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No. 344649

Rant about Kpop, its creepy fandoms, and/or its fucked up industry. Or just nitpick some idols.

· Don't sperg, complain or pick fights.
· Don't racebait.
· Don't fangirl, save that for the Kpop General thread here: >>301262
· Don't derail about dumb shit. If it doesn't directly have to do with Kpop, don't post about it here.
· This thread is not about shipping or fangirling. Save that for the general kpop thread here: >>301262

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No. 344650

sorry for old pic, couldnt access the old thread to find a new one

No. 344657

thank fuck someone finally made a new thread

love the thread pic anon!

No. 344658

File: 1545969660301.jpg (Spoiler Image, 352.35 KB, 1992x2160, Snap.jpg)

Twice with the fanservice again.

No. 344679

i caught up to the last thread and when i tried clicking on it last night, it was just a blank page. i still cant access it even now. glad to see it wasnt just me

No. 344681

It has happened to celebricows as well, but that thread works now. Idk what the hell is wrong with the site lately…

No. 344689

their uncle fans and r/kpopfap are gonna have a field day with this. i bet it's already at the top of r/kpopfap knowing them.

No. 344740

Is anybody else also annoyed when kpoppers cover a regular song and everybody acts like they're god's gift? Sure, if you've been a singer for years already and spent training even longer everybody is able to become decent enough to hit the notes, but that doesn't change the fact that all their voices are so bland and mediocre.

No. 344744

Don't apologise, every time I scroll past I have a good laugh.

No. 344785

File: 1546007764245.png (146.9 KB, 499x435, wtf.png)

No. 344787

Oh yeah daddy, wiping from back to front is so sexy.

No. 344788

File: 1546008842997.jpg (102.75 KB, 1280x720, thumbnail.jpg)

i was watching some performances from sbs gayo daejun, there was a bts performance with v wildly sticking out his tongue on the thumbnail and i was just thinking how bts members are trying way too hard to be sexy, v and jimin in particular. they just seem more concerned about looking good rather than actually performing well

No. 344814

i saw some article about idols with the best expression on stage and he was in it, wtf, he is even cringier on stage than irl

No. 344848


Did y'all see that the other members of that boy group with the abuse allegations are claiming that the 2 guys are liars and the punishments either didn't happen, was overexaggerated, or not done by the agency but their own dad.

What's y'all take on it?

No. 344849

Tarhyung has got it stuck in his head that his expressions are the best when performing.

No. 344850

Knowing the history of Kpop they've probably been coerced or payed to say that shit to erase the other boys claim of abuse. And it definitely wouldn't shock me if those were the older members.

No. 344855

those kids sound brainwashed.

No. 344861

>that unnatural usage of "y'all" trademarked by underage kpopfags
le sigh

No. 344897

still reminds me of the first time that one member of BTS sang a song from charlie puth and armies spammed the fuck out of his social media and the comments under his music video talking about him and how he was so much better or how they should collaborate and shit like that. i would legitimately be embarrassed if my fans harassed my "idol" to collaborate with me rather than the artist genuinely wanting to. tbh most of what BTS and kpop groups have gotten are due to their annoying ass fans spamming the fuck out of them. even their awards are due to whatever fan group can scream the loudest about how their precious bois deserve it.

if anyone else genuinely believes those kids aren't being abused they are stupid. it's a clear case of hierarchy and abuse that got them to shut up. tbh i wouldn't be surprised if abuse happens behind every kpop group and they were just willing to report it. there's always some story about a kpop idols hard journey to becoming one with hints of what sounds like abuse, or a form of it, here and there but their fans just say how they "worked hard" or were "strong." stupid.

No. 344899

File: 1546025046435.jpg (181.79 KB, 890x1188, tumblr_pkc363FR7E1uluw7po1_128…)

Damn Jungkook reminding me of Jimin with his stupid contacts and how off they look.

No. 344903

why does this guy don't grow up and look even more like a middle school boy every day

No. 344917

File: 1546026186362.png (467.66 KB, 569x560, yurii.png)

Yuri used to be so pretty but now she looks like a middle aged mom (although I guess this styling is for a drama). I feel like most of SNSD except Taeyeon because she's rich and Tiffany because she's american will get married and knocked up and disappear from public life soon

No. 344919

I can't tell if they are just joking around or what. and wtf was going on with jin's face

No. 344929

Their vocals always sound like they are screeching while being high on helium. Having more than enough money to take vocal lessons and still being this bad at singing is a crime

No. 344949

I remember EXO-Ls were losing their shit when Chanyeol sung english songs, specifically Creep by Radiohead (I'm ashamed to say I was one of them thank God I outgrew that faze). Looking back it's amazing how not amazing their singing is.

No. 344961

File: 1546028443840.jpg (716.61 KB, 1632x3264, ae34234v21.jpg)

has oh my girl's hyojung's bad plastic surgery ever been brought up because her pinched nose sends me

while looking for photos i found out oh my girl was hyped as a plastic surgery-free group lmao RIGHT

No. 344964

werent both sooyoung and hyoyeon engaged to their bfs at some point? i know hyo broke up with him after getting drunk and trying to kill herself by jumping out the window or whatever but i dont recall hearing about sooyoung breaking up with hers

No. 344965

File: 1546028797038.jpg (314.93 KB, 660x815, terribleplasticsurgeryew.jpg)

ugh, reminds me of that singaporean blogger QiuQiu and her terrible nose job.

No. 344971

this is such a pet peeve of mine, please if you MUST come here directly from twitter, at least read the rules first and dont immediately start posting like a twitterfag, it makes you stick out like a sore thumb. sage for ot but i really fucking hate that word

No. 344972

sooyoung and her bf are still together. she seems like shes going to turn out the most normal out of anyone from SNSD. always came off as pretty well-adjusted to me

No. 344975

hyoyeon beat her boyfriend as well kek

No. 344977

The Stockholm syndrome is strong with those statements

No. 344983


The SM year-end stage was such a mess. The groups didn't even share a stage together. Stylists just threw shirts over Red Velvet's stage outfits for their performance with Hyoyeon and reduced NCT to Exo's backup dancers. This felt like a way to push NCT into everyone's faces again somehow.

Also, Sunmi seems to be taking her performance cues directly from stan Twitter and trying to incorporate as much fanservice as possible - Twitter will not shut up about the fact that Sunmi ran a hand across Seulgi's chest. Credit to her for keeping up the act after Gashina though, nobody knew who she was until last year and now she's lesbian queen or something.

No. 344987

I dont think its fair to say no one knew who she was until last year.
The same people who jumped on the YASSSS SAPHIC QUEEN SUNMI boat were on the YASSSSSS ALEX REID LOOKS LIKE ME SO IM A RANIA STAN NOW when rania was infinitely better 6 years ago than they ever were when alex was in the group. Those kinda fans aint shit. It is definitely shitty that shes pandering though.

No. 344997

When I say "no one" I do mean international stan Twitter, obviously the Korean public must have known of her because her previous solos did well too.

>It is definitely shitty that shes pandering though.

Full Moon and 24 Hours were also sensual and sultry but there was no queerbaiting of any kind. Ever since she decided to be more active on Twitter and reply to memes and such she's turned up the fanservice way too much. Her songs do very well in Korea now so I don't know why she feels the need to pander to stan Twitter, the annoying ones hyping her up won't even buy her albums

No. 345002

This had potential and they all have amazing bodies, but Tzuyu as usual looks blank, as does Sowon (what does she even do in GFriend besides be tall?). It's good in bits and pieces but not really as sexy as it should be.

No. 345008

the SM stage was disappointing. they didn't even perform any songs from their older groups.. JYP's stage was a lot better even though that guy from got7 sounded annoying as hell.

No. 345024

so how did we feel about everyone constantly throwing a fit over some damn closing stages lol

No. 345027

retarded. out of all the problems in the world and that's what they're throwing a fit over. who cares about who gets a closing stage or not?? they all got ridiculously long stages anyways. nobody gives a shit about that kind of stuff in any other music industry.

No. 345028

Apologies, but what the heck is a closing stage?

No. 345030

if i'm correct it's the last performance of the event. they're "closing" the event so it's a closing stage. i think exo got the closing stage over BTS and people were throwing a fit over it?

No. 345048

Anybody here really dislike Key from SHINee? I find him so pretentious and annoying. He seems like a real stuck up douche bag and his fans are the worst.

No. 345050

I could never really get past his "princess" attitude, but I'm sure his die hard fans would conclude anyone who dislikes him are jealous of his ps ass.

No. 345051

He really does, his mannerisms and everything. I guess he was right when he said he never grew up past 15.

It depends on situation to me. Sometimes he's really funny and other times he's an absolute douche. He reminds me of a lot of the gay dudes I know. Funny but don't know when to stop with the attitude.

No. 345053

File: 1546039712556.png (482.84 KB, 586x587, tumblr_p3ujv9yRBW1vk4voro1_640…)

Tbh it can be said about all idols, both male and female. No matter how manly/"badass" is the act they put on stage, you will see them trying to look as cutesy as possible in their selfies

No. 345054

File: 1546039923922.jpg (238.06 KB, 900x1200, olemiddleschoollookinass.jpg)

i hate when idols post pics like this, especially with the snow filter, it looks so ugly

No. 345059

What I don't get is why the inflated eye bags are considered cute.

No. 345062

File: 1546040389225.jpg (36.26 KB, 480x551, 0e8f.jpg)

i think they're super ugly but probably bc they give the impression of bigger eyes

No. 345064

File: 1546040437198.jpg (124.41 KB, 540x708, truedywtf.jpg)

No. 345068


kpop fans really like their men castrated, huh

No. 345069

Yikes, like look horrible! And to think that they pay money to have this done to their eyes

No. 345074

>>345069 they pay money for that shit wtf? This is news to me. I always thought that eye bag thing was a natural occurrence. Wow TIL…

No. 345080

Honestly, seeing this does make me see the appeal of aegyo sal. It's weird but they look better with it somehow.

No. 345090

File: 1546043153488.jpeg (314.63 KB, 1440x1602, 00A193BF-90BD-4B92-A915-4E71AA…)

hey guys remember when ratmon invented the english language?

No. 345091

File: 1546043176340.jpeg (250.96 KB, 1440x1528, 86517A05-AE45-488E-B9A3-C73D73…)

No. 345093

They look more asian without the bags, how ironic

No. 345095

Ah yes, the lard that watched Friends and can barely get through an English interview is the king of the English language. Fuck armys they are some of the most disillusion spergs I have ever seen.

No. 345118

I mean Lisa can barely speak any English apart from the cringy raps written for her and Jisoo doesn't speak a single word, but still, two of them went to school/one was born in English speaking countries. I can never tell if these kids are trolling with their hyperbole or if they're literally that stupid though. It'd be the easiest thing on earth to make an army troll account just saying insanely dumb shit

No. 345140

>>344740 god yes, some kpop male idol made a cover "I fall in love too easily" by chet baker and I was interested cause I'm a fan of chet baker but god the cover was too fast and the singer wasn't even that great, mediocre but barely… im sorry for ranting but I love that song but some fan said it surpasses the original and I got pissed… it was months ago but im still in disbelief to say it was good but kudos for him to make his own version of the song i guess

No. 345142

No. 345156

It is a natural occurrence in a lot of people, its just a matter of highlighting it unnaturaly with obnoxious makeup. Kind of like cheekbone contouring, and people trying to overcompensate for what they dont have that much of

No. 345160

What do anons think about k-buzz. It reminds me a lot of this thread. Shits on idols and gets all the fans riled up and angry while making a ton of money at it.

If Kpop Critical was on youtube we would be making bank.


No. 345174

I’m several years out of the kpop loop, whatever happened with the TOP weed drama? Are the rest of them behaving since they’re all in the army except for Senguri who looks as bloated as Psy these days

No. 345176

Hm.. I never heard of k-buzz but if it's anything like this thread I gotta check it out.


I absolutely hate Taeyong's voice/rapping. He recently featured on Yunho's solo song on tvxq's new album and he sounds like a complete artist. A person who translates kpop songs said "I didn't translate the rap BC it's gibberish" and they're right. It was bad,unneeded and wasn't even related to the song. It was literal gibberish ft NCT promo. I hope Taeyong's didn't write that garbage BC if he did…whoooo boy… I wish sm wouldn't shove nctrash down everyone's throat.

No. 345177

oof I just checked recent picture of senguri and jeez he's put on some weight.

No. 345178

>>345176 same fag I meant autist not artist

No. 345179

i read that and was like wtf LOL(learn 2 integrate)

No. 345182

It's basically allkpop articles in video form. I don't why people still fall for obvious clickbait.

he went back to the army and hasn't said anything about it since. the trainee he smoked with comes back every once in a while to talk about him or other idols and get into fights online.

No. 345185

>He recently featured on Yunho's solo song on tvxq's new album
I've been listening to that song a lot and lmao the rap didn't even register in my head, I keep thinking 'which part is Taeyong's???' because I don't really know what he sounds like. And now I realize my mind has completely skipped over the rap because it's forgettable pointless garbage.

No. 345190

File: 1546056944769.jpeg (24.38 KB, 558x307, Dpn_HBAUUAEv847.jpeg)

ofc they had to add a "hiphop" beat over the og instrumental.

Couldve gotten an orchestra and a way more competent singer but no…idols are the market.

No. 345196

File: 1546057531278.jpg (74.42 KB, 650x540, Dvf4V_kU8AA4Zuz.jpg)

chanyeol, jin and dahyun were mcing together and they seemed okay with each other..? it's funny how exo and bts themselves have literally no beef against each other yet fans keep finding a reason to fight over. you look at the reasons why they hate the other group and it's always "exo-ls did this", "armys did that". maybe just.. stop fighting over dumb shit?

No. 345198

wow imagine my surprise that without the silicone bags under their eyes and if they had their natural monolidsn still intact they'd actually look..you know..korean..

No. 345205

…Are armys really so deluded that they believe bts are plastic surgery free?

No. 345260

Someone on Twitter said that Taeyong's rapping voice sounds like a zipper and now I can't get that out of my head

No. 345277

Am I the only one who thinks after Jonghyun's death SHINee's music declined in quality? The Story of Light Ep was not that good imo neither was Key or Onew's solos. Its also extremely annoying how on every SHINee related thing these fans flood the comment section with different variants of "Rip Jonghyun oppar :((((" yeah it's sad but they do this on literally everything and it's even more inconsiderate to do it on the members sns. Like imagine waking up everyday and being reminded that your friend killed themselves…idk I feel like I'm overreacting

No. 345278

"12. [+42, -2] BTS has grown this big and yet our country isn't giving them the treatment they deserve simply because they're not from a big company. I can't imagine how hard it must've been for mid-tier companies, and other mid-tier idols too… What a realization."

this is so cringe and untrue

No. 345284

lmao embarrassing. when will 12 year old netizens realize that most adults don't care about teeny boppers, regardless of what company they're from?

No. 345288

They're so embarrassing. I guess western recognition is more important than the korean traditions regarding seniority that have determined closing stages since forever.

No. 345296

when will armys stop with the dumb "they suffered a lot because they come from a small company :(" narrative? it's not like any group sm, yg or jyp debuts automatically makes it big, these groups become successful on their own too

No. 345298

I'd love to the know the horrible mistreatment they're facing from Korea considering they get a lot of performance time during most award shows. but of course giving companies that have multiple active artists more screentime is obviously a sign of disrespect to BTS.

No. 345336

What are your 2019 predictions for k-pop?

I think 2019 will be the year that BTS and Twice start flopping. If Jennie keeps being so lazy, Blackpink will eventually start to flop too

No. 345341

File: 1546069418511.jpg (158.38 KB, 990x1570, DtaNAj8UwAAbLtJ.jpg)

okay pls dont ask me where i found this but what the FUCK

No. 345342

That's it. I don't want to live anymore. Pls, someone remove this shit from my brain!

No. 345343

spoiler that shit anon

No. 345344

>>345336 Bts will have a massive scandal in America that will result in a sharp decline in bts' popularity, Sm will continue to shove Markct down everyone's throats and stop giving a fuck about exo in favor of NCT,Senior Junior will continue to make shitty Korean/Spanish songs,Lay will leave exo and become way more popular (in China at least) and Jennie will get kicked out of black pink for being lazy or just leave the group to go solo

No. 345345

How many times do we have to ask you newfags to integrate? Fuck. Winter break can't end soon enough.

No. 345351


god, i don't know i feel like the no. of fans are definitely gonna increase tbh even if kpop itself is gonna lose its spotlight… tbh im scared for kpop… a song from my friend's fave male kpop group was an ad to the whole playlist of songs that were from spiderverse and i took a pic of it and when she asked "was it good or was it good" i thought she was referring to the movie and I said "beautiful" but then i realized it was about the kpop song and I said "it was fine, okay. not for my taste." and then she doesn't speak to me for two or three days… im scared of kpop fangirls, army, blink or carats (she's a huge seventeen fan) or whatever…

No. 345353

come on man, im not a newfag. i just couldnt not share it

No. 345360

File: 1546074418310.jpg (2.04 MB, 2184x1404, bts.jpg)

I'd say Jin and V look like they didn't get much done, but the others had obvious nose jobs, jaw and eyelid surgeries. They're not fooling anyone

No. 345362

>the photographer saw the middle picture of j-hope
>said yes, this is good, we should release this one to millions of fans

id like to applaud bighit for their supporting disabled communities by working with a blind photographer

No. 345400

I don't think BTS will necessary decline so much as plateau. They have a rabid fandom to keep them relevant but they'll be where EXO is now. Twice on the other hand might not keep their relevance since they're all getting older and pedo uncles will move onto Iz*one instead, which has actual underage members for them to sexualise. Unless they change up their image and go "girl crush" real soon, it's curtains for them. Red Velvet and Blackpink have now caught up to them (BP's album is the highest selling GG album on Hanteo now) and they're not as untouchable as they were in late 2016-early 2017.

No. 345401


638 comments from pressed armies, between this and the Kpop Isn't Popular article, Digital Music News is doing a fine job of generating traffic from triggered armies kek

No. 345405

These threads really do get raided by newfags everytime. How often are we going to have the "Armys are delusional BTS are plastic hags, unlike my oppas!" discussion?

Big fucking lol @ Suga's jaw though.

Have those two really caught up though? RV's only legit hit was Red Flavour and BP promotes only once a year. Twice should start weaseling their way into variety/acting, groups are decaying even faster than before, as you said. I'm sure JYP that fucking creep already has his next batch of pre-teens ready to go.

No. 345409

bts' surgeries get ragged on a lot because armys are constantly insisting that they aren't like all the other plastic idols and they are 100% pure ps free natural beauties except that one rhinoplasty one of them got to breathe easily or something

No. 345410

i don’t think bts will really decline much until there’s another group to take over for them. exo didn’t really decline in popularity that much but they got overshadowed by bts, i imagine it’ll be the same thing again. i’ve seen people argue that they’ll get owned once bigbang comes back, but at this rate bts are going to start heading to the army before seungri even enlists

twice passing their peak could be good for them, though. as long as a decent chunk of their fanbase stays loyal then they can change their music style and stuff, if they’re never going to have another cheer up then they don’t need to try.

i predict a couple of members leaving groups under negative circumstances. since bts have all re-signed, if one of the sadboy members wants to leave then they’ll either have to pay off the contract or go through a lawsuit. i see an nct member quietly leaving after being absent for a bit, maybe a red velvet member leaving. sm likes to try to divert attention from big scandals by debuting new groups or giving comebacks and their new gg should be ready to debut in 2019. re: sexist, racist etc scandals, wendy will make another insensitive comment, one of the bts sweet smol baby boys (ie v or suga) will say something incredibly shitty but fans will try to hide it, and a male idol with a bad reputation implies he likes a female idol with a good reputation, prompting panic and fanwars on all sides

No. 345412

The gap is getting smaller. Red Flavor might be RV's signature song but Rookie, Dumb Dumb and Power Up did very well on the charts and they now have the "nation's representative" tag after their North Korea performance. Irene's face is everywhere in Korea now and they have a large female following which will probably keep them afloat in the future. As for Blackpink, DDDD was a HUGE hit, numbers wise bigger than most of Twice's songs this year, and Jennie doing well also kept Blackpink's name in the spotlight by association. Plus the general public might get tired of the cute sound soon - 5 years ago sexy concepts were all the rage and it might come back full circle, who knows?

I'm just saying that Twice might be on their last legs now because they didn't experiment with their sound at all once they had a fanbase in place.

>Twice should start weaseling their way into variety/acting

This probably a big factor in Twice not having a longtime career; they don't have one member on the level of Irene or Jennie's fame in Korea. Tzuyu, Nayeon and Sana are decently well-known but JYP didn't capitalize off of that and give them more solo promotions since he got burned badly by the Miss A situation.

No. 345413

Watch big hit's new boy group have natural handsome faces, who all can speak English and actually sing/rap/dance

That's probably their "formula" especially when it comes to promoting in Western entertainment.

Hell, if i were still into this kpop shit i'd drop bts in a quick second.

No. 345414

all of them looked better in the before photos especially that one with the glasses. very unfortunate.

No. 345415

If the new bg has better singers, visuals and dancers than BTS the army rage will be spectacular to behold considering how vicious they are about "stanning talent"

No. 345418


Then you need to sort out your twitter following, not shit up the threads with old milk.


I agree with you on all accounts. I've also noticed that their fandom has calmed down a bit whereas BP's fandom is as obnoxious as ever. Makes me a bit sad because with BP and Twice being essentially 2ne1 and SNSD 2.0, I would've loved seeing an upgraded blackjacks vs SONE.


Not even trying to be mean, I'm legit curious, if you don't care for kpop anymore - why are you here?

No. 345421

I also feel like BTS might fuck up bad in America since they show no effort to integrate to the culture and learn the language yet still want to be taken seriously

No. 345423

File: 1546092250732.gif (1.47 MB, 480x270, tumblr_ndp777Ded01stpkk6o1_500…)

blackjacks vs sones drama was always so good, they managed to fight over everything. 2010-2013 was the peak, ironically it was less exciting when they had comebacks at the same time in 2014 since they both did nearly equally well and both groups started to crumble soon after.
>plastic surgery
snsd nearly all having work done vs bom's increasingly stiff face
>vocal talent
multiple non-vocal members vs not having a taeyeon level vocalist
boring, typical girl group dancing vs minzy seizures holding the group together
revealing, costumey outfits vs jeremy scott vomit

the last one was the best, since the i got a boy teaser came out and snsd were wearing entirely jeremy scott and js knockoffs. blackjacks were so smug over the fact that one of sones big digs at 2ne1 over the years was their ugly, mismatched street clothing.

No. 345425

I don't like either groups, but Jennie and Rosé went to school in New Zealand, Rosé was even born there and speaks English better than she speaks Korean. So I could vouch that both of them could effortlessly talk in English and make some sense, unlike Rat "Jordan Peterson" Monster

No. 345426

File: 1546093140535.gif (4.21 MB, 336x200, 53C512F8-F65C-45F3-96E0-ABD483…)

I was also very fond of the 2ne1 japanese debut memes. Good times.

No. 345428

>BP's fandom is as obnoxious as ever
The power of cancerous SEA stans latching onto Lisa.

No. 345429


>Not even trying to be mean, I'm legit curious, if you don't care for kpop anymore - why are you here?

more of the case i'm not into stanning groups and being vicious over biases any more, but i do love catching up on news from time to time, especially since the industry is a mess that's gaining more intl attention and to see whether or not the shit ton of groups that debut yearly succeed or flop.

No. 345430

That gif is so damn cringey lmfao

No. 345431


Exactly. Trainees come to Korea and are expected to integrate within Korean culture, yet BTS comes to America expecting to be dominating the charts and media when the niggas won't even bother to learn English, and I mean all 7 off them, not just Ratmon and Junglebook.

They made most of their money through the American charts and streaming platforms, and just went oh! the #1 music industry in the world shockingly pays better than Korea.

No. 345432

File: 1546094238069.jpeg (57.33 KB, 480x360, 936CEEF3-92EF-4203-87E7-A764E9…)

Speaking of nostalgic Kpop shit, remember that huge SNSD’s hate forum where ELFs would lose their shit and call all of the members whores for interacting with their faves? Ratmys are just the little sisters of old crazed super junior fans.

No. 345433

this is so petty and stupid.. i don't think female idols care that much about their manlet oppas tbh, boy group fans are delusional

No. 345435

File: 1546094750108.png (4.41 KB, 307x141, 0.png)


No. 345436

ELF legit bullied a girl until she an hero'd. Which is why I think people saying Army/Exo-L are cancer is almost funny. Asian americans on twitter searching for some obscure german literature reference in their gay korean pop music fave's music videos may be cringey but it's so harmless lmfao
To be fair though, we all know that sm's groups always inherit fans from their seniors, so exo-l def have done a lot of messy shit, especially around their debut. With the influx of ex-1D fans army have been in shambles though. Funny how the exo vs bts situation almost reversed completely.

No. 345442

that story was really fucked up. the girl they harassed starved herself for three months and lost half her bodyweight and then had to deal with their crazed harassment.
This is a social media post of hers from pann-choa

>I'm receiving so many hate comments nowadays… ㅠ..ㅠ For real.. Does it makes sense that people are saying that I did plastic surgery? You think that all the swelling would go down in only 3 months? And if you're saying that I lost weight because I ate medication, then what are you making of the people who gain weight by eating medication? Also, to the people who purposely write these things anonymously… Until when am I going to endure all of this? Let's speak frankly, I have been starving day by day for 3 months, everyone knows it already no? It was during my period of growth so I even gave up on growing taller. Seriously, I really starved to death. At that time, I really felt that dying would be better so I went up to my rooftop a few times… I only drank 1-2 cups of milk every day and would go to the hospital every day because of anemia.. Ah~ I even got injection of dextrose. Seriously, to the people who have not put in as much effort as me, please don't talk without thinking. I'm still having a hard time because of anemia! Even now, I only eat 1 meal a day. Do you know why? Because I'm scared of the yoyo effect… So I'm still putting in so much effort now, so seeing how people just talk blindly about me like that… is just ridiculous. The world wants lookism so that's why it's so hard.. And what's the issue again this time?… seriously, what do you want me to do? Do you want me to kill myself? The eyes of the people who looked at the old me.. Do you know how I felt? They looked at me like a pig, not a human.. They thought that I should lose some weight, that I was delusioned into thinking that I thought of myself as being skinny already…….. It was seriously so hard.. I cried too.. I hated it. But now that I lost weight, you know what they say? That I lied….. That I'm so good at lying….. They say things like that… Seriously, how can they know how I feel if they are not me?…. This is seriously so hard…. I'm a human too… Really…


No. 345448

The black ocean was pretty much revolutionary in collective fandom hatred against a group. Every new gen group keeps fighting for victim points by saying they got a black ocean too when SNSD was the first and last group it happened to. Say what you want about them but the amount of hatred they got at debut is unmatched, all because they dared to joke around with men they trained alongside for ages and know well. Boy group fandoms have always been fucking disgusting

No. 345451

I remember armys sperging over a "black ocean"

They just wish BTS had the power that SNSD held over boy group fans who hated their success in the past.

No. 345452

if people outside of kpop ever want to know how sensitive and babied idols are, all they need to know is that fans not turning on lightsticks is such a great offense that fans still cry about it 10 years later for bragging rights. it was weird coming into kpop fandom and hearing about it being heartbreaking when you'd think they'd been bottled onstage

No. 345462

bts owes their career to 1D's split and ex-weebs with yellow fever lol

No. 345468

BTS owes Zayn Malik a percentage of their earnings, if he hadn't left BTS would still be a pathetic Big Bang ripoff struggling to reach 50k in album sales

No. 345470

All this over some ugly molesters, I guess some fangirls will lust over anything

No. 345472

This. BTS doesn't need to worry about international armies ditching them for a different Korean group, they'll lose the majority of their crazed fans when another decent teeny bopper male group or soloist makes it big in the armies' country of residence.
BTS just got lucky. Armies aren't subtle about not caring about kpop as a whole, so it always confuses me when people think they'll move from BTS onto another Korean group. They renounce every other kpop act while not realizing that their favorite group is exactly the same.
I'm just hoping the time comes soon so I can stop seeing them everywhere. I don't know if it's sadder that I've seen BTS stuff in public where I live or that I know what BTS is

No. 345481

whoever in bighit decided to give up on their edgy high school dropouts image and gave them the ~~we are anxious, depressed flower boys who might be fucking each other~~ image is a marketing genius

No. 345483

Someone in Big Hit is/was a regular Tumblr user for sure

No. 345498

I remember t-ara got them too and also the silence during the fanchants but that was to be expected after Hwayoungs lies.

No. 345509

I'm curious, does anyone else think the whole Baekhyun x Taeyeon relationship was used as a means of distracting people when Kris was leaving EXO? The timing seemed rather odd and I remember all of the EXO-Ls on twitter were having a field day with that (but then again they were also saying that Tao was bottoming for Kris so that is the state of these people's brains.)

No. 345510

i heard dispatch would leak stories based on company approval and pay, so i suspect anything leaked by dispatch was fake PR including relationships

No. 345520

Did y'all ever talk about the Chen/Kunta Kinte incident?

No. 345522

I believe we did in the last thread, but I can't seem to access for whatever reason.

No. 345523

>Hwayoungs lies
Wait, so the bullying scandal was fake?

No. 345524

>>345509 yeah I agree. I really think their whole relationship was fake..like who kisses with the roof down in plain sight knowing fans are like rabid dogs and would be (unrightfully) upset?

No. 345526

wew you're late anon

she admitted to it after texts surfaced where hwayoungs twin sister was threatening to disfigure/kill/whatever areum, the newer member, and areum confirmed it and hwayoungs story started to fall apart from there so hwayoung came out with some bullshit "kekeke i was just upset after a misunderstanding go watch my new show lmaooo hul" statement and netizens finally started turning on her

No. 345531

>>345526 everytime I hear about the t-ara/hwayoung story I get extremely upset. T-ara was very popular and on the same level as snsd but like a dumb bitch she ruined her and her own group's career. What a loser.

No. 345533

Same honestly. And I feel particularly protective of and sad for Areum because it became very obvious she was the actual victim and it really affected her mental health and she was practically a child.

No. 345548

File: 1546112086111.jpg (70.13 KB, 736x1011, DdN0OaQU0AE4n6q.jpg)

The Armies shouldn't be as cocky and arrogant as they are now. Let's see what they stan…a vocalist that astral projects his high notes into a different realm, another one that sounds like a dying grandpa,Jungle book's basic vocals, 3 sub par rappers and a cringy narcissist…y I k e s. Bts is the most fake deep,basic boy group alive and armies think that bts are on another level and they're really not. They're were just like every generic kpop group out there with their hip hop concept#1628363 and they still are honestly. If it wasn't for 1D and the whole B.a.p lawsuit thing Bts would be flops.

Also why is Bangtan so arrogant now too? Its starting to reflect in their music and how they present themselves. Like look at the lyrics for Mic drop..and adding your award speech as a track on your album is corny. After they won that dumb BBMA award Bts and Armies have become increasingly worse. I wish shitmies would understand that bts won that award bc armies are the most annoying people on twitter. There's a reason why they haven't won any awards for their music…As long as Armies are around and Bts doesn't bother to integrate and learn even basic English they'll never be taken seriously. All these artists and journalist are only using bts for clout which is extremely obvious.

(Photo semi-related bc who the fuck strolls around an airport (in Korea) holding an irrelevant award that most of the general Korean population couldn't give two shits about)

No. 345549

>>345548 same fag. Sorry for the typos I'm not illiterate I swear lmao

No. 345554

unfortunately some people in sk know about it because they showed it live on the news channels or something lmfao

No. 345556

Meh whatever, let BTS milk their fame. In a year or two, at most, a new group will come and dust them to irrelevancy. We've seen it with TVXQ, Super Junior, Big Bang and it's whats happenining to EXO atm, their fandom will shrink and they'll split at some point.

I think that if it wasn't for the cancerous fandom I wouldn't even consider BTS that milky tbh.

No. 345569

Yeah it's like One Direction, they had catchy songs but their fandom tainted everything

No. 345573

The funniest thing about them were always their fans, especially in the beginning when it was just legitimate dumbassery instead of whatever we are dealing with now. The members (mostly rapmonster lbr) did or said some stupid shit too but somehow it always seemed to me that things just keep randomly happening to bts and their fandom and noone knows WHAT it is about them that attracts this much chaotic energy. Like when they were touring the US back when noone in asia cared about them and someone threatened to shoot rapmonster and they had to cancel the concert? Pre-2017 was their entertainment peak and I suspect the moment wheb a lot of recovering stans in this thread used to care about them. The way they were whoring themselves out on youtube and twitter was, as we've discussed before, unheard of and really interesting. Now that there's so much money involved they've become extremely aware and boring. I cannot believe that kids are actually joining the fandom via promotion cycles like Fake Love or Idol. I'm sure most of what's being used to sell them on their personality is old stuff and BTS themselves aren't even the same people they were back then lol

No. 345576

Mr. r/iamverysmart and His Friends Depressed Flexmachine, Narcissist, Jailbait, I Cry After Every Concert, Retard and ADHD Sunshine, a legendary group

No. 345578

yeah, they had some appeal to me around 2016 but what's interesting about them now? back then they seemed like something new but now all there is to them is obnoxiously annoying fanbase, i guess that's the thing that attracts new stans - it's just a bandwagon

No. 345584

>>345576 LMFAOOOOO

Which member do you guys think has the most cringiest introduction (when they introduce themselves on TV shows i mean ..etc etc)? I honestly think J-horse's is a cringy fest.. either that or "Mr. WoRlDWiDe HanDsOmE"

No. 345587

jin has been so annoying with that shit. i think he did it again when he was MCing with chanyeol and dahyun?? stupid as fuck

No. 345590

one of their interviews in the west was posted here and their fake persona introductions were awkward as fuck in english

No. 345599

This is one of the things kpop companies do that I truly don't understand who it is for. Most idols are embarrassed by it, the fans find it cringey and the interviewers don't care. WHO are those intros for? So the idols can go on weekly idol 4 years later and be told ”Now introduce urself liek when u were a rookie!!! HurrDurr xD”?

No. 345603

>Depressed Flexmachine


No. 345608

Well, Jonghyun wrote and produced a lot of SHINee's songs, and also the members shouldn't have really promoted this year, they should have been allowed a grieving period. Of course their music and performance are going to suffer after such a loss, but SM doesn't give a fuck as long as they can profit off of what happened.

No. 345641

File: 1546122530574.png (Spoiler Image, 132.4 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-12-29-17-27-21…)

Am I do only one who finds "Kpop idol x you" smut fics cringy and disgusting? (Pic related)

No. 345643

File: 1546122577857.png (87.86 KB, 500x303, 1543274291890.png)

No. 345649

A couple of days ago I found a video of V massaging Jin's shoulders on a porn site wtf

No. 345651

>>345649 that's …. peculiar. Was it even sexual?(I.e like moaning and other weird queerbaitig shit they do

No. 345652

I didn't watch it

No. 345657

fanfics of real people make me uncomfortable in general

No. 345675

Not sure if old stuff, but at 6:56 you see reptile boy moving jungkooks stuff from one bag to another and you can obviously see him move 2 different kinds of diet pills (see: laxatives) into the new bag.

No. 345704

How are you so sure those are diet pills? And if they are, I'm not shocked at all, an industry that is known for it's extreme dieting would of course be shitting their brains and water weight out.

No. 345707

File: 1546133002664.jpeg (115.01 KB, 800x854, ipx.image-gmkt.com.jpeg)

Because it's these

No. 345708

File: 1546133063738.png (133.15 KB, 562x401, screenshot.png)

No. 345709

This shit bothers me on a spiritual level. I cannot stand media outlets that push this shit on young impressionable teens and kids. A story that will forever stick with me was from a friend who was teaching English in SK and that a little girl was afraid to eat a cookie that she won because "it would make her fat." Like what the actual fuck man!

No. 345710

Prime example of how idols who have debuted are just lucky to be there.

This performance is worse than the notoriously bad first round of group performances seen in kpop survival shows.

No. 345726

Well that was irritating as fuck, but I couldn't help but imagine how many creeps would sperg over this performance if they were all prepubescent teens.

Also, Umji looks like a prettier Yeri, and Kei's PS makes her look like a fucking alien.

No. 345731

….8kg in 1 month. Some of these people really don't see what's up with that huh

No. 345740

anybody else wondering if there’s something up with CL other than her gaining weight that’s stopped her from posting pictures of herself? she used to be THE female idol on instagram and right now it’s been months since she uploaded a current photo of herself, and she barely even uploads at all. she made a post last year saying she wasn’t happy with how her album was going and how she had a big breakup that made her want to change the music she was recording, then she had the olympics, and that was basically it. I don’t buy that it’s exclusively YG fucking her over because even if he hated 2NE1, CL could still generate more money, Dara gets to do TV work so it only makes sense for CL to get something as the other profitable one. idk, it just seems like she can’t be helping herself stay relevant and popular if for half of 2018 she basically stopped posting online. anyone got a wild 2019 prediction for her? she reappears in February, married and pregnant? drastic plastic surgery?

No. 345744

>>345740 there was all them rumours about her being pregnant but idk anon, she just looked fat to me. maybe she just gave up.

No. 345745

File: 1546136842751.png (189.57 KB, 330x368, DVH5bPr.png)

kei has always looked weird though idk if its necessarily PS

No. 345746

File: 1546136966013.jpg (60.5 KB, 640x1136, Ce8-xuMVAAANF2e.jpg)

samefag but this was a year or so after that one so maybe she did get PS idk

either way shes a weird looking one for sure

No. 345758

Idk if she had ps back then already but what I noticed about her face is that it's very asymmetrical which could give her a strange look. She possibly tried to balance out her face by getting ps and made it worse.

No. 345762

>>345740 I'm sensing a public meltdown or some kind of depressive episode that will either end her career or put her on a long hiatus

No. 345763

When will f(x)'s Amber stop making music? Her corny lyrics aren't gonna get her anywhere and she's not all that talented like her fans make her seem. The only reason she has fans is bc she looks like an oppar xD and it's apparent her fans only care for her looks bc once it's time to support her they go ghost like Danny Phantom.

No. 345770

Wait, i still dont understand why some of you think that most bts fans are ex-1d's or 5 secs of summer's fans, or ex weebs. Like they all offer a completely different genre than what bts does. Not that I defend bts, i just dont quite get how western pop music fans will just hop on to korean pop music that easily, considering the obvious difference.

No. 345773

years ago most bts fans were "multifandom" with 1d and all that shit lol

No. 345779

they jumped into another group they can insert to their gay butt sex fantasies

No. 345782

Lmao yes. I hate it when kpop fans hype her up just because she's uNiQuE, but if she ever decides to come out as a lesbian after her contract with SM ends, they all will cringe at her. Kpop fans are hypocrites. Not that I like Amber btw, it's obvious that she can't go solo like the other members. Like even if she does it won't be so successful, she's always the oDd uNiqUe aDdiTioN to f(x) anyway, but now f(x) is dead.

No. 345785

A huge amount of them are ex weebs or ex 1D fans. They couldn't control 1D's sex lives and realized all of them were straight fuckboys, so BTS not publicly dating anyone and playing along to the gay fanservice was what they needed. Most ex weebs have yellow fever and they worship everything East Asian so them hopping on to BTS isn't surprising too

No. 345786

Thanks for the answers. It makes sense now lol.

No. 345788

No it’s true, a lot of armys used to be 1D fans. Idk about 5sos fans because 5sos are still together, but since 1D had fallen apart the 1D fans got tired of waiting around so they jumped onto the new bandwagon group, which was bts. The type of fans 1D attracted and now bts attract are girls who care more about the band members than the music. If 1D and bts didn’t have that yaoi shipping appeal, they wouldn’t have as many dedicated fans. Tbh I feel like even if 1D was still active they would lose a lot of their fans to bts because the bts members are younger and try to maintain their “perfect innocent boyfriend” image, meanwhile the 1D boys were starting to get crusty and two of them have children now.

No. 345790

File: 1546141847794.jpg (578.45 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20181230-104358_You…)

What is it with Korean's obsession with overdone eye makeup? She literally looks like a creepy doll here. She already stood out even without the makeup cause of her hair + weird PS.

I'd give this performance a pass if it was done by some rookie group, not idols with at least 3 years of experience.

No. 345791

I guess that's also why Army tend to think that BTS is not Kpop lmao, and most Army are really disconnected from the whole Kpop realm

No. 345806

Nah this is just good habits, only a fatass would think equating sugar with rewards is a positive thing.

No. 345819

File: 1546146397585.png (49.88 KB, 153x134, 194751.PNG)

>a literal child you dont know
>calling her a fatass

cranky because youre following the IU diet arent you

No. 345821

Amber honestly just isn't talented in singing or songwriting. All her songs have really meh production and she doesn't have the vocal talent to elevate the mediocrity into something better, a good vocalist would know how to alter their voice to make it flow better with the beat but she's not got that kind of ability. Plus she's not pretty so she can't get away with her lack of talent.

She did well in variety shows and MC gigs, she should've stuck to that to earn money because her own music is nowhere near good enough and SM was right to reject it at first (they're only now letting her release it after she threw tantrums on Instagram).

Luna having a lot of talent and no fans to buy her songs also means visuals are everything; most FX album sales were thanks to Sulli, Krystal and Victoria fans.

No. 345836

They have a very young and impressionable following and I hate the way they keep talking about how they starve themselves, how much weight they lost and shit. Most of them look ana-tier in their recent photos already, Bighit needs to stop starving them or they're all going to collapse on stage

No. 345858

>Umji looks like a prettier Yeri
The surgeries went well then lmao, 2 years ago Umji was just unfortunate looking. Delusional buddies will still say it was "weightloss and makeup" when she definitely had LOTS of work done to upgrade her looks.

No. 345860

I think they're around the same age? V, Jimin and Jungkook are obviously younger but on average their ages aren't too far apart. It's not the age that's an issue anyway, it's the overall image. If Zayn hadn't left they likely would have all announced a hiatus around 2017 instead of being in limbo in 2015, solidifying their fanbase for a little longer, and I doubt BTS would be able to take over international fans from 1D if the army influx had happened later. BTS was very much the product of perfect timing.

No. 345862

Dahyun looks dead behind the eyes. That's an uncanny valley stare if I've ever seen one.

Surprisingly Yeri was good here. Makes me think that maybe she's just not comfortable with RV's concepts and would like to do cutesy stuff like Twice. She should have just waited to debut with the new SMGG; she trained with the younger girls more than she did with the current RV members, and looking at photos of the current SM Rookies she'd be the prettiest of the bunch (some of them are just unfortunate looking, honestly).

No. 345866

I agree. Yeri doesn't suit their Velvet concept.

No. 345868

I feel bad for her because she was obviously thrown in there last-minute to compensate for RV's nonexistent variety skills; an ex-SM trainee who trained alongside her said she herself was stressed out about debuting.
She'd be much better off mentally if she was in the upcoming group with her friends doing more girly concepts.

No. 345937

I think a lot of people don't realize just how old bts actually are.
Jungkook - the uwu sm0l baby - is 21, V and Jimin are 23, Ratmon and Jhope are 24, Suga is 25 and Jin is already 26 (and still thinks "ironically" saying he's the most handsome dude in the world is okay).
Meanwhile Harry Styles is also just 24, but he's not acting like a retarded 10-year-old and nobody has been coddling him for years now. Same for other young american/euro celebs like Justin Bieber. They're just as young as kpop idols, they get massive hate, yet nobody thinks of this of as much of a tragedy like ratmys do.
Also, seeing bts on non-korean tv exposed their crustiness as well lol

I think that massive amounts of yellow fever is what made/makes them this popular. Tinfoil, but with the rise of popularity of social justice (in around 2015), young impressionable teens started being "woke" enough to no longer like white boys, but not yet "woke" enough to like somebody with darker skin and that's why they go after the tallest asian country, who at least acts as if they're super modern and who also happens to love to slather their faces with white powder.
Even japanese and chinese youtubers or instagramers are leaching off of that "Oppa" shit, by styling themselves korean inspired. Ratmys wouldn't care if the korean dude they get to date looks like golum, they wouldn't even care where exactly he's from as long as he's "azian". You can't go anywhere on the internet without being confronted with something korean, it's just the trend right now.

No. 345939

>the spergs from the critical thread are obsessed with this thread, specifically ncthotties, it’s kind of funny. how dare other farmers like something they don’t !! meanwhile the husbando thread and 837282727 other animu threads are left alone.
We don't like that you're adult women who lust after a group those average age can't be much (if at all) older than 18.
Just googling them and seeing "dob: 2002" and then reading what you write about your "ncthotties" makes me want to puke.

No. 345943

i don't know what the age range of nct is but i think most of these anons who fangirl over them are around their ages? how old is the youngest member of nct

No. 345950

File: 1546166767364.jpg (242.08 KB, 1278x1920, jisung.jpg)

Youngest is botched nosejob Jisung who is 16,
I honestly still don't understand why they pushed him to get a nosejob at 15 or younger jfc

No. 345952

File: 1546166923202.jpg (88.56 KB, 721x960, Dvo0YgFU8AEzoJM.jpg)

it's funny that they still infantilize a 21 year old man even though he said he wants to be seen manly.

i feel like a lot of idols lowkey hate aegyo and the ajussi/ajummabait uwu smol baby image tbh. v started to grow a beard, hopefully acting like your own age will become a trend in kpop

No. 345954

Is that from the kpop general or?

No. 345955

Could he look any more like fresh out of r/incel?


No. 345958

why do kpop fangirls sperg out whenever someone dosen't like their shit.

Western artists gets hate all the time and nobody gives a fuck.

No. 345960

he would fit into r/incels perfectly with his mindset

No. 345978

when i watched them on jimmy kimmel i wanted to fucking cry bc of jhorse and jin’s introductions, both bc there were normal people guesting the show having to sit through that shit and bc i wasn’t the only one at home watching it lol. rapmon’s faked british accent was awful too but i doubt he’d do it anywhere else

No. 345984

what is the timeline of these pictures? they look pretty cute in the middle ones if you ask me, but the last row is really degen with that styling, editing and idk what else

and isnt jaw surgery pretty severe? isnt it more likely weight loss (starving) and photoshop? not trying to wk, just wondering

No. 345985

the members that are mainly discussed in that thread are in their early to mid 20s, as are - i presume - the overwhelming majority of the anons discussing them so stop shitting bricks over this already.

no one cares if you hate them, go ahead and bash them all you want, just stay on topic. it’s the fact you keep shitting up this thread sperging about the general thread and then cry about that thread ruining this one that gets annoying.

No. 345990

JHorse's face seemed to only get worse, especially in that last row, like his nose looks painful.

No. 345997

What do kpop stans even consider to be antis? Bc I see a ton of armys demonizing and reporting other stans for disliking and joking around about their faves, not for reasonable shit like wishing death upon one of the members. And it's not even just armys, all Kpop stans do this and it's pathetic.

I was bold enough to ask this question on twt and I'm being bombarded bc I personally don't like or care for bts/ boy groups.

No. 346000

Anybody who doesn't kiss the feet of their oppas is an anti. You could say something like, "those clothes aren't a good fit on [idol]" and stans think you personally offended the Kpop idol or something.

No. 346001

File: 1546173414259.jpg (34.88 KB, 500x500, 00.jpg)

it's partly due to weight loss but i'm pretty sure suga and jhope got jaw surgeries done because of their bone structures compared to their older pics. not sure about jimin because his weight loss seems even more extreme

No. 346004

Jesus I didn’t realize the weight loss was so much

No. 346010

it’s hyperbole, calm down. armies on twitter use it all the time claiming bts invented this and that just to piss off other fandoms. you’re so pressed over nothing lmao

No. 346013

Nice job proving her point, sperg.

No. 346015

this account looks like a troll but the "rm speaks english like a native" thing is such a meme, he's trying so hard to sound like american rappers and can't even make up 3 sentences that actually make sense to explain their own album. the other bts members are so terrible at english that they make him look like shakespeare though. they are always relying on one member's broken english, for a group who is begging for western approval they are lazy as fuck

No. 346016

File: 1546176468498.jpeg (82.27 KB, 1000x500, 02C182E8-C7D2-48B8-92E3-8AB79D…)

even fans of the same group get called antis for daring to voice criticism/opinions that aren’t blind praise.

the person who uploaded the lazy jennie video that went viral was a blink and even had a jennie pfp, and the video itself wasn’t malicious at all but rather seemed concerned, both for her and the other members since she’s basically a deadweight at this point. of course they got cursed out and called an anti by rabid blinks who decided any fan who didn’t turn a blind eye to her sloppiness might as well be satan. there were mature blinks who agreed and were respectful about it but they were drowned out by the insane drooling ones (who of course attacked them too). of course those same losers were celebrating like crazy when the video got taken down.

No. 346017

>>345990 unfortunate indeed. He didn't even need PS he looked pretty decent imo now he looks like a tight faced 40 yr old Korean woman.

No. 346020

>>346016 I'm still laughing at how people tried to pass it off as motion sickness or that she is tired of performing the same songs
okay they may be true but the other members are probably tired too and they perform energetically. Snsd hates gee with a passion and they still perform it like it's brand new. I swear an idol could commit murder and these kpoppies would defend them…wait didn't that already happen?

No. 346022

File: 1546177033831.jpeg (42.81 KB, 512x507, FA29B946-6E3E-48EE-B66C-CBFEEC…)

i didn’t know this was a thing until now but that is so fucked, wtf is wrong with sm

No. 346023

What y'all think about Kai's dancing? His ballet is really laughable and pretty bad tbh. I think he's an okay dancer but Lay and Sehun(?) Are wayyyyy better. Those retarded faces he makes to look sexy is a turn off and kinda gross.

No. 346024

File: 1546177250926.jpg (17.71 KB, 318x318, r-ScbsSu.jpg)

>>346022 did they do something to his jawline? His nose looks…bad but at least it isn't Yuta's chin level of bad

No. 346025

It's against the law to operate on minors without prior consent of the parents, so knowing that his parents approved of their son being mutilated this early adds a new layer of horror

No. 346027

File: 1546177472353.png (537.46 KB, 595x535, Yuta chin.PNG)

His chin is just tragic now, even after the fillers/implants settled in he still looks plastic

No. 346028

he's a good dancer but he needs to calm down with the fanservice. i think both kai and lay are the best dancers in exo, followed by sehun and xiumin

No. 346030

i'm getting strong 27 club vibes from jungkook and suga

No. 346036

File: 1546179469518.jpg (8.41 KB, 250x290, 1515151315451.jpg)

suga gained back some weight recently. he doesn't appear totally ana for once and armys exploded with posts of him being tHiCc. his face looks pretty normal/plump too

No. 346039

they don’t need to learn english and as an army i don’t give a fuck if they speak it badly or not. i haven’t been bothered thus far to learn korean so i’m not going to expect them to learn english. you sound like a coloniser

No. 346041

jennie is such thinspo <3 actually all of blackpink are <3<3<3

No. 346044

you're not good at baiting

No. 346045

To be honest I have the unsettling feeling that JK is going to an hero by the next two years. I hope I'm wrong

No. 346048

imagine being a non-korean bts fan and actually believing that they see you anything more than a cashcow. whenever they leave korea they weep about missing their ~~true fans~~ back home for fuck's sake. take their advice and love yourself

No. 346051

Top Kek

Has anyone noticed that a lot of anas (especially on Tumblr) are also big kpop (mainly bts) fans? I always sort of felt kpop/anorexia goes hand in hand? Like there's these young impressionable fans seeing their unnies and oppars looking skelly and talking about starving themselves and extreme dieting so they (the fans) do it too and end up with eating disorders. Kpop is so toxic.

No. 346052

I was just thinking that the other day. Bts doesn't give a flying fuck about their international fans which is top Kek bc bts owes all their success to i-fans now. Korean fans didn't even care about bts for the longest time until they started getting big in the West and was giving s.k some attention. There was this letter Jimin wrote to his Korean fans talking about how much he missed them and how badly he can't wait to come back to South korea. No mention or barely any mention of i-fans though and ofc armies were to blind to see the truth. I can't find it but if I do I'll post it.

No. 346053

evil murica is oppressing our poor baby boys, they are true poc artists, xenophobic grammy snubbed them!! bts oppa hwaiting!!

No. 346055

lol i have an eating disorder and things like kpop can’t cause eating disorders but they provide pretty good thinspiration ngl

it’s actually refreshing but concerning how extreme dieting and disordered eating is normalised in the kpop industry whereas in the west it’s all about obesity acceptance

No. 346056

jimin hates westerners we been knew. i don’t give a shit

No. 346057

the grammies constantly snub artists who deserve them so i’m not surprised they half assedly snubbed bts

No. 346058

cardi b got a nomination and she can barely rap so they’ve lost all credibility

No. 346060

i actually think it’s funny how little most of bts know about the american music industry. jimin thought the grammies were a person and it’s clear that these awards and accomplishments from billboard and shit don’t mean as much as the korean awards. which makes sense.

it’s good because america is a shithole and prides itself way too much

No. 346061

that’s capitalism baby!

No. 346063

>>346055 um kpop can cause eating disorders. If you try to starve yourself to be like your unnies and oppars and develop anorexia then that's a direct cause of kpop? I know people who've done this before.

No. 346064

why do you care so much lol

No. 346065

>>346062 Junglebook self harms? Source?

No. 346067

if you develop anorexia solely from kpop you’re probably a bit fucked to begin with

No. 346068

bighit posted a photo of him with marks clearly visable, plus several fansite photos showed it. and then like a day later he started performing with a sweatband over his wrist.

i was so worried when i saw this but it is a bit attention seeking cutting on his wrist ngl

No. 346069

File: 1546182637294.jpg (999.34 KB, 1480x1000, c179e8b98365909ff39fe20ec90296…)

No. 346071

File: 1546182721711.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 459.02 KB, 1534x2048, 22F2D134-75FF-4F99-A945-084B9A…)

this is the one bighit posted to twitter

No. 346072

Thank you for the source

No. 346074

i think jungkook was a bit new to self harming

No. 346076

He needs to get professional help or something but isn't professional help in Korea garbage?

No. 346077

File: 1546183035580.png (328.58 KB, 750x1334, 47ABC6F0-CF5D-4B67-B0F9-2D5F23…)

kpop stans continue to be degenerates

No. 346079

File: 1546183060553.jpeg (86.1 KB, 750x612, C70E599F-5CD0-4929-9C9C-6F6357…)

No. 346081

from what i’ve heard it is.

namjoon mentioned that he sees a therapist so maybe they all are finding help through this. i haven’t noticed any more jungkook self harming so maybe he stopped ?? or he does it in a less obvious place and has stopped being an emo 12 year old about it

No. 346082

It's weak bait, idiot. Of course you kpopfags are stupid enough to take it.

No. 346084

me as fuck lol

No. 346087

i’m new to this website and have only been browsing the snow section but do you guys in this thread actually listen to any kpop groups and like to shit on groups you dislike or do you not listen to any kpop at all

No. 346088

uwu guys just want to know which kink you prefer:

- incest
-people like me being locked up for life

No. 346092

he has fans on twitter who likes to write incest, bestiality and pedophilia fanfictions about him so i don’t blame him

No. 346093

File: 1546183664207.jpg (53.03 KB, 540x526, take a sip.jpg)

No. 346095

File: 1546183831724.jpg (15.24 KB, 355x355, 61F2vMgHJeL._SY355_.jpg)

who let them in

No. 346096

your mom

No. 346097

it was all the same anon. who let any of the newfags itt in? seriously, did someone point them here from pull or some shitty kpop site?

No. 346100

most of the newfags itt sound like underage twitter stans

No. 346101

no one. i was reading washed up youtube drama on the snow page and then went on the homepage, saw a picture of jimins weight loss and came here.

and i’m just saying what i want seeing as that’s what you guys do

No. 346102

why do you keep using homophobic slurs :/

No. 346105

nigger, this thread is not your shitting ground. fuck directly off.(infighting)

No. 346107

why do you care so much lol. triggered

No. 346110

jimin has a new song out, stream it on soundcloud now if you want to be skinny

No. 346111

Please go back to twitter and continue sucking bts' sweaty ballsack there.

Or should I put it in a language you'd understand? Afshdjdldldjkl SIS! BTS IS SNATCHING YOUR WIG AGSKDHDJSJS KEEP THAT ON TWITTER AGSJDHSJSJSJS We don't Stan bts here babe and that's tea☕️(emojis)

No. 346115

i’m not fucking 11 so i don’t use that language. i haven’t even defended bts really

No. 346116

How are his parents okay with this? Companies need to stop taking underage trainees

No. 346117

File: 1546184892173.gif (46.94 KB, 300x250, superthumb.gif)

Fake Jessica's nose bothers me so much

No. 346118

nice appropriation of african american vernacular english, racist. but you hate kpop which means you’re racist by default

No. 346120

>tfw this thread has way more obnoxious, underage kpop spergs than the general thread, to the point they make up most of the posters

No. 346121

PS is really common there so it's not a surprise his parents would be cool with it. Its still fucked up and he didn't need a nose job. I wonder if they forced him or did he do it voluntarily

No. 346122

but then they wouldn’t be able to exploit their idols to make them perfect if they can only start training as adults :((((

No. 346124

>>346118 nigga I'm black

No. 346126

go cry about it somewhere else loser

No. 346128

No. 346129

sorry that’s still racist to hate kpop :/

stan twitter misuses aave all the time

No. 346131

Anyway…don't engage with these newfags maybe they or it will go away

No. 346133

my insights into jungkooks self harm problem have been invaluable

No. 346134

This. Do not engage, just come back once she finally gets banned or tires herself out.

No. 346138

is park bogum actually in a cult

No. 346142

File: 1546186095133.jpeg (224.12 KB, 862x894, 7ADC5706-5B22-43D5-897F-0B7CB0…)

the totez deep lyrics of that jimin song armys are shitting up twitter with

No. 346144

funny how mozart hasn’t released anything since jimins song came out

No. 346148

>>346138 pretty much yeah.

No. 346150

Yeah. He was born into it. He was even named by the cult leader.

No. 346151

>I want to be your light baby
>You should be your light baby

Mozart is shaking right now.

Are armies seriously eating this garbage up? >>346142

No. 346152

i’ve heard that korea has heaps of these crazy cults

No. 346155

Its true. They usually approach people on the street and try to rope you in there.

No. 346156

Honestly I don't think he's had anything major, his bone structure looks more or less the same.
Suga's jaw shave was just tragic. Why did he do that to himself?

No. 346157

that’s a bit unfair, it’s a nice sounding song and it doesn’t matter what the lyrics are like because the international fans don’t understand korean

No. 346160

(blogposting) i’m moving to korea in less than a month and i’m white so i’ll probably be targeted by these cults

No. 346162

he actually looks anorexic in the second pic. i think he’s gained some weight now though

No. 346163

I read that if that happens tell them you've heard about whatever they're talking about but say you're late for something and high tail it out of there.>>346160

No. 346168

And there it is. Confirmed this thread is filled with nothing but koreaboos.

No. 346169

He looks sickly there…His fans only like him for his abs that's why he lost so much weight bc when he started to gain weight and was healthy looking his fans threw a tantrum and has calling him obese and shit like that so he went full ana..

No. 346170

actually i recieved a scholarship to study there ..

No. 346172

>i’m white so i’ll probably be targeted by these cults

are they targeting white people? idk anything about these cults but i live in a country far from sk where asians are in minority and two asian people i know have been targeted by a korean cult. wtf are these creeps even doing here lol, they didn't even speak our language or anything. sorry for ot

what kind of people do you expect to post in a korea related thread tho

No. 346173

i feel like this was mainly korean fans which is why it’s so dumb that they like them so much.. i fans always go off about how thicc they are but kfans are the cyber bullies imo

No. 346177

i think they generally go for foreigners and hang around touristy areas like hongdae and stuff.plently of black youtubers have had run ins with these cult members too.

but they do recruit native koreans as well

No. 346179

File: 1546187700351.jpg (40.81 KB, 381x254, surejan.w529.h352.jpg)

No. 346181

Fuck off faggot

No. 346186

actually i’m a lesbian so call me a dyke instead thanks

No. 346187

i love how a few threads ago some anons complained about too much posting about the rat and the reptile but the threads were actually readable back then, now everything's just turned to shit

No. 346189

well it’s not like my broke ass could leave the country any other way

No. 346190

The Rat and reptile stans are here now no wonder. Might have to put this thread on autosage now

No. 346191

it’s because you got too caught up with fighting an obvious troll

No. 346192

RIP to a once tolerable thread. It is now a live chat for salty Koreaboos. Hopefully their autism won't leak out onto the rest of /ot/.

Autosage/move to /snow/ when?

No. 346193

If we ignore them they'll leave/stop their trolling.

Anyway, does anyone here read Asianjunkie? He has some good insights occasionally but tries way too hard to be "edgy" and "different" IMO

No. 346194

>>346173 you're right it was k-fans that were calling him fat.

No. 346195

File: 1546188477947.jpg (101.65 KB, 419x1600, Hyuna no brows.jpg)

With each passing day they look more and more like meth addicts

No. 346197

all of you are autistic(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 346198

armys ruin everything

No. 346199

Terrible trolling 0/10 try harder newfag

No. 346200

they cute

No. 346201

get some positive energy in your life , cunt

No. 346202

Is Hyuna going bald?

No. 346205

Since it seems that EXO is no longer SM's number one priority, how long do you think they will last as a group? Lay is defiantly not coming back to the group at this point and honestly good on him.

No. 346206

i think she might be actually losing hair because of bleaching & dying it too often

No. 346209

jimin released a new song on soundcloud. i gave it a listen and thought it was somewhat ok actually, but jimin's vocals are really not my cup of tea. and the lyrics are the typical emo drivel. i dont interact with bts fans anymore at all really, so i havent seen what people are saying, but im sure they are blindly praising it as always.

No. 346212

EXO have enough of a fanbase to keep buying 500k+ albums, they're just not a "trend" anymore. That's just the natural order of things - what's worrying for SM is that they don't have a replacement trendy boy group lined up like they used to have (TVXQ -> SuJu -> Shinee -> EXO). That spot is currently occupied by BTS and NCT is doing shameful numbers compared to their seniors. EXO were outselling Dome concerts 2 years into debut while NCT songs drop out of charts within an hour or so

No. 346220

I figured, I remember they were really popular when I was in high school so it's interesting looking back at them now. Lay was my favorite so when he wasn't showing up in MVs I started to loose interest in the group.

No. 346223

For an acoustic song, there sure is a lot of autotune. And I'll continuously say this, but at this point the Lizard group is rich. WHY is their company not investing in the best of the best vocal coaches.

Are they in fucking denial, just like their fans?

No. 346226

they've released so many songs that say "fuck you" to the haturz at this point that probably yeah, bh thinks they don't need to improve anymore, they can just cash in on the armys until debuting their new group.

No. 346228

Apparently he does have a vocal coach so I guess either that coach needs to be fired or Jimin really is just hopeless.

No. 346229

Do you honestly think bh will ever debut a new group? We all know they'll flop bc armies will keep comparing bts to the new group since it seems armies have a superiority complex. Nah bighit will keep milking bts till they die and that'll be it.

No. 346230


I was thinking the same thing. At this point, they're just a cash grab.

With the new bg coming, who knows they're probably way higher than BTS in terms of talent and visuals.

BTS will no longer be Big Hit's priority, but something to keep the company afloat.

No. 346232

>>346223 he really can't sing…omg…

No. 346234

I don't think the new group will flop at all. It's like the 1D and 5sos situation, the EXO and NCT one. Girls especially younger girls want to stan and look up to people (or hope to date and fuck someone) who's closer to the age. The younger portion of armys will move on to the new bg, and the older ones will remain old and bitter bc they're oppars never got good treatment.

Especially since Bighead's new formula is "depressed boys who may be gay"

Who knows the new group just might be miles ahead of BTS and they might even all speak English for promoting in the US since there is only 5 members this time around.

No. 346237

well, bts will need to go to the army, won't they? bh is probably delaying the debut but they'll drop bts as soon as the hype will die out, i think they're money hungry enough to try and lure new fans that aren't interested in bts at the moment

No. 346238

I heard the new group debuts in March.

Won't be long till the fall of BTS occurs…

No. 346240

>>346237 hm..I didn't think of it like that. Y'all are probably right.

No. 346242

please for the love of god return to twitter

No. 346243

Don't engage or acknowledge them, let them sperg until they get bored.

No. 346252

Lay's kind of odd-looking but I think he's a far better dancer than Kai and a lot more naturally sexy. The other 3 leaving was a blessing in disguise for him because SM was probably desperate to keep him as their last link to China; now that he's a big star in China too, it's SM who needs him and not the other way around.

No. 346253

I heard that Big Hit once had the same vocal coach who trained Twice…..no wonder they all sound worse than middle schoolers

No. 346255

>>346252 you think Lay will leave exo?

No. 346258

When I was a tween, I thought he was cute because he didn't seem like a try hard, which appealed to my weird ass sensibilities at that time. He was definitely cuter than Kai since he seemed comfortable in his own skin where as Kai seemed like he was being someone he wasn't.
At some point I could see him doing that, everything has to end at some point.

No. 346259

100% agree. Plus I think if he leaves hell get a lot of back lash like Kris/Tao/Luhan did and they'll probably dub him a traitor or some other dumb shit

No. 346260

I think Lay won't formally terminate his contract so he'll technically still be an EXO member, but at this point that's all in name only. SM is giving him a lot of benefits right now so I don't think he'll leave, but he probably won't be in an EXO comeback anytime soon

No. 346261

Kris got the most flack since he was the first, Luhan had a much calmer send off because it was pretty soon after Kris and people were expecting at this point, and no one gave a shit about Tao leaving since he was a prissy bitch that didn't contribute much.

No. 346262

Considering that Kris and Luhan are China's biggest stars right now, SM fucked up big time in not trying to keep them in Exo so they could have a share of their enormous earnings. All they had to do was treat them like human beings.

No. 346264

Didn't they settle in court that SM would get a percent of their earning for a certain amount of years?

No. 346269

I think a Chinese court ruled that the order wasn't enforceable as long as they never set foot in Korea? IIRC they only owe SM a share of their Korean earnings and SM contracts anyway give artists a bigger share of foreign income (70-30 internationally).

Not much SM can do in China, they have no power there. It's likely they're not getting anything beyond a token 5% if even that.

No. 346271

Ah okay, that makes sense, I remember hearing that they had settled and that was about it.

No. 346272

No. 346274

didn’t kris leave right after their comeback or right before concerts or something? in general an idol is going to get bigger backlash if they abandon their group after a lot of preparation and rehearsals have already been done to include them. jessica even got shit for being kicked out of snsd before they had a video released, because it meant they had to rerecord it without her in it

No. 346275

I think Jessica wasn't kicked out so much as had to leave as a consequence? Apparently they were trying to scare her into stopping her Blanc & Eclare work by making an empty threat of kicking her out, which they weren't really going to follow through on, but she panicked so much that she wrote that Weibo post saying that she'd been kicked out. So SM booted her out anyway for tattling.

No. 346276

I remember hearing that him leaving during their comeback was due to a heart condition that developed during his training period and only got worse the longer he stayed. I don't know if that was something created by fans but a friend of mine had mentioned he had been hospitalized a few times because of it.

No. 346277

last i heard was that she’d confirmed with them that she was leaving snsd soon and was under the impression she could do b&e until then but was then kicked out way earlier than she was meant to be leaving. i kind of buy it since if she wanted sympathy from sones then saying that she was planning on leaving the group soon anyway would make her seem like less of a victim

No. 346278

I don't doubt that SM treats Korean and foreign trainees differently. Their order of priority is Koreans >> foreign-born Koreans >>>>>>> foreigners. It's highly possible that Kris, Luhan and Tao were forced to dance through injuries and health conditions.

No. 346283

Yeah, I heard that Tao had to perform with a leg injury and Lay with a back or waist injury. The fact that stans still support the kpop industry knowing that their precious oppars are being treated slightly better than cattle is pretty dumb. Some of their justification for it is "oh, it will make oppar sad and the company will treat them worse lolz"

No. 346284

did they cut their eyebrows?

No. 346287

Oh my god this thread is nuclear.

Hyuna always had shitty brows but I guess korean hipsters are just discovering heroin chic. Gross cunts.

No. 346288

The concert tour they were about to go on was supposedly like a goodbye tour for Jessica. The plan was that after the tour, they'd all split up and move onto solo activities, and Red Velvet was supposed to debut around early 2015 then in a changing of the guard (dunno how reliable this is but someone on Allkpop claimed that SM executives were asking music shows to book performance slots for their new girl group slated to debut in early 2015)
Then Kris left and Baekyeon was revealed, so Red Velvet debuted earlier than expected as a distraction.

in 2014-15, every Red Velvet comeback was around the time of some shit going on with SM:

1) August 2014, Happiness - Kris left, Baekhyun and Taeyeon were revealed, Sulli went on "hiatus"

2) October 2014, Be Natural - Jessica and Luhan left

3) March 2015, Ice Cream Cake - Tao was in limbo and had all but left EXO

4) September 2015, Dumb Dumb - Sulli officially announced she was leaving f(x)

No. 346291

Oof that is interesting, and convenient. I thought the whole BakeYeon thing was rather convenient but didn't think Red Velvet's timing was most to distract fans.

No. 346292

kris also left in the middle of a comeback while luhan waited until they weren’t promoting anymore. i remember a lot of exo stans bashing the former because he screwed the other members over and put them in a very messy situation while they respected the latter for not “leaving the group in the ditch” the way kris did.

tao got flack for being a huge hypocrite who threw a clingy tween girl tantrum on social media when kris left only to do the exact same thing shortly after. iirc tao also left around the time exo were supposed to have a comeback making him look like an even bigger hypocrite.

No. 346296

File: 1546196709589.jpeg (45.88 KB, 360x265, FB314E49-D1E8-475B-9D0A-9F9F01…)

I actually believe that EXO's situation had not a lot to do with RV's obviously rushed debut. It was more f(x)'s, the fact that a lot of their earlier stuff sounded straight like from the Electric Shock album speaks for this and the trainees in the Happiness MV were kind of hinting at an NCT-like concept. I guess when SM realized SNSD and f(x) were over they weren't up for experiments anymore, added Yeri and called it a day.

No. 346305

There was a theory that they'd branch off into subunits called Blue Velvet and Yellow Velvet (topkek). The Red/Velvet concept dichotomy was also kind of thrown together last minute to explain the group name when it was glaringly obvious that SM had no fucking clue what to do with them and didn't want Irene and Seulgi to leave.

You should have seen the comments under their debut announcement tweets and videos, 50% of them were f(x) fans whining about lack of proper treatment and the other 50% were SNSD and EXO fans demanding an explanation from SM instead of debuting a new group.

No. 346307

Red Velvet were called Red Herring a lot because of the timing of their comebacks

No. 346308

File: 1546197884278.jpg (188.14 KB, 1223x1280, a927272f-0c3e-49fd-bd6d-fbe39f…)

Panda express shamefully using bts for clout

No. 346313

is this a serious post?? nobody cares about this. companies use trends like this for advertising all the time. and bts arent sad about being """""used"""" for clout. theyre probably calculating how to get a sponsorship with panda express right now. now please, delete this post, go back to twitter, and then delete yourself, in that order.

No. 346317

Yeah, I remember now. I also wonder if them dropping those plans has anything to do with them seemingly being unable to hold female trainees for a long time. All the girls from the smrookies days sans seulgi and irene have left the company while all the boys are in NCT. lol I also cannot believe that, out of all the trainees, Yeri was the one they added. They were either desperate or her family helped out.

No. 346318

Probably a combination of both. I honestly don't think Yeri at the time was ready to debut simply because she had no talent. Couldn't sing, her rapping is garbage and as for her dancing I'm not sure but I never hear anybody mention it so idk. As for now I don't know if she improved bc I don't follow red velvet. She also gives me bitchy vibes.

No. 346319

Yeri's well known for being a lazy half-assed dancer.

No. 346323

>Be Natural
god i hated that cover. red velvet stans got really pissy about the taeyong rap and made versions editing it out, but at least his rap was just as bad as in the original, where it was already the worst part of the song. rv butchered the much more charismatic ses version, the only reason fans have to defend it is the usual weird leap in logic that means women in fitted suits = totally kweer concept

No. 346325

>>346319 really? LMFAOOOOO. I don't think they should of added her
She brings nothing to the group.

No. 346326

True. Yeri gets shit on all the time for her dancing and RV were called out regularly for being unsynchronized, but I think it's more of most of the members not being able to follow the choreography and being very very overworked. They had like 6 comebacks this year and are SM's sole female earners (sans solo artists but I doubt SM are actually making any profit with those except for Taeyeon). As for her being a bitch - I don't know, I believe she's like Jennie in the sense that she does enjoy fame to a certain extent and the glamour it can bring with it but is disillusioned about idol life. I wish kpop companies would stop debuting literal children, it's always stumping them in one way or another.

No. 346327

>>346323 I like the song. Scamyong just ruins it for me. I hate his rapping style and how he slurs his words it's not cute like fans claim he sounds like a fucking autist.

No. 346330

Speaking of Taeyong, how come he looks like a Final Fantasy character? Also his face just looks uncanny.

No. 346332

It‘s funny because he's less plastic than some of the more natural looking members of NCT. But they like to put him in extreme hair styles and contact lenses so that's probably why.

No. 346334

I’m not saying he hasn’t had work done, because I think he has, but he was still naturally a bit unusual looking. I’ve seen people say SM must’ve made him get PS to look like Jaejoong at his peak, but Jaejoong has his eyelids done, corners of his eyes clipped, something done to reduce his jaw multiple times and he’s on his 5th nose or something by now, while Taeyong hasn’t had nearly as much done. SM just play up the CGI thing and give him bright red hair and stuff.

No. 346335

Yeri’s the most useless RV member. She can’t do shit but post ugly selfies on instagram

No. 346337

I absolutely cannot stand Taeyong's rapping voice

No. 346338

She's very on and off - she did well enough (aka gave a shit) up until 2016, then seemed to clock out entirely. I think she's just done with idol life in general.

No. 346340

think she’ll pull a sulli and quit, or is that going to be joy?

No. 346342

I honestly don't remember where it came up but a few years ago I remember reading or watching and AMA by a confirmed male ex-trainee. It's funny but he used almost the same words as >>346325 that she debuted before her time, didn't stand out at all among other trainees, and brought nothing but weight to the group.

No. 346343

does he speak english?

No. 346349

That anon is probably the same one that was shitting on her for her fridge body in the last thread LOL

No. 346350

File: 1546201344763.jpeg (80.58 KB, 900x750, 7AB44C5B-90A7-46CF-A525-0362F5…)

Jennie’s undeniably cute at the very least but she pretty much looks SEA. If she weren’t actually Korean, she’d get shit on more for her looks and wouldn’t get as much special treatment as she does. No way would SK’s xenophobic ass accept an SEA-passing chick as the face of a group.

I feel like Irene wants to quit being an idol more than Joy does and would be the first to go. She’s in her late twenties and is in a group that performs with childish concepts. She’s basically RV’s visual ace but the oher members outperform her in every way, so so it’d be understandable for her to leave after some more CF deals transition into modeling.

No. 346352

>>346349LMFAOOO Nah I'm a different anon

No. 346353

i mean, duh? she's still considered a top visual

No. 346354

Barely. He knows some English but certainly not enough to hold a real Convo. His problem is his pronunciation. Its horrible.

No. 346356

>>346350 disagree. I think Yeri will be the one to leave. Irene will stay till they disband.

No. 346363

I would argue that Yeri wouldn’t be the next sulli because she doesn’t have as strong of an individual fandom nor public recognition as much as Irene does. Sure Yeri gets bashed all of the time as an RV member but she also gets a ton of luxuries as one. No way would she make it on her own.

No. 346366

>>346363 not having a solid fan base hasn't stopped other people from leaving the group. Yeri is pretty much done with idol life just look at her on stage. She will definitely pull a Sulli. She's getting a lot of hate just like Sulli did before she left fx

No. 346370

Probably late but just saw this and what a mess. The dancing’s pretty sloppy, vocals are weak and maybe a few of the members in this can pull of sexy/sleek concepts. Tzuyu looks kinda scary giving off that vacant doe-eyed scare for this. Joy continues to be pushed as the sexy member but still doesn’t seem confident with her new role. Mijoo was good but SK thinks she’s a attentionwhore from a nugu group so the more popular members of this collab are getting showered with praise intsead. As for the others…eh.

No. 346377

Ah I meant dead weight as a mood killer/personality and lacking in skills, not regarding her actual figure, but I do remember the post you're talking about

No. 346378

File: 1546203847608.jpeg (108.62 KB, 737x1273, A2B43B80-CA75-47A6-BA7F-3BA10D…)

Hong Jin-young got so much work done to align her looks more with SK’s cute, doe-eyed alien ideal. She already looked great before and now she straight-up looks like a Gangnam unnie.

No. 346380

File: 1546203935342.jpeg (197.2 KB, 600x596, C18E1990-D1BC-4F66-BF6E-881DD4…)

No. 346381

I usually roll my eyes when people say this because it always feels like an overreaction but she honestly doesn't look like the same person. Think it's the nose, goddamn.

No. 346382

File: 1546204104587.jpg (92.19 KB, 1024x572, 64932d0f-c8ad-47c0-b474-9ed899…)

>>346380 y i k e s

No. 346384

No, you won't. You need to realise that you're not going to be speshul in Korea now, or you'll be in for a rude awakening when you get there.

No. 346387

damn so those self harm marks on junglebook's wrist weren't shopped?

No. 346390

>>346387 nah they are real. I wonder if he still does it? Anybody know?

No. 346391

Y'all heard about the latest drama going on with Lay?

No. 346392

Not to tin foil, but do you think that BH didn't shop those out because they're trying to appeal to "mah mental health sad bois" shtick. In the previous thread, someone had brought up how Bighit had put our a survey to see what their audience thought about certain topics, the main subject being depression and the like. Conveniently, their precious oppars start coming out talking about "mah depression," which won over the tumblr crowd. While I don't work in marketing, I do have some educational background in business and from a marketing standpoint, if your target audience would be move to buy/invest their time into your product then this would be a scummy yet effective strategy. I really hope JK isn't still hurting himself, I may hate kpop but it's still sad that someone would hurt themselves. Apologizes if I'm coming at this from the wrong angle, my experience in business has left a rather sour taste in my mouth.

No. 346394

There's drama around Lay?

No. 346396

Depression and mental health in general is still taboo in SK, so that doesn't make sense.

In SK a depressed person is the same as an insane person.

No. 346398

yea that's what i'm thinking if there aren't any more pics

No. 346399

I don't know if I'm the only one, but I always have trouble identifying Yeri in pictures. Everytime I look at a RV picture I have to do a little process of exclusion until there's only her left. Her face, although pretty, is blander than Irene's and every different makeup/hair make her look like a different person every single time

No. 346406

>>346392 I actually kinda agree.

No. 346407

File: 1546206224693.jpg (133.19 KB, 750x662, 95de7bbd-86b6-4d4f-80a2-3819f8…)

No. 346408

anon we need some context here wtf
also who are dzw

No. 346409

File: 1546206302712.jpg (193.55 KB, 750x956, b01bded1-549f-4853-8681-27f017…)

I'm fucking retarded and uploaded it in the wrong order but yeah

No. 346413

they weren't photoshopped, there are pics from fansites and it's visible on the photo bighit posted too. he was also wearing bands around his wrist during that time. maybe he got these marks from an accident or something but i don't understand how fans completely disregarded the rumors, it's concerning

it sounds fucked up, i hope there wasn't any intention like that

No. 346414

I remember seeing a video of Jungkook pinching his hand in an interview, I know it's not much but honestly it's quite disturbing if you take into account the self-harm scars in his wrist. Sadly I think it's true.

No. 346415

i remember some anons saying that he usually has weird bruises on his arms and legs but it might be because of dance practices

No. 346420

>>346419 former self harmer they're most definitely self harm marks. I'm 97% sure. Onew was rumored to be pulling a Jungkook but idk

No. 346422

I'm >>346392 and totally understand where >>346396 is coming from, I completely forgot that depression is still taboo over in SK since I've been outside the KPOP scene for a couple of years. My initial thinking was because they were popular in the US that BH would pivot to what would appeal to the sad gurls over here, which mostly consists of identifying with celebrities that they have something in common with. Again, I have no proof, but it wouldn't surprise me since the main goal of a company is to make money and maintain a favorable public image, ethics will always take a backseat

Yeah, I remember hearing about that too before Jonghyun killed himself.

No. 346432

Izone fans really out there thinking their jp debut is going to sell 500k. Even with the Type A,B and the 13 variations of the wiz*one edition, they’ll be lucky if they break 100k.

No. 346439

The delusion is real. Produce48 was pretty much rigged to have IZONE be a group made to appeal mainly to Korean pedos. Still salty that lots of decent trainees worked hard to have their dreams crushed in a show where the lineup was pre-determined.

No. 346441

red velvet is such a pathetic group. it's sad that there are three members who don't look like they want to be idols anymore.

No. 346452

I know produce48 was a mess, but a part of me hopes that the rumours that season 4 will be a collaboration with a male jidol agency are true. It’d be hilarious to see JE fans and regular kboygroup fans go at each other.

No. 346453

The way Jang Wonyoung is being pushed makes me concerned. So many weirdos out there sexualizing her despite being fourteen or so. Makes me wonder how her parents are okay with this.

Irene and Yeri are obvious but who’s the third one? Also you could say the same about BlackPink actually and they have one fewer member.

No. 346455

In the west lots of people also try to make it as musicians, but the difference is they only waste their own time and after a year or two of waitressing and getting nowhere they quit and go do something productive. But in kpop because you have so much corporate money and so many people riding on you you just have to keep going as a zombie idol even though you suck and have no prospects.

No. 346456

In the west lots of people also try to make it as musicians, but the difference is they only waste their own time and after a year or two of waitressing and getting nowhere they quit and go do something productive. But in kpop because you have so much corporate money and so many people riding on you you just have to keep going as a zombie idol even though you suck and have no prospects.

No. 346461

joy. she looks dead on stage just like irene and yeri.

No. 346462

joy. she looks dead on stage just like irene and yeri.

No. 346463

joy. she looks dead on stage just like irene and yeri.

No. 346466

i think it's safe to assume most idol's parents are stage parents

No. 346478

How rigged are the Produce shows in general? Were I.O.I and Wanna One's lineups also pretty much predetermined?

No. 346497

she had stopped showing up to practices and her and taeyeon hated eachother so much they couldnt be in the same room together

No. 346500

yeah sulli had a LOT of fans and was great at variety/cuteness/serving visuals, yeri can never compare and the only thing i even remember about her in regards to variety is when that troll texted in on the live show telling her she needed to die and kill herself or whatever and they read it live on air

No. 346510

we didn’t want to worry or upset anyone since it’s a triggering topic so we mainly discussed it in dms and didn’t post publicly, especially because we couldn’t be sure if they were self harm or not

No. 346511

File: 1546218208638.gif (1.98 MB, 540x225, 89256C0F-791D-478F-AC26-EA4E79…)

Well said. Yeri’s strongest areas as an entertainer is visuals and variety, but Irene blows her and the rest of RV out of the water visually and Joy’s better at variety.

Unrelated but do any of you guys remember Yeri talking about how uncomfortable she was by the closeup of her cleavage in the Ice Cream Cake music video? Keep in mind that she was sixteen or so at the time and, unsurprisingly, this was all brushed off later. Makes me disturbed about the shit that she might have to deal with behind the scenes.

No. 346512

also we figured that it’s his personal business, at the end of the day, so we shouldn’t get involved. knowing armies they’d trend a hashtag or something which would do more harm than good.

jungkooks grown up in the spotlight with his teenage years on display to crazy fans so i think it’s a courtesy to him that we overlooked this

No. 346513

Never heard about the jessica/taeyeon beef, what are the deets?

No. 346517

i used to like sulli but i lose respect for her after she (multiple times i think) worked with that lolicon photographer

No. 346520

army have made video compilations of all the times he’s had a visible boner and i’m fairly sure he was underage in 80% of the instances

No. 346521

File: 1546219087526.gif (1.55 MB, 300x197, nmycVM4.gif)

Depends on who you ask but nobody seems to be willing to actually tell what they know.

It goes back quite a ways and became very obvious, and idk what happened in like..2012 but that seemed to be when people at soshified started dropping hints that something was up.

Maybe Soy should come out and say what she knows since she literally posted that jessica was a bitch not long before she got "kicked" and then tried to backtrack when people realized it was Jessica she was talking about.

Inb4 accusations of fanfiction again because people want to play dumb and act like their uWu 9 queens got along 24/7 and OT9 is some magical unbreakable thing lmao.

No. 346522

lmao but his fans think the scars are shopped

No. 346524

and i’d rather that instead of them going off pretending to be psychologists and trending hashtags and shit and alerting media outlets.

from what i’ve seen fans who have self harmed were kinda like ‘yeah i’m not going to point out the obvious’
and fans without that history chose to live in denial which is fine. don’t want them to realise that their precious oppa has actual feelings and stuff

No. 346525

>being sanctimonious
do you know where you are?

No. 346526

army were the ones who thought trying to trend a hashtag following the death of taehyungs grandma was a good idea so i think my opinion is warranted.

ignoring it was probably the best way to go ??

No. 346528

Irene looks so over this fucking performance lmao.

The anon who said she'll be the first to retire from the group is probably on to something, like she's almost a decade older than Tzuyu.

No. 346529

>literally outing yourself as an armyfag from twitter

Come on.

What do you want everyone to say though? Boy cut himself. We established this like four threads ago.

No. 346530

so? we’re all kpop stans here

No. 346532

I don't think that's true mate

No. 346533

i want to see recent pics

No. 346534

>>346533 I don't think there are any. An anon earlier said he has a therapist so most likely he stopped cutting himself or like said earlier is just doing it in a less obvious place

No. 346536

well you’re updated on all this kpop news just like actual kpop fans

No. 346538

yeah that’s the only odd thing about this situation. it was only obvious for one music stage and then he started wearing a sweat band to cover it up. and then after that: nothing. you’d think there would be more slip ups.

No. 346542

It could of just been a cry for help? But yeah that's pretty strange. The tinfoil hat anon from earlier was kinda on to something, factoring in that survey I kinda think the whole thing was stage. Idk that's just me.

No. 346543

me too. it's weird that they didn't photoshop it out of their official backstage pic when they photoshop literally everything else.

No. 346544

Who's the person who started rapping cuz she dead sounds like hot garbage

No. 346545

It is now tbh. They've been the majority for months. This is their thread, we're just posting in it.

No. 346547

>>346543 if it was staged and/or bh is just using his mental health for sympathy points or whatever that's gross and extremely low.

No. 346548

If there were any people would've posted them. Either search them up yourself or drop the topic.

You‘re the one bragging to us about how selflessly you and your army buddies were by not talking about it publicly though.

That was a reach. The most likely thing was he cut himself for whatever reason, it went unnoticed/ignored until fans started commenting on it and was hidden since then. Keep in mind the homemasters and kfans in general stand in closer contact with bighit than ifans and are incredibly good at hiding shit.

No. 346549

they were just explaining why this issue seemed to go ignored by international fans: because some were in denial and others didn’t think trending a hashtag would help

No. 346550

Tinfoil anon here. I honestly hope I'm wrong, because that another example of just how fucked up shit is over there, which is worrisome because their media is gaining influence over on my side of the pond. But on the topic of how businesses only care about their bottom line, US's business sector also has a pretty bad history of doing some fucked up shit for profit as well, like in the case of selling children's pajamas in "poorer" countries for less even though they had been found to cause cancer because they had been laced with fire retardant. So yeah, entertainment companies dgaf about anyone or anything except their public image and how much money they rake in (for any kpop stan who thinks otherwise)

No. 346551

i know the kpop industry is scummy but i don’t think bighit would go as far as to create fake self harm marks on jungkook.
i could definitely see them trying to profit off it but seeing as it didn’t gain much attention because fans ignored it i’m iffy on this.
also fansite pictures also showed the cuts so it wasn’t like bighit photoshopped them in

No. 346552

I am aware that >you were but what I'm trying to say is hide your power level. The last few threads were borderline embarrassing with the stanning. You don't need to come here for that, get in the Kpop gen or stay on twitter.

No. 346555

idk who you’re referring too ive only been using this thread for the past couple of hours and i haven’t posted anything in any other threads

No. 346560



I feel more or less the marks are genuine and the reason why they weren't covered up at first was either due to carelessness on Jungkook s part or bh used that to further sell the "uwu depressed boys who might be gay" image even more. Like stated the industry will do crazy things for $$ and publicity.

No. 346563

i don't think anyone is implying they're photoshopped in. just questioning why they weren't photoshopped out.

No. 346567

Yes, there seems to be a suspicious amount of kpop fans in the new pro ana wave on tumblr. I think kfashion is apart of the reason and they found kfashion through kpop. korean models are short and thin, everything anas want to be.

No. 346568

the fansite pics (from the same night) have them showing up very red and bright whereas they’re imo less visible in the bighit pic (look more like scars than fresh cuts) so maybe they tried? or the camera settings were weird on the fansites cameras and brought out the brightness

No. 346569

i don’t really think this is the case. i could definitely see them doing something like this, but considering the whole issue blew over and there’s plenty of fans who don’t have any idea it even happened i’m not so sure. if they were trying this angle they’d probably release a music video or something where one of the characters self harms

No. 346570

bighit need to stop gaybaiting us and make a canon gay couple in the hyyh music video universe

No. 346573


This thread literally exists to make fun of you. Gtfo.

No. 346574


This anon>>346570 is clearly joking. kek

No. 346596

Can't BigHit just make BTS gay? I'm sure they could make them kiss in public, even marry, and it would be all covered by the contract lmao
A company taking the fanservice to more irl extremes would be hilarious though, I hope Korea get's infested by tumblr sjws just to enjoy the aberrations they would come out with to sell more albums.

No. 346597

Why in the shit is there so much fucking autism in this thread?

No. 346633

he actually looks fucking disgusting. i can't believe stankmies managed to meme him as being a top visual, like actually fuck off with that bullshit he looks musty as fuck. lookin like he smells like straight wolf pussy.

No. 346635

he does it on purpose. he said he likes looking "grubby", probably because he thinks it makes him look artsy.

No. 346639

I never understood the appeal of the whole artsy-i-live-in-trash aesthetic. But then again their fans dig that look so I guess from a marketing standpoint it makes sense, even though he looks like he smells like old cheese.

No. 346640

I never understood the appeal of the whole artsy-i-live-in-trash aesthetic. But then again their fans dig that look so I guess from a marketing standpoint it makes sense, even though he looks like he smells like old cheese.

No. 346646

someone’s pressed that idols are normal people not flawless gods

No. 346649

Hope he pulls a TOP, but this time he actually succeeds

No. 346651

you’re not very good at baiting

No. 346652


No. 346653

that's the point anon. armies are making him out to be some ethereal god that outshines all others but he literally looks disgusting. there's so many other male kpop idols that i'd choose over tae-scusting as a top visual, but for some reason his photoshopped pics are getting memed as such.

idk why this is even a trend. i'd take some ugly early 2000s trend over that shit.

No. 346654

i’m sure all idols look like this without filters makeup and photoshop

No. 346655

I used to see irl armies in art classes during my time in University and it was interesting how they all had the art hoe, I don't bath aesthetic going on. They would also form groups and would have a conniption when our professor would tell them their animu/koreaboo inspired art didn't follow the guidelines.

No. 346656

you guys are clowning an easy target, this was literally just a embarrassing photo one of the other members posted of him on his birthday. you’re supposed to laugh at it jfc

No. 346658

freaking out over some stuble .. triggered

No. 346660

Koreaboos are the worst tbh. The new generation emos and mall goths.

No. 346662

why are shartmies in this thread? go back to twitter

No. 346663

When are you going to shut up? Why didn't the mods ban you earlier? I can't believe they're just leaving this thread to fester.

No. 346666

stop responding maybe they’ll leave, god this thread is autistic

No. 346684

For all newfags personally butthurt at us making fun of Rape Monster, here's the link to the Kpop General thread: >>301262
Go there and leave us alone

No. 346685


No. 346686

File: 1546238600103.jpg (30.89 KB, 480x323, Tzuyu.jpg)

Mods are probably asleep rn they'll take care of it later hopefully. In the meantime, ignore tham and talk about other idols instead.

Tzuyu's eyebrows are unfortunate, they used to be much higher (pic related) and have been whittled down to nothing. Straight brows don't always look good on everyone.

No. 346690

File: 1546238843017.jpg (86.69 KB, 1000x563, wayvjpg.jpg)

Does this show up better

No. 346691

What's up with the surgery he got lately? Why is he slowly becoming Minho?

No. 346693

wtf is the guy to the right of lucas supposed to be looking like? a gay vampire?

No. 346698

Lucas was already naturally handsome but they insist on fucking up his face more and more - in every public appearance he has his lips and eyebrows blurred out with foundation and I don't doubt he's begun to do some Botox here and there. Tragic

I think he actually is gay, some people you can tell just by looking at them

No. 346699

there’s nothing wrong with being gay uwu

No. 346705

Arched eyebrows suit her better. The straight brows just make her eyes look freakier and make her resting face seem sad and confused.

No. 346708

Tell that to South Korea

No. 346710

They've also made her eyebrows start much farther, they used to be closer together and now there's a foot of space between them. So they're just short stubs that have been tattooed in.

No. 346719

Apparently they're under "Label V", and not explicitly SM Entertainment. Is there a reason for that? Is SM's name dirt now in China after what they did to the ex-EXO members?

Also the new group name doesn't have NCT in it at all; maybe this is a permanent lineup which will stay in China. Winwin might promote fulltime in this group now and leave 127 permanently - good for him, he now has a shot at fame in his own country I guess.

No. 346738

That was me butthat cracked me up tho. I do think she’s useless as well along with her log of a figure

No. 346740

Why does Joy sing in that trembling tone? Is she trying to make a sexy-sounding "whisper"? Like the whole performance she's just trembling overall

No. 346741

The only legitimately talented ones in RV are Wendy and Seulgi, Irene and Joy are equally talentless but they get less shit because Irene's visuals are popular (useful for CF money) and Joy was part of the original lineup at debut. I don't think Yeri is any more useless than them, I bet if she was part of the original lineup she'd be getting much less shit. Her fridge body is really unfortunate though

No. 346760

No, retard. It's because of legal issues and the rocky relationship between China and South Korea i.e. the Hallyu ban. Signing them under a Chinese partner label alongside the normal SM label gives SM more freedom for their promotions than it would to only have them signed under SM. Which means there's nothing barring them from promoting with the rest of the group.

No. 346778

Probably best for them to stick to China regardless, they'll make great money - way better than in Korea - at home.

No. 346781

Sm needs to stop trying to make NCT a thing. Its not gonna happen. They'll never reach Exo/Bts popularity no matter how hard they try to show them down people's throats

No. 346782

i think it could've been a thing if they just made it a group with 6-9 talented members. no one stands out as an individual because of the extreme amount of members

No. 346784

they’ll never be a mainstream top boygroup, but i don’t think that’s the aim. they’re definitely going for strong, dedicated fandom > big public appeal which can still get a lot of money. as long as they push one or two members for variety work and stuff then they’ll be fine. the general public never fully warmed to super junior the way the did for shinee and tvxq for example, but they’ve survived just off of a batshit insane fandom rather than a massive one. i think sm’s next push for a proper mainstream nations group will be their new girl group

No. 346795

>they’re definitely going for strong, dedicated fandom
And they don't even have that. SM wanted a male AKB48 and they failed spectacularly.

No. 346806

the one on the far right literally looks like a 12yo girl. sm really can’t help themselves.

No. 346818

File: 1546270054649.gif (72.22 KB, 500x263, tae.gif)

Never forget

No. 346823

NCT has yet to gather a batshit insane fandom. They're doing worse than Seventeen were 2 years in, and Seventeen is not a big 3 group

No. 346825

NCT was absolutely nothing but a meme up until Boss. Not even SM started to take them seriously until this year.

No. 346856

File: 1546275047971.png (37.43 KB, 514x314, who.png)


No. 346860

some people think it might be irene since she didn't go to the mbc gayo today.

No. 346863

that'd be a good riddance. all the red velvet girlies are so insufferable

No. 346865

Probably Jennie and someone in YG

She was there, she just had to stay backstage because the artists seating area only allowed 15 people at a time. Her dress was horrifically ugly and that might have been a punishment for the dating?

Also conspiracy theory time: if it is Irene, maybe this dating scandal is SM's way of pushing Red Velvet aside so their new girl group can take over

No. 346868

what do you mean? i'm literally watching RV's performance at mbc gayo right now.

Irene is cosplaying as the cookie monster for some reason.

No. 346869

well people on twitter said she wasn't there or left before the show ended since she didn't show up at the ending stage

No. 346886

Maybe this could be Suzy and the Goblin dude?

No. 346890

"4. [+689, -191] It's obvious SM is feeling antsy about BTS. SM's losing popularity because of BTS while EXO is floundering out there. SM has no way but to pressure the three broadcast companies into promoting SM for them. This year-end was pathetic."

this whole comment is so cringe

No. 346894

Well, SM has been kind of flopping lately.

No. 346903


Idk I think the comment is kinda on to something.

No. 346906

i dont even think they are gaybaiting, the guys seem very straight to me. sure the ramp up the touching for fanservice but thats it, they dont have them allude to being gay

to think what they did to t.A.T.u… this is literally nothing

No. 346907

Since most of exo(?) Is going to the military Sm is trying to have NCT rival bts and it's just not gonna work.

No. 346909

File: 1546285377219.png (377.2 KB, 844x474, Screenshot (122).png)

No. 346910

Exo is still selling a million+ albums per comeback and TVXQ sold out a 500,000 Nissan Stadium concert. Not to mention Yoona and Taeyeon going strong and Red Velvet doing well.
SM has a lot more revenue sources than Big Hit, they will be fine for now. Their only concern is NCT flopping.

No. 346911

Maybe if they stopped trying to rip off AKB and do what Seventeen does (13 members in 3 different units, but the unit singles are special one-off videos and their main comebacks are OT13) then it could work.

No. 346912

bts is going to start flopping within the next year and no one will care about bighit while sm will always be seen as the top company who manages and debuts a lot of successful groups, why would they care about bts? yg talked some shit about them so maybe he is antsy about bts but i don't think sm gives any fucks

No. 346913

The last time SM gave a fuck about a group was probably when Infinite had a string of hits and were about to overshadow EXO. SM bought Infinite's company the very next year, problem solved.

No. 346914

yeah but sm is the one who isn't even worried about bts, it's yg so that's why comments like these throw me off

No. 346915

i would actually laugh if SM bought bighit, armies would start WWIII.

No. 346918

lmao the possible reaction would be amazing

No. 346919

SM easily could have bought Big Hit anytime before mid-2017 if they wanted to. They could have had the merger right after BTS won their first daesang. They didn't, and are currently making loads of money off of TVXQ and Super Junior's tours and EXO, so I doubt they're bothered. Plus NCT China (whatever their real group name is) is probably going to be a HUGE moneymaker for them soon.

No. 346920

The time YG tried to compare Blackpink's YouTube subscribers to the Bangtan vlog channel subcribers, and pass that off as "Blackpink beating BTS" was pure topkek

No. 346921

It would be better if they actually committed to the akb thing and encouraged "solo stanning" (husbandoism). The format relies on it. The ot18 uwu shit is retarded, it'll be the death of nct.

No. 346922

it would just be hilarious considering how much armies have been frothing at the mouth about how much more money bighit is bringing in and how they should take over a spot in the big three and make it the "big four," despite the fact that bighit has only had BTS going for them and that's it. tbh i can't wait until armies dissipate, they aren't even milky anymore just annoying.

No. 346923

Winwin has the most akgaes, it would be hilarious if they held an NCT senbatsu and Winwin ended up on top every year

No. 346924

they seem like very stereotypical straight boys and all their ~~we might be gay~~ shit is so obviously for female attention. the way koreaboo sjws eat it up as them being woke lgbt legends is ridiculous, i wouldn't even be surprised if most of the oppars were homophobic

No. 346925

i feel like his name is almost a euphemism now that i know this information.

i hate how kpop fans have managed to make every number a competition. even the most irrelevant things are a competition. bunch of losers.

No. 346927

I remember the time YG looked downright mad when some poor trainees performed DNA in front of him. If he's so jealous why doesn't he invest more money in Blackpink? They're popular in the west and 3/4 members speak English, maybe they could actually make it.

No. 346928

Because he's sexist and wanted his precious Ikon to be BTS' competition, not some silly women. If it had been Ikon with the 500m YouTube views he'd never shut up about it.

No. 346929

Hopefully they'll start doing it once they have 25+ members, so maybe 2020. Everyone besides Winwin, TY, Ten, Jaemin, and Lucas would get permanently btfo and Winwin's fanbase would kick the racism up several notches kek it would be an amazing shitshow to behold.

No. 346937

Saw some of Winwin's fans call Lucas and Ten monkeys because they're Thai already. When they properly debut I anticipate lots of shitty photoshops of Lucas with Harambe or something equally petty.

No. 346946

I’vw heard rumors about Jennie dating Teddy. Not 100% sure if they’re referring to Teddy as in the famous producer who’s YG’s go-to dude. He’s not an actor tho.

No. 346948

File: 1546288897541.jpeg (124.94 KB, 749x562, 75D49231-D374-4D51-9A9D-B34986…)

Jaehyun is by far one of the most popular members (rivaled only by maybe Taeyong and Mark) and has a ton of akgaes too. I’d say those three are the most likely to compete with Winwin. Yukhei doesn’t seem as popular in Korea as he is internationally but I could be wrong.

The Boss lineup seemed very successful; I can’t imagine any of them would be on the lower half of that list.

No. 346953

Because not even mods care about this site anymore

No. 346965

Jaehyun is more popular in Korea but since SM is pushing the international thing I doubt they'd limit voters to the Korean fans. Mark is not as popular as he's shilled to be. Ten, Taeyong, and Jaemin respectively are the only ones who can really compete with WW. The other three would fight for 5th.

No. 346981

Since you seem to know a lot about it is the current success level of NCT about what you would expect from the amount of pushing SM is giving it? Is it performing as expected or underperforming?

No. 346985

Lucas really has changed, now he looks even more plastic than J-Hope, what have they done to him? He looked fine here.

No. 346992

File: 1546296900865.jpeg (74.62 KB, 719x446, 670DCC19-E808-40ED-97D7-8D3676…)

wasn’t sure if this should go here or in the general thread but since we’ve been discussing their beef during the last few threads —

after years of pettiness and silent treatment, tao and kris are apparently friends again.

No. 346995

Damn, when did this happen? I thought those two were still being drama queens and shit.

No. 347004

just now apparently. people were saying stuff like ~2019 is totes already a better year~ because of it

No. 347020

File: 1546298691664.jpg (32.81 KB, 404x598, Screenshot.jpg)

The anon who said he got bad botox was probably right, but other than that he looks the same. Attached pic is from less than a week ago

No. 347044

File: 1546300441369.png (1.85 MB, 1076x1212, Screen Shot 2018-12-31 at 6.53…)

if this is true i'm kind of surprised bighit even has a female producer

No. 347054

File: 1546301196744.jpg (927.79 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20190101-070304_You…)

The top looks so unfortunate and ridiculous. I'd be so damn embarassed if I were her. I get that she's the center but they really didn't have to make her wear that thing just to make her stand out… the others wore normal dark stage outfits suitable for the song. That spandex top looks cheap btw. It's like they forgot to bring Irene's stage dress and just took whatever available in the dressing room.

No. 347063

what’s her appeal again? she looks extremely average by kpop standards, yeri and joy are far prettier than her, seulgi has more charisma and wendy has the best voice + used to be prettier before sm fucked her up with surgery.

whenever western fans cream their pants over irene’s ~visuals~ i automatically assume they’re koreaboos who follow whatever kfans do because by western standards she’s average as fuck.

No. 347067

Irene is seen as beautiful bc she hits the mark so well with Korean Beauty Standards. Koreans love people who are 'basic looking' with simple average faces like Suzy or Nana for example. People with "character" tend to be labeled as ugly by Korean beauty standards.

No. 347073

joy looks like a horse with a box body

No. 347075

File: 1546304240128.jpg (759.57 KB, 1200x1571, Nana.full.34337.jpg)

I disagree about Nana. She has a strong jaw compared to what koreans usually like.
Anons got angry at me for saying that tho but I always thought Yeri is the prettiest of RV.

No. 347077

yeah i was gonna say, nana is definitely not a basic visual for south career, i'd probably switch her with yoona. speaking of nana, what has she even been doing lately? i remember she did that show that got her back into good graces with k-nets but i haven't seen much else. idk why she's still with pledis, they must be giving her a good cut or smth.

No. 347079

I think she's the lead in a drama that's going to air soon. I feel bad for Raina and Lizzy tho, they have been MIA for a while

No. 347081

apparently the dispatch couple is jennie and kai. I am shocked negl

No. 347084

kek that's so weird. That boy must have been around a lot if two of his idol relationships got outed

No. 347085

based off what?

No. 347086

sources? i heard it was supposed to be a famous actor and a famous female idol? now i know kai's shit acting doesn't count him as such

No. 347087

File: 1546304824472.png (366.48 KB, 511x479, kaiii.png)

No. 347088

File: 1546304865005.png (409.67 KB, 586x539, 6543.PNG)

No. 347089


No. 347092

hmm i wonder what's going on behind the scenes. why was this revealed? idols hang out all the time so why is this the one that dispatch is reporting on? is it because exo and bp don't do official photoshoots with dispatch?

No. 347093

Holy fucking shit. This might be the milkiest reveal yet from dispatch. Commencing sperging from Blackpink fans and EXO fans in 3, 2,…

No. 347094

well dispatch has been doing articles on yg artists for awhile so I guess YG isn't paying dispatch to stay quiet. idk about SM

No. 347095

that truly shows exo are nearing the end of their career kek

No. 347097

the couple they wanted the reveal has a company who paid off dispatch, obviously. yg and dispatch aren’t on good terms, they revealed bom’s drug scandal after knowing about it for 3+ years because yg wasn’t paying them enough

No. 347099

you sound like a delulu fangirl. ''hang out''

No. 347100

tf? no, i mean idols are probably always together but no one knows.

No. 347101

jennie and kai seems like such a boring couple, neither of them bring anything interesting to the table with their stale personalities except for the mess that they cause.

No. 347103

RIP in pieces Blackpink
I guess she wasn't going SOLOLOLO after all

No. 347104

suzy already had a dating scandal and honestly i dont think many people care about her anymore

No. 347105

is that yeri or did they replace her because uh….

No. 347108

I wonder how this will affect their respective groups. Jennie already has a bad reputation for being lazy and allegedly a bully and honestly it doesn't look like she gets along with the other girls. Is she liked by the Korean GP?
As for Kai IIRC this is his second dating scandal, but it looks like EXO's members are focusing more on individual activities (Chanyeol and D.O.'s acting roles come to mind) so maybe it doesn't affect them as much.

No. 347110

you'd think after you have photos leaked of another idol giving you a blowjob, you'd be more careful

No. 347111

kai isn't relevant enough for outrage and blackpink fans won't get mad

No. 347114

>>347108 now the conclusion people are going to come to us that jennie is lazy because she’s rather have a boyfriend, like sulli stopped trying when she got one. i’m sure kai gets criticised but it’s not because he seems like he doesn’t care the way jennie stumbles about like she’s just thinking about the chanel giftbag waiting at home

No. 347117

All the major outlets have jumped on this story within the past 20 mins. I guess there's no denying it?

Don't really know if all these "breaking" dating stories always turn out to be true beyond the initial reports though. Do you guys think YG and SM were previously aware of this?

No. 347120

iirc dispatch does warn of stories about to be leaked in order to get leverage(i:e pay) from companies, and companies cant sue if they dont pay up because of all the shady shit dispatch has on them

No. 347122

probably, someone else mentioned that YG and dispatch aren't on good terms and for SM it could be possible that someone else of more importance was dating that they didn't want exposed so they just sacrificed kai. either that or the rumored actor x idol couple paid out more than YG and SM could.

No. 347123

YG just released a statement right now saying they had no idea about it and are looking into it.

No. 347125

Guess they'll be taking the 2NE1 route. I wonder who will be YG's favorite now?

No. 347126

lmao soompi crashed, I can't access their news section at all

any first impressions from blinks or exo-l's?

No. 347128

maybe kai is a cover to take off the fact that jennie is actually fucking YG

No. 347130

if jennie stops getting special perks and attention from this it basically confirms that yg just wants to fuck her and and his intentions with all his female favs lmao

No. 347131

I was thinking that and maybe on SMs part to cover up a potential dating scandal on Irene? Irene was mentioned earlier as a possibility.

No. 347132

what else were they gonna say? companies usually say they had no idea

No. 347135

please dispatch gods, reveal that a twice and bts member are dating

No. 347138

Does this prove YG's CEO isn't fucking her.

No. 347139

File: 1546308698569.png (123.52 KB, 1230x1304, Screen Shot 2018-12-31 at 9.10…)


the commenters are literally saying what i thought. i want another one too LOL. jennie x kai just doesn't bring enough milk for me.

No. 347140

Unlikely for now, BigHit is for sure paying Dispatch considering they frequently do photoshoots with them.

No. 347141

Bighit better hope they don't run out of money bccccccc

No. 347142

>Dispach fuckers we want another one
>No but you said you were solo
Well this is my first laugh of the year.

No. 347143

krystal has the personality of the korean version of darlene connor how tf is she charming

No. 347144

it could be though I don't know if YG would agree to that.
imo most idol couples aren't that interesting after the first reveal because they barely acknowledge each other so fans don't get mad. other than Hyuna and E'dawn I guess.

No. 347147

I wonder if the YG CEO feels cucked. His princess stolen by the rival company's man. I want to write this fanfiction.

No. 347153

i know that’s a joke but do some anons here genuinely think that had anything behind it other than her just being pushed despite not being very talented? if that was the case he’d be fucking half of winner and ikon too. she isn’t even pushed that hard, it was jisoo and rosé who had fashion week attendance recently, not her. it’s weird when people get amazed and think there’s a conspiracy behind a mediocre idol being popular or promoted more when that happens all the time

No. 347155

i'd read it out of boredom anon ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 347156

ikr? why is it weird to think that a business is capitalizing on its most popular member?

No. 347157

I don't think that would be possible, isn't Bighit technically a sublabel/brother label to JYP?

No. 347158

remember when v and jungkook sat and watched twice at that idol sports thing by themselves?

No. 347159

You want me to be honest? Most of us don't actually understand the industry. All I do is repeat what I hear on netizenbuzz, kpop critical, and youtube comments.

No. 347162

any pics?

No. 347163

If any anons want a good source for reading about industry/financial stuff from someone who actually knows what they're talking about, nomediaplay.tumblr.com is really good. He got b& from onehallyu for spreading harsh truths and calling fangirls idiots, but he is great at finding and analyzing legit sources.

No. 347165

this looks awesome tbh
i like that he answers delusional kpop fan retards who think their precious oppas and unnies are relevant and actually matter in the grand scheme of things

No. 347166

too high to search. i'm sure it's googleable

No. 347168

they’re better than netizenbuzz but it’s still a place for “stupid fucking fangirls think their fave is popular because they’re 14 year old stupid GIRLS” with plenty of selective uses of sources. a lot of “googling it will give you this source which is definitely correct” even when, if you know anything about the instances thwy’re talking about, you’d know the sources are rarely as simple as one statement being posted without it being followed up with contradicting statements from another side too

No. 347171

>selective uses of sources.
Do you have examples? As far as I can tell it's all primary data from financial reports, released legal documents like the TVXQ contract etc. Sometimes he doesn't use a source and just uses hypothetical figures but I just don't remember seeing any dodgy secondhand sources.

No. 347173

that would make me feel bad for twice
bighit will fuck up hard once they start to run out of money and don't get along with them anymore

No. 347174

the only thing that bothers me about that guy from the tumblr is he seems to call out fangirls, but he is very much an obvious bitter ex snsd fan himself? kinda reminds me of oniontaker who tried to act superior when he was just as delusional as other fans but onion was actually practically stalking taeyeon(he moved onto jisook from rainbow after snsd started to fall apart iirc) so this guy at least seems a little more sane in that regard

No. 347194

File: 1546315156356.jpg (13.71 KB, 320x367, tt.jpg)

Well well, looks like Jennie isn't going solo after all

No. 347195

File: 1546315207848.png (60.42 KB, 809x454, Screenshot (124).png)

I find this really interesting. There was some speculation earlier itt about SM idols current profitability.

I saw the JYP 2.0 conference thing and since then I've been thinking of investing in the more successful kpop companies (I currently only have investments with local companies thru my bank) but this post has thrown me off from believing the kpop hype and pretending to understand the business world outside of my country lmao.

No. 347202

Koreans love jennie

No. 347205

He is just one of us.

No. 347206

Irene was not present yesterday for the MBC Gayo Daejejeon performance and theres a theory floating about that Irene was called in to a SM meeting to talk about the rumors prior to the reveal seeing how shes close to Jennie.
But if I may, let me tinfoilhat a little, what if Irene is the original "idol" mentioned but they decided to throw Kai under the buss instead

No. 347207

apparently dispatch has 4 more idol couples to reveal. it all depends if the companies are willing to pay dispatch to be quiet about it.

No. 347213

File: 1546316329599.jpeg (219.31 KB, 1242x1257, F25DB380-EB9A-4664-8D90-F1B501…)

Blinks and their obsession with shipping lesbian relationships in blackpink is fucking pathetic and disgusting. I don’t understand the amount of gay shipping in kpop in general tbh it’s so strange to me.

No. 347214

you haven't even seen twice fangirls if this triggers u. it's not "blinks", it's lesbians.

No. 347217

reminds me of "lchat"

I am not a lesbian but i went there to steal their pics and gifs all the time. But they were OBSESSED with kpop idols being lesbians especially SNSD. Its extremely embarrassing. I havent been there in years so Idk if it even still exists but if it does you guys should definitely go into the archives and read between 2010-2013ish. Its disturbing and pathetic how hard they really believe everyone is a lesbian in kpop and take it seriously.

No. 347218

they're crazier about twice imo. they're crazy lesbians + SEA kpop fans. so they believe all the mediaplay and if you say something like "i dont like her outfit", the dykes freak out.

No. 347219

Damn I didnt even think they existed anymore lol. Not surprising that they'd latch on to a newer group to project themselves on.

No. 347221

sana is their new taeyeon

No. 347223

Might pay a visit tomorrow lol. The asspain everytime one of their precious lezzie unnies got into a straight public relationship was always fantastic.

No. 347225

I don’t think it’s just lesbians I think it’s ugly fat losers who get off to this gay shit too. I have no clue why. I wonder what idols think when they see fanfic about them eating each other out and it’s like thousands of people fapping over it too lol.

No. 347226

idols play it up so i doubt they care

No. 347230

The "motion sickness" and "ankle injury" was from too much dick after all! YG is not going to take this well, this is a perfect excuse to shove blackpink in the dungeon forever now. RIP

No. 347231

lol anyone who thinks kpop ggs are actually close let alone secretly dating is braindead

No. 347232

twitter stans will call a female idol a lesbian icon for sitting with her legs slightly apart, wearing a women’s suit, mentioning any female celebrity in any context not fitting beauty standards, fitting beauty standards perfectly, anything. i didn’t mind it until i realised some of them are completely serious about their beliefs and aren’t just joking or speculating a bit.

the worst for me is still when fans trying to prove uwu queer idols just end up playing into negative stereotypes like lesbians being predatory and out to harass every woman they see. sana’s been mentioned before as being bad for this, she’s one of the idols who’ll grab and stroke at and pretend to kiss another member who looks anywhere from mildly annoyed to genuinely uncomfortable. they also love using hani as an example of a lesbian idol because she was obsessed with one of the underage oh my girl members and kept talking about how much she wanted to date her. when she was on weekly idol she’d gawk at underage girls all the time, she’s a creep. and then she was dating xia for a while but that didn’t change anything

No. 347234

BP fans are taking this well so far, but YG is gonna sperg out terribly. He's either going to not give BP a comeback at all this year, or pick another member as his favourite

No. 347236

I remember they did it to almost every idol like it was so inconceivable to them that straight female idols exist. What was funny was how homophobic they were towards Amber. Apparently the L chat not only hates bisexual females, but also lesbians who arent uber femme or femme passing.

No. 347239

they don't want to believe girls become idols because they want to fuck male idols and guys become idols because they want to fuck female idols

No. 347242

I wonder how many idols actually start out as saesangs.
I know that trinity girl was one and she got kicked from GLAM because of it, and Jisoo was writing fanfiction about raping some male idols before Lovelyz, but Im sure theres more.

No. 347243

YG’s never cared that much about dating scandals. They barely bother to confirm them and just say it’s the idol’s own personal life and has nothing to do with the company. Jennie might be popular but she isn’t popular because people want to date her, BP aren’t going to be in trouble over this. At most it just means definitely solo for Rosé and probably Jisoo and Lisa while fans cool down before the next group comeback. The only thing holding back BlackPink from being more consistent is that YG has some weird blood pact with Teddy so they can’t just pump out a mini album with 6 different producers on it

No. 347246

File: 1546319346477.jpeg (650.97 KB, 1125x856, C2D76929-EA1A-4B04-8E24-309CB0…)

No. 347247

File: 1546319403439.png (14.38 KB, 474x157, 35345.png)

>reading post about jennies dog apparently being named kai
>a few rational people explaining the dog is 8 years old and cant be named after kai from exo
>this is a reply

No. 347248

is sana gay xxDDDDDD

No. 347250

>>347110 ??? Who are you talking about here??? Please fill me in anon

No. 347252

File: 1546319771419.jpg (51.77 KB, 480x640, 31911_original.jpg)

kai and krystal

No. 347254

Lmao finally someone said it

No. 347255

anyone else think jennie and kai dating is just a cover up for jennie dating YG? lel

No. 347256

Don't forget jane of momoland

No. 347260

Idk I think you're giving YG too much credit for being restrained and calm. Jennie is his shiny new toy, he's not gonna take being blindsided by her well. Hopefully she survives this. The other three members will probably not get their solos though, they're not at Jennie's level of public recognition and YG won't put in any effort to promote them

No. 347262

Jennie and Kai are so random lmao. This was to bland though I was hoping for something milky like bts x twice or Jennie and Yg. I just can't wait to see the shitshow between Exo-ls and Blinks

No. 347263

Do you really think he's blindsided by it though? They made barely any effort at hiding their relationship. Kai even picked her up at the yg building lol. dispatch always contacts companies to try and get money to hide the dating rumors so I'm sure they did the same to YG.

No. 347264

agreed, just like most of the photos with krystal, kai seems pretty blatant about not caring about being caught so i doubt it was actually a secret

No. 347265

does anyone else not believe they're dating? like i think this whole thing is a cover up
they're just so random

No. 347266

>>347263 So you think Yg knew about Kai and Jennie? Any ideas as to why he wouldn't just pay them off knowing this type of info could be detrimental to black pink and his precious Jennie..?

No. 347267

>>347265 the relationship looks faker than Baekyeon. And them barely tryna hide the relationship seems iffy asf.

No. 347268

because its not detrimental

No. 347270

this is like his second dating scandal
i honestly think he's the gay idol everyone keeps talking about

No. 347271

It kind of is.

No. 347272

did exo-ls grow out of their psycho phase or something? their reaction to baekyeon was pretty wild but they seem calm with kai and jennie

No. 347273

>>347270 you know I wouldn't even be surprised if it was him.

No. 347274

File: 1546322175172.jpg (249.1 KB, 1064x599, 20190101_125404.jpg)

Accidentally saw this on youtube

No. 347275

kai's fans are pretty chill

No. 347279

>>347275 no they're not?? When kaistal came out made of them where sending death threats to Krystal,burning Kai merch and bullying Krystal online. I don't think I would call that chill

No. 347280

It's unlikely but not impossible. EXO is 7 years old, and if Jennie adopted the dog when it was 2 or 3 then it could be true.

No. 347281

Her squidward nose is sending me

No. 347282

a lot of stans are talking about jennie x lisa and kai x d.o, their ship names were trending in some countries after the news came out. it's embarassing and makes lisa and d.o look like incels. k-pop fans are so ready to call any straight relationship bearding by companies to hide the ~~real~~ gay ships

No. 347283

All the ~kai is my bf~ types ditched him after that scandal. His remaining fans are chill / non-existent.

No. 347284


God Wendy is fucking hideous why would you do this to us anon

No. 347285

idk i mean that gay idol couple blind item mentioned they are in the same popular group
a week after, kaistal news dropped
just this month the blind item got mentioned again on pann
now jennie and kai news got dropped

No. 347286


i don't see how this is detrimental to jennie's career? correct me if i'm wrong but blackpink has a lot of western/international fans, and i-fans tend to be really supportive of idols dating and love to criticize the shitty no-dating rule (ex: hyuna and edawn). they'd probably be able to fight off any hate she gets; look at how many people were willing to defend her terrible performing skills. not saying there won't be any backlash but i can't imagine it ruining her career

No. 347287


Dif anon, but I don’t think it’s detrimental either. Blackpink is hugely successful and it seems that the hyuna and e dawn thing kinda made more kpop fans less rabid about dating. I know i-stans on twitter are all being positive about the situation and I haven’t seen more than one k-stan negative reaction. Also, YG isn’t stupid, he knows blackpink is the money maker and he’s not going to ruin them over this. I’m willing to bet they just deny and ignore it and it’ll fade away. They had to know about it bc they were obvi contacted prior to the leak with a chance to stop it, he didn’t gaf lol.

No. 347288

She definitely passes off as part-white here.

No. 347289

>YG isn’t stupid, he knows blackpink is the money maker and he’s not going to ruin them over this
2NE1 were a money maker to YG until they weren't just saying. YG absolutely does not give one fuck about Blackpink unless he needs their YouTube statistics to trot out. He didn't even post Jennie's first music show win on Instagram where he posted Mino's second place finish. He's going to use this as an excuse to delay their comeback for sure.

>They had to know about it bc they were obvi contacted prior to the leak with a chance to stop it, he didn’t gaf lol

Dispatch says the female idol's agency couldn't come to an agreement with them, so YG (the agency, not the guy) absolutely did try to stop it. It didn't work out because Dispatch and YG have always been on bad terms.

No. 347290

Has it finally happened? I-fans got big enough to permanently change the culture of the industry? tbh I hate it?

No. 347291

How many of those i-fans will buy BP albums though? Their Western fandom is not at the level of BTS and most of their international fans are SEA, who generally are all 13 mentally. Blackpink is a big enough group to bounce back from this for sure, but there will be some fallout. Maybe just not as much as expected since EXO are all old veterans now.

No. 347293

Ifans don't care because EXO has had multiple dating scandals before so they're all jaded. If it was a BTS member, now THAT would give great milk.

No. 347295

i don't want to be like "NO gay ship can ever be real ALL idols are STRAIGHT and you all are delulu" because it's close minded and i mean sure, there might be lgb idols but i really, really doubt that most of the popular ships like chanbaek, kaisoo, seulrene, jenlisa, michaeng, jikook, vkook that shippers believe in till death are real. if two members of the same group were dating and broke up, it would completely fuck the group up. i think if that rumor is actually true, it's probably a duo that most people would be surprised with

No. 347296


Ah, I wasn’t aware of this. Thanks for the insight/info.

I always felt like blinks on twitter were over exaggerating the way YG treats the girl groups and blackpink. I’m new to this world I need to do more digging lol.

No. 347301

Half of the blink fanbase were also blackjacks before, so they know. Being pretty isn't going to stop YG from tanking Blackpink if he wishes, because time and time again he's shown that he does not give one fuck about women under his company.

SM confirmed the dating news right away because they do not give a fuck, while YGE has yet to put out an official statement beyond "we're looking into this", which means they're scrambling to deal with YG sperging out.

No. 347311

nah thats sehun

No. 347312

File: 1546329020690.jpg (110.02 KB, 857x1200, DVG3jfVVAAAR4qS.jpg)

I don't know what Krystal, Jennie, or Kai's fans see in Kai and his caved-in nose. Just look at that botched nose job, he absolutely has to be a mouth breather by now.

No. 347314

He looks like MJ.

No. 347315

>>347312 what the fuck happened to him he used to be handsome. He looks chopped.

No. 347317

How much you wanna bet it was his group members calling him nigger on the daily?

No. 347322

exo members constantly make dumb jokes about his complexion and it's annoying, i'm happy sm doesn't make him look like a zombie with makeup or didn't bleach his skin

No. 347323

So Dispatch has about 3 or 4 more couples to leak….Irene dating news with a famous actor could still be true. She's 27 going on 28 so her dating anyone won't really be that shocking in terms of age gap, unless she's getting it on with a 70-something dude

No. 347324

Didn't Chen call himself Kunta Kinte in a Vlive once when he put overdrawn dark lipstick?

No. 347327

File: 1546330832356.jpeg (110.78 KB, 683x1024, 15196EAE-0FF6-4993-8B1E-869F01…)

This guy has a potato nose. Jennie has terrible taste. I agree that this “milk” is boring. Hopefully dispatch or whatever will reveal more interesting idol couples because exo is dead anyways. Would’ve preferred a bts member so I could watch armies and blinks fight.

No. 347328

I wish a popular idol was dating a non-Korean idol so we could watch all the racist k-fans and self-hating kboos lose their shit

No. 347330

Anyone else remember the Rat Monster x Taylor Swift dating rumors?
I wish it were true. Imagine that.

No. 347332

RM would be more likely to be dating Halsey or something. That'd be even funnier

No. 347338

>>347324 yeah he did and his fans were jumping through mental gymnastics to defend him even going with the same tired ass "mistranslation" excuse. This isn't the first time an idol did smtg like that a member of flop7 named his cat Kunta bc he has black fur

No. 347340

>>347317 I wouldn't be surprised. Exo members are always talking shit about his skin color to this day and it's tired and annoying and was never funny. They probably do call him Kkamdoongie ( Korean word for nigger) behind closed doors.

No. 347341

I hope dispatch releases something about bts. I know they must have a whole bunch of dirt on them.

No. 347347

dispatch will drop the bomb about them one day, it's most likely going to happen when bts starts flopping and bighit starts to pay them less but i don't know what kind of dirt they might have on them

No. 347355

i bet they're all huge sluts

No. 347360

no shit, they're men

No. 347365


No. 347369

Drugs? Suga and V seem like the type to light a couple of joints.

No. 347370

wouldn't be surprised if suga and rm were doing hard drugs

No. 347371

File: 1546337555123.jpeg (59.1 KB, 584x1200, DvtW58-V4AArcEy.jpeg)

bts apparently blocked someone on twitter because they were talking shit about rm and jimin?? lmao

No. 347372

why? suga and rm are pussies. if anyone, it's xXxjungkookxXx

No. 347375

lolololol fill me in on that anon, where is that from?

No. 347377

V is an extremely conservative fundamentalist Christian so I doubt it.

No. 347379

i don't want to tinfoil but i wonder if he has anything to do with cult shit since he's close friends with park bogum

No. 347382

>>347372 Jungkook doesn't really strike me a someone to do drugs..but he seems to only be addicted to laxatives so who knows… My money is Suga and Jhope.

No. 347384

Doesn't sound to tinfoil to me. If the above anon is fr about V being an extreme conservative Christian and is very close to park Bogum another extremely conservative diehard Christian then there's a good possibility he could be involved in the cult or know about the teaches. But I doubt it bc we would of heard something about it by now.

No. 347390

did wanna one disband?

No. 347395

He's either in the cult or has views so similar to it that he may as well be.

Bogum is that cult's golden boy. As a rule, cults don't allow their members to socialize with regular sane people anyway, let alone their prized members who they've groomed from birth. One of the defining features of cults is that they cut you off from anyone not in the cult, but people believe Bogum is allowed to just be best friends with V anyway? V's either already in the cult or about to be.

No. 347398

File: 1546345928006.jpg (52.5 KB, 600x149, -.jpg)

they are either getting paid to avoid scandals or bts are really celibate as fuck

No. 347401

officially they did but they're still going to events together until their final concert.

they could be celibate but I doubt it. it's kinda obvious that bighit is paying them to stay quiet either way.

No. 347403

It's obvious that Jennie and Kai wanted to be caught dating…. The matching outfits, the instagram posts, the dates in public parks…

No. 347405

J-Hope and Jin have apartments of their own, they are most definitely dating. Dispatch is just keeping quiet for now.

No. 347409

that’s why i never feel that bad for idols getting caught when they’ve been dropping hints and stuff. not nice that they have their privacy invaded, i get that, but they didn’t need to upload matching instagram posts and stuff, there’s no way it isn’t deliberate

No. 347410

That makes me wonder if it's all staged

No. 347411

maybe but why would it be staged?

No. 347412


conspiracy theory YG staged Kai and Jennie in order to gaslight that Jennie and YG are actually fucking and the rumors are true

No. 347414

SM used to stage/leak relationships amongst their own idols but I never really got why, just knew people had been saying it like it was fact. I don’t know if it was an any attention is good attention thing or what because they used to do it with SNSD members when they were new and make sure certain pairings got attention, like Junsu and Taeyeon, or Leeteuk and Taeyeon, or Baekhyun and Taeyeon. Other couples that had more evidence to make it seem likely, like Jaejoong and Jessica, the jaw couple, were kept more quiet so it did seem like there was some kind of planning behind it.

Yeri and Taeyong has been a rumour for a while, think SM might have sacrificed one more established idol instead of two newer ones?

No. 347422

I do think Yeri is dating but the Yeri/Taeyong stuff is just cringey fanfics fuel pushed by her fans.

No. 347423

File: 1546350470028.jpg (27.54 KB, 360x294, Dvyaft1UwAAVJAo.jpeg.jpg)

Who knows… but their pose here are so unnatural lmao. It's like some screencap from a K-drama's behind the scene. Not to mention they look dumb as well.

No. 347425

File: 1546350582058.jpg (23.66 KB, 330x360, DvyZU2GVsAEyGh6.jpeg.jpg)

Sorry wrong pic. This is what i refer to as "kdrama's bts".

No. 347429

Honestly for some reason Yeri attracts teenage fangirls who desperately want to live vicariously through her and ship her with everyone. Search "yeri dating" on Twitter and you'll find hoardes of mostly Indonesian girls insisting it's all but confirmed that she's dating Taeyong, Jaehyun, Mark, Jungwoo, Jungkook, Taemin, Jimin and Taehyung all at the same time apparently.

No. 347432

unremarkable idols are more relatable

No. 347434

File: 1546351352363.jpg (42.4 KB, 540x700, large.jpg)

I think they are trying too hard to sexualize yeri with the cleavage thing since it seems to be the only thing they can sell from her, considering her fridge body.

I was like eww when I saw this pic. It's not sexy or daring or anything, just awkward af.

No. 347435

You forgot about Lucas, Dino from Seventeen and Jaemin.

She really does have the most annoying fans. It reminds me of how Apink's fans used to try and push them with every boyband under the sun.

No. 347436

File: 1546351590093.jpg (99.07 KB, 614x1024, Dv0HxzrXgAMyx6w.jpg)

The Yeri/Taeyong (and Yeri/Jaehyun, Yeri/Lucas, Yeri/Mark and so on) rumors come from some post made by a nobody claiming to be an insider "leaking" dating secrets. In it, she said Yeri was dating a NCT member and Irene was dating a famous actor.

The same post said Jennie was dating a non-celebrity and Kai was dating a nugu girlgroup member nobody had ever heard of, so everyone else has written off the post as bullshit now except for Yeri's stans.

No. 347439

they just take an idol they relate to, take their fave and make it a couple. like southeast asian fans relate to lisa and ship her with whatever male idol they find attractive, fans who are insecure about other women ship oppar with another oppar they find relatable. straight or gay shipping, it's all about self-insertion

No. 347442

exactly. not sure why yeri's so popular, it's probably a combination of her being in a group that is generally liked by girls, and being a teenage girl (whereas the other rv members are adult women)

No. 347444

Officially, yes, they will attend some events in January though they won't perform. They'll have a final concert later in the month, then most will be situated into other boy groups or start solo careers (most likely Daniel). Not going to lie, I'm really going to miss their crackhead fans fighting with the level headed fans of Nu'est every single day.

No. 347446

It's really about fangirls inserting themselves into Yeri, no coincidence all these guys are the most popular ones in their groups.

No. 347450

File: 1546352607470.gif (1.41 MB, 500x265, 11f.gif)

god i hope twice are dating
imagine the fallout from their male fans

No. 347463

Yeri is also closer to their age (19) than the other Red Velvet members, so she's their self-insert since she's more "relatable"

No. 347464

what do we make of this? it's allegedly some couples dispatch "caught" with bts and twice members making the list.

No. 347465

Hope it's Kang Daniel and a Twice member for extra nuclear fallout

No. 347467

Eh, some of them sound like wishful thinking. Irene and Minho I can maybe buy, but who's going to care about the likes of Weki Meki, WJSN and Astro? They're too unimportant for Dispatch of all people to follow them around

No. 347470

It definitely isn't going to be Daniel, at least until he's established in whatever comes after Wanna One for him. If I had the amount of sasaengs and akgaes he had, I'd want to watch every move I make in fear (and to my knowledge, Wannables are/were worse than EXO-Ls at their peak)

No. 347471

I remember Kyuhyun and Seulgi rumours floating around when she was a trainee; Krystal and Sulli talked about Seulgi on a show where he was a host

No. 347472

it's usually unimportant nugus being theorized about anyway, look at cube's mess

No. 347473

this is just a old post from pann updated to include kai and jennie in order to seem legit. it's not from dispatch.

No. 347474

You're probably right, I was just picking the next biggest male name based on how much milk the news would generate lmao. Since BTS is paying off Dispatch, that just leaves Kang Daniel as a big name

No. 347475

The Korean general public could not give less of a fuck about anyone on that list, even Kai and Jennie aren't generating much buzz.

For the GP to care it'd have to be something big, like a female idol being the mistress of Moon Jae-in or something.

No. 347476

Isn't Daniel bigger than BTS in Korea? There was that listing of popular idols and he was either first or second, Jimin being the first if he was the second or the second if he was the first.

No. 347479

speaking of wanna one, i could not for the life of me get into their music or fall for the meme. sounded heavily like a rip off of seventeen's most edm hits. except energetic was pretty good. what was the appeal? just that people got to follow their "journey" on produce101? btw i also hate winner

No. 347480

I guess it's kind of a tie right now. BTS have caught on with the general public because Koreans get off on the thought that the West now cares about them, and feel like BTS has made it so Korea is finally taken seriously by America.

However, when it comes to the individual members instead of BTS as just one homogenous soft power group, Daniel is definitely more popular than any individual BTS member.

No. 347483

> just that people got to follow their "journey" on produce101
Yep, that's their appeal. Teenage girls got to choose which oppas to lust after

No. 347484

Honestly, I see the appeal in Daniel more than any of the BTS members, especially Ratmon. If only Wanna One had been the group to garner international attention instead, but i-fans didn't give a fuck. They couldn't even give away tickets for their "world tour." But hey, at least Korea likes them for genuine reasons rather than the convoluted "muh Korea pride, the West likes them so now I do too because I'm absolutely brainless!"

No. 347486

I saw a few episodes of PD101 and Daniel is far from handsome, but he was charming and a decent dancer. He definitely has star power so I don't mind his fame.

No. 347487

I don't care one way or another about his looks, he doesn't seem super plastic to me and isn't an anachan so that's points for me. But I can agree with the charm thing from the few things I have seen of him (mostly watching award shows and Gayo Daejuns), hope he's a good person too. Doesn't seem to be a lot of those in the industry, and if he is he might be corrupted pretty fast. The illusion will never last.

No. 347489

you need to specify that its FEMALE apink fans you are talking about, given the male apink fans no longer exist, or only exist in the form of threatening to blow up their concerts because their 30+ year old idol crushes arent precious uWu virgins anymore

No. 347502

Well I googled it and it's because Yeri has an outgoing personality and is spotted most frequently talking to male friends.

No. 347505

nobody would have thought it was their male fans doing that you weirdo

No. 347507

She's been in SM since she was 11 or 12, I doubt half the NCT guys she's shipped with see her as more than a little sister.

No. 347509

Plus it'd be a little gross for grown men like Taeyong or Jaehyun to be dating a teenage girl. But the teenage girls pushing for it don't care about that because it'd mean oppa wouldn't date them either.

No. 347512

Wtf? Jaehyun is only two years older than her

No. 347520

Yeri gives me vibes that she'll end up dating a way older man. It's probably because she reminds me so much of Sulli.

No. 347522

With the aspect of "being fucking done with idol life" I agree, but physically Joy reminds me of Sulli somehow even though they don't have the same features.

No. 347528

I was on twitter and someone thinks dispatch is blackmailing bts? Does that sound tinfoil to y'all? I guess it could partially Explajn why also they have access to mv sets, photoshoots, filmings, or bighit office before a comeback. They have an 'exclusive' photo from btsxpuma ads filming, Jungkook graduation, etc. Is this sort of deal only exclusive to bts or no?

No. 347533

Pretty sure it's common knowledge that companies pay Dispatch to not publish certain articles/pictures. Bighit probably does it too.

No. 347547

bts's deal seems like a lot more, but lots of groups have exclusive photoshoots with them

No. 347552

File: 1546367558037.jpg (48.08 KB, 872x960, hm.jpg)

lol you know a bts fan wrote this since the description fits all their uwu popular ships
but i've seen a lot of people on twitter discussing about it too, where is all this "one of the couples dispatch's going to reveal is a same-sex couple" thing coming from? now that kai and jennie's relationship has been made public everyone is making up shit to theorize about their ships. even if dispatch has information on a gay couple, these idols would go through a lot of shit in sk and their careers would be ruined

No. 347563

File: 1546369070389.png (330.11 KB, 633x621, Solo.PNG)

Kek BP really is 2ne1 2.0

No. 347564

at least cl was somewhat of a good performer who actually had stage presence

No. 347566

Bom and Dara weren't on the same level talent-wise but they covered each other's weaknesses well. 2NE1 were a very well-functioning team who liked each other, something Blackpink has yet to achieve.

No. 347567

if only jennie had a sliver of cl's charisma. all a pretty girl has to do is smirk and people lose their minds.

No. 347569

Dispatch once said that if they were to uncover a same-sex couple they would not release the information out of respect, since it would have a far greater effect than regular dating news.

Fujoshis have taken this to mean that they actually did find a same-sex couple and it must be Baekyeol/Vkook/whatever other m/m ship is the new hotness currently.

No. 347570

chanbaek is such a meme because their fanservice attempts are painfully obvious. i don't understand why it's so popular

No. 347582

i wonder if kai is gay. i never thought he was before, but it is strange that he's had two dating scandals with very popular female idols who are similar in personality and style. krystal matched him well and so does jennie. it just seems too perfect like it was all planned. sorry for the gay tinfoil.

No. 347583

Bom and Dara were such bad dancers that 2ne1’s choreography was limited, but at least they tried hard, Dara especially. She’s a bad dancer, her voice is a whisper, she’s not naturally funny, but she’s managed to stay well liked because she always tries hard. 2ne1 aren’t the flawless, empowering, epitome of talent people think they are on reflection but at least as a group they didn’t get criticised for slacking off, CL just was more extra than the others

No. 347588

or because he's rich and famous

No. 347595

I agree completely. They tried their best with whatever they had, and put on a good show everytime.

No. 347598

Fuck off with the gay tinfoiling. This isn't any better than lchat autism. Don't derail the thread with that trash again.

No. 347633

>krystal matched him well and so does jennie. it just seems too perfect
>they get along TOO well, they have TOO much chemistry, so he's GAY!
fujoshits OUT

No. 347649

kai's bandmate is literally running around, publicly saying that he loves men and shamelessly posting pics with his sugar daddy. even though the baekyeon situation was sus, i don't think big kpop companies make their artists have beards or go to great measures to hide their sexuality. there are probably a lot of kpop idols who are closeted and choose to date the other sex because of homophobia, but talking about them is pointless.

i don't think any of his dating scandals are intentional. the one he had with krystal was the "worst" one, so because he already has had one dating scandal it isn't as shocking the second time around. black pink don't appeal to possessive male fans (like twice or izone), a dating scandal won't make them lose an impactful amount of fans. i don't think kai nor jennie had much to lose, or gain, from this. if one of the non-korean twice members were dating one of the most popular bts members the situation would most likely have impacted both of the groups very negatively. kpop fangirls love to live through the female idols their oppas interact with, until they actually start dating them for real.

No. 347651

>kai's bandmate is literally running around, publicly saying that he loves men and shamelessly posting pics with his sugar daddy.

wait what now

No. 347652

sehun is the actual gay legend sjw kpop stan twitter is sleeping on

No. 347659

We’re gonna need to see some receipts.

No. 347663

I think people choose to ignore that fact cause it's not an attractive male & attractive male relationship lol. We all know kpop fans only hype up gay relationships between two attractive males, but real life doesnt work that way… they might have been disgusted by the thought of sehun fucking a much older ugly man, to the point they pretend to not know it

No. 347665

Isn't Yuri supposed to be lesbian too? I heard rumours about her being in a lez love triangle with two actresses a few years ago

No. 347671

>>347649 I know about the men thing but posting pics with his sugar daddy? Receipts? And how do you even know it's his sugar daddy fr? I'm not saying your lying or anything but proof is good.

No. 347672

ive heard about her and minho tho

No. 347682

it's possible
also don't forget an insider said sm was planning on pairing up kai or sehun with krystal back in 2012 and it actually happened

No. 347688


No. 347697

The previous thread has pictures of him on a vacation being close with some older asian man

No. 347723

that was from a site that posts a lot of blind items, none that have actually been proven to be legit

No. 347741

i find it very interesting how much and how quickly kpop changed from 2008 to now

how it went from more relaxed beauty standards where people actually looked alive and not coke nosed and bloated yet malnourished and unrealistically pale as if they were going through the stages of death

there were more interactions between idols on shows such as idol army whilst now with the rise of social media that's kind of died down and the catering and recycling of western trends is even more obvious and lazy.

the creeps of the industry however have managed to persevere through time and space tho

No. 347745

I knew people from SM years ago. I liked SNSD a lot then and mentioned she was my favorite and was told she's a lesbian. There's a lot of closeted idols. I don't see any coming out. Maybe Key but probably not cuz he's pretty much just living his life.

No. 347747

Not to mention it really seems as if all the newer groups are uninspired and boring af.

Everyone looks the same i can barely recognize anyone because they have a new face everytime i see them and all the faces just melt together into one big prototype blur.
No one stands out. Variety is boring as shit and no idol actually seems to have a personality thats not scripted to hell. I feel sorry for anyone who became a fan of kpop after like..2014ish. AOA was the last "new" group I was really interested in and they're RIP. I liked Hello Venus when they redebuted and released some good dance pop but they died out too. There was a lot of different stuff and experimentation with different sounds. Lots of colorful outfits, videos and stage presence. Now if you like girl groups and want anything other than saccharine sweet pedo bait bullshit, your only option is like..Black Pink, Mamamoo, Dreamcatcher and Exid. No thanks. Red Velvet is kinda ok but they arent idol like at all in comparison to girl groups before them. And dont even get me started on plastic basic boring ass boy groups with their struggle vocals and lackluster dance skills.

No. 347749

hi soy

No. 347751

Am I supposed to know who that is? I just used to know a lot of 2nd Gen shit not some I KNOW PEOPLE brag cuz who gives a fuck.

No. 347755

Im sorry. Usually when somebody comes into a forum and says they ~knew people~ and mention snsd and say they were told something personal about a member, its one of the retards from Soshified. If you're not I apologize.

No. 347758

do guys actually get off to being called oppa?
is that like the "daddy" thing of korea? i'd always thought it was really creepy to call your boyfriend oppa in a sexual way

No. 347765

yes and no

i know the younger generations have really sexualized the term whilst older generations find it weird that it's being used in a sexual way and some even find it weird when used too much in a romantic way

No. 347766

Im American and from the South, and many of my family memebrs that were married would call each other mama and daddy and it wasnt sexual at all. Its so weird that its a thing now. Seems to be universal lol.

No. 347778

File: 1546392715285.jpg (186.38 KB, 640x427, 1.jpg)

i haven't heard that name in years LMAO

No. 347785

She was such a weirdo sperg lmao.


Its a shame snsd isnt a thing anymore because their fans were just as milky back in the day as Armys.

No. 347801

soshified was full of weirdos and didn't they have beef with ygladies or something? dumb as hell

No. 347807

No idea. It was a glorified saesang hub of Korean Americans that had "connections" and too much money to spend and it made them think they somehow had a ~connection~ with the members that no other fan had and that their respective crushes actually cared about them and looked at them as anything other than a saesang they could use to promote themselves. Its a well known fact all idols hate saesangs. Like..yeah they take your gifts you spend thousands a year on, and they smile for pictures with you, but you actually make them super uncomfortable lol. The lack of self awareness always made me laugh.

No. 347820

File: 1546398783782.jpeg (78.97 KB, 540x810, B92553BA-1FC3-4276-A46F-5101C7…)

Everytime Twice pops up on my newsfeed Sana’s face just irritates the fuck out of me. Its just so punchable.

No. 347821

god could that skirt be any tighter? imagine being so inept that you cant even provide a proper fitting skirt for a girl THAT tiny

No. 347828


Jennie's stans flip shit when anyone mentions her scandals, any criticism whatsoever is "blowing things out of proportion" and acting like they're the only rational ones in a sea of reactionary haters.

No. 347837

i hate these tight boxy skirts every idol is wearing onstage now, how are they fit for performing? kpop stylists never fail to disappoint me.

No. 347842

i've seen twitter threads about taemin and suga having "oppa kinks". taemin had a thing for white girls calling him oppa or something like that. maybe some other korean guys would find it cringy but idk

No. 347850

Isn't it written by a 40 yo man? That makes it annoying right off the bat.

No. 347853

it's because sana has narrow hips so they need to cut into her waist but still have room for hip pads.

No. 347865

Don't know how old he is but he shits on teen fangirls blindly defending male idols while being a staunch defender of female idols he himself finds attractive - like just admit you're defending their lack of talent because you want to fuck them and go. There definitely are times when fangirl defense gets way out of control, but he just preaches way too much.

Kpopalypse is even worse because he has this deep-seated hatred for R&B and automatically rates R&B songs lower. He hates good singers for some reason because their vocals "don't allow producers to make good melodies" or something. He's also extremely triggered over Reddit not liking him, and screenshots "hate" comments from years ago to include in his blogs as proof that he's better than the plebs on Reddit.

They're both well in their 30s/40s and acting like teenagers over K-pop while shitting on actual teenagers. Embarrassing.

No. 347867

sounds like all the famous male "fans" people post and talk about here tbh

No. 347879

I thought he was in his twenties but I have no clue.
that reminds me of one of his devout commenters that posts sexist jokes on reddit to "troll" and then comments in other threads saying he wants women in the kpop industry to be respected and treated equally. and of course he's a kpopfap regular

No. 347882

I still remember that anti-snsd forum who had an admin called Zoy lmao

Didn't Soshified make so much money from donations that they had full-time staff? I heard that soy just lived off the site's profit for a while. They were definitely the most intense international kpop fan forum for years. Does anyone know what's happened with her in recent years?

No. 347889

I'm not sure if we're talking about the same commenter, but one of his devout followers is a Kpopfap regular and a huge defender of Twice and JYP in general - I lurk the Kpop subreddit and this dude writes paragraphs upon paragraphs explaining why Twice is not just uncle pedobait and is actually top tier music and why JYP is the best company of the Big 3.
Then in a Blackpink/YG thread he calls Blackpink's music dated and unoriginal and writes loads about why YG is horrible. He whined and bitched about Twice not getting #1 on all charts, but still tells everyone else to not take Kpop that seriously.

The cognitive dissonance between his comments is startling.

No. 347890

File: 1546415214715.jpeg (92.47 KB, 1280x720, 47549CF0-5544-4084-8C69-9D5613…)

Kpopalypse’s followers have screenshotted the shit we’ve said in previous kpop critical threads and has even brought up lolcow in his blog posts. He really can’t let anything go. I actually agree with a lot of his opinions on music but god damn he has some fucking nuclear takes (i.e frenchface)

No. 347892

yes I'm pretty sure we are. He comments about how brainwashed yg and sm stans are but he pretty much ignored the possibly that JYP could be overworking Twice until one of the members went on vlive crying about it. he doesn't seem that different from other company stans.

No. 347899

He really thinks JYP is "just a bit weird" and not at all shady when it's possible that JYP is just better at hiding his shit than YG and Lee Soo Man. JYP never even gave a proper explanation for his alleged ties to the shady cult involved in the Sewol Ferry tragedy, and he's been known to make very passive-aggressive statements towards artists who leave his company (Somi, for one) trying to shift the blame onto them for leaving his warm embrace. He's just as pathetic as everyone else.

No. 347903

Anyone remember Anti K-pop Fangirl? Used to read his blog when I was into K-pop since he shared my disdain for many insane parts of the genre/industry/fandom. Then I noticed he’d act like an edgy tween despite being a young adult and would make a bunch of racist/sexist comments to try and be funny (and fail).

He and Kpopalypse were close and Kpopalypse came into infamy through that guy’s site. Wondering what he’s up to now.

No. 347909

Why the fuck do kboos think expecting a k-pop group to speak English is a bad thing when they mix English with Korean in songs all the time, give their songs English titles and try to market to a western audience?? It's not about oppars and unnies being oppressed, if you are trying to make money in a foreign country and want to be taken seriously on a professional level, of course people are going to expect you to speak their language, it would be expected in any part of the world. Idols aren't special

No. 347910

File: 1546420021711.png (533.53 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190102-110612.png)

No. 347911

He's beyond cringy, acting so superior with his music recording degrees or whatever but at the end of the day he's just a gross old man jerking off to girls way too young for him, listening to music made for actual children.

No. 347914

I actively hope all Kpop songs this year are R&B and tropical house with loads of high notes and "vocalfaggotry" just to piss him off

No. 347916

Twice does seem like the most overworked group in the industry right now. Just thinking about the amount of releases/concerts/promotions they've had in the last year or two gives me anxiety.

Which member was crying to the fans about it?

No. 347917

Jeongyeon. She tried to spin it as "I'm worried for our members" but the distress on her face was clear as day.

No. 347918

ANYONE remember that Cookiecrisp stalker from brazil or wherever who apparently was the reason alex reid and another girl left Rania?

No. 347919

no? details?

No. 347923

I can't believe BTS have been to the US so many times and are barely able to introduce themselves in English. Even RM's English isn't that good, he sounds unintelligible 60% of the time. A foreign idol performing in a Korean group would get shat on by both k and international fans for not knowing Korean at at least an intermediate level, why doesn't this apply to idols performing in English-speaking countries?

No. 347924

he looks like…a white version of shindong

No. 347925

Because korea is the best country in the world ofc kek. I swear if it was possible, they'd vote for Korean to be the international language.

No. 347926

File: 1546426776561.jpg (95.4 KB, 1024x1010, DvzCIm8WwAEdYI8.jpg)

Why is this a thing

No. 347927

foreign idols in k-pop groups would get bashed to death if they didn't speak korean to a certain level. bts still not learning to handle a 3 minute conversation in english is because they always get a pass for their laziness

No. 347928

lol there were rumors going around about a bts and ariana collab, i wish it actually happened so everyone could see how incompetent bts' vocalists are

No. 347933

Koreans are such hypocrites when it comes to things like this. They'd judge me for being bad at Korean when I first came there despite them wasting half their lifetime in English language hagwons studying until 12 AM most days and still not being able to to say anything other than "Do you know kimchi?" "Do you know Gangnam style?" Fucking Klowns. No wonder most idols idols can't speak any foreign language while claiming to have spent countless hours studying, they're just mentally retarded

No. 347934

It's a xenophobic soft power thing. Other Korean groups make some effort to learn English when they try to break the West. There's dudes in Monsta X who seem to be halfway to fluent by now despite making next to no headway in actually breaking America.

BTS don't bother because Big Hit are hung up on pushing this idea that it's America who wants BTS, not the other way around. They desperately want to make people believe that BTS only bother with the West because people keep begging them to come here, even though BTS spent millions rebranding themselves to appeal more to an American audience.

No. 347935

I get being annoyed at the hypocrisy of it, but I can't help but be somewhat warmed by the fact that BTS doesn't HAVE to speak English to make it as far as they have in the west.

Especially with previous track records of companies trying to breach the western market by forcing their idols to sing full songs in English. It always sounds so fucked up and unnatural.

No. 347936

Asianjunkie can barely be considered journalism, literally all his articles are are him copying+pasting translated stuff from netizenbuzz and then putting something like "IDK guys, on one hand it's x, on the other hand it's y". Extremely bland.

This has been discussed before. Speaking korean is part of their appeal. If their stans wanted something in english they would've waited for 1D to come back from the dead LMFAO

Because you going to Korea, expecting to be handed free asian dick just for being a foreigner without speaking the language is the same as slaving away in schools and tutoring to memorize shit to pass your university entry exams is totally the same.

>xenophobic soft power thing


> it's America who wants BTS, not the other way around.

Half true. BTS and Korea want the American recognition (don't believe what they and their stans say about this) but western outlets have long realized how much money can be made off of them. They don't even need to put in effort - just ask them "What's your favorite place to visit in America?", film it and put it on YouTube and you're done. Every generation needs its boygroup and this one's is BTS.

No. 347937

It's important to distinguish that America wants BTS's fans (or more accurately, the insane click revenue and mindless purchasing decisions they provide), not BTS themselves. Big Hit would like you to believe that American news outlets are giving BTS air time because of a genuine admiration for them and their music, not because BTS's fanbase will watch any shit so long as BTS is mentioned in it.

No. 347939

they've come so far because east asian entertainment is the exotic trend at the moment, if bts was exactly the same group except the members weren't koreans who grew up in their home country, they wouldn't be as big as they are now

No. 347940

>Because you going to Korea, expecting to be handed free asian dick just for being a foreigner without speaking the language is the same as slaving away in schools and tutoring to memorize shit to pass your university entry exams is totally the same.

Did you mean to post this on PULL? You sound just like them.

No. 347942

Yeah. This can be said for literally anything though.

>I got BTFO on PULL so now I post in the Kpop Critical on lolcow.farm because I can say "retard" there!

Now I know why this thread is so shit. We've got bitter ex-PULLtards in here.

No. 347943

no one takes them seriously as artists as armys and bighit want people to do, they just see them as the currently trendy group with a psychotic cashcow fanbase. they can say "b-but bts is different than other k-pop groups, they aren't manufactured!! they are actual artists!!" all they want, it's not happening

No. 347946


Found an old thread on snow. I heard about her when alex left but apparently she messes with no name groups.

No. 347949

File: 1546433031206.png (60.7 KB, 529x477, JJCCCompanyMessage.png)

I'm familiar with Cookie, I have several friends who used to be big JJCC fans and told me about her. It was a small fandom so she was able to get a lot of influence just because she ran a fanpage for them.

It got to the point a member of JJCC's agency posted on their official Facebook about her, but she still carried on being crazy.

According to her she managed to track one of the members, Mak, via GPS on his phone (I don't see how this is possible without her having access to her phone so I personally think she was just being delusional) and became angry when she looked at the tracker and it appeared to be in the middle of nowhere. She posted a lot of weird updates on her fanpage threatening him about it and asking where the fuck he was. This, combined with Mak supposedly being rude to her (she never really gave concrete details) one time, made her furious with him and she started using her fanpage and social media accounts to harass him. Eventually the JJCC account just blocked her, which led to her going crazy over that and Mak messaging her telling her to cool her shit.

There's a ton more, AsianJunkie collected some of it if you want to enjoy the milk:


No. 347950

She's still going awol over an aparent relationship she had with Rania's manager's son

No. 347951

Lmao I’m the op and am Korean myself, just born in a different country. I couldn’t care less about Korean males and their tiny dicks, I came here because of my family when I was 16 and learned the language in a year.

Seoul reeks of and looks like shit btw and most Koreans are mentally handicapped imbeciles whose only redeeming quality is being able to drink 15 bottles of soju. If any of you Koreaboos want to visit this place I’m praying for you in advance, I swear I’ve been to third world countries more civilized than this shithole.

No. 347952

>>347951 you sound like a self hating korean

No. 347954

This is the Kpop thead, not the race sperging and fighting thread, let's keep it on topic.

No. 347955

No. 347956

No. 347957

Has anyone seen any exo/Blinks sperging out? Or does nobody care?

No. 347959

>I swear I’ve been to third world countries more civilized than this shithole.

African anon here, kek it's true, I've been to villages and towns in my country and went to Korea (study abroad) and people's manners in Africa are more welcoming and very different

No. 347960

The spergs I've seen were mostly about how Jennie x Lisa and Kai x DO are real and getting bearded by YG and SM

No. 347961

Hyemei from rania blocked her but she won't say why

No. 347963

File: 1546434791798.png (371.06 KB, 590x725, lel.png)

this is one of her most recent posts, to answer your question lmao

No. 347965

File: 1546434875465.gif (8.71 MB, 390x222, okthen.gif)

There's been some minor slapfighting when people pointed out that some of Jennie's behaviour has been a bit "I'm 13 and this is my first relationship" cringy and her fans have gotten mad and insisted it isn't and you're a misogynist if you say it is. Gif very much related.

No. 347967

this is exactly what i expect the majority of white kpop fans to look like

No. 347969

there’s been a couple of weirdly persistent lisa fans but since most of the negative talk about her is just about how she’s underweight, it could just be ana-chans scared that lisa’s bmi might go above 16 this year. instead of sperging and trying to defend their favourite idol i think anons just try to divert the discussion to someone else, which at least keeps the thread going even if it is just to post ugly jimin pictures.

No. 347971

Korean exo-ls and blinks are sperging out about dispatch "harrassing"them and has started a national petition in order to punish dispatch lol


Funny things is that the dispatch 1/1 couple is a huge fucking thing that lots of people "look forward" to, both K-fans and international fans, but when it involves your bias it's suddenly harrasment lol

No. 347972

not trying to wk but i also think if they do actually stalk idols around, it has a creepy resemblance to being a sasaeng

No. 347974

they're the korean equivalent of tmz, but even more pathetic because most of what they post is staged/the result of blackmail

No. 347975

I don't disagree with you, but that's what I find funny tbh. It was a fan that posted the picture of the receipt that showed that Kai had bought condoms, it was a fan that recorded Tao taking a shower, it's the same saesang fans that have harrassed and stalked Exo since they debuted that are now signing petitions and calling out dispatch for stalking and harrassment. I'm not saying it's all of the fans that act like this, but i still laugh about it tbh.

No. 347983

Methinks it's 100% staged. How coincidental is it, that in the exact moment where people are bashing Jennie for being lazy and accusing her of being YG's sugarbaby, it turns out that she's dating someone else… lmao.

No. 347985

some of the "it's staged by yg" theories kinda make sense but can yg really get a popular sm idol to do something like this?

No. 347988

> accusing her of being YG's sugarbaby
Yeah that's only people in this thread believing this though.

Jennie gains nothing from this. If anything, this proves her being incredibly childish and not taking idoldom too seriously.
I don't understand why everyone is feeling bad for the other girls though, they probably date too and are feeling lucky that they haven't gotten found out.
Dating scandals in kpop are such a meme.

No. 347993

I’ve seen comments like that in a few different places, actually. YG is the most hated guy in kpop rn despite not being much shadier than any of the other big CEOs, so places like r/kpop take any reason to insist he keeps BlackPink chained to a wall. I swear only a year ago people praised the way YG handled GD’s dating rumours by just saying “we don’t know, it’s his private business, we’re not going to confirm an idol’s personal life” but doing the same over Jennie means he’s actually jealous and in love with her and deleting all of their demos as we speak.

In general getting caught in a dating scandal in your first 3 years is the only time they’ll really cause a problem. All the dating bans, either official or unofficial (even the official ones are more like “don’t get caught”, not “don’t date”) last for about 3 years for a reason.

No. 348001

That's so dumb lol. Don't all of BP come from wealthy families? The most likely thing is that they keep the company afloat and in return their daughters get to play celebrity. If anything, YG is THEIR sugarbaby.

Nah, it all depends on popularity and with whom they get caught "dating".
For example that situation with Uee and Gangnam.
Imagine living in a country that's so hypocritically uptight about things like one-night-stands that you have to pretend to date your fuckbuddy, only to "break up" after 3 months LOL.
Or the IU/Eunhyuk thing. I'm actually very impressed how IU managed to recover, bitter ELFs were trying their very best to destroy her career for a while after that and now she's basically untouchable.

No. 348010

Nah, talks about Jennie being YG's princess are pretty much everywhere as his favoritism is clear. He picks outfits for her himself, makes the other BP girls dress up as backup dancers, lets Jennie be a lazy fuck with no consequences and even makes Youtube shut down videos talking about it. It's hardly a tinfoil at this point

No. 348014

their lgbt wokeness ends when it comes to not-so-pretty situations. if that older man was moderately attractive, they'd be all over stan twitter as ~~ddlb goals~~

No. 348017

not long ago it was the stylist(s) who was saying that Jennie picked her own outfits more than the other girls did, and anybody who thinks it is YG personally reporting Youtube videos and not some PR people is crazy. she's the favourite but every group has a favourite to some extent, thinking it's so extreme that it's suspicious is just from confirmation bias. Lisa's been a model for YG's clothing line since predebut, was pushed a lot as a trainee back when she was known as Lalice, she's pushed about as much as a non-Korean will be. Jisoo's also done modelling and MC work, Rose got a feature on a GD song when she was like 15. Jennie gets pushed the most but it's not as drastic as it seems at first, and the most popular members are always going to be pushed. BP in general are just pushed like crazy

No. 348034


what the fuck is this actual article lol
i acknowledge that big companies abuse their power but this shit is just straight up pandering to BTS and their fans

No. 348036

exo is their senior, what's the big deal? exo and bts themselves have nothing against each other but their fans keep the beef going for years, it's so stupid

No. 348039

All this drama over who performs last on a handful of award shows. It's so petty and small-minded.

No. 348040

that’s the funny part about the fans though
if you look at the ages on there, it’s mostly woman in their 40s
like what is the deal

No. 348042

Why do armys always feel entitled to everything? I get that BTS are the biggest kpop act in the world right now, but them going all like "bts are the first to sell arenas world wide and chart on the billboard" etc etc etc is all fucking lies .. Bigbang did it years ago. The only thing BTS has done that bigbang hasn't is being a regular guest on the fucking ellen show.

I don't care for either of the groups, but i fucking hate the army fandom.

No. 348049

Yeah I remember going on his website a while back and he was sperging out over people calling CLC’s Sorn hot. He said she looked like a white girl and that white girls are so ugly and inferior to Asians. It made me laugh.

No. 348050

i think armies are insecure about that. The thought that bigbang has done it already that's why they look for shit that hasn't been done to brag about and shove their reptiles down everyone's throat

No. 348051

File: 1546453180796.png (6.97 KB, 575x250, why.png)

i really refuse to believe that anyone who seriously gets involved in these exo vs bts fights is over the age of 16 yet kpop fans who are going through midlife crises keep surprising me. there seem to be a lot of +30 fans on stan twitter too, middle aged men and women obsessing over kpop groups is even more painfully cringy than the young fans because you know most of the young fans are going to grow out of it

No. 348052

Which is really funny because I've seen pics of his girlfriend and she's white and fat. He's delusional.

No. 348053

God I can't wait for bigbang to come back. As a person with a neutral opinion on both, this is gonna be so good: either BTS continue to dominate and bigbang will get exposed as old hags and VIPs will implode, or bigbang will reclaim their position as koreas #1 and ARMYs will implode. I'm eagerly anticipating either uwu

>i think armies are insecure
Could've ended the sentence there tbh lol.

No. 348056

I thought TOP still got hate after the marijuana scandal. Same with Daesung and the traffic accident thing.
I honestly can't see Big Bang still #1.

No. 348061

fillers have ruined her face

No. 348064

I honestly have no idea about what's going on in this gif

No. 348066

it's a clip of the ending of some music show (not sure which one). normally the idols are meant to just stand there in their designated spots while the hosts say goodbye, but jennie moved from where the staff placed her all the way to the other end of the stage so she could stand near kai. kinda sad.

No. 348067

Insecure and delusional. Big bang are already considered old hags and bts needs to die out already. Fish lips is like 27 and junglebook is 21 so they are already crusty even with their music

No. 348068

starting to think its staged for real now tbh
its such an obvious thing to do if you're in a secret relationship

No. 348069

On some comment section, I read how he said he had been in an ''abusive relationship'' before kek. He's pretty much a pedophile so I don't believe it at all

No. 348070

maybe jennie is IU 2.0

No. 348074

i'm not sure when the gif is from, i guess probably a month or two ago since it seems to be from during jennie's solo promos?

people pointed out suho instantly made a huge deal out of jennie's presence by leaping around next to her, which i guess you could see two ways: a) he was trying to draw attention away from the fact she'd moved to stand next to kai or b) he was trying to draw attention TO her proximity by taking the focus off the hosts.

i think it's probably option a though.

No. 348075

her voice really isn't easy on the ears to listen to. couldn't even finish the song, yikes

No. 348077

I thought BIGBANG were going to survive any controversy by having a lot of popularity and some good songs (plenty are trash, but stuff like Loser and Fxxk It were good imo) but TOP’s scandal might be what pushed them over the edge. It was weed, it involved sex, it involved mental health and it’s not his first time having rumours of suicide attempts, TOP was already a controversial person, it happened while he was enlisted… overall I just don’t know if they’ll bounce back the way they could with other things. Taeyang’s the wholesome married Christian holding their reputation in Korea together, but international fans arguably like him the least for his braids and stuff

No. 348080

Why would SM or YG want to stage a Kai/Jennie relationship though? I get it for stuff like Jonghyun's relationship with Shin Sekyung back in the day because Shinee were still rookies and it got them some name recognition, but Kai and Jennie are already in successful groups, and they're two of the best known members. The only way it really makes sense is if SM or YG wanted to take the heat off another couple, but you would think they'd both choose to sacrifice less popular members, like leak a Xiumin/Lisa couple or something.

No. 348083

if yg staged the relationship they would get another idol from yg or some random guy who isn't a member of one of the most popular groups imo. i don't think he can just hit sm up and say "hey, jennie is my sugar baby and people are getting sus. pass one of the exo boys so we can cover it up xxx" and they automatically accept it even though kai gains nothing from the situation

No. 348086

imo if it’s staged then it’s just the way IU staged ‘accidentally’ posting that picture of her in bed. people said it’s suspicious/dumb how obvious a couple of their hints have been in a short period of time, right? could just be that they are together and one/both of them thinks being known as an idol who openly dates will be good for them. IU wanted to break out of her uwu pure smol girl image and into one of an uwu pure smol girl who is also sexually active with older men. maybe Jennie thinks her image is bordering too much on being the girlfriend idol and she wants to stop herself from being marketed that way before it really starts? it’s that if they’re just kind of dumb and didn’t think they’d be caught

No. 348087

The only thing that makes me sus about Kai and Jennie is none of the fans, even the hardcore stalker ones, had any idea either. Usually the most hardcore Korean stans know ahead of any leak or confirmation that their faves are dating, and are keeping it under wraps. Fans knew about Baekhyun and Taeyeon and Kai and Krystal ahead of leaks, for example.

Apparently Kai and Jennie have only been dating a few months so that could explain it, but seeing as they both seemed to be doing all that they could to get caught, from cringey lovestagram shit to meeting in the middle of a public park, I have to wonder.

No. 348090

imagine the shitstorm if kai and jennie pulled a hyuna and edawn

No. 348091

>pulled a hyuna and edawn
watched trainspotting, stopped eating, shaved their eyebrows off?

No. 348093

don't forget the grandma clothing

No. 348094

i was thinking more of them getting fucked over by yg and sm and going all bonnie and clyde

No. 348095

He had the audacity to claim that his GF looked like Shannon Williams. As if Shannon isn't already suffering from being unknown already

No. 348096

Exo are past their prime now so SM won't give a fuck. YG is another story entirely.

No. 348097

Jennie probably got some sort of thrill by posting these secret codes and messages all over Instagram thinking the fans would never figure it out. She really is as stupid as she looks. Thankfully EXO aren't as trendy as they were in 2014 or the hate she'd get would be worse than what Taeyeon got.

No. 348100

how did the entire bts manage to not ever get involved with any dating scandal for years

No. 348101

no female idols actually want them

No. 348102

bighit pay off dispatch to not post scadnals like lots of companies do, fansites bully any potential partner away from them so top groups in general can have less scandals, and they've probably had enough training and warning to not post instagram hints. jungkook had a girlfriend predebut when he was like 14 and the 5 fans they had then were still pissed about it

No. 348103

bh pays dispatch a load of money to keep quiet. one day that money will run out and boom, the shit is out

No. 348104

you'd be surprised of they fucked 90% of the idol gg

No. 348105

but other boy groups who have been at the top like super junior, big bang and exo had members who were in public relationships, it's surprising how no one from bts has ever been confirmed to date anyone

No. 348108

well a lot of times those relationships caused a lot of controversy, especially big bang

now most big bang fans are older and more mature and the group doesnt have the hype it really used to but in their day, it definitely wasnt welcomed warmly when one of them were dating especially considering they liked non famous and or foreign girls so much

imagine if a bts dated a japanese girl
that will give you an idea of how netizens reacted to g dragon and his penchant for japanese girls lol
seungri hooked up with some jap model too i think and that was a huge thing

No. 348110

>relationships caused a lot of controversy
Didn't one Super Junior member effectively kicked out from the group because he got married? There was a massive shitstorm about him "not telling his fans" or some shit and they made up a thousand excuses to cover up the fact that they were angry at him getting married.

No. 348111

relationships for big groups are still pretty rare when you consider that there’s far more attention on them, meaning less room to hide. i don’t know much about super junior so i can’t say for them, but bigbang’s only member to consistently have dating scandals was gdragon, and that was mostly just with kiko mizuhara. taeyang’s had one, and they ended up getting married. seungri had the pictures of him leaked, but other than that it’s mostly just known that he dates a lot, not who he dates. and top aside from the trainee girl just had shin min ah, and that was only known because he reportedly tried to kill himself after he broke up with her.

exo’s only confirmed relationships have been kai (two times) and baekhyun, right? do had rumours with a girls day member for ages, but that’s still not a lot of scandals for a big group. tvxq only really had rumours, which was changmin and victoria, and i think some people actually believed go ara and yunho. i’m only talking about the two members, but they’re 15 years into debut and haven’t had a single confirmed public relationship since debut. it was one of the ex members who got caught on tape saying every time he got a girlfriend, obsessive fans would threaten and harass her and they’d break up soon anyway.

No. 348112

yep, and exo has had scandals too so it really shouldnt come as a surprise when a group doesnt want fans to know they are dating or having sexual relations with people
the female almost always gets the brunt of it, with literal death threats and harassment from fans

No. 348113

boy group fans are so insecure about other women

No. 348127

I think they are done for as a group tbh. Seungri still hasn't enlisted in the army, so when they will finally be able to gather again as complete group TOP will be in the middle of his thirties. They will be too old and have been off the market for too long to still be relevant.

Hopefully the same will happen to BTS. Considering that the age gap between the youngest and the oldest in the group is like 4 or 5 years, they will probably enlist on different times as well and they will fade into irrelevancy because the group won't be together for a long time.

No. 348128

I don’t get this gayos ending shit at all
Hasn’t exo or any other sm artist close the shows? Why is it such a big issue now
I bet even BTS doesn’t give a fuck either

No. 348132

>thinking the fans would never figure it out
they DIDNT figure it out and it shocked pretty much everyone lol

No. 348137

its girl group uncle fans too anon

No. 348147

There were rumors of TOP and an American model Asia Chow (daughter of Mr Chow) that actually made sense and those surprisingly brought her little to no hate. So really I conclude nobody must care when it comes to big bang dating anymore.

No. 348194

Maybe young nugu ones. Most female idols that aren't irrelevant fuck with actors and businessmen. Male idols generally are looked down upon by women in their 20s.

No. 348219

File: 1546476125100.jpg (58.07 KB, 700x500, 5.jpg)

>I think they are done for as a group tbh.

I think so too. Maybe one last single and big money reunion tour and they're done. Seungri knows BIGBANG's mostly over, that's why he's not rushing to enlist, he's milking his relevance as BIGBANG member while he still can.

No. 348221

I'm getting a feeling that other than wanting to break free from her image, Jennie also wanted to ruin the news abour her dating and sleeping with YG so maybe the couple had planned to go on public.

No. 348223

What are your guys thoughts on what bigbang members will stay relevant as soloists? I think GD obviously but everyone else will fade.

No. 348224

GD will be able to gain his popularity back but I don't think he'll be getting new fans. That's just the case with members of old groups.

No. 348225

Kardashian fans are mostly middle aged too. By the time you hit 40 you either are on the way to accomplishing your ambitions or start giving up on your ambitions. Your world contracts and petty issues start seeming like everything.

No. 348228

sage, because no-one has talked about it recently, but i was lurking & noticed that people speculate that some bts members are using drugs. i thought it's common knowledge? they are connected to the DNH crew - Iron, their producer suprema, etc. all of them smoke weed and don't even try to hide it. idk about all of the bts guys, but rm and suga are definitely using drugs.

No. 348236

Daesung has a party trot hit in him, think pre-Gangnam style Psy
GD aside Taeyang seems most interested in putting out music, but his last album showed he can flop hard with both general public and the fanbase
Seugri's goner, he's everyone's least favorite BB member and he knows it
TOP ??? does he want to stay in public eye? He never established solo music career, acted in one random project every other year without much impact, can't count on CFs after scandal. We have no idea about his mental and physical health (the man had 2 overdoses and heavy drinking habit, his poor liver)

No. 348237

File: 1546479451212.gif (1.61 MB, 268x170, rose.gif)

this gif of rose is frightening..

No. 348240

File: 1546479809275.jpg (88.44 KB, 750x782, c9fed436-9051-4b6b-aecf-7faa06…)


No. 348243

It always amazes me how the backup dancers always seem to have better figures than the idols themselves. They just look more fit and healthy.

No. 348250

I think hyuna and edawn will soon discover that doing what consumers want is how you make money in this world.

No. 348251

>>348243 they also tend to do the dances way better than said idols to even though it's the same moves

No. 348258


kinda a silly question but do you guys think that idols actually do spend ~hours and hours and hours~ learning choreography, or are they exaggerating? part of me thinks that since a lot of them don't have a natural talent for dance, they have to practice a lot to be decent (while the backup dancers are most likely trained in dance and therefore can perform it better even with less practice)

or in reality they don't really practice that much and that's why they're so bad at dancing

No. 348261

Daesung has a really loyal fan base in Japan, and is pretty good at variety so I can see him being semi-relevant there. I’m sure Taeyang can woo the housewives by with some ballads about Hyorin. TOP would need a career rebirth tbh. Seungri is gonna end up like a more annoying, less buff Kim JongKook

No. 348285

no definitely not at all. they practice for hours on how to look good ie facial expressions.

No. 348288

she looks like an ana version of ellin from crayon pop, also without the plastic boobies

No. 348294

Eh I doubt it'd be anything more than pot tbh, that all drug scandals ever seem to be for.

But rat definitely done it before, he was part of the DNH crew predebut, and all of the members got bust except supremeboi (and rat but he wasn't a member any more since BTS already debuted). Alot of people think that bighit kept Supremeboi from getting in trouble, so it wouldn't be a that big of a stretch to say the same for rat.

Honestly though, it wouldn't surprise me if alot of the idol rapper types lit up every now and then, since they're always the ones who try to imitate American rappers and act like they're clouty

No. 348300

File: 1546487192387.png (1.15 MB, 838x674, 2.png)


No. 348304

I always thought Uee's body would be thicker than this from just seeing her face (which already annoys me but that's just a personal opinion nitpick)

No. 348306

>all them spooky skeletons

Halloween came early this year

No. 348317

File: 1546491623177.jpg (58.83 KB, 400x600, iggityjiggitydemonlookinboi.jp…)

part 2 of BTS looking like demons

No. 348324

There was one rapper who got busted with like a 100 grams of weed which he paid 16000 dollars for. His excuse was that he did it "for musical inspiration" kek

No. 348325

Uee used to be known for having a nice body too, sad

No. 348329

File: 1546494020611.jpg (90.19 KB, 667x1000, 2hnza5j.jpg)

No. 348331


No. 348332

Apparently Black Pink will be performing at Coachella.
All of their obnoxious stans are already sperging about it.

No. 348334

Found the army kek. Actually from what I’ve seen blinks are happy about it but army twitter is going crazy to discredit and boycott Coachella under the guise of “they’re anti lgbt” when in reality they’re salty bts didn’t get invited.

No. 348335


Am I the only one who find a kpop act kind of weird at a western festival? The audience dynamic is going to be completely different from what happens at kpop concerts

can't say i don't enjoy that army salt though

No. 348336

I don't like BP at all but if them going to Western events pisses armys off so be it. Them being personally invited to Coachella by the founder is the cherry on top. Black Pink getting Coachella and Dua Lipa while BTS gets America's Got Talent and Jimmy fucking Fallon….topkek

No. 348338

Hyukoh and Jambinai will be there too, so I don't think it's specifically K-pop? Epik High performed at Coachella in 2016 as well.

Blackpink are signed to Interscope which organizes Coachella so this could be part of their US promo deal

No. 348339

And found salty Blink.
Tbh I actually loathe BTS and kpop overall. It's just pretty much inescapable at this point. Btw I'd probably have an even stronger negative reaction if it were Rapemon and the Reptiles.
I just happen to think that BP are also completely worthless as a group and would prefer it if they confined their shittiness to their own country.

No. 348340

i don't even like blackpink that much but i'd rather see them be internationally successful than bts. they've only been around for 2 years and they are already passing bts in views. they actually speak english too

No. 348342

Can't imagine who would pay to watch their negative presence, lack of synchronized dancing, ana-tier bodies and backtrack lipsyncing. When Lisa raps shit like "bitch I'm a star no Patrick"…..the cringe

No. 348345

Most of their YouTube views come from the SEA and not the west so I wouldn't take that as any metric of success. English skills aren't a guarantee of success either - if they were, American citizens like Jay Park and Ailee wouldn't be forced to come to Korea to make a music career.

Korea's lookism (stanning Black pink because they're pretty and wear pricey clothes) won't work in America when Rose sounds like a dying cat, Lisa dances like a spastic, Jennie can't be fucked to do anything and Jisoo is just there.

Authenticity is a big factor for American audiences to like artists beyond using them as a one-off gimmick; BTS is only covered by the media because their schtick is that they're "not like those manufactured K-pop groups" because they write their own songs. BP doesn't have that going for them.

No. 348352

Taemin's face has been looking like a mask recently, they went way overboard on the fillers

No. 348383

Ok no one can convince me that kpop hasn't rebirthed the pro ana nation. All these new ana girls listen to bts and blackpink(Lisa is their thinspo queen and sunmi). Look at all the kpop ed memes for example, there're all made with bts members.

No. 348384

>BLACKPINK playing Coachella is hugely significant. The locals have no idea what's coming. 🇰🇷

Uh-huh, people will lose their minds when they see them kweens performing like this

No. 348393

I'm not sure any Korean girl group can break the US. Plenty have tried, and it fails every time.

With both girl groups and boy bands the primary audience is teenage girls, but the reason they like girl groups is different to the reason they like boy bands. Most teen fans like boy bands because they find the guys cute, but girl groups because they want to be the girls. And the largest audiences in the US are white teenage girls and black and hispanic teenage girls, so they're going to find it hard to relate to a group of Korean women.

No. 348410

I wanna see "jennie forgot the lyrics at coachella" video

No. 348416

almost all boy groups have a teenage girl majority fanbase but girl groups have the advantage of having a lot of fans from both genders depending on the style they are going for. i don't think a girl group with a concept like twice would sell well in america but with the right concept, a girl group could make it big

No. 348421

File: 1546523270822.jpg (445.24 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20190103-204347_You…)

Damn chung ha is scary.

Does anyone know why she was chosen to do a solo act instead of becoming a member of some gg? To me she's not on Ailee's or Lee Hi's level of solo act (even Seulgi is better I think). I never followed neither produce 101 nor IOI.

No. 348426

File: 1546523727090.jpg (146.31 KB, 889x765, 4.jpg)

yg has nothing to be salty over bighit lol

No. 348430

That's only in Asia. In the West men do not buy girl group music or merch in any frequency high enough to count.

No. 348441

File: 1546526963056.jpeg (165.47 KB, 750x850, E066AE5C-8047-4DD8-B995-C2F798…)

bg stans furiously bashing any woman who interacts with their oppars are a special brand of pathetic

armys have made entire compilations of smol innocent bbyboi jungkook being “””shy””” around female idols but anyone with half a brain could figure out he’s completely justified being wary around women since he knows how insane his stans are

there was that one time bts took pics with jhope’s sister’s friend and shatmys went completely batshit and attacked her until she had to delete her ig because they’re so damn insecure about other women actually having a chance with their oppars

No. 348446

i guess that's why they never take pics with fans? the way they lose their shit over women around them makes me wish these male idols were in clingy public relationships. i love seeing delusional fans annoyed

No. 348449

lmao baby boy~ Jungkook doesn't look shy and scared at all

No. 348451

They think he's afraid of women when he's actually just afraid of scandals

No. 348452

i mean, for every fan that thinks hes shy around women theres a fan who thinks hes a creep/fuckboy, just look at what happened with the jungkook selfie shit on twitter. i think we all know fans make up their own personas based on wishful thinking by now.

No. 348457

Ah, so these are the pictures that caused the #cutforkookie movement.

No. 348458

i noticed that too, looking at bg group fans on twitter the same guy is uwu pure innocent bottom little baby but also sadistic alpha male dom daddy at the same time. two different halves of fandoms have the exact opposite preferences

No. 348461

>sadistic alpha male dom daddy
the cringey braindead 13-year-olds
>uwu pure innocent bottom little baby
the gross ageplayers

jungkook really got dealt a bad hand when it comes to his fans lol

No. 348469

Your not wrong. He once said he couldn't wear baggy jeans like he wanted because fans don't like them so he clearly cares too much about what they think.
I think if anyone were to have a dating/sex scandal it would be V, he constantly going on about how he does what he wants, so I don't see why he would stop himself when it comes to women.

No. 348470

File: 1546531318780.jpg (55.82 KB, 750x681, tumblr_pabkz5oSCm1s3rm2xo2_128…)

lol if anything, v gives me fuckboy vibes
>You look pretty but you’re a good girl

No. 348472

what did he even mean by that

No. 348473

she's hot but she's a pure virgin

No. 348474

Somewhere on Twitter there's a fanaccount from a fan who V told to "cover up next time you come" because she wore a sleeveless top. He's a nasty piece of work.

No. 348478

We talked about it before but he pulled a fan's hair on a fansign for some reason too, why does he always act so retarded towards fans

No. 348480

File: 1546532490101.gif (1.79 MB, 250x308, download.gif)

No. 348483

He knows he can get away with it. The fan he told to cover up just said "He was just looking out for me in case other men were eyeing me up! Teehee!" instead of getting mad that some random man thought he had the right to imply she was a slut for the crime of showing her upper arms.

No. 348485

File: 1546532866124.png (946.63 KB, 688x1014, Screen Shot 2019-01-03 at 11.1…)

long back mcgee

No. 348486

If this were any other man and not an idol girls would think this behavior was creepy. It seems like the fan was uncomfortable by the way she responded to him. Is this what armys find endearing?

More like no ass mcgee

No. 348488

she still looks curvier than jisoo

whenever i read about interactions with idols at fansigns, it always seems so fucking cringey

No. 348493

File: 1546534465970.png (1.55 MB, 1440x1976, Screenshot_20190103-115235~2.p…)

No. 348505

File: 1546536120256.png (78.99 KB, 251x314, luna.png)

luna's new face is so fucking ugly

No. 348508

When the fuck did she morph into BoA?

No. 348513

File: 1546536916534.jpg (483.65 KB, 1806x1226, 03_B2A96847E1ED.jpg)

during the 4 walls era.
Sulli has been doing softcore porn, Krystal is an irrevelant depressed model, Amber will probably troon out at some point and Luna is ana. Victoria seems the best adjusted/succesful out of the bunch, wonder if it has anything to do with the fact she wasn't forced in the industry when she was a very young teen like the other girls.

No. 348514

>>348505 She looked better when she had tan skin and didn't lose all that weight. Its sad bc she did all that and she's still the least popular member of f(x) :/. But anyway she looks the same as always? Am I missing something?

No. 348515

>>348513 pretty much everyone is a flop now except for Victoria she's doing extremely well in China.

No. 348521

they probably had plans for her to be in a gg after one solo maybe but she ended up hitting it big lol
she can both dance and sing plus has good stage presence which is what people expect in soloists
they also probably saw how the other p101 girls were flopping in their groups so they went on promoting her solo instead
look at most of the wanna one members now, their companies are making them go solo instead to avoid failed groups

No. 348531

Surgery can only help so much. Even if she rearranges her whole face she's never going to have the facial features of Krystal and Sulli, which is the kind of beauty Koreans like. Personally I think Luna was pretty cute naturally, stylists just didn't know how to work with her darker skin and gave her the worst makeup which made her look worse.

Her solo back then was also EDM, which is a hard sell for a solo artist. Korean general public lost interest in her and she's doing musicals now to cover the bills. I doubt this new song will do all that well either.

Krystal's dramas did pretty well but she doesn't do enough of them to stay in the public eye. She just shows up to a photoshoot/CF now and then and spends that cash travelling around the world. Lowkey wish I had her life

No. 348533

Rap Monster's stylist took a picture with him once and armys bullied her so much she had to deactivate her Instagram account.

No. 348537

90% of her face is gone now and it looks like the remaining skin is trying its best to hold on to whatever's left of her face. Horrifying.

No. 348544

>>348533 armies truly lack braincells. Remember when they bullied Wale bc he wanted to collaborate with rat monster or something like that?

No. 348548

Singing/Rapping Voices y'all find annoying?

For me it's
>V's old mad growling voice
>Jimin (only when he does high notes)
>Rat Monster

No. 348549

Chungha, Rose and BI

No. 348551

why the fuck do they harass every single person bts interacts with, don't they want them to socialize like normal humans?

No. 348553

More like every single woman. They don't want to be reminded of the fact that their ugly asses don't stand a chance when compared to the attractive women BTS see everyday.

No. 348554

jennie and lisa's rapping. i actually think they'd do better as vocalists

No. 348555

Momo from Twice. Sounds like a dying cat.

No. 348556

Tbh I wouldn't consider Krystal the type of beauty Koreans like. She has a non-perfect and non-PS nose, a long face, minimal makeup, brooding expression (all by Korean standards of course, she's pretty to me) - when I think of a typical "visual" face I picture Irene.
It surprises me that SM didn't force her under the knife tbh, she's very natural looking. With SM you always have to fear they're gonna turn the next idol into a gangnam unnie/oppa.

Unrelated but I really hope Amber doesn't troon out.

Soyeon's singing voice, I like her rapping voice though.

No. 348561

she was popular for her visuals. she was very popular on those male site poll things too.

No. 348579

Yes! I always thought Lisa's singing voice was good but her rapping hurt my ears.

No. 348581

Sehun's """"rapìng""""
Honestly Jackson would be a lot better if he used his actual voice

No. 348584

the only voice in kpop that I don't find horrendously annoying and/or stylistically obnoxious is Sulli's lol. That's really saying something.

No. 348587

Jimin of AOA's voice is obnoxious. And Momo has no vocal talent whatsoever, she was only chosen for her dancing. She should've stuck with being a dancer instead of an idol, it doesn't suit her.

No. 348588

chanyeol is also a better singer than rapper

No. 348597

troon out?

No. 348600

it means to become a tranny, newfag.

No. 348604

File: 1546549521022.jpg (40.05 KB, 430x646, original.jpg)

this is missing the 9muses girls

im not one of those "OMG I HAVE AN EATING DISORDER BECAUSE KKPOP" spergs, but id be lying if i said hyemi, moon hyuna and minha werent thinspo for me when i was at the height of my disorder

No. 348605

krystal got her eyes done

No. 348606

File: 1546549697659.jpg (101.86 KB, 460x690, uee_kjp.jpg)

she used to be considered "fat" believe it or not!

she started dieting and her company literally hooked her up with diet companies to promote their products as she lost weight
she did some for water, other diet drinks, diet pills, workout shoes and clothes etc

No. 348608

the lip inflation has been so obvious and im pretty sure he was trying to look like his bff kai who had naturally nice lips

No. 348609

jessicas honestly though its not that she CANT sing, i just dont like the nasally tone she uses

i also think sunye and sohee from wonder girls sounded like complete shit even with their editing and tuning

also, none of the girls from t-ara could actually sing except areum
even soyeon isnt that great of a singer

No. 348623

Somi's voice is so nasally and grating

No. 348633

I know, I just mean why do you think that?

No. 348635

>>348633 different anon but I honestly don't think Amber would do that. She seems cis and hetrosexual and once Amber doesn't fulfill her fans dreams of being a lesbian well……Good Luck Charlie…

No. 348636

File: 1546554764685.jpg (32.69 KB, 504x360, 3fae33eed48408811eb453b1dceda7…)

krystal and yoona looked like each other so much before they started bleaching their skin etc kek

No. 348638

I wish the unneeded rap meme in K-pop would die already. So many songs get ruined by an awkward rap break, but the lesser talented idols who can’t sing or dance would be out of a job.

No. 348639

She always gives me half-latina vibes, not that latinas are ugly but i get why koreans dont seem to to like her

No. 348641

No. 348642

BoA's PS was rather successful compared to hers though, but i get why she tries to follow the BoA's procedures just like they try to morph irene into taeyeon and vice versa

No. 348645

I was kinda surprised when i knew that she was 22 already when f(x) debuted, but now that i think of it, its good for her in the long term. So many idols start as earliest as possible just to become irrelevant when they hit 25.

No. 348646

Victoria was 22 and Luna was 16

No. 348647

>>348641 I read the whole article and nothing even suggest that's she's a lesbian or out or whatever…bc she's not a homophobe and supports the lgbt+ community automatically makes her a lesbian? Corny.

No. 348648

Nta but she's a lesbian because shes an obvious dyke.

No. 348651

Y'all are so corny. The way you dress and look doesn't define your sexuality. Basic common sense.

No. 348654

ummm lol no heterosexual woman dresses like that

No. 348655

do you see a lot of straight girls being this casual about kissing their male friends?

No. 348657

you sound like you call yourself nonbinary and wear heavy makeup

No. 348658

>>348654 so you know ever single hetrosexual woman in the world? Everybody's different and not acting or dressing feminine deff doesn't make you gay. What is wrong with you?

No. 348659

>>348654 so you know ever single hetrosexual woman in the world? Everybody's different and not acting or dressing feminine deff doesn't make you gay. What is wrong with you?

No. 348661

Stop infighting

No. 348665

You sound like you watch EPIC LIBTARDS SJWS REKT compilations.

No. 348667

What lesbian fucking kisses their male friends???

do y'all not know what sexuality is lol

No. 348670

File: 1546557287885.jpg (20.22 KB, 480x360, hqdefault (1).jpg)

> y'all

Back to PULL, retard.

No. 348673

File: 1546557848345.jpg (336.93 KB, 868x1826, 2032.jpg)

Jfc I saw this tweet and thought that something at least remotely serious happened in their fandom but they're freaking out over literally nothing…

No. 348674

> Doesn't run away from kissing the opposite sex.

No. 348676

>>348655 if anything that proves she's not lesbian…wow…you really put the a in autistic.

No. 348677

>>348673 do people even care enough about Mr. Worldwide narcissist to create hate pages about him?

No. 348678

all of SEA should get their internet rights revoked

No. 348679

stop oppressing me and my southern linguistics plz
I demand emancipation

No. 348691

She's a literal butch anon…

No. 348692

Until Amber comes out and says whatever sexuality she is you shouldn't assume her sexuality. Plus..She's literally said plenty times in the past that she's had boyfriends before and that is makes her uncomfortable when fans ship her with girls..but