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No. 223482

Can we have a thread about this enigma?

She's a shitposter that has been trolling /cgl/ for many months now and causes the posters there to lose their fucking minds. She constantly gets banned, but uses a VPN and dynamic IP (? probably) to get around it.

Many people have tried to discover the identity of HWC, to no real avail.

What we do know about her:

>she lives in Japan, but probably isn't originally from there

>is married to a man 14 years her senior that makes good money so she doesn't have to work and instead stays home all day
>she has an ED, possibly the reason she doesn't want kids (anorexic)
>she is supposedly mixed-race
>she shitposts on /cgl/ and /x/ all day, every day because she's very bored with her unfulfilling life
>she is supposedly a daily Lolita
>she hates the brand Metamorphose Temps de Fille
>may be an artist
>has a very distinctive typing style

And finally, she pops up in Lolita threads on /cgl/ to troll the ever loving fuck out of seagulls. And she's really very good at it.

Anyone have any guesses as to who she is? Does she trawl lolcow, too? Discuss this faceless stranger here.

No. 223483

Sounds fake to me. And the person that supposedly tried to 'out' her that one time mustve been her too.
Probably some crazy girl playing pretend on the internet for attention

No. 223484

That sounds eerily familiar to a black female tripfag who posts about how asian men are the best on /r9k/ all the time. Or at least used to post.

No. 223485

why does she specifically hate metamorphose? im not even trying to be insulting but does she have some sort of autism

No. 223486

Oh I thought they were the same person.

No. 223487


did she ever say anything about living in NY

No. 223488

>hating on Meta


No. 223489

I've heard rumors there are some pics of her,
anyone know if this is true?

No. 223490

I've been really interested in HWC for a while now, mainly because she sort of sounds like a girl I used to know.

Some info on her ~husband~:
>His astrological sign is Leo
>Has dimples
>His line of work is in the public eye, many speculate he is a public official
>HWC is his second wife

Some more facts about her:
>Astrological sign is Gemini(speculated, all but confirmed by her)
>has been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder
>She absolutely hates menhera, I mean HATES it
>Favorite brand of Lolita is AP
>Her mother used to beat her/neglect her

I have seen her mention Nagano many times in her shitposting, if anyone wants to make note of that as well.

An anon theorized an image she kept spamming in ita threads was actually her, but that is unlikely.

No. 223491

Why do you care so much about a loser whose only hobby is buying expensive-yet-cheaply-made clothes which are unwearable in 99% of all social situations?

Even if she is married to some Jap, so what? Just another loser who couldn't fit in with normal people in her own country.

No. 223492

This. HWC is annoying but she's nobody outside of cgl drama. In fact, the only reason why she's somebody is because people never shut up about her.

No. 223493

As far as I'm concerned at her worst she is obnoxious and at her best she is actually fairly interesting. When you pry a bit and get her to talk seriously instead of just calling people fat or stupid, she is pretty fun to talk to. I don't think she takes herself as seriously as /cgl/ assumes.

If you see her in a thread and want to stop her from shitting it up with arguing, switch the subject to her husband or ask her about recent AP releases. Both of these things seem to distract her from "OMG fattie OMG retard!!" and get her to talk seriously.

I forgot to add to this, she is half Japanese(don't know the other half) and claims to have Japanese citizenship. I don't know if she had it before her marriage, but she says she has it.

No. 223494

I always thought that house wife chan was just chinese gossip lolita on revenge trolling mode after she got banned from cgl. Chinese gossip lolita always bragged about how she was a housewife doing nothing all day and being able to buy what she wants off her husbands money. Her writing style also aggressively and bitchy, very similar to HWC.

No. 223495

Nope, HWC is a half Japanese poster who got insanely butthurt at /cgl/ for people being "backstabbers" and just never left. It's probably because she has nothing better to do with her time and has no friends.

No. 223496

idk man, this is lolcow, we are all interested in autistic things

No. 223497

Hating on Meta is a hallmark of an insufferable newfag to lolita.

No. 223498

Yeah, just because you wear clothing from cheap-ass department stores doesn't mean she's irrelevant. She's been shitting up /cgl/ for so long and it's tiresome for us who go there, especially lolitas. I figured she'd get bored eventually and fuck off but she genuinely has that much time on her hands, making her a thorn in everyone's sides.

She's also dumb enough to keep leaving so many revealing details about her life and she paints a very interesting and strange picture like a lot of flakes and cows here. She's /cgl/'s mystery cow and I'd love to figure out who she is.

No. 223499

I am almost certain she is just spouting memes about hating meta because she knows it will provoke people.

No. 223500

Right because the only choice is lolita or cheap department store crap.

If you think lolita shit is well made then I don't know what to say to you.

No. 223501

As of last night she announced she has a cat named Vantablack. Who the hell would name a cat that?

No. 223502

File: 1476406490988.jpg (50.27 KB, 408x439, 1458418303629.jpg)

I have been called housewife-chan due posting a really unpopular opinion outside unpopular opinion thread without even realizing the trolling factor it would cause. Do you guys think housewife-chan is not only one person but a persona within the board?

No. 223503


It sounds dumb as a name, but Vantablack is the blackest substance known -

No. 223504

I'm pretty sure it's one girl who spends 90% of her free time on /cgl/ and occasionally others who post something someone disagrees with get called her because she's always on /cgl/.

I still don't see why she named her cat that. Japanese people use the weirdest English words for pet names.

No. 223505

No, she has a distinct typing style. She was shitting up the dream dress thread the other day and I had to call her out. She does annoying things like just get needlessly provocative over the smallest shit.

No. 223506

Conspiracy theory time: I just assumed it was Spoony attempting to get back at cgl after she got banned from basically everything.

No. 223507

There's supposedly an AMA thread from her on /cgl/ right now.

No. 223508

We're sure it's not himezawa?

No. 223509

Kek. Why Himezawa? Is she married in Japan?

No. 223510

Himezawa lives in Japan, but is from Germany or something. She is married to someone older than her but idk by how much that makes good money so she doesn't have to work and instead stays home all day when she isnt pretending to be a super famous 'idol'.I dont think it's ever been said that she has an ED but she is anorexic to the point where she has the body of a 12 year old boy. I dont think she's claimed to be mixed race but she is obsessed with lolita and even mostly does her no-audience idol shows in brand dresses. She thinks of herself as an artist but idk if it's the same typing style or what her feelings on meta are but I wouldnt be surprised if she applied for some fashion show and they turned her down.

I honestly just saw the OP of this thread and thought about how it eerily fit himezawa in a lot of ways. The typing style might be totally off cause I'm too lazy to try and compare.

No. 223511

I think Sabrina's English is a bit better and she's not as good with insults

No. 223512

I like this theory, actually. Anyone remember the weird rant video she made? It reminds me of how salty but childish HWC is.

I think it's a lie she has no social media.

No. 223513

If her husband is in the public eye and is in Japan, she isn't lying about not having social media. Japanese people like to keep their dirty laundry locked up tight.

It would look really bad on his part to have a wife like her.

No. 223514

She does actually fit Himezawa or someone like her, though. I think her thread is partial lies because she's puffing herself up with all the attention. The other shitposting info she'd let slip before she was super infamous as HWC fit her better.

The start of HWC was she originally posted to /cgl/ and betrayed by some friend. She has a vendetta against gulls specifically because of that. She doesn't just hate the english comm, much less shitpost all the time at /cgl/ for no reason. She constantly calls lolitas catty bitches because of her bad experiences.

Basically, it's a lie she's not on social media.

No. 223515

I don't recall her saying that her experience with a backstabber was lolita related. Is it that unusual that someone who sees /cgl/ would call lolitas catty bitches? lol.

No. 223516

Absolutely no lolita who's half, living in Japan, has that much brand, and is that salty over /cgl/ doesn't have photos online.

No. 223517

File: 1476574512634.jpg (34.92 KB, 300x300, 1349314862752.jpg)

Or it's just a completely made up fairytale life she invented for herself so when she shitposts she won't feel like a complete loser when people ask her about the "husband" or "Japan" or her "wardrobe."

How anybody can believe these lies is beyond me. She's a lying dumbfuck whose life doesn't involve any of those things. Why do you all take her word for it? She hasn't even posted timestamps or nothing.

And why am I even saying "she," when this could literally be a guy for all we know.

>it also posts those deluded ama threads on cgl now

No. 223518


No. 223519

She is definitely not married to an older man in the public eye. There's no way someone who's image is super important would marry a foreigner or a lolita. Imagine if a photographer caught a photo of her out and about. She claims to be a daily lolita so it's worth considering she'd wear it to parties and things as well, where her husband's coworkers would see her.

Aren't a lot of public facing Japanese marriages arranged still?

No. 223520

Anon you replied to. No, I don't think there's any legitimacy to what she said either. Even if the part of her being in Japan is real, she has such a sad life as a caged up wife to some old guy. The way she talks about being cute, not fat, husband loaded, etc. just makes me believe the exact opposite. I think it's funny she's just such a shitty, recognizable immature troll that she's famous for it. She got posted to an ita thread, hence her vendetta on /cgl/ and "catty bitches", so her whole story about no social media is fake.

No. 223521

>lying about having a Japanese husband

I see nothing to envy. Weebs are a weird bunch

No. 223522

My theory is HWC is pulling a "slight of hand." She is showing you all the "pretty" things about her life, her looks, her wealth, etc in attempt to make us jealous. But in the hand you don't see is her husband most likely being a lot more strict than she lets on, going crazy from not having any friends and not being able to go out, her other issues.

The problem is she isn't very good at hiding the fact that something is fundamentally wrong with her. She's very obviously not mentally well, and I think she's aware of it with how she rages in the menhera threads.

Profiling people like this is a part of my job and I can say I don't doubt that she's fairly attractive and has money, thats how she can take /cgl/ telling her she is the opposite so often. She is confident in those things and laughs when people tell her she isn't so she can temporarily get away from her real issues. The issues in this case being an abusive husband, uncertain mental stability, and a shitty childhood.

I think the next time she shows up, if anyone here sees it you should focus on the topics of her husband abusing her/calling her crazy and see how she reacts. She responds to those who insult her looks with mostly a shrug but I've noticed if you imply her husband is cruel to her or that she's off her rocker she gets a lot more defensive.

If you want to hurt someone like this you have to attack them on something personal, continuing to call her fat and ugly when she's shown such confidence and no negative response won't do anything. You know what will? Digging deep about her relationship being shitty.

No. 223523


No. 223524

Has this bitch ever posted any proof though?

No. 223525

Have you seen her react to accusations about her husband being shitty? She gets a lot more upset at that than just calling her fat or ugly. If you want to meme at me that I'm HWC go ahead, but you're missing out on what would actually piss her off.

No. 223526

File: 1476641969182.jpg (6.79 KB, 193x164, 1376452390567.jpg)

>Profiling people like this is a part of my job and I can say I don't doubt that she's fairly attractive and has money

Lmao, what kind of job do you have where you profile anonymous claims on the internet and jump to all these conclusions about a fake person?
This is all absolute bullshit.
There is no husband.
There is no pretty, wealthy via proxy husbando yet mysteriously insecure girl living in Japan who decides to shitpost to an English forum for most of the day.

Stop giving validation to a literal boogeywoman.

Fuck no. You know back in the day at least when people created fake personas they'd give us some fodder like timestamps of certain things, at least making it a remote possibility of realness.

Lazy bitches these days just say shit and demand that you believe it just because they'll spam it everywhere if you don't anyway.

No. 223527

I guess my question is then, if you don't believe any of it why care? If it is just some random nobody with zero link to any claim why give her a second thought?

I didn't say I analyze anonymous people over the Internet but I do work in a feild that requires me to have a good understanding of people and their motivations. I'm observant, but you don't need to be observant to notice when HWC is upset. She makes it very obvious, and she is obviously upset when you insinuate her husband is cruel to her. Nothing else seems to get to her as upset.

No. 223528

>if you don't believe any of it why care?

Ah, classic. "If you don't care about something then why criticize it?" I could equally ask you why you're so invested in this anonymous person and finding out their business, but that's your prerogative. Maybe you legitimately find it interesting. Maybe you're HWC underhandedly trying to manipulate people by spoonfeeding a narrative.

All I know is you're encouraging people to engage with this HWC persona by poking at this "husband" of hers, and I'm here to remind people that at best this is still not real. Do you honestly think this is real?

No. 223529

I'm trying to provide ways in which to provoke her, at this point we might as well all be HWC. Accusing anyone who has a different opinion on her instead of trying to analyze her posts wont get us anywhere.

I understand we have a different view on her, and I find her interesting because her story has been so consistent for such a long time and a lot of people take her obvious trolling posts at face value even though she will turn around and say she posts obvious bait because she knows people will react, not because she really feels that way. She calls /cgl/ her friends. I haven't seen anyone else act like her.

I'm not saying she shouldn't be criticized, I'm just curious as to why you seem to be invested in doing so.

I'm not trying to start an argument here, I'm just trying to provide a different perspective because I have a different set of skills than most people when it comes to analyzing.

Is she obnoxious? Certainly. Should she be criticized? Certainly. But you have to set aside any anger for her that you have so you can be objective in finding out what she's really about. If you take her bait and get upset you are doing exactly what she is wanting you to do.

No. 223530

>I'm trying to provide ways in which to provoke her
Why? She's obnoxious as is also relentless. People have already said mean shit about her supposed relationship and it went nowhere. Likely because, again, this husband doesn't actually exist. Her not responding to posts calling her fat and ugly don't exactly mean much either, she could still be those things but actively choose to not respond to them because it wouldn't fit her persona's narrative. Not everyone responds to personal insults on 4chan even if they do apply.

Obviously you think this persona actually exists, and not that it's a somebody backing a certain delusion on the internet. I'm just…flabbergasted.

No. 223531

I have a different opinion on her and you disagree with it, understandable. I don't think everything she says is true, but I don't think she's fabricating absolutely everything.

I think she is a young, fairly attractive housewife to an older and wealthier man. But I also think she has mental issues and her husband does not treat her well and she projects her own fear of one day aging/getting fat and looking less than she does now onto the whole of /cgl/. Her life is far from perfect and she is far from happy being cooped up. She is aware of herself enough to know there is something wrong but not enough to do anything to fix it.

When you post that he is using her because of the age difference she goes off on a rant about how the west only prevents people from marrying young to preserve the value of older women or how people are too stupid to understand their love. When you say she is fat she will either list her weight and drop the subject or tell you just because you want her to be fat doesn't mean she's fat.

Which one of these reactions would indicate someone is upset? I think it's pretty obvious.

I am listing ways to provoke her because people seem to generally have a disliking for her here. If you really wanted to upset her the topic of her husband using her or being cruel is what you would want to pick on.

No. 223532

>I have a different opinion on her and you disagree with it, understandable.

You have a theory about an online troll persona actually being a real person. I'm saying it's fake and people who seek to engage in her behavior or hope she'll reveal more info on herself are wasting their times.

You sound like HWC the way you insist this poster must be attractive, a housewife, or married. It's like watching someone trying to build a profile for their RPG character…

No. 223533

I have a different opinion on HWC than you, yes. But to say I am her just because I don't doubt everything she is saying is just silly. You are letting your irritation with her upset you to the point of paranoia.

I have insulted her, dubbed her insane, provided ways that I think will upset her based on what she gets upset over, and tried to give my honest opinion on her ugly side, which if we are being honest is very very ugly if she can so flippantly tell people to drink bleach.

If that makes me HWC, we have no hope of actually finding anything concrete out about her because people have turned her into the /cgl/ boogeyman and anyone who has an opposing opinion is her.

No. 223534

I think it would be less irritating to just admit that you don't know if the posts you're analyzing is actually a real person. You're completely fine in doing what you want in your spare time, but it's really ridiculous to dub this person anything when the persona could just be fiction. I don't think it's paranoid to note that you're giving her a little too much validity, almost like it's your roleplay character. It's not real until there's proof it is.

No. 223535

It is paranoid to assume someone is HWC when they have been insulting to her and given ways to upset her just because they don't think she's a hideous troll hiding in a basement.

I do not know if she is real or not, and neither do you. There is no definitive proof. We can simply take what we are given and come to our own conclusions about her. We happen to take opposing stances, but the real difference between us is I don't feel the need to perpetuate the boogeyman that she is by accusing people who are obviously not her of being her.

No. 223536

>It is paranoid to assume someone is HWC when they have been insulting to her
Pardon me, I didn't realize saying you think she's attractive, thin, and wealthy counted as an insult. All you've said is that she has a bad relationship…which isn't really an insult against her. Oh and that she might be mentally unwell which again isn't really an insult, but more like an excuse to dismiss her behavior.

You haven't actually insulted her. As you've said, you're just digging for ways to "provoke" her. The majority of people aren't interested in keeping her trollsona alive, so for the love of all things stop defending it if you're not her.

No. 223537

I didn't realize calling her insane, obnoxious, and a bad person wasn't insulting her.

Why are you throwing such a tantrum over my opposing opinion? You are completely ignoring my criticism of her and cherry picking the one potentially positive statement I gave about her.

No. 223538

Yeah because calling her a mentally unstable twatsicle is such a zinger when you're calling her pretty, attractive, and wealthy without proof.

You must be HWC. There's just no other explanation for all this "character development" and rejecting the notion that this is a fake person.

No. 223539

Alright, it's obvious you have some paranoia issues you need to work on. I insulted her and you won't accept that I insulted her just because the insults don't meet up to your standards of what an insult should be?

This is why she keeps coming back to /cgl/, people like you who will feed into her nonsense and call people who aren't actually her HWC. It perpetuates the issue and it will never stop, even if she leaves, until people like you take a step back and take in a situation objectively.

No. 223540

>it's obvious you have some paranoia issues you need to work on

Lol, is that another one of your "profiling" analyzes, HWC? Good luck, I'm totally bringing this thread up whenever you post in cgl just to prove you're shilling this shit hard.

No. 223541

I would encourage you to bring this thread up so people can be more aware of her. I think a lot of new posters are the ones who keep falling for her bait and if they know she's just shitposting to troll them they are less likely to respond.

No. 223542

Do you even hear yourself? Earlier you were talking about "provoking" her by sending her into a flying rage about this imaginary husband, and now you're saying anons are bad for taking her bait? You're taking her bait too by believing and responding to her even if you think your way of doing so is superior.

1. Stop defending her as real.
2. Don't respond to her at all.
3. Don't "profile" characters from anonymous posts on the internet.

No. 223543

I'm not trying to dictate what people think of her, but I do think that people should try and set aside their anger for her. Anger gets in the way of being objective and finding out the truth of the matter. I don't personally respond to HWC, I just observe.

I came to a thread in which people were displaying displeasure and anger and gave a suggestion for how to get back at her so they can set aside their anger.

No. 223544

You were here before with the same exact spiel, I asked you for proof and you provided none.



No. 223545

>Anger gets in the way of being objective and finding out the truth of the matter.

But believing statements on the internet just because so and so said they're true is "objective" to you? Come the fuck on. You're not being objective! In fact, how irrational you're being at the perfectly rational reaction of irritation being that there is no proof this person exists yet you go on acting like there is. Screw your witchy shit and the shitnado you rode in on.

No. 223546

I fail to see the correlation between the posts. I'm telling you to set aside your anger and be objective so people can get actual evidence.

No. 223547

Now you're the one trying to dictate my opinions of her. Why is it so bad that I have an opinion that doesn't match your own?

No. 223548

Girl please.

I'm with the other anon, every single time you/she posts I'll link to this thread and your embarrassing Nancy Drew impersonation.

No. 223549

I'm not >>112734 btw, evidently there's more than just me who are raising brows at there being no evidence of this person existing.

Because you're whinging about objectivities when there is no proof that this is a real person to begin with. It's a circular argument.

No. 223550

Didn't I say I encourage you to link the thread so people can know more about her?

Alright, it's a circular argument. I'm not going to continue it with anyone. We have different opinions and nothing about that is going to change.

No. 223551

Seriously, this person has got to be a fucking lunatic.

No. 223552

It's true though. She likes to reason away why her husband shamefully stowing her away is okay.

No. 223553

plot twist: HWC is Binasu

>Venus is living in Japan and married

>She stays home all day hiding from the river monster
>HWC mentioned being very sick before, similar to Venus

No. 223554

i'm actually curious about this lady like
if the hwc persona is just some deranged person's fantasy life that she pretends to have online, it would be interesting to figure out who that person is anyways because they have definite cow potential. does she ever post photos?

No. 223555

HWC seemed to shut up when people started to accuse her of being Batty on cgl. Kek. And what makes it even more suspicious is how HWC is quick to call anyone fat, but hesitated to call Batty just that even though the girl gained a lot of weight. All she could mum about Batty is "fugly ita." So, I'm just gonna start calling her Batty from now on. If the shoe fits…

No. 223556

This is entirely false, she has called Batty a "fugly ita" and fat, not to mention spammed her in the Ita threads before.

No. 223557

She's Batty, I never seen HWC call Batty fat. Self-posters might insult themselves to cover, but never anything too harsh or inflammatory like pointing out how she's gotten to be a hamplanet.

No. 223558

I think it's fine if you believe that, but stating it as a fact when it doesn't match up other than them both being freeloaders and annoying in a place where people are trying to actually find out more about her isn't really productive.

I know for a fact she's posted Batty in an Ita thread before calling her fat. I may just be making this next part up, but I swear I also remember her saying something along the lines of Batty resembling a cow. You'd need to check the archives for proof though.

No. 223559

When did she get posted to an ita thread or are you going on that one anon who mentioned a theory about her being the faceless girl wearing all brand getting posted non stop?

No. 223560

Fucking THIS. I'm almost certain it's a guy, and it would be wonderful to expose who ever is RPing on cgl.

No. 223561

Please keep in mind that she does get banned, and it often takes her up to a day or so to come back full throttle. I've always wondered about this aspect, because if she's using a proxy like she claims, shouldn't she just be able to start posting again? Or do you think she's avoiding mods being present?

No. 223562

She has to have been banned for ban evasion countless times, and if you are referring to recently what you are saying is true but a few months back she was back at it after minuets of her posts being deleted. Not to mention the times she spammed the entire board with 60+ threads of that weird image of a dad kissing a baby that looked like an ass hanging over a baby which would be impossible if she didn't change her IP.

I think lately she's toned it down, but don't doubt for a second she abuses proxy's to get around bans.

No. 223563

She has toned it down, and yeah, lately she keeps it to just AMA threads when mods are asleep.
I do remember when she'd come right back but even then, she'd lag a bit to avoid being instantly caught again because when she started "trolling" during the day, her shit would get removed pretty fast as soon as a "ur fat" discussion got out of control. That used to be her #1 post.

But lately, before I stopped posting in her threads per request of people tired of hearing about her outside of her own thread, and to see if the 15+ reports actually get stuff removed auto, because then we'd just need 15 to ban, but I doubt that's real.
But when I was spamming her threads, she'd quit replying for a brief few hours. I look at stuff after it gets pruned and she definitely backs off if you keep her from doing stuff.

No. 223564

Oh, you're the person who keeps going to her threads and encouraging her. You're just as annoying as she is.

I do think she just gets bored after a while, she said her husband is back home and she used to only shitpost when he was away so it makes sense she won't stick around to shitpost as long. I doubt it has anything to do with your pathetic attempts at shitposting alongside her.

No. 223565

Again, I'm not the only person doing it nor am I doing it currently. It's been awhile. She hasn't even posted in awhile.

Starting to suspect she's posting here though, some people were deflecting REALLY hard in the cgl gen thread.

No. 223566

How long has she even been referred to as hwc? Did she give herself that name or ?

No. 223567

What deflecting are you referring to? Because in the /cgl/ general all that was happening is you had a group of people calling you out for encouraging her/boasting about how you are an even bigger shitposter than she is.

You posted screenshots where you asked back to back questions in her thread, and proof you keep going back and provoking her. Surely you realize that attention of any kind, negative or positive is why she does what she does and that you were contributing to the problem.

I can't say she does or doesn't come here, but I don't believe the posts in the general are any indication of her being here, just a bunch of people fed up with your shit.

Since the beginning, and it was given to her after she went and insulted people in a thread for having to work.

No. 223568

You are just saying what has already been said. Yes, I get it, I shouldn't post in her threads. I've said several times that I no longer do this.
Hwc is the kind of person who will make fun of skinny people even after they lose weight because quote, "they used to be fat".
This is the same kind of mentality. I've said I've stopped several times. But I along with many brought on this troll. And I will mention it again for this thread, I am not the only one who has ever commented in her threads or replied to her shitposting. Not only that,but there are clearly some anons who want to keep her around and some even think she is quote "tolerable". I don't share those last sentiments. I report her threads from two different devices now and don't comment. I see some anons saying the same.

I would like to do whatever it takes to expose the troll - but if people are just going to be pissy at me instead,we can't get anything done.

No. 223569

The issue is, you have bragged about being an even bigger troll than HWC. You are just as bad as she is, and if what you are saying is true people want to expose you too for the very same reasons they would want to expose HWC.

I don't understand the mentality you have, that you claim to do pretty much exactly what she does and yet despise her. It's hypocritical. If you truly did not like HWC, you wouldn't have ever responded to her absolutely pathetic attention whoring AMA threads. It doesn't take a genius to figure out she wants any kind of attention she can get, and if I remember correctly she's said she purposefully says the most offensive thing possible to keep people responding.

You shouldn't have to have people telling you that you shouldn't respond to this troll. In fact, I'm suspicious of you. You seem to use similar logic, down to spouting her very favorite "triggered" meme at a time it was completely irrelevant. I'm normally against people baselessly accusing others of being HWC, but almost every single thing you have said is in line with what HWC would say. She would want people to keep responding, want people to try and "expose her," simply for the continued interaction with her. If you aren't her, you are just as down right obnoxious and idiotically entitled as she is.

I will admit there was a window when we could have probably gotten information out of her, but that window is gone. The best thing you can do is not expose her, the best thing you can do if you actually want this incessant troll gone is ignore and report and tell others to ignore and report. Stop. Feeding. The. Troll.

No. 223624

>I don't understand the mentality you have, that you claim to do pretty much exactly what she does and yet despise her. It's hypocritical. If you truly did not like HWC, you wouldn't have ever responded to her absolutely pathetic attention whoring AMA threads. It doesn't take a genius to figure out she wants any kind of attention she can get, and if I remember correctly she's said she purposefully says the most offensive thing possible to keep people responding.
That was before the AMA threads. Back then? Just a harmless troll. Same here. Lots of people troll on 4chan…. that's board culture and all there is to it.

I mean, I get it if this is your hang out and you don't go to 4chan. But if you go on 4chan, you know the types that are there. That's me. I'm apart of what's there.

>down to spouting her very favorite "triggered" meme at a time it was completely irrelevant.

This too, is common among those on 4chan as of late. cgl is not the only board that meme is on.

And the only reason I want to expose her is that she claims she's so amazing looking. If it turns out she's a guy - outstanding. If it turns out she's a girl, she'll probably be mediocre. I just want to know what the troll looks like.

Yeah, she's annoying. I don't fully hate her or anything.

I also am not against exposing her and people who are against that, are suspicious themselves.

I also know she can do more than her usual typing. She's proved so on /x/.

And yes, I am obnoxious. But a lot of people who post on 4chan in general are.
It's just the fact that she's dedicated and wants everyone to know she's dedicated because of a fucking thread that's over a year old.
When I troll it's just to get replies and have fun. Not because I carry a vendetta nor am I trying to RP with anyone that I'm a house wife and that I live in Japan. I'm just tired of her honestly. When she was pretending to be someone else who knew her it got kind of interesting but she dropped that once people caught on. Now it's AMA threads about "her". Who gives a shit?

tldr; all 4chan boards are filled with trolls, some are just more irritating than others.

No. 223717

You are once again completely failing to absorb that you are just as bad as she is and don't really have room to complain.

You so boldly proclaimed that you were an even bigger shitposter, so much so that people pointed it out to you. Fuck off. Your cringy entitlement is just as bad as hers. In fact you are almost a carbon copy of her and on top of that you seem to completely lack self awareness that you can't see the massive similarities you and HWC share.

Don't claim it's okay for you to be a bigger shitposter than HWC because it's fun for you and then act as if she is the worst thing to ever happen, people hate her because she is a shitposter that will not go away and if you really are what you say you are they hate you for the same reason.

I could get into the incorrect facts you have about her too. Because of a thread over a year old? It hasn't been a year. She doesn't back off when you spam her threads, there are no questions/words to respond to. Those posts on /x/ that are confirmed to be her she even had to explain in one that she was ESL and misunderstood something the person was talking about, it was the same level of posting she always does.

The only way to discover more information about her is to engage her, it's very obvious at this point she would not willingly reveal anything. That is why it is dumb to go about "exposing" her, you have to encourage her and her absolutely moronic shitposting along the way.

No. 223749

Pretty sure it's Natalie/Natasha Ito

No. 223895

1) literally who
2) why's that?

No. 223902

Why do you think that, anon?

No. 225085

>I could get into the incorrect facts you have about her too. Because of a thread over a year old? It hasn't been a year.
Since the friend thread where she lost her shit over backstabbing? I was never in that thread. I first found her in the fairy kei threads.

She was responding to images sometimes.

I'm not trying to say trolling is good. I'm saying it's common on 4chan. Are you really trying to argue it's not?

No. 225098

File: 1483217897047.png (295.47 KB, 1359x1912, 1476892666005.png)

No. 225163

This isn't at all surprising, it goes along with the many times she has said she says the most offensive thing possible for responses. It's just a troll, never has been more than a troll, and people need to stop responding.

That is the thread, and nobody is trying to say it isn't common. I am trying to say it is hypocritical of you to claim to want to "expose the troll" and then turn around and say you are an even bigger shitposter than she is and that you need a big dose of reality. The only reason HWC is a problem is she is a troll that won't go away or stop shitposting, and if you come here to a place where people want her to stop shitposting and say you are an even bigger shitposter than she is you are going to get people responding negatively to you.

No. 225332

>big dose of reality
>posting on a Chinese cartoon forum

I am not a bigger shitposter than she is. I've just definitely been there longer than she has. I did say I was better at it than her. Not bigger.
Only better in that I don't stick to a fucking gimmick.

No. 225342

File: 1483228940885.jpg (134.5 KB, 750x874, original i hate cgl posts from…)

No. 225351

File: 1483229540706.jpg (131.14 KB, 933x204, why hwc trolls.jpg)

No. 225358

As much as I wish this was true I don't think you can trust anything HWC says, she says whatever will get the worst reaction. It could be true, but it smells like role play.

No. 225359

It's the original lie. Some of the stuff I'm reading in the original threads doesn't add up with stuff that was said later on. It's definitely more than one person posting as this persona.

No. 225427

i think there's one "real" HWC, people who intentionally post like her to stir shit, and then people who unintentionally post like her. obviously i'd say that the OG is the one who tripfags. the other two cases are just things i've seen in threads where either somebody tries really hard to be HWC-like, or somebody just shares a similar writing style and gets shut down for no reason other than that. the fact that people cry wolf every time somebody disagrees with them just helps to highlight the omnipresence of not her, but her persona. it's pretty interesting.

my conclusion is that the "real" HWC is just a troll who kind of sucks at keeping her story straight. the character of HWC perfectly plays upon the insecurities of many gulls by portraying a kawaii skinny anxious lolita shut-in hafu with a rich japanese husbando. it's made to get a rise out of people. it's made to make people jealous, and people are stupid enough to fall for it or reply to her without a sage. how anybody chooses to believe in such a contrived character is astounding to me.

No. 225565

this is the original thread where she went off.
One anon mentions having seen similar stuff before that thread as well. "She's" been going at this for awhile.

No. 225574

At this point you don't even have to write like HWC to be accused of being her. Say something about disliking fatties, being skinny, or hating meta and you're automatically HWC

No. 226645

Oh boy, a HWC thread. I must have overlooked this.

This is my theory about her persona as well. She's a made up person that tries to get a rise out of gulls, as we know they get bent out of shape over sugar daddies, cute girls being hafu in the motherland, etc. She claims to be from Japan but I've seen her post at odd times for her supposed time zone. And whenever a gull mentions her name, a troll will jump in a post as her because mentioning her name "summons" her.

I also think kiki could be the original HWC making up some delusional persona. After keek week, I noticed their typing style is similar and they go off on hateful tangents. I don't know why kiki would be posting on cgl though.

No. 227285

Hmmmm. I also see similarities with HWC and CG.

No. 262502

I took a pretty long break from cgl and I have not heard of anything happening in awhile in regards to HWC except a recent occurrence where someone cried wolf. But in the past when someone would do that, it'd usually stir shit but this last time I saw it? Everyone ignored it. Kinda nice.

Still. What happened and what actually stopped the posting? There aren't even AMA threads anymore.
part of me wonders if the troll was lying about using a proxy and being region banned and that they finally got region banned. Another part of me is like nah, HWC is just waiting to make a return or something.

Or am I missing it and they are posting much later at night?
I swear it's like people barely talk about it anymore and that it's finally over? I've gotta be wrong though…

No. 262701

>she lives in Japan, but probably isn't originally from there
>is married to a man 14 years her senior that makes good money so she doesn't have to work and instead stays home all day
>she has an ED, possibly the reason she doesn't want kids (anorexic)
>she is supposedly mixed-race

>Some info on her ~husband~:
>Her mother used to beat her/neglect her


No. 269773

yup, sounds like her

No. 270232

Venus isn't mixed race.

No. 270251

And her husbando also isn't 185 kek
He's 170 sth

No. 298355

"She's" back at it again guys!

No. 298648

Reported her ass and got her b& and her posts deleted. For now, at least.
I just wish people would ignore her completely and she would go away on her own.
Well, "she","her"…If it's a girl at all. For all we know it could be a dude roleplaying from his basement.

No. 298672

Why have you done that?? It's the only entertaining thing left on the cgl board

No. 363879

I'll always be more entertaining than that boring unoriginal dolt.

No. 363882

Where did she post? What did she say that made her obvious?

Also, speaking of /cgl/ shitposters, anyone tired of that crazy racist Japanese nationalist who keeps trashing Hikari Tsushin and Sumire Uesaka threads? He keeps making posting massive threads all by himself and his stupid politics, trying to make Western lolitas care for some reason.

No. 369246

She stopped into the lolita gen today! Apparently she stopped posting for "personal reasons"
She had no problem reappearing when being mentioned though. I'm sure she posts on anon and then uses the trip when need be.

No. 369360

She didn't say she stopped posting,
she said she stopped "stirring shit."

I'm glad that it seems whoever is behind it has gotten help/realized what they were doing was incredibly unhealthy. Now hopefully the anon who claims they keep copying her can get help too.

No. 484062

Still going strong btw. You can thank me for all those derailed threads(necro)

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