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No. 310316

Rant about Kpop, it's creepy fandoms, and/or it's fucked up industry. Or just nitpick some idols.

· Don't racebait
· Don't fangirl. Save that for the Kpop General thread here: >>301262
· Don't derail about dumb shit. If it doesn't directly have to do with Kpop, don't post about it here.
· This thread is not about Korean society as a whole. Save that for the Anti-Korean Culture thread here: >>306105

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No. 310327

durr durr anon why din't you call it the bts thread

No. 310331

ugh, can we stop fighting about all the bts discussion? your posts aren't getting ignored because they're buried under bts shit, they're getting ignored because no1curr.

No. 310332

It's common sense why BTS hate is dominating at the moment.

This influx of derailing is either being obtuse about milk/relevance ratio or isn't doing a good job of integrating and keeping their butthurt hidden.

No. 310333

File: 1539654905538.jpeg (30.08 KB, 480x251, 5FE9BC95-E138-4011-A3A2-A49364…)


If we aren’t going to separate the threads then stfu and stop baiting about it. Ignore it and continue talking about whatever interests you. Split the threads or shut up.

Anyways, what are your guys thoughts on momoland? Apparently Nancy is problematic? They added two more members after debut. Their only successful song is bboom bboom. Baam apparently flopped and was criticized for being the exact same song as bboom bboom. Joo E is frequently called the ugliest idol, lol. She looked way cuter in her selfies before their debut and everyone was surprised at her appearance. Idk they’re a mess it seems.
I don’t see them lasting very long in this industry tbh. Also, nit pick but Nancy’s fake baby voice act annoys the living shit out of me.

No. 310344

I would love to shit on lesser known groups, just because I have a weird fascination for them. Too bad there's not much milk on them, but I still like to cringe at the videos. This group laysha is the most "gangnam unnie" I've ever seen.

I hate the sexy/cute thing so much. They are dressed so slutty but still acting like little girls.

I kind of liked Bboom Bboom as a meme song (but hated the rap part). Them releasing Baam was so shitty lol it was like basically the same song, and in the same year! God forbid a group has a hit song, after that the company just pumps the same shit over and over.

No. 310345

learn to take a joke guys. i was making fun of the anons in the last thread.

they suck. i file them with exid as a group who got memed, blew up, and kept trying to repeat the formula that got them attention. both have ugly, unmemorable members. i like jooe but yeonwoo is too overrated.

No. 310346

File: 1539656810434.jpg (217.53 KB, 487x550, 21564395422.jpg)

This Hyuna/E-dawn thing is going to give me an aneurysm.

International fans are creaming themselves over this "power couple", they stan an "unbothered queen"! Oh, and apparently Hyuna was carrying Cube single-handedly, it's only a matter of time before they crash and burn without her and she can totally go make her own company, cause that's not at all a hard thing to do. Right.

I agree that the idol dating ban is idiotic, but it exists for a reason and if you don't want any part of it then don't sign the fucking contract! Hyuna's been with Cube long enough that she must have re-signed one or two times by now, she knows what she was signing and chose to not only go against it, but also go against her company's PR decision to deny the allegations like every other company does when there's a dating scandal. Now she has no company and may have played a role in ruining the careers of 9 rookies (10, if E-Dawn doesn't manage to sponge off of her influence).

Well, I hope she's really as unbothered as she's trying to seem cause E-Dawn looks fucking miserable.

No. 310347

File: 1539656885569.jpg (141.15 KB, 476x597, 5421894485.jpg)

So unbothered, you guys!

No. 310349

wew! he looks like a homeless hippie with cancer

No. 310350

File: 1539657137037.jpg (174.69 KB, 471x570, 548795122214.jpg)

You can tell how much she doesn't care because of how many happy pictures she's posting, it's not transparent at all!

Seriously, though, I'm just salty because all the international fans are fawning over Hyuna's "big dick energy" and the whole thing is just ridiculous to me. Have none of these people ever worked for a company before?

No. 310351

I'm in Canada and I just saw a commercial for some model of Kia car playing 2NE1's I Am the Best, wtf?

No. 310353

Is that her?? Jesus what did she do to her face? I think she fucked up her nose and the bleached hair does her no favours

No. 310360

File: 1539658742122.gif (1.79 MB, 250x336, tumblr_nk5t5hPHFG1s4h0n6o4_250…)

i'll say it again
hyuna is so fucking ugly
a literal goblin

No. 310365

>E-Dawn looks fucking miserable
He probably is, Hyuna's dumb as fuck decision to be ~true~ to her fans ruined his career, and will probably prevent him from getting another job in the industry. He has no choice but to be her little trophy boytoy now

No. 310366

File: 1539659726642.jpg (30.65 KB, 464x492, y.jpg)

btw he's losing his hair and the color is awful.

the amount of i-fans who don't even try to understand the situation and continue to shit on korean fans is unbelievable, so much for being woke and accepting. hyuna seriously fucked up his career, they keep saying everything was agreed on and he discussed this decision with other pentagon members, but it sure doesn't seem like it. why tf was it even necessary to come out and make a big scandal, idgi. maybe she did it to spite the management of the company because they refused to do things the way she wanted

lol maybe she's just that, an evil manipulative woman, that'd be funny tbh.

No. 310368

wasn't Momoland formed through a survival show? seems weird to add two members after that. It was really lazy to release an identical song to boom boom but I kinda like baam better tbh. It didn't do as well as boom boom did so they'll probably switch to another trend.

she probably is unbothered since she's been in the industry since forever and could probably live comfortably. also none of her stans want to point out how weird it is for her to get involved with some trainee when she was such an important figure at cube as they say. that being said I don't think she manipulated him or anything. he probably wouldn't have bounced back from a scandal like that anyways so he might as well stick with her.

No. 310369

File: 1539660925363.jpg (169.61 KB, 473x595, 24561245112.jpg)

People always assume it's the girlfriend's fault when shit like this happens (the Yoko effect), so I don't want to make assumptions. I just can't see how admitting it benefited E-Dawn or Pentagon at all. So, you think it wouldn't have made a difference if they denied it?

No. 310371

well yeah I think they should've kept quiet after cube denied it the first time. but after they announced it on Instagram there wouldn't be a point in staying especially after cube tried to kick them out. Maybe they thought cube would go easy on them or something. Pentagon definitely got the short end of the stick though.

No. 310372

No one cares because all anyone ever post is bts shit so people that don’t want to talk about bts don’t post cause it’s always about bts for people who claim to hate them y’all surely post a shit ton about them(don't use emojis)

No. 310373

Kek sure. Fuck off, newfag.

No. 310374

Ugh, just report them for derailing and ignore them. No one is even talking about BTS right now, fuck sake.

No. 310375

Cry me a river, no one cares about your bts hate boner

No. 310376

What is a gangnam unnie? I've seen it a lot on this threads.

No. 310377

In any case, it'll be interesting to see what happens to both of their careers from here. I kind of feel like both of them will fade into obscurity, but who knows, they might work something out. Either that or they may break up and Hyuna will carry on, E-dawn will fade away.

No. 310378

File: 1539662204993.jpg (28.04 KB, 402x396, 3067720130624084809.jpg)

For the most part it refers to girls who have had too much plastic surgery, usually a number of the same procedures which leaves them all looking very similar to each other. The name come from a high-class/rick area in Korea where (supposedly) you see these kinds of women often. I guess like the same way LA has a lot of plastic look people there too around the Hollywood area (or so I've heard).

No. 310379


No. 310380

i kind of hope hyuna just retires or something. as someone who liked hyuna a lot and is all about ""older"" (since nearing 30 as a woman is so old to koreans damn) women being in the industry, hyuna has just not been leaving her career on a good note. her concepts have been increasingly cheap and the production is terrible. she could do the sexy concept so much better and yet either her or cube has continued to do it terribly. she just needs to go tbh.

No. 310381

File: 1539662377702.png (549.23 KB, 716x498, dsb.thumb.png.55b326c3d522c16b…)

Perfect for Halloween

No. 310383

I have this theory that Laysha is a front for an escort service. Their shows are super slutty even for Nicki Minaj and the group has zero promotion.

No. 310384

I have this theory that Laysha is a front for an escort service. Their shows are super slutty even for Nicki Minaj and the group has zero promotion.

No. 310385

No. 310386

i feel this way about a lot of "sexy" girl groups tbh
especially the ones that go through a lot of members like rania
that pains me to say because i liked them a lot but..yeah something was off about their company and the way they were promoted and the shit they would post begging for donations and funding and stuff idk

No. 310388

lip and hip was completely awful from the song to the styling. I kinda liked babe though.

some of the members used to be cam girls before they joined the group iirc. with the amount of views some of their fancams get I'm surprised none of them have gotten popular like Hani.

No. 310389

Am i the only one who cant blame cube for not wanting their relationship outed? Because with how long some relationships last you cant even be certain that they’re going to be together in the long run. And its not just two random idols dating, they were in the same group ffs. Could you imagine what their image would be after they broke up? They’d be a literal joke group with the members who are ex’s.

You’ve gotta milk these groups as much as you can, and you cant blame the higher ups for not wanting anything to interfere with the cash flow.

No. 310395

I’ve always felt like Hyuna’s had the ugliest face but international fans are always so far up her ass for some reason. Her cheeks are too wide and her chin is too pointy, she just looks so weird and ugly to me, idgi

No. 310396

>all anyone ever post is bts shit
>no one cares about your bts hate boner
what is the truth?

No. 310400

File: 1539666232204.jpg (58.15 KB, 540x810, a7fe4eec0ac5f1507e6a333add2bff…)

Sometimes she was styled nicely and it worked for her, such as the Bubble Pop era, I My Me Mine, and Volume Up. Other than that shes really gross and its only gotten worse with all the surgery and the shitty hair that makes her look like a trailer trash crack hoe most of the time. She doesnt even look like a healthy human being anymore lol. I think she rivals Jimin for one of the most overrated freakishly plastic uggos in kpop.

No. 310402

she looks like one of em lil robots waiting for their next order from detroit: become human LOL

No. 310404

File: 1539667167093.jpeg (32.24 KB, 220x317, 72E7CC15-9F3C-46DF-B621-E3A409…)

Hyuna’s image is supposed to be some trashy, bold vixen but her off-stage mannerisms and natural looks really don’t suit what she’s going for. She naturally reminds me of a chipmunk yet is styled and packaged as a blow-up doll. It’s really weird.

Also I agree with others on how her and E’Dawn straight up look like crackheads. Hyuna in particular neither looks cute (like in her debut days) nor sexy (like in her Bubble Pop days). She straight up looks spoopy now.

No. 310406

File: 1539667648434.jpeg (110.73 KB, 700x980, 0F7DA725-DB38-40D1-B266-75D296…)

Cube is clearly trying to turn G-Idle’s Soyeon into the next Hyuna. You have her rapping in the same weird chipmunk voice and hogging stage time in the center. I find the others members to be way more interesting yet the company tries so hard to meme her into being their next golden child.

No. 310407

shes pretty but watch her fuck it up with surgery and become hideous

No. 310408

her whole face is plastic so idk what else she could do, but they'll find some way to fuck it up tho like they always do

No. 310411

File: 1539668426463.jpeg (36.87 KB, 240x400, 5330A51B-BD67-4E25-8609-DDABDC…)

Soyeon’s groupmate Soojin is another case of unneeded plastic surgery. She had big eyes before that were monolids but looked great. Now she looks kinda puffy and bloated. Here’s before

No. 310412

File: 1539668503077.jpeg (76.7 KB, 530x679, 53D5EEF6-0756-4E80-B2FC-5D371E…)

And here’s now. I don’t think she needed to get eyelid surgery but I guess you might as well be a bridge troll if you don’t have double eyelids in South Korea.

No. 310414

ugh her eyes were so cute rip

these idols are making their faces and features look so puffy and swollen even their noses


No. 310418

It’s annoying how many decent songs get spoiled by a shitty, out of place rap verse.

No. 310420

Lol exid is the most pathetic gg for recycling the song from 4 years ago only because that's what made them popular. They already have 4 different MVs for "Up & Down" now. The latest one would be the Jap one this year.

No. 310423

I don't stan Hani but she's got the singing skills to survive in the industry, while the other cam girls only know how to be slutty in front of cams.

No. 310425

What a shame, she was really pretty before.

No. 310427

File: 1539673119327.jpg (54.06 KB, 540x810, momoland_1490675887_0002655875…)

I find it weird that the company decided to add Daisy to the group when she was already eliminated. Turned out it was a really bad choice look-wise lol. She looked okay-ish predebut before her company fucked her face up and turn her into some troll.

No. 310429

File: 1539673157875.jpg (37.45 KB, 446x688, images-5.jpg)

This is her now

No. 310430

File: 1539673749590.jpeg (131.8 KB, 1024x1171, 53B09DB0-809D-4EA1-9F81-0956F5…)

I think Jooe’s problem is that for some reason, she looks fat. She’s obviously rail thin but her face is bottom heavy and chubby so she looks bigger than she really is and it distorts her face

No. 310432

This "bts reaction by korean guys who dont know bts" vid is downright cringey.

No. 310435

File: 1539675737828.jpg (100.57 KB, 540x754, 201810160824560410_2.jpg)

Did Tiffany do something to her face again?

That nose tho

No. 310454

…and those cheeks anon. She looks 40 here.

No. 310459

File: 1539678363006.jpg (50.27 KB, 500x340, plastic-surgery-before-and-aft…)

I fucking hate her nose job with a passion, it ruins her face (not that it was a good nose to begin with) Yeah it's not as bad as Taeyeon/Voldemort's is looking these days, but it's bad. Dicknose ain't cute.

No. 310460

File: 1539679026627.jpeg (86.23 KB, 650x483, 7EE0FD21-9691-4A1E-B21E-AB448B…)

Trailer trash crackhoe is such a perfect description for hyunas image kek

No. 310465

I haven't visited this thread since yesterday and seems like it changed a lot lol.

No. 310466

Making me look at that picture of Jimin is a hate crime.

No. 310467

What a pretty girl, what even was the difference afterwards except sickly pale skin?

No. 310479

>>310467 Compare her face to what >>310435 posted. I do think she was cute back in the day, when her personality matched her age. Now she's just grating. Also why tf did she cut her hair like that? She genuinely does looks 40 now.

No. 310480

i agree, not every song needs a rap verse and not every group needs rappers. it's such a waste when they make idols who are better at singing rappers just to have rappers in a group.

No. 310482

Thank god I'm not the only one who thinks Hyuna is ugly as fuck. I don't see what's so empowering about her slutty image either. What's confusing though is that Koreans do like her, but why? She seems like the opposite of what they usually want in an idol. Or is thotcore like Jessi, Hyolyn, Hyuna etc what's "in" now?

No. 310503

there’s always going to be people who like someone controversial just for doing what they want and not caring about what people say, even when it’s obvipus they do. until recently hyuna’s fans still insisted “nooo the sexy stuff is just an image, she’s actually really cute!”. the praise she’s getting right now makes it seem like she made a statement on her instagram saying she’s happy in this relationship, isn’t an artist who should be held to dating bans etc. but all she’s actually done is post pictures where her boyfriend doesn’t look interested and she’s trying to prove how carefree she is.

No. 310506

Yeah I don’t understand the need to insert random daisy raps in the middle of their songs. It caught me off guard when I first heard it and then eventually I got used to it I guess.

Sorry, anon. I’ve been triggered from the derailing in the last thread over the topic lol. Finally someone else thinks yeonwoo isn’t anything special. She’s so boring and safe looking. It bugs me how it’s always the most basic looking bitch that’s hyped up.

Yes they were formed through a survival show. Has anyone had the chance to watch it? I can’t find subbed full episodes anywhere. I don’t understand adding members either. Especially since daisy was eliminated on the show apparently and then they decided SIKE you can join, we suck.

I actually think daisy looks better now lol. She looked boring before but I guess I’m just used to overly plastic looking idols. I’m more upset about them chopping ahin’s hair off. Shit is fugly.

No. 310509


He looks miserable in all of these pics. He somehow looks even deader inside than when he was deliberately putting on make-up to give that effect.

No. 310510

File: 1539688053524.jpeg (301.63 KB, 900x1351, E2E0A398-5167-45EB-8FD5-119BB2…)


Yeah I’ve noticed that joo e has bulimia face. It’s always fat. She grew on me though. I think she looks super cute in baam. The first time I seen her in bboom bboom I was shocked bc I thought she was hideous but I guess it was the styling. The short bleached hair in pig tails looked fucking horrible. She looks cute with long wavy pink hair.

No. 310511

File: 1539688179230.jpeg (38.22 KB, 320x320, 6D93E579-E11F-4AAC-9AF2-DFF481…)

Same fag with a better styled joo e. I still think she’s weird looking for an idol but it’s better than boring basic bitch yeonwoo. Dunno why Koreans are obsessed with the same regurgitated look and music.

No. 310512


>Dunno why Koreans are obsessed with the same regurgitated look

It's aspirational. When you visit Korea, you see that most of them actually look more like JooE. They don't want foreigners to know that though lol.

No. 310513

Laysha, Bambino, and similar groups are "dance groups" and aren't promoted like idols cause they aren't. They do primarily covers (with an occasional original song for more popular ones) at club venues and will do physical interactions like lap dances. Not saying idol industry doesn't have '''sponsorships''', but dance groups and idol groups are largely independent of each other.

Also, "Oppa is Trash" is my favorite of those terrible sounding but weirdly endearing, super-low budget songs. Mostly for all the trash shots.

No. 310515

File: 1539688674925.jpeg (50.44 KB, 600x424, 6DFE0E2F-E892-434E-B895-A4FCD7…)

Holy shit I haven’t kept up with hyuna since she released RED and I’m dying at how fucking ugly she is. I agree that trailer trash crack hoe is perfect for her. I can’t believe she looks so bad! She was already pushing it in red she looked a bit creepy but these pics are fucking Golden. So sad that she destroyed her face but she was never really cute imo to begin with. She looked like a tan skeletor. Pic related, hyuna nightmare fuel

No. 310518

File: 1539688799492.jpeg (62.41 KB, 300x224, FA752C17-C4E2-43D8-BFA2-613B3A…)


No. 310521

Everyone is scared to mention bts now since the shitstorm at the end of the last thread about bts stans invading to secretly bash their faves while remaining armies on other social media, ha

No. 310538

File: 1539689698924.jpg (77.1 KB, 468x655, images-6.jpg)

This particular image teaser was a huge lie lol

No. 310552

What's the context of this horrible photo? Why does she look like a guy in a fake rubber halloween mask?

No. 310554

I’m interested, elaborate please

No. 310555

Uh apparently it was for maps magazine? Idk what in the hell would possess them to publish such a frightening image but you know ~aesthetic~ I guess lol

No. 310556

File: 1539692506897.png (758.27 KB, 1434x810, 5213ED29-CEEB-4CB6-83ED-542BF1…)

wendy confuses me greatly. i often think she’s the prettiest out of all the girls in the music videos and photobooks but in fancams and shows she looks completely different. is she just un-photogenic or do they photoshop her way more than the others?

i was captivated by her solo shot from the ice cream cake mv but when i watched fancams of her she looked completely different. i still like her, though.

No. 310561

File: 1539693360858.jpg (161 KB, 1080x1170, 0.jpg)

her letter to cube has been posted

No. 310566

>Every day is extremely dreadful
>Being kicked out of Cube has disgraced me

It'd be easier to take all of this more seriously if she wasn't posting pics and videos of herself smiling and laughing with her boyfriend every five seconds.

No. 310567

File: 1539695205377.jpg (48.36 KB, 1000x500, 5e70fc0bdae9bdc6810baeffeb47c0…)

I just realized now that Dreamcatcher members all look the same. At least there's a twin for one member.

No. 310569

She looked nothing like the image teaser(s) during that era. Seems like she's always the one who needs excessive photoshop job all the time.

No. 310570

Wow this just sped up E'Dawn's transformation into a total hobo.

No. 310571


lol is this the idol version of getting pregnant to trap a guy

No. 310573

>thinking the constant shitposting was from stans

it's okay brainlet you can still stroke your hate boner here

Is it really bulimia face though? Because other Koreans often get cheek fillers because that bloated moon face is cute to them, apparently. Same with that fat faced chick from G-idle

It's so clear on his face this whole scandal took a toll on his mind and health. Hyuna will recover from this but he never will. His group is destroyed, his career is gone before it even started, he's probably still in debt to Cube, all because he really wanted to stick his skinny penis in the older skank.

Wasn't Hyuna rumored to join AOMG? Jay Park's agency? Would be funny if both her and Edawn join her Ex's agency. The irony.

No. 310575


Edawn will probably go into producing for other idols. His idol career is dead unless Hyuna feels like forming a duo with him, which would effectively mean he can never break up with her and keep his career.

No. 310576

So I came across this article today:

>What Pentagon’s E’Dawn Did After HyunA Left Cube Entertainment

Me: ((((Was a bit impressed, wondering if he finally did something helpful/real this time?)))

>Article: He opened his very own personal Instagram account.

No. 310582

i remember seeing the gangnam style with hyuna as someone who doesn't know anything about k-pop and finding her voice annoying as hell. after 6 years, i listen to it again and her voice here is still annoying as hell

No. 310583

File: 1539698015240.jpg (81.41 KB, 775x315, collage (1).jpg)

Feels like Hyuna and E'Dawn are trying to pull of the anti-hero "Joker and Harley Quinn" vibes, complete with the whole "you and me against the world" sentiment barf

No. 310584


They really wanted her to happen in the US with that video and it just flopped.

No. 310585

File: 1539698048023.jpg (80.9 KB, 761x279, collage.jpg)

Another one. You get my idea tho.

No. 310586


LMAO anon, they definitely seem like that cringy couple you see at every convention cosplaying Joker and Harley.

No. 310591

>Their only successful song is bboom bboom
And it was also plagiarized, lmao.
Two songs, one of them is the copy of the first one and the first one is plagiarized. This says it all.

No. 310595

File: 1539698815249.png (816.06 KB, 428x750, 55324B7B-B529-4C49-A9EB-D79EE3…)

Nitpick but that frap drink is so obviously fake.

Anyway, Wendy’s peak was during the Happiness era style-wise. She didn’t have unflattering bangs, an awful jaw shave, and a hair color that washes her out then. She wasn’t skelly and yo yo dieting as much.

No. 310599

File: 1539699599839.jpg (120.88 KB, 816x507, hyuna-red-with-monkey.jpg)

Imo she looked really good in the Red era, with the healthy looking dark hair and without lizard contacts. While the pic you posted is… NSFL

No. 310605

File: 1539700233362.jpg (718.44 KB, 2048x1463, DooRY6eV4AAyYAV.jpg large.jpg)

Anyone else think EXO's comeback is going to be shit? The promo looks so poorly done, I think SM is doing it on purpose. Seems that NCT is getting all the budget.

No. 310607

File: 1539701370521.png (52.63 KB, 581x509, br0201[1].png)

why would it be fake? that's a pretty standard size in asia.

No. 310609

did lay officially leave exo?

No. 310610

No offence but Jooe looks like invadernoodles

No. 310611

no. he's going to be on the chinese version of the album.

No. 310613

Not the anon you're replying to, but to me the whip cream looks very plastic and stiff, and the drink would be spilling out the cup because of how shes holding it

No. 310618

I couldn't agree more, SM ruined her face with that stupid jaw shave, now her smile is just so weird and unsettling to me..

No. 310629

also considering their diet restrictions i highly highly doubt they would let them drink something so caloric and sugary

i'm sure this has been touched on in previous threads, but i cant get over how cringey korean hip hop is. but i cant decide which is worse, the rappers or the crowds they attract. everytime they pan to the crowd i die a little inside

No. 310633

Why is she the one being "blamed"? All they did was start seeing each other, being demonised by their media, fans and sacked from their jobs due to this seems quite shocking. Is she meant to only be photographed in tears? Or is she more likely to be thinking, she's got a partner who she know longer has to lie about and isn't controlled by an agency who tries to make their employees seem as though they are single, available characters for kids to pretend they are going to marry.

No. 310636

Why is she the one being "blamed"? All they did was start seeing each other, being demonised by their media, fans and sacked from their jobs due to this seems quite shocking. Is she meant to only be photographed in tears? Or is she more likely to be thinking, she's got a partner who she know longer has to lie about and isn't controlled by an agency who tries to make their employees seem as though they are single, available characters for kids to pretend they are going to marry.

No. 310639

Why is she the one being "blamed"? All they did was start seeing each other, being demonised by their media, fans and sacked from their jobs due to this seems quite shocking. Is she meant to only be photographed in tears? Or is she more likely to be thinking, she's got a partner who she know longer has to lie about and isn't controlled by an agency who tries to make their employees seem as though they are single, available characters for kids to pretend they are going to marry.

No. 310641

she shouldnt be allowed to ever style herself

No. 310645

just like april and DIA

No. 310649


Where did I blame her, anon? Saying his career is dead isn't a statement of blame, it's just a statement of fact. Hyuna has an established fanbase, he doesn't.

No. 310660

whaat she was so pretty, man this legitimately depresses me, I wonder if they are all happy woth their surgeries

No. 310678

Gonna be a weird looking bunch of old people in 50 years or so…

No. 310685

I wonder if Cube tried to pull a "If you want to stay, shave your head and film an apology video" before kicking Hyuna out, like that Japanese idol from AKB48 who was caught dating a guy

No. 310687

I feel like they would've done that with e'dawn before they did it with her. His fans were probably more pissed than hers were.

No. 310711

Woah what's up with her hair crest?Looks like she has a hair loss problem

No. 310714

File: 1539713360795.png (100.23 KB, 767x301, dd15d3b3dc2253c11f56d14649c510…)

what is wrong with people, can someone explain this shit to me?

Just saw the kpop thread bumped and lost faith in humanity.

No wonder kpop artists get treated like cattle by their companies, when their fans think like Harvey Weinstein in a hotel room alone with an upcoming actress.

No. 310715

good god

No. 310720

nta but hide this thread and let fangirls fangirl in peace. seriously, what's with all the derailing in these threads

No. 310736

Ok, here's a question. In the previous thread you talked about how a certain group has become the main topic of the thread and you were annoyed because of that. But where is the diversity? Most things I see are Hyuna and momoland girls and the discussions are similar: how ugly is x person, their fucked up surgery etc. It's already been over 100 posts but there's no interesting discussions, fun opinions on something so far.

No. 310741

honestly just stop complaining and post what you want
idk why people get mad like..just post whatever and if it warrants responses it will get them

No. 310743

Aside from the koreaboo words, she said she is proud of him, not that she wants to assault him.

No. 310744

What about this triggered you, anon? If you think this is bad, you must have a panic attack everytime you go on /g/

No. 310750

Literally nothing anyone has ever said in Kpop General is anywhere close to the shit men say on sites like reddit.com/r/kpopfap

No. 310761

File: 1539716863709.jpeg (61.73 KB, 700x420, E89FC925-097F-47D6-951E-DE3050…)

I think her stylist was trying to give her the wispy bangs look that’s popular in Korea right now. The issue is that they’re hard to pull off when oil ends up accumulating there and your hairline’s naturally messed up.

No. 310769

because bitching about armies and posting ugly bts memes is interesting discussion. there's nothing wrong with the thread as is now. post shit you want to talk about, respond to posts you want to talk about. i like the hyuna discusson rn because it's actually current and relevant, so if it takes up half the thread thats fair

No. 310770

r/kpopfap is so weird and crusty. Most of the content there are just fancam closeups of girl group members’ chests and busts. They wouldn’t even qualify as softcore pron in most cases (and that’s probably cuz K-pop as a whole is for teenage girls before all else). Makes me think that the users there are teen boys who can’t handle hardcore shit.

No. 310778

File: 1539718736353.png (Spoiler Image, 844.92 KB, 640x1136, FF2DF7D4-5DFC-4E78-B373-5037CE…)

Doubleposting. I checked that place again (out of curiosity and self-hatred) and this gif has over 400 upvotes. I find it disturbing that there are people out there fapping to TWICE members dressed in infantile, cheap-looking schoolgirl cosplay.


I’d post the gif itself here but I’m tech illiterate.

No. 310798

No. 310809

i know for a while anytime an intentionally sexy performance by someone like cl was posted it was called too trashy and too much like western degenerate sluts. a lot of r/kpopfap is about upskirts and things like that, where the girl isn't meant to be trying too hard, she's still innocent and pure and virginal (and if she IS trying to be sexy then it's just for YOU, the special, interesting, intelligent incel upvoting it). the sub's only positive purpose is being a place to laugh at men who don't understand how bras or boobs work

No. 310812

Holy shit this is the truth.

No. 310817

/r/kpopfap is hilarious. it's all "NSFW" despite 95% of the posts being fully clothed idols and it's just either a weird camel toe shot, a sliver of butt cheek showing, or maybe their shoulder showing (that's on a good day for them). it's also hilarious when an idol you think they'd be interested in like jessie or hyorin who are purposely sexual, they curse to the high heavens like it's some horrific sight LOL. i've always been super confused by that place, but some of the comments are funny if you want a good laugh, since they're extremely pathetic.

No. 310820

Serious wtf she has never looked like this since ‘Be natural’ and it pisses me off. Idk if it was jaw shave & bangs or yo-yo weight

No. 310821

It was all three anon, sadly.

No. 310824

she has a legitimate eating disorder not even just "dieting" like the average korean
that shit can destroy and distort your body and face

but lbr it was jaw surgery too and now her mouth is hideous

No. 310835

I used to think she was the prettiest but whatever they did to her jaw, her bangs, and her unstable weight really changed her face

No. 310842

Yea when you see her fancams she must have got the jaws done right after ICC because she still has that youthful but not uncanny look

No. 310847

I saw someone at my job with a BTS hoodie and it was one of those weird out of body experiences like when you see an animal in the wild. I really wish i had my phone on me, so i could have taken a photo. It was for JHope

No. 310853

Those fucking sandals with socks, I'm screaming. Korean fashion really is a joke lmao.

No. 310885

why would you take a photo? unless they are being an embarrassing fan in public who cares about a rando wearing a hoddie.

No. 310934

Here we go

No. 310948

oh boo hoo. armys and their cringe consistently produce new content and are 100% more interesting discussion than talking about how ugly hyuna is

No. 310952

you saw a person wearing kpop merch


No. 310956


Do you live in a small town anon? I see young teenagers wearing kpop merch quite frequently. It's nothing noteworthy unless they're being autistic.

No. 310957

>being this triggered over a few posts about hyuna when bts takes up ENTIRE fucking threads

you need to chill
you're acting like people from soshified who used to get annoyed when they have to have their own
seperate snsd threads because they spend DAYS rehashing the same shit over and over again and get upset if anyone dares to change the subject because they shit up entire forums
you can post whatever you want and just ignore the complaints(and there will be complaints because yall are annoying af)
its not hard

No. 310960

Why does edawn look like he’s perpetually dead inside? I don’t understand. He looks unhappy, and he’s probably broke af besides a couple of sugarmama gifts and trips from Hyuna. His life is gonna suck.

No. 310962

is he a bpd? because i really want some drama

No. 310968

Looking sick was always his "thing" but now he has an actual reason to look like it, so it's no longer cute kek. I feel for his group though, not their fault these 2 decided to fuck everything up, but then again most of them are dating not-so-secretly too.

No. 310971

Fucked, but i wonder if he'll be the next idol to an hero. If he and hyuna break up… rip in pentagons.

Hopefully he'll just find a new sugar mama though.

No. 310988

He (see: Hyuna) basically ruined his career before it got to take off. If the two of them ever break up he's fucked.

No. 310998

there are other pentagon members that are dating???? wow i need to look into this kek

No. 311004

one other member had a rumor that he was dating one of the members of Gidle but cube said they broke up.

No. 311011

File: 1539740401734.jpg (147.23 KB, 1080x1080, hui_soojin.jpg)

Yep. As >>311004 implies, Hui from Pentagon was caught in a relationship with G-Idle's Soojin. The company said that they're no longer together.

I don't buy it and think they're just dating on the down-low as of now. Both are from the same company and are in rising rookie groups. Cube can't risk another potential financial loss.

No. 311015

File: 1539740510130.jpg (180.93 KB, 1500x1498, hui_soojin2.jpg)

No. 311020

These guys are out here flexing and some of them have the audacity to brag about assaults, but none of them would look like they could survive a day out in the streets. It's kekworthy how they try to act tough but look like scrawny-ass motherfuckers.

No. 311046

show me the money is so fucking cringey
especially when they bring on idol rappers and 13 year olds

No. 311053

Jennie always seemed like a basic bitch for me, but try to see BP fans shielding this gif is too much. Lisa is taking off her socks and it's just so natural for them that Jennie doesn't even look at her, like Lisa is expected to do this for her. But since she was going to massage her feet is just friendly banter.
Intl BP fans seem to be more able to look through Jennie's bullshit, tho.
To be honest, it was getting really boring because it looked like everytime a fun topic came up, someone would be like "Tee hee look how Jimin looks like a lizard boi in this selfie!" and the thread would turn to shit about how fugly Jimin is.
Like, yeah we get it, the dude looks like he was ran over by a truck, but at least let's talk about a different thing for once.

No. 311055

a girl with a lot of plastic surgery who has the stereotypical "ideal" Korean features

No. 311061

File: 1539743860345.gif (748.7 KB, 320x180, lkmll.gif)

forgot gif

No. 311065

I feel bad for Lisa. She's carrying the group when it comes to performances but doesn't get paid as much as is treated worse than the other members cuz she's foreign.

Jennie really does give me the impression that she's stuck up and looks down on Lisa. She's basically the most popular member of BlackPink yet she has the worst attitude and performance skills. I can understand why she'd be arrogant.

No. 311066

I got really surprised when I found out Jennie was the most popular out of the group and for being elegant and beautiful nonetheless. I do think she's cute and even pretty but she looks very ordinary, there's nothing exceptional about her. And I don't get the whole "she looks expensive" stan catchphrase when basically every idol is styled the same, she just wears a bit more chanel than the others, groundbreaking.

I think looking like a massive cunt is part of her charm tho, but when I realized bp got their aegyo switch on all the fucking time I got disappointed, sometimes I don't even understand who their audience is.

No. 311068

File: 1539745026635.gif (1.47 MB, 500x220, tumblr_obpi1mE5KW1satgkuo1_500…)

Fans are really trying to push the narrative Lisa does all of this because she is oh so kind. Look at this comment:
"As someone who is watching BP vids most of the time, Jisoo and Jennie usually orders Lisa around. Lisa does their household chores especially washing the dishes. Jisoo even JOKED that it's only every Lisa's birthday that she doesn't do the dishes. During a radio show, the members said Lisa pays for their food when they get delivery. I think Lisa is just that type of person. No need to make a big deal out of it."
I really don't think Lisa is doing all this just because she is kind. Maybe if the rest of the BP members weren't such bitches they would actually stand up and do something to help her, or offer to pay.
The only reason she is called the Human Chanel or whatever is because she looks natural in it: as she already grew used to being showered in expensive shit since she was born in a rich family.

No. 311075

It sounds like Lisa is being bullied when she's one of the few people with talent in that group. Sad.

Korean bully culture is pretty shit and accepts this kind of behavior.

No. 311081

File: 1539745815406.png (119.99 KB, 1180x687, IMG_5026.PNG)

>pushes Lisa out of the photo on purpose

They see her as subhuman because she south east asian

No. 311083

File: 1539745962171.gif (2.87 MB, 540x304, original.gif)

Yeah, she actually looks like she has passion for what she is doing. The other look like they really hate to be there, but I guess that's trendy since their images are of being spoiled brats.
I really wouldn't be surprised if something like T-ara happens to them.
You really don't have to look bored to look cool. Really, you don't.

No. 311084

At 0:44 she says she wants to slap Lisa

No. 311085

She also threw said at her and said she has too much makeup so she can't buy her that for her b day

No. 311089

This is just the type of shit people try to brush off as being really close friends, but actually they are just being lowkey abusive pieces of shit. Lisa deserves better.

No. 311092

File: 1539746981729.png (7.55 MB, 1995x1995, LOONA_1-3_ViVi_Photo_2.png)

i still don't understand wtf is up with ViVi's nose, she along with Choerry both look like lizards

No. 311093

File: 1539747050941.jpg (107.47 KB, 960x646, DGBbR53U0AAX4gS.jpg)

pic related is her in comparison with other members

No. 311098

File: 1539747319844.gif (2.33 MB, 500x236, large.gif)

>mfw when lisa is compared to a goddess in south korea
Although Choerry looks ugly she can at least look human, but I can only feel bad for Vivi because she entered alien territory way long ago. Tried to look for pictures before her awful jaw shaving surgery but I don't seem to find anything.
She also doesn't seem to be good at anything in particular and she was given the worst solo song. Overall, she's an eyesore to Loona.

No. 311100

File: 1539747458210.jpg (86.95 KB, 848x1200, z8vi89lwahf11.jpg)

choerry has some potential IMO but the styling they did for her in High Hi made her look like a goblin lol

No. 311101

File: 1539747660495.gif (2.7 MB, 268x350, 3295bc2cebc2177f11fb5f8ec442e2…)

Maybe I'm nitpicking but I really hate her teeth, I really think she would look pretty if not for her teeth. I found out idols with this particular mouth shape and teeth are called "turtle idols" i.e Choerry, Yeri and Yoongi. Here's the catch: all of them look awful.

No. 311109

her teeth look way too unnaturally white and big for her mouth. she looks like a snake.

to be honest, a lot of LOONA members are just really plain looking. the only ones that stand out to me are Go Won, Haseul Heejin and Chuu.

No. 311110

Really, anon? I think they look too small and it looks weird.
I agree to Chuu and Haseul looking cute and interesting. What I don't understand tho is everyone's obsession with Jinsoul.

No. 311118

Yep. I mean, Lisa and Jennie don't seem particularly close/amicable as Jisoo and Jennie, so Jennie treating Lisa like this comes off more like cold than playful.

Looking at Rose in the background and maybe it's just a bad moment but she doesn't really seem into their performance.

No. 311123

Hasuel is genuinely one of Loona's best looking and most unique faces. I just hope they don't fuck up her looks with PS (or even more PS) or shitty styling which they do all the fucking time. Not only that, she's pretty great at singing, but dancing not so much. Then again, KPOP groups never focus on strengths, only ever on visuals and local and intl appeal.

As for Vivi, she's not only untalented but looks uncanny. How tf did she get in the group?

Vivi, Hyunjin, Yeojin, Cheorry, Gowon, and Olivia are the members I dismiss bc they don't really offer anything to the group.

Jinsoul is popular cos of her solo , and the fact she has a lot of potential to be a soloist. But in a group with 12 members I don't see how that's possible.

No. 311124

File: 1539752319869.jpg (66.44 KB, 720x720, haseul1.jpg)

samefag fogot image imo

i really like loona, but seeing how everyday i start to dislike kpop more and more. i don't see myself supporting them with my money like why are physicals so damn important in Korea?

No. 311125

Holy shit i didn't think anyone here would remember soshified

No. 311127

Vivi's also 24 - her real age was leaked via her old modeling portfolio. Her inclusion just gets weirder and weirder. She's 10 years older than the youngest member…. she must have connections.

No. 311128

File: 1539752468844.gif (2.3 MB, 268x350, 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a…)

People usually complain that they managed to form cliques in a 4 people group, that being Jennie/Jisoo and Rose/Lisa but it honestly just comes off as it being bullies/bullied.
I'm sure there is a reason behind them forming those cliques, tho.
Yeah, but just look at how they're hiding her when they debuted as a full group. She barely has lines and that's because she's not a popular member.
Remember when they went to Mix Nine and YG was licking Heejin's and Hyunjin's asshole and bashing Haseul? Lookism at its finest.

No. 311130

>Haseul was supposed to be the leader
>best singer in the group next to Chuu
>literally has one line in their debut and zero presence otherwise
This must be humiliating after the Mixnine mess.

No. 311133

This isn't how you treat a friend or a coworker.. I like Lisa, she's like the only member of Blackpink who actually cares about giving a good performance. I hope they aren't treating her even worse off-stage
Maybe the case for Lisa is more because she's a foreigner but I feel like despite their "the cute innocent baby of the group" image, maknaes get treated like shit a lot by their bandmates and it disturbs me. Not that being 20 years older than someone excuses treating them horribly but most of the time these group members dont't even have a huge age gap, it's 3-5 years at most.

No. 311135

File: 1539753543468.gif (1.62 MB, 268x268, tumblr_osyp3nL9Wd1s5kxalo3_r1_…)

I don't understand how Kim Lip ended up taking over the leader position, alhtough I do admit Loona was flopping before Eclipse and before they moved on to more EDM sounding songs.
Maybe it's just me but Kim Lip really gives off the iljin vibe.
Oh, and now Haseul is basically stuck babysitting for Yeojin who is nothing but a deadweight to the group, which can't move towards more mature concepts because they have a 15 year old in among them.
Besides her being the maknae, is obvious Korean people are racist agains SEAs, so just imagine that. I think they can get away as just friendly banter by blocking her in pics and calling her a witch while streaming because it's obvious Lisa can't do anything against it. It's just a person making shitty jokes and another person unable to do anything about it.

No. 311140

LOONA's situation with Haseul and Yeojin sounds similar to Red Velvet's with Irene and Yeri. There's a ten year-age gap between Irene and Yeri, and I think Yeri's addition to the group made them stray further away from more mature concepts in the future. Yeri also adds nothing to the group in all areas with the exception of variety–and that's only in comparison to Seulgi and Irene who are way too shy in comedic settings.

No. 311143

File: 1539754450636.jpg (95.32 KB, 750x937, DAwFzGkUAAAsNQF.jpg)

To add on, I also get an iljin vibe from Kim Lip. She's not ugly but it's just something about her face that makes it seems like she'd easily beat up people. She's also another unfortunate victim of unneeded plastic surgery in that she looked fine without double eyelids and a nosejob.

No. 311148

Yeri is the classic case of paid her way into the group. Red Velvet would be just fine without her addition. I'm glad they were able to keep their Velvet side, but Irene does seem pissed about it, if you ask me.
And I don't know what you are talking about with Yeri being good at varieties, tho. She seems to be moving into a luxuorious image, so she has been over the top with the bitchy and silent image.
Lucky enough for them, Yeri doesn't seem too fond of the childish image like Yeojin does so she is able to pretend she is mature.
I wonder if this is a result of her wanting to have a tough image. If I didn't know her I would bet she was about to spit some HoT FiRe rAp

No. 311155

tf is iljin

No. 311157

the group hasn't even been together for a full year yet lol I doubt they would move onto a mature concept anytime soon either way. but seeing the dance for sweet crazy love I doubt they would care about having an underage member do mature dances.

it basically means a bully.

No. 311162

usually its used to refer to idols that were "bad kids" in school

smoking, promiscuity, drinking, beating up other kids etc
it was used a lot especially in the t-ara scandal when fans found jiyeons webcam nudes and "proof" that hyomin was in a girl gang that prostituted themselves for cigarettes and beat up other girls just for fun
basically its just the korean word for delinquent

No. 311163

File: 1539758252847.gif (1.9 MB, 177x221, tumblr_p1dnrokkis1up6hcio1_250…)

It's not about whether they give a fuck about an underage girl doing sexy dances, it's just that she doesn't fit the concept. If they do move towards a sexy concept, she will look out of place. She already looked out of place in favOrite and it even wasn't all that.
We know Korea doesn't care about sexualizing teenagers.

No. 311166

I really wonder why almost all these idols who speak English sounds so unnatural while doing so. You can really catch times when they just stop talking overall to think about sentence structure and vocab. It doesn't sound fluent at all.

No. 311179

Probably cause a majority of the time they are speaking korean, and are more used to that. Also, I don't think english is Jennies (and most other english speaking idols) native language.

No. 311193

File: 1539761308630.jpeg (53.62 KB, 800x508, D37DC518-FF1D-494B-8ED8-210703…)

Idk I think you guys are being too sensitive about the lisa thing. The girls have lived together for more than 5 years and the way they treat each other seems natural of friends that are around each other 24/7. Maybe I’m just in denial from watching Blackpink tv all day on YouTube today but they really all seem to care for each other. Sometimes friends pick on each other and get a bit annoyed, it’s normal. I do notice even in the show that Jennie is very stand offish of Jisoo and Lisa and she seems closer to rose but other than that they all seem to get along.

I think Jennie gives off a certain vibe that makes her seem rude or unapproachable but the more you watch her you can see that’s not the case. I actually really like Lisa and I don’t feel the members treat her bad at all.

I get the theory about them thinking they’re better due to Lisa being SEA but let’s face it, she speaks perfect Korean and is the best performer and dancer in the group. They Can’t be blind to that fact. Plus Lisa doesn’t even look SEA anymore after those glutathione injections and nose job lol, pic related.

No. 311203

>I get the theory about them thinking they’re better due to Lisa being SEA but let’s face it, she speaks perfect Korean and is the best performer and dancer in the group. They Can’t be blind to that fact. Plus Lisa doesn’t even look SEA anymore after those glutathione injections and nose job lol, pic related.
Can the Lisa/BP general stanning please stop. Not the thread for it.
Blackpink is a fucking terrible group and Lisa is very much included.
Mediocre dancer, awful rapper, terrible singer. And her on-camera persona is obnoxious af.
BP has negative amounts of talent. And their stans rival BTS for most annoying delusional fandom.

No. 311205

I agree partially. Some of the comments above sound like some sort of Cinderella vs the evil step sisters fanfic lmao. Jennie does come of a bitchy af and I have no doubt that her ego is huge since she's the current yg princess. But I take bullying rumors with out of context gifs or screenshots as proof with a grain of salt. Not because it's impossible to believe members bully each other but most of the time it's just cherry picking.

No. 311206

Sorry anon, went off into a ramble and didn’t realize I was so off topic. I’ll take it to the general kpop thread. Posting late at night isn’t great since I can never formulate solid thoughts and opinions lol. Sage for no contribution.

No. 311227

I don’t understand the hype most idols visuals, these days they all look so bland and samey. Kpops beauty standards are really narrow and boring.

No. 311254


Maybe I'm wrong, but wasn't Jennie in a scandal even before BP debuted because someone came forward and said that she was bullied by her?

No. 311297

Seems like a lot of anons are failing to be objective about this. They are two adults in a relationship, who cares, the criticism should be that they have had to face discrimination and lose their jobs because of this, all because idols have to appear available sexually to fans, like buying their cd means fans think they can buy their celibacy. No other big pop producing country has this culture, pop stars date, get married, divorce, it doesn't mean they have to give up their careers.

No. 311300

>No other big pop producing country has this culture
Japan has it even worse and it applies to more than just pop stars. Anime VAs have similar problems with it.

But anyways, they still signed up for this. I don't feel bad for them at all.

No. 311306

File: 1539772082068.jpg (42.87 KB, 480x454, download.jpg)

Nayeon looks like the female version of Rat Monster

No. 311307

They weren't fired for dating, cube was fine with that. They were fired for going public by themselves after cube denied the rumours.

They basically went against their bosses and damaged the product (the boygroup) in the process, and from a business point of view I get it. Had they just continued dating in secrecy they would both still have an agency and edawn would have a career in front of him.

No sympathy

No. 311309

Ugh yes, they had been dating behind the scene for 2 years with Cube's permission and suddenly they felt the need to announce it to the world? What a stupid move. It would have been different if they were actually going to get married, though it's also a bad move considering E'Dawn's career but it would have been more reasonable than announcing just for the sake of it.

No. 311310

So they were fired for being in a relationship in other words. But with the nuance, that they failed to pretend to everyone that they were single and thus available for fans to fantasize about. Isn't it crazy that people think their "product"is tarnished simply because a member isn't single? Are these musicians and dancers, or are they sex workers, like what does their relationship status have to do with their singing? Korean fan culture and agency restrictions are hardly normal, don't ty to legitimise it. There also seems to be a lot of misogony from K fans who think the evil woman corrupted their baby boy, ffs.

No. 311311

This "greasy" fanmade version of Heejin Loona's MV makes the MV more bearable to watch with her face looking distorted lmao.

No. 311313

plus, they aren’t just two idols who were dating, they were two idols in a very provocative subunit together. even fans who wouldn’t usually mind were pissed that they were paying money to watch hyuna and her boyfriend pretend to be poor and drugged up so they could spend more time together. i don’t care when idols date but i’m still torn on whether it was cool or weird that triple h was a thing when two of them were a couple the whole time.

No. 311314

so kyla from pristin has since been spotted again in public working at a carnival as a vendor

No. 311315

so…is pristin ever going to come back as a full group? if kylas well enough to work a part time job, isn't she well enough to become an idol? did she really get kicked out of her group for being chubby? i can't help but feel bad

No. 311316

>There also seems to be a lot of misogony from K fans who think the evil woman corrupted their baby boy, ffs.

This so much. The best part is they don't see how they're cancer for thinking this way.

No. 311319

It's not like Cube can change the fan culture, if they let their idols openly date, they'd be out of business because that's not what k-fans want to see. I don't think anybody here is denying that this mentality is extremely toxic and that the industry is misogynistic. Hyuna was treated unfairly, yes, but she knew that it would end up like this. She could keep her relationship in secret and continue her career without scandals, but she made her own choice. You can't have your cake and eat it in this case. The agency is being demonized now, but they're not a charity, they need to please those who bring them money.

No. 311320

It's not that I disagree with your view on the fucked up idea of the fan culture in Korea. However logically speaking, if your boss tells you to do something and you do the exact opposite of what he told you, you would have to deal with the consequences.

No. 311327

Not gonna lie, seeing her going from being an idol to being at a carnival as a vendor gave me a hearty chuckle and now I feel bad.
I really can't bring myself to feel bad for Kyla situation, tho. She stood out in the group like a sore thumb and she wasn't even talented, so…

No. 311367

I’ll take being a vendor over being an idol. That job is way less demanding and you at least know when your next paycheck is coming. I hope Kyla’s doing better but their company needs to make a fucking announcement already about Pristin’s status. It’s been too long.

No. 311381

File: 1539785344204.gif (6.35 MB, 480x400, 52E692F8-7D36-4361-98EE-1170E4…)

So it’s speculated that Sana has gotten more work done on her face recently. It’s really going int Gangnam unnie territory.

No. 311383

File: 1539785383964.jpeg (45.11 KB, 480x761, ACB0F2B1-136C-4182-8AA3-FDFF5B…)

No. 311384

Idol fans think their fav groups are best friends even though they're really competing within the group

No. 311385

>that Aliexpress dd/lg choker
So ~expensive~!

No. 311402

I really wonder how does that work. Like, take Miss A for example. Of course they want to be more famous than one another but they still got cash from Suzy being the only one succeeding. So do they get mad at her… or thankful…?
That fucking nose bridge lmfao. She's got a Himezawa beak now. I always find funny how Koreans think that the taller the nose bridge is the more luxurious looking the face is, but it looks horrible actually.

No. 311403

File: 1539787389101.jpg (102.01 KB, 875x1200, C1cTMGsUcAETPzp.jpg)

Lol Wonho from Monsta X wore the same one

No. 311412

Does anyone know when or how this visual trend started?
I know idols have always been feminized and infantalized as fan service but it seems like in the last 5-8 years it got a lot worse for male idols. Even the "top visuals" of the last few years have all been pretty small and feminine looking compared to the idols of the 2nd generation like Siwon, Taecyon, T.O.P,.

What happened?

No. 311423

Her nose looks fine to me

No. 311426

K-pop really just keeps up with whatever the trend is. Fans think male idols wearing feminine clothing and accesories makes them feminist unbothered legends. They use the flower boy look to appeal to people who get drawn to woke agendas since being fake woke is the trend nowadays.
I also noticed that especially boy groups are wearing bondage harnesses and belts often recently, it's probably the stylists trying to keep up with the BDSM imagery trend.

No. 311443

Yeah the stylists are just following trends and what teenagers are into at the moment but I'm not just talking about the chokers and flower crowns or styling, I'm talking about their bodies and physical features too.
For example, compare the top visuals of the last gen: Siwon, Taecyon, TOP to the top visuals of this gen according to local Korean ranking AND international: V, Kang Daniel, Taeyong, and Jimin I guess

They went from tanned, tall, muscular, masculine facial features, kinda rugged(as rugged as an idol can be I guess) to short, skinny, pale bodies(minus V) with feminine facial features and behavior.

Was there a demographic shift or something?

No. 311454

In Jmedia it mainly just applies to idols and the voice actors that market themselves themselves similarly to idols. It’s still fucked, but it would help if agencies stoped trying to push their talents as fantasy bf/gfs.

No. 311458

File: 1539791536868.jpg (43.73 KB, 491x625, images-7.jpg)

I'm sure it had started since the 1st gen of Kpop but it wasn't a trend back then. Moon Hee Joon of H.O.T would be a good example for this, but he was so crappy-looking (and still are lol) that his fans probably only liked him for his voice.

Then came along Jae Joong of TVXQ with his style, which was very notable back then because of him being the only (?) femininized guy in the Kpop scene. That being said, his body was nicely built for a man so he wasn't on BTS level of feminine.

Fast forward to 2011, I'd say Boyfriend (and maybe some other groups that debuted in the era) made the trend popular again. They didn't wear so much makeup, but their figures are less built than their predecessors in the Kpop scene. Not to mention the twins who were assigned to looking more feminine than the rest of the members by their agency.

Then it just got worse since then, with the peak reached in 2013 I think? I'd choose any boy group before that over BTS and the likes lol.

No. 311461

File: 1539791718579.jpeg (238.59 KB, 2000x1333, 1-nPVE_q-Ggf5xMnMofPh7-w.jpeg)

No. 311464

>Fans think male idols wearing feminine clothing and accesories makes them feminist unbothered legends.
Or maybe the have a crossdressing/feminization kink and don’t want to admit it.

No. 311467

It looks like blatant tumblr anime aesthetics, maybe it's profitable to attract otaku type of girls too.

No. 311482

File: 1539792918028.jpg (35.91 KB, 625x960, ac5143437982cb4ff44990ed7c9cd4…)

Do you guys think Tzuyu is truly a nAtURaL?

No. 311486

>PART 3 — Johnny Kitagawa, an American military asset

WTAF am I reading? Cute and pretty guys are only popular because the US wants to weaken Asia? It's not that anyone could possibly find pretty guys appealing…

No. 311488

I wonder how idols feel if/when they realize that they looked better before surgery.

No. 311490

The career is short, but the surgery is permanent. All of these idols seem to get drastic surgery whilst still in their teens or 20's. Will they think it was worth the debt, and changing their image forever just for a job that lasts 5 years?

No. 311499

Some idols have it even shorter.

No. 311502

I don’t know why men are still surprised that some women are into pretty guys, it’s been a thing for decades.

No. 311507

Good post. I always thought Jaejoong and Heechul had something to do with it but this gives a more clear timeline of the trend. It's interesting. I wonder if the trend will die off any time soon and the old look comes back or if something completely new will become popular?

This reads like it was written by r/Asianmasculinity though. The whole "America and Asian women who want to destroy Asian men DID THIS" seems a bit…far fetched. Had a hearty chuckle when they pointed out the Asian women who shill pretty boys don't date Asians IRL

No. 311510

File: 1539794239802.jpg (110.98 KB, 528x800, CIGOLI_Lodovico_1610.jpg)

It's been a thing since forever I'd say.

No. 311513

I think we’re just getting older while the new kpop groups get younger. I was into Big Bang and shinee back in the day, they had eras of wearing a lot of makeup and being “pretty”. The flower boy thing is new, like the I Need U era of BTS, but it’s not like all kpop boy groups were manly men pre-bts.

There’s also the occasional modern boy group member whose pretty built up, like Ravi from Vixx and Shownu from Monsta X. I hate the scrawny boy look, before anyone accuses me of defending it lol I just didn’t get into muscles until I was older and most teen girls aren’t into big guys.

No. 311517

The first article sounds like a wacky conspiracy theory, kek.

I looked up the authors and it was written by Asian Americans from those Reddit race forums who don't understand Kpop's target audience and think all women only like fat muscles and beards.

No. 311522

its weird because i got into kpop around 2010-2011 and it was super easy for me to tell everyone apart after one or two videos or performances or varieties and now its like..it takes me months for some of these groups lmao

No. 311525

she probably saw the comments about her weight and fucked off and i dont blame her

remember how umji started covering her face in performances? idol life isnt kind in the first place much less to girls who dont fit the idol standard

No. 311528

Early 10’s is when Kpop peeked visuals-wise for me. Now the idols all look like ghosts and their MVs all have this washed out, instagram filter on them.

No. 311544

makes me remember s.coups from seventeen who doesn't seem to suffer from hate, male idols have it way easier

No. 311545


Umji is from a very rich family and paid her way in the group eventhough she can‘t sing or dance. I dont feel sorry for her.

No. 311550

that doesnt warrant being attacked for your weight and features especially considering people do it because shes SEA, which is representative of an even bigger issue that koreans have with other Asians

No. 311552

because she looks SEA* Sorry

No. 311579

fuck yourself: anal is the worst kpop album of the year

No. 311582

she doesn't look sea tho. she looks like an everage korean girl that hasn't been under the knife

No. 311593

kyla's weight issues being made fun of along with her issues with her brother being public were terrible and embarrassing but other than that i don't really understand why people are so butt mad about her possibly not coming back to the group? she isn't very visually appealing (to me), doesn't stand out (outside of her weight compared to the others), isn't very "talented," and was obviously a filler member just like a majority of the pristin members were. i don't blame her for getting a normal job where she gets a steady paycheck that she actually knows she will be getting and doesn't have to deal with shitty fans and media being on her ass all the time. pristin was obviously a flop because as everyone knows, pledis sucks as a company and should've made the pristin subunit the original group rather than adding in all those forgettable faces.

No. 311598

This is mesmerizing. Why is it so creepy? I think it's because of all the work she's had done and how her face barely moves?

No. 311601


She doesn't look SEA, she looks Korean. She just doesn't have the look Koreans want everyone to believe they have naturally and need to go through crazy amounts of PS to achieve.

No. 311604

She looks more like the average Korean does then someone like Nancy

No. 311615

File: 1539803334290.jpg (129.22 KB, 1199x869, Dptu657VsAEmPqK.jpg)

Sleep tight Kpop Critical Thread

No. 311616

What the fuck is this I'm screaming

No. 311617

File: 1539803549046.png (252.42 KB, 429x384, 1528294984967.png)

>them 3D brows

No. 311619

Imagine walking past her on your home late at night.

No. 311621

Stop this scary anime child-look now.

No. 311622

Meanwhile you just know that without the heavy filter/edit she would have a normal skintone… I always see these edits, they're made by fans right?

No. 311623

File: 1539803872893.jpg (77.71 KB, 1920x1080, Eyebrows-and-kpop-4.jpg)

i hate the korean eyebrow look. instagram eyebrows may have been bad, but k-beauty brows are even worse. they're always super unnatural colors, don't match the hair on their head, and the hairs never blend in with the makeup, it's just kind of, there.

No. 311626

File: 1539803992047.jpg (118.16 KB, 800x1200, a8cc8ccadf21dceba4615135c711c8…)

Jinsoul looks plastic as fuck.

No. 311627

yeah. they're usually edited by korean fans before being posted or in rare occasions are edited by their companies. (sorry if i mess up, english is not my first language)

No. 311628

File: 1539804318511.jpg (117.21 KB, 515x960, DCsUkyyU0AAzM11.jpg)

lmao what the fuck. mannequin lookin ass

on another note, anyone find it weird how similarly jinsoul and kimlip look/are styled? it makes choerry stand out a lot in oec

No. 311630

File: 1539804532769.jpg (174.61 KB, 864x1200, Dptu89sUYAAiikh.jpg)

Yeah, these edits are made by fans without self awareness for what actually looks god

No. 311633

i dont think it would be that big of a deal if choerry was the center of the subunit tbh, but theyre obviously pushing jinsoul as being the leader which is a very weird decision imo

No. 311642

What. The leader is Kim Lip. Jinsoul is being pushed because she is the visual (pbhbbhht). Choerry really makes no sense, though.

No. 311649

o shit really? kimlip has like.. zero presence i cant imagine her in a leader position lol

No. 311653

File: 1539806339075.jpg (439.32 KB, 700x933, 20180625-103032-36030958_17541…)

i cant believe they did this hair to one of the most popular visuals in momoland. like why wouldn't they even at least re-dye where it was fading at the crown of her head?? the green itself wasn't that bad ig, but the faded color was tragic. gave me flashbacks to some weirdos at my hick high school who had dyed their hair green and never did anything else with it for a while and it just looked like swamp vomit. ugh.

No. 311656

I’ve seen some kfans who seem legit convinced that their idols are actually as pale as fansites photoshop them to be.

No. 311657

File: 1539806856080.png (1007.54 KB, 1001x669, rWanwtR.png)

It's not only that they don't match the hair on their head, but they don't match the color of their own eyebrows too… They have this strange habit of using brown pencil (never black) with copper undertones on black eyebrows, and it stands out so much. Like… just bleach your eyebrows if you hate the color black so much

No. 311660

Jesus, that looks fucking horrible.

No. 311668

I thought you were supposed to use a lighter brow pencil for your eyebrows as opposed to matching the hair color exactly? They should altlesst use a cooler brown instead of a warm tone unless their hair is dyed to match.

No. 311682

Even if their hair is dyed to match the pencil, it's still not a good look when you're able to see the single, sparse black hairs in the middle of the brow shape created with a pencil of a completely different color

No. 311766

When will they learn that Korean ladies usually look really awful with this tone of blonde?? It should be warmer or light brown. This is a choice.

No. 311789

Daily reminder: Men are trash

No. 311811

Her real name is Jongeun lmao she got compared to kim jong un on the daily, and still does to this day. I wouldn't be shocked if she was an iljin.

No. 311816

why do the "i stan every girl group!!" fans on twitter think hyuna built cube? even is she got a lot of endorsements, beast sold well and toured a lot, obviously they made more money. and what happened to them? a member was kicked out and the rest had to leave cube and become highlight. hyuna isn't a special case, cube is just a shitty company who fucked over people more valuable to them than hyuna

No. 311829

File: 1539824077997.jpeg (80.17 KB, 639x794, 0D7F40DE-BC0C-4224-8E10-5FF8E0…)

This shit right here. I thought I was the only one who felt this way about Nancy’s snot hair. She chopped it shorter and now it’s back to Black/dark brown but it still looks ugly. Should’ve kept the long hair bc this doesn’t suit her at all. I think her neck is too thick for short hair.

No. 311831

tbf Hyuna is more popular internationally than btob so they probably wouldn't know who cubes top money maker is. gg stan twitter is filled with idiots and trolls though so I doubt they care anyways

apparently bts already renewed their contracts with bighit for another 7 years. I haven't seen a contract renewal that long before.

No. 311833

Blackpink's Jennie is getting a solo debut this November and I'm ready to watch BP akgaes tear each other apart.

No. 311834

Holy shit what! This is going to be hilarious to watch. Jennie is the least talented in the whole group so I’m shocked they chose her. Well, not really since she’s “ygs princess” or whatever.

No. 311835

CL push was beginning of the end for 2NE1 (among other things) and great source of fandom infighting. Can't wait for this solo to have the same effect on blackpink

No. 311836

Hahaha holy shit this is going to be great! This is going to be one trainwreck of a debut and a flop, can't wait to see that talented cunt get humbled by failure.

No. 311838

idk about that, bom already had a solo song inthe first year of 2ne1, and she got another one before cl got her first. cl was pushed as a leader but not really as a solo until after about 2011, bom was the most pushed until then. the swap to cl happened after the smuggling incident actually happened then, if you want to get a conspiracy about it. 2ne1’s end never really had much to do with solo stuff because that was part of them from the beginning

No. 311844

lmao here's to Jennie looking alive on stage on her own cos Lisa and Rose have been hard carrying her lazy ass

it might be successful, good looks and media play can get you farther than talent and hard work

No. 311861

No. 311862

File: 1539831233482.png (66.71 KB, 816x356, img.png)

post caps next time

No. 311865

i should have clarified that that is something KNETZ say to insult her
they did the same thing to Sooyoung and Luna
its not sensible

No. 311866

she looks white here is she hapa? sorry idk who she is lol

No. 311867

Yes, she is. There's a handful of half-white idols.

No. 311885

Armys are going to have an aneurysm when BTS gets zero Grammy nominations and will probably cry racism or something like that.

No. 311891

ill be mad if they actually win a fucking grammy

No. 311902

She obviously whitened the shit out of her skin, which is a shame. Aside from that shes probably more natural than most others.

I scrolled past this too fast and thought it was a cute shoop of the same girl. Jesus christ.

No. 311916

The East Light, arookie group alleges physical & mental abuse by CEO and producer.they are all kids too ffs

No. 311956

Baseball bats? Strangling with guitar strings? That's way worse than I thought. Imagine doing this to kids you're trying to raise into good performers and thinking it's reasonable.

No. 311990


>After years of physical abuse, some of the members had head injuries so severe that they bled and also bloomed bruises on their buttocks too.

That suggests he was spanking them. What the fuck?

No. 311992

Not to start a REE COREAN CULTURE post but spanking/hitting is still very commonplace in Korea and other East Asian countries. I'm disappointed but not surprised.

No. 311994


The hitting doesn't surprise me sadly, but spanking anyone's kid except your own (and even then…) is fucked up to me. Especially when it's a teenage boy. Who spanks teenagers???

No. 311999

>Who spanks teenagers???
Pedos and abusers.

No. 312000

Man where are their fucking parents? I'll never understand how a parent can just send their kid off to some shady entertainment company just so they can "chase their dream". How little do you have to think of your offspring to either just see them as a future money bank or have them fulfill your failed ambitions? This isn't exclusive to kpop per se, but it's rare for other professions in the developed world to start to systematically exploit minors in this widely accepted and even admired fashion. It's weird.

No. 312037

File: 1539865361848.png (501.17 KB, 741x773, Untitled.png)

V bought some shit modern art to push his artfag image and now ARMY are acting like these paintings don't look like a four year old made them with finger paints.

No. 312041

>>311656 i can really relate to this alot since my friend is a total carat(?) seventeen fan and I truly support her and love her but she claims that vernon (her bias) is white like a sheet even when his foundation is whiter than his neck and looks like a younger version of a leonardo dicaprio… and as much as I love her and all I would get skeptical and I'd rather not fight her with such things especially when I told her that the korean actor she had liked so much doesn't have a natural hot pink lips cause that's not possible… i got shouted at. Like ugh, of course as a former 1d fan, I also watch those harry/louis ship vids with evidence but I still don't believe they were a couple but her though, she's like full on believe that her ships in seventeen are hiding in the closet, she even believe that the group are the ones making and producing their songs cause their company let them… i don't have the heart to tell her something else besides nodding my head in half-assed support. sage… i guess, I'm new here

No. 312046

He'll probably make a good amount of money out of this thanks to the retard's fans who see him as their ~~most handsome man alive, quirky but misunderstood, genius in disguise bf~~. They are such easy cashcows, they'll cry that people are using their boys for attention yet they'll click at any video that might include BTS at the slightest.

Also, Taehyung's art hoe persona is so obviously fake, he reminds me of the pseudo intellectual sad boys with van Gogh profile pics who think they are too deep for other people to understand. I don't understand why whoever in Bighit's marketing team thought giving him the art hoe persona was a good idea.

No. 312052

I don’t get it, it’s pretty obvious that East Asians aren’t naturally chalk white and most of them don’t even look that great with super pale sink anyway tbh.

No. 312054

>lmao here's to Jennie looking alive on stage on her own cos Lisa and Rose have been hard carrying her lazy ass
She will most likely have background dancers carrying the stage for her lmao

Really? They decided to submit the shittiest singles? Even Idol was better than Fakeu Lov imo

No. 312055

>>312052 that's what I wanted to tell her though but it seems she got sucked into whatever brainwash that kpop fans get whenever they think their idols are all natural and no ps or alterations on their faces and whatnot… she even showed me some of 17's performance and i almost get nauseated from the camera zooming in and out of the boys in a matter of seconds then moves to whatever direction, i just can't disagree with her and I'm coward for not voicing any negative or criticism towards her favorite group. She's very defensive… good thing she's not an army or i might be in deeper shit than I currently am

No. 312059

I can't wait for the saltsplosion when BTS don't win a single Grammy.

No. 312061

>>312059 the word racism would be thrown around twitter, it would be amusing if a black artist won against them or an asian artist now that would be joy to know what kind of insults they'll come up with… but as much as "popular" bts is its doesnt have this wildfire kind of fame that other artists they'll be competing have… they'll always be a niche thing no matter what…

No. 312062


I would pay actual cash money to see a black artist win against BTS, just for the ARMY vs black twitter rumble.

No. 312063

I don't think BTS is the most terrible group ever but their music is nowhere worth a Grammy. Almost all of their releases since 2016 have been so weak. If they get nominated but don't win, armys will keep bitching about it forever, I can see them attacking Grammy's recording academy and the artists who won instead of BTS like
"My boys have been robbed because they are poc artists and Grammy is xenophobic!! #GrammyIsOverParty"
"I'm not surprised close-minded Grammy couldn't understand the true meaning and depth of BTS' music…"

No. 312064

>>312062 a media mess to be honest, it would likely get coverage from different sites and I wouldn't mind one bit… especially since a lot of armies are POC… >>312063 bts may not be the most terrible group of all time but they have nastiest fans and i think thats what fuels people to shit on bts more than their own music to be honest

No. 312065

This is legit some first grade art. Wow

No. 312072

So Hanteo has admitted to fabricating its charts to make sales from China count less than sales from Korea. They posted an apology, but they only posted it in Korean at first, meaning Chinese netizens are now furious at the rudeness of not only faking chart results to bias Korean sales but then not even bothering to hire a translator for the apology (they have now had to post an apology in Chinese after the backlash).

Most of this manipulation affected EXO sales, so as expected, ARMY are throwing tantrums.

More milk here: https://twitter.com/kpopchartsdata/status/1052931271729577984

No. 312080

Was it spanking or did they just get hit with something, like caning? Seems really odd for someone to spank them but I could see getting hit with something like they were being caned.

No. 312085

Honestly, that was the thing that put me off of k-pop. Even when I haven't heard any k-pop songs or didn't know anything about the groups, I knew k-pop fans were psychotic, it was all over the internet. I was seeing k-pop everywhere but I didn't really want to check it out because of the terrible impression I got from the fans. When I heard some k-pop songs, I actually enjoyed them and I got into some groups. I started to look into the fandom, there was always some cringy stupid shit happening in k-pop stan twitter and the k-pop communities in other social medias weren't any better. It's completely understandable how the k-pop fans give their faves a bad reputation, they make them look like terrible role models to outsiders. Armys want people to see BTS as something more than "a generic pop group with a batshit insane fanbase" but they aren't really helping with it at all, they are the reason why they have such a ruined reputation in the first place.

No. 312087

The fans definitely deter people from kpop. I got into kpop back when the headlines were that girl poisoning DBSK with superglue, anti-fans assaulting Hangeng, and 2PM getting period blood letters with pubes.

Seeing all that crazy shit happening made me avoid other fans like the plague even though I thought foreign fans were more sane than Korean fans. Now looking at the 'new generation' of foreign kpop fans I'm starting to wonder if they're just as crazy, if not more. Seeing what happened to EXO and now BTS, I'm starting to really pity idols and what they have to deal with.

No. 312114

Sometimes I think that Kpop fans care more about the sales/view count than they do the actual quality of the music. I can understand feeling pleased that your fave is selling well but this is ridiculous.

No. 312117

i admit i do find those paintings funny but good on that guy for seizing the opportunity to succ some money out of the braindead horde of armys lol

No. 312126

I care about my favorite group's sales (not to the point of buying thirty albums or accusing any other artist charting better of cheating), only because they're a mid-tier group whose next comebacks hinge on charting at all. Charting and sales behemoths like EXO, Twice, and BTS don't need perfect all-kills or whatever to ensure they don't disband, yet their fans are the most obsessive about sales. It's so counter-intuitive.

No. 312162

I don't know how to share an instagran video here, but today I saw this clip of Lisa from BlackPink and ahe was in this tv show where they put you in military for like two days or something. Anyway, they take her measures and weight and she is 167cm tall and weighs 44kg with a 16 bmi, I don't know much about weight but 44kg at that height??? that can't be good right? Especially for the army, but no one said a thing

No. 312168

File: 1539885474850.png (417.39 KB, 1024x576, E03B18FA-FB8A-4B5B-92F4-553267…)

We talked about that in a past thread, shes scary small

No. 312173

File: 1539885787074.jpeg (459.57 KB, 1242x2073, 9B203484-B2FF-436E-B274-E663B1…)

I seen a post a little bit earlier asking about Jennie’s bullying scandal and I forgot to reply w/ caps but here’s an article explaining what happened anon who I can not find rn lol

No. 312174

File: 1539885804221.jpeg (378.22 KB, 1242x1998, 477D1355-3677-4EFC-94C1-C6D636…)


No. 312177

File: 1539886040350.jpeg (381.27 KB, 2048x1344, 335B2B78-8F67-49AF-B92B-D63013…)

It’s so weird seeing the izone akb members super white washed. They aren’t even that dark to begin with, so I don’t understand why they need to make them even paler.

No. 312200

I want to hate the guy for making shitty modern art and trying to sell more of it at inflated prices to impressionable teens, but at the same time if armys are dumb enough to buy something just because V bought it I really can’t be mad. That being said, V larping as an ~artistic genius~ just because he takes artsy pictures with expensive cameras is getting old. Jungkook actually has artistic talent but you don’t see him pretending to be the next da Vinci.

No. 312212

the clip from the show
I'm glad the doctor called out that she's very underweight

No. 312238

Yes but notice how the woman with a BMI of 21.4 (meaning that she’s healthy) brought up that she’d get comments about being fat and needing to diet. Messed up.

No. 312246

Jesus Christ, the difference in her foundation shade and actual skin tone is ridiculously noticeable. Also I*ZONE really has an awful line-up. All of the interesting members with even a shred of talent were dismissed in favor of so many trainees who got in through nepotism.

No. 312258

*interesting trainees
Felt the need to clarify that most of PD48’s participants were still training.

I also wanted to bring up the fact that the show allowed a fucking fourteen year old to dance provacatively to Side to Side—which for the uninformed is about taking a huge dick up your hoo-ha. Mnet’s gross and is run by pedos. Fans not making a bigger deal out of this also says something.

No. 312266

>Fans not making a bigger deal out of this also says something
Well, yeah. Most male kpop/idoru fans are pedos, so why would they complain?

No. 312277

I’m aware and it’s gross. It’s apparent in how groups have TWICE and Lovelyz have notable male fanbases from performing schoolgirl/loli-lite concepts in unnaturally high-pitched voices. Groups like Mamamoo and Brown Eyed Girls who go for intentionally provacative and mature concepts don’t attract these losers.

No. 312278

True, Mamamoo fans are basically women and gay men from what I've seen

No. 312279

Its really run by pedos. One of the showrunners called the show a healthy replacement for porn

No. 312286

Yeah, it really shows what their intentions are. I’ve read rumors about Mnet pimping out trainees/idols that work under them and believe them 100%. K-pop is based off controlling and selling sexuality. It’s disturbing thinking about all of the underage trainees/idols who have to “go on dates” with middle-aged male investors or risk getting blacklisted or some shit.

No. 312289

I see a lot of koreans obsessed with being around 45kg or less
Why this number in particular? 50+ is perfectly healthy and thin

No. 312296

Interesting. I’ve seen comments about 50kg and under being the perfect number. Still not that healthy but a bit more reasonable.

Huge generalization but I also think Koreans are a little more lenient if the person’s taller. Girl’s Day’s Yura admitted to weighing 52kg at 170cm once and lots of these comments say that she’s too thin.


No. 312301

>K-pop is based off controlling and selling sexuality
This. The stars are pimped out but not allowed to date.

No. 312308

I really want some popular idol to date someone who won't give a fuck about the fans and keep pissing them off like "Yes I'm dating your girl/oppar, what are you gonna do about it?", I want to see the tantrums fans would have

No. 312311

>I really want some popular idol to date someone who won't give a fuck about the fans and keep pissing them off like "Yes I'm dating your girl/oppar, what are you gonna do about it?"
That sounds really pathetic tbh

No. 312317

Isn't the way they act like they own the idol more pathetic? I agree that it would be pathetic when they did that out of nowhere but by them not giving a fuck about the fans, I mean the fans who lose their shit over their faves dating. I find them very annoying and disturbing, so someone not backing off against their bullshit would be nice.

No. 312329

They're both really pathetic. Bragging about it like that reminds me of something BPDete would do, it's just so sad.

No. 312331

>Fans not making a bigger deal out of this also says something.
Don’t know about korean, but Int-fans made a huge deal about it when it happened. Most moved on though because they know they have zero influence on korean companies.

No. 312337

File: 1539893428970.gif (1.4 MB, 356x200, 0549F23B-CE8C-49CF-BD37-65FC84…)


>”The biggest strength of BLACKPINK is that each member’s ability / talent as a solo artist is as strong as their teamwork / cohesiveness.”


No. 312349

I see your point anon, I wouldn't really mind it as long as the delusional fans got a reality check lol

No. 312362

I feel more sorry for the korean trainees, their future is uncertain while the akb girls get to go back to their regularly paying job.

No. 312387

Anon have you SEEN the shit that wins or gets nominated for Grammy's? It's barely a measure of music quality anymore

No. 312407

File: 1539898169203.png (265.83 KB, 496x809, Screenshot_2018-10-18-16-27-54…)

Kendrick Lamar is a poor idiot compared to BTS, right ARMYs?

No. 312411

What the fuck? They submitted album of the year??? Why the fuck wouldn't they at least go for "pop group performance" or whatever? Lmfao go the fuck home, BTS.

No. 312428

I know right. I'm not even a hip-hop fan and even I know that Kendrick has more talent in a single eyelash than every member of BTS has or will ever have in their entire bodies.
But no, surely their manufactured plastic oppas deserve better than a Pulitzer prize winner.
It's so fucking arrogant.
BTS and Bighit need to seriously get over themselves. And ARMYs need to fuck off back under their rocks.

No. 312440

this probably goes on in so many companies and the idols will never speak up because its just ~part of their culture~

No. 312448

They submitted for a bunch of things including pop duo/group. I think they've submitted fake love to 2 categories and the album to like 3 or 4, I don't remember. But I know they're submitting to many categories to increase their chances of nomination.
I really thought they'd at least submit Mic Drop Remix for best electronic track or best remix or some shit

No. 312454

1d stan meltdowns whenever they didn't get Grammy nominations kept me going and seeing as a lot of twitter ARMYs are retired Directioners, I can't wait for the tantrums

No. 312457

Fake love is such a terrible song. Did they think this would be the most relatable for Americans or something lol? I don’t like bts but blood sweat and tears was better. Even shitty idol.

No. 312466

Spanking stops around teens and you get the cane instead lol, I got caned till I was like 15.

No. 312491

so this came out a few days ago and the comments have got me so pissed. it's obvious IU is sending this message to obnoxious/touchy fans and everyone is just like "oMg a MESSAGE TO HER HATERS11!!1!" like..?

No. 312499

IU has one of the most boring face in the damn industry

No. 312521

i agree tbh, but she has some charm because of her personality

No. 312528

She does look like a mean bitch.

No. 312531

File: 1539909086752.jpg (87.82 KB, 900x900, C4Y7U8AUoAAQCVT.jpg)

am i the only one who thinks this wouldnt be horrible if breakfast and dinner were switched?
i mean its not ideal for all the time, and i would personally add more protein to each meal but ive seen worse

No. 312533

which one is crippling depression and I cry after every concert?

Well you can still see annoying ass harries talking about the grammys

No. 312536

I don't understand kpop at all.. or I should say it's popularity. Especially recently, since kpop now seems to be blowing up even more, to the point I even have to see kpop fans everywhere irl and not just the internet. I really wanna understand what's good about it. Because to me it's so generic and copy paste. Like every group seems to do the same music just slightly different.. it's basically western music just in a different language too and nothing unique.. and the fact that all of the kpop group members are plastic surgery copy paste versions of another is just another reason for me to stay away. Like I guess my main question is, why people like something that got had all it's authenticity sucked out of it to become literal singing/dancing robots or dolls.. Like what's the fun in that?
Not even gonna start on the really questionable practices of all the big kpop agencies and the industry as a whole. If anything I just feel bad for all kpop idols who basically sell their lives and souls for money and fame. For what? As soon as they are too "old" at mid/late 20 they gonna get dropped and replaced anyway.

I'm not saying jpop is perfect by all means but IMO if I want something more authentic, at least less westernized I will go for jpop before kpop. I wonder if jpop was as easy to find on the inet like youtube etc.. if it could be able to also become more popular. And if not, what it is on kpop especially that grabs peoples interest and makes them literally obsessed about it.

No. 312545

That's ana as af and you know it. ~800 calories, I'd tell you to love yourself but I've got very little room to talk. I've been going hungry since about noon.

No. 312555

>>312531 it's miracle nobody died with that kind of diet to be honest and to be honest, as an asian person living in asia, sweet potato is basically a snack so yeah. Might as well include air as food…

No. 312557

haven't listened to it cause I don't know what I'll be expecting im somewhat freaking out

No. 312566

Cute asians who look as close to irl anime as we can get and catchy songs. That's pretty much it.

No. 312570

Grammy has been flopping hard for the last years but it still holds a name as an important music award show, BTS getting a Grammy would be a huge downgrade.

They really think Tear was a good album.. It wasn't. It was such a public pleasing album, what artistic integrity are they even talking about? Get over yourself, Bighit.

No. 312573

No kboo, but Jpop is so much worse about pedobait, perversion, and creepy, possesive fans that it isn't even funny and there are no male J idols that don't look like busted prostitutes. The accessibility had almost nothing to do with Jpop never amounting to anything outside of Japan. No appeal to non weebs or non Japanese nationalists.

No. 312589

>Black person wins a grammy over BTshit
>ratmys by the millions cry "racism" on twitter
>black twitter looks at ratmys in disgust
>black people who defend black artists get racially harassed and doxed by ratmys
>Anti-Asian sentiment rises as a collective among blacks and black koreaboos are being roasted on both sides.

Can't wait!

No. 312591

It always makes me laugh when I watch red velvet perform and it's literally high pitched girls while twice's audience is 100% full of older men

No. 312592

No shit, they ban porn in their own country to control their populance

No. 312619

Album of the year??? Who are they kidding. Only twitter fucks and koreaboos like their music. I don’t want to believe they’d win album of the fucking year in america. And if they do by some chance then I guess that means America’s declining even more faster than I thought. Kek.

No. 312651

>Tear has better reviews than Western artists' albums!
Bitch where

No. 312672

Outside of a handful of groups, idols aren’t mainstream in Japan. Even AKB hasn’t been legitimately relevant to the GP in years outside of a few scandals. Soloists and groups are want’s popular, not that Kpop fans would know that since they seem to be allergic any act that isn’t a group. What’s with that anyway? Whenever Kpop fans are talking about jpop it’s always about some literal who group like faky before any soloist that’s actually relevant.

No. 312674

Just imagine big western artists would go on korean music shows and rob the awards from them. How would they feel/react? lol

No. 312681

*soloists and bands

Fans would do what they normally do when their favourite idol looses, claim the show is rigged and that the award was ~irrelevant~ anyway.

No. 312691

If bts wins/loses any of the categories, its the end of their career either way. If they lose, ratmys will definitely do something racist like >>312061 says, knowing black twitter will dig up bts dirt and expose it. If they win, it will be like the whole sza vs alessia cara situation. Armies will defend through their racist shitty ways, they are called out (gibson situation as proof) plus bts shitty past too. After all this goes down, bts will never be as successful in the US as before. Good riddance.
Their LY albums cannot be compared to even the shittiest of albums in america. So who are they? gtfoh

No. 312706


I'm disappointed by this news, because they don't have a chance of even making the shortlist for Album of the Year. If they'd submitted for some niche category nobody cares about at least there might be a chance of milk when they got shortlisted and then didn't win.

No. 312708

>>312706 they likely cry and go uwu to their fans for defense and back-up and it would be in deeper shit if that happens, i mean the armys would likely hurt every artists that were not only nominated at the same categories bts is on but also to the winners, judges and likely even the staff that runs the even since the Grammys is an award the armys would shove everyone's throat if their bois win uwu

No. 312709

Apparently their parents noticed the scars on their necks but the kids never told anyone because they were threatened with death. Most of the abuse happened in locked soundproof rooms. It’s horrifying really.

No. 312711

We'll still have the twitter tears from armys when they don't get shortlisted

No. 312713


That's true. I just feel like for a moment I saw a river of milk flowing towards me and then I blinked and it was but a trickle.

No. 312737

sorry for sudden ot but wouldn't bts have to go do milotary service soon anyways, thusly killing their game? the "uwu don't make them serve bc national treasures" thing was all talk after all.

No. 312741

File: 1539952935467.jpeg (39.61 KB, 620x482, jimincloud.jpeg)

apparently this is old news, but it's big on girlschannel right now. it's girlschannel, so obviously the comments go straight to "ban all koreans" and aren't a reflection of everyone, but it's enough to guess it's going to cause a bit of trouble. one of the last big anti-japan kpop scandals was when a tvxq video left japan off a map and ex fans then posted an old video of changmin pulling a stalker out a car and throwing her to the ground, so with any luck this could bring other bts scandals to light while fake love comes out in japan.

No. 312743

was them not being granted an exemption confirmed? i saw articles about bts signing to bighit for another 7 years and it says

>The lengthy timespan also allows for the group to remain together through impending hiatuses from the mandatory military service South Korean men are required to fulfill.

what does that even mean lol?

source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/tamarherman/2018/10/17/bts-extend-contracts-with-big-hit-entertainment-until-2026

No. 312747


Just how racist do you have to be to own and wear a shirt with the murder of thousands of innocent people depicted on it

No. 312753

is delaying your enlistment until you are 30 still a thing? i wonder if all of the bts members are going to enlist one by one when they hit 30 or volunteer to enlist together in one group or 2 groups. if they go one by one, they will not be 7 for like 7-8 years, if they volunteer, they'll be gone for only 2 or 4 years. it would be a waste for jimin, v and jk to enlist early though, they are still going to be pretty young by the time jin is 30. i don't think south koreans will be okay with bts being exempted from military so yeah, it's probably just all talk. them being gone for several years because of enlistments is most likely going to be the death of their hype, so we'll see what's going to happen.

No. 312758

What the hell is actually wrong with this guy. Who in their right mind would ever wear something like this

No. 312763

No one. It's not like enemy soldiers were killed in the attack, it was children, women and the elderly.

No. 312764

This is so fucking boring. All that hype and this is the best they could come up with?
And why does Lisa have a single line when she's the only one with a semblance of talent? Her voice sounds different than the other bitches too

No. 312767


An extremist nationalist who sees the slaughter of innocent civilians as a good thing to be celebrated, because they weren't Koreans.

No. 312771

the maximum age cap was lowered to 28, if i understand correctly. so this is in two years for seok-jin

No. 312776


Reminder that the Japanese invaded and genocided and tortured Koreans and several other countries and to the population of said countries the day of the bombing meant the day of their Liberation. Hence the words on the Tshirt. The same japs who get upset at gooks for celebrating liberation day are the ones who don't even acknowledge Japan's war crimes and "comfort women". Stop being weebs and realize that these people are all the same. Equally cruel and retarded.

No. 312779


There's a big difference between recognizing the Japanese occupied and killed Koreans and putting a bombing that left thousands of civilians dead because "Yay, no more nasty Japs!"

Your baby boy is a racist.

No. 312787

Once again, your poor japs and these gooks are all the same.

No. 312788

>[+839, -18] His nose and eyes look like a mushroom cloud
I laughed

No. 312789

The way ARMY worship Jimin for barely concealing his hatred of foreigners is funny as hell, because they think he's just a woke little prince who hates "colonizers."

It's going to be fun when they realize he hates anyone who isn't Korean. Black ARMY included.

No. 312791

>Lisa the only one with a semblance of talent
Ano, is this bait? BP are all bad singers but Lisa and Jisoo especially have very disgusting vocal tones. Groups like BP and GOT7 are best enjoyed on mute.

No. 312795

the post read like the “j-hope is at least a great performer!” comments that pop up in these threads a lot

No. 312797


Both he and V have that nationalist superiority complex where they believe Koreans are better than everyone else.

Hopefully when the Grammys snub them that help them realize that America has just been humoring the latest new funny novelty all along.

No. 312803

>frowning at a shirt hinting at a massacre, any massacre, makes you a "weeb"
Nice logic you got there

No. 312817

What the fuck is this blackout bts shit trending on Twitter right now? As if bts gives a shit about them being black. Black army will never learn.

No. 312822

lmao same, when will they realize that jimin only cares about the k-armys? they lose their shit over someone being "xenophobic" towards bts when they haven't even done anything wrong yet they worship the idea of him being xenophobic and think it's just him being a woke king. sorry to break it to you stan twitter but if he actually is xenophobic and if you are not korean it means that he hates you too, i don't know what the fuck you are on about. namjoon said tons of questionable shit, taehyung is a misogynistic stupid cunt, if jimin does actually have a nationalist superiority complex he'll never love you as much as he loves the korean fans. their social justice agenda is a marketing move, they are not the unproblematic woke legends you want them to be, get over it.

No. 312825

Has any boy group volunteered to enlist all together before? I've heard that Big Bang tried to do it but couldn't or something like that.

No. 312827

why was everyone ending their lines with a sharp breath

No. 312837

TVXQ was pretty close together. But I guess it's easier to do when you only have 2 members and not like 12 like Super Junior where the first member enlisted 8 years ago and they're still not done LMFAO

No. 312842

ay, i feel bad for them. but even if bts was granted exemption in lieu of increasing south korea's soft power or whatever, wouldn't they get public backlash for not going?

No. 312849

Which is exactly why their company has announced they're not accepting any exemption. Personally, I agree with the politician who started this: why do athletes and award winners get exemption but not award winning artists? But the solution to that in my opinion isn't exempting artists, it's making no exceptions for the athletes and others.

No. 312852

afaik olympic medalists do get an exemption from military enlistment and that's probably part of the reason why armys care about the awards and records so much, they defend that "bts has helped with south korea's economy more than anyone else so they deserve a pass" or "their achievements are equal to getting a medal in the olympics". if bts wins a grammy, i'm sure they'll try to use it as an excuse for military exemption

No. 312857

I hope that soon a journalist will publish the laundry list of shit BTS have done.
They cant be that untouchable.

No. 312858

Nah, even if they'd be granted exemption I highly doubt they'd actually not go. Athletic records and sports in general are respected by all ages and sexes, therefore an olympic medalist not enlisting won't face as much scrutiny as a kpop idol, something that's only really worshipped by little girls. Koreans are boasting with BTS's international achievements right now because it's not threatening their existing social norms, but I bet you, as soon as there'd be new discussion about exemption enraged men will flock to the comment sections LOL A clean enlistment is a much more sound business decision for them (and any male idol, really).

No. 312862

But it was government officials who started the whole "idols getting exemption" thing, not armys or fans of any group. Afaik all fans are aware it would be social suicide to not enlist
Koreans already hate how celebrities (not just idols) get special treatment in the military, to give them an exemption would be a very terrible idea.

No. 312870

i agree, i didn't mean to say that bts deserves to get an exemption. bts being in billboard's hot 100 is nowhere equal to getting a medal in the olympics, which is as you said, something that everyone respects. i don't think south koreans would be okay with it. if they did get an exemption and chose not to go, they would get a huge backlash and probably wouldn't even be able to go out anymore.

i might be wrong but wasn't that man who talked about bts getting an exemption a politician who was trying to appeal to the younger generation for votes? i know that most of the south koreans who don't care about kpop idols wouldn't react to it positively but i see international kpop fans talking about their faves getting an exemption a lot, they get happy at any news that might be a chance for idols not enlisting.

No. 312889

iirc a Dispatch article talked about artists tabloids can't catch dirt on and BTS was one of them. It said something about how whenever they go out they're together or going to restaurants and gaming places, which makes it hard for journalists to catch them doing something shady.
But I remember watching a clip of some show where Heechul investigates dating scandals and he had an interview with a journalist who said sometimes big companies will bribe a journalist with dirt on other companies in exchange of never writing about their own company for a specific period of time. This interview was pretty old but it really made me think.

No. 312921

Dispatch gets exclusive photoshoots with BTS (and other idols like NCT). As long as they aren't sure the potential dirt they have is worth more than getting exclusives like this they aren't going to risk their connections.

No. 312937

File: 1539974254918.jpg (98.79 KB, 1080x1079, IMG_20181019_193636_133.jpg)

No. 312938

File: 1539974279723.jpg (107.64 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_20181019_193642_155.jpg)

No. 312940

File: 1539974301834.jpg (80.32 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_20181019_193644_785.jpg)

No. 312941

File: 1539974336679.jpg (99.49 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_20181019_193647_192.jpg)

No. 312942

File: 1539974358035.jpg (93.69 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_20181019_193655_812.jpg)

No. 312943

File: 1539974387819.jpg (108.14 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_20181019_193705_327.jpg)

No. 312944

File: 1539974409879.jpg (119.36 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_20181019_193709_760.jpg)

No. 312945

File: 1539974445477.jpg (137.65 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_20181019_193711_968.jpg)

Spam over. This is sickening.

No. 312948

dispatch definitely gets paid by bighit to keep their mouths shut. I have a feeling that bighit is worse than other companies.
dua lupaxbp song wins the ASIAN award for the most horrible song of the day/week(a year is a stretch, bts, nct and exo are candidates for the grand award). Breathy and dry ass vocals done at best of their capability. Army wins the most delulu fandom of the year award at a landslide. Gangnam unnie of the day goes to tiffany

No. 312950

I honestly don't understand how they all endured this without ever fighting back. No matter how much you'd like to debut how can you not snap and hit back or at least attempt to stop him? They're all young men, surely they'd have the physical strenght to do so.

No. 312951

In the next couple years when their popularity is fading and their exclusives lose value, I hope dispatch comes through with the tea

No. 312952

I hope that CEO and all those who were involved get sentenced for more than 20 years. That's abuse and its disgusting. Kpop industry is so fucked up

No. 312953

You do realize they're all teenagers, the oldest ones are only 18, the youngest are like 15/16. Abuse also isn't as simple as "just fight back", you sound like one of those people who discredit battered women by say "if it was that bad you would've left"
Abuse is rumored to be common in the industry and people like Jay Park has even talked about the subject so i have no doubt these kids were being beat

No. 312955


They're all teenagers. And they're in a lot of debt to this man.

No. 312966

They were threatened according to one of the members' testimony

>"I was constantly told that if I told my parents, he would kill me" he also had a brother in the band AS IT SAYS IN THE ARTICLE, so the producer probably also threatened to kill his brother

"it is difficult as I was threatened with the lives of the other members on the line"

"but I wasn't able to consult them due to the threats"

No. 312967

I hope these boys at least get some exposure as a band. I mean, the system is fucked so I doubt the CEO and manager will get a harsh sentence so I hope the kids get at least one good thing out of this.
The case is trending globally on twitter btw.

No. 313016

It ain’t terrible, it’s just so bland. It probably would’ve benefited from a rap verse tbh.

No. 313045

Seok Cheol also recorded audio of the CEO in response to being told Seok Cheol was going to the press about the abuse:
>If you’ve entrusted [someone] with something, than you need to leave it alone even if they beat you to death. If you make the paper as a celebrity, you won’t have any ground to stand on, you [censored]. Who’s going to [censored] take in a kid with problems? You can’t make a big deal out of this, you can’t. Your parents will just be more upset. Ten times more upset than they are now.

>then you need to leave it alone even if they beat you to death

Although the recording captures him saying this, the CEO just came out with a public apology basically saying he had no idea any abuse was going on.

They've been abused since 2015. The leader is only 18, so assuming he's the oldest, other members were being beaten by a grown man when they were only 12-13. Even if they have the physical power now, there's way too much psychological trauma to fight back.

With the debt incurred from training and debuting and the hierarchical age culture of Korea, I'm surprised this isn't a more common occurrence

Yeah, I agree, as sad as it sounds. I know there was money and blackmail going on, but the idea the kids were enduring literal torture for the chance to make it big or even just to do music…

No. 313046

I remember someone calling out armys to stop using the ASD tag for their Army Selca Day because it stands for autism spectrum disorder and it's hard to find tweets about the disorder since it gets spammed with armys' selfies every week. Some of these Kpop selfie day tweets are very cringy and I'm not saying that because of their looks or whatever, but trying so hard to copy your bias and posting it with thirsty or pseudo intellectual captions is cringy. I guess that's just a pet peeve of mine but why do kboos call selfies selcas if they don't speak Korean anyway, just call it selfie

No. 313065

Those fags still say selca? Cant they just say selfie just like other normal non-koreans? oppa sounds so damn cringey. I feel like punching someone whenever I come across the whole "oppa","oppar" shit. They make me hate the korean language(not like I care about it).
I believe most of these company CEO are using the whole" join to become a superstar" as a way to make people in debt. The whole industry is a scam. Spending 10 years to train only to last less than 5 years as an idol, mental issues, health issues and more. The education system is hell as well. These companies use debts to control these kids. For them to be that young to experience such things is disgusting. I hope all those people involved get sentenced.

No. 313077

>the ASD tag for their Army Selca Day because it stands for autism spectrum disorder
Bahaha, I actually lol'd. Their "selcas" should fit in perfectly.

No. 313127

unfortunately the boys will probably essentially be blacklisted and the abusers and people who knew and did nothing will be exhonerated and continue to get work and money

i hope im wrong but thats how it usually goes

No. 313351

A recent update says the CEO is claiming the audio file was edited and Seokcheol is leaving the company the company because of "attitude problems". CEO is a lying piece of shit. I've never heard of these guys before but I do feel really bad for them. Hope they can get out of this situation.

No. 313358

File: 1540024944493.jpg (180.8 KB, 550x724, tweet.jpg)

Ratmys don't have anything better to do with their lives other than harassing people on Twitter but what's new

So this guy said "She's a BTS fan, not a K-pop fan" about a BTS fan (https://twitter.com/ricegrainlover/status/982532934753071104), said that (he says armys have no proof that he said it but they are insisting that he did say it so idk) it's because of plastic surgery when Shawn Mendes said BTS are good looking and dared to say that "all BTS songs sound the same", and now armys are harassing him, contacting his boss and trying to ruin his job, he tweeted a video talking about it and crying (https://twitter.com/TheDeeKosh/status/1053200349677252608), I guess he deleted his Youtube account because of the hate

No. 313359

BT’s fans are always looking for a fight and will jump on the smallest things.

No. 313360

They probably mass reported it

No. 313361

bts really should sing in their next album about the fact that having different opinions is normal, you know, basic things like that that everybody knows except for 5 year olds

No. 313367

File: 1540028728265.png (90.68 KB, 588x449, 3bQ4TQo.png)

It looks like he's trying to blame armies reporting for a shutdown, though his channel is pretty obviously still up and just privated or something. You can still see his playlists if you search for his channel, you just get a notice that they're private if you click. If you try to watch his videos from other people's playlists, you get told they're unavailable instead of getting a notice that the account/video has been terminated or deleted.

I don't know what he's trying to go for here, but it looks to me like he was trying to trigger armies MILDLY for twitter interaction but it went too far for him. While armies are definitely crazy and toxic, this guy and his crying video/bahleeting are laughable as well.

No one would bother saying that all of BTS' music sounds the same if armies weren't willing to try to destroy that person over it. BTS is only even mildly relevant because of their batshit fanbase, and people only ever mention BTS to try and gain something from that same batshit fanbase. He's a vlogger, so my guess is we'll be seeing a BTS SHUT DOWN MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL?! NOT CLICKBAIT! That aside though, he was being really nice about it at first and even said he liked their older music and he thinks they're talented but lately things started sounding same-y. It's not even hate, armies…come on. No opinions allowed! He should have posted that he thinks [insert BTS member here] is soooooo hot instead, the armies would have liked that one!

No. 313374

His unpopular opinion tweet doesn't look like he was trying to bait armys for attention, it wasn't even remotely offensive. He just said "BTS' songs sound the same, I need something fresh" and also said that he did enjoy their earlier music, but no, how dare he say BTS' recent stuff sounds the same? I mean, Idol definitely doesn't sound like Not Today's ugly cousin, all their new ballads aren't boring, all their EDM songs don't sound the same or anything. Their recent stuff is so mediocre and that's the truth, armys are delusional.

No. 313389

Just checked, looks like this isn't the first or even the second time he does this. I was ready to start discussing his points but it's clear he's just baiting a bunch of 13 year olds for twitter engagement.

No. 313390

Any updates on the other boys?
And what happens to the 18 year olds debt if he leaves?

No. 313393

Something I’ve noticed is that unlike cpop and jpop idols, Kpop doesn’t include traditional elements in their mvs as often. Is there any reason for this or is it just the companies trying to be as western friendly as possible?

No. 313405

They mix their language with English on songs way often than C-pop too

No. 313466

i saw this on the news that BTS became the (tourism) ambassador of seoul, how delightful! the media from country is licking korean's ass so much so that a channel even dared to make their own "korean" drama and its embarrassing, like my country really want to copy of s. korea while at the same time imitating modern western culture…

No. 313473

It's because Korea has no real culture, unlike China and Japan. Their culture is taken from both China and Japan and mixed with western elements. I dunno, but all they have really is kimchi is hanboks.

No. 313488

i mean, that's not their fault. they were ruled by japan for decades and after WW2 they were westernized.

it's just history.

No. 313494

File: 1540051473798.jpeg (66.5 KB, 540x450, CADCBCAA-E9DB-4B5E-B5D6-28F258…)

Hyuna posted her weight cuz… attention? Assuming she’s 5’5” like Google says she is, that’d mean her BMI’s a 15.8 (putting her in the severely underweight category). Jesus Christ, these idols need to stop promoting being skelly as desireable.

No. 313495

File: 1540051424433.jpeg (66.5 KB, 540x450, FF1C41C3-E325-4C1C-BF1B-0F045D…)

Hyuna posted her weight cuz… attention? Assuming she’s 5’5” like Google says she is, that’d mean her BMI’s a 15.8 (putting her in the severely underweight category). Jesus Christ, these idols need to stop promoting being skelly as desireable.

No. 313496

Yikes, that's such an attention whore thing to do

No. 313498

Lol dat whiteface

No. 313501


Showing off her weight, she doesn't realize how weird her feet look lol.

No. 313502

but she doesn't look like she's that thin at all?

No. 313503

And the stans in the comments "B-BUT she's actually showing how mistreated she was by Cube which resulted in her being so underweight!! She will gain weight now!!"
Pure delusion. They're grasping at straws more than usual

No. 313504

so carefree and cool! big dick energy! what an empowered kween!

No. 313506

What's the point of showing off her weight? I just don't understand.

No. 313507

So is Hyuna lying about her height? Because she would NOT look like that at that weight

No. 313508

It’s likely that she is but after seeing phone camera-taken photos of idols looking emaciated IRL, it’s plausible that she isn’t. Either way, she’s really been acting like a dumbass and could stay away from social media.

No. 313510

Whoops, misread “height” as “weight.” In regards to height, idols lie about that stuff all of the time too.

No. 313514

I just found this
>4minute's HyunA and Sohyun recently confessed that their height measurements written on their online profiles exaggerate their actual height. According to the producer of E Channel's "4minute's Mr. Teacher", HyunA revealed, "Sohyun and I have a difference in height of 4 cm." HyunA's height on her internet profile currently reads as 164 cm, while Sohyun's profile says she is 162 cm, thus saying they have only a 2 cm difference. HyunA confessed, "Sohyun's real height is actually 159 cm, while I am 162.8 cm." The two continued to explain, "We didn't lie about our heights on purpose. We're sorry that we weren't truthful to our fans."

She would still not look like this at that weight. I know people shorter than her at 42-43 who look skeletal

No. 313516

File: 1540054170894.jpeg (69.4 KB, 750x766, b1c9931eed0645f388a2b47636c66a…)

she looks pretty similar to sunmi, who we know is very underweight. i think hyuna just has the wider build/thicker waist a lot of idols have that means they don't always look as skinny as they are, see >>310400
someone like lisa instead has a really tiny waist compared to wider shoulders and hips so she looks way skinnier even though her bmi is only a little bit lower

No. 313517

Point proven. It’s like K-pop idols want to be seen as other-worldly/beyond average in comparison to the average Korean. That shows up in exagerrating their features with plastic surgery and lying about their weights.

No. 313520

File: 1540054738441.jpeg (95.26 KB, 540x891, 97AE48A9-364B-439E-8A8C-FE4906…)

Hyuna looks awful here. I think it’s the PS and make up because she still looks weird even with darker hair nowadays. I feel like her styling has taken a turn for the worst since 2016 and has never progressed since then.

No. 313522

do y'all think e'dawn and hyuna's relationship will last long

No. 313523

People don't start looking dangerously skelly until they get under 90 lbs. Hyuna looks 94 lbs to me.

No. 313528

Probably not. Hyuna basically fucked up his entire career, so he's probably pissed. I can't think of any idols that got kicked out/left their groups and were still successful afterwards, so his music career is most likely done for. Plus it's not like E'dawn can come back from this like Hyuna can, since he was already was from a small group and was probably already making a small amount of money.

No. 313532

edawn seems like he'll commit sodoku any time soon

No. 313533

File: 1540056488694.jpeg (62.28 KB, 322x424, BE4EB9BB-6C95-4877-940D-4B0689…)

>I can't think of any idols that got kicked out/left their groups and were still successful afterwards

Jay Park? Granted he’s working as more of an arists than an idol now but he’s still making bank (unfortunately).

Slightly OT but I refuse to let go of Jay Park defending a convicted child molestor. He should have been trashed after that.

No. 313534

File: 1540056521434.jpeg (45.2 KB, 302x225, D361D7C1-4341-4963-9CEA-90A2A5…)

No. 313538

well I don't think they're crazy enough to do all of this stuff just to break up in a few months but I could be wrong. he'll probably stick with her as long as possible because the second they break up he'll lose all relevance.

No. 313548

File: 1540059092243.png (417.03 KB, 398x712, 1.png)

So, some days ago, a local magazine from my country posted a satirical comic about k-pop where they made fun of the industry and its abusive dynamics, the appearance of k-pop idols, the fanbases, etc. Even though this magazine makes fun of everything and everyone, the Spanish k-pop fanbase has raised hell for this.

No. 313549

File: 1540059104841.png (448.54 KB, 398x713, 2.png)

No. 313555

thanks for the pics but a translation might be nice

No. 313560

I know Hyuna came out with the relationship, but how do we know Edawn didn't agree to coming out. Maybe he's not some poor, trapped boytoy but really a pussywhipped retard.
Not trying to wk hyuna tho, as someone who's been in the industry longer and is more established she knew exactly how fucked his career would be. They're both dumb as shit either way.

No. 313564

File: 1540060129557.gif (511.96 KB, 268x214, tumblr_oeyavfYGCM1twnzrho8_400…)

hyuna creeps me out for some reason. i feel a similar way about miso from girls girls. just terrifying.

No. 313571

Hell, he probably still owes money to Cube. E'Dawn fucked up really bad.

No. 313573

File: 1540062017681.png (540.4 KB, 596x627, Untitled.png)

at least it's better than when Mina from AOA posted her's by going "teehee why does this scale say i weigh 94kgs??"

No. 313576

They've been together for over 2 years now apparently so i dont see why not . He seems out of a job rn so she's basically his sugary mommy

No. 313578


She claimed she was happy about gaining weight and wanted to celebrate it but unless she's totally retarded she must realize how triggering this could be for her younger fans who idolize her and want to look like her. There are better ways to celebrate a healthier lifestyle than humblebragging about being underweight.

No. 313588

Fair point. Like you said though, they both still made a stupid decision that E'dawn (or maybe both of them) may not be able to come back from.

No. 313592


that’s like… 200 lbs…. what?

No. 313593

She's playing dumb and pretending not to know pounds as an excuse to post her weight

No. 313595

Ohhhhh derp, well that went right over my head.

No. 313597

I prefer idols with a tan but the way some Ifans go on about their ~precious melanin~ can come across as pretty weird and fetishizing. Although it is amusing to see knetz get salty over those anti-whitewashing blogs.

No. 313601

I mean, a lot of the points the author makes can apply to any entertainment industry ("they all look the same", sexual harassment, sexualization of young people) they're just attacking whatever the kids are into because their manchildren readers will get a boner out of it.

These kind of satyric magazines are just an excuse for pseudo intellectuals to reinforce their moral superiority complex and people shouldn't take what they say very seriously, but of course being kpop stans mostly teenagers they jump very easily.

¿De dónde es la viñeta, de El jueves?

Sage for having an obvious personal issue with these publications.

No. 313608

Sí, es del Jueves. No me sorprende que saquen cosas como esta, la verdad.

No. 313618

File: 1540069034876.png (532.98 KB, 1364x2380, 4657879.png)

I don't care for this dude while I do agree that the songs do sound the same, it seems like he is crying for attention. Well he got it. However some of the replies to the crying video tweet are just really show how delusional these ratmys are.

No. 313620


Why are ARMY so dependent on being validated by every single person? Who gives a shit if some Youtuber doesn't like your dumb boyband's music, I don't get it.

No. 313621

they're insecure because they know deep inside that BTS's music is nowhere near the western music in terms of quality and nobody in the west takes them seriously, that and they also don't want to admit to themselves that they're in it for the looks only, not because rapmon's incredible poetry is so touching and groundbreaking, etc. the inferiority complex makes them overcompensate.

No. 313625

>nowhere near
BTS’s music is nothing special, but let’s not pretend that current western pop music is better than it really is.

No. 313626

they are as insecure as their boys. Bts eats up validation from their fans and the west and army loves western attention. The sad thing is that the west see bts and kpop as a social media trend(this reminds me of the whole gangnam style shit), something temporary, for clout. Nothing else. No one takes that shit seriously. No one from bts can sing or rap. The only talented one is J hope in dancing and that's it. The rest are pure garbage.

No. 313629

pop music in general sucks. kpop is like the retarded twin of western pop.

No. 313633

yeah, i meant that bts's latest releases were so bad that nobody would care about this music if it wasn't released by the trendy asian twinks

No. 313634

Did she borrow those slippers from Kanye West?

No. 313635

bts fell off from 2016. Their music from that wacky young forever to present is trash

No. 313636

they look like house shoes to me. There's no way she's 94 kgs. This hoe is trippin'

No. 313654

i'm late to the party but i'm surprised at how decent this ended up. dua is a much stronger vocalist than all of the bp girls though so they're lucky their parts are in korean, otherwise they'd get majorly overshadowed. anyway it's better than bts's attempts at western collabs.

No. 313674

p o u n d s, anon. 42kg.

No. 313746


To be fair, if this many anons made the mistake of thinking it was kg then it makes sense that Mina would too

No. 313756

File: 1540099561850.png (230.14 KB, 377x333, kpop1.PNG)

I translated some of it, my spanish is a bit rough tho. Dunno if anons care to read it tho. Also this >>313601. It's pretty trashy

No. 313758

Poor Jonghyun getting dragged into everything to do with the pressures of the kpop industry I don't doubt that it contributed but he had his struggles even before becoming an idol. This 27 club shit is annoying asf

No. 313761

And yip that is trashy. In this instance I don't mind kpop stans losing their shit over it

No. 313798

yikes that’s fucked up. as shitty as the industry is, making a joke out of someone’s suicide is disgusting

No. 313905

Yeah, I understand why people are upset now.
Way to dehumanize the victim.

No. 313941

File: 1540132394791.png (1.28 MB, 891x719, Capture.PNG)

>According to her agency MBK Entertainment on October 20, she was on her way to a fan signing event for beauty brand CANMAKE when she fainted and was taken to the hospital.

>MBK Entertainment commented, “She was suffering from a cold with the change of seasons and also had acute indigestion. She is resting after being taken to the hospital.”

who faints from seasonal cold and indigestion?
unless she was already in poor health which is more than likely for an idol

No. 313984

here's red velvet freezing in the new year's day's cold with skirts and no jackets while boy groups have blazers on (and they are freezing too) for 5 minutes straight. k-pop styling is fucked

also kek at bts letting all out and red velvet looking at them awkwardly in the last minute of the video lmao

No. 314074

oh, god, I didn't even notice that panel(since the image is a bit small I only read some parts). As >>313758 said
Jonghyun had issues way before even becoming a trainee and making fun of it just to call him a nobody (only for not being part of the American music scene) and make a tired joke about the 27 club is disgraceful.

Your translation is good, anon, thank you.

cómo no. How are the Spanish stans reacting? I've always wondered if they have the same mindset as the English speaker ones or if they're cringier /more chill or about the same.

No. 314093

a little ot but i remember some forums posting a blind item about two males that were dating in a popular idol group and a LOT of people guessed it was key and jonghyun and it was less than a year later that he killed himself and i couldnt help but wonder if he had seen it because it got posted on allkpop and onehallyu and i know people like amber frequented those forums

idk im probably being stupid and i know he already was a sensitive person and was very open about suffering from depression and being emotional in the past, but i do wish people would be more careful when posting those things

im on my period and very OTT right now so forgive me

No. 314154

This is fucked up.

No. 314180

I never got this with kpop. There are loads of fancams of idols performing in shorts, skirts, etc. in FREEZING cold weather. Like what’s so wrong with letting them put on a jacket and pants for a few performances omg?

No. 314203


i'v also seen the opposite where male idols have to wear full suits in hot weather while dancing and sweating like crazy.why can't they just wear appropriate for the weather outfits?cant coordi noonas or whatever find something fitting for them

No. 314287

Reminds me of when T-ara had to perform in -15 degree so Celsius weather in short sleeves. The wind was blowing and they said they got burns on their bodies. Their staff must really hate them

No. 314331

Wow lol at people in the comment section talking about them being "so professional". That's the shitty attitude from fans that keeps companies abusing idols. They should not be praising this.

No. 314472

>joy gets hurt on stage
>apologizes like its her fault that she has to fly back to korea for treatment and the singaporean fans act like its the end of the world and cry for the rest of the concert

god someone please just kill kpop its so fucking embarrassing i can barely stand even reading about it anymore

No. 314474

you have sauce to go with that?

No. 314475

Different anon, but the fans were obviously upset she got hurt they even chanted "it's ok"

No. 314487

they should be mad at the companies that are killing these idols slowly
the idols shouldnt have to apologize for accidents that occur from being overworked and underfed

No. 314518

seriously, it feels like every couple of days a new story comes up about how another idol got hurt on stage or is has to take a break for “health concerns”

No. 314634

File: 1540208210310.png (242.62 KB, 535x406, Screen Shot 2018-10-22 at 10.3…)

this was someone's profile picture in a forum i'm browsing and honestly EWW who the fuck is this? this genuinely made me jump back in my seat a little

No. 314638

that’s baekhyun from exo dumbass

No. 314646


Lmao there's no need to be rude, 90 percent of these kpop stars look similar anyway

No. 314648

>calling someone a dumb ass for not knowing your mutilated faggot of an ~oppa~

can't wait for exo's inevitable disbandment

No. 314660

yeah you fucking retard, how dare you not recognize the one and only very famous korean bakyun from exo. what, are you some sort of normalfag?

No. 314671

File: 1540215099875.jpg (463.35 KB, 1500x1500, be7e5c271ba5584a4c7a3d4ee6601b…)

baekhyun is such a poster child for jaw shave turning someone into a weird doughy mess

No. 314674

File: 1540215451685.gif (4.93 MB, 320x320, ezgif-1-7933c3a3eb37.gif)

"Professional", they say

No. 314675

He's even more ugly than Sehun

No. 314676

Why didn't they just put an actual skirt on her

No. 314701

It always sucks when they have wardrobe malfunctions and have to keep going

No. 314705

Their chin shavings and lopsided jaws are so obvious but then lie about their procedures

No. 314708

Oof that’s some tragic botched ps. Jaw shaving is the one procedure I could never understand why someone would do that to themselves.

No. 314758

File: 1540227802289.jpg (140.25 KB, 1920x1080, IMG_20181022_200027.jpg)

I feel physically ill looking at this shit

No. 314764

You can even see the white makeup neck combo in the MV kek so gross. He went full V with that look.

The whole MV and song was terrible.

No. 314767

who or what the fuck is this, the mouth looks like it about to fall off

No. 314773

File: 1540228821191.jpg (103.19 KB, 719x1080, 9f30232ef9c742598d2f9059467bc5…)

Hyungwon from MonstaX. I think he's handsome, but he looks terrible on that MV.

No. 314780

File: 1540229834996.jpeg (433.72 KB, 1290x1935, C1BF7026-5391-4881-BA15-EF64EA…)

I mean, they tried…

No. 314781

File: 1540229953582.jpg (27.73 KB, 543x557, 2c28c67116a001d28bd1ec33391a3a…)

He's just plain unfortunate looking. Too unfortunate for the baby alien look

No. 314782

tf is wrong with his lips

No. 314783

I fucking hate big lips on guys it absolutely repulses me. This turd and Jimin are the fucking worst, Jin would look fine if it wasn't for those disgusting lips.

No. 314784

Also holy fuck that botched nosejob, that's one crooked nostril.

No. 314791

File: 1540230697127.gif (1.99 MB, 500x270, tumblr_o5dx7k0vHj1tb9ofmo1_500…)

happy halloween

No. 314795

People with naturally bigger lips tend to look fine, but his are clearly swollen from fillers. Big lips rarely suit those who aren’t born with them tbh.

No. 314796

Is that Wonho?? He looks fucking scary there WTF

No. 314799

Making already weird looking idols super pale just makes them look even worse. Not that a tan would solve everything, but I think it’d make a lot of them look more human.

No. 314801

Botched fillers. They do seem to give male idols lip fillers a lot, which I don't understand. I thought that in Korea big lips weren't seen as attractive?

No. 314804

I was wondering if Hyungwon has fillers or not. I always assumed he did because his lips have that uncanny valley filler look, but he could just have unfortunately shaped lips.

No. 314807

File: 1540231659535.jpg (4.79 KB, 194x259, download (1).jpg)

I think he always had weird lips. A lot of people say they are natural. i don't really know, they look as big in this picture as they are now. But maybe he enhances them a bit more with fillers.

No. 314816

If they are natural then I’m surprised that he didn’t get them reduced/reshaped. His stylists really should stay away from the glossy pink lip gloss.

No. 314826

File: 1540232735786.gif (1.95 MB, 300x170, tumblr_inline_nuyzb09Muy1siszz…)

i think they are natural but they're so floppy, it legit looks like he has a hard tme speaking with them oh man

No. 314842

File: 1540234040075.jpg (53.88 KB, 1024x682, 3a51d227fb8e3c241875e03d6f7176…)

It's weird, I've never seen someone with natural lips that look completely plastic.

I still think he looks OK most of the time with proper styling, but this comeback is terrible. He went full lizard.

No. 314843

I wish stylists would try and go for styles that compliment their features rather than go for whatever’s trendy with zero consideration for how it actually looks on the individual.

No. 314858

File: 1540237397587.gif (500.61 KB, 220x250, tumblr_oeyavfYGCM1twnzrho8_400…)

i know we're not supposed to ~speculate on idols' sexuality here but this guy is definitely gay right? what straight guy would have these mannerisms

No. 314860

dafuq? this is supposedly a handsome kpop star as a kid?

they really all have had plastic surgery…

No. 314865

i mean he could be, but he's actually had girlfriends before so it's less likely than some other idols imo

No. 314925

What about Amber Liu?

No. 314927

File: 1540242108575.jpg (28.59 KB, 718x525, C-YoYwnXoAEgx0D.jpg)

Dude looks high. Hyungwon what did you let them do to you?

No. 314947

> what straight guy would have these mannerisms

A Korean dude

No. 314954

lol I also though when I saw him that he looked really gay. But I also had that feeling from most idols when I got into kpop. Then you see EVERYONE is very feminine and you stop thinking about it. I don't think he's gay.

There's a lot of idols that are clearly gay like Ten from NCT or Key from SHINee, the rest are just very feminine fuckboys that know acting cute/flamboyant gets them fangirls.

No. 314960

Ryeowook from Super Junior is the gayest fucking man I've ever seen

No. 314962

File: 1540244924333.gif (1.1 MB, 500x250, f28113cde28f93d5928f07eda13fd7…)

Some people you can just tell with a glance lol I can't imagine someone thinking he's straight.

No. 314970

I knew the second I heard his voice

No. 314972

File: 1540245428832.gif (424.99 KB, 400x200, 687474703a2f2f33332e6d65646961…)

I saw a Weekly Idol episode with Sung Jong from Infinite and I just kept thinking he was the gayest idol I've ever seen. He doesn't even try to hide it lol (not that he needs to)

No. 314976

anybody else get a really bitchy feeling from Red Velvet? for some reason i feel like Joy and maybe Seulgi are the only nice ones…

No. 314978

anybody else get a really bitchy feeling from Red Velvet? for some reason i feel like Joy and maybe Seulgi are the only nice ones…

No. 314985

anybody else get a really bitchy feeling from Red Velvet? for some reason i feel like Joy and maybe Seulgi are the only nice ones…

No. 315023

Nah, Irene doesn't give bad vibes to me. She seems kind of autistic, but in an innocuous way. Unlike V, she hasn't pulled her fans' hair at meetups yet

No. 315037

I don’t know… there’s feminine and then there’s acting like a sassy Twitter gay sipping tea.

No. 315098


You can straight up tell every single member of Blackpink was autotuned but Dua Lipa wasn't.

No. 315121

For all the screeching that kpoppers do about idols being more talented than their Western counterparts, they sure do need a lot more studio trickery.

No. 315143

File: 1540269178348.png (519.85 KB, 540x680, Screenshot_2018-10-22-23-31-47…)

Hyuna this ghost crack whore look is not attractive. Please stop!!!!!!

No. 315163

>>315143 it reminds of the grimm brothers' story on snow white i think or was it someone else's version where snow white use the ashes of the dead to make her look pale, coal i think to darken her hair and blood to make her lips redder

No. 315172

Definitely not Grimm Brothers, anon.

No. 315174

not really

No. 315223

Yeri in particular deserves most of the hate she gets, she's totally unlikable and more or less talentless. I don't understand why they added her to the group.

No. 315305

she really didn't add anything to the group but it worked out for her since all the sm gg rookies are dropping like flies.

No. 315308


Irene seems OK, just not very invested in her cutesy group. Yeri reminds me of Sulli, and that isn't a compliment.

No. 315349

File: 1540315313040.jpeg (385.92 KB, 1936x1089, 30D0DF35-585E-422E-8ECE-F061FB…)


Do armys really think V wrote this caption in French himself or has even read this poem? He probably googled romantic French poems and copy and pasted it like every pseudointellectual does for their tweets. I swear armys interpret every minuscule thing V does as some sign of genius.

No. 315364

they do that shit bc they know his ass is dumb lmao

No. 315400

at least sulli was pretty and funny

No. 315421

I don't get how people say she's building a luxury image. I don't see her 'luxurious' looking as Jennie, no do I think she's very pretty in general. She's exactly what average would look like to me. Plus she's so awful in RV, they'd be better off without her. She doesn't fit the rest of the members and drags them all down to do shitty childish concepts imo.

No. 315435


Even if he actually reads those poems, how on earth does that make him an intellectual… Bunch of dumbasses like to read but are still stupid. Copying someone elses words doesn't make him an intellectual, or else facebook is full of intellectuals since soccer moms share random quotes on there daily. Their standards are so low.

No. 315439

I mean I hate Irene too, but Yeri is the big problem. I tried so hard to like her but she's so fucking unlikable and she can't carry a tune in a bucket to save her life. Also I read about how Joy found it hard to adjust to not being the maknae (which ok sure is a dumb thing to complain about in the big scope of things) but it was another thing to further prove the point Yeri is useless. RV is such a mess, I don't see a future for them at all, even with all the SM songs and production value.

No. 315445

>using InTeLlEcTuAl unironically

the state of armys

No. 315447

i used to think seulgi would be a good >variety idol but i dont even know about that anymore

she can model like hell though so that should definitely be her thing
too bad sm cant let idols be great even when they have potential

No. 315529

>Kpop Hoe Anthems

lmao koreaboos are pathetic

No. 315559

today i saw an "EXO L" license plate. the absolute state of kpop fans.

No. 315638

File: 1540349669037.gif (6.1 MB, 400x296, yr.gif)

it feels cruel but she shouldn't have debuted with them at all. I feel like they would've done so much better without her.

No. 315644

the only time i really compare kpop with jpop is when it comes to hoe anthems. i hope there’s a kpop singer as unashamedly trashy as koda kumi one day. she has the pointless western collab in the bag too.

No. 315698

I agree, she can't sing, she for sure can't dance. She was put in the group as a "song writer" but she honestly seems more concerned with networking/appearing in other idols instagrams/posting herself on instagram than actually training or improving herself in any shape or form.
She really does bring the group down

No. 315708

Lol christ, everyone's like WEH IT WAS JUST THE LIGHTS!! SHE WAS JUST DISORIENTED!! As if it wasn't the sleep deprivation and malnutrition.

I don't understand how these people can call themselves fans and delude themselves into thinking their idols are fine and just cover this shit up. Absolutely insane.

No. 315714

someone was stalking BTS in paris and as a result there was evidence that Jungkook smoke. Could be a rumour or not

No. 315719

This was proven to be a false rumor. It came from the same French saesang who stalked the rest of them and nearly got some of them in a car crash. Her stalking didn't go according to plan so she started the smoking thing.

No. 315735

Slightly out of topic, I don't get why Kpop fans love watching news video (with static text and images) instead of reading the actual news somewhere else. It takes at least 2 to 3 times longer to finish reading it on news videos.

No. 315744

wtf she almost got them in a car accident? are there any more details on this?

also lmao at armys who are losing their shit over the possibility of jungkook smoking omg i can't believe our innocent baby boy might've dared to smoke a cig :( unacceptable

No. 315758

File: 1540383183166.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1125x1113, 409B8E81-17B5-4A0D-B246-74384B…)

Idk if it’s just me but joy always comes off as very heavy looking to me. I’ve seen pictures where she appears slim but most of the time, she looks like she’s on the brink of being chubby.

No. 315763

File: 1540385244760.jpg (236.52 KB, 1000x1498, 1000full-joy-(park-soo-young).…)

I think she's naturally chubby, just like Wendy. Pic related is her during their Happiness era.

No. 315764

File: 1540385395023.jpg (38.34 KB, 600x400, 126955.jpg)

I kinda feel bad for idols who get pressured to lose their weight but the traces still show up every now and then due to the unnatural/instant diet method.

No. 315768

i'm not saying she's a bad singer but i wish they stopped making that one blackpink girl sing in such a high pitched voice, she sounds like an anime character. is her normal speaking voice like that too?

No. 315784

rosé? i really don’t get where this “she’s MADE to sing that way!!” thing comes from. she’s shown plenty of times that she likes the whiney, high, indie girl voice. she idolises halsey and posted a cover of can’t help falling in love, the ultimate indie girl cover choice. i don’t know how people can still think it’s not her choice to sing that way? this isn’t even a defence of her, i find that type of voice annoying, but she’s pretty clearly making a conscious choice to pitch herself as a kpop idol with the kind of high, warbly voice that you’d expect to hear accompanied by a ukulele for a 2013 youtube video

No. 315787


Yeri doesn't even seem to like being an idol. She seems like she only chose this career path to try and meet celebrities.

No. 315791

she sounds like a goat. she's stuck between indie girl and bom 2.0

No. 315795

>is her normal speaking voice like that too?
Nope. Girl's gonna damage her vocal chords soon and possibly be stuck with a smoker voice ironically

No. 315796

how is a woman being a normal weight anti-kpop thread worthy, unless you’re mad that your unnies aren’t all underweight waifs

No. 315803

i don't know much about her and the kpop industry is obsessed with ~~aegyo~~, so i thought maybe she was just another case of a company making a female vocalist sound like a pokemon. i checked out her can't help falling in love cover and listened to some of her live vocals, i don't think she's the worst singer but there's always that squeaky helium voice. she does sound like a park bom impression

wow. i don't understand what's so appealing with an unrealistically high voice, her normal voice actually sounds nice

No. 315825

she's a normal weight. the outfit is just unflattering and normally works for the ana chans, that and she look awkward as hell.

No. 315869

File: 1540407907226.png (224.83 KB, 598x880, Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 3.01…)

i thought stankmies whole argument with BTS being so "great" and commendable (compared to other kpop artists who previously attempted to break in america, despite stankmies bending backwards that BTS/bighit "don't care that much" about making it america, pff) in america was because they refused to release anything that was solely sang in english? kek looks like they can't use that argument anymore if this is true.

No. 315877

This is a Steve Aoki track on a Steve Aoki album, anon. They're just featured on it.

No. 315880

ah, my bad, i don't know much about it so i just figured it was a BTS track featuring steve aoki.

No. 315881

How female vs male idols are treated in S Korea:


No. 315893

This is a nitpicking thread. Go cry somewhere else.

No. 315895

File: 1540412396179.png (233.57 KB, 540x423, 122d5265-e731-4db3-96cc-d5b945…)

I can't wait for anti Hyuna anon to go to work on this one kek

No. 315913


No. 315920

Hyuna next to Hepburn or Taylor is a joke. Does this idiot know what classic beauty means?

No. 315924

im convinced kpop fans are all borderline retarded tbh, including me because i used to be one haha
but i read comments on articles and im just like..how are ANY of the people commenting over the age of 12?
all the comments in the articles about twice being able to date >WOW I BET HEECHUL IS SO HAPPY KEEP HEECHUL FROM MOMO HAHA SILLY HEECHUL HAS LEFT THE CHAT HEHE

heechul is a fucking fag my god even super junior members have confirmed it
so tired of the delusions from these people
when they're actually gay, fans go out of their way to pretend its not the case but when they're obviously straight and getting pussy >"OPPA BELONGS TO(insert random other male idol here)!!!!"

No. 315926

File: 1540415590727.jpg (77.76 KB, 640x1136, Joy Predebut photos 2.jpg)

honestly shes not "fat" but has always been chubby for an asian
she looks great right now though and i hope she doesnt overdo it with the diet shit

No. 315944

>how are ANY of the people commenting over the age of 12?

my mind honestly straight up boggles any time i read anything from the foaming mouth of a kpop fan. i always think they cant get any stupider, more deluded, gullible and underage, but then they post something new and my mind is blown all over again. it also drives me mad when they fall for all the bullshit in kpop like its gospel. it's literally straight up acknowledged that every aspect of kpop is fake, and yet every day i see these 12 year olds who havent got a sceptical bone in their body. i guess they'll grow out of it? hopefully?

also did anyone listen to anything from rapmon's new mixtape? i listened to one song, thought it was even more mediocre than usual somehow

No. 315953

Do you guys think there is a case of well-done ps among the idols?

No. 315959

File: 1540418301746.jpg (353.49 KB, 1533x2054, Sunmi_at_a_fanmeet_in_July_201…)

Sunmi's nose came out pretty good, she used to have it bulbous/wider on the tip

No. 315961

File: 1540418377000.jpg (68.58 KB, 563x352, Jung-Chae-Yeon-plastic-surgery…)

Chaeyeon from DIA/IOI's nose job turned out really well and actually made her prettier. For most idols it's the opposite and the PS makes them look worse.

No. 315966

i used to roll my eyes at the concept of women "fetishizing homosexuality" by shipping but holy shit if this isn't an example. literally like some gross straight man in that they just want to see sexy straight men kiss because it's hawt but feel uncomfortable with the idea of an actual gay man.

No. 315967

i used to roll my eyes at the concept of women "fetishizing homosexuality" by shipping but holy shit if this isn't an example. literally like some gross straight man in that they just want to see sexy straight men kiss because it's hawt but feel uncomfortable with the idea of an actual gay man.

No. 315971

You joking? That tip shape on the right looks really weird and ugly. The left is way cuter.

No. 315978

To each their own. I think she looks plain on the left.

No. 315979


No. 315984

Nana is by far the best-looking idol.

No. 315985


The stylists must really hate her if they let her out like this

No. 315990

shes beautiful and her body is goals for days but i think her eyes were kinda messed up pre surgery

No. 315991

i don't get why netizens attacked wendy specifically for her weight when joy is just as chubby and yeri's body looks like a box. yeri reminds me of a korean version of ally from fifth harmony. both annoying, don't fit in the group and have sad figures.

No. 315994

File: 1540420838254.jpg (1.11 MB, 1500x1000, Nana - artistsfromasia[dot]blo…)

i stand corrected her eyes were just korean, not bad
but koreans dont want their idols to have monolids so she got them done and definitely a jaw shave and i do think she is prettier now

No. 315995

They just need to stop giving high waisted pants to Yeri, since it emphasizes her short torso. Supposedly there's some broadcast censorship regarding navels, but Joy's right there in lower waist jeans.

Those unblended extensions are unforgivable, though, yikes.

No. 316004

Is nana even an idol anymore?

She does mostly modeling

No. 316006

Her surgeons did amazing work. She needs to be in medical textbooks as an example of plastic surgery done extremely well.

No. 316007

File: 1540423344922.jpg (41.49 KB, 520x445, 20100820_1282295249_1.jpg)

imo pre-surgery Nana actually was quite pretty, though not the hyper-specific Korean beauty standard. If anything I find her old look more refreshing, tho she is still gorgeous (and her look now is definitely more 'k-celeb')

No. 316010

File: 1540423966605.jpg (102.38 KB, 600x804, 7mrbVKf.jpg)

I miss Nana's old jaw. It suited her features and was striking next to all the V-lines. The jaw reduction (not sure if it's just botox or actually a shave) she got the further she went into acting really bums me out, but of course she's still top-tier.

No. 316011

She looks like your typical Korean kid on the left, like she's meant to. I feel like comparing middle school photos of idols to adult photos, with heavy styling, is a bit odd because the face can change as people age into their features.

No. 316013

File: 1540424380321.jpg (47.57 KB, 720x420, k0KwoTF.jpg)

(Unflattering) Pic related is her from 2018. Maybe it's just aging, styling, and fillers, but man, I'm pretty sure she did something to her jaw.

No. 316054

Can any of y’all tell me why the thread hates Yeri so much? Homegirls useless but that’s it

No. 316056

I mean she's not the worst ever, she's a talentless deadweight with an attitude problem. People here still hate Hyuna and Nayeon way more here lmao

No. 316057

It's because she's tall and everyone else in the group sans seulgi is 5"2

No. 316058

When you're tall, it's easier to hide your weight, especially if you have someone like Wendy whose 5'2 and gains pounds

No. 316059

omg Nayeon has been a bitch since day 1 of that sixteen show.

No. 316077

she looked like pocahontas(disney not real life lol)
very pretty

No. 316078

File: 1540446190097.png (48.6 KB, 360x202, 360x-1.png)

>As BTS Conquers the World, K-Pop Firms Flop on the Stock Market

Now I'm just waiting patiently for the ultimate fall of the Kpop empire

No. 316093

This is inevitable anyway since the majority of kpop fans are literal children who think YouTube views = money in the idols' pockets/cry about $20 for an album being totally unreasonable.

No. 316094

Of course she looks plain to you. That’s not a fair comparison. She’s like 12, chubby, and has 0 makeup on on the left. What’s the point of digging up childhood photos of idols and comparing them to how they look now? The newer photos all have them caked up with makeup and excessive kpop styling anyway. At least compare to photos from high school or something.

No. 316108


Actually album sales don't make much sense for idols'income: Considering the "luxurious" packaging of the albums, the cost of the jacket shootings etc. there is only too little money left for them after they comeback. Endorsements and CFs are the real deal but it's hard to land one because you need to be known to public. Only A- list idols can get one.(or maybe sponsored ones)

Sorry for going OT btw. I do agree about the views though. No sensible person should care about them.

No. 316110

What do you think will be the next trend over once Kpop goes back to being really niche? Cpop?

No. 316111

Aren't all Korean stocks taking a hit right now? If Korea does sink economically, Kpop would definitely go down with it, though.

No. 316113

Inflating YouTube views and other stream numbers will just cause more damage in the long run imo.

No. 316115

>>316078 imo, kpop is just an expendable toy to s. korea so its going to discarded, easily like a flick of a finger. It would be downfall to the trainees and current idols to scrape what's left in their income and work part time or escape the industry if their smart but still dumb cause they have little qualifications besides being singing and dancing and pleasing other people. I wouldn't be surprise if they are hired during occasions especially birthdays. I wanna see the companies to burn, bankruptcy with their dirt known to the public like evidence and shit so fans can deny any longer the horror that their oppas have to endure just for them. Basically a mental breakdown of Kpop's reign.

No. 316130

Lmao no, Cpop (Mandopop, Taiwanese Pop, and the likes) had reached their peak in the 2000s. At least in my country, they're really not relevant anymore and will never be, except for some die hard fans.

I'm so tired of all the shitty hypes/trends anyway. It's a cringefest once you outgrow them.

No. 316131


I dunno, I can see Cpop making a comeback as Yuehua gains more attention.

Kpop has been able to overtake Jpop and Cpop because Korea makes more of an effort to court Western attention, with everything uploaded to Youtube and deals with Netflix and Hulu for Kdramas.

No. 316133

Compared to the 2000s Cpop, Cpop is now just a bad copycat of Kpop. I don't think Cpop is on Kpop level yet to really catch the public's attention. I don't see them getting anywhere outside their own country and neighboring countries, even the Chinese communities abroad don't really listen to Cpop or are just regular listeners of Cpop.

People will notice the similarities between Cpop and Kpop and will get tired soon of it. In order to succeed, Cpop must come with a brand new concept and looks, which will not happen anytime soon since they're heavily, crazily, influenced by Kpop.

No. 316134


Yes, that's true. I've looked into some of the current Cpop acts and most of them don't appeal to me.

Hua Chenyu is pretty unique, but other than him the pop scene seems to be groups trying to be the new Fahrenheit or groups trying to be EXO. Or actual ex-EXO members.

No. 316137

Lol even Fahrenheit were more original in their heydays (in terms of music) compared to newer groups. I bet this has to do with Kpop songs getting translated into Chinese so very often.

I hope the next trends/hypes will not involve any East Asian countries, all of them have reached their peak already, just give them a few years to think of something new lol.

No. 316177

Did they go to the same surgeon for the nose? Looks pretty similar, and natural looking too. So there are Korean surgeons able to shape a nose that doesn't look like Michael Jackson's…

No. 316183

tfw jungkook's english starts to sound clearer than namjoon's

why are only rm and jk (and jimin for like 2 seconds?) in this lol

No. 316187

I'm guessing because they're the only ones with good English pronunciation? I have no fucking dies what RM is saying in his verse though, what the fuck

The thing is though, this isn't really a BTS song and Aoki wants to make the most out of this collab on his album so he probably didn't want the other dudes to ruin it for him with Korean verses and shitty English pronunciation

No. 316188


I hate the fact that the chorus is already stuck in my head from 1 listen. This is definitely going to be an ear worm to the general public, it sounds like every generic edm pop hit from the last 3 years

No. 316193

Why am I not shocked Jungkook is way better at speaking English than Ratmon? He seemed to be the only one in the group who genuinely wanted to perfect his English/ was aware that a shit ton of foreign fans exist. In a group filled with racists and xenophobes (excluding Jhoe too), you'd think he'd be influenced by their superiorty bullshit.

With that being said, the song is the most generic piece of EDM shit I've listened to in a long time. Steve Aoki is truly trash, but gotta leech onto BTS' fanbase amirite.

No. 316196

groups are just too big to have them all feature in a song when it isn’t meant to be like a 50:50 collab. when 2ne1 had a feature with will.i.am it was cl with a verse, bom doing the chorus, minzy said “yeah” a few times and dara’s lines were “next hit” and “big shit”
>jumbo size, it’s a big shit
we truly missed out on a lot of embarrassing english when the will.i.am x 2ne1 album never happened

No. 316197

jk's english pronunciation's always sounds better than rat's bc he actually bothers practicing both for western interviews and song recordings. rat's so full of himself he thinks he's on native speakers' level already and doesn't need to rehearse his speeches or check his grammar kek. not only can't he come up with a single coherent sentence, but his pronunciation is barely intelligible as well.

No. 316203

To be fair Namjoon's English isn't that bad, he wouldn't sound this incomprehensible if he stopped trying so hard to sound like an American kid and be 2deep5me. I noticed that I started to find what Jungkook and Jhope are saying way more understandable than what Namjoon is saying on interviews, he started to ramble a lot.

No. 316215

yeah, i hate how he tries so hard to sound american and fails at it lol. and the reason he starts rambling is probably due to lack of practice and experience communicating with actual native speakers. of course it was easy for him in korea where most people never go past intermediate level of english knowledge. i come from a country with a low percentage of english speakers as well and kids who speak like him are basically seen as language learning gods kek. reality hits them once they start studying in english speaking countries though

No. 316228

It just normal, listenable garbage pop during the Jungkook parts. The RM parts are not only poorly pronounced but also extremely cringy

>I'll be your comma, lead you to another phrase

…uh huh. I can't tell you whether or not normies would have listened to and enjoyed this if it was just Jungkook singing, but I think RM being present makes it near impossible. Armies will listen to anything though

I wonder if fans of the other members are throwing a fit because their precious baby boys didn't get to be in the song

No. 316236


I would hazard a guess JK sounds better because he isn't constantly trying to sound like a rapper from Detroit.

No. 316242

whoever subtitled this got all the words in RM's parts really wrong wtf

No. 316257

File: 1540488993444.jpg (156.51 KB, 550x700, 00.jpg)

words of shakespeare

No. 316260

So basically the only ones who are singing in this are JK and Rat, plus one small line for Reptile. Wew. Three members out of seven.
Rat's pronunciation is awful by the way, sounds like a classmate I had in hs who would try to imitate Oxford accent but couldn't actually pronounce English words at all

No. 316331

I don't think this is going to catch on. This so faceless and while a majority of American pop is just as generic, the accents and poor attempts at English pronunciation are going to keep casual listeners away. Why listen to this when you have the Shawn Mendeses of the world doing the same thing and not pronouncing "reason" like "raisin"?

No. 316362

What does any of this even mean?

No. 316409

Lolol I came here just to see if any of the “RM sounds like a native speaker” anons were still around.

I don’t really blame rat monster for his shitty accent. Yeah it’s cringe when he tries to sound like an American rapper but some people are truly better at pronunciation than others and jungkook has always sounded pretty clear when he spoke what little English he knows. Obviously he’s not anywhere near fluent and still fucks up (Charlie puss lol) but I think pronunciation comes easier to him than other members. I’ve always thought that, and this song really shows it.

Anyway I’m cackling @ them doing a full English song. Is Big Hit still denying ever trying to succeed in the American market?

No. 316410


Honestly this song is better than their korean stuff but that’s just because their music sucks so bad these days

No. 316411

Rappers don’t sound like stroke patients… if that’s what he’s aiming for he really missed.

It sucks for him that he just spent the last year telling like 3 countries that he’s the fluent English speaker in his group and then he goes and sounds like this on their first fully English song… why didn’t he get someone to help him with his pronunciation? The other members clearly did.

No. 316457

jungkook is that one unoriginal, bland, forgettable generic pop singer who thinks he is the second coming of justin bieber, whose nobody knows the name of but his songs get played everywhere and starts to flop in like 2 years

No. 316460

hearing his candyass airy vocals in english makes the bieb seem like a vocal powerhouse

No. 316465

It's not their song, it's Aoki's and they're a feature on it like many others on that album
So it doesn't really count

No. 316544

File: 1540563969015.gif (1.21 MB, 178x250, 7806F482-9AF3-4D86-9B12-D3AEA2…)

She must have pissed someone off to be sent on television with this awful hair

No. 316552

File: 1540566453819.jpg (151.15 KB, 1162x1242, Lalisa.jpg)

She looked cute with black hair, I wish they brought it back. I actually think most idols (or just people in general) look better in their natural hair color or in similar colors, not that dying your hair in different colors is wrong or anything lol but I feel like it's done way too often in k-pop. They change their hair color every comeback, I feel bad for their scalps.

No. 316573

Yeah I don’t think this song will be played on the radio often, if at all. It’s catchy but super generic, even for current pop music, and it’s obvious they only made the song to break into the western music scene. Also I lol’d when RM pronounced ‘reason’ as ‘raisin’.

>those uneven bangs
>that color
They really hate Lisa huh

No. 316600

Is she wearing circle lenses? How big her eyes look here caught my attention while scrolling

Eh, it's already playing on the radio here. Since it's a Steve Aoki song from his album he's promoting it the western way by going on radio interviews a lot.

No. 316612

Yeah they clearly do. Looks like greasy ass crackhoe hair.

Yeah she is. I don’t think any kpop girl is ever not wearing lenses.

No. 316614

File: 1540576490188.jpeg (129.99 KB, 800x1200, F1D6DFC3-FC79-40B2-B134-F672F6…)

Samefag but she looks fine blonde. They just gave her some raggedy ass extensions with cheap hair and prob put way too much product at her roots. Then they prob tried the “sea hair is so different than Korean hair it’s not our fault it looks bad”.

No. 316615

>“sea hair is so different than Korean hair it’s not our fault it looks bad”.

Back when Christina (white girl with a weird squeaky voice, for newfags) was big and on variety a lot, I noticed they always gave her the WORST makeup. They always had her wearing two tons of bright blue eyeshadow like a drag queen and bright red lips. I'm guessing they used the "Makeup for blue eyes is different so it's not our fault" excuse there too but they always made her look like shit.

No. 316644

File: 1540581640984.jpg (2.62 MB, 2560x2160, 279711430476.jpg)

"everyone really doesn't think of us as men" lol

it was released years ago but war of hormone's lyrics were a cringefest, i wish that song was satire or something but it was just bts trying to keep up with that time's fuckboy trend

No. 316648

are some of you from /kpg/ and/or gaypg on /trash/?

No. 316664

gaypg can be ok but i wouldnt touch kpg with a 10 foot pole i might catch the braindead

No. 316671

I avoided kpg for years and when I finally took a look there I remembered why male kpop girl group fans are the worst
gaypg can be funny at least, especially the shitting on nct fujoshis

No. 316687

I go to /kpg/ only for the pictures and to gawk at the batshit posters like the Choa guy. Shame, because it's the only anonymous girl-group-centric discussion out there.

No. 316705


I used to namefag there so fucking hard and then people found out I was a girl and it was a disaster. I do still wonder about some of the people that used to post there. I actually met a guy who posted there frequently and we joined discord and met up in real life and we're practically engaged so thats the only really good thing I can take from my experience there. Shitposting about kpop used to be fun but I dont see how any of them would still be as interested in it with the current crop of groups. All the most shitposted groups are broken up.

No. 316723

File: 1540600538527.png (891.34 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_20181026-193302.png)

>everyone really doesn't think of us as men

You don't say?

No. 316766

This image/clip gets me everytime.

"Nobody thinks of us as men" Jimin laments with sadness, looking dashing in his pink maids dress, eyeliner, lip gloss and frilly headband

No. 316770


No. 316771

tay likes a lot of new gg's though so it cant be her

No. 316816

That's a wild fucking story
Is this Dawn?
I vaguely remember gaypg explaining to my newfag ass some namefag got exposed via her twitter and she had to leave

No. 316838

I always thought it odd that in Korea they talk about small head/small face alot when talking about beauty.

Whereas in the west it seems that it's more around whether your face in proportion.

So you get some odd things with what korea considers a top tier visual vs what international fans might think.

No. 316840

It's because Koreans normally have massive fucking faces and heads. That's why panface is a racial slur for Koreans.

No. 316841

i lurk and occasionally post on both
i'm not around enough to be familiar with the history and personalities of gaypg, but shit seems wild

No. 316842

any thoughts? i see stan twitter (at least from some that i follow) praise this article, yet continue to support their plastic idols…


No. 316843

I guess they praise it because now Korean girls start to look like fakebois just like many Western kpop fans

No. 316844

File: 1540648924629.jpg (135.34 KB, 989x633, wanna.jpg)

yeah but with the obsession with small face you get people that end up looking kinda ridiculous next to other people.

No. 316846

File: 1540649112797.jpg (106.33 KB, 1000x500, EXO.jpg)


It's because Koreans generally have relatively large heads and faces, so small faces are a special novelty for them.

No. 316847

yeah they look like pinheads to me
Or like they have overgrown bodies

No. 316851

File: 1540651431519.jpg (1.35 MB, 1270x2325, 57032617795.jpg)

i knew they were kinda short dudes but baekhyun and xiumin look so small here.

and damn chanyeol looks like a giant next to other male idols. i remember netizens going on about how chanyeol's height is a lie and he is actually way taller than 1.85 lol

No. 316857

My favorite thing is to hear from the girls who love asian guys come back from korea or japan and they are all like.

They are so tiny, I look like a giant next to them, its not so hot in real life.

No. 316858


I'm 5'1" so I don't have that problem but when I noticed their heads were like twice or even thrice the size of mine it was weird.

No. 316859

To be fair white girls are not only tall on average but big boned too, of course they'll feel and look massive in Asia

No. 316892

Nope not tay though i did interact with her a bit and wonder where she is now.

No. 316893

File: 1540660520971.png (11.8 KB, 714x162, 000.png)

holy shit there are threads with thousands of pages and millions of views on onehallyu about which idols are gay. i don't care about jokes or some harmless gossip but people who dig this deep into and are so obsessed over someone's sexuality need help. why the fuck do kpoppies care about idols being gay so much? maybe they are gay, maybe they are straight, who the fuck cares. and they all think them being gay means they are 100% dating one of their bandmates or something. even if they are gay, why do you want a person you love to come out in a homophobic society, i don't know.
there is also a huge possibility that the idols they see as "woke lgbt icons" are homophobes kek

No. 316894

Not Tay or Dawn whoever that is. Also what was the smol cute redheads name? Cant remember but not her either.

No. 316942

File: 1540665574832.jpeg (161.68 KB, 750x935, 04C446E2-3C12-49D2-9C0C-5276B2…)

i like hakyeon i really do but fuck when I scrolled past this shit on ig i almost choked

i get that it’s halloween but since he’s wearing normal clothes otherwise and this isn’t that far off from the godawful kpop styling we discuss here i figured i’d share

No. 316944

he looks like a damn snake

No. 316969

>white girls are fat!

No. 316978

anon did not say that. don't start lmao

No. 316997

NTA but,

>white girls

>tall on average
>big boned
>look massive

it was already "started"

No. 317002

File: 1540671908058.jpeg (53.64 KB, 728x546, 88C852A0-44E8-42BE-84E1-01B5D0…)

No. 317011


I get what you mean, anon, but don't rise to it. Just ignore the bait and let it pass without comment like it deserves.

No. 317013

look massive in comparisson to asian men/womenn that are just small on average with massive bobble heads, as seen in those pictures. don't think anon meant anything negative by it, no need to get offended over nothing.
ivanka looks amazing here jesus, actual super model status

No. 317014

“big boned” is usually just a nicer way of saying fat, though. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was coming from some salty Asian who felt upset that we were talking about their massive heads. I think we should drop all discussions about their head size going forward.

No. 317017

>I think we should drop all discussions about their head size going forward.

?????? for what purpose lol. this isn't the first time exo's heads have been mentioned. it's not that deep at all. i thought anon meant big boned as in like shoulder broadness/hips, and things like that but i can see your point of view as well.

No. 317027

I think anon literally meant big boned, as in a big frame regardless of weight. But even that isn't true, there are lots of white girls with narrow shoulders, petite frames, etc. They don't all go to Asia and look like hulking giants compared to uwu tiny azn girls.

No. 317041

ok anachan, you feel like they called you fat, now get the fuck over it lol

No. 317045

Jesus I just meant bigger frames. Nothing wrong with bigger frames and being tall or even with being fat if they were to be. I know this board is infested with ana-chans and insecurities, but what the fuck

No. 317068

You're late to the party unfortunately, they have been doing that for years lol

No. 317069

He looks like a clamp manga character w/ his crazy neck

No. 317070

Can white women seriously not help putting ourselves in the discussion every time? Are we this starved for attention? It isn't a big fucking deal jesus.

No. 317095

You're truly retarded.

>usually a nicer way of saying fat


That's not what the other anon intended to mean and you know it. Christ you're seriously autistic.

No. 317097

It’s not only about bigger frames though, it’s also about length. I’m kinda short and pretty thin, you could probs wrap your fingers around my wrists and ankles, and Koreans were always going on about my “chopstick” legs, but I still felt big around korean guys because they are so fucking stumpy. There is a reason they are so obsessed with proportions. I dated guys who were taller/bigger than me yet they had the same size or shorter forearms. Seeing my exes driving a car and having to be so close to the steering wheel was such a wtf moment. Yet, I realized their head/face were quite large. The big head thing isn’t really a problem but the short limbs were so weird. I noticed once guys got 180cm or over it balanced out, so that makes sense that Koreans are obsessed with that height for males.

If you buy clothes from asian brands like Uniqlo in the west you can get the same waist or bust size in but the arm and leg lengths will be a few cm longer than what you get in Korea. I hope this obsession with face size doesn’t get imported along with kpop. I think western people don’t really have to worry about the size of their faces (unless u look like Benedict cumberbatch) because it’s balanced with their bodies and longer limbs.

No. 317117

i've seen it happening with very old groups too, kpop is big with the gay fanservice. it's ridiculous how two girls being touchy feely on stage to appeal to straight men is seen as okay but an actual healthy lesbian relationship isn't. most of the international kpop fans are ex weeaboos with yellow fever trying to project their yaoi or yuri stereotype fetish into real people too. they all will deny it to death but almost all kpop fans suffer from yellow fever in general

No. 317165

File: 1540722042636.png (443.87 KB, 610x504, 20181028093848_azwehyan.png)


seems like koreans are A-OK with bts wearing the atomic bomb shirt.

No. 317168

who the fuck thought wearing something like this was a good idea? i doubt jimin can even read his own name in the latin alphabet so maybe he didn't understand the t-shirt (despite the atomic bomb picture..) but did namjoon with his 150 iq forget english and couldn't tell jimin to take off that stupid shirt?

>1. [+1,139, -10] They're Korean idols. They're Korean people. They're not Japanese, they're Korean, you Japs.

>2. [+1,003, -10] This isn't even worth responding to, foolish Japs~ BTS fighting!!!!

>5. [+58, -0] So Japan has no problem wearing rising sun flags but they have a problem with atomic bombs? The rising sun flag should be just as embarrassing for you, no?

>8. [+43, -0] Gross, why is Japan acting like they raised them

lmao they are so butthurt about japan. tell bts to stop trying so hard to market in japan then. you all were losing your shit when bts was working with a japanese far-rightist but when jimin wears a t-shirt like this japanese media can't criticize it? hypocrites

>7. [+54, -0] What's good about being a world class star is that you don't have to cater to one country

>9. [+37, -0] Wow~~~ go BTS! Nevermind Japan, you don't need them, you already have worldwide fame

who's gonna tell them international fans are going to drop them like hot potatoes when bts' faces start to sag from the botched ps and makeup and they aren't trendy anymore

No. 317172


No. 317175

Huh, so lolcow really is just full of ex koreaboos who are salty their trip to Korea didn't turn out like their ~white girl in foreign land~ fantasies

No. 317176

File: 1540726381855.png (272.09 KB, 569x427, CymNx-wUQAAU_3x.png)

Seems that Jooheon from Monsta X wore the same shirt, on TV no less.

No. 317182

>maybe he didn't understand the t-shirt
he literally wore it on the national liberation day in korea lol

No. 317189

Kinda pathetic that this is something they seem to be "proud" of, seeing as it wasn't even them who threw the bombs or managed to fight back without help from outside…
Imagine a polish group trying to make it in germany while wearing a shirt that hints at german girls getting raped by soviet soldiers. That would be unthinkable.

No. 317191

File: 1540733928660.jpg (135.64 KB, 1200x900, DppiDyPU8AATI7i.jpg)

It seems he wore that shirt twice while he was in Hiroshima, wew.
I read on twitter that the japanese government demands an apology and threatened to otherwise ban all korean artists from Japan. This would hurt a lot of groups, since Japan is often their biggest source of income.

But of course ifans are still in denial kek:
>Others artists is using the same T shirt too, Why are you don't take it as a serious issue before?? Is its because Bts is worldwide so you want to judge every single things that they do ??? I'm so disappointed with this kind of attitude
>Monsta X wears that shirt too.
>Its just a T-shirt…jimin is innocent
>What if he didn’t even realize he was wearing that kind of stuff? Just don’t judge.
>let’s be honest, there were also many Koreans, chinese etc killed by japanese right? BTS are Korean and japan occupied their country for years. Still they have never shown dislike their Japanese fans.
>Bitch other idols wore it too….soooooooooo?????
>Jimin DOES NOT look at what is on his clothes. He didn’t know about this shirt. Leave him alone.
>Lol, of course. It’s Jimin. He even said that he just wears things and doesn’t check what that is, what brand and definitely not what is written on it.
>Jimin can't speak English and I doubt he knew what was written on the shirt. Jimin is an innocent soul and he would never do that on purpose
These are responses to a japanese hs student, who said she no longer likes him.

No. 317193

most of these responses sound like they were made by 12yos with iq 10

it worries me that that probably isn’t the case. i hope more ppl wake up to how disgusting and toxic the ratmy fandom is and i sincerely hope jfans drop them like hot coal.

No. 317196

>that the japanese government demands an apology and threatened to otherwise ban all korean artists from Japan.
The petty part of me hopes they do.

No. 317198

That’s a weird takeaway. I mostly had good relationships with those guys, I just realized how short their arms were and how Koreans have different proportions. You sound triggered.

Not that I have to justify it to you, but I read this thread because I hate Bts and it’s impossoble to criticize them anywhere else without a pile on.

No. 317200

Lol of course they can’t see their hypocrisy.

No. 317201

Ugh even when someone comments something like "I don't like BTS because of blahblahblah" in a completely respectful and non-insulting way, you'll see like 30 armys trying to make them like BTS and prove that they are the best musicians ever. I've been seeing armys saying "BTS makes music in all genres so there MUST be a song that you'll enjoy" a lot lately. Lmao no, they don't make music in all genres. They are a pop group who debuted as a hip hop group, they did make hip hop in their early music but they've been doing pop since 2015, and they got popular with as a pop group. And their vocalists are so mediocre compared to other k-pop groups, and no, RM, Suga and J-hope aren't mindblowing rappers.

What the fuck is wrong with him? Jimin seems like a massive racist cunt who hates every single non-Korean under his ~~sweet, innocent, pure baby boy~~ image. BTS makes a shit ton of money on Japan tours and Japanese albums. Afaik they have an upcoming Japan tour so I don't know how they are going to clean this mess up, it's just unacceptable and disgusting.

It's funny how BTS is trying to be that all-inclusive woke group when the members (except like 1 or 2 of them?) seem xenophobic and misogynistic as fuck.

No. 317202

>Girl from SNSD post picture on snapcaht with a filter that could look like the rising sun flag if you squint your eyes
>Internet is on fire, ''muh comfort women'', how can she be this blind to history really rude

>BTS wears tshirt labeled with a picture of nuclear bomb dissaters where thousands of innocent people where killed

>whats the issue man?

No. 317203

Gross. Soft power is real. Kpop is raising a generation of ignorant fans that will now be biased towards Korea’s nationalistic version of history. They really knew what they were doing when they decided to export this shit, female fans are so impressionable.

No. 317204

>Afaik they have an upcoming Japan tour
It literally starts in two weeks, and their Japanese CD comes out next week. I wouldn't be surprised if they bench Jimin for both the tour and the promos.

No. 317205

It's a lose-lose situation for BTS tbh. If they don't apologize Japanese people will throw a fit, but if they do apologize Koreans will throw a fit.

No matter what, a shitstorm is brewing.

No. 317206

How big a deal is this really? Just looking at Twitter it’s obvious that Ifans are making a much bigger issue out of this than Jfans are.

No. 317213


Japanese sites have picked up on it and they are not happy.


No. 317216

Nta but girls channel makes a big deal about everything… It's girls channel.

No. 317217

It actually started with japanese fans calling him out (some of the articles/comments speaking out against him have over 40k likes), but because very little japanese stuff gets translated the international fans only picked it up recently.

No. 317218

tinfoil but what if bts are getting paid by the government for the propaganda

No. 317220

I'd be surprised if they weren't.

No. 317221

That and GC has had a massive hate boner for kpop and Koreans for years.

No. 317223

i don't understand why any sane human being would wear something like that, it's awful. even if jimin is a racist nationalist, what a stupid and hypocritical thing to do in public when you are a member of a group who constantly markets to japan. them doing shit like this when they constantly preach about self-love, equality and being against violence is ridiculous, bts is the epitome of fake wokeness.

looking at the japanese tweets in the #outjimin #BTS_PLEASE_STOP_JAPAN_ACTIVITIES #BTSの日本活動について見直しを求める ("demand for reconsidering bts' activities in japan"), #BTSの日本活動停止を求めます ("i want bts' activities in japan to stop") tags, they are expecting an apology, saying "i didn't know" won't be an excuse, criticizing the anti-japanese mindset & education in south korea, talking about how ignorant jimin is because there were 70.000 korean victims who died in the atomic bomb attacks too.

No. 317226

That’s not tinhatting, the korean government really did conceive of kpop as a way to spread influence and gain soft power. I doubt they would sit back and watch while BTS speaks to the western world without any say in the matter.

No. 317227

Didn’t realise that it had actually blown up a few days ago in Japan. Tbh I think the only way they’ll get an apology is if they actually boycott them.

No. 317234

BTS don't give a shit about japanese fans. Their money matters and comes first so I highly doubt they will apologize. Jimin does know what that shirt means, he's just playing stupid, innocent reptilian boy who loves people of all races.

No. 317253

File: 1540743464027.jpg (42.41 KB, 530x669, 201810272111771828_5bd45c087e4…)

Hyuna again showing off how thin she is


>1. [+660, -61] Both Hyuna and Sunmi seem extremely proud of their thin bodies ㅋㅋㅋ

>6. [+18, -0] She's even more thin in real life… makes me question whether she has an eating disorder

No. 317256

When you're face is bigger than your thigh, ew.
And sadly not even an exaggeration here.
You'd think that now that she's finally free from her company she could be her true strong and badass self…

No. 317259


No. 317264

Whew can’t wait for Reptilimin to wear a 9/11 shirt the next time BTS promos in America. Woke controversial king!

No. 317271

Can we stop citing netizenbuzz now?

No. 317275

don't be mean to poor unnie, she's super stressed out about losing weight and is trying to gain it! that's why she posts photos where she does everything sh can to show just how skinny she is! it's empowering!

who's going to get actually ill first, sunmi or hyuna? sunmi already had those dizzy/fainting spells

No. 317297

korean eugenia cooney~
its weird how its so normalized for asians to be like that in comparison to americans

No. 317312

wait, are 90% of those guys wearing elevator shoes?

No. 317315

They have to apologize for comfort women 1st, and that won't happen lol

No. 317318

Yep, this is why soft politics is dangerous and only smart people see the implications

No. 317320

They do lol, what to you think they go all in for international tourism & kpop? Soft power baby

No. 317322


This is the whole problem with celebrities in general. They may be talented in acting/singing/dancing, but they spent most of their lives doing that, they are just as ignorant, or even moreso, since they work so much, compared to average person.

They should keep themselves out of political issues completely, since fans can and will just blindly follow what they say without thinking.

No. 317327

File: 1540751649673.jpg (35.94 KB, 475x95, 2813053.jpg)

humanity was a mistake

No. 317328


Some of the most vicious, hateful crap I've ever heard about Japanese, Korean or Chinese people has come from other Asians…usually other Korean, Chinese and Japanese people.

No. 317332

File: 1540752390158.jpeg (157.28 KB, 750x927, FDB8B095-8094-4A88-8CF0-0E5757…)

there’s a whole twt acc dedicated to mass blocking and mass reporting users who dare speak negatively about bts. in other words- a glorified censorship machine.

No. 317333

File: 1540752542230.jpeg (94.32 KB, 750x333, DD4F453D-7A4C-4D0C-939A-18B530…)

lol @ these retards claiming anyone who speaks up about the jimin shirt issue is just using that tragedy as an excuse to hate on bts when shitmys are the ones who belittle the opinions of japanese people and try to sweep this crap under the rug. same with jimincel happily throwing the n-word around.

No. 317335

HAHA jesus fucking christ what?? For people so obsessed with Asian culture, koreaboos/weeaboos are so ignorant to history kek it's a hate triangle

No. 317338

bts fans are so easily offended it's just insane, they can't take criticism for shit. they'll mass report anyone who critiques bts for "defamation" or "hate speech", they always take people's words out of context. toxic

No. 317342

the post on r/bangtan about the tshirt was initially deleted by a mod, but it's back up since then. the post about it on r/kpop had about 1.1k upvotes when i last checked but was like 80% upvoted, for a while it was at 60%. even if you don't ant to spread news about how your fave idol fucked up, reporting and trying to hide evidence of it is messed up.

if bts were as #woke as fans have spent months making them out to be then they'd have a long, eloquent letter about how the tshirt was a bad mistake and very wrong but that if you're angry about that then you should also be angry about japan denying war atrocities as well. it would be the best way to not piss off any side too much, but i don't know what they're going to do. ignore it, the way sm ignores their idols' scandals? the generic "i sincerely apologise for [BAD THING] and will reflect on my mistakes" letter they have a draft saved of?

No. 317348

it's so obvious when r/bangtan is trying to do damage control for bts on r/kpop lol.

No. 317355

I'm surprised no one with a big influence on social media hasn't called out BTS on their bullshit yet. Jimin with the Hiroshima attack t-shirt, saying the Korean equivalent of the n-word, the way he treated that American kid, dumbass Taehyung with his misogyny, tons of racist and sexist shit Namjoon said, the way they constantly contradict themselves, trying to be woke about mental health yet never speaking up about Jimin starving himself or Jungkook allegedly self-harming, never speaking up about their fandom harassing people over them, there are so many things about them that armys just get swept under the rug.

No. 317369

armys have proven time and time again to be obsessive sociopaths who will stop at nothing to ruin the lives of whoever dares express any less than positive opinions re: bts so i’m not surprised at all.

they’re like a wannabe-fascist hate mob.

No. 317372

Also I don't remember RM addressing his mistakes publicly, or apologizing about it. All we had was a vague statement from some vlive and some producer or teacher talking about how our woke king spoke to them about his mistakes and that he wanted to improve, then again he should be doing that to the public

No. 317378

why do armys pretend even to care about whether bts are "problematic" or not, they are clearly only in it for the cute boys making their special parts tingle. they could make a vlive where they make out with a body pillow of hitler and armys wouldnt gaf as long as they are still cute

No. 317413

I think this, the holocaust shoot and rapmonster's swastika hat are the most severe. They also never apologized for that. People can argue about the translation of the korean n-word etc, but these things leave no room for interpretation.
I'm glad at least some people tweeted those pictures to the un. Hopefully they'll notice whom they allowed to talk about "freedom and love"…

No. 317414

>Trying to be woke about mental health yet never speaking up about Jimin starving himself or Jungkook allegedly self-harming
While I agree with pretty much everything you typed, I don't think anybody should have to address mental health issues if they're no comfortable with it, especially the self-harming stuff which can be embarrassing to talk about with the people you know let alone thousands of strangers
And Jimin does technically address his anorexic bs, he used to flaunt it constantly.
My problem with their ""woke mental health awareness"" bs is that nobody, with the exception of Suga, spoke about it or cared about it until the "Sadboy" shit became popular. Then suddenly 4/7 of them are depressed with anxiety and RM releases a Sadboy mixtape where he talked about how he has no friends and he doesn't like himself uwu

No. 317420

Some of the excuses army come up with…
>it should STILL be celebrated by koreans– the japanese in ww2 were monsters in every way the nazis were and their defeat was a triumph to be shared by all who fought against them

>The info of the shirt is to celebrate Liberation Day in kr which is anti-nazi. It’s controversial but you have no right to decide it’s wrong.

>Why they must apologize to shows their patriotism n remind their own history

>You eggs are so fcking disgusting trying to make something into a scandal by tagging journalist to write about it and making a long threads y'all always try to find a way to end BTS career but BTS are doing just fine in Japan keep crying lmao

>not @ antis wanting the jpn thing to be big deal when nobody cares lmao just say u hate bts n go

>Please report and block their accounts and email to bighit this is defamation towards our boys

>shut up…What's wrong with him putting on his shirt? Who cares about hiroshima and nagasaki? People who died in those days are a long time ago, so there is no reason to be anything relevant

>Im sorry no connection??/ Do you know Hiroshima bombing is one the movement why WORLD WAR 2 ended? WORLD WAR, my dear and im pretty sure Korean is in the world. Know your history? I do, im 43 and my dad is a WWII survivor.

>Hope BH is going to apologize for making Jimin wear a shirt w/ Hiroshima bomb on it bc by what I hear this was on Japanese news n a lot of japanese are hating on Jimin rn N on Kpop group. Even if it’s from last year BH should apologize.I can totally understand why they're angry

Of course poor little 23yo millionaire jimin was just forced to wear that shirt!!

No. 317423

They sound like braindead tumblerinas hearing the world "nazis" and then forgetting everything else. Nobody in their right mind would excuse that, no matter what japan did before.
And so many posts making bts out to be the victims of a witch hunt or plainly stating they don't give a fuck since bts is still richer than "your favs"… It's just sad.

No. 317426

Oh I forgot the photoshoot in the Holocaust Memorial and his swastika hat, these were terrible too. Did Bighit even apologize for that?

I agree with you and I understand why someone might not be comfortable with talking about it. As much as I criticize them, I hope anyone who needs help with their mental health gets it. Jimin has an obvious issue with his weight and he talked about how he's starving himself numerous times, I feel like speaking up about how to get over that (assuming he got over it..) to their extremely impressionable audience would be the responsible thing to do for people who want to be known for spreading mental health awareness. I don't want to assume too harsh things about them but I really doubt they encouraged Jimin or Jungkook to get actual help off-stage. It's true that none of them except Suga even cared about it until it became "trendy", I find it obnoxious when people use things like this for their personal gain, if you are going to do it, do it genuinely.

No. 317428

File: 1540765596428.jpg (96.73 KB, 1199x674, HVGuSoR.jpg)

I was browsing the #outbts/#outjimin tags on twitter for kicks, which led me to #outmomo, where this twice member is condemned for her breast augmentation kek

No. 317431

momo and Jihyo both have ridiculous boobjobs. Why they were allowed to have them I have no idea.

No. 317434

lol this reads like
>I have no idea what I'm talking about
Korea is still trying to get money out of Japan for shit that happened long ago.

No. 317436

wait jihyo's are fake? She was top heavy back in sixteen, why would she get fake ones?

No. 317442

im pretty sure jihyo has always had them and netizens criticized her and called her fat all the way back on the competition show so idk if theyre fake

No. 317460

She looked better natural. why do they do this sit to themselves? It looks cartoonishly bad

No. 317487

luna is trying to outdo hyuna and sunmi with showing off how ~le skinny~ she is now

glad to see the netizens arent buying
it was shitty for them to call her fat and filipino and ugly years ago, but going on and on about the weight youre losing(not naturally im sure judging by that video where she gets her legs battered and bruised up by a massage therapist for "leg slimming") is so pathetic


translation- Pants size 23? 22? Hannya-, what size am I? Hanna tailored my pants down a lot and now it fits perfectly. Feels good.

No. 317489

>end violence
this is why gen z should all go eat their tide pods and die

No. 317491

File: 1540773930012.jpg (175.91 KB, 1500x844, 3GHEoR3.jpg)

Kpop fans covering for their biases by purposely censoring, mistranslating, or re-framing material or content is the creepiest fucking shit.

Another very minor example happening right now is Onces saying Twice Jihyo was dressed as Princess Mononoke for their Halloween fanmeet, when she was obviously not while also doing ululations/war cries

No. 317500

>Koreans thinking in this day and age, that costume is appropriate

So much yikes. And of course, the crazy ass fans will declare it's okay cuz they're Kpop stars and didnt know better.

No. 317505

File: 1540775946328.jpg (69.12 KB, 801x590, 6a0133f4a2.jpg)

Imageboard, anon

No. 317512

I dislike her more than Sulli now. What Sulli did wasnt great(im more bitter about the fact that she did it during fx's best comeback era ever), but the hatred and slut shaming she gets is so ott. Luna is at bitch eating crackers level with me with her weight obsession now.

No. 317521

If you can get through this anons, you have incredible strength bc once the white guy with the big nose showed up I was done. Apparently these white kpop idols think everyone hates them bc they’re white. In reality they’re just ugly as fuck lol idk why they’re even trying.

No. 317530


She's goddamn slutty. So much for conservative Korea.

No. 317532

Lmaooooo there’s this European movie on Netflix called “Errementari” and I am 110% sure that the actor who plays the demon based his character off of J-hope doing the variety show circuit and took inspiration from his behaviors. The resemblance is uncanny.

No. 317543

Ugh. Former "unattractive" girls that starve and get plastic surgery and start feeling themselves way too much after are awful. Hopefully she mellows out once she realizes looks arent everything.
Not gonna call her a slut though. She's just a try hard.

No. 317547

Looks are everything when you're in an industry that constantly puts down women for not looking perfect 100% of the time

No. 317561

File: 1540792801337.jpg (60 KB, 603x580, commonsense.JPG)

So at the moment the "Atomic Bomb T-shirt" is blowing up all over Japanese twitter. They are pissed.

No. 317562

File: 1540792824926.jpg (70.42 KB, 609x551, pissed.JPG)

No. 317563

File: 1540792931821.jpg (35.34 KB, 577x557, shit3.JPG)

So what are ARMYs doing?
Trying to bury the scandal by spamming stan posts about the lizard and liking them so that top posts are full of

No. 317564

File: 1540792960640.jpg (39.61 KB, 600x371, shit2.JPG)

No. 317565

File: 1540792976238.jpg (69.45 KB, 676x579, shit7.JPG)

No. 317566

File: 1540793356569.jpg (66.68 KB, 622x578, yurusenai.JPG)

They are literally trying to bury the actual Japanese comments by spamming the
bts 原爆 tag. Which incidentally is now the first result it you search bts on a Japanese search.
Reminder these are same creeps that are still harassing that news anchor.

No. 317567

>BTS losing their only Asian cash cow that gave a fuck

No. 317568

ARMYs are fucking brain-dead, if the general public doesn't like you, and they will find out via news, your censorship propaganda doesn't work because they aren't ARMY faggots like you

No. 317573

oh my god this is so retarded. how are they completely okay with what jimin did? it's not like jimin is getting backlash for no reason, he fucking wore a t-shirt glorifying an atomic bomb attack. imagine a middle eastern wearing a patriot t-shirt with a picture of 9/11 in america
instead of trying to cover it up, encourage jimin to own up to what he did.

by the way, jooheon from monsta x wearing the same t-shirt doesn't justify anything. it's just as awful. japan might ban k-pop activities completely and it would be deserved in this situation

No. 317576

this. The majority of you just happily criticize the evil kpop industry and Korea's disgusting beauty standards to later put all of that aside and call someone ps monster or gross ana without thinking that maybe their environment makes them feel like they should resort to those things just to keep their jobs.

No. 317597

This reminds me of trannies spamming tags like "terfs do interact" "terfs welcome" etc

No. 317598

Luna has a youtube channel there she spouts shit like "I don't eat the days before a shoot hehe" to her underage fans… Meanwhile it's pretty clear she's had ps on her legs.
There's a difference between being skinny (she isn't even that thin, she's just a midget) and bragging about it 24/7. That's what makes her so obnoxious.

No. 317603


It really just goes to show how being in kpop fandoms and worshipping idols fucks up stupid impressionable teens, like this is really all the evidence you need lol. The sad thing is though is that we know they're not all teens, there are literally grown ass women defending lizardman for being outright racist and thinking sweeping it under the rug will make his """mistake""" disappear and he'll continue to be their gorgeous plastic oppa to not shatter their delusional fantasy of him being a woke prince. Hell jimin could literally run through the streets screaming how he wants to bomb Japan and they'll still find ways to defend him and coddle a twenty something year old man because "nobody's perfect uwu!!!!"

No. 317608

Some of them are blaming Bighit and insisting that Jimin is 100% innocent lmao. If the stylists from Bighit picked that for him, yes they are guilty too but it wasn't a stage outfit, it was a t-shirt he wore in public. If he was actually against that message, he could have just worn something else. I don't understand what the hell they were going for if Bighit chose that t-shirt. How was that worth anything? Maybe they just made their xenophobic k-fans happy but that's it. They know they have a huge fanbase in Japan, neither Jimin or Bighit can't be that stupid to not guess the possible backlash. Career suicide for them in Japan.

No. 317646

>ps on her legs

wait anon, what does that mean?

No. 317652

Shots that "burn" the fat and muscle away drastically. Sulli (and many other idols) also had them.

No. 317654

shit I forgot muscles are seeing as manly in Korea. that's fucked up AND unhealthy

No. 317669

I cringed. Sounds very painful…

No. 317673

I'm not one bit surprised. I think anyone who has actually noticed everything wrong with BTS, has also noticed everything wrong with ARMY.
I mean the news reporter guy got weeks/moths worth of harrasment, racism and threaths his way when he said "they are a boy band from Korea".
If some influencer actually criticized BTS with their own face, they'd get ten times that. It's probably just not worth it.

but he's so cutee uwu babby boy!
This is just another example how ARMY don't actually like the members as individuals, they only like the sugarcoated idea they have of them, the one they read about in fanfics.
If they actually liked them/him, they wouldn't try to censor the message he was trying to send by wearing that t-shirt.

> I’m kinda short and pretty thin, you could probs wrap your fingers around my wrists and ankles

OT but I'm sorry I just have to address this, I'm tall and actually fat, and you can easily wrap fingers of one hand around my wrists so that the fingers overlap to the first knuckle (and almost ankles too), and I weight almost 200 pounds, I often see people using this to describe how thin they are, so I'm just saying it says nothing lol

No. 317712

But theres a difference in why anons are annoyed with Luna and Hyuna and Sunmi, and an anon calling Luna ugly and fat in the first place. They are intentionally promoting dangerous shit. ESPECIALLY Luna. She has a show where shes promoting an unhealthy obsessive life style in an instructional way. In one of them she gets a massage that Korean females get where their legs are battered and bruised up to make their legs skinny so they dont have to get leg lengthening surgery. And she talked about how it was so painful she couldnt sleep for days after but that its worth it because ~at least my legs are smol uwu~. Its fucking retarded and dangerous and quite honestly makes her look pathetic. She's an adult not a teenager. If people can blame Eugenia Cooney for starving to death, they can blame these idols for doing the same thing AND for getting ridiculous surgeries and procedures and doing unhealthy shit too when they are promoting it to other girls that are young and impressionable.

No. 317732

Do ifans not realize that if jfans notice them spamming the tag it’s probably only going to make things worse? Jfans generally don’t like it when their tags get hijacked by foreigners.

No. 317758

I mean it's true that people who are aware of BTS' bullshit are aware of army's bullshit too. They have too many shady shit under their belts yet they are still getting away with everything, there are no consequences, not even owning up to what they did. Let's just hope this whole thing with the Hiroshima t-shirt is going to have consequences. If someone with somewhat of a social media influence called BTS out, they have a lot of arguments to back themself up. Or it could make a good news article or something since it's 100% going to get attention.
It's also so true that they only care about the fantasy they create in their minds and not about them as individuals, that's why k-pop fans don't care when idols do something sexist or racist but will lose their shit when they date.

I've seen some j-fans telling them to stop tweeting in foreign languages (under a Japanese tag about the situation) because it's a serious topic. And it's just stupid on their side because filling the tag with "Jimin is a talented cutie!!!" tweets is still helping it trend.

No. 317781

It’s amazing how army’s will act like they’re ~so woke~ but then they’ll try and cover up any scandal, call RM a nigger, harass anyone that says anything even slightly negative about them, etc.

No. 317792

File: 1540837946571.jpg (541.48 KB, 1536x2048, DqpL02YVYAAApl8.jpg)

god his surgeries are aging so fucking badly. his melting face makes it look like he is constantly on the verge of tears. and these are the photos he chooses to post publically. this is why although i think plastic surgery can be okay in moderation, i will never support it to the extent that these idols do it.

No. 317794

who is this?

No. 317802

jhope gangnam aunty

No. 317806

>on the verge of tears
Considering how some idols get treated, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was.

No. 317815

why does their skin look so plasticky all the time? is it the filters?

No. 317839

Then you are fat from being fat, not from being naturally big boned or having a large frame.

No. 317842

large frame/big boned doesn't make you fat you retard.

No. 317847

It often does, especially when ppl are comparing westerners and Asians, which is in line with the rest of the convo. No need to be triggered.

No. 317849

And you can be fat and have a small frame. What’s your point? Big boned and salty about it?

No. 317850

it looks like his nose is melting into his face

No. 317852

Tell jimin that, and maybe he’ll stop starving himself

No. 317861

File: 1540847460248.jpeg (161.91 KB, 1080x1440, B5622206-F423-4B0B-9C52-956978…)

scrolled past this on twitter and instantly thought of you guys

it’s a costume obvi but the keks lie in the fact that it’s hardly even an exaggeration as far as idol makeup goes.

No. 317867

is this baekhyun?

No. 317876

no it’s from some group i didn’t even know existed- either really new or really irrelevant but probably both.

No. 317882

This video came up on my IG feed and people were defending her so much, saying 'oooh poor baby. she isnt from america. not her fault!'

>it's her stylists fault, not hers

>americans are self obsessed and think everything revolves around them

and my favorite

>south korea has nothing to do with that history

No. 317889

This video came up on my IG feed and people were defending her so much, saying 'oooh poor baby. she isnt from america. not her fault!'

>it's her stylists fault, not hers

>americans are self obsessed and think everything revolves around them

and my favorite

>south korea has nothing to do with that history

No. 317890

This video came up on my IG feed and people were defending her so much, saying 'oooh poor baby. she isnt from america. not her fault!'

>it's her stylists fault, not hers

>americans are self obsessed and think everything revolves around them

and my favorite

>south korea has nothing to do with that history

No. 317891

This video came up on my IG feed and people were defending her so much, saying 'oooh poor baby. she isnt from america. not her fault!'

>it's her stylists fault, not hers

>americans are self obsessed and think everything revolves around them

and my favorite

>south korea has nothing to do with that history

No. 317892

This video came up on my IG feed and people were defending her so much, saying 'oooh poor baby. she isnt from america. not her fault!'

>it's her stylists fault, not hers

>americans are self obsessed and think everything revolves around them

and my favorite

>south korea has nothing to do with that history

No. 317895

Is anybody else also annoyed by Koreans and their fans labeling everybody else as "westerner"?
The distance between there I live and the US is exactly the same as the distance from here to S.Korea. They always lump all of us together, yet find it offensive if we can't differentiate them from e.g. Japan. Especially Army are guilty of that when shitting on dem ignorant haterz. In the end it boils down to unique, special Korea and "the rest" of the world.

No. 317899

I just saw cheetah congratulating IZONE on their debut, she doesn't even look like the same person, what happened?

No. 317915

onymous 58 seconds ago No. 317913
Eh not really, what else would you suggest? European/American? Plus the “West” includes Latin America and anything else would just imply white people. It’s a cultural thing too, as the aforementioned cultures are more similar to each other than they are to Asia and therefore easier to lump together.

No. 317924

I feel like it serves its purpose because it basically means anything not asian lol. But it is really annoying when people can’t differentiate between cultures. More than once I had korean ppl tell me that all western countries are the same to them. “Americans don’t get married, right?” No, what are you talking about, marriage is normal in the states “oh sorry I think I read that about France, but it’s all the same to me!”

Or, asking me about something that goes on in Germany and I say idk I’m not German I can’t answer for their culture and their response was “oh but it’s all the same right? Western culture?”

I’d say they were fucking stupid but I’m sure many ~western people would say the same shit when talking about Asian countries. But at least those countries are comparatively close together lol they really expect North America to be the same as Europe despite the giant ocean in between…

No. 317946

No. 317958

>its weird how its so normalized for asians to be like that in comparison to americans

As opposed to America where it is normalized to be fat as fuck and like 80% of your population is obese. kek.

No. 317973

Remember when I said that there were salty Asians lurking the thread? Case in point. Sorry about your disproportionate, huge flat face and quasi microcephaly. Maybe a trip to Dr. Kim will fix that. Make sure he washes his hands first though

No. 317979

Holy shit, btfo lmao

No. 317985

They have apologised so many times and sent so much money, but SK doesn't give a fuck and needs to not accept apologies (they took the money tho) so they can continue casting Japan as the evil one.

No. 317986

I'm a white Westerner, you fucking sperg. I'm just not a fat one like you obviously are, judging by your salty ass reply kek

No. 317992

I genuinely wonder what hes going to look like when hes old

No. 317994

Neither Japan nor S.Korean governments actually care about the surviving comfort women, if they did they'd know that the survivors didn't want monetary compensation.

Not that I'm expecting lolcow to have a reasonable discussion about East Asian international relations lol

No. 318000

>responds to day old irrelevant post just to criticize Americans

No. 318014

im actually the original anon you replied to and you sound like a retarded koreaboo in complete denial of the acceptance and promotion of unhealthy starvation diets and dangerous plastic surgeries that are prominent in korean culture
are you also the same anon that sperged out in the anti korean culture thread and mass replied to 50 people in one post because you were so offended and upset that people dared to critique korea?

No. 318033

lmao do you not understand how pathetic you sound

No. 318045


it reminds me of their styling during "on and on".it would be cool if he was dressed like he was back then

No. 318061

salty white ex-koreaboos really are the worst, who would have thought

No. 318069

stop the fucking sperging, we're all shittalking kpoop. Jennie got a fucking solo teaser and shit's very poppy-esq lol

No. 318071

what's so milky about that?

No. 318076


wtf was that? YG tries to convince everyone that BP is a "badass" group yet he infantilizes the fuck out of them

No. 318084

File: 1540902642779.jpeg (90.96 KB, 768x1024, 387CBE55-8E04-4C32-89B1-7E8956…)

here are some non-halloween idols w their mismatched foundation for comparison bc i actually thought this was an exaggeration at first

No. 318085

File: 1540902676776.jpeg (94.75 KB, 768x1024, C1F99FAF-7778-4CED-B580-E5BEF7…)

i like monsta x but these made me lol.

No. 318099

File: 1540904132706.jpg (416.2 KB, 1366x2048, casper.jpg)

Reminded me of this cursed pic of hyuck lol. Literally the only time his foundation doesn't look hideous is when he does it himself.

No. 318100

File: 1540904176034.jpg (271.98 KB, 1364x2048, casper2.jpg)

No. 318101

no wonder he got into makeup lmao. he should start doing the other members’ makeup too.

i’m so glad he’s proud of his natural skin tone and i wish more idols would follow suit. this thread reminds me just how bad and tragic it is when idols try to bleach and mismatch their makeup + abuse filters.

No. 318102

i don't know what to expect from her, is this going to be rap focused or vocal focused?

No. 318108

File: 1540906463359.gif (942.86 KB, 250x456, 41C8E161-233C-44BF-B1E3-05C2CD…)


This was real uncomfortable to watch. I feel dirty now. Also Jennie is a fucking terrible dancer so it’s going to be hilarious to see her in motion on stage alone. They better hire some backup dancers lol.

No. 318110

that's why it's fucking saged, dipshit

No. 318114

if you acknowledge that there's nothing milky about it, why'd you even post it in the first place, dipshit? doesn't matter whether or not you saged.

No. 318123


Are you that blackpink Stan who keeps shitting up the thread with compliments about Lisa and got yelled at so you went to shit up the kpop general thread but no one pays attention to your posts there so now you’re back here and mad that anon posted Jennie’s shitty solo promo?

She posted it because it’s a kpop critical thread. This is not /pt. We are allowed to nitpick idols we don’t like. Jennie’s solo has been being discussed periodically above so it is relevant. Go take your meds and continue rubbing it out to your waifus. This new promo video should help a lot. Retard.

No. 318125

Her performances are gonna be a major snoozer with her lack of on-stage energy combined with a song that's likely some low-tempo, "R&B", alt-girl shit.

No. 318126

I'm not that anon and I don't care about black pink or jennie, you absolute sperg, geez. there was nothing noteworthy about that video, nitpicking to this degree is just lame.

No. 318147


No. 318151

that teaser reminded me of a gain ‘classy sexy’ type of concept, the song’s going to be dull af and just something to go along with the expensive and sexy but pure image they’re trying to give her. i’m more curious about the other girls solos. rosé is probably going to have her halsey moment, but i have no idea about jisoo and lisa. lisa didn’t even have a solo singing stage when the rest did for their japanese concerts so i have no guess. when 2ne1 had their solo/duet songs dara’s kiss turned out well despite her complete lack of talent, so there’s a chance they could turn out well despite the members themselves being completely average

No. 318156

>Reminder these are same creeps that are still harassing that news anchor.

I hope that news anchor thrives. He doesn't deserve this shit

No. 318207

I think Jennie is just a lazy bratty person. She works hard only when she has to.

No. 318210

So this is the start of her sex tape right?

No. 318220

this made me feel so fucking uncomfortable.

No. 318233

>nitpicking to this degree is just lame
thats what we do here fuck off with this drama shit

No. 318234

Gross. Can’t wait for these girls to have YG drop them. Idk how the fans eat this up and not feel uncomfortable. I though anons were overreacting but Jesus that’s a weird teaser.

No. 318251

i hope i'm wrong but i feel like jennie's solo is going to be a boring poppy & melanie martinez rip-off

No. 318254

I wonder if Rosé is secretly seething, she was the one into "indie" Halsey-tier shit, is ruining her vocal chords to have the "Welcome to my kitchen" voice… and they give the opportunity to Jennie instead

No. 318266

Aren't they supposed to be giving solos to all of them? So that shitfest is likely coming

No. 318273

what are you on? we're in /ot/, people are allowed to post about whatever they want here, you weirdo.

to contribute to the topic, i always find it really weird when kpop groups make songs in japanese or english, it always sounds really off. especially when they just take an existing song and translate it.

No. 318289

tiffany seems a lot more likeable when she doesn't have to have the sm, snsd image. still kind of irritating, but it's a lot more natural and endearing than when she was in korea. since it's getting to a point where second gen idols are either coming to an end or are at a point where they don't care about their image anymore, i hope there's going to be more of them taking on more mature images. the idol image might kind of die once they pass 30 but it's not like they're actually that old, if they know how to reinvent themselves then it could be interesting and a refreshing change to having groups just fade away when they're not appealing to teens

No. 318308

Jennie is the least interesting and talented of all the BP girls, why the fuck is she getting a solo .. Maybe there are some truth the rumors about daddy YG fucking her.

No. 318318

seems like shes still obligated to represent snsd though its kinda cringe that all the members who left are still saying "we are still together we're still snsd forever"

its the same delusional bs that sm trained them to do and i have yet to see any glimmer of hope that any of them will be able to create an image for themselves outside of mentioning snsd every interview

No. 318365

File: 1540932886678.jpg (59.2 KB, 800x800, RAZoTZ6.jpg)

wow wendy looks HORRID wtf
is it bad photoshop or more plastic?

No. 318373

which one's wendy?

No. 318374

i can't honestly tell red velvet apart in official photos, wendy is the one lower left right?

No. 318375

top right dark purple lol

No. 318378

File: 1540935396876.jpg (408.59 KB, 1000x1500, Du1goKJ.jpg)

Top right in the blue. She's infamous for a horrific jaw shave (and possibly a nose job) and unflattering styling.

No. 318379

In the dark blue
Joy looks so strange. It's like they only tried for Irene and Yeri's photos. At least Seulgi's hair was dark for this shoot.

No. 318380

i literally had to do process of elimination to find wendy i HOPE thats just a really shitty photoshop, or she has fucked up her entire face

No. 318408

kek i thought the numbered items were the tracklist for this comeback album

No. 318409

Twice's new teaser was more "yg" than this lol, what is this?

No. 318411

absolutely no ass. it's negative ass

No. 318459

Wtf i barely recognize her. She looks like a dude here. Why does it seem likr Wendy is the one needing PS fixes the most? I dont see other RV members getting the same shit so often.

No. 318479

if seulgi ever gets anything done its gonna be a sad day for me
her look is so unique and beautiful

No. 318502

Being attached to any idol's looks is russian roulette. Still mourning the double lid surgery my favorite idol got, especially since it reduced part of their appeal.

Seulgi's probably far enough along in her career to avoid contract-obligated or company "pressure" to change her look, so you just gotta hope she's fine as is.

No. 318532

i love how androgynous she looks. the rest of the members all look very feminine so she compliments them really nicely visually imo. she’s one of the few female idols i can actually call handsome.

more androgyny and variation in looks among female idols plz. male idols have so much more wiggle room when it comes to visuals (and basically everything else lbr), it’s kind of sad.

No. 318777

File: 1541018168124.png (563.75 KB, 956x606, ig.png)

So, the girl that got caught smooking weed with T.O.P is seemingly angry that he posted on IG today and posted a long rant, most likely about him, on her IG herself:

"Don't even think about coming out. Who do you think you are to be crawling out like this? I heard you're telling your peers that I received money from you and that I'm a gold digger? You must be talking a lot of s*it for it to also reach me. Stop talking about me. Talk about it after you actually give me money. You do have a lot of money.
You seem to be living quietly so I had my mouth shut but I'm going to say what I need to say since you're uploading on Instagram as if nothing happened hehe. But I won't lie saying you're a gold digger at least.
Do you know how many of your company's business that I hid for you? I'm so nice. The reporters begged me to break the news but I rejected it all because I was scared. I should've just done it. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. Why did I go there (YG building) on that day? You know, right?
Oh, and please, live your age. Stop pretending to be an artist. You're just an ahjussi. Just absolutely ahjussi."

I hope she will spill the milk tbh

No. 318790

These are so fucking bad LOL, Wendy doesn't even look like herself.

No. 318803

honestly she's just a typical talentless, brainless, super rich girl, and she still can't any other way to get famous? she can't grab onto anything else other than being a narc?

No. 318809

File: 1541021913587.jpg (55.06 KB, 555x563, jonghyunseohee.jpg)

That starfucker is going to milk TOP for attention. I'm suprised she never got sued to shut up. Either she got real tea or her parents are more powerful party.

My guess is the company tried to pay her to paint TOP in good light in court and media and take most of the blame on herself?

Or she supplied drugs to other people at YG. Maybe her job was delivering drugs from a dealer to celebrities (a go-between, drug broker), hence all her male idol connections.

No. 318813

>Oh, and please, live your age. Stop pretending to be an artist.
She's kinda right about though, lol.

No. 318844

incoming trainwreck kek

No. 318845

Can’t wait until the trend of inflating YouTube views dies, either naturally or because yt eventually cracks down on it.

No. 318846

lol wtf is this babby shit? disgusting

No. 318993

File: 1541053953799.png (1.87 MB, 776x881, bunny.PNG)

Anyone seen this new group PinkFantasy? They debuted recently, the MV got some hype because shit Shindong from Suju directed it or something. Seems they have a "bunny" as a member, basically its a hidden member that will never show her face.

I'm slightly intrigued by this. Why? Only to gain fans because of the mistery? I don't see how someone dancing in a bunny mask won't get old fast. Or maybe it's a dude? Body wise it looks a lot thicker compared to the usual dainty idols.

No. 318994

File: 1541054155383.jpg (22.94 KB, 750x734, a448f5e031f8b652ac334d732521e9…)

Another one body wise, I think it's a dude. Or a very non conventional idol lol

No. 318995

It's kind of worrying that the youngest is only 13 while the oldest member is around 26. Poor girl.

No. 318996

uuh are we just gonna ignore its chest? it wouldn't be nice if they revealed it to be a guy later and these pics of a guy wearing a bra surfaced again

No. 318997

She's entering lolcow territory

No. 319002

File: 1541056335497.png (795.7 KB, 726x576, 1.PNG)

Hands look like a man? lol you can fake a chest but I can see it being too obvious during live performances? I haven't seen the member with revealing clothes yet, so it's possible.

Wow didn't know there was such an age difference. I guess we'll have to see where they go with this. Some people are comparing them to Crayon Pop because of the weirdness? I will give them the benefit of the doubt until their next comeback to see if the rabbit idea pays off. I just don't see the point of a member that can't sing live very well (or at all), sticks out like a sore thumb and probably can't see shit while dancing.

No. 319003

Would it really have much controversy? Idols are always doing those live performances in drag with fake boobs. I can see why people would think it's a guy just because it explains the need for a mask, but I agree it's probably a woman and they are going for the "mistery" angle to gain fans.

No. 319004

Why the Jonghyun reference though?

No. 319005

>>318993 artists hiding their identity is nothing new but idols covering their faces and leaving their image to the fans seems like a novelty that we'll likely be exploited soon if they achieve the amount of fame they expect or want. However, if the person inside is a girl I don't get why the bunny person is completely covered considering most members are girls so no one could ever doubt that this new group is other than a girl group. But since barely part of bunny's skin is expos there's a chance that it's a dude but why?

Is this to protect the person's identity or just a hype they want to milk? I don't know why I'm rambling and I likely don't make any sense at all

No. 319012

Those definitely look like a guy's hands.
Idk I think the idea is cute in it's novelty but what I don't get is why is the mask so fucking wonky? It looks cheap af.

No. 319013

not OP, but I guess it's because the girl behind Jonghyun is the girl they're talking about.

No. 319014

File: 1541061988306.jpeg (57.02 KB, 500x500, 97010240-F567-4014-B445-5F2D5C…)

happy belated halloween!

No. 319015

celebrities get questions about their dating life all the time and i've never seen any other fans than kpoppies going insane over anything that implies dating. of course over-the-top disrespectful questions aren't okay and no one has to talk about their private life if they don't want to, but it's not like grown ass adults are going to start crying if someone asks "do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend"

video related is exo-ls losing their shit over a dating related question and exo looking like they want to die

No. 319018

File: 1541063350448.png (267.12 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181101-110630.png)

So I check in on lipstickalley from time to time and saw this. I can't see the tweets the poster is referring to but it looks like the cats out of the bag, kinda

No. 319022

File: 1541064534706.png (Spoiler Image, 1.57 MB, 1180x1532, 1.png)

this is some scary ass shit

No. 319023

NVM this is from a few months back but it has been brought to light again

No. 319026

And they're making excusing for v saying he's cute etc…

No. 319027

File: 1541064990580.gif (1.56 MB, 392x360, giphy-1 (2)uy.gif)

I should've never clicked on this

No. 319038

That fucking nose why did he do that to himself? He wouldn't be bad looking with a normal nose.

No. 319040

File: 1541068192757.jpeg (165.52 KB, 1215x1822, 0C196AF1-4419-40F7-8124-B9BD4A…)

i barely recognized baek in this thumbnail jesus fuck

No. 319070

i really don't understand why they are swooning over that retard. i find his looks overhyped (most handsome man alive? really???) but even if he was good-looking, his personality is extremely unlikeable. pseudo-intellectual, has no talent; terrible performing, was in a k-drama and sucked hard, armys think his photography is amazing but it also sucks. maybe his lack of talent could be tolerable if he wasn't a dumb, misogynistic country boy but that's what he is. fans who try to justify his ignorance like "but that's his culture!! respect our baby boy!!" are just pathetic

No. 319071

Am I the only person annoyed that 4 out of the last 6 RV posts feature Yeri? She literally does nothing for the group but she’s spamming her mediocre face all over their media as if she did.

No. 319072


I don't have any strong feelings about V either way but it does seem obvious to me he's very conservative, particularly as he's best friends with actual cult member Park Bogum. I'm just waiting for him to slip and make it obvious that he believes in some backwards shit.

No. 319082


I swear he looks worse and worse every time I see him, he's becoming really uncanny. And why does it seem his eyes are miles apart from each other?

No. 319092

this is funny and sad at the same time

No. 319094

I hope park bogum recruits v, he seems feeble minded enough to fall for it

No. 319097


He probably already has, cults aren't typically thrilled when members are close with people who aren't part of the cult. And Bogum and V are VERY close. I doubt any cult worth its salt would let their golden boy hang out with someone who might tell him that actually, praying won't cure cancer.

No. 319102

90% of RV instagram is literally just Yeri. It's annoying but not really new. She really craves that insta attention

No. 319129

Dat botched open-nosejob scar. But he's all natural girls, there are predebut pics…

No. 319136

i don't care about people getting plastic surgery but it's ridiculous when people insist that someone who obviously got something done is completely natural. bts fans attack anyone who implies anything about bts getting ps. i don't understand how they don't notice it, they look at their faces all the time. maybe jin and v didn't get much done but that's it, the rest is easy to tell

No. 319137

Just curious, waiting for your answers! https://www.strawpoll.me/16757946/r

No. 319147

I don't think anyone will leave BTS in the near future because they all know damn well that they won't make money as much as they do now on their own, and the backlash won't be too nice. Someone might leave when the hype starts to die though. I can't see Jimin, Jungkook or RM leaving since they all seem to dependent on BTS and armys. It could be either Suga, Jhope, I wish V and Jin, most likely Suga

No. 319149

>Most likely Suga
Absolutely, from what he says, he never wanted to be an idol in the first place. He's only enjoying it now because of the money and pussy he gets. Once he doesn't get as much any more (which will probably happen when he joined the army) he'll dip.

No. 319203

Wtf is going on with his septum?

No. 319240

Too many nosejob scars. I had one nosejob done, they also opened via the septum, and you can't see shit even from up close. For his septum to be in that state he must have had at least 3 surgeries.

No. 319275

Yeesh I never knew that’s how nose jobs we’re done. I thought it was common knowledge that if you repeatedly open up old scarred wounds, the scars will only get more severe? Anyways, armys will still deny bts getting ps even when pictures like that exist.

No. 319284

“BTS doesn’t have plastic surgery!!! All of them are natural!!!!”

No. 319301

I've never hid a thread on here before but that kpop general is now my first. I thought I could just ignore it but every time I scroll and see one of the cringeworthy nct posts I feel weirded out. "I love our dreamies!" was the last straw lol

No. 319328

jfc, that's horrifying

No. 319361

i actually think thats kind of cool ngl
then again i was also a fan of the angel band member aoa concept and was mad when they ditched that too and legit feel if they had kept it, they would have been even more sustainable rather than having like..2 or 3 super sexy comebacks then getting fucked and dumped like they did

No. 319363

everything is simultaneously racist and not racist on lipstick alley
its basically black women vs gay white males on there

No. 319419

yeojin is really annoying… i hate how she shoves herself into every members' spotlight. she's like yeri.

No. 319496


Kpop and furries, the two of the worst things have merged

No. 319507


>i don't understand how they don't notice it

I'm sure many of them notice, but they either A) don't want to admit it to themselves or B) know it full well but because of the general ARMY pack attitude they can never voice different opinions because they don't want to get attacked by others

No. 319531

Today i learned my 12 y/o cousin listens to bts and this guy's her fav….
She has 1080 pictures of him on her phone….fuck everything

No. 319554

I mean, she is their target audience, are you really that surprised? Don't get worried about it if she doesn't grow out of it by the time she's like 17 or something.

No. 319570

Not really, but she's been kind of raised on the internet and i already noticed before she's been looking at some furry-ish art, so i dont want her to go off the deep end

Kpop fans were always super cringey to me so

Sage for ot

No. 319576

Well, if it makes her happy then I don't see a problem. She's just a kid.

No. 319578

I can't believe I used to think this guy was good looking years ago. Exo are walking plastic surgery ads and age is just making it more and more obvious. Maybe this is why SM isn't reviving them.

No. 319579

File: 1541187561206.jpg (221.89 KB, 1333x2000, 1541186554184.jpg)

Pic didn't attach for some reason

No. 319591

kai has always had a shit nose but i'm praying this is just a bad photo. his body makes up for it but damn he looks busted as hell lmaoo

No. 319600

File: 1541192281139.jpeg (128.75 KB, 582x800, D4272157-A8B8-44F6-833E-F35DAD…)

i never really got the hype with kai’s looks. i don’t dislike him but he was just really odd-looking to me- like that male bratz doll he got compared to kek. he also seemed to be the polar opposite of the korean cookie cutter ideal (without being conventionally ugly though) re: small face, v-line, dainty features, pale skin etc.

sehun was always the best-looking exo-k member to me, although he looks like he’s doubled in age now lol

No. 319601

Damn, Sehun has really dainty arms and hands. Still agree that he's the best looking.

No. 319605

I knew this thread was infested with exo retards

No. 319608


We can go back to calling Jimin an ugly racist if you want.

No. 319624

File: 1541195222009.png (287.09 KB, 1286x428, Screen Shot 2018-11-02 at 4.36…)

Anyone else wondering why N