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File: 1493767937291.jpg (244.22 KB, 1200x1200, faith_goldy_and_lauren_souther…)

No. 303084

Discussion of lulzy alt. right snowflakes who don't have their own thread.

shoe0nhead/June Lapine's thread: >>>/snow/271163

Blaire White's thread: >>>/snow/192045

communismkills thread:

No. 303093

File: 1493768858534.png (93.12 KB, 731x238, yikes sam hyde.PNG)

Maybe not the snowflakiest, but this guy…

A lil' redpilled, a lil' scared of refugee immigration, a lil' cherry picking of information to help solidify the foundation of his opinions
Had a show, blew it with Twitter antics / reblogging and participating in /pol/-related shit
Decides to focus hard on ANTIFA, known irrational pieces of shit, to fit the narrative that "leftists" are pretty much some representation of a dread locked college student assaulting someone with a bike lock
held up some pepe the frog flag at that shia lebouf nightmare

and then this screenshot from his twitter before his account got suspended for the ten thousandth time

now he's just shitting up the MDE twitter with his garbage opinions, picking on low hanging fruit, and working hard on seemingly nothing

really h8s tim heidecker

at least he's not as cringey as his biggest fans

No. 303096

Sam can be really funny sometimes (imo) but I feel like as a person he's fucking insufferable.

And you're right about his fans. The MDE subreddit is absolutely pathetic. Just a bunch of losers that try to mimic what Sam says and thinks. Nick is funnier anyway.

No. 303097

kek, his phone call with Tim was hilarious



No. 303101

I wouldn't call Shoe alt-right, she's your standard fence sitting liberal that doesn't really know what she thinks and just goes with whatever will make people like her.

No. 303104

Lauren southern is such a self righteous and annoying cunt.

No. 303245

Why is she so smug for no reason? She's like every other 19 year old who thinks they know everything and they have to school everyone immediately.

No. 303247

Here's my favorite Alex Jones video

No. 303250

sam is pretty funny, he spews a lot of bullshit though. there aren't many people who do """edgy""" humor well. at least he seems to have somewhat of a spine unlike some of the people that try to copy him (ex: ethan from h3h3).

No. 303279

I've seen some of her videos, they're all of 'lol feminist fail' type with little depth
Maybe her fans are just super young, or thirsty

No. 303299

she kind of reminds me of tomi lahren in that they're both relatively ok looking, but offer little to no depth on the issues that they speak about

No. 303305

Weren't there also rumours Sam was fucking a teenager and asked her to do some really weird mentally abusive shit?

No. 303346

this is mine

No. 303426

File: 1493818726698.png (202.17 KB, 733x367, pretty butthurt.PNG)

Please outline how h3h3 has bit Sam's style. I am curious about this. I've only read a reference to one specific video.

Sam Hyde seems to have no problem sharing the edgy lols until somebody wants to punch Richard Spencer in the face. I don't understand his reaction considering he's not a beacon of righteousness or morality. Maybe he thought people considered Tim Heidecker to be such a beacon? Or maybe he was just feverishly attempting to point out the problematic nature of other Adult Swim stars to try and relate that to his own show's firing. I don't see a problem with calling out other Adult Swim stars, I also appreciate calling out T&E for their characters "inspired" by people with mental disabilities or eccentricities, or using people in their show that may not fully understand the "joke", but I don't know why that's done in reaction to getting your obviously offensive show taken off the air.

It's just sad. You can't expect people to give a shit about how offensive other shows are when you are angry that people found yours to be too offensive. It wouldn't have been too bad if he wasn't reblogging /pol/ images with fake statistics and nurturing the idea of pizzagate being a real thing.

Dammit son!

No. 303433

File: 1493819801361.png (8.55 KB, 707x90, no beef.PNG)

replying to my own comment / samefag, but I did find two specific things related to H3H3
in this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Z4vAud1RUM) around the 8 min. mark, Sam Hyde says "h3h3 steals my videos, ethan is a dick sucker" over one video "some indian guy" sent him. But it seems like he may be "joking".
Also this reddit post he made a year ago I attached, saying there's no beef with h3h3 at all

No. 303436

I feel like I wake up and see this clip every day
sage for religious mention

No. 303437

File: 1493820004667.png (103.08 KB, 1120x737, more bummer between h3h3 and s…)

some actual interaction with sam / ethan.

Don't like how ethan is so wishy washy with how he feels, but it's clear that they both were harassed by each other's "fans" and don't actually want to have beef or interact with each other in that way

No. 303454

…Wait, she's 19??

No. 303487

No, I'm fairly sure she's 21 or 22.

I wonder if she'll ever regret having all these videos of her floating around the internet. It's not unheard of for people to have more radical beliefs as a young adult before mellowing out later in life - however they don't have the evidence of it around for all time. She's so young and she's already fucked up her future.

No. 303518

File: 1493829915832.jpg (4.87 MB, 2501x3820, 7efda4313127bb3389b11be36caa10…)


No. 303520

File: 1493829965324.jpg (4.6 MB, 3668x2445, 8c76aa0649bf3354151fa3b8f29ad4…)

No. 303521

I'm sure she thinks she will eventually be taken seriously and have more of a long lasting Megyn Kelly/Ann Coulter type of career. Or maybe she thinks she's an actual journalist and that will sustain her…lmao

No. 303526

No. 303529

File: 1493830405890.jpg (5.66 MB, 2592x3888, 589733a234395aeae0acb4a16666b9…)

No. 303533

File: 1493830484513.jpg (76.43 KB, 577x1024, 1472270519965.jpg)

No. 303534

File: 1493830501283.jpg (648.31 KB, 776x1014, 1477272015055.jpg)

No. 303535

File: 1493830538213.jpg (58.57 KB, 638x960, 1485375996315.jpg)

No. 303536

File: 1493830600615.jpg (596.58 KB, 1600x2400, catherine_by_kingofhearts2012-…)

No. 303537

File: 1493830698077.jpg (182.82 KB, 500x750, sucker_punch_cosplay_03.jpg)

No. 303538

She looks damn rough for someone 21 or 22. I was betting on 27-28

No. 303541

File: 1493830904014.jpg (148.15 KB, 900x599, LS cosplay.jpg)

No. 303549

So much retardation in one thread, we can safely assume that /pol/ and all the alt right faggots were probably "redpilled" and by that I mean lobotomized or are probably the product of cusins fucking.

No. 303550

File: 1493831872341.png (254.03 KB, 500x375, tumblr_msixidouyO1rtvyjto1_500…)

>dude is a toxic asshole
said dude replies
>h-hey man!
>You're funny and talented and I've always wished you the best, ha ha!

god what a fucking coward

No. 303556

her leg looks fucking broken

No. 303578

I can't believe she's early 20's, I was guessing 26 at least jesus

No. 303585

File: 1493835838945.png (793.33 KB, 1600x2965, tmp_28498-1485847918669-535193…)

Fuck both of them, holy shit.

yes (pic related)

No. 303586

File: 1493835993236.png (127.07 KB, 1654x957, tmp_28498-14858487926171727932…)

this one too. there's also evidence he fucked a tranny somewhere

No. 303704

File: 1493845869159.png (1 MB, 1240x1436, 1479279791985.png)

>believing random posts on 4chan

>there's also evidence he fucked a tranny somewhere

again, I say,
>believing 4chan

/pol/ makes up bullshit about anybody they think is too popular outside of /pol/. they also insist that Lauren Southern is a racemixing Jew.

No. 303707


This. All that shit about Sam is total bullshit. He's just some fucking loser, man.

No. 303723

I guess you have a point, but this stuff isn't nearly as out there as that is.

No. 303837

dont pretend shes not pretty here

No. 304105

File: 1493875088027.jpg (297.83 KB, 2048x1536, C6z9MI2V0AAS5_f.jpg)

I don't get the "zomg she looks so old" criticism

she's college age and looks that way.

No. 304111

What a shit thread. Didn't even bother to include tomi lahren

No. 304138

If you asked me how old she is I'd probably say late 30's to early 40's.
there's something old looking in her.

No. 304217

see your doctor

No. 304236

Yeah, I think so too. Maybe it's the Amy Schumer lips and her style.

No. 304246


She looks about mid-twenties.

No. 304613

She looks like a mid 30s Russian chick reviewing a winter coat she got on aliexpress.

No. 304838

File: 1493947215731.jpg (119.67 KB, 1024x768, C2kvA2CUcAASSt8.jpg)

actually Faith is the Slav

No. 304882

check your eyes anon, she looks at least 75

No. 304887

File: 1493952074140.jpg (91.56 KB, 960x960, evalandcody.jpg)

>cusins fucking
Anon, I think you might be the inbred one here.

on topic: Evalion is dating an autistic American Strasserite who plans on annexing Canada.

No. 304949

Speaking of,
>"ebul sjw snowflakes lash out at anyone who doesn't think the same way they do"
>says she's pro choice
>gets fired from the blaze
Rip. Love it how people like her and milo get away with spewing tons of other racist, sexist, etc. bullshit and it's fine because they're just ~exercising their beloved freedom of speech ;^)~ but the second they say something that triggers the right, they get kicked to the curb.

No. 304985

agree with the anons in this thread, he can be funny. but he doesnt know when to draw the line between his comedy persona and his personal life. he is just one big meme at this point. really fucked up to see him making short funny videos at his moms (who he obviously had a good relationship with) to someone who actually IS filled with so much hate.

he also preyed on underage girls at one point and i know theres another hard to find screenshot going around about how some girl on a forum told people (before he got popular) that he was way too rough in bed and strangled her when she clearly said she didnt want it.

the guy's a dickhead

No. 304989

I feel like if you touched Sam Hyde's hair or skin you would get this horrible greasy orange residue on your hands that would never really come off no matter how much you scrubbed

No. 304993

File: 1493968125280.png (1.8 MB, 1600x2132, 1447274772002.png)

Are you retarded? There's proof about the tranny thing and him fucking underage girls via pictures he posted. Sorry your favourite comedian is an absolute shiteater.

No. 304994

She is kind of cute, pity she has such terrible taste in men.

No. 305005

>believing a tripfag
>a camwhore tripfag


No. 305306

>not believing in time stamps
your fav is the cuck he desperately makes fun of… kind of makes you wonder why… projection? :^)

No. 305330


crowder finally getting called out for crossdressing fetish, loool

about time

No. 305332


>Nobody would EVER lie about someone semi-famous on the internet

The tranny is lying for attention and the "fucking underage girls" was probably a lie made up by some pissed off Ashleyfag.

No. 305336


>time stamps

Timestamps of what and where? Also,

>your fav


No. 305541

What…is the point of this video? The thing that I don't get about the "alt-right" is why the fuck they care about other peoples' lives so much.

I don't see Lauren getting married and popping out babies. Hurry up, girl. And I highly doubt she is a virgin or even cared about virginity until she started hanging out on /pol/, which she clearly does.

No. 305547

Pretty much this and it's stupid just how blatant she is about it. I'm a /pol/ fag and holy shit. Ever since gamergate and being "anti-sjw feminism fails lolzzz!!" trend came up, pol has just become a cesspool of rehashed topics, trump threads and bait. Not to mention the youtube circle jerk like fucking shoeonhead/lauren that push these "conservative values" yet will walk around with pretty much her cooch showing.

Don't get me wrong, wear whatever the fuck you want but when she's pushing this whole "wholesome anti sjw christian girl who's /pol waifu" yet walks around wearing practically shorts that look like underwear.

Yeah, okay. At this point it's just attention that she wants.

No. 305605

>your fav

tumblr detected

No. 305608

File: 1494036299565.jpg (598.35 KB, 1112x1056, 1481322757499.jpg)

I've even seen the same posts attributed to a different girl entirely

No. 305610

File: 1494036452071.jpg (166.96 KB, 768x1024, 1493678510614.jpg)

and if taking a picture with Sam out in public while he's wearing an outdoor coat means you're sleeping with him, then I guess he fucked Brittany Venti too

No. 305634

File: 1494038720606.jpg (662.16 KB, 2048x1500, Cs_tRf5UMAAfQ6K.jpg large.jpg)

hi, just posting to remind you that you will be lined up against the wall with the rest of your /pol/ brothers. don't cry when we take a brick to your fashy head

No. 305638

No. 305639

File: 1494039126849.png (2.93 MB, 2048x1152, a886ea99f4e2bb57c79d57dd8dfc74…)

No. 305640

File: 1494039134108.png (1.02 MB, 1057x780, 59192fe44389c575546ff9ad7de24c…)

No. 305641

File: 1494039148497.png (795.02 KB, 1154x640, 0184cad71b0a3ef3d0ba9e61c74605…)

No. 305646

Whoa, I like his comedy too but he's obviously shitty to women. No wonder he was obsessed with a tranny.

No. 305662

I know someone who was 16 when she met Sam off Okcupid, not Marky or that blonde girl. I can believe he fucked all those teenagers.

No. 305679

File: 1494043255906.jpg (99.75 KB, 675x517, cumgallon.jpg)

this is golden

The half full half gallons of jizz these two are holding are a nice touch

No. 305721

are you blind? do you literally need me to circle them for you and hold your hand?

i meant favourite comedian. sounds like you guys know more about tumblr than i do. how embarrassing

No. 305777

lol milk is white so it's like semen XD

I'd say the fantasy should look more like an SS rally.

No. 305783

Jizz is much more plausible in this case

No. 305785

>white supremacist gathering
>like 5 of those people aren't even white
>they are doing the hitler salute
>did I mentioned there were non-whites at this white supremacist meeting doing the salute?
>gallons of what seems to be jizz
>the girls look deplorable
>the guys look like beta cucks

So much F A I L U R E in one pic

No. 305832

you forgot
>dude with animu waifu T-shirt
>girl wearing butty shorts and long socks
>this chick clinging to a brony
>overweight soccer mom??
>is that some sort of a drawing there…? looks like more nerd shit
i can't

No. 305903

hahaha yes!!! but I bet she isn't even a mom, she is too ugly to have someone stick their dick in her. Most of the girls in these things are usually fat virgins with a thick southern accent and the "decent" ones only do this crap because their boyfriend is doing it.

No. 306310

Ugh I can't stand the condescension. I'm so glad that our savior Lauren Southern is here to tell us stupid, brainwashed ladies the real truth and the path to happiness!!

Seriously though, she's going full /r/TheRedPill - "Sexual market value"?

No. 306311


Also did she just say female babies are born fertile? lmao

No. 306330

She's way too impressionable. I've watched her views slowly morph into every main /pol/ talking point in less than two years. It would be funny if it wasn't so transparent and pathetic.

No. 306339

File: 1494135595366.jpg (13.48 KB, 334x358, fucker.jpg)

Wow this is fucked up usually I agree with Lauren but she just treats women like a cult of same thinking baby popping idiots in this vid. She manages to define women who don't want kids as whores who fuck till they drop until their full of STIs and who only live in vices when in reality there's more to people than these 2 archetypes she's crafted, her shitty strawmans are sexist and the cancer of the alt right. There's overlaps on promiscuous behavior some women in their 30s are promiscuous some are virgins in their 20s or don't go around sleeping around some are frigid, it disgusts me that she talks of young women like this cookie cutter dumb sloots who only sleep around and party and older women as dried up MILF hags who have no value to society because their tits sag.

To think of another human being like that is fucked up regardless of whether their female or male.

She should be popping babies out and and getting married in her early 20s by her logic, it's the same "wandering womb" cliche rehashed by the alt right with a few parameters changed around.

Basically the moral of the story is women are only worth their bodies as baby pumpers and fleshlights. A womens life ends at 30 and Men have everything until they hit their 60s and even then they're apparently still superior to women because their basis lies greater than in just solely looks

Fuck this bitch.

No. 306351

They all have dark hair and look as "white" as my half black cousins. Funny asf, its always the mutts who barely have any nordic heritage that are the most racist. Or the fat ass women who get no attention irl cause they look like walking lard buckets.

Is this an actual meet up? Bahaha

No. 306357

>antifa thinking they can hurt anyone

No. 306361

File: 1494140126037.jpg (109.26 KB, 831x1064, 1480181967715.jpg)

Lauren is white. white white.

No. 306377

>I agree with lauren until she says something that hurts MY feefees :(
Stopped reading there. Y'all are both dumb.

No. 306439

So you don't consider it a fucked up position to see women as only baby spitters whose sexuality is the only bane of their existance?

Also the dumbshit did say baby girls are born fertile. I'd say treating any human like a baby spitter is pretty worthy of getting hurt fee fees over fam.

No. 306461

Of course I do. You… missed my point entirely.

I meant that you were cool with all her other bullshit, but you have a problem when she says some bullshit you don't agree with. You're "usually" just as stupid as she is.

Just like how everyone was fine with Milo saying tons of other awful stuff, but bitching about the age of consent got him fired. It's ALL bad, but people like you don't care until they get triggered.

No. 306502

Homegirl is only 22 and looks like she's 30. no wonder she's so worried about sexual market value. It's probably on the forefront of her mind considering she looks so haggard.

No. 306522

This is mine, excuse me…

No. 306631

File: 1494177758129.jpg (22.06 KB, 262x275, 1493322025844.jpg)

D-Do you mean that… alt-rights are misogynistic snowflakes?? Woah, who knew!

No. 306919

No. 306933

How true even is it that men in their 30s want to marry women in their 20s? The few times I've asked men if they'd date a woman that much younger than them they said "I'd bang her or date a few times for fun but I'm not marrying her." I'm sure it happens but I doubt it's common. Unless by 30s and 20s she means like 32 and 28.

No. 306941


Yeah, but the men you talk to are normal dudes who realize that they'd have absolutely nothing in common with a 21 year old woman.

The guys who marry younger women are either old and rich or have control issues. Perfect for the alt right submissive waifu.

No. 306947


That's a rough 21. She either needs to get a darker hair colour or stop tanning.


I thought she was cute when I first saw her videos but she's an uggo like the rest of the alt right flakes.

No. 306955

Blaire's live and looking at threads about her on 4chan.

No. 306966

File: 1494207522671.jpg (9.63 KB, 480x202, 1491137672309.jpg)

>that cute Disney-esque thumbnail juxtaposed by that hideous manface

No. 306969

>cis girl THIS mad that a trans woman looks better than her

No. 306972


Blair looks good in pictures but a hot mess live.

No. 306975


>orbiting a attention whoring tranny ON LOLCOW

No. 306979

Nice try but I'm about as female as Blair, which is to say not at all

No. 306980

File: 1494208754175.png (330.05 KB, 762x393, blairkek.png)


No. 306996

fuck, it's too embarrassing to watch.. he looks like an old prostitute (granted, that's 99% of white trans tbh), how is he this full of himself?

No. 306998

I have to watch this almost daily I love it so much.


No. 307116

This makes me want to exit life. Fuck it man.

No. 311628

No. 311661

Lmaoooo this dumbass bitch. Go back to Canada.

No. 311966

No. 311971

I'm glad, now I can refer to her as a "literal criminal" whenever someone tries to discuss her to me.

No. 312113

>Looking good

No. 312172



>on twitter

She's trying SO HARD to seem like le epic 4chan gurl it's pathetic.

No. 312180

I think that made me cringe harder than the stupid shit she did that got her arrested

No. 312181

I just love how quickly she started allying with literal white nationalists. Her views have changed so fast in such a short window of time she must be weak minded as fuck and not actually care about anything but attention and a pay cheque.

No. 314568

File: 1495020471807.jpg (11.45 KB, 172x200, 1c5f05cddf8534e2f0960ebf86a697…)

All retard le epic may may gril poser shit aside what she's doing is highly unproductive, and counter-effective to her "cause", the dumbshit really got done in for civil disobedience? This is bad the dumb bitch is going to get fat headed and think of herself on par with MLK and fucking Gandhi now.

I have concerns over the rising number of foreigners in my country but I don't block refugees who are escaping their own war torn shitholes, you can hold an opinion at heart but don't try to fuck over others because of an half ass attempt to express it.

Also fuck this cunt for green texting on fucking social media platforms.

No. 314681

Is she still in Italian jail?

No. 317360

i didnt know she cosplayed, she's so cute

No. 317551

>subsaharan Africans
>escaping their own war torn shitholes

Africa is a shithole, but a shithole of their own making. bringing every nigger to Europe won't fix that.

No. 317563

File: 1495316561590.jpg (55.31 KB, 980x490, landscape-1490538382-screen-sh…)

Anon can you please stop talking. You're making everyone on this board sound dumb. How do you not remember imperialism in Africa from your 10th grade world history class?

Not saging cuz I think this thread needs this snowflake

No. 317586


what about south africa tho? remember when they scared off all the white farmers out and they went into a serious famine?

No. 317599

you're Lola-teir retarded.

No. 317942

File: 1495348348399.jpg (526.06 KB, 2465x795, 1461655131544.jpg)

Zimbabwe, not South Africa

in SA, there's just an absurdly high rate of black on white crime.

No. 318063

Lmao, why was she in Italy? We don't want her

No. 318100

File: 1495383940148.png (463.08 KB, 591x646, Screen Shot 2017-05-21 at 11.2…)

What the fuck. Why. Who asked for this?

No. 318113

I wonder if she and all those other "tradisshunal wymyn" on the internet are trolling… How can you keep invoking "tradition" and posting pictures of women from the 50's when you are everything but a tradisshunal woman yourself? Step one, get off of Twitter. Traditional women only need the internet to look up recipes.

No. 318144

Because she thought she could make some kind of difference in the migrant crisis by dicking around in a boat.

Having stunts like that connected to her name just gonna raise her chances of being denied entry next time she tries to come to Europe

No. 318191

…but these "traditional" women would be married with kids at her age, why does she consider herself one? She's a social media whore, swears, acts like "one of the guys", dresses immodestly, and has never shown interest anything remotely "housewife-y". Why is she allowed to give a speech on this?

Real traditional women don't give a shit about politics and would just leave it up to the men anyways.

No. 318283

>in SA, there's just an absurdly high rate of black on white crime

And all that crime will stop when the whites fuck off to their European homelands,

No. 318297

All the racism against blacks in America will stop when they fuck off back to their African homelands.

No. 318366

Yeah exactly…and every white knight in her comments section on youtube is like "well she's 21! she still has time!"

Yeah and so does every other girl who wants to get an education and a stable career before considering starting a fucking family. She literally sounds like the "SJWs" she claimed to used to hate, just on the other end of the spectrum.

Honestly this shit infuriates me so fucking much. It's one thing for 4chan dudes and men who have had bad experiences with women to preach this kind of shit, but for a woman herself to basically reduce women to baby making factories who are fucked after 30 is pathetic.

No. 318368

Samefag, but I also find it funny/infuriating that the same guys who say that women should focus on finding a husband and having kids because men don't care about women's careers/status/exc also are the first to scream about gold diggers and how women don't love you, they only want money!!111

Well, what do you expect? They can't make their own money in the kitchen, so be prepared to give up yours and be selected/valued based on how much cash you bring home. Make up your minds, dumbfucks.

No. 318369

lauren is an ethno-nationalist. thats why /pol/ loves her (and yes im a regular browser there). i dont know about the traditionalist stuff but i think its more of a meme compared to her pro-european activism.

No. 318373

They actually can't because whites brought them there and mixed them with eachother, themselves and Natives so much that they literally have no place in African countries (which are very centric of their own respective cultures). They have basically no ties to Africa. There are literal documentaries where African-Americans try to move back to African countries but they just don't fit in because they're racially and culturally different in every way.
White people, on the other hand, just kinda went to SA on their own and said "Yeah this is our home now lol sorry natives fuck off we're going to subjugate you and treat you like shit", and now they're getting their shit wrecked after decades of tension. Lots of South African whites also keep in touch with their "true" heritage in Europe, too, and have relatives living in Europe. So, nope, it's not the same at all.

No. 318375

>It's one thing for 4chan dudes and men who have had bad experiences with women

Kek you must be trolling to make excuses for assholes who's only experience with women is the elliot rodger kind.

But yeah I fond it weird that these idiots push this traditional women shit-and im a traditional woman. I personally dont give a shit what sort of life other women lead and these idiots sound like a cult.

No. 318376

*should be found, not fond lol.

No. 318380

well said, yo

No. 318381

They only act that way because they're convinced they were born in the wrong generation. They think that as long as women are oppressed and kept in the kitchen, they'll have no choice but to settle down with "betas", "low-level men", etc like themselves.
They literally can't accept that in the traditional era they speak of, their manchild selves would be considered even more useless and repugnant. What good is a man who plays video games and won't even find a job to a traditional housewife with no career skills?

No. 318382

S/He's an idiot I wouldn't try to reason with them anon

No. 318383

I have noticed a lot of these type of women and the anti-feminist type seem to complain about modern times and modern women yet seem blissfully ignorant to the fact that had changes to society not happened they could not have their tv jobs/youtube channels/education etc.

They hold a fairytale idea of what it was like back in the 1950s, much like how steampunk fanatics over romantisize the victorian era-they are all morons.

No. 318400

see >>318383 on the whole born in the wrong generation thing-if they actually had to live in the era's they romantisize they wouldnt last 5 minutes.

It reminds me of weeaboos who go to Japan and then leave after a month complaining japan did not live up to their glorious anime fantasy.

And you are totally right on that last line-and I think its funny you get a lot of these geek/gamer guys who want a traditional wife these days like, how would they support them?!

No. 318406

I wasn't really trying to make excuses for them. I just meant that they have deluded themselves into believing this shit based on where they spend a lot of their time. Eventually that shit starts to influence you whether you start out that way or not.

Lauren IS a woman (who is not even living a "traditional" lifestyle), so I would expect a little bit more from her in regards to this subject.

No. 318407

I don't see how it's a meme if she's using it to advertise her speech. Granted it hasn't taken place yet, but it certainly seems like that will be a large part of her speech.

No. 318503

The people who romanticize that time period would be absolutely ripshit if you put them in some kind of time machine that forced them to stay there. The lazy, fat-ass manchildren would be horrified that they would have to actually grow the fuck up and work their asses off to support their families and would be treated like a sonofabitch if he made his wife go out and work, instead of whining about gender politics on the Internet and playing video games.

And these 'traditional women' would be fucking furious if they were suddenly put in a position where their only life goal was to stay at home for their husband and their kids. Your dreams, ambitions, opinions? Sorry, you're done with that. You have no power, no control, no money beyond what your husband would give you. If he was an abusive drunk? Sucks for you, just deal with it. You actually want to work and make a career for yourself? Go ahead, but prepare to get belittled by men and women alike and treated like not giving it up for marriage is shameful and embarrassing and your accomplishments are nothing.

Not to completely demonize the era but these girls like Southern do not realize what they are really saying when they spout the whole 'traditional women' shit and talk massive shit about feminism when it actually gave them choices in the life they were born into. It's like they've never talked to women from older generations in their family and realized what it was actually like.

No. 319658

File: 1495528366291.jpg (39.09 KB, 761x473, migrant data.jpg)

look at all these refugees fleeing war-torn Syria

No. 324411

I think this is becoming a theme now…

This video just came out and it is very poorly done imo, this guy is gay anyway, why the fuck does he care??

No. 324443

In their minds being a traditional woman means sitting around all day on the internet, shopping and buying food from restaurants while their husband pays for it all

No. 324486

It reminds of the redpillwomen subreddit, which I think is 90% men roleplaying as their idea of submissive women.

No. 324501

This video really grinded my gears, bitch you can't tell women they would be happy being a "traditional women" when you are not married and don't have kids.

No. 324511

File: 1496075335679.jpg (52.72 KB, 540x350, caaaaaaat.jpg)

My whole family is from the Balkans. Whenever I talk to my relatives, especially my grandmothers and great-aunts, they all want to hear about how my degree is going. They ALL realize how important it is for a woman to have options, because they've seen how dangerous a traditional relationship can be to a woman.
I think that if I told them I was going to drop out, and marry a guy and be his housewife, they'd think I was crazy.

No. 324519

I mean hey, I wouldn't mind sitting around all day and using someone else's paycheck to pay for my shit too. Psh, I'd bake a pie and do some laundry in return.
Except if I did this as a liberal, I would be called "lazy" instead of "traditional."

The thin line that separates the two is that accepting the "traditional" label comes with the subtext that women will always be less competent and less capable in nearly every life aspect.
Save for a few domestic dealings. Or maybe being a secretary or nurse, y'know, womanly jobs.

No. 324524

No. 324526

Eh, I've doxxed a few of the members there before. They were all really unattractive women.

No. 324545


>Islanders jersey

Confirmed for cuck

No. 324573

I remember lurking 8chans /pol/ a few years back and some guy posted about how his mother used to come home after working two jobs and cry.

He said that this was because she couldn't clean the house because she had to work and attempted to use this example of how ALL non she women feel.

No. 324581

>Lauren Southern wasting her sexual market value by making youtube videos instead of hunting for a true and honest husband

No. 324589

Certain parts of Nigeria are in a shitload of civil unrest at the moment, people are getting killed off by Boko Haram, there's a lot of conflict between the Ife people and other groups, there's a Muslim/Christian rivalry going on resulting in a lot of bloodshed (mostly Muslims killing Christians), etc.
Not sure about the other countries, but Nigeria is pretty understandable and I wouldn't be surprised if it's a similar case in the rest of those countries. A lot of them are in comparable positions to the Syrian refugees.

No. 324599

>why the fuck does he care??
He wants straight men and is jealous of women for attracting them. I seriously think that's why most gay men with misogynistic tendencies are the way they are.
Honestly, his voice is so annoying. And I think we all realize that the guys that get passed over in favor of the """cock carousel""" usually don't become amazing, wealthy powerhouses that older women pine after when they hit "the big 30". The men that got ignored stay NEET, stay angry, stay mediocre, stay pathetic for the rest of their lives, and just headcanon themselves as the bosses/CEOs (ie the exact same "Chads" who got picked over them as before, but older) who only want to date women under 27.

No. 324684

Gay men are disturbingly bitter about women.

No. 324740


so literally the most populous African country.

No. 324744

>They were all really unattractive women.

I'm sure lolcow is full of real winners

No. 324746

I use to both lurk and post a bit on 8chan's cow board up until I remember they had a thread exactly like this but, a bunch of posters actually got offended by it because "hahaha you guys can't handle us /pol/fags hahaha" shit and it was hilarious how defensive they got over actual cows. They are so into their own bullshit they can't make fun of shitty people ruining their own ideology, you'd think it be the reverse.

Yes there it is way more easier and find a sjw cow and they're usually way more entertaining but, these new 16-25 year old '/pol/fags' are this weird mixer of reddit tier(the_donald) "I know everything because I use website besides FB, twitter, YT and instagram!" and those conservative kids you grew up with in high school who was just spewing shit their parents told them.

Probably the most depressing part is, I'd argue the sjw cows, for as dumb and weird as they may be, seem to live way better lives then these newfags who post 4chan memes on social media sites and think they are edgy and cool ect. All of them seem especially lonely and hideous looking and don't seem to realize their view point is a strong minority.

No. 324758


so you believe that everyone who lives in a country plagued by violence has an affirmative right to emigrate to Europe

No. 324765

Sage for slightly OT, but I imagine some of you watch/read The Handmaiden's Tale and it seems like these women want to be some version of Serena Joy.

No. 324773

Very well said, anon. I agree

No. 324781

I said "certain parts" in the very first sentence of that post. But go ham, I guess.

What? No, I simply explained that there are reasons for that sort of emigration. I don't get why you'd jump from something logical to something inherently illogical. It's almost like making a strawman so it's easier to argue with the person who's saying things you don't like, but it all falls apart when you throw it in the form of a question, even if it's rhetorical.

No. 324785


I remember seeing this, and it turned me off to the board all together. If you can't laugh at everything then I'm not interested in participating.

>these newfags who post 4chan memes on social media sites and think they are edgy and cool ect. All of them seem especially lonely and hideous looking and don't seem to realize their view point is a strong minority.

This is painfully true because the viewpoint inherently draws in those who feel powerless and ugly. Why else would you spend so long deflecting blame onto various groups of people (Jews, Muslims, "libtards", etc.)?

No. 324832

> the viewpoint inherently draws in those who feel powerless and ugly.

And the great irony is tumblrwhales are exactly the same as far as going online and finding a safespace of people who never challenge them and/or everyone is the same.

I forget what youtube video but it was a lawyer speaking on behalf of Antifa and yeah duh antifa is shit but, these huge retarded newfag children made a such a hilarious prank of having a guy walk in with a kek flag that from a normie's point of view looked like some KKK symbol. Of course the old lawyer called it out just to get this faggot out of his press conference. Then you hear autistic screeching "HAHA YOU JUST GOT TROLLED!" "THAT'S KEK DUH! ITS NOT A KKK FLAG" "PRAISE KEK". And this poor fucking lawyer whose just doing a job doesn't even look offended, just extremely confused. And of course in the youtube comments "THAT LAWYER IS A TYPICAL LIBTARD FAGGOT. HEY /POl/ LETS GET SOME DIRT ON HIM!"

/pol/ use to do good trolling on actual terrible liberals that were using people's sympathies and leanings for politcal gain but, now they'll just go after anyone slightly abnormal or liberal. Normally I wouldn't care either way, I think I'm just that fucking annoyed every time I hear some 'totally ground breaking view point with such deep meta internet references!' It just drives me insane, especially since it's people in my age group.

No. 324838


All good points. Also,

>/pol/ use to do good trolling on actual terrible liberals that were using people's sympathies and leanings for politcal gain but, now they'll just go after anyone slightly abnormal or liberal.

I so fucking agree. I'm not even conservative but that shit used to be genuinely funny. Now it's not really about being funny or tongue in cheek, it's about forcing an alt-right opinion.

sage for blogpost/noonecares

No. 324849

ZimZam threads were the golden age. After that everything slowly went down hill. Anyone who still post there literally has no life, I've been in threads that post "what pill are you!?" with these artistically drawn cartoon of different pill types. You know, just like how tumblr draws different kins and genders and shit.

No. 324861

Anon that era was my shit.
>come home from day of grad school
>cuddle up in blankets and get tea
>pull up police scanners and livestream of chimpouts
>check /pol/ thread to see if people report habbenins'

Good times. But now it's overrun by underagers and edgelords who are stuck on the same things. I actually feel bad for visiting the ZimZam and BLM riot threads knowing it just encouraged the miscreants who post there now. Sage for blog.

No. 324901

Damn actually?

No. 324910

You have to tell us more. Why do they keep talking about how their ~SMV~ is?

No. 324918

God that comment section depresses me. Do all men seriously secretly think that way about women? I know that's close minded to say but recent interactions I've had coupled with the sheer number of people that regurgitate this shit makes me scared to enter a relationship.

It makes me hate being a woman.

No. 324923

>I actually feel bad for visiting the ZimZam and BLM riot threads knowing it just encouraged the miscreants who post there now

Right? Moon man threads were my fave but now I've see commentary faggots using him as their mascots and I feel empty inside.

Chimpout threads were great, as someone who is originally from Jersey, I never felt ignorant for enjoying them because it wasn't so much about black people as much as it was about their shitty culture and ghetto people. /pol/ always kept that great layer of sarcasm about it which made discussion and harassing newfags fun whenever they thought someone went 'too far' when they said something racist, which was the point of the board. I always compared it to listening to Opie and Anthony, just a bunch of people crossing the line but, in jokingly knowing you're piece of shit.

Everyone on /pol/ now takes themselves way to seriously that it stopped being funny.

No. 324930

File: 1496111232995.jpg (282.98 KB, 1000x1415, ITS HAPPENING.jpg)

>tfw it will never be 2013 again
>tfw Dorner will never lead police on a wild shooting goose chase
>tfw the Zim Zam hasn't had his Flim Flam in question for 4 years
>tfw no more Boston manhunt
>tfw no more SERIOUS DISCUSSION on /pol/
>tfw no more comfy rainy spring afternoons of the zim trial with Verdun matches between the recesses
>tfw /pol/ takes itself seriously and stopped being fun
At least I still have /cow/ and lolcow.farm

No. 324932

Nearly forgot:
>tfw /pol/ are crazy authoritarians instead of crazy libertarians now

No. 324949

If you become bitter and unconfident, they win.

Remember that those commenters are a small minority of men, sitting on YouTube all day watching the same RedPill videos

No. 324954

File: 1496112813650.jpg (54.2 KB, 640x480, 1340675682473.jpg)

stop making me feel things, I rather forget now that it's been taken over by lonely manchildren who cry about society being unfair and are jealous of gays and black people for having fun and don't get why women wont settle for a pimple face 300lb blimp who spends at least 4-8 hours on a board with other men exactly like him jacking off to traps while calling others degenerates.

Have a cute Yang instead.

No. 324962

I used to think that, but now I'm not so sure. It's definitely worrying how much it seems to be spreading I think.

No. 324978

Yeah, but I don't brag about how hot I am on here. I know I'm fug. Those chicks on RPW act like they're all that.

I have the pics of one of the mods. She's haggard looking and actually bragged about looking young.

Granted, at least she is actually thin like she claims to be… but that face. No saving it.

No. 324982

Anyone else notice this butthurt faggot making their rounds about how we shouldn't be saying anything about looks recently?
"You're ugly too!" isn't a fucking argument.

There's no pretense here that the posters are perfect. It's irrelevant.
It's about the airs those RedPill bitches give off acting like they're hot, desirable shit when the reality is they're often the very women male RedPillers wouldn't touch.

No. 324985


>It makes me hate being a woman.

Real talk, been there. Don't let other peoples' shitty behavior get you down. I always though tit would be easier to be a guy because all of my friends are guys anyway and it'd remove any sort of prejudice or "stigma". The fact is, if someone is going to act a certain way just because you're a woman, fuck em. That's a them problem and you absolutely do not have to change. There's plenty of self-confident, sane men in the world who don't think of women so shittily.

No. 324992

Nicely put. Also their worth relies heavily on looking perfect for their ideology. There is a reason why conservative related media only hires models to do speaking roles, it's a well known way to get more views because for them hearing a super hot chick say what they want to hear as if she came up with those thoughts herself.

And it's not something people on the right aren't aware of, /pol/ has plenty of threads complaining it's used to manipulate them and yet it keeps working because they are that impressionable due to their lack of interaction with actual women and it puts them in a bad disposition in the dating scene, expecting an attractive woman with their view points will is out there waiting for them. I'd find it funny but, it's actually really sad when you really think about it.

No. 325101

She literally just echoes what other alt righties say. She's got no substance or original thought and looks like she should 35 years old. Haggard as hell.

No. 325104

File: 1496135656085.jpg (49.04 KB, 1024x538, IMG_0722.JPG)

How about candids?

No. 325161

Woof. I guess the people who think she doesn't look old are that same breed of lipless, haggard white people.

No. 325282

File: 1496159300471.jpg (61.23 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

When her first "why i'm not a feminist" video first made waves on the internet, I thought she was gorgeous. And that was less than three years ago, so I have no idea what the fuck happened. There is something so unattractive about her upper lip/nose/dead eye combo that her face is so punchable to me now.

No. 325289

File: 1496159504099.jpg (68.86 KB, 808x960, cpg1w1zk9zny.jpg)

Also, now she's on some cringey anti-modern architecture kick on all social media. It's really funny ever since she started hanging out with the Identity Europa/Generation Identity crew she now cares deeply about classical art, architecture, and european culture.

Pretty sure she has no fucking clue what she's talking about.

No. 325294

She looks like that Tana Mongeau chick with less make up

No. 325310

lmao she's swallowed the "muh empire" pill? That one is always hilarious because the far righters that have a weird connection with vikings/crusades/muh clay are always fucking autists. Like otaku tier autists but instead of Japan and anime it's dead languages and creation myths.

No. 325345

they're more like the we wuz kings crowd

No. 325683

Seems she's aged quite a bit since she first entered the public eye

A guy on twitter took this video and spliced it with a Muslim cleric's speech on women to show theor similarities. Lauren and her white knights are getting triggered at being compared to those ~evil muslim immigrants~.

No. 325695

this is some handmaid's tale level shit

No. 325720

I'm sure she loves that show, with the women only being valued for their breeding abilities and all.

This girls a straight dumbass. Does she think the misogynist "alt right" won't eventually turn on her too? Have fun Lauren.

No. 325740

Hmm. How rare are they really though? How/Why do you think Trump won? Don't sleep on that silent majority~

No. 325985

I wouldn't say she's dumb, she's milking a bunch of retards and quite frankly I can't hate her for it. She's average as hell which makes them think she's more attainable, it's a great cash cow. I don't think she needs a real job, those retards will keep her afloat.

No. 326031

Twitter video link plz?

No. 326039

File: 1496224185089.jpg (69.41 KB, 308x414, lauren.jpg)

Why doesn't she take her own advice and become a housewife instead of getting on boats in yurop and going to protests? her sexual market value is declining rapidly

No. 326046

File: 1496225520062.jpg (38.75 KB, 534x679, 1496225390978.jpg)

It's funny to think about how the alt-right and the Muslims they hate have such similar values.

No. 326089

No. 326102

I never can shake the feeling that gay men really don't like women, especially the way that they use words like "cunt" and "pussy" like its nothing, some are especially eager to jump into fights with women, which is dangerous.

No. 326147

Lots of them don't. Gay men (and trans girls) can be some of the most sexist, racist, etc. people period, but they get away with it because of their lgbt card.

No. 326226

gosh that couldn't be the fault of capitalism or a shitty system that never pays workers adequately for their labor or her son being a little shit who never cleans up the fucking house or anything…

No. 326269

Thank you!

No. 326298

File: 1496253974048.jpg (67.56 KB, 300x250, huh.jpg)

No. 326516

tbh I've had worse experiences with trans boys rather than trans girls because what I've dealt with is trans boys attempting to emulate an extreme hyper-masculinity to compensate for insecurities they might be feeling that makes them rather douchey towards women but tbh gay trans boys are some of the people that treat women the worst in the lgbt community like wyd

No. 329300


Figures a member of a "movement" that hasn't really done shit would rep a franchise that hasn't really done shit.

The two go hand in hand.

No. 330053

Pics pls??

No. 330115

I think its just because her skin looks a little rough, it's obviously caked with foundation which is settling into lines on her face and aging it. She could benefit from using a lighter coverage foundation, she'd probably look her age then

No. 330342

Bet her skin would look like shit though.

No. 330357

I've never met a trans woman who wasn't a disgusting pedophile, sexually aggressive and thinks women are obligated to fuck him (The cotton ceiling,as they call it) Or thought he was a woman because of his warped autogynephilic view on women.

No. 331715

File: 1496979665267.jpg (77.55 KB, 780x617, 109f557a621a386be330d98352b336…)

No. 331716

File: 1496979679502.jpg (25.47 KB, 400x300, 1f190fc75e5d494d364479545f167f…)

No. 331717

File: 1496979696299.png (920.3 KB, 1299x930, 2ae7320399b76e31caba9e5007cc6b…)

No. 331719

File: 1496979750427.jpg (180.61 KB, 1024x714, 4a877c8726460acc3190563a3387cb…)

these guys come up to you and threaten to kill you on the day of the rope, what do you do?

No. 331722

File: 1496980121176.png (927.34 KB, 1080x699, 08d00e7e5757de0663717d029004a0…)

No. 331723

File: 1496980163396.jpg (282.69 KB, 1200x900, 47c3a4149b70682ce45df5782e30c8…)

No. 331724

File: 1496980190386.png (651.07 KB, 932x592, 536ec61aae5f15033d17af09c70f83…)

No. 331768

This makes me so angry. At least insult the right religion, fucking South education

No. 331984

I know, right? Sikhs are natural enemies of Islam. we should be encouraging them.

No. 332011

Dumb. Sikhs and muslims are pretty much mortal enemies, but so are muslims and any other religion; Even other muslims. It's not that hard to tell the difference. Sikhs have that reverse widow's peak on their headware.

No. 332186

Remember when Sikh people were getting attacked after 9/11?

No. 333190

The difference for me is Sikhs are legit nice people who actually mind their own business too. Never had an issue with a Sikh.

No. 334241

Her face is quite grandma-ish, it's definitely the Amy Schumer lips, Sylvester Stallone way of talking out the side of her mouth, the weird way her chin juts out when she's getting passionate about deporting migrants, and overall weak bone structure. She will age like milk.

No. 334243

>Those yellow horse hair extensions

Glad she finally got the memo about toner.

>Muh Aryan waifu
>Muh brown haired, brown eyed ''''Nordic'''' genes
>Muh basement dweller fanboys repopulating the white race with their right hand

Top fucking kek.

No. 334261

> the weird way her chin juts out when she's getting passionate about deporting migrants

fucking kek anon.

I can't believe anyone listens to a word this girl says. she went from being a card carrying libertarian to white identitarian and I believe will soon become the human embodiment of /pol/ in less than a year. She probably desperately wants to ~make white babies~ with Martin whoever the fuck from Generation Identitaire.

No. 334979

I have no words.

No. 335005

The way she pronounces "Islamic" triggers the fuck out of me.

No. 335068

Her manvoice triggers me.
She bitches about SJW's and their constant 'virtue signalling' and 'wanting handouts', when she has made an entire career out of virtue signalling to angry white boys, telling them whatever they want to hear, and cyberbegs all the time.

She blatantly has no interest in Martin, he's an ugly manlet. She's basically taller than him. But it's funny how she leads him and the rest of her whiteknight fanbase on. She's just a massive cocktease, plagiarizing /Pol/ copypasta and calling it a 'book'.

I mean, if it's this fucking easy, I might try it myself.

No. 335240

I actually found this funny

No. 335423

My theory is she is a mole to make alt righties gay.

No. 335448

dude sam hyde is one of the funniest people ever, but he's seriously fucked up as a person.

he's the kind of person you would never trust in your home.

No. 335449

shut up commie idiot(sage this. read hellweek rules)

No. 335467

She does the opposite though. She is held up as the example of what all women should be, think, and act like.

No. 335699

File: 1497482579128.jpg (157.14 KB, 681x1024, laurawood.jpg)

Ok, this may be a shot in the dark as she isn't a flashy "meme" alt righter, but does anyone else know of Laura Woods aka The Thinking Housewife?

She has been blogging for almost ten years now and she has so many lulzy thoughts I can't describe them all, but here are some that come to mind:

>HATES fast food pizza, literally writes multiple posts on her blog complaining about how the "Pizza Industrial Complex" is aiding in he decay of society and the normalization of anti-social and anti-family behaviors

>Catholic extremist, believes the current pope is a false antichrist

>thinks black criminality is caused by blacks being "a race of low intelligence, immaturity, and narcissism"

>finds green ovarian cancer awareness ribbons to be depressing because they remind her of "the conceitedness of women" and how "women with power become selfish"

>Tries desperately to justify her dull housewife lifestyle. She writes how sweeping is "fascinating, captivating, deeply intriguing. We are alive. As we sweep, we are alive and our minds are free." (wut)

>Believes that society and family life will heal once the US reverses it's Civil Rights Act, and restores workplace discrimination that is in favor of men

>believes that jogging (and most forms of exercise beyond light calisthenics) is inherently unfeminine and should not be done by women

>thinks Sandy Hook, and many other terrorist attacks, are false flags

No. 335710

No. 335724

Why do alt-righters get so scared by women and men who don't want children?

No. 335734

Are they scared of women or do they just outright fucking hate them? Because that's what it seems like.

Everything is women's fault!!11 the decline of western civ directly correlates with female suffrage!!1 women shouldn't be in the workplace because they're basically over emotional oversized children~~

Goddamn that bullshit that they preach as fact pisses me off.

No. 335742

Because they think women should be barefoot in the kitchen with a bun in the oven and 7 children to take care of

No. 335751

because of white replacement levels

No. 335774

No. 335779

they're scared by white women and men who don't want children because they want America to remain a majority white. I can sympathize with, say, Swedes who want their country to remain a majority ethnically Swedish but America is a weird bastard country and is destined to always be a melting pot.

No. 335780

One of the things that I don't really understand about Southern's and to a lesser extent RM's argument is that women have "been lied to" by feminism in regards to having children and a family. Lauren always says that girls just need to be aware that it is an option, but of course girls already know that. They can't honestly think that women are that stupid. All women know that being a housewife and having a family is an option. They know that their child bearing years end eventually. It's just that women either don't want to, can't afford to, or don't care about having children. I could be wrong, but I also haven't seen many feminists dissuading young girls from pursuing marriage and children. Where are these feminists doing this brainwashing? Seriously.

This whole obsession with marriage and "having white babies" comes off a little creepy to me. Look in the comment section of any of LS videos and you see a bunch of guys telling her to hurry up and pop out some white babies. It's weird. I guess I just can't wrap my head around caring that goddamn much about what other people do with their lives. If some women want to forgo having children and be the cat ladies that they love to make fun of, how does that affect them?

sage for small rant.

No. 335784

It's because these Red Pill girls either aren't smart/motivated enough to argue against anything but strawman and low hanging SJW fruit, or because they know these topics will interest their omega male followers. Possibly both.

Anyone else remember the time Lauren Southern posted a video denying climate change, did an AMA on reddit, and got ripped apart in the comments for it? She quickly ragequit the AMA because it was clear to everyone that she had only given it a cursory thought and had no clue what she was talking about.

No. 335825

Yeah, thinking like men. She sounds like a dude as well and could pass as a beta male with her face.

No. 335827

That's her alright, just a broken record of stolen opinions.

No. 335848

it's all about white birth rates.

No. 335859

Ah yes, Lauren 'STEALY STEALY' Southern.

Most of her content is very basic, entry level redpill theory that puts little to no emphasis on critical or in depth thinking, that you can know inside and out by spending an hour or two on /Pol/.

Her 'MUH TRADITIONALISM' video was basically a word for word plagiarism of theredpill's lame manifesto for angry permavirgins. And because her followers are so cucked and actually think they stand a chance with her, they refuse to call her out on her blatant plagiarism.

She receives a lot of hate on /Pol/ because they realize what a fraud she is and that she basically uses their content without credit, then capitalizes on it. At least some people can see through her bullshit.

I don't understand why she thinks women are going to take her regressive, self hating bullshit more seriously, just because they hear it from a woman's mouth. Traditonalism is all good and well, but only if both sexes partake.

I hate batshit SJWs who come out with shit like 'Islam has nothing to do with Islam!' but that's easy, low hanging fruit to pick, that anyone with half a brain can see through. Calling all Muslims terrorists and all migrants rapefugees is just the exact same lazy thinking and blanket statementing.

No. 335872

Lauren Southern is not even really a traditionalist but just says whatever will appeal to her audience. She basically parades around acting exactly the way third-wave feminists do, but simply spouting different rhetoric

No. 335890

I've gathered that, but my overall point is it's ridiculous to be that invested in other peoples' lives. And, in my opinion, having children and encouraging others to "hurry up" and have children to suit a political agenda is extremely irresponsible.

The world will never again be this perfect little 1950s utopia that they like to point to as the ideal civilization. Most of the people spouting this nonsense don't even fit that model themselves, and probably wouldn't bother putting in any work to fix that.

No. 335982


Ever read Eric Hoffer? He boiled it all down to a simple formula: Passionate hatred can give meaning and purpose to an empty life.

Of course the vast majority of these people wouldn't fit the model. Deep down, they know this. But they stick with it because it's not like they have anything else going for them.

No. 336006

File: 1497555975301.jpg (33.68 KB, 693x450, youcis.jpg)


That reminds me a lot of Emily Youcis. I'm paraphrasing a lot here, but she also has said that white nationalism and traditionalism has given her meaning in her life and it's the only thing she can think about.

I don't care if someone is proud of being white or traditional or whatever, but the obsessive degree that these people take it to is…really sad.

No. 336011

File: 1497556623342.jpg (Spoiler Image, 897.58 KB, 1075x4000, pZ7eOWk.jpg)

Samefag, but I still think Emily is incredibly talented - I loved the Ascent of Alfred, even though I thought the message was stupid. But I just hate that she's wasting all her time and energy pandering hard to her alt-right audience. They'll throw her under the bus as soon as she does something they disagree with.

The same thing happened with Lauren, June, and Evalion.

No. 336026

holy fuck this comic is delusional. Like there's no middle ground between these two scenarios. Nope not at all.

even though >>335982 has pretty much summed up what is wrong with these people, they're still baffling to me.

No. 336030

File: 1497558338467.gif (920.49 KB, 245x254, klaugh.gif)

>100% Aryan husband with a 140 IQ
>"Being a part of the community" involves calmly discussing how to exterminate the Jews

holy kek
also why is there one brown girl in that Aryan circle table discussion?

No. 336031


"Unless a man has talents to make something of himself, freedom is an irksome burden. Of what avail is freedom to choose if the self be ineffectual? We join a mass movement to escape individual responsibility, or, in the words of the ardent young Nazi, "to be free from freedom." It was not sheer hypocrisy when the rank-and-file Nazis declared themselves not guilty of all the enormities they had committed. They considered themselves cheated and maligned when made to shoulder responsibility for obeying orders. Had they not joined the Nazi movement in order to be free from responsibility?"

"They who clamor loudest for freedom are often the ones least likely to be happy in a free society. The frustrated, oppressed by their shortcomings, blame their failure on existing restraints. Actually, their innermost desire is for an end to the "free for all." They want to eliminate free competition and the ruthless testing to which the individual is continually subjected in a free society."

"The less justified a man is in claiming excellence for his own self, the more ready he is to claim all excellence for his nation, his religion, his race or his holy cause."

"People whose lives are barren and insecure seem to show a greater willingness to obey than people who are self-sufficient and self-confident. To the frustrated, freedom from responsibility is more attractive than freedom from restraint. They are eager to barter their independence for relief of the burdens of willing, deciding and being responsible for inevitable failure. They willingly abdicate the directing of their lives to those who want to plan, command and shoulder all responsibility."

Hoffer really did sum it all up. No matter what ideology it is, there at the core of it you'll always find its believers clinging to it out of a desire to be fulfilled, to feel like they're not just here, you know?

The video attached ties into that. It's all interconnected. There are those who will cling to anything to feel wanted, and those who will exploit that because they want to feel wanted. A vicious cycle, really.

No. 336038


"Traditionalism" to those people is nothing more than shitposts, stale memes, and SJW like ranting and raving.

I've read articles from actual traditionalists who consider these folks traitors and nothing more. Can you really blame them?

Overall, I think it just goes to show you how utterly juvenile and banal political discourse is these days. Even worse is when they call you a "fence sitter" because you dare to think critically about both sides.

But ultimately I remember the vast majority of both sides won't believe in any of this shit in ten years or so anyway. Most will move on and cringe when looking back at how they even did at one point.

No. 336070

This, why isn't she birthing white babies? Why is she going out and stopping boats? Traditionalism my ass. You cant leech from a thousand lonely betas with traditionalism.

No. 336075

Pretty sure the guy in the anime shirt was a prominent figure in the whole "He will not devide us" art project Shia did in New York a few months ago. Just a guess, but it seems most of the people there in the photo are memeing. There was a lot pol type memeing that the guy and other people who were messing up HWNDU did on camera. Milk being a white supremacist drink was a running gag they had.
Henceforth, the milk bottles.

No. 336076

File: 1497565559356.jpg (18.61 KB, 480x360, IMG_8524.JPG)

Forgot picture

No. 336083

File: 1497566556298.gif (3.6 MB, 300x300, 1494564930793.gif)

holy shit, this bitch is delusional

No. 336089

Never thought I'd see the day where someone would actually have an uglier, shittier art style than literal Tumblrinas lmao.
The delusion is real, too. Do they actually believe this shit? When their meetups consist of >>305641?

No. 336127

"Do as I say, not as I do"

No. 336133

File: 1497571129795.jpg (44.12 KB, 200x420, tsgcmnk.jpg)

No. 336142

No. 336201

File: 1497577603282.jpeg (64.42 KB, 580x387, Emily-Youcis-8_main.jpeg)

She looks so dirty.
This shit combined with her apparently being a huge stoner ("She acts and looks stoned, constantly, and can occasionally be seen lighting up during livestreams. This is especially evident in her show which by and large is her convulsing and uttering non-sense." t. her TvTropes page) makes her seem more like the "degenerate" side of her comic than anything. It's really weird how all these "alt right" girls are the exact opposite of everything they claim to stand for.

No. 336218

She's not even aryan lmao nice genetically inferior dark hair/dark eyes. Her eyes also look like she's a bit asian or downs. Whoa mama she really is a traditional european wife.

No. 336225

I'm not going to listen to a lardass gym "trainer"'s tips on how to get thin and neither are you.

No. 336249


"It's really weird how all these "alt right" girls are the exact opposite of everything they claim to stand for."

It's almost like they're pandering to milk lonely betas or something.

No. 336773

File: 1497662268418.jpg (54.75 KB, 512x512, nina.jpg)

I think Richard Spencer's (ex) wife Nina Byzantina is absolutely hideous, and I'm actually quite amazed she managed to land him.
I mean, I know Spencer is a lolcow cunt and a chubster, but he's still relatively handsome in a blonde haired, blue eyed, All American sense.

I've seen so many people raving about her 'beauty' - um what beauty? She's fat and dumpy, has a huge nose and terrible eyebrows, and her new twitter dp genuinely makes her look like Princess Fiona from Shrek.

Also, black hair, brown eyes Ubermensch since when? I've heard rumours that she's actually half Tatar or Dagestan which technically makes her of middle eastern origin.

Anyway I'm sure her and Richard are probably sociopaths, this would explain their heightened sense of self and delusions of grandeur.

No. 336781

I honestly don't think Richard Spencer is that handsome. He's kind of bland. She doesn't look that bad though her makeup is shit (I don't think huge nose = ugly though). She definitely does look mixed though which makes it hilarious that RS married her.

No. 336802

She looks like a man in drag

No. 336825

I don't even know where to start. Why isn't she blond, fit, happily married, sober etc like her comic suggests?

>"Without all these low-IQ races we could finally get to mars"

>"This is why you must always reproduce within your race"
>Proceeds to generalize every non-white migrant as violent drugged up soviet union worshipers

Tell me this is just a bad social experiment. Or she must deep down realize that she represents everything she claims to despise. White nationalism is her only way of coping with such an inferiority complex despite being an actual degenerate who sabotages her own race's progress (not that there's really such a thing as a pure white race within the melting pot that is USA nor should they be encouraged to maintain it considering they stole that privilege from the natives and mexicans to begin with).

No. 336838

I genuinely thought this was taken with a fisheye lens the first time I looked at it

No. 336930

I'm actually not surprised that most alt-right women turn out to range average-to-hideous.

Their propagating vague attributes like race, the ability to reproduce, being religious, housewiving, and marrying young always seemed like safe ways to boost their desirability without getting too specific.
Whereas if they admitted that other factors such as education, income, and attractiveness were also important to living and finding a mate, they know they couldn't make the cut. As they are often uneducated, zero to low earners, and are surprise unattractive.

TL;DR Rhetoric putting down other women hedges their own bets.

No. 337021


Richard Spencer looks like a spree shooter. The beady eyes, the greasy looking hair, the pissed off edgelord expressions in every publicity photo.

Whoever said he was attractive, please love yourself anon. If they showed his picture after a mass shooting, no one would be surprised by his appearance.

>She definitely does look mixed though which makes it hilarious that RS married her.

That's what's really hilarious.

No. 337199

File: 1497737875563.jpg (160.2 KB, 1024x768, Cq3CNyjVMAA1w62.jpg)

Not really surprising tbh, given the fact he's a massive weeb and is always cosying up to azn girls. Didn't you see him creeping on Roaming Millennial?

But yeah I agree about the beady psycho killer eyes. He reminds me of that Canadian serial killer Paul Bernardo.

No. 337216

So apparently evalion is pregnant…..
I hope for the kid's sake that this isn't going to be as bad as I think it's going to be, but it's already not looking too good. In this video she basically admitted that she can't afford it and that she wants to keep popping out babies.

No. 337220

File: 1497739782460.jpg (132.66 KB, 480x527, IMG_20170617_234205.jpg)

Some fresh milk.

Somebody called Lucian Wintrich tweeted a screenshot of an alleged conversation (sourceless, not confirmed) claiming Richard Spencer cruises his alt right conventions for twinks kek.

Now I don't know much about Spencer's personal life, but I know a LOT of people have brought up his metrosexual appearance and effeminate mannerisms and voice before.

Really makes you think.

No. 337227

File: 1497740383836.jpg (84.6 KB, 480x298, IMG_20170617_234224.jpg)


His estranged hambeast wife decided to give her two cents on the matter.

'I say this as Richard's wife.'

Ah yes Nina, because your ultra femme, Aryan waifu appearance proves Richard couldn't POSSIBLY be attracted to men in drag or MTF transsexuals.

No. 337263

I don't know anything about this Lucian guy, but where does the Milo crowd play into this? Wouldn't the same people who like Milo probably also agree with most of what Spencer says?

No. 337267

They don't like that he's a fag I guess.

No. 337292

Ugh why does she have such creepy dead eyes, she looks like an actual corpse its scary

No. 337320


The REAL right wing will love to hear all about this. As far as they're concerned, Spencer et al are all useful idiots, traitors, etc anyways.

No. 337326

Last time I checked, the REAL right wing was just as shitty

No. 337339


Please give me a few examples of Republicans stating their dissatisfaction with anybody like Richard Spencer or currently is with Richard Spencer

No. 337415

>…and I always kind of craved to have that strong nuclear family unit, and now I'll have it for my baby
Sweet naiveté

No. 337529

Everything about this girl just screams crazy… I pray for her baby daddy

>I'm not going to have an ultrasound because they're dangerous

New Hartley Hooligans when?

No. 337572

She needs to whiten her teeth.

No. 337579

I hope she at least does that test that detects waterheads and does the right thing.

No. 337592

Imagine spending years preaching about how important it is to spread your ~superior aryan genes~ and then your first born son is a vegetable

No. 337599

The 'traditional' argument is absolutely bullshit when it comes from these alt-righters mouths. These guys don't want a 'traditional' wife, they want a sex doll. They don't want children, they just want some girl they can pump as much as they want. Any girl that says she wants to be a traditional wife just wants to be some alt-righters princess. Having children is beautiful and should be based on love, not a fucking internet political agenda.

No. 337601

File: 1497810670871.jpg (19.18 KB, 250x250, boyd1.jpg)

Like Boyd Rice? lmao

Spent years talking about natural selection and how the weak should be put down basically and then his first and only son was born with Down Syndrome or something similar. Come to think of it, I think Boyd Rice and Michael Moynihan and the like are the early prototypes of the present day alt-right. Pic related.


No. 337606

No. 337617

He has some really good stuff so its pretty unfortunate that he's such a piece of shit. And a massive attention whore.

No. 337623

Not sure how relevant this is but I came across this video this morning and don't know where else to post it.

This guy has entire channel making strawman arguments for women to get back in the kitchen. You would think I'd be used to this type of shit by now considering I lurk here but I can't get over how asinine this is.

No. 337629

So men built civilization and all that…why don't these guys go do something productive with their lives instead of bitching about women no the internet incessantly? Nobody is holding them back.

Go make art, create something innovative, do what you love. It's pretty clear women aren't stopping them from doing that but I'm sure they can twist it around to be the evil wimminz fault.

No. 337637

Nordic Sunrise
Right-wing mommy blogger who converted to mormonism from being an supposed sjw. Now is all about how Columbus was a hero and ancient jews were redheads.
Has been known to harass other mormon bloggers on twitter.

No. 337649

Do these women not feel embarrassed that their greatest accomplishment and only identity in life is being a broodmare?

No. 337651

They think it gives them a sense of power. In reality the relationship might never be a partnership because your only goal in life is to uplift and edify your husband or do your celestial duty.

No. 337652

It's too bad these guys don't care about the environment or human trafficking or eliminating the drug trade as much as they care about shitting on women online or crying about the all women Wonder Woman premiere.

No. 337653

oh man do you guys not know her deal? She was doing Shadman-level disgusting flash animations before she was born again as 'alt-right'. she's such a hanger-on. not linking because you don't need to see anime girls and scat and i wish i hadn't.

No. 337660

Maybe this is an excuse for their mediocrity? Like, "I have no talent and I'm too lazy to get a job, so I'll just find some betafag to leech off of. Also, all other women should follow in my footsteps to help me feel better about myself."

Or maybe it's >>337651

No. 337687

That's interesting, I didn't know Boyd Rice had a disabled son.

The reason I can't stand the alt right is that they claim to care about family, tradition, putting the needs of their own 'people' first, 'charity begins at home' etc etc. Which sounds fine on paper. But the problem is, they don't even believe that themselves. It's complete bullshit and they damn well know it.

Neo Nazis and alt right snowflakes are often the most misanthropic, selfish, mean spirited people you will ever meet. There's a reason you never see them volunteering at a soup kitchen or a homeless shelter - they're empathy-deficient social darwinists.
Which is ironic because they love using white homeless people as political footballs. When the issue of immigrants is brought up, suddenly homeless white people become the main priority. It's that hypocrisy and their constant shilling that makes me sick.

And as much as I can't really stand lunatic leftists, at the end of the day, they're the ones donating to charity and volunteering and actually HELPING people.

And I have so much more respect for that, than some asshole who sits in their mom's basement and whines about how Ahmed keeps stealing their women, despite protesting earlier that 'all of today's women are whores anyway'.

No. 337857

Nah nah, it's like those toddler and tiaras parents or the parents who keep bragging about what their children have done. They themselves have no real accomplishments so leech off of other people's works. Damn annoying.

They aren't wrong about looking after your own people over people in need from another country. But I do agree that they're hypocrites. Don't see Any of the infamous alt righters helping the homeless.

No. 338422

Agreed. I'm also of the mindset that we should help out those in our country who are homeless and those impoverished first before we start taking everyone else's charity cases, but alt-righters don't REALLY care for the poor and homeless here. They just want an excuse to shit on non-whites.

No. 338439

I don't know whether I should be surprised or not that Southern and the rest never commented on the most recent truck attack in London. I guess because they can't shit on Muslims because of it.

I know no one has an obligation to comment on something, but they are usually the first ones to be tweeting about terror attacks in Europe so the silence…says a lot in my opinion.

No. 338534

Good god man.

No. 338536

File: 1497996168725.png (51.08 KB, 632x181, Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 5.02…)

samefag but pic related

No. 338577

File: 1498001392384.png (478.15 KB, 470x624, darren.png)

apparently the attacker has a black son so he's "cucked"

No. 338647

That's assuming she's doing it with purpose. Why would she risk going to jail in a foreign country when she's already been successful at rusing mouth breathers?

No. 338859

… you know, women are typically more outgoing in doing things like his because they know they will get away with it because people tend to be more lenient towards decent looking women.

I'll think she's legit if she does something cool in North Korea.

No. 338906

This kind of shit constitutes about 90% of the comments on her videos.
I wonder if she ever gets tired of sweaty neckbeard incels talking about wanting to impregnate her and even saying it to her directly sometimes? Or does she get some kind of weird validation from it?

Also it's kind of sickening seeing her and her family act like proud conservative gun toting Texas rednecks, when they live in the comfy sheltered safety of Canada. I mean if you hate liberalism so much, why not move down to a confederate state and see how long you can tolerate having right wing nutjob Trump fanatics for neighbors?

I guess being the only conservative snowflake in all of Canada must make her feel special. The South is choc full of bleach blonde, pink camo wearing, 'one of the boyz' Tammy Lahren clones. You really aren't that unique, Laura.

She's learned all this behavior from her dad and it's funny cause from what I've seen, most people with really conservative redpill fathers usually end up rebelling and becoming the biggest hippie SJW flower children ever.

Who knows, maybe she'll have a Lynx and Lamb Gaede style transformation a couple years down the line, kek.

No. 338909

It's hardly comparable, it only killed 1 person after all.

I mean if alt-rightists start setting off bombs and ramming trucks into people on a monthly or bi-monthly basis as Islamists have been doing, then yeah, sure. But for the moment? Not comparable situations.

No. 338914

I disagree. It is more like otaku.

We Wuz Kingz is just pseudohistory. Vikings actually existed and actually were Northern Europeans. Whatever you think of modern day fetishism of them, it's different to the likes of the Black Hebrews who believe in things that are just plain wrong (everyone from the Ancient Egyptians, Greek and Chinese to the Medieval English being black).

No. 338916

Her sister looks like a sjw snowflake.

No. 338925

I was referring more to her mom and dad tbh

No. 338927

Not comparable in scale or frequency, but related in a way. If the perpetrator did it as a sort of revenge attack against Muslims in general after the recent larger-scale attacks in Europe, then I would say that this event belongs in the same conversation.

No. 338959

Definitely related, but using it to push the whole "white terrorism is just as much of a problem!" angle is just as much of a purposeful obfuscation as calling the IRA (a Marxist-terror group) "Catholic Terrorists" in some vain attempt to create equivalence.

No. 338972

The point of my original post >>338439
wasn't to create equivalence, just to express that I was surprised they didn't mention it at all. I doubt and don't expect them to push an angle about white terrorism being a widespread problem, but I can imagine other points of discussion that they could have brought up. Again they aren't obligated to, I was just personally surprised that they didn't comment at all. And the only reason I think that is because I think the event is related to, and most likely a twisted result of, Islamic terrorism in Europe, which is something that Lauren and the rest of them are very very vocal about.

No. 339117

Yeah I guess I could see the "look at the endless ethnic conflict diversity creates" angle

No. 340933

The hell is with redpillers blaming women and feminists for fatherless families? How come they never point the finger at the men who are freely CHOOSING to abandon their families? Are these men not the antithesis of traditional family values?

No. 341022

Lauren Southern is just aggravating to listen to. She's like the "I'm not like the other girls" type in Redpill girl form. Her bleached to death blonde hair to appeal to white supremacists, constant pandering to men in the Redpill movement, and she's outright said being some housewife is better for women than working, while contradicting herself being a working woman. There's such a lack of self awareness in her.

No. 341038

So Lauren - queen of pandering and virtue signalling to angry white males everywhere - is now sperging out against 'normie youtubers' for making 'clickbaity' videos, all because youtube decided to demonetize her videos kek.

I thought she was all for rampant anarcho-capitalism and creating controversial videos?
Only when it fits her agenda, clearly. What a hypocrite.

No. 341040

To be fair, I've known a lot of people who are like Lauren, they're contrarians - whenever one mainstream point is brought up, they have this compulsion to argue the opposite, even if they don't personally hold that view, then try to whip up as much controversy as possible simply because they enjoy debating and shit-stirring. She's a provocateur and a contrarian through and through.

No. 341046

If Lauren was really about that life she would be spending her time learning how to cook, sew and bake instead of learning about politics. She would be hanging out at her local church every week night and every Sunday morning. I bet Lauren couldn't even make a cake from box ingredients or properly boil an egg.

No. 341050

And I'd like to add that Lauren could have easily had a career in news casting or journalism but she fucked it up being edgy now in the future she's never going to get work in these fields

No. 341065

File: 1498397469838.png (145.41 KB, 1000x500, roamingchin.png)

i think roaming millennial has had a chin implant or jaw surgery. as a child she had an receded undeveloped chin but now she has a normal chin. either that or she is good at camera angles.

No. 341069

or, a more common and more likely solution - braces.
braces + puberty can change ur jaw structure …

No. 341070

braces can fix an overbite but a receded chin is a receded chin. that doesnt change by itself.

No. 341072

She has flat out said women are "the dumber sex." But hey I guess that's true and she is living proof of that.

All of this lip service to red pillers and tradfags isn't going to do much for her. The comments of her videos prove that no one actually cares what she says, they just like that she can mirror their opinion while looking hot, though it seems that isn't enough anymore and now they demand to see her tits more than ever. Feel free to be the submissive and subservient hypergamous whore that they know you are and comply, lauren.

No. 341078

Lauren is so transparent in videos like these. Why is she taking DNA tests to reveal and prove herself to her racist audience who tend to specifically loathe Jews? The fact she freaks out over the fact she's not some white Scandinavian darling and panics over being Spanish says a lot about her.

I also love the dumb as hell comments that you can somehow trace Trump supporters in DNA.

Also, what is her real hair color? Do we have a picture of it? It's definitely not that platinum blonde. This seems to be a thing in all snowflake alt right girls who are trying to emphasize how ~racially pure white~ they are.

No. 341079

Her hair color is likely the color of her eyebrows, or whatever tone her body hair is. Very few dye their eyebrows lighter to match the head hair because light eyebrows tend to look weird.

>t. ex platinum blonde

No. 341080


That smug, self-satisfied face. She actually turns my stomach.

No. 341084

>That sad shitty mattress in the corner.

No. 341109

It's funny because if her hair was black or brunette she actually would look pretty hispanic with those plucked eyebrows and beak nose ahaha.

No. 341126

I would like to punch her face, but her future "tradisshunal" husband will probably do it for me

No. 341198


Have you seen most of the guys nowadays who regard themselves as 'alt right' or 'traditionalist'? Most of them are hideous permavirgins, misanthropic psychopaths or BOTH. All you have to do is look at men like Sam Hyde, Ben Shapiro, Stefan Molyneux, Joe Rogan, Richard Spencer etc. Who the fuck would want to be married to any of those insufferable sociopathic freaks?

She may have a lot of 'traditionalist supporters' who constantly kiss her ass and propose marriage, and I'm sure that boosts her ego and makes her feel like she's the most sought after girl on the internet, but whittle those supporters down to the ones who are actually normal or marriageable guys, and you're left with few to none. I've seen her fans on twitter. I guarantee you 90% are 17 year old basement dwellers or 50 year old redneck creeps with a dp of themselves holding a dead deer.

What she fails to realise is that by the time she's ready to settle down, even the 'older' men will simply be 40 year old Gen X MTV generation kids raised in one of the most hedonistic sex obsessed decades, not 1950's WASPS who are husband material. She's looking for a unicorn. It's all well and good being a traditional woman who wants to settle down, and if society went back to trad values I'd actually be happy, but where are the well off, decent looking, faithful, fatherly, GOOD traditional men?

No. 341199

File: 1498418115573.png (596.5 KB, 603x603, Screen Shot 2017-06-25 at 2.14…)

IMO she actually looks better with the brownish color on the left, even though it isn't the best dye job ever. But of course she has to maintain her ~aryan princess~ persona.

No. 341202

> where are the well off, decent looking, faithful, fatherly, GOOD traditional men?

No no. See, they don't have to hold themselves up to the same standards that they hold women up to. They can be the least hard working, most low-life pieces of shit but hey, they still deserve beautiful submissive blonde housewives just for existing.

The entire "movement" is so transparent and your post and a few others in the thread perfectly illustrate that.

No. 341224

File: 1498420971537.jpg (67.46 KB, 640x988, DCJXockUwAA6cCN.jpg)

>The fact she freaks out over the fact she's not some white Scandinavian darling

yeah totally never happened to anyone else before

No. 341225

File: 1498421018716.jpg (42.92 KB, 520x651, C6Cq6-XVUAEBNQb.jpg)

yeah totally a bottle blonde

No. 341226

File: 1498421046567.png (279.01 KB, 528x300, Jew vs non Jew.png)

>beak nose

No. 341233

This bitch.

>naturally dark hair and eyebrows

>brown eyes
>skin that tans easily
>stumpy med legs
>average height

Yep, totally Scandi.

No. 341234

Your hair can darken with age. Her hair does not look natural to me.

No. 341238

Lmao my hair was super blonde as a kid too and it was brunette as chocolate when I reached preteen year until I went platinum. That doesn't prove crap.

No. 341239

Huh, it's almost like basing your political views on the basis of your race or other identity factors is stupid and will fuck you over in the end if it turns out you were wrong about yourself.
Both Lauren and that guy are obnoxious tbh

No. 341242

File: 1498422163313.jpg (26.72 KB, 564x564, scarjoyoung.jpg)

Hi, Lauren.

Most white people are born with light hair and their hair darkens over time. Mediterranean people included. Big deal. My neighbours are a couple consisting of a black woman with a white husband, and they have four half-cast kids who all have blonde afro hair and blue eyes. Ruby Tandoh is half cast, I'm 100% white, yet she has naturally lighter coloured hair than I have.

And look at Scarlett Johannson, she's Jewish, yet she had blonde hair as a kid and she's got an upturned piggy nose.

No. 341245

Hah, that ain't no aryan button nose. It's a honker compared to those sweet scandis!

No. 341247

What is up with these shirts of hers? What do these actually mean?

No. 341249

Are we going to find out she's secretly Lebanese or something in a few years?

No. 341250

It's a fucking weird shape too. It's like the same width all the way down and it's wide as fuck. Her nose/lack of upper lip is what makes her face so obnoxious imo. Especially when she talks. Otherwise she would be as pretty as she thinks she is.

She has pretty eyes but then gets this dead blowup doll stare in all of her pictures that I don't understand.

No. 341260

File: 1498424110034.jpg (44.17 KB, 510x766, lauren.jpg)

anon are you trolling or just stupid?

No. 341264

>those dark roots
Does she seriously go around telling people her hair is naturally blond? Jeez.

No. 341274

New video. In this one, she says she is not a white nationalist.

But in almost every single one of her other videos, as well as her recent actions in Europe and her allying with Gen Identitaire, she seems to have a white nationalist slant.

No. 341278

File: 1498425403241.png (749.1 KB, 1349x3826, lauren sperg 1.png)

white nationalists aren't exactly fans

No. 341280

What kind of job is she going to have once this "alt-right/alt-lite" stuff dies out?

No. 341281

she's completely changed her views since May, even.

plus the white nationalists she hangs out with are certainly fans. /pol/ isn't a fan of anyone.

No. 341282

the scion to Ann Coulter

No. 341294

No. 341310

Although she doesn't have the wits of Ann she sure has the aging capabilities Ann has!

No. 341341

I think a lot of alt right people don't understand that free speech doesn't mean say whatever the hell you want and not get a reaction. You have the right to say whatever you want but people also have the right to tell you that your opinions are dumb or disagree.

No. 341371

This exactly.

Also I noticed a lot of alt righters complaining that companies who pulled adverts from their YT videos are somehow censoring their speech. I think it shows how delusional they are-free speech means the government cannot censor you. It doesnt mean you are owed money by companies-they have the right to stop sponsoring you if they dont like your messages, but this also shows how stupid the companies are.


No. 341392

/pol/'s crazed Jewish witch hunt is so hilarious.
I hate how "subtle" Lauren thinks she is in all her looks. No, you're not German or anything else with those braids, Lauren.

No. 341396

Gotta virtue signal to her sexually frustrated white male subs and make them hand over all their shekels.

No. 341407

File: 1498440764091.png (553.33 KB, 598x598, Screen Shot 2017-06-25 at 8.31…)

it's comically bad. this bitch wants to be ~milkmaid in a wheat field~ or whatever so badly.

No. 341529


Goddamn, I fucking lol'd at that one. Like I always say, if it wasn't so tragic, it'd be hilarious.

No. 341530


I don't mean republicans. I mean actual fascists, Neo-Nazis, etc.

I remember reading an article from a site run by those types that shat all over Spencer, etc - calling them out on their moral failings and what not. If I find it again, I'll post it here.


It is. However, my point was that the alt-right are nothing more than rejects even to those who style they appropriate. They desperately want to be seen as the vanguard of a new reich, but the real devotees to this shit hate their guts.

No. 341544

>"Has a bunch of…researcher's..data"

Such eloquence lol.

No. 341546

File: 1498457553918.png (52.13 KB, 566x577, free_speech.png)

>>341341 >>341371
Relevant xkcd

I really wish I could show this to every redpiller

No. 341585

They know, they just don't care.
Case in point, a black university professor was just fired for calling white people "sensitive" on live TV. You'll find that the alt-right comments this exact sentiment on every mention of this story.

Everybody's biased, and everybody only uses logic when it fits their narrative, myself and everybody else on this site included. The alt-right and the alt-left are two sides of the same coin.
There are only 2 reasons why I dislike the alt-right more; I disagree with their politics even more, and they're huge hypocrites for "calling out" the "SJWs" for doing the same shit they're doing.

No. 341851

She also kinda defended race-based discrimination on live TV too though so…

No. 341949

File: 1498532362891.jpg (111.49 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (13).jpg)

Martin Sellner has blue balls for Lauren so bad kek. I love the way she makes her thirsty fanboys think they stand a chance. You're a 5'6 manlet Martin, give it up, she's not interested, you're just another victim of Lauren's professional cocktease act.

Besides, she daren't come out as dating anyone, as it would hurt her business strategy.

As far as her cucked fanboys are concerned, she's promised to them and ONLY them.

No. 341967

File: 1498534345151.jpg (52.47 KB, 404x532, OCSdWUL.jpg)

Expectation vs reality tbh.

>Tfw they claimed to be Aryan

>Tfw expecting strapping 6 feet tall blonde Ubermensch with chiselled jaws and six-packs
>Tfw reality = 5 foot nothing manlets i.e. Martin/flabby daddies like Richard Spencer
>Rest of 'genetically superior alt right' literally 40 year old manchildren with receding hairlines or teen hentai addicts wearing yesterday's cum rag t shirt

Are there ANY decent looking alt right guys? I get that most of them hide behind anime icons but out of all the videos I've watched, streamed free speech events, Twitter accounts etc I've seen, I don't recall seeing any male who was remotely attractive.

It's not hard for females to look good - just put on Fox News presenter levels of makeup and stay in shape. That's it.

No. 341969

Really ironic from someone who stays at home all day just to do the occasional vacuuming and cooking

No. 342015

She did, but that's not why she was fired. She was fired for calling white people "sensitive" on live TV lol

No. 342016

That Guy T said last night in his livestream that he met Lauren and her boyfriend

she is not single.

No. 342088

my bf is alt right and hot.

i'm gonna dump him soon because he's dumb but he's really good looking(no1curr)

No. 342106

Does it matter if she's some ultra-white, aryan Scandinavian? The lone fact that all these uglies are so obsessed with race is fucking sad.

No. 342110

I remember she was on UK Sky news discussing the refugee crisis and she started talking about 'putting on bronzer and getting in a boat' and she got cut off by the TV station kek. I mean I think that would be relatively funny in an informal context or on some stupid youtube 'debate' with Mike Cernovich or another asshole, but she was supposed to be professional and representing a political party. It just made her look stupid and juvenile.

I think these people spend so long in their little /pol/ echo chambers where everyone is chanting ultra offensive racist shit, they forget how to talk like normal human beings. It might be funny on boards like /pol/ or on twitter, but when you hear people saying that shit irl it just sounds hateful. This is what happens when you bring memes into an irl context. You just end up sounding like an autist.

No. 342115

That hunter swogger dude is not bad looking. Don't know if he considers himself alt right but he sounds like it.

No. 342128

Pics or it didn't happen.

Ew no. He isn't cute in the slightest.

>Elbows too pointy

>Would not bang.

No. 342163

what's the deal with these deus vult clothes?

No. 342212

Apparently it was a battle cry originating from the crusades.

More ~savior of Europa~ larping.

No. 342558

Dude, she's a Mormon with 10 kids.

No. 342563

File: 1498629532411.png (2.48 KB, 600x400, Vexillum Regni Hierosolymae.pn…)


Lauren is wearing the Cross of Jerusalem here, also known as the "Crusader's Cross" (it was placed on the papal banner given to crusaders by Pope Urban II) though there's some variations.
It is merely a depiction of Jerusalem itself within its walls, that or the five wounds of Christ.

"Deus Vult" is now popularized by its usage during first crusade due to Byzantine request of back up from invading Muslims and thus Pope Urban II sent forth the crusaders, yet subsequent crusades surprisingly all failed.
"Deus Vult" (but one version) was the cry before the first crusade battle on the Christian side before their victory against Muslim terror.

It's still the flag of the Kingdom of Jerusalem. Pic related.

No. 342566

Thanks for the explanation, anon. Is it connected to any of these movements in particular?

I guess she's likely just pandering she knows so much about ~European Culture~ again. Everything about her screams closet white nationalist.

Do we know anything about her family? Her dad was the one that claimed she was "completely Scandinavian". I definitely have to wonder about the type of household she comes for him to act like that was their whole identity.

No. 342567


No problem, but it doesn't have any true link to any movement (spare disabling Muslim conquest) and seems to be in current use as a means of defying the Islamization of Europe that is currently making waves online.

Many are just using it for a meme, just like those using the whole "Kekistan" thing, flags abound.
Others just want to attract betas and internet points (which Lauren is el desperado for).

I wouldn't say there's many closet white nationalists and neither is Lauren, she's quite liberal according to the scene and many don't like her in the Alt-Right.
She's just an attention whore who looks good, so she gets betas lusting after her (as with Shoe).

There is a rumor floating around that her grandmother was Jewish, but that seems to be all there is to it.
I don't know much personally about her direct family that is concrete, none other than that she is your typical middle to upper middle class girl who has branded herself with an identity she profits from.
If I had to bet five dollars, I'd say it's a brand for money and attention.

No. 342607

There's only things about her dad pretty much nothing said about her mother. Wonder why that is.

No. 342615

Probably find one of the rogue wealthy white nationalists and become his trophy wife.

No. 342662

Looking at white supremacists like Lauren makes me think, how desperate must they look to actual Northerners? She wants to be viking sooo bad and this is hilarious. Do we have a Scandinavianon here? I'd really like to know how they feel about people like Lauren wanting to wear their skin

No. 342726

File: 1498667781893.png (501.29 KB, 931x446, Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 11.3…)

She actually claims to have a little bit of Danish in her, but after her ancestry results (which I'm sure she regrets broadcasting), she can't claim to be full Danish and that ruins her entire Scandie princess image.

pic related

No. 342793

Not scandinavian,but german: seeing her trying to look cute with her hair put in braids like >>341274 is just fucking hilarious. Nowadays nobody here over the age of ten would do that unless it's a special occasion (plus it looks freaky on somebody as mature looking as her anyways), so that just shows, how she's literally has no clue; she's like some caricature…

No. 342808

>My family owned a truck
yeah and?
>100% WHITE

No. 342812

she'd probably just call them a cuck if they criticized her

she doesn't care about true scandinavians but her idealized version of viking invaders

No. 342872

Oh my God, she's really grasping at straws.

No. 342890

File: 1498685950513.png (712.2 KB, 900x900, 2braid.png)

tbf double braids are trending right now

No. 342904

File: 1498687234637.png (433.44 KB, 505x600, Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 4.58…)

yeah but Lauren doesn't follow any of those thot trends~~. she's not like other girls. She's not one of those degenerate western sluts getting an education and seeking attention on social media.

she's a trad woman. so trad.

No. 342919

File: 1498688184329.jpg (18.95 KB, 478x279, ClBVDVwVYAAhSMR.jpg)

>pronouncing Goebbels like "gerbils"

No. 342929

I don't live in Scandinavia, but in a country really close by, just a ferry ride away. honestly she wouldn't stick out here I don't think anyone in northern Europe would give her a second glance. She has a very basic look, plus most women here are not platinum blonde their whole life either - but a potato mousy colour that they bleach if they want, or simply brunette.

That said, the muh heritage stuff is obnoxious, obviously. She has no personality outside of her racial identity, and this traditionalism that she doesn't even practice. And why does she think she would be majority Scandinavian on that test when it's just her grandparents who are Danish? She's a fucking airhead

No. 343177

File: 1498714297567.jpg (314.88 KB, 500x742, 5-Build-Youth-Hostels-and-Home…)

It's not the same type of braids though.
Lauren is wearing 100% pure white little German girl braids.

No. 343463

File: 1498759792263.jpg (12.29 KB, 320x200, leftorright.jpg)

i think the weird thing about her sense of style is that her face is so hard (almost masculine), so the braids and milkmaid hairstyle look really strange on her. it contrasts in a really weird way.
she looked way better in that video where she legally became a man, the tomboy style looks so much more natural and nicer on her - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gGpZSefYvwM

No. 343479

File: 1498762597428.jpg (44.42 KB, 640x640, 1489199014790.jpg)

>navel piercing

what a slut.

No. 343484

Why hasn't /pol/ seen this picture and gotten mad at her for standing next to a black man?

No. 343490

It's so funny that nazi LARPers claim to be all for preserving the white race and for defending Europe from "invasion" yet most of them denigrate people from European countries they don't deem white enough. Half the time these morons are arguing with each other about the racial purity of Italians, Spaniards, and Finns. Wew, good luck with "saving the white race" if most of you can't even decide who is white and who isn't.

No. 343506

They….don't think Finns are white? What the fuck do they think they are then?

Shouldn't the stereotypical image of a Finnish person be worshipped and held up as the ideal white person for these people?

No. 343508

It's also funny that a lot, if not most of them, are American

No. 343509

i'll give her a pass on that because we all know the traditional woman thing is a very recent phase for her, she needs time to mold her image to it. she never talked about or promoted that shit until she saw thats what alt-righters promote as the ideal woman.

so transparent i can't believe anyone falls for it

No. 343511

i think they argue that finns are asian lol

No. 343537

They think they're too mongrelized with "asian invader steppe genes" or some stupid shit lmao. At the same time they praise eastern Europe (also known for their un-Aryan asian invader steppe genes) for being the last untainted bastion in white people land free from the horrors of multiculturalism. Apparently they forgot Russia has Tatars and other central Asian ethnic minorities that have been living there for centuries.

No. 343739

File: 1498783998308.jpg (425.12 KB, 1064x986, 1489117476285.jpg)

oh, they have

No. 343740

File: 1498784042119.jpg (71.31 KB, 435x367, 1498495254374.jpg)

>What the fuck do they think they are then?

Mongols. that's not serious, it's a meme, like "whitest man in Argentina"

No. 343780

File: 1498789825584.jpg (59.32 KB, 1060x639, LaurenSoutern.JPG)


I found the mirror to her ancestry results again
She was really pissed

No. 343781

No. 343786

this is so sad lol. imagine being so insecure about your ancestry that you have to brag about your 19% danish genes.

No. 343803

Anyone know of "RageAfterStorm", a Daily Stormer citing youtuber that's been going full "it's just a meme" mode when called on it on twitter?


No. 343812

"My grandpa once owned a Danish truck! <danish flag emoji icon>" I wonder what it's like to have your self-worth attached to a culture that you're not even 20% of.

No. 343813

>"gang violence and warfare is in genetics!"
>"black ppl lack abstract thinking but pls don't call me racist, guys #notallblacks
>africans can't learn english lol, only african-americans can
>again pls don't call me racist for my racist statements, guys, i just mean like…averages haha
God, she's dumb. Her second point especially is literally from an article that got made fun of on a Reddit board specifically for shitty linguistics articles.

No. 343816

File: 1498797064198.jpg (10.07 KB, 300x300, lauren-southern-1.jpg)

So back to that video, in the video claims she had even Polynesian/Pacific Islander in her, which clearly made her emotions sink. I'm guessing it was because it was definitely not from the European ~motherland~. So Lauren is really about 68% Spanish and a small percentage is Polynesian even. The fraction of Scandi is probably from her grandfather or whatever like she said, but that's it.

Looking at her face, she does look like she's mixed and trying hard to look white as possible. Her coloring is brown like her roots and brows show, no matter what she does to it, and her eyes are really clearly brown. She can't be the platinum blonde blue eyed darling she wants to be.

No. 343841

The genetics thing said she was 18% Danish and 10% Spanish, not 68% iirc.

No. 343846

Not online, anon.

No. 343860

The results said 68% western Europe, meaning Spain and Portugal is apart of that as well, then another part said Iberian Peninsula, which looks like it is just Spain and Portugal specifically. You can kind of see in >>343780 image how Europe West overlaps deep into Spain.

It's kind of funny because she completely ignores it, but tries to say that tiny mix near Denmark had to do with Vikings mixing. Then she just goes on to say the website doesn't have great samples and might be inaccurate.

No. 343872

That's so funny, like boo hoo, she's clearly sooo distraught at the possibility that her pure aryan bloodline might be contaminated by inferior southern European genes. She's evidently too stupid to realize that Europeans have been fucking/raping each other for centuries and there's bound to be some unexpected overlap no matter where your ancestors come from. She's surprised and distraught because she's a fucking dumbass North American who doesn't know shit about shit, and would rather LARP instead of read.

I hope she takes another test to try and get better results only for it to come back and tell her that she's 2% black or something. The mental gymnastics there would be hilarious.

No. 343874

I think in her peabrain, Spanish/Iberian immediately translates to a stereotypical Mexican looking person or something…a lot of North Americans seem to not understand Spanish is European. on the DNA video, there's a lot of comments interpreting that result like it must mean "Latino"/South American

No. 344003

She's so uneducated. If she likes Europe so much, she could at least open a book and study what actually happened, the invasions the country was subject of etc. instead of going by dumb stereotypes.
Oh, sorry, I forgot that she's a traditional woman, and it's not right for a woman to read… Soon she start getting ideas, thinking…

No. 344096

OT But did she say what DNA test company she used?
I've heard bad things about 23andMe. I've always been curious about my lineage origins since my family is bullocks and never cared about tracing it, but at the same time I'm skeptic about a companies collecting this kind of data on individuals…

No. 344199

I know they used to be at rebel together but she still looks so uncomfortable next to a black guy kek

No. 344265

If iirc, she used the Ancestry.com test, not 23 and me.

I think 23andMe tried to have the advantage of also giving genetic health advice but I guess that didn't go over well with certain groups. Sage but I've always been interested in this shit, since my family has had a lot of documented and, most likely un-documented, mixing over the years.

No. 344291

She said the results had to be shipped off to Ireland which means it's Ancestry she used.
I'm just wondering if she also secretly went through with a 23AndMe test as well to double check

The issue is that these tests can actually be quite unreliable. I know someone, who out of curiosity tried both 23AndMe and Ancestry, and 23AndMe gave her a 20% increase in Spanish results, 8% Native American and included 1% or less than 1% Sub-Saharan where Ancestry only painted her 5% Spanish and had no Sub-Saharan at all but had 1% Native American instead.

With that I can sympathise with the inconsistent results of ancestry kits, but I do enjoy learning where your roots may come from.
But I also enjoyed Lauren's saltiness over her results.

Saged for OT

No. 344322

Agreed. I think they should be taken with a grain of salt but either way, it's probably a super interesting thing to do.

I don't know why Lauren is even hurt about it. Who cares if you have a fraction Spanish ancestry? That's cool, that's who you are. Being 100% danish or not is not going to affect her life in any way shape or form.

Lauren you can still go live in Scandieland if you want. You don't have to pass a racial purity test. Just go.

No. 344341

I don't get why she's so salty about being part Spanish either. I know I'd be really excited if it came up that I was something other than entirely Irish or British. I was raised in Europe though, so the North American concept of Spaniards being an entirely different race is very foreign to me.

No. 344543

I think it's stupid for anyone from North America, whose family has been there for some generations, to expect any kind of racial purity.

I live for stuff like that tbh

No. 344641

It's typically due to people in the super srs Alt-Right/Alt-Lite area re-mapping Europe and looking at where they consider to be truly European or not.

Spain, Ireland, Italy, Romania, Belarus, and sometimes even Poland are typically excluded from their remappings of Europe.
Generally anywhere that isn't the direct center of mainland Europe with the inclusion of England/UK is non-European to these re-mappings.

No. 344649

Ah yes, the old "Irish aren't white" meme.

I'm surprised that they don't want to include Italians as white when they're so obsessed with classical art and architecture. Italians have produced some of the best of it. And they love to claim contributions that they had nothing to do with just based on sharing the same skin color as people from history, so why not that?

No. 344650

File: 1498944322549.jpg (109.65 KB, 686x1024, ew.jpg)

That's so bizarre because Italy and Spain have always felt like quintessentially European countries to me… a bit warmer, but still definitely European. It's like these people operate on an entirely different plane of mental retardation than regular racists.

The irony here is that these mostly American alt-righters think they can dictate, from comfort of their rootless hovels, what true EVROPA is when most of them have never even left their shithole towns in Bumfuckville, USA. They're all halfwits with zero self-awareness.

No. 344663

File: 1498945264629.png (818.2 KB, 596x590, GianLorenzoBernini.png)

You see, they've hand-waved those inconvenient truths by convincing themselves that today's Italians are mixed and therefore completely unrelated to the original inhabitants that gave us the amazing art they so love to jerk off too. To them, the ORIGINAL Italians were lighter haired/eyed/skinned and originally Scandinavian or Germanic. They seriously think that people who don't look like generic Krauts or Scandis are incapable of creating fine works of art, literature, architecture, etc. The same goes for the clearly brown as fuck ancient Egyptians.

(Wow look how blonde haired and blue eyed BERNINI was!!!! truly one the lost Aryan Italians, am I right?)

No. 344672

So are white people with brown hair and eyes not white to them? Lmao

No. 344695

File: 1498947984301.jpg (254.56 KB, 1440x960, Arianna Huffington Portrait.JP…)

I see you haven't been to /pol/ or /int/
If you have brown hair and 'shit coloured eyes' you're automatically a 'shitskin'
Also unless you're from a rich Western country you're a nonwhite subhuman.

Idg their logic since they make fun of Italians and Greeks being nonwhite despite people like Marzia, Marina Diamandis and Arianna Huffington existing but whatever

No. 344705

I love that most of the /pol/tards posting that stupid shit are American mutts with like 700 different ancestries, who think they have any right to lecture Europeans on their history. You can tell the only thing they have going for them is their hair, eye, and skin color. Other than that they have achieved nothing of value.

No. 344712

Please STOP derailing the thread with political shit and/or race baiting.

Stick to the topic and the individuals concerned or at least learn to sage your shit.

No. 344731

the Italians in the north neat the Alps are way different from, say, Sicilians

they have fairer skin and more German admixture.

No. 344741

File: 1498955929415.png (153.86 KB, 358x454, Screenshot 2017-07-01 05.32.21…)

This alt-right twitter tradwhore named Tara McCarthy kind of looks like the slightly less bloated lovechild of Nina Byzantina and Evalion.



No. 344750

File: 1498956972858.jpg (27.44 KB, 620x413, sir phil.jpg)

Bitch looks like Sir Philip Green.
The ugly girl hustle is real kek.

Gotta call other women whores, place all emphasis on your whiteness, and yell 'I HATE FEMINISM' as loud as you can and at every opportunity because it's the only way guys would ever look twice at you.

No. 344763

But that IS the topic…? We're discussing dumb alt right whores and their dumb opinions.

No. 344774

The nerve of her being a white supremacist while sporting a total jew face lmao. I wonder if any of the the seasoned fashtards that follow her have noticed.

No. 344801

yeah but what did mountain italians ever contribute to italian culture? the canon of italian art exists because of mixing with people all over the mediterranean.

No. 344813

Christ, she looks 40.
>when you hit The Wall™ and all you can do is espouse backward traditionalist beliefs and preach white supremacy on YouTube in hopes that some rich racist guy will notice and wife you
Honestly, instead of that "You're going to grow old and ugly with nothing but your cats to keep you company!!" shit, those incel retards should be warning women about becoming this type of person.

No. 344827

Florence is more northern Italy than southern Italy

while the Papacy holds many of the great works of art from the Renaissance, virtually none of the artists were from Rome.

No. 344835

Spain, Italy, and Romania are incredibly European and share so much of the same culture. They've contributed so much to the European history they claim to be fans of.

They're way too obsessed with skin color to realize this and seem to like to pick and choose all the time which culture is good and bad. Hell, after the whole migrant thing, they've often said "let Europe burn" or call Poland amazing and Sweden a lost cause just due to events in only the past few years, even though those countries are amazingly white. Their loyalties to Europe are very weak and highly subjective. Any "appreciation" they have for the culture is entirely for aesthetic and show they tend to be incredibly ignorant of their past.

No. 344839

Speaking of only appreciation for show, just watch Lauren drool over "European architecture" and her supposed obsession with it until about 1:46. She claims she actually "laid down on cobblestone streets in Germany from dusk til dawn, listening to classical music as she looked up at old statues and historical buildings".

No. 344842

That kind of stuff on /int/ always felt like shitposting memes to me. They were pretty bad for a while, but these days it seems like they've turned around and are shitposting about 'cumskins' and ree whitey now.

No. 344850

Doughy fuck would be fucking twinks
> Gay Transboys
Some one explain this to me, please?
I would argue that it's still pretty small.
Alot of that shit would work out a lot better if neocons/neolibs didn't outsource our industry to make a quick buck.

No. 344852

File: 1498981123972.jpg (8.96 KB, 199x199, b2c7c2dad5ed6478ed7c94ccd6185b…)

Well in lieu of boycotts can we use Bike Locks?

No. 344854

You can Thank Varg for that.

No. 344857

/int/ is pure shitposting but there are people, mostly /pol/ rejects, who go there and jerk off about eugenics and 'phenotypes' every once in a while and actually believe every single word of it. The "is [random Balkan/Baltic/South American shithole] white?" threads are actually roasting threads where people pick on some random country for being small and poor.

I feel like a lot of these cows equate whiteness with economic prosperity and downplay the contributions of smaller/poorer countries in general because they're retarded and it doesn't fit their agenda.

No. 344879


The funniest part though is that it's regularly the UK Alt-Right individuals making these posts.
Americans just seem to ride the tailcoats.

No. 344880


Tara McCarthy isn't in the Alt-Right anymore and hasn't in a long time. Once she released that she's part Jewish a bunch started trolling her to no end so she ragequit.

No. 344883

Speaking of McCarthy's, we might as well talk about "Nazi Feminist" Sinead McCarthy/Sineaderade/ShiksaGoddess/Goyim Goddess.


Her retarded nature knows no actual bounds. She jumps at anyone for drama (largely Alt-Right women/Trad women) for views, attention and claims that trees are crystals. Her husband, Kyle, is also a major lolcow just like his wife and both are suspected paid shills.

They spend an excess of time on Twitter and are Irish LARPers.
Sinead also brags on her "racial purity" with a forged Ancestry image formerly stapled to her Twitter page.
Constantly reinforces her European roots and Irish identity.
White supremacist who used to hang out with a lot of black people and liked Hip Hop.
Known by many as a possible paid shill.

Bonus points: Flat Earther.

No. 344917

Actually even in the South there are many people with blonde or red hair and a "Northerner" bone structure. That's because Italians come from thousands of years of dominations and invasions from nearly every invader from Europe. Hell, there were even vikings in Sicily, for more than 200 years iirc.

No. 344968

Can confirm. My maternal side is from Calabria and several of the immigrant generation have blue eyes and blonde hair.

No. 344972

The romanticization of viking invaders baffles me. They not only hosted slave trade operations, they worked as security for Arabs and their only dignity was to pillage and kill before they die.
So those who happen to be Alt-Right or far righties and are proud of "viking heritage" etc are complete morons imo.

No. 344998

Not just vikings but they all seem to have a weird love/hate relationship with scandi countries because they're always lauding the scandi/nordic phenotype as the epitome of whiteness but also trash countries like sweden who are very tolerant of minorities and support multiculturalism.

No. 345033

I'm not sure if the Skyrim effect that has added to it all or it's just an autistic thing, but oh well. .

Most people just bash Sweden for not taking a grip of their country and losing parts of their city to radicals. Even liberals do that.
That one isn't directly based on Swedes being trash.
The Angry Foreigner did some interesting stuff from what I remember, he's an immigrant himself but he isn't part of the Alt Right or anything.

No. 345070

File: 1499020586748.png (38.12 KB, 579x145, Screenshot 2017-07-02 11.29.53…)

Everyone knows only the most traditionalist of women retweet feminist shit. Her twitter makes no sense.

No. 345097

Gay trans boys: guys who like guys. Their gender doesn't affect who they're attracted to, although a lot of them seem to prefer other trans guys because cis ones wouldn't give them the time of day.

No. 345100


They're too busy romanticizing the chicken farmer Himmler and the fat fuck Goering as "Aryan heroes" and shit.

I always thought that funny. You have a bunch of scrawny looking beta cucks living vicariously through idealized Greco-Roman/Nordic individuals. Really muscular, heroic guys.

No. 345118

So it has a two X chromosomes and wants some real dick. Why the whole Transitioning part? Wheres the baggage? I doubt I will run into one.

No. 345123


She's a Jewish Indian mix
3:13 minute mark

No. 345129

>"I'm only a tiiiiiny part Indian!!!"
>"race-mixing is still bad"

What a dumb bitch. This is the ethno-nationalist alt-right she's dealing with. Racism is their thing and if you're not 100% white, they don't want you. It doesn't even matter if you're mostly white and it doesn't matter if only your great great grandma was Jewish. They think she's subhuman and they will never accept her. Just the fact that she's willing to throw people who are non-white and mixed race under the bus in order to fit in with them is embarrassing.

On the off-chance they do gain power (doubtful lol) she and her kids would definitely be sterilized, deported or murdered by the very people she's defending.

No. 345148

Almost all of the top comments are making excuses for her, and doing all kinds of gymnastics to still say she is white despite them fucking DESPISING jewish people in any other scenario.

It's pretty clear they only accept those that agree with them. Anyone who happened to have the same racial makeup of Tara but didn't repeat their shitty views back to them would be called a subhuman and exiled from the hypothetical ~ethnostate.~

These people are abhorrent and also stupid as fuck.

No. 345150

File: 1499032765592.png (38.75 KB, 622x124, Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 4.58…)

apologies for the samefagging, but I just scrolled down and saw this comment and I think this dude has a great point. At least in regards to the motivations of some of the younger alt-right idiots.

No. 345161


The issue with the Alt-Right and Alt-Lite is that when women are involved, and they are single (or even seeing a man), the beta fags come along and start buttering them all up.
A quick array of male individuals will want to desperately unmask those who choose not to openly give away their appearance and ultimately it destroys itself in this aspect.
Even if a woman isn't that remotely attractive, sometimes even unattractive; you will have men seeking these women out regardless.

I'm sure the Alt Left are also filled with the same betas, the only difference is that they avoid the "JQ" or "Jewish Question".
Then again, just about every sphere are on this same path (except the MGTOW's naturally and many in the Manosphere, such as Roosh, just want to pump n' dump the women to quite a proportion).

No. 345162

Yeah I definitely agree with this comment tbh. I've seen /pol/fags and altrighters and nu-natsocs bend over backwards for cute girls of completely various ethnicities. As long as the girl wasn't completely SJW/leftist they're orbit hard, and they'd add labels like 'delicious brown' or 'girl worth racemixing'

No. 345169

After sifting through many specimens, I conclude that theirs noting really "man" in these Transmen. Mostly just tomboys and women who decided to where loose clothing.

No. 345187

i remember this michelle girl but she went by nationalist girl but got drunk on stream and puked at the end saying how everyone needs to end degeneracy
i remember some fbi guy came along had her doxxed and had evalion doxxed too to cool it with the anti semitic remarks

No. 345191

So what so wrong with anti-semitism? It's just a special grade of white people who are pulling off genocide of the Palestinians. Practically just makes them normal white people.

No. 345203

No. 345209

Vegan cooking for your husband is depressing.
1:41 for her autistic husband's impression
2:03 for smug spaghetti cooking closure

No. 345217

I don't know, there's a lot of anti-Zionism due to Israeli treatment of Palestinians, even down to boycotting oranges.
But then again an anti-Zionist does and anti-Semitic not make.

No. 345240

Mmm, oily lemon potatoes that barely look roasted.

These bitches can never cook and it makes me so angry, seeing as though they clamor over being "wife" material. This is something a drunk college bitch makes for her sorority when they can't pool together the money at 2am for takeout. Christ.

No. 345247

I know, even if I was making vegan dinners, I'd at least garnish a TONNE more veggies and add even some tofu at the very least.

Though since my man loves his meat I cook him up steaks with decent vegetables and dessert after. He's pretty darned satisfied in comparison to these sad looking potatoes.
This is "I'm learning to cook" material.
I mean she even has a "spaghetti recipe"
This actually reminds me of chis-Chan telling everyone how he can cook because he can put together some spaghetti and add some Herbs De Provence on top.

This legitimately made me rage.

Sage because no real contribution.

No. 345254

And my only qualm with Woes, from that cap posted spo relevancy, since he seems to be a relatively reasonable chap, is the whole "beastiality" thing he rose during his panel at NPI. That errs me quite a bit.

Timestamp 10:05

No. 345293

File: 1499046339755.jpg (2.81 MB, 1394x3526, 1451488891590-0.jpg)

No. 345299

Interesting, but this isn't the thread to be "redpilling" people about Jews. Stay on topic or go back to /pol/.

No. 345305

No. 345482

Aren't the africans going to israel like jewish ethiopians?

No. 345690

File: 1499116096686.png (379.93 KB, 585x507, Screen Shot 2017-07-03 at 4.07…)

yeah lauren, wouldn't want people to think you're less than aryan. the horror.

No. 345691

File: 1499116124235.png (407.58 KB, 583x465, Screen Shot 2017-07-03 at 4.06…)

No. 345702

I knew a girl with a legit Nazi obsession and she would brag about it constantly bc ~3edgy5me~, she would even tell me how she liked to finger herself to pictures of Himmler. Which I always thought was hilarious since he looks like someone stapled his chin to his neck.

It disgusts me to no end. These people are in the same mentally ill category as hybristophiles.

No. 345704

Jesus, Lauren. You'll never be European, you stupid fucking cow.

No. 345706

Please stop reaching Lauren, it only confirms you're a lurker. Scarlett Johannson had naturally blonde hair as a kid and she's Jewish.

If you have any Nordic blood in you ofc there's a chance you will have blonde hair because the gene is there. There are half black people with naturally blonde afros.

Doesn't prove shit other than partial white/Nordic heritage which we already knew, and isn't special. Tons of people have crypto-Scandi DNA. Almost 2 million Brits have Viking DNA due to all the invasion, rape and pillaging that went on, particularly in the North and South-West of England.

No. 345709

File: 1499117775937.jpg (17.79 KB, 268x396, joachimpeiper.jpg)

so in addition to being a sick piece of shit she also has no taste. at least fap to pics of Peiper, damn. Have some standards.

No. 345724

Hahahaha what a crazy cow! It must bug her to hell and back that someone might think that she gasp is actually a dirty brunette instead of a pure ~Scandi angel~!
Really, I find her delusion hilarious. I didn't even know who she was before this thread, but she definitely has potential as a cow. Keep on giving, Lauren

No. 345726

Look at dat hump nose and dirty latino rice hair.
Not Scandi, 0/10, would throw in the oven.

No. 345727

I'm not sure if I would even call this blonde. Dirty blond MAYBE but tbh to me it just looks like a light brown. Maybe I'm just blind.

No. 345741

Why does she even care to dispel the rumour that she might be a brunette? It's not like anyone's calling aspersions on her character by saying she's not a natural blonde.

No. 345742

I see it more as preemptive damage control now that she shared her heritage results, in case her stormfans ever find out that her bottle blonde hair isn't natural.
Because they do take that shit seriously.

No. 345777

Does she think her friend Faith Goldy isn't white because of her brown hair? lmao

No. 345818

So it's been confirmed that telling her she's a brunette is one of the most offensive things you could say to her. Are all alt-righters this mentally ill? It's like they suffer wannabe Scandi BDD.

No. 345837

File: 1499133671769.jpg (37.41 KB, 560x311, israeli-to-africans-go-back-to…)

lol no

No. 345845

You realize that doesn't disprove/answer that anon's question, right?

But >>345482, while there are Jewish Ethiopians going to Israel, the vast majority are non-Jewish migrants, and some percentage of them are illegal immigrants (idk to what degree).

No. 346035

OK, then: why the hell did she have her heritage investigate? Does she need some weird transplant that needs to come from someone who's ethnically similar or is it literally just because she's a moron obsessed with race?

I tried looking it up but I ended up mostly on threads on reddit going on about how she apparently tried to block some migrants' boats and got arrested in Italy and just kind of lost the will to live.

No. 346041

Lauren's latest.

No. 346056

Don't direct link to her videos.

We all know Lauren lurks anyway.

No. 346090

>that thumbnail
How can she claim she's "Scandinavian" when her face looks straight out Latina? Just imagine her with dark hair. She looks Latina as fuck.

No. 346185

Rabbis are actively demanding purity laws and immigrants are regularly harassed, spit on, verbally and physically abused (kicked, beat up, told to go home) it's extremely xenophobic in Israel.

No. 346203

File: 1499195845883.jpg (54.26 KB, 600x772, CfuL_OlVIAAw1hW2.jpg)

curiosity got the best of me. she looks more spanish definitely

No. 346212

but the funniest thing about this is that, in my opinion at least, she looks so much prettier with brown hair and a bit of a tan.

No. 346223

no one would look twice at her if she wasn't peroxide blonde.

i think she likes the fact it makes her feel special.

No. 346224

File: 1499198532865.jpg (20.06 KB, 400x400, corey feldman.jpg)

>Lauren 'IM NORDIC' Feldman

That video shows her nose is getting bigger/more crooked and her upper lip is disappearing even further.

No. 346288

File: 1499204968308.png (689.96 KB, 589x600, Screen Shot 2017-07-04 at 4.47…)

Lauren staaap. you aren't even American.

Her constant dress up as some kind of badass revolutionary savior of freedom is so embarrassing.

No. 346291

File: 1499205337663.jpg (668.97 KB, 2048x1364, 12ALTRIGHT1-superJumbo.jpg)

Of course Matt "Aryan Warrior" Heimbach lives in a trailer park. How are you going to talk about race and IQ when your family's been here for generations and yet you're slumming it with the rest of the white trash?

No. 346292


>Brexit 1776

>Unintentionally alienating her British fan base

No. 346294

File: 1499205639965.jpg (52.89 KB, 750x559, kingrally3n-9-web.jpg)

thanks for reminding me of where i originally saw the michelle girl from

No. 346306

>that brassy, fried, unkempt hair
>those brown eyes
>looking like she's on the 3rd day of a meth binge

Another beautiful pure white goddess.

No. 346314

>wearing pants
>outside, in the forest and toting guns (like a man should be doing) instead of indoors, in a kitchen, cooking while barefoot and pregnant
That's not very traditional Aryan waifu of her.

No. 346323

>no one would look twice at her if she wasn't peroxide blonde.

People like shoe and RM still have their fanboys. Just being an average-looking girl who panders to the alt-right is why people look twice at her.

No. 346339

File: 1499211400489.jpg (117.09 KB, 1920x1080, ramzpaul.jpg)

Anyone else watch RAMZPAUL?

>When you have a daughter with an engineering degree but still think women's suffrage was a mistake

No. 346346

I remember he fucked off to Hungary to live like a pauper after losing his job in the US. I don't know what he's up to now, though.

No. 346363

Sage for samefag but I wish instead of staying in her cosy little Canadian bubble with its incredibly low gun crime, she would actually move down to a confederate state and see what it's like living next door to a bunch of crazy, gun toting, trigger happy hicks.

She's one of the very few pro gun Canadian females and I'm sure it makes her feel special. Lauren's
a contrarian. She enjoys being conservative because almost everyone around her will be liberal. She can afford to wave guns around on her IG and feel like a redneck country girl snowflake, but she lives in one of the safest countries in the world, and hasn't grown up around republican maniacs. The reality of living in a state where everyone has guns in their glovebox, in their purse, going down to the store etc, is very different. It doesn't make you feel safer, in fact it's actually pretty terrifying.

No. 346365

I didn't know that. Was he fired over his videos?

No. 346379

You forgot
>and having tits out

No. 346396

Yep and apparently his wife left him too. He whines about it like he's some kind of martyr lol.

No. 346447

what's up with nazis and handsome men

No. 346454

I just watched a bunch of his videos on hungary and jesus christ what a fucking hypocrite. extolling the virtues of an ethnostate despite not being hungarian or learning the language, and encouraging other fuckups to move there makes him no better than the people he hates in the US. statist nationalism is so inconsistent, and as someone who likes diversity but also likes hungarian culture enough to try and learn the language maybe I'm just real fucking triggered or whatever but I hope an inbred jobbik hick drunk on pálinka runs him over.

No. 346783

File: 1499279584949.png (1.26 MB, 1236x1498, wpxnqeaz5f3z.png)

I like how this idiot made a makeup tutorial for her… uh what massive beta male followers? what a joke this bitch is. Not even good looking

No. 346785

She's a cockthirsty pig trying to pass as an intellectual.

No. 346786


I once got compared to her because apparently I've done nothing to support the ''cause''.

No. 346794

"I suck Islam"?

Man, a bit forthright for my tastes, but… OK?

I thought she had a point when she first gained notoriety for holding a sign that said people in the US don't live in a rape culture, but now she's just trying to up and up her ante just to try and stay relevant. She's not that different from the Twitch boob streamers, really: they need attention and they show their rack to anyone, she tries to be edgy for the sake of being edgy.

No. 346801

When she worked at Rebel Media, she was constantly making snide comments about young girls and women who watch makeup tutorials as opposed to watching her ground breaking, intellectual content (lol).

Around the same time she was clearly experimenting (and failing at it) with the "Instagram brows" look, so looks like she was just as into makeup tutorials and trends as much as any other girl. But sure, let's still shit on girls for their interests, because people can't be interested in multiple things at the same time. Anyone interested in makeup artistry must be a shallow, brainwashed thot.

No. 346804

>>No. 346801

where did you hear that from, and why am I not surprised?

No. 346809

sad, if she spent a little time watching a few makeup and beauty videos she'd realize that her hair colour and her makeup make her look 10 years older than she is
if she brought her hair back to brown, and wore brown eyeliner and less heavy eyeshadow she'd instantly look a million times better
i have no idea why people are so obsessed with blonde hair, even if it's unflattering on them

No. 346815

oh and don't forget her "national best seller"

No. 346924

This. I peeped her with her those overdrawn lips and badly attempted IG brows, don't act like you're so above it Lauren kek.

She might make videos where she weakly attempts to redpill women by slutshaming and patronizing them (despite 95% of her viewers being male), but the truth is if every woman adopted Lauren's political views and became 'redpilled' tomorrow she'd hate it, because then she'd have no selling point. If everyone woman shared her viewpoint, who would she be able to feel smug and superior to? How could she retain her loyal whiteknight fanbase if prettier and smarter women started entering the same field? Her fanboys have succumbed to 'office hot' syndrome.

Lauren's cute but she's not beautiful, she's slightly above average in terms of intelligence, but she never made the dean's list at college or anything that would objectively prove she is smart.

And anyone who isn't thinking with their dick can easily see through her ~'tradishunul waifu'~ act.

No. 346929


She dropped out of college to focus on her ""political activism"

No. 347006

I mean trad girls are supposed to be stupid and dependent, she's at least fulfilling that part.

No. 347011

She probably found a sugardaddy who is saying he's gonna marry her. Not to mention leeching off her deluded fanboys on the side helps.

No. 347415

File: 1499370417955.jpg (140.82 KB, 1080x1350, 15034882_1617813221858155_3731…)

look at this chimpunky hoe

No. 347423

File: 1499371286288.jpg (65.17 KB, 735x1008, theboy.jpg)

She has such creepy dead looking eyes.

And I hate the 'white people have no lips' meme but where is her top lip. Mouth looks like my grandma's right after she sticks her false teeth in.

No. 347426


she a tank top thot what more can you expect

No. 347442

She'll be excited to have crow's feet by 28 because premature wrinkling is a Northern European trait.

No. 347447

File: 1499374463404.jpg (403.18 KB, 1190x1920, 002-1.jpg)

Her bone structure is practically non-existent. No cheekbones, no lips, weak chin, funny beaky nose that makes her look like a bird. Definitely seeing signs of premature ageing already.

No. 347450

File: 1499374625693.png (342.72 KB, 902x508, untitled6.png)

bitch will probably take this as a compliment because muh germans, but i was watching Inglorious Basterds the other night and this actors mouth/teeth/lip area seriously kept reminding me of hers.

No. 347455

File: 1499375340843.jpg (16.76 KB, 279x317, Cs5IrIaWcAEFpdu (1).jpg)


She could genuinely be out of one of those 'Giving My 68 Year Old Grandmother A Makeover!' videos where they put a yellow synthetic wig on their grandma and try to make her look like a slut lol.

She definitely has that same snaggletooth. She's not Germanic anyway, hers is probably just a result of some form of inbreeding.

No. 347555

Her hair doesn't look healthy

No. 347680

File: 1499402280521.png (439.37 KB, 611x462, slut jus u wait.png)

No. 347685

File: 1499402824495.png (252.52 KB, 630x658, slut jus u wait 2.png)

Peep that traditionalism tho.

Bear in mind she tweeted this last year. Of course she daren't tweet anything of this sort now, not since making a video where she chastizes drunk women for being degenerates, and actually blames them for the 'downfall of western civilization' at one point kek.

Wouldn't want her untouched traditional waifu image that she's worked so hard on projecting being ruined now would we?

No. 347687

Don't forget to add that the actor is actually half Spanish…

No. 347695

lmao no fuckin way. That's perfect. Hey Lauren, maybe you're related.

No. 347700

File: 1499404243994.jpg (89.26 KB, 621x566, pink camo.jpg)

Whew lad. She's just ~so unlike other girls~.

The Kid Rock bandana really compliments her overall brohoe aesthetic.

All she needs now is some pink camo and the trailer park princess look will be complete.

Pic related is Lauren on her wedding day probably. Just kidding. Lauren wishes she were that skinny.

No. 347704

I'm sure Lauren wishes she was actually southern trailer park trash instead of a sheltered little Canadian bitch lol

No. 347707

Oh I'm sure she will have her jimmies rustled to see some Iberian peninsula on her Ancestry.com pie chart

No. 347732

File: 1499414833789.jpg (37.43 KB, 465x620, B2vygBzCcAAFG_L.jpg)

His father is Hanno Brühl, a German-Brazilian (basically a person born in Brazil whose parents are both of German descent.) Come to think of it, white people of Euro descent existing outside of the UK/Aus/US/EU must fuck with the alt-right's perception of "race" pretty heavily. Sometimes I wonder if these American nazis realise the rest of the world is confused at their precious "racial" classifications.
Christ that pic is exactly how I remember the late 2000's early 2010's Californian bro hoe aesthetic. Classless and totally juvenile. Perfect for Lauren tbh.

No. 347962

"My shirt had an identitarian symbol on it, but i'm not an identitarian i don't know why they would think that!!11"

No. 347968

File: 1499455094667.jpg (238.85 KB, 815x620, Zaius_portrait.jpg)

Her shocked primate face throughout that whole video kek.

No. 347970

File: 1499455293518.jpg (46.45 KB, 603x417, chin3.jpg)

I never realised how recessive her chin is from the side profile.

Better get that fixed Lauren.

No. 347971

But wait, there's more!

I feel bad for anyone who gets the shit beat out of them, and I hope they get well soon, but goddamn Lauren is so stupid. "I wasn't even thinking when I put that shirt on!"

Fuck off and stop whining Lauren. If you don't even agree or support what the shirt stands for, why do you even own it? And if you do agree, own up to your shit and accept the consequences. I don't condone violence at all, but it needs to be an expected occurrence at this point with this political climate. If you're going to build an entire career based off of controversial rhetoric, don't be surprised when you get wrecked.

No. 347993

she didn't get wrecked, her boyfriend did.

she's dating Luke Rudkowski.

No. 347997

This washed up bitch was dumb enough to drop out of college and ruin any chance of a normal life by attaching her face and name to this stuff. Good luck ever establishing a career for yourself outside of pandering to the alt-right with all this shit floating around online, Lauren. Same goes for that broke ass, deflated and smelly looking Evangelion girl kek. It’ll be funny when the MGTOW tards she panders to drop her ass when she hits her late 20s, only to replace her with some younger attention whore. She doesn’t even realize that she’s fucked herself out of a secure career precisely because of the retarded ideology she buys into.

No. 348000

how do you know this?

No. 348026

Who's the Evangelion girl?

No. 348036


No. 348038

File: 1499462960690.jpg (52.35 KB, 720x532, luke-rudkowski.jpg)

That Polish wigga? This is hilarious.

I just hope his dick is as big as his nose.

No. 348043

It's weird hearing Germans shouting 'Nazi Schweine!'

No. 348044

If Germany had won WWII, her boyfriend wouldn't exist.

No. 348054

I think they're dating too, they also went to Paris and did that pointless boat protest while in Italy together.

Luke and two other guys ended up getting their ass beat because of her stupidity. I can't believe how fucking dense this bitch is. And I can't help but laugh at all these cucks white knighting for her.

She even has her own little squad of manlets who turn up to defend M'Lady Lauren at every event she attends. Seriously.

Stick to making sandwiches and being a baby machine like a good traditionalist woman, Lauren. You're a liability.

No. 348097

File: 1499471011190.png (1.33 MB, 966x978, Luke and Lauren.png)

really gets the noggin joggin'

No. 348099

She has a decent body but holy ribs batman, she's sucking it in real hard there.

No. 348110

>traditional woman
>posts photos topless and in yoga pants
Lauren pls

No. 348112

File: 1499473167772.png (340.37 KB, 509x562, roonroon.png)

She reminds me a bit of Rooney Mara somehow, who also doesn't look great as a blonde. She'd look a lot nicer with very dark hair imo.

No. 348114

Luke should use his nose as a conch shell and call out to his leafy lover.

No. 348115

in what way is she traditional? she's not pretty, and she is not at all that intelligent. Why is she trying so hard? She is so transparent.

No. 348119

how the fuck do these people jet all across the globe just for whining on youtube and contributing absolutely nothing? Do they really make that much $$$?

No. 348138

File: 1499475961619.png (524.09 KB, 1256x558, Patreon.png)

Lauren has nearly 700 patrons on patreon.

No. 348409

If they care about the white race so much why don't they invest that money back into helping white people or families? Instead of frittering it all away on round the world trips and pointless pseudo protests?

No. 348582

From the looks of the comments on her newest video, it seems a lot of her fanboys are already turning on her. I agree though. She should stop acting like some wannabe tough guy and stick to making 'Why I'm Not A Feminist' videos.

I saw the photos of the three guys injuries afterwards. A couple scraped knees and a bump on the head. What a load of fuss over nothing, honestly. And these are the same people constantly calling for a race war, yet they couldn't even handle a few knocks froma bunch of antifa hippes. Fucking kek.

No. 348922

She turns so hard from being an aggressive bitch who doesn't need feminism to a hurt feminine soul who is unthinking on a dime.

Crash and burn already…

No. 349084

File: 1499574583355.png (492.83 KB, 572x538, 1499460333532.png)

No. 349091


No. 349110

Someone please tweet this @ her

No. 349141

Her eyebrows in the 2nd pic trigger me

What shape are they even trying to be?

No. 349259

Her bf and her both don't post anything about each other.

No. 349298

Duh because then she'd lose at least half of her subs.

When your market is made up of sexually frustrated anti-feminist incels, you have to plan your every move carefully.
They're a temperamental bunch.

No. 349348

well that, and the fact that three dudes, including Luke, got assaulted just because they were walking in a group with her through Hamburg.

I don't like how she says Luke is just "an associate" though, like honey please

No. 349614

File: 1499642291806.png (289.1 KB, 350x387, Capture.PNG)

isn't she so beautiful guise

No. 349616

File: 1499642607253.jpg (71.3 KB, 431x768, 8N_AfqPFGTqK3lkyHgyh1af5Iodnil…)

she gettin chubs.. she's not even american

No. 349617

Where is this from?

No. 349620


looks like snapchat idk

No. 349625

She has a cameltoe in her armpit flab. Gross.

No. 349634

File: 1499644949764.png (829.96 KB, 902x764, 1499553697030.png)

No. 349635

File: 1499645006751.jpg (336.54 KB, 1152x2048, C1dCjpBXcAA7tM_.jpg)

No. 349637

Where can I get those leggings? Not into the MAGA shit, but the anime girls are great.

No. 349659

Her legs look fat and rickety at the calf. She has those typical O shaped legs.

No. 349668


god what an ugly woman

No. 349687

File: 1499652047589.png (480.3 KB, 708x504, 1484290319746.png)

No. 349693

I just realized she's most likely wearing the knit beanie in the middle of summer to hide her roots..

No. 349697

what is with the crazy eyes in almost every picture? the fuck lauren

No. 349710

File: 1499654511001.jpg (229.47 KB, 1152x2048, CzHsQJrWEAA75zf.jpg)

wouldn't surprise me

No. 349711

What are O shaped legs?

No. 349900

File: 1499689525387.jpg (20.34 KB, 410x750, ce418032-6816-460e-9037-ddff6d…)

No. 349906

File: 1499689860736.png (641.34 KB, 540x720, tumblr_inline_ok545lSA481s9tj3…)

Why is she so proud of her stumpy heifer legs and thunder thighs?

No. 349935

Add dark, slightly curly hair to this and you have your typical Consuela. Give up Lauren, you will never be scandinavian.

No. 349971

File: 1499698623387.webm (1.91 MB, 440x500, 1499616198185.webm)

No. 350015

File: 1499704086151.jpg (433.27 KB, 2213x3333, tiny-head-on-a-big-body.jpg)

Lol she has a pinhead like pic related, cellulite, and her thighs are wider than her hips/ass. Something's wrong with this picture.

Her face is so OLD and witchy here. Why does she insist on dressing like such cheap basic bitch trash, with her $2 tank tops and cottage cheese gams busting out of those shitty cutoffs.

If you told me this was a 39 year old lot lizard, I'd believe you.

No. 350022

The joke is if another girl was wearing something like this and ended up getting assaulted, and you asked Lauren and her fanboys for their opinion, they would probably chime in that such girls bring it on themselves for 'dressing like sluts'.

No. 350028

oh absoulutely. but somehow Lauren gets a free pass and can still call herself ~traditional~ without people laughing in her face because she's "red pilled" so it's fine.

But all those other girls who just want to wear shorts in 100 degree weather? Whores beyond saving. Ruining western civ, exc.

No. 350066

File: 1499708561532.jpg (80.02 KB, 534x749, 1481276805612.jpg)

No. 350094

File: 1499710734944.jpg (40.33 KB, 769x649, shrunken-head.jpg)

No. 350104

come thru traditional cameltoe

No. 350119

why does she wear tank tops all time shes so ugly

No. 350163

File: 1499716943308.png (35.25 KB, 829x331, retarded.png)

Can we chill with the sperging about Lauren's looks and get back on topic?

Anyway I found this screen shot I saved a while back (blog names blocked out due to fb group) but wanted to bring up this topic. The way men in alt right circles talk about women being pregnant almost seems fetish like, why do you care if random women are choosing not to have kids or not? Also this obsession with 18 - 29 year olds HAVING to conveice before it's too late!1 Um your vagina doesn't just stop working at 30 ya know.

No. 350187

It's weird that in >>349687 she's being all like ''oh fuck you fat people, I workout lol'', but I'm really not seeing it. Just simple skinnyfat thighs, no glute, quad or ham development at all. She has slightly developed delts, but she may just store more fat in her arms.
She tells everyone to be traditional, workout etc, while she doesn't do any of that herself.

No. 350208

dem paella genetics.

I have a feeling if she wasn't working regularly out, she'd balloon up really fast. She has seems to have that body type that gains weight very easily. Her legs are already pretty chunky and flabby for someone who claims to work out so often.

Lay off the chorizo, Lorenzo.

No. 350210

efinitely not really doing much resistance training. Other wise she would at least have some muscle development. She used a legpress in that picture I think, but she obviously doesn't train her legs at all. Probably just does some cardio to avoid blowing up too much, but lifting nah.

No. 350215

Any bitch taking selfies on the machines instead of working out isn't actually doing shit. She's wearing fucking makeup even.
>inb4 u mad
Yep. I used to have to wait forever to use quad press machines because these retarded bitches with stick legs have no concept that doing two reps then taking five minute breaks in between to take a selfie or text won't actually do anything.

I've seen larger girls with more shapely legs than this vain asshole.

No. 350228


R u lost m8? This is lolcow. If you don't like it gtfo.

The reason people are sperging about Lauren's looks is because she places so much emphasis on looks + superficiality herself. If she was spouting these opinions and looked like Shrek, nobody would give a shit.

Her twitter is full of her mocking people's looks. She regularly calls women sluts and degenerates over what they choose to wear. She even made a quip about Ben Shapiro's height, despite him being about 1000x more intelligent, articulate, and better at debating than her. The more she points out other people's flaws, the more attention it draws to her own. She's a smug bitch and a hot mess. That's why it's fun to ridicule her.

No. 350236

Are you lost? If you had spent any time in /meta/ you would know that people think autistic nitpicks are ruining lolcow. Yes, her shitty dye job and trying to look like a german princess is relevant. Sperging out over her snaggle tooth and thin lips is not relevant nor does it contribute anything funny or of value.

No. 350248

>dyed hair
>huge nose
>snaggle tooth
>thin lips
>going against her feminine aryan goddess image she built herself around
>not funny
Says you, kek. Not even the anon you're responding to.

No. 350252


>assuming every woman wants to have children

>assuming any employer of a lucrative career will want to hire someone who stayed at home 15+ years and will retire sooner
>your vagina literally stops working at 30 and any babies you do have will end up retarded
>29 years, 364 days old = you are still desirable to men
>30 years, 0 days old = you "hit the wall" and turn into an old crone that will automatically repulse men
>16 - 18 year olds are the most fertile and make the best mothers

Such is the alt right logic

No. 350260

How dare you not want to spend your teenage years/20's raising a child? Selfish whore.

Found this lulzy video about women who hit the "wall"
>comparing unflattering candid pictures to photo's of them at events etc.
>ignoring a lot of these women did drugs/had bad surgery and don't represent the average healthy woman.
>expecting carrie fisher to look the same in her star wars days as she does at 60.

Mate I could easily go cherry pick older men who "hit the wall" too, it's not hard. This whole "sexual market value" thing seems kinda perverted and objectifying.

No. 350269

This whole concept of the wall combined with their need to see young women dedicate their teens and 20s to finding a "good" man and having as many white babies as possible is funny to me because they're basically saying give up any education and career you may want to pursue in order to become a maid and baby factory to a man who views you as useless after the age of 30. Not about to drop out of college and quit my job so that my strong aryan husband can leave me for a 19 year old pre-wall after I pop out 4-5 babies to quell his idiotic white genocide worldview. Nah.

They claim to respect women who are traditional and desire to be stay at home mothers, but the truth is they don't respect women at all. Any of them. Every way that women try to play the game, they lose.

No. 350274

They constantly sperg out about women wanting "beta bux" and being gold diggers….yet encourage them to just dedicate their lives to being baby machines. I guess this is why Japan wants sex bots.

No. 350276

And they also seem completely oblivious to the fact that most women have jobs and support themselves. They think women absolutely NEED some dude to pay their way because they're too incompetent to survived, and everything in a woman's life revolves around snagging men before hitting the wall. God forbid they hit the wall before finding a husband, I guess they assume they'll just off themselves. Although I guess that is more of a "manosphere" thing, though I see that overlapping with the alt right a lot.

No. 350277

The most ironic thing about redpillers who preach about marrying "young women who haven't gone to college" is that it's the demographic that's most likely to end up divorced.

So they encourage men to marry some teenage high school dropout, they get divorced, and it fulfills their narrative of "all women are evil whores and will divorce-rape you".

God forbid you mention statistics to them though. If you show them studies that the divorce rate drops to 10% in college-educated women over 30 who are marrying for the first time, they will claim the study was tainted by "the feminists" (yes I'm speaking from experience).

>but the truth is they don't respect women at all. Any of them. Every way that women try to play the game, they lose.

This. I've seen these guys lament the lack of tradishunal wimmen, but in the next breath claim that women are "mentally children" who have no purpose beyond making babies.

No. 350280

I also see them talk a lot about how women just want to trap them with babies…yet I always see them sperging out about how women who don't want or have kids are selfish. Every time I've argued with redpillers they say the "baby craving hasn't hit this one yet" when I point out myself and most women don't need a man to provide for them.

No. 350312

Relating back to Lauren and what we were discussing, she talks about the "women are stoopid and need a man!1" logic here. She literally says "you don't want to be competing with 20 year olds when you're 30" and says spending your 20's partying, working, going to college etc are wasting their "best years" Ok Lauren, why aren't you married with kids then? Why are you spending your 20's working?

No. 350320

this thumbnail is so fucking overdramatic. it makes me laugh every single time it comes up.

No. 350328

sage for samefagging, but wanted to add something. It makes me sad how shallow she and these alt right types view relationships. When I date I'm not thinking of what "resources" a man has for me and men I've dated have been scared at even the thought of kids so they're not thinking about how much kids I can shit out before I hit 30, I know couples who have been together since they were 18 and are now 25…still no kids, as they're spending ther time travelling and doing fun shit first.

No. 350334

This hitting the wall shit is an incel fantasy. My parents fell in love and got married at ages 36 and 40 and they're doing just fine. Clearly women don't become hideous and undesirable to men when they turn 30, that's just something these losers tell themselves because they're angry women want to "ride a cock carousel" that doesn't include theirs.

No. 350337


This is the biggest pile of shit.
I really hate the scaremongering, ageism and misogyny of the traditionalist movement, while older men get lauded for nothing except being male.

It's funny cause the way theredpill puts it, you'd think every 50+ year old man would be a tanned CEO stud with a full head of hair, driving around in a porsche, living it up with a slew of 20-something beauties in his mansion.

99% of the 50 year old men I've seen are balding, driving around in a Fiat, struggling to pay off their mortgage and in bed by about 8pm.

Women have so many options nowadays to keep themselves looking youthful and fit, too. It's not even that expensive. Botox is what, like $300-400? As long as you take care of yourself, you're good.

No. 350344

Not to mention lots of these redpill/alt right losers are creepy ephebophile neckbeards with a lolicon fetish. Their 'ideal range' for dating are like 15-18 year old girls. So of course they hate older women and shame them as much as possible.

I guess they forgot to mention men with cougar fetishes are incredibly common. Tell all that redpill shit to Macron's wife and she'll laugh at you. Bitch seems to be doing pretty well to me.

No. 350345

it's really weird how they insist that teenage girls are the best for babybearing, and just ignoring the fact that teenage girls have all sorts of risks for maternal complications

but they've never seen a pregnant woman have seizures after pre-eclampsia turns into eclampsia

No. 350355

Has anyone seen those redpill/alt right discussions where men fantasize about 'Doing a Ronaldo'?

Basically all these losers talk about their hypothetical plans which consist of:

>Earning their millions (kek)

>Hiring a surrogate to bear their child
>Purposefully raising their kid without a mother
>Preventing their child from having any 'unnecessary' female interaction

Simply because they hate and resent their own mothers so much.

It's simultaneously one of the funniest and fucked up things I've ever read. If I find some examples I will screenshot them. These men are insane and their hatred for their mommas is next level.

No. 350372

File: 1499742114874.png (10.41 KB, 967x93, redpills.png)

Yes. I'd be curious to know how many redpillers are mentally ill. Like they're just so absorbed in their own false reality

No. 350374

Good luck finding a college ATHLETE who wants to take time out of her life to bear a child for your at age ~18-23.

No. 350376

File: 1499742472609.png (31.23 KB, 1038x277, redpill.png)

Bonus from that thread.

>hey guys maybe you could volunteer and make a positive difference in a child's life!

>fuck that, i only care about muh genes
>then some inane idea that the kid will accuse him of being a pedo

Wow. So ~loving and selfless~

No. 350377

Not only that, but some studies suggest that a lower maternal age (like <22-24) correlates with an increased risk for the child to have some kind of mental illness like schizophrenia or depression. More likely due to environmental factors like immature or irresponsible mothers, and lack of resources but still. I highly doubt redpill losers could create a stable enough environment not to make their spawn crazy.

>redpill men somehow procreate

>do fuck all in providing for the kid
>make a new generation of psycho stacies with father issues

>ivy league
>collegiate athlete
That's like, the #1 type of woman who would totally give up her ambitions and goals to surrogate a smelly old guy's baby

No. 350389

>we need to pass on our genes!
>kids are too much work
>we don't need wives just surrogate babies!
>but don't expect me to take care of the thing because someone might call me a pedo hehe

No. 350402

That's so depressing, honestly. These men are like a big, cumstained wet blanket of negativity that smothers anything even remotely positive.

No. 350413

What are you talking about? If anything, Lauren deserves her own thread like June. She puts out way more "political content" than June, so there's so much pseudo-intellectual alt-right cringe.

No. 350422

I posted a lauren video a few posts up, I meant can we talk about alt right shit instead of sperging like autists over her looks, sometimes anons here sound no better than incels.

No. 350442

I gave Lauren her own thread

No. 350781

File: 1499806357175.jpg (119.12 KB, 1200x675, DEa-blFXkAI1LBL.jpg)


>hoist your retarded kekistani flag at park

>REEEE at children and scream NORMIES GET OUT

It doesn't even matter if they're being ironic at this point, this shit is fucking embarrassing. And yeah I know this is from some commie SJW's twitter but the video still stands.

No. 350793

File: 1499807956789.png (77.95 KB, 631x407, Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 4.16…)

So I don't know much about WWAP prior to this, other than the fact that she presents herself as the perfect "trad wife." Well, it looks like she has not only had relationships with women, but those relationships took place during her marriage. Because adultery is traditional right ?

The piece itself has more info, I just wanted to post it because it seems pretty relevant. And it adds yet another "traditional woman" who absolutely does not live a traditional lifestyle but thinks she can preach that to other women.


No. 350810

Wow, targeting kids takes a special kind of lowlife. If these guys are purposefully trying to ensure they never get laid, they're succeeding.

No. 350827

File: 1499812118719.png (326.51 KB, 323x516, conniving.png)

Oh wow anon. This is fucking gold. Thanks for posting this

>cheating on muh traditional husband through a lesbian affair


No. 350847

Were they protesting the playground or something? Or are they "IRL trolls"?

No. 350879

Underrated post.

No. 350897

File: 1499823431809.png (256.31 KB, 1162x818, looool.png)

Her fucking replies, I'm dying.

WWAP is fucking crazy, I've been reading her Twitter for over a year and it just astounds me every time.

No. 350900

Does she not realize how archive.is works?

No. 350966

Who the f u c k cares?

Did I seriously just watch an adult use the word "normie" unironically for 8 minutes? I need this kekistani fuckery to end and for everyone to grow the fuck up.

No. 350987

No. 351192

From what I've gathered 'model minority' and yellow fever/interracial marriages are an alt lite thing, /pol/ and the more hardline alt right detest civic nationalism and any kind of racemixing i.e. 'Cook the rice pay the price'. The emphasis now seems to be more on choosing a woman who can 'give you white babies' as creepy and fetishistic as that sounds.

No. 351195

File: 1499879632543.jpg (63.25 KB, 466x1178, 12Qisdc.jpg)


I'm not surprised, white nationalist and neo Nazi movements tend to attract the most crazy and unhinged women.

No. 351268

>r/hapas: the ethnostate

No. 351577

Why do these bimbos tan if they're trying to promote whiteness

No. 352173

The only reason Roaming Millenial has managed to get this far is because her fanbase is made up of ugly alt right losers with an Asian fetish.

No. 352199


>Blue Jays hat

Repping arguably the national team of a country that's all against "muh traditionalism"?


Reminds me of how Coach Pop triggered all these posers when he dared to challenge their ideas and be critical of El Trumpico. They literally dropped their Spurs fandom over that shit and even tried to insinuate he wasn't a good coach over it lol

Sort of makes you wish a dictatorship DID arise in the US so they could see how fucked it'd be. For a time, anyway - they'd likely be the first purged.

No. 353369

File: 1500184072464.png (668.85 KB, 726x539, so aryan.png)

>These are the types of "people" who call others subhuman shitskins.

Here are some of Daily Stormer moderator Azzmador's mugshots. He's just as smelly looking as that ugly pedophile Andrew Anglin. Seriously, he looks like he's the type of person who's banned from being within 1000 feet of schools or playgrounds.

No. 353392

File: 1500186328457.jpg (167.02 KB, 505x597, IMG_3614.JPG)

Not only is Andrew ugly as shit, but he's 5"2
master race indeed

No. 353406

A lot of angry men are just scared little manlets drowning in insecurity.

No. 353408


No. 353409

File: 1500188839728.jpg (12.88 KB, 480x360, 0.jpg)

His facial structure is really off. He reminds me of an albino African.

No. 353412

File: 1500189422740.jpg (33.51 KB, 800x480, 800px-AndrewAnglinRACEMIXER006…)

Hmmm… really gets the neurons firing.

No. 353414

File: 1500189756998.jpg (20.82 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

Holy hell, that last one. This man shouldnt be allowed to shave.

He looks like Victor Zsasz in Gotham.

No. 353415

lol I hope you're the one who capped that photo

>Residential program for behavioral adolescents with Autism

No. 353417

Lmaooo god that's fucking funny anon, I can't believe I missed that little detail. I was googling his ugly mug when I found this screencap on some weird anthropology forum. Dying rn.

No. 358519

Any update on her fake legal threats and the lesbian affair?

No. 361402

I thought WWAP wasn't a WN though as she seemed quite accepting of all nationalities except false refugees

No. 362850

The thing that really yanks my ass hairs about the alt right is how it somehow got all of the negatives of conservatism and then some, but absolutely none of the virtues.

Most alt right people aren't pro life because they care about fetuses or babies, they simply want to antagonize women, and are the first to make fun of kids with birth defects or disabilities. They claim to care about their homelands and fellow white people, I don't see them volunteering at a soup kitchen or putting their money where their mouth is.

I've been around a lot of REAL conservative men and at least you could say most of them are TRULY family oriented, good providers, tough, hardworking, positive alphas etc. Alt right men on the other hand are weak, nasty, little beta NEETs LARPing as the most toxic possible form of alpha male, and the women are scatterbrain attention whores.

It creeps me out when they talk about 'wanting to raise 10 white babies'. It's not about providing a nurturing, loving environment. They see children like possessions, in the same way a psychopath does. To them it's just a spiteful re-population race. Imagine the misery for these children of having such awful, egomaniac narcs as parents.

No. 363560

File: 1501438540075.png (268.94 KB, 560x488, Screen-Shot-2017-01-10-at-3.02…)

Is anyone even surprised that these fake trad hoes are just reformed thots who've learned that telling men whatever they want to hear will result in more $$$?

No. 363561

File: 1501438961280.jpg (26.18 KB, 650x299, Screen-Shot-2017-01-10-at-12.1…)

I know these are ancient but let's face it, receipts of Tabitha talking like some hoodrat named Deltrese and looking to get white girl wasted will never get old.

Such tradition, much conservativism.

No. 363569

Fucking thank you anon. I had no idea these existed. God it's too perfect. Without fail, every one of these trad girls (Lauren Southern, exc) have some scandalous photos from the early 2010s of them in ~thot~ uniforms thirsting for male attention. And not with the intent to marry, either.

No. 363580

Underrated post.

No. 363611

She seems more like an "alt lite" closeted type… I know for sure she thinks homosexual relationships should be illegal and she made a "white baby challenge"

No. 363615

File: 1501446888351.png (410.86 KB, 599x386, kyary.png)

Of course these girls will just tell everyone that they're "reformed" and have taken the red pill

It's funny because these are the exact type of girls in the RP narrative - they had fun with the alphas riding le cock carousel in their prime and now they want to settle down with a beta provider.

No. 363641

File: 1501451148942.png (321.58 KB, 638x440, colonial.png)

Also this

No. 363782

>Lauren Southern
>scandalous photos

No. 363901

File: 1501499671999.jpg (73.87 KB, 1200x885, penis envy.jpg)

After seeing her Scout from TF2 video, changing the gender on her ID card to male, joking about her 'balls' all the time and now this, I'm starting to think Lorenzo Southern's penis envy isn't even ironic at this point. Bitch already sounds like she's on t anyway. Despite the bleach blonde extensions there's something so dykey about her.

No. 363915

File: 1501502066255.jpg (37.19 KB, 649x1320, Sancho_Paco_Panza.jpg)

The funniest thing is how Latino she actually looks there. Your crypto-consuela genes are showing, Laura.

No. 364499

File: 1501577189644.jpg (50.66 KB, 768x576, its dignity.jpg)

Is she STILL splerging out about patreon? Talk about a snowflake, she just keeps sinking lower and lower. Don't you even know dignity when you see it, Lauren? I think this is all to mask her narc rage which is clearly bubbling under the surface. She's panicking. It's pretty funny.

I also find it hilarious how all of her cucked fanboys keep telling her to sue patreon as though she'll magically win millions of dollars.

If only these fucking morons knew that in order to successfully sue someone, you have to come to court with clean hands. That means as soon as a judge hears about her harassing doctors without borders boat crews and blocking ships, her case would be thrown out in 5 minutes.

Make all the parodies you want, Laura, you still don't have a case. It just comes across as sour grapes.

And your narc arrogance means you have painted yourself into a corner. Welcome to the real world, now think about getting an actual job instead of mooching off your personal twitter army.

No. 364507

File: 1501577772828.png (370.36 KB, 695x516, evropa.png)

Look at these 4 thoroughbred European ubermensch.

The balding ginger one looks like he might be having second thoughts, but is still down if it means that Lauren might show him her butthole.

No. 364513

>ginger/receding hairline
>generic uggo
>dale gribble with an underbite

I hate when faggots LARP as tough guys. You fags should have been doing something in 2015 when the actual migrant crisis was happening. Millions of them are already in Europe.

No. 364604

File: 1501599163582.jpg (126.78 KB, 1280x720, hideous.jpg)

Joining the alt right is just a way for hideous trailer trash chicks to garner male attention. The only thing they have going for them is their whiteness. Most of these women are dead-eyed, batshit crazy cunts or sociopathic narcs. This just in, crazies with a fashy fetish and sociopathic narcs generally don't make good mothers or wives, and narcs are far more likely to cheat on their spouses or emotionally/physically abuse their kids.

Most of these women are so hideous too. Emily Youcis aka Pistachio Girl retweets shit like this which is rich seeing as she looks like pic related.


It's like they have no self awareness whatsoever.

No. 364611

File: 1501600021462.png (69.03 KB, 650x269, jinjohn.png)

Idgi though, even though the girl in that tweet is clearly obese she actually has a pretty face and would be prettier if she lost weight, whereas Emily is straight up fugly, and fat herself.

I'm also starting to think most of these alt right snowflakes are malignant narcissists. Talk about delusions of grandeur.

Also reading the replies was funny. Apparently 7/10 is far too high a score for JinJohn's impossibly high standards, even if she lost all that weight.

No. 364614

File: 1501600216033.jpg (20.92 KB, 378x378, jinjohn2.jpg)

Just for reference, this is what Jin John looks like.

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. I can practically smell the cloud of cheeto dust emanating from that pic.

No. 364621

File: 1501601252921.png (137.2 KB, 640x314, dfid.png)

>We tweet in German, French, Italian, and…BRITISH?

Kek. These dense motherfuckers.

You'd think if they loved Europe so much, they'd at least learn to differentiate between the English flag and the Union Jack.

They released the England flag emoji this year so there's no excuse for such stupidity. Whewiest of lads.

No. 364664

But everywhere over here uses the Union Jack flag to show that something is in English…? Like, I get what you're saying but that's been a universal symbol for a long time, no?

No. 364699

The pistachios she's selling will most likely be exported from the middle east. If middle Eastern farmers weren't busting their asses growing and picking the things on their land, the heifer wouldn't have (had) a job.

No. 364702

You're as bad as the snowflakes

No. 364714

they were most likely grown in California, you idiot.

No. 364736

Today you learned how to tell the difference between two flags. Be grateful.

American public school '''education''' at it's finest.

No. 364771

Sage for armchair but I'm genuinely interested in how alt right women's psychology works. Like what went wrong in their life that made championing angry sexually frustrated incels seem the right thing to do? Do they empathize more with men or something? Do they have some weird form of penis envy? Or is it purely a moneymaking scheme?

I get that most third wave feminists and SJWs are awful, but that doesn't mean you have to automatically take the opposition's side, right? That just seems like childish contrarian bullshit.

I can't get over the millennial obsession with identity politics and black and white thinking. Seems like the only options you get are rabid feminist Hillary supporter or 1488 Kekistani and you have to pick which side you're on. And if you make any kind of mistake or use critical thinking, you're immediately outed as a fraud and a shill.

No. 364787

I would too especially with whats going on with lauren southern atm. A lot of her old audience are laughing at her and complaining about her, in their words, being a "money hungry j*w" after the whole patreon debacle. I do think a lot of them do it for money/clicks because it appears their audience turn on them at the drop of a hat.

No. 364790

I'm not even American, but you sound autistic

No. 364812

File: 1501624100241.jpg (141.64 KB, 1200x675, DFtozQVXUAAMAxL.jpg)

Emily actually lost a bit of weight and doesn't look as trashy anymore…I guess she has to put some effort into looking decent if she wants to keep the betas around.

…..But yeah, she's definitely batshit crazy. She has an 11 minute rant on youtube about white sharia and how the Jews literally ruined her childhood and her chances of ever having white babbies or marrying a high-IQ, white husbando.


No. 364828

Are the dudes in the comments blind or desperate? She's a 4 at best. Her face doesn't even catch up with her mouth when she talks.

Good for losing weight, shame she still looks fat and can't lose the ugly rodent face and creepy dead psycho eyes. I wish she'd wipe that shit eating grin off her face too.

>muh potential beautiful white children

Fucking hell, this is worse than I thought. Are you sure it isn't the fact that you're a low SMV batshit crazy heifer with no prospects outside peanut vending the REAL reason you can't get a man, Emily?

Who would let this nutcase within a thousand feet of any child?

No. 364858

File: 1501629779166.png (1.39 MB, 938x540, nth.PNG)


No. 364873

File: 1501631506372.png (465.06 KB, 1000x1050, white genocide.png)

I always like to troll muh white genocide with pic related. Because that's literally what it amounts to.

No. 365000

sounds more like little Jimmy and sweet Sara need to be protected from the freaks who use them for scaremongering propaganda

No. 365092

Right? Anyone who uses their kids for political propaganda is the scum of the earth. I don't care if they're Black, Muslim, WN or WBC.

I saw Lauren Southern retweet a picture of a little girl at a rally, whose parents had stuck a sign around her neck saying something similar. It honestly makes me sick to my stomach. More reason why these freaks shouldn't be allowed to raise children.

No. 365094

Tbh, I think I can see exactly why women are starting to co-opt the alt right movement.

Think about it. If you're a low to middle tier white woman who can't get a man, and who feels there's too much competition in the dating world, the easiest way to set yourself apart and prove you're 'not like other girls' is to push the fact that you're racially aware. You might be surrounded by beautiful blonde blue eyed women, but once you peddle the fact that you're racially aware, and that you hate feminism/want kids/aren't promiscuous, you can instantly dismiss all those other beautiful women as 'roasties' and 'coalburners'. Their road to seeming virtuous is through shaming other women.

This also explains why so many alt right women are quite reluctant to truly redpill OTHER women. Again, it would result in too much competition. Once 8s,9s, and 10s start getting redpilled, these low SMV women won't have a special snowflake selling point anymore. Men will start donating to these prettier, more attractive redpilled women.

Look at Lauren's 'What Women Need to Hear' video for example. It was shameless pandering and performative traditionalism for her male audience.

No. 365104


Brittany is prettier than Lauren, but she's also:

>more lowkey/dull/boring

>lets Lauren dominate the conversation
>not a crazy gonzo activist, but tags along sometimes
>brunette (seriously, this is how superficial white nationalists are)

Therefore she doesn't present a threat to Lauren's blonde Aryan alt queen status.

Then take someone like Tomi Lahren:

>bleach blonde and tan

>constantly running her mouth
>a hotter version of Lauren
>(was) more successful and higher paid than Lauren
>actually comes from a conservative confederate state
>Texan gun enthusiast and isn't a LARPing Canadian leaf

And this is probably why Lauren isn't interested in being friends with or networking with Tomi. Too much competition.

Lauren actually made a jibe at Tomi on twitter after she lost her job. Also Tomi implied she was pro-choice, which has alienated a lot of her fanbase. Lauren is super careful about what she says.

No. 365131

Lauren Southern lurks lolcow. Someone must have tipped the cow as Lauren and her sister have since deleted some of their more milky posts, for example the recording of Lauren loudly burping/farting like a good trad waifu.

Given that it was posted to tumblr years ago, it's very strange that it should suddenly disappear shortly after it was posted in Lauren's thread. Luckily it has been archived anyway so all is not lost.

Remember to archive all potentially milky content, dear farmers :^)

No. 365186

You should post this in her thread

No. 365322

Tried but it wouldn't let me post.

No. 365370

Alex Jones is a lolcow but he definitely isn't racist and he's not a bad guy, he just cares about humanity. He's probably the least edgy and most harmless out of all these alt right snowflakes, I wouldn't even class him as alt right. Not to mention he's the funniest. Pretty sure the alt right have disowned him because he has a Jewish wife and also because he's willing to recognize black American patriots.

No. 365415

Ewww is that really weev? Didn't know it was possible for him to get any uglier.

No. 365528

File: 1501717207472.png (2.55 MB, 1435x952, 1412193960411.png)

other than when he printed Daily Stormer propaganda on every printer in the world with an open port to the internet, he's been kind of silent lately. and that was a year ago.

No. 365594

File: 1501722293926.png (24.4 KB, 618x343, faith.png)

>greentexting on twitter

No. 365611

File: 1501724401644.png (650.99 KB, 657x646, atomicorgasm.png)

Alt right women are greasy as fuck

No. 365641

File: 1501728152536.png (655.69 KB, 527x2126, Loomer tire drama.png)

let's discuss the absolute trainwreck that is Laura Loomer.

she's super defensive against any insinuation that she's a discount version of Lauren Southern, as she seemed to be hired by The Rebel shortly after Lauren's departure.

the Dangerous Faggot himself, Milo Yiannopolous, released a video of Laura shitfaced drunk at his book release party hitting on the fashy Mika Ma, where she complimented his Aryan looks and touted her Ashkenazi IQ.

she's the one who stormed the stage at that performance of Julius Caesar set in the modern day where they make the current president Caesar.

she's promoted 'Dr. Redpill,' a surgeon who is doing reconstructive surgery for free on a Milo fan who got glassed outside that book release party. also he did her lip injections. also she's having him do a nosejob. all for free. problem is, she raised funds for reconstructive surgery for the guy who got attacked.

right now she's melting down on twitter because she made up some bullshit about her ancient tires being slashed and no one believes her. may be filing a false police report as we speak.

No. 365643

File: 1501728228422.png (150.13 KB, 575x331, 1500497279526.png)

relevant links:



oh, and she also seems to browse /pol/ regularly.

No. 365644

File: 1501728424549.jpg (83.79 KB, 801x1024, 1500720742183.jpg)

here she is making fun of Margaret MacLennan's ostomy because Margaret dared to suggest that Laura was using funds she raised for her supposed 'legal defense' for the Julius Caesar incident to get herself a nosejob from Dr. Redpill

No. 365645

File: 1501728492094.jpg (34.7 KB, 525x433, DFn7g69XcAAgC2R.jpg)

here's a cap of various replies from DMs where she refers to Lauren Southern as "Lauren Simonsen," a popular slur /pol/ uses to imply that Lauren is Jewish

No. 365646

File: 1501728554031.jpg (105.47 KB, 1366x662, 1501657574632.jpg)

more material from /pol/

No. 365648

File: 1501728615209.jpg (90.6 KB, 810x600, 1500719038184.jpg)

pending rhinoplasty.

No. 365857

That woman seems unstable.

No. 365940


Why do I feel like Lauren is the one posting on here about Laura Loomer.

No. 366144

>won't defend me and my tire

Holy fuck. That is priceless. Thanks for screen capping that anon.

No. 368098

Brittany has been roasting her

No. 368574

there's no way Brittany isn't a seagull/farmer. she's talked shit on lolitas on her streams before.

No. 368619

Maybe she was the one who posted about Laura itt? Wouldn't even be mad about it tho. She has a good sense of humour

No. 368793

Brittany definitely lurks, she may have been the one to DM Lauren about her thread on lolcow.

One thing I don't get is why people like Brittany try to side with the black-hating trad comm when she's a mulatto titty streamer who look like she suffers from FAS. Like, why would you side with the people who create 'nigger hate threads' or does she think of herself as a nominal white?

She reminds me of those half cast girls who truly think they can get a pass, just bc their mom is white. Like…sorry sweetie, nope.

Good luck being accepted into a movement obsessed with the one drop rule.

No. 368887

Not even Irish or Spanish people get a pass in certain circles lmao. I see their definition of "white" get narrower and narrower everyday.

No. 368888

Not even Irish or Spanish people get a pass in certain circles lmao. I see their definition of "white" get narrower and narrower everyday.

No. 369104

>she's a mulatto titty streamer who look like she suffers from FAS

she's an octoroon.

No. 369109

Tbh the Irish aren't white thing is a /pol/ meme.

Italians, on the other hand, now there may be a legitimate debate on whether they're truly white or not given the amount of Moorish and black blood many Italians (especially Southern Italians and Sicilians) have.

But they're Europeans, obviously Rome constituted a huge part of European history, Nazis used the Roman salute, and Richard Spencer LARPs as a Roman, so I'm assuming they get a pass.

I would be able to tell she's black from a mile away. Again, the nominal white trying to blag their way into the movement. Wonder if her fanboys would still be viewed as race traitors.

It's still weird seeing someone with obvious Jewish/Indian ancestry like McCarthy siding with Jared Taylor.

No. 369115

>A get rich quick pseudo political movement that requires little to no effort to join
>Also happens to be filled with shills and hoes looking for a meal ticket


No. 369117

>I would be able to tell she's black from a mile away.

she's a Neejer.

No. 369141

I always thought Brittany was some satirical troll. Considering she was a "feminist" 2 years ago, I doubt she's actually a /pol/ conservative

No. 369143

>those creepy dead eye stares in the thumbnail

No. 369149

File: 1502250990274.jpg (474.02 KB, 1940x2048, DDiuH45XkAEONa5.jpg)

I disagree.

No. 369153

I don't see how this proves anything tbh

No. 369209

File: 1502263133990.jpg (61.03 KB, 1247x561, Tunisians.jpg)

That black blood people refer to is usually North African. North Africans are more related to Arabs than they are to to people who live in Nigeria or the Congo though. I think mostly it's just Arab that Southern Italians are mixed with. The funny thing is I've seen Sicilians with pale skin and ginger or blonde hair while my mother's side from Milan almost all have dark hair and eyes.

Ugh, these freaks. I wonder how they haven't realized their fantasy is untenable. None of them can agree on who is white or how they'll achieve their dream all white society. What if someone’s only 90% European, or 95%? America is so mixed anyway, it's not realistic to kick out people out for being 1/8th insert not white enough European ethnicity or whatever Southern European country /pol/ is ragging on that week.

Not to mention all those otherwise very white people with Cherokee princess grandmas, and McCarthy who is part Indian herself.

No. 369240

I don't get why normal people who don't look like shut ins want to join the alt right, just get a fucking degree, make decent money and start a family. Live your life, instead of spreading this vile bs, I hate how we as a society are getting desensitized to this racist garbage, it's all a meme to them. They're calling for nationalism and genocide, sickos

No. 369241

It depends, half of Algeria is black along with the entirety of Sudan, Western Sahara, Niger, Mali, Chad and Mauritania. Oh and the Nubians and Bejas along the South of Egypt.

No. 369351

I've noticed a lot of girls licking Lauren's ass on twitter and trying to ride her dick. Brittany Pettibone was one of them before Lauren granted her the 'privilege' of becoming her new bff lol.

No. 369362

Yes, one look at North Africans and it's easy to see the Arab ancestry is far more prominent than the African ancestry. Some North Africans get offended if you lump them in with Arabs though, seeing as Arabs are viewed as the hilbillies of the middle east by many countries.

I remember an Egyptian guy who basically just looked Arab, he did a DNA test and found out that of course he was mostly North African, but also had DNA from African countries that were much further south.

It wasn't unusual for African merchants, workers and slaves to live in Ancient Egypt and Rome. I guess that's where all the mixing comes in. But I'm not sure such old DNA would even be detected in a test, apart from like 1% trace regions or whatever.

Even Richard Spencer is a hypocrite on this issue. First he was calling for 'one drop' black people to be deported (kek), then when talking to Tara McCarthy it was like 'oh it's okay you can stay' despite her having Indian/Jewish grandparents. Make up your fucking mind.

Sage for no1curr.

No. 369376

Their massive chins trigger me.

Why do all Brittany P's pictures with her brother/sister look so creepy.

I saw a picture of her with her brother and their crotches were basically pressed together, it was hilarious and gross at the same time.

No. 369381

>I don't get why normal people who don't look like shut ins want to join the alt right, just get a fucking degree, make decent money and start a family.

Bc free shekels and attention. These alt right snowflakes are just as lazy and entitled as the millenials they claim to hate. They don't want actual jobs, they want patreonbux so they can go on vacation.

The thing about the alt right is that many of the people in it are actually pretty politically apathetic. Many of them aren't even conservative in the traditional sense.

But it provides them with a sense of collective identity and being able to claim that you're 'saving Europe' while sitting on your ass at a computer provides them with the 'feel-good' factor. It's another form of slacktivism.

Besides, there's so much infighting and accusations of 'shill' constantly being thrown around, that they can't agree on anything.

No. 369583

File: 1502314460177.png (48.14 KB, 576x297, ras.png)

The only satirical troll was RageAfterStorm.

No. 370131

Brittany Venti is genuinely one of my favourite trolls. Let her ride the steamroller for a while, this ought to be interesting

No. 370156

File: 1502395364375.jpg (229.08 KB, 1920x1080, img_2705-1.jpg)

Faith might be the only 28 year old "virgin" I've seen with this much plastic surgery

No. 370157

She doesn't really claim to be a virgin….does she?

you gotta be kidding me

No. 370158

File: 1502395523393.jpg (1.48 MB, 1131x1693, b4d08af4f078e655673ad9e5ab6792…)

all good Catholic girls get lip injections and breast implants

yes she insists she's waiting for marriage.

No. 370160

File: 1502395653595.jpg (27.02 KB, 854x368, Faith-Goldy-The-Rebel-media.jp…)

No. 370162

File: 1502395686203.png (1.43 MB, 1200x800, Lauren_and_Faith_Jan_5_Thumbna…)

No. 370163

And her raging misogynist fans actually buy that shit and don't accuse her of riding the cock carousel like every other "female" on Earth? Ok.

No. 370164

the unimpressed old people in the background are killing me

No. 370166

>i only date older guys that abuse me but fuck them for abusing this power dynamic


No. 370167


Are you sure she's 28? She looks a hell of a lot older than that.

No. 370179

File: 1502397658330.png (66.42 KB, 1146x305, FireShot Screen Capture #042 -…)

I think coming into contact with Ezra Levant ages you by 10 years

No. 370241

she's 28??? I thought she was 40 first time I saw her

No. 370260

File: 1502406073161.jpg (246.41 KB, 1080x1080, 1502331354203.jpg)

well she either is or was anorexic, and that shit ages you.

No. 370265

File: 1502406470202.jpg (19 KB, 236x446, c312e94331e321852a9bcaa4360946…)

No. 370266

File: 1502406661025.jpg (40.2 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

need to add dem boltons and collagen lips

No. 370270

Her skin is so sun damaged it ages her a lot

No. 370515

Anyone know who roaming millennial's bf is? I've heard he's black.

No. 371200

File: 1502540156792.jpg (121.57 KB, 1200x901, charlottesville12n-3-web.jpg)

No. 371201

File: 1502540855963.jpg (26.45 KB, 350x371, WBbk9nC.jpg)

No. 371280

Everyone involved with this shitshow is pathetic

No. 371510

File: 1502581499822.png (487.66 KB, 1000x1050, 1502581282241.png)


No. 371520

File: 1502583053242.gif (1.99 MB, 350x300, 34534556.gif)

>tiki torches

No. 371541

You realise it's an Asian man named John behind the "whyte wimmin love BBC" shit right?

No. 371543


>White supremacists using tiki torches to protest

ain't something a little off about that?

No. 371547

it's not like there are a bunch of white dudes chanting about being replace or anything like that. it's totally just John

No. 371554

I wonder if they're both low key sizing each other up to bitch the other out.

Every "not like other girls" girl sees any other girl as competition and these two are fighting for the same image.

No. 371590

I hate the way the alt right is still trying to gaslight people and pin this violence on the left. They're basically saying the left 'forced' them to behave this way. Nobody forced you to parade around going Sieg Heil while carrying swastika flags, you fucking morons.

How can you claim to be pro free speech while endorsing one of the most anti freedom of speech, censorship loving movements in history?

No. 371593

File: 1502592610174.png (106.11 KB, 1118x1087, IMG_0058.PNG)

>32% West African

Apparently she doesn't know what fractions are. She's 1/4th at the very least.

No. 371600

File: 1502592890812.jpg (138.87 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (15).jpg)

32% means she's almost 1/3 black.

She looks easily half cast here.

No. 371604

File: 1502593211632.jpg (36.53 KB, 619x775, 1501459347957.jpg)

>I hate the way the alt right is still trying to gaslight people and pin this violence on the left.
I'm just seeing them march and yell a lot. That dude who was in the eye of the hurricane didn't have a single hair touched.

Meanwhile we've actually had numerous cases of Antifas physically assaulting people. The moment these people try lynching someone go ahead and fire back, I have no real qualms with that. But loud noises don't qualify as violence.

No. 371606

File: 1502593240922.png (180.04 KB, 1125x759, IMG_0061.PNG)

If she's claiming octoroon she has one half-black grandparent, meaning on full black great-grandparent. Most biracial black people are actually in percentages 30% to 60% black. Chances are she's just a normal half black chick. She's trying really hard to play up her white side.

No. 371608

Mexicans and muslims DO have tight knit communities very focused around family and they breed like rabbits.

Whats that got to do with whyte wimmin love BBC in the pic posted?

No. 371610

>pin violence on the left

I hate to break it to you, but it IS from the left.

No. 371611

So ramming a car into a crowd of people doesn't constitute violence to you? K.

No. 371615

File: 1502594105844.jpg (49.4 KB, 900x584, 152be0c92227ffc3b65d2433d497b2…)

>“He has been charged with second degree murder, three counts of malicious wounding and failing to stop at an accident that resulted in a death,” Kumer said in an email.
Sounds like an open and shut case. Not going to bother defending him since clearly he was in the wrong.

But the point is that giant crowd at the college did not lay a finger on the tumblr reject. I don't define movements based off of what some jackass off on his own does, but what the entire movement defends. There have been numerous cases where entire mobs have gone out on a witch hunt for Trump supporters while the police just looked on. That's the core difference to me, there's always going to be some jackass that does something extreme on both sides.

No. 371616

File: 1502594169965.jpg (10.65 KB, 570x322, james-alex-fields-jr-photo-e15…)

>Alleged driver of car that hit and injured 19 people, has killed one person, some sources are saying it may be 3
>Served in US military
>Registered Republican voter

Wow, such leftism, much antifa.

Lauren and Brittany, we know you're here, stop lurking this thread already.

No. 371622

Gr8 b8 m8.

You were the one who brought up Trump, not me, most blackpill edgelords hate Trump seeing as he is pro Israel. They simply pay lip service because they get their jollies from pissing off liberals, being ~le edgy~ and contrarian, not because they care about his policies.

Criticizing violent Nazi neckbeards who literally murder people and disliking a fascistic ideology doesn't mean you're anti Trump. When are you morons going to realize this.

No. 371623

>most blackpill alt right fashy fetishists hate Trump seeing as he is pro Israel.
Opinions have always been incredibly mixed, especially after Assad. But to say there is a clear consensus is rather silly. What groups are you referencing? I'm using Stormfront and /pol/ to get a feel for the opinions of the true alt right.

>Criticizing violent Nazi neckbeards and disliking a fascistic ideology doesn't mean you're anti Trump.

Sure, but antifas scream "fuck trump" and "punch a nazi" in the same breath. Are you unironically going to tell me there is no connection?

Is this real life, or is it just fantasy?

No. 371631

File: 1502596513730.png (817.47 KB, 834x553, jamesalexfieldsjr-nazi.png)

>I don't define movements based off of what some jackass off on his own does, but what the entire movement defends.

So, when one antifa throws a punch it's "so much for the tolerant left" but when a neo-nazi barrels his car into a group of counter-protestors, he's just a lone wolf? Was Dylan Roof a lone wolf too? The alt-right double-murderer in Portland was a lone wolf too, I'm sure.

There are too many so-called lone wolves to imply that this isn't simply what their movement is about. You only need to look at the not-so distant past to realize it's a movement that culminates in violence – but this is obvious to any person with a modicum of intellect and I'm taking bait anyhow. the alt-right is an embarrassing meme come to real-life

No. 371639

you all know /ot/ exists, right?

No. 371652

>what is crossing over during meiosis

her mixed race ancestors, including her mother, must have randomly selected a larger proportion of African SNPs during gametogenesis than European ones

it's entirely possible to have one African great-grandparent and have that proportion of African genes. only mulattos would have a predictable 50/50 percentage.

No. 371653

with how much Antifa has been allowed to goad the white nationalists it was inevitable

law enforcement has been way too lax when the two groups have come to blows, and it's ALWAYS leftists picking fights at organized right wing events.

today Richard Spencer and his butt buddies had a permit for a rally in the park. Antifa showed up, started shit, and the cops called it off.

meanwhile, Antifa decides to start an illegal march down streets with active traffic, and the cops just let it happen.

if anything, it's because the cops know the neonazis will obey orders and stand down, while antifa will start rioting

No. 371657

File: 1502600848244.png (450.33 KB, 523x474, Portland.png)

>So, when one antifa throws a punch it's "so much for the tolerant left"
So where do you live? I live in Portland which is basically famous for the black bloc. They're not just one jackass working on their own, even if they're not actively throwing punches their friends will do stupid shit like try to cover your camera with their flags so you can't catch them assaulting people. Or how about the Berkely riots, where the mayor prevented the police from intervening (and therefore preventing paramedics from operating) while they chased down a man and beat him while he was unconscious with a shovel.

>The alt-right double-murderer in Portland was a lone wolf too, I'm sure.

He was, but this also glosses over the fact he called Trump a nazi and was a hardcore bernie supporter. The dude was just straight up nuts.

No. 371659

File: 1502601527922.jpg (11.74 KB, 326x326, 6160211 _233acf73e60b321e638ee…)

No. 371676

File: 1502603895501.png (196.06 KB, 1864x1100, 1502588264572.png)

there was no mention of BBC in this picture >>371510. are you thinking of big black dicks so much that you're starting to see them everywhere?

No. 371705

honestly, what did these faggots think was going to happen with this "lol punch Nazis fuk yeh!" shit?

they were never going to fight back? they were never going to retaliate?

EVERY SINGLE TIME violent leftists counter-protesters have attacked an otherwise peaceful "Nazi" protest, the overwhelming narrative has been "zomg those violent Nazis!"

sooner or later, someone was going to get killed, and it sure as hell wasn't going to be on the "Nazi" side.

hopefully this doesn't escalate any further.

No. 371723

What the fuck do you think coal burning is? Are you legit retarded?

No. 371737

File: 1502619075501.jpg (207.12 KB, 1122x752, 7804294ab26d237dd68e51738f7a0e…)

>there was no mention of BBC in this picture
>so you accuse them of coal burning and white genocide

No. 371822

Stop the derailing and spamming. This is not /pol/. Discuss the snowflakes or GTFO.

No. 371823


Literally no one cares, fuck off back to /pol/.

No. 371907

You see the simple term "coal burning" and the first thing that pops into both of your heads are graphic images of big, long, thick, meaty and juicy black cocks? Sounds like both of you crave the BBC.

Anyway here's Blacked…. I'm sorry, BAKED Alaska after being maced. Going to these rallies sounds like a terrible idea tbh, everyone is attention starved or emotional and looking for a fight.


No. 372083

Just admit you don't know what it even is.

You cared enough to take the time to collect a bunch of posts~

Ew they downgraded from Lauren.

No. 372088

File: 1502679531314.png (682.2 KB, 595x595, bp.png)

this one?

No. 372185

File: 1502697711991.png (139.6 KB, 632x734, 2017-08-14.png)

No. 372189

you're an idiot.

No. 372195

Yeah yeah I fucked up and posted the wrong picture, it happens.

GoDaddy is apparently booting them off for a TOS violation, and evidently that JEster whatever hacked the site even though anonymous claimed it was them.


Interested in seeing how this plays out especially with weev involved lmao

No. 372217

no, "Anonymous" hasn't taken over the site

for one, all the articles are still up. the announcement of the takeover was published as an article. everything that was there before the supposed takeover is still there. the announcement also contains Daily Stormer injokes like Anglin living in Lagos.

they are getting kicked off godaddy, but this is Anglin or weev fucking around

No. 372227

File: 1502710094279.png (304.84 KB, 468x359, Screenshot.PNG)


No. 372231

Wow seriously? The alt right has no integrity

No. 372245

The full article was so fucking bad. I honestly want to put a bullet in my skull so that I don't have to share a world with these scumbags.

This poor woman. Her life is a joke now on multiple websites because these fucks can't gather up a shred of empathy for other people, especially women. I hope karma comes back to bite anglin in the ass, but who am I kidding?

No. 372439

Meanwhile, Andrew Anglin, who wrote this, is a bald 5'2 loser who has to use his parents money to fly to third world countries to get his dick wet.

Behold, the master race!

No. 372443

Seriously. I sometimes question the whole "these guys are bitter insecure failures who can't get women and that's why they cling so hard to their white identity" theory…but then every single time they come along and prove it.

No. 372444

File: 1502736546919.jpg (97.43 KB, 800x600, andrew_anglin_learns_to_drive.…)

And here I was thinking you were exaggerating.

No. 372446

Lol meant to reply to >>372439

No. 372461

How is he that old yet still has a temporary license? Kek.

No. 372499

It's not like like the dude accidentally mowed down a crowd of people, dumb fuck. You see a crowd of people you don't accelerate, run them over and then back up and do it again.

And her making one unwise decision does not make her fucking life a joke and justify edgy fucks like you making a mockery of it.

Contrary to what /pol/ tells you, empathy is a positive trait to have. Get fucked.

No. 372501

File: 1502740548952.png (33.31 KB, 708x131, Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 2.55…)

Such a joke of a life, unlike that manlet Anglin who has contributed so much.

No. 372514

File: 1502741617765.jpg (13.39 KB, 209x203, IMG_3773.JPG)

It's no coincidence that a good amount of white supremacists are obese and/or hideous. They need to whine about brown people to make themselves feel better.

No. 372527

File: 1502742517479.jpg (84.69 KB, 960x640, lead_960.jpg)

It's so painfully obvious that Andrew is projecting when he accuses people of being pedos. There's a 99% chance some of the SE Asian prostitutes he fucks are underaged. It's very likely that he's using TDS to crowdfund the pedophilic sex trips that retarded stormfags have somehow convinced themselves he's stopped going on.

Exactly lol, a perfect example being David Duke. How many plastic surgeries do you think he's had? His skin looks so shitty like he has harlequin ichthyosis or something.

No. 372540

The alt right needs to stop acting as if their movement is above violence or somehow morally superior to antifa. There has been plenty of right wing violence be it Charlottesville, the Quebec mosque shooting, Dylann Roof, Jo Cox shooting, etc.

Time to admit that both groups are violent fringe vigilante groups full of nutcases, and both sides have more bad apples than they count.

Stop pretending either movement is peaceful or moral. People in glass houses and all that. I honestly look forward to both sides officially being called out as terrorist groups because that's exactly what they are.

No. 372551

Fringe politics always attracts lunatics. I just can't believe how many shills have infiltrated the alt right movement to make a quick buck or gain some relevance, it's insane. Richard Spencer is definitely controlled opposition. His family are rich and he has connections to the CIA, NPI, and some of the wealthiest families in America. And so far everything he's done has harmed the alt right's image more than helped it.

You can't even call out the women for being opportunists, because the males in the movement are just as bad.

No. 372554

Weren't there rumours of Spencer's family being close friends with George and Laura Bush?

No. 372555

File: 1502745168750.jpg (166.93 KB, 1280x720, spencer.jpg)

He looks like such a psychopath in this picture.

But then, they all do. Dead eyes squad.

No. 372578

the "Spencer is a CIA plant" or controlled opposition theories are pure paranoid fantasy proposed by people who think "muh side can't be t-that bad"

you ever hear the insult "go play in traffic?" she did.

also her obesity is probably the reason she was the only fatality

>The consequences of obesity on trauma, emergency surgery, and surgical critical care


>Obesity and Increased Mortality in Blunt Trauma


No. 372590

File: 1502749213703.jpg (61.88 KB, 800x800, 1502548139147.jpg)


So the murdered woman being a fatass makes her a bigger cow than the psycho that purposely rammed his car into a bunch of people? Never change, lolcow.

No. 372594

File: 1502749555516.jpg (25.32 KB, 426x426, 1502616073735.jpg)

Daily Stormer is totally down now. I read that it only loads the CloudFlare mirror if you got there.

>makes her a bigger cow

in the literal sense, yes.

No. 372602

>So the murdered woman being a fatass makes her a bigger cow than the psycho that purposely rammed his car into a bunch of people? Never change, lolcow.

I'm pretty sure it's incel /pol/tards shitting up this thread with their "she was fat and was sexually active unlike me so she deserves to die!!!" bullshit

No. 372606

File: 1502750336338.jpg (236.38 KB, 960x688, 1502598067421.jpg)

>and was sexually active

calling her a slut was certainly uncalled for, as there's no evidence of that. also you act like lolcow doesn't constantly make fun of bitches for being fat.

this is off-topic, cut it out.

No. 372631

Calling her a slut and implying she was a waste of life because she didn't spend it on her knees in front of some 2/10 white dude after popping out 5 white babies. She had a legitimate job which is more than I can say for anglin's fetal alcohol syndrome looking ass and probably a good portion of those strong aryan men we witnesssed on Saturday.

Fuck yourself.

No. 372656

The person who said that Anglin looked like an albino black guy was right.

No. 372657

The person who said that Anglin looked like an albino black guy was right.

No. 372907

>that wallpaper
>vase of dying roses

Does he live with his grandma or something?

No. 372935

File: 1502840837779.jpg (68.99 KB, 242x299, IMG_1795.JPG)

No. 373085

Let's stop talking about that for a while and point out the real things she's done.

She is not only a single mother, but works. And on her days off, she spends time doing… this? I mean I understand taking a break from your kids but to do this? Why not just hang out with the kids instead?

Bad decisions do seem to be very apparent for her.

No. 373098

it was one day dude. a saturday - maybe they were with their father. i highly doubt she went to protests every single weekend.

we have no idea what she did with her time, so why not stop focusing on dragging her and instead focus on the piece of trash that caused her death?

No. 373134

You're one of those annoying assholes who act like a person that died is suddenly absolved of everything they've done. You probably pretend you're their bff too. So bad for person aboveto assume about her sex life but suddenly okay for you to assume about what she does with her kids, yawn.

He's trash and everyone knows, no ones defending it. I don't get it you want everyone to just say the same shit over and over again by talking about how shitty a pile of shit is?

No. 373138

how was i assuming what she did with her kids? i'm only assuming that she didn't go to protests on her days off - simply because there aren't that many to attend to begin with.

I never said she should be absolved of everything she's done. but we don't know what she's done. that's the point. she went to one protest that we know of. she was murdered that we know of.

No. 373151

Yeah, whatever you assumed too. We know she works and pawned her kids off elsewhere to go to places where there are dangerous people. We know she is fat(bad eating choices), I don't know the circumstances around her being a single mother, but that is another possibility to add on the list.

Maybe she's a nice person, the guy that killed hers a dick too, but she really does make bad choices.

No. 373162

I really don't have a horse in this race, or even believe that most people can be easily lumped into 'good person' or 'bad person'. However hearing a lolcow user fight that being fat and leaving your children's side for one day to go to an anti-nazi protest are the hallmark of bad choices in life is just one of the most laughable things I've read here. Well done on diversifying nitpicking techniques away from nasolabial folds.

No. 373170

what the fuck is your problem?

No. 373172

I hate Spencer but idk why he "looks like such a psychopath" in that picture, that's really reaching. He's obviously not a psychopath, he's just… an idiot.

Anyone been watching Tara McCarthy's content lately? Her autism is really starting to show.

No. 373175

It's the creepy leer. It's the sort of thing you'd make fun of yourself or a friend for and say they look like a serial killer.

No. 373383

his face is normally shaped but the expressions he makes betray his spergy nature.


i don't think heather even had kids. weren't the alt-rightists taking the piss out of her for being a "fat, childless slut"?

No. 373980

File: 1502961579758.png (226.17 KB, 650x504, 1498680880957.png)

>his face is normally shaped but the expressions he makes betray his spergy nature.

Dude he has a conehead lmao

No. 374240

File: 1502996698540.jpg (175.76 KB, 811x1082, xY2xDxo.jpg)

No. 374360

File: 1503010071701.png (365.87 KB, 1844x1304, 1501878835837.png)

don't start that shit on lolcow, you'll attract the spergs who think Spencer is a Jewish puppet.

No. 374362

File: 1503010155643.png (817.3 KB, 951x775, 1501663955176.png)

there are people who think Richard Spencer isn't extreme enough in his views.

No. 374514

File: 1503026434477.png (624.62 KB, 1000x481, Screen Shot 2017-08-17 at 10.1…)

Well, Faith Goldy got canned from the Rebel. Apparently due to a podcast appearance she made following the Charlottesville incident.

I wonder where her career goes next? Gonna be begging for Patreon bucks now?


MGTOW is some scary shit. I used to lurk there because I'm a masochist I guess, and I couldn't climb out of that rabbit hole despite it completely destroying what little self esteem I had to begin with. The misogyny seems to be spreading very quickly from there. Can't even watch a Rubin Report video without scrolling down to the comments and seeing some shit straight from MGTOW/TRP.

The idea behind MGTOW is nice in theory and would probably be beneficial to some…but the MGTOWs themselves are vitriolic as hell.

No. 374521

Anon this is juicy info, please don't sage it!

No. 374530

Apologies, I was mostly saging for my mini blog post at the bottom.

Also, Ezra Levant has already made a (very short) video acknowledging her firing. He pretty much repeats what she said on Twitter - but I find it weird that this is was the final deal breaker for him. Faith has been flirting with the alt-right shit for the longest time, much like Lauren did.

No. 374545

link to the time in the podcast she's introduced: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UrRkclAmj3I&t=1h2m12s

No. 374558

File: 1503031779868.jpg (946.47 KB, 1280x720, 1502126471779.jpg)

/pol/ may be crazy but they sure aren't lying about Spencer's cone shaped head.

Yeah, I wonder about that too. A lot of websites are cracking down on people who support or create alt-right content…so going independent isn't really an option, unless she starts accepting NEETbux through bitcoin.

No. 374569

Another canadian! How bad is your economy? Pathetic. Stay at home and leave our affairs alone. I thought trump was closing boarders!
In all honesty, are there no jobs. All their women are whoring down here. Talking about things they dont know.
Sage for fist shaking.

No. 374844

File: 1503075599885.png (69.71 KB, 604x320, Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 9.58…)

lol and here comes okcupid helping the entire "these dudes are upset they can't get pussy" narrative

No. 374876

>but the MGTOWs themselves are vitriolic as hell.

you'd think for men choosing to reject women from their lives, they'd stop talking about them 24/7 online lol

their whole tactic is flirting with the alt-right, issues only come when they lose plausible deniability

No. 375566

Brittany and Laura's new video on 'real love' kek.

You know, after watching this I think I quite like Brittany. A lot of what she was saying was quite insightful, for instance, about how no one is perfect, how marriage requires patience and hard work, and should be about both parties putting the other person first, etc.

She also talked about how she had issues with showing affection and emotion, due to her dad being the reserved, unemotional type (which actually sounds quite damaging but whatever).

Lauren on the other hand comes off as a dumb, condescending, superficial, female version of Chad.

While Brittany was making thoughtful points, Lauren was sperging about 'MUH SIXPACK DESERVES RESPECT', how 'independent' she is (aren't your ex patreons still funding your sugar baby lifestyle?) and rambling about how bad single motherhood is and how she'll never be one, all with a huge shit-eating grin on her face. She's so fucking superficial and clueless.

Guess what, there are no guarantees that your husband won't cheat on you, no matter how 'strong' you think your marriage is, no matter how many pies you bake him, no matter how much you suck his dick. If this dense bitch had any insight, she'd realize relationships are more than just finding your partner hot and sharing the same political views.

At least Brittany had some deeper insights into relationships.

And yes, conservative men and women cheat too.

No. 375573

Jesus christ that top comment…and all of the people agreeing with it. Why is the world like this?

Also, I wonder if Lauren is similar to the girls on the RedPillWives subreddit. Some of them advocate for staying with your husband regardless of what he does, including cheating. I question if Lauren's desire to be ~trad~ and her hatred of single mothers and thots will cause her to stay in an unhappy marriage in the future just to save face.

No. 375578

also, the fucking irony of Lauren calling out women who want men to be subservient to them. Yet she practically advocates for women to be subservient to women. She honestly disgusted me in this video.

You're totally right, she almost completely related love to physical appearance. Also Lauren, the reason that your audience wants you to have babies so badly is because that it WHAT YOU PROMOTE. That's a huge portion of your platform. Don't be surprised when they see you as nothing more than a babymaker and a maid. That's what you wanted, isn't it?

No. 375590

File: 1503187660299.png (77.48 KB, 158x288, lauren.png)

This. Why did she join the trad movement which encourages female subservience to men, if she's just going to whine when men want her to be a subservient female? Most of her fanboys think women shouldn't even be allowed to vote.

I remember Lauren actually said she enjoys when men talk over her, as she 'learns so much'. Ugh.

No. 375609

and yet she ONLY calls out the women who want men to be subservient to them…not the other way around, despite the male version of that running rampant in her movement. There are barely any women in her audience, so just move the fuck on already. It's ALWAYS women's fault to her. Does she really hate herself that much? Because she actually seems to think very highly of herself.

Maybe she needs a man to put her back in her place.

No. 375624

The guys they're dating seem like typical geeky /pol/acks.

The guy that Lauren is fucking i.e. Luke certainly doesn't seem like an alpha male. Dude couldn't even handle a few weak shoves from some antifa lefties.

One of the things I hate about the alt right is how most of the guys are pencil necked, socially awkward, Eliott Rodger manbabies.

But for some reason they have this idea in their heads that they're these Conservative tough guy Chads, which is kind of hilarious. No self awareness.

No. 375652

>dont put effort into their looks
>put not effort to be fat

Sigh, this is the most annoying thing. Some people can't be fucked to eat so are skinny, they aren't trying to be skinny at all, they just don't eat.

And its funny, because eating takes more effort than not eating you know? You gotta walk to the fridge and shit, whereas not eating, you can just sit there and not eat and lose weight.

And yeah, Lauren seems like she's just bitching about women. Did even flinch when Brittany walk talking about how she'd remove sexually explicit comments about her sister. Poor Lauren's sister.

No. 375812

My favorite is how they sound so much like incels, and then will go on and on about "our women".

Like…what is it? Are ~western feeeemales~ garbage? Or are they "yours"? Why aren't more chicks part of their movement?

No. 375916

Their doublethink is amazing. They are so, so conflicted.

No. 375928

Why did Lauren admit in that video that she 'doesn't have a lot of empathy.' Like…shouldn't that be quite a big concern? Especially if you're planning on raising emotionally healthy children?

I love how she thinks she's discovered the secret to keeping a man is to look hot. Totally ignoring all the pretty girls who get cheated on, and all the women who starve themselves and get plastic surgery, and their husbands still end up leaving them. The topic of the video was love, and she still can't move past the physical side of things.

Child, sit down. You have so much to learn.

No. 375938

But but I thought the only thing women were good at is having empathy, thus being "nurturing" and decent at raising children (as long as they aren't a single mother)?

So does Lauren just have nothing to offer, then? Damn that's too bad.

No. 376064

So… About those Barcelona attacks.

No. 376067

I guess they feel that if they start a family there's a very good chance they could leave a world to their kids where they grow up a hated minority in their own country. Not just referring to America here. It's a reasonable position to be against that, given what is transpiring in Europe. Family formation is made harder by mass immigration anyway (house prices skyrocket as a result of aggregate demand overheating).

No. 376607

>Why aren't more chicks part of their movement?

Because their movement hates women. Almost everytime you go to /pol/ there's a "Women Hate Thread" with at least 150 replies. They can't even attempt to hide their hatred to attract more women to the movement. No matter how much one woman might agree with them, why would she want anything to do with a movement that sees her as less than shit? I mean honestly.

Fuck em.

No. 376798

The male:female ratio in the alt right movement is thousands to one. Why are their fanboys saving themselves for these fake trad twitter waifus? Do they really think they're ALL going to get a go on Lauren Southern's tits, as long as they wait long enough? If anything, they're just encouraging more dudes to become incels.

Masturbation isn't going to re-populate the white race, nerds.

No. 376827

According to them, women mold their views to fit whatever the man in their life thinks. They honestly think they can just find a girl and slowly reveal their "power level" and she will agree.

Don't work like that, my dudes. Maybe it will with some impressionable girls, but not all women are like that contrary to what you learned in the manosphere.

No. 376855

So Brittany did an 'interview' with a guy named Coach Red Pill (who is very popular in TRP sub if I remember correctly), and a bunch of people in her comments are pissed that she didn't interview a MGTOW instead.

Even some people are turning against her in the comments because they thinks he is avoiding MGTOW and she's scared they will speak too much "truth."

No. 376890

File: 1503369055330.jpg (44.97 KB, 640x480, delicious doorstop.jpg)

The best part is the incels in the comments, threatening to 'opt out of marriage entirely' until the 'sexist court system' is fixed. Top fucking kek.

Someone please explain to these manbabies what blackmail is, and how it only works if you actually have something the other person wants.

No. 376936

That's a perspective I hadn't considered before and I think it's understandable for Europeans. It's hard for me to feel the same way about American white supremacists though. I doubt that every one of them descended from the original white colonists – some of them probably have immigrant ancestors going back just a generation or two and are probably "less American" than various racial minorities whose families have been in the United States for generations, especially black Americans descended from slaves. It's kind of fucked for everyone because there is racism toward basically every major ethnic group in America right now (including whites IMO), and someone's kids would probably end up "hated" by some fairly vocal group no matter what.

No. 376997

Why would a MGTOW even interview with a woman?

No. 377039

I'm in two minds about this. I've seen that on 4ch, but less so on 8ch. I've seen lots of posters on the latter express resentment of MGTOW guys for trying to infect their movement, since they feel MGTOW and women-hate are antithetical to tradition. Their belief is more "men and women are just as bad as each other these days". More educated right-wing sites like mypostingcareer outright hate MGTOWs/MRAs and nerdy males in general.

No. 377056

She honestly came off as a "Stacey bitch" in that video. Just straight up bitchy and not very insightful. Brittany was holding her weight while Lauren was just leeching.

No. 377112

It's not even just the mgtow portion of the movement that hate women, though. It's all of them. Even the ones who plan on reproducing for the good of the white race think women are worthless children who are only good for one thing. They will simply tolerate them so that they can have children.

They all think women are whores.

No. 377143

>Why aren't more chicks part of their movement?

The percentage of women in a movement isn't a good parameter to measure how good it is, I'm afraid.

Wahhabism, FLDS, Orthodox Judaism etc. has more true-believing female adherents than does atheism, as a percentage of the population. Does that mean atheism is unfriendly to women?

No. 377158

> Does that mean atheism is unfriendly to women?

Not necessarily, but in the case of the alt-right it is unfriendly to women. You can see that just by listening to what they say. The lack of women in the movement is not an indicator of how much they hate women - but they do. Their words are the indicator.

Just based on their stated and commonly held views on women, the movement is not good for women.

No. 377185

I didn't bring up the lack of women as a measure of how "good" the alt-right groups are. I know they are all bags of shit.

I was asking a question. Why aren't there more women in these movements? In my mind, since they are so preoccupied with "white babies", "their women", etc, I haven't noticed many women in these circles.


No. 377281

Not that anon but,
>Does that mean atheism is unfriendly to women?
was a rhetorical question.

As for
>Why aren't more chicks part of their movement?
The idea is that traditional roles place female voices in supportive roles, thus out of the spotlight. The absence of a vocal female population in the "movement" doesn't mean there aren't women silently/in small groups holding the same or similar sentiments. Some of them will agree that visible protests or online forums "aren't where a woman should be".
Just because you don't see them existing, doesn't mean they don't exist. And the particular traditional/anti-feminism/anti-woman ideology of these groups means you shouldn't be able to see these kinds of women existing in public spaces.

Whether or not there is actually a silent population of female adherents, who the fuck knows.

No. 377307

Well, they aren't going to attract many women to their cause if they are never seen or heard.

No. 377448

I have to say my experience has been the opposite. Then again I don't really visit imageboards or subreddits.

The right wing guys (not MGTOWs or MRAs) I know respect women more than the "male feminists" I know.

No. 377453

The caveat I'd add is that they're race specific. Some do care about women, but it's almost exclusively white women that they reserve empathy and love for.

No. 377459

That's…the complete opposite of what I personally see. They aggressively hate white women even more because those are "their women" and they aren't getting back in the kitchen and doing what the want.

No. 377467

Try making a thread on one of 8ch's boards about this. They're less polluted with MGTOW stuff than 4chan.


The above forum is where a lot of the more intelligent talking points of the new right came from (eg trade imbalances, the problem of scale in modern societies) and they despise MGTOW and PUA stuff.

No. 377482

File: 1503445922835.png (819.73 KB, 1440x810, 2x01_The_One_Where_Michael_Lea…)

>make a thread on 8ch about this!

We've got a true believer on our hands

No. 377503

MPC has good threads and content. It's where I found out about Talebs theories and managerialism. Anyway the question is whether women hatred is intrinsic to these types of politics and I don't think it is.

No. 377511

Come on. Virtually every single prominent comedian is a lefty. Does it really trigger people that much that one of them is right wing? It's ridiculous that you have people like Frankie Boyle making jokes about dead babies and then acting morally indignant about humor that makes fun of Islam.

No. 377512

>The right wing guys (not MGTOWs or MRAs) I know respect women more than the "male feminists" I know.

>That's…the complete opposite of what I personally see. They aggressively hate white women even more because those are "their women" and they aren't getting back in the kitchen and doing what the want.

So which is it?

No. 377514

The difference is the latter are thankfully incels whereas the former include slimy motherfuckers like Hugo Schwyzer who do manage to manipulate women on account of seemingly being a good person attached to a nominally "good" movement.

All liberal feminism is terrible though.

No. 377519

Spencers an attention whore. Not sure where you think I defended him. I'm just annoyed at the outrageously shitty and hypocritical behavior of prominent people on the comedy circuit who are all for the slaying of sacred cows for comedy's sake… Except when it contradicts PC orthodoxy.

No. 377531

Agreed. Sam Hyde's best performance is that fake ted talk he did, where the political aspects are more subtle. Anyone ranting of just being an ideologue is boring.

No. 377535

Sage your shit pls.

No. 377611

Looks like someone wasn't around before Sam got b& from twitter. He's more than just right wing; he's a full blown /pol/ nut job. All he ever tweeted about was pizzagate, unironic Alex Jones, pepe, and the non-white's plot to poison le aryan masterrace.

No. 377645

He still uses @mde_never_dies on twitter. When the Charlottesville murder happened he tweeted out some shit about the girl deserving it and that he hopes all of those people died. I'm paraphrasing because I'm too lazy to go look through his bullshit.

No. 377727

>about the girl deserving it

He wasn't wrong

No. 377729

yeah yeah we get it, lefties deserve to die.


No. 377730

can't have a thread about right wing snowflakes without some of them coming in to inadvertently justify it's existence :')

No. 377736

File: 1503470570505.gif (888.96 KB, 245x219, 944d91e2-4812-4b19-9e95-34b937…)

That's just like, your opinion, man.

No. 377773

File: 1503474235146.png (72.91 KB, 769x511, mockingjay salute.PNG)

This made me laugh. What's the deal with the constant invocation of Harry Potter and Star Wars these days anyway?

It's like… dude, you're in your 30s. If you're going to sperg out your literary reference points should at least be something better than children's lit.

No. 380666

lol stormfront got shut down

i'm sure many farmers are mourning today

No. 381120

Satanic trips bringing the good news

No. 381143

These kinds of people think any kind of more sophisticated art is for lefties or something

No. 381442

>Harry Potter
>Star Wars
>sophisticated art

I am cringing hard.

No. 381664

File: 1503935208732.jpg (138.66 KB, 1038x1200, N85475487.jpg)

this is patently embarassing and i want her to get ptsd for making me see this

No. 381679

Man honestly that's enough. The 'snowflake' thing is getting really old. I'm not even ~triggered~ about it, but every time someone says that they just look like a try-hard idiot to me and it makes me not want to interact with them anymore. It's so overplayed and doesn't even really mean anything anymore, because you can say something as simple as "I'm unhappy and concerned with the direction that Trump is taking this country" and a bunch of bros will pile on and scream "oh are you triggered snowflake? Need a safe space!?!?!11"

Also my dad has Bill O'Reilly's most recent book on his kitchen table and the blurb on the back says something like "you might be a snowflake if…" It just reeks of "old man trying to reach the youth" and I have to laugh.

No. 381887

This is so cringe. That's the type of le epic comeback I would expect to hear from a 13 year old

No. 382544

Imagine being this self unaware

No. 406137

>English is the official language of the United States
>"No one cares about Charlottesville, they're just a tiny minority!" - said in response to a Jewish girl

No. 408516

File: 1508805713594.png (257.39 KB, 579x384, loomer3.png)

Anyone have a better idea of the Laura Loomer drama? All I can tell so far is she's apparently stalking a guy and wanted to slash his tires(?)

No. 408531

File: 1508807122996.png (416.79 KB, 611x1240, twee.png)

No. 409726

Mister Metokur did a rundown on the Loomer drama.

No. 409867

Wow, what a shitshow

No. 410918

File: 1509209381361.jpeg (95.42 KB, 1024x1024, 7FD42AA0-60C1-442A-BD7C-EEAB92…)

Has Theryn been mentioned yet? He’s a recycled uglier version of Blaire who calls himself an MRA because he believes he has it easier as a “woman”. Recently made a video victim-blaming the women who accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual abuse and was b& from Twitter for being an edgelord.

No. 410921

Here is the video, I’m surprised more people aren’t talking about it.

No. 410966

Lol apparently she was the president of a men's rights group on her campus

Funny how these trans ""women"" call themselves conservative from the safety of their liberal communities. Maybe they should spend some more time in real conservative communities like the Bible Belt and see how well they'll be lynched received.

No. 410976

>"I want to see this women be strong and powerful ~amazons~ and stand up to this"

Okay, then why is it never on the men who knew in Hollywood? It was an "open secret" and men just didn't do anything about it. It might've actually stopped if equally as powerful men as Harvey did anything about this.

No. 410986

>he believes he has it easier as a “woman”

He's just showing that trannies have it easier than actual women lol. I'm sick of these freaks acting like their experiences are anything like our's.

No. 410987

>he believes he has it easier as a “woman”

He's just showing that trannies have it easier than actual women lol. I'm sick of these freaks acting like their experiences are anything like our's.

No. 411022

One comment: "To the women who let it get this bad, they're just as wrong as the men doing it."…
And the like to dislike ratio is concerning…

No. 411089

File: 1509229043838.jpg (603.19 KB, 2400x1597, 1496263961894.jpg)

>trannies have it easier than actual women lol

you're a moron if you think that's true.
most trannnies do not have fan clubs like Theryn or Blaire White do. most trannies do not pass. many trannies don't have gender dysphoria specifically, but another severe mental illness that leads them to have delusions about being the other gender.

No. 411131

Why is the title singling out women? Is she implying the men who knew were somehow less “guilty” than the women who knew? Can we just for once not blame women for the actions of men?

Harvey Weinstein and people like him are the problem, theryn. Fuck all the way off.

No. 411134

Also I'd be willing to bet my life that Theryn would have called those women lying attention whores spreading false accusations if they had come forward before. Just like every other single time a woman tries to speak up and get justice.

MRAs are so transparent. They hate women either way, if a woman does something they will twist and find a way to punish her for it.

No. 411135

MtT are literally men, so yes they have it much easier than women. i think anon was talking explicitly about MtT who have gotten hormones/surgeries, and not trannies in general. Even so, trannies don't have it worse than anyone else, man or woman, with mental illness for sure.

No. 411246

Being a member of one of the most despised and discrimated against minority groups in the world isn’t exactly an easy life.

No. 411414

Yeah its so hard right now in 2017 when your illness is the trendy one. So hard to have to force lesbians to take your girldick. So hard in places where misgendering someone is a crime. So hard to have grown up with male privilege and still use that privilege over cis women. Trannies obviously have it the hardest, since 98% of them still look like a dude in a dress.

No. 411578

I swear TERFs are whinier and have a much bigger victim mentality than SJW Tumblrinas. It’s sad. I’ve lived over two decades as a biological female and the only thing that has ever bothered me about being a woman is having creeps make disgusting remarks about my body. But that’s just life. Everyone has their shit to deal with. I certainly don’t have it any worse than some mentally disturbed tranny, and you probably don’t either.

Sage for blogging, but I’m sick of you people derailing threads into TERF sperging every time a trans person is mentioned. It contributes nothing to the discussion and you sound like a goddamn baby with your constant crying over your imaginary oppression. Grow up.

No. 422892

File: 1510596025014.png (18.31 KB, 587x210, IMTRADSILLYBOYS.png)

Installing shelves is simple work, this is the dumbest thing I read today.

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Why do they all act like women are so incompetent? Or maybe lazy is what they're getting at? If I for some reason couldn't figure out how to put furniture together, I would look up tutorials and figure out how to do it. And then I do it myself. I have a severe fear of spiders and I still suck it the fuck up, cover my body head to toe, and get rid of them. It's not hard. I'm surviving just fine. Most women are, and all women could.

I get the impression they think women should put up with shitty behavior from men