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File: 1458846347304.png (416.27 KB, 531x436, kawayui.png)

No. 110176

Keep tabs on all your favorite kawaii moderus in glorious nippon!

No. 110177

File: 1458846391441.png (283.6 KB, 280x585, models.png)

and dont forget to suck in that tum!

No. 110203

someone link Katie's Instagram? And all of the girls in her friendship group. I wanna know more about her. Is she an actual snowflake? If so then why?

No. 110208

>that other black girl whos name I dunno
>and some Australian teen with a hamster face

>>funny how nearly all of them are also connected to sere

No. 110210

She married the doctor who made her boobs lmao

No. 110213

Damn, she fulfilled herself my life goals

No. 110227

He also paid it

No. 110238

I need to get off to Japan and find me a doctor omg this is dream

No. 110285


You forgot to add Sandra who is also one of Sere's bitches

No. 110345

But their IGs would be useful though? If anyone knows. I tried looking for katies a while ago but couldn't find it and gave up.

No. 110350


No. 110352

Only shienna still likes sere. The rest of them don't like her anymore

No. 110358

So you picked the most boring snowflakes to write about in this thread. Whenever someone writes model all you ugly fucks are triggered Kek
Sere has her own thread and literally only Shannon and Gaya speak with her. The girls listed above are just normal girls living in Japan. The other thread the only beef you had on arisucookie, ebunny and capsulebunny was that they did model work and were in a magazine. Yawn.

No. 110364

Is it known that shani lurks here? As soon as I mentioned taking a screenshot of her SA profile she put it on private lol.

No. 110369

File: 1458875474601.png (1.01 MB, 934x605, sug2.png)

No. 110372

File: 1458875720942.png (232.38 KB, 787x734, sug.png)

No. 110375

What's the point of this? Most girls have thought about being a sugar baby at least once. Hell who knows maybe they just made the account and didn't even use it. Not just weebs In Japan but a lot of American girls use that too. Big fucking deal. I hate how this thread is just becoming a vendetta witch hunt and not actual milk. Yawn.

No. 110384

Arisucookie is known for violating her work visa. She is not teaching anymore and just staying on that visa without giving notice to immigration. She works in a host club and is fucking with the manager.

No. 110385

*hostess club

No. 110387

The black girl use to be a cam girl so it isn't surprising she seems harmless and she's an adult so no reason to drag her here.

No. 110389

It seems like there are a bunch(or even only one) people who digg and try to find foreigners living in Japan and then making up stories or try to find something they can reveal.

No. 110399


These girls always gotta go down the trashy lingerie model, hostess or sugar daddy path in Japan when it all fails for them in any other job. Give Aminyan a few more years and she'll probably turn into the same if she isn't married to a thirsty Japanese guy by then. Tragic.

No. 110402

I did hostessing for a month while I was waiting for my new job to start and it was actually really fun - I don't see anything wrong with it
Is the only reason you people are mad because it's illegal? Like who the fuck made you guys the visa police
I bet most of you have smoked weed or drank underage or something illegal yet here you all are pointing fingers

These girls on the Internet in a different country did something illegal!!!!111!! I am triggered!!!! How DARE

No. 110406

I don't care if hostessing is illegal. The main point is that she came here with a work visa and therefore HAS to work in her company or she needs to inform immigration in order to change her visa status and not just not going to work anymore but using the visa. Someone else already mentioned this in Sere's thread. Same with student visas.

No. 110409

>These girls always gotta go down the trashy lingerie model, hostess or sugar daddy path in Japan when it all fails for them in any other job.

So, what would you rather them do? It's like when people get mad at someone for becoming a stripper. They're making money, and that's fine. Would you rather they not make any money and go around begging via gofundme and their social media pages?

>trashy lingerie model

How is that necessarily trashy? Do you feel that way about VS models?

I'm sure there are better things to come at them about than their jobs. Like not taking care of their kids or doing something shady like drug dealing or scamming people. Lingerie modeling, being hostess, or being a sugar baby isn't that scandalous.

Now the visa thing is interesting.

No. 110412


Bless, must of hit a raw nerve.


Oh I don't know, they can find work in retail, a cafe, restaurant, be a translator, teaching assistant or something that doesn't involve catering to or fucking Japanese men who'll pay for such shit and having Japan think that's all gaijin girls are capable of doing once they become settled there because they have no other skills to fall back on in order to stay in the great Nippon.

No. 110413

lots of triggered ones itt

I'm not too butt blasted over these girls escorting and sucking dick; it's their lives. though I'm tickled that they use that as their only way of getting and having a life in nippon (asides from Amina since at least she's trying to get her education as well) when they are not interested in cultivating skills they could use to get jobs when they aren't able to live off their bodies.

No. 110414

This is only a super small percentage of foreigners. Save the morality speech for someone who cares. They would probably do this stuff in their own countries. The hoe hunt is getting fucking annoying.

No. 110418

Who are they? I think I've seen that photo recently somewhere around the web and wondered if the girl on the right has some kind of handicap and if this was some kind of 'Japanese with fetish for handicapped (black) girls' catering photo session

No. 110421

that's aminyan
Gr8 b8 m8

No. 110422

>sitting on knees

No. 110423

Oops…thankies! And is the other one Shani? She has the same donkey face at least.

I ment the face, dumbfag

No. 110431

Looks like shani but isn't her. This girl is new to Japan as you can tell by her profile. Is this your first time using the site? Read through the old gaijin in Japan thread to get some background on it all. People aren't gonna spoon feed you details. Also Amina have autism.

No. 110432

I'm not new. But I barely know anything about murrican black idols/prostitutes, since they'll get kicked out easily anyway.

I prefer people like gaya, sere, shiena, kisu and the rest of that squad. They produce wayyyy more milk

No. 110442

Autism doesn't change your face dumbass

No. 110443

That's why she has that joker smile dumbass

No. 110449

I feel like hanging out with Shani fucked Amina up. She seems like a horrible influence and I hope ami at least finishes school and moves on from this bad lot.

No. 110455

Because of shani she went to kirari

No. 110458

Are you angry because japanese men have treated you badly, and you're blaming these girls for it?
Maybe go cry somewhere else about that, and get yourself a band aid for your booboo :')

No. 110459


Did you actually read what you put? >>110399

>when it all fails for them in any other job.

>Oh I don't know, they can find work in retail, a cafe, restaurant, be a translator, teaching assistant or something

Which is it? As I said before, they have jobs. Just because you don't personally agree with it doesn't make it any less of a job.

>lots of triggered ones itt

Not even close.I just think it's dumb to get mad at them for having a job. Unless they're being or doing something fucked up, drop it.

>they could use to get jobs when they aren't able to live off their bodies.

Did it ever occur to you they enjoy that line of work? And why do they absolutely need to get a different job if the one they have is providing them with decent living?

Amina made the decision to be a sugar baby on her own. She didn't want to be a burden on her mom, so she took the route most people would go when in dire straits.

No. 110461

They seem like the kind of person who would get salty at someone for being a stripper to help paid for college.

No. 110464

Again. Again with the holy moralfagging
Wahhhhhhhhh this girls is doing a bad thingggggg Waaaahhhh!!! Her visa says she needs to do this…..but she's nooooootttt!!! Waaaahhhhh!!!
If the blonde girl has a teaching visa through a company, she must still be with them otherwise she would lose the visa altogether
It's not uncommon for teachers to teach during the day and bartend/hostess at night since the salary isn't that amazing. Literally, loads of gaijin do this. Next!

No. 110473

The blond girl is married

No. 110487

Either way, its all pretty degrading shit theyre getting into tbh. Japan really must be the land of dreams of theyre that desperate to stay there.

I wonder when theyll all end up in porn? Still waiting for kooter and busuzawa to head down that route.

No. 110488

Autistic people tend to have certain facial structures. Not all, of course, but it's a common thing.

No. 110496

why does amina always look plastic

No. 110498

Amina has very mild aspergers not down syndrome or something. God this board is retarded.

No. 110503


Unless they get happily married and committed in future, one or two of them is bound to end up in porn eventually. They always do. When the aidoru or modelling career fails and when no other normalfag job is good enough, there's always porn. Degrading yes, but it is Japan, the most wonderful kawaii land in the world worth whoring yourself out for.

Imagine if VenusAngelic went down that route lol. Better yet, what if her mother did instead as she's not leaving Japan anytime soon due to being still obsessed with her daughter, bet that bitch is a escort.

No. 110506


Since when is she married? Did she marry that weird medicine student who stalked her Instagram? I think his name was everlasting_journey and he's a doctor/student/surgeon or whatever he calls himself.

No. 110532


Very true anon. Japan is worthy, it is indeed magical and the best place in the entire universe!

Her mother…. probably. She'll end up married or in porn. Venus? Hmm… Well she has Manaki. If it goes tits up in the future (not sayin it will but if) maybe. But she seems too… it isn't her style. I don't even like Venus much but I can't picture her riding some old jap. Maybe idk.

No. 110544

Yes that's the guy

No. 110551

That guy is so damn ugly and hitting on every foreigner.

No. 111202

Gaya is too afraid to use twittee again lol

No. 111207

Oh my god he send me private messages on insta three weeks ago even though i am married ew doctor samaaa
Im sure arisucookie is not on working visa anymore,no kaisha here would allow that kind of nails etc at work. Prob she quit after getting married if she did get married for visa. But i bet she is there legally anyway

No. 111211

File: 1459080510779.jpeg (96.09 KB, 814x814, image.jpeg)

Gaya is so dumb.
He doesn't love her at all lol

No. 111214

Yes! He is also on badoo and interpals flirting with every gaijin he can find.
Well he finally seemed to find one who isn't disgusted by his approaching. He got his dream gaijin and she her spouse visa.

No. 111311

File: 1459114238170.jpeg (304 KB, 1024x773, image.jpeg)


No. 111313

File: 1459115118010.png (860.95 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Who is that weeaboo?

No. 111350

Hahaha omg what a mess. From what I remember when sere went mental and outed who she thought were those posting on her PULL ー this girl was one of them lol

No. 111488


Non of these in Japan dumbass.
>Not relevant to this thread at all.

Are you new here?

No. 111490

Um that girl is in japan though lol

No. 111492

File: 1459154511317.jpeg (93.39 KB, 626x923, image.jpeg)

Look who i found

No. 111493

Where do you get your information from kek
She's living in Germany and only visited Japan once 3years back.

No. 111494

Who's that?

No. 111495

Has Huge debt at host club
Fled to osaka

No. 111496

Doesn't hostclubs usually work together with the yakuza? Wouldn't it be more logical to run straight out of Japan instead of running to osaka?

No. 111501

Don't know
She fled with her former host boyfriend

No. 111504

As someone who ran away from host debt i can tell you if its under like 1000$ they wont do anything just take it from the hosts pay. Anything over that (id say at the 5000$ mark)(if they have your personal information etc. the yakuza /or hosts will come to your work or house and keep harrassing you lol)I heard a story about a Japanese friend of a friend running up 7000$ and the yakuza kept coming g to her house and work and forced her to work at a soapland to pay it off. But then there are the scary stories of girls getting killed.

No. 111505

Because in order to use Japanese gyaruru you need to be in japan? Lol

No. 111510

She went to kirari to earn money. Seems like she gave up on the debt and went to osaka instead

No. 111515

Not that anon but, this is about Gaijin who live in Japan, not Gaijin who are into gyaru.

No. 111519

Um obviously you havent read the past threads. Gyaruru is a Japanese app. Which that girls picture has been screencapped from. Fuck this website is full of illiterate dumbasses.

No. 111522

Dude, you need to calm down. It's still not relevant to the thread. She's not in Japan, let it go.

No. 111523

What im saying is according to that app she is though? So easy mistake to make for the original poster. But whatever

No. 111525

>What im saying is according to that app she is though?

How? That app is available in the Western app stores too.

No. 111531

You can get the app in the western app store too or with app stores like qooapp. Also op must has gyaruru too and seems to be from Europe as well, because screencap was taken 23:43 and has also been posted around that time. Someone seems to have a vendetta against that girl

No. 111532

I know that but if thats the case it doesnt download in Japanese and I just further investigated the account which in turn led me to her twitter where shes posting screencaps of her being in the top rated pics of gyaruru style in japan and of her conversations with japanese people in japan.

No. 111540

How much of a retard are you even? Are you new to the internet in general?

There are a ton of other foreigners using gyaruru who don't live in Japan either.

>just because someone knows a little moonspeak doesn't automatically make them live in glorious nippon

No. 111545

I downloaded gyaruru and most of the text posts and app prompts are in Japanese. Also, you know people are capable of speaking foreign languages without having to be in said country, right? And as I said before, if you check her IG, you can see she's in Germany.

>Someone seems to have a vendetta against that girl

It seems that way to me too.

I think they're just trying to cover up their obvious vendetta.

No. 111547

My word

No. 111554

File: 1459171000598.jpeg (115.99 KB, 640x972, image.jpeg)

New half?? Whut
Does she know the meaning?

No. 111556

Why are you still going on about this girl? She's not in Japan, so she's not relevant to the thread. Just make a sperate thread for her.

No. 111557


好きな物 ギャル 女装 ニューハーフ lv shiseido

>things that I like, gyaru, crossdressers, newhalfs, lv, shiseido

No. 111558

Or just completely leave her alone. She's not into any kind of scene and keeping herself out of drama as good as possible.

Keep your vendetta private or to your friends and stop spaming a the internet >>111554

No. 111629

Lets keep the thread relevant guys! weebs in japan only

No. 111636


Did gaya and vika delete all over their public sns? And is someone here still following kisu and provide screens?
Kisu was known to be the manager of 'seres' shitty bar, but sere bragged about how shitty the previous manager was and she's happy that now shiena is doing the job. So was kisu too lazy to prostitute her nasty ass for the queen?

No. 111672

Yes! I'm really keen to know why hawk face was fired lol

No. 111682

*hawk nose

No. 111700

Didn't want to spend money on lorena ..maybe?

No. 111707

as far as I know she also only has a high school diploma but nothing beside that. managing a bar isn't that easy, if you don'T havee any knowledge of the materia and a shitty owner who doesn't give a shit. After all the bar isn't even seres but the one of some japanese hoe

No. 111774

> flees to next biggest host scene

No. 111792

Especially to biggest yakuza scene

No. 111850

File: 1459196449706.jpg (446.22 KB, 1280x854, e.jpg)

pic related

No. 111851

File: 1459196484685.jpg (888.34 KB, 1280x1919, e2.jpg)

No. 111852

This is really nice. When did she take these?

No. 111854

Is it ot if I say she looks good, mature, but good. Far more beautiful than sere and gaya could ever achieve woth surgery.

Where's she from?

No. 111855

she's from the UK
like someone else said, she used to live in tokyo, as a ratchet gyaru spending way too much time and money on hosts and being super destructive to herself and others.
ran away to osaka sometime last year. seems to be doing better now

No. 111856

What is she up to nowadays? Is she married?

No. 111857

student. i think art school

No. 111859

That's great.

Sometimes I wish I had some self confidence and could flee away from my parents to live a glorious life in Japan, from kyabajo, model to student and housewife. But I can't escape, I'm not strong enough

No. 111957

Can't tell if being sarcastic or your a majorly delusional web who thinks all their prop lens will be solved in nippon

No. 112501

File: 1459290091941.jpg (122.12 KB, 640x640, 11005197_1552876194971041_1035…)

a Finnish lunatic with a visa hubby

No. 112504

File: 1459290378832.jpg (101.09 KB, 640x640, foreheadformiles.jpg)

No. 112505

No. 112618

wheres the milk? all it looks like is a girl causing no drama in a happy relationship?I smell a vendetta.

No. 112620

I want updates on what went down with shani after she was outed as a cumdumpster pornstar

No. 112643

Shani lurks here quite a bit and she even posts about other girls. Nothing really happened after her porn came out but it's obvious she's a hypocrite. She's just as bad as sere. Not to mention she has no career goals in Japan.

No. 112801

>>112643 don't forget it was two porns lololol

No. 112825

Duchess of shinjuku

No. 112868

this person has a bad rep in her home country, so no wonder she fled somewhere else

No. 112897

Shani 100% lurks here. Like I posted before, as soon as I mentioned taking screenshots her seeking arrangements profile, she deleted it literally straight away. I didn't bother posting it coz I didn't think there was really any milk to it seeing as people already know her porn stuff anyways.

No. 112900

nothing to see here.

No. 112984

File: 1459354711393.jpg (314.46 KB, 1001x635, model.jpg)

not with that body >>112501

No. 112994

Omg no one cares about this girl. You havent provided any evidence of milk. We arent your army

No. 113021

we don't really need milk on snow, anon.

No. 113026

No. 113055

File: 1459359225197.jpeg (152.82 KB, 640x1028, image.jpeg)

No. 113070

sere should be so proud of herself for dragging ashley and shiena back into sex work. This is disturbing af.

No. 113233

Ash never stopped doing sex work, she was just keeping it private. I don't know about Shiena though I'd say she's rather trying to make it public again and act like it was cool just like she does. (She tried to do that with gaya as well and probably also with vika and kisu)

No. 113244

This photo is old though, as in the caption said it's from march 2015. I don't think ash had much contact with sere from then.

Shiena and katie had though. I wonder how much in contact she actually IS with katie by now, since she sere isn't that stupid as we all might think, she knows what part of her life to keep in secret. Remember when last year Halloween she posted the little video from katie on her insta and nearly immediately deleted it again?

No. 113252

Clutching at straws much?

No. 113383

Trying to post a photo from almost a year ago lol
Not relevant

No. 113420

She would have deleted it because Katie told her to. Katie would have been embarrassed as hell to be seen 1: as drunk as she was, when she tries to keep up her 'perfect innocent girl' aesthetic.
And 2: Associated with Sere.

I don't think Katie would associate with her after Sere screwed her and her friends over at Katie's birthday by making them pay a ton at the bar she's renting.
Katie isn't stupid either, she knows who she needs and who she doesn't to keep up a good public appearance.

No. 113435

To be fair I would be embarrassed being seen with Sere too, kek

No. 113477

Whats the drama that happened at her birthday event lololol

No. 113493

It wasn't really drama, but I think sere tried to make some of the guests pay more money, but everyone declined. It would seem katie didn't speak with her from there.
I'm glad everyone ditched sere.

No. 113497

Sere tried that at a homeparty too

No. 113557

File: 1459439841320.jpeg (135.48 KB, 577x1008, image.jpeg)

No. 113563

Who's that??

No. 113878

File: 1459502737529.png (1.04 MB, 640x1136, image.png)

i can't stand this quasimoto. tho

No. 113882


fuck off kiki hunchback

No. 114080

File: 1459549495506.png (1.27 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

god look at those sausage fingers tho

No. 114089

yeah desperate fuking embarrassing fatty

No. 114121

nice try cunt.

No. 114220


pull detected, cunt.

No. 114221

File: 1459605175509.png (219.16 KB, 349x512, image.png)

omg what a fucking wrinkly two faced snowflake

No. 114222

i literally hope this girl falls into a shark tank 。◕ ‿ ◕。

No. 114225

u fukking obese damn ass fag ass bint ass fucktard pullfag ass haggard ass cunty bitchy ass loser.

No. 114232

god look at her nasolabial folds.

No. 114235


yeasty fat assed lolcow

No. 114237

u jeish hook nosd attention whore. summerfag!! ;3

No. 114238


delete that, pleb tbh.

No. 114267


wow ok u sleazy fuccng cuntwad.

No. 114268

god i hope she gets attacked by bees

No. 114388


No. 114389

I used to really like Keekihime but this is so disappointing

Didn't expect this from her tbh

No. 114417

So… This thread is like a witch hunt for anyone in nightwork or dresses eccentric while having a daytime job… Ok now. I don't really see what's so taboo about any of this.

Bills have to be paid and sorry not everyone is fit for a boring desk job.

No. 114418

Also I keep seeing people saying it's ok if they keep quiet about it. Seems to me it bothers a lot of people outside of Japan to see people living in Japan and dressing the way they want.

No. 114426

But everybody should not break the law. And host clubs aren't a necessity for life

No. 114428

She legit looks like Orange

No. 114451

My guy have you ever smoked weed? Driven slightly over the limit? Shared a car with someone over the limit? Drunk alcohol under the legal age? Watched a pirated movie/series? Everyone has broken the law, get your head out of your ass you fucking shitcunt

No. 114454

I have not engaged in illegal activities that would invalidate my visa to reside in a foreign country, no.

No. 114456

This ^^^

No. 114457

If you wanna prostitute yourself so badly, move to a country where it's 100% legal → aka COME TO GERMANY GURLZZZZ

No. 114466

THIS! I have no problem with girls sex working but I hate that so many do illegal prostitution that goes again immigration laws, which further fucks it up for everyone else. Not to mention the only reason they get away with it is because they are almost all white or from english speaking countries. Asian immigrates get deported from japan all the time for this but nooo not these tacky weebs

No. 114549

keeki needs to get some self respect ew

No. 114559

Literally every person I've ever known in Japan has broken or tweaked the visa rules in one way or another.if you're a student working more than 28 hours a week technically you're breaking your visa. If you're an eikawa teacher who doesn't have a permit but has a part time job on the side you're breaking your visa. The Japanese government obviously doesn't care and most SE Asian women who break the rules don't get deported either. The true blue annoying host addicted hilarious cows are funny but this hooker witch hunt is getting annoying."I don't care about sex work but I care about breaking the law".
This is really stupid. About a quarter of Japanese girls has tried sex work at least once and most forms of sex work is LEGAL in Japan. The reason why visa regulations exist is to help women who are being trafficked illegally. Nobody cares these bitches are whoring themselves out. Most of them don't have a back up plan which is fucking stupid, but I'm really sick of the vendetta hooker police. Unless they're a snowflake or cow who the fuck cares.i mean some of you are going as far as making fake profiles on websites, Going to supposed brothels and pretending to be customers to spy on random Unknown weebs. Who the fuck cares. The vendetta fags in this thread are the real cows.

No. 114561

>Fucks it up for everyone
Um no it doesn't. If you have a bachelor's basic degree you essentially can easily get a visa to Japan. Japan is pretty open and lenient to Westerners and as long as they have money, none westerners too. If they were selling drugs I would agree with you, but you guys are A-logging the fuck out of these girls.
Most of them aren't with an agency or with a club or a ring or something so the police doesn't care. Nobody cares if one girl is independently having sex for an "allowance" especially since deai cafes and hookup apps are legal for anyone even foreigners. Get a grip you fucktards.

No. 114562

She's not in Japan. Don't post it in this thread retard

No. 114567

Gonna as the Q here

Is Japan really worth it?

No. 114586

It's not just a Japan thing though. Lots of girls in America and Europe have sugar daddies, strip, have a mygirlfund account or whatever. Look up your hometown on one of those sites and you'll be surprised how many girls you recognize from highschool and college. My point is that these girls would probably be doing this stuff out of Japan. Why act like Japan is some sacred virginal pure Mecca when Japan is actually more open to sex/sex work than any western country.

No. 114595

not really i guess. like sure if you only go 1 or 2 years during college or shrotly after, while you're still pretty young and no one expects you to have your whole life figured out. at the same time, you will have peers that are making something of themselves in your home country, and you'll just be behind the ball when/if you get back (assuming you dont get knocked up, driven into the sex industry, or become a housewife)

No. 114607

Lol it's not even your country. I bet you don't go around stalking foreign students in your own country and reporting if they are doing illegal jobs to survive because they are either on their own money or mom and dad don't give them enough allowance

No. 114622

Yaaay prostitutes

No. 114762

She is

No. 114959

File: 1459798174802.png (177.4 KB, 308x463, image.png)

i'm gonna pay every month. Who wants to marry me? Lmao

No. 114967

Isn't that the german guy who worked at seres bar? Doesn't he have multiple stds already? Just heard some rumors…

No. 114975

Guess he didn't become a model

No. 114977

He's a hooker kek and actually he's gay

No. 114979

nowadays everyone who lives in glorious nippon is gonna be a hooker
samefagging and moral hunting gets boring
give me some real milk cunt

No. 114983

He's involved with sere which talks for itself kek

No. 114985

He could marry a guy

No. 114988

Wouldn't provide him a visa though.

But I mean, how desperate (and also unpopular) must he be that he wants/needs to pay a Japanese woman in order to get a spouse visa?

No. 115059

I used to know him personally. He was a nice guy but coming to Japan and meeting sere changed him for the bad. Kinda shocked that he wants to pay someone just to get married and therefore a visa. Sere seems to have a lot of influence on those people.

No. 115146

OMG THAT POTATO NOSE FREAK LOLOLOL I got in talks with a group of hosts in the street and they asked me if I knew him and that he was always being creepy trying to hit on them and feel them up

No. 115167

I feel a tiny little bit sorry for hosts.
They always show me a photo if gaya and lorena and ask me if i know them.

No. 115168

Uhm no offense. But why would a random host show you a picture of those girls and ask if you know them?

No. 115170

Because thats how her name is pronounced? Shi-e-na…..Shiena. derp

No. 115173

What really sucks is that all these girls really do these things and make it difficult for other foreigners who don't to not be harassed by men in Japan. Knew a girl who just because she was a foreigner the locals thought she was a prostitute even though she was married and normal. It only takes a few to ruin the reputation for the rest.

No. 115175

I posted her somewhere before for sure, just idk where. My fav potato in Japan.
She and her boyfriend both.
She is a model too haha
Applied to some agency

These pics are taken in France, they went to trip recently. But they live in Tokyo and they are in Tokyo atm

No. 115178

File: 1459847728561.png (959.03 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

No. 115179

Ive seen guys walk up to regular Japanese girls and ask for sex. These girls aren't "ruining it for the rest." Unless you dress trashy if you're a foreigner most people will think you teach English. Stop with the bullshit and fuckery.

No. 115180

File: 1459847768544.png (1.12 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

No. 115181

personal experience says otherwise. I tend to agree, but still.

No. 115182

File: 1459847888786.png (1.77 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

No. 115184

File: 1459847958232.png (1.02 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

No. 115185

File: 1459848060309.png (1.31 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

Look for audition

No. 115186

Who is she and why do we care? She looks like a normal person.

No. 115188

File: 1459848162853.png (1.19 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

I forgot how excellent couple they are, now I have to share

No. 115189

What is this? She is not even in Japan. Another vendetta shit? Seriously this is getting so damn annoying

No. 115190

File: 1459848488984.png (1.26 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

Potato looking moderu
the one that op of this thread asked for, if I read correctly. It's quite laughable and I feel this thread needs some laughs

She is in Tokyo

I'm leaving how she became a model, because it's funny. Not a vendetta, never met her or anyone from her. She is just funny

No. 115191

File: 1459848503532.png (339.36 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

No. 115193

Still not sure why she is in this thread in particular? Again seems more normal and to be nice….so she's a model, good for her? Not all models have to be a certain type. Seems like theres no milk here at all.

No. 115194

I don't think this is funny. Let her look like a potatoe. Nobody knows her. Is there any milk? If not just shut the fuck up goddamn. Some people really have no hobbies and trying hard to milk a cow where none is.

No. 115195

File: 1459848740032.jpeg (106.12 KB, 639x910, image.jpeg)

Gayas "husband"

No. 115198

I have the feeling that it's always Melissa posting those nobodies. No hobbies gurl?

No. 115201

Hi lorena

No. 115202

What's wrong with you?
Are you jealous ?

No. 115206

what's wrong with melissa and all the potatos in germany that cause the drama

No. 115207

Melissa is the second hitler

No. 115212

Lorena go back to work or take some acid

No. 115214

Some agencies will take literally anyone, just google 'Tokyo modeling agency' and look at the listings. If she's from Europe probably has working holiday visa.

No. 115215

Lol it's funny how easy you can tell it's lorena spagnolo messinger

No. 115234

Lol sorry to disappoint you but I'm not Lorena. If you bring up gaijin make sure they have milk Melissa. It's getting very obvious that you are trying to 'expose' girls where is nothing to actually expose. Pretty sad.

No. 115235

Why whenever melissa is mentioned everyone thinks its sere? seriously both girls are as fucked up and gross as each other

No. 115236

You obviously don't live in japan. If you get talking to hosts they'll randomly bring up any foreigner they happen to know and ask you if you know them. the number of foreigners that go hosts regularly is small

No. 115237

And modeling is legal under that visa. So what's the fuss about… Another gaijin who tries to model in Japan. Whatever. Oh and don't forget how many people try to model in other countries. Nobody cares and makes a thread dedicated to them.

No. 115241

File: 1459863253480.jpeg (34.91 KB, 470x313, image.jpeg)

Brb laughing at your desperate vendetta and samefagging.
Trying hard to create milk where is none

No. 115253

File: 1459865203283.jpeg (132.72 KB, 626x737, image.jpeg)

Who knows this ugly thing? Hope she left japan

No. 115257

she left Japan already last year. Host obsessed and ugly as fuck. She made a hilarious host guide tumblr while living in Japan vivakabukicho.tumblr.com can't believe with a face like that she managed to fuck so many hosts lolol

No. 115259

Her ex bf was a neet ? But his parents are rich. She cheated on him with ugly as fuck hosts

No. 115261

Lol of course a host obsessed weebwould cheat.

No. 115780

You have no idea how to use these words lol. I wonder if admin banned Melissa if all these shit posts would continue. I'm not the anon you mentioned but god damn everyone isn't sere. Your mental stability is really bad whoever is posting all these girls isn't all there.

No. 115825

agreed, not every foreigner is going to be a sere.

No. 115875

File: 1459934460030.jpeg (110.89 KB, 640x734, image.jpeg)

No. 115886


I went through her Instagram feed and wtf anon. This picture is from December 2014!!!

No. 116281

No. 116449

File: 1460066338277.jpeg (69.46 KB, 480x640, image.jpeg)

Porn shernise

No. 116476

Why do ppl take pictures of me??? why don't I get taken seriouzly? why can't I find a guy who isn't only trying to fuck? wahhh

No. 116478

This pic is from like 5 years ago where they dressed her up like that for a TV show dig harder

No. 116511

Ok Shani
>5 years ago
Why haven't you finished school yet? Your going to get b& soon from nipland

No. 116514

Why do you care so much how long someone spends in school?
Ugly vendetta is ugly

No. 116518

Didn't she go to uni?
And now language school?

No. 116543

How come whenever someone mentions Shani someone magically yells vendetta and spills information about her that most people won't know. she isn't famous so you're not fooling anyone with the selfposts shernise. you stole from donkihote which got u semi-banned for a year then you came back for language school, you you've slept and caught std from every scout and you talk shit about girls on here. Oh and you're working illegally and you do porn where old men cum inside you. and if you went to university why are you in language school? you can't teach English like pig face? Oh yea that would require you to get off your fat tranny ass and leave kabukicho with sere and the bunch.

No. 116569

Why the fuck do you people think it's either Sere or Shani posting everytime it's not some salty, vendettering shitpost.
People think this thread is dumb because people are obviously spouting bullshit with no evidence. If she was deported for stealing she wouldn't be allowed back on a student visa. Where is your evidence?
if you are going to post the same bullshit over and over people are allowed to call you out on it.

No. 116692

what's shiena doing now? is she also a prostitute like lorena?

No. 116713

She deleted her instagram

No. 116757

Well, she's now the 'manager' of Seres shitty bar.
>Means Sere kicked out Kisu and that gay guy

So since she's working with Sere now, she probably earns her money as a prostitute as well

No. 116773

No. 116790

File: 1460206080724.jpeg (95.36 KB, 750x409, image.jpeg)

Lol from vantan design school
Yukapee is going there now too

No. 116793

So fucking full of herself. Spent all that time going to school, and yet refused to take criticism and suggestions. Is too much of a unique special snowflake with her permanent stuck in 2007 style that she could never work with others in a creative capacity.
So works at a girls bar (aka sad step down from kyaba)

No. 116799

She talks about it everyday. How everybody looks boring lol

No. 116802

haha ikr

and yuka will be her kouhai i bet

yuka is going for makeup btw. i wonder if she is doing the full 3 year program (probably. gotta milk the japan visa for all its worth)

No. 116803

File: 1460210694478.png (408.4 KB, 293x542, ningyomyass.PNG)

you could land a plane on that forehead

No. 116804

File: 1460210749408.png (731.55 KB, 976x492, topgyaru.PNG)

top gyaru posts kek

No. 116814

It's horseface yaaay

No. 116897

File: 1460231169179.png (345.77 KB, 828x383, modeldesu.PNG)


real talk. is this a man?

No. 117044

Her eyes are cute but is that a stache? "#codeine"?????

No. 117063

I died at codeine

No. 117080

I think it's just the shadow from her top lip sticking out. Which is the same colour as the rest of her face and she decided to only put lip colour on her bottom lip for some strange reason. Bad choice.

No. 117096


Such edgy tagwhoring

No. 117930

File: 1460466747124.jpeg (202.85 KB, 750x1054, image.jpeg)

This midget bitch is so ugly holy shit

No. 117932

You know youre short when you manage to make a japanese girl look like bigfoot

No. 117938

Honest question is she disabled or just very very short?

No. 117940

IDK but the only very short person I know has osteogenesis imperfecta. She's like 4'9" or so and she's an adult.

No. 117953

An adult female under 148cm is considered as disabled

No. 117954

Handicapped? What's the right word?

But I like her! She hates sere. Everyone who hates sere is welcome

No. 117959

even if she hates sere dania is gross. shes thirsty as fuck for japanese dick and always desperately trying to talk to guys on the net in google translate japanese to try and hook up with them andposts all about it thinking its cute and she so hot. ugly old miget, HEAPS of hosts and normal guys complain about her

No. 117964

Haha yea she is a thirsty as fuck weeb

No. 118007

Since she was in Japan on vacation she was wandering around Kabukicho at all hours but failed to get any host sex kek
She doesn't speak a lick of Japanese so…
She hates sere because at least Sere gets host lay

No. 118015

like a melissa lol

No. 118022

How old is she? At a guess I would say 32ish but it's hard to tell due to her condition.

No. 118078

She's getting quiet enough of it. But she knows when to keep silent kek
Also, as you said, she's on vacation unlike sere who's now an illegal immigrant without a proper visa cravong for a third baby and second marriage to a Japanese for spouse visa in order to keep up her whole prostitution buiz

No. 118113

File: 1460484054846.jpeg (123.11 KB, 640x886, image.jpeg)

Bitch spent all her money on hosts and had debt at a few host clubs. She fled back to england

No. 118115

You are pathetic

No. 118328

According to host love and her old kyaba store thread her friend on the right angelica? Had a shit ton of dept at heaps of stores. Now she lives in ibaraki lolol

No. 118382

Dania is stupid as fuck and she hates Sere because she is jealous of Sere's life
and Dania is a fucking 30+ year old virgin

No. 118388

Not white knighting her cause I think shes gross too but is she really a virgin? On her tumblr she goes on about all the japanese dick haha

No. 118389

Can't imagine anybody being jealous of sere. Because come on…

No. 118425

Did that angelica girl also married for visA?

No. 118427


Yes, and I pretty sure she doesnt even live with him etc.

No. 118431

Sere wanted to be friends with her lol

No. 118435

omg I remember thaat hhaahhhahah she tried to comment on her instagram she deleted the comment and completely shut her down telling her she wasnt interested lol

No. 118459

Why do you keep bringing her up thread after thread without adding any new information that'd actually make her interesting? Compared to these other girls she's boring.

No. 119014

>>118388 yes she is a virgin. she can't get japanese guys to have sex with her to save her life. just because she talks about it doesn't mean it happens lol it's obviously bullshit. she can't even get the horniest visual kei dudes with the lowest standards to converse with her in her google translate japanese

No. 119053

Which one's Dania? Short girl? You're just a bitter vendetta anon or something tbh. Even the ugliest of foreigners I was exchanging with had Japnese guys propositioning sex with them simply because they were foreigners and they wanted to mark it off their bucket list. She's had sex with Japanese guys sorry.

This thread is legit all just vendetta, pitiful

No. 119089

>>119053 lolololol 30 year old red head who wears blue eyeshadow + same outfit every day. how do u know she fucked them? she said she would only fuck a visual kei musician, host or model. Not regular Japanese guys who will fuck anything foreign with a pussy.

No. 119130

then idk sounds like she's just fucking strange. doesn't mean they didn't fuck her though, wouldn't put it past a guy.

No. 119143

>>119130 I know guys she talked to and they said they definitely wouldn't even though she said they did.

No. 119163

Just wondering why does she call herself cadavers as in dead body(s)? :D

No. 119170

I'm 4'11 and my best friend is 4'10…so I mean it's not THAT strange…

No. 119183

Like it or not. Her features are really popular with japanese guys. Super small everything. Japanese guys have an obsession with small face, big eyes, tall nose and shorter than them. And if it's not a bf/gf relationship they don't reality care about communication.

No. 119189


You sound like Jrcock

"All Japanese men liekz _____"

Probably because it's all they ever see in Japan. The basic foreign edition of white weeb with the same features or the typical Russian thrown in. I'd rather go for the Russian, at least they're somewhat prettier.

Small is Japan tho. Their own woman are small as fuck. It's all they know.

Anyway… why are we all desperate to appeal to those fuckers anyway? Japanese men aren't that exciting nor than good looking. I can't wait until the weeb trend dies.

No. 119193


Why are we all obsessed about who has shagged a bunch of Japanese guys?

Why are Japanese men special? Most I have ever spoken to are perverted wankers.

No. 119195


Shorter than an Asian… ya steeped low girl KEK

No. 119219

I didn't say all Japanese like but there are popular features. If you live here you will constantly hear about how small someones face is, how big their eyes are and how tall someones nose is as flattering features.

Japanese people often can't tell what's a good looking foreigner just like how most foreigners can't tell what's a good looking asian. [For example, that high cheekbone with small eyes and square jaw is considered ugly over here]

No. 119228


It's just trend anon, still people do have preferences. But I get it.

To me I think it's what they've seen the most of, the more they see it then probably find it more attractive.

Asians are weird in general anon.

No. 119237

I didn't say all Japanese men. She doesn't even like "normal" Japanese guys.
lmao have you seen the guys she's into? they wouldn't fuck her when they can fuck better looking people with more money. Also she is wrinkly af

No. 119242


now dont be jelly ur not tiny and kawaii anon

some day you will too have your fill of small yellow cock

azn spunk packs a good whopping 10X more than the usual spunk btw so you'll be in for some luck

lotsa hafu babies for u

so very kawaii


No. 119254

>>119242 ok there dania i dont like loser ass teenage visual kei faggots like you do

No. 119266


I always laugh when anons assume you're someone else

calm it

No. 119277

>>119266 everyone's calm here but you defending her ass and thinking we are jealous of her lolol. doesn't matter to me though, she's a badly dressed old wrinkly weeb who gets rejected by her precious hosts in reality

No. 119296

Yeah but it's even normal for women to be short like you if they come from small families, but my friend is 4'9" or so and it doesn't just cause shortness but brittle bones. I guess it's possible Dania is just super short.

No. 119472

Vkei guys are so ugly without make up

No. 119516

File: 1460644331635.png (1.11 MB, 640x1136, image.png)

She married her ugly boyfriend?

No. 119652


No. 119657

File: 1460659991686.png (260.5 KB, 326x510, ey.png)

imagine waking up next to it

No. 119733

File: 1460667271152.png (259.78 KB, 375x383, image.png)

Why do u wanna meet guys gaya?

No. 119753

I didn't even know she had a boyfriend. I thought idols couldn't date.

No. 119760

Yes they can it just can't be public.

No. 119790


Eww shes so ugly

No. 119812

Gaya u ugly as fuck girl. If you're considered average then everyone else is a fucking supermodel.

No. 119850

Still cuter than himezawa

No. 119888

Both are hideous

No. 119890

She isn't a idol anymore i think

No. 121004

File: 1460877730079.jpg (14.27 KB, 259x194, image.jpg)

She looks like a horse in makeup

No. 121005

because she had literally 0 spotlight in her idol group lmfao

kind of sad how even as a token white girl, the camera never focused on her for more than 3 seconds

No. 121009


She's still in that group but she never wanted to be an idol just a model and didn't speak Japanese anyways. Plus that group is like AKB and has 20+ members lol.

No. 121039

Is she the one that was in a PDR video or am I getting my weeby white idols mixed up?

No. 121046

That's a pretty big apartment for living in tokyo

No. 121052

The management of her group is shady

No. 121059

File: 1460898440109.png (1013.04 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20160417-150447.png)

Part 1
Her group members bullied her calling her too fat even if she was already very thin. Really sad that Japanese people in the entertainment industry think that being too thin to the point of being anorexic is a beauty ideal.

No. 121060

File: 1460898495132.png (335.14 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20160417-150454.png)

Part 2

No. 121061

File: 1460898606065.png (306.68 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20160417-150509.png)

Part 3

No. 121072

File: 1460904139956.jpeg (238.62 KB, 744x1102, image.jpeg)

Idk why she bothers me
Maybe because she did like 3 indie photoshoots so she is totes a model now

No. 121073

Yea because the idol industry is veryyy japan centric. The young girl idol scene is a uniquely japan thing, so of course they only
Wanna see japanese girls in it. How did tia even get in anyway

No. 121092

I think the main problem with gaijin aidoru is that they offer nothing that the Japanese idols don't have already. They bring nothing new or interesting to the table, so why would anyone care about them when there are Japanese girls who are better?

No. 121137

Pose looks like she's holding dick

No. 121142

File: 1460918416435.jpeg (344.39 KB, 1536x1341, image.jpeg)

> im a boy tho

No. 121144

Who's that?

No. 121174

a very manly man named tara obviously

No. 121176


No. 121179

File: 1460925712354.jpeg (104.63 KB, 639x457, image.jpeg)

No. 121343

Wow that's fucked up. I thought it was apart of Japanese culture to be very polite. I can't believe they called her fat when she isn't even close. Maybe they were jealous of her foreign look?

No. 121444

Oh my god it's that bitch from Tokyo Rebel

No. 121450

I've been lurking this girl all night, her idol group is really not great. I mean, at least she is in Japan making shit happen for herself, but in every MV she's always in the back lol. Probably because her dancing is so awkward, but she's cute though

No. 121465

Lol no. Thats just a stereotype there are rude people just as tiere are polite people. When you get called fat here its said as a way to motivate you. Cultural difference anon

No. 121490

That German girl on the right with the long hair has crazy wrist cutting scars. They're nuts

No. 121520

Yeah she is crazy too. Married for visa and doesn't live with him because she doesn't like him

No. 121544

when did she marry? cause up until October last year she was complaining about some kyaba stores not hiring her cause she didn't have marriage visa.

No. 121545

I think she is married since last year July or so

No. 121546

She is working at a girls bar atm.
I think she is still living in a guesthouse

No. 121547

Girl doesn't know that in Japan, it's normal for friends and family to comment on your weight. It's not a sensitive topic like in America or other countries. Suck it up.

Japanese girls are way more likely to suck up to you if you're a foreigner and pay you tons of compliments. Many of them have a huge inferiority complex.

No. 121556

File: 1460978387489.jpeg (144.87 KB, 800x600, image.jpeg)

Now he can finally work as host

No. 121557

Actually he got her pregnant and HAD to marry her lol!!!
congrats to that fucking idiot ruining his life because he wanted some japanese pussy.
ugly 5-head cunt.

No. 121569

Wasn't everyone going on about how he was gay?ahaha

No. 121573

Is that Jin? (Jim Noctis, German guy)

No. 121574

It's a guy called daniel from sweden

No. 121593

File: 1460989711868.png (198.21 KB, 336x428, image.png)

Hi sandra

No. 121602

So many nobodies bring back the real milk

No. 121608

Lol I knew it! Sere is really good in getting people into prostitution.

No. 121611

Dakota Rose is chubby and a model and this girl is skinny, yet the thin girl is the one that gets harassed to lose weight. Wtf Japan?!

No. 121612

Dakota isn't surrounded by catty idols all day trying to rip each other to shreds to make it to the top. She's a white girl with weaker Japanese skills, easiest target.

No. 121614

That's not a prostitution app it's just Japanese tinder lol

No. 121616

Tru, but in Sandras case it's more of a prostitution app

No. 121619

Exactly. It's the same with gyaruru. Girls use it mainly for prostitution or to find a sugar daddy.

No. 121622

This IS gyaruru kek

Since I'm not livin in Japan, I use it for the attention you get

No. 121623

Oops my bad…

No. 121625

Ugly face. No wonder she hides it with her hands. Look at that mouth!

No. 121656

Um no. Stop. People mainly use gyaruru to go on dates or hook up. Most of the guys on there are hosts. Get a life instead of the hooker witch hunt. It's boring.

No. 121658

Gaya is using it for prostitution

No. 121662

A lot of girls are using it for prostitution! Not only foreigners. But the hosts are willed to pay more for a foreigner indeed.

No. 121667

Hosts don't pay women you stupid fuck.

No. 121669

Have you ever used gyaruru or know how the host kyabajou circle works? Dumbfag

No. 121671

Probably not. Honestly this thread is vendetta garbage. Sere is a piece of shit and is crazy as fuck but if the rest of these girls chose to legally be whores in Japan(yes Japan doesn't give a shit about prostitution foreign or not foreign)who the fuck cares. Im pretty sure there's plenty of girls from your high school who grew up to be strippers or whores to feed their bastard kids. In most countries prostitution is pretty legal like France, Germany, UK, Netherlands and it's basically legal in Japan. None of these girls are going to jail or getting deported any time soon. Stop the vendetta bullshit and provide milk.

No. 121673

Lol what. Who the fuck says that? How old are you bitch? 12? I hope you choke on a big fat sumo cock you stupid ass bitch

No. 121675

Gaijin in jpn has always been more of vendetta than milk. Life with it or go somewhere else

No. 121676

I get requests for payed dates from hosts all the time, sorry bitch.

No. 121677

And the circle is
Salary men oh Hostesses → hostesses/kyabajou pay hosts and stupid brands→hosts buy stupid brand shit like chrome heart. Rarely do hosts go to hookers.

No. 121680

Hosts don't PAY women though stupid ass. If they're asking your piggy fat cheese smelling gaijin lard ass on a date on gyaruru it's to hit and quit or get you to do bottle runs in their clubs. Why is going on a "date" with anorexic man whores an accomplishment? Hosts will fuck anyone and most gaijin girls in Japan are the ugliest bitches in their own countries so they go to Japan.

No. 121681

>life with it
You stupid eurofag piece of shit. You mean LIVE with it. God you really are 12

No. 121686

I have no problem with sex workers and sex work but I'll admit that most of these gaijin bitches in Japan are stupid. Not for being hookers because most Japanese girls prostitute at least once in their lives but because they fall for hosts and spend exuberant amounts on faggy man whores. Since they're exotic delicacies even the most average looking girl with basic Japanese could easily get married to a loyal upper middle class plain looking Japanese guy but instead they pick fag ass money grubbing hosts(mostly who are gay and spreading HIV to customers). Stupid bitches.

No. 121687

You don't know a thing … poor you

Also, being attracted for certain kind of features in either men or women is, natural though. It's called evolution, well I know, Americans don't hear of that too often

No. 121690

And woa sorry for making a lil'typo. I speak and write four languages, it sometimes happen that I get a vocab wrong

No. 121695

Go on any Japanese message board and Japanese guys will talk about gaijin girls being fat elk and smelling like old cheese. Nobody likes plump greasy sausage finger shrek bodied scooby doo chuckie finster face looking ass bitches and any host talking to you is getting a bottle run. Any girl that falls for hosts is stupid as hell.

No. 121697

Shut the fuck up you German Hitler looking ass Patrick star bodied Nazi bitch.

No. 121698

Well, I only care for their money anyway kek

No. 121699

Why do you think I'm German? Or is Europe = Germany in America? kek

No. 121700

But you're on here talking shit about hookers
Get the fuck off you fake snitch looking ass whore.

No. 121701

Okay Merkl

No. 121709

Any new milk on Shani the (probable) Tranny

No. 121711

Nope, I'm not one of those people bashing on hookers. Except maybe for sere, because it's so fun to set her and her squad into rage mode by posting the right stuff on here.

God save America

There are her porn links on here, have you seen a dick or a fake pussy in it? Right, me neither

No. 121712

Ye bitch was 7feet tall James Cameron avatar looking ass hoe.

No. 121714

I think Trani released her own porn to prove she had a pussy. still don't buy it lol. austin power voice that's a man baby…..

No. 121726

LOL what?? Pregnant as well? Yeah it's so obvious what he had in mind from the very start

No. 121744

File: 1461008307609.jpeg (143.34 KB, 640x987, image.jpeg)

Nooo she deleted her tumblr blogs :(
Afraid of something ?

No. 121750

Eww what's that???

No. 121891


LOOOL how is he going to be a host? who would pay for someone who cant speak japanese and passed out after two beers

No. 121893

Probably the wifes of the guys who payed for sere during her kyaba time kek

No. 121940

File: 1461064121534.png (248.05 KB, 350x422, image.png)

Sandras BF
Also crazy

No. 121941

What's het name and where's she from? Also, isn't sere sandras new bff?

No. 121942

Blanka is a rude bitch lol
She is from germany

No. 121943

Never heard of her. Any more pics or links? How old is she? And why is she in Japan/which visa?

No. 121944

Instagram: shiirou
Is in Japan with student visa. And yes. Rude bitch

No. 121945


Do the Japanese marry anyone? D:

No. 121990

I don't know her personally, but looked up her insta and tbf she at least learned a job before moving to Japan. Not a high level wow job, but at least she has some kind of profession

No. 121991

It's not helping her in Japan tho. And she got a lot of money from her parents to buy Liz Lisa shit and paying her school.
She is now working the first time after she came to Japan.

No. 121993

How long is she there already?

God, wish that my parents would support my dreams (with money)

No. 122015

>>121940 she cant spell ヴィジュアル系

No. 122022

October 2014

No. 122024

ビジュアル系 is another spelling. its shorter and easier

No. 122027

And this is her first time officially working?? Fml

Why am I not blessed with wealthy parents?

No. 122038

"Half German and half Venezuelan Girl living in Tokyo, Japan♡"

Ugh, GROSS. She looked fuckin Mexican to me.

No. 122065

File: 1461094823369.png (260.85 KB, 335x434, image.png)

No. 122068

It's not that uncommon to have multiple accounts on there because one account for each device which is pretty annoying

No. 122076

Yes. They don't care what you look like as long as you have white genes so their babies will have "good hair" and double eyelids.

No. 122101


Sounds more like African Americans than Japs tbh

No. 122104

More like big eyes and tall nose. Japanese find Caucasian hair a bit of a pain in the ass since its so limp and thin hairdressers don't know what to do with it.

No. 122106

Why is she using 方 for herself?

No. 122111

An English girl in England. She left Japan almost 2 years ago, let it go.

No. 122122

I think that Anon means "good hair" as in lighter hair. One of my friends married a Korean and her kids have light-ish brown hair.

No. 122162

funfact; blondes have the thickest and most hair

No. 122188

Really? I have blond hair and its incredibly thin.

No. 122207

Mine is brown and I have lots of hair and quite thick… So that doesn't apply to blonde in general.

No. 122215

>>122024 no one in the scene spells it like that lmao

No. 122217

Lol you sound like you dont know anything. Work on your japanese a little more and look at the interwebs and apps once and a while ビジュアル系 is used all the time

No. 122232

seems like daniel quit school lol

No. 122237

Isn't it the opposite? Blondes have the least amount of hair and it's thin. Dark hair tends to be thicker.

No. 122242

>>122215 not really but nice try. gya and men dont write it like that, vk magazines and twitters dont. but again nice tryy

No. 122249

Im not talking about the amount of hair, I'm talking about the thickness of the individual strands.

No. 122250

Does anyone even spell it out? ヴィ is annoying to type, just write V系.

No. 122251

compared to who? other europeans? Sorry but I've never seen blonde hair thicker than asian black hair lol

No. 122271

Actually hair is different. I have blonde hair and the hair itself is very flat but one hair for itself is super thick. But there are also black haired asians who's hair is super flat and thin

No. 122308


who the fuck is this ugly motherfucker?

No. 122309

>13 yrs and 120 months old
someone stop this man

No. 122317

Ive seen that freak in shinookubo gross

No. 122335

>>122271 please. some asians have hair that's x10 thicker than white people's. the density of white people's hair would be more, but their hair is really fine.

No. 122347

File: 1461174173242.jpg (21.56 KB, 281x395, 12814107_470425556476690_11852…)

Any dirt on this girl? She was staying in Japan for a long time, friend's with Charlie Shoo

No. 122350

She's been in Japan for about 3months (tourist visa) to work at a club (probably 7th heaven or however it's called) she was mourning about how awful her life there was all the time. Really girl you could've just go to Japan for three months and make holidays instead of drinking your brain to death, which was your own free choice tho

No. 122352

But isnt the density what counts?
Would you rather 6 long thick eyelashes or many eyelashes, lmao

No. 122360

Better makeup and face than literally all the beasts previously posted here, thats for sure.

No. 122368

Liked her better when she was into gyaru

No. 122422

Not saying its desirable but thats what the OP meant by asians having thicker hair. Not amount but the strands are thicker. Even if you have a lot of fine hair, its harder to style because the strands themselves are limp.

No. 122431

ha ha I read his name as "Fartina"

No. 122488

Is it just me who thinks he looks 45

No. 122494

what the actual fuck. seen him in some harajuku cringe walk pictures.
>lolita designer

Jeeesus, this is tumblrland

No. 122495

He certainly looks older than those 23 years he's claiming lol

No. 122521

This is the most fucking ugly "model" I've ever seen

No. 122528

File: 1461227602281.jpeg (113.29 KB, 900x1200, image.jpeg)

Anything about this british girl? Working on sex industry and is pregnant now most likely to a host or a customer..also seems to be meririn's friend

No. 122534

That nose lol
Shes tried to use filter to hide it but

No. 122536

She is pretty
Lorena must be jealous lmao

No. 122797

what sex industry is she in? also whats her sns?

No. 122831

her twitter is kyasararin
don't know what kind of job she does, before she got pregnant 風俗 was written on her profile

No. 122834

Hmm had a look at her twitter from her pics as well I'm going to guess from what you say that she is/was a prostitute. However, if she was a proper Fuzoku (and I'm guessing from the pics on her twitter of her money from a days work) to legally work at a Fuzoku place you need a proper visa -marriage. So she's probably married and that brat in the oven is her husbands?

No. 122845

Host addict
She talks about buying bottles kek

No. 122930

She used to work for delivery health

No. 122933

So married

No. 122943

Why do You know

No. 123043

Read her tweets its non-stop stuff about her tanto,how much money she makes and complaints about being a fuzoku and customers

No. 123757

File: 1461490373076.png (1.07 MB, 640x1136, image.png)


No. 123781

Ew indeed
Where are katies eyebrows what is going on

No. 123783

inb4 white worship

What do the Japs actually think about the increase of J-fashion foreigners in Japan? The Harajuku walk is full of them, and I see a lot of foreigners posing in these kind of photos.

No. 123791

My Japanese relatives generally think of them like “they're annoying, but we can put up with them since they most likely won't stay for long”

No. 123795

A lot of my friends say they think they look scary, gross and that theyre just otaku haha

No. 123802

i dont know what actual japanese think but its hilarious that so many weebs come to japan thinking 'wow they will accept me for who i am! i love japanese fashion this is great!!' when in reality, harajuku fashion is something people do for fun maybe once a week with friends if theres nothing better to do. thats not their real life and certainly not reflective of 99% of japanese society.

No. 123805

When I was in Japan, about 3-4years ago, there were barely any foreigners at the HFW, but a lot of Japanese

No. 123850


Never been Tokyo, going next year. Yeah I could kinda guess it'd be like that. Harajuku is probably just like a place you go for a look and chill then that's it. Weebs just think animu and kawaii is Japan though so…

No. 123852

No. 123856


some chav DNA

any other brit-fags noticed chavs usually all have that same look about them?

No. 123857

Actually the starbucks on top of the laforet building is a nice place to hang out at a hot summer afternoon

No. 123866

Lol! Yes so true

No. 123910

they love it, they need the money, people don't wear this shit anymore

No. 123981

File: 1461534720352.jpeg (166.41 KB, 750x1197, image.jpeg)

That chin tho

No. 124007

You mean Tokyu Plaza across the street?

No. 124016

Why would you wear the outfit in the first place if you are too 'shy' to show your cleavage in the picture and hide it with a sticker? It's not like it was a malfunction, or she was bending over and it was showing on accident.

No. 124032

This is a good question.
Maybe because she's embarrased in front of somebody who follows her instagram, or maybe to put an accent on it.

Those are still not good enough reasons to do that though

No. 124034

File: 1461542351223.png (368.82 KB, 764x524, Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 7.58…)

shes in some calendar contest thing

No. 124038

File: 1461542524143.png (436.32 KB, 445x461, Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 8.01…)

also why cant bitches ever touch up their roots in a timely manner
looks gross

No. 124039

If she has lived in Japan for 3 years, why is her self-introduction in English?

No. 124051

Still more resources and people who do the fashion than back in their home town. Even if its not the majority it certainly is a bigger community than back in their home countries. A couple hundred isn't much in a big city like Tokyo but it certainly alot better than 1-10 and you no longer need shopping services, hefty shipping fees and limited selection.

No. 124068

Oh ew the blonde in the back, Fin thinks she a high fashion model with a sloppy as body and dresses like a 12yr old without sense. Also hangs out with the gross and smelly vkei tryhard gaijin hunter ひろろ(hiroro)who I happen to know is a woman beater with a bad case of chlamydia.

No. 124069


No. 124082

File: 1461549914262.jpeg (63.59 KB, 562x600, image.jpeg)

Yea i cant tell if i think that girl is cute or really weird looking. Her body is ok but her face is so young it reminds me of those creepy baby masks

No. 124093

Hiroro is so disguisting

No. 124114

I fucked him once greatest life regret. Haha
His apartment is so foul

No. 124116

Hiroro is such a creeper omg biggest gaijin hunter I ever knew. He basically fucks everything if it's a gaijin

No. 124130

I know right haha he would always text me saying give me head, lick my asshole and gross shit I told him no and told me to kill myself hahahaha

No. 124133

Wow so classy. What a gentleman.

No. 124134

Haha omg what? Did he really told you to kill yourself? He didn't went that far with me, but always asking me if I we can meet this or that day and I'm always like sorry bro I'm not even in Japan and I've already told you this for about 20times by now.

No. 124136

Yes hes not a nice person. As I wrote before he is a known women beater.

No. 124138

That's scary, but I wouldn't have expected sth different from someone like him.

Dumb queation, but is he smelly, he looks smelly

No. 124139

He is smelly. You shouldve seen him before he got his eyelid surgery. Looked even more like a neanderthal.

No. 124140

File: 1461575092390.png (216.91 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_2016-04-25-18-02-59…)

Him telling another girl to kill herself haha
His tanuki thread is gold

No. 124141

Hiroro before surgery :

mmm so hot and vkei. I love the gaijin puss puss

No. 124143

Tbh he looks better like that than now.

He's a try hard with all his kawaii uguu my melody harajuku pink hair shit and all them ugly piercings.

In the photos from the link he at least looked decent, like a man/average host.

How old is he btw? Since in those photos he looks like 30 somewhat. Nowadays he looks like 20 somewhat, acting like 13.

No. 124145

Oh he really looked kinda decent compared to know. Guess not everybody can change to the better after surgery. Good example…

No. 124148

AAAAHHHHHH hiroro tried to fuck me too omg he's so gross
Giving him my line was the worst mistake ever he'd blow up my phone in the middle of the night jesus fuck the thirst

Has anyone else thought he's obsessed with taking purikura with gaijin? I've heard it from about 3 other people

No. 124149

He fucked barbie so there's that

No. 124150

Yes! He always asked me to take puri with him sadly I have a lot of it. Ew

I just vomited

No. 124152

Really? It was him??

Then…has he fucked sere as well? Kek

No. 124153

It wouldn't surprise me if they did

No. 124170


Is she on an entertainment visa? I see her post a lot of modeling work. Seems more legit than the other wannabes in this thread but her attitude still bugs me. Her twitter is also full of attention seeking tweets about her "crazy drinking adventures" lol she acts like a 12 year old living on the edge by taking a sip

No. 124171


Is she on an entertainment visa? I see her post a lot of modeling work. Seems more legit than the other wannabes in this thread but her attitude still bugs me. Her twitter is also full of attention seeking tweets about her "crazy drinking adventures" lol she acts like a 12 year old living on the edge by taking a sip

No. 124173

Yeah, He asked to take purikura with me too. But that was about it. He gave up after a couple of times of hinting at sex. Maybe he's more rude to white foreigners.

No. 124175

Nah shes the usual English teacher

No. 124181

Working holiday

No. 124192

She came as a teacher but i think she quit because she couldnt keep up her crazy style, i wonder which visa she is using now but it was said before that she goes to date cafes to earn money

Hiroro also asked me to lick his asshole, he is so gross!

No. 124193

To be honest i highly doubt it haha

No. 124194

I think she came on a working holiday visa as far as I remember her Facebook posts

No. 124210

We should make a gaijin hunter thread

No. 124211

Please!!! Whenever i write with a Japanese guy, I'm scared that he's actually a gaijin hunter.

No. 124236

>>124211 Ask them "have you ever fucked a foreign chick" and if he says yes more than 2 he is a gaijin hunter

No. 124237

Japanese Hunter too

No. 124238

As if these fuckers were honest!

I tried this question with some I knew were gaijin hunter and only one out of 8 i asked answered with a vague 'well, gaijin have nice pink nipples, I like that'

No. 124252

File: 1461614655480.png (387.93 KB, 497x414, failure.png)

katie can't draw

No. 124262

Why? If you're in Japan to get Jap dick, a gaijin hunter would be interested in you most.

No. 124281

What instagram is this?

No. 124399

I think its katies facebook

No. 124407

I used to like her stuff two years ago but not so much anymore.

No. 124415

Dont get me wrong some of her pieces are nice. She just cant coordinate for shit

No. 124437

Thats totally not creepy and ignorant, not all gaijin are white japan lol. I love when these guys say they love gaijin. no you love white girls

No. 124441

We should.

No. 124463

I love being a non-white gaijin cuz none of these nasty fuckers try this shit with me lmao

No. 124479

You're probably ugly and fat then. I'm a non-white gaijin and guys approach me all the time just as creepily.

No. 124480

So true. There's a fetish for every kind of gaijin in Japan and even the non white will get approached if they're at least nicely shaped and have a decent cute face.

You must be reaally ugly girl

No. 124540

these arent that bad anon try harder

No. 124543

They look better than her face kek

No. 124630

What does yamaji (やまじ) mean in this context?

No. 124634

It's Shineya maji (死ねや マジ) ya is wannabe cool slang

No. 124928

>>124479 lol I'm not ugly or fat. Gaijin hunters don't approach me just regular guys that find me attractive do.

No. 124931

Don't try to backpaddle like that, it makes it even more obvious that you're fat n ugly

No. 124932

Or you can't see the difference between a hunter and a decent guy

No. 124936

Any good milk on Shany,? ive seen her a few times in kabukicho and some scouts told me how foul she was.

No. 124939

After her two porn video were leaked on the last thread shes gone into shutdown. Changed her facebook name and made her instagram private. Shes still running around at kirari and trying to get scouts and hosts to fuck her.

No. 124940

I always wondered why she's even been in Japan…..she's been there for at five years but dropped out of university for language school. she's 26 and can't even keep a steady j guy and since she's fat and trashy I doubt she can get married. at least shiena and Katie have proper visas or actually went to school. does shany expect to have a student visa forever? she seems pretty immature when I read her old blog….

No. 124941

Student visa can only be expired on a max of 2years.

Shiena might have a working visa, but since she quit the job which provided her that visa she's obviously staying illegally right now

No. 124942

File: 1461743130839.jpeg (186.49 KB, 1024x768, image.jpeg)

this is super sad On her blog the Japanese guy she was with would not even take a picture with him because he was embarrassed. she looks aweful and for someone who does porn and spends thousands of dollars on shitty 109 and makeup stuff she can't afford real bundles of hair?She's way too tall to being doing this shit. No wonder she has to fuck scouts and people confuse her for Barbie kek

No. 124943

Not true because some people go to four year university in Japan or grad school in Japan. Language school is only two years tho so she only has 4 months left. She has no degree and her Japanese is too shitty to go to vantan so she'll probably visa hop. Not to mention she got kicked out of Japan for a year because of shoplifting.

>inb4 "if you're banned from Japan its for 5 years"

Not true. For petty crimes you can get a one year ban and my friend who use to like shanny tells me she stole from donkihote(kek) and got kicked for a year and just came back on a tourist visa then whored herself for money for language school. she honestly looks like a trans drag queen street hooker. she might have better luck in Greenwich village , NY…..

No. 124945

Ah sorry I meant the language school student visa, my bad

No. 124947

Shiena is an idiot to work for Sere. Her Japanese isn't great but it's good enough to get a real job or at least get married. At least Ashley is married with a kid. Even though she does Kyaba she has a life going for her self

No. 124948

File: 1461743863116.jpeg (141.44 KB, 540x720, image.jpeg)

and Katie was smart enough to manipulate a boy almost half her age into moving in with each other and fulfill her delusional harajuku doriiimu and she can't even speak japanese. pic related its Katie and her lover.

No. 124949

File: 1461744037418.jpeg (141.32 KB, 720x960, image.jpeg)

Besides Katie all of these bitches are too fat to be wearing J clothes. How are you even fat in Japan? when I visited I lost 5 pounds in two weeks normally.

No. 124950

Tbf ksara isn't fat either, she's just hanging out with the wrong people (katie, vika) and does deai

Don't tell me that this anorexic faggot isn't gay

No. 124952

Katie is 23 so a boy half her age would be… 11/12? Her boyfriend is like 20. Do troll harder. Also I'm bigger than all those bitches and I fit D.I.A soooo

No. 124954


I get that you don't like Shani and some of what you said is true, but a lot of it is starting to turn into bullshit. It's not fun if you just start making up fantasy stories.

No. 124955

I thought katie was about 26??

No. 124956

omfg Shani looks scary as fuck in this pic. Girl get to a gym and ton your body, start using real hair wigs and dress to complement your height and figure. geez

No. 124957


Katie is 25 and Leo is 18.
And whenever someone mentions Shani Katie and her helicopter here. it's obvious because they also crayon Facebook.you can look at her old blog for evidence.

And that Italian guy and Katie fucked.

No. 124958

Ksara isn't huge but she's too fat to be wearing Japanese clothes. Same goes for that black chick in Liz Lisa.

No. 124960

*its obvious because they go and cry on Facebook. They don't want their dirty secrets getting out smh

No. 124961

ooohhh ewwwwwww katie and that creep fucked thats so gross

No. 124964

doesn't work anymore, this is why you screencap

No. 124965

It still works fine for me. Maybe you're region blocked or sth

No. 124966

your vendetta against Katie is showing (again), that guy is gay & Katie has a jap boyfriend. honestly let it go already, it's so easy to see that all the Katie posts are by you since she really hasn't done anything. Yes she looks a bit ridiculous but that's it.

No. 124967

oh damn, my bad then. can somebody cap?

No. 124970

It only works from phones

No. 124981

tbh ksara isn't fat, her chest is just too big for kawaii shit

No. 124982

You honestly think having a bit of pudge on your arms and legs make you fat?
I think you belong in the proana scumbags thread my frond

No. 124984

It's probably the same anon who says that shiena is fat kek

No. 124999

No-ones even white knighting anyone, they just said get your facts straight

No. 125000

Learn how to quote

No. 125003

They're all whales except Katie you amerifat fag

No. 125011

At least you fit this board anachan, now you just need to find you the right thread, because this is obviously the wrong one

No. 125019


So you're going to tell me Shani isn't too fat for Japanese clothes? Her body looks like a tube of toothpaste in that dress. Ksara isn't fat but still dresses horribly for her body type and that black Liz Lisa ebunny chick has a horrible shape and she would be pretty if she put effort into eating decent and had decent looking wigs(same goes for Shani). Katie is ugly as shit but at least she has a good body.

No. 125021

File: 1461763246853.jpeg (148.99 KB, 768x960, image.jpeg)

Shani's ass is so fat and disgusting in this picture even puri couldn't make her look attractive and she had to cover it up with a shitty writing. She wears clothes meant for a 152cm 45kg Japanese girl on a 175cm 80kg black girl. It doesn't look good at all. Ksara at least has a cute face but her body is chubby and ebunny girl has a pretty decent face but again her body is horrible. I don't understand how someone can be a fat ass in Japan. They must be eating at Makudo a bit much.

No. 125022

These girls have actual milk on them like Shanny's illegal porn/visa hopping and Katie fucking and cheating w/that ugly ass boy George wanna be

No. 125023

File: 1461763427430.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 45.66 KB, 320x320, image.jpeg)

I hope Leo knows

No. 125025

ok, what happened between this decent looking photo and the weeb pastel decora trash thing he's now?

I wonder if this was katies influence cuz Shiena is dressing up in this pastel trash too recently

No. 125034

It's Katie and her doing.She only wants men who she can treat like a little bitch dog which is why she's dating a boy who just graduate highschool and cheating with this Italian bitch.

No. 125038


Does ebunny even have any milk? She seems harmless.

No. 125041

Cheating with him? He seems gay af

No. 125046

Um. He is 110% a flaming gay crossdresser

No. 125048

But he's gay

No. 125051

Yeah the Italian guy seems gay af and someone seems angry at Katie bordering on the creepy, just stop.

No. 125052


They'll go for anybody. Most of the weebs with milk are mostly white so they have this delusional thinking that they are more precious than Japanese women in Japan. Whereas gaijin hunters will just fuck anything with a foreign fanny. They don't care, you're foreign and regardless of race: you will do.

Same as Turkish men. I've been there and lived there enough times growing up to see how they are with British holiday party goers. They fuck and propose to dumb ditsy British girls (or whatever as long as she's foreign) so they can get visa. Girls are so stupid they believe them.

Then in about three months later you see a crying blonde on the front cover of friggin' Take a break magazine here in the UK about how Asam or Mohammed used her for marriage and was actually a married man all along to some cloth head in the mountains with seven kids.

No. 125057

He's bi
no milk for her she has her life together she's just too fat for Liz lisa

No. 125061

Not to derail about race but I did notice most of the weebs here who have their life in shambles are actually white besides Shiena who is Chinese and Shani who is black. Most of the Asian and black weebs in Japan seem to be doing honest work and just trying to get by. all of these eurohoes and Australian girls bullshit around Japan giving us a bad image :(

No. 125065


Most of the time it's easier for whites in Japan because Japanese seem to have this image that white people are safer. Plus you've got that whole shit about pale skin being the best and "kawaii" where it's probably easier to round girls up like Dakota/Taylor who are white, have blonde hair which Japanese girls don't have and bigger eyes giving off the dolly image.

But the majority do seem to be white girls doing this shit.

No. 125067

It seems like a lot of rich white kids who have mommy and daddy pay for them to go to language school(which they will get no beneficial or real degree from) and eventually start whoring themselves out for burando get almost no bad image from Japanese governments but the Chinese student who has to go to language school to work at an izakaya to send to their poor families get deported. Even though 9/10 the white kid speaks piss poor Japanese. And if it's a white guy he's usually a man child using daddy's funds to fuck stupid Japanese broads and buy $100 anime toys.

No. 125073

Ok, it's true that the worst always stick out the most, put pulling out the race card on this? Ever heard of the black drug sellers in Japan (or being grabbed by them ew) or barbie or ari? The turkish kebab guys who don't speak a single word of Japanese?

Anyway there are tons of black girls doing decent jobs, as well as tons of white girls and tons of any other race doing decent jobs. We only have these fags here as example of the worst and only because of what? Because they're/were into some kind of jfashion comm.

There are tons of girls over in japan whoring themselves for brand, no matter of which race, and we don't discuss on them, because guess what? They've never dressed up like a unicorn puked over them, that's it

No. 125076


Probably anon. But the majority of LULZ online are white women who dress like toddlers causing the Lulz in Japan and who have the biggest audiences.

No. 125079

Well that's tru. But if there's only one women of color causing drama in japan, she'll cause drama for at least 5 white weaboo trashes cough barbie cough

Actually I think it's pretty cool how much self esteem women of color usually have.

No. 125083

White girls in this forum get too emotional about things. You say Japanese have thicker hair and they'll throw a tantrum.

No. 125111

Dont forget anon white people love to believe they are the ideal, worshipped and everyone wants to be them

No. 125115

I'm white and nope, I don't want anyone to be white. White ppl have weak dna and we literally look all the same. Not sure why so many asians wanna be white and idolise everything about white western people kek

No. 125127

Real talk about Ebunny. I saw her IRL the other day. Pretty girl buuuuut it was clear that the clothes were too small for her :(

Love her aesthetic though.

No. 125133

Look you just gave a perfect example of what i said hahaha

No. 125145

Any dirt on Fin/Pompelmo?

No. 125147

Aside of hanging out with hirororo and going to deai, not really

No. 125185

Wheres the proof of going to deai

No. 125194

In the orevious thread, or this?someone posted the photos

No. 125308


Jesus fucking christ, no, not even katie would bang that. he's gay af

No. 125432

Looked couldnt find. Boo

No. 125433

File: 1461819053608.png (352.75 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_2016-04-28-13-50-10…)

Gaya looking ragged as always at kirari

No. 125434

File: 1461819221204.png (313.33 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_2016-04-28-13-52-46…)

Dont forget sandra

No. 125435

File: 1461819924421.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 122.95 KB, 738x1061, image.jpeg)

What's she doing these days

No. 125436

Shes an art college student in kyoto. No longer with that exhost i think. She still looks like shit, youd think shes do something about that messy makeup and hair

No. 125437

University in Kyoto. How can she afford this? I heard her ex hosty beat the shit out of her, that's why she was in hospital

No. 125441

Her and shany used to be best friends but she started fucking the host shany loved and shany out her so she ran off to Osaka kek

No. 125442

I'm pretty sure she ran to Osaka to get away from her host debt

No. 125443

Which host was this?
I heard that shani stole money from her and then blockd her lulz
Lol do you know club is the debt in?

No. 125444

What do all these girl have with hosts? I don't get it. They are moneysucker and it always surprises me how you can be in love with such a piece of shit…fucking yeah,& could understand but love? Ugh

No. 125446

File: 1461822730558.jpeg (105.74 KB, 750x1109, image.jpeg)


No. 125448

i always thought you as ugly as fuck

No. 125450

File: 1461823306577.png (719.22 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Better looking than most of the cows on here with no surgery and at least she seems to turn her life around.. Maybe

No. 125452

Yeah Shani is shady as fuckkkkk. She stole a ton of money and she told the club where Lara lived and the yaks started coming to her house so she ran to osaka

No. 125453

Eleanor a.k.a Lala steals from everyone and is fucked in the head. She owes money to half of Kabukicho and has 0 female friends because she treats them badly.

No. 125455

Shani is scum she needs her own thread. air out the trash

No. 125457

She took me to club once in Kabukicho tand paid for everything in cash and it was like 500000. I think she left because she fucks up school and cows like shani and gaya

No. 125458

Better looking maybe if she'd learn how to apply make-up. That contour is a crime, that abuse of eyeshadow isn't much better either.

No. 125459

File: 1461825122492.jpeg (156.96 KB, 750x1087, image.jpeg)

I dont think her family is poor

No. 125461

No. 125462

File: 1461825380257.png (275.15 KB, 303x422, fin.png)

kirari never forgets

No. 125467

Everytime Shani is mentioned her she and Katie comes here to white knight themselves. It's evident it's them because they always post on Facebook about baww lolcow. The only reason Shani hangs out with Katie and Ksara is because everyone ditched her. She's pure scum.

No. 125473


Literally noone white knigted them?
People jumped on the fact anon accused katie of sleeping with someone who's obviously not into women. If you make up obvious lies then ppl will call you out on it.
I'm guessing anon is no_identity. Ex best friend of shany and probably mad shany has friends and she has noone

No. 125478

Stop fag. Every single time one of them is mentioned they come here and white knight. Shani's seeking arrangements account was deleted almost instantly and some things I told only her in private years ago when I visited Japan were leaked here. It's obvious she comes here. Just shut the fuck up. I'm not Lara or anyone mentioned here. She has tons of milk not even including the porn she makes and her being a home wrecker.

No. 125479

>>>/snow/125476 Here's Shani's thread

No. 125488

Haha you're so angry

No. 125492

someone answer this

No. 125493

Who's that?

No. 125494

lol her ex host bf beat her up so bad she was in hospital ! ? Her face looks so swollen
These girls are fucking ridiculous just go home

No. 125495

Signorpompelmo on instagram

No. 125515

She looks like she never brushes her hair

No. 125522

At least she finally got a boob lift

No. 125554

No she said she mixed pills and ended up in hospital

No. 125558

Lalas tanto was ar club king i think
I went shokai and the hosts talked about lala and shani. They said they were annoying and loud

No. 125561

She also had a tanto i know for certain at club romeo

No. 125564

File: 1461847161453.jpeg (69.43 KB, 640x1068, image.jpeg)

Lol private

She also shittalked about her former best friend

No. 125566


Who is lala
Shani came here shit talking Lara

No. 125569

Ooops i meant lara

No. 125754

You heArd that from her!?
Was she like suicidal or some shit?

No. 125759

It's been private for a couple months yo
She probs wanted to stay on the dl from weird abusive ex host boy

No. 125764

So the host guy is the guy she went to osaka with?

No. 125837

No. 126719

Heard from a friend that goes to the same university as Amina that Amina confirmed to her shes an escort. All the while having a boyfriend

No. 126737

Is going to deai cafes now considered being an escort?

No. 126792

She used the exact word escort so im just quoting haha

No. 126820

If Gaya's husband is making it so if in real estate, why does she still have to prostitute?

No. 126821

Gaya gets off doing it.shes a freak

No. 126831

Yeah I know. I just find it funny when people call themselves escorts but all they do is sitting in a booth and waiting for someone to fuck for money.

No. 126834

Her husband is a scout
He agreed to marry her if she works for him

No. 126866

Simpler answer is Gaya is full of shit, her husband has no money and nor does she, hence the need to be a whore. It's also stunning how fucking clueless she is about what helps the economy, completely ignoring corporate taxes coming from big companies versus tax-avoiding Kabukicho bars…

No. 126867

Her husband started to work as a host again right after their marriage

No. 126871

Gayas husband is also a gaijinhunter

No. 127080

Gaya isnt very smart. Thought everybody already knew that though?

No. 127176

Sorry for dumb question but what exactly is Kirari?

No. 127184

Its a date cafe, which is pretty much a place where men and woman are in two separate rooms. Theres a glass window between them the men can see the woman, but the woman cant. If a guy sees a girl hes interested in he picks her number and they are both taken to a both where they can talk privately for a certain amount of time there they can discuss a date, or in the girls going there to prostitutes case discuss prices lol

No. 127185

It's the name of the deai cafe every foreigner and old single Japanese lady goes to get layed for some bucks.

Anyway, why keep all these foreigners going to kirari? There must be other deai companies, locations whatever. But everyone keeps going to kirari and then whines about getting posted on here or somewhere else

No. 127210

Its a date cafe, which is pretty much a place where men and woman are in two separate rooms. Theres a glass window between them the men can see the woman, but the woman cant. If a guy sees a girl hes interested in he picks her number and they are both taken to a both where they can talk privately for a certain amount of time there they can discuss a date, or in the girls going there to prostitutes case discuss prices lol

No. 127211

Woops posted twice!
Yeah ive seen others, but everybody in the weeb community is a dumb bitch and cant figure out that maybe they shouldn't go there if they dont want to be outed

No. 127291

File: 1462303350310.jpeg (97.66 KB, 708x978, image.jpeg)

Still going to host clubs now aren't we
Just die already
Sad it didnt work out 4 u last time, try harder.

No. 127293

Don't wish other people to die (except for sere, who'd deserve since she ruined the live of a man amd two children and probably some more people whom she lured into prostitution and whatever)

Damn it can't be THAT difficult to find sth else then kirari kek
I think I'd never use deai, I'm ok with just the web, or getting nanpat for money

No. 127298

Vendetta much , what did shedo steal ur fake host bf too?

No. 127339

didnt she write on facebook that "gyaru" etc wasnt her thing? That shes been pretending to like it (so ppl would like her?) for years and she came clean.

looks like shes back to whorin so she can go to host clubs LOL

No. 127349

He looks strikingly similar to this guy at my school

No. 127380

File: 1462323935218.jpeg (165.87 KB, 750x1170, image.jpeg)

Sandra is also blowing money on hosts it seems. Why are these girls so dumb to spend money on them?

No. 127384

Different anon here. She ran away from Tokyo cause she fucked up her life prostituting for 150$
For hosts. Racking up debt to the point yakuza were looking for her. Youd think shed learn, maybe dont go to hosts? But no shes an idiot

No. 127429

I've been with her to clubs before… She didn't have debt and she didn't seem hard up for cash either. And I stayed in her house like a week before she left and no yakuza?
But the fact that she still Gos to host clubs is fucking stupid. I only tagged along for the free shit whilst on holiday lol

No. 127432

I dont like this girl, she always had an issue with me for 0 reason. But her parents are wealthy, I doubt she ever ran up a debt.
She left Tokyo most likely because all her friendships burned out.

No. 127524

Guys on tokyoadult guide talked about lara
And they said she goes to kirari because of host debt

No. 127528

File: 1462375025017.jpeg (96.12 KB, 700x466, image.jpeg)

Her tanto is so ugly

No. 127531

LOOOOL you should do better research, stalker-chan.

No. 127534

Hi sandra

No. 127535

What visa is shani on in JP atm.? Does she have a degree?

No. 127542

File: 1462379199729.jpg (907.58 KB, 1347x1920, 16-05-05-01-11-33-443_deco.jpg)

Any one got any dirt on this fug?

She lives in Osaka and works as a hostess (or did?) but her Japanese is complete shit. She used her ugly ass ex for a visa and now only dates hosts (or tries to because of her shit language skills). She also uses people to try to gain popularity. Also a known thief.

No. 127543

Isn't she together with a jrock guy?

No. 127544

Used him for a visa.

No. 127564


No degree despite being in college for many many year.
And she's tourist visa!

No. 127568

Hello no_identityy aka Eleanor again. We know you post on here continually and even post yourself for attention. Once pathetic always pathetic.

No. 127590

Why would she post about herself when she clearly has cut herself from the stupid "gaijin gyaru" community and turned her life around. You all are talking about stuff that happened over two years ago. Get a life.

No. 127591

Hence she used her ex for a visa and now works in kyaba and as a catch girl for some night club. On top of that frequents host clubs and claims to be dating one.

No. 127602

Till her visa expire

No. 127673

As far as i see it I met Lara maybe twice three times at and after lives, and she was generous with money but treated most people like shit
Just a warped personality but not a cow

No. 127721

I know about three people that Eleanor has stolen from, ontop of that she used to stalk other girls in the gaijin gyaru community. This is widely known. Her Tumblr blog was just weird stories about hosts beating her up and getting raped by yakuza, she's a cow in a every sense of the word.

No. 127753

argh that freak. Shes thirsty as fuck

No. 127756

>>127753 deets

No. 127760

File: 1462422201958.png (874.05 KB, 929x584, lolol.png)

All the different guys she takes pikura with ahha

Shes always trying to take to vkei or host looking guys on the internet, even when shes in a relationship.

No. 127780

WOW your green is showing. She's been with the same dude for a long time. Have you never stopped to think maybe they're his friends??? Jeez.
Her BF is hot, no wonder you're green !!!

No. 127783

Stop making shit up. I used to rrad her old tumblr. Sure it was pictures and stories about hosts and her life in Tokyo but there was never any shit about getting raped or beaten.

No. 127784

If she has been with the same guy for a long time, then she is obviously cheating on him because the guy she introduces as her bf is not that ugly ass rocker wannabe guy.

No. 127793

Lol you sound like an asslicker she broke up with that ugly vkei tryhard almost a year ago. They only dated 2yrs. And I clearly remember her twitter being a moaning bitch fest about how all these guys didnt want to date her.

No. 127806

Because her Japanese is shit and most guys get fed up with trying to communicate with her lol

No. 127807

her old blog shibuya-nights.tumblr.com

No. 127808

ooooooooh that slut. I remember her. she is lucky she hasn't caught hiv considering one of her hookups I know personally is poz. dude is a dirty gaijin hunter I know has hooked up with a couple of girls on this thread.

No. 127810

Lolol what the actual fuck

No. 127811

You do realize that she was no babythestarsshinebright on tumblr right
She was nandemo_dekiru or something and then kabuki scandal now she's lalalandjapan
Get your shit straight dumbass

No. 127812

if hes HIV poz and a gaijin hunter post him.

No. 127824

What are you talking about
Anon talked about that mia girl not lara

No. 127842

Who is this!? This chick is insane!

No. 127851

Its mia carla the girl posted here >>127542

No. 127857

File: 1462458947631.jpeg (501.9 KB, 750x1003, image.jpeg)

I wonder how much these champagne calls cost. Why would you spend so much on some ugly ass dude?
If you prostitute yourself spend it at least on something useful instead of on a money sucking bastard.

No. 127859

She made an all-call after one month, how dumb
Let's wait for the tower
Equally you could also flush your money in the toilet

No. 127863

She thinks her tanto loves her

No. 127874

Oh my… So naive and stupid.

No. 127883

File: 1462463620480.jpeg (58.4 KB, 750x1183, image.jpeg)

She deleted almost all her pictures and kicked followers and now the description that she doesn't use Instagram much anymore. Hello Sandra! You must be so paranoid that you are lurking here.

No. 127893

Hey sandra
You can't get a spouse visa if it's a host

No. 127928

Wow how fucking stupid are these dumb girls???

No. 127940

Wasn't that chick "hitmebaby1moretime" or something like that? A fuzoku in tokyo?

No. 127959

No. 127980

イースター = easter
インスター = insta

Why are so many of these girls Japanese such shit!?

No. 127981

So Mia used to live in Tokyo?

No. 127982

File: 1462477437582.png (141.96 KB, 482x444, failure1.png)

who wants to buy shit?

No. 128014

Too much alcohol damaging their brains?

No. 128026


is that the girl who claimed to ride on motorbikes with the yakuza and have a old jap sugar daddy for her to spend on Liz lisa?

No. 128045

Nah, the bulk of their Japanese is just JPIME autofill that they either can't or don't bother to proofread.

No. 128063

I didn't know anything about the yakz but did know about her cheating on her BF for moar money lol

No. 128097

Sandra claims to be so good in Japanese but it's bad, same as her English.

No. 128118

how do you know this is miacarla?

No. 128127

Because if you read through all the stuff everything points to her. Shes not very good at hiding her identity

No. 128132


I've been reading up to 20 pages on her old blog and I cannot see the resemblance or where it points to her, sorry anon :(

No. 128133

Descriptions of her ex, her pierced tongue, tattoos, the timeline of university and her returning to her home country. All coincide with when she was here on exchange then when her ex came to visit her in said home country it all adds up, and thats just a little of it.

No. 128161

Agreed lol

No. 128310

No. 129025

Ive always wondered!

No. 129028

File: 1462850306873.png (395.42 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_2016-05-10-12-15-40…)

Uglies going to hosts together. Fun in osaka selling the pussy.

No. 129378

File: 1462946184430.png (293.8 KB, 481x418, Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 14.5…)


No. 129390

No. 129393

File: 1462955788408.jpeg (64.04 KB, 750x704, image.jpeg)

Anyone know her?
> inb4 selfposter!!!!!
Nah im just always curious about girls that work at bars/clubs… I want that money

No. 129424

Love all the cows commenting ITT :——)

No. 129427

Not a host. He said it was his birthday so he got a bear cake and a host-style champagne bottle.

At least bother to fully translate the milk !!!

No. 129428

Are you dumb? She is half Japanese. To her its probably just a normal accessible job.
How many barmaids do YOU know that make a lot of money? Moron.

Obvious self post from an ugly piece of unworthy shit.

No. 129435

HAHAHAHA omg people please check her tumblr it is hilarious. Love herself tumblrina over here posting boohoo shit. Poor me Im half everybody is so mean to me wah wah. Trying to also imply she is dating someone famous by mentioning "fans". Yes, this whore definitely self posted !!! What a loser !

No. 129560

what tha fuck www

No. 129569

Actually I know many barmaids who make a lot of money because they have a big customer base. Thus making 500,000yen a month-ish. Yeah maybe not in the 1,000,000yen range but still quite a bit if they are good at it.

No. 129570

Stop talking you bunch of cows Jesus Christ…

No. 129576

I can smell your bullshit through the screen. Tumblrina self poster.

No. 129577

Also FYI barmaids in Japan are on a minimum wage salary and no one tips here as it's considered rude. So definitely a big pile of steaming bullshit.

No. 129619

> what a loser
> ugly worthyless piece of shit
Whoah have you had your rabies shot? Settle the fuck down. You are hella mad for something so trite.
And yea she may be half but she wasnt raised in nippon. So she is a foreigner.

No. 129707

She still clearly self-posted.
Whoever posts themselves to this site has mad issues.

No. 129718

Not if its sales based and you call in your own customers and you get a percentage from what your customers spend you call in. Yeah, no tips. But the difference between Japanese bars and Western bars is that customers come to see the staff rather than to mingle with other customers they don't know. At least in Kabukicho style bars. Also if you are Tencho or Manager you often get a higher base. Alot of ex-kyabajo do this sort of job because its similar but not as stressful mentally.

If it is a girls bar then it's on average 1500-2000yen an hour. But I've also seen some places at up to 3000yen an hour. (areas like NishiAzabu)

No. 129722

No shit. The post implied that he thinks he's a host. I have no idea why he does that since he can't speak Japanese and is married lol….

"Yay! Birthday! Turned 24.
Bear cake and hostish's bottle awesome lol"

No. 129723

But yeah, if you're the type who just coasts on hourly wage you won't make more much more than 120,000yen~200,000yen a month. However if you go for high commission percentage, even if you only lets say have a base of 60,000yen a month (approx 3000yen a day at 5 days a week) at about 40%-50% commission, you can get 300,000-600,000yen if you're good at what you do.

Another thing thats different from the west and Japan is that the bar staff also drink too so that jacks up bills a lot too.

No. 129724

his twitter is gold, his japanese.. how is he going to be a host if he dont know any grammar

No. 129742

>go to Japan
>go to clubs where you pay to ogle men
>get involved with organized crime and work shady jobs/do porn/fuck random men for "burando"
Is this what Japan is really all about?

No. 129751

Thats deluded weeb japan.

No. 129756

To be fair, a lot of people on here consider any form of night work including just bar or just kyabakura (in contrary to what the general opinion of kyabajos are on this form, a lot of them don't sleep with their customers) to be shady.

Day work in Japan is suffocating for the average western mind. With all the reigi (Japanese unwritten rules of edicate that are complex and stressful even to the native Japanese) and service over-time etc.

No. 129766

I think kyabajo as well as host work is ok and I don't really give a flying fuck about foreigners doing it. But foreignere being involved in sexwork, soaplands etc and bragging about it online, or people who run around in kawaii uguu clothes and constantly crying over how annoyed they're by ppl taking photos of them etc give me second hand embarrassment and 100% cringe, because THAT'S definitely NOT cool or edgy or whatever

No. 129767

the amusing thing is Japanese fashion has become so normie these days that you'll often see more foreigners dressed up all kawaii uwu than actual Japanese ppl in places like Harajuku … so of course they're going to get people taking photos of them … what do they expect? lol they're like walking flashbacks to 2008.

No. 129769

Agree! Same with the gaijin gyaru

No. 129776

I scanned this entire thread, and couldn't find one link to any of Shani's alleged porn videos. You guys gonna provide the milk or not? Even her JAV name would help.

No. 129784


>Jav name

Just look in Shani's thread. Multiple links are there.

No. 129800

Gunna comment here, but I worked in a bar for a while that catered to foreign clientele… and yeah. They tip, even in Japan. The Japanese men tipped more because they saw that we gave more attention to people who gave more money.

FYI it was run by a Filipino with half Japanese half foreign girls.

No. 129806


Let's be honest though, girls "bars" and kyaba are hardly 'bar maid' jobs though.

You don't see girls at the HUB getting tips and making more than minimum wage.
One hell of a big difference!

No. 129852

Not only are they posted in shanis thread, they were posted in the previous gaijin in japan thread. Need to work on your internet skills anon

No. 129961

Hub is a western style bar. That means the customers are there to mingle with other customers rather than going there to see staff. I'm pretty sure Hub doesn't expect their staff to call in customers and talk to them beyond taking their order. There are shot bars and mixed bar (where men and women work at) that have bar tenders that get a percentage of their sale.

No. 129984

If you work for a shitty company, yes. Wouldn't recommend anyone to go work at a normal Japanese company in Japan. Gaishikei is where it's at.

No. 130012

You're right. I worked for a Japanese company and it was HELL. No wonder people are suiciding and salarymen are such grumpy assholes. Japanese work culture sucks balls.

No. 130809

File: 1463323274725.png (516.96 KB, 415x449, strawb.PNG)

do you think manon is cute

No. 130810

What a mess haha

No. 130812

Manon isn't a lolcow, and this picture is old. Stay bitter.

No. 130816

Manon is just as much a lolcow as any of the other special snowflake attention whores everyone posts. Picture is pretty recent and not posted yet so is relevant. Keep trying asskisser.

No. 130818


Speaking of Manon isn't she kind of fake for badmouthing events like the fashion walks but then going anyway? She used to always try to distance herself from other foreigners in the fashion scene but recently seems to be trying to keep up a public image for her "wacky kawaii fashion icon" image…..

No. 130833

Seets then? If you have milk, spill. If not, shut the fuck up/don't be surprised when people don't take you seriously

No. 130909

im not bitter, this pic isnt old, and i didnt say anything bad about her or say she is a cow or anything. just asked thoughts.

No. 130910

that being said, i think she is pretty cute, sometimes pretty, albeit snowflakey with the wahoo im 25 but gonna be this kawaii decora alien 5ever!!

No. 130944


As >>130818 said she's known for badmouthing most of the other fashion idol wannabe gaijin like Katie. So it is kind of lulzy she's been now trying to become closer with them. She's not a sex worker or on that side of the lolcows here but just like the other delusional try hard fashion messes that get posted here I see no difference. She has a bad attitude in person and always tries to flaunt that she works at Doki but she honesty isn't that great a worker. I'll admit she's pretty so is good for their promos but her customer service and Japanese is terrible. My one friend was so disappointed at Monster Cafe when she lazily
seated their group and mumbled some memorized rules and then spent most of the time sucking up to another group that came in.

No. 130949

Whiteknighting and deflecting. Why you up Manon's butt anon? I don't dislike her, but when people act like this in anyone's defense it makes me wonder.

No. 130994

Where's your proof she badmouths people anon? What did she say?

No. 131004

shit, she's 25? how shameful. everyone knows when you hit 25 you're only allowed to wear black, brown or grey, minimal make-up and sensible hairstyles. Ugh. How dare she think she can do otherwise. Her snowflake rating is literally off the charts!!

No. 131006

Untwist your panties. She's not a lolcow.

She's working two legit jobs, minding her business and as a result all we've got is some nitpicky bitches bashing her fashion sense and a couple of obviously made-up rumors.

Can we get back to talking about actual ridiculous lolcows and all their daily life fuckery? this shit is boring.

No. 131008

lol gomen

No. 131024

She used to badmouth Katie all the time and she would still hang out with her. Same with HFW she said she wasn't interested in going because it had a bad vibe when my friend asked her to go. Then because people she deemed "important" were going she changed her mind and announcing herself as going on twitter. I never said she was terrible but I'm not the only person she's turned off because of her rude and suck-up attitude in person. Take it as you will.

No. 131041

Didn't she used to be friends with that nutjob sugar_honey_iced_tea, who used to stalk katie all the time, so no surprise there. I saw sugar_ice post pictures of her with manon on her Japan trip, but Manon didn't post any. My guess is that Manon favors katie now sugar publically sperged everywhere and is a known head case. Still pretty low to switch alliances like that.

No. 131054

'switch alliances' what is this, some kind of kawaii military tactics?

More like Manon is just really naive and a bit dumb and too ~kindess is cute uwu~ to notice people's crazy until it's too late.

No. 131343

File: 1463465963508.png (264.84 KB, 298x398, Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 15.1…)

didn't this fat bitch "buy" a house? Maybe she's getting some extra cash to pay for her loan then

No. 131350

its back

No. 132310

Someone in the Sere thread mentioned KISU being back to Germany. any proofs on that?

No. 132480

File: 1463693194328.png (637.46 KB, 503x588, puri.png)

one of the more creepy purikura ive seen lately

No. 132487

wow the current purikura machines are beyond creepy idk who's making them or what they're thinking but those effects are horrific!

No. 132491


those machines need to be set on fire tbd

No. 132492


but y'all still wanna live there

No. 132510

I want the 2011 purikura back

No. 132511


No. 132524

But can we talk about how Manon is going to get a second Uni degree just to keep her visa

No. 132537

Ah did she come out and mention it? I was wondering about that. She was on a working holiday visa for a year or so but it was due to expire like a few months ago.

No. 132539

Great someing new for her to complain about

No. 132542

File: 1463712167767.jpeg (129.79 KB, 787x588, image.jpeg)

No drama i dont think but her doofy bird face annoys me and her husband is kinda hot

No. 132543

Don't post if there is no milk. Are you a fucking moron or just new here?

No. 132544

Nah, he looks kinda gross tbh anon. Good luck to them tho. Their wedding looks cute.

No. 132557

So many boring people get posted here without milk provided. I think some here should get off the internet for a while or control their jealousy.

No. 132567

But omg anon, they are in jaaapaaan, and some of them even have japanese husbands/boyfriends! How ever will they not be jealous?

No. 132578

She looks cute in other pictures tho. Anyway, she's a nice girl and not weeby at all, I liked her videos a lot because of that, they were different from the ones of the other annoying jvloggers. And yeah, there's no milk or cringe here, it's stupid to post this kind of people here.

No. 132632

Here let me write what you really wanted to say:

Omg how DARE this ugly plain bitch marry a Japanese guy I am so personally butthurt about it …. like, how does she think she deserves such a gloriously hot Japanese man over someone like ME? Ugh, I'm so bitter I wonder if I can get people hating on her to make myself feel a little better …

No. 132640

Her face is gross.

No. 132641

>Can we get back to talking about actual ridiculous lolcows and all their daily life fuckery?

Go back to /pt/ then.

No. 132656

didnt say that at all but ok lol

No. 132813

I feel like when you're married to a Japanese guy, the only reactions you'll get on a page like this are "He's so hot and she's so plain, why?!" and "Why did she marry this ugly guy?!"
Because beauty is all that matters in a relationship and is also totally objective.

No. 132866

File: 1463808819331.png (212.14 KB, 478x691, Screenshot_2016-05-21-14-19-00…)

Wow this dumb weeb is pregnant but is still working as a prostitute, does she have any regard to the safety of her unborn child?! If you get stds while pregnant. Is she a retard

Translation of first tweet down
I cried so much and now feel better

Today was also exhausting.graduating from fuzoku (prostitution) in 3wks.

They said the baby is very healthy. I also got to hear its heart for the first time it was touching.

No. 132867

Having sex while pregnant(especially in the early stages of 3weeks) is completely fine. It's only dangerous if she's around smoke or drinking.

No. 132871

Um no shes doing sex with multiple customers and she doesnt know if they dont have stds ect.

No. 132880

Maybe you haven't gotten to the part of sex ed where they show you what condoms are…

No. 132887

Of course I have dickhead. Condoms arent 100%
And all fuzoku joints here in japan offer bareback blowjobs -high risk right there. Think before you reply k thx bye

No. 132901

Still at risk of syphilis, HPV, and pubic lice, as well as unplanned pregnancy.

No. 132903

Exactly, though considering shes already pregnant unplanned pregnancy can be ruled out lol. Also syphilis is going around in japan atm

No. 132918

File: 1463834390545.png (1.14 MB, 640x1136, image.png)

Shanis former best friend. Married since she is 19.
Claims to be half asian
Somebody knows what she is up to atm?

No. 132920

Half asian kekkity kek

No. 132921

Name, link, anything? Come on anon!

No. 132941

Kaliah michi nishiyama

No. 133000

former kirari bitch here. omg, i feel so weird looking at this thread. just a few years ago, i was whoring around in tokyo too and ive met half of the cows in this thread….. idk if i should miss those days or not. my life is soo normal and boring now….. but at least i dont have to suck dick

No. 133001

can you spill some drama?
and cool that you managed to leave this shit behind you! Just because your life is 'normal' now I wouldn't consider it as boring! you had some fun before and now I bet you still have some fun as well

No. 133003


Well, I never got too close to any of the "cows". I only did prostitution to pay bills and buy all the gyaru shit I wanted, but I didn't share their hobbies of fucking scouts for free(wtf) and host clubs

Back then me and my bf were like the only gaijin at kirari, and now it seems to be full of them haha

It was a crazy life….and now I see way crazier girls like Gaya etc

Hmm idk….I've been working a normal full time job since leaving Japan, and it's actually more stressful than selling pussy :( thats the dangerous part of it, you lose sight of what money is worth and what actual hard work is -_- I shouldnt miss thisssss

No. 133004

you have girls here like sere who left their children, married for visas and fucked around, all on public

girls like gaya who are barely an adult when they get married to shady japanese scouts

i dont even know if there is a person who could give more milk

No. 133009

you got an interesting story there. Thanks for sharing.

Since I left japan, and i was only there for an exchange program, I still feel delusional about money, love and stuff like that. I didn'T prostitute myself but I had a like 3 bfs who spend shit tons of money on me. and now? I had like only one bf since coming back and he did nothing for me except for reeeaaaaaally bad sex…wow.

I wanna be a spoiled gf again kek

No. 133021


welcome to the real world anon

No. 133022


Another white claiming to be hafu again


No. 133024


Cos Japanese males are the alpha asian anon and all women who are not Japanese are ugly weebs who don't deserve them.

Lol but srsly I know what you mean and it's boring as fuck. Some of these girls are alright looking but majority are basic girls and the guys aren't that much cop either tbh. Just average.

If it was some fucker like Haruma Miura for e.g then I could understand. But the jelly is mostly cos they've bagged a nip and that's it.

If you're all so desperate for a Japanese guy go sell pussy, hello talk or some dodgy exchange site. Charm the bastard and you'll be married within a year or less if you're truly desperate.

No. 133051

I hate that, it really ruins everyone else's reputation that actually is. My nephew is a hafu, no body is going to believe him because of this shit.

No. 133075

File: 1463882852977.jpeg (77.13 KB, 640x538, image.jpeg)

Oh fuchigami katarina with her host and debt husband made a new facebook account

No. 133080

I've said this before and I'll say it again : what the fuck do these gaijin gyaru have in their heads. Like, almost every gaijin gyaru does sugaring, prostitution, getting involved with mafia, working illegally, marry a random Japanese dude, hosting… I can't understand this "gaijin gyaru dream". What the fuck with them.

No. 133102

Almost all the chicks here aren't gyaru tho?? Or barely, they don't live the gyaru lifestyle. I'm also a ~gaijin gyaru~ but I'm in a healthy relationship and have a normal job in Japan. The key is to get your shit together with a real job and don't go after shitty hosts or guys like that. At the most an ex-gyaruo is ok so he can put up with the gyaru shit, but he has to have a decent job too.

No. 133120

File: 1463910752115.jpeg (48.06 KB, 633x782, image.jpeg)

Aww gaya changed her name

No. 133121

Most of these girls are on student visa.
Work permit 28hrs a week (112hrs a month). average monthly expense in Tokyo 200,000
That means you need roughly a job that pays ¥1800/hr to survive. If you want to be frugal you could survive at ¥1500/hr. Most izakaya or shop-staff are at 800yen~1100yen an hour. Girls bar or maid cafe ranges from 1200~2000yen an hour but yeah thats sorta grey zone.

So unless you luck out in a high paying english teaching job or have some specialty that can land you a higher paying job you either go for grey zone~black work or you go for a normal job who allows you to work over your 28hrs a week limit (which is also technically illegal too). You must have 80% attendance at school so the 2nd option isn’t really the best

Considering most of these girls aren’t lucky enough to have parents to support them this is the reality they have when trying to survive in Japan.

kyaba if you can get in is minimally 250,000~300,000 a month for not so famous clubs for just being there at around 4-6hrs a day. Much more if you’re actually good and sell. Fuzoku can range from 500,000~2,000,000 a month depending how you do it.

Perks of Night work:
-more open minded
-can dress how you want
-less hours higher pay
-don’t have to deal with the service overtime
-don’t have to deal with too much of that Reigi crap

No. 133126

Hostess clubs with foreigners don't pay that much

No. 133128

at minimally 3000yen an hour. Yes they do. Unless you work for nigerians. Then its 10,000 a day (8hrs)

No. 133129

I also said if you can get in. I worked for a Japanese kyabakura though.

No. 133140

Where's she claiming to be haafu? Neither on her blog or Twitter does she say anything about being half.

No. 133149

They do lol

No. 133150

She did in the past. First she claimed to be half japanese but changed it to chinese

No. 133151


Most? I thought only Vika/Shani is on student visa?

And aminyan at a reach

No. 133155

vika, shani, kisu has been but someone said she's back to germany, ksara, shiena was until she graduated a few months ago, yazoo is, janet is, sere is on a tourist visa, barbie is probably on a studen visa as well, ari marie's visa state is still unknown

No. 133158

On a student visa you're supposed to show in advance that you have the funds to support yourself through school

No. 133165

Why did they let you work? Kabukicho kyaba?

No. 133199

Why do you actually want to be gyaru? Don't you feel weird walking around Japan dressed like a throwback from 10 years ago?

No. 133200

My words, anon

No. 133201

I plan on going to Japan later on this year and a guy I know told me that working in a hostess club is an option (he used to work for one as security). I plan on teaching English though BUT I don't have a degree so I'm kinda worried about how I will survive jobwise. I'd be on a WHV and may try for a student visa afterwards if I wanna stay.

I can learn Japanese pretty quickly too and will be trying for a jlpt 4 soon. My English is good too. A part of me is quite interested in working at a bar or hostess club or something like that but I never want to get into sex work or sugaring involving sex. What makes me nervous is that people use nightlife work as a gateway to sexwork.

Opinions? Is this realistic? I'm still quite young compared to most of the girls mentioned on this thread. I'm going to go to Japan either way but I just want to have realistic expectations.

Hopefully I can get serious responses?

Thanks for reading.

No. 133202

how will you teach english without a degree?
thats like the bare minimum requirement for eikaiwa

No. 133203

jlpt n4 is like kindergarten level

No. 133206

learn a job before going to japan or at least learn a job or get a degree before starting to THINK ABOUT STAYING THERE. If you don't have rich parents who are supporting you and spend thousands of dollars on you for doing nothing but language school or whoring around japan, then you might be able to do it without sex work, otherwise, hello vika or gaya #2

No. 133207

WHV. Americans can't get it. And I'm not aiming for an eokaiwa. Just to earn money and teaching English is the most obvious choice.

No. 133211

You can do private English teaching. There are several platforms you can use. You don't need a degree for that. It's mostly just conversations.

No. 133214

but you need to be aware that this can also lead to (unwanted) sex work. If you're a young white foreigner, doing private english lessons, it's well suspicious

No. 133218

the fact you'd ask for advice here indicates you're way too naive and young to be going to Japan lol

No. 133219

Well that's true…. Many guys use this for dating purpose and not only to study :/

No. 133221

tru, just as >>133206 said. You don't need a degree, but at least learn a job and THEN go to Japan. You can get the WHV until you reach the age of 30, you still have lots of time to save up some money, go there on holidays a few times and fucking learn a job

No. 133222

I hope this isn't the only place where you ask for advice on how to move to Japan, lol.

No. 133231

Ok so I've read this thread for a while.

To the people A-logging the shit out of foreign hookers in Japan, it's kind of getting old. When I was at a language school in Japan, I knew so many Chinese kids who worked at Izakayas(which is a grey zone) and often worked over their hours. I knew girls with sugar daddies who paid their rent and I knew girls who became kyaba. All I can say is, who the fuck cares. The Japanese government does NOT care evidently unless they did a huge raid or the student gets caught up in drugs. People who are in school but strip to get by etc, who the fuck cares.

HOWEVER people like Sere who have abandoned children are absolutely foul. No excuses. She's an idiot. She's already 27 and wasting her life with no long term viable career goal. Shani also is getting up there and seems to be bullshitting about actually getting a real job. She's done enough shit to be a cow.

People who marry for visas/manipulate guys unknowingly for a spouse visa are also shit. Himezawa and the likes.

With that said stop with the bullshit. If you came to Japan you'd realise nobody abides by the visa rules in some way or another.
Female English teachers are practically pimped by their eikawa to talk to horny disgusting ronri dudes. And there's been many cases of sexual abuse in eikawa.

No. 133232

Sere's 28 and will turn 29 this year
>sorry for ot reply

No. 133233

Anyone can show their parent's retirement fund or take a loan. Not everyone has a huge fucking trust fund to waste away on their weeb dreams. At least they're actually making their own money instead of leaching off their parents like a lot of pasty weeb guys I know here. The only argument to be had about foreign sex workers is "They make us look bad" which isn't fucking true because there's Way more Fillipina, Korean, Chinese, Japanese hookers in Japan than pudgy white girls.

No. 133234

No you need a degree or get married if you want to stay in Japan long term. "Learning a job" won't fucking save you. Any job you "learn" can be done by a south East Asian immigrant for 1/3 of the price. I don't understand why you guys care about hookers so much. Pretty sure some girls you went to school with are now prositutes in your local town.

No. 133235

I mean 'learn a job' in the way of 'think about this shit for the next 3-4years, if you still wanna go to japan after that to be hooker, go ahead'

No. 133236

I don't care for hookers, kyaba etc but if they act stupid and cringy like eg Sere and her gang, incl barbie and the harajuku gang, I swear they deserve to be on here.

No. 133238

Kek "learn a job"

No. 133239

Here is a good piece of advice for half you twats in this board over there in glorious Japan.

Get an actual job other than fucking around as a gear gaijin or whatever. Then you won't have any problems with these tard girls over there.

No. 133240


Not same anon but I thought that too… probably an Asian

No. 133242

I'm not an asian, but here you take apprenticeships for 3-4 years which can, depending on the job, equal a university degree.

No. 133254


lol wait, how is it a throwback when stores in Japan are still selling gyaru clothes? Idgi. Also I don't live anywhere near Tokyo where there aren't so many gyaru, but gyaru is still popular where I live and lots of people still get tans too

No. 133255

because 99% percent of the weebs and probably also the people on here believe that Japan=Tokyo kek

Just leave Tokyo and go to Saitama, Chiba, KAwasaki or NAgoya or any other more rural area, young girls there still go full gyaru, but most of them will buy there clothes from shimamura, pumpkin, honeys etc

No. 133316

You mean go to any backwater town that hasn't caught up to the current trends yet??? Ok.

Gyaru is dead. Get over it.

No. 133323

Gaijin gyaru should go to inaka
Where gyaru is still alive

No. 133347


thank fuck someone finally said it

No. 133376

It's not as easy to get a teacher job as everyone seems to think lmao. Especially if you don't have a degree…

No. 133384


Honestly, putting aside moral omg its illegal for gaijin shame on you people's opinions aside

It is realistic to go for english teaching job

as for bar or hostess, if you are super gaijin looking you might not have a lot of luck. If however, you are asian then you have a chance at this kind of job.. But on the contrary if you are super white looking you have a chance at a job at english teaching even without a degree.

Japan is like this. Depending on how you look the options are completely different.

But yeah, if you can pick up the language quick and are smooth talker you can get by without sex.

No. 133385

You're wrong. She is 27 turning 28 this year. Born 1988.

No. 133386

Maybe the reason you can't get a "teacher" job is because your English sucks. I wouldn't give you a teaching job, either.

There are many companies that give jobs if you are a native English speaker. The problem isn't the job. The problem is that they won't support your visa application.

No. 133387

Thats true. Alot of these girls at least are making their own money and paving their own way. Alot of these girls who abide by the visa laws strictly are either leeching off their parents or established a career already

No. 133396

If that anon is on a Working holiday visa then she doesn't need the support and can work as a teacher. There are many offers for students and WH people on several sites. You don't need a degree for that.

No. 133399

Funny how so many people in this thread claim to know so much about Japan life. You can survive, as a student, off of working at an izakaya, restaurant, etc. It's called living like a student. What student may I ask prances around in stupid burando clothes with burando bags, etc. Wtf happened to surviving off cup ramen!?

No. 133400

I was making 2500yen an hour plus percentage back on all my sales working at a foreign club.

I now make almost the same if not less working at a 高級 Japanese club.

It depends on where you work, the popularity of the club, and yourself and also location.

No. 133449


You've never been to Osaka? lol

No. 133451

I was making 3000 an hour but my hourly wage went up depending on my rank at the club

This was a gaijin hostess club in Roppongi

No. 133466

Thanks for the advice. The fact that some of you guys are struggling to understand what a WHV is for and you are claiming to live in Japan is worrying though… The aim is for you to travel and work to have enough money to keep you going for a year. I'm not planning to live in Japan long term at this stage.

So many people go on WHV without degrees.I don't think I will be needing 200,000 a month either. I can get away with much less. My current city is more expensive than Tokyo.

If I want to, after I will go to a language school.

No. 133476

Keep in mind that you need a lot of money if you want to go to a language school. It costs a fortune and you need to show immigration that you are able to support yourself or your parents have to act as a supporter.
If you want to go to a language school on a tourist visa it's much easier. Just pay for one term and you are good to go. Student visa is much more difficult.

No. 133492

True this. I did WH 8 years ago, and while living on 120,000 a month or less was no fun at all, it's possible. Not enough money to travel though.
After WH you can always go back to your country, get a degree and then, if you want to return to Japan, return.

No. 133499


Not everyone lives in Japan weeblord.

No. 133500


I personally think only go to Japan and live there if you CAN afford it. So many people seem to be going then struggle when they get there and resort to selling their foreign fanny on the market and cry over bitchy girls. Then you get the ones who are just fame hungry (himezawa) and whine in videos over not being noticed enough. Himezawa is doing it wrong anyway because you should make a name for yourself before moving somewhere, unless you have special connections already and a place to boost your way up once you get there. But otherwise it's just hopeless.

Get a degree, work a few shit jobs or sell online save up a shit ton before moving there and you won't have any issues. Can't? Then don't bother. Just trying to be realistic here guys.

No. 133508

>only go to Japan if you can afford it
So are you saying most of the Fillipino and Chinese student shouldn't even come to Tokyo for a better life?

How about New York City. Plenty of people who can't afford it move every year for more opportunities. Idk why you guys are obsessed with sex workers.

No. 133510

Then stop talking out of your asses and saying no one dresses gyaru when people do lol

No. 133515

Sex workers are actually everywhere in the world but they pick constantly on those in Japan. It makes me wonder if they are jealous not being in their position.

No. 133517

It took me a while to catch onto this. A lot of the people on this particular thread are. Especially with sere. There are women like her all over the Internet (women who prostitute and abandon their children) but because she lives in Tokyo people hate her.

I've realised that there seems to be this high school mentality with the gaijin in Japan. So sere and Katie and whoever are the popular mean girls while everyone on here bitches about them. Tbh all I see is people having fun and messing their own lives up. It doesn't really have anything to do with you. This whole your making gaijin look bad is just an excuse to hate.

Some of you are salty that sere and Katie etc have an experience that you can't get even if you tried.

No. 133518

By degree are you referring to a university degree?
Why would you need that to work on WHV? You can do simple jobs without a degree as well.

No. 133519

Thank you! And New York is actually more expensive than Tokyo.

this thread is so full of hookers that people believe that it's the only way to live in Japan without a degree. Some of you >>133500 need to get off lolcow sometimes kek

No. 133530

Lol people implying everyone is jealous of sere and katie.

No anon, maybe some but not everyone.

Also just stop being lazy fuckers and actually attempt to make something out of your lives. Im guessing the majority of you all in this thread are probably on the nip flange market for a good few yen.

Just get your lives together and move on.

No. 133543

but depending on your job, you'll probably have a lower salary in tokyo

No. 133559

> most of the Fillipino and Chinese student shouldn't even come to Tokyo
nope they shouldnt
theyre invading

No. 133566

You can live off of 112000 yen a month including transportation, phone, rent etc? yeah if you survive off of cup ramen and by miracle find a place that you can live for 40000yen a month that isn't so far from where you need to go because transportation is expensive. but don't be surprised when you enter health problems due to eating too poorly. [I seriously went through this and it's a miserable experience] This is without buying or doing anything. Never-mind when random stuff hits you like breaking your phone, getting sick and cant work for certain period of time. etc

No. 133598

My first apartment in Japan was 34500yen a month. Tiny as fuck, but a place to eat, sleep and shower. I cooked at home most of the time because it's cheaper here to buy groceries than eat out or buy shit from the convenience store. My salary was about 150000yen a month and I survived and still had a blast.

Key to this, brand shit is retarded. Learn how to finance and you will be fine.

Now I currently make 300000yen a month working at a lounge, have a 2LDK apartment in the city and have sponsors that support me as well. Have I ever fucked customers for money, no. Am I lucky? No, I am honest and smart and it seems to pay off.

The girls that come here and prostitute themselves, that is their lifestyle. This is something that happens everywhere in the world and they happened to chose that path in life. Do I think it's sad, yes BUT it's their life and people do what they can to survive.

I am not sure why you are all hating on these girls. Is it because they have visas, live in Japan, date Japanese men, go to host clubs, are loaded? It all just seems like some jealousy party here. All sitting behind your cellphone and computer screens legit stalking these girls instagrams, facebooks, twitter accounts and then running your mouth like you know something. Is your life really that boring? Were you a victim of bullying and therefore decided to bully someone else?

Think about it.
A bunch of grown ass women acting like little girls. Time to grow up.

No. 133611


No. 133614

TBH anon a lot of the trash talking comes from robots who are buttmad that white girls sometimes bang Asian guys. They use the worst possible examples (hookers, attention whores, etc) as "proof" that every foreigner who goes to Japan is a delusional weeb.

You know, because normal white girls without a yellow fever never, ever randomly meet an Asian guy they happen to like and want to date.

No. 133616

tbh as I've mentioned many times before in this thread, I don't think all white girls going to Japan are weebs or have yellow fever and I'd never pic the girls in this thread to 'proof' shit like this, cuz it isn't tru.

I just like to come here to have a good laugh at some desperate actual weeb girls lives going down to shit kek

No. 133629

um…it's an anon board, idk which posts are yours or even that you posted already in this thread.

No. 133634


Thank you tumblrina feminist who preaches #supportallwimmin

Why do people always say "ya all jelly" though? Come up with a better comeback. Its getting old as fuck.

The surivive thing is a pile of shit. Its their own fault for going to Japan to sell fanny in the first place anyway. They know what theyre getting into. No sympathy.

As if I would feel sorry for slappers like Shani sere or Barbie.

No. 133638

Thread content summary: angry prostitutes living in Japan who are getting offended by others claiming their job isnt a job. Therefore feels the need to try defending their vulgarness.

No. 133649

Original poster here.

Am I white? Mixed, but basically white in the eyes of others.
I have dated Japanese guys and my current bf is Japanese.
Did I struggle while living here? Hell yes I did and still am, but this is the reality of living here. There were times when I could barely afford to eat after paying my bills but never did I think to use my body to "get by" and honestly the thought of ever having to do so makes me cringe.

Everyone is different and functions im different ways. Perhaps due to their upbringing or influence from others.

I have never crossed paths with any of these girls but one, who has become a dear friend of mine and has come a long way from what she was. I have never judged her for what she did during hard times. Like I wrote earlier, we all function differently.

People like Sere, Gaya, Shani, and the list goes on… Let them do them and learn from their own mistakes. For people like them, hate and bullying is only encouraging. Sure they make other foreigners living in Japan look bad, but seriously who gives a fuck? You all got a choice to ignore and look the other way.

No. 133656

It seems like the original poster came to Japan hoping to live that Kawaii dream but ended up unpopular, probably due to lack of fashion sense or personally none of the popular girls in Japan would let her sit with them (judging from OP pic and her uninspiring monologue).

No. 133658

I live in Tokyo and work a regular job with a bunch of other foreigners. I've never been thought badly of OR heard negative comments about foreign sex workers from Japanese people. My friends (also all regular "normal" people) don't even know who ANY of these girls are… So, it's not giving foreigners a bad name. Chill out. They are nobodies.

No. 133660

The fact you said bullying encourages them is a little sad, bullying can have long lasting emotional effects, the fact you said bullying makes it seem like you are punishing them. Probably for the reasons I stated above.
I wonder what your "normal job is". The fact you stated it as such leads us to believe it's embarrassing or mundane, or not normal at all, you're probably another one of the girls posting here who gives handjobs for money but still judges others for doing so.

No. 133662

I'm a teacher, lol.

No. 133663

Which FYI is not mundane at all. Unlike a lot of the people that work as teachers here, I am an ACTUAL qualified/certified teacher in an accredited International school. Not an ESL teacher.
So if you work hard and want to achieve a decent normal yet fun life, it is possible to do so without these girls 'ruining the rep', as no one knows who they are and it hasn't ruined anything for me, so let them get on with it.

No. 133665

Lol theres a shit ton of whitefags that work in the hundreds of "international schools" in Tokyo. Get off your high horse. Just because you work a normalfag job who cares

No. 133666

The op sounds like one of those kinds of people who think their way of living is the best/right way and everyone who doesn't do this is bad.

I mean, good for you. You're 'happy and have a well balanced life' congratulations! Or.. do you? if your life is so nice and fun why are you even on here you judgmental fuck.

Yes I noticed you back peddling with the I'm not judging these girls but yet here we are with you starting a thread about them.

No. 133670

Ugh again we are back onto SJW shit?? Can we stay on TOPIC.
No one cares about your boring life in Japan.

Anyone have any info on Ari Marie as she is now in Japan? I heard she is in BD but surely she's way too big for them to have let her in?

No. 133684

All shits stink

No. 133687

I agree, if the OPs life is so great then why are you here? Not judging but making a thread. Sounds like your life is boring and you want to live through others. Maybe your ~Japanese boyfriend~ isn't satisfying you enough.
Also the girls in the OP pic ain't even sex workers, so you just seem bitter.

No. 133688

You do realise that about 99% of the post here are attacking or talk about certain people doing sex work in Japan lol

No. 133701

OP is an idiot. I also work in an international school rather than ALT or ESL, but I do occasional sugar on the side. Nothing wrong with it nor has it ever ruined my rep. I met a non gyaru girl at my school that was an ex-hostess and she has no idea who any of the gyaru girls are, so its not just these gyaru girls that are doing it therefore no one is 'ruining' anything. So stfu, I bet OP isnt even actually in Japan by the way they're glamourising their Japanese BF and SJW bullshit.

No. 133707

she certainly IS in BD but she probably hid te fact that she's such a whale until they first saw her…and well now they have her

No. 133735

Lmao. The whole SJW "I'm jealous because my life is boring" shit is why I stopped posting on here for a while. It has just become people hating on the popular girls in Japan. Especially Katie's group. Hopefully the OP will realise why she is bullying on lolcow whilst living the amazing Nippon life.

I'm not even in Japan and my life is pretty boring so I have an excuse to do it but I don't

No. 133747

mfw anon and everyone misuses the word sjw… use the term on actual sjws you fag

No. 133789

Well it's obvious who this is

No. 133794

No. 133936

I still get the feeling OP is bullshitting about being in Japan

No. 133971

Look at lala's tumblr and you'll understand

No. 134005

Yeah the friend is lala the poster is her 1/4 japanese american friend tricia. Instagram @tae12008 is her instagram

No. 134020

Just as I thought, it's a total nobody.

No. 134023

She's a hostess too. So many sad, desperate foreign girls working as hostesses trying to get their piece of the kawaii pie.

No. 134024

Why does not being known by people on this shitty site equate to being a nobody?

No. 134031

lol so they created this thread to bitch about girls that rejected them? Bitter !!

No. 134034

Not being known in general = nobody. Need a band-aid for your ego?

No. 134036

Why is that sad? Let her do whatever she wants you stupid dumbfag.

No. 134356

Lol ok you can't just make shit up that's not even fun and also pretty lame cus you're just kidding yourself

No. 134357

"Stupid dumbfag", wow, good one anon. You sure told them.

No. 134364

No. 134494

The girl posted about her struggles in Japan, and she's a hostess all the while she's OP posting about other girls doing the same shit. Sounds pretty sad to me.

No. 134617

I thought she wrote that this site was pathetic and not worth time
I missed the part where she bitched anyone out because IT DOESNT EXIST
Can we move on now to some real stuff now pls ty

No. 134711

What are you even talking about anon? You seem like you are deflecting hard for OP.

Feel free to "post some real stuff" then?

No. 134730

File: 1464335054153.jpeg (61.6 KB, 742x768, image.jpeg)

So this is the OP. She made her IG private after her IG name was posted here.
She has no followers, looks like her life revolves around no_identityy who is a known prostitute.

Anyone have any dirt on her?

No. 134732

File: 1464336125099.jpg (5.82 KB, 225x225, lala_tricia.jpg)

No milk atm, but here's a few pics I dug up. Here's her and no_identityyy, aka lala.

No. 134733

File: 1464336146772.jpg (2.33 KB, 120x120, tric.jpg)

No. 134734

File: 1464336190432.jpg (61.42 KB, 640x640, 12269981_1495713704067946_1086…)

Here's her at Bar Kama Sutra.

No. 134735

Where her lips do

No. 134736

Just noticed she also altered her "about" text on her IG, it previously mentioned that she was a hostess. Seems like she's trying to hide/back-peddle.

No. 134737

Her prof was always private

No. 134741

File: 1464339250103.jpg (86.82 KB, 960x960, 12308822_1713837592181158_7695…)

No. 134743

File: 1464339389623.jpg (126.37 KB, 2048x1151, 10863854_751813771571888_51211…)

No. 134745

It wasn't private about three days ago, when it was originally posted.
Also she's incredibly basic. I bet she failed as a hostess and it made her bitter.

No. 134747

File: 1464341196298.jpg (152.8 KB, 2048x1151, 10535065_751814908238441_10692…)

I'd consider this way less than basic.

No. 134749

I was the one that posted her instagram ? It was private then.

No. 134755


This is her work insta, not currently private but probably will be once she sees this.


Her tumblr.

No. 134757

File: 1464348352873.png (398.24 KB, 896x870, 121.png)

Didn't she claim to be a teacher earlier in this thread? Yet here she's saying she hasn't been a teacher since 2013. Also loling at her mentioning she's modeled and been on tv. Oh, okay, "Layla". Anyone know how she's stayed in Japan for 7+ years?

No. 134761

She also said she lived in Tokyo… She probably lied to cover her tracks or throw people off her and make everyone blame someone else. Sneaky sneaky. Can't fool us!

No. 134762

File: 1464349481783.png (365.56 KB, 931x573, 77.png)

Her tumblr is full of milk. Looks like she had a visa husband that cheated on her. She posts about a lawsuit against him at one point. Lots of hostess talk and whining about how life isn't fair. She mentions having friends with addictions too. Still digging.

No. 134765

File: 1464351154324.jpeg (103.26 KB, 731x797, image.jpeg)

Why are all the girls so ugly at this club? Her blog said you can shimei her for 2000yen. That's Walmart prices. No wonder she's so bitter, she's basically ugly as fuck and a fail hostess.

No. 134766

File: 1464351348609.png (166.06 KB, 848x370, 43534.png)

Funny considering she has dressed gyaru.

No. 134772

File: 1464352724712.jpeg (134.68 KB, 479x722, image.jpeg)

This rant confirms her -
Foreign models in Japan wahh wahh. She also said she has been on Japanese TV numerous times, like that's a difficult thing. Plot twist: poster on lolcow is biggest lolcow.

No. 134773

Haha wow this girl seems batshit. Definitely OP! No wonder she lied and tried to cover up, didn't want all her bullshit coming out yet here it is! Can't hide a stink that bad.

No. 134775

Tricia here.
This site was brought to my attention by a friend thay frequent here. Seems I have quite a fan for someone to post so much stuff about me. Bored, obviously.

Here to clarify some things on my behalf since pretty much everything that was saif about me is madeup or wrong.

1st, I have been in Japan for 9 years.
2nd, yes I am married and was with my ex for 6 years. How is that considered a visa marriage? We separated because yes he cheated and has addicion problems. Due to this we are settling our divorce in court.
3rd, I am a quarter Japanese and therefore I qualify for a teijuusha visa so why would I marry my ex for a visa?
4th, I worked many jobs in the past 9 years. Teacher, bartender, company employee. I am currently working as a hostess, so what?
5th, yes I am friends with Lara and we have been for years now. I am well aware of her past but I am not one to judge and people can change and she has and is doing great so I don't see why someone of you still feel the need to make up false comments about her.
6th, I HAVE NEVER LIVED IN TOKYO! Why would I choose to live in a city I can't stand?
7th, me wear gyaru!? Now that's funny for someone that buys jeans at Unqlo and clothes at F21 and rock Doc Martin boots on the regular. I don't give a shit about fashion and hate shoppibg to be honest.
8th, I did do some modelling but I have never stated to be a model. These are just fun sidejobs for me. Much like appearing on tv.

Anyway all is out in the open. My life is really not that interesting to be honest but feel free to talk all you like and post whatever you want. My instagram as well as facebook have always been private and I hardly ever update my tumblr anymore because I can't be bothered. Also laylaylala is me on instagram and it is work related, so what?

So curious about my life and want something clarified, all you gotta do is ask lol. Peace.

No. 134776

File: 1464353003439.png (222.26 KB, 841x446, hermodelingjoblol.png)

She leaves out the part where her big paying panasonic "modeling" job involved her not shaving. She got the job because she was the hairiest girl there it sounds like.

No. 134777

"This site was brought to my attention by a friend thay frequent here"

Of course. So funny how fast OP reacted for someone that 'told her' about it. Caught and outed.

No. 134779

If she backpedaled any harder she'd give herself whiplash.

No. 134780

File: 1464354123331.png (331.56 KB, 892x644, cheating.png)

"I've been cheated on so many times I can't even count"…one month later… "I've been cheated on twice now".

No. 134787

I heard she has a pet unicorn and prays to an unknown god!!

No. 134789

Alright T, chill out.

No. 134792


"Here to clarify some things on my behalf since pretty much everything that was saif about me is madeup or wrong."

It's screencaps of posts you made. How is that made-up or wrong?

No. 134793

File: 1464356912785.jpg (32.42 KB, 326x470, 60452_200811250582198001227613…)

No. 134795

> Why would I choose to live in a city I can't stand
wow so edgy desu
tokyo is not cool enough for thou

No. 134796

File: 1464357861417.png (453.47 KB, 934x789, 0000.png)

It's funny because most of her tumblr is her bitching about Osaka, Japan being weird, and how she hates Japanese men.

No. 134797

Almost forgot, and hating on foreigners not in her clique. That's a pretty big one too.

No. 134798

File: 1464358325358.jpg (35.97 KB, 455x427, Lolwtf_2e7a1e_385408.jpg)

No. 134799

File: 1464358558427.jpg (101.79 KB, 400x400, 61875027.jpg)

No. 134810

Seems no one in this page has a real life and their life revolves around gossiping and hating on girls who either have made a life in Japan. Whether they are prostituting themselves or not, it's just a bunch a petty GIRLS who are jealous they cant be in Japan or get a Host lol idk this site is entertaining tho reading how much these girls have so much envy that they spend time of their pathetic lives researching and looking up other girl's lives who could give two shits of what they think coz they still gonna be doing what they want. Lol

No. 134811

you are right about most parts but no one wants to
>get a Host

No. 134830

It's hilarious how people keep assuming that a certain person has mad a certain post when you can tell by the writing styles, vocab and grammar that it is totally the opposite.

The people being talked about, their shit is out there and they have no shame otherwise it wouldn't be, so what's the problem? The real people with the issues here are the ones that are stalking the internet and hiding behind fake names or refused to be recognized. Calling people ugly, stupid, etc. When they are the ones afraid to come clean. Why don't you all come out and show us your busted asses and give us links to your instagrams, facebooks, tumblr, twitter, etc.

Bet no one has the balls cuz your all a bunch of lifeless pussies.

No. 134831

File: 1464369221510.jpg (45.54 KB, 720x616, Stupid shit_334aeb_5062382.jpg)

No. 134834

FOr real. Like why would some of these girls post about themselves to get attention? That is pathetic, i understand jumping in and defending themselves but to bash themselves is rather pathetic and hard to believe.
anyways their lives amount to nothing if all they can do is shit talk about girls they personally dont even know or never met only via internet. Anyways lol they wont have the guts to show themselves who they really are.

No. 134875

File: 1464378751375.png (220.17 KB, 500x308, the-headless-gymnast-500x308.p…)

No. 134891

I know for a fact that dopey looking British girl living in Nagoya and all her equally awful ~gaijin gyaruuu~ Brit friends post here on the regular. Just bash gyaru fashion and they'll come running lol

No. 134899

Wait someone start from the beginning. How did you come to the conclusion that the OP is Tricia.

No. 134907

Also curious. Someone seems to have a bitter grudge against her. 9 years in Japan and someone JUST brings her up. Butthurt much?

No. 134908

File: 1464386134749.png (25.84 KB, 420x294, 849658908bea5c508950bd156f428b…)

No. 134911

LMAO! I would have given her the benefit of the doubt but the fact she replied so quickly and that she's such a nobody I'm likely inclined to think she really is the OP.

No. 134912

I smell shit tbh. Unless the admin or someone else can look at the IP of the OP and at least pinpoint it to where Tricia lives then this person posting about her is extremelu salty lmao. Tricia's life looks to busy to be the OP based on her blog. Plus she's a hostess so that makes absolutely no sense considering that the OP clearly isn't a fan of "job that make gaijin look bad".

No. 134923

I kind of agree with this anon. Though even if she's not OP, it could easily be one of her friends as she scapegoats them as regulars here. Someone who fits her description really closely came in defending lala too which is her bff.

No. 134929

It's 100% her.
Love her i know everything better attitude

No. 134930

True but it's probably not any of them. The OP fits the quiet typical English teacher profile. Not some hostesses bff.

If this person wanted to laugh at Tricia and lala they could have without bringing all this OP shit up. Get some real milk because this is just going rancid quick.

No. 134938

Tricia was a teacher and seems pretty well spoken in her tumblr posts. It would be an interesting twist if someone pretended to be her while defending lala though.

I don't think there's much more milk to be had. It's funny that the knights came storming to accuse everyone of being jealous. According to Tricia's tumblr she hates her job, just divorced her cheating husband of 6 years, and bitches about wanting to leave Japan. Yeah, I'm totally green with envy. If only I could pay to fuck hosts.

No. 134944

If not Tricia then OP is most likely someone that either doesn't live in Japan, or does but is a failed hostess/sex worker.
There are girls here that decide to have a quiet life so if they make that choice then I can't see people like that having time to be bothered about sex worker foreigners. Tricia's life seems a mess, so it makes sense she would bash on girls who have done what she wants successfully.

No. 134955

The way that you are so quick to jump to conclusions doesn't make you seem very innocent either. Keep stirring the pot anon. You are likely here starting rumors and bashing girls for no reason because your own life is a pathetic fuck hole.

No. 134957

"Her life seems a mess" because this can be judged by a couple tumblr posts. How about you tell us about your perfect white fence, peachy keen life? Have YOU tried to survive in a foreign country? Have YOU been through a divorce? Probably not.

No. 134958

File: 1464394077086.jpg (11.17 KB, 236x197, 01e78ac38f8c1449369654c0e0d013…)

So many bitter bitches here that can't get no Japan dick.

No. 134959

Where the fuck did everyone get the idea tricia was the op of this thread? Hahaha all from my one comment posting her insta and saying she wrote the comment about her changed friend (lala). There are so many eurofags here with awful english comprehension

No. 134973

As soon as someone said Tricia was the OP, she instantly came here talking shit, then all of a sudden all these shitty memes sharted appearing and someone started deflecting.
>>her life looks too busy
No it doesn't.

No. 135065

You write about her friend Lara. Ever think that Lara perhaps lurks here and informed her? Or perhaps someone else? This site is fucking wellknown you stupid fuck.

No. 135067

Says the person sitting behind their screen talking shit about people she has never met. How old are you sweety? Still a child I presume living off mommy and daddys financed with no job or friends. Do you even know what it means to be busy? Probably not.

No. 135068

File: 1464436818993.jpg (48.59 KB, 387x480, AQj7PbV.jpg)

No. 135076

Admin confirm if Tricia is OP please. You said you would if OP is a cow.

No. 135097

Got a better idea, get over it and move the fuck on.

You all ruined this thread by posting meaningless bullshit.

No. 135102

Its apparent elenor lurks here because she posted this big 'truth about me' thing on her tumblr

No. 135122

Of course she does

No. 135127

Kill yourself Tricia

No. 135133


Hey Tricia, funny how you don't mention your actual pen pal visa husband you married in 2006 while you were still living in Hawaii who you almost immediately dumped after arriving in Japan. Did you forget about Nao already?

No. 135152

Hi Dania :)

No. 135157

Is Dania the garden gnome and has like 24/7 camel toe spandex pants on all the time

No. 135158

Yeast infections for life!

I bet Dania is the OP since she has bad blood with Lara and has known Tricia since 2005?6

No. 135162

While I don't know if Tricia is really OP, it is kind of interesting to note that someone immediately started shitposting all over the thread once someone called her on it. Suddenly there's a surge of bad memes and "U JELLY U NO GIT JAPEEN DICK!!!".

No. 135163

File: 1464457773052.jpg (87.56 KB, 400x400, 45443820.jpg)

No. 135164

That was she couldn't be a cow seeing as it's 'gaijin in Japan' and she still lives @ home with mommy and daddy, therefore couldn't be exposed as the op.

No. 135165

Waste of time. If only IPs were visible and everyone came clean LOL

No. 135167

We all know she thuuuursty.

No. 135168

File: 1464457941995.jpg (79.98 KB, 800x795, resized_creepy-willy-wonka-mem…)

No. 135172

Yeah. I do think Tricia and/or people in her friend group are shit-posting, even if she wasn't OP. Tricia straight up said her friends are regulars here and posted here herself before this thread started getting seriously shitposted in. Lots of defensive posts too. Now there's deflection and finger pointing to Dania. This is kind of a hilarious mess tbh. All these egos scrambling around pointing fingers. Who's next?

No. 135174

Her group? Names please. Fro
m what I see, she doesn't hang with a lot of foreigners and the ones that do don't look like they would lurk on a site like this.

I just find it funny how people are so eager to know who the OP is.

No. 135184

Dania = op
Done done and done.

No. 135194

File: 1464464360239.jpg (31.01 KB, 350x324, image20160528-15417-1muiz0f.jp…)

No. 135195

I honestly think, knowing Dania myself that she is the OP. She has had some type of envy on Tricia and also she had a huge argument with Lara sometime last year and knows Lara and Tricia are friends, and I think she just wants to start drama with Tricia who from what I've gathered never has been part of the gaijin gyaru or into that group. Only association she has is Lara and that's about it. Other than that her life is basically boring

No. 135197

Tricia wants to change the topic

No. 135199

Confirmed: it was Dania who is the OP. Seems like she told one of my friends who is both FB friends with Tricia and Dania, that she made it coz she can't stand Tricia and Lara. But people already shit talk Lara and Tricia needs to get her turn again. Ugh what a pathetic girl to drag a girl no one has any idea about and cause drama just coz she doesn't like her and can't stand her? Well mystery solved

No. 135200

Your mom wants to change the topic fuck face.

No. 135201

File: 1464466231720.jpg (50.31 KB, 420x294, zombie_zpsa244b78c.jpg)

No. 135203

Nice facebook post grandma

No. 135206


No. 135208


No. 135210


No. 135212

Tricia lost it

No. 135219

LOL funny how you think I am Tricia and every other person is her. Paranoid much anon?

No. 135235

Lol I doubt it. Dania dislikes a lot of people so this doesn't prove anything.

No. 135237

This thread is full of a bunch of Japan envy girls that just wanna stir shit up for their own shit show. Not educated enough to apply for a work visa, not cute enough to snag a j-boy for a visa. So much jealousy and envy. Lollerskates.

No. 135275


u know so well anon

No. 135276


due to their sizes over there i doubt were missing out on much anon

No. 135331

The shitposting in here has gotten out of control since Tricia's name popped. Also, sure Dania is a gremlin, but why would anyone be jealous of Tricia? From what we've seen, she's miserable, unattractive, divorced, etc. I don't hate Tricia, but this whole claiming people are jealous of her just doesn't make any sense.

No. 135334

Said the gorgeous anon sitting behind their computer screen likely 400lbs and ugly as fuck. Cow.

No. 135335

That's the beautiful thing about being anon. You don't know anything about me. Tricia however, she's made all of those posts herself, so we know her situation. Same with any of the other cows posted in snow or pt. Want to really attack me, find me, but the insults you are throwing my way now are obviously blind and desperate.

No. 135344

Dania/Tricia same thing?
Ugly, deluded girls who hate on other successful girls living in Tokyo. Both host obsessed. You would think they would be friends.

No. 135345

Hosts are disgusting

No. 135388

"Find me". Are you fucking dumb? Stop running your mouth. Obviously you have no friends, no social life and you constantly accusing someone of being the OP makes me think that YOU are in fact the OP that it just trying to stir shit up. Such a shame dreaming the Japan dream while stuck at home with mommy and daddys support.

No. 135389

Dania, host obsessed. It's obvious.

Where the hell do you see Tricia being host obsessed?

No. 135391

Plus Tricia never really had any connection with sere, or the other gaijin gyarus that's are posted in here. Only correlation we see is she is a hostess. But that's it. She isn't obessed with Japanese dick like half of these girls in here. Plus we are just making Tricia well known for not really doing anything, just based on hearsay and translating how we feel like her blog posts. So idk why y'all still going on about her. She doesn't have anything to really milk about the way the others do. She has been off the radar for years until now when someone was curious (Dania) about her and the only correlation she has to any of those gaijin gyarus in Japan is Lara. Who we all know has also been of the radar and tried to change her life around. So again aside from her shit post which I find comical there isn't much to be talked about, yet here we are pointing fingers. Idk I rather go back to hearing deetz on the real potatos, not some girl who isn't really a part of this group other than she is in Japan and is a hostess. As y'all have stated her life is boring so why keep bringing her up.

No. 135392

She runs a blog only about hosts

No. 135395

Who Dania or Tricia?
Post the blog page

No. 135397

File: 1464533630827.jpeg (113.18 KB, 640x771, image.jpeg)

Ok anyone know anything about this girl who has been hanging out with Alice?? She posted she was married and now has taken it off but on a blog she posted on her link is saying she is in Japan on a holiday visa yet she claims to be married?? I'm confused

No. 135398

I never said I believed Tricia was 100% OP. I only pointed out that it's interesting that the shitposting started after she was named and she posted in this thread. Your obsessive hostility and blind attacks on anyone who brings her name up make you look like you are either Tricia or a friend of her's. Again, find me, because your attacks are so off-point and baseless it's sad/funny.

No. 135399

No. 135401

I thought that Kansai boy post was from another girl.
I've seen those and followed posts and honestly from reading Tricia's personal blog lol they aren't the same person. Their style is different. Well I've started following that blog almost 2 years ago but haven't kept up with it at all but like I said Tricia and that blogger are not the same people. But that's my personal opinion for having been a followe of the kansai boys blog.

No. 135402

Also I guess you can PM the blogger for her personal blog so then we can see if it's really Tricia or not.

No. 135410

Fix the link, doesn't work.
Also Kansaiboys was ran by two girls named Helena and Amanda who both are no longer in Japan and why the blog has gone dead.

No. 135411

I used to come here to read shits and giggles about real train wrecks like Sere, Shani, Katie, etc. Now it's just filled with trash about irrelevant girls that really have no milk at all. Seems like someone has a personal vendetta.

Moving on, show me something interesting.

No. 135412

Girls posting about girls they never met living in another country making up stories and gossip while arguing with girls they never met over cyberspace about what is true and what is not over a girls life that… they never met.

Boooooooored bored bored.

No. 135413

Lol it got deleted after i mentioned it

No. 135415

Must be tricias blog
She immidately deleted the blog after it got mentioned here

No. 135420

It was stated earlier "
Fix the link, doesn't work.
Also Kansaiboys was ran by two girls named Helena and Amanda who both are no longer in Japan and why the blog has gone dead."

And if they lurk in this site of course they'll delete it.

No. 135426

There is nothing to fix. It got deleted

No. 135429

File: 1464539186243.png (136.03 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 135436


Kansaiboys posted an ask back in March where she says she hasn't been active because she's been in a relationship for 3 months and didn't need hosts anymore. Tricia posted on her blog in December that she was "officially off the market" and I remember Kansaiboys saying she was part Japanese, etc., it all matches that it's this Tricia girl.

No. 135439

Your entire life must be based off assumptions.

I know for a fact that Amanda lurks here regularly and the girl has this sick obsession with hosts and the blog went inactive after he exchange was over and she went back to the states.

No. 135440

Yep 100% it's her

No. 135442

Good for you figuring things out with your assumptions lol

No. 135445


You sound like you have kabukiboys confused with kansaiboys

No. 135449

Nevermind it wasn't kabukiboys, it was some other tumblr with 2 girls about hosts but I can't remember the name since it died more than a year ago

No. 135452

the blog run by the 2 american girls was kabukiscandal

No. 135453

Kabukiboys was ran by Ari and Lara back in the day.

No. 135454

Wasn't kabukiscandal Lara or Lucie?

No. 135457

Well seems Tricia isn't part of kansai boys. Also damn y'all have no life if you can read her blog and quote what day she got into a relationship lol and then assume it's the same person based on that assumption.
Everything about Tricia if it's not a direct quote from her blog (even if it is) has been nothing but assumptions. As one of the people posted here, I'm sick and tired of hearing about an irrelevant person and rather go back to girls who have real milk and are the regulars coz this is just getting boring.

No. 135458

Agreed. Bring back the real train wrecks '

No. 135459

Yes you are tricia

No. 135461

It was laras

No. 135465

Lol I'm not Tricia and so the assumptions continue. Now any girl is capable of being Tricia if they want to go back to real shit as opposed to an irrelevant girl.

No. 135468

every post about changing the subject is Tricia lol

No. 135470

Lol not the case coz I am not her plus it's boring hearing about her. Hopefully by tomorrow this whole Tricia thing will die down coz honestly blah it's getting old. Oh so the girl who posted about Alice's new friend is also Tricia ?

No. 135472

No. 135473

Dies anyone know recent stuff about diane chareire/shady?

No. 135496

Who? Pics? Links?

No. 135499

File: 1464550352409.jpg (1.34 MB, 1920x1655, 16-05-29-14-30-14-453_deco.jpg)

One of the kansaiboys owners Amanda. No longer in Japan so I guess pretty irrelevant but it's quite obvious why she would seek out host attention.

No. 135504

It's always the ugly ones that are obsessed with hosts. Can't find a good looking Japanese guy? Well just pay for one that only looks good with makeup for attention lulz

No. 135506

Nahh tricia is kansaiboys
She wrote that before

No. 135511

Ya, before she deactivated kansaiboys today, I looked through the likes from that blog and lalalandjapan was most of them. Can't be that all these things are a coincidence

No. 135521

Because likes on a blog that has a shit ton of followers says something.

No. 135522

Any dirt on Katie's ex bff Emi? Or is she no longer in Japan?

No. 135532


keep trying to deny the obv Tricia kek

No. 135533

not likes on the blog itself…likes that the blog kansaiboys made on other blogs, there is a tab to see them and most of them was kansaiboys liking posts from the lalalandjapan blog. Understand?

No. 135534

Weird that somebody always wants to change the topic

No. 135544


No. 135552

Whoever wrote this is OP. No one in the entire thread refers to these girls as 'potatoes' other than in the title, and here it is in this paragraph. lol.

No. 135558

It's even more obvious that it's Tricia and Eleanor posting here begging for topic changes, since they're suddenly asking for details on people that Eleanor didn't like trying to take the finger away from them.
Why start this shit and then be so desperate to change the topic when you get caught out.

No. 135560

So true

No. 135564

>>>Japan is not your personal playground.

These same words in Tricia's blog were posted earlier on. She likes repeating herself I guess.

No. 135577

Most Japanese people don't associate white non-Russian foreigners with prostitution but with teaching.
It's also not as if we had a bad reputation really, if Japanese people are shitty to you, maybe instead of thinking it's because of those girls in 水商売, look for the fault within yourself.

No. 135611

couldn't have said it better myself

No. 135644

File: 1464575015865.jpg (64.68 KB, 620x455, bd6b1e5141b789cc50a989c6053f9f…)

No. 135645

This is all too funny.
I wish there were a way to see how many people are viewing the same thread because it would probably be something like 2 or 3. Same people posting over and over again while pretending to be someone else.

No. 135647

I am Tricia
No she is Tricia
That's Tricia

No. 135987

She is still in Japan living quietly as a teacher. Nothing interesting.

No. 135994

She was engaged with a host

No. 136091

No. 136144

File: 1464744362301.jpg (40.81 KB, 381x254, surejan.w529.h352.jpg)

No. 136344

off topic, but have u guys seen radys latest pieces? shit is getting real tacky

No. 136346

Post that to the gaijin gyaru thread maybe?

But I think that rady and emiria wiz look totally the same repeatedly copying each other

No. 136445

Both are awfully overpriced too

No. 136931

I second that the quality is shit

No. 137318

I thought the whole lara is a prostitute thing was just a rumour? Is it true?

No. 137326

Nah its true theres pics of her at kirari and that old host blog she had she wrote a really fucked up post glamourizing suffering for your host and prostituting for them lolol

No. 137327

Was that on the kabukiscandal tumblr? Sounds like a funny read. Are the pics still anywhere?

No. 137338

She deleted that blog. Also the kirari website never deletes your pics of its database going back to 2011 so yes her pics are there

No. 137382

these weeb bitches are so fucked up

No. 137398

All the photos from kirari get deleted on a regular basis.
Lara is boring now who cares

No. 137438


Lara is a bigger lolcow than Sere. She had countless blogs glorifying prostitution, on gyaru secrets a while ago someone posted a review from tokyoadultguide of her services. Her 'Oiran' profile photo on Facebook was arranged and taken in exchange for sexual services. She used to stalk another gyaru who was dating a host.
She and Tricia probably made this thread. So hi Lara. I hope someone makes a thread about you.

No. 137439

You say the oiran shoot was
taken in exchange for sexual services? Details etc. Please

No. 137451

Under what name was she posted on Tokyoadultguide? And when?

No. 137549

File: 1465163065375.jpeg (131.42 KB, 640x868, image.jpeg)

Bitch team

Blanka stopped wearing liz lisa and changed her haircolour. Desperate to get into japanese college.

No. 137577

File: 1465167095835.jpeg (116.05 KB, 640x631, image.jpeg)

No. 137598

She looks constipated

No. 137620

If that's a dress then that Rady dress looks far too small for her.

No. 137621

Which Gyaru was she stalking?

No. 137636

Sandra is ugly as fuck. At least Blanka looks somewhat cute. But that face on Sandra…. Holy moly

No. 137645

at least that blanka girl seems to have a legit visa and a normal job, I don't understand why bringing her up on here.

No. 137659

Blanka is a student. Verify your facts anon

No. 137660

Sandra looks like a foot

No. 137670

Blanka has an account at gyaruru and now we just have to wait until she pops up at kirari such as Sandra and the others. I wouldn't even be surprised about it….

No. 137672

Gyaruru is a deai app just like tinder. Doesn't mean people search customers there.

But isn't that girls family loaded af anyways ?

No. 137674

Almost everybody uses it for that purpose to get laid for money.
I don't know exactly but she got a job so maybe they cut off some money

No. 137681

Nah gyaruru is rarely used to get laid for money, it's full of young users = no money. Wakuwaku Mail or PCMax are used for that.

No. 137697

Ok what HAHA
Biggest bullshit ever
Why in the hell would an oiran photoshoot be arranged in exchange for sexual services that's fucking retarded.
Get your head out of your ass and your facts straight cus you're just churning out lies that aren't even believable and are no fun for anyone to read seeing as they're obviously fake.

No. 137721

Blanka is a rude bitch. Her parents pay for everything. Even her ugly liz lisa clothes.
Now the bitch got accepted for college. All the crazy ones are staying in japan now. Japan is doomed

No. 137722

Why a rude bitch ?

No. 137724

She was rude to her former best friend.
Her friend likes kpop and blanka talked all the time how kpop sucks and all men are looking like girls. But blanka likes vkei guys.
Once she met 2 friends. One friend said that she is going home now
Blanka "yeah you better go now"

No. 137734

Haha sandra and blanka bitch friends forevaaaa

No. 137735

Blanka learned to be a semstress(?)with sewing you know? Which is worth nothing in Germany.

No. 137793

Why is a girl's parents being rich suddenly a problem now/ make someone a bad person?
Sounds like someone's butt hurt they're poor and don't have the brains/looks or balls to make some money for themself.
I feel bad for you, really I do.

No. 137798

Seems like u don't know blanka

No. 137799

Blanka is getting ripped apart on tanuki by vkei guys for being a needy, stupid slut.


No. 137805

Well, I have a few friends who personally know/knew blanka and sandra. Blanka likes to shittalk on other girls and to fuck around with hosts and vk guyd's, but I doubt she's already into the prostitution thing since her parents pay. She also isn't any cringe worthy or sth. Let's let her be until someone spots her on kirari or backpage and submits to here

No. 137808

Link please

No. 137879

It is on the "guys who have fucked gaijin" thread on the men's board. If you can't find it, then you don't have the skillz to read and understand it.

There was the following conversation:

-Please be careful of STDs. Blanka has been with a lot of guys.

-i fucked her

-was she any good?

-no, she was fat and her body was dirty

No. 137883

I just checked it and it seems like you can't read it either. It said her skin was ugly not her body being dirty.

No. 137884

Sandra is already in the ring even tho she said she would never do that. It's just a matter of time until Blanka does the same. One comes after another.

No. 137885

Yeah thats what i read to
She bad at sex fat with dirty skin lol

No. 137890

Obviously you need to reread. Kanji have many meanings honey.

No. 137926

If she was really that rich though, wouldn't she own real brand clothing/ bags/ shoes instead of cheap shit like Liz Lisa?
Her handbag cost like ¥8000.

No. 137977

Omg haha
The i'm better then you blanka is kinda famous at tanuki

No. 137983

Lol it could actually mean both.

No. 137988

That was my point. I said kanji have many different meanings already

No. 137990

The kanji means the same really, it's just differing usage from English dirty to Japanese 汚い.

No. 137996

While Blanka is 10000% better looking than Sandra. Her face is still kinda creepy? It might just be the circle lense and ugu kawaii tryhard faces she makes but yeah , , I dont think shes cute

No. 137999


Can you link the tanuki thread? I've tried searching for it, but I can't find it.

No. 138000

Search 外人

No. 138004

Its on the first page

No. 138105

File: 1465332159933.jpeg (53.2 KB, 750x802, image.jpeg)

Lol, learn better English girl. It's embarrassing. And still funny that you come here to look if someone wrote something about you.

No. 138115

Nothing interesting to see on her ig
Its only about hosts

No. 138127

File: 1465337972550.jpg (12.41 KB, 159x160, le thin hair chin man.JPG)


can't unsee

No. 138212

Very sad… I bet she still thinks that she can marry a Host and stay in nipponland forever.

No. 138519

File: 1465478557027.png (345.61 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_2016-06-09-22-20-13…)

Can we talk about how the queen of fugly inuashley is balding? Ahahaha

No. 138520

Holy shit

No. 138523

what is wrong with this girls face her eyebrows look like they're trying to slide off and her nose is practically touching her lips
how is it even possible to be so ugly

No. 138524

this is why girls with light hair should never dye it darker because when your roots grow out you look like your suffering hair loss lol

No. 138525

No look at her instagram she is actually bald in that spot

No. 138526

She has a thread so go there you retards

No. 138528

Really? Link plz

No. 138530

I guess she had braid in ekusute there for quiet a while

No. 138548

its ashley horse face. used to be a lolita but moved to japan and became a bangya

No. 138552

How does she afford all that shit? Like… Who's gonna hire her with that hair…

No. 138554

Rich parents

No. 138613

File: 1465502816684.png (1.05 MB, 748x695, holyshit.png)

No. 138621

Wow, she really is suffering from hair loss because of overstyling and over processing.

No. 138628

and this is why you should never get pinch braid extensions on weakened, over processed hair. why don't these stupid girls learn

No. 138630

i think she might have trichotillomania

No. 138644

I think you might be right. The bald spot looked like it has changed in shape and fullness over time.

No. 138671

Think she wears a wig to her shitty Heart English teaching job

No. 138688

I found pics of her at kirari before

No. 138695


Useless newfags go there

Stop with the inuashley shit on here

No. 138697

Where is the evidence? Her parrnts paid for her photoshoot as a graduation present. This whole thread is full of too much made up shit.

No. 138810

File: 1465576756198.jpeg (89.33 KB, 640x785, image.jpeg)


No. 138841

Losers plural lol

No. 138981

Someone jealous of a good time? lol
These girls are nobodies, it's obvious that someone here has grudge of some sort lol.

No. 138984

Hi eleanor or tricia

No. 138990

Eleanor is a snowflake

No. 138993

If you post about them enough the shitposts will probably start again. When Tricia was first mentioned they both started shitting all over the thread.

No. 139019

Didn't she rape that girl who works at BTSSB New york?