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File: 1546771472539.jpg (65.45 KB, 630x400, sasaeng fans .jpg)

No. 349793

Rant about Kpop, its creepy fandoms, and/or its fucked up industry. Or just nitpick some idols.

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No. 349796

File: 1546771676002.png (243.56 KB, 596x464, Screen Shot 2019-01-06 at 9.46…)

I came across this and…I'm slightly disturbed

No. 349800

File: 1546772134306.png (Spoiler Image, 381.11 KB, 476x635, bitch wtf.png)

i was scrolling down my twitter feed (where i mainly follow western male sports stars) and this popped up. it was so fucking horrifying, especially compared to the pictures of normal looking men.

god, male kpop artists look absolutely hideous. the combination of their manlet stature, plastic surgery and awful dye jobs is not doing them any favours.

No. 349801

Is that Yoochun in thread pic? He's so fucking ugly goddamn, Jaejoong really was the only pretty one in TVXQ

No. 349807

File: 1546772897059.jpg (115.66 KB, 1200x799, DgxMRJXUcAEgyAe.jpg)

It's Junsu.

And Jaejoong looks haggard these days.

No. 349809

I know, that's why I said he "was". Maybe Jaejoong needs to go back to the military because that's the last time he looked any good.

No. 349810

Personally, I’d rather look at someone who’s average and natural than someone who’s as pale as a corpse and has bad ps. Ideally idols should be attractive, but bad ps is just uncomfortable to look at.

No. 349812

is this hyungwon or jimin?

No. 349814

No. 349816

i wonder how he's going to age

No. 349817

He'll shed his reptile skin for a new one every few months or so until he's old, broke and forgotten

No. 349819

File: 1546774316752.jpg (28.7 KB, 540x302, moon1.jpg)

>I wonder how he's going to age

Like this.

No. 349824

who in bts will be the first to pull a changmin/jaejoong and knock a sasaeng out? i haven’t heard about them having the same stuff with women trailing their cars, breaking into their homes etc. but i’m sure it happens at this point

No. 349827

Probably Suga, he puts up with idol life because of the money and pussy but I bet he'd punch them all if he could

No. 349828

V. He already snaps at foreign fans for making the evil and unforgivable mistake of not being 100% fluent in Korean.

No. 349830

didn't suga say something salty about foreign fans too?

No. 349831

suga is 5'6" and a twink LOL he couldn't knock anyone out, not even a teenage girl

No. 349832

I think during a live video he got pissed at international fans saying "look out there's a ghost behind you" and said he could tell they weren't Korean because their grammar was off.

Not as offensive as V but still annoying

No. 349833

Kek his sasaengs probably weigh more than him

No. 349834

Betting on Jimin

No. 349835

Jimin LOVES attention, no matter how invasive the stalking gets he won't complain.

No. 349837

File: 1546777149602.png (832.82 KB, 533x805, Seulgi.PNG)

I know Yeri's fridge body gets a lot of shit but Seulgi's isn't that much better

No. 349840

Most of them seem pretty nationalist. The tongue baths they get from nationalist Koreans who think BTS are ushering in an age of Korea as a global power has gone to their heads.

No. 349841

i haven't heard of sasaengs breaking into their home but iirc it happened to exo, a sasaeng broke into their dorm and stole fucking piss from their toilet.

some sasaeng shit i know about bts, one almost caused them to get in a car accident and accused jungkook of smoking afterwards (to shift blame i guess), another sasaeng hit suga in an airport, they got mobbed in airports several times and vid related is v getting chased down by fans.

the least likely to snap at a fan are jimin and jungkook lol, both are too dependent on them. the most likely is probably v. he already shoved his own phone on a sasaeng's face who was doing the same and he doesn't seem timid towards fans, i mean, he didn't think a second before pulling some girl on a fansign's hair. i don't think he'd do anything physical but maybe also suga, when bts got mobbed in an airport some twitter stans were mad that an environment like that could trigger him because he has social anxiety. does he actually have it, i don't know

No. 349843

About EXO, there's also the incident where a sasaeng broke into Tao's hotel room and recorded him singing Fantastic Baby in the shower.

No. 349845

Lmfaoooo I hope there's videos of that floating around

No. 349850

File: 1546778747933.png (244.11 KB, 608x507, 5946736.png)

this twitter thread is a good read if anyone is interested in getting a general overview of the insane shit these obsessed fans do: https://twitter.com/ccr66p/status/695790224232697856

No. 349851

File: 1546778753143.jpeg (12.6 KB, 204x326, images (46).jpeg)

Lmao he did look like Jimin when he was younger. These idols age like milk.

No. 349852

File: 1546778884412.jpg (134.65 KB, 520x360, why.jpg)

god is dead

No. 349853

File: 1546779148277.gif (877.69 KB, 220x220, laughs-nervously-what-the-fuck…)

>that video

No. 349854

What is it about shitty K-pop that makes people do this shit? No one even try to LARP that their songs are just that good.

No. 349855

The screams good God, sounds like a massacre taking place there

No. 349857

The fanservice. Naive girls easily believe that these idols care about them.

No. 349858

File: 1546779375645.jpg (79.36 KB, 768x960, unnamed-14-768x960.jpg)

Sulli's doing it again. I wonder why SM don't even try to stop her? Isn't it bad for their PR?

No. 349860

File: 1546779397456.jpg (Spoiler Image, 53.3 KB, 719x539, unnamed-21.jpg)

No. 349861

I believe it's the whole boyfriend/girlfriend next door thing. Kpop stars in a way seem to be a lot more close to fans than your average western star, even if they really are not.

No. 349862

Sulli is the OG princess of Lee Soo Man, she's given much more of a pass than anyone at SM.
From a business standpoint she's not costing any money to retain because she's not an idol anymore, and SM generally looks the other way until buzz from her antics dies down. She's like a Kardashian - generates buzz for breathing, even if that buzz is negative.

No. 349863

>Sending letters written with menstrual blood and used pads to idols
Jesus fucking Christ

No. 349866

So hyuna and edawn got engaged? I guess its just an attempt to stay relevant in the public's eye, they literally are living out of controversies

No. 349867

jenkai was probably an unpleasant surprise for them, people now have another couple to pay attention to

No. 349869

I think suga might have some form of social anxiety, it's not that uncommon. Once fans go to rowdy when they were leaving a fan sign or something and he cried in the elevator
He definitely wouldn't do anything to sasaengs, he isn't ballsy enough

No. 349873

Is there soem reason for this other than being crazy? Like, "if I write a letter to him with my fertile period blood under the full moon surely the love spell will work"
Anyway good job grossing out your stalking victim.
I also want to know what kind of mental illnesses/personality disorders they gotta have to act like this.

No. 349878

Most likely. This is what's written on Taecyeon's letter:
>I dedicate to Taecyeon my period blood letter
>Ok Taecyeon, You cannot live without me
>Sprinkled with a few strands of my pubes

It's disgusting af but between this and blood that comes out of self-harm this is just slightly better lmao.

No. 349880

she looks fine stfu

No. 349881

i don't think jimin, a male ana chan, is going to punch anyone with his frail arms. and rapmon has to stick to his ~woke, but soft boi uwu~ persona. it'd probably be taehyung, he seems unhinged enough to do something like that. it would be so milky to see stan twitter (especially the sea fans and the wealthy western fans) try to justify it.

kek, they are running out of pr stunts to pull. jennie and kai are the new it couple now. i do hope edawn and hyuna release some music though, i want to see whatever shit tier crackhead soundcloud music they release flop. i wonder if they get desperate enough to do a pregnancy stunt.

No. 349882

Or she just wants to be memorable, in her eyes it's better to be "the crazy bitch who scarred oppa for life" rather than just another girl sending plushies and harmless gifts.

There was this one idol who I think got slapped by a sasaeng? Idk who that was or even if it's true but I've heard it float around

No. 349883

File: 1546781419184.jpg (278.78 KB, 1920x1080, unnamed.jpg)

Are you kidding me

No. 349884

>it would be so milky to see stan twitter (especially the sea fans and the wealthy western fans) try to justify it.

to be honest with the shit im seeing in this thread so far it may genuinely be justified

No. 349885

Not like Triple H was doing great to begin with, one Cube rookie who went on Produce 101 sold more albums than them and he hasn't formally debuted yet. Hyuna created Triple H to touch her boyfriend in public, that's it.

Jennie and Kai are attractive and shower regularly plus an SM-YG couple is like the Romeo and Juliet of Kpop considering how much YG hates anything SM related.

If Kpop companies were smarter they'd set up idols on dates to generate more buzz before their albums like how Hollywood stars "get caught" on dates when they have a new movie coming out.

No. 349886

Well yeah that was mentioned too in that Twitter thread. Girl said she just wanted to "stand out" in front of oppar.

No. 349888

Nice try yeri stan

No. 349890

he wrote about having ocd and social anxiety in a song

No. 349892

Yeri has stans?

No. 349893

They both look fine. Anons itt need to fuck off with the nitpicking.

No. 349894

Honestly Kai and Jennie are way more aesthetically pleasing than them

No. 349895

Yeri's stans are like RM's stans, who stan her solely based on pity lol

No. 349898

Idk if this heechul fag was lying but it was real then it's scary:

>One night, he was just wandering around in the dormitory wearing only his underwear with a teddy bear design on it.

>Soon enough, he received a text message saying “Oppa, your teddy bear underwear is cute!”.
>The scary thing was that he was living at the 12th floor of the apartment and it is unlikely that the sasaeng fan could see him unless she lives in the opposite building. It was also scary to realize that the fan actually had his phone number too.
>HeeChul was unsure as to where the sasaeng fan managed to spot him but since then he had always drawn his curtains just so to protect his privacy.

No. 349901

Jennie is the prettiest in Blackpink IMO.

Also not to start tinfoiling but are Kai's features common in Korean men? I heard that a lot of idols still keep any mixed heritage under wraps. He doesn't look fully Korean to me - but maybe I'm being stupid because I haven't seen many Korean/Asian men around where I live

No. 349902

File: 1546782846812.jpg (63.31 KB, 600x367, EXO-Kai-botched-plastic-surger…)

No anon, it's PS that makes him look like he's mixed.

No. 349903

Ah I see. Funny how double lid surgery changes races kek

No. 349904


>it is unlikely that the sasaeng fan could see him unless she lives in the opposite building.

That or they somehow broke in and placed cameras.

I'm pretty paranoid myself so i can't imagine how everyday these idols enter their home and do basic stuff like taking a shower or just talking without being hyper alert all time.

No. 349905

File: 1546782937079.jpg (85.67 KB, 1200x630, unnamed.jpg)

This is so unfortunate lmao

No. 349906

Another male idol who has given me hidden mixed heritage vibes is Jackson. He just doesn't look fully Chinese to me, I don't know if it's the PS or what but he doesn't look that different seeing his predebut pictures.

No. 349907

File: 1546782997564.jpg (47.24 KB, 474x739, th.jpg)

yeah, it's sm's side effect

No. 349908

File: 1546783113888.jpg (18.87 KB, 396x283, DWcXmPaVQAAKP51.jpg)

He used to look like a basic HKnger before Got7, so 100% PS

No. 349910

i can't find the source on it now, but that happened to kim jaejoong recently. a sasaeng bought an apartment opposite his so he keeps his blinds closed 24/7. the only thing scarier than sasaengs is the fact that they aren't just 14 year old girls, a lot of them are grown women with jobs and enough money to keep up with rich idols

No. 349911

File: 1546783348264.jpg (18.23 KB, 500x332, `.jpg)

Kim Hyung Jun and his brother look mixed to me, but idk

No. 349914

File: 1546784048289.png (Spoiler Image, 208.63 KB, 417x357, dfdfdfdfdfssssssssssssssssssss…)

A lot of the sasaeng rationalize the behavior with "doing shitty, disgusting things to Oppa will make him remember who I am".

It's a way to ensure they're not just another 'faceless fan' and that they are actually noticed between all the fans. It's crazy, but the worst part is it actually works.

No. 349917

It's funny how kpop stars are always humblebragging on tv shows
Kai said he was mistaken as a girl a lot in school but he doesn't look like one at all in this pic

No. 349922

I'd bet on the misogynist line, aka V and Jimin. Jimin would only do that if the sasaeng is a very petite girl though, being a coward ana manlet as he is

They are? Ah, called it. Some weeks ago they had a photoshoot wearing engagement rings as earrings… that was before the Jennie and Kai news though, it stole the buzz

No. 349923

Jungkook said that 6 entertainment agencies wanted to sign him after his failed audition for some TV show. Judging by how he can barely hold a tune, has no personality, and is extremely basic looking (looked like a rodent at debut), I doubt it.

No. 349933

if 6 companies actually wanted him why did he choose bighit lmao

No. 349935

He was just THAT impressed by Rat Monster's pussy-beating lyrics that he wanted to go where he was.

Fuck established companies like Cube, FNC and Starship, he wanted to be in some nugu company nobody knew of with his beloved Namjoon hyung uwu~~

No. 349940

Jackson is a foreigner though, he probably has very little to lose by hiding any mixed blood. Unless China is just as xenophobic as South Korea?

No. 349942

Can't tell if he really picked Bighit because of Rapmon or you are just being sarcastic

No. 349943

File: 1546789125628.jpeg (320.03 KB, 1281x1920, B76D66E2-BD3A-4FB2-9D3F-FFA983…)

No offense to fridge body, but come on

No. 349944

File: 1546789148289.png (58.85 KB, 1130x448, Jungkook.PNG)

No. 349946

File: 1546789292397.jpeg (570.32 KB, 1125x1368, 661DFD7A-76EB-4219-AB1B-BD4360…)

Also same fag adding this treat of a photo

Reupload to hide who’s profile I grabbed it off

No. 349947

Kek, that's just like how Jin says he was street scouted by one of the big 3 companies. There's no way that true.
Everyone one in BTS is a idol reject (or couldn't make it as a rapper) and that's why they had to join a broke nobody company that only had a failed girl group under their belt.

No. 349948

File: 1546789334517.png (509.16 KB, 887x807, Yuta sasaeng.PNG)

Apparently a sasaeng is threatening to expose NCT's Yuta as gay. Tbh he doesn't need to be outed, the way he acts towards Winwin speaks for itself

No. 349949

Even after being streetcasted, people still do have to pass the audition, it's not like streetcasting automatically guarantees they'll offer a contract.

Armys screeching about how lucky Jin was that he didn't make it into EXO….judging by his complete lack of talent I don't think he'd have made it in anyway. He's not even at Sehun levels of talent.

No. 349950

yeah he's lucky that he wasn't put into a group that has some actually competent vocalists, his career wouldn't last a second

No. 349952

Even if they made him an actor he wouldn't have gone far with that whiny nasal voice of his

No. 349956

Idk about now but 2 years ago RM was pushed by bighit so hard, is it because he is the songwriter? He's insufferable to look at on stage, why does he get so much praise lol

Eh, I've seen a video where he was going to a club and was eyeing some girl on the way, not that it proves anything but come on, they're all doing fanservice all the time. The way he and Jungwoo are constantly clinging onto other members makes me think that's the only way to make sm give them spotlight. If you don't attract enough of fans' attention, they have 20 other members to put in front of the camera.

No. 349963

Jin competing for favorability in EXO would be laughable considering he's so easily forgettable in BTS

No. 349971

No matter how much I try, I can't ever understand why Jungkook is loved so much. His personality is so bland and his looks… lets not…..

No. 349974

File: 1546795313562.jpg (108.5 KB, 1200x675, britney-spears-umbrella-zoom-c…)

>stole fucking piss
oh my god? did you say "anything with dnk" in the last thread? i wonder if they freeze this shit and try to impregnate temselvses with it somehow. jokes aside im pretty sure they do something creepy with the material, like have it analyzed

but still… piss, from the TOILET? i am unable to even

and the stalkers in the video are also on some other shit. i wouldnt begrudge anyone for hitting a person like that

No. 349975

File: 1546795328485.png (1000.23 KB, 992x964, Screen Shot 2019-01-06 at 12.2…)

No. 349976

Somehow the youngest members of most groups get the most delulu fans

Which video?

No. 349979

they like him because he fits into the cringy bottom stereotype in their gay fanfic fantasies

No. 349982

No. 349989

i would love to live in an incel fandom world where that is considered checking someone out

No. 349990


>Identity theft with the member’s Family Social Security numbers

>Breaking into TVXQ’s house and look for their legal stamp in order to forge marriage papers

some weird ones. another thing i've heard of sasaengs doing is ordering food to be delivered to the idol so they have to pay for it. why? so they'll answer the door? so they'll pay $15? i don't get it. once they go full stalker their behavior is just impossible to understand

No. 349994

I think rat was pushed so hard because the deep sad intellectual thing was and still is kind of trendy and they had already been pushing him as some 200iq genius

Also he might as well be sucking Bang PD's dick with how much he's clearly favored.
Maybe he just cried to him about how he didn't get as much pussy as the pedobait line so Bang based they're concept off the German lit Rat beats off to so much, and made him the start.

No. 349996

rm and jungkook seem like his faves

No. 350001

>**TVXQ currently has average 150 PRIVATES following them around.(per day). these include foreign privates from China, Japan, and reaaalllllyyyy the minority European, American fans

how come these people don't get arrested and sued for good? i know that companies like to milk obessed fans, but aren't these really creme de la creme?

No. 350009

He barely glanced in her direction, how is that proof of his heterosexuality? I think he's straight and does gay shit for fanservice, but that video really isn't proving much

No. 350011

SM would rather have psychotic fans who spend thousands rather than sane fans who spend $50

No. 350012

Junglebook was chosen to struggle through that Steve Aoki song with RM when I have a feeling Aoki asked for only RM and got JK shoved in as a package deal. He gets 90% of the spotlight in their songs. He is definitely Bang PD's favourite.

No. 350019

i think they always give him 99% of the songs because he manages not to fuck up in live performances as often as the other vocalists. he probably brings a lot of money with the amount of his insane fans too

No. 350020

yeah i know, from what i remembered i thought he was checking her out but now i see it was nothing

No. 350025

why are all 40 year old jobless rich kids of sk stalking jungkook anyway

No. 350035

The video in question is of Yuta, not Jungkook

No. 350036

sorry, i'm tipsy. was responding to >>350019

No. 350039

Most of them are underage and you can't, under Korean law. Plus, how are they realistically supposed to identity and sue 150 random people who might not even be korean, who would just be replaced with other stalkers if they actually stopped after being arrested?

I know people love to pretend SM is the big bad like >>350011 but sasaengs are a legitimate danger and cause car crashes. They are more trouble than they're worth. But it's not practical to take legal action against hundreds of kids they don't even know the names of.

No. 350041

File: 1546803636074.png (96.18 KB, 1237x432, JYP.PNG)


JYP might just be shadier than YG and SM combined, at least YG is open about being a predator and LSM's scandals are only financial in nature

No. 350043

File: 1546804854158.png (709.65 KB, 551x698, Untitled.png)

if you ever wanted more proof that idols actually look cakey af in person and their skin isn't pristine, take a look at this photo luna herself posted to instagram yesterday

No. 350045

ok what is going on with her eye area

No. 350046

well i just thought that if they started persecuting people they would make an example out of them and scare most of the others? i read through the gdoc and all the women mentioned were 18+. if someone camps on your lawn everyday it shouldn't be very hard to catch them. anyway, i dont know the scope or the law, im just thinking out loud

No. 350049

I don't understand people who stan these companies in the first place. even if jyp looks better than the other big 3 companies there's always going to be something shady going on that most people won't know about.

No. 350050

something about luna always seems so smug on her instagram, like one too many people said she was really skinny and was just like boa and she really believes it.

jyp girl groups are some of the worst for having girls 14-16 being dressed way too old and having adult concepts. in general jyp is a weird company but they get away with it because they mediaplay about giving trainees sex ed classes

No. 350051

Don't forget that JYP is member of a cult as well.
He was outed in like feburary last year, and told the media he would do a press conference in September, and now here we are and he still hasn't clarified anything.

No. 350071

Might be misremembering, but his September announcement was literally “watch out for my book that will clarify everything”.

No. 350072

(kinda unrelated but not really) Current fans have absolutely no clue how shady JYP is. There were tons of rumours surrounding his artists around ten years ago that I can't speak on due to lack of credible sources. Who knows what happens in Korea that they manage to keep under wraps.

However, when Wonder Girls moved to the NYC headquarters and toured the US, his mistreatment of the girls became apparent to western fans. JYP USA staff got pretty close with western fansites and fans in general, probably in an attempt to simply promote the girls to their fans abroad but this backfired on JYP.

People were questioning whether they even had appropriate entertainment visas, especially for the underage members. The girls were sleeping in a tiny shared flat at JYP headquarters, which is standard in South Korea, but iirc there was some controversy surrounding his permit for commercial property (not an appropriate residential property for the girls and staff to live in), all because real estate/rent in NYC was too expensive for the company at the time (their artists weren't selling anything close to current day TWICE sales).

What I can 100% confirm is that WG's English teacher (who tutored them at their hq for months, during the time that Sunmi was switched out for Lim) made a public statement concerning the girls mistreatment in America, explaining that the girls were stressed and depressed, and he specifically cited that as the reason for Sunmi's break down and departure from the group when she was 17. His story lines up with how Yubin described her sudden departure (they were bunkmates) and how Sunmi later talked about her music career (that being a singer really stressed her out and can make her sad) etc.

When newsites and blogs started reporting and reposting HIS statement, the teacher sent defamation cease & desist letters from his lawyer (source: I received the letter for posting his statement on Soompi) and then he clearly quit or was fired from JYP as he was never heard of again. The girls never mentioned him thereafter. So JYP clearly threatened him with legal action for speaking out in fear that this news would make it back to South Korea. Unforunately Korean fans never seemed to have picked up on it because everything was taken down so quick.

To this day the official explanation is that "sunmi wanted to pursue her academic career" (for a degree she never even finished lol) and fans are willing to overlook any indication of mental health issues. I would pay so much money to go back in time and take screenshots of that shit.

No. 350078

Wow, never heard any of this and I spend too much time reading dirt on the companies. JYPE/JYP’s overworking of WG is still bleeding through into Twice, with their non-stop comebacks and all. But of course plenty of Onces keep accusing everyone commenting on it as haters or two-faced.

No. 350081

File: 1546809238907.png (206.82 KB, 972x546, Screenshot (133).png)

No. 350090

I do feel sorry for her, it can't have been easy to be constantly shit on for her looks, but Luna just took the wrong approach entirely and tries her best to be something she's just not.

No. 350093

I felt very uncomfortable watching Tzuyu dance in crop tops during Like Ooh-Aah….Somi's attire was a whole another level of uncomfortable

No. 350095

>“I was shocked when one of the girls told me that the girls are not covered by health insurance in America,” he wrote. “I once saw one girl in extreme pain – due to a pre-existing problem stemming from a previous operation – who received no professional medical treatment for the pain and I saw others with minor ailments go untreated.”

>He wrote that Sun-ye had told him “her father had stopped breathing and had to be rushed to the hospital. In the ambulance, (Sun-ye) and her family had to decide whether the father should be given treatment to be kept alive since he had lapsed into a coma. The family chose to keep him alive and I was told by the girl that he was never going to come out of the coma.”

>“Very shortly after that trauma, she was performing for Sony Ericsson executives in Sanya,” Gauss wrote. “I did not have the heart to ask her whether it was her idea or JYPE’s idea for her to perform.”


Could you imagine the shit that would go down from ONCEs if something like this was revealed about a Twice member?

No. 350099

JYP just doesn't have enough confidence in his GG's staying power, Wonder Girls were the undisputed #1 before he took them to America thinking they needed to go even higher.

Now with Twice JYPE fears that they might be replaced by Blackpink and Red Velvet - Twice is huge in Japan for sure but they remain unknown in international markets, which is where JYP still wants to make an impact, and Blackpink especially have a very Western sound and image that already gets them international attention. Bad Boy also got RV good press, while each Twice song charts high but doesn't have the impact that Cheer Up and TT did.

He doesn't realize that Twice will still be on top even if they took a few months off.

No. 350101

JYPE took staff directly away from wonder girls and put them with twice instead, wonder girls easily could’ve kept going with their band concept if not for that. the wonder girls revival was a great look at what it can be like when established groups get to act like grown women and not have to either act like teenagers or do poorly planned sexy concepts just to keep getting invited back to university concerts. them being killed off so twice could be sexy toddlers just shows the life cycle of a girl group simply

No. 350105

I bet Hyuna's health problems that made her parents pull her out of Wonder Girls were caused by this bullshit

No. 350112

remember when people used to say that she left bc she was pregnant with jay park's baby? mess

No. 350115

You can see a similar instance on Amber's instagram, she often posts what I think is her bare face and it's so different from her appearances in Korean television, photoshoots and videos. They really cake on makeup and whitewash the hell out of idols

No. 350121

I believe this because sunye talked about her dad in an interview and it was so sad

No. 350126

She was pregnant by every random guy in JYP depending on which rumours people believed….most popular guesses were Jay Park and JYP himself kek

No. 350216

any chance for a bts member having a career after bts is now solidified as never fucking happening seeing as there are now barbie dolls for each member LMAO

no one will ever take rm or suga serious

No. 350223


Barbie dolls??? I know there's a doll-making community that loves making dolls of their favorite idols (re: BTS) and theyre super freaky.

Or is it really Mattel making that shit for them bc if that's the case, there's no way they'll be able to separate themselves from the identities they've made in BTS

No. 350224

official mattel dolls

No. 350225

can't wait to see their fans doing creepy shit with children's toys

No. 350231

come on, that doesnt mean anything lol. tons of american celebrities were in bands or famous as kids and that didn't hinder them.

realistically, a couple members of bts will become successful soloists, some will go into producing, a couple will go into acting, and the rest will show up on some Korean reality or variety show as a judge or something.

No. 350234

>famous as kids
most bts members are in their mid 20s

No. 350235

File: 1546831702133.jpg (70.92 KB, 571x680, 1486872446839_1_130843.jpg)

>soyul couldnt even get knocked up by someone who was attractive when they were younger

this makes me sad he's always been an ugly samchon and this is who that cute young girl who could probably have any guy she wanted, famous or not, chose to go through with a shotgun wedding with because he knocked her up

do you think she was drunk when the initial sex happened?

No. 350236

shes literally as much of a porn star as someone can be in korea, so i expect her to only get worse

No. 350237

File: 1546831783457.png (446.32 KB, 1080x532, 52734982934.png)


No. 350239

youre just not used to seeing idols without their skin bleached all to hell so it comes across as less korean looking by idol standards

No. 350240

this makes me so sad even if i dont like an idol, thats so shitty to do my god its like they dont even own their own bodies/personal space

No. 350241

is this scarring from eye surgery or what?

No. 350243

they got famous when a majority of the members were teens though. mark whalberg was in a shitty boy band and now hes a famous actor. people can make the transition. i know we're sick of bts but we're stuck with them.

No. 350244

File: 1546832702142.jpg (117.11 KB, 1000x507, artistsjpg.jpg)

taeyeon terrifies me now wtf
her eyes dont even look human anymore

No. 350245

lol no. most of them were 19-20 when they started, and mark wahlberg didn't have a barbie doll made after him at the age of 24.

No. 350249

File: 1546833901001.jpg (39.41 KB, 570x600, taeyeon-2018.jpg)

you chose a flattering picture lmao

No. 350253

File: 1546834622198.png (467.78 KB, 600x490, sabrina.png)

their heads look huge compared to hers… and she's also more petite

No. 350262

Probably, or she just has really bad taste anon. I've seen pretty girls got married to ugly guys. This one is especially ugly though.

No. 350263

Oh come on, bts members arent relevant when they no longer hold the name bts. They just dont have what it takes to go solo.

No. 350264

i think part of the issue is that he always came off as a bit of a creep
always hanging around with the younger girl idols on variety and eventually marrying one whos not only quite a bit younger, but also is kinda known for her youthful almost childlike image


No. 350275

Okay this is total speculation and I know armchair diagnosis is frowned upon but I think a lot of this sasaeng fans have some form of schizophrenia. The amount of delusion it would take to do something like this is completely out of the realms of an average person. I think this sort of genre, given the fanservice that would feed into these delusions, would attract people who are mentally unstable and need something to obsess over. I'd say it's comparable to how a lot of schizophrenics are attracted to conspiracy theories here in the west, it gives them a place to indulge in their delusions.

No. 350276

File: 1546846436134.gif (3.61 MB, 300x532, giphy.gif)

Stop projecting, ana-chan. This woman is 95lbs at most, and has a freakishly small waist.

No. 350280

IU is being investigated for real estate speculation.

No. 350283

IU could probably get away with murder considering how much South Korea likes her bland coffeeshop music.

No. 350285

Irene's head looks normal sized and Wendy and Seulgi's heads are only slightly bigger….Joy and Yeri though, yikes

No. 350291

Joy looks big bc she's tall, idk about yeri

No. 350304

File: 1546860753124.gif (3.15 MB, 384x384, 11.gif)

When you compare it

No. 350309

File: 1546864418173.jpg (127.39 KB, 1280x720, 17410.jpg)

While we're talking about bodies, I find the praising of Rose's body very uncomfortable. She's so ana she makes her group members look normal in comparison

No. 350317

Lisa is literally just as spoopy lmfao

No. 350323

These idols try so hard to lose weight but even at this anachan state i am always reminded of their original figure, the same goes with wendy, joy, umji, and the likes

No. 350340

That dress makes lisas shoulders look so wide

No. 350346

Jennie getting the ugliest dress for the first time ever, YG must be really mad at her

No. 350349

To be honest I feel anxious by even just trying to imagine how it is like to be an idol. Dealing with crazy fans who follow you, do creepy shit, might break in your apartment, might put cameras in your room/bathroom, might even try to hurt you or pull a Mark David Chapman on you…
Plus, whoever you date is in literal danger.
Not to count the abuse you get from your boss (see: JYP and Wonder Girls), the pressure, the plastic surgery… it just doesn't seem a desirable life to me

No. 350360

nah that's just the yuwin shippers getting crazy, they don't have a leg to stand on other than "yuta loves winwin so much! he's obviously gay!"

No. 350362

Statistically there are gonna be gay dudes in NCT but Yuta doesn't really ping my gaydar. Ten is so obviously gay it's basically an open secret at this point, on the other hand.

Jungwoo and Yuta both seem like that type of heterosexual guy who plays up the Soft Sensitive Heteroflexible Guy act for coochie.

No. 350364

huh, yuta strikes me as one of the most straight-presenting members do i’d be genuinely surprised.

i’m surprised no ones tried to out ten or doyoung yet; maybe they’re too obvious kek

No. 350365

Ten and Winwin are clearly playing for the other side. The only way Ten in particular could be more obvious is if he wore a neon flashing sign saying I'M GAY.

No. 350368

Doyoung just seems like your typical straight Christian dude to me. If you hang out around a lot of Church Dudes you'll see they all have that same weird slightly uncanny way of talking and acting, like they've got the soul of a 40 year old woman who organizes coffee mornings. Needless to say I wasn't surprised to learn he's a devout Christian.

No. 350370

I'm really worried about their hair.

No. 350371

That's why they have children become trainees instead of adults. 12yos think fame is fun and easy and can't think critically while their parents just see a fat paycheck.

No. 350372

pls elaborate

idk he's so feminine and kinda has that bitchy gay man thing going for him, never seen a church boy quite so flaming. in a lot of ways he feels like a more subdued and introverted ten to me. but i guess we'll never know.

hendery gives me slight gay vibes too but it's way too early to tell. maybe it's bc he reminds me of ten kek

No. 350376

It's nothing Winwin's said or done specifically, sometimes you can just tell someone's gay because you cannot imagine them being anything else. Trying to visualize Winwin with a woman is just weird - try it.

No. 350377

>This thread is not about shipping or fangirling. Save that for the general kpop thread here: >>301262

No. 350378

ok you’re right, yeah. for me it’s like that with dy too. and ten’s the obvious one lol

wonder how many obvious gays there will be in nct

No. 350380

Nobody's discussing shipping.

No. 350382

You are fangirling about your uwu gay oppars you could totally never see dating a girl which is in the same vein as shipping

No. 350383

You sound like a defensive Winwin fangirl but OK, whatever you say.

No. 350384

You sound like a fujo Winwin fangirl but OK, whatever you say.

No. 350386




Do you not know what those words mean

Speculating on who's gay and who's straight and just doing fanservice is pretty common for this thread. We do it with BTS all the time.

No. 350387


nobody is fangirling lol. statistically there are gonna be some gay dudes in your beloved boyband, sorry to break it to you. showbusiness isn't known for its overwhelming amount of hetero dudes.

No. 350388

Yes, I'm aware you derail the thread with fujo fan theories every week or so. Please go do it somewhere else, it's embarrassing.

No. 350389

sure there are gay idols out there but for literally every male idol there seem to be a good amount of people thinking he's gay because of his relationship with some member and it's like.. you know it's mostly because of fanservice, do you really think an actual closeted gay person would go around doing all that touchy feely stuff in front of everyone comfortably? they just play along with the popular ships sometimes so that fujos keep watching their content for a ship name moment once in a while

No. 350390

The shipping stuff is dumb. I don't know what's more annoying, the gay shipping which is obviously based on calculated fanservice cooked up by middle-aged execs or the hetero shipping based on a female idol and male idol happening to glance at each other for two seconds.

No. 350393

they're not even actually glancing at someone half the time either, which is even stupider. it's like they think possibly seeing someone in their peripheral vision is actually staring deep into their soul or something.

No. 350394

That overworking thing is starting to happen to Stray Kids now too, both groups had 4 comebacks in 2018 with nonstop promotions. Yikes.

No. 350399

you just described taeil too

No. 350408

Golly gee, someone is gossiping in a gossiping thread, on a gossiping imageboard? Unbelievable!

No. 350410

Mattel announced they are making BTS Dolls, reminds of the N'Sync and Spice Girls dolls back in the day but watch a new story pop up about some middle age fan attacking a teen girl over a doll.

No. 350413

Wow. I wonder why JYP makes them work so much as if these groups were from nugu companies who put every dollar into their debut and are now trying to stay relevant. It's like he's scared they'll be forgotten even though he's one of the big three.

No. 350414

as someone said earlier, he's probably scarred from when wonder girls took a break from the k-pop scene and pursued america, allowing SNSD to step on their necks. wouldn't be surprised if he thinks giving them even a moment would mean black pink and red velvet stepping on twice's neck.

No. 350415

File: 1546880601469.gif (2.62 MB, 580x290, nic_cage_lol.gif)

>Stray Kids
What a retarded group name, even for kpop.

No. 350427

Apparently GOT7 too. I remember reading about Jackson, Youngjae and Bambam getting sick lately and Mark is injured.

No. 350440

>would mean black pink and red velvet stepping on twice's neck
Isn't it already happening?
Imho JYP did his worst mistake ever by disbanding WG right when they had the most interesting concept I've ever seen in kpop (the band one). There were so many things he could've done with the band concept, WG was really standing out, and he threw it all out of the window for another pedobait group.

No. 350458

Blackpink come back once a year and still land Coachella gigs and get the most international attention, they're getting the American validation JYP wants so bad. He could have made a yoloswag girl group if he wanted, but he chose to pursue easy Japanese wota money with Twice - and now Izone is coming to snatch that Japanese market. Red Velvet and Mamamoo are gaining steam with Korean women and the feminist movement in general (what with Irene's book scandal and Mamamoo's onstage performances). Other groups moved fast to conquer the markets that Twice ignored.

No. 350461

They could have cut to the chase and called them Delinquents for extra thug street cred.
It really seems like Stray Kids is JYP's attempt to copy BTS - 7 members, 3 "rappers" writing emo songs about depression and youth, ugly members.

Why So Lonely did very well in Korea and even won a few critics' awards; if JYP was smart he'd capitalize off that attention and the public's nostalgia and keep WG semi-active, giving them an annual comeback. Maybe then the other members except Sunmi wouldn't struggle in their solo careers as much if they had the Wonder Girls name backing them up still.

No. 350466

Do you guys really think Izone is going to be a tough opponent for the other girl groups? Because I get strong IOI vibes from it, I just don't see it lasting. One year, two at max, and it's gonna disband imo

No. 350467

Twice has peaked: They have a big fandom with moderate public interest, but they aren't getting new fans. It doesn't help that they are releasing the most boring music out of the RV/BP/TW trio.

>One year, two at max, and it's gonna disband imo
Well, that's the whole point of these Produce groups though, isn't it? They were never mean to be permanent.

No. 350468

Izone isn't intended to be permanent though. They've said from the very beginning they'll only promote for a fixed period of time, like IOI and Wanna One did.

No. 350470

They have a 2.5 year contract so they won't disband before early 2021 probably. 2 years is enough to take over for a girl group; Wonder Girls were done for after SNSD released 2 hits back-to-back. Izone's fandom is only going to grow and their song charted in the top 10. All they need is just one good hit song and the next two years should be gravy for them.

No. 350499

fujo-chan, you're so fucking easy to spot because you sperg out about people being fujo everytime somebody mentions the word "gay". You've been doing it for the last 3 threads. Could you tell us why people talking about homosexuality triggers you so much? Are you an angry lesbian?

People are gossiping/discussing gay rumors aren't shipping or fangirling.

No. 350510

I've only complained about it twice, this is the second time. A quarter of every kpop critical thread is now "lol x idol is clearly the gayest man alive because I just can't picture him with a girl! who else do u guys think is gay??" and it's getting real old.

No. 350519

>it's getting real old

And discussing how ugly jimin is/how x girl ruined her face with ps/how jennie is a untalented and lazy/etc etc etc isn't?

If you don't want to discuss a post, just fucking ignore it instead of starting an argument every single time. Or make your own post about another topic instead of just complaining. If your post is interesting people will reply. Sure would be great if we didn't have to spend 80 posts in every thread with you screaming fujo and people replying to you.

No. 350533

Just bc certain anons get butthurt over some subjects, doesn't mean everyone has to stop. Post about the shit you want then and idk close your damn eyes if you hate fUjOsHiT.

No. 350534

>And discussing how ugly jimin is/how x girl ruined her face with ps/how jennie is a untalented and lazy/etc etc etc isn't?
Oh it is, but it's way more on topic than this. This thread isn't just a free for all.

No. 350541

at this rate, I wonder more about who is actually straight in the male kpop industry.

No. 350544

You're literally the only one butthurt about people discussing who they think are gay, everybody else are able to ignore it. Get over it fujo-chan. Saying X is prob. gay isn't necessarily shipping/fangirling. Stop shitposting and ignore the topics you don't like.

No. 350548

Nobody's stopping you from talking about whatever else. You have no right to police the thread and dictate what kind of gossip can anons talk about. The gay theories are like… 5% of the thread anyway, you can ignore them if they disturb you so much

No. 350552

Probably most? There's a lot of pussy in the industry but fangirls don't want to think about it so they delude themselves into thinking everyone is gay

No. 350554

well i think that the entertainment industry attracts more gay men than average. they all seem so effeminate.

No. 350557

i don't want this thread to be locked, so please stfu and stop arguing. if you feel like a post is breaking the rules, report it perhaps? can't we bond over our mutual criticism of the absolute mess that is the kpop industry.

anyway, the idol star athletics championships (isac) are apparently taking place or are going to be aired soon? i feel like stuff like this objectifies the idols even more.. it's just, very weird to me.

No. 350561

muslin kpop fans getting triggered with G-iddle still will go to hell for listening kpop

No. 350568

the fancams of groups where the idols are just sitting around are kind of weird. imagine just watching someone who is sitting and doing nothing for extended amounts of time.

No. 350571

omg no anon they are rEaCtInG to the other idols there, not just sitting.

No. 350572

lmao at the triggered SEA muslim anon anon deleting their engrish posts.
What are your expectations for the BTS "barbies"?

No. 350573

they act that way because they're trained that way to attract young female fans…

No. 350575

this point has been brought up many times in the threads but these people were so ready to jump on the hate bandwagon without questioning anything, if it were their oppars doing stuff in front of a mosque there'd suddenly be a million ways to justify it

i keep seeing tweets like "im 19/25/57 but imma buy a doll like im a 5 year old, im so quirky" and can they please for the love of god stop

No. 350589

I love watching dance practice covers to Blackpink, you can really see how mediocre they are performing live. These guys have waaay more charisma than them lol

No. 350605

never realized how shit blankpink is live when there is no vocal playback to help them

No. 350610

Lisa, Jennie and Jisoo were alright but Rose is the worst. She can't sing at all… how did she become a singer at all??

No. 350621

Lmao even here jennie wears a different outfit

No. 350622

You chose a rather flattering vid (at least for jennie) lol, here's a better example

No. 350626

rich family

No. 350633

This is so embarassing. All of this shit on live radio too. People really do stan idols for pretty faces and choreography because it's all they can offer.

No. 350635

Holy shit and they're not even dancing or anything but they still sound unstable af

No. 350639

I can only imagine the amount of edits and autotunes used for the original record to make it sound decent

No. 350645

I'll say Stray Kids rap better and sing better than BTS, not like that's saying much. Idk about writing quality or dancing though. Also helps that they actually have members who speak English unlike Rat who sounds like he has a Brooklyn frog in his mouth.

No. 350655

bp and bts get praised for their dancing but i really don't see it, individually jhope, jimin and lisa are good but as groups, they aren't that impressive. especially bp is so out of sync

No. 350659

Completely fucking worthless. Legit your average junior high school chorus student can sing better than this.
On a side note is there any other fandom besides kpop where stans brag about their faves being stable.
To me vocal stability (ie being able to hold a note and stay on pitch) should be the bare minimum of what to expect not something notable.

No. 350661

File: 1546923406453.jpg (617.68 KB, 1280x1919, 5.jpg)

she looks like a corpse

No. 350663

not only does she sing like a dying rat, but she looks like one too

No. 350673

Points to Stray Kids then, they seem pretty in sync. They self choreograph too. They do have a member that used to be a BTS backup dancer, though.

No. 350674

those cheek fillers are too much. these girls are soo young and new to the game but are so concerned with looking baby faced :(

No. 350682

File: 1546924979942.jpg (28.33 KB, 678x452, images.jpeg.jpg)

Stans will argue she's all natural while looking like this

No. 350687

twice go really heavy on the under eye makeup, nayeon and momo especially, it looks revolting up close. why are their makeup artists still stuck on that 2013 ulzzang aegyo sal stuff? even white koreaboos stopped doing it so much

No. 350701

File: 1546929076950.jpg (55.49 KB, 540x540, tumblr_pkyx6gxsCh1vjs09p_540.j…)

i know this is overdone and tired but…yo wtf

**forgot to sage

No. 350703

Wow…his stans aren't lying when they say he's inhuman

No. 350705

When there is an extreme lack of talent somewhere, the bare minimum becomes something praiseworthy

No. 350706

I like how the thumbnail says "Blackpink can't sing live?" Well…..they can't.

No. 350708

Pretty much all of BP come from money, even Lisa is upper middle class by Thai standards. It's why all they can (barely) pull off is the "rich bitch" type of concept because that's all they've known.

Nice try Stray Kids fan. Anyway I agree that they do sing better than BTS but tbh that's a low bar.

No. 350709

Ow, this is pretty bad. And to think people pay big bucks to see their lame asses perform.

No. 350713

File: 1546930716722.png (199.4 KB, 546x779, Yoongi.PNG)

BTS is going to be even more depressed this comeback. Tumblr is dead now can they fucking stop

No. 350714

No. 350715

what the fuck does this even mean

No. 350722

Some emo shit

No. 350742

they just come off as sassy gay dudes who can't dance… at least blackpink are pretty if not much else

No. 350860

Idols aren't meant to be good singers or dancers (not currently, at least). They're just attractive people pushed under the spotlight

No. 350872

Rose's voice is impossible to listen to, how come blinks praise her the most? Lisa's rap is just as bad but at least she sounds less annoying.

No. 350873

she sounds like a 3yo girl; i guess it’s the aegyo uwu factor

No. 350887

wow the teaser for her solo sounds so good

i don't usually mind that type of indie girl voice but it barely works with the right song, you can't just sing everything that way

No. 350929

Why is she struggling to open her mouth and enunciate clearly? She sounds like she's singing in her sleep

No. 350981

File: 1546967847178.gif (871 KB, 498x372, tumblr_pj83m8Snv41vvzl1n_540.g…)


No. 350992

The mumbling is very distracting but I think this was one of her better live singing performances. Most of the time she sounds like a half dead deer though.

No. 351010

File: 1546972246562.jpg (51.67 KB, 275x251, 1546971563005.jpg)

Anon posted this in the celeb thread.

No. 351022

File: 1546974935927.png (Spoiler Image, 360.72 KB, 419x1600, 1546656125430.png)

What's everyone's thoughts on this?


Dying @ most of BP's list being borderline developing countries. Explains a lot.Also, IIndonesia fell for the kpop meme HARD, damn.

No. 351031

File: 1546978211414.jpg (11.71 KB, 500x204, baekhyun-exo.jpg)

baekhyun calling out saesangs yet again and the conclusion is that companies are literally just sitting there doing fuck all(even though "anti" fans who talk shit about idols appearances or lack of stage presence are getting sued left and right) while these "high profile saesang" fans are breaking in to their homes, and committing acts that in any actual developed country, would be considered an arrestable offense.

trans: “Is it okay to sell other people’s information like this?”

"Many accounts on Twitter and other social media sites offer to sell the dorm addresses, car numbers, ID photos, and photographs of past girlfriends of idols. To one such post that stated, “I am selling information about EXO,” which included information about their addresses and favorite bars/restaurants, Baekhyun used his personal Twitter account to directly reply.

On January 5, he wrote simply, “Is it okay to sell other people’s information like this?” As Baekhyun’s reply gained attention, the original post was deleted.

On the CBS radio show “Kim Hyun Jung’s News Show,” cultural critic Kim Sung Soo said that a legal response from the agency to these kinds of information peddlers might be difficult.

“If you catch the seller, then the buyers also become criminal,” he said. “However, those buyers are considered to be ‘fans.’ If you make too strong of a legal response, it could have effects beyond what the agency wants. The promotion period for an idol is quite short. If the contract is seven years, then the agency invests for four years and reaps the rewards for three. To the agency, this isn’t worth the risk.”

The critic continued, “It was originally the agencies who would encourage the leak of information such as, ‘Certain idols will be at this concert or this broadcast company.’ One might say that the first methods by which fandoms became victim to criminals were taught by the agencies themselves.”

However, some kind of response appears necessary as the selling of personal information can lead to emotional and material damage."

Tl;Dr KPOP companies are literally sucking the dick of dangerous kpop fans and refusing to pursue them when they threaten and stalk idols, leak their personal information, steal their stuff and harass family members, on PURPOSE, because they have money and will make them a profit. This is so fucking sick.

No. 351035

>It was originally the agencies who would encourage the leak of information such as, ‘Certain idols will be at this concert or this broadcast company.’ One might say that the first methods by which fandoms became victim to criminals were taught by the agencies themselves.

No. 351036

Whole bunch of people talking shit about SEA. Poor fans are still fans. Too bad we don't have China statistics, putting it together with these youtube views would be interesting.

No. 351058

What is this, a picture for ants?

No. 351076

I think only Exo, the members that left Exo, Cheng Xiao, and Victoria are relevant in China right now.

China is making their own idol groups now with Rocket Girls and Nine Percent, and those groups are currently sensations over there. The government isn't going to let new gen K-pop groups take over there and farm easy Chinese money because they want to stomp on Korea entirely over the THAAD issue. It's why groups with Chinese members benefit, because they can just send the Chinese member to do solo work.

I don't think China is a major contributor to YouTube views, even if they were allowed to use YouTube freely.

No. 351080

>talking shit about SEA. Poor fans are still fans.
I don't think it's about money, but more about how crazy SEA fans tend to be compared to fans from other places.

No. 351082

Ah so this is where the "SEApink" insult came from. YG is really embarrassing himself by claiming BP will overtake BTS in the west when they can't even get the USA to crack their top 5 most viewed countries.

No. 351083

Lisa solo stans are all insane, and they're all Thai or Indonesian. What are they feeding SEA fans to make them act like that

No. 351089

From what I could make out cupcakke tweeted about suicidal thoughts she was having, and the replies were a bunch of K-pop stans linking fancams saying "well maybe if you stanned X you wouldn't feel suicidal"

No. 351093

I think some also said it was good because of her drama with armies last year.

No. 351109

I've actually warmed up to Rose, she's been dancing for her life and nailing it lately, and she sounds good on simple songs like Kiss and Make Up. But because she's a main vocal they give her ballads, high notes and she just flounders. Every slow song she sounds like she's deciding how the words will come out one at a time and there goes any stability, breath and volume control. Girl makes undemanding songs sound like a giant struggle. In the end all of Blackpink sound under-trained and under-rehearsed. Like somebody said, one year in a school choir would fix that running out of breath while standing still problem in those radio appearances.

No. 351196

You know I used to think it's because they can use her to self-insert but you don't see this level of retardation with fans of other foreign idols (like american or japanese for example). I don't know a lot about the culture there so maybe some of the perma-butthurt lisa stans itt can take a break from calling the other members ugly whores on instagram and explain to me this weird obsession they have with kpop? Is this behaviour widely accepted in SEA? Is there no general pushback like we have in the west (cultural appropriation discourse etc)? That could explain why they think everyone needs to hear about how she and whatever male idol she was standing next to blinked at the same time means they are totally getting married.

I still think that Rose sounds like an even worse Bom (just tonality-wise. Even with her bananis and awoacaidis-esque wobble voice she's still at least able to somewhat connect her phrases LMFAO) but she does seem like the chillest of the bunch.
I heard that song on the radio randomly and actually physically jerked at the sound of Jisoo's voice. YG are absolute jerks for making that girl's throat go through this, she should've never debuted as a singer and gone straight into acting wtf

No. 351239

File: 1546989187887.jpeg (98.35 KB, 660x400, 703EF385-CADE-4BA6-8218-3A9973…)

how did woozi become an idol? what’s his function within the group besides making the rest of svt look good (save for maybe s.coups) and seem taller?

this is just unfortunate

agreed about rosé. i also find her to be the prettiest member of bp but i suppose that’s subjective.

No. 351242

He produces songs and, someone correct me if i'm wrong, but I think he also helps put together the choreography for some of their songs (unless that's Hoshi?)

No. 351248

File: 1546989566281.png (468.47 KB, 852x349, aaazz.png)

s.coups looks like the hunchback of notre dame. i think woozi isn't that bad in comparison.

No. 351250

Pre-2013 Park Bom live >>> Roséanna mindlessly murdering her vocal cords on stage

No. 351265

Is that him in the middle? How unfortunate.

No. 351271

No. 351285

Yeah, he’s easy to spot because he’s so small.

No. 351304

We can’t ignore Vernon he looks half dead most of the time.

No. 351342

i dont think he's ugly or anything but iirc his whole appeal is that hes a tiny Uwu kitten child that needs to be protected

or some shit its been years since ive seen anybody even talk about that group

No. 351357

vernon creeps me out and gives me school shooter vibes

No. 351371

Bom sounds 10000000x much better. What a failed attempt.

No. 351374

Some girl on youtube altered her voice to make it sound like Rosé's, but at least she sounds better. Idk if it's YG that always picked Rosé the wrong song, or it's just her.

No. 351377

is it because he's white?

No. 351378

its his smile but yeah he looks like creepy white boys that grow up to shoot up schools tbh

No. 351387

Which is Vernon? None of those guys look white to me.

No. 351388

File: 1546999776773.gif (2.82 MB, 250x336, tumblr_pe4cmdDmek1qbst9go1_250…)

this one

No. 351389

Ok, I can see the creepy eyes now.

No. 351436


She’s the only female SEA idol in the industry, so they project onto her. It’s not rocket science.

No. 351438

she's not the only SEA idol though?

No. 351439

joshua from svt is the same! i can never get a read on that guy

No. 351449

holy fuck

No. 351451

Sorn of clc is also sea but shes not on some trendy girl crush group under the agency that manages bigbang

No. 351452

these girls are literally triggering each other to become the spookiest skeleton without destroying their own faces lmao

No. 351461

rat teeth bulimia cheeks tier

No. 351481


She’s the only FEMALE southeast asian. Besides her there’s only Sorn, and CLC is irrelevant.

No. 351482

Minnie from G-idle is also thai.

No. 351496

Minnie just debuted and despite her group doing well, it isn't from the Big 3 with a flashy luxurious image. Ten, Lisa and Bambam are the holy trinity of famous new gen Thai idols and it's no coincidence that they're all from Big 3 companies. SEA fans are the biggest company stans around.

No. 351498

I don't get why some GG stans think their group is better than the others because male idols checked them out once or twice. Half the time all these "Boy group reacting to girl group" or "Male idols glancing at female idol" videos have their stans bragging about how it's a personal achievement that male idols find attractive women attractive…..kinda misogynistic to determine their worth as performers based on whether they make popular men horny. A BTS member checking out a Black Pink member isn't going to make her more talented or better at performing just because he's looking at her. Is it to feed their cringey self-insert fantasy somehow?

No. 351567

>>351248 although i cant compare s.coups to the hunchback i still question myself why he was even the visual of the group (not really a fan but my friend is) its like im talking to a time bomb whenever she gushes over them (svt) and im a supportive friend but idk if one joke coming out from my mouth would lead to unsavory consequences…

she thinks sekwan and vernon are a couple or something, watching those theory vids on youtube and etc.

No. 351569

Rose's problem is just that her talent and skills don't match up to the effort she's putting in. The song she's singing here is actually really easy with very few vocal frills, but she's trying her best to throw in adlibs that don't even fit the tone of the song.

No. 351570

It's great that you're so confident anon, but girls from poor countries tend to be more concerned that they're not as desirable as girls from more advanced countries.

No. 351572

>A BTS member checking out a Black Pink member isn't going to make her more talented or better at performing just because he's looking at her.
You just reminded me of those vids of Jungkook and V reacting to Rosé that have literal millions of views, vid related.

No. 351574

The video of V/Rosé.

There’s something about BP in particular that just as their fans obsessively using their ~unnies~ as self-inserts and furiously shipping them with all their boy group biases. I guess it’s the ~badass girl power totally not like other girls~ schtick.

No. 351579

this makes me think that these stans are asocial and inexperienced as fuck so they just interpret any basic human interaction as a sign of being deeply in love. these male idols who get shipped so often are usually the ones who have the most amount of psycho fans, if you listen to them, jungkook is dating v, jimin, lisa, rose, iu, everyone in twice, the ceo of bighit, the first lady of south korea, your grandpa, everyone at the same time.

No. 351585

>these stans are asocial and inexperienced as fuck
oh absolutely. most of these delusional shippers are young girls living under sharia law from conservative backgrounds who have extremely distorted views on human relationships. stuff like shipping and the things that come along with it (like fanfiction etc) are used to explore their sexual desires free from rejection. the biggest issue i see with that though is that most of them only interact with like-minded individuals and this hugbox environment breeds stupidity and paraphilia and does not prepare one for real life in the slightest.
i mean i kind of get it, it feels nice to bond over things with people you're passionate about, but when your entire free time consists of imagining the relationship of two people, something isn't right.
at least keep it secret ffs. when did we all stop bullying these perverts and allowed them to break the fourth wall? i remember when i was into supernatural and was cringing at the crazy shippers (most of whom were middle-aged women btw!) talking to the actors about their ships but that was about fictional characters… this is an entirely different layer of crazy. further evidence that even their fans don't see idols as humans.

No. 351586

That makes sense actually, because when Joshua talks like he's so unsure of himself and he has mentioned that he is Christian several times.

No. 351587

No. 351591

File: 1547041989774.jpg (17.29 KB, 236x354, Wendy Happiness.jpg)

She used to be pretty and confident when she debuted, all that criticism over her weight must've gotten to her so much that it destroyed her self-esteem. Very common and very sad in Kpop.

No. 351593

File: 1547042159675.png (105.93 KB, 1337x464, Capture.PNG)

Twice fans on r/kpop continue to believe that Twice isn't overworked to death. In the thread a lot of them are actually wishing Twice would get some rest….then you get people like pic related insisting they're fine and two vacation days are more than enough

No. 351596

>all that criticism over her weight
i see this a lot but there were loads of popular pann posts and stuff about how amazing her weight loss was and how she had perfect abs and a tiny waist literally just a couple of months into their debut. she got hate over her thighs being a bit bigger but no more than any other female idol gets. if anyone in rv got criticised for their weight it was joy looking like shindong’s daughter

No. 351599

>joy looking like shindong’s daughter
Goddamn anon now I can't unsee that

No. 351611

File: 1547045037071.jpg (406.08 KB, 600x900, joyhappiness.jpg)

Joy was nearly 18 when RV debuted but the change in her face from then to now makes it seem like she was about 14 during Happiness, her face just looks super young to me in old photos

No. 351641

File: 1547050364518.jpg (363.78 KB, 890x630, 2.jpg)

i know it's been years and this song is a dead meme at this point but i really don't understand why sm debuted exo with this song

No. 351646

Never forget the teaser.
The live version is okay, though.

No. 351648

isnt Mint from Tiny G still trying to be a thing though? shes sea too

No. 351649

joy was chubby by idol standards for sure, but am i the only one who thinks shes arguably the only attractive one at this point? i like seulgi too but her styling the last year has been so shitty.

No. 351650

She used to be the prettiest RV member for me but her current veneers are tragic. Makes her mouth look huge.

No. 351651

The only Tiny G member of any note now is the one who acts. Don't remember her name, but if anyone watches dramas she was the best friend in My ID Is Gangnam Beauty recently.

No. 351654

lmao wtf SM was even thinking. boy groups in early 2010s were such edgelords

No. 351656

File: 1547051422665.jpg (112.33 KB, 500x333, Lucifer.jpg)

Lucifer was such a good song but SM ruined it by giving the members those tragic edgelord hairstyles, Key in particular. They were on some potent drugs during the early 2010s

No. 351661

Eh, aside from Wendy (but only because they've fucked her big time with surgery) they're all conventionally attractive. That they're being styled awfully is another story, but they aren't ugly

No. 351663

File: 1547051808771.jpg (72.13 KB, 700x500, shinee-the-story-of-us-pt-32.j…)

key almost always looks like shit tbh and hes not ugly, he just gets shitty styling constantly

No. 351686

The leaked demo legit made me unstan and the final version was somehow even worse.

(Also their actual debut song was even bigger of a meme with Kai's screamo stint)

No. 351743

I feel like here he might have chosen his styling though. He seems like the type to try anything

No. 351759

File: 1547064860530.png (9.11 KB, 641x92, T-ara.PNG)

No. 351766

File: 1547065562030.jpg (47.2 KB, 610x656, hyuna2.jpg)

Imagine taking this photo and thinking "Yes, this looks good. I want to share this with the world."

No. 351768

i'm afraid they are going to od one day

No. 351770

have you guys ever seen any nyc artsy hipsters? there's nothing weird about this

No. 351775

Did I say it was weird?

I said it was ugly, anon. Which it definitely is.

No. 351777

I get the concept they're going for but this ain't the right execution.

No. 351779

His hair is tragic, and so are his eyebrows

No. 351782

Dohee. I think she's adorable and genuinely enjoy her acting. Seems like she's always relegated to sidekick status though.

No. 351783

>implying they actually do anything harder than maybe weed
Lol this purely for A E S T H E T I C S

No. 351784

Imo, Hyuna looks better here than she normally does. This hair looks like it suits her. E'dawn looks crazy per usual though, especially with that hair color.

No. 351790

which is the point

No. 351791

File: 1547073326970.jpg (42.17 KB, 1387x658, txt.jpg)

Idk if it's 100% true but apparently new Bighit's group is named TXT? I thought BTS was an unfortunate name but this one is weirder


No. 351808

I'd say they're /ourboys/ simply for all the mayhem that's going to ensue once they properly debut. What's their first scandal going to be? I'm betting on a classic nigga controversy by a foreign member.

No. 351817

I agree. Edawn looks rough but Hyuna is styled her age instead of the serial killer granny look

No. 351818

I would not be surprised at all if these fools put out some soft core porn set to their new music and call it an MV. The money has to run out at some point.

No. 351840

the fact that exo are one of the top boy groups now is amazing. how do you recover from something this embarrassing?

No. 351853

Least bad one they've taken yet though.

No. 351864

Do they bleach their eyebrows ? They look non-existent. Really helps enhance the druggie look.

No. 351880

arent there only like..4 members now? they can just promote under another name its not hard

No. 351893

This to me is a lot healthier than shipping Vkook or whatever. At least you’re self-inserting as your own gender and it seems less delusional to think a male idol is checking out a female one. Het shippers seem a lot less insane.

No. 351895

all the "uwu bp unnies and bts oppars are dating because they breathed in the same room for 2 minutes!!" shit is cringy but i see k-pop fans getting mad at these hetero shippers like "they probably don't even know their names, they have no interactions. gay ships make sense because they are in the same group. idols hate getting shipped with the other gender. you are going to cause scandals" and they turn around and make 30 minute long analysis videos on why chanbaek is real because of similar shit like chanyeol looking at baekhyun for longer than a second. what's the difference??

No. 351973

It's apparently short for "Tomorrow x Together" which manages to be even worse than Bulletproof Boy Scouts

No. 351975

File: 1547103157783.png (947.91 KB, 688x815, EXO Lay.PNG)

So Lay is going to the Grammy Awards as a rep of some Chinese sponsor. I've already seen salty armies crying about how he doesn't deserve it because they're butthurt that BTS isn't invited


No. 352011

There’s rumours that Miyu’s (pd48) going to debut under stone music. If that’s true then rip her nose because that’ll be the first thing to go.

No. 352020

Lmao her entire face would go, the Korean general public would have 0 tolerance for an ugly Japanese artist

No. 352021

Lmao her entire face would go, the Korean general public would have 0 tolerance for an ugly Japanese artist

No. 352032

Source? r/p48 are talking about her joining pledis or mystic ent.
She was my favourite trainee and I want to see her thrive but >>352020 is right. The traditional k-idol scene would eat her alive. Her youtube covers are cute, she'd make a good solo indie artist.

No. 352038

I've always side-eyed his solo career in china tbh. Exo stans are constantly defending him and saying how hard it must be for him but nobody forced him to bend over for the commies. His US career is not going to go anywhere tbh

No. 352124

File: 1547133214280.jpeg (197.25 KB, 2048x1365, D4688C12-7ADA-4C7A-B9FB-6EC88D…)

No. 352125

He looks like he's made of wax, damn… hopefully this group is talented unlike BTS

No. 352126

Is he like 12

No. 352134

Nothing special looking but still better than all of BTS combined. Maybe this is just a weird picture. If this new group has decent vocalists I might give them a listen.

No. 352136

He was the irrelevant Chinese member in Exo and only started to gain some fame after KrisLuTao left, because he now had the upper hand in terms of solo negotiations. Them leaving was a blessing for him.

No. 352137

Honestly if she fixed her nose she'd look a lot better, her features aren't that hideous imo

No. 352145

>still better than all of BTS combined
Not really. He looks about on par with younger jimin or jin. Better than jhope and ratmon but that isn't saying much. 6.5/10.

Can't bighit afford to not have uglies in their groups at this point? Where's that bts money going?

No. 352147

That's what I was thinking. I saw pictures of what everyone thought was bh trainees and it looked like a group of 10-13yos.

Honestly though, why debut boys that young? You'll have to put they're career on hiatus so they can do their military service. Why not just send them in when they turn 20 and debut a bunch of guys in they're early 20s?

No. 352151

Because that doesn't appeal to the young girls they are trying to cater to.

No. 352152

Is this thread pro plastic surgery now?
I was kinda glad to see >>352124 because he doesn't look like he has gone under the knife.

No. 352155

i'm honestly starting to suspect that they do it on purpose to bait pedo ahjummas and ahjussis for the money. i mean, there were a shit ton of middle aged rich fansites stalking jungkook when he was like 15.

No. 352156

To appeal to a younger demographic (10 y/o girls)

No. 352159

This thread was never anti ps. Just anti botched ps and unnecessary jaw shaves.

No. 352160

File: 1547135990709.jpg (147.09 KB, 510x640, twitter.jpg)

why is this still a thing in 2019

No. 352161

because most male idol groups cater to middle and high school aged girls, whereas bts caters to elementary school aged girls which makes them more money because there's less competition. bighit wants to bring in the successor.

No. 352164

>bts caters to elementary school aged girls

What? You're just making up shit now. BTS started out with high school/college aged foreigners as their main audience that grew up with them like any other kpop group. They are extremely popular now though so naturally little kids would know them.
If you want to see a group blatantly aiming for little girls it's NCT Dream.

No. 352166

lol no you don't know anything. why do you think their name is bulletproof boy scouts?

No. 352167

nta but wasn't it for the high school dropouts image they were trying to pull off

No. 352170

Well damn I must've confused their overseas tours with them going around doing promo in kindergartens! Glad you could correct me on that anon.

No. 352172

and they were a huge flop when they did that so they turned into flower boys with a "youthful" concept in 2014

No. 352174

..which was aimed at fujos. literally what point are you trying to make?

No. 352176

it is well documented that bts's main audience in south korea is very young girls. you can look at their concert attendance pre 2018. and netizens used to rag on them for only being popular among little girls but now they're the national pride so they don't get those insults anymore.

No. 352178

Yeah I remember them being called "elementary school kings" at one point

No. 352183

File: 1547137757507.jpg (123.18 KB, 500x477, 6c0b6deb781296ee7b332ff1adad0c…)

it's because of not sleeping, sure

No. 352185

Doesn't change the fact that the ones that kept them fed in the beginning were at least teenaged foreigners and those were catered to then. If anything their concept change was borderline aimed at pedos.
But I get what you're saying.
Saying "netizens" dragging them back then is a bit dumb though, those were just butthurt exo-ls and look how exo is getting trashed now lmfao. How times have changed.

No. 352194

Consider that different anons may have different opinions. One person saying something =/= "thread"

No. 352203

Thoughts about the introduction film for the new BH group?
You can really see them aiming at little girls with this one, still kind of cute ngl.

No. 352209

All I'm asking from the group is catchy songs, good vocals and less edgy tween pandering - then again knowing Big Hit the pandering will probably be a given at some point.

No. 352210

You're looking for >>301262.

No. 352211

Well, it ends with morse code for "dreaming" so take that as you will about the pandering.

No. 352213

Not really, I'm just fishing for snarky remarks about the trailer since I can't think about any on my own.

No. 352214

the vid is more uplifting than bighit's fake depression bullshit, i hope they won't take the annoying depressed sjw route again but i highly doubt it, they know it makes them money. this boy looks very young btw, are they going to debut a bunch of high schoolers?

No. 352217

lmfao that hair. yea, they're going for bts's audience RIP

No. 352223

apparently the average age is 17, so yeah. bts was similarly aged when they debuted.

No. 352228

File: 1547140438411.jpg (273.15 KB, 810x1284, IMG_20190110_181225.jpg)

autism is already happening

No. 352229

kek just a teaser of one member has been released and some armys are already this anxious?? i honestly wish they surpass bts so that we can watch all the salt

No. 352233

fucking kpop newfag lol all idol groups are disposable,

No. 352234

It's scary to see how many people feel they have this deep connection to BTS, it feels like a one-sided relationship, but I guess that goes hand in hand with the "potential boyfriend" act of the industry.
At the same time, out of spite, I hope this group surpasses them. Perhaps then their stans will sit down and stop relentlessly harassing people as often because they're ~ the top kpop group ~.

No. 352237

also whats with the 'oh i know im so horrible for saying this im so sorry' attitude? it comes off as so pathetic, id have more respect for her admittedly pretty stupid opinion if she wasn't so snivelling about it

No. 352238

At some point VIPs, Exo-Ls, Sones, were extremely unbearable because they each believed their group would be on top forever. Armys who came from 1D and are new to Kpop in general are going to get a rude awakening when they realize that BTS will eventually be surpassed. It's just the natural order of things.

No. 352242

>BTS has been my saviors
i see so many armys saying that and i really don't understand how bts' music can unironically save someone's life.. how

No. 352244

Like how some people cling to anime or religion when the other areas of their lives are shit.

No. 352245

File: 1547141576927.jpg (70.81 KB, 486x409, bat_LOL.jpg)

I knew this was gonna happen. I love it.

No. 352246

how much do you wanna bet fanfic about txt's underage members immediately starts popping up?

No. 352247

Will they be cow hybrids too? lmao

No. 352248

Only if they're lizardish enough

No. 352252

Honesty they might since they're riding BTS's coat tails, BTS is about to have enlist, and if the teaser is anything to go by, they won't have tacky cheap-looking MVs like BTS does.

I imagine once this new group gains traction, BigHit is just going to dump BTS sort of like they did with that one solo artist they have (had?) that they never promote or talk about.

No. 352255

the thing that bothers me about bighit is how they don't take female trainees just because of one girl group's scandal. they are still friends with/working with the rappers who were about to make it in bts and who got involved in domestic violence and drug cases, bts has also had some scandals but they still take male trainees. all these kpop ceos are sexist pieces of shit

No. 352257

it's kind of funny how bts fans are always crying about big 3 privilege but a member of bighit's new group is trending worldwide and they're about to have more followers than stray kids on twitter

No. 352263

File: 1547144981865.jpg (55.13 KB, 592x450, 1536143424_takeuchi-miyu.jpg)

honestly she looks like a cross between the two ugly girls from apink, and we see how they turned out so yeah im sure extensive plastic surgery is in her future

No. 352265

File: 1547145142452.png (13.19 KB, 1863x76, BP.PNG)

Don't know how true this is, but I wouldn't put it past YG to make this happen.

No. 352267

i wonder if they'll have their own ugly pseudo-intellectual who's gonna speak in quotes from Nietzsche and give pretentious speeches about equality and stuff

No. 352270

aw that's a shame. she's not ugly at all.

No. 352276

wonder if that's how x japan made it to Coachella too kek

No. 352280

I hope so, also I'm pretty sure they won't go for the happy energetic concept. I'm sure they will keep hinting all the time about it all being a facade for a much darker story and even milk the BTS fans autism with some dumb "he's depressed/suicidal/got ADHD because of the WEIGHT of being compared to the BTS hyungs uwu

No. 352282

The CEO of Coachella apparently flew to SK to invite them "personally." Now why would you bother to do that when YG would obviously accept if you just stayed home and sent an email? What other reason might you have?

No. 352283

who would it be then? my bet is rosé.

No. 352287

My bet is Jennie, her attitude during Solo was probably because of her being made to fuck men for favours

No. 352288

i got that vibe too she looked like her soul had been sucked out

No. 352289

And she is YG's "favourite"….favourite for more than her looks I'll bet

No. 352290

i'm sure there is going to be a whiny member like jimin who's going to cry all the time too

No. 352293

The founder said his daughter was a big Blackpink fan, which is pure bulllshit.

No. 352294

But isn't her family rich/influential?
Wouldn't it be better to sell off idols from nobody families?
Unless that involves some weird bribe about exposing tax evading or some other felony considering how corrupt rich Koreans are.

No. 352296

Even if her family comes from money, how much influence do they really have outside of Korea, unless they're high-ups in Samsung or Hyundai? It's possible YG is keeping this a secret from her family.

No. 352298


No. 352304

File: 1547147867205.jpg (29.93 KB, 564x341, takeuchi_miyu-1.jpg)

She's not the most hideous person ever, but she's no beauty and definitely not by Korea's standards

No. 352308

File: 1547148044679.jpg (70.2 KB, 300x386, 2018年AKB48プロフィール_竹内美宥.jpg)

Also this is her current (and final) 48g profile picture kek

No. 352310

The retarded "theories" are the worst thing about BTS (and any other group who does that shit, like Loona). Purposefully obtuse "storylines" that all seem to boil down to some shit about time travel or people being secretly dead. It's autistic as fuck.

No. 352311

Those bangs…

No. 352312

File: 1547148182759.jpeg (289.51 KB, 750x825, B6BB6F9E-6C17-429F-84DE-47EB7C…)

saw this and thought of you guys lmao

No. 352313

i keep pronouncing txt as 'text' in my head and it's actually pissing me off.

txt is probably just gonna be BTS part 2 since bighit figured out you can milk the shit out of tumblr sad girls.

this is the milk i've been waiting for. can't wait for armies to show their true colors about how replaceable BTS actually is.

No. 352316

I feel like the concept of theories and figuring out clues and hints could be cool but it's never done well, always just some tripe "they were dead the whole time" bs that they just throw together last minute.
Like honestly bighit wouldn't have done this long drawn out story line if fan hadn't thought made the dumb theories up in the first place.

No. 352317

Don't insult her by comparing her to Hyuna, at least she looks like she showers

No. 352318

the theory threads always sound like a twelve year old's idea of spooky/deep (because they are). oh my god jin was really a ghost the whole time!! suga actually died in a car crash and the music video is about that!! a spooky lady stopped taehyung on the highway and gave him her address but forgot her glove and when he went to went to the house to give it back a man opened the door and said "what?? but she's been dead for fifty yeaaaaaars"!!

No. 352319

she needs to go to hyoyeons surgeon
should be fine after a nosejob and hopefully she'll stop after that

No. 352322

wait, the big reveal actually was that some of them were dead the whole time? lmao this is the laziest idea they could've chosen

No. 352323

M. Night Shyamalan should sue

No. 352325

I noticed that Japanese idols are way more natural and imperfect. If you look at the AKB girls, you will see many crooked teeth, big noses, wide faces, monolids, and even a fuller weight. Basically everything that in Korea would have them sent to the plastic surgeon years before debut. Some are even downright ugly, but it's better to be naturally ugly than PS botched ugly.
I think it's a bad idea for Japanese idols to try to debut in Korea. They could stay in Japan, where at least their companies wouldn't send them to dismantle their faces and starve while being also objects of fetishization/racism by Korean fans…

…AKB does give their idols some godawful styling, though. Their headshots always manage to make even the prettiest girls look bland at best.

No. 352327

Japanese idols are more appreciated for their personalities; they look like the girls-next-door that the average male fan might have a chance with if they knew them IRL. Very pretty girls probably don't even pass audition rounds because they might be too unreachable of a fantasy.

>AKB does give their idols some godawful styling

It was a shock to see some of the AKB idols with Kpop styling on PD48. Murase Sae in particular, so pretty.

No. 352328

I actually like that being imperfect isn't demonized in Japan (unless it is in which case I'll correct my statement). I'm just so over the botched ps from Korea and how they push that shit onto young people.

No. 352329

It's not like surgery doesn't happen but they tend not to go overboard with it like in Kpop, from what I've seen. It's why Miyu can keep her nose, maybe she felt little pressure to fix it.

No. 352330

Ah okay, that makes sense, I never got into JPOP so I'm not familiar with how companies treat their idols.

No. 352334

>Japanese idols are more appreciated for their personalities
Nice meme. Maybe that could've been true a decade ago but today they're only more "appreciated" by middle aged men because they're extremely underage and pedo bait to a ridiculous degree.

No. 352339

he legit looks like the love child of Jimin and Baekhyun

No. 352342

File: 1547151906411.jpg (180.5 KB, 1279x1828, Matsui.Jurina.full.1018.jpg)

They do have very pretty girls too. Pic related even tried to get into Produce48 (she didn't pass, good for her)
But yes, being imperfect is okay in Japan, they're not nearly as obsessed with PS as Korea

No. 352347

File: 1547152241297.png (845.88 KB, 754x726, 787.png)

>AKB does give their idols some godawful styling
>It was a shock to see some of the AKB idols with Kpop styling on PD48. Murase Sae in particular, so pretty.

Holy shit you guys are right. Tacky48 is really holding down the potential of this girl.

Though not to make this too off-topic since this is a Kpop critical thread, AKB idols still get a way better treatment than their Korean counterparts.

No. 352348

she did get into produce48 though? she left after she ranked first in that akb election and went on hiatus iirc. she's pretty but she probably would've gotten a lot of hate for looking old if she made it into izone. especially considering how young the members are.

No. 352350

No shade, but Jurina does look really old for her age

No. 352354

You know the idol who had to shave her head and make an apology video where she cried and begged for forgiveness for merely dating a guy was from AKB right?

No. 352356

They made her do what?! That's awful!

No. 352357

No. 352359

Kpopalypse is a fat edgy Koreaboo but the one thing I stand with him on is that with Kpop you have to follow the good songs, not the groups. This shit always happens in Kpop and it’s pointless to get attached to any one group because they can be disbanded or rapidly decline in quality out of nowhere. I seriously question the intelligence of anyone who stans groups for the members because their personalities are so contrived and most lack talent.

No. 352360

and dont forget the forced sexualiztion japanese girls face from a young age thats nowhere near as subtle in japan as it is in korea
theres a reason idols who look and act 13 years old even into their 30s take up softcore, if not full on JAV after they leave the groups
hell, they're already doing bikini photobooks before they're even in their late teens

No. 352361

they didn’t MAKE her do it at all. feeling pressured to apologise deeply for something you shouldn’t have to apologise for is still bad and indicates a fucked up system but she wasn’t made to shave her head. girls get caught in scandals and get quietly demoted now and then, they’re not made to shave their heads ffs

No. 352362

Right, but she went batshit and made that decision herself.
She's a first generation member and is still in the group, so AKB is probably all she thought she could do, and just wanted to keep her job.
Sashihara Rino's ex-bf came to the press and described the weird sex they had and all the inter-group rules she broke and her punishment was being moved to a sister group, which made her even more famous.
>>352357 is some crazy bitch who leaked another member's address to her own (probably) boyfriend and had him gang up on her for telling management about their relationship.
AKB is fucked up but these weird clickbait events are considered weird even within the system. Sage for sperging.

No. 352364

Didn’t she do that on her own accord though? Sashihara’s dating scandal was “worse” and all that really happened to her was being “demoted” to hkt48 and it still didn’t stop her from winning their stupid popularity contest 3 times in a row.

No. 352366

Kpop is shit but anyone who thinks Jpop isn't worse is either a weeb, in denial, or knows nothing about Jpop. I'll take an industry full of plastic faces and cringy fake deep lyrics over an industry that actively, unabashedly encourages pedophilia any day. Sorry if that makes me sound like a kboo kek.

No. 352368

nah i completely agree with you

No. 352369

>that actively, unabashedly encourages pedophilia
Are we really going to pretend that Kpop doesn’t pander to pedos too? It wasn’t that long ago that the guy behind pd101 described it as “healthy porn” despite a large amount of the girls being underage.

No. 352371

Tbh the weirdest shit I’ve seen in the jidol scene was a video of clearly underage Johnny’s jrs pole dancing in front of a crowd of older women.

No. 352374

I'm not trying to sound rude guys but there's an anti jpop thread that can be found in /ot/

No. 352376

Its not ok when Korea panders but its definitely not on the same level as what goes on in Japan's media. They have entire cultures based around child porn or implied child porn, and it extends into almost every facet of the entertainment industry there. Thats not to excuse Korea at all for the things they do, but I dont recall seeing prepubescent girls in idol groups posing for books full of them in wet bikinis. When SM shot Yeri's scene in the pool, they got a lot of flack for it and rightfully so. But even that wasnt as extreme as what Japan allows and encourages for general public consumption. In Japan, there's not even really a market for adult, sexy women the way there is in Korea. Even in their retarded fucked up porn where women do crazy, extreme and abnormal shit, they always want to market her as being helpless and childlike while getting railed.

No. 352377

yeah but with the idol shows that allow japanese girls to come over into korea and join kpop groups, theres bound to be crossover discussion

No. 352378

File: 1547155172733.jpg (10.16 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

K-pop keeps their shit disguised better, that's all.
Wonyoung, who is called "giant baby", is fourteen years old and performed "Side to Side" on Produce 48. Pic related is the thumbnail from a fancam on youtube. She was elected by viewers as their number one trainee.
She never had a standout moment in vocals or dance, like Nako hitting the high note in Love Whisper, so why do you think she was so popular?
Implying that K-pop doesn't have a pedo problem is laughable.

No. 352379

I know translation can be slightly inaccurate but I really can't think of any appealing variation of the nickname "giant baby."

No. 352380

I can't wait for the KPOP craze to be over in my country and all of the toxic shit that comes with it. Anyone else feel that a lot of the problematic shit that comes with KPOP is given too much of a pass or is generally looked over?

No. 352381

The anti jpop thread is more like the anti visual kei thread really.

No. 352382

that was Sulli's nickname too

No. 352383

She was actually still 13 here. She is considered her groups top "visual". She looks like an elongated 10 year old and sounds like a squeaky toy.

No. 352385

100%, it's because they're all as bad as each other so why would they call bad behaviour out or refuse to engage, it has to be extremely egregious and horrible for people to give a fuck… i don't hate kpop idols, i feel bad for them most of the time, but on the whole their fanbase is beyond redemption

No. 352387

Agreed, I don't hate the idols either especially since many of them joined as trainees when they were young teens which is rather disturbing. I'm honestly glad that threads like this exist since trying to discuss how terrible KPOP is elsewhere leads towards lots of attacking and bullying from crazed stans

No. 352390

It’s annoying how overly positive everyone is about Koop, it feels like you can’t really criticize a song properly without being called an anti or a hater.

No. 352391

…No one is implying pedoshit doesn't exist in kpop whatsoever. Just that pedoshit is not even close to as big as a problem in kpop as it is in jpop, which is true.

No. 352392

At least with jpop the pedoshit is mostly contained to the idol industry. There doesn’t seem to be as big of a divide between idols and artists in kpop.

No. 352393

File: 1547156078911.jpg (17.46 KB, 250x357, tumblr_p7ot5ePRcZ1ut85veo1_250…)

I agree, but "older" as in "more womanly" (as opposed to looking like a child). Her skin is 100% the one of a young person, but her bone structure is more mature looking.
For example, this is her at 18 years old.
Good for her that she didn't debut in Korea, it would've been awful to see that perfectly fine face ruined with jaw shave, cheek fillers, and whatever else they do

>inb4 someone says "Stop talking about Japanese idols!!"

I think it's interesting to talk about the differences between the Japanese and Korean idol industries, and if we took it to the Jpop Critical someone would say "Take it to the Kpop Critical" either way

No. 352394

Yeah and the usual excuse is that "oh, well Western pop is evil and if you criticize kpop then that means ur xenophobic." or some shit like that. Like, never mind all the times that their precious idol has done egregious things in the past, like V pulling on that girls hair and the industry as a whole being biased against females. I can not for the life of me understand how Kstans believe kpop to be an empowering industry for women, if anything it's anti-female.

No. 352396

all music industries are pretty much garbage and abusive

No. 352398

True, some are just better at covering it up than others.

No. 352399

Exactly, but kstans try to deflect any valid criticism by pointing the finger at different industries. If you try to tell them that the diets their idols are put on can have long term consequences in the form of organ damage or issues with fertility they will either ignore what you said and call you a fat American or point the finger at Hollywood for "doing the same thing!" It's all really tiresome.

No. 352401

The only real positive to her debuting would be better styling. She was styled better in pd48 than she ever has been in akb or ske promotions, aks’s stylists are terrible.

No. 352404

kpop idols are less “idol”ish to me. the term seems to go to anyone who isn’t just a k-hiphop artist, isn’t in a band, or doesn’t just sing OSTs - and even then some of them are considered idols. imo in jpop “idol” usually goes for people whose music really isn’t the important part of what they do, the important part is the girl/boyfriend image, photobooks, handshakes, the general idol image. in kpop it seems like a much broader term, i think some japanese female solo artists fit the idol definition in korea better than they do in japan

it means what’s counted as idol music is better because more people actually care about making a decent product, and it means “jpop vs kpop idols 2017 part 12” videos on youtube make the korean side look way better, but also can make people whose job it is to smile and make finger hearts seem like more credible artists than they are when they’re really still just there to make middle school girls feel like they have a boyfriend

No. 352406

No. 352414

Koop fans can’t seem to understand that Korean and Japanese idols are held to different standards. No one cares if Kat-tun can’t dance in time or if akb48 are selling handshakes with free cds because they don’t have high expectations for idols in general. As long as they can fill the role of fantasy bf/gf, they’ll be fine.

No. 352424

Japanese Idols are corporate Kardashians. Does Korea have anything like that?

No. 352437

idols like sulli, hara, hyuna etc that rebel against boring drab korean society are the only really comparable thing to the kardashians over there i think

No. 352496

File: 1547164900925.jpg (58.31 KB, 470x333, 2113801_2018061601007430015291…)

She really just looks old-old now, I'm sure the Korean styling could have done her great favors but yeah

No. 352561

aren't they rumored to be white supremacists too? Those men tend to have a super asian fetish

No. 352601

White supremacists usually have a Japanese fetish because they see Japanese people as the superior asian race. Japan thought that too hence why they invaded asia and was allied with the Nazis

No. 352624

team no one, but I love how TXT instantly generated more international interest than SM's NCT projects and YG's reality show bg, it's what big 3 deserve

No. 352629

What do you mean by "international interest"?
Didn't NCT perform in America for some Disney anniversary TV program? That's significant "international interest", even if it's not the main goal of the group.
Most international outlets are picking TXT up as "BTS' little brother group" to generate clicks, not because they actually give a shit about a new Korean boy group.
If the west can ever generate another One Direction, that same "interest" is gonna go there. I don't have a team either, but I can tell it's not genuine engagement.

No. 352637

even so you can already tell that due to being a new bg connected to BTS, TXT are gonna pick up way more international interest than NCT and most Kpop groups combined

It doesn't rlly matter since all press is good press in America. And besides that, I saw a rumor going around that TXT will have English speaking members so… Big Hit's intention for TXT is probably exactly this:

They'll be "BTS' little brothers" until BTS enlist…Then all eyes will focus TXT, including Western audiences who'll be brainwashed to like em.

I highly doubt that after seeing the success of BTS in America that Bighit would stay in Korea when they could attempt to make an even more successful group with actual talent and visuals this time around.

No. 352639

TXT first introduction getting hundreds of thousands likes on twitter, millions of views on yt, multiple threads on r/kpop

people are excited, tho BH can screw initial hype with shitty song, international fandom has low tolerance of ballads and infantile crap

NCT concept is super unfriendly to newcomers and casual fans, the more guys they add the less people will bother to check the group out

YG's reality show seems unpopular, with not much discussion or line-up excitement

No. 352647

File: 1547180745573.jpg (20.55 KB, 640x135, UYxZBTp.jpg)

The nationalist propaganda jumped out

No. 352652

omg the all inclusive true poc artist oppars are thriving, you can see how they give 0 fucks about western approval.. woke kings..

No. 352655

File: 1547181490771.png (63.18 KB, 580x526, Screen Shot 2019-01-10 at 11.3…)

some of the memes armys have been making for txt are actually autistic…

No. 352657

File: 1547181535942.png (105.29 KB, 580x642, Screen Shot 2019-01-10 at 11.3…)

No. 352664

I don't understand this at all. I suppose that's good.

No. 352665

i checked the trending tag about the new group and it was filled with tweets like these, there isn't even much information about them yet. does jk really act like a 16 year old minecraft youtuber or do they just love to make him look like a manchild who is obsessed with being babied to death

No. 352666


It's ten times worse on Twitter.


>Bighit’s new bg is privileged. Period. Don’t try to pull the pressure card. That's bs

>They haven’t even debuted and they are getting already this much exposure. Established groups and rookies don’t get this much hype. Everyone say thank you, bts.

>The new bg is getting everything handed to them on a silver platter. Y’all wanna talk about pressure but in reality it’s all PRIVILAGE

>It took bts 2 years to reach 1 million followers. This new group is halfway there within a new hours. Don’t talk about how bts struggled and compare it to the pressure this new bg is supposedly having.

>Don’t try to make ARMYs stan or support them by trying to sympathize this new bg. There is nothing to sympathize. They have it easy and y’all know it.

>I have always been outspoken about my support for bts and them only. I will not support a group I know nothing about simply because they are their juniors. Y’all are acting as if bts wants to share us

>If ARMYs follow the kpop mentality, and stan this group, their time and investments will be split in half. Yall know this will affect bts but y’all just scared to say it. Y’all can stan anyone, but at least wait and listen to their music and do it for the right purposes.

No. 352673

>Y'all act as if bts wants to share us
lol if they don't want to share you it's only because they don't want to share their money, you are just a fan amongst thousands, you don't mean anything when there is no money involved

No. 352679

Based on what I've noticed over time, the most popular idol for those weird altright men is Sana (the rest of twice are quite popular in those circles too.) While I think there is a bias toward Japanese girls, it's because they tend to do well in cute concepts which is what appeals to Uncle fans both domestic and abroad

No. 352680

No. 352682

>The new bg is getting everything handed to them on a silver platter. Y’all wanna talk about pressure but in reality it’s all PRIVILAGE

How stupid can they be. Do they want all kpop groups to start from the shittiest unknown companies ? They're just scared the new boys will overshadow their soon-to-be-enlisting oppas

No. 352711

File: 1547187608207.jpg (337.1 KB, 1080x1330, _110851.jpg)

jfc they need to chill. i kinda feel bad for this new group now as they're under a lot of pressure and have crazy anties already.

>so privileged

yeah, as if bighit's not going to overwork them to death just like your precious babies.

No. 352715

bighit was an unknown company but they aren't anymore, boo fucking hoo. armys have to stop with the my babies have gone through hell :( bullshit, that's what happens with every other unknown company, they aren't special

No. 352716

File: 1547188282039.gif (1.17 MB, 540x230, tumblr_pl4gfacFIt1r8gq4co1_540…)

goddamn, he looks like s.coup's cousin. we can add him to the foot-lookin/hunchback of seoul family.

No. 352717

They're complaining about the attention the new group is getting when the only people who care about what big hit is doing is army. All the hype is from army, nobody else cares.

No. 352719

I live for this milk! For years they were shitting on company stans and now they might become company stans themselves

No. 352721

The overuse of y'all in all these tweets is cancerous

No. 352722

if bts did have the same privilege that txt has what would armys use to fuel their victim complex? they've been milking the fact that bts came from a small company for years at this point.

No. 352724

and they're still going to milk it with txt.
>BTS did this for them ~!!!!! they worked and struggled for this, blood sweat & tears !!11!! y'all best know !

they act as if every kpop company doesn't start like this..

No. 352730

The uneven nostrils though

No. 352734

I don't mean to stan but WG's band concept was so refreshing. I found out about this just recently. This could have been revolutionary if not for JYP's mismanagement, like we need more concepts like this cause the normal BG GG concept is so oversaturated and boring af.

No. 352735

File: 1547198710043.jpg (73.48 KB, 1200x630, yeet.jpg)

No. 352736

File: 1547199014569.jpg (19.16 KB, 313x470, 8a99a65f66ed1e3685c43625ef88f2…)

Lmao anon

No. 352751

It'll be so good if army move on to txt and bts start to fall. They'll be enlisting fairly soon anyway and I think fans start moving on when that happens. Jin is 27 this year? He can only have a couple years left before he enlists.

Anyway, it's amusing seeing bts stans freak out about this new group. This is just the natural order of kpop. Groups get old and fans move on to new ones. Nothing out of the ordinary. These stans are just in the denial stages.

No. 352777

File: 1547205358014.jpeg (28.93 KB, 250x250, 4EABD103-C51F-4A62-B9DA-0F21D4…)

can’t wait for the shatmys who’ve been harassing everyone who doesn’t suck bts’ toes to get grilled alive by even more psychotic stans. i’ll bring s’mores.

No. 352782

File: 1547206466697.png (260.82 KB, 401x547, sibling.png)

No. 352783

File: 1547206595650.png (284.94 KB, 421x488, sibling2.png)

No. 352785

Sometimes I think Johnny is hot and then sometimes he just looks fucking weird, like a Dr. Seuss character or something.

No. 352791

File: 1547208019942.jpeg (138.44 KB, 800x800, 099F93B4-346E-4511-837F-2D39C8…)

i had to google this and holy fuck you’re right

i still find him handsome for the most part tho

No. 352811

Why are fansites so horrible at shooping? tf did she do to his face?

No. 352825

oh yikes @ that wonky ass nostril

i still remember when exo debuted and he got the 'jin treatment' from fans where they were aware he was pretty useless and not that good looking yet they kept hyping him up

No. 352827

Nah, I agree. Sometimes they even played live, the instruments were actually plugged in. What other GG has ever done this?
I know about Day6 (they're with JYP too) but they're all men. A female band would be cool.

No. 352835

AOA tried a band concept for a while before switching to sexy dances - their company has a lot of bands (FT Island, CN Blue, N.Flying). But yeah, WG's band concept was much better executed and I'd hoped they'd get at least a few more comebacks as a band.

No. 352842

If it really is Jennie then it would explain a lot.

No. 352845

is it true that one of the members in bighit's new group was born in 2004?? i wish companies stopped debuting minors

No. 352846

Yep it's true and it's the one from the video teaser if I'm not mistaken.
Expect a lot of "my baby boi" followed by degenerated rape fics as soon as he turns 17.

No. 352851

The one from the teaser is apparently the leader and he was bown in 1999, IIRC.
The fact that the leader is just 19 says a lot, though.

No. 352854

i feel bad for all the underage girls and boys in the k-pop industry because of the disgusting fans and the working conditions. how do you make a 14-15 year old debut, when did you even take them as a trainee, 12?? literal children being worked in these schedules is fucked up

No. 352856

17? They're not gonna wait that long anon, I bet the fics are already out

No. 352863

File: 1547224350336.gif (2.81 MB, 268x375, 47AEDEB2-F045-4780-93A1-458D3C…)

Every time i see a ‘sexy dance’ from idols part of me wants to die

No. 352867


No. 352888

lmao why is this so stiff and disconnected. "12 hours of dance practice every day" my ass.

No. 352900

when you realize whoever made this video was being serious, not ironic

No. 352906

>it's normal for korean men to wear makeup
meme never dies

No. 352908

They really don't, but I've heard that the Korean makeup industry has been considering marketing more strongly to men now that many young women are doing the "taking of our corsets" beauty product boycott in recent times. I wonder how that is going.

No. 352938

Some guys could easily benefit from using a bit of concealer tbh.

No. 352943

Many idols actually have acne don't they - maybe a bit OT but why is it so common in SK?

No. 352944

What do you mean? Acne is common everywhere, not just SK.

No. 352946

its common because a lot of teens with acne there feel pressured to cover up with makeup, more so than in other asian countries tbh

No. 352949

In my limited knowledge, it seems more common than in some other Asian countries. Perhaps the makeup and skincare obsessions are actually making it worse? Like >>352946 implies.

No. 352953

Acne's pretty common everywhere.

It might be a bit more pronounced in idols because many of them are young, they wear a lot of make-up on a daily basis, and their diets generally aren't very healthy.

No. 352955

it's not common in sk at all. only a niche group of young men + idols wear makeup.

No. 353134

File: 1547295103581.jpeg (189.63 KB, 749x1193, ABE03C03-697D-4B83-9C9C-4762B7…)

a lil nit-picky maybe but i love how bighit doesn’t even bother having english in their profile or tweets nor bother to offer translations when intl fans are the reason the korean public even cares about them.

like i get xenophobia and nationalism is their brand these days but isn’t it kind of stupid from a business standpoint?

ofc their braindead intl fans think the english language is oppressive and their oppars and their company are totally woke for not ~caving~ to the ebul west though

No. 353151

iirc they gave a strike to a channel that uploaded their videos with subs while not providing translations themselves, are they retarded?

No. 353152

Idk about bighit but SM has been doing the same thing since forever. Well at least bighit still provides english translation in their videos while SM really don't. I mean both are shitty companies, but bighit still kinda won from SM from this standpoint. Still intl kpop fans are so fuckin dumb for even thinking the companies care about them and not just their money.

No. 353153

I'm the same anon above. So they dont provide translations either? Lmao sorry since I'm not familiar with bighit anyway. I was referring to their MVs.

No. 353157

i just checked their channel BANGTANTV where they upload vlogs and whatever and i don't see any subs, just like two years ago. when i followed bts back then no content other than vlives had subs, i remember trying to watch their bon voyage and the official subs translated about 30% of the actual audio lmao

No. 353158

about sm—

they’ve done it a lot with nct though? all their vlives and nct daily vids have english subs, don’t know about other sm groups but it seems strange they would only offer it for one group. then again nct is supposed to have a ~worldwide~ appeal.

No. 353175

SM probably did it because they saw BTS as their strong competitor. Like they knew EXO wouldn't be able to steal the spotlight anymore so they went all bighit with NCT.

No. 353176

I remember that happening and finding it so baffling. while I can understand from a copyright perspective that lots of people would just watch the video with English subs on the other channel so bighit themselves would lose views, 1) YouTube shouldn't be a main source of income for a kpop group anyway, 2) The translation channel does them favours in terms of attracting international fans, 3) They aren't even attempting to cater to their international fans themselves and it seems stupid to try and take away their access to the very thing that helped BTS get popular (namely, their social media presence). Bighit just needs to step up and actually hire some translators ffs, I think even their vlives were fan subbed for a while.

No. 353179

I'm probably way off but I wouldn't be surprised if they just can't be bothered. BTS has an oddly devoted fandom, why sub it themselves when they can just throw out lazy content and leave fans to do it for them?

No. 353184

OK, how the FUCK does Candy start writing articles under Allkpop to frame innocent fans as crazy when she's saseang #1 to the point that the full lineup and Alex has blocked her and made previous statements about her.



No. 353185

No. 353190

For those unaware about Candy sasaeng here's a twitter thread about her:


No. 353195

Chung ha looks so scary off stage

No. 353210

I think anyone can submit articles to Allkpop now, kind of like Buzzfeed Community articles. It's plausible she just created a user account and submitted those articles.

No. 353212

Someone on Twitter said that she looks like SVT's Joshua and now I can't unsee it

No. 353215

I hate this stupid terrytv guy. He looks stupid and panders to annoying kpop fans.

No. 353228

has any of the ships that were popular amongst fans turn out to be real? like the ones who constantly sperg like "she looked at him for 5 seconds. they are def dating", "omg he's sitting on his lap they are fucking and are going to come out tomorrow". from what i've seen most people were surprised at jennie and kai

No. 353232

…..Hyuna and Edawn kek

No. 353233

before the baekyeon scandal there were people joking about the ship/talking about how cute it would be since baekhyun used to be a massive snsd stan and had taeyeon as his bias iirc. not sure if it was mostly a gag ship to people or it had a lot of shippers.

No. 353245

Korean/Korean-American YouTubers are thriving thanks to kboo fetishism. this market can't last forever but I don't know how long it will be before this fad really dies out

No. 353289

It's funny how other Asian youtubers who aren't Korean try their hardest at being Korean: ie. Edward Avila (whoeverthefuck)

No. 353316

Holy shit I forgot about him. He's not cow tier to me because I don't think he's a bad person but he's still a laugh imo

No. 353336

mm i always see edward in my youtube recommendations and something about him just irks me. especially when he has male guests, it feels like he crosses some boundaries and comes onto very obvious straight guys. i could just b looking too deep into it.

also his makeup sucks lol

No. 353407

At least hide your powerlevel, Jesus Christ.

No. 353408

Congratulations on falling for an obvious troll.

No. 353417

I’m glad eat your kimchi seem to be past their peak. Constantly seeing them in my recommendations was annoying.

No. 353418

File: 1547334100357.jpg (10.5 KB, 426x288, f5d758bb2e22ae537ffa860822a6a2…)

I just learnt Zico has his mom tattoed on his fucking chest.
Like what the fuck.

No. 353419

File: 1547334413761.jpg (10.5 KB, 426x288, f5d758bb2e22ae537ffa860822a6a2…)

I just learnt Zico has his mom tattoed on his fucking chest.
Like what the fuck.

No. 353420

File: 1547334509850.jpeg (368.73 KB, 750x750, 3D1E429C-02BA-4E60-9D09-4B5DE7…)

them being an obvious troll isn’t the joke, it’s the fact that hordes of armys rush to report them over something so ridiculous while they ignore it when other armys attack people for not kissing their oppars asses.

these ~expose posts~ had a ton of likes indicating many armys believed them.

No. 353426

File: 1547335205399.gif (2.7 MB, 326x191, 20da63d96c2ae33a90820f5a1322a4…)

No. 353429

troll or not, i love the stupid shit they get into fights over. very hilarious

No. 353447

i read someone say imagine fucking zico and having the tattoo of his mother looking right at you the entire time
i can't fucking stop thinking about that anytime i see that tattoo

No. 353458

File: 1547343697921.jpg (37.1 KB, 500x500, images.jpeg.jpg)

I wouldn't have guessed this was Nichkhun if it wasn't stated so. He still looked like himself in the MV but it's obvious that the company is trying to give him a new uwu cute boy image just to cater to young audiences (and failed miserably at that). Older idols should just act and look their age cause it's so fucking embarassing to see them getting morphed into some totally random young dudes/girls, I mean I knew how they looked like in their heydays so they ain't fooling anyone.

No. 353460

i didnt even recognize him, he looks like kyuhyun to me here

No. 353461

I thought that was Baekhyun for a second lol. it's pretty sad that they all seem to blend into one another with all the ps they have.

No. 353516

File: 1547353812950.jpg (63.21 KB, 540x540, tumblr_pkw6fp3Akp1u8l7r5_540.j…)

I cannot get over how bland he looks now. He had a interesting blend of masculine and feminine features before, now he looks like any ol Korean dude

No. 353519

Is this recent? Because he looks fucking awful in that picture

No. 353521

>>353458 all I see is that mustache looking shadow

No. 353535

File: 1547359124402.jpg (84.73 KB, 750x500, jhope_before_after.jpg)

This is just tragic.

No. 353545

File: 1547360807086.jpg (157.49 KB, 1064x706, nevermindhowuglyitis.jpg)

people are saying the reptile got an actual tattoo since there's been numerous amounts of evidence of it having been there for a while. if it is real it's fucking ugly, like nevermind what?

No. 353548

At least it's not his mom's face. Or Jesus.

No. 353550

File: 1547361667607.jpg (58.79 KB, 1024x677, 56ed03c75369ba292f347b6f801839…)

Taeyang has this thing tattoed on his chest. Honestly I don't know much about this matter but Korea's tattoo artists seem quite shitty in general.

No. 353552

nevermind eating, by the looks of it

No. 353555

is bts going back to their edgelord phase

No. 353566

Tattooing is basically illegal and there are plenty of good places but its all underground so you have to look around. One celebrities shit tattoo isn’t a representation of all tattoo artists in general lmfao stop reaching anon tattoo quality is a on a spectrum in any country. Taeyang is just proned to getting corny shit tattood on him because of his personality.

No. 353607

I thought that was fake.
Why would anyone get an ugly tattoo like that

No. 353608

I thought that was fake.
Why would anyone get an ugly tattoo like that

No. 353655

HOW do u even know he's got that photoshop font tattooed on his chest tho?

No. 353663

File: 1547386921921.jpg (60.22 KB, 629x299, fact.jpg)

No. 353666

File: 1547387612714.jpg (78.69 KB, 600x184, a0063e9042f3841n4291o0041r9541…)

koreaboos.. just stop

No. 353675

Kpop and its fans are a plague.

No. 353676

this is obviously a joke.

anyone know if that "Adorable Representative M.C. for Youth. That is our name. And we should be proud of it." thing that turned into a copypasta was a joke though?

No. 353677

It's okay, the tattoo's gonna go as soon as he sheds his skin for the spring

No. 353679

i know but it's funny. you know there are a lot of bts and blackpink fans who seriously see them as superior to every other artist though, like "american pop artists only sing dumb love songs, they can't even sing, bts sings about real issues, they write and produce their own songs!! they sing and dance at the same time!!"

No. 353682


i think its because his features go better w colored hair. that ashy brown is doing him no favors imo

No. 353683

the guy is fading away, they don't push him as a rapper as often as they did back then anymore, probably because they are trying to be a more vocal focused group now. he is not a mindblowing rapper or anything but he wasn't worse than the vocalists on stage

No. 353685

File: 1547392082811.png (640.94 KB, 1438x2021, 20190113_100648.png)

Second txt member revealed

No. 353686

I don't know if this was brought up yet but when do you guys think people will stop giving credit to those K-pop prediction accounts? They're doing the exact thing that people who spread false rumors to validate their "ships" do but they get a pass because "they are from the future"? They need to be stopped tbh.

No. 353688

they think these accounts are agents coming from the depths of the yg dungeons when they all are 16 year old fujos trying to hype up their ship

No. 353689

A Jin clone, good

No. 353692

at least his lips don't look like a prolapsed asshole like Jin's do

but honestly his visuals are basic as hell, there are at least ten kpop boys who look exactly like him

No. 353693

that's also what i thought, the other boy looked like jimin before puberty too. they probably picked lookalikes on purpose, i hope they aren't as talentless and cringy as their uwu bts hyungs

No. 353696

Honestly way better than Jimin's tragic singing. Yeonjun sounds like Dean lmao

I'm pretty sure they're picking lookalikes with far more talent

No. 353698

same fag but why??? do some Kpop companies value basic looks instead of someone with unique feature. It just doesn't seem smart to me.

No. 353699


I hate to say this but BTS 2.0 is even blander than BTS.

At least their name is less cringey. But it's K-pop so…yeah.

No. 353701

so that preteen bts fans can move on to them after bts enlists and starts to sag from all the ps and makeup

No. 353709

File: 1547394641831.jpg (70.33 KB, 1200x517, DwzQhwOVsAIsQH7.jpg)

He seems to look like Jungkook from certain angles too. Yeonjun has some distinctive features at least but this guy is the most boring they could get

No. 353710

File: 1547394732255.jpg (104.93 KB, 931x681, bemadguk.JPG)

LMAO holy shit Koreans are crying in the comments trying to tell SEA and international fans Koreans aren't really like that on an article about Lisa overtaking Taeyeon on Instagram


No bitch, any race (that isn't White- feel inferior / Japanese - cry victim) that has run into Koreans know how racist and self-hating you are

Fuck I kinda wish I had the patience to make a website like Nate, retards are always infighting w/ click-bate and the money would fly in like no tomorrow.

No. 353711

holy shit netizenbuzz started a trending tag on twitter about it

No. 353713

File: 1547394917443.jpg (89.17 KB, 978x679, kek.JPG)

No. 353715

… How do I make money off of this?

No. 353717

the non-korean one is also the most popular one, weep racists

i remember some anon mentioning how we could make a lot of money if this thread was a youtube channel lol. i lowkey want to make money off of clickbaiting kpop fans but they would find a way to dox me, they are crazy

No. 353718

File: 1547395340605.jpg (73.22 KB, 784x832, OHNONONO.JPG)

It's funny to see other commentators going in on each other

No. 353719

lol I know, I've thought about it as well but we know some psycho bitch would hunt one of us down. This is the only reason I come to this anon site to shit on Kpop, there is no other place (sans 4chan, but they're full of men posting fap bait of choa)

No. 353720

>Lisa overtaking Taeyeon on Instagram
That's the reason there's been drama about Lisa lately? I remember seeing a hashtag or something but I didn't really check.

No. 353721

I remember last time Koreans saw netizen-buzz they thought it must have been part of a Japanese website. They just can't fathom why any non-Japanese foreigner would hate them kek

No. 353722

inb4 PerAdmin gets vanned by SEA

No. 353723


Didn't they (BP and Jennie stans) dox that K-buzz youtube channel? It's a dangerous world out there.

No. 353725

is it possible to dox a person if there's nothing but the nickname on the profile?

No. 353726

it's the safest way but the sasaeng types might hack you

No. 353732

I mean other youtubers have been hacked for less, what makes you think a crazy sasaeng with money won't pay a hacker to do it

No. 353734

nothing from these bitches surprise me anymore

No. 353735

Korea's nationalism and racism will be their own own demise to their kpop tourism guinea pig.

No. 353752

I'm new to this kpop shit, but I don't really understand why Koreans hate south east asians? Aren't they guilty of the same things they cry about with the Japanese?

No. 353754


No. 353756

The main reason is a need to feel superior to someone. China is richer than Korea will ever be and Japan has the Western validation Korea craves, but countries like Thailand, Indonesia or Malaysia are both poorer than Korea and don't really have any status or prestige with the West.

A lot of Koreans have an enormous national inferiority complex, despite their rampant xenophobia. Telling themselves that at least they're not SEA makes them feel better.

No. 353761

He has double eye lids in the first pic….like are you blind?

No. 353762

It's because of the "Asian hierarchy". They think Korea=Japan(or >>Japan)>>China>>all of SEA.

No. 353764

Yes and because SEA are darker and poorer.

No. 353820

I think it's the fillers honestly, maybe also his jaw surgery. Suga was one of the most handsome guys I've ever seen, certainly the best looking in BTS. Now he just looks average.

No. 353827

yea his second jaw surgery + i think he also got a slight zygo reduction

No. 353849

at first i thought that they are playing it safe by going for the "boy/girl next door" look. basic looking idols probably make the fans believe that they have a chance with them because they look plebeian. i think that was part of one direction's success, they (except zayn) looked like average boys and had flaws.

but then i realized that it doesn't explain the insane surgeries and cosmetic procedures most idols go through. maybe the members look insanely beautiful in korea? i honestly have no idea.

why do so many companies go for the uwu soft and rather feminine look when it comes to male idols? as many farmers have pointed out previously; jhope literally looks like a 50 year old aunt and taehyung is styled like a grandmother. why don't they dress them up in more masculine clothing?

No. 353854

>why don't they dress them up in more masculine clothing?
most of their fans are still very young girls, so having them looking too masculine or "grown up" could be intimidating or even alienating for them.
Soft boys look manly enough that the fans can project and explore their emerging sexuality on them, but not too manly that would make them scary looking or feel too pedo in fan events.

No. 353875

Korean beauty standards aim to perfection, to being flawless, which for them is a laundry list of V line face, no cheekbones, small nose with a tall bridge, double eyelids, pale skin etc. Perfection ends up being boring.

No. 353876

They want non-threatening looking boys and girls. Twice are popular because they look like the cute girls in your class and not the untouchable princesses that SNSD (and now BP) were styled as. The more basic the better in K-pop overall.

No. 353880

they end up looking like eggs. a lot of idols looked so much better without all the ps tbh.

No. 353888

i think its just him not being a spoop anymore. his cheekbones dont pop. the hairstyle is also bad and makes his face rounder, the colour is also somewhat off

No. 353890

File: 1547419118762.jpg (53.75 KB, 540x541, tumblr_pl2iwwvaU41uikhzi_540.j…)

his face was fuller before though. his cheekbones "pop" more now.

No. 353891

File: 1547419330780.png (117 KB, 300x300, f852599e-102a-490c-a1a8-77af83…)

compared to this

No. 353893

Since this now seem to have become a rip-Sugas-face thread, I'd like to add that I hate the direction BTS is going and really want angsty/edgy Suga raps back.

No. 353895

Anyone know how stans rationalize supporting an industry like Kpop despite knowing how fucking messed up it is? They claim to be WOKE to social issues yet they help fund corporations that mistreat their employees, curate unhealthy beauty standards, and have dealings with illegal shit. It makes no freaking sense.

No. 353910

Same here. It would be nicer if he would appear more often in their variety, and got a bit more lines (so they can sound at least decent on stage), but I feel like he is doing this of his own volition. He seems less and less interested in being an idol.

No. 353917

Lbr, no one itt gives a shit about that either. It's the same reason why people like rap music despite all the awful shit most rappers say and do, jpop, western pop, hollywood shit, porn, etc.

No. 353923

suga looked probably the most ok when they first came out except for the cringy fake 'street wise' attitude however now with his anemic coke bloat weak jawline bobble head and malnourished body look like something i'd find in a haunted abandoned house

No. 353927

might as well not stan anything at all then since pretty much every industry is just as corrupt.

No. 353934

I hope they don't make him go under the knife anymore, and ruin what looks he has left. And hopefully since both jhope and rat put out mixtapes, he'll put out another mixtape.

It seems like he likes the fame but hates not having the freedom to do what he wants. In one interview he was talking about how he made the beat or produced fake love and really liked and was super proud of it but then they changed everything and he seemed bitter it.

No. 353943

>he made the beat or produced fake love and really liked and was super proud of it but then they changed everything
Oh man, if that'd true I wish BH would release that version too. As if it would happen though.

No. 353944

it's pretty scary how much weight jungkook, jimin and suga have lost over the years and how armies convince themselves that they're actually at 'healthy' weights

No. 353970

I remember them saying that every song BTS puts out has to go through RM first. Makes sense tho considering he is a control freak that thinks he's ~moar artistic and enlightened~ than the rest of the group.

The more control they give this guy, the more the quality of their music dies. I miss Suga's edgy hiphop beats, they were leagues ahead of the fake woke SJW crap Rat's guiding BTS to. While I do prefer his rapping to Suga's, his songwriting and production is killing any potential they may have.

No. 353976

lol @ believing that. they're a very heavily managed idol group.

No. 353978

Also what's up with more and more kpop groups coming out with each year? There's nothing special about any of them, most of them are just going to flop. The market is sooo oversaturated with groups the GP doesn't even care about. I hope there's another soloist era soon tbh.

No. 353980

You just know that when they retire Suga will become an obese fuck like Hit Man PD, Jungkook will try to get swollen or something and Jimin will be even more anorexic and plastic.

No. 353983

America's supposedly 'taking notice' of Kpop and their massive fanbase. Everybody tryna get that money quick before it dries out.

2020 will def be the year Kpop becomes over-saturated and Booooring

No. 353984

i felt like it already happened in 2017-2018

No. 353986

Anyone else never see "any armies here" anymore? 2017 was their peak.

No. 353992

After this I wonder what's next? Kpop's popularity has increased post Gangnam style but eventually it's going to hit the trough because it's already on decline, especially since of gg like SNSD, T-ara, Sistar, WW, and girls day disbanded.

Then the older Bgs will inenvitably sign up to the army so more of the more memorable kpop groups are gone, leaving the bland and basic newer kpop groups who have to break their ass to comeback in less than 4 or so months so they're remembered by kpop stans who have the attention span of a goldfish. And if kpop in general switches to a solo or band era because that's what the korean GP wants I think intl fans will quietly drop, most of them don't care for it too much.

Also does anyone think there will be another asian trend after this? Something tells me it would be more malicious than the previous.

No. 353995

i can already see post peak idol life jungkook looking beefed up with tacky tattoos, posting pics on insta of him flexing whilst pretending not to and getting sponsored for various protein shakes, diet pills and teas

No. 353999

>Also does anyone think there will be another asian trend after this? Something tells me it would be more malicious than the previous.

Yes. C-pop (Chinese pop) and I'm already dreading it.

No. 354000

do they have anything remarkable? who would care about kpop rip off when there's kpop itself

No. 354001


Oh my fucking god kill me now with this cancerous trifecta

late 90s early 20s- Jpop
late 20s early 2010s- Kpop
late 2010s -? - Cpop

and what's even worse is that there's a billion fuckton of Chinese ready to flash their Sino-nationalism to the world. Fuck.

No. 354002

why do you think bollywood is big? (billions of indians)

Since China has been having a steady and booming economy compared to the western world (with a billion+ of "unify for Communist Party or die" people) and they're are becoming ever powerful by the day with their influence, also the fact that American Hollywood has been trying to win the Chinese I can just tell that it's only a matter of time.

No. 354003

First it was anime with jpop getting very little exposure and now kpop so it would make sense for the three East Asian countries to have something blow up in the west.

No. 354004

china and america are not allies

No. 354005

I like like kpop took inspiration from jpop, and cpop took inspiration/basically copied kpop

No. 354006

I was just thinking about this the other day. The j-wave was the first and it was pretty huge but not as loud as hallyu. K-pop and Korean media in general has become relatively loud in the western media but doesn't seem to have the larger yet chill following of anime. If china strikes it hot with cpop or c-movies I could predict the most annoying fandom yet forming … but imagine the milk of a western cpop fandom clashing with conservative americans because of us/china relations lmao

No. 354014



Cpop in particular coming into fruition is a concept I don't see happening easily. Korean can get nationalistic and xenophobic but not to the point of being to subborn to call over American, european, and Japanese producers/dancers/etc. to collab and get the group a hit. The music industry that the aforementioned producers come from are huge and they worked on many hit songs.

For ex.: Dumb dumb, Mr. Taxi, 4 walls (as seen in the link above), electric shock, growl, Gee and Ice cream cake to name a few.

Even if all Koreans produced the song they often take or copy samples from existing american songs or the western and jpop influence is present.

Most Cpop i've seen has bland ballads that are a bore to listen to.

I also know people aren't feeling Hiphop/rap here but it because of whats in the content but it is still an imporant part of both,Kpop (a rap member is almost mandatory know), and music in general.

Doing that also probably allienated a lot of foreign producers who atleast worked on a song that had at least one rap verse.

China has a habit of copying and putting no actual talent into these groups/songs. So they aren't aren't getting their very own Cpop version of Gee until they broaden their horizons or get actual talent.

But if they actually decide to wisen up, I could see Cpop and it's potention fandom being die diehard. Which I dread because China has more ignorance than even Korea.

No. 354015

bts after post peak idol life is going to be interesting. jungkook will be the buff tattooed alpha male he wanted to be after the pressure of being an uwu smol baby boy is gone, v will probably get married and have 93836348428 kids in a heartbeat, some of them will be like the old kpop ceos who get caught with models half their age

No. 354016

So JK will finally be able to wear his favorite pants lol?

No. 354018

>implying china would be interested in that in the first place

china does not need its own "hallyu wave"

No. 354019

he'll finally be able to hit the gym without bighit worrying that he doesn't look jailbait enough

No. 354023

Predictions for 2020 when BTS is no more
> Jungkook swol like hulk hogan alpha man with a harem
> V Cult leader with 1000 kids and a harem
> RM homeless and alone because no one wants him
> Suga becomes a balloon from all the fillers, has a harem
> JH is often mistaken for an old lady, is also alone

No. 354024

Fuug I forgot Jin
> Jin still forgotten and no one curr, his lips still look like a butt hole the end

No. 354026

it's still SO creepy to me that bighit is so big on making jungkook look like jailbait and act like it then turn around and act sexual whilst wearing tight clothes and showing off his body

and the fact that jungkook himself confessed that on tape and people acted like 'lol funny our baby boy thinks he's grown' armies and their breast feeding kink smh

No. 354027

Jimin's gonna be dating women and girls half his age

No. 354028

everyone is in 2020 while these niggas are in 500 bc

No. 354029

him, jhope and v for sure

No. 354030

It's not Rap Monster, it's bighit. They try to tailor their music to western standards, so the quality of their albums becomes worse and worse. Just compare HYYH to their current series. Laughable.

No. 354031

why are you typing like an autist?

my predictions for BTS in a few years after disbandment:
>jungkook middling-successful solo artist, swole but not an alpha, he doesnt have the personality for it. still wont have fucked IU
>V probably married young with like 3 babies
>RM touring schools talking about following your dreams, dating western girl who is not black but armys say she has 0.001% afro blood so RM is a woke legend who loves strong female poc
>Suga gets fat and bangs hookers
>Jin also married with kids

as for jhope i have no idea, cant even think of anything funny to predict about him

No. 354032

Jimin's gonna be dating women and girls half his age>>354029

Jhope? Why do you say that? I think he's really gonna fade into obscurity with no money and no other girls around him besides his sister whom people have suggested he himself finds attractive yikes

No. 354035

he's going to prey on young idols like every other irrelevant aged-out idol dude

No. 354036

this is dark but i really don't think jimin will pull through life well once bts falls apart i have a feeling he will spiral mentally

No. 354038

why? i'm thinking jk and suga for that scenario. they've both expressed anxiety for the future and jk is already slicing his wrists up.

No. 354039

if he's not faking his anxiety attacks after his stage fuck ups, he won't have it easy as a soloist. he also seems too dependent on the fans

No. 354044

jimins all over the place now with all these yes men around him, all the money and the pussy

when bts falls apart, the numbers dwindle and people move on to newer things he'll probably lose it since his entire self esteem is based on fans just like jungkook. tho jungkook will probably feel slightly liberated post breakup with not as many fans around to bug him cause he wants to get tattoos, piercings, and be more edgy than flowerboy in reality

No. 354045

it's very noticeable that you get your ideas of who they are from this thread. jungkook has no future in music and he's openly depressed about it.

No. 354046

And for the 2 members that end up getting girls knocked up will do it a few months into a new relationship, have shotgun weddings, and at least one will try to exploit their babies. Probably not primetime exploitation like Return of Superman, but another one of those celebrities raising kid shows that air on less popular channels kek but probably wont get divorced and will likely get lraised my k-netizens because “omg he’s such a good dad!!!! He plays with his kids and actually tried to discipline him that one episodeeeeee” like they all do when so average ass dad like Ham Sammington or rando soccer players go on air with his kids.

The other ends in a divorce after a year of a year of exposure and lots of press coverage on their #goalzzzzz relationship and ‘cute’ baby.

This is basically what its like when a K-celeb gets pregnant or makes an oopsy baby. There is no ‘settling down’, they’ve always got to find a way to exploit the situation. Its like the Korean equivalent of Japanese celebs becoming an annoying blog moms when they have shotgun marriage babies and get divorced a few years later.

No. 354047

Jk, Suga and Jimin are the weakest, psychology-wise. Jin also seems like a weak bitch who tries too hard to hide his feelings and insecurities. He has been dying inside since day 1 when his pants where falling in his debut stage lmao

No. 354049

does jungkook even want tattoos anymore? i dont know the exact story but i think he mentioned to suga that he wanted to get one when he turned 18 when he was 17 and suga said no you fucking idiot dont do that, itll be tacky and ugly and youll regret it, which tbf is true.

No. 354050

jimin is one that has the biggest chance at a solo career because he's the most popular member to the sk gp and all that's all that matters when it comes to idols

No. 354053

I think it would be either Jimin or Jungkook. I know Suga attempted suicide in the past according to his mixtape, but he has the biggest chance of being successful while avoiding fangirls (producer).

No. 354054

i thought that was taehyung? or maybe i'm thinking so cause he seems to have all these other connections in the industry and managed to snag a drama role before anyone else

No. 354055

Nah, considering how filthy rich Jin's family, and now him too, and how he knows he's not really talented he'll probably be just fine.
Now V, I'm sure he'll get a lot of cheating/assault/domestic violence scandals after BTS considering his behavior and how inflated his ego looks.

No. 354057

he's a bland singer but bighit always pushes him on the front and i guess him and jimin are the most popular ones? their solos would get the most attention, fans don't care about the quality either

No. 354060

no, taehyung is the most biased in the fandom but jimin and jk are more popular outside of the fandom

No. 354063

even before knowing who bts members are i've seen jimin's name on the internet as some kpop boy because the cringy kboo posts usually included him

No. 354064

yea but i'm talking about their popularity in sk and it's undeniably him

No. 354065

yep jimin is definitely the "beyonce" of bts

No. 354066

Nasty, he looks so creepy though. That's pretty bad when the "face" of your group has butt hole lips and can't sing.

No. 354068

i think its mostly due to his persona and he is admittedly a good dancer

No. 354070

While popularity wise he'll do fine solo, I don't think he could take the pressure.
He throws pity party tantrums at every little mistake, and he can't sing more than 5 lines without his voice cracking. There's no way he'd make it through a concert by himself.

No. 354071

While popularity wise he'll do fine solo, I don't think he could take the pressure.
He throws pity party tantrums at every little mistake, and he can't sing more than 5 lines without his voice cracking. There's no way he'd make it through a concert by himself.

No. 354072

but he has that "youthful" look that is sought after in male idols. jk is too rough and masculine and v is too classically handsome.

No. 354076

i think it's mostly cause of his persona, and he is admittedly a good dancer

No. 354077

i think it's mostly cause of his persona, and he is admittedly a good dancer

No. 354078

File: 1547445085664.jpg (173.78 KB, 719x1280, tumblr_pdol4yLD5i1w9ml54o1_128…)

No. 354088

What did they mean by this? Was g-dragon supposed to deliver us from evil?

No. 354089

no shit, but america money is looking at china especially in terms of entertainment

No. 354091

File: 1547447077713.gif (244.4 KB, 220x166, lmao.gif)


bitch baby can't even sing without crying

No. 354093

I don't understand the hype at all. I don't like G-Dragons voice, songs or appearance. But he's better and more talented than BTS indeed.

No. 354094

jimin isn't even michelle lbr

his singing won't ever deliver you from evil

No. 354097

Honestly, the rise of BTS has actually made me appreciate Big Bang as the lesser of two evils. Now I see that they might be crazy overhyped and annoyingly media played as 'artistes', but at least they had SOME good music and a few members with charisma. Can't say the same for BTS.

And I think they have different enough demographics that it's not true BTS have filled their spot in GD's absence. New kpop fans don't gravitate towards groups who debuted in the mid 2000s no matter how popular they are.

No. 354105

there's gonna be a huge influx in soloists soon because most of wanna one are becoming solo artists now. i guess they learned from their mistake with i.o.i and having most of the girls debut in nugu girl groups no one cares about since they only care about that girl, and are just giving the boys solo careers.

No. 354119

It's always been like this. If I remember correctly in 2011-2012 close to 120 groups debuted each year. There were lists for new girl and guy groups because people were getting lost in the constant influx.

No. 354120

i just meant hes the one known outside of bts fans. you know, like what beyonce was for destiny's child…

No. 354121

File: 1547457797401.png (872.32 KB, 282x2846, pleasstop.png)

Kpop. Not even once.

No. 354125

you guys buy into their fake corpo personas waaay too much

No. 354126

Oh wow this thread has become a BTS prediction thread

No. 354128

The boys have enough individual fans to buy their solo music no matter how good or bad it might be - Chungha got lucky that her first few songs did well or she'd be in limbo like the rest of the IOI girls regardless of talent/charisma.

No. 354130

i wouldn't even mind if it were funny, but most of the posts are made by spastic ARMY children who are SoO oVeR iT and criticize all the wrong things

>it's very noticeable that you get your ideas of who they are from this thread
100% on point

No. 354132

I‘ve seen this happen to literally every ~reaction channel~ lmao. Speaking of which, does anybody know of that fat neckbearded "producer"? He pisses me off so much, not only with his pseudo-professional meme but also because apparenrly he identifies as trans. I remember him constantly making sexual remarks on twitter and livestreams despite mostly kids watching him.. what a fucking degenerate. Reminds me of that music producer who was popular at one point but got caught trying to sext with a minor.

It's so bad. I just wish these two or three armyfags that always shit up the threads would take this back to their twitter timeline. Like, this is straight up stanspeak at some times.

No. 354133

Do you mean Form of Therapy?

No. 354135

Yeah that faggot. I laughed when i saw him doing some "korean lesbian short film“. Of course he did.

No. 354136

who are they exactly? how different are they from what people say about them in this thread?

No. 354142

The entire world will get theirs eventually. Indian media, SEA media, arabian media, african media. Obviously some of these are very long term. There's no reason for hollywood to stay popular when the world's so big.

No. 354143

nobody knows, we don't know them personally do we?

No. 354145

nobody knows, we don't know them personally do we?

No. 354149

very different. i watch a lot of variety and most stuff that gets posted here by obvious armyfags is false info or stuff taken way out of context. they are pretty well mannered, average boys and socially awkward and cringy at most

V isn't this weird future cult leader guy, he's in fact very average and i'd say he's dandy - like dandelion from the witcher. jungkook is a bit nervous and competitive. RM is well spoken, but he's awkward and seems to have the most problem fitting in, seems like he would like to be left alone. jin seems nice. jhope seems depressed and totally insecure. suga seems like a regular pisces to me, he acts like hot shit when he's on a roll, but becomes a depressed wreck when he slips and comes off as awkward. this is how i see them

i think their weight loss is by far most problematic aspect of this bg, aside from the music being absolute shite

No. 354153

this could be said about any idol, they all put on stage personas at some point

No. 354154

>suga seems like a regular pisces
Being a bts stan AND an astrology retard? Girl pick a struggle.

No. 354161

im neither, i dont listen to bts or believe in horoscope. just used the trope. i am retarded for watching variety tho

(got 505 before, hope this doesnt get posted 3x)

No. 354172

File: 1547468838266.png (43.09 KB, 809x531, shit.png)

Ugh yes, I usually wouldn't mind nor whine about it but they remind me of those retards from VC forum with their "personality reading" and stuff. Not the same shit but similar, you know what I mean (pic related)

No. 354173

About 10 years ago, Bollywood was America's token "cool" ethnic culture because of Aishwarya Rai and Shah Rukh Khan's movies doing well. Lots of Hollywood stars did cameos in Bollywood movies, came to Bollywood award shows, did commercials for Indian brands, etc. Aishwarya was in a shitty Pink Panther movie too.

Now Bollywood is still very much around and making tons of money, but it's not the trend it once was in the West. I expect Kpop will steadily lose its' trend status too.

No. 354174

So now Suga isn't allowed to feel genuinely happy and his smile definitely means something's wrong? Why are they so desperate to believe that their oppas are suffering? Also top fucking kek at Jin always getting a raw deal even from Armys in these bullshit personality things

No. 354175

No, Cpop was already popular early 2000s maybe not in the west but pretty sure it was a huge trend in Asia. I gotta admit Cpop was interesting back then when it wasn't a counterfeit of other popular culture. Now they just can't be on top anymore, plus China is such a shut-in country. I'm sure of that.

No. 354177

The Chinese government doesn't want its entertainers believing they're above the law or anything (see: Fan Bingbing). I heard the govt is going to introduce new laws that can limit the earnings of these new Cpop groups that have come up like Nine Percent and Rocket Girls.

No. 354178

Having gums that show when you smile means you're mentally ill? Goddamn physiognomy is retarded.

No. 354179

That's true, it's so shit in mainland China. I believe it's not the same in Taiwan, and they produce better music than the mainland but they have lost their power and authenticity, like I just can't see them taking over Kpop's current position. Kpop for sure will fall but Cpop ain't gonna be the replacement. Tbh I just want the East Asian trend to stop, it has become annoying at this point.

No. 354188

lol i don't know how much of a mindblowing genius he sounds like when he speaks korean but when he's speaking english… just no

No. 354190

Anon is obviously talking about Korean

No. 354192


>Speaking of which, does anybody know of that fat neckbearded "producer"?

These reaction channels get money off of kpop stans desperation and need to be validated. Just like most of those so doctors on reality TV aren't actual ones, he probably barely fits the definition of one.

Kpop fans are very gullible and easy to make money off of if you validate their favs.

JREKML and BRISxLIFE get gifts and prepaid tickets to BTS concert for example.

No. 354194

What's up with all this BTS whiteknighting? Why are you getting defensive over them lmao people are allowed to talk shit about your uwu baby boys

No. 354196

Are you talking about this post >>354149 anon? If yes, then I agree

No. 354198

you don't have to look at his personality to know jin is insecure, you just have to look at his prolapsed lips and lack of jawline definition

No. 354199

yeah, i watched problematic men and liked him. also loved kim jiseok in there asfdfdg, but i don't want to spiral out of control and start watching kdramas too

No. 354201

JREKML is so gross omg
i remember he used lie about his ethnicity and title his videos shit like 'half filipino half korean cute sexy boy watches video' like what in the redtube hell?

No. 354202

>V isn't this weird future cult leader guy, he's in fact very average and i'd say he's dandy - like dandelion from the witcher.
how would you explain his misogyny, pulling that girl by the hair to the point jin had to intervene and casually telling female fans to cover up and not wear revealing clothes? telling that lady to give up her dreams and become a housewife? even if he’s not clinically retarded like he appears itt i can’t imagine any way to excuse any of those things and the pulling the girl by the hair is by no means “average”. not to mention how he went off on a fan on vlive for daring to call him taehyung; i haven’t even seen jin act that superior/rude and being vain is basically part of his ~brand~ at this point.

if armys are gonna come whiteknighting you may as well address the weird shit bts has done beyond ~u don’t know them like i do uwu~.

No. 354206

that's what made me dislike him, he comes off as very ignorant and inconsiderate towards other people, especially his own fans. they try to act like he's a feminist gay legend for wearing feminine clothing (that bighit picked for him lol) or something but he's just a dumb country boy

No. 354207

nta but i'd say v isn't intelligent or charismatic enough to be a cult leader. he'll marry someone as bland and conservative as he is, have 4 or 5 kids, and probably get in a scandal for saying some backwards shit about women.

No. 354208

Jin and Jhope seem like the least assholey ones to me but maybe it's because they don't even get the screentime to be an asshole, I don't know. The thing that bothered me about Jin was him getting triggered over being criticized by someone younger, but compared to the others it's okay I guess. Jungkook also seems harmless but his persona is annoying as fuck and makes it hard to take him seriously

No. 354209

>how would you explain his misogyny, pulling that girl by the hair
i wouldn't, i don't want or need to defend actions like this or jimin wearing the bomb t-shirt. my point was that he isn't this special cult leader guy. calling him average isn't really a compliment

>telling that lady to give up her dreams and become a housewife

now this is exactly what i'm talking about, since this was taken out of context. it happened on a show where they bring in people with problems and their family that cant deal with them. it was about a 40-50yo lady that wanted to start a rap career at that age because she feel for Zico (:D), while leeching of her mom and not knowing how to rap. her mom wanted her to try and get a guy, but the woman said she didnt have time for guys because of her rap career. the audience and celebrity guests are then asked what should she do; pursue her career or get married and they have to cast a vote. and in this context he said it's better to get married and so did everyone else

i haven't heard of the last incident, but please stop calling me an army because youre hurting my feefees

No. 354210

>The thing that bothered me about Jin was him getting triggered over being criticized by someone younger

If you think that's bad, you'll love the episode of American Hustle Life where Jimin says he wants to hit a preteen American boy because the kid didn't address him using the customs of Korean age hierarchy.

No. 354213

that counselling show is fucking twisted, they have actual domestic violence victims and people with mental illnesses as guests and i don't see how they are helping these people in any way, they treat them like shit

No. 354215

i've seen it in these threads and it's still gross, he had no right to treat that kid like that. armys defending him like "yess that white brat is so disrespectful against korean culture!! respect your hyungs!!" is very disappointing

No. 354216

it is. in another episode that bts are present in some girl talks about being beaten with a fishing rod and the hosts just ignore it/laugh it off like it's nothing. really gets the nuggin going

No. 354218

If that white kid had gone to Korea and talked about wanting to beat people up for not knowing the obscurities of American culture and not acting like Americans do, people would lose their shit.

But if oppa goes to America and expects American children to start acting like Koreans then it's fine uwu.

No. 354219

File: 1547475358802.gif (4.89 MB, 480x268, sehun.gif)

No. 354221

is he okay

No. 354225

>If you think that's bad, you'll love the episode of American Hustle Life where Jimin says he wants to hit a preteen American boy because the kid didn't address him using the customs of Korean age hierarchy.
this was what made me realize what a vile sack of shit that gremlin is. ofc moronic ratmys thought it was totes woke and savage bc the kid happened to be white and i’ve never seen a kpop fan talk about it negatively outside of these threads. it was the 14yos own fault for trying to help and bc he asked if jimin and jungkook were related he was totally an evil racist bigot who deserved to be met with threats of violence from a grown ass man. to this day it still makes my blood boil just thinking about it.

and since then he’s been a gift that keeps on giving by being racist and xenophobic left right and center and topping it all off by celebrating one of the most devastating war crimes in modern time.

No. 354229

v's sexism and jimin's xenophobia while them going all social justice is so hypocritical, i don't understand how all these sjw armys on twitter eat that shit up. yeah, all 7 of them decided to become woke legends out of nowhere, sure

No. 354231

he looks like he's dancing in order to bring the rain and make sure his crops won't dry out

No. 354235

it's not because of the majority, dimwit, it's because she started rapping at 50 for the purpose of meeting zico

No. 354236

ikr. it looks very ritualistic lol.

No. 354245

I would say that v is probs also the least liked among themselves

suga blatantly can't get along with him, jin can't stand him and talks to him likes he's a dumb kid (age hierarchy aside), jhope and rm seem to tolerate him for the sake of bts' image

No. 354254

There was an episode where a girl was straight up being molested by her father and the hosts downplayed it as something playful…..no words.

No. 354256

> About 10 years ago, Bollywood was America's token "cool" ethnic culture because of Aishwarya Rai and Shah Rukh Khan's movies doing well

Not remotely close to BTS. This is more like when Rain was "popular" in the west.

No. 354260

You're all just talking in circles at this point. No one cares about how you interpret their personalities. Give it a rest.

IA, Bollywood being called "cool" is a reach. For non-Indians/South asians this is an extreme niche product whereas japanese (or korean) culture is attractive to a broader spectrum of nationalities.

No. 354265

i love how there's an entire discussion about bts personalities and what the next trend is gonna be then there's just a random gif of sehun breaking up the flow with his monsoon season ritual dance

No. 354269

I don't understand all these anons going on about BTS's personalities as if they know them. They're no better than normal armies.

No. 354270

Yeah, the average person actually had a clue who Aishwarya Rai was. She was in Hollywood movies and shit. Ask a random person on the street who BTS are and unless you happened to pick a teenager who goes on Tumblr a lot, you're going to get a confused "What?" in reply.

No. 354276

I remember looking into C-pop when I was kid, since I was into Kpop stars like BoA and Jpop stars like Ayu/Koda Kumi, I ended up coming across Jolin Tsai and I really wanted to like her but chinese media content was/is so hard to find on western platforms. There were a few other c-pop acts who I tried to get into, but again there was nowhere online where I could really engage with the entertainment.

Nowadays, especially with the Huawei technology controversy, western culture and chinese culture have become so oppositional towards each other, and there are so many political aspects at play, that there's no way in hell China would have success exporting their entertainment, since the entire world is wary of Chinese government involvement in literally everything, and no one's happy about the fact that they are world leaders in technological advancements. Also human rights and labour laws in China is a top concern within international relations, if westerners were to become supporters of Chinese celebrities, there would be constant controversy and backlash related to the rights of performers, which would overshadow any financial benefits of cultural exports for China.

Kpop is well-received by westerners because South Korea has a long history of being influenced by the American occupation. Koreans loved Bob Dylan-types and classic rock to the point that the government had music imports banned. When the ban was lifted, America was into 90s Hip Hop, so you had Seo Taiji & Boys that jumped on that gimmick and that was the birth of kpop. Since then, western producers have actually contributed significantly to the industry, which works for everyone, since the music sells both at home and abroad. China will never have that type of relationship and cultural overlap with America.

No. 354278

>anons talk shit about bts' looks
>"ugh we get it guys yes jimin is a reptile leave him alone"
>anons talk shit about bts' personalities
>"you DON'T know them just stop"
>"i'm not an army btw"

No. 354280

>because apparenrly he identifies as trans.

What???? lmao I need details

No. 354282

File: 1547485909522.png (41.84 KB, 536x159, Screen Shot 2019-01-14 at 12.2…)

His YouTube profile, it's fucking ridiculous.

No. 354284

I've watched a bunch of his videos over the last year or so and never once heard him reference anything feminism/lgbt/social justice related so this is really out of the blue.

So.. like.. is he gonna.. actually transition? or does he think a short disclaimer is all it takes? I'm not even a terf but… what the fuck

No. 354285

I've watched a bunch of his videos over the last year or so and never once heard him reference anything feminism/lgbt/social justice related so this is really out of the blue.

So.. like.. is he gonna.. actually transition? or does he think a short disclaimer is all it takes? I'm not even a terf but… what the fuck

No. 354288

File: 1547488758242.png (2.67 MB, 1145x874, Capture.PNG)

Lol he pisses me off too. I guess he's not a bad director, but what's the point of him reviewing music videos if he mostly just says what we already see? "ooh this light is really well done" like yeah, we know. I talked about him on a previous thread because he was sperging on Twitter about some selca controversy. I used to follow him when I got into kpop and watched some reactions and he was constantly doing lives every day multiple times to watch movies with his followers and stuff like that. It was so cringy and pathetic.

He also dyed his hair pink once and it looked terrible. A lot of other reactors told him how "beautiful" he was kek kpop fans are so "positive" and sugary all the time, it just reads as fake to me.

Another one I hate is BRISxLIFE, he's so fucking obnoxious and when he started doing reactions he capitalized on it by including "BLACK GUY watches" on titles for views. I guess kpop fans feel validated if a black guy says his oppa raps well.

I hate how JREKML got so much clout by simply watching kpop videos. Dude gets free tickets, travels and meets idols. Like fuck off, youtubers get so much money for doing literally nothing. I hope reactions are banned in the future from Youtube.

No. 354289

File: 1547488833139.jpg (5.5 KB, 225x225, potato.jpg)

Lol this bearded potato is a female??

No. 354290

File: 1547489110867.png (1.38 MB, 1363x952, pleasstop2.png)

More side effects of Kpop trash fashion kek

No. 354291

File: 1547489388519.jpeg (41.34 KB, 690x285, 877ED957-04A3-47AA-A119-41A506…)

>if you don't indulge my autism for the 14th thread in a row you're a stinky army

Finally found the thread that exposed him. He's gross.

For example:

No. 354292

File: 1547489420047.jpg (123.86 KB, 720x1033, army-trap-card.jpg)

Tbh we complain about everything you do because you're annoying and we want you to leave. Former armies retain most of the autism.

No. 354294

when he did an AMA on reddit somebody asked him about his twitter posts and he ignored it of course. Do people only watch his videos because he's friends with one of the members of day6?

No. 354296

It doesn't matter if it's politically incorrect to like china entertainment. Anime was made fun of for 30 years but people don't care, the niche will like what the niche likes even if it never "makes it" on stage. kpop has a lot of / surprising amount of mainstream support from companies like disney. That'll probably never happen to anything chinese, but I think it can be analogous to anime in that it's purely grass roots and even if looked down upon can still be a big niche.

No. 354299

ok but anime got popular because of cool japan? china doesn't need a soft power global marketing scheme because it's already a superpower and doesn't need a boost in tourism or an increase of sales for chinese products.

No. 354300

Why are int Kpop fans so adverse to solo singers and bands anyway? They tend to have better songs than idols tbqh.

No. 354302

No? The rise of anime was entirely grassroots and not because of any government pushing. Governments are totally shit at this. Cool japan only started to cash in on anime not grow it, afaik it did almost nothing for the popularity of anime in america.

No. 354303

File: 1547490324424.png (290.27 KB, 403x722, wtf.PNG)

WTF lol I didn't know he had so many issues. He's clearly the type to share very intimate details of his life online kek I wish he had a thread because he tries to present himself all professional but he's clearly a full on sperg. I'm sure farmers could find a lot of dirt on him.

No. 354304

Because they're liars, they pretend to be better than knetz but they also like idols for their looks more than their music.

No. 354306

ah yes sailor moon was dubbed in native languages all over the world and broadcasted on kids channels in the early/mid 90s because of weebs

No. 354308

File: 1547490612859.jpg (5.87 KB, 186x232, 1402791432042.jpg)

>Governments are totally shit at this

No. 354312

So what's up with YG self-sabotaging? I mean, I get that Blackpink is more popular than Seungri right now (yet they only have like 5 songs) but he still has his fans.

No. 354315

Dezzy March is another reactor that went full cringe. He was the typical black reactor trying to make money online and he turned into a full on kpop stan retard. He now tweets like a gay guy calling everyone Queen, saying he's sexy all the time or tweeting "I love you guys, you're all beautiful uwu <3".

In every video I see of him he's always saying that every idol "makes him pregnant". He also does these cringy sketches, it's SO embarrassing. I can just imagine people around him must have bailed so hard lol, imagine your friend turning into this in a year, full on pink clothes and Blackpink lighstick.

No. 354316

That’s because cool Japan is just a cover up for money laundering. The Korean government were actively helping in pushing a Hallyu wave.

No. 354322

yg's never liked seungri, that's nothing new. he was originally cut from the bigbang lineup before being added again, he has to work on solo stuff himself (making music himself as well as using his own connections to producers, not yg setting him up with one) and when he did get his solo mini album in 2013 he had to overlap promotions with gd (who was obviously more popular) and had to promote jennie on a track, as did gd - gd specifically had that part recorded with sky ferreira and was told to promote a version with jennie instead, i don't know whether seungri chose her or was told to promote her too.

you could argue that seungri causes trouble for yg, he does have a big mouth and stuff, but some of the other favourites are scandalous too. he's fairly profitable, he's multilingual and seems happy enough to be sent somewhere and do his own thing, but he's always kind of been the extra one in bigbang.

No. 354324

Almost feel bad for laughing. Yg is such a piece of shit.

No. 354327

Just because Korea did a bad copy of cool japan doesn't mean it was actually effective.

The things that they did like dumping money into corrupt companies and sponsoring festivals had minimal impact vs what actually made groups like bts popular, which is youtube, twitter, and vlive.

No. 354331

YG is probably mad that all his mental abuse didn't get Seungri to submit to him. Seungri and Daesung are treated equally horribly by YG, except Daesung is very popular in Japan and had a few good trot music hits in Korea so YG can't openly mistreat him like he does to Seungri.

No. 354334

you have no idea how culture and economics work. are you 14?

No. 354338

That would be you, thinking government programs actually work.

No. 354339

But wasn't Kpop a government project? There was an article linked on the first Kpop Critical Thread that talked about how Korea's entertainment was highly funded by the SK government. If I can find it I'll link it and if I'm wrong apologize fam.

No. 354341

No. 354344

lol @ thinking vlive just so happens to be owned by naver. just like it's a coincidence that bts always pledges allegiance to the south korean flag every time they discuss their success to an international audience.

No. 354375


>"They wanted Korea of the 21st century to be like America of the 20th century where America was just considered so universally cool that anything made in America would automatically be bought."

This is definitely currently happening with K-fashion, beauty, and pop. Question is will it last? And if so, how long?

No. 354402

So does that mean African hype will be in 2100s?

No. 354403

isn't he like hispanic?

No. 354430

late but what thw fuck is going on in the thread pic

No. 354438

China is the land of copycats but I don't think they ever copied Kpop. I'm not familiar with current Cpop music but they seem to prefer adult solo artists over teenage idols. Kpop has something that catches your eye (colourful music videos, weird costumes etc.) but Cpop is just boring.

I'll be waiting for the day German media has its world-wide breakthrough.

No. 354454

No. 354457


>Just because Korea did a bad copy of cool japan

You sound like a weaboo

No. 354459

Not to derail the other discussions, but I rewatched that episode of American Hustle Life and was quickly reminded of how entitled these little fucks are, and the fact they keep getting passes for acting like asses isn't helping.

No. 354465

File: 1547515987652.jpg (236.23 KB, 380x1090, DwIOAptUwAAl-OS-1.jpg)

Rose from Blackpink is looking super thin this days, her legs freak me out.

No. 354474

i listened to the demo version of fake love, it was better than the actual song tbh

No. 354476

File: 1547519387282.jpeg (53.48 KB, 372x394, 390FBC84-E3C6-49F6-B948-370B11…)

>he was involved in dashcon

No. 354479

Daniel Kang is talentless yet he has Korea in the palm of his hands. Dude is gonna be huge

No. 354485

Is it me or does it seen like (intl) Kpop fans have some serious insecurities towards American/Western preformers?

For modern female singers like Ariana, dua lipa, or even Demi lovato does the "girl power" concept often. Meanwhile intl onces have cross their fingers that Twice gets a girl crush concept, on a teaser vid for Signal one of the top comments was hoping that different concept, it didn't happen. They're rooting for them now but only because they are a top tier gg.

The delusion furthers when they praise these gg for their "feminism" and being being supposedly WOKE because of they wear or some shit (doing the bare minimum) but keep silent when they say things that upheld sexist ideals or engage in activies that support the pedo shit going around in kpop.

Meanwhile serious as fuck about shading Beyonce who has won a peabody and donated to multiple causes, and female artist even if they haven't done what the former has they have been shamelessly copied by kpop producers.

And you already the deal with boy groups as seem with BTS/ARMYs.

No. 354488

Yeah. I've noticed that. These girls call Western artists who do empowering/girl crush concepts 'slutty' while their kpop faves are queens for doing the same thing. Kpop stans try to act like their music is more meaningful than Western music when American music is literally the basis of all the shit the Koreans are putting out (especially BTS and BP). Like jfc get off your high horse.

No. 354489

I don't know if this has already been brought up, but I guess ARMYs where trying to get a news reporter fired because he "laughed at our precious oppars." I swear, reading the comments makes my blood boil. Kpop is a cancerous disease and I can't wait for it to be over.

No. 354490

This was all we talked about for like 3 consecutive threads a few months ago, lurk moar.

No. 354492

Sorry, good thing I saged then!

No. 354493

>>354339 if i can find the link of a vid i watched years ago about a korean guy complaining that the sk gov made the tax higher due to helping kpop in producing their cds and merch i could… it was one of things that made me open my eyes about kpop but i think its been deleted forcibly or voluntarily…

No. 354495

No. 354501

Rose is becoming the next ana-chan's wet dream

No. 354505

I hate this.

No. 354515

I noticed a couple of anons talking about reactors, and I wanted to jump on the bandwagon of hate. I don't follow any but sometimes I get a recomended one on my feed. I just fucking hate how obnoxiously "hype" they are. These two guys for example take forever to watch a single MV, pause constantly to reflect on how "incredible it was" or are just surprised and floored over everything. And I hate to sound racist but black reactors are the worst, they are usually so obnoxiously loud and fake.

No. 354517

File: 1547525705621.jpeg (182.54 KB, 1440x1000, Dw3qFjiUcAEEqTK.jpeg)

bighit blacklisted these fansites for using the same airline as bts through illegal routes (sasaengs?)

bighit not being pussies and taking action towards rabid fans? shocking

No. 354521

Why do people love watching reaction vids though? I get it if it comes from people who are musically inclined and can explain a lot about the music or something, but most of the time it's just crazy Kpop fans who make reaction vids. I know that race also plays a major role in this, like Kpop fans want to get a sense of validation from black people, etc but WHY, JUST WHY. I really don't get it. What's so fun about watching crazy hyper people react to music videos???

No. 354522

You answered yourself. But even musiciallt inclined people are ass because the barely talk about how trash these kpop idols are because they are afraid of gettin hate.

I saw a vocal coach reacting to RBB and spent majority of the video talking about the music video and only talked about the whistle notes and screams.

No. 354546

It's the idea that "normies" listening to music and liking it is validation for their kpop group. Even more for normie black people because they are considered cool, thus:

Cool black people like kpop = kpop is cool (circlejerk)

No. 354550

But black youtubers realize that the kpop fans love seeing black youtubers react. They are "hip". If an kpop group gets black validation it's sjw points. It gets them traffic and they know it. Not so hard.

t. former black koreaboo

No. 354559

Can somebody explain what ‘illegal routes’ entails?

No. 354566

buying info that (staff?) leaks, i think. they get some airport dates info from bighit and get punished for showing up uninvited

one of the blacklisted girls filmed jungkook mouthing her name and everyone thought it was so cute that he recognized her. turns out he was probably just unnerved by her lol

heres the vid/thread

bonus video some other airport sasaeng

No. 354567

is this a bts member in the vid and wtf was that girl doing? all sasaengs chase after idols but like what are you going to do when you come close to them like a creep, do they want to attack them

No. 354574

I found out about these saesang Twitters that sell information about idols (usually dating/other scandalous info), private photos, and # numbers. While I doubt most are legit, I wonder how easy it is to scam the freaks that actually buy this shit. Like, just say you have information on some BTS members personality or info about BTS and a female idol for $20, then make some bullshit up when you're Paypaled the money. Sounds like a prime way to make some extra cash.

No. 354580

Did we see the same video?

The one vocal coach I saw (blonde woman) talked about how hard it is for her students to hit high notes and as a result their tone and enunciation suffers. Most of her critique was about her own students, nothing much about the singing in RBB. I learned quite a bit tbh, but nothing about the vocals in RBB which was what I watched it for. I guess she didn't want to provoke angry fans by saying Seulgi was straining too much so talked about her students as a roundabout?

Anyway most reactors only say good things, if they say anything slightly negative they'll get piled upon so they stay silent for the YouTube revenue.

No. 354590

i'm not sure, since i can't really into twitter but a quick search tells me it's supposed to be jungkook and the girls twitter thandle is @blacklchan39

here's another thread (i just searched sasaeng)

>what are you going to do when you come close to them

this can't be rational behaviour. no sane person would do this. another anon posted a good read if you wanna get into the crazies for a bit: >>349990

No. 354611

File: 1547554561509.jpeg (239.8 KB, 745x882, 6D56A728-936A-4542-B8E4-3DCC2D…)

did you guys see this?

No. 354612

Mozart and Beethoven was in the 1800s, and the era was replete with the same kind of fangirling. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lisztomania

No. 354615

does this company have the copyright for these songs' instrumental and they used it without consent or something?

No. 354617

Stans are chimping out over all their "hard work" getting erased and vowing vengeance

No, the company is known for filing fake copyright claims on yt.

No. 354623

The videos are already back up.

No. 354647

I've happened to like Spring Day by BTS and I've never realized their vocals are so bad, damn, there's so much breathing that the song is hard to listen to even though it itself is decent. Is it just me or do the vocals really sound shitty? I'm not an expert or anything

No. 354649

bts are infamous for having an extremely weak vocal line (no matter how much armys screech the opposite)

No. 354658

it's like the only decent song and music video they've released within the last 2 years. i thought the part v sings at the end sounded really breathy, their vocalists aren't very competent in general

No. 354659

Spring Day would have been a masterpiece if better vocalists had sung it. I love the melodies and instrumentals, but the vocals are fucking terrible

No. 354667

Jimin is the epitome of struggle vocals. Even in studio versions he always sounds like he's one note away from falling totally out of tune.

V has a thin, weak voice that only gets shilled as hard as it does because he has a semi-interesting tone. It's not enough to make up for how poor his singing is, but Armies scream about it all day anyway.

Jungkook is just average. Not terrible, not particularly good, not interesting to listen to, not ear-rendingly bad. He's just there.

Oh and they let Jin sing a few "Yeah"s in the chorus too sometimes I guess.

No. 354669

It's heavily rumored the new TXT kid who just got announced isn't fully Korean. Can't wait to see the nationalists ree.

No. 354671

if he's mixed with white and speaks english you know the easily offended stans on twitter are going to be on his ass at anything he does

No. 354672

He's from Hawaii, but that's all I know. His name's Kai Kamal Huening, which is definitely not a Korean name but I can't place where it's actually from.

No. 354674

File: 1547567409127.jpg (70.38 KB, 466x621, Dw9pjfJW0AIvBq8.jpg)

His dad doesn't look very Korean.

No. 354676

did bighit pick up all these boys from a random middle school in seoul

No. 354678

Well, this one maybe from a random school in Hawaii.

No. 354679

Fucking LOL, BigHit really are desperate for America to love them.

No. 354680

Eh, it's not like he's the first mixed race idol. You could say the same about JYP and Somi, Seventeen and Vernon and that one Momoland girl.

No. 354682

this kid is asian passing but wait for k-pop stan twitter to attack him for growing up as half white in muh evil american culture at the tiniest fuck up like not calling a bts member hyung or something

No. 354684


Former black koreaboo here as well. Black reactions are cool as long as you don’t mention how oppa did black face multiple times or how they love rap and hip hop, but dislike foreigners or anyone lighter than ghostly pale. Then you’re over exaggerating and don’t understand Korean culture.

No. 354685

JYP is pretty open about wanting to be recognized in America though. Big Hit tries to push the idea that they don't care about American validation, it's America who wants them. And it's funny because it's obviously not true.

No. 354687

This kid is rumoured to be main vocalist and maknae….if he's better than Jungkook I cannot wait for army salt to overflow

No. 354689

i'm starting to think it's possible they didn't get too talented trainees so that the new group wouldn't overshadow bts

No. 354691

It's not a big ask to be better than Jungkook though anon, even Twice sing better than him

No. 354698

IIRC they did say that they would be pushing this group internationally (hence the low number of members), but I could be wrong.

Also, speaking of JYP, his new GG is supposedly debuting soon, I wonder if they'll go full girl crush concept or if they'll be Twice 2.0 although cute concepts seem to be overdone right now.

No. 354699

They might give this GG a more girl crush concept, one of the trainees allegedly specializes in hiphop dancing. It'll be very hard to compete against BP and Gidle for that share of the market though, but they have JYP backing so they will do well. Just maybe not Twice levels of well.

No. 354707

Why do you retards keep saying "American validation"? It's about Korean nationalism. It's so they ~appear popular in America so Koreans will like them.

No. 354715

they love the money that comes from the west but they also care about nationalism more than anything, that's why they treat k-fans as ~~the true fans~~

No. 354720

I mean yea? They would do more tours if that were the case, but because Koreans legitimately think BTS is HUGE in the states (like household name level) they get more opportunities in Korea.

No. 354729

And why would being popular in America make Koreans like BTS more?

Let me help you: it starts with A and it ends with merican validation.

No. 354745

daniel's not really talentless, but yeah he's probably going to be the biggest male soloist.

No. 354747

Wanna One basically did a Spring Day rip off that ended up sounding better than Spring Day because their vocalists are at least competent compared to BTS.

No. 354749

Korea needs to stop being a colony.

No. 354750

File: 1547578713623.png (31.91 KB, 764x358, sasaengs.png)

God sasaengs are creepy. I wonder how common the more extreme stories like this are, since it's not like many idols are open about stalkers until they snap. Japanese TV is the only real chance to talk shit about Korean "fans", if you're willing to have Korea hate you


No. 354755

It's apparently German. His father is Brazilian with German descent. He's also apparently muslim or something.

No. 354756

Absolutely haram of him to be doing Kpop then

No. 354757

i thought korea was mostly atheist but there are so many religious idols? it amuses me knowing that probably about 99% of them are fuckboys

No. 354760

Christian sects are really popular there.

No. 354761

He’s actually Baha’iian or whatever the hell you spell it.

No. 354764

>>354757 it's more like christians aka fucking cult members since they have no education on that shit so they think that's just normal

No. 354766

File: 1547582008666.jpg (118.09 KB, 640x1138, kpopsperg.jpg)

this is..embarrassing. I really hope this is fake

No. 354770

No. 354771

File: 1547582811001.jpg (33.74 KB, 355x304, 9112-3IGFeL._SX355_.jpg)

a homage to drinkable yogurt

No. 354773

Yes we did. And it’s such a shame because RBB is vocally interesting and I wanted to hear a vocal coach talk about it, not her students.

No. 354774


It's actually a running joke now on twitter. So yeah, it's fake

No. 354784

It's not "validation", it's boosting the Korean economy and making South Korea a superpower country

No. 354788

>it's another american praising Beyonce
She helped Jay Z silence the 15 year old girl he raped

No. 354789

it's a copypasta, retard

No. 354791

Over half a million girls watched this dumb shit in hopes of magically getting shorter - just so that they're attractive enough for a korean oppa.

Is there still hope left? Is there any way to stop this?

They're also asking for videos for getting straight hair; they literally have tranny-tier levels of body dysmorphia.

No. 354794

Has nothing to do with Korea, girl in thumbnail doesn't count.

No. 354795

well goddamn, looks like laxatives + being overworked like a slave doesn't mean good news, jungkook looked like he was ready to lay on his deathbed

No. 354798

she helped Jay-z do what??? can you fill me in I tried googling but im not getting anything

No. 354799

The overworked meme needs to die, you sound like an oppa defender. How do you know he was overworked vs something like stayed up all night playing fortnite?

Last I heard BTS had a 3 billion dollar impact last year. Apple did 265.6 billion dollars. Not even close to "superpower".

No. 354801

File: 1547587853631.jpg (87.61 KB, 840x439, FaceApp_1547587289898__01.jpg)

Elliot Rodger alive and well in South Korea

No. 354804


I was the one that made post, Beyonce was the first one that came to mind so I used her as an example for gg fans hypocrisy and the fact that they praise girlgroups for the bare minimum. Not to specifically praise the artist in question.

Though with all the bs going on in hollywood i'm not too surprised with anything nasty going on.

No. 354815

he looks sleepy and weak, it's kinda unsettling if he was like that throughout the entire night. i don't know what's up with him, armys in the comments are saying that he hurt his back weeks ago but wouldn't he have gotten better?

No. 354817

File: 1547591070821.png (19.66 KB, 638x302, shot.PNG)


No. 354819

nta but relax? its common knowledge that idols tend to be extremely overworked so its safe to assume that's the case here and arent bts busy doing…whatever it is theyre doing?

No. 354821

that didn't look like the effects of a back problem though he looks worn out or something

No. 354822

damn he looks really out of it, the company couldnt let him sit out of this 1 awards show out of like a million they have every year?

No. 354823

both are delusional but the latter usually tends to be more delusional

No. 354824

jungkook: stop walking and lays down in what seems like pain
the rest of the members: walk past

a classic

No. 354826

just rewatched the clip and the fact that none of his members helped him up is top kek

No. 354829

well at least jimin was getting the fanservice done lol

No. 354830

honestly, if a friend was like that around me i would freak out but they act like nothing happened. didn't bighit know that he was sick (?) beforehand? they could've given him some days off

No. 354834

i dont understand why they didnt care

No. 354838

Lmao I was thinking the same thing.

Him being exhausted is unfortunate but watching him stumble standing up while his group mates just completely ignore him is hilarious.

No. 354841

armys will tell you it's "uwu professionalism"

No. 354846

File: 1547593104920.png (388.7 KB, 522x596, jungkook.png)

No. 354847

They don't look too concerned to me lol

No. 354848

They don't look too concerned to me lol

No. 354849

I think maybe they ignored him on purpose to not make a scene but whatever is happening to him, it looks bad and them reacting like normal friends wouldn't have been weirder than them not even batting an eye, even that staff member at the end of the video looked more concerned about him than his own bandmates.

No. 354851

maybe it’s just that screenshot but his expression looks somewhere between completely blank/neutral and annoyance. i’m not seeing the concern. my money’s definitely still on jungkook being the first to bail on the group if anyone’s going to leave before they all start enlisting. the only thing that really makes me think otherwise is that he was one of the youngest idols at the time when he debuted and fans really insist the “uwu he loves his hyungs so much, they RAISED him” stuff. plenty of idols stay in shitty situations because they feel like they owe the group, company, and fans something - even if they could realistically buy their way out of the contract.

No. 354854

If you think about it for 20 seconds you'll realize that it makes no sense for big hit to force him to do even a tad bit more practice than he has to. It's too easy to assume he was working because a more realistic assumption that he was playing around with his girlfriend would drive armies insane.

No. 354855

do these people interact with anyone in the real world? that's not what concern looks like

No. 354856

Nah Idk about that.. they could of helped him up real quick when they were all getting up. Jungkook was already "causing a scene" by stumbling around so helping him up wouldnt have done anything. None of them even blinked in his direction it was like he didn't exist. Then at the end when they are off stage and Jungkook goes to lay down none of the members checked on him… that's really weird

No. 354859

>>354851 he's probably annoyed because Junnglebook's little stint is taking the attention off of him.

No. 354860

yeah i dont get it at all. cynical way of looking at it but maybe they really dont want to catch whatever hes got

No. 354861

if being overworked was the case wouldn't the others be like him too?

No. 354869

not necessarily

No. 354871

idk about this case but i've noticed it with some groups that members don't help each other on stage whenever someone falls even when they notice it, they are probably instructed to do so.

i screenshotted it and he looks normal in the video, they're overthinking everything when in reality jungkook probably faints all the time and others may have health problems from stress too, so it's an everyday situation for them.

No. 354873

File: 1547596369823.jpg (46.9 KB, 600x768, concern.jpg)

truly the picture of concern.

bts fans can be so unintentionally hilarious.

No. 354875

if it’s because of being overworked it still won’t just be that alone. a combination of injury/illness, not getting enough calories, being sleep deprived on top of being overworked would mean some members cope with long practices worse than the others do. i haven’t seen any of their performances in a long time but jungkook is one of their better dancers and singers at the same time so he’s going to be given harder parts of choreo at the same time as having more to sing, if you’re a member that carries your group then you’ll be overworked more

No. 354883

explains why jin's never dying since he's so useless he's barely ever used as frontman in performances

No. 354902

Brazilian kpop scene is going insane over this new guy.

No. 354906

Lmaoooo kpop fans are literal retards my god.

Its like their brain literally just makes fanfiction up as they go through their day even for the most simple, mundane things and thats the only way they see the world around them or something

Everyone knows idols basically arent supposed to acknowledge when something happens on stage or anything because it breaks their ~uWu im a product not a human being with emotions and reactions~ conditioning, I:e when taeyeon got snatched the hell off the stage mid performance and the other girls just kept flailing and dancing with the exception of Sunny. These idols are literally trained to be inhuman. And when they actually do try to help one another in an incident, the retarded shippers go crazy with their fanfic shit as if helping someone up on stage(which is something..you know..a normal person would do even to a stranger) is some unbreakable bond or marriage tier thing.

No. 354908

>be lurking at the TxT subreddit
>Brazilian user comments the new guy is part Brazilian
>first response to her reads "is it true that you guys learn to say 'pls come to Brazil' before even walking?"
>points hidden
lmao, the Brazilian stans will be cringy as fuck but I can't wait for the shit other fans and koreans will give him.

No. 354910

mfw my suicidal friend who is high on laxatives and is allegedly suffering from backache keeps stumbling around and looking in pain for hours finally gets the mic

No. 354912

Between this and Jimin's amused face when V was pulling a fan's hair I'm getting pretty convinced the asshole just wants to see the world burn.

No. 354916

i mean he liked seeing hiroshima burned down

No. 354965

Dear god anon lmao that whole Hiroshima scandal was pure autistic on army side

No. 354979

we are one

No. 354990

File: 1547612649984.jpg (56.97 KB, 581x708, txt hyuning kai.jpg)

No. 355010

damn these videos are hard to watch. i understand that idols are told to pretend nothing happened when someone messes up, falls and shit but it's fucked when it comes this extent, like when someone tried to kidnap taeyeon on stage and no one except sunny batted an eye, or in lay and jungkook's case.

No. 355016

I don't get why they're told to pretend nothing happened in the first place. Not wanting to disrupt a performance is one thing but even when they aren't performing sometimes they'll just glance over and then ignore it. I know idols are supposed to be mostly perfect but looking a little concerned or acknowledging what's going on seems like it would give the idols a better image.

No. 355034

When Krystal fainted Victoria and Sulli immediately tried to carry her, they're probably the only idols I ever saw in dozens of those incidents who behaved like normal human beings.

Could it be a cultural thing? Like this incident in China there people didn't give a fuck that there was a child being driven over and bleeding to death right next to them on the street?

No. 355087

I need to see the vid of the dope trying to kidnap snsd members on stage kek

No. 355096

Yixing said in an interview he caught a leg cramp and that the members asked if he was ok.

No. 355097

I kinda get it why they're told to just continue the performance and leave the rest to the crew if a member gets ill on stage (even though it's cruel and gross), but I don't think they were prepared to handle things like this lol. Still it's crazy to see how they seem to have lost their sense of humanity.

No. 355099

And sunny was the closest so it kinda made sense why the others didnt react instantly, but they all went to see what happened after that

No. 355101

They are all probably on autopilot throughout the whole show, so I’m not surprised they arent paying attention.

Idk how the creep thought he could literally just snatch her offstage in front of a live fucking audience like damn not even doing it backstage when she could at least be alone and there would be no witnesses

No. 355104

File: 1547644705108.jpg (204.81 KB, 835x360, 6138_3054_0382_9606.jpg)

i want jimin himself to react to this

No. 355105

Some army's joke about him having a tiny dick too….it all makes sense now

No. 355109

>journey to queerness
Lmao. It's like being queer is some kind of "goal" to these people, not just a way of existing.

No. 355110

there was a lot of talk a couple of years ago about there being two girl group members registered as men, but that a site like dispatch wouldn’t release something like that because of the backlash the idols would get, like they won’t release gay couples. obviously it just led to creeps taking photos of girl group members and zooming in on their crotches and insisting there was a bulge, or the usual “see! that’s a man jaw! man shoulders! look at that brow!” investigation stuff

No. 355115

“He’s an amazing singer that can hit falsettos perfectly”

More bs than being non-binary themself

No. 355117

That's a lot to unpack there so…let's just throw the whole suitcase away

No. 355129

>BTS is a group that has queer members and openly supports LGBT

bitch where?

No. 355130

only suga has openly shown support to lgbt, rm did too but he pussied out when he was questioned about it. the rest probably doesn't even know what lgbt is

No. 355136

File: 1547652071356.jpg (26.35 KB, 600x315, ZHmHih5.jpg)

The jokes just write themselves when it comes to armys, jesus christ. We don't need to insult their oppas when they do it for us

No. 355138

>suga has openly shown support to lgbt
wasn't the thing he said about it vague as fuck and didn't involve trannies?

No. 355140

>The interviewer also brought up a tweet RM wrote in 2013 saying that knowing the meaning of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' "Same Love" made him love the song even more. RM said: "It's hard to find the right words. To reverse the words: Saying 'same love' is saying 'love is the same.' I just really liked that song. That's about all I have to say." Suga then added on: "There's nothing wrong. Everyone is equal."

No. 355142

Ratmon's "support" was weak and not nearly as big as armies claimed. They make it seem like he's out there protesting all the inequalities and Injustices that homosexuals face in Korea but all he did was All he did was listen to two songs about homosexuality and watch a lesbian movie.

No. 355160


they use makeup and in sjw eyes that's being a queer because trans obsessed sjw's are homophobic and sexist without realizing it

No. 355162

>Jimin is an amazing singer

In a post full of ridiculous shit, this is the most ridiculous part.

No. 355216

>it must be so hard since he hasn't come out
>but gimme a minute to out him anyway

Even if this bullshit were true, why would this person post it?

The army are truly the biggest idiots.

No. 355218

They really come up with the most bizarre theories to push BTS's suffering narrative.
I saw one comment on one of those shipping YouTube channels that theorized that V was struggling with an opiate addiction because his weight fluctuates quite a bit and he looks like he doesn't feel good uwu

No. 355220

Ah yes, armys fetishizing Jimin's whole existence and self inserting themselves on him. God forbid a man for not being born as a 180cm masc dudebro and being forced to wear make-up at his job

No. 355224

>47 thumbs up
This is somehow even worse than baby cow hybrid jimin.

No. 355227

i know, right. 5'8 isnt even that short for an asian guy. to be honest you can tell by looking at jimin that he's not a woman, even a ftm one. i dont even believe that people want him to be one for "uwu trans inclusivity" reasons, its probably part of their gross fetish

No. 355229

he's not 5'8

No. 355231

idk how tall he is but thats what it said in that comment

No. 355232

lol that's the ironic thing with these sjw kpop fans, even if he was ftm and that uwu enby was the only one that could see it, why would you out someone like that if you respect their privacy? they know that they live in an extremely homophobic/transphobic society yet make up theories to out them like this.

No. 355241

Because these fans are insane and don't view their favorite idols as humans.

No. 355247

What was the link for that weird illuminati forum? It hasn't been brought up lately. I tried to find it and came across this https://btskpopilluminatitheory.wordpress.com/2018/07/13/mk-ultra-eyes/

No. 355248

vigilant citizen

No. 355252

God, I'd pay to see him react at this… he would probably pull the disgusted face he reserves for int-Ratmys, but worse.

>and watch a lesbian movie
And most likely jerked off to it.

No. 355261

>And most likely jerked off to it
Exactly, the film is known for its graphic, drawn out sex scenes and is hated by lesbians for how fetishy it is. It was no doubt just fap fodder for him
He seems to like indulging in porn that he can brag about, like how he bragged about jerking it to that Almost Transparent Blue book that fetishised black women. And army just think it's cute and makes him such a uwu intellectual since it isn't real porn.

No. 355269

what lesbian movie was it?

No. 355271

Blue is the warmest color

No. 355273

Yeah, that one was infamously made 100% for the male gaze.

No. 355315

Ha, I knew it

No. 355345

Do you guys believe the article?

No. 355350


No. 355386

holy fuck I hope these white kids don't get into Kpop they'll be destroyed

No. 355389

Imagine just casually moving to a country, not know the language and people just throw jobs in your direction.

No. 355395

That's being blond in Asia for you.

No. 355403

So did anybody check out Wayv? Thoughts? Im just curious as to why did Sm go through all that trouble to distinguish them from nct just to have them sing old songs in a new language. Not even the good songs either.

No. 355410

>That's being white in Asia for you


No. 355427

They are a new NCT subunit?

No. 355446

File: 1547791188895.jpg (46.81 KB, 504x648, y648.jpg)


Sage for blogpost but i volunteer at an elementary school and the other day an 8 year old girl excitedly showed me this book she had about bts. She kept showing her classmates and talking about how she loved them and thought they were handsome and amazing. it took all my power not to physically cringe kek

i'd only encountered kpop fans irl who were in high school or college so it was just strange to see an average american child obsess over them. obviously she has plenty of time to move on to a new phase/trend as she gets older but just hearing her call herself an army was unsettling

also, having to look at the pictures in the book and pretend to agree that they're handsome made me want to die. the fact these are the faces representing kpop in the west…tragic

No. 355450

Probably because younger kids have easy access to the internet and with their ugly ass faces being plastered everywhere I wouldn't be surprised. But I agree, it's hard not to visibly cringe when you see kpop fans irl.

No. 355458

File: 1547792346522.jpg (158.01 KB, 1080x621, 20190117_061119.jpg)

The people there are so fucking weird. They think everything is a ritual.

No. 355459

This was the Aiplex fake copyright case btw

No. 355464

Yes they just debuted in China with their song Regular which is originally Nct 127's song. Its just in Chinese.

No. 355466

Why was it hard for you to not physically cringe at an 8 y/o girl who likes a boy band? You sound like an asshole lol

No. 355469

File: 1547793115706.jpg (6.21 KB, 147x117, 1547791188895~2.jpg)


No. 355472

An 8 yr old having a favorite boy band isn't really that cringy even if it is btshit. Are you okay?

No. 355477


it’s normal for a child to love a boy band.you make it sound like this was a 40 year old woman lmfao

No. 355504

File: 1547795525827.gif (1.24 MB, 268x170, tumblr_p5tot74CAp1ujxjugo7_r1_…)

I don't think I'll ever get over the dancing EXO members do

No. 355505

File: 1547795553995.gif (2.91 MB, 268x170, tumblr_p5tot74CAp1ujxjugo9_r1_…)

No. 355509

kai and lay are pretty good, their choreos are a shame

No. 355564

Kinda looks like my dog rolling around in thr grass. What is that choreo tho bc he dances pretty well.

No. 355567

Same fag, I sent the message to early. I meant to say he's a good dancer overall and that the choreo is garbage..like what is that..who thought that was okay is that supposed to be sexy?

No. 355589

File: 1547821225033.jpg (166.1 KB, 1000x687, 20190117-zjpg.jpg)

at this rate, kpop groups are gonna be full of people that arent even korean eventually lol

An intriguing new global idol group project is under way with the title, 'Z-Pop Dream', launched by Zenith Media Contents.

Recently, the 'Z-Pop Dream' project unveiled the members of its two project idol groups Z-Girls and Z-Boys. Each group is made up of 7 members, all 7 being from different countries!

Z-Girls is made up of Bell, Carlyn, Joanne, Priyanka, Queen, and Vanya, with one final, 7th member yet to be revealed.

Similarly, Z-Boys is made up of Blink, Josh, Mavin, Perry, Roy, and Sid, with a final, mystery member remaining.

Reportedly, the aim of the 'Z-Pop Dream' project is to create a concert brand which unites all of Asia, and act as a platform to foster the growth of world stars. It's likely that project groups Z-Girls and Z-Boys will be a temporary group where members can participate in a series of 'Z-Pop Dream Live' concerts over varying periods.

The first ever 'Z-Pop Dream Live in Seoul' is set to be held this February 23 at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium, featuring the above groups Z-Girls and Z-Boys.

No. 355593

wew lad this has the potential to flop in 100 different ways

No. 355600

they're all really busted kek

No. 355612

the groups a crypto scam anyway, the company’s a mess. z pop dream just chose a kpop group as their way to make money and realised a gimmick would help get people talking

No. 355633

that one guy randomly called blink though.

No. 355643

I quite literally thought he may be a blink for a sec kek

No. 355680

okay so i want to make some easy bucks off kpop because anything related to kpop gets a lot of views and i need money. what kind of clickbait do you think would get the most views? i'm thinking about mostly baiting shippers

No. 355690

honestly you're too stupid and cloutless to pull something like that off

No. 355697

Shipper channels are autistic as fuck, anyone could pull it off lol

No. 355700

File: 1547837708990.png (346.03 KB, 499x541, 87654.PNG)

Make reaction videos to popular groups and make over the top comments about how great and talent the group and song is and how your insert kpop group name trash now. Also throw in slang like slay and yasss queen.

No. 355755

anyone can make one yes but not anyone can actually get views.

and only males can successfully get views for kpop reaction vids, not (presumably underage) teenage girls like anon. if kpopfags wanted to see a teen girl squee over idols they could just look in the mirror or hit up a friend. the most anon can do is probably 300 followers on a twitter fan acc by 2020 with luck.

No. 355773

Does anyone have that "Every BTS song" picture that was posted a few threads ago on hand? It was hilariously accurate and I can't find it despite scanning the past threads. Thanks anons and sorry for useless post.

No. 355843

it's not like i'm planning to become a big youtuber, post anything personal about myself, pretend to be a kpop fan while showing myself or anything. i was talking about videos where they put some gay fanservice on slow motion, tinfoil about everything (in text or audio), put some sad music and make lgbt wokeness speeches or news-like videos where they explain the recent drama. both kind of videos might get copystriked but i don't know, such low effort videos get a lot of views because bts was in the thumbnail and the opportunity seems nice.

you have a point with reaction channels, they watch these videos because they want approval. i really don't see how a real vocal coach would actually find bts' vocals godlike but they fake it up for the camera, praise them and get views anyway

No. 355855

File: 1547852958973.gif (2.96 MB, 215x330, 0.gif)

ew why

No. 355865

Ew no. Make those "Unpopular Kpop Opinions" videos but just add negative popular opinions that everyone thinks. Those videos get tons of views and you can piss off kpop and armies

No. 355874

File: 1547854598491.png (128.17 KB, 990x1312, 1544252582977.png)

No. 355875

and that's exactly why I said you were too stupid and cloutless to make it work lol. it's true. the best you could ever get is a handful of followers on twitter.

No. 355881

File: 1547855839570.jpg (325.54 KB, 900x612, 19-01-18-18-57-02-790_deco.jpg)

Am i the only one who thinks Yuju and SinB are terrifying? I dont get how theyre the most popular members and for some reason Umji is considered ugly. I know she lost a lot of weight (and maybe ps) since debut but Umji and maybe Euhna are the only ones who look nice now

No. 355882

What about kbuzz: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrg0-urZtt8U0eFS3kq3cZQ/videos

I remember them a year ago they barely can crack 2k views per video but look at them now. They regularly get 50k and some posts occasionally go viral and get millions. It's so stupid because they do literally no work, just put text over pictures they find on twitter.

It's almost funny how badly the big sites like soompi and koreaboo missed this market.

No. 355884

Is SinB the one in the bottom right? Did they fix her nose finally? I used to indentify her by looking at the lopsided nosejob, one side looked narrower than the other

No. 355899

I think Umji looks way cuter here, especially when you compare her to whatever Yuju's face is supposed to be behind her.

No. 355913

File: 1547859694705.jpg (55.2 KB, 925x520, hueningkai-youtube-ibighit_rat…)

this member of txt looks uncanny, has bighit's surgeon already fucked with his face? if not, i can see him as jhope's potential replacement anyway

you'll need to do research then or at least copy shit people post on twitter or tumblr but i guess there are tons of youtubers who do that already. i know a few people who earn some money by printing and selling photocards with idols and buying albums and merch in korea and reselling them in my country because many fans are lazy to place an order themselves

No. 355914

looks like he has downs…

No. 355916

File: 1547860237807.png (697.8 KB, 990x658, Screen Shot 2019-01-18 at 8.08…)


why would bighit purposely show something like this, like wtf happened to jungkooks back?

No. 355917

lol wtf why does he have so many bandages?

No. 355919

Coming from someone who thinks the maknae line of bts is attractive, all the boys revealed for txt have unfortunate faces. I hope they have at least one saving grace because these visuals are rough

No. 355945

This reminds me of all the kpop concepts they used to introduce back in 2009 and all of those flopped. I just can't see the future of this one either, especially because none of the members are interesting. Kpop has been dead since a few years ago anyway, like whatever concept they try now is useless (ex. Loona), plus everyone looks and sounds the same.

No. 355949

File: 1547865416644.jpg (328.78 KB, 1080x1218,