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File: 1536871091576.png (696.06 KB, 870x674, 1536530168881.png)

No. 295475

Previous threads:

Rant about Kpop, its creepy fandoms, and/or its fucked up industry. Or just nitpick some idols.

· Don't racebait
· Don't fangirl. Save that for the Kpop General thread here: >>232763
· Don't derail about dumb shit. If it doesn't directly have to do with Kpop, don't post about it here.

Keep in mind that this is not the Korea critical thread. It's not about Korean society as a whole.

No. 295499

not even surprised that bang si hyuk (bang PD) apparently said something about "liking the way he views the world" about Akimoto Yasushi, the man they're collaborating with for their japanese comeback. they continue to work with a bunch of shitty people within their company and they even collaborated with nicki minaj despite her recent issues. business is business ig, but armys swear bighit cares sooooo much about "the boys" outside of money.

No. 295507

File: 1536874633799.jpg (130.74 KB, 900x600, tumblr_mt6x63p7qK1rzawxho1_128…)

am i the only one who thinks taeyeon was ALWAYS overrated look wise?
people are dogging on her plastic surgery but honestly she wasnt particularly pretty to begin with without a ton of makeup

No. 295510

i personally think she was fairly cute during their early years but not a stunning beauty like that of a korean beauty such as jun ji hyun or of the likes. her face is a little too doughy and childish for me to think she was a top beauty, so i do think she was a little overrated especially after her plastic surgery. she's always been just cute/pretty to me; not bad to look at but overrated.

tiffany, jessica, or yoona were way prettier to me than taeyeon.

No. 295512

yuri too but i guess since she has ~black skin~ she was never allowed to be great lol

No. 295513

i was gonna say yuri and seohyun too but i felt like i was just adding a majority of the group at that point LOL. speaking of yuri, it was a shame how much weight she lost, she looked really good at one point.

SNSD stayed getting in i-netz controversies over calling yuri "black pearl" or smth like that and always using a black emoji for her lmaooo

No. 295531

File: 1536878053003.gif (13 MB, 450x832, 01.gif)

i hear soyou is having a comeback? will we finally start seeing some idols with meat on their bones promoting again?

No. 295538

she looks pretty next to tiffany here bc the shot of the latter is kind of unflattering rip

anyway i do like her looks but in a cute/pretty way. i find yoona and jessica the most beautiful but then i also find them the most beautiful female idols period, so.

No. 295541

hara arrested for domestic violence and of course people going out of their way to defend her as if its any less bad for a woman to be violent and assault someone than it is for a man

No. 295547

well tiffany is starting all over in america and seems to be doing well and getting big modeling gigs, according to the new H&M campaign, so it is kind of funny that it feels shes going to become the new face of the group even though shes not even in it anymore

No. 295591

Depends on your taste alone, anon. To me, she's always been the prettiest in snsd (before she fucked her face up)

No. 295592

These people are the minority tho. Most people are bringing up how much worse a man would be shamed and callig out people who are blaming the boyfriend

No. 295635

Beauty really is subjective (duh). I personally find her and Jessica the prettiest even after all the plastic surgery. Likewise, I find Yoona super bland looking but other anons in the replies disagree. It’s funny how vastly different peoples opinions are.

No. 295679

No. 295689

Nah. I’ve alreay seen fans (mainly international fans) make excuses for this. One prominent one is this is Bang PD’s fault and not teh boyz’.

Their popularity will take a hit with the general public in South Korea, but I predict that ARMYs everywhere will overlook this and continue to obsess over them.

No. 295709

I can’t beleive Big Hit was dumb enough to do this though. Koreans might not give a fuck about Nazi imagery, blackface, or rape apologists, but if there’s one thing that’s gonna piss the korean public off it’s a Japanese nationalist!

No. 295710

The last thread was rampant with racebaiting. This is a k-critical thread, not a /pol/ thread. Last and final warning.

No. 295712

i'm surprised it isn't making it obvious to fans that bts aren't super unique, self producing, totally in control geniuses and are just kpop idols who'll get told what to do. fans are really selective on when a group has full control and when they're being forced into something

No. 295725

But nobody did anything wrong now…?

No. 295726

It's weird how Kpop fans talk about idols like they're trading Pokémon cards rather than talking about actual humans

No. 295732

boy group photocards are pretty much pokémon cards for young women/girls lol.

No. 295750

Taeyeon was naturally the prettiest and imo had unnecessary surgeries. Yoona straight up looked like a man in that Super Junior (?) vid she appeared in pre debut

No. 295751

Sunmi has been hospitalized for "dizziness". B-But she's just naturally thin, guyz! She's healthy!

No. 295760

>As much as I love BTS, I'll have no regrets letting them go if they push forward with this.
>I'm a Korean first and foremost before I am a BTS fan.
>I don't want to have to boycott my own artist but what's wrong is wrong.
>I love BTS and want nothing but the best for them… but I agree with public sentiment. If the song eventually gets released, I don't think I could stand the sense of betrayal.
>They're going to be called Right-wing TS now
>Even if the collab gets canceled, the fact that the idea was even entertained at all is a disappointment.
>The song hasn't even been released yet but news of the collab alone has already branded BTS with a right-wing image.

No. 295764

>anon doesnt shill out 486 bucks for at least 50 copies of each photobook and album to collect each members individual photo card except for that one uggo of the group that has no fans

No. 295765

yoona and jessica both had shit tier jaws pre jaw shave
but the rest of their features are nice i think yoona has beautiful eyes!

No. 295768

This made me love bad lip reading even more, they managed to make that mv bearable by creating a much better song

No. 295769

do you really not comprehend why the south korean public would have a problem with the japanese far right?

No. 295772

Tfw this actually is a better song than Idol
I like the mv for Idol but the song itself is like the awkward younger sibling of Fire and Not Today. The traditional instruments in the teaser sounded nice, I wish they used it in the real song

No. 295795

They are acting like the BIGGEST douches on this song, also it sucks as I predicted it would. Sehun really is useless, he doesn't even sing only talks the whole song. He raps but he's so unconvincing as a rapper it hurts. Chanyeol should sing and leave rapping to other idols.

Only thing positive is it seems idols lately are bulking up? I've noticed several of them already with bigger arms, etc. Less skinny freaks, except Suga he'll always be spoopy.

No. 295803

agreed, chanyeol is a better vocalist than a rapper.
never understood why every kpop group needs rappers or why every kpop song needs rap, in some songs it just makes you think "was this rap verse even necessary?"

No. 295818

sunmi is very obviously underweight but kpop fans love her because she has short nails. people can say she was dizzy from overwork, exhaustion etc but that's going to be made worse by the fact that she has been undeniably underweight for a long time now

No. 295855

File: 1536959525043.png (208.34 KB, 349x419, D83F1A6E-B9D3-4E0B-94B3-A99EB1…)


I looked up pre-debut pictures of Yoona and I think she honestly looked great aside from maybe her nose. She was already so pretty and didn’t need a jawshave. Now her face reminds me of an oddly shaped egg and the skin around her chin area sags so much. Like, her neck looks too lonk compared to the rest of her face now.

No. 295862

File: 1536960012015.jpg (196.51 KB, 800x1364, 1515469455748130.jpg)

I'm not familiar with SNSD since I got into kpop recently, but I remember seeing said photo on a plastic surgery thread. Yuri is it right? God, look at that sag on her jaw, it's terrible. And it's not the expression on her face, there's a more photos that show how progressively worse it got.

No. 295867

I don’t see anything wrong with her nose here. It’s not big in any way and suits her face. You should be able to breathe through those things, you know.

Honestly she along with most other idols was pretty enough from the start, prettier than many idols that have had tons of procedures. This compulsively destroying idols’ faces seemingly just for the hell of it sends the message that they’re trying really hard to compensate for something they know they’re lacking in. Talent, stage presence, body shape, who cares just cut a little here and there and make them starve and people will have something else to talk about. Sigh.

Whoever makes the decision to put a 14yo under the knife deserves to be shot in the face, no edge or PS joke intended. It’s so fucking vile.

No. 295876

File: 1536960865934.jpeg (23.05 KB, 176x220, C7AB2A56-9DD3-4BC1-A070-86A4C2…)

I feel bad for younger iola nd trainees who get so much work done in their teen years. A lot of procedures don’t age well and so much growth naturally occurs in those teen years. To have chemical injections and bone re-structuring done when you’re fifteen before your natural features can finally settle in is risky.

Anyway, I know that Jessica’s gotten comments about having a really strong jaw pre-debut but I don’t think she needed the shave either. Her features were already so pretty.

No. 295881

File: 1536961507748.jpeg (33.5 KB, 520x346, 4AED45BF-8AF8-4894-A7FD-E7A008…)

I don’t get why Koreans insist that Sooyoung is one of the uglier SNSD members along with Hyoyeon and Sunny. Is it because she’s naturally tanner and kept her naturally rounder, squarer jae after debut instead of opting for a v-line? If so, Korea’s beauty standards are really too stupid and narrow. She’s one of the members who was already pretty pre-debut.

No. 295896

i don’t listen to kpop like 99% of the posters in these threads but k beauty standards get on my last fucking nerve. like i thought we had it bad enough in the west lmao we really don’t. i almost feel bad for all the non-korean kpoppies for having assembly line women and guys to look up to but that’s their problem for having shit taste and fetishizing actual people.

fr though, is it true that plastic surgery is a super common present for an 18th birthday? it’s not even racist to say they look exactly the same at this point, they’re made that way.

sorry having a heated gamer moment. enjoy yourselves lol.

No. 295898

File: 1536963191212.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 80.84 KB, 432x514, 31A58357-0B59-4806-B59F-056FAB…)

She’s one of the prettiest girls in Kpop imo. She looks doll-like and her eyes are super big and doe-y and beautiful. Putting her on the same level as Hyoyeon and Sunny is shitty.

Anyway, she definitely has the hottest boyfriend among all members (present and past) so I highly doubt she’s considered genuinely homely though.

No. 295900

I think it's her nose rather than her jaw, it's not the high and pointy type they like. They say she looks South East Asian and I can see it, but that's a bad thing to Koreans. And yeah, the tan obviously.

No. 295903

Are you blind? She most definitely messed with her jaw, square where? Koreans don’t like her because she isn’t as baby faced and cute as say taeyeon, or yoona. She also doesn’t have that kinda basic korean ~look~ to her Idk. I thought she was Philippino or something when I first got into snsd. She looks great these days tho, shame about the nose.

No. 295908

sunny is one of the ugliest idols period
her nepotism ass made it pretty far in the fandom in the beginning because she could pull off that over the top cutesy and funny fake bullshit they made her do
once she grew out of it though, yikes

No. 295909

she was always considered pretty i thought, and complimented for being thin and tall like a model
iirc the only negative was that she was dark and people would call her thai soo and filipino etc, and referring to a korean as a sea instead of east asian is one of the biggest insults you can make

No. 295916

Gross, I really hate Korea’s superiority complex over Southeast Asians. Strangely enough, many Southeast Asians naturally have some features that Koreans will get surgery for (big doe-like eyes, less angular faces) but they’re still seen as ugly.

No. 295917

they did the same thing to luna
thats probably why she fucked herself up surgery, weight and carboxy shots wise and making herself appear as white as possible and ofc koreans now say she looks ~nicer and prettier~

No. 295920

Don’t SEA make up a sizable portion of Kpop groups’ fan followings outside of East Asia? That’s pretty fucked up. I feel bad for fans who worship idols that are basically taught to regard them as sub-human.

No. 295921

they sure do
some of the most loyal fansites are thai and malaysian

No. 295923

Yeah, I know and know of plenty of Southeast Asians who are Koreaboos. K-dramas and K-pop gets consumed heavily in SEA countries, and it’s no surprise that there end up being a ton of self-hating SEAs who want to look more Korean and wish they were Korean. It’s really sad.

No. 295928

File: 1536966158309.jpg (149.49 KB, 1400x2100, blackpink-lisa-airport-fashion…)

I don't think lisa looks that bad but I'm saddened that she bleached her skin, I love that her nose doesn't look like michael jackson's though.

No. 295929

I don't find her ugly exactly but really really plain without her brand. I mean there are so many stunning Thai women/girls out there I think her features are really pedestrian. She wouldn't have gotten anywhere if she wasn't really rich.
Btw if she had a modicum of talent the appearance shit could be completely overlooked but she fails in that regard too.

No. 295930

File: 1536966755622.jpg (44.14 KB, 640x389, E0rlTGE.jpg)

I agree but I appreciate that she doesn't look like most botched korean idols out there with nosejobs.
Apparently she's a naturally gifted dancer so that might be why she was casted.

No. 295933

The fact that Lisa is the most talented member of BlackPink is kinda laughable. Like, she’s not a bad dancer by K-idol standards, but there are way more well-rounded and skilled idols out there.

No. 295934

I'm in the same boat as you anon. I don't listen to kpop but these days it feels inescapable so I end up having opinions. I agree the beauty standards are shit. The most embarrassing part in my opinion is that all seems to be part of a sort of nationalist overcompensation like "Our women are most beautiful in the world","Our men are the most handsome" "We Koreans have the whitest purest skin". It all comes down to this strange inferiority complex that's both desperate and unattractive.
The fact that they obsess about "visuals" and "proportions" says it all imo.
To contrast, take Japan- which has it's own laundry list of issues ranging from obsessive infantilization to ana-tier body worship- but at least due to "cuteness" being the gold standard and not perfect beauty they don't all buy the same face at the ps office.

No. 295935

I find her really pretty tbh. I know she doesn’t sing or rap very well but she seems to be a genuinely talented dancer from what I’ve seen of her, although I do think she hasn’t been allowed to showcase it enough for anyone to really judge it but that’s on YG’s cheap ass.

I remember a lot of people thought she was white or at least part white when she first debuted. What do you guys think?

No. 295936

She did have a nose job. It's just much better more subtle work than average for kpop.

No. 295937

To each his own anon. Tbf they style her really well. She doesn't look mixed to me at all especially if you take a look at some of her more natural less flattering pre-debut pictures.
About her ability; She can dance well because she's has years of expensive private lesson but she doesn't have any kind of natural gift for it if that makes sense. A good dancer makes shit look effortless. Lisa makes it look like work.

No. 295938

>The most embarrassing part in my opinion is that all seems to be part of a sort of nationalist overcompensation like "Our women are most beautiful in the world","Our men are the most handsome" "We Koreans have the whitest purest skin". It all comes down to this strange inferiority complex that's both desperate and unattractive.

This is such and accurate and well-worded statement. The follow K-netizen comments from this one post perfectly exemplify what you're talking about:

>To be honest, Koreans are the prettiest accross Asia. Regardless of the surgery and the makeup, we're the prettiest

>So true, Japan's visuals, especially the guys….. My family oppa is hot in comparison

>I get that too, I'm bellow average in Korea but people call me pretty in Japanㅋㅋㅋ They kinda have different beauty standards than us, people call my oppa "just fine" here but in Japan all the kids are smiling at himㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ He never heard that he's "just fine" over there. ㅋ…


No. 295941

This is such a weird and shallow way to carve out a national identity. I hate kpop.

No. 295942

What is this even referring to?

No. 295945

We talked quite a bit about koreans wanting to look white and such. Not everyone agreed to it but I guess it was deemed racist? Besides that they have shit plumbing? lol don't know, I didn't think it was that serious. I don't think it's racist to point out that they have unreal beauty standards and that they want to look nothing like their natural features.

No. 295949

as long as its related to kpop itself and the idols and industry, which is a reflection of the society in itself, i dont see how its an issue either but idk

No. 295950

so many groups, main/lead dancers included, are completely lifeless on stage. i'm specifically thinking of red velvet's power up stages. wendy was the only one who actually acted like she wanted to be there

No. 295952

File: 1536968834454.jpg (439.91 KB, 2666x2561, 1535326911022.jpg)

No. 295953

maybe its because wendy is the definition of >im just happy to be here

No. 295955

Whenever I see RV performances I’ve noticed that Wendy is always smiling even as the other members look dead inside. I like all of them and Seulgi is my girl crush but I still can’t help but notice these things too.

No. 295956

wow so cute uWu oppa~

No. 295959

File: 1536969061529.jpeg (51.85 KB, 640x360, E121694F-3CB8-4132-9D66-CD4801…)

reminds me of this lol

No. 295962

I wrote this before, I think he has 100% a glass eye because it's rather static and doesn't move like a normal eye. A teacher of mine looks exactly the same.

No. 295964

I guess I thought something new had happened, oh well whatever.

My current pet peeve is watching kpop fans trying to trick themselves into liking their bias groups new music.

They’ll either try to find some tiny thing to praise like “i love that 3 second riff right before it vomits a recycled DDR track all over my ears!”

Or they’ll say stuff like “I listened to it all day yesterday and today and I think it’s finally growing on me, it’s not that bad!” Like they are 6 years old and being forcefed slimy peas.

If you don’t like something you don’t have to force yourself into it!!

No. 295965

A lot of people don’t know this because music show camera work does all the work for them. When you see it in real life you’re like holy shit they’re barely moving!

No. 295969

File: 1536970243054.jpg (152.39 KB, 960x919, IMG_20180914_200910.jpg)

>Peak of your career, all of Korea loves you. Sees you as national heros.
>Enough international fans to hold a world tour
>The whole time you peformed for fans that you have a superiority complex over because they're not korean, were overworked for months by your boss, and longed to return home to you 'real' fans that you missed everyday while you were gone.
>Finally get to go home.
>The whole country hates you, you no longer have any fans and are branded as a 'right-wing' traitor.
>Turns out your boss decided to have your next album produced by the Japanese equivalent of a Nazi.
>Your career is over, all because you boss is a dumbass who can't choose good people to work with to save his life

No. 295970

File: 1536970322068.jpg (92.21 KB, 660x466, CIMG6606.jpg)

After a jaw shave surgery the skin doesn't shrink to fit the new jaw, it stays the same. If a lot of jaw was shaved, this turns the skin into a weird skin sac that doesn't fit the skull which can end up being worse than what the patient started with. Personally, I'd prefer a strong jaw over a sagging one, but that's just me.

No. 295974

File: 1536970831504.jpg (64.35 KB, 424x754, pristin_1536959153_k3.jpg)

Kyla lookin crusty as hell in the us. Guess the rumours about her taking a break to lose weight were untrue. Big oof.On one hand i'm happy she seems to be done with the idol shit, but damn.. The effort is nonexistent

No. 295976

some people just have a hard time losing weight and maintaining unfortuntely
i doubt she'll come back unless she develops a full blown starving or purging habit

No. 295982

Those light brown contacts his stylist insists on makes him look like a lizard person

Maybe the comments about Asians having flat heads?

It’s amazing she was ever an idol. She seems to fit in well in the US, happy for her honestly

No. 295983

Sucks that she literally cannot have a career without being skinny

No. 295986

Sure but thats the harsh reality. She wont make it as an idol because she has no good points at all. There have been some idols that arent as skinny. Ailee is one but she had talent to back it up. Kyla has nothing Koreans would want. Her personality is so bland and she isnt talented. So why invest in her?

No. 295988

File: 1536971870836.gif (393.37 KB, 250x150, 93BDF2A0-910E-4632-86D9-BE1652…)

No. 295989

She's probably just dealing with the hormonal shit lots of teens experience that messes with their skin. It's one thing to pick apart an adult who can make their own choices, but it feels weird coming after a teenager who's still under her parents' care.

I hope she doesn't come back because she'll definitely get more hate from Koreans. She's better off growing up and enjoying her life as a regular teen in the US.

No. 295990

Whoops, I meant to reply to this >>295974

No. 295991

I agree with you.

No. 295994

Thanks for the explanation anon. I've always wondered wtf happened to yoona's face because her cheeks are just so big and sagging now

No. 295995

Right, every time BTS performs on American national television their routines look like shit because of the lack of moving camera work and close ups intended to distract from their imperfect execution

No. 295996

>fans love her because she has short nails

…what? This is a thing…??

No. 296000

lol fans think every woman with short nails is a lesbo…therefore she gets that edgy/lesbo cred ig

No. 296001

Lesbian meme. You can’t have short nails in kpop without it being sexual for some reason

No. 296002

>You can’t have short nails in kpop without it being sexual for some reason
that line just reminded me how kpop fans claim not to listen to western/american music because it's "too sexual" yet turn around and fetishize/sexualize kpop idols LOL

No. 296003

There was speculation that she's a lesbian because of her short nails. And by "speculation", I mean someone made a sarcastic comment on her instagram about the length of her nails and the press reported on it, because of course they did. No one thought it was maybe because she plays bass and you can't play bass with long ass nails.

I mean, I WISH she was into women but I've never gotten that vibe from her.

No. 296004

excuse you she was ALL over that backup dancer in the Gashina performances!!11

No. 296007

Oh, you mean this one anon?!?!

No. 296012

>What if bighit planned all of it and they’re all gay and their concept connecting all their albums is being gay and accepting yourself

>read it and weep heteros

at least one member of bts has gotta regret debuting as an idol

No. 296013

i would put my bets on suga but i bet he doesn't regret having easy access to that japanese pussy sooo idk

No. 296018

I used to think he hated it but he seems to take it all in stride now

Maybe V hates it because he seems like such a whiny baby and wants to break free into being an actor or photographer or some shit whatever he’s delusional enough to think he’d be good at

I get this feeling that deep down jimin really hates his fans, even his korean ones. Idk I just get a bad feeling about him lol

No. 296019

Even if jimin hates his fans I think he likes being a idol. He knows that if he hadn’t gone this route he’d just be some chubby loser in Busan going to a shitty college and saving up his coins to spend on middle aged norebang hookers like the rest of his type. At least now he can afford the good stuff.

No. 296020

Not to mention all of the validation he gets from millions of fangirls who try so hard to meme that he's good-looking. If he weren't a BTS member, he'd just be another dude on the street you wouldn't think twice about after seeing.

No. 296021

File: 1536976047561.jpg (105.63 KB, 1024x1024, original.jpg)

i wonder what he would've grown up looking like without all the plastic surgery and the constant use of contacts…

No. 296026

That reminds me of back when people kind of memed about Kris being some kind of dork when it was pretty obvious he didn’t want to be there.
And then there he went. Man, the drama that followed that. Those were some times.

No. 296029

lmfaooo the mess from EXO's china line fallout kept me fed for a good while, that shit was hilarious. tao's dramatic ass after kris left going on about "betrayal" or something like that and then he went and left the group himself

No. 296032

Lol that was such a good time for kpop drama

I remember rumors of people hearing Tao crying from the SM building and “baekhyun getting hit” 😂😂😂

No. 296034

Yeah. Him and suga are so average looking.

No. 296035

File: 1536977856088.png (234.1 KB, 507x333, 1.png)

he lowkey looked like a more asian leafyishere ?

No. 296099

File: 1536996530777.jpg (50.05 KB, 1024x575, jimin-jhope.jpg)

lmao she says this is a joke but it's so desperate and some fans deadass think like this. him liking troye sivan's music doesn't really prove anything, you don't have to be gay to enjoy a gay artist's music. them seeing bts' interactions with each other as romantic or sexual is funny because all of these interactions are either obviously fanservice or just friends being comfortable around each other.
of course if any of them is actually gay, it's okay but you've seen all of these guys being interested in women countless times lol. jungkook's been super talkative about his fanboy crush on iu since he was a kid. this is the group that made the ultimate heterosexual anthem war of hormone for fuck's sake

No. 296103

cant unsee this now lmao

No. 296124

>No one thought it was maybe because she plays bass and you can't play bass with long ass nails.
lmao i was just gonna comment on this. people really know jack shit about the little requirements of playing different instruments. meanwhile they go like
>muh talented artistic qween!! i totally know enough to comment on her instrument playing skillz uwu!!

No. 296125

I watched a good video a while back that theorised South Korea's obsession with beauty and appearance was created from the entertainment they had after they'd become more developed as a country; it was mostly television and game shows with attractive idols and models and such. I think that's pretty accurate when wondering why they're so obsessed with beauty back there to unhealthy standards. Also makes me think they have an inferiority thing where they always fall back on appearance to seem better than other countries and have some sort of advantage because for a while SK was a very undeveloped country in terms of identity. No wonder so many people kill themselves there honestly. Having a whole country fixated on shallow looks and plastic surgery and perfect looking idols to be influenced from is a recipe for disaster and self hate in its people

Jesus Christ this is terrifying to scroll down to in a dark room all by yourself lol

No. 296127

woah, thats jhope? he looks like a different person lol, wonder what he's going to morph into next.

No. 296129

File: 1537013260670.jpeg (20.19 KB, 225x225, 02DF1D27-2A2B-45BF-A24C-F4CC61…)

Jimin the lizard person is basically the (un)official face of these threads now, huh?

No. 296130

File: 1537013448843.jpeg (66.13 KB, 540x720, EE7CB731-7B25-45C8-A71B-784256…)

Anotha one

No. 296137

She does have a plastic nose though

No. 296148

I think all east Asian countries are just super obsessed with looks more than people in the west

No. 296149

Enough with the Korea talk, can we just snark abou idols.

No. 296156

I think she's full thai. I remember seeing somewhere her biological dad is thai, but isn't in her life. Her step-dad is white though.

No. 296157

File: 1537023813608.png (148.58 KB, 300x300, tumblr_peou5cBzmD1x8cb9mo3_400…)

No. 296159

Are there any idols that you guys think are foxes?

I feel that way about Yooa from oh my girl and Taeyong from nct. I don't think Yooa is evil though. I do think Taeyong could've changed since most of his scandals are old. But the fact that they make him have such a ~cute~ personality just makes him seem really fake.

No. 296161

If you’re talking about your idols without considering the country/culture they come from then you’re missing a huge part of the puzzle but go ahead, talk about the minuscule details of your faves nose job for the 1000th time.

Maybe there should be two threads, one for people who want to stan and talk about heir faves in a slightly negative way (but can’t elsehwhere because the kpop fandom is so sensitive) and a thread for people who actually want to critique kpop as a whole

No. 296162

The horsemen of the apocalypse

No. 296166

for me, i think iu, jennie, mina, yeri, and jimin (i'm not even one of the anons posting the pics of him he just bothers me). i want to add park bogum but i don't really think he's a fox and he's not an idol, he just weirds me out even though that cult stuff was disproven

No. 296169

>If you’re talking about your idols without considering the country/culture they come from then you’re missing a huge part of the puzzle but go ahead, talk about the minuscule details of your faves nose job for the 1000th time.

You want to analyse Korean culture and history in fucking lolcow board? Are you retarded? You sound like a bitter ex koreaboo.

No. 296172

File: 1537026292245.gif (1.18 MB, 246x270, qHBG4D0.gif)

damn bruh, you sound like the bitter one here. if it bothers you so much go somewhere else or just post a picture of some botched idol you think is ugly. it's true that you can't really discuss some topics of kpop without having to look at korean society as whole.

either that or they look supremely stupid when they dance. look at e'dawn's crackhead ass dancing when there isn't some show trying to edit the dance to make it look good.


No. 296177

File: 1537027075119.png (74.68 KB, 645x729, d27.png)

Another ex koreaboo. Tragic.

No. 296178

File: 1537027455855.jpg (30.79 KB, 640x960, cbf30fdb25702c99b25461c8088a3d…)

armys hyping up V/taehyung and shilling him as one of the most attractive male idols has to be the funniest thing i've ever seen. he's seriously so ugly and pulls the most retarded faces. for some reason every time i'm subjected to a picture of him i feel like he probably stinks. i guess i'm not the only one, some other idol thought the same thing when she saw him in real life lmaoo.


No. 296180

Lmao imagine being such a loser that you can’t stand to hear anything slightly negative about a country that doesn’t give a fuck about you. Can’t relate!

You just want to stan under the guise of being critical so you can fake a feeling of superiority over other fans. You didn’t like your faves outfit one time? Wow, so critical, so brave, you really need an anon board to express such a bold opinion.

No. 296181

eh anon, just ignore them, they just want to bait.

No. 296182

Idgi she barely said anything except she wondered about callouses on his feet which is… weird lol but why did she have to apologize?

No. 296183

speaking of V, gucci is ugly overpriced shit and the fact that him liking it is 1/2 of his persona makes him seem so vapid and empty

No. 296184

apparently in korean it means more like "athlete's foot" or something like that, or some sort of foot fungus. so ig it would be rude to publicly start potential rumors like that, especially if its your senior? but we all know that any sort of criticism no matter how small towards BTS is a crime.

No. 296187

Lmao that’s funny but honestly it would be a rude thing to randomly say about anyone in front of a bunch of people!

No. 296192

kek and apparently he's supo unique since he likes van gogh, classical music, and photography.

No. 296193

File: 1537029330281.jpeg (6.74 KB, 244x206, images (1).jpeg)

Anon confess. Tell us your truth.

>Femcel travels to Korea

>Blue hair and a buzz cut
>Thinks everyone is gonna love her because she is so different and not like other girls
>Koreans fin her fat and ugly
>Now spends all day ranting about how awful and backwards is korean society while she eats the third burger of the day.

No. 296194

You’ve clearly never been to Asia.
Even the ugliest and fattest of western girls get boatloads of attention, praise, and guys going after them in those countries. Just stop trying, you have no idea what you’re talking about.

No. 296195

Oops, forgot to clarify. I know she's Thai; I was wondering if you guys thought she /resembled/ a white girl like people used to comment on before lol

My bad.

No. 296211

Koreaboos were crying their oppars and noonars were getting btfo

No. 296212

topkek best timeline

No. 296214

This is just … so ugly and bizarre and yet I can’t look away

No. 296223

irene always looks the most dead out of the red velvet girls on stage, and that’s a pretty difficult feat. she’s beautiful, but i feel like that’s the only reason why she’s the leader of the group. she has no talent otherwise

No. 296224

File: 1537037248483.jpeg (95.05 KB, 300x300, 5D045135-AA27-4C42-93D0-34718F…)


“And he has a clean and beautiful feet. Everybody know that.“

No. 296226

File: 1537037401555.jpg (130.81 KB, 853x1280, ARb5hgh.jpg)

what? you don't like this anon? kek

No. 296227

Imagine being in your late twenties like Irene and having to perform to childish songs like “#CookieJar” and “Power Up.” I’n not saying that excuses her lazy performance but I feel bad for her in that regard.

No. 296228

What kind of manners…

No. 296230

once i saw a rv fan listing their talents and interests and irene's literally just said she likes doing laundry. imagine being so full even your fans can't think of anything better to say

No. 296231

is that someones hand touching on his ankle…?

No. 296235

how fucking small are his feet? i assume his legs are fairly long so the rest of him should be far from the camera, them being so narrow looks strange for a grown man

No. 296240

File: 1537039969611.jpg (25.78 KB, 480x480, 36148282_1356747611124495_3176…)

this discussion of BTSs feet reminded me of this for some reason

No. 296242

File: 1537040151282.jpg (32.71 KB, 729x429, 4ca889aef3f1398e71f5cd28226595…)

What the hell, dude's a freak. Short as hell, skinny as ALL hell and also has clown feet lol.

Also anon I hate you for making search yoongi feet on Google. Time to delete my browser history of this cancer.

No. 296246

File: 1537040488062.jpg (643.82 KB, 1728x2187, 1536798739257 (1).jpg)

you know what they say about dudes with big feet, anons.

speaking of which, when i saw this chart on /g/ i immediately thought of this thread lol. no idea how accurate it is, but a lot of dudes in kpop do seem like theyre constantly compensating for something……

No. 296249

smh why did you just remind me of those threads fans would make about the order of male group members dick sizes based on some bulges? i would just be minding my business on tumblr scrolling through my dashboard and all of sudden a huge post about "EXO members ranked by dick size" would pop up and it would just be pics of their bulges or whatever.

>be kpop stan

>"i don't listen to american music because of the sexualization !!111!!11!"
>continues to sexualize their baby boiz

No. 296250

No. 296251

File: 1537041588834.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.61 MB, 540x303, a9tvVJb1wkj3xho4_r1_540.gif)

Idk if it's because I'm high but his face looks so effed up in this gif.

No. 296253

neanderthal is all i see in him.

No. 296254

File: 1537042216096.jpeg (100.4 KB, 1199x678, EF064F3E-A75C-4A2E-AFFF-62C3F8…)

i hate myself for scrolling all the way down

No. 296259

I mean her being criticized for her weight sucks but thats life as an idol. But what I'm most shocked at is that she seems to have gained alot of weight. Before she was a little chubby but now she could be classified as over weight. Loosing weight is hard but it isn't THAT hard. It's been about a year since pristin's last full comeback. They should just drop her for the sake of the rest of the group because there's no way they'll let her preform in her current state

No. 296267

I don't think the conversation would be the same if she was notably talented at something, but unfortunately she's already kind of just an extra member in a group that already has more members than it needs. I think some of the criticism has been a bit harsh, she is just a teenager and some comments would make you think she's obese, but if you don't contribute anything as an idol it might just not be the best path for you at that time

No. 296273

File: 1537046442157.jpg (65.06 KB, 745x122, armerie.jpg)

What's up with armys being pressed at Jungkook not being an uwu baby boy anymore lol

No. 296275

>they don't have to make him try to act like a fuckboy.
lmao at armys assuming the uwu baby boy image bighit gave him wasn't a character they totally fell for too.

No. 296280

Does anyone else have a problem with fans referring to idols by their real names? Frankly, there are stage names like Suga and J-Hope that sound ridiculous, but fans referring to them by their bio names seems a little too personal. Like, these idols have an image/persona cultivated for them that ties into their stage name. It feels like a boundary's being crossed when you refer to someone you don't even know well like you would with a sibling, good friend, or SO. I don't know.

No. 296281

Yeah I never thought that was right, either. You know them by their stage persona only anyway, address them by their stage name.

No. 296282

Yep. I should also add that you don't typically see Cardi B fans or Nicki Minaj fans refer to them by their real first names. It's so different with K-pop idols. I wonder if it's because of the pseudo-romantic relationships so many idols try to establish with their fans.

No. 296285

i don't mind them using real names only because i hate most kpop idols nicknames even more than i hate their stage names. i hate having to read shit like nabong and dubu used like i know who that is. taengoo is the worst, the word just sounds gross to me

No. 296288

I think it's dramatic to consider it crossing boundaries or offensive/rude to the idol in any way, if the idol was so worried about it they'd hide their real names properly. It's just a really embarassing and transparent attempt by the fan to seem 'close' to their idol, like how they can them 'our boys' etc. It's so performative and unnatural.

No. 296294

>Does anyone else have a problem with fans referring to idols by their real names?
Not really. A lot if not most idols use their given names as stage names anyway, so if the stage name were to create some form of boundary then where would that leave them? Regardless of whether idols use stage names a lot of their nicknames tend to be derived from their real names anyway, so in that case that should be even more intrusive but it’s completely normalized within the industry.

I agree that fans trying to act all intimate and buddy-buddy with idols like they know them IRL is kind of cringey but at the end of the day harms no-one and rather plays into the idol’s favor since a happy fan means yet another stan to buy albums and stream music to fuel their lifestyle.

No. 296298

Doesn't really bother me. IMO that kind of thing depends on how closely they tie their public image to their stage name. Like in this anon's example >>296282 I didn't even know Nicki Minaj's real name for years because she presents herself entirely under the name Nicki Minaj, whereas many idols refer to each other casually by their real names. People rarely call Taehyung "V", so I don't feel weird calling him Taehyung.

No. 296305

File: 1537054233822.jpg (152.6 KB, 1056x594, 1439822720177.jpg)

No. 296307

so this is what eggman's been up to

No. 296308

holy fuck he looks exactly like eggman and mystery combined. lmao

No. 296334

>shes beautiful
shes literally a plastic michael jackson look alike

No. 296336

some idols really hate their stage names. jinyoung from got7 corrects fans who call him junior. i dont think its that serious.

No. 296337

I agree they are clearly trying to form some type of bond that isn’t there by using their real names. I could never bring myself to do it. It’s like stop… we are nothing but cash cows to them either way.

No. 296339

That’s different, he actually got rid of his stage name.

No. 296341

and namjoon went from rap monster to RM but even in interviews hes still called namjoon sometimes. yeah the name hierarchy and familiarity matters in korean society but who cares if western fans dont adhere to that, most of these threads are critical of korean society anyway. for fans its easier to say "hoseok" "minghao" instead of "j-hope" or "The8". there might be some weirdos out there who are using their real names to seem close but i think for most its just a convenience. most of the people in these threads use the idols real names but everyone here is supposed to be a kpop anti lol >>296339

No. 296342

i dont think its as deep as you guys think it is. i usually just use whichever name is more convenient or less stupid. i wont go out of my way to call suho junmyeon, but the name v bothers me and im definitely not calling someone fucking rapmonster

No. 296346

>yeah the name hierarchy and familiarity matters in korean society but who cares if western fans dont adhere to that
lol exactly anon. who cares whether western fans adhere to their hierarchy rules bc at the end of the day you'll probably get some shitty response from an ugly idol who goes by the stupidest stage name, "V."

No. 296347

Lmao it is NOT easier to say hoseok than jhope. quit lying. Most western fans can’t even pronounce their real names correctly. Y’all just want to sound like you know the real~ them, you’re not fooling anyone.

No. 296348

Yeah I knew these kboos who insisted on calling all idols by their real names, I cringed everytime I heard “hoseeuhk” and “tayhung”

It’s not convenient if you can’t even make your mouth form the correct sounds. What a lying cop out way to defend real koreaboo behavior

No. 296349

It’s honestly even beyond that now. BTS stan twitter and Tumblr is full of people who only refer to them by their designated fan pet names, like “Tae” and “Gguk”


I think so much of it comes from fan fiction culture or trying to emulate what K-fans do.

No. 296350

I thought they were talking about using the names online not actually speaking it. I wouldn't use either name irl because I don't talk about kpop outside of the internet lmao.

No. 296352

File: 1537071215435.png (2.29 MB, 1320x1318, Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at 11.5…)

you forgot lil meow meow anon LMAO

speaking of armys, how are taehyung/V's fans gonna edit his hair like this when they know damn well he has an entire football field for a forehead

No. 296353

File: 1537071398256.jpg (44.88 KB, 544x643, DcOdY1VV4AE_ROY.jpg)

this one's worse

No. 296356

I’m sure there are millions of kpop fans around the world who butcher their real korean names out loud in misguided attempts to sound more authentic. Not to mention the fact that romanized Hangul is wildly insufficient.

V is way easier to type than taehyung which doesn’t even accurately depict what his name actually sounds like. There is no reason for I-fans to not use V, or RM, or rapmon, all of which are easier to type/say than namjoon. No reason to type seokjin, letters that don’t even sound anything like his real name, over Jin, yet loser armys across the internet do it anyway. There is no logical reason to do it, it just makes y’all feel better.

No. 296357

i think we all just need to accept that His name is rat mon.

No. 296358

i literally thought that was kris from exo

anyways ik it was talked about earlier on in the thread but i'm hoping that the "damage control" (vandalizing the bighit building with post-its and spamming the fancafe with WW2 and rants) that kfans are doing for BTS collabing w/ the Jap nationalist won't work hhh

I can't wait for korea to just blacklist BTS/Bighit and hopefully the same will happen here in America…forgetting Kpop ever existed bc just like their fans say "BTS paved the way."

No. 296359

File: 1537072226350.gif (929.79 KB, 320x240, mjl.gif)

>anyways ik it was talked about earlier on in the thread but i'm hoping that the "damage control" (vandalizing the bighit building with post-its and spamming the fancafe with WW2 and rants)
yoooo holy shit is this real?? LMFAO if there's pics or articles please post the tea thank you

No. 296360

They do it because Kfans do it.

But it makes sense for Koreans to revert back to their real korean names, instead of strange bastardized konglish names that make no sense to them. Of course it’s easier for K-fans to type/say names that actually exist in their everyday lives. Not to mention you can hardly fantasize someone is your boyfriend when you have to call them “jayee hopuh oppa” or whatever lmao

International fans though? They are just trying to feel like they’re a part of the in crowd too. But as we went over in the last thread, your idols don’t consider you real fans anyway.

No. 296361

Don't vandalize poor poor bighit :((( don't protest guise :(((

No. 296362

wow, look at these terrorists; destroying the golden walls of bighit with their dollar store post it notes.

No. 296363

a lot of intl armys are telling karmys to stop posting shit under bts posts lmaoooo and intl armys are just spamming bts with their cringy ass i purple you shit

No. 296364

I’m actually surprised that i-armys are not being very understanding, since they like to brag about how women they are etc you’d think they’d understand the issues

No. 296365

the i purple you has to be some of the most retarded shit. anytime i see a failed attempt to do an "i purple you" event at the airport like they're any better than crazy fans who come to harass their idols i laugh.

No. 296367

"the boys aint that stupid to support that neo nazi. the boys know better."

hhh i'm so glad i left those delusional ass fandoms. it's just like when bts did a whole photoshoot at a holocaust memorial. maybe i should post those pictures under bts posts for fun and freshen armys memories.

No. 296370

get a vpn or smth before you do that shit; them hoes don't play lmaooooo

No. 296371

a lot of i-armys hate k-armys especially on twitter. and the fact that some k-armys aren't shielding bts/bighit probably makes i-armys angrier since you're supposed to put bts over everything no matter how big or small of a scandal it is.

No. 296372

this whole controversy has me dying. armies were just talking about how jin has them by the balls and how involved they are in their careers but now that this shit happens its ALL bang pds fault. lololol i cant

No. 296377

Tbh it's kinda weird that they insist on using idols' real names but can't even pronounce their names correctly after watching videos of them 24/7. It's normal that non-Koreans are having trouble pronouncing their names at first but the fans hear these names everyday.

No. 296383

normally i wouldnt really give a fuck but armys and other kpop fans are so transparent in the way they use the idols real names in order to feel closer to them. ive seen people make twitter posts where they admit this very thing. its cringey and referring to them by their stage names in the context of their career as a performance artist just makes more sense. but how could they pretend the idol is their uwu boyfriend/girlfriend if they're calling them shit like rapmon lol

No. 296387

File: 1537082322451.jpeg (181.82 KB, 699x1200, B856A9CC-2FB1-40DD-BB8B-FACA64…)

I’ve never quite understood the hype Suzy gets from K-pop fans and the public in Korea. They always make her out to be some ethereal goddess and of of the top visuals of her era. She’s pretty but very vanilla. In my opinion, she can’t hold a candle to Fei when it comes to looks (but Koreans probably don’t seem fond of Fei cuz she’s Chinese and tan, unfortunately).

No. 296415

>you're supposed to put bts over everything no matter how big or small of a scandal it is.

this is so wild, BTS fans are just one giant cult

No. 296418

>BTS just gets first big scandal
>ARMY also gets it first big scandal


Nice how they don't want to lag behind their Oppas.

No. 296420

This whole streaming obsession is so stupid, everyone knows these numbers don't represent the actual number of people BTS is reaching. I understand that they are trying to break records but 10 random people listening the song once is more valuable than the same 1 fan listening to the same song 10 times.
I hope something like that never happens to anyone but I'm afraid army's stupidity might cause something really bad one day. Some of them don't realize that they are damaging their oppars and uwu baby boys more than anyone else

No. 296424

>tweet openly about cheating the system on a pretty impressive scale
>uhmm guys if any reporters want to talk about this stuff DON'T talk to them they'll TWIST YOUR WORDS and make us out to be CHEATERS
Thanks for posting this anon, gave me a laugh.
Yeah, this stuff only harms BTS. The more they're puffed up in the media as "global artists" (using Spotify numbers as proof etc) the more humiliating it's going to be when it becomes clear that only their fans know who they are, and they fade back into obscurity. As compared to everyone and their dog knowing Gangnam Style. In the UK we had fucking Ed Balls dancing to it on Strictly, people dancing to it at their weddings, etc. That's the kind of popularity with the general public BTS will never achieve.
Sorry to rant a bit more, but part of me wishes that they could just be a popular group in SK/Asia and among Kpop fans, but having the BTS-as-global-megastars hype is setting a standard for them that I just don't believe they can live up to. It's the difference between them having a good career by any normal standard and being set an immensely high standard of "global megastars" that they can't achieve and by THAT standard being a failure. Seems a shame.

No. 296427

i don't think any measure of popularity (expect possibly conterts and tours) is going to be a very accurate reflection of reality so i hate how obsessed with them kpop fans are. people buying 10+ copies of an album seriously inflates the numbers. there's always going to be chinese millionaires buying crates of albums but it's so common now that r/kpop threads about album releases nearly always have some comments like "how many copies is everyone getting, i was thinking 6 this time". i really think album sales could easily be halved in a lot of cases if the numbers were a reflection of purchasers and not purchases. probably more than that in some cases!

No. 296435

File: 1537097128588.jpg (557.33 KB, 1423x876, BTS.jpg)

>baby j
lmao who in bighit even thought that these stage names were good ideas and actually suggested them

No. 296447

>Names like Baby J and Kid were some options
I'm shuddering at the thought of a grown ass man having those names and how his creepy fans would twist that around for their weird fetishes. But then I remember that it happens anyway

>I'm pretty when I smile and because I'm sweet

>My name has the deepest meaning
Holy shit get over yourselves lmao. Don't strain your hand from jerking off your intellectual selves too hard

No. 296451

>Baby J
More like "baby cow" amirite

No. 296454

The comment section is amazingly salty, thank you for this article.

No. 296455

This highlights what it means to be a Kpop stan. Fans are basically pressured to stream and vote for stupid shit that don't matter in the long run. If the GP don't like you, then the GP don't like you.

So, it's always funny to me when BTS performs they get "genuine" tweets about who certain members are. No one cares for them here, they aren't a household name.

No. 296457

i agree anon. i can understand her hype of being pretty, because she is very pretty, but this top ethereal goddess who makes everyone faint when they see her from even a mile away? i've seen so many other idols who have a clean image like her and look a lot better but her ground is unwavering. she also has gotten a shit ton of fairly obvious plastic surgery (which i think has made her look worse than she did before) but k-netz insist she hasn't. also, her acting is terrible.

No. 296458

the way kpop companies have kpoppies snatched by the balls seriously amazes me every time. think about it: we all know the physical album business is dying, and that's what makes artists and companies a good amount of money outside of touring. streaming doesn't do jack shit for them. so they get their stupid rich (sometimes not even rich–just stupid) fans to care about irrelevant charts and titles that convinces them to buy a shit ton of albums just to get them to the top of that chart. sometimes these fans buy them in the bulk, whether it's 10, 30, or 500.
shoot, haven't exo-ls and armies managed to get EXO and BTS to "over" a million album sales just from their bulk buying?

and kpop companies know just a CD won't work, because barely anybody uses them, so they stuff them with a bunch of merchandise like a photo book and cards and stickers and shit. and they make each one individualized by each member of their big ass groups, so fans feel the need to buy a bunch of albums just to get the one they want, since companies make sure not to make it possible to choose which one you'd want a majority of the time.

sorry for the thesis ya'll, i just had to get this out, anytime i think about how much these kpop companies have finessed the physical album business it gets me going LMAO

No. 296459

It’s not that weird that they can’t say them correctly because korean has sounds that English (or whatever other language they speak) doesn’t have. Vise versa too. It’s not natural for them to pronounce a name like jungkook correctly, they don’t know that the k sounds are really in between a g and a k and the last consonant shouldn’t be aspirated at all. Especially korean vowels are so much more rounded than American English ones. Even something as simple as “tae” gets said as “tay” naturally by many English speakers when it really should be a flat “teh” and the stressed words/syllables in korean are different than in English too. Obviously they can’t be perfect and Koreans can’t pronouce English names perfectly either, but when there is an easier to write/pronounce option handed to fans on a silver platter and they choose to instead butcher Korean names and act like it’s just ~easier? Embarrassing.

No. 296464

File: 1537111208762.png (96.65 KB, 540x532, Screenshot_2018-09-16-10-10-36…)

This woman looks in her 40s. Older BTS fans are really pathetic.

No. 296470

>there is an easier to write/pronounce option handed to fans on a silver platter and they choose to instead butcher Korean names and act like it’s just ~easier? Embarrassing.
Agreed, that's what I was thinking as well. I used to study Korean so I understand what you mean. I agree that "Jeongguk" or "Taehyung" aren't the easiest names to pronounce for someone who doesn't speak Korean, I said it's normal that non-Koreans are having trouble pronouncing their real names, but it's weird when these fans constantly hear the correct pronunciations in videos where members talk with each other, yet still pronounce their names wrong.
I saw some video where a shipper was trying to analyze Taehyung and Jeongguk to prove that Taekook is real. She went really deep, went through so many details and obviously watched tons of videos to find proofs, but she was pronouncing their names completely wrong lol. It's funny that they think they know everything about them when they can't even pronounce their names correctly

No. 296478

Enlarge the picture, it's just a man with long hair and lipstick.

No. 296503

can someone please tell me wtf is this i purple you shit?

No. 296507

its weird because shes super pretty to me but she also has such a western look to her
she looks like a white girl to me

No. 296509

File: 1537119901333.jpg (102.69 KB, 1063x1063, 26071356_273673529825557_56012…)

v said this and it became a phrase

No. 296510

Wow, and ARMYs will continue to pass off the inane, pseudo-deep stuff he says as meaningful.

No. 296511

jesus his hair constantly looks retarded.

No. 296512

Ofc the most autistic member says this shit. I bet the only reason the use it is bc it sounds stupid and they don't what taehyungie~~ to feel bad~~

No. 296513

i ain’t gonna lie he looks hot as hell here

No. 296514

The thing this mother of five doesn't realise is those people she listed have been building their careers in the US music industry (the biggest music industry in the world, might I add) for more years than BTS and have the GP's attention. BTS' hype is gonna quickly go downhill next year and I can't wait to sit back and watch their fans wonder what happened.

No. 296515

File: 1537120809424.png (813.41 KB, 596x1010, Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at 1.59…)

how did they manage to get progressively more retarded looking damn.


No. 296517

Their awful colored contacts are more nitceable in the second photo. Also the greater amount of clout they have now means that they fave more fans praising their (non-existent) visuals.

No. 296518

this actually makes me upset IMO

I became a fan during hyyh and I really liked the music they were putting out and they all looked average. Now they look like lizards and their music is no longer basic shit everyone can enjoy but its just loud horse shit that includes the vocal line (Jimin + Jin) screaming. The only competent performer is hoseok but he fucked up his face so…

No. 296519

>but its just loud horse shit that includes the vocal line (Jimin + Jin) screaming
let's not act like this is some recent thing with their music and that jimin didn't consistently screech that one note out in let me know. i'd also say their music is more basic than it's ever been before. other than that i agree with everything else you said lmaoo

No. 296520

As much as I rag on ARMYs and BTS now, I’m in a similar boat as you. It’s possible that maybe I just outgrew them and my tastes change, but I remember their music being okay (for K-pop standards) pre-Wings. Like, it was never as ground-breaking and ~ w o k e ~ but they had some fun and/or chill songs. I felt like the members were more humble/down-to-earth too (or at least were way better at pretending they were). Glad I never spent any money supporting this dumpster fire of a group.

No. 296522

why do jimins teeth look like they were surgically inserted from a diagram? didnt he used to have jacked up teeth?

No. 296528

they look all creepy and shit.

No. 296530

anon he looks like downs syndrome harry potter

No. 296534

Anon love urself

No. 296536

I think the enjoyability BTS' music started to go downhill ever since their sound started become less hip-hop. Their rappers are okay for the industry's standards, their vocalists could be considered okay if the group stayed rap-focused. The vocal line of BTS is so weak compared to the other vocal-focused Kpop groups. The Love Yourself albums were so mediocre, Idol and DNA were weak title tracks. I'm curious what they are going to come up with next, they need to drop the generic sound. I don't know if they will try to improve when armys don't care about the quality of their music and will hype anything they put out anyway though.

No. 296537

I wonder how much dirt dispatch has on bighit and bts. With all these scandals with bts and the Japanese collab, I hope dispatch just spills the beans already
With Army's expired victim card will not help them if those scandals are proven true
I've been listening to other less popular groups like Astro/SF9 and I've come to realize that these bands among many others can outperform any bts member in vocals and dance area

No. 296539

File: 1537126988366.jpeg (15.15 KB, 230x258, 7FEAE547-AF2A-477E-BEE3-CBDA20…)

No. 296540

Im the OP, i know its not some recent thing. Bts vocals were never good to begin, esp when it comes to live singing. But at least the studio vers. of their songs were tolerable and songs I could listen to daily. But now, I dunno about all that. I just stay away from their music to save my ears.

No. 296541

Damn Jimin. It's not Halloween yet

No. 296544

jimin is making rapmon look human in comparison lately

No. 296546

if bighit fall out with bts there's going to be a lot of scandals all at once. all the dirt dispatch has ignored over the years while they accept money to stay quiet is going to just explode. a dating scandal, a member being rude and throwing away fan gifts, a member smoking (is anyone in bts already known as a smoker?), blind items obviously hinting at them drinking and having questionable habits with women…

No. 296547

correct me if i'm remembering wrong, but wasn't taemin or some senior idol smoking around jimin or some member of BTS? or was it an EXO member and i'm mixing groups up? but either it's very possible whoever they were they were both smoking.

No. 296548

File: 1537128784813.jpg (75.37 KB, 1017x1003, 385c58cbe9ff5fe8a3c45b317db733…)

samefag; it was taemin with jimin but it looks like he was just vaping.

No. 296550

File: 1537129312108.gif (18.65 KB, 268x164, uggo.gif)

I don't know how to fucking save a full .gif in Photoshop CS4 but I tried

No. 296553

suga used to smoke, he might still im not sure

No. 296558

A post I read by a K-pop insider claimed that despite the 'clean' image most idols are expected to uphold, about 7/10 smoke regularly (although the media makes it seem like 3/10 do).

No. 296567

File: 1537135134491.jpg (66.83 KB, 800x533, unblended.jpg)

this reminded me of you guys

No. 296568

I find the armys who infantilize bts instead of sexualizing them a lot more creepy.
They're grown men, I'm sure it's possible they've smashed and dashed more than their fair share of strange pussy. But nah oppa is a pure innocent smol baby boi who respects women and is a virgin because korea is conservative uwu uwu

No. 296570

that's mostly naive teenage girls though, they'll grow out of it.

No. 296572

is that lay?
man what happened

No. 296574

So now my favorite color is ruined. Thanks.

No. 296598

File: 1537144812833.jpg (66.61 KB, 725x724, no.JPG)

found this shit recommended on tumblr
now bts has ruined Heathers for me

No. 296605

Just read the whole thread. Saesangs are creepy as shit.

Thread: https://twitter.com/exposethread/status/1041022809688834048

No. 296613

seems like your typical wannabe groupie shit

No. 296616

Jesus christ how fucking cringe…

No. 296635

File: 1537151648383.png (159.05 KB, 741x457, 6j3ICuy.png)

Agreed. Not really creepy, just a sad, desperate fangirl trying to see the boybander she likes in person and then staring him. I think chances are pretty high that she made it up anyway. The only thing I found disturbing was the fact that she was willing to drop $800 to get a glance at precious Jungkook.

Pic was hilarious though.

No. 296641

this is such a desperate attempt to be noticed by bts, it failed and they are still willing to spend money to go to new york for them lmao. these people who follow bts around are weird, like what do you even expect? oppar is going to propose to you the moment you two breathe in the same room together? i doubt that bts interacts with groupies, they are trying so hard to stay drama free.

No. 296647

I'm more fascinated by these saesang cows than the idols. Any other saesang stories or infamous saesangs I can read up about?

No. 296649

I went to a kpop concert this year alone(plz no roast) and while in line I was stuck talking to a saesang (I later found her social media and it checked out). She had been to every stop at the tour and apparently found out which flights the group was going to be on (through saesang sites) and booked seats for herself. She bragged about essentially harassing them in the airportLike she legitimately thought she was flirting with one of the members.

She told me about how she was passing a note to the member she harassed (said that he started it lol) and then got in trouble when the member told a flight attendant to get her to leave him alone. It was an incredibly bizarre experience. Everything she said about essentially stalking them she twisted to make it sound like the member she liked was into it. Saesangs are truly delusional. I could go on about this experience because she said so much shit that made her sound crazy and almost dangerous but kept talking to her because she was fascinating. She was also in her early 30's I believe. A big part of me thinks she made it all up, which is weirder to me for some reason. I have an easier time believing she was a saesang because kpop fans are nuts and she had crazy eyes

Sorry for blogpost

No. 296650


So let me get this straight. She paid probs several hundred dollars to stay at the Ritz in the hope of meeting JK… The crazy bitch actually made it into the same room as him (the gym) and she didn't even talk to him? That's what I'm gathering; is that they sort of just shared a glance. If you've gone to all that effort to get close to them would you not at least try and speak to them and say hi?

No. 296653

File: 1537156784817.gif (1.95 MB, 268x294, tumblr_ozz1tsdBEw1vm89vlo1_400…)

even weirder is when the people who infantilize them also want to fuck them?? like what is up with that weird shit; go outside for once in your life damn.

throwback to when the stylist noonas or whatever gave jhorse these retarded instagram brows lmaooo

No. 296654

Honestly, I'm not sure if it's because the overdone insta brows/botched ps combo is super common on social media or what, but his looks are actually a bit more palatable here

No. 296660

Exo - Wolf, was such a mess, I can't believe you can make a group debut with this weird cringy shit (I will put you in my mouth like cheese, I'm a wolf, I'm a wolf awoooo) and have it be successful…

No. 296663

This is hilarious. Honestly ngl I bet most fans would do the exact same shit but they're acting all above it.

No. 296664

NGL, it's funny as fuck watching this BTS-Aki P scandal just for the righteousness international fans are feeling over the Koreans. The bitterness over not being the home market is really showing.
And no shit a self-proclaimed soft power export would promote Korean ideals, which includes disavowing anything they believe is linked to Japanese imperialism. Funny how many expect Kpop to understand their political sensibilities and then get outraged over Koreans expecting their own pop scene to uphold their own.

No. 296665

silly anon, they debuted with corny social commentary, gregorian chants, an apocalyptic dance break and a majestic display of their superpowers… Which obviously flopped.

Jokes aside, everytime I see Kai laughing at girl groups' choreographies I just want to shove every single wolf performance into his face and remind him that he's no longer a ballet dancer but a glorified stripper.

No. 296668

it makes me laugh so hard when fans criticize girl groups for having stupid or sexual dances that are all the same (which a lot of them are, don't get me wrong) but then turn around and say how complex and ~unique~ boy group dances are. boy groups have just as retarded dance routines and do just as much fan service in their dances as girl groups do. also, i think the only time i ever enjoyed a boy group covering a girls song was when seventeen does it, as they actually attempt to do it well. boy groups doing ridiculous covers of girl groups were funny the first few times, but now it's just annoying.

also, what is it with fans thinking every song needs a complex dance routine to it? and then they all want them to sing live? and make it 100% perfect every time? like there's nothing wrong with high standards, but you're going to have to choose 2 out of 3 a majority of the time–they can't sing live, have insane dance routines, and hit every note and move perfectly at the same time.

kpop songs are almost always the same: ridiculous high notes, rap break, bridge, hook-oriented, break down, and a mixed beat.

No. 296672

idk why that pic attached reminded me of that time taehyung/V played in that one drama he was in and there was a scene where a majority of the major (?) male cast were in a shower scene and were shirtless but taehyung/V was omitted from the scene lmaooo.

No. 296676

I got into kpop not too long ago, maybe a year or so, before that I just listened to the few songs my friends showed me but I decided that I wanted to see what was the hype about and learn some dances since they seemed fun, needless to say that after I discovered fancams I got pretty disappointed. Once you realize that the formula of kpop choreographies is having a group of mediocre dancers (to take advantage of the cheerleader effect) + good camera work you won't see them the same way.

And yeah, boy groups usually have harder dances but that doesn't make them any better when 1. the routines are just bad and look retarded 2. half of the members don't know how to dance (vid related at 4:22).

>the only time i ever enjoyed a boy group covering a girls song was when seventeen

agreed. they seem to take it as seriously as they take their own songs (at least from the videos I've seen) and if it's just an act at least they're being respectful, although it may have to do with the fact that they have fairly cute concepts, like adore u, pretty u or mansae and they're used to it.

And speaking of those songs. I honestly don't hate cute concepts on gg the problem is that they're so passive and boring. You can be energetic and have initiative while being cute and charming… But no, of course they have to act like clueless kids for their uncle fans, instead of doing a fun and somewhat challenging choreo while singing about how the boy you like makes you feel happy when he laughs or something like that.

No. 296679

This came up on my recommended. She's really reaching uncanny valley status, unless she has some sort of filter or something to make her look more like a soulless doll. This is the future of your idols lol, they get more plastic by the minute.

No. 296681

people keep talking about her making a big comeback but I'd be surprised if her song even charts well. Just looking at her makes me sad.

No. 296683

File: 1537167094650.jpg (Spoiler Image, 244.92 KB, 1000x1500, 1458535074417_linda-a003.jpg)

She literally looks like a real doll. I feel kind of bad for her, she must have some serious image issues to go that extent.

No. 296684

I don't understand why korean fans don't want their idols to collab with japanese artists. It doesn't make sense since they put out japanese songs. Why do their fans not complain about that?

No. 296689

File: 1537169201350.png (221.68 KB, 550x571, d9f3789c1639e5c30090a85d862b01…)

Seems like she wasn't the main aggressor afterall https://www.soompi.com/article/1231593wpp/goo-hara-shares-side-story-assault-incident-boyfriend
>Goo Hara shared her diagnoses from the gynecologist and orthopedist. The diagnosis from the gynecologist reads, “uterus and vagina hemorrhage.” The orthopedist’s presumptive diagnosis lists, “cervical sprain,” “facial contusions and sprain,” “lower leg contusions and sprain,” “right forearm and additional sprains.”

No. 296697

She got raped and physically assaulted by her abusive boyfriend, tried to defend herself and SHE has to apologize.

I fucking hate everything

No. 296720

cause koreans are mad racist. they want japan to like them and they want to make music in japan because they're oh so much better at japanese.

No. 296724

i don't hate bts but they've made so many songs about not giving a fuck about their haters they started to contradict themselves lmao

No. 296728

their love yourself albums don't make sense. If they love being idols(apparently that's what idol is about)they have to understand that not everyone is going to like them.
Most of their songs contradict itself

No. 296736

not to mention jimin clearly doesnt love himself, and yet they gave him the line 'you can't stop me loving myself' in idol. i mean the guy constantly obsesses about not being thin and attractive enough, hides his real eyes with those freaky lenses, hides his face with picture filters and starves himself. i think it's sad that he feels that way about himself but it also means i can't take him seriously saying 'too bad haters cause i love myself anyway'. he wouldnt even look that bad if he just started eating and stopped getting work done

No. 296746

Are they American or Filipino? They don't look that Filipino. Maybe Chinese-Filipino?

No. 296748

looking like paola from 90 day fiance lmao

No. 296861

File: 1537221764898.jpg (70.06 KB, 640x960, DnTYgCzW4AAr0mJ.jpg)

Found this on some thread via the usual "uwu stream some shitty bts song, look at my beautiful kings" how bliND

No. 296868

File: 1537222819688.png (1.99 MB, 1900x1316, Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 6.19…)

what the fuck am i looking at here? taehyung/v's head this big or smth?

No. 296870

File: 1537223315373.jpeg (593.25 KB, 1536x2048, CD233AF5-2193-4B6C-B632-D9FD4D…)

No. 296874

i'm more surprised he didn't use that repulsive filter jimin and rat mon use all the time.

No. 296878

wew those pores

No. 296893

File: 1537227619713.gif (1.01 MB, 540x208, 5F49E05C-8ABD-474F-BCF4-E1A34B…)

No. The back of his head is flat. You are looking at a bunch of layers and probably extensions to give his head the illusion of shape and to hide his giant forehead.

No. 296894

File: 1537227921553.png (1.54 MB, 794x1196, Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 6.14…)

his long ass forehead doesn't help either

No. 296910

I remember an American interview where the interviewer commented on how their skin is “so nice!!” when really she just wasn’t used to seeing a bunch of grown ass men caked in makeup

No. 296921

He looks like a pissed off dead person

No. 297062

File: 1537273108172.jpg (2.05 MB, 2100x1500, 1600205-hope-1.jpg)

I'm guessing J hope is finally transitioning..?

No. 297067

j hope is that one idol who looks bad with and without makeup. he should have stuck to his 2013-2014 look. Now he looks creepy

No. 297068

File: 1537274576205.jpg (38.96 KB, 696x400, snl-korea-plastic-face-1.jpg)

No. 297109

No. 297130

File: 1537287025525.png (Spoiler Image, 24.35 KB, 630x503, kris-jenner-satisfied-smile.pn…)

looks like pale kris jenner

No. 297168

they seriously do look like him, makes them even more uncanny

also lol @ them being supposed to be caricatures of the south korean ps beauty ideal and end up looking like jhope of all people lmao the irony

No. 297174

The sexism and obsession with looks is so bad in Korea, that apperantly the 3 scratches on her ex's face are much worse than Hara's internal bleeding.

>There could be a chance that she realized she's in the wrong so she hurt herself and went to get medical records of it. If a man really wanted to beat her, it wouldn't have just ended in bruises like that.

>Hmm… if the man really wanted to beat her, he could've really done it, and yet she has no bruises on her face… I feel like she was just in a state of rage and hurt herself. If a man really wanted to beat her, like I said, he could just end her life.

>She shouldn't be smiling in a situation like this. Either way, she scratched up someone's face, that's not a laughing matter.

>She gutted that man's face…

>Just look at that man's face. His flesh has been cut off. If I were him, me too I would've lost my temper and would've contacted Dispatch everyday. We don't even know the conclusion yet but people are too much.

inb4 this is not the anti-korea thread!1!1

No. 297178

There are plenty of Koreans who are defending Hara tho kek If you dont want to make it into an anti korean thread, maybe stop posting websites with cherry picked comments in english and read actual korean comments posted on sites where people with more central views post before painting a whole country a certain way

No. 297182

>read actual korean comments posted on sites where people with more central views post before painting a whole country a certain way
yeaahhh i remember my days of falling for netizenbuzz comments and thinking they were what the majority of koreans thought. nbuzz really sucks so much, it's insane that people still even take that website seriously outside of just visiting it from boredom.

No. 297317

File: 1537323945418.jpg (123.73 KB, 500x548, plastic-surgery-twins-1.jpg)


He needs to stop with the fillers or he is gonna look like this creepy twins in a few years. It's better to be ugly instead of a plastic surgery abomination.

No. 297320

>Funny how many expect Kpop to understand their political sensibilities and then get outraged over Koreans expecting their own pop scene to uphold their own.

Exactly this. Recall when Zico got torn to shreds for having a tiny confederate flag on his jacket, pretty sure most Koreans have no idea wtf it even is or means. Yet kpoppers will still screech YOU HAVE THE INTERNET YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE!!! so, how about you too then??

No. 297322

Anon, you could have taken 2 seconds to google Japanese imperialism but instead you choose to be a raging autist. Astounding.

No. 297324

I think that in the case of the AkiP thing, the issue that some non-Korean fans had was that most of the 'evidence' was stuff that was deliberately misinterpreted and/or straight up fabricated by knetizens for ~reasons~.

No. 297329

i wouldn't be surprised if a lot of it has to do with the fact that kpoppies and weaboos go hand in hand; therefore, they don't know how to cope with both their precious fetish nations disliking each other. personally i don't care either way, japan and korea understandably have some deep-seated issues between each other and it most likely won't be resolved for decades. it's just funny seeing how much this issue blew up for BTS and i-armys getting a lil taste of a true scandal that they can't control for once.

No. 297333

File: 1537330011650.jpeg (24.17 KB, 235x343, 53F71BCC-E17D-4806-8CA3-38883C…)

Ok why tf is Vernon wearing an MDMA shirt?? Who ok’d this???

No. 297341

Just seems like edgy t-shirt engrish to me.

No. 297364

it's an advertisement for an upcoming documentary. even if it was an edgy engrish shirt, vernon would have no excuse seeing as he's from NY.

No. 297365

*no excuse for not knowing

No. 297410

Does BTS even care about their music or its their label that want that shit out for money?
It's sad that before they used to put out good music, take constructive criticism and do something about it but now they take criticism as hating just like their fandom

No. 297442

anon all kpop groups exist to make money first, music second

No. 297448

That's just sad

No. 297517

>good music
anon please

No. 297550

This is weird…

No. 297584

Why can’t she just go with her real name? She’s done with SNSD, she’s never considered Tiffany her name and referred to herself as Stephi on IG before going solo, ugh. I get it’s what she’s known as and branding is important and yada yada but it’s just so awkward. SM just called her Tiffany because Stephanie wasn’t spechul enough.

No. 297596

Oddly enough, the name Stephanie is sounds better than Tiffany. Slightly off-topic but reading her old Xanga posts from her pre-debut days is a trip. One example:

>» song of the day « » BABy DOnT CRy - TUPAc «

>errrr -_-x my head + eyes hurt a griPp x\ n' sorry that ii didnt go to flute choir for those flute choir memberz… u guys could do goot out with out me anyways.. errr yawn anyways ii started that new drama " neh een seng eh kong kkak jjee " whoo itz goot xP PARK GWANG HYUN hes foinne =] he looks like SOH J1 SUp =] roflz a younger cuter version of him =] n' ii watched CHUN NYUN J1AE it was hella goot the japanese guy is frikkin hot his names like hujiouara taseuji in the drama or whateverz that fooz hella foinne though >.< oh yesss n' ii found that kwon sang woo + kim min jung music video ii was looking for ii was lie " o_O durooLx " when ii saw the music video whOoO kwon sang wooz hella jal sseng gyu ssuh >.< aiigOhz my head is hurting n' so are my eyes -_-x ii should go take another napP or something.. omg spring breakz almost over n' ii didnt do shit cept go out wid my ppgz.. oh well there goot enough mwoahahahahahaha errmmmm.. yeaPpP made my xangah purple =] ii dont know why but ii wanted a new color xD mwoahahah well im out..


No. 297609

File: 1537377780510.jpg (59.31 KB, 460x233, h42mrnF.jpg)

Jessi though lol

No. 297610

anon their music was at least better than the music they produce now

No. 297612

I'd rather listen to tomorrow or i need you than idol any day. their music at that time wasn't that bad

No. 297635

kind of makes me sad that we don't have websites like xanga and myspace and others of the sort like we did back then. now so much as following or unfollowing someone on instagram is "news" worthy and it's just not as interesting. stan twitter is just annoying and retarded.

No. 297639

would be so cool to be able to find all of the idols pre debut social media but k netizens are AMAZING at wiping peoples histories its weird as shit

like they have all this stuff and just sit on it to "protect their oppas and unnies" until they get mad at them then they release it at the risk of being arrested for it

the internet is so weird over there

No. 297651

File: 1537381719602.jpeg (45.52 KB, 500x377, 161AC011-D2A5-4385-B735-F39D3C…)

You’d think that someone like Tiffany wouldn’t be friends with someone like Jessi at first glance. Then you look at their pre-debut posts and then see how similar the two actually are.

Anyway, Jessi is basically like a Gangnam unnie with tan skin. Seeing her pre-debut photos shocked me a little.

No. 297653

File: 1537381955797.jpeg (58.56 KB, 571x800, F4FA0537-C8EE-497E-B7DF-403ECC…)

And here’s her now. I like her being kind of like an anti-idol but she straight up looks so cartoonish nowadays.

No. 297658

wasn't she the one that talked mad shit about boa or smth on xanga once and sm/boa stans never forgave her for it? lmaooo

No. 297660

File: 1537382552478.jpeg (31.41 KB, 462x376, 4C517BE2-812F-4EE6-9342-10EB4A…)

Yep. Jessi gets away with being a dumb bitch because she’s the token ABG/“bold” tan-skinned chick in a sea of copy-and-paste ghost-faced idols who aren’t even allowed to cuss without people making a big deal about it.

No. 297672

i think this shit is hilarious. if jessie was "bold" enough to say something so minuscule on social media you gotta wonder what other idols say about each other behind each others backs. i think it would be interesting to be a fly on the wall at a music bank or something, probably so much shit is said by all these "innocent" uwu~~boys and girls. just look at that one time wanna one didn't realize they were being filmed and in those few minutes almost blew their reputation with the gp lmaoooo

No. 297674

File: 1537383591922.png (177.09 KB, 262x412, 848537E0-10DE-4797-A057-C03A2D…)

“B-But oppar didn’t mean it!!!~ uwu”

Anyway >pic related is unnerving to look at. When will these Korean make-up artists learn?

No. 297676

iirc jessi claimed to be in one of the american asian hardcore female gangs as well

wish i could find that but i cant remember when i read it
probably when she was trying for the rapstar thing or whatever a few years back

No. 297678

>I'd rather listen to tomorrow or i need you than idol any day.
same, these 2 are some of their best songs. i find their pre-wings stuff enjoyable, dope, just one day, tomorrow, baepsae, cypher 2&3. their latest albums seem so rushed compared to their earlier music.

i think the video for i need u was pretty good. as i remember that video was made with a tight budget, they used their manager's car and they used the bighit staff as actors because they couldn't afford extras at that time. it's better most of the pretentious pseudo-intellectual videos they make nowadays.

No. 297686

>just look at that one time wanna one didn't realize they were being filmed and in those few minutes almost blew their reputation with the gp lmaoooo
pls elaborate

for me their best ones are i need u, run and butterfly. they’re nice to listen to (imo) and are emotional in a way that feels more raw and not pseudo-philosophical/-intellectual. they also feel more genuine because they’re not stuffed full with fake-deep bullshit that seems pulled out of their ass.

No. 297690

>pls elaborate

i just linked the first article that i saw but just type in "wanna one cussing" or scandal or smth and you'll find more about it

No. 297691

Lmao, reminds me of Yubin's "I want a bottom bitch" scandal

No. 297695

wtf i love wanna one now

No. 297707

i really wanna know what members said the more vulgar things oh my god it would be fun to go through member by member

also after reading it i ended up on this article: https://www.8days.sg/sceneandheard/entertainment/people-are-turning-against-choi-siwon-after-his-dog-causes-death-9343440#slideshow-1
such an absurd scandal for a superstar to be caught up in. very tragic though. may the lady rest in peace.

No. 297715

File: 1537388919060.png (238.1 KB, 540x367, tumblr_inline_pf9mnpYUoX1ux23s…)

damn jimin looking emaciated as fuck. no comment on jhorse.

No. 297716

samefagging just to add that i read more into who said what and i’ll forever remember guanlin as handjob guy from now on lmao

i want more incidents like this, especially regarding male idols. it’s aggravating to know gg members get lynched for the most minuscule shit while bg members can do far more ~scandalous~ things and not get nearly as much crap for it. more bg milk plz @ kpop.

No. 297717

is she still in the closet too?

No. 297728

Like every idol. Amber is even more obvious, lives in the USA and is still in the closet even though she's not fooling anyone

No. 297732

amber very well might never come out because of her family and how ingrained mega church christianity is in the community she grew up in
i actually have more hope for korean idols in korea who arent as super into western religion to come out, despite koreas general homophobia, than i do for idols like her and siwon

No. 297733

IIRC it's because there was already a girl group with a member named Stephanie

No. 297735

yep and she had gone on to become a successful solo artist at that point

No. 297750

"successful" is a generous term for anything regarding CSJH The Grace

No. 297752

she was well known enough for it to have been an issue for tiffany to go by stephanie

No. 297817

File: 1537403870460.png (1.08 MB, 761x670, paint.png)

Am I the only one that doesn't find Loona all that appealing? They are pretty boring with that over done concept. Their company has so much money and yet they are always wearing the same v neck sweather and tennis skirt. It's cringe af how Kim Lip and Olivia is always singing about eclipses and being an egotist in their songs. They have 0 synergy and it doesn't help how they are constantly segregated into their sub groups when they dance, stand next to each other, photoshoots, etc. I really don't see Loona lasting for anymore than 2 years

No. 297822

This looks like naughty high schooler porn

No. 297825

As far as I know, Christianity is huge in Korea, though.

No. 297826

File: 1537405830680.jpg (71.06 KB, 640x640, clown.jpg)

i like loona, most of them are a bunch of cute girls who seem to not have ruined their faces yet, excluding Vivi lmaooo
their personalities are pretty great too

But their company is honestly gonna make em flop if they keep up with same shit over and over again, especially after their debut project a lot of people have high expectations. Also, 12 members is overkill and that white face shit Korean entertainment loves so much gotta go.

No. 297828

I'm pretty neutral towards them, but the hype confuses me. I kept hearing about how they're so unique and atypical, but when I listened to their stuff I found a lot of the songs were disjointed and didn't have a coherent melody. I liked Eclipse the most, but that's not saying much considering I found it to be really forgettable.

No. 297833

the younger generation by and large has been more receptive to homosexuality, and there have been plenty of idols who have spoken in support of it
the ones that spam religious quotes on twitter all day on their days off are usually the closet cases
the average christian in korea isnt extreme in their views unless they have lived in america/are friends with americans

No. 297834

Uniformed debuts are pretty common, but I'm tired of seeing them repeat colors after introducing a new one, especially if the new colors feature different cuts for the members. It must be confusing as fuck for the general audience, too, because Olivia, Hyunjin, and to a lesser extent, Choerry, are easily mixed up in a group of 12 girls dressed identically. I dunno why they're not using their individual colors to familiarize each girl, like Red Velvet and Oh My Girl did.

With the amount of fillers getting pumped into them, the girls all look mighty tight and swollen. Yves is hot as fuck, but they need to let her chin settle or something.

For the best interest of my music enjoyability, I hope they have a healthy run, but I can easily imagine them unable to make back their investment and disbanding or amassing a BTS-rivalling insane fandom to their detriment.

No. 297837

I'm honestly not shocked at the thought of them pumping fillers into every member, including the minors

No. 297840

30% of the population is christian.

No. 297844

the average korean christian is not evangelical unless the person associates frequently with americans or attends a church frequented by missionairies

amber literally attends a formosan church
its not typical for asians to be super involved in westernized religious practices unless they are influenced by missionairies or westerners
the average koreans disapproval of homosexulaity is not religiously based, its culturally based and the younger generations are shifting away from the idea that its abnormal

No. 297846

File: 1537411521578.png (68.08 KB, 900x646, barf.png)

What the hell is this? Seems to be a China boy group under JYP, with kids reeeeally young, from 11 to 14. The teasers and images are so grown up and make me uncomfortable, like they make the little kids stare at the camera like regular idols. And they use makeup on them and stuff, but the worst is the comments. I haven't seen anything straight pedo but they are already fangirling about small kids and I can just image 20 year old women on the other side of the keyword. Some comments I saw for the teaser of the youngest member, 11 years old.


No. 297847

File: 1537411565056.jpg (84.23 KB, 640x440, BOYSTORY_4.jpg)


No. 297851

im HOPING the comments are mostly kids/young teens though even that could be weird

No. 297852

File: 1537412726991.png (59.29 KB, 779x597, aaaaa.png)

maybe they see them as sons or whatever but I can't imagine why anyone would want to stan someone that young.

No. 297853

omg, they are literal children. This is super disturbing.

No. 297857

File: 1537413601910.png (110.07 KB, 895x170, why.PNG)

I feel there's a whole lot of crazy to uncover with this group, but I'm too disgusted to do it… searched their name and already see ship videos, and I'm not sure what that thumbnail is but if they made these little kids do those "almost kissing" game… why????

Saw a tweet that said the following too:
>You cute little thing. Come to noona. I will give you lots and lots of candies.

Ewwww wtf…

No. 297858


who…who are they suppose to appeal to? i thought part of the purpose of idols is to be super desirable and make fans obsess over you. these are children, yeah there are pre-teen/child kpop fans but most seem to be teens or young adults, definitely not the type who would be interested in lusting after this group (at least they shouldn't…eck)

i can maybe understand viewing them as more of a younger brother/son type, but it's still strange to fangirl over an actual child. i can't even think of a western equivalent to this…yes there are child performers, but they're pretty much strictly marketed to kids and never portrayed in such a strangely adult way like this

not to mention this is just asking for weird pedo fans

No. 297860

pedophilia might as well be legal in most asian countries s2s

No. 297861

Literally talking about ships on this tweet… I'm so uncomfortable.


No. 297863

Only kid I would listen to was kid Michael Jackson. There's literally no other reason why I would listen to a child unless I'm that child's age.

No. 297866

Seriously. Does Asia even have pedophilia laws to protect children? I'm always hearing about the shit that goes down in Japan (Like the piece of shit creator of Rurouni kenshin who got a slap on the wirst and a small fine for basically owning tons of child porn videos.)

It's really disturbing that they market children so young and dont care when adults want to fuck them. ugh

No. 297867

I couldnt even watch that gif without wanting to vomit. wtf is wrong with people?

No. 297868

File: 1537414241039.png (674.73 KB, 475x696, Capture.PNG)

What the fuck is this photo, what is JYP doing? What are these kids parents doing? Fuck kpop fans… A fan literally said the kid reminds her of Wonho, who is the biggest fuckboy in kpop ever.

No. 297870

cp was completely legal in japan up until a few years ago

No. 297872

File: 1537415290528.png (1.01 MB, 552x868, pedo.PNG)

>i can maybe understand viewing them as more of a younger brother/son type

Are you new to kpop? The moment these kids grow a few inches you'll see their "noonas" screaming "the disrespect!! why you so handsome now" etc, they will sexualize them the second they look "old enough" for them. And try to hide it behind the "proud mom" excuse. It's disgusting.

Translation of image I found on Twitter:
>Look at this beauty.
>He's 11 but who cares.
>You're going to have chinese grandchildren, just wait for my little chinese guy to grow up.


No. 297875

i like how a lot of these commenters have jungkook icons/usernames, you know, another idol that was super sexualized when he was underage. i don't understand how anybody can be interested in a group like this. i could understand if they were marketed towards fellow children but…they're not?

also, jyp can release as much music and shit that he wants but he won't distract me from the fact that he is supposed to do a press conference about the religious cult that he apparently is a part of. apparently it's going to be held this month, september, but it's almost half way through the month and there hasn't been any report on whether he's going to hold it or not.
(link for anyone out of the loop & curious)

No. 297877

samefag, here's the report where he states that he will allegedly hold a press conference in september.

No. 297884

Of course we cant just have all of the dweeby little elementary/middle school kids in korea just have this (they are a huge demographic in terms of korean fans), twitter has to hype it up to be more than what it is.

Imagine back to being 12 with disney channel posters on your wall and having some gross large following of people in their mid twenties talk about how they want to fuck them like this shit was created for them to fap to.

No. 297888

So, RPF is a huge thing in every kpop fandom and honestly I like lurking and cringing at how delusional these ppl are

My question is: do kpoppies see their faves as characters in media?

This nsfw-ish taekook comic really got me thinking:

I only ever understand it when fans draw things like that for anime/cartoons/comics, not real ass people.

No. 297889

there are way worst things out there to highlight my question, but that'd be overkill

No. 297892

not necessarily responding to your exact question, but it's within the same topic ig?
i'm genuinely curious what these people are like in real life. are they autistic? never go outside? have no friends? are secretly in love with their friends/think their friends are secretly in love with them??? like you said, i don't really care about fictional shipping, but shipping real people who are friends is so fucking weird. it's not even just a stan thing; people ship even youtubers who just happen to work together in the same environment and are comfortable with each other, regardless if they are already in relationships with other people. they must seriously not have normal social lives if they actually think two people so much as smiling at each other means they want to shag behind the scenes and are hiding a romantic relationship from the world.

it's one thing to think two people would make a cute couple, but shipping stans go waaaay overboard, it's past creepy.

No. 297893

I saw a video someone made about Lisa's weightloss (blackpink) and the comments astounded me. These delusional fans kept saying she was "body goals" and "not too skinny". Are these people blind? Lisa is way too thin, and so is the rest of the group besides like Jisoo. These fans are literally insane. Making excuses saying they're so thin because they practice a lot?? Obviously not if their live shows are literal ass and they constantly forget dances. jfc I can't stand it. Blackpink is so lazy to begin with, wdym "it's because of practice!!!". Just accept she has an obvious eating disorder.

No. 297900

File: 1537424826889.jpeg (205.44 KB, 550x870, 7FE0DA8C-55C8-4DAC-B3DD-4C4712…)

For real. If she looks emaciated in images taken through a professional camera, she probably looks even more bony in real life (since the camera does actually make people look heavier).

Also YG saying that BlackPink is aLl nAtUrAl!!1!!1 is so kekworthy after seeing their pre-debut pics.

No. 297902

these "noona fans" are fucking weird. they constantly baby idols, talk about how they watched them grow up and then they cry about how hot they are. they even write that they are a noona in their twitter bios, they take usernames with the word noona. the fact that they are a noona is all they tweet about. we get it, you're 37 with 2 kids and you are a proud army. so impressive, give her a medal omg

rpf is uncomfortable. most of them say they love them and want to date them (lol) or be friends with them, it's not like they will ever get to even meet them but how the fuck are you going to look at a real human being in real life after writing a 90k word long thing about them fucking their best friends in great detail, i don't know.

i think the same as well. things shippers see as "chanbaek moment!!!!", "taekook is going strong!!" are literally 2 humans having human interactions and they don't mean anything to anyone who isn't a delulu shipper lmao. watch some random bts interview and if jimin and jungkook looks at each other for like 2 seconds the comments will be like "jikook is feeding us guys.. jimin looked at him and slowly tilted his head to the left and blinked. this means that someone found their soulmate in body language"

No. 297903

The anons in the other kpop thread also constantly fawn over nct dream, whose members have to graduate once they turn just 19.
>i'm not attracted to them romantically, why can't an adult find young boys cute and pretty??
Kpop is all about looks, so why would you stan someone who's underage?
And as soon as they turn 18 they're "fair game"…

No. 297907

lol the kpop general thread is an nct fetish zone. i haven't seen many other kpop idols posted there much lately, it's 95% all nct. then again i'm one to talk, the kpop critical thread is 95% BTS zone a majority of the time lmaooo. such is life.

No. 297908

>watch some random bts interview and if jimin and jungkook looks at each other for like 2 seconds the comments will be like "jikook is feeding us guys.. jimin looked at him and slowly tilted his head to the left and blinked. this means that someone found their soulmate in body language"
i'm legitimately considering cashing in on shippers for the next big kpop group and making otp youtube videos in my free time. the amount of views those retarded videos make and potential adsense is insane. you can literally just put together random "ship evidence" videos/pictures in a 30 minute long video in iMovie and autismo shut-ins will be on that shit like white on rice; it would almost be stupid not to take advantage of something like that.

No. 297910

File: 1537429535839.jpg (Spoiler Image, 22.47 KB, 750x735, f14cd23043370f825ab051ef0ca4ab…)

they're /our guys/

No. 297912

File: 1537430209208.jpg (67.34 KB, 480x697, download.jpg)

Not sure if this has been posted before, but how is this supposed to work out? How can it be funny or entertaining when they don't understand what he says?

It's seriousy embarrassing that they don't learn English. There are other non-native speakers working in the american entertainment industry (something bts are clearly interested in as well) and they all put in the effort to at least learn the language. Quite rude actually, that they always demand everybody caters to them by providng translaters or having rapmonster do all the work. If I were him I'd put my foot down long ago. Just proves that only dumb kids chose to be idols.

No. 297913

Hey general question for kpop fans/ex-fans. Why is it every time a group releases new material its called a comeback and subsequent performances are called a "comeback stage" when usually they aren't coming back from anything. I mean they are still around doing tv or concerts during that time. they never went away so to speak. When I think of a comeback, I think of an artist that's been out of the public eye or is dwindling in popularity for some time. Is that kpop's way if acknowledging their artists are totally forgettable?

No. 297916

It‘s just konglish that has made its way into the western side of the fandoms via sites like netizenbuzz etc. Just how „scandal“ almost exclusively refers to people dating.

No. 297918

I figured it's due to the constant spew of content going through the kpop streams. There are some groups who have 3 comebacks a year, which is why BP fans freak when coming back after two years or several is considered normal in the US.

So to answer your question: Yes, Kpop groups are very much forgettable. The use of the world comeback is to get fans or fans who've moved on to other groups hyped.

No. 297921

Their fans seriously bask in BTS' nationalism. I'm not saying don't be proud of your country, but if you're actively going to American talk shows and interviews, and promoting there, at least make the effort to learn English. Like deadass, BTS have made full albums in Japanese, you can't tell me they can't make the effort to bust out some fully refined English. At this point, it makes me think that the BigHit ceo, Bang Penis, may be a full blown supporter of Japanese neo-nazis. RE: Holocaust memorial + having BTS collab with a neo-nazi.

Now, that'd be milky.

No. 297924

I wish American TV shows would stop babying them as well. American artist constantly get asked sexual stuff or even questions about controversies, yet their fans already complain when somebody asks if they have a gf… They should get the same treatment as others, no need to cater to Korea's retarded standards.

No. 297926

To be fair they don't speak japanese on japanese talk shows/interviews either, and if they do it's on par with what the stuff they say in english interviews. The only group/solo artist I know that are actually fluent are DBSK and Boa, maybe KARA too, and they had to do that because back then they weren't trying to make it as "Kpop artists" but as Jpop artist. They also regularly work with Japanese producers whereas your average Kpop group just awkwardly translates their korean songs into japanese.
Kpop is a niche genre there now, just how it is in the west, and the people that buy their music know this and don't care. It's like how your average weeb doesn't want a dub for their anime, as long as there's subs they'll buy it. It's almost part of the product, so to say.
This entire western promo is just promo for BTS in Korea essentially, as it's always been. When BTS were fucking nobodies in Korea they had a bigger fandom in the west and used that fact to media play in Korea, which gave them the clout to become what they are today.
Seeing Koreans get triggered by BigHit wanting to collaborate with a supposed Japanese right-winger and responding with almost as equally cancerous nationalism was pretty funny ngl. The irony.

No. 297928

I don’t care for BTS interviews outside of Korea but they’re actually being coddled as much as you claim they are, that’s really embarrassing. I’m sure any mentions of hooking up will have their fangirls ditching them, but how can they expect to advance further when only one member out of seven can hold a conversation in English? They love that American clout but it sounds like they aren’t really trying that hard to adapt. They’ll always be seen as an East Asian novelty to the Western public and that’s one of the reasons why.

No. 297931

Why bother learning a language and social norms if you can rely on your batshit fandom to carry you and rake in money anyway? Why should news outlets bother with risky questions that might get them on BigHit's no-go list if they still get clicks with BTS answering the same "what's your favorite thing to eat in XY?"-type of questions every time? Why would fans want their oppars to answer questions that could possibly shatter their perception of them? Keeping this as superficial as possibly is a win-win for every party involved (except for people like us who love drama LOL).

No. 297932

File: 1537438032092.jpeg (67.11 KB, 451x579, FA67ED00-38BB-42B3-9337-819B58…)

Dang, you’re right on the money.

Amber’s more butch and toned than 80% of male K-pop idols. Not even saying that’s a bad thing because she seems more physically healthy compared to the skellys prancing around nowadays. The backlash she would receive from coming out might not even be as bad as expected. f(x) is dead and she’s not even that relevant to the Korean public.

No. 297947

Damn what the hell, I googled Boystory and they really are marketed like adults, with makeup.


With lyrics like these the target audience must be pedos. Who else? 11 yo girls?

No. 297957

some of the anons in there might be 18 or 19, but most are probably in their twenties. weird and gross. nct dream had that pedo bait concept too

No. 297964

Kboos are ana-chans. They make the same excuses for Sunmi and all the other skellies in kpop even though you literally get news of them fainting and going to ER from time to time

Lmao, me too anon. But I'm gonna find some other group, I feel like BTS is overdone these days.

I don't know why, but I feel like she's not going to come out any time soon. She seems very stubborn in her denial… I predict that she will only come out after some other lesbian idol does it. That, or she will take the tranny route, because for religious people "it's better to be a tranny than a homo"

No. 297972

File: 1537451555804.png (140.16 KB, 500x358, amberandtiffanyfx.png)

I had such a huge crush on Amber when fx debuted. I love super cute butch women and i hope she just comes out and gets a cute girlfriend. It's really sad to stay closeted.

No. 297974

It always feels like they're on these american shows to make fun of them, rather than promote them. I agree, how can it be funny at all when it's going to be Jimmy Fallon talking and the band nodding awkwardly?

They either need to learn English or stop going on these shows

No. 297975

lol, truth anon

No. 297978

to be fair, i think every celebrity gets their interview questions screened, not just bts, it’s a pretty standard talkshow practice. also bts is doing puff piece late night interviews, not hard hitting Barbra Walters style tell all’s lol. armies are just dramatic and think bts is being harassed by repetitive questions or questions about dating when there’s no way they haven’t been screened or prepared for those questions in advance.

No. 297979

File: 1537452501860.jpeg (136.42 KB, 899x1124, 066D0544-F05C-4D69-8AA8-49C570…)

that’s victoria

anyway even if she’s closeted she’s been doing a lot of girl crush shit since the beginning and even used to have fangirls calling her oppa instead of unnie (which must’ve sucked ass) so she’s already associated with the whole ~lesbian luvurr~ fantasy. maybe i’m naïve but i fail to see how anyone would be shocked by her coming out, homophobic social climate or not.

amber has also been doing a bunch of photoshoots with luna like pic related where they’ve clearly been emulating the ‘butch and femme’ juxtaposition.

No. 297981


Yeah, I agree. Amber has been doing the lesbian imagine thing since the beginning. her coming out wouldnt shock anyone and would probably make some lesbians happy.

Sorry, i just saved the image from a site. I didn't alter the filename.

No. 297983

kpop shippers are such stupid cashcows lol. artists make hundreds of bucks out of commissions from shippers, fansites who are dedicated to one ship make tons of money from merch, cringy shipping videos get hundred thousands of views. i saw some shipper who got a lenticular photograph of vkook and everyone was asking how to get one, telling her to make more and sell them

No. 297986

it depends, there's a lot of people who think heechul is straight because it's very very mean to assume someone's sexuality. homophobia is so rampant re: kpop idols (both in korea and from some types of international fans) that it's like people are intentionally dismissive and pretend being gay isn't a real thing. it's like… acting and seeming gay is completely fine, because there's no way they're ACTUALLY gay

No. 297990

she really is cute and should just embrace that inner uWu dyke and be FREE

No. 297991

super junior has practically outed heechul numerous times lol

No. 297994

I don't think amber's gay
she flirts with men too much

No. 298015

lol oh anon

No. 298023

"Flirts"? She acts like a dude with them, and they treat her like a dude in return

No. 298039

File: 1537461989572.png (427.68 KB, 720x401, Screenshot_2018-09-20-12-42-26…)

Loona has the most ugliest outfits, literally all of their live outfits are different color variants of this. Every member in Loona had the run of the mill idol ps pack, eyes, nose, lips and jaw. If they get anymore done they'll look overdone like Vivi, since this is kpop we're talking about they'll get more work done during comebacks

No. 298047

loona are a really great example of how kpop fans will completely buy into absolute mediocrity as long as it's marketed right. there's nothing special there at all but drop in something about how the concept is actually really dark and edgy and that the fanservice is actually super positive representation and they'll buy it.

No. 298070

No matter what fucking corner i stumble upon on the internet there is always one retard screaming "STAND TALENT STAND LOONA".

I've never heard them, where did the hype come from? And are they even popular in Korea?

No. 298094


Has anybody seen this? They can barely answer interview questions, how the hell are they going to deliver a 3 minute speech to the UN
Hopefully they paid somebody competent to write their speech and we don't have to cringe through ratmon stumbling through English while spouting fake deep nonsense that doesn't really mean anything.

No. 298119

File: 1537469116787.jpeg (420.73 KB, 996x1254, 7C4FB5DA-817D-474D-BA11-206966…)

Another idol that I think could just come out already is Jo Kwon. He’s so flamboyantly gay that anyone can sense it from a mile away. I’m definitely making asssumptions here but his love for dressing up in drag, highly campy mannerisms/personality, him getting caught at a gay club, and same-sex dating rumors make it hard to believe he’s 100% hetero. No one would be surprised by him coming out. I don’t think the backlash would be too bad either because his group (2AM) is also dead and the South Korean public seems to have accepted his persona by this point.

No. 298123

Samefagging but his performance here definitely resembles that of a drag queen. Like, male idols typically don’t perform to choreo willingly in heels and with such exagerrated movements.

No. 298125

> That, or she will take the tranny route, because for religious people "it's better to be a tranny than a homo"

God anon, don't put that out into the universe. I'd be legitimately upset. She deserves better.

I can't believe anyone has any doubts about Jo Kwon's sexuality. That closet is completely transparent.

No. 298134

Holy shit, I haven’t seen that Jo Kwon performance before. If he were wearing a longer wig, the whole thing could pass off as an act you see from a drag queen at a gay bar. It’s so fucking obvious. I’m also suprised that his company even allowed him to make a solo debut with such a bold concept on a K-pop music show. Props to them.

No. 298136

Lol bonus J-hope at the end when he looked decent. Sans stupid clothes and makeup.

No. 298146

jo kwon also has a "born this way" tattoo, doesn't he? i try not to make assumptions, people of any sexuality can act any way, but some things are just too blatant and they all add up. but even with him being at gay clubs all the time there are a lot of people who'd 100% buy that he's a straight guy rather than accept that somebody who's generally well liked is gay

No. 298195

File: 1537478331876.gif (2.91 MB, 268x420, agony.gif)

Whatever they did to her face….she needs to sue.

No. 298196

kek i know this is shitizenbuzz but i'm just basing it off the headline alone–he really gonna be the first idol to get married and get a divorce?? sad that ukiss really only ever got "national" attention due to their marriage/pregnancy scandals lmaoo. are the remaining members of ukiss still tryna hash it out or whatever like they have been for almost the past decade?

No. 298197

who is this?

No. 298202

File: 1537478783229.gif (2.98 MB, 230x380, pain.gif)

Dami from Dreamcatcher.

No. 298300

File: 1537488799503.png (7.83 KB, 248x176, download.png)

She looks just like the Gangnam unni caricature.

No. 298504

how skinny is sunmi going to get before fans stop saying "she's naturally skinny! it's her metabolism! she just can't gain weight!"? she must look ghastly irl, usually even the skinnier idols don't have such visible bones on their chest

No. 298508

can she even breathe?
she looks exactly like the middle one

No. 298512

Well, Koreans have been saying she looks sick since a long time already, it's the i-fans that always go "stop bodyshaming her!"

No. 298549

File: 1537554904552.jpg (22.33 KB, 240x480, med_gallery_752346_54513_77037…)

sunmi is insanely skinny. i used to be like her where i'd say "i eat a lot but for some reason i can't gain weight!! ):" and was always called anorexic but i've come to realize that having a few small snacks/not eating for half the day and then being able to demolish one big meal isn't really "eating a lot."
i wonder if she gets sick a lot or has a hard time performing? i remember when i was supo waifish that i had no energy at all, even going up the stairs had me struggling to breathe. she probably gets a ton of IV drips too considering a lot of idols practically live off of them. apologies for semi-blogpost.

No. 298550

There are many people who can "eat a lot and don't gain weight", but they're usually on the healthy side of thin. Sunmi is skeletal.

No. 298602

Dreamcatcher continues to deliever, but I'm here to bitch about kpop coordis once more. I know they're a girl group, but srsly, what the fuck are they wearing? So the coordis are not gonna take their image/sound into account and just dress them like any trendy yolo bullshit group? Jesus, they could do so much better with the outfits, there are so many options

No. 298607

This is so inaccurate it hurt to read

No. 298629

Damn, that styling is pretty disappointing. I thought they were gonna play up the 80s citypop/cyberpunk flavor of the teasers, but these outfits look like they could belong to Blackpink or (g)-Idle. The cheesy, costume-y, anime-level waxed uniforms from their last comeback are way nicer and suitable than these street fashion outfits slapped together.

No. 298657

File: 1537572906147.jpeg (999.52 KB, 1235x1515, 0335574B-DD3C-429C-8D74-D03074…)

Korean Christians are fucking insane whether or not they have lived in America or if they’ve never spoken a word of English in their lives. There are SO many cults, and even ones that aren’t technically cults act culty by trying to trick people into joining and trying to take over their lives. They bring that crazy hierarchical, follow the leader bullshit into everything they do. There are so many groups walking the streets going up to people like “do you know our holy mother?” Reading off of cue cards because they can’t actually speak English, trying to get your money and info. My Christian friend literally stopped going to church while she lived in Korea because the way they do things made her so uncomfortable. Yes they try to influence politics. Yes they are dangerous.


My friend was here when these assholes ruined a queer festival in incheon and got violent

No, Christianity is not as big there as in the west and homophobia there isn’t religion-based, but they have their own special fucked up way of doing things. And yeah some younger Koreans might be more okay with homosexuality but don’t let that fool you - many young people openly told me they thought it was a disease and that gays are depraved (mostly just gay men) and there is really not much of an opportunity to come out of the closet if you want to live a normal life. There are no anti-discrimination laws.

And yeah blah blah blah this isn’t a korean culture thread, but so much wrong information gets passed on through the kpop fandom. Saying amber is somehow more closeted because she’s American is insane. There are SO MANY closeted idols who have never left their country except to do concerts in Japan or whatever. People see small steps being taken by idols saying supportive or at least non homophobic things and thing that represents the rest of the country… it doesn’t.

No. 298675

Yeah, this is why I find JYP's insistence that his bible study group had no relation to the Sewol Ferry cult suspicious.

No. 298685

Exactly, it fit their concept/sound perfectly.

On a side note, I have a question, I don't even know if it makes any sense but here I go:
Female idols are skinny, but why is that older girl groups during their peeks looked really skinny for real while nowadays, girl groups, albeit skinny, look really flabby? Like, compare their legs to SNSD gee era, or BEG abracadabra era, or KARA from the same time… I don't know how to put this, but it seems like they were more "dry" body wise, no extra fat, no flab on the legs, while nowadays everyone looks kinda flabby. Is it because they're just starving and adhering to carboxy shots with no exercise (besides the training)?

No. 298686

Samefag, I meant to post this snsd vid, but whatever

No. 298687

Many Koreans want to be skinny without showing any muscle definition, to the extent of regular korean women avoiding lifting heavy things at home or at work.

There are injections to “melt” the muscle and they probably try to lose weight in ways that will not increase muscle mass.

No. 298694

older girl groups were so much hotter because of this. they also seemed more confident and charismatic which helped. all the “girl crush” groups today are so try hard when old groups did that without even intending to

No. 298697

I think it has to do with color grading from official shows and fancams that make idols paler but to the detriment of making muscle tone disappear. Also the high-waisted bottom with cropped tops that's everywhere highlights the wider parts of the torso compared to the low/midrise of the 2000s.

There's a few idols I think who are still comparable to the lean and cut figures of peak SNSD and 9muses, but they all happened to be darker and prefer lower rise bottoms.

But it just might be that the 2000s Western hyperskinny trend also impacted Kpop, and there's surgical treatments that don't improve muscle tone, as you pointed out.

No. 298733

Not everything comes from western trends

In general Koreans think western women are far too thick and muscular. They think it’s weird we work out at all.

No. 298773

totally weird to stay thin the way nature accounted for instead of hoping you can eat the exact amount of calories to be rail thin but not hospitalized kek. like i sympathize that not every girl likes a toned look and i sympathize with the appeal of looking thin in a more delicate way, but it's such a neurotic ana mentality thing if they're acting like healthy lifestyle is somehow the weird one.

No. 298779

File: 1537585753025.jpeg (9.74 KB, 183x275, descarga.jpeg)

The consequences of being thin for so long are gonna hit Sunmi hard when she's in her 40s. Osteoporosis, early menopause, heart failure, etc

No. 298780

And when they are in tv they are always eating a lot of food.

No. 298781

I feel the FBI is coming to knock at my door after watching this.

No. 298788

File: 1537587757849.jpg (118.48 KB, 1000x500, sunmi.jpg)

pic related

i wouldn't be surprised if idols throw that food up the minute they get off set. either that or they probably starve for a little while afterwards. i still think holding idols (especially female) to such a high beauty standard but then always wanting them to do shit with food is one of the shittiest things about kpop. and their fans think it's cute too.

No. 298791

i kind of feel the opposite? usually they have really shitty diets, many are self-inflicted and i feel like having the food like that where they have to eat is kind of a reward?

No. 298793

Yeah and even if they ‘win’ some food prize or whatever on a tv show, its not like you see them eat eating full servings. They either get one piece of something or take a few bites and sperg about how its the best damn thing they’ve tasted while it cuts away to the next part of the show.

Its easy to look like a girl “who totally lives to eat guys!!!!!!” when you overreact and exaggerate about food and make it a big scene without actually have eaten more than a few bites.

No. 298794

File: 1537589886816.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1242x1706, 549C3D91-9531-4E26-BE89-5E7BFC…)

I love seeing kpop stans cream themselves over darker skin toned idols and praise them for being ~beautiful and confident in their natural skin tone~ who obviously tan their skin to look like that in the first place out of their own preference.

No. 298796

yeah it may kind of be rewarding, but there's a huge chance that they probably throw it up the minute they get off set. bulimia and the sorts is rampant in such beauty-focused industries, especially when you have idols that say shit like "i didn't even eat ice cubes bc i thought i would gain weight" or "i only eat one chicken breast a day." to them it doesn't matter if it's rewarding or delicious after a day of starving–it gets in the way of their diet restrictions.

i'm not discrediting you though, i'm sure there are a ton of idols too who consider it rewarding and don't throw it up along with having normal diets, but i've just heard way too many american stories about celebrities having staff and stuff sneak bottles of water and towels for them and such, so i can only imagine the korean celebrities.

this too, it's so funny when fans overreact and say how much they love to eat and "see!! they're totally healthy" because they took a small bite or two.

No. 298801

After seeing a lot of those ~melanin~ kpop posts it's obvious some people think every picture where an idol looks tan is their real skin tone and everything else is just whitewashed.

I think Jihyo looks better with a tan though.

No. 298811

File: 1537594933591.png (4.05 MB, 2100x1390, Screen Shot 2018-09-22 at 1.37…)

a lot of these idols look so much better with their natural color. hyuna looks absolutely sickening these days with the super pale skin and gauntly figure. i'm sure she used to fake tan in her bubble pop glory days but at least you could remove that shit if you don't end up liking it/wanting to continue with it; you can't remove skin bleach and it's also super dangerous.

i'm pretty sure this point was also brought up, but the blinding white filters also makes them look flat and lifeless, as they get rid of any shadows on the body and it just makes the skin look flat and dull.

No. 298818

Korean christians are a cult.
They believe that Jesus came to Korea as someone else and he will come back (only to Korea though as they are “the chosen ones”)

Koreaboos will never realise how much idecades of poverty affected everyone.

No. 298840

I hate those filters, and the general Kpop look. The music is good but I don't get why the stars are seen as hot when they just look like sickly bleached anime children.

No. 298844

she's changed so much, i wonder what she has NOT done to her face.

No. 298854

she looks like a witch coming to snatch me out my bed @ night in that pic

No. 298860

>tfw this is what Korea considers "abs" (around 6:52)

I follow a Tumblr blog about Wonder Girls and I swear they're still screeching "bodyshaming!!" at the people who are rightfully concerned for her. How is it bodyshaming to show concern for a clearly ill person and tell her to get help? Do they want her to actually die?

No. 298864

Currently living in Korea and can confirm the workout thing. People are super shocked when I tell them I was into heavy lifting in the states and I'm looking for a gym to lift at.

I was talking to a Korean gym bro and he was genuinely shocked that I own protein powder and a shaker bottle. Like jaw to the floor completely astounded that I even knew what protein powder was.

The reason Korean a lot of women are skinny isn't because they're thin naturally or "diet." They don't intake enough protein and many of them live off of those 5 calorie jelly drinks at the convenience stores. They're just skinnyfat or skeletal.

There's a huge influx of fat Koreans though so maybe it's turning around.

No. 298865

she looked incredible during bubble pop era wtf

also the terribly dry, messy, damaged dead-looking light hair really isn’t helping either. it’s reminiscent of the corpses you see in criminal dramas where they find the body after weeks/months of decomposition. the almost grayish blonde color makes how unnatural and sickly pale her skin is even more obvious too.

No. 298908

she was only attractive in 4minute and her early solo stuff due to styling
shes naturally ugly i dont understand why people fawn over her so hard

No. 298938

File: 1537640661326.png (208.41 KB, 584x476, vante.png)

can V stop calling himself "VANTE" and thinking he's a photographer please. it's irritating me.

No. 298944

i wonder how the original photographer he based his pseudonym off of (Ante Badzim) feels about that retarded name he uses. he must know about it considering army’s obnoxious asses harass anyone even slightly mentioned by bts

No. 298946

iphone quality

No. 298947

>They don't intake enough protein and many of them live off of those 5 calorie jelly drinks at the convenience stores.
for some reason youtube recommends me all of these korean “diet routines” by young korean women and their diets are abysmal. it consists of those 5 calorie jelly things, some yogurt, a sweet potato, and something else but it’s so bad. if you’re gonna diet, at least do it properly and do some research instead of “informing” impressionable viewers of such a risky food plan.

No. 298948

https://www.sbs.com.au/popasia/blog/2017/06/06/exclusive-chatting-bts-vs-fave-new-photographer-ante-aka-vante i found this, he doesn't seem to care, but wow, i didn't know v basically took another photographer's name. that's kinda creepy, who tf does that? i'm surprised he doesn't call himself v gogh or something.

No. 298949

kek i can already see it now, “wow~~~i love van gogh oppa, his iphone skills are so top~~”
>🤪 #LasVegas #VAN GOGH

No. 298950

Didn't he tell his fans to stop calling him that and instead refer to him by the name "his father gave" him? And now he still uses ti himself, how ironic

No. 298955

File: 1537642858889.jpg (213.76 KB, 1176x806, tumblr_pffsvtzx561tggjc9o2_128…)

V/taehyung has to be the cringiest, most retarded member of BTS, on god.

No. 298956

lmao anon you made me giggle

he kinda gives the vibe that he was dropped on his head as a child

No. 298958

You know the poor boy has an IQ of 40, the dumbass probably forgot he bitched about fans calling him that.

On another note, why did BTS give him the ~deep artsy~ persona (which as to be why he's sharing those abysmal photos), instead of giving that persona to Jungkook who is actually somewhat talented in photography and art

No. 298961

File: 1537644000068.png (141.11 KB, 300x300, tumblr_pffrwxQxwp1w80u2wo7_400…)

probably because jungkook has to retain his fuckboy/babyboy hybrid persona that noonas suck up to and being any sort of deep and artsy would probably be too much lmaooo. tbh i can't really see jungkook with whatever retarded ~deep artsy~ persona it is that taehyung has been sporting, plus taehyung has to have some sort of persona outside of autismo/~rabbits on the moon~ shit. i can't think of any other persona taehyung could really do and somewhat fit him tbh.

No. 298962

he probably wanted it himself, what else is interesting about him? i only know about his supposed love for art and gucci, but mostly because that's how armys stereotype him. from what i've seen in these threads and twitter it seems that his only true passion is drinking lmao

No. 298963

because the 4D coughautisticcough persona wasn't working out for him and jungkook already had the too shy to talk to girls golden maknae persona

No. 298966

>His only true passion is drinking
That could be said for most of BTS's members. Unfortunately the out of control, borderline alcoholic persona doesn't really sell nowadays.

No. 298971

Considering how he's been aging like milk I can see that being the case.

No. 298978

File: 1537646020244.jpeg (158.99 KB, 425x347, 075ED151-B734-4CCD-AF00-E64E2E…)

Reminder that Hyuna was, like, fourteen when she debuted as the ‘sexy’ one in Wonder Girls. Her fans like to pretend she’s this badass kween when the reality is that she’s been groomed since she was a kid.

No. 298981

didnt the other girls wear the same kind of outfits though? i never took her as being the "sexy" member, just the ~rapper~

No. 298992

so is she leaving cube or what

No. 299009

That's honestly not surprising imo…I was looking for different ways to diet and got recommended a Korean video. The bitch literally said she didn't eat for two weeks. That's not a fucking diet.

No. 299010

Didn't Taehyung lose his grandma and grandfather? On top of that a close friend of his committed suicide. I wouldn't be shocked if good ol country boy resorted to alcohol.

No. 299014

The fact that Jungkook is far more talented in photography and art than Taehyung is because Taehyung had followed him? Like Taehyung saw what Jungkook was doing and did the same thing too.

Which was a bit unusual the first time I heard it…

No. 299015

can we stop jerking off jungkook here? he's a mediocre basic bitch justin bieber fan who gets praised for every basic mediocre thing he does

No. 299016

i thought he's copying rap monster with his pretentiousness, but maybe it's both.

btw what is it with many idols loving bieber so much? do they know any other western singers?

No. 299019

the whole justin seagull(jungkook), jack(V) is cringey as fuck. j dope wtf.

No. 299020

File: 1537654780000.jpg (244.39 KB, 1034x1200, klfjgldf.jpg)

i hope he takes after justin in his current hobo junkie phase, can't wait

No. 299028

Yep. Most Koreans are just a generation or two away from living in huts and pooping in holes. That’s why even if you go to the nicest most upscale hospital in the city, your educated, rich doctor will still examine you sans gloves and without washing his or her hands, cough without covering his or her mouth, stick things in your nose and ears without disposable coverings, and have you put your naked butt in clothes the patient before you wore or have you sitting naked from the waist down on the same chair as everyone else. Also, cults everywhere, extreme superstition, and an elderly population whose manners would rival those of the slums of India.

Sudden modernization means some shit gets left by the wayside. Koreaboos have no idea.

No. 299029

No. 299030

Yikes, really? Now I feel concerned for all the people who go to Korea to get plastic surgery

No. 299033

Lmao I was thinking the same thing. Imagine a coworker copying all your hobbies.
Maybe he's just trying hard for some type of validation since he genuinely seems weird and you can tell some members (i.e. suga, and Jin) don't really like him

No. 299034

it's terrible that all that happened to him and it's not funny, but i wouldn't be surprised if he resorted to alcohol before hand. this is south korea we're talking about; also his peers are big fans of alcohol too so i'm sure that doesn't help either when you're constantly around it.

No. 299035

I wonder why he didn't stick to acting as his validation niche then? Did he finally figure out he sucks at it? We haven't seen him in another role since. kek

No. 299037

>you can tell some members (i.e. suga, and Jin) don't really like him
wait lmao is there like evidence or shit about this? that's hilarious considering they're all supposed to be bee eff effs 4 lyfe~~

No. 299041

I don't think calling someone "somewhat talented" is really jerking them off lol. It's pretty low praise for someone who entertains for a living tbh.

No. 299045

who cares. he’s 5 feet tall with a 3 inch dick anyway

No. 299046

File: 1537663702715.png (1.47 MB, 704x1394, Screen Shot 2018-09-22 at 8.47…)

full post in link, but kpop fans have the lamest "humor"

No. 299049

do these two even know eachother? lmao.
If I see Lisa or any of the blackpink bitches going from airport to airport again in my feed I will combust, I'm so tired of them popping up all the time I keep telling all my apps im not interested but they keep showing up.

No. 299050


The IU Diet is a popular trend by people who "just wanna see if it works!!" and who "aren't doing anything dangerous uwu~" It's an apple and small sweet potato with a low calorie shake per day.

Crash diets are nothing here. These are nosedives into concrete. The ads here around diet products are disgusting, pushing that if you're hungry that you don't need to eat and instead just drink a 5cal drink. Oh wait, now there's a 4cal. Now there's a 3cal! Here, drink this meal replacement protein shake! It's got 80 calories per scooop, and 5g protein! So healthy, Wendy is supporting it! Be an ~idol~ like her!

Idols do push an unhealthy agenda because of their producers, it's just all controlled by the manufacturers of products and the media.

No. 299053

I swear, Healthy dieting does not exist in Korea. Everything is so extreme, even guys I knew who wanted to lose weight went straight to the go-to diet of eating only one meal per day. No amount of talking about sustainability or suggesting more fruits/veggies instead of meat and alcohol worked. That’s what a diet means to them, just not eating, or eating only a chicken breast for lunch and boiled eggs for dinner, and as much beer as they want. So when I hear of Bts members saying that’s all they ate for a comeback I’m not surprised at all since regular korean guys do the same thing too.

No. 299057

File: 1537668059221.jpg (111.86 KB, 1280x720, uwu.jpg)

No. 299058

File: 1537668109386.jpg (216.83 KB, 1079x1061, kk.jpg)

No. 299059

smh if you're gonna make a retarded ship edit at least make it somewhat realistic looking like >>299058

No. 299064

this was discussed in previous threads…

During Burn The Stage, Jin and Taehyung got into an argument. Jin was performing the wrong steps, and Taehyung corrected him, but bc of the ~age hierarchy~ Jin got pissed as fuck bc he's older than Taehyung which supposedly means he's never wrong.

Taehyung and Suga never liked e/o imo bc they're complete opposites, but Big Hit is forcing the bff shit with them by making them hold hands on camera whenever they're sad/upset with e/o

No. 299067

is tiffany expecting to make it in america when shes literally still got other kpop idols speaking korean and a guy from korean snl in the video?

pandering to people who are already koreaboos isnt going to get you anywhere sis its time to break away from kpop or just go back

No. 299070

Omg is that seriously why Jin got mad? How retarded. Is this why he still can’t sing or dance? Because no one is allowed to tell him he sucks?

No. 299073

ugh guys y'all really don't know? tae oppa is doing something jungkookie is good at because he is in love with our baby maknae. uwu boyfriends

from what i've seen, i'll say jungkook's video editing and photography seems nice. it's nothing special though, it's just aesthetically good. same for his drawing too. his older brother is an artist or something, maybe he learned from him.

i don't necessarily love or hate taehyung but armeries overhype him when he isn't very talented in singing, dancing, acting, photography, art, anything. i guess he is very popular because of that unique face and he does "cute" or "sexy" stuff to tease the audience often. maybe he could do modeling

No. 299074

*could've done
ftfy. maybe two years ago, but he's been looking gross lately and it's all down hill from here.

No. 299076

he should really work out aside from his dance routines, even just a little bit it would do him wonders. i think everyone could benefit from at least minimally working out; blogpost but i've started working out more recently and it's done wonders. that's the big issue with korean "dieting," they just starve themselves and omit any protein from their diets and they just end up looking flabby and flat rather than slim and toned. also i'm sure Vs diet is absolutely terrible which is probably also another reason he's been looking worse as he gets older; his young looks aren't going to stay forever with a diet of excessive alcohol.

No. 299082

Lol he always says his favorite food is hamburgers! Which is better than Jhopes obnoxiously nationalistic answer of “korean food” but still

No. 299084


I thought V didn't drink 😂😂😂 He and Jimin are gonna be miserable by the time they hit 30. They are gonna try to maintain their young looks because that's what made them popular and of course will fail trying.

No. 299086

omg jimin will be the worst; he better quit with the plastic surgery or it will be tragic by the time he's 30.

No. 299089

tiffany's a crackhead if she thinks she'll make it in the US, maybe she'll get one popular hit and fade into the background.

No. 299090

she should've just bought a building in her prime like the girls from kara and just chilled back and went on vacations with her money. idk why she would want to continue on with the celeb life after being in such an established group; maybe i just don't understand.

No. 299093

Taehyung can't model for shit. It's the same boring face over and over again, (which I guess is a trademark for Korean idols), not only that, but he's the shortest out of all his male model friends.

No. 299096

File: 1537678177526.jpg (134.78 KB, 1024x1024, 19a276ef4d388b67bc4d7ca2192288…)

No. 299097

Imo both of them are goodlooking so I'm not saying this based off their looks but I think Jin carries the visual role better than him

No. 299098

Terrible taste, anon. Jin isn't very good looking at all, I'd say he's uglier than Jimin. He looks really downsy, plus those flappy bird lips are disgusting. Even more so on men.

No. 299116

File: 1537685081390.jpg (155.85 KB, 1200x900, DneSORoVAAAu7qX.jpg)

What the fuck happened to Sehun? He looks like he's 50

No. 299139

jesus christ what happened

No. 299142

plastic surgery
Maybe this is how he looks like without all that makeup

No. 299158

What happened to his face? Tbh I never found him attractive in the slightest but now he looks haggard. He doesn't look like 24 at all.

No. 299162

>or it will be tragic by the time he's 30.
can’t break something that’s already broken anon

No. 299173


Jin is not good looking imo. He also does not carry himself very well. He seems like a awkward loser which would be fine if he weren’t trying to convince the world he was some handsome and talented superstar. Also his hands are so creepy looking and I hate his giant lips

No. 299176

jin is honestly the ugliest one, those lips are nasty looking and the rest of his face is unsettling somehow.

No. 299192

I feel like so many people get considered attractive just because they fit the checklist of the korean beauty standards. For guys it’s even easier. Pale? Check. “Big” nose? Check. Skinny? Check. Eyes not really that big but bigger than the average korean? Check. Not really that tall but taller than the average korean? Check. Congratulations! You’re #1 worldwide handsome!!! Doesn’t matter how ugly you actually are as long as you check off the list.

The list is longer for women but it’s the same, all they have to do is get plastic surgery to fit the checklist and bam they are beautiful, no matter how alien and weird they look now.

And then so many actually attractive people get considered ugly because they dare to not check off every item on the list by having small eyes, tan skin, a flat nose, or some meat on their bones.

No. 299194

Spill that tea anon. Other cultures recognize the importance of facial symmetry and synchronicity, rather than placing value on specific features

No. 299216

Anon from >>299097

Cool, it's your opinion. By Jin carrying himself well I didn't mean it as a performer. I was saying that I think Jin carries the visual role better than V, but not because I find one of them more attractive than other or whatever. Out of everyone in BTS, I think Jin is the one who fits that position. Jin has been keeping up with that persona since their debut, and they completely changed V's 4D persona to the art hoe persona. Trying to push him as the visual seems kinda awkward

No. 299221

File: 1537720215286.jpeg (58.67 KB, 837x466, 7B07C3D8-C1DD-4088-B7DD-CD82F0…)

So Lisa went on a variety show called “Real men” and had a physical examination done. She’s actually as skelly as she says she is on her profile. My male friend who’s into BlackPink shared that with me. When I told him that Lisa’s current BMI would make her susceptible to health risks like losing your period and having your organs not functions properly, he seemed genuinely surprised. If BLINKs are this ignorant on average…

No. 299223

But a anon, that's how all young women are supposed to look like. You're probably just a jealous western fattie!

No. 299226

Samefagging here. I expect idols to be in the 17 - 18 range but Lisa having a 16-something BMI is outrageous. The fact Koreans and fans are praising her for how strong she is despite her frame rather than expressing concern about this number is disgusting.

No. 299228

File: 1537721910566.jpg (339.93 KB, 1365x2048, ea92b3eb1a08ee0abb0bd0d585cd44…)

I think it's safe to assume that Rose has a similar BMI

No. 299232

>inb4 people start using the 20 push-ups and 38 sit-ups she did as proof she’s 100% healthy

No. 299233

blinks on average are anachans, plain and simple, and those who aren’t are still ignorant to the vast health risks these girls are setting themselves up for. anyone i’ve seen who has expressed concern for lisa or rose have been shut down by dumbass fans who can’t see past their own delusions.

you can like an idol without thinking everything about them is amazing and perfect and showing concern for them is sure as hell not hate. if anything, it’s far more hateful and selfish to value your own glamorized delusions over your idols’ well-being.

No. 299246

File: 1537726972606.jpg (Spoiler Image, 228.21 KB, 1480x1000, jungkook.jpg)

The photograph is from January 2018. There are other photos with these marks in his wrist around that time. Some people are saying they are photoshopped but these marks are visible here https://twitter.com/bts_bighit/status/947494924080988160 too, and he wore wristbands covering the marks up.
Does anyone know what happened? Maybe it was because of an accident, I hope it's not anything concerning and he's okay

No. 299250

Not exactly surprising all things considered, but… wew

No. 299273

They do look like self harm wounds, I honestly hope he's okay, although I honestly doubt it considering BTS is downright overworked and probably under a lot of pressure (especially him, I guess, since he's one of the most popular members).

No. 299275

File: 1537731060635.jpeg (39.2 KB, 500x451, 88C66AAB-F9D7-4760-B42F-B54D18…)

jungkook always has a shit ton of marks and scratches on him. anytime i see pics with his legs exposed he has a shit ton of bruises and scratches on them, and then there was that one injury on both sides of his arm. does he do something in his free time that warrants this? i can’t imagine falling while dancing and shit does all of that.

No. 299276

I remember ARMY went out of their way to discredit this pic and tell everyone it was Photoshop and that JK was fine, but if their offical Twitter has even more pics with the marks then I guess it's real.

Honestly I feel bad for him, his parents pretty much forced him to the idol life at like 13. You can tell that shit really effected him, even he realizes it to some extent by talking about how he stopped aging mentally at 15, which is typically a sign of some type of trauma.
On top of that he grew up having to be hyperconscious of how people viewed him, along with typical teenage shit, like wanting validation of your peers and to learn to be comfortable with who you are.
He openly stated that he couldn't wear the clothes he wants, get the piercings he wants or anything like that because he was scared the fans won't like it, so for awhile at least the way Korea's public saw definitely effected him.
I wouldn't be surprised if he actually was cutting himself at one point.

tl;dr Jungkook has shitty parents, and children shouldn't be put in the entertainment industry

No. 299278

I don’t want to be one of those types who reads into shit too much but that looks pretty bad. It even looks like there was an attempt to cover up with make up :/

No. 299279

File: 1537731624486.jpg (307.05 KB, 550x760, 20141002151900_zpybwibc.jpg)

jesus christ if this is what yoona looks like in real life, i wonder how lisa and rose look.

No. 299280

File: 1537731831684.jpg (205.62 KB, 1600x971, unnamed.jpg)

damn, i didn't realize kyuhyun from super junior had such bad skin. with how often koreans and kpop idols go to the dermatologists and stuff, i'm surprised it got this bad.

No. 299281

Suju is a pretty old group, I don't think skin care was as big of a deal when they were popular.

No. 299284

I was going to say that the only parents that make sense in BTS are RM's and Suga's but then I remembered they dropped him to the streets not because the idol life but because he wanted to dedicate himself to music and producing instead of enrolling in college. At least rm parents did not let their own song wander in the streets, although they opposed to it

No. 299286

the fuck is V wearing. cant he just embrace the fact that he has a 5head so i never have to see him in one of those dumb fuck hats again

No. 299287

have you guys seen the nine muses documentary? its kind of old now but i think it a good summary of how kpop agencies are really like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4s3p15YAVFo&t=1s

No. 299288

V must be a pseudonym for his five head; bighit just told his dumb ass it stood for "victory" to make him feel better.

No. 299290

File: 1537734329457.jpg (207.65 KB, 1280x720, Rosejisoocoach.jpg)

This is a recent picture of Rose and Jisoo. I wonder how they even perform like that. Their arms look like sticks.

No. 299292

What's up with kpop stans? Do they secretly hate their idols and want them to die?
-Female idol is a walking skeleton and goes to ER because fainted
>She looks great the way she is!! She's fine, she just can't gain weight, stop telling her to get help, it's bodyshaming!!
-Idol has obvious self inflicted cuts on his wrists
>He's fine!! It's just photoshop guys!!

No. 299293

Oh man. I’ve heard from BlackPink fans about how Jisoo’s the only member at a normal weight but that’s clearly not true.It’s just that she’s pear-shaped and carried more of her weight in her thighs than other places. Pics like these cleary show that she’s ana like the other members.

I feel bad for Jungkook more than the other members. Sure he’s the most popular and that comes with its perks, but he was basically robbed from a chance to grow up normally since he was a teen. It’s not like he can even leave BTS either unless he wants to lose what has become a huge part of his identity.

No. 299295

i've noticed that fans of other groups often trash sm, yg, pledis and other companies because of poor management, but with fans of bts there's this cult like mentality of praising bighit as if they never do anything wrong. that's only my observation though. why do they pretend like "burn the stage" never happened? afaik it showed that they have horrible schedule, jungkook fainted or something like that, the relationship between members turned out to be not so perfect, etc.

No. 299296

File: 1537735343165.jpg (113.34 KB, 800x1200, DnYUVGeW4AAvRRk.jpg)

Holy shit they must be, here is a picture from one of their most recent concerts, you can slightly see the scars under the makeup. Think what you want about bts, but this is genuinely concerning
I hope he's getting proper help with it

No. 299297

The show he was in bombed and was criticized for having terrible idols actors, lol, so he probably won't be hired again anytime soon.

No. 299298

They want what they know is best for them to suceeed in Korea, which means being scary skinny and hiding all hints of mental illness and depression from the public.

No. 299300

You’d think Jonghyun’s suicide would have made more of an impact for mental health awareness in South Korea. Hearing about the circusmtances that lead up to his death and what he wrote in his note was heart-breaking. Unfortunately EDs continue to be glorified and open discussions of depression and anxiety remain non-existent in K-pop.

No. 299301

i hate to say it but from what ive heard about korea's mental health facilities, he probably isnt, PLUS the fact that he works as an IDOL, clearly with extremely demanding schedules. kpop companies NEED to treat their idols more like humans, or we're going to be looking at another jonghyun soon. money isnt everything. i mean, even korean esport players get team psychologists to talk to, and they don't make nearly as much money as BTS.

No. 299302

When I used to self harm I did it to my legs a lot, mostly hitting and some scratching but no razors to avoid durable marks.
How sad that there's a possibility he's been doing something similar.

No. 299307

I tried to look up more info on his scars and came across this:

>”Haters Claimed BTS Jungkook Was Cutting Himself Using This Picture, Here’s Why It’s Not True”

>A.R.M.Y brought receipts to shut down the rumors.

This is actually kind of infuriating. Why does being concerned for someone’s potential self-harm injuries make you a hater? They’re making it seem like suffering from self-harm tendencies is controversial/bad. Do these fans really want their idols to be seen as perfect that badly?

No. 299310

i can buy that it might just be from playing the "wrist hitting game", but totally agree with you - how is being concerned about a celebrity you look up to possibly self-harming considered being 'a hater'?? do fans just not want to face any sort of possibility that their idol isnt living a perfect amazing life so they can buy all their albums and merch and go to their concerts without feeling guilty for funding the industry that puts them into these difficult lifestyles?

No. 299312

>"And even if the scar marks are real, there’s nothing to be worried about.”

I really don't understand the mindset of these kpop cults. Are they trying to pretend everything is fine so they won't feel guilty about a member feeling miserable and stressed, to feel like they're actually enjoying their work? I swear these delusional fans are the absolute worst group of people an artist can have; it's almost like they're encouraging them to work themselves to the point of exhaustion and possible self harm. "uwu oppa is working so hard i'm so proud!!!!" These people disgust me.

No. 299319

>wrist hitting game
Oh shit, I'm putting my tinfoil hat on for this but considering Jungkook is the youngest member and how crazy Korea is about age hierarchy I don't think it would be far fetched that his wounds also come from punishment games or plain abuse, aka normal korean behaviour,from his senior band members.

No. 299320

You think he is being abused and that is normal Korean behaviour? Please elaborate.

No. 299322

File: 1537737238404.jpg (74.15 KB, 675x1200, DnDjg0SX4AIv3gD.jpg)

The fact that the marks are still there, excludes the point that it's a wrist hitting game, unless they're hitting his wrist with a knife

No. 299323

They do look like self harm cuts, though.

No. 299324

It seems that a lot of the fans, specially SEA from my time lurking on bts reddit, are just sheltered kids from helicopter parents that believe the only thing in life is studying, working, and NEVER dating, so considering Jk is still fullfilling all his duties as the golden baby boy there would be no need to worry about him cutting himself here and there.

No. 299325

WJSN says they haven't been paid yet, three years after their debut.
"WJSN, now over two years into their careers, revealed recently that they’ve yet to receive payments.

During a press conference on September 17 prior to the group’s comeback with their mini album “WJ PLEASE?” Luda elaborated on what she said about payments on MBC’s Dunia.

She said, “Because it’s a variety show, there’s definitely a part that was jokingly exaggerated. It is true that we haven’t been paid yet. Working since debut, there’s a lot that we’ve learned hands-on. I believe that there are so many things that are more important than [something like payment]. But as hard as we’ve worked on this album, we’re thinking we might be hearing some good news. We want to receive a lot of love from the fans.”

EXY added that “rather than chasing money, we’re working hard and moving up step by step, realizing how special each performance is. We believe that the day will come when we earn a lot and can take care of our parents. We’re not in a hurry.”"

So basically, be an idol, bust your ass for years between training and actual debut, and don't get a single penny in return.

No. 299326

I meant for the leg and arm bruises.

No. 299327

Not the OC but the age hierarchy does bring about verbal, mental, and even physical abuse especially in schools and workplaces.

No. 299328

Ah yes, the BTS reddit. I still remember the time when they said Jimin eating one meal per day was perfectly normal because Korean meals were "very big".

No. 299329

keep in mind though that when a lot of idols talk about not being paid they have free accommodation, free food, free clothes etc as well as what goes to paying off debts and what goes straight back into funding promotions. it's more like they earn absolute minimum wage but the money doesn't actually go to them and goes straight to buying things and paying rent for them. it's still a grim look at idol life for most groups, but it's not like working a regular job and not getting paid where you're not getting free clothes and skincare all the time

No. 299331

I’ve played the wrist hitting game and yeah it might make your wrist red for a day but it would never leave red or brown slashes on your wrist like that for days… those look like self harm marks from a pin or needle, leaving marks but not fully cutting the skin. Arms are delusional.

No. 299333

I don’t think you can compare actual wages and free lodging. They’re expected to live there and do what the others do, they don’t get to choose what their “payment” goes towards.

No. 299334

File: 1537737850540.jpg (351.46 KB, 900x1350, 99B830505B84090927.jpg)

are they though? i mean it kinda looks like they could be, but it could also just be the wrist skin folding like it normally does. either theyre not there, or theyve faded a lot and are covered with makeup, i honestly cant tell looking at the recent pictures. but hmm, he has a wristband on the area in this recent concert photo too… and a wristband on the same area in a recent performance of anpanman…. worrying.

wtf? what do they mean they 'haven't been paid yet'? i mean even in south korea that can't be legal…?

they are so fucking clueless

No. 299335

File: 1537737893086.jpg (323.93 KB, 1058x479, 2217085.jpg)

i really hope he is okay but why did he wear wristbands during that time if the marks weren't real and just photoshopped

No. 299336

SEA fans are the worst. They are so ready to defend korean culture even though Koreans look down on them and consider them uncivilized. Whenever I see some crazy ignorant bs being spewed by a koreaboo online 75% they are SEA and attending korean culture academies.

No. 299339

>korean culture academies
Is this a real thing? Please elaborate.

No. 299340

The laws that are on the books and the way people are allowed to behave culturally are very different in S. Korea. Society’s rules come first, which often mean taking abuse from your employers and working without pay (overtime pay especially)

No. 299342

Nah, they look like scars from full on cutting the skin. I used to self harm and for a year or two afterwards they looked like that until they faded to a color similar to my skin.
He did go through a period of always wearing a wrist band on one wrist, which would've covered fresh and healing cuts until they recovered enough to cover with makeup

No. 299344

I don’t feel bad for him. He wanted this and he can always quit.

No. 299345

Yeah Koreans literally open korean culture schools in SEA and other places with classes on things like “korean beauty”

I found out through reading some SEA armys twitters so idk how to find it now sorry

No. 299346

No one has the mental capacity to understand where they are getting themselves into when they are 14/15.

No. 299347

anon are you retarded? No one knows what they want at age 13, and he's signed to a contract, he can't just step up and leave, only way out is to kill himself

No. 299351

I've already seen people saying that lol. yeah push-ups tend to be easy when you weigh fucking nothing, it turns out! Plus they were doing incline push-ups, which are easier.

No. 299352

Sadly, a lot of the conversations I had with Koreans about that topic stopped and started with “he was losing his popularity and money so he killed himself”

No. 299356

lmfao kpop fans need to come to an agreed upon lie when white knighting east asias bullshit eating standards. do asians eat in small portions every meal or is it suddenly normal that korean meals are "very big."

what is it with someone always coming in saying they don't feel bad when one person just so happens to slightly comment that they care? if the idol was 18 or older when they signed the contract, that's understandable, but when they're under 18? most of them don't realize the implications of the industry or what it's truly like or may have stage parents that pushed them into it very young. majority of these idols started as trainees as young as 9 or 10 and were clearly taken advantage of; do you not find that slightly disturbing? you say they can "always quit," but can they really? sure, maybe they could, but not without their entire reputation on the line and possibly being blackballed by their company. there's also the legal issues with exiting a contract early and also letting down your fellow team mates.

No. 299359


Sehun is 24? I thought he was in his late 20s.

No. 299360

File: 1537741097331.gif (1.99 MB, 268x307, tumblr_inline_o9s4tgvfqY1t9cyc…)

What is it with kpop hair stylists and crimping? Every once-in-a-while I see some weird experimentation with crimping and it looks so fucking weird.

No. 299361

File: 1537741131530.jpg (105.71 KB, 720x1080, a1b71e8f8a653caf7a8ebea873f36c…)

No. 299363

Yeah and there’s always someone feeling bad for a rich celebrity as if there aren’t suicidal people who are struggling financially on top of that. I have no pity for someone who can easily try to find an ordinary job like the rest of us but chooses instead to continue to famewhore. It’s clear this thread is full of Jungkook stans who think he’s a talented artist and photographer and want to “bite his thighs”, as I remember reading in a previous thread.

No. 299370

>muh poor folks have it worse
Go take a shower to wash away some of your selfpity away anon.

No. 299372

>there’s always someone feeling bad for a rich celebrity as if there aren’t suicidal people who are struggling financially on top of that
Who says you can't feel bad for both? Idrc about it but we're in the kpop critical forum, a place which contains a bunch of young, "rich" people who sing and dance for a living in Korea. If you want to go feel bad for people who are suicidal and struggling financially, there's literally other forums on lolcow you can do that in lol.

No. 299374

Whatever is going on in your little baby bunny’s sheltered fame bubble is nothing compared to what people in the real world deal with on a daily basis. Sorry about it.

No. 299376

Lmao feeling bad for someone who go forced in to a shitty industry 13 by their parents (and are contract bound too, FYI)and as a result could possibly harming themselves is completely different than staning them.
And nobody said he was talented, the closest he got was "somewhat talented" which isn't the same. But mostly people were just saying he was better than V, which isn't so hard to do.

No. 299377

> It’s clear this thread is full of Jungkook stans who think he’s a talented artist and photographer and want to “bite his thighs”, as I remember reading in a previous thread.
from what i noticed, most of the people that caped for the little big nosed muskrat got called out? you act as if kpop critical isn't one big BTS-fest LOL. everyone in kpop critical is a fan of kpop or at least used to be bro.

No. 299379

I’m being critical of the severity of Jungkook’s problems in the Kpop critical thread. It’s not like a situation with a celebrity being torn to shreds by millions of strangers; he has no critics, he’s adored by his fans and is filthy rich. He’s probably doing it for attention because all he knows is people babying him.

No. 299382

>He’s probably doing it for attention
I see, just like you are doing now?

No. 299383

At least I’m not whiteknighting for him while pretending to be ~critical of Kpop

No. 299384

>anons express concern over another human being who appears to be self harming
>ree, jungkook stans! ree, rich people! ree, whiteknighting!
you have issues dude

No. 299385

File: 1537742998541.jpg (111.47 KB, 1024x1015, 0c1da62f29750d6b10c7a20eba8264…)

can we go back to roasting the reptilian boy?

No. 299386

Are you the thigh biting anon?

No. 299387

Well no, but they're in debt to the company for the years of training. It's not ideal, but it's not because of nothing. Everyone agrees it's a shitty system, but that's what happens when you're an idol. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, I dunno a ton about this subject.

No. 299388

File: 1537743174043.jpg (89.75 KB, 640x853, 654d677d4061be8ffcd83a6e9ff4f5…)

Here He is, with his fellow kind.

No. 299389

I think he'd look heaps better with natural styling. He's not well-suited to the flower boy look.

No. 299391

I don't understand kpop fashion. How is this attractive?

No. 299392


kek, but i thought kpop stans said the big 3 have an "agreement" not to take in each others artists? what is it with kpop fans and trying to police how kpop apparently works?

No. 299394

i gave her the benefit of the doubt thinking she actually wanted to become an established english artist, but i see the preview and its literally SM shit
will it even be in english lyrics? is she just planning on releasing kpop shit here because if so, i have no reason to really bother supporting her even though i was kinda hype t first

No. 299395

korean genes coming through the plastic

No. 299396

Thanks to this thread now I have PTSD every time I see his face

No. 299397

File: 1537744342772.jpg (28.55 KB, 540x393, 8dd7aa70a8b2d98c87708cad34a105…)

have some more nightmares anon, kek

No. 299398

i loved 9muses and after school
shame both groups were such a fail company wise they both had all the potential in the world but the constant member rotation is NEVER good idea

No. 299401

I thought it was true too tbh. but jyp made some vague post that makes it sound like she got kicked for breaking some rule. jyp and yg ent both seem close so I doubt yg would take her if jyp cared.

No. 299403

Is Somi gonna try going solo? Not familiar with The Black Label aside from people saying it's totally~ discrete from YGE because it's a subsidiary.

Also, I'm still hoping she left for the bizarre reason of JYP's cult connections for the drama.

No. 299410

Self harm isn’t an indicator of how hard your life is. It’s a symptom of the inability to cope. That can go for anyone.

No. 299445

maybe i'm remembering incorrectly, but 9muses wasn't originally supposed to be a member rotated group? i think it just ended up that way because members kept leaving due to the shitty company and star empire had to upkeep the 9muses name and keep it nine members lmaoo

No. 299446

Group names that have numbers in them are never a good idea. It makes things awkward when the number of members decrease/increase. They're also confusing (like how 4minute had five members when they were active).

No. 299447

originally it wasnt but it basically became every time some left, more would be added so even though it wasnt SUPPOSED to be, its what it ended up as

No. 299448

yeah that's what i meant. it was kind of ridiculous tbh. i'd tune in to them once every comeback and i'd see a new face or two. it really hurt them in the long run and i'm pretty sure that along with their terrible company led to their demise. the songs were good but they lacked the attachment quality that kpop fans seek.

No. 299482

I think RM's case is kinda interesting. He was a 1% student nationwide. If I was a 1% student in high school my parents wouldn't be so happy about me trying to be a rapper in an unpopular record label lol. He probably doesn't have regrets now but I wonder what it was like when they weren't as big

No. 299483

wasn't jackson from GOT7 supposedly on track to go to the olympics or smth?

No. 299521

please please please tell me this is photoshopped

it's the first pic in these threads that physically made me flinch, he literally looks demonic and the background makes it worse

i know it's to early to choose thread pic for the next one but. please.

No. 299543


there are people who bruise super easily, i have a friend like that and she always gets bruises from the smallest things. he may be one of those people

No. 299554

he turned down a fencing scholarship from Stanford

No. 299573

kpop fans kept making it out like he was going to the olympics or smth. he probably wouldn’t of ended up being able to do as much as a fencer than he did a kpop star so who knows. he’s also another idol that needs to stop with plastic surgery; he looked fine before.

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