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No. 241117

Previous thread: >>232967

For anybody who's mature enough to discuss or criticize Kpop without getting offended on behalf of their Oppa.

No. 241131

File: 1523385946168.jpeg (880.47 KB, 1242x1580, C9C3D0C6-9986-41C3-A8B2-63B4FA…)


No. 241132

>Onew molested a girl
Can we talk about this? I’m genuinely curious as to what farmers think
He was in a club and supposedly grabbed a girls leg while wasted, do you consider that sexual harassment? Or molestation? To me that just seems like an inevitable for any gender in a club

No. 241137

If he wasnt famous nobody would give a shit. Was it ass, going between the legs, or just side of the leg? He’s still pretty sleazy though

No. 241138

File: 1523386598703.jpeg (148.43 KB, 970x695, C2769216-D97A-41BF-B89A-680A30…)

lmfao the fans reactions are funny though. H E S A ID H E W A S S O R R Y. Are they going to excuse him by saying he was in mourning or something because his ship partner commited suicide and he was lonely? Wouldnt put it past a kpop fan.

No. 241139

I don't think it's such a big deal it's slimy but not rapey.

No. 241140

File: 1523386702340.gif (137.13 KB, 340x340, 729.gif)

The only members that had any other training before joining the company were Jimin and J-Hope who were only trained in dancing.
Suga and RM were underground rappers but were under BigHit at the same time, and V and Jungkook auditioned.
All members had singing, dancing and rap training while at BigHit. These delusional fangirls are kidding themselves in thinking their idols are special.

No. 241141

jonghyun committed suicide after onew was accused of sexual harassment

No. 241144

File: 1523387227508.gif (2.58 MB, 300x377, FF9282B3-4F15-4E01-92DC-0C3E2C…)

Its got to suck for the rest of the momoland members to have to rely on jooe for relevance because she got meme’d. There’s literally a part in the boom boom choreography where other members kneel and she has to do the dance alone with all of the attention on her

No. 241145

File: 1523387430278.jpeg (6.72 KB, 227x222, Spongegun.jpeg)

This fandom is so delusional.
>RM and Suga are okay rappers and ugly guys
>Jhope is mediocre at rapping but good at dancing and quite ugly
>Jimins is a good dancer bad singer and very ugly >Jungkook is a mediocre dancer and singer (too breathy) okayish looking even though he has an overbite
>Taehyung has a nice voice but he doesn't know how to use it and is only real value is in his beauty he isn't a great dancer either
>Jin has literally zero talent, he can be considered handsome if you're into sponges.
They're incredibly overrated. Idk why they need to make their oppas so fucking special.

No. 241148

>Jungkook was a singer
How can anybody be this delusional?
He auditioned when he was 13, he was just a kid that liked music, that's not being a singer!

No. 241151

He grabbed the girls leg more than once and excused himself under the "drunk" thing when it all came down, thats what convinced me hes a pig. You can grab someones body by mistake once, sure. But come the fuck on.

No. 241152

Taehyung wasn't a singer and he still isn't one, I wish they could get a voice coach like exo did, Bighit should be able to afford it by now.

No. 241154

they are all stanned by 10~16 year olds in Korea and I’m pretty sure its not ~because if their music and amazing talents~. They have pretty faces (subjective) and act cutesy. They just have big egos because they built up a western fanbase that would eat their shit and call it better than swiss chocolate.

No. 241155

File: 1523388880530.jpg (50.77 KB, 480x332, unnamed.jpg)

And being drunk should never be an excuse.

This looks like some school play…
>Nation's Girl Group
>Pretty kid next to pretty kid next to another pretty kid
Aren't they embarrassed?

Also, Somi cut her hair and totez looks like 30 now, westerners really do age so fast…

No. 241156

I think he would be the one with the most potential (at least his voice isn't as high and thin as Jin's, Jimin's and Jungkook's), but somehow, despite "practicing for 12 hours a day", he didn't improve at all.

No. 241159

Their outfits for this comeback are so awful.
There's no coordination and the colours look like a mess.

and they still can't sing

No. 241160

What a mess, a good example of a terrible execution of mix and match and Idk why but the colors look very dull.

No. 241165

Is anyone else worried this thread is going to attract some shitty people to the board? I'm already noticing someone constantly using D.O/Exo reaction pics in every other thread, shortly after this thread was cread

No. 241167

i hate kpop fans obsession with line distribution. if your bias can't sing, they aren't going to get many lines and they shouldn't. a fandom might not care about putting up with shrieking because they still like the idol so they can talk about how much they've improved and how hard they've worked, but if a company wants a song to actually do well with the public then they need to have either the best singers and the most popular members getting the most lines

No. 241168

>Using reaction pic
>On an imageboard

Oh no! What are we gonna do?

No. 241169

As long as we don't attract BTS stans, I don't mind. They're the absolute worst when it comes to dragging their favs up at every opportunity, and are the most delusional about their talent/appeal.

No. 241173

can we stop using stan please?

No. 241175

File: 1523392835323.png (1.04 MB, 1200x498, twice.png)


Erm, this choreo has nothing to do with JooE getting meme'd. (especially now that Momoland got noticed because of her, Nancy is by far the most popular. Either her or Yeonwoo), it's because she's the "comic relief" of the group so she always is highlighted doing a weird or funny dance/move, in this case it was her screaming GRREEAAAT right in the middle and being energetic with her thumbs up. They've been doing stuff like this with JooE before she got meme'd (tropicana literally just called her to do the ad because they thought her dancing was funny)


Honestly, this. I couldn't care less about it. "UHHH BUT MY ~BIAS~ DON'T GET ENOUGH LINEEES :'((( " just enjoy the damn song and/or dancing


>Their outfits for this comeback are so awful.

There's no coordination and the colours look like a mess.

This is so unfortunate. I really loved all their Likey outfits, they were all cohesive, pic related, I love this that was posted to c.c. Did they change their stylist?

No. 241176

I'll never understand why EXO is so popular. Half the members look like circle rejects. Only two of them are decent vocalists, and they lost one of their good dancers to Chinkland so now only Kai is left. I just don't get it.

No. 241177

>using K-pop trash pics

We've already attracted the original annoying fanbase, exo wankstains

No. 241178


I don't think they were "attracted" though, probably were always here. I remember other attempts at kpop threads, I guess about last year or so.

No. 241188

there are active kpop threads that aren't anti, so it's not like this thread attracted anyone.

No. 241190

I always see people crying about Tzuyu not getting enough lines and how unfair it is, I just want to remind them of this. Of course she sounds better in the studio with autotune and mixing, but it's obvious the girl isn't in the group for her singing ability.

No. 241194

>Any Armys here?? Do you hate Exo as much as i do?

No. 241196

this was a disaster of a live their voices were shaky and the only one stable was seulgi. I've seen a lot of priase about red velvet's live performances but they are kind of overrated.

>Rev Velvet was female version of Shinee. All of them can sing well


I got flashbacks about watching sixteen while it was airing and man was it a shitfest, enjoyable but shitty

No. 241197

File: 1523396337382.gif (2.65 MB, 245x250, tVD4Oi6.gif)

I read the lyrics to Twice's new song and it's even worse waifu bait than their usual "Ahhh I like him so much but I'm too shy to say it!! Oh no!!! What do I do, why won't he notice me!" stuff. The never been in a relationship, so desperate for someone to have that with angle gets dumb when we already know at least some of the girls have been with people before and there's probably more than just Mina that's been with a member of Got7/that new JYP boy group.

The songs sound childish and they're just setting the members up for a serious fall when they have real dating news come out, I wish it was more common to actually sing about being with someone and not sounding like a 14 year old after reading YA romance books and talking to a boy in her class one time. It just feeds creepy possessive fans.

gif unrelated, I just keep seeing more posts about Twice's stellar personalities and laughing at fans insistence that Nayeon isn't very obviously one of the bitchiest girls of recent girl groups and that Mnet just wanted to make her look bad for some reason so they evil edited unnie

No. 241200

Blackpink and Red Velvet are praised extra hard because they are better than Twice but they aren't that great either imo. They just get judged less because they aren't singing generic cute songs.

No. 241204

Sixteen was awful. JYP has the nerve to nitpick contestants on Kpop Star when his own trainees are tone deaf.

No. 241215

Twice lyrics are legendarily awful. FFW was the worst one so far;

"Pink sneakers get replaced with pretty heels
Awkward short bob gets replaced with shiny long hair
I know it’s crazy
I think and think about it
But I still like you
So I decided, fast forward

On my two cheeks, I’ll put on some blush
Change my baggy uniform into a fitted dress
I know it’s crazy
I think I’m so into you
I feel dizzy but I don’t care
Right now, fast forward"

Some guy called ASSBRASS wrote those. I guess it's safe to say feminism hasn't come too far in Korea.

No. 241217


Fucking lol. The typical "oh I have to be feminine to appease a guy and find a boyfriend". At least f(x) had some songs about being boyish and that being okay with Amber.

No. 241218

Can you give me some sources on that? Not a Twicefag but I've never heard of any allegations of evil-editing.

Also, yeah. The lot of them are over 21 and at that point it becomes a little iffy in regards to portraying them as pretty immature. Candy Pop was dipping into dangerous pedo territory with the little girl and their DDLG-esque dresses.

No. 241219

I mean, that at least makes sense and sounds coherent…

>HyunA's Red

My cuteness that makes you wanna bite me is like art
Every night, you think of me like spicy ramen
Come in first if you like me

Hyuna’s back
A better body than anyone else is a full option for me
I’m gonna warm up and run
Because that red thing, that’s me
Now I’m gonna go up on stage

Don’t leave me, I’m so lonely right now
At least you don’t leave me, I’m the only one here
I might change right now

A monkey’s butt is red, what
Red is Hyuna, Hyuna is yeah
A monkey’s butt is red, what
Red is Hyuna, Hyuna is ah

>Twice - Likey

My heart is beating Me Likey
Me Likey Likey Likey
Me Likey Likey Likey
Pitter patter pitter patter pitter patter Heart Heart
Me Likey
Me Likey Likey Likey
Me Likey Likey Likey
Pitter patter pitter patter pitter patter

>IU - Palette

Strangely lately
I like easy things
But still I
Like Corinne’s music
Rather than Hot Pink
I like dark purple
And what was it, buttoned
Pajamas, Lipstick
And funny pranks

I like it. I’m twenty five
I know that you like me
I got this. I’m truly fine
I think I know myself a little now

Rather than long hair
I like a clean cut bob
But still
It was pretty when you called me on a nice day
Oh why is that
I like things that are a little tacky
Rather than pictures, I like full pages of
Palettes, diaries, and the times I was asleep

No. 241221

File: 1523405590668.jpg (48.65 KB, 668x393, IU-GD-Cover.jpg)

IU's Palette does make sense, imo? It's about growing up and discovering you're not into the things you used to like. The writing is a little bit spacey, I'll give you that though.

OT - It was pretty obvious G-Dragon was really thirsty on it from the way he kissed her ass in the guest rap.

No. 241222

any thoughts on BTS new video and next comeback concept? kinda tired of them milking the whole HHY concept, it feels like they are just putting random things and linking them up because it was their most popular concept and with it they attracted a huge amount of angsty teens, me included, but shit got boring

No. 241223

This is probably my bias for Jin speaking here but I wouldn't say that he has zero talent. He supposedly went to a decent university for acting and wanted to be an actor. He also seems to be well-liked on variety shows.

Jin's utterly useless as an idol but not an entertainer. The fact that he isn't getting some drama roles at least considering his training in acting is very ??? though.

No. 241225


It's gotten to a point where I watch that shit and turn it off halfway through. I want a goddamn decent music video, but they're just fellating each other over muh superior musical taste. If I never have to see RM's smug face again, it'll be too soon. He's obviously so very pleased with himself over being so clever and adding so many ~cultural references~ when it's all a repetition of each other.
Doesn't help when the fans are all sucking their dicks and hailing them as the next Vonnegut.

>bias for Jin
Anon, you're in the wrong place for defending your oppars.
IMHO, Jin is the next Suho in terms of acting experience, but having nothing to show in terms of talent. They're both unfunny and had to take the title of "group mom" to at least have some semblance of a role in the group.

No. 241227

File: 1523406818373.jpg (74.15 KB, 550x565, seventeen.jpg)


Holy shit, why is Seventeen as a whole so ugly. They're approaching pre-plastic surgery levels of Exo here.

No. 241228

I'm not impressed so far. I hope there's not a lot of western colabs/productions.
A little arg with their "glitch" concept they dropped around would be cool since I have some time in my hands and not much to do.
That's so true anon.
I like to listen to their stuff sometimes and, while I really enjoy Suga's mixtape, Jhope mixtape was just so over rated. He's good at dancing, but the boy can't write for shit.

No. 241229

>He's obviously so very pleased with himself over being so clever and adding so many ~cultural references~ when it's all a repetition of each other.
Topkek anon, he really is cringy and fugly as fuck.

No. 241230

As other have mentioned, the lolification of TWICE is real. I remember coming across a comment somewhere talking about how Momo and Sana had noticeable deeper voices on Sixteen compared to their songs now. I haven't really watched the show myself but the comment mentioned how Sana was made fun of for sounding "like a man" then. I checked out a Sixteen performance where Sana's voice is deeper (skip to 0:40) and she sounds like a normal girl.

I hate how the idol industry forces girl group members to put on some unrealistic, high-pitched affectation for male fans. They want 3D animoe~ uwu waifus instead of actual women.

No. 241232

File: 1523407461797.jpg (85.55 KB, 720x720, 1522626003089.jpg)

Can we talk about the way SM basically made the leaders of Exo and RV look exactly like each other? They obviously have the same surgeon.

No. 241233

is the second from the letf at the bottom row half white?
They look okayish, very young, but need some maturing to become more "ripe".
I'll never understand the appeal of groups with more than ~6 members.

No. 241235

Anyone else think Sunmi is vastly overrated by Western fans?

No. 241236

Any before pics for comparations sake?

No. 241237

It's really disgusting how they're all wearing teensy tiny skirts and squealing like pre-teen baits. All for that lolibait so halfchan can fap over their pure nation's girlgroup.

No. 241239

I heard that SM always search for a specific kind of face in their trainees, that's why they always end up looking the same and drop talented ones if they don't have their generic face standard. No wonder why they casted Jin in the streets, it's literally their first requeriment

yes, he is Vernon I think

No. 241241

File: 1523407971964.png (1.31 MB, 1200x794, irene.png)

Gashina was good imo but Heroine failed to meet expectations.

Irene definitely had her nose done and lip fillers, plus teeth correction (is that even considered PS anymore?). Her jaw/monolids look natural to me, but she could have gotten surgery to enlarge her eyes or it could just be losing the baby fat.

No. 241242

>I guess it's safe to say feminism hasn't come too far in Korea.
Thank God. Those are bad but at least they aren't singing about getting drunk and having casual sex.

No. 241243

File: 1523408376628.jpg (60.59 KB, 409x250, tumblr_inline_mtoz2287bO1r8eim…)

And Suho had rhinoplasty around the time their first album came out, I'm also thinking eye surgery since he has a lid scar. Don't know about a jaw shave, his chin is still the same and in candids his face still looks round.

OT but people saying "oPpaR dIdN't hAvE PlaStiC SuRgeRy" exasperate me so much. It's obviously so visible a lot of them had it. Look at BP's Lisa, SNSD as a whole and GD and then tell me they haven't had shit done. Why wouldn't they as idols? They're getting paid to look good, might as well get that nose fixed. People always react like PS is this unspeakable taboo that mustn't be mentioned because it's ~baaaaad~.

No. 241244


I think it'd be refreshing to see songs about how they actually live their life instead of this fake pure syrupy shit. You're acting like some fembot-obsessed /r9k/ redpiller.

No. 241246

>getting drunk and having casual sex
liberal feminism=/=feminism
Porn and sex positivity is a scam produced by the cultural industry in order to sell more while mantaining the status quo and absorving the ideology while extracting it from its original meaning.

Meanwhile in Asia the woman as pure and daughter is more valued, and less threatening, than the sexy woman, so for them infantilization it is.
Sage for rant

No. 241249


No. 241250

File: 1523409396479.gif (1.38 MB, 268x279, tumblr_oz0i3uK4q91tr4f4oo1_400…)

idk Jeonghan alone can make up for everyone else. That said I wish they would fire whoever does their makeup because it usually doesn't suit them them, they always manage to make Woozi look even weirder than he already does.

No. 241251

File: 1523409402130.jpg (2.09 MB, 1894x2841, 1522627098327.jpg)

I remember when he was the muscular one in EXO, but then Kai got fake abs and Sehun beefed up.

No. 241254

Anon, the guy in your gif looks like a instagram lesbian.

No. 241258

doesn't every male kpop idol?

No. 241259

my sides
He really does. He looks like a fakeboi. Lame could learn something from him.

No. 241260

File: 1523409938255.jpeg (6.59 KB, 225x225, ???.jpeg)

>“It’s more serious for me. My personality was always shy and cautious but [because of sasaeng] it’s become more serious. I’ve developed a sense of victimization because there’s too many sasaengs. There are times when my feelings change looking at normal fans. Even if I change my number, [sasaengs] some how find out that I changed my number and there are a lot of times when [sasaengs] call me late in the night. I have over 600 friend suggestions on kakaotalk. Once, [a sasaeng] pulled a prank by making a kakaotalk group chat and adding all our members. [Sasaengs] wait in front of dorm, and when I pretend to ignore them and walk past they swear loudly enough for me to hear. When I visit home, I try so hard to try and mislead them somewhere else. I’m worried that how I treat my fans will change because of sasaengs.”

This is so fucking gross. Imagine waking up and some crazy fan has added all of your group's well-kept numbers into a groupchat and spams you with 100+ messages. And you can't say anything because it'll be screenshotted and used against you.

No. 241261


>o-oppa didn't mean it!!

The OG version.

No. 241262

File: 1523410389964.jpg (58.64 KB, 500x213, uncanny.jpg)

Vernon is extra fug.

No. 241264

File: 1523410926420.jpg (296.95 KB, 750x645, 576ec9ac276f9394701e77ef723045…)


I feel a little guilty for enjoying some of the kpop reaction pics now. I mean, better than Pepe or Uganda Knuckles, right? Right??

No. 241265

File: 1523410975204.gif (634.55 KB, 400x225, Je2gWk.gif)

I hate that I find girl groups to be way worse than male groups. Mamamoo is probably the only gg with any semblance of talent (except for Moonbyul), but I will be forever sad that they abandoned their Jazzy/old school concept because piano man, ahh oop and Mr.Ambiguous were jams. I'm not surprised they are collectively hated by the int fandom though. Also I would kill for Hwasa's body.

rofl an attractive tumblr lesbian

No. 241267

File: 1523411337746.jpg (75.68 KB, 600x904, b976e46e735f61d5f567b111042319…)

>but then Kai got fake abs

receipts? the only idol that i know that got fake abs was wonho from monsta x

No. 241269

SM has about 5 faces they like idols to have, all the ones pushed as attractive either look just like an older SM idol or like a hybrid of 2/3 of them. Every group to come out has at least a couple of members who'll get compared to Donghae/Taeyeon/Eugene/Jaejoong. NCT is like SM trying to recreate every idol they either lost or that got unpopular and needs replaced

No. 241271

File: 1523411681826.jpg (23.18 KB, 512x288, 44d91cec0e86b700ac8991561919a2…)

The whole of Kokobop? His abs looked really unnatural there. There's hyperdefined and then there's suspension of belief.

No. 241273

NTA but that is such an unfortunate pic he looks like a fuckboi to the nth degree lmao
Then again after all the dating scandals he appears to be one as well

No. 241274

File: 1523413056075.gif (1.96 MB, 270x338, ceeabd5f6b2f738a5ec43005fce48e…)

Ok damn what the fuck happened to kai? i know this is a bad screenshot but damn he looks ugly. I haven't paid that much attention to exo since 2013.. he used to be cute

No. 241282

IU is legit, and her lyrics are at least relatable.

No. 241285

I think Suga was rapping/producing before he ever joined BigHit but that video of him rapping before he joined bighit was fucking awful so no doubt he was saved from being a literal who starving artist by joining bighit. I remember him saying he used to let people stiff him when buying beats from him lol he never would've made it on his own.

everything else is true though.
>seokjin studied arts
yeah I'm sure his acting classes were so valuable in creating their music…

They're doing pretty fucking good for a group from such a small company, I dunno why BTS fans can't be happy with that without trying to force this """real tru nonmanufactured artists uwu""" bullshit.

No. 241288

That’s a cover of some song from the 80’s. I do like some of her music though.

No. 241289

not to mention Jin's acting on the stage/behind the scenes is almost as bad as G-dragon trying to be a CEO in Infinity Challenge's Muhan Company or Kim Hyun-Joong in Boys Over Flowers.

IDK why everyone sucks Suga's balls as "poor unfortunate baby artist who was too good for the world and that's why he starved" like that though. Everyone defending him "oh he's just grumpy! oh he has depression! oh he's secretly a sweetheart" needs to spit out his dick for a second and listen to him in some of the interviews. He honestly sounds like a major asshole.

No. 241290

as has been mentioned before a lot of people here are fans who just like being able to criticize groups without getting swarmed by fans so naturally there are going to be some kpop terms and kpop reaction pics. as long as people are blindly defending their faves or trying to start fanwars we should be fine

No. 241291

*aren't blindly defending their faves

No. 241294

I read one too many incredibly shallow interpretations of "The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas" because of fucking Spring Day. Le Guin is rolling in her grave.

The time travel stuff is kind of neat, if vague and poorly executed. I love that korean fans are completely uninterested in the story lines and find them useless, and prefer more conventional kpop videos. they want their dancing twinks and they want them NOW.

No. 241295


I agree. And tbqh, I prefer the shitty kpop reaction memes over shittily drawn art or yet another stale 9gag memes.


As a German, if I see another bad Nietzsche/Herman Hesse quote in one of their MVs I'm gonna throw up. German poetry/prose seems to be the new rage and I bet you that RM only "reads" it to sound artistic.
Read some Rilke or Thomas Mann if you want to go Bildungsroman, you fucking animal.

No. 241298

OT but I found myself really liking the Spring Day teaser. Was massively underwhelmed when the actual MV came out. I was hoping for the diatonic harmonization they put in the teaser, not for some incoherent warbling with forced artistry. The landscape shots were so pretty, why ruin it with too-deep metaphors?

No. 241313

Don't feel bad anon, she sound like she has a stick up her ass, you need to be a special kind of tard to be bothered by kpop reaction pic.

No. 241317

File: 1523431777261.gif (1.53 MB, 500x248, dyoiuPoD1sfqtcb_500.gif)

Idk if it's because koreans are more awkward people in general but their concept of sexiness baffles me, gif related Exo Sehun's noodle-in-the-wind body rolling is supposed to be sexy? I actually laughed when I saw that part in Lotto. Same for the Sistar "touch my body" choreo, they look like they're trying to wash pee of their leg when they do their little butt shaking… It's ridiculous.

No. 241328

File: 1523443925018.gif (5.74 MB, 638x648, J5FCCyc.gif)

You should check out their episode on Knowing Bros, his abs are very real

Also, fair treatment and everything aside, but imo SM has cast at least some attractive (and talented) members for every group - a thing smaller agencies can't afford.

Yuta fit their ideal face pattern perfectly, yet they destroyed him (or maybe he himself wanted to?), i never knew that he once looked actually cute, his jaw wasn't even wide to begin with, wth

No. 241331

I can't stop laughing at that little leg lift at the end what the fuck

No. 241341


Maybe they are now, but in Kokobop they looked 100% fake.Growing up has kind of hurt Kai's looks, tbh, he was cute once upon a time but now looks like a cuck.

Also disagree with
> smaller agencies can't afford attractive members
What's with the superabundance of PS done in SK, I severely doubt that. No agency takes someone who isn't at least moderately attractive. The talent they can shill and cop and make someone a "visual" or rapper if they can't do anything, and both attractiveness/talent can be enhanced.

No. 241344

Actually Wendy is the main vocalist. To me this sounds exactly like exo's transformer performace in the music award. Exo, in that situation was extremely tired, but i don't know if the girls of red velvet were tired or not.

No. 241345

>Using cuck unironically
You sound like a robot

No. 241346

That was during Kokobop promos

No. 241352

It was a stylish fart anon

No. 241367

File: 1523458496569.jpg (7.91 KB, 289x317, 36dad875adc587d4114948f579ab64…)

I for one will continue to heartily enjoy each and every Kpop reaction I stumble across. There could be so much more annoying things you could be salty about, why choose imageboard memes?

No. 241378

Can i just say how much the BTS fans nickname "armys" annoys the fuck out of me? Besides the fact they have to screech it on every comment section they encounter and hoard up their annoying cult together, it's such a stupid name, like i would get it if the general fandom was called an "army" as a whole but one fan calling themselves that makes no fucking sense. Petty I know. And a lot of kpop fandoms, if not all, come across as pretty cult-like, especially the ones in Korea, i'm not gonna lie they scare the crap out of me.

Anyway, i don't understand this intense need of most fans to put their biases or favourite groups on such high standards and cry about how revolutionary they are. I enjoy EXO but they're nowhere near an amazing groundbreaking level of musicality, they hardly write or direct their own songs or choreography (apart from Kai). You can enjoy someone's work and admit it's not amazing or a huge impact on the music industry, chill the hell out and just have some fun with the songs if you like them. I think it's just the mindset people have, that if they like an idol they want them to be the best at everything and a """legend""" so they can justify liking them to other ppl. Meh, just wait until these fourteen year old fangirls grow up and realise they were dedicating their whole life around a highly manufactured band with mediocre tracks they've forgotten about and have made little lasting impact on anything. It cracks me up when i see them praising and intensely analysing a kpop song, i'm like dude, it's a fucking throwaway bubblegum pop dance song, shut up.

No. 241389

ARMY stands for "Adorable Representative M.C for Youth", which is even worse than army and also makes no sense

No. 241396

>literally trying to take over asia
Please stop.

That's like saying that Germany shouldn't be allowed to export cars and whatnot in countries they invaded before.
Guess what, those countries want cars and they also want Jpop.

I know that saying this is annoying, but your thought process of "you once did something evil and therefore should be punished forever" is so typically american SJW…

I'm looking forward to it, since i bet it's gonna be pretty lulzy.

No. 241399


The "touch my body" dance was mocked by koreans themselves for being so stupid as well lol


Damn, Sana's voice is so much better here. I also hate Momo's nasally voice, I wish they would drop that façade already and let them do more mature concepts, like vid related. I doesn't need to go full on sekushiness, but something a bit more adult like. I like some of TWICE's cute stuff, but pumping it out year after year is cringy and repetitive. All the members are adults, I don't know why they do it, I guess because they already stablished themselves as a cutesy group? I don't think they would lose their fanbase with something more mature, but alas


Receipts on Nayeon being a bitch? I don't think the "oh she was rude to a fan once" counts, i think it has to be a reocurrying thing


Singing and dancing, especially if they are tired, is hard. They are usually pretty on pitch, and when they sing without prancing around, they sound better (like everyone else in the world)

No. 241406

I like this performance it's sexy without being disturbing, kpop mix sexiness and childliness way to often. I guess they stick to the cutesy stuff because it's what their fanbase want to see.

Am I hallucinating or are they wearing very obvious hip/butt pads?

No. 241409


>Am I hallucinating or are they wearing very obvious hip/butt pads

I don't see it, but I don't doubt it either lel
I think the pants are a bit chunky and also that their radio things (i really don't know the name of it) are making it look off. But my eyesight is shit.

No. 241410

File: 1523473849850.png (1.92 MB, 820x1364, jihyo.png)

People pointed out that Nayeon was wearing hip pads in the Heart Shaker MV

Jihyo quite obviously wears padded bras, despite her fans arguing that she's just fluffy/squishy/has a big heart or some other bullshit

No. 241412

File: 1523474221868.jpg (55.1 KB, 599x402, IMG_2913.JPG)

What do you guys think of GOT7?

I feel bad for them. Their only good song "If You Do" was their first promotional track with a sleek and darker concept. Instead of just sticking to that, JYP made the brilliant decision of having his group switch back to shitty dance tracks immediately after. They'd be way more nugu if it weren't for their international fans and still can't be popular domestically. Also Jackson's probably their only charismatic member so that must set them back. The guy gave up a Stanford scholarship to be stuck in this group.

No. 241420

File: 1523475812448.jpg (21.12 KB, 500x369, estilo-top.jpg)


Not sure if padded (because they look like pic related on the second pic), but the second one has indeed more support so her breasts are no sagging like in the first pic. They seem awfully fitted, too low and not supportive at all. Either she looks way better on the second pic, good for her lol

Also, the hip pads are sooo bad lmao
Nayeon has a nice figure, as seen is this video, why you she use that? Unless she's wearing it there as well kek

No. 241422

File: 1523475986186.png (75.47 KB, 222x207, 89743847BF9D8FDS82.png)

She has an incel tier profile/chin, kek.

No. 241425

don't you mean a legbeard/sjw chin? so many women i know that are shit sjws have these receding chins.

No. 241429

File: 1523476564373.png (462.29 KB, 680x535, BQzN55B.png)

Topkek anon!

No. 241430

File: 1523476578104.png (402.25 KB, 588x598, 1523136654792.png)


Why do you care if anon said incel instead of "legbeard"? Are you one?

No. 241432

we really can't have any nice thread without it derailing in ''you're a female incel!!!!!!'' these days

No. 241433


Probably the lower angle of the video didn't help her case, but I lol'd nonetheless

She's rarely on full profile on her pics as well, know we know why

No. 241434

File: 1523476885791.jpg (83.29 KB, 736x1104, af79f1d4d7f2201a7fd8a7b6a3011f…)

And Rapmonster looks like a mix between an ape (or neanderthal) and somebody with downs

No. 241435


I wasn't even accusing anon of being a female incel, just straight up male incel.

Someone should make a incel/chad meme featuring Nayeon and Somi kek

No. 241437

Why Somi though?

No. 241442

File: 1523477583399.jpg (1.45 MB, 1200x1801, Jeon.Somi.full.91639.jpg)


She was the first one I thought because she has a ""stronger"" jaw, and some koreans are salty about her, saying she looks old because she's mixed and shit like that. So I thought something like "Mixed Race Chad Somi"

No. 241443

File: 1523477626230.png (75.74 KB, 1356x894, got7.PNG)

They're nugu to the general korean public but they have a stable fanbase there and their album & EP sales are improving.

No. 241444

i mean she's a girl, why would you say she looks like an incel when tumblr girls look like that.

No. 241448

File: 1523477962015.jpeg (5.94 KB, 263x192, 9893840.jpeg)

Because of all the meme incels make about their receding chin and nonexistent jaw.

No. 241450


Just ignore it, it's probably just a triggered dude with an incel chin. Noone else would take that shit so personally.

No. 241451

how did anyone take it personally, i was making a joke. calm down.

No. 241452

Nta, but you seem a bit triggered, can you stop assuming everyone is a robot? It's also a common joke that SJWs look like shitty incels, even I got what anon meant.

No. 241453

God guys stfu, the incel "joke" was cringy anyways, and so was the SJW joke. Stop fucking fighting and calling people incels it's embarassing.

No. 241457

yeah actually if we keep this up we'll end up like those dudes that call ANYONE with colorful hair an sjw or feminazi and the word will lose its meaning and comedic value

No. 241461

File: 1523479777653.gif (974.76 KB, 250x282, suho singing face.gif)

that whole excuse of " they were tired" doesn't make sense to me. I'm pretty sure everyone that day was tired and sounded way better than them. Don't they train to sing and dance at the same time for years?? I don't even get how suho a person that trained for 6 years in the industry and still sounds like shit

gif related

No. 241464


I wasn't triggered, I just thought it was dumb to question a silly joke in the first place, as if the joke didn't make sense. That's why I assumed it was a butthurt robot because "f-females are ugly too!!"
Anyway, moving on…


I mean, anon, they are still humans, you're still gonna need to catch your breath or sing some notes off-key if you're moving a lot. This video was posted on the least thread and you can see that singin standing still vs while dancing affects your voice drastically. Can't comment on the dude on your gif, though, I don't know him. But I know that most RV girls can sing (Yeri being the weakest one as expected)

No. 241468

Loona fans are the Rick and Morty fans of the Kpop world.

No. 241469

File: 1523481713195.jpg (50.01 KB, 468x658, 35c36m1.jpg)

But their ability to sing and dance simultaniously is what supposedly makes them superior to western artists…

Thoughts on this?
Really fake or did they only claim it's not real and that they actually eat "2000 kcal per meal" because of the backlash they received?

No. 241470

She looks really cute. I hope she won't fall into the vline surgery meme.

No. 241472

this is def real, it's honestly similar to some standard diets of japanese and koreans. (which is terrifying)

also anon, you should know by now, kpop fans have yellow fever and they were already those types who think "normie" shit is lame and gross.

No. 241473

Does anyone watch any kpop youtuber reactors here? I try to watch them but they are so bad and fake. a great example is jremkl


That video is more about mr removed videos but I get what the guy is saying. One these nights is a great song vocally and I don't even think people remember that song all that well. All they did was just stand around and sing so of course, everyone would be stable. I just wanted to point out a flaw on a performance that everyone was praising. but they get scouted and trained for this stuff so I don't get it. Yeah they're humans anon but that live was bad lol they need good stamina and since they train for years it shouldn't be that hard.

No. 241474

I can believe it. Although it looks a lot better than other Koreans dieting (more variation) but japanese and koreans alike always pull this shit when they diet. They’d rather eat one chicken breast with 5 leaves of lettuce, an apple, and a small yogurt for their whole days calories and then wonder why they cant last 1 day on a diet or why they rebound and gain all of their weight back

No. 241476

File: 1523483197343.gif (389.46 KB, 500x224, E82939A1-702E-484A-97F4-B0D68C…)

Genie was probably the best and the healthiest they all looked. The styling was good to, non of taeyeons washed out blonde or bland outfits like the past 4 or so years.

No. 241483

File: 1523486108151.jpg (85.76 KB, 660x556, sunmi.jpg)

Did Sunmi have any work done to her face? I didn't follow her in her early days, just saw some old pictures and she looked pretty different from now. She looks great though, so good for her

No. 241487

File: 1523487700613.gif (1.85 MB, 268x350, giphy.gif)

I really wish Jeonghan hadn't cut his hair. It's what made him standout. He looks like everyone else now.
Why do most Kpop idols have that bowl cut?

No. 241493

If I had to choose one song I like most from Twice, it's "Likey". But I CANNOT STAND the rapping part. It's the most cringiest mess. Why does every Kpop group need to have rappers?
>bonus cringe points for the dab at 3:00

No. 241502

Even though he looks kinda weird he has something that makes him quite endearing like an ugly puppy (in my opinion looking natural is much better than looking like a plastic monster like most of his group)

No. 241505

File: 1523496069824.jpg (67.43 KB, 610x497, IMG_2921.JPG)

BTS has some pretty uggo to average-looking members but the only (noticeably) plastic/non-natural member is J-hope with his pointy nose. I guess it's reasonable to speculate that Jungkook has had work done on his eyes. The thing is though is that he hasn't reached Gangnam oppa(?) tier (like NCT's Taeyong) so even if he did get a ton of work done, he still looks pretty natural.

No. 241506

He seems the most natural to me after Taehyung. But if he did get anything done, I wondee why he didn't he get his massive nose, ugly teeth, and cheek scar fixed? Same thing with Jimin. Always wondered why they let him debut with that crooked front teeth and the general…puffiness..of his face.

No. 241509

I think nobody enjoys Army bullshit and at this part it's become somewhat a meme. Not like the other big name fandoms are/were better. Exo fans used to be terrifying at their concerts, same goes for SuJu, BB, Shinee and if you wanna go further g.o.d. had some crazy fangirls after they disbanded.

Every group has some cult-like fans, that's not limited to BTS. Though we experience it harder because there's a) so many of them internationally and b) they're so vocal about it by using the same tired catchphrases. BB fans were much the same, but they weren't as known internationally.

No. 241510

Just Right was cancer. The worst I've heard this year along with Candy Pop. And that's a fucking feat from a group approaching non-nugu status.

No. 241511

I read somewhere they were going for "the boy next door" look.

No. 241512

File: 1523497673457.jpg (229.21 KB, 829x651, zNWO9DU.jpg)

Lots of fans are pretty sure that she got her nose done. I think her eyes might have also been fixed. Other changes could be attributed to her dieting.

No. 241513

Can we stop defending RM already. He's ugly. That's literally it.
I agree with you about Jungkook having work done. He's at least had his nose done (twice, because you see his nostrils tightening and the rhinoplastic scar at the bottom between 2015-2017), his teeth fixed and his eyes done. Somewhere after BST he stopped looking fully natural to me.

No. 241518

Whoa what
How on earth do they live eating like this?
Asian diets are so fascinating/terrifying to me
Are eating disorders a common thing for kpop Stars?

No. 241519

Can it be considered an eating disorder if they have no choice but starving themselves? Legit question, I don't know if an eating disorder can be defined by intake alone. Managers literally force them to diet but if they want popularity they don't have a choice either way. I'm sure many of them have eating disorders but eating very little is just the norm for them and a part of the job regardless of whether or not they have a healthy mindset about food.

No. 241521

Is it bad to say that I honestly don't think V is as handsome as people say he is? There's something really weird about his nose that I can't put my finger on.

No. 241523

Guys, do you know where you are. This isn't the youtube comment section. This is lolcow. We rag on people all the time, V looks like has a PS'd form of Down's Syndrome.

>Are eating disorders a common thing for kpop Stars?

Fucking lol.

No. 241524

File: 1523501008620.jpg (27.86 KB, 564x564, 7349caf828de22bc75710475035fcc…)

Anyway these diets are fucking wild
what is it with them and sweet potato?

No. 241526


No. 241527

How does she have an ass with a diet like that?

No. 241528

Sweet potato is a pretty common and tasty starch in the korean diet.
Tbh if I was gonna be a starving bitch I'd pick a sweet potato to eat too.

I assume the plain chicken breasts and boiled eggs are low-cal ways to get protein so her body doesn't start to cannibalize itself.

What ass?

No. 241530

There's this thing called photoshop. Don't know if you've heard of it.

No. 241541

File: 1523508436428.gif (3.4 MB, 400x461, zhIuXLC.gif)

Seolhyun doesn't really have one. She just has great (slender) proportions and knows how to pose.

No. 241554

File: 1523512812326.jpg (49.53 KB, 1366x768, BTS-on-The-Ellen-DeGeneres-Sho…)

I thought he looked really handsome on Ellen but that's because you could see his face proportion (while still hiding his massive 5head). They kinda make him look like a little child with the bowl cute since it only show the very round bottom part of his face and hide his brows. Same with BST era the mini fringe looked great on him. But Idol's beauty is always waaaay exaggerated by their fanbases + oversold by their company like Irene lying about people taking trip to her town just to see her face for a second, lmao, and her fans believe it. Taehyung's fan called him "the god of beauty" after the seo taiji concert and nicknamed him CGV because he's supposedly so beautiful he look like computer generated graphic, it's all very over the top;

No. 241565

i think jhope kinda looks like a less botched male version of park bom

No. 241567

File: 1523519379525.jpg (18.06 KB, 448x252, 054704085707EC526A0A460442F5DD…)

Something that i've always wondered when seeing all these crazy diets - could it be that Koreans, or (East) Asians, just have extremely low BMRs in general?

Of course there are some idols that look downright ana-tier, but many who admit to eating very little actually look quite good? E.g. Seolhyun and Hong Jin Young both said they only eat one (small) meal a day, yet i'd say both of them look healthy, Jin Young is even on the curvier side. I know that they're shorter and have less muscle mass on average, but nevertheless…

As a stupid teenager i starved myself and even though i still ate twice as much (or even more) than them, it was enough to transform me into a skeleton within just a short time. Many of my friends are skinny and told to eat more, yet the amount they consume would be considered gluttonous by korean standards and i only know one out of many chinese students at my Uni who didn't balloon up within a month, because they counldn't handle our fatty food and big portions.

So, maybe since all Koreans eat very healthy and little since childhood, their bodies are used to that and therefore it'll take them really extreme measures to be able to lose weight?

(Pic is Hong Jin Young)

No. 241569

Well, they're short and small so they would definitely have low BMRs. Just like Asians get obesity related health issues at a lower weight, they can stay healthy at a lower weight and avoid looking skeletal the way a non asian might at the same weight/height.

I don't think it has much to do with how healthy or how much they eat during childhood, they're just smaller people with lower energy requirements. Idols have to diet to an extreme extent because of the pressure and because the camera adds weight.

No. 241570

File: 1523521188146.jpg (64.5 KB, 500x373, tumblr_o1dvhsSJvz1v1yhlko1_500…)

It's terrible that Kpop gains more and more popularity in the west, with many dumb kids attempting to imitate those "diets" or thinking they als should weigh 45kg without realzing that they need a lot more and can be a lot heavier without looking any bigger or "fat".
Katy Perry doesn't look much different, but weighs 15kg more.

No. 241573

this can't possibly be her real diet. didn't koots popteen managers do something similar with a fakeass diet to pretend she was a waif that never poops? i think they do the same for these idols.

No. 241575

There are so many interviews there she complains about having to starve, why would she do that if it wasn't real?

No. 241576

Idols lie about everything guys, you can't believe anything that come out of their mouth. It's like Bts claiming to train for 12 hours a day or Kai saying he only weight 60 kg, bullshit.

No. 241577

if that's all she ate, she'd be ashley isaac's lvl spoopy, unless she's only starving like that for half a week and then eating normally, which would make no sense and be useless.

even with lowered bmr, one meal a day of sweet potatoes and chicken breast isn't enough to avoid turning into a bag of bones

No. 241580

It's possible to eat 1200+ calories of those things in one sitting and call it a meal, anon. There's just no way to know. The first thing you said sounds way more plaussible; starving a couple days a week and eating normally in between photoshoots, schedules.

No. 241581

lol, i doubt she's doing that. so she can have a 1200+ sweet potato and chicken food baby for the rest of the day? not a hot look. i never considered that a possibility because it's pretty retarded, especially considering an idol's schedule.

and why advertise starving if you're eating regularly most days? why not say you typically eat normal food when you aren't busy? idk, there's clearly an image they want to portray here, and it's to play up the idea that they're ethereal waifs that don't need food.

No. 241583

>i doubt she's doing that
based on what exactly? starving yourself isn't exactly common sense yet these kids do it thoughtlessly so why wouldn't it be plausible she binge eats those foods when she has her meal time. seolhyun isn't the one that does the one meal a day thing.
>why not say you typically eat normal food when you aren't busy
no idea, that's a good point actually. i'd love to see the context of these diets. like were they asked what they eat on an average day, or diet foods for when they need to lose weight?
who really cares dbh, bottom of the line is all idols starve and are retarded to do so when they could just eat their TDEE and not live off literal peasant foods.

No. 241589


did Kai actually say that or did the fans make that up in a fake quote or something? I really don't see the reason behind them saying he's at such an unhealthy weight, it's like they want their idols to be sick or something for the sake of being the thinnest - it seems almost barbaric

No. 241590

Can we cut the diet-sperg.

No. 241592

No. 241598

I'll probably never get Korea's seniority system.

In this video V called out Jin for being too slow, yet Jin kept insisting that he's already doing his best.
Afterwards he did apologize, but also said that he should never forget that he's the older one and therefore critizising him will "hurt his pride".
They're both in their 20s and Jin's only 3 years older, yet V is not allowed to say that he's a shitty dancer because of their age difference…?

No. 241603

Yeah it's very embarrassing, Jin is the worst performer of them all regardless of age he should be way more humble but since their culture say that you're automatically the most valuable / your opinion hold more weight just by being slightly older it must really bother him when one of the younger members criticize his work. Ffs there are story of little korean kid fighting because one is older by a few month and wants to be called hyung, idk what this system bring them.

No. 241605

It must be so counterproductive, not only for BTS but in general in Korea. Someone shouldn't be exempted from criticism from someone else just because they're older than them. How are they supposed to improve if they only listen to those who are older than them?

No. 241608

it's basically an asian thing. people who are older or who've been working somewhere longer than you get to play the card, regardless of how smart or mature they are, it's pretty stupid.

No. 241612

But nevertheless good for Taehyung for daring to call him out.
One day they'll split and then we'll see who's able to survive on his own… (hint: not Jin; their fans are going to drop him like a hot potato once they no longer need to pretend he's of any use)

No. 241614

I also got the impression that she panders to them the most.
I'm the same age as her and just the thought of pretending to suck my thumb and looking "innocent" while wearing pigtails makes me wanna puke.

That's why i also can't find it funny or cute when she does fanservice with one of the younger members. Pairing up an adult man with an underage girl would be creepy, so why is it okay if it's two girls?

No. 241616

Jungkook will survive as a soloist easily when he's in his late 20s, and probably do better than if he stayed in a group, he reminds me of Rain a bit. V could go solo and do ballads and OSTs if he would just get some fucking vocal coaching, but instead he'll probably just do mediocre acting and modeling. RM and Suga could survive as producers and songwriters, maybe rappers without much commercial success in Korea. J-hope would do well as a choreographer and on variety shows. Jin could do well on TV; talk shows and food shows. But I have no idea what the fuck Jimin would do. He's an alright singer and dancer but it seems like he'd break down on his own. If he's lucky, he might become a watered down version of solo Taemin.

No. 241618

File: 1523543938854.png (50.8 KB, 841x373, delusion - convince yourself.p…)

True, I looked better and she obviously got a nosejob. Her new nose is super cute and fits her face much better imo, it's indeed a good job. Of course her crazy "stans" will deny anything until their last breath though, even with photo and video proof in front of their eyes.

Now that I think of it, can we discuss hardcore fans and their denial for PS? As far as I know, in Korea PS is pretty much accepted, and Korean fans know that idols get some work done 99% of times. Western fans though have a hard time accepting that, and get seriously defensive. Which is ironic, because by acting as if PS is the worst crime you could commit they're being judgemental towards their own "faves", that's way more offensive than pointing out obvious plastic surgery.
Usually you see the same behavior from neckbeards obsessed with cosplayers like Nigri, and neckbeards do that thinking it could give them a chance to sleep with the girl. But why do kpop stans do that? They're often hetero girls, defending girl idols. What do they gain?

No. 241619

You're saying this as if idol personalities aren't constructed/forced by their companies. Groups are supposed to have members with varied personalities to fulfill specific roles and appeal to more fans after all. Jungyeon has said in interviews that she hates the tomboy image she has in TWICE, yet she's still styled more boyish-ly than other members to stand out from the other girly members. Not trying to justify the fan service itself because I do think it's gross. Just saying it's possible that Nayeon is being told to play up fan service to cater to male fans rather than doing it willingly.

No. 241620

I think it's because they live through them, that's why take it very personally when you point obvious PS or shitty attitudes.

No. 241622

A lot of the fans who call out older male fans or older boy groups like Super Junior don't care about age issues when they can sperg over two girls pretending to kiss. They're worse for defending Hani though, she loses her shit over 16-17 year old girls and talks about how much she loves them and would gawk at them "sexy dancing" when she was on Weekly Idol. It's creepy as hell but if they can twist it to make it seem like their fave is super progressive rather than as conservative as we know a lot of idols will be then they will

No. 241623

Big Hit should have debuted Jin as an actor or entertainer rather than forcing him into an idol group when he still can't dance, sing, or rap too well even after all of these years. I think it's believable when Jin says that he can't move any faster than V asked him to when they practiced. That means he's just not really cut out to be a performer, and he probably got defensive because V's criticism further reinforces Jin's often-perceived uselessness.

No. 241624

File: 1523545006476.png (120.34 KB, 657x900, wanna one.PNG)

Idol's having fake persona's reminded me of Wanna One's scandal
Basically they were set up to livestream but it started sooner than they thought and said some very un-idol like things.
Fans are shocked that their baby boys could say such things!!!

No. 241625

File: 1523545303660.gif (3.76 MB, 224x501, ejfnr6a8aajh.gif)

i'd say Sana is more deliberate than Nayeon at the fanservice stuff. She does a lot of "accidentally" pulling her skirt up too far in performances or videos, it's just part of the ditzy bimbo act, even if it's hard to see how much is an act and how much is just her being an airhead

i've noticed too that when she does fanservice with other members they often try to pull away and fans just joke about what a cute pervert she is

No. 241626

Lmao this is so cringy, 16 yrs old guy say the same exact shit in every part of the world. I can't blame the fan for being disappointed, idols are trained to act like perfect little angels to the point where some fans are convinced 20+ yrs old idols are still virgins despite being super famous and having girls trowing themselves at them.

No. 241627

File: 1523545575467.jpg (176.58 KB, 720x3300, IMG_2922.JPG)

I mean, is it any surprise then that Sana is usually ranked as the #1 favorite member among male fans for faking a high-pitched voice and possibly faking a dumb blonde personality?

No. 241635

I'm surprised Sana is so popular, she always seemed so fake.

No. 241636

That isn't really a surprise. If you really believe idols behave all cuddly and pure IRL in the same way they do during livestreams/shows/BTS, you're a fucking retard. Even the behind-the-scenes are majorly set up and they definitely act different than when they're by themselves.

Those kids are teenage boys. If they wouldn't behave like that, I'd be worried. Almost every boy/young man behaves like a douchebag until their brain matures, none of them are the "pure smol bois" their fans insist on them being. None of that is their real persona, that's just a way to catch fangirls.

No. 241637

I'm soooooo tired of the media playing up the "oh this girl's an aegyo little perv so kawaii uguu~" shit. Fucking gross. If one of my friends tried to pull up my skirt/grope me in public I'd slap the shit out of them whether they'd be male or female. Isn't she 23? That's fucking embarrassing.

No. 241639

>Free handjobs

No. 241649

File: 1523555673490.gif (1.19 MB, 268x275, 1522271987442.gif)

I think the main difference between Sana and Nayeon (and the reason i think the latter more) is, that Sana seems just genuinely dumb. She simply realized that acting dizzy made her popular and just continues doing that.
Nayeon however seems a lot more calculating and less forced. There are many instances there nobody but her is acting up for the camera - yet she still does it. That's more than just living up to the cutesy image that's pushed on them by their agency on stage or fansigns.

No. 241650

*and the reason i hate the latter more

No. 241655

File: 1523557123536.gif (3.14 MB, 480x270, okay.gif)


When I first watched Likey, this really bugged me as well. Nayeon's aegyo seems really contrived, but they keep putting her into center roles for cutesy moves.

No. 241657


I really don't think Sana is genuinely dumb (and I mean, we could dwell further into the definition of dumb here, there are many types of dumb/intelligent), I think she just plays the part too well, kinda like "where do her true personality starts and where the act ends" sort of thing? I don't know if I can explain it properly. In Japan they call it Burikko, and she's from there. So I am guessing she's well versed with this kind of act.

No. 241658

>a Japanese martial art

My sides.

No. 241659

Lmao, I can't believe men really enjoy this shit.

No. 241660

File: 1523558597918.jpg (63.59 KB, 381x600, Melonpan.jpg)

Well that was cringy

No. 241671

This mv shows a more subtle and realistic demonstration of how burikko works.

No. 241674

I don't think any real man enjoys it. Maybe some weeb redpiller who needs his women to be cutesy and subservient would, but my boyfriend would be horrified if I suddenly started acting like a preteen ditz. Men with common sense like their women smart, not bimbo-ish.

No. 241676


I actually really love this MV lol they made Burikko less annoying (I knew some burikko IRL and even though they were not garish, it was still annoying and obvious if you're not an oblivious man)
I know that this >>241657 is pretty exagerated, but I do think Sana's act is closer to the "regular guy" part of the video for most of the time. Not so subtle, but still an obvious cutesy act.

The only men that like that (to my experience) are 1- really dumb men (any age) that think it's the girl being quirky and unique, but some wise up after a while 2- "Uncle type" men that don't care if it's fake or not, they just like seeing women being dumb, fragile and lesser than a man.

No. 241684

I was looking Burikko up, found this video and who is one of the only negative comments?!
Shoeonhead's fat blob of a husband.
Of course he has to disagree with a man that doesn't find grown women acting like children sexy…

Also, i'd say that it's basically like a toned down version of aegyo, but it's never dropped in the presence of men, especially the one that the woman likes - or in Sana's case if she's being filmed.

No. 241691

Twice acting childish/doing aegyo is nothing on this gross shit. OMG have totally flown under my radar so Idk if the rest of their stuff is this bad but holy crap. I usually love anything 8bit but this is actual ear rape.

No. 241692

File: 1523569989463.jpg (139.47 KB, 800x1200, h6TEwdc.jpg)

Sorry for samefag but this girl is OLDER than Nayeon. She's almost 24. I literally can't.

No. 241694

When cows spill over… Lmao.

No. 241704

Some of their previous promotional tracks are pretty good and not overly-cutesy. 'Closer' is my favorite but 'Secret Garden' is good too. Their concept is cutesy-ish but they've never released anything that actually sounds this bad and lolified until 'Banana Allergy Monkey' so fans like me and K-netz are confused and thinking wtf.

No. 241711

I would have been more ok with Banana Allergy Monkey if it had been the theme song for a kids' movie or something, not a serious release. It's truly bizarre.

No. 241719

>1. [+639, -48] Controversy aside, this entire song just sounds like something kids in pre-school would listen to…?
>7. [+23, -9] Why are they acting like this as adults? They're purposely singing in baby voices too ㅡㅡ
>9. [+17, -3] It's obvious they're trying to go for that 'bizarre' concept like Orange Caramel but there's nothing fresh or new about them, they just suck… their concept, outfit, song, all so tacky… and they need a stand out member but they didn't even include Yooa…

At least it's reassuring to know a decent number of Koreans don't like this garbage.

No. 241724

it annoys me so much that loona is such a big group (12 members) with one of the best and most intriguing concept and YET they lack so much in talent.

ONE. one out of twelve members is a competent vocalist.

they don't have THAT main dancer that you can tell is the main dancer. Like Momo, Seulgi, etc…

They can't act too well either.

To be HONEST, a lot of the members should have not debuted with the group.
BBC (their company) had them (50 trainees) COMPETE against each other for a spot in in the group and i don't know how some members made it in.

Also, all of those trainees were pushed aside for the last 4 members who are new to the company. SERIOUSLY? were they that terrible that GOWON was better?

So here is a list of the members that make me question why they are in:

Yeojin (too young and childish)
Vivi(lacks talent everywhere)
Choerry (lacks talent in singing for the big role she's got in the group as one of the most important members)
Gowon (just why? i mean she's pretty but she's so average even in dancing and her voice isn't too good)

i wish kpop groups were smaller and just with members that HAVE talent. i think the girls are debuting way TOO SOON and they'll end up criticized like Twice once they're put together.

No. 241730

>But I have no idea what the fuck Jimin would do.

Twink porn?

No. 241733

Sorry but what are fake abs?

No. 241735

Avatarfagging is looked down on, regardless of what kind of images you use

No. 241762

>implying anyone would want to watch that
Wasn't he studying contemporary balet before bts?
Maybe geting into some obscure contemporary dance crew. I can see paying fans that understand or care about dance for shit, but want to see their oppa on stage.

No. 241768

So many K-pop fangirls are into yaoi and shipping guy group members. There are also a consoderable amount of gay male K-pop fans and BTS is a popular group right now. I have no doubt that there's an audience that would gleefully watch Jimin get railed in the ass.

No. 241783

I think you kind of missed the point of >>241367…?

He looks like an ugly seal, though… If I'd want to watch twink porn it should at least be someone handsome/pretty.

No. 241789


Can any kind soul explain to me what exactly is loona? I enjoy some songs but I don't understand at all what they "are", why they are so praised? What is the concept? I just thought it was 3 girls from the MV I saw. What is odd eye circle?




I had a looot of korean friends on 8th grade (14 years old in my country), they were usually a bit older them me but some were younger. I was always kinda confused with the hierarchy, but tried my best to respect it, they didn't push it too much on me cause I was not korean. I think something that always confused me was why they'd never payed the bill equally, it was the older the one to pay and then it was kinda "agreed on" who was going to be the next one to pay. looking back if I knew better I would have scolded a girl that was my junior that was rude to me for not knowing that I should've taken off my shoes at her house (she kinda yelled at me), but well I was too embarrassed anyway

No. 241790

>Can any kind soul explain to me what exactly is loona?
An upcoming girlgroup that's about to debut. They have 3 subunits, odd eye circle is one of them and since last year they've been releasing solo song of each member and subunit songs.

No. 241792

i believe it is a song for an add for banana milk, just from reading the comments. so it's a little more understandable but still tf.

No. 241793

woops was meant to be reply to this

No. 241797

has anyone seen this video? the absolute bitterness radiating from those girls watching is hilarious

No. 241799

Many of the girls watching have prettier faces than Hyosung.
The only way her dance could get any "sexier" would be if she downright strips - disliking another women objectifying herself like that has nothing to do with jealousy, they're simply disgusted.

No. 241800

Eh, if you're not a horny guy (or lesbian) there isn't much enjoyment to get in watching this performance, it's not as great as the screaming guys make it seems, she is just rotating her hips very smoothly in every direction possible and throwing some assdrop lmao, there isn't anything very catchy or impressive imo. Plenty of fangirls enjoy sexy dancing (like Something by Girl's day or Gashina by Sunmi) but I would probably be quite bored too if I saw that performance live.

No. 241802

The comments are so dumb…
>why can't girl just uplift and hype each other up. Ugh I can't stand it. Specially the girl in the middle wearing white. Jealousy is an ugly thing hun.

Why would i uplift a girl who's only value resolves around her body? Isn't she the one that constantly says in interview that she doesn't like getting reduced to her big boobs only? Good job at showing off other qualities there…
The tall girl in the back even shakes her head at around 1:40, that's not jealousy.

No. 241804

tbh if i was in that group of girls and saw the part where hyosung had her boobs grabbed,i would have a disgusted look too.also the guys screaming was so ridiculous i get why the girls watching would have such expressions

No. 241805

Guys you do realise that this is literally SNL? Just the Korean version? They're doing that for comedic effect…

No. 241807

I don't because we dont have SNL in my country and I haven't really watched it
I guess context matters but still

No. 241809

That does not change the fact that she's okay with having her boobs grabbed for "comedic effect".
Whenever i see something like this or the opposite, girls acting like literal babies, i always wonder what their parents think when watching this.
Especially since so many idols seem to be from wealthy families, why do they allow that?
I would be so ashamed… Have some self respect, but i guess that's considered "slutshaming" nowadays…

No. 241811

Well anon posted the video just saying "look at those jelly women!!" so we all took it seriously. And the whole wah women hate other beautiful/sexy women is so old no one caught it was supposed to be a joke, not even in the comment section.

No. 241833

And now the management of Wanna One says everyone "misheard". Highlights include
>the word meditation was misunderstood as masturbation
>one kid's "i have to get used to this" was misunderstood as "i have to swear ahead of time, f*"
>"why don't we get paid more and sleep more" is apparently a ~reference~ to a rap?

So, really guise!!!!!1! We all misheard! They're reallly just pure smol bois! pls no bulli! ;'(((((((((

No. 241834


Lmao, the comments are fucking gold.

>Omg! I hope this is real and everyone who hates wanna one know.. I'm relieve now.. Thank u for making me sleep again

>see ugh! This is what I'm saying, so all this was a misunderstanding and mistranslation.

>i dont really care actually..you see like mah boys Got7 sometimes accidentally curse on videos, they sometimes mispronounce words as curse words but they didnt get criticized.,other idols make green jokes but they didnt get criticized too. but why Wanna One??because they are famous that's why some people pull them down?? they are making this issue big. my goodness. even if this is true (thank goodness this is not true XD) instead of bashing them, sending them hate messages I will help them become more mature because that's what real fans are. i dont know why some of the "fans" criticize them, maybe they are not real fans because of what gey are doing.

And my personal favourite:

> Rosanna Inez Mashanis: I wAtched the video and listened to it and I know how Korean curse words and it did not sound like he was cursing, I too saw that the staff were laughing, so CASE CLOSED!!!!😎😎😎

Well, case closed, gals. Rosanna Inez Mashanis said she listened to it and they DIDN'T swear! That means every other argument is automatically invalid. We all better humbly apologize to those poor, traumatized baby boys who were only ~misunderstood~.

No. 241847

Why is it always those diehard latina or sea fans defending idols the most?

No. 241851

>free handjobs
That banter is fucking hilarious, I suddenly like these guys. Why is it such a taboo that adults swear or talk about sex? I am convinced kpop fans are female neckbeards at this point who are there for their m'lady.

No. 241854

It's only really taboo amongst fans who spend a fucktonne of money, time and effort on being their fan. I cant blame someone for not wanting to do that for a typical crude teenage boy, you can find those anywhere and they dont cost you anything.

No. 241880

With BTS it's either Filipino or Turkish, I've noticed.

No. 241882

Because they have this whole fantasy built up in their head about how oppa is a precious and sweet young adult who never masturbates, only speaks perfect jondaemal (and never banmal!!!11!), respects women and isn't afraid to show his femininity. A true flower boy.

When in reality those personas are pushed upon the idols to appear to girls. I'm 100% sure none of those kids care too much about fashion, women's rights and skinship at home. They're just normal teens who fart, insult each other, think about sex every two minutes and brag about girls. I'd be more worried if they weren't, that's how 99% of teenage boys are.

No. 241883

EXO-CBX released their new comeback.

…and it's not bad, tbh. I was predisposed against it from the title and the soft smol boi ~aesthetic~the teaser pics showed, but it's chill.

OT but people on AJ.com are using "bop" unironically to describe it and I want to hand out permabans to everyone who uses bop, stan, bias, tea unironically.

No. 241886

It makes me like them too. It's refreshing to hear idols talking normally, the constant pandering to their fangirls is annoying and disingenuous.
Too bad netizens are shitting on them for it -

No. 241892

File: 1523633360368.gif (2.19 MB, 480x270, eyesnoselipsallfake.gif)


….aaaaaaaand there goes fangirl's biggest pride: Xiumin's monolids. The eyelid scar is pretty visible here. No-PS-natural-beauty my ass.

No. 241894

I don't see it but tbh, but they're all plastic it's obvious.

No. 241902

Not even an ARMY, I consider myself to be a Shawol if anything. I was only asking a question.
EXO just seems so painfully average to me. I don't get their appeal.

No. 241912

Lmao anon have you ever seen monolids in your entire life? That's just how the lids fold up when you look up. Don't be salty that your own oppars are plastic monsters

No. 241914

Cool video and nice song. I just wish the lyrics in the chorus were in Korean or weren't a line as obviously fangirl-pandering as "Can I be your boyfriend?" Baekhyun and Taeyeon were (or are) a thing so I doubt he'd go for some crusty tween girl when he can get with her.

I've heard so many comments from Korean people about how fucking garbage K-pop song lyrics tend to be. An anon earlier posted lyrics to a TWICE song that made me want to laugh at how bad they were. Makes me glad that I don't speak Korean fluently. I'm sure my enjoyment of K-pop would acually go down a lot if I did.

No. 241915

I wonder if Jin would've even apologized that first time if there wasn't a camera on him. It came off as really insincere.

lol kpop fans can't handle a little banter

No. 241920

Baekhyun and Taeyeon are both crusty, I've never understood their popularity. Especially Baekhyun, he is an ugly little twink with girl hips.

No. 241923

Vivi is a strange case. She can't sing or dance, and can barely speak Korean. You could write her off a visual….but why import one from China…and why pick a 24 year old girl? That's practically a grandma in the idol industry. (BBC lied about her age. Her actual birthdate is in 1993, not 1996. You can see the real date on her old modeling profiles, and on a leaked image of the BBC trainee list.)

The girl must have some serious connections…or bought her way in through the unsavory exploitation kpop is infamous for.

No. 241926

The scandal was pretty funny because it made them look like real, normal people for once. Kpop would be infinitely more interesting if everybody was allowed to act and date like real people instead of pretending to be "pure" idols who only care about their fans and have never touched a member of the opposite sex.

Anon, that's not how an eyelid scar looks like at all. I get why fangirls who think all their favs are natural are annoying but at least pick a feature that actually looks fake (on him).

No. 241929

I'm so bored of people going to Netizenbuzz to comment on mean articles about their unnies and oppas that have about 80 upvotes on the highest rated comment about how Netizenbuzz hates them and that's why they translate bad things.

NB posts articles that get clicks. Anything about Exo/Twice/BTS will get clicks from fans talking about the haterz!! and a few "DAE song is overrated" comments. Anything about Sulli or IU or Hyuna will automatically get clicks because people will go straight to the comments to complain about the evil k-nets slutshaming their feminist icons and write about how Hyuna's actually really deep. Obviously they're biased at times but the articles that get translated are the ones that get clicks. That's it.

Right now it looks like the comments are about how there's too many positive BTS comments and too many negative ones about Exo and how she's too BTS biased, but it was NB's translations in 2015 that really fueled a lot of the hate to BTS (before the fandom got so big and obnoxious that they managed to do that themselves).

The only group you can really confirm gets negative comments because of bias is JYJ, NB made a post years ago about how she'd never translate a positive JYJ post again because the positive comments were only made by fans and fans downvoted negative ones… like fans of anyone do. Even though Yuchun is confirmed a dick at this point, she translates a lot of outdated and debunked problems, posts false transcripts that were corrected weeks before, and generally only posts blown out or false reports on Junsu and especially Jaejoong. The majority of positive posts about TVXQ that get translated are only posted because of the "wow, so different from those other 3" comments. It's not a place to count on for any news because the priority is ad money and clicks, so if it's a false or unpopular or irrelevant post that i-fans will comment on, it'll be posted.

No. 241933

Baekhyun actually sounds like a man despite how he looks. I was genuinely amazed.

No. 241954

It's quite noticable that they can afford to spend a lot on song/video production, vocal coaches, etc. - a luxury smaller agencies don't have.
But most importantly Xiumin (for whom i've always had a weak spot) looks super cute again lol

No. 242107


One word: Tzuyu.
It worked wonder for Twice and now a lot of Koreans are thirsting chinese girls, mainland or otherwise.
Didn't know this Vivi but she's pretty cute. Too bad she lacks the talent, according to some.


Rumours said Taeyeon is either gay or bi and Baekhyun is full on gay and that they were eachothers beards. Take it with a grain of salt though. i kinda do think Taeyeon is bi

No. 242117

These are the same people that act like the term Korean Netizens refers to some evil group of people dedicated to trolling their precious idols. And not, you know, and average word used to describe anybody who posts anything online.

No. 242211

Any thoughts on the whole "Irene is an aspie/on the spectrum" thing?

Video semi-related but not so much.

No. 242238

imo she's just a bit boring and awkward and twitter would rather stan a pretty girl that's an aspie than admit she might just be boring

i haven't deliberately looked for anything related to her and only see what's posted where i'm already looking, but she seems like one of those idols that people project onto a lot and like her more for their "OMG imagine irene ____" tweets more than for what she actually does. i think she's more likely to be on the spectrum than most idols i've seen talked about on twitter, because any idol who's ever done something slightly unusual will be decided to be on the spectrum by stan twitter being desperate for diversity to be a fan of. most of what i've seen about her is that her biggest hobby/interest is doing laundry, which is a weak attempt at a charming personality quirk even for kpop

No. 242242

this thread has devolved so fucking hard. this is literally just kpop thread with a bit more salt. no one seems to give a fuck about the OPs original intent and it's turned into shitty talk about body-types and superficial garbage about the stars themselves. this is not a critique on the industry at all…

No. 242249


Just create another thread, then.

No. 242258

people disregarded the OPs original intent pretty early into the first thread so it's not surprising. but honestly how much could be said about the original topic in the first place? it would just be talking about idols dieting, shitty companies, bad concepts, and complaining about fans which people already do here. I do think most of the stuff said here could've been put in the general kpop thread but it's too late to get people to switch now lmao.

No. 242271


I think it also has to do with her being easily startled and not liking loud noises or some shit. I think it's a bit of a stretch as well, but I'd like if she was because them unnir wouldn't be oh so perfect after all. I wonder how koreans would react to it, though?

No. 242445

Netizenbuzz is kind of a lolcow in her own right, tho.

No. 242451

I disagree, she's basically like us, only translating things that she knows will trigger all those kids in the comment section for the lulz
Everybody hates her, yet they still come back every single day to read her articles

No. 242458

Many of my international SEA friends (China/Singapore) eat quite a bit more than me and are slim, at the lower average end. I think the difference is that they don't eat our fatty foods. All of them cringe at Mcdonalds when I mention it, and eat pretty healthy. Still more meals than I eat, though I only see them eat healthy stuff.

No. 242469

Seriously, what is the point in sub-units? NCT seems ridiculous to me because it's too annoying even trying to get into their whole sub-unit concept

No. 242500

File: 1523716048658.jpg (101 KB, 1200x1200, DalCkTMU0AAA1Xp.jpg)

Can I ask why the hell fans draw creepy shit like this? I just don't understand why they think drawing idols as babies or little kids is cute or funny, am I the only one squicked out by it? Especially when it's a fanart of two idols being shipped, like in the picture (kai and kyungsoo) shudders

No. 242505

A common theme I see around kpop is incest. Seriously. When I tried to keep up with kpop a few years ago there wasn't a day that went by without seeing people talking about angsty sibling/stepdad fics or one member 'raising' another from childhood.
There's some weird shit out there, and these literal kids/teens are crazy for age kink.

Sage, but it really creeps me out.

No. 242506

File: 1523719099933.jpg (116.52 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (8).jpg)

lmao ignore the cringe text this was the best comparison i found on google but what the hell did they let A Pink's Namjoo do to her face??? she legit looks awful now, the picture on the right was taken from a recent event they had everyone's comparing her to park bom now

No. 242507

Not just kpop, a lot of SK stuff has implied/accidental incest. I stopped watching Kdramas and Korean movies on Netflix because I watched Oldboy followed by Black and the "girl falling in love with her dad without knowing he's her dad" thing just makes me feel gross. Sucks, because before I found out the twist both of them were pretty good.

No. 242512

God I can't tell you the amount of times I've scrolled through twitter and seen those creepy fanarts of idols drawn as fucking babies. I cringe every time because it's so freaky. I don't think I've seen any fans do it for western artists and such, at least to such an extent. I think it has a lot to do with regressing the idols so they're cute and innocent little snowflakes who'll never do anything wrong or adult-like, like the infantilisation thing people were talking about in the last thread. The way fans baby grown ass men like this and the SK culture seems to encourage it creeps me out so much.

No. 242513

The fact that a lot of people fantasize about Kai and D.O being lovers make it even more disturbing.

No. 242524

Lol it cracks me up seeing the "evidence" these people have for them or any idols being in a relationship, these guys always act the same around each other anyway, just playfully joking and touching and smiling at each other. They just don't wanna admit they want their fantasy of seeing two asian guys fuck to come true

No. 242525

File: 1523722947732.gif (3.3 MB, 500x281, 33opmjs.gif)

No. 242526

Wow she's completely unrecognisable. That's kind of sad, I thought it might have been some sort of clickbait at first.

No. 242529

Yes, and for some reason they're obsessed with eye contact between idols. It seems like they never had any friends themselves tbh… I know I often share very long eye contact with my friend, I also will stare at them when they're talking or doing something, doesn't mean I want to fuck any of them.

No. 242531

I thought it wasn't that bad until I saw a fancam and it's sad

No. 242533

File: 1523723787781.jpg (39.99 KB, 540x400, namjoo4.jpg)

Can't you sue your surgeon if you end up with a busted nose?

No. 242534

Namjoo looks terrified and tries to keep her face away from the camera

I haven't seen A Pink since their Showtime/WGM seasons and I couldn't even spot Eunji or Naeun for a good few minutes into the vid, turns out they've had tons of PS too. I knew them quite well before, now I can only recognise Bomi

No. 242535

Sadly not. But why did she do it? Pic on the left looks like she had already had a nosejob. Now her columella looks like it's sucking in her nose like a black hole

No. 242551

they always use stuff like hand-holding, hugging, etc. as evidence. They really don't think friends can platonically be that comfortable with each other lol it's kind of sad.

No. 242708

File: 1523748608325.jpg (224.34 KB, 700x700, 7f58d941eaf3e38d9931d4c914a2f0…)


Damn, that nose is so botched. I feel bad for her. Was this from her own volition or her agency's wish? If it's the latter, it's even sadder.


I also think this is super creepy and it makes me uncomfortable. I can only accept it if it's for a purely comical/nonsense situation type of thing, not for them to be "cute" together, or to be bonding or whatever, ship-wise. It's so gross. It's super common with anime fans as well, I just don't get it?? At least if both parts were portrayed as infants it would make more sense from a shipping stand point, but it would still be creepy, imo.

No. 242772


Yeah lots of fans seem to do this, like how one direction fans shipped Larry and made fanfiction about them falling in love as little kids and drawing fanart to accompany it. I find it super weird, especially when you remember these are real people they're fantasising in such a way. I know they think it makes their idols cute or whatever, but eh I can't help get creeped out by it.

No. 242837

Oh God, she looks like Park Shin-hye now. The really bad one who inexplicably gets casted for every female k-drama role despite her fishface.

No. 242863

Some idols also amp up their "skinship" in front of the camera to appeal to female fams. They know what sells.

No. 242889


>"Possible surgery"


She's only 24. Poor girl.

No. 242891

Wtf did she ask for to get such a weird result? I don't even understand what her nose was supposed to look like if the surgery wasn't botched.

No. 242894


maybe something like Serri's? Hers is bad an fake as hell, but at least it's not as botched..

No. 242895

she might have asked for a "change X but leave Y the way it is" type of deal and had a surgeon that couldn't do that on her nose without completely botching it

No. 242937

File: 1523822858870.jpg (130.68 KB, 1280x720, shinbi.jpg)

It's ridiculous how Koreans aspire to have a thin and pointy nose with a high-bridge even if it doesn't match the rest of their facial features. Namjoo's and Serri's features are too soft and not angular enough that a thinner, pointier nose sticks out like a sore thumb. Same with G-Friend's Shinbi too. Visuals like Yoona and IU have noses that are cute and rounded yet a tacky triangle nose seems to be more desirable regardless.

No. 243007

File: 1523835138537.png (228.94 KB, 635x359, Chen_1523827762_Screen_Shot_20…)

An idol said something racist again, this time it's EXO's Chen.
>Chen makes a comment that reads, "My lips look too plump" under the English subtitle.
>However, what the viewers who understand Korean heard was, "Isn't this Kunta Kinte?"
>Once the Korean subtitle was applied, the same statement of "Isn't this Kunta Kinte? (이거 쿤타킨테 아니에요?)" could be read.
>Kunta Kinte is a character from the novel 'Roots: The Saga of an American Family' and according to the author, is based on one of his ancestors who was enslaved and taken to America, a mixture of both fiction and non-fiction.

No. 243018

Lol i was just watching that video and thought that somebody might call it blackface or some shit

No. 243025

almost every week a member of exo get's into trouble for doing something stupid. exo is obviously popular enough where they don't need international fans but you would at some point SM would tell them to avoid jokes like that. it just causes unnecessary drama

No. 243062

Apparently Roots was really popular in Korea and "kunta kinte lips" as become a slang for big lips. Idk what to think about it, I don't want to derail but I have a very difficult time taking all those racism callout seriously. the guy didn't put a banana skirt an dance around screaming ouga ouga he didn't groom himself to look like a black person on purpose he just said something retarded after his friend put too much lipstick on him I think it's way overkill when some western fan say that he's mocking the centuries of suffering black people went through. (and yes some people are writing this kind of shit on forums) Someone even posted "if he had said Angelina Jolie it would have been okay, but it's racist and reducing if it's a black character".

No. 243094

This is just like when Suho said on broadcast "but won't this make me look like a mentally ill person" when they were pulling faces. Can someone please let the SJWs know that they're just a little stupid and don't mean to insult the whole population of black or mentally ill people. Exo constantly gets into foot-in-mouth situations and every time someone flips their shit.

No. 243098

They're not adults, they're annoying dumb teenage boys and act the part.

No. 243104

Yeah, it's racist. K-Pop groups in general are just made up of (and stanned by) tone-deaf, racist Koreans who are obsessed with black music/fashion for the "cool" factor, but hate actual black people, mock their features, and would get anxious if they saw a black person walk by. The majority of Korean trend-hoppers are like that, too. This shit is "normal" to them because their entire culture is like that, but that doesn't make it any less grim (especially when they constantly duplicate black music/aesthetics/dancing).
I dunno why some people in this thread are trying to dispute that. It's really cringy.

No. 243116


I mostly feel sorry for Taeyeon. Her section was mostly nitpicking imo, save for 2 or so instances. She doesn't look bitchy too me, just generally depressed.

Krystal seems so insufferable though. Maybe she just have a resting bitch face, but damn that face is bitchy.

Jennie also seems so full of herself, I believe the bullying rumours.

I am neutral on Nayeon. Not sure what to say (full force incel chin though at 6:38)

No. 243118

>>243116 Tangentially related, if I see another "oh boo hoo poor Taeyeon the depressed closeted lesbian pining for her true love Fany waaah waah" post or someshit I'm going to blow a fuse. I used to love SNSD but Taeyeon and Tiffany stans ruined everything. Taeny shippers' level of delusion is unreal. I know not a lot of current generation kpop fans even know about how bad that shit was, but it was bad.

True intellectuals still ship Taengsic anyway.

No. 243119

Nayeon seems like a pretty serious person to me, like above any perceived silliness.
She pulls a face whenever one of the members does something cutesy and doesn't laugh along if she doesn't find something funny.

No. 243123

Agreed for Taeyeon, it was very nitpicky. As for Krystal, maybe I'm biased because I like her, but I think it's a combination of RBF and a "bitchy" role that the agency gave her and she's playing, she seems more lively with her friends. I'd take that over any cutesy aegyo idol anyway.

No. 243141

honestly if it was SM who told her to act that way they would've changed their mind by now since it gets brought up negatively so much. they told Jaejoong to act cold when TVXQ debuted but when it was getting criticised they told him to drop the act and just be normal. I think they have enough experience as a company to know that if the image isn't working and is really just an image then it should be changed

No. 243170

I think Nayeon simply has the "problem" that she can't control her face like a true robotic idol should. If she's tired it'll show, I've heard countless fan accounts of her at events looking extremely tired and bored. I get why that would be perceived as bitchy or serious, but the girl is just tired.

No. 243173

File: 1523898778030.jpg (94.11 KB, 1000x666, exo-cbx.jpg)

No, it's not. Saying "My lips are too plumb" and that he looks like an african character =/= "Blacks are inferior to me".
Also, while there are many korean artists that are obsessed with miming black music and fashion, these 3 certainly don't.

Call me racist, but my first thought was also "Hey, it kinda vaguely resembles a black person's lips, i bet some fans are gonna say that's racist". That's simply how non-blacks and non-americans think, it's just an observation, not negative judgement.

No. 243193

The fact that they'd bring up a black slave character when big lips come into the equation says all that needs to be said about their outlook on black people and our features. They could've brought up Beyonce or something (and that'd actually be apt to the Angelina Jolie comparison), but they didn't.
Agree to disagree, I guess.

No. 243196

Nta, but I'm not American and I don't equate big lips with African people wtf

No. 243197

Is it offensive to say black people have big lips in the US? I know a few girls from Africa (senegalese and Ivorian) and they'll sometimes joke about it very lightheartedly.

No. 243198

File: 1523902318666.gif (2.48 MB, 245x320, 3.gif)

Black people and SJWs should just stay away from Kpop in general.
No matter how much you try to "educate" Koreans, they will never change, so why do you spend your free time (and money) on something that upsets you?

Thoughts on this?
Just imagine being an idol, having to put on something that many see as a symbol of oppression, but do it nevertheless because you don't want to seem rude and then i-fans seriously question whether you're culturally appropriating muslims by wearing it…

No. 243200

I'm actually African (Nigerian) too, so I can't weigh in on it too much from the American perspective, but IMO, it's not really the same when people in that group joke about it, as opposed to people from outside of it (especially people as far-removed from actual black people and cultures as Koreans).
It's like how it'd be kind of gross and racist for a non-Asian person to continually make fun of an Asian person for having single-lidded eyes, but if their family members or (Asian) friends do it, 99% of the time, it's not coming from a place of anti-Asian sentiment or trying to make the person out to be a freak/foreigner (since they're in the same boat), it's just roasting.
If you're non-black, I'd wager if you started making fun of one of those girl's lips, you'd get some nasty glares, even though they were saying similar things.

No. 243203

Yeah I get it, it's different when it come from within.
And I wonder how those fans defending their faves would react if Kanye West went on Tv threw slanted his eyes and said "Hey guys I look like IU now!!". It wouldn't happen since he doesn't know who she is but I'm pretty sure they would be upset about it.

No. 243205

File: 1523902995625.png (272.05 KB, 500x282, inline_mm315womBl1qz4rgp.png)

Any black person who likes K-pop is honestly kind of a self-hating coon, in my eyes. Accepting this level of disrespect and even defending the people who keep doing it is cringy.
The irony is that if any of these groups ever want hope of making it outside Asia, they're going to need black people to give them a stamp of approval, since western pop culture is basically dominated by all the "cool", normie black people. That hasn't happened yet, and I hope it stays that way.
Asians with black obsessions are 100x more obnoxious than white people with black obsessions, because they're more likely to be unabashedly racist in spite of them worshiping everything black singers/models/dancers do.

No. 243220

Ah yeah I remember when this was all over tumblr. I don't think the muslim girl meant any harm, but I just hate when people have to force their religion/culture/whatever onto those who have a different one. There are so many other ways to show appreciation for your idol. If you know she's not hijabi why not gift her something else? It's disrespectful to an extent. I mean you wouldn't gift Halima Aden hair accessories either right? It just comes off as egotistical.

No. 243224

I honestly would have refused to wear it…

No. 243229

A lot of SJWs fawn over kpop, it's bizarre. Plenty of them act like listening to a girl group is an empowering feminist act that will abolish the patriarchy kek. I don't think I need to go into why the kpop industry as a whole is not feminist and overall unethical, but international fans will turn a blind eye to Korea's malpractices while roasting an American pop star for dumb tweets that are like 8 years old.
And I've never seen i-fans bash Suzy for wearing that, a lot of them were praising her actually.
Sage for dumb rant.

No. 243231

Wear it like an actual scarf

No. 243239

I sometimes wear a scarf over my head. Not because I'm religious, but because it looks nice and it lightly protects your head. I can't imagine anyone taking offensive to this.

No. 243240

That was clearly not the intent though.

No. 243285

>simply how non-blacks and non-americans think

What I find baffling is, whenever these racism scandals happen, American fans make it into a Korean country-problem and write essays about why Koreans are so racist instead of just criticizing the person who fucked up. I don't think they realize how common casual racism is outside of the USA and how often is just flies under the radar and is never called out by anyone. It isn't just a weird Korean problem.

No. 243362

I thought flight log turbulence was good

Jackson is the only one I like, but I feel bad knowing he gave up fencing, scholarship and left his family for this

No. 243365

Saged for ot, but i remember Kim K being "traumatized" by somebody imitating her husband by wearing blackface in Austria.

Koreans (and Europeans) donate and volunteer a lot, so even if Americans call them racist, in the end they're probably contributing and helping black people (the ones with real problems!) more.

No. 243369

I thought it was a nice gesture tbh. The girl evidently wants to share something with the idol and it's well-meant. Don't know why everybody's having a cow over it. If I want to share something of my culture with someone else, that's my business and if people then get up in arms because I want to share, they're fucking retarded.

No. 243384

>If I want to share something of my culture with someone else, that's my business
The problem is that
1. The hijab is first and foremost also a highly religious symbol, that's forced upon millions of women worldwide
2. That fan (and you) might have been fine with sharing, but Suzy didn't have a choice at all, she was in no position to deny her.

I really like the point >>243220 made: what if a foreign fan went to a fansigning of a muslima singer, gifted her some hair accessories, then took off her veil and put it on her? And said singer would have to smile through it because her agency demands her to always smile, no matter what; people would be up in arms…

Many don't seem to know this, but a lot of koreans are actually strict christians. Muslims aren't the only ones who deserve having their "feelings" respected, what if she felt really bad because of it?

No. 243410

kpop fans seem like some of the worst at accepting that there can be a middle ground on something. every time there's a really tacky, cheap looking, generic sexy concept with the same american apparel knock-off clothing that gets criticised, the fans will jump in with "well, at least they aren't in clothes for children and pretending to be innocent while singing about the same thing!" and vice versa.

it's almost like it's possible to have a song and video, even a sexy one, that doesn't look like a desperate attempt to imitate tacky porn but without doing anything that's actually too suggestive OR that makes idols into loli bait

No. 243444

File: 1524012244897.png (66.79 KB, 500x358, wigjwjU.png)

>Koreans donate and volunteer a lot
Are you sure about that?

No. 243449

It's a delusional K-pop stan. They make up shit on the fly all the time, lol

No. 243504

BTS are nominated for the Top Social Artist award at the Billboard Music Awards so it's safe to assume Armys are going to particularly obnoxious over the next month

No. 243511

I’m a hijabi and this is weird, lol also so thankful I grew out of this terrible genre of music
People still listen to kpop in 2018? I thought that garbage reached peak popularity in 2012

No. 243513

Cause they infantilize asians lmao, they legit think asians are so ignorant and can’t assess racism cause muh homogeneism. I’m sorry, but I’m from an homogenous country as well and have no problem understanding racism. Koreans will go into full blown panic attacks over the rising sun and disrespect toward comfort woman but telling them not to do black face causes their thinking capacity' to cease(emoji)

No. 243519

This is weird, lol
People still wear hijabs in 2018? I thought that garbage reached peak popularity in 1200
(And browsing a board like lolcow…? I'm pretty sure bitching about others on the internet isn't exactly "halal", sister)

No. 243530

This. I'm so done with the "Oppa didn't mean to call black people thick-lipped, coon slaves while his face was covered in black paint and he was eating watermelon with a bone in his nose! Please, it's just a cultural difference, he doesn't know the history! That's just how non-Americans and non-blacks think, they don't mean any harm! They donate sometimes to African countries, so it doesn't even matter, anyway! It's totally not racism~" idiots.

No. 243561

File: 1524063344237.jpg (61.77 KB, 640x640, twice_japan_single_wake_me_up_…)

So, this was one of TWICE's new japanese release promo images, and everyone started to speculate that they were finally were going to drop a more mature concept for once.

But it seems like this is the song? They played it on a CM, what's the point then? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CIxQuptucGY

I mean, I don't even dislike it, but it's just… yawn?

No. 243575

Is that surprising? Billboard has been licking BTS' ass ever since they got a slight modicum of international fame. It's because they're willing to pander to American audiences and to do int'l collabs.

Every time a new release comes out, BB does a fawning article on it, even for the last mixtape, which was really, REALLY fucking mediocre.

No. 243587

Are there any K-pop singer songwriters? It doesn't seem like there are very many solo acts in K-pop at all. Plenty of J-pop stars like Hikki, Ai Otsuka, and even Ayumi have composed their own music.

No. 243590

File: 1524077333591.jpg (91.3 KB, 816x544, akdong-press-photo.jpg)

Akdong Musician/AKMU are a brother-sister duo.
The brother wrote all the songs on their first album, not sure if it's the same for the second. Too bad they're on hiatus now because he's doing his military enlistment.

No. 243622

File: 1524083668592.jpg (80.83 KB, 668x393, kpop-male-idols-baby-face-bts-…)

They're so delusional…

No. 243630

File: 1524085051191.jpg (14.17 KB, 316x316, L3JCh0O.jpg)


No. 243634

File: 1524086119920.jpg (45.88 KB, 453x566, 24332093_119931718791847_34790…)

the contacts lenses are so creepy looking
there's something slightly uncanny valley about them

No. 243636

File: 1524086222215.jpg (35.78 KB, 477x344, miyawaki.jpg)

No. 243655

Koreans are so far up their own asses it's ridiculous
>[+12, -4] There is such a huge skill and visual gap between K-Pop and J-Pop… do we really have to sit here and endure watching an untalented Japanese take center?
>[+8, -1] ?? I don't really care for idols but even I could tell from just watching music videos that there's a huge skill gap between Korean idols who have gone through professional training and Japanese idols who dance like it's some talent show. Why would you put a Japanese member as center when you have so many Korean idols who've already gone through professional training? Is it for the attention?
It's been pretty well established that lots of Korean idol's singing and dancing is subpar despite years of training

That being said, you're right in that the drama this show is going to create is going to be great

No. 243656

It's funny how Koreans and Koreaboos go around screeching "it's their culture!" When ever an idol does something racist, sexist etc but at the same time these people have no idea how to act mature about any critisim towards Korea. Even something as small as a white person saying " I don't like kimchi" is enough to set them off and have you be labeled a racist…

No. 243662

Yeah, like the thing with Kota.
A lot of anons said that she was bitch, but honestly, if a country can't even handle me not liking one of their dishes, then i'd also say fuck them, i don't want their money…

Now they're accusing the youtuber korean englishman of being racist, for supposedly not giving some korean mixed actress as much screen time as Tom Hiddleston. The video is already down now, but people said that there was honestly nothing wrong with it, yet woke international stans love whities getting called out in general, so they think the whole ordeal is alright.

No. 243677

>there's something slightly uncanny valley about them
I actually like the lenses for that reason. The whole look has to be harmonious though, especially the makeup. If you just pop blue eyes on an east Asian person it's going to look a little weird. Also obviously if the idol is conventionally good-looking it works better.

No. 243716

nayeon and sana are ALWAYS wearing hip pads

No. 243731

Brother, that's fucking racist. Whew.

No. 243732

File: 1524131110315.jpg (131.07 KB, 704x757, elementarykidssoul.jpg)

i don't even know where to start here. Why are those kids always at each other's throats?

No. 243745

am i crazy for thinking that this concept really doesn't suit them? the mature/sexy look just looks so wrong except for maybe on sana and mina.

No. 243752

Anon, didn't you know? It's actually illegal to like two popular groups at the same time. You have to pick one so you can fight someone online.

No. 243761

File: 1524146050436.jpg (196.8 KB, 800x485, 1515652420683134.jpg)


I don't know, anon. I think they look pretty good, personally, dressed more maturely. Pic related. (The stylist seem to hate JeongYeong no matter what though)

SNSD and the Wonder Girls did a good transition, IMO. There is no excuse not to do more diverse concepts (even if they are not as talented, JYP can twist their groups as they wish), especially if they are as big as Twice. They may lose some uncle fans, but their fanbase is pretty big without them anyway? Big enough to warrant even a Chile concert.

No. 243764


Sage and samefag to add, it doesn't even have to be full blown on sekushii concept, but something like video related would already be refreshing.

No. 243770

they look great in that and momo sounds good for once
it's not just a one off either, I think they can genuinely pull off a more mature concept

No. 243784

They look cute in this one. I'd prefer that over the constant lolita unclebait shit.

No. 243785


This came up on the related videos and I am so salty. I mean, ok, their english is not that good and they are not such good singers, but I think that with a song made in korean and with their ranges in mind, they could really make it shine.

I wonder if the girls themselves are tired of always coming back with the same recycled concept or if they are comfortable playing their roles a thousand times. I think Jihyo is probably would really like a more mature comeback, especially considering she sang a jazzy version of TT on her birthday and seemed to be pretty confident singing that BoA cover

No. 243788


Agree. It's not even like they couldn't still be doing their ~aegyo~ shit alongside with something more adult. A lot of groups do it.
I'll be adopting "unclebait" kek

No. 243794


Gotta get those ahjussis, anon! Twice is nation's girl group after all!

But yeah. At this point I just want something that isn't JYP whoring them out for cutesy little remakes of Cheer Up with hair bows, frills and insanely short skirts. That's not sexy, that's just straight up nasty.

Even Like Ohh-Ahh was more mature than that and one of them straight-up dressed like a slutty cheerleader/schoolgirl in that.

No. 243806

This reminds me of a variety show ep that filmed the daughter of some famous rock musician and her white boyfriend at a Korean restaurant in the states. She ordered doenjang soup or something and he said something along the lines of “eww I dont like the way it smells” and everybody in the comment section lost their shit and accused him of being a horrible racist who should never be allowed to step foot in Korea.

But its totally cool for them to shit on Chinese people for having horrible food or using stinky ingredients

No. 243839

Chill anon, take a deep breath.

No. 243848

why do people even think about groups they aren't a fan of? I don't get that part of kpop fan culture at all. Not just with kpop actually, I remember in high school I was a fan of bands like Arctic Monkeys and people were always arguing about why The 1975 is better because of XYZ reasons. Who gives a fuck? Just like the shit you like and don't worry about the shit you don't. I guess I understand when high schoolers do it but the few times I see older fans doing that shit it's just embarrassing.

>has elementary kids soul in their free time
is this official lore???

No. 243850

It's really weird that her nostrils are showing even though she's looking straight ahead

No. 243851


Are you the same Nayeon hating anon from last thread? lol

She's not that cute, but not that ugly either. Just.. "eh".

No. 243852


Yes, anon. The reason Suga looks like a 13yo azn boy on CSgo telling you he fucked your mom last night is because the whole of BigHit is holding innocent pre-K children in the basement to feed them to BTS. They're actually Seo Taiji and Boys in disguise.

>inb4 get off whatever you're smoking

mod pls no bulli it's a joke

No. 243854

>has elementary kids soul in their free time
I have a hard time imagining how that could be considered attractive in any way. Elementary school boys are little shits.
Well teenagers are very prone to splitting and comparing, I guess part of their fun is feeling superior to others they deem bellow their oppas and can get a sense of belongin and worth from.
Cult thinking basically.

No. 243856

>tfw no young Korean child blood to bath in
Guess I'll just have to age ;_;

No. 244114

He compared his lips to a historical slave figure, that's why people were angry. Not the observation that blacks have big lips. Here's a post by a knet that may put it into perspective
ㅇㅇ |2018.04.16 14:18 신고하기
(When receiving the punishment) Chen: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ yah, don’t I look like Kunta Kinte? Looks like Kunta Kinte though? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ —— since people seem to agree with me in the comments ——- how would you react if another country did the same thing? If a foreign celebrity received a punishment and that they tied her hands and that they went like “yah, don’t I look like Ryu Gwansun?ㅋㅋ Ryu Gwansunㅋㅋㅋ” (T/N: organizer who marched against Imperial Japan)… I think that everyone in our country would be pissed off. Kunta Kinte was a character that represented black people when they were forced into slavery so that’s the same thing. People deserve to be mad at him and it’s no different than him mocking black people’s history

No. 244162

People would have been upset no matter which black person was referenced, let's be honest.

No. 244184

True. I think it was in poor taste. >>243200
said it well.
But black people (at least African Americans. Haven't seen that many Africans say anything) are quite good themselves to make fun of perceived features of other people. Not saying it makes it okay.

No. 244192

I doubt it. Why would they go back all the way to Kunta Kinte?
No point in making excuses for them when even other Koreans are dragging them (and they + all their stans, both Korean and not, would have a meltdown if someone said "I don't like kimchi" lmao).

No. 244200

Roots was very popular in Korea, that's probably why he referenced Kunta Kinte he also said he looked like Michol from "Dooly The Little Dinosaur" a popular korean tv show for kids. I'm not looking for excuses just explaining that he compared himself to some popular characters. And I'm convinced people would have been upset if he said "I look like the Fresh Prince!!".

No. 244211

for soloists IU and Dean come to mind, for groups Suga and RM in BTS with some of the other kids composing and writing lyrics every now and then. Woozi produces some songs for Seventeen. Zico writes and produces for himself and for his group. G-dragon, of course. Crush and Zion.T as well.

No. 244216

Kpop boy band dancing is so comical. They're wiggling around like they have seizures and trying to look cool. Idk how people don't burst into laughter everytime.

No. 244243


Seconding Dean and Zion.T.

Dean's instagram is really nice.

No. 244260

I like DEAN's music. His music is clearly influenced by modern American R&B/pop/hip-hop but it sounds decent and doesn't get to the point where it comes off as too inauthentic (see BTS). He had a song entirely in English that came out some time ago. It kinda flopped but it sounds alright aside from how obnoxiously loud some of the beats are. I really wouldn't mind seeing him succeed.

No. 244267

hyukoh is the probably one of the only Korean band I'd recommend to anyone tbqh… Check out their cover of Chet Baker's Gold too ;-;

No. 244275

There's shitloads of amazing indie bands in Korea, Hyukoh is pretty mainstream.

No. 244283

I like Dean too, I can't put my finger on why he doesn't come off as inauthentic to me (I actually like BTS but there's only so many times I can listen to J-Hope going SKRRT in a song before I start losing brain cells), though never having been an idol and never pushing a certain "hip-hop" image probably has something to do with it.

No. 244286

File: 1524382934365.jpg (67.1 KB, 480x782, unnamed-1.jpg)

Most of the comments are positive, but then there's that:
>She looks too foreign and has no charm. She reminds me of the Kim Deanna girl ㅋㅋ usually, when I see mixed-race people, I see both the western and Asian features but I feel like she only received her dad’s denes.. if you think of her as being an average westerner, then she just looks average to me..? If not for her Korean blood, she would have never made it

No. 244289

File: 1524384490166.png (339.52 KB, 680x432, 20180422_100624.png)

No. 244302


You want indie? Check out:

Beenzino + Verbal Jint
Urban Zapaka

More mainstream: Zion.T, DEAN, Hyukoh

No. 244326


People are crazy. She's looking cute as fuck. In some pics she looks full korean as well?? If people didn't know she was mixed, they would be praising her to hell and back. Racism is a hell of a drug.

kek thank you for making my meme idea come to life

No. 244341

Most of what you mentioned is pretty mainstream. Aseul is great though.

No. 244358

Meh, international/American fans used to say the same about Somi. Insulted her for being old-looking and that Koreans only liked her because she's exotic due to her mixed-ness. It wouldn't surprise me if one of them signed up to Pann and wrote that comment.

No. 244368

I had a dream today where I was hanging out with Nayeon and Tzuyu, they were both really chill and nice.

No. 244381


Well, it's indie for K-pop fans, innit. For someone whose definition of a rapper are BTS, Urban Zapaka is pretty fucking indie.

No. 244391

i've noticed a lot of the "i'm not a koreaboo, it's bad to fetishise people, i just love korea and everything about it and think it's superior, but i'm NOT a kboo i'm woke" kpop fans use the translated phrases you see on sites like pannchoa and pannatic. they think they're way better for not straight up calling their faves oops and unnie but say really awkward sounding phrases like "wow, she's totally in her freaking glory days" because that's what they see korean comments translated to

No. 244468

File: 1524421900407.jpg (136.08 KB, 1366x768, IMG_3021.JPG)

Nah you're talking about Jihyo. The girl on the left of that image Nayeon who's actually one of the smaller members. Girl on the left of my pic is Jihyo and the one on the right is Nayeon.

No. 244475

File: 1524422367853.png (8.95 KB, 201x201, 9345985.png)

>calling their faves oops and unnie
I know that's probably autocorrect but holy shit

No. 244482

Looks like she got some unnecessary work done. She was so much prettier before. K-pop companies need to stop pushing idols to fix their faces so much while they're ahead. How Namjoo and YooA look now should be treated as some wake-up call to these companies.

No. 244488

wow wtf. I've seen her on some of her brother's choreo vids and I always thought she was cute. She looks kinda freaky now, shame.

No. 244521

Not sure why everyone likes loop anyway they look sound and look the same Jesus

No. 244530

>beenzino, dean, hyukoh

Just because its not a boyband doesnt mean its not mainstream anons. People like Hyukoh, Dean, beenzino, sanE, madclown, zion t. are arguably MORE popular and mainstream because many people in their twenties arent going to want to listen to idols. Dean and ziont in particular always seems to rank higher in melon charts than whatever sparkly girl/boy band does.

No. 244571


>but say really awkward sounding phrases like "wow, she's totally in her freaking glory days" because that's what they see korean comments translated to

Man, I hate this so much. I see this all the time at forums and the like, shit like "this is our greasy unnie" "she's yeba!" "they are happy beagles!" like it's common english expressions. Makes me so confused, especially as ESL.

No. 244579


>Well, it's indie for K-pop fans. For someone whose definition of a rapper are BTS, Urban Zapaka is pretty fucking indie.

No. 244598

Someone leaked old footage of Changmin from TVXQ pulling some saesang out of a taxi that was following him around. most people are saying they don't care since they don't feel bad for saesangs but some people think it's wrong and that he should've just reported her or something. Some people are also saying that people are being hypocritical since Jaejoong got bashed for his saesang controversy but most people are defending Changmin. Thoughts?

No. 244609

Good for fucking him lmfao somebody needed to teach these little shits that you cant just get away with stalking their favorite singer because you “love” them. I will never feel sorry for people who get told off by celebrities for acting stupid and invading their personal lives. And then have the decency to act like a victim when shit goes down.

No. 244611


also adding that these kinds of taxi services (who follow celebrities around to their homes or whatever) used to be a semi-big thing back in the day.

No. 244619

i'm always glad when a saesang gets a reality check that their idols despise them. not that it ever actually gets through to them though, they still end up just glad they got acknowledged. out of context it seems a bit extreme but i couldn't blame a group like db5k for shoving these stalkers away or anything, the way they were treated was horrendous. a lot of people who start defending saesangs as soon as an idol actually does something seem to think they're all 15 year old girls who're just big fan girls but a lot of them were women in their 20s who did stuff that shouldn't have been legal. i don't care when i hear about an idol shoving a stalker or calling them a bitch anymore because honestly i'm just surprised there hasn't been a bigger incident of one of them properly beating a saesang up. and if there was it probably would've been a jyj member and sm would've made it common knowledge years ago, but even the worst of their saesang clips turned out to be edited to sound worse than they were so they definitely didn't do anything worse.

the evil sm conspiracy is definitely exaggerated sometimes but if they had real big dirt they'd use it. some fans claimed jaejoongs was completely fake but really it was just edited to have some parts repeat to sound like there was constant hitting rather than a couple of shoves

also, fansite owners are just saesangs that can afford a dslr and plane tickets.

No. 244627

I can already hear the delighted JYJ fans glad that one topic of their 10 year argument can finally be dropped now that both sides have evidence of hitting saesangs. Yunho must now be the only member still talked about for his 'good personality', which will probably last until he comes out(/is outed)

I still love when there's TVXQ/JYJ drama because Cassies are still obsessed enough that every issue becomes dramatic, but the groups are so old that a lot of kpop fans only really know OF them and then realise that old, respected, can't say anything mean about them idol group are as messy as any other group. Most of it these days is either just a reveal that the members are actually sleazy or Netizenbuzz translating already resolved drama or completely false reports that were already clarified. The Changmin video could actually do pretty badly for them in Japan because they're already in a touchy place for having a map without Japan on it in one of their new MVs.

No. 244786

File: 1524545500632.jpeg (374.22 KB, 1211x1837, E4DB76EC-39C7-465E-949E-1799A7…)

I’m tired of kpop fans hijacking Korean hashtags that are supposed to relate to something funny, and just use it to spam irrelevant pics of their idols.

Like this one is supposed to be for something you misunderstood about a person until you got to know them, but its all full of bts fans giving their overrated members praise.

No. 244797

File: 1524549608815.png (392.86 KB, 500x666, 353454.png)

is this what people mean when they say to stay away from "stan twitter?"

fansite owners seem unstable as fuck to me. I know pic related of Jungkook seeing his rich stalker Headliner at the BBMAS was probably just taken out of context but I still get a laugh out of it.

No. 244802

File: 1524551076718.jpeg (973.68 KB, 1242x1853, D70A324F-9FDC-444B-AE35-2E729F…)

>tfw you thought your boyband getting more attention in the states meant ample pussy from big boobied hot american girls but your audience is just full of 15 year old obese fakebois with blue lesbo haircuts

No. 244805

Fansite owners get off on the attention they get from all the minions who fawn over their pictures. I remember way back in the day some fansite losing their shit and shutting down because people were ~stealing~ her pictures, over editing them with pasty casper filters, and posting them on tumblr kek

No. 244866

New TWICE MV dropped.

Video is nothing special but I like it.
The song is the same old snore fest cutesy thing.

No. 244888

Didn't they JUST release What Is Love…?

No. 244889

Same with taemin years ago during lucifer and Sherlock era. I don't know why male idols are so quick to ditch the long hair look when it works so well for them

No. 244891


After watching this, I can't believe Twice has gotten worse. I mean, none of their early songs are great or have some intrinsic musical value, but they're catchy and bubbly and good for listening while working out or cleaning.

But this has random key changes, some kind of shout-singing that somehow didn't learn anything from Signal and honestly sounds like a B-grade song used as background music for an advertisement on daytime TV. I'd take Cheer Up over this. Hell, I'd take Candy Pop over it and that already wasn't great.

No. 244893

>rich stalker Headliner at the BBMAS


No. 244900

The new MV is a Japanese release and most of them suck.

No. 244913

at this point i think most twice songs (but especially japanese ones obviously) just sound like the shittier e-girls tracks but with a better production budget and more shout-singing/chanting. twice were primed for japan from the start and take a lot more influence from jpop than most groups have for a while so it's no surprise that the music sounds more like it too

No. 244924

Koreaboo Armys spamming youtube comment sections were tolerable compared to the new breed of hyper obsessive "i stan btspop" types who sperg about their oppas being real artists because their producers throw them 2edgy4me songs.

I would trade current day kpop stans for the koreaboos from the 2010s.

No. 244930


>background music for an advertisement

I mean, it kinda is that anyway. I wouldn't doubt at all if they did this song for the CM first and then were like "oh i guess we can kinda churn more money outta this"

At this point I am only watching their new releases for Momo and Jihyo lmao cause they are grade A cuties

No. 244964

File: 1524600059146.jpg (71.18 KB, 716x340, d8a4a96b1dc1d599194e6f5c70a871…)

Headliner is a ~~sasaeng~~ fansite owner who runs one of the top fansites for Jungkook. She must be loaded because she can afford follow BTS everywhere, like when she followed them all the way to the BBMAs from Korea.
The other major incident involving her was when she somehow managed to get BTS's schedule, which is undisclosed to the public, and was able to take pictures during BTS's stop in NYC when they were flying from Korea to Santiago. In addition to figuring out their private schedule, she also had to coordinate her own flights and arrival times with BTS's in order to be there to take the photos.
Apparently she's also made comments about killing anyone who makes bad comments on VLive about Jungkook, but I can't find them.
She's insane but nobody really discourages it though because without them they wouldn't get pics of their baby boy~~~

No. 244966

File: 1524600212927.jpg (55.89 KB, 1024x577, DbjsuggXcAEa8rm.jpg)

20 seconds
22 seconds
29 seconds
35 seconds

I can understand Nayeon getting so much screentime on regular MVs since she's pretty popular with the Korean audience, but this new 'Wake Me Up' MV seems to be geared towards a Japanese audience hence the j-popish style. Why does she get to have more screentime than the actual Japanese members? She has the kind of face that would be disliked in Japan.

No. 244967

File: 1524600304824.jpg (92.58 KB, 1024x822, DbPUYdkXkAEswvr.jpg)

Found the comments about the VLive
Rough translation:
But during vlive, can people stop saying stupid stuff? He read replies carefully and answers for all…why do you live?? People who talk stupid stuff, I want to shoot them all with guns. I am glad guns are illegal in the country.

No. 245006

File: 1524603265930.png (276.95 KB, 680x604, 5646454.png)


I don't know how popular Nayeon is, but I know that Momo is super popular, but Mina apparently is not. This was on a girl's channel thread, asking "which member is the most popular/best in the group", and this anon answered "In Twice, I think maybe Mina?" and got more than 700 dislikes kek

thread is here http://girlschannel.net/topics/1535525/

No. 245011

Wow, these stalker fans sound crazy. I can't imagine wasting tons of money and time on airplane tickets and travelling just to follow a celebrity around the world who probably doesn't give a single fuck about you. Are there any more crazy sasaeng stories?

No. 245031

Twice leaked the song in their nike commercial, we already knew it was gonna be cute.

JYP wanted to make a japanese girl group and twice's japanese members and cutesy songs give him the best of both worlds

No. 245039

well going by this ranking: https://toretame.jp/twice-a-reign-over-popular-members-rankings.html/ she is the 4th most popular member. But I don't know how truthful it is.

No. 245040

No. 245056

File: 1524609866758.jpg (951.84 KB, 1500x1000, disgust.jpg)

this pic of Taehyung taken by one of his fansite owners when she followed him to the Billboard offices before an interview fucking kills me too.

if anyone else has more pics of idols looking scared of/disgusted by their fansite owners please post them

No. 245061

"stan Loona" is the new "any armys here". why do fandoms have to ruin shit for everybody else?

No. 245068

and loona fans are even more desperate than armys to make sure everyone knows their mvs are actually super deep and meaningful and connected. which is cool and all but you have 12 girls where none are notably that talented, some of them are so different i can't see how well they'll work in one group, and in general hyping a group that doesn't even have one full group song is a stupid idea. loona isn't "beyond kpop", they're just very basic idol girls in a shady company that has enough won to hire expensive producers. take away the "loonaverse!!" concept and they're just wjsn or any other group

No. 245077

i mean how disgusted could he actually be when 80% of the clothes he wears are bought by those fans

No. 245082

File: 1524614132551.gif (1.96 MB, 268x350, Seventeen_1469745287_16.gif)

>I can't believe Twice has gotten worse
Twice was never good to begin with.

No. 245085

File: 1524614384685.jpg (40.75 KB, 600x400, CWRBZYbU4AAAtbj.jpg)

It's crazy that fans go out of their way to get noticed by their idol but in the worst way possible.
This was taken by Rion, the famous saesang of Suho from EXO.

No. 245087

Don't people stan loona ironically? I mean they do actually like them, but they promote them ironically.

No. 245092

Rion's a mess and a half. I refuse to believe she doesn't have a heaping mountain of daddy and/or mental issues after she PS'd herself into what Suho said was his "optimal type".

But don't worry about her popularity, thousands of fans comment on her IG daily and cuss her out. Which, well, fighting fire with fire mightn't be the best of choices.

No. 245093

File: 1524618849868.jpg (59.47 KB, 500x886, cnrjrje22jdneoa.jpg)

Which wins, taking a photo of your idol being disgusted by you or following them to a men's sauna and waiting until they fall asleep so they can't show that they hate you?

Speaking of BTS though, I forgot until this stuff came up again that one of the girls in the group co-managed by BigHit was a Super Junior sasaeng and had to leave the group when people recognised her, which is surprising because I assumed sasaengs were just rich girls who were too ugly and talentless to become idols so they got obsessed with them

No. 245094

File: 1524618926021.jpg (118.92 KB, 800x600, tumblr_n7owrzfJx41tqpf3ao1_128…)

Not fansite but fans in general.

No. 245096


She allegedly held up some sign or other during a concert with questionable content, but with Exo's crazed fanbase, I wouldn't be too sure since there's no pics or other evidence other than hearsay.

It's without a doubt she's kind of off the rails though.

No. 245098

File: 1524619842944.jpg (113 KB, 552x992, bf28341bd91151bcf3b45646b8a31f…)

Reminds me of another fangirl who became an idol. Momoland's Jane used to run a fansite called Baby's Breathe for INFINITE's L and Sunggyu back in 2014.
It appears she followed them around and took the pictures. She deleted everything once she became a trainee and ended up meeting Sunggyu once she debuted. Hopefully she wasn't full on sasaeng.

No. 245100

L from Infinite was going to set up a fansite for Jaejoong before he left TVXQ, he went into being an idol partly to get closer to him and they're friends now. There's probably more current idols who were bigger than just 'normal' fans of another idol but idk about sasaengs. I'm sure when Yeri joined RV people said for a while she used to have a (SNSD I think) stan tumblr but I haven't heard anything about that for years

No. 245101

File: 1524620675523.jpeg (130.67 KB, 799x1200, B89B9BF2-DF3B-47B5-B62F-4ED185…)

For a group that hasn’t really been picked up by the Korean public, nearly every NCT fan is a batshit sasaeng. Recently there’s been an uproar in the fandom because they shoved Samuel during his interview (i think??) to chase NCT into a music show building. Anyways, here’s a pic of Winwin being disgusted by his sasaeng Winter White. She isn’t even his fan and just runs the fansite to make money off the pictures basically lmao. https://mobile.twitter.com/winwinspics/status/841038621662707714?lang=en

No. 245103

Plenty of sasaengs are attractive enough to fuck their idols and even join their inner circles.

No. 245107

File: 1524626442916.jpg (15.52 KB, 236x354, bf10f86e77f911d073701dbdcb5723…)

I can't stand bitches shipping idols together.

How would they feel if a bunch of weirdos and mostly kids started shipping them and their best friends to the point they start to feel uncomfortable?

>But to be honest, it's impossible to not have RPS when you fangirl

Of course it's fucking possible, you just need to stop obsessing over and making up stuff about people you don't even know and go get a life.


No. 245121

I agree that it's fucking stupid but the idols (well, mostly the companies) play into it with fanservice. At this point I don't really give a shit if people ship idols because they're practically characters anyway. It's when they try to bring it up to the actual idols or make """"""informed"""""" insights on the actual idol's personal life that it just gets ridiculous.

No. 245122

File: 1524633558909.jpg (61.19 KB, 540x810, 82390283902830293.jpg)

Idol play heavily into it, apparently Chanyeol from exo is constantly googling the most popular Exo ships involving him and will act on it to gain popularity. That's why he started drifting apart from Baekhyun during his dating scandal. Pretty sure a lot of ambitious idols do the same.

Speaking of Chanyeol I think he's really ugly and he has weird bowed legs, at this point I believe you could put an ugly troll in and idol group and he might become ultra popular just because of how insane the fans are. (Jimin's popularity is kinda proof of that)

No. 245125

lol @ them implying male fans don't do that with female idols. explain sana's popularity then.

No. 245127

I'm not really familiar with exo but looking at pics of Chanyeol he's really not that ugly. Same with Jimin. You might just have high standards lol. Which is fine of course, I just don't think fans are "insane" just for liking men that aren't extremely good-looking.

No. 245146

File: 1524650476590.jpg (83.43 KB, 720x388, b92a3cc9eebfd05629f11909f0c965…)

Seeing stuff like this makes me wonder if Japan does it on purpose: placing a tall (and pale) good looking actor next to BTS to make Koreans look bad lol

No. 245150

File: 1524652939913.png (33.53 KB, 540x231, Screenshot.png)

They're so delusional kek

It's nothing new, just actors being better than idols as usual. It doesn't help they dress like a bunch of high schoolers.

No. 245151

File: 1524653356711.jpg (63.27 KB, 397x450, DDZ99ELZ00.jpg)

I didn't know that guy, he's really handsome and he look like a grown ass man, BTS members are always styled like a bunch of little kids with those bowl haircut and school uniforms….

No. 245153

File: 1524655490905.png (183.64 KB, 320x337, 7085f9e50de5f8bf5986f61ef43f90…)

Yeah, I agree idols and agencies also play their part on it. And I do know most of the shippers are just really young and will grow out of it someday. I have this army friend that likes Jimin x Jungkook fanfics, I can respect that.

But seeing these grown ass women acting like pic related is so cringeworthy and makes me want to wash my eyes with bleach.

No. 245155

File: 1524657204379.jpg (775.29 KB, 1080x1699, Screenshot_20180425-125143_mh1…)

No. 245162

What a badly written title.
It reads as if the new song is named "We are so excited" and not like a quote.

No. 245171

with pretty much everything other than sasaengs, idols are so protected and the fans are so sensitive. Dara got asked about Bom's smuggling case since it's being brought up again because of how obviously shady it is that she got off and the news never even came out for years, and the usual "stan girl groups!!" crowd are shitting themselves over unnie being asked a difficult question. it's so insane and sheltered compared to interviews of western celebrities where if someone you're close to does something controversial then you're going to be asked about it and that's it. a decade on and SNSD fans still talk about people turning light sticks off for their performance like it was a massacre. they're so sheltered and coddled, it must be hard for some of the people close to the bigger idols to deal with them because there's no way plenty of them aren't entitled after years of being treated like a precocious child

No. 245175

well maybe if the government didn't treat them like the damn president they wouldn't be such fragile babbies.

No. 245179

This is what causes people on Tumblr to make excuses for imperial Japan, because they think white people "invented colonialism", they mininise what they did and give excuses. Because, clearly they were just inspired by white people.

No. 245188

literally no one watches this shit except for 11 year olds with no taste.
most people don't even know any of these "award" shows exist.

No. 245190

damn i need to know what bts's real height is. v and jimin are obviously wearing insoles here too LOL

No. 245196

That's pretty exciting for them, also probably nerve-wracking making a comeback in another country. But yeah no one really gives a shit about the BBMAS unless someone they like is performing or nominated. People are probably just going to accuse them of lip-syncing again lol.

No. 245217

And that japanese actor might be lying about being 1.83m as well, so that makes them even dwarfier

No. 245223

File: 1524680133389.jpg (80.03 KB, 720x394, b6865d246cc328fef0029112925ce9…)

there's no way in hell jin and rm are 6' and tae, who is always wearing insoles, is 5'10 or whatever he's claiming he is nowadays kek

No. 245228

File: 1524680409690.jpg (72.12 KB, 970x546, bts_james_corden_late_late_sho…)

Well, in Korea being 1.81 (Rapmonster) seemingly also equals being 1.73 (James Corden) kek

No. 245236

File: 1524681808316.png (534.76 KB, 960x540, Screenshothello.png)

Does anyone else think K-pop, and Korea by that matter, is VERY shallow and superficial, like nothing they produce seem to have any deep or philosofical aspects to it? As if they're souless. I've been watching a lot of Korean movies recently, to be more precise those deemed "the best of the best" and so far none have impressed me all that much? Again, there are some really good ones but they never resonate deeply inside me. Don't even get me started on the k-dramas, most of them are shit and cringeworthy.

Back to K-pop: I get it's meant to be generic and westernized and I do like some parts of it but I believe we had more originality in the past. Every song sounds the same nowadays. I'm trying to find anything, be it a movie, drama or song that'd make me go "oh that's Korean culture" like when I listen to J-rock I don't compare it to regular rock since it's so unique.

Pic related, this is from an episode of Hello Counselor where the older sister hates the youngest, A LOT of Koreans seems to think like her so don't say it's an isolated case, there's too much evidence to prove otherwise.

>I may not be all that pretty, but I'm prettier than you. Society is all about looks.

No. 245244


NCT is honestly a hot mess. There's a decent amount of talent in the group (especially in terms of dancing) but the music/styling is so weird that it feels like SM is purposefully hindering their public appeal. The fandom is kinda batshit and insular from what I can tell … it's a shame bc I'm a casual fan of them (Winwin is a qt) but their """stan culture""" gives me bad vibes (though what stan culture doesn't have bad vibes lol)

No. 245251

because s.korea socially is like a third world country that all of a sudden has a large amount of wealth.
they haven't caught up to the times and sound lost and confused with all this access to "higher" culture. they don't know what to do with it.
that's why kdramas are no different than shitty telenovelas just with a higher budget.

No. 245253

Yeah Koreans sound like the most regressive people from a 1st world country but a even more ignorant lmao. The fact that many of them believe that Africans live like savages in the middle of the savannah surrounded by lions and giraffes is very telling.

No. 245257

File: 1524683777769.jpg (107.19 KB, 1120x756, earlyseoul.jpg)

Korean culture is still fairly new. As recently the 1960s, large swaths of the population were still living in squalor. They were at war not too long ago (or still at war depending on who you ask) and their culture is clearly still recovering from that. That's not to wk or excuse their ignorance though. it's very telling that they have the highest suicide rate in the developed world

No. 245259

File: 1524683873148.jpg (227.23 KB, 1200x800, DboFJshX0AANgOu.jpg)

or how armys claim suga is 2 KEWL to care about insoles.
his ankles (like the other members) are looking a little high almost as if they're being elevated
lol manlets

No. 245260

Damn, this group is so unattractive, Jungkook is the only one who manage to look put together all the time, even Taehyung look like a mess here and he's supposed to be the pretty one.

No. 245261

File: 1524684383761.png (554.09 KB, 1658x1220, omegalul.png)

taehyung is too deep, artistic and authentic to care about his appearance DUH

pic related

No. 245268

>a romanic thinker
Somebody has to break it to her that Taehyungie probably doesn't do a lot of thinking in general kek

No. 245274

b-but he likes van gogh!!!

No. 245284

God, the BTS thread is such a shitshow. At this point I can't decide what's worse: Armys on Twitter or Armys on Reddit.

No. 245294

File: 1524688631286.png (462.65 KB, 1706x978, Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 4.30…)

armys on reddit by far.
they even go onto subs like /r/popheads in droves and downvote every comment in bts threads that aren't praising them

No. 245327


I kind of agree with >>245121 because at this point they're not really themselves, they're creating a persona. And I'm fine with people shipping that or writing fanfiction or drawing art. It gets a little strange when they insist that they're actually in a relationship/gay/asexual in real life because of some constructed "clues" like one idol looking at the other for 2 seconds.

No. 245328


Time to burn my Bigbang tour shirt. Or at least never ever wear it beyond a sleeping shirt.

Seriously though, wtf.

No. 245329

>an obvious discerning taste for art

I'll admit to liking Jungkook's style even if it might just be the coordinators dressing him up.

No. 245333

File: 1524695534497.jpg (77.85 KB, 960x720, 4585_original.jpg)

>Actually thinking that your oppar is actually some smart modern-day philisopher

Wow. BTS's concepts drip with pretension and their fans are also pseudo-deep. why can't they just stop lying to themselves and admit that their idols are as unremarkable as the average person (or probably dumber)? Throwback to that one time BTS took teaser pics at a Holocaust memorial to be "artistic" and E D G Y:

No. 245336

I still can't believe anyone at Bighit thought that was a good idea.

No. 245337

reddit armys can be pretty fucking annoying. I know this is probably a mean thing to say but it really annoys me when Western fans that are ethnically Korean write up a whole wall of text overanalyzing something based on their speshul cultural Korean insight usually based on observations anyone with a surface-level understanding of Korean (or many non-Western cultures, tbh) could understand. I see it on other websites too but most often on reddit (probably tons of it on tumblr if I was stupid enough to dip my toe into their kpop circles).

do they really think it's that impressive for a man in his twenties to be into jazz and foreign indie films? I'm willing to believe that he's not nearly as dumb as he lets on but I don't think he's some kind of hidden genius either.

the fact that they took it down right away as soon as there were complaints tells me they knew it was wrong and did it anyway.

No. 245343

File: 1524700210695.gif (1009.91 KB, 370x243, GIF (39).GIF)

What on earth made them think that was a good idea? How did they get permission to do that? That is so ignorant.
>to think I was once an ARMY at one point…

No. 245344

ikr? when taehyung said "oppas of south korea- fighting!" (which has a culturally specific anti-feminist connotation) after he ranted about older brothers should be allowed to pinch their little sisters, armys defended it saying "oh! thats the culture there! antis are just taking it out of context"
>cultured man

No. 245345

>Does anyone else think K-pop, and Korea by that matter, is VERY shallow and superficial, like nothing they produce seem to have any deep or philosofical aspects to it? As if they're souless. I've been watching a lot of Korean movies recently, to be more precise those deemed "the best of the best" and so far none have impressed me all that much?
Damn, I know this is a thread about being critical about Kpop but it seems OTT to simplify an entire nation and history based on their manufactured, mass produced pop music. Bong Joon Ho and Park Chan Wook are some of the best directors alive right now, and little they make can be called "shallow". The former even even made his debut about a teacher killing dogs that talks about corruption and Korea's sudden transition from immense poverty to a highly developed nation displayed in the different attitudes towards dogs.

Like I totally agree on Korea having much more emphasis on looks or status symbols to an oppressive fault, but it's pretty ridiculous to not see past that.

No. 245346

oh wow! you totally disproved their point

No. 245348

idk this makes me so fucking mad. You can see she has a hi touch wristband so you know they saw it. Jesus christ have some class

No. 245360

I've noticed that a lot of the films frequently hailed as the best Korea has to offer are focused on crime, revenge, and grief. All have the potential to be philosophical but you don't really need a philosophical element to make a compelling crime or revenge thriller, or a relatable/moving film about grief.

Completely agree about kdramas though, I'll never understand the appeal.

No. 245375

so the new bts album has about a million and a half preorders just in korea.

that's pretty amazing and all, but watch the album be shit and it being defended with the sales totals like most of the sales didn't come 1) before ANY of the album is heard 2) from each person buying multiple copies. just saw a comment on reddit openly stating they bought 10 copies.

preordering albums from western or japanese artists at least means you'll have heard a couple of singles to kind of know what the album quality should be like, but kpop fans buy 5-20 copies of an album they know nothing about at all. kpop fans have the skills to tell it a song is omg such a bop, song of the year!! based off of one heavily edited teaser photo

No. 245382

No doubt that BTS fans will make a ton of excuses and praise the album even if it sounds like garbage. The group's status is undeniably established at this point and, to be real, 99% of their fans aren't solely into them for their music. K-pop as a whole is way more about visuals than talent, actually, and BTS is a K-pop group rather than the groundbreaking, game-changing artists that their fans want to believe.

BTS's music has been on a decline after The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Pt. 2. Maybe it's just me being a K-pop fan with shit taste but some of the tracks in that EP were alright. Now BTS have no excuse to try to improve since they can sell well now.

No. 245409

>openly stating they bought 10 copies.
christ I wish I had that kind of disposable income.

tbh I can understand preordering an album you haven't heard yet from an artist you really like because even if you wind up not liking it, it isn't a HUGE waste of money and you still supported the artist, but ordering a ton of copies just to get a certain photocard or whatever comes with the physical albums seems so frivolous.

No. 245410

armys feel like they're rooting for the underdog so that's why they go so hard for bts and see them justify it by talking about them not being from the big 3 and that suga and rm are REAL artists so it gives them, as fans, more "cred"

No. 245415

I wouldn’t put too much on album sales. The geniuses at those record companies put raffle tickets for the official fan meets (the ones where you can go and do high touches and drool over your idols). I knew a girl into exo (we live in korea) and she legit buys 20 of the same albums every time theres a release just so she can up her chances of winning a chance to see them. Now she always stuck selling copies of albums that nobody wants to buy.

No. 245418

The buying multiple copies thing is a marketing technique.
Many kpop albums have multiple version and come with randomised extras like posters and photocards. If you want to get everything, or even just your bias photocard or whatever, you're going to have to drop a lot of money.
Then there's the meet and greet raffle tickets that come with newly released albums. The more albums you buy the more chance you have at meeting your oppa/unnie for 10 seconds.
It all sounds like a fucking cult.

No. 245423

not to mention different stores have different perks, so you can't just go to one store, you have to go to multiple.

No. 245433

That's some excellent marketing strategy, I will give them credit for that.

No. 245436

I cant help but chuckle at all the fakeness that these people are profiting from. It’s so amazing. From the companies, to the idols themselves, to the fake little variety shows. Its just so brilliant. Yet these autist fans cannot see past any of it. They don’t realize that XX idol doesnt actually go around giving back hugs to his male friends, acting cute for attention, or being fake tsundere 24/7. Its SO obviously forced and out on, but their fans eat it up and act like so and so are so deep, and acting like a two year old ACTUALLY means he’s an intellect who values youth blahblahblah.

Its all just $$$$ fam.

No. 245438

they also don't realize that all their oppas are fucking multiple girls and probably regularly visit prostitutes and other hedonistic celebrity shit because contrary to what they say- they're not busy "working" 24/7 365 days a year lol

No. 245459

File: 1524719270631.png (129.66 KB, 1688x489, korea more like 'whorea' amiri…)

prostitution is pretty damn common in Korea from what I understand (pic related is from a ~3 year old reddit post, can't find the original post for some reason).
>"his firm represented a department from LG"
>tfw BTS recently became ambassadors for LG

No. 245461

Album sales are still relevant if you're comparing idols to each other (as opposed to legit artists). Every fandom has equal opportunity to bulk buy, so the relative difference in sales is a legit indication of which group has a bigger fanbase and the most purchasing power.

The more important thing is determining what publicized information is mediaplay and what is accurate. They'll write about 'pre-orders' that don't end up turning into actual sales because it just means that's how much they shipped to stores, or they'll give articles misleading titles to make groups seem more popular than they are. Recently there was an article about BTS overtaking Kara to be the number 1 foreign artist in Japan!! Amazing achievement, until you figure out they meant BTS beat Kara's first week sales (not total) from 6 years ago, and the real record for first week sales still belongs to BoA, and that first week sales aren't evidence of being the top foreign artist at all. They're fucking shameless and fans are too stupid to fact check, so they believe anything they read.

No. 245463

my friend worked in seoul and said it was common for bosses to casually have prostitutes blowing them under their desks while they were working. mens public bathrooms are filled with ads for brothels as well. it's a HUGE business there.

no doubt bts members have participated come on lol. 1/5th of south korean men in their 20s have purchased sex at least 4 times a month.

No. 245464

File: 1524720263741.png (125.68 KB, 275x267, 98398FJEJF.png)

What a disgusting society.

No. 245466

Other actors/idols have been caught going to brothels before:
>They were holding a company outing with agency representative for the new drama.

>mainly frequented by high officials in the financial industry and celebrities

Absolutely no doubt that most male idols also visit brothels and "massage parlours"

No. 245478

also I'm reminded of that Henry Prince Mak video where he talked about how he met with some directors when he was an idol and he couldn't refuse when offered alcohol despite not being a drinker because getting on that director's show hinged on not potentially offending him and he didn't want to let his group/team down. He also implies the kind of things female idols also feel trapped into agreeing with. I can easily imagine a male idol being offered a trip to a brothel or similar establishment and just not knowing how to say no without fucking over his group.

No. 245483

Female idols are forced to sleep with business men who are "sponsors", even when they are underage.
>predebut idol group taken by their CEO to meet with group of businessmen, all in their late-40s
>one of the businessmen is asked to pick his favourite
>that member is forced to leave with businessman by her CEO
>tells member that he'll make her famous if she "plays" with him and when
>she rejects him he gets angry and threatens to destroy the groups debut plans or pick another member of the group instead of her
>she manages to get away from him on that occasion but is forced to meet the man whenever he wants by her company

Another well known incident of sexually abuse in the korean entertainment industry is Jang Jayeon, who committed suicide in 2009. In her suicide note she named 31 entertainment executives and other higherups who had beat and sexually abused her.

No. 245503

late 90s/early 00s boygroups got the johnny's entertainment treatment, ie the skinny pretty teenage boys were fucked by old men. matching that up with predebut pictures of tvxq and super junior members from 2001-2004 gets kind of weird. the companies themselves probably try to lightly distance themselves from it now but they'll know and encourage anything like that that still goes on

there was a bigbang 'documentary' on youtube a few years ago, idk if it's still up but i think it was on an mnet associated channel if anybody either remembers it or cares enough to search. there was a part where a producer/ex rapper was talking about the hierarchies in a company like yg in the early 2000s and he said his role as a trainee was basically just rolling joints for higher ups and getting slapped by them if he did anything wrong

trainees and the vast majority of idols are completely disposable, so they're going to get massively fucked over in a country with messed up attitudes to sex and an obsession with hierarchy

No. 245548

>placing a tall (and pale)
They all have the exact same skintone? (except maybe the guy to the right, but that could be lighting)

No. 245561

I'll admit to some of the songs being catchy. Sure, they have some sort of Chainsmokers vibe, especially Young Forever, but I can admit their music isn't bad.
Like, it's not top-notch in regard to vocals and this whole fake too-deep shit, but it has good production value and the big songs have catchy hooks. It's mediocre and the only thing that really made it break out is the whole teenage angst shit, the heavy literary allegories because RM seems to be a Germanophile beyond belief and teenage girls eat up anything poetic, and the heavy forced ~bond~ between them.
But like you said, listening to it without the video does take a lot of it away, since it's heavily reliant on cute PS'd oppars and flashy backgrounds.

>inb4 anon sucks bts dick for breakfast

If I never have to hear the words bop, tea, shade ever again, it'll be too soon.

No. 245562

That's this whole "your fave could never" culture and it pisses me off so bad.
"oppar did this!!!!!11!! he's obviously a smol precious groundbreaking saleswrecking god!!! uwu"

No. 245563

lmao kush or choice?

No. 245580

I clearly see it? (Maybe it was more obvious in the video)
That's not the point though, what really matters is that Koreans value paleness so much that even such a slight difference can decide whether a person's good looking or ugly (and since he's japanese that'll hurt their ego).

No. 245595

File: 1524769221576.jpeg (28.15 KB, 443x332, images (23).jpeg)

Reminds me of this pic of Twice with Suzy, the way idols are styled can be very bad and make they seem cheap next to big stars. Suzy herself used to dress like them and now look at the difference.

No. 245600

Damn. I didn't think it'd be common for Korean guys to engage in public sex in the workplace. I guess a country that encourages men to repress their sexuality (like the blocking of porn sites and what not) will result in them possessing some unhealthy views and outlets regarding sex.

I'm reminded of this video where Korean men were asked about their ideal girlfriend and literally at least 80% said they mainly cared about how pretty she was. I don't expect male K-pop idols to have different mentalities.

No. 245607

jihyo always looks like an excited mom who got invited along because they needed a chaperone. between the super eager face she has on stage and the way she gets dressed so weirdly to hide the fact that she actually has boobs makes her seem really old sometimes. chaeyoung's like the younger sister somebody is forced to bring along and who brings the fun down by standing out by being so bland. she has such a forgettable face, the second i close a picture of her i can't imagine what she looks like

No. 245626

bom stans need to stop acting like she'd be on top right now if it wasn't for the scandal, her face was already fucked up and she sounded awful on the later 2ne1 songs. she can't dance or act so those obviously aren't factors and her variety personality just revolved around food and that would've gotten old fast and pretty soon the only focus would be on how weird she looks and how ridiculous her butt implants look. if she brought out the comeback song her defenders want it would just be embarassing to see her stiff face mumble out something incoherent

No. 245630

It's called a lootbox.

No. 245632

blocking porn isn't repressing sexuality, anon, there are many other things prevalent in sk that are though.

No. 245642

Do tell anon.
I want to know more about SK putrid side.

No. 245649

Kpop and Korean media gives off the image that every korean is some pure man-baby who would rather hold hands and give girls piggy back rides like they do in the dramas. Koreans irl are kinky as hell and love to fuck around. Only the super old conservatives shits are actually repressive about it.

No. 245650

lol sk does not encourage men to repress their sexuality. it's a deeply patriarchal country. extreme version of the madonna/whore complex is the norm and porn is everywhere if you know where to look

No. 245651

it's common to see stranger men carrying around passed out drunk women from clubs into love hotels

date rape drugs are VERY popular. there are ads for them in mens public bathrooms.

No. 245654

Your post got me interested so I looked up more info on how sexual harrassment/rape is treated in South Korea:
>"From the perspective of a man who spends a lot of money on dates, it is natural that he would want a commensurate compensation from the woman. In such conditions, unwanted date rape can occur," the curriculum for high school students reads
>Tips to respond to sexual harassment, also for the high school-level curriculum, include "step on his foot as if by mistake."
>The manual for teachers of elementary-age students includes the statement that "male sexual desire can arise quickly on impulse, regardless of time and place."

The South Korean education system is seriously fucked if this is what they're passing off as proper sex ed material. I could see how it was messed up for other reasons, like its support for privatized education via hagwons and dependency on standardized testing, but the article made me see how backwards the country still is socially. Like other anons have said, South Korea's upgraded technologically in such a short period of time but has yet to develop culturally.

No. 245666

File: 1524795038112.jpg (72.72 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

This incident happened last month in Busan:
>The man is accused of beating the victim unconscious after she asked to end their three-month relationship. He then dragged the unconscious victim to his apartment where he attempted to confine her. He was arrested by the police who came to the scene after a neighbor heard the victim’s screams and called the police.

Interview of the parents of teen:
>"We're the real victims. B (the victim) has a tendency to make our son angry. I think he hit her because she was acting up. She has quite the temper. We're actually angry that people think our son is the bad guy for locking her up. I mean, it's true that our son didn't let her go out in the middle of their fight but he did not keep her tied up at home or anything." The father continued, "A man can do that. He can hit a woman if he's mad, can't he?"

Some Korean's backward thinking and male chauvinism is on another level.

No. 245668

File: 1524795331666.png (102.82 KB, 1440x396, miryang.png)

reminds me of the Miryang gang rape case that occurred in Korea in the early 2000s (the film Han Gong-ju was based on it). Good to know the country has barely progressed since then.

No. 245671

>I guess a country that encourages men to repress their sexuality (like the blocking of porn sites and what not)
How is that repressive in anyway? Nobody needs porn to express their sexuality. That being said, the South Korean porn industry is especially disgusting. This was all from the most popular porn site in SK before it go shut down:

>The website and several of its members are currently facing charges for criminal activities ranging from ‘hidden cam’ videos illegally shot in public places, brokering underage prostitution and drug trafficking, violence against women including genital mutilation and conspiracy in gang rape, defamation, and extortion.

>Taking nude or pornographic images of friends or family members without consent and posting them on the site for ‘sharing’; some have gone on to extort money from the victims by threatening to post more photos or videos
>Buying underage sex and brokering teens for ‘swapping’ sessions; inviting unknown Soranet members to take part in such ‘parties’
>Some men have even sneaked into unknowing women’s rooms and installed live action cams
Particularly (in)famous is their tactic of sliding a camera between women’s legs when riding the escalator or walking up the stairs
>On November 14th, 2015, a user posted the photo of an unconscious woman’s body, partly nude, along with the tagline “Whoever posts the best sexual insult against my girlfriend will be invited to participate in a rape session at a motel in Wangsimni (Seoul)”.
>A week later, two users posted “rape invite”threads – one of them was the November 14th user.
>The SBS broadcast also interviewed RPO, civilian organisation working on exposing the criminality of Soranet – their members concluded that on a daily average, 3 rape “invites”, over a 100 hidden-cam “girlfriend” photo posts, and 20 to 30 regular hidden-cam videos are posted.
>Another user, who walked away from the scene of a gang rape, explained the users’ psychology as “numbed…used to the Soranet system which rewards behaviour and words which in society would be considered heinous – the more heinous, the more the users or participants are hailed as brave and manly”. However, he also emphasised that no user felt guilty or afraid after posting pictures of their girlfriends or spouses, as they are certain they will not be held responsible and that there are no victims, since they usually do not post the women’s faces.
Yeah, it's no wonder why they would block porn sites in SK if this type of degenerate shit is the norm there.

No. 245672

Holly shit, and then they blame the SK women for being too indenpendent and men-hating. What a disgusting mess.

No. 245673

wtf? That's like, ivory coast levels of brutishness. they look down on 'savage' foreigners but have this kind of shit under the rug?

No. 245678

>Economic materialism in the country, which is visible in the sizable South Korean fashion and cosmetic industries, contributes to domestic human trafficking because many young women become burdened by significant debt, victimized by loan sharks, and overwhelmed with multiple credit cards to pay off.
>The women who find themselves in this situation are often targeted by traffickers who entice the women with the possibility of paying off their debt through prostitution, when, in actuality, the traffickers ensure that the women's debt never gets paid off. Sex trafficking victims in South Korea are often sold in kissing rooms, massage parlours, and karaoke bars.

No. 245680

It's also very common and normal to see men slap their girlfriends in public. over 80% of south korean men admit to abusing their girlfriends and that's just the ones who admit it.

hidden cam footage from women's bathrooms is one of the most popular porn categories for south korean men

No. 245699

that does sound out of context though. he was just saying he thinks his younger siblings are cute and he likes pinching their cheeks. I've never heard of that phrase in an anti-feminist context and can't find any info on it though I may just be searching in the wrong places. if you have more info on it please share I'm kind of interested in feminism movements in SK.

No. 245713

you would have to speak korean for it and idk the "sources" anymore seeing as it was just a discussion on twitter. i know the context he was saying it in. but saying that older brothers should get away with blah blah blah because older brothers think their little sisters are cute is a red flag in and of itself.

feminism and anti-feminism is a popular topic in south korea rn and he definitely knew what was being implied by the way he said it.

No. 245716

God, they're shit at singing.

>nation's girl group

Koreans should be ashamed of this.

No. 245717

korea is proud of them because they represent everything they like in women

No. 245722

ah okay I figured there would be a language barrier. thanks anyway.

No. 245728

actually after some digging I think I found the twitter convo you were talking about, plus a link to the original Vlive, and I think I get what you mean. He does seem to say it in a really "pointed" way for lack of a better word.

No. 245752

lmao I really see the overexcited mom vibe an earlier anon mentioned from Jihyo here.

Tzuyu Jihyo and Dahyun are the only ones even trying to look like they're having a good time.

No. 245761

I won't deny that some kpop songs are really catchy, but I don't understand die hard fans. These girls are beautiful, no doubt. But they can't sing and dance that well at all. I bet there are lots of really good Korean dancers and singers that never get a chance because they don't fit the idol criteria.

How can any fan feel like they actually know their "bias" when they probably have a huge PR team that tells them what to do and say, when to smile, how to act etc. Lol, can you imagine if you had to sing, dance and listen to music that you probably don't like at all hundreds of times? No thanks.

Dancing in school girl uniforms and play all cute is a bit too old when the oldest member is soon 19.

It's sick, fake and scary

No. 245762


Mmm, I doubt she's responsible. KPOP groups have always had one or two Chinese members to bait Chinese fans. Part of the reason EXO is so popular is that they excelled in China, lots of companies want to replicate that.

No. 245763

Forgot to mention Miss A had two Chinese members.

No. 245766

Hope this doesn't seem like I'm defending the group or anything but, they are pretty much created to fail publicly, lol. SM himself said that NCT isn't meant for consumption of the general public.

No. 245837

Even though I don't like them, I can admit that even Girl's Generation had at least a couple of competent singers. Out of NINE members, none of them can really hold a note. It's really embarrassing that TWICE is supposed to take their place in this new generation for K-pop.

No. 245838

Just to clarify, I was referring to TWICE when I was talking about how no one inna group of nine members can hold a note.

No. 245895

This is disgusting. Korea is a real piece of work.

No. 245959

File: 1524892321900.jpg (117.11 KB, 664x836, 4jcQypA.jpg)

Unpopular opinion, but I actually like the whole tropical house/dance hall emulation shit Kpop has been doing since '16. It's slightly better than the autotune wave or shitty EDM.

Slowly seems to have transitioned to chill vibe though.

No. 246067

File: 1524948206609.jpg (16.39 KB, 480x334, unnamed.jpg)

"Please write in English for the international fans"
June: Please learn Korean
His reply is freaking refreshingㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
As expected from Goo-myway

>Freaking refreshing ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I'm freaking disgusted by those I-roaches and their "English pleasee"

>If you like him, then you should be the one learning sigh

You'd think that they'd feel insulted by that, right? Instead nearly everybody is either agreeing or making excuses like "The way he wrote isn't serious, it's aegyo speak!" kek

No. 246070

>You'd think that they'd feel insulted by that, right?
those comments are by Korean fans, so no there's no reason they'd feel insulted.

No. 246079

If you click on the link you'll see that underneath this article with the korean comments are comments from international fans.
I was obviously referring to those…

No. 246081

ah mb, the two you quoted were the korean ones so I misread your post and thought you meant those.

No. 246116

File: 1524968516776.gif (1.79 MB, 250x308, download.gif)

yea definitely.

gif is taehyung telling a fan to cover up because what she's wearing is too racy

No. 246118

isn't that just fanservice though. I mean its stupid as fuck and cringy and I'd knock his crown of his head if he did that shit to me but I was under the impression that fangirls
who attend these kinds of things like the whole "overprotective boyfriend" act. though I wouldn't be shocked if he was that conservative in real life and it was more than just an act.

No. 246120

You're right. You can't really explain it that way without being called out for being an oppapologist, but Korean girls think it's manly and romantic to get all protective like that (or at the very least, Korean men think they do). It's not meant to be a moral judgement or slut shaming, just fanservice to imply that he doesn't want other men looking the way a boyfriend might. As if they really give a shit about one of their many fans showing skin, they aren't that important.

No. 246132

File: 1524978866172.webm (7.73 MB, 852x480, tumblr_o7574rKQ5e1ug7iw9_480.w…)

"While Taehyung talking to a fan, he noticed her cutout sleeves and cutely told her (like a father) that her clothes were a bit “racy” (야하다) and then making her promise that she will cover up a bit more next time."
I'm inclined to believe it's just fanservice too, along with the handholding and promise-making.

No. 246134

that whole aspect of idol culture is so weird to me. I think some male idols are hot as fuck but I still wouldn't want to go hold hands with them in front of a shitload of fans waiting to do the same thing…like jesus you could have men in their 20s pretend to give a shit about you for FREE, why shell out for it??

No. 246137

It's true they find abusive behavior like jealousy and possessiveness romantic.
Video related, Exo roleplaying controlling, jealous, possessive and cheating boyfriends with their fan during a radio show. At the demand of their fan obviously, they're the one writing the little scenarios.

No. 246930

>photographs of JYP attending seminars held by a cult, started by a man heavily involved in the Sewol Ferry disaster
Holy fuck. The incident still carries a lot of weight for the Korean public, so I wonder how this is going to unfold.

No. 246931

I bet they're going to release more dating scandals to try to cover this up, that's what they always do

No. 246933

File: 1525236033253.jpg (36.62 KB, 610x407, twice.jpg)

Holy fuck

This is what bare faced idols look like

No. 246938

I would kill to see them release dating rumors of any of the Twice girls–unclefans mourning the loss of their virginal idolfu while the general public gets upset about the cult thing.

Also it turns out he was actually LECTURING at this cult seminar, and is being accused of funneling money from JYP Entertainment to this cult. His wife (who he basically groomed into becoming his barely legal wife after making sure her girl group failed) is the niece of the cult founder.

He posted some IG rant about finding a religious calling after Wonder Girls flopped in the US, wondering if it was divine intervention.

Original Dispatch investigation:
Korean redditor summary of the news so far:

No. 246940

>tfw korea may be at peace because kim jong un loves kpop

No. 246941

File: 1525237212291.jpg (82.24 KB, 1200x630, Dhjgo6o.jpg)

>Irene singlehandedly saved the Korean Peninsula by giving up 10 minutes of comfort

No. 246956

Holy shit, it's almost as if these people are a bit above average asians with plastic surgeries and not some kind of deities the fans think they are!

No. 246974

>His wife (who he basically groomed into becoming his barely legal wife after making sure her girl group failed)
That's YG sis

No. 246978

File: 1525255008877.jpg (63.76 KB, 530x888, 2018050108245985800.jpg)

>a bit above average asians with plastic surgeries
You just managed to insult a whole continent lol
Let's be real, she's fugly and Nayeon also doesn't like your milky skinned youthful angel…
>inbefore but Twice can sing!
No they can't. They have zero to offer other than their looks and even those are a lie.

No. 247002

I don't really follow these threads, but I don't see anything wrong with these girls. There's no way I'd ever call them ugly.

No. 247004

Don't even bother anon, pics with flash taken on the streets are the ultimate proof that kpop stars are actually fugly.
Kpop anons (lovers or haters) are really nuts.

No. 247079

You sure that girl got plastic surgery? She looks plain as fuck.

No. 247098


She probably only got her eyes done. It's standard for k-idols even if they don't have anything else done. It's pretty rare for idols to have monolids, but it's starting to be a bit more commonplace now.
I do love JeongYeong's new blue hair, TBH. I hope they let it grow a bit more than just chin length.

On another note, fans are finally realising that the cutesy Twice shit is done to death now.

No. 247103

I was talking solely about looking for a Chinese visual, but yes, chinese members have been a thing for a while, gotta get them yuans. If you get the chinese market, you are set.

No. 247115

yeah imo these >>246978 >>246933 are just normal cute girls in unflattering photos. I don't look good barefaced in a flash photo either lol, no one does.

No. 247154

nta but no one said they were ugly tho? just their 'godesses' visuals are overrated af

>a bit above average asians with plastic surgeries

>not some kind of deities the fans think they are

No. 247188

see >>246978
>let's be real, she's fugly

No. 247231

File: 1525311438151.jpg (169 KB, 900x1200, Db8Km8yUQAAVKZi.jpg)

She looks cute here. Twice's visuals are overrated tho

No. 247418

File: 1525396651647.jpg (64.67 KB, 612x612, IMG_3099.JPG)

I agree. Also I'm definitely not trying to be rude here but Jeongyeon could pass off more as a SEA rather than a Korean girl. I don't know how to phrase this well but from what I've seen, Koreans have longer faces and smaller features whereas Jeongyeon's features are a bit bigger, rounder, and closer together. If I didn't know who she was, I'd think that this pre-debut pic of her was of some random Vietnamese girl.

No. 247474

File: 1525435270680.gif (1.26 MB, 250x250, sanakissingattempt.gif)

Why is this considered acceptable?

It's clear that the other members don't like/are uncomfortable with it but she keeps trying to kiss them. It's not cute or quirky, it's annoying af. Is she a lesbian or is it just male fan pandering?


No. 247489

male fan pandering. she's shameless and very good at fanservice for male fans lol

No. 247490

File: 1525440500982.png (2.2 MB, 2560x1440, Screenshot_20180504-152758.png)

>Sana is an aegyo queen!
More like "Sana has even less dignity than the other members and spends every second pandering to her uncle-fans"…
Also, her lips look gross.
It really makes me wonder what her parents think of her acting all dumb and whoring herself out like this. Strict and honorable asian parents my ass lol

No. 247492

File: 1525440965280.gif (2.56 MB, 482x800, 1506520181432.gif)

No. 247494

File: 1525441609979.gif (7.44 MB, 333x642, 24056420f57552979a35586a2b29be…)


No. 247497

File: 1525441872429.gif (2.11 MB, 500x539, srqUliF.gif)

Found in this forum: https://onehallyu.com/topic/185306-the-nations-gg-twice-18-thread-just-like-tities/page-148
>Does anyone has tzuyu 18+ ? She already 18 years old lets post more about her
Absolutely gross…

No. 247498

File: 1525442022771.gif (3.05 MB, 268x251, 1a10ea48f4e3524ea3286438883406…)

No. 247501

Jesus, this link is fucking disgusting, a bunch of men (and lesbos I guess?) sharing sexual charged gifs and pics of Twice members with some raunchy comments thrown in here.
>I can see her nipples tongue emoji
Fucking barf.
>Momo wants us to use her. (on a pic were she is wearing a tshirt with use written across it)

No. 247505

So one of them wrote some smut. It's good not to share some nuggets.
>I took off my shirt, showing my latin pectoral. She was ashamed
>She took off my underwear, and she marveled at what she saw "Such a beautiful big cock!"
>Her pussy is so pretty and I started to lick and suck that precious thing
>-"YES YES YES YES FUCK ME YOUR SON OF A BITCH!" "You’re um little slut!" "Yes, I’m your little slut!" "Show me your slutness more!"
>-Oppa! I want milk oppa! I wana your milk oppa!-
>Then we shared our cum. Sana jizzed a lot, being very satisfied "Oppa, your milk was so hot and delicious!"

No. 247509

No. 247553

Wow a subreddit dedicated to thirsting over female idols has tons of posts about a popular girl group. What a surprise. Most places that focus on those kinds of things are cesspools.

No. 247590

File: 1525453208713.jpg (1.11 MB, 1080x1920, dang - BrilliantImpartialCow.w…)

Check out Sana's hand. She's the only one pulling another girl's dress up like that.

No. 247591

File: 1525453244185.png (791.77 KB, 989x303, c8a0ef6de85f717acaafdaa1634d92…)

No. 247624

Quite "problematic" kek
If an idol does it it's cute, if anybody else were to simply expose another woman's panties in public it would be harassment.

No. 247629

Sana is the queen Burikko. I hate when people go like "She's so gay teehee", it's obvious as fuck that's she's only doing that as uncle fanservice.

I think Nayeon and Momo maybe be bi. But it's just a hunch of mine.

No. 247631

File: 1525461304673.jpg (86.31 KB, 537x900, sulli.jpg)

Lol, they're worse than lc:
>[+348, -143] Elephant legs, cankles
>[+21, -10] She looks so pretty up top and then her legs… look like sweet potatoes…
>[+15, -3] She's gained a lot of weight

No. 247633

If stares could kill this bitch would be dead lol

No. 247636


I am sure they are not that blind and really think Sulli is fat, I think this is mostly slander because SK hates her guts, so they are probably just insulting her to get it to her.

Not that it makes it any better.

No. 247639

I'm dead anon, thank you and also fuck you for sharing that

No. 247643

that haircut would only be flattering on a granny, jfc

No. 247647

Why am I not surprised that it's on onehallyu. That place is a shithole filled with weird koreaboos thrusting over manlets dryhumping a stage.

No. 247666

File: 1525477211029.jpg (14.28 KB, 240x320, 137593505136.jpg)

No. 247694

File: 1525497469256.jpg (769.31 KB, 1920x2560, sanapomu.jpg)

Sure, she's pandering to male fans and queerbaiting but this is from her predebut Twitter account (which is still up) so make of it what you will.

No. 247758

it's not like non-idol girls don't bi it up for male attention. this really means nothing.

No. 247778

shindanmaker is a site where you input your name and it gives you a random result, and you can choose to post the result to twitter. she didn't type that herself.
you can see some examples here.

No. 247792

Ah okay, fair enough then. Can we stop the "Sana is such an attention whore, but member X and Y is totally bi because I want them to be–s-sorry my gut feeling says so" then because both are equally as baseless?

No. 247824


I think most sexuality guesses are baseless, but I don't think they are particularly unwelcomed on gossip sites. Maybe I am just nosy kek

No. 247831

No, you just sound like a lesbo who wishes her stan is gay as well…
Deal with it, Twice doesn't care about female fans, they only want sweet ahjussi bucks.

No. 247838

i agree with you but majority of twice fans are not old men but men in their 20s. uncle fan scapegoating doesnt apply to them as much. they're still selling japanese idol-esque porn fantasies to these men tho

No. 247851

Any thoughts on Jhope's Mixtape? Every ARMY on Twitter thinks it's a legendary pice of art….

No. 247853

The two he mande with the other producer's help are almost dope, the other ones are mediocre at best.
It really shows how he was not already working on music before like the Suga and RM.

No. 247854

I like it tbh, some of the songs are better than others though. I like that it's short and not massively ambitious or anything, I think that's appropriate for someone as inexperienced as him.

Supreme Boi's ROCK BOTTOM shoutout in Hangsang pisses me off a little though. His little rap crew can go fuck themselves, I don't care if they were in the original BTS lineup.

No. 247863

>Supreme Boi's ROCK BOTTOM
Wasn't one of them a rapist wife beater or some shit?

No. 247868

File: 1525573218017.png (308.55 KB, 1609x1287, iron more like lie-ron.png)

yep, Iron.
>pic related
>"no she wanted the shit beaten out of her! but also it was somehow self defense"
Same dude wrote a song about how much he gets off on rape fantasies. Definitely an appropriate shoutout for Supreme Boi to make on JHope's mixtape given his target audience.

No. 247882

Suga's und JHope's are mediocre tbh, the only one that was somehow good it's RM's mixtape and considering he produced it in 2014… so I'm looking forward to what is he gonna put on the table next time

No. 247973

singularity is garbage. lets discuss.

No. 248000

Boring and generic beat and V heavy breathing for 3 and a half minutes. The music video is half glamour shots and half him getting shown up by the backup dancers. It's listenable (unlike Stigma), but it's still…not good.
I don't hate BTS, but I really am shocked at how their fans can mindlessly hype up mediocre song after mediocre song. All of KPOP is pretty mediocre in my opinion, which is fine, but I always see BTS fans act like their group is different. If that's the case, don't they feel disappointment over them releasing underwhelming stuff like this over and over? Where do they draw the line, if they actually care about the music? At least it's an improvement from Euphoria I guess, not that it takes much.

No. 248002

The song couldn't be more boring, V look retarded with his long bangs and ugly mullet, his breathy singing is annoying is he trying to sound more like jungkook? And IMO the dancing doesn't fit the beat. Bottom line, it's only enjoyable if you're already a fan.

spoiler for degeneracy. 1:39 made me wanna lick his feet tho

No. 248009

File: 1525640770082.jpg (130.81 KB, 853x1280, ARb5hgh.jpg)

I love his feet

No. 248023

RM isn't even good. His verses are always cringy and try hard to me.
I heard he was fairly popular on the underground scene before getting picked up by bighit, and I honestly don't see how unless his raps then are vastly different than they are now

No. 248032


its bad. boring song, V's vocals sound just bad, and the faux deep stuff is so cringeworthy, although i guess that's part of BTS' shtick. overall its forgettable, couple shots in the video looked kinda nice though i guess.

No. 248040

I don't mind the R&B vibe and it suits his range but it just wasn't well executed imo. I feel like there's potential in Taehyung's voice that's just not being utilized. If you pitch his voice up a little he sounds exactly like Jungkook which tells me he needs to experiment more with his singing style instead of singing all breathy the way JK does but in a lower pitch.

seek jesus anons

No. 248052

The dancing doesn't fit the music. I do like the masks and the scenes with the roses and water. The bass line is good too though it's a shame the vocals ruin it. His voice always sounds like it's straining to be deeper.

No. 248144


I wish you spoilered this shit.
V is so overrated. nigga looks like he has mild downs

No. 248178

So pretencious I almost puked.

No. 248298

File: 1525791148390.png (175.22 KB, 455x810, tumblr_p8ewehFRdp1x3fwzco1_540…)

Jesus Christ what is wrong with these fans. Was that really a necessary comment, didn't that dreadlocks shit happen literally 2 or so years ago? Grow up for god's sake

No. 248321

>"Appropriating black culture" = deserving of losing your parent at the age of just 23
These people make me sick…

No. 248335

what happened to "AsIanS aRe PoC? i guess even sjws don't give a shit about being hypocrites as long as they are virtue signalling.

No. 248421

christ I thought the dreads were corny too but that doesn't mean the poor dude deserved to lose his fucking dad. plus he probably doesn't even style himself so why are people acting like he had a choice in the matter

Asians are """""PoC"""""" but he doesn't get a pass for that in their book as he's still not black.

No. 248426

bts fans need to know their place in society

No. 248437

jfc i read the commentary and figured the idol was getting fired or something. so much for social justice centering around empathy for other human beings and their hardships.

They are but they're still pretty high on the sjw oppression totem pole. kind of like how gay people still have oppression cred compared to straights, but simultaneously considered a white cis oppressive class kek

No. 248454

File: 1525813571274.jpg (661.95 KB, 1920x1080, LiquidAdoredIncatern.jpg)

No. 248466

File: 1525822362718.png (2.16 MB, 1275x848, barefoot.png)

have our feet anons seen this? suga's feet look especially cute here imo

No. 248473

File: 1525823795031.jpg (24.19 KB, 599x415, 13khg5.jpg)

bitch, the least you could do is spoiler your nasty fuckin foot shit smh

No. 248476

File: 1525824695248.jpg (Spoiler Image, 171.23 KB, 2048x1365, Feet_concept.jpg)

No. 248477

File: 1525824800567.jpg (346.71 KB, 1365x2048, yl9mVaO.jpg)

Whats up with the blowjob imagery?

No. 248479

gee, thanks. what pervert came up with the idea that they should do a photo shoot where they're dressed in all denim and barefoot anyways?

No. 248480

smh they're pandering to me

No. 248495

>canadian tuxedos

also I know they have red-rimmed eyes to play into the title of their upcoming album but it still looks freaky to me.

No. 248530

They're all way too plain and ugly to pull of that simple and "innocent" style

No. 248568

File: 1525881834590.png (378.57 KB, 800x534, 8_r_jimin.png)

This is the first time Jin doesn't look ugly to me. And Jungkook looks like he's aging in reverse. Jimin's solo shot looked good but I can't help but wonder why he's the only one without an undershirt?
Oh and fuck you anons for pointing their feet out. Now I can't stop noticing them.

What's up with the "stan loona" shit? I checked them out after their annoying fans kept hyping their oh-so-complex music videos and universe, but it's just the same generic garbage? The faux deep meanings don't even make sense half the time and their annoying fans lap it up anyway. The industry somehow came up with something even more superficially deep than BTS, wow.

No. 248572

He looks high af.

No. 248582

File: 1525888583057.png (265.51 KB, 483x420, Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 1.56…)

No. 248588


jungkook looks really good here in my personal opinion. jimin and V look fine too. dont think ill ever be able to find jin attractive though lmao

>red-rimmed eyes to play into the title of their upcoming album

420: Theme of Blaze it?

No. 248593

>420: Theme of Blaze it?
they're supposed to look like they've been crying but I like your take better

No. 248797

No. 248819

File: 1525986602723.jpg (181.53 KB, 600x337, produce-48-mcountdown-180510.j…)

Are you the same anon who claimed that AKB is trying to take over the Asian countries Japan formerly invaded with their music? lol

>AKB48 infecting every country

Kpop is "infecting" the whole world, nobody gives a shit about Jpop anymore.
>crap music and busted ass members. All of them can't sing or dance let alone both at the same time.
And Kpop is known for its many natural beauties and powerful voices…?
>Plus their theme song is not as catchy like Pick me and Nayana.
Catchy =/= good, anon.
>The dance is pretty lame too, of course they had to dumb it down the dance for AKB members.
Then why are fans able to put out dance covers just 1 day after a MV dropped, but K-idols have to train 10 years "17 hours every single day" to achieve that level?

Imo non of the girls are incredibly talented, but claiming that the Japanese girls are inferior in dance kills and beauty already beforehand is bullshit.

No. 248822

NTA and not a koreaboo, but you genuinely sound like a triggered weeb. AKB is worse.

No. 248837

The only opinion i agree with you on is that the song is actually good. Pick me was repetitive and gimmicky and the least easy on the ears out of them all. AKB is trash in every way tho lmao. They peaked 7 years ago with river and heavy rotation then completely fell off the wagon. The girls can't sing without being in unison/vocals always sound flat as hell with 0 range, a toddler could sing and sound decent. They're songs are dated and bland, combined with piss easy dance moves and recycled choreography. Kpop is crap but you'd have to be delusional, deaf, or blind to think what jpop shits out is anything but low effort and pandery

No. 248846

Bts stans are human garbage, not to mention they're the most delusional fanbase of all time.

Do these inbreds not realize SM chooses how every artist is styled and dressed lmfao
And so are their precious woke kings BTS uwu

No. 248847

>but claiming that the Japanese girls are inferior in dance kills and beauty already beforehand is bullshit.

Come again? Lmfao

No. 248864

File: 1526017407654.png (23.11 KB, 680x489, SDFSDF.png)

I fucking loathe AKB48 but I hope this season will be a huge success just because I can't stand how far up their asses knetizens are.

No. 248865

Sorry anon, just for a second I forgot that this isn't really the Anti-Kpop thread…lol

If you'd read my answer carefully, you'd see that I didn't place AKB above Kpop - I just think both are equally shite.

There's that one performance of them together with the Produce 101 girls and they aren't any worse in dancing or anything (simply because it was super easy to begin with) and wearing an ugly outfit your agency has chosen for you doen't mean they're less attractive than Korean idols.
Also remember, Kpop originally took a lot of inspiration from Jpop.

No. 248867

File: 1526020677973.jpg (122.99 KB, 1911x1080, Image1.jpg)

God, petty korean vs japanese shitflinging makes me want to bang my head on a table. I see it everywhere from both sides and it's so pathetic, they really lack self awareness. Usually Koreans shit all over their idols and how untalented they are, but suddenly their 'country has so many talented kids' if japan is brought into it. And conventionally pretty girls who look exactly the fucking same as their own idols are suddenly ugly when they're japanese.

Anyway that song is one of the worst things I've ever heard and I gagged at the final 30 seconds of them doing creepy aegyo.

No. 248876

File: 1526022881208.gif (1.8 MB, 268x268, tumblr_p8iptq0H5a1rpafedo6_400…)

The girl from After School looks so painfully plastic… And she's "already" 24 - meanwhile others are born in 02, 03 and even 04. (And knowing Korea they probably prefer these jailbaits over actual young women) I hope to god they tone their dances down in sexiness.

No. 248900

I always thought that Koreans would be much taller, but actually they don't seem to (or at least not much).
I noticed however that the Japanese girls are even skinnier, just comparing Sakura's waist/hips in that pic with the others…

No. 248929

File: 1526060785355.jpg (52.92 KB, 635x651, misc_1525971870_w7.jpg)

>I gagged at the final 30 seconds of them doing creepy aegyo.
That was the worst part and all the winking

No. 248933

>Sorry anon, just for a second I forgot that this isn't really the Anti-Kpop thread…lol
At this point, it's just the Kpop fans thread with a tiny sprinkle of farmer salt, lmao.

No. 248973

Oh my god… She looks so young but her nosejob makes her look like a 50 year old piglet. I'm shocked. What the fuck.>>248876

No. 248975

Loona is like the female version of BTS by now. Even AJ has bought into the hype.

Heart Attack's good though, what with the sax parts.

No. 248976


What the fuck is up with RM's general face?

No. 248992

File: 1526083366060.jpg (43.49 KB, 500x499, d3a9e79786ee57d715c3d67e84c705…)

he's half egg

No. 249005

The way people treat Nancy from Momoland is so weird. Most of the people that "like" her just treat her as fap fodder while almost everyone else acts like she is a bitch. Even on places like AJ where commenters love to talk about how female idols are held to such harsh standards compared to male ones people would make jokes about how she is constantly bitter and angry about JooE getting popular instead of her. And then there's the people on twitter that made up things about her and her family. I know stan twitter is a shithole but it just seems ott. I'm not saying everyone has to like her but it just seems weird that so many dislike her. She just seems like an annoying teenager to me.

No. 249010

I didn't notice it as much in this collab stage (a lot of it was partly due to styling) but man, it's nuts how more frail Jpop idols are to even Kpop ones.

No. 249011

File: 1526100075446.jpg (158.07 KB, 720x960, IMG_20180512_003059.jpg)

RM is ugly but at least he's normal looking, where as J-hope looks like his face is melting off in half of his pictures.

No. 249012

he looks like my aunt lol

i agree, both are ugly but at least RM doesn't look like a plastic doll. idk why people shit on his looks so much when he has literally the kind of face most koreans have

No. 249017


Lmao I can't get over the fact that his fans claims he just doesn't photograph well and his bone structure is actually mind blowingly beautiful IRL. When he really looks like a middle aged asian lesbian.

No. 249021

Makes me wonder just how little they eat since I'm quite jealous to be frank…

No. 249024

File: 1526112877642.jpg (84.69 KB, 750x750, o5oEzYA.jpg)

>he really looks like a middle aged asian lesbian
The only time he ever looked like a semi-normal human being was when he embraced his inner middle aged asian lesbian.
It seems like fans are always going out of their way to compliment the uglies from their groups on their looks. I don't think any of them actually believe it, it's probably just a pity thing. Fans should just compliment them on something else, surely they have some actual redeeming qualities. Pretending like he's beautiful irl is just silly, he's in and photos and video enough that he should have looked good at least once by now if it was true.

No. 249037

It think it ties hand in hand with the same kind if people who spam comments on pics/videos of severaly deformed people who are obviously not got to be considered attractive with things like “gorgeous <3333” or “DAE think this girl is sooooooo beautiful??” when nobody even brought up looks to begin with.

No. 249038

It doesn't really matter to you because they have asian genetics and eat asian food which is way less caloric. Not to mention they probably have a heavy daily exercise routine, I heard these idols spend hours everyday just dancing and rehearsing. No reason to be jealous unless you already put the effort.

No. 249039

File: 1526123234075.jpg (54.99 KB, 559x446, pristin_1505145973_ㅏㅁ.jpg)

I think it has more to do with their addiction to always saying the opposite of k-netizens:
They prefer pale and pure idols
>She's so bland, I find [insert idol with dark skin] much prettier!
They call an idol ugly, fat or trashy (often rightfully so)
>Yes queen, say!!!

No. 249041

>asian genetics and asian food
(I'm pretty sure these jap girls would hate getting lumped together with all other Asians)

Dancing for hours might play a role in Kpop, but not Jpop. Two-stepping and waving your arms a bit doesn't count as heavy workout - so why are they thinner than the harder working K-idols

No. 249043

>asian food
>less caloric

that's funny anon, i almost believed you for a second!

No. 249085

One on the left is cute who is she?

I thought idols weren't supposed to be chubby(outside of the few male ones they have)

No. 249093


>yes queen, slay!!!

No. 249100

I'ts Kyla from Pristin. She looked cute during their debut imo but she gained a lot around their first comeback. She hasn't been in the group for awhile but people keep saying she's returning.

No. 249112

File: 1526151865400.jpg (147.63 KB, 800x1200, 14182234_1346547488729132_1858…)

How can you look at this picture and point out first thing that the overweight girl is cute? Why do you lie?
You could have commented on anything about it - and yet you choose the woke kpop stan route…

This thread really is full of fans…

No. 249113

Thanks anon yeah she looks much better in that vid.

No. 249114

>Why do you lie?

Lol, I'm not even that anon but why are you so obsessed about randoms liking chubbies? Nobody cares.

No. 249115

It's funny that people still believe they "Asians are thin because of genetics". Most young Asian girls have Ana tier diets, it's just in their countries being Ana isn't really talked about so they feel eating 900 calories a day is normal. In Japan I noticed it's perfectly ok for a woman to openly say she's gonna starve herself for a few days. No one is naturally fat or underweight unless they have some kind of medical issues.

No. 249117

honestly i think a lot of it just comes from kpop fans who won't accept that they're not skinny like an idol because they don't diet/exercise like an idol and would have to put in a lot of work to look like that, and would probably have negative side effects after a while. it's easier to keep claiming that sunmi naturally has a bmi of 14 and she tries soooo hard to gain weight but just can't because they can use that as a way to excuse wanting to be thin and not.

the "she tried gaining weight and can't!" excuse is so annoying too. it is not hard for an otherwise healthy 20something to gain enough weight to just hit a bmi in the middle of the normal range, they don't want to gain weight. finding a video of an idol saying she ate a whole chicken by herself one time doesn't prove that she's forcing herself to eat to gain weight

No. 249121

File: 1526155318822.jpg (93.8 KB, 640x480, IMG_0195_lowres-640x480.jpg)

Both Japan and Korea have an obesity rate of only 2-3% percent, making them the thinnest countries. However, I can't see how that's true, because the average Korean girl is definitely not skinny…
In Japan even normal people on the streets are usually thin, but that doesn't have to be genetics, they simply have different standards than the rest of the world.

Finding anything about J-idols diets is much more difficult than with Kpop, but I came across this article which mainly states that they eat very small portions (exercising isn't exactly popular with Japanese girls either, because it makes you "too muscular")

No. 249125

Not just Ana-tier but also just healthy cultural differences

>The average person in Japan consumes over 200 fewer calories per day than the average American. Food prices are substantially higher in Japan, but the traditional Japanese dietary habits, although changing, are also healthier. The Japanese are also far more physically active than Americans, but not because they do more planned physical exercise. They walk more as part of their daily lives.

And it’s quickly changing
>Obesity rates in Korea are among the lowest in the OECD, but have been increasing steadily. About 4% of the adult population is obese in Korea, and about 30% are overweight (including obese). OECD projections indicate that overweight rates will increase by a further 5% within ten years.

However, the worship of idols who are far too thin is a different ball game entirely

No. 249130

I'm black so by generic meme standards I should be thick but I'm 5'5 at 95 lbs because I eat less than 1200 calories a day. I find that many Kpop fans will say "I can't do this or wear that like Korean girls can because muh bone structure and Asian girls are smaller than me" but they fail to realize that being underweight has nothing to do with genes, it's all about not eating. Even girls who are like "omg I eat so much junk food and I'm still thin ^_^"they're not like that naturally, they just don't notice that they starve all day then binge on junk food at dinner and that's their only meal that day.

No. 249136

To be fair, eating even less than 1200 kcal isn't something to be proud of or brag about either…

No. 249140

I'm not bragging, I'm saying it isn't genetic. Being white, black, Hispanic or whatever won't stop anyone from having a low bmi. I think pretty much most idols starve themselves but fans ignore all the proof that they're starving and just use clips of the one time they saw their favorite idol rating at a Korean BBQ to prove that they eat all the time. Anyone time an idol is accused of not eating etc a fan always pulls up some picture of them eating and they go "seee they do eat!".

No. 249146

That puts you at an “underweight” BMI. You should eat more, anon, and work out.

It’s weird in the anti-jpop thread, where anons point out how unhealthy and gross the idols are, for someone to just own up to being so underweight.

No. 249148

The anons before you already clarified that being Asian =/= magic formula for being thin naturally, we got it already.
So no need to share your ana-tier eating habits.

No. 249211

File: 1526188363860.gif (1.48 MB, 360x202, IMG_3213.GIF)

She was really cute and didn't need a nose job. I'd vote for her out of pity at least because she and the rest of the Afterschool members went through a ton of shit when they were active…only to be tossed aside due to shit management. Afterschool's pole-dancing for one of their comebacks also forever remains underappreciated:

No. 249243

File: 1526215866661.jpg (347.74 KB, 800x1200, NmZsGlm.jpg)

Speaking of dieting, Momo from Twice made some comments during one of their recent V-Lives:
>"The company told me I had to lose 7kg in order for me to step on the stage for our showcase"
>She started her diet right away and barely ate, while solely going to the gym every single day for seven days.
>"While sleeping, I shed tears because I was afraid whether I would be able to get up or not the next day"
>She eventually asked for three more days to reach the goal, in which she was able to accomplish in the end.
The article didn't mention it, but basically she went wrestler-cutting mode by dehydrating herself by spitting and not drinking.
Around the 1 hour mark in this V-Live:

Supposedly this is before Sixteen and Twice's actual debut, but for a company showcase, which is pretty fucked up. She would've been a minor and extremely disposable at that time. Momo's been thin in every pre-debut photo I've seen of her, so it's not like losing the weight would've been as easy as someone overweight or average sized.

No. 249308

idols lie all the time about how much weight they lost and how fast. if you start off really light there's still only so much starving and exercising will do when you're barely eating to begin with. it gets pity, gets them compliments on their bodies and on how strong and determined they are.

No. 249349

Anyone know where I can find this dress or a similar one?

No. 249350

File: 1526243924007.jpg (146.66 KB, 945x845, momo.jpg)

You will most likely be wanting to look for an alternative

No. 249354

No. 249355



>for that

bitch the fuck

No. 249373

Lmfaooo, never fucking mind

No. 249426

Asos, H&M. have a few long sleeved dresses like that.

No. 249427

You do know that forcing yourself to be underweight, if you are a woman, can really, really fuck up your bones in later life. Especially if you don't have a stable menstrual cycle, and have been underweight during your teenage years (which is when you lay down bone mass). Honestly, these idols that have "BMI 14" are putting themselves at risk of being confined to a wheelchair by their middle age, you too, it's not worth it, just so you can feel this weird sense of superiority.

No. 249523

bts lame fake deep teaser. lets discuss

No. 249527

Should've posted it

lol'd at 0:40. That's j-hope, right? Why'd they give him the most seductive thing when he's uglier than RM? That choker really gives me a "how do you do, fellow kids" vibe too.

No. 249528

File: 1526322575574.jpg (30.69 KB, 512x512, 927.jpg)


>pretentious word definition thing

>random "deep" shit
>snickers product placement in the first 30 seconds


No. 249529

A bit ot, but i live in some european shithole and today on the train was a teen girl listening to BTS.
It really infests the whole planet..

No. 249530

the kpop industry reminds me of that bo burnham song with it's disingenuous bullshit

No. 249534


i giggled listening to this anon. mfw people think their precious BTS arent exactly like any other generic boy band that appeals to 14-20 year old girls.

No. 249543

The japanese girls in the back are kinda chubby, but the front ones are so tiny

No. 249544

Very interesting video from two k-pop fans who criticise the industry and the way companies treat their idols

No. 249545

File: 1526327637314.jpg (130.56 KB, 610x1363, l_2018051102000561000107031.jp…)

Idk why some of you guys support produce48. The akb girls are very "pro japan". They wore rising sun stuff and glamourized the war. I don't think this season will succeed or be as popular, Koreans take kind of stuff very seriously and they're still angry and hurt (rightfully so) over what the Japanese did to them during ww1.


No. 249551

the target audience of kpop girl groups does not care about this. young korean men love japanese girls.

No. 249553

anon, you know korea has a draft right? koreans of all ages are taught about how shitty japan was to them.

No. 249554

that doesn't negate my point. and the draft is for the "war" with nk

No. 249555

Akb girls are often as young as 12 - they don't have any say in what clothes they were, what song they sing or what concept is choosen for them.
If Kpop fans defend idols in their 20s mocking blacks, even some who were born in an English speaking country, then they should shut the fuck up about little girls getting this pushed onto them…

No. 249558

Momo talks about the weight loss starting at 01:05:00

>Asked to lose 7kg in just a week before a showcase while she was a trainee (she was somewhere between 16-18 y/o at this time)

>Didn't eat anything other than an ice cube and just drank water
>Chewed and spat out food
>Was scared she wouldn't wake up if she fell asleep and cried at night
>Didn't lose the weight in the week but was given 3 extra days and managed it
>Says her lips turned white and thought she was dying
>Gained weight back after show

The conversation continues though, Jeongyeon talks about how there was a 44kg weight limit that she had to reach before Sixteen started filming. Jihyo wasn't allowed to take her company profile pictures because there was a 45kg weight limit and she was 45.2kg.
They used to have to hid from staff to eat food.

No. 249560

but how much of this is actually true? kpop has this culture of bragging about your hardships ie "omg we practice 24 hours a day!!!" when that obviously isn't true or they would be the greatest dancers in the world.

this is bait for fans imo. twice is very media-conscious about what they say.

No. 249563

a former JYP trainee has said how leading up to showcases would be weighed every morning and evening and that they would get yelled at if there was a difference between the two weights.
She said she only ate an apple and a salad a day and that it began to take a toll on her health.

No. 249564

"uwu unnie worked SO HARD for this comeback that she nearly DIED, she practiced 8 hours a day and only ate 2 ice cube for a week, don't criticise her performance, she worked SO HARD"

obviously idols are on serious diets but they also know that fans eat up any sign of hardship. if your fave wasn't homeless or their dad didn't die then you need to find evidence that they struggled a little bit learning choreography and that nobody better be mean to your baby because this was all so difficult for them.

i've seen girls generation fans in 2018 call people out for criticising them because a decade ago people didnt put on lightsticks for them and it was so traumatising that you should feel bad for not adoring them

No. 249566

would anyone watch these "ex-trainee" videos if there wasn't drama lol

exactly. it makes the fans feel protective which makes them insane which makes them buy more. standard kpop formula.

No. 249571

File: 1526336207310.gif (1.51 MB, 216x424, 4.gif)

Fucking hell, Jihyo has never been nowhere near 45kg, no matter how short she might be. The only girl who's actually really skinny in Twice is Nayeon, the others are all healthy. Taking into account that they're sooo busy there's no way they'd still look like that if they only ate this little.

Suddenly all these asian american ex trainees are popping up everywhere… as if there are even that many agencies who hire foreigners.

No. 249573

Lmao, no offense but I think something is lost in translation here considering (I assume) you're just going off the pictures. The last frame of this picture literally says "We don't fight wars, we believe in love" as the lyric being sung. I don't know anything about AKB, but I'm pretty sure this was an anti-war thing they were doing.

No. 249574

and that gif is probably about the skinniest she'll have ever looked, because the actual 'starvation' diets will be right before filming an mv, and she's been steadily losing weight for a couple of years. twice are probably at a healthier weight on average than the majority of other girl groups, even if some members would slip into the 'underweight' category at points. we all know profile heights are largely bullshit, why believe what they say about weights?

i'd say red velvet are pretty healthy for an idol group too, minus wendy. seulgi's definitely really thin but it still looks normal on her, wendy looks awful at times. and i wish rv fans would stop claiming there was a mass hate on wendy for being too fat when she debuted. some people said she had big thighs but more people were going crazy over her 'abs' and ribs showing, people were complimenting her on being so skinny just months into her debut.

i'm definitely more curious about blackpink though, they're the main group where i think they might look more worrying when they don't have their hips/ribs/backs covered up by clothes. also sunmi, she's on another level. idk how people could think twice are worryingly skinny when she's still taking pictures

No. 249577

I wouldn't call it fake deep, everything in it is a surface-level throwback to their older videos.

No. 249578

File: 1526340007659.jpg (226.14 KB, 1024x1280, IMG_20180514_231833_908.jpg)

Kinda weird how this is all a reference to their older stuff and Bangtan Universe when they know this will be watched by a lot of people who don't know them beyond surface level, it'll leave a lot of viewers who aren't invested in the story lost and confused. Dumb strategy.

Speaking of dumb, Jhope landed in LA looking like a homeless Willy Wonka. The rest of them wore very simple basic outfits, but he had to be a clown again.

No. 249580

>Suddenly all these asian american ex trainees are popping up everywhere… as if there are even that many agencies who hire foreigners.

I don't know it seems like a lot of companies have least of couple of foreign idols nowadays.

No. 249582

Jfc what look is he going for, aushwitz-chique?

No. 249584

Lmfao korean men are always talking about how they want to fuck “sushi girls”. To them, white girls are for fucking, and even though technically japanese girls are too, they actually want to marry them and see it as an accomplishment if you marry a japanese girl lmfao

No. 249586

yup. it's the same old fetishization on how they're more feminine, loyal, submissive etc

No. 249587

what does the average korean citizen think of aegyo? does no one think it's a little weird that grown men beat off to that shit. the gwiyomi thing unironically looks like it was made to appeal to infants. idk man, aegyo creeps me the fuck out.

No. 249588

Lmao thx anon 10/10 comment

No. 249589

lots of aegyo you're seen is done to a comedic level but korea likes "natural" (kek) aegyo in women. it's feminine to them.

No. 249602

part of me likes that he just doesn't seem to give a shit despite being an internationally famous pop star but a bigger part of me is just annoyed that he has a ton of money and still chooses to dress like he's homeless lol.

>Suddenly all these asian american ex trainees are popping up everywhere… as if there are even that many agencies who hire foreigners.
aren't there though? There are a handful of idols who were born in Western countries, so I wouldn't be surprised if there was a solid number of trainees from Western countries who just don't end up debuting. Especially those who can speak Korean.

No. 249606


whoa now that you say that, things make a lot more sense. i'm new to kpop but i watch a lot of korean variety/talk shows and i always found it strange how idols are always talking about starving themselves or working so hard that they almost collapse from exhaustion. idols will literally talk about being miserable and other alarming stuff but the fans just go "wow oppa/unnie works so hard!! we gotta support them!" it makes sense that they use it as a tactic to buy sympathy from fans


yeah i noticed there's a pretty large amount of idols who are actually american, so it doesn't shock me that there's quite a bit of western trainees

although i feel like in recent years there's been an increase in asian american teens wanted to move to korea in hopes of becoming an idol and it worries me a bit. it's no secret that the kpop industry is fucked up yet there's a lot of young people who are influenced by how "cool" being an idol looks so they do whatever they can to be a trainee. it's weird

No. 249611

yeah there are definitely a lot of young people in general who just wanna be famous for whatever reason (tons of really young Youtubers, really young soundcloud rappers and music producers, etc) and I think Asian Americans in particular just don't see as many opportunities for fame in the United States (see: pop group composed of actual Koreans getting televised performances in the United States whereas not too many Asian Americans are) so they romanticize, for lack of a better word, the trainee experience as being a "good opportunity".

No. 249762

Don't really know what "aegyo" is. Is it like when women put on the "bimbo" "ditzy" 'dumb blonde" persona, usually for comedy ie

No. 249769

I thought "idols" generally are groomed into the business from a very young age, and it's an extremely competitive industry. A bit like how very young primary age kids try to become ballet dancers and get into Russian schools/companies and feel they have missed their opportunity if they do not get accepted into a dance institution by age 11. What hope does a late teen or adult American, who has a romantic idea of a very shallow country, with some of the highest rates of suicide in the world have, when Korean companies have their pick of desperate Korean kids who have been training for this industry since they started to walk.

No. 249782

>What hope does a late teen or adult American, who has a romantic idea of a very shallow country, with some of the highest rates of suicide in the world have, when Korean companies have their pick of desperate Korean kids who have been training for this industry since they started to walk.
no idea. You'd think there wouldn't be any foreigners in idol groups in that case and yet they have em.

No. 249784

I feel like this is only peripherally comparable to aegyo. K-idols don't just flip their hair and laugh coquettishly, they act like drooling retarded two-year-olds. What is the appeal of 20 and 30-somethings puffing up their cheeks, performing babyish counting games, and squealing like literal infants? please explain D:

No. 249825


i mean, this looks objectively terrible, but for some reason i can't be mad.

>>249582 made me kek though

No. 249841

File: 1526393703738.jpg (25.57 KB, 300x400, 1.jpg)

i think a lot of the asian americans who have made it into a group (tiffany from snsd, kyla from pristin) started just as young as native koreans.

not gonna lie though, i judge the shit out of any parents that let their kids join an entertainment company at such early ages (in korea or anywhere else for that matter). at this point theres no way people haven't heard about the shit kids go through in these industries

No. 249862

not really. it's more of a cutesy act. like a girl giggling and acting kind of helpless but in korea it's with a pout and a bit of baby talk. and it's not for comedy, it's used to flirt

teens join kpop companies because they want to be famous but they have zero talent so kpop is great because you don't need talent. you just need the look.

No. 249876

It looks like he just got out of bed.

No. 249882

True, The kpop profiles say Tzuyu is 5'7(She's really 5'8) and weighs 106lbs. what??? she does not look like a skeleton to me, that's obviously a lie

No. 249902

File: 1526411809150.gif (12.39 MB, 399x712, 1.gif)

Yeah, her waist is rather slim but her legs and arms don't look too thin

No. 249907

Looks more like 115-120. Ngl she has my dream body

No. 249910

File: 1526412423724.jpg (661.92 KB, 860x1376, img_142948_6.jpg)

My younger sister's body looks exactly like her's and she weighs nearly 130lbs at the same height.

Whasa claims to be only 94lbs…

No. 249917


since so many profiles have lies to make idols taller and lighter, if any girl's said she was closer to 60kg than 50kg she'd be called fat unless she had a 'sexy' body, usually just meaning they're slightly curvier than average and tanned. kpop's really all about numbers rather than what's actually there, and because it's so warped now the numbers they make up are meaningless.

a lot of male idols claim to be 178cm tall, but they're all clearly different heights. it's just because 180cm would be too obviously untrue so they bring it down slightly, but that's the standard 'tall' measurement so they just claim to be near that when they're way off

No. 249918

File: 1526413093073.jpg (147.39 KB, 720x960, 1-22.jpg)

Girls Day's Hyeri is one of the skinnier idols and she even said herself that she's envious of curvier idols.
She was measured and weighed on a show and it turned out that she weighs 52kg at a height of 166cm.

This picture is unedited, she's cleary very thin, so there's no need to be crazily underweight to look slim.
It really annoys me since when i was younger i always thought all idols don't weigh over 45kg (and i shouldn't either), but that's actually complete bullshit. They're really such a bad influence on their teen fans…

No. 249922

Wow. I feel like K-pop has warped the way I view weight. I would think that she was less than 110 pounds from that photo and I am surprised that she's around 115 or so in there. I think it's because I'm used to coming across profiles of female idols where they're always listed as having a weight of no more than 110.

I agree with your points. Companies should honestly stop exagerrating how thin and/or tall their idols are. As a retarded teen, I used compare my weight to theirs and would become disappointed since it was never as low as 105 pounds. No wonder South Koreans seem to have so many messed up views on body image.

No. 249924

File: 1526414434065.jpg (55.25 KB, 580x607, hr.jpg)

No. 250040

Damn, her body looks amazing.

No. 250042

Damn, she is supposed to be tall but her legs are so stumpy.

No. 250046

File: 1526464101165.gif (2.65 MB, 268x782, DSCIvnf.gif)

Seriously, fuck off. She looks tall and her proportions are great.

No. 250047

File: 1526464868193.jpg (182.07 KB, 400x397, 20160629112347_tvofemxx.jpg)

Do you guys think that some kpop girls also lie about their height?

Sowon supposedly is 1.72, Yuzu 1.69 and Zico 1.82. It's quite clear that he's lying, but imo the girls still look a lot taller than the height they claim to be.
Is it too appear cuter/more innocent?

No. 250115

They probably do it cause fanboys don't like an idol to be taller than them. Same with male idols, fangirls like tall boys.

No. 250140

BTS FAKE LOVE second teaser.
I can't believe V is unironically sporting a mullet, a greasy one at that.

No. 250142

the mullet is a trend in Korea apparently, the first time I saw it in kpop was in some EXO dude

No. 250143

I like his mullet…

idk why but im getting a huge mediocre vibe off this single in general. gonna try to keep an open mind when it comes out.

No. 250145

God as someone who loves mullets and double denim and who generally feels pretty blah towards BTS, I feel so conflicted about this comeback.

No. 250148

File: 1526486754051.jpeg (192.98 KB, 1252x1252, TZ1EV6rv.jpeg)

Dear anons, you don't really like mullets, you only have yellow fever (or the hots for V).

No. 250152

File: 1526487440812.jpg (1.23 MB, 850x1275, 095906247_36.jpg)

I don't think V's attractive at all lmao. But a lot of the mullets of the last year have got me weak.

I don't really like them when they get as long as your pic because I don't like long hair on men in general. But just the overgrown length with clean sides that's been in a lot of mullets (Baekhyun, Woozi, Mino) is perfection.

No. 250155

File: 1526488149624.jpeg (253.33 KB, 1000x1500, 7AE25F71-0302-4670-A4D1-40DD05…)

Anon, please.

No. 250163

File: 1526489123325.png (328.7 KB, 854x357, txitP7C.png)

Was the goal for them to look as homeless as possible? I can't even say Mullet V is the worst one when Jimin looks greasy as hell and they did whatever this is to Suga.

Strangely enough, I feel like only RM and JHope weren't given styling that made them look worse than before, which is an interesting choice. As a group that relies more on cute boy visuals than music, you'd think they'd try the hardest on styling the boys that actually had the potential to look cute.

That aside, I'll definitely be keeping an eye on this to see where it goes. Their music isn't really to my taste, but I've been following BTS out of curiosity about their huge fanbase and the amount of interest that they're gaining outside of Asia. Since they only seem to be increasing in relevance lately and their fans care more about oppas than music, I think this song will do well regardless of how good it is.

No. 250165

Sorry but the heart wants what it wants.

No. 250168

this looks like the atrocity I did to my hair at midnight in a stupid impulse lmaoo

homeless sisters I guess

No. 250182

File: 1526493580120.jpg (261 KB, 600x900, unnamed.jpg)

No. 250185

I love how their picture contrasts with how they look in the video aka irl kek

The only girls i liked are Sakura, since she simply introduced herself instead of acting obnoxious and Heo Joon Ji, she might actually be talented.

But fucking hell, imagine being a 23-year-old American, looking and acting like this, and honestly thinking you've got a chance…

No. 250189

File: 1526496073466.jpeg (64.36 KB, 600x900, EAE6098E-44BF-4A30-8EA0-80525B…)


Idk anon. Nakanishi Chiyori is cute imo. And Motomura Aoi, Murase Sae, Miyawaki Sakura, Shiroma Miru, Yabuki Nako, Umeyama Cocona, Tsukiashi Amane, Kurihara Sae, and Honda Hitomi are all strong contenders.

It still baffles and confuses me how they “train” for upwards of four-six years. Is anyone going to watch the show?

No. 250192

Only the Korean girls trained, the Japanese ones were already active as idols and they wrote down the years they actually worked as "training".

No. 250197

Maybe I just got yellow fever but I think all those chicks are cute

No. 250200


>Mogi Shinobu

>her specialty is moving her ears and eating crackers without using her hands.

Everyone else better pack the fuck up. But seriously this girl spends 6 years as a trainee and this is the description she gets for it?

No. 250202

Kek, what even the fuck?

No. 250203

Probably going for the lul so random silly girl gimmick.

No. 250217

V's stupid mullet is great, I'm from a hick rodeo town and used to see them all the time so seeing one on a pop idol tickles me.

FAKE LOVE sounds like it's going to be like most other BTS singles – kind of bland but catchy enough that it grows on you if you listen to it enough. I'm mostly curious to hear the Aoki track on the new album.

No. 250219

Seeing them act all cutesy is disgusting, but looking at this also makes me uncomfortable, so desperate.

No. 250231

The only talented/note-worthy Japanese idol whose introduction video has left me impressed is Takeuchi Miyu. She self-composes and sings well enough (for a J-pop idol). She also seems to be interested in assimilating to the K-pop aspect of the group to actually talk about herself in Korean. It's a shame because I feel like she won't make the cut and will be buried by more established members like Sakura, who's seriously untanlented and is coasting by on her looks, and Jurina, who seems like the epitome of cringe.

I don't know, Anon. I think she seems cool and it's clear that she has some skill (though she might have left a better impression with a different dance routine). I'll take her over the idols who I've seen introduce the following as their main talent: speaking in tongue-twisters, talking about the weather, and LITERALLY EATING CAKE.

No. 250233

File: 1526507746102.jpeg (332.95 KB, 1207x1519, E95A1337-FC19-4E08-88FB-7D8644…)

Wtf you talking about anon? She’s clearly the epitome of grace and elegance. Don’t be a jelly whitey /s
Wtf is this choreography? This poor girl looks like a fool.

No. 250251


Tzuyu body is such goals.

It's speculated that her true height is around 173cm.

They do lie about her height though, to look smol to their uncle fans and stuff

Reminds of this show where Joy was seeing this other idol dude and she was wearing heels, he told her how tall she was and she didn't wear heels ever since relatable, though

No. 250252

I lost it at the 13 second mark where she kicks her leg up in the air weirdly. Fucking kek man

Despite that, I do agree with >>250231. At least it isn't extremely dumb like what some of the other girls did

No. 250253

She is beauty she is grace. The person who choreographed this needs to be fired.

No. 250254

According to Google, Joy's 5'6" (or 168 cm, I think). I guess that's a little above-average for an Asian girl but her tallness seems to be ecagerrated so much. You'd think she'd be over 5'8" from the comments you pften see about Joy's height. It could be the case of her being much taller than the height listed on her profile, as other Anons have mentioned.

Either way, that comment she received from that male idol must have made her feel unjustifiedly embarrassed. Men need to shut up with comments like that just because they're salty about being shorter and having to wear insoles to cope kek

No. 250256


Coming as a person who has dabbled in K-pop on a surface level for the last few months, it baffles the hell out of me that these people "train" for 4-6 years and this is what they have to show for it? You would think that a person whose trained for 4-6 years for "40 hours a day" would have better choreo skills and just better choreo in general. This performance was terrible and something I expect from my niece rolling around on the carpet.

No. 250257

she looks so much taller because the other members in red velvet are 155-160cm
poor joy lol

No. 250260

To be fair, the trainee in that video has only been training for a little less than three years, not four to six. That routine was sloppy but I could see her performing better with a different routine.

I mean, some of the Japanese contestants have been performing as actual idols (not even trainees anymore) for six years and have little to show in terms of skill. The J-idol in the video I posted debuted seven years ago and can only introduce weather forecasting as one of her main talents. Fucking kek.

No. 250266

>the trainee in that video has only been training for a little less than three years, not four to six
Is that sarcasm cause three years is still enough time to not look like a ball-jointed doll rolling around on the floor

No. 250332

>The J-idol in the video I posted debuted seven years ago and can only introduce weather forecasting as one of her main talents.
Just because they didn't sing or dance in their introduction videos, doesn't mean they can't. They have to showcase their skills later on during the show anyways, so why not try to charm the viewers by doing something unique?
And knowing Korea, they might just gave the jap girls different instructions of what to do to make them look bad in comparison to their own idols. Who knows…

That's what annoys me about the whole "Kpop is better than Jpop":
Yes, many Jpop idols are bad, but at least they and their fans don't pretend they're hot shit.
Whereas Kpop idols often also have little to offer after supposedly spending their whole youth just training for that one thing and then their fans think this means they're mega talented and nobody's allowed to suggest otherwise. Or
>To be fair, the trainee in that video has only been training for a little less than three years, not four to six.
"She's still improving!"

No. 250333

this shit is ridiculous, who would spend so much money just to collect cards of underage looking girls

No. 250342

File: 1526541347873.jpg (112.56 KB, 900x900, CVP9bqR.jpg)

I got a good laugh out of this, thanks anon.

No. 250344

videos like this make me wonder how inflated album sales are due to fans buying multiple copies

No. 250347

i see comments like "i bought 10 copies this time around, do you think that's enough?" all the time for big groups on r/kpop. the excuse i always see for bulk buying is that fans have to do it to get into a fansigning but fans not in korea aren't going to a fan site anyway. between buying 5+ copies and preordering a month before you know anything other than the album name, album sales are bullshit and most of the time the best album awards just go to the highest seller, it's not about quality.

there's probably a lot of girl groups with only a few thousand albums sold where 90% of the sales come from two or three rich chinese guys.

No. 250366

File: 1526548779707.jpg (29.06 KB, 400x400, 1120356020.g_400-w_g.jpg)

the fact that the last and new BTS album have 4 versions is really annoying, no one needs 4 copies of the same album

No. 250369

I dunno I think it's fine, it's an effective cash grab for the companies and anyone who wants to just buy one copy like a normal person still has the option to do so.

No. 250370

File: 1526550949294.jpg (41.44 KB, 500x500, tumblr_inline_nmnv8jC6LY1ryk1m…)

also you reminded me of that time an EXO fan ordered their album like 20 times because she wanted all the photocards lmao

No. 250374

LMAO and she get all repeats? that's sad.

I guess it would've been cooler if the sleeves were different. They're all white and the only thing that changed were the tiny letters on the spine? I mean if they were going to have diff versions at least have some cool design on them idk

No. 250399

File: 1526566659160.jpg (54.7 KB, 524x762, ire6.jpg)

Came aross this pic lol
Remember girls, whenever you feel bad about not being a tiny ugu asian idol ask yourself, whould you really be okay with your calves/thighs being the same lenght as your head?

No. 250416

You’re projecting. You can call them stumpy but they’re nowhere near the size of her head lol?

No. 250420

Irene is short and has bad proportions tho

No. 250423

Twice doesn't look underage though.

No. 250456

She needs to never wear flats or tube socks ever again, yikes, those cankles.

No. 250541

this guy is such a loser and is obviously going to die a virgin.

No. 250573

I don't see why the hate and the virgin shaming. If he's having fun with his group of friends, what's the problem?

No. 250579

I don't see a problem with it either.
He's 24 which isn't much older than the members, he has friends outside of the kpop fandom, has a job and is at a good college studying law.
He has his shit together more than most people his age and doesn't seem to be one of the creepier fans.

No. 250601

no one spending thousands and thousands of dollars a month on a kpop group is worth defending

No. 250608

No worse than people "wasting" their money on any other hobby though. It doesn't cause anyone harm, is obviously supporting the group through merch sales and brings him some happiness. Each to their own. People waste thousands every year buying the latest Iphone. There was a Beckie cruel documentary a while ago, when she was still in secondary school, and foreign fans ie adult men used to send her expensive gifts to her home, and the parents tolerated this because they wanted a star in the family. That was creepy, this guy is just a collector of pointless crap.

No. 250611

all of those people are demented, anon

No. 250635

>is obviously supporting the group through merch sales
Isn’t that a bad thing considering how toxic the industry is?

No. 250638

I happen to like the instrumentals or whatever the music is called but other than that it was a little disappointing. Specially now since all eyes are on them i was expecting something more like blood sweat and tears

No. 250640

File: 1526636311278.png (73.61 KB, 203x204, 988H309839UNF.png)

Wtf is wrong with RM's face lmao…

Jungkook's abs tho.

No. 250642

songs okay, probably one of the weaker ones on the album though

poor bitch looks like a guitar pick

No. 250645

The whole album is a wasted opportunity. They're at the peak of their popularity and they release this rushed mess? No jam, no cypher, no real impactful song.

Also, they could collaborate with so many cool artists from the US and Korea and yet… I'd give anything for a Dean, Beenzino, GroovyRoom, Jay Park, Risso, Heize, Lim Kim, Eric Nam, Code Kunst or Tablo collab. The Steve Aoki collab was… expected, that's all I can say about that song.

I'm disappointed, and doubly so now that I've seen the ticket prices for their concert. I'll go just to see Fire and BST performed live (and hopefully Tomorrow and the Cyphers), but on the cheapest option.

No. 250646

>I'll go just to see Fire and BST performed live
What. Why. This is the anti thread. For people against kpop. Why would you support them and see them live?

No. 250647

File: 1526638030157.png (216.11 KB, 262x522, 2344579837NN37200.png)

Can't wait to read all of his fans complaining about their poor baby bunny who's terrified of girls being exploited for his sexiness.

No. 250648

I didn't hate the album but it is really forgettable. I've listened to it twice through and I genuinely can't remember how any of the songs go.

No. 250649

This thread is full of fans lbr, just more realistic ones than the crazies you find on reddit and in youtube comments.

No. 250650

With the way his fans act you'd think he's completely jacked, but that's honestly nothing special. (Especially considering they dance "20 hours a day" kek)

No. 250651

>For anybody who's mature enough to discuss or criticize Kpop without getting offended on behalf of their Oppa.
it's okay to like kpop here anon, pretty much every criticism that could be leveled at the industry as a whole was covered in the last thread.

No. 250653

Honestly Jimin and JK's singing saved the album.
I can't with suga's ajusshi voice and namjoom's cringy rapping. (OOOF i still liked alot of the songs tho, i can't help it)

No. 250654

File: 1526640584323.jpg (52.25 KB, 480x480, 10948918_1539812442958224_2010…)

I think they covered in one of their behind the scenes videos that he gets in trouble if he works out too much. Jin I think said he'll be lifting furniture and shit in their hotel rooms but the company or whatever don't want him getting "too big". Probably so he stays smol and uwu for the teenagers.

No. 250655

yikes Namjoon and JHope
both looked like middle aged women in this video

No. 250656

But >>250645 just sounds like a butthurt fangirl who's bitter that the song didn't live up to her expectations.

>Jungkook's abs tho.
>Jimin and JK's singing saved the album
>OOOF i still liked alot of the songs tho, i can't help it
Who let the Koreaboos lose? kek

No. 250657

I liked a lot of the songs too, I was kinda surprised. someone needs to tell namjoon there are other styles of rapping besides yelling everything and hoping you sound badass though.

lol that's unfortunate. dude just wants to get ripped.

No. 250658

Airplane pt2 was a reeeeeally bad mess, the Outro too.
other than that, the rest of the songs were alright. 134340 was nice, it gave me pied piper vibes from the last album, that retro-ish instrumental vibe was nice

No. 250660

134340 is the only song I can listen to without rolling my eyes or cringing at some point (still, Jin screaming his notes is a close one).

No. 250665

Is it me or did they use some autotune? i dislike it when it is used for slow songs and prefer much more raw,unedited voice because it sounds too artifical

No. 250666

Everyone is shitting on their music (rightfully so; it's bad) what do you want more? And you don't need to be a fan of their music to find some of them hot.

No. 250667

I love blackpink but Jennie is the worst sometimes - completely forgot the words to Boombayah and just stood there looking confused. They only have 5 songs!!!!

No. 250669

no yeah yeah, i noticed it too. It kills any song.

No. 250670

They're not shitting on their music.
It's just a tiny bit of criticism mixed with calling member A ugly while fawning over member B.

Am I the only one here who actually hates Kpop?

No. 250672

that's embarrassing. why are these girls so hyped up?

No. 250673

She didn't even try to act professional.

No. 250674

since it looked like it was raining it reminded me of this vid. Who made these guys dance on a wet stage?? some of them look like they got pretty hurt

No. 250677

Just yesterday anons were saying that at least Kpop idols are more talented than Jpop. Seems like training 24/7 for at least 10 years as truly payed off lol

Also, notice that after fucking up she immediately goes to the other girl for some fanservice to "make up" for her mistake?

It's terribly how many of the young girls in the comment section are praising their bodies, especially the one in the orange skirt looks sickly skinny…

No. 250678

I wish I could say that's nothing special to me, all of my male friends got a beer belly as soon as they hit 23. FML. The one who didn't are the tall lanky dudes and I'm not into it.

No. 250681

This looks like a drunk karaoke performance.

No. 250683

I honestly think Jennie is done with the only having 5 songs to perform to and being locked in YG's dungeon shit. The bitch don't care anymore and it's evident. Too bad she signed a contract to work under that perverted & cheap asshole… Bitch should've ran away when she had the chance lol

No. 250685

Wow the new Bts album sounds so Americanized and generic.
Is it me or their rap got worse?

No. 250687

anyone who wants consistent music releases under yg needs to know how to write and produce their own songs and not just rely on teddy. that's why winner and ikon actually have shit out, rosé seems like the only one in blackpink who even partly cares about being an idol for the music. lisa's a dancer but goes heavy on the fan service and seems to like being an idol, jisoo's just a model who sings and dances well enough to be put in the group, and jennie's a rich girl who wants to be famous and cool. seungri's in bigbang and still has to produce his albums by himself to get them out because yg only has about 3 in house writers and producers and hardly ever uses someone from outside

No. 250688

Underwhelming and disappointing.

134340 is the only really good song on this LY:T album. Airplane pt.2 sounds alright because at least it isn't as generic as the rest of the album (but what the fuck was that La mariachix3 line?), and the dance might actually be interesting.
I hate myself for actually liking
Anpanman. It's so shit but so catchy.
The styling, MV and dance for Fake Love were so disappointing, I get they wanted to do a darker parallel to DNA but this really wasn't the time for it. They could have gone with something as cinematic as Spring Day's MV, or an actually good captivating dance. But instead churned this mediocre shit out during the peak of their fame. The worst part is how much even the members hyped it up.

What track will get a mv in your opinions?

No. 250689

Why the fuck does every bts song and album title sound so pretentious? Shit looks like something that came out of an edgy teenager's ~*asian aesthetic~* tumblr back in 2010

No. 250690

I thought so too, it might be because they had western producers on the album this time. Expected better from DJ Swivel tbh. It might also be because they're pandering to the audience they're trying to gain right now(wetsern listeners who aren't already kpop fans).

When will Taehyung cut his stupid mullet and show his eyebrows? I don't get why they waited till now to give them the worst hairstyles they've ever had. The only one whose hair is actually okay is RM.

No. 250691

fake love chorus is straight up embarrassing

No. 250693

>love you so bad, love you so bad
>love you so mad, love you so mad

No. 250694

question: why does bts get their song titles from other more successful songs? first dna and now fake love. copying drake like that is a very bad idea to try to crossover into america lul

No. 250695

Oh boy, another 2deep4me BTS mv with a mediocre title track and forgettable b-sides. Who woulda thought. I would kill for another stupid fun video/album rather than these weird pseudo-artistic ones.

Sidenote: Who told V he could sing? Bighit needs to hire proper vocal trainers.

Guess I'll stay hopeful for YG's dungeon maidens' song.

No. 250696

>I would kill for another stupid fun video
Right? Another one like Fire would be so nice.
But fuck, they didn't even go full on '00 emo. So half assed, not even one Simple Plain-ish scream-cry chorus.

No. 250697

File: 1526653551183.png (63.28 KB, 956x200, wow.png)

If YG is smart he'll make Blackpink more active, considering despite only having 5 songs they are still one of the top girl groups.
Sounds like he needs the money they'd generate after MIXNINE didn't even get the chance to flop.

No. 250702

>Guess I'll stay hopeful for YG's dungeon maidens' song.

Why would you be hopeful when everything they've released so far was painfully mediocre and they're barely talented?

I wonder if the new concept yg said they're trying is a ballad a La 2NE1 and the reason it took them so long is because the girls had to learn how to sing.

No. 250703


the visuals in this video are so… boring.
J-Hope's bit… thanks I hate it.
V cant sing
everyone's hair looks bad (i have a soft spot for V's mullet tho)

>fakeu love, fakeu love, fakeu love

overall…not great.

No. 250704

File: 1526659449768.jpg (48.72 KB, 564x933, f98960b3da6777ac2d9529f6d7b69f…)

I want Taehyung to get his BST haircut back, he looks so good when they let his eyebrows show, those long bangs makes him look like a baby.

No. 250709

File: 1526661744281.jpg (57.17 KB, 640x850, 405273528d4633887122dc0491caca…)

agreed. he looks better with shorter bangs but i hated his bst hair colour

No. 250711

With how this guy has ruined 2NE1, iKON, WINNER, and now BlackPink, I'm absolutely baffled that his company still has the amount of prestige that he does. Along with being an incompetent manager, the guy is also such an unashamed toolbag that I'm puzzled as to how anyone, especially his female employees, can stand him. Knowing the story of his marriage and sexist stuff he has said to 2NE1 and BlackPink to their faces makes me feel bad for his daughter.

No. 250712

File: 1526664954419.jpg (44.52 KB, 960x710, IMG_3245.JPG)

We already got an emo/scene-lite concept from BTS with Danger. It's mainly in style rather than sound but I think it still counts.

Unpopular opinion but I like Danger and would rather have that again than the generic, soulless EDM shit the group has been chruning out ever since they blew up.

No. 250714

he's a korean entertainment company ceo, what do you expect? bigbang had to become the biggest act in the country before he stopped calling them ugly and untalented, and even then he still does for the members that earn him less money than gd. the company founders keep prestige if the acts they pump out make money and headlines, it doesn't matter if they lose in one year or quarter. ikon have one of the biggest songs of this year and winner had one last year. that's enough success to overlook a lot of losses

jyp's fucked over every girl group he's had after about 3 years but people still believe he's a genius because twice have a while left before they're fucked over. sm have had some of the biggest contract disputes and lee soo man was on an interpol wanted list for corruption but he's the face of a collosal entertainment company so he's successful and therefore respected and prestigious. it's korea, in the long term money >>> anything else

No. 250716

File: 1526666006737.jpg (38.83 KB, 630x478, good.jpg)

Sorry, ARMYfag sperging
I'm a huge stan of BTS, and christ I hate this comeback with a passion. I only like about 2 songs out of the whole album, with the rest being a complete mess, with no real aim. I tried to post my criticisms in a group chat, but of course I was shot down by other army saying that 'if I don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything at all' and that I should go listen to my jpop if I don't like it.
They're trying to pander to their new western audience with the EDM latino type of beat, but it just falls flat on it's face. BTS have been going downhill since 2017, and I fear that it's going to get far worse; I don't think they're even trying anymore, because the fans will buy and love their albums regardless of what they produce. They need to look back at their roots and stop creating this fake deep series, I just want light hearted 2016 BTS back, I've invested too much time, money and reputation to drop them now

No. 250717

I'm def a bts fan and I'm regrettably underwhelmed by the new album but I'll still love them regardless.

But yeah, I think you'll find most all criticism will be drowned out at this point it's like to some people every thing they put out is gold.

No. 250719

they and their team try WAY too hard to appeal to western audiences w/o understanding

1) our music tastes shift very fast- the music they make is a couple years old to non-kpop fans

2) the reasons why certain songs appeal to the western gp audience- which is why their flavour of edm-pop and latin pop sounds devoid of personality and flair so they just make their songs as noisy and hectic as possible to distract

No. 250720

agree, although what about fake love is latin?

also mic drop was the most EDM thing theyve done and I liked it, fake love is just boring and has no energy in comparison.

No. 250721

I was referring to their album as a whole; Anpanman and Airplane pt.2 were the worst offenders (Airplane pt.2 even has Spanish in the chorus) (Airplane is at 17:00 if you want to hear the mess that it is)

No. 250725


ah, gotcha. someone needs to tell them theyre not gonna make the next despacito

No. 250731

The first thread said
>What i take from other threads is, that there seem to be many anons who also don’t buy into the recent kpop craze.
>While lots already like to make fun of their cringy fans, 14-year-olds writing “Army” in the comment section of every youtube video in existence and fat american girls hopping around to the tunes of their favourite Oppas, i think now it’s time to take on the root of this evil.
>Western listeners of kpop are often well over the age of 20; the stars they’re “stanning” sometimes as young as just 14. >One of the worst problems of the the kpop industry is on the one side the disgusting sexualization of minors (see 15-year-old Tzuyu “dancing”

I don’t know how this thread change so drastically from the first. I guess this is just another fan thread now. Before it was supposed to be about people who were actually anti kpop, not just butthurt fans.

No. 250734

Sea was the only song I really enjoyed in LY Her so I had no expectations this time but I'm still let down.
This album is so so boring and generic. Too much autotune. And their rap is getting worse and worse. Wtf are they doing ? Yoongi doesn't even try. It was what I liked the most in their early songs but it's just terrible now.

No. 250736

It's natural that a thread critiquing kpop would be full of kpop fans because how else would news or topics be brought up? Unless you want this to be just a chain of superficial "wow, I can't believe idols get plastic surgery and diet"comments. Like what sort of person would know who certain Kpop CEOs or the most no-name groups are unless they actively follow Kpop?

All this BTS talk is a bit grating, though, only cause BTS already dominates nearly every other venue for Kpop discussion, but I get that this is one of the few places to go all out without BTS shitters crying and moaning (and their album just came out or whatever).

No. 250737

exactly, does anon expect people who genuinely hate all kpop to sit around in a thread talking about it? lmao

No. 250738

>This album is so so boring and generic. Too much autotune.
Funny how at r/Bangtan they were all gushing over how genius the over autotune in "Fake love" is because it represents the theme of the song. lmao, the army will eat anything up I guess.

No. 250739

Thanks for agreeing, anon. I thought that maybe we could have one place (probably on the whole internet) for people who dislike Kpop, but guess that's just not possible…

>It's natural that a thread critiquing kpop would be full of kpop fans because how else would news or topics be brought up?
Personally I was indeed a fan when I was a dumb teen. And now I still check sites like netizenbuzz "for the lulz" - think of it as similar to looking up the social media of some cow.

No. 250740

>exactly, does anon expect people who genuinely hate all kpop to sit around in a thread talking about it? lmao
do you get this site at all? what do you think the snow threads are?

No. 250741

The problem is, is that there is no where for kpop fans to be able to speak ill of their favourite groups without being ridiculed or harassed. Perhaps we could make a containment thread specifically for kpop discussion (including negativity)

No. 250742

Yes anon, you're very special, must be hard to be the only one who truly hates kpop.

imo what BTS needs to understand is that they really aren't singers so all this fake crap and "I live for the music" bullshit needs to go because it's cringy af. What made their songs work was that even if the rapers too are mediocre at best, the songs were catchy and fun enough to overlook it, plus there's the dancing and the fact that they have like 2 visuals and good group dynamics.idk The last song I actually enjoyed was not today, just because it reminded me of the old BTS.

No. 250744

Make a "only hate for kpop here" thread so the 2 or 3 same anons who keep sperging about how special they are for dislking kpop can stop complaining

No. 250746

Yes, maybe we should do that. Then we no longer disturb you lusting after your jk's abs kek

No. 250747

It’s the anti kpop thread. You can’t get a thread more “only hate for kpop here“ than that.
I totally get that. But I don’t get anons talking about ticket prices and tours and how hot they are and shit. Imo this should be a critical thread, not a fan thread. But whatever, it’s really not that big of a deal. Just confusing for casual readers to see fan girl comments like
>I'm def a bts fan
>Sorry, ARMYfag sperging. I'm a huge stan of BTS
>I'm disappointed, and doubly so now that I've seen the ticket prices for their concert. I'll go just to see Fire and BST performed live (and hopefully Tomorrow and the Cyphe
>supporting the group through merch sales
Etc. this turned from an anti thread to a disappointed fan thread. People calling themselves “stans” and writing “ARMY” were made fun of before, but now they’re commenting all over. Which ok then.

No. 250749

File: 1526677276440.jpg (34.85 KB, 500x315, hyo.jpg)

thank you

Anyway, does anyone remember how upset int sones got when anyone brought up Hyeyeon's multiple plastic surgeries? What is it with the international fandom that they always stan the least popular/ugly members?

No. 250750

Not defending it's honestly a waste of hella money, but it's better legal kpop girls than CP like other men.

No. 250752

Can someone tell Jennie that literally anyone can do what kpop idols do? She too lazy to dance and she can't remeber the lyrics to 5 songs(this isn't the first time this happened). Seriously Jennie if you can't do this you should just be a korean model.

No. 250753

it makes sense that people posting are at least/used to be fans of some kpop, if you genuinely hate a whole genre you probably won't follow the culture so the conversation would dry up after "DAE plastic pedo bait" but it gets annoying when the 'anti' part is just talking about how a group is overrated, not about the industry and culture as a whole having shitty aspects. it only lasts a couple of days after a big comeback though so it's not a huge deal
stanning the ugliest/least popular member of a popular group is the easiest way to enjoy a popular thing but keep superiority for being different and alternative and not like the other, less special kpop fans. for a long time in like 2011 it was "i like 2ne1 and 4minute, other girl groups are boring, but hyo is cool" but now that the 'support girl groups!!!! cute concepts are STRONG and if you don't like them u hate girls!!' stuff is so common you can admit you like gfriend or twice, you just have to stan umji and jihyo

No. 250756

The only spanish kpop song I will ever approve of is me gustas tu. Because it sounds like an asia-produced idol song and not some western ripoff. (The rain dance is what saves it tho)

No. 250759

You know what’s up… The Dark and Wild album was way better than any of this new stuff

No. 250760

I disagree, dour/gloomy music is pretty popular in the west right now and their album didn't have much of that. I wouldn't call it very Americanized.

following a cow is different from disliking a genre of music imo. Everything you hate about a genre is already there to dislike whereas cows are constantly doing dumb shit that needs to be updated so it makes sense to have threads about them. Like, I hate country music…so I don't know anything about it and wouldn't have anything to say in a "country music hate thread" except "lol dae hate twangy dirt road music?????"

No. 250763

jennie's honestly had one of the easier rides to being a famous idol and doesn't seem to actually care about BEING an idol so it's wild that people feel bad for her not having more music out. her family are loaded, she would not have certain for debut if she wasn't so rich. she had modelling jobs before debut, and yg pushed her so much for a feature in a gdragon song which he didn't want (he already had sky ferreira featuring, yg pushed for jennie to replace her verse and feature in his performances), she had a feature in a seungri song in the same year too, she had multiple videos teasing her basic rap, and all of it got her name attached to it while rosé's featurings and other members were just called things like 'future new girl group member'. all the stuff about her bullying other asian kids at her very expensive school somehow got swept away despite the fact that the evidence against it that fans insist exist never gets brought up. she acts like she can't be bothered doing what she already has to do, imagine her doing full album promos? groups still have to perform 2 year old songs when they have way more than that out, if she already doesn't care then she's going to be awful when she has an asian tour and has to do the same setlist multiple times

sometimes it's just really obvious who wanted to be an idol and who wanted to be famous and has a family rich enough to make sure they will be

No. 250764

File: 1526683043829.jpg (93.51 KB, 540x757, Taeyeon dropping a cocktail.jp…)

Umm anyways can we talk about this outfit? who put her in that and why?

Also can someone pls explain to me why knets always praise this plastic face? Like I get complimenting her voice, but we all know that ain't natural beauty.

No. 250765

what? most knetz call her a plastic monster

No. 250768

File: 1526685110429.jpg (73.48 KB, 1200x630, unnamed.jpg)

not the same anon but seriously? so far I've only read praises for her, either about how much of an amazing vocalist she is (unpopular opinion but I think she's seriously overrated, her voice is good for being an SM idol but nothing out of the ordinary, she sounds super strained in "I") or how pretty and amazing she looks all the time.

No. 250770

she looks like a literal reptile, those uneven nostrils are freakish

No. 250773

File: 1526685888305.jpg (91.62 KB, 750x561, girls-generation-taeyeon.jpg)

Why are you cherry picking dated and unflattering photos. I agree her voice isn't all that appealing to me personally, but she's a pretty girl, otherwise she'd be picked apart constantly. Clearly plastic as fuck tho lmao. Koreans have a thing for boring "classic beauty" type faces that's why stars like iu, yoona are so hyped up

No. 250774

Any receipts for her bullying? Knetz compare her visual aura to Regina George’s (in a good way), so it would be weirdly funny if she’s also a mean girl.

No. 250775

because you're reading translated knetz comments that the person translating selectively chose from pann, no?

No. 250776

File: 1526686978556.png (235.25 KB, 957x1287, jennie.png)


supposedly the person who wrote this was tracked down and he was a well-known YG hater but who knows. Either seems plausible to me.

No. 250777

I unironically envy kpop group stylists and hate them too. They have one of the easiest and most fun jobs but can't even get that right. Also, I wonder how the female stylists feel when they put the girls in micro skirts

No. 250778

Taeyeon is one of those idol I can't stand cause their personality and aura. Jennie is another one.

honestly same, especially Jeongyeon's stylist. They legit hate her.

No. 250791

File: 1526700510416.jpg (40.78 KB, 515x380, 1468492868_2d41f72deede37abb97…)

wait, thats what theyre saying? Kek, I thought they were saying "why you so mad, why you so mad?"

No. 250816

She look so different "without" makeup, she is cute but her eyes look twice as small and her ears suddenly look huge.

No. 250859

According to the genius.com page for Fake love they're saying "Love you so bad(x2) love you so mad(x2)"
But according to the lyrics on the music video itself they're saying "love you so bad(x2), love it's so mad"

I love that part where jhope sounds like he's saying Nigga on the roof lmao. Apparently they sent a version of the song without the word "naega"(I in Korean) to American radio stations because it sounds too much like nigga

No. 250870

File: 1526742016612.jpg (89.37 KB, 640x715, twice kiss.jpg)

Never change, Twice.

No. 250890

Still better than Mic Drop
>Did you see my bag? Did you see my bag? It's hella trophies and it's hella thick
>What you think 'bout that? What you think 'bout that? I bet it got my haters hella sick

No. 250892

honest to god, how tf did this chart in america? i understand their stans are crazy and 12 year old white boys and girls accept cringe lyrics but STILL

No. 250895


God it's so painful reading some of the translations of k-pop songs, it sounds like 40 year old businessmen hastily reading up cool hip slang from 2013 and chucking it in to appeal to the dumbass teens listening lmao. Just incredibly dated and cringey, seriously what is with these old outdated words in kpop songs

No. 250897

File: 1526752991711.jpg (11.43 KB, 300x300, 9d3ad912a64147b3b770ddfb1e483a…)


No joke whatsoever this is what immediately popped into my head when I see this, this alien drawing with doped out eyes I've seen a lot on "grunge pastel goth" tumblrs. Seriously though lmao he looks so freaky I can't get over it, is his face photoshopped?? I know RM already has a weird looking face but he legit resembles an actual alien here

No. 250917

Uploaded only a day ago, yet already 3 and a half million views…
I hate myself for actually watching it, but, they still can't speak english. How's that possible?

No. 250918

kinda ot but BoA has been trying to speak english for like 20 years and can't do it. it's not that surprising.

No. 250926

probably for the same reason idols don't learn anything else when they're 'training', they'll maybe have a teacher for an hour or two a week and the rest of the learning comes from listening/watching English media and useless textbooks/language apps. There's only a handful of (Korean born) idols who even speak Japanese very well and that's where they actually promote

No. 250980

Normal kids all over the world also only get english lessons max 3 times per week (and oftentimes learn other languages as well), yet they still manage to speak it at least somewhat decently at a much younger age than BTS are now…

It just annoys me that they're clearly not putting in as much effort as they claim to, yet their fans will go "They're working so hard for us guys! Don't pressure them, they're already doing amazing!"
They know exatly that saying that they want and try to learn it in every single american interview is gonna get them pity points…

No. 251010

tbf children generally learn languages much more easily than adults do.

Honestly if I was them I wouldn't feel particularly pressured to learn English either. They built their fanbase through primarily Korean-language content, performing in Korean, etc. Clearly their fans don't care that much what language they speak.

No. 251028

>tbf children generally learn languages much more easily than adults do.
Korean schools also have mandatory English lessons, it's not like they only started studying recently.

No. 251032

true, but English and Korean are so remote relative to each other that classroom learning isn't actually going to teach them how to use the language. From what I understand a lot of younger Koreans can read English okay but they have a hard time actually speaking it. Same with Japanese. I can't seem to find it but I remember reading a blogpost (or maybe a reddit post) from a Korean dude talking about English-language education in Korean, and he said he had a hard time understanding the concept of "words" when he started learning English at the age of 11 because of how differently English and Korean verbs are conjugated. The best teacher would be immersion and that's just not an option for everyone.

sage for language sperging.

No. 251045

File: 1526774912506.png (478.39 KB, 1030x562, Screen Shot 2018-05-19 at 8.07…)

lul these hoes are too much. they're never going to fuck you.

No. 251047

File: 1526775223292.png (362.4 KB, 692x522, untitled.PNG)

what makes it worse is that so many of the little shitlets agree with her

No. 251049

in the same interview they sing maroon 5 and ed sheeran like they aren't the epitome of white people music but nope gotta ignore it because BTS IS WOKE AND LOVE BLACK PEOPLE

No. 251051

It's already been said mutiple times but ARMYs really are the most cancerous fans to exist at this moment.

With that said, I don't really understand what this person is trying to do. Is she accusing the interviewers of being racist? Is she trying to imply that BTS is more superior for not being familiar with Taylor Swift's music? Whatever is going on, these fans really need to stop treating their precious oppars as paragons because it's kinda pathetic and not true to reality given some of BTS's past controversies.

No. 251052

do kpop stans honestly not hate themselves for having to lie/exaggerate for their oppars bc

No. 251053

there's a meme among black bts fans that they HATE white people because they know korea is anti-black but they desperately want to think oppa likes them (he doesn't).

with this video, this young black female bts fan is implying bts doesn't listen to white artists even tho they sing bad blood a second later in the video (and sing maroon 5 and other white artists) but that doesn't fit her weird agenda.

No. 251054

im a frequent on army stan twt and lemme tell you it ain't pretty. im pretty sure bts know how fucking horrid a good percentage of their fans are.

if i were to say i hated this entire era some big account would probably get their following to find my address and skin me

No. 251055

remember #jiminhateswhitepeople?

and http://kmusicandblackwomen.com ? this woman would post delusional shit about how ALL of ur oppas are secretly fucking black girls and gif and screenshot every single interaction any kpop boy had with a black girl.

sad and pathetic

No. 251058

i honestly don't get how black ppl stan kpop considering how anti-black korea is. like wake tf up ur oppa won't care for your opinion nor will he ever care for you

#jiminhateswhitepeople was fucking embarrassing and when you try to tell em off they pass it off as a joke or "Black people can't be racist."


No. 251060

Alright. Thanks for the clarification. Now I can confirm that that tweet really is stupid.

>im a frequent on army stan twt
Please love yourself.

I actually looked through that blog put of boredom one day and it's really as sad as it sounds. I know this sounds bad but I honestly don't get how you can be a black K-pop fan and not be self-hating at the same time. There are so many instances of racism towards black people on K-pop and South Korean media. Then again, Southeast Asians in K-pop also get picked on yet they make up a good percentage of K-pop's international fans.

No. 251063

No. 251065

I should also add onto my post and say that kmusicmeetsblackwomen is a total lolcow with yellow fever. Not only is a a black woman who thirsts after Asian men to an obsessive degree but she's also okay woth sexualizing underage guys. Look up her PULL thread and you'll find a ton of drama relating to her.

No. 251066

another delusional bts fangirl that needs help.

she posts shit thats sooo specific and detailed like she seriously thinks she knows the guys because of astrology KEK

not to mention the nsfw fanfiction shit. she'll post about how jungkook is into thigh riding, like who the hell does that shit? that only exists in fanfic. no man is into that. zero.

No. 251071

i can't rlly help being a frequent. im a semi-popular artist and the commissions i get help feed me kek

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