the most un-public friendly songs to promote, i legit can't understand it. They could easily make a bts 2.0 or a new snsd if they wanted, and actually compete with the top groups but no. Shit's weird.>>332117

No. 332135

I've observed the same behavior in delusional neckbeards who drool over models/actresses who had PS and deny it to their deathbed as if getting PS is a mortal sin or something.
They probably self-insert in their "faves" (or see them as ideal partners) and associate them with ideals of perfection as an escapism method. They want to believe that these people are naturally stunning, talented in everything, and that plastic surgery is either too mundane or "for the weak", so they see any person pointing out that no, these idols are people like us, human and imperfect, as a personal attack.

No. 332137

I'm sorry for Wendy, her natural face was perfectly fine. She had an endearing, friendly vibe. Now she's a botched version of herself.
I'm not even a RV fan but I hope they don't fucking touch Seulgi.

No. 332178

The producers don’t know what they are doing and are experimenting with random shit/following trends.

No. 332190

File: 1543630628029.jpg (50.68 KB, 559x637, DtPWgCjUUAESAet.jpg)

this is horrifying. Her jaw is GONE @-@

No. 332210

File: 1543634632357.jpg (22.93 KB, 1024x505, 8e14fc1193551d4056f67c5f590243…)

I have seen a lot of botched surgeries but this one actually creeped me out, she looks like those "uncanny valley" robots, holy shit

No. 332215

surely that's shopped on top of the chop. i mean.. the pixels

No. 332216


I think the stupid amount of members is a big factor that caused them to flop.

Half of the reason the female audience is watching girl groups is for their wardrobe & yet Loona STILL haven't had any good or unique outfits. On a single one of the girls for a single damn performance. I mean, it's not like they're dressed badly, it's just the most basic thing they could wear.
I assume that their company ran through their budget on other, unnecessary extravagances (weren't they flying each girl to a new country for each solo for a while?) and as a result they neglected one of the most basic ways that idols pull in fans. Wardrobe is expensive as hell, and it looks like they didn't plan enough $$ for it.

Yeah, it's great having a lot of pretty girls in a group, but when they're all wearing the exact same school uniform for every single performance, with some minor variations in colour, wtf would I watch for? Their music isn't good enough to carry them & their choreo is beyond basic. You can barely even tell who's who. It's the definition of generic kpop.

Loona stans are delulu

No. 332218

Oh god, that pic is horrifying.
I've never understood people who say Eunha is a visual in Gfriend. I just don't see it in any way. Her cheeks are so huge & bloated, and all of her features are asymmetrical. She's got a bit of that mentally slow look to her as well.

No. 332257

File: 1543648042646.png (806.07 KB, 640x1136, 7534bb25-533a-4ca4-b87f-7b12df…)

Wendy really out here looking like a damn tim burton character lmfao

No. 332266

File: 1543649203519.jpg (22.74 KB, 512x467, 0202cc045aecc9c2aff55c16913f60…)

that looks HORRIBLE

No. 332285

So apparently Blackpink is going to hold a special stage in the MMAs. I wonder how Jennie will do. I doubt she'll keep being lazy after all the shit she got but who knows if she's depressed or on her period.

No. 332309

File: 1543657622079.jpg (301.25 KB, 1080x1883, 144519.jpg)

nah, apparently she's just lonely now

No. 332318

File: 1543658772848.jpg (136.18 KB, 600x400, 73887567299267471.jpg)

i'm not into ariana's music but yeah, i'm sure it has to do with youtube's xenophobia and not bts getting views from the same fans watching over and over again while ariana gets views from all kinds of people

No. 332355

I don’t care much for the song, but the song and music video for ‘thank you, next’ is a million times better than idol. She deserves to surpass their record.

No. 332364

lol i hope she passes their record as well. everything about idol was awful, bad song, bad mv. look what you made me do wasn't a good song either but at least it had a good video
>"b-but idol was bad for sarcasm purposes!!"
then it was some primary school level sarcasm

No. 332367

waiting for bighit to realize how many views they can get by drama and get bts in a fake beef with someone

No. 332371

The ultimate move would be a Kardashian sex tape.

No. 332372

>bts in a fake beef with someone
Jimin and Jeongyeon
BTS and iKON

No. 332373

Rosé from BP is starting to morph into something similar, too. Both their faces look like they're floating in the air, only attached to their heads by the forehead

No. 332380

there was a leak of a video where they were kissing each other or something like that, nothing interesting but did bighit leak it on purpose? it was months ago and i stopped following bts closely then so i'm not sure. judging by the way they're milking everything bts do, they'll probably cross their own boundaries soon

No. 332382

who were they?

No. 332386

Wait I thought the reptilian had a dating rumor with a stylist not with Jeongyeon

No. 332387

wait what? i meant to say that there was a video of bts kissing each other that got leaked before the official release, nothing else

No. 332391

File: 1543675849338.jpeg (162.42 KB, 500x375, 5D0CEF10-C23C-4811-B0CB-0E8579…)

she literally looks like a barbie doll

this is uncanny as hell

No. 332394

File: 1543676463706.jpg (177.24 KB, 900x1200, DtVuN17UwAEhCqk.jpg)

Is he human? Or is he an egg?

No. 332397

File: 1543676970985.png (1005.26 KB, 1116x571, hw.png)

I wish Hwasa would start to wear a makeup style that fits her features
I get she wants to go for a bold kind of style but she's not doing it right… something about it looks so off


No. 332399

File: 1543677235093.jpg (786.97 KB, 900x1350, 220135_266297_3544.jpg)

she looks a lot better with dark hair and a bold lip. the look she has rn gives me crusty hyuna vibes minus the ghoulish skin

No. 332402

File: 1543677653572.jpg (73.9 KB, 1022x1024, DtVraz3WoAM4utx.jpg)

No. 332403

File: 1543677691553.jpeg (470.23 KB, 1962x1472, DtUq4YDUUAEdUFB.jpeg)

why are their red carpet outfits always all over the place

No. 332405

Did suga do something to his jaw AGAIN? his face looks so tight and bloated wtf

No. 332406

He looks plastic but normal to me, he was a dorito spooky skelly during the Fake Love promotions

No. 332408

i find this so ironic bc they always screech about loving the idols unconditionally just for /them/ and ~totes not being superficial~ but the second someone suggests an idol got ps all hell breaks loose. if they truly liked the idols regardless of their looks they wouldn’t care if they had plastic surgery. it’s so transparent how ridiculously shallow they are while claiming they’re ~totes accepting and don’t care if an idol they don’t stan had ps~.
>it’s okay if idols have plastic surgery!! they’re still the same and we should love them all natural or not uwuwuwuwu
this all comes out of the same fan constantly, i wish i was kidding.

No. 332411

Apparently IKON won song and songwriter of the year, opinions? I know some people in the last thread wanted them to win.

No. 332413

did bts or blackpink win shit?

No. 332414

I'm not surprised about song of the year though idk about songwriter. I don't know korean so I can't judge either way. it's surprising seeing so many people congratulating them. just two weeks ago I thought everyone hated them again.

bts got 7 awards iirc. artist of the year and album of the year are the biggest they got. blackpink got 2.

No. 332417

How nice, Love Scenario(and Killing me to a lesser extent) is a great song.

No. 332418

Love Scenario was really big in Korea so I'm not suprised, it even got banned from schools because kids wouldn't stop singing it.

No. 332419

Can we talk about how the cameraman avoided to focus on them on group shots?

No. 332421

it's been a pretty dull year overall so i'd say they deserve it. love scenario was quite a sweet breakup song and a little different to other kpop breakup songs. it was crazy popular but it doesn't feel like it only won because it was catchy

No. 332422

camerawork on these award shows seem universally bad but watching this stage compared to ikon's is so sad.

No. 332423

I watched this fancam and they're so out of sync lmao, it makes sense why he'd avoid group shots

No. 332425

lmfao I was just about to reply "wait for the fancams to expose them".
I don't see how the backup dancers added anything to the performance tbh..

No. 332427

They think that because they’re all wearing Gucci it makes their outfits coordinated.

No. 332451

There were lots of fancam type of shit on my tl, it looks like jimin's lips are melting off from the other side.

No. 332453

File: 1543685229855.jpg (1.02 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181201-192059_Twi…)

>>332451 wtf mobile deletes the pic everytime

No. 332465

Lmao at Jennie still putting the least amount of effort into her dancing. If I was the other BP members I’d be pissed, she ruins the whole vibe of the performance.

No. 332472

I can't understand how people think he's attractive…Also, his shitty personality and huge - HUGE - ego isn't helping. I think this k-idol life doesn't suit him at all.

No. 332476

can't wait to see ratarmys passive aggressively rage that thier oppar's aren't on top anymore despite how disjointed and ugly idol is, I wonder if they'll start beefing with ari's fans soon

No. 332477

File: 1543688900830.jpg (413.22 KB, 1120x768, BTS-IDOL-@Melon-Music-Awards-1…)

"hmm, we are getting criticized for sucking the west off and it's the truth.."
"how can we justify ourselves to the "my boys are proud poc artists!! they don't need western attention!!" armys?"
"i have an idea."

No. 332481

File: 1543690202143.png (1.35 MB, 1242x2208, BF4DF607-76A6-41F3-B711-E26D78…)

It’s already happening. I’m not a fan of Ari but she deserved the record, I don’t like the song but her video was at least well put together.

No. 332498

File: 1543693900682.jpeg (147.29 KB, 750x1003, 43699DA6-99BC-43B6-A996-711F60…)

huh, when i went on twt to search for ari all i saw of bts fans was them hyping her up. i’m so used to them being obnoxious assholes, feels odd to see them act semi-humble (though tbf i wasn’t looking very hard).

No. 332502

Don't you understand people are attracted to his intellect. He's very intelligent, his mind is too complicated for us mere humans. To be honest, you have to have a really high IQ to truly appreciate the true meaning of War of Hormone or Expensive Girl.

No. 332503

Yeah, the positive comments are flooding in now. When I was there, there was wars going in between both fandoms arguing about the views for idol but now the army’s are spamming positive comments which are getting a lot of recognition.

No. 332507

No. 332509

did you mean to link a different image?

even though I don't like Jennie, armys have gone far past the point of annoying about analyzing fancams to make sure every female idol is properly bowing for bts at award shows.

No. 332513

is that tweet really about jennie not bowing for bts lmao, armys love reaching
>female idol shows a reaction to bts
>female idol doesn't show a reaction to bts
>"this is so disrespectful.. she is such an unprofessional.."

No. 332518

I'm assuming it was a response to this tweet https://twitter.com/thesungdeuk/status/1068915956791963649

No. 332523

i don't like jennie and idk if she had a wardrobe malfunction but she doesn't have to bow to bts, stay pressed armies

No. 332528

according to some blinks the video was cut right before she bowed to spread a ~narrative~ that she was being disrespectful to bts. while people making obscure excuses for her being unprofessional again and again has become a meme, i honestly wouldn’t be surprised if this was true seeing how petty shatmys are.

No. 332562

I CANT BELIEVE JENNY INVENTED WARDROBE MALFUNCTIONS, PERIODS AND DEPRESSION! So brave so strong. No other idol has ever performed through any of those things in their life.

No. 332570

File: 1543702196074.jpeg (88.5 KB, 727x406, 97213547-01B0-4FBC-969E-B0A22B…)

>it’s all the clothes’ and stylists’ fault she can’t dance they’re too uncomfortable all the other idols wear super comfy clothes for every one of their 63726272 comebacks a year jennie kim is the only real victim in all of this

i don’t dislike her but the excuses from jenninists are getting more and more pathetic

No. 332591

is it just me or is jennies lipsyncing really really bad . also there's points in this wheres she almost a half of a beat to a full beat behind. She is so lazy

No. 332856

File: 1543743359216.gif (1.8 MB, 178x300, ADE22397-AFB9-477C-B95A-CF472A…)

How did this bitch get into a group? Her face is honestly so creepy looking.

No. 332874

I watched the show and fancams of those parts. She definitely didn't bow to anyone, not even Ikon who are from the same company and her seniors. No one has to go out of their way to make her look like a bitch, she's just one.

No. 332889

Jesus fuck who is that???

No. 332891

it's cool. i'm not a fan of the group exactly but their comeback was one of my favorites this year

No. 332956


vivi from Loona. she's the oldest in the group

No. 332974

Is Jennie disliked in Korea too?
I hope she has a scandal like that guy from JBJ who insulted his fans, threw away their presents, went partying instead of training and abandoned his cat in a shelter because it was a mixed breed.

No. 332991

most recent articles about her on netizenbuzz bring up the laziness but I doubt she's disliked in sk as much as she is internationally.

No. 333008

Her mouth looks gross, could just be the gif though. She's really goofy looking

No. 333015

File: 1543758099259.jpg (44.26 KB, 500x625, wtf.jpg)

Is this actually what Chuu from Loona looks like or did someone fuck with her? I've literally only seen her in the teaser photos before and I'm horrified

No. 333075

Eh, there's worse. Momoland's Daisy, Exid's LE…

No. 333111

You're better off looking at videos or tv show appearances rather than filtered snow selfies. Swear all idols must have hardcore bdd if they think pictures like that make them look good

No. 333152

Vivi's not that bad in terms of botched Kpop surgeries, but next to her group mates she looks like an alien.

No. 333153

File: 1543765404319.jpg (76.08 KB, 564x902, coupleoffreaks.jpg)

Her eyes seem consistently fucked up though. She almost makes JooE look good by comparison.

No. 333156

File: 1543765641703.jpeg (6.88 KB, 183x275, images.jpeg)

Lmaooo these are typical korean ulzzang selfie. You'd be a fool to believe she didn't edit the fuck out of those. Here's a candid. She's pretty average but not as bad as JooE.

No. 333161

With kyla out of the game i can't think of an idol more hideous than jooe. Truly unfortunate

No. 333227

what happened to the jbj guy after the scandals came out?

No. 333241

V looks like a fucking monkey

No. 333244

her and that yves creature are an eyesore

No. 333246

these girls are both really cute

No. 333248

File: 1543777011476.png (452.88 KB, 720x722, Daisy.png)

Atleast the Loona girls don't look as bad as momoland. All their members look botched in some way. My favourite example is Daisy.

No. 333251

File: 1543777112656.jpg (191.23 KB, 1600x1200, d930d7c4fdd77014f43bcb802bdc54…)

You picked a very flattering picture, anon.
This is more like it

No. 333253

her eyes are kinda close together but shes not horrible
jiyeon has that too and she grew up to look really nice even with people calling her cyclops for years including IU lol

No. 333256

File: 1543777404957.jpg (22.95 KB, 320x312, CbaWCbEUsAAi3x5.jpg)

For me the most unfortunate looking female idol is LE from EXID, with Bomi from A-Pink as a runner up.

No. 333257

at least bomi has a cute personality albeit its basically just >im a fucking retard yeeeeeee uWu, but it seems genuine

No. 333262

File: 1543777921681.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 158.14 KB, 1200x630, BBE0AF9A-96DD-4E3F-BBDA-D9AB59…)

Bomi? I think you meant to say Namjoo

No. 333263

File: 1543778063149.jpg (54.15 KB, 600x450, boi3.jpg)

Namjoo's nose job is a disaster but I thought she looked OK before. No great beauty, but cute enough.

Bomi, on the other hand…

No. 333267

He just disappeared

No. 333269

Wtf happened to her? I remember she was the prettiest member a few years ago

No. 333275

File: 1543778728273.jpg (66.19 KB, 630x720, snsd-sunn4.jpg)

sunny is still by far the ugliest idol
she was always uglier that hyoyeon idk why hyoyeon was forced to be the ~ugly~ member when it was clearly just shitty styling and after the nose job she looked better than many other idols

sunny however has always looked like a fucking muppet and the surgery made it even worse

No. 333284

File: 1543779513909.jpg (119.26 KB, 1059x1200, biodata-lengkap-hyoyeon-snsd.j…)

That's gotta be a hard disagree from me. i always found sunny pretty cute in snsd's earlier days, and she was one of the most popular members for a reason. Hyoyeon was alright too but it was her shitty blonde hair that ruined her looks imo

No. 333287

File: 1543779839873.png (1.6 MB, 750x1334, B3634C64-6858-44C0-AF55-ECBE34…)

wasn’t she related to the sm chairman or whatever? that would explain why they’d try to protect her from that image and i guess hyoyeon became the human shield. they howling about how hyoyeon didn’t look ~korean~ newsflash: she didn’t look like the korean beauty ideal. the women these critics drool over as the most gorgeous korean women (ie yoona and jessica) tend to resemble whites if anything.

for me it’s dahyun from twice. she seems sweet, i don’t hate her, but she’s by far the most unfortunate-looking female idol aside from maybe daisy >>333251 and awful styling hyoyeon. >>333256 looks horrific but more in a botched plastic surgery monster kind of way wherein dahyun looks naturally unfortunate, at least compared to other female idols.

maybe i wouldn’t have noticed her if onces didn’t howl about twice’s visuals everywhere despite most of them looking average at best.

No. 333289

most idols dont look korean honestly so idk what they could be on about with that

No. 333290

I would say of all the SNSD members, Taeyeon used to have the most typically Korean features. To be fair, she was always relatively popular and seen as cute.

She doesn't really look Korean (or cute) anymore after all that PS though.

No. 333293

I’ve never thought she was ugly, just not a complete stunner. She must have pissed off her stylists, because she looked great in this picture, but looked ugly AF with the blond hair and recent ones. Sunny was and is always untouchable IMO, especially the way she acts on variety shows.

No. 333294

yuri looked really korean too to me but americanized
she reminded me of one of those pretty popular korean art students that all the boys liked in american high schools haha

No. 333295

The sad thing is the average Korean would be considered ugly as an idol. I noticed the idols who are considered the most ugly look the most Korean. Koreans really need to work on their self esteem lol

No. 333296

File: 1543780561854.gif (3.08 MB, 435x250, DownrightInfiniteIsopod-size_r…)

Agreed. I never understood her obsession with aegyo shit and the reaction of fans.

If someone like joy or sana does it, it makes more sense because they are cute and have that childlike ~annoyingly cute~ thing going for them but sunny was so ugly and it was obvious in their other variety that it wasnt even her personality.
She only brought it out for these dumb talent shows and music videos but sones ate that shit up.

No. 333302

Whenever a Korean celebrity is photographed next to a white person the comments from Koreans are always all about whether or not the Korean celeb "lost." And expressing surprise and awe when the Korean celebrity "doesn't lose" (i.e still looks attractive even in comparison). The racial inferiority complex is so strong there.

No. 333312

File: 1543781693610.jpeg (905.26 KB, 1999x3000, 51911.jpeg)

I think Dahyun is ugly in a cute way. She's lucky the stylists are so kind to her (not with that purple hair tho). Koreans like her for her paleness and personality, so she has that going for her.

No. 333317

File: 1543782406250.jpeg (141.38 KB, 750x1333, A3B93ABE-4FC8-4F90-BCEA-7116BB…)

glad to hear they like her for her personality, female idols are always judged the harshest so it’s refreshing to hear kfans appreciating a female idol beyond looks. and i agree, she really is ugly in a cute way. her smile actually reaches her eyes.

No. 333323

ah 10 years ago when idols didn't have to look ghostly white.

No. 333325

you guys seem very interested in BTS for people who claim the say they “hate” them.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 333340

File: 1543783992665.jpg (46.28 KB, 362x534, Df-dT7zUcAAkYxl.jpg)

enjoy your ban, twerp

No. 333343

File: 1543784144247.jpg (22.07 KB, 500x500, katcha-spray-away-rats-bottle-…)

No. 333344

File: 1543784147776.gif (1.2 MB, 500x228, giphy (3).gif)

I feel more shocked that there are people who don't acknowledge that Sooyoung was and is SNSD's prettiest member. The ugliest one is Taeyeon lol.

No. 333348

File: 1543784284789.jpg (16.83 KB, 236x354, 00152420dfa5b5d687fb33eb7d9825…)

Samefag but that's her now. Seohyun is pretty as well but she looks kinda fake and mean

No. 333349

File: 1543784294751.png (441.17 KB, 470x536, mkm.PNG)

Speaking of unfortunate looking, Hyuna is definitely up there. I can't believe to upload this to her own instagram.

No. 333351

shes ok but i think its heavily a styling thing for her
hit or miss
i legitimately think she was the most attractive member during The Boys era and ever since she, yuri, hyoyeon, and seohyun are the only ones that i think id even consider pretty at all

No. 333353

i would gladly enjoy my ban, thank you all rats ;).

No. 333356

File: 1543784600184.jpg (37.38 KB, 385x400, sooyoung snsd party.jpg)

I agree. Her strawberry blonde hair in the Party era was dreadful lol. I'm curious do you think Tiffany is ugly?

No. 333357

File: 1543784676582.jpg (58.92 KB, 481x853, 87d4734ac65ca408e6be9e7ebace92…)

What kills me about Hyuna is people claiming its JUST a lack of having a stylist thats making her ugly. But like..logically if thats the case, then shes just ugly alltogether lol. She always has been it was just the stylist making her look presentable for a few eras. She was Ariana Grande'ing it up with the fake tan and that was the only thing that made her look good for a few years and then she was back to the druggy look.

Alright, which one of you cowtipped on Allkpop or twitter?

No. 333359

i find great pleasure in pissing other people off.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 333362

tiffany was very pretty up until around 2012 when snsd had their mass plastic surgery exodus

No. 333364

samefagging to say i dont find her ugly at all, i just no longer look at her and say "wow shes really pretty" like i did before
the plastic surgery gave her almost a puffy appearance and thats what makes it not so nice

No. 333365

File: 1543785077772.jpg (82.26 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

She looks old now…

No. 333366

>not looking like a teen means she looks old
She looks like a pretty adult women anon.

No. 333367

File: 1543785193489.jpg (91.17 KB, 560x843, tiffany-incheon-festival-1.jpg)

yep she should have let herself age gracefully its really a shame because she was so pretty before

No. 333368

File: 1543785393664.png (279.79 KB, 599x356, tiffany-young-releases-sweet-n…)

It's her hairstyle that makes her look older than she is. Yesterday she released a new song and pic related was the cover and she looks stunning with the extensions. Her short bob is just ugly lol.

No. 333371

she looks like wendy and irene put together to me lol i think im just getting old or something because all these idols are morphing into eachother

No. 333372

File: 1543785646455.gif (2.6 MB, 420x311, K7za.gif)

i genuinely found her pretty during the red era, did she have fillers back then? her face has changed so much, i can't even tell what she did with it

No. 333375

File: 1543785816646.png (359.81 KB, 380x537, seulgi.png)

Lately I've seen some people call Seulgi ''handsome''. It must be the biggest back handed compliment I've ever heard. I don't understand why they make her look so manly.

No. 333376

joy looks better than her now i dont understand

No. 333377

this hair is like the female version of the mullet trend, who would look good with it?

No. 333380

She doesn't seem the same person, what the fuck happened?

No. 333381

She’s actually super cute and feminine looking when has long hair, I don’t get what herr stylist’s thing is with chopping it up and trying to make her butch. Idk why they didn’t try and push that imagine onto joy and take advantage of Seulgi’s body as the sexy one, she’s the only one who keeps a consistent weight with good proportions.

No. 333382

I honestly find Nayeon and her incel chin very ugly.

No. 333384

She looks her age. Just because she's a kpop idol doesn't mean she needs to style herself like a tween all the time.

No. 333385

File: 1543786397512.jpg (35.32 KB, 720x540, snsd-into-the-new-world-049.jp…)

I am rather shocked that anyone find Seohyun pretty. Before surgery she looked the worst in SNSD. After surgery she looked like an auntie in her 40s. For me she is the defintion of a horse face. She could be the sister of Daisy >>333251

she looks like Michael Jackson

No. 333386

File: 1543786447786.jpg (79.13 KB, 512x758, aec9975d6df39a4c64453c1a29b894…)

I think all of them would look cringy if dressed as tomboys. It worked on Amber because she was effortlessly like that. You can tell when they hate having the tomboy label attached to them like that girl from twice lol

No. 333387

File: 1543786530848.jpeg (201.84 KB, 1200x1800, 6BC0414E-9E69-40AB-81E7-2D0A6F…)

Samefag pic related

No. 333388

File: 1543786774316.jpg (46.33 KB, 480x480, 31439593_1655134367856338_3932…)

Leave my autistic eskimo princess alone!111!
Lol but I agree the surgery did her no favors. Im pretty sure she got those ears tucked IMMEDIATELY after debut too. They never stuck out that far after the first two videos or so as far as i know.

No. 333389

amber looks so good with a touch of feminine like in this pic and chocolate love etc

No. 333390

She's not the prettiest girl in kpop but she's definitely not ugly

No. 333401

what did she do to her face? is it just aging?

No. 333405

she definitely had some stuff done

No. 333416

File: 1543789505807.jpeg (200.43 KB, 1000x1500, A8321363-1E62-49B6-9B2F-42F28A…)

i really do feel that seulgi has become the new amber

i see comments like “red velvet and reveluvs don’t need men, we have seulgi”, fangirls calling her daddy, in fanfiction she’s often portrayed as futa where it’s clear the author is using the other members slash love interests as self inserts… she’s the new oppa/“hubby” for girl group stans. she does have masculine/androgynous features and it’s possible the stylists have been trying to accentuate that in order to evoke the whole girl crush thing (and if so they’ve really succeeded).

i personally don’t mind as i love androgyny and to me she’s an interesting mix of girly and masculine but i can see how others may not like it as much and the masculinization from the fans’ end can get quite extreme.

>Idk why they didn’t try and push that imagine onto joy and take advantage of Seulgi’s body as the sexy one

because joy has a feminine face with soft features while seulgi’s features are harder and more masculine. she’s known for her abs and as we’ve seen again and again in kpop (and south korea i general it seems) muscles on women are generally seen as very masculine.

No. 333418

She's 30 but could pass for 26 what are you smoking. Tiffany was always the prettiest snsd to me, next to yuri

No. 333419

i wouldnt care if it was something SHE wanted but if shes being forced, thats disgusting

No. 333420

She's not even 30 lol.

No. 333421

No. 333424

>in fanfiction she’s often portrayed as futa
What the fuck? In what fanfictions?

No. 333426

File: 1543790067624.jpg (126.9 KB, 750x599, blackpink33.jpg)

they're all wearing silver & black but jisoo has a red top on. i wonder if yg picked a new favorite lol

No. 333429

its also the ugliest and most mismatched outfit so maybe its a punishment instead lmao

No. 333441

29 so far off

No. 333442

True, both jisoo and jennie's outfits look like a punishment. I guess their stylist isn't paid enough.

No. 333469

If you watch Sunny’s appearances on Knowing Bros, a Korean variety show, you’ll see that she was faking the whole cute thing. It makes sense, but it shows you how much fans love fake shit. I forgot, but was it Sunny or Yoona that got more famous for the aegyo “confession” song?

Semi-related… but speaking from my experiences as an ex-Kpop addict, the fakeness and superficiality helps people cope with their shitty lives. It did with me.

No. 333476

Are you guys actually fans of these people? You know so much about them. This thread kinda confuses me every time I see it. Could some of you just tell me some actual non petty problems you have with K-pop in general. Just briefly. It's hard to follow this when you don't know these people. I just want to hear some real shit, not about people's looks etc. Like what in short is worth criticizing, what's so annoying about it?

No. 333477

why don't you read the old threads instead of asking to be spoonfed?

No. 333488

File: 1543795814684.png (325.68 KB, 708x544, izone.png)

This girl is the ugliest one from Izone. I don't get how she won instead of Yiren.

No. 333489

You're a bit thick, aren't you? Most people here don't care about uwu the issue of the industry, we just want to discuss kpop idols and sometimes make fun of them. You're PULL tier.

No. 333490

This. We've covered everything there is to cover about kpop in these threads already. Lurk more

No. 333493

I'm asking for minimal effort on real basics. If that's so hard for you move the fuck along. I cannot and won't read 10 past threads full of discussions on how someone's skirt is ugly and they got ps on their earlobes. Idk the names and faces of these people. I can't just fucking understand tf you're talking about. I see this thread all the time and would like to get it. If someone would be so kind, thanks. If not, don't reply with dumb shit like you just did

No. 333494

No. Sorry 10 threads of nonsense is too much. If you're too dumb to briefly explain why you hate something I guess we're done.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 333496

learn how to integrate to imageboard culture dumbass, no one cares about you

No. 333500

To make it really quick… I hate using this word, but Kpop can be problematic. It’s a very sexist, colorist, super image driven to the point that idols get unnecessary plastic surgeries, unnecessary body shaming (they like their idols super skelly, so even skinny-fit or muscular women are consider fat), pedo tendencies, encouraging crazy fan behavior, especially from ssasseng (sp?) who are basically mentally ill fans that poison or follow idols to their houses. Hope this explanation helps.

No. 333501

if you're not a bts stan already, you should become one, their fandom would be a perfect place for you

No. 333502

It is literally impossible to look like less of a newfag

No. 333503

No. 333504


For me as an ex-fan, I specifically grew to have a problem with the fanbases and their behavior when it comes to their idols. The level of fanaticism and stalker behavior was something beyond anything else I knew and still is, at least when it comes to how commonplace it is in Kpop as opposed to other countries' entertainment industries.

I also have a problem with how highly visuals and looks are held and how that influences idols to get plastic surgery or adhere to very unhealthy starvation diets. A lot of idols are also young when they get recruited and are more likely to be exploited or groomed to continue thinking all of this is normal and acceptable.

There's a lot more I take issue with but it's hard for me to boil them down into simple explanations as I'm not that articulate. I'm also not really into Kpop as much anymore so I don't follow any groups in particular and what I've seen of current trends only encourages me to continue being disinterested.

No. 333508

File: 1543797718658.jpg (46.87 KB, 500x700, large.jpg)

And at times the styling legitimately made her look like a retard.

Umji certainly looks better after she lost weight, but still nowhere near idol level.

No. 333512

I might be late to the party but my opinion about this song in particular:

>is this a Red Velvet gimmick to make songs about "taming bad boys" now? The first time around that I heard the lyric "oh my god he's a really bad boy" I thought it was a cute homage to "Bad Boy" but no, they decide to make a whole song out of it. It's exhausting to hear this theme a second time around.

>the outfits are horrible. I agree with anon that said it's stupid to use yet another spooky theme for their video.
>send a Amber Alert for Wendy's jaw and r.i.p. Seulgi's hair.
>why did they make a English version of this song!?

I also listened to the other songs as well:
>"Butterflies" sounds like a shitty Vocaloid song. The performance of this on live stage is cringy. They whisper throughout the song so it's weird to see them dance to it?
>"So Good", "Taste" are my favorites from the album.

No. 333551

File: 1543809959935.jpg (128.83 KB, 1132x776, jxMykSI.jpg)

Her eye smile is cute. Her mouth smile, not so much.

Remember when Yoona was the template face for plastic surgery? Tzuyu seems to be the new one. She's really cute imo though so I don't blame them but it's incredibly creepy, everyone else just looks like a spooky doppleganger uncanny valley version.

No. 333563

i really doubt that it wasn't an army lol. you know how easily offended they are

No. 333566

>why would i take my time to go through some threads and find the answers to my question?? no, i want YOU, people who are minding their business in the thread, to take YOUR time to go through and spoonfeed me a summarised version of the content that im interested in. i am also going to get really butthurt when you call me out on this.

lol, come on pal

No. 333567

Newfags, newfags everywhere.

No. 333568

they also said "Idk the names and faces of these people" lol. sure, you're getting so offended over people you don't know anything about

No. 333575

isnt this one of the girls from dia or april? if not, there are like 3 other girls that look just like her

No. 333585

i genuinely thought this was johnny for a sec lol

No. 333606

I’ve never seen the futa stuff but if so, ew.

I think she ended up with this image because she doesn’t seem to be too into her looks? Idk how to explain it other than her airport looks are always so awful it’s depressing. She seems like the least likely to complain about being made up more masculinity.

We all know Korea hates muscles but they love flat tummies with cute abs. Krystal was the prime example.

I will never get the argument for Joy’s face. It looks bloated, like her eyes are about to pop out and her lips are shaped weird. She also tries hard to seem sexy and it just comes off as incredibly annoying when paired with her frog face imo

No. 333607

It's definitely because of the popularity of the Seulrene ship, Seulgi is the ~man~ in that relationship.

No. 333628

File: 1543827034169.jpeg (125.43 KB, 803x1200, 286ADF08-5A45-48B8-8679-97ADD6…)

oh my god me too lmao

No. 333684

did johnny get work done? I'm bad at being able to tell between older and newer pictures of him but his chin/jaw just seems off

No. 333695

File: 1543846507416.png (1.5 MB, 1440x1775, Screenshot_2018-12-03-08-07-4.…)

Johnny's obviously had a nose job and something to his jaw at the very least. He's pretty odd looking, especially without makeup.

No. 333703

Now that I think of it, are those lip fillers? I don't remember her natural lips to be this big. They don't flatter her at all.
Shame, I was glad when she dyed her hair dark again, I was expecting another Red era… instead we get this

No. 333704

he has no chin and he's extremely tall. You're right, he is one odd-looking guy.

No. 333708

I see a fuckton of thirsty comments under her pics, all coming from female fans. Last one I've read said something like "Impregnate me" lmao
I think that tomboyish/somewhat tomboyish idols (see Amber, Moonbyul, Seulgi, Jeongyeon) do attract a lot of thirsty lesbian/bisexual fangirls

No. 333709

So idk if this was discussed here before but this looks too staged for me. I know, maybe they hate each other's guts but I thought there was barely anything to argue about.

No. 333710

File: 1543849704862.jpg (44.7 KB, 600x500, bab6540ef719bf537f429df8de902f…)

his chin looks somewhat the same his nose looks done

No. 333713

i think it looks fake as fuck as well, why would they film and release it if they were actually arguing? they probably staged it to make their boring show more interesting. and if it's real, if jin does get offended over getting critiqued by a younger person and v does blow things out of proportion like that they really are a bunch of dumb manchildren

No. 333714

who the fuck keeps slicing and stitching these noses so badly i'm tired

No. 333718

File: 1543850905157.jpeg (233.09 KB, 750x842, 4D55BCBF-06CC-4D42-A2ED-F7FC68…)

hyuna just uploaded this. horrific fashion aside, the look on edawn’s face is worrying. he looks sui- and homicidal at the same time.

No. 333721

File: 1543851230664.jpg (266.01 KB, 1080x1620, mug_obj_15428677846934912.jpg)

twice seem relatively light on plastic surgery for a popular girl group but sana's starting to look really weird. she looks stiff and uncanny, i don't blame her for doing the most to get attention from male fans now because the cutesy looks she got known for are going fast. i actually liked that a kpop it girl had a bit of a bigger, almost hooked nose compared to the tiny straight ones a lot of them get so i hope her next move isn't to get a standard kpop nose job

No. 333722

i can't believe that having worked with stylists for so many years and seeing what kind of clothes and makeup they give her she can't dress herself at least somewhat properly. she doesn't seem to be able to make one right decision in her life now

No. 333727

File: 1543851981810.jpg (52.72 KB, 1024x585, jihyo.jpg)

Jihyo looks different everytime they have a come back. Out of all of them I think Jihyo, momo and nayeon got the most work done.

No. 333728

>tfw you realize you left a band that had one of the most iconic kpop songs of 2018 and destroyed any possible future employment in the kpop industry to dress like a hobo with your gf

No. 333729

they both look awful jfc. his voice sounds awful on most of the songs he's posted on instagram.

No. 333733

Her arms and legs are worryingly skinny. Anachan?

No. 333734

Most of NCT seem to have had something done. The only ones in 127 who don't seem to have had any PS are Mark and Haechan.

No. 333741

she posted her scale that showed 43 kg about a month ago iirc. i see people worry about her because she looks sick while she posted her weight and it looked like bragging. maybe i'm wrong though and she meant to show how cube makes her suffer or something.

No. 333749

hyuna is a fucking mess, kek. she achieved mediocre fame and afaik she hasn't invested her money (lots of kpop idols buy houses/property). she is dating her crackhead looking boyfriend, which makes me assume that no sugar daddies/sponsors are in the picture. the money she has now might last for a while, but how is she going to sustain herself economically in the future? i wouldn't be surprised if cube has managed to blacklist her from some shows. her personality seems extremely bland and boring, so i don't think she is going to be invited to variety shows either.

if she releases any music i'm sure it's going to flop. she does not have fans who are willing to spend money on her. most of the people who support her and edawn are international. they aren't talented singers (rappers?) and won't make songs that gain mainstream appeal.

her face looks so stiff, it's creepy. she looks like an imvu character.

No. 333750

File: 1543855171980.jpg (57.38 KB, 790x960, Cf3z-FtW4AQ7HhK.jpg)

A lot of people think winwin is natural too. Is there anything particular unnatural about his face now? I haven't been paying attention. He looks the same as he did predebut to me.

No. 333752

Comparing this pic to him currently, his nose looks a bit different but I can't tell if it's PS or just other angles.

No. 333760

So a teaser for Onew's debut song is out. I've always felt his voice is very charming but I've always wondered how sm would market him as a solo artist. I don't feel like his stage presence is as captivating as Jonghyun's, Taemin's or Key's. I guess he'll be marketed to a more mature crowd? I'm expecting a ton of ballads which is his strong suite. I could never see him pulling off something more contemporary. Thoughts?

No. 333761

how is this a question? she's literally a skelly

No. 333793

yikes, probably fillers
how unfortunate considering she was literally the prettiest

No. 333795

File: 1543859740118.jpg (52.45 KB, 630x724, bintang_k_pop_dengan_hidung_ba…)

on what planet? her side profile is so disgusting

No. 333813

What‘s wrong with her side profile..?

No. 333822

SHINee is odd in the sense that there isn't a single voice I like from them, and usually SM groups have at least one vocalist I enjoy. I can recognize that Onew is a very capable singer, but he just sounds like a drowning frog to me. Jonghyun was even more extreme in that regard, Taemin is an even breathier Jaejoong/Michael Jackson-hybrid and I don't like Key's tone either (not gonna comment on Minho bc lol).
If this is a ballad - which I think most people are assuming it to be - then it's going to be a fucking snoozefest, he's probably going to get Kyuhyun's leftovers. The video seems like it could be a Tohoshinki MV from 2010 tbh

>Idol has features (whether they are natural or not) that fit into western beauty standards:
The girls ITT rip them apart
>Idol doesn't have features (whether they are natural or not) that fit into western beauty standards:
The girls ITT rip them apart

They love to shit on Korea's harsh beauty standards but they're the same.

No. 333828

Nta but have you been in literally any thread on snow? They do it to all females here. In any thread, no matter how skinny the cow is, there are posters calling her fat, nitpicking every little thing etc. Its not a matter of being Korean. Posters here just hate women.

No. 333831

idk if it fits itt but i've always associated wearing lip tint with teenage girls in korea and i just saw an advertising with some korean actress wearing it, looks like they wear it in kdramas too… is that common with middle aged women there? shit looks hideous on grown women

No. 333834

Men wear it too

No. 333838

Yeah, I know. I was trying to point out the specific hypocrisy of criticizing koreans for it and then turning around and doing the same though.

No. 333850

I'm not OP, but it's probably because she looks retarded

No. 333854

I was wondering the same thing, she looks completely fine. Pretty, even. I miss when this thread wasn't 90% batshit nitpickers just like the ones in /snow/.
>inb4 no1 is stopping u from trying to change tha subject!!1!

No. 333855

File: 1543863872959.jpg (60.8 KB, 600x811, 00c42c6955c98e483e8eadc8a6d5bb…)

Nope, that's Nakyung from Fromis 9.

Yes, but it's usually not as severe. IE they don't usually foundation their lips beforehand, they just tint.

No. 333857

Why is lip tint a teenager thing? It's literally just a lipstain lmfao

No. 333862

yeah im so confused..lol

No. 333874

This. The voice that completely annoys me is Taemin ugh. Jonghyun when he sings in his lower register and falsetto without belting I can get behind. He definitely did too much sometimes but benefited from less is more. Taemin always sounds an airy mess no matter what. I don't even speak Korean but his pronunciation kills me. Onew needs to know his limits because his belts, it's a no. Key as well. He can do really low notes well but again belting too far up in chest voice. Minho, not applicable

No. 333894

File: 1543865527232.jpg (44.08 KB, 750x500, res-3.-Creamy-Tint-Squeeze-Lip…)

i mean like pic related

imo it doesn't suit mature women

No. 333898

posts like this are so weird to me
what does age have to do with lip color….why do women have to deal with that while guys can just do whatever and never grow up and be video game and college sports obsessed man children while women have to comply with age standards even when it comes to their makeup..

No. 333903

>middle-aged women

You know middle-aged is like 50, right? And a grown woman can be much younger than 50.

No. 333904

anons who say this tend to dress like literal shit anyways tbh. anyone i've ever known that's been upset with women not "dressing their age" has been frumpy as fuck and used office clothes as "fancy dress".

No. 333919

File: 1543867359477.jpeg (82 KB, 640x507, 8671D713-3B94-4BC4-A38E-E9FFAE…)

everytime I see her face I want to punch it. I watched Sixteen and some Twice TV and her personality is annoying and obnoxious af too

No. 333922

File: 1543867515587.jpeg (343.72 KB, 1042x1581, 2334B479-9267-4D03-B347-227785…)

What’s with the white knighting, are you lost? Guys get shit on here as much as women do and gradient lips look retarded on everyone regardless of age/sex. Your post doesn’t even look like it was meant for this thread

No. 333923

why do you guys always bring gender issues to every f thread out there, jfc
male idols who wear it look like faggots too, are u happy now? it was just an opinion


No. 333931

I’m presuming because of her nose? She looks fine compared to idols who have surgical noses. At least it doesn’t look uncanny.

No. 333945

i think her nose looks fine, at least it’s not a retarded pig nose too small for her face or a jhorse monstrosity. good on her for not being a plastic monster (yet).

whenever i see retardedly nitpicky posts like this about women i always picture a femcel who hates other women and gets their beauty ideals off surgeyed up kpop 12yos and animu lolis.

No. 333978

It must be infuriating for Jisoo as the eldest to see Jennie act like she's the top cunt.

No. 333995

are you gonna cape for the other girls/guys nitpicked in this thread too? her nose isn't the issue at all, it's the weak jaw and the fact her lips stick out like a fish that makes her unattractive to me. i'd feel the same even if she wasn't an idol so it's not some weird uwu anime standard. since when were weak chins attractive?

No. 334113

People are allowed to bitch and nitpick ITT. I don't get butthurt everytime someone here calls an idol I find pretty ugly.

No. 334223

her chin isn't even that weak…

No. 334234

Incels are obsessed with weak chins/jaws.

No. 334259

She looks fine you freak of nature. Not even wk, but her chin is fine and her lips as well. Why the fuck would you want a strong chin on a girl?? The worst part of this picture is the nose.

No. 334277

Nit the anon, but bright red liptint is very much a middle/high school girl thing in Korea. Kind of like babys first makeup kind of thing.

Doesn’t mean that lip tint in general is a middle school thing, anon was kind of reaching by saying that a celebrity endorsing some rando liptint is weird. Thats like saying ariana grande cant endorse eyeliner because racoon eyeliner is associated with middle schoolers.

No. 334279

I honestly always hated Jonghyuns voice. His singing was very overrated for what it was.

No. 334296

I found Taemin's praise for being tone deaf and then becoming an amazing vocalist overrated. Anyone can be a passable vocalist with hard work. I would have rather they praise him for working on it, and even then he's still average. He's only above Minho in the vocal line.

Another thing is the way stans praised Onew for never having classical training but being able to sing opera because he's just that amazing. Really? Do they really think SM would let him perform opera without rehearsing like his life depended on it and without learning the techniques from a classical trainer? Delusional

No. 334314

Yeah you either love it or hate it. His tone sure as hell wasn't for everyone

No. 334326

What's weird to me is the way his voice was used in the bulk of Shinee songs he always sounded like a screeching cat but in poet artist his voice was actually enjoyable

No. 334337

if the "all blackpink members are going to get solos" thing is true, which member do you think is going to do the best? while i don't find her rapping or singing pleasant, lisa seems like a fan favourite so she might do well

No. 334354

File: 1543930049504.jpg (332.1 KB, 1077x606, 20181204_202500.jpg)

Hwasa doesn't look quite right to me. I guess it's the Uncanny Valley at work.

No. 334360

90% of it just depends on what song they get. i think overall their popularity is fairly equal and none of them are noticeably less talented than the others. rose and lisa have more defined images i'd say so we can kind of guess what their songs will be like the same way you could guess with jennie, jisoo could end up with the best song because she isn't known as a singer or performer as much as the other two, so it would have to be good to cover her weaknesses. dara had to get a song to cover for her weaker voice and it turned out fine.

teddy's pretty good at making good songs that don't rely hard on amazing vocals but he's been lackluster lately, so i wonder if any of the other girls get a different composer. if rose co-writes hers (ie strums a couple of guitar chords and writes half a chorus) it could be good for their image

No. 334365

Holy shit it looks like she's wearing a mask. Terrifying.

No. 334379

As expected, after being done transforming Solar into a gangnam unnie they just couldn't leave Hwasa natural.

No. 334421

i dont get this argument. people make fun of man-children all the time.

No. 334432

File: 1543943332426.jpeg (343.7 KB, 1000x1500, DtetYGMVYAIMyJM.jpeg)

sana keeps losing more and more weight but still has unfortunate calves

No. 334445

When you have cankles it doesn't matter how much weight you can possibly lose, they're going to stay.
t. cankles haver

No. 334455

It's because her makeup is terrible. Barely there brows + foundation lips would make anyone look weird

No. 334459

That dress is really unflattering in general.

No. 334480

If Rose gets a ballad she might end up doing the best, not sure about Jisoo, and Lisa might do better with ifans ie. youtube views.

>so i wonder if any of the other girls get a different composer.
I doubt Blackpink will ever have a song not composed by Teddy, maybe if yg debuts a new girlgroup.

No. 334482

File: 1543956117378.jpeg (145.91 KB, 1200x1041, 7F072A7B-FFEF-44AB-BA32-E35AA9…)

As a Jonghyun fan, his solo stuff is a lot better than what he sung in Shinee. His Story Op.2 album is A+ and his vocals are warming instead of annoying.

No. 334487

File: 1543957554830.png (2.35 MB, 2236x958, Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 4.05…)

>twice fans
god korean men are ugly

No. 334488

File: 1543957705447.png (1.38 MB, 1928x482, Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 4.08…)

No. 334489

why do all korean guys have the same bowlcut, did it get popular because of kpop or something?

No. 334490

I wonder what percentage of these guys have the "I PAID FOR ALL YOUR MERCH AND FOLLOWED YOUR EVERY MOVE SO YOU OWE ME!" mentality/

No. 334491

>>334487 how can they look SO stereotypical

No. 334496

File: 1543958077806.png (2.19 MB, 2226x812, Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 4.13…)

>binoculars at top left kek

No. 334497

the women look so done compared to the men,

No. 334498

nah the guys who aren't holding lightsticks look unimpressed as well. peep the dude crossing his arms lol

No. 334500

File: 1543958641429.png (176.97 KB, 331x347, slepu.png)

lol you right I even caught a guy sleeping in the third pic.

No. 334502

looking at the predebut pictures, this is what all the uwu most handsome man alive oppars look like without the plastic surgery, makeup and fancy clothes. the koreaboos who go to south korea thinking your average guy there is going to look and behave exactly like k-pop idols are delusional

No. 334503

File: 1543958693868.jpg (46.2 KB, 650x378, 1129-650x378.jpg)

I get that safety shorts are worn to conceal the money makers but why don't they just plan the outfits in a way they don't look fucking awful.

No. 334505

i'm pretty sure that guy was just fanchanting hard. the people in those rows are twice fans.

No. 334506

File: 1543958790524.gif (8.92 MB, 330x374, nayeon_1478622651_20161105_004…)

>>334503 same with the blanket thing, just wear shit you can sit in, it's not that hard? especially when it's done in shows where they mainly sit, why not dress them appropriately goddamit.

No. 334507

Is that a pad shes wearing?

Also yeah I don't get why they don't get why they don't use flesh tone shorts give off more of that illusion.

No. 334509

This seems to be a conscious fashion choice and >>334506 seems to be wanting the best of both worlds - slutty, titillating outfits while also seeming ~modest and pure~ for the fanboys.

No. 334510

Fanboys are watching for the moments they might be slightly exposed/imagining under the blankets/etc. It's totally a planned thing.

No. 334512

sana has it all figured out

No. 334533

nice to see the thighs are back

No. 334577

they're wearing the fake thigh highs anyways so it's not like they can't just use those, you wouldn't see anything. or they could get any other, better safety shorts.

No. 334585

File: 1543970784173.jpg (137.7 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

momoland doesn't wear those shorts and even tho they're a fucking mess, it's kinda refreshing

No. 334586

yeah she's annoying but knows what the fuck she's doing so I respect her

No. 334589

i think it shows who they are as a group, lmao

No. 334605

yeah and their bound to have some bambino or whatever that group was called that showed their vages on stage moments, and then theyre gonna cry about MUH PRIVACY when the photos are uploaded everywhere and their company will try to sue the internets
im not saying its the girls faults but the company knows what they are doing

No. 334609

File: 1543976057706.png (Spoiler Image, 118.06 KB, 650x692, goeun1-650x692.png)

>>334605 googled bambino but found some "rookie group" laysha that had that happening to a member, i call bs on accident.

No. 334617

File: 1543979010465.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.51 MB, 408x512, 1.gif)

Like that anon said a few threads back, I'm convinced groups like Laysha and Bambino are cover-ups for escort services. Also, this is probably a reach, but I can't be the only one who thinks it's kinda weird the group is called bambino when they do a bunch of sexual shit?

No. 334618

>>334617 isn't there some escort sounding rumours about normal groups, wouldn't be surprised at all if these sexy groups were just a glorified ad for that.

No. 334619

I think this video has a good point. It kinda bothers me too when a group becomes something like "Suzy and friends" or "Jennie and friends", leaving the rest of the members no chance to grow in the entertainment industry when they're actually more talented than the member who gets pushed the most by their company. Now I understand why some groups aren't allowed to have individual instagram accounts, it will become a competition or something. It's so obvious in the Blackpink case.

No. 334671

lol wtf this is so naive. all of these kpop idol companies are COMPANIES. they're all about making absurd amounts of money, no matter how or with who. suzy's popularity kept growing and growing so ofc jyp is going to put all their eggs into that basket.

No. 334681

True, but notice they deliberately avoided that with Twice. If only 1 member is popular, then that means the other 3-7+members are essentially sitting ducks and lost investment. It's in the company's best interest to retain a group's brand power so that they can All eventually return investment if they split up for solo activities (though tbh most groups are lucky if even 1 of their members achieves popularity…)

No. 334687

This is what ratmys find charming? This retard thinks this is how to apply sunscreen

No. 334690

That's why it's such a bad move to promote only 1 member of the group. For the company, ALL MEMBERS are their investment. Even when 1 member becomes so successful that she starts earning more than the whole group combined, there's still the group that needs to be maintained by the company. It's just impossible for the other members to stand out when they're overshadowed by 1 member. The group disbanding is a loss for the company considering what they have invested in the group. It will be harder for the individual members to go on solo activities after that because nobody cares about them in the first place.

Seems like JYP learned it the hard way so they make sure they don't make the same mistake with Twice. Even when Tzuyu stands out the most, they don't offer her the same chance they gave to Suzy because they knew it was a mistake.

No. 334695

yg is such a retard. he’s had his head up jennie’s ass for so long now that he’s left the other members who are much more talented and driven in the dust. if jennie continues to get sloppier and sloppier and eventually leaves the group it’s going to be a huge setback for the remaining members even though they’ve lost a huge deadweight. then jennie’s braindead drone stans are going to celebrate how jennie “made blackpink” even though it’s yg’s fault for being so fucking biased and not pushing the more talented members nearly as hard as he should have.

her becoming so popular isn’t even just about her; he’s been pushing her much harder than the other members since the beginning so of course she’d be the most talked about by now. if she doesn’t get her head out of her ass and starts pulling her load it’s the other members who will be affected the worst.

No. 334696

This just reminds me how I fucking hate Korean sunscreens, the amount of white cast is ridiculous. I can't find a single Korean sunscreen with no tint in it. This is also the reason why Korean foundations always look like a fuckin mask on the face, not only the foundation is ridiculously light but also the sunscreen underneath it.

That dude looks retarded as fuck btw. I don't get how that's cute. That's just plain backwards and retarded.

No. 334697

he is irritating as fuck and has the mindset of a 6 year old

No. 334707

when bp disbands, she'll be like Cl but the unlikable version

No. 334716

Not to derail but you’re dumb if you can’t find a good sunscreen my dude, anessa sunscreen is the best

No. 334724

I said KOREAN sunscreens, not JAPANESE. I know very well that Japanese sunscreen products are the best and I use them myself, but I was specifically referring to Korean sunscreens, because that retarded dude (Taehyung) was using it in the video attached. Anessa is from Shiseido which is a Japanese brand, and I wasn't even complaining about it. Sigh.

No. 334787

Today they had Jennie's shitty solo song at a burger king in rural germany on repeat. Couldn't take it anymore & went to mcd's instead.

No. 334788

lol no. miss a had a monster debut but they couldn't sustain that. they just weren't that financially successful. suzy made jype a lot of money.

No. 334792

File: 1544029279165.jpeg (781.86 KB, 1242x1981, CCAB937A-61AF-4914-9FDC-F3FCD3…)

BTS coming for the haters

No. 334796

u r so brave anon. Thank you for your act of protest.

No. 334800

we’re always poking fun at taehyung for being an autist caricature but i honestly wouldn’t be surprised if jin was on the spectrum

his entire way of presenting himself just screams social incompetence and being completely clueless in regards to professionalism

No. 334801

I heard it passing on the radio too, and I'm in Italy. The next day they also passed that weird BTS song that has a Spanish choreo

Ironically enough I see Jin as the most mentally sound of the group… which is not saying much, but yeah. When V pulled that fan's hair like an autist he was the only one who went like "Wtf" and stopped him

No. 334804

what do they even mean by "malicious comments", swearwords, criticism, death threats? what is it that bighit is going to sue? bts gets thousands of comments from fans jerking them off in streams, but then they see like 3 comments that say "omg faggots you all suck.. fuck you" and get offended immediately? if that's the case, they are just as pathetic as their fans

No. 334808

whats up with all these idols having to come forward and apologize for their families shady shit lately? yeeun and now tiffany? and something about the way tiffany worded her statement gives me "my dad is in a literal mob or gang" vibes

heres the original expose

In another case of alleged fraud by a celebrity's parent, Girls' Generation Tiffany's father has been accused of scamming a loaner over 10 years ago.

On December 4, Mr. A alleged he was the victim of fraud by Tiffany's father Mr. Hwang in Manila, Philippines in 2007. The supposed victim told media outlets, "In the past, I trusted him and lent him money, but I wasn't able to get it back. I gave up on it for the past 10 years, but I'm now gaining the strength to speak up. The last time I was able to contact him was in April of 2018."

Mr. A continued that he attempted to contact Mr. Hwang multiple times without success, and three years ago, rumors said Mr. Hwang underwent major surgery in America. He added, "Tiffany and her older brother know about it."

Mr. A also accused Tiffany's father of running a scam under the guise of a golf course, and Mr. Hwang allegedly used mobsters to control him. He continued, "The world has changed, and we can freely discuss the scams we endured from the families of celebrities. It's late, but I'm posting this."

and heres her response

“Hello, this is Tiffany. I have read the post written by a person who has been hurt by my father in the past. I wish to present my statement to the public, whom I have caused concern to, because my heart is heavy with sorrow.

“Since I was young, I have had a difficult childhood because of my father’s various issues. Even after I made my debut, I received threats from people related to my father because of various financial issues that occurred without my knowledge.

“Not only this, but I was also pressured by my own father to repay his debts. I took financial responsibility multiple times because I believed it was expected of me as a familial matter.

“I was always scared that I would bring harm to my precious members and those around me because of this.

“Despite this, my father and those related to him continued their threats. It reached a point where I felt that I could no longer bear his problems, so I broke off ties with him and we agreed to live separate lives. It has been seven years since I have last contacted him.

“Though it was not an easy decision to speak about my family affairs in such unfortunate circumstances, I have written this statement because I feel sorry towards the person who has been hurt by my father for a long time, and towards all those who have been hurt because of this situation.

“Once more, I sincerely apologize for this controversy.”

sounds like some scary shit tbh

No. 334810

File: 1544032936723.jpeg (1.26 MB, 1242x1673, 7D11F40F-FB1B-4344-A8B8-FA1BD7…)

This is what they meant during his live stream game
>Super pathetic

No. 334813

I feel kinda bad for the idols that constantly have to explain themselves for shit that happened years ago. Also like wtf her dad sounds like he’s def in a gang….

No. 334817

lmao he really couldn't just ignore this? i thought he got a death threat, racist comment or something like that. it was his birthday so he was probably getting way more positive comments than usual but he got offended over 1 "lol u ugly exo is better" comment.. yeah

No. 334820

Something smells funny about the whole thing. Her siblings up and leave(they were older than her when she went to korea iirc) and go to other countries, their mom kills herself and tiffany claims it was because of a fight that she had with her parents, possibly about leaving to go to korea, and her dad basically blamed her for her moms suicide, then tiffany goes to korea and is accepted into a big companys girl group despite her father having ties to what seems like a mob or gang, and she and the group are potentially in danger this whole time and no one knew any of this before now? Im kind of confused to be completely honest. These companies kick girls out for being fat or for dating or expressing interest in things outside of their group, but they keep a girl in the group who is getting death threats from the mob? And none of that gets out until shes not even in the group anymore?

No. 334829

apparently he gets easily offended if anyone doesn't tell him his handsome. He has to understand that some people don't find him cute. Bts are as retarded as their fans

No. 334830

if a company likes you and has invested enough in you then they’ll protect you from a lot, they’ll cover up whatever they can from the press. YG hid Bom’s drug scandal from the media for about 3 years before it got out (something her fans seem to forget)

No. 334832

I guess so but its still weird that she was such a liability. She didnt even have anyone in Korea to help her with finances. Sooyoungs parents had to do everything for her. Maybe it was just a different time then. Hallyu wave hadnt really happened yet. If an idol was known to have a past like that now, I dont think they'd keep them in a group.

No. 334845

I agree something is funky
Also yeah, the companies will shield you from stuff but how far are they really willing to go? >Tinfoil
but could it be possible that her dad had mob or gang connections in the Korean industry and somehow got her in the company????? Idk cause like I’m surprised they didn’t kick her out SNSD

No. 334849

SM is shady af so it is scary to think they may have known about the debts and accepted Tiffany based on a deal that had been cut. But I do think that is reaching on my behalf because it surely would have surfaced before now. And Tiffany would have definitely owed the earnings if that were the case. Unless the whole Sunny thing was a distraction? Throwing in the big guys niece to take the heat off of a mob funded idol? Maybe with the mob forcing exposure of tiffany and snsd and sm in particular and making them really big and popular in return for paying off the debts. I just want a BIG expose on all this shady shit that happens in the Korean entertainment industry. Every group probably has a whole book full of scandal just waiting to be exposed.

No. 334903

File: 1544043726667.png (384.04 KB, 586x480, 12.png)

Soooooo BTS and Ed Sheeran huh

No. 334907

is there a more disgusting combo than bts and ed sheeran…..when will this hell end

No. 334925

ed sheeran's terrible songwriting + suga's terrible production. how fun!

No. 334937

>“These ugly creatures! No wonder bts is thinking of suing haterz”

>comment: ”seokjin is so freaking ugly lololololol exo is the best lololololol BTS is so freaking gross lololololol herherher”

Who else but ratmys to take some obviously 12 year olds troll comment to heart

No. 334953

Was it his first time on a gaming chat? Lmao, those "insults" were super tame. Imagine if he came across your typical 12 years old COD player who'd write slurs and say that he fucked his mother

No. 334995

File: 1544057262197.gif (499.03 KB, 480x228, ad4ca7d872a68bafa32c9583332d79…)

this is going to be an absolute piece of sad boi shit

No. 335008

Is he a good producer? His mixtape sounded like a mess to me

No. 335010


LOL is he seriously getting pissed off at comments he's getting in fucking Maplestory? What a baby

No. 335011


I'm fucking dying that he's getting hurt over getting insults playing Maplestory like some oversensitive weeby preteen. At least I'm pretty sure that's Maplestory

No. 335026

So……..an army twt just put a shit ton of minor aged loona accounts on a blocklist saying it was meant for pedos, and now some of the young girls on the list are getting messaged.

wtf is up with fandoms having super hardcore vendettas against each other that some crazy bitch would actually have the nerve to do something like this.

all fandoms gotta do is mind their own business and support their fave but no, gotta stress over people you'll never meet irl.

No. 335032

File: 1544063076911.jpg (114.36 KB, 1000x600, bts.jpg)

bts ft. the chainsmokers, another awful combo

No. 335034

>>335032 ratmon and v look so fucking gros + lol none of the oppas are Pure White As Snow.

No. 335035

>wtf is up with fandoms having super hardcore vendettas against each other

i wanted to reply with "kids and teenagers with too much free time" and then remembered that i've seen too many adults acting like just this, yikes

No. 335041

I looked up their heights, the Chainsmokers guy on the left is 1.75 and the one on the right is 1.85. BTS members claim to be
Rap Monster: 181 cm (5'11")
Jin: 179 cm (5'10" 1/2)
Jungkook: 178 cm (5'10")
V: 178 cm (5'10")
J-Hope: 177 cm (5'10")
Suga: 174 cm (5'8.5")
Jimin: 173 cm (5'8.3")
All these numbers are lies lol

No. 335046

File: 1544065993724.jpg (145.07 KB, 958x1278, jj.jpg)

omg he legit doesn't look human anymore

No. 335075

File: 1544073573200.jpg (11.02 KB, 74x142, 1544063076911-1-1.jpg)

Jimin's face 😂😂😂

No. 335076

he always looks like he wants to die in pics with other people

No. 335093

Did Rat Monster do something to his nose?

No. 335107

yes, multiple times

No. 335112

if all of them stand next to MNEK(the guy in >>335046), they all be dwarfs
Congratulations ratman, now you look like a rat mixed with some reptile species.

No. 335149

no way he was actually offended from a dumb troll comment in an online game after being an idol for years, i dont buy that, he must have been joking. the real cringe is the fans who start sperging about it and actually believing bighit is going to sue the haterz

No. 335153

why does jk make that expression? it looks bad

No. 335157

RM looks like a 3 year old compared to real men when he stands next to them

No. 335160

it's still so fucking gross how all theses teens to people in their early 20's coddle these grown men so much, they preach so much about "loving yourself" but get so extremely triggered about a small amount of troll comments it's hilarious

No. 335175

bts: fuck the haters, we don't give a fuck about them. we really don't care anymore, okay? you can't stop me lovin' myself. we are so confident. we love ourselves.
comment on maplestory: you are ugly and exo is better
bts: ?!?!??! omg be sure that bighit is going to sue you!!

No. 335176

sometimes i don't know if bts are ratmys in disguise. They have a delulu fangirl mentality

No. 335182

he was obviously joking but this thread doesn’t have a sense of humor

No. 335184

File: 1544109588845.jpg (89.46 KB, 620x300, 351815352247301.jpg)

"he was obviously joking"

No. 335204

God, they're a bunch of fucking man babies

No. 335207

People in the previous threads were saying that army’s sent in thousands of reports to bighit after they threatened to sue. Even if Jin meant it lightheartedly, it doesn’t seem like a joke if the company is serious about it.

No. 335210

big shit should worry about making actual competent music instead of protecting these man babies fragile ego's

No. 335215

Don't they(bighit&bts) know that getting hate is the consequence of being famous. They can't long for money and fame and expect everything to be like a fairytale. That whole lot are as delulu as their fandom. Michael Jackson was hated by people even though he is labeled the king of pop so who is bts? what's so legendary about them? what new thing have they done that the previous artists haven't done? They think they're so invincible because of their current status. They cry here and there that they are hated on, well sorry to bust their bubble but all artists have haters. People hate you because of your mediocre music and your unbearable fans. If they can be men like they claim to be, then they should stop whining like little brats and get over it!

No. 335223

It’s funny how salty izone fans are about the Jline still making appearances in their original groups. Did they seriously think that AKS would just hand over one of their main money makers for two and a half years?

No. 335228

File: 1544118662475.jpeg (667.22 KB, 1407x2427, BE5308AE-BD8A-4328-9225-1F0220…)

The reason why companies are suing is because they can. Koreas libel law may just seem retarded when applied to situations like these, but it‘s actually very open to abuse. This is a bigger issue than BTS saying their feelings got hurt.

No. 335270

File: 1544127418677.png (43.74 KB, 581x204, 1.png)

In other news, angry armies are flodding twitter because Youtube rewind featured IDOL but not BTS themselves, especially since YT "unfairly" deleted views from the video.

Spoiler: The deleted views were from bots

No. 335274

Why do Kpop fans complain when their bot views are deleted? Can’t wait for YouTube to actually try and crack down on fans inflating view counts.

No. 335275

2 hits of that year, humble by kendrick lamar and shape of you by ed sheeran (i don't like him but this song was very popular in 2017) were in youtube's 2017 rewind and they weren't in the video either. they should be grateful that they used a song as bad as idol, no one even cared about it other than armys

No. 335276

No. 335277

whoa all big time idols know each other and have fucked at least once at sometime??? no way!

No. 335278

iu's standards can't be that low so that guy must be lying

No. 335282

File: 1544129679658.jpeg (110.58 KB, 537x446, 1530239118876.jpeg)

this just shows how well-trained idols are at selling a personality.

>jungkook acting like a virgin fanboy around iu

>knows iu personally

No. 335283

File: 1544129778579.jpg (29.92 KB, 480x640, 110812_iu_eunhyuk.jpg)

eh, you never know. she was probably fucking eunhyuk at some point

No. 335285

Samefag that posted article
I totally agree that’s why it sounds fishy like why wouldn’t he know this bitch they are in the same industry kek

No. 335287

>big shit
I’m fucking cackling

No. 335288

Euw she totally was fucking him
Poor choice in men

No. 335290

i really wish one of the popular ones in bts started to date publicly so we can see the delulu fan reactions lol

No. 335310

Hopefully one of the members that fans just know are gay and are totally together with another member.

No. 335329

File: 1544134308726.jpeg (106.7 KB, 640x702, 4A66A99A-9A9F-45BB-AB51-358226…)

I don't really understand what kpop fans(specifically female fans) have against "cute" concepts, like why do all the girl groups have to have the "girl crush" or edgy concepts. Lovelyz has stayed consistent since their debut, despite what this stan says and idk what it so wrong with that.

On a similar note, it bothers me that cutesy groups like Lovelyz seem to have a majority male fanbase. I like them because of how feminine and non-sexualized they are, but their fanbase makes me think the company is probably just pandering to pedos.

No. 335334

A lot of kpop fans used to be weebs, so cutesy concepts remind them too much of their past selves.

No. 335337

i don't get why kpop fans take it so personally when people don't like a style of music or certain people's voices. i see stuff like "just say you hate women and go" over people not liking loona

personally i don't like cute concepts because they nearly always require the group to either sing in a baby voice or shriek, but the first song i think of when i think of that shrieking is the opening of pristin's wee woo, which isn't exactly cute

No. 335339

lovelyz stans seem more obsessed than your average fan, it's scary and cult-like.

lol i was just about to say this. a lot of anime fanboys and male kpop stans love girls who act cute and submissive (?). i do believe there are different types of cuteness, but some kpop idols (like yerin from gfriend) do this "cute" act where they talk/behave like a child. it's cringey af, but male fans seem to eat it up.

i have no idea why so many female fans hate cute concepts. as long as they don't feel forced, they should be fine? i remember people complaining about twice being "too cute" back in 2016. lovelyz do (did?) the cute concept rather naturally though. so did oh my girl until they released the banana monkey mess.

No. 335342

File: 1544135920052.png (28.24 KB, 705x165, twice.png)

That reminds me of this comment I under a Twice article. Some people are really in denial about liking cute concepts.

No. 335347

With one of the gg that Army hates.

No. 335357


A couple former Kpop friends I had didn't like cutesy groups and concepts because they didn't like the same thing in J-idol groups. I don't like cutesy concepts usually either, especially the overly saccharine ones, as I don't like the bubbly pop music that tends to go with it.

As for their fanbase being mostly guys, I feel like it's because they're just selling the other end of the sexual spectrum (pure, virginal, girl next door types vs. edgy, sexy, bad girl types).

No. 335359

Haha, I hope it's with a weird hot mess like Sulli. It'd tear Army apart, the slightly sane who just want their oppas happiness vs the no hope for sanity.

No. 335367

File: 1544139512023.jpeg (904.73 KB, 1242x2323, 27176F52-4C9E-456E-91CD-1862C6…)

No. 335374

…So basically every man ever who can't think of why women need feminism because they don't experience the same level of harassment? Top kek.

No. 335376

File: 1544141215608.png (518.88 KB, 1440x1457, Screenshot_20181206-190154~2.p…)

a bts Stan acc tweeted something like "I love my man suga" and someone contacted them saying this.

No. 335377

That has to be a troll.

No. 335378

There's no way in hell that person isn't legitimately autistic

No. 335381

I think there's something seriously wrong in these types of fans lives who act like this. There's a mexican woman in her 40s at my job who barely speaks a lick of english but when she is, it's usually something about bts. As I was clocking out one day, she stopped me to show me a video on her phone that her friend recorded of rap monster talking at a concert and she was literally bawling her eyes out in front of everyone while watching him just speaking to the audience, probably not even understanding what he's saying. She always talks about how she wants only a korean boyfriend too and I know she's going through a divorce and she's very upset about it. The only reason why I know about bts is because of her and when I browse here, I see this thread pop up and it reminds me of her lol.

Excuse the blog, but this is just my theory.

No. 335384

>She always talks about how she wants only a korean boyfriend too

I have a friend who introduced me to kpop and is kinda naive, and she has always wanted to go to Korea and have a Korean bf so bad. It's funny because she calls herself a feminist and is often repulsed by what men do in our own country. I told her that Korean men probably aren't much better but she was like, I'll find a good one. Ok, good luck with that I guess…

No. 335387

bts is just an escapist fantasy for loser women

No. 335388

I wish we would stop using kpop fans slang in the critical threads.
Kind of creepy how 90% of the fans are men, a lot of them over their 40's, but you can still spot a couple of preteen girls in the audience between them.

No. 335394

ntayrt but your ex kpop fan powerlevel is showing. they didn't invent the term "delulu" and it's been used on this site forever.

No. 335395

File: 1544145782504.jpg (Spoiler Image, 60.49 KB, 1053x671, DaSrXMAX0AAHU8_.jpg)

>>335388 you're an idiot, saying idiotic things, anon.

No. 335397

ot but where is it from then?
I've never read it outside of lolcow kpop threads.

No. 335398

are they singing about becoming the perfect stereotypical wife and these men are doing some cult chanting….the fuck

No. 335399


i hope it's a foreigner so i can watch the fandom's blatant racism burn over it.

No. 335401

A super white and blond russian models would be hilarious, specially with Jimin or Jungkook

No. 335402

Apparently Jimin seems more interested in black dudes

No. 335403

Nah man, I think a SEA, Chinese or Indian girl would make Korean, White and black fangirls explode. That's the kind of stuff I wanna see.

No. 335414

Jimin dating Lisa pls

No. 335424

iirc there was a blind itembelieved to be about IU that said she was a legit starfucker even though she was famous
that she fucked a lot of male idols and was so good at giving blowjobs she got compared to a vacuum

No. 335425

most kpop fans are legitimately mentally ill tbh

No. 335429

do you really think kpop idols have that much agency in their careers?

No. 335441

Not surprised to see this from San E. He always seemed like a creep to me, especially from the way he acted over Jimin when she was on Unpretty rapstar.

No. 335443

>They could easily make a bts 2.0 or a new snsd if they wanted, and actually compete with the top groups but no
EXO's not a top group now? And NCT are well on their way to BTS 2.0 status, though with much better music and talent.

No. 335450

wow she has to really fucking hate herself to let THAT go near her pussy

No. 335452


>much better music

both groups' music is garbage, most of their songs are completely unlistenable.. unless you're a brainwashed fangirl.

bts 2.0, or another group (like nct) will rise to the top sooner or later. either way bts will fade into irrelevancy at some point, and watching it is going to be incredibly entertaining. they are bound to run into a scandal sooner or later, i bet they'll be more careless as their popularity starts to drop.

i wonder if the new it boy group's fans are going to be as toxic, spergy and annoying as armies. 1D fans and beliebers were everywhere in the early 2010s, but kpop fans are of another breed entirely. hopefully a western artist or group fills the void bts will leave behind.

the kpop "i'll never date. i don't need a gf, have my fans!" act makes fangirls go batshit. at least western fans are allowed to act their age and have gfs. i think there's something healthy seeing your fave artist have his own life and be allowed to act like a human being ffs.

iu is a good artist, but her image is so artificial. i wonder what she's really like, she seems like a person who sleeps around a lot based on how shameless she was about that digusting pic.

No. 335457

Taeyong seems natural to me, though if he got anything done it's probably a minimal nose job or filler, considering his childhood and predebut photos (though his skin looks lightened)>>334279
. And also >>333750 Winwin seems natural, just better styling and makeup now. Anyone have stats on Doyoung? I haven't seen much of him predebut so I wouldn't know how much work he did or didn't do. Taeil and Yuta seem the most PS heavy, and I'm glad Yuta's chin fillers wore off now. He looks so much better.
Not overrated, as on a technical level his voice was one of the best in the industry. But everyone either loved or hated his tone, it's a very particular and unique voice for sure.
You should listen to the She Is album too! A lot of his solo stuff features more of his natural inflection, while the group work focuses on getting that classic SM ballad belt (I really only think Chen can pull it off in a non annoying way). I'm not a huge fan of ballads or the diva-esque songs of the west that show off someone's singing ability to the extent that they do, myself.
Not gonna lie, I think it's really endearing how retarded he is, he genuinely has autistic traits and I think it's cute. I like all my idols just a little bit autistic.
It reminds me of when Taeyong had to apologize for those scamming rumors that ended up not even being true. Seeing him cry kind of broke my heart. Same with Tzuyu apologizing for the Taiwanese flag thing.

No. 335460

Is it just me or does Joy (Red Velvet) try way too hard to be sexy?

She does have a nice body and there's no harm in showing it off, but everytime I see her she'll be the one wearing the tightest/most revealing clothing, or doing cringey "sexy dances", and it's getting tiring. The other RV members don't seem to put on that much of an act like Joy does.

I think this is her attempt to have some sort of image - Irene is "the pretty one", Seulgi is the "badass dancer", Wendy is the "great singer" and even Yeri, talentless as she is, is the "funny/savage one". So Joy's trying to be "the sexy one" but it's just not working.

No. 335461

>both groups' music is garbage, most of their songs are completely unlistenable.. unless you're a brainwashed fangirl.
Music is art and art is subjective, I like NCT's music personally but it's cool if you don't. However, I've never been a big fan of BTS's. There's a couple songs that I do enjoy, but the over all production and tone of most of their voices puts me off. Like, RM sounds like he has a frog in his mouth when he says anything. I will say Taeyong sounds like an engine, but I find that tone pretty interesting while others are repulsed by it.

Anyway, most fandoms are overbearingly annoying. It's why I stay off stan twitter, I can't stand being around that kind of mentality. They will eat anything their idols serve without a second thought, and they will fight like mad to defend them over the dumbest shit. Recently there was that Jimin shirt thing, with Armys literally defending the bombing of Japan in WWII which is just….astounding.

The thing about kpop that breeds fans of this extent is the marketing. Western musician marketing does the ideal boyfriend thing, but not the potential boyfriend thing. Western fans understand that one day Justin and Zayn will date someone, but kpop fans are spoonfed so many messages and manipulaton from companies that their idols love THEM and want THEM. Things like fansigns just make that worse. So yeah, you get these more "intimate" events and contents so you can get more attached to the artists (which builds trust, which builds the die hard fans that will elevate and fund you no matter the emotional or financial costs), but it also breeches privacy and breeds this possessive fangirl attitude. Idols are never marketed as people, as Western artists usually are, but instead products. Boyfriends and girlfriends you buy based on your type.

The worst part about it is that this kind of marketing works, it makes the companies a shit ton of cash, so they won't stop. Even at the detriment of their own talent.

No. 335463

I don't think it's her choice tbh. She always looks really uncomfortable on stages? And her personality doesn't fit it.

No. 335466


I think the whole "idols can't date" mentality is also why so many ex-Directioners flocked to BTS immediately - teenage girls were butthurt that they couldn't stop Harry Styles from fucking supermodels every night, but they absolutely can prevent idols from earning money if they get caught dating.


It's probably both - the company gives her revealing stage outfits for sure, but offstage she tries to be the sexiest too. I wouldn't mind if she could pull it off but it's so obvious that the sexy thing isn't a good fit for her personality.

No. 335467

>I think the whole "idols can't date" mentality is also why so many ex-Directioners flocked to BTS immediately
Mhmm, it's definitely part of kpop's appeal with these kinds of fangirls. A lot of fanaticism in general is built on idealism and escapism, if the basis of your industry and marketing structure feeds into this mentality, you're going to attract a lot of mentally unsound/young fans. Companies know exactly what they're doing.

No. 335470

Yeah but also isn't SM known for pretty much telling idols how to act? I saw lots of compilations of them "directing" NCT during vlives and stuff before. It's the "SM robot" stereotype

No. 335478


Companies also encourage psychotic fan behaviour or do very little to stop it because they can use what the stalker (I forgot the Korean word for it) knows as leverage/blackmail against any idol trying to stand up to their company. I've heard these stalkers cover up a lot of shit their oppas do as long as they still like him.


SM should try to give Joy another image then I guess, this one is just not working out. The other members' images fit because they probably got personalities closer to what they're really like, so all they have to do is play it up a bit. The disconnect between Joy's image and what she really might be like is just a bit more blatant imo.

No. 335479

Sasaengs, yeah. The companies also won't stop them because those are also the fans that buy hundreds to thousands of albums, every event/concert/stage access, merch, etc. One of those kinds of fans is more valuable to these companies than thousands of sane ones.

No. 335482

Since Korea/the industry is so looks based, their kfans probably thinks it fits based on her body type alone. But yeah, I agree. I think SM should stop trying to meddle with their artists personalities in general

No. 335483

i feel like her personality was naturally the cute young bubbly girl but they straight up replaced her with yeri and told her to change into a more ~mature~ image

No. 335484

yeah cause yeri is the maknae so they have to keep her image cute young and bubbly lol its so stupid

No. 335495

It is stupid for sure. No one likes Yeri. Joy was well liked and fit in with the group. Adding Yeri was fucking retarded and Im pretty sure they only did it to distract from whatever scandal was going on at the time but I cant remember what it was lol.

No. 335500


My guess is they wanted to lower the average age of the group to appeal to younger audiences, the other 4 were all legal when they debuted. Which was a retarded decision given how oversaturated the market is now with bubbly concepts and they could have stood out with their more mature R&B side alone, Yeri can't pull of a Be Natural or Automatic so they get shit like RBB now lmao

No. 335501

Funny you should mention Chen. I find his voice grating tbh. I never got Shinee because the way his voice was used in their music was always over the top. Like sm tried to push this 'we have a powerful vocalist in this group' narrative when that part of his voice clearly wasn't developed enough at the time. That being said his technique is amazing and his belting improved by heaps in his solo work. I would say he was the most versatile vocalist in Shinee.

No. 335514

tbh i think v's faking his dumbness to be somewhat interesting and make up for his lack of talent

No. 335518

Probably, a lot of idols put together images and personalities. Though, some of the "dumbness" is genuinely autistic traits and things I don't think any regular person would do even if they were faking (because how would they think to do that specific thing?). I think that if he was faking, he'd act more stereotypically bimbo-y like Sana?

No. 335520

I wonder who are the hoes of the kpop industry. IU must be one of them. Especially those with the innocent personality type must be the worst of them all.

No. 335527

IU for sure, Sulli (knets love saying Choiza "corrupted" her but nah lets be real, she was more than likely a hoe before), Amber is probably the bicurious/sexually frustrated/closeted girl passaround. Sana possibly since she's pretty sly about what she does despite it being pretty obvious.

No. 335528

Don't forget jennie

No. 335532

id say like 80% of them are in a relationship rn or just love to fuck around, especially since in korea literally everyone has a partner, even the ugliest of folks. i cant believe most of their fans genuinely believe theyre virgins or havent even had their first kiss yet??? how does kpop make them this delusional

No. 335534

Majority of them are dating within their agencies but some of them have this fake cutesy personality to hide the fact they are just fucking around ahem IU but it is what it is. 95% of the boys are fuckboys so I dont expect much.
I wont be shocked if she's fucking him. JK is one of the fuckboys of the industy, I bet dispatch has receipts of him hoeing around or going to these strip clubs

No. 335538


We'll never know for now because BigHit has a deal with Dispatch; they get to accompany BTS and take "official" photos in exchange for their silence. I wouldn't be surprised if the members are probably fucking attractive sasaengs too

No. 335542

File: 1544185900395.jpg (52.71 KB, 508x492, tumblr_inline_oqf6ouBuO41si59n…)

Never forget JK blatantly checking out this chick's ass. He and his group are def fucking bitches.

"We ain't got this in Korea."

No. 335545

Begone Kmusicandblackwomen.

No. 335549


Anon please, BTS would rather chop their own cocks off than fuck a non-Asian/non-white woman

No. 335555

File: 1544188053884.gif (1.51 MB, 480x264, tumblr_inline_oqf6vmDLJ61si59n…)

it was paused making it seem like he was looking at her butt

No. 335558

I'd like to have a thread about her

No. 335559

File: 1544189122076.jpg (122.79 KB, 1113x1113, side eye.jpg)

the ~maknae~ being cute and bubbly is so annoying when it's forced. i like sinb from gfriend, she is really sarcastic and doesn't hide that she hates the fake cute act, even though she is one of the youngest members. she seems so disgusted when the other members do it, kek.

do you guys think umji bought her way into the group? her family is rich, and she literally doesn't add anything to the group. i don't buy the story about her being "scouted on the street". umji constantly acts like an outsider. the other girls seem to have good chemistry with each other and joke around a lot, but umi just … stands there. some of the other girls seem to kinda dislike her? idk.

No. 335567

they have the vibe that they'd treat any non-korean like trash in general. some of them seem xenophobic as fuck

No. 335581

Agreed, I think that when it's just an act they will occasionally slip out, it would be more inconsistent. V though is very consistent and convincing as a retard, and we've seen him act to know that he can't act for shit. His autism is all real

No. 335583

File: 1544192739282.png (28.19 KB, 1170x762, Screenshot22.PNG)

So armeries on Twitter are celebrating something about a Grammy nomination….then I go to the website and see this bullshit.

Their art director (not BTS themselves) got nominated for their album cover art basically. The barest of the barest minimum, yet armpits are acting like it's BTS who got nominated and are hoping BTS will get to go and perform there. The delusion is in the stratosphere.

No. 335585

>sleeping with a man
Nah. She likely keeps to herself until she flies back to LA where she can go to every lesbian bar in sight

No. 335592


Those Jin "mom" jokes might not be jokes, his position in the group is to be fulltime handler for the autistic trio V, Jimincel and Junglebook.

No. 335596

huh, i would have thought theyd be butthurt because bts didnt get any actual nominations like best record or best album and crying racism by now. soon maybe?

No. 335598

whats so good about their album cover?

No. 335604


This reeks of "pity nomination" but Armies are so desperate for western validation that even this is something meaningful to them. The moment they realize that BTS won't get to go to the Grammies or that this award might not even be handed out on the actual ceremony, the rage will begin

No. 335609

File: 1544194124076.png (117.31 KB, 1600x900, Bts_love_yourself_tear_wallpap…)

nothing, guess they had to give them some random nomination so that armys can shut up

No. 335610

The full category title is 'Best Album Package - Incl. Album Cover, Graphic Arts, Photography' so it's not just the cover, it's the whole design of the album. Still don't feel Tear was particularly special though.

No. 335612

tear was just flat out hot garbage lmao

No. 335613

could say he's just very good at pretending to be retarded if his acting wasn't god-awful

No. 335614

File: 1544194602258.png (3.8 MB, 1400x1400, Lee_Hi_Seoulite_full_cover.png)


Did they like the photocards that much? Because the cover art is extremely basic, I suck ass at Photoshop and I could make that up in an hour or so. Kpop albums generally have greater packaging than western albums anyway so really any group could have gotten this nomination.

Slight OT but Lee Hi's Seoullite album (pic related) had beautiful cover art.

No. 335615

kpop albums do put more work into them than most western albums, because people here don’t buy CDs anymore. it’s the one award bts could be nominated for that would make any kind of sense.

No. 335618

looking at twitter, some armys see it as a grammy nominated album now lmao. it was so mediocre, everything bts has released in 2018 was trash

No. 335620

File: 1544194807169.jpg (148.61 KB, 1200x1200, 0014002604_10.jpg)

the absolute state of armies. the grammy goes to the fucking designer(s) of the CD and album art, something none of the retarded bts members were involved in. this does not make it a grammy nominated album? this is so embarrassing.

compared to the other nominees (pic related), love yourself tear looks pretty basic. this is totally a pity nomination made to prevent the armies from attacking the grammys.

they totally believe bts will get a nomination next year though. the delusion..

No. 335624


Won't be long before we see some delulu army claiming that BTS designed the album packaging and the designers just did what they were told

No. 335627


Before clicking the thumbnail, I thought this was the Sims or IMVU.

No. 335641

Don’t you know anon? Artistic genius V made the album art all by himself. His creative intelligence applies to not only photography, but graphic design as well.

No. 335642

He looks like he has three legs

No. 335644

Fuck you Anon now I can't unsee it, he looks like a spider

No. 335647

b-but anon, the designer made our boys album art!11!!!!1! At the end of the day, its a BTS album so we won. Take that you haters!!!1!!!!

No. 335651


Idk about dislike and group dynamics because I don't pay much attention to GFriend but I refuse to believe that Umji got streetcasted. She's pretty homely for an idol. No casting agent would pick her based on her face alone and she's the least talented member.

No. 335654


Do ratmys ever shut up about their fake woke lyrics or

No. 335658

bts: “women are equations, men just do them”

No. 335664


But anon they apologized!!!11!! They are woke kings who consult with feminists now!!1!

No. 335671

"bts are amazing songwriters!! their lyrics are better than everyone else!! not everyone can understand the true meanings of their songs, they are too deep"
"do you speak korean?"

No. 335726

im gonna be the devils advocate and say sulli wasnt a hoe until she started hanging out with hara and dasom tbh
that was around the time she met choiza and started getting photographed by that creep pedo korean terry richardson photographer and then every time you saw her she was at a club getting wasted

honestly tho its not that big of a deal and it didnt make her any less likable to me lol

No. 335734

the only part that made me dislike her was her working with rotta the pedo photographer multiple times and making the "just shut up and look at my beautiful face" comments when people criticised her for it

No. 335803

>Amber is probably the bicurious/sexually frustrated/closeted girl passaround

Read again anon

No. 335805

i cant imagine amber as a sexual person ever tbh
she gives off the vibe of someone who will maybe TRY to force herself to have sex with a male because shes so in denial of who she is, and just never has sex again because shes religious and doesnt want to give in to the pussy brigade

No. 335824

I think it is because Joy used to get attacked a lot by Korean fans for being the "fat" one of the group, lost loads of weight and now gets put into tight af clothing for those "look how perfect her body is now" clickbait posts.

No. 335826


i blocked all bts related words but not "joon" apparently and this appeared on my tl. his smugness is so cringey, who tf finds this attractive?

No. 335831

Reminds me of when E'Dawn said on camera that he was a virgin but has been fucking Hyuna since before he debuted with Pentagon lmao

No. 335832

they look like drug addicts

No. 335838

suzy. She jumps from one dick to another

No. 335847

god imagine how bad they smell

No. 335851

>Music is art and art is subjective
There are still objective parameters you need to follow retard

No. 335858

He looks so weird, especially his lips wtf

Some idols really end up looking like middle aged women with too much ps

No. 335866

File: 1544228160511.jpg (147.56 KB, 960x940, IMG_20181207_191232.jpg)

They really do

No. 335885

File: 1544232018704.jpg (21.2 KB, 317x267, 1527271959237.jpg)


No. 335890

His face looks like a mask

No. 335891

File: 1544233332657.gif (2.82 MB, 268x400, tumblr_pje7f7XlXh1vc5dxto4_r1_…)

this girl from g-idle or whatever looks just like joy

i'll say it again, either all these idols are morphing into the same person, or i have that disease that causes facial blindness

No. 335921

File: 1544241165358.jpg (223.16 KB, 1424x1200, c76ad7035f1b4e28b0efa1eab15eca…)

Lol what anon they look nothing alike. Maybe you're thinking that because she also has the "sexy" styling of her group.

I have to say G-idle's stage was really cool on Melon Music Awards, but it's still shit when you see them do the usual choreo you already saw a million times. You can try to make stages extravagant as fuck , but if it's the same as me seeing a regular comeback stage then it's just sprinkles on a turd. Most kpop idols have so little to offer, imagine taking away their choreo and lip syncing, they have nothing.

I like kpop for what it is, but I can't help but find it funny when they have these HUGE stages when they are only rookie groups with not much to offer. Let's not even talk about Blackpink sheesh…

No. 335927

File: 1544242637830.jpg (127.05 KB, 800x1095, xB4SUAh.jpg)

they both look so trashy but they still managed to get booked as a couple. I'm curious about their popularity in korea.

No. 335930

e'dawn… sweetie… please button your pants… don't publicly humiliate yourself in the name of your aesthetic…

do you guys think hyuna still dresses him or he dresses himself now because he's a big boy?

No. 335931

I'm not even kidding, not trying to actually diagnose him or anything but as someone who has autism, he has pretty much all of my traits and mannerisms as well as his relationships with the other members (especially the fights and tantrums he participates in). I don't think they have a lot of autism awareness in Korea, as it's even poor in the west, so it's unlikely he'd ever get a formal diagnosis if he truly had it.

No. 335932

oh she big mad

No. 335933

I really like their outfits here….

No. 335934

they look like ghosts and not the casper the friendly ghost type

No. 335935

is she balding?

No. 335936

File: 1544244726946.jpeg (348.28 KB, 1215x1473, 1E93532A-F790-47F7-A25B-9FD601…)

Yup. That’s why she does those shit curly bangs to hide her lack of hairline

No. 335937

hyuna used to be hot this is so sad.

No. 335944

File: 1544246843918.jpg (26.88 KB, 400x480, images-9.jpg)

So used to seeing their new faces that I completely forgot what their old faces looked like

No. 335945

how did he learn english? he's kinda good

No. 335946

I'm guessing with how dysfunctional thier clothing choices are it's probably reflective of their current mental state

No. 335947


There was an old backstage video where Jin said that V would talk to himself, make weird noises, and play with imaginary friends when he was alone - at the ripe old age of 18-19. If that isn't retardation I don't know what is

Whatever she did to her face made it bloated as hell.
Also G idle fans are beginning to get obnoxious with their superiority complex, mostly because their bandwagon stans include armys desperate to stan any girl group with a "badass" image.

No. 335949

personally not seeing any difference in that old IU pic beside she was naturally darker than she is now and chubbier.

No. 335951

File: 1544248664499.webm (3.63 MB, 640x360, gfriend.webm)

I had hopes for gfriend but their songs are so bland now.
>doesn't hide that she hates the fake cute act
They must be all sick of it by now.

No. 335954


The one time they tried to experiment with Fingertip, their rabid male fanbase was outraged at their innocent angels not wearing white and let the song flop. Same with their recent summer song. They've got no choice but to do the bootleg early SNSD sound again and again to stay relevant.
As much as their fans deny it, they would be nowhere if that one girl hadn't fallen on stage multiple times.

No. 335957

Is this considered fashionable in Korea? Genuinely asking.

Both are it seems.

No. 335958

they probably weigh all of 190 pounds together lol

No. 335959

I do all those things too, maybe this is why I find him endearing. I don't even like BTS but I really like V.

No. 335960

File: 1544252281616.png (344.24 KB, 500x518, 5348ecc725d1fca6bc2e0b190cd9db…)

honestly yes and no

i follow a lot of k fashion blogs and female koreans do tend to dress in what westerners would consider to be a "conservative" or outright dumpy style even

but its usually much better put together than how hyuna does it

No. 335963

File: 1544252582977.png (128.17 KB, 990x1312, 1532569728971.png)

No. 335964

>J-Hope's verse
I laughed

No. 335965

Kek anon I'm dying, did the rat ghost write this for you?
this deadass has the same level of quality that all of rat monster's English verses have

No. 335971

kek pretty much every bts song ever

>rm raps his verse filled with american slang words and foreign literature references

>suga aggressively raps his verse about flexing and depression
>j-hope makes noises
>jungkook sings 90% of the song with a bored tone
>v roars
>jin says one word
>jimin screams
>dance break

No. 335978

This is so accurate it hurts, I could hear it in my head as I read it.

No. 335980

i don't remember where it's from but i've seen some interview where jin or suga was saying that he thought v was just pretending when he first met him because no one could be that weird but after starting to live with him, he learned that he was actually like that, he does weird things when he's on his own and shit. maybe they were lying to play along with his persona but idk

No. 335981

it's autism

No. 335983

Honestly V acts a lot more normal now so I'm guessing the autism thing was either an act or a phase.

No. 335985

"normal" as in quiet and more subdued from the spotlight, not really a good gauge for anything. maybe he doesn't like this extreme fame? idk to me he still acts stupid as shit. it's hard to tell anything without knowing idols personally which is why some of the discussions in these threads are so stupid

No. 335991

tae oppa is just depressed that he can't come out with his squishy hubby kookie :(

some armys were tinfoiling about how he is depressed because he isn't as lively as he used to be, became quieter, started to lose so much weight, sometimes he's shaking in performances and stuff. idk about his weight but maybe he's growing out of a phase or they gave up on the exaggerated weirdo act

looking up about his persona, some armys are saying "he doesn't like being called an alien/2D, stop calling him that", did he actually say that?

No. 335992

bigshit probably told him to stop acting retarded so americans dont make fun of him and call him autistic. too late kek.

No. 335993

They should have also told Rat Monster to stop acting like a pedantic little shit as well

No. 335994

I don't recall him ever expressing discomfort with it? I think it's something ratmys just made up because they're sensitive about people calling their oppar weird. He's weird, it's fine. Better than being a braindead SM robot, I used really wish that SM would let their idols act more retarded and am slowly having that granted with NCT.

No. 335995

they told him to stop acting cringey and black already, he cant handle so many changes at once despite being an avid rick n morty fan :( gotta save that high iq for deep lyrics and japanese literature, after all!

No. 335997

i don't think infantilizing men in their 20s would be a good image in america too so i hope they would drop that cringy shit

No. 335999

File: 1544264696128.png (317.66 KB, 1058x1537, Screenshot_20181208-154506_2.p…)

Of course they have a "designer friend" who also licks the ground BTS walk on

No. 336001

yeah that shit doesnt fly here, we like our men manly but at the very least not on the spectrum. theres no way v would get away with his shit here

No. 336003

LMAO?? I'm an artist and that's a simple contour line drawing wtf

No. 336004

Samefagging but I even like minimalist designs and the LYS packaging is nice, but not nice enough for all this praise

No. 336005

File: 1544265379409.png (171.48 KB, 1080x1296, Screenshot_20181208-154834_2.p…)


I had no idea so many armys were designers and art directors now, it used to be doctors and lawyers earlier

No. 336006

lol wonder why he suddenly got interested in western artists and poets

No. 336008

because he's autistic and thats his new obsessive interest kek along with the art thing

No. 336009

its funny watching bts stans talk about how the album art is sooooo gooooood because if another group had this album art and they got nominated bts fans would be shitting on it for just being a line. i really wish they didnt get a pity nomination.

the album design doesnt even have anything to do with bts…

No. 336010

This is embarrassing can they stop…it looks like a contour study of a rose and then the designer added a clipping mask with a holo colorized layer on top of it

No. 336011

don't forget that they also majored the jewish culture and japan's history.. such intellectuals..

No. 336012

File: 1544266004526.png (196.81 KB, 1080x1424, Screenshot_20181208-154824_2.p…)


To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand BTS

No. 336013


No. 336014

fucking armpits every time

No. 336016

Assuming that isn’t just some weird lie to make him seem more ~quirky~, considering Korea’s current attitude towards mental illness I wouldn’t be surprised if undiagnosed mental illnesses was common in the Kpop industry.

No. 336025

File: 1544268242977.jpg (154.09 KB, 700x550, 2971104734.jpg)

tfw bts' lyrics are so deep that even korean speakers can't understand

No. 336029

File: 1544268737509.jpg (53.91 KB, 800x804, a6cfd3a95b00c547fc480bcb84c6f0…)

oh my god this is hilariously accurate

>[jin] the

>[jin] ok

>[jhope] woo! yuh, rule

>[suga] anxiety im sad

>billboard got me glad

my sides

No. 336032

File: 1544269144976.png (23.3 KB, 518x610, sdfgkhjgfjkhj.PNG)

These are just basic lyrics. whats there not to understand? Do these armys retarded or what? The almighty English king, Professor Rat writes lyrics even humans cannot understand. Of course us normal humans cannot understand a rat.

No. 336033

>ddang, bang
>bang, ddang

kek such poetry much deep

No. 336036

File: 1544270594070.jpeg (56.49 KB, 748x292, 25E7F854-24AE-4E75-AC7B-5E3B2F…)

some exol made a parody of this post and the salt in the comments is exactly what you’d expect from your average armpit

No. 336038

File: 1544270834794.jpeg (62.72 KB, 750x332, AF4D5F00-E07A-40E9-823B-5CCFDD…)

No. 336039


Saw a tweet that said SM and YG are going to try and copy the album designs now…..they really think SM and YG are obsessed with what BTS is doing all hours of the day

No. 336042


What "real musicians"? The ones who do write any music have a huge team of producers working with them, and they're the least liked members anyway. Armpits like to reee over how they stan the boys for their talent when 90% of them sperg over how cute V or Jimin or Jungkook are, and those three have next to no input in BTS' songs. If the rapline debuted as a group without those three retards they'd still be busking on the streets of Seoul.

No. 336043

BTS are pretty teens with no talent

No. 336044

>real musicians aka bts
the only ones who sometimes write or produce are the rappers and like >>336042 said, they always get credited with a shit ton of songwriters with producers. the verses they write are so mediocre anyway. as performers, the vocalists except jungkook are so weak, the rappers are okay for k-pop but nothing special and their only competent dancers are j-hope and jimin. i don't like exo that much either but they actually do have some well-trained vocalists and dancers

No. 336045


No. 336046

Those look like a cleaned up version of scribbles I used to do in MS Paint as a kid, lmao. "Good design"?

No. 336047

Kai is the only good dancer in EXO, though

No. 336049

He's the one who makes weird facial expressions while dancing?

No. 336050

He's the one who makes weird facial expressions while dancing?

No. 336052

>not mentioning Lay
come on anon

No. 336053

anon, he's a genius. He inspired the artist for their album art and it got nominated!!11!!!111

No. 336055

i was thinking about kai and lay, both of them are really good. some of the others are okay too

No. 336057

No. 336058

That's Sehun I think.

No. 336062

that shower post dragging them was amazing and has almost 32k likes.

i never get tired of watching fandoms unite in their hatred of armpits.

No. 336065


This tweet >>335999 is already being used as copypasta by other fandoms now kek

No. 336066

kind of a tangent, but i hate it when people say "im an X and heres what i think about this" like that makes them some authority. wow an art student, guess i have to listen to what you say while you sperg about your favourite kpop boy band. not

No. 336067

Do they make things up?

No. 336068

File: 1544275626257.jpeg (140.38 KB, 749x665, C255363A-00D2-43B4-9EB2-AE0307…)

>>336036 and >>336038 were comments under this post lmao

No. 336074

gotdamn, this shit is funny. do you have a link?

No. 336078

No. 336081

File: 1544276855519.png (243.21 KB, 638x833, Capture333.PNG)

No. 336083

Armies are gonna either be butt-hurt or say they are so great that they invented the meme

No. 336100

This shit is hilarious anon

No. 336111

File: 1544280097348.png (333.89 KB, 464x523, 유빈 Yubin hi_yubin •.png)

Imagine the smell

I used to have a big crush on Yubin in the Wonder Girls band era, but nowadays she looks like a female J-Hope… that's one bad nosejob

No. 336117

File: 1544281190252.jpg (190.56 KB, 600x475, why.jpg)

a genius

No. 336119


In which world is "I was in my dad's nutsack" some sort of genius comment?

No. 336127

Nah they left the company but retained a avant garde pro stylist. Stylist's insta: https://www.instagram.com/doooho/

No. 336145

also what is it with ratmies always sperging about how you have to “stan ALL 7 boys otherwise you’re a piece of shit and not a true stan !!!!” i used to really like jungkook but was never interested in the other 6 and stankmies would have aneurysms over that shit. like damn i just wanted to see pics of jungkook under his tag on tumblr like a retard and not be forced to see the lizard and the rat. thankfully my days of jungkook staning are over but i just remember that whole bullshit with “you HAVE to stan ALL 7 boys or gtfo” when i doubt armpits are truly staning all 7 of them. what was up with that?

No. 336147

The lack of talent and looks is too obvious with certain members that even stans are insecure and are forcing themselves to like them, kek

No. 336149


It's a forced attempt to seem "woke" and "united" when they all damn well know that if Jungkook left BTS they'd leave with him. Their "stanning" of other members is lip service and nothing more.

No. 336150

k-pop fans do that a lot, iirc armys were reporting accounts who didn't stan all of them lol. i don't see what's there to lose their shit over if that person isn't going around stroking their hateboner everywhere. these people have a "bias" aka the one they love more than the other members as well, the irony

No. 336156

accepting that people like some members more than others would mean having to accept that some members are either more talented or just seem like better people than the others, and that's so mean to those other poor babies who are going to cry themselves to sleep now because some girl on twitter didn't stream their solo mv

No. 336157

accepting that people like some members more than others would mean having to accept that some members are either more talented or just seem like better people than the others, and that's so mean to those other poor babies who are going to cry themselves to sleep now because some girl on twitter didn't stream their solo mv

No. 336159

shes always had a weird jack o lantern face to me and i was also weirded out that she was basically a carbon copy of hyuna when she left the wg

No. 336161

File: 1544289055886.gif (2.7 MB, 268x397, tumblr_pj0ab99jnM1s8z0bbo1_400…)

Good God…

No. 336164

why is her chin on two different levels i'm crying anon

No. 336167

lol reminds me of that one girl on twitter who got a jin photocard and didn’t want it and tried to trade it with someone else and armies had a field day with her about not being a true fan and not appreciating jin enough. it’s absolutely hilarious how irrelevant jin is until someone actually says how irrelevant he is and then armies suddenly remember him and how “important” he is and set the world ablaze over it

No. 336184

it was definitely an act. he has come across as a typical cold good-looking rich guy now. he is probably swimming in pussy.

No. 336186

Shes starting to look like a luckdragon.

No. 336191

This exactly. I just can't see why some girls in this thread get absolutely pissed with idols playing out this cutesy, pure, non-sexual persona, when it's their literal job. It's gross and wrong to make them abstain from dating and I thought we were criticizing kpop industry for it - but the thread is full of "I'm sure she's fucked some men, that absolute whore, she's no virgin". Wow.

Honestly, this thread just reminds me very much of the ana-chan threads.

No. 336192

these threads have taken a shit turn

No. 336193

if you're referring to the IU posts, theres a difference in dating and literally being the idol bicycle

No. 336194

who is that?

No. 336195


No. 336196

lol @ thinking the idol industry keeps idols from dating. they're all dating, they're just not allowed to be public with it.

No. 336197

Is kpop dead or what? Why do these fans think its still the hallyu wave era?

No. 336198

the only thing thats keeping it alive internationally is the groups that mentally ill people flock to, bts for girls and twice/momoland for guys basically

but hallyu is dead for sure because all of those groups from the era are done

No. 336199

>idol bicycle
What does that even mean? Girl's 25, i'd be shocked if she isn't sexually active. Let's not act like dating and fucking around in your 20's is something to be ashamed of lol

No. 336201

idk hallyu is still going strong, just in a different way. i saw ads for shin ramyun on tv.

No. 336202

being so desperate you fuck someone like eunhyuk is pretty embarrassing tbh

No. 336203

Exactly. Pretty much all idols are in they're 20s ofc they're having sex. The only reason they act virginal is because their company makes them.
People ITT foaming at the mouth at the thought of them haveing sex with eachother are no better than delulu fangirls foaming at the mouth at the thought of dirty slut IU ruining they're pure oppar, Jungkookie's innocence uwu

No. 336205

I woun't be shocked if some of them already have STDs

No. 336206

If you're gonna be a whore, fucking someone whos actually attractive is much more admirable than "accidentally" uploading post sex selfies with someone who looks like a mentally retarded mallard and then trying to lie about it.

Like..at least upgrade your standards to half way attractive actors or something and embrace the fact that you are a whore who fucks anybody and everybody and doesnt even use protection(if the blind item is true) lol.
If you go in any thread where someone does that kind of stuff, you are gonna get the same reaction. Nobody here cares if an idol dates someone if the relationship isnt milky. But just fucking anything and everything is gross. Its the same thing for male idols for me. Big Bang are disgusting and I wouldnt want to be in the same room of them because of how nasty they are and many prostitutes they've fucked.

No. 336207

the fact that big bang used to openly talk about it on TV says alot

No. 336209

i don't care if she fucked eunhyuk but how the fuck did she "accidentally" post it lol like how

No. 336211

I don't think that. I'm saying so what if they're fucking around, what the hell is it to you?

No. 336212

i wish there had been a thread about it here when it happened it was so funny
i dont think she would have admitted it if not for fans doing their creepy stalker detective work and saw the couch and her outfit were the same and she claimed she was "sick" so she asked him to come over but like..it was obvious they had sex like…why lie?

No. 336213

What the hell is anything that ever gets posted in this thread to any of us? Why is sex different than plastic surgery and lack of talent and generally retarded shit that doesnt affect any of us whatsoever? Its just fun to talk shit.

No. 336214


Tbh if I was caught fucking something that tragic looking I'd try to make up excuses too

No. 336216

she smashed someone that ugly? tragic

No. 336219

File: 1544294221298.jpg (18.4 KB, 500x262, eunhyuk.jpg)

He's also a confirmed creep. All of SJ pretty much is but he really takes the cake with his participation in creeping on young idols like SNSD when they first joined SM. He made me so uncomfortable around Lovelyz for their little show they had too.

No. 336222

File: 1544294419197.jpg (31.12 KB, 704x396, eunhyuk2.jpg)

IU smashed this man. yuk

No. 336223

File: 1544294466684.gif (1.2 MB, 320x172, yeeee.gif)

At least Leeteuk is slightly attractive(not that it makes it ok). Imagine this thing trying to hit on you.

No. 336224

Him and Leeteuk are perverts of a feather. They always go for the youngest in every group. Leeteuk preyed on half of SNSD when they were 13-14 and he was a grown man in his early 20s. The only normal ones in Super Junior seem to be Heechul, Kyuhyun and Donghae but I bet they're just better at hiding their shit

No. 336226

im pretty eunhyuk and junsu (jyj/dbsk) went to middle school together and on a school trip they snuck into the girls room to touch them in their sleep. one of them revealed it on a radio show years ago

No. 336227

show me a male idol/k-pop ceo in his 30s-50s that doesn't try to hit on girls half their age. ew

No. 336229

Fuck you anon this will give me nightmares tonight

No. 336230

Key, Heechul and Jokwon. And you know why that is lmao.

No. 336235

File: 1544294805334.jpg (62.66 KB, 344x500, 03b65530a6bb9553f698a3afb31130…)

Pleasant dreams!

No. 336239

>if the blind item is true
Wait explain further

No. 336241


"There's a celebrity who is like the main character of 'Nymphomaniac'

'Nymphomaniac' is a film about a female sex maniac. She found the pleasure of a genital at a young age and has sex with many different people, but it still doesn't satisfy her enough. Someone like this exists in our entertainment industry.

This is the case of a singer A. She keeps meeting men and is busy filling up her sexual pleasure. Her looks are totally opposite from a 'sex maniac'. She has innocent looks and has cool personalities, so she easily become friends with anyone. She has outstanding looks and she works at a variety of fields due to her long celebrity career.

But her mind is completely opposite from the outside. She's naughty and sexual to the maximum. She's said to be trying to sleep with the men she works in the same albums, projects, and variety shows. Her sex skills are also no joke and she has an ability of making men have premature ejaculation. Her absorptive force is as strong as a vacuum cleaner and it feels as if his veins would burst, giving orgasm.

Lately, A is into the stars who have it big. She's completely into the big things that fill her hard. She has sex with no condoms and is taking birth control pills instead. She even gives advices to the women who are having trouble with sex."

No. 336242

he looks like a rapist

No. 336243

he probably is

No. 336245

This is the ideal SM visual. You may not like it, but this is what peak handsomeness looks like.

No. 336246

>Her absorptive force is as strong as a vacuum cleaner and it feels as if his veins would burst, giving orgasm.
Jesus Christ

No. 336247

File: 1544295275078.jpg (141.22 KB, 960x1200, DPyytvDUEAAjipY.jpg)

heechul doesn't deserve a pass. he's always in weird ships with rookie idols half his age and boosting them on his insta and tv shows. that thing with momo is also really weird too. fans unironically ship them and he publicly creams himself when she does that "niko niko nii" thing on tv and plays it up so hard. his job is basically to flirt with every young idol that comes on his show, and create lovelines. But somehow that's okay because it's just him being his naughty self, and fans eat it up

No. 336249

Also that same day this one was released too

Idol D has handsome looks and is quite popular. He gets a lot of love from his fans and recently starred in a drama and is succeeding. From outside, he doesn't seem to lack anything but if you hear the insights, he lacks a lot.

D is infamous for liking girls. He likes having sex with non-celebrities he meets at clubs and room services. D prefers having one night-stands with non-celebrities than getting a girlfriend.

The women line up to spend some time with him but he has a weird obsession. He drugs his partner. The medicines he uses are a variety of kinds, including sleeping pills and stimulants. He uses many kinds of provocative medicines for many reasons.

Because of this, the women who slept with D doesn't really remember their experiences. When his partner wakes up, D is already gone without any trait.

He slept with hundreds(?) of non-celebrities like that but his sex life is still on going.

[Sport World Entertainment team]

probably a member of big bang or super junior

No. 336250

this sounds like some horny dudes weird fanfic

No. 336251

where are these from? they seem way too filled with unnecessary details to be real

No. 336252

its all fake though so i doubt he's a danger or makes girls uncomfortable because they all know what the deal is
he's been fucking/in a relationship with his male hair stylist forever

No. 336253

This is some misogynist bs. Bet this girl had a couple of flings and then turned down the dude who submitted this blind.

No. 336254

the same place that alleged yuri was fucking two actresses and they were competing for her attention and buying her cars and shit lol

No. 336255

Heechul is gay, no fucking doubt

No. 336257

This, it's just an awful, robot-tier piece of crap.

No. 336261

even if it is all fake to hide the fact he's gay, i just don't think it should be socially acceptable for a 35 year old man to be so involved with young girls on tv, but it's kpop so.

No. 336263

But doesn't he do it with young guys too?

No. 336264

"In an alleged show of support for one another, Irene and Jennie replaced a section of their choreo with the other's and fans are loving it."

Some reactions are: "They look like they have a genuine friendship by referring one another instead of just pretending", "Ohhh, so that was Red Velvet's choreography gesture! I was wondering", "So cute to imagine how the girls planned this beforehand", "Two beauties being friends, that's so good to see." "I think they share a similar personality as well, both so confident and honest."

lol good for them i guess but isnt irene known for lacking in stage presence too? figures she'd support jennie.

No. 336265

heechul is gay. he plays the stereotypical gay best friend (while being closeted). him being gay is an open secret in the industry i think. he probably finds momo cute and, like you said, plays it up. the fact that they are making it seem like he is ~lusting~ after her is creepy af. ironically, there isn't anything remotely romantic or sexual about his interactions with female idols lol.

i wonder how many other idols this applies to. even though certain groups love to make the members do weird pda shit to please the fans, a portion of kpop idols are gay or lesbian.

No. 336268

File: 1544297259064.jpeg (91.16 KB, 1024x768, 4D35E89E-F09C-402B-9E23-5327E0…)

ryeowook, another super junior member, is also painfully obviously gay.

it’s funny bc in suju there’s also a religious nut in siwon and these two are pretty open about not getting along. i wonder if siwon is secretly seething on the inside being stuck in a group with two flamboyant homosexual men for so many years.

No. 336269

I've always thought Siwon was a closeted homosexual who hated gays

No. 336273

File: 1544297498116.jpg (23.95 KB, 473x263, 8758.jpg)

no one is foaming at the mouth because grown ass singers are having sex, you absolute spergs. people are pointing out how ironic it is that an idol with a forced "pure" and "innocent" image, like iu, is posting post-sex selfies on social media like a clout chasing soundcloud groupie. that was such a milky and attention whoring move.

speaking of idols "accidentally" sharing private pictures.. remember when that pic of mina and bambam was posted, and sea got7 stans wanted to skin her alive? kek.

No. 336274

File: 1544297925628.jpg (132.19 KB, 500x375, tumblr_m25riyQJGg1qef4em.jpg)

didnt siwon get caught going to a "gay gym"(apparently asia has those) and tried to play it off lol and tried to sue naver or dispatch or whoever posted about it? i think it was originally in a non korean tabloid magazine with pictures and everything

oh found it haha

No. 336280

I dont even care about the image stuff tbh. The blind item alludes to someone who has unprotected sex with lots of people, potentially who are married or in relationships and also possibly contributing to the spread of stds, which is pretty milky and gross. And some people think it was IU. Some people think it may be other idols. Doesnt matter really. The discussion of IU and her post sex photo qualifies as idol milk and if any western celeb had done it, it would be posted too im sure. Sex is not off limits for critique and discussion here!

No. 336282

File: 1544298719104.jpeg (101.79 KB, 750x750, 992BD8E4-5DE1-428B-91FA-FF81AF…)

can’t go on pinterest to look at aesthetic hot men (don’t judge) without this edit popping up every time

No. 336294

am i the only one who finds it really weird when they make edits like this? i mean, its like one step up from deepfakes. how would their oppa feel if he knew they were photoshopping his head onto half naked men. its creepy. and that particular one is really triggering me because his head is like 3x too big

No. 336296

File: 1544300898240.jpg (593.03 KB, 1200x916, 21075996100-43097713274.jpg)

i know this is an edit but i've thought that something is really off with this guy's abs. i'm not saying this in a "omg he has to be ronaldo-tier buff!!" way, it's just that i don't understand how someone's build can change so drastically in a short period of time. i think he was just slightly bulked up and they tried to make him look more muscular in their billboard performance with makeup on his abdomen or gave him some ab sculpting surgery, idk

No. 336297

Very convenient that this friendship is becoming more prominent just as Jennie went solo; I've got no proof for this but I have a feeling that YGE is having Jennie attach her name to a more famous idol - Irene is quite big in Korea, much more than Jennie - for clout by association. I'm not saying it's a fake friendship but it's weird how we didn't hear anything about them being friends until a few months ago. This is just my inner conspiracy nut speaking though

No. 336299

hm, pure speculation but they could have had him cutting water before the left hand performance, the way dudes who do bodybuilding competitions do before the show to give their muscles more definition. definitely seems like a bad idea to cut water/dehydrate the body before an intense dance performance, though.

No. 336300

you’d think a thread that talks about how misogynistic Korea is would have the common sense to take sexist gossip like this with a grain of salt, but this thread is shit now

No. 336301

someone like taemin gives gay vibes. I highly doubt he's straight

No. 336302

File: 1544301471293.jpg (85.66 KB, 250x375, tumblr_m88qcnByZ11rnwi0o.jpg)

Soyou is ugliest imo

No. 336304

He's morphing into a skelly

No. 336307


Now that we're at it, can we just list all the obvious gay idols


>Jo Kwon

No. 336308

File: 1544301955978.jpg (37.36 KB, 402x535, amberlol.jpg)

well kpop fans are weirdos most of the time so you arent wrong

No. 336309

that twink from infinite

No. 336310

Why? Who gives a shit?

No. 336311

honestly the majority of idol interactions seem fake to me
hell even TaeNy seemed to be deliberately forced the majority of the time SNSD was together
one of the reasons i liked watching the idol olympics was that it felt like the interactions were real and friends in different companies were allowed to hang out

thats probably why they pretty much banned fans from attending and taking photos though tbh
never forget the hwayoung umbrella incident lmaoooo

No. 336313

File: 1544302269359.jpeg (13.66 KB, 223x349, CZRteXsWIAEEdVX.jpg_large.jpeg)

You don't have to if you don't want to anon

No. 336315

Isn't having fake abs the norm in kpop? Look at wonho from monsta x and kai for example

No. 336316

hyorin and bora are both uglier than her…ESPECIALLY hyorin

No. 336317


No. 336321

how is bora ugly?

No. 336322

There are rumors that Moonbyul from Mamamoo is a lesbian

No. 336324

ten and doyoung from nct

No. 336325

File: 1544303896287.jpg (87.35 KB, 750x938, 43914443_313204999505234_37453…)

her features are pinched and weird
honestly no one in sistar is a looker and i never understood why they were marketed as a ~sexy~ group

No. 336327

>her features are pinched and weird
No they're not. You have issues. She looks pretty and healthy

No. 336330

File: 1544304506495.jpg (79.96 KB, 750x1101, butch yuubin.jpg)

yubin had a lesbian "phase" before she debuted.

i'm convinced seungkwan and sehun also are gay.

No. 336331

>you dont find someone pretty that i do
>you have issues

this isnt the stanning thread gtfo

No. 336332

bottom bitches only!!!

No. 336334

nta but she looks fine and you probably do have issues. I'm sure a lot of anons itt do.

No. 336335

who cares this thread isnt about anons its to critique idols so stop derailing

No. 336336

didnt sehun have a picture with another idol in bed on instgram before, they were both topless, the other idol was gooing to serve his millitary time or whatever, omg i wish i could find the picture lol

No. 336339


No. 336342

You said she's uglier than soyu when that's just objectively not true at all but go off. Not the stan thread but i'm gonna call out bullshit if i want to, be mad

>honestly no one in sistar is a looker and i never understood why they were marketed as a ~sexy~ group

hyuna's not that great looking either but took lee hyori's place as sex symbol goddess. Face isn't important Groups/artists that sing, dance, and dress proactively are gonna be marketed as 'sexy' and that's what they'll be known for.

No. 336343

File: 1544305548707.jpg (44.45 KB, 575x1024, 06a18104e9839b17d517f5911a3d93…)

all i could find was this and some fanservice baiting stuff lol sm must have destroyed the evidence

No. 336345

theres no such thing as objectivity when it comes to attractiveness or beauty