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File: 1442281434921.jpg (35.41 KB, 600x400, download (1).jpg)

No. 29300

Am I the only one who can't stand the J-vlogging community? Of course Kanadajin3 is shit, but the rest are equally as bad.

No. 29304

Wheres shanes channel

No. 29729

I like Mikaela or w/e her name is

No. 29731

I can't stand how fucking weeby most of them are. Sharla is okay for me since she seems like a really just pleasant person all around. I'd like to be friends with her. Maybe.

Maybe she's just the only one who's good at hiding how bad/annoying of a person she might be.

No. 29732

Why is this in snow?
Should be put to /b/. You hate JVloggers, if there's no dirt on them, they have no reasoning to be here.
How about bringing up links and quality info before starting a thread on the main site.

No. 29997

File: 1442284630347.jpg (5.48 MB, 4864x3648, rachelandjun.jpg)

I wonder how jelly Mira is of Rachel. Rachel is pretty qt and has a great body, a husband, and an education.

No. 30004

true, and shes a fire crotch

No. 35307

Hi rachel.

No. 35309

and yellow teeth

No. 35328

Not that anon, but damn why does it feel like everyone here as something against Rachel? Do I think she's cute? Not really. She kind of looks like a bird, but I think she and Jun's videos are pretty okay. She seems like an alright person, but then again I don't really adamantly keep up with that many j-vloggers, so for all I know maybe she's a dick. Has she done anything wrong/lolcow worthy?

No. 35337

it's the fact that you were just ass kissing her

No. 35338

>ass kissing

No. 101030

File: 1457202578198.jpg (258.41 KB, 822x1200, ob_10_20-tif.jpg)

Texan in Tokyo has pretty okay vids, but her comics are really shitty

No. 101031


These two are the most mundane boring fuckers in the Jvlogging community. Mira second (or first) both are as terrible.

All Jvloggers apart from GAFM and Abroad in Japan are literally flavorless.

Venus will probably join them soon… god help us all.

No. 101032


Many weebs lick her out because she has a jap boyfriend, besties with fem jvloggers and meh, mira dramu.

It's kinda sad

No. 101121

I don't mind Rachel and Jun, or Sharla. I think they're okay but get kind of boring with time. I really like Micaela though ( too bad she's not as active anymore)
Who i am really annoyed with lately is Einshine and his friend the Anime Man. I lost all my respect for them in their weeaboo video. Not that i had much respect for them to begin with though

No. 101175

> good at hiding how annoying of a person she might be
um….. shes very obviously annoying lol HAI GUIZ

No. 101179

take a shot every time sharla says the word awesome in one of her vids

No. 101182

Watch a Sharla vid and drink every time she says "really"

The best Jvlogger is that British guy

No. 101192

I hope you mean Abroadin Japan. He's awesome.

No. 101222

No. 101225

File: 1457226389236.jpg (10.49 KB, 197x192, qt.jpg)

No. 101244

I think the four in OP's pic each have some decently entertaining videos and arent horrible people but doesnt mean i dont lol at their lives
Just sayin

No. 101254

Yes that's him, love that guy.

No. 101255

Einshine is pure cancer

No. 101258

Personally, I think Abroad in japan and Life Where I'm from are the only videos of foreigners (although LWIF is 2 kids who are half and their mom is from Japan) I can actually watch
Maybe occasionally an Ericsurf6 video

Everyone else seems to be a weeb in denial

No. 101271

Aiko is such a cutie pie.

No. 101272


i stumbled across their channel and the girl is super adorable. i love how a little girl is teaching you about her country, other kids can watch her and discover. i think it's a nice approach, since it's (at least a half) japanese person talking about normal life, not sugar coating it like a lot of weebs.

personally i'm so annoyed by einshine, his voice irritates the fuck out of me.
ive barely watched some kanadajin, sharla and the ginger girl with her hubby, but that's because theyre not interesting enough for me to stay. might give the ginger girl another try since i love looking at dog and cat cafe videos and the fox and deer village. i love animals and japan does seem like a great place to visit, even outside of tokyo there's a bunch of nature shit and temples i'd love to see.

No. 101278

In the near future, I might make videos about Japan and put them on YT. I know it's been played to death by now, but what would anyone suggest doing or not doing?

If I make it language-oriented and like a way to record progress would that be slightly better than going 'omgee I'm in Tokyo!'?

No. 101368

Speaking of jvloggers, I really don't like Kim Dao. Her voice is irritating and I'm surprised companies sponsor her despite her openly admitting to buying bootlegs of Japanese brand clothes(and reviewing them).

No. 101378

File: 1457250466802.jpeg (139.25 KB, 1280x720, image.jpeg)

Only in Japan's videos are pretty interesting and he covers way more stuff than other jvloggers, but holy fuck is he awkward and sort of creepy.

No. 101380

same. and the way she styles herself doesn't suit her at all. Plus, why the hell would you dye your hair red/hot pink or whatever when you wear pastel pink all of the time.

No. 101382

Shine really is horrible.

And kek, this angle is horrible for sharla

No. 101387

Do whatever you want because people are going to talk about you no matter what. If you honestly take what we have to say here personally then you won't be cut out for it anyway. This is the price of putting your face on the internet so either go in prepared for it or try to fight it with sock puppets and lawyers and get a whole thread made about you instead of a general thread like this.

No. 101389

Agreed with you.

But personally, I think it is possible. Taylor makes some interesting videos, and they aren't usually too "jvlogger"ish.

Maybe make it more about fashion/beauty/health/whatever than the typical "WEIRD SNACKS IN JAPAN" kinda thing.

No. 101391

But the thing about taylor is, she isn't trying to be a ~jvlogger~. Honestly, honestly that would be the least annoying way to go about it.

But you have to remember, if you want the hundreds and thousands of views and subscribers, you have to tap into the weeb community. That means snack vids and harajuku/akihabara vids.

No. 101399

okay I seriously thought einshine was gay so I looked it up to see if he addressed it and found this vid. Apparently he's not (I watched it without sound and just looked at the comments because his voice fucks me off).
Also he's pretty unattractive and seems to act like he's some dreamy manga kareshii desu!~ which also makes him unbearable to watch.

No. 101403

Damn, Sharla is fat

No. 101404

I guess anon needs to have something extra, like being super pretty/cute, or maybe have perfect Japanese. I dunno

No. 101417

Being a brit, Abroadin Japan gives me fucking life. Only Jvlogger I genuinely like watching.

No. 101423


Agreed, he's just hilarious and it's nice to see a brit as a jvlogger for a change.

No. 101425


Too many weebs make snack videos and shit like that though. Thing is with Taylor is that despite her kota copying, she is like the Dakota everyone wanted basically.

1. Tells you how get into modelling

2. How to get in shape

3. How to do hair properly without shit captions in fear of speaking incase editing mouth is difficult

4. Goes places and interacts with others… actually SHOWS you

5. Does some Jvlogging thus cute things

I don't see how Tay is that bad tbh. She's cringey and I think her new look is terrible. But she's alright.

No. 101426


Very true, if you want to get noticed in Japan you have to do weeb things and get involved.

Hence why I think Venus will someday become a jvlogger probably in the next year or so from now if her dick mother doesn't kidnap her.

Are Japanese people that interested in Jvloggers? Apart from the ones in videos with the YTber though?

Kinda makes me wonder if that is why Dakota never did Jvlogger, aside from having to shoop her face ect. I wonder if she worried that if she got too involved with the west her count with the Japanese would go down?

No. 101431

The only one I'm subscribed to is Micaela because she lives in Fukuoka. I'm sick of only hearing about Tokyo all the time. Also she seems pretty genuine.

No. 101446

I know japanese people watch sharla… Idk they probably watch the jvloggers for the lolz

No. 101456

File: 1457273865708.jpg (922.05 KB, 2830x2122, sharla-in-Japan (1).jpg)

a lot of japanese netizens shit on her and make fun of her wide face lol

No. 101470

If you want to vlog, just vlog. You shouldn't have to feel like it's your duty as a vlogger in japan to show Japan to the world and film all of these things. Thats why I prefer people like Taylor or Mimei because I don't get that same "I'm gonna show this super cool place and it's gonna get tons of views" feeling that I get from Mira, Sharla, Rachel, Texan in Tokyo, etc. I guess it must be easy to get caught up in feeling like you must be the ambassador on everything ~JAPANESE~, but it gets stale after a while.

Taylor isn't a jvlogger in my eyes, rather a regular vlogger/model who just happens to live in Japan. I like the fact that when she does 'favorites' videos, she doesn't go full weeb and only show sailor moon eyeliners and etude house shit. She recommends real books and not manga or anime series. And when she does show people Japanese places, it's more like "Oh hey, I was doing a gig and we just so happened to stop by here".

No. 101510

My nigga. I love his videos so much, the things he does doesn't seem forced that much. Plus Natsuki's the best.

No. 101539

She once said something like
"I'm so famuuz, I gotta move every 4 month cuz people kept stalking me and showing up at my doorstep"

No. 101564

The Mirafag who is probably Mira just said that a few days ago in the Mira thread. I had never heard of her saying that until then, though maybe she did say that. It doesn't seem like she moves that much though, and I think it was mainly referencing Mira being a crazy bitch who won't leave her alone.

No. 101566

Yeah she literally claimed that she moved every 4 months because of stalkers which confused me because that means she lives out of temporary apartments and doesn't really own anything in order to be able to do that? why would you continue youtubing and revealing your location constantly if you'e being followed on the train and stalked outside of your house on a regular basis?

In the same interview she also claimed that youtubers are disingenuous and attention seeking for discussing racism in their videos. What the actual fuck. Racism is a highly important issue that is relevant to everyone. It's interesting to hear the opinions of various races in relation to their experiences in japan or anywhere in the world for that matter.

She acts so bored in all of her videos which consists exclusively of eating with other boring people. She's brain dead as fuck no wonder she was fooled by mira.

No. 101583


Yeah, I know what you mean. It does get irritating how these jvloggers seem to "OWN" Japan because they make videos or are married/dating a Japanese. It's annoying.

Taylor seems normal. She's actually alright tho.

No. 101586


Whereas if it was Dakota doing the vid, she's just recommend SM and weeb shit

No. 101658


Ikr, they're so annoying and obnoxious. They act like being Japanese is some special privilege, and always complain about weebs even though half their subscribers are. They keep asserting they're not because they're haffu but their lifestyle is equally as bad as them. Einshine keeps going around to cringy weeb events and wasting money on weeb shit, while the Anime Man is obsessed with hentai/ecchi or whatever.

No. 101665

Lmao so far from the selfies she posts

No. 101708


I always feel weird looking at her because she looks exactly like my old manager (sage for off topic)

No. 101818

i miss hannahinjapana :(

No. 101841

Yeah you can be a weeb even if your japanese sometimes they're even worse than the western ones

No. 101846


Lol no wtf, you can't be a weeb if you're Japanese or half. They are just enjoying their pop culture. Weeb is thinking Nippon is amazing and acting as if they are Japanese.

Are they cringey yeah. The only halfu worth watching is PDR tbh. He's clearly into geek culture but he doesn't make a million videos of it.

No. 101859

I think u can still act like a weeb even if youre japanese or half. But because weeb means wannabe japanese, its kind of a misnomer. They would just be a super otaku i guess.

No. 101860

It's so weird how Sharla is in her 30s yet hands out with shine who is 19 and they go out and buy weeby stuff like pokemon cards and plushies together. She just posted a vid about it and i felt like I was watching a babysitter with a child lol

it all depends on where you grew up tbh. If you are a westernized japanese person or half who spent their whole life in america or what have you and have an anime phase, you are no different than a black or white kid doing it.

But I like to think there are different 'species' of weebs. Like you have people are are super weeby because they like anime and figurines and stuff, but then there are people like mira who don't watch anime or read manga or listen to jpop but still want to be japanese.

No. 101870

Did you ever look at the comment section of Shine's videos? It's full of weeaboos, but extreme. You read words like "kawaii" and "baka" at every 10th comment or so. Bet his fans are 13 year old girls who see the perfect animu boyfriendo in Shine or something..

No. 101872

YOO PDR is god! I love his videos..even if they are super random most of the time.
Thing with him is, he seems as if he's more into western culture (or at least subculture) than japanese. It's a nice change for once.

No. 101873


She's in her 30s?!

No. 101875


Hafu kid with light hair… geez. Bet the father was pleased at that outcome ;)

Pfft but really though… why do weebs glorify this lifestyle as a house wife in japan? Looks boring as fuck. Reminds me of the UK here with the stay at home mums on the dole gaining JSA.

No. 101881

the parents ended up divorced actually, which is kind of sad. She lives in the states now. I liked her channel because she actually showed some of the downsides of living in Japan, like missing her family and how hard it is to actually raise a kid there.

Much better than mira's "I'm totes just a single girl who is going to teach you how to be a housewife in JAPAN!!"

No. 101882

she said she was going on 31 last year on 2.5 oyajis, so she's probably around 32ish.

No. 101902

i think he is pretty entertaining but cant believe he's with mimei who is boring af.
duncan is half, right? so he is JP citizenship i guess.

No. 101903

yea mang she was too real.

No. 101909

Yeah he's half british. He lives in Japan for most of his life, though. His younger brother PDS can't speak english so i take they moved to Japan when his brother was still a baby.
I don't mind Mimei, i don't find her interesting either but i find them cute as a couple. Actually Duncan found Mimei on youtube and fell for her and made a move to get to know her. Reminds me a little bit of Manaki and Venus now that i think of it

No. 101911

I like the fact that mimei doesn't use her husband or his family so she can educate the world and expose the secrets of nippon. They just kind of do their own thing, and when they do collab it's all just really fun stuff

No. 102039


Ah well, if she's ever stuck for cash she can always throw the kid into modelling. Japanese will gush over the kid's light hair and wonderful luscious whiteness they coo over.

Mira is a train wreck. I hope she falls pregnant just so we can see what kind of disaster she brings into the world… mostly her terrible parenting skills.

No. 102357

I miss her too.
I loved the realness of her vlogs.
None of that kawaii anime bullshit

No. 102364

I'm surprised she hasn't been knocked up by now. Doesn't she secretly have a husband or something? You think she would pump out kids so she could be the perfect japanese housewife desu.

No. 102376


Pfft, all weebs anon. Easy enough to find some sad old fuck though. Any will probably marry just as long as they can marry and not die alone.

No. 102725

The only thing I dislike about Jvloggers is that they usually are not that into historic places or political issues. I'm kind of glad Sharla and Rachul/Jun started to go to older sites to talk about how Japan was when they were closed off to the world but aside from that its boring "lets go to cafes or Starbucks!" "Lets go to Pokeworld for the 50th time!" "Lets go to Korea for a day and only eat food!/shop!" If you're gunna make a food blog made a food blog like Mark Wiens. I get it, you're a weeb but this is old material..

No. 102738

I agree with everything except Mark Wiens because he gives me the creeps.


No. 102757

Yeah he kinda overreacts.
But you know what I mean. Explain a little more about the place you eat at than "oh its a place I get udon at alll the timmmeee"

No. 102938


Same here, it's the same old shit we've seen before. I get it if you're new to Japan and you wanna weeb out then fair play. But actually making videos about it for the the dozenth time gets boring. It's cringey how they're all about 30 tho.

No. 103027


I really appreciate how he provides a lot of information about the food and I can see how passionate he is about vlogging. but yeah his reactions can get really creepy on some videos lol.

No. 103086

>lets go to cafes or Starbucks!

No. 103092


Knew it'd happen and she'd get into Jvlogging about the typical weeb things over there. Fair enough she's free and enjoying herself. But it'll just be a cringe when she collabs with other jvloggers.

Rachel & Jun, Venus & Manaki with Victor (Gimmeaflakeman) interviewing them all.


Oh god

No. 103104

>lets go to cafes or Starbucks!
the white girl life lives on, even in japan

No. 103107

why does she make such exaggerated sucking/eating faces and noises.

No. 103127

Sorry to interrupt but i think Sharla is one of the most annoying. Its not even her fault but her voice is so stressful…
Really there's something about the way she talks that makes me click away the video

No. 103154

I honestly wish jvloggers would actually blog about stuff currently happening in their area. I know most of them live in tokoyo but they could, even as a group, go travel to a festival. Just something different? Like who the fuck cares about maid cafes there's literally thousands of them. At the very least they could go to the maid cafes that have a twist like the monster one. Sometimes I wish I just jvlogged to show people the awesome things other jvloggers refused to go to.

No. 103158

Lol imagine her sucking dick

No. 103159

Am I the only person who cannot fucking stand Sharla's voice? It sounds like she has her nose closed and she's breathing through her mouth as she talks. Does she think she sounds cool or something? Does she not notice it? There's no way she doesn't notice that. Srsly am I alone on this? Especially in her vlogs I hear it.

No. 103161

File: 1457559081539.jpg (76.49 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (2).jpg)


And she also does that thing where instead of saying "I'm", it comes out sounding like "I'n".

"Heyyy guyyyyyz, so you guyzzzz have requested that I try some crazyyyyy (insert popular weeb franchise here) (insert snack food here), so I'n gunna do it for you guyzzzzz todeeeeh."

She also talks reallyyyyy slowly, which probably adds to the grating. Seriously, switch the speed on any of her vlogs to 1.5, and they suddenly become more tolerable.

No. 103163

File: 1457559946035.jpg (36.13 KB, 480x360, hqdefault (3).jpg)

Most annoying couple ever. They make me want to go watch Rachel and Jun, and thats saying something.

No. 103165


Manaki is probably not even a mouthful so it'd fail

No. 103166


That's why I like Gimmeaflakeman's video tbh. His everyday just walking around Nagoya ones and it looks normal none of this "tday im in a cat cafe! with kawaii maido and pokemon!" we've seen it before. Cool if you wanna do that but pfft.

No. 103167




Popular cos it's AMWF and they'll probably get together with Rachel & Jun thus Venus and Manaki too. Then you'll get blacks and latinos commenting "why dey no black wimmin involved?"

I can already see it.

No. 103169

"This is so awesome"
"So awesome "
"So cute"

No. 103171

>they'll probably get together with Rachel & Jun

They already did, and they probably wouldn't have had half of their subscribers if it weren't for that collab. R&J are boring as fuck, but at least their vids bring SOMETHING to the table. TexaninTokyo's vids are pretty bad, because these two don't know how to speak in front of a camera or edit down stupid shit like her husband acting like a child for 3 whole minutes.

No. 103172

File: 1457561114606.png (21.06 KB, 442x100, youarefucking32yearsold.png)

"Awww maaaaaan"

No. 103173

I read Grace's blog sometimes and didn't hate it, but ever since they started vlogging on Youtube it's been 10x worse. She seems so desperate.

>these two don't know how to speak in front of a camera or edit down stupid shit


No. 103174

Her videos are literally just her squealing with joy as she spends hundreds and hundreds of yen on nice restaurants, japan staycations (like fox island type stuff) and really stupid overpriced weeaboo crap like pokemon plushies. I can't imagine that a third-tier youtube channel's earnings alone could provide for the kind of hyper-consumerist lifestyle she seems to have. Does she have a shadow-husbando funding her like Mira?

I have to admit, she looks pretty good for her age. And even better with the help of her cheater angles which the Shine vid posted here proves she has down to a science, wow

No. 103175


I meant with Venus and Manaki too anon. It's bound and going to happen.

With her thrown in the mix now that she lives there, it's just going to get worse and all the weebs are going to end up sitting together in a big circle and talking about how kawaii their nip husbands are and animu bs. 2016's biggest cringe factor.

No. 103177


It wouldn't surprise me anon. They all come off as cute these weebs but they're wolves in kawaii alpha onesies if you ask me!

No. 103178


No. 103180

File: 1457561811927.png (237.82 KB, 518x553, Screenshot 2016-03-10 at 7.14.…)

She's delusional about her ~work from home~ lifestyle. All she does is draw three panel sonichu-teir comics about mundane stuff. And writing a blog entry once a week. I know you are supposed to take your work seriously, but it's a fucking blog with pictures and some drawings lol

No. 103182

I don't think she does, she's pretty open about other stuff so she'd probably talk about a husband/boyfriend. As far as I remember she worked a real job that paid pretty well but quit recently. And making videos with other youtubers probaby brings in a lot of cash too.

No. 103185


Nah, I agree. I'm no fan of theres and I've seen probably 2-3 videos. That's it. Too boring for me.

God I remember when Victor (GAFM) asked Jun some questions, he asked about Jun's father and he said he worked in England. I remember Victor got well twattish about that and was like "Ooooh… England scoff" I thought that was such an immature thing to say.

I like Gimmeaflakeman but he can be really immature for a man of his age tbh. His wife is a miserable fucker, she never smiles or says anything. The baby is the only one who looks happy tbh.

No. 103186

I only know of rachel because she did that video "defending weeaboos" and "being a unicorn in japan" they were so incredibly cringeworthy but i understand why shes the weeb queen now (waiting for her white knights to say i'm jelly in 5…4…) but those videos seemed to be what rubbed people up the wrong way.

No. 103187

File: 1457562437438.png (24.18 KB, 563x240, Screenshot 2016-03-10 at 7.25.…)

everytime somebody asks her about having a boyfriend she's like "Urhurhurrr not gunna answer that sorryyy." And there is an old 4chan thread that's archived somewhere online where was obviously selfposting, and showed pics of Sharla's Korean bf from her private facebook. The links on the thread are dead, because Sharla deleted all of them.

She may or may not have a boyfriend now, but it's obvious that she just wants to hide the fact even if she does. Same as Mira.

No. 103188


Also it creeps me out how the amount of Victor's audience are all these old guys. All asking the same shit and wanting to live in Japan. Probably all after a fuck and empty their coin sacks over there. Gross.

No. 103189

I'm glad im not the only one who thought GAFM was immature. His response to rachels unicorn video did make me chuckle tho.

No. 103190

If you have time, here's a long video of victor being super butthurt about Reddit shitting on jvloggers.

No. 103191

You realize Mira was probably the one to post that right? I doubt sharla would selfpost on 4chan, but mira would 100% pretend to be sharla selfposting.

No. 103192


Yeah, she do does. Her, Mira and Kota. They're all shagging some nip. Visa stay, future kid for some stability and shit.

No. 103193

woops, I meant meant to say sockpuppeting no selfposting lol

I can't believe I forget one of the most Mira-est of all words

No. 103194

Oh, haha sorry. Yeah that would be Mira then to throw sharla under the bus. She might be trying to keep things more hidden now just to prevent that from happening again.

No. 103195


Yeah, he is very immature. He's ite' and I like his go-pro videos even if they are just an everyday thing. But he can be such a tool, there was that video with him and his wife shopping in a supermarket (before his son was born) and I remember him filming her, she was getting so so annoyed by it. People were evening commenting how pissed off she looked.

Also a video when they were in bed. She was trying to sleep and he kept talking on and on to the camera. She even budged him to say "stfu" basically. But he kept talking.

He asks Tomoko some right shitty things sometimes. Personal and pervy questions.

No. 103196

we dont know where but Taylor is leaving Japan lol probably for a trip tho

No. 103198

i think weebs get defensive of rachel because of that unicorn video and also want to believe like she does that being a white western girl in japan makes you some sort of amazing mystical creature that the japanese people will be i awe of (although, like GAFM said, the tern "unicorn" means something else entirely kek)

No. 103199

she's probably going to Dubai to meet up with a sponsor.

No. 103200

when that black guy went to japan and asked the japanese on the street "have you seen godzilla?" "where godzilla at?"

No. 103201


he roared and scared the baby

No. 103204

Does anybody here know moonspeak enough to judge Jvloggers Japanese? People like Rachel, Sharla, Mimei, Micaela, TexaninTokyo, etc.

No. 103207

Black guy trying to buy all the lace front wigs in Japan so he can burn them apparently

No. 103210

You know what's bad? How we already have jvloggers who are going around Japan doing weeb shit.

Then we've got actual Japanese people making videos to foreigners about "How to get a Japanese bf/gf" and "Do Japanese guys/girls like _____ guys/girls".

Like why? How did THIS kick off?!

No. 103212

You know how white girls get big egos when they go to Japan because more guys tend to tell them how pretty and attractive you are?

This is that kind of guy.

No. 103213

"How tu get da guy of ya dreamz in Japan!"

Is he fucking serious?

No. 103217

File: 1457564647692.png (121.01 KB, 258x245, 1455678207999.png)

wooooh shit lmao

No. 103218

Foreigners are most likely insecure about how they would be viewed from a sexual or romantic standpoint because they don't fall under the typical standard of Japanese beauty.

It's not like it's wrong. It helps give the viewer a push into dating someone outside their race.

No. 103219


I feel threatened when he speaks

No. 103220





No. 103222

They seem fine to me. They clearly know Japanese.

No. 103223

"Would you date black wimmin?"

These ones.

The "Do you like black girls/guys?" are the worst. Why do people need so much approval fgs?

No. 103226

It's not approval. It's more so reassurance. That's not a bad thing. It gives them the confidence to approach a guy with less fear.

No. 103237

I agree. You mostly see all types of Asian women with black men but it's not as common to see a black woman with an Asian man.

No. 103749


Makes black women look like a charity case in the dating world tbh

these videos need to go

No. 103757

File: 1457573268789.jpg (18.38 KB, 300x298, tumblr_inline_o1jiz6ko0o1tj3jp…)

>Makes black women look like a charity case in the dating world tbh

No, it doesn't. They're just curious, which isn't bad because like >>103237 said, you don't often see an Asian male with a black female. Especially in Asian countries. So it's not out of place to ask and for an answer to be given.

No. 103759

Uhh that was Mira posting Sharla's pictures, jealous that Sharla gets more attention. Why on earth would Sharla post about having a Korean boyfriend on 2ch?? Sharla even called out Mira for uploading her private stuff to the internet.

That was also around the time Mira started lying about her own boyfriends and husbands, so it's clear the whole "secret boyfriend" thing was on her mind.

The only difference is Mira lies about her husband/boyfriends and says she's single whereas Sharla says it's private. They both may be hiding something but one is lying about it and the other's not.

No. 103766


No, I understand anon. Btw I'm not white myself and I just think it makes black women look desperate when I see these types of videos. It's as shallow as the "AMBW" tag. Cos… it REALLY needs a tag. It doesn't.

Even thelovelyify got fed up with that shit because girls were fetishizing her relationship with her boyfriend who is asian (she's black) and started hating the community thus videos like that.

I know they're being done for awareness and to tell foreigners "it's okay we like you!"

Can't help but think it's embarrassing.


Coming from a black woman btw

No. 103774

>I just think it makes black women look desperate
It doesn't, it's just plain curiosity.

>It's as shallow as the "AMBW" tag. Cos… it REALLY needs a tag. It doesn't.

It does. Again, it helps give them a push, and eases their fears on dating outside their race.

>I know they're being done for awareness and to tell foreigners "it's okay we like you!"

Then what's really so bad? Some people are clueless or curious and this helps. There's nothing wrong with asking and there's nothing wrong with responding. I think you're looking at little too deep into it.

>Coming from a black woman btw

I'm black too, but I don't know if it's really that important.

No. 103778


Girl, it makes us look embarrassing. I can understand as to why they're making these videos and such. But I just think it makes us desperate for that acceptance. I think it's NICE that black women are dating there, it's good and a change. But I do think these videos even the AMWF ones are cringey!

No. 103784

I don't know much about the channel but maybe it's not about needing approval. It's a really interesting topic in general to see how a different culture views people of different races when it comes to forming relationships. Plus it could give some people the confidence to explore outside their typical dating pool/friend groups whatever.

No. 103785

>it makes us look embarrassing
>I just think it makes us desperate for that acceptance

I really can't see it and maybe it's because I see on occasion that people say "oh nobody outside of blacks wants a black girl" or some variation being said to other black girls. Once you hear something so much, you start thinking "Well, it must be true."and I believe that's why there's so many of these videos because there's so many girls hearing this and black women faint outside their race isn't as commonly shown as black men doing so. So, it's more of what I've already saying, curing their curiosity and easing their worries. Sure, it's not going to be all sunshine and rainbows, but at least they know they can take that first step if they want to do so.

No. 103786

This is how I view it as well. It provides people with the stepping stones to interacting with a person and culture they're unfamiliar with.

No. 103848

I don't think there needs to be a tag either. I'm Arab (not white passing either) dating a Japanese man in Japan, and I never see representation of Arab women dating Japanese guys online or in real life even though they want to. There's no tag for Arab girls dating Asians or Middle Eastern or Desi girls dating Asian men.

No. 103880

did you not read the thread? i said i meant Mira posted that shit, not sharla.

No. 103941

She's with some YouTuber agency now, so she probably can't talk about her boyfriend, if there is one. I suspect this is the case because Micaela was with the same agency until Jan. 1st this year. She said on her Instagram that the reason she left is because she wanted to talk about her boyfriend, a half-Chinese half-Japanese guy.

No. 103943

Micaela has the best Japanese. Since she left her agency, I've noticed some grammar errors in her Instagram captions, as well as a decline of bilingual captions, but hey. Still better than the rest of these women.

Mimei's accent is VERY thick and her grammar is a mess. She can only say simple things without mistakes. I can't watch her videos because her Japanese bothers me so much.

Sharla, although she was "working as a translator" for an English learning website for a few months, seems to not be as good at Japanese as she pretends to be. She can't respond quickly in conversations with native speakers, if her デカ友 appearance is any indication. Also, when I checked out the site she was translating for a few years ago, all she had translated was three sentence of CATS SPEAKING, so it was all written in cutesy hiragana. Very simple stuff. I think she vlogs exclusively in English for a reason.

No matter what she says, Mira is nowhere near fluent. She passed the JLPT N2 (as did Sharla?) so she's probably about the same level as Sharla.

Grace and Rachel are probably around JLPT N3 level. They've got the basics down, but hearing them try to put a sentence together is painful. Rachel heavily cuts her Japanese videos to make it look like that all came out of her naturally. I suspect Jun writes scripts for her as well. The video where all four are together in Yoyogi Park talking in Japanese is one to check out to see their Japanese levels. They both looks like they don't understand the longer things their husbands say, and they both go back to English easily.

Of course, I assume that everyone has improved since their last Japanese videos that I've seen!

I live here too. So I get it. You feel that you're having good conversations with people so you "know Japanese". There are so many foreigners here that feel like "I understand most of what people are saying" so they don't study. Then when it comes down to it, I'm playing translator for them and trying my best not to cry when I hear the broken Japanese coming out of their mouths.

Yes, I am snobby about this. Non-Asian foreigners here get a pass when it comes to the language, with simple "HAI KAWAII DESU" getting high praise. Asian foreigners have pressure to learn Japanese perfectly.

No. 104027


Tbh I don't think language is a competition. Depends on how much people put into their learning and some just pick it up quicker. Thing with Japanese is that it's a trend and people always want to be better than someone else at it. I just think it's pathetic.

No. 104028


All these interracial couple tags/videos are embarrassing. They're all desperate and awful.

No. 104031

Kek I see what you did there anon. Underrated.

No. 104062


I get that this is coming from your own personal experiences, however it all comes down to what people want. You probably want more out of being in Japan than some others do.

I understand your viewpoint. However, making mistakes and sounding like complete trash is one of the many stages of learning any language. I'm right there trying to find a way out. Some people try, some don't.

No. 104065

Another asian who lived in Japan for a while, I totally get that pressure to learn Japanese more seriously after being surrounded by Japanese who immediately assume you should know everything. It really sucks.

sage for OT

No. 104075

>>103848 Agreed.

No. 104130

File: 1457677997823.jpg (47.12 KB, 549x366, 79771.jpg)

She's cute in a homely way, I'd definitely fuck her. I'd also secretly save up money to make her nose smaller though if I was her husband. The yellow teeth, I don't mind them too much.

No. 104216

No, it's not a competition, and yes, sounding like trash is part of the process.

It just irks me that most of the foreign youtubers say that they "know Japanese" when they are intermediate at best.

No. 104219

> Asian foreigners have pressure to learn Japanese perfectly.
really or do you just perceive it that way because of some complex you got going on? :^)

No. 104225


> Non-Asian foreigners here get a pass when it comes to the language, with simple "HAI KAWAII DESU" getting high praise. Asian foreigners have pressure to learn Japanese perfectly.

And Asian people get a pass as to not having Japanese people talking down to them as if they were down syndrome babies.

"Wow, you know Konnichiwa? Sugooooiii!"

Non-asian people aren't particularly fond of being treated like this.

No. 104240

As a non Asian foreigner in Japan I'll agree with >>103943
Plenty of Chinese kids at my school can speak Chinese, English, Japanese and like German but if one white girl can speak basic Japanese people act like she's a genius or hot shit. Most White people in Japan are pretty fucking cringe worthy.

No. 104268

She says she used to have a job, but i think she wanted to go 100% into youtube a while ago so now idk? She said she'd do more sponsorship stuff to be able to afford living that way.

Also didn't mira doxx her fb on pull and post that sharla has a husbando (or is at least engaged) and is hiding it? Not sure if that was true or not though.

No. 104269

This reminds me of when Latinos go to the US and are disrespected by mostly white people because they can't speak proper English, and when a white person goes to Japan and and because they speak a little Japanese they feel like hot shut.

Forgot what they did to others…

No. 104270

*shit, sage for autocorrect.

No. 104272

Guys, this thread is about Jvloggers, go make a thread in /b/ if you want to talk about being triggered

Anyways back on topic.

I remember there used to be this really creepy fat dude who was a JET. He used to do things like go to the mall with his high school students (girls) and refused to lose weight because "he was going to die young anyway"

No. 107478

Sharla is getting married

No. 107480

Grace looks like a chubby Ellen Page

No. 107483


No. 107524

I'm guessing he is japanese.

No. 107972

File: 1458532538614.png (191.03 KB, 470x465, Screenshot 2016-03-21 at 12.53…)

according to sharla's twitter, this isn't his actual picture, bu he looks like this guy

No. 107980

About time, she's almost a Christmas cake

No. 109001

Well damn. For a while there I was convinced she was a lesbian.

No. 109004

No…. She was just making a joke

No. 109023

What do you mean by "she's almost a Christmas cake" ???

No. 109024

I agree, I almost thought she was a lesbian as well or just asexual (not interested in either gender).

No. 109025

Isn't that Sakurada Dori?

No. 109026

Some fans even started speculating if it is Yamapi because she was working with him on her new job and for some reason removed the part "I'm working with Yamapi" on her video title before putting out the engagement video.

No. 109027

Fans always have a wild imagination. Doubt he would marry some random jvlogger. Weebs fantasy marriage couple.

No. 109032


Well duh its a weeb's dream to get hitched to one of them

No. 109043

What joke? Some fan was going to make 'fan art' of them together, and Sharla said to use him as a template because she saw his picture and thought he looked just like him.

But you know how weebs can be. They think any overweight asian man ~looks just like gdragon omg~

No. 109046

im pretty sure it is….. she doesnt hang out with any white foreigners right? and she said he was kind of in shot in some of her videos, like the back of his head.

No. 109047

Best quote ever. To a weeb a sumo wrestler looks just like gdragon.

No. 109048

ugh. all you have to do is put 'in JAPAN' in your video title and rake in the views!!

> 'new job IN JAPAN'

> 'eating lunch in JAPAN'
> 'walking my dog in JAPAN'
> 'taking a shit IN JAPAN!!!!!!!'

No. 109049

Not that anon but "Christmas cake" is a Japanese term to describe (roughly) a woman who is too old for a man to want to marry

No. 109051

"after the 25th, no one wants it"

No. 109052

is it a japanese term? i thought its just a term….

No. 109071

She hangs out with a lot of foreigners but most are girls. I'm assuming her fiancee is someone either at her old job (she had an office job right?) or maybe someone in the entertainment industry. (not an actor, but maybe a manager or just a behind the scenes type of person), but it's obviously someone who doesn't have to worry or doesn't worry about job safety and image since she insinuated that he didn't want to be in the videos because he wasn't interested, not because of privacy issues, which is the big reason a lot of the Japanese spouses typically don't like being in youtube videos, they don't want to say anything incriminating and get in trouble at work for something dumb, or have their foreign spouse get them in trouble.

I've literally never heard that term before, kek.

No. 109072

I wonder why people are saying she's marrying a japanese guy because she's a weeb, when she's probably marrying a Japanese guy because she's lived in Japan a majority of her life and the population is mostly….Japanese.

No. 109080

Christmas cakes are obv a thing outside of Japan, but it only has that slang/derogatory meaning in Japan

No. 109131

People call everything a weeb now.

If you aren't a pathetic Japanese wannabe and put Japanese people/their country on a holy pedestal, then you aren't a weeb.

No. 109140

No. 109206

Because she obsesses over weeb things like pokemon, sailor moon, anime crap, hangs out with Einshine all the time or those other anime obsessed foreign guys and girls. Most of her videos consist of either weird snacks, gachapon toys, random anime merchadise, weird theme cafes, etc. She doesn't seem to have any full Japanese friends, just like all the other jvloggers who all seemed to hang out in their youtube foreign jvlogger clique.

No. 109220

File: 1458688430442.png (257.78 KB, 422x421, Screenshot 2016-03-23 at 8.12.…)

How weebs think their idols really look like

No. 109222


Now I sorta understand why Dakota hands out with Japanese and not these twats.

No. 109223


That's sad

No. 109305

There is another man called Yuta on youtube who is friends with texanintokyo who does the same thing as this ugly dude. Yuta is also ugly too, and he keeps encouraging white dudes to get a Japanese girl, he does do the other way around as well with Japanese guys after some foreign girls complained he had no videos on AMWF/AMBF but he mostly helps and focuses on WMAF, with videos like how to get a Japanese girl for a white guy, and interviews Japanese girls on the street asking if they like sexpat white dudes. Like what the hell is wrong with him? He is also a nerdy loser looking dude as well. But I don`t get why Japanese people are making these videos now after the boom of foreign jvloggers, its like they are encouraging more weebs to come to Japan.

No. 109374



Mulatto-chan here, me and my Japanese friend were speaking about Jvloggers. He finds them pretty damn embarrassing, he watches them for a laugh. Mira is his favourite, he says how awful she is because all she ever does is exaggerate things. But Yuta… he and me just dislike the guy. Especially that video he made about asking hafu on the street about their experience living in Japan.

I told my friend this is messed up. He agrees, he said "It is like he is treating mixed people like animals". I wouldn't say that but it's just creepy how these fuckers are obsessed with race.

I said it makes us all look desperate. Personally, if Yuta came up to me in Takeshita-dori and asked me "WUD U D8 JAPANESE MAN?" I would just fucking shove his camera to the floor and walk off.

It's bad enough my friend once asked me this and I told him to never ask me again, showed him creepy Yuta and he never asked after that.

No. 109380

>how the idols themselves also think they look.

No. 109381


It is like they are encouraging the weebs tbh.

"Everyone come to Japan pls! Our birth rate is shit and we need to procreate with you all! Pls we have anime and kawaii! COME PLEASE!"

No. 109387

Inviting a bunch of weebs into the country to fix the birthrate is just a plan for disaster. The crime rate would be high just like the U.S. and the culture will be lost. It would become another Walmart-topia.

No. 109404

It's embarrassing for me to watch too, but I can't help but think that there's some cultural nuance lost in translation, ie Yuta is basically expressing himself in Japanese, using English words, so he comes off worse in videos than he really is.

Kind of like Adora BatBrat (Swedish snowflake woman), if any of you know her.

No. 109441

Old posts but gotta agree w/>>104028 anon. I'm black myself and I'm into Asian guys, though I won't limit myself to them because who knows where you can find love. Anyways, I never got the "do you like black wiMon" thing. It's one thing to do it over in the states (still cringy though), but It's EXTREMELY cringey to me in the context of other cultures/countries because they can't like EVERY black women (bcuz logic), or maybe never even thought about it closely (since OBVIOUSLY they aren't common in a lot of cultures like Japans'). It's just a pointless question. It's like why are you expecting them to b like "AMBW FTW", as if that attitude itself doesn't imply a simple fetish for black women anyways? You really want to be with a guy and think you could make a relationship last with someone who might not even speak your language fluently, has a different cultural upbringing than you, etc, all over a fetish? Then if he does actually respond 'hai'(probably to be polite in the face of such awkwardness), I imagine too many black girls going "yaaiY! somebody in the whirlD thinks I'M aTtraKTivEu." bats eyelases No….Stop.

Sry OT as well, but I wanted to get that off my chest.

No. 109458

This is 4 years old, but Sharla's man could be Korean? https://twitter.com/SharlaInJapan/status/213668372590755843

No. 109460

lol, right? what are you supposed to say when you're randomly stopped in the middle of the street and asked if you would date (insert random race or ethnicity here)? of course you would err on the PC/polite side.

sage for no contribution.

No. 109497

Highly possible since she seems uninterested in traditional Japanese stuff, history or culture or anything too deep about Japan. She like most jvloggers just like "fad" stuff or contemporary things in Japan for example anime, coffee cafes (which have nothing to do with Japan itself) and "kawaii" things. Like if Harajuku and Tokyo didn't exist then she wouldn't of came to Japan or even be interested. And she doesn't hang out with Japanese people (other than half-Japanese). So I wouldn't be surprised if she is marrying some other Asian that is not Japanese like a Korean or Chinese instead. Not just that but it would make sense if she was marrying that Korean guy you linked since that was 4 years ago she mentioned him, that is plenty of dating time that maybe 4 years later he finally proposed marriage to her. Some people were suggesting Yamapi but she hasn't met Yamapi that long ago and he is a big big celebrity in Japan so I don't think he would date someone who isn't on the same celebrity status as him or isn't a model (since actors tend to date models).

No. 109499

File: 1458718688827.jpg (241.5 KB, 1600x1200, P1070976.JPG)


lol really? She looks like a gremlin.

No. 109515

File: 1458721285163.jpg (16.87 KB, 393x292, elv.jpg)

No. 109554

I too highly doubt that her fiancé is Japanese. She likely would have said so if he was. I think she's avoiding mentioning his ethnicity since she was criticized by Japanese fans when she had a Korean boyfriend.

Micala's boyfriend is half-Chinese and half-Japanese, but she makes a point not to mention it either.

No. 109557

File: 1458731054104.png (4.05 MB, 1242x2208, image.png)

For someone going on and on in their blog about how "conventionally attractive" they are, there sure is a lot of photographic evidence proving otherwise.

No. 109562

>> all white people are american
Hey, you must be american

No. 109563

I think she is conventionally attractive with her hair and makeup done (then again practixally anyone can look decent with hair and make) but shes all nuhhhhhhh my
Husband lurvs me au natural

No. 109565

I mean does it matter what nationality sharlas boyfriend is?
Does it really matter?
Can you not your life if you dont know?
Hes obviously in japan so hes either japanese or half
Im 99% sure having a white bf isnt kawaii enough

No. 109567

She's pretty, though?

The looks comments on here get kind of stupid. Someone was calling Taylor fat the other day, and I remember people calling Mira fat. All the girls here get called hideous trolls but some of them really are quite beautiful. It loses its meaning when every. girl. is ugly and fat. There's plenty of dramu without trying to force in "ugly".

But maybe that's just me? I'm here to point out cringey behavior because I don't like what they do. If they stopped doing stupid shit I wouldn't have a problem with them. As long as they're not pretending to be beauty stars then I don't really see how looks are an issue. You can't really help how you're born. grav3yardgirl Bunny knows she doesn't have the most attractive face in the world but she owns it and I think her confidence is cool. I just think this "ugly ugly" stuff is low effort.

No. 109568

Lol k didn't know you have to love tea ceremony and the Kojiki in order to date a Japanese or live in Japan

No. 109569

Calm down, like who cares if someone cares? Like does it really matter if someone you don't know cares about some youtuber's boyfriend?
And there are alot of Zainichi and recent Korean immigrants in Japan. I know of a Korean family who all immigrated to Japan with their kids when their kids were already full grown adults to run a restaurant.

No. 109601

I think she's pretty, but her eyes creep me out, they seem so empty and without a soul

No. 109605

I agree. She has a lisp and her teeth are always showing which makes it look like her mouth is really big. Her skin always looks oily, she always looks sleepy with purple circles under her eyes and her hair is usually a mess.

Add that in with her big ego, her tendency to brag, her controlling bossy personality and her childish behavior=most annoying ever. She comes from a rich family yet she is a such a tight wad.

No. 109606

File: 1458743038555.jpg (222.44 KB, 1200x1055, IMG_7213.jpg)

At least a lot of these are fixable. She'd look a lot better if she got better at doing her makeup and wearing more flattering clothes for her body. Those things just take practice and commitment, so I guess it's better than being born looking like an ape's ass (coughMIRAcough). but she seems like the type who think makeup ~defines~ a woman, and thinks she is above it. She looked a lot better with longer hair too.

No. 109608

her videos are a bit corny and not super exciting or anything but its always nice having all different kinds of peoples views as a gaijin in japan. she's not hate-able or anything.

No. 109609

so what exactly is sharlas NEW JOB IN JAPAN?
i know she quit her 'real job' to do YT fulltime but whats this?

No. 109616

I don't follow her but i happened upon that vid last night. It actually sounds like a really cool job. She's working with Japanese actors teaching them their english lines in movies, and also translating scripts/lines fron Jp to eng. I'd love to work with that.

No. 109620

I wasn't comparing her to Mira, I already know that Mira is homely than ever and has a personality to match.

You are right though most of those are fixable but she doesn't want to fix any of it, like you said she thinks she is "above it" to try and dress more attractively and wearing making. It is annoying though how she has so many blog topics about how she doesn't care about clothes or makeup because she is so beautiful without it and that she doesn't protect her skin from UV rays and loves getting a sun burn, she was bragging about getting burnt before not wearing any lotion, but its going to age her later on. I agree that her hair looks better longer.

No. 109622

Honestly why is no makeup something that needs to be fixed? If she and her husband are fine with her wearing no makeup then good for them. I wear makeup because I feel like I have to but if I could get by without it then I would, too.

No. 109635

Because she looks tired all the time. Mainly what I mean by makeup is foundation for her skin that would help greatly. She can be fine without wearing makeup but she shouldn't brag all the time about it if so.

No. 109637

I don't know. I feel like if someone doesn't want to wear makeup, then good on them. It probably saves them a ton of time and money. Some women are really bitchy towards other women who don't want to wear it.

No. 109644

Grace looks fine with makeup but the ~~au natural~~ pic is so greasy. Oily skin! Those crows feet! Massive teeth! She's like 25 right? She's going to look like shit at 30 :/ Still better than Mira though lol

Her comics are terrible too. As someone said, the comics are on the same level as Sonichu. How she got popular enough to get a Kickstarter 1000% funded I'll never understand.

No. 109653

Agreed, she draws like an elementary school child. And yeah she needs to take care of her skin, it looks bad for her age.

Mira just looks so goofy nothing can help her, her spaced far apart eyes, droopy eyes, overbite teeth, her upturned turnip nose with revealing nostril holes, and her rotten personality. The only thing that could help Mira is if she had face surgery but even then it might turn out like MJ and still her personality would be rotten.

No. 109731


None of them are attractive. They're not butt ugly but… I don't see how they're fawned over.

No. 109735


Espesh when we have Barbie, Shani and that other one making porn while being gyaru there. All desperate and rachet.

omg what if Bibi and Himeka get to Japan tho?

No. 109797

>omg what if Bibi and Himeka get to Japan tho

Bibi seems to have calmed down since Himeka ran off, so I don't think her going would be bad. Himeka's to concerned with fucking dogs and posting her yeast infection online to bother with Japan.

No. 109843

Don't try to turn this thread into the Gaijin in Japan thread which is taken over by gyaru and mostly about Shani. This is a jvlogger thread. We don't need a million threads about Shani and all those gyaru.

No. 109849

Who is she? I've never seen her but she is no way near pretty, I am kinda shocked people here say that. Wtf? Her eyes, wrincles around eyes and eyebrows look exactly like old women on village who spend whole day working on the field and the sun ruins their skin.
Her nose is wide for her face, her cheeks are bumpy and red and her forehead looks old too (all like working on the field).
Her teeth are unattractively big.

Idk if she's good or bad character or is she usually photoshoping her photos to look decent, but unless she's 40+, I feel sorry for her unforrunate old looking face.

No. 109860


She was born with nice features but doesn't take care of herself. Her skin looks horrible, and why would she put up her hair like that? Her hairline is uneven and is a very unflattering hairstyle. Like other anons have said, she can fix these things but she chooses not to.

No. 109862

>Don't try to turn this thread into the Gaijin in Japan thread

Chill out, nobody's trying to change the thread.

No. 109975

Numerous times Grace has bragged about getting sunburned and not caring if she protected her skin from it. It's no wonder her skin is so terrible looking for her age.

No. 109976

So it's now wonder you thought she looks like she was working in a field all day in the sun, because it is just that.

No. 110050

File: 1458819843052.jpg (247.92 KB, 750x601, dark-crystal.jpg)

rachel's cute and reminds me of the dark crystal

No. 110052

lol that creature in the picture you show is not cute at all

No. 110062

HDU! Gelflings are the cutest.

No. 110065


No. 110068

I never watched that but she always reminded me of the elves from the Lord of the Rings. I think she'd be cute if she pulled her fringe back and wore braids like that sometime.

No. 110070

Rachel would fit well in Medieval or Renaissance garb. I could even picture her posing as Queen Elizabeth I, she even has the same combination of dark brown eyes with red hair and pale skin. Like maybe a young Elizabeth with her hair down like in the 1998 movie with Cate Blanchett.

No. 110082

Not to mention Yamapi is part of Johnny's and she would already get in trouble to film the back oh his head. Johnny's is really damn strict about their idols privacy.

No. 110159

And you know…he probably has higher standards than to date an old weeb.

No. 110194

Giving my two cents…

Yeah Mira is a fucking disgrace but damn imho Sharla and Rachel and that texan in tokyo girl, though i like the latter the most, are sometimes just as blant and boring. God Sharlas voice makes it unbearable to watch her videos everything is awwwww and amaziiiiiing and sssssoooooooo cuuuuuttttteeeee (the way she says cute uugghghgghghghgh) in her fucking high pitched voice oh god. I kinda like her as i find her quite real and up front but her videos bore the shit out of me lately. And everything is "in japan" as the titles of her vids say… Ya we got it. Ur in nipponland.
Rachel comes across as the Queen of Jvlogland and i can imagine she could be a much more complicated person than one can see in her videos. To me her videos are more of a "look what cool things i can do in japan" rather than informational and educational videos.
Texan girl is the most bearable imo. I like her. But sometimes i feel like she is kinda rude to ryo?

No. 110206

I kinda wonder how they communicate with their SOs. Like, how good it actually is. I've heard that none of them speak Japanese particularly well, idk about the guys.

No. 110207

**idk about the guys' English

No. 110209

They seem somewhat annoying and "basic", and probably not all that smart, but I don't think they're cows or flakes.

No. 110230

Yeah, I don't really think they're flakes. I can see people saying they're boring. I used to watch all of them but I kind of lost interest after a while and now I mostly just follow pictures of R&Js cat on twitter.

No. 110308

Jun can speak English well, but Ryosuke sucks at English, the girls cannot speak Japanese much in either couple. At the same time Grace doesn't bother to help Ryosuke with his pronunciation of English or correct any of his broken sentences when he speaks. So they both suck at each other's languages in texanintokyo's case. You would think they would both help each other out to improve in each other's language but no, Grace is the boss and she doesn't want to have better communication skills with Ryosuke because she wants to be able to boss Ryosuke around and so that if they ever move to the U.S. which she keeps hinting they might move there, she can have priority over Ryosuke since he still has very "Engrish" level skills.

No. 110314

Who is this Grace?
Any link or story?

No. 110326

Just google texanintokyo and see for yourself if your not sure what everyone is talking about. Grace runs the blog and youtube channel texanintoyko.

No. 110327

God, it doesn't help my waning faith in humanity that so many people, not just Grace and Ryo, get married even with major language/communication issues. How did they meet? I know that Rachel and Jun met when she was studying in Japan.

No. 110328

I meant texanintokyo, a typo at the end.

No. 110330

Grace met Ryosuke in college in the U.S., he came up to her when she was moving and started helping her lift boxes or something like that.

No. 110332

So he was living in the US at the time? Interesting (lol sorry, I can't be bothered to watch through her videos, but I am generally interested in this topic)

No. 110338

samefag, never mind. They met while he was studying abroad in the US and they were playing on the same sports team.

No. 110365

Rachel and Jun met when Rachel was studying abroad in japan. apparently they got engaged only a month after that

No. 110388

Wow only one month…sounds like he was desperate and jumped at the chance of the first foreign girl he could get…

No. 110391

I actually admire and appreciate that she is not flaunting her boyfriend/fiance around in her videos.

No. 110393

They joke about it like that, but when they've actually talked about it they said it was more that because they lived in different countries they had to talk about how they were going to manage an international relationship after she left Japan. Since staying together means someone has to move to the other country eventually it's basically committing to the relationship for good, especially since the person who moves would need a visa. Or something like that. I don't really remember all the details but it made more sense when she explained it. They said they didn't do the official engagement for a while and waited a couple years to actually get married.

No. 110398

I don't really think it's about flaunting. Mira's the only one who uses terms like that because she's the only one who actually did flaunt her previous husband and boyfriend who obviously had no interest in youtube. With all the other couple channels I can think of like Texan in Tokyo, Rachel and Jun, Hide and Jessica, Mimei and PDR, Taiki and Andrea, the guys are clearly into youtube too and all do their own things in videos rather than just sitting there like Mira's exes.

I think it makes sense not to bring a boyfriend into it because like with Jessica when they broke up she had to basically start her channel over. So it makes sense Sharla didn't want to bring a boyfriend into anything. But she said she'd like for him to be in videos now but he's just not interested.

I think it's fine either way but I personally like seeing their relationships in videos. I'm not really interested in the Japan stuff anymore since I live here but I like watching daily life vlogs with couples. Mimei and PDR are super adorable. It's fun watching PDR be stoic and sarcastic in his videos but then just laugh immediately whenever Mimei shows up. You can see how much he loves being with her. It gives me the feelygoodies. I wish they'd upload more often to their Bacouple channel. Sorry, I'm fangirling a bit.

No. 110479

I remember one someone on lolcow once linked to a video of a sort of jvlog channel similar to Hannah's… it was a video of their hafu girl named Nina (I'm pretty sure it was Nina) and I've been trying to find that video/channel again but I can't seem to remember what it was/find it. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? :( The one video anon linked to was various clips of Nina growing up complied into one video. There's a scene where she's rushing about while playing doctor or something with the dad and falls but gets up really quick and says "I'm fine" in Japanese. I think the channel was just going to be abandoned because another video talked about how Nina was starting preschool soon…

No. 110480


Kinda unknown she is but this is a black woman married to a japanese. Shes pretty nice and drama free. They have a daughter and shes preggo agaian apparently. The baby looks so much like the dad tbh.

No. 110484

Thank you

No. 110598

she's nice. her story is a little funny and awkward (met her husband in a japanese bar. she didnt really speak much Japanese and he didnt speak English but they immediately hit it off? she got knocked up so they married) but overall, no harm.

No. 110852

I remember this! The fathers name / account was called Geoff or something.

No. 111392

File: 1459135152584.jpg (173.28 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Rachel's husband Jun seems to be an American wannabe, he tries way too hard to fit in with the foreign vlogger community. Same goes for texanintokyo Ryosuke who obsesses over white superheros, his favorite is Captain America and he worships him. But he doesn't seem to notice the lack of ethnic men portrayed as a hero or superhero in hollywood.

No. 111401

I honestly don't see where you're getting that. You mean they look like they're friends with foreigners? How dare they. This comes off as more of a white hate comment that anything else.

No. 111403

Ryosuke worships Captain America, like he needs some sort of validation for white acceptance. Jun also wants to fit in with white people. That would be like a white guy obsessing over a Captain Japan which doesn't exist, that would never happen, or a white guy obsessing over a black or Indian superhero, that would also never happen.

No. 111408

I think you're reading way into it, anon. It's a fucking comic book character with multiple movies that are popular around the world. They don't want to be white because they like a comic book character. Identity issues regarding race are a lot more complex than that.

No. 111410

Also I think you're forgetting the bunch of white guys who like dragon Ball and worship the characters. Or maybe Kamen rider and shit like that.

No. 111412

>That would be like a white guy obsessing over a Captain Japan which doesn't exist, that would never happen

You mean like a weeaboo?? No white people obsess over anything Japanese, right. It's not like white kids grow up pretending to be samurai or ninja or anything.

Having a favorite superhero isn't a "validation for white acceptance" holy fuck. It's a superhero. Everyone has a favorite superhero. And you didn't even give a reason for Jun. He wants to be white because he has white friends?

Please take this SJW white hate shit back to tumblr.

No. 111433

That comment seemed more pro white than anti white lol

No. 111446

It's pretty stereotypical of those white hate blogs.

>The lack of ethnic superheroes in Hollywood is problematic

>Foreigners idolize white people but white people would never idolize a foreigner
>Validation for white acceptance

Those are all legitimate issues that need to be addressed, but when they're forcefully applied with a condescending attitude to a situation where they're not relevant then it's just a typical SJW rant.

No. 111473

File: 1459150235783.jpg (365.07 KB, 1232x674, gracetexanintokyointerview.jpg)

Grace from texanintokyo's interview, she admits to her privilege of being "very white." http://www.goabroad.com/author/grace-buchele/interview

No. 111481

The whole jvlog community needs to disappear n burn along with their fanbase

No. 111482

Im tan n when i go to asian stores i get stares BECUZZ u are different RACE not cuz of her skin color wtf is this bitch on about

No. 111483

I wish i can get anonymous to hack all these weeb channels n delete them including rachel n jun.. And texan in tokyo theyre fucking awful

No. 111486

"White" doesn't fucking mean "my skin is the color of snowman cum" it means "I'm Caucasian"

She talks about being a FOREIGNER in that whole picture. Are you retarded?

No. 111487

>>111486 yes it is about being white the bitch literally said and quote "because im VERY white with blonde hair i get many opportunities " dont u know how to fucking read stupid cunt

No. 111489

Wow, big surprise. The Japanese dudes who are into western shit make friends with/marry white people… have western partners that do the exact same thing with Japan.

It's not some kind of racist-fetish-atrocity that these people are married to each other AND have more than a passing interest in each other's cultures. Contrary to what tumblr would have you think it's possible to have an interest in something culture related without being an appropriating trans ethnic weeb.

Too bad all the j-vloggers are boring/weird and can't change that image though

No. 111491

"being foreign in Japan" "I am foreign" "because I was foreign" "representative of my country, race and religion"

Get your caretaker to explain what "white" means before you hurt yourself, sweety.

No. 111497


No. 111526

Who the fuck is "Nyansai"?!

No. 111527

Someone who hangs with Shine. I think they're related or something.

No. 111686


Seriously, this is why some of these weebs there piss me off. Remember when Himezawa bragged about her white self?

No. 111687

>snowman cum

oh my god this thread is fucked

No. 111688


Tbh I don't even like the Jvlogging community much anymore, they're all try hards, fetish fuckers and just weirdos.

No. 111697

Other than the "I'm so blessed to be white in Japan" nonsense, I didn't know Grace was so Jesus-y!

"Later in 2011, I interned with Asian Access, a missionary group in rural Japan."

Yikes. The kinds of people that become missionaries are the worst. She also says that her parents "moved to Ghana (West Africa) to teach mathematics and computer science", but I have a feeling she means "spread the word of Jesus to the heathens".

Anyone know if her parents are/were missionaries?

No. 111698


God… if these are the sorts of weirdos I'll have to deal with in Japan, I better improve my moon. So I can talk to japs instead of bible bashering god squads like her

No. 111701

Well she'd be fucked no matter how she talked about it. If she complained about being treated differently people would tell her to suck it up because she has it way better than most minorities in any other country (including Japan). If she didn't talk about the benefits then people would say she's oblivious to the special treatment she gets. So she talks about both the special treatment and the stresses and people say she's bragging?

Honestly, wtf else do you expect a white person in Japan to say?

This is why I would never want to be a Jvlogger because people flip their shit no matter what you say. I don't know how they put up with it.

No. 111711

There are white people who idolize black rappers, Japanese anime characters or celebrities, etc.
What are you even saying

No. 111718

File: 1459181357543.jpg (112.73 KB, 1024x683, Mineta-377.jpg)

No. 111725

Poor ryokske hes married to a crazy, jealous no job having southern hick

No. 111737


Thanks for the info!

Grace has been hiding the fact that her parents are missionaries, just phrasing it like "they live there". Nowhere on her blog does it mention her history as a missionary (intern) either, at least that I can find.

She probably wouldn't be as popular as she is if she put her religion front and center. But now I feel like she's a liar, even if it was lying by omission.

Anyway, poor Ryosuke! Stuck in that the hyper-Christian Texan family. Sounds like my version of hell.

No. 111771

She's mentioned having a somewhat religious family before in her videos and she's thanked god before as well, I believe. But she's obviously not THAT hyper-Christian if she's volunteering at Tokyo gay pride events and getting drunk in her videos.

Either way I don't see why it's anyone's business what religion someone is. That shit is private to people. Especially her parents?? Like wtf, why would she talk about her parents? If I was a vlogger I'd keep my family as far as fucking possible from the idiots on the internet.

No. 111773

Thats wat happens when u run out of shit to talk about cuz she lives in butt fuck nowhere rural town in japan she doesnt evem live in tokyo anymore she needs to change her youtube name

No. 111776

What the fuck are you even trying to say?

No. 111781

Holy shit, I know these people. Small world huh.

No. 111795

How do u know them?

No. 111837

friend of my bible thumping aunt back when they lived in Austin. Their stuff comes up a lot on my facebook through her

No. 111889

Ewww i fucking hate religion when will ppl get smart n see it for the fiction it is(jesus loves you)

No. 111902

Maybe you should go back to school for your shitty grammar before bashing other people's views..?

No. 111912

How about u eat a big fat dick

No. 111915

>Asian Access
jesus. literally

No. 111926

Missionaries are a cancer to world. A bunch of thieves, pedo's, and rapists.

No. 111934

I agree

No. 111935

She chooses to keep bringing her parents up though. She's mentioned them so many times. She is in Africa now visiting them, posting their pics on her Facebook page. You might not talk about your parents online, but she does. A lot. And she's always been dishonest as to why they are in Ghana.

I guess she's not that Christian herself, but I've never heard her mention her own mission trip.

No. 111938

Yeah she is so obsessed with using Tokyo for her username, its annoying because she does not even live there anymore. Tokyo is so oversaturated with jvloggers you would think she would want to change her username to the area she lives to be more unique or at least the prefecture name if she is so paranoid about people stalking her. Any name but Tokyo. Japan is more than that rat race Tokyo. Majority of foreigners flock to Tokyo. I`d hate to live there among all those jvlog foreign weebs. Especially during hanami with their stupid hang outs outside.

No. 111940

There is no such thing as "not that Christian" she either is or she isn`t.

No. 111941

Right it would irk me to no end.. U never see asian women married to white guys being all braggy and shoving their relationship down ppls throats and the "i married a asian dude now im special" bullshir its only white girls doing this i watch them because its cringy n love watching the husbands gradually get jaded cuz thats how guys are when they fuck the same pussy for so long n its a fact doesnt matter how attractive a girl is any guy will get sick of her if shes too pushy

No. 111945

The white guy asian women couples are just as sad, they do brag too, I`ve talked several Japanese girls bragging about their loser ugly white boyfriends, one tole me/bragged that her white, blonde (receding hairline), blue eyed boyfriend was tug-o-warred over by all the Japanese girls, eye rollm and he was ugly as shit. Also white guys brag about getting Asian brides. Ryanboundless shows off Rie like she is some sex doll or trophy and he is ugly as shit. So its the same either way, WMAF or AMWF.

No. 111946

one told* typo

No. 111948

And Tykosam is a big fat pig who is annoying as hell. Please watch his videos and then you will see white guys are not any better about it.

No. 111953


OK, sorry you were triggered.

Maybe it wasn't worded well, but there is a "level" of Christian, from liberal to evangelical.

Correct me if I'm wrong (born and raised atheist here), but it's the ones closer to the evangelical end that become missionaries, right?

No. 111954

Strict serious practicing Christians don`t consider anyone who sort of practices as a Christian. So either Grace is and is trying to hide it and "rebelling" to get more subscribers/popularity because she knows if she shows her true Christian self she will not get any donations/hand outs for living as a bum, or she just is not Christian and her parents definitely are.

No. 111955

Something tells me she is a faker, she knows she will get a bunch of haters if she shows she is a true hick and a missionary Christian. She is lying to everyone and is a missionary.

No. 111956

Omg lol I know Sam in real life aha I never knew he made videos. Even Japanese people think he's a freak

No. 111959

File: 1459216986240.png (1.33 MB, 646x968, tkyogimme.png)

Tkyosam and Gimmeabreakman, all the jvlog weeb white guys are just as cringeworthy as the jvlog girls if not worse. Gimmeabreakman is in his 50s and acts like a teenager and hangs out with jvlog weebs.

No. 112003

Gimmeabreakman is fucking pervert of high proportions! I looked at some white girl that made a video commenting on ryan boundless n he was all up in her pussy in the comments so i told him im gonna tell ur wife ur hitting on young white girls n he deletes me comment lol

No. 112005

Im starting to feel sorry for japan, this weeb invasion is worse than the atomic bombs ha

No. 112006

Don't joke about shit like that.

No. 112053

Listening to Tkyosam speak Japanese is so cringe worthy. Anybody else feel the same?

No. 112093

>Gimmeabreakman is in his 50s and acts like a teenager and hangs out with jvlog weebs.

I don't actually see what's wrong with that. Do you want him to be hitting you with his Zimmer frame or something?

Everyone his age is probably boring af to him

No. 112099

It's honestly not bad while actually inside Japan. Most tourists here are families and not weebs, same goes for families who live here. The thing is, we go to certain communities online who focus on certain kind of people. A family man who had lived in Japan for 20 years isn't gonna start vlogging, but weebs do because they have time, they are new to the country and are still seeing Japan through coke bottom glasses. So for us it's way easier to notice the weebs. I see them from time to time around the prime areas in Tokyo, but they aren't as loud or lot as your average obnoxious sophomore wannabe "I need Jap pussy" American.

No. 112100

What about gimmeabreakman? He has been around Japan for a long time, he obviously couldn't vlog in the 90s so he is one of those guys that lived in Japan a long time but still is a weeb.

No. 112101

White guys who can't get a woman in their own country come to Asia to get a subserviant wife. So while they might not vlog they are still outcast guys who most likely are nerdy or really weird and feel superior to Asians. I've seen mostly ugly or goofy looking strange white men (alot of them have bad personalities to match their looks)in Japan. Of course there are some normal non-ugly ones but the majority are outcasts.

No. 112107

I get the pedo vibes from him. No wonder he hangs out with all the young foreign vlog girls so much like Mimei, Rachel, Strawberrymochi, etc. He probably sleeps with Tomoko as well since he is always with her. No wonder his wife never smiles, she probably knows he is sleeping around and is a huge pedo. I feel sorry for his baby son that he has to have a father like that, and he might be a twin of him someday.

No. 112110

File: 1459238658893.jpg (116.22 KB, 1280x720, victortomoko.jpg)

Victor/gimmeabreakman in his pedo onesie with Tomoko.

No. 112112

I cannot STAND victor he is the most obnoxious fucking guy amd his videos are dry and full ego.. He thinks hes hot shit i really dont get it… His ego is fucking huge.. One time he filmed a vid while his wife was sleeping had the lights on while she kept herself covered… Hes a shitty gaijin who goes around pissed that ppl dont care about Christmas while dressed like a fat ugly raindeer god i cant stand this fucking guy

No. 112116

HOW does someone have 100,000 sub amd can only get 2,000 views HOW

No. 112124

Maybe you don't know this, but Japanese women are even more cunty that whites once you put a ring on it. While you're dating they're all submissive and uguu, but after marriage, no sex, they control the house income, harass husband to make big money, and are frigid as shit - basically turn into monster mother. A white girl might actually be a better option for a guy who doesn't want to be treated like a cash-dispensing child 100% of the time

No. 112129

This is a lie white women in Japan tell themselves to explain why their Japanese husband/boyfriend is dating them rather than fetishizing them.

No. 112134

??? I think you misunderstood what was wrote.

No. 112138

Totally agree. And how rude about him filming while his wife was in bed. He is an arrogant cunt. Hanami time is soon, maybe its this weekend, soon the droves of his Moron Army and all his bestie jvloggers will be swarming Tokyo under the cherry blossom trees taking selfies and acting retarded.

No. 112140

No I completely understand. American White men say the same thing about white women which is why some of them marry Russian male order brides or go after Fillipina chicks. It's the same sexist garbage. I'm not even a SJW but I hate hearing stupid white bitches in Japan say "Actually! Japanese women become like monsters after getting married which is why he married me, a civilized open minded western woman" it's garbage. All men claim that women become mean/don't give sex/different after marriage/baby. These bitches just want to validate being fetishized by their Asian boyfriends by saying "it's because Japanese women are this this and that"

No. 112141

*go after Fillipina chicks should be changed to go for Asian chicks

No. 112142

Clearly you've never met Japanese

No. 112143

"Stupid white bitches" yet that phrase is sexist. talk about hypocritical.

No. 112144

lol you clearly have no experience in Japan. And you sound so salty toward white girls.

No. 112151

And no white woman has ever done that?

No. 112153

You seem clueless about Japanese culture. It`s common for Japanese women to sleep with their kids in a separate room than her husband with her kids. Japanese women keep men`s earned income and give allowances to their husbands.

No. 112159

Are you triggered cunt ?

No. 112165

wow, bomb jokes and "cunt"
so edgy
I bet everyone in your 5th grade class just thinks you're soooo cool

No. 112167

File: 1459251773268.jpg (13.12 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

Hello Ryan…

No. 112168

File: 1459251872390.jpg (11.19 KB, 236x330, sidiceage.jpg)

No. 112169

..Don't you realise everything has exceptions?

Yes they are creepy af, but people were talking about weebs, so I replied regarding that

A lot of my friends in Japan do this (both with n without kids)

No. 112276

I live in Japan stupid fuck and I'm also white. I just get annoyed with these self entitled YouTube weeb bitches who tote around their Japanese boyfriends like toys saying "Yeah Japanese women totally become bitchy after marriage! It's good I'm a western woman the best he'll ever get." Men of every country have the same complaints about women. Lots of Japanese men are terrible fucking husbands using every chance to cheat on their wives. It's not a "Japanese women are XYZ" problem it's a "sometimes people change when they get married".

No. 112278

What are you even talking about? No jvlogger said that. It was an anon on here you even responded directly to who said that. What jvlogger girl ever said "Yeah Japanese women totally become bitchy after marriage! It's good I'm a western woman the best he'll ever get"?

No. 112344

Dude calm down im p sure anon was generalizing and not quoting.

No. 112362

>>112276 >>112140 >>111941
Lol you sound so salty against white women.
What white women vlogger said that Japanese women do all of that BS?

I bet you no one because white women marrying Asian men is way lower than white men marrying Asian women. Of course there are Jap guys that have fetishes for western women but the opposite is way more common. So to say that there are all these white women bragging about there Jap husbands and putting Japanese women down is the biggest BS ever.

Just the same old sexist crap that is aimed at all ethnicities tbh. You could be talking about fucking purple coloured women and say the same shit.

No. 112434

you sound very salty about something.

No. 112452

Japanese man or women, marry one and you'll likely be stuck in a sexless marriage. Many married Japanese couples don't even sleep in the same bed.

No. 112458

Wow this family is super cute, thanks for mentioning them

No. 112484


Asian men seems hopeless when it comes to relationships. The woman are probably willing more to go against their own because romance, true luv and all that shit "he's more romantic!".

No. 112485


Probably only a handful and not all of them anon.

No. 112486


She is pretty genuine! They are a nice little family :)

No. 112490


Asians in general are just a bizarre race of people. Nothing against them, they're just strange. Emotionless even. Sure you get one or two, who actually act like human beings but that's it.

No. 112491

Pretty sure Asians find all other races weird too

No. 112493


Probably why they don't mingle with us kek

No. 112514


Kind of annoying how all these guys flock to him tbh. I stopped watching him a lot because his arrogance got annoying.


Glad someone else remembers that video! When his wife tried to sleep and he was gabbing away, she even nudged him as if to say stfu and go to sleep. But he ignored her.

No. 112517


or that time he was filming in a supermarket and his wife got pissy

No. 112543

jesus fucking christ, this is the first video of his that I've seen, he's so obnoxious.

No. 112568

lmao wtf.
He's so fucking loud and he says in the comments he wasn't speaking that loud. He literally yells to his wife at about 4:27

No. 112600

Ok we get that you're a bitter white dude (since you declared your white) who hates white women, now STFU because no one cares if you have self hate issues and hate towards your own mother.

No. 112621


I'm a woman and you're completely missing the point. EVERY nationality of men complain about their women but White women in Japan take it for face value and say it's why they're better than any Japanese woman. It's the same for white dudes in Japan. You aren't special lol.

No. 112625

You could say anything you want as an Anon, such as claiming you are a woman when you are actually a man. Someone is a salty cunt because you bring up something that no jvlogger said about being better than a Japanese woman. We are talking about jvloggers not about if you prefer Japanese women. Now back on the subject of jvloggers.

No. 112637

Omg wtf he like a grown man child.. What dies his wife look like anyway he never films her face

No. 112638


Omg wtf he like a grown man child.. What does his wife look like anyway he never films her face

No. 112661

File: 1459307936132.jpg (135.83 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Here is a picture of him with his wife showing her face:

No. 112663

Shes Goodlooking

No. 112666

wtf @ the John Waters stache.

No. 112669

I think his wife is balding from stress lol

No. 112681

Yes Coz big annoying gaijin man asking his little passive Japanese wife of how many years if she wants chicken or pork from 2 metres away is so demeaning. No women deserves that.

You guys are so fucking soft it's laughable.

No. 112686

oh Victor you`re butthurt huh?

No. 112703

Victor has no life but to come to lolcow haha

No. 112718

File: 1459319343964.jpg (63.88 KB, 750x416, image.jpg)

So micaela got herself a man…is she trying to cash in on the AMWF money train?

No. 112724

Huh? They've been dating for years. He's been in all her instagram photos. She wasn't allowed to say anything until she quit her agency since "idols" or whatever aren't allowed to have boyfriends. But it was obvious they were dating from their photos because they literally did everything together.

No. 112725

I know this one girl who technically isn't a jvlogger but she was supposed to be in Japan for a year but got kicked out in less than 3 months for fucking a married man with kids and she also had a host boyfriend on the side. Can a thread be made about her?

No. 112727

Well thats good for her. But even if someone is in a happy relationship its not good to broadcast it and turn it into some psychotic comic books like grace.. When i read her comics they reak of obsession

No. 112729

Wat does this home wrecker looklike

No. 112731

I didn't say it was demeaning, I said it was loud dumbass.

No. 112739

Well it kind of looks like "nightmare" is what she was going for. I'm no expert but it seems like that makeup accomplishes its goal.

No. 112767

She had a Japanese boyfriend before her current one, she used to show her previous boyfriend in some videos and pictures. Her ex had really far spaced-apart eyes and was goofy looking. I think she deleted anything with her ex in it, I can`t find any of it now. I`d say her current boyfriend isn`t a catch either though a tad bit of an improvement.

No. 112769

Not years, she had a different boyfriend a couple of years ago back before she signed a deal with Nestle. After she started signing deals with companies for sponsored videos is when she stopped showing anyone she was dating until now.

No. 112783

She tags him in like every picture. I didn't even look hard and this one is from 2 years ago. He's a photographer so he's always taking her picture when they travel and stuff.

In any case, they seem happy together and I'm glad for her that she doesn't have to hide it anymore. Not being able to tell people you're in a relationship sucks balls.

No. 112791

I meant her ex, pictures of her ex. I`ve seen Micaela on youtube years ago so 2 years ago is recent to me since I stopped checking on her after her when she became too commercial. But I recently checked up and seen she has a different boyfriend.

No. 112792

Her bf kinda reminds me of ryosuke and but more calm ryosuke is annoying as fuck

No. 112796

Her videos are the same way too. "This is my husband!! and he AWESOME because he LOVES ME TEEHEEHEE!"

Watch Grace on 2.5 oyaji's, and you can get a taste of how socially awkward she is.

No. 112802

I agree. She has to keep mentioning that her husband has muscles which is so cringeworthy that she keeps bragging like it matters or not. She is a big bragger, that is all she seems to do is brag. She seems like the kind of person who wouldn`t share anything with anyone, like a selfish bragger. She even e-begs on her website Buy me a cup of coffee why does she think she is entitled to have people pay for her coffee? She goes on trips so often with other people`s money already. She and her husband should get real jobs or just ask her rich missionary parents for money. Not ask strangers to buy her stuff.

No. 112804

File: 1459328256295.jpg (154.12 KB, 836x1261, jpstill1.jpg)

She's just one of those annoying bloggers who is all about "muh writing!! muh articles!!" and thinks she is some amazing author just because she publishes her own books and has a blog. So she thinks she is doing the world a big favor by not having ads on her blogs and still thinks she should be getting paid for her shit writing.

When asked about getting a normal 9-5 job, her response is always "I don't play well with other people! I have to do my own thing!" It's so painful to watch her sit and talk with other people. She's like those weird home school kids who were surrounded by middle aged adults and never learned to communicate with peers. It's such a shame that Hiko kisses her ass so much on his live show, because her comic books really are not good.

No. 112811

All the jvloggers kiss each other`s ass, it`s their jvlog clique, they all stick together other than quasimodo Mira and Ryan, so not surprised Hiko does that.

I don`t think Grace could get along with middle aged adults anymore than younger people, she acts way too annoying for any older adult to be able to handle. What she means by she doesn`t play well with others is that she is too selfish and full of herself to get along with others.

Yeah her husband and her don`t have any interests to write about so its always the same old subjects like how she makes a living drawing her crappy comics and blogging. There are lots of places in Japan she could see and talk about but she doesn`t do anything hardly on trips when she wastes donated money on the trips. And when she does travel Japan it`s the same Tohoku effected areas, Tokyo and a bit about Hokkaido. Most jvloggers go to the same few places like Grace, and many jvloggers are promoting Fukushima alot lately like Rachel&Jun, texanintokyo, kanadajin3, Sharla, etc. which is nuts.

No. 112829

Sharla was in Fukushima for a tv show, though, and I don't think R&J went there, but they were in other spots of Tohoku for that travel website.

Chris and Kim Dao were in Fukushima, but again that was for that travel website.

Mira just copies everyone else and picks the same spots they go to to try to ride the popularity wave from their videos.

I haven't been paying attention much so I didn't know Grace went to Fukushima, but I know when she was in Hokkaido that was also because Ryosuke (or her too?) had non-youtube jobs they were doing.

I don't think many of them actually travel for vacations because it always seems like they're doing sponsorships or work when they travel, so they probably don't have a lot of choice where they go. Other than Mira, who like I said just wants to copy everyone else.

No. 112834

They are still promoting Fukushima even if it`s for a tv show, nothing in the world would get me to promote that place. In any case the point was about how annoying Grace is. Don`t think Grace is doing sponsorships so she does have a choice in her content but chooses to waste it because she is boring. She has a one-track mind to talk about her comics and working at home.

No. 113062

Graces comics are just plain creepy and obsessed with ryosuke

No. 113157

File: 1459367444521.png (22.19 KB, 515x136, Screenshot 2016-03-31 at 4.50.…)

she's insecure as fuck too

No. 113161

File: 1459368112146.png (90.71 KB, 472x270, is this bitch for real.png)

How long has she been doing this? The art, dialogue, and composition are all awful.

No. 113176

well thats embarassing

No. 113223

That area is trying incredibly hard to recover :/

No. 113287

Whomever thinks this is ~cute~…Einshine acts especially manbaby in this video…

No. 113406

I know exactly who you're talking about and I hate that bitch too. She calls herself a "white japanese" and says that she's "destined to live in Japan" She's the biggest bitch I've ever met and bragged about how vk bandomen "wanted to rape her" and that they're all her "best of friends"

No. 113411

probably not the same person but it reminds me of that wannablaze chick that went on some kind of study abroad program and got kicked out for skipping classes and had a huge ass rant about how horrible it was

No. 113416

Einshine is the absolute worst

No. 113421

A batshit psycho Canadian girl that swears she has an emotional connection with every Japanese person she meets. Yet she throws hateful comments and racist remarks around constantly.

No. 113442

But its unlivable like Chernolyb and its bad for the government to lie to people that is safe to live or visit there when the amount of people getting sick is increasing. Thyroid cancer problems are all of a sudden becoming a problem after the disaster when they weren't before. A lady who bragged about it being safe passed away not that long ago herself and she was in her mid 20s but she was going there and saying see its safe and making a dedication to prove its safe but she died from sudden "illness."

No. 113443

How cringeworthy, why does she hang out with a kid a decade younger than her she is about 30 now. He is so immature and living in his anime fantasy world. His voice is awful to listen to.

No. 113444

Einshine wants to bang sharla its so obvious in his hormonie voice

No. 113457

Better put on your tinfoil hat

No. 113459

Isn't he a homo?

No. 113464

Typical denial response. Japanese rather save face than admit Japan is contaminated. How about you research first or actually live in Japan before jumping to the conclusion that everything is a tin foil hat thing. Bet you think McDonald`s food is perfectly healthy. Idiot sheeple.

No. 113466

He seems like an asexual, he has a virtual anime girlfriend that he shows frequently on his videos he calls her Kat. I`ve known an asexual guy who had a virtual girlfriend but said he wasn`t interested in real girls&guys, or sex and he said he was asexual.

No. 113467

Lame troll is lame

No. 113468

Uhh Kat is a real person, and they're not dating.

No. 113470

Living in the rising sun motherland right now

No. 113473

So what..Japan has alot of problems.. Its not that glamorous… I rather live in sweden or netherland now thats impressive

No. 113474

How is it lame to research things?
And wth about rising sun motherland what a weeb response.

No. 113475

Agreed, Japan has alot of problems that some people just like to pretend don`t exist.

No. 113476

shoo back to your cave

No. 113478

Spikes_n_Buckles? I fucking hate that psycho cunt.

No. 113483

File: 1459412658082.jpg (366.02 KB, 1024x683, 5875733314_b363e3a833_b.jpg)

No. 113484

File: 1459412708742.jpg (47.66 KB, 320x240, dc9d9796-ef89-4f8a-ae00-71c393…)

No. 113486

he's such an autist

No. 113488

some of you guys need to go to pull. You become SJW over some irrelevant things.

No. 113491

Man this guy is a douche

No. 113492

PULL sucks hardcore now.. Its a who can be nicer contest now

No. 113495

What Victor does in the bedroom and to all his female friends for his pleasure.

No. 113496

what the hell is that fucking shit you keep putting in the email field?

No. 113499

I seriously have no idea. It goes there when I post from my phone. I think it's some kind of identification tool that admin puts there but for some reason it is making itself visible when I post from my phone and I cba to delete it lol

No. 113500

It wasn't doing it before but will make an effort to delete it from now on tho seeing as it's annoying you.

No. 113502

I watched like 30 seconds and it was just "MEGACHIPS MEGACHIPS MEGACHIPS" holy fucking shit I want to stab him

No. 113582

his voice is so ingratiating

No. 113593

File: 1459446938067.png (641.77 KB, 902x596, Screenshot 2016-04-01 at 2.54.…)

No. 113632


she makes everyone look old lol.. also the left gal, is it a tranny?

also einshines voice makes me cringe every time fucking hell

No. 113656

on the left is mimei lol she always looks greasy
omg kim looks so fucked

No. 113673

No its just a aussie girl with super fine hair who keeps cutting her bangs even tho it makes her hair type look thinner ugh

No. 113684

i hate that dip-dye style both mimei and kim have … it always looks so dingy to me. like something a teen would do because their mom doesnt let them dye their whole head

No. 113686

Dip dye is for lazy people who dont wanna dye their roots every X weeks

No. 113704

I guess you don't understand sarcasm

No. 113717

The fade on the pink one looks better than the blue, but this trend is old and for preteens.

These jvloggers are forever 13 weeaboo in tastes anyway so it fits.

No. 113808

File: 1459486108277.jpg (62.96 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

Mimei looked good in her old vids

No. 113819

Damn what happened to her? How old is she?

In one of his videos or in Sharla's idk he said he's not gay. Either way he's unbearable.

No. 113837


haha wow.
enjoy ur ban hu.

No. 113841



No. 113854

File: 1459496411965.jpg (48.48 KB, 600x450, CSOa9XCUYAA0yDY.jpg)


admin can check my ip, bitchy pudgy fucking self-poster

No. 113856

pathetic attempt, smh.
you jellyfat.

No. 113857

nice one, gigantic fucking newfag faggot fat twofaced slutty faggot

No. 113860

childish fatty catty ultra mega cunt

No. 113863


jealous disgusting cancer


No. 113865

omfg look at her FAS

No. 113866

yo're retarded

No. 113867

you shoul have been aborted.

No. 113869


No. 113903


nice nasolabial folds you jewish fuckboy goddamn motherfucking oily hunchback

No. 113918

this girl i an enormous fukking whore tho

No. 113920


go back to mpa, you fuking FAS damn fatty

No. 113921

admin can check my ip, you gigantic fucking frumpy fucking pleb

No. 113984

i can't stand this girl.

No. 114045

omg wat a chubby horse faced hamplanet

fucking narcissist

No. 114125


lmao weeb. jealou insufferable thirsty thicc sand skeleton.

No. 114139


fall down a flight of stairs u ultra skeliton.

No. 114142

delete this post, acist chan, he

No. 114181

File: 1459581600655.jpg (60.34 KB, 750x426, image.jpg)

blatantly plastic tits tho!!!!

No. 114184


Enjoy ur ban, quasimoto

No. 114196


delete this, crackwhore, goblin

No. 114199

Shes a fuccing jealous twat.

No. 114203


What the fuck did you just say to me you bitchy mega lolcow

No. 114209


Wat the fu did u just say to me u massive fucking hunchback. ageplayerass butthurt batshit crazy thicc fucknugget.

No. 114240

gorgeous thin lips u weeby twat fuking mouth breather.

No. 114269

crackwhore tbh!.

No. 114270


u cow. two faced self obsessed cuck.

No. 114275

File: 1459617919344.jpg (57.65 KB, 1280x720, EGEK3xD.jpg)

shes a fatass grimey twat tbh!

No. 114286


delete this post, mouth breather!

No. 114294

laughing at the nasolabial folds OAO

No. 114295

blatantly silicone breasts

No. 114299


ure grasping at straws, u wannarexic repulsive sad fucking lolco.

No. 114301

wut te fuck did you just say to me u fucking fucknugget.

No. 114385

>his voice is so ingratiating

No. 115312

Is Grace really average-looking to white people? I think her face is very pretty, and her personality seems genuinely nice. Then again, I'm a basic Jap…

No. 115345

File: 1459875986521.png (200.71 KB, 514x427, Screenshot 2016-04-04 at 3.50.…)

No. 115346

piggy want eat

No. 115349

shit i always thought ingratiating meant extremely irritating

No. 115351

> 2:55
her laugh jfc

No. 115353

thats a sad little picnic. they are all on their phone the whole time

No. 115354

File: 1459876798521.png (465.12 KB, 691x365, k.png)

No. 115355

What's with that cheesy animu introduction anyway?

No. 115358

She's not straight-up ugly, despite what farmers say. Just average.

No. 115360

File: 1459877234756.png (455.8 KB, 773x427, 3535343438483.png)

No. 115361

she's average but doesn't put any effort into her makeup or hair so she always looks gross and unkempt. Like come on, even Mira finds time to put on some mascara on her crooked little rat eyes.

No. 115363

File: 1459877442253.png (458.66 KB, 771x427, pepsidick.png)

photoshop plz

No. 115364

kim dao looks like a tranny

No. 115366

go back to tumblr or pull; whatever pleases you
you stick out like a monkey's ass, fucking newfag

No. 115370

Are you retarded?

No. 115384


She's looking at her so lovingly or enviously. You can almost hear her say "I wish I was her/I wish I had her attention/I wish they were taking my picture/she's so beautiful/I wonder if she likes me", etc etc.

No. 115385

mimei? nah i mean mimei has greasy hair but she has tons of followers too. and she has duncan. i mean hes cute. his videos arent horrible. and honestly HE's the only reason she has any following.

on a scale from boring to boring, mimei is more tolerable than sharla i think.

No. 115386

kims says "ima kill you in your sleep"
but seriously she has like two outfits. mostly ugly sweater dress things (that flatter NO ONE)

No. 115387

The most flattering photo I've seen of her to date and I'm not even joking

No. 115389

She's not like that at all, actually. She's an oddball cuz she's a kiwi and has pretty standard unfortunate kiwi features but she's not that sort of person.

No. 115393

She is extremely average, bordering on ugly due to her unkempt look. How does anyone think she is pretty with her crows feet and giant teeth?

The videos of their hanami are so awkward. They all seem like they don't want to be there. There is no chemistry between them at all. They only made these videos for the views. I guess they were too "famous" to go to the regular YouTube hanami event.

No. 115418

She looks like a blind guy here

No. 115734

From what it seems she's wearing Liz Lisa but it doesn't suit her. Everyone in that group looks so grimey.

No. 115766

I wouldn't be surprised, she used to have a million videos about shopping at lizlisa and lizlisa hauls.

She looks so much better in 'normal' fashion. Her fukubukuro vids showed her getting some pretty nice normal pieces and she shrugged them off as them not being her style and they really suited her.

No. 115797


This video was so annoying, I just stopped a few minutes in.
"does it taste like sakura"
"i hope it tastes like sakura"

No. 117128

File: 1460299038515.jpeg (389.78 KB, 2048x1359, image.jpeg)

Just popping in to point out Grace's nasty chest mole.

No. 117514

That looks like a normal birthmark to me. Nothing special or disgusting….

No. 117519

>>117128 i cant stand her voice man

No. 117522

Funny how people are arguing about whether grace is greacy or not, her husband even points out in a vid how she doesn't wash every day. Greacy grace. I'm a sucker for taylor, and I've enjoyed kim in her collab vids with abroadinjapan. I've even come to like sharla, but grace is just icky, and that other dip dye girl is just boring tbh.

No. 117556

Wow not taking a shower everyday
So disgusting

No. 117559

When you look greasy af then yes, it is.

No. 117569

Yea like some other anon said, it seems like they all just met up to "yay make a video with other famous youchubers~~~ and do japanese stuffz ^^"

No. 117700

I remember I used to be like that back in high school.


After high school I started showering everyday. What a surprise, my hair looks the healthiest it's ever been.

Wouldn't be surprised if she's into the whole "No Poo" thing.

No. 117722

>Wouldn't be surprised if she's into the whole "No Poo" thing.
"no poo" isn't the same as "no shower"

No. 117986

I prefer Einshine rather than Anime Man tbh but both of them are creepy. Like, dude, now I understand why you're single. He's rude, creepy and a huge weeb. His entire fanbase are under age girls that imagine him as the cool senpai straight from a shojo, but he's not that.
I agree Venus video wasn't a great idea, but it's based on her facial features. She's not assuming all asians look like that. I've seen tutorials from asian girls on how to look hafu and how to look like a european girl, and that doesn't offend me. If he's going to nit pick, he should also make fun of asians dyeing their hair blonde, whitening their skin, getting surgery to look less asian and using light colored circle lenses. Because to me that's trying to look like a foreign person, or at least a half one. And know what? I don't care if that Vanilla Chamu did surgery to 'look french'. I don't think she assumes all French people look like how she looks now. I don't care if they use cl and wigs to look less japanese. Why does Einshine care if weebs wanna look like the girls in shojos and japanese magazines? Does this affect him?
He acts like he's blessed to be 'hafu', and being hafu allows him to be a supreme weeb that tells everybody to kill themselves.
He reminds me of Sasha kek

No. 117988

I have to add that anime man doesnt even look half japanese, he looks east indian.

No. 119686

Is Sharla not living in Tokyo anymore?

No. 119863


She moved to the countryside, I believe. Haven't watched her house tour though, those are so boring.

No. 119923

I was watching Conan the other day and Emilia Clarke, who plays that dragon queen on Game of Thrones, was on. Her face looked familiar, but I couldn't figure out who. Then it hit me, it's Grace.

No. 120144

They both have those massive teeth and gap between upper lip and nose which makes em look like a monkey

No. 120262

File: 1460772030799.jpg (49.47 KB, 440x589, kat.jpg)

Is this Kat/Nyansai or the fuck is her username? The voice she uses to sound cute in Einshine's videos makes me wanna kill her lmao It reminds me of Venus faking her voice to sound cute. She doesn't sound cute, she sounds dumb.

No. 120263

yea thats her
her and shine live together apparently and are like "siblings"

No. 120266

These girls are all the same. It's annoying to watch them. "I'm living in Japan; it's awesome. Please watch more of my boreing videos about how fun it is to live in Japan and not have to work because of my YouTube views. Life is just so god damn easy for me. I'm just gonna review expensive products that you will never be able to afford to try".

No. 120277


Pretty funny how her and sharla get a pass from Einshine for being weeaboos, and he only calls out people he doesn't like for it.

No. 120425

I think the voice she uses is pretty annoying too.

If that pic is her, ngl, she does seem pretty cute.
Is it just me who assumed she was Japanese? Idk, I felt like that because she speaks sorta weirdly, most weeby girls I've come across are hardcore attention whores, and it seems like Japanese people value their privacy.

It's mostly because he (and other yters) uses the urban dictionary definition of weeaboo where someone is only a weeaboo if they hate their own culture, disrespect Japanese culture, think they know everything about Japan, and try/pretend to be Japanese.
Though, if we're going by that definition, Venus isn't a weeb either.

No. 120477

God damn this is salty as fuck. If you hate your life maybe do shit about it? None of them were born youtubers.

No. 120522

No their videos are boring. Also the way they talk just so plain and act cheesy. Except for Kim Dao, she seems like a genuine person who is very appreciative to be in Japan. Are you going to call someone salty who hates Kim kardashian for being famous for doing absolutely nothing and complaining about how she lost 75 thousand dollar earrings while people are dying in the world.

No. 120598

You are so fucking pathetic. Do the world a favor and kill yourself.

No. 120605

I liked this. Her dad goes into some history of Ghana.

No. 120606

they also live with Joey right?

No. 120658

Copying rachels documentry wanna be style

No. 120781

So obnoxious

No. 120789

I never watch them dunno why

No. 121041

Joeys not moving in with them for another 3 weeks

No. 121044

She does look cute, I assumed that it was just shine in a wig at first hahaha but the hair doesn't look like a wig upon further inspection

No. 121064

File: 1460900765850.jpg (127.17 KB, 568x634, image.jpg)

Come on, dude. Half of her face is covered by the mask.

No. 121070


No. 121076

is that actually her or is this just an example?

because if it's just an example, Just because she wants to hide her identity doesn't mean shes bad looking?

No. 121093

I never understand these programs…. Why would anyone wanna go to africa. Too many diseases

No. 121156

anon just means that masks hide a lot of your features. You'd have to be butt fucking ugly to still look like a gremlin with a mask on.

Anon, have you heard about our lord and savior jesus christ?

Missionaries. Your answer is missionaries.

No. 121175

so if i pray to jesus i wont get malaria? shweet

No. 121717

And other continents are diease free?


No. 121748

yea if i go to america or western europe, i cant walk outside and not be bitter by a bug and catch a deadly disease like ebola

No. 121764


No. 121791

File: 1461014058922.png (341.46 KB, 439x455, aldskfja.png)

what an ugly couple these two make

No. 121795

ok great are you done yet

No. 121822

Poor grace got her fee-fees hurt

Go write some more on your blog about how different and special you are for marrying a ~foreigner~

No. 121837

Fuck I hate nyansai, she's just another lilypichu with her annoying fake voice

No. 121867

im really interested in seeing who sharla's fiance is. in her furniture shopping vlog you could tell how constricted she was with vlogging as to not show him in the shot…. at that point just show the damn guy so you're video won't be shitty

No. 121896

Why does it look like a face swap

No. 121958

This pic looks filtered to shit. Would hate to see the original.

More of Grace getting her fees fees hurt:

I mean, there are many more things to criticize her for than her super spehsul AMWF marriage :/

No. 121965

lol I remember back on the old PULL when all the Mira drama was at its peak, Grace was obviously self posting her stupid youtube channel.

It was some stupid shit like "lol kanadajin3 doesn't deserve all of the subscribers, everybody check out TexaninTokyo on youtube, she's my friend and her vids are sooooo cool!"

No. 121983

lol no im not even grace but its getting really old with you just posting pics of her, going "ewewwww guiz she so ugly!" and not adding anything new to the conversation

No. 121998

are you aware where you are

No. 122002

File: 1461080185655.jpg (30.09 KB, 317x292, 0ENlmP.jpg)

Anyone who has seen pictures of sharla's boyfriends pictures can confirm if this is him? Not a very clear screenshot but I snagged it form one of her videos she uploaded it last year. The clip she added in made her appear to be rushing to get her camera out to record this guy, when she could had edited it out, but didn't. I'm also a little suspicious because he looks korean and some posts have said that her boyfriend is indeed korean.

No. 122156

File: 1461113887870.jpeg (186.35 KB, 750x899, image.jpeg)

This sharla fan art tho
Im crying

No. 122170

That upper lip. Well…umm good for her?

No. 122171

I agree with above anon.
It's annoying.

No. 122184

It even looks like her, lel

No. 122220

Brilliant, including the sad cat

No. 122233

File: 1461137930741.png (133.8 KB, 512x427, Screenshot 2016-04-20 at 4.37.…)

Sharla is such a fucking Koreaboo lol

No. 122467

>>29300 Awe, how sweet. Sounds like we got a white knight on our hands.

No. 122469

No. 122542

File: 1461236905950.jpeg (136.99 KB, 1024x575, image.jpeg)

Cool kids

No. 122543

File: 1461237063580.jpeg (202.69 KB, 750x1191, image.jpeg)

Oh look a koreaboo version of grace
Shitty comics included

No. 122566

so are her and Shine fucking?

No. 122814

The black chick gets on my nerves i cant watch her videos her mouth is so damn large i feel like shes gonna eat my hand thru the phone

No. 122817

Is her mouth seriously the only reason you hate her? Usually it's the fake voices that get me.

No. 122821

She's like a black kanadajin3 whoh actually speaks good japanese

No. 122926

how is she like mira? i dont really see the resemblance. maybe a little weeby but she doesnt seem as dumb as mira

No. 122928

File: 1461336855966.gif (499.83 KB, 500x208, giphy.gif)

No. 122929

Shes nothing like Mira.

But shes ugly as fuck reminds me of donal duck with that mouth. She made that black hair care video and it was awful. Her hair is all broken and dry…

No. 122978

just some attention whoring

No. 122979

yea she started sucking up to other youtubers already

No. 122997

Umm Anon why did you respond to me? I never compared her to Mira…

No. 123072

I try not to make fun of fellow black girls but jesus christ what the fuck is wrong with her mouth???

No. 123074

gum/teeth aids???

No. 123226

I'm pretty sure she has an open bite

No. 123860


Same here anon. I'm black too but jesus, she does look like Daffy duck though.

No. 123921

I think she talks weird, like if she would just relax her mouth but she seems nice

No. 124852

Mimei thinking people have never been to a conbini or gas station

No. 124914

I usually stay outta this thread but I watched this video on a whim. I literally can't believe this girl did a tour of an actual convenience store. Like its special because ~Japan but every single store I've ever been in, in America, and I'm assuming else where…has all of these things? Actually basically all of them? sage for me

No. 125054

The reason I hate vloggers is because they make Japan out to be some MAGIC FANTASY LAND of the IMPOSSIBLE MAGICAL THINGS. Japan is nice but come on, it isn't that nice. Nor is it magical.


Seriously, they try to make Japan sound so crazy. It is probably different from many places but they try to make it more than it really is and it's so annoying.

No. 125275

i know right.
its even more annoying considering japan has a conbini on every street corner practically. theres nothing special about it but everyone acts like its a unicorn.
and still these jvolggers fans EAT IT UP. the thirst is real.

No. 125276

shes really nice. and cute bf

No. 125294

Sharla is one of the worst when it comes to this Omg Japan Clickbait shit. Even kanadajin's videos are more interesting (but mostly because she's stupid and says a lot of controversial stuff).

No. 125295

Reminds me of graveyardgirl's mouth

No. 125430

File: 1461815944509.png (35.84 KB, 575x279, Screenshot 2016-04-28 at 12.42…)

piggy piggy

No. 125648

File: 1461860552472.jpg (204.28 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

Found graces FB

No. 125663

grace dresses like a sunday school teacher

victor reminds me of some actor i cant remember who tho?

No. 125668

I been arguing with viktor all night will post details later

No. 125683

That cat looks so sickly shes talking about raising a funraiser to pay for its vet bills shes getting greedy

No. 125755


The upside I can see to this is that she actually dresses maturely/ her age. Unlike sharla who still wears kiddy clothing at the age of 30.

No. 127470

File: 1462356065696.png (935.97 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Pseudo model

No. 127481

she literally admits that in the caption can't you read???

No. 127484

calm down rachel.
explain why there are about 10 pictures like this in the past 2 days

No. 127485

fake caption? more like humble brag.
> threw out my back modeling~~~ boohoo

No. 127512


To me it looks more like "Oh, I secretly wish to be a gaijin moderu, but I don't wanna get too much shit for trying too hard, so let me write down a caption to make people believe that I was just fooling around, while I was actually being totally serious and then fish for compliments on how I should be a model! UGUUUUUU!!"

No. 127515

what else is IG for? you guys are nitpicky as fuck

No. 127522

File: 1462374629052.jpg (59.47 KB, 438x604, 10400284_12634940643_8479_n.jp…)

So I scrolled through Grace's fb and a public post from 2007 popped up (2015-2008 are all private so it came up quickly) - her anime art, which even factoring out her age when she drew these, is still better than the art in her comics.

Also, weeb confirmed.

This pic had the caption:

"Um this is like sum sort of serial killer person that you'd see stalking someone…
i dunno, blame foxie!!! he mad me watch the stupid Solid Snake thingie!!!!"

No. 127526

File: 1462374826817.jpg (38.62 KB, 453x604, 10400284_12634950643_112_n.jpg)

I don't know if anyone gives a shit, but I'll upload this one and one more of Grace's old weeb art.

No. 127527

File: 1462374978566.jpg (49.28 KB, 453x604, 10400284_12634960643_2043_n.jp…)

Also, I hate that the her fb profile pic is the one with her chest mole hanging out. I know one of y'all said that it looks normal, but I beg to disagree. If anyone of you has a mole like that, get thyself to a doctor to remove it.

No. 127593

File: 1462388998282.jpg (117.92 KB, 750x640, image.jpg)

Why is her nose so bulby and ugly tho? The rest of her face is great but that mole needs to be removed and that nose needs to b fixed

No. 127598

If i had a nose that hooks i would get surgery with my school money like foreal it's important

No. 127599

File: 1462389453620.jpg (206.03 KB, 640x546, 16-05-04-20-15-52-940_deco.jpg)

She would look pretty nice with a different nose

No. 127601

Agreed, they were nitpicking just Venus trying to be half Asian, while even in her video she told that her inspiration was this Japanese trend of looking half (meaning half White). People in Japan are obsessed with looking like halfs lately (blame Rola). But Eishine and Anime Man don't complain about that. I prefer Anime Man slightly over Einshine, because I thought he acted a little more mature. Einshine was ranting and it really showed his age (being still a teenager).

No. 127603

the fuck do you mean "why"? because that's how she was born

people like you are so boring. get over yourself and find some actual milk to talk about

No. 127604

Rola is part japanese and >>127603
Bitch i can talk about watever the fuck i want so eat a big diseased dick

No. 127605

I mean rola is part bangladesh

No. 127626

those lens are terrifying

No. 127648

Hunty this is snow, milk is not a requirement here.

No. 127652

>not tagging the post you're replying to

lurk a bit more before posting please, you're embarassing

No. 127658

Hunty always sounds so pretentious
Girls who say it always think they're dropping SLAYY YASS QUEEN truth bombs or whatever, but actually they're just being an unnecessary dick whilst copying a catchphrase
OT but still

No. 127662

Salt levels are high today kek
If I could look like that in a pic I'd post 100 of them, fuck the haters.

No. 127705

File: 1462407420878.jpg (157.4 KB, 1024x706, image.jpg)

Here comes the fatties to whitenight or is rachel herself

No. 127720

What the fuck is this grammar? Spend less time catfighting on the internet and more in class, faggot.

No. 127749

Homophobic fuck go eat a dick

No. 127751

What are you, gay or just a fag, because that's a really faggoty thing to say.

No. 127771

Anon why do you keep telling people who disagree with you to eat a dick? Ignore it and grow up.

I swear PULLtards are coming in hoards and don't know how to post.

No. 127836


Those lenses make her look fugly…and that nose…jesus

No. 127913


When you have nothing else to bitch about, I guess grammar will do

No. 128439

Joey looks so gross. Why doesn't he cut his hair or redye his hair?

No. 128563

Part of me wants to think Shine is cute as all fuck but then he opens his mouth and I'm like HMMMMM NOPE!

No. 128604

He would be adorable if he didn't sound like a 12 year old Elmer Fudd. he looks more attractive especially when he sits next to Joey. Joey looks like every anime nerd in high school, he even has that stupid streak of color in his front fringe. What is he even going to do in Japan? Just make stupid weeb pandering videos?

No. 128617

Only Jvlogger I follow is AbroadinJapan who does the amazing thing of actually exploring Japan outside of Tokyo.
This video though, he calls out the main fans for these videos and treating Japanese people as amazing other worldly beings when…they are just normal people. Also bring up why teaching english is important.

No. 128667

File: 1462726783341.jpg (264.83 KB, 750x640, CYMERA_20160509_005445.jpg)

I tried to pitu and cymera her nose away but I made her uncanny valley mj tier. I wish she'd learn how to do her makeup at least though.

No. 128738

File: 1462749896275.jpg (95.83 KB, 750x640, 1462388998282.jpg)

She needs smaller lens, she looks bug eyed
Also her face is really long

No. 128793

To be fair traveling within japan is pretty expensive if you're not a foreigner with a JR pass. BUT, it is so so worth it that I wish these weebs would stop buying stupid snacks and plushies and makeup/ clothes so they could see more of the country. There is so much more to Japan than Tokyo.

No. 128834

It's funny, because Mira does sometimes, except no one wants to see her shit

No. 128868

One Jvlogger I don't completely hate is Laura ribeiro. Her vlogs are interesting and she's cute. It's nice seeing japan through the eyes of someone who is pretty and not a weeaboo lol. Hate her new hairstyle though she looked much better with black hair

No. 128896

Wow, that was a terrible video.

No. 128929


Anon, that video was pretty bad.

> going full retard wearing loose jewelry out to the jungle

Dumb as a bag of rocks, but she's sort of pretty, as long as she doesn't smile with her teeth.

No. 128930

She may not be a weeaboo but that doesn't make her appearance any less disgusting

No. 128968

I dint even know why shes in japan if shes a vlogger and not a weeb tbh

No. 128983

Idk, she looks like a gross try-hard

No. 128991

I know. But she promotes herself as 'half' to the point that everyone regards her as such, rather than 'quarter'. http://topicks.jp/52859 Wonder what Einshine and Anime Man would think of this kek.

No. 129818

File: 1463062776606.jpg (58.42 KB, 713x406, Capturehjhk.JPG)

holy shit mimei is so greasy in taylors last vlog, what happened

No. 129822

How can you not feel self conscious with your bangs down when your hair looks this gross? At least have the decency to spray on some dry shampoo and throw it up into a ponytail.

No. 129827

File: 1463064472052.png (269.81 KB, 693x419, gremlin.png)

No. 129832

she always looks like a greasy mess

No. 129836

Is being greasy new kawaii?!?!

No. 130206

> virtual anime girlfriend that he shows frequently on his videos he calls her Kat
i lold because this is so believable but no kat is real lol
her fake voice is annoying though and idk its kind of refreshing i guess that she doesnt show her face online but its also kind of annoying. i wanna see it!! lol

No. 130207

such shoop

No. 130256

Mimei and Shine are probably the worst jvloggers

No. 130269

She was so annoying in Taylors vlog.


No. 130285

In my opinion they're both attractive but in different ways. Shine is more androgynous and can sometimes pull off the "pretty boy" look when he tries while Joey is more manly with blunter features.

No. 130321

lol yeah he has good features but is obnoxious/autist as hell. what a waste

No. 130440

I found some photos of her, they don't show her whole face but is just her hand covering some of it rather than the face mask.

From what I see she just looks like a typical skinny White girl.

No. 130451

File: 1463243959290.jpg (57.86 KB, 640x640, 12445923_1671628446431870_1729…)

yea average girl if you ask me

No. 130453

File: 1463243989078.png (243.51 KB, 449x253, tumblr_static_tumblr_static_3m…)

so close. so close…

No. 130455

a bit old video, but sharla weebing out in akihabara. how long has she lived in japan that akiba is still exciting for her. sheesh. old weebs die hard

No. 130498

Why does he looks so dirty here?

No. 130554

His pants are all dirty, his fly is unzipped and he's eating(?) some.. brown thing.

No. 130565

He acts like a typical 18 year old to me, aka insufferable.

No. 130573

What the hell is with Kat's voice anyways? Sometimes it isn't like she's even trying to hide that it's fake (starts at 58 seconds) yet it comes goes back to LilyPichu levels for the rest of the video.

No. 130574

*sometimes it's like she isn't even trying to hide that it's fake


No. 130603

spoiler thats charlotte talking not kat

No. 130633

Einshine is seriously a spazz. Thats why everyone loves him. Almost 1 million subs. Damn

No. 130635

he's so fucking cute why is his personality so shit

No. 130650

Shine pls zip ur pants

No. 130652

she must be ugly as hell if she's covering 24/7 her face

No. 130685

Whoops, I saw the face-mask and jumped the gun. My bad.

No. 131002

Hopefully his personality will improve as he get older

No. 131009

he just needs a new voice lmao

No. 131761

He was building a chocolate thing in this vid iirc, so he's got chocolate everywhere lol

No. 131785

i genuinely believe mimei gave up on her hair. i watched a video (about 1-2 ago) and she mentioned that her subscribers had been commenting on her greasy looking hair and she explained that no matter how much she washes her hair and styles it, it always looks greasy. in that video she also got a fresh dye job. (it was pink ends if that helps you and you want to see it lol) obviously she could be lying about it, but since she went to the salon that day, her hair looked hella normal.

that's the only thing, besided her annoying accent when speaking Japanese, i don't like about her videos.

No. 131786

my phone is so rude.
• 1-2 years ago.
• besides

No. 131795

It sucks, but that does happen sometimes. It can be hormonal or even environmental depending on the person. My hair used to be like that until I moved to a new climate and learned I had a thyroid disorder. My hair went from shoulder length frizzy, lifeless straw to now long and silky and halfway down my back in like a year and a half.

No. 131799

I always thought Kat faked her voice to stay completely anonymous, no? I mean she can't seriously think anyone would believe her voice sounds naturally like the one of a toddler

No. 131858

File: 1463567561949.png (377.98 KB, 840x424, Screenshot 2016-05-18 at 7.28.…)

"Damn, I have to interview this japanese beauty guru and forgot to wash up. Should I just go jump in the shower? Nah, fam will be cool with it"

No. 131866

I think it's because she's underage.. Does she even speak Japanese?

No. 131913

She fakes it to sound like a kawaii shojo waifu. Not because she's underage

No. 131924

Wut? It's not greasy in that picture. Mimei has very thin hair and a fringe which makes her hair seem greasy. She looked best when she had her natural hair color Eben pink suited her better in my opinion..

No. 131939

I guess she's attending a japanese language school? Because she's underage and she doesn't live with her parents.

No. 131943

she should go back to solid hair color. either all natural or all pink or something. it would make her look less dirty

No. 131945

> no matter how much she washes her hair and styles it, it always looks greasy
maybe someone should tell her thats the problem
overwashing greasy hair actually causes over production of oils.
it takes awhile to retrain the hair, but not washing so much might help

No. 131952

For some people not washing hair for x amount of time does not help. It might just be hormonal imbalance meaning that her hair will always be greasy no matter what

No. 131966

Dry. Shampoo.

No. 131967

dry shampoo does nothing when your hair is so greasy it looks wet but k

No. 132051

it's called dry shampoo

No. 132053

>>131967 yes it does. you have to use it right when your hair is freshly washed and dried. then apply more the next day. dry shampoo is a powder it sucks the oil up.

No. 132098

and a new accent with some speech therapy.

No. 132102

Mimei, if you lurk here, try a different shampoo & condinioner brand. I get oily patches by brands, so as long as I stick with mild/generic conditioner it's fine. Also it's probably best if you just grow your bangs out…..

No. 132334

Am i just seeing things or is Kat's arms being edited to look more slim? Closer to the end, when her left arm is in front on the tv screen, it looks like the edges are moving

No. 132364

I wonder if Kat is pro-ana or smth. I watched one of Joey's sushi vids, and Joey and Shine ate like 10 plates each and kat was there with like…1 empty plate. And when they went out to eat gyoza, all ordered was one bowl of rice and nothing else

No. 132383

File: 1463681293988.jpg (584.64 KB, 1400x1975, gyarudiet.jpg)

In Japan it isn't strange for women to eat as little as possible. It's not even pro-ana, it's just culturally a thing.

No. 132394

the portion sized in japan are typically smaller, but normal minded japanese women dont go to restaurants and eat a nutrient-less bowl of white rice or 2 pieces of sushi for dinner.

No. 132429

shes not japanese though
that pic though… i feel so bad for women to have these expectations

idk she does look pretty slim

No. 132431

also does she have some weird lisp thing like shines?
"is buhns! " = it burns ?

No. 132432

a puhple cabbage!
it huhts!

No. 132437

Hard sounds ain't kawaii

No. 132452

Might actually be the least interesting youtube vid ever. What a shit show.

No. 132476

well shines has a huge weeb following that just wanna see him, kat, and greasy joey do stupid shit and its totes awesome because they live in japan

No. 132477

maybe shes british

No. 132484

Might be a bit ot but does anyone know why Duncan has such a bad relationship with his brother?

No. 132490

Sharla's going the vegan trend. I like how she literally hasn't researched anything and is already talking about 'muh animals'.

If she is so concerned about animal rights, the fact that she has left central Toky has made it easy for her to find and attain truly free-range/natural eggs and milk.

No. 132493


They're used to smaller portions, they've been raised that way. Isn't hard to figure out guys.

No. 132494


Oh god. Every fucker goes down the vegan road just to sound edgy and gain more subs. Pure bullshit.

No. 132496

She sounds upset or something in the beginning

No. 132497

> low iron levels
> go vegan

No. 132506

This, so fucking tired of the "i'm vegan too".

No. 132509

Lol she's basically asking Freelee to rip her apart. Oh man, this is gonna be fun.

No. 132514

What's the story about this Kat person? She doesn't show her face but is trying to act like she's really cute?

No. 132516

I want to know this too!

I remember he used to have a video where he was reacting to google images or smth an some picture of his brother came up and he made fun of it or laughed at it or whatever and his mom pretty much yelled at him to edit the video and blur out what the picture was. its so confusing and i want the damn milk already lol

No. 132526


She is very slim. From photos I found of her from last year when she was still in Australia her limbs look like skinny white girl tier. Idk if pro-ana maybe just very selective food tastes (aka, very white food tastes) so Japanese food may not be the best.

No. 132527

I'm pretty sure Australian. The way she speaks is weird but her accent is definitely Australian or some weird ver of NZ accent

No. 132528

Probably just wants to lose weight and needs a non shallow reason.
She can see that Taylor's diet whatever it is, is keeping her thin.
Compared to Mimei and Taylor, she's larger. Plus she is engaged. Maybe she wants to be smaller for her wedding day.
Or maybe she really is into for ethical reasons. Who knows. But newly converted vegans tend to be overzealous.

No. 132533

Valid reasons but damn why do people assume vegan = healthy or diet friendly?
In the video, she ate fried shit and sugary desserts…. All vegan but not exactly nutrtious

No. 132535

All these women are less than 98lb
Mildly disturbing
Not saying im the holy grail of japanese knowledge but all my japanese friends think these are way too skinny and not normal women
If youve ever been to japan youll see girls of all sizes. Being this thin, just like in the west, is one of those rare cases tbh

No. 132547

That is NOT British.

No. 132548

i remember in an old video she was talking about how her parents were hippies and she grew up in a vegetarian household all her life. Wouldn't be too much of a stretch to say she had some sort of ethical reason. She was probably just coerced by Taylor tho lol Isn't mimei vegan too?

No. 132644

>I started crying because my fiance wouldn't let me buy another cat
I cringed so hard

No. 132654

this video was 100% percent depressing
even though its titled "my crappy day" it got to a point, just like why are you even filming things. she looks dead ass tired and like shes been crying and got nothing good to say and the highlight of the day is going to costco…

No. 132659

Her symptoms sound like when I was pregnant. Lol
I predict a "Pregnant in JAPAN" video in 3ish months.

That eyeliner doesn't do anything for her round eyes, it makes her look creepy. Honestly the only thing I like about Sharla is her eyebrows. Either way she looks like shit in this video.

No. 132663

why would you want a cat when you're veg*n? As a real vegetarian, I hate seeing hypocrites trying to be all ~*speshul*~

No. 132678

>"I have like no interest in eating eggs guys!!"
>orders tempura with batter made from eggs

No. 132681

Who gets in a fight with their fiancé because he doesn't want to adopt another cat? You would think the shop owners were holding a knife to its head and shouting "BUY IT OR IT GOES".

No. 132684

its not made always with eggs tho?
and maybe she means straight up eggs/omelette gross her out

No. 132685

this post hurt my brain

No. 132686

Unless it was a specialty restaurant, and especially considering it was a traditional Japanese restaurant, it most likely had eggs in it

No. 132687

Mine too. Are they implying all cat owners eat their pets?

No. 132688

Mine too. Are they implying all cat owners eat their pets?

No. 132689

Mine too. Are they implying all cat owners eat their pets?

No. 132691

No. 132713

wth? I think anon means some vegans dont buy meat for their pets… some of them make them vegan when its unfair

No. 132743

Cats need to eat meat in their diet. Dogs, hamsters, fish and other pets don't. So if a veg*n gets a cat, they either:
1) feed it a veg*n diet and are slowly killing it
2) feed it meat, which, if they are an ethical veg*n, is completely hypocritical since they're literately killing animals for their own benefit.

There are plenty of people who go vegn just because it can be healthy and that's fine and dandy, but honestly these online personas just do it to hop on the sugoi speshuaru snowflake bandwagon. Sharla will be just like Taylor, saying she's vegn just to preach on camera and boost her ego and then go binge on bacon off-camera right afterwards.

No. 132758

please don't undernourishe dogs because they "can". They are much healthier just living off dog biscuits and dog food, when I see some veggie making some shitty bean thing for their poor dog I feel like crying.

No. 132764

Reminds me, there was some screen cap from a vegan dog owner's blog making the rounds of tumblr where the vegan-fed dog was clearly malnourished. Dogs will suffer if fed a vegan diet. If you don't want to give your pet meat, then get a damn rabbit, not a cat or dog

No. 132785

No. 132787

Yep that one.

>puréed sweet potato, puréed brown rice, sprouted organic tofu, chia seeds, and digestive enzymes

This douchebag's dog eats (ate? who knows what happened to the poor thing) more high-end expensive shit than I do

No. 132792

I'm a practical person, not a crazed organic fruitarian or a SJW tumblrina.

Yes, feeding dogs a vegetarian diet is not easy, vegan even less so. But with enough research and care-taking it is possible since dogs are omnivorous and not carnivorous (like cats).

But yeah, there are crazy people out there who project their lifestyles on others, which sucks.

Some simple reading material regarding dogs and a vegetarian diet:

It is true that dogs belong to the order Carnivora, but they are actually omnivores. The canine body has the ability to transform certain amino acids, the building blocks or protein, into others, meaning that dogs can get all the amino acids they need while avoiding meat.

Being a lacto-ovo vegetarian does not present many nutritional challenges for people or for dogs. In fact, eggs have the highest biological value of all the protein sources commonly used in pet foods. The biological value of a protein measures its ability to supply the individual amino acids that an animal needs. Eggs are an excellent source of protein for dogs. Even veganism — consuming a diet that does not include any animal products — though a little trickier, is possible for dogs. The right balance of different plant-based sources of protein (e.g., beans, corn, soy and whole grains) can still provide the needed amino acids.


"For dogs, certainly vegetarian and vegan diets can be done, but they need to be done very, very carefully. There is a lot of room for error, and these diets probably are not as appropriate as diets that contain at least some animal protein," Heinze says.

No. 132846

Just because you can doesnt mean you should anon, he even says its pretty risky. Its evil to force dogs to eat vegan/vegetarian, if they were strays they would go for meat, let them be animals, they are your special snowflakes test subjects. Its fine if you want to be a moral cruisader or whatever but leave the freaking animals alone! Dont get one and force your stupid ideoligy on them. Buy a bird or something if your lonely.

No. 132847

they are not your special snowflakes test subjects*

No. 132853

So it's theoretically possible for a dog to eat vegan and not become horribly malnourished. Most people however are dumbasses and will kill their pet by giving them nothing but organic sprouted hippie tofu.

Again, if you don't want to feed your pet meat, get a rabbit or a bird.

No. 132875

People trying to force their diet on animals should not have animals.

No. 133454

>complain about animal cruelty in Japan
>complain about wanting to adopt a obviously unhealthy Scottish Fold from pet store but doesn't want to buy it
>long rant about ~ da evils of pet stores~
>buys said cat at pet store with friend

No. 133456

Ye, these weeb in Japan are often the most hypocritical people online

No. 133465

I don't want to watch the vid, but why would you buy the fucking cat if you and your fiancé had a fight over buying it?

also, not eating foods that have even the tiniest of animal products because you don't support how they are treated and then buying animals from shops that aren't treated well…hypocritical much? but she got what she wanted, so whatever. would she have bought a dog with a deformity? or hell, even a mixed breed cat?

No. 133483

I doubt it. I'm pretty sure she's mentioned before that Scottish Folds are her favorite breed so why would she wanna buy a mutt or mixed breed.

When she was tweeting about her feelings "boohoo i wanna adopt but pet shops are evil", Micaela gave her valid reasons why she shouldn't purchase from pet stores ,especially if she knows this cat is gonna have health problems. and what does she go and do? lol

No. 133490

murder cat 2.0

No. 133493

maybe because buying a pet from a pet shop, one that is obviously not bred well, opens up more space for more health problematic pets. she's basically supporting their business, no matter how much she justifies her purchase to save the cat.

No. 133494

She made her friend buy it and they're gonna split the vet bills

No. 133502


Why do people even like Sharla?

No. 133505

My guess is her fans live through her

No. 133539

100% the reason I used to be her fan

No. 133542

also changed her IG profile to say 'vegan'

No. 133546

she said she got the cat for 10% of the original price (only because no one wanted it) but still thats just sad

No. 133647


Sharla's Twin

No. 133696

This. Plus she bartered with the pet store worker like the cat was a piece of steak at the butcher cause of their ~health problem concerns~. Sharla's such a child.

No. 133700

Can they afford to give the cat the care it needs?

No. 133702


this poster >>133494 said that her and a friend are gonna split the bill costs. and someone on twitter asked sharla is she was gonna set up a fundraiser for the cat and sharla said if she runs out of money she will consider it.

No. 133729

Please tell me you're kidding. If she can't afford the medical bills she should have let the cat die! Also the fact that she's putting this much effort into a cat that isn't hers and her fiancé is against, sounds like it could end up with the marriage canceled.

No. 133745

If they are both rational people, I doubt they'll split over something like this. Couples fight all the time, even if it's over stupid shit.

But yes, if she had her friend help buy out the cat, and is splitting vet bills, they really should have never bought the poor thing in the first place. They're only making things worse.

No. 133761

I'll put money on sharla eventually taking the cat in the end.

I don't get the fucking fundraiser though. I can kind of understand the one Rachel and Jun started, because the poor thing was tarred, starving, had a broken leg, and his tail was barely held onto his body. Why would you knowingly spend so much money on a cat (pet stores in Japan are NOT cheap, no matter how much of a 'deal' you get) and then turn around and beg people for money to pay for its medical bills?

I feel so bad for Sharlas future husband. Imagine your wife going out and blowing so much money because she's a crazy cat lady who has to "OMG SAVE THE KITTIES OF THE WORLD!! "

No. 133773

A 30 year old woman who cries because she can't buy a cat doesn't sound very rational to me

No. 133783

> be sharla
> be almost 30
> be vegan for 3 days
> adopt one cat
> 'save' twenty more cats because reasons

No. 133978

mimei probably reads on here in her latest vlog her hair actually looks decent for once

No. 133999

My god this thread is cancer thanks to diseased cats

No. 134044

what a condescending smug little bitch

she just assumes some old employee is the manager, and acts like a cunt because he doesn't really know in detail about some disease a cat has. It's a PET SHOP, not a fucking zoo. poor guy is probably just there for a paycheck

imagine working in a pet shop and seeing this fat crybaby wide faced gaijin who keeps picking a fight with you and acting snobby because she is some savior vegan that cares about the welfare of every fucking cat in the world.

No. 134048

Still greasy, but very improved. I hope whatever tip she followed she'll keep doing, maybe her hair will start looking better and better.

No. 134064

I really like the way mimei says hair


No. 134124

kind of OT but it kinda sucks her fiance wasnt down with another cat. they just got a big(ger) house and cats arent trouble. unless sharla is that much of a slob she cant take care of it properly

No. 134133

Sharla said she said she bartered the price down for the cat to 20,000jpy which is like 200$… I mean usually they're 10x that price, so like she said in the video I doubt the pet shop made much if any profit from the cat (which they would've killed in a few months had no one bought it)
So the way I see it, if the cat was going to be killed and replaced and the shop didn't make a profit, she didn't do a bad thing… And as a crazy cat lady myself I can sympathise.
(And it's not bullshit seriously, pet shops euthanise cats and dogs here if they've been sitting in a pet shop for several months and not been bought)

In the end, unless the cat requires surgery then it's vet bills won't be ridiculously expensive, probably just fairly regular checkups and repeat prescriptions. The only sad thing is that if it does develop problems later on then it's quality of life may not be so great…..

No. 134136

I don't really blame him, it was a $2000 cat (at the time) that needed expensive surgery. They just moved, bought new furniture, and paid for maro's tooth extraction surgery. This is their first time living together, so he's probably just getting used to having one cat in the house.

No. 134246

Btw, are they married yet? She goes back and forth. It looks like they both have wedding bands on. She just made a tweet saying my mother-in-law. Then said something like the joys of marriage life. Never known anyone to call their in-laws, in-laws until after marriage.

No. 134265

Their wedding is next summer

No. 134266

Asking for a second opinion on a Scottish Fold's condition seems excessive.

No. 134299

I think theyre legally married but nit having a wedding til next summer. Which is totally reasonable

No. 134330

Sharla milking the disabled cat situation is pathetic. She could have just adopted a stray or abandoned cat or something like that if she cares so much about giving a cat a better life. This "pet stores are evil so I'll buy this poor cat" cry is simply stupid.

No. 134332

This is basically Sharla's cat. I know they're splitting the cost. Maybe it's me, but I'd be slightly offended with that video if I was her friend.

Mostly with: I explained the situation. I told the vet she was 2 and half months old. I might take her somewhere else to get a second opinion. I asked him to give her x rays. I asked if there's any supplements we could start her on. Vet recommended a book I should purchase. He should me where I could buy it. I wanted them to listen to her breathing.

What? I'm sure Sharla thinks she knows all about Scottish folds and maybe her friend never owned a pet before. I just wouldn't appreciate the vibe of 'it's my cat' Sharla was giving off

No. 134335

I wonder how her husband feels since he didn't agree with getting it and she pulled this

No. 134350


From what she said on twitter, she watches the kitten when her friend goes to work, so the kitten is at her house during the day.

It is basically her cat if she's the one spending the most time with it. I feel bad for the husband lol.

No. 134359

This is why I find half of the girls within the jvlogging community sad. Yet you all want Venus combined too? Not to mentoin people using her but I cannot deal with the daftness her videos will contain and yet people will still call her cute. Just like people admire Mira and like that tithead.

No. 134376

and you can tell Sharla stayed several nights at her friends house just to watch the kitten when her friend was at WORK, not even on holiday or gone for several days. Kittens that age can be left alone just fine as long as you put them in a room where they can't get into shit and leave their food and water in an easily accessible place. It's not a 1 week old newborn that needs to be bottle fed kitten formula.

Imagine your fiancé springing that on you. "Sorry not gonna be home tonight. babysitting the kitten you said I couldn't get. Have fun by yourself xoxo"

No. 134415

Ugh, cat people are always the worst. Never mind it being Sharla

No. 134921

I kinda like when jvloggers do the old "look at me go shopping in Harajuku!!"-shit, because it's nice to see what's currently in the stores. And ew, she only brought one set of clothes for 4 days.

No. 134950

Looks like she just wore the same jacket anon

No. 134966

oh so she doesnt actually live in tokyo at all anymore? when she said she moved to the countryside, i thought she meant right outside the city.

No. 135040

Kek Keep trying

No. 135372

ok unless she got kicked out of her place suddenly (lmao imagine her husbando got fed up already) she probably didnt bring only one pair of clothes.
if anything i would point out her 'weeb trash' aesthetic is stronger than usual

video unrelated:
mimei complaining about having no money yet goes and buys $60 of packaged vegan food. yeah i know it sucks to work and come home and have to cook but if you have no money you shouldnt be buying $10 packs of vegan burgers and egg rolls wtf

No. 135380

sharla said in her vlog that she was wearing the same outfit that whole weekend so she had to go out and buy a new shirt in ikebukuro

No. 135469

Sorry same jacket anon from before I watched the Kim Dao vlogs, why didn't she try to find a dress or something expecially for a YouTube event it's gross

No. 135474

What's with the j-vloggers all becoming vegans?!

No. 135477


its the new and edgy kawaii

they wanna turn the japs into vegans

No. 135487

Kimdao's new vlog about racism. I can't believe how passive these girls are. That pissed me off more than anything. Why didn't they say something back or at least complained to the waiter? I hate people like that who will just sit quietly while being insulted and made fun of.
I noticed something funny however and that is while the other two looked pissed Taylor was smiling and being the dumb one kek. Two years in Japan and she doesn't even know basic conversation.

No. 135489

It just another trend that's gonna come and go once it's not cool anymore.

No. 135501

Are you serious its japan? Whats the waiter gonna do about it

No. 135568

if they stood up for themselves or whatever you expect them to do, it would just give gaijin an even worse reputation probably.
those people would tell their friends "not only did these three inhumane gaijin take a bunch of pictures in the cafe, they had the nerve to say something to us!"

No. 135575

Sorry, but this is Japan. Even if you called people out on it, it wouldn't do any good.

No. 135579

Taylor can't even read english words in katakana without her manager, what makes you think she knows conversation?

Also, racism is unavoidable in Japan. Even if you can stand up for yourself and it will just cause more problems and not fix the original one. This is why sane people don't worship Japan.

No. 135619

exactly. taylor didnt know whats going on at all. watch kim's video. taylor is smiling at her food and sharla and kim have a sour face lol

No. 135621

Is it me or is this Japanese guy Yuta obsessed with half Japanese people or people wanting to be involving with Japanese? I'm sick of this fucker making videos about the same dreary topics.

No. 135622

I think it's funny how jvloggers are so desensitized to how weird they look when they are all just focusing on their cameras that they don't realize how annoying they might come off as.

also lol at "It's not like we are dressed weirdly or anything!", as your chubby 30 year old friend wears a hot pink shirt with animu drawings all over it

No. 135623

Am I the only one who is creeped out by this guy?

No. 135625


Nope. I am too anon, Yuta he's called (one on the right) and he keeps making videos about "Being mixed race in Japan?" and "Do Japanese guys/girls like _____ girls/guys?" and it's gross.

I know some people (weebs) need validation to know the Japanese race finds them attractive and fuckable (visa material thus house waifu) but it's getting annoying. All he ever makes videos about is mixed Japanese or who people want to date or something involving race. This cunt is obsessed.

No. 135626


Even this ugly Jap douche is making videos about it too

No. 135634

Isn't Sharla the only one who can understand and speak Japanese? I know Taylor can't, but I've never heard once Kim do it.

No. 135635

Gaijins would look more like barbarians if they yelled at those people. And old people can say whatever they want. They don't care about consequences. They can be silly like that. What are you gonna do, tell them off? That's going to be more impolite, yelling at old people. Passersbys will just see it as young people yelling at old people because there is no context.

No. 135637

I think they handled it quite well. Causing a bigger scene would make it worse and sadly other Japanese will never side with gaijin.
lol I noticed Taylor too, making dumb faces at the camera while Sharla looked pissed.

No. 135642

No. 135643

Taylor just wanna look cute. She looks vapid in the video, kek. Doesn't help that Kim claimed that all of them can speak and understand Japanese.

No. 135651

This. Even though I do think the Japanese people were being really rude, I kinda can't blame them for it since they were bringing attention to themselves. If I was in that situation, I probably wouldn't say anything rude around them, but I'd definitely be curious about it and try to keep my distance from them out of fear of being recorded.

Kim can speak Japanese. I remember she did a vlog with SekineRisa a while back and they spoke Japanese together.

I think so as well.

No. 135652

Taylor busy posing and in her own selfish world while they're being shit on was comical.

They know that most Japanese people don't want to be recorded but have cameras out without explanation anyway. Next time they should signal that they're only recording themselves and only their voices when sitting next to others in a tight space.

The whole world shouldn't have to adjust to vloggers being obnoxious or entitled to spaces. Both sides were in the wrong in this case but the racist ones were more wrong.

No. 135715

Kim's Japanese really sucks though. At least her speaking does. can't say anything about her listening comprehension

No. 135717

do all Australians sound like her?
she says 'other' like 'udder'

No. 135718

File: 1464612357478.png (463.29 KB, 576x435, pinkhair.PNG)

somehow her hair looks good here.
this pink/brown ombre looks way better than her straight black to pink she's got going on now

No. 135719

With Sharla being close friends with Einshine and him being such a douchenozzle I feel like there's a lot of bad things about Sharla that she hides on her channel. Like, you're not just friends with someone so annoying without having bad traits yourself.

No. 135723

File: 1464614775677.jpeg (56.07 KB, 376x500, image.jpeg)

No. 135724

File: 1464614803896.jpeg (54.16 KB, 364x500, image.jpeg)

No. 135725

I really hope Venus doesn't pair up with these cunts

No. 135727

Australian here, no most of us don't sound like that, it almost sounds like a speech impediment, or maybe it's a Vietnamese accent from her family? I have no idea.

No. 135728

Also most 30 year old women don't hang out with teenage boys, I don't know what that says about Sharla, maybe she's just using him for weeby collabs or maybe she's immature herself.

No. 135729

Look at the texts mira posted. Yeah she deleted a bunch but you can still see a lot of Sharla's tone and it is quite bitchy and gossipy. tbh I think she would post actively on here if she wasn't in the jvlogging community if she doesn't post here already.

Boohoo Sharla. You know that's what people are going to say and what they were saying wasn't even mean. I only really keep up with Sharla and Taylor and even I noticed every other fucking jvlogger is going vegan/suddenly coming up with 'health issues' that makes them magically picky as fuck with food.

No. 135753

Nobody normal would feel comfortable seeing foreign weirdos film in a restaurant. People around must feel conforted.

They shouldn't talk shit about them out loud, ok that's rude, but these weeaboos shouldn't expect people are perfectly comfortable with their cameras either, esp when they don't explain what exactly are they filming. I know I wouldn't be able to relax thinking how they might record me, even if it's only on the microphone.

And that's not what racism is lol. Kim Dao, as Asian, should know this. It's not about a race, what a clickbait.
It's because their actions are screaming Foreigner!

No. 135755

And I mean not a cool foreigner who like stuff and wants to be classy and friendly, but a bunch of foreign people who hang with other foreigners only, who put cameras on table, make funny faces while eating and surrounded by other people who came to eat in a peace etc.

No. 135758

but they commented on how kim dao was korean and should go back home to her own country that's racist. >>135643 taylor clearly didnt understand what they were saying thats why sharla was translating for her. She hardly looked vapid more like a nervous or even a annoyed smile. Did we all watch the same video?

No. 135761

That's still not racism. Like If a white person from canada tells another white person to "go back to the US"

No. 135763

Considering japanese people (probably only the old generation) has a lot of animosity against korean people ist sort of about rascism well more like nationalism. But either way japanese people used to hate koreans and some still practice that hate

No. 135764


This is why the jvlogging community is ruined

No. 135766

>"However there have been times where people would say racist things such as "Go back to Korea" (when I'm not even Korean) to me."
This is last sentence from description box under this "Racism" video. She's not talking about event from few days ago when she went out with Taylor and Sharla and full cinema equipment, she's just randomly mentioning some other "times".


No. 135769

In this particular instance, the table next to them were shit talking them but weren't being racist.
Honestly, they probably were more annoyed at the thought of tourists than anything..and this was fueled by alcohol. They also were older so like any other old people they were senile prone. I kind of wished they attempted to butt into their conversation because I would have cut that shit short but I'm also not Sharla, Taylor or Kim. They all seem afraid of in real life confrontation for the sake of being ~kawaii~. If Sharla has the mouth of a sailor why didn't she bite their head off? Really annoying.
Also the whole vegan thing: being sensitive to the joke the other twitter was making is kind of Sharla just being a baby. She was a baby about Miko and look what happened?? Bound to keep on going. I think that's why she's friends with Einshine; they're both mentally immature living in Japan with privilege and can't think of a better way to spend their time.

No. 135774

Oh shit must have gotten things confused, i am really tired sorry anons
>>135769 sharla is definetly afraid of confontration which is why she smack talked rachel (even though sharla "apparently" was bothered by it)with mira without telling her to stop. And then went behind miras back and showed rachel the texts so she could deal with it instead. I'm no fan of miranda she is crazy but i just hate shady bitches (sharla) like that they have no sense of loyalty towards anyone.

No. 135778

She just always says whatever she thinks will please people. It's not about disliking confrontation so much as wanting to always please everyone and have them all like her. It's why she seems so friendly in her videos but stuff you hear about her or her friends sounds dodgy as fuck.

No. 135779

… when she already knew what was going on, but she was so busy drinking and pouting for the camera…

No. 135780

One Margaret is enough to corrupt her. Enough with these hoes.

No. 135781

Just imagine three gaijins sitting only on one side of the table when it is spacious enough for them to sit face to face, lining their plates and taking photos of them all before eating, then sipping and making faces on the camera while the food is there getting cold. Forget that they're Jvloggers. Now what do you get? A bunch of annoying little girls with cameras.

Oh does it really hurt that much, Sharla Butthurt HInskens? But it's true, topkek.

No. 135832

I am starting to get annoyed with the faces Taylor pulls to act cute, even while something serious is happening. She and Sharla need to start acting their age.

No. 135835

File: 1464641865413.jpg (13.38 KB, 500x500, large.jpg)

kim is vietnamese. and yes, japanese (and other asians) can be racist towards other asians

No. 135836

File: 1464641992629.png (493.06 KB, 729x546, tumblr_m28rcrbstr1rrjmodo1_128…)

yea if you watch the hanami video or the youtube 100k party video, or any video where multiple vloggers meetup, it just looks so bizarre. they're not even having normal social interactions. they are just dicking around on their phones and cameras, and only met up to stroke each others egos

No. 135837

I feel like Micaela is the only jvolgger that seems like a normal person. She doesn't seem like she's hiding part of her personality. She also seems like she's good at Japanese but my Japanese isn't good enough to be able to tell.

No. 135838

do you think taylor is being a good friend/acting motherly or humble bragging by buying tons of shit sharla would like and enjoy for their sleepover?
she bought her like 5 kinds of tea, lush bath bombs, and a few months ago bought her expensive fancy xmas presents. tbh that kind of 'friend' would piss me off

No. 135839

because she stayed the fuck away from tokyo all this time
she's doing her own thing in fukuoka and i dont really see anything wrong with her

No. 135840

I knoooow. kek
She also just thought the people were drunk (that's what she says when Sharla is already pissed). She really doesn't understand anything and it's painfully obvious. Of course it is harder to understand people talking far away and more rapidly than you are used to, but still… I see no evidence anywhere that she knows Japanese beyond the most basic level (if even that). That makes her participation in that drama even more bizarre.

No. 135842

It was all kind of affected and weird, I agree. I don't feel like their friendship is real or sincere - and that's clearly what Taylor wants us to believe, that's the illusion she is pushing in their collabs.

No. 135844

Makes sense. She also seems super comfortable in her own company when the others all seem lonely when they're on their own or like they're using the camera for companionship or approval.

No. 135855

I noticed this too, they're not interacting with each other the way friends do. They're so busy trying to make themselves look good.

Everything she does is pre-planned and staged that there isn't anything spontaneous or interesting. How many more shopping, grocery or eating out in Japan videos can one do before all out of ideas? Japan has so much more to offer.

No. 135857

File: 1464645557793.jpeg (128.83 KB, 1257x803, image.jpeg)

it's so awkward seeing Taylor and Sharla hanging out together. Taylor just goes on and on about how great and healthy her food is, and Sharla goes along with it saying "omg yes lemon water and veggie bowls!!" You know that girl downs a whole row of ~100% vegannnnn~ Oreos every night.

It's also funny seeing how frumpy and old Sharla looks on other peoples vlogs. I mean, Taylor isn't drop dead gorgeous or anything, but she makes Sharla look like a potato next to her.

No. 135858

Wtf is Taylor even wearing

And ugh at Sharla and her weeb t-shirts

No. 135859

lmao at Sharla feeling ~triggered~ after less than a week of being vegan

No. 135861


No. 135863

Boohoo! white girls suffering racism in Japan. Poor them. Every time I hear cases of white people suffering racism in non-white countries I always laugh as they are the most insignificant cases of racism possible. Poor them.

No. 135864

Also not racism, xenophobia. And possibly not even that, just 3 disgruntled people who got annoyed at people filming everything (which is pretty unusual in Japan…).
idk, I'm white in Japan, and people complaining about "racism" piss me off. "People ask me where I'm from all the time, this would never happen in the US!!!" - have you ever spoken to a non-white person in a predominantly white country?! "People assume I don't speak Japanese" - most white people in Japan don't, Japanese people cannot distinguish between tourists and foreigners living in Japan. It's just blablabla, feeling sorry for themselves.

No. 135866

File: 1464649148857.png (295.96 KB, 545x375, s95kds.png)

and kim was saying
"we were dressed completely normal!"
(well she was. sharla… um…)

No. 135867

wow that pic is rough.
idk about any of you but i cringe so hard when i watch sharla's eating videos. you know she is so into whatever she's eating, not even thinking

No. 135868

actually a lot of the major youtubers pretty much ran out of ideas. thats why recently they've all been vlogging rather than featuring some cool thing in japan. a lot of their fans just wanna see daily life. tokyo is getting dry for content

No. 135871

Why is sharla dressing like a 14 year old when she is past 30. Didnt she work at an office wasnt there a dress code? I feel like you would know how to dress by then and be a bit more classy

No. 135872

Eh I think the whole filming while you eat thing is obnoxious, but if I was in another country and a native said that I was inhuman, I'd feel pretty shitty about it.

No. 135873

>>135838 i actually think taylor is a nice person she is just very insecure and a bit awkward. She is the only one that acts like a human these days (especially when she is with her family) when she is not obsessing over her looks. I get the feeling she didnt have many friends growing up and combined with her mild bdd makes her a weird adult.

No. 135874

I think it's super weird that Sharla is letting Taylor pamper her like that. It also seems like she is copying her because of the music choices in her vlog, IIRC she usually uses some a cutesy 8bit melody

No. 135875

I guess its hard to make new content about a country when youve been there for awhile, nothing new to report on especially when loads of other jvloggers has made the exact same video

No. 135876

Tbh I didn't really listen to what exactly those people said about them. Sure, it's shitty behaviour from the Japanese people, but not racism.

No. 135879

I think so too and I get that feeling as well. I wonder if she was taken out of school because she was bullied? It would explain why she comes across as so awkward/sheltered.

No. 135883

I just found out that Chris's last name is in his username. ABroad in Japan. Smart. My mind imploded.

No. 135885

best j-vlogger hands down

No. 135903

this sorta makes me sad.

No. 135904

She did say she was bullied in school a lot because she was overweight idk if she was pulled out of school though. I guess the bullying left a "scar" in her

No. 135935


Sharla is that fat friend that bitches keep around to make themselves seem more desirable. the IG/YT thumbnails together always show Sharla in the most unflattering angles (subtle psychological warfare)

No. 135936


Who knew a potato & broomstick would make such good frenemies

Sharla Went vegan because she just wants to emulate said broomstick look Taylor has, doubt its because of some deep existential crisis (too bad it'll never work though, since it takes actual discipline to control overall calories consumed)

It's just a fad, just trying to be part of the "in" crowd, no deeper than dyed hair ends.

No. 135937


All Butthurt because Men with real principles in life are calling out you're Sheepish, flavour of the week behavior.

No. 135938

File: 1464676680405.png (183.32 KB, 1020x966, Screenshot_2016-05-31-14-36-32…)

This isn't really relevant but Sharla is apparently going to Korea in July

No. 135940

you can tell that Sharla and mimei want to be her so bad, being able to afford vegan stuff and having a decent face and body. Taylor does these big ~vegan food hauls~ and the next thing you know mimei is complaining in her latest vlog about how expensive her vegan food haul was

Tbh, I am already tired of this vegan thing. ever since Sharla announced it she hasn't stopped mentioning that everything she is eating is vegan.

she always goes to korea. she claims to love everything Korean, yet only goes to Seoul kek. just like all of those jvloggers who never leave Tokyo. she thinks wearing ~faux gangster gdragon clothes~ and Korean fashion suits her. She is such a koreaboo lol

No. 135942

File: 1464680867107.jpeg (161.42 KB, 842x705, image.jpeg)

I want to fucking punch the vegan out of this bitch.

No. 135946


Posers, the lot of them. I don't agree with veganism in general, but i can respect the real ones who dont push their shit into everyone's faces, like these faux bitches are.

Mimei trying to emulate Taylor's diet, Forgets the latter is a rich bitch spending daddy's money.

Funny Sharlaloves Korea though, probably the most vapid & superficial culture to exist… kinda like her. She likes the taste of Korean dick too, probably going there to sample her exes

No. 135947

Probably going because her fiance/husband is Korean.

About the "racism"…yeeeeah, if some drunk 40-somethings saying "what are they doing?" ruins your night, you need to grow some thicker skin. That situation easily could have been shut down with a quick "Oh, we're ~famous~ youtubers, sorry! We're only recording us!" in Japanese, which would have stopped any badmouthing (because you're showing that you know Japanese so they won't say shit anymore) and answered their main question. Because it's reeeeally not normal to be vlogging in such a small space, and as some of you mentioned it's really not good to be filming people without permission in Japan, which they may have been worried about. I mean, the drunks invited the vloggers for a drink at the end of the night so I think they were more curious than anything, even if it came out xenophobic.

(And sorry, I don't trust any of their Japanese levels so I don't think they said "they're not human", at least not with the tone that these girls are claiming ;; )

Holy fuck. I'm waiting for the inevitable slide back to omnivore tbh.

No. 135948


She hides the fact she likes the Korean dick because she's worried her diehard weaboo fans will ostracize her. Only a Korean guy would wife up a 30 something wall hitting fatty. Japanese guys actually have higher standards lol

Aye any opportunity bitches get to play the victim, they'll fucking put it into a video and let it known to the world. Entitled western bitches thinking they own the world.

No. 135951

You're right, if they said something substantial and direct in polite in Japanese that likely would have stopped the shit talking. Because they what, proved their Japanese by ordering chocolate cake and other western food in Japanese? Saying "arigato"? Saying "I know Japanese" and not following up? Yeah, lame.

100% agree. It's getting mor obvious these days.

No. 135953

Why is she snotty to English speaking viewers, but so passive to Japanese "racists"? Is she turning into a Mira??!

No. 135959

I wonder if her fiancee is actually Korean, considering how much she loves Korean dick

No. 135960

File: 1464693533549.png (40.97 KB, 623x133, tweet.png)

lmao at sharla's crybaby tweet
"why are peopel so annoyedddd by meeee gaizzzzz!!?"
and this reply

No. 135962

This fucks me up, like I understand YouTube is their job but put the fucking camera down for 5 minutes and talk to each other like normal people.

I get the impression she's desperate for friends. It's kind of sad seeing her put in so much effort and Sharla doesn't really care lmao

No. 135967

They're definitely not short for content. They just don't understand that Japan has things outside of Tokyo that aren't onsen and a few 'traditional' villages.

As far as I remember I've literally never seen a jvlogger go to a beach in Japan. And they look fucking gorgeous, that would be one of the first places I'd try to visit if I was ever there.

No. 135968

migook has also gone vegan btw, kek.

No. 135970

But that would require effort… Japan has tons of gorgeous places, too bad it all gets boiled down to Tokyo, always.

No. 135973

It's kind of an open secret that he is. Pretty sure it's the same guy from when she mentioned her Korean boyfriend on Twitter. But like another anon said, the weeb audience isn't going to like that, and neither are the Japanese right-wingers.

No. 135974

Japanese beaches are actually dirty and smelly and that's why no one goes to them. I've heard someone talk about it before but I can't remember who. I also get the impression that a lot of Japanese coastline isn't sandy beach material. RnJ made a video on their second channel on the coastline up north and it was all a bunch of rocks. And then their most recent travel video had more coastline on the other side of the country and it was rocky cliffs.

No. 135977

I thought the ones in Okinawa were notoriously pretty?

No. 135978

If they can hardly pay for their vegan food, how are they gonna pay for a mini vacation?

No. 135986

because sharla is an equally immature fag that loves being babied by taylor
> #shaylor <33333

No. 135988

Vegan vegan vegan… She has only been doing it for a week ive seen people and even youtubers that have gone vegan for 2 years and still don't call themselves vegan even taylor admits that she is not 100% vegan yet but wants to be in the future. Its a life changing thing and doesnt just happen in a day. All these fake vegans think they have the right to their high and mighty attitude just for abstaining from eating meat For a few days! like come on, you were the same as the rest of us just a few days ago

No. 135993

The only ones I can stand are Life Where I'm from (just because the dad will only record if the kids are up to it) and Abroad in Japan.
I sometimes like to go back and look at Chris's weight loss videos when I'm struggling.

I used to like Sharla and Mimei but they just seem so…odd to me. Mainly Sharla since she's 30 and acts like some middle school kids I see at the mall.

No. 135997

That's like the Hawaii of Japan though, right? It's pretty far away from the mainland. From what I've heard even a lot of Japanese people never make it there.

No. 135998

Hawaii is quite a bit farther out than Okinawa is from Japan's mainland, but I could see a comparison. There are nice beaches on the mainland though, fukuoka for example.

No. 136006

Idk in where you went, probably some port, but all of them I've been to were more than beautiful.

No. 136007

I wouldn't say all of them are beautiful. Sendai was okay at best. There definitely are nice beaches on the mainland though.

No. 136009

Idk… Beaches I've been to have the cleanest and the most peaceful invironment I've ever seen. White sand, crystal sea. The most beautiful ones are on Japanese sea side, not the ocean.

No. 136020

I think you are right about the difference in sea and ocean beaches. Fukuoka had clean sand and clear waters, Sendai was more rocky and the water was more murky over all.

No. 136027

File: 1464716420375.png (134.56 KB, 588x486, image.png)

No. 136029

Well she has gained weight. Shouldnt she be used to comments like that considering she lives in japan. Also classy of her to not blur the names out is she trying to send her fans on them or something?

No. 136032

I don't think she's gained weight

I just think she has always been this chubby and tried to hide it with angles

No. 136053

File: 1464726395637.png (51 KB, 555x200, bb.png)

fuck this gay earth

No. 136055

how and why the fuck is everyone moving to nip land?

No. 136056

File: 1464726654173.png (553.94 KB, 813x519, bb2.png)

holy shit she is ugly as fuck

No. 136060

Meh, typical German Slav look.

No. 136062

Too bad Sharla will miss dairy based foods and go back to being ~fat~.
Also when is she going to get rid of her animal cruel-based makeups?

No. 136065

does her agency only care about her videos? they dont care what she is saying about them? lol

No. 136093

This filter makes me laugh. How many times did shw swipe her finger under her eyes in app to errase those black underwye circles? So in the end it just looks like ugly makeup haha

Good point, I wanna know that too

No. 136098

This is so uncanny valley in the worst possible way jesus

No. 136105

She looks like a tranny but I can't figure out why

No. 136107

Long male (horse) face.
Makeup like a tranny.

No. 136108

Her facial expression as well

No. 136118

She has a long ass philtrum like a dude

No. 136121

Can I just say that Sharla looks SO much better with black hair, it's actually ridiculous.

No. 136126

File: 1464741169055.png (160.25 KB, 226x353, old.PNG)

this video is from 2 years ago. looks way slimmer here. not that it matters. she's probably just gaining relationship weight

No. 136132

Wow, she actually looks quite adorable here.

No. 136136

That's saying something if more than one person says you look pregnant, Sharlot.

No. 136137

She really did gain weight.

No. 136139

>dichen lachman

No. 136174

Well she is 30, gets a tad harder to keep off the weight once you get older. Not everyone is blessed with a great metabolism.

No. 136192

this is BS, the reason a lot of people gain weight in their 30s is cause they become lazy shits who give up on their appearance. Sharla eats a ton of garbage, plus I've never seen her mention exercise at all.

No. 136233

Or maybe they have more important things going on in their life, rather than maintaining the same weight they had at 18.

No. 136253

fatty much?

it doesnt even take effort. you literally just have to not eat as much

No. 136262

Your metabolism slowing down is an actual thing.
At a certain age most people have to start making life style changes (like going to the gym and eating healthier) to keep their weight down. When I was younger I could be as lazy as I wanted, now I have to actually make an effort.

No. 136265

Your metabolism starts to slow down around age 25. There are other factors that often come with aging that can impact weight loss or can make weight gain occur. Yes, a lot of weight gain is people being lazy or eating poorly, but you can't say that it's all BS. At least google it before you start talking out of your ass.

No. 136279

>At least google it before you start talking out of your ass.

??? what is there even to google

even when your metabolism slows down, its usually not by more than a couple hundred calories, so eat that much less. problem solved

mad fats and/or sharla detected

No. 136280

The way you worded it made it sound like you were saying it wasn't a thing entirely. I agree, but at the same time, "only a couple hundred calories" is a meal depending on said person's height. Still not excusing people who still disregard that and pack on the pounds, because I do think there should always be a limit before you bring your ass to a doctor or change your diet/exercise routines, but gaining a little with age isn't really an unusual thing.

No. 136285

Probably why she always hides in large hoodies and loose t-shirts

No. 136286

Holy shit, her face is really unfortunate

It's so weird seeing how skinny she was with a huge head

No. 136301

No, it's just the angle. Her head size is normal it's just her chin that's very unfortunate. It looks like Kurt Cobain's.

No. 136312


but you can gain some weight as you age and not look gross if you just lift weight/exercise even just a little bit. you'll look less flabby.

No. 136313

or they work full time jobs and build a career or family

No. 136314

You are sounding like a teen who thinks everything revolves around your jean size and the gym! When you become an adult you will understand that other pursuts such as your job, family commitments and your homelife take up most of your time. Try working full time, raising kids, your body naturally slowing down etc and see if you really care about gaining a few pounds jeez

No. 136319

The thing is that sharla isn't exactly doing much with her life. She's engaged and such but what does she even do all day? Sit with the cat that's not even hers,make an ass of herself with her ~vegan~ jvlogger friends and passive aggressively responding to comments about how she doesn't shut up about being vegan? She's not exactly a career woman and she doesn't have a family of her own (yet) Some of you guys act like she has such a busy life when she's showed in her vlogs she clearly doesn't. It's weird.
Weight aside though, she still looks pretty good in the face for 30.It's just compared to Taylor that she looks like she's 'let herself go'. Even in her bra video she mentioned that she was like 36/38 around the ribcage, so it's not like like she was ever super skinny and just ballooned. Taylor's a model, even though she fucked up her face and looks like a hamster nowadays, she still is tall and slim, anyone would look like shit next to her.

No. 136323

tbh Sharla would look better if she just dyed her hair a normal color and wore age appropriate clothes. some better makeup would suit her too, none of that cheap elude house lip tint shit

No. 136330

And let me guess, she's a vegan too.

No. 136333

IIRC she does translating for movies?

No. 136341

This is just an excuse tbh. One can have all of it + not getting bigger and bigger if they just put a little bit of effort

No. 136358

I think it's the man jaw and space between her lips and nose is so big.

No. 136359

How did sharla get to Japan. In a video she said she has been in Japan for 10 years..? I know she started university as a mature student and transfered to Japan. Does that mean she was living there before she started university?

No. 136383

she studied it in high school, probably was exchange student. i think she went to college in canada and did study abroad in japan. then went to japanese university
can you say money

No. 136388

How does that equal up to 10 years if she was a university student in Japan just 4 years ago?

No. 136394

I think she said she switched courses a few times so maybe it took longer

No. 136409

>someone failed biology class

No. 136410

If I remember correctly she said she's been living in Japan for 10 years but not the full 10 years. She started with a highschool exchange, then went back with a Uni exchange, I think she had some sort of short term contract after uni, went back to Canada and now has been living in Japan for the longest period.

No. 136415

Bibi had alot of surgery work done, that's why her face looks kinda out of proportion.

No. 136488

File: 1464827323503.jpeg (128.02 KB, 729x717, image.jpeg)

Her lips make her look like a dragqueen

No. 136501

Dude that entire face makes her look like a drag queen.

No. 136502

She has "translated" ONE movie so far. I'd assume that she'd be working for maybe two weeks on one, and then having a long break between gigs. It just wouldn't be necessary for her to be on set everyday. A cool job for sure, but not a steady one. She has more free time than an average person for sure.

According to her management profile http://www.yoshidamasaki.com/member/post5598/:

- Came for high school at 17 (1 year?)
- Two years on a Working Holiday visa in Iwate (Canada currently only has a one-year WH visa, so I'm assuming that second year was actually a working visa? But if she hadn't graduated from university at that point she couldn't have been sponsored for one, as she lacked both the education requirements and experience requirements. Maybe Canada's WH was two years back then? Or she was secret married too kek)
- Back to Japan in September 2011 and graduated university in September 2014 (at 28/29).
- And I'm guessing she's on an entertainment visa sponsored by her office now for the past 1.5-2 years.

So that's only (at most) 8 years in Japan. Micaela announced recently that she's been in Japan for ten-years, but I didn't see Sharla announce the same thing? if she did, she was rounding up by quite a bit.

No. 136503

yea shes greek or something. her skins way too olive for that ashy hair. washes her out. looks like shit

No. 136513


These bitches can't do math? Both Sharla and Micaela are lying about their "time" in Japan. They make it sound like they've lived there the whole time, but they spent extended periods of time back in Canada. They're generous with time spent there because it makes them seem like more experienced "Ambassadors" to Japan=More Credible to Weaboos

No. 136518

Micaela is believable though. I think that she only went back to Canada for a year between her exchange in high school (2005) and coming back on WH visa. Unless she's gone back other than that, it's been 10 years this year.

Also, fucking Sharla is liking tweets saying that she hopes she can quit her management office soon. Have some professionalism ffs. I really can't with her.


No. 136543

It's in the video racism in Japan. Somewhere in the middle. Cba to link

No. 136559

i work 50 hours a week, married, and im 26. so my life isnt exactly empty and im not young.

its not impossible or even that hard, surprised how many people are defensive over this.

its not even about my 'jean size' as much as staying healthy and eating well and exercising because i want to feel good, and looking good just comes with it.

No. 136572

>not young

this website and pull makes everyone who is not a 16 year old loli feel old. under 30 is young, anon. it's so fucked up. people even argued in venus' thread how she's aging and she's only 19. pedo culture is real.

No. 136581

Ok quit being an autist about it tho
Theyve both spent more time in japan than canada in the last ten years so its really nothing to bug out over

No. 136596

For a site full of gossipy cunts, yes 26 is old.

No. 136605

Stop white knighting for Sharla. 10 years is not the same as 8 years, full stop. She was clearly trying to look like an authority on Japan/make herself look ~special~ by rounding 2-3 years up.

I would respect her a lot more if she said "I'm going vegan to save teh animals etc. AND lose weight". Because that would show that she cares about her body and would be honest imo. It's not a bad thing to want to lose weight. It's not a bad thing to want to keep the weight. But when you make a shift from normal eating to vegan seemingly in a day like she did, everyone can tell something's up.

No. 136607

Spoiler: The older one is, themore gossip is done.

No. 136612

are you serious though? do you know how petty you sound?
>8 years is not 10
its 8 more years than you spent in japan, so i dont know what crawled up your ass

No. 136633

I'm actually living in Japan. Not as long as her though. (and I'm not the anon who wrote >>136513 , though I agree with the sentiment)

So that is kind of the reason it bothers me that she rounded up. Lot's of foreigners here tend to use their time in Japan as social leverage.

Petty sure, but I'm quite annoyed with her these days.

No. 136647

Social posturing against other gaijin, only thing alot of these fools have.

You'd think being there for 8 years, Sharla would be alot more cultured than her bland Vancouver Island beginnings.

When she says she's been there 10 years, what she really means is she has been there for 1 year, 8 times. other's spending similar time she has would've been far past the honeymoon period.

I'd rather be an autist with a penchant for details, than some excuse making twat who couldn't see the truth if it were thrown in their face

No. 136657

She turned to veganism now that she's pudgy. Back in 2014 you'd never hear her mention vegan this vegan that because she was satisfied with her weight loss.

No. 136682

File: 1464893675833.jpeg (311.33 KB, 1268x942, image.jpeg)

So apparently Grace is going to be on ninja warrior. So she made it through but her agile and fit non-gaijin husband did? They must have been desperate to have a foreigner on the show.

No. 136683

because being vegan would get her more attention and all her friends are vegan and they can all be special together

No. 136694

Her unfocused eyes… she looks blind

No. 136699

i laughed so hard

No. 136729

I wonder why there are so many Vancouver and Australia weebs in general.

No. 136820

So she can be known as "Sharla the Umeboshi Girl"

White Anglo countries dont seem to have a very rich historical or cultural background. When you look deeply, they're boring and bland. It makes them more susceptible to being weaboos because its almost too easy to fill that void with a developed culture that spans back 2000 years.

No. 136827

Oh fuck off back to tumblr with your 'whitey has no culture' racist bullshit.

No. 136828

>White Anglo countries dont seem to have a very rich historical or cultural background.
I don't even know how to respond to this.

No. 136831

Choke on a pierogi

No. 136833


No. 136837

No. 136902

> White Anglo countries dont seem to have a very rich historical or cultural background
probably because canada and australia have working holiday visas so they all come over.

No. 137091

Mimei and Taylor made a video basically about this thread

No. 137098

So, she DID fix her hair because of us. If she already knew it was bad, why didn't she just do it before

No. 137100

>whining about wanting to be e-famous but don't like being criticized
>saying to ignore negativity but seek out negative comments and try to stop them anyway

No. 137105

Their tumblr logic physically hurts.

No. 137110

it was a pretty good video but taylor shitted it up with her
> you shouldnt comment on someones physical appearance unless they are hurting someone or hurting your morals
wrong answer silly
you shouldnt comment on someones physical appearance for any reason lmao

No. 137112

taylor is the last person that should be in this video
she fucked it up so badly oh my god
> (to mimei) its not like youre trying to be a model. well, i am. its like my career but um.. sidetracks, fails

No. 137118

I got the feeling that Taylor is happy Mimei fixed her hair. That's why she's now physically going closer to her.

No. 137120


I bet Taylor thought Mimei was gross

No. 137124

I feel like Taylor definitely knows and enjoys that she is far more attractive than any of the other jvloggers so I don't think she really cared if she fixed it.

No. 137128

>waaaaa waaaaa not everyone likes us waaaaa but we are good cute girls how can it be waaaaa

No. 137130


first time to watch memeis vlogs, is this her real voice? she tries to act like a ditzy Rola-type character on her japanese channel so bad.

No. 137134

Yeah she's from NZ, they just have an ugly accent.

No. 137140

lol as someone from the same city as Mimei, she sounds nothing like us. She tries so hard to sound like the generic American accent it's embarrassing. No one from NZ speaks like this. Our accents are awful, I'll be the first to admit but don't confuse it with Mimei's bullshit.She talks like when I was 10 and tried to sound American and every now and then you can hear her fake accent break and her real kiwi accent come through.

No. 137143

I bet Taylor likes trying to be the best looking all the time and will keep up with her surgeries to avoid looking old with them. Most jloggers are younger.

No. 137145

More like succeeding. The other jvloggers are dogs so it's not that hard.

No. 137146

Don't know what you're on about.
Taylor is younger than the majority of jvloggers.
I don't think she really has to try too hard. You sound salty af.

No. 137151

She's not that young, but I agree nonetheless.

No. 137325

In this video she bought chicken and fish and then complained that she couldn't read Japanese to figure out if shit was vegan.

The way she speaks is kind of annoying too.

No. 137342

such a punchable face

No. 137344

wow natto for breakfast! so japanese already!

No. 137345

File: 1465091096144.png (167.28 KB, 480x311, bb.png)

breaking a huge taboo already lolol

No. 137364

Nice funeral chopsticks

No. 137365

Are you SURE this is a biological female? Her hands are massive

No. 137394

That's not a taboo, because it's not "funeral chopsticks" you pleb tier weeb. It's just chopsticks resting in a bowl of what looks like a stew. Sticking them upright in your food is taboo because it's done at funerals, but you're just reaching with this pic. Calm down.

No. 137397

Ok, Japan Expert Weeb™️

No. 137434

its a joke honey :)
either way its not good food etiquette

No. 137435

regardless if you truly enjoy the taste natto or not, i still think its cringy when gaijin talk about it, as if to appear more assimilated into japan. she's been there a week lol
also this video (and pretty much all her videos in general) are so… boring. her voice is so flat and she is so unengaging. she probably only got 40k subs by buying tons of makeup and talking about it and transforming her man face

No. 137459

>transforming her man face
Considering this >>136488 is one of her latest photos what did she look like before?

No. 137464

Reeks of self post? Wats new with crazy gaijin grace?

No. 137468

Mimei just keeps saying like, it's just like so like annoying, like omg.

No. 137470

sitting next to Mrs. Puff really isn't doing these hags any favors.

No. 137486

Here's an offtopic thought but I remember in one of Rachel's older vids, she was saying how as soon her and Jun met they knew they were going to get married.
I find this kind of odd? Like they were already talking about marriage so early into the relationship.

No. 137494

meh some people are like that. its not really the norm but its not unheard of

No. 137545

Those hands really look like a boy's… And taking into account the rest of her face, I wouldn't be surprised if she was trans tbh

No. 137546

Compared to a Westerners, Japanese (and Asians in general tbh) move like lightning when it comes to marriage.

No. 137547

**Westerners, ignore the 'a'

No. 137576

So go you guys Think its racism~~~ ? Or because they are all close to 30, dress like teenage weebs and have weird coloured hair and that they film everything like weird retards

No. 137580

>Or because they are all close to 30, dress like teenage weebs and have weird coloured hair and that they film everything like weird retards

we talked about this already, but yea this basically

No. 137635

iirc they got married so quickly because Rachel was in the Air Force and she wanted the chance of Jun coming with her/her being stationed in Japan (which never happened).

Grace and Ryosuke also married after they graduated so that they could be together in the same country on that spouse visa.

International relationships sometimes need to jump to marriage quicker than either party would like due to visa issues. It happens. It's not like Kanadajin3 getting married to a rando/ex-bf just for a visa.

No. 137732

sharla is already married the engagement video is a lie

No. 137736

Sorry for blog but im international marriage and we got married pretty quickly because we wanted to be together and his visa was expiring.. We are in usa now but we could have just as easily done it in japan and it wouldve look like im the visa hungry one

No. 137769

Uhhhh wtf this was the lamest thing i ever seen i rather watch a dog take a shit

No. 137886

Then she should just hurry up and change to a spouse visa so she she is not dependent on her agency for a visa and can quit. She needs to stop dragging them publicly. Bitch may be 30 but she's acting 15.

No. 137965

Quote From an Interview Sharla did with Japan Times

"Say, people make videos called “Racism in Japan!” It’s like, why do that? Why don’t you just share something positive? I don’t see any point in spreading more negativity. They just want to do that because if it’s controversial, they’ll get money."

Then Agrees to be part of another Jvloggers video video on racism in Japan, because of the last 5 words in her quote. Morals & Principals that change as fast as their hair colour

No. 137992

i think she already has permanent residence by now and isnt dependent on her agency…
or, plot twist, her husband has something to do with the agency and she has to keep working there

No. 138003

Impossible/highly unlikely for her to have PR, since she's been in Japan only 8 years (see up-thread), and most of those years have been working holiday/student visas.

As noted in the Kanadajin3 thread on PULL, you need to have at least five years in Japan on NOT working holiday or student visas to even think about getting PR.

It's most likely her talent agency is sponsoring her visa now, which is making it difficult for her to leave them. That's why all she can do is cry on twitter.

No. 138010

> most of those years have been working holiday/student visas
so? all you have to do is live in japan legally for 7 years

No. 138016

I got the PR info from PULL:

"You can not obtain a PR unless you are:

a) Married to a Japanese national for 3+ consecutive years

b) Have been living and working in Japan for 10+ consecutive years

c) Have been a Long Term Resident for 5+ consecutive years

Time spent on the student & work holiday visas are not included in the necessary period of stay to obtain a Long Term Residency."

afk Sharla doesn't fit any of these these requirements, so I doubt she has PR.

Not that PULL is the #1 source for visa info ¯_(ツ)_/¯


No. 138134

Unless she's been secretly married for 3 years, she doesn't have PR.

PULL is PULL, but the PR visa stuff is correct.

No. 138375

I can not stand how messy most of the Jvloggers apartments are.
I would have thought they would have some sense of pride about their surroundings and tidy up a bit before they film for the entire world to see.
Sharla's new place looks like a bomb hit it, I can't believe she's 30years old and living like a 20yr old still.
Mimei's flat is grubby and cluttered.
KimDao has piles of clothes everywhere.

Taylor and Micaela seem to be the only adults of the bunch who are able to keep a clean and tidy home, or at least tidy the fuck up before filming.

No. 138392


Agreed. It's gross isn't it? I don't know how some have the nerve to film while its looking filthy or messy. No shame.

No. 138396


And Texan in Tokyo's place looks like a community drop in centre with office furniture used as dinning furniture and the gross kitchen.

They say its because the apartments are smaller but thats bull because Japanese vloggers and Instagramers are able to keep a clean home or tidy up before filming. If they stopped buying so much cheap crap from Ikebukuro then maybe they would have more space

No. 138404

Taylor can get messy, too. Whenever she goes home to Canada, her things in the guest room where she stays are everywhere. She doesn't film the room long enough for viewers to notice.

No. 138410

It's different when you're on vacation.

My apartment is super tidy, but I'm messy as fuck in hotel rooms for instance, as I don't really have anywhere to put my stuff.

No. 138420


Yeah her room was a mess but mine's the same when I go on holidays. At least she doesn't seem to live in filth 24/7

No. 138453

I want Mimei to either cut her fucking washed out dyed ends and get a nicer hair color or just redye her hair blue again.
It looks gross and you look lazy. It'd be different if she was trying a legit ombre but this just looks white trash what she's doing right now. At least Duncan was smart and cuts his hair short/sees a hair stylist often.

No. 138459

Racism exists everywhere. I hate these kind of videos, especially but a buncha white weebs.

No. 138460

with a buncha*

No. 138461

File: 1465448860844.jpeg (107.6 KB, 747x738, image.jpeg)

She looks much much better with shoulder length hair.

No. 138462

Also I dunno if it's filters on camera or the lighting but if she went with a Dakooters ashe color or a ashy dark brown color I think it'd match her lipstick alot. (she wears alot of plums, mauves/magenta)

No. 138464

Yeah, and hair looks less greasy when it's brighter. Just not too bright, since that would just make it look dry and damaged.

No. 138503

lmao i'd be embarassed if my bf/husband goes to a salon more than me

No. 138507

File: 1465472025372.png (561.97 KB, 747x738, mim.png)

No. 138547

even with her super angular features, she cna be pretty! i think short blunt cuts are good for angular faces

No. 138693

Sharla's new ~vegan~ Instagram


No. 138715


Because instagram needs more pictures of Acai bowls


No. 138801

its because some fans were cry babies. they felt she was shoving it down their throat lol

No. 138805

Well she kinda is shoving it down everyones throat

No. 138820

i guess. yea. she didnt to make this big public announcement and suddenly go eat at ALL THE BEGAN RESTAURANTS
she could have subtly led to it over time and not timed it awkwardly with her sad cat video

No. 138843

There's no way she'd be vegan if she'd never met Taylor. The whole thing is really strange and awkward.

No. 138897

File: 1465601653873.png (148.81 KB, 410x500, image.png)

it just makes her feel more special because she can feel more healthy and morally superior to everyone else. she's only been vegan for a few weeks but acts like such an expert at all things vegan. At least Taylor has a background in knowing about vitamins. Sharla ate a whole box of thin mints after finding out they were began. Soooo healthy guyzzzzz.

No. 138901

>cod roe
>poached egg

I'm pretty sure she was a vegan when this was filmed about a month ago..

No. 138917

why does she pronounce "I'm" like inngm it drives me nuts she talks all slurry

No. 138925

lmao i love fat vegans

No. 138928

>I'd rather be poor and do this!

yeah I highly doubt that. go watch another one of Taylor's expensive vegan food hauls and then say that

No. 138958

She said before that her parents are vegetarian and so she grew up vegetarian in Canada. Considering that I don't think this is a jumping on the bandwagon sort of thing. She probably was influenced by her friends now so I don't know if she'll stay vegan forever, like maybe this will turn out to be a little too strict for her? But she always talked about how she didn't like the taste of meat even way before this, and she uploaded videos about vegetarian stuff in the past so I do think she kind of naturally leans toward these sorts of diets.

No. 138960

My bad, I meant to respond to >>138843

No. 138966

Sharla is really overdoing it.
"wouldn't it be horrible if I DIDNT EAT VEGAN??"

No. 138979

Perhaps, but why wait until now? Also I think it's the fact that she's making such a MASSIVE deal about it that makes it so weird. It's like she's just joined a cult or something. Not even eating disordered Taylor bangs on about it this much.

No. 138994

and she is putting this aspect of her life on such a high pedestal. Before she was really just into the whole YouTube thing, but now all of the sudden anything that isn't 100% vegan can't be on the table or she is willing to throw away her whole career over it and shit all over her agency because "its against muhhhh moraaaaals" when just a few weeks ago she had to look up videos on YouTube just to convince herself to not eat a fucking egg. It's like those people who think highly of themselves for not eating at chick fil a or shopping at hobby lobby. They just want asspats from the people around them.

No. 139007

It feels like she's doing it to impress Taylor, wanting to be her, and acting like she found a goldmine for more weeb views

No. 139009

I've noticed most weebs who go to work in nippon get married after dating some visa dude whom they've "dated" for a year or less.

No. 139024

It takes two to tango. No ones getting married without the man being into it, too, and as far as I know all the jbloggers here dated for more than a year first. Unless you're talking about Mira who did marry and divorce her first husband right away, and apparently blackmailed her current husband into a visa marriage.

No. 139025

Be ause to be honest, from what ive seen, marriage and love isnt always some big grand thing in japan. Its more or less like "hey you are chill would you like to spend your life with me and by that i mean will you clean my house and make babies so my parents stop bugging me"

No. 139028

In general Asians are waaaay more pragmatic about marriage. This is basically what they consider marriage as. Your spouse doesn't have to be the hunka hunka burnin love of your love.

No. 139066

That said watching Jun cook I would have jumped the Jun train right away, too. He genuinely seems like a sweet guy. Rachel got really lucky.

No. 139076

Jun has his shit together. Rachel got way lucky.

No. 139125

No. 139147

Again, she does what we say.

I feel like it's getting kinda sad how much she cares about what we think, but at the same time I think it's good for her because I think the changes make her feel better about herself.

No. 139150

lol, so are they all reading this thread then?

No. 139163

Whenever I see Mimi's hair or clothes or makeup, I just want to fix her

No. 139170

I still say she cuts off her dyed ends..

No. 139172

>she likes hockey
Ok, she gets some points from me.
>she loves the Pens
..nevermind, fuck her.

I hate those colored ends. I actually liked when she had fully pink hair.

No. 139273

File: 1465753202905.png (1.02 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

This transvestite is hanging with Kim Dao :)

No. 139274

File: 1465753221405.png (950.66 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

No. 139278

Kim looks so pretty and feminine next to "her".

No. 139281

They look kinda similar - similar noses, mouths and vacant eyes

No. 139317

yea theyre living together
lmao talk about sucking up to more famous youtubers
kim got kinda left out since taylor is sucking mimei and sharla's dicks

No. 139320

wtf are either of them even doing in japan? i feel like all of kim's vlogs are about shopping for useless shit or eating a bunch of junk food.

No. 139329

People like to travel? I don't think anyone needs a purpose for spending a year in another country.

No. 139334

I wonder how long ago this was filmed. Since Sharla's a vegan now I don't think she can easily go to a nice restaurant with a set menu. It even looked like she had some sort of icecream/melting chocolate dessert.

No. 139406

No. 139475

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