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No. 252094

Previous threads:

For all those who didn't fall victim to the Kpop craze.
Please use >>232763 for fangirling and thirstposting, this is a thread for people who dislike Kpop.

No. 252106

Seems like a dumb move to me, isn't that just a gigantic waste of an opportunity to meet other celebrities and build new connections that could further their career?

No. 252120

you used my pic, thank u

agreed, although their career only goes on as long as they have their fans. They won't care if they're collabing with another artist or not as long as they have their oppas~

No. 252124

I just thought they skipped the after party so they could get fucking wasted in their hotel room lol. JK's still underage in the US.

No. 252134

yeah, it wouldn't turn out well for them if they were seen drunk and having fun like any other artist there. not going makes them good boys who only care about the music and their fans

No. 252146

File: 1526998956063.webm (2 MB, 360x640, YtRH0HNZdjNFyCCS.webm)

ended up going down a wiki rabbit hole and found out that one of the most liked tweets ever is this video of taehyung acting like a retard
it's up there with obama's tweets about martin luther king and ariana grande's tweet about the manchester bombing

stop the planet i want to get off

No. 252154

>acting like a retard
That's pretty tame compared to how he handle himself most of the time imo.

No. 252155

Why did he eat the lip ring? Anyone know? Seriously, what.

No. 252183

i think he's trying to be sexy? i don't know. the amount of smug in this video is clouding my mind.

No. 252185

File: 1527007948637.png (696.39 KB, 598x596, RipedV.png)

I just saw this edit on tumblr, it's too funny not to share. This fandom can be unintentionally hilarious sometimes.

No. 252189

he's so off-putting to me ick. tbh fam i hate his new sexy schtick, i preferred when he acted like a retarded child.

No. 252190

the contrast between the abs and his doughy face is a little jarring

No. 252193

i legit wonder how most people don't realize that he is fucking weird. I really start to believe that he has autism or is somehow else mentally retarded. Does his looks make up for is behaviour or do armys really think that he is quirky and fun because he is a qt asian boy

No. 252195

he is popular because he's weird

No. 252197

File: 1527011388574.jpg (97.38 KB, 1024x706, 55473154de648f90775c1b95d11452…)

People like him mainly because he is cute, he had this obnoxious quirky persona when he debuted and his fan flanderized him. Now he is trying to go for a cooler persona, but it's not working very well it seems like he's genuinely weird and don't know how to behave, what kind of retard bite his nails on the red carpet at a huge event?

I'm still amazed by how much his face changed since he debuted, his feature were quite harsh and he grew into a very soft looking dude.

No. 252198

they forgot to edit in like half of his face so he has a big hole in his cheek…

No. 252215

File: 1527016546600.jpg (24.06 KB, 300x499, ccb75f77c1a91e267a575ebe0cc7fc…)

Add this pic to the collage, it's taehyung in 2019

No. 252218

File: 1527017508893.jpg (30.2 KB, 457x454, mullet.jpg)

and now he looks like this

No. 252219

File: 1527017700931.gif (1.91 MB, 150x150, 32c67910-8647-4395-bc56-b96e85…)

Holy shit anon

No. 252220

File: 1527017824656.jpg (650.13 KB, 1080x1080, 32821227_127681394772467_34563…)

god his mullet looks so bad, especially in the fake love music video

No. 252221

I remember looking like this when I was growing my hair out, I was fucking ashamed to step outside with such a raggedy haircut.

No. 252223

I can't tell you how glad I am to finally find a news article that isn't sucking BTS's dick
Naturally, ARMY has labelled it as racist lmao

No. 252224

Taehyung is different! He's an artist and doesn't care about society's rules \m/

I hate the melon but I want fantano to rip it to shreds tbh

No. 252225

so sick of bts doing the bare minimum and getting a ton of praise for it lmao

No. 252226

oh my god, the salty BTS fans in Comment is Free. i genuinely feel like im taking crazy pills whenever i read something one of those fevered obsessives write. anything that isnt fellating BTS within an inch of their life in every word is horribly offensive to them. they twist some mildly lukewarm but otherwise inane words in the review to be some sort of disgusting prejudiced diss against BTS and Kpop.

Also, the fact that people are reeing about this review being racist is hilarious to me because the guardian online is the type of paper to put out 10 opinion pieces a day about why racism is literally worse than killing babies.

No. 252227

this is what happens when kpop is going to be reviewed in the west. kpop album reviews are the same old "uwu the songs are really good guyssss they worked hard on this, a member produced a song, they are so talented" if it isn't blind hatred. idols are babied so much and stans buy into it so they can't handle the kind of criticism any musician should be able to handle

No. 252228

File: 1527019739780.png (294.42 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180522-160542.png)

This thread is like 30 tweets long btw

No. 252229

>The fans have already decided it’s a masterpiece and a must-have. Its actual contents are almost beside the point.

Nailed it perfectly. That's kpop fans summed up in 2 sentences, you can say the same about any group and anything they put out. One of the big arguments I see for why a primarily female fanbase is better for a group is that they're more loyal, fans really feel like they're signing a blood oath to their bias to stay their fan, it doesnt matter what they put out or do

No. 252230

>a member produced a song, they are so talented

this shit drives me crazy, like oh WOW they did their JOB, lets all suck their dick forever? also they are usually like 1 producer out of 7 per song lmao

i noticed that line too, its so true. theyre like any other retarded fanbase that loves the product no matter what it is, except turned up to 11

No. 252231

File: 1527020689200.jpg (Spoiler Image, 81.14 KB, 552x1512, bf73765d6118c19deef6325eb813f6…)

Kpop companies have found the perfect cash cow, cute guys with fake personalities, aka IRL husbandos. That's the only reason those crazy fans throw so much money at them and stan them despite the shit tier music they release, because they love the dudes (and the reason why they lose their shit when their caught dating). Just throw some gayness on top of hit to catch the fujoshi and you're set for life.

Pic related, you can't tell me this isn't queerbaiting.

No. 252232

>show them their old discography

So we can show them how bland their new album is right? God I remember for a split second kind of liking bts diring the Danger era because i just thought cool, idols who dabble into hip hopish kind of music, i can get with that. But now I see how full of themselves they are and how they see themselves as rappers who dabble in idol pop music its so damn funny to see how delulu the whole fanbase is. You fucking think rapmonster was the next eminem or something, but hes just another zico type wannabe. Those stupid rap producer shows have contestants with more rap talent than he does.

No. 252234

They were all probably scared because they couldn’t speak english and realized it would be awkward as fuck, as if some rando exchange students crashed a frat party filled with the star football players and shit. They know that they are irrelevant in a place like that.

No. 252237

what's annoying me rn is that when one fandom starts to get extra annoying, the others all follow along too and for a while any place of discussion goes from annoying to steaming garbage. army's being delusional and obsessed rn is causing other fandoms to try to outdo them to stay relevant. there's the sad tweets that are just like "everyone ask your local radio stations to play red velvet, they deserve it so much", the loona stans replicating every army behaviour but acting like they're not annoying because they're not boy group fans, stans of other groups hyping up anything else that happens to downplay anything impressive bts do actually do, the monthly arguments of who's the most famous in japan…

blackpink and shinee are both coming back soon and the fans are going to be INSUFFERABLE the whole time, but at the same time i desperately want the jokes about blackpink having no songs to stop, it's just not as funny as people want it to be

No. 252238

File: 1527022425481.gif (1.03 MB, 268x268, c66b4de42aa130a745e46c83dd4ef0…)

I get shotacon vibes from some of their photoshoots too

No. 252240

How awkward for the photographers to have grown men acting like babies. They look like infants, gross.

Rapmon trying to be cute always makes me laugh tho he looks so out of place because of his weird egg face

No. 252241

File: 1527023432380.jpg (63.16 KB, 1000x600, jEuZSHL.jpg)

That reminds me of this Winner teaser from last year. It just looks weird.

No. 252242

File: 1527023467631.png (101.7 KB, 270x282, 894RNKD8003NF.png)

He doesn't seem to enjoy being dressed up as a little boy.

No. 252244

the one at the front of the line looks like some creepypasta monster or something, fuck that's a botched mannequin face

No. 252245

I sacrificed myself and did a Twitter search, these were only the "best", but there are literally millions…

>you know how happy it makes me to see bts in korea again like yes boo bet youre glad as well that you dont have to deal with white people anymore

>If any white cishet men want to perform some reparative service why not stan @BTS_twt and promote for us? Use your privilege for good for once

>after years of following eurocentric beauty ideals for boybands, white het men are SO threatened by bts existence.

>so when any white celeb mentions bts (1) and yall try to hype their ass but when tyra banks or gallant who literally learned the right pronunciation to cover singularity does yall day it’s for clout??? your anti blackness is clearly showing fam just say you’re racist and go :)))

>BTS had to guess different artists songs and when they got to Taylor Swift they went MUTE. IM DEAD. This is what these white interviewers get for thinking BTS listens to white music JBXDHLKJBC

>Only poc are allowed to interview bts I dont make the rules and that one awkward white guy who does his research all the time

>I'm mad. BTS took pictures with the white devil

I guess they mean Taylor Swift

>Them white ass crackhead ass niggas ain’t SHIT I hope BTS NEVER works with them

And my personal favourite:
>1d stans need to realize tht nobody actually liked 1d. no one wants to listen to 5 white boys sing abt their crush. bts are artists/musicians, who are changing the ww music industry and use their platform while making socially conscious music

Why can't any of them spell correctly despite being American? If I have to read "y'all" one more time…

No. 252249

i remember seeing this thread about how bts basically sells depression and armys were getting so defensive about it

No. 252250

Someone needs to sit them down and let them know their oppas jerk it to white women

No. 252251

No. 252252

Dignity, where?

No. 252253

no it was on twitter

No. 252257

These are so embarrassing. I wonder how many of them were written by self hating white sjws… I also wonder when the non-white sjws will stop kidding themselves and realize how racist koreans are, probably including their oppas.

No. 252259

most of the people like that i've seen are any race except asian or white, and usually it seems like they're racist against asian people. all of the tweets about them loving poc or being woke or anything like that are always meant to be about black people or anyone who is way darker than any bts member. any tweet about it being cool that they're representation for asians isn't actually about being happy for asian people at all because they buy into the model minority thing and think a kind of pale east asian is basically a white person

they wouldn't talk about someone their own race being a tiny uwu soft boy who wants to be fucked by huge men and a load of them have weird things to say about any other idol, especially girls (if they can't find enough evidence to call them a lesbian icon). bts stan twitter is like the worst subsection of fake woke twitter

No. 252261

I tried looking for it, but all I found was "They cured my depression!" and "Wah, don't accuse them of selling their depression!", because apparently now all of them suffer from it…

No. 252264

>taylor: hey guys!
>jimin: in korean shut ur mouth u long pale box of white mediocrity
>taylor: to namjoon what’d he say? (:
>namjoon: he said he’s been waiting all night to meet you

>y'all talk about jimin hating america but joon out here looks like he wants to scream out fuck u white people and ur entitlement on the top of his lungs

>Why are y’all so bent on tryna protect white feelings? Okay we say Jimin hates America but can you blame us?? The only people who like it are the whites and it’s cause they don’t have any real issues living here. I blame the Caucasians for these jokes.


>white ppl have been camping in my mentions since yesterday to tell me that the jimin hates america jokes are rude. lol it's obvious he hates america but he doesn't have a choice but to promote there. leave me alone and go hug your trump poster

Yes, poor Jimin is forced to earn money there!

>y'all ain't shit for protecting the pinks but ignoring the shit out of us when we get the most horrible messages ever. that's why Jimin hates white people.

>white army: hi

>jimin: WHORE
>poc: h-
>jimin: how are you doing? good working fellow. hows god been blessing you

No. 252268

I'm not even white and these make me feel like shit, I can't imagine how young white fans would feel if they stumbled on this shit online

No. 252269

Lmfao now i hope that one of them fucks up and does black face

No. 252273

The BTS fandom is a hateful cesspool. A fair portion of their fans are young impressionable teenagers, imagine the white fans among them reading this shit? Why can't they see that regardless of who they're aimed at, they're still horrible messages that will likely make someone feel terrible?
If fans are looking towards BTS as a source of happiness to help with their depression/anxiety/whatever, then reading that in fact there bias hate them because they're white is going to make it worse.

No. 252274

honestly I can't wait for one of them to do something blatantly racist
the fall out will be delicious

No. 252276


i can't look it up right now but i'm pretty sure someone in bts was already exposed for doing blackface awhile ago? or at least i know one of them was caught saying nigga/nigger. most of the fans passed it off as "he didn't know any better!!!" (i might be thinking of another group but pretty sure it was bts)


this is why kpop fans piss me off so much, they try so hard to act like their poc fave is so much better than "the whites" while ignoring that koreans are infamous for their racism towards other minorities…news flash: ya fave ain't woke and he probably hates black people just as much as you claim he hates whites

No. 252277

File: 1527029914470.jpg (51.05 KB, 900x900, dolan.jpg)

No. 252279

Rap monster is the most ~problematic~ out of all the members but he made a vague apology awhile ago so most people just ignore it. I feel like if any of them messed up now it would be 100x worse because so many armys act like BTS are educated and woke now.

No. 252282

Rap Monster said it during this performance. It's a medley cover of songs by Shinwa and the "this is how we do it you niggas better know" lyric is in the original song so now you have 2 kpop groups throwing round slurs.
Rap Monster was 19 when he said it and no amount of "he didn't know what he was saying" doesn't excuse it considering he seems to have a solid grasp of English.
He's never apologised directly for saying it.

No. 252284

I especially love their obsession with being better than One Direction (even though they're not even active anymore, being more than just a pretend bf that sings about love for his (pre)teen fangirls - when in fact that's exactly what they are.

>They can dance, rap, and sing. Western artists like one direction can only sing, with some lame swaying here and there. Dancing alone is exhausting enough. Bts works their butts off.
>Bts produces their own music. The lyrics aren't always about your cliche love that westerners somehow aren't tired of.
>Their music videos are amazing and follow story lines.
>Bts members don't have fake personalities. And they're extremely humble and they're basically brothers.
>They have killer visuals.
- written by an asian american hs student

No. 252287


thanks anon, i only had a vague memory of what happened so wasn't sure of the details. it's a shame fans are so hypocritical because if a western artist did this there would so much uproar


that's true, if they did something controversial now armys would probably explode from all the drama kek


>don't have fake personalities

they don't realize that idols have constructed personalities made to appeal to teenage girls and sell the most albums?? just like pop stars like one direction? the delusion is just…amazing

No. 252290

>Bts members don't have fake personalities
ah yes. taehyung USED to be a weird, always joking weeaboo who now conveniently never talks about that stuff now that he has a new personality- the artsy chic guy.

No. 252293

>Bts members don't have fake personalities.
when will this die. pretty much all performers are a little bit fake, especially pop stars, ESPECIALLY idols. BTS are even relatively upfront about faking their personalities so I don't know why people still think Jhope actually goes around being upbeat and """"hopeful"""" all the time. No dude in their 20s is like that.

No. 252437

these jokes are dumb but i feel they're ultimately harmless. probably made by american blacks stressed at the shit they have to deal with irl and looking for an outlet…especially when you have white army chasing down black army and calling them slurs/saying shit "i'm gonna string u from a tree" and other racist things.

No. 252442

>these jokes are dumb but i feel they're ultimately harmless.
But how can you know? I imagine these are extremely hurtful to young dumb and unstable fans. Racism is never a joke, no matter to whom it's directed to and yes, writing x hates white people and white people aren't allowed to listen to x/or should stay away from them, and then 1000s liking this shit is racism! You can't tell me that any of these white preteen fangirls have any privilege or power and therefore should just have to deal with this…

I saw tons of tweets saying that these are just jokes and black army have to deal with "real" racism from "wharmy and karmy", but I didn't encounter just one single post that said anything remotely racist against them.
So where the hell are the white army chasing down black army and calling them slurs/saying shit "i'm gonna string u from a tree" and other racist things? Come on…

No. 252444

File: 1527079553271.jpg (29.5 KB, 750x280, sub-buzz-28469-1525874981-14.j…)

idk I wouldn't call them harmless because young fans could see and be influenced by it. the amount of racism in general on ""stan twitter"" is disgusting though. and then on top of that international fans in general are often racist towards/fetishize asians.

the white fans usually post their racist shit anonymously

No. 252447

But that's not "chasing down", that's one single comment from one person without a single like that was immdediately called out.

No. 252454


>black kpop fan joins a twitter group for BTS

>They all post selfies
>people in the chat start photoshopping her picture to whiten her skin
>call her "White Queen" afterwards
>she leaves group, cries, and contacts buzzfeed
there's also a hashtag for calling out such behavior. i'm sure you could find more by consulting google.

No. 252455

yeah I agree the wording "chasing down" was extreme I was just saying it definitely happens. And it's not one comment, Curious Cat is a complete cesspool since it's anonymous. you have a point about the likes though, anonymous comments are one thing but seeing posts with racist shit that get a ton of likes probably feels extra degrading.

No. 252462

Why do all of them use that shitty heart filter?! That's not gonna make you look any better either…

No. 252469

File: 1527084049662.jpeg (29.95 KB, 634x476, 5457-280947514.jpeg)

>mfw black K-pop stans will unironically accept this treatment and pretend like nothing is wrong
Holy hell. It's not even just the entertainers that are racist, the fandom is even worse, lmao. Now I understand the "#jiminhateswhitepeople" thing a bit (and the anons getting angry about it have pretty much no leg to stand on, if this is how black fans are treated), but the whole thing is still ridiculously anti-black.
Like…love yourselves. Divest from this community and stop supporting "artists" who rip off your music and don't give a shit about you. It's fucking toxic.

No. 252472

Why the fuck did they lighten her skin for? It's so petty and stupid. But then again I can't help but feel black people who stan kpop stars are stupid, it's widely known that korean hate black people, not surprising that plenty of their fans would too.

No. 252473

Honestly yeah. I could understand the "jimin hating whites" jokes being bad if white people weren't revered in SK and…most of the civilised world, but. Lol they are
It's like jokingly calling a pretty person ugly. Harmless

I wouldn't say Koreans hate black people? A lot of them are just ignorant
For example they call blacks 'black unnie/oppa' and think they're all good at sports and music

No. 252475

>Now I understand the "#jiminhateswhitepeople" thing a bit (and the anons getting angry about it have pretty much no leg to stand on, if this is how black fans are treated), but the whole thing is still ridiculously anti-black.
So… fighting racism with racism is alright then…? These poc fans are still ridiculously anti-white, too.

>Like…love yourselves.

You sound like a stan kek

No. 252477

>So… fighting racism with racism is alright then…? These poc fans are still ridiculously anti-white, too.
No, I'm saying you're basically whining over nothing when shit like the selfie incident and death/rape threats for the grave sin of being black and liking K-pop is happening. Stop making everything about you for once and think, if you can.
>You sound like a stan kek
How? I'm saying black people shouldn't be stans. That makes zero sense, lmao, try again.

No. 252479

>Honestly yeah. I could understand the "jimin hating whites" jokes being bad if white people weren't revered in SK and…most of the civilised world, but. Lol they are
>It's like jokingly calling a pretty person ugly. Harmless
According to that logic no white person should ever feel unhappy or depressed, have low confidence or any of that either.

Do you really believe that just because some Asians have a boner for white chicks, all white girls feel pretty? Kpop is something social outcasts take to, their fans are extremely young and impressionable, so if they have to read that nobody likes them whenever they open tumblr or twitter or whatever it can be extremely damaging.

No. 252481

>Stop making everything about you for once and think, if you can.
We were talking about these racist tweets against white fans. Then you decided to chime in and said it's justified because black fans also get racist comments. Who's the one always making it about themselves?

Love yourself is a line frequently used by Army because one of their songs/or album(?) is called that, so you using that…

No. 252482

The same young, impressionable fans are sending other young, impressionable fans messages that they're not "worthy" to be BTS fans, that they should be raped and/or killed, that they're slaves, criminals, monkeys, etc all for their race.
It's a messy group overall, but some politically incorrect joke tag that seems to have died in 2017 is kind of a weird thing to focus on.

No. 252483

I would agree with you if most of kpop fans were adults, I'm a white girl and Idgaf about what some bitter black kid have trending on twitter, but most fans are childs and I wish no kid had to see this kind of hate towards their kind online.

No. 252484

When did I say anything is justified? I just said I understand it, especially as backlash to the shit these people seem to take on the daily.
>Who's the one always making it about themselves?
Still you, honestly.
>Love yourself is a line frequently used by Army because one of their songs/or album(?) is called that, so you using that…
BTS did not invent the phrase "Love yourself", kek. Some stans really need to go outside and interact with people outside their fandom. This can't be healthy.

No. 252487

>When did I say anything is justified?
Anon, you wrote
>Now I understand the "#jiminhateswhitepeople" thing a bit (and the anons getting angry about it have pretty much no leg to stand on, if this is how black fans are treated), but the whole thing is still ridiculously anti-black.
That sounds extremely like "they have it worse so I understand #jiminhateswhitepeople".

I'm so sick of 'poc' thinking being white is the solution to all your problems, that these little white fangirls live life on easy mode while they all have it 'super tough' and therefore think they can treat others however they want. (And these white kids being dumb enough to think they simply have to take it because of 'white priviledge'and "I also hate whites! ha ha…")
If you already don't care about white fans getting made fun of - there are probably just as many attacking K-army for being white 'allies'.

No. 252489

File: 1527086830769.png (133.83 KB, 600x329, "sometimes kpop makes me want …)

No. 252490

>That sounds extremely like "they have it worse so I understand #jiminhateswhitepeople".
And? That doesn't make it okay, but it sure pulls the rug from under the feet of some anons were acting like the tag was the worst of the fandom. Meanwhile, they're quiet about this and even pretend it doesn't happen. Ugly behavior, all in all.
>that irrelevant, long-winded, off-topic rant
Wew. Do you feel better now? Anyway, my whole point is: @black people, stop taking racist bullshit from idols and your fellow fans with a grin on your face. It's sad to see.

No. 252491

>Bts members don't have fake personalities.

1d doesn't have fake personalities they literally act the same on and and off stage. Meanwhile kpop idols are actually paid to be fake, that's why they're called idols.

No. 252494

File: 1527087977876.jpg (60.72 KB, 720x477, f44621a5d2d42d0b84c0a6fb0e56a6…)

I honestly think it was a joke. Kpop stars have their skin lightened/whitewashed by fans and in photoshoots so I think they were just parodying that. It doesn't make it acceptable though or mean that the rest of the fandom isn't racist af.

No. 252497

this seems like the most likely option, i mean why would they do it otherwise, it wasnt even funny?

also maybe its worth pointing out that calling it 'whitewashing' when idols have their skin lightened in picture sets/shoots isn't really accurate because its done to make them look like pale koreans, i.e. a KOREAN standard of beauty, not to make them look white.

No. 252505

Some black fans are chill, and not racist and not fetishizing asians, but some of them are crazy like their "QUEEN" kmusicandblackwomen (idk if she was mentioned here)

No. 252510

I find this kind of video sad, do you think because your oppa are impressed by a very sexy woman performing it means they would be into you? That's delusional.

No. 252606

File: 1527105278372.jpg (68.78 KB, 480x720, unnamed-1.jpg)

No. 252615

KMusicAndBlackWomen is so sad , i didnt know she was still doing vids even though she got called out on a lot of shit lol

No. 252616

i like how fans the media pretend that anyone except for stans talk about them
army knows how to play the game. pretend you don't know them so the media can report on how bts is stealing the hearts of american girls

No. 252617

the tweets like that are 9/10 times from bts fans (or of another group they're about) who just don't have obvious kpop @s or icons. one of the worst was with a photo of joy, rv stans used like 5 tweets asking who she was to be like "omg #rainbowdressgirl is gorgeous internatially, icon, when will your faves". kpop fans need recognition from wherever they can get it

No. 252619

lol "people noticing Jin's beauty" is an army meme at this point, im willing to bet its 100% people role playing. also Jin is ugly.

No. 252621

I did not know her, but her videos seem to get tons of views and just few dislikes?

No. 252623

This can't happen every time lmao, it's starting to get old. But the poor dude deserve it, that's the only thing he's good for after all.

No. 252632

No. 252633

she just has lots of of fans that grossly fetishes asians so thats why the like/dislike ratio is like that

No. 252634

someone sit them down and let them know billboard is fucking irrelevant LMAO

No. 252640

He genuinely looks like someone with down's syndrome. Even Jimin's squishy, uncanny valley look is better than what that potato is bringing to the table.

No. 252647

>that's the only thing he's good for after all
This guy's fans confuse me the most. BTS is overall mediocre and overrated, but I feel like he brings literally nothing to the table. He's not really good looking (though he seems to think he is), has a forgettable voice and laughable dance skills. I'm mostly sick of seeing his fans gush over his "stable live vocals" that "sound just like the CD!!!1!" when he's very obviously not singing live. That's why it sounds like the CD. It is the CD.

I wish that KPOP stars actually had decent vocal skill and the ability to deliver a good vocal (or rap, whatever) live performance. I get that they dance too so it's harder, but they totally practice 23 hours a day, right? After all of that tireless practice that's all for the fans uwu they're still lipsyncing? No wonder there's so much focus on visuals

No. 252648

couldnt agree more anon, Jin sucks. but no army can ever handle any criticism against their oppas, its not enough that he gets paid millions for singing and dancing badly, we must also suck his dick and shower him with never ending praise 24/7!! saged for Jin hateboner

No. 252650

beyonce trained as much as these kpop idols claim they do and she can dance like mad and sing like hell so what exactly are kpop idols excuses? they certainly don't work hard seeing as they have a staff of 50+ people that do /everything/ for them

No. 252652

That NCwhateverthefuckitscalled popped up randomly on a playlists on spotify and its weird how bts is getting their dicks sucked by american media yet thats the kind of music that seems like it would do well in the west

No. 252653

bts didn't get popular for their music tho LUL bts is pro at selling personality- it's their entire brand.

No. 252664

There should be an anti-kpop discord

No. 252672

NCT would probably be more popular if they didn't have so many goddamn members

No. 252706


the concept of NCT baffles me a bit.

>"let's put 18 idols in one group BUT divide them into sub-units who have their own singles and EPS so that they're not really one united group"

wouldn't it make more sense to just…make them into different groups

No. 252716

File: 1527126790538.gif (1.84 MB, 540x210, 968bacf46dc16605e9574742618688…)

Why does so many k-pop music videos feature the members running out of nowhere for no reason at all? shit is retarded af

I could post more of this from different groups but you get the idea

No. 252720

some reason anime characters are always running in anime OPs I assume. it gets the kids goin

No. 252721

No. 252739

Seunghoon and Jinwoo have the potential to pass of as traps.

No. 252748

File: 1527144477536.jpg (50.32 KB, 500x566, inline_p947xkumip1qhwx4x_500.j…)

No. 252758

doesn't cost any money

No. 252777

why do kpop groups have so many members anyway? even if most of them dont have as many as 18, they always have like 7-12. it just means there always ends up being some superfluous members… i just dont get it

No. 252778

The less talent you have - the more members you need. If any of them would be a proper vocalist they could have just gone solo, but they aren't.

>Westerners not liking BTS and them not being as famous as other artists is racism!


>Underhandedly mocking the English titles of BTS’ songs, pointing out the stereotypes of k-pop industry, pointing out how the fans don’t understand the language but still sing-along to it and attributing most of BTS’ success to their social media outreach.

>And the line, “you do wonder how much it has to do with the music” seems to single-handedly present that the author does not consider this music.
>Also words like ‘weird’, ‘different’, ‘alien’ show exactly what the author thinks about k-pop and as a result BTS.

>The article also seems to be factually incorrect in a few places, the most obvious being when the author said, “43 minutes of music available in five different CD editions.”

>There are only 4 versions and not 5.
Oh, that's a huge difference then, lol.

>Over and over the author seems to be generalizing the fandom of BTS by alluding they are obsessive, over-interfering, and will blindly follow BTS’s every single command.

>Also, the author seems to be assuming that BTS songs are location-centric, when that is not at all the case. This point is ethically wrong, since you cannot just say that someone in Britain is not going to give a damn about such issues in Korea when in fact the truth is they are happening everywhere.

>Topics like teenage depression, suicide, and other such problems are global issues and he saying otherwise is socially and ethically wrong.
>Issues like teenage depression and suicide are a global phenomenon and not just limited to Korea. So it’s not a matter of where the kid is sitting, whether in Britain, India, US or South Korea or understanding what the Korean crowd is going through.
Yes, she really repeats herself that often.
>That is where songs like 2! 3! basically inspire people through lyrics that say if you face something difficult, it’s okay, close your eyes and count till 3 and then you walk ahead. It’s like an anthem that they wrote for their fans. It also encourages support and empathy by asking the other to take their hand and laugh instead of being sad.
>Their collaboration with UNICEF on the ‘Love Myself’ anti-violence campaign itself gives their Love Yourself album a global perspective so you cannot just say that a kid sitting in Britain doesn’t give a damn to what is happening in Korea.

>But coming from South Korea, that too while being a small K-pop group initially and then becoming a global phenomenon is not easy and points to how there definitely has to be something more than their social media presence and neon hair colours to their success.

>Have to say that such an extremely unprofessional and racist review from a publication like the Guardian was certainly not expected.
There was the racism…?

No. 252830

File: 1527170794370.jpg (97.81 KB, 736x736, tumblr_p9225kjoHw1rukzrco1_128…)

No. 252845

A good percentage of furries, black twitter users, LGBT people, and anime fans also like K-pop though.

No. 252852

its a joke

No. 252854

>BTS anpanman live
I feel like I just watched a Kpop show targeted at hyperactive 5 year olds. Is that the great plan for the US conquista? Grooming fans from young?

No. 252855

most bts fans in korea are elementary/middle school kids

No. 252856

File: 1527176248979.gif (5.32 MB, 640x360, N96gWv.gif)

its not medically possible but somehow this video still gave me epilepsy

>the screaming

No. 252857

File: 1527176263991.png (272.25 KB, 325x730, 09830948JFNDoot.png)

Suga is an ugly skelly now.

No. 252858

I don't really, but do people actually identify with these kinds of lyrics? He's trying to tell a story or something but it just comes off as try-hard to me, idk, the monster part is especially egocentric. Also, I don't know shit about them, can someone tell me if the content of their songs is genuine?

No. 252864

File: 1527178456317.png (106.19 KB, 317x208, DFLJFMn.png)

Why do I feel like I just watched the talent show at a school for kids with special needs?
>shit song
>shit "dance"
>shit styling
>autistic facial expressions while acting autistic onstage

They really wouldn't get anywhere if their fans didn't think that every shit song they created was a masterpiece. Do BTS fans not care what they are listening to as long as it's from BTS? This isn't even their usual flavor of tolerable but nothing special, it's actually bad. I'm really not sure what kind of appeal this was supposed to have, but it really missed the mark.

I guess even their oppas contributing a single word to the lyrics for that writer credit couldn't save this one…

No. 252867

He looks so bad latelly, even his rap got way worse
It's based of his familly disowning him after he decided to become a trainee at a rap production instead of college and his issues with anxiety and depression. I think most is true, perhaps a bit amped up.
>I don't really, but do people actually identify with these kinds of lyrics?
I like it and tbh it really hit me hard when I first heard it, I was at a really bad place mentally. I mean, the moster thing is a bit over but I related to the feeling of losing "your real self" because of your job, money, social pressure etc.

No. 252870

I was just curious because the overall writing style (from the translation) is really weird, almost childlike, so maybe it makes more sense for korean speakers.

No. 252874

yea ia he's not a good lyricist. he doesn't have the creativity so his stuff reads like a teenager's diary

No. 252883

B-but anon, the lyrics are actually super deep!
>Anpanman references to the Japanese comic character who is apparently a superhero who doesn’t look like the conventional hero. His body is more on the round side, with chubby cheeks, but his determination to help people out is what sets him apart.

No. 252899

What's the point of kicking thirsty farmers out of here if it's to bring back their post?

No. 252900

ok, but why are you reading kpop general if you dont want to see anons cringeposting? thats the point of having 2 threads in the first place

No. 252902

No. 252904

Why'd that anon just delete all their posts?

lol I agree with whoever wanted melon man to rip it apart, it's shit.

No. 252905

>their full name, Bangtan Sonyeondan, translates to “bulletproof boy scouts” in English

wtf, i didnt know this, that's retarded lol

reads like pitchfork accidentally hired a BTS fan tbh. anyway pitchfork is known to rate the current popular artists highly to generate more clicks

No. 252906

She posted a bunch of caps making fun of farmers thirsting in the kpop general thread and I guess she felt retarded when she got called out? Idk.

No. 252913

Since I saw multiple posts in the other Kpop thread shitting on the anons in this thread and accusing them of secretly loving Kpop, I just thought it's fair to return the favour.
Some of their posts are just as cringy as the ones of their preteen stans on tumblr and twitter, so I thought you could have a good laugh.
But since it wasn't wanted I deleted it again.

No. 252914

>The concept for their 2016 album, Wings, was inspired by Hermann Hesse’s 1919 book Demian.
>The visuals for one of the best BTS songs, “Blood Sweat & Tears,” were picturesque stills framed in a pop-up museum featuring “The Fall of the Rebel Angels,” Michelangelo’s “Pietà,” and Nietzsche quotes etched in stone, which all produced dramatic fan readings of the video’s symbolism.
Fucking hell, no.

No. 252931

I don't get how armies are always talking about how bts produce and write their songs when they clearly don't. Regarding BTS albums, one of them is usually listed in one or two songs on the producers list, while on the lyrics list they're always there along with 9343875 other lyricists. I guess that's more freedom than the average kpop group will ever have so automatically they write and produce their own music!!!1111

No. 252933

sage for bad grammar

No. 252934

theyre over-compensating because one of the most common criticism people make about kpop is that the idols dont actually have enough talent to write or produce music themselves, they just have teams of 50 people doing it for them.

No. 252935

lots of kpop idols contribute to lyrics and shit so that makes it extra hilarious to me

No. 253038


I just get the feeling that the producer or Rap Monster or maybe both just have this huge boner for German literature because it’s trendy and new age. Every damn time there’s something about German quotes in one of their videos.

It’d annoy me less if it wasn’t so obvious in its pretentious attempt to sound artsy.

>inb4 newfound artistic taehyung declares his undying love for schiller and lessing

No. 253046

Anybody follow K-indie?? According to the korean news moonmoon just got busted for installing a hidden cam in a womans bathroom lmfao

No. 253067

That pisses me off so much: none of them can speak a lick of German, V doesn't even know English and I highly doubt all of this stuff is translated into Korean and yet their fans still don't find that even a little bit suspicious or pretentious…

No. 253074

>and I highly doubt all of this stuff is translated into Korean

It's Korean, not Aramaic. Your precious kraut literature has for sure been translated to it.

No. 253077

Not impressed. Anyone who wants to travel to sk needs to look at this first:

No. 253078

fucking losers

No. 253080

>Often, she says, South Korean men prefer this “genre” as more “natural” than foreign porn.

nuke this country

No. 253081

Even if a translation exists, then why not use that instead of the original that nearly nobody of their fans understands?
They're just insanely tryhard, not any better than some weebs using randomn Japanese phrases to appear "special".

>BTS Rap Monster has been nicknamed the “literature idol” for his sexy brain.
If I have to read "sexy brain" one more time…ugh
>He recently revealed that many of the songs he wrote were based off novels that he’d read.
>For example, BTS’s hidden track in Love Yourself: Her, “Sea” was based off Haruhi Murakami’s “1Q84″…
>…while their previous album WINGS was inspired by Herman Hesse’s “Demian: The Story of Emil Sinclair’s Youth”.
>Recently, Rap Monster revealed he just finished reading Milan Kundera’s “The Unbearable Lightness of Being”…
>…and is currently reading Tony Porter’s “Breaking Out of the “Man Box”, a book that aims to end violence against women.
How convenient seeing as he was in a controversy for writing misogynistic lyrics…

It really makes you wonder why they never received more backlash even when they were a lot less popular. The holocaust thing, the swastika hat, those lyrics, them saying nigger… that's quite a lot.

No. 253085

bts definitely got in loads of trouble between 2013-15 when they were less popular, people didn't like them and it's easier to point to genuine controversies than just say 'they're not MY favourite boygroup'. now that they are the favourite it doesn't matter. they'll only be a big deal again when a lot of the fandom moves on to something else, then they'll be problematic trash uwu again

No. 253088

File: 1527261755507.jpg (Spoiler Image, 111.72 KB, 757x505, bts-lede.jpg)


>Some rapper said she wants to fuck Jungkook

>"I wouldn’t be surprised if bighit sues her for like sexual harassment."
>"She was sexualizing the youngest member of BTS."
>They're actually both 20
>She gets death threats

They're insane, "Our poor innocent uwu maknae get's sexualized!" - by a girl who's the same age as him…lol

Behind the spoiler is the "chocolate goddess" named CupcakKe.

No. 253093

it's INSANE how good bighit is at branding bts. how do these people actually think jungkook is some super innocent boy?

No. 253114

Are those weenies not aware of the hundreds of creepy BTS porn blogs within their very own community? Cupcakke did nothing wrong

No. 253200

I find hilarious that armies, thought Cupcakke was being serious lol. We love the delulu fandom

No. 253212

i wouldnt kick cupcakke out of bed tbh

also if JK was innocent and pure as a 20-year-old red-blooded man who happens to be famous and have millions of girls who would kill to be dicked by him then something would be very wrong with him kek

No. 253255

>innocent and pure as a 20-year-old red-blooded man

this reminds of an interview with super junior that happened a few weeks ago

>super junior goes to south america on tour

>interviewer asks them if they have sex before marriage
>idols become awkward, don't really want to answer the question since sex is a taboo subject for them in korea
>eventually a member answers that they have it after

tbh even though the question is personal and a bit intrusive…every idol in this group is over 30 years old. the fact that they still have to act like they're virgins is dumb, they should have the freedom to disclose that they get laid if they want to.

watching a group of men in their thirties have to still imply that they're "pure" and "innocent" is extremely weird. i can somewhat understand younger idols since they have such young fans (hell i remember western celebrities such as one direction, justin bieber, and disney channel stars pretending they weren't sexually active and promoting abstinence) but these are grown ass men. the pure idol culture is so creepy

No. 253256

the best thing coming out of bts is all these fakeboi kpoop fans cutting themselves a mullet, v kek worthy.

No. 253258

We need pics, please

No. 253265

on that note, can we discuss the creepyness of aegyo? it was brought up in the last thread but too many dumbass fangirls were in there and they just brushed it off as typical feminine coquettishness or flirtatiousness, but it clearly goes beyond that?

and yeah, western women DO flip their hair, giggle, and act a bit dumber than they are to attract men…but there is a difference between that and behaving like a drooling retarded toddler. i showed this video to my boyfriend and his friends and all of them thought it was creepy as fuck. this is how adults act when they want to entertain infants, not potential romantic partners.

i know that being cute is more marketable than being sexy in korea, but this behavior is adult baby-tier. why is it considered attractive? it looks like something i'd see on Nick Jr.

No. 253266

{{greentext|>i know that being cute is more marketable than being sexy in korea, but this behavior is adult baby-tier. why is it considered attractive?}}
I have the same question, I don't get it. Even though I don't like it, I understand liking someone when they act cute, but that's not cute, that's straight up retarded.

No. 253275

i can't wait for the day v changes his hairstyle. Mullets are fucking ugly and make the people who wear those abonominations, even if they have a pretty face,ugly and disgusting

No. 253281

I think the female idols do it because their older creepy male fans are into it and male idols do it because it makes them seem more harmless to very young girls.

also people were shitting all over aegyo in the last thread.

No. 253347

most of these examples are for comedic purposes tho

No. 253348

they're very popular among hipster dudes in sk rn and you know v fancies himself a hipster

No. 253401

Some guy in Exo also had a mullet last year and he looked like Billy Ray Cyrus with it. I’ll never know why idols/stylists think those kind of things are hip and in again.

No. 253412

File: 1527350368702.jpg (38.62 KB, 500x454, A201805250634_1.jpg)

Seems like the girl was lying all the time.

>Yang Yewon's nudes were posted on an illegal 19+ site

>She's a part of a popular couple YouTube channel with her boyfriend and they both started getting hate messages over the pictures
>She then posted a petition and named a specific studio claiming to be a victim of sexual harassment (she claimed she was threatened and forced into filming 5 times with them)
>Suzy screenshotted the post and asked for support. The petition initially had 10,000 signatures and it rose to 160,000 after Suzy.
>The studio named in the petition was actually found to have nothing to do with her because they bought it from its previous owners. Said studio is owned by a father of a family. Due to Suzy's post, the father is at risk of losing his entire job because he's been branded as a sex predator.
>Suzy wrote an official apology while the studio declared they would be suing her
>The actual studio claims that there was no rape or anything forced. Unlike Yang Yewon's claims of filming 5 times, they claimed she filmed with them 13 times and Yang Yewon kept asking for more work from them
>Pissed off, the studio CEO released their Katalk conversations which confirmed that Yang Yewon kept asking for more work with them
>Conclusion: Yang Yewon wanted easy money with these nude photoshoots and kept asking for more work. Only now that she's famous and those pictures are getting out is she acting like a victim to recover her image, subsequently ruining the livelihoods of two studios in the process


No. 253413

idk man that doesnt really disprove anything to me. the world is misogynistic.

No. 253424

oh please fuck off. i'm all for the #metoo movement but this is clearly a snake who lied to a whole nation plus her bf who was supporting her. now because of her, actual victims won't be able to come forward.

>Throughout the entire conversation, it's possible to see Yang Ye Won continuously asking the studio to book session after session. August 27 shows her asking, "How about Saturday night? I need to submit my classes fee by Sunday so I need to do it one more time before then TT. If there's a conflict in schedule, can we do it next week with me receiving the payment in advance…I wanted to ask TT. If that doesn't work, can you schedule me in difficultly TT. Obviously, I can't do much otherwise TT."


No. 253430

Agreed, this kind of shit hurts #MeToo more than anything. She should've just owned it. Why did she have to lie?

No. 253434

Because somebody DM’d her boyfriend her pictures, and its better to be a metoo victim than to be a whore who does porn for money. Their whole career is based on being this super great couple.

No. 253438

Also it should be clear that it wasnt just filming 13 times, but clearly signing a CONTRACT and continuously asking the owner for more hours. All while crying on camera is saying that the whole time she was thinking “Lets just just do this and get over this to try to survive so they dont kill me”. Those jobs are super fucking cushy too. Like $600 a pop.

No. 253454

Yeah, no one would take her side if she were like "yeah I had a nude shoot whatever, they still didn't have the right to leak my nudes" because she would be seen as a whore, and in Korea, whores=less than humans

No. 253456

porn is also illegal in SK isnt it?

No. 253461

what is she talking about when she says "leaked", i can't see in any of the articles what the studio was meant to do. a studio usually doesn't pay a model for taking photos that they're not going to post anywhere, in that case it would be the model who paid for them? this whole story is a mess

No. 253468

porn is illegal but not really heavily enforced. there are very popular porn sites in sk and stuff. koreans love to use tumblr for porn too but i heard they are trying to ban tumblr cos of it lul

No. 253474

Watching porn isnt illegal but making and distributing it is

No. 253956

File: 1527449681711.jpg (85 KB, 564x935, 9cce77a3d765a7127a416751220fda…)

I don't really follow k-pop all that much anymore but it baffles me how armys keep hailing BTS as visual gods/cuties. I think they're ugly af and not very talented in general and even the better looking ones like Jin and V don't stand a chance against i.e. Wanna One or Cha Eunwoo (don't follow any of them just think they're the true top visuals).

No. 253959

I don't know why you would be baffled by the facts that fans find the people they're fan of attractive, it seems normal. Even the ugliest mofo can get a bunch of teen fangirling over him.

No. 253977

it's really just preference + familiarity anon, it's not that uncommon to become attracted to someone once you get more familiar with them/their music. that dude looks bland as fuck to me but I'm sure 17-yr-old me would've found him cute if I watched enough videos of him. plus I follow hiphop and alt rock primarily so I'm used to seeing women salivate over far more mediocre men.

No. 254083

so bts debuted at no.1 LMFAO

No. 254292

File: 1527517489749.jpg (40.59 KB, 540x381, 2018052901002449800192832.jpg)

She knows exactly how to trigger her readers lol
>[+141, -6] Wakanda forever!!!
>[+8, -2] Wakanda concept??

No. 254298

there's only a couple of idols NB genuinely dislikes and deliberately translates hate about, the rest of the time she's just smart and knows how to get ad money. if she translates an post where the comments are all saying Hyuna looks like a cheap slut then they'll rush to click on it to go to the comments and defend her as fast as possible

No. 254312

It's annoying that k-pop just makes more and more koreaboos who seem to ignore the fact that S.Korea is a shitty country in a lot of ways. They get suddenly invested in politics and think the president is great because he congratulated BTS but literally today the gov. passed a law changing minimum wage rules and fucking over a lot of workers there - likely including a lot of the make up artists and stylists for the k-pop groups they're obsessed with. Look at all the protests that have happened in Korea in the last couple of years and the k-pop fan responses are like "uwu they sang a Girls Generation song at the protest! Korea is so cool!". Every time it comes out that another artist has done some fucked up sexual thing they think it's just a bad egg and not a result of a society not catching up to modern ideas fast enough to match the media. Koreaboos annoy me the most out of any of the people who idolise a country too much, I'm sick of hearing about your unnies 12 step skincare routine and sweet potato 600 calorie diet

No. 254314

No. 254316

not gonna lie, the deeper i got into kpop (not as much now, still like a few groups) the more i realized how grateful i am to not live in south korea. and anyone who says otherwise is not realistic or a fucking moron. i just wish people were able to distinguish between pop culture and actual living standards

No. 254320

double goes for people who think kdramas are an accurate look into korean culture lol

No. 254321

I went to Korea a few weeks ago, I must have seen at least 3-4 mass protests in the 9 days I was there. Tension was in the air everywhere.

Also the amount of people that came up to me asking about my nationality, country, can I speak English, etc. was insane. I was never under any illusion that Korea was a place of magic and rainbows (lmao I'm too old for that shit) but I felt very uncomfortable sometimes. It just flat out annoys me that Koreaboos literally think that Korea is idols and idols only. That they think it's some kind of wonderland. In reality they have no interest in the culture whatsoever. Can you imagine a Koreaboo for example visiting a temple, or going to the national parks, or trying a traditional Korean restaurant? They can't even be fucked to learn basic Korean and ask their oppars to speak English on V app. They need to just admit they are in it for the idols only and leave it at that. Stop trying to pretend they care about the country which is just as fucked up as the rest of the world.

No. 254323

what really gets to me is korean men's view of foreign women.
lots of them say they want to date a foreign girl but it's just for the experience. Most just want to fuck her and have no intention of having a proper long term relationship.
Other things like "riding the _____ horse", the idea that all western women are easy, asking "are you Russian?" when they really mean "are you a prostitute?" piss me off too.

No. 254327

i agree. and honestly it wouldnt even bother me if people were straight forward and admitted they are only interested in kpop/kdrama. but i would love to be there when some of those insane koreaboos ~finally~ visit the country and realize it isnt all its cracked up to be

No. 254330

This is absolutely disgusting.

Even Koreans know it's a shitty place to live, many call it 'hell Joseon'

No. 254334

can't help but wonder how many of those disabled workers were given up/sold by their parents.

No. 254344

Theres always protests because crazy right wingers protest about every stupid thing around gwanghwamun and the blue house. Tensions arent high, its just old people who havare no lives being old people.

Ive lived in Korea for a while and its all right. Some people overcompensate trying not to feel like a koreaboo to say how shot of a countey korea is to live, but if you speak korean and change your mindset, its not that bad.

“Hell Joseon” is a term made up by pussies who let the pressure of older people prevent them from making the change they want to see. The only major problem in Korean society is that they care too much what other people think. Like the issue with sending their kids to hagwons. Tell a Korean “Then dont, its not a law that you have to send them there” There first worry isnt “But my son will fall behind and he wont get into a good uni or get a good job!” Its “what will the other parents think of me if I dont…” They could start small and build themselves up, but everybody feels entitled to a big shiny new apartment when they get married, it’s ridiculous. Nobody wants to be the change they want to see. They just expect the older peoples views change so that they can be ‘allowed’ to do what they want so its a huge cycle of doing jack shit about anything and complaining about your country lol

No. 254345

i really do feel bad for young koreans and i get why so many kids try to get into the entertainment industry. i would much rather try and "make it" in entertainment then slave away at school for hours everyday for some monotonous job where im miserable. not that idol life is much happier but. its kind of like picking your poison

No. 254346

that's like every country. and most idols are from well-off families.

No. 254350

except sk has the #1 suicide rate in the world…
first/second generation idols used to be poor, now the industry is full of silver spoons like BTS Jin or BP Jennie.

No. 254356

i feel like the only issue koreaboos/k-pop fans "care" about is homophobia. like when korea announced that they were debuting their first openly gay idol earlier this year, a bunch of fans were like "~uwu this is so good, look how progressive korea is becoming!! now maybe oppa will feel free to come out the closet!!~" they'll criticize korea for it's homophobia but if you bring up any other issue like sexism, racism, or mental illness they get defensive and say "it's their culture, get over it and stop trying to change them!"

they don't care about actual gay korean youth, they just want to end homophobia so that their fantasies about their bias liking dick will seem more true.

side note: if i was a gay idol i wouldn't come out the closet, not because of backlash but because imagine how bad the fangirls would be if they knew a male idol actually liked men instead of them just speculating?? especially since straight idols already rely on being homoerotic with each other for fan service, if they were actually gay the fetishizing would be…disastrous

No. 254375

lol exactly even the current president said korea isn't ready yet for legalizing gay marriage

No. 254385

What i hate about kpop fans is that they have such a narrow view if what their favorite idols are actually like because they just view everything from badly translated articles and videos and then have the nerve to act like the ~know~ everything about how this person must think. They view everything from a western lens like oh yeah im sure this straight korean man cares about being woke and for lgbt lmfao the average korean man will straight up say to your face “i really fucking hate gays” like its nothing too. I’ve heard it dozens and dozens of times from native koreans.

No. 254395

dude ikr. it makes me laugh so much when they post interviews where "serious" questions were asked and the idols give the most generic bullshit PR answers EVER that they were obviously told to make and then dumb fans on twitter act like theyre the "wokest" most thoughtful socially conscious PoC LGBTQ+ korean gandhis

not that i really personally give a fuck if koreans are "PC" or not but its just hilarious to me when delusional fans actually believe this shit

No. 254403

and it's so rich to think they're feminist allies when they're probably having orgies with their members and prostitutes after every music bank recording.

No. 254405

did you get this from a fanfic, anon?

No. 254409

no because that's common in sk

No. 254410

people always talk about how the younger generations are so accepting but for a lot of koreans, "accepting" gays means "they're gross but I guess I personally wouldn't verbally abuse them."

prostitution is supposedly involved in business deals, idk about orgies after every music bank lol

No. 254411

it's a joke

No. 254419

on the other hand a very very small percentage of idols ever say anything supportive towards "sexual minorities", with many happily using slurs and denouncing gay rights/gay marriage so I wouldn't be surprised if the 6 or so idols who have overtly voiced support for sexual minorities actually believe what they say. That's a realistically small percentage.

the real delusion is when people hear some idol says "Oh I liked [some movie with a gay couple in it]" and their fans lose their shit lol. The fans that misinterpret fan service as idols actually being attracted to each other are especially slow.

No. 254422

any idols that are pro-LGBT are likely not saying anything because of the backlash they would get from the korean public and fans
they care way more about their career/making money than supporting a minority

No. 254428

Quite a few of the outright supportive statements are also predebut or just generally said at a time that wouldn't really be the kind of way to say it to get praise. RM's positive statements (and writing a song about bisexuality) both came before debut I'm sure, so automatically I take that as more legit than if he was to tweet 'I love gays x love urself' tomorrow. There's a present quote from Jaejoong that goes around sometimes too and that's from like 2002 so that throwaway comment in a blogpost years ago feels more legit than being asked things like "which of your members would you rather marry"

I still generally believe them but these days shameless fanservice gets called positive representation. The only time I'll really accept people coming to conclusions about an idol supporting minorities without it being said outright is when they have a really blatant past that would make it weird for them to not be supportive, especially when they're claiming an idol isn't straight and not just an ally. Obviously there's queer idols, unnie sitting with her legs apart a bit doesn't make her a lesbian icon.

Yubin predebut looking for bottom bitches

No. 254431

>and writing a song about bisexuality

No. 254434

rm wrote party xxo for glam and that's generally accepted to be about bisexuality/sexual fluidity

No. 254435

lmfao girl that's a queerbaiting song about girls kissing. of course a man wrote it.

No. 254436

>My training shirt is drenched with sweat,
>G.L.A.M. from the Mars
>1 2 3 4 ready to start
>Girl I like ya really really like ya


No. 254441

it's hardly revolutionary but someone writing a song that's pretty supporting when they're still unknown at about the same time as tweeting about other songs supporting gay relationships and saying he likes the meaning indicates that it's probably not just to look woke for twitter stans since there werent any twitter stans

No. 254444

No. 254445

he didnt write in this in his notebook. he was paid to write it.

No. 254448

okay? all i'm saying is that it's not like it was just done so #woke teenage girls would like him, not talking about how it's such an important statement to make or anything

No. 254462

Idols shouldn't give a fuck about minorities imo (unpopular opinions thread?). It's not like they're in America where celebrities need to act all #woke to attract the PC crowd. They only need to please their fangirls/fanboys/dirty old men for all I know, that's where the real cash comes from.

No. 254463

Idols shouldn't give a fuck about minorities imo (unpopular opinions thread?). It's not like they're in America where celebrities need to act all #woke to attract the PC crowd. They only need to please their fangirls/fanboys/dirty old men for all I know, that's where the real cash comes from.

No. 254464

>shouldn't give a fuck about minorities imo
damn lol. I get what you mean though, most idols have very little to gain if they support sexual minorities/feminism and very little to lose if they do blatantly racist/sexist/homophobic shit. Obviously it'd be nice if pop culture icons in Korea used their influence to help destigmatize certain things but they'd probably just get in trouble with their company and risk ruining their careers.

No. 254473

Yeah I feel that if they started acting PC all of a sudden it would just come off as insincere, I don't expect young straight Korean people to care about these matters including idols who grow up in the same environment (sexist/homophobic). Also, if any idol came out as gay/lesbian they'd be ripped apart by public opinion, Korea isn't ready for that. I think true change must come from the higher ups and icons like actors, comedians, etc.

Tbh I feel like idols aren't really taken seriously and only serve as entertainers/eye candy unless they get big like Taeyeon and the Soshi girls. I can see Suzy is also trying to get rid of her idol persona by getting acting gigs and releasing solos.

No. 254541

Yeah, the way Korean men act towards their own women is bad enough, but if you are white or white looking, they assume you're easy or a slut. It's pretty gross. I used to watch Eat your kimchi years ago and I believe Suzee and the crew touched up on this subject once.

No. 254594

It depends of where you live now tho, SK is still great compared to many other countries, I'd definitely choose it over my own country lol. But it's not worth idolising it into oblivion, of course.

No. 255079

I'm a little pissed off that LOONA's company hyped up this Grimes collab for a month and she only does an awkward disembodied voice over at the start and then basically fucks off for the rest of the song

No. 255082

>Grimes shows up for four seconds for a shitty intro that's beat for beat from Gee
>the entire song is basically Gee/that P101 song with a new synth bank
Probably the worst Loona release besides the snooze ballad.

No. 255087

is there anything else fishy about loona members? i know vivi's lying about her age (her profile says she was born in 1996 but old modelling photos say 93, and she doesn't look that young in her older photos) and the girl's teaser photos are heavily edited. i'd feel let down if a group that big with so much hype doesn't have any real drama surrounding them

No. 255093

File: 1527681662891.jpg (66.22 KB, 450x800, unnamed.jpg)

If you search for "white horse" in Korea, this is what you'll get

No. 255102

It might be a little bit of a reach but I find it odd how some members (mainly Yves and at least one more in yyxy) seem to have joined the group a few weeks after auditioning, when other girls had been waiting over a year - maybe a sign of favoritism? There's been controversy about various racial sensitivity issues (most recently yyxy's behind the scenes photos with Confederate flags etc in the background) and about sexualization of minors (Love Cherry Motion was boycotted in Korea as Choerry's only 15 in it). I personally find the Kiss Later video really offputting because of the random shots of Yeojin's feet as well, I think someone at Digipedi might be a bit creepy.

No. 255118

I used to be really into k-pop for years (oldfag since 2008) but recently the more I read about the industry and the country itself has really stripped it of its appeal. Even North Korean defectors who are doing seemingly well in South Korea (going to university, having a job etc) are saying that they feel unhappy because South Koreans are unloving, cold and competitive people. They'd sometimes admit that despite being near starvation and constant fear of death, in some ways they were happier in the North because at least they loved each other since family and friends were all they had. It's fucked up. Being loved and accepted is a much bigger human need than people know.

No. 255155

Damn, Korean men are such pervs. Barf.

No. 255158

fucking disgusting. now im reminded how obsessed older women are with calling younger men "oppa" ie jungkook. it's a turn on to them too.

No. 255162

File: 1527701528325.jpg (378.26 KB, 2100x1650, 98769765.jpg)

If no one had told me that was Grimes at the beginning I never would have noticed honestly jfc that was a waste of a feature

Also I know in the last thread and the first one people were talking about how bad JooE's surgery was, but is it just me or does daisy look worse since debuting in momoland (esp during boom boom) like it might just be me but somehow I think she downgraded since switching companies? pic related

No. 255176


well then

No. 255178

that's the same score he gave my beautiful dark twisted fantasy and other reviews of that album put it as one of the highest rated albums in this decade, so 6 isn't much more than his opinion. i think that's fair though, it had some ok tracks but i can barely remember what any of them sounded like at all and i think you need to be able to remember the songs to give it anything higher.

army's lost their shit over the guardian's review that give them the same score (3/5) though so… i wonder if there's going to be more thinkpieces about how reviewers are racist and people just don't get how revolutionary it is that bts rap about not liking school

No. 255204

too high

No. 255206

>ripping on Magic Shop
Jungkook on suicide watch

No. 255213

>it seems like he's genuinely weird and don't know how to behave

I used to like his looks but that's what he seems to me now, it's like he hasn't matured compared to other members and is kinda lost at the moment. And he seems to be really self-absorbed at the same time, I once read an interview where he called himself a talented photographer, lol'd and proceeded to never read any other interviews with them ever again. Namjoon's arrogance also got me, he behaves as if he's so smart because of the books he reads even though many of them are nothing but pretentious and not that fucking hard to comprehend.

No. 255311

in fairness the first one really does have a white horse in it kek

No. 255322

File: 1527756665015.png (33.1 KB, 760x416, BTS island.PNG)

No. 255333

Its funny how Armys are so amazed by how intellectual BTS is and they swear and and out that they just get them and understand their every thought, but if they had the opportunity to be trapped in a room with any member (except rapmonster maybe because he has some kind of sense of english) their conversations wouldnt get past “uhhh i like pizza and puppy!!”

Their stupid fan translations can be all sorts of wrong, and they would never know the difference lmfao you dedicate your whole life to these men and you dont ever really know if you are sure what they are really saying. Just an observation from a koreafag who speaks fluent Korean.

No. 255335

why can't this person just stick to writing fanfiction like regular people

No. 255348

That's with Jews and needing their own territory? kek

No. 255352

>racebaiting this hard
Don't you have an alt right subreddit/safe space to vent on? Christ.

No. 255378

It was a joke. Get over yourself…

No. 255381

Yeah, okay, lmao. Maybe you should get over yourself and "th-the jews!!1".

No. 255397


Tbh it's not the BTS that are smart, it's just that their fans are mostly young and stupid.


Lol in the comments fans are writing about how BTS strong point is lyrics and how they are awesome at it.

>You gave me the best of me

>So you’ll give you the best of you
>You found me, you recognized me
>You gave me the best of me
>So you’ll give you the best of you
>You will find the galaxy that’s inside of you

Wow the genius in these lyrics, in that case most of teenagers poets can be compared to this century Giacomo Leopardi.

Tbh me and my friend were big fans of BTS, but these recent months have been so disappointing that now are even ashamed to call ourselves fans now…It's embarrassing to watch them and with the quality of the new album buying tickets to concert is just wasteful and stupid.

No. 255399

File: 1527791644223.png (594.7 KB, 514x1409, 1526905567438.png)

No. 255474

Why is Kpop so fucking popular? I thought it peaked in 2012, I hate seeing this garbage music hyped everywhere. It's basically repackaged western pop music but less artistically inclined

No. 255488

it's just a good genre to build a fandom on. it combines all of the normal boyband fandoms that got less popular (1d/5sos) but also taps into youtuber fandoms somehow (a lot of dan and phil fans jumped to/merged with kpop fandom) and because kpop seems so distant it also benefits fandoms of tv/film. it's also korean and therefore close enough to japan to also grab weeaboos and anime fans.

a lot of the main fandoms kind of died down at the same time kpop really broke away from basic edm tracks and box sets, so it was just really good timing. kpops designed to have big fandoms and people who are drawn to fandoms needed something new

No. 255490

Might be because some kpop guys are actually cute, while 99% of western boy band members/male pop artists are fug. Kids love the extra fanservice and gay dancing too.

>less artistically inclined

Kek it's all equally shit.

No. 255502

File: 1527864449546.png (324.42 KB, 500x531, 99f.png)

bts eu tickets came out, be prepared to see a bunch of kboos getting high @ amsterdam

No. 255505

I would also add that companies are smart enough to keep content flowing (variety, constant comrbacks, dance practice, etc) and keep fandoms hooked to their groups

No. 255512

>it's also korean and therefore close enough to japan to also grab weeaboos and anime fans.
This! I once had a discussion with some girls who were both into vkei and kpop. Like they have nothing to do with each other and you don't like american pop either so why? But of course it can't be because you've got horrible yellow fever, right?

>Kek it's all equally shit.
Lol no, name one western pop group that needs 10+ members to sound halfway decent (with autotune of course).

No. 255513

File: 1527868961284.jpg (43.05 KB, 480x597, unnamed.jpg)

Their standards are so low…
>Wow my Army friends told me a lot of times that BTS Jimin had nice proportions so I knew about it but I was still so shocked when I watched him on Mnet. My friends were also screaming and going crazy over himㅋㅋㅋ
>Seriously, when he’s standing by himself, he looks like he could be 180cm, how is he 173.6 cm? (my friend is always telling me to emphasis on the .6 )
>Kyah ㄷㄷㄷ I’m jealous of him

How can any of their foreign army fans still be so delusional to think that these are good proportions and long legs when they're surrounded with american or european guys who're taller than him 90% of the time?

No. 255517

LMFAO what the hell

No. 255520

Name one western pop group that sounds halfway decent save for, like, destiny's child, the spice girls 20 years ago, and pre-Culture 2 migos

All boy band music specifically is garbage no matter where it's from. The least they could do is be cute and the western groups can't even do that right.

No. 255522

File: 1527871260019.gif (870.88 KB, 500x300, giphy.gif)

There aren't any western groups, because that's an outdated concept from the 90s, that Korea simply copied. And even the shittiest western solo artist is better than your average idol.
>The least they could do is be cute and the western groups can't even do that right.
You know that this is the anti thread, right…?

No. 255524

File: 1527871406782.jpg (69.57 KB, 480x480, unnamed.jpg)

All of them lie about their heights. Sehun is supposedly one of the tallest idols, yet his legs don't look any longer than Emma Stone's, who's just 5'6.

No. 255525


there's no way jimin is 173 cm kek
his head is so comically large he cannot be over 5'6

No. 255526

>Lol no, name one western pop group that needs 10+ members to sound halfway decent (with autotune of course)
this doesn't make sense as a criticism because the """musical quality""" of kpop would be exactly the same no matter how many members there were

No. 255529

File: 1527872563238.jpg (59.07 KB, 636x421, one-direction-press-2013-650.j…)

>There aren't any western groups, because that's an outdated concept from the 90s, that Korea simply copied. And even the shittiest western solo artist is better than your average idol.
wew, cool it with your hate boner for korea. this just sounds like a-logging

>You know that this is the anti thread, right…?

you really don't have to be pro-kpop to acknowledge that kek. outside of curry scented bitch, everyone in 1D was only 6-7/10 on a good day.

No. 255531

are you stupid? 1d was a big deal because it was such a novelty at the time

No. 255532

I don't know why so many fans take heights (or weights) seriously when we've all seen so many times now that so many of them are bullshit. Nearly all boygroup members add onto their height, because even the ones that are fairly tall need to add on so that the shorter ones look believable when they stand in a line. Most girl groups add a couple of centimetres too, unless it's a group focused on cute concepts and then they need to seem shorter but well proportioned rather than tall.

Is it just kpop fans being competitive or something? Does every fandom just need a 180cm boy to brag about his proportions, or a 170cm girl because that means she's immediately a model? Bigbang are all way shorter than their profiles say but I'm going to bet TOP's says he's 181/182cm so they have a designated tall member

No. 255533

Doesn't change the fact that they were complete shit, Harry and Zayn had good voices but their songs were pure garbage.

No. 255534

height is especially a big deal in korea seeing as men wear insoles. how can they be the boys of korean girls' dreams if they're short?

No. 255536

File: 1527873602724.jpg (72.12 KB, 970x546, bts_james_corden_late_late_sho…)

James Corden is 173cm so BTS definitely lie about their heights

No. 255538

Little Mix, Fifth Harmony, Maroon 5, Twenty One Pilots, One Republic, Fall Out Boy.

No. 255540

Little Mix, Fifth Harmony, Maroon 5, Twenty One Pilots, One Republic, Fall Out Boy.

No. 255541

Here's a real challenge, then: name one western boy band that had more than one moderately attractive and/or talented member.

No. 255544

Save for little mix and fifth harmony, the boy ones don't count at all. They're literal bands that sing, perform, and play their own instruments (as far as i know)so you can't really compare them to cookie cutter kpop like bts or whatever.

No. 255545

Maroon 5, Fall Out Boy, and One Republic haven't made any decent music in years and I wouldn't say 1R is better than any given K-pop group, but I'll give you those. Fifth Harmony chased off their only remotely talented/pretty member and fucking lol @ little mix and 21 pilots.

No. 255546

>wew, cool it with your hate boner for korea. this just sounds like a-logging
I think you have no idea what "a-logging" actually is…? I only said idol < solo artist, which makes a 100% sense, because if you had enough talent you would choose to bank all that money alone and not share with a dozen other dudes/gals. But they're shit and therefore have to resort to being in a group.

Why are you suddenly talking about 1D? I'm not saying they or any other western singers are cute, I just don't think that k-idols are visually superior. And "curry scented bitch"…wew indeed

Seriousy, just make your own western music hate thread. I get that having yellow fever and therefore wanting to fuck idols is not your own fault, but one would think that nobody on a board that's supposedly only for girls over the age of 18 is still delusional enough to insist that kpop idols are really talented…

No. 255547

or, name how many kpop idols would do well enough as a solo artist to compare with soloists outside of korea? it's not that there aren't plenty of attractive enough young guys who can sing and write songs in the west, they just do better as individuals with a single image rather than being told "ok you're the cute one who likes to eat a lot" and shoved into a group

everybody knows korea does pop groups better but that's also because western countries generally find pop groups outdated and too manufactured and just don't make them. you can't compare when one side barely has any. there's plenty of singers who could be mashed together to make a new Little Mix (who are definitely on equal footing with many kpop girl groups, Red Velvet literally have discarded LM tracks for their singles) but being solo does better right now

No. 255549

Where in that sentence did anon imply kpop idols are talented? Have some self awareness. Kpop is garbo trash, and you don't have to like or appreciate western pop music to come to that conclusion

No. 255550

saying western boy bands are bad =/= saying kpop is good…

No. 255551

Come on, it strongly sounds like anon was butthurt about kpop idols getting insulted and therefore she plays the 'but western artists aren't attractive/talented either!' card.
Why else go out of your way to bash 1d and co. in a thread against kpop, if not for defending the latter?

No. 255552

>I think you have no idea what "a-logging" actually is…?
If anyone doesn't it's you. You're seriously over exaggerating how bad something (k-pop) is, which is a form of a-logging.

>I'm not saying they or any other western singers are cute, I just don't think that k-idols are visually superior.

No yellow fever, but… they objectively are. If not just because they look like they actually take showers.

>And "curry scented bitch"…wew indeed

It's a reference to azealia banks calling zayn that, dummy.

>one would think that nobody on a board that's supposedly only for girls over the age of 18 is still delusional enough to insist that kpop idols are really talented…

I'm not saying that, I'm saying they're all equally mediocre. One isn't better than the other overall.

No. 255553

>You're seriously over exaggerating how bad something (k-pop) is, which is a form of a-logging.
No, it actually isn't…?
>3.4 Don't excessively post about wishing serious bodily harm on a subject or harming them. (a-logging)
"the shittiest western solo artist is better than your average idol" =/= "I want all idols to get cancer and die!"

How should I continue arguing with somebody who thinks that saying all Korean idols are "objectively" more attractive than western singers isn't serious yellow fever?
Your Oppa might look like he showers, but if one practices for 22 hours a day there isn't much time left for basic hygenie lol

No. 255554

It all started with this anon >>255490 saying western pop music is 'equally shit' when it's not. K-pop is worse and that's a fact. Not to mention that anon's yellow fever.
>muh cute uwu k-pop idols are better cuz all western artists are so fug

No. 255555

anon you dont understand a-logging

i dont think western boy/girl bands in general are much better than kpop in general… its all the same mediocre shit in my opinion

No. 255559

Nta, I don't think kpop is worst than werstern pop, it sounds exactly the same to me.

No. 255560

The definition of a-logging in the rules isn't the only one there is, maybe it only has one usage on this particular site.

>How should I continue arguing with somebody who thinks that saying all Korean idols are "objectively" more attractive than western singers isn't serious yellow fever?

I never said all western artists are fug, the k-pop industry just prioritizes visuals and it shows.

>K-pop is worse and that's a fact

How? All pop music sounds the same.

No. 255564

>"The definition of a-logging in the rules isn't the only one there is, maybe it only has one usage on this particular site."

You said that western artists don't look like they take showers - that pretty much sounds like 'fug' (but mabye you have your own definition for that as well lol)

>How? All pop music sounds the same.

Michael Jackson is pop too, you think he sounds just the same like for example this "masterpiece"?

No. 255565

Let's not act like Mj's music = average pop music. He was way above what pop is right now.

No. 255566

>I never said all western artists are fug, the k-pop industry just prioritizes visuals and it shows
>some kpop guys are actually cute, while 99% of western boy band members/male pop artists are fug.
They prioritize visuals over talent and that's exactly why it's so bad and manufactured.

>How? All pop music sounds the same.

In no way Kpop, which is basically a copy of american music, is better. That's all I'm saying.

No. 255567

at least western pop artists "sing" whereas kpop idols talk melodically

No. 255568

Maybe mj is still popular for dads, but I'm talking about modern pop.

>You said that western artists don't look like they take showers - that pretty much sounds like 'fug' (but mabye you have your own definition for that as well lol)

A lot of western male singers look musty, but some people think that's hot. I don't think it's necessarily fug.

>They prioritize visuals over talent and that's exactly why it's so bad and manufactured.
The western pop artists still aren't any more talented though. It doesn't matter who did it first when it literally all sounds the same: mediocre.

What are you even talking about

No. 255569

Well, but that just further proves my point that not all pop music sounds the same.
'Pop' literally just means popular music and that can be a lot of different things.

No. 255570

So where's K-pop's MJ? Oh right they don't have one since they can't sing or compose for shit.

No. 255573

>Maybe mj is still popular for dads
You need to be 18 to use that site, anon.

No. 255574

I am, and I also don't know anyone who still unironically listens to mj on a regular basis. He's dead as disco anyways.

No. 255575

please watch any kpop television performance then watch a western pop artist and see how much kpop idols rely on the backing track

No. 255576

Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry. They don't even dance and they sound like garbage live.

No. 255579

Just because you and your friends don't listen to him doesn't mean he's any less relevant than any kpop group lol

No. 255580

You sound like you're new here. Go back to the original Anti-Kpop thread and see for yourself why it is not only worse but also harmful.

No. 255581

…okay? Most Western pop artists use them too, but I wasn't talking about television performances. I'm talking about the music/image

He's been fucking dead for almost ten years, do I honestly need to clarify that I'm talking about living pop stars?

No. 255583

Korea's pop culture basically grew around U.S. military presence it's not surprising they're so influenced by western pop. also genuine question, are people in this thread referring to idol music specifically when they refer to kpop?

No. 255585

i'm so sick of this bts fad i want it to end already

No. 255586

seriously. the bubble has to burst at some point.

No. 255588

the popularity bewilders me, it'd be one thing if they were just popular online but seeing them in ads on television in the US is just fucking bizarre. I don't have a problem with Korean pop or foreign pop in general getting big in the West I'm just surprised it wasn't someone like Dean or Jay Park blowing up first.

No. 255590

because dean and jay park don't obsessively cater to a specific female audience. fandom girls are a cash cow.

No. 255591

agreed, I don't even have a hate boner for them I just am not interested. They even dominate this h8 thread and its exhausting

No. 255594

i'm happy for them but the fanbase just needs to be put in their place

i hope both of them hit it big here

No. 255597


Yea except the people you mentioned get rightfully criticised and shat on all the time meanwhile all these kpop groups get praised and called ~talented~ for doing essentially the same thing.

No. 255600

how long do you think it'll be until bts gets on big bang's level so they can kill people and sexually assault women without people even batting an eye? i think their pr team is too skillful and savvy to let that happen plus all their canoodling with dispatch.

No. 255604

stop the fkn 1d sperging, nonnys

>>255600 won't be long, do any of them drive tho

No. 255606

…wew, anon.

No. 255609

i don't think there's ever been rumours of a bigbang member sexually assaulting someone, has there? the only thing was a girl saying seungri was a bit of a dick, but she also took and leaked photos of him which is a dick move too.

realistically any idol with more than about 10 die hard fans could assault, rob and kill someone and still keep at least 8 of those fans. that's the point of making fans stay obsessive, the rest of the country might hate you but if you can keep a couple hundred people buying multiple copies of an album then it looks like you're still popular and got away with it. your fanbase is never going to grow but it's not going to die overnight. bts have more than enough to keep them safe but if a member really fucks up i think they'd kick them out

No. 255610

he choked her without consent

No. 255614

>big bang's level so they can kill people
lol what explain please?

No. 255615

No. 255619

ty anon. damn that's fucking tragic. seems pretty cut-and-dry that he was at fault seeing as he admitted to speeding.

No. 255624

File: 1527897197495.jpg (9.31 KB, 225x225, images.jpg)



>omg its totally not jimins fault because nobody stopped him from getting into the carrrrrr

>Korean society FORCED him to drink so hes not the one at fault because he was juss tryin to be a good little boy!!!
>Well the other person should have been wearing their seatbelt or something its like like our poor bb would ever be brave enough to go past 20 mph so how you gonna sit there and try to blame this mans death on him??!!!!!
>omg guys im legit worried you think this could be construed as a suicide attempt?!?!?! i'm honest SO scared for the boys rn because jimin has depression, RT and show ur support!!!!!
>guys he said he's SORRY. it takes REAL man to do that, you think EXO members would have apologized? #realartists
>Yeah jungkook drove intoxicated and maimed a guy and killed his children in the backseat like 3 days ago but omg he said his neck hurts when it rains so he cant dance as much as he wants and that he has PTSD for what he did guys dont forget that forgiveness is the key to a happy life <3
>chorus in next title song: "Now you so die die die, and now i'm so cry cry cry, man i'm so sorry. you are now die" "OMG THE DEPTH AND MEANING OF THESE LYRICS THO"

literally any other group:

>he said he prefers a girl with lighter skin fuck him fuck his family lets fucking ruin his career and livelihood and never stop fuckng talking about how problematic he is, im not even sure i can even handle keeping up with kpop now???

No. 255626

they've kind of set up a precedent by taking the "progressive" route with their branding (changing misogynistic lyrics, supporting the gays, etc.) so it really depends on the nature of the fuckup. I honestly think a sizable portion of their fanbase wouldn't be forgiving if they did something significantly sexist or homophobic or racist and would be calling to have the offending member kicked.

absolutely any celebrity is going to have people going to bat for them during a controversy though. Brockhampton is going through something like that right now (they're a boyband branded as "progressive" and one of their members was accused of mentally/emotionally abusing multiple ex-gfs and subsequently kicked from the band) and their fanboys are on fucking suicide watch convinced that this is it for the band and they'll never be the same (complete with victim-blaming and justifying abuse). Literally some OPPA DID NOTHING WRONG-tier shit lmao.

holy shit the bitterness coming off this post is something else. although
>Now you so die die die, and now i'm so cry cry cry
made me kek

No. 255632

but brockhampton is not a group of east asian men. you cannot deny that kpop men are in part infantilized and desexualized in some way by western fans because of their race.

No. 255646

>but brockhampton is not a group of east asian men
>infantilized and desexualized in some way by western fans because of their race.
you're not wrong and I absolutely agree that an idol would probably not get ganged-up on by stan twitter the way Ameer Vann was, but I was more making the point that defending celebrities for offensive/straight up horrendous shit is pretty much a given for any musician, even those with supposedly progressive fanbases.

No. 255654

I'm fucking dying anon lmfao

Why is this so true though? Even some BB fans turned on Daesung when that happened but honestly armys seem way way way more insane/obsessed than VIPs ever were

No. 255659

I'm being reminded of that Super Junior idol's dog that ended up killing a woman and orphaning a kid. The dog had a history of aggression (including biting other band members) and he and his family did nothing about it, and own like merch stores and restaurants using the dog's image. I remember a shit ton of idols saying he and his family did nothing wrong and it was the lady's fault for not being careful.

No. 255669

spot the EXOL

No. 255672

who cares

No. 255673

Anyone who doesn't like BTS isn't an EXO-L, anon.

No. 255685

different anon but they might be referring to the fact that the "literally any other group" example is specifically a reference to Kai lol, plus
>you think EXO members would have apologized?
could be construed as being written by a salty EXOL. Pretty sure they were just mimicking "stan twitter" behavior though and ARMYs vs EXOLs seems to be the most prominent rivalry on """"""stan twitter"""""""

No. 255715

Imagine being so bitter about a joke post that you have to go bitch in the kpop love thread about it kek

No. 255718

File: 1527929653678.jpg (46.59 KB, 540x346, 1506818052579.jpg)

i swear if you fucks start jumping between threads just to shit them up with infighting I will fly to your houses and beat you up myself.

No. 255742

See, this is why no one likes ARMYs. You fuckwits lack critical thinking skills.

No. 255768

i can't wrap my head around how so many stylists can still have a job when they dress idols in fucking ugly and atrocious outfits

No. 255787

File: 1527960933144.png (54.76 KB, 598x474, ididntgetticketswahhhh.png)

getting my daily schadenfreude from watching BTS fans on twitter who didnt get tickets. feel bad for the O2 employees who have to deal with these dumb teenagers that dont understand how anything works, though

No. 255788

lmfao omfg fucking cringe.
>they wouldn't be pleased that army's were being robbed of their money
sweetheart, that's their entire career. they only exist to take your money lul. i'm sure they only put out yearly overpriced calendars because it's great art.

No. 255790

Probably because no one would wanna replace the one's already there. K-pop stylists are underpaid. They probably take out their frustrations on their clients and call whatever messes they creaate "trendy" or "high fashion" kek

>More than 80% of 203 [stylists] surveyed reported that they are paid less than $1,000 USD a month

>93.1% worked more than 8 hours a day


Yeah, I know Koreaboo's a god awful website but I couldn't find another alternative link.

No. 255816

>>More than 80% of 203 [stylists] surveyed reported that they are paid less than $1,000 USD a month

jesus fucking christ, south korea truly is a shithole

No. 255838

if I was getting paid that little I'd dress people like shit too

No. 255845

Isn't the US full of unpaid fashion internships?

I'll shit on SK any day but I think low paid, low skilled, high demand jobs are inevitably going to underpay the employees. There is no doubt an infinite supply of girls desperate to dress up idols and meet celebrities and shop for clothes no matter how little they're paid.

No. 255848

Video on the K-pop industry's history, and its darker side.

No. 255855

It's been posted several times already, come on.

No. 255856

Already been posted, it's kind of a shit video anyways

No. 255936

Seems like not only American tweens fall for the 'BTS are so deep' bullshit, but Korean moms too…

>I lived a repetitive life with no dream or order, with no sense of what's really important to me. I often wondered if it was okay to live like this… until I found all my answers in BTS' songs

>When you have lived 40 years, you can tell by now whether someone's being fake or genuine… you get a sense for that kind of stuff. We're not easily fooled by the media ^^ BTS, however, I can see how genuine they are, especially when they dance. How much time they spent to perfect their choreography as 7… And they're always consistently honest and bright, which you can see through their YouTube~ The biggest reason is their music. Their lyrics ring true to the hardships of life~ Sometimes when I hear RM and Suga converse, I wonder how they have realized things that took me 40 years to understand. BTS' music consoles me~

>I thought that 'Young Forever' comment was written by me. There are a lot of fans in their forties who recognize their genuineness and relate to them. What does age matter? Their music is enough to fulfill and heal my life


No. 255952

File: 1528041100619.png (16.68 KB, 471x245, Безымянный.png)

i cant @ armies acting like its the end of the world bc some kfans told taehyung they dont like his mullet

No. 255955

i feel like a lot of ifans don't get the point of idols. i always see poss complaining about how people act like idols are their boy/girlfriends or that they're just an image and yeah that's embarrassing but… it's also true? that IS what idols are. yeah it's cool that you think otherwise but companies want you to be possessive over idols because that is the point and that's how they make money. make fun of the system if you want, but fans are just buying into what's meant to happen, there wouldn't be constant boygroup products if it wasn't for girls thinking buying a calendar means she's closer to being his girlfriend

No. 255956

I hope taehyung's mullet gets assassinated

No. 255961

i want V to chop off his mullet and then write a really deep song about how depressed he is about it so that BTS fans will have an aneurysm

No. 255962

File: 1528043646384.gif (640.37 KB, 300x169, Daesung.gif)

If you're going to get a mullet you need to get a Daesung tier mullet, it'll help with the retarded expressions he loves to make too.

No. 255970

File: 1528047774261.jpg (27.79 KB, 559x520, lmao.JPG)

>those outfits
boy, i really hope somebody got fired for that blunder

No. 255978

how much is bighit paying to shill bts this bad

No. 255982

Not only them, all companies tbh. A couple days ago I got this in my recommended list: first of, they look so plastic it's downright scary and secondly, they're by far not popular enough for American companies to be interested in them, meaning they must've paid to get interviewed. It annoys me so much that other foreign artists have to work their ass of to make it in the US, meanwhile Kpop just pays and mediaplays their way in and then they don't even bother learning english.
This is not going to help them gain new fans, same with BTS, it's only their old fans watching and hyping that shit up over and over again…

No. 255985

File: 1528050279644.jpeg (12.97 KB, 225x225, 2A8FEB30-A211-4809-8C4B-5D8945…)

The worst is when people try to dissect why kpop attracts fans, and they go into some stupid crap about living through the idols because they are so luxurious or something something confusionism.

Yeah its totally not the fact that all the fans just want to bone them.

I wonder if BTS or any other group would be considered as talented or speshullll if they all looked like this kek

No. 255994

taehyung in his 30s

No. 255999

Its more true with girl groups. You’d get less grown straight men talking about some corny ass Twice single being a ‘bop’ if they were all obese and werent so cutesy.

No. 256018

I think attractiveness has a hand in all (popular) musicians' success to some degree, k-pop or not. Fans and music critics just don't like to admit it because it seems shallow.

I doubt Nirvana would be as successful if Kurt was ugly.

No. 256023

File: 1528068422913.jpg (84.43 KB, 602x452, main-qimg-6006cf8c28e37a3c16b8…)

But Ed Sheeran anon

No. 256028

this fucking overreaction lmao. if writing taehyung a letter about his mullet is enough to kill his confidence then his confidence deserved to die.

"woke" kpop fans are the fucking worst, idols are just characters and there's nothing wrong with treating them as such provided people don't stalk them, endanger their lives, etc. if they wanted to be widely treated like """"real artists""" they could've, idk, taken the "real artist" route and not auditioned to be trainees in the first place?

No. 256031

getting tired of this self producing/composing meme in kpop

No. 256033

File: 1528072508911.jpeg (7.6 KB, 300x300, images (4).jpeg)

cuz The Weeknd is so cute am I right

No. 256034

If he didn't have a big pile of crap on his head…

No. 256037

File: 1528073467989.jpeg (64.16 KB, 500x500, B0C83CEC-DB47-4FB0-A027-0285EF…)

He’s certainly not ugly.

But I think the ideals of beauty come back in to play. Fans might wanna bone kpop stars but I certainly dont. Not with their emaciated bodies, shaved and sculpted faces, and stiff dance moves.

So yeah, ideals of beauty do have a play in cultural spheres but that doesn’t mean those ideals are universal or that they make any sense. I think most fans wanna bone them because of mass hysteria and advertising. It’s not the Beatles were extremely conventionally handsome men, but fans fantasized about them.

No. 256042

don't tell army that. they still think bts accidentally became an idol group. suga and rm are REAL hip hop artists because yknow, rappers audition and go through training lul

No. 256047

File: 1528075146768.jpg (6.76 KB, 195x195, 1376454414433.jpg)

>chorus in next title song: "Now you so die die die, and now i'm so cry cry cry, man i'm so sorry. you are now die" "OMG THE DEPTH AND MEANING OF THESE LYRICS THO"

my sides anon

No. 256049

"Woke" kpop fans are weird. There's not a single progressive thing about the industry, so why and pretend like there is? Your idols don't care about that shit, they just want your money.


Just because he doesn't look like a mannequin doesn't mean he's ugly.

No. 256062

Exactly. These idol groups could lose every black fan they have and still be just as relevant and popular in Korea. International fans only become relevant when you have a big japanese following like ft island or big bang. There are some sadder cases of groups like UKISS barely hanging in because the only people who really give a shit about them are international fans. But the big groups like twice, bts, exo, etc, dont need to think twice about being woke about black issues

The black struggle is literally so irrelevant in their lives that the fact that some lonely sjw kpop fan wants to send a mob out on some idol who does blackface is just kek-tier humor.

No. 256063

hell you can find old vids of teenage girls losing their shit and fangirling over Bob Dylan, and he was always a scrawny little dude with a conventionally unattractive voice

No. 256151

Never said he was ugly but he's far from handsome imo. Love how y'all ignored poor Ed up there lol.

No. 256193

File: 1528131322748.png (1.38 MB, 568x1476, wtf.png)

No. 256210

Thats candy lol male idols get them at fansigns too

No. 256235

cant refuse the people who bought 500 copies of your album just to shake your hand and obsessively take photos of you

No. 256249

File: 1528145031554.png (154.62 KB, 345x219, japanesetwitter.png)

yeah everyone talks about how it's the western male fans who infantilize and try to make their idols look like literal babies, but goddamn Japanese girls are all kinds of obsessed with babying idols, it's actually pretty creepy. Pic related, from Japanese stan twitter. It's not just kpop either, they'll take any guy they like and photoshop a pacifier in his mouth.

No. 256277

Sehun looks like he wants to die wearing that kek Anyway, this is probably a huge generalization but Japanese culture/society seems to be unusually accepting of pedophilia/lolicon compared to other developed countries. I see it in how female anime characters are usually portrayed and in J-pop idols debuting as young as eleven in skimpy clothing.

No. 256403

File: 1528200972247.jpg (62.81 KB, 500x346, tumblr_inline_njpy9ch5FH1tn7z5…)

>"Biting into a living squid is okay, but killing and roasting a young pig - so cruel!"

Korean actress interviews Sandra Bullock and Cate Blanchett and asks "Do you know BTS?"

No. 256417

what is this pacifier thing? I feel like it's a trend atm.
I've seen icons with it on twitter too.

No. 256451

>so I guess BTS isn't that publicly known over there ㅜ
LMFAO do koreans actually believe the average american listens to kpop? like imagine a group of 17 year old kids smoking a blunt while listening to dna lmaoooo come on

No. 256498

>chorus in next title song: "Now you so die die die, and now i'm so cry cry cry, man i'm so sorry. you are now die" "OMG THE DEPTH AND MEANING OF THESE LYRICS THO"
fuck you i read this right before walking into a grocery store and couldn’t stop my giggling fits so i legit wheezed my way through the whole damn thing i hate you

No. 256576

>9. [+22, -7] From now on, foreigners need to do Korean interviews while wearing a BTS t-shirt, wearing skates, holding a piece of kimchi in their mouth, and doing the horse dance

>do koreans actually believe the average american listens to kpop?
obviously not, most of the comments are criticizing her for asking such a dumb question

No. 256585

File: 1528240851082.jpg (32 KB, 480x296, gUqoQOS.jpg)

>ㅇㅇ |2018.06.04 11:50 신고하기
There are so many weird fans from SEA, when the Korean celebrities talk about skin tone, they always go crazy. It's proven that Korean have the second lightest skin color in worldwide, but they always call us out for "white washing" and ask us why don't we embrace our true skin color ㅋㅋㅋㅋ They always take those fansite's pictures and edit it to make it look like what they think is their real skin color, they don't even know that they're being racist for doing that. For them, Lisa is the best thing that happened to them, but they would bash and criticize everything else we have like white washing

>It's proven that Korean have the second lightest skin color in worldwide


Why are they so obsessive over skin color? Why are they bragging about this like it matters?

No. 256587

I always compare my interest in kpop to porn addiction. I know the industry is exploitative, it's selling me fake love, I'm embarrassed by it, will tell you all about the shit that's wrong with it, and then go right ahead and gobble that shit up

No. 256601

>blogpost incoming

Saw this on Quora today. The question was 'What countries will never visit again?'.

>South Korea.

>I didn’t speak very good Korean, but I had a pretty awesome friend with me who was what the Japanese refer to as ‘Haifu’, part Japanese, part Korean. He was a pretty interesting guy. We had just gotten out of Incheon Airport when we saw a taxi. My friend hailed it and the guy drove up to us. My buddy tells him where we are going and I think that everything is fine, right up until I try to get in the taxi with him. The taxi driver refuses to let me in his car, which sparks an argument that ultimately makes my friend red faced and quite upset. He steps out of the taxi the driver speeds off. I ask him what happened, and he shrugs and says that this guy is an asshole and we’ll just have to get another cab.

>We’ve just walked into a beer bar around Yeoui-dong and sit down after a long day of walking around and my friend says that he’ll grab us a brew that we can only get at the bar. Well, he’s not gone for two seconds before I see a group of guys start talking with him. He’s looking at them and mumbling something in Korean, but his face is beginning to get red the way that it does when he’s angry. He comes back with the beers and I ask him whats wrong, which he shrugs off and says that there’s nothing wrong. We stay for one beer before we skip out on his insistence.

>We go to this nightclub, and they won’t let me in. We talk to these girls, but they’re not giving me the time of day (which would have been fine if they had just ignored me, but they pointed and laughed, which was not cool).

>We tried to get dinner but my food came out 45 minutes later than everyone else’s food. People won’t sit next to me on the trains or busses. people won’t look at me or will ignore me when taking orders. I can’t take a taxi very easily.

>And thinking back, I should have guessed it, but I didn’t then mainly because I didn’t speak the language. But my honest and true friend did. He tried to shield me from it for as long as he could. I finally pulled him aside and asked what was going on, because while we were in Japan he has spoken so highly of his father’s birthplace, but we’d been having a terrible time since the moment we got off the plane and we’d only been in this place for a week. Racism.

>He apologized profusely, though he really shouldn’t have, because he had been amazing. He tried to explain to me that over here, it wasn’t viewed so much as racism because it was so normalized. White was right, and black was disgusting. Savage. Less. He was honestly disgusted by how terribly I had been treated since we landed, and he had honestly never realized that this was how things were here. And yet, here it was. Here I was. I thought that I was prepared to handle this; after all, I had experienced my fair share of racism in the US and Japan, but when he told me the reason that I felt like shit the entire time I was there, it all clicked and I realized for perhaps the first time in my life what true and honest racism was. In the US, racism was discouraged, looked down on, ostracizing. In Japan, it was there, but more than likely it was a greater issue because you were a gaijin. Whites were treated better, but we were really all in the same boat for not being Japanese. But South Korea was different. I was less, or at least treated that way. I have never felt more alone than I had for the next week that I was there. I was supposed to stay for six months, but I couldn’t even stay for two weeks. It was too much for me. Three years later and it still hurts to think about it.

Sometimes I feel bad for black/SEA k-pop fans then I remember they chose to support this rotten industry/country that basically mocks them for their skin color.

No. 256602

>SEA hates whitewashing
>whitening products are a multibillion dollar industry in SEA
Koreans can be naturally pale, but it's not as if Koreans as a whole are pale. Any fansite photo featuring regular citizens shows how fucking uncommonly pale Kpop stars are. Hell, Lisa herself went from straight up brown to ghastly white in a few years going through the kpop manufacturing process. That comment seems to be in denial of Korea's own issues with its skin color.

And, I think it is pretty iffy to take fansite photos and '''restore''' the original skin tone, mostly because people are shit at editing and end up with skin tones far too orange or dark, and it's weird to edit another photographer's photos.

No. 256608

was the person who wrote this a man? No denying that a lot of this was due to racism and I certainly feel for him but some of it could come down to Koreans assuming he's an American G.I. Especially the taxi driver, Korean taxi drivers and soldiers go together like oil and water. A lot of American military are young obnoxious dudes who don't know how to behave in a foreign country and a lot of Koreans, especially those who live around the airport or bases, see a fit white or black dude and automatically assume he's a soldier/airmen/etc due to probably many genuinely terrible experiences with American servicemen. Same with banning obvious foreigners from bars and restaurants.

I feel bad for their friend, too. Must have been hard to realize how his country of origin really is in such a harsh way.

No. 256609

Sounds like a man to me as well and the military stigmatism sounds legit, but I feel like his friend would be able to tell which interactions were based on that and which were racially charged? Especially the incident with men approaching them and speaking Korean.

No. 256611

>men approaching them and speaking Korean.
that one for sure sounded like it was probably pure racism, especially with how angry his friend got

No. 256617

Is there any equivalent subculture to this in Korea? It seems like a lot of young people there do like hip-hop 'urban' American culture and its influence on kpop, but do any of them actually want to BE black?

No. 256662

File: 1528265844648.jpg (24.69 KB, 500x272, 20151014013702_.jpg)

The (Korean) winner of Unpretty Rapstar Volume 2 in 2015 was found to be darkening her skin and chemically treating her hair so she looked half black. There was definitely minimal outrage about it in SK, I think a few girls mentioned it briefly in rap battles and that was it.

No. 256677

She also sounds a lot like an actual half black half korean rapper Yoon Mi Rae

Btw, do any of you know about Kasper from UPR? She does videos for a beauty company or whatever in english so she got a lot of fans there but on her normal channel she kind of ignores them
Also lately her face looks frozen. She never smiles

No. 256690

File: 1528273982334.jpeg (13.17 KB, 305x116, D3374DE2-3AFC-4B68-A86E-C706BE…)

the only worthwhile comment to that post

sage for shitposting

No. 256701

File: 1528277426580.jpeg (74.52 KB, 704x396, 64DE1F25-A6E0-4669-9A44-B3B562…)

I remember Yongguk from B.A.P having a massive thing for black culture to the point where some people called it fetishist. I remember someone stating ‘omg he wants to be black’ or whatever but I haven’t seen him saying anything in that direction.

B.A.P is one of the few groups I’ve seen to feature a lot of black people in MVs.

No. 256720

File: 1528286210399.gif (23.52 KB, 480x260, unnamed.gif)

I actually also wanted to post that, since I somewhat agree with this comment. If you hate those things about Korea so much, why spend your time listening to Kpop? It would be so easy to avoid, especially for American fans who live on the other end of the world.
About that skin colour thing, posting this pic would have helped to clarify: 2nd lightest as in group, not country, so nothing special really. Not only them, but most Asians are classified as that group.

>Defending those innocent Koreans, because it's absolutely justified to be horribly racist, it's all le obnoxious American invaders fault anyways
>But poor Korean friend, he had to witness all that!

Not sure if I found the description of racism in the op or your post more disgusting. I'm by no means liberal at all, but trying to excuse any of that… this is what real racism looks like. And American soldiers have been to many countries, yet those still manage to treat white people/Americans somewhat nicely.

No. 256723


I don't think the anon was trying to justify anything, but just to show that not everything is black and white and some reactions doesn't just come from baseless hate. It is still racism, but it's reason is different and more complex.

No. 256726

>it's reason is different and more complex.
No, it actually isn't.
There are still US bases in my country, they treated the people here badly and yet doing shit like not allowing an English speaking person into your taxi would get you severely punished. The op stated that he was in Japan, a country that was formerly in war with the US, and still the people there got a grip on themselves and treated him politely.

There's a video on youtube about a Korean show there a black guy complains about not being allowed in a sports team, since that would be "unfair" to the shorter and weaker Koreans. That's some grade A segregation not even most 3rd world countries would dare to pull anymore, yet Korea still does.

No. 256836

yeah I wasn't trying to justify it. I even acknowledged that a lot of it was definitely due to racism and said I felt for the black guy. I'm not white either and I know how shitty and soul-crushing racial discrimination feels. I was just pointing out that some of that stuff happens to white foreigners as well, particularly soldiers. I'm not saying it's okay and I would love if Korea had more anti-discrimination laws. I was just explaining.

Also he did say that he still faced racism in Japan for being a foreigner but said it came down to him being a foreigner rather than just his race, which is what I was trying to say was also partially the case in Korea. There are a lot of US bases in Okinawa and you can bet a lot of Okinawans don't like soldiers either and have protested over it.

No. 256898

File: 1528362682815.jpg (63.25 KB, 609x406, 20180607135821836865_6_710_473…)

It's really quite sad that Japan resorts to copying Korea lol
But the comments are brilliant:
>[+510, -9] Talk about kamikaze ㅋㅋㅋㅋ what about 'atomic bomb boys'?
>[+461, -10] ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ This is a joke. Now that even the monkies are copying them, I guess BTS really did become big stars ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
>[+381, -12] How about I give them some other name suggestions? 'orangutan boys', 'atomic bomb boys', etc
Imagine every country that Korea ever copied from would get this triggered
>[+27, -2] ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ First of all, their heights and visuals are such a bad match ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
>[+10, -1] Just look at the difference in visuals ㅋ
>[+7, -0] Japanese are so bad at dressing themselves
As if BTS are taller, more handsome and styled any differently than that…
>[+11, -1] Never thought I'd see something like this in my life time… foreigners copying too much of Korean things ㅋㅋㅋ
Nope, actually nobody does.

No. 256905

kpop fans inside and outside of korea think that any jpop that isn't a 48 or johnny's group is copying kpop.

kpop's such a mix of different rip-offs that i don't know how you could anybody copying them is so bad. boygroups are in mismatched gucci and oversized american streetwear, girl groups are still living off of american apparel copies and whatever the pastel trend is in japan at the time. fx haven't had a comeback in years because after american apparel closed down they don't have anything to wear for their super original aesthetic

No. 256928

korea ripped off about every damn anime and manga back in the day and now that japan comes up with another form of ugly boy groups besides the basic host looking shit, they triggered. my sides.

No. 256931

I know this isn't the anti j-pop thread and it is cringey that koreans are triggered about this, but "BTZ" does sound like a comically bad knockoff tbf. They couldn't even bother to find one or two attractive members? lmao rip

No. 256939

They're actually called 'Ballistik Boyz' (and there are probably 100s of groups with 'boys' in their name so that doesn't mean anything), not BTZ or Tandosonyeondan (why would they have used a Korean name anyways?). But Army immediately jumped on the "Oh, they also do hip hop, wear colourful clothes and have 7 members? Must be plagiarism!" train.

No. 256943

Oh, okay. Still funny that they're ugly, but it's not like le armies have much room to make fun of them on that front when only 2.6/7 bts members are actually good looking.

No. 256950

damn I was just about to make a joke about how they should call their fanbase AIRFORCE

No. 256963

It's kinda funny that the Japanese group has shorter and slightly uglier guys than the K-pop one. Great Value edition. Guess the plastic surgery train never hit Japan as hard as Korea and China.

No. 256973

File: 1528388430902.png (264.51 KB, 1000x600, n.tic_.png)

Are there any other cases of terrifying plastic surgeries in Kpop? Ntic's Jion is the most spooky case imo, people seem to call him beautiful and feminine like, but he just looks like an alien. It's not even photoshop, since he looks the same in their mvs

No. 256976

What the fuck? That's scary. They butchered his face.

No. 256978

File: 1528390705091.jpg (25.28 KB, 250x376, IMG_2552.JPG)

he probably looks less weird without the makeup and stuff but he butchered his jaw and chin. he's definitely got some issues with his appearance and being an idol. he's at least 30 now, debuted a couple of times before and used to try to make himself look more like kim jaejoong to get fame faster, you can tell from the pic he was probably at least kind of attractive before he took it way too far. jaejoong's own jaw surgery remains superior.

bom's the only other main surgery idol i think. she probably hasn't even had that many more procedures than some other idols, but some of hers were clearly botched and then fucked more when she tried to get them fixed

No. 256979

File: 1528390969494.jpg (57.87 KB, 520x650, IMG_2553.JPG)

samefagging to add bom's apparent fake ass. i don't think there are really many pictures after this to see how bad it is but she really didn't stop at just messing with her face. she's looked botched from about 2012 onwards at least

No. 256982

He looks so out of place. He really looks like one of those wannabe real life dolls who photoshop badly the shit out of themselves

No. 256983

File: 1528391685546.png (77.27 KB, 196x224, 83URNNF093JF.png)


No. 256985

File: 1528392270513.jpg (85.04 KB, 1080x1080, c2d99867095f2d25844c4518ba66ae…)

I feel bad for the other group members. Imagine working to debut and ending up with this in your group.

No. 256987

He looks like a creature from the netherworld waiting room, fuck

No. 256988

this nigga seriously looks like a flying tree frog

No. 256993

BTS is honestly just a watered-down version of B.A.P. I honestly believe that B.A.P could be in BTS’s position right now if it hadn’t been for that lawsuit.

No. 256994

he looks like a twink demon

No. 256995

File: 1528395496958.jpg (62.33 KB, 1000x500, jaw.jpg)

the fucc happened to his jaw, holy shit

No. 256997

File: 1528395963870.jpg (51.1 KB, 736x552, 419e5ec208d5284b109454a94aa9ed…)

So.. jaw shave gone wrong, or? Is this the kind of thing they can "rebuild" somehow? Can't imagine what he'll look like with age.

No. 256999

In this pic he looks like that ugly white ‘model’ in Korea, Carson. The one that looks like a frog.

No. 257001

i think he has BDD, imagine how much pain he must be in all the time with that sliver of jaw and deformed chin. the white hair, extreme eye puffs and spoopiness make him look like a frail old woman, it's bizarre.

do girls seriously find him good-looking? i get the appeal of feminine, androgynous men, but this is some uncanny shit.

No. 257002

File: 1528397844156.jpg (34.05 KB, 325x450, 867.jpg)

Lol, I'd take Japan's weird 90s hair but natural faces over some liptint wearing plastic monster any day.

And holy fuck, that Jion dude just debuted in February and is already 31. Do girls look at him and get all hot and bothered while screaming 'Oppa!'? He can't be straight…
Also, height: 180cm weight: 58kg
He looks short af

In the comments about that group that allegedly "plagiarised" BTS, somebody also brought that up. Even their names are similar kek

Don't insult that poor girl, she at least looks still human lol

No. 257004

File: 1528398124386.gif (1.75 MB, 368x368, 44b25c5bb6972f77b01cd9390d25a2…)

Look at the dude next to him staring in disbelief…

No. 257005

File: 1528398132935.png (1.52 MB, 787x787, 82CBC087-4088-404F-9341-F186AA…)

This guy’s face is similar to Vivi from LOONA (though he looks a little worse). They’re both so unnatural-looking.

No. 257006

File: 1528398235369.gif (1.76 MB, 400x248, B41AA300-E71D-4393-A2B9-605120…)

No. 257007

File: 1528398283935.jpg (38.13 KB, 445x503, scared-kid-holding-a-cross.jpg)

No. 257008

Why do they all get those fucking plastic noses there the nostrils are showing?

No. 257009

File: 1528399006291.jpg (56.91 KB, 566x619, IMG_2554.JPG)

I love the kpop trick of putting unnatural hair colours on someone to explain away surgery. Vivi looked like a weird knockoff Namie Amuro back when she modelled in Hong Kong, having her hair a different colour seriously explains away drastic differences to a lot of fans. Wendy went blonde at the same time she suddenly lost half of her lower face

SM used to do such good jaw work too. Yoona, Jessica and Jaejoong all had their jaws done and they usually look good and only look weird when they lose a lot of weight or have work done somewhere else to make it more noticeable. Yoona's is a little lopsided but looks way better than her jaw before that

No. 257010

Are there any idols that didn't have any ps?

No. 257013

File: 1528399712435.jpeg (44.12 KB, 436x356, 1B03CB2A-0031-4F38-8504-88B713…)

No. 257014

File: 1528399765645.jpg (84.59 KB, 396x529, 2239940?S?D.jpg)

A lot of people think Taehyung is Ps free. I wouldn't be surprised if he touched up a few things here and there but he did keep his uneven eyelids.

No. 257016

File: 1528399829371.jpg (148.12 KB, 960x1370, 8770e4ac310ec9e5fa749c3e2b671a…)

For comparison.

No. 257017

File: 1528399901693.jpeg (91.06 KB, 736x919, 27DDA72D-4DD5-471B-9702-B768FD…)

You actually might be onto something regarding unnatural hair color and drastic plastic surgery.

Anyway, Wendy’s jaw surgery is truly one of the most unfortunate cases of an unfortunate trip to Dr. Kim. She was so pretty during Red Velvet’s Happiness era and now her jaw looks like it’s ready to cut someone. You can even see some skin sagging from the lack of bone to cling onto in this photo.

No. 257018

he actually got his eyelids done, he admitted it unlike a lot of idols

Yunho apparently only got his teeth fixed

No. 257020

File: 1528400713563.jpeg (153.45 KB, 320x320, 1F650955-CC1E-4604-8967-E4DDEE…)

The evolution of Wendy’s jaw for anyone who’s curious.

No. 257025

File: 1528401267029.jpeg (97 KB, 500x750, F9837F96-4FD2-4629-BE5E-FF8E5D…)

this makes me sad. can’t believe they’re ruining her like this (well, actually i can)

wendy was always the prettiest red velvet member to me- thin, petite body + dainty and delicate features that looked super feminine compared to how cookie-cutter and utterly basic irene looked. no wonder a lot of people mistook her for the visual back during happiness era. she looked like a more natural jessica imo.

No. 257031

Holy fuck that’s bad. I’m not heavily into Kpop so seeing these transformations is surprising and terrifying

No. 257033

File: 1528402077227.jpg (32.32 KB, 750x721, 6Id9U6B.jpg)

this is some fucked up shit. do south koreans genuinely find them…attractive?

No. 257046

File: 1528404514387.jpg (58.54 KB, 1228x690, unnamed.jpg)

This reminds me of when an AKB member got shat on by k-netizens for asking Jang Geun Suk whether he's had ps. How can he deny that and get angry at her while looking like this?

No. 257047

I don't think anyone finds that alien guy attractive

No. 257049

I beg to defer lol, all comments are positive. He doesn't look as creepy and feminine irl, but his ego is definitely over the top…

No. 257050

I thought the same but then I checked the comments of their MV
>Jion looks like an anime character
>Jion seriously looks like an angel! He's so pretty!
>am I the only one that thinks Kim Jion is really beautiful and cute not creepy?

No. 257051

I mean, you can delete comments, but a lot of k-pop stans are delusional. Especially the yellow fever ones..

No. 257054

He seems to have his own youtube channel there he uses filters that legit make him look like a nightmare. Proof that any idiot can debut as an idol, even an alienlike plastic monster in his 30s.

No. 257058

the way the mask is positioned makes it look so much worse omfg 2spoopy

No. 257068

a lot of kpop stans also like to disagree with popular opinions just to be different, especially popular opinions from koreans

No. 257069

File: 1528407174418.jpeg (89.53 KB, 1025x576, 57A3277D-23B5-4AA6-893E-601C82…)

Still not as bad as Juan

No. 257071

File: 1528407384249.jpeg (60.72 KB, 1125x387, BD3309EC-0C54-4B7B-A513-256826…)

They are trying to capitalise on the fact he’s Chilean


No. 257076

File: 1528408922357.jpg (195.41 KB, 489x1738, yoona5.jpg)

No. 257083

File: 1528410771813.jpg (179.35 KB, 569x750, 14e231fb-462c-4d06-9141-b62055…)

He is going to age so weird

No. 257085


she doesn't even look bad in the before pic. her cheeks are chubby but you can tell she's definitely naturally pretty

No. 257088

Taehyung is seriously aging so bad, compared to other BTS members he already has wrinkles in his mouth cornes.

No. 257092

not to meme but he seriously has some deep nasolabial folds.

No. 257114

isn't he loaded enough to get tons of botox,fillers and plastic surgery beyond he reaches the age of 50? would be kinda funny if he turns into a plastic surgery monster to continue to appeal to his underage fans

No. 257142

oh my god that looks horrifying.
now it just makes her chin look gigantic, and like her jaw is going to dislocate if she takes a bite that's too big.

No. 257144

wtf is this chart making out australia to be like africa though?

No. 257145

Anon, have you not seen the abos? Even if Ausfalia is white, the natives are dark as heck.
Wow, think a bit.

No. 257148

File: 1528426782937.jpg (107.36 KB, 1200x799, DfF8WOGUcAAX0To.jpg)

girls like this shit?

No. 257152

File: 1528427485142.png (342.29 KB, 643x377, 9876t.PNG)

Some bits from the video I found interesting.

>Natural beauty

>Your facial features have stayed the same (when he showed his baby picture

No. 257155

Kek he's dressed like a middle-aged sale's associate at a woman's clothing store.
BTS should have stuck with their edgy wannabe gangster vibe instead of switching to this girly, effeminate stuff

No. 257185

File: 1528442470055.jpg (186 KB, 1199x2087, m3zZg2t.jpg)

Either someone got paid to dress him like this, or he put it on himself thinking that it looked good enough that he had to post pictures online. Not sure which option is sadder. He looks like a toddler that raided his auntie's jewelry box.

V really let himself go. He shouldn't look like this much of a shell of his former self already, he's only like 20. I'm interested to see if he'll just go further downhill from here.

No. 257187

File: 1528442792085.png (81.79 KB, 960x540, EIneIKj.png)

>be me
>kpop stylist
>shitty job, long hours, underpaid
>dress one of the idols like an old lady in a care home to stick it to the man
>fangirls are so deluded they eat it up
>hundreds of thousands of likes and retweets

No. 257189

File: 1528443061400.jpg (36.97 KB, 403x308, Big Bad Hair16.jpg)

He look like he gained a little weight, his face is softer. I kinda enjoy shitty kpop style and haircut tbh.

No. 257191

I mean. fair enough if this isn't based on population density.

No. 257209


That he let himself go is really noticeable. Isn't he also the only member in the group that doesn't really work on his body? I mean most of them have abs and look kinda toned whereas he got a chubby tummy.I want to know if he just doesn't care anymore or it is just pure laziness

No. 257213

Pretty sure he's still the most popular member. I guess he's used to being worshipped for doing nothing aside from having a pretty face.

No. 257214

literally post about kshit all day
imagine living a life so sad

No. 257215

hi taehyung. does ur tard wrangler let u go online on fridays?

No. 257219

>spend all day reading the anti-kpop thread
>get so buttmad about it you make a shitty 'u guys r so sad!!1' post
>can't even greentext properly

hoo boy

No. 257260

he looks like miranda here lmao.

No. 257318

File: 1528480590543.png (120.8 KB, 300x300, 9e83f720-54ce-45f0-b0b4-9f5ac1…)

the shop on his jawline kills me lul. boy has a wide face.

No. 257362

Not to defend him or anything, but I never noticed that V let himself go? Do you have some pics there it shows?

No. 257368

he hasn't. he's as skinny as ever, he's just starting to age fast.

No. 257370

File: 1528493121715.gif (3.43 MB, 336x192, 699beb912e2621b1b7f25b930d8a83…)

No. 257372

see >>257083
born in 1995 kek

No. 257381

>implying taehyung can read

No. 257391

B-but how could that possibly be?! Only westerners age badly, all Koreans stay young forever, anon!

No. 257471

File: 1528508477719.jpg (151.65 KB, 1200x961, DeQZxepW0AAs5ty.jpg)


No. 257474

File: 1528509015691.jpg (311.09 KB, 816x1580, DdjL7reVQAAvrCi.jpg)

he's definitely fucked with his jaw
it's a shame because he looked alright before

No. 257477

Fuck, even his rapping is slower in this shitty album. I'm willing to bet he fucked up his ability to rap properly because of that damn jaw ps.

No. 257506

he can't rap properly because he was never really good and now he doesn't have to try at all anymore and can completely phone it in to receive huge and undeserving amounts of praise.

No. 257521

this fucking hair lol.

No. 257525

He just has a shitty haircut and styling and gained some weight, it's not the first time he's got a moon face, he'll be back to his old looks soon enough. Idk what those anons are on about saying he's aging, he has not wrinkle, no sagging, no sun spot, etc.

No. 257526

if you look at any unphotoshopped pic of him you can see he has very deep nasolabial folds

No. 257532

I can't find a pic were it shows. Do you have one?

No. 257534

I fucking hate this newage mullet revival shit, it always looks like when a baby starts growing hair on the back of their heads and the moms dont cut it because its still curly and they dont want the curls to go away. Limp ass baby mullet.

No. 257544

File: 1528525591656.png (332.13 KB, 420x420, wCTb4lr.png)

Probably old news, but I saw BTS in an phone commercial today on TV. I live in the US, so I was kind of shocked. I'd gotten these ads on YouTube before, but I didn't realize they would be aired on TV as well. I'm sure most people don't pay a ton of attention to TV commercials, but I can't imagine seeing BTS endorse a phone would make the average TV viewer want to buy it……..really weird. I feel like airing this on TV in the US was a really odd choice, and not just because it annoys me.
I feel like next time I walk into the store I'll find BTS branded milk and paper towels.

No. 257553

I'm a casual fan and I actually agree, it's really weird and even slightly embarrassing seeing the ads on TV. I don't see the point in airing the commercials in the US at all because the people who would be swayed by them are already fans and were probably already more likely to purchase LG phones due to their Korean campaign. Like I doubt the average American who watches television would be swayed by it lol it's a really weird marketing decision.

No. 257558

File: 1528536968954.jpeg (47.96 KB, 445x680, DewLySgVQAAR05i.jpeg)

At first i thought he was really but recently i think he deteriorates more and more and looks like a wannabe ajumma

No. 257560

*ops…forgot to write pretty lol

No. 257561

He's pulling a face but he does look cute in this pic to me.

No. 257567

she’s so freaking pretty in this fic if you ignore the jaw. why did they have mess with it and fuck it up. ugh

No. 257568

File: 1528542851307.jpg (56.13 KB, 373x455, 20180609_131108.jpg)

>she’s so freaking pretty
Not really, she's just average. But without that monstrous jaw she would at least look human.

No. 257590

she looks deformed. koreans are fucked man.

No. 257599

File: 1528551005049.jpeg (21.41 KB, 406x362, images (27).jpeg)

I don't get why army get so pissed when someone mention BTS's ps. His nose looks botched in this pic.

No. 257621

prettier than the rest of rv at least. but maybe that isn’t saying much idk

No. 257622

File: 1528563179750.png (2.64 MB, 1092x1375, Red_Velvet_Joy_in_2016.png)

Nah, Joy is best girl.
But she's definitely pretty than Irene and her jowls.

No. 257623

Until she opens her mouth and reveals those horse teeth

No. 257624

The "before" photo isn't even a childhood photo. Why would the poster use a photo of him as an adult, who likely already had work done, as a "before" photo? This proves nothing. All I see are two post-surgery photos.

Also, how can you love kpop but be shocked and offended at someone suggesting your precious oppa is plastic? He is. They all are. It's extremely well known.

No. 257634

File: 1528566883758.jpeg (814.78 KB, 1000x1500, EB9C9C2D-A2EB-46B9-961A-111FAB…)

joy and wendy are pretty in different ways. yeri too.

irene has the dullest look in all of rv; she looks so painfully basic. the only reason i can tell her apart from a thousand other k-idols/actresses is because of her nasolabial folds kek

i don’t really get the hype with seulgi either. her face is super masculine next to the other rv members, which is cool and i get that she has that whole ~girl crush~ appeal like amber did back when f(x) was active, but i still don’t get why everyone is frothing at the mouth over her. aside from having an masculine/androgynous face she doesn’t really stand out appearance-wise.

seulgi should get short hair tho; i think she could rock it.

No. 257635

i find seulgi the prettiest because i like monolids

No. 257639

File: 1528570679801.jpg (153.79 KB, 976x977, 101101001010.jpg)

Has anyone else seen those creepy bts porn blogs on tunglr? I know making porn of celebrities or pretending people in porn videos are celebrities is nothing new, but it's still so weird to see such a big community of fujos with intense yellow fever sexualizing real people like that.

No. 257641

File: 1528570873886.jpg (52.41 KB, 500x333, tumblr_inline_p7jlwotbGR1sm5dl…)

Without makeup all of them are basic af

No. 257642

almost 1 million views

they're still wearing makeup kek

No. 257643

File: 1528571781759.gif (1.15 MB, 320x218, 1528343002239.gif)

>that link
i just called the police

No. 257645

File: 1528572037342.jpg (24.28 KB, 567x320, filthy-frank-suicide.jpg)

>Tfw it actually turned me on

No. 257654

I'm glad I opened that link in Hooktube, lmao. I don't need YouTube's algorithm making wild assumptions and embarrassing me with its "recommendations" when I'm around other people.

No. 257672

File: 1528576564832.jpg (351.72 KB, 1600x1245, __MUKwZI.jpg)

>The main reasoning for the copying accusations is that they have a hip-hop concept, have 7 members,and that their debut promotional images look very familiar to the ones for the BTS song “DNA”. It was also claimed that the group name BALLISTIK BOYS was very similar to BTS, which stands for Bangtan Sonyeondan/Bulletproof Boys.
>It was alleged that their name was also “Tado Sonyeondan”, which is not only a Korean word but it has never been mentioned in any official media pertaining to the group.
>Further false rumors began to spread about the group, the most bizarre being that their group name was officially short for “BTZ” and that the LDH boy group GENERATIONS was in fact a copy of South Korea’s Girls Generation.
>Other netcitizens were quick to chime in with their confusion, saying how the name accusations were completely false. Furthermore, LDH has been doing the hip-hop/urban concept since the company was formerly established in 2003. The founding groups J Soul Brothers and EXILE got their start in 1999 and 2001.

In the comment section were many examples of the opposite - Korea shamelessly copying Japan.

>Former Wonder Girls member Yubin’s debut solo album ‘City Woman’ was canceled because many pointed out her song ‘City Love’ sounded very similar to Mariya Takeuchi’s hit song ‘Plastic Love’ released back in 1984. Yubin’s company JYP Entertainment later announced that they decided to cancel the release of Yubin’s album because of the copyright claims. Releasing her title song ‘Lady’ as a single instead.

No. 257676

File: 1528576882403.png (384.8 KB, 768x352, 49c41a29c26918995d8fcdb529c18f…)

No. 257677

Holy shit, how embarrassing. They were so smug and eager for something to hang over Japan with the BTZ thing, too.
Honestly, has the K-pop industry ever been original? It seems like all they've ever done is copy America and Japan (often while complaining about both groups).

No. 257678

Don't forget tons of "remakes".

No. 257679

No. 257683

Damn, the amount of dislikes…

No. 257688

File: 1528578461800.png (556.2 KB, 502x786, nIsfrLd.png)

No. 257689

Speaking of plagiarism shinees song sounds a lot like this 90s song that was really popular. I can't put my finger on what the name of the song is though.

No. 257703

I always try to scroll past those when I am browsing the BTS tag but there is so much god damn smut fanfiction it's annoying. Found a blog that had a screenshot of J-hope being a dom on Snapchat at it was the worst thing ever

No. 257708

Why does a grown man 'react' to videos of BTS pretending to be gay…?

No. 257711

Why do Kpop producers always seem to ripoff popular artists? People are going to spot your copying from a mile away. Mariya Takeuchi and her husband are a pretty big deal. If you're going to do that shit, wouldn't it be smarter to steal from lesser known artists

wew. Gotta get views somehow I guess.

No. 257713

File: 1528585481334.jpg (36.48 KB, 627x598, IMG_20180609_180133.jpg)

Guess who forgot to wear his insoles today

No. 257714

File: 1528585650826.gif (1.87 MB, 240x228, tenor.gif)

No. 257728

>clicks link
>sees title
>closes link
not today, satan

sounds like Cupid by 112 to me but I just looked into it and 112 are credited as writers so it's more of a """""remake""""" than straight plagiarism I guess

No. 257732

omg lol chibi suga

No. 257734

Kpop idols are kind of toxic when they lie about their eating habits(for example eating only one apple a day or some shit), I know they do it to prove they are dedicated and strong but they have impressionable young fans who actually try these diets.

No. 257736

they know and they don't care. it's all about the shmoney baby

No. 257741

File: 1528592944514.jpg (108.95 KB, 610x376, shinee-good-evening.jpg)

This kinda saddens me since I've been following Shinee basically since their Replay era. Honestly, they're the only k-pop group I still give a shit about because they can actually hold a note and seem genuinely friendly and chill in rl. That being said, this is their first album since Jonghyun's death and they couldn't even make at least something original? I'm talking exclusively about the songs here I liked the conceptual dance and MV visuals I had never heard about Cupid before but wow 112 is great.

Imo not only they don't give a shit about what example they're setting to their fans but also think their chubbier fans are disgusting.

No. 257750

samefag, had to dig a lot to find this old netizenbuzz posts but here it is:

>(Leeteuk from Super Junior) Said he hates fat girls because they seem like they don't take care of themselves


>Said he hated fat women because they didn't know how to manage themselves. Then told Suzy to comeback after she lost weight.


I know this Leeteuk guy must be a douche but you gotta wonder how many idols think like him. Hell, most Koreans are so prejudiced against fat people, how could air headed idols be any different?

Even Shindong badmouthed fat girls when he's fat himself

>I'm 1.79/80cm tall, and I weight around 60kg. My ex who was Korean also told me to lose weight. Needless to say I dumped him. My selfesteem has been low for a long time, and getting to hear such a thing is really a big slap in your face. Shindong really hurted me just now, just like my boyfriend hurted me. I'm so pissed, especially because it's SHINDONG out of all people to say those things. He's been really chubby too, which makes you think he'd have a different kind of view on chubbier people. That was MY thought. But fuck, was I wrong.

No. 257779

File: 1528607122435.gif (212.58 KB, 171x241, 6C4A468A-4F41-4D05-B262-A9F36F…)

Joy’s mouth looked alright during Red Velvet’s debut, but SM messed up by forcing her to get veneers that seems to big for her. Here’s her during Happiness.

No. 257780

File: 1528607187786.jpeg (90.33 KB, 682x1024, 7E50B5D5-C829-48E4-BE64-4A9A31…)

And here’s her during the Bad Boy era.

No. 257812

File: 1528617386576.jpg (232.33 KB, 500x332, 20100818000797_0.jpg)

>I'm 1.79/80cm tall, and I weight around 60kg. My ex who was Korean also told me to lose weight.
Holy hell that's messed up, those retards would probably even push a model out of bed…

Meanwhile that's what your usual Oppa looks on average lol

No. 257813

Something says me it's rather her height that made him feel insecure kek

No. 257891

Even somewhat successful K-idols go years without getting paid at all, meanwhile this J-idol only came 61th in AKB's election and still "lived in a beautiful apartment located in the Shinagawa ward, and had no issues paying the 210,000 yen monthly rent fee." That's nearly 2000$… Why are some Japanese kids dumb enough to go to Korea, when they could just stay in Japan and actually get paid while probably working less and without the added discrimination some of them face in Korea?

No. 257892

they're kboos. a lot of non korean idols had rooms full of merch or made collage pics of idols back before their debut. i'm sure twice's momo posted a lot of stuff like that.

i heard that sana was in line to be an e-girls dancer or something? there's groups she could be in in japan and not have to sing at all and those seem like better options than the one where she's in twice and blesses everyone with her very stable and improved and glorious voice

No. 257895

File: 1528631775097.png (141.82 KB, 310x274, sRwIwOW.png)

from the same site

BTS Becomes First Korean Artists To Top 200 Billboard Album Chart

>1. [+2,277, -91] Wow! Amazinggggg. You guys don’t need to work in hateful Japan anymore! Don’t come to Japan!

>3. [+1,798, -270] Disgusting
>9. [+1,010, -202] A group that has no cool people at all
18. [+307, -14] Congrats on 1st place in America! If you guys have such popularity in America that you’re 1st on the music charts, there's no need to be in Japan anymore. Don’t come to Japan and please work hard in America instead. Goodbye.
>20. [+249, -27] The leader of BTS (pic attached)


No. 257898

>5: 2017/08/22(火) 20:04:58.61 For men going the KPOP route is better. If they go with Johnny's they'll have do shitty lame dances, wear horrible clothes and out of date music, and if they don't go with Johnny's they'll get pressured from Johnny's. By becoming a Kpop idol they'll be able to get 100x the popularity worldwide

>11: 2017/08/22(火) 20:06:45.17 For better or worse the demand for them will be gone in Japan. If they want to have a worldwide outlook then their best bet is Korea

>17: 2017/08/22(火) 20:09:59.04 Jap idols are too shitty


No. 257903

are blackpink stans ever going to stop fucking whining? already i've seen complaints that there's been 4 song teasers but only for 2 different songs, and more complaints that the photobook teasers are too low quality when it's clearly meant to be a film style, it's not like yg just threw a cheap camera at them. the physical release has been so late because 1) they rely on teddy for every song, which is a bad move even if his songs pretty much always do well 2) building up this long means they're way more likely to have an extremely high selling debut album. a group this far into their career should have more songs, yes, but you'd think yg was torturing them by the way fans act

No. 257904

File: 1528634926873.jpg (140.86 KB, 2048x1365, vixx-leo-kpop-november-birthda…)

this dude looks more like a sand fox tbh

also damn those comments lmao. is it just jealousy/general inter-Asian racism or…?
>1. [+2,277, -91] Wow! Amazinggggg. You guys don’t need to work in hateful Japan anymore! Don’t come to Japan!
>11. [+1,182, -84] Aren’t they Anti-Japanese
I've never heard of BTS being Anti-Japanese, I thought they promoted and traveled there a lot.

No. 257905

Japan is very racist towards Koreans, it's a Thing.

No. 257907

Japanese people are so fucking bitter, jesus

No. 257908

Nah it's not jealousy. It's def racism against Koreans though, comments on other Korean celebs are similar.

TWICE releases new MV ‘Candy Pop’ with anime by Takahiko Kyogoku
>3. [+157, -1] Why are they promoting in Japan?
>5. [+121, -7] It's disgusting that Koreans get plastic surgery to have the same looking faces
>7. [+69, -5] It was disgusting. You don’t need to come to Japan
>9. [+58, -3] Why are we involved with Korea? I just can’t understand why

GFRIEND To Release Japanese Album In May
>2. [+56, -13] I feel disgusted.
>3. [+42, -21] It’s not an exaggeration to say all of their fans are just foreigners in Japan.
>4. [+46, -17] I only have hate for Korea.
>8. [+24, -7] Why do you come to Japan when you hate Japan

GFRIEND To Release Japanese Album In May
>2. [+77, -17] We don’t want some robots.
>9. [+15, -2] Actual Japanese fans > foreigners living in Japan
>10. [+5, -1] Don’t come back.

AKB48 will participate in 'Produce 48' a Korean audition program
>2. [+197, -7] You won't be able to tell the member's faces apart wwww
>4. [+56, -3] It's just better to not get involved with Korea

No. 257909

File: 1528637523068.gif (1.73 MB, 500x205, 2bbcd5d25035d1509b099961f7a3f4…)

What even. I hate this fandom.

Ngl me too

No. 257910

File: 1528637678999.png (693.57 KB, 636x748, a1iklvsfpavbivnelxow.png)

Well it goes the other way around too, seeing as they went like harpies after that fake rumour of 'BTZ', thinking they finally have something to accuse Japan of and their superiority complex over how much more talented and beautiful their idols are.
Also e.g. imiating a monkey in front of a Japanese guest or pic related, a still from Red Velvet's 'Happiness'.

No. 257911

File: 1528637931527.gif (7.15 MB, 480x480, orig.gif)

idk who this dude is but I love his gifs

No. 257913

File: 1528638179634.jpg (53.09 KB, 720x763, daf13bf67ee9ae260bf976dd85caeb…)

Hyungwon from Monsta x.

No. 257914

That's one muffed up face…

No. 257917

File: 1528638916717.jpg (276.1 KB, 2048x1539, jin02-2048x1539.jpg)

To the anon who first noticed Jin's bj lips: https://www.koreaboo.com/buzz/gay-korean-men-crazy-bts-jin/

No. 257918

I lost my shit at “Senpai is popular even in the gay community!”

No. 257928

>Source: Girls Channel

No. 257931

it's almost like japan did something horrible to korea in the last century and korea is still upset about it /s

No. 257989

Kek. Your usual Koreaboo knows nothing about East Asian history. I notice that non-Korean fans tend to also be a little weeby and they hope their ~two favourite countries~ can be best bros.

Despite the history between Japan/Korea being very recent with some matters as yet unresolved.

No. 258005


>>257905 anon here.
Yeah, that's what I meant. I love the history of Asia a lot, so I also just know a lot of crap like this.
Hell, your usual weeb/keeb barely knows anything cultural about those places except what they digest through their media of choice. Which is skewed af.

No. 258011

Wow, thanks for educating us! /s

No. 258015

You're welcome. Maybe learning something will help you… unless you hate being smarter.

No. 258103

holy shit that still lmao, that's hilarious. fucked, but hilarious.

No. 258253

File: 1528690585675.jpg (38.17 KB, 500x500, IMG_20180502_145822.thumb.jpg.…)

I can't get over how ridiculous and creepy these colored lenses look.

>cute mochi


No. 258271

File: 1528693324774.jpg (52.18 KB, 728x546, aid31225-v4-728px-Get-Rid-of-a…)

It's not the lenses, he just has a lazy eye problem that's exacerbated by the colored lenses. See middle.

Still pretty ugly though.

No. 258309

Why are bts fans so obsessed with "big 3 privilege"

No. 258311

I think he contact just moved I don't think his eyes are that fucked

No. 258312

kek *his contact

No. 258313

I'm sorry but what the fuck

No. 258314

indie underground cred for their REAL artist oppas

No. 258343


thank god. i’ve been trying to figure out what the song was and kept thinking it was baby face.

No. 258345

File: 1528710373103.jpeg (130.75 KB, 750x676, 0DBFDE58-95AB-4299-82F9-1D8DC5…)


SNSD had to clean toilets and Taeyeon developed sleep disorders because of stress, Big Bang lived in a dorm full of rats and had to clean toilets, Yunho was homeless and had to sleep on the subway, SHINee sold albums on the street and gave out free lollipops to promote themselves, pretty much all of them were starved and lived on shit nutrition like instant ramen, SuJu had to share a small room and ridiculously small amounts of food between 20+ ppl… Not to mention the insane debts they had hanging over them despite all the insane work and getting literally nothing in return.

Obviously this is a path they chose and for all the ones mentioned it paid off but those ratmys are so fucking stupid dear god

No. 258346

>Not to mention the insane debts they had hanging over them despite all the insane work and getting literally nothing in return.
SM idols do not have trainee debts, they don't have to pay anything back. Not sure about YG or JYP though.

But yeah, back then idols didn't always come from rich families and the 'big 3' weren't actually that big. When BTS (and nugu fans) go on about big 3 privilege I assume they're talking more about newer groups than 2nd gen, but the newer big 3 groups get that privilege because those companies spent many years establishing themselves. The groups that follow after BTS will get benefit off their success too and then dumbass armys can brag endlessly about that too, that's just how it works.

No. 258347

File: 1528712420759.jpeg (74.21 KB, 400x533, C411B1BF-5F50-470C-87AE-77A881…)

SM still does treat trainees like crap though so even now “big 3 privilege” is bullshit.

Former SM rookie Ji Hansol was expected by everyone who followed the rookies to debut with NCT but SM basically just kept him around as a back-up dancer for already successful groups despite working so damn hard to debut so he ended up leaving. I’m still pissed about it tbh because I seriously liked him lol

No. 258505

>Director of Mnet channel Kim Yong Beom added that, while this season includes Japanese trainees and will be airing in Japan simultaneously, only Korean viewer votes will be taken into consideration.
Gotta make sure that no Jap wins afterall lol.

No. 258510

I get that it's just a dick measuring contest with BTS fans to prove whose oppa has suffered more, but are we supposed to feel bad?

All of these kids (including BTS) could have gone out and gotten normie jobs, but instead they decided to slum it in order to chance making it big as idols. If you don't have a decent income, you don't get things like nice accommodation or lots of food. That's how it works for everyone, not just oppa and unnie! People without money don't get nice things, and they tend to have to work unpleasant jobs. There's nothing special about BTS's situation or other idols' situations, it's just what happens to every person that doesn't have money. I don't get why fans on either side think the other has had it so much easier, but seeing fans sobbing over their idol's "struggles" while they buy merch to line their pockets further is just hilarious, especially considering most of the "struggles" are probably made up or embellished.

No name wannabe idols aren't any different than random kids without money or jobs. Doing things like eating shit (or no) food and having a shit (or no) place to sleep is standard for people with no money. They don't deserve special treatment just because they decided they wanted to follow their super cool idol dreams instead of trying to secure a stable income.

>SNSD has to clean toilets

So they had to suffer through…working an actual job?

>Taeyeon ran away from SM because it was so difficult

But she came back to follow her super cool idol dreams, so it wasn't THAT bad, right? Bad enough to garner pity from the fans and make a good story, but not bad enough to make her stop thirsting for idol fame?

>Big 3 idols will never know REAL struggles like my BTS oppas do!!!!!!!1!

Your oppas aren't special, they're on the same level of dumbass as all of the others. Any "struggles" they faced are self inflicted. How are you still feeling bad for them while they're making millions?

Seriously, kpop fans are something else. I don't have it in me to feel any pity for the rich and famous. It's crazy how far up their idol's asses they're willing to get. It's no wonder every idol has a fabricated sob story; the fans eat this shit up.

No. 258512

seriously. they didn't audition, sign a contract and "train" to be artists, they signed to IDOL entertainment companies to be idols in east asia. they knew what they signed up for.

No. 258520

Didn't mnet say that there were going to be 6 Korean winners and 6 Japanese winners? I liked i.o.i and wanna one but I won't be tuning in this season because it's akb48 and they promote imperial Japan ideals.

No. 258524

File: 1528753748207.gif (3.6 MB, 531x354, giphy (10).gif)

No. 258525

Noice b8 m8, got me to watch the entire MV and I didn't see the scene. Timestamp?

No. 258527

No. 258528

Holy kek. The atomic bombs AND 9/11. Thanks for explaining!

No. 258529

you clearly just don't understand the very superior korean wordplay by bts. did you know rm used to be an underground rapper? thought not. maybe one day you'll be smart enough to understand what jhope raps. he uses his accent sometimes. it's revolutionary.

i hated even typing that. the army wank is the worst when they talk about rap lyrics and songs. some form of wordplay is pretty much a standard in rap, having a footnote on a lyrics page doesn't make oppa an underground genius

No. 258532

did you know ding and daeng are sounds from a bell?

No. 258540

I actually like bts but I can't stand their mention of billboard. The only people who care about billboard are bts and armys. I think one of them even said they had no idea what billboard was until they got nominated.

No. 258541

I didn't think I would read worse rap analysis than the high school English-tier analyses on Rap Genius, but here we are.

did u know that "ddaeng" also sounds like a euphemism for the English swear word "damn" #KingsOfEnglish

No. 258561

File: 1528759572422.gif (358.8 KB, 350x181, tumblr_n8vs08RZrQ1thrb0yo1_400…)

>Rappers who don’t even have haters, just shut up

No. 258625

File: 1528781726766.jpeg (47.05 KB, 600x400, B3DBB341-06D1-44F8-A5FD-57CD90…)

Sometimes i wonder what amber would look like if she didnt dress like a dyke 24/7. But you can literally never say anything about amber never dressing feminine or ever changing up her style without getting downvoted to hell because itz her personal freeedommmmmm to not conform to the patriarchy!!!1!’. She’s only relevant because she dresses like a man. No musical talent, personality of an annoying ‘randum XD’ high schooler, and meh looks.

No. 258630

>No musical talent, personality of an annoying ‘randum XD’ high schooler, and meh looks.
I also don't see how her dressing more feminine would change the above. She'd just be talentless, annoying and mediocre looking in a dress.

She's not more relevant than you'd expect for a mid-high tier SM girl group anyway. She's in f(x), she's not gonna get ignored no matter what she has to offer.

No. 258682

so you want her to be uninteresting talent-wise AND visually then?

I don't listen to or know anything about f(x) so I'll take your word for her being annoying and untalented but criticizing the fact that she doesn't conform to kpop standard more is bizarre. you don't even think she's good-looking so why do you care how she dresses?

No. 258698

i’m the anon you replied to and just to be clear; i wasn’t saying snsd were victims for cleaning toilets or whatever. just that ratmys who act like debuting under the big 3 means you automatically have it better than their poor preshus oppas are retarded.

No. 258784

File: 1528831054512.jpg (60.3 KB, 499x606, JQAwo6V.jpg)


i only know like one f(x) song so i can't speak on her talent, but i kinda agree that her main "charm" is looking masculine. i remember the first time i saw a video of them performing, amber immediately caught my attention because she looked so out of place in a girl group. obviously it's not that uncommon for groups to have a "tomboy" member but since idols are typically super feminine and cutesy she awkwardly stands out like a sore thumb. most people know her as "the dyke-ish idol".

her not conforming to people's standards isn't a bad thing though, but she does rely on looking boyish to be relevant

pic related bc the first i saw it i couldn't tell what gender amber was kek

No. 258894

File: 1528862134634.jpeg (18.78 KB, 443x332, images (24).jpeg)

She looks like pic related, takes away all her uniqueness imo.

I kinda agree with you minus the personality part, I think she's genuinely fun and easy going and I love the way she interacts with male idols. At least we can all agree this is not just a tomboy act (unlike TWICE's Jungyeon) and she's pretty much confirmed lesbian at this point. If there's an idol I can't stand and happens to be in the same group, it would be Krystal. She has such a punchable face lol

No. 258960

BTS is now charging up to $8,000 a ticket for their upcoming tour.

No. 258961

Source? Their overseas tour has already been sold out, so they themselves aren't selling tickets anymore.

No. 258966

File: 1528901925342.jpg (60.32 KB, 650x400, 20140730_jungsis_01.jpg)

both sisters are so full of themselves

No. 259068

park bom is apparently claiming she's having a comeback soon, cue people insisting it'll do as well as her songs from 2010/11. she doesn't sound the way she did then, her voice in goodbye was painful to listen to, you could barely make out what she was singing in parts because it was so mumbled. her voice sounds like garbage and her face looks like it's falling apart. it's sad but people need to stop ignoring it just because they want to disagree with knets

No. 259070

File: 1528911613540.jpg (185.58 KB, 2048x1443, v2-face-drugs.jpg)

It's true, I can't help but feel bad for her. Koreans are really uneducated in subjects like drug abuse, they call her an addict but they don't even care to look up and find what an anphetamine addict looks like (pic related)

No. 259084

>“The voting system is a separate matter. We will only take votes from Korean viewers. The trainees from AKB48 already have an incomparable level of popularity in Japan, so the competition would not be fair for the Korean trainees. We want to start at zero, so we will only be accepting Korean votes.”

Wasn't the rule that Koreans would only be able to vote for Japanese contestants and Japanese would only be able to vote for Korean contestants?

No. 259095

I thought that Japanese people wouldn't be able to vote and only Korean votes count.

No. 259122

>Wasn't the rule that Koreans would only be able to vote for Japanese contestants and Japanese would only be able to vote for Korean contestants?
Originally yes, but now they changed it.

>"The trainees from AKB48 already have an incomparable level of popularity in Japan, so the competition would not be fair for the Korean trainees."

But Kaeun being an idol for 6 fucking years doesn't count…?

No. 259127

File: 1528921215938.jpg (86.13 KB, 480x720, unnamed.jpg)


No. 259130

blackpink is fucking tacky and not in a cool way

No. 259175

File: 1528928596043.jpg (233.55 KB, 1200x1800, DhSnLvP.jpg)

Their music is okay (even if AILFY called sounds dated as fuck and not as a purposeful throwback), but man, I don't get the praise for their visuals and styling being so "luxurious".

Also, they made a big deal about Jennie rejecting the stylists' outfits in favor of her own and how awesome it is, when I just feel bad for the stylists and totally whelmed by her outfits (and totally skeptical they would allow her to have free reign).

No. 259184

an eclectic combination of instagram baddie and international student

No. 259187

Well a lot of Jennie's outfits look way better than the rest of the groups. If anything they need to follow her lead because some of the outfits in aiiyl were awful.

No. 259202

This Jennie girl gives me mean girl vibes. I fully believe in her bullying rumors.

Funny how she's the one girls like the most. Looks like you need to act like a insufferable bitch to be considered a 'powerful woman'.

No. 259314

>but man, I don't get the praise for their visuals and styling being so "luxurious".
I think Jisoo and Rosé have that typical pretty, feminine girl idol look that you can’t really go wrong with while Jennie and Lisa have a more individual/exotic look that’s either hit or miss. Some people are going to find Jennie and Lisa prettier because they’re more interesting, some aren’t going be into them at all, some are going to find Jisoo and Rose boring while others are going to find them the prettiest because they’re more conventional. I think all of them are gorgeous, only 2/4 are very safe/standard for girl idols and 2/4 are either hit or miss.

>Also, they made a big deal about Jennie rejecting the stylists' outfits in favor of her own and how awesome it is, when I just feel bad for the stylists and totally whelmed by her outfits (and totally skeptical they would allow her to have free reign).

Honestly I feel like their stylist either doesn’t give a fuck or is downright incompetent half the time so I don’t blame her. Tbh I’d prefer it if Jennie styled all four of them because she usually has the best outfits kek

No. 259316

Sulli looks like Jimin in this pic.

No. 259355

File: 1528980250726.jpg (57.01 KB, 824x400, dsd.JPG)

I was watching a video about Red Velvet Wendy's weight loss..

Basically she gained some weight but wasn't fat and her body looked good but the Korean public scrutinized her like crazy and girl most likely developed an eating disorder. People who criticized her suddenly became "worried" which resulted into more scrutiny.

Anyways this line struck out to me. Wendy is Korean, born in Canada but she's still considered a foreigner with a "fat gene" jfc…

What a backwards country.

No. 259378


>tbh I'm laughing at ARMY finding out their idol ain't as clean as they thought. So what if he went to a club underage and f$@ked around…..deal with it lmao.

>Ahhm didn’t you read the article? They said it’s not true right? And v doesn’t do clubbing. This girl is known for attention seeking. She always start a rumour about famous celebrities to gain attention

No. 259380

isn't that just the bullshit fans say now when people say she looks bad? she was tiny at their debut and had loads of articles about how she was really skinny and had "abs". at most there were some comments about her thighs being bigger but she's almost constantly been losing weight since her debut and it's only recently she's gained a little

"it's the company's fault!" is just kpop speak for "i don't like something an idol is doing but people will be mean to me if it sounds like i'm criticising an idol"

No. 259390

File: 1528986179638.png (177.67 KB, 775x541, hanseohee.PNG)

This girl is a mess and I love her.
>got arrested along with TOP for marijuana possession
>said TOP's "dick is smaller than the size of a mac lipstick"
>started beef with EXO-Ls over rumours they were allegedly spreading about her
>went on a rant about how transwomen are harming women's rights and perpetuating stereotypical feminine standards.

I hope she keeps stirring up drama and spilling shit about what idols get up to in their free time.

No. 259393

File: 1528986893723.png (516.13 KB, 1876x956, HanSeoHee-Instagram-00.png)

Imo she's prettier than the vast majority of idols. They're just salty because she's a feminist (a death offense in mighty Korealand)/and dared to touch Oppa.

You should have added this pic anon kek

No. 259394

is she back to making idol drama now that she's 'quit' feminism after making all the money she can from selling tshirts but not actually giving a shit about feminism anyway? good, she's a messy bitch and i don't like her but if no idols themselves are going to be messy bitches then somebody has to be

No. 259395

>she's 'quit' feminism

No. 259397

she said last month she was quitting feminism because it was a waste of time, like she thought she'd get more than money out of selling cheap tshirts at high costs. netizenbuzz or someone similar probably translated a post about it at some point

No. 259398

File: 1528987459291.jpg (159.58 KB, 1024x1185, FB8jnfg.jpg)

I poked around a bit to gauge fan reactions, and the amount of people that vehemently denied the idea that their idol would ever go to a club was pretty funny. They really don't seem to realize they're young, human men.

A lot of people were insisting that there's no way he's ever been to a club because uwuuuuu he's a little baby that doesn't like alcohol!!!! He would never drink alcohol, so why would he be at a club? Hilariously enough, less delusional fans responded that this dude went on a drunk tweeting spree a few years ago. I think it's funny that his fans think he doesn't drink now because he's a sweet little baby that can't handle bitter things, when in reality he probably is being denied the right to drink by his company after doing something stupid while drunk.

>said TOP's "dick is smaller than the size of a mac lipstick"
Ugh, my sides

No. 259405

Lo, how is going clubbing underage even scandal material… This country is such a shithole.

No. 259407

she’s a cunt but she’s at least an entertaining one. i hope she keeps being messy bc her outbursts are gold kek

in a country as conservative and backwards as korea the stuff she’s said must be vulgar and ~shocking~ enough to give a bunch of “””decent””” people aneurisms tho

No. 259420

in the the latest vlive, taehyung is showing off bottle tricks he knows

No. 259426

Who is she exactly and how does she get to hang out with celebs?

No. 259427

Of course they drink, they probably smoke too. South Korean are know for drinking like fishes and smoking a lot.

No. 259429

She used to be a trainee at some company before she started attention whoring on ig after her weed scandal. She probably knows so many celebrities because her parents are rich.

No. 259431

File: 1528999000110.png (206.05 KB, 500x388, tumblr_inline_pa8a10phlg1ts4zy…)

armys on suicidal watch for having taehyung's fake image of "chic on the outside, qt innocent boy on the inside" shattered

i'm amazed at how many people believed this about him. he tried really hard to make that image seem realistic and he was very consistent, i'll give him that, but he's friends with all these older korean men and he himself is a very popular, attractive, rich, young man. just lol.

No. 259435

File: 1528999654706.png (297.5 KB, 500x516, hah3NrdQ1rn86bh_500.png)

Some of those delulu army are probably just 12 yrs old who have no idea what it's like to be a hot young adult, the real sad ones are those adult fujoshi who unironically believe Taehyung is just an innocent country boy who has never smoked, never touched alcohol, never had a gf….

>TFW you tricked millionth of people into thinking you're an adult virgin for fame and money.

No. 259436

File: 1528999871600.png (319.41 KB, 720x415, Screenshot_2018-06-14-14-11-48…)

Twice's new "Japanese" song isn't even in Japanese, it's in engrish.. Their jpop songs are terrible they have yet to release one good song over there.

No. 259437

one day they'll have to face that facts that lil tae has been fucking young idols, chaebol daughters and random korean insta thots this whole time and no that 4'o clock song wasn't about jimin lul

No. 259465

The music video reminds me of soshi's dacing queen video lmao

No. 259558

This is hurting my ears. Twice are not known for being vocal queens but I'd never expect them to sound this bad on an official release.

No. 259572

their bodies are so weird

>stand out in a cloud


No. 259584


wow it sounded fine until the second verse (whoever's singing at 1:34 made me cringe), some girls were better than others but some were just…bad. "i want you back" isn't even a hard song to sing considering the original singer was a 11 year old boy, it's painful to watch them struggle to hit those notes

i will compliment their pronunciation, it wasn't great but better than a lot of other groups i've heard try to sing in english. maybe trying to enunciate the lyrics weakened their (already weak) singing?

No. 259591

File: 1529018976950.gif (664.46 KB, 253x200, A98CD3ED-CF9B-447E-815E-2BA4BE…)

the flat notes
the nasally singing
the terrible pronounciation
that high note

No. 259595

File: 1529019525252.png (253.02 KB, 468x468, YWGhWHP.png)

Like nails on a chalkboard

No. 259601

File: 1529021251624.jpg (63.36 KB, 519x767, michael_jackson_meme_1_by_butt…)

Are you fucking kidding me? MJ would be turning in his grave if he heard this shit.

No. 259602

The lip-syncing is terrible too, even by kpop standards

No. 259604

File: 1529021475208.gif (1.28 MB, 343x255, disgstd.gif)


>that pronunciation

No. 259605

Fucking hell. I genuinely like twice, but this is just so deeply unecessary. What the fuck is that dog whistle singing at 2:20?

Really sad that they bastardised a childhood favourite, but I am happy that they at least didn't put a weird rap break 2/3 through the song. I was wincing waiting for that to happen.

Also JiHyo looks great with the bun and rugby shirt. Sorry.

No. 259628

>I genuinely like twice
And why is that? I have a hard time understanding people who stan this talentess uncle bait shit tier group.

No. 259643

I wouldn't say I stan. I was a big kboo until 2013 and only recently popped my head back into the kpop sphere to see what's going. I think they're fun to watch - the choreo is always kinda goofy and silly, which I find more entertaining than sexy or '''badass'' stuff. And their songs are usually super catchy.

No. 259650

Poor MJ lmfao

No. 259695


i don't understand why this is their japanese single…surely their fans would want a song in actual japanese? is it because michael jackson is super popular in japan? can't think of another reason why they'd do an english cover, particularly this song, for a japan release

No. 259704

Late response is late due to work.
The fact that Armys are causing an uproar is so cringe worthy. Can ya'll imagine the shitstorm that would happen if something like this came out about Jungkook.

No. 259710

but jungkook is open about liking alcohol. taehyung pretends that he doesn't.

No. 259716

I don't think it's their single? It's just an OST they did for some japanese movie.

No. 259718

its for a japanese movie's OST if i recall correctly.

part of me wants them to sing it live and promote it a little for the fucked up satisfaction of hearing how bad it would be sung live

No. 259729

Jungkook was underage in America and couldn't drink, so he gave a glass of champagne to another member. BTS fans were saying it's because he's a smile baby boy. They don't care about reality.

No. 259731

Phoneposting is hard

No. 259732

well yeah. he's a baby boy because he's underage.

No. 259740

File: 1529033017630.gif (1.62 MB, 375x282, 08098.gif)

yknow I really thought this was just going to be more lolcow-standard exaggeration but my god that was really fucking bad lmfao

No. 259743

what? hes a 20 year old man… in most countries he can legally drink for years

No. 259745

File: 1529033550556.png (588.44 KB, 572x738, yikes.png)


w e w

the entire thing was painfully flat, why didn't they just autotune it? and they sounded just as soulless as those north korean children forced to perform…

this fucking jaw though wtf

No. 259747

I think anon meant those fans were calling him innocent (kek) not literally young.

I don't know why fans even give a shit about V or JK's drinking habits. Jimin is V's age and he is blatant about how much he loves getting annihilated and no one gives a shit, and he's supposed to be the "cute smol" one.

No. 259750

because jimin hasn't been saying for years that he doesn't like alcohol like v does

what's wrong with her jaw?

No. 259752

Aren't Jungkook and V the most popular members by far? It's probably just a matter of having more maladjusted underage fans that think liquor is evil and illegal and drinking it makes you a bad person. If you're 12 and trying to fantasize about your kpop boyfriend, I doubt you want to be reminded that he's actually 10 years older than you and not a sensitive baby that loves to hug stuffed animals and wear cat ear headbands

No. 259757

>because jimin hasn't been saying for years that he doesn't like alcohol like v does
good point

you're right actually, Jimin fans are extra loud and unhinged so sometimes I forget he's not as popular as the younger ones. Also a lot of Jimin's fans seem to be guys, and they probably care less about his drinking habits than younger female fans.

No. 259783

File: 1529039275729.jpg (30.5 KB, 600x600, 37d.jpg)

WTF are those chipmunks sounds from 2:14 - 2:24?

No. 259793

her jaw looks extremely unnaturally sharp and the slope of it makes her chin look giant. if this is one of the more subtle surgeries it still looks terrifying tbh

No. 259866

i wish there were more songs with an actual chorus and people were less focused on what has the best hook. i'm getting really bored of songs where the chorus is the same word or line repeated for 80% of it, and some of the dances that go along with the hooks try too hard to be something memorable. i like blackpink's comeback but i had aiiyl's chorus stuck in my head for months, it was catchy without having to just be repeating a sound.

and i don't mind rosé's voice. it sounds like she wants to be a warbly, indie sort of voice but needs to sound a certain way for their songs and the mix is weird, but i like it. tired of people using blackpink as a scapegoat to say they hate yg, yg isn't forcing rosé to ruin her voice

No. 259875

DAE think that the two gangnam unnies in blackpink are completely useless and they should have actually brought in four people with a personality?

No. 259884

I personally like Jisoo's personality; it's quirky and fun in that deadpan sort of way and I think her voice compliments Rosé's nicely.

Jennie's personality is a little iffy for me. The whole cold, tsun-tsun thing she has going obviously gets her fangirls going #SLAYQWEEN but sometimes it just makes her seem bitchy and unapproachable to me. You can have a strong, badass female persona without coming across as a jerk. I don't dislike her, just genuinely hope she isn't like that off-screen.

Jennie also needs to stick to rap because her singing sounds far more like shouting and Rosé and Jisoo have way nicer voices imo. I hate that they're giving Jisoo less lines just to make room for Jennie when she's already the literal main rapper and Jisoo has a better voice.

No. 259918

i like jisoo because she's clearly there as the designated untalented visual but her voice is pretty nice. it's a lot deeper than the whiny talk singing a lot of people in that position have so it's a nice change. especially if you use a 2ne1 comparison and realise her equivalent would be dara who really just didn't have enough of a voice to sing.

i know the 2ne1 comparison was like
>jennie = cl
>lisa = minzy
>rosé = bom
>jisoo = dara
but going that way it's the 2 singers in blackpink that come off better than the 2 who are pushed more. lisa's rapping in english is cringe but idk how much she has to do with the lyrics, and minzy's singing voice sounded nasal and weird when she did more than a few lines. her dancing was the same shoulder pop - fall into split - "twerk" routine too, and rosé needs to just not fuck with her jaw so much that she can't open her mouth to sing and she'll be fine

No. 259978

Honestly, I can't wait till somebody actually exposes BTS. They haven't really had any major scandals so it's going to be a massive shitshow when they finally do.
It's bound to happen, especially if they plan to keep blowing up in the American market. American media lives off of scandals and messiness as apposed to Korean media with their cutesy, psudo-boyfriend fodder

No. 259986

Same lol
And all their fans are going to whine about how cruel everybody is to their "babies".
Tbh Koreans celebrities actually get coddled way too much. They might get called ugly etc. but western news outlets are absolutely savage in comparison.

No. 259992

This blackpink comeback was such a letdown… boring verses, boring chorus. Idk why but their voices bother the fuck outta me, I know some people like bc it's unique or whatever but I can't bring myself to like them :/ they don't sound melodic, it doesn't sound like they're singing.

No. 259995

I don't know if anyone else noticed but the new BP video has a lot of things taken from look what you made me do from Taylor swift. Call me crazy but I see it

No. 259996

File: 1529089288490.jpg (53.48 KB, 1024x682, 633bd936fb33263e86240439c96cf6…)

I showed an army friend pics of Suga before and after his ps, she got mad and said he only lost weight. Yeah right. Fucking lol, armies are so delusional.

No. 259997

he's an underground artiste! he's an aloof tsundere who doesn't give a shit!

lul armys need to realize they stan an idol group because they all get work done and they're all very vain

No. 260003

That haircut is so god awful… All their haircuts look bad rn

No. 260011

File: 1529095031152.jpg (65.4 KB, 1136x640, 3F37y8F.jpg)

The new Black Pink MV looks super high budget, but the way the budget was used was really lame. I feel like they could have made a cool video with that level of production value, but instead they just sat and stood around. My favorite part was the cute fennec fox in pic. At least their legs look less spooky now though, their skelly level in the boombayah dance video was too much for me.

The song was pretty much on par with what I expected, and very similar to the other songs of theirs that I've heard. I guess they'll stick with what works though, even if it means the lyrics are random noises instead of words. I want so badly to write their next hit. All you need is a good "bababapapda ba ba pa shababa da da papa wa DUDUDUDU yah yah yah OPPAAA!!!!" and then you can rake it in.

Also, someone please tell me I misheard "You hokey, I'm foxy" because….wow. Rap god

No. 260012

File: 1529095385190.png (20.01 KB, 541x541, Tingeltangel-Bob.png)

With this hairstyle he reminds me of pic related

No. 260019

File: 1529098768904.jpeg (208.23 KB, 750x1334, E69F64D1-F2F3-404F-8EBA-3478F0…)

lol here’s a scandal

No. 260028

File: 1529100557961.jpeg (56.23 KB, 517x500, 0F80DB9B-08B1-4C3D-99E0-6772A1…)

I knew nothing good would come from TWICE. Way to ruin a good song. Jeongyeon looks like a smurf.
>1:33 can't sing a note. Nasally.
>1:35 that "girl" pronunciation
>2:20 That high note…..

No. 260029

File: 1529100672858.png (101.67 KB, 692x657, Screen Shot 2018-06-15 at 6.11…)

The comments are in denial.
>improved vocally

No. 260032

BP's new song is awful, god. It'll probably get in my head eventually but apparently it really is too much to ask kpop for catchy, cohesive songs instead of a bunch of random pieces of music shoved together.

No. 260034

Did anyone watch the new Produce 48 videos? I'm cringing at the performances

No. 260040

it's supposed to be goofy

No. 260050

I saw a couple saying Twice should start their American debut with the cover. Seriously delusional.

No. 260055

File: 1529113127110.jpg (4.89 MB, 728x408, 7lkERgN.jpg)


Bigbang stans be like
>LeAvE TOP OpPar AlOnE!!!!1!

She seems to be a little out of whack, though. Her twitter used to be a goldmine, but you got kind of concerned for her sanity.

No. 260062

it looks like a pink recolour of i am the best

No. 260075

I’m annoyed with how they had to show a reaction/scene at least three times on repeat to emphasize how attention-grabbing it’s mean to be. The editing’s as subtle and fun as getting a brick thrown to the face. I see this type of editing on Korean variety shows too and it’s so annoying.

No. 260178

File: 1529151440809.gif (2.13 MB, 466x260, sdgare.gif)

>0:34 Oh lord that beginning

No. 260275

ARMYs going on and on about BTS lyrics makes me want to punch them. Honestly I feel like it's better for idols not to be involved with the production of their music. I just find most idol-written lyrics so cringey… I can't believe they pitch some of those lyrics with a straight face thinking they're legit genius lyricists and those lyrics actually get approved??

Also in general when kpop fans go on about how great kpop lyrics are I just have this song playing in my head https://youtu.be/nt9c0UeYhFc

No. 260289

I can appreciate nice lyrics if they happen to be there but I don't see why anyone listens to kpop for lyricism in the first place. I doubt the people hailing any kpop group for "great lyrics" listen to much non-idol rap or indie music lol.

No. 260463

do you think a group like twice actually thinks they're good at singing and people like them for their talents and music? i don't know if i could hold that blank eyed smile for a whole song knowing it was a shrieking mess for soldier oppas

No. 260467

jennie and Rosé sound like goats when they sing.

No. 260468

they've been trained for years to appeal to korean teenaged and early 20s males

No. 260545

Well… the farmers in the pro kpop thread were discussing whether blackpink's lyrics 'ddu du…' stem from the welsh or the yoruba word for black… kek

No. 260607

File: 1529284713500.jpeg (77.87 KB, 679x620, 002DA814-1973-4D35-811C-5E8448…)

You can tell that Rosé changes her voice to sound a particular way. If she continues to damage it further, she really will become Bom 2.0.

Also I like how YG totes around BlackPink as a more naturally beautiful 2NE1 even though all of them (except maybe Jisoo) have gotten stuff done.

No. 260615

now they think blackpink is influenced by music from the caribbean and not american pop lel

No. 260649

I was the anon who made that post and was referring to the prevalence of Caribbean/dancehall trends in Western pop music (see: Elliphant, a Swede, singing with a faux-Jamaican accent in a Major Lazer song, etc.), hence why I called it "trendy". I referred to the Jamaican song specifically because it used the same phrase and is a very popular song that has been sampled by Western artists.

No. 260651

File: 1529302146597.png (626.81 KB, 1132x612, Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 1.04…)

I don't understand how Jennie can look so bored during live performances. She just looks like she doesn't want to be there. She's exhausting to watch compared to the other members

No. 260654

Anyone with a brain would've understood what you meant.

At least 50% of Kpop releases the last couple years have been tropical house/dancehall filtered through Western pop and then through K-pop's lens.

She's supposedly got a rich family, so it's not like she needs to put in effort when she's got family money as a back up. Considering how well BP is doing, her trainee debt's likely been paid off, too. But it's still odd because I wouldn't doubt that many Kpop idols are from rich families, especially the ones going to performing arts schools.

No. 260657

>Anyone with a brain would've understood what you meant.
I'm surprised I had to clarify honestly. I guess my extremely neutrally-worded post seemed like praise for BP's """culturally diverse""" sound or something and not just a clarifying of misconceptions kek
>muh jamaican queens

No. 260663

Jennie’s a silver spoon idol. I kinda dislike that she can still choose not to put that much effort into being an entertainer, yet will still be set for life and have tons adoring fans willing to overlook/shield her from mild criticisms.

No. 260684

Spoiled rich girl wanted to be a famous idol but quickly got bored of it and wants out.

No. 260721

I saw somewhere that Lalisa's real name was Pranpriya or something like that? Is Lisa then just her stage name or did she change it?

No. 260734

Yes, her parents changed her name from Pranprija because a fortune teller told them if they change it to Lalisa, she'll achieve great things (or something like that)

No. 260739

i find lalisa such a pretty name- way better than just lisa imo. wish they had kept her whole given name as her stage name.

No. 260760

File: 1529345195207.jpeg (83.15 KB, 500x750, 500_433476_1465351689.jpeg)

Speaking of lisa, how the hell do you bleach your skin this much? Did she spend her trainee days always indoors

No. 260761

hyaluronic acid injections probably

No. 260771

I like kpop, but I've been disappointed lately. Black Pinks new song I'm not digging (I like their song Forever young though). I watched one of their performances and why is there no energy? Twices song/cover was a hot mess lol. Jay Park's song with 2 Chainz also disappointing.

No. 260821

Eugh. More autotune, mumblerap nonsense.

No. 260830

File: 1529358625156.jpg (97.07 KB, 786x1200, ca99cff87817ea05b890025b1d5fe0…)

Damn, that's her?

She's got some major work done

Yet she still somehow looks relatively natural.

No. 260832

Idk if she looks natural per se, but they definitely just improved upon what was there instead of giving her the classic korean surgery face. Also I feel like because her nose was so big pre-surgery, making it smaller just looks like a normal natural nose as opposed to some other k-pop girls surgeries where it becomes a very obvious plastic nose?

No. 260835

i know when she was a trainee she was generally known as lalice, i was surprised the first time she was introduced as lisa. lisa's such a common basic name where i am that it feels weird as a stage name

anybody know how irene got her stage name? i know some idol names are just like western names picked at random but irene feels like a weird choice since it's such an old fashioned name. it'd be weird giving teenage korean girls names like doris.

No. 260848

I always wondered why lots of idols have very basic english stage names.
Why are they even in english? Their primary audience is in korea

No. 260849

Irene's name was chosen by her teacher who chose it because it comes from the Greek goddess of peace. According to google anyway.

No. 260858

because they're performers and having non-Korean names helps them stand out obv. It's not like English names can't be written in Hangul. Plus if every idol went by their given name it could get confusing considering how common some names are. Like Park Jimin going by Jamie so people don't confuse her with the other Park Jimin.

No. 260942


Bighit is starting to sue people for writing mean comments about BTS on the internet
Lol how did they even make it this far if they can't handle a little hate from a bunch of nobodies.

No. 260943

holy shit kpop is retarded

No. 260944

File: 1529383996626.png (795.6 KB, 1201x1148, 201806182347441.png)

>That website always talked about corruption and sajaegi… they were finally served. I hope they receive 613 trillion times the hardship BTS and their fans endured.
>Hehe, there’s a review from someone sued for talking bad about BTS. I hope all of you get caught, you little trolls.
>Big Hit has finally sued! Good job Big Hit! Get rid of all those BTS anti-fans!
God, armies are batshit

No. 260949

they're suing over accusations of illegal chart manipulation which does count as defamation but this kid is a minor from what I gather? How much is one fucking korean teenager shitposting on the internet going to affect BTS' popularity?? And people are eating it up, making fun of the person getting sued because they don't have a job/money, etc. That anti probably should've known better though tbh considering how litigious Koreans can be.

No. 260951

>>260942 iirc, in korea you can sue for hate comments whether they contain truth or not. if you call someone a cum eating freak, it doesn't matter how true it is because it's still defamation. it's really fucked up and i can't believe how many kpop stans support this shit https://www.thekoreanlawblog.com/2015/08/Korea-Defamation-Lawyers.html

>inb4 "ITS JUST THEIR CULTURE!!!111!1"

No. 260962

File: 1529399090474.jpg (101.12 KB, 900x611, jonestown.jpg)

Big Hit might as well form a cult now

No. 260967

This is true, and not even among rich people. There was once a case of a guy trying to sue a girl he raped because she posted in a private group warning other people about him. Somebody leaked the info and he found out. The sad part is that he legitimately had a case because she posted a picture of his face along with his name.

No. 261027

Are all of these Korean netizens? I'm pretty sure you can't sue someone over those comments in the US and Europe that easily. Korea has some pretty strict laws on libel.

No. 261031

I know in the US you can only sue for libel/slander if the comments cause defamation and ruin the person's rep.
So bighit sueing girls for leaving comments like that online seem a bit much since it's not like they're going to tarnish BTS's rep, even with their baseless chart manipulation accusations.
It would be different if they were actual reporters/journalist makeing those statements

No. 261039

stanning a company is weird as fuck, but obsessive yg antis get on my nerves. they're no different from any other kpop label but yg gets shit on way more than anyone else. the new point of complaint is that one of blackpinks songs was first recorded 2 years ago, but sm holding back an snsd track for 4 years was a nice treat for fans instead. yg offering a 16 year old to get her nose done is fucked, but do you seriously think that wouldn't happen under any other company? some of the fans are so dense it's like they can't make an opinion deeper than "YG BAD"

No. 261147


i thought i read somewhere it was her Catholic name? Honestly i don't remember but i know some other idols/actors use their catholic names names

No. 261151

That change of voice is so cringy and hilarious. I'm so happy I didn't grew up in a place were dumbing myself down and talking with a baby prostitute voice is expected to be seen as an attractive woman.

No. 261152

>I'm so happy I didn't grew up in a place were dumbing myself down and talking with a baby prostitute voice is expected to be seen as an attractive woman
she's an Aussie kek she's just doing her job in this clip

No. 261153

This isn’t even bad. It’s just like having a ‘phone voice’. My voice is different/higher whenever I’m on the phone. I can imagine that happening in front of a camera too. That’s why so many youtubers voices have changed over time

No. 261154

Every single embarrassing thing idols do is for their job, doesn't make it any less cringy and it reflect poorly on korea to expect women to talk like squeaky retards.

No. 261170

no I agree I was just pointing out that it wasn't something she would've "grown up" doing, though in hindsight I realize that wasn't necessarily what >>261151 meant.

No. 261181

File: 1529495938197.png (159.4 KB, 540x379, tumblr_pa0qaveeOn1sowt91o1_540…)

Suga claiming he's 178cm top kek

No. 261190

It's a joke lol. There's no way he's 178cm.

No. 261194

The other members wrote those profiles for eachother. Jin wrote Sugas, the height is a joke.

No. 261231

>take a bite when youre eating and then leave

even jin knows suga is pro ana lol

No. 261310

BTS is so mediocre to me
i just don't understand

No. 261311

He roasted him so bad
>skull? Implying he is a skelly who wears black clothes a lot?
>1% kindness. Topkek
Unless I misunderstood everything and it's "a bad translation taking out of context uwu you illiterate westerns, learn korean!!!"

No. 261353

I think it says 10% and the 0 is just very tiny

No. 261378

File: 1529591295752.png (235.04 KB, 664x1951, IMG_3662.PNG)

Kpop fans and Koreans are mad because these youtubers were making racist jokes towards black pink. I get racism is wrong but Koreans make fun of everyone, especially black people and can't handle it when the tables are turned. Koreans are racist because they aren't exposed to other races, so why can't other races use that excuse when they're being ignorant towards Koreans? Idols are constantly being racist/ignorant but when they racism is towards them everyone because a sjw.

No. 261380

some dumb nobodies make a few gross jokes on youtube and everyone has a stroke

barely anyone wants to address how the kpop industry itself is extremely misogynistic and male idols make sexist remarks towards women both irl and in lyrics all the time but that’s okay because muh oppars

No. 261381

When oppa does it, it's "it's their culture!" When anyone who isn't oppa does it they should know better. They think Koreans are the only ones who are sheltered from other cultures.

No. 261386

they’re basically implying koreans are uncivilized cavemen incapable of getting with the times since what they’re really saying is “we can’t hold them to our standard! they don’t know any better!”

this in and of itself is pretty damn anti-korea (i’d call it racism but this example is about koreans and not east asians as a whole) and the irony is palpable yet the koreaboos have too much tunnel-vision to see it, or at least acknowledge it

No. 261389

They're upset because YouTube reaction channels that react to kpop usually are either fans pretending to listen to it for the first time and love it, or people pretending to like it for clicks and subscriptions from kpop fans. It really works, though. Kpop fans are like the single demographic on YT that doesn't hate reaction channels, because they love to watch normal people pretend to love their favorite group. The karate comment was retarded, but what do you expect from someone that makes reaction videos on YouTube?

I've noticed that fans do the same thing where they pretend to be a first time listener on every platform too. A one day old account pretending to be a normie that just happened to listen to and love your mediocre kpop faves? It's less likely than they might think.

No. 261433

Korea is such a mediocre, boring place. At least Japan has a history and culture that's someone distinct from simply "being China/America/Russia's bitch for 1300 years". Everything about their culture is either a fake copy (Tae Kwon Do) or just an imitation of Chinese culture (Confucianism).

Boring, racist, hateful people. Boring, racist, hateful culture. It's no wonder their tiny western fanbase is made up of people who are pretty much all mentally ill.

No. 261485

>A lot of American military are young obnoxious dudes who don't know how to behave in a foreign country and a lot of Koreans, especially those who live around the airport or bases

You could say the same about young black men and taxi drivers in the US, and that taxi drivers are within their rights to discriminate against them for similar reasons. But something tells me you'd never do that.

It just annoys me how these liberal SJW types constantly give Koreans and free pass.

It's funny how everyone who goes to Japan goes back home with a largely positive impression of the place, and everyone who goes to Korea comes back with a negative impression. Koreans should be careful of shilling their country too hard, because the fact is the biggest revelation about Korea are how hostile the average person is. That guy is lucky he wasn't in an interracial relationship. He'd have been spat at and worse.

No. 261486

Does Korea actually have a proper music scene outside of commercially produced crap? Because unlike America, Japan and Europe - it seems like that's all there really is in Korea.

No. 261507

yeah, there are a lot of indie bands there

No. 261529

nope they have no authentic musical identity. their indie bands are really mediocre and sound like western 2010/11 indie rock bands that don't bill at festivals or they have hip hop that sounds like hip hop from 5 years ago

No. 261590

This is the most weeaboo thing Ive read today. A country that has been in someone else's control can't help but lose a bit of its cultural identity. Its like saying aboriginals are boring cos they literally had their land stolen from them and culture forced out of them. This is dumb even for an anti kpop thread.

No. 261597

>You could say the same about young black men and taxi drivers in the US, and that taxi drivers are within their rights to discriminate against them for similar reasons. But something tells me you'd never do that.
I wouldn't say that because it's entirely off-topic and I also clarified here >>256836 that I would prefer the country had more anti-discrimination laws. I don't think it's okay for taxi drivers or anyone in Korea to discriminate solely on appearances. I was just giving a different perspective based on my experience with the way US troops are treated in Korea.

Also by "young obnoxious dudes who don't know how to behave in a foreign country" I was referring to soldiers doing things like punching Korean taxi drivers in the face and then hijacking their vehicles. A lot of young troops treat foreign countries like their playground. I still don't think that gives Koreans grounds to discriminate on race alone but if they knew the person getting into their vehicle was a soldier I wouldn't blame them for denying them services, regardless of race.

No. 261600

Sis I don't even care about Japan that much. I even find the obsession some girls here have with J-guys who look like 12 year old boys weird and sort of disgusting. That said it's a fact that Korea has basically no original culture and its entire pop-culture industry basically exists in service to propping up the collective ego of the Korean nation, just look at any historical K-drama and tell me it isn't a massive circle-jerk (it was so poor back then that the soldiers at the imperial palace had undyed uniforms).

>A country that has been in someone else's control can't help but lose a bit of its cultural identity.

Crap. Pure crap. If anything the Japanese annexation just allowed them to claim more shit that wasn't theirs. Look at what a complete rip-off of Karate TKD is. Even Kimchi only exists because of Portuguese sailors and their trade in spices in the 19th century.

Fuck Korea. No other developed country is so arrogant, racist or full of it.

No. 261602

Perhaps Americans have reason to complain about Koreans and their dirty women setting up "massage parlors" everywhere in West Coast American cities too?

No. 261611

>claiming shit that isn't theirs
>culture just borrows from other cultures
>"No other developed country is so arrogant, racist or full of it."
I'm sorry anon but this is fucking hilarious to me as an American.

You're right about the dramas though, Koreans seem incredibly insecure and ill-educated about their own history.

I guess so? I don't care if they complain. They can feel free to complain all they want but they shouldn't discriminate.

No. 261648

You still sound like a closet weeb tho. The historical costumes argument reminds me of those pictures that always float around on 4chan/ 2ch. You're literally shitting on a country for being poor, therefore easily overtaken and assimilated by another country. Most cultures borrow from each other and then turn those customs into their own thing, be it music, martial arts or scripts.

You sound like you have a stick up your ass regarding Korea.

No. 261651

File: 1529628073233.jpeg (539.83 KB, 727x1058, B13E4E6D-FEDB-4221-8373-B98AED…)

Does she not realise they are making fun of her? https://instagram.com/p/BkQ9ohxAdpk/

No. 261653

>audience claps and cheers

Those monsters(!)

No. 261654

I'm black and it's pretty hard to be into kpop knowing most of the idols think I'm gross. That's why I don't even listen to it anymore. White and Asian people can spend their money on them. It must be hard for a lot of black kpop fans knowing their oppa would never date them or would only pump and dump them at best.

No. 261657

File: 1529629256672.jpeg (193.88 KB, 689x330, D07F39AE-8F83-4EF7-9AFA-277E6D…)

They re not cheering

No. 261659

I'm sure their oppas would never date or would only pump and dump most of their white and/or asian fans too. Most of them are cringey fujos and underage.

No. 261661

Try turning on the sound.

I'm sorry you feel like that. If for some reason you still listen to it, I'd be sort of happy knowing I'd only consume it without paying for it (assuming you don't buy cds or merchandise) therefore not supporting them but still being able to enjoy music you like. But like >>261659 said none of them would date their fans lol.

No. 261665


agree anon, i'm black too and while i do listen to kpop i don't feel comfortable actually paying for music or openly supporting a culture that doesn't really try to hide that the majority dislike an entire race. i know some other black fans feel that way too, but others (especially koreaboos) are delusional and try to convince themselves that racism in korea isn't real or is a rare occurrence

anyone else find ironic that western fans will say things like "oh you don't like [kpop group]? you're just xenophobic!!" when korea doesn't even like foreigners itself? makes kpop fans sound even more idiotic

No. 261705

>White and Asian people can spend their money on them.
If it helps at all I don't think they find white people particularly attractive either, their beauty standards are so fucking strict and only top tier white models could possibly meet them. Just look at them going on about how old Somi looks because she's half white, or how fat certain (skinny af) idols are. If a white woman has a jaw or any body fat she's shit out of luck by Korean standards.

And south east asians are straight up openly discriminated against worse than westerners, so you can only accurately say east asians are fine to buy kpop.

No. 261713

File: 1529647765567.png (547.2 KB, 596x451, g.png)

I'm usually heavily skeptical of any and all black people having anything to do with SK and K-pop, but somehow I doubt they were laughing at her. She's pretty, not a hambeast and dances well.
I feel like this is a vendettapost.

No. 261718

That's pretty hype for a Korean crowd lol. It's not like this kind of dancing is new to Koreans, you see Korean choreographers creating routines like this all the time.

No. 261719

File: 1529650252507.jpg (333.8 KB, 1058x1740, 4428e0d39a7a21ea264b5c18a24024…)

Anon, by Korean standards this is fucking ugly.

Ntayrt, but I don't think anybody is shitting on them just because they were poor, it's their inflated egos and lying about history that pisses everybody off. They're trying to present themselves as THE perfect country when in fact they're still pictures, meaning it can't be that long ago, that they were a literal shithole. They might no longer look like one nowadays, but still haven't learned how to behave that way as well.

As a teen and Kpop fan I sometimes came across articles of teachers beating up students so badly that they had to be hospitalized, dramas there employees get physically punished, "jokes" about parents beating their kids and terribly misogyny. I've always tried to convince myself that this and their studying til 3 in the morning are just exceptions - but they aren't.

My country was also occupied by America. Parents had to get out of the house and leave their beds to the soldiers, only the kids were allowed to sleep in the kitchen. They were literally starving, while the soldiers already had luxury goods like chocolate and cigs. But that still wouldn't justify hating on Americans or foreigners in general nowadays.

Slightly OT but has anybody read about Yemeni refugees being stranded on Jeju island and Koreans being strictly against letting them in? Of course i-fans are triggered as hell.

No. 261722

>Anon, by Korean standards this is fucking ugly.
Literally what? Maybe by K-pop standards, but for an average person on the street, I doubt that's "fucking ugly" (especially considering the faces of the people in the crowd).
I swear, some of you would insist Korean people think Beyonce or Rihanna are hideous because they're black and you have weird complexes.

No. 261725

You're going to be in for a wild awakening if you ever were to go there…

No. 261734

I don't ever plan to, but it sucks if you did and got bullied. I just think it's dumb to project that on an obvious "Stacy type" (a stark contrast from the typical black koreaboo) because of her race. Bystanders probably assumed she was some kind of professional or celebrity.

No. 261735

File: 1529654322105.jpg (48.73 KB, 680x452, 548423_311769362224762_5674401…)

>If it helps at all I don't think they find white people particularly attractive either, their beauty standards are so fucking strict and only top tier white models could possibly meet them. Just look at them going on about how old Somi looks because she's half white, or how fat certain (skinny af) idols are. If a white woman has a jaw or any body fat she's shit out of luck by Korean standards.

If they have such strict beauty standards and say these things about Somi, who is generally pretty, then what do they think of the average Korean person? Do they live in a huge delusion?

No. 261736

File: 1529654646147.jpeg (145.97 KB, 900x629, 84453BC2-8960-417B-9BB6-EE5C62…)

>by Korean standards this is fucking ugly.
No it’s not.
Insooni, Yoon Mi-Rae, and Lee Michelle wouldn’t have careers if it was.
“Blasian” or “Blorean” is actually fashionable because of the influence of hip hop in East Asian. Unless you’re talking about the older generation or just racists in general (which is obviously not all of Korea).

No. 261737

>Just look at them
Who is “them”? Koreans in general or crazy kpop fans? They’re not the same thing.

No. 261742

Even though he literally tells them about the racism he faces they're only brushing it under the rug. Doesn't sound particularly 'fashionable' to me…

No. 261744

>Lee Michelle
??? She got absolutely nowhere, and many people blamed Korea's racism. Anyway your examples are considered extremely talented, there's more leeway when you have something other than your looks.

No. 261745

File: 1529655714395.jpg (490.82 KB, 1024x683, 146825932.jpg)

It's the fans who criticize and nitpick K-pop starts appearances

No. 261746

Ah yes, a talk show, the standard of any country’s culture /s

No. 261749

File: 1529656482994.jpg (55.1 KB, 678x381, Itaewon-Bars-Ebola-Ban-Sparks-…)

You know what anon? I'm gonna stop redponding know. Continue trying to convince yourself that you'll be welcomed with open arms!

No. 261757

Hard to tell since I don't speak Korean, but it seems like the guy is doing a purposely slow/accented stupid sounding voice when he reads out the black guy's letter at the beginning?

No. 261761

File: 1529658584612.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1125x1219, 2693735C-60AB-4658-8823-9D6FEC…)

>Anon she’s not a hamb beast!!

Agreed but she’s not skinny.

No. 261763

>"I love the people."
>"I feel like a Korean at heart."

what? I would understand if he "loved the people" if they were nice/accepting but they're not. I don't understand, just seems like an African Koreaboo who just want's to date korean girls.

No. 261796

Diff anon but holy fuck; when was this? That’s horrifying. Damn.

No. 261813

Other women actually like that kind of dance? It looks so trashy.
At least the Kpop skeletons that dance like that don't have enough body matter to look that gross.

No. 261829

OT but why does this show even exist lmao…
They tackle some heavy stuff in an overly-comedic manner, they're being too extra regarding important issues such as abuse or racism, it just makes me angry ugh.

No. 261848

Thank you for explaining as the other anon was just straight up hating. All of those things you mentioned were indeed horrible. Of course I don't think any of those things are okay (abuse, racism, misogyny), but it takes time for an entire country to catch up to modern standards and I find it rude how people assume that just because the general public is ignorant, every single person of a specific country must be ignorant.

And regarding the other issue. I don't see how that girl is ugly in any country? All countries have beauty standards but if you look at the population clearly very few people fit into them lol. The people who go out of their way to call her ugly are racists aka not all people.

No. 261851

The girl and the "skellies" look just fine dancing.

I swear it's either summer or lolcow has been invaded again recently.

No. 261973


but even the guy in the pic (Han Hyun-min) who's half black/half korean has spoken about the discrimination he faces because of his skin. even if being blasian is fashionable it doesn't change the fact the general SK public will treat/react to a non-korean looking person differently mostly due to prejudice

No. 262008

File: 1529722725240.png (305.1 KB, 530x376, Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 9.59…)

No. 262026


No. 262117

this honestly sounds like one of those bad mr removed videos

No. 262119

Wtf are they wearing lmao. Jennie look alright but why is Lisa rocking 80s shoulder pad, it's so fugly and Rosé's dress barely hit her "ass".
Embed the video for ya.

No. 262130

I keep seeing the white people are accepted in Korea meme so I just want to quickly drop this: my bff is on a business trip in Seoul rn and she's been refused by a taxi driver and cussed at by a woman in restaurant already. And she's sure it wasn't a misunderstanding, she had a Korean friend with her who could understand everything. So yeah it's not only black people like a lot of people seem to claim.

No. 262162

File: 1529756024756.jpg (29.52 KB, 720x480, 03qAb5o.jpg)

The whole ''white people are accepted (or even praised)in Korea/China/Japan'' is typical American made-up bullshit, no surprise there. It's mostly Asian-Americans with some kind of victim complex pretending whitey is loved all around the world for their race. These people are so deluded and brainwashed, it's sad. By their standards, Korea and Japan are insanely racist countries, but it's okay because it's their ''culture''.

No. 262166

File: 1529757013865.jpeg (271.21 KB, 1079x1142, 4D2EE9B4-D2D6-46C2-8177-07D59A…)


>Tfw all fat koreaboos will get absolutely rejected irl.

Out of the joke though what type of people get praised in Korea?

French are hated in Vietnam/Prts of China but loved by Japan.

What country does korea jerk?

No. 262168

>thinking a sign probably meant to keep out american servicemen has anything to do with whiteness

wat? black and asian americans exist too, anon.

whats with all the boring race chat lately anyway? is it just cause its the summer?

No. 262169

The US are 72% white.
The picture might not have been the best example, I just chose a random one, but most Americans are white nonetheless.
However, it's not like they really like black people either so…w/e

Anons here were just pointing out that Korea is quite xenophobic, it has nothing to do with ''the summer''.

No. 262177

Summerfag or not Koreans are racist af

No. 262185

Have lived in Asia and can confirm this.

While Chinese and Korean people hate all outsiders, they hate different groups of us in a different ways. For example: Hatred towards Southeast Asians is a superiority complex, they're comfortable and confident calling Vietnamese people "monkeys", laughing at their "dark skin" etc. Note that I always find this blatant racial hostility funny because Chinese are the first to start squealing about how Pinoys and other SEAs should unite with China "to throw out the white colonialists!" and to "stop being puppets of whites" and that sort of pan-Asian, self-serving shit.

With whites the hatred is still there, and may even be more pronounced, but they find it difficult to comfortably look down on us from a position of superiority. Primarily because of the physical attraction they have to whites; the pale skin, sharp features etc, that superiority complex ("5000 years Chinese culture!!!!") becomes intertwined with a nagging inferiority complex too. If you're a speaker of Korean or Chinese, and you're familiar with Naver, Tieba Baidu, Zhihu and other major Korean/Chinese sites, you'll know what I mean.

Asians (less so Japanese) rather naively think no foreigners could ever learn to read their languages, so they're incredibly honest with each other in a way they wouldn't be with foreigners (for fear of losing face). What you'll often find is a massive streak of self-loathing: comments about their "ugly flat 2d faces" abound and so on.

The thing is, contrary to what rectal-ravaged Asian Americans and Black Americans think, this doesn't make them "like white people" or even "admire white people". In fact it makes their hatred of us even more acute and pathological, since they can't rationalize feelings of superiority towards us as easily. The worst sorts of hatreds are always a mix of superiority and inferiority together: Germans towards the Jews during the 1930s for example. It's for that reason that you'll often find Koreans and Chinese actually prefer the hapless, career-less ESL teacher foreigner to the banker, lawyer or manager foreigner. You have to understand that quite literally everything is a power-struggle with these people. Every little exchange.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, the Japs may have their problems - and I'm no weeb - but anyone who has spent time in the three major East Asian countries will tell you that they're the least racist and least hostile to foreigners in the region. Going from South Korea back to Japan is like returning to the Garden of Eden. You may always be a foreigner, but at least there is basic civility, and people who won't spit at you on the street there. (Fun fact: Chinese and Koreans often accuse Japanese of "kissing white people's asses", and when you ask them why, it basically just comes down to the fact they extend to us the same etiquette they do Japanese people).

In any event, it's that kind of stuff that makes me hate Asiaphiles. Especially white ones. They need to understand their love of "Asian culture" doesn't exist in a vacuum. When they consumer crappy Korean commercial pop, they're not just being a pop music consumer. They're promoting an industry that directly fuels Korean people's jingoism and ultra-nationalism. They're taking part in an industry, managed from the very top down, to "prove" to the outside world that Korea is this perfect, beautiful society, with the most amazing food, beautiful women and perfect men.

Some people say Hollywood is similar, but US media for decades has thrived in showing some of the worst aspects of American society and culture (The Sopranos and the mob, Breaking Bad and drug abuse in rural America and so on). In fact the idea that white people are all these vicious racists comes in part from that same media. While American and Western media ultimately seeks to tell stories, Korean media and culture exists in service to Korean Nationalism, of what is easily the most racist country in the world - with the exception of their Northern brethren. And that's why you shouldn't consume it.

tl;dr I know, but I felt like getting this off my chest.

No. 262187

fucking bravo anon, thank god someone finally has a realistic perspective here and said this

No. 262188

You made them sound so insane and insecure, I love it.

No. 262189

>the Japs
FYI this is considered a slur in a lot of English speaking places.

No. 262191

As someone with close ties to Japan and been exploring other east Asian cultures, I fully agree about your bit concerning Japan. People usually have the understanding that the Japanese are horribly racist and segregated but jesus christ they're nothing compared to the Chinese and the South Koreans. If anything, the Japanese are quite curious of foreigners and interested in interacting with them but in South Korea and China you'll be openly hated on for being foreign. Hell in both countries there's a big chance of a native citizen's whole family disowning them if they're marrying a foreigner. I've never heard about that happening in Japan.

Not trying to be a weeb here either but if I had to pick a country, I'd definitely prefer living in Japan than other Asian countries.

No. 262192

It's funny how even in supposedly modern cities like Hong Kong and Singapore, the Chinese are still racist as fuck. I have no sympathy for the ones in America constantly moaning about shit like qipao prom dresses and being asked where they come from really by old boomers.

No. 262195

Both of you are incorrect about Japan. Japan is different because they have less insecurity and a bigger superiority complex than other countries like china or korea. Any time they are curious about foreigners or happy about foreigners liking Japanese culture, it's because they are more racist and think they're so much better. They are also much more racist towards other East Asians, and treat them much the same as southeast Asians, things like outright refusing to acknowledge Japan and Korea having shared ancestry, to making Zainichi Koreans second class citizens.

It's true that the Japanese themselves aren't quite as outwardly hateful, but it's because they are so arrogant, don't confuse that for lack of racism.

No. 262196

Given what a large portion of the Zainichi population supports the DPRK, a state that actively kidnaps little Japanese girls to use them as language-teacher slaves in their shithole, I don't blame them for not liking them to be quite honest.

In any event, any unbiased history of WW2 shows that a far larger part of the Korean population were willing accomplices of Imperial Japan than modern day Koreans have been led to believe.

>It's true that the Japanese themselves aren't quite as outwardly hateful, but it's because they are so arrogant, don't confuse that for lack of racism.

I've known a lot of mixed marriages in Japan, and a few in Korea. In every single case in Korea the issue of "pure blood" was brought up. I never heard a single Japanese person, not even fucking ojii-sans who lived during the war, ever talk about a similar concept.

No one here is naive enough to believe Japan is perfect. But it's a much less racially hateful place than China or Korea is, and I and most other foreigners have been treated far, far better in Japan than in China or Korea. That is enough of a reason for me to prefer the Japanese. Law of reciprocity, friendo.

No. 262198

Lol even korean people get refused by taxis because old taxis drivers are lazy and dont ever want to go in a direction other than whats most convenient to haul ass and get off work in the fastest way possible.

And old Korean women amd savage anywhere. They yell at other old people in their restaurants.

I do agree that its not a kdrama fantasy, but people will actually fucking love you if you speak their language. If you are shit at Korean, you are basically stuck as being introduced to basic korean shit and not knowing anything. Show up with fluent Korean, dress like a regular human being, and have a good personality, and you’ll be accepted as part of the group. Speak the language and dont be a fugly fuck. Its really as fucking simple as that. But most people either dont bother to learn Korean to an fluent (not just some basic bitch level where you cant express a true opinion) or are gross fatties, so they assume that you just cant ever have a thriving social circle in korea without playing the dorky foreigner role. Nobody would want to hang out with you anywhere if you cant joke around or make a few cultural references (that arent just kpop references that literally nobody outside a fandom would get) either.

No. 262199

>and dont be a fugly fuck

Heh, I'm watching Korea vs. Mexico in the WC right now and the Korean team make the Mexicans look like 11 male models. Koreans aren't some sublimely beautiful race dude.

No. 262200

>don't be fugly

How do korean even socialize with each other since the average korean is butt ugly?

No. 262201

>don't be a fugly fuck
Not exactly the easiest/affordable thing considering how ridiculously high their beauty standards are

No. 262202

>must have white skin. Even a small amount of color means you're burnt and don't deserve to live.
>must have a bmi of 16 or less
>must have a small face, full but tiny lips, button nose hit it also must be sharp and tall
>must have huge eyes
>must have a v line face

I feel like almost everyone would be ugly to these people. I've even seen them calling idols who are just average weight fat.

No. 262203

This is most likely a weeb white man, probably old having lived in Asia, and probably has a Chinese wife.

These people don't care lol. This is a thread for shit talking kpop, but has devolved into blind Korea hatred instead.

No. 262205

File: 1529772884094.jpg (79.38 KB, 450x337, 2cdb24605e6effcb9c69568f8f4df2…)

If their beauty standards are so rigid, then they all must be butt-ugly to each other.

No. 262206

File: 1529772923901.jpg (86.44 KB, 850x477, 3575c505.jpg)

No. 262208

Damn they really have no eyes and big flat faces. Even fugly idols are in another universe compared to that

No. 262209

Take it easy r/asianmasculinity. No pain here, only dreamtime.

No. 262234

>Show up with fluent Korean


No. 262243

Jesus, what kind of bad experiences did you have with the Chinese or Koreans? kek

No. 262244

not trying to be a smart ass, but do you have any articles or book recommendations about the korean population complying to japanese occupation? i'm just genuinely interested in the topic

(sage for OTish)

No. 262245

>This is a thread for shit talking kpop, but has devolved into blind Korea hatred instead
Yeah, this. When the mods locked the other asian racebait thread, I guess all the posters moved here.

No. 262248

Thanks for immediately proving my point.

When are we going to have another hellweek? We need it so bad, even /ot/ is full of retards rn.

No. 262249

No. 262252

Men who marry Asian women usually become very bitter and hateful towards Asians or they become some kind of alt right "Asians are our allies" nut jobs. What is it about Asian vagina that makes white men lose their mind?

No. 262253

NTA, but this still isn't the anti korea thread, it's anti kpop music. Stop derailing with pure racebait.

Also, shit like the video you posted would fit better in the manhating thread than it would here.

No. 262254

They're often seen as status symbols due to the fact you'll only ever see asians date old rich white men, or white boys are told asian women will obsess over them for doing nothing but be born a white male, similar to why I think black/arab/Latino guys obsess over white women

No. 262259

File: 1529786314468.jpg (32.68 KB, 400x315, original.jpg)

>That guy from /r/hapas who always accuses anyone who says anything remotely negative about Asian countries of being a white guy

No. 262260


BR Myers, who wrote the excellent "The Cleanest Race" (probably the best book on North Korea in English) talks a lot about it in his works and essays.


You mean Tenda Lung Spencer/EurasianTiger? Didn't he say he was going to kill himself multiple times? Why is he even still here?

No. 262261

File: 1529786749658.jpg (45.16 KB, 660x607, 1529214709642.jpg)

>This is a thread for shit talking kpop, but has devolved into blind Korea hatred instead.

Agreed, you guys need to cut that shit out.

No. 262264

I'm curious, have any Korean celebs ever spoken up about the way non-Koreans are treated in their society? Not even necessarily expats, but even more vulnerable people like South Asian laborers, Vietnamese mail-order brides etc.

Because I can't find a single example of it.

No. 262269

File: 1529787965983.jpeg (303.51 KB, 558x741, 1C7B9C38-6B88-4FA5-A2BD-0B8F5E…)

Ot: Yeah it’s as annoying as when fans come on here low key. Race has been more over discussed in general on /ot/ and even a few /g/ threads this week. I hope it’s one or two crazies and we haven’t had a shift in user base for whatever reason.

On another note, I think a lot of kpop fashion is absolutely atrocious. I don’t ever know what they’re going for. Black Pink for example looks like a poor imitation of punk mixed with alibaba finds

No. 262270

File: 1529788274715.jpg (77.8 KB, 599x688, plaidhell.jpg)

the one on the left is fine and the rest just need some editing, if you want to rip on kpop fashion you can definitely pick better examples than girls just wearing normal designer shit.

No. 262272

These may be the worst outfits I have ever seen with my eyes.
Who thought all this plaid was a good idea

No. 262275

File: 1529789625675.jpeg (506.1 KB, 1280x854, 7F3D69B2-C55C-4B6B-8656-D35124…)

no-one does horrid kpop fashion like nct’s stylist does and i say that as an nctzen; i can look at this shit for hours it’s hilarious

pic related is far from the worst they’ve had

No. 262283

File: 1529791567474.jpg (356.81 KB, 1186x1920, 7c4ff42594c74cc0f933b9ef182e87…)

this terrible outfit is a favorite of mine

No. 262285

File: 1529791709548.jpg (218.13 KB, 1080x1920, y.jpg)

Kek I was going to post this earlier. Limitless and fire truck were hilariously shit eras, sad that fire truck was the last era yutas face looked okay in before they animorphed him into jay leno.

I really like their styling now though, everyone looked pretty cute in boss/empathy/go. The boss teasers were what got me into nct in the first place.

No. 262286

File: 1529791793969.jpg (63.77 KB, 520x680, 545fb216c958d88477b592137ed4e3…)

the iconic kilt

No. 262289

File: 1529792517721.jpg (100.24 KB, 600x934, CyTJNhZUAAA2MkR.jpg)

No. 262290

File: 1529793066752.jpeg (104.05 KB, 900x600, 627A8A59-2D3D-4AC2-8EEB-2560F2…)

You definitely win but I stand by calling BP outfits ugly. They look like something a preteen would wear to their school dance or to a debate club. I think they always look awful tbh. Or just okay. But mostly just bad.

No. 262291

File: 1529793096543.jpeg (176.9 KB, 1093x727, 5B4F8AB0-2CDB-435E-9890-5750ED…)

No. 262293

File: 1529793638499.jpeg (125.2 KB, 667x1000, 69749571-A76F-4621-ABF3-DD9FD1…)

Yuta’s Fire Truck hair still makes me burst out laughing whenever I see it. But yeah, it’s a shame they ruined his last look as a natural-looking pretty boy with that godawful hair. Thankfully his face doesn’t look quite as botched anymore but it’s still such a pity.

>I really like their styling now though, everyone looked pretty cute in boss/empathy/go. The boss teasers were what got me into nct in the first place.

Same, I only just got into NCT with Boss. Touch and Yestoday came as a nice bonus because I genuinely like the songs and styling/aesthetic of both songs (I love the Dreamies but I’m not a huge fan of ‘GO’). Their Chain styling is nice too imo.

No. 262294

File: 1529793671843.jpg (227.44 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

Blackpink has mostly awful outfits but their fans still insist that they have a "luxurious aura"

No. 262295

File: 1529794345119.jpeg (98.8 KB, 1200x900, 7E35849A-7BB3-4505-838B-FA4FCD…)

not ugly but it’s lulzy

No. 262296

File: 1529794447928.jpeg (151.54 KB, 944x755, 4941B7B8-242A-48EC-A739-86F960…)

not sure what the stylist was thinking

No. 262300

Celebs dont have to virtue signal for every fucking issue out there.

No. 262303

File: 1529795959422.gif (8.39 MB, 472x338, qt.gif)

Yeah, I really prefer Chewing Gum and We Young for the dreamies, but I guess they're growing out of that cutesy stuff… Speaking of growing, shame that Jisung is a lanklet now. Still very precious.

No. 262304

>>262303 fuck off w the kboo fangirling tf, they all look bad in their own speshul ways

No. 262305

he's like 12, I think he's cute in a kid way

No. 262306

Meh, Asian Americans and Koreans are constantly accusing Americans of racism.

No. 262307

>for the dreamies
>Still very precious.
Gtfo. Check the thread you’re in.

No. 262308

it's kpop. it's supposed to be brainless shit for korean teenagers to distract themselves with.

No. 262311

File: 1529797144861.jpg (185.06 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

This was the Korean World Cup squad. This is what they really look like. Even the Mexican team had hotter guys.

And yet they constantly make nationalist comments about Dokdo/Takeshima, even at sporting events Korean sportsmen do this, even their pop stars ("Dokdo is Korean" / "East Sea, not Japan Sea!" etc.)

Not to mention all the anti-American stuff. Didn't Psy make comments about wanting to kill American servicemen and rape their wives?

No. 262312

Korean celebs don't get taken seriously when they talk about issues in their own society, of course they won't feel comfortable defending foreigners.

some of them are kinda cute imo. Better than most kpop stars but then I tend to like athletes.
>Didn't Psy make comments about wanting to kill American servicemen and rape their wives?
holy fuck wat

No. 262314

>some of them are kinda cute imo.

This is how I know you have terminal yellow fever. They're easily among the uglier teams at this year's WC. Not a single one holds a candle to Neuer. Even Ozil is cuter ffs.

>holy fuck wat

>"CNN was able to translate the lyrics as saying," Kill those f–ing Yankees who have been torturing Iraqi captives and those who ordered them to torture," and going on to say, "Kill them all slowly and painfully," as well as "daughters, mothers, daughters-in-law and fathers.""


No. 262315

Psy did a collab with a rock band called N.E.X.T. Lyrics featured:
>Kill those fucking Yankees who have been torturing Iraqi captives
>Kill those fucking Yankees who ordered them to torture
>Kill their daughters, mothers, daughters-in-law and fathers
>Kill them all slowly and painfully

No. 262316

>Even Ozil

Özil is pretty cute in a dopey sort of way. But yeah, I don't see how anyone could find those guys attractive unless you have a specific racial fetish. Maybe the goalkeeper on top right, but even then he's just average rather than unattractive.

Incidentally, Koreans had real sour grapes after losing today. Lots of racism and butthurt. In the previous game a couple of Kpop stars had the audacity to blame the referee too, which is funny given how much they cheated against Italy in 2002.

No. 262318

I hate when people criticize TWICE they bring up uncle fans because it just shows how little they know about Korea and especially Korean men lol. TWICE's target audience is weeby young Korean males which is a huge demographic. It's clearly obvious from TWICE's jpop-y hand sign choreography, their official merch having chibi versions of the members on it and that the Japanese members are the most popular. They don't have oppa-bait music nor are they stylized that way. They have the cute girl-next-door to a young Korean man who spends all his time on ilbe, watching anime and hentai concept on lock.

No. 262319

samefag. Oppa bait stuff is lovelyz and shit that has an emphasis on a sort of outdated purity. TWICE wears chokers and crop tops which appeals to a younger audience.

No. 262322

File: 1529799480013.jpeg (633.17 KB, 750x1154, B5318ADC-5642-4ECD-9718-8130A1…)

Wow thanks anon, I never looked up merch for Kpop before and now I know they have fucking “dolls” to put on their desks. I’m continuously disturbed by this fandom.

No. 262323

File: 1529799658939.jpeg (128.62 KB, 720x720, 8776A7E6-47CE-4B73-8688-978C24…)

I’m no oppa expert, but this looks like bait to me

No. 262324

File: 1529799678469.jpeg (89.06 KB, 640x640, 4B989E05-8319-4352-B566-EB2130…)

No. 262325

well shit I didn't say they were the hottest men there, just that some of them were kind of cute. Not everyone who happens to find an Asian attractive has yellow fever. It's just preference. I don't think Neuer is attractive at all (not ugly of course, just not attractive to me) but I'm not going to accuse you of being some Aryan worshiper lol.

>>"CNN was able to translate the lyrics as saying," Kill those f–ing Yankees who have been torturing Iraqi captives and those who ordered them to torture," and going on to say, "Kill them all slowly and painfully," as well as "daughters, mothers, daughters-in-law and fathers.""

holy fuck lmao

No. 262326

File: 1529799888192.jpeg (162.98 KB, 1200x1200, C595CBC2-C987-437B-A599-7F786F…)

More merch and I’m cackling. Top kek satire

No. 262327

I think if you find unattractive Asians attractive, then it's probably fetishism.

>I don't think Neuer is attractive at all

Blasphemy. Who do you prefer?

No. 262328

File: 1529800163225.jpg (92.76 KB, 850x637, DWe_5mUUQAA-e-W.jpg)

No. 262329

well like I said it's preference, I just think a couple of those guys aren't unattractive to me. Ozil isn't conventionally attractive and I think he's cute, doesn't mean I fetishize white men.

No. 262331

Not the same anon
Yeah Neuer is good looking but Mats Hummels

No. 262333

File: 1529801559491.jpg (97.6 KB, 1024x700, manoloblahnik.jpg)


these are undeniably shit and the kind of thing that makes yg a dated joke in 2018, ugh but i legitimately like the first bp outfits posted

No. 262334

You can't really fetishize your own race, assuming you're white.

No. 262336

10/10 insight anon. as a hafu I totally agree with the japanese part.

i have to say, as a total outsider to Koreans and Korean culture they seem to treat even themselves pretty poorly, so i can't imagine they'd be nice to foreign people.

i think the only way to lead a good life there is being an attractive Korean male

No. 262338

oh, no I'm not white. Shit I meant to mention that in my post, my bad.

No. 262342

File: 1529803991278.jpg (64.63 KB, 747x739, cf9d174a7606bcca473af112b13bd1…)

The way they purposefully go out their way to make them look 12 creeps me out

No. 262343

Am asian and can confirm, they're ugly af.

Off topic but Alisson Becker > Neuer. And Morocco's coach is hot for an old guy

Bunch of cry babies kek. Korea deserved to lose
>Lee Chae Young, "I won't be going to vacation in Sweden"… reaction to World Cup Sweden match

Who buys this shit? Waste of money smh

No. 262344

>Korean media and culture exists in service to Korean Nationalism, of what is easily the most racist country in the world - with the exception of their Northern brethren. And that's why you shouldn't consume it.
This is exactly how I've always felt. You put it into words so beautifully.

No. 262350

no1curr about sports. go make a sport thread, fag.

No. 262351

File: 1529805547213.jpg (105.22 KB, 610x1220, 432418_81595_2627_org.jpg)

I don't follow A Pink but looks like Naeun got a new nose job. Pretty risky after what happened to Namjoo imo, I think they went for a different doctor this time… still came out botched.

I always thought K-pop style in general was very outdated, idk why some anons insist on shitting only on j-pop idols. Different kind of tacky clothes/songs.

No. 262353

And no one cares about your pathetic little comment either kek. I can smell the triggered on you.

No. 262356

your bitterness doesn't make my "pathetic little comment" any less true though, now does it? this isn't a fifa thread

No. 262360

This thread sure went to shit.

No. 262362

the "I'm dating a CEO" nose

No. 262364

plushies of kpop idols are so fucking weird to me. i kinda get the LINE themed ones because i'm assuming each member gets assigned a character or something, but the chibi ones are just odd. i dont even want to know who actually buys them

what the fuck were you really expecting?

No. 262368

File: 1529809692585.gif (5.66 MB, 277x421, 125FA94E4EBBA6BB32.gif)

Koreans celebrities do not chill until they transform themselves into plastic dolls it seems
Taeyeon used to be cute (pic related), now she's legit looking like a blow up doll

No. 262369

File: 1529809772998.jpg (197.31 KB, 640x427, 1S0W999Z5K_1.jpg)

samefag to show her current, most inhuman looking face to date

No. 262371

>those crazy Tae fans that claim she is 100% natural
Genuinely delusional

No. 262375

Baekhyun and Taeyeon look like they could be related, which is weird af considering

No. 262376

Lmfao he looks like a 2 year old who peed his pants. Who looked at this picture decided it was a good enought shot to release it?

No. 262377

They’re all made by creepy fansites too. I knew a 25 year old koreaboo who would carry around the chibi baby doll versions of exo to uni sometimes. She would even have ‘turns’ for which one gets to come with her.

No. 262378

it's marketing. their main audience is young korean girls and they aren't into masculine men lol

No. 262381

File: 1529812164755.jpg (139.84 KB, 1200x900, ERZzbBH.jpg)

Just read one of the strangest things ever. Apparently fans spend thousands on their idols' birthdays, legitimately buying them material gifts.

I guess this is part of Korean "idol culture", but it's really peculiar from an outside perspective. Kpop fans are even more unhinged than I had originally thought. I guess I can understand wanting to send a letter or whatever to your favorite idol, or maybe a handmade gift, but buying them a huge amount of designer clothes and luxury items doesn't add up to me at all. And the fact that the idols and companies are okay with accepting these gifts is just insane. No wonder their fans feel like they own them and freak out when they want to date, they're basically sugar mommies/daddies.

I even read about cases where people will ask the idols what kind of gift they want, and they'll just shamelessly request a certain model, color, and whatnot of electronics or other gifts. You'd think that they'd at least provide some sort of lame "the best gift is your happiness uwu <3", but no I guess they're okay with robbing their braindead fans.

The pic is a fan photographer's birthday gifts to BTS Jimin in 2017. It seems that these photographers sell photos of their idols and then use the money to drown them in gifts, but that only makes it slightly less weird. It seems likely that it becomes a competition between fans prove themselves as the top sugar mommy too. Additionally, BTS accepting these kinds of large gifts in 2017 when they were surely already making decent money is really inappropriate imo.

And what is he even going to do with all of this stuff? Throw it all into storage? Mingyu from Seventeen got people super pissed at him for sharing the clothing gifts that he recieved from a fan photographer with his group members and family. I guess he disappointed mommy :/

Also, I hope BTS has a real dating scandal soon because I want to see their fans riot

No. 262384

this thread is for laughing at kpop cringe, not fevered essays about why koreans are all SO RACIST

jfc…. some kpop fans really don't live in reality.
also same anon, every day i wish for some kind of giant BTS scandal just for the hilarity their fanbase will provide.

No. 262385

File: 1529812709914.jpg (45.87 KB, 800x606, DLC5CdPVoAAOtWO.jpg)

This reminds me of that fansite who bought her ship engagement rings lmao

No. 262389

I forget which group or member was connected to this, but there was photographs of unique/custom fan gifts just piled up in the trash. Understandably, considering how much they probably get on a weekly basis.

The other dumb shit that fans will splurge money on is NYC Times Square billboards or newspaper spreads.
>Sehun’s 24th birthday (25th in Korean age) is on 12 April and to celebrate it, his fans bought a full page, full colour ad in the New York Times, which costs at least $100,000 (£70,499).
I don't see the point considering the idols won't even see it and it doesn't drum up public interest. It's just a money pit.

Idol fans need to stick to buying rice to donate to charity or raising money for fundraisers, or at least buying food for other fans to eat. At least put your obsession to good use, you know?

No. 262391

File: 1529813551514.gif (2.51 MB, 380x272, wtf042.gif)

>at least $100,000 (£70,499)
what the actual fuck

No. 262393

the only ones that are actually halfway cute are dahyun and momo…how does twice have such a big fan base when they look like this lmfao

No. 262394

Fuck. These people are straight up mental

No. 262398

Certainly not posts about how every Korean is racist in an anti-Kpop thread!

No. 262399

>never spent my or my parent's money on k-pop
>is proud

Idk why but this makes me so mad. Can't believe shitty idols with subpar skills are treated like kings. I'd never spend a dime on them.

>but there was photographs of unique/custom fan gifts just piled up in the trash
I'd love to know more about that, must have broken the fan's hearts lol. Serves them right. That's the only article I found:

No. 262403

To the anons saying 'let's not talk about Korea and stick to K-pop':

I kinda agree it gets boring pretty fast to rag on Koreans and their culture at every turn. But I don't get why we should stick to criticizing only K-pop when most of its problems come from their fucked up society. Unless you want the discussion to be about ps whitened skin idols or ridiculous ott clothes all the time. I think it's healthy to evaluate the industry and the country where it is located.

No. 262407

I agree that it's boring and blind sighted to try to discuss a country's pop culture without considering the cultural context, but it devolves into sperging about how Korea is a false front of a society and brings zero value to the world. Considering how much racebaiting is happening across the entire imageboard right now the last week, I'd rather look at fluff shit talking about how weird fans are or how ugly some random guy's hair is.

No. 262408

>I don't get why we should stick to criticizing only K-pop when most of its problems come from their fucked up society
Because this thread is exclusively about k-pop, not korean society as a whole. How is that hard to understand?

No. 262413

File: 1529817728719.jpeg (167.23 KB, 813x1209, EC3A882A-468A-4112-9DEB-AEBE57…)

And the looser the parameters of conversation, the more boring shit we get like anons discussing fucking sports.

On the topic of merch

No. 262415

sometimes i see pics on twitter of people's giant merch shrines to their favourite members, it's disturbing imo, stalker-level behaviour. But the sad thing is the industry encourages it so they can milk all the money out of the most unhinged fans.

No. 262416

My favorite are the over filtered pictures that they use for the subway station billboards in korea with happy brithday written on them. Idols dont even take the subway and wouldnt have no way of seeing it outside of a picture. Its all just a dick measuring contest between fans and fandoms.

No. 262417

File: 1529819524511.jpg (60.96 KB, 480x620, unnamed.jpg)

Idols visitng the subway ads put up for them isn't that rare. The buses make less sense imo since they would be harder to find. But it's still all a waste of money

No. 262434

Why wasn’t this in the media when “gangnam style” was popular? This dickhead is living off of all the American money he made from that song and no one was aware of what/who they were really supporting. Hopefully his fame dies down entirely and he goes bankrupt, what a piece of shit. Another reason why kpop/Korean entertainment should never be supported by foreigners.

No. 262442

>Why wasn’t this in the media when “gangnam style” was popular?
the CNN article in this >>262314 post is dated 2012 so clearly nobody gave a shit.

No. 262448

That's kind of depressing.

No. 262451

File: 1529828978720.jpg (338.15 KB, 1280x975, e694328998f6c33c56adceacdd3014…)

I think Seohyun, Tiffany, Jessica and Sooyoung were smart to leave SM. There's no future as a 30+yo female idol. They all will be remembered as burnout ageing idols except Yoona and Taeyeon. At least switching to acting is a more honorable way to ''retire'' from the public eye.

No. 262453

dahyun is literally the most hideous girl idol in kpop and looks like a neanderthal. i get that twice is fug but why drool over the ugliest one? shoo away.

No. 262454

Nah. They have no future outside SNSD, with the group they'd retain a fair chunk of the collective fanbase and be able to do tours and make decent money. Careerwise it was a bad move because they dont have the star power to make it solo/as actresses. But that said they're rich enough to do whatever the fuck they want without worrying about success. No need to keep going with the group if they're over it.

No. 262455

Lol Anon,I get that you might find her fug but people have different taste, and her face is too flat to look like a neandertal.

No. 262456

That girl in the middle has one busted face.

No. 262498

I actually liked TWICE from watching their MVs (thought they were cute) until I saw this live performance.

I guess that shaking camera that constantly zooms in and out in their videos got me fooled because they have a fucking DEAD presence on stage. They hardly even move!

No. 262506

Many fans actually do donate to charity but it's less common I guess. My favorite kind of gifts that some fans spend tons of money on is buying the idols land on the moon, names of planets and shit like that. It is, you know, not even official and even if it was, what should Jungkook do with a paper that says there's a planet named after him? The expensive clothes and jewellery is at least something they can wear.

No. 262509

Well keeping in my when that song was made and why I think people didn't care to complain especially after apologizing.

No. 262570


speaking of psy, just saw an interview with him the other day where he talked about how when gangnam style went viral he thought he was an international superstar who was too good for korean media, so he turned into a huge asshole and acted like a lot of the people who had supported his career were now beneath him. but when none of his songs were able to be as successful as gangnam he basically had to go crawling back on his knees to his korean fans. he got super depressed because his 15-minutes of worldwide fame wore off pretty quickly and he's hardly relevant anywhere outside of asia anymore

tbh this made me think of bts and their popularity in places like america. their fame happened really suddenly, what happens when western fans get bored with kpop and move on to some other music trend? will they just fade into obscurity (at least in american media)? they're basically the second super popular kpop act to get noticed in america (psy being the 1st) so it's interesting to see if their career will flop or not

No. 262576

bts got popular because of their fandom. their fandom supports bts because of their constant fanservice. if bts failed on the fanservice or when the fans grow out of it or if another thing with much more consistent and better fanservice comes around, then the fans would abandon bts.

No. 262590

But gangnam style was basically a meme. The weird english and funny dance was what got it attention. BTS got ‘popular’ because of their obsessive fan base who spammed their name literally everywhere (random ass youtube videos”any armys in here??” “omg DAE think of jimin when they say they liked puppies?? XDarmy4lyfeeee!!) and basically babied their faves and handed them all of their success through mass buying and mass voting their way to the top. Theres a hell of a lot of koreaboo kpop fans in the states, but kpop isnt that mainstream. Its just gotten more accepted to play non english speaking music on pop radio stations so its easier to request things like bts to be played.

No. 262619

sorry for rustling your jimmies so hard anon, i just don't find the other members attractive. she is definitely not the ugliest member of TWICE as long as jihyo and chaeyoung are members

No. 262625

I remember reading some white girl in Korea who jokingly referred to herself as a "white horse" (after the Korean expression of "riding a white horse" - i.e. having sex with a white girl), because of all the Korean guys she'd slept with. She openly joked about this with Korean dudes.

Does anyone else find this sort of thing embarrassing? Like… stop deprecating yourself and humiliating yourself in front of these people, and stop attaching it to race.

No. 262627

What does this have to do with kpop? And if she's just making fun of herself (rather than bragging) it's not much more cringy than sleeping around to begin with. Who really cares.

No. 262628


Hello Counselor hosts do that to every letter they read, foreigner or not.

No. 262629

I wish males were banned on sight again. Thread/post quality always goes down with them around.

I genuinely like these outfits kek. It's organised chaos and it would fit better if nct was actually alternative and not manufactured idols. The kilt is pretty too.

I don't meddle with politics, but I came across a children's song "Dokdo is Korea land" or something.

Ozil is cute in a Rami malek way.

>sage for non kpop crap

No. 262630

It has a knock-on effect of other visitors to Korea. You get stereotyped as a slut, and it's even worse if you are a Russian or Eastern European.

Also it's just like… have some pride in yourself ffs.

No. 262632

File: 1529877666702.jpg (1.92 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20180624_235819451.j…)

>And yet they constantly make nationalist comments about Dokdo/Takeshima, even at sporting events Korean sportsmen do this, even their pop stars ("Dokdo is Korean" / "East Sea, not Japan Sea!" etc.)

My own experience, when I visited South Korea few years ago, the first thing you see while boarding the train from Incheon airport to Seoul are these Dokdo propaganda videos deliberately translated to English. (Every other commercial is on Korean only)

I was in Japan too and never once did I see Takeshima aka Dokdo mentioned anywhere, at least not like this and especially not written in English as to inform foreigners.

No. 262633

File: 1529877745929.jpg (254.38 KB, 1000x1500, 82de7fe0ca7b7f0cf433401c4bb528…)

That kind of alternative style is fugly on everyone tbh. Gives me Korn vibes, not cute.

No. 262634

lol, jesus christ. The entire peninsula should be nuked.

No. 262638

Implying a meme is still famous.

>he got super depressed
Kek. I felt bad in a way cos he was a short fattie, but it seems like he had the short fattie ego to go with it.

Like other anons said, it's different with bts as they have their armys while psy has meme points.

>tfw I like this style too
I'm trash I guess.

No. 262643

File: 1529880697812.jpg (65.96 KB, 550x384, 3544c2a5953d95afa511fc01754808…)

why are you into late '90s hot topic chiggers?

No. 262645

Fucking hell those outfits, they really paid someone to do that to them…

No. 262670

When i see stuff like this i like to play a game called “which member does the stylist hate the most”

No. 262675

File: 1529893855403.jpg (115.38 KB, 500x483, 1fe71ae8d180d8545773e01e0650a3…)

This shit is just like the 80s where everybody thought they were so hip, cool and avantgarde but in reality they looked ridiculous af.

No. 262681

File: 1529895059743.jpg (199.69 KB, 1200x800, CvwW1KZUIAAldXA.jpg)

Easy, mark.

Second is yuta, who looks like he's wearing casts on both of his arms on top of that ugly shirt and weird pants.

Taeil is in third with that flannel + long skirt combo, plus the lack of insoles to show off what a manlet he is.

Silver pants (think that's haechan?) is in fourth, then TY and winwin are tied for fifth.

I can't tell if jaehyun almost turned out okay or if his face/proportions are making up for the outfit, but I can tell that that shirt is hideous and so are the suspenders.

pic related is even worse imo, they look humiliated

No. 262682

File: 1529895391692.jpeg (880.28 KB, 701x2039, F78DC14B-156B-4CA4-9A9B-84220A…)

>tfw you’re secretly into bondage and the stylist decides to fuck your shit up

No. 262731

I almost pissed myself when