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File: 1588350023208.jpeg (726.19 KB, 1311x1668, 1585877104125.jpeg)

No. 967636

First Thread >>738758
Second Thread >>836614
Third Thread >>871951
Fourth Thread >>892447
Fifth Thread >>929121

Heather Steele is a former retro toy collecting and Fairy Kei fashion Youtuber who, at the end of 2018, decided to have a major meltdown and turned all her social media into a public diary. She began cheating on her allegedly abusive husband, and re-wrote herself as some sort of pop Victorian goth and witchy explorer. She got incredibly defensive of her sudden change. In her defensiveness– which she vaguely admitted was to win the affections of a man– she threw a lot of her supporters under the bus, has been unreasonably cocky and aggressive with a lot of people including former friends, and distorted the criticisms (which were towards her overall behavior) into a narrative claiming everyone is just attacking her for her fashion and hobby choices.

She has a history of incredibly self-focused and self-destructive behavior. Over the past year, she has wildly flipped between “I’m a strong woman and I don’t need to validate myself” to having public meltdowns on social media, only to delete them within an hour. Despite this, she denies she’s mentally ill and attacks the mere notion she needs help, once again using the “people hate me because I’m goth now” narrative.

Heather has alienated herself from all her old friends, but continues to act like everyone was just a bad person and she’s a victim who fled from a terrible life. She used and manipulated several people in her life, and spent her 20s being a homebody mooch, then went on to claim she was “living in a hellhole with an abusive husband” in order to garner pity for a Gofundme and claim she was going to be homeless. She is now living back at home with her parents and has a job and a car, but continues all her usual crazy and continues putting all her energy towards seeking approval from “boys” and her followers.

She has tried to start up her Youtube channel again, but doesn’t seem to have any consistent plans despite claiming otherwise.

Other characters (because the “Ryans” can get confusing)
>Adam: Heather’s ex husband. Not a stellar person himself, cheated and lied too, but Heather seems to exaggerate the “abuse”. Funded her and bought her gifts. Dating since 2012, engaged 2016, divorced 2019.
>Adam’s new gf: “Hates Heather”, according to Heather. Heather used the new girlfriend’s visit to springboard into a breakdown about how she was in danger and going to be homeless.
>Ryan 1: Motivational Youtuber. Heather latched onto him and he apparently tried to help the dysfunctional couple by suggesting Heather seek therapy. Eventually they both threw him to the dogs.
>Ryan 2: Ryan Z. Urbex’er whom Heather latched onto and physically stalked several times by using other people for rides. Met up again Oct 2019, Heather posted some cutesy things, and in less than a day those posts were removed and she put him on blast.
>Ryan 3: Short-lived gamer boy met through Tinder.
>Damian: On-off Urbex boyfriend. Eventually put him on blast after their 500th breakup.
>Ryan 4: Craig. Graveyard photographer Heather briefly dated, but they appear to still be friends.
>Ryan 5: Clay. Ex-boyfriend who broke up with her because she was negative. Tried to lure him back by being negative on her instagram stories.
>Juliet/Dera: Former friend who put Heather on a pedestal. Heather took advantage of this and used Heather to stalk Ryan 2 Jan 2019. Car ended up in a ditch and they’re not longer friends. Juliet has come out to explain what happened and reflect on it.
>Sisters: Younger and older. Moved out to Cali where she met Adam at the start of the last decade under claims her elder sister was trying to kill her.
>Parents: Claimed her parents wouldn’t take her in because they voted Trump. Is now living with them, but doesn’t admit to it.

Last thread:
>Broke up with ClayRyan. Immediately went on her instagram stories to cry about it
>Decides to take a sexy lingerie photoshoot. Photoshoot isn’t very sexy
>Heather tried to allude to Adam hacking her despite having no proof of this
>Trying to get people to pay her for her mediocre photography. Maybe she’ll finally donate to the women’s shelter?
>Back on YouTube for the 1474939th time
>Thirsted hard for HarleyquinnRyan. Turns out he has a girlfriend
>Chase is a possible new Ryan candidate
>Still ranting on her stories and deleting them shortly after
>Still no plans to move out of her mother’s house
>Still desperate for a spoopy boyfriend

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/heather_explores

No. 967651

“CHASE-ing Ryan’s privates: Heather’s latest quest for a spoooy boy”

No. 967655

Thank you to the anon for your excellent break down of each character. So hard keeping the Ryan’s straight and in order.

No. 967777

Seconded. Thanks Anon.

No. 967778

File: 1588369301815.png (4.25 MB, 750x1334, 2C4D2FC5-58E3-44FF-8E80-759ABD…)

I second that, I’d lost count so appreciate it.

In other news, did anyone catch Hagther revealing her true angry self at her microwave earlier?

Whilst trying to cook a - microwave meal - her food apparently caught fire and the microwave started smoking. Kek.

No. 967781

File: 1588370627410.jpeg (357.69 KB, 750x1116, 0745F7F8-C569-49B1-B817-384BFD…)

Hello and welcome to self obsession 101.


No. 967782

File: 1588370657767.jpeg (162.68 KB, 750x655, C7987819-2934-44B4-9366-1F2E8A…)

No. 967814

Being a strong, independent woman again I see.

No. 967843

File: 1588377599739.webm (555.46 KB, 720x1280, 77062472_674884276675458_61220…)

She got way too angry at the meal when it was her fault for being too dumb to realise that instructions don't mean anything since different microwaves have different wattage.

She's still commenting on grimryan's instagram so I wonder if she actually friendzoned chase or if she's using him as a back-up. He doesn't look like her type but heather will go for any guy that gives her attention.

No. 967877

File: 1588383019742.png (331.3 KB, 502x944, chase_.png)

Chase looks way different in his IG profile pic than he does from his fb pics. He's probably not really her type, but he's a spoopy photographer boy who showers her with attention, so she'll definitely at least string him along for the benefits. He's already been shouting her out.

No. 967893

File: 1588385055091.jpg (178.42 KB, 1080x1920, 95213282_692388088246632_25470…)

She would never lose interest in a hobby

No. 967921

File: 1588388831224.png (355.34 KB, 319x488, ghjj.png)

Yeah I found his other accounts and he looks completely different than his instagram picture.

He seems like a wannabe fake deep artist so he'd make a good match with heather. Here's one of his poems: https://powerpoetry.org/poet/Chase%20Gagnon1/poems

And heather is already dropping hints about wanting a photographer boyfriend

No. 967929

This is why Adam cheated.

No. 967935

The closest she’s come to almost being homeless lol Imagine her parents house burning down because of her incompetence with a microwave dinner. We’d never hear the end of it.

No. 967952

File: 1588397763474.png (536.18 KB, 408x726, hig.png)

Why is she acting like its some sort of impressive feat to get lots of likes on tinder?

No. 967996

Oh my god. Is this a grown man? This sounds like the kind of shit a 13 year old would scribble in their notebook during class.

No. 967997

What an utterly nauseating, self important cunt. How can anyone, specifically, anyone like Heather, justify putting people down for wanting to have a chill first date. No wonder she gets her ass dumped all the time. She’s totally fucking deluded. If she wants a Heather-tailored customisable object that never talks back or dares to have any interests of their own, even if it’s just watching box sets and being boring, she’s going to be waiting a long time. Lol.

No. 968000

A simple yes or no would have sufficed but of course Heather wants to use the opportunity to let everyone know how self-important she is.

No. 968033

File: 1588427620068.png (1.5 MB, 750x1334, 3C4EA4A4-D1EA-423C-805A-463A48…)

She goes on to say…

No. 968035

File: 1588427646653.png (4.03 MB, 750x1334, D9FAEDAF-3C38-4DA9-A0C1-FA626C…)

Peak witch.

No. 968047

Most dating apps won't tell you the exact number of "likes' over "99+" unless you pay. Is Heather out here dropping money on tinder plus? Or is she simply making up numbers to sound extremely desirable to any spoopy boys who might stumble on her IG stories. kek.

No. 968080

God forbid you get to know someone in a casual setting before going to a cemetery alone with them

No. 968083

she looks like the caricature of a jewish person

No. 968095

And most people on tinder are there to get laid so I doubt they want to out effort into their first date.

She's posted a version of that answer in all of her recent q and a's. I'm starting to wonder if she sends these questions herself to brag about how she's not like other girls. Either way, having 14,000 likes and no date isn't something good. It's incredible how much she lacks of self-awareness. She doesn't even consider once that her lack of dates is due to her awful personality.

She pays for them. One time she was complaining about how she's paying money but she still couldn't find anyone.

No. 968116

Cool. I don't know how much tinder costs. But I'm sure a women's shelter wouldn't turn up their nose at that money.

No. 968122

File: 1588439107619.jpg (253.25 KB, 1242x2208, 95493047_169897094305237_92171…)

These are tough times. Consider donating money to a women's shelter.

She's definitely using Chase to teach her because she's too lazy to learn on her own.

No. 968125

Yeah god luck with that logic heather. It’s been really working out for you. At this point only a desperate middle aged dude will give you the time of day.

No. 968230

File: 1588458799650.png (3.7 MB, 750x1334, 26694D8E-E0E5-40B7-9EDD-A987AC…)


No. 968233

No Heather. Your bullshit caught up with you. You left Adam for another guy, and that didn't work out
Not that leaving Adam was a bad decision, because he's no prize either and you two were clearly miserable together. But let's not rewrite history here.

No. 968262

Does she ever shut the fuck up? She has no idea what ‘gaslighting’ is, first of all, so she needs to stop using that term to try and play the victim. And why does she keep pretending she was trapped in that apartment? She’s the one who didn’t want to leave her cushy responsibility free life. She had keys. She was allowed to come and go as she pleased. That was evident in the fact that she went ghost hunting and hung out with friends. Not to mention I’m certain it wasn’t Adam who took her to her tinder dates to cheat. So to say she was trapped is absolutely disgusting and disrespectful to anyone who was in an actual abusive situation. Just because she was too lazy to get a job or learn how to drive does not mean she was being held hostage, or held back in any way. She didn’t WANT to do anything. How does she convince herself of any of this bullshit? How delusional do you have to be?

No. 968271

Yes what a frikken USER. Like I said earlier heres another example of 'what can YOU do for ME later' She can't see a man for who he IS. All she sees is how they can make HER look better. She's a self masterbatory, energy sucking,drama loving bore.

No. 968617

File: 1588546243478.jpg (2.81 MB, 4032x3024, 20200503_155009.jpg)

I drew a pic of heather. Her nose reminds me of a muppet.(fanart)

No. 968780

Nobody gives a fuck.

No. 968794

Has anyone pointed out yet that she doesn’t even explore? She visits cemeteries. I’ve driven around her area and there’s PLENTY of spots she could hit by herself if she had no one else to join her. Can she not drive even 10 min on a highway?

No. 968829

It's because Heather isn't an explorer. She is a wannabe. Heather Explains is a better name for her.

No. 968833

bc she's too co-dependant, and clingy to go actual exploring by herself she's always whining for people to join her even through social distancing

No. 968855

Heather Explains is how I always think of her.

No. 968880

And occasionally, Heather explodes.

No. 968898

She only started exploring because she wanted Ryan Z to like her not because she actually wanted to do it. Now she probably sticks with it because it gets her attention from spoopy boys.

No. 968911

lmao yes anon

No. 969086

>>968780 Awe, hahaha hi Heather! Someone touch a nerve??? I think that sketch of you is SPOT ON!(hi cow)

No. 969092

Actually, >>968780 said what we were all thinking. Then got a ban slapped on because fanart, sooo…

Surprisingly Heather seems to actually be concentrating on content. No rants. No whinging about what she wants to do. Bad news for us.

No. 969107

Give it a day. We still have ClayRyan in the wings.

No. 969209

i dont get the "fanart" ban. every other thread has anons who make art of the cows, and often it's used for the thread pic.
>>968617 made me laugh

No. 969217

because it’s a shit drawing and not funny

No. 969262

i want to believe shes finally getting her shit together but its likely because she found a new ryan

No. 969310

in your opinion..

No. 969312

Nah its cos she's getting her narcissistic supply from new boi. The love bombing begins. Doesn't need any outside drama negative or otherwise when she has incoming on tap from a male.(samefag)

No. 969318

Yeah. She’s gone underground with ChaseRyan. We must sit and wait, my friends.

No. 969340

Are you really that butthurt over nobody liking your shitty art?

No. 969343

File: 1588689167027.jpeg (91.71 KB, 750x444, C899A2A9-BB1A-4817-81D7-C5974C…)

I’m not sold on ChaseRyan ever making it out if the friend zone…

No. 969346

File: 1588689407208.jpeg (321.05 KB, 750x922, 98D4CCD8-BEA1-4C2D-9DBD-D04C8D…)

The comments on this were hopeful

No. 969348

File: 1588689440864.jpeg (118.52 KB, 750x531, 2926165C-FCBC-40CA-A154-52692D…)

No. 969369

We know Hagther lurks here. She might be trying to keep it on the downlow.

Fortunately, she has the impulse controll of a hyperactive ferret. So things will unfold one way or the other soon enough. Heather can't keep quiet about her "boys" and she can't keep her friends. The milk will come.

No. 969371

So did she meet new ryan with this sudden photography intrest, or os she suddenly interested in photography because of new ryan?

No. 969377

No, she's been interested in photography for a while. It "saved her life" during her "bad year" but I assume it was an earlier Ryan that got her into it. Ryan Z?

No. 969381

… did she not say that photography “saved” her life when she began urbex?

No. 969392

She steals every hobby she has from someone else to impress/copy them. Nothing she does is original.

No. 969585

File: 1588720146172.jpg (235.98 KB, 1242x2208, 95823874_3178258342204416_4948…)

She hasn't thirsted on any of grim's photos either.

However, she's still complain about being alone.

No. 969594

she continues trying to get together with people during a pandemic.

No. 969595

Imagine taking social distancing this personally. kek.

No. 969940

lol noooo….I liked the pic I didnt draw it

No. 969944

hmmm quite a few people did apparently

No. 969949


guiltng Chase into putting himself at risk to visit her…like she does with everyone… but yeah maybe shes just using him for his glossy photos making for her ability

No. 969960

the histrionic playing out of everything online for all to see….pukes in mouth a bit. sweeeet boyyy printing out my photos probably for freeeee.

No. 969993

I'm wondering… surely Hagther has mentioned her "haters" to this guy by now. So he knows there is a lot of milk on her on the internet. She mivht even have brought up lolcow specifically, since we know she lurks here.

So is Chase physically incapable of using google for some reason, or gullible enough to buy all of Heather's bullshit

I don't make it a point to google everyone I meet. But if somebody mentioned that a large part of the internet has a vendetta against them through no fault of their own, I'd have a look…

No. 970026

He probably just wants to get laid and any hole is the goal; crazy or not.

No. 970036

I don’t get that impression at all. This seems like all out cougar pounce to me.

No. 970055

maybe I’m wrong but all these unsaged posts are coming off really samefaggy, especially since you’re still defending some inept scribble after three days.

No. 970061

I was thinking the same thing. Apparently the many Anons who love that drawing all hate saging and punctuation.

No. 970173

Yeah your wrong. This was me. I think a few people when they first start putting comments on forget to sage or don't know about it. Alot of people pass by lolcow. Try not to detective too much. I'll try it now.

No. 970174

File: 1588818520278.png (178.1 KB, 244x393, fnkd.png)

And they were posted only a few minutes apart and the writing style is very similar.

Anyway, looks like chase is the new Ryan.

No. 970175

Hi Heather! Stop talking to yourself. You're making me sleepy. Zzz(hi cow)

No. 970178

Yes I wrote four comments one after the other in response to different things. Albeit rather hurridly. I did not draw the pic. It made me laugh. I was not the only one despite someone assuming I was. I never said it was a work of art.

No. 970181

Thought so. Guilt tripping him into coming to visit her in a pandemic.

No. 970193

Poor desperate bastard.

No. 970249

Well, she just posted her "printshop" on her youtube cummunity tab.


No. 970281

I thought she was planning on selling prints? That site looks like it's just displaying her over-processed and photoshopped shitty photos.

No. 970306

She said she’s still setting up the store site.

I don’t know, it doesn’t seem right that she’s commercializing the memorials and actual images of deceased people. Maybe the cemetery markers are one thing but surely the actual images of individuals should be off limits. Like have some respect for them and their families.

No. 970361

I agree. The woman on her cemeteries page should not be there. You disgust me, Heather.

No. 970373

this. sorry for blogpost but i also take a lot of photos in cemeteries and i would never dream of using a grave with an actual picture of the deceased on it, unless they were my own family member. it's just so obviously disrespectful.

also i noticed her photos say they were taken at an impossible time - for example the one of the woman says it was 2020-05-01 at 21:49:40. 9:49pm? in PA? it was pitch black. how was she taking these pictures?

No. 970376

Come on it’s very obvious the time on her camera is just wrong. We all know she’s a big fucking baby and wouldn’t actually be out at night if she has to drive in the dark. GASP.

No. 970379

Sage for sperg

Why does Heather dress so badly? Mismatched prints, ill fitting clothes, those awful granny glasses.
She has switched to being goffic long enough to figure out how to dress on it and not look like a pre teen who raided hot topic in 1993, its just jarring how an adult woman who claims to have such interest in fashion, and spends thousands of dollars on it, dresses so badly.
Its like she never grew up past 13.

No. 970494

True that. She’s the kind of idiot who a) wouldn’t know how to change the time and b) wouldn’t bother to if she did.

No. 970533

File: 1588894500790.png (2.85 MB, 750x1334, 4D1921D2-49F9-4BF1-818E-785679…)

You could try putting the antenna down?

No. 970674

File: 1588910783903.png (2.34 MB, 750x1334, 2DCE9B88-849D-411F-8128-ACDE1F…)

It begins…

No. 970675

File: 1588910830596.png (2.51 MB, 750x1334, 3BB8E0F7-56B6-4072-9B82-741C2C…)

Not so subtle are we?

No. 970676

I feel like it's generally poor graveyard etiquette to be prancing around, sitting on markers, rubbing random headstones and acting like an obnoxious tourist as she gerself has shown that she does too. Absolutely doesn't surprise me that she'd post the woman's picture on her public site given how she treats graves like her personal props.

Also, you are absolutely right about the time being off on the photos too. There's one of two headstones that are marked at 8:43pm, but the sky is bright and sunny. I'm assuming she just never set her camera up properly. Very professional.

No. 970707

Yeah, it feels so wrong of her to try to sell pictures with actual people's faces on them. She should have to get permission from the family in order to do that. She's making money off of that person. I don't really consider that art, she just put some color on a close-up picture of someone's gravestone. That one should be taken down.

No. 970782

The wreath someone left being sold as a print bothers me a little too

No. 971091

Excellent. This hideous ldr and the eventual hook up, disappointment then fall out will be sublime.

No. 971324

File: 1589030952508.png (2.9 MB, 750x1334, 8C82F1B1-AC05-4313-9096-87F464…)

Speak for yourself, fuck face.


No. 971325

File: 1589031002795.png (3.34 MB, 750x1334, 2B4D65BD-E036-4C80-B65F-9F2CBF…)

And gtfo with that ‘my abuser’ shit. Jesus wept.

No. 971327

File: 1589031275546.jpeg (118.14 KB, 1124x1911, D33C32B8-195C-405B-8518-9BA274…)

Heather.. you do not write poetry. You didn’t even seem to take an interest in it until a few months ago to impress your ex. Don’t pretend like you know

No. 971345

This is because ChaseRyan write poetry. lol.

No. 971426

File: 1589047436191.png (177.51 KB, 2500x1406, pathetic.png)

She has already deleted both of these stories. If she puts them up why doesn't she leave them up and own it? The moment someone in here posts and responds to it she removes it.

No. 971885

File: 1589132821268.jpg (520.01 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200510-134555_Ins…)

She Decorated "her studio" lol. Bitch, you should have a picture of your mom up there and not yourself.

No. 971909

this bitch. who tf decorates their own room with pictures of themself? a true narcissist.

No. 971942

File: 1589141512443.jpeg (369.59 KB, 750x1206, 96F897AB-68CA-49C3-9ECD-74719C…)

This bitch. I noticed this in the previous thread >> 929121. You’re welcome.

No. 972062

All of her self portraits in the cemetery were shot by her exes, so it adds an extra layer of cringe.

No. 972176

Ok, so might be a slight nitpicky but does it rub anyone else the wrong way that she expects people to buy her prints, but yet she only let's her special butterflies comment on her pictures or even respond to them? Why should someone give her their hard-earned money if she won't even talk to them? Like I said, slight nitpick, but I was just curious what others thought of that.

No. 972322

I agree. It's like she feels that people that look at her pictures owe her something. Even if you aren't allowed to comment on her posts you still need to buy them.

No. 972324

File: 1589207944365.png (255.62 KB, 1125x2436, 50CC6365-3CAB-4CBB-BC88-A4F426…)

Surprised she hasn’t posted all over insta about this. Unless it’s just to deter assholes on Facebook. Or, maybe she’s finally started to learn and is keeping her life private? For her sake I hope so

No. 972329

RIP ChaseRyan

No. 972339

I wonder how long she’ll be able to maintain an actually private, private life.

As >>972329 days, RIP buddy. Lol.

No. 972416

Doubtful. She threw a complete fit the moment we mentioned Chase being the next Ryan. It's only a matter of time.

No. 972549

File: 1589235037292.jpg (963.79 KB, 1920x2560, 20-05-11-18-11-09-702_deco.jpg)

Looks like chase is the new victim this was posted yesterday

No. 972552

File: 1589235179438.jpg (359.64 KB, 1080x2043, Screenshot_20200511-180837_Ins…)

No. 972554

File: 1589235332943.jpg (863.68 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200511-181602_Ins…)


No. 972555

Already taking ownership. Lol at his balls in her handbag like 2 days in.

No. 972760

Imagine having your adult daughter move back into your house to "get her life together." One day, many months in, you come into the room you're providing her to drop off the laundry you're probably doing for her. And you see THAT, and it just sinks in what her priorities are.

No. 974229

File: 1589503915668.jpg (282.07 KB, 1242x2203, IMG_6409.jpg)

Uh oh, that didn't last longl

No. 974243

File: 1589506180515.jpeg (218.71 KB, 750x979, CA52A2EF-0219-4B8A-ADD8-AAF473…)

Aw fuck was lurking this hard like ten mins ago, thought that it was odd that she’s become more reticent to ChaseRyan’s recent comments. Then decided I was just wishful thinking.

She’s already deleted that story though?

No. 974248

File: 1589506920199.png (284.42 KB, 750x1334, DC1DAB40-271A-441D-8B11-9609EC…)

Tinfoil but guessing Hagther was angling for a visit from/to ChaseRyan or vice versa and they had an argument. lol. This girl and her online bf acting like they are in their teens.

No. 974250

File: 1589506961926.png (187.75 KB, 750x1334, 44AD8541-4320-44A0-9087-31D3D7…)

No. 974300

lol did they even make it a week?

No. 974350

File: 1589525358728.jpeg (57.52 KB, 750x846, 59A4D0D4-0C02-4E7E-B5B8-390094…)

They’ve already unfollowed each other. Lol.

No. 974433

Farewell chaseryan. We barely knew ye.

No. 974471

Dying to know what happened with this one.

No. 974489

Oh no Heather you got rid of your spooky photographer boy of your dreams so quickly. Now who will compliment your stupid photos anymore?!
She couldn’t even keep him longer than a month. Just cuz a boy likes the same shit as you doesn’t make him compatible with you. Moron.

No. 974499

It makes me sad we didn't get more milk out of this one. Shortest relationship to fail yet? what's her track record?

No. 974501

There’s no way she’ll be able to keep this contained to her private life. The count down is on to her next public passive-aggressive rant. I can’t wait.

Tinfoil on what happened, anyone?

No. 974504

What if…she’s wised up and the public announcement and unfollowing each other is just a ruse. Maybe she really is taking her private life offline. Which sucks.

No. 974754

She’s live right now!

No. 974755

She’s chugging LaCroix and complaining about being single and that at this point only a “ghost man” will do.

No. 974779

I missed it. Did she say anything milky?

No. 974959

I think Ryan no 3 was around for only a week or so. One day she uploaded a video of herself drunkenly licking his nosering, and the next day he was a horrible fuckboy.

No. 974963

No. She was just rambling about her photos while editing them, moaning about being alone, wanting a boyfriend and how daing sucks, and asking if anyone wanted to hang out over the weekend.

The usual.

No. 974966

She did finally admit that she’s living in her parents house though. That’s how she got into LaCroix; she started drinking her parents drink and got hooked. Between drinking that and Kambucha she must be setting off fireworks in the bathroom.

No. 975038

Oh shit, I forgot about him. I need to go find the video of him screaming like he is in some horrible anime.

No. 975169

ChaseRyan has been spotted liking pics again……

No. 975192

I see they are following each other again. I wonder if he will become another CraigRyan/Ryan No.4

No. 975258

Or another Ryamian, where they make up and break up a million times.

No. 975325

File: 1589736217998.png (3.3 MB, 750x1334, 3036811C-873C-498A-A622-B2A0FB…)

The grave marker is literally just a prop for her shitty photography. Everything about her screams thoughtless and superficial.
Imagine driving to a graveyard - where an actual body lives - armed with bleach to clean up a headstone that doesn’t even belong to you. Gtfo.

No. 975391

File: 1589747048699.jpg (176.73 KB, 640x1136, IMG_2174.jpg)

She needs to seriously STFU about not being able to get a date. We're in a pandemic, Heather… No one wants to go be around random people. Maybe it would help if she didn't whine, and throw a hissy fit, when a Ryan doesn't fall into her lap, in 5 seconds. JFC, give it time maybe?? Learn to be alone, and not smother people! Plus, as we all know, if everyone is done w your shit, maybe take a look and yourself? And, she also wants a very specific type of boy. Guess spooky ametuer photographer, whoops, I mean over-editor boys, are in short supply in her area of PA. I know she use to live close to Pittsburgh, is she still somewhat close? I'm sure there's desperate spooky boys in the city.

No. 975419

She reminds me of the pretty blonde girl who has a thread on here somewhere and is always looking for a "mummy" and now a daddy, #foreveralone

They get plenty of offers but the crazy/needy/self deprecating personality always gets rid of them

No. 975444

She absolutely should not be cleaning the graves with any sort of cleaning supplies. Bitch is going to erode and deface graves just for the aesthetic.

Not to mention how easy it should be to edit something that simple out. It's a pale streak, Heather, nothing complicated.

Heather isn't outright ugly and can pull decent enough looking guys if she wasn't obviously crazy. It definitely seems she can hook them at first, but her erratic behavior and obsessive neediness always ends up chasing them away within a few weeks to a month or so. You'd think she'd have enough self awareness to realize it's an endless cycle for her and try to resolve it, but she just blames it on the boys and her "bad reputation" and keeps on it. It's crazy to think she's in her 30s when she behaves like this.

No. 975458

File: 1589758847293.png (4.14 MB, 750x1334, 362A98B5-770C-4AF9-A14C-631F07…)

No. 975464

>my schedule

No. 975476

Looks like it’s definitely ChaseRyan who stood her up, they have unfollowed each other again. She says she was stood up and ghosted, right? What’s the betting that he said he might be able to swing by her way this w/end, but no fixed plans. Then he’s just done something else, and hasn’t been in touch, so she’s immediately blocked him. lol.

No. 975480

File: 1589761931232.png (1.73 MB, 750x1334, 026868F5-DD0B-43A3-A9E8-69CCC6…)

No. 975487

So she literally said she was stood up and now she’s trying to tell herself that she cut him off… so which was it heather?

No. 975494


I absolutely have money on this >>975476.

Tinfoil but that’s totally it. I’m sure of it.

No. 975502

File: 1589764892675.png (3.49 MB, 750x1334, CB903A31-606A-4588-8969-F295D4…)

Heather Explains is explaining.

>says she has been to hell and back and rebuilt her life all on her own

>she recognises bad influences and cuts them out
>must love herself the most, has a big heart but has to care about herself first

Sorry but she broke up with ClayRyan like a month or two ago. Then the void. Enter ChaseRyan. All good for like a week. Then catastrophe. Jesus fuck, what an intense thing for an unsuspecting Ryan to go through. It’s been what, a couple of weeks? Girl is a maniac.

No. 975505

She only spends her energy on positivity? Didn't Frankenstein/ClayRyan dump her because she was so negative?

No. 975512

Yeah last dude dumped her for being negative all the time. She probably spews her Heather Explains it all past life crap she went through all the time. ChaseRyan will be back I'm sure. Getting "stood" up isn't going to stop her from getting some boys attention.

No. 975572

File: 1589776332362.png (885.18 KB, 750x1334, BA5A021F-8B0B-4394-A7A1-4801FC…)

>>> “and why is Heather depr she’s? Oh it couldn’t be because I was in love with someone and they decided to ghost me”

>>> “goodbye to you. Goodbye to that person who meant so much to me”

No. 975574

File: 1589776577104.png (1.56 MB, 750x1334, 0C4398B5-9E3D-48F9-84FF-B67A41…)

>>> “I don’t allow myself to get attached to anyone anymore. Because everyone leaves. I only get attached to my art.”

No. 975596


Makes you wonder how much of a fluke is heather's personality to chase off (hah) every ryan she encountered.

There were plenty of uglier cows here that have longer lasting relationship than her

No. 975623

She's been online dating this dude for what, a week or two now? Is she really that hard pressed that he wouldn't make a 10hr drive one way to her during a pandemic? Bitch is insane. I don't blame the poor guy for blowing her off.

I wonder who is her next target. Back to obsessing over the married 20yo from Seattle?

No. 975713

Heather one minute: “ I’m still trying to figure out what I want to collect next…”

Literally a minutes later: “I don’t really buy anything anymore, other than (EXPENSIVE) camera gear because I’m trying to get an apartment…l”

Also she wants to get into vintage composition dolls now. So to recap, she’s been part of the gaming community, BJD’s, Fairy Kei, Toys, paranormal investigators, photography, and now off to composition dolls.

No. 975717

File: 1589820424026.jpg (666.22 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200518-124552_Ins…)

" i have this rule that I don't stay down about this stuff"

Bitch you made a whole long rant video yesterday about chase, then you delete of course, and today you're still obsessing over someone you never met in person.

And she wonders why she can't keep a guy?

No. 975775

Whe should start taking bets on what her next "passion" is going to be. I call dibs on some form of witchcraft/paganism.

No. 975819

Oh god I hope not. Witches already deal with enough crap.

No. 975823

File: 1589834651110.jpg (671.5 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200518-164340_Ins…)

She had a panic attack…and of course, deleted her 2nd rant video from earlier today lol oye Heather…

No. 975829

So do goths. That hasn't stopped her. If anything, it will appeal to her need to play the victim. "They hate me for being a witch" sounds a lot better than " they hate me becausr I am a covert narcissist who drives away everyone who gets to know me."

No. 975835

Very true.

No. 975857

File: 1589837369486.jpeg (143.28 KB, 750x1004, 2BAFAF2E-E585-4594-B28D-A8E0EB…)

so much for “not wasting my time,” huh Heather?

No. 975871

I'm pretty sure those wishes were "drive me places, buy me stuff, watch me shop, and tell me I'm amazing."

No. 976328

Who actually believes this current phase she's going through will last that long? She's not getting enough attention or views on youtube for it to be worth her while. She'll move on when it suits her and those genuine people who are interested in the occult etc can laugh and breath a sigh of relief. No one can actually take her seriously, I think most people just follow her for the comedy lol!!!

No. 976394

Only heather would think getting out of a traffic jam is something inspirational, and something that could be used to inspire others. Girl, I get being proud of yourself.. but you’re 30 years old. Most of us have been dealing with traffic jams for years. People younger than you

No. 976403

Wait, what? Are you making an analogy or did she actually overcome a drastic jam?

No. 976405

I hope she snaps out of it quickly. She’s my favourite cow and right now is boring as fuck. I miss the lives and drama.

No. 976423

File: 1589933937253.png (1.57 MB, 750x1334, 5BA26A1F-7B60-4196-AD32-6F6BF8…)

>The accident was crazy, I am so glad I got out because I didn’t want to wait there.
No shits given about anyone caught up in ‘crazy accident’. Nice on Hagther.

No. 976566

I hope she’s actually taking time to work on herself and get her mental health right. It’s never a bad thing when someone betters themselves. And I hope she’s finally starting to realize that airing all her dirty laundry on public social media is what fueled this site. My guess is she switched to venting it out on Facebook, but even that’s a step in the right direction because her page is private.

No. 976567

There will always be other cows lmao

No. 977355

File: 1590095839967.png (1.17 MB, 750x1334, 5EBE1FFA-AF56-45FF-AE66-68C4CE…)

This perfectly sums up Hagther’s take on what a relationship is.

No. 977643

She’s been silent because she’s dating someone new lol

No. 977670

File: 1590158365105.png (2.93 MB, 750x1334, AA0E3F57-1E0F-4D2A-BD43-6B6742…)

She posted this “thirst trap” yesterday.

No. 977671

File: 1590158415994.png (3.6 MB, 750x1334, 4DA809EF-BFD1-454E-BEA4-9C647A…)

And now this.

No. 977678

How many people have come and gone in Heather's life in the past year? This girl can't hold on the friendships, relationships, she can't even hold her shit together when she leaves work and sits in the car for an hour to decompress. She'll never at her mental stage be able to survive on her own. I can 100% say it's not easy since its so expensive but her mentality, she really won't make it.

The fact that she didn't work hard enough to take timmy or fight to keep her cat still irrates me till this day. But, he definitely is better off with her ex. She wouldn't take care of him, she'll abandon him for some stupid ass goth boy. Every guy she has liked has looked like a fragile bitch lol

No. 977764

Lol saw this. Mum answers door to milkman.

No. 977778

That cat seems so much happier now anyway.

No. 977784

This isn't the first time she's worn her "sexy flu patient" when trying to post alluring pictures of herself. Kind of sad that she thinks this is the look that will really reel the menfolk in.

No. 977897

So she was just using Chase for photo editing/print tips and faked drama to dump him for a new guy or?

No. 977928

Yeah…could be. I mean ChaseRyan was pretty effusive in every single comment. Just cringe. Even for desperate Hagther he was a bit OTT. I think she strung him along cause attention, then, either when he didn’t jump to attention on that weekend they were both free, or, she met someone else online, she created drama for more attention. Poor guy. Kek.

No. 977957

File: 1590205309112.jpg (1.14 MB, 1080x2106, 20200522_204104.jpg)

Is this the new dude?

No. 977966

>wearing all black
>spoopy neckbeard aesthetic
>receding hairline
Seems her type.

No. 977999

Particularly with that foot dragging female man, plodder look.

No. 978002

Ha! Exactly. Hello ryan no 7? 8? Lets hope this one lasts longer and gives us some good milk.

No. 978206

File: 1590271734056.png (3.71 MB, 750x1334, F1DB6F35-6233-4F10-95D2-4F5AA4…)

Lol she’s such a fuckwit. Found her favourite ever grave which “speaks to her” and doesn’t realise the clasped hands is a stock image that literally hundreds of Victorian graves had.
She does this with everything - Heather Explains becomes an expert on something in two seconds flat but really has zero knowledge.
Providing the lols.

No. 978298

File: 1590286614443.jpg (252.97 KB, 1080x1920, 100584348_2701996283367356_113…)

trouble in paradise already?

No. 978373

It's so gross and disrespectful of her to just hang around at cemeteries like she's at a park.

No. 978510

It is, but so it's literally every edgelord g0ff in altcows and their moronic stans.

No. 978945

File: 1590432401478.png (2.49 MB, 750x1334, CEA59161-8F65-4AB1-9DE7-BB66E8…)

But with who?
ChaseRyan or GraveyardRyan?
So subtle Heather…cap 1/2 “let’s be friends”

No. 978946

File: 1590432464715.png (3.01 MB, 750x1334, 038FECBE-069C-46EE-90A8-B59C82…)

In case you missed it, text top right

Here’s 2/2, the “here’s what you’re missing” photo. lol.

No. 979095

Ooh! How could you not miss tipsy winemom?

No. 979104

She looks like she’s gaining weight

No. 979394

Heather Expands.

No. 979452

File: 1590525506726.png (1.73 MB, 750x1334, D0AC1502-639F-44D8-B3B0-E0182A…)

No. 979453

File: 1590525559610.png (1.46 MB, 750x1334, CA97A4E5-D004-4D5B-A18C-080F80…)

No. 979455

File: 1590525664425.png (1.46 MB, 750x1334, 485E27CA-145C-4917-B87D-F368CA…)

No. 979464

everything is always "it's about to get really good" "things are about to be great" and various versions of this. It's always about to start but it never does.

No. 979483

Nice anon. I salute you.

She’s such a yawn.

Hold my beer…while absolutely nothing changes.

No. 979496

My sides

No. 979549

She's such an idiot.

What happened to >>977671 ? Did they break up or did they just go on a date and heather made it seem like they were in a relationship?

No. 979597

Oh god. Wouldn't it be funny if he didn't even know her, and was just some stranger who happened to also be at the cemetery?

Do we add him to the Tally of Ryans or not?

No. 979657

Did y’all see the pink sparkly unicorn backpack she bought herself? I’m pretty sure I saw a kindergartener wearing it

No. 979682

File: 1590549519870.png (1.04 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20200526-231731.png)

here we go, photoshoot round 2 coming soon

No. 979683


yeah, pretty shocking since she's been anti-colorful anything for so long. she has claimed she still likes cutesy things but I guess she feels like she can't dress or openly like anything outside of her goff aesthetic

No. 979699

Looks like the goth aesthetic wasn’t working to attract boys so she’s going cutesy again.

No. 979780

There was a new guy >>977671 but i just find it strange how she had a new guy less than a week after she broke up with chase and that she wasn't showing off the new guy like she usually does. Either she was talking to him while talking to chase or they went out on a date and her warped ideas of relationships made her think they were together now.

No. 979785

File: 1590575992014.png (4.03 MB, 750x1334, A812FC7D-2830-4EEE-98BB-3F1736…)

You mean this god awful thing?
Paired with the winemom basque, I can’t wait to see this…

No. 979787

Really though, the definition of a relationship is absolutely not what these two boyfarts in the atmosphere were.

No. 979788

Her shopping addiction for low quality teenage girl shit in her 30’s is really sad and embarrassing. It’s like she thinks buying more and more clothes will somehow improve the quality of her foot-face appearance or make her look younger. It’s not working.

No. 979793

File: 1590577009169.png (1.78 MB, 750x1334, 856E88F2-0B6C-426D-9FC5-D8C629…)

Tell me about it. But hey, “things are about to get really damn good.”

No. 979936

Heather explores makeup line? As in "running down your face because you're crying on your insta stories again."

No. 980000

File: 1590611362740.png (1.9 MB, 750x1334, 9ABE0A14-4D17-453B-A341-E4BBA8…)

Heather Explains…again.

No. 980023

this would be cool… if it weren't done by literally every youtuber and tv show out there

No. 980025

And if she weren't a complete and total self-indulgent nut job. The videos won't be about locations or history, it'll just be her trying to flash her t*ts and act like she's something.

No. 980425

File: 1590698153107.png (3.25 MB, 750x1334, 897AFA1C-75C1-4203-A3F0-60E289…)

Aaaand she’s back! Lurking hard I think, as she is saying the same old, now blaming “taking time off” on “internet hate”.

The big news is, she’s allergic to something “in the air”…how long is it going be be until she declares Rona.

No. 980427

Samefag, sorry, meant to add she’s in super negative mode (I hear you, ClayRyan), saying she’s unhappy with everything she’s done on her website, she has all these ideas, but now she’s ill… “on her day off” eye roll “I’ve got loads of shit to do…on my day off” another eye roll.
Poor baby.

No. 980550

She said she had a sore throat and shortness of breath yesterday but she still went to work and today she was planning to go out on one of her “adventures”

No. 980617

One of her "adventures" to the same like… two places she always goes. If I rolled my eyes any harder, they'd pop out of my head.

No. 980830

Why do all her photos end up black and white? You see her playing with color in her editing but rarely the finished product has color. I feel like she's so out of her depth with photography and editing she doesn't know where to start, but can't be fucked to learn, so she ends up taking the easy route every time.

Nothing bothers me more than lazy art. You need to step out of your comfort zone for any kind of improvement.

Every time I see she's gone with black and white again I gotta roll my eyes. Her page looks as dull and boring as her colorless granny hair.

No. 980864

The thing in the air she’s allergic to is pollen, the dumb cluck. Take an antihistamine like a sane person!

No. 980871

Her coloured photos look way worse than the black and white, but I agree with you. There are plenty of free videos or cheap classes but she's too lazy. All her photos are basic shots with way too much editing that makes them look amateurish. She thinks having an expensive camera makes her a photographer but she puts little thought and effort into the composition of her photos. She's posted before and after of photos she's "improved" but the only difference is that finally she learned to crop and straighten pictures.

No. 981098


Oh for sure, the way she edits with colors is pretty barf, but yeah, you don't get better sticking to the same easy shit either. You have to experiment, and I agree, taking in content from others is important too.

You can tell she's never watched a proper photography course or video series or anything, even free stuff is great if you know where to look. It's even so easy to learn with YouTube or something, but she doesn't bother.

I see so many self-taught photographers that produce loads of interesting and great results, improving more quickly too, through experimentation and research. Both are important.

Seeing the same locations, edited the same way every time, with the same props… extreme yawn competition.

No. 981144

Her latest feature kind of annoys me. Is she putting those veils and flowers on these memorial statues? How disrespectful is that to the family for some Instagram likes?

No. 981158

File: 1590846155282.jpeg (761.68 KB, 750x1043, DA233B1F-8781-4519-ADAF-DE25BA…)

Regarding composition, did you see the story a couple of weeks ago where she’s editing a tree, but can’t work out how to change the crop parameters (or something like that)? She tries to work it out for about ten seconds, then her hand is forced by her own ignorance so she’s like “oh yeah okay well that will do. I mean I kind of like that anyway.”

No. 981159

Not to wk at all, but some cemeteries now have more and more props added by family or just visitors. Like rosary beads, plastic flowers in praying hands. However, I’ve never seen a veil before. Kek. I wouldn’t put it past her.

No. 981214

And what's with the God-awful quotes? I agree, nothing about that picture or the caption had appeal.

No. 981402

File: 1590899491813.jpg (674.38 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200531-002629_Ins…)

Damn, getting thicc…wonder why?

No. 981403

File: 1590899525531.jpg (1.4 MB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200531-002604_Ins…)

No. 981446

Mixing her pastels with the killstar now, are we?

No. 981510

Maybe she found a new Ryan who is into that look? It's her main motivation for any style she adopts.

No. 981535

Not so sure being a 30 yr. old heffer is a "style" lol…but she did buy a 5yr olds unicorn backpack to wear with her trashy pink Killstar crap so…never know!

No. 981538

File: 1590935670080.jpeg (271.25 KB, 750x1069, E92F6FB4-02E9-4A07-ADB9-5782F4…)

Just spotted this little exchange on the Warhol grave pic (also, not pictured here, “why are are soup tins on his grave” made me snort).

So, yes, I tried to scroll through previous days of the Warhol grave cam so we could see Hagther in candid action, but couldn’t find anything.

No. 981553

I’ve seen her chin future, and it proceeds directly to chest fat, with no discernible jaw line.

No. 981609

She find another date to take that picture for her?

No. 981727


Yet more proof she just does whatever the crowd is doing without true interest. Bet my stimulus check she had no clue who Andy Warhol was or the type of art he made before that commenter told her about the cam.

No. 981750

>“why are are soup tins on his grave”

I honestly just laughed out loud.

For an "artist" she has zero understanding of art or artistry. And more damningly, no curiousity either. She likes the idea of being an artist, not the actual process.

Say what you want about Andy Warhol, the man had a work ethic.

No. 981780

She really should just give in and become the Walmart mom that her soul is begging her to be. In fact, she should have done it years ago.

No. 981932

File: 1591011163152.png (1.2 MB, 750x1334, 58F1326F-2C20-4E42-84AE-3CE420…)

Momzilla strikes again

No. 981955

She’s gone in there looking for the manager.

No. 981960

Oh anon, you beauty. lol.

No. 981963

Yes! She finally goes someplace seemingly new and still what gets posted are all b/w pictures of the dishes. And her whiny little rants in her 8000+ (can anyone say spam?) section story about how her videos are "good quality" but shaky. Even in this massive place, she still focuses on the same couple things, the same way, with her same bullshit quotes. And we're supposed to care, why?

No. 981968

To be fair, it wasn't Heather who didn't know why there were soup cans, but I doubt heather knows anything on Andy Warhol than generic stuff.

why does she have a ventriloquist doll chin?

For an artist, she's really uncreative. Her photography is just like her - trying too hard to be dark and different but still manages to be bland and uninteresting.

If she wants to make a career out of, photography like she claims, then she needs to get out of her comfort zone. No one will spend money on the same, boring, over-processed, black and white photos of graveyards and abandoned buildings.

No. 982002

File: 1591027582555.jpeg (284.62 KB, 828x1634, C2D052C9-AE21-49F0-A58A-484053…)

So on brand for her to quote herself in her captions

No. 982047

Just died laughing. It’s the ghost of me typing this.

No. 982103

File: 1591048429729.png (2.97 MB, 750x1334, 61B9FA68-82F4-43C6-AECE-82E0C2…)

“…and under here we have this massive print of the picture of meeee So this is a 16x20 of ME at my favourite mausoleum, it’s my most favourite picture of myself, I want to hang it in a nice frame above my bed…okay so I am going to open this now, I wanted to do it with you guys, I already know I’m going to love it and…oh my god…oh. My. God. WOW! This is breathtaking.”

Kek. I love this cow. Never change, Hagther.

No. 982292

Holy shit. Look at the sheer amount of Instagram stories this woman has. Heather Explains never fails to disappoint kek

No. 982796


Or never fails to explain her explanations.

No. 982937

oml she's complained about being really sick for two days i know she said she had allergies but she should really get tested for covid-19 if she's as sick as she explains

No. 983225

She must not be too terribly ill if she has the energy to spam Insta all the time!

No. 983226

>You're not sick if you can watch TV all day!

No. 983235

Does she ever explain her stupid quotes? I can't hardly watch her stories cause they're torture. I hate the quotes because they don't ever seem to fit with the subjects of her pictures. Like let's just shoot some random thing, and pull some random quote out of our ass. Boy aren't we deep and artsy! Kek.

No. 983287

They are clearly all about her love life/experience (to her). And if they are not even about love, she’ll take her own meaning from it, which will be relatable to her love life.
She’s an absolute narcissist.

No. 983311

File: 1591300008616.png (3.26 MB, 750x1334, 7C15564D-C649-49A8-9143-A9CC9B…)

>I need to start this morning with a rant
>I’m an old soul and I need love
>sick of fuckboys sperg #6273849

She did a story update. So basically she hasn’t been ill at all, just got pumped and dump by some other spoopy boi. Fuckin kek.

No. 983326

She's got crazy eyes

No. 983334

Wow. Heather Expands a lot. She's starting to look less like baba yaga and more like miss piggy.

No. 983357

Assuming she puts her "sexy" pics all over Tinder, what does she expect? Hoe yoself out then cry when someone treats you like one? How can her mom stand having her in the house?

No. 983371

Well that’s just it, isn’t it…I notice the purple basque shoot never happened. Unless it was a private shoot. I’m not saying every woman who does a semi nude shoot should expect a one hit wonder, but, why put it on the internet when it’s so out of character? And then expect to gain a boyfriend from it?

No. 983372

Always. I love her crazy eyes. Has something of the Rose West about them.

No. 983377

This girl is just beyond pathetic. Same shit, different day. She's Highschool Musical without the music. Why does she think it's normal to publicly display her every trial and tribulation as if someone is going to contact her and save her from her own misery? She needs a serious slap in the face. ..

No. 983399

I can imagine her taking a picture of cow shit, in black and white of course, and making up another of her own quotes. "You treated me like this, but now I'm stuck to you, and you will smell me wherever you go."

No. 983405

File: 1591312223675.jpeg (16.53 KB, 220x293, 220px-Diane_Downs_1984.jpeg)

Rose West managed to snag herself a man though…

She strikes me more as a Diane Downs type, doing horrible dumb shit to please some fling…

No. 983423

File: 1591314427096.jpeg (29.82 KB, 317x409, A51F3C19-6D79-47A1-81FB-DE46B5…)

>managed to snag herself a man though

The photo I always think of when Heather is Explaining.

Can see the Diane Downs too.

No. 983443

Yup. The eyes and the nose. I see it.

Wonder if the new "fuckboy" was the neckbearded spectre seen in >>977957

No. 983459

Yeah I reckon so.
I also think something went down with ChaseRyan.

No. 983539

Ah good old fashioned Heather Explains it whining.

No. 983555

Do we have a bodycount of how many Ryans there has been? I'm losing count. She's burning through these spoopy boys so damn fast.

No. 983605

And tinder is known for hookups so I don't know how she's surprised people on there only want to fuck her, especially considering she has nothing else to offer. I remember she was on some other dating site that wasn't used as much for sex but she doesn't mention it anymore, probably because she can only get dates when she offers sex as a return.

Because she actually believes that will happen. She has the mentality of a young teen. Look at the stereotypes about teenage relationships and they match exactly heather's "relationships".

No. 983636

File: 1591348805706.jpg (311.09 KB, 1080x1399, 20200605_111955.jpg)

Wonder if Hagther will give a damn.

No. 983733

Of course she won’t; she’s just performing right now. We all know she doesn’t give a crap about police brutality, BLM, social justice, etc.

She’s a sheep; she’ll follow the trend just to save face. Nowhere in her history has she ever shown any interest in anything other than herself.

No. 983779

killstar has had prior scandals, including stealing from small artists like her, but it never stopped her from giving them her pay check. She'll probably be hush about it until it blows over and then she'll be back to positing her weekly killstar haul. It's not like she cares about anything but herself. She wouldn't even donate to a women's shelter despite claiming she's an abuse victim and that she got very close to needing their service.

No. 983793

File: 1591389494764.png (865.4 KB, 750x1334, ACAA9F66-0ADB-4CFD-85B1-C7FC54…)

Would have been great if she had donated that money to one of the many organizations collecting for George Floyd, protester defense fund, etc; like the ones she posted about yesterday.

But no, she needed to stroke her fragile ego instead.

No. 983794

I'm all for growth and change but Jesus Christ Killstar wtf? Was the verbal harassment recent?

No. 983812

I would not just take Heather's word for it. Verbal abuse could be as simple as saying no to her unreasonable demands. Heather has a loooong history of throwing people under the bus with lies to win sympathy points and this looks like it could be more of the same. I'm interested to see if anyone credible spills the tea on it but I wouldn't be surprised if this is another work of fiction from Heather perfectly tailored to the current social media climate for maximum ass pats.

No. 983818

Heather wasn't the one who posted about the verbal abuse, the anon just posted a screenshot of someone who said that killstar was verbally abusive and then anon asked if heather would continue to support them. Killstar has a history of being shitty and so far heather still supports them.

No. 983824

I am the Anon who posted that screenshot. And like >>983818 said, Heather didn't post that
It was just on a twitter thread discussing killstar being dicks. The twitter screenshot was posted on the altcows forum.

No. 983831

Can this bitch not even breathe without buying herself a little something? I fucking hate those lazy fucktard people who always roll out this kind of sentiment, cause you can bet they neither need it nor ‘deserve’ it.
“Ooh and I thought why not spoil myself” no, you literally have spoilt yourself.

Anyway, she just treated herself to giant pictures of herself to frame and display over her bed.

No. 983837

It's so comedic and terrifying to hang up photos of yourself. Especially over your own bed. It seems like a gag from a sitcom, or the reveal that explains everything in a slasher film

No. 983860

Oh gawd she's for real doing that? I saw it said but had hoped it was only a joke! That's beyond conceited, and if it's possible to go beyond even mentally ill…. then she's doing it!

No. 983865

All the weird things she does surprise me because she seems like the type to come off normal in public, at work, if I would meet her without knowing about her social media and the photos from her bedroom I would think she was normal.

No. 983866

She is for real doing that. I shared the story the other day. I’m sorry if you missed it…it was hilarious and utterly tragic.

No. 983980

Just imagine being one of her random tinder dates. She invites you out for a fun stroll through her favorite graveyard. Conversation consists of her blabbering on about haters and how badly she wants to take you to some abandoned place. She brings you back to her mom's place, lights some candles and puts on Taylor Swift. Above her bed you see a big picture of her, in her finest killstar, posing against someone's grave, smiling down at you.

I can't for the life of me imagine why these guys won't stick around.

No. 984022

I find it sad that instead of displaying photos of her herself with friends and family like anyone else would all she has is solo pictures. Even cringier is that fact that all of these were basically shot by her spoopy exes at some point in their relationship.

No. 984033

File: 1591451801514.png (284.8 KB, 469x761, dfdfnd.png)

cant display pictures with friends when you don't have any

No. 984052

Oh god. You open up the wardrobe and it's a stalker shrine, but dedicated to herself.

No. 984081

Helga from Hey Arnold style shrine

No. 984111

This is just so fucking childish it’s beyond belief. Heather, if you’re reading this, get a fucking grip on your 30 something self.

No. 984123

File: 1591473207500.png (3.42 MB, 750x1334, 17FA13BC-283C-44AC-B28D-121506…)

>realises that with everything going on in the world right now she doesn’t want to make all her videos about her
>goes on to make her video all about her by saying she wants to share her story to inspire others, if she can overcome, if she can have the life she wants, so can they
>does her hair
>picks out some clothes

So inspired you guys.

No. 984126

File: 1591473549047.png (365.24 KB, 412x724, jdj.png)

>talks about how she has to edit 3 videos
>instead keeps posting stories of her hair
>hair looking very thin
>new video is about her photography and her shilling her prints
>says she doesn't want it to be all about herself because of everything going on in the world right now
>probably will make everything going on about her self and her inspirational abuse story

No. 984152

File: 1591478537102.png (3.9 MB, 750x1334, 7FC4C655-78F0-443E-A7C1-587789…)

She’s gone full crazy eye finger wagging Karen in the last few stories. I love it.

No. 984153

>goes on to make her video all about her by saying she wants to share her story to inspire others, if she can overcome, if she can have the life she wants, so can they

Kek. Vapid cow. People are protesting because of the police killing members of their cummunity, and centuries of systematic oppression. But poor Heather had to go from her husband paying her bills to her mommy paying her bills.

No. 984154

"I don't want to talk about myself" proceeds to do nothing but talk about herself.

No. 984217

File: 1591487496392.jpeg (577.87 KB, 750x1189, 824BC7BA-28A8-4742-B8B6-5E25CF…)

Lol she made the “promise me one thing” speech from her stories an IG post. No sense of irony. Vapid. Humourless. Love it.

No. 984370

Why does she look so lifeless in all her pictures lately? She's got a thousand yard stare

No. 984395

She looks wasted!

No. 984399

Because she's utterly devoid of any substance? Because she thinks looking like a cheap mannequin is somehow hot to the spoopy boys?

No. 984415

She needs to find a new way to do her makeup, the way she does it just makes her bug eyes stand out more.

No. 984433

File: 1591502490812.png (1.77 MB, 750x1334, 217916C3-3BFD-43BE-BB0C-AA24B5…)

No. 984438

Hagther is starting to remind me of a witch for some reason and not in the good kinda gof way she is probbably trying to cosplay as.

No. 984443

Love your comment! She IS a vapid cow!

No. 984446

I, I, I, me, my…. shut the fuck up! OMG!
I'm lonely! I can't get my fucking vitamins open! I need to go on an adventure (to the same fucking places I've been before).
I, I, I, me, my.
Has there ever been anymore more in love with herself?

No. 984453

Heather dedicates an "art piece" to da haters kek.

No. 984454

kek she reminds me of holly with her witch aesthetic

No. 984483

File: 1591525162699.png (3.38 MB, 750x1334, 5DBD9D4B-DF8C-4CF2-B398-D7ACC2…)

For my Crazy Eye Crew.

No. 984511

I suffered through her stories last night to find out where she was planning to be today, so I could make sure I wasn't anywhere near there. Kek.

No. 984546

she likes the idea of going on adventures more than actually going on them, same with being a "creator/photographer" she's such a do nothing the same places all she does on her days off (she only works part time right?) is talk talk talk about how many projects she has on the go, and how she might find somewhere cool to go but instead she just makes a thousand ig stories about how much she wants to explore, post, and have a ryan, and complain that she's lonely bc she can't be by herself if she does go somewhere its the same cemetery and yeah she needs to learn that the creepy teeth smiling, and bug eyed look is not working for her

No. 984548

I wish one of these times her mom would come busting in on her telling her to get a life. Now THAT'S an Instagram story of hers I would enjoy watching. Unless she's got the same mentality, you'd think there'd be times she was walking past that bedroom door, overhearing the video whining, as sick of it as the rest of us!

No. 984568

Haha, that I would like to see.

I imagine her mom to be piss weak and hiding from Hagther most of the time.

No. 984607

if she did not want to make it about herself and wanted to talk about what was going on, she could have talked about black photographers and their pictures. No one forced hair to do anything. She was free to go out to cheat on her husband. She only changed her look to be RyanZ's dream girl, not because it's who she really is. The only think she has ever had to overcome is her laziness, and she still hasn't accomplished that. It is borderline offensive that she would compare her non-struggles to people experiencing police brutality due to racism.

No. 984613

File: 1591562600036.jpeg (541.17 KB, 750x1194, B4958123-0C69-419A-A82F-B4A667…)

B-but, you aren’t inspired and motivated by this? Black people aren’t inspired and motivated by this? I just don’t understand.

No. 984627

i'm surprised that she hasn't cycled back into her pastel cutsey aesthetic yet sometimes she does post about the pink hair and i think oh here we go again another cycle we saw it recently with the unicorn backpack but then again she prolly thinks it would turn off the spooky urbex photog boys

No. 984629

What a joke! From what I've seen and heard, she doesn't possess ANY of those qualities!

No. 984688

File: 1591575900989.png (4 MB, 750x1334, 738622C2-178E-4243-AC69-3817B6…)

Kek at her latest ‘bando’ adventure being someone’s unfinished house. What a joke.
The very apex of 20+ years urban exploration. Nice one Hev.

No. 984692

Wait…. it's not even really bando but simply under construction? Isn't that just straight up trespassing? (I don't wanna have to watch the story! Eating shards of broken glass would be more fun.) Oh and speaking of trespassing…. if she's never been arrested, she probably should be at some point. Sometimes these places are marked and patrolled. Heather explores…. the county jail! That I'd be ok seeing!

No. 984694

I don’t actually know, just going off the fact that most urbex people try to really push it and get photos inside asylums, churches, factories etc, trespassing being part of the allure and edge points.
She’s creeping around a semi built house with clear entry points, maybe it’s abandoned, but defo trespass still. The point is that it’s just so half hearted…like everything she does. Instead of pushing it, it’s just like “oh this’ll do”. Coupled with the fact she can’t stop posting selfies with motivational shitquotes that she obviously thinks are written exclusively for her, she is, as we already know, a self-absorbed faker.

No. 984712

If you’re going to samefag at least sage your posts. Your boomer way of writing is very noticeable.

No. 984738

I’ve been to that location. It’s very much abandoned.

No. 984746

Yeah those are cobwebs

No. 985025

its funny how in her newest vid she's seemingly turned on her "nice" persona again
hoping people will buy the crap she is shilling
it's a shame she didn't pan to her self portrait of HERSELF on the wall

No. 985033

File: 1591672669337.png (505.25 KB, 626x426, kek.png)

21:12 into the new video
"this is where this is no longer about ME" kek

No. 985056

kek. I see you took off the filters on her video to reveal her true witchy self.

No. 985111

I just snorted my coffee through my nose!

No. 985136

lol amazing, thank you anon.

No. 985534

Wonderfull work Anon!

Heather, you're not supposed to try and date the flying monkeys…

No. 985542

Did you all see her saying she’s a “legit explorer” because she crawled under a log? Lmfao. I don’t think I’ve seen one location from her where she’s had to hoist herself up and crawl through a window, squeeze into a tiny hole, or walk a mile through the woods with no path. Ducked under a log and she’s “legit” I can’t with her lmao. Every location she’s been to, doors have been wide open.

She also reminds me of myself when I was in denial about how fucked up in the head I was. All this trying to think/stay positive doesn’t do shit if there’s something chemically going on with your brain. It wasn’t until I started therapy and got prescribed medication for my condition that I realized how messed up I was before. She really needs to see a professional.(no1curr about ur therapy)

No. 985552

File: 1591791536033.png (2.76 MB, 750x1334, 3F05B7EA-39A9-4ADB-B73A-EBEAFA…)

FWIW anon she seemed to be poking fun at herself. Maybe because she lurked here and saw us saying exactly what you were saying, here >>984694.

Her latest IG story is yet more Heather Explains train of thought about wanting to make a come back, but maybe she doesn’t want to, but no she absolutely does want to.

It’s like the penny is dropping that making videos containing more content than her just blabbing about plushies actually takes a lot of work and is too hard for her to do.

Constantly making apologies for not being good at memorising history and facts when she wants to put out vids that rest on giving facts and history…well, learn how to do it then, Heather!

Take some time to actually be good at what you do and stop updating the world every two seconds about what you need to do. Or, is that impossible, because all you really want to do is get attention without putting any of the required hard work in?

No. 985564

If she can't memorise things, why doesn't she write them down? Most people who do those kinds of videos will usually have some form of a script. This is such a trivial thing to make a fuss about. The only issues is her laziness.

No. 985582

And that’s the truth.

No. 985676

wow maybe she is starting to get somewhat self aware that wondering around cemetery lawns isn't really exploring she's sooo into urbex yet what she does doesn't even count as rurex or is she over abandoned places bc she was just trying to impress some ryan

No. 985708

File: 1591823709819.png (3.85 MB, 750x1334, FAC8B487-12C6-4BBB-AB6D-D4C6A6…)

But in the meantime baby girl has gone shopping…to Hot Topic. Lol.

She’s deleted her stories about that, but has just shared her anxiety about going to a new town in her car, driving 40 mins, then congratulating herself getting to her destination. Big achievement.

No. 985772

Are they open? I hope she drove all that way and they were closed. Did she say anything else?

No. 985858

Found a vid of Heather dancing in a graveyard. Saged because it's not really Heather but reminded me of her kek


No. 985989

File: 1591887080465.png (3.59 MB, 750x1334, DA3CCD26-4C96-42F9-AD5F-87D543…)

>gonna drive to union town to buy antiques as I have no social life and need new friends (referring to her tintypes etc)
>need summer clothes so will stop by hot topic (at 30+ years old)
>scared of driving cause last time got stuck in a jam
>yay I made it
>describes shopping trip as an ‘adventure’
>buys an antique moustache cup (describes the engraving as ‘carving’ which is quite fitting with her clunky moomin-like gracelessness)
>bought dresses from Rue21, black teenage tat that you know will fall apart after one wash
>looks like a pudding in the dress
>goes on to say the duster is unflattering for her figure but 40% off so bought it
>went live because loneliness
>live fucked up and hasn’t saved so can’t share it again
>does an Oscar style speech thanking her supporters for being there

Upshot: She’s lonely as hell, spending money on crap and piling on the heft.

No. 986119

File: 1591906340587.png (3.63 MB, 750x1334, E621EB91-4B4E-4596-891C-623F58…)

Big news. Heather needs to get new glasses, which will be “quite the expense”.

>must also buy contacts for modelling

No. 986143

File: 1591909709658.png (3.68 MB, 750x1334, 1D425197-4806-401F-959A-82AF05…)

Stories update as of 11 mins ago…

>having a weird mental health day

>you guys know I don’t hold back with sharing my feelings
>had a bad dream about past trauma
>dreamt I was trapped in my old life and I was asking why, why can’t I go
>posted about it on FB
>person commented that the dreams are happening because she visits cemeteries and is messing with the spirits, now they are trying to hurt her
>“I don’t believe that’s the case. It’s the living that haunt me.”
Eye roll
>says she’s done a lot of healing through the paranormal, photography and visiting these places
>says she has good experiences with the spirit world
>goes on to say she only been attacked three times
>but it was cool because it validates her beliefs
>spirit word reaches out to her to communicate very rarely has hurt her but she has been attacked a few times
>tries to push through and make her life better every day
>but can’t erase the memories of real life things that have hurt her
>these people continue to haunt her (in her dreams) but she continues to fight for her independence and happiness “despite it all”

Despite it all? Dis bitch. Kek.

No. 986171

Shes got really beady little eyes lol not sure getting contacts is going to help any.

No. 986181

That’s it. That’s what the terrible contrast is…trying to be soft and spooky cute with those cold, dead shark, Rose West bead eyes.
The end result is frightening.

No. 986234

This will be her tenth attempt at trying contacts; and she can never get through a week with them on without bitching about how uncomfortable they are.

As with everything Heather can’t commit.

No. 986251

>those long dirty nails

Bitch its the dirty ass hands. Gross.

No. 987178

File: 1592125724460.png (55.97 KB, 412x729, plsnvrgiveup.png)

What's her obsession with finding love? I've never seen adults be so obsessed with love unless they had rampant mental issues. Her one week flings wouldn't even be considered love my most people's standards. But at least we'll have more milk for this thread soon.

No. 987246

IKR. She needs to get her game on. This thread is limping but she is still my favourite cow. Hoping she’s saving it all up for a cringesplosion.

No. 987515

She's live now

No. 987559

File: 1592200961518.png (3.02 MB, 750x1334, 3704960D-DA55-400E-8EA8-91BD37…)

Midnight coffee sperg from Karen is immaculate.

Same old but, again, with feeling.
>ready to come back
>my ex ruined my life
>rebuilt my life from ashes
>motherfuckers, you’ll see what I can do

Peak Hagther.

No. 987950

Heather Explains

No. 987954

File: 1592272726150.png (88.69 KB, 276x425, simpleheather.PNG)

"a lot of guys needs are very simple
and my needs are not simple
and I'm not a simple person
and I need someone that's as complex as I am"

No. 987965

File: 1592274461561.png (764.3 KB, 1383x1454, clooown.png)

No. 987969

lmao anon

No. 987977

Oh God that Nero trigger dude in the comments is such a sad loser. I saw this live stream he was trying so hard to get her attention
kek. Calling her wifey, asking her to check his DMs that she never checks and asked her to hang out multiple times. " I'm not scared of ghosts anymore…". Heather you mind as well date him if he can overlook your crazy ass.

No. 988074

She’s so boring and repetitive that I don’t even have to watch this to know what she said. lul

No. 988083


Lol anon/s.

The thing Hagther doesn’t understand, and will probably never understand, isn’t that people aren’t “incapable” of loving her back, it’s just that they don’t actually want to, because she’s a fucking intense chore drudge with no chill.
How on earth does this cow think she is any more complicated than anyone else?

I called it right about ChaseRyan then. They had some kind of loose arrangement to maybe meet up on their coincidental days off, then he flaked.
So she sends him a flurry of “omg where are you are you dead I’m crying OMG CHASE” messages. To which he thinks “fuck this” and hits block.
Lucky escape.

No. 988107

Reminds me of how she had a mental breakdown over Ryan z wanting sex only when he had told her that he only wanted to have sex and she agreed to it.

She expects people to love her as soon as they agree to go on a date with her. It's like when she went on one or two graveyard dates with this dude after chase ghosted her and then acted all heartbroken about. why is she expecting guys she's known for less than a week to love her. she cant seem to understand that the issue isnt that she has high expectations and needs, its that they are completely unrealistic to anyone who isnt batshit insane like her. whatever is wrong with her mentally is the problem but shed rather blame everyone and everything else than fixing herself.

No. 988111

World: we really need to discuss police reform and maybe reconsider the police as an institution…

Heather: The cop who showed up at my work was super hot!

>I won't be able to forgive the people who mistreated me on youtube…

I think we'll live…

>All of the guys I was talking to are ghosting me…

All of them? How many men have you scared off in the last 24 hours?

No. 988136

Yes anon. Totally this.

Yes other anon. Totally this also.

I’ve noticed that she’s totally deaf to any criticism whatsoever. The people who criticised her on YouTube were probably quite right to. She was a content provider. Stopped providing. Had a meltdown. They’re not there for her, they were there for the content. But she still harbours this seething, unforgiving rage. And all the abuse bullshit…it’s not like she just got bored of her non spoopy oaf of a husband and cheated, is it…oh.

No. 988151

X boob top gon' give it to ya

No. 988157

File: 1592326366949.jpeg (55.07 KB, 618x443, 38126CE5-11C5-46C3-8062-726437…)


No. 988161

She looks like if Baby Firefly turned into a suburban housewife who eats her feelings.

No. 988165

File: 1592328508063.png (12.62 MB, 3722x3000, heather explains starter pack.…)

"I make a dollar a day off Youtube
I used to make like 5200 a day
now I make a dollar a day"
-Heather Explains

No. 988184

Haha yes she does. Good call.

A chef’s kiss to you, dear anon.
Yes please for next thread image.

No. 988188

Literally cannot stop laughing at what you’ve included here. Of particular note…
>x boob top
>spoop trash

No. 988201

Anon, you beautiful bastard!

Seconded. Next thread pic for sure.

No. 989227

File: 1592520765566.jpg (804.17 KB, 1080x2080, 20200618_155216.jpg)

New Ryan?

No. 989245

File: 1592524354960.jpeg (457.56 KB, 750x1181, E92BFE41-401A-4744-B300-BA6E62…)


she tagged him a few days ago. Could be a contender.

No. 989247

File: 1592524394981.jpeg (583.25 KB, 750x1085, 8370D1EB-E768-4D7B-96DD-16C06C…)

No. 989257

Yeah was having a snoop on him last night. May be a slow burn. Already feel sorry for the guy. Her new stories in her flouncy top with her best Stepford Wife frozen smile makes me shudder.

No. 989288

File: 1592529028064.png (120.35 KB, 139x326, ryan9001.PNG)

so shes found a new victim

shes live now

No. 989420

Poor heather. This dude has also expressed interest in a friend of mine a day ago, doubt she’d be okay with that if she knew(emoji)

No. 989428

Damn. I was on the live for a while then hopped off. What did she say? About SteveRyan I mean.

No. 989455

Her live was yet another Heather Explains followed by yet another shelf tour showing off her new purchases.

No. 989461

Is it me, or has the Hagster gotten boring lately? Here's to hoping SteveRyan brings the milk.

No. 989906

File: 1592627237026.png (1.35 MB, 750x1334, 289332FB-841A-42C3-A5A3-57A148…)

No. 989934

She is so cringy. Why even mention you are wearing lingerie? She just has to be like "I am so sexy, see?!" It's not cute, Heather.

No. 989970

After reading through all her threads, I'm really wondering if she's ever going to actually address what happened in the toy community. Does she still truly believe we "kicked her out"? Is she just going to keep going on like she never told us to go fuck ourselves and that we're all childish idiots?

No. 990023

She’s never fully addressed the drama she had with the gaming community; or the bjd community; nor the lolita community; why would she address the toy community stuff?

She’s so scared to even show a toy in her videos because she knows it’ll bring everything up again.

No. 990075

You’re not wrong.

I may do what >>989970 has done, and go back to the beginning for some nostalgia.

No. 991370

“Maybe people would want to be my friend if my YouTube was more active”

Hun. You are scapegoating. No instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or any other form of social media will make anyone want to be your friend if you don’t fix the shitty parts about yourself. Being in denial isn’t cute. Every single person on this earth has shitty parts of them they work on. It’s part of being an adult. Go to therapy and stop attention seeking to cope. It will never work. You’re never going to be happy if you keep going on like this

No. 991371

“Heather what’s up with the bra”
“If I was in a bikini it would be okay”

Actually - no. What makes it “okay” or not is the intent behind it. There are certain poses that are clearly sexual in nature and therefore attention seeking (unless they’re for a porno). There is a way to hold yourself so it isn’t sexualised. Pointing it out and holding the camera on your tits is 100% fishing for attention and doesn’t make you look like a powerful woman. It makes you look like an insecure 16 yr old that doesn’t understand the difference between negative and positive attention.

No. 991373

“It’s too hot for clothes anyways”

THEN GOES TO SLEEP IN A SHIRT. girl, do you understand how insanely hypocritical you’re making yourself look ?!? And how it’s obvious to all of your followers that you only posted about you in a bralette for attention because you LITERALLY WENT TO SLEEP IN CLOTHES.

“Mom, does it look like I want a sparkly bunny shirt”


My god I can’t watch her stories without wanting to shake her for how incredibly dense she is.(samefagging)

No. 991387


Being more active on youtube won't help her get actual real-life friends because as soon as they meet her off camera and see her true personality & dumb behaviour, most will run a mile. Instead of doing selfies of herself in underwear she needs to grow up and rectify her s* attitude.

No. 991519

File: 1592840378384.jpeg (502.52 KB, 750x1092, F9E6A617-FE9F-4C65-BB7C-A12058…)

I’m calling it - OF account before the year is out. Pitched as “tasteful” and “artistic”.

No. 991690

File: 1592849003663.jpeg (689.3 KB, 750x1285, C25AB88E-CF3D-4330-9B42-1D9524…)

Kind of looks like each eye is looking in two different directions.

No. 991691

File: 1592849089013.jpeg (275.77 KB, 750x1197, 7FFA74BC-57AF-431E-B18C-C0A1FF…)


And the courtship begins!

No. 991699

File: 1592849365103.jpeg (267.13 KB, 750x1001, 71833F32-28C5-4E98-AF5F-6BDA95…)

Excellent. Now we wait.

No. 991812

Anyone else think "wantingoneangel" is really Hag loving on herself from a fake account? That name's always on her shit, heaping praise. Even some perv should've given up by now.

No. 991813

Ah, the game is on!

Apparently his type is "mom begrudgingly volunteering at kindergarden fieldtrip."

No. 991899

Nah. That is a bonafide grown up sped.

No. 991907

File: 1592869346596.png (3.89 MB, 750x1334, FA1C64CB-1E65-46F3-A6FF-983FC1…)

Guess who just bought some new lingerie and is considering doing a photo shoot tonight?

No. 992035

File: 1592877450357.png (1.83 MB, 750x1334, 41E26EEC-FE19-4A21-921D-ED86B3…)

No. 992154

That escalated quickly. I wonder why she is so depressed, lingerie not fit?

No. 992436

Probably. Since she still seems to thing she’s an XS/00

No. 992880

File: 1592950341569.png (595.08 KB, 750x1334, 0C0DB3BC-6E84-48A6-A9E2-9D1507…)

No. 992882

File: 1592950369206.png (503.18 KB, 750x1334, EA7A00D7-DB3F-4661-A028-BB97FE…)

No. 992884

File: 1592950406670.png (500.3 KB, 750x1334, 1D557D34-FBB3-4BD9-A249-F4BA10…)

No. 992892

File: 1592950883354.png (390 KB, 750x1334, 41322E20-0026-493D-9F60-176838…)

No. 992911

File: 1592951871557.png (838.74 KB, 750x1334, 3A9A21B7-97CE-4372-BBEF-DEFCF8…)

No. 992920

Ah, you beat me to it, anon.

>never get a job
>never be able to drive

Adam was a douche and for sure there was a bit of gaslighting going on, but bet you he said these things because she was/is a lazy, codependent, ditzy airhead.

She takes zero responsibility for any shit things she’s done and also can not learn from any criticism at all.

Now she’s milking the fuck out of being abused. Get real Hagther.

No. 992935

File: 1592954100367.png (1.26 MB, 750x1334, 0B7C5A92-B582-4681-A894-365287…)

She’s re-sharing her old confessionals…excellent.

No. 992990

I agree. Adam was definitely shitty but she's the one who kept living on his dime for months after she decided to leave him. She somehow could go frolicking in graveyards and abandoned building with her flings but couldn't get a job or learn how to drive. If Adam hadn't had enough of her mooching and kicked her out, she would still be jobless without her license.

No. 993043

Oh yes hagther. You’re the one who was isolated. It’s not like you made him move 2,000 miles away from his family or anything. Smfh

No. 993458

“Healing is going to take some days where you can’t get out of bed, and some days where you have to force yourself out of bed”

Babe, no. That’s called depression. Healing is when YOU force YOURSELF to go to therapy. When you get on medication so your brain has the chemicals it won’t produce naturally. And then you tackle the tedious task of sorting through and untangling yourself from your trauma.

You aren’t fooling anyone but yourself sweetie.

No. 993459

File: 1592994830613.jpeg (5.12 KB, 299x168, wtf.jpeg)

An influencer?

No. 993719

File: 1593016555026.png (1.64 MB, 750x1334, 4BAC3139-9CEB-4B7B-9B6C-CEA33C…)

Heather Explains….her trauma; dealing with it, overcoming it, and being ready to “move in” from it.

No. 993761

why does she think she is such an inspiration for people? And here she goes again saying that she is "ready for this decade" and everything that happened to her was just to prepare her for this decade?

No. 993762

her hair is going to snap right off if she keeps going snow white….

No. 993926

Her poor coworkers. Those people are stuck with her.

No. 994077

More like under the influence, from anon's capture. Looks like she's on something, but nothing that can for real help.

No. 994813


She has the mentality of a spoilt child. Adam was an absolute loser for putting up with her behaviour for all that time however all this crap she's coming out with now is only to gain sympathy because she has such a large ego she thought back then that she was going to find another fella to freeload from super quickly and it backfired big time. She doesn't want friends rather she wants "men" or the attention from men. One man isn't enough for her although ironically she's struggling to keep any man. If you are a women she's not interestd in being your friend because she only sees you as potential competition because that's how her messed up mind thinks. She had a chance to be friends with at least two women she met through Instagram/youtube but she wasn't really interested and tossed them aside like trash when they either weren't prepared to go along with her nonsensical behaviour or because she was jealous of them, possibly a bit of both. Of course in her mind it's THEIR fault because they were jealous of her or were unreasonable. She needs to work on gaining PLATONIC friendships (both male and female) not obsessing over getting a new boyfriend. I'm doubtful she's going to do anything though to actually improve her situation because that would mean re-assessing her shitty attitude towards others and she of course isn't going to do that because that would mean admitting she's often been the one in the wrong.

No. 996365

File: 1593199288212.png (296.89 KB, 298x542, heatherrants.png)

>blames haters for her being too lazy to upload on youtube
>doesn't care about haters but posts a 10 story long rant
>doesn't have anything against people who dress colourful but proceeds to describe it with things like immature
>collecting toys was expensive and hoarding but buying 50 pairs of the same killstar boots is okay
>adam was abusive and didn't let her go out, drive and she had no money of her own, despite being able to go out to cheat on him and never looking for a job
>talks about how her family rejected her wearing dark clothes in her teens, even though they have no problem with it now and let her live with them rent free
>poor heather has been prosecuted by evil people all her life, almost like she's the problem

No. 996398

So she contends that Adam didn’t let her have her own money, but wasnt she making a few hundred dollars off of YouTube? And also her random clothes sales?

I mean if you’re going to lie Heather at least have the lies match up with the other ones you’ve spewed.

No. 996401

File: 1593201130784.jpeg (127.19 KB, 374x439, 577E0EED-EAA1-4DFA-A95E-8F0570…)


Is she growing a wart on her nose? Really going all in on that witchy aesthetic.

No. 996508

Thanks anon, I totally missed this earlier, apart from one clip she accidentally left up. Saw the follow on story bullshit, where she mentions the rant, then says the same “want to come back to YT but scared of toxic people” bullshit.

No. 996538

>doesn't have anything against people who dress colourful but proceeds to describe it with things like immature
this is rich coming from an immature 30 year old

No. 996621

File: 1593215337480.jpeg (850.07 KB, 750x1334, 428E5C89-9DEC-4C20-B229-C242E2…)

Whilst blissfully ignorant that this is exactly what she’s describing… the tragic costume of a spoopy 30 something. The bag is just the worst.

No. 996695

File: 1593220885349.png (1.59 MB, 750x1334, 25E29E9B-2A4C-407E-AF47-AAD761…)

Apparently she spent an hour sitting in her car having a panic attack over a vlog she tried to do but couldn’t complete because of the haters and how toxic YouTube is.

Fast forward a few hours and lonand behold she finished a video for YouTube.

So what is it, Heather? Is YouTube a toxic place or not? I swear she posts these long winded rants as a way to save face for her viewers in case the video doesn’t do well. She knows her content is shit, but as long as she has the haters to use as an excuse she’ll never admit that the reason she doesn’t get views is because the content is crap.

No. 996925

That's the thing. You can dress goth or darkly alternative at any age, and pull it off. There are a lot of sophisticated dark looks you can do. But Heather dresses like a 15 year old with mommy's creditcard and a desire to see how far she can push her highschool dresscode. It's just masses of gaudy, easily accessible, uninspired shit heaped onto more of the same.

No. 997370

She just cannot dress herself.

She complained that pastel clothes were immature and then admitted she shopped for kids clothing.

The funny thing is that she thinks her current clothes are chic.

No. 998097

She also thinks she's an explorer, that she's a photographer, that she's pretty, and that people should give a shit about her. LOL. She's deliriously clueless!

No. 998571

File: 1593445593276.png (Spoiler Image,3.18 MB, 750x1334, 2D99CF71-3497-40A4-A9E6-4768ED…)

Hagther is still giving me a good laugh, despite drama drought.

The disabled chicken that she’s trilling at, whilst walking it around the garden in the contraption her mother has rigged up sent me. Also illustrates her passive aggressive faux cutesy aesthetic to a tee. Trilling and cooing, then flatly states
>yeah don’t know how long it will live tbh
or something like that.

>goes to look at her “bug friend” before work and knocks down all her Victorian ghoul photos kek

>announces she’s going back on a plant based diet and can’t wait to be thriving again

Even with less drama Hag still so deluded and hilarious. She’s still my favourite cow.

No. 998572

File: 1593445628240.png (4.57 MB, 750x1334, A15F1684-1136-4C54-BAFF-F2F5D9…)

Whoops accidental spoiler

No. 998690

I can see it now. Hagther crying because she just can’t figure out how to put contacts in. Kek. Hopefully she gets glasses that don’t make her look like a bigger fucking idiot.

No. 998748

Poor thing is starting to get a double chin lol

No. 998832


Already in her stories she is complaining about how uncomfortable she is while wearing them, it's disorienting and she can't see, and she accidentally cut someone in line at the grocery store because she couldn't see (not sure how that happens? sounds like a weird quirky lie)

This whiny ass bitch doesn't need to be adding needless difficult things to her life like contacts. She already finds so much to complain about in the easiest things. Contacts are a pain but you get used to them quickly… Why do I have a feeling she's gonna use this as a constant quick draw complaint from now on.

No. 998835

Heather explains episode 3737844: it’s been 20 minutes since I got contacts. I just can’t do this guys. I feel so violated. I can't see. It’s been long enough. These should feel fine by now it’s been long enough. (insert some lame ass excuse as to why she’s giving up on contacts).

No. 998858

File: 1593473052509.png (3.67 MB, 750x1334, 1A17D4DB-7C44-4D4F-A164-C9BF36…)

I love that she has the price tag prominently-yet-not on display. Kek.

No. 998864

File: 1593473681047.png (2.98 MB, 750x1334, A825E658-B458-423B-BBDF-CF580C…)

What I love about Heather is she claims to be a “visual creative” yet she can’t figure out how to make a display of 2D objects on shelves without sticking everything to the frame of it.

No. 998902

finally left behind my abusive contacts, can’t wait to start living for ME

No. 998925

That was beautiful, anon! Bravo!

No. 998970


lmao every time she posts her stupid Ikea shelf I just want to shake her and scream, "for the love of god just buy some frames!!!"

they're practically free at thrift stores if you replace what's inside, and you can find wonky sizes easily. learn how to mat things with paper so you don't have to worry about sizing much at all. you can even take some of the little feathers and nature bits and make some dioramas. it would be a huge improvement and only an afternoon or two of work and very little cost, but she's so goddamn lazy she would obviously rather spend the money on more sameface photos to haphazardly pile in there.

she wants to call herself a photographer and collector but she's so painfully amateur and makes no moves to improve, she doesn't even see how unprofessional she comes off.

No. 999017

Pretty sure it’s been missed by most of us but she’s announced another sale on her sales account to fund her ‘new adult life’ she’s willing to part with anything Including the pj sparkles pets, twinkle bears and cuddle brights. Says the community has made her choose between dark clothes and toys; and that if she posts them she gets massive hate. Usual talk but will she actually part ways with the toys this time?

No. 999111

It would be the obvious thing to do. But this is Hagther we're talking about. The effort will be too much for her and she'll break down sobbing and blame the haters.

No. 999156

>Lauren: I am going to be a TRUE VIKING and meekly obey my big strong husband and have all of his white babies!

>Old Norse scholars: Hey, remember how in the Saga's Gudrun got pissed off at her husband for killing her brothers? So she murdered their children, fed them to him, and then burned his fucking house down? And was celebrated for it?

I'd feel sorry for her for drinking the mead-flavoured kool-aid. But she clearly knows what she's doing is wrong. Otherwise she wouldn't be so sneaky about it. If she really was a helpless victim she wouldn't cover up what she's doing.

No. 999197

She keeps berating the toy community and then acts surprised when she gets backlash for it. A few days ago she was saying that she doesn't collect toys because it's unhealthy, now it's because the toy community was mean to her.

No. 999198

Yet it’s healthy to collect photos of long since dead children and their families. Kek. These things are all just objects to her. She dresses herself like she’s dressing her old BJD’s. Her dead insects forever trapped in resin, animal bones and left behind things are all in the same creepy arena as collecting dolls or toys. She feeds on inanimate objects. It’s how she views life too, everyone has a role, everyone plays a part, and it’s all of her choosing. Stepford Dolls Kill Dummy.

No. 999217

she thinks her toy collecting was hoarding without realizing she's still hoarding except now she's collecting things that have little monetary value

No. 999254

Not just that. But she still doesn't even seem to be enjoying her stuff. It's about the shopping, not the objects themselves.

No. 999308


Her lack of passion in her displays makes it obvious it's all just another reason to shop and hoard. It's so strange because it seems like another primary goal of hers is to show off, you'd think these would conflict in her head and displaying them properly would be natural.

Thinking back, her toy collection was always very lazily arranged too. It all just looked plopped in there and didn't fill the space efficiently and it drove me nuts. Girl needs to learn to use shelves properly.

No. 999695

File: 1593553585772.png (3.46 MB, 750x1334, D6BEBB44-391B-4820-AE27-615359…)

Big news in Hag Town, she’s been to the hair salon for the first time in 6 months.


No. 999698

File: 1593553624920.png (3.43 MB, 750x1334, 61991652-3932-4B24-80E7-9EAE65…)



No. 999749

What actually changed lol? She lightened her roots?

No. 999769

That's what she paid money for after all her whining? Coulda just bought a box kit and dyed it black if she wants to keep pretending to be so dark and edgy. But ok, take the lazy way out again.

No. 999789

She's really gunning for that chemical breakage mullet. Not too much longer now.

No. 999792

File: 1593557276667.png (3.03 MB, 750x1334, 9DEA40E4-875B-4145-9CB3-84F868…)

Yeah. Had her roots done. But the colour is so off. She’s been doing teasers all evening, before and after, getting ready, so we can have the pleasure of this big reveal.

>hey, remember me, fuckboys? Those who cheated on me, those who wasted my time, those who ghosted me for no good reason? This is me now, and it’s just gonna keep on getting better. I hope you’re enjoying the taste of regret!

No. 999913

File: 1593563702994.png (4.03 MB, 750x1334, 73F706B1-7E2B-4E57-B5C5-8BF552…)

She’s lurking hard.

Has deleted that story and shared a new one explaining wtf her new hair looks so shit different.
Her profoundly considered plan is basically to go for a gentler colour plus highlights, and grow out the bleach. It’s still going to look shit different.

For those of you, >>998970 and >>999308, like me, who love her utterly talentless shelf arrangements, despite being a ‘visual creative’, she’s got a new video coming out about her ‘curiosity shelf’. Can’t wait.

She’s also wearing these twat spectacles.

No. 999920

Her hair looks no different. Her roots are still showing, just has some highlights in them. It really doesn't look good at all. It just looks like some grays in her roots.

She should just dye her hair dark. She never looked good in this blonde.

No. 999923

File: 1593564232532.jpg (1.44 MB, 1920x2560, 20-06-30-20-43-25-985_deco.jpg)

I hope she didn't spend a lot of money on this because it literally looks the same.

No. 999946

IKR. She name checked the colourist, who is either colour blind, or hates her.

No. 999984

She looks like she's aged 20-30 years and should be hocking anti-wrinkle cream and botox on QVC or something.

No. 1000100

> she is single
> she is affectionate. Loves to be intimate, but not that kind of intimate
> loves looking into eyes
> just putting the intent out there that she wants to cross paths

She literally sounds mentally unstable..

No. 1000201

Gawd look at the gnarled old hag's hand in her "beautiful butterfly" post! Pic 3.

No. 1000282

Man shes got a big head no wonder she is so conceited,sorry had to say it. She is definitely not that great looks wise to pull the man of her dreams who isn't immediately going to run the moment she shows him how crazy she is. I wonder how many guys she'll go through before she finds one desperate and broken enough for her to latch onto.

No. 1000312

Or her own color. Or any other color. Even the pink looked better than this. This hair ages her so much. It's bad.

No. 1000338

In the last thread someone posted pictures of her with brown hair and she looked way more youthful and pretty. The white hair doesn't even fit the witchy dark goth aesthetic.

They look a little lighter but they're still not blended in and when her roots grow more they will not even blend with her current roots because they're different colours.

No. 1000357

File: 1593606991609.jpeg (384.49 KB, 750x985, A618A672-B5D8-4D0B-B5A6-6C2413…)

So conceited. This caption just says it all really. What the fuck is she even thinking?

No. 1000358

Not gonna lie, I quite liked the pink. She looked cheerful and youthful.
This harsh white looks the actual worst. Especially when she’s running through the list of all the chores she has to do before she can go snore herself to sleep - basically just make dinner and wash. My favourite whinge of hers.

No. 1000409

Once again she's blaming other people for her own poor decisions. No one forced her to stop collecting toys. Originally she said she'd still keep the pink hair but mix up her look a little with darker clothes, this soon changed to her transforming to a so-called witch/goth and ditching any bright colors (and her pink hair) completely. She could have mixed the two seamlessly together while still collecting toys but she screwed everything up by attacking the toy community and trying to claim that it was too babyish and that her new look and supposed interests make her more mature, (and attractive) they don't. There are plenty of sensible people out there that collect toys, they don't have her crazy mindset. She turned on her youtube audience which shows she most be short of a few brain cells. The toy collecting hobby isn't unhealthy instead it's her frame of mind. Talk about delusional. She's also incredibly egocentric, no intelligent man is going to find that attractive.

No. 1000601


She stopped collecting toys NOT because of the toy community but because she was going around chasing different fuck boys and a guy wouldn't go out with her if they knew she collected toys. Her mind was focused on spending money on killstar at the time so toys weren't an issue.

Deep down, she definitely doesn't want to let go of the toys, but, she also didn't pay for those toys either. Hubby bought those toys for her at the thrift store or on ebay.

She was going hard on trying to be jade the libra. The blonde ugly ass hair, the stupid hat, everything "black" there are other youtube goths that do wear black but also collect toys too.

Heather has been doing good so far in the sense of not spilling her every movement in life which good for her! She's progressing with something. But the hair…she wasted money big time on that. Looks no different. She could of done that bullshit herself and spent less money on the garbage that lady did.

No. 1000706

File: 1593643856732.png (3.38 MB, 750x1334, 602D90F9-DF78-4404-9CAA-F6654F…)


She maintains she was bullied out of the community.

Still lurkin’ here.

No. 1000721

She might find a better boyfriend if she stopped hiding the toy collection. She's still the same person, she didn't change personality, only attempt poorly to hide her personality. Be honest from the start and some fellow collector nerd might be interested rather than the deadbeat "goth" guys who she currently aims for.

No. 1000737


People weren't bulling her about toys. There was ONE comment on her video about why her toys were in a bag. Also, she needs to keep in mind that not everyone who comments or who watched her videos were 1. Mature adult collectors, there were a lot of kids watching her videos. And 2. This is going to sound wrong but I'm going to say it as politely as I can. You have a lot of special needs people who watch these toy videos. Not everyone has the right mental state.

Either you keep the toys or you don't. Don't blame the community. No one is putting a gun to your head. If you like them, keep them. Not fuckin hard. Be a big girl and make your decisions.

No. 1000797

She should go back to it. This playing at being goth and "exploring" the same few places near her house is bullshit fakery. You KNOW you wanted that bunny shirt. Own up to it already and cut the act.

No. 1000807

She already deleted this.!

No. 1000819


I’m begging you to sage your posts please

No. 1000989

She's never going to sell her toys omfg she's so annoying. One second she's over it and toys are childish and the next second it's actually her "passion"?

No. 1001005

File: 1593697114188.png (1.34 MB, 750x1334, C4C9225C-47FD-4EA6-B8DA-BCCE0F…)

Big weepy story on IG.
Same old stuff including
>was trapped in a terrible life
>managed to escape by working my ass off
>people said I was crazy but was being my true self

Turns on the tears. Works really hard to get one particular tear to roll sadly down her cheek. Makes the most of it when it does.
Does a bit of an Oscars speech to all her fans and supporters. Tells a tale of how this coworker followers her on IG and is so pleased to see Heather’s brilliant, inspiring work.

All in all quite pathetic.

No. 1001023

she sounds like a teen who is just coming into her own and finding herself it so funny that she thinks her art is so groundbreaking and rare does she really think she's soooo unique for liking gothy things, and urbex? like no people are into this shit, don't acted so shocked to find people with the same interests you're not special, and didn't invent dark photography it's hilarious that she whines about the toy community, and youtube, then turns around and makes a video about her bjds the cycle continues

No. 1001065

When TF does that cow ever work when all she does is THIS shit?

No. 1001101

I think we all know at least one woman who has left a (genuinely) controlling and unhealthy relationship.. and you don't see them get stuck in time like this, constantly referencing it like no time has passed at all. While also claiming to be a totally different person now, which is it?

Actual beaten women move on with more dignity than this, but it's like groundhog day with heather. A bad thing happened years ago? Watch me cry like the pain is fresh and raw! And not even with my loved ones or in front of a therapist but for the benefit of strangers on the internet. Rinse and repeat.

No. 1001442


I thought she was so desperate for money (e.g the gofundme campaign) that she'd sold off all her ball jointed dolls, she couldn't have been that badly off or else she would have sold them for whatever she could make for them. When she says "people said I was crazy but I am being my true self" - yes Heather that is your true self, you are indeed off your head. When will she get it that people don't want to hear her whining any more, she needs to start afresh and stop her infatuation with social media.

No. 1001575

File: 1593797188201.png (1.6 MB, 750x1334, FFA0A0E8-C313-4AFD-BA22-DBFF8D…)

Sperg incoming…


No. 1001576

File: 1593797224090.png (692.38 KB, 750x1334, D5753579-4A9B-4CD8-AE41-D22781…)

No. 1001578

File: 1593797321312.png (666.41 KB, 750x1334, 2EE3C9D8-60B6-4050-AE82-1A898D…)

No. 1001580

I feel like this is Heather’s way of preemptively giving a reason why she doesn’t have guys constantly fawning over her… she’s just too true to herself~so back off boys. She is not intriguing or pretty enough to warrant thirst (or she would post it kek). Taking a page from the book of Ms Victoria Murder

No. 1001594

She's the one who's controlling. Hey Hag, news flash! It's ok for a guy to want to do normal everyday things. And maybe you don't know this, but guys like food! You're not a pretty thing, period. After all your begging for a man, be glad someone answered the call and go eat the damn dinner!

No. 1001935

>I'm deep


No. 1002151

Oof, that reads like 1999 Livejournal post.

No. 1002505

File: 1593960947685.png (1.27 MB, 750x1334, AF07245A-75B3-4162-87B6-14F338…)

>>> “And I hope that my ex boyfriends who creep on my Instagram story, I hope that they see me and regret the fact that they lost me.”

No. 1002512

Even the dumbest guy being drawn in by her trashy cleavage shots and her desperation (that screams easy sex to them) is bound to see the many layers of crazy going on there and choose to be done with her. Big difference between losing something and throwing it away. Every short lived 'relationship' since the orig ryan has been a guy wanting easy sex and quickly realising she's nowhere near hot enough to make up for all the crazy.

She loves to rewrite events like this in her head though. Whatever helps her cope!

No. 1002515

File: 1593962198157.png (1.42 MB, 750x1334, F293BDAD-8714-4CB8-AD91-ABB8FB…)

Rambling stories for a few hours ago. A brief recap:

- she’s realized that she is enough for live right now, but the “divine timing” isn’t right and that instead of trying to control everything and putting energy to find/attract her spoopy boy through dating apps she needs to relinquish that to the “divine power” that looks over and sets her path into motion.

- all her bad past relationships have not been the right one, but they have prepared her for the right one that will come along.

- said she needs to get out of the house for a while otherwise depression will kick in. Also saysbshe should be going to her storage unit to organize things to resell (when haven’t we heard that before?).

- instead of doing that she goes to the cemetery (the same one she always goes to) and tries to take pictures of a deer and crow.

- next she tries to take pictures of the full moon and goes on a long ass ramble about how better she feels about reconnecting with Wicca.

- says she doesn’t get why people spend their time in front of a screen when there’s sonkcuh more tondonout there like teocnmectingbwith nature. Not very self aware given that this is the girl who practically lives in front of a camera and airs out all of her mess for the world to consume.

- working in video content because she’s going to come back to YouTube.

No. 1002520

She'll probably fall down the rabbithole of learning about 'twin flames' next and bore us with constant talk of that.

No. 1002530

So Hagther is a wiccan now! Haha. Called it! Looks like she skipped maiden and mother, and headed straight for crone.

Can't wait to see her burn bridges with that cummunity too.

No. 1002577

File: 1593972148530.png (771.16 KB, 750x1334, FB644F23-096A-475B-982D-7E7823…)

Feeling under the weather on account of her PMS issues. Feel like it’s been years since we last had Heather complaining about her period and using it as an excuse to not be productive (how convenient that this happens the minute she’s said she’s going to sort her storage unit and start listing stuff). She only lasted one or two hours at her job until she had to call her mom to pick her up and drive her back home. What a great mom she has that is willing to put her own errands aside to help her adult daughter. Not at all like the insensitive and cold monster she pointed her out to be.

She says she hopes she can one day be properly diagnosed and not just be prescribed birth control because for her hat didn’t work and only made “ her suicidal and lost her mind.”

No. 1002745

It’s cute that she blames birth control for her crazy psychotic tendencies even though it’s very clear she’s just fucked in the head because she’s still crazy and very much NOT on birth control. Maybe she should give it a chance. Maybe it would shut her the fuck up for a little while and get her raging hormones under check.

No. 1002839

File: 1593992730377.png (2.83 MB, 750x1334, 17A15C46-C0E7-48C8-B674-6E20BE…)


The stories continue…

>I’ve been robbed of my life at times because of this illness

>why don’t the doctors cut me open and see what’s wrong

No. 1002863

Be…because that's not what doctors do? They use scans and ultrasounds and labtests? Surgery is a last resort, at least outside of shitty horror movies and a few horrible historical incidents.

Stop spending your money on hoarding, and spend it on a gyno visit.

No. 1002896

fuck how many stories does she have? it's a line of dots. She is saying her period is an illness? kek Heather is a riot.

No. 1002908

Do y’all remember when she was bragging about working full time? And now she’s complaining she can’t get health insurance.. Honey, your place of employment is legally required to offer you health insurance if you’re a full-time employee. So which is the lie hun?

No. 1002984


She's almost definitely talking about endometriosis. It can cause extreme pain during periods and sex, and it's very very common among women in Heather's age group. However, a true endometriosis diagnosis can't be fully confirmed without an exploratory surgery (laparoscopy). So instead, doctors will commonly say, "you most likely have endo but it would take a surgery to confirm, so instead we're going to prescribe you birth control and see if that helps." Birth control is an effective way to manage endometriosis symptoms. Not to blog but this exact thing happened to me, and it's not uncommon.

No idea if Heather actually has it or if she self-diagnosed because she had a bad period. But what she's talking about here isn't completely off the wall.

No. 1002999

Medfag aside, I guessed the same about possible endo. What’s irritating is that she must surely have come across this as a possible reason, but instead of just saying that, she wraps it up in layers of drama.

Kek, exactly why I love this cow, anon.

No. 1003066

Same here and I know multiple women in the same boat, sucks but it's pretty common and the kind of issue you vent to your bf or friends about, not something that makes it's way onto your instagram stories.. unless you're heather

No. 1003076

Thanks for the info Anon. Still don't give a fuck about heather, but genuinly glad I know this now.

No. 1003081

If she is dealing with endo like other anons have speculated I wonder if this is the reason behind her recent lecture on how 'she's not just easy sex' I know from experience having endo that if it's bad it affects sex and can make it painful or cause breakthrough bleeding.

I was confused that someone trying so hard to be sexy online (pushing her boobs together and making sure they're in frame for pics) would then shout at people for y'know.. thinking she's looking for sex when she dates?

No. 1003084

Good point anon. We haven’t mentioned that. True enough she was doing all her sexy lingerie and X top tittie action under the ‘don’t care wat u think I am woman hear me roar’ banner, then gets her sperg on when someone dares to ask her out for dinner. Not even hit her up with a booty call. Actually ask her out to dinner.

No. 1003121

Didn’t Adam mention once in one of those leaked texts between him and another girl that Heather doesn’t like having sex because of her period problems? And Heather would tell him it was because he had a small dick.

I do find it interesting that Heather is quick to say she’s not here for casual sex but was more than willing to let Ryan Z. “use me for my body” (her direct quote from one of her many rants). Sounds like casual sex to me.

No. 1003193

I think she's just making excuses to hide behind. Cries every day on IG for a date, then refuses a normal/healthy date. Practically begs for sex with her cringey pics, then says she doesn't want a fuckboy. She contradicts herself left and right and points to everything/one else she can to avoid admitting SHE is the problem. And to get sympathy.

No. 1003234

I don't think she's lying about her period issues. She probably posts pictures in lingerie because she knows that's the only way she'll get attention from men and she's desperate for male attention.

I think she meant that she doesn't want to be used only for sex not that she minds having sex if she's in a serious relationship. Her refusal of the dinner date has more to do with her not wanting go on traditional dates because she thinks she's special.

No. 1003263

My guess is that her endo could very well be real and an issue going back years. I know you need a patient partner with it, it eventually starts to complicate sex and what you can comfortably take. Casual sex is definitely not appealing if you have it to that degree.

Only days after the sex rant she's doubled up in pain so my theory is she had pelvic pain building up pre-period (my endo is like that) those 'horny sounding comments' (as she perceived them) hit a nerve with her so given the poor timing she lashed out because it's always other people somehow victimizing her. If she has sex-affecting levels of endo and is trying to lure guys in through sex she's kind of fucked there

No. 1003606

In case anyone is interested, I archived all her videos before she started mass deleting/privating them, including the doll related ones.

No. 1003658

she goes on and on about the same things over and over again i know it's her pattern but still she whines about these basic boys on tinder not being interesting, or spooky enough for her and complains that they all are lame and want go to bars, or dinner dates and are put off by her ~wEiRd~ interests (again she's not special, or rare for liking urbex, gothy aesthetics, travelling to explore, or history) she wants a very specific type of boy yet she's so desperate it seems like she's going after anyone who shows her attention, and then gets all annoyed, pissed, and bummed out that they don't share her interests stop being so pathetically desperate and only talk to any alt boys, or ones that say they like to hike, or explore in their profiles that you come across she also comes on too strong, and falls too hard we saw that with chase ryan she was saying she was in love with him when they had been talking for like two weeks or something, and never had met then he peaced, or got spooked by her, and it didn't even sound like they even had solid plans to meet, and explore together she needs to grow up, and face facts that you can't sit around pining for friends, and boyfriends, that share the same interests as you, if you want to go out, and do something, just go do it yeah it sucks to not be able to share experiences with like minded people, but you can't live in your day dreams and whine that you can't do your activities because you can't learn to be by yourself

No. 1003660

Very interested in anything milky, especially her rants. Thanks anon!

No. 1003775

the period key is on the bottom right

No. 1003835

Made my night

No. 1003884

File: 1594200536651.jpg (416.08 KB, 1080x1536, 20200708_112804.jpg)

Looks like she did a very minimal thing…

No. 1003888

She's also posted an "exploring" (barely) video and a tour of her antiques hoard. Can't watch now because unlike Heather I have a fulltime job and only a short break.

No. 1003942

>heather looks super chunky and her "root treatment" looks so much worse on camera. Somebody is filming her, presumably a Ryan. Don't know which one. She actually has a (dumb) script for this "haunted pennsylvania." Video, making it better than her usual fare.

No. 1004109

File: 1594229126492.png (1.23 MB, 750x1334, 84748416-B60A-49E4-A910-E6A018…)

No. 1004110

File: 1594229158257.png (222.41 KB, 750x1334, 6A1098DF-E3A3-4C06-AC49-9A3262…)

No. 1004118

I feel a spending spree coming on…

No. 1004125

Does anymore know what kinda of job she has? She seems to only have about 2 shifts per week. That ofc she has to prepare for, for the entire day before. I wonder if they don't give her very many hours, bc she's always sick, or whining. She can't handle much at all…

No. 1004162

Theories are she works at Target or some type of retail store.

No. 1004184

Retail. She came in as a seosnal worker and her hours were cut after the holidays. Sonshes pary mid at best, yet spends more than she actually brings in; hence why she’s “struggling” this month and selling some of her collection.

No. 1004221

Lol she does work at target.

No. 1004243

When her hours were reduced, she said she was going to sell her hoard and live off her savings instead of getting another job. She's lazy and doesn't want to work yet wants to keep buying shit she'll probably throw away in a few years when she goes through another phase.

Anyway, she went on another rant


No. 1004249

Apparently tinder crashing all the time is a sign from "her guides" indicating she doesn't need to go on there anymore because they have something planned for her.

I pity the next Ryan who comes along and has to deal with that little nugget of crazy.

No. 1004251

A few days ago she was saying she was done with these app but she's too desperate. No wonder why people never stay long in her life.

No. 1004511

Does she not realize that most women get messages like that? Fuck, most do on FACEBOOK which isn’t even a dating platform. And none of us feel the need to go on a rant about it. Seriously, just ignore it like the rest of us. You aren’t special babe

No. 1004517

“I’m one of those people that needs to create or they feel like they’re going to die”

Sounds like you’re insanely unhappy with your life and you’re using photography not to cope - but as a distraction from actually working on why you’re unhappy. Also, I’m sorry but happy people don’t rant about how happy they are and how much they love themselves.

No. 1004522

>people tell me I’m pretty all the time


>I feel like people are nicer these days

She clearly hasn’t been working in customer service long… y’all are right, her job isn’t giving her hours because there is no way in hell that girl could professionally handle a Karen screaming in her face and cussing her out.

No. 1004565


If people actually tell her this, it’s probably because they think she’s a 50 year old woman who looks good for her age.

No. 1004594

File: 1594272676628.png (1.27 MB, 750x1334, FDB128B2-0F75-4D42-977F-B015FC…)

>>>”I just took some personal time to cry a little bit…”

No. 1004595

File: 1594272877276.jpeg (276.35 KB, 750x1192, 750EEC99-BF44-4317-8EA8-230943…)

Heather: “I’m unique. I have so much love to give. I’m not one to be for casual sex.”

Also Heather: Thirst trap to forstbfor conpliments and attract the fellas that are only in it for the casual sex.

No. 1004611

Heather really thinks she is all that doesn't she. She'll probably never realize that the only common denominator in her life being unfulfilling is her immature behavior.

No. 1004654


She attributed the quote to "Raymond CHANDLE", I'm dying. When you're pulling "aesthetic" quotes, at least bother to correctly name the author you've likely never read, you uneducated yinzer.

Saged for bookfagging

No. 1004657


Her hair looks so much better at this length

No. 1004663

File: 1594294853954.png (488.06 KB, 506x899, hsha.png)

>opens by saying psycho heather rants (someone’s reading here)
>brags about having 20,000 likes on tinder
>talks about dating someone for 3 months like its some important feat
>can only date on the internet because she can’t date anyone in real life
>she’s sooooo deep
>laughs at people
>”everyone’s boring”
>urges her followers to find someone for her
>debates deleting the apps but concludes she won’t
>feels sad and lonely because she feels like an alien
>she’s so special no one is like her
>she’s such an empath
>wants to date someone who is exactly just like her

No. 1004664

Cat ears, dog collar, tits carefully in shot (as always) and to top it all off some pet play themed dominatrix caption… guys no sex! I'm too classy for that

No. 1004679

File: 1594299151713.png (3.13 MB, 750x1334, 9816EAB9-37F9-4137-9F09-291136…)

>there was one guy from an anime convention but he turned out to be gross
I’m sorry Heather, you mean the guy you cheated on your husband with, created a fucking psycho shit storm, then ended up in a psych ward? Or am I misremembering?

How she has the gall to judge, shame and slam people for being creepy/insecure/boring and whatever else, when she has been all of those things and more?

Get some fucking humility before your miserable soul withers and dies.

No. 1004682

Samefag sorry, but lmao at
>I don’t want to talk about physical stuff, or even cuddling, something I love. I want to talk about these are our interests, our theories, and why, and our childhood trauma…

Jesus tucking christ, you are killing me girl. Absolute kek.

Her utterly retarded Karen rants, peppered with those stupid white trash hand snatches and banging the table. It sent me.

No. 1004691

I can just imagine her mom and sister overhearing Heather in the middle of the night from their bedrooms, ranting yet again about boys.

No. 1004759

Oh god, the bleakness.

>No mom, I'm totally saving up for a deposit and a first month of rent, now leave me alone… Anyway, about these fuckboys…

No. 1004813

File: 1594322441987.webm (587.91 KB, 480x852, 1a543be3-82b5-4e74-b2a5-882f6b…)

someone's craving attention again

No. 1004828

File: 1594325015370.png (2.62 MB, 750x1334, 77D086EC-A46D-4110-8B4B-325440…)

Fridge momma doing a lingerie shoot.

The inside of her head is one hot mess

For example…

>am deep not superficial

>talks to dolls
>muh trauma from marriage
>I ain’t no mans bitch
>here is my ass in frills
>need to lose weight
>don’t care am doing lingerie shoot


No. 1004851

kek I love this cow. On her rant from last night, she is spewing the usual boys are boring on tinder I want someone who likes graveyards spiel and says good night. She then comes back with an additional thought she wanted to add which was SHE THINKS SHE IS AN ALIEN. I live for these rants. Keep on being you, Heather. Oh also the anon who mentioned twin soul/twin flame thing earlier, you will never guess what she is looking for now.

No. 1004867

Haha anon, I feel your sentiments. She is so fucking out there. I love this new spirit guide/I am an ALIEN bullshit. My favourite cow forever.

No. 1004888

God this is unflattering. Looks like someone stuck boobs on a log of wood.

No. 1004921

File: 1594336023732.png (1.19 MB, 750x1334, DB603934-365E-487F-BBB6-55EB66…)

Bet that lingerie shot is for Ryan Steven, who she convinced to drive her lazy ass to Pittsburgh today.

Poor fool is in for such a disappointment when he realizes she can’t put it because she’s on her period.

No. 1004922

Stevenryan is still around even after witnessing the crazy?

Fly you fool!

No. 1004925

The possibility of getting some action out of her is too tempting to pass up I guess.

No. 1004926

Omg her going on about what he thinks of coming out of the tunnel when he doesn't respond right away, girl he's driving and changing lanes, he's too focused to be able to give a response to your lame insta story. It reminds me a little of when she got in adams face for being right about something and she made a gigantic deal about it.

No. 1004927

File: 1594336940740.png (4.09 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20200709-191708.png)

He looks so thrilled. yikes

No. 1004944

He looks fucking terrified lmao

No. 1004952

Their passive aggressive flirting is cringe. He has Adam 2.0 potential. Bet they fuck then she dips for a sniff of a HarleyquinRyan.

No. 1004956

When you start to realize how pathetic an idea it was to ask some average looking crazy chick out just for the chance at getting sum pussy only to realize she is on the rag.

No. 1004975

they have been "friends" for a bit now so if he still sticks around he's a dumbass and probably deserves her

No. 1004996

holy fuck she is aggressive when speaking to these "spoopy boys" I noticed it with CraigRyan and now this guy. She's just so intense and in their face with this voice she probably thinks is cute and energetic. She expects an answer but doesn't shut the fuck up long enough to get one kek

No. 1005013

I cringed when she called him bro, like is it just me or is she starting to use a lot of stereotypical dude lingo when talking to these guys. She's probably tying the approach of just one of the guys. It would make sense considering she seems to exclusively prefer the company of men and doesn't have any or many female friends.

No. 1005114

This looks like the "tragic last snapshot" on a youtube true crime video.

>The only remains that were found were a camera and a single fingerbone… SteveRyan's family are still searching for answers…

No. 1005158

File: 1594396561158.png (2.03 MB, 750x1334, B5F50946-DA2A-4755-B966-53EEB3…)

Kek anon

Here’s a Crazy Eye special for you…

No. 1005410

File: 1594437706777.png (1.27 MB, 750x1334, D05260BF-DC97-42B6-8C41-275A5D…)

No. 1005412

File: 1594437919769.png (550.87 KB, 750x1334, 4174D849-24A8-4842-8D00-EF7C16…)

No. 1005414

File: 1594437991791.png (1.2 MB, 750x1334, 07129B1A-CC32-4578-9A63-05E071…)

No. 1005415

File: 1594438086714.jpg (58.33 KB, 531x800, 800px_COLOURBOX3489395.jpg)

No. 1005416

Imagine posting lingerie photos of yourself on facebook…

No. 1005428

How tall is Heather? These mirror selfies make her look like an actual dwarf.

No. 1005435

and having someone from high school comment on them! Mortifying.

She seems thrilled with herself for revealing more and more though, can’t wait for her to reach new desperate thirstposting heights. Sorry I mean ~empowerment~

No. 1005461

File: 1594450883958.png (490.52 KB, 430x734, heather-explains.png)

Someone commented on Heather's bikini picture that said the quote she used contradicted the photo. It sent her into a Heather Rants spiral.
> She is so fucking misunderstood
> She has been struggling with so many things
> Bikini picture is personal growth
> Youtuber and in an abusive relationship
> Ex controlled her image and she had to keep everyone happy
> She was shamed, harassed and was treated like garbage. She never had her own voice.
> Ex would tell her the horrible things people said on the internet
> She needed to prove that everyone was wrong about her
> her posting lingerie photos was a giant "fuck you" to the haters
> Lost everything when she started doing urbex
> She is so proud that she bought her phone, car and has a job
> She fought hard for the life she has now
> She is not going to let anyone slut shame her now
> Shes going to do what she wants because good things are ahead for her. Things are going to get better and better.

lather, rinse, repeat.

No. 1005477

Oh god. Imagine being her mom and seeing this on your facebook feed.

No. 1005496

File: 1594470705978.jpeg (416.1 KB, 750x1197, 1C02BC51-8130-478C-8EE4-ED1666…)

Heather: “I don’t fucking care what anyone has to say about me. I’ll do whatever I want.”

Also Heather: disables the comments from her bikini picture because she’s too thin skinned and weak to read any slight criticism one might have.

If you didn’t really care Heather one stupid comment wouldn’t spiral you into yet another “Heather Explains…”.

No. 1005498

She could’ve at least picked a flattering one that fits

No. 1005511

She is a weirdly geometric shape. Most women get curvier when they gain weight. But she just scales up her boxyness.

No. 1005512

Who the fuck cares Heather. You’re putting yourself in these situations that can be avoided. You love being in the public eye and can’t accept criticism. Wow you bought a bikini at age 29. What a great achievement pfft. What are you going to do at 40? Find an apartment finally? Also I like how she blames her ex ( I don’t know if she means one of the first Ryan’s or Adam ) ruining urbexing for her but fails to realize she does half her hobbies to please the Ryan’s she likes at the moment.

No. 1005536

File: 1594486499144.png (1.36 MB, 750x1334, 56E83A7C-4436-4C55-A6A7-A858E8…)

Flat like a pancake.

No. 1005550

she’s having a full-blown midlife crisis at 30

No. 1005557

File: 1594492553549.png (396.12 KB, 750x1334, 09C84819-8B6C-438E-B789-DAF3F2…)

No. 1005563

Her seal-like shape seems like a big shark attack hazzard

No. 1005572

for someone who wants to be a model, she picks the most unflattering poses that make her look 10 times worse

No. 1005584

Ffs kept meaning to watch this, then forgot.
Did anyone record?

No. 1005607

File: 1594504161575.png (1.3 MB, 750x1334, FFC80F9E-BC84-4668-9C97-FD77F0…)

No. 1005608

File: 1594504192127.png (1.01 MB, 750x1334, FB2B32FB-494F-4C11-A14F-987D74…)

Heads up everyone!

No. 1005650

File: 1594512484383.jpeg (1.83 MB, 1242x1726, BDA296AF-09C0-4194-BB2C-857939…)

While I’m waiting for the shitshow to start, I just noticed how utterly incongruous her bikini and lingerie shots are in a mass of graves.

No. 1005693

File: 1594521087945.png (792.48 KB, 750x1334, BFFFB5CC-2299-41EB-92E6-A16B97…)

>>> “I haven’t put up a lot of effort into this room because it’s only temporary…”

Right, until she gets forced out by her mom like Adam did back in the apartment.

No. 1005762

File: 1594530118609.png (1.63 MB, 750x1334, FE3D9D78-372F-469B-B6FE-BBD7D2…)

Had a live where she moaned about being lonely, haters, dating apps, and wine ton about mundane subjects like graveyards, and haunted objects. Basically your typical Heather rants. And yes she wore “sexy” Halloween pjs with a peekaboo bralette because she’s desperate for compliments and needs her ego to be stroked.

And for the billionth time she’s announced hatbahes coming back to YouTube.

No. 1005791

This bitch has a picture of herself hanging up in her room. Jesus Christ.

No. 1005822

Where have you been, anon? Kek.

No. 1006029

File: 1594585592480.png (3.1 MB, 750x1334, 3FFC229B-1FF1-467E-B7B7-7ABCAD…)

So she goes from totally depressed, weeping, and distraught to the live (which I missed), but then, praise be, I did catch the following

> trying out different filters, of which the first, I swear, is her true self. It sent me.

> more filters which showed her deteriorating mental state kek
> Tinder run down, dragged men’s profiles
> shit eating grin I’m drinking a cucumber and banana smoothie (wtf)
> now I’m eating avocado on toast

Her head is a whirlwind

No. 1006099

I am going to have to side with Heather on the tinder boys, they all look like twats. But wtf is up with her eating that avocado toast? kek

No. 1006155

“Just got done working out for an hour”

Where is the sweat ?! Where is the frizz ?! How does your hair still look fine? Babe, try yoga, Pilates, and high intensity cardio intervals. That’s the shit that’s hard and gets you in shape. Not speed walking for an hour..

Also - have you ever watched any tutorials on how to blend eyeshadow ?? I mean, you’re a YouTuber.. James Charles.. Jeffree Star.. Nikki tutorials.. do some research bc your make up skills are not on point.

No. 1006381

File: 1594657840154.png (902.26 KB, 660x1134, heather-rants.png)

She had a religious revelation where she is finally returning to Wicca. Her big breakthrough message from her guides? delete her dating apps. kek.

No. 1006666

File: 1594697375302.jpeg (66.85 KB, 512x628, C279F7F2-E6E8-4A25-9C37-60DC2D…)

No. 1006675

File: 1594698482282.png (1.37 MB, 750x1334, C1901956-D26D-46AD-8D07-013D63…)


No. 1006687

Evil quads tell the truth

No. 1006698

if he had a lazy eye I wouldn't be able to tell them apart kek.

No. 1006710

File: 1594700545767.png (1.2 MB, 750x1334, 22903DC7-A057-45A8-87FD-FFC8A0…)

She deleted a bunch of stories where she bitched and moaned about what cheap killstar dress to wear and how hot it was, and how she was sweating and her bra kept falling off, and of course how her contacts are a pain and she cant see and they wouldn’t work.

No. 1006826

Yup. Spot on resemblance. And they're both absolute garbage people. Except Lovecraft was talented.

No. 1007065

File: 1594760615948.png (1.35 MB, 750x1334, CD828A33-820A-44EB-A823-BDAC1E…)

On this episode of “Heather Checks In”…

- recaps last nights photoshoot with her latest victim—err, I mean photographer friend—that she’s leeching off of. Compliments him for how talented and knoowdgeable he is, saying that she learned so much….but that she didn’t retain anything because of how complicated it all is. Says she really needs to do become more knowledgeable about photography because all she knows is how to “take pretty pictures.”

- she enjoyed modeling but that she needs to learn how to pose better if she wants to be professional. So she’s going to use insta stories to practice lol

No. 1007068

Where does she get the absolute delusion she could be a professional model of any kind. Even if she did get better at posing, shes getting old and best she can hope for is amateur photographers. Mental

No. 1007094

I think another "sexy photoshoot" may be imminent.

No. 1007102

File: 1594764955804.jpg (109.13 KB, 1200x600, content_article_profile_image_…)

I don't follow Heather so I apologize if this has been posted before, but her resemblance to a proboscis monkey is uncanny.

No. 1007111

Jesus christ this image is horrifying.

No. 1007207

Good god her hair looks so damaged and dirty.

No. 1007913

File: 1594861631237.jpg (1.07 MB, 3024x2502, 20200715_210243.jpg)

I'm watching a paranormal show right now on the travel Channel and Heather's ex Ryan Z is on it! Lmao. The show is called paranormal caught on camera and people can submit videos. He submitted a video he did with his paranormal group.

No. 1007942

File: 1594865855149.png (481.29 KB, 430x724, heather.png)

He is so hot he makes me want to give up my toy collection, dress black and go ghost hunting.

In Heather news she has new glasses and bought a new lens for her camera. She took us for a live stream date to her favorite cemetery and had a car wash.

She also said in her last relationship the dude didn't want to talk to her. Do we think this was Chase Ryan or the Neck Tattoo Ryan?

No. 1008091

>He is so hot he makes me want to give up my toy collection, dress black and go ghost hunting.
You are joking by quoting Heather's likely thought proces, right? Because he's average af

No. 1008162

If she goes swimming all that toilet paper she stuffs with will melt. Seen her in her gaming days and her boobs are not like that. I doubt she puts out because if she ever really did i think she would have trapped these guys with pregnancy. I'm surprised she hasn't pulled that card, she seems that unstable. The only tme its ok to not work or have a two shift job is when you have a kid so you can raise it. Not being a 29 tear old leech who has no potential in anything. Legit her photos look like an edgy teen who took photo class so they could sit in the corner because it was the elective available because you couldn't sign up for your classes because your mommy had to do it for you while she works 3 jobs so you can buy trashy outfits and yell at her to "let you express yourself more because its not a phase." Legit think the reason why her mom hasn't kicked her out is because she knows Heather is mentally unstable and doesn't want her daughter to further damage herself. I'm sure Heather just blindly yells and rages at her possibly saying " I was in an abusive relationship because of you you owe me" and being a caring mom feels like its her fault. But from knowing Heather back in the day, she will say and do anything to get a free ride. The possibility of the drastic change in her is probably due to the fact her grandfather WAS going to leave her A large sum of money, IF SHE CLEANED UP HER ACT, hence the pastle phase, but her grandfather most likely told her no so she decided that being married and bubbly is no longer needed and she needed to burn it all down. She's a terrible person who is only driven by greed. She will never change only get worse and honestly its hilarious to watch.

No. 1008233

He looks like a thumb somebody drew a face on. But you know Hagther still dreams of getting him back.

No. 1008250

Her eyes here remind me of that famous mugshot taken of James Holmes. Has she ever actually addressed the crazy eyes and why she has them in so many pics/lives?

No. 1008265

File: 1594919953568.png (1.26 MB, 750x1334, 59E853BB-08D8-478D-9556-58092D…)

There’s more rhatbfollows but saging so as to not fill the thread.

No. 1008266

File: 1594919983484.png (1.34 MB, 750x1334, A0B1B53D-9DBE-4417-970E-9D1B65…)

No. 1008270

File: 1594920119370.png (1.32 MB, 750x1334, 51A5DDC7-9FAD-464F-ACE8-1CB735…)

No. 1008271

So let me get this straight. She went out on a few dates, wasn’t exclusive with the dude, and is mad he slept with someone else.. even though they weren’t exclusive. Lol

No. 1008273

File: 1594920277582.png (1.13 MB, 750x1334, DDB6A0E2-C082-4E24-B7AF-E92C54…)

No. 1008277

File: 1594920412460.png (1000.29 KB, 750x1334, 1E7AB9A2-5AD5-48EC-B3C0-0F11F3…)

No. 1008281

File: 1594920678583.png (1.41 MB, 750x1334, D6EF6D94-4FAA-4579-B530-CDD7CD…)

No. 1008288

Wants someone to love her for her personality rather than just sex.. acts psycho and repeats over and over again
YOu're dead! Dead to me!"

Yeah great personality, that'll lure all the men in for sure.

No. 1008306

At this point I wonder if she even wants a bf. She seems addicted to the high of being able to point the finger at a man and blame him for using and abusing her. It's like she got a bunch of support after the first breakup and now she needs a steady flow of horndog men to put on blast.

And it's beyond weird how she's putting 'sex with heather' on this pedestal where it's the grand prize that'll be given to the chosen one, only after she's been on a million unsuccessful dates first. Turn down sex all you want, that's cool, but why is she acting like a pure virgin about to be robbed of something precious?

No. 1008339

When she is passionate her eyes bulge out of her head. I wonder who this fuck boy is? The last two photographers were both named Stephen/Stephan.

No. 1008346

Exactly. She never talks about wanting sex. She talks about wanting a boy. In Heather's universe guys are the only ones who want sex, and it's a woman's job to allocate it at the most beneficial moment. For all the "sex positive" pictures she puts out there, sex seems like an annoying chore for her. It's so depressing for everyone involved.

No. 1008375

> In Heather's universe guys are the only ones who want sex, and it's a woman's job to allocate it at the most beneficial moment
This. She has said multiple times lately that she's not here to play games but I think she protests too much. She has convinced herself that using sex appeal for now and timing actual sex carefully will allow her to somehow wrap a guy around her finger.

There's nothing organic about her plans when dating and sex is something to barter with. It's just a shame these guys can go get sex off of 'other women in this town' Guess that ruins her game.

No. 1008376

File: 1594927544371.png (1.17 MB, 750x1334, D26F15A3-DF97-47B0-8DA5-EB88C9…)

Great point anon. Heather complains about guys wanting sex from her and not wanting to really get to know her; but then look at the pictures she posts on her dating apps. Crazy eyes Heather in tight lingerie.

Like, you get what you put out there.

No. 1008380

File: 1594927764563.png (1.4 MB, 750x1334, 91BDC1B5-20FB-4472-B207-8F2E09…)

No. 1008384

File: 1594927833003.png (1.25 MB, 750x1334, 7CF1F9E8-7C31-49BA-826F-D0740F…)

No. 1008538

Obviously anon. Please.

>Decides there's no connection, rejects him
>Deeply upset when he moves onto another girl and has sex with her
What exactly was she expecting from these tinder guys? Also, kek at her being mad at someone she didn't even like for sleeping with someone else.

No. 1008544

kek anon i was just typing up the same thing. How the fuck can she be so angry about him having sex with someone else when she didn't even like him? Also I thought she was so against "slut-shaming". So it's okay when she wants to post lingerie photos onto every social media she has, but then gets mad that someone dare wanted to have sex with her and when rejected went to someone else?

No. 1008550

what I don't understand is how she says he kept pushing her for sex yet she stayed friends with him and would still be friends with him if he didn't fuck her friend. seems like she kept him around because she enjoyed the attention and being wanted.

No. 1008559

Heather says she is a catch because she has nice teeth, she is caring and she thinks she looks okay. Quality girlfriend material.

No. 1008568

Kek anon was just catching up on this latest rant. Not to wk but she actually came across less crazy than usual. I almost was rooting for her. Yikes.

Yeah this was Steven (but she says Stephan?) who is pascoephoto. The dude that drove her to Pittsburg.

No. 1008600

Ahh, it's so fitting that Heather's crazy eyes be accompanied by her long ramblings about why some guy is "dead to her" for not instantly being her soulmate. Also love the whole "muh fuck boi psychic institution" powers. I wonder how long she will continue this rinse and repeat ryan cycle until her and her crazy eyes lose it James Holmes style.

No. 1008623

She should thank Adam for those teeth of hers. She wouldn’t have gotten them fixed without his dental insurance.

No. 1008646

She’s ranting again about what a catch she is and wondering “what’s wrong with her.“ What’s wrong with you is that you’re a woman-child and your desperate whining sounds similar to how one of those “nice guy” describe themselves. Heather, you aren’t special by being interested in the occult or graveyards, tin types and whatever. That shit is not as strange or weird as you think. But the fact that you base your whole personality on your select hobbies and try to make yourself sound like some rare mystery woman comes across as cringy af. You can’t have a withstanding relationship insisting your partner go to the graveyard and blowing money on antiques for every fucking date.

No. 1008661

My god, I couldn't stop cringing at her most recent rant. What's wrong with you? Your unbelievable desperation mainly, and then when someone comes along you latch onto them like a leech and become a psycho needing their undivided attention.

What bothers me most is how she refuses to give anyone a chance if they don't seem as passionate about her interests. It's ok to watch netflix and have a relaxing night in, you don't have to be coming out of the gate like CEMETARIES, ANTIQUING, OMFG GHOSTS. Like jesus christ take one step at a time and chat for a bit and then you can go on adventures like that together. Don't flat out reject someone for not wanting to go to a graveyard for a first date. What's wrong with dinner? Get to know them first before all that. Idk… her desperation though, yikes. I can barely listen to it anymore without wanting to crawl under a rock for her sake.

No. 1008665

I've been thinking this too, totally agree. Plus it's all surface level vanity for her. Nice teeth and you have good hygiene? uh good for you, that doesn't make you a catch.

No. 1008704

File: 1594975468728.png (3.54 MB, 750x1334, 7175A5DD-9D87-46E6-A527-095B0D…)

Okay so any sympathy I had with her has just withered and died. Like >>1008646 and >>1008661 say, her new rant is fucking cringe.

>if I was boring and normal life would have been so much easier

>When exes see my ’boudoir’ shots they’ll really regret losing me and my love and loyalty

Jfc Heather, you’re not a catch because you’re annoying as fuck. Not to mention judgemental, egotistical and, the sooner you realise you’re just not that interesting, is a day closer to settling for that normie bf you were always destined to be with.

Also, quit bitching about these ‘friends’ you make who hurt you because they only want to hook up. You meet them on Tinder. You know them for two mins then think you’re good friends, after you’ve zoned them, when all they want is a hook-up anyway…it’s Tinder.

Basing a future ‘friendship’ on hook-up foundations isn’t gonna get you very far. It’s just another route to rejection, which you’ll then feel sorry for yourself about, and end up looking like a twat.

No. 1008728

“Is there something wrong with me? Idk. Is it that I find beauty where others don’t?”

Seek professional help.

Yes, it is clear you are in denial about some mental health issues. That sentence is an example of being unwilling to recognize and tackle the issues, so you cover it up.

You will not have a healthy relationship with anyone, let alone a significant other, until you take a deep look inside and A) recognize there is a problem and B) start to tackle it yourself.

Please, heather. Get a therapist, at least.

No. 1008736

Your exs have seen you naked. The shitty boudoir shoots aren't going to make them second guess dropping your dysfunctional ass.

No. 1008784

There is a whole spectrum of personallity between "boring" and "insane and terrifying."

No. 1008787

It's like when she says she's an empath for feeling too much even though that's a clear sign of mental illness

No. 1008816

After watching her latest rant,she seems to be under the impression that she is just too "weird" and "out there" and there is no one who is just as weird as she is to love her. She doesn't get that the shit she likes, killstar and cemeteries, are trendy as fuck and there are TONS of girls, younger and prettier who are into that shit and can date just fine. She is a normie who like Taylor Swift and Kasey Muskgraves nut dresses spooky, she is actually average as fuck. Her personality is what drives people away, not her interests.

No. 1008952

>>”my love and LOYALTY”

Cheats on her (ex) husband multiple times. Hagther, you have no idea what loyalty means.

No. 1008992

Exactly. There are so many girls who share her interests, and have zero problems dating. Mostly because they're not terrible people.

But being "too unique" sounds a lot easier than having to work on your flawz or deal with your crippling mental issues.

No. 1009091

What gets me is how she doesn’t understand that shit like this thread would stop existing if she just cleaned up her act and took accountability for herself and her actions

No. 1009693

File: 1595134761237.png (345.89 KB, 400x704, Screen Shot 2020-07-18 at 10.5…)

No. 1009695

File: 1595134804665.png (412.47 KB, 398x702, Screen Shot 2020-07-18 at 10.5…)

No. 1009743

File: 1595148779686.jpg (18.88 KB, 305x375, Bert1970s.jpg)

Heather, it's your personallity. Stay single or not. But the only relationship you need to worry about is finding a therapist.

No. 1009771

>I'm not like the other girls
>that's why I'm still single
kek. It's not the obsessive, sometimes stalking, behavior or the constant negativity that had all the prior Ryans run in the other direction. Nope. It's the fact she's a super serious instagram witch.

No. 1010072

File: 1595211840298.png (1.62 MB, 750x1334, F429AF0B-2178-425E-A4E4-4B9077…)

Massive instastory post of visiting two antique stores and a new cemetery. Bought quite a lot of stuff that, although cheap as it was, adds up to a bit.

Thought she was in such dire financial need this month? Wasn’t she harping on about havibh to go to her storage unit to get her collection and sell it because she needs the money and the storage unit sucks up way too much of what she makes at work? And yet she has the funds to add to her hoard at her moms house.

Oh and at some point she had a cringey series of stories where she has a pity party about having all these adventures but not a “cute boy” to share it with; hence her pointing to her passenger seat. She even says that all she needs is a boy to tell her directions and she’ll drive them to cemeteries and antique stores.

No. 1010089

She was showing off her $1 pictures she bought and there was a group photo of people dressed for Halloween and one of the people was dressed in blackface. She was horrified and didn't realize that was there when she bought it. She went on to say that maybe she should keep it as a way to share the history of it and why it was bad and to learn from it. Later on she posted that because she showed the picture in her stories that people got mad at her and unfollowed.

Not sure where she got the hate. Did anyone else catch those parts of her stories?

No. 1010090

how do you know people unfollowed her? did she already talk about it in a story that has since been deleted? She didn't say anything bad. She meant that we shouldn't censor these old pictures not that she condones it. People are idiots.

No. 1010091

I don't know, she said it herself in her now deleted stories.

No. 1010092

She deletes stories so fast it's hard to keep up.

No. 1010209

If she got hate for the picture at all. She probably just said something insensitive or self-absorbed, got called out for it, and used her heather logic to translate that into "I got hate just for showing a picture." It fits her pattern.

Given her engagement with the topic {mostly ignoring it but still supporting Jeffrey Star and Killstar) I really don't trust heather to handle this kind of topic tactfully.

No. 1010219

File: 1595252036871.jpeg (558.13 KB, 750x1039, 443CAFD2-0DCD-47F8-B014-1D14D4…)

I agree anon, she’s not known for her sensitivity. Pic related.

No. 1010220

File: 1595252182935.png (3.63 MB, 750x1334, FE3212ED-66D7-4C6A-BE2F-F70C60…)

She bought these granny ceramics to use as offering plates because
>I’m getting back into my Wiccan faith

No. 1010252

I give it a month before she declares the wiccan community is full of "haters."

No. 1010261

She did talk about in her story. She said people were mad at her, and some unfollowed. I'm assuming people were DMing her, after she showed all the cabinet cards, and did see it. She also said that ig was deleting some of her stories, because she posted so much in one day. Which is hilarious. I was only able to catch the very last one of her complaining about not having a boy. Yeah, keep talking about how you shouldn't use ig stories as a diary…

No. 1010341

If that isn't a sign she is posting too much to Instagram I don't know what is kek

No. 1010343

That’s just a pathetic attempt to cover up her dirty deleting stories. Instagram won’t just delete your stories for posting too much. If they think you’re spamming, they won’t allow them to post. But they won’t delete the posts unless they violate community standards. She’s just trying to pretend like she doesn’t post shit just to delete it later.

No. 1010348

Exactly. Instagram never does that. It's so weird how Heather always has to act like she is some kind of victim or is being attacked, even if it's about something as stupid an inconsequential as instagram stories. She lies about the dumbest, pettiest shit.

No. 1010373

Not WKing but there is a limit of 100 stories, per 24 hours. Then it will start deleting older ones. So she is shooting herself with her Heather Explains excessive posting. How convenient for her, ig will delete her incessant ramblings for her!

No. 1010391

File: 1595283052054.png (3.12 MB, 640x1136, F015D322-8993-478F-B9F3-843208…)

Followed by videos of her bouncing her tits.

No. 1010409

File: 1595285726046.png (3.03 MB, 750x1334, 5462B5BA-012F-4A15-8F2F-C73E3A…)

>got a message to say they liked the boobs so here I am doing my public service

You weren’t kidding anon, huh! She is literally jiggling her titties on request.

No. 1010421

Is it just me or does she seem manic today?

No. 1010429

File: 1595288503779.png (2.62 MB, 640x1136, 5388CBD7-C3F4-40C8-A949-E09C85…)

But wait there’s more!

No. 1010433

File: 1595288675819.png (493.11 KB, 416x714, Screen Shot 2020-07-20 at 5.44…)

but wait, there is even more! She is doing an unboxing in her bikini top with boobs in full view.

No. 1010434

File: 1595288701686.png (3.01 MB, 640x1136, B8C551C2-CC4B-49C0-A45C-9CFC07…)

… And this… Ryan hunting! Where all the spooky boys at??

No. 1010438

Absolutely. She's doing the baby voice and has extra crazy eyes today. She's also speaking really quickly and dropping a ton of f-bombs for no good reason. Of course it makes sense, as a new expensive purchase showed up in the mail today.

No. 1010443

I also feel like she has her eyes set on a new Ryan and she is setting up her bait trap.

No. 1010487

What ass?

No. 1010527

File: 1595305695813.png (1.09 MB, 750x1334, FEFE51BE-2B6D-4A48-A7F4-5334F8…)

So much for letting her “spirit guides” direct the course of her love life.

Maybe she just loves the chasing and groveling for the “boys” too much to let it go. That or she needs her ego to be stroked even if it’s from creepy guys.

No. 1010564

who tf gets verified on tinder jfc

No. 1010600

That’s what I was thinking. The expensive purchase, or she started talking to a new Ryan. Maybe both lol

No. 1010604

Lol. Her story when she’s “working out” babe, if you can make a vlog-style video while working out.. you aren’t working out. You’re just walking which is great for people morbidly obese but for someone your size it isn’t going to do shit lol(emoji)

No. 1010702

Did anyone here downloaded her old videos before she deleted all of them? Not gonna lie as a toy collector I'm kind of bummed about not being able to watch them again

No. 1011019

File: 1595421823539.jpeg (1.4 MB, 1095x1793, FAB0AA6E-F30F-4FD5-82D5-926A49…)

When cows collide. Now Heather is cool with cutesy pink dresses?? I wish she got this dress from target cuz she’d look ridiculous.

No. 1011056

Lol. Crossover! They both jump from phase to phase and blame "haters" when they get called out for their shitty behaviour. So it makes sense.

No. 1011098

Lol you beat me to it anon! I wonder if she's longing for her pastel/brighter aesthetic days. And wants to cycle back to that. Or she'll claim her ~hobbies and interests~ are too "weird" to get her a boy. Because she thinks you have to be cutesy, and bubbly to get a man. And "whenever" she dressed like that, it was her tRuE sELf! And all the black made her depressed, and feel like a weirdo. I can see that coming from her. It would also her funny if she got that dress, and dyed it black.

No. 1011195

Oh man. What if Heather gets botched plastic surgery too?

No. 1011203

She would but could never afford it and plus she's a super big pussy. I don't get her. She can like both types of styles but Her problem is she just does whatever she thinks pleases a dude.

No. 1011572

Heather currently has a IG story she posted last night claiming she thinks her room is haunted now from her antique collections. She woke up with goosebumps and could hear shuffling in her room. I believe in the paranormal so if one of those items she brought home is possibly haunted then that's kinda fucked up for her family to deal with. Imagine her mom kicks her out for bringing all those possible haunted objects. I can see that happening.

No. 1011614

are you the same anon that got mad she wasn’t practicing ‘real magic’, or are there multiple mystical dorks in this thread

No. 1011661

Cool. We can add another thing to her long list of delusions.

Bet the ghost is a "hater" too.

No. 1011669

OR she is going to fall in love with the ghost and finally have a boyfriend. Didn't she say she wanted to be touched by a ghost?

No. 1011677

She probably fantasizes about ghosts having sex with her like in some of the really weird/terrible horror movies. Maybe that’s what she really means by ‘spoopy boy’

No. 1011678

She said in the past that she’s been grabbed and choked by one.

Who knows maybe this ghost will be her new Ryan. Unless it’s a female ghost in which case Heather won’t want to have anything to do with her.

No. 1011711

Oh man. Can't wait for the ghost to dump her over being crazy.

No. 1011731

You mean you can’t wait for him to…ghost her. Kek

No. 1011752

I was gonna say it…

God. Imagine being a ghost tied to a haunted object. Forever sundered from the afterlife, eternal peace, and the spirits of those you once held dear.

And you get stuck in a room with Heather.

Truly, hell is other people.

Though ghostRyan can't drive her around and buy her things. So I don't see it lasting.

No. 1011815

It's so funny, bc she'd have so many more options for exploring buddies, if she wanted to have fiends that are women. But, she's just too boy crazy. Maybe she'll say that GhostRyan, is there to guide her to her one true love. LOL

No. 1011851

>Maybe she'll say that GhostRyan is there to guide her to her one true love

I could absolutely see this happening anon

No. 1011900

File: 1595563261756.png (743.26 KB, 750x1334, 66D395B8-965B-4E58-B5CC-4BA25B…)

From her long winded rant/inspirational instastory about being independent, and wanting a boy to share her passions with. Found the lighting and lack of filter particularly revealing.

No. 1012020

File: 1595594822279.jpg (83.29 KB, 969x1281, MV5BMGZjOTQ2ODItNzA3MC00YzczLW…)

To the Anon who brought up the comparison before, it's kind of uncanny.

No. 1012236

File: 1595629552064.png (3.07 MB, 640x1136, 3281DA11-29FB-4EBA-8705-4832C9…)

She’s in normie clothes. Her we go!

No. 1012266

File: 1595635424500.png (1.6 MB, 750x1334, 89C3238D-BA39-40D6-A9BD-12B2AC…)

>>> “I’m getting really strange vibes from this place, like it doesn’t want me here.”

- Apparently a tree branch fell off and almost killed her.

- A bunch of wasps kept following her.

- Her shoe got untied as she was walking around.

- and she almost had a panic attack because she lost sight of her car and thought it got towed.

Let the dead rest in peace, Heather. Thenlast thing they need is a whiny, annoying bitch disturbing their resting place.

No. 1012311


It makes me Extremely Fucking Nervous how casual she is about filming herself while the car is in motion. The other day she had a video where she was going high speeds but barely looked at the roads and it was obvious she was the one driving. I know you're fucking dense as a concrete wall, Heather, but are you REALLY film-while-driving levels of stupid??

No. 1012516

>My subscribers boost my ego and also send me ghost stories I guess…

No. 1012590

She wants to speak to the wasps’ manager.

No. 1012649

Lol this photograph looks SUPER strange, I actually thought it was a man dressed up as her in some parody-type mock-up. Geez!!!

No. 1012683

Me too, anon!

No. 1013162

File: 1595800081519.jpg (233.54 KB, 1080x1920, heather_explores_2020.7.26_0p4…)

looks like she won't leave her mother's house unless she gets a man to fund the move.

No. 1013167

She claims she went on another rant about how she couldn't get into her storage unit but I don't see it, I guess immediately deleted as usual. Did anyone catch it? I was at work and missed it.

No. 1013203

File: 1595809534865.png (484.76 KB, 400x712, Screen Shot 2020-07-26 at 6.23…)

I also missed it. She deleted it fast. Here is Heather contemplating if she should stop and ask a construction worker if she could see the inside of the crematorium he was working on.

No. 1013225

File: 1595814835930.png (997.84 KB, 750x1334, 5FE713AF-7942-47A4-BFE5-1DB522…)

So, I’m confused. She was ranting about Adam packing the storage unit to the point that it jammed the door. But she’s been able to access it several times without any issues in the past few months for her sales items. So how is the door being jammed by her hoard Adams fault?

Heather, your inability and laziness to organize the space is the reason why it jammed the door. She probably stacked boxes to the point where they toppled.

No. 1013248

Oh my god what a weak person, blaming someone she hasn't been with for a year for her own piles of shit and filth toppling over. She has in fact accessed the storage unit at least once to my memory, so unless Adam is often bringing more stuff to the storage unit and he's been back since Heather was last there, this is the biggest load of horseshit Heather has tried to feed to her audience yet.

No. 1013252

Seems like she just can’t accept responsibility for anything she does. She’s definitely the type to fail at something once and give up and cry and throw a fit because ‘I cant do it’ even though a second try would’ve probably gotten the damn door open.

No. 1013254

Literally just push the plastic inward and push the door open? She’s acting like there’s a brick wall keeping it from opening. How fucking stupid is this woman child?

No. 1013280

She’s for sure been there at least five times. Once she went to bring back bags of toys to show off for a video, which caused the “haters” to call her out on the hypocrisy and bullshit.

No. 1013286

File: 1595828968826.jpg (198.46 KB, 1242x2208, 115875555_951676291912706_8413…)

Her hair looks so bad already. Steele, you're Ridiculous.

No. 1013369

I caught it. She went to get some things out, and Adam, had been there sometime recently. And put more of her stuff into the unit. There was a big bin, jamming the door, and wasn’t able to move it. She cut her hand. She got into her car, and cried because she couldn’t un-jam the door. She felt weak, and was done with the whole thing. It’s a financial drain ($200), all that stuff is from her old life. Same old rant, with her years. She once again, said she wants to take all the things, except for a few, and throw it all away. Isn’t that why the toy collecting community was upset with her?

No. 1013411

File: 1595867066370.png (1.63 MB, 750x1334, 5E907B4B-221A-4EA4-93ED-283A5C…)

She’s going off on instastories right now about the haters, and how she’s invalidated and not welcomed.

She’s quitting YouTube yet again because it’s not worth the hate, abuse, stalking, etc
she’s getting. She says that people never supported her, never supported the positive changes she was making in her life and just wanted her to be stay stuck in one phase forever.

Then she starts claiming that her YouTube has only made $12,000 in its lifetime and that it’s just not worth it anymore: the fame and popularity is not worth it.

She wanted to come back to Yourube to heal and to connect with likeminded people on the platform and to let her art speak for itself. Says her photos is “the only place [she] feels safe expressing her feelings.” But it’s not worth it. And she’s also quitting posting instastories/rants and just letting the photos speak for her.

No. 1013414

File: 1595867394504.png (1.73 MB, 750x1334, 763461C8-9F5C-46D1-A4A9-8C735B…)


>>> “You don’t fucking know me.

But go ahead, think what you want.

Take all you want from me like you just take and take and take.

I don’t care. I’m just going to keep living my life and pushing forward.”

No. 1013415

Damn I must have just missed it all. I knew she was going on a rant but had to get back to work so I couldn't watch it unfold. I think it's all deleted already cause I don't see it, I checked about 5 minutes ago?

One little negative comment, most like trying to be constructive criticism, and she immediately quits and gives up and thinks the world is out to get her. lmfao grow up Steele!

No. 1013417

You mean to tell me that a year after she was kicked out and finally divorced Adam is still having to deal with Heather’s hoard? Really don’t want to WK but any other ex would have thrown out her shit without so much as a courtesy call.

She is incapable of taking responsibility. Wouldn’t be surprised of it turns out that Adam is paying for at least half of the storage unit. Interesting that he has a key to a storage unit that Heather supposedly got on her own.

No. 1013418

Yeah she had it up for 40 miniutes. Only caught the later and didn’t pick up on what exactly triggered it.

Granted any little criticism triggers this woman-child/

No. 1013420

File: 1595869088697.jpeg (236.9 KB, 750x1105, 451EE762-6978-47A6-A192-626527…)

No. 1013432

Lots of people are social outcasts for whatever reason. You either quietly live your life as a loner (without constantly mentioning it and reiterating that you're a victim) or you figure out that as the common denominator in the siatuation you need to get help and improve something about yourself.

She's so fucking repetitive. Me me me

No. 1013442

She's so fucking draining, no wonder why Clay ditched her for being negative. All she ever does is complain and bitch about how mean her haters are. Poor blameless Heather is always a victim. Your ex husband kicks you out of the apartment HE pays for? He's abusive. The guy you went on two dates with doesn't want to go on a third date? why can no one love me. Someone questions your use of gofund me money? the haters criticise everything you do. The only time she'll point at her having any faults is to humble brag about how she's such an empath and not like the other girls.

She's full of woo woo bullshit on how good things will come to her if she speaks them out in the universe but she's 30 years old and it's about time she grows the fuck up and starts putting ACTUAL work in the things she wants to achieve. She can make all these grandiose plans as a replacement for working on improving her situation.

No. 1013998

File: 1595963753472.png (374.82 KB, 514x900, ff.png)

how dare they talk about their interests instead of focusing only on her interests. And how dare they kiss her on the first date when she'll bounce her tits for random strangers on instagram.

No. 1014000

File: 1595963829804.jpg (134.1 KB, 1242x2208, heather_explores_2020.7.28_4g3…)

she's willing to move even for a random guy but won't leave her mother's house

No. 1014001

File: 1595963855104.png (589.69 KB, 504x895, 4.png)

bonus heather giving off luna slater vibes

No. 1014036

If the random guy supports her…
She's not moving out of her mom's house because she can't take care of herself and spends all her money on crap. Her dreamboy would be a spookier version of what she had before

No. 1014038

Imagine if the guys she's talking about posted opposing stories

>I just want a girl who is interested in me

>not one who makes me walk around graveyards and acts bored when I talk about my hobbies

Bodybuilders are boring af but you should be able to vet a guy before meeting, unless he pretended to be into witches and dolls before meeting and then turned up talking about bodybuilding.

No. 1014161

File: 1595987630964.png (1.11 MB, 750x1334, E5BE6D98-69E3-4C63-8820-50064E…)

Another Heather Rants while parked on her moms driveway.

- she’s back on the dating apps because she’s bored and frustrated that love isn’t coming her way. This after proclaiming last week that her spiritual guides came to her in a dream and told her to delete all of her dating apps and to let them take care of that in due time.

- says no one in Pittsburgh isninterested in her (shocker), and brags that when she branches put her location she gets dozens and dozens of likes and messages from guys who are interested.

- asks if she needs to move to find love, claiming she’ll do it because she’s desperate.

- goes on a tangent about how the one question she gets asked a lot is if she’s into horror movies. Says she’s not because she doesn’t have a tv or Netflix, and basically only watches YouTube videos.

- says she’s not your pop culture kind of spooky; she’s more into the paranormal, Historical, and “aesthetical” kind of spooky.

- says she’s >>> “not someone who likes to consume; i like to create.” This coming from someone who is basically a hoarder.

- wants to be in a horror movie as an actress, despite not knowing a thing about them or even being into them. Would love to create a horror movie but at the same time she doesn’t care about the genre.

- really wants to move but admits she doesn’t have a job that would allow her to move and be on her own (without mommy to supplement every other living expense).

->>> “I’m tired of being fucking single. I’m tired of having my passenger seat just have
my camera sitting in it.” Guess this confirms she doesn’t want a ghost boyfriend after all.

- says she doesn’t do “the hook up thing” or “friends with benefits.” Admits she’s done that thinking it was a healthy way for her to open up her heart to someone. Maybe she thinks her heart is between her legs?

- Satan she dates guys like her but they meet up once or twice and they lose interest and don’t even text. Wants to be loved but says her being eccentric and dramatic (aka crazy and clingy) is what turns them off. Says guys just see her as a piece of ass (that she doesn’t have) but feels like she’d be a great girlfriend.

-concludes by saying that maybe she should just let them find her instead, but then brags that her dating profile has been blowing up especially form guys in Ohio. She’s willing to drive hours away for love.

No. 1014168

Movies kill her inside? What a pretentious fuckwad.

No. 1014296

She literally pays for tinder. It’s been awhile since I had it but last time I remember, it only showed like 99+ if you were using the free version. So either she’s lying or she’s PAYING for tinder lmfao

No. 1014350

Wow another one way conversation with herself.. about herself.. grinning and wide eyed as she repeats herself for the millionth time. She should just conjure up a tulpa bf already.

So even when a guy goes to the exact location that suits her interests and the date is centred around that, he's not allowed to even discuss his own interests while they're there? lol she's doomed

No. 1014360

File: 1596037455568.jpeg (59.61 KB, 673x500, DA146E5D-0BE7-4866-AAEB-C13E21…)

Heather doesn’t want an actual relationship, she wants to live in a tableau where she and a sPoOkY bOy are sitting on a gravestone in their doc martens, staring into each other’s eyes forever. No conversations, no sharing of interests, just the same trip to the fucking graveyard over and over. Kind of reminds me of luna in that sense.

No. 1014447

File: 1596049993801.png (1.5 MB, 750x1334, 9412888F-4B12-4AF4-B744-48DB42…)

No. 1014470

File: 1596054453512.jpeg (218.36 KB, 640x1105, CBED99F5-0763-4E2F-97B9-0C72FD…)

No. 1014474

File: 1596054658437.jpeg (181.72 KB, 640x986, 628BA011-254E-4DB1-BFEF-20555C…)

She sounds like she’s 14…

No. 1014635

I really hate this new breed of "spooky" girls. They all dress in Killstar and then listen to the most bubblegum, top 40 pop music. They all are into some neo paganism/new age bullshit while simultaneously shitting on traditional religious people. She is such an egregious culture vulture and patches onto the most current, watered down version of the things she finds authentic. Listen to goth music, actually get into the subculture beyond shotty fast fashion with a skull on it.

No. 1014685

Lol that’s not a new breed they’ve been around since at least the 90’s. Every Marilyn Manson fan was this.
Can’t believe there’s still people gatekeeping goth like there’s acceptable brands of black lipstick and pretension.

No. 1014723

Anon above you isn’t wrong about hagther specifically though. She’s 100% a poser who no doubt shits on most goth culture stuff because it’s ‘not her taste’

No. 1014724

File: 1596109388634.png (427.93 KB, 750x1334, DA53518E-828C-49DE-BE2D-F1E2C5…)

Character “assination.”

No. 1014728

File: 1596109824508.png (1.09 MB, 750x1334, 79A31CCD-6E8C-474E-944C-5036A2…)

No. 1014735

Every time I see another massive paragraph that she's written about herself, her feelings and her struggles I just think. "Kim there's people that are dying"

No. 1014760

Good one!
Looks like she's been reading here with the apology for being negative and looking stupid. Posted a bunch of selfies, got a few compliments and is on the upswing back toward mania. How long before that "new beginning" comes to a crashing halt when the tiniest (and true) thing spirals her again? Two hours? Four? It's every other freakin day with her.

No. 1014763

Have anyone ever lied about her? People here called her psycho and so on but that's not even slanderous considering she actually acts that way. Also, it's funny that she talks about being stalked when she showed up at Ryan Z's workplace and posted a bunch of videos of him on her insta stories because she was obsessed with him. And who are these loved ones? the friends she doesn't have? the family that she claimed hater her? the boyfriends that were all terrible to her? She acts like people who questioned why she went from cutesy pastel to goff queen were bullying her but what does she expect.

i'm pretty sure she was depressed around this time because she was rejected by ryan z or some other spoopy boy

No. 1014806

wow …
the relentless negativity
the tears
the follow-up apology/grovel
just watching her insta stories is like running an Abusive Relationship Simulation

No. 1014819

Calling her photos "art" isn't technically wrong, but it's a bit ostentatious for a process of essentially editing 1 amateur photo into 3 hues. Photo of sad stairs. Same photo of stairs, but blue. This represents how cold i felt when Ryan ghosted me. Same photo of stairs but green. This represents growth and hope to find a new Ryan. Art. Spergy nitpick sorry

No. 1014829

File: 1596129924487.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1242x2175, C1E26605-23BD-43A7-844F-CCAF40…)

Sage because Old as hell but I found this while doing some reminiscing and lurking:
>> “don’t know what I would do”
Well apparently, live your best life and be the ‘happiest you’ve ever been’. Poor cat

No. 1014862

She did with Timmy what she does with every person in her life: used him for comfort and support when she was low, and then dumped him completely after she got her use out of him. Timmy, Adam, her mom, Dara, every tinder boy, the list goes on and on.

No. 1014864

to be fair, the tinder boys are the ones dumping her. And anyway Timmy is better off with Adam considering he has the means to take care of him. Heather would have made her mummy responsible for him and then would pretend she cares about him.

No. 1014881

Not always. She likes to use some of them for rides and a date or two, then claims that they were fuckbois who only wanted to talk about boring stuff and get in her pants. Unless that's just a comfy cover for them dumping her instead.

No. 1014900

File: 1596142380018.png (468.28 KB, 410x725, hypocrite.png)

Not too long ago she was telling people to not buy from a particular business because they stole from artists. However, it's okay for Heather to support Killstar, which is known for stealing from other artists and just being a shitty company in general. I guess not supporting shitty business should only be done when it doesn't inconvenience her.

I agree that she uses people and vilifies people but a far as I know she's always been the dumpee. She only goes on one or two dates with them because they sense her crazy and they decide to dip out, especially since she takes but doesn't give anything back.

No. 1014934

ooooh nnoooo! I am a toy collector and I remember her. I didn't really think she was bad just maybe kind of into herself and brags. but when the whole breakdown thing happened and it was just her with weird filters every day talking i had to unfollow and she unfollowed me back pretty fast. haha. i don't think there is anything wrong with recreating your image after a divorce but it is strange how social media obsessed she is like she has all these different genres. i followed her vegan page too but it didn't get many followers and i think she just quit, there wasn't many posts

No. 1014987

I feel like if anyone tried to talk to her about anything related to the subculture, she'd say she's just a lost ~old soul~. Like when the person asked her about horror movies. She just loves the aesthetic. There's so many other goth brands, Killstar is so basic LOL. I don't want to sound like a gate-keeping twat, but ppl interested in anything in the realm of goth, should at least dip into the music. It would add so much to her videos. Much better than her fake deep sounding voice-overs.

No. 1015047

File: 1596169935879.png (1.52 MB, 750x1334, 97410C61-6AB7-4ED9-BC10-E040E7…)

Her guides have communicated with her…

No. 1015099

Homegirl needs to get herself tested for some personality disorder. Her over the top "motivational" rants, the hyperfixation on Ryans as a fix to all her problems, the oversharing and flip-flopping between extreme emotions are starting to sound seriously mentally ill.

Yes I did because I actually like most of her videos, including all the metadata. Should I upload them all on MEGA or somewhere else? Or can I just put them all into a zip/rar file and upload that?

No. 1015188

The hoard expands…

No. 1015196

She’s slowly inching into kabuki territory with that pasty make up of hers.

No. 1015236

Man she’s looking worse and worse. All the ranting and sperging is aging her.

No. 1015265


Why is she wasting money for this storage unit when she claims she'd be happy to throw most of it away treating it as garbage? Absolute baloney. If you're genuinely strapped for cash you don't waste money on things you don't care about, you sell them off pronto. She could easily get someone to come to the unit and offer her a bulk price for the lot because if those items mean so little to her that she'd be prepared to throw them away, making a profit doesn't matter. Why does Adam have a key and why was he still taking her stuff to the unit? It doesn't make much sense. She is obviously still thinking about the possibility of resuming toy-related videos hence why she hasn't got rid of them. She only needs to keep a few toys that she keep at home so she has to have an agenda. Someone who is living at home with their mom apparently short of cash isn't going to keep at that stuff unless they have an ulterior motive. She has deleted most of the toy-related videos she had on youtube but not all of them. If she's genuinely moved on she should delete them all and start completely over from scratch. She's reached the point of no return with regards to the toy collecting community with her shitty comments which continue so why is she clinging on to stuff she has such little regard for? Personally as a toy collector I found her stereotypically childish and fake so it's no great loss but why she continues to pay out on a storage unit that contains stuff she would like to throw away (yet cried like a baby over when she couldn't get inside) shows she's a woman of contradictions. She's hysterical, puerile and a pretender. Surely she understands that people following her can see her bulls* for what it is or is she really that mentally unbalanced???

No. 1015297

Same shit, different category of interests. She does the exact same things as she did in pastel days where she reorganized her toy shelves over and over again, now she's reorganizing her antiques shelves over and over. Only difference is she sometimes goes out to the same cemetery instead of being trapped inside her toy room days on end. Nothing has changed,just the same rants about boys and being forever alone, back and forth with youtube. It must be exhausting to be Heather.

No. 1015299

I think deep down she still likes toys and cutesy things and she obviously has a "collecting" (i.e. hoarding) problem so now she finds it difficult to actually part with them. She made a rash decision and now she feels like she can't go back to toys because she alienated them and can't handle criticism. Apart from that, she has completely black and white thinking and, therefore, can't phantom the idea of of enjoying dark things AND pastels.

She claimed that toys took too much space and she spent a lot of money on them but she's doing the same thing now. It's obvious that she has some mental issues but she'd rather blame it on a hobby.

No. 1015325

It’s quite simple as to why Adam had a key and why he was taking her shit there. He wanted it out of his house and her lazy whiney ass sure wasn’t going to do it.

No. 1015444

File: 1596251156678.png (2.5 MB, 640x1136, 0B2C7BA9-3A2B-45B3-A1B1-7EBCE2…)

I love that she said once again she was going quit rambling on ig stores. As if it looks any less pathetic, to have the same kinda of rants, through text paragraphs. Lmao

No. 1015466

"Someone who will do only what I want. Someone who will admire and worship ME and ask for nothing in return. Someone who will never bore me with horrible tortures like movies … or talking about having any interests that are different from mine. So boring! Someone who is so submissive that they'll validate my extreme mood swings and let me treat them like shit whenever I feel like it. Because anything else is not ~respect~."

No. 1015584

She's just using her instagram stories to advertise herself to potential spoopy boys

No. 1015590

She is doing them a favor by also showing them her wild mood swings and crazy behavior.

No. 1015605

That doesn't really explain why a man she no longer lives with and can't abide has access to HER storage unit unless he's the one paying for it. Why would she give him the key to her stuff if she mistrusts and hates him so much? Has she still been seeing him in person?

Plus are they actually divorced??? I can't remember her declaring that a divorce had gone through. We wouldn't hear the end of it if she had and unless someone on here knows her personally to state otherwise I am confused as to why they divorced when neither one of them wanted to spend the money required on attorneys' fees and court costs etc.

She's a hypocrite to claim she isn't after men who primarily want sex when she ultimately was unfaithful while married. There's no getting away from that. At the end of the day she can make as many excuses as she likes badmouthing Adam, if she wanted out she could have just moved/left him not behaved like a whore. She went from being seemingly innocent and cheery to trampy and gloomy in a relatively short space of time. BIZARRE to say the least. She went from one end of the spectrum to the other. Everything went downhill for her really when she cheated on her husband, karma's a bitch!!!

Oh and she isn't really after a man, rather she seeks the attention of men in general. I'm doubtful that she's capable of being faithful to any fella she ends up in a relationship with. She's too good for any of them and gets bored easily.

No. 1015607

If she obtained and paid for the storage unit of her own doing AFTER they'd broken up why does Adam (the person who supposedly was scary and abusive) have a key? If she couldn't be bothered to pick up her stuff when she hired the storage unit he could just leave it outside the apartment for her to pick up and take there. He's under no obligation to take her stuff there. When exactly did she give him the key? This is supposed to be a hired storage unit facility not the garage they had at the flat so why would he have anything to do with it. If it's costing HER so much money why has he got keys, it's not simple really, none of it makes sense unless he's really really stupid and offered a wife who cheated on him, to pay for a storage unit. There's no way in hell i'd give an ex keys to MY storage unit that has my valuable stuff in it.

No. 1015619

Off the bat Adam is an idiot for lifting so much as a pinkie to move Heather’s crap to begin with. He should have taken it out on the curb and sent her a text to pick up her stuff before trash pick up.

No. 1015625

He should. But can you imagine the shitstorm? Also, if they are still going through divorce proceedings, or were at the time, that might have backfired for him. She might have accused him of "destroying her property." My guess is he's trying to present himself as the "reasonable one." So Heather has less ammo to use against him. Remember, she is trying to paint him as an abuser. Trashing her stuff would not help with that.

My guess is they are either divorced or still going through the process. But Heather is trying to keep quiet about it, because the courts probably don't support her abuse claims, and the outcome contradicts her narrative.

No. 1015761


Legally he can't leave her property outside to be potentially taken by an opportunist stranger, however if he has given her ample opportunity to pick up her stuff and she's been difficult and refused each time (and he has proof of this through emails, texts etc) then he probably wouldn't be held accountable if he'd donated the items to goodwill, this would seem reasonable if her stuff is taking up unnecessary room in his apartment and he wishes to move in his new girlfriend and move on with his life. It's a grey area though if they are still married as it's not clear if she's still on the lease (or ever was) as that could complicate matters. Although she did leave of her own volition (because he'd found someone else) so once she left she should have removed her property within a reasonable amount of time.

No. 1015892

File: 1596336613134.png (1.21 MB, 750x1334, 8D944DCE-4083-47D6-A26A-7B53F0…)

No. 1015894

File: 1596336643143.png (1.54 MB, 750x1334, 54AE2ACC-C971-4EDF-B230-B7E203…)

No. 1015896

File: 1596336759073.png (1.8 MB, 750x1334, 64B0F347-2429-4525-92B7-0FA80A…)

She literally switches from “I’m officially back on YouTube guys!” to “woe is me. I have no boyfriend. I will die alone.”

No. 1015904

Adam used to lurk here so my advice for this (to him or anyone in a similar situation) is rent a storage unit and place her stuff inside of it. Pay up front for 3-6 months and let her and the rental office know of the situation. That way he 1) doesn’t have to communicate with her at all/work around her schedule, 2) gets her shit out of his life, and 3) removes the responsibility from himself to get rid of her shit, and avoid repercussions for doing so. At that point it’s her responsibility and if she doesn’t continue to pay or pick it up, the rental place will dump it for him. All it takes is one sympathetic judge to decide what is and is not an “appropriate” amount of time to wait before dumping it.

No. 1015930

Because she’s a big fucking lazy liar. Plain and simple. She most likely gave him the key because he wanted her shit gone and she wouldn’t do it. What’s so hard to get? I hardly think he’s paying to store her trash.

No. 1016069

File: 1596375452080.png (1.61 MB, 750x1334, F343F137-A90A-482D-89A2-DB2F96…)

Moaning about not being able to buy a $500 antique bisque doll.

Thought she was strapped for cash this past month? That “times were hard” and she was struggling to pay bills, hence why she had to sell her shit to get by. The funds she made from that BJD sale she had went to a new camera lens, go figure. She probably going to kickstart her sales page soon enough.

No. 1016138

Why does she always have to be so negative? She always has to bring up he haters or how lonely she is. Just say thanks for the compliment and move on.

I'm pretty sure she was in debt in the past from overspending on killstar so i wouldn't be surprised if she started doing it again

No. 1016514

File: 1596429679491.jpg (84.32 KB, 296x225, droopy-dog.jpg)

those undereye bags though

No. 1016530


convenient that she was in debt $1000 and originally asked for $1000 in her GoFundMe

No. 1017934

LOL so you're saying the man she hates so much (and is supposedly afraid of as he's abusive) she met in person and had the nerve to give him the key and ask him to move her stuff? He didn't need to do anything but arrange for HER to pick it up and after asking several times, donate it to goodwill if she refused to come and pick it up. That is what is somewhat hard to understand because after all she's done and said about him it makes no SENSE WHATSOEVER that he would be given a key to her storage unit (either in person or shoved in the mail box) and then make the effort of bagging all her stuff up and hauling it there unless he's an absolute sucker. No one gives access to their possessions to someone if they can't stand the person or trust them. It makes a little more sense that he'd had enough and afraid of donating the stuff away in case she tried to sue him (doubtful as she's not made of money, right?), he decided to pay for a storage unit (or rather the initial payment) and has since stopped making the payments and told her to get on with it or lose her stuff. It depends how leasing a unit like that works, hopefully he didn't sign any form of contract binding him to the storage lock-up so if he stops paying and she refuses to keep up the payments, the storage company will just sell the stuff off and he's finally free of her property. I wouldn't have thought she's met him at all in person as she's a gutless wonder and if she was happy to get so close as to put the key through his mail box then she might as well ventured just a little further into the apartment and picked up her stuff she thinks so highly of….not. Bet most of it is the freebies she was sent through her sparkle mail (youtube) PO box as she clearly has no use for it now she's gone over to the dark side.

No. 1017938

I absolutely think he'd pay to store her trash as A) he sounds like a right pushover and B) if she wouldn't cooperate and move her stuff which was taking up space and he was desperate for it to be gone, he'd pay to begin with at least and then he'd have the power to give her the ultimatum of either paying for the unit herself or losing her possessions.(subjectfag)

No. 1017939


She wants a doll costing $500 dollars? She needs to be saving up her money for a deposit for a place of her own, she's probably outstaying her welcome by now. Especially as she once claimed her mom isn't very nice to her. Surely she's desperate for her own independence, not a doll which will just gather dust on a shelf.

No. 1018005

Heather was watching Nikocado Avocado last night to relax while laughing her head off. That sure says something about her character.

No. 1018110

Our spooky, unique soul!

No. 1018148

Man the fact she watches that guy for laughs just proves she is messed up. Sure avocado is a joke but legitimately seeking out to watch him and not realizing she herself is a cow like him is so interesting. Then again she is a narc so I guess it kinda makes sense she would see herself as above others despite being just as lame.

No. 1018169

Maybe that's why there's a new "help fund my adventures" instapost pitch.

No. 1018259

As someone who knows them, no. He’s not paying for it.

No. 1018260

File: 1596677935085.png (1.48 MB, 750x1334, C4903050-4220-4B70-8C8F-42383D…)

Heather is “rediscovering” her cutesy past by revisiting her old Flickr where she would post her BJD collection. Apparently the doll in this picture is wh reason why she is hated by the BJD community. Apparently she was a birthday gift by Adam, and she claims that because she didn’t bond with her until she got some facework done Adam was butthurt and apparently made it so that everyone in the community turned on her until she was driven off the hobby.

No. 1018262

I thought it was because she had a doll she didn’t really care for, so she gave it to him, and when he started ‘taking care of it’ or whatever, she got butthurt and decided she wanted it back?

No. 1018272

Wait, why would Adam even want it though?

No. 1018387

This reminds me of when she and Adam were going to therapy and she claimed that he turned the therapist against her or that time she claimed Adam convinced everyone she was crazy and got her locked up in a mental hospital, even though she had previously claimed that it was OG Ryan who got her locked up.

No. 1018399

I thought it was because she was spreading lies about a wig shop in the community that caused others to turn on it to the point where it closed down?

No. 1018437

Looking back on all of this shit, it seems like she caused a lot of problems and if she was ACTUALLY exiled from the community, it was rightfully so.

No. 1018471

ah.. grown adults and their dollies

No. 1018484

File: 1596731727928.png (1.93 MB, 750x1334, 42BA2994-D052-42E5-85AA-13892B…)

Per her stories yesterday, Heather apparently got a bunch of hate from the BJD community because of how much she complained about her teeth needing to be fixed. People felt it was hypocritical of her to incessantly complain about not having the funds to fix her teeth yet in the same breath would show off her expensive BJD purchases. She basically had to post a picture of her gnarly teeth to “validate” why she needed braces.

Granted I can see why she would want to get her teeth fixed. Adams insurance came in handy.

No. 1018832

File: 1596771805875.png (1.12 MB, 750x1334, AD573912-F7B0-4FA1-9F45-F7787C…)

- admits that if she’s going to attract someone justvliek her she’s going to have to build herself up; and by that she means work on her YouTube so that she can attract potential spoopy boys.

So basically YouTube will be her new dating app.

- also plans onfilmknv herself ramble about stuff just to get it out of her chest.

- moans about feeling hopeless over her lovelife and thinks she’ll be alone forever.

- questions whether or not she should call it quits on love and focus on reviving her brand.

- against starts harping on about the “fuckboy” and how he’s dead to her. Saysbshes still mad about that.

- once again proclaims she’s going to be a full time YouTuber despite work and adulting getting in the way. Says she’s going to film YET ANOTHER cabinet update for YouTube.

No. 1018933

>once again proclaims she’s going to be a full time YouTuber despite work and adulting getting in the way. Says she’s going to film YET ANOTHER cabinet update for YouTube.
She's trying to make her cabinet her new toy collection. Remember when she used to film her toy shelves over and over again?

It's just that nobody cares about her current collection. As someone who collects antiques myself I find her stuff boring as fuck she doesn't know anything about it and really tries to hit the "spoopy antiques" bingo card.

No. 1018994

Out of her new videos, the antique collection is one of the few that got 1k views and it doesn't require that much effort. She'll just keep regurgitating the same ideas that she thinks will get her views because she's lazy and uncreative, despite constantly claiming she's an artist.

No. 1019141

Her constant updates with her cabinet get so dull especially when she shows the same shit on her IG stories. Soon that cabinet is going to get filled to capacity and what is she going to do. She complained at the end of her toy collecting days that she didn’t want to be associated to her objects but now she’s doing it all over with the antiques.

No. 1019155

I hope she realizes how ridiculous she sounds. A boyfriend isn't going to magically make all your problems go away. She goes on and on, about wanting a travel, and exploring companion. You don't neeeed a boy, to complete you entirely, get some friends, ffs!! Most people want a partner. You're not special, or unique soul, for wanting someone on the same page as you. JFC, please learn to deal, with yourself.

No. 1019207

She needs to just admit that what she wants is what she had with Adam; someone that will financially support her and her endeavors to be a full time youtuber, amateur photographer, and urban explorer.

Her checklist for a spoopy boyfriend is so unrealistic for a 30 year old woman. She sounds like a pinning 14 year old writing in her diary.

No. 1019214

And like her toy collection she doesn’t know how to properly display her antiques. Everything looks so cluttered and all over the place, there’s no way anything can be properly appreciated.

I remember her collection looking so dusty on film and camera because despite not working she somehow never found the time or energy to clean the shelves regularly.

No. 1019272

File: 1596828883997.jpeg (545.07 KB, 2048x2048, 9903AA5E-612F-42AD-B07F-534049…)

Heather Checks In…

- woke up with so much anxiety today, to the point where she was shaking and crying while eating breakfast.

- At work she thinks about a lot of things and at one point she heard someone do a clicking sound with their mouth (like an owner signaling to their dog), and it triggered her PTSD. Adam would do that her in public instead of saying her name, and she’d follow him.

- When she heard the sound she was afraid that Adam might be around watching.

- she was with a friend (female, shockingly)who was having an argument with her husband over the phone, and that apparently also triggered her anxiety because it gave her flashbacks to her abusive and controlling relationship with Adam.
- She never wants to be controlled by a man and thinks that’s why she’s having difficulty finding a relationship. She wants to be seen as an equal and not property.

-Goes on about how even seeing a police car is triggering because when she’s go out with friends in the past (Juliet most likely) Adam would have the cops track Heather down with the excuse that Heather was a danger to herself and others.

- She rehashes the drama of a year and half ago with original Ryan form YouTube and how they all conspired with Adam to get her locked up and told her she was crazy.

- Claims she was told for years that a disorder to severe she’d never be able to drive, take care of herself, and that she’d have to be locked up long term; all because she said she wanted to leave Adam.

-Also claims she has weekly nightmares about finding herself back in her old life with Adam as his property.

- Says that for months she reached out for help online to friends, her following, etc. and that everyone turned on her and started hating her.

- Keeps being deceitful about being homeless and how she had to opened a GFM and that all that caused even more harassing and a slew of death threats for months afterward. This also “ended” her YouTube career.

- Has been healing ever since and begins reflecting on how much she has “grown.”

- Starts crying because of how her life is finally hers, how she loves her job, finally making “real” friends, and that she loves fall and is excited for the creative opportunities it brings.

No. 1019288

I don't know why she doesn't just do her daily pep talk/cry session in the mirror in the morning. It would save her some embarrassment. She got really emotional when she starting talking about how much she loves fall. kek.

No. 1019315

And she deleted it already.

No. 1019339

She did another "reading real ghost stories" video.

No. 1019404

So now she's suddenly saying she has PTSD despite never mentioning it before (and she usually mentions every single detail about her boring life). Also, she was ACTUALLY locked up so chances are she is crazy. I doubt she would have been locked up just because they were all conspiring against her, which is also unlikely. I think what likely happened was that Ryan broke up with her, she kept acting crazy and threatening to kill herself (we've seen how depressed she gets over a guys she went out on like 2 dates with), he told Adam so he wouldn't be responsible and they got her locked up. Instead of self diagnosing PTSD, she should save up the money she spends on junk and use it for her "PTSD" and everything else that is wrong with her.

No. 1019477

I used to have this bitchy old neighbor, no friends, unmarried, did nothing but complain about her life and yell at passerby, and I always wondered what she was like when she was younger. I imagine it was a bit like this.

No. 1019506

Is she ever going to stop fucking spinning this same old lie? It’s very clear, by how she treats all of her flings, that she is the controlling and abusive one. It’s getting old and no one feels bad for this old crone anymore.

No. 1020153

File: 1596948052798.png (1.33 MB, 750x1334, 3BBEDDEB-2867-48FC-87F0-188EA8…)

Heather checks in (with tits on full display):

- has a bridal shower tomorrow for her coworker where shes going to photograph.

- to the boys out there: don’t tell her she’s pretty; check out her photos instead. She rolls her eyes when guys tell her she’s hot because she knows exactly what they’re after. Seeing a boy like and comment on her picture gets her wet.

- she’s been very depressed and has been eating junk food as a way to cope with her feelings.

- says she’s realized that she’s chasing people away by going on her instastories and consoling about how depressed she is and wanting a boyfriend.

- says she needs to pull herself out of it and fall in love with the creativity again.

- after promising not to be negative she follows with a rant about how she’s reached 40,000 people on the apps since March and she still hasn’t met anyone; and that she’s clearly destined to be alone forever.

- proceeds to advertise herself as a creative for people to collab with. Wants to model
and shoot.

- says she’s so lonely that she puts on YouTube videos just to drown out her loneliness and depression. Apparently when she sits at home all she does is cry and cry her eyes out. She can’t listen to us if because all she has is love songs and they depress her.

- ends with a whole spiel about Taylor Swift’s new album and how she didn’t realize it was out.

No. 1020487

Why would anyone hire someone who doesn't even know how the settings work on their camera to do their wedding photos? I guess Heather's coworker doesn't give a shit about her wedding photos.

No. 1020501

Shower photos. And who says she's getting paid?

No. 1020512

Would love to be a fly on the wall at that bridal shower.. but I feel like we already know what she'd be like, obsessively talking about herself and only herself.

No. 1020545

File: 1597019460354.png (1.66 MB, 750x1334, 51DAC756-73CE-41BF-B734-CBB1EF…)

Heather checks in:

- bridal shower went great, but feels weird about asking people to smile and couldn’t figure out the settings to capture moving objects. Sure hope her friend has a backup photographer just in case.

- apparently she gets nervous driving through towns but not highways. She’s a pro on highways.

- found locations while driving thatbshebolns on visiting. Thought about stopping by on the way home but she “can’t see” during the afternoon? Such an odd excuse.

- reflects on the year hatbjas shaped her and credits her “Friends, job, and Capricorn traits” for getting her through it all. No mention of mommy because as we all know without her she’d really be “homeless.” Plus mom co-signed her car.

- realized that she wants to be a photographer even though she admits she knows nothing about photography.

- boasts about checking her phone after the bridal shower and seeing she got 1000 likes on tinder. But feels like nothing will manifest from that. Wants to go on a date but no one is interested, blah blah blah…same old story.

No. 1020556

She said she is doing the wedding photos for her wedding in a month.

No. 1020755

File: 1597059638798.png (613.74 KB, 750x1334, 53BE4DF1-ED98-4D58-AF08-377DF1…)

>>>”now I’m just listening to all the sounds of the nighttime insects…I just realized all the screaming is insects trying to get laid, but it’s very nice because I am also screaming and trying to get laid. But don’t get the wrong idea about me.”

No. 1020773

>I’m trying to get laid!

>I hate fuckboys who only want to have sex with me!

Figure out what you fucking want Heather. No wonder things aren’t going well, you make guys think you’re cool with casual sex and then get furious at them when they want it.

No. 1020954

>>1020501 Sup Heather! Moooooooooo(hi cow)

No. 1021130

Not Heather. I just had a hard time believing anyone would pick her for their wedding pictures. A simple google should warn them away.

No. 1021195

How can you even call yourself a photographer if you don’t even know how to photograph moving subjects? Thats one of the easiest things to learn. You literally just need a faster shutter speed. This girl is hopeless. DONT quit target, heather. Photography will never be your thing.

No. 1021304

It's so funny that she's doing someone's wedding photos. Like her co-worker probably heard her nattering on about how she's a photographer. And assumed she was legit. Because when she talks about it says photographer, not my hobby is ametuer photography. Can you imagine her showing her, her over-processed spooky pics LOL good luck

No. 1021307

File: 1597167738134.jpg (218.25 KB, 750x1334, 3069cd7e58cbe86c69cd4965fb23dc…)

>this is just be expressing my creativity. Do you like it?

I wonder if she'll spend the wedding complaining about being single and trying to pick up a Ryan.

No. 1021319

She's already put off editing the wedding shower pictures. It's hopeless, IMO. Now she's on ig stories, complaining that she woke up too late, and ruined her day off, and now she doesn't know where to go. Maybe get off rambling the same old annoying shit, and go somewhere! JFC! The person that she ran into at the park, where she was looking for the ghost pipe flowers (ofc she couldn't find them), gave her lots of suggestions, of places she would like…

No. 1021333

File: 1597170476278.png (1.3 MB, 750x1334, 37953D06-6398-4635-B921-DAEECD…)

Heather Rants:

- moaning and at the verge of crying because she woke up very late and can’t go out exporing like she planned to.

- tempted to glad to several locations but those would require a “partner” aka a Ryan, to drive her around because she has panic attacks while driving when she can’t figure out what lane to switch onto.

- she’s afraid of town roads but not much the highway, even though she shakes so much while on them.

- talked about a cemetery that she’s considering visiting because it’s where they filmed a horror movie. But andits she’s not interested in horror movies to begin with so she’s not invested in going.

-briefly complained about not having someone to share her adventures with.

- says that one reason she’s lagging it on restarting her YouTube career is because she finds it annoying having to dress up and wear make up for YouTube. Says thats what takes so much time out of her exploring days; puttingon pasty Halloween make up and dressing up like a killstar reject.

- complained about the exploring community and how no one wants to tell her where the good abandoned locations are.

- backtracked a bit after complaining about only photographing “boring” tombstones lately, saying the cemetery photography community has been the kindest to her in comparison to the exploring community (gee, I wonder why??).

- complains about a past Ryan who she explored with and shot great pictures with, but didn’t credit her for finding the house in the first place. Heather only took picture of the exterior but he ended up going back witthout her and photographed the inside.

- says that hurt ber because she feels connected to the Victorian era and says beibgbinside one would have been a “spiritual expeuerince” for her; and thatbfir Ryan to hide that from her was shitty.

- shits more on the exploring community and how her so called friends would withhold locations from her even when they knew she wanted to find places to explore.

- says she's shunned from the exploring community because of the drama her ex boyfriend got her in.

- admits she wants to start her YouTube channel because maybe then the exploring community will be interested in her again work with her because “there’s something in it for them.”

- >>>”I can’t get on a paranormal team, nobody wants to explore with me, nobody wants to fucking film with me… I just want to be part of a community again” (holding back tears here)

- moans about not wanting to be a nature photographer. Says people hate her for doing what she does; and people who do what she does also don’t like her. Says she just drives around alone and crying half the time because she’s a loner and doesn’t have a “soul tribe” to call her own.

No. 1021337

“no one wants to tell her where the good abandoned places are.”

Um. Girl. The whole point of Urbex is to find and discover these places on your OWN. You’re not exploring if you park right outside and walk in. Just go driving and explore a town or look on google maps or something. Omfg she really does half ass her ‘hobbies’ and fake it. What a poser.

No. 1021348

Deleting the stories as we speak because she found a place to explore. These mood swings of hers sure are soemthing.

No. 1021361

Also, it's a thing in urbex communities to keep locations quiet so people aren't going there and destroying the property.

Why does she have a fight with one person from a community and think that the entire community is against her? There are thousands of urbex and exploring communities out there but no, one little fight and her dreams and hobbies are destroyed.

No. 1021392

I don’t get why she’s so hung up on being with a group. Tell someone where you’ll be, get some pepper spray, turn your gps to no highways and go somewhere already. For such an independent woman she acts like a spooky boyfriend is a prerequisite for having a life.

No. 1021472

She says she’s tough and if anyone tries to mess with “this pretty short blonde” she’ll kick their ass. But in the same breath she laments not having a group or boyfriend to go with.

No. 1021567

Whose fault is that? Honestly? People have tried to be her friend but as soon as she can’t use them, she ditches them. It’s nobody’s fault but her own that she has no friends. Or a boyfriend.

No. 1021601

File: 1597202724159.png (1.37 MB, 750x1334, 150CB94B-78BF-4D8A-BDA6-62BAB8…)

Heather checks in:

- cemetery trip was a success apparently. Says there’s nothing quite like coming home to edit photos from new adventures. Meanwhile isn’t she suppose to finish editing her friends bridal shower photos?

- apparently she went to Sheetz to grab a bite to eat (guess that diet is no more) and she accidentally drove into the exit lane and got honked at by someone exiting.

- revealed she’s afraid that she’ll end up driving into incoming traffic because it’s happened a few times already.

- made it abundantly clear that she doesn’t need someone to help her get around, but still wants to have a companion to share her adventures with. Says she’ll do the driving and pay for everything as long as she has someone to share with. At this point she should just pay a male escort for the boyfriend experience.

- a tinge or depression hit her on her way back home and cried most of the way. Says she feels the empty space next to her and it hits her that she’ll be forever alone.

- plans to go to Ohio or Gettysburg next week and try to link up with friends there.

-goes on a rant about how she love bloc and white photography, how it sher passion, and she finds color “superficial” whereas black and white is more emotional.

- doesn’t like color because she had to be a colorful person for years and the black and white firs with how she is now (in other words an emotional wreck)

No. 1021729

File: 1597237394575.png (1.53 MB, 750x1334, E60E4194-2074-4B2D-B7C2-B5351C…)

Heather unloads yet again.

- states her instastories scare people off.

- “whenever I’m alone the ghosts of my past haunt me…”

- she edits photos because it’s therapeutic. Claims she “tries to put memories or feelings into each edit.”

- feels hopeless, like an alien who will always be alone.

- thinks she could have fucked things up with potential guys by being so emotional and erratic through her instastories.

- “feels like the beginning of this year was the beginning of my life. I can’t really remember anything before the end of 2019.”

- feels lazy when it comes to filming formyputube because it takes so much time to set up. spends two hours on hair and make up and and has to be perfect whereas with photography she can just half ass it.

- regrets that her journey has to be a lonely one. Comes to regret “walking away from the crowd.”

- “I’ve come to accept that I’m too much for everyone. I’m eitner too much or not enough”

- dating apps are hopeless. She “thousands upon thousands upon thousands upon thousands upon thousands” of likes every time she changes her location, but nothing comes of it.

- spends a lot of time refreshing her feed on insta in the hopes of someone will want to talk to her.

- goes from “I can take care of myself” to crying and saying that “emotionally and spiritually my soul needs that special someone.”

- remembers that a year ago when she started working at Target she was so happy that she finally had human interaction that she cried most of the day and on her way back home, even in the offices when she expressed how happy she was.

- for years her social interactions have been via text or talking to a camera. Hence why she comes off as a narcissist.

- “ I know Instagram stories makes it seem otherwise but I really am a very nice, loving caring person.”

- says she's made peace with people from her past she’s had trouble with. Says she’s not the person she was a year ago and handled things better.

No. 1021731

Girl, go to therapy, you're clearly not well. Does she read these threads?

No. 1021738

literally this. she needs to talk to a mental health professional. I haven’t been in this thread in months but I swear to god all I see is her cry about how fucking lonely she is all the time.

No. 1021771

I like how she thinks it's her Instagram stories that scare people off. Honey, that's your real personality. They are going to see it eventually. You are just saving them a bit of time.

No. 1021810

I haven't check on here in a minute but omg she's still posting crying videos? This girl really doesn't get it. Crying your way on instagram is not going to get you a dude. Crying your way on instagram doesn't make you a model that someone would want to work with.

I literally showed her stories to two of my guy friends who know nothing about her and you know what they said? "Thats someone you run far away from. Thats not even a hit it and quit it, that's run the fuck away crazy "

She has no idea how bad she looks. She doesn't get how stupid she looks. It oozes desperation, and guys can see that a mile a way. This is why guys run from her. She's fuckin nuts.

No. 1021827

and she thinks somehow she’s going to snag a guy while obviously being lonely and miserable. I really wish she’d see a therapist, she has such warped ideas about human relationships it’s not even funny,

No. 1022184

Ha her making peace with people from the past is BULL. She screwed me over and never peace with me. Shes just saying that to make herself feel better, just like everything she does is to make herself feel better. She is narcissistic to the bone.

No. 1022235


That's because Heather can never do anything wrong. It's everyone else who keeps fuckin things up, not heather! Its been two years and she repeats the same pattern over and over. Notice there aren't anymore girls in the picture? Mommy bought her a car so no need for girlfriends anymore. She's gone through every boy in her local area. Karma is a bitch, and heather is recording that for us.

That's what you get for screwing your actual loyal friends over.

No. 1022267


"doesn’t like color because she had to be a colorful person for years and the black and white firs with how she is now (in other words an emotional wreck)"

So she's saying that she was FORCED to wear colorful clothes (by whom exactly lol?), confirming that her days of dressing up kawaii style was in fact FAKE. The "look" she had claimed at the time was her true self, that she'd wanted colorful fantasy hair for years was in fact a lie because someone was actually making her dress that way. Crazy talk. She's put her mouth in it yet again. She contradicts herself so much no one is going to legitimately believe anything she says. That includes anyone watching her on youtube because she's most likely being fake again and later we will learn she was forced to reject colorful clothes and that she had to wear predominately black and white clothing. Only when she's gets professional help will she possibly be able to change her life around. Without addressing her unhealthy obsession and reliance on men and social media in general, she's just going round in circles alienating those that get close to her.

No. 1022463

File: 1597341956390.jpeg (564.01 KB, 2048x2048, ABA5587F-748D-4793-ADCC-3546F2…)

No. 1022599

I love how she's pretending like she has no social life and a boyfriend by choice, even when she was crying on her stories about she hated being alone the day before.

>making money

She wishes lmao

No. 1022786

Updated curio shelf tour. Pretty much the same as recent curio shelf tour.

How is that whole "not being defined by objects" thing going Heather?

No. 1022938

I love when she goes on one of her big redundant whiny rants, to the point where she ends up deleting it. Then the next day, she posts selfies, with text, saying the same thing. As if, it's any better, LOL. Also, the frequency of her lonely whiny rants, has increased. Usually she could go off once, or twice weekly. The big one from the other day, she rambled about the same thing three times, in the same day. She really needs to talk to a therapist.

No. 1023077

I remember someone on here mentioning how killstar wasn’t practical so she should get doc martins.. and here we are.

No. 1023111


didn't she diss people who wear doc martens a while ago? what a turd

No. 1023140

File: 1597453679396.jpg (76.31 KB, 828x1484, only-fans-heather.jpg)

One step closer to starting an Only Fans

No. 1023265

Does she think this is a good pic of her? I think Heather is pretty but she looks like such a gremlin here

No. 1023268

She’s just mad she can’t afford them.

No. 1023278

She would be better off doing but she’s too lazy to put effort into it and she would just turn it into a personal diary like she does to instagram.

The photo is a screenshot from a video so anon probably took the screenshot while she was mid-speech and it made her look weird

No. 1023379

She bought a pair yesterday and spent 45 minutes talking about them on her instastories yesterday.

and yes the boob picture was from her stories too.

No. 1023431

Yikes Wonder if she’s trying to attract someone specific kek. a new Ryan in her sights, perhaps?

No. 1023432

Nitpick. — And of course she bought the cheaper kind because her working a day or two a week isn’t enough to get the actually-nice-leather kind.

No. 1023498

I was curious so I went to Payless.com. She spent $100 not $90. If you go on Dr martens site, you can get genuine leather ones for $75. Lolb

No. 1023534

Most people will be turned off by expecting porn and getting a hysterically sobbing woman talking about how clingy she is and how she really want some other guys dick.

But maybe she'll find a niche audience who's into that kind of thing. It's a big internet. It might finally be a job she's qualified for.

No. 1023635

File: 1597552007421.png (1.05 MB, 750x1334, 042992DC-7B6F-41E9-8995-1B73A4…)

- looking for “serious” people who would be willing to go exploring with her because she’s too scared and uncomfortable going to abandoned locations alone.

-goes without saying….guys only.

- at work all she tbinkis about is how she wishes she had a boyfriend that would travel with her and have adventures.

- also she gets anxiety when she hears couples arguing in the store becaus etjat was her life at one point.

- “most people don’t interest me. I feel like I fall in love with interesting people. Unique people, people who are passionate. And most people don’t interest me. They’re just boring, and I think that’s also a reason why I’m single.”

- doesn’t believe that there isn’t somebody out there for her. Says that he exists and that at night she wishes him, whoever and wherever he is, goodnight.

- “so I just wanted to say goodnight and I love you tk whiever this soul is tha I’m connected to by an invisible string is. I love you so much and I have so much love to give you. And I can’t wait to see you, and snuggle you, and kiss you and shower younwoth the affection you deserve. And we’re goinb to make so many memories in this lifetime together. I love you.”

- cannot see herself being into someone who isn’t into photography. It’s her passion and it should be his as well.

- super hard to date photographers because their either super hot and taken, unapproachable because they have a flock of girls to pick from, or assholes.

- all the apps have are guys that are boring because they like beer.

- “what the fuck is wrong with me that I can’t get a boyfriend right now??? Why do I have to go through all these trials and suffering?”

- “I am looking for someone who takes pictures and is crazy for me!”

No. 1023637

>>- looking for “serious” people who would be willing to go exploring with her because she’s too scared and uncomfortable going to abandoned locations alone.

Doesn't want to travel alone out of fear but willing to travel with a complete stranger to an abandoned site. Heather logic will get her killed.

No. 1023638

god damn shes deranged and deluded. she needs a therapist

No. 1023653

I wonder if we will reach chris chan levels of delusion when it comes to her own personal "love quest". She is already wishing her nonexistent sweetheart goodnight.

No. 1023714

Already deleted it!

No. 1023733

Full on imaginary boyfriend levels. Hope any potential Ryans see this!

>Are you the guy I've been saying goodnight to every night?

There's a red flag for you.

No. 1023740

Probably that photographer guy that drove her to Pittsburgh a few weeks ago. They’re “friends.”

No. 1023746

The blond guy? No, she said they had nothing in common and she wasn't into him. He ended up hooking up with one of Heathers coworkers and she was pissed. She cried and was so mad even though she wasn't interested in him and told him that. So she called him a scumbag loser and ended their friendship.

No. 1023799

So, she doesn’t want to sleep with these guys, doesn’t want them at all, FRIENDZONES THEM, and still expects them to cling to her and not have sex with other women? Tf. If they’re just friends then it shouldn’t matter. But, oh wait, they’re not her friends. She just uses them for whatever she needs them for.

No. 1023837

She wants the girlfriend treatment from every man even if she isn't into them.

No. 1024047

On live just now and she was asked by a viewer where Timmy was, and she said that he’s with Adam and his girlfriend because she was basically homeless and couldn’t take care of Timmy. She said that she had to detach herself from Timmy and her possessions because they were used to control her in her old life.

No. 1024052

ty for summary anon
this is legit sad, and more than a little scary.
everyone knows what it's like to really want a partner, and to feel lonely being single. but this is total obsession. this kind of thing would scare the aboslute bejeezus out of any and all potential suitors (who are not complete psychopaths or semi-retarded). i just … i agree with all who say she needs professional help. this is too, too far.

No. 1024094

File: 1597640635202.jpg (713.33 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200817-010203_Ins…)

Here we go with the fuckin cry me a river pictures, the "look at me and feel sorry for me"

You know why know man wants you?
This: this is exactly why. You are DESPERATE AND CLINGY. Stop this shit already, it's not attractive.

No. 1024096

File: 1597640781580.jpg (639.94 KB, 1282x2280, 20-08-17-01-06-29-543_deco.jpg)

Really? And you added a sparkle next to your tear? Her mindset is stuck at a 12 year old age…

No. 1024122

I thought Hagther was vegan, and now she be buying leather shoes?

No. 1024139

She’s starting to sound like PT with her “why am I old and white” rants. Genuinely delusional.

No. 1024228

This might be her way of trying to not realize that she regret leaving her husband for someone else. She left a relationship thinking there would be someone new there instantly for here, she needs either help or a realitycheck from her family

No. 1024232

We don't really know what her mother is like at all, do we? I'm not counting Heather's word (she's abusive! she's pro-Trump! she wants me dead!) for anything.
The only thing I'm sure isn't a lie is that Heather's mom raises chickens.

No. 1024235

File: 1597661797361.jpg (568.2 KB, 1079x1350, Screenshot_20200817-065016_Ins…)

Nitpick- Wtf is with the 80's side pony?? Does she not see that she looks like a deranged overgrown toddler?? Especially with those crazy eyes more defined by the hideous glasses….

No. 1024237

I think this looks way better than her usual, in fact this is the only pic I've seen where she looks cute

No. 1024243

the sparkle is just from the filter

I don't think she regrets leaving Adam. It's pretty obvious that she has some sort of mental disorder that makes her codependent af and unable to be alone. I do agree that her family needs to stop enabling her. When Adam kicked her out she immediately got a job, learned how to drive and bought a car. She's able to actually be an adult but she will only do it if it's her only option.

I wouldn't be surprised if she didn't have a great family life (the apple doesn't fall far from the tree) but I also wouldn't be surprised if she exaggerated how awful she is. She often dramatises things and categorises people as evil if they do anything other than kiss her ass.

No. 1024359

File: 1597682463274.png (1.63 MB, 750x1334, 326F883B-B84B-4601-83F0-9A3C6D…)

Some highlights from her live last night:

- for the most part she was advertising herself as a likely exploring buddy for anyone interested.

- bitched about how she’s shunned by the exploring community because they won’t share any locations for her.

-miner extensively about the apps, wanting a boyfriend, etc. basically a typical heather rant.

-bitched about how she has haters and that she doesn’t care because she’s living her life and has so much going for her now.

- on her rnusic taste: she likes anything that will make her feel something. More feminine music like Taylor Swift, Halsey, and birthday massacre is her favorite band of all time. Says she doesn’t have to listen to just one genre of music to fit a particular label because that’s so boring.

- relates to butterflies because she feels like she’s now a full blown butterfly; free of everything. Plans on getting an entire arm sleeve full of butterflies.

- showed off her “works/editingbsoce” and it’s a clutter of her own prints.

- thinking about creating merch using her photos, if not pillows if people are interested.

-talked about Halloween and how she’s going to decorate her room for it. Plans on buying decor from michaels that is a mix of feminine and spooky: ie pastel colored skulls. Looks like she’s inching back into pastels.

- when asked about Timmy she said she had to detach and abandon him because he was a link to her past life and she wanted to start new.

No. 1024360

So wait, does she have any tattoos?

No. 1024362

Nope. She’s said in the past that she found them tacky. This was before her witchy phase of course.

No. 1024366

Forgot to add that she boasted about how the one good thing she got out of her Instagram boyfriend from a while back who ghosted her out of the blue was that he taught her what programs to use to edit.

which just confirms what we all knew: she uses these guys to get something out of them.

No. 1024371

I would LOVE for her to attempt a sleeve, without having gotten a tattoo before. I wanna see that loooooool

No. 1024377

She talks about how great her life is when yesterday she was crying about not being enough. She needs serious psychological help.

I doubt she sets out to use them to learn but it highlights how lazy she is. Photography is her passion and saved her life but she won't bother to use all of the free or cheap tutorials available online. She'd rather wait until someone else terribly teaches her how to edit them. You can tell she didn't build on what chase taught her to learn more because her photos have the similar over-edited look like Chase's photos except more amateurish.

No. 1024385

Thanks for taking one for the team, anon. I look forward to her getting tattoos. She is so indecisive that she will undoubtedly hate them after a while.

No. 1024410

She did also mention something about taking courses for photography but because of her GED issues and money she can’t. Which is why she prefers collaborating with other artists because she learns through them.

No. 1024419

Any community college will accept a GED. She’s just lazy.

No. 1024424

Exactly. Plus she could easily get financial aid based on her financial situation at the moment. It all comes down to laziness and her being used to getting everything handed to her.

No. 1024455

she could even do an online course that doesn't require a GED and they're fairly cheap and for basic stuff like how to shoot objects in motion she could learn for free on the internet. I don't understand the point of her spending hundreds on a camera and then not learning how to use basic functions. She probably thinks an expensive camera means she's a real photographer and that it will make her photos look great when I've seen people take better pictures with their phone.

No. 1024457

File: 1597693636597.png (2.77 MB, 640x1136, 6B23D286-3997-4944-A032-893DA8…)

She bought lockets, for when her soul mate comes along. So that they can wear each other’s hair.

No. 1024460

She's nothing but a giant red flag at this point.

No. 1024469

File: 1597694790447.png (1.52 MB, 750x1334, 92DB7BB8-BD13-4519-AEA7-B05D81…)

“Side note, I’m really looking to get into modeling so if anyone wants to take my picture please let me know. I would love to work with someone. I have so many ideas cool ideas, but all I take is self portraits.”

No. 1024504

So in her latest rant, Heather is yet again going on about dating apps and mentions she met the love of her life two years ago and lost him twice. Which Ryan was this? I can't keep track anymore.

No. 1024506

Ryan Z.

No. 1024508

File: 1597699066462.jpeg (154.45 KB, 640x1136, 89FBABDC-6160-4996-8DAC-C56649…)

There were a few potential new Ryans on her live yesterday…

No. 1024509

File: 1597699165466.jpeg (131.16 KB, 640x1136, E92D072D-444E-4512-A92D-2B677F…)

No. 1024510

Thank you!

No. 1024511

>>followed and then un followed
Seems like a Heather move.

No. 1024518

File: 1597700432941.png (1.52 MB, 750x1334, 127D2F5A-DDD5-444E-A15E-2CE854…)

- asking for advice on what other dating apps to try. She’s on two and none of them have been fruitful in finding any Ryan’s.

- confirms bag she is indeed “throwing money” at these apps to get the full features.

- met “the man of her dreams” in tinder two years ago and lost him twice. (Ryan Z?)

- desperate enough for a guy that she is willing to drive to a different state just to meet up. So much for letting the guy do the chasing.

- says that her last boyfriend broke up with her because of her (crazy/obsessive/clingy) personality but also because of the distance between them (they live 50 min apart).

- “the guys on my area gross, they’re fuckboys, and I hate them.”

- deleted Facebook dating this morning after trying it out for 8 hours last nights. Says all she attracted were creepers.

- Says okcupid was stupid and that she dated one guy last November that was a weirdo.

- tried Hinged but it was boring: “theres just normal guys there and when they see me they’re like, eewww wtf?”

- hasn’t tried match[dot]com: “I am legit willing to pay a matchmaker at this point.”

- says that is fucks with her head when she sees these guys who have used and discarded her move on very quickly.

- on not finding anyone: “I don’t understand. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Why do I have to change? I’ve come so far…”

- “I’m Heather! I’m the girl who cried in the bathtub for two hours last night while texting a friend.”

- there’s a guy who was going to date her but changed his mind. Has praised her for being healthy and looking good and Heather has asked him to just date her then. But he still says no.

- “I might cry a little bit and then I’m going to hit the road.”

- says that thebjbstagrma issies she’s been havingbwith stories botnloodnh are her guides telling her to shut the hell up and not make an ass of herself.

No. 1024524

jfc, heather is a literal incel

No. 1024575

Jesus fucking christ is it just me or is she getting crazier and crazier? I also don't understand what was so great about Ryan Z?

No. 1024593

That's fucking insane. She's really getting worse and needs help.

It's not you. She hooked up with Ryan Z right as her marriage was really ending. He wasn't the Ryan that broke up her and Adam but he was the Ryan that was there when the split became serious. She was hoping to transition from Adam to Ryan Z. That's why she mod er lled her whole personality around him, with the exploring and the wardrobe change etc. So when that Ryan broke up with her, the future she had planned kind of collapsed. She frll into a manless hole, which is the worst thing she can imagine for some reason. And she burned down her cutesy image for him.

No. 1024662

>says that thebjbstagrma issies she’s been havingbwith stories botnloodnh

We appreciate all the recaps you do but damn please spell check before you post, it's getting so bad that I don't even know what you're trying to say anymore.

No. 1024784


She deleted the stories about the creepy hair filled lockets so maybe she realized how insane she sounded. Heather went on an adventure tonight to a cemetery where she found a shiny new pinecone she is excited about.

Also, I somehow managed to translate what anon said here but I do agree that it is really hard to understand with all of the typos.

>says that thebjbstagrma issies she’s been havingbwith stories botnloodnh

is "says that the Instagram issues she's been having with stories not loading"

No. 1024820

Oh God, yes. So sorry about that! I’m typing these as fast as I can because we all know how Heather Iikes to delete them as soon as she posts. If this platform had the option to edit our posts I could have easily corrected it. Or if I had any clue how to record these that would save me the trouble as well. I will do better in the future.

Anyway as the anon that followed you said what I was trying to articulate is that Heather thinks that all of the Instagram issues she has been having with her stories not loading are her guides somehow intervening for her best interest.

No. 1024891

Totally understandable. She does delete shit almost instantly so it makes sense. You can get a screen recording app and upload the recordings, but it is a little involved so most people don't bother.

No. 1024896

for what it’s worth I got a good chuckle out of that garbled last line.

No. 1025008

Spelling aside, we really do appreciate the recaps. Thanks for taking one for the team anon.

No. 1025087

File: 1597752302753.png (1.12 MB, 750x1334, F3320F45-0B6A-450E-8E6F-10D720…)

Sage because it’s nothing we haven’t heard from her so many times already.

“ Sometimes I wonder if I’m legit cursed because someone will date me or talk to me for a week and then they’re gone. It must be something I’m doing, it must be something that’s terribly wrong with me for no one to stick around or to be in my life or to be around me and I don’t understand what I do wrong.”

“A couple of months ago I dated this guy on Instagram. And we would edit photos together for hours, and he taught me how to take pictures. And that was so wonderful to have. And then he got distant and some shit happened and he ghosted me. And I just don’t understand how we went from falling asleep on the phone together every night to now it’s like we never knew each other.”

“Why am I so forgettable? Why am I so easy to discard? Why am I not enough? I’ll never understand.”

No. 1025092

She's definitely talking about ChaseRyan there, that one was a whirlwind of lovebombing on each other posts.

No. 1025109

Heather, he was into you before he Googled you. It's as simple as that. You're a mentally unstable emotional leech. Besides, dudes only stick their dick into crazy if thay crazy is hot. You look like a frumpy middle aged handbag.

No. 1025155

>Sometimes I wonder if I’m legit cursed
>It must be something I’m doing
Yeah heather, it's the second one lol. She just has to take that little bit of self awareness, the tiniest bit of reality that's peeking in..and then mix it in with talk of having a curse following her.. so close and yet so far.

No. 1025166

Might be because of spending hours doing x every day, it's a lot of time to take out of anyone's day

All relationships are about happily coexisting, not draining from the other person like an emotional vampire. She genuinely needs a hobby rather than expect a love interest to be her main source of entertainment.

No. 1025212

Random question, does Heather have any girlfriends or platonic friends she can just talk to? I'm guessing not based on her relationship drama but I'm curious.

No. 1025222

No. She's had a few in the past. But she drove them all away by being Heather. And she seems to view other women as either not useful to her, or competition.

She claims to have "friends" now but it kind of just sounds like they're her colleagues who occasionally feel sorry for her.

No. 1025418

File: 1597793490149.png (1.52 MB, 750x1334, 8C741BCA-3D41-44FB-A0CD-EE8468…)

- drove to West Virginia today and faced construction detours along the highway. Feels that since she made it past that alright she can now drive through Pittsburgh on her own.

- arrived to the “graffiti castle” location to reshoot. It’s the sight where she and one of the many Ryan’s would explore.

- Had a dream about her ex last night where she wanted to hug him and he was like, “uh, no.” So instead she told him thank you, and that she’s a better person because of what she went through with him. Feels now that she’s let go of thy relationship now.

- Does a “bunch of self reflection and self portraits in the graffiti castle.” And by self reflection she means taking pictures of random spray painted broken hearts, flowers, and “love doesn’t exist/fuck feelings” quotes all over the place.

- Also recorded herself running up and down the staircase.

- Moves on to her “favorite cemetery,” Mountwood Cemetery, where she claims she saw a real ghost and a statue growl at her.

- Brought her vlog camera and feels she should record, but passes on that because she needs to “reflect” some more and take pictures; ie she didn’t get all spooky glam so there’s no point in vlogging

- Lots of footage of her huffing and puffing up a steep hill.

- On her ghost encounter: “I saw a curtain appear and disappear” in the middle of some gravestones. Brought her spirit box in the hopes of catching something.

- Randomly in front of a mausoleum she gives us a TedTalks: “I may have lost him, but I found my way back to myself and in the end that’s all that really matters. I feel like the universe puts us on a course to meet certain people that are going to shape our lives. And then we lose them. But we didn’t just waste our time, we gained so much more. We learn self love, we learn lessons. We go to new places. We break out of our comfort zone and we heal. And I think I’m finally healed.”

- “A long time ago I was in love with a boy who showed me the magic of adventure. Who showed me that if I quit being so damn scared of everything I could make incredible experiences. I met him around the time that I decided to change my life. The time that I started taking pictures. The time that I grew some self love. And I’ll never forget this place (mountwood cemetery) and I’ll never forget that night here and that next morning here. And I know that I have so many incredible places and people to meet. And that just because one story ends doesn’t mean shit: it’s the start of a whole new one. It’s the start of MY story. MY adventures, Heather Explores. And I’m going to take YOU guys along in this journey.”

- “I’ll never be forget this land where I fell in love with adventure. Where I fell in love with everything I do. Where I fell in love with the person who embodied everything I love. I’ll never forget this place, and I’m really ducking happy I came back and let myself heal and come back and now I can enjoy it again. It doesn’t matter who it makes me think of because when I’m here all I can think of is, Wow amazing cemetery! It’s so beautiful! I’m so excited to come back with a new lens and take new pictures of it and make my own adventure. And this will always be my adventure. I’ll never have to push this memory at the back of my head because of a boy I loved or anything like that and I’m so happy I came here today. It’s just the beginning.”

- “One thing I learned in the past two years is that just because you had one bad chapter doesn’t mean your entire life is over.sometimes things are set into motion in those earlier chapters and those events will shape the future later. So don’t let one bad chapter make you think your life is over. I completely reset my life. I found the courage, worked hard each day and I’m not where I was a year ago. Just like I said in my dream last night, I’m not where I was a year ago and I’m so grateful for it. And I’m so grateful that I can come here and not cry and I was able to get myself here. So one bad chapter doesn’t define your whole story, it’s not over it’s just beginning. You can start again. I love you.”

No. 1025440

File: 1597796403660.jpeg (653.4 KB, 2048x2048, 88D7963F-A793-4382-9B65-F536B3…)

Crying in her car:

- Looks back to a year ago when she reconnected with someone she cared about (Ryan Z.) and a group of friends that she wanted to spend Halloween with in Moundsville.
- She was taking driving lessons and strove hard to take as many lessons to pass the exam so she could drive down to hang out with them.
- She passed on the first try, but didn’t get to go down to Moundsville because she exploded on them when she found out that Ryan really wasn’t into Heather in the same way she was of him. Basically went crazy on them and they all distanced themselves from her.
- Ended up spending Halloween alone, but it’s ok because it was the beginning of her healing.
- Has a full on, ugly crying breakdown about losing her love, friends, about how coming back to the graffiti castle and cemetery was traumatic for her, and how all of that has allowed her to finally heal and lead her to her passion of photography.
- Rehashes the whole narrative about her family disowning her and hating her for her creepy aesthetic as a teen and how she used color and cute stuff because the rejection she got was too painful.
- Nov. 2018 with her first Urbex video and photos sparked her interest again and meeting Ryan Z. who “embodied everything she loved” opened her up to new adventures “a long with another boy (Ryan #3).
- “Today showed me that I must moved forward, but that it’s good to face things”
- She has learned how to be happy alone and find joy in photography (starts to really break down at this point.)
- “I’m coming back to Youtube”
- “I’m not the girl I was a year ago; I’m better. I’m so much more mature. I have my priorities straight I have life skills. I can go on adventures alone”
- “I’m never letting anyone hurt me again. Or use me or treat me like I’m second place and they’re just waiting for their ex girlfriend to take them back.”
- “So yeah I’m fucking crazy like everyone else says. I fall in love with boys and beg break my heart. And I’m ‘crazy’ because how dare I get attached to them, right? But you know what? I love being crazy. Being crazy with passion, crazy for life, crazy for self love. And the love I have inside of me is nothing to be ashamed of. I put it into my photos, but someday I’ll put it into the right person. But for now I’m giving it all to myself.”
- “the Nightmare is over and now is time for the butterfly to spread her wings and see this world. So its a long dark dream in that cocoon, but she’s ready to fly and see all the pretty flowers.”

No. 1025477

Ive never actually seen one of her ugly cry rants because she always deletes them before I get a chance but I did catch this one and damn… I didn’t fully understand it was THAT bad… at this point I’m legitimately putting out the intention in the universe that she gets professional help. “Praying” whatever you want to call it. I really and truly hope she does because jfc

No. 1025527

File: 1597806319293.jpg (863.67 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200818-225833_Ins…)

I don't get it. I don't understand how someone can cry so much on instagram and think it's ok. She must really not have anyone to talk to because this is a continuous pattern for her to do.

It's ok to be happy and proud to see how far you have come. But to constantly cry and post it on instagram? That's a problem. She is ALWAYS crying. She really needs help. She has a lot of emotional baggage she has to work through and she can't do it by herself.

She'll never establish a healthy relationship with anyone if she can't establish a healthy relationship with herself

No. 1025541

File: 1597807956063.jpeg (680.25 KB, 750x1188, 2C13BDE1-6495-4EC2-88C9-613612…)

No. 1025543

Anon you are amazing with these recaps! That lower left pic of her is hilarious.

Usually, her ugly crying rants are sad so this one is different.

This bitches emotions are wilder than a rollercoaster and I can't get enough.

No. 1025567

She needs medication

No. 1025583

I wonder if she is on hormonal contraception? That led to me constantly crying for no reason. (But y'know silently and hidden, not recorded on Instagram live)
Taylor R recently had a bout of depression over her grandpa dying which was more likely because of taking hormone shots for IVF.

If so, quit that shit Heather, this is not healthy. If not, I agree with this anon >>1025477
Crying every day like this is not normal at all. Like that should be 1. on the list of things to fix, she does not need another Ryan right now.

No. 1025584

I suspect not because she expects said friends to be a therapist for 2 hours a day, just like she expects her boyfriend to be. People have lives and can't put that much time into another human who isn't their literal child.

No. 1025662

No because according to her when she was on the pill due to her menstrual issues she really became “crazy” and “emotional” and had to stop taking it.

No. 1025664

Nah, she’s said before that she tried birth control and won’t try it again because it ‘made her fat and sad’ kek

No. 1025714

Sometimes she comes close to getting it, and then she suddenly loops back around to—I don’t need to change! I just need to embrace my emotions and find the right guy who will love how unstable—I mean, passionate I am! Gurl you’re gonna be looking for a long time.

No. 1025741

How “special” was this love for Ryan Z. when at the same time as she was pinning for him she was juggling still being married to Adam AND going out with Ryan #3?

No. 1025752

Wasn't that Damien?

No. 1025781

Ryan Z came about when her marriage with Adam had end (I don’t think they were divorced yet just not really together). Damian/Ryan #3 came into the picture after Ryan Z left her for the first time. When she was with Damian she was still obviously in love with Ryan but she kept be alone so she stuck with Damian and he was also going to move in with her so she thought probably thought she would let him take care of her. All her boyfriends from the point she dated Ryan Z seem to be her trying to replace him. Every time she describes her ideal man she described him. She’s still obsessed with him after he made it clear he’s not interested in her and despite him being the closest to a fuckboy out of all of her boyfriends.

No. 1025808

Yeah. The only one she showed even the remotest enthausiasm for since then was that dude who looked like malnourished Herman Munster. Clay? And even that soon wore off.

No. 1025811

I am pretty sure there was a Ryan before Ryan Z. Some older business type of guy with a youtube channel - Ryan Snefsky.