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No. 260800

This thread is for any YouTubers that do lulzy things but don't have enough milk to warrant an entire thread
PewDiePie - Nazi Drama
Markiplier - Dating young girls

No. 260803

File: 1488328645386.jpg (143.05 KB, 750x1334, Cl6enOMUsAICJty.jpg)

Amy Nelson known as Peebles on Twitter, is a graphic designer and animator from Cincinnati, Ohio. She now lives in an apartment in LA to be near Mark

No. 260813

File: 1488329076293.png (181.59 KB, 365x285, breh.png)

>dates young girls
>has a girlfriend(23/24) 3 years younger than him
The only thing markiplier does wrong is date uglies.

>no links to anything in OP

>second post is wrong
>pewdiepie drama that no one cares about
Go away, no one wants to talk about your youtube crush Markiplier.

No. 260819


Mark looks like he's 40 tho so I understand anon thinking he was a grubby old man.

No. 260853

File: 1488331945148.jpg (70.7 KB, 500x500, tumblr_n418sv7rvP1sh3apgo1_500…)

His ex just entered college when they started dating too, it just seems to be more than a coincidence

No. 260857

File: 1488332037529.jpg (306.31 KB, 1200x799, tumblr_od0bfsFIVk1vuyotuo1_128…)

Also she was born in 1994 and he was born in 1989, so a 5 year difference

No. 260859

File: 1488332144061.jpg (23.77 KB, 500x313, Ci8F1cIUgAEQFA5.jpg)

No. 260861


since its the youtube thread and you posted a tati screencap.

can we talk about the fact she always talks like a fucking camgirl or something? i don't know how to describe it, she always tries to do this soothing voice or w/e. it drives me CRAZY. no one talks like that tati.

No. 260866

I never really noticed, I have always thought her boyfriend looked like a slimeball though and that she could do so much better

No. 260872

File: 1488332959393.png (244.95 KB, 441x885, fsafaf.png)

nvr 4get that one time felix had his porn history broadcasted to his fans

No. 260875


i only remember because everyone was complaining that it wasn't a big deal and everyone should shut up about it.

No. 260876

File: 1488333057575.png (788.48 KB, 622x1007, 02c.png)

i wanted to make a thread like this some time ago. but mine was about youtube reviewers. whatever, i guess i'll talk shit here too.

Youtube "reviewers"
Youtube reviewers don't get as much views as they used to (mostly because youtube keeps taking down videos and people are too busy watching fads). But i still keep up with their shit, thought someone else may do too.

>Adam YourMovieSucks – Movie reviewer

Reviews aren't as terrible as the others ones, but he does have a houlier-than-thou attitude in them. This really shows outside of his videos, he's always in reddit defending himself, ALWAYS. Furry, thinks animals can enjoy sex with people. Doesn't like criticism much because he's so much better than everyone else.
Again, his videos aren’t terrible but people always have minor picking s like “hey can you review something we actually want to watch/hey that’s kind of a condescending attitude/hey can you like upload regularly? Since I pay you my hard-earned money on Patreon? Please log off reddit and post videos” on reddit (where he’s super popular, of course) and he’ll always appear to shut down said criticism making it impossible to talk negative about him without him appearing and ruining everything with his cocksuckers.
Is a furry.his taste is so much better than yours. Like mad max and deadpool are okay movies but that’s it you pleb. – attitude. he thinks fucking animals is okay. Like some anons here think he just said that meat-eaters are hypocrites who don’t get to say whats animal abuse, but that’s not all he said. Actual quotes from his personal reddit account:
"I am wholeheartedly against imprisoning those who have had non-abusive sexual relations with animals." "We can all agree that animals can show signs of pleasure and displeasure. You can tell whether or not a dog likes having its belly rubbed. Just because it can't speak English doesn't mean you can't tell whether or not it's enjoying something. If an animal shows signs of displeasure, then obviously it's abusive if you continue. If it shows signs of enjoyment, then I don't see how it should be considered abusive." "The human discomforts, insecurities, and reservations we experience regarding sex should not be applied to animals. Dogs that aren't neutered will try to hump any pillow they can find. They hump people's legs. They simply do not give a shit. If a dog gets it's dick sucked, it's never going to think about it a year later and go "Was that really the right thing? Something wasn't right about this.". It's a dog. It does whatever feels good to it."
to what someone responds "You realize that unlike people, if an animal is raped, we have no way of knowing right? Animals can't report to the police if you have sex with them without your consent. Cause they're fucking animals." and he says "Exactly. If there's no way of knowing whether or not an animal was abused by an experience, then we shouldn't be throwing people in jail for it. We should only be throwing people in jail for cases where abuse can be seen." so sure you can fuck your dog, as long as people don't notice, that's between you and your dog! nothing weird!

overall a bitch whenever criticism is thrown in his way and thinks its not weird for people to fuck animals.

>TheMysteriousMrEnter – Cartoon Reviewer

He’s a legit autist, brony, who makes long videos critiquing cartoon shows. He doesn’t like when cartoon shows do mean things, yucky things, shock humor, etc but loves fart jokes! Fans are mostly weird kids who post on deviantart. Has an annoying voice and takes cartoon super seriously, and at his age still loves MLP and Spongebob like they’re the best shows ever. ”Family Guy jokes are never funny! Teen Titans GO ruin childhoods! Cartoons are supposed to be taken seriously!”
makes long ass posts on deviantart about how hard life I and how trolls keep commenting in his videos criticizing him. Doesn’t realize not everyone is an autist. He’s just a weird creepy guy, not that many milk just cringe. there are some deviantart screencaps about him writing how autistic he is, but can't find them

No. 260877

LOL I was like 15 when that happened and watched him regularly, I thought it was hilarious. I thought he handled it fine, he basically just said "Lol oops" in the description and never mentioned it again.

No. 260878


>Todd in the Shadows – Music Reviewer

Feminist, cucked by ex. Has an edgy mysterious character when he's really some Asian dude in his 40s. Anti Trump, Anti Gamer Gate. He was never that popular but his Gamer Gate tweets made him hated and granted him an encyclopedia page when he makes like four vids per year. I don’t have much dirt on him because he’s only active on twitter these days.

Ex bf of nostalgia chick, who is a huge feminist. When they broke up she was still living with him for a while when he was paying for everything. Called people who defended Gamergate pedophiles. A year later Gamergate was attacking his friend, @srhbutts and saying she was a pedophile. He said that they were wrong and had no evidence, weeks of GamerGate people tweeting him shit ensued. I don't get why he's still so hated over this, but people like NateTalksToYou gave him shit for being against GamerGate, so thought i'd mention him anyways altough i don't like gamergate.

He refuses to show his face on camera because its against his "character", here's a pic of what he looks like http://www.hopewellnews.com/news/uploads/ken_munson.jpg. He said that JewWario (youtuber who killed himself years ago) wouldn’t have supported GamerGate. This made some people offended because he was using someone’s death to talk about his own political beliefs.

He only reviews individual songs and not albums, so people think he’s a hack music reviewer. His twitter is complaining about Trump every other day, lots of spoilers on new movies, and looooots of pics of his dog. he doesn't make videos often anymore so he doesn't really talk about music or upcoming projects.

i'd mention NateTalksToYou but holy damn, i have no idea how. He makes Repzion look normal.

>I Hate Everything

Randomly stops making videos because "my anxiety is so bad…people are so mean…someone found a pic of my face oh noes…". Made terrible videos inserting himself into drama that he had nothing to do with, to say drama videos are stupid.


lots and lots of dumb reddit drama. i think everyone already knows about it.

No. 260879

Really? I always thought they were extremely cute together. He seems to support her and go along with her videos a lot and while he clearly isn't invested in her makeup shit, he actually listens and follows along with it not to be a typical "hurrrr what is eyeshadow???" type of youtube boyfriend.

No. 260884

File: 1488333323767.jpg (46.42 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)


Adoseofbuckley – Music reviewer

Opposite of Todd, but less funny imo. Super anti "SJW/tumblr boogeyman". He got popular from his "worst songs of YEAR" lists. Unlike Todd, Fantano, SpectrumPulse, TheDoubleAgent and people that do music reviews only he doesn't make "best songs of YEAR" lists because he doesn't seem to like that much about pop music. Super condescending and better than you, his shtick is overanalyzing the lyrics of a song because saying a pop song doesn't make sense is funny. He states his opinion as fact and calls you a moron if you don't agree with him. Active on reddit a lot so can’t bash him there cuz he’ll appear and make you lose internet points.

tackles on low-hanging fruit. The songs he puts in his lists usually are terrible, but his attitude throws a lot of people off. He had Aint it Fun by Paramore on a worst list saying that Hayley had no right to talk about how hard the "real world" is because she's a famous musician and so she can't judge others. Then Hayley responded and said it was actually directed at herself in relation to her moving cross country from her family and friends. Which is funny considering that Todd described the song like this: "But it turns out the person who couldn't handle the real world was Hayley herself. After all the band trauma, they relocated from Nashville to L.A., and she found she was no longer the big fish in the pond. Apparently, on the showbiz hierarchy, being in a successful rock band makes you less important than Kourtney Kardashian's plumber's dog. So, this was her way of telling herself to tough up rather than cry about not being the most popular girl in school anymore."

unlike Todd, he’s not an actual fan of pop music. “He's implied that music is all commercialized, but that anything that isn't in the charts must not be good at all, because artists that aren't popular are unpopular for a reason (ie. they aren't good). He also says he never listens to music outside of because he spends his day as a radio DJ and doesn't want to hear the same crap at home too.” “said that there was no real difference between "hipster crap" (with a picture of Radiohead's Ok Computer onscreen) and "Top 40" (with a picture of some Justin Bieber album) because music is all made for the purpose of profit and isn't actually art or some shit like that.”

lewronggeneration fag although he refuses to admit it. Always gets posted on subreddit for lewronggeneration, and he always pops in the thread to show how “unbothered” he is about said threads, and goes on twitter to talk about said threads and how much he doesn’t care. Cause its not like he monitors any time someone mentions him on reddit or anything. The first time he got posted for one of his lists he went on twitter about it again showing how much he didn’t care, and the thread got brigaded but that’s totes not what he wanted.

No. 260885

I have a soft spot for Adam because I binged all his videos my freshman year of college when I was super depressed and lonely and he got a lot of laughs out of me during a pretty shitty time but I do think he's way too sensitive. I don't care that he's a furry but the constant Furry Victim Complex shit, as well as the bestiality thing, is gross.

No. 260896

Idk I'm not a huge fan of I Hate Everything but the anxiety stuff is pretty valid I think. Especially since it appears he suffered from anxiety before, I don't blame him for being scared of people doxing him.

No. 260908

I meant just his appearance, he's probably a good dude like you said

No. 260909

Wait Adam is a furry?! L O L I would think he hated furries after his review on Cool Cat Saves the Kids. His videos would not shown anything otherwise. Wow this is mindblowing.

No. 260924

File: 1488335640921.gif (3.93 MB, 273x153, chrisautism.gif)

What about chris stuckmann? He seems pretty lulzy
>sperged out about the cringly batman v superman script he wrote when people laughed at him bragging it only took him "20 minutes to write"
>makes awful short films like that bourne one with jeremy jahans
>is desperate to be popular meaning he changes his reviews based on what his audience thinks they will like
>made this awful "the driver vs dragonball evolution" film which is autism magnified
>in the middle of his get out review felt the need to post a picture of him with a group of black people which people just found hilarious
if this is the kinda thing which qualifies would be happy to post but just want to make sure first

No. 260926

Oh God, my boyfriend is a pedo. I didn't know that 5 years was this bad, thanks anon!

No. 260927

Never heard of this dude but he reminds me of this other Anime reviewer who always looks super greasy

No. 260933

File: 1488336781803.gif (1.97 MB, 380x285, 1458685228866.gif)


I remember I loved his videos in 2010-2012 and I always imagined him to be a punky looking white dude in his mid 20s.

No. 260942


IHE uploads regularly on the JAR media channel so it's not that bad.

No. 260943


>Super anti "SJW/tumblr boogeyman

Why are you making shit up? He talks shit about Anti-SJW's more then he talks shit about SJW's. Scratch that, he doesn't talk shit about SJW's at all.

No. 260949


i worte that a long time ago lol, i stopped watching his shitty channel after like the third of his "breaks" years ago. was just mentioning him for discussion

No. 260999

This thread reminded me of that video where IHE said he was a feminist, or something along those lines and had to explain himself a couple weeks later because his fans were triggered. It was a long ass video and the feminist thing only lasted 2 seconds, so whew people. I'm pretty sure he was thinking about proper feminism, not Tumblr ~feminism~. I haven't watched his videos in ages, dunno if anything happened after that.

No. 261004

saged for ot but is being a feminist enough of a reason to get a thread on here? Because I have noticed a lot of suggested cows are labled so because feminism, or at least its listed as a major reason.

No. 261006

Apparently. Because a lot of anons think that feminism = misandrism and associate feminism with stupid tumblr sjws.

No. 261032

>@srhbutts and saying she was a pedophile

Just to be clear, he is a pedophile. The chat logs are beyond damning, and Milo outed him by interviewing family members to confirm the story.


yeah yeah "muh Breitbart"

No. 261058

there's a whole SHITLOAD of lolcows associated with Channel Awesome

Doug himself is a pathetic husk of a man who doesn't understand copyright law and never will

Lindsay Ellis is so incompetent that she's a worse businessman than fucking Mike Michaud himself, and ran her Channel Awesome splinter site into the ground

and then there's Spoony, whose Patreon was once over $5000 a month. it's now at $1002/month because he NEVER RELEASES VIDEOS.

No. 261074

I used to watch his videos. I didn't know he dated Nostalgia chick. they both seem like feminists and or sjws.

No. 261077

Also, didn't Spoony make some really gross remarks about his female coworker and posted the drama publically on twitter?

No. 261146

I cant sit through Adoseofbuckley video for more than thirty seconds because his voice is the most grating, annoying shit. Not to mention his content is just him being angry about modern music and random shit because "what happened to good music maaan" and "look at how much smarter i am than this reality star because i have a shit format". his voice actually sounds like he has cotton balls in his cheeks and is struggling to fucking speak.

No. 261149

Anyone remember ting herself some axolotls? She made a whole series abiut hiw to get them ect. Then one day they were just gone. she had some lousy reason for it but i believe she didn't have enough time to care for them since they are very high in maintenance

No. 261160

Yes and no. He made a comment that was inappropriate, got called out, apologized and the girl who the comment was towards forgave him and they moved on. But the Obscurus Lula who was friends with that girl decided to go SJW and attacked him and sent her fans. So Spoony left Channel Awesome and Lula got veal for it and then had to apologize. I'll try to find it in a moment.

No. 261161

No. 261189

Is this thread for famous youtubers only or can I dump screenshots of a video game youtuber harassing underage girls for nudes here

No. 261195

it's 'youtubers general' so tell us about this person.

No. 261374

Dump em

No. 261384


oh yes!! i wanted to write about Doug too but i can't stand the guy. he's done shady things in the past but i'm not 100% sure about the details because i really really can't watch him.

i knew that people didn't like Lindsay but i had no idea as to why, got milk?

No. 261394

File: 1488389915049.png (7.21 KB, 192x104, IMG_0321.PNG)

TheAmazingAtheist - edgelord neckbeard. several nude pictures and video leaks. burned bridges with every person he has collaborated with in spectacular fashion. graphically described how he would rape a rape victim who told him she doesn't find rape jokes funny. legendary e-beggar for all of his failed website projects that he failed to maintain. also admits to having pedophilic thoughts and thinks the age of consent should be "lowered to around 13"

looking for some milk on MrRepzion btw, I'd love if someone had anything to share

No. 261409

File: 1488390957214.png (116.02 KB, 782x518, avEJh.png)

There are high ranking feminist who are legit outspoken misandrist, so it's not just tumblr retards. It's existed since the dawn of feminism but I get what you're saying.

AmazingAtheist caps. Damn he is a big man child.

No. 261410

>graphically described how he would rape a rape victim who told him she doesn't find rape jokes funny.

Wtf!! I'm okay with rape jokes if they are being told between my friends and I, but to say that about actual rape victims online is beyond vile. What a neckbeard piece of shit. I also hate him because a lot of people think all atheists are like him which is grossly false.

No. 261413

File: 1488391237593.gif (134.13 KB, 287x344, 2ee.gif)

Wow, how can anyone be okay with someone who says this??

>you deserved rape because you're mean to me!! a bloo bloo

Fuck this piece of shit.

No. 261415

Thank you for the link!

No. 261421

Fucking hell YES!
Kek hes got so much milk he has multiple pages on ED, the only other cow i know to have as many is chris chan.

I remember the shit he got into with some of his fans when he supported brock turner and he has fights with his fellow atheists. Also for someone who complains about tumblr sjws he sure acts like one (he unfollowed a friend because he made too many fat jokes, claims to be bisexual but doesnt actually like men, got triggered for being called a racist despite the fact he says N*s, tried to make himself a meme with his awful "blue berry pie" video and berates scammers despite the fact he has scammed thousands of dollars from followers for a channel he never produced)

Also i heard that video where he pours hot oil onto his button dick was to impress an underage fan who he wanted to fuck but again cant certify that.

No. 261425

Its a porn site, but here's the Amazing Athiest pouring hot oil on his micropenis. Didnt know who he was until I saw this vid circulating around lmfao


No. 261427

File: 1488392834562.jpg (101.79 KB, 500x281, TJTumblr.jpg)

I really think the meme was based on his because hes 3edgy5me and will say anything and do anything that he thinks will shock people because hes gets very jealous of anyone getting more attention then him. Hes the thirstiest cow there is.

No. 261435

File: 1488393765876.gif (1.44 MB, 340x224, OOOYEAH.gif)

MrRepzion - ranter/edgelord pandering nowadays

mrrepzion is just a big phony. i remember when he first started and he was sort of cute so his viewers were mostly tumblr girls and what not. he would complain constantly about girls not wanting to fuck him. And then would be asking teenage girls on tumblr for pictures of their bodies, and he would give them “compliments” (sounds familiar?”. Considering that it was tumblr and his fanbase at the time was teenage girls, I bet there were plenty of underage stuff. I think he deleted it all. nowadays he looks ugly and greasy all the time and i assume those girls are gone, because he wears meninist shirts and tries so hard to appeal to neckbeards. he also got caught stealing a bunch of shit from other people. "his views" are just stolen from the other people. sad.

He just hops into whatever gives him views, its no surprise that he's back on the Onision train now that most people stopped caring about him. Remember how he hated Trisha Paytas. Years later, Trisha Paytas mentions him in a video. Then, Repzion appears in one of Trisha’s videos, with Shane Dawson and Mytoecold. He thought he was a dumb bitch, but didn’t hesitate in working with her for the promotion. Like… he doesn't actually believe any of the shit he spews. or he's just real fucking fickle.

Back when he was “sort of” popular on the rant community he got into lots of drama because he constantly kept promising that he was going to kill himself (takeshotaction teas) but never did. His friends worried about him and he brushed them away. Then, people started making videos regarding these things (the suicide promotion and the tumblr girls) “exposing him”. So he would file copyright complaints and take all the videos down. He kept the lies going, saying he wasn’t the one doing it, till someone found out that the account that was flagging the videos was literally Repzion’s gmail account. So he pretended that someone hacked the gmail account, kept the lies going. his “hacker” took his account just to flag videos that made him look bad, and post a couple of comments here and there. Sure.

Even with the onision stuff, he lied. He made this big ass video saying that onision was harassing him, that he kept asking to debate him for no reason. Later it was found out that in one of onisions videos, that mr repzion literally commented “do a debate with me!”. So that video that’s like 20 minutes long? The one where he says that he never wanted to debate onision? All lies, he’s the one who instigated the whole thing. He plagiarized videos word for word too, the one that I remember the most was his “god is dead video”. There used to be a side-by-side comparison on youtube and everything, but I can’t find it anymore (how surprising). once I realized his true colors I unsubbed, so I don’t know about the new MrRepzion who hangs out with the atheist crowd and complains about the sjw.

No. 261436

Marzia? If I remember right, she didn't have enough time for them and gave them to someone that could.

No. 261437

Kek if you think thats bad get a load of his tumblr intro-would screencap but its hard to read so here it is:

"This is where people on Tumblr rattle off all of the things that they label themselves so you know where their group allegiances lie, and who am I to break with that empty tradition: I am a human being living in the 21st century, looking for answers and struggling with issues like everyone else. Atheist. Egalitarian. Pervert. Bisexual. Fat Ass. Sexy Ass. God. Slave. Douchebag. Boring piece of shit. Loudmouth. You know what? This is all unnecessary. I'm TJ. How are you?"

To top it off he writes "poetry" and no joke its the stereotypical 12 yr old emo "i hate the world and everything in it" i will try to find the tl;dr poem he posted to tumblr. He also has three books on amazon like the guy is a walking milk factory but i have to brace myself because i really find it hard to read through his pretentious ramblings.

No. 261439

Thanks for the info, i heard he was sketchy but never got the details. I tried watching his vids but like TJ his voice is just too irritating.

No. 261440

since we're doing cows like mrrepzion and amazing atheist now… maybe someone should take one for the team and make a post on shoeonthehead, natetalkstoyou, all that edgy crowd? the ones that are not enough popular to grant anything other than a post? lol

No. 261443


also, those "pictures" that the tumblr girls sent him: they were always of them in their underwear. and hardly even showing their faces. but he was just doing for the beauty of it all !! /s. he posted all the pictures on is public tumblr and said thinks like "wow…. gorgeous!" so it encouraged more and more girls to do it to get his attention. just pathetic for everyone involved

No. 261444

hmm i heard shoeonhead has gotten more known as she also has her own ed page now. but i dont watch her vids she just screams try hard attention whore maybe someone here who does can give us a lowdown.

No. 261445

Ugh ew shoeonhead. It's really easy for ugly girls to get all the male attention they need by pandering to edgelords

No. 261450


I remember one time I was watching a video (I can try to look for it if anyone wants) and he had his tabs open and one of them was a website for modeling fursonas to fuck in 3D.

No. 261455

Hes mentioned a lot on another forum because of this video he made where he apparently defends dog fucking. I havent watched it because volume is out on comp atm but here it is if you are interested.

No. 261505

File: 1488398681301.png (169.33 KB, 557x1943, YCFbTE5.png)

A lot of milk coming through.
There's a video game Youtuber/streamer by the name of GoodGamesGreg who was recently caught threatening girls into giving him nudes. Since this came out about 2 days ago he's pretty much a full meme now in that game but memes aside its actually some pretty heavy shit since he was doing this to minors too

No. 261506

File: 1488398699027.png (140.31 KB, 543x1490, WZYsPH6.png)

No. 261507

File: 1488398769534.png (238.72 KB, 1521x2195, CrOcaHA.png)

No. 261512

File: 1488398896520.png (550.69 KB, 562x974, oMrJ3wK.png)

This was also found through all this meaning that he's been doing it for a pretty long time

No. 261513

File: 1488398987817.jpg (58.82 KB, 469x634, eFdwV4M.jpg)

No. 261516

File: 1488399108935.jpg (751.03 KB, 1019x9778, uJPqG1o.jpg)

This is a long one but worth the read. The amount of blatant manipulation he tries is insane. The worst part is that this has actually worked for him a few times since a screenshot was leaked of him having nudes on his pc

No. 261517

Cr1tikal made a video on the GoodGamesGreg shit, I haven't watched it yet but here it is.

No. 261519

File: 1488399486696.png (279.3 KB, 720x1297, 944l5b28ekiy.png)

What he says to one of the girls after getting caught

No. 261520

File: 1488399529130.png (127.41 KB, 982x771, EWVFKMH.png)

What he says to everyone else after getting caught

No. 261521


He posted this today too in his defense but I dont think anyones buying it

No. 261848

She's an idiot who got a pet who requires very high maintenance, but didn't factor in all the times she would be traveling to and from Brighton to LA and Italy–leaving them all alone–, so she had to give them away.

No. 261872

re: all of gregs shit

What a fucking sack of shit I hope he kills himself for real. People who play these sort of dumb mind games make me so mad.

No. 261881

>very high maintenance

that's weird, because they're used as model organisms in developmental biology labs. usually animal subjects are extremely low maintenance, as a matter of cost.

No. 261892

I like James too. I think he's one of those guys that looks way better clean shaven though. That goatee mess ages him to hell. Watch an older video of him, I think he looks cute.

No. 261898

If it is fake, then shit. Sucks for him but holy fuck, if it's real.

Dude should be shot

No. 261902


Lol holy shit that arm and shoulder. Is she anorexic? She has the deflated and wide spaced tits with sternum poking out in between look that pretty much all ana-chans have as well.

No. 262531

It's real. More logs dating even further back came out just to prove he really has been doing this and for a very long time. All the evidence has been gathered and put here by the original victim and the other victims they've managed to get in contact with https://imgur.com/a/tfV4o

No. 262540


Holy shit, I can't believe this ugly bitch used to be popular.

No. 262543

File: 1488536104831.jpg (31.6 KB, 450x698, tumblr_mwbb4iHOMz1rngqtqo2_500…)

She was kinda cute in her shoops even though they were really bad and obvious, it's just so weird seeing her real self now and how different she actually does look.

No. 262548

File: 1488537726104.jpg (140.24 KB, 1024x1024, 20170303_183800-COLLAGE.jpg)

I personally think her facial features are really cute, but at some point her face got pretty round and her cheeks/jowls got puffy. I guess she gained weight or something, or maybe just aging. I still definitely wouldn't say she's ugly now though.

No. 262634

He has a girlfriend few years younger than him, yet he jacks off to teens and older ladies?

No. 262653


Just pointing out that these are like four or five years old. Not to discredit them, but to point out that he has not become less of a piece of shit at all since they were first posted. How do you just stay that much of a douche?

No. 262658


wow how dare a man fap to porn, it's not like 99% of the male population does it or anything, even if they have girlfriends, wives or just fuck buddies.

No. 262661

Doesn't make it more ok.

No. 262662

Lol, anon.
It's not that dire.

No. 262707

Stop being so naive.

No. 262762

It upsets you that he looks at porn? And pretty regular porn at that? You ok anon?

No. 262804

you must be 12

this is more vanilla porn than 80% of males look at

No. 262912

I wish this thread was better executed. I want to read actual dirt on Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, etc… They're so fake.

No. 262924

I always figured Jacksepticeye was, but why do you think Markiplier is fake? I don't really watch his stuff, but he seems like an okay dude at first glance.

No. 262940

not stanning but every time the markiplier subject has come up, the only dirt anyone can turn up is crazy fangirls trying to drag his name and dubious claims about young gfs and it just kind of falls off

No. 262953

You guys seem to be forgetting that time markiplier publicly came out and admitted he was a terrible friend to Matt and Ryan(around the same time his new gf came into the picture)

Matt and Ryan have since moved to work with Game Grumps.

Since the apology Matt and Ryan seem to have "made up" with Mark because they're mutuals again, but it seems more like a PR move than actual rekindling of friendship.

From that incident one can assume:
-he's that dude who ignores his friends when he gets a girl in his life
-power trips to the point of abusive friendships
-manipulative, why did he apologize in public instead of to them privately? If they didn't accept his apology, they would seem like the bad guys by Mark's fans/the internet

His content also seems to have dropped since he got that new editor too

No. 262977

you are actually 100% right that i forgot bc i dont go on here sober lol

i have to give him credit for at least trying to patch things up tho, he doesn't sound like a thoroughly terrible person. no one's completely unproblematic, but he's probably the least out of the cancer that is letsplayers

i really dont like his videos with the other dudes in them tho, he needs to stay in his niche of being hilariously scared on his own. i feel like he keeps those uggos around to make himself look better by comparison lmao

No. 263026

I forgot to mention he may have been a contributing factor in Daniels death(after Mark admits how much of a tyrant he is when it came to work)

No. 263028


most farmers are 19+ women. i really don't think that's Markiplier/Jacksepticeye demographic. no shade, just pointing why only OP tried and everyone else brushed it off.

No. 263040

Is there any dirt on Philip DeFranco? He's always seemed so sleazy and now he's jammed up his own ass with "I'm such an even centered, unbiased, and real news source!!" rhetoric.

No. 263041


i know!! i remember when he first started his channel and he wanted to be one of the big youtuber so bad (like fred, shane, ijustine, 3x3, etc). but his content was so fucking boring and lazy. he just read the reddit frontpage and that was it. IT WAS SO BAD. but now people take him like this super legit news source and everyone circlejerks about how great he is. like? he's being doing those shitty clickbait things and giving shallow news feed since the beginning of time. who gives a fuck?! he's not talented or smart because of it!

No. 263056

Not really, since he's become an adult and parent he's been out of drama and sticking to himself. He hangs out with other cows like the GameGrumps sometimes but that's about it.

No. 263066

wait, when was it? would you mind giving me some links?

No. 263088

wait, so she was responsible and gave a pet to someone who could take better care of it? and that's a big deal?

No. 263090

Not that anon but It was super far back I think late last year and was a post on his Facebook. I also think (but my memory is foggy on it) that someone pointed out somewhere Matt and Ryan didn't want anyone bringing up Mark during their first liveshow.

Sorry I can't find it right now but it might show up if you google markiplier Matt and ryan

No. 263096

File: 1488628668081.png (225.02 KB, 829x365, debate.PNG)


That time Repzion faked the whole "I never wanted to debate Onion"
Nothing I know otherwise or really give a shit about

No. 263566

IMO he seems like a genuinely nice guy with the standard faults most ordinary people have.

I can see him not being a very stellar friend because he does strike me as a kind of introverted dude when he's not forcing it for his channel and social interactions. Almost like his bubbly performances are hiding a secret side to his personality. He seems like the type to want to cling onto someone in a relationship and struggle with balancing other people in his life. If dating dumb girls who were like four or five years younger than him is the worst he's done, then he ain't so bad in my book.

I honestly had no idea there was any kind of dirt on him until I read his thread. Bf and I love his letsplay stuff and we're both mid 20s. We can't (and kinda don't want to) accumulate new games and consoles. After work we just like to sit back on our computers and watch Mark make an ass of himself over vidya.

Sage for blog.

No. 263606

his ex revealed he loved really aggressive sex LOL introverted but certainly not vanilla

No. 263608

I can see how people would get upset if it was hardcore fetish stuff, but that's pretty normie-tier desu.

No. 263619

She did? Do you have caps?

No. 263644

What about the whole thing that happened with 'Markiplier's heroes'?

No. 263804

And his review on Zootopia? And the fact the whole audience was furries? He definitely sold me on hating them.

No. 263855

He seems to dislike a lot of other furries. I remember him complaining during a stream one time because he downloaded a furry dating app and every profile was like "ecks dee so randum" bullshit and he realized that this was his dating pool and he was basically fucked.

No. 263937

File: 1488751972674.png (111.28 KB, 750x570, IMG_0109.PNG)

thanks a lot, anon, i found it! if anyone's interested, here's the fb post:
he basically admits he was a dick to ryan and matt and bawws a little.

honestly, mark strikes me as a person who is really nice to people he doesn't really know but super mean to his friends - like, in a joke way, but really crosses the line sometimes. and the way he always changes his friend squad… first he was buds with bob and wade, then jacksepticeye, later ryan and matt and now he hangs out with those dudes who made a date with markiplier with him. there's a chance i'm just making shit up, but it seems he's not that stable in terms of friendship. or maybe i'm just an autist and it's all normal.

No. 263959

Agree, at worst he just seems kinda fake these days with his weirdish laugh.

so what if he forget about his friends once he gets a girl in his life ? One of my best friend does the exact same thing but honestly he's a great friend otherwise. Nobody is a perfect angel, maybe Mark's only fault is to try to project that angelic image of himself to his fans.

No. 263974

File: 1488757562138.png (101.77 KB, 1049x937, Screenshot_2017-03-06-00-44-39…)

Mrrepzion approves of bestiality so thats kind of horrible

No. 263989

In Mark's draw my life he mentioned he had a huge falling out with his mom over a girlfriend. Anyone know the deets on that?

No. 264072

When I first saw her I thought she was asian lol atleast she was more belivable looking than that ahripop trash

No. 264073

haha this guy is such a pussy

No. 264074

this the guy who put a banana in his ass

No. 264076

every one in a while i look his shit up and feel good

No. 264100

I think it's a mix of being introverted but also having a fuck ton of money. I would have a lot more sympathy for him if not for he dated one of his moderators and allowed his ex to bully others.

No. 264209

I'm trying to watch the new cr1tikal video, but his voice is so disconnected from his face in my head that it feels weird. I thought he would be ugly but he's actually pretty hot. He's the hottest and least douchey vidya youtuber out there. He's the only one that seems like a genuinely good person except pewdiepie. Sage for thirst.

No. 264258

ew, what the fuck!

No. 264262

This might bring you satisfaction and keks. Emetophobia warning.

No. 264265

Definitely one of the chilliest you tubers out there next to vinny from vinesauce

No. 264283

speaking of vinesauce, does anyone know if joel has done any stupid shit that people should know about? ive tried googling it, but all of it is about vinny being ~problematic~

sage for non-contribution

No. 264296

I've known what he looks like for a while because his snapchat and instagram are public, but seeing his face on his actual channel is so surreal.

No. 264301

Never thought I'd see Vinny posted here. I stopped following him around the end of Tomodachi Life, it just seemed like he was getting annoyed with video games. Put in no effort in trying to play, got angry pretty quickly. He's still one of my favorite streamers though.
Have you heard anything? There's nothing on Joel that I know of, I remember once in a stream he said something about wanting to make friends, but they seemed more concerned with his Twitch presence than actually wanting to be good friends. Haven't been keeping up with him either, he just plays games I'm not interested in.

Videogamedunkey is probably my favorite video game player, but his girlfriend annoys me. I mean, even if it might be her real voice, it's still really distracting.

No. 264329

I know there was a rumor on /v/ about him drunkingly leaking vinny's phone number during a stream and both of them falling out but i never saw any proof.

I know geepm is kicked off for a year for asking for money from fans to move while spending abunch of money on useless shit. That's the only thing I ever found proof of


No. 264454

I used to like cr1tikal until he started inserting himself into other youtuber's drama, I thought he was above that but guess not

Vinny and Joel and the rest of the vinesauce crew are really chill and to themselves, I've never heard any drama from them. Just dudes playing games

No. 264472

He made some dumb otherkin joke or something like a year ago and pissed off some Tumblrinas, but other than that he hasn't done anything too stupid

No. 265408

is it true that Marzia was a camwhore? There is a gif in ED with a girl who looks a lot like her, may be just trolling

No. 265542

The girl in the gif has bigger tits than Marzia.

No. 265607

I thought so too and did some digging, Marzia is as pure as pure can be. Kind of surprising actually.

No. 265807


holy shit what a creep.

No. 265808


this guy has so much dirt for someone so unpopular

No. 265880

God I'm having flashbacks to that horribly detailed dog fucking post in the incel thread. Someone throw this freak off of a cliff.

No. 267529


The problem is, that theory doesn't really add up.

Mark is indeed a perfectionist. No denying that.

Matt and Ryan are hilariously incompetent at their jobs. Game Grumps uploads are often out of schedule, tons of audio errors, they left the recording room so fucking messy Ross and Barry literally called them in during a recording session to tell them off. Matt then went off in a fucking huff to stew, rather than apologise or explain. They get in retarded arguments on twitter, right when uploads go screwy.

They are so fucking LUCKY Arin does not give a single fuck, because I cannot think of anywhere else that would tolerate this fucketry. This month alone they've had, what, four upload scheduling errors? That's hours worth of revenue gone. Revenue they need to pay the bills.

No. 267537

Wait, that sped sounding girl with the annoying voice is his gf? I honestly thought it was his retarded little sister something.

This, also didn't Mark wind up hiring more friends to work for him (Tyler, for example)? If he really didn't think he could separate friendship and work relationship, wouldn't that be a terrible move? Between that and the issues Matt and Ryan are having at GG, it sounds like it's more they're the ones at fault.

No. 267559

File: 1489248586365.png (23.57 KB, 582x244, ee4220e31565d6651e02f266619f4c…)

If anyone's interested, Kathleen Zuelch, formerly of RoosterTeeth, completely lost her shit on International Women's Day

She publicly accused Ashley Jenkins (formerly a Frag Girl, employee of IGN, and employee of Microsoft, current host of The Know) of only getting her job because she's dating the owner (see qualifications) and then drunkenly went off about how no one know's the full story.

http://imgur.com/a/TSuq2 (read bottom to top)

No. 267572

She is so assblasted about it.

No. 267642

So it wasn't Marzia? Who was it?

No. 267751

Holy shit the Mark stans in this thread. Mark's much faker than Felix or Sean, trying to make audience see him as a saint while almost all of his friends 'joke' all the time about how much of an asshole he really is. There's gotta be a grain of salt in all of that huh? He's a pretty good manipulator too, he will always make you sympathize and feel for him. I just hate how double-faced he is. I guess it's his persona to be like the nicest guy you will ever get to meet, but having that kinda thing going on while actually being kinda douchey just makes me cringe.
Haven't heard anything bad about his gf though, she seems kinda nice.

Felix is pretty dishonest and tries to fit in with the edgy crowd right now with his content going to shit. Clickbaits, reaction videos, shitty games, drama bandwagons and challenges. He seems like an okay but a very money-oriented person to me. His sense of humor is pretty bad though.

I haven't really heard anything bad about Sean yet aside from the whole WSJ drama backstabbing thing. I agreed with him on that matter (Felix went a bit too far and the joke wasn't funny, also Disney has every right to distance themselves) and didn't think of it as a backstabbing, rather just voicing his opinion and disagreeing with a friend but I also agree he should have said those things privately. Not publicly like this.
Aside from that, his friends seem to like him and he seems kinda okay? Youtubers are always saying how nice and genuine he is. Which strikes me weird since he seems pretty socially awkward to me.
His loud and childish videos are hard for me to watch but I guess I'm not his target audience.

No. 268009

I meant a grain of truth, not salt. Sorry.

No. 268053

anyone got any opinions about the british youtuber crew? i feel like they (zoella, alfie, charlie mcdonell, etc) enjoyed their fame from 2009-2014 and now they're slowly dying out. or at the very least being replaced by fresher models.

i had a nostalgic reread of the youtube sexual assault drama back in 2014 and pretty much everyone suspected of assault immediately lost views and subs (except onision, obv).

No. 268100


Hi Matt and/or Ryan. Don't you have a schedule to fuck up? Again?

No. 268139

I watch Vinesauce quite a bit and don't really think they've done anything stupid. There have been a few times where they've said "non-PC" shit that has pissed off some Tumblr fans, but there's nothing wrong with cracking a joke about identifying as an attack helicopter unless you're a pussy.

Even when Vinny, Joel, and some of the others from Vinesauce caught wind that fans on Tumblr were writing gay fanfics about them and drawing gross shit, they just kind of said "ok guys, that makes us uncomfortable, please stop" and that was it.

Really chill, nice guys seriously.

No. 268146

>money hungry

lol are you serious? he's a fucking millionaire yet is extremely frugal. his parents are CEOs, he knows how to handle money without fucking it up. the reason his "content is going to shit" is because he legit does not care about anything anymore because nothing can hurt him. he was dropped by disney and revelmode, so what? he still has a shit ton of money in the bank. the whole "oh plz turn off adblock lol" thing he does is a joke.

imo, felix is definitely the most honest and genuine youtube i've ever watched

No. 268150

Seriously. When YouTube was/is going to shit and killing channels with their random changes that hurt creators by not alerting subscribers to updates, changing how the front page works, etc., Felix was up front about how he was making this known for struggling creators or people who relied on jewtube for their income and that he was no longer in that demographic. Pewds can quit anytime he wants to, he's saved carefully and he's set for life. People have only come out in support of him because the media campaign against him was borderline libel, shoddy journalism and unfair.

No. 268152


This is why it's no fun to talk about the Martyr of YouTube. No matter what you say they'll always be someone behind him sucking on his asshole.

I agree with >>267751 about Mark. He seems disingenuous. The line between who he is and who his fan want him to be blurred a long time ago. I'm not saying he's a bad person but I definitely think there's a front up now that makes his personality feel artificial.

No. 268158

This. He's realized and acknowledged he is in a unique position that he is able to confront youtube and the media without having to face dire consequences. Small time youtubers don't have that option if they want to survive, but Felix knows he's untouchable so he steps up to expose when shady/stupid shit is going down. He's obviously really intelligent, and part of his humor is that he knows his humor is completely retarded.

On the subject of Markiplier, since him and Felix have done stuff together in the past, I have a feeling he is a douche off camera/irl. I don't think him and Felix get along possibly, as Felix is clearly good friends with Jacksepticeye and other youtubers he's worked with, but I don't see any kind of real connection between him and Mark. Makes you wonder why, when Felix gets along with seemingly everyone.

No. 268184

This is neither of them. It's not whiny and defensive enough. Also Matt is in Japan and Ryan is either high or asleep.

Mark is a huge fraud. He hid his previous girlfriend's existence and was trying to do the same with his current one until (I assume) she put her foot down and smashed the illusion of him being Youtube's most eligible bachelor. He panders to his audience by lamenting about how he misses interacting with them and then makes no effort to actually interact with them. IIRC, he left his ex(who he was keeping secret) to have a panic attack alone in a hotel while he went off to enjoy a con.

it's also telling that at this stage of his youtube fame the only "friends" that he has are the ones benefiting from him financially.

No. 268193

Not money hungry.
Money oriented. He's a smart person when it comes to staying popular on YouTube.

No. 268206


As I recall, she only came out as Mark's girlfriend because someone on twitter took a picture with the both of them and captioned the picture 'met Mark and his gf' or some shit. Before that there were pictures of them together and other sloppy hints that he NEVER addressed. Hell, he's never addressed it. He stayed quiet until he figured that everyone knew and the hype around Amy died down, then she just started showing up in streams and in pictures.
He really, REALLY wanted to keep the illusion of singlehood going. I get wanting privacy but the way he went about it was just shady.

No. 268214

>He hid his previous girlfriend's existence

Because of his genuinely insane fanbase. He's had people show up at his house, send threats to previous girlfriends, had extensive threads on multiple chans dedicated to cataloging every moment of his life.

No. 268219

>it's no fun to talk about the Martyr of YouTube.

Every piece of evidence of his "crimes" is either he said she said bullshit, or based on his interactions with Matt and Ryan, who got publicly upbraided for leaving a shared working area like a pigsty and have consistently demonstrated their incompetence at incredibly basic stuff, like how to work a scheduler. They fucked up the Grumps Course uploads so badly this week that eventually they just said "fuck it" and left it as is. The wrong video went live, was taken down, then the same video went live at the wrong time, so now those two videos are noticeably out of order, since the actual first video was Dan and Arin talking about getting back in the series.

No. 268220

We are not talking about crimes. It's nothing serious.

Just that he's probably a douche putting up an angel-like persona. Did you see how he acted in some of the live streams? He absolutely acts very differently irl and to his friends than what he pretends to be like in his solo videos.

You might find it okay, some people find it kinda shady and fake.

No. 268268

>Ross and Barry literally called them in during a recording session to tell them off. Matt then went off in a fucking huff to stew, rather than apologise or explain. They get in retarded arguments on twitter, right when uploads go screwy.

Do you have links/caps or a time line so I can gather this information?

No. 268270

No. 268273

Chans? More like gossipguru, even then the information was publicly available. Ftr he has only had 1 gf since he started youtube and that ended badly (there was a brief period he could not be home because his ex was there and he slept/recorded at the game grump's HQ)

No. 268275

I do think Mark seems like a dick to his friends. It was most noticeable in the older Spore videos with Tyler and someone else. He was very douchey to them and was definitely one of those people who had to be in control the whole time, snatching the controller, etc and not in the way you'd be an asshole with your friends, but in a controlling way. It was a weird disconnect with his usual charming solo LPs.

That said, I think the Matt/Ryan fiasco had more to do with them than Mark. I bet he was a dick, maybe unprofessional to them when they sucked, but I bet they were ass at their job because they still are at GG, they just get away with it cuz Arin's a potato.

No. 268295

the funny thing is, the only person who defends him on this is his ex and his current gf. His current GF also likes to lurk GG and, I assume, now lolcow.

No. 268310

Yeah I agree with you.

That said, I kinda hope he is just bad at interacting with his friends and not being seemingly a dick on a purpose.
His solo-lps are still enjoyable to me from time to time but I just take all these youtuber personas with a grain of salt now.

No. 268365

Markiplier's videos were a fucking mess when Ryan and Matt were around. I'm glad they fucked off. Also Matt used to creep me out because I got the very strong impression from him that he didn't give a fuck when Daniel died.

Also don't blame Mark for not telling his fanbase shit. They freaked out over the radio silence when Dan died, they harassed his insurance company when Mark was in hospital, and they think they're actually his friends. Fucking nuts.

No. 268546

but why would he care about Daniel's death? He only knew him because Mark wanted to buy some friends. He didn't have the connection to him that Ryan had. Also, didn't he know him, like, for less than a year before he killed himself?

Yeah, Mark's fan base is very much insane. Realize that Mark never calls them out or blocks the insane people. Instead he tells them that they're all his bffs and that he cares about every single one of their farts.

No. 268589

> they harassed his insurance company when Mark was in hospital

What? Why would they

No. 268617


Happened 2 years ago now, but I managed to unearth the tweet via Google: https://twitter.com/markiplier/status/580118739443707904?lang=en

He was in hospital for some shit and I guess there was an issue with his insurance. People freaked the fuck out, tweeting the fuck out of his insurance company (outside of the linked thread/@ replies).

It got resolved, so his fans patted themselves on the back like they helped, when in reality it was some easily resolved admin error or something.

No. 268619

tbh he maybe shouldn't have tweeted that on his markiplier account. like what the fuck did he think would happen?

No. 268624

Totally agree, I'm just saying that his fans are weird. Also he definitely did it for attention. I'm pretty sure a phone call would get him a better answer to his question.

No. 268761

lol I fucking hate when youtubers do this shit. You know other people in the same situation will be ignored in favour of the one with the fans spamming them.

No. 268892

Why would he do this publicly instead of calling his insurance personally first to get it settled? Fucking retard

No. 269003

I guess so that his eloquent and mature fanbase can help him out.

Oh wait, they just spammed them. Guess he had to make that phone call after all.

No. 269047

>He said that JewWario (youtuber who killed himself years ago)
What the hell, I had no idea that happened. Channel Awesome has been nothing but a hilarious trainwreck of a bunch of ugly nerds going through their midlife crisis' but that's just sad.

No. 269217


i know! everyone was so autistic, it used to be super entertaining. and yeah they were all SO ugly omg.

anyway, everyone involved in Channel Awesome seemed super upset about it too. the worst is how he died, he killed himself. (i might be remembering this wrong) but i remember hearing a story about how JewWario's wife was crying and trying to talk to him but he locked himself in the bathroom and refused to get help. then he died. gruesome stuff.

No. 269224

File: 1489460658662.png (344.43 KB, 419x420, jon rn.png)


>Jontron - shitty videogames and sometimes shitty movies reviewer

So earlier this year he got into some controversy on twitter for mocking the Women's march http://www.wetheunicorns.com/news/jon-tron-womens-march-twitter-sexist-jontron/ He got some heat for a few days and everything went back to normal. This is easy for him, because he hardly uploads videos. i liked his content, but he's not nearly as good anymore and he keeps hiding videos instead of uploading more.

today he's been getting into more controversy. On a stream debate with Destiny he got destroyed (imo). Here are some of the things that Jontron said in the stream

- Foreigners dilute the gene pool
- Black crime in America is the same as in Africa (like, he fuckin' brought this up TWICE)
- Racial issues can be summed up via mixing different colors of paint
- Statistical data means nothing because Clinton lost the election
- Destiny wants to kill black people
- Black Lives Matter is a violent organization
- the richest black man commits more crimes than the poorest white man
- Tribalism is a valid theory
- Immigrants are destroying every single country they are let into
- America is gonna become Mexico
- Racism is over / Discrimination doesn't exist anymore.
- Muslims are organizing to make it seem like Christians are protesting abortion clinics
- Irish settlers to North America were not prejudiced against; that was a myth
- Discrimination does not exist in modern-day America (meanwhile he discriminates in this video)
- Pure America is white European settlers (barely any consideration given to Native Americans)
- All of Europe is the same
- Social demographics and upbringing don't play any part in crime rates
- Japan is the gold standard for a racially pure country. (cause this is something we need or something…)
- kek at the end of the strem he said something like "RIP my career"

more recap http://www.wetheunicorns.com/news/jon-tron-womens-march-twitter-sexist-jontron/

No. 269225


shit, this was the second link


it has screenshots and shit

No. 269227


do you like…. watch his videos? at all? i don't even know where to begin. i stalked his reddit a long time ago and its all that he posted about. if you watch any of his reviews onn music (the only ones i liked) he goes on dumb tangents complaining about feminism and how "OH BUT IF A MAN SANG THIS…" etc. all the fucking time

its not like i called him a racist or an alt right, dude. i just said he's clearly against tumblr/sjw/feminism in general, because he complains about those things…literally all the time. the fuck you are on.

No. 269250

this is depressing

first game grump's suzy and arin say nigger and hate black people and now jons fucking retarded

No. 269253


He's mostly right tho

No. 269263

It's going to be hard for people to work with Johntron. You know how the internet does 'guilty by association'. If you hang out with a bigot then people are going to assume you're one too.

No. 269267

You don't just get raped by an animal. It's not something that happens by accident. Like, 'I was just taking a shower and fell on a horse's dick'

No. 269309

Jon is cool, his views are pretty damn central so idk why everybody is calling him a neonazi

No. 269321

jesus christ

No. 269328

I mean… I know lots of people on the internet jump to buzzwords and labels such as "racist", "neonazi", etc., but you (collective, not you personally) do really lose that kind of defense that you "[aren't] a NeoNazi" once you (i.e. people like JonTron) are publishing XYZ views out for the public to see if neonazis themselves are saying "hey, this guy's great since he understands us", you know?

No. 269335

I feel a bit bad but … I agree to a certain point. I feel like Jon has just a stupid way of bringing his points in a joking/sarcastic manner that makes it sounds dumb.

I'm certainly no neo-nazi but is it wrong to question certains things ? Why is it that we coddle PoC but ignore white countries even if they're doing economically worse ?
Why is it ok that Japan keeps on being pure and traditionnal but it's not ok to say that if I want to travel to France or Germany in the future, I want it to look like France and Germany not Iran ?

Maybe it's privileged of me but if I travel to another country I don't want it to look and feel like my home country. And even if mine isn't doing so great right now I still feel proud of it and would rather work hard to make it better than to flee to boat and settle to a completly different one without any will to adapt to the culture.

No. 269337

yeah I know, sieg heil amirite

No. 269340


you do realize that in a lot of the countries that people are fleeing from that they don't have the opportunity to make it better at all? like their only options are pretty much to flee or die. they don't want to give up everything they know and love either and would rather stay if that were even an option.

No. 269342

He is dumb as a fucking rock and so are the people defending his views

>muh racially pure japan!!!!

jesus christ

No. 269346

Jontron, when presented with statistical data and facts, "I do not subscribe to that."


No. 269349

Not sure if this fits here but do you guys have an opinion about simplynailogical?

I actually love Cristine, but I like her old videos better. I feel like recently she acts a lot like a female pewdiepie and I wish she would just go back acting like she did before when she was still more herself. Maybe I am also just imagining things because I watch too much pewds.

No. 269350

linked the video wrong

No. 269358

I obviously understand, although a lot of immigrants are NOT refugees, they're just hoping on the very literal bandwagon to a flee a poor country, but are not in danger.
I obviously value human life above everything but it'd be deluded to not realise that a ton of them are in no danger. And it's cool to move to another country, that's pretty great to be able to do that in today's world, but what's the point if it's just because your own is piss poor and you just want to reap the benefits of your new homeplace whilst not adapting one bit to the new culture ?

Funny thing is they also snub the poorest but safe european countries to go to England. Isn't the top priority protecting your life ? So a lot of them are too good to relocate to various countries but those same europeans would be seen as leeches if they did the same thing.

No. 269363

I felt the same way. She felt the need to defend him too, and recently she started making her videos like his. Even the thumbnails look like they were edited by PewDiePie.

No. 269365

She is annoying and her fans even more so. "holosexual" makes me cringe so bad

No. 269367

Yeah I don't like her new videos either. I know she got notoriety for being "the funny nail art channel" but now it's just comedy videos with some nail theme and when she does nail art it isn't even good anymore, it's just decals and holo.

No. 269389

she fucking thinks JeffStar is a good person, Cristine is dead to me

No. 269403

Yeah I cringed hard when she kept siding with him and being catty on twitter and then when people called her out she pretended she didn't know/stayed out of drama.

I hate people like that, that hide behind some fake personality to pretend they're innocent. Her thing is the whole "oh I'm Canadian we're just SO NICE we're never actually mean!!! Everyone is so naive here in Canadaland!!" Which is such bullshit

No. 269443

I think she has no idea what to do with herself when she can't make straight-up nail tutorials. Can't wait till her nail heals jeez
Also while I do enjoy her personality on yt since it's WAY livelier than other nail artists, I feel like she'd become obnoxious real fast irl

No. 269444

Wait, isn't Jon himself like half-Iranian? Son of immigrants? Does he suffer from internalized self-hatred or what??

Is he saying that he himself is ruining America???

No. 269454

He's half Iranian and half Hungarian. Basically because he's white passing he thinks he's completely white and that's that.

No. 269455

If he actually said all that, reddit is retarded for focusing on the 'the richest black man commits more crimes than the poorest white man' point. At least he thought that was fact. The rest is just offensive opinions/conspiracy theories he made up.

>Black Lives Matter is a violent organization

yeah that's true

No. 269526

There's plenty of immigrants or kids of immigrants who don't agree with illegaly entering the country or not adaptating to a new culture/lifestyle.

It's always been obvious he isn't 100% white but maybe he sees himself more like a white american ?

No. 269528

how is his race relevant to his political alignment?

No. 269532

because we live in an age of SJW and if you can pass for some sort of victimized brown person you can say whatever you want!

No. 269533


If anything he's probably had a first hand view of some of the things he's bitching about and didn't like it. Just because you're half brown doesn't mean you have to agree with bullshit, even if it's committed by other brownies.

No. 269535

No. 269565

Because he is the son of immigrants advocating for no more immigrants.

No. 269589

File: 1489513183644.jpg (25.4 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

First, there was pixyteri.

Then, there was Dakota Rose.

It wasn't enough.

The global population was evaporating like oil over a flame. Our women had no milk for their children. The men had no steak to roast. In a new Earth ravaged by drought, the UN Agricultural Crisis Response Council enlisted the world's top geneticists to splice and engineer a cow so of such unholy depravity that the cow nation would never again thirst for milk

They gave us

BabyZelda ASMR Gamer Girl

No. 269592

When discussing immigration in the broad context of a nations health and prosperity it's only right to keep personal bias out of the conversation.

"internalized self hatred" is really shitty deflection leftists use to invalidate non-liberal minorities. It's patronizing and racist and not a good counter-argument.

No. 269593

Realized I probably shouldve included an actual video instead of a still

No. 269672

Pewdiepie made a video bitching about scare pewdiepie being cancelled, which I guess is fair. Only he takes zero blame and puts it all on youtube itself. They probably shouldn't have done that, but it's not like they did if it for no reason.

No. 269674

She's got a myfreecams where she does hideous porn.

Why people would watch it is incomprehensible, except as some kind of avant garde horror experience

No. 269676

Stop self posting camwhore

No. 269688

he didn't bitch about it, he said he understood why they did it and had the right to do so and he said he wished WSJ would have come up to him before contacting YouTube

No. 269713

People keep saying Pewdiepie is smart and a youtube martyr but they forget that time pewdiepie went after a fucking 5 year old with no evidence, and accused them of buying views

The real reason why the 5 year old has so many views is discussed here:

How is pewdiepie any different from the WSJ? Fucking hypocrite

No. 269722

My guy, if you have watched even half of one of her videos you would know that my post >>269589 is not remotely indicative of her diction or syntax

This isn't surprising at all. Her youtube vids are basically camgirling without any gash flashing

No. 269731

Plus he has a valid point of it being shitty for them to punish an entire crew of people, not just him. Obviously the one that got shot already had everyone paid but he said the office that he got was using a bottom floor to convert it to another season and so all of those guys lost their jobs. If anything they could've passed the torch or used his company overall and had like, Jack be the lead that season or something.

No. 269777

I'm talking about his newest video where he said none of that other than other people worked on it. He just said it's stupid and that's it. Perhaps if he cared that much, say sorry to those people?

No. 270107


she thinks she's way funnier than she actually is. her humour is childish as hell imo, so its weird seeing a grown ass woman making the "jokes" she makes.


when she first started she tried to be a lot like Jenna Marbles, and that was fine. But now i do think she's trying that edgy youtuber humour. Also, i don't like any of these youtubers but pewdiepie, jenna, h3h3, and everyone that she imitates is funnier than her. i remember when she did a parody song of Hello by Adele, but instead she sang "i'm coming out… as a holosexuaaaal!!" it was fucking worst.

her fans are all like 12 so they're eating that shit up. but holy shit she's bad.

No. 270109

lol watch the video, he goes after the kid's Mum. Not the 5 year old himself.

No. 270258

Even so, he made a claim that was completely false and easily verifiable through logic

Why was he so #triggered that a channel has more views than him that he had to make a video about it?
Sure -LOL SATIRE XD but the fact he had the thought in the first place shows it did, in fact, bother him

No. 270400

File: 1489622327330.jpg (23.69 KB, 610x604, 2067093_orig.jpg)

Surprised no one mentioned Dan and Phil yet. I'm still shocked people in 2017 honestly think they're straight though. They've been "roommates" for like a decade.

I guess I'm just waiting until they eventually come out when their channel starts to die and they need views.

I'm not that much younger than Dan so he's kind of "relatable" but his content is mostly for 12 year old lol randum xD middle schoolers.

No. 270409

Wow, gross assumption there. If an adult dude lives with his mum does that mean they fuck, too?

No. 270411

Monetization of YouTube was a mistake.
Methinks half of these entitled cunts wouldn't be starting most shit today if they weren't being paid money to have people watch them drive a digital thumb up Sanic's ass.

No. 270415

Yes? What a redundant question, the rent has to be paid somehow.

No. 270419


No. 270448

Honestly i don't think they're a couple

No. 270466

If youtube wasn't monetized, some of my favorite internet series probably wouldn't exist, though.

No. 270522

I doubt they're a couple and they're actually pretty chill dudes even if you don't like/watch their content.

No. 270556

I don't think it was like against just that singular channel, I think it was a rant about how popular child star channels are just now and how it's pretty much extorting your kids for money.

No. 270589

I am a fan of theirs, I always assumed they were dating. Doesn't effect their content if they don't but they give off that impression.

No. 270590

i dont know anon, im starting to think the world would be a lot better if people like jontron would stop existing

No. 270592

That would be true if she showed other popular child star channels but he focused solely on one channel. That video of his is no different from ricegum or leafy's "diss videos"

No. 270653

Well, looking at their old tweets and messages, I absolutely think they used to be a couple as a part of their emo phase and broke up when they grew out of it.

As for some milk, I know that Dan used to be one hell of a weirdo stalker. He basically inserted himself into Phil's life after being obsessed with his videos. He even made this 'how to become friends with your favourite youtuber' video ages ago. I heard he sent Phil his hair or something equally creepy but I'm not that sure about it. Now he's denying even being a fan of Phil before their met. Or idk, he claims something different every time anyone asks him.
He also used to take bunch of cringy naked photos (with his private parts obscured by plushies or a controller for example). They are really funny.

Nothing really noteworthy about Phil, he is just weird, his face is weird, his hair is weird and his cutesy act comes off creepy as hell. He's 30 and acts like an anime girl.

They have given up on creating any quality content and just queerbait now, they know the fangirls will analyze every second of any video to find a proof of their relationship. That's what makes them money.
Honestly they are so robotic and scripted now that it hurts to watch them. I think they are ultimate sellouts of YouTube too.

No. 270665

File: 1489653007704.jpg (201.45 KB, 1132x457, maxresdefault.jpg)

i watched phil from before when he met dan and he was a dodgier, less "uwu i love cakes and doggies!!" type of person. nothing illegal or immoral but he flirted with fans and smaller youtubers a lot, pretty much all of them being 17/18, met a lot of them and doubt he wasnt fucking around the uk youtube scene in 2008. he still weirds me out sometimes with his weird child act. and he started the trend about lying about how he and dan met and stuff, and now just ignores it.

dan was a massive attention whore when he was like 18 (pretty sure he never sent anyone hair) and was generally a typical uk emo in 2009. he seemed by 2012 like he grew out of it but the fans didnt like him not being a scene teenager so hes now gone back to acting like he still likes emo bands from 10 years ago when he admitted not long ago that he hasnt been into them in years kek

theyre husks of what they were a few years ago, barely make content and when they do it takes less effort than the challenge videos they constantly laugh at, massive weeaboos who sell tshirts with pictures of japan on them because its like "their thing" and still denying that they totally dated, if they dont still. theyre both bisexual anyway.

last really big thing i heard about them since i gave up years ago was that they brought out a game app which cost like £2 and was a complete copy of a board game they actually own and have played together in videos. if you added up everything theyve done over the last 8/9 years they'd probably fit in on /snow/ but they're usually just boring

No. 271083

File: 1489714743357.jpg (23.92 KB, 400x320, shiggydiggyinthequeerbait.jpg)

I don't know what you're talking about >>270653 , you don't make your friends Valentine's videos where you tell them you love them and draw pictures of you two kissing? That is completely heterosexual.

In all honesty, even without that video, it's pretty obvious.

Recently, they had a worldwide tour and really overdid it with the shitty tour and spon videos. They pretty much only make one good video a year at this point. It really is sad that the only thing they have going for them is the "mystery" and pretty much nothing else.

That said, they're actually cool people and I like them when they aren't robots.

No. 271109

It's extremely obvious that they're just pandering to their tween fanbase. Most of the people that grew up with them don't watch them anymore, but the cycles of teen girls starting to watch youtube never ends, so their cashcow never really ends as long as they keep pandering to teen sensibilities. Their big selling point is also pandering to essentially fujos with the whole "are they aren't they" thing, since you know teens aren't nearly as interested as soon as it's a confirmed gay.

Look at all these other gay youtubers. Yeah they have teen girl fans, but they're nowhere near as fervent as the Dan and Phil fans.

No. 271143

that is some serious projection there, plus autism. how can you not tell hes not serious about anything other than the fact he thinks parents who exploit their kids are shitty?

No. 271146

wait to not watch the whole video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zk4foqmpMHg

at 4:15 he does indeed talk about how other people worked on it

>so many other people worked on the show

> their work doesnt get to be out there

he talks about how jack was heavily featured, and that there was a different guest each episode, how there were 10 other youtubers who were in it.

No. 271150

Now you're sounding like a pewdie stan.

If you really think grown adults fighting 5 year olds is okay then sure. You're a retard, they're all retards, Retards pitted against each other, nice.

No. 271151

I like how he didn't take any blame for it. They don't get to show their work BECAUSE of your shitty behavior.

Why do youtubers think they are benign to criticism like celebrities are? smfh

No. 271160

Uh, obviously not. But those two seem gay as fuck, are you blind?

No. 271291

I absolutely agree.
Also Felix stans are crazy in this thread.
Sure, his content being shitty, faking reactions in every vid while preaching about other people being fake and him using clickbaits all the time is only a 'satire' and a 'commentary' about what's happening to YouTube. Do you really believe that?

And now he fucked up and can't own to it and victimises himself like crazy.

No. 271522


No. 271586

I said that was the thing he mentioned. Can you read?

No. 271599

>Surprised no one mentioned Dan and Phil yet. I'm still shocked people in 2017 honestly think they're straight though. They've been "roommates" for like a decade.

You sound like the retarded fans on tumblr who write fanfics about them fucking

No. 271600

there was no fangirling in their post though, you're jumping the gun

No. 273147

What about Jacksfilms? Is he really as fucking clean as he seems to be?

No. 273163

Other than making content of fan comments, something he mocked RWJ for and having sponsorships at the end of every single video, at the expense of the content (one time the sponsorship literally took up half the video), he seems fine.

No. 273295

He really doesn't have any drama (or at least anything notable). I guess you could argue that he's had shit friends but tbh he's part of the oldfag crew and they basically know/hung out with everyone who has been a content creator for years (cyr, shaycarl, charlestrippy, tobuscus, etc.) He's smart about not collabing with them anymore once they usually have drama, and is private enough that you're not really sure who his actual friends are vs his 'they're in my video for views' friends.

Personally the one thing I'm not a big fan of but it could be that I misunderstood the video was the one where he reacts to the guy reacting to him? It seemed weirdly cruel and not really his brand of humour. Maybe the guy was in on it though or something.

No. 273299

Maybe I'm being nitpicky but does anyone else find the top female youtubers to be immensely dumb? Like they live in little bubbles and don't follow fucking anything? Liza Koshy, Superwoman, Jenna Marbles, etc. Whenever I watch their vlogs or see them featured in a video they make these idiotic comments that I genuinely don't understand how someone in their 20s can say it. (Not knowing how basic things work, acting like they don't know/follow current events, sticking to the same foods/brands constantly like it would kill them to try something new)

No. 273341

I think everyone you listed except Jenna Marbles is what you described. Jenna kind of does her own thing and at most is usually satrical

No. 273363

Honestly, Jenna marbles seems like one of the few genuine female youtubers out there. She's been around since the beginning and hasn't caused drama or kissed anyone's ass for views. I like her.

No. 273446

I love Jenna Marbles; she and her boyfriend are two of the only yters I can stand to keep up with on a daily basis. s

No. 273457

I didn't find Jenna's content funny when she first started but her latest stuff i find hilarious. She's a great person who is actually funny and creative and doesn't rely on stupid shit or clickbait for views, she just comes up with funny shit. I really respect that. I find her BF a little annoying but overall way better than most YTers.

She pretty much just spends her time home in her pajamas with her dogs. Nothing wrong with that. Drama free and chill.

No. 273499

If you listen to their podcasts, she's actually pretty intelligent. Or, at least is knowledgeable in a lot of things. Her bf's hair choices annoy me, but I like the two of them

No. 273553

Top male and female youtubers are dumb tbh.
Guy youtubers rely on offensive and crass humor, girls rely on relatable/sketch humor from what I've seen.
Guys end up being just burping cursing idiots and girls end up being cringy fakes.
Don't know what's worse.

No. 273578

I've watched Jenna Marbles since she started and she has chilled the fuck out over the years too…but yeah never have heard any drama related to her. Jenna Marbles is essentially a character she created for satire, anyways…so I hardly take the things she says as validation she's flakey/dumb.

No. 273886

this man is 30 years old dam

No. 273960

good lord this is embarrassing

No. 274018

i really have nothing to add here i just have always thought that mark has the most punchable face on earth. i've never understood the love for his looks.

No. 274019

Agreed. His face is the reason I've never seen any of his videos.

No. 274034

I can't stand these two. Why do they steal have 2005 teen boy hair??

No. 274050

It reminds me of those middle-aged women who just can't let go of their 80s hair from when they were in their prime.

No. 274066

File: 1490067985912.png (124.81 KB, 1224x1242, IMG_6338.PNG)

Dan has luckily stopped straightening his hair and wearing a side fringe and looks way better for it as well, this is from his most recent live show.

I think Phil is a lost cause at this stage, he's still trying to maintain his youth and connect with the fans when the fact is, he would probably be on ijustine's level right now if it weren't for Dan and the whole "phan" thing, so he doesn't touch his hair for how much his retarded fangirls love it.

No. 274091

She's smart and one of the only youtubers who is very for going to university compared to alot of other Youtubers attitude of FUCK EDUCATION, do what you love, Im fine!!! Which is silly as they are extremely fortunate to be in that situation. Jenna is also very down to earth and I liked her 300th video especially as it showed more of that side of her.

No. 274274

This dude's pretty much irrelevant now, but remember Bart Baker? He's followed me on Twitter twice now (unfollowing a few days after I didn't give him a followback).

No. 274291

Yeah he followed me too. I always thought his videos were kinda lame though well-produced.

No. 274942

File: 1490168984552.jpg (64.61 KB, 1527x959, maxresdefault.jpg)

What are your thoughts on Anna Akana?

I liked her after finding out about how she coped with her younger sister committing suicide. Since 2016 she got a boyfriend and all her content surrounded around promoting and inserting him into her content.

No. 274953

his videos still get a lot of views tho

No. 275009

Isn't that the exact same thing she did when she was in a relationship with Ray William Johnson?

No. 275109

her boyfriend hasn't been in a video for ages, what are you talking about

No. 275113

they recently broke up
however they did a show together, anna is releasing some skits on her youtube, ex is still appearing in them

No. 275195

Well I've stopped watching after the blatant dick lust but even you noticed how frequent he was in her content

No. 275293

Imagining Phil fucking around the YouTube scene makes me extremely uncomfortable.

He's so ugly. He should get a nose job. And a different haircut. And a different hair-dye, his ginger face is just weird with black hair. And he absolutely lacks a chin. His face goes straight to his neck. The back of his head is also really long for some reason. What's the deal with him? Why's he so deformed?
I don't know if it's possible for him to improve.

Also why the hell is every other comment on their vids 'Phil is so handsome today!!' 'Omg Phil is so beautiful!!'?
Am I blind and weird or are the fan girls blind?

No. 275404

File: 1490227844816.jpg (351.49 KB, 1332x544, ou87ih.jpg)

There's some evidence that he was supposedly fucking around with some glamour model named Alyssa Nicole Pallett in 2008. He went to visit her in New York and she recorded a video of them going to the zoo that's now private.

No. 275436

It's called being a Brit. They're all crooked and ugly, but I don't think he needs surgery. If he wants to, sure, but he's fine and hasn't had any issues with women so far. He has charm in his own way, like most guys who are gangly.

Save the super-demeaning physical-based aggression for Onision.

No. 275446

Everyone is fair game. This really isn't a fan site btw.

No. 275469

>It's called being a Brit. They're all crooked and ugly


No. 276366

The single glistening tear in the thumbnail.

No. 276375

'Feel bad for me, I'm such an honest emotional angel'


No. 276468

Any TL;DR I honestly can't go more then a minute on this, he talks so slow and is taking forever to get to the point

No. 276480

Basically, he's been doing YouTube for so long and he's reached such a point of success that he doesn't know where to go on. Feels like he doesn't deserve his success and guilty that there's a disconnect between him and his fans.

No. 276502

I think it's kinda sad how someone can have all the success in the world, get to the top, and suddenly lose sight of why they're there.
Happiness is so arbitrary man.

No. 276513

This happened a month or 2 ago but what do you guys think of Phil DeFranco essentially telling on an employee of some company because she tweeted something mean about him

No. 276515

Juvenile, but had the woman who tweeted had just used an account not linked to her company or real identity it could've been a bullet dodged.

It used to be a common rule to not post such risky stuff back in the day, I don't know what's changed.

No. 276571

I didn't see anything wrong with it, if you say stupid shit prepared to get backlash.

Famous or not, watch your mouth in public

No. 276638

Nah man, he just knows emotions and drama generate views.
His content is absolutely the same as it was before, how has he suddenly lost sight of anything? He used to play horror games and do stupid shit with friends and he still does. He even interacts with his fans more than like a year before. I'm convinced he's bullshiting, don't fall for it.
He loves to incoherently ramble while crying for views.

No. 276656

Oh yeah, and he frequently does charity livestreams too, more than ever before. And he also started making various sketches and songs, started taking singing lessons, acting lessons and so on. Plus like I said, he still makes the good old horror game and challenges videos. Hired new editors and manager. He really doesn't seem lost in his life or career or without a goal.

I would trust his existential crisis more if he didn't use that clickbaity thumbnail with that one glistening tear. That's why I absolutely think he's bullshiting. If he wasn't crying for money, he wouldn't put it in the thumbnail. He's selling his crying face.

No. 276847

but he's the one who disconnects from his fans? He doesn't interact with his fanbase at all or he starts to and then chucks that out the window and goes back to lps. Also, I don't really pay much attention to mark anymore, but doesn't he put out one of these videos once a month? I swear I see something similar on the youtube rec's at least once a month.

No. 276881

Ugh, another one of these. His weepy videos creep me out for some reason.

No. 276886

Why is Mark so whiny and annoying?

No. 276977

I don't know if he disconnects that much, he did a bunch of challenges with fans around this Christmas.

And yeah, if he feels that it isn't enough, the only thing he needs to do is twitter-interact, reply to comments on YouTube and do some streams. Which I think he all kinda does. Not sure what's his problem again.

No. 277016

>>276468 - Same Annon

I wonder if he monetized the video. Don't get me wrong I used to like Marks videos, but it's the same thing over and over and it got old real fast. I find him so fake and he seems like an ass to me. Like when he left his Girlfriend and posted a video about how sad he was, I felt that was something he could have done in a status post, and all he basically said was he wouldn't make a video that day cause he was sad. Since he was the one that broke up with her you'd think he'd hold off on expecting ass pats from his fans, I mean his gf was already depressed and had been hospitalized for it before, to me that shit would have really upset me, just Mark wanted his fan's to feel sorry for him, that just seems like a dick move to me. And seeing the way he reacted when Daniel passed away compared to Dan's friends Matt and Ryan. Mark again made a video of him crying and then made a video with Dan's parents, it was a terrible situation, but he got all his depressed teen fans involved with the videos and it all felt like a reach for attention, I mean the fact he won't involve people with his relationships but gets his fans super involved in the suicide seems more like marketing by pretending to be lonely, single and also emotionally scared, much like his fan base. I wouldn't expect mark to stay silent through it all, but he could of at least handled it differently and involved less people.
This whole video again seems like bait, the tear in the thumb nail and the title areally just like a 'depressed' 15 year old would post on a blog; Which is quite a large majority of his fan-Base. it just seems like abother grab at trying to relate to his younger audience by gauging a response through sympathy, this is something he could of put into a post and asked his fan base to suggest something's to him, rather then crying on camera and reaching for sympathy.
The reason why he's distanced from his fan base, is because his humour appeals to younger people, and as we get older our humour changes. With a new audience of young people, with different humor, he's leaving to loop as he is aging but not changing his jokes. Granted I haven't watched any of his videos in a while, but that was because he started doing more live action stuff and I find his acting really cringey and the skits didn't make any sense, like that popcorn thing him, Ryan and Matt did, it didn't make much sense and I didn't find it funny, just really stupid. I'm not sure how much he could have changed in a year, but with yet another one of these tear-jerking videos, I have allot of doubt.

No. 277073


Why does he keep doing this?

No. 277078

I disagree about the backstabbing. Yeah, the joke was stupid, but making a video shitting on his best friend (and the reason he even has such a big YouTube following) is just gross.

Also, keep in mind that Disney has YouTubers working for them that are pretty offensive. The only reason they dropped him over it was because it became viral news.

No. 277080

>he's a fucking millionaire yet is extremely frugal.
… Being frugal doesn't mean you're not money hungry.

No. 277157

'best friend'
Are you serious? Don't overestimate their relationship.

I get what you mean. But he wasn't shitting on him, he said he doesn't agree with Felix and that the joke was moronic and the media reaction was to be expected in his opinion, even though Felix is a great person and absolutely not a Nazi.
The fanboy reaction was crazy. It was a good video imo (not just Felix ass-licking like Ethan Klein for example did) but I agree that he should have just kept quiet since it wasn't appropriate as Felix is his friend.

But he seems to regret it a lot. It may be damage control, it may be honest, but I kinda believe that he didn't mean it as a backstab.

Ken said similar thing and got away with it though, hasn't he?

No. 277167

>having a different opinion from your friend=backstabbing

lol what? what kind of cult relationship do you have with your friends

No. 277194

Not sure if you consider him a Tuber since he rarely uploads anything anymore unless it's drama related and sits on Twitter all day, but Sky Williams seems like he just forces himself into other people's shit just to seem like he's relevant somehow

I guess I just miss the times when he just had fun with Dunkey

No. 277207

ughh cringe. hes just looking for asspats as usual. fucking yawn!

No. 277308

He's still a youtuber, but he's fallen from grace and doesn't create content anymore

No. 277400

no shit it's not, but saying someone NEEDS surgery when they really don't do much wrong seems off to me.

No. 277442


they just play it up for horny 12 year old girls like you. not actually gay, dickhead.

No. 277452

… Anon, they all say they're best friends. It's not overestimating they're relationship, it's repeating what they themselves have said.

And yes, it was shitting on him. Instead of being like "what Felix did wasn't cool, but he's facing the consequences of his actions and as someone who knows him very well, I can tell you he's not at all a Nazi and this is was just his bad idea of a joke. everyone makes mistakes", he spends the whole video distancing himself and talking about how horrible it all was. There's no true defense of Felix, unlike Mark's video. At least Sean apologized after the fact, thats something to respect.

No. 277465

There's a difference between disagreeing with your friends and publicly throwing them under the bus as extreme damage control

No. 277569

>"To throw (someone) under the bus" is an idiomatic phrase in American English meaning to sacrifice a friend or ally for selfish reasons. "

Sean had nothing to gain by stating his opinion. Sean saw what was happening, and commented on it. You are making it a bigger issue than it actually is. Stop being such a Felix stan, his actions are inexcusable.

No. 277586

I'm very out of the loop but was this wind down hour with CryKen referencing this? (start of the video)

No. 277608

Lol Sean has never said Felix is his best friend and Felix hasn't either. They are good friends, not best friends.

I don't think he had to defend Felix's actions when he absolutely disagrees with them. That would be fucked up and dishonest.

Mark's video was incoherent and cringy rambling as always, great defense indeed. Didn't he also cry in that?

If KEEM didn't take JSE's video and make it a huge thing, trying to turn it into profit for his drama channel, no one would be so upset about it. Ironically, the fanboys blew it out of proportion as much as WSJ did with the Felix Nazi joke.

I don't think Sean meant any harm. He just rambled to his audience about what he thought about what was happening. He seems to really regret making the video (who wouldn't lol).

And he DID say exactly what you wrote that he didn't say and should have said. Like, almost exactly word for word. Right at the start of the video.

No. 277630

>>277016And seeing the way he reacted when Daniel passed away compared to Dan's friends Matt and Ryan. Mark again made a video of him crying and then made a video with Dan's parents, it was a terrible situation, but he got all his depressed teen fans involved with the videos and it all felt like a reach for attention, I mean the fact he won't involve people with his relationships but gets his fans super involved in the suicide seems more like marketing by pretending to be lonely, single and also emotionally scared, much like his fan base.

Glad to see someone else saying this. Mark seems like a massive fucking narcissist/histrionic to me. Daniel's long time friends had a very different reaction to him, and the whole situation felt horribly like pandering and like Mark wanted people to feel bad FOR HIM because someone KILLED THEMSELVES. If it was for Daniel, why not make tribute videos and get his flat face out of the camera? Most of what he does seems like he's trying 10000% to get nominated for person of the fucking year or something. Let's not forget that eventually those friends faded too and around following him on social media anymore…maybe they finally figured out they were tools to feed his ego. I can never forget the Rubiks cube vid where Mark didn't do better than one of those guys and HAD to try hard for a week and come back to make another video just to show he's the best at it now. I really wonder if he genuinely has friends or other big YouTubers know it's not worth the drama to disengage with him/he picks no name to prance around who stay as long as possible for a glimmer of limelight.

No. 277631

>>277078 I disagree about the backstabbing. Yeah, the joke was stupid, but making a video shitting on his best friend (and the reason he even has such a big YouTube following) is just gross.

Anon, are you 12? His BEST FRIEND? kek…yeah doubt it. So tired of the PDP made JSE bullshit. He gave him ONE shout out amongst a dozen others. NONE of the other people are anywhere to be seen. Everyone on YouTube gets boosted when they appear alongside bigger YouTubers. Stop making it out like PDP was handling the JSE marketing campaign. If JSE were shit at doing YouTube he's still be no where.

No. 277632


And he's not even frugal. Do you SEE where he fucking lives? I know you weren't making the claim he was, btw.

No. 277633

pewdiepie isn't money hungry imo. he wants to keep his popularity and influence more than he lets on though. he's alright, not too far gone.

No. 277671

I was the first anon that said he was money oriented. English isn't my first language so I'm not sure I expressed it properly but I thought it was clear what I meant.

Money oriented is different from money hungry.
It means that he's smart at handlig his business and knows how to make profit and stay relevant. Considering I've heard his father is a CEO, I think he probably learned a thing or two from him.

Money hungry is a different thing.

No. 277768

Mark is an egotistical dick, 100%. I mean, not even Game Grumps hang out with him that much any more afaik. He picks up total randoms and leaves behind other friends when it doesn't work well with what he does. Like, Bob and Wade used to be super close with him and the last time I saw them they were in a video with Sean.

And in regards to the Cyndango thing, wasn't he the one who found the dude first when he killed himself? I may be mistaken but I could have sworn he was the one who came home first and found him or something. Which doesn't excuse his "It's about ME!!1!" attitude but Mark doesn't seem to handle shit well sometimes, so he may have internalized it a bit more.

No. 277796

No, I don't think it was him who found him.
Can anyone confirm?

No. 277848


Daniel wasn't living with Mark. I don't think it was ever confirmed who found him, just that he was in his flat? Plus I don't think he died instantly, he probably died in hospital after being left in a vegetative state by the overdose, same happened to my cousin, and the family usually decides to turn off life support. So I don't think Mark was involved in that.

No. 277902


>Daniel had been found in critical condition in his room after a suicide attempt in the house he shared with Fischbach and his Cyndago buddies from South Carolina, Ryan Magee and Matt Watson. He had suffered irreversible brain damage from an undisclosed cause, and he was taken off life support two days later.

All the cyndago guys lived in Marks house. Mark still lives in the house where Daniel committed suicide.

The cause of Daniel's death has not been confirmed but the online community believe it to be a hanging/drugs due to the mention of brain damage.

No. 277927

>playing video games all day is so hard wahhh

No. 277975

^^ Seriously, WTF is this dick whininggg and literally sniveling about??

No. 278353

I've always hated it when Youtubers complain about workload. I could understand it kind of when he had to edit his own videos, but he has editors now so all he has to do is scream infront of a camera for an hour. Most youtubers I've seen even said that editing was the most time consuming part of it

No. 278444

I made a comment before about him being the Martyr of YouTube and THIS is what I meant, saying shit like wishing he could help everyone in the world and take their pain away and all that, not to mention the Respect 'can't we all just get along guiz world peace ftw' mentality. Laying it a little thick there, buddy. You can get your head out of your ass and put that cross on your back down anytime.

I agree with you, anon. I was a fan of Mark's for a hot minute but because I'm not going through puberty anymore I started to notice some dodgy shit, mainly how he plays his fans heartstrings one second and acts like they're the bane of his existence the next. The breaking point for me was his Tumblr post about Jess after they broke up which basically read,

"Hey guys so I hid this girl from you all for x years (idfr) and now I'm telling you because you all aren't unobservant retards like I thought you were and you're MAKING me be honest about it now but w/e show this strange girl some love cuz she use to bounce on my dick"

I definitely think he's just sunk to the level of clickbait and pander now. I watched his pt of Resident Evil 7 with a friend (his idea, not mine) and even though there were glimpses of the old enthusiast nerd Mark, those moments were soon replaced with the new gen dank memes Mark.

No. 278554

This video is so shady, I love it. I feel like Cry and Ken fell off the Pewdie loop hard, Ken is definitely bitter about it, specially about being replaced by Jacksepticeye (he kinda namedropped him).

Ken is very depressed with his youtube doing poorly and is getting into twitch more, which I've seen a lot of people with dying channels do. Cry is handling it well but I can tell he wants no part in clickbait shit tactics like Mark's… I do think both were kind of mocking him in a very vague way. They also talk about how money being involved in their collabs/friendships ruined everything, for example with Pewdiepie. If something doesn't make money, there's no point in them doing it together. (By the way, this video DOES definitely confirm that Pewdiepie is money/business oriented).

I haven't even watched any of them in 300 years but they sound like grandpas and I'm living for it. I appreciate their honesty there, now that they don't give as much of a fuck about youtube anymore.

No. 278696


Watched/listened based on your post. Glad I did. Ken seems better though. He even mocked himself trying to ride to the top with PDP, which I respect the awareness. He definitely exposed PDP for his money oriented ways, but it was obvious before this. Hence why he jumps on trends and has an aneurysm anytime YouTube makes changes trying to make it into "I just want you guys to be able to see my content". Sure. Ken does seem pretty salty about Felix though, understandably. I always wondered what was up with BroKen, why it went the wayside so quickly, etc. Ken has thrown a lot of shade towards PDP in the past during his more depressed time (was watching him and his lying wife more closely around that time) and it makes more sense now given that he's probably seen PDP for what he really is and I get the resentment now. I understand wanting to make money, but holy shit, you'd think making millions a year would allow him to not give a fuck if ONE show he does with a friend doesn't do as well as his other stuff. Guess not.

No. 279106

Can you please give me a timestamp for the name-drop, anon?

No. 279161

Here you go anon. The interesting parts

>6:35 "Then you gotta tell them you love them so they'll watch you some more" "Oh… oh shit. Are you saying you're faking it dog?" "Sometimes you have to make a video where you're crying and thanking everybody for subscribing to you but really you don't give a fuck" "Wow…." "Wow who's done that ever, I don't know" "I don't know dog! I mean… shit! we namedropping today, is that what we're doing here today?"

>16:58 You could play some scary games and everybody would be like "oh yeah you're the best, oh shit son!" and now it's like "are you Jacksepticeye?" "No" "I DON'T WANNA WATCH YOU FUCK YOU"

>36:40 BroKenPodcast/Pewdiepie discussion

I watched these two for a short while back in the day, I never watched Markiplier much other than a couple of gameplays when he started his channel (but I have watched some recent ones and seen the change) because when he and specially Jacksepticeye came in the picture I was too old and too over this. I think Mark and Jack fill out the roles Cry and Ken used to have even if they don't have the same personality. Mark has that whole soothing voice deal and "good hearted" appeal that drives 12 year olds on Deviantart nuts, and from what I've seen Jack is the loud counterpart to Pewdiepie.

This makes me wonder if they both will also be replaced in the future. You could argue they're more famous than Cry and Ken were, but I'm not sure about that, the internet was filled with their shit in 2014 man, and that was before Youtube grew even more.

No. 279171

Thanks a lot, anon!

No. 279173

i mean ken is just as money hungry, if not MORE, he is the worst imo

why did he join revelmode if he had such a problem with them

No. 279180

Yeah I'm not saying he isn't, he totally owns that. He pretty much says he jumped on youtube just because he was unhappy with his job at the time and wanted to cash in on the trend. He said as a conclusion that whatever you do, don't do it for the money, because if it doesn't work out you're left with nothing since you're not even happy with your job.

To me it's like being an artist of any kind, it's not a reliable source of income and it's very dependant on fame which is so temporary. If you get into this shit you must do it because you love it, so in times of struggle at least you're enjoying yourself. Any other reason (fame, money) will kick your shit into depression as it happened with Ken. You can even extrapolate this to other cows who take on gigs for the attention and spiral down when they fade because they didn't actually care about what they were doing but fame.

No. 279215


Tbh JSE is kinda okay in my opinon. His shorter videos are shit and clearly targeted towards young audience but his longer and story-based LPs (like Night in the Woods, Oxenfree) are okay. He shuts up during any dialogues (what almost no one seems to do lately), tries to get into the story and is overall pretty calm.
Short vids are still annoying and his intro is dumb though. But some of his content is okay.

But Mark is much more annoying to me with his out-of-nowhere screaming imo. Always scares the shit out of me since he goes from really quiet to absolutely ear-destroying. At least he used to do that when I still watched him. And him trying to be all 'sensual, smooth and sexy' with his voice creeps me out too.
And the challenges with his friends were horrible too. It still creeps me out how he convinced Ethan to be shot at by that tennis ball rocket when he clearly didn't want to.
Mark's weird, I never know what to think about him.

I also don't think they replaced Cry and Ken.
Mark doesn't even interact with Felix all that much, right? And Jack seems pretty pushed into the relationship by Felix (who made the JSE Roast, Jackspedicey2 and so on out of nowhere for some reason) and doesn't seem to suck Felix's dick as much as Felix would like him to (see the Nazi backstabbing drama).

I wonder if Felix just goes through the list of growing youtubers and picks the ones that should bring in some profit (from collabs, etc.) to be friends with. He absolutely does.

No. 279306

No. 279575


>And Jack seems pretty pushed into the relationship by Felix (who made the JSE Roast, Jackspedicey2 and so on out of nowhere for some reason) and doesn't seem to suck Felix's dick as much as Felix would like him to (see the Nazi backstabbing drama).

Good point. For the majority of his videos in the past several weeks, Felix has made Jack the butt of his jokes at least once per video. It's usually pretty random and stupid. One video he mentioned Jack all of 15 times literally just yelling his name over and over again saying everything was JACKSEPTICEYE. It's super weird, especially when Jack doesn't show up in his comments, doesn't reply on it via Twitter or anything, and doesn't retaliate or bounce back the "joke" in his own vids. I can't wrap my head around his Jack obsession. He's calmed down since the WSJ incident from what I can see though.

No. 282747

File: 1491158085669.jpg (117.42 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)


I want to make some blue eyes aryan children with Poodiepie…

Fuck jews. I like it when a man simply stands firm to his beliefes even if it offends a couple of people. Its better to actually defend a unpopular opinion then just gulp down everything that is considered standard if you ask me.

I would like to see more real man in today's day and age, not some insecure boys.

No. 282749


Ignoring the above bait, I really think that pewdiepie made that jacksepticeye2 channel to test how many of his subscribers are actually active - to see how many subs he'd get if he actually launched a new channel. Shockingly only a very small percentage were, so he scrapped the whole thing.

I might be in tinfoil hat territory, but I genuinely think he wanted to delete his channel during the whole 'it was a prank LOL' fiasco, but realised he'd have nowhere near the same amount of subs and consequently would just be another youtuber like everyone else. His only claim to fame is the amount of subscribers he has, let's be real his content is fucking awful.

No. 282755

File: 1491160281140.png (94.63 KB, 300x308, 3467548967957897.png)


>I-I really… think… that p-pewdiepie is just lucky…

>I don't want his dick or anything
>He just made a-another account becau… ah~ my sensitive la-ady parts… because for a test..
>I totally don't want his dick, I swear…
>Oh my god, at this rate everyone will find out that I'm totally into swedish cocks!

No. 282803


I'm actually condemning him for it, I think it was a dick move that was completely engineered in order for him to appease his own ego/check if he could maintain his status if he were to move channels. It failed, I'm glad.

But ok.

No. 283008

This is pretty autistic, but one of the things that always pissed me off about Mark was how often he would not bother to pay attention to the instructions of the game he was playing and then totally suck or get stuck because of it. I always got the sense that he was never really liked video games that much.

No. 283018

Holy shit wow that's why he was at the Game Grumps space? That whole time he used the excuse his "Internet was out" which I always thought was strange considering he did that for a fairly extended period of time, much longer than it would take to fix something like your Internet.

No. 283022

If it's any consolation, Suzy never felt so Asian as she did for that period of time.
Even if it was only by proximity.

No. 283024

Does anyone know what's up with Anthony Fantano's shitty meme channel? Is he trying to wedge his way into the edgy meme community or something? The videos on there so unfunny it's embarassing, and it just feels weird to see/hear that shit coming out of his mouth, he usually sounds pretty professional in his reviews.

No. 283197

I think Anthony has a juvenile sense of humor and he gives in really easily to internet trends and memes. It's strange because he is so well-spoken and informed on his main channel when it comes to music reviews. Granted, he acts a bit goofy at times, but he is enjoyable to watch. I think since he gained popularity, so did his Cal character so he started to hype him up more and probably led to him insert more humor into the new channel.

No. 283211

a huge chunk of anthony's viewer base comes from /mu/ so i think that's influencing the forced meme humor on his channel/s.

No. 286874

Ant is pretty liberal from what I've seen (which isn't too much), I think he's just trying to be absurd

No. 286897

His girlfriend/fiancée/wife/ex/whateverthefuck is black, and when analyzing hip hop lyrics he seems to be pretty liberal, so I'd say he is. Just not very pc.

No. 287146

File: 1491687328426.jpg (51.28 KB, 858x533, youreafailure.JPG)

Max "jokingly" calling out Felix for recycling 2 year old content.

No. 287154

he made jackspepticeye2 to get a second golden play button because the one he was sent for pewdiepie arrived broken and despite constantly bitching at youtube they wouldn't send him a new one. so he made a second channel specifically to get a new play button because he knew he'd hit the million mark. he never intended to actually use it.

No. 287156

this post is pretty much null since felix posted a video the other day of him and ken playing a game together. they're clearly still friends. you just sound thirsty for drama between pewdiepie and other youtubers he's worked with, when in the end, there isn't actually anything going on

No. 287335

Anthony's always had an absurd, juvinille sense of humor, even in his main channel because he's a fan of that type of humor. I guess now that he's growing in popularity he's giving into memes now? though i do agree some can come across as too try hard and cringey, and his second channel is very hit and miss overall.

also he's married with his black gf.

No. 287344

Does anyone have any dirt on anime youtubers, theyre basically all i watch these days

No. 287347

So I don't know if this is the thread to post it in or whatever, but what are your guys' thoughts on youtubers' views dropping, etc? Obviously a lot of youtubers are freaking out (Ethan, Felix seemingly doubling down, onion quitting a channel, etc). It's not particularly isolated, but why would YouTube kill their platform when it's their money too? Apologies if this is too off topic.

No. 287355

This sounds like really bad management at Youtube. None of their past attempts to monetize through new means have worked, yet each one alienates some of their most popular product/youtubers.

I'm glad some people got their success through the core idea of Youtube, and while I don'think Youtube will "die", content creators won't be able to match what they make now.

No. 287356

Yikes, you mean like Aki, Joey, Noble, etc? They all have terrible content why would you do that to yourself anon? Aki is a pretty hilarious cow though. All her "informative" videos are just her narrating while she reads from Wikipedia pages. She got the entire Vocaloid community to hate her because she put out a video full of misinformation about Vocaloids while acting like she was an expert. Also Aki's and Joey's relationship is cringy and tryhard. You should check out their thread on PULL, it has a lot of good dirt on the both of them.

No. 287381

Aki is really fucking embarrassing, as a vocaloid user i detest the way she treats the property. But I think the guy you were replying to was talking about anime critics like Digi or Mother's Basement. could be wrong

No. 287466

No one said they aren't friends, anon.

Just that Felix seems obsessed with JSE, mentioning him in every vid and JSE didn't suck his dick in the Nazi drama even though Felix clearly expected him to. Which is both true.

And that they aren't BESTEST!1! friends.

No. 287591

They're married? I put married/ex because I remember there was a lot of talk about them getting divorced a while back, but no real confirmation because ant is really private.

No. 287610

I think they're still together, I remember him saying something about his mother-in-law in a recent review

video is unrelated, I just think it's super cute ♡

No. 288950

Anybody down to discuss h3h3 and his shadiness?

No. 288965

just do it on the cancer crew thread, it's not considered OT

No. 288974

File: 1491883996001.png (944.43 KB, 1799x825, whatisthis.PNG)

I know this is slightly curdled milk, but what's going on with Ricegum and Gabbie show?

Is it worth following further? All I really know is she steal jokes.

No. 290548

He made a vid on her one time, she is still salty and decides to snapchat her 'jokingly' talking shit to his face. off camera he asks her not to post it and when she refuses he decides it would be a good idea to wrestle her phone out her hand and smash it. She is obviously upset at this and says he hit her although later clarifies it was more like overpowering her to get the phone and he ended up leaving scratches which she shows off. He sends her 1000 for the phone (guess she had the newest iPhone or some shit), then 900 then 100 and says the extra thousand was a mistake and asks for it back which she does. He then says smashing phones is fine and he has done it before because the person was annoying. People are obviously curious about this and a mutual friend clarifies and says he did smash the phone but didn't hit her. She tries to clarify saying overpowering someone counts as hitting or some shit which doesn't go down too well. Rice I guess sees this as a good opportunity to make her out to be the bad party as she lied about him hitting her so just doubles down and makes like 7 videos on her and she makes one long video debunking everything he said. That's about it.

Does that help?

No. 290556

I hate Gabbie but Rice is a douchebag in this situation and in life in general. How can yiggers still exist in this day and age?

He clearly has major rage issues but because he has cash there are no actual consequences for his actions because he just throws money at it to make it go away. He also smashed the phone of some 12 year old who tried to take a selfie with him one time and he didn't want to. It's called walking away Rice.

No. 290581

What on Earth is a 'yigger'?

No. 290587

yellow + nigger.

No. 290595


to be fair you can't know if the place he lives in was his decision, i think the place screams marzia's name and i think she's the one who wanted it

No. 290606

Dodie Clark has rly started to annoy me now I'm following her Instagram. I liked her vlogs, her music is very ~hipster tween~ and I'm not into it at all but her vlogs bar a few were nice. However reading her insta has shown me how much she is romanticising her depression for others? She writes about it in a heavily "poetic" way which freaks me out a little.

No. 290610

Plus the place is not theirs, they rent so it's not like he dropped a giant amount on it. And looking at a quick google search, Brighton isn't too expensive to rent. A 3 bedroom flat in a more historic looking building like theirs is probably around 2,500 or 3,000 pounds a month. So around the same if not less than what other youtubers pay in LA for their places. Plus Marzia is making a solid amount from her stuff, so she probably pays for her own expenses.

The guy wastes on dumb shit, but at least it's dumb shit that's under a grand usually and not like, 5 200k+ cars and crazy apartments like Fousey buys.

No. 290698

Yeah and that video of him shitting himself in excitement over his new computer, and the thing isn't even that expensive. Isn't it like 5 grand? You'd think being a millionaire he wouldn't be so excited for something he could have gotten any time he wanted.

No. 290707

Yeah he definitely seems like the type of guy who will splurge on something when it's important or job related, but in his personal life he doesn't really spend much. They don't travel often and when they do they go pretty low-key.

A lot of his money is also probably tied with his brand. He's made 2 games, probably invested in the Scare Pewdiepie thing, he had that one company where it was him and the other gaming youtubers, plus he rents that office and the downstairs office.

idk of all of the bigger youtubers, I feel like him, zoella and Philip DeFranco are the most responsible with their money.

No. 290731

well, mostly i think it is the ass-licking what turns him on about getting stuff for free.

also not spending much, doesnt say anything. some of his money is probably invested in stocks, estate or savings so he can consistently keep living from his youtube earnings.

and tbh the flat is expensive af. if he needed to keep his earnings together, he wouldnt be living there and also renting a bureau.

No. 290749

Orion: very contrived, fake deep Tumblr teen who is now a Youtuber. Tries very hard to be vintage and poetic and bases her entire personality off of Jess from New Girl and being quirky. Writes embarrassing poetry

No. 290751

>muh white passing
>what is an indo-european
lmao stop excusing him, he's white as fresh snow.
discounting the arabs and etcs who invaded during the muslim conquests true persians are as 'non-white' as northern italians. not to mention genetically closest to greeks- but i'm sure you think greeks are arab/non-white, too. seems to be a common retardation on /pol/ along with the 'finngolian' shit

No. 291509

on the whole markiplier-crying-for-attention thing…

Y'know, I don't think it's so much emotional manipulation… so much as it's… actually a mental issue.

Like, he tries to do things, but it never feels like enough. Mark seems to be a very all-in person.. and I think he could possibly spend every minute of every day interacting with fans and STILL not feel like it's enough. My mom was like that. She'd pick a task or goal and pour EVERYTHING into it to make it the best thing she could, and was always disappointed with herself and the results. She always felt like… as much as she did, she should have done MORE… and I see a lot of that same attitude in Markiplier.

Now add in that whenever he's replying to people on twitter, he's replying to ONE person. It can be hard to justify the time… let's say he could reply to 500 people in the time it takes to make one video (let's say a 20 minute video… that's about one reply every 2.4 seconds. which is rather ridiculously fast and implausible, but we'll go with it.)… so he could make 500 people happy (and 500 more who are bummed out because they didn't get a reply)…. or he could make a video and make a lot of people happy.

I can get that.

As for the angel/asshole thing, outside of the fact that I'd gotten the impression that he's playing up being a jerk when interacting with his friends. I mean, if his friends/coworkers were really bagging on him at every opportunity, he probably would have put a stop to that early on. I've no doubt that he's an actor–but I suspect 'real' markiplier's somewhere in the middle… rather than an asshole who forgets how to act when other people are around, or an angel who pretends to be a jerk the rest of the time, y'know?

No. 291515

>Isn't it like 5 grand?

lol that's a lot for a computer. when you get past 1k it is just extra power that you don't really need. There isn't really much reason to buy it.

No. 291525

meh. i kind of disagree with you. unless youre only always on socialmedia or only playing minecraft this is true, but for high end games an expensive graphic board and memory does a lot. also he probably does need a lot of storage for his videos and editing.

also new stuff that comes out is more expensive, so to have the best on the market it can cost that much.

>mental issue
as far as: what grown-ass man sits down before a camera and starts bawling. like wtf. dont publish that.
not the crying itself is an issue, but the publishing.

it's as mental as that "educatingShanny" hoe:: "Look at me, also i have no teeth! pity me!"

No. 291565

Funny that this came out as we are talking about his expenditures. At least clothing wise he's pretty frugal/normie. The brands he wears aren't the cheapest but it's nothing too crazy, p much any guy that is brand-focused spends that much, if not more on shit.

No. 291638

video rendering is very resource intensive, and he posts a youtube video every day

No. 291678

Markiplier has always seemed super fake to me. I've tried getting into his videos multiple times but I always just get annoyed because he exaggerates everything so much. When he's playing games, it's that super loud "OOOH NOOEES!!1! WHAT HAPPENED!!1 AAAAA!! loud laughing" clearly faking his reactions to stupid ass games and acting like every second of game is a major plot twist or something even when nothing happens. Like don't get me wrong, I'm not annoyed by loudness or big reactions when something actually happens, but he's just acting all the time. And then those personal videos where he just cries and whines and tries to sound sooo deep. Ew.

No. 291684

Agree. I really just watched a few newer videos of him and I had to stop because everything seemed so fake. especially his "try not to laugh" videos - I really hate how he forces himself to "laugh" at every fucking video.
The only likeable thing about him is his dog.

No. 291688

and his house

No. 291717

II know people who are working partime jobs but spend all there money and more than he does on streetwear. He must be saving a lot of money because it's definitely not going to his clothes

No. 291792

I honestly like his personal style. It's casual and comfortable, but not overly pricey or obnoxious.

No. 291911


is that the only video of her?

No. 292086


He knows his youtube career is not gonna last forever and I'm sure he has saved so he can live off his savings if it ever happens that he doesn't have much income in the future. I've gotten that vibe from when he talks about money or about what if his channel dies.
His parents are succesful business people and I think he was raised to be responsible with money. His wardrobe, car, etc posessions are really not expensive when we think how much money he must have.
And I disagree with some anon who thought that their home is very expensive: surely it is more expensive than your regular place, but it's still just rented apartment and not a mansion and I'm pretty sure Marzia is also paying for it. So pretty much he's only maybe spending more on apartment and work related stuff (office etc). And travel.
You can have whatever opinion on Felix but him being smart with money is just a fact.

No. 292104

Sorry but his apartment looks super expensive. Not just a bit 'above your regular apartment'. I don't know how rich you or your family is but no one I know could afford this.

No. 292118

I used to really enjoy watching a youtuber called luzugames but since he is in the same network as pewdiepie, he made a video saying how this news article calling pewdz a racist and whatever ruined their series "scare pewdiepie" or some shit like that. Luzu was in it as well but if there's no series, there's no views and therefore, no money.
What annoys me is that luzu did not blame pewdiepie's idiocy, which was the cause of the series being cancelled, but he blamed the news article for it. I had to unsubscribe, it was really sad to watch luzu caring more about money than he cared about the actual scandal, like there's some things you simply cannot joke about. I always knew pewdiepie was a major twat.

No. 292124

You can joke about anything as long as the joke is good.
You sound like one of those triggered tumblrinas that go around crying 'RAPE IS NOT FUNNY!' then laughing when some guy gets raped by a burly beaner named Jorge in prison

No. 292126

Well, my mom is Jewish and I thought his joke wasn't funny at all, that's it.

No. 292127

File: 1492275315535.gif (1.29 MB, 320x240, 1c3a017a0224ef2ac4f6f1b6e40dfd…)

im not >>292086 anon but:

>not being able to read properly
>surely it is more expensive than your regular place, but it's still just rented apartment and not a mansion

No. 292128

im jewish myself and i laughed my ass off at his nazi jokes. now what?

No. 292130

Then you must be even more retarded than pewdz.

No. 292134

File: 1492275818530.jpg (136.03 KB, 1340x636, 2345678.jpg)

>you disagree with me, so you must be retarded
dats some new autism level, anon.

also the guys from WSJ who wrote that article made jokes about jews and black themselves. they are hypocritical af. i despice them.

No. 292135

Ok anon, we may disagree on what is funny or not, but my point was that it was pewdiepie the one to blame for the series getting cancelled and not the ones who wrote the article and I was disappointed on luzu.

No. 292140

No. 292179

lmfao I am a jew and every jew knows that in judaism you are considered jewish only if your mother was jewish.

If you were really jewish, you would have just said "I am a jew".

No. 292186

Damn it anon, I got offended by his joke because someone I care about is a Jew besides myself but if you want to be like that, go ahead.

No. 292202

Not the jew you're replying to but mate fuck off we don't need you to get offended on our behalf, it's patronising.

Protip: Anti-semitic humour is done by jews 99% of the time. Unless you're Jewish, just shut up. You're probably going to stick your foot in your mouth by telling someone what they can and can't say about their own culture.

No. 292342

Seriously. Recently watched a documentry about jewish humor, and it's 90% making fun of jews, lol.

The problem with PC culture is that no matter how PC our society will become, you'll never be completely safe from emotional damage, and when you do get hurt, you won't know how to deal with it, because you never learned any coping skills.

Dealing with uncomfortable or hurtful situations is just part of life. Learn to distinguish between harmless jokes and actual offensive statements, or you won't make it far in this world. Jokes are just the tip of the iceberg.

On another note, it seems like people keep coming back to his nazi jokes time and time again, even though it's been clarified before that the argument here is not about whether the joke was offensive or not, it's about how the WSJ portrayed him.
Do your research before jumping to conclusions.

No. 292627

'PC culture'
You talk like people were okay with racist and sexist jokes before.
Racist and sexist jokes always made other people angry, even before social media started being prominent.

Yeah, of course you can say whatever you want. But it will have consequences, people will look at you as a douche and irl, your boss might fire you. It has always been like that.

I think people talk about 'new' PC culture or SJWs and shit like that because they grow up and can't accept that in adult life, saying offensive shit will hurt your human and work relationship. Teenagers are stupid and say stupid shit but you should try to be considerate as an adult.

Are you telling me that people dancing with 'Death to all Jews' and saying 'Hitler did nothing wrong' to your fanbase full of children is okay?

This isn't about PC culture, any normal person not living in an edgy echo chamber would be shocked. Try asking your grandma, I don't think she's part of the PC culture.

He fucked up and deserved what happened to him.

No. 292779

but nothing really happened to him, as he continues to make videos every day, and never lost any subs. i love when people say "he deserved what happened!!!!" when all that happened is that his show was cancelled and he's no longer contracted with disney. its not like his life fucking fell apart or he had to stop making videos. the internet didn't even turn on him, he got more support than ever.

No. 292782

No one cares though.

No. 292786

Ok, except Felix is still going well on Youtube. rofl. Honestly, it was a tasteless joke, but still a joke and a dumb one. He apologized. Time to move on, child

No. 292821

>You talk like people were okay with racist and sexist jokes before.
Racist and sexist jokes always made other people angry, even before social media started being prominent.

Are you living on the same planet as the rest of us? Not only were racist, sexist and homophobic jokes much more tolerated in the past, but actual hurtful and offensive comments degrading women, minorities and homosexuals were the norm. Get your shit together anon, you look ridiculous.

No. 292829

File: 1492387678904.gif (8.59 KB, 198x90, tenor (1).gif)

so, racists/antisemitic/homophobic joke are not okay and people who do that should be punished?

what about south park? simpsons? family guy?
so they all should be cancelled?(enough bait, back to topic)

No. 292835

No. 292841

File: 1492389908066.png (52.58 KB, 625x626, 739.png)

No. 293027

Yeah, 100 years ago they were tolerated. Not 30 years ago. Where are YOU living?

No. 293030

damn, I took the bait didn't I?

No. 294191

Just saw this Phil video about a vlog family DaddyofFive and holy shit my mind is blown at the obvious abuse this family does to their kids!

>vlogs and pranks their kids

>prank with ink includes screaming and swearing at two young children who are sobbing and crying, clearly scared
>these two specfic kids always at the butt of the joke, kid with glasses clearly does not want to be filmed
>pushes own kid into a shelf and makes him bleed
>claims the kids aren't abused, kids say "at least you don't beat us"
>get "nice things" whenever they do videos
>clearly white fucking trash who lucked out on youtube

the ink prank was removed, but you can see the clips in the phil video, he does a decent job explaining the shit they've done.


No. 294216

Its a shame, you can tell Cody is a clever kid and would do well in a normal family. Now he is just going to grow up to massacre his family and shoot up his school or something.

No. 294225

I saw this as well. It's really sad. When he is crying about how he has to deal with it everyday I teared up.
How old is he anyway?

No. 294237

this was why I watched phil's stuff back in the day
not bullshit sexy time news or that kind of stuff

No. 294238

but yeah, fuck that family

No. 294241

and of course killer memestar is trying to get some publicity by supporting this douche and interviewing him.

No. 294242

this was so hard to watch (there's a new video showing more as well). he's got a good take on this situation.

No. 294253

it was probably made way before this whole thing blew up
shows very well the type of asshole the dad is

No. 294272

That Cody kid is gonna grow up emotionally damaged and murder his whole family

No. 294290

He's stopped all those segments being on the reg, their brought back once if he has to fill out the video but Phil's videos have rly improved over the past few years.

No. 294291

Here's the Phil follow up video. Not sure when recorded, but the parents talk about going to Disneyland and that Cody (the kid they harass the most) can't go because he got into trouble for smearing his poop around in the rooms. Which is textbook behavior for a child thats going through some shit.

No. 294322

god i feel so bad for cody. How on earth can you go to disney world and leave one of your children?? They clearly hate their own child.

im just so angry i wish i could talk to that fucking mom especially jesus christ

No. 294327

i know! at least the dad was kind of feeling regretful (and if the mom was sane and would have changed her mind, im sure he would have probably agreed) mom is awful

No. 294340

I read a comment on the video that apparently Cody is the mom's step-son and not biological child? Not sure what the family dynamic is with the whole family, if Cody is the dad's bio kid or what. But if Cody isn't related to either of them then it makes so much sense why they fucking hate him so much.

No. 294351

I only watched the ink prank and could not watch any longer. If Cody stays in that family his anger issues will get worse and the other kids are obviously also suffering while witnessing those situations. It's unbelievable the way those two ugly as fuck obese pigs yelled at the poor kid. I seriously hope he gets a new family. I've been in situations like that, like many other people, and the amount of pain and rage you feel is too much to handle.

No. 294354


Keemstar did an interview with the dad where they basically said "wah we'll take him to disneyland later!"

No. 294360

Oh no, my blood is fucking boiling.

No. 294364

Their story makes no sense ABOYT the Disney thing. They say they didn't want to say what really happened because it would embarras Cody. But instead they say he putb shut all over the rooms, but really henust clogged the toilet???

No. 294390

I started investigating into it earlier and ended up in tears, it's absolutely horrifying… and to think this has gone on for quite some time until it was all properly exposed only yesterday.

No. 294400

File: 1492584560109.jpg (22.4 KB, 1184x170, cody.jpg)

I bawled my eyes out watching that. Cody tries his best to do everything right. He tries to remove him self from the situation and calm down, and he clearly tells them to stop and explains why he doesn't like what they are doing. This little 8 year old kid knows how to deal with stress and anger in a healthy way, but his asshole narcissistic parents keeps abusing him until he breaks down.

No. 294401

I really, really hope CPS steps in…the absolute distress in his voice when his mom was fucking screeching at him about the mess in the room made my heart drop man. This pranking shit in general is tired as fuck.

No. 294407

Dr Phil can be an ass but he's done good things for kids suffering like this, so I kinda hope he invites them on. The problem is, his abusers are also his guardians so they can block support offered to the kid. Sage for sad af.

No. 294411

BREAKING NEWS: DaddyOFive's "apology" video to fans.

>confirmation that Emma and Cody are biologically from another woman

>claims that videos are actually fake and the reason why he lied to fans about it was to not "disappoint" them
>children allegedly script out scenes and consent to everything, they just "get out of hand" sometimes
>says if people like Defranco are going to continue to report negatively on the videos then he'll stop the Youtube channel
>says children feel unsafe and that someone tried to run Danny Devito (the wife) off the road the other day
>insists that they will keep making videos though
>lots of delicious bitch tears

Add if I missed anything else important.

No. 294412

kek yeah i'm sure your children are consenting to having their heads shoved into things. what a couple of cunts.

No. 294414

"Scripted" my ass. Kids that young cannot fake the horrific fear and despair they show in those vids.

No. 294415

Yeah totally fake, wow, these kids are such good actors, they totally aren't abusing them.

No. 294417


This was fucking terrifying.

No. 294418

That's the kid they don't abuse "as much".

No. 294419

The end of this video really highlights how this man treats his entire family.

No. 294420

The horrible shit he does to Cody (including the heartbreaking way he cries) largely ends at 18:00 and it highlights how I assume he treats his family ordinarily. He's fucking scary. Look at how he goes after Alex.

No. 294421

I really hate this guy.

No. 294422

Wtf. It's like watching a documentary about how to abuse your kid into becoming a sociopath.
>you can never be secure
>your feelings of hurt are a laughing matter
>people on the Internet give your parents money to watch them tell you they don't love you
>nothing you can ever do about it
At least, 'pranked' spouses or gf have the option to leave. This is a fucking nightmare.

No. 294423

No. 294426

>saying to your kid you're giving him up
>screaming at him when he's deeply upset about it, tell him to go change his tampons and do some chores when your child just probably has been scarred for life and acting accordingly.
Fuck. This is so upsetting. I'm in actual rage.

No. 294427

The fear in Cody's eyes starting at 8:50…

No. 294428

These parents fucking infuriate me, I hope CPS will take the kids away from them. This is abuse, there's no way around it and there's no way it's scripted. Poor kids have to live their lives in fear of anticipating one vile prank after another, especially poor Cody.

No. 294432

I bet the dad put that stuff in Cody's clothes and smeared his own shit in the bathroom.

No. 294440

Jontron sure ruined his PR and doing any future "fun things" like Yooka-Laylee voicing and fully sponsored Star Wars video game reviews for Disney.

Also, if we're going to talk about Jontron's debate this all came from and Youtube drama, Destiny should be brought up as well. Destiny is a former professional Starcraft player that quit to just be a lazy ass manlet and stream full time for his income. He's full SJW and hosts "debates" with anyone notable who will have one with him for extra views. A few bigger Youtubers have done it like Jon and lost, but some have left him licking his wounds.

I have no idea how Jontron lost in debate to this autistic manbaby. The guy is pro-incest, bestiality, and thinks being born a woman or minority is like being incapable of getting anywhere in life. Listen to him spout about "privilege" then tell this guy to "off himself".

No. 294457

If those kids are acting, then they should be movie stars, because I doubt the most seasoned actors can sob and shake with anger on command. Like, Cody is crying until he is red in the face. That isn't fake.

No. 294458

Honestly, I bet Cody is going to leave as soon as he is able, and never see his family again. Even if CPS comes in and helps him, I would never want to see my shitty parents again.

No. 294465

Cody is still young. He knows he doesn't like how he's treated, but he can't fully comprehend how wrong it is yet. He's also assuredly getting incentivized by "if you don't do this I'll… but if you do, you'll get…" I'm also sure that right now they are telling him, "This is your fault because you had to throw such fits. They're going to tear the family apart because of you." I think it will take him a long time to come to terms with any of this.

No. 294473

PhillyD posted an early morning twitter response calling out DaddyOFive for blaming PhillyD for all the hate they're receiving. SXEPhil also lets us know that we'll be hearing more about this topic from him today.


No. 294479

The sad thing is that none of these kids are ever going to out their parents any time soon. They know if they do, they'll get in major trouble and be "punished" by not getting nice things anymore. Not to mention the parents control what they say on Youtube, so even if one of them was like "Sometimes its fake and other times its not" they'd just edit that out and probably fuck with the kid who said it. Its a lose-lose situation for these kids.

You can tell Phil is passionate about exposing these guys because he knows its the right thing to do, and it isn't just $$$ for him. I can't believe people are actually putting the blame on him for trying to separate the family.

No. 294482

And the parents are apparently too stupid to realize that Cody's fits and temper are reactions to their pranks. A little kid can't mentally sort out the right way to deal with that kind of stress. So they will have a breakdown. They get overwhelmed. Even when the poor little guy asks to be left alone, they keep pushing and pushing until they see a reaction. He's trying to use his words, and they just push him into a meltdown.

No. 294489


I really, really hope CPS is called and those kids go to an actual loving family. And I hope that loving family documents how you actually should treat your children so the guilt eats these two alive.

But they're sociopaths, I'm convinced so they'll probably just be mad they lost their source of income.

No. 294495

the mother is too stupid and nasty, but the father knows, it's all over his face. he's a sadist.

No. 294497

File: 1492609561456.png (526.07 KB, 756x684, UHC72pp.png)

According to Cody's mother he has ODD (Oppositional Deviant Disorder) and ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder).

Essentially the family is goading a child with various disorders to go into melt down and laughing about it.

You can see in the videos Cody says that he just wants to be alone to calm down, tries to get away so he can self soothe. Every time his dad stops him from leaving.

No. 294499

An interview with Cody and Emma's mom. I'm only a few minutes in and I'm not sure how they managed to take the kids away… Something smells off. Can't be as bad as their current situation though.

No. 294500

In this vid Cody gets in trouble in the morning and goes to school after his dad shouts at him. When he comes home, his dad finds out he was bad at school (wonder why) because he was scratching his arm until it bled. His dad then shouts at him about scratching his arm.

No. 294501

Does he have a bloody nose in that pic????

No. 294502


Yeah, it's during the video where his dad bodychecks him into a shelf and his blood is later covered with blood.

He later "debunked" the video saying the red on the pillow was blood and his nose was just a scab.

No. 294504

Holy shit. If a kid is scratching themself like that, you take them to a fucking counselor! You get them help! Don't fucking humiliate the poor kid for a behavior that he probably doesn't even understand! Holy fuck!

No. 294506

I reeeeeeally would like to see him spew that shit in front of a judge

No. 294507


In this vid, where the entire family goes to disneyland without Cody.

Why isn't Cody going? He is in trouble for spreading poop around. Totally healthy behaviours right?

No. 294509


Alot of people have been talking about its really common effects of pstd. This kid has some serious mental issues now because of his horrible family. I honestly would foster Cody right now If i could.

No. 294511

I don't want to give those white trash butholes any views so I didn't watched it.

But I can't even try to understand how they think leaving 1 kid behind will do any good. How can't they not blame themself? I really want those parents to get hurt so badly their kids will be orphans. That would immensely improve their lives

No. 294512

In this one one of his kids pulls te girls hair until she falls backwards and hits her head. When she is screaming and crying about wanting the camera out of her face, daddyof says "at least get it in focus, next time!"

Also has the mom pulling a knife on the dad, kid pulling a knife on the dad.

No. 294513


This is after one kid does a bunch of shit and frames it on Cody, causing the dad to go apeshit and scream at Cody before breaking his game.

The mom says she doesn't feel bad because Cody has done other bad stuff.

10/10 normal parenting household guys.

Remember, it is the haters destroying the family not any of this shit.

No. 294514


I just watched the "cody stole DS" video. The dad yells at cody and says "you stole my shit and smell like piss" I thought this was the dad just saying shit to insult cody but then they go into cody's room and take away everything because hes been stealing alot (which is because hes too scared to ask and his most likely pstd) and the kids say all the stuff smells like pee, the older brother jake then says "Cody just pees on everything for some reason"

Cody self harms, steals, urinates on things, and puts poop on things. This is so clear that he has ptsd and severe mental disorders now.

No. 294516


Cody has clear signs of abuse.

In the "Alex's betrayal video" you can see he didn't steal the things and his brother planted them causing his dad to break Cody's DS.

So the dad says to get Alex's DS and he will break it.

The mom is in the background saying "you're not gonna break it!"

Then the dad says he will give the DS to Cody instead and she argues against it.

I think the mom later says that she SAW ALEX DO IT AND LET CODY BE PUNISHED.


No. 294526

Dude, this is heartbreaking to even read about let alone watch. I tried to get through one of their videos but their yelling is just fucking insane. Watching little Cody break down and have them continue to shout at him upsets me to no end.
how can your child be peeing on things, running poop around, scratching himself till he bleeds at an age where you should know better, and just pass it off as "he's a trouble maker"
Hooooowww do these people watch back their videos and think "yeah this is a great one this week, the fans will love it! We got Cody soooo good!"
And the fact that the dad doesn't even leave the poor kid alone to go calm down….. just.. a fucking monster honestly.

No. 294528

I feel so disgusted at the titles and the content of those videos, it's like… fetish-for-beating-children exploitation porn, similar to when you know all the feeder stuff on YouTube is pushing the envelope of PG to get to a wider audience; but you STILL know it's for creepy fetishists who get off on that stuff.

Get this trash of my internets.

No. 294531

the worst is the thumbnails
they always show a kid crying or his smug face, or both….

No. 294535

If Cody is from another woman that explains a lot of the abuse towards him and targeting…. Emma might just get off lucky cause she's older and a girl, although I can't say I've ever been able to fully watch any videos so I don't know how bad she actually gets it….

No. 294536

I get the feeling that cody is getting his ass beat right now
the parents don't seem like the folks that'll repent and actually admit they're wrong

No. 294539

It wouldn't surprise me. I bet what they put on YouTube is the top of the iceberg.

I saw a video earlier today with clips from a DaddyoFive video where the mom is pretending to be dead on the floor, as the kids are sobbing and clutching baseball bats. The dad convinced them that it was the fucking Purge, and made the kids walk past the mom's "dead" body to "escape" the house.

No. 294540

Yeahhhh, even if these guys were banned from YouTube and they don't either get prosecuted for the abuse or the kids taken away; they're just going to take those videos to another platform and they're going to exploit those children and harm them in even worse ways for the money. It's not going to come from just the softcore fetishists either, I'm talking about the kind who will drop a large sum of money to watch those kids get really hurt in ways the human mind should never imagine.

Something needs to be done about this, and fast.

No. 294542

Its because up until this point people have been enjoying it. They have 700k+ subs and get half a mil views on each video with a decent like:dislike ratio. So they've been having the internet patting them on the head telling them they're hilarious while the kids spiral out of complete control. Its like watching the evil twin family of the Shaytards.

No. 294543

They made a video apologising.


Apologies to the fans = 12
Apologies to Cody for being the brunt of abuse for a distasteful video = 0


No. 294547

That is fucking heartbreaking. What are those parents going to do if this poor kid fucking kills himself? How much can a kid take?

I hope to god that Cody has a nice teacher for a friend of a parent who can pull him aside and get him help.

No. 294550

I don't know why Cody not going to Disney is making my blood boil, but it is. You're a young kid, your whole dream is to go to Disney, you hear about trips from your classmates and on TV, and then your family plans a trip and you can't go. There is nothing a grade schooler can do that is horrible enough to get them left out from a family vacation.

Did anyone else read A Child Called It for health class in school? How Cody is being treated reminds me of that book.

No. 294556

I looked at their Twitter. One guy was defending the family (in reference to the "Cody Gets Adopted" video) by saying that because Cody was crying, screaming and begging not to be adopted, that's​ proof that Cody isn't being abused. He wouldn't want to stay if he were being abused.

That's really not how people work. That's not how children work. Children are anxious about being separated from their families by fucking instinct. It's like a failsafe to keep them from going off with just anyone. Children look to their parents for love and safety because they're supposed to be able to.

I bet before​ that happened, Cody was thinking, "Well, at least they're not going to get rid of me", in spite of everything else that happened. Prank or not, this was a huge rejection of Cody.

No. 294560

How to make a psychopath 101.

No. 294563

Jesus christ this whole thing breaks my heart. It's even worse that youtube is funding the abuse of these kids. Hopefully the fact that people like DeFranco are shining a negative light on it will get more people to look into the situation and actually do something about it.

No. 294566


Right? The way that all of his brothers pile on him and goad him on whilst his dad laughs and defends them is disgusting.

Also the mom always says she doesnt care about Cody being abused wrongly and being fucked with by his siblings, because he is bad at other times. It makes me so mad.

No. 294580

Even an idiot should know that's not how it works. You don't get to just allow a child to get wrongly punished because they've done things wrong in the past. What kind of example are you setting. What kindness of mindset are you instilling in these children. Cody will grow up believing he is deserving of abusive and dangerous behaviour his whole life because he's "done things in the past" she's setting him up for a life of feeling worthlessness, abusive partners and suicidal thoughts etc. How can you live with yourself instilling those ideas into a developing child's mind.

No. 294582

What kind* not kindness.

No. 294583

The mom doesn't care because Cody isn't her bio son. she gives 0 fucks about him because of that and most likely because he doesn't suffer from disorders like his ODD/ADD. Neither her or the dad clearly have no idea how to handle it and instead just goad him and harrass him, and then get paid to do it.

No. 294584

>because he DOES suffer from disorders

No. 294598

I really empathize with Cody about the whole Disney thing. The same thing happened to me when I was little. Every year during winter break my family would travel down to Florida for a mini vacation. My older cousins got to go to Disney, Universal Studios, etc. while I always was made to stay behind. Nobody ever invited me or said "Hey, shouldn't we take an eight year old to Disney?" It's not because I was being bad though. My mom would literally tell me it wasn't worth buying me a ticket because I wouldn't enjoy the rides, and I wouldn't remember anything. Mind I wasn't a baby, this continued ranging between 7-12 years old.

Narc families are just kinda like this. They consider some family members worthy of formulating memories and spending money on while others aren't worthy. They already don't want their scapegoat child to go so they form an excuse around it. I see it strongly in this family. Cody is the scapegoat child.
Sage for blog.

(Was trying to find the video of Cody holding an airsoft gun behind his dad's head and pulling the trigger for a cap to go with this, but meh, I forgot which trainwreck video that was in).

No. 294620

No. 294621

Everyone's going crazy on how badly Cody is being treated, and I get that. I've had it pretty bad as a kid too, but you gotta think about his other kids.
Like, the way they're being raise, and how the way the are taught to look down on their brother is just awful. Those kids are going to grow up to be shithead cunts like their parents….

No. 294629


Yep. The oldest one in particular seems to have been turned into a bully and tbh I wouldn't be surprised if he beats his gfs in future.

No. 294635

Tbh, I don't think cps is going to do anything about it. Cps only really seem to intervene when the child isn't getting their most basic needs met and/or the child is being physically/sexually abused. (I've known people whose parents are drug addicts and even took drugs/drank/smoked while pregnant, but cps never intervened because the kids were fed, clothed, and didn't seem to be abused.)
The only way I could see the kids being taken away is if they have a family member take them to court for custody of the children. But I can't really see that happening since the parents thought this was okay to do so I wouldn't be surprised if they learned this from their parents.

No. 294640

There's video of the kids being physically abused by the parents and the bio-mom of Cody and Emma wants them back, soooo…

No. 294642

I tried watching the video earlier with the interview with the bio mom, but the quality was so bad. did they say why cody and emma are with mike and not the mom?

No. 294644

da but even then sometimes CPS doesn't intervene. the system is so overflowing in some areas that unless the kid is literally being actively and continuously abused in an obvious way, they end up erring on the side of not splitting up the family. it's really fucked up and broken but I agree with the other anon, I really doubt anything will come of an investigation with this family. even though I wish it would because it's so obvious those parents are dicks and that poor kid needs help.

No. 294649


Apparently they falsified documents. Bio mom filed a police report and took them to court, court ruled in her favour and said they were being abused. Then they moved state to Maryland and Maryland ruled it was OK instead.

No. 294662

so the dad had a chance to give the kids but he was being a cunt.
this says so much of his character

No. 294671

I feel like it is absolutely illegal to take the kids over state lines without full custody/ permission of the other parent.

No. 294675

File: 1492629890700.png (341.15 KB, 638x360, policee.png)


Here's a copy of the police report!

Sorry for size quality its the only one I could find :(

No. 294682

File: 1492630538729.png (195.33 KB, 1166x570, daddyofnone.png)

It's sickening how much they all pile on one person. During the whole "invisible ink"-prank, the mom sounded like a fucking demon. Whether or not they are being abused (they are, in my opinion), it's not healthy or acceptable behavior to scream like they do at their children all the time. Their apology video sounds like bunch of reachy crap and they are scrambling to hide their asses.

>"We've already been investigated by the cps!"

Yeah, not something you wanna brag about.

No. 294683

File: 1492630547025.jpg (538.59 KB, 2048x1489, policereport.jpg)

I gotchu

No. 294684

What's the context on this? It's a police report that could be used by CPS to remove the children ?

No. 294685

I'm scared for Alex. Who is going to rescue him?

No. 294688

Its a police report filed by Rose (Cody and Emmas real mother)after finding out about the youtube channel.

No. 294696

And this shit was 2016
Jesus Christ, what the actual fuck! The whole 'prank videos' is just an obvious excuse to torture the kid to get back at Rose
What a petty human being

No. 294706

File: 1492633445364.jpg (32.72 KB, 587x279, kys.JPG)

This is the attitude some of the DO5 fans are parading around. Jfc.

No. 294718

File: 1492634295862.jpg (11.93 KB, 500x287, footage-not-found-2.jpg)

>where are the montages of the happy moments

No. 294720

The other kids don't seem "fine" at all.

No. 294721

None of those kids have a chance. Its like, they can either join in with mom and dad, and pick on Cody, or I'm sure they are afraid of taking Cody's place.

No. 294722

If I were their mom (their real mom) I would be LIVID. I hope this will end well for the kids.

No. 294723

Oh this is revolting. That poor kid,Cody, doesn't deserve that either. I heard Daz Black is going to get some people involved in this so I pray many others do as well before it gets far worse.

Cody is always singled out and the kids have no choice but to play along with the parents because if they don't, they'll be singled out too. That's why they seem "fine" jfc

No. 294740

This is fucking disgusting. Those "parents" deserve to die.

No. 294747

In all likelihood, from what I've seen on 4chan, Emma and Cody will at least be okay. Alex, Ryan and Jake, not so much. I already think that Jake is damaged beyond repair, but hopefully he doesn't continue the cycle of abuse when he has children of his own. A lot of people are condemning him, but I think he's just been hurt and is taking it out on the younger kids to protect himself. The kid's only 14.

No. 294749

Is anyone else thinking that all the abuse and scapegoating towards Cody is in retaliation to his mother filing this police report? Mike seems like the type of spiteful bipolar piece of shit to do something like that.

No. 294751

I think all of the kids are fucked. You can see the dad pull a gun on his kid after a prank. The mom pulls a knife on the dad casually, later on the oldest son does that too.

Here's Philip DeFranco's latest video addressing the fact that daddyofive tried to blame him for death threats etc.

No. 294752

Yes, and he's also egging Cody on because he reacts so dramatically. It's why he doesn't pick on Emma as much. All she does is curl up and cry, so it's not as fun. Cody shouts back, which Mike clearly finds amusing.

No. 294753

No. 294754

It was in the 4chan discord as well as several threads that have auto-deleted. Just hang out on /b/, though, and you'll see people talking about it.

No. 294763

If there is a gun in that house, it ups the danger level so much. Whether we are talking about a suicide or homicide, having a gun in an abusive house like that is playing with fire.

No. 294770

The parents really do seem to like getting a reaction. Whenever Cody tries to calmly tell them to go away, the parents just keep winding him up until he can't take it.

No. 294772

File: 1492639269606.gif (1.79 MB, 460x259, e02d06eb-5de4-4a69-99c9-50076b…)

>this is Philly D's fault

Flames on the sides of my face

No. 294782

A re-upload of the ink prank video.

I'm not really saying anything that hasn't already been said here, but anyone whose idea of 'fun' is to publicly bully and humiliate their kids should definitely not have custody rights.

No. 294786

i was thinking this too, i hope it happens. regardless if they try to block support (which i'm sure they will), dr phil is a mandated reporter and if he considered it abuse and really harmful to cody he is required by law to report it, and im sure his word goes further than random people online. maybe that's hopeful thinking.

No. 294813

in the invisible ink video the dad shouts at the kid "YOU'VE FUCKING DID THIS BEFORE!! YOU'VE FUCKING DID THIS BEFORE!!"
what fucking kind of "prank"

This dude likes to have the power, and be feared…
how can you willingly shout at anyone let alone a child like that, ON PURPOSE while they have no idea that you're kidding around. do you get off on it? fucking sick bastard. i hope he rots in jail honestly.

No. 294815


Oh, yeah. That poor kid is probably nothing but a trophy to taunt his ex-wife with.

No. 294819

sorry if this was posted but
Daz shows a lot more clips from their videos (i cant bear to give them any views)
and in the second video he talks about
Cody says "you made me go through all of this??? for a prank???" that right there is proof that this is not acting. the pain and anger on this childs face alone. My heart hurts.

No. 294827

Why would anyone but the trashiest people want to portray themselves like this if they are """""""""Acting""""""""?

No. 294830

This poor kid. His father is such a pos. It's clear that there is some serious emotional abuse going on. Shoving a camera in the kid's faces and putting them on the spot if they were "traumatized" is such bs too. Of course they are going to side with the abusers, they're just kids.

No. 294832

Opinions on this?

No. 294833

>it wasn't a push to hurt him
Hm. Gee, I wonder if CPS would look at it that way if they watched that video, Michael. After all, it's just a prank, right bro? Just wholesome family fun.
This people are unbelieveable garbage.

No. 294836

daddyoffive just took down every single video accept the "ruining my family" one.
He's trying to make sure no one has evidence of what hes been doing

No. 294837

Wow. The lady doth protest waaaay too much.

No. 294841

he's screwd no matter what…so many large channels already have covered him and included the clips. Tho they were painful to watch, im glad they included them so the proof is out there.

No. 294842

i read a lot about child abuse cases just out of interest and when i see these videos the first thing that comes to my mind are those cases where one child is locked in a small room and severely abused, starved, etc while the rest of the family is somewhat functional. when you read those cases you cant imagine what could have lead to that, but i feel like we're watching it. he's a stepchild, he's clearly singled out, he doesn't go on the family vacation, he is emotionally, verbally, physically abused. it's even gotten to the point that the other kids join in which usually happens in those cases too. the blame is put on him because he's "not normal." i feel like if people weren't paying attention to this like they are now, this would have just slowly spiraled into one of those cases.

No. 294843

Lol as if people haven't downloaded all of his videos.

No. 294844

Ethan's videos have been shit for a while now, to the point the channel is basically a react channel. But Ethan sank really low on this one. I can't believe he took such a serious issue as child abuse and made a meme video out of it (even if it was supposed to make fun of the dad). Like, it isn't even a funny or entertaining parody, it's just painful and distasteful.
It's disgusting he's using this scandal just to get them YouTube shekels.

No. 294850

This video hasn't been privated.(on the Mom's channel)

No. 294858

what the fuck!!! that woman is demented I feel like that dad has mental issues but sometimes actually understands something is wrong and then she tries to convice him other wise.

The dad could of shot their son! and all she can say is that "it was funny tho" and the dad is rightfully telling her he could of shot someone and she doesnt care???

No. 294859

in that video she says wouldn't it be funny if one of the gingers came squealing down the stairs during the break. Guess which of the children are gingers.

No. 294860


No. 294872


This was so useless and really comes off as Ethan just trying to bandwagon on a hate train for some easy money. I don't sense any passion in this. Half the video was making fun of likes a stupid skit. This is a serious issue. He gave 10,000 more shits about Hugh Mungus.

No. 294891

Makes you wonder how they've managed to not have accidentally killed one of those kids by now.

No. 294903

Wow jeez, my jaw actually dropped.
What the fuck would their excuse be if he had actually shot their kid??

No. 294935

Cody and Emna nit being tge mom's biological children explains why shes treats them so horrible.
And the dad is obviously getting back on his ex for even having the kids.
I wish she never gave him another chance but with her own disorders i understand why she would have liked his help.
But fuck those two. Cody needs help and i dont believe they have a family counselor who isnt just one of their drinking buddies.
A real one would have been stepped in.
And they literally stole those kids from their mother.

God this makes me want to just hug alk my neices and nephews and tell them i love them.

No. 294974


>Its just a prank bro

No. 294976

File: 1492664808896.png (46.71 KB, 507x480, mxjkqdks.png)

what do you wanna bet that the parents are telling the kids it's all their fault and guilting them into thinking that "mommy and daddy are gonna get murdered because you're being bad" because I wouldn't be surprised

No. 294985


Sounds like Greg on twitter whenever he says "My wife is crying!" as an excuse.

No. 294989


I'll keep the oven warm for you :^)

No. 295074

cody is getting beatings for sure

No. 295099

wow what the actual fuck. I liked H3 and even continued watching their videos after they went downhill because I just enjoyed their personalities. But this was so insanely distasteful.. And with no remorse like fuck off

No. 295100

Does anyone remember the video Jenna Marbles' boyfriend posted a while back titled "peeing between her legs"? Idk if she has milk, but i thought it was worth mentioning

No. 295117

It was just a goof.
tbh she used to have some milk back in the day with Barstool Sports, Hannah Hart and Grace Helbig but it's all in the past now. She seems like a genuinely nice person and tries to avoid drama, so nothing really.

No. 295125

File: 1492681384862.jpg (28.4 KB, 494x222, ss (2017-04-20 at 02.42.54).jp…)

No. 295126

I think H3 missed a big opportunity with this video. Steve-o would have been a great guest for a "professional prankster and prankee critiques batshit video" type of thing.

No. 295144


The more I see from them the more obvious it becomes that these people don't have the intellectual capacity to stage anything in the videos they posted. Just awful.

No. 295160

christ, this is infuritaing

"waah we filmed ourselves abusing our kids for money and now we're getting hate for it waah"

No. 295168

I've noticed that a lot of the videos that anons posted earlier have been deleted… for people that claim that abusing their kids was just all in good jest, they're sure running scared and covering their asses.

No. 295179

They deleted all of their videos

No. 295193


Kiwifarms has archived them all.

No. 295228

The way Mom yells is so psychotic, sounds like the screams you'd hear in an asylum. She's totally nuts for me, what kind of shit mother do you have to be to put your own child in danger of being shot for a stupid prank that could easily go wrong?

Btw, I don't get the mental gymnastics the two psycho parents are doing in order to convince everyone that it was all acting, that they don't abuse their kids etc. when really the proof is the sole fact that their kids fall into the "pranks".
I'll explain myself better: you have a Youtube channel where you upload pranks. The subjects of there "pranks" are children, that as gullible as they could be, always believe that all the psycho screams, the swears, the pushing you against a shelf, smashing your belongings etc. are true. But if this stuff didn't happen on a regular basis, the kids would think "No it's a prank, whenever they act crazy like this it's always a prank" and wouldn't fall for it.
Also: "At least you're not beating us like most parents"
But they make you kids beat each other for views. And by the way, who could believe the words of a kid that's being filmed by his parent, in a video that will be edited? How could they say otherwise?

No. 295305

i love that she screams and freaks about loving youtube but not at all mentions her kids or the kids she has custody of. youtube money is more imporant

No. 295480

File: 1492731140340.png (46.86 KB, 589x795, IMG_1551.PNG)

That poor pupper has seen some shit

No. 295491

the face of dissociation >>295480

No. 295602

save the doggo

No. 295603

to be fair anons, I think he took the "edgy meme" route with this because everything has already been said by DeFranco/ any other ass blasting commentary channel.

While this video wasn't really funny or anything, I felt like he would've been called out if he DIDNT make a video

No. 295607

I remember in previous videos, y'know before they all got baleeted, that mongoloid mike would shake, pet aggressive, and really rough up those dogs. They always looked so half-terrified when he would do it. Like at any moment they would brace for an onslaught of more yelling at random or abuse.

It must be a stressful environment for them, though that's probably all they know.

No. 295772

File: 1492770438212.png (1.03 MB, 1366x768, IMG_3897.PNG)

Only COdy and Emma are on the punishment list. Also i like how "being a baby" is on there but fighting isnt?


Fucking rednecks.

No. 295804

FFFFFFFFF the more I watch about these people the more I want to see them die in prison.

No. 296601

what the fuuuuuuuuck
that is one hell hole….
are child protective services in the US involved already?

No. 296642

DEAD at them all dressed up like they're about to go to church.

No. 296658

File: 1492879253391.jpg (136.68 KB, 1200x767, PDf3l82.jpg)


They've definitely been seeking a lawyer who helped them to set this up.

No. 296659

they're clearly lying

No. 296669

Yep they 100% lawyered/ PR'd up, its so fucking obvious. Its pointless because the videos are still out there, and even if they deleted the videos from their computer if they ever get their stuff searched the videos can still be saved. They're in deep shit.

No. 296671

wtf lmao
for a few sweet seconds i thought those were actors trying to parody their apology

No. 296675

I think biomom released a video with Cody and Emma's baby pictures.

No. 296677

got my right in the heart that they both look so fucking happy in these pictures

No. 296679

"Are Cody and Emma adopted?"
Mother: "No, unfortunately not."
"Are your parents abusive?"
Cody: "I love my mom, and I love my dad."

The kids apparently aren't allowed to read the comments (according to Blocking the Haters video I think) but their 'mother' just lets the fans ask if Cody is Autistic and if he and Emma are adopted to his face, and that's only the first two questions.

No. 296683

File: 1492881917514.jpg (86.32 KB, 435x433, ubhnn90.jpg)


Who wore it best?

No. 296715

Did she dye her hair to look more like Cody and Emma?

No. 296732

Cody's already developing C-PTSD. Very sad. The dad is sitting there with his 3 thousand dollar alienware laptop while the mother calls Cody "not normal" and "something else". Gee, wonder why.

No. 296773

Pathetic. Even if they're telling the truth, they're still coming off as unfit parents. "I can provide more for my kids, if I create more videos with shocking content of their abuse" is a bullshit excuse. At no point were they like "man, is the money worth it, if my kid is scratching himself, and too scared to come home?"

No. 296781

What the fuck the parents are sick. Is everyone around Cody oblivious? He's self harming and everyone's just brushing it off as "bad behavior" the fuck?

I'd like to point out that Cody looks away when the family is sat down together and asks if everyone is okay and he just goes "yeah". Usually means someone is lying when they look away. Siding with the abuser is the only thing he can do to defend himself so all he can do is nod his head and agree to make it seem like everything is okay just so he doesn't get fucked with after the camera shuts off.

Dad and mom keep changing these stories to make it not sound as bad as it actually is. The stupid excuses they make for questionable stuff they did is just as unbelievable. They're bad at lying. I hope they rot in hell. They can apologize and claim its fake and exaggerated all they want but you can tell it's really affected the family especially Cody who already has disorders and needs the extra help.

Oh no, they have pets. Of course it's a stressful environment for the dogs. With all the yelling, beating, and "pranks" they must be on guard and riled up 24/7.

No. 296836

The fact his abusers are his parents and they've already put it into his head that they dont want him. So of course the kid wants to try his best to not be in their bad side.

No. 296902

So many of these behaviors are either caused by or exacerbated by the parents and their fucked up "pranks".


The parents lie to the kids on a regular basis. And not normal, harmless parent lies like "the fish ran away" or "Santa Clause is real". They lie about the house getting invaded and broken into. They lie abut giving their own child up for a adoption, they lie about breaking his Xbox. The kids learned how to lie from the parents. Kids shouldn't lie and should learn that lying is wrong, but you can't effectively do that when you're lying to your kids and filming it for profit.

>Unclean room

Why would Cody keep a clean room when at any time it could be torn apart for a "prank"? I doubt the family helps him clean his room after said pranks.

>Forgot Homework

The kids are tormented on a weekly basis. Homework is probably the last thing on their mind.

>Bad in school

"Bad" as in poor behavior, or "bad" as in poor grades? Either way, the so called pranks are exacerbating this.

>Acting like a baby

The parents torment Cody and Emma to get them to cry for more views. Bullying a kid doesn't toughen them up, it makes them more sensitive. Especially when you, a parent, are bullying a kid.

>Bad table manners

I doubt their parents care that much about manners, considering how much the dad belches on camera.

>Bad on the Bus

See "Bad in school"

No. 296910


Honestly, it fucks me off. Because they "prank" him and then when he gets riled up and swears or something they punish him for it and make him smile/apologise/write lines.

No. 296939

In the video where they smash Alex's X-Box, after the prank he runs into the weight room and hides in the corner. His horrible excuse for a mother comes over and taunts him for being a baby and a little sissy boy because he can't take a prank.

These kids "act like babies" because they are babies. Cody and Alex are 9. Emma is 10.

Also, how the fuck are Cody and Alex both 9? In the apology video, they explain that Alex is the youngest, but he and Cody are both 9. How is that possible if they both came from her womb?

No. 296942

File: 1492911999478.png (60.42 KB, 1056x616, codyalex.png)

How can she claim they're both hers?

No. 296946

is she trying to claim cody is her bio son? if so that is some fucked up shit.

No. 296949

Cody has a different mother, this was mentioned a couple times upthread but imo isn't emphasized enough.

No. 297020

>"If we were really abused how would we have this nice house and this YouTube channel?"

That statement by Cody reeks of manipulation, imo. Like when people in abusive relationships will buy their victims expensive gifts or shower them in compliments as leverage to brainwash them into feeling guilty if/when they try to speak out or pull away.

It made me think of the video Venus made after she ran away where she basically said "if I hadn't learned any better I probably would have grown up to hit my kids because it was normal to me." Of course the children are going to reason that this is normal family behavior so long as everything checks out on the surface (adequate food, shelter, entertainment, etc.) because it's what they've been conditioned to accept.

No. 297039

Watching this me fucking hate this family more than I did before, and thats saying something. This guy did a really good job.

No. 297051

I thought the clips shown on Phil's video were absolutely horrible. The material shown in this video illustrates a situation far worse than I had ever imagined! It had me tearing up and anxious in the first several minutes. I understand the humorous delivery and jokes made throughout by the host were also a mechanism to help break the tension, but this was very difficult to finish. They did a good job, though. This video alone could be used as evidence.

No. 297058

Holy shit I literally wanna crack those cunt parents over the head with a baseball bat.

No. 297079

and the kid who says "at least you don't beat us like most other parents" = the belief that this is all normal.

No. 297119

Anyone knows why Ethan isn't living with Mark anymore?

No. 297124

The poor kids do look more relaxed and happy. It seems like their mom took care of them well and did the best she could, but just ran into bad times.

No. 297142

I can't believe that those sickos walk free… Sage, but is it normal in the US? I mean, there's plenty of footage as a proof of abuse. Not only physical, but also mental, psychological. And I bet there's some social welfare institution who deals with such stuff? Why the hell the worst they're facing is condemnation from online community? Like, in my shitty country, the kids would have been taken away by now. What the actual fuck.

No. 297237

He said but in one of the clips the dad literally says "I'LL BEAT YOU DOWN" when "wrestling" with Cody.

No. 297240

Sometimes it takes weeks/ months for an investigation to finish. CPS does their investigation then they get the police involved if there is any evidence of crimes. At some point the kids get taken. Its only been a week, so we don't really know where it stands at this point. The fact they have clearly lawyered up and deleted everything proves that they're either in the middle of an investigation or bracing big time for one thats incoming.

No. 297261


CPS is severely underfunded unfortunately. A therapist talks about it a bit here.

No. 297264

This is a little old, but I just now noticed it wasn't posted here so whatever.

This kid posted this video a couple of months ago. He noticed this whole thing before everyone else, but at the time he posted this he recieved a lot of hate, most likely from DaddyOFive's crazy fans.

Then, a few days ago the video was posted on reddit and got a huge wave of support. I just think it's sweet, and the fact that a child saw it all before everybody else is really eye opening.

No. 297270

this is so sweet what a nice child

No. 297316

I only recently learned about this and I read the thread but I feel like I'm still missing info.

I get that Cody and Emma aren't the bio kids of the step-mom but the dad and step-mom also have a child that is 9?
Does this mean that Cody and Emma's mom was an affair and maybe that's partially why they're singled out so badly? Since from my understanding the other brothers are both the bio kids of the step-mom and the dad.

Sage for theory and confusion but since realizing that I've been confused about the potential relationship overlap.

No. 297330


I believe Mike is not the bio-dad of any of mommyofives kids. They are a blended family.

No. 297357

The sow probably thinks she looks cute and classy, with her new highlights and dollar store pink eyeshadow. I wish she has both of her legs amputated due to the inevitable beetus.

No. 297363

Aw, this kid is SO fucking adorable. Little dude seems super mature and smart, especially for recognizing all of this.

No. 297412

How is this funny? This got me close to crying, it's fucked up.
And the fact that at the end the father tells him to "do the outro" and he just gormlessly tells the camera to "like, subscribe, comment". It's a regular occurrence for them and it's disgusting. Those kids (and the pets) need to be taken out of their care ASAP.

No. 297434

Awww! He's adorable.
I wish the kids themselves could see this video. Maybe if they heard it from another kid, they'd feel less alone.

No. 297784

I hate how sumg the mom is when she says that they'd already been investigated and noting was found. Bitch, if you're truly innocent as you claim to be, why are you acting like you just got away with murder? Most sane parents would not be celebrating the fact that that they were being investigated for child abuse, regardless of the outcome.

No. 297804

What a little angel! His pure heart could see something was very wrong, it's just a bit hard for him to put into words.

What are DaddyOFive's viewer demographics? Is it mostly teens and adults supporting them? It seems Mike's trash friends are also aspiring YouTubers and they think this stuff is normal! One of them was arguing with Philip Defranco on Twitter, claiming he has seen with his own eyes that the kids are "actors".

No. 297828

Wew, this totally fucking tugged at my heart. They looked so much more happier, especially Cody. I hate to see that these cunts have more than likely traumatized these two.

No. 297852

Jesus I'm only halfway through but this is so much worse than what DeFranco posted. It's so incredibly detailed yet still doesn't even broach on the fact Cody and Emma were pretty much kidnapped or that he self harms/shows signs of severe mental illness.

The father is a legitimate head case. I don't even have to be an armchair psychologist to recognise that he is an absolute shitstain of a human being.

To anons with knowledge of CPS/how investigations work, what are the chances that the kids will be removed from their custody? I'm pretty confident Emma and Cody will be returned to biomom but then I'm not entirely clued up on how these kind of things work. The other three kids are for sure fucked if nothing happens to Mike and his Shrek wife. That woman is an abomination and deserves all of the mental anguish that they're presumably going through after lawyering up and deleting their videos. I hope they're both shitting their pants and sick with worry. I just wish there was a way to help the kids in the mean time, I don't wanna even think about what kind of abuse the parents are inflicting on them to cope with their own stress.

No. 298215

idk if most people following the Daddyofive story have have seen this already, but there are court records of the mother being charged with 2nd degree assault in 2006.


No. 298330

File: 1493080032366.png (106.06 KB, 606x354, 5676543.png)

bahahaah you called it!

No. 298338

your link is broken and also this is a fucking image board so post an image next time

No. 298347

File: 1493081007902.png (25.28 KB, 843x262, 76543232456.png)

every mother is better than that sadist piece of shit michael. everyone knows the mother has bipolar disorder, still she would be a better parent.
the best thing about it? not even she does care about herself, she just wants them to be save.

No. 298348

When the dad is recording himself he looks so.. off? There's something in his eyes, and you can tell he just loves looking at himself. The manic laughter he often does doesn't help much either.

No. 298349

File: 1493081290240.png (44.36 KB, 583x755, hm7.png)

Sorry about that

No. 298352

Hes clearly a fucking narcissist.

I thought it was funny that keemstar went to such efforts to defend these idiots "i dont think its abuse" (apparenly slamming your kids face into a bookshelf so hard thir nose bleeds isnt abuse) to then quickly do a 180 and say he cant defend them when he gets shit on his twitter.

I've never wished such horrible things on people but i really want those parents to be pushed in front of a truck. Also no surprised reddit i defending the dad and trying to make out its the woman forcing the dad to do all this.

No. 298376

Was reading about this today and heard the same thing-despite the videos its unlikely CPS will investigate for the points you made.

However I feel in this case there maybe a chance given the amount of outrage thats happened and publicity there is a chance they maybe pressured to do something and I really, really fucking hope they do.

No. 298413

RIP, I guess.

Thoughts, anyone?

No. 298417

lmao this is so annoying to me that they are being so dramatic about it like yeah it sucks but you have all the support you need and its not like theyre poor at all. but im kinda excited for them making more vlogs since their main vids have been mostly meh

No. 298418

I feel like they're one Patreon away from Onision territory with the dramatics.
Or two Patreons, surely Hila will need one as well.

>Hila is sitting nearby and giggling in videos

No. 298423

Samefag but they had a Patreon, apparently. News to me.

No. 298580

I like h3h3, I really do. I don't find them as funny as last year but I'm still subbed. Yet this really proves they are about making as much money as possible. They get at least 2 million views on every new upload (on both channels) and yet cba to make them now? They've waited about a month for this ad thing to work itself out but no, even a month is too long without ads. Despite the fact they are probably millionaires they can't wait over a month and just make stuff because people like it and give them tons of support and love. Fuck off. Unless you are buying a yacht for each video there is no need to stop.

No. 298836

New Phil video about the DaddyOFive drama, basically addresses the new weird PR video the family put up.

No. 299219

Such a sweet little kid.

I know this drama is like over a week old, but it still gets under my skin.

I just hate how they made child abuse the "joke". Add in their excuse on how they claim it's "acting", and it makes it a thousand times worse.

It's not just the abuse towards the kids that pisses me off, but the idea that SO many other kids watched their videos.

Kids who could be going through the same exact situations, being made to think "Well, this must be normal…they're doing it", or they watch it and get pleasure out of the idea of seeing someone else suffer what they go through. Maybe they are kids that run across the video, watch out of curiosity, and sympathize or become triggered (no, really) when they see the children flinch, scream, and cry when going through the abuse. It's just situations like that which shows how they didn't take anything into consideration – just money, views, subscribers, more money, views, subsribers. That's all it was for them.


The new apology video was weird as hell, dressing up and pretending to be presentable parents. Jump-cuts galore, the guy couldn't even look into the camera to save his life, the mother doing her best to stick to script while staring off, and there's a ton of instances where they cut themselves off mid-sentence and fade to black. It's more like a PR move, pre-approved before uploading. I wouldn't doubt the lawyer watched the video and told them they needed to cut a lot of things out that could possibly mislead, incriminate, and be used against them before uploading, leaving us with this half-assed apology that has them contradicting themselves again.

I truly hope all the kids get taken away and get put in a better environment. Those two do not deserve them.

No. 299269


TBF they are currently facing a huge lawsuit and trying to have a baby, it's probably important to them that they feel they have a good amount of money coming in. From their past, they have been extremely poor and worked jobs they hated, it's not awful that they're trying to avoid that again.

No. 299407


Then, you know, they should get jobs. They should have been going to school or finding other ways to work outside of YouTube. They mismanaged their lives choosing to live in expensive cities rather than saving money, not diversifying themselves away from YouTube, not having a back up plan which even YouTubers 10 years younger than them have been smart enough to do. They actually expected this YouTube thing to go on forever, and that's just stupid. Lots of people are genuinely struggling and they act super entitled as if they deserve to live comfortably off of YouTube forever and something is being stolen from them. It's not awful for them to not want to work shitty jobs, it's idiotic of them to not make better choices when they've been doing this for years and it's awful of them to try to make this everyone's fault but theirs and guilt fans over the issue by CONSTANTLY throwing pity parties over YouTube changing with several videos now about it. I'm not going to feel bad for people who are pissy they can't be rich making reaction videos anymore.

No. 299428

File: 1493250619540.gif (1.29 MB, 245x292, tmp_32701-anigif_original-grid…)

This, it seems all Ethan knows how to do is bitch and blame youtube for his all problems. Maybe that's why he can't get a real job.

No. 299467

Even if they don't want to go back into the regular work force, they should have been smarter and branched out of just Youtube. A lot of other big names are doing okay after the boycot because they have other means of income, like podcasts, merchandise, or other creative projects they do. This wasn't going to last forever, be smart about it.

No. 299474

File: 1493257908725.gif (329.13 KB, 300x300, 1432481577230.gif)

Exactly. It's fucking retarded to think of Youtube as a stable, long term income. I get wanting to make money and having a lot of anxiety about finances when you come from a poor background, but they refuse to live within their means and just expect fans and Youtube to kiss their ass and support them.

They could easily be sitting pretty for a long time from Youtube if they lived in an affordable city, budgeted and saved. Instead, they live in expensive ass places and then bitch when they're "forced" to shop at Good Will and can't live in the lap of luxury like they want.

No. 299495


Exactly!! Everyone on reddit and what not is acting like the poor ethan is starving and unable to work but nah. motherfucker, you have a house on Los Angeles and your "job" is complaining on camera. shut the fuck up. only an idiot would have quit their job for youtube.

No. 299499


>facing a huge lawsuit

shouldn't be moving out and spending money on stupid shit then.

>trying to have a baby

last i saw of them they were faking cutting off Steve O's dick and i had to clic out. that's some middle school comedy shit. if they want a stable income they need a stable real job. saying that they are trying to have a baby just makes it worse, they should be finding jobs instead of bringing a child to a house with no financial security. youtube has always been uncertain, they knew that and decided they didn't care. that's just shitty of them. or stupid, you decide.

>they have been extremely poor and worked jobs they hated

…anon… are you 16? everyone has worked jobs they hated, that's fucking life. and "extremely poor", yeah _i'm sure_ they were living on the street. you are acting like they are sad fragile children or something. but those "awful experiences" are something 90% of adults face. i'm just - i don't know what to say, cause that's so fucking stupid.

i'm sorry that ethan has such a good control over you anon. but worry not, i'm sure you'll be able to donate your parents cash to his patreon soon enough.

No. 299605


They aren't saying that they have no financial security or are on the street. They are saying that they are going to stop focusing on youtube and branch out for those very reasons. So either you are pulling shit out of your ass or you are just uninformed?

>"extremely poor", yeah _i'm sure_ they were living on the street

They were extremely poor when Hila moved to America.

>you are acting like they are sad fragile children

And you are acting like they are spoilt children who have never worked a day in their lives and are sobbing at the thought of doing so.

No. 299706

Just an update for the DaddyOFive drama: http://www.baltimoresun.com/features/baltimore-insider-blog/bs-fe-daddyofive-michael-heather-martin-issue-apology-youtube-20170424-story.html

Basically the police are investigating, but they're actually having a hard time since the videos were all privated/ deleted. So people have been helping the Baltimore police by sending mirrors/ clip reels

No. 299765

Can we talk about Rob Dyke? Who won't shut up about his lack of ad money and is constantly hawking his paetreon. Claims 15 people need to be paid, we only see 5 people credited on his videos. He clearly thinks he is hot shit, but yeah….no.

No. 299777

That's a load of BS since everyone and their mother, including my mother Philly D, has sent links to the archived videos to the PD.

No. 299913

I only watch his murder/serial killer files videos. Apparently he said on Instagram that he has to pay 300$ from his pocket to release each video now that he earns nothing from YouTube, which I highly doubt. (I'd post a screenshot but I can't be bothered to look for the post)

What bothers me the most about these YouTubers whining and begging for money all the time is that there are people who who really think their precious favorite YouTubers are struggling to get by with the "little" money they earn, yet they keep making videos for their fans. Yeah, right. Bitch, they only do it for the money. It's an easy "job". Yes, some creators actually like making videos (or used to like), but YouTube is NOT what it used to be 10 years ago, unfortunately.

No. 299994

Youtube was a mistake

No. 299998

same with twitter

No. 300008

the monetization sure as fuck was, literally nothing good came out of it.

No. 300021

I honestly give them my support and wish them the best. They seem like very nice people and i've been subbed to them for over a year.

No. 300024

Do you think the youtube rules will change any time this year?

No. 300042

Maybe they'll make them stricter or add new ones. That's all they've done in the past anyways.

No. 300241

File: 1493357233518.jpg (90.26 KB, 821x423, ss (2017-04-27 at 10.26.33).jp…)

Still watching the video but jesus this is so fucked up. I feel so so bad at this part where they spray her with water while shes drawing and shes upset because they ruined her picture

No. 300385

oh my sweet summer child.
you probably havent seen the several "we're giving up cody for adoption" prank videos yet. and then wasnt it once that he actually idk trashed walls with his own feces or something?

and the video i enclosed is the worst. jake has turned into a freaking psychopath and sadist too. It's obvious. Im just glad he is into sports and included in school, because school shooters usually are socially excluded children.

No. 300386

it's unbelievable how overwhelmed and tired the children are. To think this is only one family that publish videos about it, and to think that this is the stuff they felt actually save to publish is… horrifying.

also at the point of the video (17:11) you can clearly hear her saying something. It's muted so you cant hear but it sounds like "I want to go live with my mother" or something.

No. 300590

>It's muted so you cant hear but it sounds like "I want to go live with my mother" or something.
>sounds like

That's a reach to me, anon

No. 300599

I'm not the other anon but I could believe it if she wanted to go live with her mom.

No. 300606

I watched this the day it was uploaded, she said "I want to kill myself". I've been watching them since september, Emma references suicide A LOT

No. 300609

>come from a poor background,

Ethan's family is very much upper middle class

No. 300622

she definitely says she wants to kill herself, and the father says "she's going crazy she's talking about -muted-" then makes her go into her room "with her craziness"

it's sad the mentality of these kids tho… even cody is saying "emma it's not you we all get pranked" then says its funny when she's crying talking about killing herself. They don't fucking get it man. they're too young.

No. 300725


Yes, but when Hila came to America he was a student and neither of them could get a job.

No. 300726

File: 1493427551778.gif (1.41 MB, 245x167, ny72003.gif)

>people made ytp videos out of these

No. 300852

I just watched this and ugly cried SO HARD. I've seen videos about them floating around on youtube the past week or so but never clicked to watch and didn't really know what it was about. I'm so fucking shook. I honestly wish I had stayed oblivious about this, thinking about the abuse these kids have endured for YT-fame (and what's probably going on when the camera is off) makes me want to curl up and cry until I die. Fuck those horrible fucking abusive pieces of shit parents, I hope they get everything taken away from them and live in misery for the rest of their lives. I pray with all I have there's a happy ending for those kids.

This is the most depressing shit I've ever seen on youtube, FUCK

No. 300862

I remember Ethan saying in an earlier video that they would never have a child because he would pass on his Tourette syndrome (there's a 50% chance).

I don't understand how they started having baby talks in the last month or so. What changed?

No. 300878

and another round of "how fucked up can it get?"

~ you spin me right round, baby, right round like a record, baby, right round, round, round ~

No. 300889

I have absolutely no intention of watching an hour and a half of child abuse. We know enough already.

No. 300891

Tourettes Isn't that bad, I have something like it . I spout shit when nervous and have the muscular spasms if I drink even a bit of alcohol. It's embarrassing sometimes though and you're worried people think you're nuts when you're "talking to yourself" aka spouting shit uncontrollably.

No. 300897

Yeah, I normally like her work but this felt gratuitous.

No. 300902

File: 1493464549530.png (273.46 KB, 450x449, 2951.png)


Yeah, you're doing yourself a favor. I'm halfway through and ready to cry, it is brutal

No. 300903


Well, Hila is 30 now. Maybe just her biological clock ticking.

No. 300946

I used to like Markiplier's vids during the time when he was still playing with Yamimash, he was a whole lot calmer then, but then it changed at his Amnesia: a Machine for Pigs LP, he was rushing to get videos out because he needed to go to a con, so it felt like he gave no shits about the game. He screeched at everything, overreact to the point of being annoying, calling every phallic object a dick, and completely ignoring the story, opting to rp as an angry drunk father and want to fuck the woman ghost instead of acknowledging her dialogs, but the LP got a shit ton of views and likes, and his subscriber count started to climb. I unsubscribed when he chose to fuck around in his To the Moon LP, making jokes about wanting to fuck things, making sex jokes about Joey and River, and went "oh I didn't realize it's such a moving and serious story" at the fucking end. I lost all respect for him. Sage for blog.

No. 301098


Holy shit that brought me back. I started to watch Mark when he was still friends with Yami, but he quickly threw that friendship away once "fame" came for him.

No. 301139


Yami had that whole pedo scandal though.

No. 301160


No. 301178

Daym I forgot Yamimash completely until I read you writing his name just there! It's really funny how some Youtubers stay on top forever and some perish, I guess it's just alot to do with how they hold together with their fans…. and okay lets not forget Yami had a pedo scandal, that doesn't help.

Honestly I feel like Mark yoyo alot, he is in periods super great and feels like a good guy and he puts efforts into his videos.. then in other periods he seems like an egomaniac who just wanna squeeze the lemon for all its got. I guess it got alot to do with his levels of stress.
But at least I think that whole thing he had with Matt and Ryan literally turning their back on him for being an asshole helped him to realise a few things about himself.

No. 301209


>But at least I think that whole thing he had with Matt and Ryan literally turning their back on him for being an asshole helped him to realise a few things about himself.

What actually happened here anon?

No. 301211

File: 1493505221689.png (57.33 KB, 499x847, markfacebook.png)

You can see that Markiplier announced why Matt and Ryan were suddenly gone from his videos completely out of nowhere, in October last year.
It's honestly a pretty mature confession and apology, it's hard to admit when all blame is on yourself and you fucked up

No. 301215


I see, but…

This is exactly why I don't like Markiplier and see him as a possibly a narcissist. I find him to be very manipulative and that he hides his manipulation in "I'm just trying to be a good guy" type of wording. Yes, he admitted that he fucked up. Where it starts to get manipulative is 1) it's a very basic confession. He was an asshole can range pretty fucking far and without concrete details of what he did, it naturally won't sound that bad especially when he's putting himself on blast. That sets him up to look like the bigger person regardless of how bad whatever he was doing was. Which leads to 2) he didn't need to add those last bits about apologizing to them. It reads manipulative to tell all of his many fans that he apologized and hopes they come around. It puts pressure on them to accept his apology lest they kind of look like assholes themselves because he's being so gracious and so self-aware. I've found that Mark does things like this a lot and because he's done the charity shit and is also bumbling incoherent "just be nice!" platitudes, it's really easy for him to always look like the good, well-meaning doof to his young fanbase that idolizes him. I really don't like the guy because I hate manipulators and loathe them even more when it seems like no one else is wise to their bullshit. He chose to be vague about what HE did wrong but very clear that he is trying to make amends. Okay Mark. I'm sure Ryan and Matt have become wise to him as well.

No. 301225

>"emma it's not you we all get pranked" then says its funny when she's crying talking about killing herself.
My mom used to say it's not funny if not everyone is laughing

This is horrifying

No. 301274

File: 1493513621438.jpg (37.54 KB, 311x311, e4450208f7c86759a402221d7eeabc…)

learn 2 sage grammarfag

No. 301277

I wasn't correcting your grammar, you just sound like an obnoxious instawhore who finds drag queens funny

No. 301293

DA: you literally were. and it looks like u're still too stupid to sage yr bs

No. 301471

Oh yes I have. The whole thing is a shit show.This one in particular hurt my kokoro because I'm an artist and its just fucking lame to ruin someones drawing and then laugh and be like "o it was just a stupid drawing LOL!"
Probably made her never want to draw again tbh

Im watching the whole situation closely. I hope with the public pressure on this family that something is done.

No. 301473

File: 1493551346666.png (8.91 KB, 738x160, fucl.png)

This never even crossed my mind until I read this comment… I feel so fucking bad. I hope this isnt the case but with how fucked up the family is Im sure it is.

No. 301507

I just finished watching this whole thing. Its nice to have a lot of footage in one place because I dont feel like hunting for the mirror videos. The worst imho "prank" that they do in this entire thing is at the very end. It isnt even Cody but its Alex I believe and he is taking a shower. The dad gets Jake to start dumping stuff from the fridge on him while he's in the shower. Its innocent-ish enough at first but then he aggressively throws bottles at him while he's in there. Then the fucking WORST happens and he squirts hot sauce all over him in the shower. Alex starts crying hysterically, asking to see a doctor, and telling them he cant see and his penis hurts. Obviously the hot sauce got in his urethra and fucking stings.

No. 302341

Apparently danisnotonfire had a re-branding of some sort. I hope that includes actually having decent videos.

No. 302342

oh yeah and he fucking puked after that (very bad sign after dick/balls trauma) while his dad was laughing the whole time

No. 302343


Rose got emergency custody for Emma and Cody. They are already with her.

Remember it's emergency custody which has to be turned into long-term custody or whatever it is called in the US, but still.

No. 302347

thank God! now get those kids to therapy stat

No. 302350

Fantastic! That's the best news I've heard all day. Even if it's emergency/temporary, Cody and Emma are at least away from that toxic environment for a little while.

No. 302352

File: 1493679163978.jpg (65.4 KB, 535x434, 1458356025510.jpg)



No. 302354

File: 1493679327532.jpg (123.23 KB, 750x1160, C-xegeFXoAEAX_M.jpg)

No. 302355

This is great news. I hope both kids get better.
Sucks for the older son who's left at home with the two ogres, though.

No. 302366


Aw, the bio mom, Rose, seemed so nervous in front of the camera. I hope the kids are doing better now.

No. 302367

File: 1493680253917.gif (1.86 MB, 500x281, 1493346900814.gif)

Thank goodness

No. 302368

there are 5 kids in total, duh. hence the "daddy of five" nickname.

it's Cody(9), Alex(9), Emma(11), Ryan(12) and Jake(14).

But only Cody and Emma are from Rose. The other 3 are from Heather and another guy (a police officer and former child abuse detective) who is currently also trying to get custody.


No. 302369


Why wouldn't they let Emma have cheese tho…? Those people…

No. 302370

She suffers from anxiety (possibly severe, especially with what's been going on) so it excuses her extreme awkwardness but her smile when she talks about the kids, absolutely adorable and shows how much she loves them!

No. 302374


I hate to be this person, but, the mom is kinda chunky and so is Emma. But it's better to be a bit of a chubby kid and eat cheese than to be abused on camera for youtube bux.


Yeah I'm happy that they are back with her, she seems sweet and I think her nervousness is an okay thing, considering what Daddyofive was like for views!

No. 302376

i think because of her own health, it contributed to some custody issues before…. so I hope that, if she herself if unable to get custody, than a grandparent or someone else on her side can gain custody so she will still be able to see them.
I really hope they get these kids some therapy and that they will grow positively from this experience…

such good news that they got out for now, but they've still got a long way to go… wishing nothing but good luck for these kids

No. 302393

This. The oldest brother kind of terrifies me… maybe even more than the parents in some ways. Like when he provokes Cody to the point where he has to 'restrain' him you can tell he's on a huge power trip. I hate how the parents encourage it because they're basically rewarding him for creating a situation in which he gets to dominate his brother. I think it's normal to have a bit of sibling rivalry, but that kid enjoys it way too much.

Maybe I'm just being overly sensitive, but I find him super unsettling. He honestly reminds me of he dentist from Little Shop of Horrors. I hate to say it, but it would not surprise me if he ends up getting arrested someday for rape or domestic abuse.

No. 302403


No. 302417

Holy fuck. Why would you even think about doing that to a kid? I pray that Alex gets rescued too. Poor fucking guy.

No. 302466

YESSSS, This makes me so happy!! Hopefully Rose makes up for the time she's been away from them.

No. 302470

File: 1493686903611.jpg (178.4 KB, 684x359, uvol36_chapter8_08-1-1.jpg)

Aaah, I'm so thrilled to see this, I could honestly cry.

No. 302737

This is such great news, I'm so happy for Cody and Emma. I hope the other three can get out too, although its always harder for dads to get custody than moms. But the fact he's a police officer will probably help a lot.

No. 303019

this is bullshit, ive been abused like this before and seeing the way he begged and screamed and cried with his face all red like that brought back such a flood of memories. no 8 year old can fake that

No. 303036

Thank fuck and i hope the other kids father gets more involved if he cant get custody. The oldest is gonna need some serious help like others have pointed out. Hes been rewarded for his bad behavior. Hes needs therapy so ut doesnt cement even more in his mind.

No. 303048


I don't get what you're saying. Both moms are overweight, Emma is a little chubby, and what? Are you saying her abusive family put only her on a diet even though her step mom is a whale? Or what?

No. 303053


Heather took away Emma's cheese because it was something she liked. It had nothing to do with health. It was a way to exert control over her.

No. 303062

File: 1493765119626.jpg (15.02 KB, 320x320, 45845.jpg)

Same, anon. I actually ended up remembering some of the abuse I had blocked out as a kid after seeing a couple of their videos.

I'm so glad those kids are in a safer place now. I hope the mom is smart enough to get them into therapy asap.

No. 303133


Yeah, I get that. That's why I said "these people" because it's fucked up. It was a rhetorical question hence the ellipses too. The response confused me because I thought they were implying the step mom might have been trying to help her or something.

No. 303243

>kiwifarmers posting a joy sparkles video unironically
jfc what has happened to that place

No. 303252

this is really heartwarming. seeing the bio mom so nervous for the camera and talking about the abuse was really sad, especially the bit where she said that Cody was told by his dad that his mom hated him and didn't want him. but seeing how happy she was when she talked about memories with the kids was so great. hopefully they stay with her

i just wish she'd set up a legitimate gofundme or something. i'd imagine that between therapy and legal fees (id imagine the dad is gonna have a good lawyer unless he spent all the money on batman funkos), this whole thing makes me wish I could send a few bucks her way. the only gofundme i could find is a sketchy "family-friend" run one which is a bummer.

No. 303371

File: 1493808004890.gif (1.16 MB, 292x323, chloe.gif)

>I hate to be this person, but, the mom is kinda chunky and so is Emma. But it's better to be a bit of a chubby kid and eat cheese than to be abused on camera for youtube bux.

yeah well ~anyway~ most stupid post on this site aside I'm really glad those kids got out of there and i hope they get to stay with their bio mom. saged for no contribs.

No. 303525

the mom seems to not be very internet-savvy, she might not know that those kinds of sites exist. maybe bring it up to her?

then again she might just not want help like that. lots of people don't.

No. 303559

File: 1493833156817.png (857.58 KB, 1166x848, Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 18.3…)

I don't particularly like Chad but this is very fucking true

No. 303570

Glad someone called him out. Too bad their stupid fanbase will just make excuses for them since they don't want to upset their Youtube god.

No. 303830

File: 1493854345386.png (17.85 KB, 623x130, Screenshot 2017-05-03 at 7.27.…)

Nobody looking down on you for going out with a friend, it's because you both cry on camera about losing money and threatening to quit the channel (and thus trying to get your braindead fans to donate to your patreons)… MEANWHILE you clearly have enough to afford a Vegas trip, and during a supposedly "tough" time for money, you should be spending less lavishly.

No. 303841

Doesn't it occur to anyone that Post probably payed for everything and took them to Vegas??

No. 303852

Wouldn't Hila mention that in her defense tweet though?? What leads you to think their friend did?

No. 303912

Honestly if she did it'd be really tasteless.
It's pretty obvious Post paid for everything considering he booked the hotel for them and paid for the guns/tank thing. This was all said in the video.
They probably only paid for the ticket to fly over since Ethan was talking about it.

No. 304213

Also they don't have a patreon at the moment

No. 304243

was he making a joke or is "the gang" already fighting w each other. i thought ethan was friends with all them

No. 304250

I don't think it was a joke. Chad is just a dumbass.

No. 304340

Chad is one of the grossest people I have ever seen, but he does have a point. Even if it's completely inappropriate and rude as hell of him.

No. 304345

Yeah, I think Chad just likes to rip on literally everybody while contributing nothing of value. It's real easy to look like the good guy when you aren't doing anything that could be criticized.

No. 304360

File: 1493907052059.jpg (110.14 KB, 624x549, lol.jpg)

Did anybody catch The Needle Drop vs. Wale twitter beef?

Fantano made some asshole tweets about Wale's new album, and mistakenly classified one of the songs as dancehall when it was actually afrobeat. Wale overeacted and sent his fans to attack Fantano, calling him racist, even though the person who produced the track in question was Diplo and credited to Major Lazer, who're white and known for making electronic dancehall music. Shit escalated into an all out twitter war. Vince Staples even tried to get them to fight in real life.

Shit was hilarious.

No. 304373

wow. butthurt niggers are hilarious. I wasn't aware anyone famous even paid attention to Fantano's reviews.

No. 304386

I just listened to the Wale song in question and a few other afrobeats songs for reference and they are honestly indistinguishible from the dancehall sound of most new pop music. Sorry your music just sucks, Wale.

No. 304538

God I hate Fantano. Dunno why anyone cares about that little twerp. But I agree he is well known in the internet

No. 304543


chad isn't really part of any "gang", he shits on people for no reason like BradDoesBanter (who i think already got suspended for being hateful 24/7). they only post shit like that because they don't get attention otherwise. chad has no issue with shit talking ian, h3h3, or any of the other people who he's supposed to be "cool" with. you can tell that ian doesn't like him, and his current biggest yt friendship is keemstar. he's just shitty and lives up to his name.

No. 304545


maybe he did. BUT its still funny to make fun of ethan for being so desperate for money tho

No. 304548


seriously, get a real job.

No. 304571

It seems that any criticism in this thread concerning Markiplier revolves around the fact that he has a different persona with his fans and his friends/coworkers.

It's almost like you're supposed to behave differently with your audience (who you gotta keep it professional with because money) than from the people working for you. Who'd a thought, right?

No. 304587

I agree with you mostly, ofcourse a youtuber acts differently in videos and together with fans than irl, when youre with fans you gotta be on your A-game and be really energitic and nice.

BUT theres a difference between being more down to earth and more human when youre with your friends and then being an ASSHOLE to them, so much they hate you and leave… I think Mark has alot of pent up anger because of his stress.
I truly truly do NOT think Mark is a bad person, nor as manipulative as some people here claim he is, but I do think he needs to calm down sometimes with his extreme perfectionism in many regards!

No. 304759


Omg. Dude's a fucking narc if there ever was one. But because he's not a total asshole (because to be manipulative that means you gotta go full asshole 100% of the time since it's UNHEARD of to have manipulative tendencies without being Hitler) that means his bullshit is just perfectionism. Big ole doofball Markimoo just wants everything to be perfect and rainbows and he would never manipulate fans, lie egregiously for years, treat his "friends" like rusty tools, or do anything truly bad at all. See Markiplier isn't a real human being with positive and negative personality traits, nooo. He just has extra positive personality traits due to his extreme goodness that gets too out of line for us lesser, flawed beings. Don't forget, he gives to charity and everything makes him cry because he just cares tooooo much. He would never pander, exaggerate, blatantly flirt with his audience, pretend to be single for years or do anything manipulative to make his fangirls affections for him. Literally only serial killers and Onision are capable of manipulation…clearly.

Sage because fucking Markiplier stan BS triggers me gud.

No. 305378

Yeah, and he's calling himself (also changed his twitter username to) 'Daniel Howell' now. That is just so pretentious! He is already professionally known as 'Dan Howell'. NO ONE calls him Daniel.

Plus, he will still be 'Dan' on his gaming channel, on the shop, merch and collabs with Phil (since they will most likely remain Dan and Phil) but refer to himself as Daniel on his own channel.
Also, his tour is still TATINOF and his book TABINOF.
His and Phil's fans will now be 'phaniels' I guess lol

It's simply a mess.

I get why he wants to distance himself from the cringy videos he's made in the past but he should have stuck with Dan, this pretentious mess that consists of taking 'artistic photos' , taking himself seriously and wearing only expensive designer /fa/ clothes is as bad as his 'random xD' phase. Maybe it'll grow on him with time though. It's all pretty unnatural now but he's gotta start somewhere I guess.

And I'm curious what kind of new content is he gonna create. The only thing that kept them alive last year was theshitty fanservice, not sure how does he want to continue from that. He has almost abandoned his personal channel.

I wish him luck though.

No hope for Phil now imo. He's totally changed and I don't think the old creative and mature Phil is ever coming back. Only the ugly infantile manchild with a dying channel is left. Shame.
He wasn't a bad host on the radio show (since he isn't as awkward as Dan irl) but now he doesn't even have that. Quitting it wasn't a smart move.

No. 305389

>using your full name is now pretentious

No. 305391

calm down, pull. all he did was change his cringey old username to his real name.

No. 305393

Refering to yourself with your full name when everyone (even your roommate) refers to you with the shorter version is pretentious.

Plus like I said, what about his shop, gaming channel and collab name? He's still calling himself Dan in that. But on his own channel, he will be Daniel.
And his book and tour is stil 'not on fire'.

And I'm calm? I know he only changed his username. But he's gonna make it messy for himself.

No. 305395

File: 1494018808833.gif (3.4 MB, 503x283, anon...gif)

>Refering to yourself with your full name when everyone (even your roommate) refers to you with the shorter version is pretentious

No. 305398

At least sage your shit, anon.

No. 305402

Honestly anon I cant even take what youre trying to say seriously, why are you so triggered by mark? god daym
Nobody said Mark doesn't fake feelings for his fans or never treated his friends like shit, evidently he did, but you talk like Mark peed on your cereal!

No. 305403

Sorry, did you mean to quote the poster who's freaking out about someone using their full name? Lol, what a joke.

No. 305408

I meant to quote you.

No. 305409

Good one baka.

No. 305423

>>Refering to yourself with your full name when everyone (even your roommate) refers to you with the shorter version is pretentious

Anon, please

No. 305425

I don't think he is because no one fucking cares. Except for you, judging by those 5 paragraphs you wrote sperging about it.

No. 305450

Mellonman's response was pretty solid if anyone still gives a fuck.

No. 305456


I'm not triggered by Mark, I'm triggered by his dumb as fuck fans that could win gold medals in the mental gymnastics Olympics for how hard they contort reality to find ways to see him as his saintly person. Which I said already. Learn how to read faggot. What was said is that he's not manipulative, and if he is faking feelings and treating his friends like shit while pretending he's great to them until he can't anymore THAT'S WHAT MANIPULATIVE PEOPLE DO. Make an argument against it or stfu and sage your shit because no1curr that you wanna suck Markimoo's dick.

No. 305459


Dan is cringy, but fucking hell you're reaching with this Daniel/Dan shit as if it's some Daenerys long ass title shit.

No. 305476

>"Learn how to read faggot"
>"because no1curr that you wanna suck Markimoo's dick"

Omg you're hilarious, do you think youre being edgy when you write like a 14 year reddit lurker?

Either way have fun being triggered by a person who really isnt lol-worthy at all, all Mark is doing is being a pussy, I don't think he is so bad that you need to get your piss in a boil like you are.
But by all means, keep going champ! You'll get him, I believe in you!

No. 305477

You misspelled melon. And I really wish he'd shut up tbh. I'm so sick of his know-it-all attitude. Not saying Wale was in the right, but this response is trash.

No. 305497

Nobody…NOBODY here is riding on Mark's dick as much as you're imagining. Pretty much every post about him itt have conceded that he does have negative personality traits but not enough to produce much milk.
And he's just as much an EBIL MANIPULATOR as any other Youtube personality. Either drop some juicy caps or stop acting like everyone here is a stan.

No. 305517


You seriously can't fucking read or sage like really? The epitome of a Markiplier stan.


Then stop acting like a fucking stan and getting pissy. Idgaf about milk since I didn't bring him up in the first place. The asshole got brought up, called NOT manipulative, that's bullshit and I called it such. The fact that you're now saying he's on par with other YouTube manipulative types is exactly what I originally said unless you can't understand sarcasm.

>See Markiplier isn't a real human being with positive and negative personality traits, nooo. He just has extra positive personality traits due to his extreme goodness that gets too out of line for us lesser, flawed beings.

So if you don't have anything to say other than "we're not all stans, we're just acting like them now stop shit talking Mark" stfu already. Unless a farmhand can decide whether or not I can shit talk Markiplier in a thread with his fucking face on it on a board made for shit talking e-fame idiots like him.

No. 305527

Whatever pisspot, calm down.

No. 305531


Ain't nobody mad about wrecking low IQ Markiplier stans, boo. Way to sage!

No. 305672

The only thing rekt is your brain, dummy.

No. 305878

Anyone else think it's kind of weird that Pewdiepie never goes to YT events? I would assume they invite him since he's one of the biggest faces for their brand but he rarely goes to anything they host.

He always bitches about not being in the loop but then stays in his little hovel in Brighton and only leaves when Marzia makes them go on vacation. If he would actually go and speak to higher ups/officials he probably wouldn't be so stupid over what's going on.

If you notice, the youtubers who actively work with and visit yt offices are usually not screwed and have open lines of communication with officials there (Casey, Jesse, Sharla, hell even Phil who seems to fucking hate Youtube has gone to their offices to talk to them)

No. 305905


Ohhh burn! My fee fees.

No. 305992

Kind of. Personally I always got the vibe that Pewdiepie just wants to do his own thing and not subscribe to the 'professional' aspects of what YT has become even though he's made a lot of money off it.
Obviously he cares about the ads and stuff because it's his main source of income, but he always comes off as very cynical about YouTube culture in general and the fact that nowadays everyone sees YT as a way to make a brand for themselves. (maybe I'm just projecting, though. idk)

No. 306025

He makes it pretty clear that he doesn't like YT and that its shit. He's also made it clear that he's shy out of character and doesn't like doing big event things. He seems afraid of embarrassing himself, and often uses footage of the few times he has done public events as self deprecating cringe inserts

No. 306060

Even back when he was first picking up speed on YT his personality always struck me as a huge diva.
Like he won't do or like something if he doesn't get exactly his way.

I hate to sound edgy but monetization for users was the biggest mistake YT ever made. I know it doesn't seem that way because of course that got more content and traffic to their website, but it made otherwise do-nothings like Pewds entitled and greedy as fuck all over sitting in front of a game screen cursing and yelling.

Like if there was ever a person who did NOT deserve the money and opportunity they got in exchange for what was put out, it's him. And at that he still demands more and thinks he's important because 14 year olds love his screaming videos.

No. 306062

If he can't even do YouTube right because off "muh shyness" I'd hate to see how he functions in a real job.

No. 306154

I think you're confusing pewdiepie with onision there, anon.

No. 306164


Think it's a combination of these two. He's awkward and "shy" so when he can't control how he looks through his own videos and has to actually interact with people he's spergs out hard. A lot of these YTers are like that, they get into this socially isolated job, stop developing working social skills, and build egos based around the opinions of an ever changing group of teenagers. When it comes to the internet, PDP has a massive ego. But he's not so deluded that he thinks the internet is life so he knows outside of this e-fame world he's an awkward nothing since money alone doesn't buy status and he's living in the fucking UK anyway. A lot of his humor and videos revolve around this duality which makes people think he's down to earth and self-aware.

No. 306169

Daym anon, that was so fucking correctly written, you hit the hammer on the nail perfectly when describing him

I also think its noteworthy that pewds have never really had his own style of humor… he went from a blatant tobuscus ripoff to now trying hard to be an edgy memelord like filthyfrank… without youtube a person like felix would never have been famous for entertainment, he has very little actual talent for it.
But thats what youtube is for, giving lukewarm socially awkward reddit-memers money since 2008!

No. 306175

Onision is an extroverted narcissist who wouldn't enjoy the money as much without the fan praise.

Pewdy is a socially avoidant personality with a lust for easy money and doesn't quite give a shit if he has fans.

No. 306238

let me guess, fantano didn't like one of your favorite albums? he is really knowledgeable, there's a lot more insufferable know-it-alls in the music journalism industry

No. 306253

its just super generic, watered down afrobeat too, but i can see why people including melonhead would confuse it for dancehall, since major lazer used the same drums and similar rhythms from it (unsurprisingly), but i digress. anyways wale being butthurt over petty shit online is both halarious and pathetic.

i get that fantano is knowledgeable about music and is well spoken,and while i do respect his opinions even I'm getting annoyed by his him these days. sometimes he says sensible things but most of it is just shrouded by his arrogant know-it-all attitude, especially on his Twitter.

No. 306257


not that anon, but fantano isn't a real music reviewer, he's just a good orator with a nice camera. he sucks. people are allowed to dislike him. and no he didn't trash any album that i like, because he mostly reviews rap and other genres that i don't care about. he's just not entertaining and talks out of his ass.

No. 306378

Did you guys conveniently forget that markiplier flew his ex girlfriend to live with him and when things went south and she had a suicidal breakdown he just bailed and lived at the game grumps office and still recorded and uploaded videos until she left

If you're gonna stick your dick in someone at least help them out instead of abandoning them, JUST SAYING

No. 306383

No, asshole. I'm not talking about his music reviews, I'm talking about him as a person and his views.

No. 306387

jesus fucking christ that's disgusting

No. 306394

Fantano can be pretty great sometimes, and he clearly knows a shit tonne about music, but he can be a bit annoying sometimes, and the stuff he chooses to review is pretty strange.

He's still probably my favourite music reviewer out there consistently, but I can honestly only stand so much of his stuff before I get sick of it for a week or two.

I really fucking wish he'd label the genre his reviews are too, I don't give a shit about half the stuff he uploads, and it's annoying having to kind of guess what genre a review is.

No. 306546

I have never even heard about this? Do you have any proof/screenshots about this?

No. 306573


Wasn't sure because I don't read much on the cluster c's, but I think you're spot on anon. Here's the criteria for avoidant personality disorder:

A pervasive pattern of social inhibition, feelings of inadequacy, and hypersensitivity to negative evaluation, beginning by early adulthood and present in a variety of contexts, as indicated by four (or more) of the following:
1. Avoids occupational activities that involve significant interpersonal contact because of fears of criticism, disapproval, or rejection.
2. Is unwilling to get involved with people unless certain of being liked.
3. Shows restraint within intimate relationships because of the fear of being shamed or ridiculed.
4. Is preoccupied with being criticized or rejected in social situations.
5. Is inhibited in new interpersonal situations because of feelings of inadequacy.
6. Views self as socially inept, personally unappealing, or inferior to others.
7. Is unusually reluctant to take personal risks or to engage in any new activities because they may prove embarrassing.

Some of this shit we certainly can't know, but he fits the bill outwardly. It definitely explains why he's really reluctant to do work related meet up stuff, doesn't collab often with people he's not exceedingly comfortable with, and what stfu about he's awkward handshakes or strange encounters.

No. 306582


The guys a fucking prick. I remember how he treated Jess. He has a tendency to go for women who are "lesser" than him just like he has a tendency to like to be surrounded by friends who are "lesser" than him. These people are just a step up from fans. He knew the power dynamic between him and Jess was fucked. Poor girl practically worshiped him and got to get dragged through the mud by his shitty crazier fangirls just because she existed while never giving him shit for stuff like pretending to be single the entire time they were dating just so he could flirt with the camera and make fangirls swoon. All of this shit was on his GG page. The place where they bend over backwards to suck his dick until they start having breakdowns when they find out someone really is.

No. 306590

Tbh I hate that "hahaha yt sucks pay me tho" meme that is big right now.

Yeah people hate a lot of their jobs/have problems with their companies, but youtubers have arguably one of the best and most lenient jobs ever created. Yt lets people do whatever the fuck they want, if you hit a certain popularity level they give you amazing opportunities and you make a living talking to a camera about whatever you want.

It's so idiotic seeing youtubers bitch about ads and money when they just squandered it all over stupid shit.

No. 306609

Pewdiepie doesn't have avpd. He's just Swedish, lol. They all act like that.

No. 306611

Pretty much this, kek.
9/10 scandinavians, myself included are like this to a degree, lmao.

No. 306619

All Swedish people avoid work related socializing for fear of rejection? So all Swedish people work independently?

Not saying he has AVPD. Agreeing with original anon that he has avoidant personality traits. Worded it poorly.

No. 306626

Scandinavians have some seriously different ideas about what is polite. Like. not much of a small talk culture, serious personal space bubbles. You don't make eye contact and chat with a stranger just because you're in the same place, You try not to sit in a seat next to a stranger–even a row ahead or behind– because it's just not really polite.

the random 'extrovert and network' thing is something that most people thing about doing.

I"m not making an argument for or against avoidant–but the swedish culture is massively different.

No. 306627

Yeah. Fucking shy Swedes.
As a Canadian who lived there for a year, that shit gets real old, real fast. (I still love the bastards, tho.)

No. 306629


Ah, I see. Was seeing it through an American lens. Which is pretty ignorant, my bad. From that point of view I can see how it might be confused with avoidant traits.

No. 306633

We scandinavian are more introverted and have a very big personal space bubble, especially in public.. It's just a cultural trait, it's not really that bad but might seem offputting if you come from a more stranger-friendly country!
I don't think pewds is very different from any other scandi

No. 306634

Plus it doesn't help that with his job making him only see the same like, 3 people every day + celebrity status wherein if he wants to socialize it has to be secretive and with selective people, he has to kind of stay in this socially awkward bubble.

No. 306637

Yeah that is true too.
He said himself that he doesn't really have many friends anymore, I think he only hangs out with Marzia and those 3 people who are his filming/editing crew!
He had alot of friends back in sweden but moving around with Marzia prolly ruined that.. not saying he isnt happy now, you dont need 20 friends to be happy, but I do think he is incredibly isolated

No. 306643


It would be really dang hard to make friends when you're famous. I mean… you go out in public, and people recognize you. This guy chatting with me, is he being friendly, or does he recognize me? Are they cultivating a friendship, or are they trying to become 'close' to me? are they seeking to be part of my circle of friends in hopes of having some proximity to fame and money?

Some people are pretty happy 'buying' friends, but i think that seems like the sort of thing that'd really bug pewdie? he seems like someone who wouldn't have much tolerance for 'fake' friends and being used etc.

and then there's the worry that, if I become friends with this person, will things I say to them end up online? Candid pictures? Can I really let my guard down with them?

seems pretty awful, honestly.

No. 306645

Yeah. I think it's him, Marzia, the Romanian guy and the British guy are his crew. PJ and his gf seem to be their closest friends, and I've seen one or two others in their vlogs/party videos but it's only that small group.

I think he's also genuine friends with Ken and Jack, but since they don't live close it's an e-friendship which also doesn't help with social awkwardness since you're just chatting on a screen all day instead of hanging out.

No. 306748


I mean… It depends on how you quantify 'a lot of friends'… to me, that sounds like a lot of people to try and keep up with, but I'm pretty introverted.

No. 306860

Fellow anon opinions on Kendall Rae? I don't have much issues with her, but that Patreon begging video she did was pretty jaw dropping.

No. 306868

It's a bit long to listen to but Pewdiepie was on the official podcast (Cr1tikal and his friends' podcast). They do ask him a few youtube related questions.
Speaking of which I really like these guys, the podcast is a bit boring and repetitive sometimes but overrall it's fun.

No. 306892

it's all archived at gurugossip, too much to c/p over here

No. 306977

he does group his reviews by genre on his main channel lol. and yeah i get that how he can be annoying in that sense, but its great for recommendations into music you'd never imagine yourself hearing. I'd say thats actually one of Anthony's strong suits, since he's so open to different kinds of music and encourages viewers to explore different genres as well.

No. 307031

yeah I unsubbed after I realized I didn't give a shit about him or his opinions lol but I did start listening to a few of my favorite bands because of him.

No. 307158

no need to get hostile anon. I'm just saying this as someone who used to hate him and his stupid meme persona he put on. I like watching his reviews now. yeah he's annoyingly vegan and has some outspoken political views but separating that from the reviews and listening to his critiques makes me respect him

I dont have a twitter, but it wouldnt surprise me tbh if he acts self important on there.

No. 309364

There's this new youtube trend where youtubers diss other youtubers

markiplier was mentioned in this video
>has panel
>immediately leaves when the panel ends
>ignores fans saying hi

No. 309592


Pretty pussy to make a vid like this and disable comments and the like/dislike bar, but hardly surprised by what she said about Markiplier. When you look at his actions and the fact that people have actually removed themselves from his life, it's not hard to make the connection. How many people who aren't assholes in some way have multiple people decide they don't want them in their life anymore? His fans don't know how to read between the lies. Awesome people don't have such issues.

No. 311643

Massively late to the party, but what on earth is the yami pedo scandal???? I'm in the same boat with the other anon, pre-1mil subs mark was golden. Once he got famous, his behavior COMPLETELY changed, and people pointed it out in the comments.

No. 311984


Go to early guru gossip posts. They cover it, in their biased way.

No. 313563

Have you guys been caught up with the laci green red pill drama?

>laci does a 180 and is actually being reasonable
>she is now open to debate and discussion
>followed alt right anti feminist/sjw youtubers for future collabs

No. 313706

Gross. No one above age 11 listened to this dumb bitch in the first place and no one with a brain is going to listen to her now. I'm sure the "skeptic" community is overjoyed.

Also, she needs to grow her hair out again. That amplified pumpkin head is v triggering.

No. 313741

I don't really see anything wrong or drama worthy with this… I don't particularly like her but good for her that she wants to open dialogue with people who think differently.
Other than that, I'm not really sure why people give a shit.

No. 313745

This really isnt a shock when you realise what happened recently
>made a video complaining about another youtuber using and abusing her image in a thumbnail
>several youtubers come back claiming free speech, saying shes over reacting and rip her to shreds
>she "suddenly" makes this u-turn after losing subs and her own fans saying shes crying over nothing
Laci green has always been shitty to the point where even some other feminists & sjws hate her. Its quite clear she has always been an attention whore and would jump onto anything that will get her attention so I am not surprised shes done this, shes trying to stay relevant.

No. 313764

Yeah I also saw it as her just trying to save face after losing a lot of credibility from her sperg out last year. She's a huge cunt, though I would find it fucking hilarious if she did end up going full redpill, she's the prime candidate for their typical females


>needlessly angry
>constant victim complex while at the same time superiority complex
>thinks their word is the absolute right

No. 313795

She should have scripted this, but okay video. I just wish she had more on Markiplier than him just like… not being into his fans during a panel and kind of ditching her brother after doing what her brother asked.

No. 313797

Laci once questioned why no one at Hogwarts has sex. That seems like a weird question to ask… Then again, I think she has admitted to being a "homewrecker" and was proud of it?
I hear a lot of people like her body? Is that true?

No. 313860

File: 1494911824719.gif (1.19 MB, 489x276, tumblr_inline_nwcna6LKkf1rqujn…)

No. 313866

what video is this

No. 313882

this bitch always looks like she took a nosedive into the uncanny valley holy shit close your mouth

No. 313885

her mouth looks like a valley. whys it so fucking large

No. 313924

Because she keeps putting her foot in it.

Like seriously I remember the first time I ever heard of her several people were trying to distance herself from her because she was apparently transphobic, racist and said shit about fat people. I remember some controversy about when an underage girl messaged her about her boyfriend pressurising her into anal sex rather than tell her to go to the authorities or say no she gave instructions about how to lube herself up for her bf. Also her obsession with gay sex on top of everything else just makes me think shes creepy.

Saged for the moment as i dont have screencaps, but will post if i can find. tbf this was some time ago and i know people change but she has always come off as an opportunistic 3edgy5me attention whore.

No. 313931

One of the older ones she deleted off her channel.

No. 313937

Sorry for the late reply but iirc, Jack is now moving closer to Felix, isn't he? I think he's moving to the same town (Brighton). Not sure though.
That's kinda nice since Jack has also said he doesn't really have many IRL friends.

No. 314037

Laci Green has always been a dumbass, that's why even feminists ignore her.

No. 314183

Is she not just one of those people who talks about sex and thinks just talking about it will get them views?

No. 314271


That was before the "Jack betrayed PDP" drama during the WSJ bullshit. Who knows about that now…

No. 314287

dude they are still friends, obviously felix doesnt think that jack actually betrayed him as he still references him all the time in his videos, has him screaming as part of his sound board, and recently showed that they tweet at each other still in a video. they are still friends. i dont understand why some people are pushing that there is some secret fight going on.

No. 314290

as far as i remember he is also friends with anthony padilla from smosh, the few times hes been in the US is seems like they try to get together to do something. but yeah, its hard to say how close long distance friends can actually be

No. 314548

Dude, are you Keemstar?
No one else but like three edgy commentators gave a shit about it.

Seems to me like they're better friends than ever judging from their twitter/youtube interactions.

And I checked and yeah, he's moving to Brighton right now.

No. 314771


Can you fucking idiots try to be less triggered? No one said, they're not friends. What was said is that after the fucking drama, they might not have the same plans. Christ, fans of these people are fucking ridiculous. Maybe get bent out of shape over shit that actually matters?

No. 314892

felix just confirmed jack is going to be joining him this week in his newest vid. not sure if its a visit but this debunks your theory of them having drama

No. 314970

You seem way more triggered lol

No. 315141


Anon, can you read? I never said they had drama. I said after the Jack betrayed PDP drama during the WSJ. Which I also called bullshit you morons. Weren't they supposed to have some plans that involved work that PDP is no longer doing after the fucking drama stirred by WSJ? Or is JSE literally supposed to be moving to pal around with Felix, because I was pretty sure it was for work stuff, and, ONCE AGAIN, after all the stupid drama there might not be any projects like how Scare PDP got canceled. Hence why I thought there might not be any reason for JSE to move. Is everybody in here ESL or just 12 year old fanboys losing their shit over fucking nothing? Cool your shit, your heroes are definitely friends, nay, best friends, never better friends existed. Get off the ledge and live another day.


I know you are but what am I! You gotta be 18 to post here, anon.

No. 315309

Dude, calm down. No one was fanboying, what are you on about?

Sean wanted to move to Brighton not because of work opportunities but to be closer to his friend and other YouTubers since he has said many times he has almost no irl friends because of spending so much time on YouTube.
Iirc he never said that it's because of collabs or job so not sure where you get the idea from.

No. 315419

File: 1495101535320.png (149.33 KB, 588x394, b7ziXdc.png)

So the Skeptic Feminist has been arrested after murdering his girlfriend and co host. Yikes.

No. 315421

No. 315435

File: 1495104819220.jpg (13.17 KB, 320x256, original.jpg)


Fucking yikes

I don't know which shocks me more, the actual crime or the way the collective is handling this mess

No. 315463


what in the fuuuuuuck

No. 315466

he didnt BETRAY felix. the only people who said he BETRAAAAYED felix were drama mongers. He just didn't suck Felix's dick. That isn't betraying. Felix obviously didn't consider it a betrayal. Jack didn't mean it as a betrayal.

So yes you are saying there is drama and blowing it out of proportion, when their actions since then have showed that nothing in their friendship has changed and Felix was not upset that Jack didn't suck his dick defending him.

No. 315507


Guys, let's not go over this again.
No drama occurred aside from basically only Keem and Repzion getting triggered, they good, also JSE just tweeted that he's now officially moved house.
Let's leave it at that.

No. 315548


I'M NOT SAYING HE BETRAYED FELIX, I'm referencing the drama that was going on around that time because of the WSJ stuff, hence why it was in quotations you fucking idiot. I was QUOTING the phrase of the hour started by keemstar, not giving my opinion. I literally said that like three times. How fucking stupid are you?

One more fucking time you spergy douchebag that doesn't know how to sage their posts: I do not think Jack betrayed Felix, I never thought that, I was referencing all off the shit that went on AROUND THEM and messed up their Scare PDP stuff which is the business related stuff type of stuff I thought Jack was moving for hence why I assumed there'd be no reason to move after that. There was a TON of drama around them that doesn't mean it was between them which I never said, dumbfuck.

How fucking autistic are you? This is plain English.

I got it from Jack who literally mentioned doing collabs which is work related. Not many adults up and move to different countries ONLY to pal around with a friend. And I have been calm (calling a dumbass a dumbass doesn't mean you're mad, it means you're aware), until now because idiocy is annoying and the only people who come here getting pissy and taking in 50% of what's being said tend to be fanboying idiots. Unless someone is truly brain dead, I can't see how this:

>I never said they had drama. I said after the Jack betrayed PDP drama during the WSJ. Which I also called bullshit you morons.

in anyway could be construed as me giving my own opinion that Jack betrayed Pewds to anyone who 1) has an IQ over 60 or 2) who isn't losing their shit at the mere chance of someone saying something bad about their favorite YouTuber (which I didn't) because I explicitly state I never said THEY had drama and I called THE drama circulating around them bullshit? I'm sorry that stupidity triggers me. Oh no, I'm not. Sorry.

No. 315585

Yikes, they are…weirdly non chalant about this. I don't get why a solider with PTSD was around drugs AND a gun?

No. 315610

Dude, what's up with you? Are you Onision?

>imply they might have drama going on

>people disagree with your opinon
>get batshit angry, write like ten paragraphs about it and call people fucking autistic, dumbfucks, morons, stupid idiots and so on

What's your point?
No, they don't have any drama going on. You were wrong.
They live in the same town now. Cool.

No. 315621

Comment under the article
>Worth pointing out that Aleksandr Kolpakov has NEVER actually been deployed in active combat & was only military reserve requiring him do just one weekend of training per month. Some people are trying to make out like has was suffering from Rambo style flashbacks because of his times at war but that is simply untrue.

So yeah, the PTSD is most likely bs they want to sell to, idk, protect their channel? I think they deserve a huge fucking backlash
>Ok well words of wisdom. Because you idiots are more interested in being shitheads. RDP has a severe flashback while enjoying his downtime.
>Come on guys use your head. He's an ex-soldier. He had a flashback and was unable to come out of it. It happens often

Why does it sounds like they're annoyed and ~oh so tired~ with 'the shitheads' like HELLO USE YOUR HEAD HE'S AN EX-SOLDIER, happens often! whatever! let's move on!
Idk, it rubs me in a wrong way… big time.

No. 315623

sorry, I meant to tag >>315585

No. 315633


You have to be trolling at this point.

>imply they might have drama going on


>people disagree with your opinon (sic)

>I was QUOTING the phrase of the hour started by keemstar, not giving my opinion

>No, they don't have any drama going on.

>I explicitly state I never said THEY had drama

>What's your point?

That if you're going to troll do it in a way that doesn't make YOU look like a literal retard. I'd rather look angry than like someone who can't read.

No. 315668

File: 1495132404669.png (138.77 KB, 630x300, MOdC92j.png)


They're handling it so weird… There's no actual correlation between PTSD and violent crime AFAIK, also.

No. 315675

Do you think there's only one person talking to you? What?

No. 315731


>>315610 replied to my >>315548 response. Everything in >>315633 was from those two comments. That's a two person interaction. Them responding to me and me responding to them. WTF would it matter if >>315610 could have only posted for the first time to me? If someone can reply to my comment that said "I was QUOTING the phrase of the hour started by keemstar, not giving my opinion" with "people disagree with your opinon" they're either retarded or trolling. So wtf are you questioning?

No. 315871

True, you're right! There's plenty of people who have it and don't go out murdering someone but that's the excuse they're going with, as if it happens everyday.

No. 317130

File: 1495267661257.jpg (44.01 KB, 700x394, 1491430035_maxresdefault-700x3…)

Can we talk about this couple? laowhy86 is his youtube channel. I think he is unnecessary rude to her wife almost all the time

No. 319040

Jack moving video.

No. 320564

File: 1495635129373.png (417.18 KB, 892x960, nQwLYcv.png)


It turns out the skeptic feminist has never seen active duty which means that his cohost saying he had a flashback where he was back in iraq fighting terrorists was utter bullshit

No. 320565

File: 1495635186037.png (115.54 KB, 725x156, SyesGae.png)


Samefag to show their tweets / excuse sorry

No. 320574

No. 320943


No. 321577

How is this any different from any of the jvloggers or those buzzfeed x tries y for the first time though. I think their chemistry is awkward because of the language barrier delay but I don't see anything malicious between them

No. 321609


he never was in combat either so what is he having flashbacks from? videogames?

No. 321645

sage b/c ot. idk where to put this but has anyone here come across those creepy softcore pedo vids on youtube? no matter how much you flag them they're still there.

No. 322064


are they those japanese ones or are there more? i like idols (like, adult ones) and some time ago youtube suggested me some kiddo gravure idol videos. that shit shoudn't even exist

No. 322143

it's not that but still wtf. there's a shit ton of videos of legit kids doing splits in front of the camera in skimpy outfits. most of them are oblivious kids but there's the russian/ukrainian videos set up like creepy cam shows. in those videos there's an adult holding the camera and directing the kid. most of them have titles like gymnastics or moe ytpo.

No. 322183


They claim its ~classified~

No. 322190

It's the 'dark underground' of youtube. It's been around forever and pedos/people who run in those circles learn codewords to search to get videos of girls 10 and under playing in bathing suits/doing shit in front of a cam. It doesn't get taken down because they aren't really breaking the ToS but literally it's just there for pedo fuel.

One of the codewords leaked a couple of months ago and people talked about it but yt didn't actually do anything (and theoretically they can't because there's no rule breaking happening)

No. 322201

File: 1495817692903.gif (1.28 MB, 500x243, 33tldtj.gif)

Speaking of this, I've come across awful creepy comments on videos of little girls showing off their leotards for gymnastics, there are plenty of trolling comments on more popular vids but it's obvious there's actual pedos being serious mixed in there. Same with less popular vids of girls doing tutorials of the two pigtail hair style

No. 322207

File: 1495818187370.png (350.79 KB, 1372x316, Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 17.5…)

Is anyone else noticing kids youtube channels somewhat pandering to this sort of thing? Or am I being too cynical? I mean it's obviously not the kids themselves, more like the parents but it still gives me the creeps.

Like pic related, I'm not sure if it's just dance moms showing off their kids or what.

No. 322246

He always have off weird vibes to me but I can't pinpoint exactly what's wrong.

No. 322255


Just curious, anyone got any more info on this? Are they just videos uploaded by unknowing parents/kids or are they being created and distributed by the pedos themselves?

No. 322260

I found a similar channel like that before. It seems more like rich kids who want to become e-famous and not knowing the darker consequence of pedophiles online

No. 322262

It's mostly pedos who record young girls on webchats like omegle or hacked webcams.

Sometimes it's parents or even the girls themselves doing it unknowingly (some cases innocently since it's normal to post to youtube nowadays or they're being groomed by pedos)

No. 322295

File: 1495825991852.png (112.47 KB, 752x448, muh bible.png)

>>322255 Some were made by oblivious kids and parents but once you go deeper there is the videos deliberately made for pedos. These were specifically produced for Youtube. They get away with this by covering it up w/ stuff like "moe ytpo" (morning routine), gymnastics, ballet, excercise machine review, and etc.

No. 322335

File: 1495832007243.gif (1.3 MB, 320x213, 1476378620218.gif)

this HAS to be a joke
there is no way that is real

No. 322420

Some of the channels I've come across make it seem like the parents are most definitely exploiting their kids. Perhaps they are not their parents. Like, who can record 100 videos of their topless child in panties, rolling around on the beach/yard/bed, and not feel even a bit gross? And then to upload that shit? And continuing to do it when men to post vulgar comments about wanting to fuck them?

I've known that this stuff was on Youtube for years. I tried reporting some videos when I first found out about it, but nothing was done, so I just decided to stop thinking about it and pretend it doesn't exist.

No. 322925

i forgot to mention some of these videos are monetized and have ads on them

No. 325074

Is there a channel awesome thread? I recently read up on the drama surrounding that network and there is a LOT

No. 325076

A what? Use the catalog and try lurking before you post.

No. 325078


just tell us the drama here sis

No. 326656

File: 1496287520450.png (454.25 KB, 720x1280, welp.png)

I know this milk is hella old, but anyone remember Alex Day/Nerimon?

He started youtube in 2006 and became a popular British youtuber, and was friends with other youtubers like Dan and Phil, Hank and John Green, etc. He was mostly a vlogger but also made music, which sold pretty well. He also dated Carrie Hope Fletcher, a youtuber/singer/theater actress whose older brother is in the popular band McFly.

Anyway, in early 2014, right as he finally hit 1 million subs, was about to have a book published, and had an album coming out, a girl went on tumblr and revealed that Day had sexually assaulted her a couple years prior. More girls came forward and said he did the same to them, and then even more girls came forward accusing both him and other youtubers of the same thing.

Essentially, they claimed that he used his "power" as a youtuber to manipulate them into having sex with them, saying they felt pressured to sleep with him and they didn't really want to. It was made worse because many of the girls were teenagers at the time (he was in his early twenties/late teens).

His girlfriend at the time (Carrie) immediately dumped him and accused him of being abusive. Every single one of youtube his friends stopped associating themselves with him and deleting any videos they had with him, he lost a shit ton of subscribers, and was basically forced off the internet from the backlash. He went into hiding for about 7 months before coming back in 2015 to defend himself. He started making videos again and releases music for free, although he's still gets a lot of hate from people. He used to get around 100,000-500,000 views but only barely manages to get 10,000 now. He also shaved his head, became a buddhist vegan and talks a lot about enlightenment now.

I'll try to find more links although a lot has been deleted. His channel is https://www.youtube.com/user/nerimon/ .

Pic is basically the reaction people have if they see one of his videos getting popular, this one came from Carrie herself.

No. 326666


Samefagging, forgot there was tumblr that has the allegations and his initial responses saved: http://alexday-shitstorm.tumblr.com/

No. 326667

wew I remember this drama. A friend of mine was a big potterhead/whatever John Greens fans are called and she and a lot of those huge fans took it very personally.

I'm actually surprised he's still trying to do shit on youtube and just didn't fuck off and be a normie. These types of people don't forgive and forget, especially when you're dealing with cringey potterhead fans.

No. 329740

File: 1496700178646.png (56.16 KB, 731x350, pew.PNG)

Because respecting women is such a joke.

Gotta keep up the edge somehow I guess.

No. 329741

I think he got attacked for being sexist or something on some internet article that went viral, he's been making random comments about female viewers lately in his videos.

Speaking of pewds, latest vid shows he had to give up the new office space. I guess that theory of having a big UK letsplayer office with him and his friends isn't going to be a thing anymore.

No. 329755

As expected from Felix. He became a cringy edgelord. Used to like his vids back in high school when he played Amnesia and then I grew up and realized his screeching and "jokes" weren't funny.

As for Mark I still enjoy some of his vids but not as much as before. He looks like a nice guy but after reading this thread I'm sort of skeptical.

And god, I get the guy is "good looking"/has a good voice/… (in my opinion,obviously) but his fangirls are fucking creeps. Like Cry's fangirls mentionning they masturbate to his voice or Dan and Phil fangirls writing fics or drawing art about them fucking.
Why are fangirls in general so fucking crazy,god. It makes me ashamed to say I even happen to watch these guys sometimes.

No. 329881

I think serpentZA might be a little grosser. really annoying and obviously a loser back home, but it's funny to watch him try to rationalize it. his videos with "beer girl" (ex-wife) are some of my favorite cringe. I still have some hope that c-milk and vivi are gonna move to the us and then actually tell interesting stories about china when they don't have to live there and deal with a state/internet troll apparatus that has a temper tantrum over any criticism.

No. 329890

Shocking how he turned out to be such a loser when he had a lot stacked for him.

No. 329918

lol dick cam is pretty funny

No. 329940

>turned out to be such a loser
>has a 10/10 gf and millions of dollars

yeah hes a big loser

No. 329942


No. 329944

That whole gang is super cringe, because they take themselves too damn seriously and act like they are better than everybody with their shitty chinese

No. 329967

'I'm accused of being sexist so I'm gonna embrace it and pretend to be sexist, make fun of women and shit omg that's hilarious and totally makes sense amirite??'

No. 330117

You know, I've been holding onto Ethan for a long time, but this shit did it. They were really fun when I first discovered them, read here and gained some perspective, but I draw the line right here. What even is this shit? Joey Salads? An idiotic alt-right asshole who calls refugees "rogue animals"? How can you even let this happen, fuck the freedom of speech and opinions, he was just being ignorant and spewing shit about real, actual issues. Let's say that he wanted to hear his opinion but how can he record, edit and publish this without thinking "I have millions of followers that rely on me for interesting content and this is the bullshit I give them, really badly presented alt-right propaganda."? This is something only a person with dollar-sign-eyes would do, that Ethan has apparently become that person. Poor Hila, he doesn't even let her speak properly.

Inb4 "go back to tumblr sjw immigrants are bad": yeah immigrants are bad, and there's a way of saying it. This is not it. Also, my problem is more with Ethan rather than Joey, for putting this shit up as actual content.

No. 330122

Didn't he use to hate Joey though?

No. 330127

Like 90% of youtuber hate/drama isn't actually real. If you follow them on their instagrams and shit they constantly hang out with each other and probably plan fake drama ahead of time to get ratings.

Look at cyr hosting dramaalert, all of his friends were constantly making fun of keem and yet cyr hosted the show, ian makes contentcops on people and makes fun of them but eventually works with them or people they're friends with.

No. 330128


lol calm down go back 2 tumblr

No. 330130

What are you trying to say? From your post it made it seem like Ethan was agreeing with Joey but he was arguing with him the whole time. Are you saying you don't even want to SEE people who hold different opinions on a podcast?
You really do need to go back to tumblr jfc

No. 330147

different anon, but I think giving him such an exposure is a horrible thing to do. This is a podcast that featured Pewds, Markiplier, basically only big fish and here he is… Joe Salads… very toxic no one, getting free exposure, views, subscribers, mental followers basically. I hate this "embracing a meme" thing Ethan does. Slating those idiots and then pulling them out of the shitpit. Just let them rot where they belong.

No. 330171


No. 330172

Please can H3h3 have their own thread? They are spiraling down the drain faster than I can watch their huge two hour videos! It would be a good one

No. 330178

I am the anon who posted the video and sperged, but yeah this is what I was trying to say. Who the fuck is Joey Salads, why give him the exposure? And I might find his arguments ignorant, but Ethan (as this anon >>330130 said) wasn't actually presenting real counter arguments, he was mostly like "Well I don't think…" or "I guess so yeah…". If he really did wanted to argue, he wouldn't laugh and be amazed at Joey's weird 3rd-world-country stories. He's 100% doing this to get attention from his viewers (like me, ugh) who'd say "What? He invited Joey Salads?" Fuck Joey Salads (literally, who?) and fuck Ethan.

No. 330209

Fr… Sorry if this triggers anypony, but there's legit no point in arguing with people like Joey (other than money, of course). It's like arguing with someone who thinks 2+2=5 or a member of NAMBLA. They're objectively wrong. They don't deserve platform this big (if at all tbh) because it validates their alt-facts/ignorance and makes H3H3's gullible teenage audience think that it's okay to think this way.

No. 330239

get out

No. 330244

i was… joking

No. 330303

It would! I don't know enough about them to make a thread though

No. 330867


Lol, Marzia is super cute and force nice, but 10/10? Okay stan, sure.

And defining someone by who thy are fucking and how much money they have, great. Trump is the fucking best person in the world then.

No. 330870


Gonna second this if anyone wants to go ahead and jump on board.

No. 330894

>having someone as a guest on your podcast means you automatically agree with them and espouse all their ideological viewpoints


No. 331023

Yeah, but giving so much attention to someone you claimed to hate and made fun of is still weird.

No. 344050

I'd agree with you; but if your claim to fame was being a detractor and specifically calling people out on bullshit, to do a 180 and use those people again on a platform of trying to understand one another.. it comes off as really cheap and like it was all for money not actual moral beliefs. to each their own though but I used to really enjoy them and their odd humour but they lost it pretty quickly

No. 344090

Just because there are citizens in european countries that arent ethnically of that country, doesn't make it a worse country nor will it ''look like Iran'' Anon, you seem to be a lil dumb here and there.

No. 344176

File: 1498855740449.png (717.3 KB, 795x408, ley.png)

A little surprised Loey isn't on here at all with all her bullshit "SUPERNATURAL" experiences and fake body positivey bullshit when she can't even be honest about her real size. She's easily a 22, not a 14 like she claims. Giving subscribers wrong measurements thinking that the clothes she buys will fit them, but in turn they have clothes that DONT fit because she can't be honest about her sizing when throwing shit in the descriptions. Constantly talks about her anxiety and how being a YouTuber is hard life. She also has been having her brother video tape her underwear and biniki hauls lately which in general just seems cringey as hell.

No. 344212

Are you aware which website you are on

No. 345588

on supernatural topic; has anyone else seen Simplynessa15 recent vid? She made a vid "exposing" instagramfamous Satan cultists living in her building (…yea) and now she says they're cursing her and shit, she sounds like she has legit schizophrenic episode, ppl in the comments are telling her to go see a doctor lol

No. 345601


Sounds like me, tbh. #kin #id(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 345609

Yeah but we're not semi-famous youtubers, we are just bunch of bored anons.
And we're not really giving them positive attention either.

Also sage pleas

No. 346143

Lmao she is definitely a shizo. And what is it with all those Christians in her comment section?

No. 349385

There's no way this chick is a size 14. Who is she trying to fool??

No. 355023

Anyone here watch Kelly Eden at all? What are your thoughts? I used to adore her, but the past few months I've been feeling like she's letting her barely impressive YouTube audience go to her head. I can't deny she's a huge diva anymore after she used that sign her fan made her as a ramp for her dog to walk on.

No. 355486

I saw them at AX only because a post they made went viral on insta/twitter but other than that they're a nobody


No. 355886

Obviously a 14 is chubby but god damn, girls who wear a 14 are half her size. I imagine a size 14 girl struggling with her weight would look at this and cry if she were to believe this is what she looks like. How is that positive for anyone?

No. 363456

And I'm hearing that amy was guilt tripping Mark into drinking alcohol with her because she didnt wanna drink alone (like wtf)

No. 363468

What's with all the namefagging lately? Summer is almost over. Have we been posted to reddit or something?

No. 363989

Kelly Eden associates with a lot of dramacows and snowflakes on here. Off the top of my head, I know she is friends with Jnig and Momokun.

No. 366149

File: 1501792278666.png (1.09 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170803-172530.png)

Possible milk on Pewds?
That gossip site exposingsmg.com does a monthly tell all. Although the site main gossips about Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, they also gossip about general stuff and this came out…
So, what's his ilegal sexual pleasure? Does he likes young girls, maybe?

No. 366227

it's probably that one time he accidentally showed his internet history and it had tags like "underage teen girl". Old news

No. 366241

The fuck kind of shitty post/tumblr is that.

>assaults women and humiliates them

This reads like some angry person who has fallen for the "pewdiepie is alt-right scum" meme and I'm not even a fan of his.

No. 366249

this literally doesn't entail anything lmao. what a shitty tumblr post. this is like those dumb hoes on gurugossiper nitpicking about marzia.

even then that wasn't a big deal because those are over-the-age actors who look haggard like most porn stars. the bitches playing as "teen" and "underage" actors look 21 at the least. the directors in the porn industry seem to think curveless bodies automatically mean underage.

im not a fan of his videos, but pewds doesn't deserve to be slandered as a paedo when it's just not true. he's been pretty clean and i hear he's just a normal, reserved guy.

No. 366300


Pewdiepie doesnt even deserve all the stupid hate he was getting. Sure his "comedy" was out of line and pissed off a lot of people but I dont see any difference in what he says or does from any episode of south park, family guy, etc. out there. Other than he isnt a damn cartoon he hasnt crossed many of the lines other media has. It was just a witch hunt on a relatively chill (outside his vids) guy in my opinion

No. 366406

File: 1501838025915.jpg (118.23 KB, 1004x756, internet.jpg)

So what's Jontron doing now? still laying low?

No. 366455

I used to watch a lot of his gameplays and it was probably that one frame on his first TWD playthrough. I remember it was something like 'amateur teen' (which is pretty damn vanilla), but definitely not 'underage'.

also, people actually think he's alt-right? He definitely hates the SJW-no-offensive-jokes-whatsoever mentality cough wsj, but he's not as stupid as he seems. Certainly not pathetic enough to genuinely believe that bs anyway.

No. 366470

I feel like people equate the words "teen" and "underage" now. A person can still be a teen and be legal. I'm not saying it's not creepy but idiots gonna idiot. Porn uses girls that are above age unless you're into some really seedy shit.

No. 366578

The most recent thing I heard was when he left NormalBoots and everyone got fired up again at that old PBG argument

No. 366593

You wouldn't search for illegal porn on google, even less by searching for amateur teen. If he really was into actual underaged girls, he would have learned how to use the deep web years ago. He's probably just not into chicks that look like typical porn bimbos with gigantic fake boobs.

No. 366595

File: 1501872702390.jpg (50.25 KB, 500x500, nickrobinson.jpg)

Apparently Nick Robinson of Polygon abused some girls?
I don't know if I actually believe this though

No. 366707

heartbreaking if true, I've loved Nick for years.

No. 366720

I honestly don't believe that shit until I see proof. It just came so out of the blue

No. 366743

I really don't know what to make of this. I don't want to be biased, since I like nick, but it just feels like everyone is saying he's done these things but no one is providing any proof. I don't like to just rely on what people are saying. I hope it's not true :(

No. 366775

Full disclosure, I am a fan of him and Griffin,but I am confused what is being implied based on those tweets.

No. 366776

lmao this has got to be a smear campaign, Nick is one of the nicest, humble fuckers I've been fortunate to workwith. Perhaps I may have some bias but the actions described, is completely fucking opposite of his personality, he ~*~unironically~*~ could not hurt a fly.

No. 366780

File: 1501893400461.jpg (31.65 KB, 400x400, K1S6OaJZ_400x400.jpg)

>This person claims they were sexually harassed


No. 366809

I don't know if I would say abused, but it seems like he's got a history of hitting girls up for nudes.
Kinda sucks, 'cause I liked carboys.

No. 366811

I guess it's that he demands nudes from women In the gaming community? I don't know entirely they kind of just said, "nicks bad" and imply stuff. I haven't read every single thread though

No. 366888

I'm in the same boat. A lot of people have been saying that nobody has to post proof if it makes them uncomfortable, which I guess I get, but I feel like serious accusations like this NEED some sort of basis. So far, it's been a lot of vague tweets and nothing really substantial.

No. 366915


why would so many credible reporters decide at the same random time to run a smear campaign on him when the simple answer is the truth that he's a fucking creep? don't be fooled by someone's soft boy internet bullshit persona. he has legions of fans who will send death threats to any woman who comes forward, so of course they've stayed silent at the risk of their careers, hence why so many friends of the victims are speaking on their behalf.

anyway he's been suspended from polygon while they investigate the claims, which is another reason why you're not getting the screen caps of "proof" your stupid ass feels entitled to

No. 366919

A credible reporter would look for and provide proof instead of believing some rando's word just because she has a vagina and acts sad.
Sexual harassment claims of any kind are serious accusations, you wouldn't be able to charge a person for manslaughter without proof so why do you think they can do so in this case?
that's a weird way to write 'sensible', but okay.
>nobody has to post proof if it makes them uncomfortable
Lol that's such bullshit. Yes they do if they want their words to have any merit whatsoever and the guy to get what he deserves. You can't go around accusing random people you don't like of different things and then turn around and say "b-but I can't prove it because it upsets my feefees :(" and expect people to believe you.

No. 366926

The internet forgets that if the victims want to make it public it's their choice. All they need to do to actually get it resolved is to report it to polygon/vox, aka the company that employs nick, (which is what they've done), NOT get randoms on the internet to judge for themselves lmao.

Istg you guys complaining need to step outside and maybe even get employed to get an idea about what goes on in workplace disputes.

No. 366973

Why post about it at all then? It would've been just as simple to go to whoever at Polygon, show them what's going on, then have them deal with it and post a public statement. That's way more credible than a bunch of people vaguely saying that he did something only to say 'respect my privacy plz' when someone asks. You want privacy, DON'T post about it!

I've been sexually harassed online before. All I did was go through the right channels and the person was dealt with accordingly. I'm by no means defending Nick because plenty of big Youtubers have been proven to harass their fans but the way this is being handled is messy.

I'm saying people should just wait until Polygon comes out with another statement before they start going crazy.

No. 366997

I mean that's what they did though. From what I read, the bulk of the women claiming harassment have either stayed silent or privatized/closed their twitters for the time being.

It's the friends/co-workers being vocal. Almost all the caps have been secondary parties. Even the ones being a bit more telling and salty are keeping vague and not really confirming if it was them or if they are speaking as a friend.

Plus, ok so even if it was something as harmless as hitting on someone or asking for nudes, if it was a co-worker he's fucked. You can't just send someone you work with shit like "Hey you wanna send me some sexy pics? ;)" That's usually grounds for immediate firing.

No. 367076

So what you're saying is I can accuse any journalist I don't like and not need to provide proof? Fucking sweet

No. 367083

I think it's the vague posting that annoys me. Either say something or don't. Either way, I'm waiting for Polygon to say something. They're the only ones with the info right now

No. 367108

File: 1501959959581.jpg (107 KB, 1076x626, _20170805_210530.JPG)

No. 367142

File: 1501962370499.png (91.83 KB, 591x572, upload_2017-8-4_22-20-4.png)

Doesn't look like they're going to explain what happened.

No. 367153


Stop white knighting for this twat, we get that you don't want to believe your precious fave is a predator. Newsflash, not all sexual deviants look like Jimmy Savile or outwardly behave like creepy insufferable narcs i.e. Onision.

He's been suspended from this job, which means the victims have most likely gone to the authorities. The fact that everyone around him is keeping quiet means that there is probably an ongoing investigation happening.

No. 367161

a girl posted some receipts for nick, finally.


as someone who's been in the same situation, this makes me sad. having a famous or an older guy interested in you who seems genuine makes you feel so confident in yourself and then turns out they're just using you.

No. 367165

this is exactly the same shit thats happened before with people at vinesauce. Other streamers doing the same stuff Nick does in those screenshots + worse and the rest of the group on the site cover it up and then ban the victim

No. 367173

Who do predatory youtubers always go for these SJW looking chicks? Especially when these tumblrina types are so quick to start e-vendettas.

Not victim blaming at all, just pointing out the weird pattern.

No. 367175

I think they must think they're easy/desperate.

No. 367181

Pure curiosity but what happened with Vinesauce? The only incident I know of is gpm's supposed temporary kick
(I know a lot of members have YouTubes so I hope this isn't off topic)

No. 367384


That blog is run by two lonely girls who are homeschooled with an overactive imagination. Her receipts all talk the exact same as her. One of their blog posts "proves" that Selena Gomez is addicted by coke by showing pictures with her dilated pupils. Pupils can be dilated for a number of reasons other than using coke. Including alcohol which is very likely. They (sometimes I forget that the blog is run by two people but I wouldn't be surprised if it's just one girl) have used false sources and misquotes on several occasions to further their point. I actually hate SG irrationally (she can't sing and just pisses me off) and I wish that a lot of the blog was true but it isn't.

I'm not saying that Selena isn't a coke fiend, she most likely is considering how popular it is with other stars in her age range. But this site is an awful source.

The coke post:

Sorry for the venting, but I've never had the chance to talk about ESMG.

No. 367901