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File: 1534355731499.png (1.49 MB, 1440x1180, btsted.png)

No. 280708

Previous threads:

Rant about Kpop, it's creepy fandoms, and/or it's fucked up industry. Or just nitpick some idols.

· Don't derail about dumb shit. If it doesn't directly have to do with Kpop, don't post about it here.
· Don't racebait
· Don't fangirl
· Keep in mind that this is not the Korea critical thread. It's not about Korean society as a whole.

No. 280729

>I laughed out loud when shirtless pink blazer boy started patting the girls butt & looking at the camera like "look I'm being bad and sexy! Just like u told me camera man" but he looked so awkward doing it XD

1:10 lol cringe. This is terrible, even for kpop.

No. 280731

>not liking bts is racist and sexist because poc and queer culture!
>why don't you guys forgive rm? He even changed his misogynistic lyrics after being called out, woke king!


No. 280732

jesus, what's up with koreans abusing video effects? kpop mvs are often shot really nicely but these fucking filters make me want to poke my eyes out

No. 280733

i never got why people were so butthurt about that song, the lyrics are more cringey than misogynistic

tell me about it, that video needs a seizure warning

No. 280734

File: 1534359522475.gif (2.51 MB, 480x270, giphy.gif)

Lol, that's the gayest butt slap ever.

No. 280735

File: 1534359722044.gif (957.17 KB, 480x270, giphy (1).gif)

Twerk that back. God, kpop idols have NO ASS at all. I cringe every time they try to twerk.

MY EYES, the filters!

No. 280738

looks like a cat dry heaving

No. 280740

most kpop twerking is a weird crouch thrusting, 0:40 for some of the worst i've seen. it just looks like really awkward pegging

r/kpopfap don't care though

No. 280741

Lol at this reverse twerk, look like they're trying to get something off their crotch.

No. 280742

File: 1534361295371.gif (1.12 MB, 750x275, oPga1QV.gif)

No. 280743

When you go to pee in a public bathroom and theres no toilet paper

No. 280744

thighs jigglin but ass is staying put

No. 280745

File: 1534362629317.gif (6.5 MB, 444x250, f5H9hz4.gif)

Reminds me of this part from one of Hyuna's MV. How is that sexy at all?

Probably an unpopular opionion or I may get hate for it. But I really don't find female kpop idols sexy at all, they just look so… off most of the time. They are beautiful and cute most of the time, but sexy? nah, sorry.

I don't think male ones are better mind you, especially when they take their shirts off and grind away ugh… the cringe is real.

No. 280746

ever notice how when kpop fans post about how great a female idol is, 90% of the time their main selling point is just "she's not afraid to be sexy! she wears really short shorts even though korea is conservative!" especially when they're specifically talking about how someone's a feminist icon. especially when most of the sexy kpop dances or songs are like "oops, i bent over and oppa saw my underwear!!" it just seems a bit… off

No. 280747

File: 1534362954221.jpeg (108.84 KB, 750x747, 3BE6DE32-8E9E-4983-B56D-5E7395…)

No. 280748

File: 1534362966075.gif (1009.99 KB, 640x360, giphy.gif)

These frog legs twerk better than these kpop idols lol

No. 280749

The funny thing is that there is about a 95% chance that the BTS members are just as homophopic as most Koreans are, but delululu fans will always grasp for straws.

No. 280750


time for bed

No. 280751

File: 1534363478207.jpeg (124.07 KB, 750x959, 3A60BD76-F988-4DB7-BDCC-315B4D…)

Thinking it’s wrong to start sexualizing a kid the second they turn turn 18 is fake-woke now lmao

>inb4 messy scribble

No. 280755

That's so disgustingly predatory. Very reminiscent of the speech Natalie Portman once gave about creepy adult men doing the same thing to her when she was a teenage girl.

No. 280756

File: 1534363928508.jpg (47.25 KB, 500x688, 2d8e8a305093471055bdb8251a9315…)

Oh my God. How did he go from pic related to >>280297 ? What went wrong?

No. 280757

that reminds me of the lyric from War of Hormone where JK is like 'Im 18, I know what I need to know'. (18 = international age 17). just sounds so jailbaity and weird, imagine if it was a female singing that line, wtf…

No. 280759

Ikr? The only time I've ever found him cute was the danger era. He looks better with a thicker body I think.

No. 280762

same-fagging just to add- there’s already a shit ton of porn fics on ao3 involving the dreamies (kids born 2000 or later save for mark), including jisung who turned 16 this year. barf.

No. 280764

bighit really pushed the sexualisation of jungkook/jimin/v when bts started out. i've seen a lot of people use bts as an example of a boygroup lifting their shirts and not being censored when girl groups are, but nearly half of bts was underage when they were doing that, if anything it shows how teenage boys aren't protected in the industry either. jungkook wasn't even 16 yet when he was doing it onstage

No. 280766

jimin and v weren't underage tho?

a lot could be written by teenagers tho lul

No. 280769

File: 1534364692371.gif (1.6 MB, 245x315, dx8igJP1B1qzlu7po1_250.gif)

Jk was 16 when they had him dance like this on stage.
(sorry for the cringe)

No. 280770

File: 1534364719050.jpg (51.41 KB, 500x342, 29753979204028893397.jpg)

No. 280771

well thats both inappropriate AND embarrassing

No. 280772

v and jimin were 17, jungkook was 15. bts had one of the youngest average ages for a boygroup when they debuted iirc

No. 280773

I remember seeing this video regarding Jimin's weight and such. Dude has some serious weight issues. He looks like shit now because he's too thin.

I feel bad for saying he looked better buff since it seems it was hurting him but… yeah he should do some weights again.

Also, this video is creepy as fuck with all the details and wild guesses from the creator.

No. 280774

I seriously don't understand why i-fans want the same things from kpop that they get from the western entertainment industry. They want bts to sing about social issues like homophobia/sexism/whatever, they want k-fans to accept idols dating with each other, etc. I know that k-fans' attitude towards idols' relationships is fucked up, but it's still a thing in their fan culture, it might change for the better, it might not, I just don't think that people who observe a foreign culture should throw tantrums and demand that things are dealt their way, idols act the way they like, etc. Calling people out, critisizing is fine, but many fans don't seem to understand that kpop caters to korean audience, not them.

No. 280776

because ifans secretly like those things, anon. they like having guys they can project weird purity fantasies onto.

No. 280777

i think a lot of ifans transitioned into being kpop fans from being fans of anime or just of other fandom cultures with a lot of fanfic and stuff. there's a lot of projection, it doesn't matter what an idol actually acts like because stan twitter decides they're actually a very edgy, sarcastic, open minded person based on what they want. there's so many posts like "sghds this is so taehyung" that if they stan for the 'person' it isn't really about what that idol actually acts like

No. 280778

>implying it's incidental and not the foundation of the kpop business
what do you think idols train for years for? they're not the best dancers or singers. they train to be personas that'll attract fandom.

No. 280780

and then the fans fall for it hook, line and sinker. kpop fans need a healthy dose of cynicism in their life, they are so damn delusional.

No. 280781

yeah, but i'm not even talking about liking the fake persona idols put on. i mean fans just randomly assigning vines or memes to idols based on basically nothing and stanning based on that. i saw a post once about 'exo as your mexican boyfriend' and it was just assigning traits to members based on that scenario and the replies were like "this is why i love ____" despite that having nothing to do with the member

No. 280783

the most obvious one is taehyung's baby boy persona, even anons on here fall for it. anons call him "autistic" while twitter calls him "soft baby boy". the idea that this man who is friends with models and actors and snsd members doesn't drink alcohol and is bashful on red carpets??? LOL nice meme

No. 280784

but he genuinely looks like he doesnt know whats going on most of the time


they are not interested in the actual struggles of lgbt people elsewhere in the world, they are interested in hot boys in eyeliner.
also, you didnt sage…

No. 280785

I think people who call him autistic are just making fun of him. Anyone who think any of the BTS member as an anime tier personality is a retard. By anime tier I mean suga being a smol asshole, Rm a quirky genius, Taehyung a naive country boy, Jk a shy bunny scared of girls, etc.

No. 280786

honey he's an idol and he's good at being an idol. if he was a cold pretty boy that would be boring and wouldn't make him the most popular member.

No. 280788

ooh I forgot it

sage for some off-topic ranting

kpop fandoms are filled with people like this. I'm sorry for being that one whiny bitch but as someone who grew up in a mostly conservative shithole of a country, these first world lgbt people who constantly feel the need to be told that they are valid are fucking annoying. lgbt people here are extremely socially pressured, I know people who got disowned by their parents and had to move to another country, I know people who got death threats, people are getting killed, and the government and courts don't give a fuck. you are protected by the law, you have your freedom, what else do you fucking want? just live on like a normal human being. do virgin gays and fujos really need some kpop idol forcing themself to act gay all the time to feel valid and represented? they don't even know shit about people who died fighting for lgbt rights, but when a kpop guy isn't afraid to wear makeup and chokers suddenly he's a lgbt icon.

No. 280789

I don't know anon, he looks pretty odd to me lol. I literally picked at random between two and he looks awkward in both.


No. 280790

File: 1534366635869.gif (3.24 MB, 360x270, giphy (4) copy.gif)

??? there's nothing happening here
>your brain on kpop

No. 280791

Samefag but I wanted to point out how ironic it is that i-fans want idols to be "woke" and care about tolerance and social justice when most of them don't really bother learning about and accepting a foreign culture themselves.

That's an actual thing with fujoshis lol, a certain percent of them is homophobic (I happen to know a few people unfortunately) and many of them don't really care about these issues. They're nothing better than straight males who "care" about lgbt rights just because they jerk off to lesbian porn.

Also, idols acting gay often seems even more homophobic than if they didn't acknowledge the existence of homosexuality at all. If you watch korean variety shows for example, they often do some (kinda) gay stuff for comedic effect, it's always cringey and obvious that actual homosexuality is just a joke or disgusting to them.

No. 280792

i remember seeing some stuff about a prank the company did where some girl was pressing up on them in a crowded elevator, to see how they reacted. apparently JK was underage at the time. imagine how people would react if the sexes were reversed… initially i figured the band must have known about the prank beforehand, but with how the industry treats its idols in general im not sure anymore.

No. 280794

>…these first world lgbt people who constantly feel the need to be told that they are valid are fucking annoying.

God yess, I agree so much. And they push their agenda onto every idol that seems remotely "gay" to them and name them queens, etc. It's so annoying. There's so many websites of people dedicated to figuring out idols sexual inclination, like they're some sort of gaydar.

Like this one for NCT members:

No. 280795

Uh anon don't you know that literally nothing an idol has ever done is their genuine self? Every single blink is calculated by the agency. Every single idol is just an empty shell being told what to do.

Really, there's definitely idols who are naturally, genuinely awkward people. They'll be coached on how to play it off in a way that seems charming rather than awkward but without a doubt there's plenty like V who aren't just 100% normal outgoing people faking at being quirky. The times an idol is given a completely fake persona always backfire and stop working within a couple of years, fans can see through when someone is a complete fake and don't like it

No. 280796

File: 1534367000046.png (51.75 KB, 275x268, 1522598160801.png)

>that gif

why anon why

No. 280797

if you don't think taehyung is a chad irl you're fucking nuts

No. 280799

Anon don't you know that those famous good looking guys are actually incels IRL? They're also virgins because they're severely autistic, too.

The stans who believe their idols are pure virgins angels and the antis who think they are a bunch of mouth breathing retards are not that different from each other.

No. 280802

I think that's a bit exagerated, I doubt every single thing an idol does is fake. But I do agree that it's most likely that the general personality they portray in variety shows and such is super fake. Especially when you have the cool one, the shy one, the "cute" (cringe) one, in every group ever.

I doubt V decided his persona was acting like a retard. I really do believe he thinks sticking his tongue out like that for example is "sexy".

No. 280807

If you mean this vid, the actress was actually crying and they wanted to test how they'd they react. Weird but nothing sexual.

No. 280809

That first part was a joke about how some anons (and people elsewhere) jump in immediately to tell you an idol's fake if you say you like something about them

With stuff like Vlive these days I think it's too hard for an idol to keep a consistent fake persona. There's still a few 'quirky' idols who are told to just stay quiet but I do think that most idol's fake personas are just their own personalities but exaggerated in certain ways to be more loud or more motherly or whatever their deal is

No. 280811

File: 1534367869979.gif (4.46 MB, 444x287, XEo1.gif)

but what about this part? and the subtitles are a bit weird (although i have no idea how accurate the translation is)

i dont think its the end of the world, just a bit inappropriate maybe

No. 280814

Isn't showing off some boobs really provocative in korea?

No. 280823

he's turning into a beautiful lady in her 50s who's regaining confidence after divorcing her abusive husband and recovering from alcoholism, why are you judging so much?

No. 280830

File: 1534369044786.png (583.81 KB, 674x817, whocares.PNG)

:rolls eyes:

No. 280832

File: 1534369305327.gif (356.38 KB, 240x174, IdleGrossDwarfmongoose-max-1mb…)


interviewer: do you guys think humans are equal?
kpop band: yes.
twitter: #woke kings

No. 280833

Interviewer looks like a giant next to them. Like wtf. Is that dude really that big or do companies lie completely about their idols height? Why is it so important?? Some of them are registered to be 5'9 like Shownu and Hyungwon.

No. 280844

kpop idols look so bizarre when you see them next to "normal" looking people
straight up uncanny valley

No. 280845

>Samefag but I wanted to point out how ironic it is that i-fans want idols to be "woke" and care about tolerance and social justice when most of them don't really bother learning about and accepting a foreign culture themselves.

Even though I got over k-pop a long time ago, I still visit netizenbuzz from time to time just see i-fans desperately defend their faves while they simultaneously shit on the Korean society.

International fans refuse to educate themselves on why things such as celebrities caught up in scandals concerning weed, abortion or, baffeling enough, the Japanese Imperial flag are controversial. However, at the same time, international fans throw a shitshow and go to #war on twitter when Koreans don't understand why blackface or being against accepting refugees is an issue.

No. 280847

fuck this was cringey. i hope it doesnt come across as me shitting on people who learn english as second language, but whyyyy would you have them do in an interview in language when they are clearly not fluent?

No. 280849

The translation is accurate, but it's from a variety show. The commentary is added for comedic effect. He doesn't even really smell her. They just create the narrative and edit it to make it look like he is because male idols being lonely/pining for girlfriends is something Koreans find funny.

No. 280850

idgi either. at best they're going to say a very simple, watered-down version of what they meant, at worst they could completely misrepresent themselves. who would risk that over a translator?

No. 280862

File: 1534377068283.png (20.14 KB, 263x557, 8475938.png)

hyuna's song "babe" creeps me the fuck out, maybe it's supposed to be innocently cute but.. well…

No. 280863

Ask any straight Korean man “Would you ever be friends with a gay man” like 95% of them will go off on a huge “WTF NO THATS GROSS IM NOT A GAY, I CANT BE FRIENDS WITH THEM OR THEYLL TOUCHC MY DICK”

Dont even get me started on trannies lmfao woke culture does not exist in Korea. Even their psychotic feminazis will call anybody that sleeps with a korean man a slut whore. Back in the day there was a huge thread about blaming some thai girls for getting raped by korean guys because “wah they always think they are so much better than us, serves them right skanks!!”

No. 280864

that's cause it's like a rule that korean men cheat on their wives.

No. 280873

This song is my guilty pleasure.

No. 280874

I can't tell if people actually enjoy this song or if they just say they like it because they feel bad for CLC. I love Yeeun's haircut though.

No. 280877

i doubt ppl actually liked the song other than the fact that the dance break went viral, and "wow, kpoppie girls finally in pantsuits and not those clapped ass tennis skirts!"

No. 280883

The song is terrible and I hate that the first time I heard it the part "bling bling on my body" got stuck in my head. Shameful lol.

No. 280887

File: 1534388046654.gif (2.8 MB, 480x270, kpopswag.gif)

What the fuck is this? hahah

No. 280889

i believe thats 'the creep' from this old lonely island video

No. 280890

File: 1534389244850.jpg (209.19 KB, 1200x792, DjCbTSDU0AA6Xn6.jpg)

Did somebody say uncanny valley?

No. 280896

its literally criticizing how the kpop industry sexualizes teens and infantilizes adults

No. 280900

i'm still curious as to how far exactly V/Taehyung's forehead goes

No. 280901

File: 1534392202499.jpg (28.33 KB, 363x502, 2f8c274419b4d6cdbf14f7b4b2ee91…)

You welcome, if it's real. I feel bad for idols that they color their hair so much, it must not be good.

No. 280903

File: 1534393380786.jpg (49.75 KB, 640x490, ce4772658cbc1ac49e9ddf860adc32…)

No. 280905

seeing pictures of girls flocking around idols in crowded airports is just bizarre. if you're going to camp out or stand around in already crowded terminals just to follow idols for 5 minutes and getting in everyone's way just to gush about how oppar waved at you you're no better than a sasaeng/stalker. is it just to brag you saw celebs there??

No. 280909

that's crazy. I never knew he had a secret fivehead that occupied 90% of his head.

No. 280915

File: 1534398234189.jpg (48.83 KB, 683x1024, rC5VKNU.jpg)

Sometimes his hair get separated in the front and you can see how high his forehead goes.

No. 280957

File: 1534402919757.jpg (106.37 KB, 1000x959, DBlPwCIV0AAdDx4.jpg)

I've never noticed it before and now I'm actually scared.

No. 280959

huh his hair during enlistment is going to be interesting…

No. 280960

File: 1534404094047.jpg (35.7 KB, 450x356, Taehyungforehead.jpg)

I think he looked cute with very short hair when he was younger, but if he keep the moon face he has right now he's going to look terrible.

No. 280964

File: 1534405020602.gif (1.98 MB, 268x162, tumblr_inline_o363bwxsqm1tix4e…)

But didn't you know, anon? BTS oppar already helped Korea's economy too much, they don't need to go to the army, silly goose.

No. 281163

oh good then, I was too dense to understand it

No. 281173

File: 1534429261755.gif (1.82 MB, 223x200, IMG_1346.thumb.GIF.d69e0931e75…)

this is such a punchable face, a greasy, doughy penis-y mess.

No. 281176

Spoiler that ugly shit damn

No. 281187

sorry if i’m retarded but why do farmers say he has a penis face? is it because of the lack of a proper chin/jaw?

No. 281192

File: 1534431391521.jpg (137.41 KB, 320x320, d5ce9217c742c00d3e72127645c7a2…)

Stupid koreans and their v-line jaw obsession. They've ruined so many faces already, like Wendy in picture. They find him attractive because he has the softest most unnexisting chin/jaw ever.

It almost seems like it's not so much that they like those features but that they want the complete opposite of their natural ones. It's sad really.

No. 281198

File: 1534431923027.png (1.68 MB, 1274x848, wqdtutj6gyi4.png)

are they supposed to be 10 year old boys at a playground in this one?? bit creepy

No. 281200

Lol, the only one that at least looks decent modeling is JK. The other ones have such a bored, uninterested spaced out face. Look at V and Suga, aren't idols supposed to be good with the camera?

I genuinely think they know they look like shit this comeback.

Also I'm tired of the whole pedo discussion, yeah koreans are creepy, yeah it looks like a playground and it's weird but it's not like they're wearing diapers and pacifiers.

Although I would not be surprised if something like that exists somewhere in kpop.

No. 281215

File: 1534436450565.jpg (384.34 KB, 1536x2048, CzII98uW8AAGpDJ.jpg)

V's idea of modeling is covering half of his face with hands, he gets lost when he's not allowed to do it.

No. 281219

god this thread sucks. how many times do we need to bring up jaw surgeries?
how is >>281192 relevant?

anyway, twice stays making japanese bank. i wonder how mad kfans are going to be about their success.

No. 281222

File: 1534437178784.png (194.93 KB, 323x406, 98U3R0HF.png)

Wtf happened to this guy when he was in his mother's belly? I wouldn't be surprised if we learned he's missing a chromosome or two…

No. 281225

i bet he's handsome and masculine outside of kpop styling.

No. 281235

File: 1534438086769.jpg (58.08 KB, 564x846, 57dfd358d53f838be1117316174d43…)

He's been mentioned a couple of times in older threads. I think he's attractive, not sure why so much hate. But I mean this is the critical thread, go right ahead and bash lol

No. 281239

he's a twinky manlet and a bottom so not very masculine. he's handsome enough though.

No. 281246

File: 1534441169360.gif (3.66 MB, 454x447, 6C18290E-2457-4145-83F5-C2E046…)

No. 281249

File: 1534441401781.jpeg (415.71 KB, 1080x1358, D64B03D1-DCDB-4E1F-AAB2-BED8B7…)

Agreed there could be worse lmfao

No. 281257

Woozi may be the ugliest idol ever.

No. 281260

in the earlier threads a certain 'nonny pointed out how his neck and head looked like a dick when he threw his head back, it's the adam's apple and the general fugliness + unfortunate shaped face

No. 281261

You're forgetting J-Hope

No. 281262

you misspelled jimin

No. 281263

can i please have an example of this now i’m intrigued kek

No. 281264

File: 1534443600840.gif (1.32 MB, 250x300, 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a…)

No. 281265

File: 1534443608022.jpg (86.09 KB, 667x1000, e85bdb0be2ae8d.jpg)

Seriously? They have S Coups there, you know

No. 281267

no matter what he does he always looks like the hunchback of notre dame to me

No. 281268

sana has to be the biggest cow in kpop history. i thought she was escaping the uwu animu girl schtick but it still pops up sometimes

tbt to her real singing voice @ 0:41 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HyHg_J4Nb0A

No. 281270

I think dude would look mostly OK if he didn't always have the REDDEST lips EVER.

Take the lipstick away from male idols.

No. 281272

I hate those stupid smash or pass kpop edition videos fans upload to Youtube. Like these idiots wouldn't fuck ANY idol that remotely looked their way. Considering how thirsty they all are.

And they are usually done by the ugliest women I've ever seen as well.

No. 281278

I want to see the reverse of these where the idols pass on every single one of those socially inept fans lol

No. 281280

i would actually pay for that

No. 281282

i wish we could make a thread on those losers… clear lolcow potential but maybe not enough material to discuss beyond lul dey ugly

No. 281283

That would be amazing considering how brutal and nitpicky koreans are.

No. 281285

same anon, clear thread potential but most likely not enough material to sustain the potential–outside of cringe tweets and fug pics

No. 281286

That would be a good thread if enough people participated, there's a lot of reactors and kpop fans that fit the lolcow potential. I've seen the evolution of the normal "I need money" reactors from watching stupid videos to watching kpop mvs, getting sucked into it and only doing that. Besides the point of "do they like it or are they reacting because they get views" you can see with your eyes how they go from normal people to total kpop freaks.

I remember one called Dezzy that used to be some normal black dude reacting and devolved to such a kpop suck up. In his latest videos he keeps saying "pregnant" every time an idol even looks at the camera and worships them as gods. It's so cringe now.

Or this one from Spain that used to be a normal dude in his first videos until he discovered the cancer that is BTS and became such an idol wannabe. Just look at that red clown hair and dangly earring. Looking at his videos thumbnails you can see the evolution from normal to fugly kpop fashion.

No. 281291

i dont touch any of these channels with a 10-foot pole. usually i love cringe content but they are too much even for me

No. 281295

this would be amazing. what little i’ve seen of these (along with those ‘Top 10 Ugliest X Idols’ vids) the comment sections are almost always filled with even cringier people too + all those that reeee about some nobody dissing their oppar

No. 281306

This is the dude I was talking about, he has such a boner for Lisa from Blackpink. Just look at how he reacts to their "raps" like they're the shit. Come on dude, you know they suck.

"I keep it LIT like a match stick" yeah, that TOTALLY deserves that reaction.

And don't get me started on that stupid J-hope mixtape. I don't think I've heard a worst rapper wannabe that J-hope, he has the most annoying voice and this is coming from someone that has heard Hyuna rap before. The fact that the mixtape got ANY recognition is beyond me.

No. 281311

File: 1534451511742.png (34.93 KB, 410x863, pureshit.png)

I can't… I just CAN'T with these raps. They suck so much it's embarrassing.

>I keep it lit like a matchstick

>Bitch, I'm a star, but no Patrick
>I'm getting cake, that's a fact, check
>Holdin' a roll like a graduate
>These smart mouths bring dumb heat
>Like ICE-T, I'm OG
>I'm demon like I-T
>Got more juice than Hi-C

No. 281316

>and this is coming from someone that has heard Hyuna rap before

When I heard her rap for the first time I didn't even realize that she was trying to rap, I thought she was just talking or something. Why does she even need rap parts? I get that they need them in big groups where many members can't sing, but she's a solo artist and can avoid that.. Western artists don't have this golden standard of having rap in every single song, where does this come from?

My favorite Blackpink's line will always be "I'm so hot I need a fan".

No. 281318

File: 1534452153578.jpg (46.54 KB, 967x683, pkXIb81.jpg)

ngl, my dumbass got down to that basic ass verse when i first heard it

No. 281359

based you enjoying things

No. 281370

All good, go ahead and enjoy it but I just hate people treating them like actual rappers. They are clearly raps aimed to teenage girls; don't know where all these grown man and women came from saying they "slay"

No. 281464

File: 1534479538385.jpg (78.12 KB, 650x650, untitled-collage-jpg.jpg)

he's butt ugly but at least looks natural and more like the average korean.

this freak, on the other hand

so ugly wtf

No. 281466

File: 1534479718344.png (154.47 KB, 290x290, tumblr_pdgieqd0An1w2hdqko6_400…)

damn this alien is already out here influencing people! icon!

No. 281467

File: 1534479725734.jpg (94.75 KB, 675x1200, SwjWuP7.jpg)

buying into this bs when you're an adult is just pathetic. I wouldn't be surprised if her daughter starts parroting the same mentality to others.

No. 281473

Armys (kpoppers in general) are…yikes

The whole supremacist ideology is downright pathetic and laughable. It gives me a headache seeing armys going back and forth on my tl screaming complaining about Kpoppies, acting like their western stans/ supporting western artists who have way more success with the GP than their favs ever will, when their actually Kpop fans of a Kpop boyband. Oh, and when they act like their favs music is anything more than music.

Groups with long ass theories that were made wayyyyy before the group even debuted is lit a marketing tactic to draw in people who love stories. RE: EXO and LOONA (i sort of like Loona's "backstory).

Stop acting like their shit is innovating when there is no strong cultural rep in their music. It's just bland American Pop music sung in Korean.

No. 281474

i remember seeing a vid of his group members being uncomfy around him on yt

shit i would too, he must've been really clapped to go through all of those procedures

No. 281479

File: 1534482860968.jpg (40.9 KB, 500x500, 5VU4aPA.jpg)

He used to be popular for being a Jaejoong lookalike. He still looked plastic but not as bad as he does now. Looking him up I found an old article from 2010 on akp about him debuting in a group. The fact that he's still trying 8 years later is sad.

No. 281480

these girls look like they're suffering this is the most awkward live if ever seen. Joy is obviously have a wardrobe issue but everyone else looks just as odd for no reason

No. 281486

they look exhausted. ngl when i had an eating disorder i was this tired just from moving around too

No. 281488

File: 1534483895006.jpg (123.91 KB, 630x450, snsd.jpg)

I feel bad looking at Wendy's jaw… Red Velvet is so stiff and tbh they seem to dislike each other. No girl group will ever top SNSD.

No. 281496

define "top"

No. 281531

File: 1534488351393.jpg (162.87 KB, 1200x799, pObmvxCYbtc.jpg)

>i remember seeing a vid of his group members being uncomfy around him on yt

lol i feel bad for him now.

i looked through their photos and there seems to be a lot of gay fan service, holy shit can kpop companies chill

No. 281621

Yeah, I feel like red velvet always come off as awkward and dead behind the eyes. I like Seulgi though, she usually performs a bit more.

No. 281709

This shit baffles me tbh. They live in such an homophobic society but resort to gay bait to attract and please their female fans. It's hypocritical and disrespectful.

No. 281710

This shit baffles me tbh. They live in such an homophobic society but resort to gay bait to attract and please their female fans. It's hypocritical and disrespectful.

No. 281714

I'm not sure what's worse, the fact that NCT exists or the fact that they have fans on this board. Itself mind boggling to me. How the fuck do people even defend being into shit?

No. 281717

nobody cares if the music/overall concept is shit as soon as they provide content with cute boys, come on.

No. 281755

File: 1534531034621.jpg (43.43 KB, 1096x632, DJnPsKTXoAAStmH.jpg)

This is the reason I dislike kpopfags so much actually. Instead of being honest about stanning idols solely because they want to fuck them or be like them, they keep insisting their idols have talent when they only thing they do right is pleasing their fanbase. Even so they manage to come off as fake most times.
Take kpop, for example, there's no originality in any aspect of it except it's made by Koreans. Same goes for kdrama. Fans literally force themselves to hype this shit because they're so obsessed with Korea, the trending country right now. That thread with anons fawning over kpop boys really tells how shallow this fanbase really is. As an ex kpop fan I hope it dies out soon.

No. 281761

I agree with the obsession and I could use less of these fangirls fawning over there too, but at this point you can't say the people in that thread are not the same ones in here. I don't know why there's even two threads since people are being critical in both, just make a shit on BTS thread and get it over with since that's what's mainly being talked about here.

Also, I don't get why so many "ex" kpop fans are still updated on things happening in kpop and talking about it. Why do you even bother if you don't even want to fuck the idols? Because it's obvious anyone that likes kpop is mostly interested for that reason. I find that more annoying that people that at least admit they're into it because they want to fuck asian twinks.

No. 281764

like that anon the other day that provided gifs that "prove" taehyung is weird. like sry hon, he's not your qt autist husbando irl

No. 281775

>Why do you even bother if you don't even want to fuck the idols?
Why do people keep up with cows if they don't give a shit about them. It's a drama site, people are gonna keep up with shit they don't like just for shits and giggles That's literally the entire purpose of the site. Really not that deep.

No. 281776

i mean, people in the first anti thread were saying they wanted to fuck idols too and others got buttmad. honestly i agree that we don't need two threads, i can deal with seeing the odd thirst post. although it is fun to have a thread specifically for shitting on kpop.

No. 281779

A lot of kpop fans are flaming fujoshis/ fakebois who use the LGBT community as an excuse to fetishize Kpop boys and draw them fucking for some reason. I hate RPF so much.

They also feel the need to fit in so they use oppression points, cishet=0, nonbinarylesbo+aroace+black=1,000,000. Kpop twt basically consists of tumblrinas. I saw a fan tweet that BTS' beats was inspired by American slave hymns. Like who tf even thinks of shit like that, my black ass would never.

And the funny thing is, their fav is putting up an act. In such a homophobic and racist country, why would they care about you other than the fact you got money?

No. 281780

There is two thread because some farmers got incredibly butthurt any time someone expressed any attraction to an idol.

No. 281784

Then this thread is no better than the other in terms of getting "triggered" because someone has a different opinion than you. If you find that idol unattractive and that anon an idiot for liking "these fugly asians" go ahead and tell them and move on, don't start a different thread so you can have your "safe space". We already stated this is no longer an anti kpop thread since no real hater of kpop would post here or know the names of all these idols.

I don't get why anyone would get butthurt on fucking lolcow, you're no better than those fangirls that get pissy when someone says anything bad about their bias. if you're on a kpop thread critize it as much as you want and fuck anyone that is annoyed by it. Don't post on both threadsand then complain you two faced fucks.

No. 281787

Why are you having this discussion?
The mods let us have 2 threads, everthing is fine. If you don't like this thread, then hide it and post in the other one. Also, I'd say that the topics are different: I just went to the kpop fan thread and the last few posts are all gifs of "hot" idols and discussing new releases - something we never do here (which I'm glad for lol).

No. 281789

Keep in mind farmhands are allowing 2 threads to be up so it's not just a farmer only issue. Having only one thread up just turns the entire thing into the great kpop debate and that shit gets old fast, i'm sure farmhands acknowledge that too. . You need to get it over it. The contents of threads are completely different, i can't fathom why some of you guys think it would be a good idea to throw fan girls and skeptics into the same pot and there be discourse without constant shit flinging and reporting like ??? That's like merging /fit/ threads and the old thinspo threads way back , why would anyone want that

No. 281792

Stop arguing you idiots and post more kpop shit. Although I think after 5 threads it's getting repetitive and boring as fuck.

No. 281793

>I don't get why anyone would get butthurt on fucking lolcow
>Don't post on both threadsand then complain you two faced fucks.

sounds like you're a bit butthurt on lolcow. also i never said any of that, in fact i was agreeing with you…

dont read then

No. 281795

I know, I was not arguing with you, I was elaborating on what other people said. And yeah I guess I am butthurt. Whatever, I guess anon above is right and it would be ten times more annoying to see the fan girls and the people here arguing about every little thing. That's what I find stupid, but it's obviously going to happen if there's only one thread so ignore me.

No. 281804

I'm the anon you replied to. Never posted in this thread before, that was just my criticism of kpop industry, literally this thread's OP intention.
>K-pop Critical Thread

Only group I ever followed as a fan was SHINEE because of Taemin, got tired of them and only came back after Jonghyun's death. I don't even care at this point.

No. 281815

>That thread with anons fawning over kpop boys really tells how shallow this fanbase really is
As one of the anons fawning over idols in the general thread, I agree. Super sage for blogpost, but a big part of why I like NCT is actually because of how shallow it is. No fake deep concepts, no particularly nasty attitudes, no uglies; just an ever-growing group of cute, endearingly cringey twinks singing mediocre pop songs about simple shit, pushing out a steady flow of fan service, and dicking around together. That's pretty much all I could ever ask for out of a Kpop boy group. Anything that strayed from that formula would not appeal to me at all, even if the music was good.

No. 281830

File: 1534546040807.png (10.68 KB, 219x299, oh dear god.PNG)

I literally just met this girl and I'm in physical pain

No. 281831

aww i dont think this is that bad, yeah its cringey but at least shes not being horribly obnoxious like some bts fans. although i can only imagine how shitty that essay is going to be lol

>no other artists ive heard does that


No. 281833

ahh true tbh, and exactly omg

No. 281836

tell her to google anarcho punk. it'll blow her mind.

No. 281840

I always hear this about BTS, but I never see examples that prove it. Can somebody show some lyrics that actually support this view?? I'm guessing they are like the most basic shit like the image from Monsta X. "All people good"

No. 281843

File: 1534548410344.png (28.24 KB, 683x131, gross.png)


Kpopalypse is a gross 40+ fuck who makes articles objectifying 18yo idols on their bodies… What i find funny is that on his list of ''ugly'' idols, none of them would touch him with ten foot pole kek

No. 281844

File: 1534548442831.jpeg (75.91 KB, 480x480, 1B438163-2CDC-4171-8132-7CCF4F…)

These are the same people that cant even fucking speak korean lmfao you dont even know the message unless you are sitting and reading English translations while listening to it. And even then, they are translations which tend to be over translated in terms of feelings lmfao something as simple and meaningless as “i hate you but i love you” gets translated to english as “I detest the inner depths of your eternal being, yet I cannot resist you and all that you stand for” which again gets translated by BTS stans as “OMG IT REPRESENTS THE HATRED FOR LGBT PEOPLE THAT SOCIETY HAS AND HOW BTS IS SO WOKE THAT THEY CAN STILL ACCEPT THEM AND LOVE THEM “

No. 281847

File: 1534548730509.jpg (Spoiler Image, 204.63 KB, 1920x1258, 368084704-UDE2GUBYZYBMQQ1N.jpg)

i personally know about the song "baepsae", it's about barriers that people from poor families encounter in their careers or something. i googled and found this article, it also mentions other songs https://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/k-town/8098832/bts-lyrics-social-commentary-political

i hate to admit it but thanks to bts's existence i learned about this bird, it's so cute (it's called baepsae in korean).

No. 281853

File: 1534552262239.jpg (45.38 KB, 1429x694, k8HSQ0R.jpg)

A lot of his fans seem like the type of people that spend too much time on kpopfap.

No. 281855

that's a picure of him? gold

No. 281860

this fucker claims to be half chinese and that his mom specifically looks like boram from t-ara. a kek

yes i obsessively hateread his blog

No. 281873

I'm genuinely curious as for why everybody seems to hate Jimin so much? He gets death treats and all. And I see a lot of army who likes everybody else but hates Jimin??
lmao it's do funny, it's not like they are ignoring him like they do, for example, with Jin and RM, they actually put a lot of effort into hating the guy. It's because he looks like a chimp?

No. 281874

because he's probably the most "famous" member

No. 281875

sorry for samefagging but I'm also wondering why he has the most fucking weirdos obsessed with him? Cow Jimin, wanting to rape him, torture, feminization, mpregnancy and the list goes on.

No. 281876

i forget he's even in the group most of the time. him and jin

No. 281877

File: 1534561140759.jpg (23.38 KB, 457x468, girl.jpg)

Real question is, is Jimin ftm? He looks so girly…

No. 281879

gadamn, lookin like the mole rat from kim possible…wasn't ready to come across this information…

No. 281881

File: 1534563146003.jpg (54.65 KB, 683x1024, bb8827a4671a2d94d8e87d8ffa6c22…)

I think this is the answer to >>281875
>why he has the most fucking weirdos obsessed with him?
Him looking so androgynous makes him hyper sexual to fangirls, that's why I'd say he's the most sexualized member in BTS. Bighit also helped creating this 'sexy persona' when he's actually a very shy guy and probably arrogant as well. It's a great combination to attract weird girls. Not to mention fujoshits making shit that involves him getting fucked in the ass by JK. He looks like a twink tbh.

source: have an army friend with loads of fanfics and pics of Jimin x JK

No. 281884

Fujoshit love these kind of non threatening looking guys

No. 281892

i didn't think Rose's singing could become any worse, but it did… also, everybody's complaining about Lisa's part, but i'm too lazy to google why.

No. 281894

disgusting. he makes me so uncomfortable

No. 281895

this song is still absolute trash. a poor man's i am the best.

No. 281900

File: 1534565690180.png (17.03 KB, 331x283, lisa.png)

lmao she's rapping in english, i thought it was korean because of her accent. i still don't see what's so bad? it's cringey, but the original wasn't any better, why are they complaining now…

No. 281901

YG forces her to emulate Park Bom's special way of singing.. honestly 2NE1 is so much better than Blackpink, too bad koreans couldn't go past their misogyny and shallowness

No. 281903

Bom was/is such a tragedy. They gave her nothing but shit for her looks so she fucked herself up to the point where she can't even sing anymore.

No. 281911

what? 2ne1 was huge with the gp. it was online fandom-y types that hated them.

No. 281923

Dang I hope you're being serious because that lulzy material. I was aware of him being weird and having a serious case of yellow fever but I didn't know it went that far.

No. 281930

Is his gf a philippina sex slave?

No. 281950

fujoshis like him because he is kinda small so they can self-insert as him in their 90k cow hybrid fanfics without suspending too much disbelief

the rest of his underage fans like him because he's always going on about how insecure he is and they relate to it

also because of the whole weight loss thing he attracts a lot of anas and we all know how batshit they are

No. 281988

File: 1534606887086.png (11.93 KB, 640x142, o.PNG)

No. 282002

What a waste of time, money, and effort that will be. Even if everything goes well, they'll only be able to attract a molecular audience since Twice doesn't have any general appeal whatsoever over here.

No. 282074

File: 1534623203680.jpg (166.4 KB, 720x935, e11a83b2-3af8-40e4-baac-ae0368…)

This is so cringy. I get that kpop fans are annoying and that he's trying to act woke, but considering how irrelevant him and ukiss are…

No. 282075

File: 1534623478094.png (83.9 KB, 233x247, EvilJimin.png)

Just wanted to share this beautiful screenshot of Jimin.

No. 282078

i don't know who this is but shouldn't he direct this message to the korean fans

No. 282079

samefag but i'm not demonizing koreans, i mean that kfans tend to be more judgemental than international fans

No. 282080

Does anyone know any rumors about what Jimin is like in real life? Like, that aren't fan accounts going about how much of a cute smol bean he is

No. 282081

why are you guys so obsessed with jimin lol

No. 282083

Is he having a meltdown? Where is his manager lmao

No. 282084

Because he seems like a cocky douchebag and has a weird face?

No. 282085

File: 1534624538753.jpg (Spoiler Image, 79.74 KB, 768x1024, b2cebf7c09275902b2a57b0cc4a04b…)

here, enjoy an ugly selfie of jhope then

No. 282086

File: 1534624767709.jpg (51.88 KB, 1023x682, 0148ff7a3b44bab369c519c5da646b…)

The sad think is he look like a starving monkey at a low weight and like a glazed donut at an healthy weight.

No. 282087

File: 1534625001170.png (916.81 KB, 635x846, aging librarian.png)

fair enough.

he looks better here than whatever the fuck has been happening to him lately. in my personal opinion of course.

No. 282088

I pretty sure there are fat melting injections for the face. If he's so pressed about his fat face he should just get those instead of starving himself in an attempt to lose facial fat

No. 282092

File: 1534625408590.jpg (46.6 KB, 720x480, 2s1rWwfk2UE.jpg)

I don't get why they make all members lose weight to the point where they look like they're legitimately starving, wtf is appealing about that? I stopped following bts back then, but I remember last year they lost weight suddenly before one of the comebacks, bh or they themselves claimed it was because of stress, but I don't buy it.

No. 282095

It's been 2 days and I'm still thinking about this post

If she was my mom I'd literally kill myself. At least have the decency to keep it a secret. These grown ass people… I can't

No. 282117

cause theyre obsessed with thin-ness in korea, its like a whole country of eating disorders. iirc i think thats why mukbang originally became popular in korea.

No. 282182

why do you guys spam jimin pics? you guys are clearly stans. is this some weird masochistic fandom thing i don't understand?

No. 282195

nah, people ITT are just arrogant and think they're better than other koreaboos.

No. 282205

File: 1534631650287.jpg (61.04 KB, 540x682, e7db553e0539aac4f6c210ed2ccafa…)

>If you don't find this attractive you're arrogant and have standards WAY too high

No. 282209

File: 1534631735804.jpg (83.76 KB, 540x720, 1532744450837.jpg)

that's not what that anon said…

No. 282211

Are the people who post pictures of the other cows on this site stans too? Like, Jimin is ugly. Some people might have a tsundere thing with him itt, but others might really want to discuss how ugly he is.

No. 282231

File: 1534632225787.png (1.23 MB, 898x860, oneeyeonthetitties.png)

speaking of jimin, why do they keep putting him in contacts with his misshapen eye thing. his right eye is just staring off into the middle distane lmao

No. 282233

Sure, it just seems almost sadistic of them to want people to perform choreos that require great stamina while they look like skeletons and eat an apple a day.

I remember I read some female idol or actress saying that Jimin is the most attractive one in bts because he has monolids, as opposed to double eyelids. I get it that they have their own beauty standards, it's just so weird, I see Asian people every day and before getting to know kpop it didn't even occur to me that they had different types of eyelids and shit, I saw no difference.

No. 282243

File: 1534632846635.jpg (38.17 KB, 500x500, 1528690585675.jpg)

No. 282259

jesus christ ew

No. 282262

What exactly is going on here?
Is his lens slipping or?

No. 282269

People with glass eyes look like that

No. 282305

Asians are ugly as fuck, like insect people

No. 282330

>next kpop thread OP image

No. 282333

pls no

No. 282354

Shut up racist anon

No. 282391

it literally says "Don't racebait" in the op. take your sperging back to the unpopular opinion thread.

No. 282556

IDK why but all these kpop songs put me to sleep and when I watch MVs I feel nothing. I have reached peak Kpop

No. 282558


Wendy makes me fucking cry every time I see her chin. Jesus.

No. 282560

There is just something about anime/ kpop/ Asian entertainment in general that makes people turn into cringe minions. If I could go back in time I would've told myself to not google what anime is and keep on walking.

No. 282569

Slightly OT but I was on a study blog the other day and there's quite a few people in the community that really like kpop, bts mostly. It was funny because I saw a post where someone said they ran into BTS in person in Chicago or something and said apparently they're kinda ugly in person lmao. Most people who were bts fans thought the post was funny, I was surprised to see they weren't ripping the user apart.

No. 282650

No. 282668

No. 282809

Is it me or every k-pop male idol looks the same? Pale skin, uncanny features, dyed bowl cut, etc. I can't even tell them apart from each other

No. 282811

File: 1534693513250.jpg (107.13 KB, 800x450, FNOOZkiCPFBYKaR-800x450-noPad.…)

yep… even across bands, they all have the same kind of styling. its like they make a bunch of clones but just change the hair colour. ill give them one thing though, they tend to look a lot better than j-idols.

No. 282835

I'm so thankful many groups have got rid of bowl cuts, the ugliest thing ever. Now they are doing mullets though. Fucking why?

No. 282869

>former BTS stan says the truth that BTS are fuggly
>other BTS stans don't dox the girl and threaten to kill/rape/destroy/etc.

Huh. The fact that I did not expect this is unfortunate to say the least.

No. 282914

File: 1534708566780.gif (2.55 MB, 480x280, 479dd12c3e0599a69c28a991788adb…)

I think I used to really like BTS because I enjoyed and could buy into their underdog status. Their reaction to receiving a daesung was seriously cute and made me feel good for them. I think now that they're very successful they also became extremely boring, I even feel like their attitude changed, they lost their charm.

No. 282923

File: 1534710609808.jpg (59.27 KB, 474x739, th.jpg)

mom asked me to tutor her friend's 15 y.o. daughter who's a crazy bts stan. last time i gave her lessons she wouldn't shut up about them (and fanfics about them). i even suggested that we watch their videos during break, but she didn't want to watch normal videos, she turned on cringey shipping ones. sorry for blogposting. rip me.

No. 282927

What kind of world do we live in the makes grown 15 year olds think it's socially acceptable to talk about how much they like reading erotic stories about real life celebrities to strangers

This is why I dislike kpop and anime fans so much, they seem to have no social awareness with no good excuse for it, but armies in particular are… bizarre and a little deranged

No. 282930

File: 1534711832182.png (Spoiler Image, 3.08 MB, 2208x1242, IMG_9349.PNG)

No. 282932

File: 1534711890800.jpg (Spoiler Image, 309.59 KB, 1237x1076, IMG_9350.jpg)

No. 282936

anon are you me? I got into them late 2016 and enjoyed their Damien concept so much. their older music wasn't bad either, and even seeing them accept that grand prize was really nice. But ever since their management has angled toward appealing to western market, their music and personas have changed for the worse.

tbh i don't even hate them as people but the decisions bighit made for them really soured me and fueled their fandom's superiority complex to the point i can't even feel happy for their accomplishments.

No. 282937

File: 1534712788366.png (2.39 MB, 1920x1072, (1).png)

I've seen a similar thing with Seventeen lately, one of them made a joke about bondage on a Chinese show and fans lost their shit. I don't speak Chinese, so I don't really know if the joke was dirty or not, but the fans went to great lengths to convince everyone that it was innocent and he didn't mean anything.

No. 282938

File: 1534712911165.jpg (207.81 KB, 780x1200, DjLshzbUwAE1kmp.jpg)

Not really convincing but who knows

No. 282943

>since their management has angled toward appealing to western market, their music and personas have changed for the worse
why can't you guys realize their personas were always fake and the music always plastic and unoriginal.
there's no 'they were so much better before but now they suck because they cater to the american market' as if they were sooo genuine before.
they'll do whatever bighit ask them too, bts members are just empty shells without personalities.

No. 282950

they dont seem like theyve changed at all to me. its all the same old kpop trash, just a different flavour now

No. 282953

I hate this type of comment so much. If anything, BTS was way more “western” friendly at the start of their career, that’s why they went nowhere with the korean public but stealdily gained i-fans.

As soon as they started with the flower boy crap and pastel hair/colored contacts they took off in Korea. Now their music is a noisy jumbled mess that resembles current kpop way more than anything that’s on western radio. Yeah they are still stealing beats and imitating popular rappers but they’ve always done that, now it’s just more blatant because they are stealing more current sounds.

No. 283022

Anyone else think that Somi terminating her contract with JYP is suspicious? I can't see JYP letting go of a potential cash cow that easily. Feels like it might be because of a scandal. Or she could just be bored of idol life I guess.

No. 283033

File: 1534733513896.jpeg (88.86 KB, 1000x500, F3463CE1-C315-4877-9451-A59208…)

I’m always hoping for a juicy pregnancy scandal a la Tsuji Nozomi when she was in Morning Musime. But the most juice we get of that are has been idols and members of smaller bands that leave you going “wait who was she again?”

No. 283039

This is gonna sound dramatic as fuck, but I gasped reading this post. Genuinely surprised because extremely popular rookie under the same company managing the most successful GG at the moment? That’s (almost) guaranteed money.

It might (?) be because Somi was involved in that drinking “scandal” and occasionally you’ll come across Korean thoughts on her popularity on 101 being a result of international voters and that she’s overexposed. This is major reaching though, because that might only be rumors based off of biased translations to churn drama. A more realistic reason might be she (and her stage dad) chose to terminate because of a delay in the next JYPE girl group, possibly due to Twice still at the top of the game, Stray Kids trying to make a name for themselves, and the influx of “girl crush” groups at the moment. Why sit around and get put into more survivals shows, wasting your popularity and youth when she can find another company or go into acting/variety/etc.

I hope it’s somehow related to the Shewol Ferry cult JYP’s involved with, for maximum absurdity.

I feel dumb for this long-ass post but this is way more interesting drama than E-dawn and Hyuna’s dating, personally

No. 283045

I think her leaving because of the next girl group being delayed probably makes the most sense.

People keep bringing up her dad but wouldn't he want her to stay at JYP for more exposure or something? She's already popular on her own but she will probably do better at JYP than at another smaller company. Though maybe they saw how the members of Twice rarely get their own solo work and decided they'd rather Somi stay solo. Isn't JYP's press conference about the cult next month? I guess there's no way to know unless someone leaks the details.

No. 283055

Slightly OT, but earlier this year V and Jin were nominated for a korean music award show because of a song they were featured in for the k-drama Hwarang. V even played a minor role in the show, which is ironic because Jin wanted to be an actor and somehow special needs V beat him to it lol. This might be old news so I saged.

No. 283056

File: 1534738987755.jpg (103.25 KB, 880x1200, DlAAZL6XsAAaPIc.jpg)

armys are reporting 88rising bc theyre using them poor bts

or maybe jyp is going to announce another survival show and she was going to be in it and shes basically said fuck it and left

No. 283066

she probably was dealing with having to fend off creeps too much
her own father is creepy too but i can imagine she may be put in more uncomfortable situations with people in the industry because shes a pretty hapa and basically a child model

No. 283067

I was pretty taken aback by Soyul. I loved Crayon Pop from the moment I saw them and thought they were gonna get so big. As a meme group of course but nonetheless. I was disappointed that it basically meant the group was done and even moreso that it was with Moon Hee Jun.

No. 283074

well said

>implying they didnt rehearse their reaction a la taylor swift

No. 283096

If their fans can't handle negative attention, how do they think they'll ever attract the GP's attention, good or bad. Besides, the video is just gay fanservice put on blast, none of the members have explicitly come out as gay, so whilst some of the comments are homophobic, why care? I genuinely have never understood their logic…esp since the group they stan are a bunch of adult men.

I can see BTS success reaching a high peak, then it decreasing instantly like every popular Kpop bg does.

No. 283329

Did BTS really plagiarize EXO or is it just some fandom beef? Did anything happen between EXO and BTS themselves?

No. 283343

File: 1534777186663.jpg (39.17 KB, 1024x576, 3439c1d653178d98efa30c887d24f5…)

its been mentioned before yea

No. 283390

Anyone down to talk about Loona's official debut? I liked it, even if it's a lil too high pitched. However, [rant ahead] I am so sick and tired of all this infantilized sexualization man. The whole MV makes me uncomfortable as fuck, do they really have to do this? I love girl groups 'cause their singles are so much better than bg (in general), but I don't think I can handle this shit anymore :/

No. 283396

The group themselves are friends, it's the fans who keep beefing. Why would BTS wait until all eyes are on them to plagiarize a dying group, especially one whose fans are notorious for hating BTS and even writing to the government to get awards taken from them?

No. 283397

I liked "favorite" more for some reason, this song is more bland. The MV is nice though, idk the sexualization isn't so bad? Maybe I'm just used to it.

No. 283460

the sexualization being the weird upskirt shot of heejin? or is there more i missed?

i noticed something about k-pop music videos that this exemplifies perfectly, it's that there's never really any plot. there are different sets and different outfits but never any action that pushes it forward, just shots of idols running. the most beloved western pop videos are basically short movies set to music, but even if k-pop videos have a concept they never have a storyline, if that makes sense. i thought loona might be different since love4eva had some acting in it, but with this it's all just random images and easter eggs. and, again, the running.

No. 283548

File: 1534818576737.png (40.66 KB, 580x293, 5.png)

damn, i wanted to read more from her, but she has deleted her account because she got roasted by other stans.

No. 283562

https://twitter.com/BTS_LuvYurSlf I found this I'm not sure if it's a new account or just a new username

No. 283569

File: 1534824876429.jpg (326.39 KB, 812x861, 47668.jpg)

thanks anon!

did she disown her second daughter because she wasn't stanning bts hard enough? lol

No. 283578

Nice try, if you search for it on Japanese google the only thing that comes up are Chinese pages and the pictures you see when googling 捆綁 are from Chinese pages. But of course it's the perverted Japanese.

No. 283615

It’s funny how they’re trying so hard just to prove their idol is “pure” and “innocent” like they want them to be.

No. 283748

I actually wouldn't be surprised lmfao imagine being like 38 and an obsessive ""army"" and dragging your children into it. yikes™

No. 283862

File: 1534895364323.gif (1.54 MB, 268x348, tumblr_pdtly0kYpu1w4kmyjo1_400…)

goddamn this is terrible, and the filter doesn't help at all

No. 283924

He looks like a funky aunt

No. 283927

File: 1534915065022.jpeg (127.42 KB, 1280x720, B62BC7DD-E919-41BB-8DF9-9657A0…)

No. 283929

i had a huge crush on him forever ago haha

No. 283931

File: 1534916995171.jpg (59.83 KB, 747x807, hFYF4jK_304.jpg)

lol where tf are they going with this? i didn't realize they're releasing a new album already, i hope they'll appear in these wonderful outfits on stage.

No. 283936

File: 1534918442227.jpg (59.79 KB, 864x576, 360_496_1300833700.jpg)

lmao oh my god

No. 284020

The blush reminds me of Simply_Kenna.

No. 284060

honestly no idea anon, maybe since this new album is supposed to be ~critical~ or political or whatever they're making fun of idol outfits being ridiculous, cause thats all im getting from them lmaaooo

No. 284069

that has to be a fucking wig, shit looks goofy

No. 284079

Never thought I'd see the day where Jhope would be the best looking of their comeback

No. 284083

from the thumbnail alone i dont want to click on this shit

No. 284084

wtf that was terrible. why did jungkook try to make his cough sexy at the end?

RMs nose is so botched… jh really might've been the best looking this time around. this is going to be a dark era.

No. 284088

File: 1534952743831.png (475.89 KB, 600x520, wtf.png)

Imagine being on a dark alley and those two things start running towards you

No. 284090

I like the glitch art, even if they are 5 years late to when it was in, but I expect nothing after the last come backs.
Also how can Jimin keep getting weirder and weirder?

No. 284091

giving me The Descent teas

No. 284095

wow how subversive, I just can’t handle all this commentary

shit looks like it’s from 2012. k-pop late to the party as usual

No. 284110

File: 1534955638144.png (404.86 KB, 724x1278, Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 12.3…)

i hope this is fake

No. 284112

I can't wait to see Western BTS fans losing their shit over this

No. 284115

File: 1534956029880.png (291.8 KB, 676x1284, Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 12.3…)

i'm surprised western/english speaking fans still go so hard over bts and bighit, considering both do the bare minimum for them. bighit just copyright striked the one youtube channel that does english subs for their bangtan bombs, which bighit does not provide

No. 284117

File: 1534956859016.png (268.94 KB, 516x291, raspberry ripple.png)

no they arent lol? maybe its because of this parody picture?

v looks like an ice cream scoop.
and jimin just keeps looking stranger and stranger, idk what they are doing to that boy tbh

No. 284146

What the fuck did i just watch? I thought Kpop would eventually become more Americanized over time esp. Bts' music. This sounds and looked like it sounds have been in the early 2010s. Their production value literally gets more cheaper or shitty looking the more richer they get…How tf does that work.

No. 284159

wow this actually is bad, looks and sounds like a bad bollywood movie on lsd. i didn't like dna because of overused filters and the obnoxious concept, but this era seems to be even worse.

No. 284192

This sounds like hot garbage. Are they even trying anymore? It's like they're trying to see how shitty their concept and songs can be and still have fans hype it.

No. 284205

She's been liking tweets about it so I think it's real.

No. 284218

lmaoooo i don't know what is more cringy - nicki desperately jumping on a bts track to get a #1 or bighit not realizing that everyone in america hates her guts. i hope this is real, i can't wait

No. 284219

bts becoming "buddies" with american celebrities is so cringey, can they stop, it's always the worst people like charlie puth and halsey

No. 284223

lol kpop already is americanized and has been for a few decades, fans just don't realize it because it's always late trends from years ago and because it has korean slapped over it; bighit and bts happen to be more blatant about it

No. 284225

exactly. it's american as shit. much of it sounds like the crappy hip hop style party music from 2012 or so, i've heard mashups that just sound like fucking turn down for what but in korean. it's embarrassing that koreaboos think they're somehow better than others for liking what is essentially 5 year old trends.

No. 284226

>it's embarrassing that koreaboos think they're somehow better than others for liking what is essentially 5 year old trends.
get out of my brain anon lol! but seriously, crazy how kpop fans think they're so superior for liking kpop, despite having to get translations for everything. i can understand liking it for what it is but thinking that you're any better for liking it makes you seem foolish. kpop fans are always questioning why spanish music is so "accepted" but kpop isn't, despite a majority of spanish music being latin influenced and the considerable spanish speaking population in America, and kpop being what it is–watered down and regurgitated american music. if kpop fans wanna be so "original" they'd be listening to korean trot music

No. 284227

i'm assuming american kpop fans btw, idk what's it like on kpop fans outsides of the USA

No. 284245

>i've heard mashups that just sound like fucking turn down for what but in korean
Lmao, do you mean like GD X Taeyang - Good Boy?

No. 284246

File: 1534983807973.png (829.46 KB, 659x845, what the fuc.png)

i just felt like sharing this pic of V for no reason

No. 284248

File: 1534983933765.gif (2.31 MB, 390x277, laughter.gif)

thank u for your contribution anon

No. 284268

On the topic of blatant ripoffs, here's a video about a semi-old one. I know nick is a pervert but his videos are still nice.

No. 284306

Kpop styling is so bad, I am cackling

No. 284312

File: 1534996542425.png (430.01 KB, 857x360, wtfsuga.PNG)

I cringed so hard at their close-ups, especially Suga's stupid expression. To be honest I started paying attention to kpop more because of the fame BTS was getting at the start of the year. And it just hit me that they are really ugly in comparison to other groups. Not that is super important, but kpop is clearly more interested in looks that actual talent, so I find it really odd.

I also agree with the anon that said that V used to look attractive and is getting uglier and uglier. Can't really pinpoint why…

Also green screen looking shitty lol. I hope actual MV is a lot more interesting, Fake Love at least had a cool MV, but this one looks really cheap.

No. 284314

>I also agree with the anon that said that V used to look attractive and is getting uglier and uglier. Can't really pinpoint why…
anyone got a pic of his best look? not necessary but really trying to figure out why people are trying to hail him as the "best looking" outside of lolcow

No. 284315

He must be aging fast due to the stress of touring etc

No. 284317

File: 1534998705206.jpg (48.24 KB, 480x480, 39147956_1603991086567147_1083…)

all ik is that he looked his best before that fucking mullet and grandma jewelrey, short hair suits the dude obvs not the kris jenner haircut from wings kek

he is the best looking member but he's pretty basic in my books

No. 284318

File: 1534998767662.jpg (11.34 KB, 284x273, bitch bald.jpg)

also does anyone know if they give kpop boys extensions or just tease their hair alot bc

No. 284319

File: 1534998988478.jpg (59.83 KB, 580x426, 16675-mrdp1u4i4b.jpg)

I think they all used to look better during their earlier MVs, because even if it was try-hard and "we manly" as fuck they did look like regular (with makeup) boys and not the pastel fairies they are trying to look like now.

I think they looked their best in War of Hormone. And V looked good in DNA era as anon above said. To be honest if I really look at his face in DNA and now it looks the same, but I think the styling, some weight gain and probably stress makes him look worse. That's why I stated I could not really pin point what it was that I didn't like compared to previously.

No. 284320

File: 1534998995340.jpg (51.28 KB, 564x569, dd4a9424909a60433d0a29e51f327e…)

just search up "taehyung hair extensions" and there's a few more pics if you're curious. idk about other kpop boys tho

No. 284321

they definitely get extensions or hair pieces, there's a male idol who has taken his off on vlive a couple times

No. 284325

this is just a personal opinion but jungkook is the best looking to me, just i deduct attraction points from him due to his awkwardness (or ~*~baby boy*~~ -ness that his fans like to play off), idk if its just an image that bighit assigned him that he plays off really well or if jungkook really is just that awkward, but it just throws off any attraction i see in him

No. 284330

File: 1534999938296.jpg (123.73 KB, 570x738, il_570xN.1322719815_5siu.jpg)

I agree, but he's looking worse as well with all the bad styling. I've noticed they did give him the least ridiculous hairstyles and such, at least before the pink hair he had recently. And the Ron Weasley lol… they should had stuck with brown/black. He's just one of those idols that don't suit weird shit.

I found him really attractive in the Dope era. They all looked a lot better.

No. 284332

i'm same anon from >>284325, i totally agree with you. while fake love wasn't their best song, this personally to me was his GOAT era outside of woh and dope. darker hair without the bowl cut is his best style

No. 284334

File: 1535000268502.jpg (16.64 KB, 220x318, hyoyeon.jpg)

Lol 80% of male idols have extensions and probably 95% of female idols. On another note, I don't understand why Hyoyeon keeps this fugly blonde hair (which is probably fried to death after ten years)

No. 284335

File: 1535000327831.jpg (87.59 KB, 904x1024, brownhairhyo.jpg)

No. 284336

gonna assume it was to give some appeal to her out of 8 other members and to distract from all the plastic surgery. not gonna say the other obvious lol

No. 284337

I'm the OP and I get what you mean. I think jungkook is pretty attractive too, when I used to be in the fandom the one thing I hated was the persona they assigned him to, esp seeing how some of his stans would react. It made me wanna shove a gun in my mouth.

proceed with caution:


No. 284338

anon who responded to you. this kind of commentary honestly repulses me, considering you know they absolutely want to fuck him despite talking about him like this. i'm sure his persona and the "don't call me oppa" doesn't help

No. 284339

Also Hyuna, why do idols start looking decent and then transform to bleached, pale as vampire, red lips, plastic monster looking weirdos? I bet you even the most devoted fans will still say their best looks where their pre debut or even first era looks, like BTS, and almost every other group.

Why change something if it works? Just keep the hair. Like Jinyoung of Got7, he always has black hair and you know what? Looks good, he doesn't need to change it at all.

No. 284340

Why did I click that why did I click that

I really like Jungkook but every time I read something like that, I feel bad for liking him and I also feel bad for him as well. Gag

No. 284341

Hyoyeon never looked really plastic compared to Taeyeon, Sunny and Jessica. Wonders money can do. Also a video of Taeyeon's little sister came out and netizens and international fans alike attacked her for being '''ugly'' and not looking like Taeyeon. She's cute af, she's just not a plastic monster

No. 284345

What's up with Jungkook and the "don't call me oppa" thing? I saw that one video where he told an obviously older fan to not call him oppa, which is understandable, but a lot of people say he hates being called that. Did something else happen?

No. 284346

i agree. i understand koreans (or general east asians ig) view of a goddess is long black hair, pale and clean skin, and certain facial features but so many go waaaayy overboard trying to attain this, and the processed bleach blonde hair doesn't help

No. 284347

idk if it's actually his own doing or something assigned from bighit for his "persona" but my guess is the later and it makes me cringe, considering there's footage (?) of him telling another fan to call him oppa

No. 284349

I'm honestly surprised Taeyeon's younger sister is serious about this whole debut and being in the industry, considering her own sister has been in the industry for a decade and was pretty rough on her

No. 284350

"Savage" idols is also something many fans like, so it's really likely it was only a persona thing. Alongside the cute, shy, "how to talk to girls" fake personality. Maybe he was switching back and forth and forgot which one he was lol.

No. 284352

or he thinks its cringy as fuck being called oppa from an older girl and doesn't like the hierarchy rule(s) to be broken

No. 284353

that's true. it just happened to be the first thing i thought of considering it was such a big deal when it was happening

No. 284354

Hopefully she's not really really serious about it because she would get ripped apart. Honestly Tae is an amazing performer, you can't really tell she was miserable being in GG even though she probably was. I read she also almost refused to promote Gee because she hated the song so much. Serious diva syndrome

No. 284355

there's a whole side on bts stan twt that's honestly freaky as shit. RPF is honestly disgusting and i'll never understand why these girlies get off to it or try to hide the fact that it's damaging.

No. 284356

he was underage in dope era and he looked it

No. 284358

Like 17? I would still call him handsome. That doesn't mean I want to fuck him anon.

I don't think I would fuck any of these idols honestly, but I can be honest and say if I think they are cute or handsome. It's not like I'm writing fan fiction about JK and dreaming about giving him a bath like the sick shit in that twitter chain lol

No. 284359

File: 1535002810912.jpg (114.97 KB, 900x1200, ScIQwmhDjCk.jpg)

Uhhh what, I'm pretty sure it was obvious, I remember him posting this picture with dark hair and then they magically turned into longer blonde haircut, it was right before the dna comeback.

>To be honest I started paying attention to kpop more because of the fame BTS was getting at the start of the year. And it just hit me that they are really ugly in comparison to other groups.

It was similar for me, I got to know BTS about 2 years ago and liked them, was too lazy to research kpop in general and thought that they're the most talented/prettiest anyway because they were the most popular. Then I was surprised that there are many groups where members can actually sing and all of them can dance (not like BTS with Jin and Namjoon being awkward for example) and are more handsome overall. I'm not really hating on BTS, they just seem so boring now.

No. 284360

>I don't think I would fuck any of these idols honestly
same anon, i can admit a big interest of mine towards kpop was because the kpop idols all looked well managed and were good looking, but when i seriously think about it if i were to actually get the chance, i really can't see myself actually wanting to fuck or date any of these idols in real life

No. 284362

Its worse when you actually meet guys like them in korea and try daying them. Their style, the way they speak, their mannerisms, etc. Imagine there were hoards of women from other countries going on and on about how hot those basic Chad type guys are, and how they are the perfect human to ever walk the earth.

I cant even watch those stupid idol shows anymore, because you can see right through their stupid little “im such a cute wittle boy” aegyo act they put on

No. 284363

i'm sure they think they're hot shit considering how hard some of these stans go for them, which is exactly why i could never fuck/date one, probably terrible

No. 284365

File: 1535003926116.gif (1.72 MB, 400x225, jimin.gif)

For me it's the stage presence, or the way they carry themselves that is really attractive and interesting. Like for example, I found myself drawn to Jimin in the BST video, even if all you anons say he's ugly, etc. I think he looked really pretty and androgynous and that was by itself attractive to me.

But then, you see all these idols in their V lives, interviews, fan meetings etc and you can see they are just a bunch of immature, narcissistic, cringy regular teenagers/20 something dudes dabbing everywhere and that hook they had on you just goes POOF

No. 284367

you explained it a lot better for me anon, and i won't knock you for the jimin comment even tho i do think he's ugly as sin because he is meant to come off as attractive. in music videos, concerts, and professional pics they all look good but then you see the true tea and it turns me off. even one of BTS's own fan admitted she thought they were ugly in real life compared to on screen LOL

No. 284368

true, it's the make up also too, they often look 100x times worse without it and the styling.

No. 284369

as someone who has experience with makeup i'm sure it looks a hell of a ton better on screen compared to real life too unless your skin is flawless.
just in general they're gonna look better on screen no matter what but it's interesting to consider

No. 284371

It definitely does, it's odd watching the Behind the Scenes and seeing how different it looks with a regular camera. Also stage makeup it's sooo thick on the selfies they take and upload to Twitter. In person it must look so bad.

As I stated on >>284365, it's not the lack of makeup that turns me off, even if some do look better with it. It's their childish personalities that make them unfuckable. Imagine being on one of those fan meetings where they talk to the audience, full of aegyo, "sexy dances" and frivolous "you're so handsome" comments between each other. I would facepalm so hard I would have no face by the end of it.

Also, talking about that, is anyone else really disgusted with the constant "you're so handsome" members say to each other? I've noticed it a lot on NCT videos for example. Are they really superficial or do they want to fuck each other so much? Same with Jin from BTS, when did it become acceptable or even attractive being super vain in Korea?

No. 284372

i wouldn't be surprised if they carry their persona off stage/camera sometimes either, after faking to be something for so long i'm sure it incorporates somewhat into your daily/real life

>is anyone else really disgusted with the constant "you're so handsome"

yes, literally highlights how some of the members are literally there because they are considered good looking. not so much disgusted but just a minor annoyance. it's not like all the members need to be ~~talented~~ but you don't need to make the reason you're only there so blatant all the time. it's almost as if they say it out of spite since they've realized this themselves, jin especially considering V gets called the visual all the time

No. 284373

you can literally see the photoshop

No. 284379

Lmfao stupid delulu fans, she looks just like her sister

No. 284380

That stupid Ddundduddu chorus dance wants me to stab my eyes out. Idk why instagram always wants to recommend me videos of black pink and hani’s blank expression gyrating on stage

No. 284384

all of their fansite taken photos are photoshopped bc if there is a fansite that doesn't shoop their faces, they'll get attacked, mostly by kfans

No. 284385

ngl, she looks like a bootleg predebut version of her sister, just with makeup on. i see both sisters take after getting terrible nose jobs tho

No. 284387

File: 1535007146644.jpg (1.86 MB, 1398x1030, 2agq1ih.jpg)

it's a shame they have such harsh beauty standards, i find their real skin tones to be beautiful, it's called olive color i think? (jimin is still fugly tho)

No. 284388

File: 1535007239276.jpg (173.02 KB, 1280x852, 6_zy5iv9cpM.jpg)

No. 284454

i wasnt saying it in an 'ew you want to bang underage boys' way, i was just saying he looked underage & thats why he didnt appeal to me, should have been more clear

No. 284471

not the same anon but the one who agreed dope was one of his best looks, but i got what you meant. i feel the same way tbh, it wasn’t so much attraction but that it’s a good style he should stick with like he did in fake love. a lot of what has turned me off to kpop these days since i’ve become an adult is how obviously young these idols are, and it’s kind of sick when the PD of produce 101 himself admitted it was like visual porn, despite the fact that sooo many of the participants are obviously underage.

kpop was cool when i was a teenager but since i’ve grown a lot i can’t really get into it as much these days.

No. 284472

Maybe it's a stupid question, but why don't idols just switch to wigs? Western singers do it all the time, nowadays wigs look very realistic, better looking than a fried mess anyway

No. 284475

she looked so good for awhile but the surgery is cracking lmao

No. 284477

File: 1535036381053.jpg (111.42 KB, 1440x1080, maxresdefault.jpg)

taeyeon had her time to really shine and embrace the style she liked back in the first japan era and you could tell she was happier in that time period

in the middle of the The Boys promotions it seemed to go back to that same old misery and i dont think she ever recovered

No. 284488

It's kinda shocking. Back in january, I saw some blonde older woman be the MC for Red Velvet's comeback and I realized it was actually her. Tbh I like her but SM did her dirty.
Talking about SM, do you believe Jessica was kicked out or left by her own will?

No. 284504

Different anon but I think it's safe to say that Jessica wanted out but not in the way it actually went down.. I'm still curious as to why SM decided to be as petty as they were back then, it's not like they don't have other idols that run businesses next to promoting with their groups. The way SM treated SNSD in general during/after that time is astounding to me, they were one of their biggest cashcows with a good balance of actual talent (singing, dancing, performing) and variety skills and a hardcore fanbase, yet they totally mismanage their 10th anniversary comeback and lose 3 members of the group? I just can't understand why they do the things they do lol

No. 284514

File: 1535046647642.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.38 MB, 390x258, TaeDna.gif)

Taehyung… Wtf happened he was genuinely so pretty for DNA. I actually agree that J hope look the best here, his outfit is kinda cool and his hairstyle fits his face.

No. 284515

Personally I think she had wanted to do her own thing for awhile. People get mad when its brought up that she was basically not even trying anymore. Also, lots of rumors about her and Taeyeon being at eachothers throats and Taeyeon(along with Yoona) was the groups cash cow. I dont think its a stretch that she wanted to do her own thing. Also, the incident at the airport basically showed SM was being very careless. Then the drama with her sisters group. So maybe she wanted out but because of the contract she couldnt go. Then maybe she started trying to break the rules a bit to be let go, with the fashion line and stuff. Plus wasnt she supporting the Chinese EXO members which were also locked in lawsuits with SM at the time? I think she was technically kicked, basically SM beating her to the punch instead of letting her go awol on her own. This is all wild speculation on my part, but considering Kpop is an industry of lies and illusions and lawsuits to keep silence, who knows when we will find things out the truth.

No. 284528

File: 1535050040283.jpg (80.3 KB, 610x517, 03.17585751.1.jpg)

A girl faints (probably for real judging by the others faces) and the journalist uses such a picture, yikes.

Sometimes I don't get how some gg claim to eat so little but still look rather normal or healthy, but in this one all members really look very skinny…

No. 284529

wtf this is disgusting.

No. 284531

All idols starve themselves. I mean for fuck sake, they acted like Wendy was fat. So she cut her intake by who knows how much just to lose even more weight.

No. 284537

god he makes me cringe soo much. he tries so hard!!!

No. 284539

But there are some idols who look rather normal. Of course they also diet, but not as extreme as those girls (unless they have shitty genes). I googled their profiles and most of them are 170cm but only 48kg…

No. 284540

literally all the girls in blackpink look anorexic. why do their fans support it? they are the worst looking gg at the moment and its sick as fuck.

No. 284541

File: 1535053398496.gif (1.8 MB, 222x233, tumblr_oc2zzgag3s1rbc79co8_250…)

We've discussed it already, but yeah, I can't believe fans don't talk about the fact they are super skinny, especially Lisa. It kind of freaks me out. Just look at this thread where a fan ACTUALLY wants to look like them:

Luckily most of them tell her not to starve herself and don't encourage it.

No. 284544

Saged for blog, but today my little sister showed me an advertisement for kpop in a teen mag she was reading. Luckily she only found them weird, because they look like clones, but it still pisses me off that they're trying to push that shit onto foreign kids…

About bts latest concept, korean seem to eat it up:
>4. [+104, -1] I'm already getting goosebumps and feeling so proud imagining BTS hitting the Billboard with kukak music and going on tour all over the world in hanbok… I'm already seeing foreign armies asking and learning what old Korean singing techniques are and explaining what words like 'yangban' means, it's so cool seeing that stuff being retweeted ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I was never so patriotic until becoming a fan of BTS
They really love themselves too much…

No. 284549

speaking of korean nationalism, have you noticed that every time a group goes on vacation to a foreign country and they film it, they specifically have a scene dedicated to them going to a korean restaurant and whining about how they miss korean food?

what the fuck?? who goes on vacation to eat the same shit you eat everyday at home? NO ONE

No. 284551

this isn't even just a korean thing for me, but i personally think it's lame going to foreign countries just to eat what you already have at home. but since we are in the kpop forum it does annoy me when interviewers will ask a member what they enjoyed eating in america and the usual is just "panda express! rice!" etc. so lame

No. 284553

they purposely say that so their korean fans know that they think korean food is the best.

No. 284554

why the fuck did the MC even remotely think this was the appropriate way to handle someone who has obviously fainted. he has watched waaaaay too many dramas because this is potentially dangerous, hope he get rightfully criticized

No. 284555

Now that you mention it, yes, they always go to korean restaurants

I think it's so weird how a former hip hop/rap and now fake deep generic pop group dresses up in their traditional gowns? It doesn't fit at all, their image and style is all over the place.

No. 284556

How did BTS go from their earlier hip-hop style to this politically correct mainstream pop style? I mean, look at the difference between their debut song and their recent songs like DNA

No. 284561

yea its like they transformed, dna sucked so much, and i feel like IDOL is gonna be similar.

speaking of which, wtf are the english lyrics on IDOL? "all i do is suffer"? the fuck? bitch you guys are rich as shit and you sing and dance and wear gucci for a living. it genuinely makes me angry that a successful idol group has the gall to release a song called idol where they say all they do is suffer. cry me a fucking river.

No. 284562

BTS themselves probably don't even fucking know, gotta wonder if bighit has any idea really what to do with them. people are so certain bighit is gonna kick a company out of the big three and become one of the big three despite being an obvious trend. apparently bighit is debuting another boy group within the next year or so instead of a girl group, so who knows how that will go. they weren't even successful with GLAM or HOMME or any other groups that i know of.

i've seen some delusional army's call it the "big 4" now to include bighit

No. 284567

Lol, there's no limit to people cashing in with BTS. Why even do a lyrics video if it's 1 minute long, mind you because he repeated the audio two times.

The "It's OK I'm happy" or whatever Jimin screams physically hurts. Did someone squeeze his nuts to create that sound? And ARMY in comments creaming their pants because of his voice lol are you serious???

No. 284569

File: 1535058064981.png (1.61 MB, 1021x765, nothing but suffering.png)

"i suffer wherever i go"

meanwhile eating 3 plates of food including whole lobsters each
so fucking disrespectful and not to mention just generally… emo and embarassing

also lol at jimins face

No. 284570

>The "It's OK I'm happy" or whatever Jimin screams physically hurts
this whole "LOVE YOURSELF!!!" is so redundant and fake crap, especially from jimin since he clearly does NOT love himself. obviously a money grab especially after that questionnaire thing bighit did before this era on if armys were depressed or not

No. 284571

File: 1535058145510.png (187.26 KB, 288x366, Screen Shot 2018-08-23 at 5.02…)

No. 284572

I wonder what made Bighit decide to change their entire style. Something happened in the HYYH era and their sound started to change. Despite the style change, the HYYH albums were actually pretty good. The Wings & YNWA era wasn't bad but it wasn't so good either, their sound started get kinda generic, the only really good songs were Spring Day and Lie (in my opinion). I think these Love Yourself albums are their worst work, I don't understand how they got the most attention internationally.

No. 284576

First because fans liked them for their "good stuff" and now are so delulu the will like anything they release and lie to themselves that they like it. Also because people are really into the whole fake woke "we're all perfect humans beings" stuff going on, and them acting like they care about that stuff fits their social justice warrior agenda. Only thing missing is for them to release a generic "all races are the same guys" song while at the same time bullying other idol's skintone because it's two shades darker than the perfect "I haven't left the house in 10 years" skin they live for.

No. 284582

Do you or anyone else feel like they'll go back to their old style, or at least drop the generic western edm? I despise the ly era to the point I refuse to support it in any way lmao, their old albums used to be so good, I hope they go back to it. Perhaps they're going through a mid group life crisis, they're 5 years old after all

No. 284583

Seriously though. Love Yourself albums are associated with their UNICEF campaign and I'm kinda disappointed at how they didn't use this opportunity to make songs about a lot of related topics. If you are going to go all social justice, do it genuinely. It's obvious when people are faking it for their personal gain.
I'm not saying BTS members are completely evil and they are doing this whole thing solely for personal gain, but sometimes I question their sincerity

No. 284584

I just realized why I hate BTS so much now in comparison to Dope or Fire. It's because they are fucking DEPRESSING. I got introduced to them with some really fun poppy tracks, but now all their latest MVs are so emo and fake deep. It's POP music guys! Just dance and have fun. Like in the BAPSAE dance practice, which I really liked and was one of the first videos I saw of them.

Why go this depressing route? How is this making more money than having some pretty boys sing and dance to pop music? No wonder they look so depressing and bored lately. They lost all their charm to me.

No. 284585

>I'm not saying BTS members are completely evil and they are doing this whole thing solely for personal gain, but sometimes I question their sincerity
eh i wouldn't say they're evil either, but it's quite obvious they are just doing what their company tells them and profiting, which is their job so idc, but if you're going to profit off of such a topic and impressionable people at least make it seem somewhat genuine. i think i read somewhere that even some of the bts members themselves don't even understand their concept or storylines

No. 284586

I think usually teenagers go for either the fun group or the emo one to identify themselves. I would understand if they started all emo and deep, but they just did a complete 180° and it's really jarring to me…

Well now that I think about it.. they were really emo at the start too like in Danger MV lol. So maybe the fun tracks where the odd ones?

I think this is a problem with kpop groups in general and them changing their music each comeback. And then fans want to label them as true artists, lol, no actual music group would sell themselves so hard to fit a completely different concept and sound each year.

No. 284588

>pretty boys

No. 284589

also anyone else tired of forcing the "kpop groups are best boyfriends for life!!!!" narratives? BTS especially gets this a lot and i don't really get it. i can understand them having good work ethic towards each other but all of them being total best friends like their fans try to push? sones tried to push that "they're friends for life" narrative even when it was clear a few didn't vibe well together and that ended being an obvious bust. was nice to see T.O.P admit he just saw the big bang members as simply coworkers for once

No. 284590

have their fans always sperged about how deep they are or is this a new development?

these dumb fucks look so pleased with themselves when i'm sure this concept has been done before by many western pop stars. britney's lucky, lady gaga's the fame monster just off the top of my head

No. 284591

Lol I've even seen idols forget the name of their own songs. It's so awkward, if you want to fit the "I suffered so much to get here, I deserve it" persona at least try to give a shit.

No. 284592

I liked some of their older music too. They are selling better than ever nowadays, so I don't think they'll change their style. They'll probably keep up with whatever's trending and if their general following likes it, they'll keep doing it.

No. 284593

Lol I was mostly talking about other groups like NCT which another anon said they are pretty boys dancing to stupid songs and they know it. I'm all good with that.

No. 284594

oh my god yes, when jennie forgot her own lyrics and sperged on stage despite having like four songs at the time lol

No. 284602

her whole group sucks at singing live yet have the easiest schedule. they have what? like 7 songs now?? its not that hard to remember the lyrics when other groups have like a million more songs. BP seems so lazy, all their dances and songs sound the same lol. idk how jennie forgot her shit not once but like three times.

No. 284605

File: 1535065135468.jpg (37.72 KB, 618x584, tumblr_pdw4mfIpwp1v6kr4n_640.j…)

just a small contribution

No. 284621

He looks like an Asian caricature

No. 284630

File: 1535074113963.jpg (94.68 KB, 960x540, tumblr_pdwmecGdVt1tds2quo4_128…)

jesus christ, i rebuke it

No. 284633

File: 1535076397148.jpg (23.09 KB, 575x467, 1-nakedmolerat.jpg)

No. 284635

File: 1535076733295.jpg (55.98 KB, 915x749, C77KjozW4AAclBf.jpg)

light colored lenses look so fucking bad on them, even if the color of the lense was more natural it wouldn't help

No. 284638

File: 1535078020025.jpg (55.43 KB, 540x539, 0a1b41c8a2be66543f7b906432650b…)

never fails to look uncanny

No. 284641

btw why are they so popular? is it because there are only four of them? that's the reason why they got my attention personally, big groups like twice seem too boring and confusing to me because there are so many of them and they all look the same (even though i like some of their songs).

No. 284643

YG girl group, successors to 2NE1, considered much prettier than 2NE1, their more "edgy" and "girl crush" concept that they've managed to pander towards male and female fans that was during a time of really cutesy concepts, years of hype, their mysterious (?) vibe they give off since they have hardly any songs and weren't promoting them often at one point, etc.

that's what i've been seeing fans say contribute to their success, despite the fact that they are terrible performers

No. 284645

File: 1535079770683.jpg (Spoiler Image, 68.13 KB, 854x480, x480-nFq.jpg)

was looking through BTSs uncanny contact lens photos and found this shit, ya'll gonna see it too since i had to

No. 284647

File: 1535080959708.jpg (113.63 KB, 768x1024, 008tAMrTSrU.jpg)

they should just do him a favour and stop turning him into an alien lizard

No. 284649

On the subject of skinny idols, 9muses always freaked me out with how thin they were. Moon hyuna, minha and eunji specifically. Then Hyemi basically reveled that they eat nothing more than 2 or 3 plastic cups full of rice or beans a day and it all made sense. I dont understand how they live.

No. 284674

File: 1535092219549.jpg (52.79 KB, 540x674, luna.jpg)

I'm kinda shocked at that anon who said that most idols are normal weight, most of them are underweight. One of Oh my Girl member had to leave the group because of anorexia too IIRC. Also carboxy shots look nasty af

No. 284679

I absolutely hate this image oh my god
Can someone explain to me why they give kpop idols crazy colored hair and make them wear awful circle lenses?

No. 284692

lol how tf are bts going to combine their image of innocent bois and collabing with nicki? won't netizens hate on them even more now?

No. 284694

Why would netizens hate on them for that? Both fans and the general public will be super impressed and praise them for getting western recognition. Koreans don't give a shit if she supports/collabs with child molesters and is currently reaching peak desperation while experiencing her downfall.

No. 284695

why so much screaming

No. 284697

The song is trash but I honestly like that they made the video so weird.

No. 284701

File: 1535102164633.png (284.7 KB, 328x432, Seductivemiddleagedman.png)

>I love my dance and I love my what

Ngl I like the video and dancing, the song is really bad tho.
Gotta love Taehyung looking like a used car salesman giving you a seductive look.

No. 284703

I regret listening to this piece of shit. I wanna see how the fans are reacting. Are they in denial? Are they really gonna send this MESS to western radio stations.

All I could think was "why are they suddenly becoming bigbang"

No. 284710

A genuine assault on the eyes and ears.

they will probably love it and spend the next month or so talking about how deep it is even when the message is generic af.

No. 284711

Oh wow this is unlistenable. Someone get these clowns a passable vocalist and shut their scream 'rapping' up.

I really think BTS' horrible music is what I hate so much about them and how they're everywhere. I hated Big Bang's pretentious 'artist' bullshit and fanbase too, but I could at least admit they had some great songs that justified their popularity. But BTS is just one of those groups where I can't enjoy their music at all and can't fathom how others would.

No. 284713

So they did release a song with Nicki Minaj after all…

No. 284732

File: 1535104989443.jpg (54.05 KB, 440x960, 39024155_10210801927958857_281…)

I can't believe, but I actually prefer the teaser???
I mean, at least it's coesive and consistent, and alludes to something with a bit more substance, even if just a little. The full video is just a big, big mess.

Where's the ~traditional korean identity~? Kek.


And she's the best part of the song, oof. That's not saying much.

No. 284762

well, i succesfully got memed. turned out its 'im so fine wherever i go'… i guess i prefer it this way? whats up with the song and video though lol

No. 284770

"Traditional Korean identity" my ass. This sounds more American than anything to be honest

No. 284774

apparently its south african and korean fusion…

No. 284780

File: 1535114829232.png (32.04 KB, 355x132, tumblr_m7u02tAjO11qhaxs9.png)

I /like/ BTS and I think this comeback is the worst yet, it's so fucking bad and cringy and bland. What the fuck have they been smoking?
God forbid you don't worship everything they shit out, though.

No. 284781

It's a pretty common thing. A lot of Koreans almost always bring ramen and gochujang in their luggage with them when they go on holiday.

Linking it with nationalism isn't really wrong because Koreans really act like they can't survive more than a couple of days without superior foods such as kimchi, gochuchang and shin ramyeon.

Source: Used to live in Korea and have way too many Korean friends.

No. 284792

Serving some Romanian carny realness

No. 284802

going back to their roots with the lil jon crunk screams I see. if this is sent to radio it’s going to stick out like a sore thumb

No. 284809

I'm starting to think that's what they want to archieve though? Fake Love was kind of okay but this is just…Confusing. The song it's bad and catchy but I think the main message is ''I couldn't care less about what you think'', people -and themselves- think we are awesome so…Fuck the rest?
Not in the ''love myself'' way at all (as fans will try to defend), just ''I can do whatever shit I like, I'm still in BTS and people will love me no matter what''.
It's kind of infuriating how much I hate this song and to think that maybe that's what they wanted.
The video is so all over the place that I don't know if I find it amusing or obnoxious.
I already saw fans trying to defend the scene where V is being mobbed but I don't know if they realize they're their own FANS mobbing them? Not haters or antis as they claim, just fans who have no control. It's kind of ironic tbh.

No. 284816

Do you know what an actual romanian looks like?

Anyway, they look horrendous and the song is unlistenable, incoherent garbage but the stans are loving it

No. 284818

so the song is not about the dark side of being an idol after all? what i got was that they lovE tHEmseLveS even if everyone thinks idols are manufactured non-artists? and their fans say they're relatable?

No. 284819

so was them teasing that it was a political song really them trying to find words to prepare people for how fucking terrible it is???

No. 284820

There's a big ass shitshow going on in BTS' latest Instagram picture and it's really entertaining to see kek

No. 284822

got any screenshots anon? LOL

No. 284823

honestly i prefer that over some emo song about how tragic it is to be a rich famous idol

No. 284824

This sounds nothing like the teaser lol Bighit always does that
This song is probably going to break Look What You Made Me Do's most viewed music video in 24 hours record. The 2nd and 3rd music videos on that list are Ddu-Du Ddu-Du and Fake Love. Idol looks so underwhelming compared to these three

No. 284825

File: 1535123878902.png (107.14 KB, 720x849, Screenshot_20180824-171523.png)

Basically some people have been leaving comments like "gay", "you suck", etc and armys are going nuts

No. 284826

File: 1535123946579.png (94.71 KB, 601x670, Screenshot_20180824-171543.png)

No. 284827

Lol wtf? Not saying we're all intellectuals here nitpicking idols, but those people could find something better to do

No. 284828

ah yes, my favorite group, Bitches That Sing LOL

No. 284831

File: 1535124147155.png (36.56 KB, 544x293, Screenshot_20180824-172017.png)

To be fair, you need to have a very high IQ to understand BTS

No. 284833

True, but ARMYs are making such a big deal out of it tho. The best way to deal with them would have been to simply ignore them because, as you said, those people have really nothing better to do

No. 284836

How did they manage to fall this much in the span of one year? What happened lmao, it's such a shame

No. 284842

File: 1535125692050.jpg (91.01 KB, 1080x1337, 36837963_2068637606787976_4076…)

me at this new comeback

No. 284843

I meant the music, anon, not the look

No. 284845

To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand BTS. The music is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of German literature most of the references will go over a typical viewer's head. There's also Taehyung's nihilistic outlook, which is deftly woven into his characterisation- his personal philosophy draws heavily from van Gogh's artwork, for instance. The fans understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of these references, to realise that they're not just artistic- they say something deep about LIFE. As a consequence people who dislike BTS truly ARE idiots- of course they wouldn't appreciate, for instance, the depth in Jimin's existential catchphrase "La La La La," which itself is a cryptic reference to Le Guin's American philosophical fiction The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas. I'm smirking right now just imagining one of those addlepated simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as Bang PD-nim's genius wit unfolds itself on their computer screens. What fools.. how I pity them. 😂

And yes, by the way, i DO have a tattoo in Korean that i can't read. And no, you cannot see it. It's for the ARMY's eyes only- and even then they have to demonstrate that they're within 5 IQ points of my own (preferably lower) beforehand. Nothin personnel anons 😎

No. 284848

I really hote this is bait and you're not this degenerate anon

No. 284850

lmao nice
the sad thing is a lot of armys arent far off this, i find especially the adult ones say stuff like this because they feel like they have to justify liking a shiny poppy kpop group aimed at 12 year olds

No. 284851

God, this is the worst one yet. I even prefer the stupid high pitcheD FAAAKE LOOVE than this shit. Why do they all sound the same also? It's like they're screaming at a certain pitch and with all the effects in their voices it sounds like the same person over and over.

I do what I do, I do my thang. WTF lol if this was released by a rookie group people would be shitting on them nonstop.

No. 284853

Don't worry, it's a copypasta based on the rick and morty version https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/to-be-fair-you-have-to-have-a-very-high-iq-to-understand-rick-and-morty

Now that I think about it there ARE a lot of similarities between Rick and morty fans and armys…

No. 284855

Yeah ohmygirl and girlfriend are definitely continuining the trend of idols that are so skinny they look ill.
Its crazy because i do NOT remember it being like that with the other generations. Sure, there were times when members would lose weight or develop eating disorders or would be naturally thin but it was always so obvious and actually scandalous. Remember Yuri's anorexia? Remember how people would tease Sooyoung because of how thin she was? And girls that werent as thin were usually complimented by the media for being bagel girls or having "athletic" bodies. Like Bekah and Kahi from After School. Of course some were called chubby or shamed like Sulli and the members of T-ara, but thats an unfortunate reality everywhere when you gain more weight than people are used to seeing you as. Now its the norm to be very underweight and frail always it seems.

No. 284856

File: 1535127335260.png (8.65 KB, 511x116, yalldontgetit.png)

"omg it was bad on purpose guys!!!"

how are they "breaking" any of that with their "lyrics and dance and sound" anyway? they are big time generic kpop

No. 284862

Yikes, I was actually interested because the teaser sounded nice, what is this garbage. I think the music video is good, because I like weird music videos, but the lyrics, oh dear… The work of true lyrical geniuses… The boygroup of the people, with lyrics about important social issues and relatable emotions, with gems such as "spin it your anpanman", "I'm in love with myself", "I love my fans", and my personal favorite, "Bum badum bum brrrrumble".

It's so embarrassing watching armies try to defend their initial predictions about how it's gonna be a deep-hitting song about the reality of being an idol and the struggle of not forgetting your roots. It's almost not even funny anymore watching them make fools of themselves over and over

No. 284865

Jesus Christ, there's nothing wrong with liking "mindless" music. Listening to songs about shallow themes doesn't make you and idiot. But trying to make up a deeper meaning of a song when it's just about fame and money does

No. 284866

Moderate cringe

especially the fat girl with the rainbow hair

No. 284868

I like trippy/weird music videos, but this one, in my opinion, is so bad. It just looks like a bunch of random ddep-fried 2003 Powerpoint clips put together with Windows Movie Maker. And those green screens hurt my eyes

No. 284869

Did anyone check out the other new songs in their album? I had low expectations yet most of the songs were still a let-down. Just Dance is somewhat decent and that's pretty much it. I'm Fine isn't a good sequel to Save Me. I see what they were trying to do with IDOL but it ended up being messy, not really in the way they intended to do.

No. 284874

"moderate" cringe??


yea its pretty meh, just dance is the best of the raplines solos imo. suga shouldnt have tried to sing

No. 284876

>"moderate" cringe??

Well, I've seen worse

No. 284882

I agree, that's why I said it was embarrassing. Nobody would give a shit if they just admitted they like them because they like how they look and dance and their music is fun. All this fake woke shit is just making them look like complete fools

No. 284886

I hope their popularity crumbles soon since they're shitting on the people who love them so much anyway.

No. 284888

pls spoiler similar pics of bts in the future ty

No. 284891

Their fans don't realize it though, so… One of them can literally be like "armys are shit" and they'd be like "he didn't mean it like that, in Korean it's a different meaning, also he likes to joke with us because he sees us as equals, that means he really does love us. It's also a reference to the fact that his favorite color is brown. Army have a special connection with him, you just don't get it"

No. 284892

can someone please explain why so many of them have fanny packs

No. 284893

File: 1535131505929.png (467.85 KB, 1280x678, jYJpKWY.png)

The truly incredible thing about BTS' music and the "Love Yourself" series in particular that I think goes really underappreciated is that each release is worse than the last, so when they release new awful songs, the previously released awful songs seem much better than they used to by comparison.

I didn't like DNA when it released, but after hearing Fake Love, which was much worse, it wasn't as bad anymore. And now, after hearing Idol? DNA is actually a pretty good song and Fake Love wasn't that bad. What a genius strategy!!

No. 284894

File: 1535131518303.jpg (41.95 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I'm sure 2013 BTS would be crying of disappointment.

No. 284896

Wearing fanny packs is a new sreetwear fashion trend that not many people except soccer moms can pull off

No. 284900

man she really is that desperate to revive her dying career

No. 284908

File: 1535133797598.png (729.73 KB, 1246x1262, Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 2.02…)

oh my god, as if their fans haven't been annoying enough already

No. 284915

i have literally every word i could think of related to them muted on twitter and i still see them everywhere (why the fuck cant you mute words from trending/moments??) their fans (and loona/dia fans sometimes) spam their mvs under tweets too, i can't wait for kpop to die out

No. 284923

i just assumed it was cause theyre american and americans wear weird stuff

kek you might be onto something there anon

No. 284941

Anon, they ARE everywhere. BTS fans just keep popping up no mather wherever on the internet you go. I really hope that k-pop is the next Britpop and dies out in 4 or 5 years

I can't take Nicki seriously after collaborating with 6ix9ine to be honest

No. 284980

I just don't understand how someone likes that idol song it's waayy too bad. I didn't expect them to release such a terrible song at all.

Also, I hear the eurovision winner song during the chorus. I hate that song too and now it's stuck in my head. I'm annoyed.

No. 284984

>Chun Li

am I missing something? when did Nicki start calling herself that?

No. 284994

Since her single from a few months back.

I kek'd when she tried to rhyme Korea with career in this BTS song.

No. 285000


Imagine this exact video and song, with same type members who are same level of attractiveness, in the same clothes, but the members are western and not korean. None of the "army" would listen to this crap or cream their pants, they'd switch the damn radio channel.

This sounds like Jake Paul track, but in korean.

No. 285004


the girl in the red can really dance but the fatty with rainbow hair is still my fav. how out of beat can one be

No. 285006

Nah. BTS doesn't care. 2013 BTS was barely making bank. The members can get away with releasing garbage music now and still have millions of rabid ARMYs throwing their money at the group.

No. 285008

>How did they manage to fall this much in the span of one year?

Cuz $$$ and more Western validation (even though celebrities here probably care more about the group's name than their music).

No. 285009

they don't care about bts' name they care about their rabid fanbase

No. 285010

at this point BTS is really only famous because of their fanbase, literally any interview or article thats the only thing that they talk about, ARMYs. i wonder how BTS feels about that

No. 285012

smh anon that wrote that–meant that its always a topic brought up, not that its the only thing lmaoo

No. 285013

>i wonder how BTS feels about that
they love it because it means money. if bts members were serious about their art, they wouldn't have signed to an idol entertainment company in the first place.

No. 285017

First they collaborated with douchey racists (the Chainsmokers) and now they collaborated with a hypocritical and racist child molestor-enabler. BTS is so desperate for any recognition from American pop artists–even the bottom-pf-the-barrel ones. Sad.

To be fair, some BTS members did want to produce and seriously make music (RM and Suga) before being moved into the idol group that we've come to loathe today. To be real, neither RM nor Suga would have blown up had they went solo and serious with their music from the beginning. Suga's music is mediocre sadboi shit and RM's is laughable.

No. 285021

>RM's is laughable.

>Got an automatic dick got an automatic stick

never forget lol

No. 285024

I watched most of Form of Therapy's video. Idk if he was praising or disliking the song, but he said that the lyrics are owning up to the fact BTS are idols and how proud they are of the title…?

He said that Koreans, non-musicians and musicians alike, look down on idols, so BTS are saying "no" to that popular opinion.

Personally, even if that were the point of them making a hideous MV and a shitty ass song, and a new album that's barely new. BTS saying that just shows they only care about the money and fame.

No. 285026

The meaning behind that song is really vague and further contributes to BTS's pseudo-deep stuff. I also find that theory a little funny since some BTS members not too long ago also looked down on idols and idol life.

No. 285029

When you look at BTS as individuals, most of them lack a lot for their positions.
I find Jhope to be the most talented one in BTS. He is a really good dancer so he pulls off his main dancer position well, and he has a good stage presence. He is actually good at coming up with catchy songs too. I think he'd do fine as a solo artist if he continued that way

No. 285030

File: 1535148450409.png (39.04 KB, 586x296, Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 6.07…)

who's gonna tell them

No. 285034

File: 1535150525912.gif (1.29 MB, 500x211, 3oISJhq.gif)

I'd say that he's pretty unlikely to succeed as a solo artist. The only reason any of these guys are getting any attention individually is because of their role as a part of an extremely popular group, not because of individual talent. I can't vouch for whether or not he's a good dancer or comes up with catchy songs (though I do believe their role in the composition of their own music is greatly exaggerated), but I do know that he's even the least popular within the group due to his messed up looking face. He could be as talented as you say, but talent is irrelevant to kpop fans. I can't see him getting anywhere with that mug kek

I definitely don't think that all 7 of the members can make it big outside of BTS, but at least a couple of them will probably stick around for a while. I want them to break up already so that we can watch what happens

No. 285037

Honestly? It's pretty bland. The debut was fucking boring.

No. 285042

I thought of it in a "which member of BTS would be able to continue pursuing music and give good concerts by his own" way. I see your point and I agree that they are getting attention because of BTS and not because of their individual talent, but a pretty face won't make up for the lack of talent in music for a long time. If people aren't getting good performances, they will eventually get bored.
I'm curious about how things will work out for them after BTS too.

No. 285046

isn't jungkook supposed to be releasing a mixtape sometime? i wonder how far his akgaes, or whatever they call individual stans, will get him

No. 285047

Not only are you right about talent being irrelevant to kpop fans, but he's not very talented at all. The other members of BTS are just so talentless they make him look better in comparison. He's a fine dancer, but shit at everything else, even by kpop standards.

BTS really is a shit group. The fact that everything about their group (rap line, vocal line, looks, choreo/dancing abilities (outside of j-hope), concepts, styling, etc.) is so painfully weak even compared to other shitty boy groups yet they've still managed to gain this much traction is wild to me.

No. 285048

God this gif gave me such a visceral reaction. I felt so pissed seeing his stupid face.

No. 285049

>korean and african fusion

Yea the whistle sounds and beat is really African sounding.

Also not surprised more Asians keep appropriating black sound. For as much as they hate black people, they sure do follow them everywhere to steal and imitate their styles, personalities and trends.

No. 285050

i hope not cause itll just be embarrassing for everyone. i feel kinda bad for jungkook cause he got into it so young (auditioned at 13 i think?) and then all he's done since then is learn how to be an idol. he has no musical talents beyond just parroting what is wrote for him, the stuff he does on his own is super bland even with 136547247 writers and producers helping him

i think jhope's dancing stands out too. i even dont mind his rapping despite the nasally voice. i liked the song airplane from his mixtape

No. 285051

File: 1535152836319.jpg (75.82 KB, 750x349, 5AD708B7-DFD4-4B04-8927-35A558…)

someone said their clones look like gta san andres characters

No. 285052

No. 285053

File: 1535152853094.png (96.7 KB, 200x327, CarlJohnson-GTASA.png)

No. 285054

I'm going to start using this shitpost everywhere. Thanks.

No. 285058

File: 1535153704176.png (206.16 KB, 968x733, 1533515717506.png)


No. 285061

The new bts song sounds like shit and looks like shit, but I'm enjoying how armys are going through mental hurdles right now to defend it. If they can't find anything substantial to say about concrit their automatic response is 'fake concern'. A perfect display of the average intelligence level of armys tbh.

No. 285062

File: 1535154845497.jpg (90.26 KB, 720x820, IMG_20180824_185315.jpg)

No. 285064

I would like to think that Jungkook would be the member to make it big once BTS disbands but his production quality is so damn basic that all his fans can link this song to are the ships he's associated with like Jikook or Taekook. Anything he does or is interested in is for the ~~romantic love~~ he feels towards a member.

From the music he makes to his photography/vlogs he actually seems passionate about (which I actually find to be a cute redeeming quality about him), all his fans seem to think is uwu he's dating that member.

So, my money is on none of the members. They're all forgetful.

No. 285069

>intellectually sarcastic
jfc. do these people hear themselves?

also armys seem awfully happy about the fact that BTS wrote a 'diss track' about the FANS - "fuck you guys that pay our bills! by the way, please buy 8 different copies of this album to get all the photocards, thanks"

No. 285072

File: 1535156818793.jpg (222.74 KB, 1080x792, IMG_20180825_052544.jpg)

lol sorry deleted the post, that's what you replied to

No. 285073

File: 1535157095179.jpg (20.44 KB, 400x293, kelly.jpg)

>19.1K rts

No. 285076

It's going to be Jimin or Jungkook, those are really the only two. The maknae line are the most popular members, and I'm not including Taehyung bc if he makes it big solo it's going to be through acting (he's bad but tbh he can get away with it, kdramas are pretty shit). I think Jimin has the two bestselling solo songs from their group albums rn?

No. 285079

i wonder how ARMYs will react the day BTS isn't number one for something

No. 285080

I'm so tired of these delusional twats thinking bts' shit doesn't stink. The success has changed them and they obviously hate their fans lmao

Can't wait until they disband or something better comes along, the gravy train needs to stop here.

No. 285095

they weren't until 2 years ago. some of you all forget how nugu bts was lmao.

Anyways I think I was brainwashed, I watched the MV like 3 times: the first one when it came out and I immediately felt embarrassed, the second to catch the lyrics and the third… it's so bizarre and horrible that I actually enjoy it

No. 285096

girl what? boy in luv was a success. they weren't literal nugus

No. 285100

yeah but they're number one now and their fans make sure its for literally everything, even the most irrelevant things. before they had the underdog thing going but they won't after they fall off

No. 285105

File: 1535162984148.jpeg (260.72 KB, 2208x1242, IMG_2550.jpeg)

jesus christ, idk if its the pants but jin looks skinny as fuck. tbh they all look skinny. no wonder why jungkook was the only one wearing shorts, and he be lookin fairly skinny himself

No. 285106

just realized rapmon also wearing shorts in that cap but my point still stands

No. 285113

Seeing idols this thin isn’t even knew anymore but their fashion is so tacky. Goddamn, they really think they’re hot shit wearing those ugly clothes and unflattering haircuts.

No. 285116

how convenient that bts fans get to say that this video is ironic when it's their biggest sellout moment yet. they clearly want their gangnam style viral moment in the us but get to keep their fake deep brand. bighit's marketing is genius, you gotta hand it to them

No. 285123

ARMYs would have no problem making fun of another group if their music video was like theirs. shoot, they still think psy's music videos were an embarrassment to kpop and even his are tame compared to BTS's at this point

No. 285142

I think his production quality is so basic too. People making everything he does about their ships makes me kinda feel bad for him, are they that stupid? This song is so obviously about their fans and he said it is about fans himself too. How delusional do you have to be to relate it to your ship?

This is interesting, the maknae line are the most popular members but I think they don't have the personality to pull off a solo career. Jimin and Jungkook seem too dependent on fans and BTS. V doesn't seem like that but he isn't that good of a singer.

No. 285150

tbh personality doesn't mean anything. suzy is insufferably boring to me but i think i remember her latest releases doing good. if one of those two debuts solo, it'll sell, unlike the rest (except maybe v) who i dont think will be able to do as well when the group's popularity starts waning. this is why it confuses me that they push rapmonster so hard lol

when is their company going to debut a new group? bts is at their peak, and, with sm, the second exo and super junior hit their peak nct and exo were debuted. bts' popularity won't last forever and it'll be much harder for them to promote a new group when it dies

No. 285151

they've been having auditions for awhile now but I doubt they'll do it anytime soon. it would probably piss off some armys especially the ones that hate every group but bts.

No. 285159

I agree, they took the one in a million opportunity they had when their group randomly went viral and managed to keep the momentum for this long, it's very impressive.

The way they handle BTS PR is spot on - they managed to make the fans of their completely manufactured group believe it is somehow more authentic and organic than all the others. They're selling that boyfriend fantasy so well. I think that's why I'm impressed. They saw their initial concept was a flop and did a total 180 and turned their group into a cash cow while making the fandom actually believe this is the most authentic self-producing group in the history of kpop. They have an advantage over companies like SM whose bread and butter is the flower boy boyfriend fantasy because their fans actually believe their shit is genuine, when it's no less manufactured than a company like SM. They got their fans to do most of the PR for them, I think that's amazing. You know, in an evil, capitalistic sort of way.

No. 285161

Being ironically bad is still bad

No. 285186

File: 1535190648413.jpg (112.57 KB, 446x604, 1535190455.jpg)

I used to think he's the best looking in the group but he's the worst looking now, what happnd

No. 285190

the #sasaeng tag on twitter is so weird. there are a lot of accs straight up selling idols' numbers and kakaotalk info, are they actually real?

same for me, weight gain + bad styling i think

No. 285204

Psy's music videos are actually fun to watch because he doesn't take them so seriously and he enjoys having fun with them and being wacky, it's like he's self aware his videos can get silly but doesn't mind it, and makes it part of the charm. But then you watch the mess that was the new BTS video that tried way too hard to be serious and the delusional 14yo fans saying "ITS TOO DEEP YOU DONT GET IT" it's hilarious. Yeah, because it's not just fun silly pop music to dance to and shitty graphics and horrendous costumes and CGI when your korean boyfriends do it, it must have a "deeper sarcastic intellectual meaning guyz u just understand its art". Lmao I don't know why these people can't for once say they don't enjoy a song or video or two, even when it's as bad as this. It's okay to admit you don't like everything your fave artists puts out, calm the hell down, they end up making themselves look stupid trying to convince everyone that a shitty k pop song is a masterpiece.

Anyway, just as expected, the video was an ugly jumbled mess and the aggressive scream-singing was cringey to listen to. Especially when reading the lyrics. Lmao I swear I laughed for a minute straight after reading the "Hooray this is awesome" lyric towards the end. This is the masterpiece that BTS and their fans are creaming themselves over, folks

No. 285218

File: 1535204218046.jpg (91.47 KB, 540x769, rip.jpg)

No. 285219

File: 1535206247934.jpg (76.89 KB, 960x649, IMG_20180825_100916.jpg)

Wow, they're really doing God's work, aren't they

No. 285221

I'm fucking screeching lmfao

No. 285223


Time to move to Jamaica

No. 285235


> “People are becoming fans of this kind of ‘music’. We all know how annoying k-pop fans can be, so it’s better to be safe than sorry”, said a government spokesperson.

> “Our boys are following k-pop too, and they’re turning gay. This needs to be stopped at all costs”, he concluded.

> The prime minister said that they don’t even understand the language. So why bothering listening to that?


No. 285248

goddamn, i know a lot of his fans think his unmatched eyelids are a cute trait of his but it looks so weird here.

No. 285250

File: 1535215705300.jpg (76.14 KB, 1800x1080, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

he has a weird upper lip area. it reminds me of dr finkelstein.

No. 285251

File: 1535215746394.png (53.11 KB, 580x418, Screen Shot 2018-08-25 at 12.4…)

this isn't even just a bangtan thing but why do fans think this kind of stuff is praisable? i see this a lot with fans praising kpop idols for working through rather painful or hard issues, if you were a fan wouldn't you want the opposite? i haven't had my wisdom teeth taken out but i'd have to assume it would hurt for a few days.

No. 285253

because they need to give them praise for something to justify the fandom

No. 285255

I think by day four you might be okay to dance? Maybe not singing or rapping or talking at length, but from what I remember the worst is over at that point.

But yeah, the "unnie only ate 300 calories a day for a month getting ready for her comeback! wow such dedication!" / "Oppa only sleeps two hours every night, he sacrifices so much to achieve his dreams uwu!" shit is disgusting

No. 285259

Exactly they glorify all things wrong with the industry. "Oppa overworked himself to death uwu he's still working BEYOND the grave #restinpower!!!".

No. 285261

"oppa/unnie sacrificed their entire childhood from the ripe age of nine years old!! praise their work!" no wonder why the industry continues to exploit young children, their fans make it so easy. even when people complain about it, it eventually leads to "uwu look at these hardworking children~~" as if its something to be proud of

No. 285264

stop feeling sorry for korean fame whores

No. 285267

some of them get recruited before they even hit 10, you don't feel a bit of sympathy for them?

the average age of nct dream when they debuted creeps me out.

i really don't get why anyone would want to be an idol

No. 285268

>i really don't get why anyone would want to be an idol
probably because the rest of the working industry in korea sucks, so its better taking a chance with shitty idol work and hitting it big rather than becoming a slave for pennies

No. 285269

nah more like they want attention and like being praised as gods. who wouldn't want to be showered in compliments and called attractive all the time?not to mention most idols are rich bastards to begin with so its not like they'd have to work anyway

No. 285270

i dont feel sorry for them per se, but even if i dislike them i can understand that they are still human. unlike their fans apparently. being horribly overworked, having to work when sick, having to diet obsessively for work, etc isnt a good thing, and they are also victims of the industry.

No. 285271

and id like to add many idols are american or Canadian.

No. 285275

>most idols are rich bastards to begin with
Ikr, look at jennie, jin, and lucas (i'm sure there are much much more they're just the only ones i know definitively). i hate how people act like they rose from nothing or something when their parents were 100% rich as hell

No. 285276

i think you're forgetting that a majority of these rich, attention-seeking, foreign idols are in the big three, who have the platform to make them famous. jin was just a stupid rich kid who joined a no name company in the hopes of becoming famous and got lucky. idk about other rich kids in no name companies, maybe umji or whatever that one ugly girls name from g-friend is. outside of this? most idols aren't "rich foreign kids who's mommy paid their way", especially in no name companies. anyways, i don't really care too much about this topic anyways but it was just some insight while i have nothing to do.

i still think its shitty that companies seek impressionable young children as young as 10 years old or so, no matter how rich they are. you have to wonder how shitty of stage parents they must have if they allow this.

No. 285277

the only reason people become idols is because they want to fuck other idols

taehyung was a snsd fan now he's "friends" with multiple members

No. 285279

The average nct dream fan is like 10 years old and all of those boys' parents are fucking loaded, so it shouldn't be that creepy. If they were girls it would be different, but boys aren't really sexualized. They were singing about bubble gum in sailor suits while Tzuyu was doing shit like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K9BtHeo8TlQ at the same age.

No. 285281

most of the time theyre just attention whores. when they become adults they can leave the industry but they dont because they love the attention. the money isnt keeping them there its the attention and most idols are also idol fans themselves, so they use their idol status as a way to fuck and meet other idols.

No. 285282

File: 1535218809290.jpg (80.41 KB, 540x540, tumblr_pdzrzbvx491vgtruz_540.j…)

since we're on the topic of taehyung, how does his hair always end up looking like a shitty wig no matter what he does

No. 285283

tzuyu has to be majorly messed up over shit like this and her flag scandal

No. 285284

File: 1535218969414.png (448.17 KB, 510x511, tumblr_pe0vsuIdZn1vjzlf3o2_540…)

i see his shitty hair doesn't have extensions in here. the color is terrible

No. 285285

cl also has rich parents. all of snsd has rich/middle class parents. they can go to school, hell even leave korea for school but that sweet attention was just too tempting.

No. 285286

also if you want to do anything music related the chances of actually getting paid are much higher as an idol than becoming an indie artist

No. 285287

if you want to become an indie artist in korea you must really hate yourself lol. wasn't there that one artist who won a trophy and ended up selling it because she was so poor and needed money? i forget her name bc thats how irrelevant she is but i immediately thought of it

No. 285289

am i crazy or does V look kind of… different than other koreans? could just be an exception i guess but makes me wonder if he has any other lineage in his family history. pure speculation btw.

No. 285290

the plastic surgery

No. 285291

fair point

No. 285294

tbh tho i get what you mean. jimin to me even in their early days didn't really look like "other koreans." i remember the first time i ever saw a BTS video was when they performed at the 2014 (?) MAMAs, the one where jimin took his shirt off, and he looked so doughy and weird compared to his other members. i almost thought he was trans at first, his face is just so weird.

No. 285299

yeah lee lang i believe. korean indie has some interesting write ups about life as an indie artist in korea: https://www.koreanindie.com/2018/03/11/korean-indie-independent-or-insta-dependent/

imo k-indie is just as oversaturated as idol pop. 90% of it is electropop or coffee shop music with the exception of bands like sultan of the disco or the dead gakkahs. there just arent enough fucking people in south korea for there to be a diverse enough music industry, or to fund said industry, mainstream or indie

No. 285307

it would be nice if Korea could come up with their own music genres

No. 285309

on the topic of idols you are surprised are so popular, who do you guys think are overhyped?

mine personally is daniel from produce101/wanna one. i thought he was cute with his lil bromance with woojin on 101 but that was as far as it got. i'm surprised he's so popular compared to some of his other members.

No. 285312

they have trot

No. 285314

I don't really get the hype around Daniel but I didn't watch p101 anyways.

Irene is overhyped imo though I can see why she's popular. but she looks kinda boring.

No. 285320

he's ugly to me idk why he's so popular.

i thought she was super pretty in russian roulette era but boring now. joy and seulgi >>>

i find sunmi to be super overhyped. she isn't that great of a dancer and a pretty awful singer based on that video of her singing that twice song, but she seems sweet

No. 285321

at least her visual hype makes sense, unlike some others (i'm thinking of taehyung here but there's many others)

No. 285336

Armies are so devoided of culture, they read BTS lyrics and start thinking they're the epitome of good lyricism. They're the most generic lyrics about the most generic topics. Do they not listen to other artists? This reminds a bit of TSwift fans (TSwift is still a better composer than bitches that sing tbh)

No. 285338

Reminds me*

No. 285341

i wonder where BTS would /really/ be if they were allowed to have complete free reign of their music like armys are deluded into believing they are. their music may be hot shit now but i can only imagine that suga and rap monster would have them a ratchet, still loud, mess. maybe with some basic beats sprinkled in a la jungkook

No. 285348

no they don't, considering that anon who said her friend is doing an essay on bts's politics. imagine if these people listened to gil scott heron or riot grrrl

No. 285358

File: 1535227865523.png (1.32 MB, 854x1284, Screen Shot 2018-08-25 at 3.52…)

jesus christ suga is so try-hard, from throwing up the shocker in every pic to the jewelry lmao

No. 285359

god he is so tacky

No. 285361

I keep seeing this on my tl, girls are praising him for this wtf. People here say that Jin is self-obsessed, I think it's way worse with Suga, he's the one calling himself genius ffs.

No. 285365

i don't even think jin is that bad, i mean he needs some sort of identity outside of being the least popular one (even if its the annoying "worldwide handsome"). but suga is def the tackiest

No. 285375

holy fuck look at the size of his wrist. and that jaw shave, yikes

No. 285381

Actually that's Bighit cracking the code again: they don't even need to try anymore, Bts can literally spout "Did you see my bag?" as a fucking choreo and ARMYs will eat it up and come up with a totally deep meaning for it

No. 285385

>Bts can literally spout "Did you see my bag?"
you dont understand anon!! clearly bts are over their haters and this is just them showing how well they are doing despite them!! you wouldn't understand their exquisite lyricism, it's word play too complex for you~~

some shit an army would say for their lazy lyrics and terrible auto tune

No. 285387

Kek imagine if suga would have became a wristcel instead of an idol

No. 285392

I don’t like Heejin from LOONA. She’s the face of the group, main vocal, center and visual and for what? She’s not the most popular member nor does she compare to visuals in other groups. International fans are pissed that she hogs so much screen time and line distribution. Sucks for BBC because the international fans are kind of all LOONA has. She must have sucked off all their execs or something.

No. 285396

File: 1535232155417.png (385.41 KB, 624x892, 1671bb80b137da5487ed8782fbd092…)


what are your thoughts on all the irene is lazy hate? i personally think it's stupid and i think every show having a personality form to fill out is stupid too and i don't blame her for not giving a flying fuck. no wonder why idol show viewer percentages are down in the dumps, they all do literally the same thing and it's why i don't watch them anymore like i did when i was younger. why does every show need a personality quirk form to fill out? they're stupid and i'd either half ass it or not fill it out if i had to do one for the hundredth time too

No. 285398

**provided the link from the asian junkie article that goes to an archive form of the all kpop article, so it doesn't give all kpop clicks

No. 285399

why does loona even have fans? genuine question

No. 285402

Their predebut songs were all decent to great and they had nice videos and a vague story to keep viewers interested. However they have not managed to carry that level of quality over to debuting as a full group. They shot themselves in the foot with the “girl of the month” gimmick and having twelve members since they only ever intended to feature about five of them and half the group is left with 2 seconds of lines each.

No. 285408

what kind of crap do you listen to that makes you think loona's music is "great"? LOL eclipse is a cute song but ehh

No. 285409

great by k-pop standards

No. 285412

Speaking of LOONA, watching stages with all them together, they seem… incohesive? I know they're "new" but I've never really thought this about other rookie groups that just debuted. Like, their dancing and music fine, but something is just missing. The only one with any stage presence is Chuu.

No. 285417

She is the most popular in korea though.

No. 285421

probably bc they're all so used to having their own spotlight or working in smaller, tighter groups. i think the "each member having their own song" was cute but i don't think it helped with building the group up together as one unit.

i felt the same way, they all worked well on their own or in small units but when i first saw that teaser of them dancing together in their practice room it felt so…off, it didn't really feel right

No. 285432

I think the industry is so saturated that it's hard to see what's so special about 12 girls dancing in tennis skirts, when there are tons of other girls doing the exact same thing, especially with that basic debut song, shit music video too.
Now for the important question: how are they gonna pay off their debt?

No. 285433

Samefag, but >>285417, I wonder why

No. 285436

She was in some phone commercial that has more views than most of their MVs lol. I assumed she was going to be the center from the beginning since she was the first one they introduced.

No. 285449

jesus fuck they sound terrible here, jungkook and jin aren't too terrible but taehyung and jimin are just whew…gonna need new ears.

No. 285466

it's stupid, plus i don't get why red velvet keeps going on idol shows when they always prove themselves that they're boring as fuck excluding yeri

No. 285470

oof, theyre all over the place

No. 285474

The CEO of Loona's company doesn't give a shit about debt. He said he'll spend however much he needd to make ~quality content~. He also said he doesn't care for popularity or sales…Lies.

As much as I love girl groups, the K-industry don't care for women. He should've done boy of the month instead, imagine how much more popular and money-making they would be, especially since raging straight fangirls always need something to get wet too when they get bored of their main.

I actually like Loona and the fact that their songs are basic ass fun pop music. I do admit that the fact they have 12 group members is a bit too much. I never understood why companies would debut groups with more than 6 members…

No. 285475

>He should've done boy of the month instead
now this is some potential fuckery anon! this could actually be some good entertainment, loona's fans are already starting to become cancerous, imagine if it were a boy group? they might even give army's a run for their money if they get far enough

No. 285476

same anon from >>285474

I didn't even think of that…holy shit…

Not only that, but most of Loona's fans are "loonarmys". They eat BTS and Loona's asses out so much it's irritating. Orbits are already milky, so I wouldn't be shocked if it were a huge mess, if Loona was a boy group.

No. 285477

Loona's company already registered "boy of the month" but a few days ago the CEO said they weren't planning on debuting a boy group version of Loona. I hope they still do it in the future.

No. 285478

File: 1535249131512.jpeg (187.34 KB, 640x402, 29166F97-5573-43C0-A316-17B437…)

dammit, he gotta be dumb stupid, the potential money that could be milked out of this. so many people said produce101 season 2 would be a flop and look how that turned out because of the insane fangirls

No. 285485

I don't really listen to kpop or keep up with it. I was wondering though, how did this stuff get so popular to begin with? I listened to a few songs and it sounds like a copy of popular american music, but Korean. What makes these non-koreans become so obsessive?
5 years ago it seemed kind of niche but now I hear people talking about it all the time.

No. 285486

lonely people (i would say kids but i've been seeing many adults lately) who see pretty asians that tell them they're their boyfriends/girlfriends and feel special because it's not some "american" shit (lol) and are super loud on social media. can say this bc i used to be one too when i was in middle school, nowadays i dont really listen to it but it can provide some entertainment. anyone else is probably just casual listeners who got sucked in bc kpop fans are loud as shit on social media with promoting their idols.

No. 285501

File: 1535257400723.jpg (44.63 KB, 1080x366, IMG_20180826_091210.jpg)

The comments under Anthony Fantano's review of "Tear" are a goldmine, every fan there is an expert who believes BTS are the new Beatles or something.

For me it's choreographies+pretty boys, as >>285486 said, they nailed the formula for selling 'your perfect boyfriend' image. I've also always loved music videos and kpop is really good at them. If only the music was decent and the whole industry wasn't a shitshow.

No. 285502

File: 1535257674040.gif (2.11 MB, 245x137, tumblr_pdgi4jDX1Z1s81upr_540.g…)

>boyband genre

No. 285504

how? by being formed by a company that makes all the executive decisions for them? by buying english demos and singing korean over the top of them? by making the same lame pop music as the likes of shawn mendes? such deconstruction

No. 285505

i've said this so many times on this forum but how hard bighit has made armys believe that BTS run shit all themselves still astounds me. like they genuinely believe bighit is some safe haven in a shithole industry that lets BTS have complete free reign on their concepts as if they aren't just some company puppets like the rest. when army's regard to things as if "the boys" did them and not some overworked employees and company executives did makes me laugh.

No. 285515

Jimin voice is getting worse and worse every comeback, even Jin sounds better than him.

No. 285538

I bet RM got so fucking hard at that review. Since he speaks English, listens to Joji, and is a pretentious cunt, it's not crazy to assume he watches TNDs videos.

No. 285575

I can't stand RM. I don't care too much about BTS's other members, in fact I used to think they were funny even if it was a fake personality (IRL J Hope it's nothing like they try to picture) but I can't stand RM.
I'm sure he's the leader of the band because he can't sing, he can't dance and with Suga, his ''rap skills'' aren't that impressive. And he tries so hard to be all smart and smug about everything because he used to be a top A* student. So what? That doesn't mean that he's better than anyone else but his fans and even himself try to depict it as that.
Always with those deep words and metaphors I can't be bothered to read his updates anymore. I remember one Run episode when they had to get out of one escape room and as time passed he was getting so pissed because even Jimin could discover something relevant and he couldn't kek that fake smile…
I used to be a big BTS fan tbh but they tried too hard to make people bellieve that they're just different and special, not like other bands, so much uwu and cute babies that now it just makes me cringe so hard. They're almost all adults now, they couldn't care less about haters on internet but armies are so convinced they need to defend BTS above all because they will be so proud of their fans…Yes, sure.

No. 285579

File: 1535282036485.jpg (92.57 KB, 799x1200, DlePs9bXgAAgfMO.jpg)

genuine question, why are all kpop stylists legit trash


or a dui

No. 285588

he listens to joji? what fucking horrible taste lmao

that review wasnt even that good. it had some compliments but it had some criticism too. i think fantano was overly nice to them cause hes trying to bring in army clicks, but its not like he was raving about them.

No. 285599

She must be fed up with all the idol bullshit, I don't judge her for not giving a shit anymore
But korean teens are always pressed as fuck jfc

No. 285613

I would be fed up too if a 16 year old (now 19) randomly got added to a group of 20 year olds and now a majority of your songs are a bunch of a children's soundtracks and you get dressed up like a 12 year old all the time despite being 27. I know they debuted with happiness but they should've stuck with their more mature sounds. irene also looked a shit ton more interested during peek a boo and bad boy than she does this stupid song and i don't blame her.

No. 285614

File: 1535299345421.gif (1.57 MB, 500x276, tumblr_inline_o54szes4Xm1tgthf…)

here's some spicy rat monster for you anon lol

No. 285615

File: 1535299533406.png (672.14 KB, 1038x1122, Screen Shot 2018-08-26 at 12.0…)

i'm not even gonna read the rest of this shit

No. 285619

File: 1535300276133.jpg (133.44 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

People don't take him seriously because how he throws in "Worldwide Handsome" in every interview.

No. 285636

tia said there are artists that arent fully korean in the industry that keep it hushed

No. 285637

might you happen to have a link to this?

No. 285642

File: 1535302778087.jpg (255.98 KB, 1361x768, 6133dd8b4d040a8fbe04adc37b3e02…)

same anon from >>285637 but i still dont believe gyuri from kara was full korean, she did not look like a regular korean

No. 285659

>>285615 That has to be the biggest reach. I've never heard anyone make fun of Yoongi's pale skin. Aren't there countless articles written by Koreans praising him for having "marble-like" skin?

No. 285662

File: 1535310935171.jpg (144.16 KB, 1080x1080, 29715923_176598799661811_88121…)

honestly, it makes no sense considering BTS themselves use those nasty filters on every pic of theirs.
i think the filters they use look terrible, especially on rap mon and his new nose. jimin too with his bleach hair and lizard contacts, the overly white filter just does not help.

No. 285668

army's are saying they're voices are bad because they're crying in comments. How delulu can you be.

No. 285670

One thing that's odd is the gilded image that people seem to have over Kpop, despite similar manufactured bands in Europe and USA being looked at more objectively. It's so common for example, for boybands to end up in debt, ether due to problems with their company, not making enough to pay back for the costs of all those tours, travel etc or personally mismanaging their money. I think the latter must be a big problem in Kpop, seeing as most of the "idol" have been in the industry since they were kids. Even adult boyband stars in the 'west' say that they have issues with no longer being told what to do with their days, or getting validation. In Kpop, it seems worse compared to western artists, as they appear to have zero autonomy, they have to act like kids, they can't be political or honest, and then they have to permanently mess up their health by being underweight and getting surgery. It does seem like it's kids that are being pushed into this industry by parents, who maybe want a celebrity child, at any expense. Maybe if there was a proper exposing of the prostitution and exploitation within the industry, public opinion might be a bit more critical rather than international fans thinking it' cute when unnie faint on stage.

No. 285672

in soon time, bts members will enlist then come home and get some 19 year olds pregnant. their reign of terror will soon come to a halt.

No. 285679

this is why i'm not truly delusional about wanting to date some kpop idol or celebrity. i'm sure they have absolutely no idea how to handle themselves without some sort of assistance and are probably terrible about needing constant validation. would be an absolute joke to "date" one if you could even call it that, which would probably only consist of face timing them while they're getting their hair extensions put in lmao.

going back to the debt and prostitution issue, it'll probably never truly happen but i really hope there would be some sort of awareness about it. so many people made fun of G.NA for her prostitution scandal and ran her out but i can only imagine the amount of debt or the type of obligations she had over her head. you can say whatever you want about a lot of these idols just wanting attention and fame but i still think its terrible that just wanting to pursue your dreams might mean having to prostitute yourself or putting yourself in harms way, or even being forced into it. there's that one actress from boys over flowers who was repeatedly raped and abused and she still never got the proper trials, even with names listed and everything. sad.

No. 285682

ugh i know, absolutely stupid. imagine paying so much just to have your ears blown out by screeching. i'd rather they just lip-sync and be done with it.

No. 285684

even if they didn't, could you imagine anyone stanning them once they all hit 30? all boy bands come with an expiration date

No. 285687

people still stan big bang

No. 285688

>could you imagine anyone stanning them once they all hit 30
oh they will, and the cringe will be almost belligerent. just look at cringey suju stans. or that one H.O.T member who married that crayon pop member and has the terrible haircut he's still holding on to.

No. 285693

same anon from >>285688. i don't think there's anything wrong with people above 30 being entertainers or anything, i mean most of the american and western artists that i listen to tend to be around or over 30. just something about 30 year old kpop idols hanging on to their pop image and not evolving it in any way is so cringey.

i could see big bang continuing to work out after military if they evolve their sound some more and continue with the mature sounds, but songs like bangx3 has gotta go.

in general i just can't take 30 year old kpop idol groups seriously. maybe it's for the best that the majority of these groups disband after 7 years, would hate to seem them drag it on any further.

No. 285694

>tfw people ITT memed so hard about Jimin being ugly that now the only thing you can think of when you see him is "Jimin is ugly"

No. 285695

File: 1535316205135.jpg (190.94 KB, 901x1200, DiePpbYVQAYwRfs.jpg)

>"Jimin is ugly"
there's a certain truth that rings to that LOL

No. 285697

goddamn korean beauty standards are so shit. tbh jimin wouldn't even be that bad if he gained some weight, worked out a little, and got rid of the phaggy white boy x grandma style he has going on, it's just not helping. and stop with whatever fillers i assume he's doing, his face is a mess no matter how much army's try to preach their precious boys haven't done work.

No. 285701

it was on formspring or one of those little "ask me a question anonymously" apps that used to be a thing so no unfortunately i dont

No. 285703

aw shit, thanks anyways tho. same anon who asked for it btw.

No. 285705

it was her ask.fm
i found the link but its down now, maybe i can find an archive later and see what i can find

No. 285711

is tia that girl from chocolat? if so their song black tinkerbell was a bop no matter how much their group flopped, imo

No. 285712

yeah she was the original somi
both started to disappear once the novelty of sexualizing an underaged hapa girl fizzled out

No. 285744

ew god, the filters look especially horrendous here. that moment when jimin isnt even the ugliest in these pics. cant they ever post anything tasteful of themselves? we know they dont look like that irl…

No. 285753

File: 1535328981469.jpg (836.12 KB, 1536x2048, Park.Jimin.full.172160.jpg)

i just…don't…understand

No. 285754

to think that there are people out there that want to fuck this

No. 285755

His eyes always look fucked up and wonky when he's in contacts. Does he have a lazy eye that the contacts bring attention too or do they just slip and move around his eye? This picture >>282243 makes me cringe so bad when I see it, it's just so off putting

No. 285758

i was curious about this too, iirc he has one oval-shaped eyeball that causes the contact to drift down/not sit right. it looks pretty hilarious

No. 285761

I hate Rap Monster so much, he looks so ugly and chinky here. His forehead is so small and unappealing, his hairline sucks, his jaw shave makes him look like he's wearing a mask. Only next to him could Jimin look okay. This thing once wrote a song about "beating the pussy". Just imagine.

No. 285763

my sides are in orbit anon. to think that there are people out there that want to fuck that and call it daddy

No. 285764

File: 1535331720395.jpg (69.61 KB, 1024x1024, e07221415774bc9e1a5051539f0099…)

jesus christ, does his stylists have to clip his toenails to???

No. 285767


Suga and RM are completely deluded if they think their popularity came from anything besides social media. They would still be a no-name boy group in Korea if they're obnoxious fan didn't spam every comment section on every website with their shit, and obsessively stream their content to the point they appear to be viral due to how inflated the numbers are

No. 285768

they best put some respect on "any armyz here? xD" smh

No. 285777

I used to be a BTS fan but now I am starting to hate them. I hate their shit music, anticipating a new album and having one, maybe two songs that are listenable. I hate that they used to look pretty normal but now look like plastic shells of themselves. I fucking hate ARMYs who are so delusional that they’ve warped Bts into their misguided SJW rhetoric, dispite Korean culture being disgusting in so all the ways that SJWs are supposed to hate.

I hate that Bts and big hit lie to everyone’s faces and say shit like they “aren’t targeting the American market” while changing rat monsters cringe name and the name of their band to be less embarrassing in English, and collating with American artists, debuting their songs on American stages. All the while… making such SHIT music. If they were putting out decent songs while all this was happening I could ignore the rest but their music is so, so bad, and they look like freaks. Their fashion is getting worse and worse. I’m embarrassed to say I like them now. Heaven forbid someone look them up and see what they’ve been doing recently.

No. 285781

still pisses me off how armys were louder with how BTSs music video is supposed to be ironic and not louder about how bighit/BTS was willing to work with nicki minaj, who worked with a known pedophile and has been supporting her brother who is a child rapist, despite the fact that BTS has been campaigning with UNICEF against violence towards children. ugh.

No. 285782

America isn't interested in twinky-looking plastic Asians so I don't know why Bighit is demanding that they all get more plastic surgery

No. 285783

yeah but anon shes a strong beautiful woman of poc so all her crimes are instantly pardoned

No. 285786

i think their was some american journalist who made an entry asking about how "has BTS gone too far with plastic surgery?" and ARMYs were vehement about how they "obviously" hadn't and that this was hate and an attempt to ruin their comeback, as if america outside of kpop fans care lol

No. 285787

No. 285788

poor jhope, his plastic face is so easily clockable. it makes me laugh so much when bts fans still try to insist he hasnt had anything done. deluded

No. 285790

File: 1535338214645.jpg (14.79 KB, 236x434, tumblr_p4kujxJbIF1wvqsoxo1_400…)

>"hIS nOsE iS NaTuRAL!!"
-bridge way too defined
-unnaturally refined tip that doesn't fit nostrils
armys defend it by saying his sister "has the same nose" but hers is so obvious as well.
tbh i don't really get why he got the nose job, it doesn't look bad, certainly not as bad as that nose job made it look.

No. 285791

this "surgeon" and article is stupid. suga obviously had his chin done lul

No. 285792

well, its just a silly clickbait article. how is he supposed to tell what theyve had done from 2 photos, most of which are bad quality? he'll only be able to see the really obvious shit, and only in one angle.

No. 285794

>the really obvious shit
damn, sad how some of it actually is really obvious now that i think about it, and army's still go above and beyond for their natural bois

No. 285796

File: 1535339361037.gif (850.12 KB, 250x300, tumblr_musez75wVb1sifeaxo3_250…)

i know that which is why i called it stupid. and suga's chin the most obvious thing in bts next to jhope's nose

No. 285797

File: 1535339522170.gif (1.62 MB, 500x194, tumblr_okwspwKbn91v56tkno1_500…)

i'm pretty sure jungkook got some minor refinement to his nose, which if he did, helped imo

No. 285799

jungkook's tweaked his nose plenty of times. compare his 2013 nose with his dna nose

No. 285800

same anon from >>285797 but i saw a pic one time of jungkook's predebut graduation photo next to a current photo and it was pretty obvious. i've been trying to find it but have had no hope smh

No. 285803


No. 285804

Honestly, how did this happen? I remember following Kpop in it's early 2nd generation era it was a thing to praise kpop trainees for coming from humble beginnings and becoming successful superstars. I guess that was another lie that got me to love kpop.

No. 285805

nah lots of them still try to push this myth. suga was sooo poor all he could eat was ramen! taehyung came from a poor family (lol) so his mom bought him a fancy jacket to take to seoul so he wouldnt get bullied

No. 285806

companies started making more money from those first successful groups that they were able to build off of. this means more credibility and therefore more potential to provide legitimate success for someone who's willing to pay for it.

No. 285808

>so his mom bought him a fancy jacket to take to seoul so he wouldnt get bullied
not trying to defend him or anything but this is an actual thing in korea. brand status is so important to them that they're willing to go in debt just to have some rep, especially for their special children lol

No. 285809

I only liked odd eye circle and heart attack. Everything else was just boring shit to me

No. 285810

i know this, the idea that taehyung was raised in some poor village is the myth

No. 285822

this gif reminded me that bighit doesnt accept female trainees anymore to "protect" bts

No. 285824

i honestly believe bighit is gonna be shooting themselves in the foot by not debuting a girl group next rather than a boy group. some armys may say they would support them for bts but if they start being competition for bts? rip. i may be wrong tho

No. 285825

I thought they didn't accept female trainees because their last girl group flopped and one of the members tried to blackmail some actor

No. 285827

that's what i thought too lmao. bighit probably think all girls are whores just waiting to get into some sort scandal. plus armys would probably get upset that their virgin bois are in the same vicinity as girls. hilarious.

No. 285832

As far as I know bighit takes female trainees and once they are ready for debut they do it but in another company but I can't recall which one atm.

What really bothers me it's that what you said is probably true: people at bighit seeing women as whores, manipulative, and evil. I can't come out with another reason for not debuting gps anymore

No. 285834

File: 1535349149425.png (212.84 KB, 500x542, tumblr_inline_ngvzfettcF1skxkv…)

the biggest joke is that some of the people that were originally supposed to debut in BTS are complete trash. iron is an obvious with beating his girlfriend and some other shit and i've heard some rather damning stuff of supreme boi and his crew but i don't remember a majority of it. i'm sure there's more but i can't remember a lot of it nor am i that interested. i'm sure if you were curious enough about it, it wouldn't be too hard to find.

No. 285840

Did Suga really get his chin done or just his bottom teeth? From what I recall they used to be jaggedy and uneven. Which would explain why it looks like his top and bottom teeth don't match when he smiles.

No. 285845


Why would ARMYs suddenly care about that? BigHit has kept rape apologist SupremeBoi on their payroll for years. Bts has always worked with trash people - They just aren’t trash in the way Korea cares about so it didn’t become a thing until it’s an American.

No. 285846

he got a sliding genioplasty

No. 285847

File: 1535351237754.jpg (40.12 KB, 562x488, C9pKwi1WsAEb7C1.jpg)

not sure why that made me just think of jimin's crooked tooth

No. 285850

Yeah, Eunha and SinB were trainees at BigHit but then debuted in GFriend.

No. 285853

File: 1535354714857.jpg (18.47 KB, 480x525, CasDKgSVIAAM84h.jpg)

what the fuck

speaking of gfriend, i really don't get how almost all of them got such bad ps. eunha used to be much cuter imo

No. 285859

don't forget anon
bighit + terrible plastic surgery = jhope & gfriend
they definitely didn't need it either

No. 285864

File: 1535356972731.jpg (54.31 KB, 736x578, C9QQ09cVYAAOEsH.jpg)

it's always been obvious that he's had major work done but i coudn't pinpoint what exactly, i see that it's chin now

No. 285872

I've wanted to ask this for a long time now: if you hate this shit so much, why do you follow it so closely? I'm no fan of kpoop and I've no idea what 80% of the posts in these threads are even talking about.

No. 285874

>Rap Monster always looked inbreed
But damn, Suga and Jhope had so much potential.

No. 285875

this is a gossip site. a lot of ppl talk about the trash they hate on here, and besides this thread is one of the places fans/former fans can critique kpop without getting bashed by idiots.

No. 285876

You cant hate what you dont know dummy. If people just ignored what they dont like lolcow wouldnt be a thing.

No. 285877

i read somewhere that suga used to be a meathead. now he's an anorexic twink

No. 285878

>no fan of kpop
somehow i don't believe that

No. 285881

I follow other groups but not BTS so this thread is as confusing to me as is it to you. I do like reading about the crazy BTS fans, though, because they're so hilariously delusional about them not being Kpop and being pioneers of music or some shit.

No. 285895

Agreed. Personally, I don't hate kpop, there are sides of it that I like, and there are sides of it that I dislike. It's nice to have a place where people can joke around and critique kpop without getting attacked by the easily offended fans.

No. 285909

The delulu armies are better than some of the actual cows on this site

No. 285910

File: 1535373025132.jpg (84.67 KB, 740x1024, 7_3wT0tIpj4.jpg)

I think Suga looked fine up until the recent jaw shave, now he's starting to look like a blob fish

No. 285911

No. 285922

truly honestly? because i have nothing better to so with my life and i enjoy hating on kpop. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 285933

I KNEW suga had something done but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Id never heard of this procedure before but now that I have, I’m mad. Perfectly good looking women get boob jobs and nose jobs all the time yet weak-chinned men get to walk around looking like turtles all the damn time? Nahh more men need to get this procedure.

No. 285944


oppa is helpless with personal hygiene uwu

No. 285945

File: 1535382708049.jpg (33.77 KB, 360x640, unnamed.jpg)

lmfaooo yeah, he used to play basketball until he hurt himself really bad, he's never been the same and is now a raging twink with his SNSD legs and his chains and rings

No. 285947

honestly there's not really anywhere else that i've found so far where you can so freely hate on BTS without being doxxed or a mob of ARMYs attack you, so i think some on here take advantage of that and it becomes cowish. there's also the vigilant citizens form but it's more insane illuminati shit than it is hate/"tea"

No. 285950

i honestly think the route that bighit has taken BTS down musically and stylistically hasn't been good, especially for the american market they apparently ""haven't" been pursuing (lol). i bet fan shippers have to be the bane of kpop, imagine making some casual music or just taking random pictures of your group mates/scenery and fans always try to connect it to some romance line. if for some unfortunate reason i suddenly became a kpop idol, i don't think i would be able to help going off on fan shippers lol

No. 285953

File: 1535383895872.jpg (74.6 KB, 716x955, 026b026a2dc77cd2359cdb3a611e60…)

i know we always make fun of our best ugly boy jimin, but i want to put in a contender since we've been talking about him

No. 285955

clock suga's "paper-white skin" lads

No. 285957

I hate the overuse of these apps that give the user a V face, it looks so ridiculous. Honestly I’ve seen them in person and they looked (at the time) like normal guys wearing way too much make up. The make up + filters = alien 👽

No. 285961

It's good to know that Suga didn't always look emaciated.

No. 285962

His legs are so gross. So are J-hopes, and they have the nerve to brag about them while making fun of anorexic members like Jimin for being “fat”

No. 285964

File: 1535386264562.jpg (142.64 KB, 946x806, IMG_20180827_205847.jpg)

If he wrote a pseudo intellectual book a la Paulo Coelho or whoever his favorite author is, delulu armys would be sure to demand nothing less than the Nobel prize for him.

No. 285968

It's kind of sad really, he looked doofy but like a normal guy. When I first noticed BTS Suga looked like the more normal one of the bunch, but he's getting paler, skinnier and more effeminate by the second. I never figured he would get so much into the "kpop look", he seemed the most reluctant to me.

I know rappers don't have to commit to one particular "manly" look, but I would feel embarrased to call myself one and look so girly all the time. Imagine collaborating with actual famous rappers looking like the selfie above anon posted with the jewelry and makeup. Yeah, so badass lol.

No. 285973

Suga likes to pretend he doesn't really care for the whole idol thing and that his music and having his music heard is the most important thing to him, but he clearly loves the idol shit, probably more than the rest of them.
The only time I could see him hating it like everybody pretends he does, is when BTS was a broke nugu group.

I bet he's glad he gave up his little underground rap bs in favor of this. It brought him more fame, money and women than anything else would've and that's all he really cares for.

No. 285975

every time antwon reviews kpop you can just see in his face how non-genuine he's being about it. its so obvious hes just doing it for views/ to appease fangirls in his comments who want validation that their favs are special and artsy.

No. 285976

File: 1535389376095.jpg (220.18 KB, 2048x1366, marklee.jpg)

I used to think Mark from nct was a cute and talented kid but now he comes off as a boring social inept that tries too hard to play the nice idol character…

It seems like after shinee's debut sm started giving their new groups autism pills, that's why exo, red velvet and nct are so bad at variety which is a shame because I like some of the members of each group and the company gives them nice songs (at least they suit my tastes) but exo's showtime was 80% boring, same with nct's trip to japan thing… As for red velvet, I tend to cut some slack to gg because they have to act even more soft and cute to get that uncle buck (which results into a watered down version of their personalities) but once you've watched a couple of shows and your curiosity dies because you feel like you know them already, it's absolutely pointless to keep up with their promotions aside from music shows, specially when fans make compilations of the few funny or interesting moments.

I also blame show producers and writers because, always asking them if they have a "talent" so they come up with the dumbest quirky "ability" or making them do the same things over and over like they only promote in one show during the comeback period gets really boring… I think that's why non fans are tired of idols being everywhere, they keep trying to push them into every single piece of media without taking into account if they're actually good at it of have anything to contribute, which results into bad rep for them and the company but at the end of the day, they only care about making money and doing fanservice so I don't even know why I'm complaining lol

Sorry for the long rant, friends

No. 285977

Eh, there are many uglier members to take the podium. Like Jimin, Jhope, Jin, RM… Suga is cute in comparison

No. 285982

>but once you've watched a couple of shows and your curiosity dies because you feel like you know them already
>It seems like after shinee's debut sm started giving their new groups autism pills
i honestly feel like this is with kpop in general. i think with the increase in social media it has just made for a cesspool of fans. not that they weren't before but social media just gives them a whole new platform. years ago idol shows were actually interesting, as different groups and members were allowed to interact with each other and different shows could have different concepts without fans being absolute butthurt or trying to ship the fuck out of them.
>if they have a "talent" so they come up with the dumbest quirky "ability" or making them do the same things over and over
i'm the same anon who brought up the irene not filling out the form hate, and i think things like this are exactly why idol show ratings are down so low and makes idols branch out to other medias. PDs try to avoid having different idols together so they only invite the one group and there's only so much you can do, so all these shows do the same thing from personality forms, "talents", trends, etc. i realize that sometimes different groups or idols will do a show together but it isn't often. i also think idols having insane schedules contributes to this too. with idols not being able to promote themselves as effectively on shows, i think companies then try to branch them out to bring more attention to them.

anyways, sorry it's so long but it's some food for thought

No. 285986

I thought he was one of the cuter members until he became a spooky skeleton in Fake Love.

No. 285987

File: 1535390510002.jpg (125.01 KB, 600x900, 91691260.1.jpg)

what do you guys think of the new SNSD subunit to make up for their member loss yet still rake money from the SNSD brand? lol.
i personally think the only reason taeyeon is going along with this is bc sm lets her release albums, seniority, and because her sister is also trying to make a career in sm.

No. 285988

>Like Jimin, Jhope, Jin, RM
when the majority of them are ugly…and armys try to make us think otherwise lmao

No. 285989

File: 1535390597808.jpg (466.6 KB, 2000x1333, Suga.full.175247.jpg)

He really looks so different, how can anyone deny the shape of his jaw being natural when you see his pre debut photos?? Such a girly face now compared to before.

No. 285991

i think he's been doing wayyy to much with makeup and possibly fillers like jimin and jhope. he's looking doughy and lowkey plastic, it's not a good look. and the filters make him sickly white along with the orange/red eye makeup being terrible.

No. 285994

File: 1535391107110.jpg (39.48 KB, 682x1024, 2a8d5df0be52d72a28e41a6a3b6937…)

Definitely, he's looking more and more like J-hope lol, just look at this picture. He looks so different from a few months ago.

How is this possible? I got into kpop like a year ago, why is everyone so different looking already, it's really bizarre. Like every month you have to be on the lookout for the group you like having completely different faces. It's surreal.

No. 285998

File: 1535391345311.png (382.6 KB, 623x527, 2345345.PNG)

they really didnt try at all for hyoyeon did they

honestly there aren't any newish groups i find funny on variety, they all try too hard

even armys notice it lol

No. 285999

Try hard is the correct word yes, you can smell the "please love me" from the screen. It's really embarrassing, especially with rookie groups trying to sell their "talents", when most of these talents are dancing (which they all do), aegyo or weird shit like "I can bend my finger, look at me". It's elementary school level lol

No. 286001

File: 1535391400764.jpg (73.94 KB, 719x1280, ac9c9918b2c01a4a72faa35a6885a7…)


He look like a bad wax figure of his original self. He was never really "idol-pretty" but at least he looked human.

No. 286002

File: 1535391428190.jpg (227.98 KB, 1080x1920, tumblr_p9275hnLNj1v7dtojo4_128…)

also what is it with him throwing up the shocker everywhere like he's badass with it or smth. not with all that makeup and those clothes boi

No. 286003

File: 1535391534763.jpg (98.73 KB, 668x1000, 14ea89ad8bdcb40f9d5f21fd9cad96…)

giving me jigsaw teas. he's getting a kind of mask face like le from EXID. i wish they'd chill with the fillers, it just does not help

No. 286004

File: 1535391565802.jpg (123.52 KB, 1057x1585, 746cb9060302b18abfcbd210123ec1…)

same anon from here but here's another pic, even his own fansite can't help him.

No. 286005

why is he crying

No. 286006

It's all the filler secreting from his eyes lol

No. 286007

File: 1535391715675.gif (1.62 MB, 268x270, 8c4ef778b11ce524f2eeb27692d37b…)

he scares me tbh

No. 286008

File: 1535391772840.gif (2.06 MB, 268x259, lwdOfyo1rbs18co1_400.gif)

Taehyung back at it with his grandma fashion.

No. 286009

jesus christ. honestly with all this money they've supposedly been making i don't understand why he doesn't just do something about his hairline like get a transplant so he doesn't have to hide it all the time. he's going to have to shave it all off for the military anyways so i don't get why he doesn't just deal with it. seems like it would be better than always stressing about it anyways.

No. 286010

File: 1535391929206.jpg (38.19 KB, 500x750, 32fa43914c90a732af11b9b0ecc808…)

I like finding decent photos of these idols and just grieving about how much they ruined their faces.

No. 286011

he probably hates it as much as you do, imagine having to pretend your personality is literally autistic screeching

in fairness, he cant help it. that thousand-yard stare is all him though

No. 286012

besides the nose he really did not look that bad in their early days, especially with the better hairstyling. maybe it's just he looks so bad with the fillers that he looked better in comparison at the time LOL

No. 286014

File: 1535392083800.jpg (89.92 KB, 893x498, 140b2oi.jpg)

Also Yuta, this one makes me sad. He was so cute, and he looks more normal now than the giant chin he had a year ago but god, he will never look like this again. Sad.

No. 286015

I'm intrigued if he'll look a bit better if he goes back to this haircut at least. He really doesn't suit the longish 5 year old haircut he's had for a while now. But with the surgery he's a lost case I think, especially those giant fake cheekbones.

No. 286017

honestly in general a lot of these kpop boys need to get rid of the childish bowl cut. jungkook looks so much better with his hair parted and dark too but ig bighit is determined to keep them all bangs, bowl cuts, and bleached. it's really not the look. even jin himself cut his own damn bangs in his own watered down britney spears moment because he hated his hair so much LMAO

No. 286019

i don't keep up with NCT but i remember the yuta chin being so tragic. i'm so glad to see it's looking better now and more settled in but for a moment there it was so, so bad.

No. 286020

File: 1535392455234.jpg (615.02 KB, 1279x1920, nh80WQ71s70o1po1_1280.jpg)

Do they get any sleep? Btw it's telling when you look so busted your own fansite upload a pic of you looking like you went on an alcohol and coke binge.

No. 286021

>Do they get any sleep?
they honestly probably don't. it's funny how some armys go on about how great bighit is but it's clear as day he overworks them for everything they've got just like every other kpop company

No. 286022

File: 1535392599493.jpg (19.53 KB, 480x222, Seventeen Instagram.jpg)

They also lose so much of their identity when all the members have the bowl cut. I remember I hated the looks for Seventeen's comeback Thanks. They all had the same hair. Considering they're already a bunch of them, they could bring SOME originality to it. At least in Mansae they looked slightly different from each other. RIP Jeonghan long hair.

No. 286024

File: 1535392917914.jpg (53.54 KB, 508x681, fbec5b66cb658e8fcb7a6dbc382695…)

>I remember I hated the looks for Seventeen's comeback Thanks.
kekeke you're welcome anon. but seriously you're right. they lose so much identity and it doesn't look great on all of them. idk whether jeonghan liked the long hair or not but it made him more unique out of a bunch of members. the first time i saw him he lowkey looked like one of those boujee rich manga characters with his long, dark hair. that sounds kind of ridiculous but it's really what i thought.

No. 286025

File: 1535393744381.png (888.63 KB, 1080x808, Screen Shot 2018-08-27 at 2.14…)

ah yes, the dude with the SNSD legs is hiding some rock hard abs under there

No. 286028

abs aren't even hot on idols bc of their baby faces anyways i dont get it

No. 286030

i mean abs show if you have that little body fat

No. 286031

File: 1535394108680.jpg (140.83 KB, 600x390, Seventeen-jeonghan-hairstyle.j…)

Dude was prettier than some of the female idols lol. Too bad he ruined his face with more plastic surgery, I think he has the huge cheekbone/small nose like J-hope now. At least I remember seeing his nose is extra pinched nowadays.

No. 286032

>he probably hates it as much as you do, imagine having to pretend your personality is literally autistic screeching
That's why it's always seemed to me that he's being sarcastic with the way he acts, because it's so over the top as if he's doing it out of spite. Same with Jin, his worldwide handsome persona seems sarcastic, idk why. RM and Suga seem genuinely insufferable and Jungkook and V just don't know what to do with themselves.

No. 286033

He looks like Tzuyu…

No. 286034

ugh really? i haven't kept up with him for a year or so now but i remember he was one of my favorites. ig if you live in an industry and society so obsessed with their looks and is the number one plastic surgery capital of the world you'd fall victim to doing more than you need to, smh.

No. 286037

File: 1535394389708.gif (1.59 MB, 400x400, unnamed.gif)

Yes, at least to me he looks different. Nose looks a lot thinner than before, which obviously had surgery too, but fit his girly looks. Now he looks wax figure like.

No. 286038

File: 1535394723336.gif (1.82 MB, 320x240, h18BA72ED.gif)

im sick. what have they done to him. he looks very different and in a masky way. terrible.

i honestly think it's really sad that these perfectly fine celebrities go farther than they need to with plastic surgery. i wonder how a lot of them will look in a few years, especially if they continue with more plastic surgery. i can't imagine it'll set well as they age, because it doesn't even set well now.

No. 286039

Jeonghan’s long hair always kind of weirded me out because his face is so masculine compared to other members and the fandom played up the uwu long hair feminine yas qween thing so much (at least what from what I’ve seen of it; I don’t keep up with SVT). I get the whole anime prince thing they seemed to be going for but the fandom’s response is just strange to me lol. To me he’s handsome, not pretty and certainly not ‘prettier than most female idols xD’ like some stans seem to furiously masturbate over.

Also: the irony that a male idol can’t have long hair without the whole #woke fandom slapping femininity all over him and refusing to see anything else lmao.

No. 286040

Tbh I think that most male idols are average or straight out ugly

No. 286041

atrophied abs more like

i can see what you mean, but then again theres no way of coming across as anything but sarcastic doing the shit he does. rip jhopes dignity

No. 286042

I think this >social media just gives them a whole new platform and >without fans being absolute butthurt or trying to ship the fuck out of them are correlated, because in these new platforms that kind of behavior is basically the norm like, on here we're allowed to be the pettiest bitches over someone having eyebags or bad plastic surgery, on twitter/tumblr grown ass "sjw" read, share and write ship stuff on the regular about some random idol without any shame because is what the majority does, same with being butthurt over the dumbest shit "you don't like how X sings? that's an ugly opinion. blocked :)" and of course you're allowed to block whatever you don't want to see, that's the good thing of having your own space online, but these reactions are too much and maybe I don't get their humour but calling someone gross because they have a bad opinion of your bias is so weird to me. And because of this exaggerated behavior idols and producers have to be super careful in order to keep the fans happy, even nowadays anytime exo is on variety if someone says or does something "bad" to one of the members they immediately apologize to their fans, which is pretty sad.

>i also think idols having insane schedules contributes to this too

absolutely, working on such a hectic industry just makes performers and staff tired to the point of not being able to do a good job and promotes recycling ideas and producing mediocre content (>so all these shows do the same thing).

When you look past the layering of the clothes, the colorful hairstyles and the makeup you realize how empty kpop videos usually are and that can apply to anything really, from actual songs to variety shows, without all the editing and effects, people would immediately realize how little thought goes onto them.

>sorry it's so long but it's some food for thought

don't be sorry, i'm glad you answered so thoughtfully to my blogpost, sorry if my answer is too long though

No. 286043

i can understand that anon. i think a lot of kpop fans and fandoms in general can get a cesspool-y with things like that. it's especially annoying when they try to make an image out of their fans or a sort of mascot for their interests if you understand what i'm saying. kind of like ARMYs molding BTS into a whole woke and deep group when they started out cringe gangster and have had questionable lyrics in the past.

No. 286044

File: 1535395106697.jpg (346.46 KB, 1365x2047, 32717.jpg)

Is he really that different now? He's always looked kinda plastic to me, even though he's pretty. Seventeen look so natural compared to NCT for example, that I haven't even noticed anything wrong with them lol

No. 286045

There's a point with plastic surgery where you stop looking better and start looking worse. This is a perfect example.

No. 286047

I think that's also the reason why a lot of idols keep doing the same stupid shit over and over, like the "worldwide handsome" with Jin. With the internet they become pure meme material and they find themselves obligated to keep doing it. They turn into complete caricatures. Heaven forbid you do something stupid once because your fans will label you alongside that the rest of your career. Of course it's also their fault they keep providing fans with more of it.

No. 286048

This guy looks really uncanny, fucking ew @ both the before and the after tbh

No. 286049

File: 1535395363731.png (62.14 KB, 576x390, Screen Shot 2018-08-27 at 2.20…)

>read, share and write ship stuff on the regular about some random idol without any shame because is what the majority does

>if someone says or does something "bad" to one of the members they immediately apologize to their fans, which is pretty sad.
same anon who responded to you, but i think this contributes to companys having entire scripts for when they go onto shows and such and makes the whole thing just that more void. shit the whole thing with tzuyu simply waving the flag of her home country caused an entire controversy and to this day it makes it difficult for twice to even promote in china, taking a chunk out of the possibility for them to make more money in one the biggest markets. but it's just so obvious how scripted and puppety idols are, and doing anything outside of it throws the whole act off.

No. 286050

You may be right, but it's the same issue I have with Yuta. If I look at predebut and now he looks more or less similar since the monster chin is no longer there. But he still looks bad to me. I have no idea why, it's like you can sense the plastic (or extra plastic considering most of them already had surgery before debut). Maybe it's only styling and the extra pale skin compared to their younger selves.

No. 286052

Genuine question: People always praise BTS for talking about real issues in their songs, can someone give an example? I know Spring Day was for the Sewol Ferry Disaster victims, and they made some songs about the education system earlier in their career. What else?

No. 286054

typical lyrics about how shallow and materialistic people are!!! but not them ofc!! and they had a "feminist" song with lyrics like "tell them that you're my lady" WOKE

No. 286055

I asked the same thing and someone replied with Bapsae. But I didn't get another replied that actually supports this statement. I think people just imagined they are this woke group and have nothing to support it.


No. 286057

didnt you hear their latest song anon? with the hard hitting political lyrics of 'im so in love with myself' and 'brumble brumble' (?) ?? and dont forget their earlier groundbreaking stuff with the deep and woke classics like 'girls are like maths equations, us guys just do 'em' and 'did you see my bag? did you see my bag?'

but seriously, the only one i know of is baepsae, a song where the message is basically 'doesnt it suck to have a class divide?'. i like that song lol, but other than that they literally have nothing, its all armys either frolicking in dreamworld or placing their own overwrought theories all over BTS' music and lyrics

No. 286058

i found it crazy how armys were hyping up rat mon for reading german literature and "incorporating" it into their concepts, as if that isn't something literally everyone does when they're in grade school. pretty sure a good amount of us have read old literature in school and had to do something with it LOL

No. 286059

>'girls are like maths equations, us guys just do 'em'
ah yes, our feminist kings

No. 286060

They reach the heart of their depressed fans by singing about a sad lonely whale.

No. 286062

wtf could rapmon actually have said that would remotely make people thing hes nietzshe? seriously? ima beat the pussy like you neva eva felt before?

No. 286063

File: 1535396172035.jpeg (64.28 KB, 1024x939, 3F7512AC-DC01-49E8-82E5-BC18FA…)

>brumble brumble
oh my god seriously?

i haven’t listened to any of their stuff since hyyh. sounds like that was a good decision lol

No. 286064

File: 1535396220284.png (12.16 KB, 876x102, BTS (방탄소년단) - DNA - Color Code…)

I don't know Korean so you may be right, but really? I see "she" right away…

No. 286065

well, that was the official translation kek. the actual word was like chungduleoleo or something lol

No. 286066

File: 1535396244191.jpg (140.98 KB, 334x380, 20140922_seoulbeats_bts_rap-mo…)

reading his name and german in the same sentence is enough to make me laugh after the swastika/memorial photoshoots

No. 286067

File: 1535396247509.jpg (9.25 KB, 215x265, 6b5fae790860c320ba0fc5fed69be3…)

anon!! he has an IQ of 148! you're just a pleb next to him@!

No. 286068

a true hip hop artist

No. 286069

jesus christ i still cant believe that whole thing happened. what even remotely made them believe that would be fine? have they seriously never heard of the holocaust or nazis? kpop fans screech to this day under any seolhyun post for her to read a history book and how her history learning has been going but it looks like bighit could've used it.

No. 286071

No. 286075

File: 1535397075422.jpg (76.46 KB, 500x750, 3951995496af9ca5e80dabdab0f362…)

still surprised they gave jimin the badboy, "super rock hard abs" concept when he easily looked like this

No. 286076

fans don't care because "antis shopped it!!!" and say that the memorial was open to the public like that makes it any less disrespectful for some boy group to use what's meant to be a memorial to take shitty aesthetic pics

No. 286077

File: 1535397191922.jpg (139.62 KB, 549x825, 20150118_seoulbeats_BTS.jpg)

>shitty aesthetic pics
they really were shitty

No. 286078

my sides wtf, this shit isnt much better than the kind of stuff jaden smith tweets

>“Why is there no opposite word of loneliness? Could it be because people, until they die, have no moments of not being lonely?”


>Even if you’re not perfect you’re limited edition.

this is just a slightly different way of saying 'nobody's perfect' and 'everyone is unique' - groundbreaking!

>Although youth can be beautiful, it can be short and wander off; like a shadow, it has a reckless danger to it.

i cringed so hard i almost threw up

No. 286079

Why do people like Twice? I'm genuinely curious, I can't understand it. How did they become so popular? Their songs are bad and their stage presence is awful.

No. 286080

It literally uses the pronoun “her”

No. 286082

>“Why is there no opposite word of loneliness? Could it be because people, until they die, have no moments of not being lonely?”
?????? wouldn't an opposite word be something like fulfillment?? what does this even mean?? we may not always be happy but it doesn't mean all of us are constantly lonely jesus christ

No. 286083

Tbh he would make a better cash cow here because you can push that uguu smoll bby boy aegyo role with a face like that.

No. 286084

you know rap monster masturbates reading articles and twitter threads on how big his brain is, you just know it

No. 286086

eh i can understand because they're cute and put in a lot of energy on stage (compared to groups like blackpink and red velvet), plus jyp is working the fuck out of them and they have constant back to back comebacks. their songs are pretty safe too so any age can enjoy them. they're not my favorite either but their concepts are pretty shallow (their not ~deep~ and ~hard to understand~ like BTS kek) so it makes it easy to suck fans in

No. 286087

It's has never been confirmed that Spring Day is about Sewol either, just another instance of BTS fans overanalyzing.

No. 286088

oh yeah definitely, he always acts smug as fuck about that shit. you can see it in the way he acts around some of his members. i mean i know bighit gave a majority of them retarded personas but are you really just gonna act like that towards them on live TV?

No. 286089

great thanks anon, this hadnt occurred to me and now im 100% convinced it's true

No. 286090

they're cute, have great fanservice, and have catchy songs

No. 286091


그녀 literally means "That girl", so the song is not gender neutral.

It's true that there is no grammatical gender such as him/her/he/she in Korean, but it's pretten common to say "that girl/woman" or "that boy/man" and then it gets translated to him/her/she/he to make it sound more natural.

No. 286092

File: 1535397945009.jpg (152.33 KB, 1439x1499, ad33945213776643e3ad401030f65a…)


No. 286094

I think it's fair to say this woke persona was created by the fans, probably the international ones that like to push their agendas. And every new fan to BTS just assumed they were always this way, with bighit making bank and pushing the idea.

No. 286096

Why is the idea of being a literal man child attractive to fans? I can get drooling over abs and things like that, but why this. I know there's no context on the tweet so you could imagine it's a diss on them, but no, we all know they love it.

No. 286097

nah since the beginning they were like "we make songs for students so they can relate to them because they're oppressed by society" lul

No. 286098

oh yeah definitely, they didn't start like this except for songs maybe like N.O (idk about any others bc i don't really listen to them like that) but their fans definitely push the narrative and force it on to them. shoot bighit respond to literally any small complaints fans have so they're obviously listening in to what fans want from them and profiting off it.

No. 286099

Well, that's expected from boy bands, like what Stray Kids is doing now. But that's quite a jump from that to "we talk about important issues in society/world".

No. 286100

nonthreatening and also not touching and banging other girls which will make the fans all jelly cause he's their oppa

No. 286101

"vmin" (jimin+v's ship name) is in the OP's twitter handle and i think the icon might be suga, so it's obviously not a diss.

No. 286102

File: 1535398451137.jpg (5.96 MB, 4976x5022, vcghcg.jpg)

kpop is so entertaining, where else do you get to see so many men uncomfortably forced to be gay on camera (besides gay porn)

i wish i could find it now, i saw some interview with them in america where he said some stupid pun in english and gave the interviewer his usual smug look waiting for admiration, but she just silently cringed and said nothing.

No. 286103

File: 1535398487287.jpg (75.46 KB, 500x499, tumblr_inline_p5szjcAysL1v69cc…)

>be an almost 21 year old grown man and have fans who literally infantilize you

No. 286104

File: 1535398581739.jpg (147.2 KB, 714x1024, 396bfe04fb7b9cea20211dbfa24659…)

I think the kiddie look I hate the most is the payama look. Who the hell wears them when they're older. It's literally kids or old people. No in between.

It makes me uncomfortable for some reason, although I'm sure there's worse things.

No. 286105

>i wish i could find it now
lol anon i've been looking for a gif or something of him acting smug as fuck but i guess no one has created one. don't really want to go through videos of their stupid interviews to find it but it would be easy

No. 286106

File: 1535398643718.jpg (114.74 KB, 500x736, original.jpg)

>where else do you get to see so many men uncomfortably forced to be gay on camera
can't forget the most iconic one with the homophobic church man himself

No. 286107

lmao jhope's face. you'd think they'd be used to it by now but no they always look like they're dying inside… not that i blame them

wtf is the deal with ageplayers in the kpop fandom? they make my skin crawl so much, its probably the aegyo stuff that attracts them i guess? puke

No. 286109

File: 1535398901644.jpg (44.13 KB, 442x304, 3.jpg)

for me its girls day in diapers during twinkle twinkle

No. 286110

i don't remember if its already been mentioned here, but it's funny how kpop fans ran cupcakke off twitter for saying she wanted to fuck jungkook or smth like that when she's literally the same age as him and armys say shit like that all the time and are 9000 times worse about it. like do you want to fuck him or do you want treat him like your child? there's literally no in between with them and its actually gross tbh

No. 286111

Are you fucking kidding me? Tell me it's only white panties and not ACTUAL diapers.

You know what… dont tell me. Kpop companies are fucking gross.

No. 286112

File: 1535399042601.jpg (396.12 KB, 1080x1920, tumblr_ooj0ovHffC1vs4ws0o4_128…)

i….have dug too far…

No. 286113

It's just fucking bottoms like cheerleaders wear. anon exaggerating cause they're ugly and white for some reason.

No. 286114

File: 1535399174258.png (213.15 KB, 500x650, spring_day.png)

Pic related is what Namjoon said about it.
I looked up some fan interpretations about Spring Day. They used some symbols in the music video to hint that it's about Sewol, the yellow ribbons, the shoes hanging from the tree, 304 people passed away in the disaster, they used the 03:04th second of the video as the thumbnail

No. 286115

Thank god lol. Still looks gross, just give them longer skirts.

No. 286116

File: 1535399324109.jpg (17.4 KB, 370x370, Df7V-azXUAAymwA.jpg)

please god no

No. 286117

SM has whittled down to such a pathetic nothing at this point lol. They used to be a force to be reckoned with and now they are legitimately just embarrassing themselves. Other than the fandom that refuses to let go based on obsessive nostalgia and having invested money and time into stalking and worshipping SNSD, what kind of market do they even have anymore? Horny housewives? Lol. Once they started publicly dating(which they should have been able to do in the first place) most of their male fans started dropping out because their precious borderline 30 year old waifus MIGHT not be virgins anymore. Now that theres only two members of cash value left in the group how do they even plan on banking? Just give Taeyeon the solo career shes wanted and deserved for a decade now and let Yoona be the plain vanilla top actress she wants to be and be done with it already.

No. 286118

I cannot shake the feeling that Siwon is really just a bible-thumping gay man in denial. He just has that weird greasy excessively suave, dandy-macho combination thing about him that reeks of a gay man with internalized homophobia.

Or at the very least bisexual.

No. 286120

i've thought the same thing for years anon. he acts like a white man who is married to a woman and has several children and one of the most prominent members of the church to compensate for the fact that he's gay. he really does reek of it no matter how much he denies.

No. 286122

see now this is uncle bait. not twice's concepts lol

No. 286123

This guy wants to beat your pussy

No. 286124

File: 1535400152309.png (59.37 KB, 658x662, 1fe.png)

>tfw u spend all ur good boy points on tendies and fugly gucci suits and u don't have enough left for mommy to give u a blowey joey :(

No. 286125

File: 1535400325449.gif (929.79 KB, 320x240, mjl.gif)

>This guy wants to beat your pussy
>tfw u spend all ur good boy points on tendies and fugly gucci suits and u don't have enough left for mommy to give u a blowey joey :(
holy shit 😂

No. 286129

File: 1535400618116.jpg (337.79 KB, 816x1412, rm.jpg)

I don't have a smug gif but I remembered this, he once said in an interview that he masturbated to Ryu Murakami's "Almost Transparent Blue". Idk why you'd need this information but you're welcome.

No. 286130

spends HIS money wisely and he said that like 4 years ago lol

No. 286132

was that the book about some sort of abuse about black women or smth like that? i know there's a book that he said he enjoyed that was also really gross that was about black women, i'll see if i can find it

No. 286133

KEK anon i can’t breathe

No. 286135

It's also funny that the picture features the two members that won't stop being pretentious and 2deep5me. Taking "aesthetic" pics at a memorial like the worst of the vapid instathots

No. 286138

If you see the rest of the average korean male population, you wouldn’t think so lol

No. 286143

That book is grim. It's full of sexual abuse not sure how someone could get off to that.
There was a black woman character iic there were also white and asian women. None of the women were treated decently. That book was extremely unsettling and regrettable.

No. 286145

File: 1535401726018.png (824.54 KB, 816x1156, Screen Shot 2018-08-27 at 4.27…)

yeah it did involve a black women, but i read some more reviews on it and it is a shitty book for the women written in it. and he got off on that shit smh

No. 286148

kmusicandblackwomen probably used this as "evidence"

No. 286149

File: 1535401902758.png (69.44 KB, 233x275, 1481586677800.png)

this is as bad as the cow hybrid tweets wtf

No. 286150

probably how they came up with that shit after rat mon recommended it to them lmfao!

No. 286151

kek he was trying to appear as an edgy intellectual at the time, but now with the concept of them being woke kings he can't do that anymore

No. 286154

File: 1535402322798.jpg (154.8 KB, 893x893, DQ2W190UMAESRoH.jpg)

why do kpop fans do this shit?? its not even cute. you might as well stan girl kpop idols at that point

No. 286156

he looks like a corpse

No. 286158

It’s all uncle bait. Seriously almost every 30-50 yr old Korean man I spent any time around while I lived there talked about their boner for Twice, many of them explicitly saying they like them for how “young they are” and a few of them admitting they jerked it to their videos. This was a few years ago, so I’m wondering how old those girls were.

I wish I-fans would stop trying to deny this shit, if you ask the guilty party they will be so honest about it!

No. 286161

I think there was also a part where some American soldiers were abusing a Japanese woman.

No. 286163

>I wish I-fans would stop trying to deny this shit
it's so obvious too. i wish they'd step out of their kpop realm for a second and just realize it. you don't even need to step out too far or for too long because that's how in your face it is.
it also grosses me out seeing girl groups performing for korean military dudes and how crazy and weird they act, running up to the stage like wild animals seeing their prey. i think there was one episode where there was some foreign military men and they looked at the korean military dudes with so much confusion when they were doing that shit.

No. 286166

>I somehow believed I had become just one huge penis
Why can I totally see him getting off to this lmao

Then again, NamJin is one of the most popular BTS ships…

No. 286167

nothing wrong with wanting a "non-threatening" looking guy though

No. 286169

please….omfg…please be fake…

i mean look at any twice crowd and when fans are calling their names. the fans have acne and braces while sana and nayeon are constantly called noona. by uncle bait i mean their "main" fanbase is older men which isn't the case with twice but was with early snsd and girls day

No. 286170

lol i'm pretty sure i've seen a video or a gif of jimin showing a blowjob sign to a fan, wtf, are they allowed to do that? i thought they were maintaining the innocent boi image.

No. 286172

smh why did that one anon delete the rat monster daddy kink image! had perfect pic for that LMAO!

No. 286173

don't forget "what's tasty in busan" lmao

No. 286174

Wait, what

No. 286176

File: 1535403956883.jpg (35.08 KB, 390x639, tumblr_omf1l9SlOT1v2mbiqo1_500…)

No. 286178


idk why they had to make a whole dissertation on it but basically i'm guessing he was talking about his dick

No. 286179

File: 1535404210839.jpg (16.53 KB, 320x360, DevujAlW0AAermo.jpg)

disgusting, but not surprising if legit

No. 286180

cmon anon, its clearly armys roleplaying

No. 286181

File: 1535404278471.gif (1.34 MB, 500x245, hgvjhhj.gif)

>be good for daddy
that's probably the faces he makes in the mirror in the morning

No. 286183

I don’t need to look at their performances because I’ve talked to enough “normal” korean guys to know. I’ve seen the way dudes in the audience first hand act, even if they didn’t show it on TV.

It’s all the same thing, just at different levels of extreme.

No. 286185

File: 1535404639021.jpg (299.72 KB, 1080x1519, 001.jpg)

She posted this as an answer to "what's tasty in busan", well thanks, I'd rather starve myself. Could've at least use a picture where he doesn't look like a wet potato..

No. 286186

File: 1535404724373.jpg (54.75 KB, 400x400, OXNqyPAx.jpg)

jimin must clutch on to those contacts for dear life, they're in every single picture i've seen of him lately. is there even a recent picture of him without them??

No. 286188

i never said it was better, silly

No. 286189

i wonder how many of them actually have bdd, i bet half of the idols in the industry suffer from something and go untreated.

No. 286190

File: 1535405438054.jpg (95.19 KB, 500x655, tumblr_o7pcdwbMJg1vsizcco1_500…)

i would assume a lot, considering their looks is the biggest reason they are bringing in fans. funny how a lot of these idols are being forced to starve and get plastic surgery yet their bosses look like this. a lot of these idols go way too far with the shits

No. 286191

File: 1535405507273.jpg (87.26 KB, 550x250, 4.jpg)

choose your fighter

No. 286193

File: 1535405690836.png (14.72 KB, 333x223, OxS4P6j.png)

i have another contender

No. 286212

File: 1535407281253.png (358.97 KB, 598x912, Screen Shot 2018-08-27 at 5.57…)


kek armys are saying it's BTS V/Taehyung just because it sounds like him, comments are saying it's not him. not sure why armys care if he's playing and cursing on overwatch in his free time anyways, always up their asses damn

No. 286213

File: 1535407386521.png (42.11 KB, 926x152, Screen Shot 2018-08-27 at 6.02…)

same anon from >>286212 but 😕, literally everywhere

No. 286216

oh what, so he secretly knows english now but just plays dumb whenever bts are dragged to america?

No. 286217

omg it really did sound like him tho

No. 286219

eh from the video it was really basic english and the guy that is supposedly taehyung kept asking what it meant in korean so idk

No. 286222

oh hey its mr "8-inch" kephri himself. who cares if its actually V, all hes doing is playing a videogame and cursing?

>Taehyung is the nation's twink nah
the fuck does that mean

No. 286224

ah ok, i didn't actually watch the video. kek if it's him and the only english phrases he can string together are what the fuck and thank you. bigger kek at armys watching video game playthroughs to hear bts members, all that time wasted…

No. 286225

samefag but how would v have time to get to kephris elo… it cant be him

No. 286229

because kpop idols aren't that busy altho they want you to think that. he's talked about getting to masters before.

No. 286234

I don't think it's him. V talks a lot slower and sounds more like a mongoloid. This guy just sounds like your typical foreigner who expects everyone to know their language.

No. 286268

File: 1535412363450.jpg (45.02 KB, 587x248, 789898789283973.jpg)

halsy really wants that army attention huh

No. 286273

As if they have much to do with anything other than what their producers tell them to do

No. 286286


So it's not denied, but not confirmed either? Doesn't really prove anything.

Why deny a possible forced narrative if it benefits you, honestly?

No. 286299

Those are typical korean work habits. They have to “look busy” so they might stay in their dance studios all night or whatever but half the time they are just fucking around. As long as they put in the time by just being physically present, they can nap and fuck around on their phones and do whatever. Then they can complain about how hard they worked and how much they suffer.

No. 286300

File: 1535417430851.jpg (61.86 KB, 588x371, 03e6d0dee62a009ec8579f3630e698…)

Posting this old gem in order to remind us all of the greatest weeb/koreaboo crossover in fanfiction history

No. 286302

File: 1535417920564.png (82.72 KB, 576x774, Screen Shot 2018-08-27 at 8.58…)

its tired.

No. 286304

File: 1535418062750.png (285.14 KB, 600x606, Screen Shot 2018-08-27 at 9.00…)

samefag from >>286302 but anyone know what this fuckery is about??

No. 286306

gross, can she fuck off? this reeks of desperation and is just embarrassing for everyone.

and that video sucks and has nothing to dissect in it

No. 286313

I hope this is him, only because his fans need to realize that he is a normal adult human male that plays video games and jerks off

No. 286317

That sounds hellish.

No. 286318

what? his fans know and like that about him. what they don't want to know is that he's probably fucking a lot of girls and has sugar babies

No. 286320

Nah a lot of them believe that he’s a deep intellectual virgin that only ever fantasizes about his groupmates, not a frat boy tier idiot

No. 286328

ah yes, frat boys. known for their overwatch skills.

No. 286330

File: 1535423431145.png (545.13 KB, 540x400, tumblr_pe3pbzR3VZ1w3npngo3_540…)

frat boys have such unique style, we should applaud them for making use of their grandma's old clothing. makes my coochie sweat

No. 286341

So Fenty Beauty rep left a comment saying that they are going to DM exo's Kai on his Instagram and now exo L's keeps saying he's going to do a collaboration and his own beuaty like with FB and I'm like… I'm pretty sure she's just going to send him a PR box can y'all not. At most just have them model to appeal to Koreans, not the international fans.

No. 286342

he does suit fenty beauty tho. it wouldn't hurt to put him in their ads.

No. 286345

yep, been seeing the FENTYXKAI. i think at most he would just get a pr box or an ad if it actually did happen. i don't think he would look bad tho, he kind of fits the aesthetic.

No. 286354

idk about twice but i remember seeing this one for gfriend and being slightly uncomfortable. i'd like to thing they're playing it up because they know theyre on camera but who the fuck knows

No. 286355

Yeah I agree he fits especially when they don't whitewash his skin but them saying he'll get his own make up line is ridiculous.

No. 286362

File: 1535429221529.png (740.28 KB, 992x828, Screen Shot 2018-08-28 at 12.0…)

someone please tell me whats supposed to be attractive about that, literally one kick to the wrist and i could knock off them new rings he's reppin smh

No. 286363

anorexia isn't cute

No. 286381

The notion that someone who doesn't know much about kpop isn't a fan of kpop, no fucking way!

No. 286409

File: 1535438046072.png (558.77 KB, 1220x1406, Screen Shot 2018-08-28 at 2.31…)


LMFAO jesus christ, korean fans really don't play, they went mute the minute rat mon came on and would scream loud as fuck when jimin came on, it was almost like someone was playing with the volume but it's really the fans 💀

No. 286439

File: 1535443360810.jpg (37.56 KB, 600x485, B7No8BWCMAEkr1E.jpg)

Sehun really is too fugly. His fans are the worst too

No. 286451

Lmao damn, what did he do to slight them

No. 286466

File: 1535449415651.jpg (46.68 KB, 1100x619, loloblanca.jpg)

They need to stop with the chin implants

No. 286468

File: 1535449830647.jpg (39.07 KB, 560x436, gd3.jpg)


They all end up looking like the evil guy from Lazy Town (RIP)

No. 286490

Reminds me of that one ep of Spongebob lmao

No. 286498

File: 1535454156654.jpeg (97.02 KB, 750x410, B94D2C4C-3482-4E0B-9594-75E465…)

No. 286501

this is obviously a joke but it just reminds me that armys are potentially stupid enough to believe rm could actually be president even tho he's from korea LOL

No. 286507

i know it just randomly popped up so i couldn’t help myself lmao

after scrolling through this thread the ‘namjoon for president’ meme becomes even more laughable

No. 286531

it's especially funny considering the fact that i'm sure there's some armys that are totally serious yet don't even know the presidential requirements lmaooo

No. 286575

who's going to go audition for bighit?! 😍😍😍

just kidding, bighit is obviously only going to be looking for potential male trainees anyways.

No. 286580

dude, theres a big difference between masters and top 500 gm where kephri is, unless he was playing on a smurf or something. lol at the comments on the video by the way, armys just arent capable of not being embarrassing are they

No. 286582

File: 1535462752659.png (17.91 KB, 580x146, 656867586.png)

I'm genuinely amazed at how bad BTS new release turned out to be, you'd think now they'd be able to get popular western producers to make stuff for them, what is this trash? Do they save on music production or something? Fans are praising the choreo so much, but it's so bland? It looks like a mix of Not Today and Fire. And why did they have to deliver the message to the haturz again, they already did it with the Mic Drop. They're acting like some lolcows on this site who get defensive for the pettiest reasons.

I bet $50 bighit gets plastic copies of jhope who won't be able to sing or dance properly just like jin and the group will have 10+ members.

No. 286587

>I'm genuinely amazed at how bad BTS new release turned out to be
it's so bad it's even got me theorizing like an army: bighit purposely making their shit bad to make way for the new boy group LOL

>And why did they have to deliver the message to the haturz again, they already did it with the Mic Drop.

i thought the same thing. they ended the whole "fuck the haters" thing they were doing with mic drop so i'm not sure why they went back to it when mic drop was fine? totally stupid

No. 286588

That's why I'm thinking they won't put too much effort in the new group since they're already out of ideas for their cashcow and the new group may actually flop, can't wait to see the stans forcing themselves to like it.

No. 286590

i honestly think bighit got lucky with their obsessive fans that promotes shit for them. it's not like bighit can just give the nbg the whole woke shtick unless they're stupid enough to do so, and the whole gangster thug fake versace thing clearly wasn't it, so i wonder what bighit has in mind for them. i certainly can't wait, it's gonna be a mess between army's saying to stan the nbg for BTS and other army's saying fuck the nbg. am i being too dramatic to hope for a kpop civil war between armys? it would just be too entertaining.

No. 286591

I just wanted to say that Wonho from Monsta X is ugly as fuck.
That's all.

No. 286592

i think the whole super pasty, doughy face x the mini hulk body is not the look. if he was somewhat tanner, didn't look as doughy in the face, and stuck to black hair i'd think he'd look better

No. 286603

File: 1535465095008.jpg (120.36 KB, 800x1200, CvpwO94XYAUfClB.jpg)

he is lol. those ears
also looked him up to try and find a good picture to use and found this, agghghghghh why with the fucking ageplay again, kms

No. 286604

Oh god, please let it not be this fake deep shit all over again, BTS are already enough to cringe at. They should rely on the conceptual stuff though, fans love making up theories way too much.

No. 286614

File: 1535466515790.gif (3.73 MB, 480x255, rv.gif)

has any other sm idol given up as early as yeri has? i know she was a big fan/friend of jonghyun but her fans using that as a defense of her never being any good are reaching.

tvxq- jaejoong and changmin were probably the worst dancers but could still keep up and put effort in, jaejoong was the second best singer and changmin improved massively when they became a duo
snsd- tiffany is famously a terrible dancer but was enthusiastic enough that people found it cute, even jessica didn't completely phone it in until about 6 years into debut. they're way past their best at dancing but a few years in they still had pretty tight formations
shinee- i never followed super closely but again, i don't remember anyone ever being so bad at dancing that they threw off the group
fx- also didn't follow much but the only time someone clearly gave up was sulli right before she quit being an idol to model for a pedo instead
exo- really didn't follow but all of the critique i've seen is of some of them being bad dancers but not of being lazy or anything

i don't find a lot of sm visuals like sehun attractive but at least then the designated useless member is actually getting fashion deals and stuff, yeri really does seem like one of the most useless idols in sm history. yoona spent years as the basic pretty idol, yoochun was popular and composed some of db5k's best songs, krystal gets a lot of fashion/photoshoot work, minho got a lot of acting jobs even if he's not that good, but yeri isn't that popular, doesn't get work outside of rv, doesn't contribute much to the group and actively takes away from them sometimes

No. 286618


someone leaked the ot4 dance practice of red velvet's automatic. still think she was a terrible addition to red velvet and i'm not sure how much i believe fans that say she was just "too young" at the time to debut with them. i feel like she was just a hasty addition but i'm not sure for what benefit

No. 286620

i'm honestly tired of yeri, she's a cute girl but adding someone that can't sing or dance to a four people group was a dumb dumb decision, not like the other four are good at both, but at least they're good at one and decent at the other. with her voice she really should try to dance better…

also, i remember reading some knetizen's comments on yeri saying she's only interested in being friends with people she can benefit off and that's why she's always so close to taeyeon, key, naeyeon and such…

No. 286622

speaking of idols who are only friends with idols that can benefit them, when i used to really be into kpop i noticed that a lot of these big name idols would be friends with other big name idols and then when one of them would fall off suddenly you didn't hear much about them being friends as much. if my memory serves right, "back in the day" when T-ARA fell off i'm pretty sure a lot of fellow idols didn't mention them anymore. ig it makes sense since you wouldn't possibly want to lose your brand for such a petty reason like being friends with a "controversial" idol but i can't help but feel it's a lil shady.

No. 286627

File: 1535468998366.jpeg (982.66 KB, 1076x1342, AA689EF9-1C18-4836-BB88-5C1083…)

Here anon, have some more

No. 286629

they aren't even friends with their bandmates

No. 286630

Reputation probably had something to do with it but it wouldn't surprise me if they stopped talking because T-ara wasn't as popular. There was some gossip thread on the allkpop forums talking about how Twice and Oh My Girl's friendship was just noise marketing. obviously not everything from akp should be trusted but it makes sense to me.

No. 286635

File: 1535469766911.gif (3.76 MB, 260x420, 68002e8egw1ecjek5ro8og20780boq…)


Kek never forget

No. 286639

I like Tiffany but the dancing cuts in her solo MV are so cringe inducing

No. 286641

homegirl tried but she just couldn't hit it quite right LOL
it's more than whatever yeri is doing tho, she's just tragic and obviously has no motivation to do so

No. 286642

Its like she wants to be ailee so bad

No. 286644

No. 286648

File: 1535470623585.gif (952.12 KB, 500x302, tumblr_mqgyo1kqUv1r9twp0o1_500…)

given how often idols stop being friends or seem to eventually hate each other I wish there was more talk about it, it's like when old Disney channel stars would be dating or have drama with each other and be mortal enemies, even idols in their mid 20s act about as mature as teen stars. there's not enough petty friendship drama in kpop and hardly anybody even translates the rumor mills that have about a 50:50 chance of being completely fake.

I want to know how real the beef between Jessica and Taeyeon was, if the rest of Miss A really hated Suzy, there's the thing where Twice's Jeongyeon seems to hate Jimin, Jaejoong still posts bitchy emo girl posts about BoA nearly 10 years after they stopped being best friends, Super Junior probably got into some real fights at some point. I find rumors about idols hating each other way more exciting than dating rumors but fans claim every single idol has RBF and doesn't hate anyone/have a bad attitude

No. 286650

seulgi is the only red velvet worth a damn and no one can change my mind

i may be being superficial because shes literally one of the most beautiful idols ive seen in kpop since like..2011

No. 286651

im gonna vomit

No. 286652

yes!! kpop scandals are honestly so boring, especially compared to the likes of some of the chinese and japanese scandals, they're ruthless. petty "scandals" about kpop idols being too fat or too ugly or not tall enough just don't do it for me. ig it's an open secret that korean fans try super hard to conceal "tea" on kpop idols? but i wish they'd drop some on the juicy stuff. i'd give anything to be a fly on the wall at SM, shit maybe at music banks too. considering how big of a community kpop idols are i'm sure there's some crazy shit

No. 286653

its gonna come out eventually because so many idols are not korean by nationality, and can come over to america or canada or europe and better protect themselves from retarded lawsuits/charges by companies

No. 286656

yeah, this is an oversimplification but can't you be sued for defamation in korea even if what you're saying is true? i'm mad that there aren't more idols being open about other idols being bad people or bitchy or whatever but i'm not surprised by it. hopefully one day somebody's just going to snap and say "she's a bitch, he's a creep, he's untalented and this is what i hate about the industry"

No. 286661

yep even women who are raped/sexually harassed often get sued if they give names of the abusers, and lose the lawsuits

No. 286687

One that might spill the tea could be Amber, she already doesn't live in Korea anymore and is super pissed off with SM for many reasons. The day they drop her (or she drops them), she could spill some beans

No. 286692

ive mentioned it before but bekah basically threatened to spill some shit when she got kicked aka "graduated" from after school but she never went through with it

she was super religious so i think she just kinda immersed herself in that and let her past fade away
as far as i know she doesnt talk to the other members anymore which is really sad to me because they all seemed close and still do with the exception of bekah, soyoung, kahi and uee, everyone else hangs out, goes to events supporting eachother etc

No. 286704

After School would definitely have some of the most interesting stories if any of them actually opened up about it, but it seems like they all want to just move on from it.

Do any of the others still hang out with Kahi? I thought it was kind of a known fact by now that she was way too strict on the younger members and took the leader role too seriously and said some of the younger girls deserved to be hit, then after she left said the others bullied her and left her out. I honestly think shed be criticized more for that and for being really strict on Produce 101 if it wasn't for Park Yoochun's scandal. Having your ex be accused of multiple sexual assaults when you're now happily married with kids is always going to make your image seem better. If it wasn't for that then she'd get more shit for being obsessed with hierarchies and the fact that she was 23 and he was 17 would probably come up too.

No. 286735

kahi is an old(for kpop standards) in the closet uber bitch who always wanted to be the next BoA and mistreated her groupmates in the effort to get there

No. 286737

You guys are completely serious business, this thread became so shit lmao
Feels like I'm reading netizenbuzz comment section

No. 286739

File: 1535484862691.jpg (129.69 KB, 1080x524, IMG_20180829_003115.jpg)

i know everybody's already done with this topic, but

No. 286741

Be the change you want to see in the world, anon

No. 286743

i think the closest we'll get for now is probably when the sistar members were given advice to members from I.O.I and said just to stay in your house to avoid all the creeps. also when taeyeon mentioned in her early days when that creepy dude would call her all the time

>why do you guys just criticize idols looks, don't you have anything better to discuss
>discusses actual issues and events that happened in kpop
>it's way too serious in here guys, chill out
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ if there's something else you want to talk about anon, just post it

No. 286744

LOL this topic will never be done anon, we can always appreciate some delusion armys

No. 286745

I don't hate BTS. Why do some BTS fans think being a manufactured music group is the worst thing ever? I don't see what's so wrong with "manufactured" groups. BTS is a kpop group and they acknowledge it themselves, but these fans don't like acknowledging for some reason.

No. 286746

tiffany makes me cringe for a few reasons but i honestly can't dislike her. she was really cute when she was starting out and had the short haircut, she's like an eager horse girl from school, i've got a soft spot for her. i think she's still pushing the "snsd isn't disbanding! 8 members forever!" stuff too much to expect her to spill any beans about drama stuff but she's been more open and human in the english interviews she's been doing lately. the imperial flag scandal was dragged out way longer than it needed to be when all she should've had to do was make a generic but genuine "i wasn't thinking and made a mistake" apology and had a short reflection period before coming back, i wish she could talk about how the way she was treated was bullshit but that would mean she's permanently blacklisted from going back to korea really

that and the reaction to top's scandal have got to be two of the biggest bullshit reactions to idol scandals i've ever seen. dude ODed and his mom was crying about if he'd wake up and the comments were awful. a lot of the time when idols get criticised i don't care because i think it's just part of what happens when a lot of people know who you are, but every so often there's the big scandal of somebody getting death threats over something so minor. the top thing only came to mind because right after the collab with bts went out nicki minaj posted a video of her smoking a blunt and it's just still so wild how strong the backlash against him was

No. 286747

i'm not sure?? like so many celebrities are manufactured and buying music rather than making it yourself or having a team behind your concepts is extremely normal, so i'm not sure why they care so much? i think its a complex armys have with themselves, it's like those moms who live vicariously through their children almost. i guess to them being labeled as fake would be the worst thing for them so they pass that on to BTS, who they desperately want to believe is different and not manufactured like everyone else. idk, i'm sure its a whole situation that would end up being a huge discussion

No. 286748

>I don't listen to anything except top 40

No. 286750

people like to pretend the things they like are deep and meaningful works of art so they can feel superior instead of recognizing that sometimes we like mediocre or even bad things just because they entertain us or we get emotionally attached to them

No. 286751

the answer is in that screenshot anon, they want to believe bts are actually woke socially conscious boys so they can imagine them respecting women while they date them or whatever. how would they gush over how smart and kind and politically correct they all are if it's all just manufactured? also how would they circle jerk over rm and suga's godlike underground rapping?

No. 286752

tiffany is one of those people to me that have good intentions but it can be a little much. i can say she's fairly annoying to me but i don't think i could hate her, because you can say a lot about her but she really does try.

>but every so often there's the big scandal of somebody getting death threats over something so minor

it's funny how such minor issues get blasted the most but issues such as rape, DUIs, assault, and much more is hushed and thoroughly questioned. it's a death sentence to your career for simply looking at your nails and don't you dare try to explain yourself but if you rape someone or kill/harm someone while drunk driving the victim must be throughly questioned or we must see all sides of the situation. it's absolutely ridiculous.

No. 286754

File: 1535487078352.jpeg (73.92 KB, 356x374, A97D980C-FE2D-433F-94E2-F8C11C…)

I cant get over armys gushing over these lyrics that they cant understand. If anything they are in love with the translator’s writing style of the fucking lyrics, not anything bts sings

No. 286758

File: 1535487401135.jpg (25.25 KB, 450x450, e664f1d597920094229030b3f1223d…)

She was so cute with short hair, the tomboy-ish look suits her. She seems happier back in America. Her scandal was such bullshit, they just used it as a reason to attack her because they disliked her to start with. Also funny how none of the other members stuck up for her even when people were threatening to rape her and her family etc. She's an airhead true but who cares? Her story is touching too, it was known that her mother died but recently people learnt she died from suicide.

No. 286762

I guess this is what I find weird with this kind of fan behavior. They get offended when people bring up BTS' not-so-perfect sides, when people say they got plastic surgery, when people say they are a manufactured group/their genre is kpop, when someone criticizes BTS in a negative way, when another fan doesn't like every single song BTS releases. If you love them as much as you say you do, are you going to drop them if they get plastic surgery (which I don't think should be shamed), or if they release a bad song? You don't have to blindly support them, you can say that a song is bad if you think it's bad, you can disagree with something they did. You don't have to see them as perfect beings that can do no wrong and try to prove it to everyone.

No. 286763

Damn, I always assumed it was cancer or some other terminal illness when she was little. But jesus christ, having your mom commit suicide when youre 12? That is tragic.

No. 286765

File: 1535488565320.gif (2.18 MB, 300x300, 95D7AAF1-F4E5-4FCC-B5C1-76BA88…)

Tiffany always made me cringe with her singing and dancing. She just reminds me of a theater kid who wants to be a singer but doesnt have any real outstanding talent. I always thought she was the best looking one during the Genie era. Short hair does suit her long face better.

No. 286766

the thing is that its so clear a majority of them if not all of them have gotten plastic surgery, why not just accept it and encourage them that they don't need to do any more? i think it's dumb when fans in general don't just own up to the plastic surgery, like jesus christ where do you think they live? of course the majority of them have had it especially in the industry they're in. i still see taeyeon fans argue she hasn't had a lick of plastic surgery, but it's just so obvious its ridiculous at this point. i guess my point is that armys put so much pressure on that narrative, it's kind of pointless. same with blindly supporting them, so what if they make one bad song? it takes criticism to make something good. idk, ig it's just super ridiculous to me

No. 286768

i think its because of the parasocial relationship. they think of the idol as their uwu husbando/precious child so they won't hear any criticism of them or they get buttmad. like you're criticising their family member, not a music artist.

the twitter safe space no-wrongthink-allowed only positivity and love for our boys thing probably contributes too.

No. 286775

she always seemed so sweet to me
she got the shit end of the stick from pretty early on i think with what happened between her and her parents, and then having the most antis from the beginning with people telling her to kill herself and saying she was the reason her mom killed herself etc
so im with you i have a soft spot for her too and wish her well

No. 286776

its weird to me that it was never "confirmed" but korean fans seemed to know? there was the incident where the anti fan threw a letter on stage telling her she was the reason her mom killed herself, and tiffany had said a few times before that she felt guilty because she had gotten in a fight with her parents before her mom died so i always kinda assumed that was the case

No. 286778

>and then having the most antis from the beginning with people telling her to kill herself
it was really such a shame too because she was always super upbeat and seemed like one of the more genuine of the idols. i don't think i could fake a personality like her for over a decade so i assume her persona must be somewhat genuine.

i think the only gripe i have with her is that i wish she got a proper vocal coach or if she does at least attempt notes at her range rather than trying to attempt the big ones and coming off all screechy.

No. 286780

File: 1535490557912.png (49.8 KB, 580x382, Screen Shot 2018-08-28 at 5.08…)

then what the fuck are they gonna perform