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File: 1538326640311.png (770.17 KB, 1122x1068, ratmon.png)

No. 302973

Previous threads:

Rant about Kpop, its creepy fandoms, and/or its fucked up industry. Or just nitpick some idols.

· Don't racebait
· Don't fangirl. Save that for the Kpop General thread here: >>232763
· Don't derail about dumb shit. If it doesn't directly have to do with Kpop, don't post about it here.

Keep in mind that this is not the Korea critical thread. It's not about Korean society as a whole.

No. 302978

File: 1538327283112.jpg (35.78 KB, 480x480, download.jsp.jpg)

what is the kpop obsession with really basic looking visuals? don't get me wrong, the two girls are pretty, but i wouldn't call them "shocking" or "standout." i've noticed this a lot in kpop, where the safest, most basic/standard faces are the most hailed, while more striking or unique beauties are often criticized or put to the side for the more basic beauty? as i said, don't get me wrong, bc they're still pretty, but i just think it's a bit weird; maybe it's just me.

No. 302984

Idols need to be someone people can actually imagine they'd they'd have a chance with. They're pretty but not too glamorous where they look like they'd burst into laughter if a guy even looked their direction.

No. 302986

Most idols will look hella ugly by the time they hit their mid thirties due to all that ps they did when supper young

No. 302989

now that i think about it, i do hear the "girl-next-door" trope go around a lot in kpop. it makes sense; if you're gonna establish a boyfriend-girlfriend image you would need safe, relatable, yet still good looking visuals. i have noticed that idols that look too good are often criticized as being "high-maintence" or "too bitchy" or smth like that, ig bc they would be too unobtainable for them to realistically imagine in their fantasy relationship.

No. 302990

lol i've had a hate boner for ratmon for the longest time and i'm finally satisfied, bless you anons

No. 302998

File: 1538331301288.jpeg (42.92 KB, 480x288, 4A5A19D9-D3A5-468B-9189-9ECD85…)

since we’ve officially adopted the rat nickname for rm can i just

No. 303001

“English in the hiphop style” will never fucking get old lmfao

No. 303002

Oh come on, don't do that poor cute mouse dirty by comparing him to Ratman, you might hurt his feelings

No. 303003

i feel like jennie is a little different from the usual gg idol but holy shit the way knetz hype her up is insane. is it the gucci?

No. 303004

File: 1538332601504.jpg (136.31 KB, 599x604, R-1730060-1529858424-5284.jpg)

r a t m a n
will someone…please…just for the memes, edit ratman's face onto a rat or batman or some shit lmfaoooo

No. 303014

File: 1538334671753.jpeg (129.93 KB, 634x670, 5895EF73-3986-4699-8F85-A2371E…)

It’s because of the YG clout. She’s pretty but I’ve come across more attractive girls IRL (cuz I live a place with a large Asian population).

Yeah, I definitley feel like South Korean beauty standards are so bland and adhere to a limited array of features. Seeing those two girls reminds me of that one time the contestants of Miss Korea were criticized for looking similar to one another.

No. 303017

File: 1538334952324.jpg (345.34 KB, 1200x900, jamjam.kr.jpg)

fansites act like they are in a "who's willing to waste the most money for oppar" competition lol. if i was an idol i'd be more freaked out than pleased. i doubt idols even wear most of these, it would be at least worth something if they donated all this money to charity or something

No. 303021

File: 1538335631429.png (567.98 KB, 1242x1541, IMG_4682.PNG)

No. 303023

I doubt they're bothered. It's like having multiple sugar daddies, and you don't even have to acknowledge them in any way, you just exist and they throw gifts and money at you

No. 303024

i'd be bothered tbh. a lot of these people are extreme stalkers, therefore i'm sure they expect some sort of compensation for all the gifts they give them, otherwise they'd probably spill a bunch of shit about them. maybe i've just heard too many fansite horror stories LOL. isn't there a whole thing going on rn with that one sech kies member and him breaking into his fansites apartment or smth?

No. 303026

Idols go after this career for money and attention. Why would they have an issue with this?lol most of them suck and fuck and pretty much do anything for fame.

No. 303027

A lot of this stuff is luxury brands so even if the idols don't want it they could just sell the stuff or give it to their fuck buddy as gifts

No. 303032

These losers think they buy the idol's celibacy when they are most likely still secretly dating lmao. It's such a desperate attempt to get noticed, they think they form a relationship with them by stalking them around but the person they are spending all this money on don't see them anything more than cash cows

No. 303034

armys pretending V is actually good at acting is a meme that wont die apparently

No. 303035

lol they really are such losers. if they're gonna drop money on someone to like them, they might as well drop it on someone who's willing to go through with it. but you know that's not good enough; they like the fame and notoriety that comes with an idol.

No. 303037

Pretty sure there's been several scandals where some idol regifted his fansgifts to his girlfriend and people got angry

No. 303046

And yet I literally forget Jin is part of the group let alone exists. Jimin is iconic in these threads but he seems like the most redundant member after Jin. Not a great singer and not as good of a dancer as J Hope, weird looking…

No. 303051

they seem to get even more plastic post idol
its really an unfortunate trip going through former idols instagrams


speaking of, im starting to notice bekah has a lot of spots on her face i never saw those before
i know makeup hides stuff pretty well but even when she was more or less makeupless i never noticed the whole side of her face being like that
impetigo maybe? or birthmarks?
regardless shes always seemed so sweet and im glad she got away from idol life relatively unscathed but from how she talked, pledis did her dirty and made her feel really shitty about herself so i hope shes doing better now

No. 303057

wow…i know she was nugu…but i'm kind of surprised she only has 4000 followers? i know regular high schoolers and college students that aren't even "popular" who have more than that…not that it's important, just something i noticed.

No. 303059

she wasnt very idol like tbh and thats nothing against her shes a sweetheart and seems to be very levelheaded

No. 303151

No. 303156

Alright but even though Photoshop's the real culprit rather than plastic surgery, the fact that the editors thought it was okay for everyone to have the same specific face is telling/sad.

No. 303158

Never mind, I read the entire Kotaku article and didn't realize that a Japanese news site edited the photos intentionally cuz prejudice. That's pretty shady.

No. 303209

and they wonder why all the other kpop fandoms gathered against them in the fifa poll. how hard is it to just fangirl over their oppars without putting down every single other kpop goup?

>implying jin and v aren't below average performers

taehyung has no talent other than making ex weeaboos wet by fulfilling their anime boy fantasies. jin has an acting degree but bighit doesn't know how to use it. jhope is a good dancer, jimin is okay too, suga and rm are okay rappers for kpop standards and jungkook isn't good at everything, he is just an okay singer. i don't hate bts but they aren't as mindblowing as armeries make them out to be.

No. 303224

File: 1538387472077.jpg (27.2 KB, 600x512, 5451221121878.jpg)


>after school



No. 303226

BTS confirmed to be on the Graham Norton show and I'm just dying to see how this will turn out. It was cringey enough on GMA where they didn't even have to talk much, but the Graham Norton show is a place where you need to actually be able to communicate in English and talk to people. They're just gonna sit there and stare while ratmon picks the most bland and generic dialogue options while sounding so painfully unintelligent whenever he speaks. I'd be so embarrassed if I were an army after that GMA interview

No. 303248

I don't understand how men in their 20s acting like 5 year old kids in american TV or TV in general is appealing. America/stankmies finds that cute? wtf

No. 303269

I discovered this thread not too long ago, basically just moved from the Illuminati forum to here. I don't mean to shit on other people or blogposting, but damn aren't ARMYs the most annoying Kpop fans ever?

There were 2 threads on Kpop in general and BTS. The great difference would be, when the fans or ex fans of Kpop other than ARMYs take all the contents seriously and just stop stanning those idols once they discover what they think as the truth behind all the lies and evil of the Kpop industry, ARMYs on the other hand just can't get over their addiction of BTS. Almost all contents on the BTS thread sound like this: "omo bigshit is so evil, they make the boys do all this kind of things. poor jimin, let's pray together for our smol mochi bean uwu".

It's hard to take all the serious shit when all they do is being obsessed with BTS and follow their every moves despite labeling themselves as "woke"/non fans. And what I mean by following their every move is like "look satanic sign! oMg wHy dO tHeY keEp doInG tHiS to oUr bOy" and it's been like the 1000th time they talk about it.

I swear some of them think they're there to "help" people with their knowledge on evil stuff related to BTS, but it's like they're being sucked into it. It's like fangirling on a whole new level with sooo much hypocrisy.

I can rant about it all day long but I don't want to derail the thread any longer. I just needed to get it out. I just realized I'm more suited to this kind of thread with pure criticism and not fangirling in disguise.

No. 303316

bekah herself is a "literally who" in kpop tbh
she was never pushed the way uee, nana, lizzy, and kahi were
in her statement after she graduated, i think she mentioned pledis told her she didnt bring any money or fans in and that was one of the reasons they were letting her go and im pretty sure they mentioned her weight

No. 303338

I just feel sad about how many people believe the image. I think if people were in the right state of mind and weren't poisoned by stereotypes they would instantly look at that image and think that it's impossible. It's obviously photoshop. Like it's literally not possible for that many people to look that similar, it's bizarre and crazy. But now that shit is a meme and the stereotype propagates further, it's harder to stop the racism than to start it.

No. 303339

to be fair, i wouldn't believe kotaku either.

No. 303358

do koreans actually care about bts or do they suddenly like them because they’re giving a “good” rep to their country
kinda pathetic tbh

No. 303384

>pure criticism and not fangirling in disguise.

oh dear. ive got some bad news for you pal…

well, in all seriousness, we do try to keep fangirling out of this thread. but we do have fans about and people will occasionally say something nice about bts too. it's an occupational hazard. do you believe in all the illuminati/satanic stuff then?

No. 303387

stop replying to namefags.

No. 303391

haha, i'm the anon you're responding to. after school themselves aren't nugu (but maybe a little pathetic with the way pledis dumped them) but bekah was certainly nugu. literally the only reason why she's ever mentioned is when i-netz suddenly remember how unfairly she was treated in her time in after school, but that's about it.
actually it's kind of funny now that i think about it, because the way i-netz bring her up all the time for the way she was treated, she's literally the one of the only ones i remember from after school along with nana, lizzy, kahi, uee, and raina; i literally can't remember the other members sadly.

No. 303398

File: 1538415727570.gif (1.17 MB, 350x204, truly.gif)

predebut bts is scary

No. 303399

BTS is scary NOW, they look like regular teenagers there. I can't believe Jhope looks so normal in that gif lol what happened…

No. 303401

J-Hope wasn't even ugly back then, why did he get so much surgery?

No. 303403

idk if maybe it's just because he looks so bad now that in comparison it makes his past self look good, but he really didn't look too bad when they first debuted, especially with the dark, parted hair. he obviously got a nose job pre-debut, but i think he got more done to it? it was really obvious but it looks even more ridiculous now; maybe it just settled weirdly as he's aged?

No. 303404

File: 1538416330419.jpg (151.69 KB, 500x400, 1.jpg)

they need help

No. 303406

these losers need to get a life–go outside and get a job or something. the kind of people who think of kpop and BTS like this have to be super young or middle-aged and have nothing to do with their life. i also think these kind of people must be super lonely or of some sort, because there's no way a normal person thinks like this.

No. 303415

File: 1538417818363.png (155.06 KB, 480x288, truly 2.png)

ntayrt but I think for his first nose job he had a straighter bridge then changed it to have a more pronounced slope. Now idk what he's doing but it's really looking weird

No. 303417

did this person read a fanfic and thought that it was real?

No. 303444

Throw the whole fanbase away!!

No. 303446

Also Graham Norton is a very adult talk show as it's almost at 11 in the night. So God knows why bts is on? Plus since Graham Norton is on late there's a lot of swearing and talk of sex etc so I can't wait to see Ratmys sperg when their 'pwecious innocent' bts is exposed to such vulgarity

No. 303448

please…please…let him swear and talk of sex in front of stankmies precious little boys…i might actually get a "stan" twitter account just to see the convulsions and cries these swamp asses would make.

No. 303449

i'll feel bad for the armys if they'll have to listen to 40 minutes of ratmon talking as other members will have to stay silent because they don't understand anything.

No. 303450

Shit this is like that scene in You're Beautiful (yeah I'm old) when they open the door to a room and it's just full of unwanted and unused gifts from fans. They just tossed anything new they got in there and forgot it.

No. 303453

Why do I have this feeling that all bts members are assholes? but they hide it behind their staged personalities

No. 303461

here we have suga and jhope when they actually looked like fairly normal humans, and then ratmon doing his talking egg impression

No. 303464

Damn he shaved down his jaw too

No. 303467

Do you have a link? That sounds funny…

No. 303468

He looks so bad now, what about how he'll look in his 30s(and his barely 25)

No. 303469

that's the same video where all the members acted all shy and shit

No. 303470

just search up "the vigilant citizen BTS" and it'll probably come up. i went there a few months ago to see if it was a good place to get kpop tea but it was just too much, embarrassingly it made me a bit paranoid and i don't even believe in that kind of stuff. there isn't much "tea" there and mostly just illuminati shit, but if you can through it, it is pretty funny looking from the outside and you might find some things there you find interesting.

No. 303471

those kind of forums creep me out

No. 303548


Idk what to believe tbh, I was only there to look for some tea. The amount of fangirling there was just too much, I couldn't take any of the info seriously cause they kept on adding unnecessary comments under the so-called analyses.

It's not just about Illuminati or satanic stuff actually, they also mention some stuffs concerning the harsh reality in the Kpop industry but instead of getting disgusted, they hold on with their belief that some of them were meant to help BTS and ARMYs, whether through prayers or just mention it randomly on their VLIVEs (yes it's crazy, they think they can really change the way the Kpop industry works by doing that). Some of them also wonder if they can ask "the boys" (this is how they refer to BTS members) at the fan sign and just ask about the Illuminati/satanic stuff.

At least nobody gets mad at anyone saying that Jimin is ugly af here lol. You can't say anything with all honesty without triggering the woke ARMYs on the other forum. It's ironic cause they're supposed to know more about evil stuff happening in BTS, yet they still can't let go of their fantasies and obsessive fangirling.

No. 303549

>>303548 ratmys are mental, water is wet, now stop with the namefagging.

No. 303553

jesus, people really are getting mad that nct is going to the US
whats wrong with a little promo?

No. 303555

Any kpop news that isn't BTS related gets ree'd on

No. 303556

File: 1538438413549.jpg (68.77 KB, 515x558, fuckingcult.JPG)

Soooo…now ARMYs think BTS should win a Nobel Peace prize.
Stop the world. I want out of this timeline.
Kudos to some random Korean professor who decided to bring up the idea and a pox on the always shitty ultra nationalistic Korean media for propagating it.
At this point I think ARMY should be considered a cult.

No. 303557

File: 1538438489748.jpg (48.43 KB, 627x505, fuckingcult2.JPG)

No. 303559

Ugh too long to read through. Let us know if any specific page is interesting. From what I've seen so far it's pretty boring inane ramblings.

No. 303560

Yeah, under “2010s fads” if they’re lucky

No. 303564

ahahaha these twitter bitches are delulu.

No. 303570

File: 1538440495523.jpg (68.98 KB, 640x632, stupid.JPG)

You're not wrong. Here are few more gems from that thread.

No. 303571

File: 1538440536504.jpg (61.09 KB, 642x629, morestupid.JPG)

unending delusion

No. 303572

File: 1538440591068.jpg (68.12 KB, 633x624, evenmorestupid.JPG)

Shitty music saves lives ya'll.

No. 303573

File: 1538440618876.jpg (398.25 KB, 1080x1095, 20181002_073050.jpg)

i can see how they're obsessed but eh as expected from armys

No. 303574

File: 1538440647858.jpg (57.08 KB, 637x623, rmstupid.JPG)

And thread mascot for good measure.

No. 303606

Rape Mon looking like Voldemort.

>Noble Prize
I’m triggered.

No. 303609

I don't really care if they get a Grammy because who gives a shit about music awards, but come on. I would legitemaly kill someone if that happened. ARMY is insane, they act so woke but they want to give such an important award to a kpop group? Don't you think there's people that deserve it??

No. 303612

Kpop choreography is so boring at times idk why it is praised so much. The girls swing their weave around, pussy pop a bit and then make a uwu so Kawaii face and the guys just fling around like fish out of water.

No. 303634

I have to admit I was into some of the kpop boys until I found out the average dick size in Korea is 3.5 inches. I don’t know how the anons in the general thread can keep thirsting with that.

No. 303679


Have you ever actually watched the show? The singer/band on The Graham Norton show isn't really interviewed. Typically, they perform their track five minutes before the end of the show, say hello/answer one or two questions and then the show is done. They will survive with the usual generic 'how is it being in London' bs

No. 303715

File: 1538454045210.gif (1.18 MB, 246x270, qHBG4D0.gif)

No. 303762

not going to be surprised if armys insist that idol deserves the nobel literature prize becuse bts invented satire or dna was actually a very deep song about human mechanism and they should win the nobel physiology prize for it at this point.

No. 303870

ratmys think that they can win all those awards but in america, they are only known for being popular via twitter. Just think about it, which major award did they win for their music? none. Only being social artist is all they are known for

Koreans are dick ridding bts cause they are the popular korean act overseas. If bts weren't as popular as now, Korea wouldn't give a shit

No. 303895

because their fans are delusional tbh, ive seen dancers at shitty nightclubs who have better moves than 99% of kpop artists kek

No. 303897

The Nobel prize shit hurts me physically

No. 303899

This shit is so fucking hilarious, holy shit I am drooling why am I crying.

No. 304099

youre crying cause youre experiencing greatness, anon.

No. 304148

so if any of the jenners or kardashians say a speech about loving yourself and peace, they can also get a chance to win the Nobel price award?(sorry if its off topic)
I'm just following ratmy logic

No. 304156


I mean Trump got to be a president, Caitlyn Jenner was the woman of the year, I wouldn't even be that shocked if BTS would win Nobel prize. The world has gotten just THAT weird

No. 304159

yeah, the world is getting shittier and shittier as the seconds go by.

I thought bts' fame would fade by now but the universe loves proving me wrong doesn't it

No. 304161

I think it will take them about two equally shitty comebacks to fade into irrelevancy, I've already noticed some armys losing interest even though they're in the minority, and bts for sure aren't gaining more audience with such horrible songs.

No. 304166

https://metro.co.uk/2018/05/11/bts-members-girlfriends-7538596/ ok i know this is old new but tf with hi nuna theory

No. 304171

just came here to say ikon's new song sucks. ok bye(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 304190

now that you've mentioned it its funny because both the kardashians and bts are among most insecure celebrities out there

who do you think photoshops their selfies the most?

No. 304191


>He told interviewers that they broke up because she had too many male friends.

the more i learn about this douche the worse it gets

No. 304192

that taehyung and hi thing happened back in 2015, maybe they dated for a short time or something. lol she bought him an iphone, what a touching gift. apparently it worked to get taehyung's attention though.

No. 304195

seeing that they both plastic and they release shitty stuff(cosmetics and music). My guess is BTS since they are the "twitter- fingers" kings

No. 304225

please read the site rules and stop namefagging, newfriend.

and fyi, saying "yikes" made you sound way more like a tumblr tard than saying "unpopular opinion" did

No. 304228

a news anchor has incurred the wrath of the ARMY
take a look at the comments, they're golden

No. 304238

He kinda fits the fedora stereotype.
>Self proclaimed intellectual, fake deep, Dunning-Kruger at its finest
>Le 150 IQ
>Smug for no apparent reason
>"She had too many male friends"
>Talks about women like they're cattle
>No chin

I wonder if he says "females" instead of women, too

No. 304242

looking at the comments, americans bring race into everything …

No. 304246

I’m living for the skull dragging of Rat on national television. “B-but BTS deconstructed the boy band genre and made it an art form!” Not to the GP they didn’t.

No. 304250

He also jerks off to rape fantasies apparently, remember that interview about a book. What a great guy indeed

No. 304251

pls tell me more

No. 304253

Wow. Just when I think I can't hate kpop and BTS more…
Just checked and they are relentlessly harassing this guy on his twitter.

No. 304258

You know, they’re really doing their best to shit all over the “BTS is different from other boy bands” image that they’re pushing with this crazed fangirl behavior.

No. 304261

It was discussed here >>286129 and further down the thread.

You'd think that with the amount of content that kpop provides they'd be busy 24/7, but these people just need to channel their aggression somewhere. They hate on people that dare to say something negative about bts, on other kpop groups, on korean fans, it just never stops

No. 304273

ARMYs need to stop overhyping the group’s accomplishments. How does saying “love yourself” ad nauseum while standing on a podium actually have much an impact upon the world? If BTS really believed in making the workd a better place, they’d be out hauling their asses in soup kitchens and shelters, not meeting up with Western celebrities and flexing the name-brand products that most kids in this world can’t afford.

They’re guys have already gotten so much undeserved money and notoriety, and yet their fans think they’re entitled to more for prancing around on a stage and acting like idiots in interviews. I bet not a single BTS member has the capacity with singlehandedly write a book and they’re out here asking for Nobel Prizes.

No. 304277

File: 1538511648410.jpeg (400.6 KB, 812x1156, B41ABA7E-1055-473F-879F-0994DA…)

>[the black woman] let out a tarzan growl
>panted like a black javelin thrower i had seen in an olympic film
>i somehow believed i had become just one huge penis
>i thought his swollen asshole was like a strawberry
thank you for reminding me anon. i totally forgot this existed. those were the times…

No. 304278

BTS are so pathetic at this point. they know what armys are doing yet they don't say shit or call them out
It's so funny how they just release three mediocre albums, win a twitter popularity award and say a ironical speech in the UN and they think they are all that like gods. FOH

No. 304279

*>>304278 an

No. 304280

they attacked countless people just because they said things about bts that they don't like. they ruined namjoon's friendship with wale, they attacked someone for saying that bts got plastic surgery, they attacked someone for saying that she wants to suck jungkook's dick, they attacked someone who they shipped with suga for being straight, now they are attacking someone for saying "they are from korea". you'd think armys would be not hypocritical enough to not harass people and try to ruin their careers when they constantly praise bts for being against violence and spreading positivity.

No. 304282

File: 1538512345247.jpg (237.02 KB, 1080x1361, heuyxixitx.jpg)

>you'd think armys would be not hypocritical enough to not harass people and try to ruin their careers when they constantly praise bts for being against violence and spreading positivity.

that's what gets me every time, the hypocrisy is unbelievable, even though i think it's also a problem with twitter in general, people are constantly virtue signalling there and attack other people.

btw just remembered i took this screenshot, attacking a person just because they don't like one member kek

No. 304285

*not only twitter, social media in general

No. 304287

These are the same dumb fans that scream love yourself-love myself bullshit
Armys resemble the jake paul and ricegum fans. I think a shitload of them came from there

No. 304288

lol @ that one ot6 stan being retarded enough to think jhope’s persona is real

No. 304289

poor girl doesn't realize that the actual annoying retard is v

No. 304291

That's what happens when you start with the "fuck the haters" mentality. I know BTS doesn't swear, but they've had several songs with that message more or less. And it makes their fans so fucking defensive all the time. Everyone is a hater out to get them, when most of the time is people just voicing their opinion.

I do agree with people getting hate when they get racial, but not to the level of "we will fucking ruin your life" that ARMY gets to. Or they get so fucking condescending "oh no you didn't, you will feel our wrath" and bullshit like that, or saying that bighit will take action lol. They are really proud of how toxic they are. Just a bunch of bullies.

No. 304292

Plus manky anime fans and ex-vkei fans.

No. 304293

they're all annoying retards, but at least v isn't fuck ugly. who can blame ot5 or ot6 armies when rat monster and j-hope look the way they do?

No. 304294

tbh i think the person creaming themselves over death threats is a bit worse than the triggered hoseok fan. but at the end of the day theyre both wrong, jhope is neither retarded nor "our sunshine uwu", it's called acting

No. 304299

Who’s the least repulsive BTS member? I would have said Jin before but that video where he basically told me not to criticize him because he’s older was off-putting. I’d go with J-Hope because despite his loudness, he doesn’t come off as arrogant and/or pretentious as the other members.

No. 304300

*told V not to criticize

Made a dumb typo.

No. 304308

don’t forget jimincel.

ever since i realized how much of a putrid piece of shit he is his ugliness has become unnerving. i used to feel sorry for him for being called fat and ugly; now i’ve realized how true the latter is. fugly inside and out.

No. 304315

>I’d go with J-Hope because despite his loudness, he doesn’t come off as arrogant and/or pretentious as the other members.
i love how the one with the fakest persona seems to be the most real off-screen

he also seems to be the most work-oriented and serious as far as doing his job goes and is light years ahead of the other ‘dancers’. like yeah he’s unfortunate to look at but so are rat and jimin. at least this guy has actual skill and doesn’t seem to be a total dunce and/or asshole when he’s not forced to play a role.

speaking of that, i can’t believe he still has that persona forced on him. v got to change from 4d to art hoe when fans found his (genuine) retardation endearing but jhope still has to stick to that ridiculous act? he must be so bitter. (ironic given the persona in question is the polar opposite of that kek)

No. 304317

I'd say jungkook because he's not ugly or taehyung

No. 304319

File: 1538516442628.gif (1.37 MB, 480x270, tenor.gif)

id probably say jungkook too because he's the only one who generally just seems to be a pretty nice guy and hasnt said/done anything particularly offensive so far. however given the amount of pressure on him it's probably only a matter of time, i hope it's something scandalous when it happens

poor jhope lol, he and the other members basically straight up said he's nothing like that irl and is sick of pretending all the time

No. 304320

it's also possible that he doesn't want to change it even if he hates it, maybe he doesn't want to reveal any aspects of his real personality. that's me being optimistic that idols have at least some artistic freedom lol.

No. 304321

i'd say it's jin and j-hope too. aside from the way he acted towards taehyung when he criticized him, jin seems like a decent person. there isn't anything problematic with j-hope either. he is actually a talented performer too
jungkook isn't the worst guy but i find the whole uwu baby boy thing annoying, they need to stop giving him that cringy persona

No. 304325


I love how ARMY creams their pants over ratman "bringing world peace" meanwhile they're far from peaceful creatures themselves

No. 304335

I would love to see ratmys piss off beyonce's fandom or black twitter. That would be fun

No. 304356

File: 1538522626205.jpeg (771.24 KB, 1242x1415, 4C9777B0-257B-4B53-B8C8-78F372…)

Omg now the anchor guys on koreaboo calling him xenophobic…..

No. 304405

File: 1538532748591.jpeg (574.12 KB, 1440x1920, 6FA27A9A-ECDA-4E92-8D43-05609A…)

Lmao I would love to see him try to live outside of Korea where being a couple of years older than someone doesn’t make you untouchable.

Imagine his crushed ego if he actually had to listen to and treat his group/team members/people he’s been living with for years as actual equals (which they are, they’re all early to mid 20s no big difference) instead of taking advantage of fucked up culture rules

At this point in their careers they should be able to speak honestly and frankly with each other. If Jin was more open to criticism and less apt to hide behind a ridiculous age hierarchy, maybe someone would’ve saved his corny ass from walking out of the house in this outfit

No. 304425

the news anchor had a point tho lol. outside of kpop, food, and samsung, korea is known for their rather "extreme" society…to put it at best. ig i won't say much about it since we're not supposed to talk about korean society in here but it's literally so fucking funny that a boy band being expedited as a national soft power is trying to tell impressionable viewers how to live life despite the fact that you can tell that they themselves do not live life to their own damn standards that they spout out to everyone else for money. how the fuck did kpop fans get so delusional?? literally one look at them and you can tell they're fucking ridiculous with their "love yourself" spiel and yet their fans eat it the fuck up somehow–it's insufferable.

>Lmao I would love to see him try to live outside of Korea where being a couple of years older than someone doesn’t make you untouchable.
lmfaooooo i know this has been brought up many times throughout the kpop critical threads, but we witnessed how much of a brat jimin (and whatever other member it was) was being when a kid who was just doing his job told them how to properly do it because they were being annoying fucks. i bet jin would've been even worse.

>maybe someone would’ve saved his corny ass from walking out of the house in this outfit

anon i'm pretty sure that was a dare haha.

No. 304426

the whole “love yourself” campaign doesn’t really feel like a positive, world peace movement when it’s just a concept to sell a series of albums. if you really love yourself you’ll drop $100 dollars minimum every time bts has a comeback! jimin needs more money for contacts so he can really love himself

No. 304427

The vitrol I've seen on twitter about how "as a black man you should be ashamed of yourself" and how they want him AND the anchorwoman to lose their job frankly disgusts me.

Any black person coming to their defense is getting spammed by ratmys, middle aged white bts fans and asians about how disgusting black people are and it really shows ratmy's true colors and by extension kpop fans themselves how racist they are. This is why me and many other black kpop fans keep leaving.

No. 304429

i'm not even black but i don't see why it's black people's "responsibility" to support them when it's been proven over and over again how racist their fanbase is towards black people?? not trying to race-bait or anything, it's just stankmies showing their asses once again.
stankmies always want people to mind their business until suddenly it's "guys we all need to come together to support kpop and give it the representation and platform it deserves~!!1!!" but then literally shit on anybody else who "gets in their way." so much for love yourself kek.

No. 304430

and when you call out BTS/Kpop as a whole for being appropriating they cry and say
>bts is NOT kpop REEE
>bts APPRECIATES black culture

Which both are fucking lies and there is so much evidence going against the above statements by going back and reading the past kpop crit threads.

No. 304436

To free yourself from Kpop you must do a full fucking sweep. Sell ALL your Kpop shit.Take a day off and go through ALL your YouTube subscriptions to remove anything kpop AND/OR Korean related. Erase your fan accounts. Delete OR unlike/unfollow ALL KPOP/ KOREAN/ASIAN artist on spotify. Honestly, it's the only way to get rid of the Kpop virus (and the worst part is that I'm considered a causal Kpop fan; I can't imagine what more obsessed fans need to do to remove themselves).

This worked for me when I got too deep into anime (sans Attack on Titan, I enjoy the manga but that's it).

This is what kept me sane, and got me out of my depression because I wasn't FUCKING LYING TO MYSELF about how I don't have enough time to do my studying/ homework for school. I used to go home, eat, watch Kpop videos on YouTube and anime and then go to sleep. I lost so many hours to this and it has seriously effected my productiveness, how I used to study and contemplate new information in school.

Anime is a disease.
By extension, Kpop is a disease.
Therefore, all Asian entertainment is a disease.

Feel free to use this copypasta to warn others. You never feel like your are in this shit too big until it's too late and then you count the hours you lost to this.

No. 304442

File: 1538542788017.jpg (151.78 KB, 1000x773, rap-monster.jpg)

remember when someone sat on namjoon's (and jimin's?) lap and armys lost their shit

No. 304443

jesus christ, the naked mole rat himself jumped out!

No. 304445

>Netizens commented, "RM looks rather embarrassed", "Not sure if it's the cultural difference but that's taking things a bit too far," "From the angle taken, it looks like she can be leaning against the seat's armrest but I could be wrong. However, if she did actually sit on top of RM's lap she has no manners whatsoever," "the boys do look uncomfortable," "??? I still don't get what all the fuss is about", "Now that's hot," "looks photoshopped, no?"

Lol they are so insecure about their oppas that they make everything seems like they were "embarrassed". She's not even sitting on rat's crotch and it's still probably the highlight of his night lol

No. 304450

I can't wait till this BTS shit dies down. They've already reached peak and there's no were else to go but down. And when they go down it will be because Americans will see ratmys as psycho fangirls that are worse than One Direction-Justin Beber-Backstreet boys combined.

No. 304451

Is Tiffany seriously trying to make it big in the US? Just took a glance at her latest MV and it was so meh. She ain't gonna get big in the US that way. Just having a song in full English won't get her anywhere tbh. She's trying too hard to stay revelant.

No. 304452

Were Backstreet Boys fans that bad? The lack of internet back then limited the crazy. All I remember is that one TRL vid where an *NSYNC fan won something over a BSB fan and she threatened to kill the girl that won. Sage for off topic

No. 304453

The current ratmys will cringe so hard in the future looking back at their wild obsessions with btshit. I'm talking about the 12 year old something ratmys. No comment on the 37 yo and married ratmys, they can't be helped.

No. 304454

Did anyone share the actual MV? It's so generic. What a basic bitch song, she's just missing "if you don't like me at my worst you don't deserve me at my best".

At least she speaks English, I'll give her that. I don't detect an accent, is she from US? She can go on interviews and speak, not like ratmon and the mute boys.

No. 304455

The US isn’t here for Asian pop stars or celebrities in general. That includes FadTS. Tiffany should know that, isn’t that why she shipped off to Korea to become a star even though she’s from California or somewhere?

No. 304457

what the fuck? why didn't she just buy a building with her SNSD money like the girls from KARA did and go on vacations for the rest of her life?? it's one thing to try to be a celebrity in korea, but it's a whole other situation to attempt to be one in the US–extremely expensive to keep up with too, might i add. idk why she wants to get back on the struggle boat. if she wants to continue making music, cool, idc…but keeping up with the celebrity life is ridiculous at this point…

No. 304458

Yes, Tiffany was born in the US and grew up in California in/around Koreatown (typical) and wanted to become a singer so she went to Korea when she was like fucking 10 against her father's wishes after her mother died (from suicide).

No. 304459

after her flag scandal she probably doesn't have a good chance of having a career in korea anyways.

No. 304460

She does have money, but I don't think she invested it in real estate. All I know from other SNSD fans that she has a REALLY good finance management crew to make sure she still makes money

No. 304461

i don't mean to bring the topic back to bts like we always do but that just reminded me of when nicki minaj tried to rhyme career with korea lmaoooo

anyways, funny how her group tried and failed to make it in america and now here she is, alone, trying to make it in america.

No. 304462

Her 1st MV post SM was even worse imo. She had other women supporting her only because she did everything herself and tried to break free from the image SM gave her. Like in that one interview where she basically spit the word "bitch" although being doubtful at first. Her fans her like "yeah you go girl! Show SM and the whole korean society your bravery!".

It's ironic since she don't seem to be able to let go of her popularity in Korea despite the whole "getting big in the US" thing. Just take a look at her new MVs and you can tell she's just trying to please her fans from the Kpop scene instead of trying to capture the attention of wider audiences. Nothing brave about that. Just some ex Kpop idol who speaks English and dares enough to spit the word "bitch" in an interview.

No. 304466

Fans really like to go from "respect korean standards" to "fuck what korean society wants". They can't make their mind lol they are so hypocritical. Like the whole Hyuna and Edawn shit, come on, they knew that talking about their relationship was a bad move. THEY are the idiots, not the company for being mad that they losed money over it. They acted as if Hyuna had any popularity left besides taking her clothes off lol.

In any case, what can an idol do to not "please their kfans"? Kpop is getting more and more western by the minute. Just watch Hyolyn Dally MV, it's already pretty sexualized. I guess Tiffany would need to go full lesbo or full Nicki Minaj Anaconda to be "controversial" on Korea lol

It seems from her MV she's going the Meghan trainor bubble gum "I'm a bitch" route. That MV was such a basic white girl vibe. >>304462

No. 304483

The comments on his twitter are insane…
>i'm 30 and have a degree, i'm not your typical fangirl!
Uhm, you have purple hair and your twitter handle has bts in it…?

This video is already titled that he will likely lose his job. America isn't Korea. One small comment shouldn't be enough to ruin your life. That honestly makes me feel sick, then will this stop?!

No. 304488

I never liked Jessica, but at least she was wiser with her decision to leave SM. She established her own business and not just clinging onto her failing career, not to mention the bans from all Music shows (heard SM has something to do with it).

Tiffany is luckier, she got out "normally" but she needs to realize that all idols have expiry date. No matter how successful or popular they used to be. She better put all those money into some good use, before it's too late.

All idols become irrelevant basically when newer idols are being let out. They're mere products for their agencies. Truly can't wait for the fall of BTS though lmao.

No. 304490

The only 'wise' business decision an SNSD member (except maybe Taeyeon) could make would be to stay in the group as 9. They are all rich enough that they can pick their passions over being wise, so it's fine that they chose to do other things, but the most money they could ever make is touring as a group.

Big groups becoming irrelevant is just a lack of mainstream hype, it doesn't meant they don't have massive fanbases left to profit off for many years.

No. 304498

I was specifically referring to Tiffany, but yeah that might be true. Not saying that they shouldn't pursue their passions, but some idols really need to think through of what they're gonna do with their wealth once they're established.

Take example from Goo Hara's real estate investment https://www.koreaboo.com/stories/goo-hara-invites-foreign-fans-million-dollar-luxury-home/

The thing about an idol career is, it's very unstable. One scandal and boom, you're gone from the scene (Park Bom is a good example for this). Or once your company thinks you're not worth the promotions enough, they just stop promoting you (real case: f(x), S.E.S). Some other idols waste their money on lavish things while labeling themselves as starving artists (Coco from Cocosori is an example).

Every other business is just as unstable but at least they don't require much relevance or looks/youth as much as an idol career does to stay in line.

No. 304500

People expect more from Tiffany's solo since she's from the most influential girl group in Kpop.

Taeyeon did her thing and it was GOLD, while Tiffany actually did okay job with her solo debut. But compared to Taeyeonnn……………. it's just not on the same level. I think because she really wanna do music that she personally enjoys and loves, without thinking if the music that she loves is able to drown the audience to her and her solo debut.

If her goal is to stay true to her true style, I feel like she did a great job. But if her goal is to stay true to her style but still manage to stay on top, she's a flop for me.

No. 304512

Was it really?? Did they say so or hint at it somewhere? I really don’t follow them

No. 304516

>All idols become irrelevant basically when newer idols are being let out

is this why bighit is so slow with debuting a new group? they make a group with younger and more attractive members and poof, all the bts hype is gone

No. 304517

I know if he treats me they way he treats his members, I would smack the shit out of him. Does he really think he looks good in the shit he wears? That shit looks like grandma bedding

No. 304519

I don't think that really applies to BTS, it's more accurate for flavour of the month ggs with hit songs but male fans who move onto younger girls as soon as they appear.

Bighit probably just don't want to divert resources from their cash cow.

No. 304536

big hit are advertising auditions for male trainees so theyre probably waiting until the majority of BTS are shipped off to the military
but i think you’re right in that any new group would steal BTS’s thunder

No. 304537

I got a feeling that Bighit is afraid their new boy group will not be as successful as BTS

No. 304538

It could be just a one hit wonder, you know? It doesn't help that Bighit had had some bad history with their artists before BTS. I think we all agree that BTS' success post-hype doesn't reflect their talent or hard work. People will compare their new group with BTS and it will be kinda a burden too, I guess?

No. 304566

Seriously. I never heard about the incident so just looked it up, andthe reaction of ARMYs is ott hilarious. My favorite is them insisting that
"Even in USA it's not normal to sit in the lap of someone you've just met."
Guess they've never been to parties/clubs/concerts/any social situation that doesn't involve their RM hug pillow.

No. 304568

This asshole openly jerks it to porn and Armys think he needs protecting from a C-lister sitting on his knee for a photo?

No. 304576

The infantilization of K-pop idols is so weird and illogical. These entertainers probably smoke, drink, do other drugs, and hook-up on the regular, yet their fans would freak out if their oppars and unnirs touch hands with people of the opposite sex.

No. 304577

lol stankmies are so certain that bighit is going to become one of the "big three" (idk why kpop fans care about companies and managers so much, it's such a weird concept to me, westerners don't stan scooter braun tf) but their track record has proved that BTS was a rather lucky incident. GLAM was a fucking flop and whatever happened to homme? i believe they've housed a few soloists too but i don't remember what happened with them.

this isn't kpop specific, but what is it with people trying to reck havoc on other's lives because of one thing they said?? i could understand if they said something extreme about wanting to rape or murder one of their coworkers but over a comment on a kpop group?? grow the fuck up damn. not that i go around spouting random bullshit that could attract the wrong audience, but it's why i don't really use social media anymore. you don't really know who's watching you and what their feelings are towards you.

No. 304578

File: 1538584537939.png (195.18 KB, 695x389, JeongyeonFuckingFunny.png)

kpop fans are so annoying. she's grown yet they're making a big deal out of her cussing with her fellow group member? they must never go outside, on god.

No. 304579

anyone else remember when san e posed with irene for all of half a second and fans panicked that she was a poor baby being assaulted? she makes autist shocked faces all of the time, that's like her default emotion

No. 304580

If I remember correctly the source study was actually about stretched flaccid penis, but it was passed around as the erect length
Sage for OT

No. 304581

“Uncomfortable” only because he’s trying to fight off his boner

No. 304582

>i'm 30 and have a degree, i'm not your typical fangirl!
lol this kind of kpop fans are the saddest. at least you know that the young fans will most likely grow out of it and cringe at themselves in the future. of course people over 25-30 can enjoy kpop or whatever, but seeing grown ass adults arguing about shit like what makes you a true army, which bts ships are real, exo vs bts is ridiculous. they always feel the need to say that they are 30 too, it's almost like they are insecure about being a bts fan.

No. 304584

kek she probably got her degree in kpop, that's why she's "certified" to comment on this retarded shit.

No. 304591

I bet dispatch has all sorts of shit on bighit/BTS…they've been way too nice to each other for me not to think that bighit has been paying dispatch or they have some sort of deal going on.

No. 304593

I like Jeongyeon more now. Also even thought idols always get heat for cussing, I’ve noticed that fans think it’s cute or permissible for male idols to cuss than it is for female idols to. K-pop fans (both domestic and international) also seem to cuss regularly too yet they freak out when their idols do it.

No. 304598

Dispatch is probably being paid off by BigHit. BTS is way too big at this point in their career, so it’s difficult for me to believe that they’re not taking advantage of/abusing their fame for sex and/or drugs in any way. I find them to be insidious and hypocritical. I mean, the group still collaborates with and openly supports Rock Bottom, which is a hip-hop unit with members that have made songs about engaging in rape fantasies and other reprehensible shit.


Sure you can’t assume that a person is exactly like their friends, but it sure says a lot.

No. 304603


For one, she's not even sitting on their knees; you can see her ass in perched on the arm rest between them. Two, they are adult men. They're not 'embarassed', they're probably just trying to hide their hard on. Kpop fans need to stop infantilising grown men

No. 304606

File: 1538592358610.jpg (95.22 KB, 500x500, 1538542788017.jpg)

>tfw someone sits on your lap and you think of army's possible reaction

Looking at the armrest between Jimin and Jhope, I think she was on Namjoon and Jimin's knees, the armrest is a bit higher than where she sits. I agree that Kpop fans need to stop infantilizing grown men, it's so cringy

No. 304608

How pathetic that he didn’t know how to control himself and take a pic like any normal person would

No. 304610

>tfw you're gonna beat that pussy like she never ever felt before

No. 304611

photo evidence of the greatest day of rapmon's life

No. 304612

If one of his bandmates sat on him like that ARMYs would cream themselves. If a woman does it she’s assaulting them.

No. 304613

File: 1538594439650.jpg (73.66 KB, 720x721, d30e8fadfd30c36d9010cff71e8bc1…)

the hypocrisy. bts members sit on each other's laps in group photos all the time and yeah, they cream themselves when it happens.

No. 304627


They don't care if they fuck each other (in fact, they'd cream themselves over that) but God forbid one of those nasty females comes anywhere near oppas innocent dick uwu

No. 304634

they won't admit it but they don't actually care about their oppars either, they just see them as their gay fanfiction material. and they see women around them as threats, they damage their already low self-esteem. i feel bad for bts' future partners

No. 304656

The pathetic excuses for this…
>the korean translation is different and totally not vulgar! The whities who translated it to english were racists!
>he was young! He's changed now!
Give me one reason why a translation from Korea (or the japanese original) would be more "woke".

No. 304666

File: 1538602192832.png (1.01 MB, 1080x1029, 37C8DDD6-77F4-4A1C-8A38-D49C44…)

recycling this cursed image from the last thread

No. 304676

It isn't.
It's Ryu Murakami. It's just as vulgar in it's original Japanese. That's kind of his raison detre. And if I'm not mistaken that passage is from Almost Transparent Blue, which he wrote about his time in uni having sex and doing drugs.

No. 304706

File: 1538609153355.jpg (74.83 KB, 589x500, 6677.jpg)

This is the most pathetic shit I've ever seen.

No. 304710

Like most korean men, they’re only comfortable around women they’ve paid for.

No. 304714

Is this picture shopped? There’s no way jungkook looks like that

No. 304716

File: 1538610166072.jpg (138.36 KB, 675x1200, DonvcvUW0AAq47N.jpg)

Jhope nose is an abomination, I wonder if it's salvageable. I think those surgeons from Botched could fix it.

No. 304734

Lmao i can't believe they let him wander around the world looking like that. His fans are even crazier for believing he's all natural.

No. 304737

damn it, thanks for reminding me why Murakami is a terrible writer.

No. 304739

Pretty much this. It's why people like Miyavi or Yoshiki dont matter much in the US vs their own home countries.

No. 304742

File: 1538612454454.jpg (19.15 KB, 500x333, images-1.jpg)

He looked a lil bit better back then. I wonder what makes idols fix their nose/other facial part after a successful surgery? Do they really think they'll look better with newer surgeries? Are they just bored? Some of them really fucked up their faces like Jhorse did.

No. 304748

File: 1538612921427.png (613.12 KB, 955x563, Screen Shot 2018-10-03 at 8.13…)

oh my fucking god this is great

No. 304759

Not all heroes wear capes.

No. 304776

File: 1538616457967.jpeg (424.84 KB, 1242x1683, BD0E97E3-3DE2-4361-A6D6-BB7CA6…)

ratmys are so fucking obnoxious
im not surprised and the lines will probably be long af

No. 304777

It’s very Michael Jackson-y

No. 304780

Why are fans camping before every BTS concert, is there a way just to buy a ticket, come to the concert and still stand somewhere in the front? I can't imagine going through all of this for a concert even if I liked the artist a lot…

No. 304792

Rip this dude will probably get his house burned down by the cult

No. 304807


Most standing 'pit' sections at the front are first come first served so you have to camp/queue in order to get close to the barrier (and closer to oppa so he notices you uwu)

No. 304810

Exactly. Besides better vantage point from which to throw your smelly used underwear at oppa. (I almost vomited writing that).

No. 304814

At least we know who is responsible if that happens lol. Pretty sure no armys will think the dude deserves that tho. Theyd rather go to jail than having some dude shitting on bts.

No. 304815

Edit: pretty sure armys will think

No. 304816

i don't hate bts but their fans are psychotic. every day, something crazier happens. how did their fandom become so fucking terrible? what went wrong?

No. 304819

File: 1538623697715.jpeg (161.28 KB, 750x846, 2BBBB525-9984-49F8-84B7-84A9C2…)

Same, I don’t give a shit about bts themselves but armys are fucking obnoxious. Pic related

No. 304822

Isn't this guy one of those over the top reactors on Youtube? Doesn't he react and enjoy basically EVERY group in kpop? LOL Yeah right, you know who's on "top of the world", more like you like every trash Korea shits out no matter the source.

These reactors are trash, why even bother making videos if you're going to be all fake positive and like EVERYTHING? They pander so much to everyone… I've seen some shit MVs get so much praise from random people, even outside of BTS.

No. 304823

File: 1538624313143.jpg (71.17 KB, 720x900, 38081262_292660494876643_70609…)

I see Jin but have no idea who the other guy is even supposed to be? Jk?

No. 304828

I love Sunmi's new song, but she's so cringey when she dances… her body freaks me out. It's not just skinny, it's completely straight from head to toe

No. 304830

did they really compare bts to the beatles… no, they aren't the beatles of 2010s and no, it's not because everyone is against them for being kpop idols or whatever. i'd be all for them being seen as legends if their music was actually worth the attention, but their music is just so weak

No. 304841

BTS are like 300th most streamed in the world on Spotify. Like… by what metric other than (fraudulent) 24 hour YouTube views are they the best?

No. 304843

Double post but this shit makes me so mad. I don’t even like the Beatles but they dictated popular music of the 60s. They innovated and pushed music to places it would have never gone without them. BTS are millennial whooping over EDM like it’s 2011. They don’t innovate, they are so far behind the trend it’s ridiculous. They are nothing like the Beatles save for their haircuts.

No. 304854

File: 1538634659692.png (394.23 KB, 590x420, nct.png)

Ok, since anons on the other thread are still gargling on NCT's underaged balls can we talk about how fucking annoying NCT pushing is getting?
I'm subscribed to the SM official youtube channel because I stan most of their artist but all they do is post NCT. Recording session, dream vs dream, that korea tourism shilling, then the dance practices on top of the highlight reels, new members videos and live stages.
Like, fuck I know SM is scared because it has been 3 years and NCT still doesn't have a single decent song and a small fanbase, but can they stop pushing that shit in people's throat?
NCT is among the current 5 top money makers in SM (first one currently being SHiNee, followed by EXO) and people are acting like this group is really big when that could pretty much be because of the ridiculous amount of comebacks they have in a year, alongside collabs and stations, making the NCTzens roaches buy even more albums with bad hep hop songs.

No. 304857

Lmao you just know they feel forced to only say positive things about a group and their songs because if they dare say their own opinion the little psychotic cults will downvote the video to hell and send death threats. I feel like these reactors only do it because once you put a popular kpop group name in the title all the fans flocking to the video and giving them thousands of views.

No. 304858

not trying to be nit-picky, but isn't TVXQ still SM's top money maker? they still do some big ass tours in japan that net huge audiences; it's honestly pretty crazy. but i do agree with you about the NCT thing. SM needs to give up on the rotation idea and stop jerking off to the 48 groups; they really shot themselves in the foot with this concept. do they even have any boy trainees for their eventual next boy group or are they all gonna be pumped into NCT? SM better hope that they get their next SNSD with this new girl group that's coming up soon.

No. 304859

I'm so glad I found this image board.

I've been a fan of Suga since last year(?) His song, "The Last", was the reason I finally sought therapy. So of course I pay attention to him.

When I pointed out how dead he looks when Fake Love came out the fans were all "Well, you don't smile all the time either, do you"

His face looks so different now (he ruined himself) yet I didn't see a single comment about it. When I said I didn't recognize him in some of his newer photos I was attacked by the rabid armys: "OMG that's called not knowing what he looks like!" and "When did he have time to get any surgery, huh!"

I know how delulu fans can get, but I didn't know they were blind too.

No. 304860

lmaoooo i was in the all kpop forum once (yes, i know–judge me) and there was a thread on how BTS got plastic surgery with clear evidence provided and stankmies were raising hell like their honor depended on that shit LOL. like who has time for that?? get a job or something, damn.

No. 304864

This 48 members shit reminds me of the mentality EXO had when they first debuted of "they will at least like one of us". They thought debuting 18 trainees would bring the NCT label up but ended up fating them to being forever in unknown land. There's literally not one member of NCT who is that popular between korean normies.
Also, yeah, TVXQ is in third, maybe because of the Story of Light releases and Jonghyun passing away, their sales ended up surpassing TVXQ.
Here's the list for anyone interested:

1) SHInee
2) EXO
4) Super Junior
5) NCT
6) Red Velvet
7) Taeyeon
8) Krystal
9) Yoona
10) BoA

Honestly, it gets on my nerves when people assume other idols look a little bit depressed because look, the baby boy isn't smiling! I don't know any of Suga's work but if it were close to Jonghyun's lyrics, maybe that would be a red light.
But after he passed away, there were bitches going "oh, now we have to take care of the idols we have, look at this guy, he cried alone once, maybe he's having The Depression too"

No. 304878

Source? Because you were wrong as soon as you said TVXQ weren't SM's top money maker. Their recent tour had 1.28mil audience, the only other group that can seriosuly compete with that is Big Bang.

Not trying to be a dick but there is a lot of misinformation out there when it comes to kpop sales and data. People don't understand the numbers they see, but they spread it around on twitter anyway.

No. 304881

i think it depends on the situation. they lose their minds over very minimal things like an idol smiling for a second and then becoming expressionless but they brush off serious red flags like extreme weight loss, fainting on stage or alleged self harm scars.

No. 304882

mhmmm that's why i was curious about it. touring is where the big money is at and there aren't many kpop groups who can get away with such big audiences. even album sales don't really compare to touring. don't get me wrong, shinee does pull in a considerable live audience, but nothing compared to TVXQ and Big Bang. touring money is why celebrities like Beyonce and Jay Z still do them even tho they're "billionaires" and you'd think they wouldn't care–it makes that much money. i also highly doubt NCT and Krystal by herself are bigger money makers than BoA.

No. 304883

Yeah, I just saw the source for that and it was Pann of all places. Probably some Shawol or NCTzen made this. What surprises me, though, is how low they put BoA on the ranking as well.
Truth is, SM is really running dry currently, and if they don't pull a Twice with their new girl group I think we won't be seeing any growth from them.
I was waiting for NCT's Growl. And I'm still waiting. Their whole concept was horribly planned.
I also think the person who did this chart really downplayed TVXQ touring popularity.

No. 304885

The last thing I want from SM is a Twice tbh. I think they did well with RV, in both building a strong female fanbase (important for longevity, something Twice may struggle with) and giving them a solid identity as a group. I like with how cohesive their releases have been, it's like SM has put some genuine thought into their style and kept it consistent. Massive bonus points for managing to be cute and girly without gag inducing aegyo, too.

Who knows what's going on with NCT though. I think they'll scrape through and be considered a success, but not as much as they could've been as a less confusing and more consolidated single group.

No. 304886

>Red Velvet
>Massive bonus points for managing to be cute and girly without gag inducing aegyo, too
please tell me you're joking anon…

No. 304888

File: 1538641310179.jpg (98.81 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Well I'm not a stan, I don't know if they do a tonne of aegyo in variety etc. But as far as their MVs go, they made a concept out of intentionally dead faces while other girl groups are busy acting like sexy babies or girl crushes.

No. 304890

File: 1538641405811.jpg (719.64 KB, 2000x1331, 0000034016_001_201708071013321…)

Even though Red Velvet without a doubt has the quality of music Twice lacks, people seem to be more interested on the cutesy aegyo stuff and visual centered comebacks.
They want visual members, a cute catchy hand gesture and a killing part with some stupid shit lyrics.
> You're too much! You're too much!
> Sha sha sha
A reason why Red Velvet seem to be struggling compared to groups like Twice and Blackpink is because they don't have a public friendly appeal to their songs and well… because all of them are equally unlikeable. cough cough yeri and irene
Yeri constantly networking really pisses me off. It's obvious idols are constantly networking, but it seems to be her main priority.

No. 304893

what is this retarded shit with kpop styling where they make their eyebrows waaaay lighter than their hair? like irene has black hair but blonde eyebrows…i'm naturally blonde and even my eyebrows aren't that light. it's the reverse of platinum blonde hair but super dark brows, which is equally as retarded.

No. 304896

Irene and Yeri are also utterly talentless deadweights. Irene is pushing 30 and who knows what SM is going to do with the group then.

No. 304897

Rely on female fans who don't instantly drop their favs for younger girls?

No. 304898

Fans writing essays about BTS' lyrics isn't because their lyrics are so deep and need 50 people brainstorming to decipher the true meaning, it's mostly because they are either explaining literature references or trying to solve the BTS storyline, which BTS themselves don't understand kek
I saw armys who don't speak Korean discussing about "are BTS' lyrics hard to understand for Korean speakers" lmao. It's not like BTS members speak in a dialect only people with an IQ over 150 can understand.
For example, some BTS songs I enjoy are I Need U, Tomorrow and Blood Sweat & Tears. I Need U has basic lyrics, Tomorrow is just "keep calm, tomorrow will be better", anyone with a functioning brain can understand BS&T is about temptation without reading Demian. Their lyrics are not that deep, and there is nothing wrong with that. A song with simple lyrics can still be good, the way they try so hard to prove that BTS is deep and different than others when they aren't is funny

No. 304901

File: 1538642942996.jpg (64.69 KB, 1024x576, rbdb.jpg)

Sure, because these girls won't drop them as soon as another idol group drop the tiniest hint that they are feminists. Girls are all over Red Velvet because Irene read that feminist book and looks bitchy around men and because supposedly they empower females while singing Ba-banana ba-ba-banana. Lmao.
Girl groups in general have an expiration date. And that's when other shiny new girl group appears. They still may have female fans left, but it's hard to stay relevant with just that.
I would also look bitchy as hell if I had to sing about bananas at 30.Really.

No. 304906

File: 1538647594480.jpg (126.36 KB, 900x1200, Doo0PlZU8AE66k_.jpg)

I'm starting to think Jimin isn't the only reptilian in BTS

No. 304910

and ratmys find that sexy.
His nose looks creepy

No. 304915

File: 1538652694863.jpeg (151.7 KB, 750x612, 4F3F324B-0E78-48D9-85A9-907304…)

uh huh

No. 304916


No. 304917

File: 1538653036313.jpg (43.15 KB, 600x668, CaE8iwzUEAAalGO.jpg)

I know this has been said a billion time already but Jimin really is an ugly motherfucker.

No. 304918

1. They aren’t
2. If they are, it’s clearly their obsession with youth and cuteness that infects every aspect of their culture

No. 304920

File: 1538654913184.jpeg (131.65 KB, 750x750, 79A04F5C-63D3-48CA-9F5A-8EA4FC…)


No. 304922

Gross. Both of them.

No. 304923

I really don’t like Jungkook and I seem to be the only one. His looks are overrated, his talents are overrated considering he was groomed since he was a child for idoldom and he seems like an ungrateful stunted child with no personality. The reason he pulls off the “baby boy” persona so well is because he’s literally a 13 year old mentally. He’s just as stupid as V to me.

No. 304924

Damn, what the hell happened to Irene's face?

No. 304929

File: 1538658314540.jpeg (132.75 KB, 1000x660, ACC8AED9-7C99-4B54-9D63-6062A2…)

The styling for Russian Roulette is awful. None of the member looked great during that era. Red Velvet’s styling is usually a hit-or-miss for me in general though. >pic related had them looking like actual caricatures of children.

No. 304931

File: 1538659255631.jpg (718.44 KB, 2048x1463, DooRY6eV4AAyYAV.jpg large.jpg)

I can't believe someone got paid to do this. It looks so cheap, like WordArt or some shit.

No. 304934

Wow, so intellectual.
I don't like how SM didn't include Lay in the promo photos, even if they said he'll be in the chinese MV, after all the tension and drama between exo members.

No. 304935

At this point Lay should just leave and join Tao's agency like that one Chinese ex-SM trainee did recently.

No. 304938

File: 1538660934857.jpg (48.11 KB, 685x412, DooTgwbV4AAEgFp.jpg)

The fuck happened to Suho's face

No. 304939

They just look so….waxy. Idk, like their skin looks unnaturally shiny and wet and kind of greasy, if that makes sense, like they have a shit ton of makeup on that's slowly melting. It's really hard to unsee once you realise a lot of group photos of any kpop band look like this, ugh its so uncanny.

No. 304940

>after all the tension and drama between exo members
are you referring to the members who already left or has there been tension/drama between the remaining members that i’ve missed?

No. 304972

I love him, hopefully he will never apologize. He said nothing wrong

No. 304983

>tfw you will never get to roast ratmys and keep winning

I wish I was him

No. 304986

File: 1538669220847.jpeg (435.77 KB, 1242x1116, 4850BA77-5D5E-4B42-A1FF-30144C…)

The maturity level of your average Army

No. 304987

I think he just doesn’t talk or interact that much so people don’t have anything to hate on him for.

As a fan of BTS’s earlier stuff I am kind of disappointed by how little jungkook seems to have improved. I thought he had a pretty decent voice for being younger and inexperienced and would only get better, but these days I feel like he’s actually getting worse. How is that possible? He used to sing like 70% of their songs, was always in the front during dance formations, and was their go-to member whenever they needed a “soulful” sound. Now his voice just sounds whiny and almost as weak as Jimins.

Big Hit should’ve invested in their training more. They clearly focused on just putting out more content, louder content, faster content, etc. instead of perfecting what they were already doing. They should all be better at their jobs by now and BTS should have a clear group identity, but all Big Hit did was change their sound/image once they started getting popular (made it worse). Like, rapline members should all have a rap style that works for them best but instead we have them attempting to copy styles from American rappers and sounding more and more retarded in each new album. Jungkook should’ve been working on making his voice stronger as he got older but now they just auto-tune him to hell and back.

I hate the aversion Kpop has to letting groups keep the same image. How are they ever supposed to get good at anything if they have to keep “remaking” themselves two or three times a year? Of course the outcome is uninspired bullshit.

No. 304996

Lol it really shows how mad and pissy they get over the littlest things if they have to go ranting and raging on Twitter instead of keeping their pathetic feelings to themselves. Then all their little minions will agree together and go on about more pointless shit. It's a cult of eight year olds I swear

No. 305002

ratmys praise bts for their "artistic" raps but to me they are nursery rhymes. There are better albums on self love. When I compare mick jenkins'-the healing component(its a rap album and sorry if its off topic) to bts love yourself series, bts' album is garbage even though they claim it's about self love and all.
JB's love yourself outshines their album

No. 305004

They're all just overworked. The idols themselves, their producers and every other creative on their team. I understand why they keep going; they need to cash in now that they're still young and the hype is there, but I'd imagine with their clout producers (and stylists I guess) would be dying to work with them? I always thought BTS had a rather weak discography compared to their contemporaries but at least the HYYH series was somewhat coherent and had fun moments. The desperation to hit it big was reflected in their music (and BTS's personas! Just go look at some bangtan bombs from 2014/2015 and now) and effort was made, for better or worse lol. Everything after Wings is bland, if not straight up unlistenable. Their management is completely overwhelmed and it's frustrating to see it still being rewarded simply because a) for their fanbase that is mainly young teens this isn't about music but an emotional investment and they'll buy it either way and b) the west doesn't take foreign music seriously and only sees BTS as the cash cows they are which results in people overlooking potentially better music. But maybe that's just a problem with pop music in general and it's my (our) fault for looking for something deeper LMFAO.
The Love Yourself "concept" was so goddamn superficial it actually makes me laugh. What was the point of that? What was their goal, besides money from 10000 different versions? Just make good music and go man

No. 305006

it’s like some kpop fans don’t understand that wordplay is a pretty essential part of rap, not something only geniuses know how to add to their songs. armys think a song having two footnotes on lyrics to explain a double meaning makes bts special and unique

No. 305011

lmao, like that rap analysis of ddaeng by rm, suga and jhope. talking of course about the amazing lyrics like "you wrong, me right" and how they used ddaeng to represent the sound of a bell - genius!

No. 305014

That child was savage, bless her

No. 305015

File: 1538674273921.png (806.1 KB, 558x842, chin-senpai-uwu.png)

wtf is wrong with this man's jaw

No. 305019

i find their new agenda so superficial as well. i think the love yourself concept had potential, there are tons of topics they could've made songs on but they didn't use it for whatever reason.

No. 305020

Pop giants should be able to take a break and work on their music without being penalized for it by their fans. I’m not just talking about BTS but if singers have earned the top spot and a loyal fan base they should be able to take some time off an improve. Like, Rihanna or Beyonce can go away for legit years and come back with a new and fresh sound/look and still top the charts. The kpop system is literally set up to produce shitty music, and for all kpop fans talk about loyalty and all the rules of how to be a good fan, they’re actually terrible fans that will drop their bias groups if they don’t have a “come back” every few months. Kpop Fans would rather have tired, burned out, emaciated, fainting faves and shit music rather than chill the fuck out and stop demanding so much content.

No. 305021

ddaeng is that one song that an elementary kid would rap if he/she was told to freestyle. That's how bad that song is. It's an embarrassment to korean hip-hop(I'd rather listen to the korean version of the migos than this any day). I'm shocked that korean underground rappers still respect them

No. 305022

They just want constant access to their biases in order to fuel their delusions and fantasies. That’s it. It would be hard for someone to pretend Jimin was their BF if he took a Taylor Swift style media hiatus every couple of years.

No. 305026


looks like a bird

No. 305030

he has chubby cheeks yet his jaw is like that.wtf

No. 305065

BTS fans don’t know anything about rap or hip hop. They’re just like how BTS were in that American hustle life thing. Like group, like fans.

No. 305075

BTS rapline know nothing about hip hop. Their rats try to convince everyone that rm and suga were underground rappers and the whole american hustle life which was garbage. All they know is "cool" chains and hairstyles. rm and horse's mixtape was weak as fuck. suga's was just boastful. bts are just an example of a mediocre "hip hop" group

No. 305112

I feel like this can be a copy pasta for any artist lol! Like I can put Taylor Swift on there and it would still sound just as pathetic…
These delusional fans need to stop being so insecure about k-pop and their fav idols not being popular. They seriously overthink things… Not everyone will like it nor care for it.

No. 305122

Armys think by stanning a non-white group they’re somehow being progressive and “woke” that’s why they act like liking Bts is so important and serious. That’s why they attack anyone who doesn’t kiss BTS’s ass. They think they are promoting equality through promoting korean culture, despite kpop and korean culture being just about as unequal and problematic as it gets.

No. 305126

BTS get away with the kind of cultural appropriation white artists would be crucified for because they’re ~POC. Just imagine if Taylor Swift used some of the African imagery in the Idol video. They can use the N word with a hard R and still be okay. And somehow the news anchor who criticized them is the racist one?

No. 305138

A friend of a friend is currently obssessed with BTS. My friend says she can't stop talking about BTS anymore, she's arlready getting delulu thinking that the members are dating and shit, and that she's getting depressed and isn't attending classes anymore. I told her to try and get her friend out of kpop since modern korean culture is toxic but I know she's fucked already…

No. 305149

I've never really thought about it but I guess the way kpop companies allure the fans and keep them hooked really is toxic, way more so than with western boybands. It requires a certain mindset though, maybe she has already been lonely/depressed? For most people it's just a phase, after all, she's likely to find a new hobby or group to be obsessed with eventually.

No. 305164

I think this is thread appropriate?

No. 305168

now who in their right fucking mind would want to look like reptilian boy

No. 305170

all things considered, I don't think this guy is in his right mind.

No. 305173

haven't watched the video yet, but what's up with that yellow patch on his face? is he literally yellowfacing w/ his foundation? it looks like mustard or some sort of fungal growth

No. 305178

File: 1538698973961.jpg (73.3 KB, 1080x515, kl.jpg)

what is "perfect" about this reptilian looking ass lol, i'd understand if they were praising him for his dancing skills or whatever, but the guy doesn't even fit the stupid korean beauty standards

No. 305181

File: 1538699335156.jpg (85.3 KB, 640x1136, topfuckingkek.jpg)

In continuation, some ARMYs are trying to introduce a resolution to the UN to sanction this reporter. WTF

No. 305187

File: 1538706577343.gif (764.46 KB, 200x152, 3C672859-7B01-4815-9559-705AEA…)

Incredible. What a time to be alive.

No. 305189

It's hilarious, ask the average non-koreaboo black person what they think of Koreans and they won't hesitate to spit out that they're fucking racist as shit.

No. 305193

>When a six year old doesn't give a fuck about Korean uwu boys

No. 305194

Just the thumbnail terrifies me

No. 305195

>who even is this Jee-meen?


No. 305207

Jessi reminds me of those skanky girls you'd find in reggae night clubs in Japan

No. 305209

She's definitely super trashy, but I'll give her one thing, she seems to actually have a BUTT. Unlike other girl idols that I've seen try to twerk kek

No. 305212

Haha I bet the guy is having the time of his life laughing away at the tempter tantrums these whiny brats are having. My hero

No. 305216

It always seems like the reason why kpop fans screech about streaming lots and buying multiple copies is to be a fan of the most "popular" group, like it's a popularity contest and to rub it in people's faces instead of just enjoying the music and not caring about the stats or sales. And the industry really seems to use this to their advantage by making a shit load of collectable items, and the stupid obsessed fans eat it all up and waste their money. Sort of black comedy situation, isn't it

No. 305222

Probably for bigger groups, but I think it's also because groups that don't rake in profits die almost instantly.

No. 305223

Even with her fake boobs and ass, Jessi manages to be realer than 90% of K-pop idols so props to her.

No. 305225

i know someone like this and i'm concerned for her, i'm not even saying this in a joking way, she actually needs help. she believes that taekook is real and they are closeted, she analyzes everything they do to prove that they are dating, says she's doing all of this to support v and jk so they can come out, tries to convince everyone. taekook is all she talks about. when some others told her off and called her delusional and an attention seeker she posted about being suicidal and freaked out everyone.

No. 305238

Please don't tell me there are ratmys over the age of thirty.

No. 305239

File: 1538723049222.jpg (114.3 KB, 1080x1130, k7Dgj5nWt8j-.jpg)

of course he used the internationally recognized gesture for blowjob to ask for a lollipop, you dirty anties just don't understand!!!

No. 305240

i'm the one who wrote this and i want to add that i'm not saying she should be attacked or whatever. she's not the worst person and the way she got completely obsessed about a non-existent relationship is sad

No. 305250

File: 1538727831195.png (1.4 MB, 750x1334, F38A514E-162C-4C62-A15C-4C6435…)

No. 305253

I know this is a "literally who" but I just found this group (formed just 2 years) where most of the members are pushing 30

No. 305254

are you implying that jennifer has a chance

No. 305259

File: 1538731606906.jpg (102.05 KB, 540x538, tumblr_inline_p6cj3zq3y91t9e1z…)

I looked at her twitter and honestly she seems depressed, BTS is one of the only things to bring her happiness

No. 305260


When will they decide, are they fans of the korean culture or not? Half the time they say they love BTS because they shit on korean idol culture (lmao as if) and half of the time they ~love korean culture and they boyz~

No. 305263

I pity her at this point. bts might be secretly dating as we speak and when their scandals leak, i hope you help her. I hope she doesn't kill herself over that. There are fans out there who cut their wrists in the name of love to their faves and would commit suicide if they date.
jimin always comes off as a pedo/pervert to me. Asking for bjs? really? you are rich enough to get it anywhere else but he just has to ask his underage fans for that shit and those rats will defend him. Disgusting.
I gave him a zero rating but know it has hit the negatives

No. 305265

I never listened to the full song of Boombayah until recently. It was a cringefest, especially the part where they screamed "OPPA!" like some Koreaboos, and they're Koreans smh (except lisa). It's so bad, how do ppl even like Blackpink and their untalented asses.

No. 305269

File: 1538736344566.png (24.13 KB, 407x235, Screenshot from 2018-10-05 13-…)

"lyrics are genius"
"they can rap, sing and dance uwu"

No. 305273

Wait, when did he do the blowjob thing? First time I hear about this. Just curious.

No. 305274

she just got her fake one before this video, she was as flat as any other kpop girl before that. her butt and her boobs look rock solid, they look too big for the amount of skin she has

No. 305276

i saw it in a video a few years ago but idk how to find it now, he was looking directly at the camera at a fansign.

No. 305286

Don't you think blackpink members' instagram usernames are super cringy? Like wtf is roses are rosie?? They are like an email address from 2000s

No. 305288

File: 1538742704707.gif (618.87 KB, 480x268, ezgif-2-d6f64e6190bd.gif)

"Bitch, I'm a star, but no Patrick"
That part of Ddu Ddu Ddu Jp Ver never failed to crack me up.

No. 305291

File: 1538742897031.jpg (28.14 KB, 400x400, 2jgbga.jpg)

No. 305298

Is this a hidden Earthbound/Mother homage kek

No. 305302

File: 1538745149599.png (45.41 KB, 485x470, wtf1.png)

How is this artistic? This is embarrassing

No. 305307

>that dimple is illegal
>so I call your illegirl
>you are my lake

Lmao holy shit this has to be a parody. What makes it even funnier is that you just know ratmys are swooning and fainting while thinking they're the most romantic lyrics ever written.

Don't they have a song that literally starts off with them singing "i'm a whale"?

No. 305308

No. 305309

File: 1538746550973.gif (1.46 MB, 540x300, Jimin-GIF-riku114-39820557-540…)

Imagine blowing Park Reptile… Looking up to see this… Terrifying.

No. 305310

what is there to blow? lmao
Is that lipstick?wtf

No. 305311

Seems to be, which good on him but even Korean (or wannabe Korean) BTS fans have gotten in on the action of harassing him on twitter.
Check out his most recent tweets. ARMYs are definitely showing their racist asses. Ironically, because this guy going along ignoring them and posting about stuff that actually matters, he wins the day I think.

No. 305313

No. 305314

i want the sauce for the jimin blowjob thing if anyone happens to find it k thx i wanna be traumatized

No. 305315

Nvm fucking found it and it's hilarious

No. 305316

Fuck, I hope ARMYs get eaten by rabid clowns.

No. 305317

File: 1538747823696.gif (452.15 KB, 294x342, 9b4.gif)

No. 305318

Seriously? its like someone so insecure, did ps telling you your ugly. I wouldn't take that person's comment seriously. Its the same case with bts and that speech, you can't tell me to love myself and you clearly don't practice what you preach. These racist fans contradict themselves so much and bts are pathetic, they don't do shit when their fans bully others and be racist towards other fans/people. That shows bts give zero fucks about other people regardless of the race. they'll act all "love yourself, love myself","I love you all regardless of your race" just to lure you to spend your money on them. Once they get what they want, they toss you like dirt. They don't defend when their fans act like racist little demons on the internet. I'm so mad

No. 305320

>>i wanna die locked in you

Dammit, vaginismus aint romantic nor it is a joke

No. 305324

jesus fucking christ this whole thing is a mess. when i first saw how armys were going nuts over a news anchor saying racist things about bts, i expected it to be something very bad but when i watched the video i just thought "why are they so mad over this?". they throw around the word "racist" so easily it's insane. they are about to ruin this man's career over something bts members themselves probably didn't care about. i don't think that news anchor meant what he said in a racist way, yes he was talking about them in a mocking tone but it wasn't about them being koreans, it's about their reputation, this is literally how people who aren't diehard armies see them. a kpop group with mediocre music and an insane fanbase. get out of stan twitter and see how the real life works.

No. 305325

File: 1538749512336.jpeg (142.13 KB, 750x748, 6C86913C-475D-40BA-B931-160A3C…)

lmao these retards

No. 305326

Lol at that girl on twitter saying he was only asking for a lollipop, fucking BULLSHIT, who the hell do they think they're fooling? Also, the title of the video "asking cutely for blowjob" made me sick in my mouth thanks reptilian boy, you weren't even subtle in the slightest. gross.

No. 305329

joke's on you, anon. it's a deep video. he was actually criticizing the old generation's ignorance and oppression towards lollipops there. you can see jimin's art of satire in the way he holds his hand, he made it look like he was asking for a blowjob on purpose so that only true armys can understand the true meaning: he was asking for a lollipop, but it's deeper than that.

No. 305330

File: 1538750475970.jpeg (48.96 KB, 680x664, 38A05E00-9DC7-44B7-82AD-CE27A5…)

>I am a BTS fan and went to the LY tour
>Don’t really consider myself an army I just like their music
>Finally get into the venue
>Just sitting down, waiting for the concert to start
>Music videos are playing on the jumbo screens, people are cheering and singing along
>Two girls come and sit in the seats next to me
>The girl directly next to me is the epitome of army stan twitter
>She starts screeching at the top of her lungs
>It’s still just the music videos playing
>She makes it known to everyone in the arena that she’s a Suga bias by screaming, “Yoongi!!! Yaaaaasss daddy!!!” Every time he comes on the screen
>When people don’t cheer loud enough for Suga she yells, “y’all aren’t hyping up my mans!!!”
>She’s so obnoxious and cringy, I’m annoyed
>The concert starts
>I have an idea
>Whenever Suga performs, I start screaming and singing at the top of lungs
>I don’t even know what I’m saying
>She actually shuts up
>I had a good time

No. 305333

File: 1538751160025.jpg (57.58 KB, 637x539, 1.JPG)

adding on.

No. 305334

File: 1538751196184.jpg (60.37 KB, 598x623, 2.JPG)

ARMYs are unwashed trash

No. 305335

File: 1538751238292.jpg (55.12 KB, 619x607, 3.JPG)

Fuck you

No. 305336

File: 1538751320752.jpg (59.72 KB, 624x595, 4.JPG)

Last. These are just from the 8 hours btw. Didn't feel like going back any further but they'v been harassing him for days.

No. 305337

File: 1538752094728.jpeg (133.64 KB, 750x783, A95826A9-8DD3-4D68-B1C4-E2067F…)

he was covering an incident where people died and these fucks have the gall to spam this shit. shatmies are the worst.

truly what you expect from grown ass people running around pissing in diapers and shitting on the street.

No. 305338

File: 1538752160080.png (201.54 KB, 585x451, 75623.PNG)

So Leetuk sent a dm to a fake account of Yeonwoo of Momoland.

No. 305341

>Asking cutely
>Oppa just wants a lollipop!!
This dude could wave his dick around in public and his fans would find a way to infantilize it.

No. 305343

Wanna one said sasaengs were only good for handjobs, and presumably blowjobs lol so maybe Jimin was just letting one of his sasaengs know he was dtf

No. 305346

The apology is NOT enough!!!

god i fucking hate korean culture

No. 305347

fucking gross. i hope stupid ass fans don't believe this bullshit, leetuk has always been creepy and gross.

No. 305354

Nice excuse to be openly racist towards a black man, "bawww he said they're a boy band from korea!!"

No. 305358

Honestly this could do people good - they'll stay the fuck away from these wackos after seeing how pathetic they truly are. They can't hide behind their "love yourself uwu" message anymore when they're doing shit like this. Lol armies are really shooting themselves in the foot and making themselves look like the bratty immature children they are. I feel real bad for the guy but at least it's also doing harm to this psychotic cult

No. 305362

File: 1538756400626.jpg (10.42 KB, 236x387, 911123692c727355c7c8955dd822d5…)

I'm screaming. This is funny as hell. Why? They are fighting common sense with racism, ignorance and stupidity. I hope they get exposed for this then bye bye bts. Their grammar is comedic

No. 305363

File: 1538756672282.jpeg (5.36 KB, 300x168, download (1).jpeg)

i see a resemblance

No. 305365

>jimin always comes off as a pedo/pervert to me.

armys have actually noticed this too, they have the """pervert line""" which iirc consists of jimin, jhope and rm, rm is obvious because of all the jerking off to weird japanese porn and stuff, and jimin definitely has weirdo vibes. jhope idk about but im sure there are receipts on him too

"anything criticising something done by people who arent white is racist!!!"

ffs armys, not all criticism about them is cause of their race. isnt THAT idea a little bit racist? also it was a black dude saying it in the first place lmao. and then you have the other armys on the opposite end of the spectrum who ARE being racist to him and calling him a nigger. yikes. i can see bts fake wholesome messages haven't exactly been sinking in lol

No. 305373

I never fucking cared for kpop but now I genuinely dislike it and its fans. I wish I'd stayed ignorant because I'm livid for that man. I don't know why I am so involved but thank you guys for uncovering the details, it seems like lc is the only place where this shit gets called out

No. 305379

i asked her how she feels about v and jungkook dating someone else and she said she would support them if they are happy but if she thinks the relationship is being faked to hide taekook she'll keep doing what she's doing. she already wasted so much time trying to prove that taekook is real but i hope she'll grow out of it.

No. 305381

its not like hes apologizing for the age in the first place
hes apologizing because "oppa attempted to contact someone with a pussy even though hes 46854735345 years old and hes still a virgin waiting for me!!11~"

No. 305382

lol i know, yeonwoo is in her 20s so its not really the age, its just the fact that leetuk has always given off major creeper vibes.

No. 305387

Do you think ratmon forces his accent to sound american?
Captain lizard exposed j hope for touching himself when sleeping

No. 305390


No. 305391

Hasn't he straight up admitted to doing it? I think tbere was something about him saying his talent was "talking black" in one of the last threads.

No. 305392

didn’t suga admit to usually waking up with his hand down his pants?

No. 305393

yes. even now when he goes for interviews, I feel like his faking his accent or forcing it. I don't understand what he says 90% of the time
eww thats gross. wtf

No. 305396

I really hope someone drops an article of the racism that prevails throughout BTS' fandom and the blind eye most fans turn towards it. Even Black POC armys aren't saying anything about the poor man bc they know they're in the wrong. Self-hating bitches.

Ik it won't do much, but I'd like to see armys attempt damage control, and still be in denial. (bonus if they add nazi photo BTS)

No. 305401

there's this YT channel that talks about how kpop idols(men) love and would date black women. that girl is bat shit crazy. delulu at its finest.The black community do not acknowledge black armys. if ratmys and their racist tweets go viral, BTS are done for. America aint korea where they can do blackface, do a fake apology and move on. America especially black twitter will destroy them and I'm here for it

No. 305408

i'm white and i've been waiting for black twitter to pick up on racist stankmies for soooo long. the roasts would be epic and they'd deserve it. for a fandom who speaks so much about "~~wokeness~~" and "representation," they sure are a super racist and exclusionary fan base. you know BTS and bighit are a bunch of fakes too–they never speak out on the racism or their fandom's wack behavior either; they just sit back and watch the bullies cry wolf all the time. so retarded how so many can screech about being outcasted and bullied all the time yet bully everyone else. of course big hit wouldn't call it out tho; they'd be shitting where they eat and the fandom's behavior is how they've gotten so far in the first place. i just have so much vitriol for stankmies, i'm so glad i've found at least one place where i can shit on them.

No. 305409

can you give more deets on that channel? sounds milky

No. 305411

kmusicandblackwomen; it's a whole situation. i'm sure if you look her up you can find a lot of the milk. shoot, i think even pull has a thread on her?? someone correct me if i'm wrong, it's been a long time since i've visited there LOL

No. 305414

Its the right one. her videos are so cringey.

No. 305418

File: 1538766111670.png (131.35 KB, 540x473, B192E09B-9309-4DEE-A6BE-047EF9…)

checked pull

wish i didn’t

No. 305421

ratmys just need to be racist towards a popular black artist and boom! the dragging will start.

No. 305423

Not trying to defend ratmon, but sometimes when people are learning a foreign language they pick a dialect to mimic because it helps fine tune pronunciation. I think he tries hard to have proper pronunciation but it just sounds uncanny sometimes because you can tell he’s trying to sound a certain way. I have to give him props though, I’m American and if I didn’t know who he was and heard him speaking I probably would think he’s American.

No. 305424

I just found it weird compared to other koreans, they have this other accent when attempting to speak in English
Wtf. That's nasty

No. 305425


No. 305427

No you wouldn’t lmao stop lying

His blaccent can only cover up his inability to consistently correctly match subject/verb agreements for so long!

No. 305447

Yeah I know what you mean. I guess ratmon’s accent is also partially due to him being more fluent in English compared to other Korean idols. Since he has a decent grasp of vocabulary and syntax he’s able to focus on his pronunciation, while other Koreans who are not proficient in English are going to be more focused on what they say rather than how they say it.
I mean, people do mimic certain dialects from their target language/s to improve their pronunciation but ok if you disagree lol. I wasn’t trying to explain his blaccent, just why he sounded American.

No. 305458


No. 305459

File: 1538771690763.jpg (15.11 KB, 236x419, 15dac6aea202a6a49d93f095756703…)

They call me autist (autist)
They call me Ratmon (Ratmon)

No. 305460

File: 1538771764216.jpg (24.91 KB, 638x807, 1fe75569b39c5e342c915a88190f73…)

Dropping this Lizardboi here for posterity

No. 305461


This^ I was so confused when DNA came out and was like "where's the 'Love Yourself' in this?"

That's literally just the name of tge propaganda. That's it.

No. 305463

I still can’t get over “speak yourself” at the UN. Didn’t he have a coach to run through the speech with him? Broken English ain’t cute.

No. 305464

File: 1538772081658.jpeg (32.24 KB, 480x480, 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a…)

What species is this thing? for all I know he ain't human

No. 305466


Reminded me of that fansign he literally had a boner and hid it behind Jungkook.

No. 305467

Whoever thought that the speech was moving is deaf. A high schooler can deliver a better and more interesting speech and I would believe them. Not some mediocre korean band with a fucked up society(beauty standards plus gangnam unnie ps) telling the world on how to love yourself. How pitiful

No. 305472

File: 1538775072012.jpeg (272.42 KB, 1152x2048, 667EE921-963E-487B-A32D-4EFC2A…)

That middle quote made me think because I had no idea what it was saying I thought I was having a stroke, thanks ratmon

No. 305474

"Nobel Peace Prize goes to anti-war rape activists"
Aw, seems like in the end a gynaecologist who has treated tens of thousands of victims was deemed more deserving…
>B-but BTS saves lifes too!1!1

No. 305481

Never forget:
>>Imma beat that pussy like you never ever felt before

No. 305490

I'd be relieved the message didn't reach me if I were Yeonwoo lol Leeteuk is a fucking creeper, Heechul too

No. 305495

As soon as Ratmon tries to say a word longer than two syllables his accent falls apart. Lmao @ how he pronounces calligraphy in this commercial. Even Jungkooks pronunciation sounds clearer and less retarded than ratmon’s. The only way I’d buy him being a native speaker is if i thought I was listening to a deaf American. He really screwed himself over working on his blaccent instead of actual English.

No. 305496

i can't believe heechul gets leeway just because he "might" be gay. he's lowkey creepy and rude too.

No. 305499

I find it funny how BTS is getting supported to win a fucking Peace Prize when Korea still, to this day, have schools that will fire foreigners who were raped, make women who were beaten apologize to their abusers, still believe that eating dogs and cats will make their dick hard, and blame little kids for being run over on the sidewalk by delivery trucks.
Korea is a third world country masquerading as a first world country, coming from someone who lives here. BTS isn't even huge, half of the students I teach don't care about them. Foreign fans are fucking blind and as you said, deaf, too.
tldr Korean society is super fucked in a lot of ways and even BTS can't hide it.

No. 305501

If someone from Korea was doing something prize worthy then go ahead give it to them

But armys think BTS deserve it for simply being korean which is ridiculous. As you said it’s a horrible place in a lot of ways, definitely no better than anywhere else. Koreans are just as shitty as Americans, British, Europeans, Africans, etc.

This is what happens when stan culture gets mixed up with activism. Stans literally keep lists of racist things idols do so they can use it agaisnt other fans in stan-wars. Kpop fans actually get happy when a group they hate does something racist or offensive, because they can now use it to prop their faves up. They don’t actually care about ending racism or being good people, it’s all just in service of stanning their bias group.

No. 305503

You forgot about them literally using their unwanted mentally ill population as slaves. Korea sparkling!

No. 305506

>I'm American
>If I didn't know who he was and heard him speaking I probably would think he's American
Are you sure you're American, anon? He doesn't sound anything close to American. His UN speech might have had you fooled, since it was comprised of simple common words, but when he tries to expand his vocabulary above that of 3rd grader, it becomes apparent that his ability to speak English isn't that great, and his pronunciation isn't even close to right.

I'll give him credit where credit is due tho. Speaking foreign languages is hard and he does seem to understand English at a pretty good level, but if he wants to keep their footing in the Western market, he (and the rest of BTS) should put more effort in to speaking (or learning) English.

It doesn't matter how well you can read or listen to English, if you're only able to form simple and uninteresting responses.

No. 305518

Momoland are really bad at singing live. Yeonwoo didn't even try to sing while the rest of them did. I don't get the hype about her. She seems to have no personality and a try hard baby girl.

No. 305519

Nancy use to be the it girl until she dyed her hair that retarded color. Yeonwoo is the second prettiest in the group.

No. 305520

Just looked this up. Holy shit.

No. 305521

pretty sure the key to her popularity is her figure and the way their company dresses them, tight clothes and no safety shorts. i think some of these girls have potential but they keep performing these two identical songs ffs, they're going nowhere at this rate

No. 305522

All because. he said. "They are from Korea."

No. 305523

>>The hosts of the show ‘Farandula 40’ insulted BTS members by saying that the Billboard Awards stage didn’t look like an awards ceremony but more like a night show for adults because of them standing there. One of the hosts even asked if they were men, saying that they looked like an LGBT group lost in Cancun.

This cracked me up.

No. 305526

That woman is fucking disgusting and every black-koreaboo is in denial

No. 305527

I have been praying for this, just give it enough time, the more BTshit becomes popular, the likelihood of their racism will be exposed that ratmys can't cover it anymore. They will be wiped out and erased in America.

No. 305530

The point he was making was clearly that they have no connection to him so how can they tell him how to best live his life? They are young, sing and dance for a living, and live on the other side of the world in a nation known for being disconnected from the rest of the world. He clearly thinks their existence is superfluous and their message superficial. It’s not about their nationality imo. I’m sure if One Direction or (throwback) the Backstreet Boys were addressing the UN giving us life advice, he’d say the same thing. Like who do they think they are? Not everyone is going to give a shit about BTS. ARMYS need to get over it.

No. 305534

Beautifully stated anon. I agree with everything you wrote.

No. 305535

lol the outrage against this poor black dude is lasting longer than the backlash against bts collabing with that right-wing japanese producer. pathetic

No. 305536

Not surprising. Let's be real a lot of kpop stars are really racist and I would imagine that the homogeneity of the genre attracts fans that tend to swing that way too.

No. 305537

It’s not like the overcame some extreme odds to find success either. They come from one of the biggest pop music machines in the world. They werent some poor, barely scraping by rag tag team of nobodies who got famous as street performers on the corners of the ghetto and finally made it big - they were living as privileged young men in a rich, developed country with an entire team of professionals jacking other artists sounds for their albums, choreographers stealing popular dance moves for heir videos, and doctors sculpting their faces into something they already knew a mass audience would like.

BTS aren’t fucking heroes.

No. 305538

b-but anon, the lyrics of anpanman taught me otherwise… i wonder if they'll be lazy and recycle the same ideas in the next comeback, how heroic it was of them to become idols, another message to the haters, etc.

it's just occurred to me that if delulu armies found this place, we'd all be ded. they'd spam the shit out of this board, track our ips and everything. oh no

No. 305539

Dude, come on. It's not hard to fix pronunciation, it's like he's not even trying. I don't think anybody has ever told him how to actually speak English and just let him do his own thing. Between his featureless face and this, how do people find him attractive?
He looks like every wannabe gangster Asian kid I went to middle school with.

No. 305543

I'm bored high as shit and so close to making an account calling BTS and armys out as stress reliever.

No. 305549

>two seconds into the video
>the realems of day and night
How can he say it throughout the video and, not once, pronounce it correctly? He speaks like a deaf person mixed with a stroke victim, what the fuck.

No. 305555

File: 1538798992256.jpg (20.05 KB, 480x478, 257.jpg)


At what point did he slut shame them?

No. 305560


Until getting into Kpop, I didn't know there were so many black women obsessed with Korea. The majority of 'Westeners in Korea' type videos on Youtube are just thirsty black girls who want that Asian dick

No. 305567

>saying that BTS looks like a LGBT group lost in Cancun.

That’s insulting to gay men. There’s that whole stereotype about gay men being fashionable and well-groomed, yet BTS members look like alien-esque ahjummas some times and brand name-worshipping fuccbois at other times.

No. 305571

File: 1538804913993.jpeg (111.72 KB, 960x960, 71A27877-4743-4E75-9C9B-FC28D3…)

I nominate this as the next image thread
with the quote from this >305481 added in as well.

I agree that Yeonwoo is so pretty but so lacking in charisma. I also came across this selfie she took and she looks a lot tanner in >pic related than she does on-stage in fantaken photos. I was kinda shocked.

No. 305573

File: 1538805039662.jpeg (167.99 KB, 800x1200, 9C13E0DF-C8E8-4A2A-90D4-228362…)

>inb4 Koreans say “b-but we’re nAtUrAlLy pAle!!1!1!1”

No. 305587

i've heard about the problems of south korea but i didn't know it was this bad, i'm from a country near middle east and the things you said are the kind of shit that happens here.
some people who won the nobel peace prize are a pakistani woman who got shot at age 15 for her activism on giving pakistani girls the right to attend school, an indian man who saved over 80.000 children from child labor, a liberian woman who was the first elected female president in africa. what exactly did bts do to deserve this prize? their charity work and self-love themed campaign are nice but even their fans don't practice what they preach. they've been harassing someone for saying "they are from korea" for fuck's sake

lol slut shaming bts? what? did they even watch the video and come up with their own conclusion or they just saw the hate bandwagon and jumped into it? they can't even form their own opinions, they do what the other fans are doing. the fans who defended the news anchor probably got attacked too.

No. 305597

But they are. those fucks want him to say"boy band from Asia" which sounds worse. Aren't bts koreans? the news anchor ain't wrong, who takes bts serious other than their dumb fans?
Those armys were accused for fake streams on spotify so that bts appear on the billboard 100 chart. Just think about it, bts appear on no. 10 then the next week they fall off or drop their position to like 70 or something. As compared to drake, his songs top the charts for weeks or climbs up the ladder on the charts till the top and bts are considered top artists? where

No. 305601

No. 305607

Damn I still don't get why Koreans LOVE wearing foundation/bb cream that are 1 to 2 shades lighter than their skin tone. It's very prominent when you look at selfies of these Kpop stars. It looks very ugly yet no one thinks it's weird.

This is also the reason why I stopped using Korean foundation, even the darkest shade will come off very light for Asians (I'm Asian myself). Also when you see the self-tutorial like on Innisfree Instalog, the models will often be seen wearing this kind of ridiculous BB Cream/foundation shade. Some Kpop fans with even darker skin tone force themselves to wear Korean products just so they use the same things as their idols do. It's so dumb.

No. 305608

You can see the foundation line on her forehead

No. 305610

When someone doesn't give a fuck about BTS armies scream racism but when someone critics BTS they attack the person by using racial slurs saying they are racist. What's the logic here, I don't understand the stupidity

No. 305611

they will cry racism for absolutely any reason, there's not supposed to be any logic to it. i remember a guardian review of BTS' LY Tear album posted a couple threads back that gave it three stars, that article had a bunch of armys posting 'ree racist' in the comments. i think they just use it as some sort of trump card word that they think will instantly win any argument because theyre proving that their opponent is just an 'evil racist' trying to bring down their flawless korean poc kings. it's almost a buzzword at this point. but i guess you cant really expect any more from millions of dumb underage boy band fans

No. 305612

they always pull the "they are koreans and you are so ignorant" card whenever someone criticizes bts. music critic makes a negative review on the love yourself albums because they suck? "you are so close-minded and xenophobic!!". someone criticizes a bts member's shitty behavior? "he did that because it's korean culture!! be respectful!!". someone ridicules the bts fanbase because they are psychotic? "you are just jelly and you don't want people to support poc artists!"

No. 305613

I see the army behaviour in bts too. Those guys know what armys are doing but they don't call them out instead they "Ohh our poor amies are being attacked, let's make a diss track to call out the haters" and mic drop is born. Bts are as immature as their fandom, as racist as their fandom. They can act all goodie goodie in public but I'm sure rat and his reptile band mates use racial slurs and are disgusted when they see gay people behind closed doors

No. 305614

their fanbase harassed a shit ton of people yet bts or bighit never acknowledged it for once, there is no way they aren't aware of any of it. if they've shown the decency to speak up about these things maybe these bitches would calm down a little bit, but i guess as long as they get to milk money out of them it doesn't matter.

No. 305629


Why do people think BTS have to get every award/title out there? It's so fucking annoying

No. 305630

Their rats are the reason. They will complain if they don't win any awards.
At some point I wanted to learn the language but korean is so boring gosh!

No. 305653

Long time lurker here. As someone who got put onto Kpop years back with Shinee, I instantly liked them. I wasn't really immersed in Kpop because Kpop was non-existent in my country, but I kept tabs on some people here and there, also Jonghyun's work. I never really kept up with Taemin because I didn't really enjoy his voice that much.

Anyway when a friend introduced me to bts I didn't find them amazing. Like yeah they were okay but not life-changing. Absolutely nothing to look at(which isn't everything) but daaamn not even an interesting vocal line? Sure they can do choreography with 1 or 2 of them standing out in that aspect, but at the same time every other group can do choreography. I legit thought I was missing something surrounding their hype. I can understand them maybe securing fans in the beginning because they were good, but they've just gotten more popular despite becoming more and more mediocre at best.

The same friend has since come to her senses and admitted that she doesn't even know why she was hyping them up to me. She just did it because everyone else was doing it. I feel like there's a huge chunk of stans that started out like that.

No. 305664

>rat and his reptile band

Omg someone please make an edit of this, with rat monster at the centre with a rat head and the others as reptiles. "Rat and the Reptiles."

No. 305673

File: 1538834519331.jpg (28 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

Not race bait or anything but why do kpop fans especially in korea keep saying that they don't try to look white? They keep denying it "It's their culture, they are natural","Its the standard of beauty for centuries" They look nothing like the traditional koreans(if that's a thing). In their old days they didn't have the tech to have ps so I don't get why they claim double eyelid, thin nose bridge and shaved down jaw existed in the old days.
Why don't these kpop fags and koreans just admit they want to duplicate the European appearance.

No. 305679

File: 1538835862484.jpg (62.87 KB, 423x125, 11836942847.jpg)

>bohemian rhapsody
>the talent and stage presence to pull it off

No. 305680

actually now its not even trying to look white, its trying to look like chinese e-celebs that dont even look human which is a whole other level of crazy

No. 305687

I think the fuck not.
Not even good singers usually have the power and range to tackle it. And the ones that do are usually not arrogant enough to try.
ARMYs are the most delusional group of stans I've seen a while.
Real Talk: If their precious Rapemon or Reptile pulled a Jim Jones how many of these fucks would actually drink the cyanide kool aid?

No. 305691

Bts don't have any stage presence. They are the boy version of black pink. They look like a bunch of gangnam unnies on with dry ass vocals and elementary level raps, just moving their stiff bodies on stage. If they can't make their songs at least listenable, why would those ratmys think they could pull of a rock song

No. 305693

I think now the love of white features has combined with the Asian obsession with looking young and innocent and morphed into an alien look that doesn’t exist naturally in ANY race. of course, some of the markers are still there like high noses, big blue eyes and double lids, light hair colors and hair textures that Asians just don’t often have. But they took these things and somehow made them WORSE, like Asia loves to do with shit from other countries. Like, have you ever had korean pizza? Disgusting.

No. 305696

Anon did you know that BTS actually wrote Bohemian Rhapsody but Freddie Mercury stole it? Smh what an injustice
Nah. It's more of a "alien-with-a-dyed-bowlcut" look.

No. 305697

I think it’s just overcompensation for them. I feel kind of bad for people like that. They know they are famously hated around the world, especially in Asia, so they have to show off when they do get “positive” attention. Also, if white girls tried to make videos like that (which they totally could, korean guys go crazy for even the most basic of white girls. I’m talking about following them in the subways and literally having phones full of white girls numbers in their phones just to see how many they can fuck) they would be hounded for racism, taking advantage of their white privilege, and fetishizing Asians. Personally I think it’s all fucking gross lmao. By Black kpop fans just seem so misguided. Treated like shit in their home countries, somehow thinking its better in Korea when.l the majority of the population thinks they are disgusting.

No. 305698


Is his ego this inflated or is it an exaggerated persona that SM is pushing on him? I can't see how people can even find this cute.

No. 305700

Idols for some reason love making impersonation of Michael Jackson, it's incredibly cringeworthy, pls don't do Freddie Mercury dirty like that. I think I saw Lucas' >>305698
parody of Michael Jackson too btw.

No. 305701

I get a headache if I watch even a little bit of those korean game/talk shows. What's with the overuse of ridiculous sounds and graphics and their need to repeat scenes that have happened at least four times? That's not even going into how obsessed they all are about idol's appearance which is just bizarre and creepy

No. 305702

I think idols probably think they look cool or good enough when doing MJ dances to compensate for their utter lack of dancing talent lmao. They're either complete robots or waving limp noodles

No. 305704

I thought pineapples on pizza is bad. That shit is nasty. These guys believe pale skin is pure and they don't get dirty. They don't even put on deodorant.
These black fans will go a step further and defend their faves for the racist shit they do."I'm black and I'm not offended","I'm a black kpop fan and I found it funny". Like seriously? These kpop fags are discriminating you and your whole damn race but that all you can say. If there was a delete button, I would delete these fans from the black community. They disgust me

No. 305706

It’s seriously like korean comedy shows are made for retarded people. It’s just slapstick humor that was popular in the west decades ago. Korea is just so far behind developmentally in some areas like hygiene, safety, and decent comedy.

No. 305715

File: 1538842617046.jpeg (659.59 KB, 1125x1924, 51169FF5-2FEB-4459-80A4-4DBE86…)

Armys created a tent city at Citi Field for the BTS concert even though Citi Field kindly asked armys to not camp out and said GA wristbands would only be handed out at 8am today.

No. 305717

where is security? these fans will get bts banned from these stadiums if their dumb fans can't follow simple instructions. At this rate bts will be touring on parks and hotels

No. 305721

File: 1538843862160.jpg (25.3 KB, 575x115, 1.jpg)

No. 305723


army needs validation that their boyz are any good

No. 305724


I wish they'd rip up the tickets and ban every single person from the venue who camped, since they're breaking the rules

No. 305729

That place will smell like shit and piss. Bts will be welcomed with a venue that smells like a sewage thanks to stankmies eww

No. 305730

They should do it how they do in Korea. GA tickets are assigned a number and to go in you have to line up according to your number so it doesn’t matter how early you get there. If your GA ticket says something like F596, you’re fucked.

It requires way more staff though to keep people in line and following the rules but at least there are no tent cities.

No. 305740

i actually went through a phase back when i was a koreaboo where corn, shrimp and mayo actually looked good on pizza to me
thankfully i never tried it other than the corn, which wasnt bad but not something id eat the way koreans do thats for sure

No. 305749

I’m pretty sure for the NA part of the tour (besides Citi Field) wristband numbers were given out in the order that people were in line. Once you got your number you could go home and come back into the line the day of the concert. Korea’s system seems way better than NA’s tho, I wish all concerts would make that the universal method for GA.
Kek armys are going to screw themselves over by having bts banned from multiple venues because no one wants to deal with their tent cities

No. 305751

The fact that they have to have it reminded to them just boggles my mind. Isn't it common sense?? Do these people just not know how to prepare for a concert? They're gonna be jumping up and down and dancing, all unwashed and sweaty because somehow it didn't cross their minds to be mindful of their own personal hygiene. Lol how fucking embarrassing. Armies are disgusting inside AND out.

No. 305755

It all tastes like shit because they drown their pizzas in shitty plastic cheese and undercook it, pay no attention to the sauce, and the toppings are shit too. Don’t let the pictures fool you that stuff is garbage and tastes like a dumpster in your mouth. Omg I hate korean pizza so much. Who the fuck puts crushed almonds and honey on top of pepperoni pizza? Why does corn have to be hiding under the cheese when you specifically asked for none? They all order squid ink crust stuffed with mashed sweet potatoes with like 3 different sauces on top in addition to all the low quality toppings. Jesus. I asked for a veggie pizza once and all I got was undercooked dough with cheese (no sauce) lettuce on top drizzled with vinegar. I get every country has different tastes but their pizza is out of control.
And the world thinks America has no respect for other countries’ foods…

No. 305756

I just wish they'd have a big scandal or something that causes them to lose a ton of popularity. Every time some normie says "who are they" on a facebook post or something there's always a million armys swarming in to give the same copy and paste bullshit and the normies will comment that they sound like a cult. Camping out for days just to get close to them, spending all their money to fill the pockets of people who are extremely rich. Attacking anyone who says one word against them… it really is a giant cult that needs to be taken out.

No. 305759

The cult-like behavior of ARMYs (and K-pop fans at large really) is so prominent.

Blogpost incoming:
Back when I used to be hardcore into K-pop, I would browse forums where people would joke about “converting” normal people into fans and spending hundreds in K-pop merch/junk that won’t age well. Others have said before that K-pop companies use various marketing streategies to keep fans “hooked” (e.g., the high frequency of comebacks, release of variety show content, and so on). K-pop really was an addiction to me for some time. Even if I knew that I was wasting time by consuming K-pop-related content, I just did it anyway because I was so involved with the community and didn’t find other hobbies as easy to immerse myself in as K-pop. I’ve only come to see now how the whole industry is so fucked on how it exploits/manipulates its workers and the minds/wallets of its consumers.

No. 305762

How are there people on this website who are seriously into NCT? When did surgery freaks with mediocre talent and mostly underage twinks become what appeals to farmers? I have a hard time taking anything anyone here says seriously anymore after seeing how many dumb bitches fawn over those kids here

No. 305763

File: 1538852035378.jpg (51.6 KB, 626x680, IMG_20181006_195241_564.jpg)

Are they trying to make another Jin?

No. 305767

I once "called them out" in the unpopular opinion thread, asking why they stan talentless minors, but they immediately said I'm the freak for thinking that one can't simply find young boys "cute"…

No. 305768

Because they're extremely cringey and it's funny. they're also cute.

No. 305775






No. 305777

I cringe at my past self for liking these dumb songs. I think the best I ever did is find better music and now I cant stand the kpop shit that's out today even though I'm struggling to ditch bap
Jin is so childish and annoying. This dude is approaching 30 and his acting like whinny little brat

No. 305779


No. 305780

Babies, animals, whatever can be cute, but 16 year old boys…?
And how are they funny? The shows they're on, the fanservice they do, everything is scripted.

No. 305783

I said their cringiness is funny. Doubt literally /everything/ they do is scripted.

>Babies, animals, whatever can be cute, but 16 year old boys…?

Yeah, why not? Only two of them are 16 anyways, the rest are legal.

No. 305784

The kpop general thread is aids, it should just be called NCT general at this point.
Begone NCThot

No. 305786

Yeah i really get the sense that a lot of the posters in there are in their 20s, just by the emoticons and internet slang they use. it's really gross to see those boys get called "cuties". NCT are also irrelevant and don't have a single memorable song or moment to their name

No. 305787


It's a similar mentality to the handmaidens that come out of the woodwork when they see misogyny: "I'm a female and I'm not offended1!!!1!"

Like, cool? You don't speak for all of one marginalised group, in fact you're an embarrassment to said group.

No. 305790

He does give off some smug fuckboy vibes, but he's probably exaggerating it for his persona.

One thing I still haven't completely understood is how plastic surgery works for idols. Is it mandatory in the contract? Do they get it for free if it's their agency that "requests" it?

No. 305791

No. 305792

His English is obviously far from perfect, but to me he almost passes as a dumb/barely literate English speaker or as someone who moved to an English-speaking place when they were young, but not young enough to sound 100% natural (around 15 or something). It's not even the blaccent necessarily, but he manages to sound less ESL than he is by avoiding most of the tell-tale signs of an asian ESL speaker (mixing up R/L, adding vowels to the end of words that end in consonants, etc). I'm just basing this on this dictation and the Jimmy Fallon interview, I don't watch much BTS-related stuff.

I can't read that thread, they're just as bad as the twitter stans. I've literally seen people on there saying they want to tie up [insert NCT member] and do [insert lewd thing] to them.

No. 305796

>I have a hard time taking anything anyone here says seriously anymore

why? what made this thread serious in the first place? when it's not laughing at delusional armys, it's literally just nitpicking idols. most people in this thread are (ex)stans anyway, nobody's here better than anybody.

No. 305800

File: 1538857514659.jpg (119.02 KB, 600x798, sei_33643091-2787.jpg)


>tfw you are jimin perfection

No. 305801

File: 1538857542239.jpg (28.83 KB, 600x400, sei_33642983-8788.jpg)

No. 305802

File: 1538857542761.jpg (18.48 KB, 433x70, 4571125468942.jpg)

Maybe it's just me, but I prefer nit-picking to this.

No. 305803

File: 1538857572990.jpg (52.57 KB, 506x334, 5487621222354.jpg)

And this.

No. 305804

This looks like Voldemort cosplaying as Tana Mongeau

No. 305805

already posted

No. 305807


What I want to know is where this dude is getting £75,000 from for these surgeries?

No. 305808

wtf is that thing?

No. 305809

jimin's reptilism is spreading

No. 305810

He looks like an 80 year old woman.

No. 305812

Having Kids With Taehyung Would Be Like… ❤💜
Him wanting 4 sons and 1 daughter 💕💖 and treating your daughter and you 💕💕 like garbage 💕💜 The way he gets mad at you for spending money because you are a woman ❤💖 He is super rich so you wouldn't even have to work anymore 💖❤ but when you are in your late 30s and his twinky idol $$$ is gone and you want to get a job he says sit your middle aged woman ass down 💜💕

No. 305813

File: 1538858594174.jpg (32.24 KB, 450x422, tumblr_inline_p559894rRh1qgevs…)

No. 305814

I didn't know that mammals would spend so much time and money to become reptiles. Whoever did his surgeries did lie to him if he/she said that looks good. He looks like an old plastic Instagram lesbian(no queer shaming intended)

No. 305853

It looks like he got ps to look like Cillian Murphy, not jimin. Tfw you try to change your race and fail lmao

No. 305856

>he (and the rest of BTS) should put more effort in to speaking (or learning) English.

But anon– if they actually learn and communicate in English so that they continue promoting in a majority English speaking country, the racists win. BTS is the mostest woke group ever and shouldn't have to learn evil English. Everyone else just needs to learn Korean uwu

There are actually Twitter stans who believe they shouldn't have to learn English at all because ~*muh ray-sizum*~. Easy to assume these are the same morons attacking that newscaster.

No. 305881

I agree with this unironically. I don't see American artists learning a dozen languages to promote overseas. It's a privilege and a miracle of the internet to have access to such far away and different cultures.

No. 305882

Remember that the average black woman hates Asians because they know how racist they are. These koreaboo girls are anime transplants.

No. 305887

The average black person does not “hate” Asians lmao. If they know the bad rep Asians have for being racist towards black people then they are probably just wary of them, or don’t fuck with them at all, which… who could blame them?

No. 305889

eufag here, the thing is that even fkn europeans usually speak at least two languages so it's really not that unrealistic for them to learn english just bc uwu muricans don't do it either.

No. 305890

Many artists and actors learn English to make it in the US. Americans might promote their work in other countries as well, but only visit for a very short time. Meanwhile BTS are constantly in the US, want to win all the awards there and so on…

Nearly all Europeans can speak or at least understand English, yet Army dismisses that as "white westerner privilege".
Imagine we'd call them "Easterners" kek

No. 305891

If there was 1 language that American artists could learn that would open up avenues of communication across every continent they probably would attempt to speak it… If only there was just ONE language that is the most commonly spoken second language in the world… one language that’s taught in schools across South America, Asia, and Europe… one language commonly used in business, and research, one language that the world shares that allows people from all over the world to come together in their travels and communicate with strangers they meet in hostels and hotels, maybe just maybe Americans would learn to speak such a useful language… oh wait, this language already exists, it’s called English, and they already speak it lmao

No. 305901


And he prohibits you from wearing clothing that shows off your body because he cares so much 💕💖 That He Wants You All to Himself ❤

No. 305902

English is the closest thing we have to a world language. Don’t blame Americans for that, blame the OG colonizers from Great Britain who set up shop in every corner of the world and started it all.

It’s not fair, but that’s the way it is. If BTS could communicate well in English they would reach more fans in every country, and their business communications would be a lot easier too. There’s really not a language you could say the same thing for when it comes to American artists, since they already speak the most common second language. They should still learn a second language though, it’s proven to be good for your cognitive function and it does open you up to more experiences and different ways of thinking.

No. 305907

Maybe Spanish? But Spanish is a common language because of colonialism too. None of the widespread/common languages got to be that way through innocent means. They all have really bad histories.

No. 305917

If they were only touring the US for concerts and just doing kpop related things, it would make sense. A lot of American artists who promote outside of the US are only in other countries to have a concert date or two/promote a movie for a few days. They're not trying to cement a career promoting outside of Burgerland.

If BTS were in the niche market Korean Americans and kboos, they wouldn't really have a pressing need to learn English. Thing is, though, they're trying to break into the mainstream American market. They should at least have a translator on shows with them until they can hold basic conversations. Right now, all they have is fedoramonster talking like a wigger during interviews.

No. 305919

If they keep it up like this, they won't ever break into the mainstream and I'm all for it. Only ratman can speak engrish and that's it. Every time they're on national news, cameras span to show the crazy fangirls, validating for the average American that BTS is just a trend, but a shitty one because they don't even communicate with their fans online/ live in english.

No. 305922

Oddly enough they had an actual translator on the love yourself tour, not just ratmon speaking for them. Maybe they will continue this trend of having a separate translator for the non-English speaking members of bts on tv show interviews and rm can do his own thing. Also jhope is getting better at speaking english but the rest of bts (besides rm) can only say basic phrases. I don’t see them trying to improve their English because they know i-armys will buy their shit no matter what.

No. 305924

>They don't even communicate with their fans online
What are you talking about, of course they do, anon. Just the ones worthy enough, not those dirty foreigners. Everybody knows Korean fans are the only ones superior enough to be important

No. 305930

i honestly don't even see the point in BTS learning english anymore anyways. it would've been super helpful like a year ago, but they've hit their peak and i can guarantee they aren't going to be anywhere near "successful" as they were this year in America.

No. 305933

Because any criticism of any group or idol here is instantly laughable when you know it's coming from an adult female who "stans" NCT

No. 305934

i just dont see what makes NCT better than BTS other than being less popular and having less of an annoying fanbase. both the kpop critical and the kpop general threads are alienating and annoying at this point

>tfw there will never be any place to have a moderate discussion on kpop because no one can ever take a middle opinion on kpop its either rabid fangirling or frothing hatred

No. 305939

It's always like that with fandoms that attract the mentally ill. The reason moderate discussion is so difficult here is because the majority of this thread is made up of former fans, antis of certain groups/idols while being fans of others, and fans who are disguising the fanaticism with "LOL LOOK AT THIS IDIOT!"….all of which are very mentally ill.

No. 305941

My question is, what kind of experts do you want to come here and criticize kpop, mostly vapid genre that doesn't have much drama to discuss? It seemed to me that everybody was having fun here until some anons started complaining about others' opinions. I just fail to see the problem with this thread. If you want to express your own opinions on kpop, do it. Sorry if my wording is retarded, I'm esl.

No. 305942

And you are the only sane one here with no motives for talking shit about kpop I guess? How convenient lol

No. 305944

Honestly, it seems like the thread has probably become a new home for OneHallyu's bashing thread since it got shut down.

I honestly don't get the appeal of NCT or BTS, both make shit music. But it seems like either Twitter stans of both groups or stans from OH have infested this and the other thread.

No. 305947

does anyone else find this…weird? "Thank you for teaching us how to love ourselves." and BTS promoting this message comes off as so patronizing, especially when it's grown men telling 13 year old girls that they need to learn how to "love themselves uwu"

No. 305948

File: 1538883908201.jpg (68.76 KB, 720x960, 1-1.jpg)

dropped image

No. 305949

Can we please start spoiling thses pics pls
They're borderline NSFL and I feel like lizardboy here is going to consume my soul through this photo if I look at it too long

No. 305950

The point of Hallyu is to increase the number of kboos until being a kboo IS the mainstream. Otherwise it would be the american wave or whatever.

No. 305952

This is the truth. No one else gives a fuck about Kpop. Antifaggots nor Fanfaggots. No one.

No. 305957

>jimin's plastic self
>"Thank you for teaching us how to love ourselves"
this picture is an oxymoron in itself LOL. and stankmies have the audacity to talk shit about that gma anchor for calling it out kek

No. 305958

any human being who kept visiting a particular country for work, who was pushed by their boss to promote there, who had literally millions of fans speaking that country's language would at least learn that language to a certain level where they can handle basic daily conversations. bts being the hardworking geniuses they are, can't learn it though, because if they do, xenophobes win. i mean, it's completely people's fault to expect them at least being able to handle a 3 minutes long interview. rm learned it? because he has an iq over 150.
i'm not saying "ugh bts should start making music in english!!!" but people with millions of english-speaking followers not showing any effort to learn the language is funny.

No. 305962

If bts want to promote in america, shey SHOULD learn the language. There are some latin artists out there that cater to their latin fans but they know their music is big in america but they still learn the language.
Bts think they are gods enough not to learn the language because their shits baby them not to since they have this mentality of"if don't like bts, you're racist!!1!!!!1","they are attacking our precious fans, armies called them racist. We believe our fans, they are racist!Lets make a diss track!!" They are laughable at this point

No. 305963

No. 305968

Shit anon how did you manage to get out alive? Spill all the details please

No. 305969

I saw BTS live tonight…I will admit the B.O was strong and the fan girls nuts.
Oh yeah and Jimin forced himself to cry for a couple seconds…..

No. 305970

I was near one chick who practically fainted from screaming to fucking much. It was wild. Fan girls weren’t even in proper sections they paid for.

No. 305972

Same anon…I have to admit all of them spoke English pretty well tonight. I was surprised but still like wtf it took you guys how many years doing American tours to learn how to speak somewhat fluently….

No. 305974

how do they sound live and did you find their stage presence good? and is the stankmy myth true?

No. 305975

wtf makes you think they weren't lip syncing?

No. 305976

It’s true they did stink and one army let it rip right in front of me so basically it smelt like hot farts. I was so hoping it wasn’t true…
Live their stage presence is ok but some of their vocals are shit. Like Jimin doing high notes was way too much for my ears. It sounded weirdly off tune. My friend who even said him reaching the high notes was too much.

No. 305978

sometimes they lip sync, sometimes they sing. their live vocals aren't very good from what i've seen in the videos

damn anon this is traumatic, i'm sorry. since they get praised for their dancing often i also want to ask, do you think they are good dancers? from videos only jhope looks like he knows what he's doing

No. 305980

Real talk, I rate jhope highest and jungkook second. Jimin was ok, RM was really just showing off the entire time. V was not noticeable as usual and suga was just doing the usual aloof thing and would randomly scream into the mic during certain times. Also he was talking at one point but so low it was barely audible….weird….

No. 305983

did they ever talk to the audience? what did they say? I bet there was probably some fan service happening onstage too

No. 305985

Lol they are always like "Tae should be on the front often! He is a great vocalist and dancer! Stan talent!" but I remember some army who's seen them live saying Taehyung wasn't really noticeable on stage too.

No. 305989

yeah they were talking to the audience they each did..basically about how lucky they were to be at citi field and how it was their last concert of the tour and how because of armys they are super popular and can come back next year. Then Jimin started crying for a short bit, I wish i got a pic of it, his makeup was all smudged…My friend thought it was hilarious how he forced cried then wiped away his tears and immeditaly started posing for the camera….

No. 305990

I like how you just forgot about jin lol

No. 305993

I just hate Korea and like to check out how shitty their culture is sometimes.

No. 305994

thats so fucking hilarious that u brought that up i totally forgot jin existed. hes so fucking insignificant lol. he really wasnt doing much, i can promise you that anon…the only thing i remember is that he had lights sticking out of his shirt…i think they were army bombs

No. 306001

I watched this makeup tutorial some time ago because I thought it would be cute, but it was her applying makeup on top of already applied makeup… and she, like others in Momoland always typically wears lighter foundation so that the face looks like a mask, my eyes hurt

No. 306002

Wait, why did some of you still attended BTS' concert if you disliked them? Surely you didn't waste your money just to mock them 🤔

No. 306003

not everyone here hates bts with the fury of a thousand suns. some like them but still find some things to be critical of or nitpick, some used to be fans but think they suck now, some dislike things about the industry as a whole but listen to bts, etc. it's not a hard concept to understand as long as you're not an autist about it. as long as they stick to the topic of the thread, what does it matter?

No. 306004

It's just kinda ridiculous though. You don't like them but still give them your money willingly, just to complain at the end of the day. Given the fact that BTS can't sing and not that interesting, plus the ARMYs stink, why did you bother to go through all the troubles to watch Bitches That Sing if you don't like them that much?

No. 306008

I saw the whole vid and damnit she's boring af. She doesn't look so pretty off stage either. Reminds me of the BP girls.

No. 306009

idk, im not the poster that said she went. but maybe she does like them

No. 306012

Did their agency even assign any personalities to them? I can only say that Jooe has a distinctive image, maybe Nancy too if she's meant to look like a bitch, others look the same to me.

No. 306013

Yeah, Yeonwoo is meant to be the sexy & mature girl in the group. She's the second oldest, she's always seen wearing shorter and more revealing outfits than the others, not to mention the seductive gazes in every MV/stage performances. That's the only reason why she stands out. She can't even sing live.

Only Nancy and Yeonwoo stand out the most, cause they take the visual roles despite having no personality. Jooe only catches the public attention because of her funny looks lol. Can't say much about the others.

No. 306017

If i were yeonwoo, i'd be disgusted with the fanboys chanting, the 0:15 part especially, they just screamed "WAAAAAH" crazily. It's so gross.

No. 306018

File: 1538905291496.jpg (16.86 KB, 400x400, images-1.jpg)

Who else finds it cringeworthy when 1st gen idols try to appeal to younger generations?

This guy from sechskies is a 38 yo asshole with a bunch of controversies. Not to mention his style, he looks like a try hard BTS wannabe with his pink hair.

>>https://www.kpopmap.com/sechskies-member-kang-sunghoon-cancels-fan-meeting/. SungHoon has cancelled his upcoming fan meeting that was originally scheduled to be held in Tokyo, Japan.

>>His recent controversies including dating rumors with his fan cafe moderator, embezzlement, using a term that promotes school violence, and using a condescending tone towards a fruit truck that was driving by him in the wealthy neighborhood of Cheongdam.

>>But the most damaging one was involving him breaking into his former manager’s home while also stopping a cab that his former manager was in on a separate occasion.

>>YG Entertainment CEO Yang HyunSuk also recently opened up and made it clear that he was very well aware of the controversies surrounding Kang SungHoon, while adding that he intended to ‘reform’ SECHSKIES very soon. This naturally has raised speculations that Kang SungHoon might not remain as a member of the idol group for long.

YG just keeps promoting their controversial assholes rather than supporting their musically talented artists (Lee Hi, Akmu).

Don't get me wrong tho, I still have respect for 1st gen idols like Shinhwa or G.O.D who act according to their ages

No. 306020


No. 306021

The most funny thing about this is that he claimed to be suffering from mental health issues and used it as an excuse for his shitty behavior.

Mental health issues has become the go to excuse every time a scandal is brewing

>Park bom suffered from depression when she was caught smuggling drugs

>TOP suffered from depression when he was caught with weed
>Kush was suffering from post-break up depression when he was caught with coke
>That crayon pop member that quit her group because she was suffering from anxiety when in reality she was just pregnant

the way companies are using mental illnesses as an excuse for everything these days is so incredibly disgusting.

No. 306022

Not trying to defend him or anything, but TOP did try to commit suicide after the weed/Han Seo Hee incident.

No. 306026

Was never really clarified weather there was a sucide attempt or not tbh.

YG was the one to claim that he overdozed and was unconcious while the army just said he was sleeping.

I don't want to conclude anything, but it might all be YG mediaplaying in order to gather sympathy. He obviously isn't mentally ill to the extent of him not being able to fulfill his military service, as he is serving now.

No. 306030

It's sad and ironic that they use mental health issues as an excuse to do stupid things/to cover up something when in reality people like Jonghyun never received the help they deserved.

No. 306031

I don't get it. If Koreans are actually just trying to look white with all their plastic surgeries and hair dye like >>305673 said, wouldn't attempting to look like a K-pop star (ie something he should naturally look like already) turn this guy into a god?

No. 306032

Well he doesn't want to look like the normal white guy he used to be, he wants to look like the reptilian-lesbian-alien-plastic-kpop kind of white.

No. 306033

Are there any white people who look like K-pop idols?

No. 306036

File: 1538915807574.jpg (75.91 KB, 640x800, 31223490_184629158925067_90302…)

If you mean by "look" is a white guy trying to look Asian, then I can't name any other than those PS freaks.

I can name a few popular white guys in South Korea though. Robin Deiana (the guy on the right) is a French TV personality in South Korea. I think his features are what the Korean people are crazy about.

Note that they don't go for a full white look, but rather a mixture of Korean and Western look, with a sprinkle of alien features. They will deny it if you accuse them of whitewashing themselves because their people are the best, thus making their beauty standards the best too lol.

No. 306037

well,at least there are plenty of white people shooping themselves into looking like k-pop idols

No. 306041

There's a reason why Koreans love sexualizing hapas like Somi, Nancy, and the likes.

No. 306047

File: 1538917826825.jpg (26.5 KB, 600x340, e12c67b8819280192e5ed952c087f3…)

Idols with and without makeup look so weird. Kpop fans call this hot?

No. 306052

File: 1538921952139.jpg (172.51 KB, 800x1200, Do5qwOXXgAAuiuQ.jpg)

what the fuck is wrong with his eyes, sue the surgeon

No. 306055

is this one of the nct boys? looks like chanyeol

No. 306056

that's chanyeol

No. 306057

i recognized him from his ear but i couldn't be sure, his face looks different. why did they do this to his eyes? dude was already good looking

No. 306059

That sounds like the way western culture obsesses over girls who look like a mix of black, brown and white (like the Kardashians/Jenners) and get a shitton of plastic surgery and tanning to fit that "exotic" look. Fetishization of something that's sort of similar to what you know, but also "other".

No. 306060

wtf it looks like he had an allergic reaction

No. 306065

you could almost say his eyes looks like pussies

No. 306069

He's face looks swollen. Like he has been bitten by a swarm of bees or smth

No. 306072

i was watching this video (it's from ellen, bts is scaring their fans on the friends set) with someone who doesn't know much about kpop and she asked why don't they hug fans. fans just look at them, scream and leave lol

apparently jungkook went to hongdae by himself and fans who recognized him took photos with him. after that, when a fan who saw him in public asked for a photo he said he couldn't do that because he got in trouble after hongdae.

i guess bighit told them not to do it anymore to avoid scandals and other fans being jelly. are most kpop idols not allowed to hug fans or take pictures together?

No. 306073

ive seen people who look like specific idols but its less of a race thing and more just a personal similarity
for some reason suzy looks like a lot of white girls ive seen

No. 306075

Yeah. I ran into two idols once and they weren't allowed to take pictures. Hella strict, I don't get why tbh.

No. 306076

not usually. even at fansigns the girls who attend can have idols take selfies of themselves with their phones but can’t take a photo together with the idol.

i think it’s half done to keep fans from getting harassed en masse. any woman who takes a photo with a male idol alone will be subject to dating rumors due to koreas messed up societal gender segregation. i remember rm took a photo with a makeup artist and she was harassed into taking it down.

the other reason i think it’s done is to keep fans and idols separated so fans desperately consume more media by the idol to feel close with them. maybe they’re afraid that if fans can take photos with idols they’ll feel too close to the idol and won’t obsessively spend their money on them

No. 306079

It's because pictures like those can easily be used to start rumors

I have 0 interest in current Kpop as a musical genre or fandom, I check the thread out every now and then because of the culture bashing posts (ancestryfag) instead of the music industry.

No. 306084

It's been mentioned before, but nearly none of their fans are white; why could that be?

No. 306088

Please don't tell black ratmys make up 50% of the fandom.

No. 306090

are you retarded, anon?

No. 306091

Duh anon. It's because BTS are super woke and Jimin hates white people.

But seriously, it's probably that their "hip hop" (used lightly here) style music attracted the self loathing POC who were already socially ostracized because they were into anime etc. If they listen to Asian dudes making hiphop, they can claim to be in touch with their culture while still consuming weeb media.

Tl;dr: it's black, but not TOO black so people don't lump them in with everyone else. They're not like other girls, tee hee~

No. 306101

File: 1538932808936.jpg (53.38 KB, 426x624, ARMYfail.JPG)

Update on this mess:
ARMYs are still terrorizing this guy but there are other people who are posting evidence about BTS/ARMYs own racism.
Bonus these fucks are shitting up tweets that have nothing to do with BTS. Case in point, an article about a politician with depression seeking treatment was full of the their bullshit. Confused I went back to see why. Sure enough the anchor had retweeted the article.
ARMY is too stupid to realize that retweets aren't the same as tweets.

No. 306104

File: 1538933038565.png (149.57 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_2018-10-07-13-19-22…)

The whole Kendis situation is getting really ridiculous. Some army called out the other armies racially charged comments Kendis, and some account called "report ARMY" is trying to get them off twitter.

No. 306107

Yeah that was the account I was talking about posting evidence of what racist xenophobic fucks BTS are. I still can't believe they did that photo shoot at the Holocaust Memorial.
She seems to have legitimate information. No wonder the cult of Rapemon and the Reptile wants to shut her up.

No. 306109

whoever is behind the report_army account has to be severely autistic, even more than the average army.

No. 306112

No. Just high

No. 306113

The funny thing is that those rats are reporting that account for racism but they keep using racial slurs at the reporter. Bts are racist, sexist and xenophobic. Fact.

No. 306114

The way thousands of their minions labeled a man as racist for saying "they are from Korea", tried -and still trying- to ruin his career isn't defamation but calling out BTS' bullshit is? This cancelled culture on twitter is so fucking dumb, these people are like fucking robots who can't think by themselves and jump on any hate bandwagon they see. They are also the reason why you can't criticize BTS literally anywhere, if one ratmy sees you and doesn't like what you said they'll take your words out of context, send you to these uwu report army accounts and get you and your 50 future accounts suspended

>(You can report them to BH as well)

kek what the fuck do they expect Bighit to do, sue anyone who dares to say anything negative about BTS?

No. 306115


No. 306116

>sue anyone who dares to say anything negative about BTS?

suga literally said that in a recent vlive kek, i saw screenshots. pretty sure suga himself was joking, but i bet you armys took it straight to heart.

still feel bad for that guy. hes probably not too worried about some screeching teenage girls, but still… all these ranting strangers legitimately want to ruin his life and for him to lose his job and stuff. very unhinged

No. 306117

File: 1538935298986.jpg (97.8 KB, 1012x517, DmyqsK5UUAA0vn2.jpg)

lol at the army who said 'Oh, oppa, don't see hate comments, and only see pretty things.' god forbid anyone say something not-so-pretty about your oppars, there is no way grown ass millionaire adults can handle it

No. 306118

I think these fans need to like stop in a way to fight their battles like they will give them some sort of medal just for 'defending' them. Suga himself said he didn't even care lol, I don't get why these girls get so personal.

No. 306120

lmao preach
thing is some of these fans don't even want to say they're kpop idols o represent korean music or culture at all or that even acknowledge the fact that they are korean? like isn't that racist? lol

No. 306124

File: 1538936638889.jpg (345.19 KB, 1280x853, tumblr_pg77x6PAkt1qhmxnlo2_r1_…)

I feel like this belongs in here :v

No. 306127

that hair doesn't fit him

No. 306135

He looks dead inside.

No. 306187

I can’t believe these children are spending so much time and energy trying to destroy a man’s livelihood just to defend people who don’t know or care they exist. I’ve seen a lot of crazy stan culture but never at this level.

No. 306189

File: 1538944823158.png (209.17 KB, 517x504, nhc_fakelove.png)

saw this on twitter and it gave me a laugh. armys thought it was all terrible of course, but i thought it was hilarious, bts btfo in korea.

it must be to do with the whole industry's roleplay 'the idol is my boyfriend!' thing. laughing at how international fans complain about korean fans thinking idols are their property but then turn around and do the exact same thing.

No. 306223

>Cover whatever BTS song you want chief these boys stand for nothing less than self love and acceptance and as long as you’re having fun that’s rly that on that
They simply don't get that this band only would have covered bts as a treat for the korean fans - not because they're fans themselves. Just shows that armies are immature as hell, thinking one should only do as one pleases, regardless if thia makes them lose fans and therefore income.

Recently there's been a new controversy every single day, first army have to attack that reporter, than defend themselves against stinking and streetshitting "rumors" and now this lol

No. 306230

there was another mini controversy thing within the fandom recently where some armys got mad at V for acting autismal in public and then some other ones were like EXCUSE YOU V SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO ACT AS ANNOYING AS HE WANTS IN PUBLIC BECAUSE HE IS MY PERFECT BABY, it was fucking funny. i love their infighting, its always about the stupidest shit ever

No. 306234

>It's like I found my angel, perfect at every angle.

I cringed so fucking much that it hurt.

Lay sucks, I will never get the appeal he had for EXO fans. These debuts in America are so pointless, they will never get famous over there. Just stop it.

No. 306241

the asian butthole eyes

is that a real tattoo? please say sike, it looks absolutely retarded. then again, chanyeol has always been ~edgy hipster~ so.

funny how stankmies loooove when their baby boys make covers of other artists and constantly harass and make stupid comments towards the original artist, but the minute someone else wants to appreciate BTS suddenly covers aren't okay LMAO.

No. 306242

It’s his real tattoo

No. 306243

all that work he put into his arms and he does that :/

No. 306249

File: 1538952326500.gif (975.46 KB, 294x398, tumblr_pg7jx42mIE1rxblw4o2_400…)

ew why do kpop fans like this shit? it's so fukin weird, like just go to pornhub or something with your fetish damn.

No. 306251

>girls generation now has an official "fanlight"

yeah..way to slap fans of the other 5 girls in the face lmao
what a joke how do they even still have support from anyone who wasnt already firmly latched to yoona or taeyeons teets

No. 306256

I know the 3 shades lighter BB cream is the trend, but has it always been like this? Like SNSD in vid related, it looks like their base makeup do match their skin tone. And finally, SNSD being better than 100% of girl groups nowadays by having three competent vocalists (Jessica, Taeyeon, Seohyun) and the other ones being able to hold their notes (except for Yoona lmao).

No. 306278

No it hasn't always been like that. The whitewashing trend only starts after 2013 I think. Hyuna was tanned in Bubble pop and that didnt stop her from getting fans. Nowadays if youre not as white as a paper, you'll be considered ugly.

I legit like SNSD's ex subunit back in 2008, they looked so natural, like there was barely makeup there, not even a hint of lip tint (which is now a thing even for male idols smh).

No. 306280

MVs were better back then without all the filters that make their skin tone turn out 5 shades lighter than they really are lmao. Can't say I don't miss the moment when Kpop was more about music and talents than it is about appearances.

No. 306294

gonna be honest and state that I personally like him a lot but, god, he doesn't have any self awareness does he?

he doesn't know what suits his voice, his instrumentals are very mediocre, his lyrics are just bad and, for someone that talked so much about having "balance" on idol produce, he doesn't know how he should dance for his body type (if that makes any sense).

I kinda feel bad for him because apparently he works really hard on various fields to achieve his goal of being the Lee Soman and BoA of China but I truly believe that he won't ever make it, he doesn't have an interesting enough product to offer to the global market and there's only so much he as a solo artist can achieve…

Then I remember he's rich and will end up retiring from the idol life with a secured job as a producer or something and I go back to not caring at all.

No. 306302

i've always found Lay to be super boring; hard-working and driven, but boring. he always has a stupid, glossed over face like he doesn't know where he is and he never really provides anything interesting. maybe it's because of the language barrier, but even then the three other chinese members were my favorites out of exo and even with a language barrier they were fairly entertaining. i haven't paid attention to exo since like 2013/2014 tho so it could be different now. not only that but it's obvious that he gets all these perks because SM doesn't want to look completely xenophobic and don't want any more chinese legal issues LOL. it also seems like Lay himself has probably checked out of SM/exo for the most part from all the headlines I ever hear about him.

No. 306313

I find him funny not in a "I know how to make people laugh" kind of way but more like he's an amusing old man to watch. But the thing that picked my interest about him was how passionate he is about his career, how extremely hardworking he seems to be and his creative process (even if these two get completely wasted in the end).

>not only that but it's obvious that he gets all these perks because SM doesn't want to look completely xenophobic and don't want any more chinese legal issues

I don't think SM cares so much about that, I believe they just use him to secure some cash in China until they can debut their next m group.

Also, tinfoil hat on, but I thought that maybe SM wants to debut NCT China under Lay's studio since they can't really do anything there for god knows how long and moreover, nct 127, Lay and Jason Derulo (lol) are having a collab sometime this year for Michael Jackson's something something. Since Lay is a somewhat popular figure in China and it's a collab with an American artist on behalf of the king of pop it might be a good opportunity to introduce the NCT brand to the general Chinese public and tie the group's image with Lay's.

No. 306315

Feel free to spoiler next time

No. 306339

this is what you're talking about? he really might be autistic. lol i don't care about the rest of bts but taehyung is so annoying and unlikeable. ratmys are so easily offended it's funny. if he's annoying, people will call him annoying, just because he's your uwu quirky precious smol bean doesn't mean everyone has to like him.

No. 306342

lol what is it with everyone and their moms thinking someone who sounds like the retard is actually him? they did that with that one overwatch stream too

No. 306343

File: 1538973643539.gif (9.54 MB, 398x473, unnamed.gif)

It really is weird how the makeup trends changed for the worse. I wonder if it's just another trend or a permanent thing, since even actors/actresses be looking like clowns too.
It reminds me of this: https://pann-choa.blogspot.com/2018/02/enter-talk-suzy-and-jisoo-in-one-shot.html
>Who's Suzy's make up artist ㅡㅡ Why are you killing the lips of such a pretty kid? She/He really sucks
Lmao you can't make this shit up. Suzy looks just fine

No. 306344

idk if it is the retarded gucci boy himself, maybe they realized it's him because bts has been there that day or something. can see him doing this

No. 306345

Korean articles are jerking off about how bts filled a stadium with 40,000 people and how beyonce couldnt even get those #’s (is this even true??). The comments are of course circle jerking koreans thanking them for giving their country a good name lmfao i want to kill myself

No. 306348


I love how everyone forgets Jin exists

No. 306349

File: 1538974787359.jpg (94.77 KB, 1076x208, tumblr_inline_osm2kcpom71ruqpg…)

even bighit forgets he exists

No. 306353

Isnt kpop just niche though? I dont watch a lot of tv these days and the only bts exposure i get is from LC. Don’t tell me these fools are actually this popular outside of twitter and tumblr

No. 306354


Was this an official image/banner? If so, kek

No. 306356

I legit kind of feel bad for him sometimes

No. 306357


search for this image lead me to this, such a tragic story. they're really mistreating his millionaire ass, i'm so sad…

seriously tho, he may score big if he becomes an actor now due to his popularity

No. 306359

lowkey pitiful that when people say he's useless, stankmies automatically go "but, but, but!!! daddy jin rAiSED them!! he took care of them and gave them car rides and pots to cook in when no one else would!!!1!" Sad!

No. 306368

ratmys will lie about everything
Beyonce has sold out stadiums and concerts her record is 22 seconds
BTS sold out in 5 mins. Anyway BTS is just a mere kpop band compared to Beyonce who is a household name
Army’s are delusional

No. 306371

File: 1538978389936.gif (1.75 MB, 409x178, C831C8AC-70C9-4E42-8A2D-6F7F0A…)

bighit really hit the jackpot with v

No. 306372


>"So.. why the heck is Jin still part of BTS? They don’t let him sing or dance in the front lines."

You tell me

No. 306375

wow, something jin is actually good for; calming down V's autistic outbursts. i think i'm finally understanding why bighit has him in the group now.

No. 306381


Men like this who obviously can't take a hint are annoying and gross in general but when i hear about celebrities doing stuff like this i feel really disgusted. Like as a celebrity I'm 100% positive that he has plenty of female attention and yet he chooses to continuously message people who aren't interested…. why? Clearly from the 1st exhange she wasn't interested or awed by who he was and yet he tries again a whole year later… its top level weirdness and I don't want to make too many assumptions but its really telling of the type of person he is…

No. 306385

this fan is so rude and disrespectful for not looking our autistic baby boy in the eye!! there was no way to make her feel comfortable other than pulling her hair!! #taehyungdeservesbetter (this tag is an actual thing…)

No. 306386

Lol look at reptilian boy on the right smirking at them, what a slimeball

No. 306387

File: 1538982639027.jpeg (8.81 KB, 185x273, images.jpeg)

My day was going great until I saw this. Thank you, anon. What's enticing about watching this incel chinned fucker awkwardly shake his dick at the crowd? Are kpop/bts stans that thirsty?

No. 306390

File: 1538983256814.jpg (159.51 KB, 1920x1080, DmovXb8UUAAoft_.jpg)

lol, and armys roleplay that jin has bighit by the balls and does whatever he likes. really makes you think. armys cant even get their story straight, guess thats what happens when you have celebrity personalities that are all fanservice and no truth

wtf is wrong with this man??

No. 306393

File: 1538984285253.jpg (300.42 KB, 1080x1255, 3046.jpg)

that's the explanation from this fan, lol he'll easily find a wife who will be thankful no matter what he does with her

No. 306406

In future, if he's wife is being abused physically, all she can say is"we were playing and being all goofy. All these scars and marks are from my daily chores. I'm naturally clumsy. Taehyung oppa didn't hit me. I just fell. So please stop bashing my oppa". This is so sad

No. 306408

iirc the fan taehyung told to "wear something less racy next time" defended taehyung too. bts gets away with anything

No. 306420

This kind of wives do exist in the real world, though it would be much much worse with V being the abusive husband lmao

No. 306422

File: 1538994016308.jpg (583.71 KB, 1280x720, Screenshotter--SUPERJUNIORXREI…)

What is it with Kpop idols releasing songs mixed with Spanish? It was nice at first but then it became overrated. Suju just released another Spanish infused song and it's not even good. The old pricks look more plastic now, especially Yesung ew. What a failed attempt to stay relevant.

This is from the comment section:
>>The song somehow feels a little disjointed. Like the hook was inserted after the whole song was written also the choreography doesn't do justice to the slow almost sensual beats of the song at all. Maybe the song will grow on me after repeated listening.

Bitch, if you have to listen 100x for you to like the song, then the song is bad. No more excuses. The same goes for BTS - Idol.

No. 306427

Suju actually have a decent fanbase in south america, they're probably having a go at expanding it. Plus Despacito made it a trend, kpop isn't known for originality after all

No. 306428

maybe coz its trendy in the west now too, i cant only think of despacito at the moment but im pretty sure there were more

No. 306431

suju is dead in sk and they're impossible to market in the west. their last release 'lo siento' did surprisingly well so now they're trying to keep up momento by releasing more spanish stuff. sounds smart to me imo. you got the south american kids hooked, and natives that are only interested in the featured artists to show passive interest.

No. 306434


BTS didn't get any noble peace prize or a grammy but they got a korean culture medal. I find it ironic since ARMYs who are rubbing it in that twitter thread are most likely the same ones that said BTS transcends kpop and that korean awards are bottom of the barrel for them.

No. 306443

Spanish infused songs have been super popular in America for a long time, probably because of how close the US is to so many Spanish speaking countries. Hilarious that Koreans are following in that trend now too. Seriously Americans could fart into the mic and make it a trend and Koreans would follow it!

No. 306446

File: 1539008106987.png (75.61 KB, 824x328, Screen Shot 2018-10-08 at 10.1…)


No. 306449

It’s been popular since late 1990s and early 2000s with Ricky Martin, Enrique Iglesias, and Jennifer Lopez. Not to mention the original Selena. Koreans are late as usual.

No. 306450

What the hell…
Also notice the reactions. Jimincel lives up to his name and seems genuinely amused by the scene, while Jin is the only one going "what the fuck" and stopping the autist.

No. 306451

Perhaps that's why Korean women are pushed to be anachans and even basic gym is seen as "manly, totally not kawaii". So that meal skipping, noodle limbed guys like Taehyung can overpower them no problem

No. 306452

File: 1539009649722.gif (2.56 MB, 422x304, v_1478549105_natepann_temp1478…)

my favorite part is him grabbing the fans face crazily. he must not of taken his meds that day.

No. 306453

The average Korean man weighs 151 and the average Korean woman weighs 124. Of course idols are thin, in every country celebrities are thinner than the average person because their job is to look good.

No. 306457

Slightly OT but man, look at that facial contouring+chin implant. The thing with their beloved jaw surgery is that their surgeons don't even try to make it look natural… FC always leaves that unnatural face shape

No. 306487

Suzy looks great and honestly Jisoo looks plain and frumpy next to her with that styling.

I’m so sick of people using misleading stats to prop up BTS. On this tour which is a joint tour with Jay-Z, yes, Beyoncé didn’t sell that much, most likely because there actually isn’t that much crossover with their fan bases. On her last solo tour, however, she sold 90,000 tickets for one show.

I hate this retard so much. If this is how he does fan service just imagine how he treats his SO.

No. 306488

>Bitch, if you have to listen 100x for you to like the song, then the song is bad.
literally what is it with kpop fans and saying this?? why do they force themselves to listen to something they don't like? actually never heard this kind of thing until recently in kpop and it's retarded. if i don't like it the first time, then i aint gonna listen again, sorry.

No. 306489

I feel like the only person who finds Joy unattractive?? Her face reminds me of a fish and I can't tell why. I hate how overhyped she is, she just comes off as so self centered to me.

Irene used to be so so pretty but she's aging so much she looks so old from some angles. And her legs are so pudgy, her whole body is. I'm sure she's skinny but she just looks like a sack of dough imo

No. 306494

I wanna be mad when I see gifs like this but knowing how fucking psycho and annoying armys are i cant say i wouldnt want to donthe same if i were him lmfao

No. 306496

I like Irene and I agree she looks weird, like her face has too much skin and it’s melting off. Maybe it’s the jaw shave.

No. 306501

anyone else think the anti-korean culture thread is kind of lame? like i get that some anons are genuinely frustrated with some of the korean ideals, but it's just ending up into the same old kpop circle jerks "skin whitening is bad" or "look at these plastic monsters," which i all agree with but i feel this has already been discussed so many times in the kpop critical forum that why bury the anti-korean culture thread with it? tbh the only reason why the kpop critical forum is fun is because it's mindless, stupid nitpicking, but the anti-korean culture thread is lowkey way too serious for some rather irrelevant first/third-world country who's desperately grasping on to it's soft power for relevancy and nationalism. i feel like there was some interesting conversation, but it's just the same tired arguments tbh.

No. 306503

File: 1539014079882.jpg (53.34 KB, 459x758, xbbisouxxkiqmcbhy5exivi3mpunhf…)

joy unfortunately has a VERY round face

she has lost a lot of weight though and i do think shes pretty but she'll forever be a moon face unless she surgeries it or goes total ana like wendy

No. 306505

I like the thread because exactly for that reason, it isn't mindless. It's serious discussion.

No. 306514

File: 1539014622070.jpg (233.49 KB, 640x750, tweet.jpg)

>My clothes were revealing that day so it's understandable Taehyung would say that

No. 306518

I can't see what she's wearing but based of this gif it doesn't look skanky

No. 306521

>If you would like to Taehyung names call him an "angel"

Excuse me I think I just puked in my mouth a little

No. 306523

File: 1539015156096.jpg (107.08 KB, 540x720, 140032879_9.jpg)

Something about her eyes almost looks bulbous.. I remember on Weekly Idol the host were shocked to see her debut picture and her irl bc they looked so different. there's just something about her that makes her face so unattractive to me

No. 306524


No. 306525

the fan who tweeted >>306514 is not the fan who got her hair pulled, it's this girl from a different fansign

No. 306527

doubleposting but that fan's clothes weren't "racy" either, she's just wearing a top with cut sleeves. and even if she was, taehyung has no right to tell her what she can or can't wear

No. 306529

File: 1539015728915.jpg (83.01 KB, 540x700, 36b15b78fc85221becf3e43ceaade9…)


you can really see how she'd look when she got older

No. 306580

that mouth makes her look like some bratty crack baby

No. 306594

this is so sad she was litterally wearing a button up blouse lmao maybe he got a lil hard on from it and didnt know how to control his emotions i.e his autist outburst

No. 306596


>if taehyung was a sexist, then korean fans would be saying something but they are not..

as if koreans weren't sexist in general

No. 306612

Joy looks really cute here (imo) but she definitely benefitted from weight loss and plastuc surgery. I feel like she shouldn’t be marketed as the ‘sexy’ member though since she gives of cute/coquettish vibes. I find it weird how often Joy is sexualized/seen as flirtier ompared to the other members.

The video here made me uncomfortable watching knowing that it actually aired on a variety show and was posted to r/kpopfap. Who is the show’s production team approved of this?

No. 306614

File: 1539028228978.jpeg (629.94 KB, 2400x1601, 47B76913-6A1F-474F-BB6E-701ED7…)

Seulgi’s new hairstyle is really unflattering. I have yet to see an idol that successfully pulls off blonde aside from Jessica. Speaking of Seulgi, I also have trouble finding her attractive. She’s very cool but her face is so plain and sometimes weird-looking at some angles to me.

No. 306616

File: 1539028761905.jpg (450.25 KB, 1349x1969, DlgmAIUUYAAl0hc.jpg)

Seulgi's nose used to bother me a lot but I think I just got used to it. It's a bit of a weird shape. Her new hair is awful though, they should've left it as it was, she looks so good with long dark hair.

No. 306617


I wish I never learned about that. Those dudes are disgusting, weird and creepy.

No. 306618

File: 1539029145585.gif (1.04 MB, 268x240, 7D6A3EAC-72BA-4C9E-A725-C19B23…)

EXID’s LE is basically a Gangnam unnie now. It looks like she’s wearing a mask. I hope she can take a break from more procedures.

No. 306620

File: 1539029610247.gif (2.99 MB, 500x259, 9EFAF5FA-6EDE-478F-A8C1-50394F…)

She can beat Park Bom at this rate.

No. 306623

god those fake eyelids make me so uncomfortable… her face is so rigid.

No. 306629

what is it with hair looking like a mop? asians often have such nice shiny hair and idols completely ruin it with the constant bleaching.

No. 306639

she looks like she has stapled her eyelids together. Her nose looks so weird in all angles. She looks like a combination of cl(with that heavy makeup) and park bom

No. 306643

File: 1539033605309.gif (1.61 MB, 268x350, tenor.gif)

I know, right? Why can't they just switch to good quality wigs like the Kardashian clan did? Better than looking like your hair is going to fall off soon, gif related

No. 306669

Wtf is wrong with V? He genuinely looks angry and it doesn’t seem like he’s joking around like the girl said. At least Jin had the common decency to stop him.

No. 306670

As much as Jin lacks talent, presence and is basically a rich kid, he sure looks more and more like the one member with the most amount of common sense.

No. 306671

i agree. i think its half him being annoyed and half his impulstivity.

No. 306672

it must hurt just existing in her skin

No. 306674

File: 1539038331476.jpg (157.93 KB, 960x644, IMG_20181008_183008.jpg)


Lmao stankmys are angery about this article. I think the author saw right through rat monster's fake deep, psudo-intellectual bs, because he's the only on that the author says anything negative about

No. 306681

He’s just stating the facts. Also Joey Tribbiani is is way more likable and pretentious character than RM is as a person. Also RM’s blaccent is downright questionable since Friends is one of the whitest fucking shows in existence.

No. 306683

*and less pretentious

No. 306685

File: 1539040150980.jpg (47.27 KB, 565x294, friends.jpg)

How the hell did he develop a blaccent from watching Friends?

No. 306688

File: 1539040601117.jpeg (108.04 KB, 500x668, 096C7FFB-C29B-4AF0-BD3E-801B32…)

I feel bad for Jinsoul. She went through a jawshave when she didn’t need it, and she’s probably gonna lose her hair by the 30s if she keeps bleaching it. I also find K-pop’s aversion to wigs weird. Are wigs in Korea so poorly-made that people are just better off frying their hair to death?

No. 306691

File: 1539041564280.jpg (45.28 KB, 452x679, images-2.jpg)

With the amount of plastic surgery and skin treatment she's had, it's suprising that Irene still looks so old. You can clearly see the smile lines around her mouth. It doesn't help that she always puts on the autistic demonic baby expression.

No. 306693

File: 1539041833098.jpg (Spoiler Image, 208.54 KB, 1824x1368, jawbones-1.jpg)

Look at all those shaved jaws, ew. Can't wait til the Kpop idols grow old and their PS start falling apart. Shaving anyone's jaw like that ain't gonna turn out good in the long term.

No. 306694

She looks like every upper middle class mom in korea yelling at their 4th grader to gtfo of the street lmfao

No. 306695

>gtfo of the street lmfao

ANON i'm dying

No. 306697

Honestly, this makes no fucking sense. Koreans corner black beauty supplies and they're always selling wigs and weaves by the boatloads and writing manufacture catalogs in Korean, locking us out of our own market. How the fuck do they not use wigs as often as they sell it to everyone else.

No. 306701

thank you for spoilering that. It's really gross. wtf

No. 306704

This is really gross.

Imagine attempting to justify being assaulted by a kpop idol…

No. 306706

File: 1539044898679.jpg (48.4 KB, 636x466, 1435886723709.jpg)

That is some dorito chin levels of wtf

No. 306709

>"He had to comment on my clothing cuz i was wearing something revealing. He isn't sexist!"

These are some fruit loops this bitch is jumping through to defend her oppa.

No. 306712

>asia edition
who gives a shit

No. 306741

why do they get so upset when someone assumes bts are heterosexuals lmao. the writer of the article listened to war of hormone, wow, i wonder where he got the idea of bts being straight from.

most of the article is true, the kpop industry is the way it is, people don't have to sugarcoat it for the sake of army. he called them overworked celibates and that's literally what they are.
>When asked, the boys scoff at the idea that K-pop idols are contractually banned from having girlfriends or boyfriends (on the basis that a star known to be unavailable to the opposite sex would forfeit fan appeal). "That story [about no-dating clauses] is like the unicorn," says V. "No one has actually seen one." But last month, two stars, HyunA and K'Dawn were indeed sacked by their agency after their relationship was exposed.
cool lie, taehyung.

No. 306749

I wonder if they were taught how to lie about Korea/kpop to western press

No. 306752


“If you lived in our shoes, you’d quickly understand,” says Min, who has a history of depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

LMAO this author gives no fucks. I love it. I bet ARMYs want bighit to sue him, eh?

No. 306758

This author has NO CHILL

No. 306762

He or she was wrong about one thing though,

“When the boys dance in their T-shirts, there is never a glimpse of abs; there are leather trousers, but no crotch-grabbing or pelvis-grinding.”

Jungkook took over for jimin when it comes to showing abs and they do a lot of crotch thrusting. At least, they did in the past. I remember seeing one of their Japanese performances and the choreo was basically them humping the air for the whole chorus.

No. 306766

>overworked celibates
but isn't this kind of pushing the idea that they're "too busy" to indulge in all that free pussy so they don't piss off fangirls

No. 306769

Author should’ve done their research into the prevalence of prostitution in korean work culture and asked them about that

No. 306770

why would he ask such an unprofessional question and why would they admit it if they did? go back to the anti-korean culture thread, anon.

No. 306772

Why would you take an obvious joke so seriously? Go back to your therapist and ask them to up your meds, retard

We all know BTS are getting that pussy paid for on a silver platter, whether they have time to date secretly or not doesn’t even matter

No. 306774

>gaslighting me because you made a joke so unfunny i couldn't even tell it was a joke
okay, anon

No. 306780

Not having time to date =\= being celibate, especially in a culture where working overtime can easily mean sharing the same norebang hooker with your boss, lest you lose that promotion coming down the line.

Fans’ obsession with thinking their faves are pure and innocent is so fucking weird. Like, all signs in reality point to them being anything but? It would be cool if the western press would not also push that ridiculous narrative.

No. 306782

File: 1539054386685.jpg (147.96 KB, 600x398, some-men-just-want-to-watch-th…)


Buahahahahahahahaha. British media is brutal and gives no fucks. Love it!

No. 306783

If you are actually dumb enough to think someone truly expects a journalist to ask BTS about prostitution then that is your own damn fault lmao I’m betting lots of shit in life feels like gaslighting to you

No. 306794

No crotch grabbing? Blood Sweat and Tears is full of it

No. 306857


The whole culture of mass buying albums and voting in kpop should disqualify them from these sorts of things.

Imagine having AKB48 win some music show award here because a niche group of neckbeards spammed their YouTube page and bought 20 albums each. Thats not a representation of mainstream american music. Its only because bts sounds like normalfag music so you can convince yourself that its mainstream and not a minority of people who listen to music they cant even sing along to properly.

No. 306863

When will this k-pop thing die out? I swear I'm so sick of it. Actually it makes me sad seeing a genre I liked once became a disastrous epidemic at this rate. Everything seems so fake now compared to its past but unfortunaley the more fake it gets the more followers it gain. This is not only about bts, but I just wish at least bts have a huge scandal in the near future and lose most of the fame they have (I can't believe I'm saying this because until last year I liked them a lot) I just can't stand k-pop groups anymore, especially the most popular ones.

No. 306866

Omg same anon. I can't wait til a major scandal hit them so then people will realize how fake and disgusting the whole industry is.

No. 306874

Im starting to think bts are unscathed by scandals.

No. 306876

im just waiting for a real confirmed list of all the idols who are "sponsored" aka prostituting themselves to come out
i remember one came out a few years back but it was more or less discredited and faded away
g.na surely wasnt the only one

No. 306893

this article was great. the author is /ourguy/, we should invite him to the thread lmao. it was also a bit more thought provoking than i thought it would be… thanks for the link, anon.

>"That story [about no-dating clauses] is like the unicorn," says V. "No one has actually seen one."
it actually made me double take that V used a somewhat clever metaphor lmao. this thread made me forget that he isnt literally an autistic manchild with 10 IQ lol

No. 306896

File: 1539070675203.gif (1.03 MB, 320x320, ezgif-4-fe2ec56bfdb9.gif)

She looks seriously retarded here.

No. 306913

File: 1539076852196.jpeg (33.86 KB, 415x415, A51B3292-A538-4E7E-B622-CFA9A5…)

No. 306918

my boys are NOT celibates because taekooknamyoonjinseokmin is real and they are banging every night.

but seriously, i think the author of the article called them overworked celibates because like you said, that's how they are trying to look like, that's how they please the psycho fans who think they are going to marry them. there is no way they actually think "we can't date because we practice 50 hours every day. we aren't aware of how much money we will lose if one of us dates and makes it public, guys. we don't have dating bans. no one wants to date us anyway"

No. 306919

spoiler that shit

No. 306920

BTS aside, and as funny as this paragraph is, it still rubs me the wrong way as someone whose native language isn't English either. The author is clearly a native English speaker and most likely doesn't speak another language, so him mocking someone for their English feels extremely condescending and patronizing. And this is coming from someone who can never listen to RM speak English because the second hand embarrassment is too strong.

No. 306924

There’s no doubt that she’s pretty but she’s losing her looks much faster. She’s gained weight which isn’t a bad thing but it sits weirdly on her body and she looks pudgy. Her legs always look so short and stubby

No. 306926

British press is condescending and patronizing… news at 11!!!

This isn’t Korea where insane libel and slander laws mean journalists and writers can only say nice things about their subjects. Welcome to the west, sometimes people say how they really feel.

No. 306927

Lolcows: “Korean beauty standards are too harsh!!!! They are so unhealthy and starving themselves!!!”

Also lolcows: leaves comments like this one

No. 306930

Why do they keep making her wear pigtails? She's 27, it looks ridiculous on her.

No. 306932

British press aren't like american press where they ride the dicks of everything trending(bts). Some people like them and others don't. They criticize it(the bullshit). If someone does a blaccent and says they learnt english from watching friends, a very white show, I would have done the same thing by calling it out. Rat can't speak properly? There are Korean idols who are fluent in English and I can here them clearly.

No. 306934

File: 1539086180185.jpg (30.24 KB, 309x439, irene1.jpg)

She's had those lines and nasolabial folds~ since she was a teenager so I think it's just genetic.

'Cause dressing grown women up like little girls is sexy, duh

No. 306935

she looks like that and she's in her 20s. I can't imagine how she will look like in her late 30s

No. 306938

No. 306940

Lmao where did I imply she should starve herself? If her fat sits weird then it just sits weird my dude, there’s nothing that can be done about it. Like I said, it’s not a bad thing but it’s the truth of the situation. Go white night somewhere else

No. 306941

No. 306944

This was already posted 3 threads ago but it’s still a good read.

Jesus does her shirt say “do something special and for unforgettable”? I’m triggered.

No. 306951

It’s your truth, I think she looks fine, and I’m sure most people in the world would agree.

No. 306957

Oh yeah, the jawshave is also obvious. The extreme hair bleaching is so unnecessary because imo she's pretty enough to "afford" not going through unnatural hairdyes just to stand out (especially because Loona has got some bland looking girls, and they all kept their natural hair). Plus it only looks good in very filtered photos/videos, in candids it looks yellow and brassy. Shame, because from the picture you posted I can see healthy, thick looking hair and now it's so damaged…
>Are wigs in Korea so poorly-made that people are just better off frying their hair to death?
I don't think that's the reason, it's not like they can't just import wigs from good quality brands.

No. 306993

On top of this, I think he was also pointing out the fact that rat can't speak proper English despite claiming to be a ~150IQ intellectual~

No. 307011

ive pretty much only liked blonde hair when it was on super tan idols tbh

No. 307012

if i made fun of every single popular kpop group in an environment filled with their fans armys would be the most likely ones to murder me

No. 307017

I kinda wanna do that irl, say some softcore critism on bts, get them riled up get them to attack just to show how truly messed up they are.

No. 307018

i was watching some unpopular (tbh most of them aren't even unpopular but whatever) kpop opinion videos where people give their negative opinions on a lot of groups and literally no other fandom is as easily offended as armys. pretty intolerant for people who want to be known for spreading positivity

No. 307022

File: 1539105791910.jpg (49.68 KB, 591x539, ARMYfail2.JPG)

Continuation. ARMYs both Korean and not still at it harassing this news anchor posting their bullshit in his replies. Here's another compilation.

No. 307027

File: 1539105978982.jpg (48.55 KB, 639x447, ARMYtrash.JPG)

These come from a post about a deadly car crash with twenty victims.
ARMYs thought this was appropriate.

No. 307029

File: 1539106041373.jpg (42.84 KB, 640x535, ARMYdeathwishes.JPG)

The next few caps feature this one ugly af ARMY wishing death on him.

No. 307030

File: 1539106085495.jpg (48.6 KB, 639x439, moredeathwishes.JPG)

In a post about a hurricane…she's back

No. 307031

File: 1539106143401.jpg (27.16 KB, 639x241, deathwish3.JPG)

One more with a death wish

No. 307032

File: 1539106181129.jpg (35.43 KB, 634x315, ARMYrace.JPG)

Standard ARMY racism

No. 307034

File: 1539106221579.jpg (62.67 KB, 637x461, 51.JPG)

And finally cult confirmed. This dude is 51.

No. 307038

File: 1539106577506.jpg (88.59 KB, 695x1024, bequietarmycard.jpg)

they need to fuck off, they really do. don't they have anything better to do with their lives? huge respect to gibson for not giving a fuck about these stupid bitches

No. 307042

Fucking hell, I wish some celebrity would call them out. Don't they usually love beef? Using a thread about 20 people dying in a car crash to defend your boys… That's just so unacceptable.

No. 307044

Some reporter needs to start harvesting ARMYs racist comments, death threaths and harrassing and make an article/news segment about this phenomenon. One of us could send the twitter screenshots to someone?

No. 307048

i second this, but the reporters themselves may be hardcore armys, afraid of the fandom, or both.

No. 307049

To that music video director. He already hates them to begin with and is not afraid to speak out lol

No. 307050

Did the reporter even say anything racist? I didn't see the video, didn't he only say "they are korean"? Did he say it in a shitty tone or something? Not that it matters since it's not racist anyway.

ARMY really like to use the racist card for people not liking their "boys". I can kind of understand getting annoyed if the other person is like "I don't want to listen to chinese music". That's dumb and I hate that attitude (especially after you already mentioned it's korean, not chinese) but I don't go "RACIST!!" and try to cram kpop down their throat. I just go "ok" and move on lol

In any case kpop was always kind of a guilty pleasure for me that I never took seriously, I just enjoy the superficial aspects of it. I never though about getting people to like it, it's just something to waste time on like anime or a tv show to me. I don't get these fans that need people to like it or hail it as the best thing ever. It's just pure cringe and I love it.

No. 307053

He didn't say anything inherently racist at ALL. As someone who used to be apart of this brainwashed cult, when BTS were bombarded with criticism, I felt attacked and like I needed to protect them for some fucking reason. I wasn't the kind of fan who harassed people, but I did lurk on stan twt. I couldn't understand why people would talk negatively about them at all, and I never saw myself capable of criticizing them until last year.

They're doing this because Big Hit + BTS put it in their heads that they're the protectors of BTS, forming some kind of fictional relationship. Not only that, but the power fans felt when Big Hit said they could send defamation so that person could be sued.

I'm not shocked they're reacting like this, and I'm not shocked that their racism (and internalized racism for Black POC) is showing as well.

No. 307056

I'm going to lose all my faith in humanity if that news anchor loses his job because of armys. The way they attack him is sickening and it shows how far these terrible people can go. Not that BTS are saints but they (hopefully) can't be condoning all this harassment happening under their name. These psychotic armys are ruining their image, so I don't understand how Bighit and sane armys don't seem to have a problem with all of this

No. 307059

This weekend I saw some little girls with bts sweaters, it feels like a worldwide invasion…

The only positive thing about them becoming more popular in europe is that our tv/radio shows probably (hopefully!) won't coddle them as much as korean or american ones.

No. 307085

I hope this whole reporter-army thing sums up as proof of btsxarmy racism when a scandal breaks. Most probably a recording of rat or any of the other reptiles, including the retarded ones come out using racial slurs or discriminating minority communities. If not a recording, those ratmys try their shit on black twitter/any well known black celeb. Watching the unwanted zoo disappear to non-existence in shame is satisfactory

No. 307091

were they black?
i literally only see black girls wearing bts stuff here its so weird

No. 307098

Latin American girls especially from Chile love Kpop

(Not that anon but it’s not only black girls)

No. 307099

i'm from a muslim majority country and there are so many conservative muslim girls who are bts fans, that stereotype became a meme here lol. idk why but kpop is very popular with the students of religious schools

No. 307105

I'm from Germany and they at least looked white, didn't hear them talking though.

No. 307107

maybe it’s a kind of escapism?

No. 307113

There's that one video from a handshake event from bts in saudi arabia or somewhere and there were so many girls in niqabs screaming for them. Really weird to see…

No. 307122

I stumbled across an old playlist with 2008-2009 SHINee songs and damn…it just hit me that jonghyun is gone. I wonder if anybody will ever bring it up on the 1 year anniversary. I know everybody has lives and its grim to talk about that shit but its amazing how everybody just sort of got over it and went back to making more music lile the robots they are

No. 307132

i'm not blaming them or anything, they can enjoy whatever they want. it's interesting that kpop is especially popular with young conservative muslims. a lot of these students in religious schools are pressured by their parents so it might be an escape for them like you said

No. 307145

People can't grieve forever, Anon.

No. 307150

File: 1539114373345.jpeg (997.45 KB, 1242x1579, 95811227-9683-4641-BF67-C6A6E4…)

I am so embarrassed for my people

No. 307151

Wow ARMY is legit on the same level as Juggalos at this point. They legit just gang-stalk and harrass relentlessly.

No. 307153

there's a bunch of ratmys i know going to amsterdam to see them, high f ratmys. this'll be fun and mortifying.

No. 307155

Im black and I like some Kpop songs but I can't register Kpop idols as sexual or something I want to date. For one they wouldn't find me attractive because I'm black and secondly I don't need a man who has more makeup and plastic surgery than me.

No. 307167

File: 1539116055504.png (851.15 KB, 730x808, Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 4.15…)


No. 307171

File: 1539116510434.png (330.88 KB, 624x569, Cyber_Shaggy_(Cyber_Chase).png)

No. 307177

>they deserve it!!! I'm crying, so proud!!!

No. 307212

I'm waiting till they get caught by America media by being racist, that way ratmys can't block it out with hastags

No. 307214

That girl is probably disowned by her African parents at this point. I would have.

No. 307230

Who knows. I got into Big Bang and TVXQ during the glory days. Before that, I bought an H.O.T album during jr high and it was pretty good. I don't know what's going on with kpop now. It really peaked.

And I honestly cannot see why people obsess over BTS so much. I don't get it

No. 307231


This is so fucking embarrassing. I would beat my child if they were online posting this shit, harassing grown adults doing their jobs.

No. 307232

>mocking a car crash with actual victims

This behavior is insane

No. 307364


No. 307380

god forgive me but wendy is so fucking ugly jfc

No. 307402

am i tripping or does joy look kinda different somehow here?

No. 307409

kpop idols, especially with excessive surgery morph into a different species every time I see them

No. 307491

File: 1539181948795.png (386.36 KB, 584x381, ohno.png)

jcunt looks like he could be hyuna's grandma

No. 307505

Speaking of which, she's posted some couple pictures with E' Dawn on IG today

No. 307507

this is an image board, anon. pics or gtfo pls.

No. 307516

she's been looking off ever since her veneers

No. 307540

i've been seeing videos like "jikook analysis (proof)", "taekook moments from your grandma's basement", "namjin said they are coming out soon!" a lot lately, all of them are terribly edited and cringy as fuck, yet they have an insane amount of views. i can't believe there are hundreds of thousands of people out there ready to click on any video with the word taekook or jikook on the title. considering jumping on the trend for the effortless $$$

No. 307545

File: 1539187393212.png (2.32 MB, 1604x1190, Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 12.0…)


not the same anon but since the other doesn't want to come through with the pics, i got u

No. 307547

File: 1539187496116.png (643.44 KB, 382x814, Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 12.0…)

he's so ugly smh

No. 307556


I see a lot of that videos too lately, they pop up even if I watch one kpop mv. I'm surprised that those kind of videos are still trendy, who watches that stuff today, I really wonder. It's possible to make money from those, but I'd be too lazy to spend my time creating a video related to bts.

No. 307565

thank u anon, goddamn this guy looks ratty

No. 307568

File: 1539189234816.jpg (101.31 KB, 1080x831, tumblr_pgdstjuEJF1s70o1po1_128…)

LMFAOOOO tf are these clown shoes! might as well wear heels and be done with it, damn.

No. 307569

So the BTS makeup line came out and all I see on twitter are POC armys bitching about the shades being too light.
but the boys are sooooo woke!! surely they didn't only come out with shades intended for their korean fans kek

No. 307575

File: 1539190133766.jpg (152.31 KB, 903x1200, DWgkTcgX4AE12-a.jpg)

it's probably up with the shoes but jimin looks the tallest after namjoon and jhope there. i also noticed him looking taller than yoongi and jungkook sometimes. is jimin getting taller

No. 307577

you mean "is jimin's insoles getting taller" lol

No. 307579

The Army of Manlets

No. 307623

Bangtan Manlets

No. 307639

I think black girls are supposed to slap lighter foundation shades on their face so that it looks like a mask, just like Koreans do

No. 307656

Not digging the homeless look tbh

No. 307688

File: 1539210209297.jpg (186.63 KB, 611x521, 21578411254693.jpg)

Big Hit says he injured himself while doing "gentle stretching", but that doesn't make sense to me. I wonder what actually happened.

No. 307689

File: 1539210275576.jpg (134.17 KB, 628x313, 6548754211.jpg)

No. 307691

I read another anon saying he cried during the show too. They are always crying, it's not the first time I read it. It sounds to me like they are SO unstable all the time. Or am I too unsensitive? lol it's just weird. Do kpop groups cry as fan service too?

No. 307692

He did, you can see in this video.

Kpop idols do cry a lot, but whenever I see it it seems genuine. Makes me wonder if they're that on edge all the time or just very emotional or something.

No. 307694

Apparently BTS is now capable of changing the English language.

I don't understand why armys resist the truth that BTS is just another dime-a-dozen kpop group that is currently filling the boyband void left by 1D. They always have to be ~*unique*~ and ~*ahead of the big 3!*~

No. 307695

I didn't even recognize him, he looks terrible without any styling, even worse than your average guy on the street.

I guess this confirms Hyuna and E-Dawn are out of the company, cause I doubt they'd be allowed to post this if they had actually been forgiven.

No. 307699

I think idols feel obligated to cry in certain situations whether it's natural or not, so it is fanservice in a way but also they'd get shit on if they didn't get emotional over, say, winning their first music show. And it makes sense that when they do special concerts etc they want the fans to feel important/appreciated.

Kinda loses it's impact if they do it too much though, like the idol who cried wolf.

No. 307710

Idols always seem to get the weirdest injuries, fairly frequently too. How often do you think their injuries are caused by the staff.
Abuse is apparently a common practice in the idol industry, Jay Park even spoke about it once, and there was that video where in the background, it looked like a manager was threatening to hit Jungkook.

No. 307714

File: 1539214222437.jpeg (127.41 KB, 900x1200, 7E08405B-DB29-480E-8E31-41C371…)

What the fuck lol

No. 307723

this is where i blow my fucking brain out.

No. 307726

it's just time asia, anon. not actual time.

No. 307728

Available for presale at what is basically korea’s equivalent of Half Price Books lmfao

No. 307734

It’s so funny how they go into detail about how it was “light stretching” because they know everyone will think the worst. Any normal person would be like “I injured myself warming up” without their fans jumping to conclusions about abuse and overwork and whatnot. But considering it’s kpop, it really could be either reason!

No. 307736

I wonder if any of bts have gotten injuries from fighting with each other
I mean looking at the same ppl everyday has to cause tons of arguments.

No. 307741

They may be male, but they're not literal animals, anon. I doubt things get physical between them.

No. 307743

RM has said that he used to get in physical fights with suga when they were trainees, jhope has joked before about not being able to hit one of them(I think jungkook?)in front of the camera when he made a rude joke, so I'm pretty sure they do get physical every now and then, even if it's not too serious

No. 307755

Lmao I’d love to see that. I wonder if suga gets jealous of rapmon for getting all the spotlight when it comes to “deep” lyrics and progressiveness. I mean, none of it is that deep or progressive, but suga pours his little heart in his mixtape and is the only one who had the balls to say anything pro-LGBT while rapmon actually went back on what he said a few years ago in a recent interview.

No. 307757

I don't think he went back on it, it seemed to me more like he was trying to stay neutral on the topic as to not spark gay rumors again and risk upsetting the homophobes back in Korea. Still a shitty thing to do and I'm glad Suga didn't back down on what he said, I'd be mad at rat monster if I were him since it's very clear who's the better rapper and producer yet it's mostly rat who gets all the praise and credit. Maybe this is why Suga is so gloomy all the time, lmao

No. 307758

File: 1539222868082.jpg (119.33 KB, 707x960, IMG_20181010_215321.jpg)

Lmao I know they where stockier predebut, but could you imagine those two twinky twigs fighting.
Kek who would win?

No. 307759

File: 1539223060328.jpg (166.07 KB, 960x782, IMG_20181010_215622.jpg)

Sage for double posting
but when I looked up suga predebut pics alot of photos from this weird photoshoot came up an they're kind of funny

No. 307765

Its just yearbook photos anon, its kind of a thing in korean high schools to take ‘funny’ pics like this for the yearbook

No. 307777

I'm blown away by her username. She put "81" on her username and she kinda looks like she was born that year too. I know there are Armys that are over the age of 30, but it still surprises me whenever i encounter one. She sounds like a 12 fucking yo brat.

No. 307778

Let's be honest, people only support E'Dawn dating Hyuna because he's a crackhead that nobody wants. If it was a genuinely more physically appealing guy, most of their fans would be against it. Nobody wants Hyuna either (at least not so many guys think of her as a gf material, unlike how they perceive the Twice girls) because she's already labeled a slut. A crackhead and a slut, that's what they are for the public.

No. 307779

File: 1539230430628.jpg (224.07 KB, 750x400, Webp.net-resizeimage.jpg)

This is from the article about k-pop not being popular someone posted earlier - I'm just fucking baffled by their style choices lmao. Like aren't boy bands usually supposed to look good together and have consistent clothing choices so they actually look like a group? Like you've got a few of them wearing classy clothes, then loose ratty clothes, some jeans and some sweatpants, then you got ratman wearing a fucking Hawaiian shirt. Lol they just look like a mess, nothing matches or fits

No. 307783

File: 1539230925321.jpg (105.97 KB, 839x839, expression-unrelated.jpg)

we already discussed the ugly outfits they wore to the bbmas a couple threads ago

No. 307786

They literally mixed the entire dress codes that exist on earth, if it's not moronic then idk what it is

No. 307787

the most annoying thing for me about kpop fans is vandalism, like even in my country in the middle of nowhere i see names of groups written on the walls and school property, wtf? what's the point? just saw somebody on twitter brag about it and got angry. i guess teenagers (though i'm in uni so people here are at least 18) do this with any music artist they like but still

No. 307791


I once saw "you never walk alone" written in a small neighborhood of my small hometown. It's like there are fans living in every corner of the world. I already hate vandalism so much but it's worse when it's committed by a kpop fan.

No. 307792

File: 1539237907464.png (96.94 KB, 280x255, 5AFFCC71-B5C5-4B75-8D4E-483DB8…)

Who dressed him like a japanese kindergartener

No. 307812

File: 1539245731853.jpg (52.05 KB, 550x366, unnamed.jpg)

Despite wearing those ugly thick soles kek

No. 307813


OK, his is passable apart from the retarded flip-flops but what in the FUCK is she wearing

No. 307815



J-Hope: One Direction circa 2011
Jimin: Gay flight attendant
Suga: "Dad's got a day off work but is going out to run errands" casual
Jin: Chinese restaurant waitor
Jungkook: Six year olds first school disco
V: "I had to rush to this event straight from school without changing"
RM: Your 48 year old uncle trying to look 'hip' on a holiday

No. 307816

Are you sure that's about them? Seems less likely that it would be about some trash boy band when You'll never walk alone is an old song, covered through the years by many huge artists. It's become a legendary football anthem used by Liverpool FC. It's even written on the gate of the entrance to their home stadium. It has nothing to do with the BTS song. Could it be some dumbass euro football fan?

No. 307817

File: 1539247177391.jpeg (150.69 KB, 640x360, 0B6F2540-36A1-44E0-B5A0-E1C498…)

These looking like the fucking soles bart Simpsons had. Jesus christ I'm horrified.

No. 307819

File: 1539247579700.jpg (59.28 KB, 500x749, eh3o_Jk51Vg.jpg)

Korean fashion gets so much praise but I don't get it, they often wear some cute pieces but look like homeless people most of the time

No. 307823

File: 1539248503240.jpg (19.69 KB, 480x480, taehyung-no-makeup-1.jpg)

Yup, makes sense. It's not like people like Henry Cavill exist as well.

No. 307833

I understand how K-pop can be appealing to teenagers and young adults but I don't understand how people over 35 get into the fandom craze. Stan bullshit is already cringy but it's even more painfully cringy when grown ass adults do it.

I never understood the "Taehyung is the most handsome man alive!!" thing. He just looks like an average dude to me, or maybe it's just his dumbness ruining everything idk. He is so unlikeable personality-wise

No. 307839

I think it's just because compared to the rest of BTS, he looks considerably better. It's sort of like how some average looking girl will surrounded themselves with ugly girls to "look better"

No. 307841

File: 1539256381233.jpg (158.44 KB, 1439x1147, DpLO1tQXgAAfaLm.jpg)


"explosion of popularity in the US recently". ”great popularity right after BTS”

So NCT payola media appearances in US were to manufacture an illusion of popularity for whom? korean public? investors fed up with the project? western media?

No. 307843

Voicing support for a cause and then later saying “that’s not what I meant” is going back on your word.

Who cares if his opinions deep down didn’t change? He let fame and pressure from bigots take back one of the few actually progressive statements he’s ever made. He cares more about the press than doing the right thing. Suga easily said something supportive and made RM look like a weak asshole.

No. 307844

I hope with all the pressure on them as these woke “leaders” and attention from the press means they will actually rise to the occasion. But all signs point to their music just getting worse and worse.

No. 307846

i don't know what's cringier, sm's weak attempt at forcing nct into the american market or the armies in the comments creaming themselves over the fact that bts are the bestest group in the whole world

No. 307850

Maybe if SM spent more resources on reviving Exo's dying career instead of trying to make Exo Lite into BTS Lite they wouldn't be falling behind so hard right now. You'd think with decades of experience and endless connections and investors they'd come up with something less embarrassing than NCT's discography, Super Junior's flopping recent releases, Lay's godawful American debut, etc
The only thing they almost did right recently was that Lil' Touch song but they didn't even let Oh!GG promote it for some fucking reason

No. 307851

File: 1539261811636.jpg (44.62 KB, 635x579, hurricane.JPG)

The exciting conclusion (hopefully!) to ARMYs vs Kendis Gibson
IE: Toddlers who wear diapers vs A late night anchor who couldn't care less.
Starting with: A tweet about a major hurricane with ARMYs posting…

No. 307852

File: 1539262247540.jpg (85.58 KB, 634x601, finalehopefully.JPG)

And than finally 51 year old Professor Dipshit (from fucking South Korea)manages to invoke both Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr. in one sentence in an effort to call Gibson, an uneducated immigrant who doesn't understand racism.
He goes on to claim that there is a "black mark" on Gibson's career and that he won't be able to escape ARMYs in the future. He calls for a halt to the harassment after realizing it make's his chosen fandom look like assholes.
ARMYs- 0

No. 307854

File: 1539262327266.jpg (24.6 KB, 604x172, nofriends.JPG)

And some people haven't been impressed with display including this chick.

No. 307855


Speaking of V, that Tccandler voting that chose him as the most handsome man is like a joke. On its instagram page, all the korean celebrities have at least +100k likes. I just don't understand. This is a popularity contest at this rate. Probably a bts member will be the winner again this year and this will be another "achievement" to brag about for the fans.

No. 307856

File: 1539262531217.jpg (96.16 KB, 1134x287, uhuihi.JPG)

And to finish up, the credentials of the man that ARMYs have been dragging 2 weeks straight. Seems like he's pretty well qualified to distinguish fluff from important news.

No. 307866

These tweets are fucking stupid and he's just contradicting himself. I don't understand why he felt the need to drop Lincoln and Martin Luther King's names there. And what does Gibson being an immigrant from Belize has to do with anything?
>Furthermore, he has to confront ARMYs, wherever he goes, whatever he does since ARMYs are everywhere on this planet. I think that's enough punishment for his rude, ignorant behavior.
Wow, I'm sure he feels so threatened by the existence of the most stupid fanbase ever. They are obnoxiously loud in the internet but literally no one cares about them in real life. No one takes armys seriously.
>'Haters gon' hate. Players gon' play. Live a life, man, yeah. Good luck!'
These lines could be said for armys rather than Gibson lmao

No. 307870

Can anyone in stan twt give us some insight on what other kpop fandoms think of armys behavior?

No. 307874


The rest of stan twitter just thinks the fanbase is ridiculous. That's why armies go on about being "bullied" by other fandoms so much, because nobody else takes them as seriously as they wish they did.

No. 307888

File: 1539269317010.jpg (96.33 KB, 1080x1349, 552159478844981344128.jpg)

aww poor baby

No. 307917

>B-b-but our little junkookie is scared of girls

No. 308048

That's not what happened. I've seen the video, she's a staff member and those screenshots are not in order. She didn't want to be on camera since they were filming a Bangtan Bomb and jungkook teased/grabbed her when she tried to run to hide from the camera.

It's very odd that there's people out there who intentionally make false shit like this just to paint a fantasy. It reminds me of the fake subs on Jimin's videos

No. 308067

accurate as fuck

No. 308069

On Stan twt in general they're seen like every previous large dominating fandom. Beliebers, Onedirectioners, Gaga's monsters, etc. On Kpop Stan twt it's the same but with a bigger pinch of bitterness and hatred towards them. Similar to how the exols were seen in 2014-2015, or ELFs before them.
Basically, they're seen the same way every large crazy mainstream fandom has been seen since forever. People who act like it's unique or special are 14 year old newbies who aren't old enough to remember H.O.T and G.O.D fandoms have bloody mob fights during mixed concerts.

No. 308094

lol so armys took the photos out of context and made it seem like jk threw her off for some reason? it does look like she's sitting next to him and not on his lap but i don't know. do you remember the video?

No. 308119

I honestly doubt it was an army who did it since it doesn't fit with the image they force on jungkook all the time and it's clear if this actually happened jungkook would be in trouble
I don't remember what the video was but it I find it I'll link you, I remember it was one of their early ones before they started blurring out and muting all the staff members. It's really weird to watch one of the old videos and then one of the new ones and see how they used to show them interacting with the staff, hearing the staff laugh outloud about their stupidity, seeing the staff walk around etc. Nowadays those parts get cut out and the faces get blurred and even the staff's side of the dialogue muted.
God knows what kind of stalking those staff members go through when they get recognized…

No. 308120

Question, but why do fans consider idols as 'woke"? From what it seems from the stuff posted here, they are quite sexist at times, and their industry leaves much to be desired in terms of creating an equal, respectful and fair environment. I'm guessing it's going to be some superficial reason like "oppa/hyung wears makeup he's breaking the gender norms!" Yet in Europe anyway, we are used to male popstars wearing makeup and they actually wrote their own music, sang what they wanted and got married, slept with both men and women without people calling for them to be dropped by their agency, were political. What exactly has BTS been allowed to do that is actually progressive? Don't see them talking about who they vote for, using their influence to draw attention to the high rates of suicide and bullying within their profession. In that clip where one member pulled a woman's hair, which is physical assault, the member next to him was the only one to step in to get him to stop, and all the fans seem to justify the poor behaviour rather than recognise it as -problematic-

No. 308121

Because they're "poc" and all poc are supposed to be woke - unlike white artists, so it doesn't matter if european singers would actually be better, more "stan-worthy", or not.
Plus, many kpop fans are former weebs who have a boner for everything asian and therefore excuse any behavior.

No. 308128


I always just assumed it was fans projecting their own political beliefs and ''wokeness''on to them. They can use the argument to justify their own fangirling as well as push the narrative that BTS are the perfect group to stan.

As far as I know noone in BTS has ever involved themselves in politics, not even when all of Korea was against President Park Gyen Hye.

I feel like a lot of American republicans had their world come crashing down when Taylor Swift announced she was supporting a democrat, I can only hope bts fans will experience the same when it's revealed that the majority of the BTS members are classic anti-gay/against abortion/racist conservative Koreans.

No. 308133

>I can only hope bts fans will experience the same when it's revealed that the majority of the BTS members are classic anti-gay/against abortion/racist conservative Koreans

kek i wouldn't be so optimistic, at this point delusional armys seem to be ready to justify anything, they'd put the blame on bighit, korean culture or something else.

No. 308137

someone posted some v pic thing and deleted right after what the FUCK IS UP ANON dont be scared.

No. 308139

Same for the shade range of their makeup line, not on of them blamed bts themselves, it's somehow never their fault…

No. 308145

same anon, i just remembered seeing some idols including bts on that show "hello counselor", most of them didn't appear feministic or understanding of the women's problems, yet their fans didn't really care, so…

is their line meant for korea only? still stupid of bighit or whoever is responsible to first market in the us and then say "fuck you" to their international fans like that.

No. 308147

As far as I know both Suga and RM have made predebut (or was it mixtape?) songs directly about politics, but it seems like they don't really do that with BTS itself (with the song Silverspoon being an exception, but maybe that one's more socioeconomical "reee boomers" type instead of political) the only other time I've seen them get even remotely political was when they posted on twitter about voting and they got endless praise on Korean media for… doing the bare minimum.
Funnily enough, that Billboard magazine interview did ask them about politics and mentioned a few early songs I don't remember the name of, and RM said that now they have a young impressionable audience so they try not to force their own political views on them. To me that sounds a bit like they know their audience won't like most of their views.

No. 308150

i think they've already done/said some questionable stuff but it always got justified or forgiven. they can do anything and army will find excuses. the funny thing is when bts oppars do something wrong it's okay, it's mistranslation, it's a joke, he apologized, he's an angel, he didn't mean that and blah blah blah but when someone else does something wrong, they don't deserve any tolerance. i would give the abc news anchor situation as an example but that man didn't even do anything wrong. hypocrites

No. 308151

Majority of Kpop fans are Tumblr-raised Gen Z internet activists, making their flavor of the month idol seem woke = instant approval and fame in the stan sphere.
This is why you have idiots like loona fans treating them like saviors of the lesbians and legendary queer activists when they're really just queerbait dressed in school girl outfits for deranged twitter queers who quote RuPaul and 25 year old men who jerk off to lesbian hentai.

No. 308153

Kpop/Vkei fans is there a Korean equivalent to Tanuki for kpop/kmusic. I always thought that one of things that killed the western jrock fandom was the undeniable proof that their perfect yaoi bandmen had dirty sex,stds,visited pros, and took nasty dick pics. I know there are korean tabloids and things but nothing really raw.

No. 308155

I read azelia banks twitter thread of her shitting on lana del rey and some lunatic fans would randomnly write things like
>anyways, guys stan loona
>loona is gonna have a comeback soon!!!
Like whut??

This would be great lol

No. 308158

I can't wait till Loona flops, go into debt, and fades into existence. They're so same faced and unoriginal.

No. 308185

>deranged twitter queers who quote RuPaul and 25 year old men who jerk off to lesbian hentai.

You perfectly described most anime and K-pop fans.

I’m not even a fan of LOONA but even I wouldn’t wish for the members to go into debt. As annoying as their fans and as questionable as the concepts are, most k-pop groups who haven’t made it are puppets enslaved by a higher power. The idol life sounds hard for those groups and it’s not like they’re trainees who can leave any time.

No. 308197

We fucking hate them

No. 308198

No. The whole point of Tanuki is that the boys aren't untouchable compared to idols. Koreans are too boring to make an equivalent of Tanuki.

No. 308204

File: 1539294680932.jpeg (118.08 KB, 960x720, 80E6A5F5-F357-4AA5-A74D-DECE01…)


Now Jimin is injured and he’s not going to be on the Graham Norton show. I wonder what’s going on behind the scenes for all these injuries to happen suddenly.

No. 308206

What's with Loona being "lesbians", anyway? I listened to a couple of songs and they all talked about guys

No. 308207

daaamn they have a show in amsterdam soon, i bet there's only like 2 of them onstage by then.

No. 308208

Heart attack mv

No. 308211

Damn. Figured. But you know hope springs eternal.
I will choose believe to that BTS et al are seeing pros and taking dick pics because it's just funnier that way.

No. 308215

Dang. As bad as this sounds, hearing idols get injured has basically been normalized so it’s not surprising.

Member A from group B fainted and can’t perform for some time? Dang, that sucks. Member A from group B might be dating member C from Group D? RRRRRRRREEEEEEEEE OMO H-how could oppar betray me like this?!?!? I hope he never has a career again!

No. 308218

It probably has a lot to do with their constant dieting, lack of vitamins makes it easier to get injured

No. 308219

File: 1539296168215.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 159.55 KB, 341x700, 6522BEE9-8B06-4F20-A47F-DE305D…)

That outfit looks tacky but Hyuna can get away with dressing like that cuz she’s cute and famous. The average K-pop fan would not be able to pull that off.

Speaking of Hyuna, her taste in guys is so questionable. E’Dawn looks like a twink-y crackhead and Hyunseung does too. Hyuna and Hyunseung as Troublemaker came off more tryhard than sexy.

No. 308222

damn what's happening to these guys, first jungkook, now jimin? this is so unfortunate. i don't believe that they practice as much as people think they do but i feel like the "bts is overworked" thing has some truth to it, they are constantly releasing new music, which is one of the reasons why their music started to suck, and they are constantly on tour. give them a break and let them take some time to make decent music, bts can survive without 5 comebacks every year

No. 308223

File: 1539297123053.png (580.22 KB, 720x725, Chungha.png)

What's wrong with Chungha's face? She was pretty in i.o.i

No. 308225

File: 1539297190974.png (624.16 KB, 720x722, Chungha2.png)

Kpop stars usually start adding on the ps after the 5 year mark now everyone is getting more shit done before a comeback

No. 308227

bighit is milking as much money they can get from bts now until they become as useless(flop) as SMs exo. Soon they will start focusing on their next boy group

No. 308229

she looks like the backfired plastic version of lee sung kyung

No. 308230

She’s overdoing it with the plastic surgery. Fuck, I really dislike Korea’s whack beauty standards that are so heavily enforced; you get idols like her thinking that a dorito chin and buy eyes will make them more beautiful. She was so pretty to begin with and now she’s looking alienish.

No. 308236

goddamn lookin like a deathmask

No. 308239

I can't even make fun of Jimin for this because I have the same chronic neck/back issue he has and I wouldn't wish that pain on anyone else.

No. 308242

Somebody needs to stop her. Human faces should not look like they belong in the uncanny valley.

No. 308248

She creeps me the fuck out. She also looks like she could be in her 40s now, what the hell happened??

No. 308251

I find it so weird how NCT can have songs bragging about how baller they are when they're still controlled by a huge corporation at the end of the day. These guys can't even talk without managers eyeing their every move and scolding them.

No. 308275

File: 1539305870171.png (216.63 KB, 522x340, Screen Shot 2018-10-11 at 8.56…)

No. 308277

File: 1539306424103.jpeg (354.54 KB, 1536x2048, FC29244E-26A2-4AAA-9DD3-01C0C1…)


Both pictures are pretty bad, but this one in particular highlights how plastic his lips and upper lip region look. If I didn’t know it was Jhope I would have thought it was a woman or G-dragon.

No. 308287

What looks plastic about the lips and upper lip area? I don't see it, to me the nose looks the most plastic from that angle (and every angle, kek)

No. 308303

File: 1539310513935.jpg (28.07 KB, 550x310, Seungri_kim-se-jung_1539268936…)

>tvN variety show 'Salty Tour' is penalized for airing an inappropriate scene breaking gender equality rules.
>on October 10, the Korea Communications Standards Commission held an official meeting in Seoul to discuss the problematic scene on 'Salty Tour'. The show deemed to have violated the laws on gender equality, maintenance of dignity, and more. KCSC ultimately decided to penalize the affiliates of tvN, OtvN, and XtvN for airing the segment

And of course all the fans are saying "Seungri did nothing wrong".
The majority don't even understand the cultural meaning behind that scene and why it's degrading and offensive, and the minority of fans who did catch the meaning are saying it's not Seungri's fault because poor babby is just following the script(he isn't)

The disgust on the girl from that scene's face is very relatable right now

No. 308318

Seungri is such a douche

No. 308324

are you gonna say what happened or nah

No. 308336

File: 1539313143525.gif (937.21 KB, 216x161, ZbONS49.gif)

i literally cant tell most of this generations idols apart and this is why
a different face for every comeback but somehow they're all just morphing into eachother

No. 308339

Lol twice just confirmed their comeback date on Nov 5. I'm honestly tired of the too often comebacks. Just once a year is enough cause they're not even good.

No. 308341

What do you guys think of this?
>>During the interview [all in English], the host of the show was asking about a birthday present and the conversation ended up like below.

>>Host: And you are from Canada?

>>Mark: Yes, Vancouver

>>Host: Very cool, your English is awesome. I love it. Very cool

>>She was basically praising his English.

>>Fans criticized the host for an “unprofessional” attitude and “racist” comments.

I think the fans need to calm their damn tits.

No. 308345

>HaeChan‘s face seen on screen on the back was saying much of the situation
that bitch doesn't speak english, how would he know what they were talking about? telepathy?

but whatever, it was just a microaggression. I haven't seen anyone urging her to apologize or anything, so I don't care.

No. 308381

Fans are justified in thinking she was being a little racist/ignorant. It shouldn’t be made into a huge deal though.

Jesus Christ, TWICE is being overworked. I keep forgetting they’re only a two year-old group. Also you can really tell by their songs that it’s all about quantity > quality.

No. 308414

File: 1539324657074.jpg (158.49 KB, 800x1200, nct-music-bank-jaehyun-4.jpg)


The press says he stole the spotlight by looking like a chaebol's son, but to me he looks like a Japanese macaque

No. 308421

this pic is so shopped wtf hahahaha. looks like his eyes were copy pasted on and that jaw

No. 308438


red velvet comin back in november too, again. both groups are so boring.

No. 308440

I hate twice mouse like voices. It's so annoying and it's not cute. all their songs sound the same to me

No. 308442

Imagine you're a news reporter:
>two dozen twinks standing there
>suits hanging of their 5 foot, 100 pound frames
>their tan faces are chalked with a strange white powder
>for some reason they have put on eyeliner
>why are their lips so red and glittery?
>you get interrupted after every question because their manager doesn't think that's an appropriate thing to ask
>all you've got are their answers about the best korean food

No. 308453

lmao that's too true. anyone who's able to watch american interviews is a hero, i can't watch more than 20 seconds of them with any group

No. 308460

File: 1539337012485.jpeg (432.13 KB, 756x989, A22CE395-396C-4B06-9B7B-D7F0F4…)

You can’t tell me this doesn’t look like someone’s aunt in a funeral

They need to tone down the lipstick

No. 308466


lmao. Gibson said "they're a boy band from korea" which was apparently racist and xenophobic, but he had to include the "immigrant from Belize" into his tweet. Aren't those pretty much same thing? Both are on same level (of neutral, imo), with ARMY logic that could also be racist.
Boy band from Korea. Immigrant from Belize.

(of course I know that as a whole army has been actually racist calling him the n word and all, just this one tweet from this person is super funny in it's irony)

He also hints that he is not well educated but says he will forever have "black mark" in his career.

So funny when BTS ridiculous behaviour in the past has been brushed under the rug "because they didn't know!!".
Apparently BTS not being educated and doing and saying racist shit or posing at holocaust memorial does not matter because it's in the past uwu. The crap BTS has done have been 100x worse than this guy saying "boy band from korea" anyway

No. 308506

No. 308510

File: 1539345374714.png (416.78 KB, 898x717, 20181012_135515.png)

So I saw this on Twitter. I get fans want to include Jonghyun in things, actually I don't even know how to justify this. Maybe I'm overreacting but this is just disturbing af.

No. 308512

This is so disrespectful. The fact he was bashed for dating and now the fans are parading this "gay" bullshit on him. Let him rest in peace for fucks sake
Life on mars(or any other planet) needs to be established so we can dumb all these dumb fans, racist korea and bts there

No. 308514

**dump typo

No. 308516

I agree…I'm not into k-pop but I used to be fan of some youtubers in my teen years, and was super creeped out by the overamount of shipping in their fandoms, and the hate these e-celeb's gfs would get for "getting in the way" of the ship. I'm sure other girls here in lolcow know what I'm talking about

No. 308522

I feel like shipping is forcing the whose gay/lesbian sexuality on other people who aren't bout that life. I also used to be a fan but the more I started distancing myself from kpop, I could see through the bullshit. Idols also contribute to this shit and with that their fans would this its right to ship and its real since the idols do fan service by feeding into the ships
I don't understand why international fans get so pressed when an idol dates and they are in a culture where there are many artists that date as they wish. I understand if its K-fans but that's bullshit, its selfish. Idols should do an agreement where everyone reveals they are dating at once so their fans will have no choice but to accept it. Problem solved

No. 308532

He made the girl pour drinks for the men, which she was visibly uncomfortable with because it's something prostitutes do for their clients in brothel × karaoke places and the whole act is seen as degrading to women in their culture. Him forcing her to do it under the guise of a skit when it's clear what he's referencing is really dumb and telling of what kind of places he frequents

No. 308540

File: 1539347618171.jpg (385.29 KB, 950x633, Seungri_During_Gatsby's_Fantas…)

If the places were reversed and a white celebrity paid a bunch of half naked asian girls to play props at his party kpop stans would scream racism, sexism, fetshism whatever…

No. 308541

File: 1539347659989.jpg (107.34 KB, 500x500, 28966777615_3cce03aa78.jpg)

No. 308542


YG celebrities are obsessed with white women. There are so many YG music videos with random white women in them.

No. 308543

File: 1539347830669.jpg (41.05 KB, 500x500, 150f2892a097350edc327859ba78f8…)

No. 308550

And that Twitter account is supposed to be a fan of his.

No. 308556

That sounds so nasty

No. 308581

Oh my god this is awful, and it's such a disrespectful thing to do about a person who commited suicide. I don't understand what made them think that this was appropriate.
Shipping real people disturbs me in general. Most of the time you see that it makes people uncomfortable. They'll say "Well how do you know they are not together? What if it's real and they are closeted? They need our support!!" as if it's any better to obsess over a real life relationship that has nothing to do with you. They see the people they ship as fanfiction characters who solely exist to fit into their fantasies and don't see them as real human beings at all. Fuck all your ships

No. 308586

File: 1539353055869.jpg (334.89 KB, 1600x1200, final-fantasy-girls-final-fant…)

I don't know if it's just me, but when idols get so much PS they remind me of characters from Final Fantasy and similar, where whoever designs them does their best to just put together all the features considered "attractive" and feminine so the characters end up looking all the same, uncanny valley territory.
I can't bring myself to find them attractive. When a face is too perfect it becomes boring to me.

No. 308592

Wtf its not like he left the group to do other things he fucking offed himself

No. 308608

The way Koreans apply lipstick is so gross. Looks like a bloody butthole.

No. 308619

EXO has so much potential but SM doesn't know how to use it. They are already successful and popular but with the right songs and some good marketing they could be where BTS is at right now (as in international success). I'm not a fan of the group exactly but I like Chen and DO's vocals a lot, and almost all of them are actually good performers. Sadly, EXO's career is dying now

No. 308674

it's hilarious how much kpop fans contradict themselves with situations like this, especially armies. before when nana (after school) scored high on that tccandler list, everyone and their mothers screeched about how it wasn't reputable and an obvious flub (which it is, where did it even come from??) but now suddenly when their oppars are winning and scoring high, it's "reputable" and "clearly a true representation" of what the people like. lmfaoooo

i hateeee the "ombre" thing they do with lip tint. i've tried it and it looks terrible without all the lighting and filters, especially when you use concealer or smth. it's all patchy and dry looking, even when you put lipgloss on top. i can automatically spot a kboo in real life when i see that shit, because no normal person would put that on in the morning and be like "yeah, that looks good" and keep that tragedy on their face.

No. 308684

I'm disgusted. This makes me so mad, even moreso as a fan of Jonghyun. He was one of the few idols I could stomach and who actually felt genuine. Let him rest in peace ffs

No. 308687

That's pretty delusional to think even for a kpop fan. Exo had every chance to dominate globally but they still only managed to get popular in Asia, mainly China. Because that's the limit of their appeal. It's very obvious when you watch their offstage stuff that there's a lot of beef between them and no chemistry, so many of them are just filler members, and no sincerity or authenticity behind the music they put out(not to mention how embarrassingly bad their "rappers" are. Jesus.) Plus, they literally cannot go a month without one of them fucking up somehow. I think it's about time they let the couple of them who can sing and the one who can dance go on with their solo careers because this horse is dead. Also, Yixing is thriving in China and should stay there. The pathetic attempt at an American debut was such a fail I don't even wanna think about it.

No. 308696

anybody else think the whole "kpop is going to dominate the world" and the "an act you've neeeever seen before" narratives that kpop fans and companies themselves promote are super cringey? when i used to really be into kpop, i used to see that all the time and thought it was super weird, because you'd go from all this hype and dramatics to a super cringey performance. same with "openings" where they have some hard dubstep going for their entrance and then their super generic song that they're performing the exact same way for the hundredth time comes on and it just breaks the atmosphere. has anyone else noticed this?

the one that really comes to my mind is exo's 2016 mma performance, where the opening was just so dramatic for no reason at all LOL. with the way they were introducing them, you'd think they were some renowned world artist but then they come out and it just turns out it's the millionth boy band wearing makeup and weird outfits dancing to generic songs. was pretty funny especially after the performance itself was fairly bad.

No. 308706

After the dramatic over the top intro, there goes a tired ass performance.

No. 308714

Oh the cringe.

No. 308719

whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy why?

No. 308721

lmfaooooo jimin knew this was gonna b some cringey fuckshit and wanted NO parts in it. also, jin needs to stay the fuck seated and jhope needs to stop doing whatever it is he has been stuffing in his face, he looks t r a g i c

No. 308729

christ jin's intro is actually painful

No. 308732

When rat started with his little speech I had to close the video, god the criiiiinge. I can't keep listening to this idiot anymore.

Also, fucking SHUT UP, stupid bitches on the audience. I hate fangirls so much… Sorry I hate screaming.

No. 308734

I understand what you mean. I said that I think they could be internationally successful with the right songs and good marketing. EXO's rap is weak as hell so I agree with you there but I think they have some really good vocalists and dancers. The on-camera relationship between the members is about marketing as well, it's not like BTS members are actually 7 bloodbound BFFlike brothers who flirt with each other 24/7 in real life but people fall for that image anyway. It might be too late for EXO now but I think they did have the potential

No. 308736

If I was one of the members I would had told them politely to shut up so they could talk to Graham. So annoying they never call their fans out, they are so in love with them there's no way they'll get mad. Just tell them to lower their voices god…

No. 308737

How does ratmonster manage to look even more smug and obnoxious every time I see him

No. 308738

i wouldn't be surprised if they were scared of their fans or the backlash they'd get for it. bighit and bts are a bunch of pussies.

No. 308739

be honest with me, will I die of secondhand embarrassment if I watch it?

No. 308740

Lmao Jamie Dornan's face is priceless

No. 308742

anon, be real with yourself, it's BTS, what do you think?

No. 308743

I honestly cringed more at the stupid fans than them. But yeah, highly toxic cringe.

No. 308744

File: 1539367583708.png (22.84 KB, 105x110, BTS meet Graham BBC YouT…)

"So girls are into this now?"

No. 308745

ratmon’s british accent makes me cringe even more than his imitation ebonics

No. 308749

That's the most annoying thing out of BTS. They are such pussies, in all this interviews they get constantly interrupted or the host does, is it so hard to educate your fans a little on being respectful?

I remember that instagram post from Chanyeoul of EXO, when he called his fans out for creating an accident or something like that at an airport. Do you think any of them got mad? no, so why can't BTS call ARMY out a bit more? so annoying…

Screaming is all good until one of them complains and I can bet anything that the rest of the ARMY will shit on those fans for "screaming over their oppas". They won't get mad at them.

No. 308755

File: 1539368156422.jpg (83.73 KB, 1059x407, 4508.jpg)


No. 308758

>Do you think any of them got mad? no,

Spotted the delusional Exol. Yes they got mad and it was a shitshow. Every time an idol calls out fans or complains there are always a few people who try to put him back in his place. This applies to V too when he posted asking fans not to mob them at the airport and later caught slack from netizens for taking out his phone and having it in a fan's face who was doing the same in an airport.

No. 308761

Same anon you replied. Lol really? god fans are so stupid. I'm not a fan of EXO I just remember seeing an article somewhere and people were positive on the comment section. I guess I was wrong. Fuck fandoms.

No. 308765

Under articles you'll always seem positive comments from international fans. It was the same under articles about V asking people not to mob them and under articles showing the clip where he takes his phone out. It was also the same with that Ikon guy who told fans not to tell him what to do. But there was outrage from Koreans. That's because they understand the concept of Idol: fans provide you with the life you have, so please them and never complain. The one redeeming quality international fans have is that they're slightly more humane than gooks.

No. 308766

Same anon same. I understand that you're happy to see them or whatever but get over yourself, sometimes you can't even hear what BTS members are saying because of the fans obnoxiously screaming at their any move, calm your hormones, army.
I will give huge props to BTS or Bighit if they ever call out army on their bullshit but it's probably never going to happen. BTS and their company being so passive towards armys doesn't help with their psycho behavior at all. It's like army and BTS are in a toxic relationship where they keep fucking each other up yet can't leave because one needs the other to fulfill their fantasies and the other needs them to milk out any money they can at this point.

No. 308801

File: 1539371624843.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1125x1979, 7C5DD25F-7795-4872-AA30-AF22F1…)

Tiffany’s gross anachan legs and too thick waist being spotted on Instagram again.. I wish she would just stop and eat, no matter how much she starves herself, she’s still gonna have a heavy upper half and if anything, chopstick legs only make it look worse

No. 308820

>"a woman"
That's Whoopi Goldberg, you idiots…

No. 308825


Is her head always this big?

No. 308827

No. 308834

I don't think bts genuinely love army at this point. I can see it in their faces. Its like they have to act like they do because the company says so and they(army) are their source of income.

No. 308835


Fucking lol, she's a married woman, calm the fuck down

No. 308836

>I don’t think the rich sheltered overworked teen- minded adults like the millions of teens that treat them like gods.

No. 308838


I never noticed head sizes before kpop but a lot of Koreans really do have comically big heads.

No. 308839

Its army, you get sick of them at some point.

No. 308851

Army are like spoilt brats, they want all positive things to happen to them and their band but can't accept the negative things too. Bts are surrounded by yes men thats why their music sucks donkey balls and their fans are getting more toxic and unlikable as the seconds go by. At some point bts WILL flop HARD and those fans will blame the "antis" but they themselves are bts' downfall and it is starting(gibson situation). People will see through btsxarmy shit and will drag and drop them unless bts goes on a long ass haitus to escape that shitstorm ahead. Its their only way. Orrr they'll get away with everything which I hope not

No. 308867

I'm sure some of them hate army, but ratmon definitely loves a bunch of girls who praise his dumb ugly ass. And Jimin only likes the korean armys.

No. 308869

LMAOOO THE AUDACITY. As if Rosamund Pike is going to be into that ugly retard Jesus this bitches are delulu

No. 308875

File: 1539378620738.jpg (112.61 KB, 704x1077, OMzvyma.jpg)

Their insistence on small heads and faces is so incongruous with all the chin alterations and jaw shavings to me, since those procedures elongate the face visually (or literally with some of those spooky implants).

Pic semi-related-but-also-unrelated because Selena apparently has a tiny ass head based on the other images of Rose and Jisoo looking cranially proportional next to other non-Korean celebrities

No. 308892

File: 1539380452928.jpg (41.42 KB, 668x393, 1532161706868.jpg)

Lol me too, I started noticing after someone shared this photo on an older thread. Damn, I don't know if Ivanka has a really small face but you can still tell how big headed they are.

No. 308896

Looks like Cinderella and her ugly twin step sisters.
They have big heads but small bodies. That's weird

No. 308899

It looks like she was cropped in from a different photo. So bizarre.

No. 308905