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File: 1581049398510.png (3.5 MB, 1512x1512, 1579459922569.png)

No. 929121

First Thread >>738758
Second Thread >>836614
Third Thread >>871951
Fourth Thread >>892447

Heather Steele is a former retro toy collecting and Fairy Kei fashion Youtuber who, at the end of 2018, decided to have a major meltdown and turned all her social media into a public diary. She began cheating on her allegedly abusive husband, and re-wrote herself as some sort of pop Victorian goth and witchy explorer. She got incredibly defensive of her sudden change. In her defensiveness– which she vaguely admitted was to win the affections of a man– she threw a lot of her supporters under the bus, has been unreasonably cocky and aggressive with a lot of people including former friends, and distorted the criticisms (which were towards her overall behavior) into a narrative claiming everyone is just attacking her for her fashion and hobby choices.

She has a history of incredibly self-focused and self-destructive behavior. Over the past year, she has wildly flipped between “I’m a strong woman and I don’t need to validate myself” to having public meltdowns on social media, only to delete them within an hour. Despite this, she denies she’s mentally ill and attacks the mere notion she needs help, once again using the “people hate me because I’m goth now” narrative.

Heather has alienated herself from all her old friends, but continues to act like everyone was just a bad person and she’s a victim who fled from a terrible life. She used and manipulated several people in her life, and spent her 20s being a homebody mooch, then went on to claim she was “living in a hellhole with an abusive husband” in order to garner pity for a Gofundme and claim she was going to be homeless. She is now living back at home with her parents and has a job and a car, but continues all her usual crazy and continues putting all her energy towards seeking approval from “boys” and her followers.

She has tried to start up her Youtube channel again, but doesn’t seem to have any consistent plans despite claiming otherwise.

Other characters (because the “Ryans” can get confusing)
>Adam: Heather’s ex husband. Not a stellar person himself, cheated and lied too, but Heather seems to exaggerate the “abuse”. Funded her and bought her gifts. Dating since 2012, engaged 2016, divorced 2019.
>Adam’s new gf: “Hates Heather”, according to Heather. Heather used the new girlfreind’s visit to springboard into a breakdown about how she was in danger and going to be homeless.
>Ryan 1: Motivational Youtuber. Heather latched onto him and he apparently tried to help the dysfunctional couple by suggesting Heather seek therapy. Eventually they both threw him to the dogs.
>Ryan 2: Ryan Z. Urbex’er whom Heather latched onto and physically stalked several times by using other people for rides. Met up again Oct 2019, Heather posted some cutesy things, and in less than a day those posts were removed and she put him on blast.
>Ryan 3: Short-lived gamer boy met through Tinder.
>Damian: On-off Urbex boyfriend. Eventually put him on blast after their 500th breakup.
>Ryan 4: Craig. Graveyard photographer Heather briefly dated, but they appear to still be friends.
>Ryan 5: Clay. Alleged new boyfriend?
>Juliet/Dera: Former friend who put Heather on a pedastal. Heather took advantage of this and used Heather to stalk Ryan 2 Jan 2019. Car ended up in a ditch and they’re not longer friends. Juliet has come out to explain what happened and reflect on it.
>Sisters: Younger and older. Moved out to Cali where she met Adam at the start of the last decade under claims her elder sister was trying to kill her.
>Parents: Claimed her parents wouldn’t take her in because they voted Trump. Is now living with them, but doesn’t admit to it.

No. 929138

File: 1581050896213.png (1.52 MB, 896x1552, sss.png)

they are still together

No. 929139

File: 1581050981543.jpg (147.18 KB, 1080x1920, 82905882_483218072571074_36432…)

No. 929144

Wow…he looks so happy.

No. 929146

>Heather took advantage of this and used Juliet to stalk Ryan 2 Jan 2019. Car ended up in a ditch and they’re no longer friends.
Excuse the typos. I wrote this up fast.

>the contrast between her smiling and him looking 200% dead inside.

She went from happy, to meltdown, to happy again, and likely only because she went on a date. But she's clearly not mentally ill.

Yeah, there was another shot but he kinda just had an awkward shit-eating toothless grin.

No. 929150

File: 1581052891754.png (1.56 MB, 870x1546, smile.png)

>>Yeah, there was another shot but he kinda just had an awkward shit-eating toothless grin.

here it is for those interested in seeing his smile

No. 929152

he just looks confused in this one, like Ashton Kutcher and a camera crew burst out of a vintage ottoman

No. 929189

That’s not even a smile. He doesn’t like selfies, being treated like a trophy, or his love life being publicized, but he also isn’t one to speak up. Wonder what Heather would do if she found out he still lurks his ex’s social media.

No. 929219

I dont know what looks worse, her dress or his face? Both equally are ugly as fuck

No. 929228

A mom taking out her special needs son to the mall. How cute.

No. 929270


>Adam’s New Gf:

Fun facet to this part of the tale:

Apparently, when this ‘went down’ Heather suddenly pulled the ‘I’m your wife not her. I belong in that apartment and she doesn’t. She needs to leave.’

So, what makes me lol the most about this is that Adam is ‘so abusive’ until heather realizes she’s been replaced, and now suddenly she wants to play wifey again, rather than taking this opportunity to ‘escape her abuse.’ This is why I do not believe she was ever actually in any danger. Thoughts…?

No. 929272

Replying to myself because I forgot to add: Also, I’m still trying to figure out why heather thought she had the right to tell Adam he wasn’t allowed to have his gf over to HIS apartment when I’m sure heather never paid a dime of the rent, continually talked about how she wanted nothing to do with him, and how she wanted to leave. Then all of a sudden when her cushy no responsibilities life was in ‘danger’, she pretended to care about their ‘relationship’?

No. 929277

File: 1581088857301.jpg (14.26 KB, 480x360, hqdefault (1).jpg)

His hairline is tragic. Dude's got a haircut like a blonde bert.

No. 929291

Nice one Anon. Though Bert and Ernie have a far healthier relationship than Heather and her pet Lurch.

No. 929353

File: 1581102362547.png (457.82 KB, 750x1334, 9C28D985-40E7-4D34-9068-A7AB3D…)

Mommy’s playing chauffeur for her 30 year old daughter again. So much for “adulting,” huh?

No. 929370

>rare rare rare rare rare rare rare rare rare rare rare rare rare rare rare rare rare rare rare rare rare rare rare rare rare rare rare rare rare rare

No. 929372

Funny thing is, I live in the general area she lives in, and it’s really not that bad. She’s just a goddamn coward. She’s such a strong independent woman until it comes to actually doing things.

No. 929416

someone needs to tell this bitch there are people who live in more northern places, who cant see the roads during the winter, who get black ice multiple days a week, who get feet of snow in a matter of a few hours, and still manage to get from A to B.

No. 929421

I can understand being a new driver and feeling daunted by driving in certain weather or at night, but she needs to practice and it's better to get that practice in now than in the coming weeks where it's likely to be worse and more frequent.

Honestly, it's like she's a STRONG INDEPENDENT WOMAN until it better servers her to be a helpless scared baby so she can make people do things for her.

No. 929425

File: 1581115016639.jpg (693.17 KB, 1080x1800, 20200207_173633.jpg)

Remember what you put juliet through? It'll come around in full circle.

No. 929430

File: 1581115795544.png (2.63 MB, 750x1334, 0EAA45C5-DD38-40D1-9EB4-C45172…)

Lol I was thinking the same thing. She wants to complain about driving in this, but girl forced someone to drive in worse than this so she could stalk Ryan Z.

Also we get it Heather, you lurk.

No. 929444

canadian anons scoff at the idea of this somehow stopping someone from using their car

No. 929541

it's barely an inch of snow… that would take five minutes to scrape off. how would this stop anyone from driving their car?

No. 929572

you just don't understand how hard it is to be Heather, anon

No. 929573

even the weather is against her for changing the way she dresses and for changing her hobbies

No. 929574

She also made it very apparent that she had NEVER cleared off snow from a car before in her life. How do you go 30 years in life without ever having cleared off snow from a car? I mean…even if you didn’t have your OWN car…you still helped out and would shovel for your friends or your family like a decent human. But the actual second hand embarrassment I had while watching her try to figure out to how to use a wiper was so cringe.

No one is impressed that you have gone 30 years without ever shoveling off a car. And that is less than an inch of snow so it isn’t even an impressive amount of snow to be shoveling anyway so who is this for? People in the Midwest and Canada are laughing at you. If you are now going to spin it as “oh I have to make sure I’m taking care of my car that I refuse to drive in the snow because I’m really not that independent, but look at how I take care of my car…I shoveled it so it can get sit here and not be driven and get snowed on again…woooooowwwww.” Again…who are you impressing? All of us who regularly drive in the snow and have to shovel our cars on the daily would never choose to do this horrible task just for a cute IG post and leave our car in the driveway-especially if we had chauffeur mom to the rescue? Who by the way, you aren’t fooling anyone…everyone knows the “place you are staying” and the “person who gave you a ride” is your mom. So why don’t you say thank you to her instead of trying to hide it. The more you hide it, the worse it looks for you.

Anyway…when you actually become an independent woman who regularly goes to work every day and actually has to shovel their car for a reason…THIS…whatever it was you were doing for attention will not be it.

I swear she is trolling. She has to be.

No. 929578

Why would she think that clearing her car off while the door was open was a good idea? I am confused about why a 30 yr old woman is so useless at life.

No. 929608


I've never seen anyone more useless. On top of that, she is an over privileged bitch. Adam catered to her and now mom is. This girl doesn't know what hitting rock bottom is, has no freakin clue. People need to stop enabling her, AKA mom. 30 years old and just cleaned off snow like it's a fuckin accomplishment, holy fuck heather you should be completely embarrassed.

No. 929690

>I swear she is trolling. She has to be.

I don't think she's that clever.

No. 929701

I am over 30. And have never driven a car, since I'm legally blind. But I know how to clean one. What the hell heather?

No. 929732

Same kinda. I no longer qualify as legally blind but I don't have a license because it's more financially feasible for me to use public transport than to buy a car. A lot of these things don't even take experiential knowledge, just rudimentary common sense and she still manages to fail at them.

Those icicles indicate her car's been sitting there for a little while, too.

Watching Heather fumble over things most people have a basic grasp on in their teens would almost make me feel sorry for her, but the way she broadcasts this stuff purely to prove something to internet strangers, she really isn't deserving of any pity.

Honestly I don't even know what Clay, Craig, or any of these other guys even see in her. She's not very bright, she's inept, she lies, she's wildly unstable, she's extremely codependent, she's completely unmotivated. She has no social life, no viable future plans; keeps putting all her energy towards validation from strangers and pipe-dreams that won't go anywhere. Like they can all do leagues better, so I don't get why they stick around.

No. 929734

She's easy, that's the appeal. She's so desperate for male attention that she'll do whatever it takes to get them to stick around.

No. 929735

It's really obvious that she throws herself on them and wont leave them alone. She showed up at that guys job iirc and took photos of him looking terrified. She's an easy desperate sure thing. Dudes will put up with her shit for awhile, I'm sure she showers them in compliments and nudes

No. 929744

File: 1581190180516.jpg (627.79 KB, 1080x1806, 20200208_142957.jpg)

Her younger sister looks more accomplished then her, but I don't think that's saying much.

No. 929750

Are you sure that’s her younger sister, I thought she was as about 16/17?

No. 929754


It looks like her sister, they have the same smile and face. But I hate to say it, just because someone is 16/17 doesn't mean they can't get pregnant….

No. 929759

This looks more like a mother daughter picture than 2 sisters.

No. 929760

File: 1581191805185.jpg (1.25 MB, 1920x2560, 20-02-08-14-56-52-731_deco.jpg)

99.9% percent sure it's her younger sister…

Pun intended for the 99.9%

No. 929765

She has an older sister, too. The one she was claiming was trying to kill her so she could flee to Cali with the guy she was with before Adam.

No. 929788

That’s not any of her sisters

No. 929840

She’s 30, looks 40, and acts 20. I don’t think her brain has developed past the level of high school. It’s astounding she even has any following left at this point. But most of her life recently has been like a car accident, it’s too difficult not to look away. It even baffles me as to why any proud man out there would even want to be with this parasite. She offers nothing, works hardly, can’t drive herself anywhere, is in massive amounts of debt, lives with her mother, and is still legally married. That’s not exactly prime dating material. These ‘men’ are either past the state of desperate, or have a hard case of ignorance towards narcs. Ryan #5 seems to be running the gauntlet with her though, and if I calculated right has already lasted longer than Ryans #4 and #3. So maybe our little gun toting cowboy will be the one to take her in when no one else wanted her around.

No. 929870

>She's so desperate for male attention that she'll do whatever it takes to get them to stick around.
A couple days ago she was suddenly excited over a signed Anne Rice novel when she's admitted multiple times in the past she's not a reader. Anne Rice and RL Stine are probably the only "gothy" authors she knows. Reading is really the only one of Clay's primary hobbies that's accessible to her.

It's coincidental because Rice is universally hated for shitting on her fanbase multiple times.

>She showed up at that guys job iirc and took photos of him looking terrified.

Yeah, Ryan 2, and that wasn't all she did. The person who drove her from PGH to WV was a random Tinder guy who was never seen or heard of again. The reason Dera was driving in a blizzard was because Heather wanted to go stalk Ryan to another event, and he ended up not even going so it was "the worst birthday ever". I think there was another time she tried to stalk him. She was using one of her side-profiles to interact with his, which means he probably had her main blocked.

Then she posted the leg photo in the OP image, and I wouldn't doubt that and the dinner photo were taken without his knowledge. My guess as to what happened was that he was trying to get her to knock it the fuck off in the most polite way he could manage in hopes of damage control, and she didn't like that, so she put him on blast so she could spin it as him being some kind of shitbird fuckboy instead of just some guy she unhealthily obsessed over to the point of changing herself for his approval and repeatedly stalking him in person.

>our little gun toting cowboy will be the one to take her in when no one else wanted her around.
He won't be able to take her in because he doesn't live by himself or own the place he lives. Unless he plans on moving out and getting a place with her, but her issues with instability, lying, motivation, codependency, etc would wear into him fast. He has over a dozen guns and tons of ammo out in the open, several knives and swords. As unstable as she's shown herself to be, that's just a sad, shoddy third grade baking soda volcano ready to blow.

No. 929929

File: 1581223848523.jpg (170.54 KB, 1080x1920, 83549526_638160096941407_64966…)

Finally a normal pic instead of a mirror pic of the two of them. They don't look good together as a couple.

No. 929931

to be fair they don’t look good individually either

No. 929932

i kek'd

No. 929933

File: 1581224287599.jpg (137.28 KB, 1080x1920, 83928694_478368766164111_78004…)

No. 929948

Two people who are mentally and emotionally teenagers in the bodies of 30-something year-olds. Though I guess anachronisms are just part of both their aesthetics so it isn't completely unfitting.

No. 929971

As a couple they look awkward together. Also he’s really short. And who the hell took this picture of them in a target? God something about this picture just makes the whole thing a mess.

No. 929974

If that's Target, I'm gonna assume he must have picked her up from work because snow is scary n stuff, and she had a co-worker take it.

He's 5'10" ish, she's just always wearing her Killstar debt boots and he always stands like he's trying to unstick his balls from his thighs.

No. 929986

He looks like he doesn't know what a camera is and is confused and frightened by it.

No. 930035

Aw, did mommy take her little boy shopping for new school clothes? Cause this is the creepy vibe these photos give off. The dude looks visible perplexed, also.

No. 930039

kek. My sides anon.

Does Ryan #5 wear circle lenses or something? Why does he look straight possessed in every photo of him she takes? His bone structure is almost handsome, but it's entirely ruined by the cringe ren faire tattoo taking up his entire neck/jawline, whatever the hell that haircut is supposed to be, and that god awful soulless stare. Heather just looks like miss potato head or something. Those glasses really do her no favors.

No. 930041

It makes me laugh that it seems she bought a coat to match his.

No. 930047

Holy crap anon i think you're 100% right. Creepy!
As an aside I appreciate that wrinkles ribbon on her neck that looks like it just came out of the plastic.

No. 930082

File: 1581277539347.jpeg (3.33 MB, 3024x4032, 987C0310-732A-42ED-B8CE-511DA0…)

Did some digging. Here’s him not looking dead inside, and stage one of that tattoo. He wears contacts but not circle lenses. I think part of it is that she keeps getting him facing forward and his eyes are kinda close together and his Mohawk and completed neck tat just elongate his face to the point of being visually jarring.

No. 930096

In all the pictures, Heather looks like the cliche 45 year old single aunty who decided to take her nephew on a shopping trip and is definitely trying wayyyyy too hard to be young and hip and is missing the mark. So cringe. That white hair color is hard to pull off for anyone, but on her it makes her look like an actual grandma and is horrible against her skin tone. Her make up choices also are not doing her any favors. Always choosing the wrong pinks and weird shades that don’t complement her skin tone…it’s like a product of the 80s which again ages her so she seems like that single 45 year old aunty. They use that color palette because it was cool when they were youngsters and just never stopped. Does she not look in the mirror and see the resemblance to those people? Or look in the mirror at all? She takes enough selfies, you would think she would notice. Again…if she changed her hair and make up, she might look her age, but I guess she wants to look 45 and act 20? The pictures are even more cringe when she is with this new boy toy who looks barely 20. Really looks like she took her nephew shopping. The cringe is real…not a good look. And matching coats? Such an aunt and nephew thing to do. I can’t with her. I guess we should be happy she bought a coat to cover up the rest of that outfit though. Such a mess.

No. 930098

Man, how many filters does she use on her selfies. He looks like a completely different person here. kek.

He looks like idubbz ugly edgelord brother or something. I just can't get over the receding hairline and necktat.

>boy toy who looks barely 20
Nah, dude is balding and uggo. It's the 50 layers of filters she's using to smooth everything out.

No. 930099

She'd look much better with dark hair and better glasses. I'm not sure why she insists on the white hair and glasses commonly worn by middle aged men. It ages her badly and don't match her "goff queen" aesthetic.

New guy has hair like Sloth from the Goonies.

No. 930111

>sloth from the goonies
Some of these roasts are gold.

He’s 34 by the way. I think his Facebook has some photos from the days he used to dye his hair brown and wear a ponytail mullet with emo bangs.

No. 930115

His neck tattoo is just as cringe as Heather is in general, so at least he won't be getting embarrassed about her uwu real witch in halloween clothes schtick

No. 930116

Both she and him appear to have the same enlarged irises in the one she posted shopping, like they are wearing lenses. So I guess she face-filters everything

No. 930118

Ouch. That neck tattoo. When you want yoyr neck to look like the side of a stoner's van.

He doesn't look chiselled so much as sandblasted.

No. 930119

holy shit that made me laugh so hard. Is this dude into poetry or was that Ryan 4 (Craig)? She is posting a bunch of poetry in her stories today.

No. 930171

No. 930198

idk, she's managed some Killstar pattern clashes that would even offend the blind.

No. 930199

File: 1581292545766.jpeg (52.12 KB, 550x1144, 5D7C0F88-9B4B-4C04-8194-11FBB2…)

No. 930204

>binge eating and too depressed to clean her room because of anxiety about youtube.

>having to explain why I dress this way now, bla blavalidating myself…

Heather. Nobody cares about how you dress. They care about how you act.

>all this misinformation going around….

Uhhuh. Sure. If you have any kind of proof that what's being said about you is misinformation I'd love to hear it.

>and then I get a nasty message from somebody online because I didn't reply to their DM. I mean, really, can I get some personal space? It's not all about you, you're just some stranger on the internet!

Ah, Heather appreciating her fanbase.

Also refers to her boyfriend, presumably LurchRyan.

No. 930209

>hair like sloth from the goonies

Ya'll are killing me rn. Holy shit anons.

No. 930221

>Is this dude into poetry or was that Ryan 4 (Craig)? She is posting a bunch of poetry in her stories today.
No that's him.

One of her poems today was about how love is finding someone just as weird as you. I know Clay has this self-defeating mindset that he's just too weird to have a successful relationship– he told me this once. In a previous thread, Heather stated multiple times that she's also too weird and no man will ever find her attractive. They both seem to suffer from, I guess "Special snowflake" syndrome.

With Heather it's kind of like she's the female equivalent of Reddit Incels, "People don't like me because I like [hobby]" but it's actually because they're an absolute paint-chugging muppet.


The span of ONE week:
>Happy to be doing youtube again, doesn't need to prove herself, has so many plans
>Asking her followers for video ideas, posts some unsettling self-focused answers and segues into two paragraphs of breakdown.
>So happy again. Patently obvious it's because of the dude.
>Horribly depressed again, for all the same reasons. But everything is because of the internet.

Also how did she get a nasty message from someone because she didn't reply to their DM? She's said multiple times in the past month alone that she doesn't check her messages because of the "haters".

No. 930242


Is it be or does he look like a total douchbag?

No. 930244

she's a fucking liar, it's been shown time and time again.

No. 930247

"Horribly depressed again, for all the same reasons. But everything is because of the internet. "

Here's an idea Heather and i know you lurk….if the internet is so depressing….then get off if it

No. 930310

But Anon, then she'll have no one to seek approval from aside from her boyfriend who is going to get tired of her emotional baggage and instability and realize she doesn't actually see him as anything other than an object to be used, flaunted, and treated like her spine due to being unable to grow her own.

Looks like she's editing another boring video that won't break 1k views in a week.

No. 930319

She is a talker, not a doer. She is not this self professed creative person she wishes she was. She doesn’t have any new content and never will. If she had new content, then she would just make it. This has nothing to do with haters picking apart her new video if she makes one. She just has nothing to make and is too lazy to get off her ass and actually work hard and make new content. She will talk all day long about how she is bursting with creativity, and she is one with her camera and has so many ideas, but that is all it is-TALK. We don’t hear these ideas. Her IG is cluttered with other people’s creative words from other people’s poems and songs. Not hers…other people’s. That doesn’t make her creative. She literally asks her IG audience for video ideas. Then she puts out in the universe that she “can’t” make all her millions of wonderful and amazing new content because of her audience of haters that will invalidate her. Right…so it’s the audience’s fault that she can’t put out content she doesn’t have and is too lazy to make. And on top of that, she secretly hopes that her audience will beg her each time to come back to YouTube and say how much they miss her videos and each time it feeds her ego and narcissism. So she does it over and over and over again. “I’m coming back.” Ten minutes later. “No I’m not” ten minutes later. “I’m coming back.” Ten minutes later. “No I’m not.” And on and on. All to feed her ego and narcissism. People who are actually bursting with creativity and can’t live without being creative don’t just talk about all their ideas-they put them into action with zero focus on what others think and zero focus on others validation. If they do talk about their creative ideas, they don’t talk about it abstractly, they go into detail and discuss how they plan to put whatever that idea is into action and the majority of the convo isn’t about why they can’t create the idea or what others would think of the idea-the focus is on the idea and how can they make it happen. And then guess what-they make it happen. None of this-“new content” abstract nonsense and then woe is me pity party/validation shit show. A true creative person will create. A lazy, narcissist will talk and complain and continually say they don’t need validation all the while ranting and trying to validate everything they are currently doing with zero self awareness. And as long as she is living that super hard lifestyle at moms, she won’t be “creative” anytime soon. Actually working and making a video…yeah right. She is a talker. Not a doer. She isn’t creative. She just wishes she was.

No. 930328

What ever happened to her print shop? Or the second round of prints she ordered? Last she mentioned it she was trying to figure out how to set it up.

No. 930404

>”Rant Time”
Dress however the fuck you want. Be whoever the fuck you want. Do whatever the fuck you want with your hobbies. No one cares about that stuff. Stop being a narcissistic bitch who only cares about what people think of her. Stop acting like your problems are the worst there could ever be and there couldn’t possibly be someone who struggling more or hurting worse. Stop shitting on the people who stuck with you through all your lies and fell for your sob story because they TRUSTED YOU. You betrayed your fans and placed all the blame for YOUR ACTIONS on them. That is why you have ‘haters’ not because you wanna dress like your 16 year old self in your goth phase again.

No. 930480

In that most recent rant, she says that she has "a lot going on in my life" but isn't she barely part-time at Target? She has no social life, so what exactly is she doing aside from saying she's going to do this and that without ever actually doing it? Idiot.

If you're so depressed Heather, then make an appointment with a doctor/therapist and deal with that shit. There's no excuse.

No. 930486

But Anon, Heather has already explained to us that therapy is for crazy people. And she's not crazy. And the relationship councellor she went to with Adam said she was being unreasonable. So clearly they're full of it.

No. 930496

Sometimes I forget that she's smarter than professionals. I mean, look at how stable she is and how well she's doing. She definitely functions like a normal 30 year old. My bad.

No. 930568

Posted another rant but it’s the same old broken record personal pep talk.

No. 930645

I'm literally two seconds in and I've already burst out laughing.

No. 930657

I like how hard she tried to make herself cry in that time frame also, Hahaha. She’s fucking ridiculous. Own up to your shit Heather and grow the hell up.

No. 930662

She sounds like a kid who rehearsed a monologue to audition for the school play, and is trying way too hard to sell it.

>bla bla take back my power and bring back my creativity.

>social media is not a good place. It's an easy place to vent, and it's an easy place for just anyone to react to it.

Heather the fucking genius. This took you awhile hun. Too bad you don't seem eager to get off the internet for a while.

>keeps mentioning "I'll be driving to work" because she's adulting y'all!

>bold new chapter. Life is finally mine. Can't quit social media because she is just so creative.

>not justifying changing my style anymore. Whenever I was a teenager this was me. Everybody started hating me when I changed my style.

Bitch, nobody cares. We care about the gofundme scam and you talking shit about your old cummunity.

>starts to cry when talking about her drivers' license and "buying her own car."

>has a "fulltime job" but the hours have dropped a lot. Was working day and night.

Which is what we call a parttime job.

>switches back and forth between soft meak sad little girl voice and angry Karen wanting to speak to the manager voice.

>"I don't want to sit here and talk about myself. This is the last video I'm making like this"

>shows off her "art."

That was exhausting.

No. 930665

She didn’t even credit her mom for helping her out with a place to stay or the car she “bought herself,” huh? Not surprised at all. And you’re right anon that lie fest was exhausting.

No. 930681

She's delusional. She is her number one fan.

No. 930682

Did anyone ever care about her wearing black?? Why does she think the way she dresses is so important? I remember watching one of her videos after her aesthetic change and she was babbling about dressing "sexy" but she was just wearing a black shirt and jeans. Ugh. I wish I could just go back to watching you videos. This sucks. I was one of the people who sent her "sparkle mail".

No. 930683


Rant from earlier today.

Being cocky and arrogant doesn't make you right or smart, nor does it negate the stalking, harassment, theft, and lying, which she continues to deny even though this thread is now the second result upon Googling both her alias', and the only saving grace is that it's a clusterfuck of commentary and difficult to sort through, on a site many people would turn away from purely because of its reputation.

If your mantra is “Fuck the haters!” and not “I’m going to assess where this criticism comes from, and either improve and grow, or ignore it.”

Then “the haters” probably have a fucking point.

Heather, no one cares about you being "fake", even though you have previously said "I'm still Heather Sparkles, I'm just trying out new things" and constantly complained that your cutesy aesthetic was preventing you from being appealing to men.

We care about you stalking someone who wouldn't return your affections, and you putting him on blast when he tried to give you closure and make you give him space.

We care about you routinely saying one thing and then contradicting it a week later solely for pity, like how you said you were getting help driving, then said no one was helping you, or that you had your learners permit, and then that you spent 500$ of crowdfunded money on driving lessons.

We care about the fact that you have routinely taken advantage of people, even using people for free rides so you could stalk Ryan at least three times, and coerced someone to drive in a Blizzard just so you could see this guy.

We care about the fact that you have alienated or shit-talked every single person who has attempted to even so much as offer you simple advice to get out of that bad situation, and how you turned down all that advice and the programs you yourself said were suggested to you.

We care about the fact that you go through enormous mood swings regularly, but deny the fact that you're mentally ill and in the process, belittle people with mental illness by implying its this dreaded, shameful thing.

We care about how you continually called the toy collecting and fairy kei communities cringey, childish, weird, etc because you were busy trying to prove yourself.

>"Because of other people"

No, because of YOU. Stop blaming others, stop seeking approval from others.


Everything you have gone through is self-created drama, or embellished. You weren't starving or in danger, you were offered multiple services to help you get out of there, and you turned every one of them down.


You don't need to constantly go back and talk about who you were as a teenager. Are we all supposed to go back to whatever we were as teenagers or else we're inauthentic?

>genuinely into those things

But you kept saying that was just a phase, you were never comfortable, you just felt accepted.

>Doing very bad things to me

If he was doing "very bad things to you" you wouldn't have turned down the programs suggested to you by followers and by the marriage counselor.

>people said I'd never be able to do

You yourself said you'd never be able to afford your own car, but now suddenly it's other people.

>bought myself a little something

No you went on massive spending sprees and admitted yourself that you were in debt with Killstar.

>you're not going to have this power over me anymore

If that were true, you'd just fucking create. You wouldn't feel the need to make these videos or your quickly deleted Insta stories at all. The video alone PROVES people still have power over you.

No. 930690

That was soooooo cringe. The opening and the way she was talking coupled with the background music…hahahaha. Oscar worthy. Almost found some tears Heather…so close.

The most offensive thing in the video was her saying when she shared her “soul”-her troubles at home-everyone turned their back on her. On what planet Heather? Your audience convinced you to start a go fund me and gave you their hard earned money because they believed you were actually in trouble and wanted to help you. How dare you say they turned their backs on you when you took their money. No. You turned your back on them when you proceeded to repay their kindness by belittling their community and telling them you had played a character and that you thought all of the stuff they liked was childish and they needed to grow up, all the while taking that money they had given you and going on Killstar shopping sprees and rewarding yourself every two seconds with some new tacky purchase. And you have the nerve to be mad at them for being upset with you about how you spent their hard earned money when they thought you really needed it and were in danger. This isn’t about you changing your fashion sense or style. This is about you stealing people’s money and then belittling the very people you stole from.

And girl…you aren’t fooling anyone with how you bought your car. Once again…can we get an F in the chat! Your poor mom. She is either a saint or seriously stupid for enabling you. Why she does all this with zero thanks I will never understand. She puts a roof over your head. She drives you when your independent self just can’t hack it on the roads and you best believe we know she co-signed and helped pay for that damn car. Stop playing.

And once again…you made a video we have seen at least fifteen times before. So congrats. Continuing to prove the point that you are not a creator, but a talker. Completely delusional one at that. Can’t wait to see this video again at least fifteen more times.

No. 930694

Aaaahaha awesome, you caught the bit at the end that she abridged for the video! Was
>"Sometimes you just gotta put the hat on, fix your hair a little bit, and tell the haters to fuck off"
a little too edgy for youtube, heather?

No. 930701

so unbelievably cringey. I have so much secondhand embarrassment for her it's unreal. also, her explaining how she came about dressing in fairy kei is a lie. she has said before she began dressing that way because she was being slut shamed in whatever style she had before, so she dressed in cute ways to shut them up and just stuck with it I guess because she was accepted so well, but it turned out to be all completely fake and so disingenuous. All she is at this point a fucking broken record. it's so exhausting to hear the same shit spew from her mouth. just stop already and get help heather jfc

No. 930707

Does the Download button on videos work for anyone? I think we should be collecting this and other videos in case she ends up deleting them.

>This took you awhile hun. Too bad you don't seem eager to get off the internet for a while

A lot of this sudden self-awareness is likely less Heather, and more Heather regurgitating what her boyfriend tells her. She's done this before where she'll quote something she read or what someone said to her in order to sound like she knows what she's talking about, but she'll never actually ruminate on it and take it to heart.

>going on Killstar shopping sprees and rewarding yourself every two seconds
>you aren’t fooling anyone with how you bought your car.

These two things also happened at the same time, and she'd only just started at Target. She wouldn't have been able to afford her car yet.

>her troubles at home-everyone turned their back on her.

It boils my blood, as someone who has actually been in a very dangerous situation before, that she keeps exaggerating what Adam did and painting him as this horrendous monster who abused her rather than just some guy with a saviour complex. I really wish he'd sue her for defamation at this point. She posted those chop-shopped videos of his "abuse" and claimed the only reason she never shared them before was that she was taking him to court, but that never happened.

She has a platform and a voice, and she claims to have been abused so horribly and she clearly is able to be vocal about it, rather than repressing it. If she's so pressed for content ideas, why not make videos to offer advice and support for other victims and survivors of domestic violence? Oh, right, because she's lying about it for public pity.

What a fucking toilet person.

No. 930723

doublepost but her constant "this is the real me because it's how I dressed as a teenager" spiel is also funny because a lot of people I know started dressing like that because they were depressed, and she looks so in all the pictures she posts of teen goth Heather. So apparently "the real Heather" is a depressed teenager. I guess she's not lying.

No. 930737

She keeps saying people are talking shit about her art and her clothing, and I don't see where she is getting that. She's turned off all comments to anyone but the people she knows will give her glowing comments, so where is she getting all this "hate"? Even here, no one gives a shit about her changing her style or taking pictures for her "art". She really does need some therapy to talk through her thoughts. Heather, the world isn't out to get you hon. Honestly, you aren't that big of a deal.

No. 930755

Do Anons want screenshots of Ryan 5 lying about his involvement with my former friend to downplay it and make her look crazy? Or is that too OT?

Her pumpkin carving video still has comments enabled and the only things there are the exact things said in this thread. No one is criticizing her fashion there.

No. 930777

No. Don't post those. Give us a summary if you want. But don't post anything from your former friend.

No. 930781

She looks like "the hitcher" from the Mighty Boosh. But that's the only problem I have with her style. I actually didn't find her channel until after her "re as l Heathet" phase. Sorry to blogpost, but I was in an abusive relationship with a gaslighting Narc for about 12 years (15-26) so I really felt for her. I actually believed her "nobody wants me to grow up and change" bullshit for a short while because that had happened to me. So I approached her from a position of sympathy. It was her own manipulation, lies, and unhinged behaviour that made me dislike her.

Heather, the problem isn'tvyour style or interests. The problem is you.

No. 930848

File: 1581433326365.png (566.62 KB, 750x1334, 3C1E54D4-A6D0-4777-81E6-7DAB58…)

I forgot to share this, which was just before her rants. Idk if she deleted it. “Seems like a waste of time” but did it anyway. Opted to make a video filled with her contradicting herself instead of creating content, even though she still hasn’t opened her print shop, was shown editing a video yesterday, and could have gone out to take more redundant photos of trees like a high school student in their first day of photography class. Instead she chose to devote upwards of an hour to getting dressed and made up, recording, and editing that video which regardless of content, was completely unnecessary and self-serving.

Content creators create CONTENT, things that appeal to others. If she’s doing these for herself and doesn’t care about public reaction, she’s not a content creator, she’s just a hobbyist with an inflated sense of importance.

No. 930905

Who is she even talking to in that new YouTube video?! Lol. Trying so hard to play victim instead of just posting new content.

No. 930940


I'm starting to get the impression that her playing-victim videos are her new form of expression and art lol, she seems to get powered up by ranting against the haters

She probably sees it like those channels for self-empowerment and helping others now. Girl acts like she's giving a Ted Talk whenever she whines ugh

No. 930959

Yes! She just posted a new YouTube video reviewing the same boot over and over and over and over again.

Wait…she didn’t buy the same black boot from Killstar over and over and over and over again? She bought different black boots from Killstar that all look the same? Oh and a pink pair that are actually the same as one of the black pair? Wow!

The guilt of buying all those boots when she should have given back the go fund me donations is best shared in a haul video to continue to flaunt to your old community that you just don’t give two craps…

Well thank god we have her bringing us this creativity and new content. Never seen anything like it. I don’t know how she was holding all that creativity in. Phew.

No. 930982


Creative free spirit that she is!

No. 930987

>working hard
>treat myself

Never change, Heather.

No. 930990

lol! beat me to it anon.

this qween of fashun tho and let's not forget what a "badass," she is because she wears cheap ass killstar boots.

No. 930994

She shows off five pairs of boots in that video but has only worn one. She doesn't really care for one pair but "it was only fifty dollars."

Her mom must be so proud…

No. 931011

She could put all that boot money towards a pair of New Rocks that would last forever and be a lot more comfortable.

No. 931052

Former friend's an objectively shittier person than Heather, but Clay also lead her on, backed away, rinse repeat for several years. She put him on a pedestal and ruined a couple friendships over the guy, so she's not entirely innocent, but there was never any excuse for how he treated her (or me, but that's a long, OT story).

Things I have logs of her saying he did:
>Cuddled during a Christmas visit and they talked about how they're still interested in each other but he needs to get over his ex and she needs to get her shit together
>Held hands for hours on at least two occasions
>Planned dates, he did most of the event planning since it was her coming out to PGH
>Almost went on a road trip to NOLA just the two of them
>Sent him a long confession of her feelings, and "the way Clay responded was positively while at the same time not really giving me a straight response to my admission" and "the relationship I had with him did change toward progress"
>Shared a private room and bed during a convention I was present for and witnessed, only three months after sending her confession
>Kissed, and he insisted on cuddling

In 2017 she quit trying for him and went around calling him a douche again, and got involved with her fiance.

Clay and I discussed his involvement with her, but every time, what he said didn't match up with anything she'd told me. His claims:
>"She came out for the 4th, nothing happened because I just wasn't feeling it."
>"We were never together, she wanted us to be and I don't think she handles being told no very well."
>"I kept having to keep sporadic contact with her because any time I would try to be friends she would start pushing and it was making me really uncomfortable."
>"I felt really uncomfortable the whole weekend. I felt like I was only there with the expectation I was going to hook up with her." (re: the convention he shared a bed with, kissed, and cuddled her 3mo after she sent her confession)

Clay's an incredibly lonely person and it's mostly because of a lot of self-defeating behaviour and habits. He does things that cause people to get fed up and leave, but every time someone does something as a direct consequence of what he does, he plays it off and/or shirks/dodges responsibility instead of actually examining the ways he hurts people and working on those aspects of himself. He's wants to be wanted, and it backfires on him tremendously because it's an incredibly selfish want where he's also prone to rose-tinted goggles. He told me all his relationships were just "one bad decision after another" but when that's the case, usually the underlying is YOU.

I know Clay well enough to know that once the novelty and high wears off, he's going to start seeing the reality in that she's not actually the person she tries to portray herself as, and he'll become exhausted and overwhelmed by her rampant toxicity she aggressively denies. Clay really sucks at communication especially when he gets in his moods and Heather will not take well to that. Likewise, he will not be her backbone. She seems to have already put him in the same "mentor" position she's put a couple Ryans in, which means he's trapped. He's the next Ryan Z and her codependency will turn nuclear.

Black Friday or not, I'm going to guess that's all at least 300$. She has next to no social life, doesn't leave the house, none of those heels or platforms are good for rough terrain or abandoned buildings. She's likely only doing this because she still wants Killstar to notice her, but she's gone above and beyond to absolutely tank her reputation so that will never happen.

She has no plans for the future. She has no goals other than teenage pipe dreams that will not cover the cost of living.

New Insta stories rant. She regrets her video from yesterday but says they were thoughts that needed to be said. She made that statement in yesterday's video about how the internet is a bad place to vent- she says one thing while doing the opposite. She cannot differentiate between needs and wants.


Since she said she's thinking about taking down her video from yesterday, here it is for archiving.

No. 931104

Theres no sound in the YT video.

No. 931123

I was thinking the same thing. Especially since those fake metal heels make her killstar boots look like new rock knockoffs.

No. 931126

Huh, weird. I wonder if it nuked the audio when it made me split it. The file itself is fine, so I'll just Dropbox it.


She won't because it's not about buying good boots, it's about being noticed by Killstar-sempai.

No. 931129

File: 1581465722379.png (6.92 MB, 1242x2688, 869F2DFA-E433-4EA6-BA94-DC7077…)

So how long before we see a post showing she bought this ($54) and an explanation as to how she ‘EARNED IT’

No. 931197

Will it be earned or will it be a treat?

No. 931210

She spent like 140$ on makeup after getting out of Adam's house including expensive palettes and every single selfie since then she's had nothing but the same black eyeshadow and pink lipstick.

No. 931218

There were 6+ pairs of boots in that video
The cheapest boots were $50.00

So I take it no paying it forward for that gofundme lul

No. 931267

Lol of course not. That would actually be respectable and nor self-fulfilling.

She's locked in her own bubble. She could pay it forward, she could actually work on self-assessment and self-improvement and use her platform as something good, wholesome, and beneficial. She could become an incredibly respectable person by being someone who is actually honest with herself and works on her flaws and tries to assess where they come from, but instead she just aggressively denies them while blaming everyone else and she'll never donate her money to charity because she could be hoarding useless shit instead.

No. 931393

She already deleted her crying victim video from YouTube.

No. 931423

Of course she did. Wonder if she's going to film a new " last of these videos I'm going to make" video.

No. 931436

She archived it, but you can still get to it using the link from here. Don't know how she forgot how to properly delete a video, as deleting shit shortly after posting is her favorite thing to do.

No. 931438

She really loves tacky stuff.

No. 931589

File: 1581567300139.png (3.5 MB, 750x1334, A6125E1B-0202-47DE-BA79-64A3EA…)

This is both hilarious and therapeutic to watch.

No. 931595

I agree the velvet box is a bit much but the eye shadows themselves look bomb. Of course Heather isn't exactly a beauty guru and will probably only use 1 or 2 shades. It's her $54 treat though for working those hard part-time hours at Target.

No. 931723

File: 1581609225925.jpeg (169.53 KB, 749x723, C47D0821-67C7-47E3-8F4F-B3FFF0…)

Heather you’ve known this guy for like a month. Maybe two.

No. 931917

JFC, she has the emotions of a 12 year old..

No. 931938

File: 1581647839884.png (415.54 KB, 750x1334, F52304F4-144D-48DA-B714-26782D…)

“Independence” your boyfriend is the root of your happiness right now because your codependent. You live with your mom and aren’t working on finding your own place.

No. 931949

Imagine the blow up when this relationship inevitably falls apart. Oh boy.

How did she even meet Ryan #5?

No. 932002

I think my favorite thing about the poetry she posts that other people have wrote is that it’s not even good. Not only does she not write her own, but the poems she shares are horrible. Lol

No. 932020

I mentioned this in page 4 mI have a brother that walks the same way, he's Bowl Legged, that's why he looks like his balls are always sticking to his thighs

No. 932021

lol now I could call them Fucking Furries

No. 932022

That's Jefferee Starr for ya lol

No. 932023


My bet is either Tinder or Instagram

No. 932191

>Imagine the blow up when this relationship inevitably falls apart. Oh boy.

Someone theorized in a previous thread that she'll try to go after his shooting hobbies to paint him as a violent monster, and I don't think that's too much of a reach.

She keeps pushing the envelope further and further with her accusations towards Adam. Her last video said he did "very bad things to her", which is a pretty fucking obvious allusion to physical/sexual violence even though we all know that's a steaming crock.

It's also pitifully obvious she's devoting more energy to this than to literally any other, far more important thing in her life and hasn't gone on any actual "adventures" despite continually talking about how adventurous she is.

No. 932562


Do we have any video of this? I'd love to see that

No. 932564

Of what? Her saying Adam did "very bad things to her" was in the archived Youtube video.

No. 932592

I smell a defamation suit. She’s ruining every little chance she has of building any case against him (Not that she has actual evidence anyway). By posting all this pathetic shit and making slanderous remarks with no evidence to back anything.

No. 932613

Doubt it. She doesn't make specific accusation. Any legal representation would argue that "bad things" is a subjective thing and can refer to all sorts of things. As long as she doesn't name specific things she should be legally fine.

No. 932655

Law degree here. By stating that ‘my ex husband abused me’ she is making false accusations with intent to make her ex husband, who we all know by name, look bad. In the very least it is slander. She’s doing so in hopes for financial gain.(lawfagging )

No. 932688

Don't forget she also shared recordings of one of their arguments and her horrendous acting and equally horrendous attempts to edit the videos to omit stuff.
>>892069 and beyond

Back then she said she wasn't sharing them because she needed them for a court case. Of course, nothing of that sort has actually happened.

Aren't they still legally married? I remember some business in a previous thread about how her maiden name was Novak or something and she never changed it to Faylor when they got married. Is he still paying for the storage facility, since she seemingly hasn't done anything with her old stuff and complained about a month ago that he'd try to take her stuff in the divorce.

No. 932730

As far as I know she’s paying for her unit.

No. 932740

She says she's paying for it herself. Might be her mummy, but it certainly isn't Adam.

No. 932780

File: 1581873165578.png (523.31 KB, 750x1334, 0D09926A-F9E9-4CE7-9E29-4D8BFD…)

And she just posted a video about it. Nice coincidence.

Another case of zero self awareness talking about the haters. Grabbed a recording. Gimme an hour or so and I’ll post it when I’m free.

No. 932820

What is her "other online revenue source"? Is it her selling pictures of her feet?

No. 932830

My guess is that she's finally selling her toys/old clothes.

No. 932832

Tracklist for Heather's newest album:


> 1. I'm gonna sell my stuff

> 2. People hate me (they just don't understand me)
> 3. Not going to explain myself
> 4. Hold up let me explain myself
> 5. Everybody hates me nobody likes me I guess I'll go eat worms (cover)
> 6. Manic rambling Feat. Heather's ego
> 7. I'm moving on I swear
> 8. Pipedreams
> 9. I have to work all the time (even though I JUST said my hours were massively cut)
> 10. I'm moving on I swear (the remix)
> 11. People think I'm crazy!
> 12. I'M NOT CRAZY!!! I'm a HUMAN BEING!!!

She has had three of these mood swings in the past week and every upswing involves visiting him. She's so wildly codependent and has done nothing to address the core issues that keep impacting her life.

She had another but I didn't grab it in time and its already deleted. Just started talking about putting together a new video and I didn't get anything after that point.

No. 932843

I really, truly hope she tries to post another video trying to sell her vintage toys and gets showered with downvotes and people angry that she's yet again trying to suck money out of the toy collecting community after disparaging them and calling them creepy and childish. She really just can't "move on" like she so often claims she is doing because she just wants our damn money so bad she just can't let it go. If she would just stop trying to milk the toy community for all they've got, people would forget eventually. But she just can't resist the easy money she could make from the last few naive souls in the toy collecting community and doesn't mind taking advantage of them for her own financial gain one bit.

No. 932845

Oh FUCK no. She says she's thinking about starting up thrifting for toys again in order to flip them online. Heather, absolutely not. Leave those toys in the thrift stores for the collectors and hobbyists, the people with children that they want to have the toys they had when they were kids, and the people who will ACTUALLY ENJOY THEM. Imagine being a toy collector in her area now having to compete with her greedy flipper ass. This shit is why people hate you, Heather, because you don't mind stepping on other people's toes if it can benefit you.

Rather than get a second job, she wants to revert back to what she knows and what is fun and easy. Thrifting all week is much more fun than working another part time job, and we all know spending is Heather's favorite activity. I just don't understand why she thinks starting up a vintage toy flipping business is a wonderful idea, when she literally was just going on about how she doesn't have space and doesn't want to keep paying for this storage unit. This woman is unhinged, narcissistic, and dumb as fuck.

No. 932873

Thanks for the summary and "kids in the hall" reference Anon. Good to hear Heather is playing all the classics.

No. 932901

>these toys are archeology to me, and so is climbing into old buildings.

Cool. Some people get a four year archeology degree and do either physically demanding fieldwork or painstaking labwork. But I guess they could also just go to goodwill and pose for selfies next to some flaking plaster.

>I want to start my own business. I've never been able to figure out tax stuff.

Oh here we go.

No. 932942

She obsesses over this guy and she hasn't even known him two months yet. Oof.

She's not even going to get anywhere with that, nor is she going to even begin if she can hardly drive herself anywhere.

She keeps focusing on a dozen different pipe dreams and never pulling through with any of them, or just doesn't have the skill or knowledge. I sold stuff online (Ebay) for several years, it's neither stable nor reliable income unless you're going the whole nine yards to get yard/garage and estate sales first thing or bidding on storage units. One of the reasons the BJD community disliked her was because she'd flake on sales or take forever shipping stuff. Considering how her behaviour largely hasn't changed much and she's been flaking on literally everything else, it's bound to be a repeat of that.

She is making almost every single mistake I made ten years ago and aggressively (and publicly) deluding herself into believing she's this stable, mature, strong woman when really she's just dangerously unstable, pitifully codependent, and frightfully stubborn. She refuses to assess any of her horrible habits and actually fix her life. She keeps being an absolute pissbaby to mentally ill people by crying "I'm not crazy!" in the middle of a breakdown instead of accepting the fact that she has some sort of emotional regulation and Cluster B disorder, and she is going to continue ruining her life and her relationship.

No. 933059

File: 1581947397094.png (6.19 MB, 1242x2688, 1C2B0452-D7A4-400C-A558-A7863B…)

>>this post of hers is old as hell but I laugh now because of how ironic it is

No. 933241

I've sold vintage toys online. Stock doesn't move fast and it's more about the community than turning a huge profit. I love finding toys at the thrift store, cleaning them up, photographing them and sending them to a new home. There's way more money in flipping brand name clothing if the intention is to get paid quickly.

No. 933283

He'll yeah, anon, make that money! Do you think the community would take her back? Because it would definitely look like she was trying to get her old popularity/some money out of it rather than genuine interest/hobby. We also know she wants to do this in lieu of work, which isn't smart based off what you're saying about slow moving items.

No. 933296


No, the toy community will never take her back. Not only did she insult them, she showed everyone how mentality insane she is and they don’t want that in their community. I’m sure a lot of them have come here and are now informed. the only supporters she’d have are people who are too stupid to see what’s going on.
She’s on her own as far as communities. No one will take her.

No. 933397

She already has a ton of stuff to sell off already that she could have sold off gradually months ago but she hasn't done this. She has no need to buy more toys. She does not have to identify herself when selling these items (choosing somewhere other than depop) so it's not a problem. She's just made flimsy excuses. The only way a purchaser may identify her is through paypal AFTER the purchase but if she sells things other toy collectors want there is no reason why they wouldn't buy. Of course if she tries to sell them at extortionate prices she'll probably have a hard time shifting them. But I would think she'd just want to make some quick money so she should sell them at sensible prices as she now claims to want nothing to do with the vintage toy collecting community. I think she is probably keeping the best items for a future youtube video hoping to get a ton of views because otherwise she would have sold off virtually all of the toys she had by now (save for a couple that may have sentimental value) I'm very cynical of her motives and it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if she attempts to do toy related videos in the future as she's so cheeky.

No. 933520


That bitch ain't selling shit, period. She's been saying she's going to sell shit for god knows how many years, even when she was in her "darkest hours" she didn't. She's a selfish brat.

No. 933637

File: 1582095640542.png (2.11 MB, 750x1334, 7C176D35-AA02-44F4-880E-3E5B8B…)

She went to a black metal coffee shop once and now she’s becoming Corpsegrinder.

No. 933717

uh oh i smell a trouble in paradise

No. 933722

Absolutely not. Back when she was still in the toy community, she kept saying she was going to sell things and never did. She had boxes and boxes full of toys in the garage at the apartment she lived in, and just kept them even though she "didn't want them" and "didn't have room for them". Selfish brat is right.

No. 933752

File: 1582135740155.png (1.49 MB, 750x1334, DD98A3DC-6DFC-4DFD-8DBB-3882FB…)

>“Until I settle into another place”
you have zero concept of budgeting and just showed off your room that you spent money decorating instead of prioritizing saving for an apartment and nest egg. You said your hours were cut and even though you later lied through your teeth (which you also waste money whitening) and used that “I work all the time” line, it’s patently obvious you’re trying to find alternative income because of the latter.

>“Not welcome to”

Wonder whose fault that is. Why does she feel the need to bring this up all the time? This person asked about your collection not whether or not you’ll post them again. Jesus Heather.

No. 933838

File: 1582150488395.png (924.36 KB, 750x1334, C5E4F86D-14B4-4BBA-8E66-380997…)

New Instagram stories up. Just the same old story all over again:

- she’s “back on YouTube” for the 300th time this year, and she’s serious this time guys. Ok?

- has to figure out what kind of a content creator she is since urbex isnt panning our
for her.

- says that most of her new content will have to be filmed in her room because it’s too costly to travel out and film in other locations especially for urbex.

- she’s basically having to start from the ground up again as a YouTube creator. Granted she’s doing it on a solid foundation from “whenever” she was a toy collector….Still banking on that YouTube money because she has ZERO faith in her own ability to really start over again.

No. 933839

File: 1582150575977.png (882.45 KB, 750x1334, CF80A54F-07E3-4022-9B52-E88A70…)

Girls need not apply. Spoopy boys and those willing to provide transportation to the front of the line.

No. 933859

I gotchu, Anon.

She needs to learn to stop wasting her time on these videos. Other, successful content creators don't spend five minutes every three days talking about their plans, they set up a release schedule and spend their time creating.

Half of this video is just excuses as to why she can't do something. Heather just admit you don't actually want to do anything other than sit at home because it's what you're used to since Adam let you get away with it throughout your 20s and you don't want to step outside of your comfort zone.

She says the house she wants to take photos of is on a busy road and she doesn't know what people will think with her standing there with her "big ol camera" Heather where do you think real estate photos come from? People are too caught up in their own lives to care about some chick with a camera they see for two seconds on their way to wherever.

She says she has no idea what her new thing is going to be, despite having said several times she has plans.

No. 933862

Good looking out anon.

Also “busy road” sounds like code for many cars and her being afraid to drive there and people honking at her for being slow.

No. 933868

Her face looks fatter. All that binging and sleeping all day isn't doing her any favourd.

Only Heather can talk about how much "creative passion" she has one day, and then admit she has no idea what to film the next.

No. 933873

she ends every sentence by going on an upward inflection. It's annoying. To anyone that knows her in real life, does she speak this way in person?

No. 933990


Update. She wasn't satisfied with the video she recorded of her antiques collection but since she got all dressed and made up she might drive to Sheetz and do an "eating video". She might not though and she might make it at home. Either she's trolling or she's so desperate for cash she's trying to hit up the niche fetish scene.

I thought she was totally done eating crap food though?

Heather one day you'll realize that you're the root of literally every single struggle in your life and that your continued denial of this fact and screaming "I'm not crazy!" in the middle of your third public meltdown of the week is a surefire sign you need therapy and medication, not youtube and dick.

No. 934056


Already has two cameras but might buy another at nearly 500$ because it's on sale, but still has Paypal credit debt (Killstar debt probably). The expensive camera will be "a treat" if she can dedicate herself to Youtube.

She has two other cameras. One is small but apparently not good quality. The other is her DSLR and its huge and heavy so she doesn't want to use it.

"I'm trying to be a youtuber but I don't know what I'm doing. I want to come back. I want to film my life and adventures but the truth is I don't really have a life or go on adventures. […] I don't really know what I want to make. So that's why I want to just start being a vlogger."

So basically, Heather latching onto pipedreams instead of living in the real world and wanting to blow more money on something she doesn't actually need but is trying to justify getting herself further in debt with.

After this she posted a preview of that room tour video.

No. 934144

If she has supposedly moved on from the toy collecting hobby because it's supposedly childish and fellow toy collectors suck etc (she herself was critical of the hobby and the people who are devoted to it) why is she holding onto them? She's trying to play victim again by saying she's not welcome to show her pony collection but the idiot brought that on herself by bad mouthing the hobby because she's now all grown up and supposedly moved on. She'll always be terribly immature, the toy collecting hobby and its community has nothing to do with that. She's also super impulsive and wasteful with money, she needs to make more money not spend it on stuff she doesn't really need such as another camera. There are people on youtube that don't use expensive equipment yet they are still popular because they have watchable, interesting content. She needs to come up with original content, not just shopping hauls and room tours.

No. 934150

If she wants to be a vlogger just buy a goddamn GoPro. Honestly. Or she can get over it and use the DSLR because if she’s such a good content creator, why is she so afraid of people knowing what she’s doing?

No. 934164

Hell, she can film on her phone. Lots of people with larger followings than she has do just that. Or sell her old camera to buy one that is better suited to her needs.

No. 934191


What an embarrassing humblebrag.

She spends a remarkable amount of time lamenting about her financials (and lying throughout) then flashes her multiple equipment options like they’re simply not good enough to document her shockingly simplistic life and trivial pursuits she touts as extraordinary.

She then has the gall to announce her intentions of spending yet more money she doesn’t have so that viewers can somehow be rewarded with an improvement in the quality of her vlogging efforts. Which is, in itself extraordinary because she routinely claims she’s universally hated for such efforts.

If she were homeless, she’d be vlogging about which of three cars to sleep in that night while giving strong consideration to begin claiming a fourth option.

No. 934196

File: 1582219282246.jpg (454.28 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200220-182032_You…)

So many adds in one video…

No. 934229

Here we go. Behold the hoard! Absolutely better than paying rent or saving up.

No. 934231

watching at 1.75x speed because she speaks so slowly. She is gushing about her boyfriend in this video because he bought her a tintype.

No. 934232

So much gushing over over the rickety cowboy. Apparently he's "the one" and "the man of her dreams. Lurch's malnourished cousin must be real special, because she's never said THAT about a guy before.

No. 934250

I remember when she used to say "I'm not going to share my personal life with you guys anymore "

New video…

"So I'm dating this guy, he is the one, he's so amazing"

2 months of dating and he's the one, nothing ever changes lol

No. 934252

She said that about Ryan Z. when she became creepily obsessed with him.

No. 934255

Yup. My point exactly. And I believe Ryan no1 too.

No. 934271

I don't know if it works to prevent views/revenue, but it's worth a try even if it just skips ads.

I thought he was "the one" after knowing him for years and finally giving him a chance, because he and I related on a lot of levels and it felt uncanny. My friend of nine years thought he was "the one", and in the end, him and I dating caused her to throw an enormous shitfit even though she said she wasn't into him, and she tried to alienate me from friends because his and my involvement was a jolt to her ego because it said "you were never good enough but she was". My childhood best friend thought he was "the one" but hit a really bad spot in life and latched onto both him and I to a creepy degree, and it just added a self-inflicted layer to their suffering and I almost lost them.

He's just not THAT great, and I really don't know what it is that grants him this weird, "senpai" status that causes people to fall so head over heels in a month or so of knowing him, where lives are so negatively impacted. I think it's because he gets caught up in the dopamine rush of the "honeymoon phase" so he draws people in and he's unique enough that they think they've struck gold, and it becomes like an addiction.

It's obvious he's the next Ryan Z except he's given her more than Ryan Z did. If he ever wants out or starts backing away things are likely to get real volatile.(no1curr abour ur relationships)

No. 934440


New one. Every second of this video baffles me.

No. 934442

Does she really want to appeal to feeders by doing a mukbang? Or does she need an excuse to binge? Because nobody wants to see her eat.

No. 934462

Part of me wonders if she saw the comment last thread someone made hoping she doesn't try to get on the mukbang trend.

No. 934486

Lol she actually did it. Right after saying she was going to stop bingeing on junk. Either that or she really is trying to troll the "haters". Guys lets keep it up, maybe she'll binge eat herself into one of those reality shows for morbidly obese people and she can finally fulfill her dreams of stardom.

No. 935034

No. 935040

I cannot watch this. I have some issues with misophonia, and she makes these incredibly exaggerated eating sounds. Just ..gah…

No. 935064

Someone please summarize this, I simply cannot watch more than a couple seconds at a time.

No. 935069

Curious to see if she'll continue down this road and put on a bunch of relationship weight too tbh. She's already pretty shapeless.

No. 935079


Dude she swishes her drink in her mouth like mouthwash before swallowing it every time.

No. 935081

to make things worse, it's steamed almond milk and peanut butter.

No. 935082

She chews with her mouth open and talk with will her mouth is full. Absolutely disgusting

Can't wait for her to do more of these and end up overweight.

No. 935085

She moans every time she takes a bite. Is this what it's like having sex with her? Disgusting. She tries so hard to be Trisha Paytas.

No. 935089


Someone count how many times she says “mmmm!!”

Take a shot every time you hear mmmm!!

This might be good for her since she wants to make videos but doesn’t have any ideas what to make, also she likes to talk about pointless shit. She can eat and constantly repeat herself AND get a video to post about it all at the same time.

Also, she has the personality of a 70yr old lady. Constantly repeating herself and pointless conversation to go along with the way she talks and the kind of words she uses. It’s cringey, dated, and feels forced.

No. 935106

>Got lost driving to Sheetz because she didn't want to use her GPS
>Stuffs her face with food
>Says people message her about having anxiety about getting their drivers license
>Tells them to get driving instructor and to practice driving to work or to a store
>Compass necklace because she's "free and independent"
>Getting lost driving to the gas station makes her think she can drive anywhere now
>Ordered test prints of her photography
>Dreams of traveling and vlogging it
>At the very end says the road is soooo busy and "you know what, I don't have to go to Walmart THAT bad" kek right after saying she can drive anywhere because she's so confident now

Stupid video. Nobody cares about your driving or gas station food, Heather.

No. 935289

Thanks for taking one for the team Anon.

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