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File: 1458780175074.png (164.76 KB, 274x275, 1458387673684.png)

No. 109864

Thought this would be good as its its own thread.
We have alot of wannabe chicks here. Too many in fact. What is it about the Uk that attracts these kids with the e-fame dream? Did Beckii Cruel really have that much of an influence?

No. 109979

I also want to know this! Why are there so many of these 'aidorus' over there?

No. 110033

I don't think any of these in the OP photo want to be "idorus" anymore though?

No. 110055

File: 1458821354757.jpg (61.7 KB, 679x960, Riiri.jpg)

RiiRi-senpai she's a weeb/wannabe. Dont think she deserves her own thread so this one seemed to fit well enough since she tries to get into that group. She's friends with Connie ect. Most ungrateful online personality i've came across.


>was a typical jnig wannabe but seems so have calmed down since jnig unfollowed her on twitter, still tries to get her attention all the time. e.g "@jnig ugu i love boobs too, super sonico omg titties."

>moved into her boyfriends fathers house and constantly complains about how annoying the person putting a roof over her head is annoying and gets in her way
>Grandmothers anniversary rolls around each year she post how sad she is with a link of her amazon wish list so people can buy her shit to make her feel better
>constant tweets about -insert mental illness of the month here-

she must have some milk, I know shes going to Japan with Connie soon.

No. 110102

Where the fuck is her other shoe? Is that part of the cosplay….

No. 110125

It's Jibril from No Game No Life, i'm sure she has a thigh high pink boot and an orange ankle boot in the Anime.

No. 110132

Loool riri-chan, this bitch used to be about jfashion/kawaiiblogging like abi and then her blog became "ero kawaii" and now she's doing this I guess

No. 110136

Man, I hate riiri.

So I followed her several years ago, can't say how many 4 or 5? perhaps 3
I hate her sooooo much, she's a spoiled brat which is weird because she isn't even spoiled.

When I first started following her she was dating this guy whom she'd been dating since highschool or something like that.
He obviously was no longer into her, but her stupid ass was too stupid to accept that fact.
He would go out with his friends all the time, and she would constantly text and try to call him because she didn't like the fact that he wasn't at home or with her.
Of course they broke up, if I recall he broke up with her because he was tired of her - who wouldn't be.

Then she started dating this blonde guy whom she met at a con. They only dated for a while, not very long at all, but she had moved in with him for a few months because her parents kicked her out.
All she wants to do is stay at home, play video games and try to be some online personality. She has no personality, and she's ugly; so that plan doesn't work out for her.
Anyways, her and blonde boy broke up and then she shacked up with someone new, per usual. After that I sort of unfollowed her.

On her blog would be constant "woe is me" posts.
She had a job as a waitress and would constantly complain, here's a key example:
Her boys gave her the uniform, but it was a size too small. So the shoulder didn't come down long enough to hide her cutting scars which were right on the inside of her arm, near her armpit.
She made a post complaining about how she didn't want to go into work because she didn't want customers to see her scars, they were raised and obvious.
People then started commenting trying to help her:
Wear another shirt under your uniform.
Just put a piece of fabric like a scarf around your arm, or those sweatbands.
Her reply was like this:

She shot down everything, saying only "No I can't do that" when all of the comments seemed reasonable.

She really got her "fame" from tumblr. Had a lot of followers.
At one point she tried to open her own etsy shop. It was a crap shop filled with shit things. It was supposed to be some stupid alice in wonder land shit.
I know only like two people bought things from her, because i remember seeing their "review" on tumblr.
She would BEG people to buy from her shit shop. No one did because the items were hideous and poorly made.
She would buy items from other sellers and just put it on a chain.
One of the items was a little bottle filled with red liquid and water to be some sort of blood. It was awful.

All of her cosplays are horrendous, they're not even cosplays.
Her makeup is horrible, always the same bad heavily drawn in thin brows. And same white eyemakeup that does nothing but make her look like a fish.

No. 110142

Riiri also does not take criticism well, even if you try to tell her nicely.

Complains on not having money, and then spends it all.

An Example of her shit attitude
I'll post links I guess, it's a lot to screen shot.
This is from around 2013 if you go in the archive and just look at text posts, you'll see.

There was also this birth control fiasco, where she had a birth control implant in her arm, and she hated it because it was fucking up her period but she said "the doctors refuse to take it out"

Hating your dad
Then making him do shit for you anways

No. 110144

No. 110165

>63 and a half hours
>parent is asking what are you going to do and you shut him down with your "business"

I've followed her for a few years, and every time I've seen these threads I just think about how she is a prime candidate to be on them.
She's a professional lazy whiner.
Shes talking about quitting her job at CEX because she doesn't agree with one guy, then find another job. My money is that her next job with me "twitch gamer grill". My friend and I lurk her streams just because they're so bad and she has literally zero personality irl. You'd think she'd act like another Jnig judging by her tweets.

She also sucks the life out of Kelly Jean and anyone with 10k plus followers or associated with jnig.

I gave her advice a while back and she just laughed me off with sub tweets. I was worried about her safety at one point and actually cared. But then quickly learned about how much she blows things out of proportion.

The fact her Grans death anniversary rolls around and she'll post about how much she misses her, how she was her only family member to support and love her ect then a tweet or two later
>Here's my wishlist guys, i put stuff on there because it makes me feel better.

I'm glad im not the only one that she just pisses off.

No. 110174

>There was also this birth control fiasco, where she had a birth control implant in her arm, and she hated it because it was fucking up her period but she said "the doctors refuse to take it out"

Everyone I know who had the implant and didn't like it had this happen to them. It costs the NHS a lot of money and they're really reluctant to essentially throw that down the drain. You just get given POP and told to "Wait until your body adjusts" - which for something like 6/10 people it never does.

No. 110184

File: 1458847341538.png (18.75 KB, 545x138, screenshot.png)

James is her current boyfriend. He doesn't pretty much everything she asks, and when he doesn't you hear about it 100% of the time.

She refuses to eat any fruit or veg because she just doesn't like them, now she's pulling the anemia card.

She is also wearing a waist trainer to "get rid of her pudge" and tone up. Does she know waist trainers dont tone you? To tone up Riiri you need to get off your sorry ass and work out. huge pet peeve of mine when people buy cheap waist trainers with zero research behind it.

No. 110211

File: 1458850326798.jpg (45.61 KB, 337x438, jibril_1_7082.jpg)


I think the sock might actually be canon, anon.

No. 110222

I always thought it was a boot, meh. Still doesn't explain the glued hems, non brushed wig and those wings.

No. 110244

but they are clinging onto theyre old fame(newish fame in noodlerella's case) I just find it annoying as they are always at the front of any vaguely japanese event thats held here. Unless its actually about the CULTURE then theywant nothing to do with it.

No. 110386


They're always desperate to grab attention anywhere that's full of kawaii Japanese culture, especially events like Hyper Japan or any JPOP concert happening here.

Also Noodle is far more better as a Youtuber and her followers increase weekly, plus she was nominated for a 2016 UK Nickelodeon's Kid's Choice Award in the Vlogger category. If anything the washed up wannabe Aidorus being Kelsey, Abi and Beckii are latching on to Noodle to keep relevant.

No. 110828

Yeah, kinda agree with this. Also, my guess about Noodle is right where she is right now, unlike all of other wannabes are exclusively into Japanese weeby things (if I'm not mistaken), is because she doesn't always do anime things, but she reaches onto popular western cartoons which have big fandoms like Steven Universe and Gravity Falls, hence why she rose in fame pretty fast.

No. 110869

Can we talk about the fairy kei community, they all seem pretty fame hungry tbh.

No. 110889

Riiri found out about the thread and deleted all the tumblr posts, shame i didn't screencap them.

No. 110941

File: 1459013756735.jpg (83.84 KB, 574x588, pixy.jpg)

This AliceNyanNya/jellyneko girl is trying so hard to be noticed and accepted is the UK weebs squad.

No. 110942

Yeah, I knew she would find out about the thread sooner or later. She's always googling herself.

No. 110943

Kerri, now that you know about this thread get a job and go to college.
You won't be good in the cosplay community, you've got a shit face and personality.

No. 110944


No. 110946

her teeth are horrid

No. 110975

>>110941 Ive met her once and she seems harmless. desperate but harmless.

No. 110979

>that floor and white shutters
Every fuckin time Excel centre…every fuckin time…

No. 111024


The backdrop is quite iconic isn't it? Soon as I see it I immediately know it's the ExCel Centre kek.

No. 111029

That girl is insecure as fuck and consequently attention-hungry as fuck. She'll be back, bawwwwing everywhere.

No. 111050


I'm reading through her Twitter posts for a good laugh. I don't know who's more tragic- her, her squad or all of them.


No. 111062

Honestly though, when we have anons like this one >>110136 who just sound jealous and childish instead of laughing at dumb snowflakes, I couldn't take "hate forums" (kek) seriously either.

No. 111087


That post was cringey I must say. I like how the other Weebs mentioned have been notified of this thread because of Rii's Twitter posts. They're probably keeping tabs of everything now.

No. 111097

how did she find it though? do these girls google themselves constantly?

No. 111099

yes we can. Most of the girls are fine and treat it as a casual fashion. Others pretty much use it as a platform for themselves. Now Fairy Kei has a "comm" here now, were gonna be seeing more of it.

No. 111101


They probably lurk here themselves in hopes shit gets posted about them so they can boast about their haterzzzzz online.

No. 111206

she's known for lurking these kind of websites, a while back she was mentioned on a jnig thread on prettyuglylitteliar. Posted on twitter how proud she was to be known and how famous she is because she has haters.

No. 111225


God, glad I found this. I remember following her yonksss back… always thought she was a bit full of herself. There was her and another girl… Ryuchuu or something… she was pretty lulzy too. I used to get mixed up with those two…

No. 111226

File: 1459090173459.jpg (120.56 KB, 900x663, street.jpg)

Anyone remember Chris Dakota he's an ex-scenester from myspace and youtube. Got fame for his crazy hair with his bestie Sam. Known for denying his sexuality, got filmed sucking cock, rude, racist, rich and brags, not sure if he works and is leeching off his family. Always going to trips to Milan. He's a dickhead. But recently he's layed down over on IG and must have just gave up trying to get e-fame over the past couple of years. Loves Tamagotchis, old video games and basically anything 90s cos he's an edgy weeb at heart.

No. 111227


++ he's from London

No. 111228

Sam never really got a chance or a word in with Chris in their videos (I just went onto their channel and Chris must have deleted a shit ton of them including this). But Chris used to always bitch about him being too fat, also he had an eating disorder and lived on apples for a month apparently. Someone asked on Tumblr about a year or so ago about it, he said he felt fat one day after a black women got on his train and had big thighs.

He isn't very nice tbf. Yet got worshipped because he's practically the male Dakota Rose. Only cept he looks more like his pictures and doesn't shoop.

No. 111229


another thread about him here > >>>/snow/44689

No. 111238

File: 1459094157375.png (12.62 KB, 617x105, kek.png)

No. 111332

I actually like his hair on the left. Interested in more drama/stories about him.

No. 111790

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V5Bs65gpwa4 alice nyaa whatever has a separate otaku bait channel like abi too.
is she an abi clone wannabe?

No. 111818

Yes she is. This has been known for a while anon.

No. 119947

File: 1460732662457.jpg (264.61 KB, 636x842, abi.jpg)

Abi is aging like milk these days

No. 119987

she's a normie weaboo now anon

No. 120022

Abi is grim

Also her Japan vlogs are so awful I wince

No. 120023

Most of them are really cute and nice idk what your problem is?

No. 120052

Holy shit she looks like the crypt keeper!!! Hydrate yourself jesus

No. 120060

Just watched a beckii vlog. Honestly, noodle is just as fucking irritating as any of them. More so actually.
Bunch of bloody weebs

I have to say though I follow Beckii and find her fairly likable

No. 120136


Noodle reminds me of the obnoxious #1 UK vlogger Zoella. Completely full of herself and agitating to hear on camera.

No. 120146

Noodle is actually not sincere.
I'm surprised people really love her, and even some of her new friends think she's genuine.

She talks shit about everyone to riiri, since they're bffs.
When she speaks to you, she's really nice and sometimes - not all the time - its a try-hard super nice. and then she'll badmouth your outfit, look, and attitude.

I'm glad she's getting successful, I hope the fame doesn't go to her head because she already badmouthed one company that she was working with on tumblr once and then quickly deleted it

No. 120422

I know this probably doesn't mean much on anon but years ago I won circle lenses in one of her tumblr giveaways. It was sponsored. She said she shipped them, didn't give a tracking number or even explain what method she shipped them. Three months later I still didn't receive them and she said she was really sorry but they must have gotten lost in the mail. The whole thing was weird and I'm 100% percent sure she kept the prizes for herself instead of giving them away.

No. 120465

You're probably right. Lots of Tumblerinas throw fake giveaways and don't send out anything in the end because of that same excuse. Noodle is just full of shit, but in a very sly way.

She's got some nerve considering her outfits are plain asf and her cosplays are shit tier, especially her Zelda one she did once but her fans thought it was amazing.

No. 120483

yep Beckii>kelsey>noodle>abi


No. 120485

thought she was sort of friendly with abi

No. 120496


They're literally all buddy buddy but she's not super close with Abi's inner little circle of weeb twats.

No. 120500

being bffs with Riiri says how shit she is tbh lol

No. 120505

File: 1460818828279.jpg (128.11 KB, 600x1067, riiri.jpg)

Riiri's teeth always look like the have a morf filter on them lol.
I remember when part of her tooth came out and begged people to fun her to go to the dentist and get it fixed, instead of getting her birthday/christmas gifts. Brush your teeth instead mate

No. 120520

How? Her personality is so fucking bland and she seems so full of herself. I can stand other boring youtubers but just not her

No. 120847

File: 1460853947453.jpg (299.85 KB, 1026x593, noodle.jpg)

One of her thumb nails
She looks dead lol

No. 121051

UK wannabee aidorus are the cringiest

No. 121086


Tbh it's all Beckii's doing. She started that Weeb Youtube shit all those years ago and tons of teenage girls in the UK who happened to be like her thought they could be just as successful, even though Beckii crashed and burned quickly. Now she along with all the rest who didn't make it in Japan are clinging on to any fragment of efame they have left.

No. 121095

She looks one A/C blast away from a full Nikki Grahame meltdown, bless her.

No. 121119

Didn't she try to get people to pay her rent a few years back? I remember following her and she was trying to tell people she couldn't get a job or something and she was moving in with her bf and they needed help with rent.

No. 121654

Don't think I followed her that far back, but i wouldn't be surprised in the slightest that she tried to get people to pay for her.
She thinks she's jnig tier (of getting gifts from white knights). I'd love to know why Jnig unfollowed her from Twitter, probably the woe is me bullshit that spams your god damned feed. It's cute that Riiri still tweets her for attention and she'll just get ignored or a pity favorite from jnig.

she was recently talking about getting a surgery to fix her mental issues. I assume the depression she claims to have.

No. 121655

File: 1461001081173.png (32.65 KB, 593x196, screenshot.png)

as if it were like clockwork

(sage for samefag)

No. 122425

File: 1461192451489.png (1.25 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_2016-04-20-16-26-43…)

Beckii just uploaded this pastel goth video and looks so awful, especially when you see her hair and makeup closeup. Somehow Im still shocked at how bad it is every time she dies a lookbook/ootd video. Out of all the jfashion youtubers she has the worst fashion sense(even compared to Jillian).

No. 122428

shes literally only semi popular now because shes skinny and 'was' an idol and wont let that go

No. 123227

god that's sad

No. 123493

What happened to Furi Furi lol

No. 123514


She's trying too hard.

No. 123544

File: 1461457671559.jpg (496.43 KB, 1000x819, furi furi.jpg)

Last I heard, all the members except for Rina and Beth "graduated" from Furi Furi. Even the manager who founded the group left.

Rina and Beth are so desperate to keep Furi Furi alive that they held auditions for a second generation of members which ended April 4th, so who knows when the new members will be debuting.

No. 123760

I get that aidoru aren't supposed to look perfect, but couldn't they have found someone who looks even a smidge better than average?

No. 123773

Looks tragic. Kawaii really doesn't suit them.

No. 123813


choose one(race derailing)

No. 123814

Keep stormfaggotry in /b/.

No. 123848


tbh the black one is the nicest one

No. 123864

Yeah the outfit actually suits her

No. 133520

File: 1464011157010.png (44.54 KB, 592x294, 7b43cf1167b2ca35d57603266f7448…)

Put herself in debt to make a harley cosplay with glued seams and a cheap wig.

No. 133521

File: 1464011315140.png (532.43 KB, 560x741, 0e2cdc798e7a86dc423463a600c7ee…)

No. 133531

Why would you put yourself in debt for a costume? Even a ten year old child is better at managing money.

No. 133534

Wow, she has no idea what facings or bias binding are, eh?

No. 133535

I'm SCREAMING, especially that one.

No. 133561

How? Just how does one go into debt making something like that? The fabric looks like something from a shitty road side flag sale.

No. 133562

There's a reason you don't sew fake leather on a regular sewing machine, even if you use a non-stick presser foot there's no guarantee it'll come out well.

No. 133572

File: 1464021864049.png (760.06 KB, 567x749, 3ff696f78140f8312220115df96d4a…)

She glued them, not sewed. She doesn't own a sewing machine.

No. 133578

So she glued a zipper on too? yikes.

No. 133589

how is this even going to stay together?

No. 133596

debt, hopes and dreams. Also hot glue.

No. 133625

This, the others suffer from severe cases of brit genes.

No. 133627

Guys. It's latex. That's why she's glued it.

No. 133631

lel. would have been better going for a cheap store bought..

No. 133664

does that explain >>110055 where the polycotton is also glued

No. 136386

No. 138320

Was only a matter of time before this cunt made one. I hope she gets scammed on it like most paterons.
I'd put money on that she's going to use 90% of that money on random shit like figures and games etc.

No. 139053

I've been on nights out with noodlerella and all I can say is that she's not the darling that every one thinks she is. I've taken drugs with her and seen her throw up in a club

No. 139059

Not surprising since she's a uni student, but interesting. Which drugs?

No. 139092

meh standard student shit. Wouldn't be at all surprised. Similarly you could just as easy be bullshitting "wah wah drugs"

but I can't fucking stand her anyway

No. 139114

File: 1465683444167.png (165.3 KB, 1300x877, Untitled.png)

ririi starting shit on twitter because she refuses to play the normal £30-£50 price for games.
Doesn't she work in a game store or some shit? This should be no surprise to her.
Its funny how jnigs bf and fucking kelly jean of all people are calling her out.
spoiled brat.

inb4 gofundme "get me overwatch"

No. 139115

So I was there at MCM and saw abi flipping her shit and crying for like an hour on the floor in front of the Hello Kitty/Gudatama area. It was really awkward to watch, basically beckii and whoever else was part of their group were sitting in a circle with abi crying on some guy (I'm assuming her boyfriend)

No. 139130

Why was she crying for so long?
Also, what are they all like in real life?

No. 139140

No idea, I wasn't close enough to hear anything. I just kept coming across them while walking through the halls.

They were like normal congoers? Talking and sitting around a lot. I was actually kind of surprised they had a meetup scheduled with photos and stuff on Saturday? Whenever I saw them on the weekend they were completely left alone, whereas I would think actual guests would be bothered by fans and stuff?

No. 139195

I hope other people who know more come out with deets!

No. 139227

what day was this? I know abi's dad was in hospital.

No. 139235

File: 1465736751169.jpg (91.66 KB, 526x550, pm.jpg)

Am I missing some British humor here or is she just dumb?

No. 139236

I think she's fucking around, she knows better

No. 139240

I only saw her cry Friday, the rest of the weekend she seemed fine? Not sure though because I wasn't actively looking for them or anything.

No. 139247

08.44 that girl with blue hair is cute
Well her hair is my goal anyway
Is she called becky? It says that on the cup she holds. Anyone know anything about her?

No. 139253

She probably got shit for being a girl gamer on twitch so she wanted to be sassy. I stream in creative and even I get shit about now being a 'real gamur' but yeah she is a pretty avid JRPG player (at least I dont really pay attention that closely)

No. 139256

You missed it - that's typical deadpan / sarcastic British humour.

Honestly how could you think otherwise? Lol

No. 139268

probably about her dad then, she made a tweet to please pray for him.

No. 139272

mdma and lots of weed

No. 139275

She wouldn't be the first to pull a retarded gamer grilll thing.

No. 152699

RiiRi is currently crying on Twitter since Jnig unfollowed and unfriended her. She was never her friend so i have no idea why she's so upset over it.

No. 152704

She's really lovely and nice to talk to.

No. 152721

She's just upset she doesn't have a famous "friend" to use in order to make it to the top in the cosplay world now, bless.

No. 152727

Poor thing is going to be shaken up over it for months. New mental illness incoming. I'm sure Jnigs unfriended her because of that FitTea stuff, she clearly isn't close to her if jnigs doesn't trust her with all of her personal posts on Facebook ect. She's just doing crowd control so she doesn't get another shit storm like FitTea most likely, can't blame her Riiri just moans online.

No. 152738

rina is literally the most tragic and desperate aidoru-chan i have ever encountered
what is she, 24? lives with her parents, survives off've $750 per month worth of UK welfare because of her tinnitus and 'visual snow', claims to be too crippled with anxiety to get a job but performs weeb dances onstage at cons for her virgin neckbeard audience? & is comfortable with posting underwear selfies to her instagram? gurrrrl, nah. she's completely self-centered and only interacts with others in a vain attempt to cultivate orbiters.

No. 153095

where did you get this information from

No. 153098

If it was about her dad then it's completely understandable.

No. 153114

you can ask her for yourself, she's quite candid about it.
honestly, it's p. difficult for her to hold a conversation about anything other than herself, since her life experience is so limited.

No. 153117

I only ask because over in the UK you cant get welfare for something like tinnitus or visual snow

No. 153123

when asked why she's on welfare, that's the reason that she gives. idk if it's her 'anxiety' that's the real reason but you'd think that if anxiety was severe enough to stop you from getting a job, it'd be severe enough to stop you from pursuing a career as an entertainer?

No. 153134

It's far too easy to bullshit the system to get benefits if you have mental health issues. So many Weebs and cosplayers in the UK have this depression, anxiety and body image complex that prevents them from working so they live off DLA or ESA but then suddenly their "condition" doesn't prevent them from attending conventions. It's sad.

No. 153135


and we wonder why were in a mess

No. 153138

Which is why actual legit sufferers are screwed over by these frauds and have to complete tests to prove they're unable to be employed. Riiri is fucking benefit street trash.

No. 153141

isnt it a bit unfair to assume some of these girls are "faking" their disorders/illnesses ect?

also with anxiety it affects different people differently, for example, certain situations may trigger them horribly whereas other situations may not bother them at all

No. 153148


Yep pretty much. I also think that cam hoe Meg is on benefits too- no way she earns that much off showing her flabby tits and self off. She's probably earning a bit Id say and getting job seekers while mooching off her parents. The mum seems skanky too so she probably doesn't mind her daughter flashing her fat fanny off to middle aged old scum fucks from off the estate who live off Iceland ready meals and sit at home watching Jeremy Kyle all day. Any spare change they get goes on Meg.

Glad to know Peachymilk works though. Her job isn't kawaii but at least she works.

No. 153149


Pfft Id say two out of all of these cunts have anything wrong with them

No. 153150

Riiri is fucking grim. She clams so many benefits for mental stuff, yet still cant work out how to brush her teeth.

No. 153157

any other uk weebs that have drama that we should look out for?

No. 153160

Nothing much. Alot of fashion meets are happening soon and Hyper Japan is soon. Maybe some drama will occur around then?

No. 153168

UK's first larme kei meeting

its literally fairy kei tho

the american larme kei meet looked better

No. 153339

I have a friend on ESA and she actually has severe anxiety which prevents her getting a job (panic attacks at interviews etc)

I take her to cons but there is absolutely no way in he'll I would ever get her on stage to perform. Ever.

(Sage for irrelevant me post)

No. 153364

underrated post

No. 153536

visual snow & tinnitus would be incredibly easy to fake and also really doesn't impact your life enough to warrant eternal NEETbux from the guv'ment
if it actually was anxiety that prevented her from working, there are ways to get around it. get a job through a temp agency doing data entry or some shit so you don't have to interact with people, or learn a trade/skill via online courses that you can use to your benefit. i'm fucking anxious as hell and i still have to work in a customer-service-based industry, so it seems absolutely incredible to me that a girl who's the same age as I am is getting paid more than I make in a month for doing absolutely nothing useful or productive with her life beyond posting softcore-porn-selfies to the internet for neckbeards to fap to and learning weeb dances.

No. 153867

That roxie girl looks like a chubby version of Ledabunny

No. 153871


It's an inconvenience at best omfg

No. 153899

Roxie is so cringe, yet everyone flocks to her bad art. Never got the appeal.

No. 154066

noone is claiming with tinnitus, DWP wouldnt allow it dont be ridiculous

No. 154077

ask her yourself, then.

No. 154080

she said that's not why she gets it

No. 154091

did she explain what she does get it for? caps?

No. 154246

File: 1468329777701.jpeg (105.22 KB, 743x538, image.jpeg)

Noodlerella and the three weeb bitches from hell are having a meet on the Saturday of Hyper Japan…

…why would anyone subject themselves to listening to them screech incoherent Japanese at each other for an hour?

No. 154248

Kelsey is actually super chill in real life. I've never met the others but I know i couldn't stand being in a 20foot radius of the corpse that is Noodle.

No. 154249

Abipop is the worst by far, she's practically abandoned YouTube fortunately tho

No. 154256

I used to think she was okay until I heard what happened with her (now ex) boyfriend

No. 154268

What happened?

No. 154275

Full story is in her thread

No. 154276

She basically hid him from her friends didn't even give him any credit she was with him, kept him in the shadows of her life for like 3 years I think, basically lined up the next guy and then wouldn't show she had a relation ship with him on fb or tell her online people she was with him and then new guy comes along and get it all what he didn't have in like 2 days. She mentally abused him and shit. It's on pull, search up abipop

No. 154291

Good cause she's a cunt. Can't stand people who emotionally abuse their partners but put on a happy go lucky front for everyone else. I hope her ex is doing well for himself.

No. 154297

I used to think she was okay too, kinda cute but cringe.

But nope, shes a massive cunt.

No. 154326

Who the fuck is Noodlerella? Heard of all the other weebs all the time but nothing about her.

No. 154334

Shes probably the most popular besides Beckii. she is basically a Zoella knock off on Youtube ect.She tends to stay away from the more mega cringe stuff like what Abii does, shes apparently a massive bitch irl.

No. 154348

Literally a Weeb knockoff of Zoella who has the most followers and views on Youtube out of the little group posted here. She's tolerable and has more talent to offer than the others. It's funny how Kelsey, Abi and Beckii all latched on to her out of nowhere. Unfortunately she's bffs with some right twats like Riiri.

No. 154477

I hate her clearly on the fact she is friends with Riiri, says it all.

No. 154489


Noodle gifted Riiri flight tickets to go to Japan with her as a gift for her 21st in a few months time. They're that good of friends lol.

No. 154551


Yeah and in two years time Riri will be leaving for Japan I bet like every other weeb.

No. 154585

I'll put money on that Riiri will try to Vlog while she is there. God, it makes me cringe seeing these weebs go to Japan and act like total idiots. She was Tweeting Sharla in japan about how excited she is.

No. 154653

Noodle popped up in a recommended video where some American guy in the UK brings his friends on to compare USA/UK things and she was on one where they compared proms and she is clearly extremely wealthy, kek

No. 154766

Noodlerella thinks she is a Disney queen but her impressions are annoying af

No. 154767

I tried to chat to Abi at an event once but she was too busy sucking up to the efamous people there and walked off mid conversation.

Also her fashion sense is awful. She was wearing jeans and weird platforms at the last con…not very kawaiidesu

No. 154774

Let's play Vlog Bingo!
(No doubt Noodle will vlog while in Japan. Rules: watch their videos of Japan and see how many you can mark off this list)

* Squeals of excitement getting on the plane
* Squeals of excitement getting off the plane
* Hotel room tour
* Plans for the next day
*Visit to weeb city a.k.a Akihabara
* Visit to some animal cafe. Probably cat.
* Shopping boast (normally labelled haul but I prefer the title "Look at the shit I bought!")
* Walking through the streets clips

(Feel free to add others)

No. 154775


(Sorry for samefag)

* Shots of all kawaii food they eat
* Clips of inside shops looking at cosplay stuff. (Cosplay stuff specifically. Maid dresses count)

No. 154791

Lmao anon this is a good game actually. I recall watching Abi's Japan vlogs and gawd she's so cringe with her fake kawaii voice. Felt the need to drink heavily just watching it.

No. 154800

no you've got to be special when it comes to animal cafes now, cat cafes are way too normie. Im banking on rabbit or the owl cafe.
Harajuku clips most definately and loitering trying to get a fashion snap.

I remember Kelsey whining about getting stares in Harajuku when she was wearing a bright pink skirt and purple cheerleading top. You are going get stared at for just being a foreigner on top of that.

No. 154803

File: 1468406191721.jpeg (13.01 KB, 320x180, image.jpeg)

They were probably staring because she looked like weeb trash.

When I've worn Jfashion in Harajuku people have been generally very friendly and nice about it. They stare a lot if you're white tho

No. 154805

If your not a try hard and treating the place like literal trash its fine. Also not being aggro about photos.

Ive heard girls bitch online about the try hard white girls in harajuku and tbh I cant blame them.

No. 154810

Haha this reminds me of when Abi bitched about Venusangelic when she got snapped by Tokyo Fashion. It was a clear sign she was only pissed because she's never got snapped up in Japan or the fact she doest live there. Salty weeb bitches be salty.

No. 154817

File: 1468408035890.jpeg (97.83 KB, 581x960, image.jpeg)


Especially those with no fashion sense

No. 154819

The same goes for Noodlerella except she gives off a praying mantis vibe

No. 154820

File: 1468408142635.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 47.89 KB, 384x779, image.jpeg)

No. 154823

They all dress the same. Crop tops, shorts, skirts and platform shoes. Where's the individuality? It's like the poor Weeb version of the basic UK teen girl fashion.

No. 154846

All this

*Food pictures of them eating 100% shit, sweets ect
*Tweets how Riiri will get "harassed"
*Riiri's hourly panic attack
*Outfit of the days with them either wearing crop tops and skirts or 100% weeb trash shit
*Underground/subway vlogs/pictures (omg the stares ect)
*Riiri will be upset about not finding her jap husbando because she is a tall oaf-chan

No. 154847

File: 1468413882968.jpg (374.99 KB, 786x892, 6.jpg)

Connie of left, Riiri on right.

This was from 2014 - still crop tops and skirts. They have no style even if they tried.
(sage for samefag)

No. 154861

Oh god I'm being pressured to go to Comicon this year up North and Im a bit meh about going due to weirdos and tumblrinas like this

No. 154862


Secret inner UK weeb here.

I don't dress like this. Believe it or not some of us like casual shit from Zara and looking good. I dressed like that when I was 14 tbh. Its embarrassing knowing how old these girls are too.

No. 154863

How north we talking here, Scotland? The north of England is actually really friendly. I wouldn't be worried, there is also a lot of super gorgeous places to visit too

No. 154864


North West.

No. 154865

Nothing to worry about anon, seriously. Places south are actually a lot worse.

No. 154866


Ha! True… Thinking of going. Not dressing up though.

No. 154871

File: 1468419243542.png (21.87 KB, 589x135, 9.png)

so after roasting jnig for unfollowing and unfriending her. She's right back on the ass licking asap.

No. 154879

She's so delusional. Nigri is going to want nothing to do with her now after her little episode on Twitter.

No. 154916

I love this situation, because she did the same thing to me. I helped her out, a few times. Gave her advice, cheered her on ect.
All of a sudden -poof- unfollowed and unfriended. I knew how much of a trashcan she is so it didn't bother me that much but damn, such a hypocrite.

No. 155684


I live in the north west. Not really seen many weeb dressed this way. Here it's normally maid dresses or lolita dresses worn with cat ears.

No. 155867

File: 1468591904414.jpeg (114.46 KB, 700x746, image.jpeg)

When you go to a con looking basic af to match your basic personality.

No. 155876

This is like what someone would wear if they were if they were making an ~ironic YouTube video making fun of weaboos.

No. 155883

I think Kelsey is the only one that pulls this look off to be honest. Noodle is just a walking corpse, like a poop with glitter on it at this point.

No. 155893

File: 1468601582726.gif (857.29 KB, 434x246, 1VRKL.gif)

No. 155900

File: 1468603592510.jpg (309.04 KB, 1052x593, image.jpg)

I found the breast size difference quite funny.

No. 155909

Their both ugly so no 1 curr

No. 155913

Yeah no one gives a shit about their breast size, get your beta ass out of here.

the only thing that is so wonky in this, is their different skill level in makeup
I wish noodle actually knew how to do makeup that would make her face look good

the highlighter she uses for her face, just doesn't look good
her lashes are so ugly, the spider effect is not cute on her at all

No. 155918

Noodle looks super underweight, does she have a disorder or just naturally skinny?

No. 155919

Calling people a "beta ass" on a hate forum. Classic.

No. 155943

> hate forum

riiri is that you? get that tooth gap fixed

No. 155947

File: 1468610800953.jpeg (100.45 KB, 860x791, image.jpeg)

Just looked looked up noodlerella for the first time on YouTube and I'm having a really difficult time believing she's only 22. I really thought she was at least late 20's. The awkward eyelashes and sweaty glitter don't really help either.

No. 155949

exactly she needs to learn how to do makeup

noodlerella, protip: since you're already white as fuck, don't use a concealer that's one or two shades lighter than your skin, it doesn't suit you.

No. 155952

Why is it always the most haggard looking bitches that want to be ~kawaii desu~? She looks like a soccer mom

No. 155957

I feel like she looks seriously ill everytime I see her. Those eye bags are seriously something.

No. 155958

Beta because i dont care about ugly girls tits? Tits sag when their too big anyway

No. 155965

hers aren't even sagging, stop trying to shit up the thread
it's a low tier thread already

we're all so sorry that you weren't well endowed, but get over it

No. 155975

Northern England is really friendly and has some very nice cosplay/weeaboo communities. Scotland too. The only real embarrassments in Scotland are Sindy, her friends and NakedSalad/RecordGirl/whatever she goes by now. Surprised she doesn't have a thread here as she's comedy gold from her bawwing over "bullying" (read, disagreeing with her SJW bull), begging for money/Amazon wishlist shit because she's sad and can't poo and her constant complaining on FB

No. 155995

1. Im male
2. Hers arnt big
3. I wouldnt fuck any of them
4. Are you her?

No. 155998

Oh my god RecordGirl, never thought I'd see her pop up. Her constant whining over the smallest shit and going back and forth loving and hating everyone in her life.

No. 156004

She half asses most things and then complains that she's not getting instant success. Her latest bid to get disability payments because she can't shit and has "BPD" (more like NPD) is headed for failure and I'm sitting here with popcorn waiting to hear all about how doctors are evil for not paying her to whinge

No. 156007

i always see the noodle/becky/abi/kelsey/whoever squad at cons and they are often separate from each other for some reason? becky always looks the most lonely and sad out of them all, she just mops around like limp spaghetti, looking for her friends maybe is what it looks like?. today at hyper japan was the first time ive seen them all together, noodle and becky were everywhere together but they seemed more focussed on getting kawaii clips for videos then being friends. oh well idk just observation (but why is becky always alone?)

No. 156016

This is a really simple explanation, for noodle I guess.
I used to follow her and riiri (kerri) on tumblr, AGES ago, and I wanted in on their little clique

well, sort of got my wish. was part of this group that all talked to each other.

short story short, noodle doesn't see any of them as actual friends.
she uses them as a step to broadcast her youtube channel more, her popularity is growing - i don't know if she's a youtube partner yet but obv views = money

plus she's trying to start up a merch store

No. 156017

I reckon it's because she's desperately clinging on to the new generation of Weeb girls to try and make it back into a world she has already had her 5 minutes of fame in? Same for Abi and Kelsey. They've all attached themselves to Noodlerella as it increases their own popularity. Noodle is the only one out of them all with the largest following and has connections with several other known people ie. Jessica Nigri

No. 156026

I think her and Riiri are somewhat friends (thinking of the Japan Trip) But I think they clash too much, I know personally that Riiri is a needy bitch and I don't think Noodle would be pussy whipped by her.
I hope the Japan trip is a disaster.

No. 156031

Noodle and riiri are best friends yeah, I didn't mean to imply that their relationship is fake. They're real with each other, they talk shit about everyone else to each other.

I'm surprised Noodle's put up with her, especially for this long.
A long time ago riiri got kicked out of her flat for a bit, or she was having trouble at home or something, so she literally ran away and stayed with noodle for a short time

riiri is definitely a needy cunt, I can't imagine a slumber party with her let alone having to live with her for an extended period of time
she seems like the type of bitch to complain about the place not being clean, but the one that mainly contributes to its dirtiness

No. 156032

She is totally like that, a lazy fucking slob. Her GoFundMe's, wishlist and donation amounts say that "i dont want to work give me it for free". If she takes a selfie in the mirror her room is always a mess. It urks me how much she complains about her bfs Dad. You can tell he does 100% for her i mean shes living in his fucking house and she just complains about him 24/7. I noticed once she found this thread she has toned it down to more "oh i don't want to speak to him in the kitchen" than telling him to fuck off making noise like she used too.

I know they plan on meeting SharlaInJapan while they're are there due to Noodle knowing her. I think Riiri and sharla will clash hardcore.

No. 156060

File: 1468660347040.png (Spoiler Image, 427.43 KB, 482x600, Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 10.1…)

>hers aren't big

No. 156061

Noodle now makes a living completely off of youtube. She went over for vidcon and had a huge crowd of fans there and she sells a lot of prints whenever her print store is open.

No. 156063

Most "nerdy" guys genuinely think that's "just average" so even if it's not bait there's no point in arguing with someone like that.

No. 156068

kek, they're huge

No. 156084

Her body is borderline deformed, like some kind of chubby amanda lepore. It's not even cute in a thick/curvy way anymore…

No. 156101

does she have implants or something? those look like two water balloons sitting on her chest.

No. 156116

Those look super painful. I can understand wanting a boob job, but I don't understand people deliberately getting the inflated beach ball/bolt-on look. At least I hope it was deliberate. Each to their own, I guess.

No. 156139

File: 1468701444532.png (2.25 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

When you try to be cute but you look like a 40 year old

No. 156140

File: 1468701538044.jpg (444.64 KB, 941x692, image.jpg)

Poor abi, she can never get a good group pic can she.

Also crop tops and skirts, what a surprise.

No. 156143

File: 1468702039318.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 309.6 KB, 957x1277, image.jpeg)

The girl at the bottom is so desperate to be in their group

But dat man face tho

No. 156144

Give me strength

No. 156147

File: 1468703860083.jpeg (211.06 KB, 1024x1024, image.jpeg)

What is this shit?

No. 156148

File: 1468704292869.png (2.02 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

Abi looks like a serial killer I'm sorry

No. 156150


They're so embarrassing…

No. 156151


22? Fgs. I'm 22 myself and look younger than this. Jesus…

No. 156152

Always hiding her jaw..

No. 156164

I saw them walking out of the venue all on their phones not talking to each other at all

It's obvious they just use each other for more efame

No. 156165

Are those legit spiders or

No. 156166

File: 1468706264492.jpeg (95.73 KB, 748x720, image.jpeg)

Abi please buy some clothes that fit you

No. 156169

im so happy im not the only one who doesnt think the super tight clothes and the spiders are kawaii. and arent they all fucking boiling on the hottest day ever in long sleeves? hands down, kelsey suits all these styles so much and is the most genuine out of all of them.
nothing against the rest but it makes me salty when basic af people get so much fame

No. 156178

Emily is such an embarrassment

No. 156182

kind of agree

I don't like kelsey's outfit
but i think the wig she's wearing really suits her

No. 156243

those bags.. the classic covering her man jaw pose :(

well tbh I can't help but feel bad for her being that insecure. I think she's a cute enough girl even if she is a weeby cunt.

No. 156246

Don't think any of them are ugly or anything but IMO Noodle and Abi exhibit the most obnoxious behaviour.

who's the fatty tho

No. 156272

She's rude and arrogant as fuck

No. 156275

Suits the squad she wants to be part then. They're all the same. That kawaii persona they do at cons and on camera is incredibly fake.

No. 156318

Becki just walked past me at Hyper and proper shoved me and everyone else out the way. That girl is rude af.

No. 156332

Emily is a huge bitch. She and her cronies were in the fashion show and didn't move when they were meant to because they were so full of themselves posing and pouting, so the model behind them messed up walking to the next spot and ended up crying afterward.

No. 156335

Emily and her friend Melissa (MelissaBUSTED on twitter) are literally the mean girls at school who act like they're hot shit and bully anyone who doesn't meet their standards. Everyone who knows them can't stand them, they're so stuck up and conceited it's disgusting

No. 156336

I had the pleasure of walking past Becki and Noodle at Hyper Japan yesterday and Noodle honestly looked about 30. Her makeup was creasing badly which made her seem to have wrinkles and she looked haggard. Becki didn't look like shit from where I was standing but as always she had the bitchy smile that made it seem like she'd rather be anywhere but there.

No. 156338

File: 1468756464996.jpg (91.98 KB, 720x960, ClTbCiVWMAA7kYE.jpg)

dropped pic (she's on the left)

No. 156354

>the bitchy smile that made it seem like she'd rather be anywhere but there
Nice self inster OCdonutsteel fanfic you got there.
I know you feel important because you got to breathe the same air as your hateboner idoru, but deliver something a bit more substantial next time.

No. 156355

Be grateful that anon is delivering anything at all

No. 156356

Face like a slapped arse

No. 156358

File: 1468764972507.jpeg (56.65 KB, 539x537, image.jpeg)

It wouldn't surprise me at all if Noodle had shaved a good few years off her age to try and appeal to YouTube teenyboppers. Even in her heavily edited selfies she still looks like a tired mum.

No. 156361

File: 1468765591249.jpg (56.26 KB, 595x638, lol.jpg)

lurking confirmed

No. 156362

They looked stupid af on the catwalk lmao

No. 156381

Don't think this proves she's lurking at all, lmao.
Outfits are stupid and so are the accessories, the girl in the middle is trying to show their coordinating, but can't even show off the outfit.
If these people take so many pictures, you'd think they would know how to properly do it, move your hideous wig you can't see anything.

I think she needs serious makeup advice, and honestly looking at her for a few minutes, I think her extremely thin and circular eyebrows age her.

No. 156399


No. 156402

Cutesy Kink is such a rip off. They sell £3 taobao tips for £20 and candy rain dresses for £60 when they're worth about £10.

No. 156405

Abi is by far the ugliest in the group tbh

No. 156419

Poor thing, I hope she was alright in the end? Lots of new girls like to take part and it can be nerve-wracking for them first time walking on stage. Fucking cunts. I always see obnoxious bitches at HJ.

No. 156421

saw her mess up too. The fashion walk is already a mess without the attention whores.

No. 156423

Are you forgetting big nose Beckii?

No. 156425

It's getting worse every year. Glad I missed it this time.

No. 156446

I attended HJ today, I got interviewed by Beckii today with her film crew, who told her half of the stuff to say, I mean she seemed ok, but she was having to put an act on, so hard to tell

No. 156466

is that right. I've met her outwith a con and she seemed pleasant and sweet enough

No. 156471

File: 1468790666273.jpg (40.67 KB, 480x480, ew.jpg)

i'm bored of hearing about the same girls we need some new ones so here, anyone know this chick?
A wannabe UK Jnig using her bolt-on plastic tits to find cosplay fame …
Saw her at MCM comicon looking super haggard and nothing like her photos
Wondered if anyone knew anything about her??

No. 156473

File: 1468790829036.jpeg (74.13 KB, 640x960, image.jpeg)


No. 156572

She must be friends with Abi because those clothes don't fit her at all.

No. 156574

She must be friends with Abi because those clothes don't fit her at all.

No. 156575

She must be friends with Abi because those clothes don't fit her at all.

No. 156579

Mean girl huh, I guess she was eating too many Kalteen Bars

No. 156581

File: 1468793847717.jpg (343.34 KB, 1200x1200, hahaha.jpg)

Lmao at this photo compared to >>156473

No. 156585

doesnt look ridiculously different body wise to me. filters smooth out a lot.

however it is hugely misleading overall.

No. 156588

Tbh this looks worse, obnoxiously high contrast and too many filters. She looks like a bad dragqueen instead of looking like a maybe cute from a distance weeb.

No. 156589

I think she wants to be a drag queen. She's obsessed with it all on Instagram.

No. 156704

Chunky monkey

No. 156705

File: 1468826095096.jpeg (224.42 KB, 960x1280, image.jpeg)

She looked much better when she was skinnier and used her real hair.

No. 156737

Seriously. It's like she started wearing wigs and getting into drag and suddenly became the biggest cunt on Earth. There's nothing wrong with being humble. She needs to take a step back because she's nothing special

No. 156792

File: 1468852546094.jpeg (164.56 KB, 750x1103, image.jpeg)

Another girl to add to the salty backstabber list

No. 156826

Lonlon isn't even from the Uk wtf

No. 156842

Not lonlon

No. 157093

Already been discussed. Nothing special about her. She dances to
horrible squeaky songs with that tomemon chick and they think they're hot stuff.

Other than that there is absolutely nothing worth discussing about her

No. 157127

What about the fact she seems to burn through friends like nothing? I'm willing to bet it's only a matter of time until her and tomemon aren't friends anymore too

No. 157261


I haven't seem her burn through any friends. Then again, I don't tend to pay attention to most of what she does except for the dance videos.

Do you have any proof for this curious anon?

No. 157363

she used to dance with the wish sisters, then any social media interactions with them just stopped, the same happened with another dancer a few months later..

No. 157391

Furi Furi's new member debuted at their latest performance.
Throughout the performance, you can see more and more of the audience just getting up and leaving.

No. 157446

Can't watch just yet… but that thumbnail just pisses me off… those underskirts are too long for the outfits and look ridiculous.
(Sage for salt)

No. 157458

you're forgetting the long term friendship she had with rina from furi furi ended and rather suddenly by the looks of things
all this stuff with these girls happened in the last year or so, thats a short amount of time to lose a bunch of friends don't you think?

No. 157461

I think the best bit of this is right from the start there's so many people leaving or just outright not paying attention at all

No. 157480

I don't know why they would expect people to actually want to sit and watch it. If it was a 'cool' dance type, such as break dancing or had some other generally acceptable entertaining element like interesting set gimics then it would have more appeal but this is just boring to the average congoer.

Idol groups here try so hard to stick to the traditional japanese idol schtick, but it's kind of pointless. The amount of people who like moe stuff enough to sit through a dance routine without wanting to be a part of it themselves is just too small.

No. 157502

Oh my god they are so out of time…. I just… No!

They look so unenergetic!

I thought maybe the Dancing would pick up when Hapi Hapi Morning started…. but then… nope.

No. 157505

Are they delusional? They can't dance at all. There's no energy and no coordination.

No. 157560

also whenever this amy girl is brought up in these threads the discussion gets redirected to being about tarina or furi, i think there might be some bad blood between them?

No. 157734

How are the ex-furi furi members doing? Aren't they now in different groups?

No. 157743

Renee and Ellen are in new groups.

Renee is in a dance group called SARDONYX and dances great without Furi Furi holding her back.

Ellen is in SUSUME☆STAR. Not exactly amazing, but better than Furi at least.

As for Ophelia, she might've quit performing altogether since she admits to being an awful dancer.

No. 157746


40 seconds in on the Susume ☆ Star video and already they have way more energy than any of Furi Furi's dances.

No. 157764

These are at least original dance choices with alot of energy. Furi's weeby basic dances everyone has already seen performed by identical weeb dance groups.

What are the most common dances anyway? Hapi Hapi Morning is like a plague.

No. 157770

Second weebish song I can think of is First Kiss (done in the performance)

After that I think it's Koisuru Fortune Cookie.

Any bets on when Furi Furi try and bring Danjo or Caramelldansen back?

No. 157782

File: 1469107808371.png (85.74 KB, 613x586, image1.png)

I can't believe Riiri is squatting with "weights". She's struggling to squat with 3kg weights i can't believe someone could be so unfit and weak.

No. 157786


Point proven… Somethings fishy about Amy topics being derailed with Furi EVERY time

No. 157792

File: 1469110611341.png (827.98 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-07-21-15-13-32…)

Speaking of Amy… browsing through her Facebook. Could be coincidence and I might just be digging here… but anyone else think she looks like she is trying to be Kelsey here?

No. 157793

File: 1469110703222.png (1.5 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-07-21-15-14-24…)

Sorry for samefag.

This hand thing with the fingers pisses me off so badly. I think it's supposed to be a heart… but in England rubbing your thumb and finger together like that says you want money. To me that pose looks like they are just begging for cash

No. 157794

SARDONYX is actually p. impressive…both of those girls are cute, energetic & their dancing is really well-synchronized. It really makes them stand out when you compare them to nearly every other video itt.

No. 157818

I knew RecordGirl for a short while a long time ago, she came across as pretty nice back then, is the really that lulzy? What's the drama with her? Can't help but be curious.

No. 157963



No. 157970

I think the middle girl is pulling it off in a way that makes me think she's doing some cutesy pose but the other 2 especially the girl with the green wig look like they are begging for cash.

No. 158013

File: 1469147006218.jpg (88.15 KB, 539x810, 792_zpsy7i9ywtc.jpg)

It's definitely a little heart, it's a koreaboo thing. I see idols do it a lot, with one hand or two hands.

No. 158034

got any details???

No. 158039

Dont even know the girl but on the old dance group thread it was well known she lurked it and answered hate comments on Furi. She craves drama and will launch herself under a bus to get attention.

No. 158058

I thought it was Rina who was known for lurking in the aidoru threads (and even posting on behalf of Furi)? Could you point out any of Amy's posts in that thread?

>i think there might be some bad blood between them?
Possibly. They used to be friends when Amy was in the Wish Sisters. Rina insists nothing bad happened between them, they just simply stopped being friends.

>Me and Amy were friends, now we are not. That simple.

No. 158110

I don't believe that "nothing happened"
Amy is in videos with Rina dating as far as 4 years ago, that's a lot to just throw away over "nothing"

No. 158143

Rina did definitely lurk. Idk if she still does though. I know she posts on 4chan though, someone I know linked me to a thread on soc where she had posted selfies. This was a few months ago though.

No. 158252

But real talk, the girl with the green hair should probably get her face fixed.

No. 158526

Fix what? She has the typical asian face.

No. 158529

I met her and her Boyfriend once. They're both quite full on themselves, they think they're Japan-tier cosplayers. Forgot her name though.

No. 158622

Kishi or something like that?

No. 158623

She always asks togs to lighten her skin in Photoshop lol

No. 158723

Yeah the fashion walk got messed up halfway through when a trio of girls were not paying attention and were too busy posing that they didnt notice the next girl to come up until she was right next to them, she was awkwardly stuck there I felt a bit bad for her she didnt know what to do.(cut out of the vid tho)

On another note beckii cruel wasn't just there she had a camera crew with her-i assume this is all being broadcast on the next kawaii international show.

No. 158746

ah yeah! thats her name. Totally rude and unpleasant to be honest.

No. 158924

that vid is from the Saturday's fashion show, the mess-up happened on the Sunday, it's not cut out of the video

No. 161188

File: 1469712084880.png (356.31 KB, 489x484, d6b046c183cb6c0503f9fda9542644…)


No. 161191

when will she let it go….

No. 161192

She looks cute in the picture… but still desperate to cling to her month of fame.

No. 161197


No. 161202


she looks cute in pictures where you can't see how fucked up her nose is

No. 161212

Lord. Now I've supported her for some time now, but when will she let this go. Japan doesn't care about her anymore, she said herself she's no idol anymore, so why bother even talking about it?

Being an idol nowadays is so common in Akihabara and all that the mere fact she still talks about it is laughable. Yes Beckii, you had your time to shine now move on from it.

No. 161219

Because people keep asking her about it? I'm sure she wouldn't mind moving on from it herself but it IS what she's known for.

No. 161235

I don't know what kind of Asians you know, anon but she's definitely doesn't have a typical Asian face. And she should really check out that overbite

No. 161294

File: 1469732172341.gif (6.74 MB, 2806x1985, 14a35c7b053dd32f2c72f7e405e217…)

can we discuss these

No. 161295

File: 1469732210457.gif (9.64 MB, 2479x3508, d59e8973534d4e4634d588a3d06748…)

No. 161302

What in the good goddamn is this

No. 161316

Who even makes blingees/glitter graphics anymore? Oh god I'm having mid 2000s Piczo flashbacks as we speak.

No. 161413

File: 1469757472848.jpeg (117.03 KB, 640x1136, image.jpeg)

Biologically male?

No. 161418

Man, Asians doing a cutesy V sign en masse is bad enough. Now all these weebs and Koreaboos gotta copy them.

No. 161419

that chin and jaw line though.. did not win the genetic lottery there.

No. 161425

Pussy power? All I can think of is this idubbbz video.

No. 161426

i mean… the peace sign is rampant just about everywhere

No. 161478

She looks so desperate to be Asian… I bet she chases Asian dick too

No. 161501

She looks pretty in this picture. Any Asian nerd in the West would be lucky to have her, lol.

No. 161601

Take your white knighting elsewhere

No. 161862

File: 1469906878548.png (2.22 MB, 1242x2208, image.png)

Umm ok

No. 161924

literally isn't that far up the thread

No. 161952

Why do all of these articles about Beckii act like she's a current idol now? She was an idol in like 2009 when she was 14. She's now 21, it's been a long time since she's actually worked as an idol. Now all she does is cling to the other UK weeb girls and pretty much anything weeby in the UK. When was the last time she even performed at a convention instead of just doing sponsorships for nintendo or whatever?

No. 161962

Because she tells them she is and they don't care enough to check their facts.

No. 162007

If she really does that, that's embarrassing. She shares all these articles with her followers who clearly know she's not an idol. Maybe she gets some kind of instant gratification from reporters treating her like she's still a famous aidoru? I guess since all her other projects flopped (idol group ichigo or whatever it was, fashion line etc.) that's the only notable thing about her? I don't understand why she can't just admit she's a regular vlogger.

No. 162137

File: 1470010324036.jpeg (40.42 KB, 750x460, image.jpeg)

Awww, looks like someone couldn't handle being posted and we can probably take this as confirmation that she lurks here too

No. 162147

Tbh if that's the only thing I had going for me I'd do the same. It's really the same thing those get-rich-quick self-help authors do.

No. 162209

Yeah, everything project she's started has flopped and then quietly abandoned. Time to stop the game quest and get a real job methinks.

No. 162357


That's a man in drag you idiot

No. 162359

its kicking up again is it?

way even is this

are there any more in the noodle trash group? shes going to japan with riiri and some girl with blue hair (who is she?)

No. 162631

they are A L L wannabes. dont know who that girl is though. will research further

No. 162753

Suprised no one has mentioned Noodle's hatred of monogamy yet:

No. 162771


Yeah she's bi and a nympho, this isn't news

No. 163178

She looks kinda old, tbh…

No. 163230

I've watched videos of the other three but never Abi, after watching this I realise why. She's just god awful, does she always talk like she's trying to be cute but has a cold? Beckii and Noodlerella are tolerable, Kelsey is boring but Abi is a new kind of irritating.

No. 163249


She's just a girl with green/blue hair - that's it.

No. 163252

her chin doesnt look big here, so why the hell does it always look huge in pics?

No. 163272


Oh God, I hate her voice in this video. Her personality just seems so fake, which is the same impression I get from Noodlerella and Beckii too

No. 163280

She has posted the video on her Facebook claiming she is nervous because her videos "always seem to go semi viral in Japan"


No. 163281

some people look really unfortunate in photos

No. 163289

File: 1470396628431.jpeg (85.67 KB, 750x567, image.jpeg)

I wonder what this is about?

No. 163293

Sounds like it's about some 16 year old harassing her. Call the press

No. 163302


Do they fuck.

Kota is lucky these days to have her videos "viral" in Japan. Now its just mostly westerners who watch them. Japanese no longer care.

No. 163389

Saw her at a convention in London with noodlerella and beckii… they were sat down stuffing their fat faces. seen her with abi too which leads to my next point…

Stupid is the only word…

No. 163445


i haven't watched the video yet but let's just assume every single app will be "kawaii desu~~" and she'll have that fake voice on to seem even MORE "kawaii"

watched video. i was proved right

No. 163454

It really makes me sad every time I watch her videos. I used to really like her when I was 15. Her personality is so forced now. I can't help but cringe with the way she laughs.

No. 163791

She's copying Nooderella's mannerisms so hardcore in this, jesus christ.

No. 164030

omg i'm so glad i found this forum, i've looked for noodlerella on guru gossip but didn't find anything. anyway, i met her (and the rest of the crew - abi, kelsey and beckii) at comic con, and connie definitely came across as mega bitchy. they were stood around awkwardly after their panel (which was a load of shit btw and lots of people left during it), and while beckii seemed really nice (she said she loved my outfit), connie looked so bored and moody. beckii seemed like she was enjoying herself, but wasn't really talking to the other girls but flirting with that guy who calls himself sparkles.

No. 164045

She's dating sparkles :)
Also I agree every time I've met Beckii she's been a delight to talk to and seems so sweet and cheerful
Connie just reminded me of the popular girls at school and I get too intimidated to go near her

No. 164049

I don't understand Beckii, if she's still so in love with Japan, why doesn't she take Japanese lessons and start doing videos in Japanese? She's the kind of cutesy awkward that Japan likes, if she saved up some money and went back she could do some modeling or something.

No. 164052

She's dating sparkles :)
Also I agree every time I've met Beckii she's been a delight to talk to and seems so sweet and cheerful
Connie just reminded me of the popular girls at school and I get too intimidated to go near her

No. 164093

I thought they broke up?

No. 164132

Oh really? When was this?

No. 164244

agreed. I've met beckii twice and she was super nice. even in her videos she seems nice enough and down to earth. Don't quite get all the hate tbh

No. 164245

Beckiis made a few tumblr posts about a relationship ending but she never made a huge deal of it. Kind of like how it was never announced she had a boyfriend either.

No. 164354


It makes me laugh how quickly her voice drops a couple of octaves once she gets talking properly.

No. 164362

Oh my god abi was just screaming in her videos wtf like calm down

No. 164426


How the fuck her ex boyfriend put up for her fake kawaii uguu shit for so long I do not know. She's nauseating to watch and listen to.

No. 164802

As if her ego couldn't get more inflated, Noodlerella just had to post about the free PS4 given to her by PlayStationUK as a house warming gift.

No. 165078


How long until she starts intros with "Hey guys, Abi here. AKA Abipop!"

No. 165947

File: 1471290807837.png (760.02 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-08-15-20-49-59…)

So very viral.

No. 165977

File: 1471297773107.jpg (344.87 KB, 808x808, 1471292216163.jpg)

Classic joke

No. 166268

File: 1471378444209.jpeg (185.53 KB, 744x741, image.jpeg)

Abi is so unfortunate looking

No. 166269

File: 1471378511026.jpeg (124.51 KB, 750x1240, image.jpeg)


No. 166270

Tbf they all look super fucking horrible here

No. 166275

Connie's hair is so fucking terrible, who let her do that? fucking hell

No. 166905

File: 1471633795072.png (362.62 KB, 580x726, 07d424a451e54862ba0e5498736a8e…)

The princess still complaining about her boyfriends Dad existence.
What sucks is that she attended a funeral yesterday on his side of the family. Zero respect because she's too shy to record a video the the house she has been living at for over a year for free.

No. 167428

Kinda OT but I don't get how Noodle is friend with Dodie and Evan. They seem like actually genuine people to me. idk

No. 167622

File: 1471887111250.jpeg (150.63 KB, 654x978, image.jpeg)

Noodlerella looks so rank without makeup lmao why post this

Also bulimia cheeks

No. 167623

File: 1471887191041.jpeg (49.85 KB, 750x274, image.jpeg)

Abi could you be more thirsty or?

No. 167627

No makeup selfies for asspats have been a thing for a long time now, are you new to the internet?
Those are pretty normal cheeks too. Milking technique 1/10

No. 167629

Yeah because she totally has talent and real experience in being a voice actress. God she's annoying.

No. 167630

Oreimo was so mediocre, why is she still hyping it up like it's relevant?

No. 167638

She probably thinks since Jnig got to voice sonico she has a chance.

No. 167849

No. 167852

her cheeks look normal and she's not half bad without make-up.

nice try.

No. 167864

Can someone please tell her the pink hair isn't for her, its already orange at the roots. Pink hair needs patience and time to look after it for it to look nice. gross.

No. 168691

File: 1472232946175.png (12.83 KB, 570x113, 5636bf9bfddb1d6b0e3c59d389a824…)


No. 168711

Those eyelashes don't look good, it's not that she didn't apply them correctly they just look fake and cheap.

Her hair doesn't look too bad to me, but that's probably because I'm colorblind and can't tell the orange part.
But I can see her yellow ass teeth, why do her and riiri have horrid teeth? I mean, riiri's teeth are white, but they're bucky. noodle's teeth are so yellow, her lipstick really emphasizes it too


she has merchandise now, whoever does her art is really good, i think it's cute, but I don't find that it really suits her idk

also LOL her poster of herself
her skin is blurred to hell, her face almost looks fuzzy with how blurred it is

No. 171447

No. 171451

It's clearly just a joke anon, pink is bridget Jones color

No. 171456

oh okay thanks, i havent heard of bridget jones is so i was just wondering

No. 171464

gtfo underage.

No. 171488


UK weebs aren't interesting. The US trash is always amusing to us brits. UK weebs are basically just the typical chav faced white girl who found out about anime, got a boner over Japan because "every1 is polite der and in the UK no one is eva nice tho" and cute shit we don't have here much so they can stand out and be 'edgy'.

The only UK weeb I like is Peachymilk who is pretty and pleasant. No milk but she's getting a bit dull now, cosplay is taking over and she's getting lazy with her pictures.

Noodlerella is just a run down but try hard kawaii version of Zoella. Beckii is just washed up. None are interesting.

No. 171491

Peachy seems like she would be fun to hang around with, i used to follow her a year or two ago then got bored, i might look her up again. I also really like Kelsey, she's super down to earth when i've met her a conventions unlike others i've met; Riiri - rude as fuck, Noodle - seems busy when she's doing fuck all and Abi - just a bit too hyper for my taste. I haven't met any others.

No. 171959

not about a weeb but definitely a wannabe - anyone else watching all the drama about that girl who says she's a professional cosplayer on facebook?
she posted a 40 min rant about it yesterday, took it down after loads of hate, and posted an 'apology' today. this video is an edited one of the original. summer knight cosplay is her page i think.

No. 171961

Seen all the drama on facebook, yeah she's acting like a cunt but why bother giving her the attention? People making parody videos and essays about her, like come on guys.

The video is cringe but nothing to be actually upset about. Did you see that cosplayer that found out she was also a florist and got triggered, it's all she's been talking about for the last few hours "I'M A PROFESSIONAL FLORIST" in response to it. No one gives a rats ass.

No. 171963


Never heard of her before, but wow she looks at least 40 and her face is remarkably unattractive. Just as well she's willing to get her knockers out I guess.

No. 171965


She seems to think she has the "nigiri look" and shes famous because she looks like a supermodel, despite having 700 likes on facebook

No. 171966

If you knew holly you know that she was doing it ironically, the whole PROFESSIONAL thing has become a meme already

No. 171967

i just don't understand how one can be so delusional

No. 171968

I know she was doing it ironically but she crossed the line after the 5th post about it.

No. 171971

i wouldn't say it crossed the line, got a little old maybe, but nothing she said was that bad lol

No. 171972

no, nothing she said was bad. What I mean by crossing the line is that making that many posts about it to me it seemed more like jealousy than just memeing. She is an amazing florist from what i've seen but I didn't realise she was that defensive about it.

I'm probably just reaching, just putting in my 2 cents.

No. 171974

i don't think it's jealousy either, she has nothing to be jealous of. i think she just got overly annoyed by it

No. 171978

Yeah I guess annoyed is a better word to be honest.

No. 172067

Oh man this bitch been all over my news feed today, and if she's such a professional cosplayer, why have even the weebiest people not heard of her?

No. 172259

I watched some of Noodlerella's videos then a few of Zoella's to compare, Noodle really is just a Weeb geeky girl clone. The obnoxious voice and narcissism is also the same.

No. 174184

No. 174188

I saw the return of this on twitter and chose to ignore the cringe. Oh god.

No. 174266

She looks so much like Abi it's freaking me out

No. 174267

anon, i hate to break it to you, but that is abi

No. 174914

Shes honestly so terrible why does she sing

No. 175718

Beckii got a new dress!
The dress is just a normal taobao dress, but it looks so bad on her. She doesn't suit lolita at all.

No. 175731

Honestly none of the pastel kawaii soft styles really suit her. It always just looks like a costume because her face is jarring. And she doesn't often wear good quality stuff, just taobao crap. And from that thumbnail it doesn't even look like the silhouette of lolita, the skirt is way too short especially since she's posing in that way that makes her legs look super long and skinny. Actual lolitas would crucify her.

No. 176627

File: 1474739703840.jpg (410.74 KB, 1934x1472, IMG_0100.JPG)

is going to japan is riri and noodlerella. DISCUSS

No. 176633

Jel of her legs tbh.
she has a couple of darker classical brand dresses I think suit her pretty well.

No. 176704

Riiri is a washed up e-girl who says she doesn't like games (overwatch) but plays it anyways to get views on her boring ass twitch.
Noodle is just boring version of zoella (if its possible to get more boring) and looks dead 90% of the time.
No idea who that is in the pic.
not much else to discuss.

No. 176757

Lol I forgot Beckii existed lel, does she finally got more than 3K views this time?

No. 176760

How come she's been in the scene since years ago and she's friends with many vloggers but never really made it in YT? Her 'idol' attempt was a disaster but she genuinely looks and talks like a nice girl..

No. 176781

why is she going with them? does she do YT or twitch? why does she seem to know so many people but not be a part of the scene?

No. 176795

She an e-girl. Only follows people with a big following and kisses their ass until they follow back, thats how she got Jnig to follow her too.
I found it funny when noodle made that "coming out" video Riiri wanted a part of the spotlight and was making tweets about how Bi she is. Seriously, no one cares if you're Bi/gay/straight or not but she wanted the RTs from Noodle.

No. 176807


I wonder if they'll meet up with the US trash over there and collab their weebiness.

No. 176820


Her name is Becky. She doesn't do YouTube… Except cameos in other people's videos. She just happens to be friends with noodle and probably managed to shack up in the same hotel with them.
She isn't famous or anything but she is lovely to talk to. She does gaming but purely for her own enjoyment

No. 176824

have you spoken to her? looks like she could do with a good ragging tbh

No. 176947

Yes I have spoken to her though I have no idea what you mean by ragging. Forgive my dumbfag

No. 177011

Because she's boring, basically. Personally I find her likeable enough and easy anough to watch in the background while I do other things, but if I ever had to sit down and watch her with my full attention I'd get bored real fast. Her fashion line seems to be doing better nowadays though, her last few collections were a mess but she seems to be doing better now, though her socialblade stats seem quite crap if she ever wants to live off of yt. It took her how many years to get to 100k subscribers even, for someone who has done as much as she has you'd think she'd have a lot more.

No. 177637

Abi's trying way too hard to be Noodle

No. 177689

Abi just tries too hard in general.

No. 177718

i think ragging means sex…

No. 178279

MOE are currently recruiting if any of you weebs want to live the meido dream.

No. 179229

File: 1475619949232.jpg (197.89 KB, 855x960, why.jpg)

Shoehorn them in somewhere.

No. 180849

How does she know noodlerella? Does she do youtube?

No. 181246


To be honest I have no idea how she met noodle. She doesnt do YouTube videos herself.

I think they may have met through Jessica Nigri… I know that both Becky and Noodle are friends with Nigri.

No. 181247


There is no milk or drama with Becky. She is just someone who turns up on videos occasionally.

(sorry for samefag)

No. 181322

File: 1476049221997.jpeg (460.22 KB, 1367x2048, image.jpeg)

Ok Abi but how much Photoshop is needed to make you look decent tho

No. 181324

File: 1476049290362.jpeg (71.34 KB, 731x377, image.jpeg)

You look nothing like Ariana Grande you stupid bitch.

Doing your hair and makeup as much like her as possible to get attention =/= looking like her. She is actually attractive whereas you are not.

No. 181330

Placing bets on her setting up a gofundme to make her chin smaller. I watched her stream the other day, it is bigger than i thought.

No. 181344


>Not posting the contents of the links

If you can't do that then at least tell us where this was posted.

No. 181347

MCM Expo Group

'Celebrities you've been told you look like?'

No. 181473

Noodle and Riiri are heading off to Japan today. I'm excited who's going to pull the first Panic attack and tantrum.

No. 182704

File: 1476379965898.jpg (604.77 KB, 969x730, 02c8ec78b1887c7f6418403512b13b…)

They all couldn't look anymore out of place and like weebs if they tried lol

No. 182706


Its embarrassing as fuck

No. 182743


They are all honestly the most boring people ever, and yet their twitter is all caps screaming about how much fun they're having.

Stuck on their phones and Riiri does her fucking makeup at the table. Talk about table manners.

No. 182771

Tomaskas??? Be more original with your naming please.

No. 188809

File: 1477508441984.jpg (344.09 KB, 1721x2048, sellout.jpg)

£10 signed picture…

No. 188828

the kimura u meet and great is the same price, but you get a picture op, signed photo and mirror what the hell

No. 191976

Riiri posted about her 'priv twitter' last night where she 'posts her butt so people can appreciate it'

Anyone got any info on her priv twitter?

No. 191981


Noodle's stall looked sorry for itself on the Friday. Obviously on the Saturday & Sunday it probably got busier, but compared to the other Youtubers in the VidFest Area, just photographs for £10 when majority of the others were doing it for free including autographs, like Ashens and Emma Blackery, is just a joke. It's so obvious Abi, Kelsey and Beckii tag along with Noodle to keep relevant. She's the only one in the group who has gotten the furthest with a Youtube career.

No. 191985

Must have deleted them, cant find it.
Although knowing Riiri she just said it for the sake of saying it. Shes posted her ass before on her twitter account before she moved everything to her current one.
Its nothing special.

No. 191991

She said it was her private twitter, so I'm not sure.

Do you have the old picture? I wouldn't mind seeing even if its nothing special.

No. 191994

It was on her Mank0_Chan twitter - or a name similar to that i can't remember it fully.
She was pretending she got an advertisement from Filthy Casual (i think? some clothing company) and just the jacket on with a thong and did a photoshoot with her laptop and bed.
Can't find it anywhere since she's deleted her tumblr and her old twitter.
Shes got no ass at all, its just all thigh nothing to really go out my way to search for.

No. 191996

File: 1478088694640.png (66.96 KB, 363x214, riiributt.png)


Does this look like the picture? I found it on twitter but its not the full thing(I guess it was deleted)

No. 191998

yeah! That was it. Oh the memories.

No. 192000

I'm guess it was the whole picture or did she crop it like this from the get go? Lol

(Sorry btw, as much as I dislike her, I like her body and want to see more of it, so I've been on a search)

No. 192002

Its cropped, it was a "sponsorship" from (i think) Filthy Casual. It wore the Jacket to show it off, no idea why she didn't wear pants but whatever.
I used to think she had a good body too, then I saw her irl, she really isn't anything special.

No. 192006

I still wouldn't mind seeing it. Hopefully she starts getting desperate or I can find her 'private twitter' she talks about.

No. 192015

I doubt you'd find more than that picture, all of the stuff like that was on her old twitter. I highly doubt this "private twitter"is real, and if it is she won't be posting her ass on it. She does shit like this all the time for the likes and retweets so it makes no sense for her to be posting nsfw stuff where no one could see it.

No. 192081

No. 192091

Does she allow random follows?

No. 192093


seems like she got spooked and made everything private…

no chance we get to see anything now.

No. 192188

Anyone have any luck getting her to accept your follow yet?

No. 192220

How did you find these?

No. 192334

If you search her names on twitter they come up a few times. Octomoo is the original private one that she tweeted out a few days ago, and then I'm guessing today she tweeted her new 'riributts' account on that private account because when you search octomoo its tagged with her pinkuxkitty account.

I've had no luck following either account so far though, maybe someone will and they can post whats inside?

No. 192412

File: 1478118142506.png (73.65 KB, 628x795, noodlerella.png)

I like how someone called out Noodlerella within minutes for linking to what's deemed as a illegal anime streaming site for Yuri on Ice when it can be watched on Crunchyroll.

No. 192512

she accepted 3 new followers, was it any of you guys?

No. 192975

File: 1478171718416.png (1.35 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20161103-111211.png)

looks like she is posting ass on her 'priv' twitter. Pity shes protected everything.

No. 193079

I really don't understand why she's posting this everywhere but is refusing to let anyone follow it?
Riiri and her attention fetish.. She'll give it up in a good week no doubt.

No. 193963

Don't any of these cows go to uni or anything? Or have they been?

It just seems like a waste of a life, for someone to be 'e-famous' in their late teens/early twenties and pass up chances to get places in life for then to just fade into irrelevancy once it stops being cool.

No. 193995

Connie did Film Studies at uni. Kelsey, Abi and Kerri work in retail. Don't know about Beckii.

No. 194169

I know Kerri did a College Games/Media course as she was tweeting about it 2 years ago, she was on it for about a month then dropped out because he was being ~harassed~ for being the only girl. she took tonnes of selfies in the bathrooms everyday in "sponsored" filthy casual clothing. No idea if it was on her old twitter or her new one.

No. 194212


Beckii has a Patreon, has her own fashion brand and those Lootcrate style boxes? Probably does random freelance work on the side too. Looks like the only one who went full on with university studies and living the dream job is Noodle.

No. 195965

Kelsey works in a Hospital.

No. 196040

Not anymore. She got a retail job in London.

No. 196055

File: 1478711125155.png (683.3 KB, 697x797, ebay.png)

Something tells me despite all this, Beckii is struggling.
I've come across her eBay several times, and she used to have quite a bit more on here, but she's sold a lot of clothes recently.

No. 196065

I think it's more that she owns a ton of clothes and is moving out of her parents house to London. She's just got a real job it seems as well as her clothing line and had enough to move out, so I think she's probably doing fine and just clearing out the stuff that doesn't fit her ~aesthetic~

No. 196422

Did anyone see Beckii on Channel 4 the other night? Kind of embarrassing if I'm honest, they called her a "superstar in Japan" and made her speak Japanese.

No. 196779

uuuh so cringy!!
I thought her outfit was terrible too.
She was never a superstar in japan, she needs to let it go

No. 196812

Missed it-what was the show about? I am looking for yt links but cant find any. The last thing i saw her on was kawaii international where she was a reporter and its funny that japanese programme doesnt reconise her past history so its wierd this one would.

No. 196825

I googled it and the show is called "Extreme Makeovers: On Fleek"
You're supposed to be able to watch the show on here:
But I can't watch it at all on there, I guess it's because I live in the US?

No. 196837


Could have been worse tbh, I guess they had to make her seem quirky with the Japanese stuff. Off from the Channel 4 subject, it looks like she'll be living with Kelsey along with someone else in London very soon. I bet this will mean more collab videos for both of their channels.

No. 196895


Lol Dakota just about got known in Japan let alone Beckii a girl who got fame 7 years ago or more. No one in Japan even knows the girl its all to sound edgy as fuck for youtube.

Japanese dont care about weebs unless you make it there then they are not bothered.

No. 196914

File: 1478894473024.png (966.36 KB, 1920x1080, Screen Shot 2016-11-11 at 19.5…)

Yeesh, still desperately clinging on to that faint memory of your 15 minutes, Beckii? What an embarrassing show to take part in.

No. 196916

File: 1478895223153.png (92.97 KB, 625x362, eh.png)

Tbh I think becky is sort of over it. Looking at her tweets from watching it she seems like she thought it was cringe too. The only reason she even goes to cons anymore is when she's invited to them and it's not like she's constently mentioning when she was in Japan now days.
It looks like she's really moving on to focus more on making more different content like doing styling jobs for magazines and it seems like she's making videos with another company now as well

No. 196923

So why go on the show in the first place? There was no way it was going to be anything other than totally cringey and obviously the producers would focus on the 'Japanese animu superstar' thing. There's no reason to go on that type of show unless you're looking for fame/attention.

No. 196931

Why wouldn't she go on the show? It's not like she knew how they would edit it, and apparently they changed a few things including the name. She's already trying to make her living off of the content she makes and part of that is makeup and style, so it makes sense for her to try and be a part of a show that focuses around what she's already trying to sell and could possibly increase her viewer base.

No. 196939

>It's not like she knew how they would edit it, and apparently they changed a few things including the name

It's a freaking Channel 4 show. Of course they're going to make some cringefest that reduces every style down to 'lol animu doll' or 'tan addict look how orange hahaha', etc. You have to be a moron to sign up for a show like this and expect it to be a serious or remotely respectful look at different fashions. You can't ignore all those red flags and then blame it on the edit.

>possibly increase her viewer base

So yeah, fame/attention.

Since the Keeks reveal I'm dying to know if every whiteknight is the cow/snowflake themselves.

No. 196941

>Since the Keeks reveal I'm dying to know if every whiteknight is the cow/snowflake themselves.

you're 100% talking to beckii herself right now lmao. no one cares about these girls enough to whiteknight with so much effort. no one has even WATCHED that stupid show to really care? this much? to argue? lmao

No. 196948

TY. channel 4 are shit you have to sign up to their website to view their free programmes but they have the WORST streaming service its not even worth a free account seriously. best wait till it gets uploaded to youtube.

she applied for, and won the kawaii leaders contest and seems pretty happy about hosting the segment for KI (I was at the con, she really looked like she was having fun) if shes really over that then why does she keep doing those segments? she could easily give it up.

No. 196976

File: 1478905548593.png (569.08 KB, 498x552, emilymeouch.png)

Never truly realised how ugly Emily is without photoshop.

No. 200559

File: 1479416012615.jpg (91.91 KB, 900x1200, Cxc4hhHW8AIIMrj.jpg)

Kerri posting some really hot pictures on that private twitter..

No. 200571

Proof it's her? Plus that shooping lol

No. 200574

Only proof I got is she posted on her private twitter.. other than that, nothing.

Seems a bit shooped but all the other butt pics she posted kinda matches this one and they're from a ton of different angles..

No. 200582

Screen shot her private twitter profile? Crop out anything that would show your account just in case.

No. 200585

File: 1479420860521.jpg (177.91 KB, 993x889, 05ZSEHD.jpg)

Picture I posted is in the bottom left.

No. 200597

That wishlist link.
Classy riiri

No. 200602


That wishlist, the Lush shopping bag and "daddy"…what a mess.

No. 200650


No. 200651

I'd post more but I don't want her finding out/getting spooked and deleting it. I'll post them if/once she does stop posting them.

You could always try to follow the account yourself, she said she's randomly accepting follows. But I tried on my other twitter as a backup and she declined it though.

No. 200779

Well she evidently still has an interest in Weeb shit and was in a very good position to be a kawaii leader tbf. That's hardly the same thing as mainstream UK tv playing up what she used to be known for because its still pretty interesting to a lot of normies I think.. As for the show I don't really see why she'd turn it down if she's trying to market herself. And she would have got paid too.

No. 200830

Just post them anon, she already follows this thread anyway. May aswell before she removes them. Put them in an imgr or somthing. I honestly can't stand Riiri so I find this hilarious, shooping her flat ass and using these angles makes it even more golden. She will do anything for free stuff.

No. 201013

I think this is the best part of it all…

Look at these answers she's giving..


No. 201045

I'm waiting for her to start camwhoring tbh. Its right down her alley and this twitter account is a pretty big step towards it. Wonder how her bf feels about this twitter account.

No. 201072

File: 1479518862413.jpg (Spoiler Image, 217.48 KB, 1536x2048, CxkvNUAWgAA_wtt.jpg orig.jpg)

No. 201074

Ew…Whale in dirty water

No. 201076

I couldn't figure out which was the ass end at first glance

No. 201078

Her ass looks like it could be her boyfriends, it looks so manly to me since there's no shape or muscle since she sits around all day doing nothing.

No. 201091

File: 1479522619907.jpg (Spoiler Image, 273.41 KB, 2048x1536, CxJg64kWEAAXRr9.jpg large.jpg)

No. 201095

File: 1479522806720.jpg (Spoiler Image, 207.24 KB, 1536x2048, Cxc4Ko2WgAA8EkR.jpg orig.jpg)

No. 201104

File: 1479524186304.jpg (Spoiler Image, 96.44 KB, 1200x675, CwQfCjFXEAArEq_.jpg)

No. 201406

her ass is flatter than Nigris

No. 201409

i think her ass looks fine

but mine looks like that too and i thought it was okay :(

No. 201414

All I can see is pimples

No. 201416

putting money on that she slapped her own ass to make it red

No. 201418

File: 1479590288125.png (265.12 KB, 298x558, 8t8c9a2.png)

All I know is that she wanted even bigger boobs.

I only know about her because she dumped her ex-bf of 3 years, who's in my WoW guild, for some fuckboi last year.

Course everything's gotta be about her, even if there's a celebration for someone else.

No. 201674

File: 1479647427024.jpg (140.16 KB, 900x1200, Cxa8wSVXEAAhte5.jpg)

Apparently should bought a pink spanker, and James broke it on her ass, and that pic is the day after.

No. 201680

LMFAO nooo…..come on
its crazy that she's that stupid

No. 201682

ohhhh James broke something on my ass but it didnt bruise at all, just got some pimples. That doesnt happen to you?!

No. 201742

Betting she left it on her bedroom floor and stood on it
>James hits me so hard xd
>I dont bruise xd

No. 201769

>dat utter desperation for attention
So sad, honestly.

No. 201965

I think its cute :/ then again I prefer thin girls

No. 202163

I agree its a cute enough ass by most standards. I think this board gets ridiculous with the bitching sometimes

No. 202164

It's a good ass, anon. Don't worry

No. 202184

No one cares anon, stop being so triggered.

No. 202279

Either Riiri or someone who is blind. Her ass is flat and looks like she could be a guy from behind.

If these were pics of Nigri you'd be agreeing lmao. Wait till she gets implants like she plans on, another nigri clone.

No. 202852

nah she has a decent/nice butt, get over yourself anon.

No. 202891

Lol looks like you're the one who's triggered

No. 202900

nigri is flatter. it doesn't look like a guy's ass, but it looks too young, like, a 12 year old's butt. it's too small in width, but it isn't as flat as nigri's.

No. 202907

>NO U!!!

That doesn't even make sense anon.

No. 202918

You have extremely low standards then lmao

I was thinking the same, it looks like a pubescent boy's ass but I didn't want to say it since I thought it may be too far. I think it looks similar to Nigris, but my point is that if these were pics of nigri people would be shitting all over them regardless.

She would look really nice if she did 60-100 squats a night for 5-6 days a week so put some shape into it but you can tell just at looking at her ass thats shes too lazy and would rather shoop it and use angles for it to looks semi decent.

No. 204531

Excessive squats can ruin legs imo her ass could use a little bit more shape though.

No. 204883

File: 1480283535731.png (27.13 KB, 562x114, why.png)

No. 204893

Is this a joke or does this girl actually think people want to see sexy pics of her and would pay $300??

No. 204896

help, I had to double check that this is really Beckii Cruel wanting to do this kind of thing D: This is really unsettling, taking into account her history of Japanese pedos fawning over her videos back when she was a 14 y/o… or maybe that's just me

No. 205634

File: 1480332832610.png (99.95 KB, 289x514, Untitled.png)

so is this her main source of income?
does she have a job?
I feel like she still thinks she's a big deal, but I remember back when Beckii was "Big" in Japan and she wasn't that big at all.
I think she needs to get an actually job before this all gets way too cringy

No. 205663

This isn't actually a huge amount. She would get the same monthly amount working 20 hours each week on minimum wage in the UK

No. 205664

She would get more money by simply getting a full time job.

(sage for samefag)

No. 205672

Does she have a job? I know abI does retail so I assumed she would aswell. If she even had a part time job on top of this she could live comfortably tbh. Assuming she still lives with her parents of course

No. 205720

If she received a stable Patreon income and a tiny amount of YouTube revenue plus a part time job she would be okay… but only if she was living at home and not blowing all of her income on stupid shit. But all of those options are very temporary. I don't know how she's gonna survive in the future

No. 205805

File: 1480369390825.png (43.99 KB, 576x266, whatthe.png)

it's a joke. a bunch of the UK weeb girls are tweeting really stupid shit. I dunno what it's about but it isn't making them look super intelligent

No. 205903


Probably on job seeker and does this tbh

No. 207381


she has a job, she tweeted about going in for an interview and getting hired. I think she's involved with social media for Girltalk magazine but I'm not sure.

No. 207443

The cringe machine that is beckii cruel strikes again.

What happened to the girl who said "no I turn down gravure and swimsuit shoots in Japan because I'm a good person" for her to ask for such a ridiculous tier price for probably average pictures. She can only hide her narcissism for so long.

Part of me does want her to do it out of curiosity.

No. 207757

It's clearly a joke oh my god

No. 211790

Any more pics from pinkuXkitty or ochomoo??

No. 211794

>>211790 octomoo

No. 211860

wait you have access to octomoo? what does she post on that account since pinkuxkitty is for nudes?

No. 212258

Believe it or not, some people like to just wear things they like instead of obsessing over whether or not it's a unique look. Only the worst special snowflakes care about their ~individuality~ in fashion.

No. 212371

lmao at the sandy vaginas going on about how awful her ass is. This is why women need to stop listening to each other when it comes to their looks. It's not a coincidence that the hotter the girl, the more you catty bitches need to delude yourselves into thinking they're not attractive.

No. 212374

Who invited the white knights?

No. 212377

Lol no, I'm not fond of anyone in this thread. I'm just not so pathetically sandy that I deny reality when I dislike strangers on the internet like most of you.

No. 212524

Cute, because riiri isn't a stranger to me.
I think her ass is terrible and she needs to work on it. Fuck off back to tumblr whitenight.

No. 212644

Throwing around buzzwords like 'whiteknight' and 'tumblr' when you get triggered over people pointing out how pathetic you're being doesn't make you look any less sad. It just makes you look like a regurgitating memefag.

And if you actually do know her, that's just even more pitiful.

No. 212651

Yes, i'm triggered, when you specifically came onto this site and checked this board to whine about how pitiful we are.
aw, darling.

No. 212698

Anonymous now No. 212696
I actually came in here to see if others had a similar opinion of Noodle to me (which they did, so I didn't feel the need to add anything about her). Yes, it is pathetic when you're so catty that your big focus is how horrible her ass is, when virtually no one sexually attracted to women would agree with you. That's what middle schoolers do. It wouldn't be pathetic if your post centered around the large variety of legitimate reasons to complain about her. I only called out the ass comments and nothing else for a reason.

Also, you realize you just described the entire point of this website right? It's a site dedicated to regularly going to the pages of people you don't like and whining about them and here you are faulting me for, according to you, doing just that.

No. 212702

But Anon, I am sexually attracted to women?thats why I said I don't like her ass, please tell me what is wrong by having an opinion about the gender you are attracted? You have yours and I have mine.
Everyone on this site are all petty bitches so when someone comes to a thread which is pretty much dead by this point because no one cares about these people and there isn't any milk just to complain about an opinion on someone's ass and some other anons opinion on their style is honestly hilarious.

No. 212743

Yeah, I just get really salty about those kinds of comments because people are so quick to dismiss all the legit critisism on here due to the petty appearance oriented comments.

No. 215019

File: 1481878810053.png (30.76 KB, 583x398, fcaMay6.png)

Andddddd she's now one step away from being a cam girl.

No. 215125

She would do anything for money tbh

No. 230006

File: 1483909930854.jpg (257.08 KB, 750x1016, IMG_6134.JPG)

No. 230037


Firstly it was BBC3. If you're going to correct somebody at least do it correctly yourself and secondly the channel had only just started doing documentaries so they may have thought that it be filmed like the ones on BBC1 and BBC2


She lives in London and has an office job now working for the company that helps her channel


Listen to anon. It's the same amount of money.

No. 230079

The channel is so utterly beside the point but it was Channel 4: >>196825

No. 232381

I don't get it, what exactly is a Japanese doll?

No. 240502

So, it turns out that Connie is writing a YA novel series and I just went to the Amazon preorder page to find absolutely no information regarding what the book is about in the description. It just talks about Connie and how she's a YouTube star. The Penguin site talks about the plot, though, at least.

No. 240689

I can't believe she got a book deal.
Her book is for 10 year olds but you just know her adult fans will buy it too.
I used to like Connie but now it seems she only uses her channel to talk about all the free holidays and gifts she gets…oh and her broken leg, she still hasn't shut up about that yet

No. 240717

Here's the synopsis:
"When fairy tale obsessed Lottie Pumpkin starts at the infamous Rosewood Hall, she is not expecting to share a room with the Crown Princess of Maradova, Ellie Wolf. Due to a series of lies and coincidences, 14-year-old Lottie finds herself pretending to be the princess so that Ellie can live a more normal teenage life.
Lottie is thrust into the real world of royalty - a world filled with secrets, intrigue and betrayal. She must do everything she can to help Ellie keep her secret, but with school, the looming Maradovian ball and the mysterious new boy Jamie, she'll soon discover that reality doesn't always have the happily ever after you'd expect…"

It seems to be aimed towards children/young teens…
I don't know shit about YA novels, but aren't they supposed to be aimed towards teenagers (13-18) ?

No. 240721

no it's for children. 10+ is the age.
Apparently it's going to be full of LGBT characters too

No. 241072

I know this is probably just me being super judgmental and full of salt, but the way she talks about her broken leg makes me question if she's ever gone through anything truly terrible in her life. Don't get me wrong, I'm not one of those bitter "misery loves company" types who resents people who have had it easy in life, I genuinely hope she hasn't experienced anything particularly traumatic, it's just an observation. Most people who aren't obsessed with attention I know wouldn't harp so much on a broken leg that's healing so easily unless it lead to something far more consequential, like losing their job or financially crippling them.

Has anyone else watched her vlig regarding the book? For some reason, it really rubbed me the wrong way and I can't really pinpoint why. I don't think it's a simple case of sodium overdose because my friend who adores her agrees it was really annoying. Part of it is because it came off as really braggy, but that's not the whole reason it irked me. I don't know.

No. 241076

Connie herself said it's YA and I've seen YA novels labeled 10+ before. That rating doesn't mean much in terms of intended viewership, just that there aren't any particularly inappropriate themes in the story.

Either way, I'm curious what the reaction to it will be. I have a feeling it's being published more because she has a built in readership than anything else.

No. 241626

So, Connie just blatantly said in her video about why she's single that she values YouTube over her friends. Not twisting her words, she straight up said it. Discuss.

No. 241702

I feel like they just offered her a book deal because of her young fans. Knowing if she pushes, her fans will buy.
There's another youtuber called abookutopia who tried self publishing a book in parts. Her fans ate it up. It was complete garbage. But because of her fans, it got on the new York best online list or something. Now has an actual book deal. I have feeling this will be the same with Connie. If it's garbage, her loyal fans will make up for it. Her publisher has already agreed to five books in the series. Which I'm a little surprised with.
Personally, I don't think her book sounds all that special.

Eh, the only thing that bugged me was when she said her YouTube had a pretty high priority in her life. When in reality, she could've put a lot more work into her channel. She doesn't have enough videos for one who prioritize YouTube. Maybe that's just me

No. 242521

File: 1485847283799.jpg (170.78 KB, 1108x1478, 1485078466910.jpg)

Just found out that Gemma Cruel (https://www.youtube.com/user/KittySweetVideos/videos
She used to be part of the Beckii's idol group) is doing gravure

No. 242522

File: 1485847334619.jpg (Spoiler Image, 526.31 KB, 1532x2169, 91dUULwXA9L.jpg)

No. 242525

No. 242533

Nationality, height and age fits, so probably yes. Her parents must be proud of her.

No. 242535

I'll never understand why a decent looking girl would get so obsessed with weeaboo shit that they would prostitute themselves to old men at scummy love hotels to "make it" in Japan. Seriously, why?

No. 242537

I don't think so. Gemma's eyes are brown and this girl's eyes are green and her name is 'Jenna'.

Also i notice on Gemma's DVD cover/poster that her age on there is wrong, in all the articles from 2010 about the Cruel Angels, they say that Gemma is 16/17, so would be born in 1993/4 not 96. That would make her 22/23 now

No. 242538

If you take a close look at her pictures, they are brown and not green

No. 242539

Not to burst your bubble, but she probably lied. Gravure and prostitution work better the younger the girl is.

No. 242603

Maybe she likes being a prostitute and getting laid by old Japanese men as opposed to being an English teacher. Who knows.

No. 242611

I was hoping someone would find her thanks anon

She got married for visa when she was 19, her husband was like 31 at that time. He's an indie game developer or sth so he's probably broke af I wonder if it was his idea to sell his wife's body, or maybe he gets off to it?

She has a new YouTube channel which is the ultimate cringe fest.


No. 242618

She's got serious Marina Joyce vibes

No. 242643

This is the girl who was once so Paranoid about showing a bra strap on her videos. Holy hell.

She still can't dance and has an annoying as fuck voice.

Though I am kinda curious as to what Beckii I would think. She purposefully avoided all the swimsuit shots when she was 14 when she released her first photo book.

No. 242653

File: 1485882976150.png (21.25 KB, 528x389, qydKIYo.png)

damnnn, I remember her from the doc

looks like she had a kid, too - that lives in the UK with her mum by the sounds of it.

No. 242654

or maybe he doesn't, I guess it wav just a visit oops

No. 242685

File: 1485888446051.jpg (96.01 KB, 724x720, 1368962729355.jpg)

>重量: 46キロ

No. 242971

Probably about as proud as the parents of everyone who wastes their life stalking and criticizing strangers on Chan sites(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 242995

File: 1485933633994.png (288.85 KB, 1242x1236, IMG_5925.PNG)

AMinyan has a weird booty

No. 243002

File: 1485935143514.jpg (84.21 KB, 864x480, IMG_5927.JPG)

No. 243009

Looks like a guy from behind tbh.

No. 243011

Her upper body is so wide, does anyone know what this body shape is exactly? It looks like inverted triangle or a really broad shouldered pear.

No. 243013

i was gonna say…looks like my bf's ass.

No. 243014

File: 1485940903802.jpg (137.51 KB, 864x480, IMG_5931.JPG)

She has a cuter face than body

No. 243015

File: 1485940933935.jpg (78.92 KB, 864x480, IMG_5929.JPG)

No. 243019

File: 1485943207573.png (86.51 KB, 214x184, lolkay.png)

>cuter face than body

No. 243021

First, why does she look so goddamn wide, big and meaty? That's disgusting.
Second, why does she still try to dance when she couldn't do it to save her life?

No. 243023

I mean… I feel like it has less to do with 'weeb shit,' and more to do with… like, the usuals why girls prostitute themselves for the most time? I mean I've thought about it because I'm a ho and I like ez money, lmao.

No. 243026

Nah, there's definitely a weeb factor here. Realistically a lot of these girls could probably be making bank and doing a lot better for themselves in a country they could actually communicate in, not have to marry for a visa, etc. Not to mention they could probably be making good money just stripping depending where they work. Seems more like a desperation to "make it" in Japan often leads these girls to go from "modeling", to gravure, to porn, to prostitution. A few less attractive ones, like Lorena, skip a few steps of course.

No. 243094

Doing some form of sex work is definately apart of the weeaboo journey in Japan unless they have super rich parents

No. 243122

File: 1485965994351.png (335.54 KB, 1242x1809, IMG_0125.PNG)

Amina's crying on twitter now about these comments. Guess she hasn't learned how to ~ignore the haters~ in Japan.

No. 243127

I don't understand why she would do the gravure thing if she's going to get butthurt about the negative comments and get embarrassed by the photos. That comes with the territory

No. 243139

Himeka confirmed that Amina has had an eating disorder before. She called her pro ana remember?

No. 243150

Do her parents know she does gravure and takes those pics? What do they think about it?

No. 243154

She said her family didn't know about the DVD until it came out and they were mad about it

No. 243228

I want to see the whole thing now. Hopefully it gets uploaded on some jav website.

But anon, why are you here then?

No. 243507

Amina always loved talking about her weight to bait people doe. So much drama on her fb recently, she's so passive aggressive. Did her DVD have a preview like kerukumas? I haven't seen any clips.

No. 243515

not white knighting AmiNyan but I always wondered why the girls who hate her so much are always crusty black girls with 20 dollars synthetic hair

No. 243651

Make. A. Thread. She. is. not. from. the. Uk.

No. 243768

Her thread got closed and banned here by admin for lack of milk. It's obviously the same girls posting because this barrage of bullshit came after she called out those wanna be aidoru girls who bullied her.

No. 243782

If you guys want to talk about aminyan you can go to the aspiring aidoru thread >>158747

No. 243954

Is that from her DVD? I thought she didn't do any nudity… Amina is definitely doing light sex worker. Her parents have money. Like they were able to send her to temple uni but they're not that rich like yukapons family. Shes friends with Gaya. I give it a year or two before she either goes back to the US or becomes a fully fledged sex worker in JP.

Someone post the full video

No. 243957

Go to the aidoru thread, stop shitting it up here.

No. 243971

Relax kek
Let's talk about beckii cruel then

No. 244195

Yep it's from her DVD

No. 256112

Take a shot every time @riiri_senpai says "kill me" in her tweets

No. 259593

she unfollowed me :(
I now have an excuse so not follow her anymore because I know if i unfollowed her first she would have made a massive deal about nothing.
I'm free.

No. 259665

No. 259768

Riiri and I were following each other. Looks like she finally saw that I don't care much for her since she recently unfollowed me.
I'm glad since every time i'd try to help her she would throw it back into my face.

No. 295930

New UK "idol group"

Their videos are awkward to watch. I found out about them because Sophie is a lolita YouTuber I used to watch, not sure about the rest.
I highly doubt this channel will become very active.

No. 296437

All their videos were uploaded one week ago. You "found out" about them pretty fast.
I smell self post.

No. 296477

it's almost definitely one of them or their friends, the amount of backstabbing on this board is insane

No. 296521


Sophie kid look retarded.
And they should all kermit.

No. 299163

File: 1493207636948.png (1.32 MB, 1022x1178, Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 12.5…)

she's got a korean boyfriend now

No. 299164

File: 1493207699537.png (1.18 MB, 1144x1136, Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 12.5…)

he's uh… not exactly cute though

No. 299174

Seeing how this thread has been revived but i will sage anyway-I am seeing more of beckii cruel lately on tv I wonder how much she makes (or maybe she just gets stuff free) shes made enough money to move to London now so shes doing…whatever it is she does…very well.

No. 299181

I always felt like she got a lot of actually usable skills from her work. Especially in today's social media orientated world. I imagine her cv must stand out quite a bit. Even with no uni.

No. 299184

What skills are those? (no sarcasm) I have looked at her stuff and its mainly fashion (she seems to be into kawaii fashion which imo doesnt suit her, her other style suits her better) all I have seen her do is talk about "kawaii" stuff so I dont know what her skills are. saged.

No. 299218

Fuck knows overall but it's got her a real job. From what I've gathered styling, video editing, presenting, fashion certainly. Even managing herself and that little idol group.

No. 299221

Whats her job? From what I know she does yt videos and gets free trips to Japan-I didnt think she could get that much money from YT unless he had like millions of views.


No. 299242

Not sure. Something in london

No. 299245

iirc she works for Girl Talk magazine (UK magazine for young girls), which would probably be okay money alongside all the stuff she does on the side, YouTube etc

No. 299285

Pretty sure the recent trip to Japan was paid for by kawaii international, not her job in London


No. 301571

Abi is in japan. Discuss.

No. 301614

All I've seen is her hanging out with Dejavudea.

No. 302023

she was also hanging out with peachmilky

No. 303616

Just watching beckii's recnet video on conspiracy theories (seems like all youtubers have jumped on this bandwagon) with kelsey ellison and…fuck do they come across stupid. They are trying to explain these conspiracy theories but to do that they need basic knowledge and they are really struggling with that

>inb4 they are kawaii girls, no surprise they are stupid

I didnt expect them to be rocket scientists but I am concerned that they are in their 20's and struggle with stuff they should have learned in high school. I wonder what they would do when they are older and cant keep doing the whole kawaii girl thing.


No. 304486

Noodlerella is dating a Canadian now.

No. 304674

Good for her. Who cares?

No. 304936

I'm intrigued… how do you know?

No. 306371

obviously this guy…

im an aquantecne and she cant help but blab out loud about everything in her life, she doesnt stop talking about him

No. 308397

Honestly I wish I could enjoy their videos but they are so ignorant its painful? How do you not even know roman numerals?

No. 313203

Where on earth did that Noodlerella picture come from? Never seen that in my life!

No. 314137

Anyone got access to Riiri's Patreon?

No. 314269

Has anyone else noticed that Connie doesn't seem to have any friends who aren't popular YouTubers? Between that and her saying that her ambitions come way before her friends, I'm starting to wonder if her friendships are actually that genuine or if she just befriends people who will further her on YouTube.

Girls with no boobs really shouldn't wear one-pieces, it makes them look 12.

No. 319070

No. 319090

wtff she looks so different. lip fillers? or even jaw surgery or something?

No. 319128

Her boyfriend looks fed up

No. 319130

saying 'i'm in heaven' in a damn family mart…. girl what

her 'zomg so hyper' attitude is so irritating

No. 319143

File: 1495484196020.png (565.58 KB, 803x719, Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 21.1…)

What's up with Kelsey's eyelashes? They don't extend all the way down on the left side and generally look oddly spaced on both sides. Is the left side due to the false eye or what?
In b4 nitpicking - it's just that I never noticed this before.

No. 319157

think she just looks older

No. 319158

it looks like she's just poorly applied shitty quality false eyelashes in this pic. you can see where her natural lash does continue but it's very faint in contrast to the fake ones.

don't follow this cow, so I'm just going off of the pic related

No. 319168

I'm surprised her boyfriend isn't a 5/10 Japanese guy kek.

No. 319170

She's getting into streaming, thus her boyfriend is a twitch streamer..

No. 319199

i can tolerate kelsey the most out of the uk weeb crew but who tf wears eyelashes on a 10 hour flight?

No. 320988

No, she doesn't she barely puts out videos as it is until recently.

No. 320998

Connie has friends who aren't Youtubers. She's friends with her college dorm mates and she said she's moving out of the "Meme Mansion" soon to live with them.

No. 321101

Where did she says she's moving?

No. 321212

She got eyelash extensions and they've mostly fallen out now, she mentions it in her video and says she won't be getting them again lol.
she lives with one of her old college dorm mates in the meme mansion though, are they both moving out?
I'm not really surprised though she is constantly complaining about living with evan/luke on twitter and such.

No. 321231

she started up on twitch and then all of a sudden found herself a desperate streamer boyfriend. poor dude probably thinks she likes him

No. 321255

In one of her recent videos. I think her Disneyworld haul.
She and Ellen are moving out to live with the other girl Charlie.

No. 321312

theyre dating??

No. 321608

Her bf is a caster… She's infatuated with him, it's obvious

No. 322457

Apparently Abi is trying to work as a cast member at Tokyo Disneyland

No. 322458

She's been looking to audition for years.

No. 322493

I did not know that. It seems like a really unrealistic thing for her to go for though. If they wanted a foreigner, they could very easily get one who already lives there and speaks the language.

No. 322556

How'd you find this account and video?
This isn't her main account and I don't see the video posted anywhere on her real IG

No. 322570

That's not true. If you go to Tokyo Disney all the cast members are white(even Pocahontas, Jasmine etc) and they all can't / don't speak Japanese. They sponsor the visa for their cast and usually get staff from overseas to come in.

No. 322577

this is indeed true, most (or nearly all) of the "face" characters are white Americans (like the princesses or Jack Sparrow) but if you go to the park you'll notice all of the dancers and performers are Japanese.

but I think I heard you audition via Disney in America and then get sent over there?
Cast Member can mean anyone too, like from someone in the merch store to the popcorn lady, you can't choose where you end up.

No. 323035

actually they won't hire face characters within Japan, you have to audition abroad so it isn't completely unrealistic for her to try and audition.

No. 323144

I randomly thought I'd lurk on her ig, so I typed in "abi" in the search bar and that was the first suggestion that came up.

No. 323228

Yeah, that's not her main account. It could be a fan account. Idk, it may be her but that's def not her main account.

No. 325447

Oh hey look someone does still want to be an idoru

No. 325457

File: 1496172638511.jpg (25.43 KB, 505x172, together.JPG)

Lol a lead doesn't have to steal all the screen time.

No. 325495

I couldn't make it to the end

No. 325500

I did
who tf has a dream about having a big ass ponytail

No. 325521

Speaking of kelsey, did anyone watch the vlogs from her and abi today? She's rooming with another small vlogger (some shy girl) who was left to clean up after her and was constantly left behind by the other girls while in shibuya. They either ignore her or sound very patronizing when they do speak to her, lmao what cunts.

There's a slim chance i'm wrong and they're actually good friends but meh doesn't seem like it.

No. 325561

I don't know much about fashion but I don't think you're supposed to wear tights above the top of a pair of shorts

No. 325572

That's actually in fashion right now lol

No. 325577


yeah, you really dont know shit.

No. 325593


This is an incredibly low budget music video

No. 325866

I noticed that too, anon. I'm a fan of Kelsey, but these recent vlogs just make me overly cringe.
If you watch Kira's vlogs, she is really a third wheel or seemingly unwanted presence. At least she showcases abi's and Kelsey's more personal snobbish side that we don't always get to see. No wonder she decides to wander away from them.
Also Abi's BF looks like he constantly wants to kill himself for deciding to go to Japan with them.

No. 325903


i watched through Kira's vlog and i can honestly say i feel like Kira was just there as a maid or someone to hold their bags while they shop. it's honestly really upsetting to see how Kelsey and Abi really are towards their friends.

No. 326018

ugh me either. This is the kind of music quality someone would put out at 14 (cough cough rebecca black) not at 25!!! What is her producer thinking?!

No. 326029

I've been trying to watch Abi's japan vlogs and it's honestly so hard. She's such a cringy person and is Jake her boyfriend? he seems like a cunt to be honest.
I've never been to Japan myself but what must japanese people think when they see stupidly dressed white girls screaming "KAWAAIIII" everywhere they go

No. 326062

I've been to Tokyo, they would have stuck out like a sore thumb

No. 326067

I feel like thats another reason Kira seems to wander from the group, she seems quite shy, and abi(and kelsey)'s constant screaming and squealing is probably super embarrassing and causes a lot of drawn attention.
I'm all for having fun but there is a certain way you should behave to be respectful esp in Japanese culture

No. 326084

That part at McDonald's, where abi's not vlogging and doesn't seem happy that Kira is lol.

I hope Kira doesn't get discouraged from vlogging because she seems to actually speak Japanese and has other interesting qualities. I'm not from the UK so I have no idea how well known she is within their comms but she seems to do artist alleys and has a genuine interest in harajuku fashion. It's unfortunate she feels the need to mention how unphotogenic she is in the description of her videos. Kelsey is buttfuck ugly and that doesn't seem to stop her.

Even better if she keeps putting out vlogs of the other girls behind the scenes kek

No. 326111

Her vlogs are slightly more interesting because Abi's and Kelsey's are pretty much the same with slightly different shots.

Also who the fuck travels all the way to Tokyo to eat multiple times at McDonalds… really?

No. 326124

these girls rlly b eating mcdonaldz on the reg? interestin

abi used to be rl 'thic' in her early yt days
i was impressed when i saw her in a blog one day very skinny like

No. 326127

it's a bit sad how at the end screen of these Japan vlogs Abi and Kelsey feature each others videos but they leave out Kira.. yet Kira features both of them

No. 326142

Kira vlogs? With that unfortunate face?

No. 326149


Christ, the long intro shot (after a pointless fade to black from the SAME shot that makes it seems even longer), the extremely awkward "tee hee we are so vewy ka-yute" acting that kinda makes it seem like they are all being held hostage by a daddy dom or something, the bit where the girl stretching her leg up on the pole pretends not to see the camera for approximately 500 years, the lingering shot of the last girl stretching in some ridiculous eldritch pose like she's trying to turn herself inside out, and the whole gesturing mutely instead of talking thing…

This is incredible. Seems a lot like a porn intro with all the uncomfortable acting and general weirdness. I hope these girls realise their mistake soon and run a mile from this.

Also the outfits seem like such a sad attempt. They look like something that maybe would have been just about passable in 2007.

Sorry for a long ass post but WOW.

No. 326155

Kira seems nice, from what I could tell she was more interested in Japan itself rather than 'HELLO KITTY OMG DISNEY STOREEE OMG SHOPPING AT SHIBUYA'. She seems a lot less superficial than Abi and Kelsey.

No. 326158

I mean it makes sense if you're not a fan of Japanese food but McDonalds is expensive and there's so much more cheaper options in Japan.

No. 326188

Defo found her more tolerable. Also kek at her not being able to vlog after lending abi her sd card. Just think of all the shit abi must film.

No. 326209

I can imagine Abi just knowing that Kira would definitely lend her an sd card because SHE's the more important vlogger. If I had efamous friends that expected me to lend them my equipment and cater to their every need, I'd be like tough luck bitch?

At this point I'm pretty convinced the only reason Kira is apart of this trip is because Kelsey couldn't stay as a third wheel at the airbnb with abi, so she had to get her own accommodations and strung along this poor girl that she knew could be used as a doormat.

No. 326225

I thought this girl literally just made her own music and videos to upload to her channel so I didn't mind how cringe they were.

But… she's with a label wtf? Why would they invest and produce something so low caliber? Is a record label for kids? Just ew

No. 326271

If you look in the description of her music video though, it looks like she pretty much did everything. Which explains a lot.

No. 326274

This. Im usually someone who has a soft spot for shit if its kinda catchy. I kinda liked the one she did ages ago, and beckiis future fantasy. Idk. This was just downright awful.

No. 326339

Was that supposed to be a "so bad, it's funny" video like Friday? Please tell me that wasn't a serious attempt at a song and video…

No. 326371

From Kira's vlogs, she has been to Japan before. She even showcases some useful items to get besides the usually SUPER KAWAII SANRIO, DISNEY, AND POKEMON merchandise. She is a lot more tolerable to watch and has better etiquette than the Abi and Kelsey duo cringefest.

No. 326383

Both Kelsey and Abi have been to Japan before, and Kelsey said in todays vlog this was the first time she'd ever eaten ramen in Japan. Yikes.

No. 326405

Wow. I'm going to bet that it was neither Kelsey or Abi's idea. They would have just continued going to McDonald's for kid meal toys, maid cafes, and convenience stores.

No. 326407

File: 1496263972561.png (345.74 KB, 850x400, kek.png)

No. 326414


It honestly sort of makes my head hurt. All the screaming that she does. And all the running around and cutting in front of people to run into a store and squeal and all that shouting. I have like secondhand embarassment. Even though I know she isn't embarrased.

No. 326757

I noticed while watching Kira's vlogs that she notes that a lot of places don't allow you to film. So I assume Abi and Kelsey just be filming loudly in all these places. Surprised they don't get kicked out.

No. 326830

File: 1496312415875.png (567.59 KB, 685x488, man face.png)

it's not just running either
she skips everywhere like a child!
and I hate the fake cutesy voice she puts on constantly.
I feel sorry for Kira because she actually seems self aware and seems embarrassed by how the girls act

No. 327134

dat british nose tho

No. 327175

Does anyone have video links and time frames of Kira being embarrassed and such?

I am just way too lazy to actually watch all their vlogs and shit to find those bits

No. 328851

I think it's more noticeable in the recent vlog tbh

No. 328982

Sorry to sound like a newfag

But how old is this girl by any chance? Abi pop?

No. 328984

No. 329002


If you watch Kira's vlogs you get a good impression of how different they behave in public.

No. 329368

That moment when she was trying to get Abi's attention to thank her for the parfait…lol

No. 329442

literally the same snoz on Sharla

No. 329460

That was cringy AF.
Also, who fucking buys a glue gun on Tokyo? Rly? A glue gun? Kira might be less obnoxious than Abi and Kelsey, but she seems so boring.

No. 329545

Interestingly she tweeted today about how excited she is to move back in with her uni flatmates in august? …Didn't she literally just move in with Evan and co.? Something happen?

No. 329789

Shockingly, people by bandaids and water too… We don't know what she's doing really, so it could be convenient. Who cares?

No. 329791

I mean, she said it was really cheap and she couldn't resist lol ?? plus shes an artist she probably has a million things she could use it for

No. 330218

File: 1496774845455.png (644.07 KB, 946x602, skills.png)

i did some professional paint retouches to abi's intro, to make it look more like her

No. 331007

it's supposed to be a band but Kelsey sung pom pom?

No. 331149

I wouldn't be surprised if the group ended up as Kelsey and her background dancers.

No. 331156

She's a really weak singer and it just makes me cringe

No. 331389


She said she had been to Japan before to do a homestay so maybe the initial excitement of Japan has kind of worn out on her. I thought it was a bit weird that she wasn't interested in a lot of the same things but I do like her vlogging style. When I lived in Japan I liked to go to the home stores and pick up stationary and pens. They really like pastel and cute things even in their stationary unlike America so I had to get some.

No. 331564

Something I don't really get is that when you compare Abi and Kelsey's first Japan trip together and this one, they did the exact same things.

Going to the same shops, eating at the same restaurants…there are some slight differences (like going to Tokyo Tower, Kyoto, and the Sky Circus) but they've already been to the same Disney stores, Disney parks, maid cafes, etc.

I think that's why Kira's vlogs have a lot of appeal.

No. 331603

Its also the appeal that Kira explains what is going on or how to get to places. She's not screaming into the camera and doing constant jump cuts.
The contrast of her vlogging style compared to Kelsey's and Abi's makes it far more enjoyable to watch.

No. 331650

File: 1496973346324.png (420.51 KB, 606x520, xfactor.PNG)

Apparently they got invited to the x factor

No. 331740

Don't know if anyone has abipop on snapchat but she recently uploaded a picture that says she can't make it to toucan beckii's birthday party because she's too busy editing videos
Wow what a good friend.

No. 331743

Samefag but she's been doing that same song for years, could she really not make anything else?
She doesn't even upload dance covers often so it's not like she doesn't have time

No. 331786

Can we talk about how Pikarin is getting more and more batshit?
She made a "little girl" makeup video. This chick is 20

No. 331797

No. 331828

Is she from the UK?

No. 331835

I doubt Kelsey can resist, this would be a hilarious trainwreck.

No. 331881

All I could think of when I watched this was a montage of hilarious cheerleader tryouts fails.

No. 331888

didn't she got problems with x factor's production or something in the past?

No. 331900

No. 331918

No she's Japanese also what tf is the point of talking about Pikarin in this thread? Put it in the aidoru thread. Also she literally has zero control over the content she does so it's not her "getting batshit" it's her company pimping her

No. 331931

She probably can't afford it, she doesn't live in London

No. 331940

to be fair the 大人なのに女児服着てる thing is a big trend lately, though its awk because it's also an ageplay fetish thing in a lot of cases…

No. 331941

Looks like Kelsey is getting pissy on Twitter because not everyone is kissing her ass over K.Oh!.
Girl can't handle criticism.

No. 331943

Yeah. Not being a cunt pr anything but she's well aware of the show getting people in purely for laughs. I'm not sure if it's just because they're not my thing but I find them fucking dreadful. Even as someone who kinda liked one of her other songs

No. 331946

Lmao what a defensive cunt. The band is terrible. she and abi display some disgusting ego

No. 331949

her bitterness reminds me of simply_kenna

No. 331979

is there a thread about this or are people talking about it in another thread? would like to discuss it.

No. 332003


No. 332044


No. 332080

Now she's complaining about giving up. Honestly she should.

No. 332097

You're on an imageboard darling. Post a pic please.

No. 333228

File: 1497066789442.jpg (328.91 KB, 1184x814, 092713097.jpg)

helpin you out br0

No. 333511

Actually she didn't go because she spent all her money on LoL figures

Classic abi

No. 333899

File: 1497205279487.jpg (187.46 KB, 1242x1089, IMG_5730.JPG)

Can't believe nobody mentioned this

No. 333902

File: 1497205397187.jpg (130.33 KB, 1242x618, IMG_5728.JPG)

also a friend of a friend of a friend said she speaks to noodle on a regular basis - apparently shes been boasting about taking drugs…

No. 333916

There's a general aidoru thread. Talk about it there

No. 333974

she doesn't promote it to her followers so who cares if she does drugs? It's not that abnormal for her age

No. 333995

Spotted the Junkie.

No. 334011

Spotted the straight edge retard. If this person isn't promoting or glorifying drug use who cares. Pull the stick out of your ass, love.

No. 334146

I'm so confused by how Connie runs her channel.

Like… she says she makes her living off YT, but she posts so infrequently and it doesn't seem like her management is doing that good of a job with her. She also posts such repetitive boring things. Like, Kay we get it- you can do decent impressions and you go to Disney parks a lot. She never really brings anything new to the table.

No. 334154

… Except she doesn't promote drug abuse on her channel at all? And what kinds of drugs is she supposedly doing, according to your "friend"? People who just say "drugs" without specifying what kind generally know jack shit about them.

Not them, but jfc grow up.

No. 334162

lol if that's the most offensive thing she's said as a feminist she's doing pretty good, anon.

No. 334183

I think they are saying that because her last video she talked about her surgery and getting high on sedatives… But that's not endorsing anything.

No. 334215

she's talked about being given other prescription pain killers as well and that she enjoyed the effects while taking them but realized she wasn't behaving or functioning properly, I think she said she couldn't write her book while she was on them, and that the withdrawals from coming off them were pretty bad.
IMO I agree with anon above, she's just sharing her experiences, NOT endorsing them at all.

No. 334309

All I see with Beckii, Abi and Kelsey is a trio of washed up Weebs trying to keep relevant by leeching off Noodle who let's face it out of them all is the more successful one, even if she's been quiet on quality content lately. Adding to it, Abi's fake asf child voice while in Japan is fucking annoying. There's more to the country than loitering around Akihabara being loud you obnoxious twat.

No. 334316

I used to like Connie but now I can't stand her.
Her impressions are pretty shit too, lets be honest.
I can't believe she got a book deal either.

No. 334494

I still like her impressions but I think she's putting less effort into her channel nowadays, she is still recovering though

No. 334497

They're awkward pretty-from-a-distance sort of girls, their actual faces are all trainwrecks

No. 334596

Yeah, if anything she paints them in a somewhat negative light. She said they felt nice, but she couldn't function on them and coming off of them abruptly gave her the worst headaches of her life. Anon's either too easily triggered or too desperate for milk.

No. 335147

Kelsey is complaining on snapchat about how editing the japan vlogs is s0o0o0o stressful and she's going to not post any for a few weeks and she's jealous that abi's japan vlogs are getting more views than hers
kek how sad you have to be jealous of your own best friend

No. 335174

What does Kelsey do anyways? I know Abi has some retail job but what about Kelsey?
If all she's done is work becoming a musician and the new music video is all she can show for it, she really needs to do something better with her life.

No. 335209

She works in retail too.

No. 335215

She shouldn't be surprised, Abi's vlogs are more enjoyable to watch and filmed way better

No. 335229

Abi's vlogs are annoying and cringy af what are you talking about kek

No. 335234

idk I kinda like weeby stuff lol, but I admit it's cringy.
but i mean, Kelsey's vlogs are really shaky and stuff and it gives me headaches easily

No. 335239

I agree kelseys vlogs are filmed terribly. I watch both of them on 2x speed (bc I just can't handle them) and its just impossible to not get dizzy watching kelseys so I gave up on hers a few vlogs back. But TBH I enjoy their friend kiras vlogs the best

No. 335251


Pics or it didn't happen.

Also, does anyone feel that the last two vlogs from Kelsey try to make Kira look bad? In Kira's vlogs, she captures Kelsey doing weird faces or saying rude things (e.g: "Why are you not clapping or singing in time?" or "This [ride] is shit."). But the DisneySea vlog, it's like Kelsey goes out of her way to edit minutes of footage of her saying "OMG KIRA EVERYONE WAS LAUGHING AT YOU HAHAHA" after some ride.

No. 335253


Samefagging, but also in Kira's latest blog she went out of her way to try and surprise Kelsey and Abi with gachas and they seemed really ungrateful. Kelsey says a half-hearted "thanks" and Abi doesn't say shit lol.

No. 335274

jfc its on her snapchat just watch it

No. 335322


jfc im not downloading snapchat just cap it

No. 335373


That's a stupid thing for her to complain about. Obviously, Abi has more subscribers than you do, that's why she's getting more views.

No. 335510

File: 1497456219982.jpg (165.43 KB, 675x1200, DCRJJOeWsAATZR3.jpg)

Kelsey posted this on twitter

No. 335530

I wouldn't be surprised if Kelsey lurks here and saw that Kira has been getting more praise in contrast to her vlogs

No. 335531

This doesn't surprise me.
Remember how she openly complained about how she was jealous of her friends success? Just my assumption, but it seem like she was vagueing about Beckii and Connie.
Time stamp at 5:30

No. 335533

Getting the impression she's more of a cunt than abi now.

No. 335559


Honestly, I understand where she's coming from. Been there done that. Not gonna go through my whole life story on this thread but as a fresh struggling college grad in a world of non college grads doing amazing things I feel it. I wouldn't say she's jealous per se, she just feels like she needs to be on par with her fellow youtubers (probably Connie-which in my opinion is a lazy youtuber who doesn't really deserve the views she's getting.) Also, she's being honest with herself which a lot of youtubers and people in general don't do. They won't admit when they're feeling down or feeling like they haven't accomplished what they want. She feels the need to change and doesn't like that she's feeling the way she is. I can't say the same for others.

No. 335562

File: 1497461976467.png (210.51 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170614-022141.png)

She is so insecure. Create better content if you want as many views as your ''friends'', it's as simple as that

No. 335565

"…when I see people younger than me and doing the same things as me and they're excelling a lot further than me…"
This is what comes off as bratty imo
God forbid anyone who does the same weeb bs is more successful than her

No. 335629


What she needs to remember when beckii, abi ect were 15/16 compared to weebs now who have access to social media, exposure ect more japanese things and shit

That wasnt around as much or as popular? Im 25 and back then being. Weeb wasn't considered popular and jvlogging wasnt even a thing on YouTube 2006/2007 anyway

No. 335634

Kelsey is boring. She's desperately clinging on to her teenage KimonoTime phase and it's faded out. Of course there are better YouTubers now more than ever before because they offer what she does but better. The more whining she does the less she'll achieve. She and Abi as a pair in public are annoying as shit. Spotted them multiple times at MCM London over the last couple years and other Weeb infested venues. They seriously thrive on attention and try to make themselves known. They're both cunts who should just quit.

No. 335801

I actually really feel for her, but I think she needs to stop pursuing this as a career for her own good. One very unfortunate thing about the dramatic rise of social media stardom is how many people focus solely on that for a career the second they get a little following. She has a pitiful number of subscribers and views for how long she's been doing this and it just simply isn't worth dooming herself to poverty. She needs to focus on becoming qualified for a real career before too much more of her life passes by.

No. 335814

this is true. Probably why pom pom is still always on her setlist. I saw her at YCC and Jcon and half the people I spoke to didn't have a clue who she even was.

No. 335821

I've watched it and I don't see anything wrong with what she's saying?
Comparing yourself to others is fairly common and doesn't mean you're a shitty person. She mostly said how she's frustrated that she has to work a lot because she has no money, and because other people seem to get away with doing YouTube stuff for a living but she can't.

Can't speak for the Japan/Kira vlogs because I haven't seen them but this video seems sound. Imo the reason why she's not as popular is because this stuff is kinda old now and her music videos verge on cringey. What seems to work for others is generic beauty/fashion/lifestyle advice and ~aspirational~ stuff, she's just a girl filming herself talking in her bedroom with her iPhone, not very aspirational and the production value isn't really on the same level as other YTers.

No. 335839

The reason why I don't watch her videos are
-shit quality
-her accent feels like a drill in my ears
-her eye freaks me out

I'm probably a shitty person for saying this but I know a lot of people don't watch her videos because of the eye thing

No. 335841

are Abi and Jake actually dating?
They really don't seem like a couple and he seems to hate even being around her.

I cringe every time he comes on screen too.
seems like an autistic man child..which I guess is prefect for Abi

No. 335855

She works in harrods toy section iirc

No. 335876

I agree with you about the first two. (Her eye doesn't freak me out, but the way she acts is so beyond boring. She is super plain and has no presence.) The problem with her is that she really doesn't have much talent and who she is/her age doesn't match what she is trying to go for.

She really needed to hire a manager or try to get in somewhere that controls/directs her style and music a little more because her stuff comes across as what a kid would come up with on a weekend afternoon with their friends. It's tacky and lame. She also has extremely poor taste when it comes to filming. Abi is good at filming and editing which is why her videos are more successful.

She should really just work more on what she is talented in instead of trying how she is now or else she is going to constantly be disappointed.

(Also the whining about her popularity comes across as extremely bratty, she clearly hasn't grown up at all. Isn't she in her twenties now?)

No. 335878

Of course comparing yourself to others is common, but whining about it won't change a thing.
People like this are really annoying because instead of improving themselves and showing better content they post a long-ass rant video about how they deserve more views.

No. 335900

Pretty sure she's dating Jake still. Can't forget how she kept her ex in the dark in fear it'll ruin her 'image' only to show off this guy like a doll. Probably only with him because he has connections with well known people in the geek scene like JNig.

No. 335914

I'll never forget what she did to that poor guy. Pretty tragic. I wonder how he's holding up a year or so later.

I don't get why she's too stubborn to wear glasses, it would greatly improve her career opportunities both as a performer and youtuber.

No. 335949

she's 24/25

No. 335953

she also needs to stop with the makeup videos, they all do. They're all tragic.

No. 336166

>Ghibli Museum
Did they actually film inside the museum? Because they have a wicked strict policy against that. If not, then I wish people would stop using it as clickbait in their Japan vlogs when they only show the outside of it or mention in the video they're going there.

No. 336615

Abi's videos are so bright to hide her fucking ugly features that they give me headaches.

No. 336628

the one thing going for kelsey is that her nose looks like the perfect button nose compared to whatevers in the middle of abi's face oml

No. 336632

File: 1497644327306.png (243.74 KB, 366x402, Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 10.0…)

I rlly don't care for abi or any other these other uk weeks b/c theyr all putting up this cringe kawaii facade way too hard to b tasteful

but i gotta say I'm impressed w/ Abis weight loss

No. 336647

File: 1497645954593.jpg (Spoiler Image, 121.46 KB, 1280x854, IMG_1130.JPG)

No. 336648

Found this

No. 336651

File: 1497646222422.jpg (25.03 KB, 600x900, 25296bf7c8b0c766cba5575f6c8fdb…)

Time did her good.
That and Photoshop.

No. 336652

I really cant belive shes such a "big fan" of oreimo, its the blandest anime ever and its about a guy wanting to fuck his sister basically, fucking weird and gross.

I dont even think she watches anime to be honest, she probably only "likes" it because she can dress up as the characters.

No. 336657

File: 1497646694621.png (518.29 KB, 1366x768, I don t know about me but rin …)

lets not forget she was rlly into kokomo no jikan as well
actual pedophile bait involving KINDERGARTENERS

No. 336660

Yeah, shes fucked in the head obviously, and is she totally oblivious because she spergs about these series around other people

No. 336684

Why would she need glasses? One of her eyes is fake, her eyesight is otherwise fine.

No. 336697

All the people I've known who are cross eyed or have a lazy eye wear glasses to avoid social stigma. I didn't know her eye was fake. That's unfortunate.

No. 336719

Do you know why she has a fake eye? Did she get into an accident?

No. 336724

She explains it every time… She has a video about it even. Basically she had it removed at 2 when they found she had a sort of cancer in it

No. 336725

She had cancer as kid, she has a video talking about it.

No. 336753

Well that makes all the Kelsey criticisms a lot more grim then

No. 336814

How come? Other than the people being extra cunty and making fun of how she looks, I don't think it really effects the criticisms. Almost everyone has something awful in their past. Plus, she was only 2 and the cancer didn't spread from her eye, so it's not like she suffered the way most cancer patients do. Still sucks though.

No. 336819

Didn't know she was this chubby!

No. 336872

Not really. Having something bad happen to you in the past does not excuse you from acting so self-important.

She simply isn't as talented as she thinks she is, and she is a bit old to become famous for what she is striving for.

No. 336939

That's not Abi, alas…

No. 336947

most of us already know kelsey has a fake eye

shes still a mediocre singer and is upset over not being more famous for being mediocre

No. 336948

it wasn't her? they rlly looked alike
she definitely was fat in middle school tho
>still has all her old videos posted, kind of brave
>but also insanely cringey

No. 336966

Yeah it's not her - Google reverse image search that pic, it's a US cosplayer.

No. 337741

Renee is the same black girl from

Is she in multiple wannabe aidoru groups or is that other thing just super old?

It's so cringe in general tho. Kelsey is a talented dancer, but instead of seeking jobs as a backup for performer or something similar, she just wants so badly to be a superstar singer but is never going to get there.

Abi was and is still equally cringe but at least has the good sense to only ever upload when she visits Japan cause she knows what the weebs want.

It's kinda sad that their content was more popular when posting low quality videos of vocaloid and other weeby or kpop dance covers.

No. 337776

No. 338360

I've been watching some of Kira's vlogs and they're kinda of nice. She goes out of her way to see different things and actually wanted to see Japan, not just shop. That's all it seemed like Abi and Kelsey wanted to do.

On that note, I wonder if Kelsey was watching the vlogs and feeling like shit because she couldn't afford to buy nearly the amount of stuff Abi did. She was complaining for many vlogs about how she was having trouble getting money for Japan.

No. 338391

im curious how much money they went with, they were so surprised by the price for the monster cafe. and abi isnt buying nearly as much as i thought she would.

No. 338607

i've been loving kira's vlogs and i hope that leaving nice comments on her videos will encourage her to make more, she's way too hard on herself and rags on her appearance all the time. I'd love to see more videos from her, I'm so sick of seeing weeb "exploring harajuku xD ! ONLY IN JAPAN ~" vids.

No. 339065

Abi put like £3k towards the trip iirc

No. 339589

File: 1498163120461.jpg (95.95 KB, 720x960, yikes.jpg)

Looks like these flakes will be coming to Närcon (swedish convention) this summer. I'll take some stealth pics of Abi's haggard face kek

No. 339606

Kelsey looks good there, and surprisingly enough Beckii too

No. 339609

there is a thread about it now on /int/

No. 339728

kelsey only looks good from this angle because her eye isnt noticeable

No. 339786

So i see beckii's nose job was a success then.

No. 339856

Did she get one? It still looks pretty strong there, just blurred/filtered out.

No. 339935

Kelsey looks really cute. Beckii has an atrocious nose. She can't have had a nose job like other anon said? I'd ask for a refund if that's true

No. 339943

Mate. She got her deviated septum fixed

No. 339965

yeah but she said in a video that the doctors had to change the shape of her nose too for some reason

No. 339968

File: 1498214424248.png (636.17 KB, 613x515, abi.png)

I think it was day 9 or something of Abi's Japan vlog.
There's this part where they're all walking around and Kira goes missing..and they just keep walking, they don't seem bothered by it.
I feel really sad when I see Kira with Kelsy and Abi. it must be hard going on holidays with people who are so self absorbed and experience everything through a camera.
sorry for blogpost

No. 339978

…Because that's what you do during a septoplasty? Her nose was probably crooked ten ways sideways.

No. 339994

That literally happens in every video. They're complete assholes. I'd never forgive a friend for leaving me alone in a foreign country, let alone one of the biggest cities in the world.

I feel awful for Kira, I hope she finds new friends who don't abuse her.

No. 340142

File: 1498243004689.png (232.2 KB, 595x398, beckii cruel.png)

See pic attached. I will say this before the trigglypuffs complain but even having septoplasty done will affect how it looks because any surgery done to that area will have that effect no matter what reason its for so why she insists it wont is beyond me.

Yes I know, and? Calm down I'm not attacking her.

No. 340252

Beckii is in a bikini on her Instagram. She looks stunning I have to say.

No. 340265

I feel bad for Kira, thank god that she actually knows how to speak Japanese, unlike her weeb friends, and can ask for directions and help. I feel like if she didn't know how to speak the language, she would be fucked. She needs better friends.

No. 340266

Also samefag, but remember in the beginning of Kelsey's Japan vlogs, she almost left for Japan without Kira? She almost lost Kira's ticket and was going to leave without her. What a bitch.

No. 340275

Why are they so weird about drinking alcohol too? They are adults not children. They are pretty shitty towards Kira for daring to drink a free sake shot (you are in Japan for crying out loud)

No. 340278

it must be horrible for Kira to watch their videos now and see what they did.

No. 340293

Sometimes Kira purposefully leaves them because she doesn't like to go clothes shopping all the time like they do. Other times they may just lose her…

No. 340300

Because a. Maybe they actually don't like alcohol or b. they probably think drinking ruins their kawaii aesthetic

No. 340307

Should have posted. She really does. That's the most we've ever seen of her body. She seems a lot more confident and grown up since moving out

No. 340310

I feel like they purposefully frame it that way, just to try to seem like they aren't shitty people.
But I don't blame her if she really does leave them, they fucking suck.

No. 340314

This. They must edit absolutely hours of footage but yet make point of leaving in multiple clips of "losing" Kira. Maybe she does wander off but really gives off an awkward 3rd wheel vibe throughout the clogs. She probably wants away from them to an extent. But it's very telling they don't immediately notice her absence

No. 340319

Totally - and good for her too. First ever official Beckii Cruel bikini photo ha. Maybe she'll post more in a similar style considering how many likes that photo has on instagram…

I'd plump for the latter, personally…

No. 340331

So being teetotal now means you're not an adult? It's a personal choice, you wouldn't rag on non-smokers for not smoking, do you?

No. 340754

that photo was from last summer

No. 341246

No. 341279

new Japan vlog.
It's been 11 days and Abi has worn that white crop top every single day. Literally every single day.
Can she not buy a new top somewhere in Japan?

No. 341303

lol shit you're not kidding either. what's up with that? I mean sure re-wear basics to save space in your suitcase but not every damn day

No. 341598

You know, i wouldn't give a shit about abi being this much of a cringey weeb if she didn't do that fake voice. I've followed her for years and since this shit started about a year ago I can't fucking stand her.
Her fake laugh gives me nightmares "aahuehuehuehuehuehue"

No. 341729

abi's voice is so fake and grating, her mannerisms to the way she speaks japanese are just awful.

No. 341749

File: 1498506609381.png (492.64 KB, 594x442, Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 9.20…)

I like Beckii's red hair, it rlly suits her
the brown made her so plain looking

Reminds me of Lovely Complex

No. 341750

File: 1498506709833.gif (997.35 KB, 500x325, 227156-lovely-complex-day-at-t…)

No. 341756

Beckii looks a lot better with her hair out of her face and tied up.

No. 341843

Watching both of Abi's Japan trip vlogs made me realise three (3) things:

1) Her voice pains me to no end
2) Where is the money coming from??
3) This is mainly about this year but poor Kira. I feel like she's third/forth wheeling it and I don't think she really deserved it. She may not be the best there is but watching one of her vids and comparing it to Abi, it's feels more relaxed and less grating.

No. 341859

that fake lisp and her squealing "KAWAII~~~" whenever she sees anything exciting is grating to no end

No. 341864

I hate that she uses serani poji's music in her videos so often. I know it sounds cutesy and stuff and the band is good, but god is their music overused in her vlogs.

No. 341952

I think Beckii has improved a lot, she still has a long asymmetrical face but she kind of grew into her features as she got older and found what works for her.

No. 342242

Whenever Abi looks at something and says "Kawaii" in a fake Japanese accent I always laugh so much picturing a Japanese person walking around London speaking Japanese then looking at something and saying "cute" in an English accent. So fucking cringey

No. 342275


Abi manipulates people as mentioned many times here, that itself helps to solve how she gets the money to fund her lifestyle.

Agreed about Kira. She doesn't really fit in with Abi and Kelsey, but not in a bad way. More like she could actually do better because they're a pair of Weeb shits who only see Japan as a giant kawaii shopping centre.

No. 342304

Everyone defending Kira… But I don't know, I think she is just as weeby, but she is shy.

No. 342309

Beckii never suited the kawaii uguu look anyway, that's why she looked so off
She'd look much better in a Jane Austen-esque dress

No. 342348

Eh. At least she doesn't show it, and is actually respectful of people around her.

No. 342360

Man they're both ugly

No. 342373

I think Kelsey was better off solo.

No. 342378

Oh look, another YouTube girl group. That's sure to be a success, just like all the others.

No. 342476

she made a gofundme for her mum's broken car lmao that was not what the money was used for

No. 342560

File: 1498628671528.png (96.57 KB, 640x634, IMG_2590.PNG)

I hate it when people treat youtubers like they know them

No. 342611

I never knew that - just looked back on Twitter - a mechanic asked her what's wrong and could give advice/cheap fix etc. - no reply, obvs.

No. 342628

a girls gotta pay for her trip to japan somehow, lying to your fans is an easy way to do it.

No. 342636

She looks fab in classical Lolita and darker colours.

No. 342676

She also has "donations" on her Twitch to pay for "living expenses" and/or travelling to Japan.

No. 342789

Day 12 of Japan and the 12th day in a row that Abi has worn her white crop top.
It's hot over there and I'm sure she sweats quite a bit so I can only imagine how bad her top smells now

she really needs to stop with the fake "kawaii" voice too. Her laugh sounds horrible too, like a fake childish giggle.

No. 342818

What I truly find is a testament to how stupid Abi is is that there are videos of her talking before her ~kawaii x3~ persona, where her voice sounds deeper and more normal.

No. 342834

samefag but kira's face when abi talks to her half the time is just :I
Then again having to endure a week or two of being stuck to people who treat you like crap and make a point not to care much when you get lost ought to do that to anyone

No. 342847

this is a video of Abi at work at the maid cafe in england

just me that thinks her act is pretty racist?

No. 342875

Yep everything is so "cuuu-huu-huute" - everytime she says it, she says it in that fake way.

No. 342891

Holy shit. That was cringy and quite disturbing tbh

No. 342892

Lol isn't/wasn't alicenyanya a wanna of abipop and yukapon and the like? I've heard there was drama with her

No. 342895

Abi why are you talking like that… Your fake voice in Japanese is somehow even worse. Good god.

No. 342969

I don't think it's racist? She's supposed to be a cat or something. Unless you mean racist to cats I guess.

No. 342981

I realized the picture never loaded. Basically, a fan tweeted Abi, Connie, and another Youtuber idk if they had a P.O. Box because he was planning Xmas presents early. Damn, I really wish I could get free stuff from doing nothing but uploading videos of myself squealing.

No. 342991

she's speaking Japanese in a over the top fake cutesy voice and acting in their "mannerisms"
(now I sound racist)

it seems weird to me to have a japanese maid cafe in london with no japanese staff and yet they're expected to act and talk like the maids in japan.. but maybe I'm reading too much into it

No. 343022

Abi acts like a 13 year old weeb's first time at a con in 2007 who glomps ouran cosplayers instead of a 23 year old in 2017. It's really annoying and the only people who like it are actual autistics like that Liam guy

No. 343024

Liam is just using beckii, connie and their group for views and drama, he doesn't even like abi

No. 343049

Well there's clearly a market for Japanese maid cafes in London, if they sell out at their events. Also just checked their website. At least two of the maids look Japanese to me. One of them seems to speak Japanese too, according to YouTube. They've performed in Japan.

No. 343073

Chinese oriental ain't Japanese mate

No. 343249


Buys Odango for everyone to share.
Three in the box - four people in the group.

Eats two of them herself.

Way to share.

No. 343563

File: 1498770349653.jpg (71.06 KB, 720x1280, photo5091423158493358112.jpg)

Calm down you guys, it's just a character

No. 343575

is keiki her japanese sounding stage name or something? tf
slightly disturbed cause keiki means child in Hawaii

No. 343579


Keiki means cake in Japanese. Abby is into that weird pedo anime Kodomo no Jikan but I doubt she realized the Hawaiian meaning and think she picked this name because it means cake.

No. 343595

File: 1498773053927.jpg (25.55 KB, 474x364, IMG_1346.JPG)

I just saw this.. "Chan desu" … she referred to herself as "chan"

No. 343614

oh sorry
she's only playing a fake Japanese maid as a character
nothing weird about that.
come on she's way too old for this

No. 343684

Guess this wasn't posted yet

No. 343762

Some dude came on here like a year ago saying he had incriminating stuff on Alice but never put out. Still curious about what it could possibly be.

No. 345425

Beckii came out as bi. I guess I didn't see this one coming. Maybe also because I haven't kept up with any of these people.

No. 345426

sage for samfagging

No. 345427

(i'm an idiot hi)
But what I was gonna say. I didn't watch the whole video but she says around the start she is bi but the thumbnail says gay so actually idk what is the truth now.

No. 345432

File: 1499080651682.jpg (951.92 KB, 2013x2560, tweet.jpg)

it's really not news, she's made comments about it before.

No. 345443

lmao why even say you're invisible when you "come out" like this? 701 likes and 191 retweets is nothing, I guess.
I loathe this clickbait text. Bi is not gay and it's much easier to hide your sexuality when you're bi and not gay.

No. 345444

to me Bi isn't news, who cares if you're Bi, people don't really care if you're Gay these days. They way I see it everyone is a bit bi. Why make a video like this about it, sexuality isn't a click-bait thing anymore. Everyone on youtube has to be a snowflake.

No. 345474

File: 1499089075100.jpg (6.58 KB, 198x201, download.jpg)

Christ, if I could roll my eyes back any further I'd see the back of my own skull.

No. 345527

I wonder if in another year or so she'll jump on the genderfluid bandwagon.

No. 346052


maybe get a queer friend at any point and you'll realise that people use "gay" as an umbrella term

No. 346130

File: 1499182187989.gif (985.33 KB, 500x252, ksbp.gif)

>maybe get a queer friend at any point and you'll realise that people use "gay" as an umbrella term

No. 346175

she complained about others using it as clickbait, but as far as I'm concerned this is exactly the same

No. 346905

I really wish that Kelsey would train her voice more before trying to be a singer/idol because it's very weak.

No. 346932

Hasn't she been singing for some time now though? I would think she's gotten better. But this is gave me a bit of a headache.

No. 346954

In a recent vid she said she was keeping fit/healthy for the sake of "performing on a huge stadium stage one day" and it honestly made me worry for her mental health a bit. Barely anyone has had the opportunity to become a successful pop star in their mid-20's, but she's clinging onto this dream for dear life? I hope she's at least making money from her management for her future.

No. 347116

And less get famous in their mid 20s when they have a grating nasal voice and can barely hold a note.

No. 347725

Lol kira didnt even say bye to Abi in Abis last vlog

No. 347752

I can't believe Kira lasted 14 days with Abi.
you can see by the later vlogs that Kira is just not in the mood to deal with her anymore

No. 347827

Day 15 of Abi's vlog and the 15th day in a row she's worn her white crop top.
I just can't get over how gross it is so wear something for 15 days in a row,
especially in hot weather where she's going to be sweating a lot

No. 347828

samefag but could you imagine going to Japan and only eating McDonalds kids meals the entire time

No. 347850

She's too chicken shit to try anything authentic to Japan why even bother going

No. 347855

What I wanna know is how they have SO MUCH LUGGAGE and Abi wore the same thing every single day?! I'm baffled.

No. 347872

File: 1499445334103.png (659.56 KB, 942x603, 46847865348851.PNG)

Kelsey started uploading her Japan vlogs again as well. There was one point in her latest one where she asks Abi where they are and Abi couldn't even prounounce 自由が丘 (Jiyugaoka) correctly.

pic related.

No. 347873


samefag. the point I'm talking about is at 0:30.

No. 347895


Because they're nothing but ignorant Weebs with no interest in traditional Japanese culture and see the country as one massive animu con full of kawaii dreams.

No. 347930

The thing I hate about these vlogs is all you see them do is eat or shop. I would love to actually see more of Japan and the scenery, but most of these videos are just them inside shops. Watching them go shopping gets boring fast.

And a lot of shops in Japan (according to my my limited knowledge) often have signs up forbidding filming and pictures… Makes me wonder if Abi or Kelsey actually took that into consideration as all they seem to do is film inside shops.

No. 348016

File: 1499460836856.png (773.61 KB, 1232x590, 1.PNG)

Abi liked Himeka's tweet

No. 348027

It annoys me that this bitch didn't bother to learn basic Japanese for her trips to Japan but is more than willing to do a shitty cover of a song in Japanese. I hate that treats Japan as an aesthetic.

No. 348029

as a general rule anywhere in the world you shouldn't have a camera out and be recording in any small enclosed public spaces. Esp any sort of retail environment where things like labels and logos are copyrighted and there are dressing rooms of people changing. As protection to companies and to their customers who have not given permission to have their likenesses published. Even in the states, I know for a fact that at most malls you are not allowed to film for profit (which is what they are doing) without getting legal consent from the property manager. I was shooting a small film for a uni project and we were lectured about using public spaces for filming and the usual rules, regulations, and laws that accompany. Vlogging is such a new gray area that people think they can do whatever they want.

sage for education

No. 348063

File: 1499465826817.png (71.76 KB, 932x103, 2345.png)

I feel really bad for Kelsey. It must be awful to train at a stage school knowing that she wouldn't get much professional work due to her eye.


No. 348459



Minty pop are suddenly becoming more active

They seem very mediocre overall

No. 348684

genuine question, does abi have a mental disability? Is she on the spectrum? i mean there is something wrong with her clearly

No. 348906

Honestly, she's pretty cute and probably fairly talented. I think if she stopped wasting her time on weeby projects and actually applied herself she could probably get some decent work. There have been artists, models, musicians, etc. with various disabilities who get noticed/work through standing out. I find her stuff kind of cringe worthy, but I do think she's cute and her eye isn't even ugly or anything.

No. 349347

from what i've heard she's pretty normal when the cameras go off. The weeb act does make her seem pretty autistic though

No. 349420

Kelsey uploaded a new vlog and at about 8:10 she comes out as not straight.

No. 349456

I don't think so. She's just really dumb and admits to that.

No. 349466

Renee is easily weakest in both singing and dancing. They didn't even give her a solo dance section, she's so stiff.

No. 349471


Isn't Renee supposed to be a part of K-OH with Kelsey?

No. 349638

and apparently she's been losing subscribers because of this video

No. 349639

File: 1499645743695.png (38.6 KB, 580x305, kelsey.PNG)

forgot the screencap

No. 349648

How convenient that at a time where she isn't getting a lot of views, is losing subs and support, she makes a video riding on the bandwagon of the gay trend. Even better is that she's using that stupid "black lives matter" gay pride flag instead of the bi pride flag, which will surely stir up some controversy.
It's obviously a desperate last-resort attempt at being relevant again.

No. 349649

>"A demisexual is a person who does not experience attraction unless they form a strong emotional connection with someone"

So she's coming out as a normal fucking person? good lord

No. 349655

I fucking hate that demisexual is even a thing. Almost every person I know would be "demisexual". Like seriously? I'm special. I'm not a slut like you!

Kelsey, just like Becki, is just going to settle with a man anyway. Teasing at the possibility of being bisexual just for attention is really offensive. Go eat pussy already or shut the fuck up.

No. 350019

Is that really considered not straight? Or is she legitimately into women as well?

I would think a lot of people are unsubbing because it's clickbait/trend hopping more so than just being homophobic?

No. 350050


Too right. Looks like she took note from Beckii and Noodle who also did "coming out" videos previously to bring in more attention due to their lack of actual quality content lately. Kelsey is full of herself, which is why she's not in the professional industry despite going to stage school. Stuck in her obnoxious Weeb phase, when things don't go her way she throws a tantrum and she can't handle criticism well at all.

No. 350282

I also think most unsubbed due to her sheer audacity to jump on the bandwagon and steal the spotlight from gay and bi people coming out. I wouldn't be surprised if many of those people who unsubbed were LGBT themselves.

No. 350380

File: 1499742823695.png (37.02 KB, 568x294, 675.PNG)

Pretty much only 3 people asked her

No. 350635

File: 1499787431862.jpg (615.15 KB, 2048x2048, DEOxZbBXcAUoPZz.jpg)

Like over half of their staff are Japanese, Chinese or Thai (where maid cafes are also a thing)
Either way, they're specifically emulating maids in a maid cafe, not just "acting like kawaii japanese girls desu neee"
Abipop's character is pretty cringe but the rest are great, probably the least cringe western maid cafe out there

No. 350668

Bottom right looks like Venus Angelica husband lmfao

No. 350794

Minty pop have failed to release their single on time

High hopes gone.

No. 350843

File: 1499814251130.jpg (156.85 KB, 750x1334, IMG_6950.JPG)

No. 350873


I swear one or more of those Minty Pop girls are here self posting their cringey dancing and awful singing

That or some hardcore fan or friend/shill

Every time someone posts about them it's immediately after something's been uploaded to YouTube or whatever like they want people here noticing or talking about them.

They're worse than even the worst cringey weeb group I've ever seen. Low enough production value and lack of talent to make even Kelsey's dollar store music videos actually look good by comparison.

No. 351185

Painfully awful.

No. 351193

I was scrolling past, why did I click this? :(

No. 351206

So much editing with the three girls at the end. Renee's headband kept vanishing and then coming back.

Blond girl at the front was out of time and poor Renee just blended I to the background with her dark clothing.

Won't bother with the singing. Can't sing myself.

No. 351208


This was dreadful and pure cringe.

No. 351233

i dont understand why people do this tbh, maybe in middle school or elementary performing with a group was like this cool thing to daydream about, but at an older age its so obvious how badly done it is…


No. 351257

> out of sync
> can't sing
> awkward filming
> music too loud over vocals]

No. 351274

No. 351278

Which is sad because in this video, the first 3 girl are pretty good singers. Their vocal ranges and the forced cutsey voices just doesn't work when mashed together.

No. 351285

The bottom left orange girl is super cute. Not really into the whole "maid cafe" thing but she's adorable. Anyone know who she is?

No. 351512

Acting like an anime character is racist now. Ok.

No. 351547

Maid ZiiZii, she's an alien character

No. 351590

File: 1499909760802.jpg (204.96 KB, 847x1200, maid.jpg)

ZiiZii is pretty cute, maybe the cutest one. "Nadeshiko" is probably the prettiest one, though the style doesn't really suit her.

Not sure which one she is in this pic, but she really does look like that time Venus put him in drag. Still cuter than half the other girls though. Abi looks kind of plain, but the blonde hair makes her stand out a little bit I suppose.

No. 351615

No. 351748

Does anyone have links to ZiiZii's social media accounts? she's so cute

No. 351750

Her name is ZiiZii Orenji on FB.

No. 351754

These are a bit fishy, she looks like a generic girl in a maid outfit and too many filters.
They all look a bit amateurish

That terrible japanese pronunciation.

No. 351761

I'm >>351590 and >>351750 , other anon could be selfposting or just really into alien maid girls…? I did find it a bit odd that they asked for her social media accounts as all you have to do is google, but didn't feel like acting petty so I just provided the name to google instead.

No. 351873

No. 351883

Well I was only one of those posts, so no, and I'm definitely not a maid

No. 351944

Anon, please see >>351761
I'm a semi regular farmer and definitely not some alien uwu maid.

No. 352026

You know I really didnt hate beckii or kelsey at all until I saw these recent vids of them desperately trying to get attention by pretending to be part of a persectuted group.

Now it just cements the fact they are both huge attention whores, I thought beckii was bad with not one but 3 videos saying how she gets real upset and is so oppressed for being "skinny shamed", why cant these idiots be happy that actually they have it a lot better than a lot of people and be content. Why do they have to play the victim card when in fact they are not victims?

saged for sperg out.

No. 352083


Is there a reason Connie all of a sudden doesn't care how she looks in vids anymore? She looks like she's ill.

No. 352305

I asked for ZiiZii's social media.
I was kinda hoping for the girl and not the weird character. I don't know her real name.
not a self post I'm afraid I just think she's cute

No. 352306

meant to write Alien not Weird wtf

No. 352374

its fucking creepy to ask for someone's real account, she obviously keeps her persona separate.

No. 352382

She already came out as bi when she was a teenager not long after her idol thing flopped, this isn't new information.

No. 352925

because she doesn't care about youtube anymore

No. 353020

Kelsey talking about being unpopular again.

No. 353021

File: 1500143202489.png (22.65 KB, 573x185, 87654.png)

No. 353052

File: 1500145931753.png (27.34 KB, 809x198, Untitled1.png)

Speaking of Beckii and clickbait…

(from her "My Plastic Surgery at 14 Years Old" video)

No. 353068

I can totally see her point but what a fucking hypocrite

No. 353074

She needs to accept her 'career' is going nowhere and start working on something else. Won't happen though.

No. 353116

Ouch. She's probably realising that becoming another beckii will happen sooner than expected. I don't know why these girls just don't change up their content a bit. Doing tutorials and less weeby things would get a lot more views.

People only really wanna see Japan videos stuff when the you tubers are living in Japan.

No. 353457

File: 1500199247256.jpg (26.76 KB, 724x343, Creep.jpg)

How the fuck do these girls do what they do when creeps like this are there main audience? This guy replies to basically everything she posts. It's so fucking weird and creepy. What is he expecting to get from them?

No. 353546

She is so dumb Jesus Christ. Doing the same weeaboo shit over and over for years, and not even doing it good at that, won't get you any fucking where.

No. 353570

The sad thing is she was a lot more successful when she was doing more weeb things.
Her Dance covers to jpop got a lot of views, now that all she posts are videos of herself, of course no one cares. She's incredibly annoying, and it's obvious she's desperate for efame, It's sad and I had to unsubscribe.

No. 353753

File: 1500247789395.jpg (231.49 KB, 1057x589, DEzbxxjUwAAkDAk.jpg)

Abi's face in this picture is so bizarre.
I think her long chin makes her look mannish or something??(nitpick)

No. 353756

Honestly, I don't find Abi ugly or anything. She's kind of plain, and does have a strong jaw/chin, and thinner lips, but she's okay looking, kind of cute in a very average way. That face she is pulling def isn't flattering or cute though.(saged nitpicking is still nitpicking)

No. 354002

She and Beckii tried to hold a meet and greet and Hyper Japan this weekend and were trying to get people to pay £5 for a photo with them…do they actually believe they are famous??

No. 354089

kek thats funny pity i missed that, i was at hyper japan this year but didnt see them-what day did they try to pull that? pretty sure that would get kicked out for doing that as they were not on the programme list.

In regards to your last question yes, yes they do. The group have their own mcm "panel" and beckii has been on kawaii international a few times.

Perhaps what they fail to understand is at these events half if not more of the content is audience made-aka amateur. Not trying to throw shade at what they do whatever beckii does managed to land her enough money to live in london but these conventions/exhibitions are glorified market stalls (and i am saying this as someone who has gone to them, no issue with them being that but im not deluded to what they really are) and not everyone who goes hyper japan is into modern japanese pop culture and even those who are (like my friend) have no idea who she is.

saged just in case

No. 354504

Serious question - why do weebs (Abi in particular) pull that face where they inflate their cheeks? It's not cute or endearing, just stupid…

No. 354563

I think it's because anime characters, loli style in particular, puff up their cheeks when they pout.
It's supposed to be a cutesy way of pouting or sulking. I think weebs do it to make themselves look more loli style and cutesy

No. 354962

I personally find Connie the worst looking of all of them. She has the most drastic transformation without makeup and it's truly tragic. It doesn't help that she has the body of a 12 year old Chinese boy. Beckii is really skinny, but her figure is still feminine. Connie's is just sad.

… If you can't get views without clickbait titles, you need to reevaluate your content. I'm so sick of these clickbait YouTubers insisting it's a necessity when there's countless YouTubers who don't do this and get tons of views because they actually post good content.

To be fair to Beckii, she's slender enough where I'm sure she probably gets shamed more than fatties do for being fat. My anecdotal experience is that skinnyshaming is way more of a thing IRL and on most social media because it's considered more socially acceptable.

No. 355510

Beckii has the worst face but the best body of the four. She needs to stop with the sultry open lip posing, it doesn't work for her.

No. 355520

Yeah, When I first saw Connie i genuinely thought she was a recovering ana-chan.

No. 356513

File: 1500608877894.jpg (51.61 KB, 960x801, 6:10.jpg)

Belle Kirschner/Delphine is a perfect example of a UK (fake) weeb
Pretty much a better-looking Jessica Niggri.. she cosplays characters she knows nothing about.

No. 356517

How many threads are you going to post this girl in? You're making it seem like more of a vendetta-post, anon.

No. 356518

considering she has her own pull thread and so many people flamed her on facebook on more than one occasion,
i dont think it is much of a vendetta. when you have 40k+ followers and do immature things, lie, etc. people will have a problem

No. 356521

Okay? So make a thread if y'all really want to talk about her, stop bringing up her image in every cosplay-related thread.

No. 356529

who is the cross eyed girl? she's so cute

No. 356838

File: 1500649466079.png (46.04 KB, 626x287, beck.PNG)

Beckii made a comment about Venus's recent video

It's already been answered who that girl is all you had to do is scroll down.

No. 356839

File: 1500649528566.png (639.56 KB, 1046x451, ven.PNG)

This is the recent video.

No. 356892

She's right but she sort of did it herself as did bestie Kelsey~

No. 357244

File: 1500684670793.png (116.32 KB, 1125x860, IMG_4061.PNG)

>I was handed an overnight successful literary career boo fucking hoo

I used to adore Connie but her attitude recently has left an awful taste in my mouth

No. 357365

That Tweet really reenforces my stance that Connie is the queen of humblebragging. She pretends to be super laid back and totally not full of herself, but it's become pretty clear the past year that she's beyond simply being confident and is actually quite narcissistic.

No. 357405

YouTubers being given successful writing careers overnight really grinds my gears. Most can barely write well and it's the same cliché shit. I'm sure Connie's life is so difficult when many struggling writers are working overtime to get acknowledged by at least one publisher. She's too full of herself. Same for Beckii, Kelsey and Abi. No wonder why they get along so well.

No. 357434

its pretty obvious venus is socially stunted if not permanently fucked thanks to margoo

No. 357501

I got bored of her REAL quick after she broke her leg.
she made sure to mention it in every video, tweet, instagram post for months.

Pretty sure she asked an airplane company to bump her to first class on a trip and used her leg as an excuse too

No. 357520

That's rich coming from a boring straight girl who along with her friend, attempted to appeal to the LGBT crowd with the "Oh, but I'm actually queer you guys!" Venus is a cringe-factory but this is just more virtue signaling from someone who exists because of cultural appropriation.

Not just sort of. Merely fantasizing about other women doesn't deserve coming out announcements and I lost respect for them when they thought they could hijack a minority group's struggle. They are more justified in calling Venus out on that terrible April Fools prank.

No. 357522

It wasn't even close to first class, it was just a slightly upgraded economy seating with more leg room, which they usually will accommodate for people with those kinds of issues. That one wasn't egregious of her at all.

That being said, she was pretty insufferable with how often she brought it up. Like yeah, breaking your leg totally sucks, but she gets free healthcare, it's healing just fine, and she doesn't have to worry about her job being viciously impacted over it. It's fine to whine a little, but I feel like she's milking it.

No. 357523

>she made sure to mention it in every video, tweet, instagram post for months.

That's what happens when you have no personalty.

No. 357597

File: 1500752510179.png (199.52 KB, 730x1164, IMG_5716.PNG)

She looks awful

No. 357599

File: 1500752744964.png (544.53 KB, 848x475, Screen Shot 2017-07-22 at 20.4…)

Well, she looks like a man so it was successful in that respect.

No. 357613

File: 1500753645828.png (117.14 KB, 697x187, becki.png)

So since Venus is straight she can't put the word "gay" or "coming out" in her titles but since beckii is a Special ~bi snowflake desu~ she can milk her coming out "story" to the ends of the earth.


No. 357664

Didn't mind beckii before but this shits annoying me now

No. 357705


She's no different than Venus at this point. We get it Beckii, you came out, how many more asspats do you want for your Youtube channel?

No. 357711

Ugh she is really pissing me off now. I remember she also made 3 videos complaining about being "skinny shamed", if anything shes a pro at the whole humble bragging thing but then what does she have to offer really? The whole lolita schtick she tried failed because it doesnt suit her and shes basic af. I really wouldnt mind her at all if she were just honest instead of trying to make out shes more oppressed than she really is.

Saged for rage.

No. 357712


No. 357721

>i'm a privileged straight white female
>let me find something to be outraged about for the gay community that no one in the gay community is actually outraged about

No. 357747

File: 1500767591659.jpg (691.57 KB, 2048x1536, IMG_1664.JPG)

This is so fucking creepy

No. 357751


She's a washed up Weeb with nothing to offer now, nothing she produces is exciting and she's like every other 'cute' aesthetic girlie Youtuber who loves Japan. Just noticed her recent blatant queer bait video is paid sponsorship by Barclay's bank, what the fuck?


Since 'coming out' her and her little trash friend circle act like they're spokesmen for the gay community. They can all do one.

No. 357771

How disgusting she looks aside, not to be all SJW, but a woman doing drag makeup as a fun experiment for YT views really leaves a rotten taste in my mouth. The whole purpose of traditional drag makeup is to look feminine while accentuating your male features, so that people can clearly tell your a man to avoid the risk of a guy that you're about to hook up with mistaking you for an actual woman and hurting you when he finds out otherwise. I know it's silly to get bent out of shape over, but meh.

No. 357784

Not only is she "queerbaiting" but this is also an advertisement. If this were anyone else, Beckii would go on a twitter rant about profiting off of the lgbt community. But of course, everyone but Beckii has to follow her stupid morals.

No. 357896

See now the fact shes done this is super milky, and I hope it comes back to bite her on her ass real soon.

Would laugh if venus's viewers went after her and pointed out how much of a hypocrite shes being.

No. 357904

I am seriously facepalming over here, she either lacks self-awareness or hopes people are too stupid to reconise how much of a hypocrite she is. Also someone needs to tell kelsey demisexual is not a sexuality.

These comments are in response to beckii making a video complaining about queerbaiting-something she would know all about as shes done it herself. In the video she says shes prefers the term "queer" to "lbgt" because she thinks its inclusive.

A lot of lbgt people dislike the term because it was coined by a pedophile and the term queer was used for many years to imply lbgt people were in fact pedos by non-lbgt people. The fact this idiot thinks its great shows she hasnt done her fucking homework and for some reason has appointed herself as spokesperson for the movement and all lbgt people ever.

Although I dont want to give this dumb bint any views as you will probably go looking for the vid here is the one i am referring to:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xh35V67LToo&feature=youtu.be

No. 357905

"The Week After Coming Out"
But didn't she come out on Tumblr a few years ago?

No. 357906

File: 1500779684327.jpg (65.83 KB, 625x440, basicbecky.jpg)

whoops dropped pic

No. 357913

Is this Madonna?

No. 358165

I haven't followed her much and I felt very sorry for her when she was being harassed by Margaret, but I'm really disappointed by how much of a self-important asshole she has become. She has no authority to say a single thing about queer-baiting. Well, the evidence has all been posted up there!

Is calling themselves queer code for "I'm going to end up in a plain vanilla heteronormative relationship but you can touch my boob if I'm drunk?"

No. 358213

File: 1500821528105.png (452.41 KB, 416x529, noodle.png)

Noodle seems like the kind of girl that's really mean and bitchy to people and jumped on the anime bandwagon when it became popular.
When I watch her vlogs I just get negative vibes off her.

No. 358262

The vibe she gives me is that she's one of those people who loves anime, but thinks they're far above the rest of anime fans. Kinda like NLOG, but replace "other girls" with "other weebs".

No. 358457

Hah. Both these bitches did the exact same thing. I'm not lbgt but if I was, I would be pissed that these obviously straight girls are trying to ride the coattails of a group that has faced persecution for years when you know damn well they never had and never will know the struggle in their lifetime.

Nah I agree with you anon. It feels like they're treating it as a novelty rather than a culture.

No. 358573

File: 1500841856984.png (938.14 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20170723-212937.png)

I'll just leave this here…

No. 358604

This fucking guy is everywhere

No. 358635


How creepy…

No. 358637

As a lesbian, I am so fucking sick of these attention seekers who can't distinguish between finding some girls pretty and actually being interested in women. They aren't allies, it's all virtue signalling. You're making it harder for actual lesbians, you dumb bitches.

No. 358688


They're fucking disgusting and only did it for Youtube views as they full well know their "careers" are slowly dying out. Which also explains why Beckii & Kelsey suddenly had to hop on Venus's case about her video, there's shitloads of 'queerbaiting' happening but they just had to choose her to pick at to bring in even more attention on themselves. What next Abi suddenly revealing she's bi-curious?

No. 358718

File: 1500855921215.png (143.96 KB, 532x1576, wow.png)