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File: 1458279027499.jpg (39.22 KB, 585x587, poppy.jpg)

No. 107133

Who is she?

No. 107134

Not a lolcow, obviously.

No. 107135

image search her on google dumb ass no one is gonna recognize some ordinary white bitch

No. 107136

A self poster. Sage for boring.

No. 107137

That Poppy, she sucked her brother's dick for money

No. 107138

thanks for reminding me i masturbated to that stupid video where she just says i'm poppy for like 10 minutes straight now i want to die again

No. 107139

When will she notice me

No. 107140

No. 107141

yeah that's the one and i think i have a frustration fetish cause this bitch is so annoying kill me

No. 107142

What? You're joking, right?

No. 107143

This isn't a lolcow.

No. 107144

It's Chris-chan's future sweetheart Lovely Weather.

No. 107145

Some rich kid who wants to become a viral sensation. Do your marketing somewhere else.

No. 107146

No. 107147


No. 107148


Wow, that was fast, someone googles themself too much….

No. 107149

>pretends someone else gave enough of a shit about some nobody to make this awful thread
sure, bitch

No. 107161

For all the effort it hasn't really worked so far. I wonder who's going to dump her first, Island Records or the failed indie Pygmalion who reinvented her.

No. 107168

This is me. What the fuck is going on. My name is Emma Kawaii Lilyrose and I'm a very private person. :s

No. 107169

how long until you're sucking dick for crack behind a titty bar poopeh??

No. 107170

Liar! This is obviously Luna Lee Swiitzka.

No. 107172

Kek so much hate

No. 107177

not hating, just curious.

No. 107183

she's poppy

No. 107198

well if you have to know: you can be my first penis as im still V

No. 107199


No. 107206

Cute girl, but awful hair.

No. 107218

No. 107230

Thanks bae I do my own hair

No. 107240

Why do you keep bumping this thread if you are supposedly a private person and did not create it?

Why do you attention whore on lolcow, of all places?

No. 107247

Seriously, no one has pointed out that filename.

Why do people post about themselves here? Why don't they just release a stupid sex tape like in the old days ? Or get into a stupid jersey shore reality show?

No. 107255

How do we know this is her though. This could easily be a troll. What even makes her an lolcow? Sounds like a salty person that wants to start drama out of nothing. I'm pretty sure most who comes here know that posts like these are bait for the admin to out selfposts.

Hopefully the admins can come to comfirm whether this is her or not.

In the meantime GIVE US SOME MILK!

No. 107256

I'm sorry for attention whoring
adminsama knows im not the op but he will not confirm it sadly

No. 107257

Moonspeak is not a language I cherish booboo

No. 107485

what the fuck

No. 107521

Stop bumping your own thread

No. 107891

how come every few months you make a new thread about your stupid girlfriend?
fuck off with the viral marketing bs.
she'll fade into nothing like every other untalented girlfriend you've had that you try to make into a popstar, you onision-tier freak.

No. 107892


I'd like to direct anyone else that stumbles upon this thread to the previous one that Titanic Sinclair also posted himself because he's a serial spammer/viral marketer of his wicked weird quirky girlfriends.

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