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File: 1535666870056.jpg (102.6 KB, 1024x994, 1535575004533.jpg)

No. 288008

Previous threads:
Rant about Kpop, it's creepy fandoms, and/or it's fucked up industry. Or just nitpick some idols.

*· Don't derail about dumb shit. If it doesn't directly have to do with Kpop, don't post about it here.

· Don't racebait
· Don't fangirl
· Keep in mind that this is not the Korea critical thread. It's not about Korean society as a whole.*

No. 288010

File: 1535667162245.jpg (263.8 KB, 1200x1200, OhGGGroup.jpg)

just reaffirms how much this subunit is a money grab off the SNSD brand. couldn't even bother to edit hyoyens legs right

No. 288011

Omg happy new thread! I look forward to read all the criticisms

No. 288012



I am kekking but my girls deserved better

No. 288021

GOddamn I hate SM so much

No. 288024

samefag but some responses from asianjunkie that made me lol
>hopefully like her foot, none of her rapping can be observed in the song.
>Probably outsourced Tiffany to do the Photoshop. She's a pro at removing important aspects of group photos
>She’s almost half gone, like the group itself
>Only the best in quality control for GILRS' GENERATION

No. 288039

Bless you OP.

Holy shit, the more I look at it the more I see

No. 288041

File: 1535669160408.jpg (537.82 KB, 1371x1920, IMG_3344.JPG)

so what kind of bet did he lose

No. 288042

File: 1535669204619.jpg (574.12 KB, 1440x1920, IMG_3345.JPG)

??????? ????

No. 288043

yuri’s bronzer/contour could cut diamonds

No. 288044

get the fuck out. get. the. fuck. out. LMFAO!!!
who did this to him?!?! ole goofy ass lookin. this is retarded. jesus christ idk how to take this in

No. 288045

samefag but this honestly proves to me that big shit truly don't love him lmaoooooo.

No. 288046

the fact that i’m not even that surprised by this styling is alarming
>yaaas hiphop badass swag totally deep kings

No. 288049

wow. he had to wear that in public. it's almost enough to make me feel bad for jin.

ratmon's chin has had enough of the idol life and is going awol, i see.

No. 288051

that was fighting for gay rights and people were killed -some army somewhere probably

No. 288052

He looks incredibly uncomfortable

No. 288053

File: 1535669840584.jpg (503.93 KB, 1366x2048, IMG_3348.JPG)

My mutual on twitter keeps rting fantakens and he's really out there wearing that while the others wear normal shit oh my god. Suga looking spoopy as usual, too.

No. 288054

File: 1535669927538.jpg (511.81 KB, 1920x1371, IMG_3349.JPG)


No. 288055

Those are his hooves you bitch

No. 288059

File: 1535670748826.jpeg (27.15 KB, 320x240, 22E76D7C-8ED6-4E7B-BC65-42FC0B…)

No. 288063

I just burst out laughing. Thank you for reminding me of that post, based anon.

No. 288070

File: 1535672947434.jpg (49.26 KB, 582x685, tumblr_pe97dtkNPd1wia9rwo1_640…)

since we've made a new thread, ig i'll just drop this

No. 288071

File: 1535673191554.jpg (114.73 KB, 800x1200, wVby05t.jpg)

>Kyulkyung is hands-down the prettiest girl idol in Kpop
>I think it’s a little odd that there are relatively few Chinese Kpop idols (there are at most two or three in a group if any at all) and they’re generally treated even worse than Korean ones

A lot of people assume Chinese idols are using Kpop as a stepping stone until they gain notoriety in their homeland, which… does happen, but it's not like plenty of Korean idols see Kpop to segue into more lucrative careers like acting. There's also the whole China's hallyu ban, which made companies even more wary of investing time and money into a Chinese recruit who'll leave them anyway for greener pastures they can't even profit off of.

Kyulkyung is so unreal to look at. She's like an android or something. A lot of Chinese idols have the same near-uncanny valley features, like SNH48's Xu Jiaqi/Kiki or contestants on the Chinese Produce 101 shows.

No. 288076


No. 288077


Anon you are diabolical. That pic is going to give nightmares.

No. 288080

Is that Doug Dimmadome owner of the Dimmsdale Dimmadome

oof that guy wearing the watch looks like he chews on his thumbs

No. 288090

this makes me so sad. he used to be kinda cute… now he has to wake up every day and live his life looking like this

No. 288093

don't worry anon, he probably thinks he looks great. and suga does too apparently given how much he wants to become a hoseok animorph

No. 288096

It really is. Him and Suga were the best looking ones when they debuted, now it looks like they're both wearing matching rubber Halloween mask

No. 288103

File: 1535680106309.jpg (42.86 KB, 877x500, suran.jpg)

suga is so gross and plastic looking rn. he matches his gf.

No. 288113

i really like yoonas outfit

No. 288119

File: 1535683251615.gif (2.29 MB, 275x180, 1515310459970.gif)

i'm fucking dead. bless

No. 288161

I know that buzzfeed became trash long time ago but I check the news there sometimes and whenever I visit it there is always a quiz about Bts like who is your soulmate, who are you in bts bla bla. I definitely saw them like thousand times. Always the similar quizzes, at least change the topic

No. 288165

it's because buzzfeed isn't as popular as it was years ago. things latch onto kpop in times of desperation.

No. 288168

File: 1535688383367.jpg (77.17 KB, 403x604, g6uV5u7ig.jpg)

im terrified when i see sm take in new totally fine looking boys and know they'll ruin their faces beyond recognition eventually. i can already see chenle fuck up his face, he looks cute now but he probably won't age in the way they want.

lol this is atrocious, im sure it's a bet.

No. 288178

These idols are really going to regret fucking up their faces so much when they are old and irrelevant. At least with the super popular ones, i could see how it could be tempting to fix your little imperfections every time you see them if you have constant fan promotions or tv shows to shoot. But these dumb irrelevant members of nugu bands who go and fuck up their face only to never get recognized are sad.

Imagine seeing your mom or dad at the breakfast table with half their jaw shaved off or with their nose basically turned into a pointy nipple because they were so money hungry and starved for validation from total strangers in their early twenties

No. 288179

I bet they are all recycled one direction quizzes from 2012, which were basically recycled nostalgia-bait nsync/backstreet boys quizzes

No. 288197

File: 1535698342055.png (792.52 KB, 800x533, pristinv.png)

She and so many other members in Pristin have the same noticeably fake noses. Pledis should stop having them get unneeded work by the same surgeon.

>Imagine seeing your mom or dad at the breakfast table with half their jaw shaved off or with their nose basically turned into a pointy nipple because they were so money hungry and starved for validation from total strangers in their early twenties

That's actually a bit sad to think about. The discrimination regarding looks in South Korean society is so extreme and prevalent that I definitely feel bad for people growing up there (especially girls and women). Any Korean person who would be considered average-looking decades ago would be insulted as outright ugly nowadays if they don't have a V-shaped face, ghost white skin, double eyelids, small nose, small eyes, and yadda yadda yadda. I feel like the surgery rates will continue going up though, unfortunately.

No. 288198

I meant to say *big eyes and not small eyes. Also the contouring does contribute to the shape of their noses in the photo, but watching live performances/videos of the members makes it more obvious that they've gotten work done and it's not just because of make-up.

No. 288200

The pink haired one on the right got the most unnecessary nose job recently. It’s reaching SinB of Gfriend levels of bizarre. Also, RIP Pristin in general. Two members basically missing, Kyulkyung doing solo work in China, and then the rest in the dungeons.

And your second point spooks me, considering how much plastic surgery and other drastic enhancements are becoming normalized on a global level.

No. 288203

am i the only one who think kyulkyung is ugly? her nose looks so long sometimes, she reminds me of a pinocchio dolls

No. 288205

It looks like someone pressed the spacebar between her eyes, along with the bulgy eyes it's so fucking offputting,

No. 288206


Aside from JooE, Jane's honestly the only member of Momoland that's worth af. Best vocalist/live performer by far and pretty in a way that doesn't go into plastic doll territory (like Yeonwoo and Nancy).

No. 288207

taeha can also sing though

No. 288208

True. She's a better singer than Jane but she doesn't stick out to me other than that idk

No. 288221

Does Suga bite his nails or something? That thumb looks bad.

No. 288230

File: 1535707973275.jpg (136.27 KB, 851x1200, somi.jpg)

Somi is cute. I find it sick that her parents set her up to be oogled by dirty old men age 15 (the whatta man concept etc). I hope she leaves shitty kpop industry behind

No. 288249

poor diet can do that to you.

No. 288250

samefag, i meant that your nails become worse by themselves if you're eating poorly, not that it makes you eat your nails lol.

No. 288268


For Suga it's both though kek The video in the article shows several different pictures of his nails, they look so fucked.

No. 288278

File: 1535718861175.jpg (36.58 KB, 574x711, 5c27d2e61440f72ca7492b272e8947…)

Can you imagine the scandal if Yoona and Taehyung were dating kek?

No. 288290

File: 1535722230518.jpg (80.85 KB, 705x712, junkie.jpg)

does he have a humiliation kink or something?

apparently pentagon are having a comeback without e'dawn, who recently was involved in a dating scandal.

>be e'dawn

>have no other education than high school
>go through numerous years of hard practice
>starve yourself and deprive your body of nutrients
>destroy your scalp by regularly bleaching your hair five times in a row
>get treated as an object by your company
>finally find a tiny amount of success two years after debuting
>throw it all away for some pussy

kek. i wouldn't be surprised if hyuna pressured him into revealing their relationship to the public. she seems like a possessive and jealous gf.

No. 288292

Thats the plant, tardo.

No. 288299

i don't get why she had to do that, her agency was against it, she knew there would be a scandal. she clearly wasn't thinking about e'dawn's career and harmed him. making a mixed gender group a year ago was already risky enough.

No. 288310

Hopefully they will lose 4 more members so they can truly be a pentagon.

No. 288313

He's aging so rapidly, I can't even imagine what he'll look like when he's 30, he must be partying and drinking a lot considering how the make up can't even hide this disaster.

No. 288314

So Maisie Williams is the last western celebrity claimed herself as a bts stan. Maybe she really likes them but I'm totally sure that most of their celeb fans are so called fans and their love is fake.

No. 288320

literally who?

No. 288324

you seriously can’t see where the plant ends and her cheek starts? even if it’s just the shadow of a leaf it still looks ridiculous.

No. 288333

In the beginning I thought it was planned by Cube because it seemed just so unlikely that two idols would publically come out as a couple like that. After finding out that the agency was actually very against it I thought it was brave of them to do it. Now I kinda feel bad for E'Dawn because it backfired onto him but not onto Hyuna? It's strange.
Maybe they do love each other though, the relationship is 2 years old already

No. 288334

did he really get removed because of that? like was it really that bad?

No. 288336

The tomboy from Game of thrones.

No. 288338

The Produce48 group is gonna have a 13 year old as a center, lol.

Also I feel bad for the AKB et al. members who've had to fly to and from Korea in-between events to participate and basically wasted twelve weeks of their time. Same for Gaeun, who should've just packed it up ages ago and gone to college. Pledis is letting Pristin flop one year into debut, so I dunno why she had any hopes for After School or herself.

No. 288346

Thing is, at first Cube denied the rumors then the following day both Hyuna and E'Dawn confirmed that they were indeed dating.
I guess Cube didn't really like that, Hyuna also cancelled some event she had next week.

No. 288347

A lot of western fans were like "oh they are so brave!", which was an idiotic reaction in my opinion. There was literally no reason for them to make it public, it's just going to impact their careers in negative ways. If both of them had been in the industry for years and already made a decent amount of money (like Hyuna has), it would have been understandable. But E'dawn has been in the industry for what, two years?

Yeah, lots of fans returned tickets to a Pentagon fanmeet after they confirmed the relationship. He is clearly having a negative effect on the group at this point. I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up being kicked out.

No. 288349

well then rip. i feel bad for edawn… wonder why they felt the need to confirm it after already dating in secret for 2 years

No. 288353

pentagon are still in the early stage of their careers where boygroups are definitely marketed like they could be your boyfriend irl. it's not just dumb fangirls thinking it, cube still want a couple of years of them seeming attainable since they're unlikely to get famous enough for fans to think they'd never have a chance. cube are also going to be pissed because pentagons oldest members were born in 92 and 93, they really only have a couple of years to hit it big before they're going to have to prepare to lose members to military service

No. 288355

Maybe they thought they were gonna get caught by dispatch or something. It makes me think that Hui and Soojin from g-idle were still together when their pics got out.

No. 288356

File: 1535730474816.png (524.31 KB, 1106x493, pd101.png)

never 4get

No. 288364

i'm glad kaeun didn't get into the p48 group because i'm sick of seeing her tight, botched face. i didn't follow the show and won't follow the group but i still had to see her weird face too much. a lot of the people loudly rooting for her called other contestants untalented but they weren't supporting kaeun for any talents, just for her storyline of being added last minute to a dead girl group

No. 288376

No. 288378

shes the type to latch onto anything and anyone popular to put herself back in the spotlight now that she lost her underaged appeal and is just a fug overrated has been

No. 288379

literally all of kpop is a supplement to replace porn because its still technically "illegal" in korea
its slowly changing though with the rise of amateur and voyeur stuff being leaked all over the net

No. 288382

File: 1535738085417.jpg (340.53 KB, 1279x1920, tumblr_peal09X9V11w15kmho3_128…)

what all do you guys think jimin has had done to his face? he looks so different

No. 288387

i think it’s more a question of what he /hasn’t/ had done to his face

but in all seriousness i feel like it’s really difficult to tell what’s surgery and what isn’t at this point because they’ve all had so much done already that all the procedures are overlapping with each other

what aspect of his face have they left natural is my question

No. 288399

could just be dumb conspiracy paranoia, but does anyone think there's more to bighit not having female trainees than their last (collab) attempt at a girl group failing? something about it being such an obvious boys club makes me wonder sometimes, especially given how trash some of the ex bts trainees are

No. 288405

i could see the possibility of there having been girl trainees there and they had bad experiences, thus leaving. but we would probably never find out how true that would be. not having a girl group or girl idol in the future will probably shoot bighit in the foot tho.

No. 288409

it could also be that auditioning would make it hard to keep away from crazy fangirls.

lol this reminded me of the bts&gfriend collab, it was so bad and awkward.

No. 288410

File: 1535741282041.jpg (26.62 KB, 780x390, rodrigo-header-.jpg)

No. 288411

i mean he's not that far off from becoming him tbh

No. 288421

File: 1535743437145.gif (2.49 MB, 268x375, tumblr_peblw1izZi1rmhep4o1_400…)

i did not need to see this close up of taehyung/v

No. 288422

do not be afraid to put this behind a spoiler next time

No. 288430

File: 1535744477122.jpg (Spoiler Image, 154.3 KB, 1200x1113, mg.jpg)

why do bad edits of bts keep appearing on my tl, i have all related words blocked

No. 288431

theyre literally inescapable, i have never liked a single bts related thing on my insta and i still see 80% bts on my explore page, i dont understand.

also the real question is why the armys keep making those fucking horrible edits

No. 288433

File: 1535744731577.jpg (287 KB, 1200x1079, DlyabK1XgAAU0O0.jpg)

No. 288435

and his fans call him ethereal…

No. 288437

Taekookers make a big deal out of that for some reason when they clearly don't realize ships are pushed esp in boy groups to attract fujoshis (it's been like that for awhile)

No. 288440

File: 1535745212275.gif (2.87 MB, 540x300, tumblr_pebuqjkfdO1sp0rewo4_540…)

jimin is busted as fuck

No. 288442

imagine your ""fans"" actually thinking you're some giant loser who follows your friend around like a puppy and gets jealous over them

No. 288446

why do they constantly need to wear those god damn contactlenses?

No. 288448

Why do koreans have to fuck themselves over with such ugly makeup and styling, it's like they insist on being uglier. This guy doesn't even have bad facial features, he's just wearing neon lipstick and his face is plastered in that white and greasy CC cream everything combined with an atrocious bowl cut. Such a fraud of a country to have the same beauty standards for both men and women.

No. 288454

this is why i couldn't be a kpop idol or a celebrity (who works with other celebrities) in general. imagine having a friend or working with someone and a bunch of weird ass people ship everything you do together and write/draw about you two fucking. i couldn't look at the person straight in the eyes when people ship you like that, seriously.

No. 288455

File: 1535746656271.jpg (8.57 KB, 300x250, superthumb.jpg)

the shippers definitely are insane but they purposefully encourage them with fanservice

No. 288458

File: 1535746878365.jpg (35.55 KB, 400x400, -94UGqQq_400x400.jpg)

it's part of their job i guess. and they encourage it all the time too, i guess because it helps with popularity.

No. 288459

that's why i can never watch any content besides music shows/mvs, omg why does everything have to be so cringey

No. 288460

it's for the best interest of your health that you stick to music shows/mvs. you might die of cringe from literally anything else they put out.

No. 288464

Some are mad at taeyeon just because she streamed idol on the day baekhyun's song is released and some praise her as petty kween as well lol. I think she chose this day to share the ss on purpose.

No. 288465

These anons were replying to me, I deleted my reply to add some more

Are BTS (and the other Kpop groups) really comfortable with all these shippers? It must be awkward if they aren't playing off their friendship and they are actual friends off-camera. Not saying there are no friendships between Kpop group members but if, for example BTS in that case, are as close friends as everyone thinks the constant shipping around them might make them uncomfortable

No. 288467

what the fuck do they care? shipping is a major part of kpop idolism and it makes them bank

No. 288468

we'll never know, but given how homophobic koreans are in general, i bet many idols' real views on lgbt and shippers and whatever would upset many i-fans kek

that is also true

No. 288469

I know, but it makes the "we are best friends forever" thing nearly all groups go for seem fake

No. 288471

okay? we know that idols are attention seekers who make bank off of shit like shipping, doesn't make the topic any less interesting.

which makes the whole thing funnier tbh. fans hail these idols as lgbt mascots but i bet their idols views would make them sick. just look at siwon from SUJU lol

No. 288473

no anon you're missing the point, they're supposed to be best friends but they actually have secret feelings for each other and can't say how much they actually want to raw each other. it's got all the emo feelings as well as the skinny boy sex that 14 year old girls want, it's perfect

snsd are definitely my favourite example of the fake "sisters forever!!" stuff. the soshi bond, power of 9!! stuff dropped to ot8 immediately like nothing happened. i don't know how so many really buy into the "8 sisters forever!!" when they can look a few years back and see the exact same thing happening before jessica was dropped prematurely

No. 288475

that's because it is fake

No. 288476

this reminds me of jay park getting kicked out of 2pm because he said korea is gay lmfao

No. 288479

And fans eat up both the "forever besties" thing and the shipping fan service at the same time like it's some soap opera

No. 288487

File: 1535751303187.jpg (134.72 KB, 1080x1350, Yiren Wang.jpg)

>>288356 Wang Yiren should've won wtf. Yiren is like the best girl, I guess that leaves 1 less group for me to care about.

No. 288491

why did i think you posted a picture of nancy at first.

honestly i was shocked at the rankings at first. no surprise tho mnet would end up rigging it and making it a bunch of safe, boring, underage girls sans a few

No. 288493

male kpop fans (twice especially) not understanding how pushup bras work is hilarious. on places like reddit they really think that if there's any slight movement then she definitely has natural, massive boobs, it doesn't matter how wildly they fluctuate between photos and outfits. but the funniest comment by a male kpop fan on reddit i have ever seen was a screenshot of a guy on r/incels saying that iu was his dream girlfriend because she was so innocent and pure and naturally petite. i feel bad for the girl because now the first thing i think of when i see her is some greasy incel

No. 288496

ikr? anyone who think nayeon and sana's emaciated selves have any sort of boobs, hips and ass is a fucking kek

No. 288499

you don't even need a "before and after" (or whatever you would call a pic without a pushup bra and one without would be) of them, just the notorious push up bra shape and look is so obvious on a lot of these girl idols. i don't really care because i wear push up bras myself, but it's so blatant they are wearing them, it annoys me when males think they know when they are or aren't real.

i've been wondering about who has and hasn't been wearing butt and hip pads lately when i see any fancams. anyone else think that nancy possibly wears butt pads?

No. 288500

File: 1535751894272.jpg (36.42 KB, 640x640, yiren.jpg)

I don't blame you, she does kinda look like her in that pic

No. 288502

those contacts are so freakin awful

No. 288517

>Such a fraud of a country to have the same beauty standards for both men and women.
how is that a fraud?

No. 288528

the beauty standards of idols don't reflect what actual normal koreans like in korean males.

No. 288530

yeah. its not really fair to judge a whole country by the standards of kpop. normal korean dudes aint walking around the streets with pink hair, pale foundation and lipstick on, dressed in all white fairy prince outfits (???) with sunflowers

No. 288535

and considering koreans dudes in their 20s and late teens aren't purposely making themselves appealing to 13 year old korean nerdy girls

No. 288573

File: 1535758643578.png (955.15 KB, 633x845, noonecaredwhoiwastilliputonthe…)

what the fuck

No. 288576

Is it just me or did concealed part of his bottom lip to make it look smaller? They should've left it alone It looks bad.

No. 288577

File: 1535759526313.jpg (Spoiler Image, 75.29 KB, 623x960, IMG_20180831_194924.jpg)

Holy shit, this is the stuff of nightmares kek

Their stylist must hate Jimin, there is no other reason for putting contacts on his fucked up eyes

No. 288578

these girls are seriously not meshing well as a group. i hope their company fixes this somehow, i just can't see them lasting as a full unit if they continue to perform like this.

No. 288580

the fact that this isn't even a fan edited pic is probably the worst part

No. 288581

Are you trolling? She sucked at performing. All she had going on was her face, although I'll take her over Hyewon and Minju who are even more useless.

No. 288582

A face like his would benefit from contouring an a foundation that matched his actual skintone. What is it with Koreans just slathering on flour white cream and calling it a day when their features tend to be flatter?

His lips look chapped and now his facial proportions look even more messed up. South Korea's beauty standard of having a small mouth is one I don't quite understand.

No. 288583

File: 1535760158427.jpg (61.26 KB, 750x478, DZHj77OXcAASL0g.jpg)

they do that a lot

jesus christ, do idols actually post these pictures themselves or do they send them to their managers/whoever? who actually looks at these pictures and thinks it's a good idea to post

No. 288590

i-is he wearing a mask of foundation?

No. 288593

more like a mask of photoshop but i'm sure he's got a mask of foundation on too

No. 288622

choa from crayon pop, kota from whatever group, hyosung and a few others had naturally large breasts(for asians especially) but i wonder who else did? maybe one of the girls from rainbow but i cant remember what their bodies looked like

No. 288631

i mean, all of his selfies are awful, his and jhope's, they make themselves look so bad. this one looks decent in comparison to some other pictures

No. 288633

Jimin is a reptile being from the netherworld and you can't tell me otherwise. He may have convinced his ARMYs that he's human but not me, no sir.

No. 288634

it's okay anon, it's not your fault that you don't have eyes

you'd fit right in on the vigilant citizen forums

No. 288635

>What is it with Koreans just slathering on flour white cream and calling it a day when their features tend to be flatter?

i guess that's why they rely on fillers so much at such a young age? they need their faces to be paper white, but at the same time to have some kind of shape. as a result they all look like mannequins.

No. 288636

Heejin seems like a mega cunt, not even trying to be subtle about that eyeroll @ 2:05. LOONA won't last long if this is how the members feel about each other already.

No. 288640

there's just entirely too many members. the "girl of the month" schtick was cute but there's too many.

also she does seem to be giving some attitude but idk if we know about her enough to know if she's a megacunt. she is giving me slick nayeon vibes tho, she could possibly be milky if this group gets more popular.

No. 288685

File: 1535799118542.jpg (80.01 KB, 768x512, 20130917_02_l.jpg)

What baffles me with Kpop fans is that they all try their hardest to delude themselves and everyone around that their favs have artistic integrity.

I believe since they are very into k-pop, they should be aware how the industry works.

I enjoy some of the Kpop songs but what's the point of deluding myself that all those singers are anything more than performing monkeys?

No. 288686

Produce48 was a joke

No. 288704

I'm pretty sure Heejin has some sort of ed. She was way more healthy looking when she was first presented.

Are there too many girls in Loona? Yes. Are their performances a mess? Yes. Do most the members look like they eat? Yes.

Who knows, Heejin just may have some superiority complex or she's tired as hell from not eating properly. Loona TV at their dorm is coming soon so…

A group with 12+ members is bound to be a mess.

No. 288705

literally idk why anyone deliberately chooses to stan the group mnet is putting out

No. 288729

what they're saying is also scripted as fuck, you can tell they had to memorise their answers and reactions religiously. loona really make other groups look natural and healthy and authentic by comparison

No. 288737

File: 1535812934564.jpg (40.04 KB, 1000x500, loona-vivi_1491319806_af_org.j…)

Judging from her preformances and how she presents herself she does seem like a bitch. I bet she thinks that she's the shit since she's the center visual, main dancer and singer. Out of all the members I like her the least. There's something about Vivi that I like, I hope she goes back to pink. Loona won't make it because their DEBUT debt is enormous. I have a feeling BBC would just sell them off as high class prostitutes in a few years if they can't make it all back, what's the point of this group if they can't make any profits? Tdlr: fuck Heejin.

No. 288739

I can't catch the eyeroll, but I can kinda see what you mean. Like the smiling for one second and going back to a straight face immediately after

No. 288779

Have you ever watched a single episode of LTV? Heejin is an angel.
Also she's like 17. Please.

No. 288785

Actually some of them are. I’ve seen korean dudes put on B.B. cream in public before, they draw/tattoo their eyebrows on, a lot of them have shitty dye jobs too. They perm their hair and won’t leave their homes unless it’s perfectly in place. The line seems to be drawn at applying eye make up and lip color.

No. 288789

this sounds all over the place and the full unit is way too many girls, that song sounds like it would be fine with like 4 of them. they're better off sticking them into the subunits than the full one and im sure it wouldnt throw people off since isnt that how they started?

No. 288791

i feel like maybe if they continued doing their units a solos and then every once in a while regroup as a whole? idk i just don't feel like this whole group together works well

No. 288792

kek so is expecting men to put a little extra effort into their appearances, like, opression now?

No. 288794

I hope this is sarcasm.

No girls in kpop are angels. It's extremely competitive and most countries have a fucked up entertainment industry where you have to do awful things to get to the top. Most of these people are desperate for success because they've sacrificed their youth for an attempt at fame and will most likely do anything to get it. The mindset they have must be very cold.. During the PD48 finale, Kaeun missed her last opportunity at being an idol, but she looked stone-faced. It's probably a combo of botched surgery and the result of years in the industry tbh, but how did she not completely break down? I genuinely feel bad for her.

No. 288797

File: 1535822702999.gif (1.03 MB, 324x182, 69899256-BAA9-4525-9655-89DA65…)

You’re the only one talking about oppression here. My comment said nothing about the subject.

No. 288798

Well I don't think anyone here knows Heejin personally so we can't say whether she's an angel or not. But that other anon just sounds salty because Heejin got a lot of focus while Vivi got barely anything lol.

Also age has never stopped people from hating on an idol. The amount of hate the center for produce48 is getting is ridiculous imo.

No. 288799

yeah bc people loved that, im not into them but i have listened and follow a lot of stans (who post about other things too lol just those #Stan LOONA ppl) they seemed to love the solos and them coming together, i hope they stick with that or something similar because having like 12 girls look all confused while you can see them mentally loading their dance routine is a little…..much.

No. 288800

same anon you're responding to, i feel like since they're whole schtick at first was solos and units they don't really know how to mesh as a whole group. seventeen works well as a whole group because that's what they're used to but i don't think loona is. maybe loona just needs to get used to being 12 whole members? idk.

No. 288803

>anon simply posts a fact about how some korean men actually are crazy about their appearance

get back to your hole, femcel.

No. 288805

They shave their bodyhair too, like arms, chest and legs

No. 288806

If Seventeen had the typical training process of most other Kpop groups, the members were at least training together for nearly a year, whereas (based on Loona fandom speculation piecing together blurred, potential member cameos and comments from the idols in LoonaTV) a lot of the Loona members were scouted and picked in the middle of the entire project. Yves and a couple other members came from a pipeline of idol/dance training schools, too, so I wouldn't be surprised if they were picked up just months before their solo. So, yeah, there's a lot of growing pains because we're seeing teambuilding that normally happens way before debut

Tl;dr: Loona is shoving (capable or not) soloists into a group.

No. 288807

i don't think it's so much oppression but more like stupid. the makeup style looks stupid on the girls so obviously it probably translates as stupid on the guys. i don't think guys filling their eyebrows or using concealer would be bad, but i don't think korean makeup trends would look that great.

tbh anytime i think of a korean guy wearing makeup, i think of edward avila and his makeup is terrible.

No. 288808

wasn't the lineup still being finalised while other members were confirmed and having their solos? when i first heard that i definitely expected the first few months (at least) of group performances to be a bit unbalanced, usually at least the majority of a groups lineup have already had a few months training altogether to mesh well. this really early wjsn dance isn't necessarily that good and has its own issues but i think the members in it still seem more unified than loona, so the issues loona have are avoidable for groups with large numbers

No. 288809

>a lot of the Loona members were scouted and picked in the middle of the entire project.
wow really?? i always figured they were picked and set before hand LOL. here i was wondering for a while how other members felt having to wait so long to debut. no wonder why the group dynamics are so terrible.

No. 288814

Yup it’s considered unattractive for guys to have body hair. Well, some guys think it’s manly but a lot of korean women think it’s “gross” so they sell hair removal products aimed at guys to promote smooth legs appropriate for wearing shorts. It’s not like korean guys are even that hairy to begin with 😂

No. 288818

anon just said all they do is wear bb cream and fill their brows, that's not a "makeup style" at all. i wish more guys in the west did that. and every fucking guy ITT is caked with makeup anyways it's not hard to imagine. bb just smooths the complexion and filling brows is goof for anybody.

No. 288823

>putting fourth a minimal amount effort to not look like shit = being crazy about their appearances

i agree, but that anon said they didn't wear the same makeup as idols. just simple stuff that actually helps them look nicer. implying that that is a bad thing or that it's an unfairly high beauty standard for men, comparable to what >>288530 was talking about is retarded.

No. 288830

Yeah, the training schools I mentioned made IG posts celebrating members' acceptance by a company (don't remember if they specifically mentioned BBC by name) maybe a couple months prior to the start of the final subunit's promotions. There was other evidence, but idr.

Team chemistry is probably the last thing companies look for when they're assembling groups since idols will fall in line and build it up over training/promotions, anyway. Sistar talked about how they were work colleagues and didn't buy into the "BFFs forevah" that other groups sell, and they had a great career.

No. 288832

i mean she did mention men specifically who freak out about their hair so…

No. 288844

ah, see i hadn't read the original anon's post, i just saw the one that i was responding to here >>288807. as i was saying the style i was referring to was people like edward avila and kpop boyos, not so much just a lil eyebrow fill in and some concealer/bb cream (that matches, not white with an obvious cut off at the neck). a basic "boy beat" (?) i don't care so much it's just the whole kpop getup that i think is fuggo on anyone.

idk, ig as an american i'm more "concerned" (if that's even the appropriate word, i don't care that much tbh LOL) about boys having skincare and using actual deodorant than i am about them wearing makeup.

No. 288847

It IS a make up style. It’s still the ghost white face, stamped on eyebrows, and shitty dye jobs that idols have just minutes the eyes and lips.

No. 288849

see this is the thing, i feel like if companies just worked more on their idols being able to work together rather than forcing the whole "BFFs 4 EVA, we're a family!!, etc. etc." narrative, maybe the dynamics would work better? i remember T.O.P from big bang stating he just thought his group mates as colleagues and a lot of VIPs got mad at him for that, and i just thought, who cares? as long as they work together well then what does it matter if they're friends or family or what not.

you mentioned sistar being colleagues and i think i remember people talking about that, thinking it was so crazy that they couldn't be absolutely best friends and work together well. if i'm correct i think a lot of people thought hyorin wasn't friendly enough with bora? but they had a whole sub unit together that worked well.

idk, i just think the best friend thing is stupid, obviously tho it makes bank from lonely fans who idolize wanting a "friendship like kpop idols" so who cares, but it's smth to think about.

No. 288851

Lol no one is oppressing anyone, anon has the right to say if he thinks guys that wear makeup and have colored hair look like idiots or not. Stop getting so sensitive.

I'm my opinion I don't mind guys wearing makeup, but I would honestly not feel attracted to a guy that did that. Sorry.

Idols would look so much better (again, to ME) if they only used it for performances, but you just know they splatter that shit on their private time as well. At least leave the contacts and lipstick out.

No. 288852

>At least leave the contacts and lipstick out.
unless you're jimin kek

No. 288853

if they're regularly use bb cream, i'm sure they also have barebones skincare routines at the very least.

No. 288854

most of the loona girls come from rich families + bbc's parent company is stacked so their debut debt isn't that big of a worry

tbh i feel loona's just a money laundering operation. it's kinda obvious bbc doesn't care if they succeed or not
and jaden jong (the guy behind the whole operation) said he went through hundreds of songs for each solo. which is something only the big 3 can afford to do, usually

No. 288855

File: 1535827230413.jpg (278.76 KB, 1080x1312, _00.jpg)

i wish this was satire

No. 288856

i think you guys misunderstood the "oppressing" comment.

manhater anon was trying to assert that thinking men wearing makeup is weird means that you're coddling men.

No. 288857

lets be real. if eminem even knows who BTS are he probably thinks they're a bunch of beta faggots.

No. 288859

Why mention Eminem? Did something happen related to him and bts?

No. 288861

he didn't but he's an intellectual just like them

No. 288865

They make male idols dress up like aliens with the contacts and makeup but ofc don't make them manicure their troll nails

No. 288866

My comment wasn’t even about whether or not they wear make up… I was trying to point out that they are influenced by ugly idol trends to some extent. Not as much as women but still, it’s just as obvious when a guy is wearing B.B. cream 2 shades too light for him face as when a girl does it. They look just as dumb with rectangle eyebrows drawn on where their real eyebrows used to be. It’s not like korean women somehow all suck at wearing make up but the guys are low key and looking good. Not to mention how fucking vain they are, throwing on all types of filters on their photos just like the women and even editing themselves to look taller. Lol god why did my comment stir up shit? We talk about this stuff all the time.

No. 288867

100% agreed.
I'm fine with my favorite groups' dynamic being professional (getting along, providing 'friendly' fan service, etc.) without the pretenses of it being born out of some unbreakable bond of friendship. And likely, it's for the best, so people don't feel betrayed or get too in their feelings because they're mixing work and friends together.
It's not like living, eating, and training together don't form a strong rapport of another kind, anyway.

Also shout out to the delusional company stans who take that unnecessary step and fall for the glib shit of entire companies being one happy family (like JYPE does).

No. 288868

The idol life sounds like a nightmare for anyone—especially a teen girl who’s not from one of the big three companies. I wouldn’t be so hard on Heejin.

Anyway, I feel like LOONA’s debut outfits would look better if each of them were stylized more individually. Like, big groups like TWICE, WJSN, and even Seventeen in their early days when they were on a budget managed to perform in outfits that all kept the same colors but differed in style. Each member of LOONA literally has the exact same outfit to promote in. If their company can afford to spend so much on music videos and other stuff, surely they could spend a bit more on more varied clothing. ~~K-pop stylists get paid shit anyway.~~

No. 288870

File: 1535828235400.png (7.32 KB, 515x100, rft5yhj4tr5y6h.png)

i agree with you too. it's not unbelievable that some people who are trainees and idols together develop good friendships, but nobody likes all their coworkers all the time. plus what with spending all their time and living with the people they work with, i wouldn't be surprised if they just wanted to get away from each other sometimes. don't really understand why fans fall for it so hard, since it was always obvious to me even when i was younger, but i guess people believe what they wanna believe.

also armys seem to be bigtime offenders when it comes to this, but it's not like we haven't mentioned how delusional they are before. still makes me laugh though

No. 288872

fucking bb cream and filling your eyebrows a bit is nothing. if men being expected to practice basic grooming triggers you, you are more or less coddling them. or you're so used to gross, unkempt men that it's weird to you, which is sad.

anyways pls sage your shit, newfag. it's ot.

No. 288874


also no one said that. in most countries men don't wear makeup because male grooming isn't about looking perfect, just not looking unkempt.

are you okay?

No. 288876

Go back to your thread you fucking nutcase. No one is asserting anything you're implying and you're the one who seems triggered.

No. 288877

Anybody in the western hemisphere who's not a braindead stan thinks they look faggoty. I don't believe for a second that any of the stars who tweet that they like them or kpop once give a shit about them. It's quite easy, meantion bts, 1000s new fans incoming. They'd be stupid not to.

I just really hope that the guys know that nobody actually is their "friend" kek

The delusion…

No. 288878


You have no idea what you’re talking about. If they had been wearing just a little B.B. cream and filling in their eyebrows a bit, I wouldn’t have even noticed! Sorry koreaboo, but the guys you’re so desperate to love look like clowns.

No. 288880

File: 1535828839991.jpeg (129.45 KB, 1252x1252, J24Ge4Pr.jpeg)

they get manicure but their nails are horrifyingly long sometimes.. that's jimin but i've seen other male idols with long nails too. i personally can stand make up on men but long ass nails, even manicured ones, make me want to throw up.

No. 288884

Yeah I’d choose sugas Gollum hands over these

I really hate guys with long nails

No. 288885

what's the problem here exactly? at least they're clean…

No. 288887

File: 1535829244459.jpg (35.89 KB, 573x426, CkunWZHUkAE3yry.jpg)

Can definitely relate on the long nails thing, but i was thinking of jk and all the clips of him biting his nails like a 12 year old (also jimin's long ass toenails but that's irrelevant). his hands are probably so nasty

No. 288888

OC clearly stated they don’t like long nails on men.

No. 288889

i mean you say these are manicured but they don't look it. the shape isn't very good and the length is uneven. you'd think they would shell out for a good manicure if they want talons.

No. 288891

Wasn’t this during that really awkward show he was doing where ppl were being assholes to him? Maybe he was just nervous lol

No. 288892

yeah, i got that thanks, and i was asking why

No. 288896

File: 1535829548947.jpg (239.78 KB, 1200x1140, DE1hRazVoAABg-p (1).jpg)

there's a lot more, that was just the first one i found. more pics ft taehyung because i found this on a vkook shippers account. it doesn't matter that much but people who have gross nails trigger me

No. 288898

Because it looks fucking ugly

No. 288901

I hate that I know this but… V’s nails usually look pretty nice. Idk about jungkook though.

No. 288904

Everyone is pretty sensitive Today, can't people express what they find attractive/unattractive? Why does anon have to give you an explanation? Doesn't like them, you have no problem with them, period. Same with the makeup talk.

No. 288906

File: 1535829795935.jpg (259.83 KB, 2000x1333, hMrRReQ.jpg)

I love the return to a uniform, because I'm tired of seeing the mix and match, kaleidoscope outfits that dominate right now (BP, G-idle, etc.); but they really did need different finishings or cuts for each girl. Hell, Twice got unique white shirts and denim for Heartshaker.

Cute concept debuts feature a lot of uniformity in clothes and hair, though, which seems counter-intuitive to making the girls distinct and appealing to different tastes.

No. 288909

No anon, everyone needs to defend their reasoning. Surely you can't just have an opinion as a matter of taste!

No. 288910

File: 1535829930724.jpg (262.33 KB, 781x1080, iAsZKjkoyeo.jpg)

idk it's just personal preference. why do they need long nails anyway? found this picture for example, you'd think he's going for kind of a manly look (compared to others in his group) but then you see THE NAILS. not that bad but we're nitpicking here anyway.

ok i agree this is way more gross lol

No. 288911

i'm saying extremely light makeup is basic grooming and more men should adopt it. "not looking unkempt" is far too loose of a standard. men should actually, you know, try to not be ugly like women do.

No. 288912

NTA, but you know that it's not a standard. You personally thinking it's basic grooming doesn't mean anything if literally only south korean men do it.

No. 288913

Lol if we're going to be asking for that I think the best course of action would be NOT to have the need for either men or women to wear makeup. I get some people like to wear it, but you can't say somen women don't feel obligated to wear it sometimes from other people. Why want the same for men? It should be the other way around, so people in general don't feel pressured to not look "ugly".

No. 288914

Also this. South korea has fucked up standards for both sexes. Anyway, anon just seems like she wants to argue over nothing. She knows damn well that none of us know any men who would spend more than 5 minutes on their hair or face.

No. 288915

File: 1535830230007.jpg (496.33 KB, 970x1737, z8vOWOO.jpg)


Second point referring to Lovelyz, Gfriend, Oh My Girl, Fromis_9, and pretty much every other cute GG. Lovelyz's uniforms are on another level.

No. 288917

fair enough, i was just curious… doesn't bother me at all but different strokes for different folks

No. 288918

No one, male or female, should be required to wear even a hint of make up. Make up is not synonymous with how well you take care of yourself or how clean you are. No one owes you beauty. Do you work for amore pacific or something? Fuck off with your weird ass campaign

No. 288920

I think uniforms like the bottom right one are the best. Same with >>288906 if you're going to force them to take on a personality atleast let it show in their clothing a little.

No. 288924

File: 1535831168444.jpg (187.98 KB, 1000x762, XRAScxJ.jpg)

Those are my favorite types of stage outfits, too. It feels like you're actually looking at a cohesive unit of team members instead of people who are just doing a special group performance just that one day. Pic related barely works because of the strong interest in each individual member and cause there's four of them.

No. 288927

File: 1535831982569.png (694.73 KB, 767x767, 82525C4C-E121-49B5-A6C0-6A036C…)

BlackPink’s outfits usually look like garbage. Their bootlicker fans often talk about how regal and luxurious their kweenz look wearing name-brand stuff, but I don’t see it at all. Their outfits look so try-hard and lack unity.

No. 288928

File: 1535832078096.jpeg (152.17 KB, 1200x662, A21437AD-2761-4FD8-ABB5-E63686…)

Even the outfits that are more cohesive look so tacky and are overrhyped just because of the group name.

No. 288931

honestly i usually like their outfits. i like when stylists play with different silhouettes and fabrics, but i think it only really works in mvs and photoshoots, it does look less cohesive for performances and things. i just get bored of only tight jeans and tennis skirts and crop tops

No. 288932

Is Jennie a skeleton?

No. 288933

I also like their outfits most of the time, they are pretty unique. But the ones they wore on the live stages were terrible compared to the ones in the MV/photoshoots. Lisa looks terrible on this one. And also, not cohesive at all.

No. 288935

File: 1535832654330.jpeg (91.07 KB, 540x690, 3B04E621-A809-47AF-B4AD-86D75E…)

All of BlackPink are scarily thin but you’ll have fans going around prasing them for looking borderline anorexics.

No. 288938

Lmfao this isnt most korean men tho. There are just as many guys in the west who do their hair, get waxes and contour their jaw. Any normal korean man will flip the fuck out at the idea of his best friend wearing makeup, as if a little bb cream and filling in of the eyebrows stood for FUCK ME IN THE ASS ASAP SO I CAN GIVE YOU MY HOMO AIDS

No. 288939

>There are just as many guys in the west who do their hair, get waxes and contour their jaw.

I don’t know about that anon

No. 288941

i liked their outfits before, but not in this comeback, the materials of the clothes in your video look so cheap wtf

in ddu du performances their outfits especially look like a mess.

No. 288942

tbh while i don't care about male idols wearing make up, i do hate how kpop fans will post a picture of their male idol without make up and brag about how good he looks "bare faced".

>uwu look at this candid of oppa at the airport with no make up! he still looks so good, your fave could never!!!

like, what? male idols look exactly the same with or without make up since most of the time they're only wearing some too light foundation and some lip tint (and maybe eye shadow) unless it's a photoshoot/music video. it's not an accomplishment for a dude to look virtually the same when he wasn't even wearing enough products to drastically change his face in the first place.

it's especially unfair since many female idols do look very different without make up since they tend to wear way more, and there's this gross undertone of "oh this girl is fake and needs a lot of make up to be pretty, while this dude is good looking either way"

No. 288943

Female idols get criticized for being natural and not fitting into Korea’s narrow definitions of pretty, but they also get criticized for getting work done or looking different without a ton of make-up on. You can’t win.

No. 288944

a male friend of mine is alway gushing about their thighs??? like that's night a thigh it's a femur they're literally ana. sage for blog post men are dumb

No. 288945

File: 1535833775651.jpg (34.45 KB, 460x434, tumblr_nhha3zbOix1r12tcdo1_500…)

No. 288947

The difference between their faces and necks lmao

No. 288948

Def not all but it’s not a small percentage.

Most korean guys tattoo their eyebrows on though because naturally they barely have any 😂😂😂 my ex has really thick eyebrows and he got sooooo many compliments and guys telling him they were jealous. it’s a really common thing, and not considered gay at all. Whenever I went to a salon, there were always korean guys in there getting perms and their eyebrows done. B.B. cream or tinted SPF is accepted for guys who care about looking good. There are guys though who know it’s seen as gay from an outside perspective and that will influence how they feel about it, and also nerdy types who resent any guy who tries to appeal to women. Many make up lines have a section for men, of course it’s the same shit just in black and blue packaging 🙄

No. 288950

oh yeah, it's super obvious western stars or any celebrities are just mentioning them because their rabid fans will flock anybody who so much as glimpses at them with support. it's hilarious.

i wonder what it's like knowing that the only reason people really know you is because of your crazy fans. obviously they make a shit ton of money from them but still, you gotta wonder how it is that nobody takes you seriously and your fans take you way too seriously.

No. 288951

It’s also annoying because they get so much other work done like Botox and fillers and skin treatments. I’d look better without make up too if I had a doctor tending to my skin with a laser every couple of weeks!

No. 288952

File: 1535834063319.jpg (66.07 KB, 1024x1003, afc42bc2e7a63194b60b86c5f0b473…)

No. 288953

i actually really like black pinks outfits before the dddd era. before their stylist had them in interesting outfits outside of the normal uniform that worked well together but fit each individuals style. this new era idk what the fuck is going on, did they get a new stylist? because the outfits have lowkey been terrible

No. 288954

Omg I can literally hear those getting snagged on a blanket by just looking at the pic… VOM

No. 288955

This picture makes me want to vomit

No. 288958

File: 1535834374139.jpg (176.99 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

it's almost reaching this territory LOL

No. 288959

isn't that the same show where he got the dudes some hamburgers or smth and they were hardcore criticizing the burgers? lowkey felt bad for him, there was some real second hand cringe there lolll

No. 288960

Any thoughts on the final ratings for Produce 48? One three Japanese contestants made it.

No. 288966

Lisa is especially spoopy. Jisoo is the healthiest looking one, look at the difference in the legs

No. 288967

I don't think the final group is that bad tbh. they should've added another japanese girl though.

No. 288969

pls spoiler this disgusting shit thx

No. 288971

I'm the anon that said Koreans fuck themselves with white cc cream and ugly lip-gloss. I know it was an over generalization but this is what a lot of them wear because it became a trend there. I haven't been to Korea before but I've seen Korean tourists and I could tell them apart from other east asian tourists because they were wearing this specific makeup style, that I think makes them uglier. It's just like the way western girls have started to wear drag queen makeup because it got popular on social media, but that style of make-up actually makes them look uglier.
Sage for blog-post and derailing

No. 288973

The problem isn't men wearing makeup and grooming themselves, it's the fact in SK they're shallow af

No. 288975

This is what you're talking about? Damn they were so rude to him wtf was it so hard to just accept some burgers from an 18 year old

No. 288977

i'm not even gonna watch and see if this is it, it's way too cringe for me, can't believe a bunch of dudes would be that rude for no reason. but from the thumbnail and description you've probably got the right one.

No. 288988

Because being older than someone in their society means you can treat them like shit

No. 288999

they look like toddlers with their thumbs in their mouths all the time. i bet their hands smell like shit

No. 289000

>they look like toddlers
just how armys like their grown men

No. 289010

on the same topic, does anyone have that video of jungkook sneezing into his hand and then shaking a fan's hand or something at a fansign? i've seen it before but i can't find it now

No. 289012

he really is aging so poorly. his hair is so thin that they probably keep him in a wig at all times and i could pack for a two week vacation in his eye bags. surgery is available and encouraged so why hasn't he gotten botox or something? does bighit want him all natural?

No. 289017

i'm still surprised he hasn't gotten a hair transplant considering he's so insecure about it.

No. 289019

He's a bumpkin and a grandmah's boy so maybe he's against ps or something, like he's against women over 25 following their dreams lol.

No. 289033

Omg what why does he care what women over 25 do

No. 289035

Jenny's push up bra bothers me, it looks so bad when skinny stick a cup girls try to wear c cup push ups. It doesn't look good and it's very obvious

No. 289037

it was here, idk what timestamp bc i never watched, just know that it was here. some older lady was struggling to become a rapper and taehyung said something about her just giving it up and getting married and becoming a wife n shit. which is funny because once BTS loses its steam, which they will, he'll probably just be another struggling actor/"comedian" trying to keep up with his once popularity.

No. 289039

I know we aren’t supposed to talk about korean culture in this thread but so much of this behavior can be explained by it. In Korea, old people treat younger ones like complete shit. They’ll push you out of the way, cut you in line, insult you to your face… it’s wild. I’ll never forget seeing all my young female korean coworkers serve our older male coworkers and carry around heavy tables and boxes full of water while the stronger men just watched on . Fucking gross.

No. 289040

yes, this was being discussed higher up in this forum but i'm too lazy to go back and quote some of the discussion, but pretty much i agree that a lot of these girls wearing push up bras are so obvious and it doesn't look good. granted i wear push up bras too but it's so funny when a lot of these guys think their boobs are "totally real" because they bounced a bit, but it's so obvious they have a push up bra on.

No. 289050

yeah, i'm never going to care about anyone wearing a push-up bra, especially idols who know it's going to get them more money, but it does look really unnatural so i have no idea why so many guys believe they're real. i'm also surprised more idols don't take the hyuna route and just get implants though, even if they're dancers they're not going to be out of work for too long while they recover

No. 289051

File: 1535844284238.jpg (164.27 KB, 750x929, tumblr_pecppeqvin1tggjc9o1_128…)

wtf are these glasses

No. 289052

God he’s such an asshole every time he opens his mouth to a woman

No. 289054

Yeah… This shit mindset has even been deadly to some. And they still keep doing it.

No. 289055

idk why i just suddenly remembered how he wants 4 boys and 1 girl child. or smth like he wanted a bunch of boys and one girl LOL

No. 289056

Since it seems we're on topic… Look at 0:50.
>"Who's a nice but slow-witted student?"
>"A female transfer student"
>they all laugh
Wow, Suga! So much for being so DeEp and WoKe

No. 289057

That chat show has been posted before, and most of the time the people looking for help just get these really outdated replies. I'd imagine that most male Kpop idols are very socially conservative, anti-gay marriage, women are meant to be virginal and need to end up as doting housewives etc. Yet they have to do things like pretend to love their work mates on stage, and dress in ways which are more feminine, which is maybe why Western audiences think they are bashing the gender norms…

No. 289058

lol i'm suprised all the female armys whose dreams to move to korea and become a student and fall in love with their oppas didn't pop off at that

No. 289060

Yeah, it's hilarious how nobody brought it up in the comments… If it was a western singer saying something like that, they would jump at his jugular in 0,0001 seconds. I guess that when oppa does it it's not problematic anymore, uwu

No. 289061

yeah hello counselor is a shit show, and it's so ironic considering the whole country is against therapy and shit yet they have a terrible show called hello counselor where they just berate the people on the show or laugh at them. i know we're not supposed to discuss korea or whatever but the premises of the show is just so dumb and anytime i ever hear about it it's always something negative.

No. 289064

File: 1535845495566.png (330.28 KB, 596x796, Screen Shot 2018-09-01 at 7.42…)

just some more dumb army shit for ya'll

No. 289065

it won't matter until some younger, newer group takes their place and bts look more botched and gain weight. there's a reason kpop fans bring up shindong saying women can't be fat but men can constantly while not caring about what their own favourites have said far more recently. there's a chance they'll suddenly decide bts are problematic and bad when one has a public girlfriend and they realise that oppa won't date them even if they keep saying it's okay that he's sexist or racist

No. 289066

I feel blessed to have gotten boy band stanning out of my system pre-social media. Back when all you could do was buy Teen Beat mags and hang posters and tune in to TRL to see your faves, and be oblivious to disgusting fanfic and other fans harassing people who dared to insult oppa.

No. 289067


In this case, his sign says female transfer student but that just means a girl who just transferred to that class today, not foreign, and someone else got “slow witted but kind” as their role… iirc

No. 289068

kinda cringe that i know this, but i think he was referring to a drama skit they did where he himself played a female transfer student, so he was making a self-deprecating joke.

i don't whats worse, armys wanting their oppars to call them babygirl or armys treating their oppars like literal babies

No. 289069

ohhh yea youre right actually

No. 289071

anyone else think unpopular kpop opinion videos are stupid?

No. 289073

none of the opinions are even remotely unpopular, all those videos can burn in hell

No. 289074

how did bts and blackpink make it so big amongst all these other groups? they're not terrible but they aren't that special either. i understand the deal with exo, they do have some really good vocals

No. 289075

black pink is understandable bc yg girl group so years worth of hype, but BTS is just smh

No. 289080

Idk I might be biased because I used to be a legit army but there was just something about Bts that was more accessible and down to earth than other groups like exo, who I kind of gave up for Bts. They weren’t as plastic looking, the craziest hair was just orange or red. No contacts. And I preferred their music at the time as well. They had a lot of r&b and older hip hop influences. This was back in the day though. I have no idea what the fuck is happening now. Everything I used to like about them is gone.

No. 289081

they really did hit the mark by show casing their lives on social media, making them more accessible and having constant material for their fans to swoon over. i can see how it worked, while other groups may have felt far away and "superior" in a way (non-accessible), BTS were right there at your finger tips

No. 289082

black pink should've never gotten a song like dddd, they don't have the stage presence nor energy for a song like that, it should've been a super hype stage/concert song but they just don't deliver with it.

No. 289084

Remember when BTS went to LA for their racist hip hop variety show American Hustle Life and coolio fucking hated V??? And rap mon got inspired by seeing shirtless fat dudes? And they tried to pretend that BtS would ever cast black girls in their music videos? What a time to be an army

No. 289087

never forget

No. 289091

i want to fucking die. have very vague memories of this bullshit but i wasn't ready for this video anon

No. 289092

god anon this should have been spoilered it gave me so much second hand embarrassment it looks like a budget porno or a music video made by the gypsies

No. 289093

i can see why coolio hated V, he looked and acted genuinely retarded, per usual of course.

No. 289094

I was not ready for this. hahahaha

Those ladies are super cute too. I loved how they really looked like they had no idea what was going on. What do you think the direction was for that video?

No. 289095

samefag but jhope was literally the only one here who acted semi normal and not a straight up fag, too bad he's fug as shit

No. 289096

I can't wait until that piece of shit hits 30 and gets kicked. There's nothing worse than shitty korean dudes who think woman should be married with kids and a home wife by the time they're 23.

No. 289098

That was the only BTS variety show I watched and it was rough, I couldn't even finish it. The worst part was V and Rat Mon's food performance for Coolio, and V acted like such a spazzy retard (not that Rat Mon acted much better) that Coolio asked him to leave or something similar

No. 289100

i don't think im ever gonna cringe so hard again. doesn't help that the girls all look like theyre like 35 and bts looks 15

No. 289101

lowkey they look like freshman boys trying to get with the hot senior girls LOL

No. 289105


I wonder if recently turned armies ever watch this.

I mean they think they know Bts so well and they are all so deep… is American hustle life still required viewing?

No. 289106

Lmao how would you feel if you were told you were gonna be on a show talking about your culture and teaching someone about your life and then some retarded korean shows up making fun of it all and getting paid for it

No. 289107

He’s also the only legit talented one. He can dance and sound the same on stage while the rest struggle to keep up. It is too bad he’s ugly or else he’s be a good solo artist

No. 289109

I remember all the sjw ARMYs going batshit crazy because they casted black women to do the shoot over white women.

They actually do shoot pornos at that mansion that they filmed at.

No. 289112

oh my god the expressions on those girls' faces are priceless

No. 289116

File: 1535857282759.jpg (9.93 KB, 345x82, 3248932789eh89d3289.jpg)

found this comment on that video. the poor members who can't speak english, having to hear the f word!! must protect them from the bad black man

No. 289156

I think he is their most talented performer too, he can dance, his breath control is good and most of the time he sounds decent live. I also find his mixtape more enjoyable than Suga's and RM's, it's interesting since he is a less experienced rapper, songwriter and producer than them.

No. 289160

apparently a lot of fansite masters are from wealthy families? i think that's so lame, all this money you waste on following some lame idols around who probably actually hate you when you could be using it on so many other things. makes you wonder what their parents think… actually maybe they don't since they're always following their idols so i assume their parents don't do much.

No. 289168

honestly though, i guess they think oppar -oppa?? i noticed most of these fansite owners are way older than their bias too- will eventually fall in love with them if they stalk him enough or something. you have all that money and you really use it to buy 2000 albums to go to every fansign and buy someone who doesn't even know your name tons of gucci clothes and accessories? that's sad.

No. 289172

I think its an ego thing. They basically have a following themselves and loads of minions who will pay cash money for some stupid print out of some pictures they took with their super expensive camera that daddy paid for. They can also squeeze money out of other fans by making dolls, photobooks, and other fan club merch. They control the ‘rules’ of the fansite and can police what they as a whole do to show their support (like if you want to be the one to say “hey we are all gonna bring teddy bears and juice boxes to X event because jimin is a smol bby boy and it would be so funny guys!!!” then everybody will basically do what you say) They also get alpha fan status because some idol “interacts” with them ‘more’ than normie fans who cant afford good enough gifts that idols would actually want to be seen wearing in public.

No. 289185

i don't understand why people buy merch from fansites, if i wanted to buy some merch of a group i like i'd buy it from the group's official merch so at least it benefits them. don't they realize that companies and idols probably see them as nothing but cashcows lol

No. 289192

oh no… this was an ok song but it's ruined for me now.

i searched for "bts swearing" and easily found this video, fucking armys don't even bother getting to know their precious boys, yet have the need to "protect" them from everything.

No. 289397

Aren't they men in their 20s? who the fuck cares if they swear? BTSARMY is so cringe

No. 289415

File: 1535910706536.png (981.29 KB, 1052x1012, Screen Shot 2018-09-02 at 1.51…)

jesus christ do these bitches go outside for even a second???? wtf??

No. 289428

What's the context of this?

No. 289437

apparently there's this thing where armys believe jungkook and taehyung are actually a couple but are trying to hide it? if i remember correctly i'm pretty sure when bighit laughably announced that their next comeback was going to be "political", taekookers kept saying it'd be jungkook and taehyung coming out as a couple LOL

No. 289440

taehyung congratulated jungkook with happy bday and said "i love you" or something

No. 289472

I wish I never saw this. Fucking disgusting.

No. 289474

I bet they see it as a investment somehow.Rich people tend to get into ridiculous shit and still come out with more money. Makes sense with the clicks these fansites get along w/ merch FANSITES sell, not the actual company.

No. 289541

File: 1535920884396.jpg (49.48 KB, 610x605, 201809021201776499_5b8b578dca2…)


Make up artist Park Tae Yoon wrote about Kim Do Yeon's make up saying, "This kid is so pretty. She has no traces of fillers, every inch of her facial angles prove that she's natural-grade, along with her bumpy nose… Her beauty shines more with the angled and lifted brows."

Knetz getting triggered because a makeup artist complimented Doyeon's beauty. The insecurity is showing:

> 6. [+39, -3] Yes, there's nothing wrong with calling a celebrity pretty or anything ㅋㅋㅋ but he shouldn't be calling her natural like he's judging the grade of sashimi… He could've just called her a natural beauty but instead he described in explicit detail how she had no fillers in her face, how her nose is bumpy… that's rude. The people who don't get why what he said was problematic are the same people who go around judging women in public without realizing that they're being rude. I bet all the Nate losers who've never gone on a date think this is an actual compliment that women want to hear ㅋㅋ

No. 289544

i've always thought doyeon was super pretty…even when knetz said she had "too big of a nose" which i thought was ridiculous. too bad her company wasted her on weki meki instead of modeling or advertising or smth.

but yeah, knetz are definitely rustled bc doyeon can probably actually brag about being natural or at least majorly natural. the arched brows do look good on her too. i think that's my gripe with korean makeup, everyone follows the same exact formula of makeup rather than doing makeup that fits you. everyone has to have straight brows, white skin, and gradient lips and it doesn't look good on everyone.

No. 289545

File: 1535921332993.jpeg (668.18 KB, 1157x1035, B65C1FF7-CD60-460F-A727-78DB37…)

No. 289551

She is super pretty, but something about her annoys me and i cant figure it out. it's the same with jennie from bp, i think they both just give me bitchy vibes for some reason

wekimeki is a terrible name and i dont like your girlfriend is actual garbage, they really did waste her

No. 289554

if you want to cringe, go to vkook shipper twitter or their ship videos, they are filled with gems. they are the most delulu shippers I've ever seen. they deadass believe taehyung and jungkook are in an actual relationship and bighit is trying to seperate them, purposefully making jimin post selfies with jungkook to hide taekook, taehyung is depressed because he can't come out and shit. they also fight with jikook delulus a lot too lmao. I hope jungkook or v dates someone soon so all these shippers can get a reality check, but I'm sure they'll probably think that relationship is fake and it's something bighit came up with to hide taekook

No. 289555

weki meki is a legit name of a group?? wow. it's better that all those abbreviations and combinations with numbers that koreans love so much, but still bad.

No. 289556

(g)i-dle is another stupid one. isn't it pronounced idol or smth like that? throws me off everytime

No. 289566

File: 1535923714504.jpg (185.2 KB, 960x798, IMG_20180902_172326.jpg)

Taekook shipping vids are the absolute best, especially if you love watching delusional people go on about shit. They're almost as good as the illuminati nuts.
You can tell these people don't get much human interaction because every little thing from Jungkook and V standing near eachother to Jungkook looking in V's direction a sign that they're madly in love and have a secret romance.
God forbid they act like friends towards each other or else the ~sexual tension~ is too much
10/10 keks tho, I recommend

No. 289568

i always thought super junior was a really dumb name for a boy group

No. 289580


Surely Jungkook and Taehyung are a couple.

A couple of douchebags whose nearest sexual contact with each other was using some same poor prostitute at some point.

No. 289592

File: 1535925913245.jpg (169.64 KB, 960x857, IMG_20180902_180235.jpg)

Kek anon, your probably right, too bad these poor delulu fan will never believe their ~precious uwu~ oppar would ever touch a filthy woman

No. 289597

File: 1535926485319.png (51.09 KB, 594x388, 1.PNG)

bts' fanwars are so interesting lmfao, jungkook stans are mad because rapmonster said something about him lacking emotion when singing on vlive

No. 289598

i felt all the emotions when i heard "automatic stick automatic dick"

No. 289599

File: 1535926860511.jpg (188.71 KB, 675x1200, 2.jpg)

a lyrical genius

No. 289600

Lol it's true though? I've seen other people criticizing Jungkook's singing for lacking emotion too, it doesn't mean they think he's a terrible singer, it's just constructive criticism. How else do you expect him to improve as a vocalist?

No. 289601

she's not wrong, but neither was ratmon

No. 289626

i love you

No. 289628

She is very pretty. At this point, seeing a natural korean beauty without any surgery must be a shock to a makeup artist there.

No. 289638

poor kid doesnt have any emotions to feel since he basically clocked out of life age 15

No. 289662

Lmao he did say he felt like he stopped ageing mentally at 15. Imagine being 23 with the mentality of 15 year old. He should probably go talk to somebody and get that sorted out kek

No. 289668

maybe he can get that sorted out on hello counselor

No. 289686

anyone else curious when bighit is gonna debut their new boy group? personally i think it's gonna be sometime after BTSs world tour. wasn't idol the end of this whole love yourself era?

No. 289727

You can call him rat monster or whatever but he is right, jk's voice is flat, boring and just standard. Yes he reaches high notes and is stable with hard choreos, but is his voice special? Nah. I wish Jimin and V improved more, if only they were given songs that actually fitted their voice color and range..

No. 289775


>their voice color and range

of screaming

No. 289781

while i feel bad for jungkook, he did seek out the idol life…dude was chosen for all the companies he auditioned for and is constantly called 'golden' for being good at everything he pursues.

jungkook's mentality is not only that of a 15 year old, but a 15 year old who thinks he's the shit

No. 289792

He was like 13 when he started auditioning, it was more like his parents were choosing the idol life for him.

I genuinely feel bad for idols who get into the industry at that young. At that age they don't really understand any of the negatives and consequences of working in the industry, no different than a child star in Hollywood.
When people are 17+, they know enough about life and reality to be able to make like long choices and should be held accountable so I don't feel bad for idols who get in to the industry that late, but any younger than that, it all falls on the parents. And truly they're shitty parents.

No. 289794

Their choreos aren't very hard or good, that's a meme spread by army shills. With the exception of J-hope, their execution is usually pretty shit too. Very low energy.

Also, jimin's voice is shit.

No. 289796

File: 1535946350795.jpeg (134.81 KB, 818x1024, DE9DB67C-A004-4544-BAAC-AA4377…)

Everything about BlackPink is try-hard which is why I find them so annoying. They are so deeply untalented even after years of being trainees and the way they are hyped as different and better than other groups because what? Their company plies them with brand in an effort to give them a personality and concept; they are "prettier" than 2NE1 because they've all been under the knife multiple times pre-debut as opposed to post ala Minzi and CL.
The whole "human gucci" concept in so stupid (pic related; they cut up a gucci blouse and paired it with fucking tennis skirt. looks cheap af). They are are so dull that their company and braindead fans have made a brand a substitute for any semblance of personality or uniqueness.
Disclaimer: I'm not really a Kpop fan. I like a couple songs here and there, but something about BlackPink just gets under my skin more than other groups.

No. 289802

let it out, anon, vent all you want

No. 289806

yes anon, their choreos are pretty run-of-the-mill for kpop groups. and when they do get more complex, execution goes downhill fast as the worse dancers in the group turn into robots badly doing each step in sequence to keep up. i don't think their choreos are awful but neither are they godlike dancers that have transcended kpop like their fanbase says. i agree with you that jhope is the exception for this too. it's just big sad about what he did to his face lol

No. 289835

it's crazy how much j-hope carries the group on stage, i think if he weren't there it would be evident just how much they all suck at performing. i'm glad this thread seems to appreciate him even though he's ugly and was given the worst fake personality. i don't even hate him for getting pissy that fans wanted to talk about other members when chatting with him, he probably knows he's not as good looking as the others and his talents get overlooked because of it. i'd be bitter too

No. 289938

File: 1535960707741.gif (604.81 KB, 271x200, HVUpE8r.gif)

Here's a little something of the kawaii man himself for this thread's weirdly high concentration jhope fans. I hope the other farmers can sleep tonight!

Jennie Kim's singing voice is one of the most incomprehensible things to me. I know she must think she's belting, but she's completely skilless and sounds like any random high school girl singing for fun, despite apparently having several years of "training" under her belt.

No. 289943

File: 1535963632014.jpg (32.82 KB, 480x480, p1.5.jpg)

Do you anons think jisoo's had plastic surgery?

No. 289946

>given the worst fake personality
That's hilarious but true anon.
But hey, at least he was given a persona, what is Jungkook supposed to be acting like besides looking stunned all the time?

No. 289950

her features all look pretty much the same to me, i think it might actually just be a case of makeup and flattering hair for her. i'm surprised she never got a chin implant, her chin is super weak

No. 289955

Indeed. Two of the UK group Spice Girls have openly discussed that they developed eating disorders and depression as a result of the pressures. In the UK though there is less stigma around mental health care and greater awareness, also there isn't this need to look so perfect. So SK which isn't as progressive, and these kids get groomed to be idols when they haven't even finished school and are suddenly judged on their weight, their noses etc by their company and thousands of strangers can't be easy. Look at how so many of these healthy young people end up dropping so much weight, and get told to get surgery. Then ignorant fans ignore disordered behaviour like "unnie hides food to eat in secret" or idols putting on this fake excitement when they eat "omg oppa eats so much yet he's s thin" are red flags concerning ED's.

No. 289959

That show is frustrating, it's so sexist against girls and women. There was one where a woman was being beaten up by her brother and made to do all the housework, and the presenters said he was well meaning and she should have respected him by calling him Oppa! Or others where emotionally, physically and financially abused wives are made out to be in the wrong, because isn't the husband apparently good looking and that's what a marriage should be like. They would overlook any issues as long as he's married, has kids and doesn't have long hair, meanwhile the rest of the presenters would just make fat jokes about that women presenter rather than anything helpful. There was another K show where an idol had returned from the military and he said it was hard to adjust to civilian life, and all the presenters spoke about was how fat he got (he wasn't even overweight).

No. 289972

I kinda feel the same about his voice. I think he works hard to live up to everyone's expectations because they usually put him on the center and he is a good singer, but his voice doesn't really stand off. Jimin and V aren't as good as him, but after hearing them a few times you'll recognize them in their songs. Maybe it's because of singing with the lack of emotion thing

I agree. As for live vocals, Jungkook is fine and the others have a way to go. Suga, RM and Jhope are okay rappers for kpop but not as amazing as armies make them out to be. Dance-wise, Jin and RM just keeps up with the choreo, Suga and V are a bit better dancers than them, Jungkook is good at dancing but it's nothing special, Jimin is their second best dancer (iirc he studied contemporary dance) but he gets a big part in vocals too. I remember they were asked if they'd rather forget lyrics or mess up the choreography and only Jhope chose forgetting lyrics. I love performers who take dance very seriously so I like that about him

I don't know if he actually is like that since he got into the kpop industry at a very young age but I feel like they push the maknae baby boy image on him, which I don't understand at all, how does being the youngest person in a group make up someone's entire personality like what's so interesting about it

No. 289976

Probably double eyelid surgery.

No. 289987

Might this not be down to the age hierarchy in SK and it's just presented on a smaller scale with a "baby" who has to conform to ideals like being naive and having to show respect to people just because they are a year or so older. Bit odd from a foreign viewpoint, but it seems more of a symptom of a social norm taken to an extreme, like how idols get given dummies and have to act aegyo to not appear threatening or just like normal adults who swear and are aware of sex.

No. 289988

Jungkook doesn’t have the strongest voice in BTS- ironically it’s V who’s the most stable but he barely ever has any lines and when he does they usually make him sing in ranges that don’t suit his voice so fuck does it matter- but they’ve been putting him in the center as main vocalist since he was still a kid and I don’t imagine that level of pressure is good for you, especially not when you’re in your most developmental years. He’s not awful but it’s no secret that BTS has one of the weakest vocal lines in Kpop (despite what delulu ARMYs say) and to put that much weight on his shoulders from literal childhood onwards it’s no wonder he as trouble improving and singing ~with feeling~. It hardly helps when drooling fans screech about how ‘everything is already perfect our golden maknae is infallible uwu!!’ because not only are they putting insane pressure on him, they’re also keeping him were he is in terms of development. Because why would you strive to improve when you have millions of fans telling you you can’t?

No. 289991

all of them would benefit from vocal lessons but bighit isn't going to bother at this point. they'll probably have a new comeback right after their tour and it won't be much better than this one.

No. 289994

BTS fans can't take criticism and it's such a stupid mindset to have, it's not like their boys are going to have a mental breakdown when someone on the internet says their vocals are weak or Idol and DNA are bad songs. You'll get criticized, that's literally how you get better at things.
Can you elaborate on and give an example to V being the most stable one? I actually thought him and Jimin are the least stable ones while singing live. I agree that they have a weak vocal line as well, especially for a group with their popularity. Tbh all the vocalists in BTS can sound decent at times in the right style and range, and they could get better with the proper training but I guess because of the reasons you said they might not care about improving anymore. I mean thousands of fans are ready to tell them that they are already perfect in their smallest slip up

No. 289996

Tbh the only Blackpink song I like is Stay and I think Jisoo has a very nice voice, she also seems the most stable while performing live, but that's it.

I watch it too sometimes, and you're right. Like 90% of the concerns are parental or marital abuse, and they're very backwards in the mental health department (but we been know). Few times they do actually condemn the abusive husband/parent's behavior, like in one episode with Mamamoo as guests, but most times they just laugh at the issue.

No. 289997

He has the strongest sense of breath support, remains relaxed within his comfort range, can transition to falsetto fairly easily, seems to know his limits (doesn’t sing with too much throat tension etc.), and has semi-decent support. Among other things.

Jungkook is the second strongest vocalist in BTS but has the same issue as Rosé — while they aren’t terrible they tend to favor style over technique. His voice on the whole isn’t as developed as it could be which is kind of a shame for him but he’s doing well rn given his success so I doubt he minds lol + is probably none the wiser anyway. I hope neither of them ruin their voices over this. BTS and BP get bashed a lot in these threads but I like these two. More for their personality and aesthetics than their voices though.

These were posted in the previous thread IIRC but they’re an interesting read:
Then again, the V and JK articles are quite old but seeing how BigHit’s been managing them I doubt there has been any notable improvement

No. 289998

there's nothing wrong with reading them but i hope nobody in these threads genuinely takes sites like kpopvocalanalysis as absolute fact or authority. plenty of it is the same 'stable!!!' bullshit that fans say but made to sound objective because "it's what my vocal trainer says, i've had real vocal lessons!". they fall into the same weird double standards like saying 'weak' vocalists are ruining their voices but use 'strong' vocalists like whitney houston or pavarotti as their examples of people who ruined their voices

calling someone's singing 'stable' in kpop means anything from singing flawlessly to managing to go 8 seconds without sounding out of breath. it's always used talking about useless members of a group to make them sound better than the main singers in the group, it really means nothing

No. 290002

Lmao she looks like Jin on the right

No. 290004

I unironically think that Jimin has a better voice than Jungkook.

No. 290005

Rosé is terrible though, in the previous thread someone posted a mic isolated live performance and she sounded like a goat getting slaughtered

No. 290008

i guess i agree. neither of their voices are good really. good ol' taehyungie has the nicest voice but he's so shit at singing that it doesn't matter.

No. 290015

she looks like hyeri from girls day without the pig nose and shit tier skin

No. 290016

yep thats why i was side eyeing sm when they made sooyoungs personality centered around how much food she "ate" even though she was the skinniest with long stick legs
they really forced it which makes me think she more than likely was starving herself

No. 290018

the average bts fan really doesnt care what their vocals sound like or what their performance looks like as long as they're cute enough to make their vag flaps tingle

and then theres jin, who is both ugly and a terrible singer. idol is a bad song already but his singing is just the cherry on top of the shit cake

No. 290027

seeing stick thin idols shoveling food into their mouths just makes me think that it's the first time in weeks that they've been allowed to eat more than 500 calories in one day
at least hyeri is the one true vocal queen, she's so stable
0:17, 1:00, the way she smiles like she's killing it always makes me laugh

No. 290036

Yoona always looks like it's the first time she's eaten in her life

No. 290039

ive seen several yoona fans say they like her "curves" and im just like.."bitch WHERE"

No. 290042

yoona's hips are definitely noticeably bigger than her waist compared to some other idols but it's tough to say if that would still show and translate to "curves" if she gained weight. a lot of girls get the small waist when they're really thin, others end up looking more like tiffany

No. 290044

Do you know what a curve looks like?
You dont have to be fat to have "curves"

No. 290045

I watch some kpop reactors from time to time, don't really know why because they annoy me more than entertain me, and I've noticed a digusting trend with (older) women reactors and young groups.

Every time they react groups like Stray Kids or NCT Dream they always get all "I'm your mother" but ALWAYS berate the idols for "body waving" and such. Like if one of the minors even remotely body waves they look at the camera and go "oooh don't do that". Really lady? Are you getting all hot and bothered from a 17 year old body waving at you for 3 seconds?

It's really annoying and disgusting, like how can you go from saying "they are so cute" and then sexualizing them so quickly. And it's always such minor shit like the dude sticking his tongue out for 0.3 seconds. I would honestly prefer if they are honest from the start that they find them hot (gross) instead of acting all motherly and then doing a 180° so quickly.

I remember an NCT dream video where the younger one who is like 16 sticks his tongue out for 1 second (he has a lollipop in his mouth) and a reactor was annoyed by that. Do you really find that sexy you creep?

No. 290047

ive always just seen her as a straight bodyline though
like almost a boyish shape even

No. 290048

Like this troll (1:50) reacting to the younger member from Stray Kids that is like 15 doing the least sexy body wave ever. Come on, how can you react to that? It's a short reaction but you can see her "fangirling" over a minor.

Sorry for the rant, I just find this really gross and I don't see people complaining about it.

No. 290049

File: 1535994499806.jpg (39.88 KB, 450x740, iB21MT54.jpg)

no one said you have to be fat to have curves ana-chan, you literally don't have to be a stick like Yoona. The only curves she's ever had were in her legs.

No. 290051

File: 1535994629586.jpg (58.58 KB, 591x504, 2c8887a1b505cae9ec6d17c920c7f6…)


She used to be moderately ok (not a ~curvy goddess~), but then she became really ana tier. It's really sad.

No. 290052

shes so pretty though
i know she gets a lot of shit for being "plain" but her surgery gave her a super pretty face and while the other members started to look their age and their surgeries started to malfunction, her face is still natural looking and nice

No. 290055

File: 1535996423561.jpg (367.51 KB, 1152x2048, 27bf55d1d475b3665ea525d5822004…)


Hwasa from Mamamoo is a nice example of a curvey kpop star

Her face is unfortunate though

No. 290056

File: 1535996652675.jpg (103.39 KB, 576x1024, ChHHnnGUgAQ15F2.jpg)

Shes a little much sometimes though, but yes id refer to her as someone who is naturally curvy, not yoona.

No. 290058

File: 1535996708326.png (1.03 MB, 917x486, ironboardhwasa.png)

Oh yes, no ass Hwasa. So curvy lol.

No. 290060

apparently he wasn't supposed to work out for awhile there because his company didn't want him to get too big. it's weird how armys say bighit is the best company yet they're obviously telling BTS to starve and shit. some of the members be looking ana-tier sometimes.

their performance of fake love i just couldn't help but notice how screechy jin was, i lowkey liked the song so it ruined every performance for me.

hwasa is a fraud, she turns around and is completely flat and it's so unexpected

No. 290061

i mean..when she actually eats, this is her body type >>290056
ass or no ass, id refer to that as curvy over someone with yoonas natural body type

No. 290063

If you need an ass to be curvy, I dont think you are gonna have much luck looking at kpop idols lol. Are there any that have an ass thats not padding?

No. 290064

File: 1535997069189.png (775.61 KB, 540x810, 39beb29cc94ec85d43099ca21023b1…)

So curves just means big ass now or what? I'm not a fan of her, but her hips, thighs and bust are more curvy than the average Korean and certainly more than the average Korean entertainer.

No. 290065

haha i know, it's just so unexpected to me. and i'm not sure, some of the girls from momoland are hailed for "having asses" (like nancy) but i'm pretty sure they're butt paddings and nancy just has a little more weight to her than the average kpop idol.

No. 290067

Damn, having such wide hips and literally no ass, that's sad.

No. 290068

>some of the members be looking ana-tier sometimes

I know we've spoken about this before, but Suga has some of the spoopiest legs I've seen on a man. He straight-up looks like a child next to the rest of them. Jimin has been pretty open about starving himself, and even he hasn't gotten quite to Suga-tier spoop.

No. 290071

File: 1535997832658.jpg (57.34 KB, 720x586, e40cc230d553e5bcf0090a90f8e1c7…)

jimin gets lil spoopy on the arms and waist more than he does the legs like suga, which is much easier to hide under shirts unlike the tight ass pants bighit has them wear. it's still a shame either way, because they'd both look better with a little weight to them.

No. 290072

people in the comments say she has butt and hip pads in this video (her most popular fancam) and it's obvious, it's not obvious for me as i've no experience with this and certainly not obvious for all the thirsty fanboys in the background lol

god yes, armys always gush over how skinny he is, it's so stupid, how does he even have the energy to perform so much? i wish i could enjoy some aspects of kpop but there's just zero enjoyment in seeing people overworking and starving themselves.

No. 290073

Why did bighit tell him to stop working out? It's okay if it was for his health if he was working out too much but idk

No. 290074

because they wanted him to keep that baby boy image and him working out and getting buff would ruin it. that's why i responded with that under the "why is jungkook's persona supposed to be" which is baby boy man child. apparently he would try to sneak in working out by lifting tables and chairs n shit.

No. 290075

is it my imagination or does jhope look kind of spoopy tier as well

No. 290076

yeah i'm pretty sure she's wearing butt pads here. if she's wearing hip pads they don't look bad but the butt pads give a weird bump shape to her butt which you don't naturally see on people.

No. 290078

jhope, jimin, and suga are the most spoop tier to me.

No. 290080

File: 1535998626926.jpg (43.48 KB, 530x236, 800405154f8950e344b71cad22ec45…)

No. 290081

i bet they don't make rm starve just because he's ugly anyway and there's not much hope kek. jin is also useless so they're safe

No. 290082

All of these idols were thin before, now they just look frail and ill. What's odd, is if a "western" artist changed their look like this, fans would think they were suffering an ED or on drugs. There would be a controversy if it was revealed that their management told a teenage idol to starve themselves and get plastic surgery.

No. 290085

File: 1535999138684.gif (1.6 MB, 324x511, tumblr_oo20lbQ02C1tf3z4go9_r2_…)


DaHye was pretty curvy, imho. RIP Bestie

Joy from RV also has a nice figure, IMHO. And Tzuyu from TWICE.

No. 290086

Indeed. What a warped mentality where working all day and evening, getting little sleep and likely spending their free time at night binge drinking. Then it's celebrated to be underweight, with fans constantly scrutinising minor features, even on here ex-fans bitch about stupid things like an idols hips rather than questioning industry and society standards that make young women have to be so thin, and wear padding, or that slightly less underweight women are called "curvy" which in Kpop standards must equate to their personality being flirty.

No. 290088

joy lost a lot of weight but doesnt look ana, so i commend her for that and have more hope that she did it healthily

No. 290089

File: 1535999250820.jpg (96.68 KB, 1200x862, Dh92PyxVQAAJS_C.jpg)

Tbh I find the baby boy image kinda cringy. It's fine if he's comfortable with that image but I feel like people around him push it too far, he said he likes being manly himself. There was also this one time were he was the mc in some show where he had to do scripted aegyo and he cried afterwards

No. 290091

i hate aegyo so fucking much seriously, it's so unnecessary and horribly cringey. crying kinda seems like an overreaction though lol.

No. 290092

There's a fancam were he is fit and big (at least compared to how skinny he usually is) and you can tell he feels good about himself, it seems like he seriously hate having to make himself look as smol as possible, and I get it, when I look at guys his age around me most of then want to be seen as strong and manly men not as cute little virgin baby bunny. I sometimes wonder if they see those weird compilation videos "Jk being a cute baby for 10 min" and hate themselves.

No. 290093

File: 1535999658285.jpg (41.1 KB, 480x480, 30086633_2100385350231794_8678…)

dahye does have a nice figure, too bad her group never took off. then again shitty knetz probably would've gone after her for having a little bit of cellulite.

lol anon no one said it was bad that hwasa had big hips, it was just stated that a few thought her having no ass was unexpected. literally in every thread its brought up about how terrible the eating standards are for kpop idols.

it's literally insane how companies force their idols to starve but then turn around and stuff them with padding to give the illusion of curves.

No. 290094

it's funny because apparently he wants piercings and tattoos and to be buff n shit, the exact opposite of the baby boy image. it's kind of hypocritical (?) to me when i see fan edits of jungkook tatted up knowing they turn around and say what a baby boy he is.

No. 290095

if you think that's bad you should see what the fans do to jimin

No. 290096

This is the video I was talking about, by crying I didn't mean it like sobbing, it's shedding tears out of stress

No. 290097

now that i think about it, i've heard about a lot of idols crying or being frustrated with having to do aegyo? i've actually paid no mind to it because i don't watch idol shows and i think aegyo is the most retarded thing ever, but every once and a while i hear about idols hating the whole aegyo thing.

No. 290098

idk what i just watched really but he wasn't crying, he was wiping sweat out of his eyes and the other guys were just teasing him

No. 290100

He said himself he was crying at the very end, because "his heart hurt". Lmao is it really out of stress? Seems more like he's ashamed of having to say retarded shit like "I'm having a hear attack!!!" or "I wanna be your oppa" while acting cutesy.

No. 290101

jessica used to complain about sunny doing it lol
back when idol variety was actually fun

No. 290104

Ignorant here, but was that show he was singing in aimed at toddlers? Like when celebrities go on CBeebies and read kids books as bedtime stories? Interesting to see a more honest behind the scenes, as adults they must find it frustrating having to act like "squishy bunny babies" and wear some of those kooky outfits, then again it makes them money, at the expense of their integrity and health.

No. 290105

even if you don't hate people thinking you're cute or acted cuter with family or something it's got to mess you up when you know you're doing it for an audience who want you to be their sexy younger sibling and boyfriend/girlfriend at the same time. i don't really get why fans like it either when it isn't for creepy reasons like that. when you're a fan it's nice to see your favourite idol seem happy and down to earth and charming but the aegyo is so not that

No. 290106

Stress of mcing for the first time with that whole aegyo script I guess, you worded it better than me lol. Seriously, who wrote that script? If they wanted to make the mcs appear cute they could've written the script in a way that won't make the mc feel ashamed afterwards

No. 290109

Agreed. What's the appeal? The comments about relating his performance to a child at their first school play, and calling him infantilising terms are quite odd. Especially when surely fans should know that "oppappa" is a grown man who is dying inside at having to act like this, and likely is going home to console himself with soju and swear as soon as the camera gets turned off.

No. 290110

lol why won't bighit just let them do what they want already, it seems like they don't give a shit about the quality of the content they put out anyway. stans are blinded by love now, but it's a matter of time before they start seeing through the fakeness

No. 290114

Guess it's this "safe" idealism. Photoshopping tattoos fulfills a fantasy, not a reality. A bit like how they are fine with Kpop idols being sexual with each other on stage, but would be appalled to see two men or women get married and adopt kids.

No. 290115

File: 1536001478681.jpg (99.04 KB, 492x354, Clipboard000000.jpg)

Have you guys seen Chanyeol lately? Dude's fuckin ripped. He doesn't look bad imo, but I don't think it suits him. At least he looks healthy, though.

No. 290118

exo is still a group?

No. 290119


>too bad her group never took off

Actually by 2015, their Excuse Me Dance Practice actually got viral on FB (that's how I actually came to know them), it had more than 8M views on their video (vid related), and also DaHye's fancam for the same dance also became viral because she's wearing pretty tiny shorts lmao After that, a lot of their videos broke the 1M mark, they were really on their way to became a big group, but surprise surprise, their agency favored their male group over them and they were being always ignored to favour the male group, until everyone forgot about them and two members left. Which is a shame, their songs were pretty catchy and Uji sings really really well. And the male group didn't even take off as their agency wanted, so they really were betting on the wrong horse + that dash of misogyny as always.

Sorry for rant, I am very salty because they were one of my favorite GG at a point.

No. 290120

too bad he's been skipping leg day. other than that his upper half looks really good.

No. 290121

also the one girl who always did the "coat trick" went mini viral there were a lot of non kpop fans posting it all over facebook

No. 290123


Do you have that video? I believe I've never seen it before

No. 290125

File: 1536002090707.jpg (112.47 KB, 391x750, bT5wD.jpg)

jesus christ can any T-ARA fans confirm if this is real? apparently it's T-ARA's Boram.

No. 290126


She did it a couple of times because it was one of her talents, but i cant find video of it.
Its nothing special but you know how kpop "personalities" are. They force one or two things into the ground and make a big deal out of it.

No. 290127

it is
that was when the hwayoung drama was happening
she started starving herself and eunjung gained a lot of weight from the stress

No. 290128


Another dahye video that went viral was this one. They could've made bank based on her hotness alone kek they really played their cards wrong

No. 290129


Damn, this is sad as fuck. She looks like a crackhead.


Oh, I see, thank you! Really nothing special but I must admit I chuckled

No. 290130

She's cute, but the dancing is on another level of bad, especially without sound.

No. 290131

the most downloads they've gotten on a song is 88k. I don't think they were as close to taking of as you think lol.

No. 290132

this makes me feel bad for exo. why are kpop fans like this

No. 290135


I guess you're right kek it's supossed to be a half silly half cute/sexyish? dance, but it's really a weird choreo, although I like the bowing part. saged

No. 290136

man the t-ara drama was something else
so much milk from hwayoung and areum in those days
areum is truly the epitome of a cow

No. 290138

I love watching them try to control their expression of disgust, there is no way they don't ressent their fans.

No. 290141

File: 1536003057518.gif (83.78 KB, 251x299, spooks.gif)


whew, makes me wonder how Ashley Isaacs is doing. I should check her thread

No. 290142

Xiumin isn't even trying to hide it lol

btw are the slave contracts with dating bans true? i've always assumed it was some myth or highly exaggerated

No. 290143

JYP has them, I think.

No. 290144

slave contracts maybe. a lot of dating bans sound like lip service

No. 290146

GOT7 is having a comeback soon, I wonder if they'll keep being flop7.
Also, Jackson is a manlet but he's pretty hot.

No. 290149

when they DO date, you end up with controversy like taeyeon, krystal and hyna
the companies dont want that

it IS stupid but its also a reflection on the batshit retarded fans
all the pearl clutching because the adult idols are actually hooking up like normal humans and dont actually care about their ugly fat asses is pathetic but also gives us a lot of milk so its a win win for us

No. 290151

I was kinda meh about him at first but then I saw his armpit hair and I started to find him attractive. Would sacrifice having tall kid for pretty kids /10

No. 290152


No. 290154

even the 48 groups barely actually enforce dating bans, JYP idols have said the dating ban isn't a full ban and just a recommendation, but I imagine if an idol gets caught the company is going to 'punish' them by not giving them as much attention. 2NE1 had a 'dating ban' for a couple of years but CL was dating Ash Stymest (who btw went on to date Lily-Rose Depp, who was 16) when the ban was supposedly in place and I think some of those members said they dated anyway too. Dara's only story on varieties was about Seungri setting her up on dates

No. 290161

maybe its just me but ive never understood the "cute-sexy" concept?? has to be one of the dumbest things to come out of kpop.

the fact that the "i'm your boyfriend/girlfriend" concept actually works baffles me everytime. like i can understand finding them hot or fantasizing about them, but actually thinking they will never date and wait for you?? just solidifies how many lonely people are out there that they can make such good money from it.

>but also gives us a lot of milk so its a win win for us

that's true, gives me something to do when i'm procrastinating LOL

No. 290162

I’ll take Doyeon’s nose over the Michael Jackson-tier noses that so many Korean celebrities sport nowadays.

No. 290163

File: 1536005372790.png (104.49 KB, 400x227, p14.png)

you're absolutely right anon

No. 290166


wtf is this? did the video bug??

No. 290168

File: 1536005618818.gif (2.84 MB, 400x253, d1989592.gif)

it's nayoung from pristin/produce101/IOI and it's real

No. 290171

File: 1536005831351.jpg (51.07 KB, 540x400, wSyYOqaz1iBaRCVjgogwZLfdeOiIBF…)

Idols really need to stop touching their noses lol.

No. 290173

>just solidifies how many lonely people are out there that they can make such good money from it.

I'm not even sure if most of these fangirls are single, the idols are probably supposed to stay sexless in exchange for the gifts and money that the fans shower them in. There must be lots of married fans who'd get furious if their oppar gets a gf.

This reminds me of Taeil's nose from nct, I can't stop staring at those nostrils whenever I see him.

No. 290181

It really hurts to look at Namjoo. I wonder how she feels, there's no way she's happy with her face.
At least J-Hope's surgeon is somewhat competent.

No. 290183

File: 1536007485222.jpg (38.99 KB, 720x480, DlOFdiJXsAAb7t8.jpg)

At least it's looking a bit better now? Than the other photo posted. Still bad, but doesn't make me cringe anymore.

No. 290184

>It really hurts to look at Namjoo. I wonder how she feels, there's no way she's happy with her face.
i'm not sure? i saw a recent gif of her and she looked super insecure standing next to the others, fans said it was because she was sick idk. i'll see if i can find it.

No. 290185

she looks better but she doesnt look like namjoo, thats why its still so sad

No. 290201

File: 1536009055050.jpg (73.53 KB, 795x385, 3143.jpg)


Even Na Eun is looking weird, now. Shame, she was cute. She now gives me this weird, sickly vibe. Apink is really tragic now.

No. 290208

Her nose was fine too. Those pinched nostrils look so hard to breathe with. Korean surgeons need to stop

No. 290215

Literally says "don't fangirl" in the OP. Post shit like this in the fan thread and learn2sage.

No. 290241

>idols are probably supposed to stay sexless in exchange for the gifts and money that the fans shower them in

Its funny how this business is almost like reverse prostitution.

No. 290244

File: 1536013990899.jpg (160.1 KB, 1200x1800, 6d23093d16d8226c6b675b606ab974…)

Companies struggle sustaining revenues from their ageing girl groups. They try to fix their faces with surgery but they just end up looking busted.

No. 290247

many, many idols are chosen purely for their youth and looks so they basically age out of the industry when they hit late 20s, makes me feel bad for them considering they spent years of training to get there. similar things happen with boy/girlbands in the west though to be fair

No. 290254

If most of them weren't actively fucking up their own faces, they wouldn't look so bad

No. 290257

this one hurts

No. 290258

another big issue is probably since they get so much plastic surgery when they're young, it ages terribly and they most likely have to get touch ups due to growing up, movement, and age. therefore it ends up looking terrible when they're older.

No. 290260

File: 1536016165867.jpg (161.3 KB, 951x1200, tumblr_pehog4LudT1wktk8zo1_128…)

damn, yoongi/suga really does look spoopy

No. 290261

such a cute crackhead twink uwu

No. 290262

File: 1536017087802.jpg (7.47 KB, 225x225, gangnam.jpg)

gangnam oppa

No. 290264

yoooo chill, i hate seeing this dude LOL

No. 290271

This is a man? Jesus, Korean men are so sexually un-appealing, it hurts. How do Korean women handle it? And what are these idols like BTS going to do when they get old? Because Kpop is so superficial. The shelf life is NOT long at all.

No. 290272

Please put a spoiler next time, I would like to not have nightmares. Thanks

No. 290279

File: 1536019264118.jpg (107.75 KB, 540x1466, 201807221654186710_2.jpg)

Lmao, I don't think they have a lot of options. Koreans have to swallow idol culture, so it's either the feminine looking or the average monolid square jawline korean men (not saying these are bad, but it just doesn't fit Korea's narrow beauty standard). But they also get so drunk in the twinks that they just can't recognize a handsome man, look at the comments regarding Kahi's husband:


>1. [+618, -40] He looks average

>3. [+450, -37] Can't even tell if he's handsome because the stubble makes him look messy

And this lmao:
>4. [+27, -4] I think he'd look more handsome than most if he shaved and got dolled up with make up and hair styling like in the dramas ㅡㅡ

The only sane netizen:
>5. [+24, -5] I think he looks masculine and handsome. But then again, what would you women know when all you do is stay home all day and watch princes in shining armor on your TV screens..

Even actors use red lip tint and white bb cream, it just doesn't look good but that's what they're forced to think it's attractive I guess.

No. 290280

Her husband is a solid 7 tbh. Would rather bang him than anyone working in kpop/kdramas.

No. 290282

he is so manly and handsome wtf I will never understand korean's beauty standards

No. 290286

>hot guy gets wasted on an in the closet lesbian

No. 290288


No. 290293

He is pretty average imo

No. 290318

For those who are interested, this is his IG: https://www.instagram.com/kimjion/?hl=en

No. 290319

File: 1536026568465.png (Spoiler Image, 1.87 MB, 1198x1198, Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at 10.0…)

jesus christ

No. 290320

The freaky part is that usually with pics like that it's 90% photoshop, but with him it's only like 30-40%. I'd hate to see what his jaw looks like on an x-ray…

No. 290322

File: 1536026801034.jpg (100.2 KB, 604x604, 1536026036.jpg)

wow, compared to an average Korean man he's very good looking.

his groupmate also looks like his face is melting, their life must be an agony.

No. 290326

is he trying to be choa from aoa? im so confused

No. 290366

This guy has like 30 years old and always acts like he has 15. So creepy.

No. 290413

If people can post things like "this girl idol is the most beautiful person I've ever seen she look like a perfect android" I think there isn't anything wrong with posting that you find an idol hot. I always find it weird and embarrassing when your kind of farmers get butthurt over dumb stuff like that.

No. 290437

>"this girl idol is the most beautiful person I've ever seen she look like a perfect android"
That isn't okay either. All that shit belongs in the normal kpop thread. I always find it weird and embarrassing when your kind of farmers insist on posting about idols they'd fuck here in the anti thread instead of the designated thread for it, then get upset when others tell them to fuck off. It's almost like a tsundere thing.

No. 290445

imagine living somewhere where the beauty standard is actually impossible to obtain so you have to mutilate yourself beyond recognition so your socially stunted culture accepts you.

No. 290486

Those ankles are the size of my wrists. He looks emaciated and anemic as fuck

No. 290489

File: 1536068573373.jpg (2.6 MB, 1500x1922, FoHmcBp0F3B1lJ6Cugkzd4UrxwUd.j…)

when rv performed in north korea i remember there were posts about how terrified irene looked but that's seriously just her face. she has such an unnatural face for modelling, she doesn't know how to make decent facial expressions at all

No. 290503

Really wish theyd stop this off kilter rusty red color, its clear they all look better with dark brown/black hair. Yeri is actually the prettiest in the pic simply because her hair is actually a nice color.

No. 290508

off-topic, and maybe its just me, but Wendys hair looks so strange, like its two different colors/textures.

No. 290512

the hair from about her cheekbones down is probably more damaged from bleach/heat than the newer hair, if it isn't just a weird styling choice. i wonder how fried a lot of idol hair feels, a lot of the time it looks fine but it must still feel terrible when they wash it

No. 290516


I don't expect much from this song after all the trashy kpop idols and western artists collabs

No. 290518

File: 1536075895084.gif (4.35 MB, 433x440, ShockedSentimentalDeermouse-si…)


sage for OT, but I think that type of color really suit them? I think Joy and Seulgi look great. The colors that I think don't fit at all are super bright and light colors. I don't know what SM was thinking with the Russian Roulette styling.

No. 290521

eh just my opinion, but it really washes them out and doesnt compliment their features

No. 290524

File: 1536077471521.jpg (47.29 KB, 500x672, tumblr_ow7t6rpIUT1w5bteao1_500…)

IDK anon but I liked seulgi with orange hair

No. 290567

File: 1536086053319.jpg (166.96 KB, 700x933, orange hair.jpg)

She looks like a clown with orange hair since she doesn't have the complexion for that hair colour. Indeed ginger/orange hair is one of the hardest hair colours to pull off, if you aren't born with it. I can only think of Emma Stone to make orange to work right now. Plus it's hard to make this colour to look natural; in Seulgis case it's too neon/fake. I think it would look better, if she would go for a more muted orange with some highlights.

No. 290597

I think Seulgi looks fine, but I agree with the highlight thing not just for her case, but for all the idols who fry their hair by dying it blonde/platinum blond. It always looks so, so flat and fake.

No. 290603

funny how for supposedly a song and music video with so much meaning and intellectualism the members have basically no reaction outside of "oooh hyung you're handsome". i think music video reactions by the kpop idols themselves are so lame if you aren't going to discuss what's going on within the song or video, what's the point of just watching them sit criss cross apple sauce in a circle and praise each other.

also noticed how bighit has literally no translations for any language. you'd think a company who copyright strikes sources of translation and has such a broad international fandom they would provide at least something.

No. 290632

File: 1536092768825.jpg (84.15 KB, 720x1280, IMG-20180904-WA0001.jpg)

BlackPink fans are on the same level of retard as armys

No. 290633

ofc it's someone with a loona @. i still think they're worse than blinks and armys, the worst of those two are always loona stans too

No. 290639

what is it with kpop and reaction videos

No. 290655

I agree, I wasn't expecting a reaction video for Idol by them but now that they uploaded it, I would like to see them talking about the messages in the video.I don't understand why Bighit doesn't put on subtitles for their Bangtantv videos, they have such a huge English-speaking following, they do certainly have the money to hire translators. It would be beneficial for them, the exact same videos with subtitles are getting millions of views. I also wonder if the BTS members except Namjoon are working on their English. The "BTS should make an album in English" thing is stupid but it would benefit them a lot if they learned English to some level.

No. 290665

>it would benefit them a lot if they learned English to some level
learning english probably would have benefitted them 2 or maybe even 3 years ago but tbh i don't really see the point now. i give BTS 1-2 more years of "mainstream" appeal, and i may be wrong but i believe they've reached their peak tbh. soon bighit will be releasing their nbg and some of the BTS members will be entering the military, and there is some truth to knetz saying that "international fans aren't as dedicated to their bias group," so i can see a lot of international fans moving on to some new and improved boy group in the future. idk maybe it's just me, i just don't see the point in them learning english at this point.

No. 290682

I see your point. I'll agree that they've kinda reached their peak as well, they will release new songs, armys will hype it up on Twitter and stream it for the first 24 hours, it won't get that much attention out of their already dedicated fandom, the hype will fade away and it will repeat. Still, with their current popularity, if they want to market to the English-speaking audience learning English would help, in videos, English interviews, programs and stuff. It would help with their interactions with fans if they could communicate with them easily, on concerts that aren't in Korea (or Japan, I guess they speak some Japanese too), on Vlive etc.

No. 290777

Money. I can shit on kpop all day but if retarded kids want my reaction for free money I ain't going to say no to that. Also helps people get youtube exposure qick.

No. 290948

The craziest part is how proud of it they all are, bragging about how good looking their society is and how people come to Korea to get prettier and how their women are known for their good looks. They brag about how high their standards are… They don’t even care that it’s all fake and that korean beauty doesn’t even exist without the help of doctors. It’s really sick and I don’t understand it. Their streets are covered in trash, vomit, cigarettes and spit, the sewers smell like the insides of a million assholes, bathrooms lack adequate plumbing, soap, and toilet paper yet they have the nerve to be so insanely shallow.

The biggest culture shock I ever got was traveling from Korea to Japan, where suddenly the air was fresh and people acted civilized in public and to top it off they looked normal… unique even, with their own faces and styles.

No. 291035

>kpop fans are all on the same level of retard


No. 291054

You sound kinda like a weeb. Japan also has fucked up beauty standards but they’re less open about it.

No. 291087

File: 1536119634290.gif (2.97 MB, 540x405, tumblr_pej89b8z3W1w15kmho2_540…)

idk if its just the angle but jimin looks skinny af

No. 291101

People should make a separate thread for those who want to talk about how they dislike South Korea and its culture. This is a fucking kpop hate thread, who the fuck cares how you felt about your trips to Korea and Japan?

No. 291102

Kpop is a product of Korean society I don't think it's irrelevant.

No. 291103

File: 1536123934774.jpg (71.01 KB, 617x651, DXNms1mX4AEAKmv.jpg)

wtf why does nct's stylist do this to them

No. 291106

Too bad, it is. Stop derailing about it.

No. 291113

I honestly wouldn't be surprised if he had some kind of eating disorder.

No. 291132

i noticed that whenever someone famous who isn't from the kpop industry says something positive about a kpop group, that group's fans attack them for being a clout chaser. it's almost like they don't want their favourite group to socialize or get praised. dua lipa has been in a lot of hit songs, she doesn't need blackpink's clout to sell albums. don't kpop fans realize the only reason their faves have very high sells is because of the same fans buying the same album hundreds of times to get into fansigns, or to get all the photocards, the only reason they have record-breaking views is because of the same fans streaming non-stop. idol got more than 45 million views within the first day, but we all know that it's not because 45 million different people actually watched it.

No. 291133

>idol got more than 45 million views within the first day, but we all know that it's not because 45 million different people actually watched it.
it's actually hilarious to me when fans bend over backwards about how famous their favs are but then watch them turn around talking about how they were streaming their song/video on a million different platforms. and then they have the audacity to get mad at youtube for deleting fake views, like ???

No. 291138

these numbers don't represent the actual number of people that the group or song is reaching. that's why when bts, blackpink or some other popular group releases a music video, it blows up when it first comes out, but it dies out after the hype. these songs make it big because of the dedicated fandom, not because they actually can get the interest of people who aren't fans.

No. 291140

>dua lipa has been in a lot of hit songs, she doesn't need blackpink's clout to sell albums.
eh, I mean really Dua Lipa stands to gain more from this than BP - hit songs in the west get a lot of listeners and popularity, but how many people who like New Rules would pay to see her in concert? How many people who like it would even notice a collab with BP? Whereas crazy asian fanbases will pay attention to her based on the BP collab and maybe she can tour in asia as a result.

No doubt it's annoying when kpop fans act like there's something wrong with that, it's kinda the whole point of a collab. But a lot of other fans brag about it, like western recognition is the be all and end all, and think that being well known in the west is better than actually making money in the east. You're totally right about kpop sales being because of fans bulkbuying etc, but someone obsessed enough to buy hundreds of albums will certainly buy concert tickets. A casual listener who likes a hit song won't.

No. 291144

File: 1536136315597.jpg (76.43 KB, 1024x768, worldwidephenomenon.jpg)

pic related is the reality of kpop

I wouldn't blame fans for thinking all these famous bts stans are clout chasers tho, we all know they are, all these celebrities know how dedicated fans can be so they want to get a taste of it too. Also, I think they might also want their brownie points for being open minded, like "oh my god, look at these chinks with their chinky music, but I like them too because I'm modern, not racist but also slightly quirky!!!111".

Although, I don't agree with this mentality fans have of wanting to protect some rich guy they don't know, specially when protecting just means bullying someone saying the nastiest shit about them until they leave their own platform.

Also, loona stans (loonatics? orbits?) are the new army but even more annoying because for some reason more than half of their international fanbase is made of young adult members of minority groups (poc, lgbt, jobless and poor people with mental illness) and those people usually have a huge following for being "original", "fashion forward" and "woke" so they think their taste is superior and their dear loona girlies are basically the saviors of kpop when they're basically an exo girl group.

No. 291145

>specially when protecting just means bullying someone saying the nastiest shit about them until they leave their own platform.
armys have literally ran people off twitter for even slightly raising their lip at an undesired photo card LOL

No. 291147

when i remember what happened to cupcakke when she said she wanted to give kookie the succ or smth like that i cringe…

No. 291148

even more ironic how i'm sure all of them who ran her off to "protect their baby boy" probably talk about wanting to give him the succ all the time too

No. 291150

Damn look at his face, I don't know if it's just me but he looks exhausted and overworked.

Kek jesus christ he's like two steps away from being a drag queen I cannot

No. 291152

that's an interesting point, you're right about the benefits of this kind of collabs and the differences between the audiences. it's just that these fans attacking her because "she's using blackpink for clout" doesn't make any sense. it's not like someone like dua lipa has to collaborate with blackpink for attention, she's already successful by herself.

i understand why fans get upset when someone obviously uses their faves for clout but not every single person who talks about them is a clout chaser. drake put some in my feelings challenge videos at the end of the mv for that song, j-hope's challenge video was there too and armys called him a clout chaser. he's drake for god's sake, he doesn't need bts' clout for views.

No. 291154

>Damn look at his face, I don't know if it's just me but he looks exhausted and overworked.
he probably is tbh

No. 291162

his face looks too feminine with this nose, i hate it, he looked fine with his real features

No. 291229

If this is a recent gif then he most definitely is. I saw ARMYs complaining (and rightfully so tbh) about bighit making BTS skip the vacation they were supposed to have before tour in favor of promotions, and that they were going 24h of constant scheduling and no sleep.

No. 291234

i know a lot of armys generally love bighit but if they are so overworked i wonder if they'll have a tvxq style split over contract disputes. that was mostly over pay (each member only getting 1% of album revenue AFTER they hit a certain number of sales) and contract length but also partly for the fact they only had a couple days off a year. i can't imagine the drama if a ship was taekook was split in two and calling each other traitors

jyj's leave seemed shocking at the time but in hindsight is really obvious, i don't follow bts close enough anymore to say if there's any hints but they do seem overworked even for a popular group

No. 291240

>taking anything armys say at face value

No. 291250

yunjae shippers are still writing their fics to this day though, many of which have thousands of subscribers so the shippers haven’t been deterred. maybe a fraction of them but definitely not all.

if taekook were to split up in a dispute the taekookers would slap ‘romeo and juliet’ over it and make long fics and theory blogs discussing the conspiracies of how they really still loved each other more than anything and everything is everyone else’s fault

No. 291252

File: 1536160174924.png (102.12 KB, 700x415, 005.png)

>be rich
>pay twitter to trend a hashtag for jungkook

No. 291255

headliner seems absolutely mental, but i kinda like the way she doesnt take army shit and tells them to fuck off when they start trying to stir drama with her lol

No. 291263

I understand that they want to celebrate his birthday and shit but damn, these fansites do buy some very expensive things, things most average people wouldn't be able to afford. Someone bought Jungkook a forest, someone bought him some land on Mars, someone bought a star and named it after Jhope, Taehyung gets showered in Gucci. I wonder if idols actually care about these people. Don't these rich kids have anything other to do, are they that jobless?

No. 291264

dude why do you post so many times youre filling up the post limit

No. 291265

i agree with your point, but i dont think its very expensive to name a star. it's more like a gimmick gift, companies name the star in their database but it's not exactly official

No. 291269

File: 1536162706781.png (40.98 KB, 597x336, Capture.PNG)

Her and starboy are the funniest. this pic was after the news that jimin was originally going to be in euphoria with jungkook.

she tweeted out a bunch of solo stan stuff a while ago but deleted, i feel like most fansites are total psychos

No. 291274

File: 1536163241948.jpeg (149.81 KB, 750x770, 46822398-86D6-447E-B499-1267D6…)

it’s a wonder how delusional these stans are

it’s one thing to like your fave’s voice and a completely different thing to proclaim they’re among the absolute best vocals in kpop when they’re one of the weakest

No. 291276

He can barely convey any emotion even compared to the other BTS vocals.

No. 291278

I'd go as far as to say the only vocal in BTS he's better than is Jin. Sad!

No. 291284

i guess fansite owners think they are going to get to marry their oppars if they keep spending an enormous amount of money, they are like some weird kind of sugar daddies. has any k-pop idol ever dated a fan publicly or got married to one?

No. 291285

Isn't she like 40?

No. 291287

i remember NCT haechan was friends with a fansite and talked shit about TY with her, but i don't think they were dating

No. 291290

A Wanna One member mentioned a fan that gave him a handjob or some shit like that.
Also, the Day6 member that got kicked out was dating a fan and leaking his schedules.

No. 291308

File: 1536167246713.jpg (53.91 KB, 474x318, b0033940e4cbd.jpg)

i searched for fansite controversies and found this, lol they're mental https://pann-choa.blogspot.com/2015/10/instiz-fan-getting-mad-during-fan-sign.html

No. 291313

What a nutcase. I've read the translation and saw the video but I still didn't really understand why she got mad? Was she mad that oppa didn't look presentable? I don't get it, how crazy can you get lol.

No. 291318

oh my god, wtf is wrong with his eye? ive never seen a sty like that… he should get that checked out

No. 291323

Video is like three years old, I'm guessing he did lol

No. 291361

he didn't express enough gratitude for her presents or something and she got mad, he had a sty and couldn't make the right expression or didn't feel well in general, that's how i understand it.

No. 291386

since we have a few nctzens on this site, what do you guys think about that scandal? does hyuck still dislike taeyong? did it actually happen in 2017 or was it earlier than that and only surfaced then just because the sasaeng got mad in 2017?

i only joined the fandom during boss era so i missed it. quite disappointing, but i don’t hold it against him. we’re all here talking shit lol. i’m a little worried about the group dynamic is all.

No. 291389

i think that was proven to be fake? not him talking to saesangs but the 'leaked' convos

No. 291392

i thought the one where he talked shit about taeyong was from a recorded phone call though?

No. 291395

i only know a few members of nct but i have seen a lot before that it's pretty agreed on that haechan and mark fought a lot last year? i've also seen that haechan and ten don't get on but i think that was more like a twitter theory thing rather than something members said outright

i mean it wouldn't be surprising to have members not get on when there's so many but it still isn't ideal to have serious issues among them

No. 291398

idk i think most of it was faked but i wasn't following the story too closely.
and yeah i think it was around the we young era?

No. 291404

>i only know a few members of nct but i have seen a lot before that it's pretty agreed on that haechan and mark fought a lot last year?
yeah but they were all over each other before that and they are again now so nothing unusual for a friendship

the taeyong thing kinda concerned me because i haven’t noticed anything but i also realized i barely ever see them interact. i also feel like it must be pretty bad if you have to make such a huge gamble and vent to a fan of all people

No. 291413

i think it's mostly resolved? there's bound to be cliques within a group that has 20+ people.

on another note, i really hope that nct stops growing. i don't see what theyre going for with that

No. 291416

File: 1536175580167.webm (4.44 MB, 640x640, nct-fighting.webm)

Hyuck is funny, but seems like a total shit starter. I wouldn't be surprised if TY actually had a shitty personality though, he strikes me as a giga bitch. Makes me like him more if anything. Nct appears to be really cliquey, especially amongst the older members. Doyoung and TY fight often, Yuta almost seems like he fucking hates everyone who isn't Winwin, Winwin never knows what the fuck is going on, but gets annoyed by Tae-il often, Jeno seems to really buy into that age hierarchy thing and occasionally picks on the younger dreamies, Jaehyun was born without a personality and everyone is merely nice to him because he's pretty, etc.

Also, who does TY actually seem close to? Last time I checked, he was up Xuxi's ass like Kun… He was sitting with them, Ten, and Chenle in that group picture where Doyoung bought everyone dinner.

No. 291417

i'm honestly gonna be so surprised if jin stays at bighit. they barely promote him, it takes his fans starting worldwide hashtags for him to even get certain roles, and one of the maknaes of the group got an acting role first despite him having gone to college (?) for acting. then again maybe i won't be surprised, because if bighit ups the pay on their new contract i could see him staying.

No. 291420

>Nct appears to be really cliquey
tbh i'm not surprised these groups with an army of members have cliques, i mean they have enough members to have individual friend groups within them.

No. 291425

are they still 18 or 20 already? at this point i can't keep up and recognize all of them, i can't tell jeno from jaemin. sm pls, it's time to stop

as if jin is worthy of something, he can't dance or anything. if you put him in some other group that is popular now, he would be easily outshined by other idols. and he's already 25. is he talented in acting? i saw some of their short films or whatever that was, he's not that great. maybe he's talented enough for k dramas though.

No. 291429

Why do you care so much about policing some anon board for rule purity like a fucking loser? Who gives a shit? This board is 70% low key stanning disguised as “hate” anyway.

No. 291432

>he would be easily outshined by other idols
funny because he already is outshined by other idols LOL. that's why i said maybe i wouldn't be so surprised if he stayed, he probably knows he's not great at anything in the entertainment field so feels he could coast by on the BTS name? i just brought up the acting thing because he did go to school for it and he didn't even get an acting role before taehyung/V, who isn't any better at acting.

No. 291435

>Doyoung and TY fight often,
They do but they also seem to be very close and like it’s more a matter of friendly banter. From what I’ve seen they cling on to each other during award shows etc. and are the first hug each other when they win something.

>Yuta almost seems like he fucking hates everyone who isn't Winwin,

Can’t argue with this one. Yuta seems detached from everyone except Winwin.

>Winwin never knows what the fuck is going on, but gets annoyed by Tae-il often,

They seem truly close as well but Winwin in general seems to hate the way some members are all over him touching him and Yuta and Taeil are the biggest offenders. He seemed so much more relaxed and comfortable during the China live than I normally see him. I suspect having a poor grasp on the language must make you disoriented so I can see why he’d cling to members sometimes and want to be left alone other times. It must be very stressful.

>Jeno seems to really buy into that age hierarchy thing and occasionally picks on the younger dreamies,

He’s arguably also the nicest dreamie, though, which I think is part of the reason why Doyoung adores him so much. While the others can act bratty (which of course they will, they’re kids) Jeno seems far more mellow. Maybe you’re right about the age hierarchy thing idk but I doubt it would really put a wedge between him and the younger members. He coos a lot over them too lol.

>Jaehyun was born without a personality and everyone is merely nice to him because he's pretty, etc.

Is this why they call him white boy

Sage for NCTzen sperging.

No. 291436

tbh i think all the BTS members are aware that none of them would be as successful as they are right now if they were solo artists, so they won't be risking anything anytime soon. i'll agree that if someone ever leaves BTS, it's more likely him or suga though. it will be more like an unofficial leaving, probably around the time the hype starts to fade away

No. 291441

File: 1536178254714.jpg (141.85 KB, 694x1200, Dl7BQAjUwAICawl.jpg)

>Is this why they call him white boy
Yes, that and the horrible dancing/rapping. I'm 99% sure this was a mistranslation (meant to say "pale" or something) but on their profiles where they had to say what they thought of each of the members, Winwin said "white" for Jaehyun.

Everyone said "mom" for kun.

No. 291442

jaehyun just seems really awkward. he does this thing where he'll start up a joke but let the other members talk over him, then go to fiddling with the edge of his shirt and mumble the punchline or something lol

also the fact johnny took him under his wing for nct night night just makes me think the guy is a mega autist since johnny tends to sweep up the "troublesome" members (ten, haechan, doyoung for a bit during firetruck era, etc)

No. 291448

File: 1536178723098.png (175.43 KB, 400x400, tumblr_pek38zcQuQ1xsl767o4_400…)

ugh, has jhope's nose job always been this bad or did he get some more done to it?

No. 291449

Sorry,I only recently discovered NCT, what's troublesome about Ten?

No. 291450

>horrible dancing
wait, now i’m confused. i thought he was supposed to be one of the lead dancers?

>jaehyun just seems really awkward. he does this thing where he'll start up a joke but let the other members talk over him, then go to fiddling with the edge of his shirt and mumble the punchline or something lol
ngl this is really fucking cute

that cringelord really is the dad of the group. bless him.

No. 291451

anon, your powerlevel is showing…

No. 291454

Yunjae shippers are largely enabled by Yunho and (especially) Jaejoong. The ship could've mostly died out by now but both of them keep in good faith with Yunjae fansites like YunJaeLoveBar in China because those fansites are the biggest supporters. They both keep gifts from YJ fansites out on display in pictures and Jaejoong especially won't go more than about a month without mentioning him or showing off his TVXQ albums. It's known now that they are in contact with each other again but they'll discretely milk Yunjae for as long as possible because it keeps them more relevant to fans of the other person.

TVXQ still sell out massive tours and Jaejoong's Japan debut is nearly matching them in single sales so they don't need Yunjae to have fans but pretty much the only fans that still want a reunion are fans of the two of them, and they're the richest fans. I don't think any of the modern group's shippers will hold a candle to just how obsessed and insane Yunjae shippers were in their high point

No. 291455

now listen, i don't care if there's the occasional "i think this celeb is okay/pretty/whatever" in this thread, but straight up fangirling gotta go to the kpop general thread, you know, the one specifically made for that in mind.

No. 291456

ten is overbearing like doyoung except it doesn't come across as motherlike it just seems bitchy
his expressions when certain members are talking/the way he just ignores nct sometimes (barring johnny for whatever reason) is also kind of sus

No. 291457

File: 1536179239272.jpg (125.87 KB, 874x1200, jh.jpg)

>valentines day birthday
>pretty voice
>nice proportions
>gorgeous face
the epitome of a failed chad. lol @ him being friends with jungkook.

when he's being told what to do? he's good. when he's on his own? lol. there was a video of him on their nightnight ig (i think) doing maybe the most awkward dance I've ever seen in my life… I don't even know how to describe it… odd hip movement he seemed to think was very sensual…

No. 291458

are you a mod

No. 291460

point taken. sorry anon.

No. 291461

we all know that the 97 line group is dead and the only real friends were kookie and yugyeom

No. 291472

>that was mostly over pay (each member only getting 1% of album revenue AFTER they hit a certain number of sales)
Not technically wrong but album sales aren't where the money is, that's in tours overseas. Nobody sane expects to make big money off it, and SM were actually pretty fair to give them a % of revenue rather than profit (ie as long as they sell over 50k TVXQ make money even if the company is at a loss). The important thing is that TVXQ got 70% of net profit overseas and that is the real $$$.

Sorry to sperg but if there's one thing I am very critical about in kpop, it's people who don't understand their contract or the split acting like JYJ were poor victims. They were far from underpaid and were only going to get richer, the profit distribution was never once deemed unfair. Their contract is online and english translated, a good source is truetvxq.blogspot.com.

No. 291473

File: 1536180247976.jpg (50.52 KB, 394x654, Cq7c5NYWEAEBMhv.jpg)

i put jaehyun in the same category as chanyeol for being useless until they're allowed to bulk up and become hot. i stopped caring about 90% of kpop when i stopped caring so much about skinny 50%soft 50%emo boys but i check in on boygroups every so often to see if anyone got buff

nct's profiles seem a little weird to me, one of the main minor things that annoys me in kpop is the obsession with profiles when the details in it are so often false. jaehyun's puts him at 180cm and 63kg, but yuta's at 176cm and 60kg and everyone's seen how thin he is. it must be hard to adjust everyones details to the point where they seem tall enough and also light but healthy enough without having one member lie so much that it's obvious when they stand next to someone else

No. 291475

he looks like he belongs in the chewing gum mv here

No. 291476

Did anyone else hear about the drama with Cocosori? She says that her company hid the fact that Sori was releasing a solo and promoted Sori even though Coco had to do most of the promoting on her own. Coco also said she thinks her company is gonna drop her.

I feel bad for Coco but her personality seems fake as hell.

No. 291483

the difference in quality in coco's solo vs sori's says enough imo. she needs to stfu though, girl is going to get sued for slander

No. 291489

Do NCT members get barred from bulking up often? Some of uwu kawaii members you'd think would be are muscular i.e. Jaemin, Hyuck, and Jungwoo.

No. 291491

coco has a good thing going with youtube and twitch, it might be a good move to give up on being a kpop idol now

No. 291495

probably not a real ban but it's rare that a group are allowed to be more than slim and very muscular rather than be a bit bulkier. being too big seems to translate as just being fat even when they're blatantly quite muscular https://pann-choa.blogspot.com/2018/02/enter-talk-idol-whos-getting-freaking.html

No. 291496

ugh, the new snsd subunit song "lil touch" was sounding so good until hyoyeon had to come in with her gremlin voice and say "gimme a lil touch". also, the dancing is terrible, they should've stuck to visuals, they look so awkward trying to dance in the mv.

No. 291498

I know Jaemin is well-built but Jungwoo and Hyuck? Could you post some examples? I’ve never noticed that with either of them, just that Jungwoo happens to be part of the skyscraper line.

Unless I misread you?

No. 291506

File: 1536184418207.jpg (12.58 KB, 440x440, DbEHa6WUMAA7CDG.jpg)

Well, JW has a secret six pack and I'm pretty sure he has the fattest ass. His arms weren't small either at one point. Mark and Hyuck were pretty bulky in some 127 video, forget which one.

No. 291510

File: 1536184571328.jpg (49.96 KB, 635x477, nct_1533652276_20180807_nctc1.…)

Maybe his ass isn't as formidable as I remember it being because hyuck, yuta, and doyoung are the only ones with asses here.

No. 291515

who’s who?

No. 291520

From left to right, Doyoung, Yuta, Johnny (red pants), Taeyong (in front), Haechan and Jungwoo.

No. 291524

full offense but nct really sucks big time

No. 291526

File: 1536185747007.jpg (123.6 KB, 1024x771, IMG_20180905_171246.jpg)

Correction, I mixed up like half of the members. JW does have a big ass, but Johnny has the biggest ass… Don't know how I feel about that.

p.s. sorry for deleting again

No. 291527

humaN CenTipede

No. 291528

what in the human centipede

No. 291531

i'm upset i didn't see this joke before i posted this >>291528

No. 291532

doyoung’s ass is v cute 10/10 eatable

anyway, what’s this >>291456 about ten ignoring the other members (except for johnny)? he’s always seemed affectionate with the members whenever i’ve seen him interact with them.

No. 291536

am disappoint. i was hoping far right was doyoung. good for jungwoo though.

No. 291539

ok so everybody's finally tired of pretending to be sceptical of kpop, i see.

can you tell me if taeyong's jawline is natural while you're at it? i like his appearance and he doesn't look much different from his old photos but his side profile looks weird.

No. 291544

File: 1536187623451.jpg (319.47 KB, 1000x1500, 127.jpg)

Rule #1 of kpop idols: if something looks like ps, it probably is. This is too weird to be natural.

No. 291549

File: 1536187995084.jpg (48.26 KB, 720x960, 5c8645adfa603f.jpg)

suga got rid of that pointy part of his jaw and ty carved one for himself, how tf do these standards work

No. 291556

lil meow meow is just trying to reach those SNSD standards, taeyong is going for the manlet standards. that's my interpretation of however tf these standards work.

No. 291568

File: 1536190102371.png (512.16 KB, 720x719, tumblr_pejzk2naXX1uxk6x3_1280.…)

and they say suga is pasty white lmfaoooo

No. 291577

That bright hair absolutely clashes with their real skin tone and colour, how can they let them run around looking so awful…

No. 291580

because they can usually get away with just slapping a washed out filter on top to make it work

No. 291581

anyone else get annoyed when bts fans think the big 3 and other big companies are trying ruin bts and bighit when in reality they most likely don't give a shit

No. 291583

samefag but i've noticed they always give the worst hair color tones to taehyung. they always clash with his skin tone when they don't have a filter slapped on top. it's not often you see an idol without all the filters, but when you do their terrible hair colors look disgusting.

No. 291584

they aren't pale, they are the normal colour of korean people. but they aren't super dark either. sometimes i feel like armys dont understand what lighting is…

No. 291585

some of the edits fans make to combat whitewashed pictures are just as bad, making them way darker than they actually are.

No. 291587

and when fansite owners get mad at them for using their pics without permission they get on their high horse and say they deserve it for whitewashing idols lmfao

No. 291592


seriously when did this thread become the main kpop thread. we don’t like bts here

No. 291593

liking bts is b& from /ot/ entirely at this stage

No. 291604

>>288008 to be honest, nct is a failed rip off of super junior, which seems like a rip off of the akb48 concept that sm wishes it could pull off. the ceo at sm doesn't seem to understand that akb48 works because they take a bunch of inexperienced girls and essentially give them on the job training, whereas in the korean market a lot more polishing is required. eventually people are going to get tired of their biases leaving and give up on nct.
besides that, yeri from red velvet has got to be one of the most spoiled idols. i used to like her because she was funny and had a "cold" personality but even that can get grating at times. coupled with her laziness, there just seems to be no hope for her. i know she was mourning jonghyun's death, but it's been almost a year.

No. 291612

No it isn't, that's why there's a kpop general thread for fangirling and niceties

No. 291618

you can like them literally anywhere else on the internet. this is seriously the only place where we’re allowed to make fun of them without armys going nuts

No. 291620

File: 1536199141743.jpg (Spoiler Image, 43.54 KB, 433x458, 20180905170814.jpg)

I was joking… but tbh any armys should be bullied off the site.

>inb4 ALL kpop fans should be bullied off the site


No. 291621

File: 1536199167914.jpg (123.37 KB, 720x960, 3e5457397aa8586a8ee995270e0645…)

>this is seriously the only place where we’re allowed to make fun of them without armys going nuts
for real tho, literally no where else that i know of where i can just drop a pic of them and say they're fug as shit without armys getting uptight

No. 291622

The people calling men sugar cute are exaggerating. He looks like if mystery.jpg was an azn dude.

No. 291623

File: 1536199488871.png (1.68 MB, 1024x1366, Screen Shot 2018-08-27 at 2.21…)

see i wouldn't be so compelled to always have to call them ugly if armys would just be honest that they're ugly. they need to quit tryin to force the narrative that they're handsome.

No. 291624

File: 1536199489721.jpg (69.91 KB, 470x470, 1534985274217.jpg)

how anyone can find these dudes fuckable or even "cute" is beyond me. literally 0 sex appeal it's ridiculous

No. 291626

All that fancuck money but can’t afford a decent philthrum lift

No. 291628

File: 1536200217866.jpg (92.03 KB, 1024x1024, e77d8d9d4fe6bffed34ce5f887f5a0…)

J-hope used to be cute but he fucked himself beyond recognition. Can't believe army is still saying stuff like "no surgery 100% natural his face changed due to puberty" or "it's because of weight loss"

No. 291630

File: 1536200397378.gif (2.27 MB, 268x350, tumblr_pehzk20OTc1vvnov7o1_400…)

No. 291631

Might've been said before itt, but deep down armys only think he's natural because he's ugly

No. 291633

File: 1536200550178.png (1.03 MB, 635x846, screenshot.png)

feels bad man

No. 291634

jesus christ jimin on some reptilian shit

No. 291636

pre-surgery jimin bears a little resemblance to moonbin from astro, maybe it's just the noses

No. 291638

File: 1536200952666.jpg (29.11 KB, 728x410, video_youtube_VBoy--mlgGw.jpg)

TOP KEK as if he isn't already super fucking uggo they style him like he's out of a William Gibson book. We should post Jimin to /x/

No. 291643

File: 1536202693187.png (75.02 KB, 576x858, Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 10.5…)

lol wtf. weren't they supposed to be on ellen for the third time??

No. 291660

>J-hope used to be cute

No. 291685

You’re not wrong. It’s hard to give af when there are so many members being switched in and out for different promotions. They all also seem really bland too. Like, Seventeen’s another boy group with a shit ton of members, but each of them have one distinct characteristic physically and/or “personality”-wise. As someone who’s only somewhat familiar with them, everyone in NCT is so forgettable except for Taeyong (and it’s not for good reasons).

No. 291686

File: 1536212866342.png (777.24 KB, 596x926, Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 1.47…)

wtf, is this true? if so what a waste for some rich reptile who probably doesn't even care about you.

No. 291690

It's nice when fans plant trees or buy rice in the name of idols, but 30k for a fucking hobo's pissing spot across the other end of the ocean?

No. 291691


Na, apparently it's some thing you can do on the Walk of Fame where you pay $10 and they'll put their name on a fake star for you. It ain't $30k

No. 291693

Samefagging, and didn't even realize you were asking if it's real and just googled it. It's some tourist thing where you can pose a name on for a photo.

It's probably gonna happen one day, anyway, considering how much money fans will dump into full page ads or Times Square billboards.

No. 291694

File: 1536213474158.jpeg (43.33 KB, 288x450, 073C59B0-97D2-41FD-A729-68D2A5…)

I’m liking this new meme of Jimin being a reptile/lizard person. Also >pic related is from a stupid and disgusting post I came across of BTS as reptilians. Like wtf


No. 291696

kek i may not agree with the vigilant citizens forum about all the illuminati shit but they may be getting somewhere about the reptilian shit.

No. 291701

I wonder how Simon Cowell’s gonna react. I anticipate that most non-ARMYs watching will be bewildered watching seven twinks lip-sync to a shitty song in a language they can’t understand.

No. 291723

File: 1536223323318.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1242x944, DDD57663-F41D-453E-AF4A-03D502…)

No. 291730

visual kings! uwu

the rest of basic kpop bois can’t relate~ xD


No. 291742

This confirms that Jimin isn't the only reptilian in BTS.

No. 291757

I swear Xiumin is so ugly and his whole 'old maknae' act is disgusting. He looks his age, maybe a few years below.

No. 291760

File: 1536235415910.png (74.81 KB, 850x566, IMG_4382.png)

damn, rat mon doesn't even need a captured bad moment, his official pics are his bad moments LOL

if there is gonna be crowd reactions i might actually tune in, especially since simon cowell's newest boy group has been flopping lately kek

No. 291771

File: 1536237788631.jpg (306.26 KB, 719x1080, q7m5hQ3zIjU.jpg)

it actually does seem worse, as if he's had it chopped off even more

No. 291807

>johnny tends to sweep up the "troublesome" members (ten, haechan, doyoung for a bit during firetruck era, etc)
can u please go over these and why they are/were problematic?

i get hyuck and someone explained ten v briefly but how was doyoung problematic? he seems like the most high-strung and “proper” member, especially given he’s practically the dreamies’ birth mother.

No. 291894

So bighit just released Nicki Minaj version of Idol MV. Nicki appears at about 3:12.

It's really, really bad and it somehow made the song even worse.

No. 291898

File: 1536248610444.jpg (30.75 KB, 640x640, monsta_x_wonho_pink_leather_ch…)

Probably one of the ugliest idols along with Wonho from Monsta X.

No. 291899

lololol this era is so bad.
it's what they deserve

No. 291904

No offense, but it blows me away how obsessed you folks are with the kpop stars themselves. I wish these threads were more dedicated to shit talking the psycho fan base, but it feels like some of you are part of that group.

No. 291907

nothing's stopping you from making a thread, no offense

No. 291908

Is this shooped or is he actually wearing one of those tumblr ddlg sex collars and a flower crown?

No. 291920

how are dating or any interactions with women not okay for them because they're idols, but collabing with nicki minaj suddenly is? she's even showing cleavage. did they forget that jungkook is a baby boy and afraid of wahmen smh

No. 291935

>'hands in the air put your hands in the air, if you're getting money rubber bands in the air'

geez, could she have phoned it in more?

No. 291943

lol i thought the words behind nicki were korean translations but apparently they are just her verse's pronunciation in hangul

No. 291945

File: 1536251928105.jpeg (79.74 KB, 750x636, 79F36596-CC07-4A31-A100-96EB2F…)


No. 291946

I think most of the posters in this thread are fans. Personally, I can’t keep up with it because I know nothing about kpop. Once someone mentions a name, in instantly confused— yet I enjoy it enough to check since the thread is so active. However, I don’t see anything wrong with fans being critical about a topic they also enjoy. Seems like fair middle ground. Idk.

No. 291950

I don't think we've seen anyone obsessed with idols yet, mainly because I haven't noticed any blatant white knighting but I don't read every single post because I'm not interested on shitting on groups I don't like so I'm not completely sure…

And of course people on these threads are (or used to be) fans, they'd be dead otherwise… but I'm kind of tired of the bitching about bts, we all know jimmy is ugly and rape monster is a pseudo intellectual. But every time I tried to bring up other group's or their fanbase's bullshit it didn't seem to be well received so I guess that this is the anti bts thread now.

No. 292007

yeah i tried to talk about Blackpink and it got shot down by bts yet again.

No. 292011

share these opinions, fam. i'm glad to shit on anyone rn

No. 292016


i try to talk about girl groups and honestly it stalls after a few posts so idk lol

No. 292020

we nitpick girls all day on /snow/ and /pt/, i think it's refreshing to nitpick guys who aren't onion for once

No. 292028


it kinda is refreshing now that i think about it. stan twitter is so obnoxious that i just need a place to rant lol.

but if you wanna talk gg then full steam ahead. BP in general have not wow'd me at all? the last third of any of their songs lose my interest and their stages are so boring. i feel like this opinion has been shoved down everyone's throats so i don't really mention it

No. 292031

I agree. I can see why some people may find him attractive but his face looks so strange to me…That nose.

No. 292038

File: 1536260054036.png (812.05 KB, 476x847, ty4rTIJHYGJJ.png)

his face kinda doesnt match his body lol

No. 292041

blackpink's last comeback was truly disappointing. The title track was a mix of all of their other songs and it was just corny flexing (typical YG style). The mv was empty af too… The choreography was weak and boring as per usual so overall, this attempt at i'm the best blackpin ver didn't have any redeeming qualities for me.

But of course it did mega well and got 300m view… When I see these results I always wonder if their fans actually like those songs or they just stream them because they want to see their faves succeed. I don't have a problem with people liking something that I think is garbage and if they stream a song when they don't like it to "support their babies Uwu" that's their business, but I feel like a lot of fans just force themselves to like everything their faves do and oversee all of their negative traits. Which is okay when you're a kid but when I see grown people behaving like that over some rich dude they don't know… That's why I never get involved with any fandom, because people take any criticism towards their bias (hate that word) as a personal offense.

No. 292051

Holy shit this is the most perfect man I've ever seen

No. 292064

a lot of kpop guys would look way better if they weren't styled so heavily. not all of them can pull off bleached hair or a lot of makeup or the uwu soft pastel boy clothes and if they don't suit it, the REALLY don't suit it

No. 292073

tbh i've said some things about black pink in here too without receiving much response. i think they're just so void of anything interesting that there's not much to say about them besides how lazy they are; they aren't very milky ig? even loona fans are more milky than blinks. the only way to give black pink any "character" is by dressing them up in gucci and diamonds and giving them bright displays LOL, but outside of that they aren't very interesting now that i think about it?

yeah, i mentioned snsd's new subunit only to receive no responses, not that i'm really bothered but it was just an observation. i do agree with the one anon who said it's refreshing to be able to nitpick on some boys for once, especially ones with such a rabid fan base.

No. 292075

i honestly believe a lot of these fans see their kpop idols as extensions of themselves, even if they don't realize it? like why else would you put so much effort into something that doesn't ward you so much as bragging points? ig they feel that by participating in something that allowed their favs to win, they feel like they accomplished smth? idk, that's just how i've started seeing it lately.

No. 292080

Plus not every guy is meant to be a twink

Muscles and jawlines are nice on dudes

No. 292081

until there's some fun evidence of jennie actually being a mega bitch then they're only relevant to talk about when people talk about obviously underweight idols or when a self proclaimed vocal expert comes to lament yg forcing poor rose to put on an indie girl voice. they're attractive enough, aren't so untalented that they stand out for it, have mediocre songs and that's about it. bland.

i've asked this in a few places before though and never got any answer, maybe somebody here knows; have any of the blackpink girls ever talked about writing/producing songs? even with yg's history of favouring his male idols i just don't buy that the only reason ikon and winner have a hand in making their songs and blackpink don't is that yg doesn't want a girl group to write. they don't even have to be good, writing 3 lines of a chorus can get you a joint credit and cred for being an artist idol. personally i think the members just want the idol side and don't care but fans insist they're just being held back

No. 292092

I remember someone saying that one’s bias is a reflection of themselves and their bias wrecker is a reflection of their ideal type/dream partner. Obviously a ton of fans want to fuck their bias but I think there is some truth to this, especially shippers who ship their bias with their bias wrecker lol. The shipping aspect is almost like a special RPF version of the seme/uke dynamic lmao.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Rosé wanted to do something since she seems to be the only member with a genuine interest in actual musicianship (i.e. being a guitar player who makes acoustic versions of songs by herself from time to time). I haven’t heard a peep about any of them wanting to produce but if one member truly did I think it would be Rosé.

No. 292100

I hate how stupid bts fans have their heads so far up oppa's ass uwu that a lot of the more rational fans can't even say the truth about nicki being a pedo apologist without the crazies taking it as an attack on their poor precious baby boys who are actually laughing all the way to the bank.

No. 292106

I’m sorry, what is a “bias wrecker”? I don’t speak kpop

No. 292111

google it

No. 292116

Not going to any of their cancerous sites, sorry

No. 292118

File: 1536271817544.png (714.89 KB, 444x678, Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 6.09…)

jesus christ taeyeon looks so tragic

No. 292120

check urban dictionary then, sheesh

No. 292121

It's pretty much like their runner up bias.
Kpop fans have this weird loyalty thing, so they usually give their attention to their favorite member, who is their bias. So when another member catches their eye, they're 'wrecking' the loyalty for their bias or something like that.

No. 292122

File: 1536272187965.png (598.62 KB, 1168x1048, Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 6.15…)

different anon but it looks like even toy soldiers have to beat everyone else with top urban dictionary results too kek

No. 292123

i see a lot of comments about her like "aaaah our baby hasn't changed at all since her debut <3" which definitely isn't true, but surely the way she some of her features look almost babyish sometimes rather than that of a 30 year old is a sign she isn't aging naturally, ie is messing with her nose and is shaving down any prominent bones

No. 292125

File: 1536272418714.png (2.67 MB, 954x1194, Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 6.18…)

i use to really like taeyeon years ago but i actually don't understand how fans can say she hasn't had any work done when she legitimately looks like she's melting sometimes.

No. 292126

>but i actually don't understand how fans can say she hasn't had any work done when she legitimately looks like she's melting sometimes.
ever since kpop or the plastic surgery surge in east asia in general, westerners often have a very warped view on what a normal, natural asian looks like

No. 292127

shipping is all about self-insertion, most shippers are attracted to one of the people in their ship and they know that person doesn't know that they exist, so they self-insert themselves to the other one in their minds and call it shipping. it also has a lot to do with their insecurities, they don't want to see a girl around their oppars because they don't want to look at a pretty, nice girl who can be with the person that they have no chance with and feel inferior to her.

No. 292129

>i honestly believe a lot of these fans see their kpop idols as extensions of themselves
agree x50. look at all the voting/fanwars going on with armys. they talk about defending "their boys" and make analyses like they actually know their real personality, it's all so weird. i like a few kpop groups but the only time ive actually bothered to vote for them on those meaningless award shows was to piss off directioners

i know people love yoona but her jaw is always the first thing i notice about her

No. 292130

it's funny, she looked the best out of all of them when snsd debuted and it's ironic that she's had the most work done. at what point did she start looking weird? mr. mr.? hyoyeon looks better than her here and that's saying something

No. 292132

lol samefag from >>292118 but me too. it just looks so unnatural and doughy, i can't help it that it's just the first thing my eyes go to when i see a picture of her. not only that but in some pics its terribly lopsided.

No. 292135

>at what point did she start looking weird?
honestly i'm not sure? the plastic surgery has been so gradual, i feel like she's been doing years of it and it's not all settling together quite right, because the past two years or so she been looking extremely uncanny. the eye contacts really don't help either, she's like a female jimin if i dare say. there is something ironic about hyoyeon for once looking better than her, when at their debut it was quite the opposite lmfaoooo

No. 292137

shipping their (outwardly) straight bias with their (outwardly) straight friend is a way for insecure teens to think of their crush in a sexual way without it being too real the way it would be if they actually thought of themselves doing the things they read about. or, worse, with a hot idol girl the male idol is far more likely to actually be dating. it's as fake and sexless as writing stories about 2 guys rawing each other can be because, obviously, a lot of these girls are very young and likely have no experience with actual sexual situations. even though in theory they'd rather be the one making out with jungkook, imagining a situation where they're just watching from the shadows instead is less intimidating

the short tumblr scenario blogs that post things like "hyung line as your boyfriend when you make them a surprise meal!" seem pretty popular because even "vocal line's reactions when you send them a sexy pic while they rehearse!" is more distant and not as personal as the 'idol x reader' fics which are very rare compared to any other kind of fics

No. 292147

tbh i'm fascinated by that kind of fanfic. i'm straight and the thought of another guy rawing a guy i want to fuck holds no appeal for me. are these girls all fakeboi? do they imagine themselves dicking their bias in the ass? or are they so deep in the closet that they're confusing wanting to fuck a vagina with wanting to fuck some kpop boi's asshole? if they were really attracted to men, wouldn't even a fic with their female bias x their male one be more appealing?

No. 292151


Kinda OT, but as a former kind of fujo, and being 100% straight, I'd say that's more on what gets you aroused more. Some girls get aroused by projecting themselves onto another woman (like watching a porn or reading erotica), and some just like the physical part of it and have no interest on seeing (or reading about) another vagina. Two penises would arouse me more than one. Since I've got a boyfriend, I've shifted towards more straight smut/porn/etc.

But I wouldn't doubt if there are some girls that identify as Jimin for example and project onto him when they write fanfics about whoever they want to be fucked by.

No. 292153

when i was into that kind of thing as a 13/14 year old it was because i was interested in sexual content but not in having sex. i didn't want to read about cute boys having sex with me because i didn't want to have sex, but i did want to read about cute boys being sexual objects - so reading about 2 guys having sex with each other took me completely out of the picture but kept the bits i found hot

No. 292166

I've never really listened to Nicki Minaj so I didn't notice before, but this really made me realize how hard CL tries to emulate her, wow.

No. 292168

CL is more her and rihanna tbh.

No. 292169

i see they put a shit ton of filters on nicki, because she is not that light.

No. 292170

File: 1536282086038.gif (1.94 MB, 480x225, tumblr_odheup5zWE1v6nwgzo9_500…)

Oh shit, you're right! What's the point of that? Aesthetic?

Every time I watch this MV I'm reminded of the end of NUEST's Face MV that came out ages ago.

No. 292172

sage for ot but im straight and have read male/male fanfics for years and if i self insert, i always do it as the top… some wires got crossed in my brain at some point lmao

No. 292173

damn, you just reminded me, i dont think i've ever witnessed another group besides nuest have their debut song as their peak lmao

No. 292174

I wonder what they're referring to?

No. 292175

File: 1536282323661.jpg (58.08 KB, 540x511, tumblr_pekq8qEk8C1tozgpp_540.j…)

No. 292176

Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if bithit decided to drop Jin. He's a talentless members, so all he can really do is looks and he won't even let bighit style them how they see fit (even if it is ugly as shit).
He gave himself a shit bang trim once, I assume because the stylist wouldn't do it for him, and now he's theatening a shitty, self-done dye job

No. 292178

File: 1536283557354.png (238.26 KB, 1176x928, Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 9.25…)

speaking of members bighit probably likes the least, apparently armys have been bringing attention to a callout post about how much bighit treats taehyung like shit (?) or smth

link for anyone who wants to read the whole thing

No. 292179

NU'EST has a pretty sad history. They peaked at debut, then people basically forgot about them, the company (Pledis) was also close to bankruptcy so they didn't have any comebacks for like two years. I was a big fan from their debut up until I saw them in Toronto a few years later and it was the saddest shit ever. They were all incredibly jet-lagged and looked like they might pass out any second, then they had to go straight to Texas afterwards. I've been getting back into it a bit lately, but kpop was never really the same for me after that.

I'm glad they seem to be doing better now after Produce 101. Needless to say, I was not surprised when they went on and the allegations about their shitty living situation came to light. Sorry for the NU'EST sperg, this is just something I've thought quite a lot about.

No. 292187

Is she just bitching about him being a hidden member for like 3 years? Kek, what a petty thing to get worked up about. Some SM trainees have stayed hidden for almost a decade. Most trainees in general stay hidden for years.

No. 292190

honestly most pledis groups are treated like utter shit (idk anything about svt so im ignoring them), i feel bad for after school and pristin

No. 292191

File: 1536284307200.png (1.04 MB, 1440x1183, alexa play despacito.png)

;w; poor wittle baby

No. 292192

the true crime here is that stupid fucking hair cut

No. 292194

I kekked at the part were she said said V was the only one in the group who knows how to act.
Poor Jin and his acting degree ;_; forgotten once again

No. 292200

every time she called him my baby i threw up in my mouth. kpop fans have to be the most embarrassing lamest people on earth, and fortnite players exist

saying V 'knows how to act' is being VERY generous lmao

No. 292202

lmao, even RM will end up having a go at shitty dramas before Jin ever gets the chance to act but,
>implying his whole persona isn't a 24/7 acting job

No. 292204

I guess it's because they're a new-ish company that was overly ambitious in the beginning. Basically all of the groups they debuted at first were experimental and they were hemorrhaging money until Seventeen debuted and was moderately successful.

No. 292209

the thing is after school's subunit was actually pretty successful, so they used that money to debut their newer groups. it's been like 5 years since they've had a comeback so their fanbase is totally dead and pledis still insists they haven't disbanded. i'm betting the same thing is going to end up happening with pristin eventually tbh

No. 292212

I can't believe Pristin is dead in the water after just a year. Two members have vanished into thin air, Kyulkyung's moved onto the Chinese market, and the non-Produce101 members have done basically nothing during the hiatus.

No. 292221

>my bubbie
Most of this is probably coincidental but I would love it if Bighit actually hated Taehyung for being such a retard.

No. 292222

do you think they'll kaeun and the trainee from produce 48 to pristin?

No. 292223

I had actually forgotten that Pristin existed until reading your comment just now. Pledis really is such a shit company, they can't handle having more than one or two groups imo.

No. 292225

not sure, i don't really keep up with pristin or after school anymore

No. 292226

File: 1536288714038.jpg (41.46 KB, 540x254, kyulkyung.jpg)

to be fair, pristin is a shit group, like all of the other ioi leftover groups. i also don't see the appeal of kyulkyung. every time i see her i think of image related

No. 292238

File: 1536292913976.jpg (233.84 KB, 530x700, idol.jpg)

yeah anon, i definitely never thought that it could be for aesthetic purposes. it was actually a really deep critique on the society though.

No. 292239

Future Oscar winner. Watch out Timothee Chalamet


No. 292240

The only thing I know of Pristin is about thay girl that was bullied because she was "too fat" and she left the group. I think she looked fine.

No. 292243

>those stupid English speakers wah wah wah

I hate the kboo attitude of korea being superior to everything, especially where ever they came from. Can’t you just fucking… like it and shut up? You’re not going to get a special golden medal from President Moon for defending Korea from ~those stupid westerners~. Then again that’s what a kboo is I guess.

No. 292297

File: 1536319599682.jpg (128.66 KB, 500x500, Koreaboo.jpg)

K-pop fans who mix English and Korean are so cringy. Why do some fangirls call other women noonas like "stylist noonas" or "Nicki noona", do you even understand how these honorifics work? Hyung and noona are used by younger males, oppa and unnie are used by younger females, and no, they don't mean the same thing as daddy or mommy. I know in some cases you can't translate these honorifics with an English equivalent, but these words are also used by siblings for their older siblings, if you are talking about someone's actual older sibling just translate it as "X's older brother/sister", you don't have to say "Hoseok's noona" or "Jeongguk's hyung" when you're talking about their older siblings. You don't use these words to complete strangers, don't scream oppa at some random Korean guy you see on the street, it's creepy. Even if they actually approach you, you won't be able to hold a communication in Korean for more than 5 seconds lmao. And just because you learned about the Korean age hierarchy, learned like 10 words from BTS songs and learned some of the popular South Korean foods doesn't mean you have a solid grasp on the entire Korean culture, you're not Korean, stop.

No. 292298

English is the nearest you get to a global standard though. It's not a linguistic supremacy thing it's just fact. It's used widely in global business, diplomacy and most people in the world would be taught it at school. Second would probably be french

No. 292323

Speaking of groups that were doing good right after debuting, do some of you still remember BAP?
They debuted the same year as NUEST and EXO, they were really cool and different from any groups, had a decent fanbase and were competing for the rookie award in 2012 against EXO yet the buskerbusker thing happened.

I mean, even when BTS debuted they were called BAP wannabes because they both were going for the rough image. They went on hiatus due to some company issues and a lawsuit, and when they cameback BTS had literally snatched all of their fanbase.

Nowadays their leader Yongguk is gone, and idk what is going to happend with them, he was literally the reason why they put on some decent music since he was the one who wrote lyrics and was also involved in their music production

No. 292357

Oh the dumb ESL russian shitlord is here
just keep moving ladies, don't take her bait, she's fucking insane

No. 292364

No. 292368

The one with pisspoor sentence structure, she really needs to get a life.
Just ignore her, she'll go away

No. 292376

Considering how shit TS Entertainment is I believe all members will end up leaving sooner or later.

No. 292417

pointing out the posts would help yout case, I have no idea which anons you accuse of being a sperg which does not help your case

No. 292431

does anyone know how old vivi is? or is it just her terrible plastic surgery?

No. 292446

her profile for loons says she's 21 (born in late 1996, turning 22 this year) but her old modelling profiles say she was born in 1993 and is 24, turning 25 this year. either she's lying now to seem younger and fit in better with the ages of the other members or was lying then to get more modelling work as a teenager. of the old modelling photos i've seen i think she's lying about her age now and is more like 24. she also looks like an off-brand namie amuro in some of the old photos and doesn't at all anymore so the work she got doesn't help

No. 292466

File: 1536335160085.gif (2.92 MB, 286x350, tumblr_peoeif3f0j1wtoayvo3_400…)

what is it with taehyung/v and these retarded glasses?

No. 292469

my god shes literally a horseface now

No. 292470

i actually started to have a little crush on hyo circa the boys era
her surgery is a success so far and i hope she doesnt get anymore because like you said, shes ahead of taeyeon now in terms of looking decent

No. 292472

isnt that what happened to bekah lol
who wasnt fat btw just had that soft athletic body type and koreans couldnt handle it

No. 292497

I think they will as soon as their contacts are all almost over, their leader, Bang Yongguk did as soon as his was up.
Alot if their fans are hoping they continue as a group away from ts but that's doubtful

No. 292502

>Alot if their fans are hoping they continue as a group away from ts but that's doubtful
i mean why would they continue when their group has been a bust since their whole contract situation? i think they should just give it up and go to school or work on a different career or something. i used to love BAP and as a former fan i think their time is over as a group, their spot has been filled and they're getting older. it's always sad to me when i see idols who clearly aren't in the spotlight anymore try to continue on with the lifestyle, at some time you just have to accept that you should do something else with your life.

No. 292527

//Kpop Rant
I only found about kpop because a girl in my school bus a back in 2014 would blast it without headphones. I'm sure it was always Girls Generation songs. Anyways the other day I was on the Metro bus and there was these 2 girls blasting their kpop music, which instantly reminded me back in 2014. One was standing up, the other was sitting down, both looked college aged. So I don't have much knowledge of kpop, but the girl standing up started to do small dances I guess imitating. Mind you this bus is ALWAYS quiet asf. Quite irritating hearing this shitty music which happened to be BTS because one of the girls said " look at joonkook " or however you spell it my bad lol. I kinda could tell they were into idols as they wore pastel outfits and had straight eyebrows with very red lipstick. In my head it's just yeah isn't that the korean trend? I've never seen them in my campus, but it's weird knowing how quickly kpop is getting to the states when the music is so fucking bad.

No. 292534

i hate it when people play music out loud in public. people dont need to hear your shitty music tastes. also i feel like kpop is just a fad that will pass in a year or 2

No. 292538

File: 1536348625590.png (173.77 KB, 490x1136, Screen Shot 2018-09-07 at 3.29…)

jesus christ when will armys ever take a joke

No. 292551

the delululu is off the charts.
BTS fans are more cancerous than EXO fans were at their highest.

No. 292553

What did the post you replied to say? They deleted it. I’m curious lol.

No. 292556

File: 1536352477835.png (90.18 KB, 596x179, postception.png)

Hope you can read, I couldn't open the picture fullsize since the post was deleted.

No. 292558

it looks like the message is a text message possibly? if so and the fact that it's not a lame tumblr post is hilarious 💀

No. 292561

File: 1536353194835.jpg (123.86 KB, 720x1033, army-trap-card.jpg)

why are armys like this?

No. 292570

i thought half of jungkook's personality when he debuted was about how hard he jerked it to iu? armys are wild

No. 292602

how dare he.
lol how does listening to female artists not make you humble? how sway?!

No. 292612

Second is Spanish, by number of countries, or Chinese by amount of speakers.

No. 292621

wouldn’t him listening to mostly female artists just make him ~woke feminist king uwu~ by army standards? and being such would certify him an infallible humble goddest baby boy uwu?

wonder how badly this one got crucified by teh woke armys for making this post (if it was even made public)

No. 292624

i was about to say, there's a possibility he'd get shamed the sexist king if he refused to listen to any women at all LOL

No. 292679

it's because he was listening to western female artists, anon. prettier white girls are direct competition for armys because it reminds them that their oppa has standards and they don't meet them.

No. 292682

File: 1536369442363.png (407.43 KB, 596x954, Screen Shot 2018-09-07 at 11.2…)

kpop fans really be on some shit with their fanfiction, damn 😂

No. 292684

File: 1536369481396.png (630.65 KB, 596x978, Screen Shot 2018-09-07 at 11.2…)

samefag but i can't help but feel there was some lowkey pettiness towards jimin here, having him be cool w the roaches lmaooo

No. 292689

i feel like these are taking the piss. good to see an army have a sense of humor for once

No. 292690

oh yeah, they're definitely not serious, but it is pretty wild

No. 292701

Source? I could read more of these.

No. 292722

File: 1536372308140.jpg (37.87 KB, 480x480, tumblr_oq7sy0IR7M1w41ruro1_500…)

i actually love looking at these stupid imagine things kpop fans make. some of them are obvious jokes taking the piss

No. 292723

File: 1536372326672.jpg (46.26 KB, 710x575, IMG-20180830-WA0001.jpg)

and some of them are unintentionally hilarious

No. 292734

No. 292736

i mean suga does look like he's holding in a fat shit sometimes

No. 292743

File: 1536373318088.png (1.12 MB, 1072x962, Screen Shot 2018-09-07 at 10.2…)

No. 292782

i'm actually howling at these. we need more armys like this

No. 292785

she has quite a few on there if you dig enough. i don't even like bts like that but i've been reading some of them and they're kind of hilarious lmaoooo

No. 292830

File: 1536386333689.jpg (174.23 KB, 1000x1000, ZZ5600.jpg)

I don't care for BTS but let me just say that their line collab is hella cute, especially the dog in yellow.
Honestly tempted to buy one but also don't want to be approached by nutty kpop fans

No. 292833

I know nothing about kpop but this had me rolling, kek.

No. 292838

File: 1536388192636.jpg (100.76 KB, 564x705, 3c6272ef0692a13b5377ad013006ac…)

Is kpop the direct cause of the giant influx of koreaboos lately?

No. 292840

probably, they're super loud on social media. plus a lot of them have gone the "aesthetic" route, especially on social media, so it's a lot more acceptable to be openly a kpop fan in some spaces. kpop fans can be so loud that if you want a lil clout, just make a BTS video or smth and you'll get a shit ton of views.

idk but i remember when i was in high school, "open" kpop fans used to be super cringey; you could spot them miles away with their exo hoodies, terrible bb cream and eyeliner, and face masks lmaoo

No. 292841

it would probably be a bat signal to real life armys so i can't help you there anon lmaooo but if you like it so much you want to get one, why not? if you want some plushie or smth (idk what their line consists of) its not like anyone will see it anyways.

No. 292848

Hmm that's true, guess I'll pick me up some of them cute indoor slippers.
On another note, I watched a vid where a girl went to the line store and bought $400 worth of the BTS line character stuff and claimed she was planning on going to go back for more.
BTS fans are really something to behold.

No. 292852

File: 1536392726133.png (425.82 KB, 1080x1586, Screenshot_20180908-094306_1.p…)

This person already claimed that he wasn't retarded kek why does she need to overanalize everything the dude does when we all know he's just stupid


No. 292854

Yes, and the Korean government actively supports the global soft power influence of Kpop and Kdramas. It's even got it's own name, "Hallyu":

It does make me wonder what the next orientalist movement is gonna be. Weeaboos are definitely still going and have basically become normalized, from what I've seen, but Jpop's global appeal seems to be stagnating as a result of regional copyright claims and it doesn't cater as much to worldwide trends. That might be changing, though, because I'm starting to see more and more groups get added to US Spotify.

China is the most obvious contender, but they might just be happy to live off of their billion-sized population and not have to deal with international fans.

That's insane. I wonder if it was a group order, though? But there are definitely people who throw that sort of money at Kpop merch.

No. 292879

lmaoo shooky so ugly he got kicked out of the picture

No. 292886

god does this girl ever do anything but cry over taehyung? she sounds so whiny

No. 292921

i agree, those are cute. apart from the heart shaped duck (?) and the weird horse

No. 292926

it's so ironic that the yellow dog is jimin's character kek and the wierd heart thing is taehyung

No. 292927

Oh god this thread is cancerous

No. 292966

File: 1536428098073.jpg (6.66 KB, 216x233, tumblr_pei134YNqt1vttso7_250.j…)

ngl, when i first saw this picture i thought it was eunhyuk from suju. then again i hadn't been into kpop for years and had no idea who bts was sooo lmaooo

No. 293074

File: 1536453462027.jpg (89.49 KB, 637x601, tiffy_russell.jpg)

this girl is lowkey a cow. it's kind of creepy how she styles herself like a korean trying to be white… kbooception

No. 293076

personal opinion but i think the "kpop selca days" or whatever are super cringey. to each their own ig

No. 293094

I know B.A.P is super irrelevant but one of their members was accused and is being investigated for sexual assulting a 20yo woman.

I'm not sure exactly what happened, the English article I read just said sexual harassment, but I look at auto-translated (phonefag) Korean article, that said he forceful raped her. Which the wording could be inaccurate bc it's pretty much Google translated.

Neither article say which member was accused.



No. 293096

damn that's crazy. though I don't know why people (other than stans) would say it's just sexual assault if it accurately translates to rape. depending on what happened I wouldn't be surprised if people forgive him though. it happened to one of the members of shinee

No. 293118

File: 1536471420591.png (1.5 MB, 1285x687, Screen Shot 2018-09-09 at 3.35…)

This was the monstrosity that popped up when I opened tumblr to log in. And it was gif too, so they were bobbing their heads and blinking at me. Fucking nightmare inducing even in cartoon form

No. 293127

Dang, you can just look at her and know straight away that she’s a Koreaboo. OT but caterpillar eyebrows don’t suit most face shapes and it’s a stupid Korean make-up meme that needs to go away.

No. 293129

ugh i saw this shit too. everyone is trying to shill bts right now

No. 293154

File: 1536478879343.jpg (121.84 KB, 720x932, tumblr_paswbu7Nng1xxe1nto1_128…)


No. 293166

File: 1536479537212.gif (2.43 MB, 363x269, jim_carrey_disgusted.gif)

No. 293194

No. 293222

I feel like an awful person but when I heard the news I almost instantly figured it was him. I didn’t dislike him and I’d never seen anything off; I just literally couldn’t picture any of the others.

No. 293241

File: 1536496320383.jpg (206.03 KB, 960x960, IMG_20180909_082455.jpg)

>Our oppar would have told us if he raped somebody!!

Kek B.A.P's fandom has always seemed decent, especially for a kpop fandom. They're all scrambling to defend Himchan, and swear he's innocent tho.
They also think their company, TS, is behind the accusations (at least on Tumblr, I don't use Twitter) because all of their contracts are ending and they'll be leaving TS

No. 293242

is anyone in bts gay? some of their fans are 100% sure that they are gay or bi (probably just because they want their ships to be real lmao) but i think all of them are straight, except suga who might be bi
there isn't anything wrong with them being gay, it's just funny how some armys see them as lgbt icons

No. 293244

The few fan accounts I saw on Twitter posting about it seemed mature, saying everyone should wait before we know more and never ever put blame on the victim in the event that they were telling the truth. So at least there are fans who do handle it maturely.

I wouldn’t be too surprised if J-Hope’s gay. It’s just a feeling, though.

No. 293245

I have trouble seeing Suga and V as straight men.

No. 293250

nah, they're straight. they act like fuckboys too. i think you guys are just fujos.

No. 293257

File: 1536500297877.png (396.34 KB, 750x1334, 7D25E747-214A-40B7-9E35-FFD233…)

thinking the ugliest member of a group gives off gay vibes doesn’t make you a fujo since that implies you’d find them sexy in any capacity.

anyway, ratmys shitting their diapers over other groups for being “untalented” always cracks me up. the only even remotely talented bts member is jhope.

No. 293261

what group are the talking about?

No. 293265

i didn't say suga is definitely bi, i said he might be. there's that one interview where he said his ideal type isn't limited to the opposite gender, some people say it was mistranslated, some people say it wasn't so i don't know. there's these lines that he wrote too
알다시피 내 목소린 좀 꼴림
(As you know, my voice will turn you on)
남자든 여자든 랩으로 홍콩을
(Whether it’s a guy or girl)
보내는 유연한 내 혀놀림
(my tongue will make you come)
it's not mistranslated, "남자든 여자든" literally means "man or woman".
again, i'm not saying these are definitely proving anything, just guessing based on what he said himself

No. 293270


No. 293274

my dumbass thought they were talking about BTS

No. 293280

That article was mistranslated and misunderstood.
>The interviewer ask about what he looked for in girls. He said their atmosphere and that it wasnt limited to girls, but applied to everyone
Most ARMY's take this to mean he like every one, regardless of gender
Clearly he was trying to say that in both relationships and friendships he goes off of the vibe people have

The lyrics are misunderstood as well. He was saying that his rapping skills (which he calls his 'tounge technology') are so good that anybody who listens to it will orgasm and even makes a blowjob/flowjob joke in the same verses.

If Suga said anything out right sus like that, Korea wouldn't let it slide. they're homophobic as fuck and would've dragged him and probably ruined his career for it.

No. 293284

File: 1536504869690.jpg (245.88 KB, 900x475, screenshot-04.jpg)

i see your point anon, you might be right as well.
really though, shippers are seriously expecting their ships to come out any second when even idols in hetero relationships get their careers ruined, it's weird

No. 293289

Never really understood the basis of "Taekook" or why it's so popular. They don't seem to interact on camera that often? Not to mention that they are the most obviously heterosexual men in the group (besides like… RM or Jin), but I know that doesn't deter fujos.

No. 293292

It's because they're objectively the two best-looking members. That's all there is to it.

No. 293298

>big hit and Korea supporting taekook coming out


>supporting homosexuality

what are these bitches smoking?

No. 293301

they used to have more interactions in the past + their #aesthetic together may be appealing since they’re the best looking + “fits muh fanfiction plot uwu”

No. 293303

Sorry for deleting and replying over, I'm new on lolcow
Same, I was surprised that it was one of the most popular ships, I don't think they are even that close compared to some other friendships in BTS. Tbh they all seem too bfflike, so I find all these ships awkward. I guess the deal with some other ships is them fitting the unrealistic fanfiction stereotypes. However, I really don't see what's so interesting about Taekook, maybe it's because they are the 2 youngest ones so the young fans relate to them or whatever, but I see grown ass women in their 20s arguing about Vkook and Jikook as well so who knows. Their shippers even interpret them not interacting often as "Bighit is trying to seperate them" lol

No. 293304

The whole maknae line seems close to me, even if they don't interact that much on camera, which it would make sense for them to be closer than the other members because they were all still in their teens when they became trainees and pretty much grew up together. As oppose to already being adults and just getting a job like the other members.
With that being said tho, Jungkook does seem close to Jimin than V

No. 293310

she's not wrong about Blackpink but it's not like BTS is anything different either. Jhope and Jimin are somewhat good dancers and that's pretty much it. BTS isn't nowhere as talented as armys make them out to be

No. 293314

It’s the hypocrisy that’s so ridiculous. Yeah BP isn’t anything extraordinary and are overhyped but their dancers/singers/rappers aren’t any worse than BTS. They also have visuals which is something BTS, barring Taehyung and Jungkook, can’t relate to.

Tbh BTS is impressively bad considering how hyped they are and how many braindead fans they have creaming their pants and writing long ridiculously far-fetched theories about how genius and ~deep~ they are.

No. 293316

>barring Taehyung and Jungkook
More or less. Taehyung is heading towards the wall and Jungkook is nothing special, I'd almost go as far as to call him a butterface (butthisface?). They're still the best looking members of BTS, but the bar is so low that that's hardly an accomplishment.

No. 293317

kpop is kinda known for bad vocals, but tbh listening to some other groups vocalists really puts into perspective how bad bangtan sounds. however despite this i think they have made some good/appealing music in the past, shame they dont seem to be trying anymore, and everything theyre making now is this knockoff circa 2014 edm stuff

i actually think jimin and jk's friendship seems pretty sweet and like one of the only things about bangtan that isnt entirely fake, i could have just fallen for it though, you never know with kpop

No. 293318

bighit branding is so strong that it nullifies the very public writing credits that show only the rap line have any real input in their material, and even then they just write their own verses

>the wall
kek we need to start using this for males more often

No. 293320

Fr. The expiration date for most men is around 24-25 tbh. They peak between 19 and 22.

No. 293326

armys make him the most handsome man alive in all the online lists but i really don't see what's so breathtaking about taehyung. he might be the one that i find the least attractive. he's not ugly or anything, he just seems like an average looking guy to me. maybe it's just his personality putting me off

No. 293330

File: 1536512036592.jpg (56.57 KB, 1116x557, 1505839118409.jpg)

after looking at him in google images for like five minutes, i agree but the other members are still uglier than him imo. this might be the exact frame he peaked.

No. 293332


Korean speaker here, the article says Sexual molestation, not rape per se.

No. 293334

jesus christ some of the views these videos rake in, makes you reconsider possibly doing these types of videos

idk why but every time i see a picture or whatever of taehyung, for some reason he gives me vibes that he smells.

No. 293336

File: 1536514472917.jpg (65.68 KB, 540x975, 2018091001000740300057921.jpg)

damn, ig this is what years worth of being a nugu for a while does to you. i wonder how the investigations are gonna turn out.

No. 293355

File: 1536518477641.jpg (201.42 KB, 1200x802, tumblr_perg3c2G0P1uluw7po1_128…)

they are just not meant for modeling. you know it's bad when rat mon is pretty much the only one serving face. jungkook looks okay but he could do better. the rest are tragic, suga looks like he needs to take a fat shit and taehyung/v looks goofy as usual.

No. 293357

Jungkook's pose is really awkward.

No. 293365

you’re right about rat mon. jhorse also looks unusually non-awful here; the pose hides how awkward and long his face is.

No. 293367

the lighting and makeup are so bad wtf, is this supposed to make people want to buy beauty products? they should fire their photographer. and bts look so exhausted and bored that even the editing doesn't help.

No. 293368

dang. and i thought it was just v's awful hair that was making him look extra bad lately. rip

No. 293378

File: 1536520959181.jpg (598.73 KB, 1280x747, BTS.jpg)

I wish they stopped giving Kpop boys bowlcuts, all of them look better without it

No. 293379

i understand why taehyung has bangs/bowlcuts but the rest need to stop that shit. they all look so much better showing forehead.

No. 293383

busted old hoes. taehyung looks like an 8 year old hispanic boy playing dress up.

No. 293384

I don't know why Jin likes bowlcuts, he really does look like a penis when he's not showing his forehead.

No. 293385

I have no idea who is who except for Nam Joon.

No. 293387

it's probably better for you that way tbh.

No. 293388

lurk moar

No. 293390

anon, these are all just bowl cuts that have been parted… apart from rapmon

No. 293394

File: 1536522222644.jpg (14.93 KB, 336x313, Cx5agdxWIAAfskQ.jpg)

I know, I mean the bowlcut with bangs straight down look needs to stop, the parted styles look better

No. 293404

File: 1536523598147.png (1.07 MB, 998x786, Screen Shot 2018-09-09 at 3.58…)

sorry for bad quality, it's the best i could find, but it looks like taehyung got baby bangs to hide his bighead?

(gif version)

No. 293405

>jesus christ some of the views these videos rake in, makes you reconsider possibly doing these types of videos
Yep. Not only videos, also art commissions (see the mediocre shit at >>293118 who made it to the Tumblr front page) and even fanfictions. I'm lowkey considering opening a fansite to make some cash off gullible stans

No. 293406

i don't blame you sis, get money while it's flowing

No. 293407

File: 1536523880980.png (1.45 MB, 960x1038, Screen Shot 2018-09-09 at 4.08…)

No. 293409

>tfw your fivehead is the size of a football field so you have to get bangs for your bangs

No. 293411

lmao and they say they are doing these cringefest analysis videos to show their support if taekook wants to come out and shit. yeah, they are definitely doing this for pure noble reasons, these videos definitely aren't 30 minutes long for the sake of more ad revenue, knowing that they'll get tons of views off clickbait titles or anything, who would do that

No. 293412

whats going on here? is he wearing a wig? why does he have hair under his hair?

No. 293431

Old jeans and a second hand blazer that he can't even wear properly… he looks broke af

No. 293443

File: 1536530036228.jpg (71.74 KB, 720x690, 3QWZSwW.jpg)

it's also the reason he's constantly wearing those headbands when his hair is parted

No. 293444

File: 1536530168881.png (696.06 KB, 870x674, Screen Shot 2018-09-09 at 4.06…)

No. 293447

Oh my God. I'm dying

Kek Is he going bald or was he born with a fucked up hairline?

No. 293453

>insert genderbent kaka joke

No. 293466

File: 1536534845551.gif (612.95 KB, 498x498, tenor.gif)


So his bangs are extensions?

No. 293469

File: 1536535038175.png (1.46 MB, 1190x892, Screen Shot 2018-09-09 at 7.15…)

nah he has bangs, just he also has extensions. i'm guessing he got baby bangs cut under his actual bangs to hide his octohead??? because everytime he moves his head slightly his whole forehead shows so that's what i'm guessing

No. 293470

File: 1536535052471.png (1.79 MB, 872x1320, Screen Shot 2018-09-09 at 7.15…)

No. 293471

File: 1536535115190.jpg (22.05 KB, 720x515, forehead.jpg)

No. 293472

File: 1536535183907.png (635.38 KB, 686x682, Screen Shot 2018-09-09 at 4.07…)

i'm guessing the baby bangs are working bc it looks like he has a normal hairline from some low quality angles lmaooo

No. 293473

bruh not to mention the fucking lyrical, moodboard shit they do with it too.

No. 293474

>o-oppa's beautiful mind uwu

Autism. The word she's looking for is autism.

No. 293477

File: 1536536040600.jpg (61.99 KB, 400x501, cosplay_bts_by_shitdownshitdow…)

even worse…kpop cosplay.

No. 293481

>this is a thing

Oh god I'm cackling, imagine 8 years down the road and they look back on this. Though I'm surprised no ones going after them for REE YELLOWFACE.

No. 293483

File: 1536536789617.gif (3.03 MB, 359x202, umok.gif)

No. 293486

that is a ten-gallon forehead

No. 293487

File: 1536537179465.jpg (153.99 KB, 960x815, IMG_20180909_194727.jpg)

Kek This is gonna be Taehyung in 10 years

No. 293488

more like 5 or less years with the way bighit keeps bleaching the fuck out of his already dying hair lmaooo

No. 293491

if he doesn't want to go the hair transplant route, he might as well just get a man wig installed at this point rather than just getting those retarded "under-baby-bangs" and extensions sheesh

No. 293513

We’ve talked a lot about jhopes plastic surgery but another member who has a really fake nose is Jungkook. They clearly started shaping it when he was a kid, and now it’s so unnaturally straight with a fake pointed tip. His nose when he was a kid was a lore beakier before they started “fixing” it

No. 293514


Lmao you guys he’s not losing his hair he just has a big forehead. Even since he was a kid you can see it. That doesn’t mean he’s going to go bald any worse than someone with a small forehead. People don’t get hair transplants or wear wigs because of big foreheads. I love making fun of his rectangular shaped forehead just as much as the next person but these jokes don’t make any sense.

No. 293515

yeaaaah, it looks fine right now, i hope he doesn't try to do anything else with it so he doesn't become the next namjoo.

No. 293517

File: 1536547933697.jpeg (550.81 KB, 2048x2048, 1CA0A9A9-32B0-4147-8AC5-8F855E…)


Lol his new nose doesn’t even look like anything that exists naturally in the korean gene pool… or any gene pool tbh.

I wonder what he’d look like without PS. His nose is way too fake now with that unnaturally straight bridge and trying to force it to be pointed/upturned. I wonder if this is just fillers or whatever since it’s been slowly changing since he was like 15.

No. 293519


Taehyung does look sort of mixed

No. 293532

tangentially related but this video made them look like the kpop village people. dumb concept

No. 293577

his face is so plain without styling and makeup, they shouldn't make his nose smaller, bigger nose gave him at least some sort of character

No. 293588

I wish there was a BTS specific containment thread. Whining about their weird ass faces takes up 75% of this thread.

No. 293594

File: 1536559939330.jpg (98.24 KB, 1200x675, DfnD9NqUwAAaWAx.jpg)

ugh a lot of times when lisa has her hair in a ponytail you can see her extensions and i hate it. i think she looks really good in high ponytails but inevitably you end up seeing her beads/weave; i wish her hair stylist or whoever would do a bit better of a job covering them or placing them better.

No. 293598

File: 1536560424370.jpg (132.33 KB, 600x900, 42-BLACKPINK-Lisa-Mulberry-Seo…)

No. 293599

File: 1536560588915.jpg (106.95 KB, 1080x1080, 33210464_218028365464179_71375…)

joy's extensions are always tragic too

No. 293618

The stylist's must really be getting paid jack shit to let this shit happen.

Would any of them ever speak out against the way theyre paid? Or do they just love wiping idol's buttholes and bragging about it everyday?

No. 293624


The taekookers are back at it again. Jungkook staring at V swallowing a strawberry like a vaccuum must mean they're in love~

and that he wants V to suck his dick.

No. 293627

wasn't there a documentary on stylists? or at least the clothing ones; idk about the makeup & hair ones. anyways they were super over worked and paid jack shit. i'm sure there's some that do it just to be around the idols but i'm sure there's also some that are doing it for a living or in hopes to advance in some type of career in that industry, idk. it was super eye opening though to see what really goes on behind the scenes with clothing stylists and why it's so common to see idols wear similar clothing.

No. 293633

if i saw someone look like they were struggling hard to do the simple task of eating a strawberry id probably stare at them too

ngl i like jungkook so i really wish dumb underage armys would stop shipping him with everyone, i cant follow people for pics without having to see the most cringe shit about how he stood next to another member for 0.7 seconds or some shit. it's so fucking annoying.

ive heard this too, which is why i like the joke/theory that kpop styling can be so terrible because the stylists are full of hatred and rage

No. 293634

>taehyung stands close to jungkook
>jungkook looks at him for 3 seconds
>"wow jungkook is a whipped man :( can't you see the love in their eyes? save them from bighit"
taekookers are a whole cringefest. it's funny how shippers see these basic shit as jungkook and taehyung being deeply in love when it doesn't mean anything to an outsider. do they have any idea about how normal human interactions work? i wonder what today's shippers will think when they look back at themselves and see themselves obsessing over and wasting their time on a non-existent relationship

No. 293660

File: 1536572714847.png (605.64 KB, 700x650, tweet.png)

BTS tweeted a picture with Rich Brian and some armeries are attacking him because his company posted a video of BTS being touchy-feely with each other and put one of Brian's songs in the background as a joke, and some of their followers were commenting homophobic stuff. His company apologized and deleted the video. Lmao BTS obviously isn't offended but for some reason their fans are

No. 293671

Lol Jimin doesn't look happy to be there

No. 293672

Jimin always looks miserable in western collabs or sns, I dont know what the hell is his problem.

No. 293674

File: 1536576974305.jpeg (144.56 KB, 750x710, 69B5897F-C130-44F8-BCE8-975470…)

his napoleon complex most likely

most western artists are generally taller than them and it makes his being short that much more obvious

of course racist armys have their own theories though.

No. 293676

Lmao these types of tweets from armys are probably the most cringiest from just how delusional they sound. They don't actually believe BTS, who are south koreans from one of the most racist societies ever, care that much about black people? It's a straight up fantasy in a desperate attempt to make their oppas look more woke and less like a superficial boy-band. Who do they think they're fooling lol

No. 293680

brian is indonesian

wasn't jimin the one fanboying over shawn mendes seconds after meeting him lol.
the race arguments in bts stan twitter is really disappointing, it's just so ignorant and pointless. i see white and black fans fighting for literally no reason, or western and korean fans fighting for again, no reason. bts has a lot of young fans from different races and it's sad that these kids are seeing that. bts is working with a big charity organization, don't they realize it would ruin their image if they keep blowing things out of proportion? i know some stans are just joking but some of them are just plain hateful. just accept each other and move on

No. 293700

File: 1536581288527.jpg (108.19 KB, 598x533, Wfu33drJy8hgsFuerGsSBBMOTirbLj…)

>napoleon complex

Never forget: your oppas are stumpy, bigfaced midgets

No. 293701

Btw, why has nobody sued Swift, because her evil snake boob dared to touch poor aunty Jhope's shoulder?

No. 293732

Isn’t namjoon supposed to be the same height as her? So they strategically put him closer to the camera so he’d be at her level

probably the best moment of his life

No. 293734

She's also wearing heels so she's probably taller.

No. 293890

how tall is rich brian?

No. 293895

Apparently 5'8, which would make Jin's height at 5'10 make sense

No. 293912

When will black army’s realize that black people are nothing more than one dimensional cartoon characters to them, who serve nothing but to play off of their weird hiphop obsession.

I want to out them all in a room with a non-stereotypical successful black man who enjoys rock or heavy metal and see them embarrass themselves by only saying things like “yoyoyo dats dope”. They wouldn’t know how to handle themselves.

No. 293913

reminds me of suga's stupid ass in that hip hop show going up to the black dudes showing off his "chain" saying "yo yo 3 dollas" or something like that.

No. 293914

lmfao so it was apparently supposed to be "how he would flirt with a girl" but i still think he had some sort of bias since he was around "~hip~hop~black~dudes." even if its a joke there's no way he'd act that stupid around a girl he likes LMAO

No. 293918

File: 1536604681587.png (792.02 KB, 1100x1408, Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 2.36…)

link to tweet

link to tweet with a boy group comparison, it's so accurate 😂😂

No. 293919

stans who like bts for being woke really don't care because if they did they'd care about idols who actually do stand up for shit instead of just projecting their own views onto idols who've done next to nothing. ikon's bobby posted in support of colin kaepernick this week but bts wins because idk, maybe one of them said he likes tanned girls one time or something. cl has lyrics implying she's bi just as much as suga does but it's brought up way less because they've just decided suga is more woke. that being said, a lot of kpop fans who used to mock cl for anything she did like her now that she's fat and doesn't like yg

No. 293920

newfriend plz

while his current nose looks plastic af, his original nose looks rather charming. i wonder how many cosmetic injections kpop artists get throughout their career.

No. 293921

Coolio knew what was up and was having none of their shit

No. 293923

lol this made me think of exo's wolf. a legend

No. 293924

I think the explanation last time was that he just gets nervous as fuck anytime he's in the US (probably because he doesn't speak English) so he just comes off as sour the whole time. Unprofessional IMO but understandable.

No. 293925

what's up with so many groups having to thank bts when they perform in america now? groups have been doing american concerts for years. bigbang and 2ne1 both went to america for their 2012 tours, and bigbang went to the uk too. jyj had us and european dates in their 2011 tour. how has this suddenly become a thing to thank bts for?

No. 293926

File: 1536608403711.png (1.3 MB, 1226x1092, Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 2.39…)

tf is a honey jams. ole ugly looking franklin the turtle.

No. 293927

Armys on twitter were getting mad at new fans for using the "you got no jams" joke because it's too old, I wonder how they felt when they saw Namjoon still doing that joke lol

No. 293933

File: 1536609474031.gif (1.34 MB, 500x245, 8937984.gif)

I hate this retarded smile he makes to try to push his jaw forwards.

I always fantasize about punching him when I see gif related on my timeline.

No. 293934

File: 1536609715927.png (2.46 MB, 1030x1324, Screen Shot 2018-09-09 at 4.03…)

he looks like a neanderthal. he needs to stop trying to push his chin out like he's doing something. he's like the opposite of leafy is here; instead of hiding his no chin he juts it out.

No. 293935


Jimin sounds terrible. I can't believe armys paid so much for this. Should've just lip synced.

No. 293938

I hate it too, nobody has to thank them for anything. Maybe they contributed in making kpop more popular but it's because of their stupid top social artist award and tons of irrelevant achievements like first kpop act who did bla bla…

No. 293939

File: 1536610952439.gif (1.49 MB, 405x270, tumblr_nj4i7wHOzw1rxzp1no1_r1_…)

lol this is probably what everyone's favs are gonna be looking like years later. speaking of terrible dancing, what is it with kpop fans hyping up their stiff ass dancers? so many kpop groups that i've seen dance are terrible and just look like they're calculating their next move rather than just performing. i think a lot of them get away with it because they are in big groups so it's easy to get away with not being completely synced, but the minute they're by themselves–tragic. dance stiffer than your slave contracts y'all.

so many of them say chris brown is their inspo but it sure looks like they ain't learn shit from him LOL

No. 293940


>That hairline

Jojo Siwa who

No. 293954

File: 1536612461891.jpg (67.15 KB, 600x600, chanbaek.jpg)

kpop shippers are so fucking delusional and annoying

No. 293959

at least the first comment admits he's off tune. it's kinda refreshing to see when usually they'll insist that their dying cat noises sound perfect

No. 293967

really they should all thank psy. barely anyone was checking for kpop before Gangnam style, which I think actually went #2 in the US, higher than any bts single

No. 293969

and he did it without a bunch of toy soldiers streaming for hours on end only to immediately drop down the chart after reaching their desired spot lmaoo

No. 293976

damn i didn’t even realize it was yeol until i read the file name. i thought it was yunhyeong at first bc of the grey hair lol

i used to find him hot, now i’m not so sure. is it just me or do idols’ looks usually start to deteriorate once they’ve had their peak? is it because a lot of them get more and more work done to try to keep their appeal up so their faces end up getting increasingly fucked up until you have results like current hani? if so, that’s a scary (but most of all depressing) downward spiral.

No. 293995


These people really have no friends, do they? People look at people and smile at them, especially when they're doing funny or weird stuff, that's just normal, jesus.

No. 294060

File: 1536641614704.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 205.6 KB, 800x1200, DmuGzNJUYAAy-I7.jpeg)

Went on stan twitter for the first time in years. The fuck happened to his big ass nose. Shit crooked as fuck now.

And why the fuck are there so many fans? Kpop legit is a repetitive industry, just like most of US pop. Are these chicks tired of white American boy groups and would rather support an industry that's xenophobic towards them just bc their POC? Big headed, small dick, short men who aspire to reach shitty micheal jackson tier plastic surgery sounds like a good idea…

OML at least the girl groups are still cute. And yes, I'm talking bout Twice. Not no fucking Blackpink, those bitches grind my teeth.

Anyways, when will this whole thing die out. Honestly, them beating the group concept like a dead horse, is only in turn making the West do the same shit. Nothing wrong with bgs or ggs, even if they're not genuine bands or musicians, at least make em decent and fun.

Like 1D were all fugly as shit, besides Zayn and Harry ofc, but at least I remember their music actually being somewhat good and not forcing my myself to like anything.

The whole thing gets me heated.

No. 294062


kek. Have you seen the massive amounts of BTS WITh BlaCK WomEn Youtube videos? They cream themselves thinking oppa "wants a bit of that chocolate" when I'm sure the reality is the exact opposite.

No. 294072

Pic kinda looks like Michael Jackson

No. 294075

i actually find him good-looking but damn why did they do this to his nose, it was already okay. it's almost like everyone's noses have to look the same nowadays. he obviously got surgery, and some other bts members did too, and honestly, there's nothing wrong with that. it's just funny how army still thinks all of them are completely natural

i feel like this too, whenever i want to look up something or find some pics having to see all the cringy shipping makes me want to throw up

No. 294079

>i actually find him good-looking but damn why did they do this to his nose
same here, theres no point in denying that he got it done and i dont think he should go any further. i don't see anything wrong with getting plastic surgery to a certain extent (don't do too much), but it's extremely annoying when armys and kpop fans in general try to fight it. i'm sure it doesn't feel good when it's obvious you get plastic surgery but your delusional fans screech "they're natural!!!" every chance they get LOL. it's almost like how taeyeon's fans sperg about how she's never gotten plastic surgery despite the fact that her face looks like its melting.

live in the plastic surgery capital of the world and be expected to be completely natural in a job where looks are pinnacle.

No. 294082

>it's just funny how army still thinks all of them are completely natural
Especially jarring in J-Hope's case, I've seen some people getting downright angry when denying that he had plastic surgery.

No. 294083

oh yeah, some j-hope fans get angrily vehement when you mention that his nose is obviously fake. i wonder why they care so much.

No. 294114

because they couldn’t care less.

an idol does something admirable or “woke” that won’t benefit them in any way beyond doing something decent, armys will dig a receipt out of their ass on how they mouthed the n-word listening to an american song by a black artist in 2011 or wore dreadlocks once to justify why they’re trash and always will be.

a bts member says something that doesn’t explicitly disqualify poc from whatever they’re talking about and they’re a woke king- who cares if they had a photoshoot at a holocaust memorial and posed in nazi uniforms, fetishized an entire race, wrote demeaning lyrics about women, verbally attacked a 14yo or said the korean equivalent of the n-word with a hard r. other artists get crucified for the most minuscule shit but when it comes to their oppars everything is always everyone else’s fault.

they don’t care about doing the right thing, they don’t care about standing up for people unless it fits their agenda. all they care about is licking their oppars asses and doing whatever toxic shit they can to feel self-important. the hypocrisy, selfishness and narcissism radiating off of armys is disgusting.

No. 294123

File: 1536659158421.png (76.21 KB, 600x245, -.png)

hypocrite human scums

No. 294135

C'mon anon, as if exo stans were any better. In fact, every kpop fandom is absolute trash anyways

No. 294139

maybe but armys are still at the bottom of the barrel. in addition their hypocrisy makes it 100x worse

No. 294140

cassiopeias were 100% the worst, exols and armys can't even come close tbh

No. 294141

File: 1536660889700.jpg (16.16 KB, 630x630, 2741251_0.jpg)

sorry for the shitty post but i need to say that the way the kpop girl and boy groups give their fans gay little names irritates the fuck out of me

No. 294157

cassies were terrible in a completely different way. they weren't making obnoxious posts online, they just stalked, harassed, and physically assaulted their idols.

are tvxq and jyj the only groups to have physical evidence of them beating down on their fans? i'm surprised the video of changmin dragging a girl to the ground didn't get more coverage given that jyj's videos are still talked about, but it wasn't going to get far in international communities because netizenbuzz would never translate something that makes jyj look good, she's admitted that before. it's crazy that people still use that site to get their opinions on anything jyj/tvxq when she's said for years now that she'll only translate negative things about jyj and never clarifications or anything positive

No. 294182


Too nervous to fake a smile? He needs to see a therapist, dude. People from all walks of life get put in awkward and uncomfortable situations but that doesn’t mean it’s okay to just give up trying. His fans are watching him, the least he could do is smile in a photo or a video. Even suga puts in more effort than he does, when they do cringe English interviews, Suga will say shit in korean so RM will translate but jimin just says nothing and sits there looking sour faced and pissed off that he has to even be there.

And the craziest thing is that delusional whipped armys will see this and be like “haha he hates white ppl!” As if they think they are somehow excluded from that? He probably hates all foreigners, lots of korean people do, his foreign fans included. Imagine being so obsessed with a filter you don’t even know that you would cheer on your own disrespect… wild

No. 294183

I don't mind it overall because it's a solid move for getting people into a group and I can see the purpose of it, but some of the names are so fucking stupid. Names like blackjacks and blinks are fine, but "armys" and "exo-ls" sound so fucking stupid.

No. 294188

>the video of changmin dragging a girl to the ground
Wasn't the girl in question a sasaeng?

No. 294192

File: 1536666649874.jpg (1.22 MB, 925x1876, bts.jpg)

is jimin okay

No. 294193

why does it look like hes been shopped into all of these? he's like 2 foot taller than normal…?

i feel like jimin always looks so mad when he's in america cause he's still asspained about that hustle life series thing they did kek

No. 294194

she was, so i definitely don't think it's that bad that he did it, i was just surprised because jyj had to have a press conference and it was a big deal when their videos were leaked but the talk about changmin died down really fast

No. 294197

all this talk about psychotic fandoms reminds me of that one time a sasaeng broke into exo’s dorm and stole a member’s piss to freeze and sell online

>but it wasn't going to get far in international communities because netizenbuzz would never translate something that makes jyj look good, she's admitted that before. it's crazy that people still use that site to get their opinions on anything jyj/tvxq when she's said for years now that she'll only translate negative things about jyj and never clarifications or anything positive
she sounds like a giga cunt but at least she’s honest about it.

this looks so creepy they have almost the same exact expression/pose in every pic and jimin looks identical in all three, the ppl they pose with look photoshopped in

No. 294198

People just don't care that much about TVXQ anymore, it was never gonna get as much attention as something back in the early 2010s. And honestly I can't help but split hairs in the situations, I found Changmin's situation much less shocking than Jaejoong's because the latter was accompanied by really his disturbing drunken rant. The things he said and the fact that he kept her there to yell at her (aka didn't feel threatened by her at all) was scarier than him smacking her head. On the other hand sasaeng taxis are a legit danger and cause a lot of crashes so I can understand wanting to get her out of the car and preventing her following him any further. The taxi driver's gonna get back in the car at some point, so the only option is to get her out instead.

Anyway tbh it's kind of an unavoidably shit situation. I wouldn't trust any TVXQ/JYJ members as far as I could throw them, not even Yunho, it would be a miracle if they could get through all that sasaeng shit without fucking up and taking their anger out on them at some point.

No. 294199

File: 1536667724126.gif (877.69 KB, 220x220, laughs-nervously-what-the-fuck…)

>that one time a sasaeng broke into exo’s dorm and stole a member’s piss to freeze and sell online


No. 294200

She's not a cunt, people always take her choices of articles so personally like she has a vendetta about their favs specifically. If everyone was right about that, she'd hate 99% of kpop.

From the start she barely gave a shit about kpop and was more into kdramas, the only group she was a fan of was Block B. It's obvious she just translates a) the most popular articles and b) whatever will get her clicks. She wasn't posting positive JYJ posts years ago because their fans were manipulating upvotes to the point that it was a genuinely inaccurate reflection of the comment section. I doubt that is the case anymore, it's been so long, but their articles are probably just less popular unless they get involved in drama (in which case the comments are negative).

No. 294201

>that one time a sasaeng broke into exo’s dorm and stole a member’s piss to freeze and sell online
it's so fucking creepy. i heard this before and i still don't understand how she even managed to do that? doesn't exo flush?

No. 294208

usually it's just for clicks but there are some idols she has strong opinions on and makes sure to translate the articles that share her view. the t-ara scandle would never have been as big internationally if it wasn't for her, and more recent posts clarifying the issue would still get just as many clicks but she'd never translate them at the same rate as posts calling them bullies. the jyj one was obvious, she's a diehard yunho stan who translates anything that makes yunho look good, and jennie is her new clear favourite. yeah she knows she'll get more clicks and comments if a headline mentions sulli, but it doesn't mean she doesn't also have some clear biases. sites like nb really do translate fake or misleading accounts or don't post any follow up information about scandles that weren't true, but because fans claim "mistranslation!!" at anything they don't like obviously people won't believe it if it's about someone they don't like or care about anyway

No. 294211

Do you have any evidence of her being a Yunho stan? Because I am one, I've always paid attention to any NB articles about him, and they were neutral or negative and pretty rare up until his military service. Koreans love a good soldier and that's why comments about him are so positive lately. He doesn't have any scandals for people to hold against him either. But before the army he got made fun of for his rapping or chin or whatever.

No. 294216

File: 1536670967752.png (134.68 KB, 500x630, stealth_neckbeard.png)

>tfw EXO pees in bottles

No. 294217

lol and it's meant to be "Adorable Representative MC for Youth" (what even). the meaning of BTS isn't much better

No. 294220

Maybe he just thinks he looks less ugly when brooding.

No. 294227

wtf is this legit? so gross

No. 294257

i was a little off but yeah shits still nasty

No. 294275

File: 1536675978786.jpg (79.12 KB, 544x720, DdsJOp3VMAAgh5w.jpg)

semi realted but Jaejoong's one of my personal favourite k-pop lolcows, along with Taeyeon and Miss A's Min when she was at all relevant. I don't really dislike any of them and like some of Jaejoong and Taeyeon's solo stuff but they're some of the funniest to read drama about. Jaejoong's 32 and still posts snide, bitchy comments about other idols, has blatant ana behaviour, has blatant drinking problems, used Yunho for attention as recently as this week, gets fillers to change his nose shape every couple of months, follows J-rockers about like a fanboy and the occasional old blind items about his sex life made it seem like there wasn't a model in Japan he wasn't having sex with, male or female. I don't think there's anything more sinister about him than any other idol but he's a serious attention whore. He was BFFs with Ayumi Hamasaki for a while, which sums up what I mean.

Are there any other idols with funny cow material? I think Taeyeon's been brought up a few times before but I like seeing idols who are entertainingly embarassing, not just ugly or short or bad at singing.

No. 294276

pisses me off that that ungrateful little shit is being welcomed with open arms by the biggest music market in the world and he acts like that. kpop handlers need to train their idols to be gracious and humble when they’re invited to a foreign country. even western fucktards like justin bieber get media training

No. 294285

their tour costumes are fugly as shit. like michael jackson meets liberace

No. 294290

>delusional whipped armys will see this and be like “haha he hates white ppl!” As if they think they are somehow excluded from that?

so true. i have only seen that one episode of 'hustle life' that was linked in a previous thread, but i don't remember them even speaking to any white people except that 14 year old kid. and if jimin would actually hate wypipo because of that kid who was actually very helpful and nice, then he would be even worse of a person than i thought

No. 294292

he was probably buttmad that a 14 year old could have a job and be respected by his boss. how dare we americans treat children with respect and dignity!

No. 294294

seungri's towel scandal was pretty hilarious, but i don't think he has anything outside of that. iu "accidentally" posting that picture of eunhyuk too

No. 294297

'Jimin hates whites' is just a stupid stan twitter meme. I highly doubt there's any truth to it. He's just seems extremely socially inept. I recall seeing in some bon voyage clip the members were saying that he can't talk to strangers.

No. 294298

i know, that's the point i was trying to make although i didn't word it very well. the twitter meme makes him seem like a worse person that he probably actually is in reality, but they act like its a good thing. at the end of the day it is just a joke though

No. 294303

Old T-ARA scandal was also pretty lulzy, with Hwayoung being allegedly bullied by other members and her sister threatening to beat up one of them

No. 294307

Why are some male idols so gross? Like Lucas from NCT picking his nose in front of cameras so many times. Meanwhile girl idols can't even "smile too wide" otherwise their agency berates them

No. 294309

>Are there any other idols with funny cow material?
I don't think she's really an idol, but there's Han Seo Hee, the girl who smoke marijuana with TOP and said that a MAC lipstick was bigger than his dick.

No. 294312

don't forget mingyu sneezing into his hand and then wiping it on vernon

No. 294313

have you heard the sounds of many of them eating? it's the asian culture in many cases, not that it's inherently bad, they're just less restrained than people in the west. it's normal for them to chew loudly in public, burp, etc. (i'm talking from my experience with the chinese though)

No. 294316

"cypher pt 4 wasn't sampled, the ones who wrote that beat sold it to BTS and later sold it to sfb too without "knowing" they already sold it.
also sfb are just stupid dutch people who think they can write lyrics and think they can rap, which basically sums up the music i'm forced to listen too here"
armies trying to justify plagiarism

No. 294319

A lot of korean ppl hate anyone who isn’t korean and hate leaving Korea. Their culture makes them so socially retarded and unable to function outside of their shitty age and gender roles that they would rather just not leave their little bubble. Jimin probably packs his suitcases full of instant noodles every time they have to leave and cries to the fan cafe about how much he misses (real) ARMYs everytime they go abroad.

If he hates white people then he hates black and brown people too. He seems totally ungrateful to me. I can’t believe international armys encourage his anti-social behavior while thinking they are somehow the exception.

No. 294321

lol this reminds me of caps ive seen from a vlive with V where he was asked a question:

>Taehyung, I am a high school student and I get really nervous whenever I have to do a job/college interview, what should I do?

written in korean

and he responds like
>Why are you calling me Taehyung? You are a high school student, I am 23 years old, why are you addressing me informally? You must be an international fan
(i.e. an american born korean person)

what an asshole… and then armys cap it and retweet saying 'MayHAPs he sNAppED xDDdd savage unbothered king', like yeah, that'll teach his fan for not being born in korea and asking him for his advice…….???

No. 294325

is there a tolerable person in bts

No. 294327

Lmao god what an asshole.

I used to follow accounts that would translate fan cafe posts from Bts. Everytime they went abroad even for a short time they would write about how much they missed ARMYS and would return to them soon. Total slap in the face to the ARMYS they were going to see and who had probably waited years and spent a bunch of money just to see them. The crazy thing is that anytime a fan would bring this up, other fans would shout them down talking about how hard it is to leave home and how proud they are of their cultures. Nah they just are xenophobic af and don’t know how to relate to or appreciate people who aren’t korean.

No. 294329

i think jungkook would be an alright guy if he didn't get famous so young. he seemed like a regular teen, kind of obnoxious but nice enough, but don't people talk about a lot of celebrities basically forever acting the age they were when they got famous and got praised for just existing? there's a chance he never grew out of the obnoxious parts of being a teenage boy because he never had to. same goes for him talent wise, he's not bad but he's never had to improve since he's been praised since he was like 15