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File: 1457140548418.jpg (73.87 KB, 500x500, tumblr_nzvql61FvF1qh6hioo1_500…)

No. 100787

Ginger has gained tumblr fame by "rapping" about her Hard Core Life and this sort of daddy culture tumblr buys into–so basically she's a junkie rip off of lana del rey.
Her music is beyond awful:

No. 100791

File: 1457140659799.jpg (118.24 KB, 500x689, tumblr_no7bintqAo1qh6hioo1_500…)

and don't get me started on those god awful tattoos.

No. 100816

This kind of shit is so toxic and misogynistic but I feel like I can't complain because feminism has gone to shit.

No. 100824

tumblr logic: any criticism of a woman is misogyny, but turning yourself into a sex object for pedophiles is feminist and empowering

…not that pedophiles would want this fat haggard bitch, though

No. 100829

wtf is with those jeans

No. 100830

She's a good girl who's had a tough life. Most of her tattoos were given to her by a man who drugged her up and put them there against her will. If she would have refused he probably would have hurt her more than he already did so don't blame her for that.

I know I'm being a wk but she's genuinely a nice person, no milk at all. Her songs aren't great but she isn't hurting anyone. As for her daddy issues, she had a fucked up past and obviously has some mental & self esteem issues.

No. 100832

implying she's telling the truth. I just really smell bullshit on a lot of her story. she's really playing up this whole tortured lolita thing and giving garbage psuedo-poetic advice to the teenage girls who sadly look up to her

No. 100834

I smell selfpost.

No. 100873

I think it's BS too. She idolizes something completely fucking terrible and doesn't care about actual victims.

No. 100891

i cringed so hard watching this

No. 100904

During the first answer, she seems like a bad actress playing the part of a Rock n roll groupie in Lifetime movie. It doesn't seem sincere at all and is incredibly forced.

No. 100917

File: 1457168228245.gif (381.63 KB, 500x341, wtfuh.gif)

>"sex, death, freedom"
>"dark wood floors, white roses everywheeeere~"
>"fast cars, ferrari down the hill, feeling everything and then feeling nothing, smoke, city lights, stars"
>"I think most people think I'm like a delicate little flower…and I'm not, I think I'm very tough"
>trying to act high
>long, red false nails
>forced husky voice
>overdrawn lip pouting

You're not Lana Del Rey. Stop.
She fails miserably at trying to sound poetic in a ~glamorously trashy broken inside~ way. It's super embarrassing.

No. 100918

Fuck yes, I'm hate-obsessed with her.

There was a lot of drama last year about this guy named Soren (a total cow on his own but he killed himself lol) who lied about having a dead girlfriend and used Ginger's pictures saying it was her. She talked about it on her Tumblr but I guess those posts are deleted now.

I definitely think that she's lying, at least partially about her past.

No. 100923

>"all ur boys say i’m 2 young but when they >throw a party
>they’re like she can come
>daddy how can u be sad when ur doors are so >suicide
>& you stunt like you’re not scared 2 die
>home is a highway my baby blanket is the >night sky
>my mama felt this wind & now so do i"

At least Lana del Rey can use basic grammar most of the time, jfc.

No. 100926

File: 1457173118198.jpg (70.54 KB, 423x634, tumblr_mwy0teHh1B1s3capto1_500…)

I really like her. She used to be very thin but that's because she was on drugs. She said she loves that she gained weight because it meant she overcame her addiction. I've followed her on tumblr for years and she always posted poetry under the username "halfbunny" I think. At one point she modeled for Saint Laurent. Her tattoos are from when she was in high school and on meth. Mostly likely she was a sex trafficking victim because they tend to brand the girls with tattoos. I can understand why people don't like her, she is a bit much. But I believe her and I like a couple of her songs. "Know Yourself Freestyle" and "Hot * Freestyle" are pretty good to me. I don't know I don't really care if she's telling the truth. She's nice and I think she's gorgeous.

No. 100930


I had no idea that she was an actual model, she looks completely different there. I still think her face is pretty weird, do you know if she's had plastic surgery done?

No. 100935

File: 1457175430637.jpg (116.66 KB, 500x670, tumblr_n6z7gklyR51qh6hioo1_500…)

If anything just lip filler, but it looks like she just overdraws her lipstick. Gaining weight can change a face a lot. I'm remembering a bit more from like five years ago. She used to go by Kayla Day. She sold a couple of zines with her poetry in them. Sometimes posted kind of scary videos with filthy hair and smeared makeup reciting poetry. Definitely on drugs and involved in crime, living with various sugar daddies all over the world. One of them got her this modeling gig I think. I remember there was an article online with pictures of her, about this photographer that called her his muse. I'm trying to look for it, can't find it anywhere. But she looked shocking in those photos and looks so much better now. I mean people can choose not to believe her crazy life but there is a lot of evidence that she is a real former junkie perhaps with BPD. The rapping was more of a recent thing she decided to do, along with the name change. Her poetry was more popular.

No. 100936

You know way too much about her and are praising her too much for this not to be a self-post.

No. 100937

I've followed her for years starting when she was popular for her poetry, but she deleted most of it. She's said before some of her tattoos were forced on here when she was kidnapped (?), she posted that when someone asked about her "white trash" tattoo.
I really like her, or used to like her, I don't look at her blog as much since she started with the music, I mostly followed for her writing. And she never bragged about the modelling, she didn't post pictures of herself for a long time, then posted a face picture and I think someone recognised her in that fashion show.

No. 100940

i remember when she was 'bedbones'. i used to read her poetry & then she started all this cringy rapping shit.

No. 100942

She used to be a big deal on tumblr when I was a teenager, a lot of people know about her. I followed a lot of people that constantly deleted things so I tried to keep track. She was one of them.

No. 100959

soren was just a creepy fakeboi and she's not dead. she just got called out so much she deleted all of her online shit except for facebook and people saw her online for weeks after her "suicide" lol

No. 100963


I listened to Hot Freestyle, it sounds really fucking bad. I seriously hope you were joking, anon.
Also she looked much better when she used to be thinner.

No. 101104

Her music is so shit. She can't stay on beat at all.

No. 101185

soren and his fake trauma narrative is way more interesting than ginger, it went from "i was kidnapped as a child and trafficked" to this clusterfuck of embarrassingly fake gore porn: http://archive.is/pvovF

No. 101207

i read that when all the drama was going down on tumblr and it made me feel so ill. what kind of sick fuck makes all that up… just to sound ~damaged~ on the internet? what's wrong with kids these days isn't he only 18 or something

No. 101216

I really wish i could have seen the drama go down, i only saw the tail end of it when soren's "brother" posted about his death. i want to know how ginger responded, if it was her usual poetic schtick or what.

No. 101219

i never thought to take screenshots at the time but iirc she was just saying that she was sad that someone made her life into a story, that she's a real person and not a character and what happened to her isn't something that people should be aspiring to. and then soren deleted his blog because everyone was sending him hate. apparently he has a new tumblr now with a different username and no mention of his ~dead best friend~

No. 101220

>get to the part about "sam's dad" and the gun
>holy shit, can't believe someone would make this up lol
>keep scrolling
>how much longer does this go on for
humanity was a mistake

No. 101227

>She is easily recognizable by her 666 tattoo on the inside of her arm and the word "Forsaken" across her stomach.

No. 101228

it used to just be a paragraph and a few lines about how he was working with the fbi to catch the paedophile ring out lol

i didn't know that ginger used to model for ysl until now, which makes soren's fake fb profile for sam even shittier: https://www.facebook.com/sam.stowell.733 especially since he detailed the exact same 666 tat for sam to make the catfishing more believeable.

No. 101231

are you at the bit where he puts "sam's" coathanger abortion in a tissue to keep in a locket?

No. 101236

can we get a thread about this dude? i need to know more

No. 101240

like i mentioned i only caught the tail end of it, but if you control + f soren you can find more of the backlash here: http://basementangel.tumblr.com/archive/2015/12

his old urls were sicklefawn and hurtc0re and his current one is http://faggotuglyhfukcingdickballs.tumblr.com/

i hate to do tumblr links, soz in advance

No. 101241

as obviously fake as this all is, the "we made flower crowns" thing sealed the deal for me lol.

No. 101290

her poetry/lyrics are absolute shit.
try-hard edgy bullshit that sounds terrible and embarrassing for someone over the age of 15.
bitch tries to act ghetto/hood too, with lots of black vernacular which is embarrassing for a white girl

No. 101328

File: 1457242615889.png (193.17 KB, 500x429, soren.png)


I found Soren like two years ago and have kept up with them since and I have plenty of screenshots and archive links. I'm not sure if it's worth a new thread, though since I haven't heard much about it since the fake suicide.

Here's a screenshot Soren posted on their Tumblr, it's supposedly him and Sam's Hidden Wiki page (that never actually existed).

No. 101340

To be fair about her tattoos it happens to a lot of girls. I knew this girl in Chicago who was drugged and tattooed by a gang and they tattooed all over her ass and back about her being their property.

This girls a mess tho

No. 101354

i can't get through half of her first soundcloud song oh god. it's so cringy and i feel like she's off beat.. definitely not the new underdog/feminem

No. 101490

>"I'm courtney love!"
i don't care if the milk is old, picking apart soren's fake trauma narrative gml, whatever is wrong with him isn't because he was raped. he's just sick for attention like ember whann. i really want his new url though because apparently he's faking an even more dramatic backstory, which is hella impressive considering this one.

No. 101496

No. 101509

There's no way this is fake. It's too horrifying. Why would anyone write this, as well as make a fake Hidden Wiki article? What the actual fuck?

No. 101518

After reading some more on this whole thing, and having it confirmed that this whole story was fake as shit, I'm really disgusted. I feel sick.
There are some twisted people in this world.

No. 101520

I read all of this and I don't think I've ever seen bigger bullshit in my entire life.
I'm so angry at myself for wasting time with this

No. 101567

it's fake as fuck and soren is a piece of shit for writing something so horrifying just because he's an attention starved little tranny. absolute scumbag.

No. 101570

there isn't much to say about ginger bronson except that her music is a bit shit and her so-called glamourous life is probably exaggerated. that's all there is, she's not really scamming anyone. but for people like soren to use her as a paper doll for his sick twisted catfish games, and insinuate that she is was a child rape victim, trafficked, tortured and had cp made out of… it makes me feel bad for ginger. like she's just doing her thing. he's imagining her having coathanger abortions and her clit cut off and eaten.

No. 101578

soren looks like this: https://www.depop.com/en/honeyheroin and the person on that blog looks like this: http://demiboy-icarus.tumblr.com/post/140538945890/
(I KNOW THIS IS AN IMG BOARD I KNOW) so unless he's using another person's selfie, it's probably not him.

No. 101634

Seconding; no way this is real. It's just overwrought pedo-victim-kink fantasy. There are far too many children legitimately being exploited/abused in this world and the author of this nonsense should feel shitty for trying to pass it off as fact.

No. 104666

i did some research and her father is a laywer & her mother is a therapist.

No. 104743

That's actually hilarious considering she talks about being poor as fuck growing up.

No. 104818


i've been following her since 2009 or 2010 i think, and from what i gathered she was not a victim of sex trafficking, she was kidnapped/ran away with a man named corey and was trapped in an abusive relationship with him for a few years. she has mentioned they lived in a small town in alabama, they did meth, he was very dangerous, he hit her a lot, he drugged her and tattooed her and stuff like that. she eventually managed to gather her strength and leave him, and her relationship with him resulted in complex ptsd, which she has spoken a bit about in response to tumblr asks. she used to be really skinny because she was anorexic, which she has also talked about a few times. she's also mentioned living in multiple foster homes throughout her childhood, so her life was already troubled before corey. after corey she seemed to move countries a lot and get involved with various dangerous men.

after all these years, i've never picked up on inconsistencies in her story. i believe she is telling the truth, and i'm really proud of how far she has come since i first started following her.

No. 104821

File: 1457871769775.png (12.68 KB, 565x326, jkkk.png)

Almost as bad as Trump with his question dodging.

I mean how full of it do you have to be to answer this to a simple, straight-forward question like "what town did you live in?" with this? It seems like she's trying too hard to convince everyone that she's a writer/artist who had bad experiences growing up. She could have them, but how she talks about them at the most inappropriate times seems too contrived to be genuine.

No. 104980

I've never heard about this but I read it all. What the actual FUCK was that? When I read what other people say here it seems like you have proof that this is fake? (Other than the fact that this is just over the top)

No. 104986

I haven't followed her as long as you have but since 2012 I think, and haven't noticed any inconsistencies either. She just doesn't share her story all at once, only bits and pieces in her writing, which is why her story seems so dramatic and made up and like she exaggerates it.

No. 105186

She posted a link to this thread on Twitter saying, "love it" but I guess she deleted it. A few posts here are saying way too much about her and her life even though she's so vague about it on social media. Makes me skeptical about one of these posts being by her and backing herself up.

No. 105211

Thread on the story and the person behind it here >>101679

No. 105223

File: 1457937996581.jpeg (105.42 KB, 540x359, image.jpeg)

This definitely isn't a self post.
Listen, I don't like this bitch. I've said some nasty things about her too. But I'll leave it as kitchen table talk and try to be objective.

When she was bedbones she refused to post her face for like two years because of paranoia and ptsd. She was anorexic. She lived with a dude for drugs in exchange for sex and he started pimping her out. The tattoos are definitely branded, and she's been trying to remove them for years. Very reluctantly, I think that sounds reasonable.
But she tries so hard to make everything romantic. She modeled her persona after the movie Terrible Angels and equal parts Courtney Love while pretending she didn't like her (of course when you're trying so hard to emulate her you'll want to be that aloof.) Then, she loved on to Spring Breakers. And now, she just desperately tries to imitate Lana Del Rey's mannerisms.

And yeah, Hedi Slimane took her photos.

"Previous ImageNext Image1/7
Age: 23

A few weeks ago, Slimane found Kayla, an art student and electronic musician, in the crowd at the Viva! Pomona music festival."

No. 105226

File: 1457938220591.jpeg (349.21 KB, 900x601, image.jpeg)

No. 105238

File: 1457940039981.jpeg (209.89 KB, 500x750, image.jpeg)

No. 105240

File: 1457940080093.jpeg (650.4 KB, 902x750, image.jpeg)

No. 105241

File: 1457940147797.jpeg (158.68 KB, 1680x1118, image.jpeg)

No. 105251

File: 1457947160064.gif (856.94 KB, 450x254, anigif_enhanced-24703-14225505…)

> this definitely isn't a self post

No. 105279

BREH I'm just some random bitch going off of nostalgia who made that post I'm not even the one who made this thread.
She's had a cult internet following of dumb tumblrtards for so long I don't see why she'd need to post on lolcow when she's too busy pretending to be in the hood and sucking black dick.

No. 105307

I would like to add up something up.

Like other people said while defending her, there are many inconsistencies in her narration. I know her since the very beginning when she was pissangel in tumblr. I met her through last.fm website (about sharing music tastes). I also was friends with her in facebook for long time since 2009. Her real name is Kayla Day, and she is from Claremont. A small city where many snob people from Los Angeles lives around.

I don't want to make this post long since I don't really care about her but since some people created this thread I would like to share as well so people can get to know for sure.

1. While she was bedbones and showing off she has the scared little girl with PTSD and not showing herself while plagiarizing sylvia plath's poetry and persona. She had her facebook account. She also changed it to Valentina Bunnybear as username at certain point where she shared many of her pictures, specially in paris where she was studying French in the Sorbonne. At the same time she had an account by her former name in modelmyhem and many of her friends were photographers. So my guess is that she was a girl who had lots of free time due to her real economic and parental situation who was trying hard to be a real model all the time but failed before she got scouted in that rock festival by Heidi in 2014.

2. While she was talking the past year about being in Berlin. She was posting pictures of herself around the same building which is in the UK. She mentioned in her facebook account her father paid for her tickets to go to Berlin while she was studying English language and literature in the UK which doesn't make sense at all if she was kind of having that kind of rampant lifestyle she was describing the whole time.

3. Do you think a person who is really kidnapped has the chance to get personalized tattoos over their body? They are not random marks, they are drawings she probably chose because her ex-boyfriend was a tattooist and back then she wanted to follow the pseudo "goth" "zombie girl" with black hair trend.

What makes me kind of sad and upset is the fact that she talked about certain things in her poems such a she was abused by her father, her brother, beaten up by an abusive guy who is Corey, that she lived in foster houses, that her best friend in childhood suicided, showing off her anorexia and a long etc of edgy-pseudo-dark-depressing things in a "eloquent" way when probably is mostly untrue. She changed her persona so many times trying to emulate certain trends and public figures at the moment such as Sylvia Plath, Courtney Love, Sky Ferreira, Lana del Rey… that is quite obvious. And for the people who had sympathy with her because they stablished a kind of bound as a valve of escape through her writing it is really sad and disappointing, because many (like me) has suffered these kind of events for real and we don't talk so blatantly about them and make them fashionable for gathering attention… because you know, when you go through these things for real you try to show you are as normal as possible like the rest of people, you don't let it see it through in this kind of way.

I have no doubts that she has been through stuff in her life but for sure she has been magnifying it for her own personal reasons.

No. 105338

This whole thread reeks of self-posting, it gets even more obvious when they start getting defensive and each of their fucking posts begin with a variation of "I don't like this bitch either BUT…" then goes into a tirade of personal details about them that nobody even cares about.

Fuck off, you're not interesting… "fragile and edgy" junkie whore DD/lg ׺°”˜`”°º× ą€$ţh€ţɨȼ$ ׺°”˜`”°º× are a dime a dozen on Instagram and Tumblr, stop trying to make yourself more relevant than the rest of them.

No. 105339

I genuinely don't think Ginger would self-post..

No. 105344

Whatever, she's fat.

No. 105357

ok ginger :)

No. 105391

I actually had no idea about Ginger/Kayla's different personas. Do you have any pictures or screenshots to back this stuff up? (Not saying you're lying. I just want to see it for myself.)

No. 105425

Honestly what annoys me the most about her blog is the asks she gets. Because everyone is trying to emulate her fragmented way of typing and it is pretty fucking obvious.

No. 105449

This isn't a self post you're just mega paranoid. I can understand, though. If you're not familiar with this tumblr circle you probably have never heard of her but she's like a fucking boil worshiped by ~sad bbydoll gurlz~ everywhere.

No. 105450

File: 1457985087182.jpeg (100.81 KB, 500x750, image.jpeg)

**might I add, a lot of this didn't add up to me around the time I discovered her in early 2013 I think. She had followed me for a couple years as pissangel/bedbones but she didn't post photos of herself and wrote shitty, glittery writing so I never paid any attention. I did however notice that she seemed particularly inspired by a lot of music I posted–she adopted a lot of stylistic narratives from all the Pig Destroyer content I had scanned and compiled and such. Other things too, not worth discussing or anything because it's the ghost of dumblr's past.
I kind of kept a narrowed eye on her.
I guess I reluctantly believed the tattoo trafficking thing because this heaux literally has a trampstamp that says white trash.

No. 105451

I have followed her since 2012 and can confirm she called herself Kayla Day on her Tumblr. I think the Ginger Bronson name is her pseudonym for her music.

No. 105457

File: 1457986682002.jpeg (68.48 KB, 450x675, image.jpeg)

yep. and simple google searches can confirm. She started out as pissangel, then bedbones, then halfbunny for some time where she garnished most popularity. then out of nowhere she got fat, deleted everything involving her past persona, and went on the ~my name is ginger bronson~ thing. it's hard to provide proof given she randomly deleted everything but i see I'm not the only one who has a sharp internal timeline of this. She used to sell zines of her writing as well im sure.

i found notorious photos of her using key google searches. a lot of her old stuff is still reblogged by many. but there are still many things i remember that i can't find, and am not dedicated enough to sleuth for lol.

No. 105458

"My name is Kayla Day and I write in England but I’m from Los Angeles, California. I’ve published two books: “BLOWN” (a collection of written work/drawings) and “Violetly.” I blog/sometimes post poems at halfbunny.com."

No. 105460

File: 1457987046169.jpeg (425.82 KB, 900x599, image.jpeg)

In August of 2013 she did a photo shoot where she was photographed by Hedi Slimane

No. 105554

so if you found her parents, which name is her real name?

No. 105557

her name is kayla day aaron

No. 105560

that's really interesting, her facebook is the one social media account of hers that i never saw because i didn't have facebook at that time. i'm curious about the kind of things she was posting.

corey is definitely real. after she once posted to tumblr that he was arrested i found the arrest, his full name, pictures of him, his facebook etc.

No. 105584

File: 1457998757865.jpg (231.18 KB, 800x1066, 470ebe02df151.jpg)

This is one of her pictures as a teenager. Right, because she got the chance to get kidnapped and get her tattoos little by little in different sessions? …. Whatever.

No. 105586

File: 1457999249625.jpg (100.7 KB, 537x449, 4e497f3c56d9a.jpg)

Her "goth" with black her era where she also had another tumblr addressed as ovum to just post black and white pictures and where she posted underground metal music.

No. 105603

File: 1458000818272.jpeg (65.12 KB, 640x427, image.jpeg)

you guys are so much better at this than i am and I've had my suspicions since 2012 damn

No. 105605

Wait…is she 27 years old?!

No. 105614

File: 1458001680677.jpg (54.1 KB, 500x516, tumblr_lehjt3lAHd1qbqq5fo1_500…)

picture of her from back in her pissangel days

No. 105616

she has just deleted her facebook account…

No. 105622

she currently had one? damn, i've searched for one multiple times in the past and never found anything

No. 105625

I was just gonna ask that. I feel like I remember her saying she turned 20 or something not too long ago

Now that I'm thinking about it, she changed her birthday a lot. I don't have documentation since she deleted everything. I remember she once posted her natal chart thing and said she was a cancer. Before that I remember her saying she was a scorpio. Then at another point leo. Possibly a way of fitting her current persona with the personality traits of zodiac signs?

No. 105626

She's 27, I'm pretty sure.

No. 105627


Yes, she is 27 years old and her real birthday is the 13 of July as far as I remember from her first facebook account.

No. 105631

Birth records for Kayla Day Aaron say 13 August 1989. Maybe she was saying July when she was lying about being a cancer in astrology, because it better fit the persona she wanted to portray?

No. 105633


lol those photoshopped irises.
where are you finding all these old photos, jw? i used to follow her when she was bedbones / halfbunny & i remember people constantly pestering her (with a shitload of fawning & brown-nosing included) to post her face.

No. 105634

Does anybody have screenshots/archives of her facebook?

No. 105635

I'm not the one posting them but I remember there being a few pictures of her face on her black and white blog pissangel as well as mentions of her name being Kayla, before she started refusing to share her face or name on bedbones/halfbunny.

No. 105636

File: 1458003211607.jpg (76.84 KB, 600x800, 4745c7f2d1854.jpg)

Actually yes, 13 of August, probably she changed other times to fit the cancer traits persona. These pictures are from her modelmyhem account when she was a teenager. Before the transition between pissangel to bedbones and she used to travel to France to learn French and try to get scouted by an agency probably.

No. 105637

on the results from intelius section (i don't know how reliable this is) it says she's 26 - i'm going by this considering she's previously said she grew up ~where twin peaks was filmed~: http://www.instantpeoplefinder.com/people-find/kayla-aaron/ca

so much for living in a trailer park in poverty, what with these (potentially) being her parents:

No. 105638

whoever is posting the super old pictures of her i love you and keep them coming… i've followed her for years and this is super interesting to see

No. 105639

Could you please provide a link to this model site you're getting her pictures from?

No. 105641

okay so like i saw this thread a few days ago and i've been debating on whether or not to jump in on it bc i know she's reading it, seeing as tho she probably has google alerts on her own stage name or whatever, but i've been sitting on this for a really long time and i don't really care if anyone believes me or not.

so kayla/"ginger" and i were actually pretty close for a while. when i'd met her, i had no clue about who she was online and though she'd mentioned in passing that she had a popular tumblr, she wouldn't give it to me or go into too much depth about her internet presence. & like, suffice to say, when i finally found the blog, i could have sworn it was a catfish? i mean it obviously isn't but the way she carries herself there vs irl is shocking.

i guess that's all sort of a useless primer and none of you care abt the specificities of how i know her & why we no longer speak, but i can say this much: she's telling the truth about a lot of things, but doing it in the most deceptive way possible, if that makes sense? it's a lying by omission sort of thing. first of all, she doesn't actually speak like she's had a fucking lobotomy (idfk why she speaks like that in her videos) & she's basically been talking about the same situations and people since like, 2010 at least (the artwork for babydoll on her soundcloud is a picture of corey, to put it into perspective), and her songs and poetry will have different lines about different people in order to ratchet up the drama. not to mention, she's 26 & lives with her parents. plus while she was still living here, she was dating one of my friends who is, like, the opposite of the image she presents of herself––he writes bad acoustic music and wants to get a sleeve tattoo of the legendary birds from pokemon, to put it into perspective. & she's never been poor in her life, so fuck that "started from nothing" shit she's pushing. she doesn't breathe a word about any of this shit aside from maybe vague references, lest she tarnish her ethereal lolita lost in the hood shtick, but she's very calculated about her image & i don't think she's ever been fully straightforward about who she is.

she does lie on there though––and about incredibly bizarre things, at that. like in 2014, she posted a fake birth chart (http://web.archive.org/web/20140517094104/http://halfbunny.com/) when she's a leo (http://www.californiabirthindex.org/birth/kayla_day_aaron_born_1989_18953057) and when i knew her she was saying she was a scorpio and pretending that she & i were the same age… i was 19 and she was 24. i wish i had concrete documentation of all of her bullshit aside from the birth chart shit bc i would really love to pull down that curtain but i guess today is not the day that happens.

she did something kind of despicable to me last year, so, like, pardon my angry rambling, but it pisses me off so fucking much to see 16 year old kids who were unlucky enough to get sucked into warped tumblr daddy culture telling her that they aspire to be her, when in reality, she's so pathetic and manipulative and idk… i'm just glad that there are people out there who are wise to her fake shit tbh

No. 105645

File: 1458003780583.jpg (452.99 KB, 700x583, 4e011868966b1.jpg)

http://www.modelmayhem.com/1175579 if you scroll down you can see her profile, but it is deleted already since long ago. These pictures are dating the days of being bedones but not showing her face (playing to be the mysterious to gather attention in tumblr) while she was actually doing it everywhere else in other social medias. There were some in deviantart without any of her tattoos and being quite chubby wearing a necklace that said "daddy's girl". But these were removed already from the website. I have many of these because I have been trying to expose her fraud for very long time.

No. 105646


hahahaha woooow she is so full of SHIT. good on you for ditching her.

No. 105650

File: 1458004225136.jpg (47.27 KB, 500x500, artworks-000134071856-7q0w4b-t…)

Here's the picture of Corey on her Soundcloud that >>105641 mentioned btw.

No. 105651

File: 1458004476779.jpg (344.05 KB, 567x700, letter.jpg)

I guess this is also Corey? It was also the cover of her song "Champange on Ice". BTW all her sound is plagiarized, taking her instrumental from other artists when she just records her voice all over them.

No. 105652

Is her ex C-Murder?

No. 105654

champagne on ice rather… they all bleed together to me tbqh

No. 105658

File: 1458004972555.jpg (32.7 KB, 362x400, c-murder1.jpg)


Holy fuck lol. I googled C-murder and one of the first results said that he's dead so lmao.


Do you know anything else about Corey? He's one of the most interesting part of Ginger's story to me.

No. 105664

Idk, she seems screwed up but pretty uninteresting aside from the whole Soren thing.

The amount of posts consisting of long, rambling paragraphs makes me feel like someone is samefagging/self posting.

No. 105667

Eh. His Wikipedia says he's alive? He's 45 tho lmao

No. 105670

File: 1458005496273.jpg (69.35 KB, 620x514, 10395572-mmmain.jpg)

jeez he's so unattractive. (sage for ot.)

No. 105673

corey was honestly batshit fucking insane and even though she never gave me a straight answer as to what she was doing on the east coast to begin with, i'm pretty sure she was hiding from him? he actually came over here looking for at one point & police had to get involved. that shitshow was the only perspective i have on him but he was the one responsible for her tattoos, assuming she was being truthful about that

No. 105674

File: 1458005650209.jpg (74.54 KB, 684x438, tumblr_nqs7luM6fB1s3nxrro1_128…)

is this her on the right?

No. 105675

i don't believe the man you have been posting is corey.

after she posted about him being arrested for meth labs, i found this: http://www.franklinsheriff.org/press_view.php?id=17&PHPSESSID=6cbfa35ad08fe54472f94be801e44db9

his tattoos match the ones visible on the pictures she has posted of him with his face blacked out.

google his name and you'll find his facebook, myspace, twitter etc

No. 105677

File: 1458006065085.jpeg (20.39 KB, 238x300, McIllwain-Cory-238x300.jpeg)


I don't think he is either, I was just jokingly going off what >>105641 said.

But if who you posted is actually Corey, just…Oh lord.

(Also, I just listened to a few of Ginger's songs and I actually kinda liked them. Ugh.)

No. 105679

File: 1458006230726.jpg (73.37 KB, 400x554, tumblr_n24v6rUDPw1qh6hioo1_400…)


that would make sense seeing as i remember this picture of a collage she uploaded that did the rounds on tumblr

No. 105680

yeah i believe he's on the champagne on ice artwork with his face blacked out.. my mistake tbqh. regardless she still dwells on him a lot & he's the driving force behind a lot of the shit she's producing to this day

No. 105691


Not trying to get OT but I'm looking up Cory and just damn. He was apparently dating a girl named Anjelica and they had a kid together that died.

I wonder how the kid possibly could of died, ya know, with such great quotes from news articles like "[…] charged with first-degree unlawful manufacture of a controlled substance, trafficking meth, chemical endangerment of a child and unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia." and "When they went with the woman to get her five month old son, investigators discovered there was a active one-pot meth lab that was still in the process of cooking and it was located on the other side of the wall from where the baby's crib was located."

Fucking tweakers, man, why would Ginger ever dwell on this guy?

No. 105695

I think Soren is interesting to everyone, including people who haven't heard about him until this point, but Kayla is probably really only interesting to people who have been following her all this time. I followed her all throughout my teens and she seemed so enigmatic and I liked her a lot… so finding out what are lies and what's the truth is really intriguing.

No. 105700

what did she do to you?

No. 105704

I couldn't find any model mayhem pictures of her. Do you have any others? Or just pics of her in general? Really curious about her pissangel or whatever it was phase since it's so different from the styles she usually has

No. 105706

Oh btw her old Instagram is kayla.day but I couldn't find any pics

No. 105708

File: 1458008617124.jpeg (67.6 KB, 1000x750, show_image.jpeg)

No. 105710

File: 1458008853238.png (125.28 KB, 640x616, IMG_8898.PNG)

this one's a fucking artifact but that's her in the center

No. 105712

File: 1458009480207.jpg (275.41 KB, 700x525, tumblr_ncog48CPxc1qh6hioo1_128…)

It seems it is cool for her to glamorize abuse by her while putting make up to create bruises. Because the people who suffer it for real want to show it for sure…

No. 105713

File: 1458009521171.jpg (96.27 KB, 400x270, bruiseyellowwww.jpg)

No. 105751

i wonder where she got the name ginger bronson from. when she started going by ginger, i figured kayla day was a fake name since it kind of had more of a ring to it and it sounded prettier, if that makes sense. "ginger bronson" sounds like a very average name, not a stage name. it seems like a peculiar choice.

No. 105765

Wow, finding out she was just a rich spoiled girl lying through her teeth about her entire life is SO lmao. I used to be inspired by her poetry when I was ~depressed~ at 16, now I find her pathetic

No. 105767

i agree, kayla day has a nice melodic feel to it. i wondered if the bronson part was inspired/lifted from action bronson? if she liked rap. hard to tell though

No. 105769

I knew something was up with this chick.
Apparently she turned 21 in August 2015 lmfao.

No. 105770

I followed her for a year not really giving a shit about her music since it's definitely generic overdone sad bbygrl shit, but I assumed she was a down to earth person just seeing the way she interacted with her followers. Finding out about her lying is pretty disappointing.

I feel the opposite way like Ginger is prettier and Kayla Day seems average. It's just a matter of perspective. She does listen to rap though.

Haha holy fuck, lads

No. 105776

File: 1458017601903.jpeg (45.13 KB, 306x424, image.jpeg)


Charles Bronson? Britains infamous most violent prisoner. His name was a stage name too. Just a guess if she spent time in the UK she will of heard of him

No. 105783

if i had to guess, charles bronson x ginger mckenna from casino. what a concept

No. 105787

Ginger actually did date C-Murder but kept it very quiet. She still sends letters to him in prison. He's the REAL Corey. I'm really sure she's just hiding her tracks with the other guy.

No. 105788

I thought she got the Bronson part from the rapper Action Bronson.

No. 105792

how do you know that?
she made collages out of the other guy… that seems like taking it a bit far if they weren't actually involved

No. 105794


we're not saying defiantly, just guessing. She could of easily ripped the names from any or all of them

No. 105806


I just know because I'm in the group of friends she actually has right now. I think her and that other guy probably did date but he's never been mentioned around me. I've seen her take multiple calls from C. He gave her a ring a long time ago that she wears a lot.

No. 105814

File: 1458023890362.jpg (6.85 KB, 259x194, images.jpg)

from pissangel

No. 105815

File: 1458023909309.jpg (161.27 KB, 640x480, tumblr_l5hkyb7uNy1qbqq5f.jpg)

from pissangel

No. 105816

File: 1458023956425.jpg (127.74 KB, 400x352, nothing.JPG)

from her old blogspot i think, also called pissangel

No. 105817

the cover for champagne on ice is a picture of her now. did she just change that?

No. 105819

Lol right ginger, I'm sure your swazi tattoo has nothing to do with you dating some tweaker trailer trash peckerwood. Just stop trying to make yourself into anything other than some dumb fuck spoiled ass rich girl who got caught up in the white pride scene while getting gang banged by methed up, no teeth having scrawny white boys.

No. 105830

not sure when, but i noticed that yesterday when going through her tagged/me

No. 105832

File: 1458030685409.gif (1.95 MB, 540x292, tumblr_nozn8vrpdW1qdcfc3o2_540…)


That's exactly what I thought. Charles though, what a lad; smothered himself in Lurpak and took on 12 screws. Sage for OT.

No. 105887

Do you have pictures/screenshots of her deviantart or blogspot? Are the accounts still up or have they been deleted? Still real curious about her Facebook tho

No. 105888

there's one screenshot of her blogspot from 2011 here: https://web.archive.org/web/20111110024457/http://pissangel.blogspot.com/

No. 105921

Color me surprised! Not really… it's because she's lurking this thread and fucking self-posting in it.

No. 105923

hahaah what a cow

No. 105932


No. 105935

oh, she was pissangel? i used to follow her tumblr when i was an edgy teen
lol that she turned into a generic fat tumblr bitch

No. 105947

That's a white guy, not a black guy like the C-Murder dude and their tattoos don't match at all.

It's this guy.

It's definitely this guy.

She's writing music about this ugly sack of bones who gave her white-pride tattoos… this is fucking hilarious!

No. 105949

File: 1458056422887.jpg (96.47 KB, 500x701, kayla.jpg)

She had this heroin chic thing going on for a little while, idolizing Sky Ferreira, Courtney Love, and Kate Moss.

I found this little interview from 2014 and a few poems that she wrote:

No. 105954

Yet in her other photos she looks like pure white trash, like in the link you posted for example.

It all fucking adds up now, some druggy neo-nazi white-power shitheel "kidnapped" her (re: little rich white girl) and abused the shit out of her and she grew dependency on him.

She makes up several fake personas as an escape from this boring life she's living to find some self-worth in herself. She comes to this thread, trying to throw off several anons with lies and is ultimately exposed for the fraud she is.

No. 105956

File: 1458057344171.jpg (418.97 KB, 598x800, halfbunny.jpg)

Wonder which "daddy" is holding her in this photo.

No. 105959

File: 1458057562177.gif (1.71 MB, 400x225, 10702.gif)

No. 105960

File: 1458057581270.jpg (465.38 KB, 699x936, 87429.jpg)

No. 105963

File: 1458057914305.png (760.76 KB, 800x650, tryhard.png)

lol anon that's her arm and hand.

No. 105968

Are you sure this is her? Where's the swazi tattoo?

No. 105969

different anon but i'm pretty sure both are her. look at the knuckle tats. it looks like she was already starting to get the swastika removed during her pissangel days so i guess she finished the tattoo removal by now.

No. 105971

File: 1458058965729.jpg (463.93 KB, 1032x720, tat.jpg)

Yes, it was posted by her and those are definitely her tattoos. The caption for it was "i miss dreaming with my eyes open

i miss you rolling a spliff while i lay watching you from the bed i touch your back i touch your glowing gold soul with mine it’s pitch black
once you cried & i crawled naked across the floor just to sit on your lap
sorry for pretending not to want
there’s so many ghosts between me
& us two but i saw your soft face i heard your soft voice & in that movie
you’re fucking me, remember how we do?
paris is the city that’s most romantic is what they tell everybody & for me it’s no different; before it was all cameras & beautiful dresses & loneliness
but you asked for a chance & i gave it i’m yours i’m a godless
world but for you i get on my knees i don’t pray but i say your name
& it feels the same"

She's always talking about getting her tattoos removed. Here's another picture of the crappy lettering on her stomach.

No. 105977

the lettering on the left side is so much more faded than the 'N' on the right. In the process of getting it lasered off? Her finger tattoos are also missing in her later pictures

No. 105984

File: 1458059541705.jpg (80.85 KB, 500x666, tumblr_n5ubkcmrmB1qh6hioo1_500…)

You can kind of see the letters in this photo in case you're still skeptical.

No. 105988

Plus she's stretching her torso in the Swazi pic so it's literally right below her breasts so it's probably under her shirt in that picture of her stomach

No. 105997

Actually, if you look at new pictures of her, you can still sort of see her finger tattoos but they seem very faded, kind of like when kids draw tattoos and the day after you can still see them, if you get the image I'm trying to explain. I can't remember which hand is which, but the crossed out O's are still fairly visible though you might not be able to figure out what the tattoos were if you hadn't seen her less-faded ones before. (Wow sorry for the rambling but I hope I gave y'all a good idea lol)

No. 106002

File: 1458062378061.jpg (108.09 KB, 500x667, tumblr_nzh5ncVusp1qh6hioo1_500…)

See, if you look closely at her fingers you'll see what almost looks like bruising/faded pen ink so her tattoos aren't totally gone yet but they also have probably naturally faded overtime since she's had the finger ones probably close to ten years, I'm guessing. I know for most of my inked friends that seems to be how long it takes. Keep in mind the guy who did those on her probably wasn't really a professional and he might not have gone over all them enough times which could also explain why one half of her "FORSAKEN" tat on her stomach faded so fast (I don't know much about tattoo removal so this is just an educated guess, really.)

No. 106003

Tattoos are not easy to get rid of. I would know because for 7 months I have been trying to get rid of a really bad tattoo on my finger and only 60% of it is gone. Tattoo removal is just a moneymaking thing and they trick their customers by giving false results. That's why they make you do sessions because they get paid more.

No. 106006

File: 1458063253883.png (10.35 KB, 485x214, tats.png)

sounds like she was getting them lasered

No. 106007

This thread gave me depression

No. 106012

She forgot the swastika one lmao

No. 106024


Considering she tries so hard to emulate Courtney Love and Courtney is a Cancer, her lying about it is no surprise to me.

No. 106028

The tattoos are being faded with removal cream if I remember correctly.

No. 106031

File: 1458067888653.jpeg (429.46 KB, 900x599, image.jpeg)

I wonder if this "friend" that new Kayla is actually Kayla.
Then again, she'd rather shit her pants than reveal her real age and secret normalfag upbringing so maybe not. But I feel like she's definitely the one claiming she dated a rapper.

No. 106037

Hi Kayla LMAO

No. 106129

File: 1458078639579.png (192.65 KB, 472x678, Capture _2016-03-15-16-49-28.p…)

Oh Kayla

No. 106175

Knowing her age now, a lot of things make sense. I think she had a crisis.
She styled herself like a trashy meth hooker for awhile but it was fine because that look is a dime a dozen and she just looked like a wannajunkie. But now, she tries to hard to embody youthful things and it makes her look awful and embarrassing. Like those weird uneven pigtails she started doing a lot. It makes her look like literal special needs.

No. 106226

she's had the same twitter account for years and years, but when i first found her her username was feralwitchchild and this picture http://twitpic.com/5s61dy still exists

No. 106310

File: 1458113244641.jpg (31.21 KB, 700x525, BagIew7CMAA_9Gp.jpg_large.jpg)

No. 106312

this is from her feralwitchchild twitter too

No. 106314

? says the file is deleted

No. 106318

She's baleeted a shit ton of stuff. For someone who acts so aloof, it's pretty funny that she came in this thread and tried to pretend she was dating a rapper in prison. "Real Corey" my ass Kayla. You're almost 30, pull yourself together.

No. 106451

I got told about this thread recently. I used to be involved with her. We barely talk now tbqh but I always suspected she was older than she was saying. But yahknow I don't give a fuck about that. She never tried to hurt anyone except herself. She's just silly. And she lost out by not keeping good people around who truly honestly cared about her. As usual she thinks she's better off alone. I don't question anyone who just read her various personas and wants to discuss that right here. But I do question posts from people who obviously know her outside of fluffing tumblr and wanna embarrass her and make her feel like shit because you feel mad right now. Someone could make a thread like this about you anyday and show all the various contradictions on your tumblr over the years. But people let things go because they know how it is and know your good points outway your bad.

No. 106459

This whole post is stupid, and incredibly fragmented.
"Outside of fluffing tumblr" girl Kayla is a liar. It's as simple as that. She's a liar, living in a dreamy airy deluded fantasy, and just because she utilized omission doesn't make her better than any other manipulator.
She's nearing her 30s and still pretending to be in her early 20s. She self-posted in this thread pretending to be a "friend" and claimed she was fucking dating C-murder. She's a liar.

No. 106479

Well I litterally never heard her say to me or anywhere online about dating this rapper. I've only seen that said here by some anonymous post who was speculating who Corey is. the white guy shown earlier is the real Corey. as gross as he is. I don't think it's that big a secret. If she wants to obsess over him still that's her problem yahknow. He doesn't give a fuck about her.

No. 106481

lmao harry who sent you to this thread

No. 106484

Huh? I'm ginger as is every single person in the thread.

No. 106517

Oh, perhaps you're not familiar with message boards and the MO for how people that are as manipulative as her try to self-post.

"Someone" as in Kayla herself was trying to pretend C-murder was the real Corey when everyone found out he was that gross white supremacist. She was trying to pretend C-murder was the actual person. Why would anyone else try to make us believe that? Why would anyone else try to make her look Cool and Tuff writing a rapper in prison? Very obviously Kayla herself pretending to be ~in her friend circle.~

No. 106518

Wait Harry as in crippled Harry?

No. 106548

who the fuck is harry?

No. 106549

is C-murder a coincidence then? or did she use him as the babydoll cover to make people think he's Real Corey?

No. 106551

just a coincidence, her former friend just mixed up the songs and she ran with it

No. 106580

Some dude in a wheelchair who dresses like a child in a mark ryden painting and us up the asses of Nicole Dollenganger and the likes

No. 106583

Ohhhh, rotting? Man, what a nostalgia trip - when nu-goth & pastel-goth was all the rage (like five years ago?) I remember a bunch of blogs I followed constantly kissing up to him and his boyfriend at the time. And huffie bear or whatever she was called, later on. Woow.

No. 106787

"I was the girl next door but God made me learn how 2 hustle & blush & fall in luv & that was all I needed 2"
Yeah ok Kayla.

No. 106788

*"needed 2 run"

No. 106849

her way of writing now is somehow even more obnoxious than when it was all ~airy fairy~

No. 106857

That's because now she wants to be Lana and writes like an aging person pining over being 15 again.

She didn't start using "daddy" until her LDR phase and now every fucking thing is peppered with daddy.

No. 106864

i remember she did actually use "daddy" in some of her old poems but not nearly to the same extent she does now.

No. 106898

At least her airy fairy thing was a bit more… idk realistic? IDK if thats the right word to use but w/e. Plus the grammar was a bit better and it felt like she was actually trying to write properly. Besides all her tweets are probably half baked spur of the moment ideas whereas I'm sure she put way more thought when she was writing back when she was calling herself Kayla Day

No. 107435

I'm not surprised by any of this. Her father is a lawyer. A criminal defense lawyer. and her mother is a therapist. Her name is Kayla Day Aaron. Growing up I had a really hard life with literally nothing and was molested by my father….I'm heartbroken and offended that someone would fucking do this. Just lie, lie and lie. Just why? I don't understand.

No. 107599


Yup. Her mom is Ruth and dad Jeffrey.
I don't understand her need to lie either. The really sad part is that her little fans eat up everything she says.

No. 107689

Thanks for the email, friendo! :^)

No. 107873

File: 1458514573836.jpeg (22.15 KB, 640x181, image.jpeg)

Translation: acting aloof will conceal that you're a pathological liar, maybe.

No. 107880

Walmart version of Lana Del Rey

No. 107883

*dollar store

No. 107940

I'm honestly so fucking disgusted some privileged white bitch would use rape, child abduction and drug abuse as some aesthetic while she's living in her rich parent's basement. It's the sickest kind of roleplaying I've seen to date. And the fact that so many teen girls look up to her and even imitate this violent and toxic lifestyle that she glamorizes makes me sick and she does it for attention. She's a grown fucking woman. What's even better is that she went from white trash aesthetic to wearing long nails and rapping and overdrawing her lips trying to look like she's from the hood lmao fuck her.

Should I make a tumblr to expose her? I definitely want this shit out there for everyone to see what a goddamn sick fraud this woman is. You guys can submit and we can get this spreading. If anyone deserves to be exposed it's her.

No. 107943

>It's the sickest kind of roleplaying I've seen to date
Haven't taken a gander at the hurtc0re thread eh?

No. 107945

Obviously I don't mean in the entire history of tumblr lies lol. I just mean of this whole ~bbygirl scene that she's in. We're not talking about some 16 year old mexican gore furry with a deviantart who talks about being schizophrenic who are the usuals in the whole pathologically-lying-on-the-internet-for-fun thing.

We're talking about a grown 27 year old woman who came from an upper middle class and graduated university just deciding that one day she would pretend to be white trash sold into human trafficking and was hardcore into meth. Living this entire fucking lie like. From her date of birth to where she grew up in. The fact that she's carried it out so (arguably) realistically and like, legit acting like this shit really happened to her I mean it's just… it's literally the worst thing ever. This isn't some troubled teen who likes homestuck this is just a completely privileged 27 year old white woman who is living a complete, total and absolute lie on the internet for attention. When she could've just, you know, gotten a fucking job and been a normal human being.

She's deadass like the white lady who pretended to be black lmao Kayla on some next level shit.

No. 107950


It's like you're not from around here…

No. 107951

i know for a fact that she's had a few brushes with those things in the past (namely addiction & rape) but what's always bothered me about her is that she acts like she started from the bottom and somehow surmounted her circumstances? i mean, there's a clear demarcation between someone living in poverty and being a part that lifestyle because it's just your environment & a rich girl dabbling in hard drugs and getting sucked into something more than she bargained for. you can't claim it as your identity when you've always had the option of just moving back in with your rich parents in claremont when living for the aesthetic gets old.

and i don't think exposing her on tumblr is really going to do anything bc the people there will see "she wasn't actually raped" and immediately disregard it. probably not the most useful course of action.

No. 107973

considering she's trying to act like she grew up on the hard drug infested streets of a trailer park when in actuality she's living with her lawyer/therapist parents in clermont with her college degree i would say social justice aside the word privileged fits lmao. also she's white. ?

No. 107976

Oh ok. But it's what you said it's more than just rape and drug use, she's still lying about her whole lifestyle and backstory about living in poverty and what not. Everyone can roleplay on the internet as long as they're not hurting anyone, but the thing is that Kayla is getting young teenage girls idolizing her and calling her some inspirational hero and asking her for advice. And she always romanticizes and glamorizes abuse and keeps mentioning some contrived shit about running away into the night and kissing boys. As a woman going on 30 it's just really disgusting that she would be fine with her toxic persona having an impact on young kids. She actually seems to love it and thrives on the attention. That's what's sooo disgusting to me.

I think maybe the tumblr could just put links to what's in this thread? Like her birth chart and about people who have actually met her. I don't know I still wanna do something. Mostly because of the fans who idolize her and find her oh-so inspiring. Sigh.

No. 108650


Sage & sorry for off topic but I just realised that this is where Soren (the kid mentioned at the start) got the "my heart is beating really fast" part of his narrative - he's literally not got a single creative bone in his body yet fabricated a CSA NOVEL

No. 108690

bizarre things kayla has stated about her past life happenings on her stories/poems/writings:

- being sexually molested and hit by her father and brother

- having been raped

- having anorexia, bulimia (she talked about throwing up)

- pretending to be a dark neo nazi swastika girl

- being in numerous foster homes

- being in trailer parks with homeless and being unwashed and living in the most despicable and inhuman environments

- being in mental hospital wards

- painting and photoshopping bruises on her and showing them off

- sympathizing with the serial killer american culture as if it was cool

- fucking her cousing

- being kidnapped

- pretending to have PSTD, and other serious mental problems

- talking about pills, specially ones diagnosed for szchizophrenia

- being trafficked and forced on getting a white trash tattoo with a heart at the "i" instead of a dot on her ass.

No. 108866

"being unwashed" she never ever washed her hair as halfbunny and when people asked why she said it was upsetting for her to get her head wet or something?

No. 108878

She said she got the tattoos from her abusive ex who kidnapped her. I've followed her since her pissangel days and don't recall her ever saying she was trafficked, only that she was kidnapped?

No. 108942

Bump for anon

No. 108959

People who fall for random stalker anons acting like "wow I've figured out you're talking about ginger because you make it so obvious!… I mean… I mean… I knew her too… Please give me the gossip.. Just because I err… Knew her too!"

No. 108969

What are you on about?

No. 109291

File: 1458692129197.jpg (47.13 KB, 596x794, tumblr_nos9wwEDlw1ut6io9o7_r1_…)

No. 109293

File: 1458692188576.jpg (188.48 KB, 750x744, tumblr_nuigrivGKk1ut6io9o2_128…)

No. 109308

File: 1458693135634.jpg (307.74 KB, 1268x839, tumblr_nszogboR2z1ut6io9o2_128…)

No. 109310

File: 1458693162197.jpg (72.01 KB, 470x567, tumblr_nuigrivGKk1ut6io9o3_500…)

No. 109311

File: 1458693175562.jpeg (207.58 KB, 585x760, image.jpeg)

No. 109313

File: 1458693194169.jpg (40.81 KB, 345x593, tumblr_nuigqwYeF51ut6io9o10_40…)

No. 109314

File: 1458693206789.png (667.47 KB, 527x797, image.png)

No. 109319

seems unlikely to me that someone who was forced to get a tattoo would take pictures of it like this when it's new (i'm guessing it's still new, it looks that way).

No. 109321

File: 1458693915469.jpg (34.99 KB, 500x450, tumblr_no2516mAs61ut6io9o4_500…)

I agree.

No. 109322

My thoughts the moment I saw it. Liar liar pants on fire.

No. 109327


No. 109342

*~starbucks and pizza~* how airy-fairy
what a basic bitch

No. 109345

Nearly every teenage girl goes through this phase anon, don't lie.
But yeah, the problem is she's 27 and fake as fuck.

No. 109354

haha, it might be because i'm british & i never did, and saw less of it irl than i did on telly / the internet for example.
yeah this whole thing about her age is bizarre; on the hedi slimane shoot she was 23 & an "electronic musician" (i actually remember her posting some songs she'd made when she went under the bedbones username), she states she's in her early twenties now & the reality is she's 27. i don't think i could keep up with such a constant stream of bullshit.

No. 109414

The post is gone now but a while back she replied to an ask saying everything written about her in the hedi slimane article was a lie

No. 109415

All it had was her age and that she was a supposed musician. That was in 2013, age 23, which would put her at 26 at least now. So is she trying to pretend she's younger?

No. 109419

Ah, I'm sorry, I haven't actually read the article myself but I have followed her since the beginning of halfbunny. I haven't seen much regarding her age, one post (deleted, of course) talked about her doing meth at 14, and last year she claimed 22 (another post long gone so unfortunately i have nothing to back this up)

No. 109423

File: 1458702036261.jpeg (49.36 KB, 400x396, image.jpeg)

Pic not necessarily related but she actually edits her pictures a lot for someone so ~free wild trailer park dreamy~.

No. 109442

downloading photoshop with that trailer park alabama wifi! yas! edit those curves and levels on your macbook in that meth house! bbyface porcelain complexion from all those HARD drugs what a tough life i tell ya. can you tell she's poor because of her greasy hair? poor use of grammar cuz bby grl gru up on da streetz xoxox <3

No. 109448

Hope I'm not completely off-topic here, but I went on that fakelikegingerbronson blog and it was tagged kottonmouthqueen or something, anyway going through my notes i found http://kottonmouthqqueen.tumblr.com following me, is this just another ginger-obsessed tumblr or relevant somehow? seems to be taking on her way of speaking/life story

No. 109449

I don't know about that blog (I skimmed through the archive a little but it seems like it's just a regular blog) but does anyone know why that post on fakelikegingerbronson is tagged "kottonmouthprincess"? Was it an old URL? I haven't heard of that one before.

No. 109450


New blog exposing Kayla in town, y'all. The more the merrier. Feel free to submit or spread around or comment or whatever. Or give me ideas and stuff if you want.

No. 109451

Gonna be posting stuff from this thread btw.

No. 109452


Was that an old Kayla URL? maybe one someone missed?

No. 109454


Good job, anon. And I mean that sincerely. She needs to be called out for all the dumb shit she's done.

No. 109473

I remember someone once saying that she used to post her art on her facebook. Did anyone by any chance save any of it? I'm really curious, her facebook was her one social media account that I didn't see during that time.

No. 109478


No. 109501

She was studying English in Leicester UK. Berlin just in holidays with that she probably met in UK. Many times she said she was living her adventures in Berlin she was just still in UK since her pictures were there with other of her friends in instagram. Also i doubt she even completed her course and get her diploma because she seems dumb as fuck. Probably went there with parent's money to have fun and waste herself and travel around.

No. 109502

File: 1458719345232.jpg (262.15 KB, 682x634, jf.jpg)


No. 109503

File: 1458719552747.jpg (503.75 KB, 756x822, ff.jpg)

can you imagine raising your kid with all of the love and comfort that you can give just for them to wind up writing poetry about how you neglected them as an infant.

No. 109504

this is just some of the stuff im gonna post on my tumblr btw but im sleepy so i'll do it tomorrow

No. 109505

it must be kinda mindfucking to be a therapist and that your daughter comes out really nuts

No. 109506

I'm wondering when someone on here is going to use her contact information and ask about Ginger and see what the hell is really going on. I'm extremely tempted to, has anyone else considered it/think I should/should not?

No. 109507

File: 1458719902207.gif (852.75 KB, 245x158, tumblr_inline_mnvfzdXa8Y1qz4rg…)

No. 109508

i mean mental illness and drug abuse and rape can happen to anyone regardless of literally anything at all but

she's lying about growing up poor and living this oh-so hard life surrounded by druglords and #struggling #fighting #surviving in such a #cruel world and it's like. lol she's just on her laptop in her parents' place chillin and trying to find ways to sound street as she struggles to write with her new long #ghetto nails which she claims she used to wear all the time growing up in some dusty trailer park shithole.

like nah i got no sympathy for this bitch cos mental illness ain't got shit with her acting like she's poor for attention.

No. 109510

File: 1458720541288.png (25.13 KB, 293x571, the projects.png)

that's a metaphor you dolt. at least use one of her poems where she actually implies she was abused.

No. 109513

File: 1458720979861.png (43.12 KB, 661x391, kayla1.png)

Does anyone know what this is about or who this is?

No. 109516

i know it's a metaphor but the whole thing of giving your baby coke and cheetos is still referencing that white trash abusive parent living in a trailer shit again.

but! you right you found a better poem lmao i'll use that one thank u

No. 109517

I was looking to see if I could find any traces of Kayla's facebook with no luck, but I found her mom's… Don't know if that's much help though. She's Ruth Aaron or Ruth Tiffany

Has anyone thought of contacting her and asking about Kayla? Or her brother?
According to one of the links someone mentioned where you can see her info, her brother is 25 named Dylan Morrison Aaron

No. 109519

No. 109522

i mean these are very common Rich White Antics™ where you grow up so rich and boring and privileged that you actually fantasize about living a really hard life because it seems interesting. kind of like those (white)people who fantasize about the zombie apocalypse and think it would actually be cool for it to happen because of the opportunity to use survival tactics.

i grew up dirt poor in the caribbean. i grew up in the projects where people actually got shot and sold drugs. my dad knocked my mom up when she was 17 and my little sister is a rape baby from another boyfriend of my mom's. i grew up eating kraft mac n cheese too often and only having two meals a day by the end of the month because money ran out. i grew up around girls who have been raped and corrupted by drugs by abusive drug dealing boyfriends.

never have we been proud of it. i resented everything about where i was raised. i grew up humiliated and ashamed because i was the trashy one of the school. i don't take selfies with my hair greasy, eyes half lid with smeared makeup next to a brick wall. not even the drug addicts took pictures like that. everyone wanted to be normal and have money and live happy lives. i'm in junior college studying to be a chef so that hopefully i land a job at chili's and that's where my life is right now. and i'm miserable as fuck. kayla is just such a tv movie stereotype. you can tell she's cherrypicked all of the things she likes about poverty and built a glamorous persona around it. like the rap and the "bad boys" who do drugs and the long nails. give me a fucking break.

i never be "proud" enough to take selfies on the floor wearing dirty clothes and greasy hair with smudged makeup and bruises, but even if i did, i would be absolutely mortified if i got teenage girls in my inbox obviously copying my way of speaking and telling me they idolize me. i'm 23 and i feel compelled to tell those girls to unfollow me because that would make me so uncomfortable. these girls are calling kayla "mama" and she finds that so endearing and gives them attention so they keep worshipping her. GIVING THEM ADVICE!! encouraging them to run away. encouraging them to "break boy's hearts" not thinking about how fucking harmful that concept is. these are children and she's an adult going on 30. she makes my blood boil.

No. 109524

File: 1458723583959.png (30.65 KB, 306x908, -.png)


No. 109526

Where are you guys finding all the old stuff? I don't have the patience to lurk so

No. 109527

In my experience, you recognize these people you describe by their teeth and nails. Whereas I haven't grown up in a similar experience to yours, I grew up in the projects. Poor people and people who have grown up poor, such as myself, have fucked up/discolored teeth and no one, not eve prostitues, have long nails.

I'm sure people will disagree on the second point, but if you have to do any kind of menial work, long nails, fake or not, will be a massive pain in the ass. And prostitues need to use their hands a lot. People have no qualms beating them up if they scratch them by mistake.

No. 109529

If I wouldn't know any better, I'd think this was some kind of post generated by a bot.

No. 109531

her poetry was reblogged on tumblr a lot. it's all still there, just on other people's blogs.

No. 109535

I am actually really disappointed she lied about everything. Not that I wish abuse on anybody but I followed her for a long time and feel… Betrayed? Many followers related to her and asked for advice and she pulled it all out of her ass.

No. 109571

lol… has anyone thought of writing her mom and telling her… hey your daughter is telling the whole world that her father and brother abused her and you were a terrible and neglectful mother. & not to mention … all the harmful advice she's giving young girls on the internet. I mean, i guess im not sure what that would accomplish at the end of the day.But this chick needs to be stopped. So, good on you guys making sites to expose her.

No. 109572

honestly, looking at her photo's. She looks like a complete narcissist

No. 109574

her glamorizing abuse is such disgusting. I was victim of an abusive relationship & there is nothing pretty about it.

No. 109575

nah, I don't know if it's such a great idea to involve the rents'. What can they do? she's 26 lmao

No. 109581

its weird that you made 4 posts instead of putting all your responses in one post cloudinthesky750

No. 109585

hahaha it came it bits i guess. I'm a scattered individual. xD(xD)

No. 109586

fucking kek

No. 109614

I guess it would help confirm she's full of shit, her mum could somehow answer some unanswered questions

No. 109623

File: 1458746272937.jpg (71.29 KB, 600x609, CH6LEONVEAAbbfV.jpg)

>"My name is Kayla Day and I write in England but I'm from Los Angeles, California."

>"i grew up in a snow-filled town"

No. 109626

File: 1458747626114.png (1.3 MB, 1348x532, g.png)

she was nice enough to geotag one of her pics on insta. just another day at the trailer park with ginj

No. 109632

File: 1458748366486.gif (437.45 KB, 260x161, tumblr_inline_neagfj25cY1r1hxr…)

No. 109633


No. 109634

she's probably gonna say she was at her druglord sugardaddy's estate sucking his dick cuz life iz hard xo <33

No. 109636

is that the park or just one trailer lol

No. 109642

File: 1458749601079.jpg (25.24 KB, 400x225, image.jpg)

those flowers
dat wrought iron gate
dem big ass windows

it's a wonderland godammit

No. 109647

File: 1458750273169.png (34.57 KB, 666x612, gg.png)

has anyone mentioned this yet? i'm surprised she got anyone to meet with her in the first place.

No. 109651

No. 109652

i can tell you she probably didn't lmao. she's most likely lying so she can whine about the struggles and sacrifices ginger bronson must go to. giving up fulfilling her dream of being a big music start 2 stay tru<3 only a record label interested in making an ariana grande style pop star would tell an aspiring artist to lose weight.

her rap has no fucking flow. her music sounds like it was recorded on a nokia phone. her songs don't even make it past 5k listens. there's soundcloud artists with actual talent who struggle to get a record label to even consider an interview.

and you mean to tell me that a record executive said "as a record label, your terrible music is fine. but what i REALLY have a problem with is your weight!"

yes. i'm sure. a+ lying kayla.

No. 109656

File: 1458751577023.jpg (293.44 KB, 799x686, uij.jpg)


I'm officially up and running you guys! Spread the word and reblog away please!

No. 109657

File: 1458751598235.png (192.47 KB, 659x606, hjkhj.png)

I agree. She'll come up with some story about how she was visiting someone that'll just so happen to feed into her bullshit narrative.

Not related, but I was looking through her tweets and saw this. Is this bitch serious? Why screen-cap her copy/pasting an uncited Henry Wadsworth Longfellow poem in response to an unrelated Youtube fan comment on twitter? Is she trying to pass it off as her own?

No. 109662


Those are fucking million dollar estates. And they don't belong to druglords either fuck outta here with that. At what point during hanging out with meth addicts in alabama did she befriend successful executives and sports players in Los Angeles where currently lives too. Breaking boy hearts and running into trouble? Right. And she's taking a bubble bath there she wasn't even visiting she was staying there.

No. 109663

Sure, it's easy to Geotag your Insta pics manually - you don't have to be there in order to tag your photos with that location. Ergo, she could've been anywhere (e.g. at home in her parent's house) and tagged it as Palos Verdes.

Honestly, I'm surprised she hasn't done it more often. Maybe she doesn't as she knows it'd be easier for people to call her out on her bullshit - claiming to be in places she's not where near?

No. 109665

Adding to this, there is also the possibility that she stayed in a cheap hotel there: https://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotels-g32944-Rancho_Palos_Verdes_California-Hotels.html

Her tagging that pic, doesn't necessarily mean she stayed in a million dollar estate. But, of course, she'd love you to think that she's that good of a druggie hustler to find herself there randomly.

No. 109667

Goddd she would do that. Trying to be like Ginger McKenna in Casino when it turned out her boyfriend lived in some shithole hotel while she was out gambling for money for him. Sound familiar? Showing that such a poor, drugged up heartbreaker girl ended up in a millionaire neighborhood oh naughty girl how ever did you end up there? insert shitty obscure poem about stars and dick and drugs and money

No. 109669

ugh i can't believe people like this exist. what happened to fantasizing about being rich and living a happy life?! she was born SO cradled in cash and loving parents and she aspired more than anything for people to think that her life is, has and forever will be a tragedy.

No. 109676

>>what happened to fantasizing about being rich and living a happy life?
She wanted attention? Probably realised writing about her boring, rich life isn't that relatable nor interesting to the other 99% so she fabricated this shit to make her seem more ~real~ and ~authentic~. Like, honestly no one (including her tumblr sycophants) would've taken her seriously unless she seemed to live the lifestyle that she wrote about so much.

No. 109679

apparently her dad was an attorney for some jihadist. maybe her next phase will be an isis bride. imagine her posing in a burka with her tacky red press ons and writing poetry about luv n bombs.

No. 109690

literally my dream home omg…

No. 109694

>mfw being rich and pretty isn't cool enough, so some people literally pretend to be poor and act like they live shitty, underprivileged lives on the internet
What kind of madness is this?

No. 109695

i know right??? there's so many people on instagram who exclusively take photos on yachts and extravagant places with nice pictures and parties and their styeld hair and perfect lighting for their faces. because they have never had that you can understand thinking like that. and then you have the people who were born with all of that who are bored with all of that. and want nothing more than to have the opposite.

imagine being this white and rich.

No. 109696


It's unfortunately not uncommon for rich brats to act this way for their own gain.

Courtney Love is a HUGE example of this… she was a trust fund baby, well off parents and grandparents who adored her, her adoptive great-grandfather was actually one of the first silver-screen actors in Hollywood.

She lied about abuse, her childhood, her background, allsorts… and she's still mega-rich today.

Also the song "Common People" by Pulp is all about little rich girls who want to masquerade as poverty striken people, because they're so fucking bored with their own lives and having everything they could possibly want already.

No. 109697

Shmegeh comes to mind, kind of.

No. 109698

File: 1458759017706.jpg (47.89 KB, 250x335, tumblr_o4gvtlAMiu1vpnyfao3_250…)

>bbyface porcelain complexion from all those HARD drugs what a tough life i tell ya.

i was just about to bring this up. smudged black eyeliner and smudged lipstick aside, her skin is exceptionally clear and smooth for someone who claims to have lived a hard life on meth and smoking and what i'm assuming is an unhealthy diet. it's simply impossible to have a nice complexion when you've done drugs even if it's in the past. just take a look at cory. even in kayla's "druggie days" she had great skin.

No. 109702

She's basically channelling Courtney Love, and I don't just mean aesthetically.

She's most likely a massive fan of hers judging by her earlier heroin-chic/kinderwhore photos posted earlier in the thread, and if she's smart, she would've already of done all her homework about her and used it all in practice already.

For anyone else who is interested in the phenomena of rich girls who thrill-seek poverty for fun; this is a good resource where to start as it follows an infamous one in particular:


No. 109704

And all of Courtney's fans on tumblr follow the same trend she did Just like all of Kayla's fans. The cycle literally continues it's like a fucking breed of these bitches.

No. 109711

It's unfortunate because the kids who are actually lower-class who look up to these girls, think they have someone who empathises with them, when in actuality - they're just using them to get more attention and fame.

It's okay though, sooner or later they all get exposed for who they really are. Whether or not their fans are dumb enough to follow them after that, that's their prerogative.

I do however know that Courtney has a lot of ex-fans these days and the only thing keeping her afloat is the revenue and royalties from her dead husband's career.

No. 109715

File: 1458761150044.jpg (32.53 KB, 498x494, yhj.jpg)

that picture is so photoshopped but still a good point

No. 109718

maybe she should've picked heroin or cocaine to claim she was addicted to because meth gives you cysts and acne. gross severe acne. google meth effects skin and all the pictures show how people get more and more bumps and bloody scabs on their faces. gonna need more than greasy hair and blush around the eyes, kayla.

No. 109767

She wishes she lived in a manor like that.
Everything she does is grossly calculated, you guys know she geotagged it herself.

No. 109768

File: 1458769965276.jpeg (95.04 KB, 715x377, image.jpeg)

Ya ok Kayla.

No. 109769

no sign of the swastika here

are we certain that was a picture of her, or just something she reposted on pissangel? she reposts a lot of things from flickr, etc, or her current tumblr, so it's not really out of the realm of possiblity

No. 109770

either way it's really fucking disgusting that she thought a girl with a swatstika tattoo was cute enough to put on her blogspot. she loses either way.

No. 109773

It was her.

No. 109774

File: 1458770322161.jpeg (91.35 KB, 1280x720, image.jpeg)

"Meth use" my ass. All she did was starve and not shower.

No. 109775

File: 1458770419400.jpg (831.24 KB, 1161x1185, jjdcn.jpg)

No. 109777

We must be operating on a telepathic wavelength anon.

No. 109778

No. 109779

To elaborate, her baby boss knuckle tattoos are in view in that photo.

No. 109781

I started making it since another anon brought it up but I posted it bc you reminded me lol. But it's funny how ppl catch onto this shit like. We ain't stupid.

No. 109782


Uh you don't get meth sores or whatever from the meth itself- it's from the lack of vitamins from not eating and zero self-care. It is entirely possible to be a meth user and have clear skin. You just have to take a lot of vitamin supplements and wash your fucking face. Jezus

No. 109783

Not true!

>Not only does meth make your skin more oily, it also makes it changes its texture and color. PBS.org explains that meth constricts your blood vessels and lessens blood flow to your skin. Eventually, meth usage destroys your blood vessels to the degree that not enough blood can get to your skin to keep it healthy. Your skin on meth becomes unnaturally grey and leathery, and acne sores that develop, cannot heal properly.

>Skin that cannot properly heal is a huge problem for meth users. They are so prone to skin sores that doctors have developed the term "meth mites" to describe the condition. Dr. Kathleen Hectorne, a Mayo Clinic physician, says that meth mites occur because meth commonly makes users feel as if bugs are crawling on their skin. Meth addicts who are hallucinating bugs on their skin obsessively pick at their skin with their nails, or other sharp objects to the point that it bleeds. Not only do these sores take longer than normal to heal because of the restricted blood flow and repetitive picking, but they can also become infected, according to emergency room Dr. Sullivan Smith. The skin infection can lead to even more health problems for the meth user.

No. 109785

Okay Kayla whatever you say

No. 109786

File: 1458771277992.png (1.23 MB, 650x823, why.png)

I hate that she overdraws her lips on the upper right like that. Bitch is looking like John Wayne Gacy. They look spongy and retarded.

No. 109787


i get the feeling kayla and this chick used to have a thing

No. 109788

Hey Kayla follow my blog xoxox <333


No. 109789

>Uh you don't get meth sores or whatever from the meth itself- it's from the lack of vitamins from not eating and zero self-care. It is entirely possible to be a meth user and have clear skin. You just have to take a lot of vitamin supplements and wash your fucking face. Jezus

man this meth was great! time to take my vitamins so my skin doesn't rot!

sure kayla ;)

No. 109790

Nah she was just obsessed with her. She was one of the friends Kayla ditched and ignored to craft her ~aesthetic~.

No. 109791

hm i got the feeling s/t like that was up. amazing how kayla just drops friends because they don't fit into her aesthetic lol. the girl's mother died and kayla wouldn't answer her calls. sweet.

No. 109792

>one of the first silver-screen actors
>Marlon Brando


No. 109793

Kayla is incredibly histrionic. What she meant in that YT video where she tries to talk like LDR nodding off when she's all ~I like to drop everything and move~ is ~I'm not getting enough attention so time to craft a new personality and leave everyone who cares about me to pretend to be someone else~.

No. 109807

just adding my two cents, i was involved with some meth dealers and addicts in one point of my life and no one had skin like in those pictures above. those are very extreme effects, probably resulting from years of continuous use. kayla's skin is obviously photoshopped clearer but she doesn't need to have acne sores to be doing meth.

No. 109810

I looked up her parents on the white pages,
she came up as well, all the info. about an address and phone are the same though.

Can someone googlemap it? My phone is being a shit

No. 109813

File: 1458774751691.jpeg (32.39 KB, 500x313, image.jpeg)

I grew up in a town that was Meth Central and I'm pretty skeptical, anon.

No. 109814

File: 1458774801796.png (4.36 MB, 2560x1284, Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 23.1…)

No. 109816

File: 1458774892284.png (4.09 MB, 2560x1290, Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 23.1…)

No. 109817

File: 1458775015201.jpeg (75.82 KB, 600x600, image.jpeg)

Stopped washing her hair again. Kek.

Also, she retweeted this account that writes exactly like her. The display photo is of a little girl that's been in CP. Fuck these stupid cunts.

No. 109819


I thought she was wearing slippers before I enlarged it and was gonna ask where they were from

But how do you know the little girl's been in CP?

No. 109821

File: 1458775560261.jpg (15.04 KB, 195x250, tumblr_inline_n2ldmzw0VN1rqyh8…)

>"those are very extreme effects, probably resulting from years of continuous use"
>posts meth addict whose face got fucked up in less than a year

No. 109823

fr thats what I was wondering

No. 109828

I'm not going to link cp anon.

That girls photos has notoriously made rounds on tumblr from various ages. These people are fucked up and post a lot of pseudo obscure images of girls that have been in cp. There are handfuls of awful photos of this girl performing sex acts on an adult male. I've had the misfortune of seeing them while reporting a cp Twitter, and they also end up around tumblr still.

If you want further "proof" all I'm going to say is ok Soren.

No. 109829

? Why greentext that persons response with my photo when I posted that because I was skeptical of anons claim? I was agreeing that it wasn't long term.

No. 109833

Unfortunately, you'll see familiar faces when exposing sick fucks like Soren. A simple google searches pulled up another photo of her being forced to smoke a cigarette. I'm reluctant to link anything involving these children even as "proof" because I don't want to inspire anyone like Soren to dig further.

No. 109837


I didn't want linked to CP I was just genuinely curious/worried how you recognised a cp star? I mean you have to admit it looks very suspicious.

No. 109841

jsyk the pictures of her from the bottom of the first post are from her bedbones or halfbunny days, not from when she was doing meth. she posted a lot about taking pills then though, and there was a picture of her with a coke plate.

No. 109845

Someone mentioned earlier that she stated her meth use happening at 14? Was there more after that?

No. 109847

>looks very suspicious
Given this is in a thread about someone who is part of the pseudo-practically-pedophilic side of tumblr, I don't see how.

This is why these people are downright despicable. There are hundreds of girls on tumblr who are part of this ~aesthetic~ that posts hoards of photos from cp and of cp stars. Oftentimes, if you see a photo they post or reblog of a little girl with their faces scribbled out in ms paint or whatever, it's from cp or borderline cp they've found. And even now, you will still see these ~lamb cloud fragile baby girl~ blogs posting images that have been removed time and time again involving or alluding at cp. No matter how often we have them removed, they resurface. I am a very avid advocate for the privacy of victims of child abuse and even seeing the more tame photos resurface on these blogs because they're ~edgy~ makes my blood boil.

No. 109852

i think that was just a product of her lying about her age. if she did meth, it was probably whenever she was with cory.

No. 109853

Let's be real tho: she was never actually on meth.

No. 109857

Sorry poor execution on my part lmao i meant that i loved how you swiftly clapped back and snatched that dumbass anon with your pic. Evidently, i should refrain from using greentext lmao my bad.

No. 109859

Oh nah it's cool anon. I assumed you misunderstood me and thought I was agreeing with them while simultaneously contradicting myself. Also yeah you'll get greentext eventually lol practice makes perfect I guess.

No. 109890

if anybody bought her books "violetly" or "moonet" (or written something similar i forgot) should be able to have her real address since it was written at the back of the envelope

No. 109896

File: 1458784363767.png (388.3 KB, 538x487, kayla2.png)

A self-made rapper who posts billy talent lyrics, yikes

No. 109903

shut the fuck up, Billy Talent is tight

No. 109904

I didnt mean for that to come across as negative, I love them as well, I just mean it doesnt fit her current ~strugglin thug lyfe~ appearance.

No. 109914

She just posted a new song
tagged as 'brat rap'. I don't know a thing about rap, is this a real rap genre or an ~aesthetics~ thing?

No. 109918

lol this sounds like an autistic nerd whispering along to a rap song

do ppl actually listen to this shit

No. 109919

Holy shit this is some of the worst shit I'm cringing physically

No. 109920


She sounds like she's been to the dentist and had her mouth numbed, like her tongue is just flopping about I don't understand why people look up to this

No. 109921

Imagine being her mom and coming home from a long day at work as a therapist to hear this thing choking on her own tongue like this upstairs.

No. 109922

mute this video watch it while her song plays in the background

tim and eric should hire her lmao.

No. 109928

support group for ruth aaron. send her a care package. a bottle of wine. some earplugs.

No. 109929


she should have distorted her voice and raised the volume in the instruments a bit more so it actually sounds blended. Also her pacing isn't right for the song.


No. 109931

>her pacing isn't right for the song

her pacing isn't right for any song. she has no concept of pace or flow or verses. she's not even rapping to a beat. what proof do we have that we're not just listening to the first ever audio recording of purgatory.

No. 109932

i'm always the first one to hate/joke-listen to something but with her.. i literally can't. i'm not kidding when i say i get a piercing headache every time i attempt to listen to her "songs"

No. 109933

her sharp intakes of breath are so jarring

No. 109935

>my mama felt this wind & now so do i


oh dear

No. 109936

I like you,

No. 109937

she sings the way guys who do lana del rey parodies sing lmao

No. 109938

she talked about her mother having a poor wedding and eating cornsomething the next day in a car next day in oner of her comments which sounds so a lie

No. 109941

her mom graduated from california state university in 1988 and has been a licensed therapist for more than 20 years. i'm sure when she married a criminal defense lawyer they had a really, really cheap wedding and life was just a downhill spiral from there!

No. 109942

Her mom's number is here if anyone has the balls to call her and tell her what her ungrateful garbage daughter is up to that would be very cool.


No. 109943

I'm not usually one to suggest this but since this is a different kind of cow someone should link her Twitter and tumblr in a message to her mom on fb. Maybe she'll be able to get to the bottom of her daughters pathological lying problem.

No. 109944

File: 1458791273600.jpeg (35.4 KB, 640x243, image.jpeg)

Oh my god the world is telling you you're a pathological liar, not a misfit you crazy middle aged cunt.

No. 109947

File: 1458791655298.jpg (243.89 KB, 1024x674, 2573145779_0b1c82ee4c_b.jpg)

i found this pic in flickr many many years ago but i don't know if it is her or just looks similar.

No. 109950

even though this new song is not really the best of her music, i do think she has some great songs, I personally love Scabby and Hellifornia

No. 109951

Reverse image searched the pic, and you were right. There was some blog post in Korean detailing it. Pics were censored, but you still got a general idea of what was happening in them.
I feel unclean.
Pretty sure I reblogged one of the pics of her holding a cigarette at one point without knowing the context. I thought it was an innocent photo of some kid holding a cig for humor. Fucking hell.

No. 109953

That fucking hurt to listen to

Anon, thank you. Haven't laughed that hard in a while.

No. 109954

I don't mean this as condescension in any way, but this is why you should be mega wary of pictures of children doing peculiar or adult-like things. Yeah without the context it could very easily seem like a family joke or whatever, but most often especially in this case it's part of a series of far more sinister photographs. And think: why is this random child's photos being circulated around on a microblogging site, next to photos of women dressed as kids being fucked and baby teeth or lambs or whatever?

A photo of a child that age sucking on a cigarette should be especially alarming because that means an adult was there to take it. Most adults wouldn't allow there children to do something that harmful. No bueno.

No. 109966

Isn't her.

No. 109967

File: 1458794125749.jpg (14.81 KB, 480x270, tumblr_inline_nqeslwXMl51t3ehk…)

kayla why do you keep coming to this thread to defend yourself like we don't know it's you lmao. it's the exact same "i don't like her BUT" that's been plaguing this thread since it first popped up. no one likes your shitty music it's literally garbage you're babbling without rhythm to 3 minute noise with no melody. no one at this point is defending you in this thread. for any reason. you are truly so obvious you immediately give yourself away. it's so embarrassing lol.

No. 109968

Also the girl related was branded as "Sammy," which leads me to believe that's 100% where Soren got Sam.

No. 109971

This is so fucking funny oh my god.

No. 109990

File: 1458799475066.png (665.55 KB, 533x800, tumblr_mphvig2c1U1qh6hioo1_r1_…)

For those wondering whether she's the one in the swastika tattoo picture, I think this kinda shows she is. You can see the top of the "A" of her forsaken tattoo at the bottom of the image, and if you look above and below the bow part you can see black ink there. I think she's probably got it removed by now though.

No. 109991

File: 1458799571652.jpg (94.93 KB, 640x586, IMG_8204.JPG)

Also here's her white trash tattoo lol.

No. 109992

I'm laughing so hard, I thought she would be bad but I wasn't prepared for this. If I didn't know who she was I'd really believe this is satire.

No. 109994

File: 1458800231536.jpg (109.71 KB, 500x375, winnow.jpg)

we can't forget her past best friend, the worm winnow

No. 109996

File: 1458800427261.jpg (113.53 KB, 1023x682, IMG_0482.JPG)

No. 109998

File: 1458800948390.png (34.5 KB, 542x511, kayla3.png)

Why does she answer things like this? I feel like this kind of abstract crap wouldn't really comfort anyone, but maybe that's just me. Either way, I'm becoming increasingly annoyed with these things.

No. 110007


Nah anon, your green text was done perfectly, there was nothing wrong with it and I found it hilarious. Just because one person didn't get it properly doesn't mean it was wrong. Execution was good and your post clearly shows where the other person got debunked lol.

No. 110008

if people come to her for advice in the first place i think they like answers like these. actually i doubt anon's ex bf really did die. these anons come up with fake stories as more of a prompt to see what fake deep garbage kayla replies with lmao.

No. 110021

wtf? why is he all bloated-looking?

No. 110030

Holy shit. I was one of the ones first posting in this thread and saying I liked her, etc. but omg I did not dig deep as you guys holy shit the bitch is living in Claremont? So many lies! The betrayal!

No. 110031

it's erect

No. 110075

>>109967 i like ginger's music like????

this thread tries to be so ''credible'' that anyone who comments anything but shit about her gets labelled as 'kayla' ok then

No. 110076

>>when ur dizzy n new n smell like vanilla

>>Posts song called "I smell like vanilla"

Jesus, does she forget when she has recently used one of her cringeworthy stock phrases that she pulls out of her arse anytime she wants to make another poor attempt to sound poetic? This girl is a broken record: and the mediocre repetitiveness of it is getting boring.

No. 110117

Personally, I'm almost positive that Soren got the name Sam from the song Samantha by Hole. 1. He's obsessed with Courtney Love 2. If you look at the lyrics it's pretty self explanatory for Sam's character and anyway I'm pretty sure it's the only Hole song with a name as the title so it was his only option lmao

No. 110120


I've always thought that too. I remember he made a post a few months back that said something like "omg ??? i just found out hole has a song called samantha thats so cool !!!" like he prides himself on being ~the biggest courtney love fan~ but he just realized that? What a dingus.

Sage for Soren talk.

No. 110126

maybe soren latched onto ginger/kayla because she looks so similar to pre-surgery courtney love?

No. 110127

That's possible but on his thread, he actually knew someone from school that was called Sam (I can't recall if real Sams surname was the same as fake Sams) and I'm sure Sam had a sibling if not a twin. So maybe that song just solidified the fact that her name would officially be Sam but obviously, none of us really know his thought process of it all.

No. 110131

Is it possible that Soren actually started liking or became obsessed with Courtney because of Ginge? After all, he's been stalking her since he was around 13/14 and obviously easily impressionable by her whole persona. Since we know Sam was based heavily on Ginge and her fake story, that could be the case right?

I wonder if he researched Courtney before all of this and realised she lied about her past, put two and two together. Figured out early or had a slight idea that Ginge could be faking hers and thought that because they were both on a pedestal by a lot of people that him also lying in such an intense way like they did, he would also get the "fame" and attention they did/do? If that could be correct that could also be why he actually self-harmed because if he knew Ginge was a liar and got those tattoos to back up her story, of course he would go to those lengths to make his story seem just a legitimate. Or maybe I'm giving him too much credit and he's actually as dumb as a bag of rocks, didn't research Courtney and just decided to take things to the extreme anyway because he's a follower, just like the person he looks up to.

No. 110135


After reading through Soren's thread and Kayla's… I feel like they both believe their lies. They've been lying for a long ass time, and while Soren has a shit ton of inconsistencies in his fucked up narrative, she's managed to keep her followers fooled.

No. 110148

i don't think anon is lying. ginger puts herself out there as the patron saint of waifs and strays, and maybe anon wanted some comfort because they believe her to be the struggling mama figure she paints herself as. ginger's answer was pretty shit though.

No. 110158


I agree, I don't feel like that's something someone would make up, especially considering the kind of people Ginge attracts, I mean the genuine people that are hurting and going through things.

Look at the wording, when someone is seriously in love with someone and they're heartbroken because of something that had happened with them, (anon could also be mentally unstable keep in mind,) so for them to say that they're "lost" and "hurting" it seriously seems genuine and her response was complete shit to something as tragic as that. Real or not, what kind of shitty advice or rather - comment, was that?

No. 110160

Tru. Ugh that makes me even angrier. What kind of narcissistic cult leader shit is Kayla on she makes me sick. She reminds me of that white lady that pretended to be black and became the voice of racism and opression in the black community. When will kayla's day of being unmasked come tbh.

No. 110163

He got the name Sam from CP.

No. 110164

I think her followers are in so much denial that even though the facts are presented here they'd refuse to believe it. They'd buy any shit she sold.

No. 110169


No. 110170


That's Mandie

No. 110217

I would like to point out how terrible her eyebrows get within a year. like, they were bad before, but the 'after' picture is like they got scribbled on by a drunken toddler.

No. 110274


Brewed up some hot tea for y'all. Feel free to discuss, reblog follow, etc so everyone sees the truth :-)

No. 110283

This bitch pisses me off. Coming from someone who grew up with an addict for a father who abused my mother and I. WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU WANT THAT? Why lie that awful things happened to you when in reality you had a pretty nice life? I visited my father when he was living in sketchy places, it's nothing to be proud of. The fact that she's literally a rich white girl trying to act like she's been through some real shit is disgusting to me. Why lie about being an addict, why would you brag about doing hard drugs (I really doubt she did, her skin is too nice)? It's not a fun life, I watched my father throw away everything because of his addictions. It's not cute or "grunge", bitch needs to grow up.

No. 110288


can't believe i reverse searched and saw that fucking hell fuck fuck fuck

thanks for saying this though. i knew there was something…off about those kinds of photos but i could never put my finger on it. now i know. i know way too much. at the very least i'll be able to use this as an example of why the fuck people should stop doing that

point blank people should stop god damn reblogging kids they dont know on the internet in the first place. it's a child for fucks sake

No. 110293

It is not that they want the life of an addict. People like this just want a way to appear "unique" or "interesting," because their personalities and actual lives are dull as rocks. In a superficial way, pretending to be mentally ill is a way to do that.

It is also obvious she idolizes the likes of Lana Del Rey, who does the same thing. She glorifies addiction and pretends to be trailer park white trash, when her daddy is a rich entrepreneur.

It is for image, and people buy into this shit really easily. Their fans want the image of an addict, which is a glamorized Hollywood pretty white girl that doesn't look ill. But they don't want to see an actual addict, that looks sickly and struggles day to day to live.

No. 110306

>our mamas thinking maybe we finally lost them, survived abortions


No. 110333

>anyone who comments anything but shit about her gets labelled as 'kayla' ok then

This happens in every thread, just insert a different person for Kayla. Get over it.

I agree. This is so insane and farfetched when you take a step back and fully look at their 'stories', if you will. I'm still shocked that people will come up with the most fucked up story for edge points and infamy.

This just pisses me off. If I have no advice to offer, I recommend other people or sources. Why does she have to be so tragically beautiful all the time? Can she come down and be realistic when people need her?

No. 110334

Double posting, but we get it, you don't have to keep plugging your blog.

No. 110336

TRU u right i'll stop

No. 110349

I'm sure it's long gone by now, but I remember a video she posted from berlin, her boyfriend speaking to her in german and her giggling saying 'don't hit me!!!'. that was the cringiest thing I've ever seen, I hope it can be found somewhere

No. 110381

Does anyone else remember her vague dead baby stuff? I can only remember parts of one poem: 'they same you came late to your own birth', something about meeting the baby again someday, rosy cheeks white dress blah blah.. "if your eyes had been green i would have cried then, if i have to see you in a dream please do not bring them"
im sure it can be found somewhere on tumblr, but does anyone have any sort of concrete info on this supposed dead child?

No. 110403

File: 1458884420708.png (19.03 KB, 285x371, kayla.PNG)

another poem where she mentions abuse and foster homes

No. 110407

File: 1458885468757.jpg (529.11 KB, 1280x1581, tumblr_ndebz4B0Vo1qh6hioo1_r1_…)

"I drew a picture!"

It just really disgusts me to know that she's been lying about everything and then makes a fucking child-like drawing about a child getting raped by her father.

No. 110408

File: 1458885899437.jpg (164.2 KB, 486x700, tumblr_mss75lSmjl1qh6hioo1_500…)

she made a book thing called "blown" which was supposed to be a collection of drawings focusing on experiences in her childhood, including this picture. if someone bought it it would be interesting if you could share what was in it.

No. 110410


i've been semi-keeping up with the GB/Soren shit, but this is just too much. I'm a CSA survivor and seeing these pictures is making me gag. Seeing all of this is so horrible.

How can anyone with a conscience glamorize this? How do people make the conscious decision to make someone else's hell into a shitty "aesthetic" blog?

No. 110419

can she die

No. 110420

I did too and man, I feel like I'm going to jail. Like what the fuck even

No. 110524

Dis bitch is the fakest.
Also lol at alluding at being a child victim when clearly she has never experienced such trauma.

No. 110561

Miss Day was kind enough as to get my blog exposjnggingerbronson deleted because I posted a picture of her real house lmao. Just shows that's where she really lives she truly played herself. Moreso because I'm now going to post the pictures and screencaps here so they can be documented 4ever <3

I only had like 12 followers anyway I can just message them on my new blog and get them back lol. I got so many messages from fans who were upset and felt betrayed and were telling me how grateful they were that I was exposing her. So! Gonna be back in action once I get home.

No. 110573

Bless you anon

No. 110576

Wonder how Soren is gonna feel when he finds out he based his own catfish off a catfish lmao

No. 110585

File: 1458937318606.jpg (118.55 KB, 782x298, lmao.jpg)

Because exposing a pathological liar who uses the struggles of real victims for her own amusement from the safety of my blog is harassment lol.

Oh Kayla!

No. 110586

File: 1458937421847.jpg (248.77 KB, 515x625, cndjs.jpg)

No. 110587

File: 1458937468208.jpg (541.11 KB, 722x776, jsnd.jpg)

No. 110588

File: 1458937662719.jpg (372.1 KB, 812x1672, nusw.jpg)

No. 110589

File: 1458937716689.jpg (471.28 KB, 1077x920, jnhduc.jpg)

No. 110590

File: 1458937972789.jpg (1.45 MB, 1552x1500, nuws.jpg)

No. 110591

File: 1458938072370.jpg (213.95 KB, 529x304, ujcsw.jpg)

No. 110592

File: 1458938106029.jpg (90.44 KB, 515x189, nus.jpg)

No. 110593

File: 1458938130437.jpg (89.45 KB, 529x304, nudwe.jpg)

No. 110597

File: 1458938631250.jpg (1.06 MB, 1233x2126, nh.jpg)

No. 110599

File: 1458938738041.jpg (292.48 KB, 590x848, jad.jpg)

No. 110600

File: 1458938922388.jpg (792.79 KB, 1193x822, uji.jpg)

No. 110601

File: 1458938955692.jpg (229.33 KB, 686x620, hws.jpg)

No. 110602

File: 1458939127378.jpg (96.85 KB, 708x900, FLN66ok.jpg)

am I the only one who thought she was referring to the actor Charles Bronson?

No. 110603

File: 1458939212430.jpg (132.39 KB, 437x400, jdad.jpg)

No. 110604

File: 1458939279134.jpg (217.27 KB, 725x432, hjda.jpg)

No. 110605

File: 1458939362841.jpg (423.76 KB, 618x732, 5.jpg)

No. 110606

File: 1458939583591.jpg (445.72 KB, 690x818, jska.jpg)

No. 110614

File: 1458941003749.gif (1.8 MB, 160x160, tumblr_nhhob0VU2J1rtgnkmo3_250…)

No. 110616

12 WHOLE followers??? Lmao. Doesnt she have like 10s of thousands of followers who believe in her? This is why farmers shouldn't bother with their little ~exposing~ blogs. Can't we just laugh here, no one else cares unfortunately. The most that happens is the person deletes and we have no one to laugh at. Like come on, what did you think would happen? Bitch would get arrested for exaggerating on the internet?

No. 110663

Hi Kayla lmao

No. 110664

"Omg truth tea y'all" then gets deleted almost immediately.

No. 110665

Hi Kayla. Funny how you randomly appeared on this thread just a few minutes after I remade and then tagged you! Keep it coming I love it when you're obvious <3

No. 110667


Hi "exposinggingerbronson" don't cry okay? You can keep remaking!

No. 110668

File: 1458941418463.jpg (8.85 KB, 152x138, al.JPG)

No. 110669


Aw! Keep on trying(:

No. 110670

I mean the more you reply the more obvious it's you lol. I said I would remake on this thread hours ago. I actually created my blog over half an hour ago. But you pop up with a whole lotta butthurt for a random anon to protest my remaking less than 5 minutes after I tag you @gingerbronson in my post.

Again. lol.

No. 110671

>12 WHOLE followers??? Lmao. Doesnt she have like 10s of thousands of followers who believe in her? This is why farmers shouldn't bother with their little ~exposing~ blogs. Can't we just laugh here, no one else cares unfortunately. The most that happens is the person deletes and we have no one to laugh at. Like come on, what did you think would happen? Bitch would get arrested for exaggerating on the internet?
>Aw! Keep on trying(:
>Hi "exposinggingerbronson" don't cry okay? You can keep remaking!
>"Omg truth tea y'all" then gets deleted almost immediately.

all within a few minutes of each other. all with so much butthurt. all written with the same punctuation and sarcastic tone. all within five minutes of my post where i @ed her.

lol. hello kayla pt. 3

No. 110673


Hello exposinggingerbronson part 1000?? I'm not even saying ~its not kayla uwu~ so you don't have to act like you're some super intelligent detective with amazing deductive abilities

No. 110674

Im scresming "anon" went ghost right after you exposed them for being kayla.

No. 110675


Looool you thought

No. 110677

File: 1458942620958.gif (841.48 KB, 245x190, tumblr_inline_o2vq11DEt61qeou2…)

>i'm not even saying it's not kayla
you're not denying you're kayla lol how did that defense sound good in your head

you just continue to prove my point lol. thread was ghost for 3 hours until i @ed you kayla. then you decided to pop up and randomly come at me like i hurt you i wonder why. i mean do you tho if coming at me anonymously helps you feel better lol.

No. 110678


You're the one anonymous though? But what can I say. Youre obviously very upset

No. 110681

>You're the one anonymous though?

Stahp this is embarrassing you're Kayla and you just got here. You're throwing a hissy fit at the anon who remade a blog posting everything we've been discussing in this thread about what a lying cunt Kayla is. Seriously? By Kayla.

No. 110682


Well yeah because youre like "you can only speak to me anonymously coward~" when that's exactly what youre doing but okay. You aren't writing anything on you're own tumblr, you made an ANONYMOUS blog. I don't blame you but you can hardly be throwing the same word around as an insult

No. 110684

Just got here? According to earlier responses she's been presumed here the whole time? I'm just wondering whether it was her before? Or just now? Or both?

No. 110686

File: 1458944351229.png (163.44 KB, 768x1280, Screenshot_2016-03-25-22-14-30…)

is there anyone except this person (that isn't on anon i mean) who responded to the callout blog on ginger/kayla?

No. 110687

i posted about kayla getting me deleted and how i was gonna remake a whole 4 hours ago. got one reply praising that and then no one else was in the thread for 3 hours until i got home and started posting the pics from my computer here. then i remade on tumblr. an hour later i made a post @ing kayla about how i remade.

then, within 5 minutes of that post where i @ed her, we get a butthurt snarky anon crying at me for doing something this entire thread is all about. it's obvious kayla ran to this thread to throw an anomyous hissyfit at me like i'm supposed to care it's hilarious lol.

No. 110688

playgroundangel on tumblr runs the callout blog on ginger and I think soren but idk. she's not the worst but she's the exact same genre as tumblr as them. follows honeybottledrip too. its all that pale, this man's so bad for me but I love him anyway, virgin suicides style shit

No. 110689


You obviously do care that's why you're remaking??

No. 110690

i sent a message to fairywomb but they didn't care and defended kayla. i got all my new followers after i started doing a back and forth with neopetsgirlfriend until they realized i was telling the truth. pretty sure there hasn't been anyone else who knows about my blog.

sorry buddy but that's not me! i grew out of that scene in 2013 lol i have a 90s tech-y aesthetic blog on a completely different account. why do you think it was me tho did they say something.

No. 110692

I think you're just promoting your blog at this point. You already got told that we get the picture, you made one. Don't need to keep resposting it. So you were offline for hours… Got maybe one response to the deletion or whatever… And then as soon as you come back online suddenly kayla herself appears and you are responding to each other within minutes? Plus your actual URL gets revealed? HM.

No. 110693


yep. i thought that was kinda weird too. was even thinking kayla herself made the expose blog to draw attention to herself since she's trying to promote her music rn. it worked for her idol Lana afterall. like everyone knows her image is dramatised but it's done her no harm. her fans don't give a shit

No. 110694

This reeks of selfpost.

No. 110698

I know for a fact that Kayla didn't report the blog. It was someone I follow on tumblr who used to be friends with her.

No. 110699

bottom line is the entire topic of this thread shifted to trying to expose the person behind the kayla expose blog right after they messaged her telling them they remade. it's transparent. and kayla or not it's boring and frankly no one gives a shit.

No. 110706

Neopetsgirlfriend didn't sound like she saw the light tbh, she was just like "oh well ginger seems really nice though anyway/we can't tell for sure if she's been abused or not to some degree anyway/she should apologise for the tattoo she had for sure but looks like she got it removed anyway"

She's hardly spreading the word lbr.

No. 110708

oh no she messaged me privately. she apologized for coming across hostile but that she was defensive because she said it was a hard pill to swallow because she looked up to her.

i don't think she was spreading the word i think my asks just got ppl curious and they visited. i got a few followers during our back and forth thing.

No. 110711

Nah she didn't sound hostile or anything, I just saw you sent her a bunch of asks that she answered publicly and she wasn't acting like it was a "tough pill to swallow" she seemed more like "huh… Well I guess she should address some of these things but I look up to her blah blah"

I'm just surprised there hasn't been more response to this calling out. Maybe she's just not as popular as her old days? Feel like back in 2012 this would have been huge

No. 110713

"Yeah no prob thank you for messaging me. Sorry if I was hostile this is just hard to hear :("

that's what she told me! and idk my blog only started getting attention last night before kayla got me deleted this morning lmao. imoooo i think this has the potential to get big but maybe i'm just not playing my cards right. she's definitely popular. i'd have to put effort to get people to pay attention and honestly i don't know who to message to get this shit seen? it's effort definitely and i've got irl work to do though so i won't do that for a while.

No. 110742

She used to be friends with rabbittongue in her halfbunny days.


Dropped her in 2014 once she decided to be a fat ghett0 bby to the surprise of no one. I can't imagine just dropping friends for the sake of an online persona. She's got some issues to treat her relationships with real human beings like things for her to use and then throw away.

No. 110748

She named herself after the fucking band Charles Bronson. Not the person or the movie star. She was into metal for a minute judging by the shirts she wears.

No. 110753

she already tweeted twice like nothing happened. jesus christ she's got some nerve.

No. 110755

does she really believe her own lies or is she well aware of her Scamming™

No. 110756

she's probably not going to dignify any of this with a response, tbqh

No. 110759

She always comes on this thread butthurt as fuck selfposting to defend herself she knows people are onto her. She's so scared we're gonna tear down her whole palace of bullshit. It's why she keeps up her act like nothing. Her fantasy is all that matters to her. Kayla is a nearly 30 year old woman squirting every time an abused teenage girl calls her mama.

No. 110788


maybe i'm late but she's claiming to be poor as fuck and holding $700 in her hand in OP's post?? like thats my fucking rent she's holding in her hand? how the hell can she claim to be poor?

No. 110793

It was a poor upbringing she claimed, then in Europe she was supposedly prostituting, now she has various sugar daddies in L.A. The post is gone now but she posted a photo of her journal about how a man wanted to buy her an apartment and that's where she was getting money from

No. 110798

from prostitute to sugarbaby oh kayla is just such an inspiration. what a strong girl she's really fighting hard and i'm so proud
she has come such a long way what a survivor :')

No. 110799

Prostituting in europe is the worst lie she could've come up with. A US citizen going into europe needs a visa either student, marriage, vacation or work. If she was so poor and unemployed she needed to suck dick to make a living then they would've never let her step foot in europe. And how the fuck did she get the ticket? Another sugar daddy gift? Did the russians smuggle her for human trafficking? Her story makes no sense what an idiot.

No. 110800

File: 1458961951655.jpg (102.29 KB, 500x667, peekaboo.jpg)

she's hustling so hard she hasn't had the time to get her swastika tattoo removed or even covered up at least six years later

No. 110801

in other words kayla is unemployed and living with her parents and every time she asks them for money she says it was a sugar daddy

No. 110803

funny thing is that she's been using tattoo removal cream lol. so she just really didn't care to remove the swatstika. now we know why every time she wrote about a bad boy drug dealer beating her she made sure to mention he was black.

No. 110806

so now she was a stripper in alabama oh boy. anorexic and high off her ass on meth and working a pole every night too. putting aside that it's physically impossible but she is implying she wouldn't be a bloody eyesore on stage.

who would wanna crumple a dollar in that thing's unwashed coochie???

No. 110808

Do any of you remember the post where she said she let some stranger finger jet against a brick wall or whatever? Yes for real that happened.

No. 110809

*finger her…lol

No. 110810

She used to make tons of posts like that in the early Berlin days! Talking about men picking her up in front of bars, there was one about a random threesome in a shitty motel. I remember all of those because i couldn't help but think "why would someone who seems so hurt over sexual abuse suddenly not care about stuff like this?" Granted abuse victims cope in various ways, i just thought that sudden transition was weird.

No. 110812

Does she qualify for an Encyclopedia Dramatica page yet.

No. 110813

File: 1458965493451.png (7.38 KB, 202x286, rpv.png)

remember when she was hanging out in rancho palos verdes? she was probably visiting her rich ass grandma.

No. 110814

oh my god

No. 110817

She made her old kayla.day IG private
Deleted a bunch of pictures on tumblr as well as posts

No. 110818

I'm starting to wonder if the whole reason she dropped the anorexic Courtney love Kayla day thing in the first place is cuz she got caught by somebody. Because she deleted and tried to cover up sooo much out of nowhere. And she's doing it yet again.

No. 110824

well yeah to start her new ginger bronson persona. she used the excuse of "my past is triggering i want nothing to do with it" and then deleted the posts to cover her tracks. she knew her story would be inconsistent. she never thought anyone would pay enough attention to connect the dots and realize that none of it added up. who knows maybe she has a new persona coming up.

No. 110825

I hope the next one doesn't suck as bad as this one

No. 110827

three cars. one for kayla, mommy and daddy lmao. how much you wanna make a bet the old white toyota is kayla's.

No. 110849

File: 1458990734841.jpg (275.7 KB, 768x1024, tumblr_nssndnLBqy1qh6hioo1_128…)

No. 110850

No. 110857

Oh my GOD she is trying to look/sound/act EXACTLY like Lana del Rey and it's so obvious that it's embarrassing and creepy. The theatrics in this are max level cringe. Hard to watch it all the way through.

No. 110872

she probably realized she looks like she has money in this video and then took it down lmao

No. 110873

She doesn't look like she has money she looks like someone trying to look like they have money. Which is exactly what she wants.

No. 110874

i can tell you it looks like the set of any other pale lamb lolita blog like. no one who's actually broke puts that much effort with pretty lighting, posing so perfectly, ambience and a fucking wine glass to film a q&a video. especially with the perfect winged eyeliner with false lashes. i mean i look at this video and i don't think for a second that she's poor and struggling to survive with sugardaddies. it's way too theatrical to look legit.

compare this video to the rest of her brick wall alleyway flash pictures with overdrawn lips, shitty makeup and clothes with holes in them. this video makes it look like she actually got her life together lol. she took note now she hovers the camera over with her hand with her wet hair while she lies down on the bed and acts high.

No. 110880

Nah I see a lot of trashy girls put forth this much effort into appearing higher class, but the point is more centered on how calculated she is that she has made an actual joke out of herself. She's basically making live action self insert fanfiction at this point. All the items she wears are cheap items fashioned to look luxurious and expensive because she knows what she's doing. She's trying to look like a trashy person trying to look expensive, but occasionally still toting around her ~couture~ filthy ripped trashy self-made retard items. Ie the pom pom shoes, self vandalized tights, strategically ripped things. Little has she observed, most self aware poor girls would be far too embarrassed to wear any of that. Nobody who is poor tries to look like fucking Die Antwoord.

No. 110881

Transcript for anyone that can't handle the cringe.
>>"So i thought i'd make a video talking about my tattoos. a lot of you have asked about them. my ex boyfriend gave me my tattoos. well, he wasn't really my boyfriend.. but there isn't a word for it that doesn't sound crazy. anyway he was my first love shitty trap music begins and.. he was in a gang.. a very dangerous person to know. some of my tattoos are gang related. um. i've never really liked tattoos it's just something that happened. and um, he would make sure i was inebriated. and would give me whatever tattoo he thought i needed. long pause as she circles her wine glass with her 10 inch nails I was kind of surprised at some of them. once in a while i was aware of what he was doing. well like i said he was dangerous. psychotic, really. so i just kinda let him do his thing. one tattoo i did ask for is the 666 on my arm. I guess I just feel connected to evil shit. but, i was too fucked up to realize what was happening. and too naive and in love to care. story of my life."
on paper it's not quite bbygurl enough for me. rehearse harder ginge.

No. 110882

exactly this is exactly what i meant

No. 110883

Jesus, I couldn't even get twenty seconds in before the cringe way too much.

The music, the weird twitchy eyelid flutters, the voice, the wine glass fondling. It's too much.

No. 110886

File: 1459004171318.png (17.76 KB, 834x338, junx.png)


No. 110888

Kaylas probably tickled pink rn

No. 110890

Farmers don't care about your tumblr. Most of us avoid it, not all of course but it's generally known that we prefer being more careful with what we share and thus aren't going to be seen in the notes of some blog. I know I prefer to keep things separate as do many others. We don't care.

No. 110894

lord obviously lol. it was for people on tumblr. i just thought it was funny and posted a screencap cos some folks were curious it's chill you'll be ok.

No. 110895

No seriously you haven't shut the fuck up about your tumblrs for the last three days. No1curr. This is standard.

No. 110896

File: 1459005660211.png (19.59 KB, 465x504, 2poor.png)

"my ~~sugar daddiez~~ wouldnt giv me my allowance so im beggin u 2 donate pls giv me $$$ bcuz my parents - i mean my sugar daddiez r so mean & hit me & also my heart a dying bird made of diamonds & bullets & that shit xoxo"

No. 110897

it is truly chill lol

No. 110898

this is a better Lana del Rey parody than SNL could come up with lol

No. 110899

OH WORD SHE'S ALREADY ASKING FOR MONEY LMAO i was just about to ask when she was gonna be a #true snowflake and ask for money

No. 110908

Good job speaking for everyone there buddy

No. 110911

if this tumblr actually managed to gain publicity among her followers the results would be lulzy. let's not forget the unrelenting wrath of offended tumblr users.

No. 110913

File: 1459007323117.png (914.16 KB, 1280x800, tumblr_lmbjllHN191qzg2xfo1_128…)

No. 110914

i was only alive for like two days before she terminated me lol. i like to think i could've gone far. i remember in like 2012 there were exposing tumblrs for the likes of felice fawn and kotakoti and that was truly how they got to exposing these lying bitches. but i see tumblr is trying to score points with this anti bullying shit so it's like ok.

No. 110915

You could try PrettyUglyLittleLiar or Encyclopedia Dramatica. They're impossible for anyone to take down.

No. 110916

isn't PULL down?
if you truly want to get word out just send the info to a mutual with a significant amount of followers.

No. 110917

they got taken down but i think they bought a domain so they're back in action

No. 110919

i made a tumblr because when i linked to this thread to tumblr blogs they immediately started crying that lolcow is bullying trash and that they didn't believe aaaanything here lol. and tbh the whole thread is kind of hard to follow it's super long and you have to really dig around to find what you're looking for. that's why i wanted to make a tumblr that was very #informative and non-lulzy to try and convince people. which worked for that whole day i had my blog lol i was surprised genuinely that i got people to care at all.

but ngl this bitch really pissed me off so i truly have no reason to be civil about properly exposing her. posting about her on pull is more or less what's already going on here? except you'd have to introduce her all over again so.

No. 110920

This is so ridiculous. No way in hell she doesn't have the money to pay for a Soundcloud account.

No. 110921

she is TRYING and STRUGGLING and RECOVERING!! she has no money have mercy… she'll suck DICK if you don't give her money!!

wouldn't be surprised if she's just pretending to not have money for the sake of conflict in her own scripted show tbh

No. 110922

Of course she is. She's so full of bs.

No. 110925

that's it she's a scammer i'm making an ed page on her

No. 110928

Don't put her name in the URL. Credit all of her photos, poems, videos, even screen caps at the bottom of every post and put her blog link in the source.

Your blog is protected by free speech laws and covered from DMCA laws by the fair use and the right of comments and criticism and parody without the copyright holders permission.

No. 110929

No. 110931

hm thank u i'll try that next time around. although tumblr is run by fucking twats so who knows i might just get deleted again lol.

FUCK please do.

No. 110957


Tumblr doesn't care about this, really. If it's even slightly similar to your old blogs and try to "expose" somebody, they'll still get shut down. Also if someone reports it multiple times, it'll still get shut down. I'd say just try a different website like PULLU

No. 110972


Yeah, but I doubt that anyone on PULL or anything like that knows who Ginger is. Maybe that anon could use pastebin to put all the info in one place.

No. 110974

pull is a discussion board tho wouldn't it just be having the same conversation here on another website? although their threads are always quick to appear when you google the names of the people they're about so it might be a good idea actually. that's all i care about really. it's like we have so much unbelievable dirt on kayla here exposing her to be such a narcissistic piece of shit but it's still very underground. i just want it to blow up.

>Maybe that anon could use pastebin to put all the info in one place.
how do i go about doing this?

No. 110978

File: 1459019440697.jpg (10.96 KB, 171x225, Drama.jpg)

No. 110984

File: 1459020140713.jpg (376.56 KB, 1280x960, tumblr_nqh44lzTqY1qh6hioo1_128…)


No. 110993

ah yes during her "did i mention the abusive bad boys i'm around are black" phase. that was when she started using poor grammar and wearing long nails too. sus as fuck and soooo lol considering she's got a fucking swatstika tattoo between her tits. now you know she didn't fuck any of those guys.

No. 110998


But apparently she fucked a guy she called "Papi" who she talked about. He was black I believe.
She deleted those pictures and that post. She's deleted a lot from her Berlin days

No. 110999

wait for it

No. 111000

File: 1459021093425.jpg (30.59 KB, 556x423, papiiii.JPG)

No. 111001

>I got a new guy in my life his name is Papi n he’s from Portugal we met up on Friday n he took me back to his apartment n ate my pussy on the couch he says he’s never fucked a girl the day he met her but that I’m a very beautiful girl..we spent the weekend together
N once he stopped fucking when say my name that song came on just stayed still in me I knew what he meant the night before he was fucking me said tell me u love me I said no he kept asking n everytime I said no he did it harder Til I said yes after we sat by the window the wind was soft and cold I said I think ur crazy he said no it was just for fun he said did u say it just to say it or from ur heart I said I said it for fun
He said I know u need friendship for love. But sometimes u know who u love

His cousin B came over yesterday he’s from the Bronx n I like New York voices so when Papi left I let him f me he kept saying who’s daddy so I said his name a thousand times that night Papi came back I was naked on the bed n he didn’t seem to care n I said I was goin home cuz nothing was goin on B said I’ll give u something going on I went to the bathroom he came in n I told him 2 go buy something to drink he wouldn’t let me out the door so easy so I got on the floor n let him f me like that cuz that’s what he wanted n then I would get what I wanted Papi came in n I stood up n walked out I’m a good girl deep down
On the bed later it was quiet I said whyd u let me fuck w ur cousin he said what am I supposed 2 do its over he looked away from me a lot n said he doesn’t care
If I fucked w a thousand men he wants to stay with me everytime.

But he is crazy. Earlier on the train a man called him the n word so at the next stop he got up n kicked him out the door n the man flew across the street in a somersault he has so many scars in bed he sucks my titties Til I cum they r all bruised up n he’s so big all over when he gets close to u u feel all that power I said ur so aggressive not thinkin about it just meant b soft n he turned away n said I hate it to be called aggressive u think I’m a baby u think I don’t know about the world I’m a gangster I said see I don’t like that. Gangster stuff. He said u think that means to be aggressive to a girl never I hit a girl. He called me a bitch he said I fuck every boy how did he know it so I turned away n made a sound what I like about him is he turned around so quick n grabbed me n my face to see if I was cryin

It was hard
To walk across the railroad tracks w my heels on so he picked me up n carried me like a little girl bought me an orange slushie my pussy is torn in half n the cigarette burn my ex gave me is still there but I don’t put the bandaid over it anymore someone likes me even all messed up n crazy n I will learn how to b good for him buy flowers 4 his kitchen someday cook him a steak I needed to feel small again thank u for teaching me that I don’t need to defend myself I’m not harmless but I’m a child I love how u can tell

No. 111002

i'm guessing she kept her shirt on lol…… cos honestly….

No. 111004


Me when I listened to Ultraviolence for the first time.

No. 111006

File: 1459021637190.png (79.49 KB, 250x238, tumblr_inline_nf48oqrI191sqg81…)

>Earlier on the train a man called him the n word so at the next stop he got up n kicked him out the door n the man flew across the street in a somersault he has so many scars in bed he sucks my titties Til I cum they r all bruised up n he’s so big all over when he gets close to u u feel all that power I said ur so aggressive not thinkin about it just meant b soft n he turned away n said I hate it to be called aggressive u think I’m a baby u think I don’t know about the world I’m a gangster I said see I don’t like that. Gangster stuff. He said u think that means to be aggressive to a girl never I hit a girl. He called me a bitch he said I fuck every boy how did he know it so I turned away n made a sound what I like about him is he turned around so quick n grabbed me n my face to see if I was cryin

No. 111007

does anyone else remember her talking about a mexican boyfriend or something? i think she was talking about her alabama bf who ended up being that white pride tweaker lmao.

No. 111016

>hard sex
>hits her
>eats her pussy, tears up her pussy with his huge dick, etc
>neglects her

It's like a walking racist stereotype lmao fuck outta here. It's like she discovered the trendiness of black people for the first time. You can tell she's never had a black friend in her life living in fucking upper middle class California with mommy and daddy. Guarantee you half this shit didn't happen especially with that fucking swatstika tattoo on her chest you can see she still has here >>110800

I bet "Papi" isn't even called Papi fucking Clarence ate her out while she kept her shirt on and she took a picture to go along with her *~newfound inspiration~*

No. 111018

but did it taste like pepsi cola

No. 111043


a true character study

No. 111048

she started posting nicki, rihanna, chris brown, lil reese and future once she decided to switch looks and be a ghetto thug bride lmao.

No. 111052

File: 1459028850189.jpg (77.91 KB, 600x600, CedDHqDXEAABG9V.jpg)

>4evr a sweet girl w a wild soul n my life is a luv letter 2 every bad boy who Ever took me along 4 tha ride <3

>U ain't got nowhere 2go take ur time

Still going at it. Look, another flash photo in the night against a brick wall with a red nose. She's really poor, you guys!

No. 111053

The only thing 'poor' in this photo is that shirt, i swear i've seen the same ones at walgreens for like $4

No. 111056

i bet ruth goes through kayla's closet shuffling through all the polo ralph lauren sweaters and old navy jeans like "look at all these nice clothes i bought you, kayla! why won't you wear them? they still have the tags on them! i just don't know why you have to keep wearing those dirty old clothes." while kayla frowns and writes another poem about how her mom beat her with a wine bottle.

No. 111057

That is indeed a $3.99 Walgreens shirt. When on a break, friends and I went and tried them on for shits and giggle asking, "Who in the hell would buy this?! Well… Now I have my answer. Ginger would.

No. 111063

Because she has no other choice. She's poor. This is all she can afford. Those $100 bills she had stuffed in her purse went to the rent and some abusive boyfriend probably. Her sugar daddies magically disappeared. She survived off sucking German dick for a year but… don't make her go back to that lifestyle. Can't you see, she can't even buy herself decent clothes. She's all alone out on the street at night, having some dangerous stranger take her selfies to upload onto Twitter and instagram. Her eyes look hazy oh no the poor thing.

Donate to support her Soundcloud! #FreeGingerBronson

No. 111068

This was posted a week before >>100891 and she sounds so different, she talks much faster and less…pretentious. Lol @ "my favorite song is mine" tho.

No. 111072

that shirt looks like a shower mat

No. 111075

File: 1459031472284.png (861.58 KB, 640x846, tumblr_nshjtvn10m1qh6hioo1_128…)

she even has one in pink

No. 111077

File: 1459031667498.jpg (86.37 KB, 389x228, Untitlhjdaed-1.jpg)

if her mom had eyebrows kayla looks just like her r.i.p.

No. 111082

Ugh her videos are so cringe. I love how she turns her lisp on and off

No. 111094

She's so much more natural in this one than the second one. It's almost like it's not even the same person in both videos. Her laugh is goofy as fuck.

No. 111096

No. 111117

File: 1459038342920.jpg (27.99 KB, 613x533, 9f9.jpg)

This is like a fucking word salad, how do any of her followers even know what the fuck she's going on about?

No. 111122

She's…really dedicated to the poor act.

No. 111124

Her walk is pretty good.

No. 111125

really? i thought she stuck out like a sore thumb both in her walk and look.

No. 111128


anyone notice how they cut out footage and she got way less screen time than the other models even though their walks were fucking terrible? we didn't even see her turn. she was walking way out into the middle i wonder if she tripped over someone and fucked up the show. would explain why her modeling career tanked despite clearly being heidi's muse. it's like she'll dwell on the tragic and triggering past of abuse and drugs but she never mentions modeling like she just hates that experience so much. makes you wonder why lol.

No. 111129

I agree. I almost think the footage is sped up. she's moving in this really bizarre/unnatural way.
I feel like the only reason she'd omit this part of her past is if she's trying to hide something about it.

No. 111134

File: 1459042583341.png (6.76 KB, 417x137, modeling.png)

she admitted in her own gingery way that her modeling went nowhere because she gained a ton of weight but tried to brush it off like she was too cool for it anyway

No. 111136

she probably tried her airy fairy poetic abuse story persona irl and got ripped to shreds for being fake or something.

No. 111137

she didn't gain weight until waaay after her first modeling gig though. and she'd always wanted to be a model when she was in her early 20s she reblogged her runway pics and heidi pics when they came out so she liked it. clearly trauma never keeps kayla from bragging. something embarrassing had to have happened for her to bury the evidence completely. there was a lot of demand surrounding her tbh that heidi photoshoot was good.

No. 111139

she posted it in her facebook back then being dorky along some self comment "i'm fat". well… yeah dear definitely you are

No. 111143

Her wall is awful. If you want to see a fucking WALK look of vlada roslyakova. The ginge is stiff, has no rhythm, is swinging her arms all nimbly bimbly, and had no idea how to pose.

No. 111144

File: 1459043856689.jpg (357.94 KB, 800x1200, Eckhaus-Latta-Ready-to-Wear-Sp…)

>i have "white trash" tattooed across my lower back, do you think Chanel would like that?

She already modeled for ysl that's at the same posh level of chanel? Clearly they liked her 666 tattoos and white trash look. And you don't need to model for chanel to be a model anyway. Fashion is changing and there's a lot of looks to squeeze models into.

And cole mohr's got a shitton of ugly stick and pokes and he still got high fashion work because he was a damn good model. He's almost 30 now so that's why his limelight died down. So kayla can fuck off with that pity party shit.

No. 111145

Nah there is her full walk on YouTube somewhere and she didn't trip she's just an awful model on runway

No. 111146

Chanel and Saint Laurent have totally different looks. Saint Laurent has been turned into this ultra hipster fashion house where Karl (even with his awful taste in models coughcaracough) would literally die before he let Chanel do the same.

No. 111148

i meant that ysl is a household name in the industry.

No. 111159

so ik we've more or less moved on from this, but i remember sometime last year she made a post saying that some girls she knew irl had romanticized her to the point where she had to cut them off

do any of you figure that was about mandie? i mean, her writing that post about her mom dying and tagging her in it instead of contacting her privately about it is a very odd thing to do.

No. 111160

No. 111162

I remember she wrote at some point that she was high on DXM or something like that when she was on the runway which could easily explain that, I suppose. (I would provide a link but I'm extremely tired, I just wanted to mention this$

No. 111164

she tagged her because she didn't have her number and kayla deleted her facebook, and most likely ignored her messages on tumblr.

No. 111168

She is not Hedi's muse (for the love of god, if I see it spelled 'Heidi' one more time in this thread…)

Hedi's entire career has been seeking out and photographing teenagers around the world, then casting them to walk in Saint Laurent shows.

Most of the kids become lol-worthy because they then think that they have a chance at a career in modeling or a long-term relationship with Hedi but that is literally NEVER true for no one. These kids are not his muses, he just knows he can make money off 'streetcasting' a bunch of edgy-looking rich kids who want to play at being druggies or white trash.

You get a nice participation credit for walking in the SLP show and then never contacted again.

No. 111169

TBH if the guy is that sleazy he deserves to have his name misspelled "Heidi" forever

No. 111170

this reminds me of lana. she was obsessed with singing about sex and her pussy and then it turned out that she was a virgin.

i too doubt she's been sleeping around with so many people on account of that swatstika tattoo. no way she slept with this black guy with that tattoo. he probably gave her head and that's it.

No. 111171

But no one is telling these kids anything else is going to happen. It's just these lolcows creating this story in their own mind that Hedi is going to personally make them famous. Neither Hedi nor anybody else promises or is obligated to them for anything.

No. 111184

Being a runway model for YSL doesn't mesh well with the pimped out Alabama trailer park abused meth princess story she is trying to sell.

No. 111190

He's still using teens, which is shitty of him. If you know nothing of the industry, why WOULDN'T you assume you have something of a chance if some random dude with connections started bigging you up?
Sketchy fuck.

No. 111194

IIRC it wasn't even her who first posted her runway photo. Someone else recognized her and posted the picture and I guess she had to go with it.

No. 111204

Yeah she didn't really announce it or make any mention of it until someone posted it without any sort of permission and everyone was like special princess bby gurl uwu. She seemed embarrassed.

No. 111209

Being a runway model doesn't really work with her trailer trash methhead persona.

No. 111213

I don't think it has much to do with that. I think it's because she wouldn't be able to lie so much if she became a public figure.

No. 111223

my thoughts exactly. she seems to be especially fond of cutting people out of her life for the sake of covering her tracks. if she became friends with some high profile models and went out to lunch she'd absolutely break character(from the video) and probably get picked up by her parents at some point lol.

models will always be in high demand. if you walk one runway you're gonna get an agent working for you immediately helping your career. it's just good business for them. fashion constantly needs new models. it doesn't matter if you're a shit model as long as you're skinny and tall. not everyone will work for marc jacobs or gucci so no one really cares. new brands come out all the time.

No. 111263

>Anonymous: I luv u sm n I show u to all my friends n when i wanna go out w the boys who hurt me I listen to ur songs n remember that I shouldn't n you inspire sm of my art it's crazy I hope I get to meet u one day

So fucking cringeworthy how her followers talk like her. You know only a kid would be so easily influenced as to do that.

No. 111352

not entirely sure how old this blogspot is, but out of boredom i googled the title of her 2012 one & came across this: http://oleanderly.blogspot.co.uk/

No. 111353

Very innocent/Alice In Wonderland vibes here.
Stark contrast to her metalhead phase, her Courtney Love meth addict phase, and her current hip hop Wal-Mart "princess of cheap stuffed animals" phase. Wonder if she had her tattoos back then.

No. 111354

it says the first post was posted january 30, 2012 and the remaining three were posted april 25, 2012.

she acted really innocent like this in her bedbones/early halfbunny days, so 2011/2012

No. 111356

File: 1459126560968.jpg (172.1 KB, 1024x768, kd.JPG)

yeeah, she had her tattoos
(her wrist)

No. 111358

damn her poetry really sounds so nice

she truly shot herself in the foot with this stupid "im s0 poor n mysterius" shit now she looks like an idiot when people found out she has money. how did she think this was going to play out honestly… did she think no one would find out…

No. 111359

File: 1459127400910.jpg (86.36 KB, 800x674, flat,800x800,075,f.u1.jpg)

>i have not eaten in four days. my father says that i have a tiny waist & a gorgeous figure. he says that i am wasting away. he tells me that bananas are a fattening fruit. he tells me, " elegant thing, you need to be nicer to others. "

"elegant thing" jesus cringing christ

No. 111372

>that happened

No. 111373

File: 1459131494483.jpg (11.75 KB, 299x300, tumblr_inline_n555w19aQZ1rri1y…)

>i call a taxi. when it arrives i get inside of it. it smells like vanilla & lavender, then the taxi driver begins to talk out loud & it smells like acetone, then sewage.

No. 111377

you can see the brush strokes from where she blurred her skin with photoshop lel

No. 111534

listing smells = poetry

No. 111537

>smells like vanilla
Does she just really like this line of words?

No. 111541

No. 111616

kek it's like martina cole's crime novels & her constant use of the phrase "a belly full of arms and legs".

No. 111650


the first person i felt close to hung herself in the bathroom in the hospital because she heard i was leaving soon but before i went to where they send girls not even the doctors want to see with my donation box panties we would always take two cherry desserts at dinnertime because they were fun to throw up, she wrote about angels who only felt pure when covered in dirt on my pink & white sneakers & that was what we were & her telephone number, she made my hair messy with her hands on her tiny white just-like-mine mattress, she smiled in my face, i let my head touch her bed frame, she had red watery eyes that looked bruised inside, like if you committed arson in an ocean so the flames came & the deep dark swallowed it, blistered forever & the waves just hit her & since we both shaved our heads we were already best friends & she was warm she was soft in the hallway she told everyone my daddy used to fuck me & my brother both, fire opal soul, girl filled with fresh coal & we were alone & because we thought they’d never send us home we kissed with our tongues in front of the grown-ups who never did watch us & i never called that number when i stopped seeing her because i knew nobody would pick up but at least i know what it feels like to fall in love; whenever i run away now it’s for her, when i close my eyes i imagine they burn"

No. 111651

She posted something similar to this about a girl named Wendy from a group home

No. 111675

this is like the poetry of every lolita lamb virgin suicides tumblr that watches girl interrupted lmao. yes of course tragic hospital ward adventures from a low class insitution where your bff dies never heard that before. i'm sure her professional psychologist mother hand selected such a place in upper east side california after she visited her granny's $3m dollar estate.

No. 111683

i can see where soren gets his inspiration from.

lol exactly - with her "donation box" underwear (can't bring myself to use the term 'panties', gives me the creeps for some reason), perhaps she paired it with a shirt similar to this one: >>111052 'cause you know, that's what skint people wear. ugh.

No. 111684

File: 1459178565625.jpg (94.38 KB, 611x669, tumblr_me0o59SAB71qj7piio1_128…)

No. 111693

File: 1459179154813.png (371.22 KB, 500x552, tumblr_lc93lgu9t81qcb983o1_500…)

>in the hallway she told everyone my daddy used to fuck me & my brother both

No. 111694

File: 1459179232720.gif (485.46 KB, 474x259, tumblr_ntc0z5EKHD1u3cep6o1_500…)

>the first person i felt close to hung herself in the bathroom in the hospital

No. 111696

holy fucking shit is nothing of her original?

No. 111702

from girl interrupted, to gummo, to courtney love, to spring breakers, to lana del rey.

No. 111706

File: 1459180405134.png (192.45 KB, 365x359, 1396489078084.png)

>we would always take two cherry desserts at dinnertime because they were fun to throw up

No. 111708

File: 1459180648670.png (239.72 KB, 500x331, tumblr_inline_n0vfioeB8h1rri1y…)

No. 111717

bit off topic, but i always thought that ldr ripped off gossip girl with that alcoholic-boarding-school-girl nonsense, there are some references in her older songs as well

No. 111732

I have said this exact theory to a friend once and I am really pleased ad satisfied that I'm not the only one who noticed

No. 111742

inconsistency became her downfall. if she'd stuck to one act people would've believed her. that whole "i don't talk about my past i keep my personal life a secret" is just bullshit she just knows that what she's already stated about her life online doesn't make one damn bit of sense when you put it together lmao. not to mention it's obvious how different pieces of media inspired these obviously fabricated images. i mean her life, based on what she has said online, is a hybrid of girl interrupted, gummo, courtney love, spring breakers and lana del rey. in that order. with actual scenes from the goddamn movies lmao. and that's what we did on this thread. we found evidence of everything she's posted and stated since 2010 and put them side by side. only then is it painfully obvious how this woman has been living one big roleplay since she was 20.

she has no choice but to be secretive and mysterious and cryptic. almost like she's at the end of her rope and that's all she can do. she just hints, implies and lets people's imaginations go wild. she speaks so cryptically and incoherently that most of her illiterate 12 year old fans don't put two and two together they just pick up buzzwords and fantasize the rest. it's hivemind. and she deletes everything so much that people can't even go through her tumblr to confirm all these sob stories.

No. 111787

This is so funny. I just watched Girl, Interrupted yesterday so I can find some more parallels.
>the first person i felt close to hung herself in the bathroom in the hospital because she heard i was leaving

2 girls mentioned in Girl, Interrupted hang themselves. Jamie was only mentioned, as she hung herself with a volleyball net when Lisa ran away and had been gone a week. Daisy hangs herself in her bathroom when Lisa and Susanna run away from treatment and hide out in her house. Lisa torments Daisy until she commits suicide.

>angels who only felt pure when covered in dirt

Something about this line reminds me of Lisa, who is often seen wearing light colored clothing that often looks dingy or dirty.

>she smiled in my face

How many times in the movie does Lisa invade someone's personal space with a scary grin? That's a bit of a reach, I will admit.

>she had red watery eyes that looked bruised inside

In the movie when Lisa is reading Susanna's journal she reads "Lisa's eyes, once so magnetic, now just look empty."

>she told everyone my daddy used to fuck me & my brother both

As >>111693 pointed out, Lisa pushes Daisy on how her father fucks her and everyone knows.
It's VERY obvious this whole post was written with Lisa as inspiration.

No. 111829

it's like she thinks she's the only person on earth who's seen girl interrupted…

No. 111845

File: 1459195713323.jpg (106.81 KB, 466x262, heart-is-deceitful-above-all-t…)

pretty sure kaula saw the heart is deceitful above all things too. the similarities are pretty fucking obvious. i haven't watched it in years but one of y'all should and report back here with comparisons for lulz. same bleach blonde trailer park meth addict "my baby is bad" "mama" prostituting for money child abuse combo.

hilariously enough, the story which was originally said to be an autobiography by jt leroy when published, turned out to be just be entirely made up by this lady called laura albert who said she was inspired and made up the whole persona book thing. she even hired a person to show up at book signings as jt leroy lmao. white women.

No. 111846

File: 1459195872328.jpg (63.92 KB, 780x439, The-Heart-Is-Deceitful-Above-A…)

No. 111878

I just want to say I am so glad someone else is weirded out by the word "panties". It seems like that whenever I tell people IRL, they don't get the same feeling of ickyness. I just feel like only dirty old men use that word and not actually women lol.

No. 111897

>>111845 this whole situation is literally the personification of 'everything is a copy of a copy of a copy of a made up persona' lol it's like a fucking onion

(ps thanks 4 mentioning the movie,I googled & MM is in it, so now I am gonna watch it)

No. 111905

It's great because the director/star Asia Argento was super close with "jt" and had to do a whole teary "I DIDN'T KNOW" press conference when shit hit the fan.

She's been relatively quiet ever since that moment.

No. 111907

I guess all rich, boring white women fantasize about being trailer park trash at some point lol??? Lana did the same shit during her Lizzie Grant days. Someone should do a documentary.

This is what happens when you don't pay attention to your kids! Seriously though this is all it is. Rich, boring kids whose parents don't pay attention to them growing up and they end up so starved for attention and excitement they do stuff like this. Fantasizing about having no money and living life on the edge and going through struggles to survive. But just what they see on TV they don't actually want to live a hard life. They hate their parents anyway for not paying attention to them so they have no problem writing about how they abused them and mistreated them.

No. 111994

Me? I'm sorry I was just excited because I saw it yesterday and it was still fresh in my mind so I sperged a bit.

No. 112001

File: 1459224411458.jpg (115.05 KB, 540x540, kayla4.jpg)

Because poor girls can afford real furs that still have faces, right?

No. 112030

her nails are acrylic now. no longer walgreens press on lol. those nails are minimum $50 plus $15 for touch ups. she also got extensions. compare >>110849 to >>111052 just one year apart.

>wears $3 walgreens shirt

>buys $200 24" human hair clip in extensions
>gets $60 acrylic nails
>wears real fur coat with animal heads

>"i dont hav money pls donate 2 support my soundcloud <33"

>takes picture of pack of $100 bills in purse

does kayla know how to poverty? NO let me guess she such a reckless and tragic soul that she doesn't know how to manage the THOUSANDS of dollars she gets from sucking sugardaddy dick the poor thing :( rooting 4 u mama! donates to paypal

No. 112034


Not sure about America but you can get cheap furs in a lot of second hand vintage stores, atleast here in the UK anyway. £50 ($71) for pretty decent furs, and stoles are pennies. The furs could also be a hand me down(which it looks like), but then that obviously doesn't contribute to the "my parents abused me i'm poor" persona.

Also let's not forget about her fake eyelashes, cheap ones over here are like £5 ($7) and let's not forget the fact she uses a pretty decent camera for her videos. She'll have had to pay for whatever app she used to make music in or a studio.

I'm not sure how any of this adds up to being poor and a meth head but whatever

No. 112036

Exactly, it doesn't add up at all. I hate to be a huge asshole and attack someone based on their looks but I honestly feel like she wouldn't make as much as she claims as a sugarbaby based on her appearance. Rich powerful men she hints at paying her for shit in LA go for high-class contracted escorts and shit right?

No. 112066

she had a very close friend whose nickname in twitter/tumblr/instagram (in this latest one there were many embarrassing pictures of kayla) called "whatevaselca" or something like that. it's a bit misspelled but if you guys can manage to find it, you can have a laugh

No. 112068


keep photoshopping your chin so others can believe you have a V shape face ;<

No. 112074

>that coat
fucking scum. She's trashy and heartless.

No. 112078

OT but I love this movie so much and now I have to go rewatch it.

No. 112089

god your post is almost more cringy than the rest of the thread dumbass

No. 112097

hilarious, she should have gone with heroin instead, she had that whole ~dope junkie~ vibe going on anyway, she makes me sick.

this is the most pathetic shit i've ever heard. mediocre rich girl pretending to be hood, give me a break. bad shit can happen to anyone but she capitalized on situations that she was never in and that's bullshit

topkek thread farmers

No. 112104


I just sent her an ask suggesting she match the cadence and rhythm of her lyrics to the underlying beat, or even just practicing with a metronome. Let's hope it helps because that was a mess.

She could actually gain a wider following if she fucking tried.

No. 112105

Omg somebody please find this blog lol

No. 112106

im assuming this person follows kayla on insta so if you have the patience you can go through it

No. 112108

she wont answer your ask, i did the same before and there was no reply. She never answers hate or criticism, unless somehow she can use to perpetuate her

"im the trailerpark barbie
but i can rise above it
like meth fumes in the nite sky
or my daddys dick when i lick
my lips & u never c me cri "


No. 112109

If you told me that was word for word something she has actually posted i would believe you.

No. 112111


im sure if shes lurking in this thread she will rip it off somewhere

No. 112113

File: 1459239013318.png (654.59 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Is this it?

No. 112114

There it is, 6 weeks ago pictures of Kayla, fuckin nice

No. 112119

No. 112121

There is a ton of amazing things on that page, thanks anon. Don't think i'll ever get over this dreamy abused angel girl/thug bitch saying "someone farted in the elevator". So eloquent, mysterious and pretty sounding, dontcha think?

No. 112122

it's so funny that there's so many pictures of her goofing around with friends during 2012 when she apparently had extreme ptsd

No. 112123

"I want it to look like I've been through some shit"
There it is, the confession guys.

No. 112126

https://www.instagram.com/p/QDk3SkSgbS/?taken-by=whatevaasclevvaa ←- "look how many likes i got for all this random artsyfartsy bullshit i just posted in tumblr, hope i get million of followers."

No. 112127

https://www.instagram.com/p/PqQTMDygfz/?taken-by=whatevaasclevvaa ←- "hello, my name is kayla day, i have a tumblr called bedbones, i am a very shy and dreamy girl but i feel like getting into kanye west alluring life and works to feel inspired for my next online persona"

No. 112128

Take screenshots you fucking stupid tumblr shit

No. 112130

File: 1459243974158.jpg (133.49 KB, 923x595, dellat3.JPG)

No. 112131

File: 1459244005628.jpg (95.97 KB, 922x598, dellat4.JPG)

She looks so much like Courtney here

No. 112132

File: 1459244029954.jpg (69.23 KB, 919x603, dellat.JPG)

No. 112133

File: 1459244103201.jpg (84.28 KB, 917x601, dellat2.JPG)

No. 112139


for anyone looking to do detective work

No. 112147

omg it disgusts me how obsessed kaylas old friends are with her

No. 112148

No. 112149

I wouldn't call this particular friendship obsessive? they seemed to get along and actually enjoy each others company. I would call Soren's shit about kayla obsessive, not this. this just seems like a close friendship. which doesnt fit her 'lone wolf' persona shit. i honestly wish i had good friendships like this? your comment is so strange to me

No. 112152

File: 1459250111183.png (729.66 KB, 939x599, sjfhgkjalsbgalsdfhg.png)

No. 112155

File: 1459250529042.jpg (46.38 KB, 841x245, opiatekindagirl.JPG)


I have no idea if that post is originally by her but I always thought Meth doesn't quite "suit her".

No. 112156

File: 1459250566130.jpg (53.9 KB, 559x463, isugfisdfg.JPG)

Moar old photos + posts

No. 112160

it's like being tylor monsen in gossip girl

No. 112162

there are pictures of brittany murphy from the movie "spun" on that blog, which is a movie about meth. so she could have made it up based on that. i think it's entirely possible she did actually do it though. if you're around people that do it and you're a self destructive person, it's bound to happen. i highly doubt she was addicted though, what with the clear skin and all.

No. 112191


i mean she has a fucking tag and even on her instagram shes like "miss you babes" and "i need kayla" just like that other girl Mandie. Kayla obviously just grew bored of them/ tossed them away when they no longer suited her aesthetic and yet theyre still going on about her

No. 112192

can anyone get archives or screenshots of her formspring?

No. 112194

don't know about her formspring but here's her 2011 ask.fm https://web.archive.org/web/20110513235045/http://ask.fm/pissangel

No. 112196

eh that's pretty normal stuff people do for friends that moved away. kayla made an entire youtube video about how she missed mandie when she moved away from michigan. it's when you're on good terms. you want the other person to know you miss them. i guess that's even shittier of kayla. she was literally best friends with these girls and for no reason at all cut contact with them for her aesthetic. they didn't do anything wrong. they're probably really confused and who knows maybe believe all this shit about her being homeless and they're worried. either way kayla is a turd.

No. 112197

Aw anon I'm pretty sure they meant Kayla.

No. 112201

…thank you for this. God.

No. 112203

File: 1459255522118.jpeg (112.82 KB, 480x640, image.jpeg)

No. 112204

File: 1459255538348.jpeg (349.45 KB, 960x1280, image.jpeg)

No. 112213

lol American Apparel

No. 112225

this is so fucking funny oh my god

No. 112242

File: 1459262337419.png (17.55 KB, 630x146, Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 15.3…)


No. 112243

so much for meth house in alabama lmaooooo

No. 112245

File: 1459262695103.png (18.75 KB, 685x93, Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 15.4…)

also a lie, considering from the screenshot above she was still studying way past high school, and she tries to imply she didn't finish it at all

No. 112248

File: 1459263010680.png (67.46 KB, 228x228, tumblr_m06bsiGNJc1qadqfco8_250…)

No. 112250

even if she was in a hospital is she implying that her deadbeat trailer park parents could afford hospitalizing her in alabama lol?

No. 112257

the whole thing of her lying about being in a hospital through high school really makes me sad
i have been following her for years & as someone who got hospitalised bc of severe bpd as a teenager, I really related to her, shit I even sent her a message about it….

No. 112266

high school is four fucking years. if she was so absent that she couldn't remember anything from those entire four years there's no way she could've ever graduated. i was hospitalized for half of the 9th grade. they gave me all the schoolwork and exams to do at home. guess what, i couldn't do them. i had to take summer school and they literally kicked me out of school because they didn't want to go through that "inconvenience" another year.

not only did she graduate high school and go to university, she fucking studied abroad for university! her grades would've had to be excellent to study abroad not to mention HELLO HAVE MONEY!!!

No. 112268

by any chance would you guys happen to know some big tumblrs around kayla's scene? or general tumblrs who you know for a fact worship kayla? gonna mass message them all about kayla's lies. let's see how that goes.

No. 112292

i find it hard to believe someone would message her like "omg are u somekind of a fairy, ur tumblr cured my cancer", reeks of selfask

No. 112294

do you mean kayla?

No. 112295

yep, i mean her old ask fm and all the tumblrs

No. 112297

plot twist all of the asks she gets of people imitating the way she talks are actually just her sending it to herself lmao. god i don't know what's more embarrassing.

>I luv u sm n I show u to all my friends n when i wanna go out w the boys who hurt me I listen to ur songs n remember that I shouldn't n you inspire sm of my art it's crazy I hope I get to meet u one day

>thank u for all the things you do for us girls i cant wait to have a big sleepover in lil sheer babydolls and stay up all night it will happen one day i can feel it love u mean it <3

it makes my ass itch reading that.

No. 112302

File: 1459269976931.png (563.43 KB, 887x597, Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 1.45…)

she changes her whole image so fast jc

No. 112305

i am shocked that kayla had to live through such subhuman living conditions. the poverty, the filth, the pain. no one should have to suffer as much as she is in this photo. what a brave soul.

No. 112308

wait, i thought she spent her high school years as a meth addict, when did she get dem tattoos then?

No. 112311

she says she got her tattoos done against her will by cory in alabama because she was hardcore on meth. >>109775 HARDCORE METH ADDICTION!!!

better explanation on the time period. pics go back to back.

No. 112320

>holy FUCK there are real people out there that have the god damn time and audacity to look through my blog, my Instagram and whatever to look for whatever traces of Kayla they could find in my life. For fucking what???? to post on what seems like nothing but a bullying thread. I really don’t know what you people hope to find on here. I’m disgusted.
Lmao. Someone snitched.

No. 112324

hmm so according to this >>110586
she got them in 2011/2012 (?)
but she already had them in this video >>110169 in 2010

No. 112325

hysteric hipster, no wonder kayla left her

No. 112328

oh word this thread is catching on lmao sweet

No. 112331

i guess her friends were in on her little rpg to look through this thread exposing her for being a rich white girl pretending to be poor and abused and think "bullying" lol.

No. 112334

File: 1459272349581.gif (942.2 KB, 350x236, tumblr_inline_n39wxkKn1h1qzb2b…)

>I haven’t been keeping up so much with what goes on with her as we always do this- go on with our own lives and come back together and nothing has changed.
>I haven’t been keeping up so much with what goes on with her
>come back together and nothing has changed.
>nothing has changed.

No. 112338

>I think Kayla deleted her tumblr and I have no way of contacting her at all, I’m freaking out. Ugh Kayla, where are you?? :(
>0 notes
not even a like from kayla lmao

No. 112339

I honestly didn't know this would stretch so far but I'm satisfied that it's more and more obvious that she has lied to literally everyone.

No. 112340

she made her blog private lel. have fun reading through this thread! your bff's tumblr is gingerbronson btw!! you didn't fit in with her aesthetic and she loves you so much she dropped you so you wouldn't expose her web of lies ;)

No. 112342

File: 1459273549506.jpg (11.21 KB, 656x72, Capture.JPG)


No. 112343

lord me neither lmao. i thought it was hilarious at first and pretty satisfying because i had my doubts about her in the past and i was like lol oh shit! you know but once i realized there were victims of drug abuse and poverty who were looking up to her and feel like shit after being lied to it's like. nah keep it coming. i never imagined the extent of this woman's lies. karma's a bitch aint it. this would've never happened if she didn't decide to make a stereotyped caricature of the struggles and traumas of real people because she wanted attention. the tea in this thread gets sweeter by the day.

No. 112347

Photoshopping her the moon face on her selfies and making shitty rap music on her laptop as portrayed by the feral child Genie Wiley.

No. 112480

Does anyone else get Emilie Autumn vibes from this chick? Hear me out here: Rich california girl obsessed with courtney love, fake asylum visits, pretending her rich family abused her, etc? As much as I hate to admit it, at one point EA had a good thing going for her before everyone realised what a piece of shit she is. Ginger never even got close to that fame lol.

No. 112498

we have concluded that being a white girl with rich parents who don't pay attention to them breeds the same desire to be abused trailer park trash. fascinating! some specimens include: courtney love, lana del rey, laura albert, kayla day and now emilie autumn.

melanie martinez lowkey does the same nasty shit with her crybaby "persona" who grew up with an alcoholic mother and was sexually abused and abducted. at least she admits it's made up i guess….

No. 112503

OT, but IMO in Melanie's case she's actually doing something creative and interesting without trying to embellish herself as any sort of survivor.
If she fits in with those examples, then so does every concept artist ever.

No. 112506

Dude not only white girls do this shit stop preaching "kill whitey" throughout this entire thread

No. 112509

No one said "kill whitey", but this seems like a trend among popular, affluent white women/girls for some reason.
Of course it's not only white girls (Soren does the exact same shit), but it's jsut a thing for that group and I don't know why. It's the same way black weeb girls on Tumblr tend to be fat, insane SJWs who secretly want to be white or Asian (see: Micky, Himeka, etc).

No. 112518

that's why i said lowkey. it just rubs me a weird way that someone would find roleplaying a character like that with those subjects interesting. just personal tho.

lol exactly. not saying that rich white girls are the only people who lie on the internet about who they really are. we're just talking about a specific group of people that pull the very peculiar trailer park meth shit that evolves into ghetto street trash. people have been bringing up examples all through the thread. they've all been rich, white girls who are born well off and bored starving for attention. it's hilarious.

No. 112521

File: 1459292035890.jpg (44.47 KB, 500x281, tumblr_inline_njs8nbJVEa1r75ce…)

No. 112532

This thread is a fucking work of art. Wild from start to finish. I've had a good laugh, my God.

No. 112599

Ikr? I truly never would have predicted this would be a true goldmine.

No. 112617

This is unnecessarily hostile and sarcastic. I was just making an observation, and wondering if maybe she yanked some of her story from EA because it seems to be a trend for her to do that. Chill lol.

No. 112622

noooo i'm sorry i didn't mean to come across hostile lol! i'm completely agreeing with you there's a lot of kayla's out there pulling the same shit. sorry if it came across a different way.

No. 112645

Ohhh ahh I'm sorry for interpreting it as hostile then! It just seems like theres so much in-fighting lately I was probably on a hair trigger. Sorry for reacting in a snarky and sarcastic way myself.

Also I didn't even think about the whole Melanie Martinez thing. She's fostered such a fucking cult it's insane.

No. 112662

i always thought her style was tacky as shit. it's like those 50s loving goth girls who do pin up photoshoots on deviantart except melanie does it with a bib and binkie. also she does that hipster girl voice when she sings which is why i can't stand her music in general lmao.

but she has a very sus way of approaching child abuse whilst simultaniously doing lingerie phtoshoots with baby clothes and a binkie like. sexualizing infant shit. she said she was never abused you can't say it's a coping mechanism so then she's just entering fetish territory. now just think about why she is so obsessed with children being raped and abused and sees it as a source of inspiration. it's disgusting.

No. 112668

Sorry for shitting up this thread about her, we can make one in /b/ if anyone else is interested, but I'm not too familiar with enough of her work to remember anything actually raped/abduction based. I just remember the alcoholic mother/abusive father thing?

No. 112670

Where is everyone finding pictures of her back when she was Kayla Day? It seems like besides her friends instagram and old blogspots they've disappeared off the face of the earth

No. 112671

There's probably a lot of them on tumblr since people would have reblogged them, but mostly I assume people have just saved stuff.

No. 112674

melanie's song tag you're it is about a child being abducted, raped and killed.

Rolling down your tinted window
Driving next to me real slow, he said,
"Let me take you for a joyride
I've got some candy for you inside."

Running through the parking lot
He chased me and he wouldn't stop
Tag, you're it, tag, tag, you're it
Grabbed my hand and pushed me down
Took the words right out my mouth
Tag, you're it, tag, tag, you're it
Can anybody hear me? I'm hidden under ground
Can anybody hear me? Am I talking to myself?
Saying, "Tag, you're it, tag, tag, you're it."
He's saying, "Tag, you're it, tag, tag, you're it."

Your mother said to pick the very best girl
And I am

but also
>This album is about Cry Baby, a fantasy version of Melanie Martinez when she was a child, and a representation of her vulnerable and messed up side.
so then??? why is she singing about being fucked??? if she's singing from the pov of a child?????
Love everything you do
When you call me fucking dumb for the stupid shit I do
Wanna ride my bike with you
Fully undressed,
No training wheels left for you
I'll pull them off for you


No. 112675

google cache saves a lot of shit too.

No. 112678

File: 1459311758458.png (388.57 KB, 785x448, Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 05.2…)

her favorite musicians according to her last.fm

i love her (real???) music taste so much, its sad because i think she is herself an interesting person and she really didnt need to make anything up 4 people to like her

No. 112680

I feel like that's what caused this whole 'exposure'. No one cared if her story was false or not, she made nice poetry and she was pretty and basically the entire opposite of what she is now. she was quiet, soft, those kinds of things. now shes all in your face, loud, vulgar.. with no apparent cause or a gradual change or anything. just one day she was someone else. everyone liked kayla and ginger is just problematic and annoying.

No. 112682

this is probably petty of me, but it makes me really sad she's a fan of dax riggs because he's my favorite.

No. 112683

>>112680 i dont care about her being loud and vulgar, in fact, if that's her being herself i support it, i was trying to say i wish she could show herself as herself. the 'quiet, soft' etc Kayla she was portraying to be b4 wasnt real here either (from the things posted in this thread)

i dont think i have quite managed to correctly explain what i meant, but i was trying to say i sense ''real'' her would be liked by people too, and i find it so sad she is so insecure to not believe so (imo this is mainly what led her to create these personas, not 'bored rich girl')

No. 112685

>>112682 actually I will be forever grateful to Ginger/Kayla 4 being the person who introduced me to Acid Bath

No. 112687

File: 1459312561018.png (139.19 KB, 607x627, Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 05.3…)

just take a look of the music she listened 2 in 2011. this is absolutely amazing shit

No. 112688

I loved bedbones, pissangel and the beginning era of halfbunny. When I read her poems I never thought them to be true. But she had a nice way with words it was exactly the kind of tumblr lolita poetry that I liked lol. When she did this weird coming clean show where she answered a bunch of asks about doing meth and being abducted and prostituting in Berlin I was kinda like oh. Well. That's sad. And she never mentioned it which is why I believed it to be true. It was when she SWITCHED personas that I knew she lied. She didn't just change looks you know wear acrylic nails and dyed her hair blonde, she just started trying to sound street and writin liek dis and talking about fucking black boys and being gangster and rapping. Maybe it's because I'm black that it was an immediate racist and red flag to me. Legit or not. I had my suspicions that it was made up to a degree. Never the way it was exposed on this thread though. It's insane.

No. 112689

AGALLOCH YES. damn, she does have a good taste in music, it seems.

No. 112690

yeah but being insecure doesn't have a direct relation to the specific persona she crafted. the bored rich girl thing was suggested because lana del rey and other ladies who fit the bill have done this same thing in the same way. all well off with strong parental figures in their lives who most likely did not pay very much attention to them and nurture their kid's ego. so they created an entirely new one that's opposite of what they are as a form or escape. and of course attention. it's why they're all writers, artists and singers. they like the theatrics of it. they'd never actually trade their polished perfect lives to live hungry on the streets.

No. 112691

what genre is this im too lazy to look up all the songs now

No. 112692

>>112689 if you are the same anon from a while ago about dax riggs, i am the person who has been posting these screens of her last.fm & i just want 2 say i am really vibing with your music taste. s/o

No. 112693

yes, that is me, and clearly you have 10/10 music taste too.

No. 112694


I discovered Kayla when she was really deep into Ginger and I thought that's who she always was. I actually thought she was foreign/German because of the way she typed. I thought she was trying to imitate the way Americans talked. Reading her typing like a normal human being is surreal and emphasizes her fakeness. It seems weird to switch the way you talk overnight

No. 112701

Only four good bands here are Burzum, Acid Bath, Lifelover, and Agalloch. Tchaikovsky is of course a classic. The rest are pretty embarrassing except for Drautran, though.

All of those bands are extremely different genres. Save yourself the trouble and don't listen to Pig Destroyer. It's shitty core music.

No. 112704

this was just part of her persona at the time tho. not saying that she didn't listen to this but she also listened to kanye and justin bieber back then. her last.fm accounts are also molded to fit her ~aesthetics. recently she added nicki minaj, chris brown, rihanna and future to her music to obviously go with her h00d bby persona. which is hilarious because those aren't even "hood" artists lmao. couldn't even put waka flocka or chief keef smh. she truly has never associated with a black person in her life, if the swatstika tattoo and "white trash" trampstamp weren't indicator enough.

No. 112705

It's so fucked up she actually had(and still has) so many people convinced of her lies. Can't wait for all of this to blow up in her face until she flees the internet like Felice Fawn.

No. 112706

I feel pretty bad for all her friends that thought they were close throughout all of these phases, like how can they be sure they really even know her? was there ever a real kayla or has she always been stolen parts of other's stories and her own fantasies?

No. 112707

She said that the theme of the album's tracks is adult topics sung and referred to in a childlike way, and that Cry Baby is based on her, but never said that it's meant to be "her as a child". Whoever wrote that Wikia article really shat the bed.
Also, in "Tag, You're It", the person being abducted isn't killed, they kill their kidnapper.
You should probably stay off Tumblr, buddy.

No. 112709

I know one girl who seems very influenced by her is flowerwomb on tumblr. She seems nice tho but definitely influenced. Also not sure if anyone's caught onto this but there's another tumblr user who's doing exactly what Kayla did in her bedbones phase, which is typing the same exact way and being ~too scared~ to post a photo of themselves. Like they literally sound exactly like her. Their tumblr is cygnum. They don't seem like a bad person at all but have definitely been majorly influenced by Kayla

No. 112710

Maybe it's Soren trying to be like Kayla lmao I just thought of that, even though major things have gone down with his family being contacted so I doubt he's on the internet now. Buuuut that's a whole other thread

No. 112714

File: 1459318921361.jpg (62.49 KB, 534x532, 1_cry_baby.jpg)

uh she wrote a children's book portraying "cry baby" as a 5 year old child lmao. cry baby is the persona her album is based on and she embodied her as a child she literally made the drawings. not me buddy.
>adult topics sung and referred to in a childlike way
how is this still not ugly lmao she's sexualizing infant shit when she was never even abused it's literally pedophilic. using symbols of childhood as metaphors for sex, rape and murder is tasteless as fuck. especially when she doesn't see it in a serious context and just uses it as a gimmick because she thought it was edgy.

tumblr has nothing to do with me having 2 eyes and not being impressed by a grown woman sucking on a pacifier with a bib while she wears lingerie and sings like she should be playing a ukelele in a sundress. 2+2 simply = 4.

anyway this thread isn't about melanie so discussion over lol for the thread's sake.

No. 112715

i think flowerwomb has been around since bedbones. like they were part of the same scene. flowerwomb stood the test of time tho. never heard about cygnum but damn she's really copying flowerwomb hardcore.

a copy of a copy of a copy. wild.

No. 112716

Lmao dont tell me this is going to turn into one of those "y'all are just trying to imitate Kayla, my #1 idol!!" tumblr debates, i think it's pretty obvious that none of these people are too creative but they probably just rip off various ~sweet hurt bby~ artists outside of tumblr just like Kayla did

No. 112717

Oh no I didn't mean it that way at all! Sorry if it came off like that. Another anon asked who is big into the same scene because they wanted to message those people and let them know that Kayla has been lying so I figured those two would be good to start with

No. 112719

oh yah thank you for hitting me up with links!

No. 112720

File: 1459319549116.png (122.45 KB, 243x289, 1394949055353.png)

>tumblr has nothing to do with me having 2 eyes and not being impressed by a grown woman sucking on a pacifier with a bib while she wears lingerie and sings like she should be playing a ukelele in a sundress.

No. 112721

Sure! I don't think they will listen but it doesn't hurt to try I guess

No. 112722

Aight phew lmao
I'm actually starting to feel like this messaging them thing is a great idea lol i wanna see their reactions so badly

No. 112726

cygnum so blatantly copies kayla's bedbones phase with her writing style, twitter, blogspot, posting "soft" pictures without ever crediting them etc. but i have never seen her reblog anything from kayla or acknowledge her existence at all. i always figured she avoided that on purpose since she copies her so much. if anyone writes to her i bet she will claim not to know who kayla is.

No. 112730

I looked thru their blog, they actually answered an ask about it lmfao…

No. 112732

i was thinking of remaking my kayla expose blog and instead of announcing it here, getting up in her tags and @ing kayla(making myself susceptible to deletion #3 once she reports me lol) i'm just gonna quietly have everything in the blog ready with receipts and then mass message people. by the time she finds me a good amount of damage will be done. if i get deleted again at least word will have gotten to a lot of people. i've found that people generally don't respond well to lolcow and write everything off as bullying slander lol. my petty ass has the time and drive to make one nice big cohesive blog with receipts and such.
but that's later on for now receipts are piling by the day(no pun intended) and i'm just gonna chill for a while and be lowkey when i remake. i bet kayla is reading this and getting hives as we speak lmao.

No. 112733

about the not crediting thing? "i don’t know where any of these pictures originally came from" yeah okay so they just appeared on your computer out of nowhere? kayla said the exact same kind of shit. i remember on pissangel/ovum she said something like "art is independent of its creator" when people sent asks about it but then when people were copying her writing like a year later she'd complain and be like "oh i feel so sick".

No. 112737

Nah the Kayla thing and lolll i remember that too. Thank god tho bc i think it was bc of the shit that went down back then had me realize how embarrassing having one of those pretentious ~fragile dreamy cry baby diaries~ was. God

No. 112738

File: 1459320886914.gif (1000.96 KB, 245x227, tumblr_inline_n2ns98csAG1soma0…)

>i don’t know where any of these pictures originally came from
>art is independent of its creator

No. 112740

oh i missed that ask lol she answered exactly like i imagined she would, making herself sound like the victim. not only is it embarrassing it's fake as hell, all these girls are just copying each other.

No. 112741

Holy shit i'm laughing
I'm looking thru the notes on that post and flowerwomb reblogged it with that whole "dw little star bby sweet petal xoxo<3" are they friends??

No. 112742

>Any girl who writes on here (including my self) has at least once received a message accusing them of trying to be like ginger.
tru tho

No. 112743

No I don't think they're friends, maybe they've talked but I think Ginger still thinks she's too cool for anyone lol.

No. 112744

>i feel like i’m trying to take my core self out of my head for me to see but what comes out is distorted & frightening, it doesn’t have a heartbeat & it doesn’t hear me at all. it feels violent & wrong

are these girls capable of being honest at all instead of trying to make their boring lives behind their macbook sound melodramatic and tragic. it'd be nice to see someone use this artsy fartsy phrasing while actually acknowledging that they live in the 21st century. is the whole point not to be genuine? kayla became a caricature of poverty probably thinking that's what poor people were really like and that's when she shot herself in the foot.

No. 112745

My intentions weren't to throw those two under the bus just to be clear…I just thought they should know someone they look up to has been lying to them and everyone else. :/

No. 112746

Their writing styles are def annoying af but atleast flowerwomb and this other person haven't tried to make up dramatic shit about being fed nothing but soda and cheetos as a baby lol? not anything that ive seen atleast, honestly they didnt seem that interesting until this thread lol

No. 112747

Pfft more like she's afraid they'll ruin her image by revealing what they know about her which will no doubt contradict her current one. Kayla is incapable of not begging for attention every waking minute of her life. So she's left an embarrassing amount of evidence of all of her phases. Careful and secretive my ass she loved interacting with her friends until it was time to move on. She wants her crowd to legitimize her persona.

These probably aren't even her friends but they paint a picture that makes her seem legit doesn't it? That's how she works. Pathological as fuck!

No. 112748

Yeah agreed. They don't seem harmful at all, or at least flowerwomb doesn't. I don't know about cygnum because I accidentally came across their blog somehow and just noticed the similarities between them and Kayla

No. 112749

Yup! Exactly. Also OT but I think Kayla once mentioned that she'd probably go to prison someday…? Tf was she implying by saying that? Does anyone else remember this happening, I think in a video?

No. 112750

tru tru they're harmless. like i said this is the blogging sphere on the internet so it's not like it's anything crazy to have an aesthetic and write poetry. but that one post annoyed me because she tried to come across as being honest and not being poetic and it's like? nah there you go being melodramatic and obviously dishonest. people underestimate how tragic and sad and scary the real world can be they really just wanna act like they live in a world without technology or instagram or wifi lmao. it all comes down to my opinion obvs. all these poems use the same buzzwords and it's like their view of sadness, tragedy and emptiness all have the same ghosty photos of old houses, lakes, glitter, foggy lakes, child's things and lacey bedsheets. when they try to pass that off as genuine it's annoying. when they step out of that "this is clearly a goddamn blog that doesn't reflect my personal life" bubble my eyes instantly roll but i mean it's nothing serious obviously.

No. 112751

Honestly, from what ive seen i think its entirely possible that Kayla really has had bad problems due to severe mental illness or mental disorders, and just made up a Tragic Backstory to ~validate~ her messy behavior/state of mind. Its understandable, ive seen it happen, sometimes it can help. The only beef i have with her is trying to make money and fame off of impressionable teen girls (some of which are survivors themselves) and manipulate them like that and making her made up Street Bbydoll life seem Glamorous and all that Tragically Beautiful Broken Angel shit

No. 112753

>Tf was she implying by saying that?

Aaand this is how Kayla works. You'll never get an answer to that question. Her online life is a constant show of persuasion and omission. Her followers have an image of her built up like putting together puzzle pieces she leaves behind. If I put myself in their shoes, I'd probably think Kayla is in danger probably dating someone dangerous or involved in illegal activity. Oh, what hints has she mentioned in the past? Let me think!

No doubt she loooves that.

No. 112755

I don't doubt that she's at least had an ED and other mental illnesses.
And yeah, it's so sad…not to mention, a lot of these kids really look up to her and she's giving them bad advice! She makes it seem glamorous to cheat on your s/o and be heartless. Minors message her saying they are in love with an older badboy and she tells them some vague shit instead of saying what they need to hear which is "stay the fuck away from older men if you're a minor" ugh

No. 112756

yeah i definitely believe she's suffered from mental illness. people come up with personas all the time i think it's natural in… human nature tbh. on the internet it's easy to portray a life you want especially tumblr. but kayla just went too far. she entered scammer territory. she put herself in a position of influence and hope and idolization to people and the fact that her pedestal is made up entirely of lies is disgusting. these are very vulnerable people looking up to her, whether because they're young or because they're actual victims themselves. it's shitty as fuck to find out that your idol is a complete fraud which is what kayla is. she knows exactly what she's doing. mental illness or not there's no excusing capitalizing on a fake history of abuse, drug addiction and neglect and leading people on for the sake of a rap career lmfao jesus christ of all things.

also seconding this.

No. 112757

Remember when in like, 2011 ish she was tweeting about her extremely poor meth addict homeless no money life and literally every tweet was sent via her expensive iphones lmfao. It kinda felt weird to me even back then but now it makes perfect sense.

No. 112758

Agreed…it just makes me wonder if she does get anywhere with her rap career(I'm sure her parents' money will make it happen somehow), how is she going to act when a fan comes up to her? Is she gonna put on her "i'm so high right now" act like in her videos? Is she gonna act like an actual human? I'm so curious how that's gonna go lol

No. 112760

File: 1459323920223.gif (1.7 MB, 240x135, tumblr_inline_nqn4z1edbu1rqinb…)

we're gonna see kayla like this on tv.

i'm lowkey evil i hope she gets really famous and ends up publicly humiliated like that lady who pretended she was black for years until it blew up in her face lm ao. i am going to have such. a. laugh. the bigger the crowd the better.

No. 112761

Yeah i actually remember looking up to her so much when i was going thru some real shitty stuff as a teenager and i always remember feeling incredibly bad about being so Whiney about my problems when she had it ~so much worse~ and she was still so Strong and Intelligent n shit, even to the extent that i shut down in my therapy sessions, shut myself out of all that help i was getting bc i really believed i could be able to be Brave and Strong like her lol (stupid, i know). Anyways long story short im back in therapy n rehab and unfollowed her long ago and it just feels really satisfying to see her lies being exposed now, just hope all the teenagers looking up to her fake ass life right now realize where theyre going

No. 112762

some poor people can mismanage their money and kind of splurge on "normal people things" like if they had money. kind of keeps you from being insane in a way lol. not to mention some smartphones can be stolen. where i'm from people steal iphones all the time and you can get them really cheap, unblock them and put in a prepaid card. but that's for us poor people who wanna look good, have money some day and actually wash our hair twice a week lmao.

since she was pulling shit like this i really doubt she wanted people to look into how she was photoshopping her pictures and taking iphone selfies.

No. 112764

Oh my god that makes me so sad. :( See, this is what she has been doing to people…wow. I'm really glad you reached out for help again though. I remember thinking she was so cool a few years ago too. She just seemed so strong, and as a survivor myself she was someone I really looked up to. I'm glad I saw someone answer an ask about the exposing blog on my dash otherwise I would never know she's been lying about a lot of her life.

No. 112765

Ohh well thats true

No. 112766

it still blows me away when i read things like this. i never really knew the extent of her influence until halfway into this thread when shit got real. and kayla knows she's hurting people i made a tumblr with a collage of all of the messages like this from this thread and i @ed her on tumblr. all she did was go on this thread and throw a hissyfit at me like it wasn't obvious it was her lmao. she's a complete piece of shit she only cares about herself. she got my blog deleted twice for "harassment" like. honestly.

> I'm glad I saw someone answer an ask about the exposing blog on my dash
ayyy that was me!! <3

No. 112768

omg cygnum is exactly like her lol

No. 112771

How is it even harassment though? Much worse things stay up on tumblr honestly. Usually it takes a long time to get a blog deleted. It's not like anything on your blog was untrue either.
I wish she would just address the issue because she clearly knows a lot of people are aware and want answers now.

No. 112772

Shit i didnt even remember that! Yeah, people were like sending her their trauma experiences and bad dreams and kind of personal stuff and she was just kinda "<4 this makes my heart feel like a piece of cotton candy disappearing into a puddle of a baby's tears, i'm gonna be so happy to publish this on my tiny widdle booklet and make some cutie tootie $, wow wow! keep being star-twinkles you potato petals x"

No. 112773

fairywomb is obsessed with ginger she has a book too i think

No. 112774

It really depends mostly on how rich and/or famous the person being ~harassed is, idk its kind of a stretch that she would have that much influence though. More like so many people (her followers) were reporting it at once?

No. 112775

A lot of writers with similar aesthetics as Kayla have books out tbh that isn't necessarily a correlation but she does reblog a lot of Kayla's photos. It looks like she's already been messaged about this but didn't seem to care

No. 112779

That's a good idea. Is there a way someone could set up a site with all of the general info so that even if your blog gets deleted again you could still anonymously message people with a link to a different site? I think there's a place called prettyuglylittleliars, where like Kota Koti and Soren are all posted. It would probably be hard for her to get that deleted

No. 112780

Just because I feel like a link to lolcow wouldn't be taken seriously…

No. 112784

nah she would die before letting her followers know about my blog and i only had like 12 followers lol ao it's not like i blew up significantly. although i got really positive reactions the evidence was undeniable and everyone believed me so i doubt the whole mass reporting thing. i posted her parents' info(from whitepages which you choose to make public so it wasn't like i illegally doxxed her lol) so i guess that seemed convincing to tumblr staff that i was a hateful petty bully lmao. but it's no surprise that tumblr is run by twats so whatever. i'm remaking again and i'm gonna do it in a way where she can't find me. i'm gonna mass message blogs every day to my blog that way word will get around and progress will be made before i'm eventually deleted again lol. it'll be worth it though i know i'm doing good exposing this narcissistic, selfish bitch.

No. 112786

i think its a good idea to send messages to blogs who are in the same network/aesthetic as kayla has anyone messaged flowerwomb? what other tumblrs?

No. 112789

kinda OT ish but it never fails to amaze me how tumblr staff rarely bother to do anything about the neonazi or CP or irl gore ted bundy w a flower crown some cute pastel edits of their mutilated victims' corpses uwu blogs but a blog thats like 'this grown ass woman is telling teenage girls to go f 50yo dudes and buy her drug gangster fiction anyways heres legit receipts u can literally find anywhere on the internet with a quick google search' gets deleted in .2 seconds

No. 112790

exactly it wasn't at all when i first messaged ppl lmao. that's why i made a tumblr that had nothing but evidence presented in the most clear and undeniable way that i could. evidently, it was a success. so much that kayla panicked and reported me lol.

No. 112793

Off the top of my head: abattoirette, ninfolessia, pillowstars
Theyve seem to have been idolizing her for a long ass time and they all seem to have a relatively large following as well
Atleast pillowstars seems to have distanced herself from the scene a little bit though, but i would still like to see her reaction. I doubt she knows what Kayla's been doing these years.

No. 112794

File: 1459326986043.png (3.54 KB, 393x110, hgyugdufguduyf.PNG)

From pillowstars' blog, anyways, i still don't know for sure if she actually still looks up to her anymore
I know it sounds fake as fuck but im actually concerned for her and all these other girls who idolize/used to idolize Kayla? abattoirette used to reblog all of Kayla's selfies iirc and tagged them stuff like 'angel' 'queen' 'goddess' and ninfolessia still reblogs from her i think. Im 99% sure none of them know Kayla's been lying to them and profitting off of them.

No. 112795

pillowstars and flowerwombs blogs are identical

No. 112798

File: 1459327624755.png (53.18 KB, 707x307, Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 17.4…)

story of ginger's life.

ofc is too veridic for her to be in her blog anymore. :)

No. 112805

this is somewhat off-topic but have any of you heard of sterility on tumblr? a lot of the aforementioned blogs in the last few posts reblog from him all the time and he's pretty popular on tumblr for this ~sad bby doll with lots of trauma~ shit & i can't stand him, always got a kind of paedo-y vibe from his "art" if i'm honest.

No. 112807

OHH SHIT YEAH i almost forgot about him. God he is absolute garbage. It's all of that typical 'daddy fucked me i wanna die but in a cute way uwu pls teenage gorls send me pictures of ur cuts n bruises its 4 my art'. I thought he was someone else completely for a long time. Yeah this is quite OT but i almost feel like he deserves his own thread w all that crap hes been pulling on young girls. Geez hes a real creep.

No. 112808

File: 1459328885904.jpg (77.17 KB, 500x500, sterility.jpg)

SO GLAD IT'S NOT JUST ME! if i can compile enough sources i'll make a thread for him when i come back from town later today, or someone else can if they despise his ~aesthetic~ as much as i do. yeah, "send me pictures of you with drool coming out of your mouth & spit-bubbles that look like jizz & i'll use them for my art despite only making shitty crayola pictures for the next five years, underage girls."
>that and his writing

No. 112810

Also OT ish, but do u guys think all these flowerwomb and pillowstars n cygnum and abattoirette etc bloggers could like, just have been "normal people" with actual serious problems who just started idolizing Kayla bc of her assumed Victim Status and actually thought they could learn to cope like she did, and thats why theyre all acting all pastel hurt bby mysterious now? Like, didnt one of them mention they knew of Kayla since atleast when they were 17? so it seems entirely possible theyve all been looking up to her Lifestyle long before that, which means they would have been very young and very easily influenced esp back then.

No. 112814

girleens on tumblr has a similar aesthetic and sometimes similar poetry especially some of her latest ones. i talked to her once through chat and seemed down to earth

No. 112815

Yuppp like i clearly remember tens of photosets going around with pictures young girls (like 16-20yo) in their bras n little skirts w their blood or drool dripping or some shit next to his creepy ass "Art" w some 'aesthetically matching' text and he would reblog all of them? I think it was for some project of his? It all sounds so sick now ugh thank god i was too self conscious to participate cuz SHIT man

No. 112816

i don't want to be a omgstopselfposting!fag but this sure smells like one, apologies if not.

he is revolting; i'm putting a thread together now, while i've got the rage in me to do so.

No. 112817

It's kind of fruitless at this point since she's deleted so much, but antiheaven on tumblr was obsessed with Kayla and on her previous blog would write just like her and became a "junkie" for "real" and now just talks about how she was going to go to prison and heroin. She's toned it done barely but back in the day it was so cringey.

No. 112818

i just looked at sterility and hes fucking disgusting

No. 112819

Oh lorddd i just checked and i was still following him on one of my old accounts, jesus does the shame, shame hand gesture thing
Anyways. Moving on lmao

No. 112820

Yeah she remade a couple times and i was always so worried for her. Although i think there was a couple times when she was like 'ugh im over that phase now im getting help sorry guys' but wouldnt be too surprised if she returned to her old habits.

No. 112822

i liked antiheaven waaaay back in the day (we're talking 2010 - 2011ish? here) when she was florettevna & posted more ethereal content i liked the look of (then again i was still in secondary school, so if i went back & saw it now i'd probably cringe), but the whole ~tar angel princess i'm a sex addict but also tough as fuck~ thing she started bored me. i still have a look at her blog every now & then because - beyond the edgy cutting pictures and "omg i SO have aspd don't question me!!11" i was quite fond of her. she sounded like she had a pretty rough time when she was younger - that is if she's being honest, because in light of kayla's bullshit it proves you never can tell.

isn't he? the offer's still open to anyone else if they want to make a thread, i'm literally a diagnosed sperg so i'm not entirely sure whether my description comes off as good to anyone else or it's just word salad, i'd post it but i don't want to shit up the thread any more than i already have.

No. 112823

funeralfaerie adoreleehaze

No. 112824

No proof so feel free to disregard but she ripped the music she listened to around then off of other people to create her ~tragic writing inspo~ aesthetic. So to say her music taste is her own would also be incorrect.

No. 112826

Getting just an itty bitty bit sidetracked here but thats not even a lot of work for someone who is this dedicated to creating an online persona, when soren was impersonating Kayla/'Sam' on lastfm he scrobbled literally hours and hours of her old music taste to make it look convincing

No. 112835

File: 1459332864380.jpeg (37.82 KB, 633x261, image.jpeg)

Trying to pretend she's a poor girl thrusted into a rich people world

No. 112837

File: 1459333582451.jpeg (92.82 KB, 700x900, image.jpeg)


No. 112841

You think she has the Swastika tattoo because she sympathizes with Varg's political views (I'm not - I repeat I'm not saying Burzum are Nazis, we all know he never expressed political views through their music. I couldn't care less if they did but just fyi)?

No. 112844

plaguegrounds and stillbirthed were closed to Kayla and were also friends in her facebook just in case you wanna take a look.

No. 112848


Well back in her facebook in her goth look days, her aesthetic was kind of trying to show herself as a philosopher prophet, posting those kind of bands music, religious imaginery, and lots of pseudo-intelligent-deep-crap

No. 112856

i would love to read some of her ~philosophical statuses if they had still existed, i bet she had such a stick up her arse during her tTtlly kVlt gOth 666 phase.

No. 112869

File: 1459340504675.png (29.86 KB, 446x203, Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 9.20…)


cygnum gives me secondhand embarrassment

No. 112873

i'm pretty sure abattoirette has briefly mentioned drug addiction i think heroin which i definitely believe she doesn't have a big following or anything. but it's really :/ because again, kayla is a complete fucking fraud and this person obviously sees them as an inspiration much like everyone else.

No. 112874

Could you all stop promoting your stupid aesthetic tumblr blogs now? This has nothing to do with Kayla. Just because they write similiar crap, doesn't mean they know shit about her

No. 112875

Can you read? These are people that are obsessed with Kayla. Many of them emulated her in the past. A handful of them still have ancient reblog of her deleted posts. Get over it.

No. 112901

Then post that stuff instead of just saying things AND NEVER POSTING PROOF
And this:
Has barely or even nothing to do with Kayla

No. 112906

>>112690 'they like the theatrics of it. they'd never actually trade their polished perfect lives to live hungry on the streets.' i agree. what i was trying 2 say is that, unlike many that used 2 follow her tumblr & came on here, i dont feel angry about it, i feel compassion 4 her & sadness about this whole situation & the fact that people feel the need 2 do these things

No. 112907

this tbh. i get that this was kinda relevant but we're getting super side tracked now, if u wanna drag these other shitty Abuse Aesthetic fairybaby blogs, make them their own threads or move on. if u find receipts on Kayla from their blogs u can put them up here but no one cares abt their own personal crap aside from that

No. 112908

OT but 'most likely' 'must be' tf does that even mean? i feel like shes tryna be vague about her age just like ginger did lmao. God only knows why.

No. 112910

"i feel like" makes me think shes one of those Tumblr Special Otherkin weirdos who are like "my body is 69 years old but i am 14 :3c so im totally not a creep uwu"

No. 112911

i think people were listing blogs so that person who made the expose ginger tumblr could message them

No. 112912

Personally i think ppl should still find receipts on these blogs that theyre still associating w her first, otherwise this thread will just fill up w random aesthetic garbage spam that might have 0 new info to offer, some of them might not even remember kayla let alone know abt her new ginger persona or Internet Fame

No. 112913

Depersonalization is a real thing though. It's v common with bpd where your sense of self identity is so erratic that you barely feel like a person depending on how severely you're suffering from it. My mother unfortunately suffers from this. And it's terrifying to see them so fucking disconnected and like, when you're laughing together and having a good time and then they randomly at the end of the day they tell you that they don't feel like that happiness is theirs and deep down they don't relate to those emotions and shit it's so fucking scary.

All the more reason why I fucking hate these ~sleepy lolita~ tumblr bitches writing fake deep poetry about feeling separate from this ~realm just as an interesting excuse to why they don't wanna say their age or where they live lmao. It trivializes feelings of depersonalization and mental illness where people just write it all off as a show because that's what these girls are doing: putting on a show.

No. 112915

i think people got sidetracked because this was the first instance where discussion on these tumblrs have ever been brought up so i guess people let their opinions run loose a bit since it was the first time? i doubt it'll keep going i think people got it out of their systems. everyone! let's stop now.

tweet from kayla:
>I've never wanted what society wants 4 me…I could never just b good. Always been something wild in me. Like I got a baby tiger 4 a soul

is…. is this her trying to acknowledge that she's a rich girl pretending to be poor and abused for attention lol. is that how she's phrasing it.

No. 112917

Shit, sorry, i didnt even think of that.
Actually, is it possible that this person / these people are just like, having some kind of DPDR episode and confuses their personality (ive heard about 'inprinting' or smth but im not familiar w mental health stuff so that can be a totally wrong term here) w that of someone else? ive heard that ppl w BPD often mimic things they like about their FPs, even though they remain otherwise as 'themselves', if im making sense? for example pillowstars seems to have diagnosed BPD, not too sure about these other blogs though.

No. 112919

Samefag but that actually makes me even more pissed off bc like… These ppl might have an actual compulsive need to have someone to look up to and there comes Miss Ginger Bronson like 'i have it WAY WORSE than ANY OF U but im still doing SO MUCH BETTER THAN ALL OF YALL living the WILD DREAM BABYDOLL LIFE' and they just be like shit shes right!! i can make my bad feelings disappear by living in the streets and letting old men piss on me for money!!! tragically beautiful!!!

No. 112920

can someone explain or pull up receipts on that berlin bullshit?

No. 112922

she deleted most of it (obvs) but in short she claimed to be living The Thug Life n getting by w the money from her multiple sugar daddies n sucking german dick, posting pictures n writing abt her Abusive Black Daddies (god im barfinggggg) but turns out she was most likely on a vacation w her rich parents' $$. since i dont recall anyone posting actual proof/receipts im just gonna say that its entirely possible that she actually led a fucked up life for the couple months she stayed there but…

No. 112925

This is some Tania Head type crap wtf!

No. 112926

when they're so stereotypical and cliched and reblog so many "relevant" topics like the black swan or talk about hospital wards and shit it's like. there you go lying lmao. also when they bring up trauma or abuse and again, seem to have the whole theatrical package that only serves to tell the background to their story. their poetry is always autobiographical lmao their focus is on their fabricated persona they want you to have a clear image of what a torn and very aesthetically pleasing person they are.
>i feel like i’m trying to take my core self out of my head for me to see but what comes out is distorted & frightening, it doesn’t have a heartbeat & it doesn’t hear me at all. it feels violent & wrong
>& a life that sounds like art i was born for hearing my blood
>rushing through my head when i’m hiding in the pile of dirty clothes, & crying instead of answering questions, & holding my two fingers on my neck trying to guess whether i’m afraid or in love,
>i feel like i am most likely twenty years old, must be, my nana came from another world to this one because she lived in a loud painful place & she escaped from there, i feel like she survived but my mother didn’t,

like she's just so obviously got an image in mind that she wants to portray to people. it doesn't come from a genuine place she's literally writing fiction.

i've seen rabbittongue make posts about feeling disconnected and it reads very genuine and almost does it in a very dry humored way. very un-aesthetic lol. and if you look at her tumblr it's just. houses and pictures of animals and even funny posts sometimes. i've seen her tag a picture of house as "me". she talks like a normal person and expresses her depersonalization as such.
>all thats in my head is like when you leave some washing out on the line n it rains
>everything i say sounds like something i think i should say
>people standing like outside a bar or a club or whatever talking to their friends is like the exact opposite of me or like any group of friends is just so strange lol
>for awhile i thought i might be pansexual but i really just have no concept of myself at all lol

and again her poetry focuses on things other than herself or leaving clues about her life.
>here the black pool and its freedom. tiny castles isolated where a fallen tree dips into the water. an ethereal, new, clean world. the sun has set and the almost silence has betrayed you. a blizzard of snow, over the unbroken white of the hills can be deceiving. i once saw a herd of deer and crawled down into the deep, soft snow.

that's how i can tell the difference at least. and when she posts her poetry she actually acknowledges it's poetry where she'll say things like "idk it's not that good" and shit.

exaaactlyyy. she's a fucking fraud and she doesn't understand how immensely harmful that is when she's in a position of influence and idolization to vulnerable people. to her satisfying her ego is worth lying to people like that. these are suicidal, delicate people going through a lot of shit. finding out their hero is a fraud is literally ripping away hope for them it could mean life or death??? like whyyyyyy would you be okay with that she fucking knows what she's doing she lurks this goddamn thread. there's different ways of getting attention??? but she chose to play saint kayla the sacred martyr, savior of child abuse victims, recovering drug addicts and people living in extreme poverty when she's living here with here >>110590 with her parents. she's such fucking scum the more this thread expands the more it sinks in. this was lulzy to me at first but now i'm just disgusted.

No. 112927

also kinda OT but i remember bein like, 'hmm kinda weird that shes spent so much time on tumblr and never has she ever talked about typical tumblr Social Justice Issues' n then literally like within a week she posts abt the ferguson stuff all 'this totes doesnt evn fit my aesthetic but uhh that thing that happent in fergieson omg that was kinda sad </2 bad things happen it breaks my tiny bby heart' n that was during her transition from Innocent Lost Womanchild to I Fuck Black Guys n it kinda. makes me sick

No. 112929

>since i dont recall anyone posting actual proof/receipts
i gotchu. here's what we've got so far on berlin.

>While she was talking the past year about being in Berlin. She was posting pictures of herself around the same building which is in the UK. She mentioned in her facebook account her father paid for her tickets to go to Berlin while she was studying English language and literature in the UK which doesn't make sense at all if she was kind of having that kind of rampant lifestyle she was describing the whole time.

>She was studying English in Leicester UK. Berlin just in holidays with that she probably met in UK. Many times she said she was living her adventures in Berlin she was just still in UK since her pictures were there with other of her friends in instagram. Also i doubt she even completed her course and get her diploma because she seems dumb as fuck. Probably went there with parent's money to have fun and waste herself and travel around.

does anyone remember what selfies were posted during her berlin era? i'm positive she was blonde
was this in berlin or alabama lmao

No. 112930

yknow what really makes me sad tho… rabbittongue seems like a very down to earth genuine person who seems very honest (and even private, not that thats important) about their problems and yet they still look up to (or atleast has in the past) to these people like. Didnt they even meet up w Kayla n be all BFF for some time then she just kinda ditched them during her Persona Upd8? i remember rabbittongue (or Katie/Kate i think?) legit thinking Kayla had died n there her fans were, harassing them to no end abt 'wheres kayla wheres kayla' n they were just kinda 'idk maybe she left Tungle Dot Hell leave me alone'

No. 112933

Did anyone ever reach out to Mandie? I feel like she could be a good source of info but idk how that would go

No. 112935

hmm i remember she posted atleast 1 photoset where she was in berlin (or ""berlin"") where she was like, in the middle of two Super Thug Lookin Doods w everyones faces censored n kissing/licking/(???) a gun and the other pic was like, some tag on a wall idk, im sure its still making its rounds on tumblr

No. 112936

I will take this to my grave but the swatstika and white trash tattoos Kayla has will forever be the permanent indicator of her personality to me. Fake persona or not no one gets a permanent tattoo of that for shits and giggles. It's not uncommon for racist white girls to suddenly develop a fetish of their animalistic and violent view of black men. Considering her whole adventure with "Papi"(who i'm positive was not even his real nickname because papi is spanish and black guys don't even like being called daddy) is one of rough sex, drugs, abuse and his violent behavior. It made me so fucking sick.

I will admit I was a little bit racist before tumblr, because tbh that's just the way our society is unfortunately and I never saw myself as racist. So yes, I did hop on the Ferguson thing but from there I grew the fuck up. I was a 15 year old racist who said the n word for shits and giggles. I never got a fucking swatstika tattooed on my body?! You have to be a fucking neonazi to do that! She was about that racist lifestyle it was the only part of her that wasn't a phase. It makes her whole hood aesthetic all the more disgusting because it's obviously deep rooted in racism.

No. 112937

Someone reached out to her on her other blog, childs-dose and she talked about it, sorta. I think we can all agree that Kayla obviously just ditched her but this poor girl actually thinks she caused it

No. 112938

she fit kayla's aesthetic to a t when it was convenient for her. they interacted aaall the time. then when it wasn't she ditched her. just like she ditched pillowstars and flowerwomb when she moved on from her soft empty lolita thing. she drops friends like she deletes tumblr text posts with no consideration on how these people feel. i'd say it's sociopathic but i know kayla would like that so i'm just gonna say she's a fucking loser with nothing better to do.

No. 112939

nah i get it, what happened in ferguson was a wake up call for many ppl but my point abt kayla hopping on it is that thats literally the only time shes mentioned anything relating to any of that stuff n like… lmao… after that its all 'im a rapper n Angry Black Guys f me' 'BLM who'

No. 112941

kinda weird tho bc it would make sense she left a mark on these ppl since they were atleast 'internet pals' but like these cygnym + abattoirette ppl seemingly havent ever been close to her n still seem to idolize her to an extent? and both of them seem to have been doing it since before she became well known on tumblr idk it just seems confusing to me

No. 112942

No that's what I was saying too! Ferguson was a wakeup call to a lot of people but Kayla never actually gave a shit about black people beyond that post that happened to coincide with her Papi adventures. It's like she pretended to care as if it affected her because she wanted people to believe she knows real life black people and cares about them. I wouldn't be surprised if she got a gush of inspiration when she saw how many people were feeling sorry for the black community and all the fucked up shit they were going to and she wanted to attach herself to it in some way.

No. 112944

Yes, OT banter happens sometimes? I don't see why you have to shit up the thread with even more fuss. Also. Die Antwoord crafted and capitalized off of personas where they pretended to be poverty stricken, so it's in the same vein. Stop throwing bitchfits over something so casual, jesus.

No. 112946

File: 1459352395977.jpg (55.82 KB, 500x329, tumblr_n5xxdbApwj1qh6hioo1_500…)

>“i saw the way his gun made your eyes light up & i wanted to touch your face" april 2014, berlin

No. 112947

i didnt know about her other blog! anyway yeah this pisses me off, but tbh im not even surprised bc kayla's realllly good as always portraying herself as as a victim n making ppl around her feel bad abt p much anything. i remember someone asked her abt it n she just kinda said something vague like 'ppl always get attached to me in a weird intense way bc im so ethereal but im an Untouchable Lone Wolf who lives da Hard Life so im always running away!!'

No. 112949

Stop typing like her.
~U shuld not feel compashun 4 a compulsive liar.~

No. 112951

1. That illustration looks like a fucking doll, and nowhere does it say she is a "5 year old"
2. You don't know what pedophilia is
3. >>>/tumblr/
That's all I wanted to say, now the discussion's over.

No. 112955

No, she didn't get it because of Varg. Burzum's a one man band. And Varg's not a nazi at all.

No. 112956

while looking for that berlin photo i posted a second ago i found this old poem of hers on yet another aesthetic blog that seems to eat up everything kayla posts:
>what about girls who let him come inside because they never learned the word “no”? & girls whose fathers say “you deserved it” or “no wonder he hit you” & “i never did, what an imagination” i am talking about girls whose mothers call them liars & leave them in homes that are not their own girls who ate in elementary school bathrooms until they stopped eating who undressed on the playground at thirteen for ten wide-eyed open-mouthed boys because love means being naked & seen since age three the girls who will never be the thorn in anybody’s side, girls with smiles that are too quickly given & hands that shake forever they are earth-angels, little bones for big hearts they know how fingers around the throat & between thighs can cross you out of your own life their arms are made of want — if you would only let them hold you

there's a few more in the archive; i'm not gonna spam all of them in this post & shit the thread up, but they're all the same sort of trauma-y poems soren used to write.

No. 112962


Sure.. and the Burzum merch that says "support your local Einsatzkommando" is just a happy coincidence

No. 112963

FUCK FUCK FUCK im so pissed??? this was way worse than i remembered??? i cant believe i actually used to look up to this person to cope??? 'whose mothers call them liars' after this im actually 99% sure she rips off half the shit she writes from the anon asks she gets bc i remember sending her something distressingly similar 2 this whole ~Ooh Fragile Fairy Baby Poem~ shit right there when i was in a bad place n when she didnt reply i just assumed she was too Triggered to but god i can see where all my Emotional Confessions actually went????? fuck me sideways

No. 112966

>"that illustration looks like a doll"
>implying dolls are not modeled after children
>implying melanie did not clearly state cry baby was a human child and not a doll
>implying being obsessed with sexualizing children's things and sucking on a pacifier in lingerie when you were never abused is not pedophilic and is just an expression of art

good for you that you think otherwise lol? you're entitled to your wrong opinion who cares. continue stanning melanie by all means.

No. 112967

this is probably absolutely useless & of no consolation, but i'm so sorry to hear that & i feel nothing but empathetic towards you ♡ - she's a fucking piece of work, honestly. absolute scum, using other people's trauma for her poetry & then pissing off and abandoning people whenever she likes.

No. 112968

File: 1459353880238.jpeg (407.82 KB, 900x599, image.jpeg)

I doubt with every bone in my body that she's this way because of depersonalization. I know, some of you used to be obsessed with her so you want to see good qualities in her desperately, but all the photos of her with friends show that she wasn't anything like this outside of her tumblr and Twitter. She lived a separate fantasy life. She is a liar. Point blank. She does this knowing wholly what she is doing. You've been punked bitch.

Also, everyone else disregard this but Demi, shut up.

No. 112970

ummm hehe uwu this isn't tumblr???? could u maybe stop Typing Like This???????

No. 112973

why do you keep coming on this thread saging to be pettily butthurt over the way people talk lol. take a breather buddy. none of this is real.

No. 112974

wholeheartedly agree

No. 112975

there are multiple people who think you sound retarded

No. 112976

not that anon, but there is nothing worse than tumblr shit being on here and typing like retards while trying to be edgy and 'fit in' with our culture.

No. 112980

just saying i literally can't think of anything more petty to be genuinely angry about lol. not that serious buddy. take it down a notch.

No. 112981

This is how you can tell someone is severely butthurt.

No. 112982

>none of this is real
Make it more obvious that sone redirected you here via your shitty ~aesthetic~ tumblr blog, champ. We all notice.

Back 2 our Aryan cum princess mama.

No. 112985

>posts seconds apart from each other
>"not that anon"

the effort lol. nah i'm chill.

No. 112986

she looks like a slut

No. 112988

tumblr shits are just as bad as neckbeards. you can't just be ~~~triggered~~~ by 'male here' and let shit like ??????? after every other word slide, anon. it will ruin the site. i kind of wish we had a tumblr containment thread but they are too hard to spot or contain…

No. 112989

We're… all from tumblr? Kayla is a tumblr figure? What is the obsession with bringing that up like it's not already obvious.

No. 112990

there's a huge difference, which you don't seem to grasp. posting on tumblr doesn't make you tumblr shit. just like having a tumblr doesn't make you an sjw. but it's easy to spot underage tumblrinas a mile away.

No. 112991

File: 1459355071064.jpeg (415.83 KB, 900x601, image.jpeg)

Depersonalization isn't nearly calculated enough to be a valid excuse for her actions. She even said, as quoted by her ex-friend on IG, that she wanted to look like "she's been through some shit." That is straight from the horses mouth. She created a character of what she thought a traumatized poverty stricken ~angel~ should be, and began dressing like an actual retard because for whatever reason, she thought it's what a poor girl looks like apparently. I wouldn't be surprised if she sold Hedi Slimane a whole sob story because she wanted money and adoration for being so strong and amazing. In fact, given how she only started dressing that poorly out of the house around late 2012-early 2013, she's probably gotten sympathy money while prostituting herself in her ~dirty poverty fragile hole filled~ ballet slippers. She's really trying hard to sell herself as a victim and survivor and it gives out a very wrong message.

No. 112992

It doesn't matter if you're from tumblr, but it's annoying if you type like a tumblr stereotype.

No. 112995

I doubt she has BPD and Depersonalization as I am diagnosed with it. I think the character she plays may have symptoms of it but not her. She has a life outside tumblr~ going to school abroad. rich parents. modelling. etc.She is a liar. That's all.

No. 112996

i just really don't see how that's so serious that you get upset over it lol. kinda seems easier to ignore and move past. we're all having a good time here. i'm not even mad or defending myself because there's no offense here because the concept you're arguing about sounds so bizarre to me. you can't control the speech of everyone that comes on this thread especially when everyone who knows about her is from tumblr. so what's the point right now. you just keep posting with the same concern when i really don't see how it's working out for you lol.

feel free to ignore me right now tho it really doesn't matter lol. i'm just talking out of my ass.

No. 112999

File: 1459355535568.jpg (12.95 KB, 236x266, wS4AUsQ.jpg)

Just looks like she is straight up copying Courtney Love-Cobain circa 1993.

No. 113001

keeping board culture is actually important, anon. you obviously weren't here when the first r9k raid happened. it's awful and annoying. being cautious and defensive is better than letting shit get fucked. we'll end up like 4chan.

No. 113002

I thought the same. She is completely calculated about her image. It's one big package deal that is completely methodical. And a cliche. That is just not how mental illness works. Not to mention bpd has nothing to do with lying about being poor in a trailer park and doing meth.

No. 113003

File: 1459355681573.jpeg (330.3 KB, 900x599, image.jpeg)

I was a total different person you actual retard. Go reblog pictures of dripping honey and Merzbow if you're really going to stray this far OT.

No. 113004

File: 1459355899219.jpeg (465.13 KB, 900x601, image.jpeg)

No. 113006

do you realize that you people spouting shit about "go back to tumblr! go back to your blog" sound equally as stupid as the people typin like dis. pls stfu uwu.

you're all awful.

No. 113007

File: 1459355976008.jpeg (72.17 KB, 599x400, image.jpeg)

No. 113008

Seriously, stop. Or don't. We'll be relieved when you're banhammered.

No. 113009

File: 1459356068253.jpeg (311.6 KB, 900x599, image.jpeg)

So zef so fresh.

No. 113011

File: 1459356138948.jpeg (74.96 KB, 610x406, image.jpeg)

No. 113012

i doubt these ppl are gonna stick around tho if thats the concern. they come for kayla and leave the board. if it's so obvious they're underage tumblrfags who aren't native to the board then they're not sticking around. and if they do the common board lingo sticks. i know because i was on r9k before tumblr in like 2011 lol you truly assimilate after a while. i'd ask what is this great 4chan death you speak of but damn we'd be going waaaay off topic lmfao. better to just drop this so. feel free to not even reply lol.

lowkey this is what i'm saying i just don't see how complaining from either side does anything to "stop" said annoying behavior. i just see it as bitching which is more annoying for the board? all i said was to chill anyway lol but i see now that that really doesn't go anywhere either so tbh i'm at fault too.


No. 113013

lmaolmaolmaoalmaooo jesus christ

No. 113014

File: 1459356307086.jpeg (415.76 KB, 900x599, image.jpeg)

Sorry if any of these have been posting before, just dumping and deleting.

No. 113015

File: 1459356352616.jpeg (168.43 KB, 900x601, image.jpeg)

No. 113016

File: 1459356372624.jpeg (268.48 KB, 900x601, image.jpeg)

No. 113017

File: 1459356408220.jpeg (351.47 KB, 900x599, image.jpeg)

No. 113019

are these the hedi slimane pics?

No. 113020

Yeah. A lot of them were deleted from her spot in the Slimane diary, I'm sure per Kayla's request, but you can find fragments if you look hard enough. I found the ones that were deleted in many places from Hedi's Twitter typo of spelling her name "Keyla."

No. 113022

Mightve missed smth but yall… literally linked this threads all over tumblr n now ur whining bout ppl possibly from that site commenting. lmao. like i sure af don't want shitty ass Tumblr Deez Course around this thread just as much as anyone but like whatd u expect? Also afaik Kaylas dpdr wasnt being discussed, werent we talking about her sheep ass followers who are mimicing her possibly having those problems?

No. 113024

>implying dolls are not modeled after children
So all portrayals of dolls or doll-like cartoon characters are now children, got it.
>implying melanie did not clearly state cry baby was a human child and not a doll
So "Dollhouse" was never a thing? Okay. And no, she never did state Cry Baby was a "child", just that she was a character based on her and her experiences.
>implying being obsessed with sexualizing children's things and sucking on a pacifier in lingerie when you were never abused is not pedophilic and is just an expression of art
Pedophilia is the sexual attraction to children. Whatever the fuck you're talking about is more suited toward ageplay, which is something that actually can be applied to art. Go write a callout post or something, you're full of shit. Bye.

No. 113025

exactly lmao. this is just gonna be one of those threads where non "natives" are gonna be posting. and we're all still posting relevant content discussing and staying on topic so i truly have no idea how people can make multiple shitposts being butthurt over the same thing like it's gonna change anything lol.

No. 113027

>more suited toward ageplay, which is something that actually can be applied to art
ppl who do this r fucking creeps tho. its like soft pedophilia lmao idk ur kinda downplaying how gross it is

No. 113028

i'm truly not stopping you from reblogging melanie pictures on your tumblr, child. you can stop being upset lol.

No. 113029

File: 1459357414104.jpeg (96.13 KB, 640x427, image.jpeg)

If you're going to continue to rant off-topic (because we all know you're the same person) either move it to /b/ or sage it and move on. Or please, continue so you'll get banned.
We get it. Shut the fuck up. You're offering up no useful discussion.

No. 113030

>"i'm not upset, your opinion is just wrong lol???????? ttly not angry"
>"soft pedophilia"
Trying to downplay the meaning of something fucked up so you can use it to describe things that you simply dislike makes you a pretty shit person, friend.

No. 113031

Can anyone list what Kayla's old Twitter names were before she switched to gingerbronson? I remember it wasn't ever Kayla Day.

No. 113032

Second this I'll bet my ass this is one of those "stop kink shaming u guys!! age play is my SEXUALITY :(" kinda ppl u see all over tumblr esp w the whole "bye binch!!" ending
anyways sorry OT back to KayKay

No. 113033

Ageplay is disgusting. Getting sexual gratification from pretending to be an infant is fucked up. I know for a FACT a lot of littles are victims of sexual abuse and find comfort in pretending to be toddlers, but what's the excuse for the men who play their daddies and jerk off to buying their littles training potties? And in any case Melanie is mot a victim of child sexual abuse. It just got in her head that binkies and highchairs are sexy and anyone with common sense can see why.

Anything can be applied to art dipshit it doesn't make it not fucked up. I suppose I'm kinkshaming Melanie as well?

No. 113034

No, I'm just not retarded and can tell the difference between aesthetic choices and actual exploitation.
I'll stop posting on it now, promise.

No. 113035

i didn't make the "soft pedophilia" post. i made that melanie post last night at like 10pm i really don't care anymore lol.

No. 113036

>aesthetic choices
don't tell me im the only one shitting myself over this anons choice of words cuz
age play is apparently an Aesthetic now
seriously anon if u don't get ya ass outta tumblr rn i oughta

No. 113038

if you can't see the obvious pathology behind a non child abuse survivor that willingly mixes children's toys with sex and sucks on baby bottles in her underwear while giving you bedroom eyes then like. ok. aesthetic choices right.

No. 113039

File: 1459358113911.jpeg (89.12 KB, 600x600, image.jpeg)

This thread was actually very enjoyable, tumblr visitors and all, until this singular person swooped in samefagging about Melanie Martinez and making multiple posts in a row.

No. 113040

No. 113041

File: 1459358262476.jpeg (16.19 KB, 236x236, image.jpeg)

No. 113042

why do y'all keep saying i'm all of these people lol.

here i am. if it's that annoying then let's move on. who cares.

No. 113045

Lol varg is a white supremacist nationalist. And you know, a nazi sympathizer

No. 113046

File: 1459358626795.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1156x1560, image.jpeg)

This is so rough kek. Also very pre-surgery young Courtney Love.

Shut the fuck up!

No. 113047

is this kayla because….. this post just makes me so angry. she's trying to be sincere like she isn't just acting the way she always is lol god. this is just such harmful thinking in general i mean it's horrible advice. and she probably made this post at the mall buying a bikini at jcpenney.

No. 113049

No. 113050

>very pre-surgery young Courtney Love.
This is so mean akfhjwsaxisxkw

No. 113051

File: 1459358916636.jpeg (48.56 KB, 456x682, image.jpeg)

I'm not saying it was intentional but my god lel.

Yeah, that's one of hers.

No. 113052

No. 113053

halfbunny.com??? i didn't know she bought a fucking domain lmao?? much poverty.

No. 113056

>I'm not saying it was intentional
lbr it probably was. until she realized she didn't wanna look like shit lmao.

No. 113065

File: 1459360065184.jpg (43.65 KB, 781x347, storeenvy.JPG)

old storenvy

No. 113067

she looks so different in that first pic

No. 113068

File: 1459360471440.jpeg (237.24 KB, 450x657, image.jpeg)

This had the caption "&I hate that I'm always so young" o rly Kayla?

No. 113069

lmao ofc she removed that 'moonet' garbage
didnt match her aes anymore

No. 113071

File: 1459360648577.png (1002.95 KB, 640x960, image.png)

No. 113074

File: 1459360727330.jpeg (474.37 KB, 700x788, image.jpeg)

No. 113075

File: 1459360780155.jpeg (357.55 KB, 500x782, image.jpeg)

No. 113076

File: 1459360866537.jpeg (406.12 KB, 555x900, image.jpeg)

The only thing she's capable of keeping vaguely consistent is her handwriting.

No. 113080

File: 1459361184711.jpg (117.57 KB, 500x667, tumblr_o2hatpQj4T1qh6hioo1_500…)

different anon
this one is by far the worst, how does she not cringe writing this garbage?

No. 113082

"to everyone i have ever loved:
you need a girl
who has a life story you can stomach
someone who will bring you pretend magic,
a girl who hasn’t ever really been
cut in half, you
need a girl, not a witch
but there is nothing i am that you can pull out of thin
air, i am not that cheap
or easy, you need
someone small enough to kill
a girl whose mistakes come with receipts
but i will bleed
all over your bedroom floor
& you will never find a box big enough
to send away the mess i make
you need a girl who can kiss you quietly,
a girl whose want isn’t a ten ton
truck crashing into your body at four
in the morning
for you: someone who doesn’t like the way
gasoline tastes,
a girl who won’t set herself on fire
hoping you will fan the flames
for me: a boy who knows that burning
is what i do only
because i do it better than anything,
a boy who keeps the same
matches in his pockets
the girl that you need
is one whose heart is a hole that has room
for more promises & whose words
are a white sheet you can sleep with comfortably
you can’t wrap your mind around me;
spoiled, dirty
you can’t climb a mountain just to jump from it
but i need a boy who isn’t afraid of
falling down
& down
you need a love like a television set,
need to know what comes next,
remote in your hand if it gets too violent
& i need a love like white noise, so
that it hurts just to be around"
lel so full of shit

No. 113083

File: 1459361314753.jpeg (121.8 KB, 500x667, image.jpeg)

No. 113084

kiiinda yeah but in 2012ish she posted some poetry shit abt her self harm scars like "im afraid u can see them from miles away!!" n while i dont wanna downplay SH she… literally never had anything on her. ever. The only time u can kind of see surface scratches was her Paris Era w some dudes arms round her n this sounds dramatic but as someone who has had issues w this kinda shit, its soo obvious she, at MOST, scratched her tummy w a nail or a safety pin clearly for attention like it didnt even leave half a scar

No. 113086

File: 1459361586648.jpg (101.12 KB, 500x674, tumblr_n6tlsiZaVp1qh6hioo1_500…)

No. 113087

File: 1459361656187.jpeg (334.02 KB, 518x700, image.jpeg)

~angel too pure and poor for shoez~

No. 113088

I've already asked this but then the thread was flooded with tons of derailing so I'll ask again: do any of you remember her Twitter names before gingerbronson?

No. 113089

>>113088 arealwolf

No. 113090

im #laffing this was when she was ~too shy~ for pictures n meanwhile she's doing photoshoots 4 hedi like… u can clearly see her exact same feet n the decos falling off mid shoot. too shy my ass

No. 113091

File: 1459361925990.jpg (52.94 KB, 449x612, snip.JPG)


No. 113092

feralwitchchild, bedones & arealwolf

No. 113093

she blurred the skin on her tits lmao

No. 113094

halfbunny (or halfbunnyhalf???)
n so on
nothing interesting came up on waybackmachine atleast tho but maybe someone here has more info?

No. 113095

No. 113096

I'm not going to use wayback machine but thank you baby :^*

No. 113098

she should've used a composition notebook if she wanted to look poor lmao @ that moleskin

No. 113099

obviously a gift from daddy

No. 113101

File: 1459362471443.jpeg (172.56 KB, 1080x720, image.jpeg)

Yesssss, image-documenting time.

No. 113104

File: 1459362702831.jpg (50.5 KB, 500x424, 1394349055353.jpg)

fam this thread isn't even about me and i'm already feeling the anxiety i truly am feeling the heat of this tea y'all found ever ything g

i'm living

No. 113106

lol i'm reading all her old poetry on sickmindd and honestly questioning why i liked it in the first place. subjectively speaking, it's fucking godawful. literally:
>hit me daddy cigarettes glitter booze booze booze alcohol with a cigarette butt in it big cocks + watch me rip off pig destroyer

dat facepowder, holy shit.

No. 113107


No. 113112

>encourages girls to travel to foreign countries and prostitute to strange men because glamour and aesthetics
have you ever just wanted to rub a cheese grater on someone's face

No. 113113

File: 1459362992851.png (410.29 KB, 500x750, tumblr_nhh38fgDOw1qh6hioo1_500…)

>>Dat edge

No. 113114

File: 1459363067009.jpeg (133.56 KB, 668x880, image.jpeg)

Oh god

No. 113115


>>Anonymous asked: What's your advice for travelling by yourself? I'm trying to get the money to get outta here!

>> Find a man to love u & make that sucker be real nice with the money so even when you’re in Berlin sucking someone else’s dick he still thinks of u as that bright-eyed angel wing he found on the street n picked up like a penny

No. 113116

File: 1459363090555.jpeg (115.4 KB, 540x723, image.jpeg)

You're a legend.

No. 113117

lmao she's copying that one fat blonde trainwreck who was also around tumblr but she was more around nicole dollanganger's scene does anyone remember??? spider lashes blue eyes flash photos always took nudes had a shitload of self harm scars. she literally always took photos in a leather bdsm mask with like babydolls and lingerie and shit.

No. 113118

File: 1459363488040.jpg (107.26 KB, 500x667, tumblr_ncy195hLhQ1qh6hioo1_500…)

>>It’s my party

>>(in this picture you can see the scar i got from when a man threw a glass at my face for fucking another man in his bed in berlin it wasn’t my fault the guy before talked to me on the floor i said what do you do he said insurance i liked that i hate the bad boys all the time i said really i believed him he said to be honest i’m a criminal i fucking knew it he was only allowed out for a week before they sent him back to prison in another country no one would tell me the story i woke up at 5am to “he wants to eat your pussy” i let him he licked his hand said you taste like nothing it’s like my own skin my boyfriend left he went to the bathroom i wasn’t supposed to fuck him but i did i snuck it he came back & said kayla i didn’t understand i turned around he threw a glass at my head it hit the wall & left a dent i was on top of him his hands went to my face & he said the word blood in german so then i knew & what the fuck is wrong with you but he didn’t mean it hours later he left he said

>>you don’t ever have to be afraid of anyone, here’s my number call me if anything happens
>>if you have any problem
>>what could you have done
>>you’re so beautiful)


Thank you, anon, who found this goldmine of a tumblr!

No. 113119

File: 1459363505274.jpeg (536.23 KB, 1280x1707, image.jpeg)

Here's a Berlin post I was wondering about:
"It’s my party

(in this picture you can see the scar i got from when a man threw a glass at my face for fucking another man in his bed in berlin it wasn’t my fault the guy before talked to me on the floor i said what do you do he said insurance i liked that i hate the bad boys all the time i said really i believed him he said to be honest i’m a criminal i fucking knew it he was only allowed out for a week before they sent him back to prison in another country no one would tell me the story i woke up at 5am to “he wants to eat your pussy” i let him he licked his hand said you taste like nothing it’s like my own skin my boyfriend left he went to the bathroom i wasn’t supposed to fuck him but i did i snuck it he came back & said kayla i didn’t understand i turned around he threw a glass at my head it hit the wall & left a dent i was on top of him his hands went to my face & he said the word blood in german so then i knew & what the fuck is wrong with you but he didn’t mean it hours later he left he said
you don’t ever have to be afraid of anyone, here’s my number call me if anything happens
if you have any problem
what could you have done
you’re so beautiful)"

No. 113120

This is all so fucked holy shit. I was a 17 yr old who looked up to kayla too, to be completely honest i used arealwolf as usernames on stuff. i just recently changed my tumblr to something else but im still stuck with arealwolf on other things and now it's just embarassing as hell. i stopped caring about her when she started this ginger shift but i had no idea the drama went this far back.