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File: 1465583014617.png (321.46 KB, 600x600, Yu89e6dD.png)

No. 142402

Been talking about him a lot in the Suzy/Game Grumps thread so we thought it was time to make one for him.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/ChaoticMonki
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CryWasTaken
Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/cryaotic
Deviantart: http://cryplayfan.deviantart.com/
Tumblr: cryaotic.tumblr.com

And his gf, Cheyenne
Twitter: https://twitter.com/_daaes
Tumblr: daaes.tumblr.com
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/weskersglasses

Some drama highlights:

- The Ziegs incident. Basically Ziegs was a female streamer who hung out with the crew and got bullied and belittled a lot by Chey. People either noticed and stayed quiet, or thought it was funny, so it got swept under the rug until Ziegs posted that she's quitting and that Chey's behaviour has almost driven her to suicide. Cry played the "I never knew it was so bad" card. Snake was suspicious of what was going on but generally remained neutral.

Ziegs' post: http://ziegsden.tumblr.com/post/127637296549/in-regards-to-this-video-and-its-comments-this

Snake's reply: http://msf-actual.tumblr.com/post/127827499956

Cry's reply: http://cryaotic.tumblr.com/post/127827712539/msf-actual-okayfor-ziegs-to-walk-away-from-the

Chey's reply: http://daaes.tumblr.com/post/127827561255/transparency


- "In the Room" video. Basically Coyotenimation on Youtube makes small animated highlights of streams. He made one called In the Room (link here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OSlCsGXwCl4&ab_channel=Coyotemation ) that basically implied Chey is the "elephant in the room" in a time when the Chey/Ziegs tension was high. What's interesting is that Cry commented in this video saying like "not cool, man" but bless gurugossiper I found there the image of the comment from coyote


If that's true it explains a lot of behaviour from Chey

If you fancy reading through a lot of nonsense in the comments, here's Cry's linked comment https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OSlCsGXwCl4&lc=z12ag5doxzawupor304cgplw3ynwh3frhec&ab_channel=Coyotemation



Cheyenne says that Cry's editing and vids are not particularly impressive (during a stream with a friend), it's SO awkward, Cry's feelings are hurt, the third person trying to keep a convo going.


Chey's various tumblr dramas




http://daaes.tumblr.com/post/123878288970/i-dont-want-people-to-think-im-upset-because <- Chey wasn't around/invited to a stream and she bitched on tumblr. Jund is famously disliking of Chey and they butt heads a lot on tumblr. Cry just sort of whines like "guyz plz stop" but doesn't do anything publicly.

continuation of ^ http://daaes.tumblr.com/post/123877827280/scottjund-daaes-scottjund-daaes-keep


Some random posts that are interesting

A post from cry's tumblr a long, long time ago. http://cryaotic.tumblr.com/post/31830471345/spill-it-all-let-it-flow-through-you-dog Very morose and serious stuff, coming from him. About his family life.

A random reddit thread that was criticising Chey, but not titled as Chey, just "streamer's gf", still pretty hilarious though https://www.reddit.com/r/LivestreamFails/comments/3m681t/streamers_gf_throws_a_tantrum_ingame_about_a/

Okay there's so much more, especially Chey/Jund salt or just Chey being saltier than a cheap ramen pack, but I can't find them/can't think of their sources, sorry!

But let's carry on~

Ironically the first posts on chey's tumblr are addressing her age. So yes, she claims that "to the law" she was a minor but not emotionally illegal. Basically her way of saying she was 16 and Cry is five years older than her so do the math (she states that in the tags).

No. 142403

Can I ask why cry is popular/well known? Ive only ever heard of him on lolcow (Suzy thread). Does he have a big following?

No. 142404

So… how is exactly Cryotic a lolcow, OP? Shouldn't the thread be about his girlfriend instead?

No. 142405


We were discussing him on the Suzy Game Grumps thread and a few of us did agree that we'd like a Cry thread to discuss him. His girlfriend goes hand in hand with the topic, I guess.


He's got 2-3 mil subs but he's mainly known for his voice and mystery. He's essentially anonymous and faceless and fangirls go bonkers over his voice, to a very disturbing degree. He was super tight with Pewds and the PewdsxCry ship was alive and very well but it seems they wanted to simmer it down so it's basically a niche fandom now.

No. 142406

Over 2.000.000 subs on yt, you decide

No. 142407

Yeah, Chey is the lolcow here, not Cry. I haven't liked her from the start, she has always been rude to Cry and his friends even when they are on stream. I don't know why he stays with her, it seems like an abusive relationship to me.

I didn't know that they started dating when she was 16 though, that's kind of gross. If that's true, then the relationship may be toxic both ways then.

No. 142408


I was originally going to name it Cryaotic and Chey, or just Cheyenne, but that'd be more niche. I just called it Cryaotic for simplicity and because he would pop up sometimes in discussion. Kind of like how Game Grumps popped in Suzy's threads and now it's mixed.

No. 142409

It's basically about Chey, but Cry is dating her and she is obsessed with him. Basically, it's Cry and the late night crew, which Chey is a part of.
(Similar to Snoozy and GG)

No. 142410

I believe Cry is popular because he is considered a 'nice guy' youtuber. He started streaming during the time Pewdiepie got really well known and he is very different from him. While Pewdiepie back then made a lot of sexist and rape jokes, cry was the opposite. He has a calming voice and states a lot of how he feels about women's equality and human rights overall. He isn't 100% a sjw but has a few tendencies. He's also active in his fanbase. Aside from never showing his face, people tend to like him.

I personally watched him back in 2009 or 2010 and thought he was a decent youtuber, even though he's an awful gamer. He isn't very political and doesn't over exaggerate his reactions like Markiplier.

He was niche was a while, but got steadily more popular throughout the last 3 years. I actually had no idea he hit over 1 mil subs until recently.

No. 142411

Meant to say "He had a niche audience and fanbase for a while.."

No. 142412

I think next thread it could be named Late Night Crew General similar to the game grumps general if it reaches that point.

I also felt Cry was kinda creepy tbh.
How has Ziegs been after all this? Any updates on her?

No. 142413

File: 1465590060944.jpg (396.61 KB, 1074x1464, 2016-06-10 21.19.16.jpg)

I think this is Cheyenne's old myspace. Very cringey
>'yay i iz japanese'

No. 142414

No. 142415

Holyshit, she is cringy.

Thanks anon.

No. 142416

File: 1465590670714.jpg (31.53 KB, 600x449, 5WoQolo.jpg)

>woot woot im a sexy beasty

No. 142417


also he's starring in a large amount of pewdiepies videos which most likely helped

No. 142418


I always wondered if those pictures were her. They both resemble her and really don't, it's weird.

Chey is partnered now with Twitch and got 3k in donations the other day, I saw on her twitter.

Like damn, why does such a bitchy person get such attention? (rhetorical question I know they are just sucking up to Cry)

Honestly Cry seems both totally chill to me and also really flawed. Like, not in a "nobody's perfect" way but in the way like that one friend you have who is cool but continuously does small things that really piss you off, but they aren't enough to make you delete them from your life.

No. 142419

My only familiarity with this guy is from watching his playthrough of Dandelion with another youtuber, which was admittedly pretty excellent. He has a fucking hot voice and provided entertaining banter throughout. Do we have any photos of his actual face? Girlfriend's blog is cringey because seems to be 99% about Cry.

No. 142420

mmh shrug

let her live we all posted that shit on myspace in 2007. post new relevant content please

No. 142421

So nothing's changed, Cheyenne's still a fat cunt. What does Cry see in her?

No. 142422

What's up with youtubers getting shitty girlfriends with blonde streaks in their hair?

No. 142423

agreed. her attitude to the LNC and Cry's following is almost show-offy

No. 142424

Wasn't it said in the other thread that Cry himself is super fat?

No. 142425


Apparently Cry went to the emergency room for a gallbladder infection, video of him explaining it here:

No. 142426

sounds fat

No. 142427

Def sounds fat. someone up thread said this was a sexy voice LMAO

No. 142428

there is nothing sexy about this dude's voice. sounds like a fat nerd

No. 142429

I never really got into the Cry/Chey drama because I just liked Cry alone and don't really give a fuck about the LNC, but god damn am I glad that people hate Chey. Everything I've seen from her has just screamed "massive jealous bitch".

I used to think people didn't like Chey (before I knew who she was) solely because Cry had a girlfriend but no, she's an absolute cunt of a person.


Last I heard that was a fake image?? But I'm totally down with believing it's him. Wouldn't surprise me if Chey got with him solely because noone else wanted her, and she wanted the attention.

No. 142430

He doesn't usually sound like that. If you watch the "cryaotic reads" stuff he has a really cool story telling voice. It's pretty nice

No. 142431

holy shit i just read some stuff and this cheyenne sounds like a total cunt. hate when unfunny girls munch off of their boyfriend's success and try to get into what they do just to be a cunt and ruin the atmosphere. if i was a fan of cry i would have honestly left his ass. i would have been there for him and his friends, not his cunt of a girlfriend lol. thankfully i don't support anyone because ready all this doesnt make me want to give them any views and whatnot.

No. 142432

I find Cry cringy, he tries too hard to be sexy that it turns gross/creepy

No. 142433

I watched Cry for awhile but I never thought his voice sounded cute or sexy. Never understood why people did.

No. 142434


He probably has a shit diet. I guarantee he's fat.

No. 142435

Does this woman actually do anything? I'm looking through her tumblr, and it essentially seems like she's a full time girlfriend/"streemur". Her sidebar is just fanart of her and her boyfriend, and most of the posts seem to be her talking about him in some way. Her latest posts are defending the legality of their relationship?? Fucking kek.

I thought Snooze was bad, but at least Snooze isn't a cunt.

Thank you for the extensive OP post, OP. I'm going to have a good time drinking this milk. I had no idea Cry was such a cow.

No. 142436


The thing that grinds my gears with Chey is that she blames her borderline personality disorder on her bad behaviour. Like… no, dude, that's not how it works. It doesn't give you a free pass to be a bitch to people.

I feel bad for her mother passing away. And I get it must be tough being Cry's gf with all the crybaby creepo female fans, but the only thing that she makes herself to be is cry's gf, likes swimming, lives in las vegas. That's it. And being a mega bitch to his friends.

I've heard from elsewhere that she has a rep for driving away female mods for the streams. I can't recall where the link came from though.

No. 142437

>I’m sorry that I was so detrimental to you, I am. But I was never made aware of my actions. Not once was I ever told about how you felt. Not once. You spoke to Cry once and then left. You gave him an ultimatum and expected him to be a miracle worker. There’s no excuse for that.

I have no idea who these people are, but that Chey's reply link is fucking vicious. How can anyone defend this bitch?

No. 142438


Chey is the girlfriend of a Youtuber popular with young female fans. Cue people defending her because they have been blinded by internet culture. Time and time again she gets involved in drama and they still defend her. Now she's twitch partnered and she calls the people who criticise her "haters".

She's doing quite fine for being an ass to others.

No. 142439

If she has BPD then the reason cry is still with her is because she likely pulls a "if you leave me I'll kill myself" and with him also being fat he probably thinks she's the best he can get

No. 142440


Honestly he probably wouldn't ever break up with her because she knows too much. What he looks like, what his house looks like, his accounts, his family, his pets. She's got so much knowledge that she could destroy him if she wanted.

Heck, I think some of his closest online friends don't even know his face or name.

No. 142441

She seems like the type to just spill all the tea if he ever broke up with her tbh

No. 142442

He must be ugly as fuck, most faceless Youtubers unmask themselves eventually.

No. 142443


Either he is or he just went so far down the rabbit hole that he thought fuck it, and kept going. I mean he has to constantly pay websites to delete his information. No events. No invites. Refuses any sponsorship or offer with a company if it means showing his real identity even a little. The guy is super invested in his privacy, even if he was just ugly.

No. 142444

Reminds me of a guy in the GW2 Youtube scene. Really popular, but never really releases any information about his name, face, family life, etc. Its good because it builds mystery and I think it draws a lot of people in, but then you end up missing out on a lot stuff. He's been invited to events and interviews for the game, but end sup turning them down and shit.

No. 142445

File: 1465660970815.png (256.83 KB, 322x456, image.png)

Idk how he handled it but cr1tikal ended revealing his face and I think it got him more attention. Maybe that's just because he was cute tho

No. 142446

In that OP reddit link, someone linked this part where she calls him a 'useless fat fuck':

32in-kun confirmed?

No. 142447

jfc that salt tho

No. 142448


Yeah, Chey has way too much salt for any normal person. And you can't blame that on BPD.

No. 142449

File: 1465669318331.jpg (14.37 KB, 275x275, image.jpg)

Too bad he probably looks like

No. 142450

I always felt Cry was the opposite. Really tall and super skinny/ scrawny…. Looks like a bird….. Glasses and face full of pimples. Basically the picture of the ideal nerd.

No. 142451


I can see her posting his nudes and talking about how he forced her to date him when she was only 16.


I doubt cry is attractive enough for him to gain fans with an unmasking. Just look at his homely ass girlfriend.

No. 142452

Cry is ugly as fuck though. I think he's mainly avoiding posting his face because he has batshit crazy fans who will all leave him once they see his ugly mug.

No. 142453

YIKES. she is awful.

No. 142454

Holy shit I feel bad for the dude, what kind of girlfriend/boyfriend calls their partner a "useless fat fuck"? I know Cry is pretty sensitive too, so he probably took that to heart even if he tried to play it off as a joke.

No. 142455

he's definitely in an abusive relationship

No. 142456

When cry was a smaller you tuber, before Felix came to him asking to play with him i was subbed. He was nice, generally chill and laid low. I can't say much has changed except for the fact that Chey WALKS ALL OVER HIM.

And he's said himself that he's heavier, and likes heavier women. I asked him once how he feels about all of the fan art depicting him as some skin and bones 15 year old bishie-boy and he said something along the lines of, "it doesn't make me uncomfortable, because that's cry. That's the person they see as their friend, which is fine. I'm not Cry, the character so I don't feel offended, but I do feel like a big portion of my sub count would stop watching me if they knew what I looked like."

He also had a really shitty home life, so I have no clue why he would stay with Chey. I haven't tried approaching him since maybe 3-4 years ago, so I don't think he'd answer, but I assume it's because he thinks he's not good enough to have a healthy relationship. (Or she's threatening suicide/to release personal info if he leaves her.)

No. 142457

This is so sad… I hope he leaves her. she actually sounds so fucking awful.

No. 142458


Cry was "unmasked" years ago. Someone posted his image onto Tumblr and his fans mass reported it until it was taken down.
He's not cute at all, in fact he's also obese. But at least his fans had his back even all those years back then.

No. 142459

File: 1466343499358.png (163.1 KB, 317x238, tumblr_inline_mn2dso2FsO1qz4rg…)

This photo?

No. 142460

Holy fuck, he's ugly. Where are his eyebrows?

No. 142461

how do we know this is him?

No. 142462

Yeah I remember this story, never saw the pic thro but if it's really him in >>142459 holy shit. I mean, I've always expected him to be ugly since he doesn't show his face and since his gf is also ugly as fuck but damn…

No. 142463

yeah.. well even if it is him doesnt change the fact i enjoy listening to his story time videos. he has a really nice voice so.. thats something?

No. 142464

No, don't get me wrong, I like him too.
The ONLY thing that I don't really like about him is the fact that he is really sensitive…way too much imo; he gets butthurt very easily even on constructive criticisms.
I also don't like when he talks about his father/terrible family life; it feels like he tries to gain sympathy or something

No. 144447

the person who leaked his photos matched up a lot of things from his mother to home decor and even his nephew I think. He had a lot of proof but it was a total invasion of privacy.

They did this because after finding pictures of Cry, he wanted to spite his fangirls and expose them as being shallow.
Cry didn't deserve this at all.

No. 144496

I wasn't aware when cry-exposed happened years ago on Tumblr but there's a tag for it and that's the photo I found. Try "cry exposed" or "cryexposed".

On the wayback machine, I could only read 2-3 recent pages off of the Tumblr blog. That's the photo that was circulated there.

No. 144503

File: 1466376978016.jpg (69.04 KB, 600x800, BrUjv8fIgAAlc5r.jpg)

That's a VERY different Cheyenne Avila. lol.

THIS is Cheyenne. If you actually looked for Chey's photos online and verified that girl and Chey were the same person you'd see they'd have that big mole on her face. But Chey doesn't. :)

No. 144504

>Right, so, Cryaotic is a complete idiot of a manchild and decided that not having health insurance was a great idea. Unfortunately, his gallbladder had a gas explosion and he urgently needed surgery.

>For real though, multiple days in a hospital, CAT scans, days of pain meds, gallbladder surgery, anesthesia, time spent, living in America, etc means the bill was pretty unbelievably stupid.

>Because we all love Cry and he deserves to not owe a hospital money for 10 years, the Late Night Crew thought it would be a good idea to try to raise money for his enormous bill. All proceeds go to, well, obviously, the bill.

>Thank you in advance for anyone who decides to help out. We all truly appreciate it and wish the best for Cry's recovery.

No. 144507

I'll give Cry money if he gets the fuck out of that relationship lol

No. 144518

File: 1466382658398.png (220.75 KB, 500x518, tumblr_n8ot7p9fF71rtfecio1_500…)


What the hell, Wasn't this him (pic) ?? He was exposed on a livestream?

No. 144525

nevermind im an idiot

No. 144528

oh wow he's cute

No. 144529

That's a double. He was not physically present at the time.

No. 145683

There was a separate full body pic older than this, but it appears to be the same individual

No. 145684

Looks a bit like CinnamonToastKen

No. 145743


I'm like 90% sure that Cheyenne will take some of that gofundme money.

No. 145746

>Right, so, Cryaotic is a complete idiot of a manchild and decided that not having health insurance was a great idea.

Damn, I'm pretty sure the guy is putting himself down enough already. Give him a break, goddamn

No. 145761

what an ugly bitch.

No. 145762

Fucker raised 35k? damn. How are you a moderately successful youtuber without health insurance? Cry is an idiot. People will shell out money for anyone on youtube, won't they?

No. 145770

I better hope not. Cry said he'll donate any excess to the hospital he was in.

No. 145777

wat, hospitals make enough money in the states. should donate it to an organization that actually uses that money to help people who can't afford bills, like st. jude's.

No. 145781

Lol tell the guy then, I don't know anything about the USA's health care system.

No. 145782

File: 1466438895698.jpg (77.83 KB, 537x720, cheyenneonahorse.jpg)

No. 145783

For a second I thought this was cry and I got scared

No. 145784

File: 1466439100742.jpg (89.42 KB, 487x957, nope.jpg)

No. 146166

Holy shit she's UGLY.
I kinda hope that she would actually take the extra money and then spend it all on a plastic surgery, because she really needs it.

No. 146168

Wow, ugly on the inside and outside.

No. 146199

Went through her tumblr, which was kind of tough to do (that cringe).
She comes off as a entitled twat, and she should take care of that BPD of hers. That shit ain't cute, how is she popular in any capacity? ( besides fucking a youtuber)

No. 146263

I hate seeing fat bitches on horses.

No. 146383

How old is she anyway? Maybe she's still in her bitchy teen phase and has a chance of becoming a better person later?

No. 146387

I don't have the deets, but cry is about 27 which should make her about 22. It was his birthday just a few days ago.

unpopular opinion: chey is kind of cute. Not in a girl next door way, but chubby nerdy girl way

No. 146389

Oh. So its not just a phase then…

No. 146390

She is kinda cute on her selfies, but on normal pics she's not cute at all (in my opinion)

No. 146395

Oh well, different strokes etc. Glad to read not everyone thinks she's ugly. Honestly it made everyone here sound like a fat jelly fangirl buttmad that she stole their man. She still seems horribly abrasive though, no different opinions on that.

No. 146396

I don't think she's ugly, but it's her attitude that is off. Check out 4:00 onwards.

No. 146398

File: 1466567212648.png (426.7 KB, 1080x1619, lolthosereplies.png)

I've seen that before, the silence after the insults is killing me.

I think pic related was from an other time chey acted out, but it seems cry is okay with it? Idk I try to remind myself cry is an adult (manbaby, but still an adult) and he knows what he's doing and getting into.

No. 146404

That other anon is right, if this girl is really a bitch and they broke up, she'd make sure that she gets her revenge.

No. 146407

Poor Cry…He's been very open about having daddy issues and a rough childhood, so he probably thinks the signs of an abusive relationship are normal/is used to rationalizing the behaviors of abusers. I don't follow him very closely anymore, but I hope the guy gets out of this somehow.

No. 146411

Omfg this bitch, what a hypocrite. Cry doesn't want to be called by his real name, and enforces it hella seriously. Iirc cheyenne has also gotten mad at viewers before for calling him Ryan. What does she tag fanart of both of them on tumblr? "Me and ry", not just a typo (leaving off the C) because it's consistent.
Way to respect your bf's wishes…

No. 146549

What is up with youtubers dating other youtubers/streamers? I get that it helps in some ways that they understand eachother's career but it also makes the risk of dating crazy/socially inept people so much higher.

I hope Cry can get out of this relationship without too much drama happening. She does seem like a vindictive person, possibly on the edge of abusive.

The only happy couple I've ever seen in the videogame community is Matt and Steph from Game Theory. But they married before he started the channel iirc and she had a different career path as well (a degree in chemistry, I think?). If you compare them with all these other youtube relationships you can see how toxic a lot of them are.

No. 146582

>I slept with a youtuber and all I got was this stupid blog
Why does she feel the need to say this in her blog description? It's such an out of the blue thing to say that I can't help but view it as some sort of bragging like her overweight boyfriend is a prize. Call me prude, but it's inappropriate and I don't want to imagine two chubs rubbing against each other in bed.

With that being said, the rest of her blog is creepy. Nearly every post is about her boyfriend or her being extremely negative and sperging out at people.

No. 146601

Didn't she start as a cry fangirl and is basically living the promoted fan dream?

>I don't want to imagine two chubs rubbing against each other

Listen to 20.45 :^)

Also listen from 19.30 on and then listen to what chey says at 20.35

No. 147053

File: 1466633060879.jpg (24.29 KB, 400x400, 9d2815e07aad66c1aa23624212f367…)

I will never understand lolcow…

>Dakota: Wow! she's ugly as fuck look at dat chin

>Kiki: Wow! she's ugly as fuck look at dat forehead
>Taylor: Wow! she's ugly as fuck look at dat bloated face
>Cheyenne (who literally looks like a fat chimp with a fucked up jaw): Wow! She's kinda cute


No. 147057

Nah, I don't think people on here think Dakota, Kiki and Taylor are ugly at all. There are a lot of comments here saying they're pretty, cute, et cetera.

No. 147059

File: 1466634046438.jpg (204.53 KB, 1200x900, Clg1-_gUYAAj-NT.jpg)

Cry's shirt on Cheyenne

No. 147060

Her eyebrows look like the fucking caret symbol.

No. 147062

looks like skrillex's younger brother

No. 147067

That shirt shows that Cry really is fat
Personally, I think Taylor is pretty and Kota is cute. Chey is kinda cute too, but only on her selfies, and only if she does that silly thing with her mouth and covers her nose a bit. On other pics she's ugly.

No. 147074

Damn, I knew it. Cry is a fatass.

No. 147079

File: 1466638253477.jpg (128 KB, 1000x1000, 1000.jpg)

It is this shirt and it can go as large as 4XL

No. 147084

I may be wrong, but if he wears 4XL and looks like >>142459
then he's not a tall guy. Poor guy lost genetic lottery in many ways.

No. 147097

Honestly I'm not a fan girl but cry is the only let's player I watch on YouTube. He doesn't scream all the fucking time, he doesn't cover up the voices and intense moments in games with dumb comments, he has a nice voice… I couldn't care less if he was a fat uggo. I just want him to stop dating this bitch and go back to provide sweet entertainment. (and honestly, even if he was really fat, I feel he could do better than her, seems like at least he's a real sweetheart)

No. 147098

God, she's such a cunt. I feel like its pretty fucking impressive to edit a video everyday and out out those videos everyday. Wtf does she do?

No. 147099

No. 147113

No. 147131

There's no way that's a 4x….I'm a fatass and even I'm swimming in a 4x. I would assume XL or XXL.

No. 147136

If that really was Cry's face then the smaller the size is the shorter he is

No. 147152

Pretty much, Cry explains it here at around 9:30

No. 147156

This is honestly painful to watch, I can understand couples playfully insulting each other w/o really meaning it, but Cheyenne takes it waaaaay too far and poor Cry has to try and play it off

No. 147160

File: 1466653587522.jpg (49.67 KB, 600x600, Cdxw_vhVAAABDbc.jpg)

I am kinda confused,you guys.
You're all acting as is people cannot lose weight?
Cheyenne is obviously not fat in her recent twitter pictures.
(Unless you DO consider that fat, in which case what the fuck?)
And in the picture where she is wearing Cry's shirt she's NOT FAT and she's also not swimming in that shirt.
It most definitely looks like size L and I don't even know why it matters.
So even if the pic with the glasses IS Cry, we stil don't know what he looks like today. The picture didn't even show his eyes for god's sake.
And another example, look at Russ.
He lost so much weight during these few years it's impressive.

No. 147242

I just wrote >>147079 that it could go as large as 4xl but I didn't say Cry's shirt is that big.

It's also possible that Cry likes his shirt baggy, but why???

No. 147243

File: 1466670417374.jpg (59.05 KB, 600x800, CixHHHCUgAAr4fa.jpg)

Well at least a more recent photo

No. 147244

Still not even remotely fat.
What is wrong with you people?
She looks like she's a healthy weight.

No. 147250

I think she's just one of those people with wide faces that make them look heavier than they actually are (having one of those faces myself).

No. 147252

Are you lost

No. 147258

Just compare her now to some of the previous images, we get that she's a horrible person, but she's clearly not fat. (And even before, she was heavy/thick but not necessarily fat.)
Some of you don't understand that being healthy and not having rolls of fat on your stomach is what makes people NOT FAT.
Meat on your body is important, anorexic-loving fucks.
And I am not a salty "fat bitch" who is trying to draw a line of justice here.
No, I'm a healthy M sized man.
And we do not call Cheyenne's body what it's not.

Call her ugly if it's your taste.
We know she's a bad person.
But Cry's shirt that is hanging on her body is L sized.
That's all, folks.

No. 147280

Yep. Summer is now here

No. 147287

Fuck off Cheyenne you fatass

No. 147302

I don't think she looks fat here but loose T-shirts like this will make girls look bigger than they are. Take it from someone who used to always wear man clothes.

No. 147323

This is the first time ever where I as a guy have to defend women bodies. How shitty is your life to, besides EVERYTHING BAD we have against her personality, bring how she looks like into this?
I thought these people here at least knew a thing or two about how unimportant that is.
Also I am not defending her actions;
There is just no need to call her fat next to all this, it can bring down girs who are thicker than her…even though that body is perfectly healthy.
You can make other people feel insecure by being a little shit.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 147327

File: 1466692844174.png (651.07 KB, 1067x800, VNyk86k.png)

No. 147336

How can you know what size that shirt is for sure when we don't know what height and size Chey is?

No. 147337

Unless, of course, you are either Cry or Chey

No. 147343

File: 1466697221428.jpg (124.7 KB, 768x1024, sdfdsfsdfds.jpg)

No. 147346

File: 1466697412051.jpg (89.82 KB, 281x1021, fdsfdsfds.jpg)

No. 147350

What are you trying to accomplish by posting these? She's not fat. She is ugly, however.

No. 147352

>he explains why it's bad to be an asshole to someone
>she's an asshole to him anyway and then says "I have sex with you, so I can say shit like that"
Lmao what a bitch

No. 147355

Lolcow is an image board, dumbass.

No. 147358

Dat double chin

No. 147364

She looks like a some hipster boy. A really ugly one.

No. 147371

I'm sorry but in >>147346 she is far from being thin, she's built like a fucking man

No. 147372

Wow unfortunate face, body, and personality. She's the whole package of shit. I'm not one to throw around the potato meme but she really does look like one giant potato.

No. 147385

Why wouldn't you give some context to them? Or at least a comment? Posting some random ass photos with nothing else is fucking weird.

No. 147386

Please leave, you don't belong here.

No. 147387

File: 1466705063067.jpg (52.48 KB, 328x749, cheey.jpg)

No. 147391

I wouldn't say she's fat either, but she def did not win the genetic lottery

No. 147401

File: 1466707686540.jpg (86.75 KB, 473x473, snoop-lion-literally.jpg)

>There is just no need to call her fat next to all this, it can bring down girs who are thicker than her…even though that body is perfectly healthy.
You can make other people feel insecure by being a little shit.

Oh lord

No. 147403

She is fat, anon. I know you want to justify that second mountain dew, but she is fat.

No. 147405

Stop throwing around the 'genetic lottery' strawman. She is fat. You can control weight you know, fatass.

No. 147406

But being fat is not the only thing that makes her ugly, anon.

No. 147447

Very true. Her personality is really scummy. Why does Cry put up with her?

No. 147451

This thread keeps going in circles. Whether Chey is fat or ugly is pretty much subjective (subjective fat because ana-chans are everywhere), her behaviour is not. There's no proof fat man shades >>142459 is Cry, but according to others, that's definitely him.

Again there's no proof for anything, but the theory people are going with is that Chey keeps dirt on Cry (his face and other personal information) and she will absolutely kick up a stink if HE ever breaks up with her. Best case scenario is her breaking up with him so she won't be a vindictive bitch with his sensitive information.

No. 147472

At what age do people graduate high school in 'Murica?

No. 147473

17-18 iirc.

No. 147475

She graduated in 2014, and if I understand correctly she was already dating Cry back then. Does anyone know where Cry lives and whats the age of consent there?

No. 147477


I believe cry lives in Florida.

This is what google came up with for the age of consent.

"Florida's age of consent is 18, though the law contains a provision allowing 16- and 17-year-olds to consent to having sex with someone age 16 to 23. To qualify for removal under "Romeo and Juliet," the victim must have been at least 14 years old and the offender no more than four years older."

No. 147478

And Cry is 27 atm, right?
So if she was 17 and he was 25, he's screwed, right? Girl has BPD, she will probably use that shit against him if he dumps her.

No. 147480

I'm pretty sure on her tumblr she says she was legal age when she started dating him.

Either way I don't think legally she can hold that against him. I don't think it would hold up because A) they've been together for a few years B) She's never hinted that anything was not consensual C)It's kind of just the standard "crazy ex can't deal with break-up" shit

No. 147481

Lets hope so

No. 147504

Oh christ I kind of look like her actually. Good motivation to stick with my diet/exercise at least.

No. 147507

Any anecdotes about Cheyenne vs. Scott Jund? That guy hates her and Cry is like, back off bruh.

No. 147628

Nah, don't worry about it, anon. Nobody cares about that as long as you are a nice person.
Diet and exercise are always good though!

No. 147644

File: 1466774946284.png (26.96 KB, 597x443, cvj.png)

She brought up past relationships of Jund's during that argument and I think that really solidified him not liking her.

He's mentioned before on his tumblr that they don't get along well (she's actually the only person on the lnc he doesn't get along with).

No. 147646

I say this all the time to people who think drama follows them around. If you're the common denominator in all these scenarios, chances are you're the problem. The fact she continues to get into this bitch fits with other people sort of proves that she's a bitch and unlikable.

No. 147655

Cheyenne just can't bring herself to say sorry, huh.

Cry, I wish you would wake the fuck up soon and leave this condescending bitch because she's toxic. Imagine her as a housewife nagging you the whole time. Right… If you could date a fan like her, then you can find another fan who's much nicer.

No. 147656

Good. Lose the weight. There's no reason to be a fatass.

No. 147657

I actually like Jund. Chey is a massive cunt.

No. 147693

I'm not fat lol I just know that if I gained ~10 pounds my face would look like hers.

She HAS to be manipulating him, holding the face-reveal over his head or something.

No. 147695

It's pretty obvious Cry has massive self estim issues. I'm pretty sure she is his first serious gf and he's afraid to lose her (and the fact that she could go nuclear is not helping, I guess)

No. 148245

File: 1466939183999.png (580.28 KB, 500x734, tumblr_mo7d82nlKM1ry7sx8o1_500…)

Well actually I am not sure about that.
I think even if the person in the picture above (with glasses and all) is Cry, he probably changed a lot by now.
He doesn't seem to have self-esteem issues when it comes to his looks.
I know we can't say this is because we don't know what he looks like but many times over he's been saying:
''Look in the mirror, compliment, and hit life hard.'' as in how he deals with problems. Also:
''A good feeling when you drop on your bed after a long day of jogging''
''I had so many people tell me 'come on, what are you so afraid of? we won't make fun of you.' and it's NOT THAT.''
I don't think he minds his looks, honestly.
And from hearing him jump around and run in his room during streams makes me think that he's in a healthy weight.
Another thing, he took a picture of a brand new shirt they made on tumblr and surprisingly enough it was size M.
So there's all that.

Now when it comes to his relationship with her, I really can't say. I always made myself think 'I can not like Chey all I want. But Cry is happy.''
And reading all of this kinda changed my opinions and I'm concerned.
But it's really none of our business, we have Cheyenne-free content on his youtube channel anyway.

Also I doubt any of you are going to count this, but he said himself that he wasn't fat and Russ claimed there's ''NOT GOING TO BE FAT CRYAOTIC FANART ANYMORE''
And also he was called a 'little spoon' by Sinvicta. So that's the shit I know.

No. 148254

No. 148257

And then there is THAT >>142446
Also I'm pretty sure that Chey is size M

No. 148259

It's an insult like any other, though if that's going to be your only resource next to all the things I've listed then okay.

No. 148260

He also said he's 5'11''
Which is 180cm I believe

No. 148261

I'm pretty sure Cry has said before that he has social anxiety and is an introvert so that, along with safety reasons (he's said that people have gone to his house before), is probably why he doesn't want to show his face. So it still would be possible to blackmail him with a face reveal.

Also in >>146396 you can tell he was affected by what she said. You don't just shut down like that without being a little bit sensitive about what others think of you. So even if he doesn't have self esteem issues about his looks, he probably does in other areas.

No. 148262

That's true.
And being that she insulted his video editing, which is something he's the most proud of, is not helping.

No. 148265

I don't remember in what video exactly, but he has already said before that he was on the "heavy side" and it wasn't that long ago.

Poor Cry seriously… I've always liked his videos because of how chill and sweet he is. I really hope that he will realize how fucked up his relationship with Cheyenne is

No. 148266

Guys, on Chey's tumblr it says that she and Cry are 5 years apart, but yet we know that she graduated high school in 2014 and that Cry is 27 atm. How exactly does her math work?

No. 148267

Cheyenne is 21/22

No. 148268

So…Why did she graduate HS in 2014 then?

No. 148269

I am pretty sure it was 2013,then?
She was born in 1994.

No. 148270

In her twitter there is a bunch of pics of her graduating in 2014

No. 148271

Still doesn't change the fact of when she was born…she's 21 years old, about to turn 22 in December.

No. 148272

I kinda wish you knew which video, because something here doesn't fit in.

No. 148273

So..Is it common in 'Murica to graduate at… 19 I think? I don't think she was born in 1994. I was born in 1993 and I graduated in 2011.

No. 148275

Yeah, I think that's the case, then.

No. 148281

From what I know most graduate at 17/18. She might have been held back a year or two.

No. 148285

That is exactly what I find weird, Chey is an asshole, but she doesn't seem stupid.
It is so much easier to lie about your birthdate on the internets than to fail HS that badly.

No. 148296

OR she might've waited a year before going to high school, which is also possible.

No. 148308

File: 1466950233959.gif (223.48 KB, 211x119, tumblr_static_tumblr_static_6d…)

No. 148353


>Reasons why Cheyenne is amazing

>-v good a vidya games
>-!!! dogs!!!!!
>-!!! cats!!!!!
>-huge nerd
>-v cute
>-wears her bfs clothes and is hella cute
>-doesnt take shit from anyone
>-will fuckin fight u do not test her
>-she like roosterteeth
>-fan of cool things oh yes
>-she blockin the haters B)
>-why do people hate her????
>-my role model

No. 148369

This is like a fever dream of every 'tumblr-ism' I absolutely despise.

No. 148438

her Twitter bio a couple years ago used to say about being a college student

No. 148453

Are you retarded or just purposely making an ass out of yourself?

No. 148455

Probably graduating college, guy

No. 148466

Hi Chey!
Why did she graduate college with HS diploma and why did she have a college orientation right after her graduation?

No. 148471

She's so disgusting. Generally I don't really care about youtuber drama (aside from Onion's greasy ass) but I actually liked Cry back when I watched his videos. I don't think he deserves to deal with someone like her.

Also, even if it was her breaking up with him and not the other way around, there is no guarantee that she still won't spread his info/face everywhere. She's clearly unstable and manipulative, and I can see her doing that just to be an asshole. Just my two cents on this whole mess.

No. 148472

File: 1466972490788.png (448.86 KB, 587x441, 81d607062401240c769e5317349f5a…)


Actually I'll just dump some screens here

No. 148473

File: 1466972503044.png (424.23 KB, 591x482, b6e40e69d8d788e1a3c0c06b7e7c74…)

No. 148474

File: 1466972525920.png (654.78 KB, 589x611, d71c4bee0482dcb1127669ebe408e5…)

No. 148528

She could've been held back in elementary or middle school. I think it's more common to be held back there instead of high school.

No. 148530

I stand corrected. That is suspect.

No. 148531

Probably this tbh, it happens a lot, especially in Kindergarten and lower grades where its not a big deal if you get held back.

For some reason I was thinking she graduated in 2015, not 2014. Now THAT would probably mean she's lying about her age. About being held back one year is somewhat common.

No. 148688

>Hi Chey!
quality /snow/ post as usual

it's funny watching you all struggle to find the answer as to why she may have been held back in high school considering what was mentioned before in this thread. i can't believe you guys are seriously clueless. you guys are beyond stupid

No. 148724

Enlighten us please, wise one.

No. 148785

Cry is also working out, are we forgetting that detail?
It's right here: http://cryaotic.tumblr.com/post/47501422838/i-just-want-to-say

No. 148786

Eh, I guess it's just really rare in my country.
But I'm still kind of suspicious about all this and her throwing a tantrum over the people doubting that their relationship is legal doesn't really help lol
Go ahead and tell us then

No. 148799

>3 years ago

No. 148802

Actually you're right!
Back when he had to replay TWD since it didn't save on his computer and he did the whole…12 hours thing. There was a break time where he actually got up and went to do pushups…with his mic on.
(People were saying 'fap count?' it was great times)

No. 148803

Worked out*
I mean does it seriously matter?

No. 148809

doing three push ups and two sit ups one time doesn't count. It has to be an overall lifestyle change that includes a better diet plus exercise and I doubt Cry is doing that.

No. 148810

And next to that is the fact that we only know bits and pieces about Cry's actual life and having these little details like 'doing push ups one time during a stream' could be a daily thing for him and yet we cannot know.
We're pretending we know too much about him when actually, we know jackshit. Only what he lets us know.

No. 148811

Oh and so far when it comes to 'healthy exercises' we know he's jogging, jumps around on stream a lot without really loosing stamina, did those pushups back on that livestream, posted about doing a hard workout.

So that's already a lot of healthy choices, right?

No. 148830

No. 148833

2014. Tumblr post.
2014. Picture of Cheynne.

I do not see a problem.

No. 148834

Cry is so annoying. holyshit

No. 148939

That was a first time where he actually stated that he's pansexual through that post.

No. 149274

File: 1467223031741.jpg (118.1 KB, 720x537, cheeey.jpg)

No. 149275

No. 149597

Am I the only one who finds the fact that he doesn't even try to defend Chey kind of weird and not nice at all? Come on, not even "She's not fat, she's pretty" or "I love her" or something else like that?
Instead he just goes and jokingly tells everyone that basically he's with her because he'd fuck anybody. Wtf?
I'm starting to think that they are a perfect couple.

No. 149630

There was no need to defend her in that post since clearly she wasn't fat. Also Cry is not the type of guy who'll openly confess his love on the internet. You never know what their private messages are like.

No. 149635

But isn't it normal to at least try to defend your SO when someone picks on them or attacks them? I don't know, to me it seems weird to not give a fuck.

No. 149659

I find it funny that her answer is like
>You don't know Cry but I do, and he likes fat girls
>He's bigger than me

Shouldn't it be
>He likes fat girls
>I am fat
>What don't you understand?

What does Cry's size have to do with her own size?

No. 149713

>-will fuckin fight u do not test her
well, at least that's true

No. 150380

File: 1467579647675.png (247.72 KB, 637x356, dsffsd.png)

So I decided to watch one of Cry's streams last night for the first time to see what they're like. They were playing some pictionary like game and Cheyenne drew something that apparently should have been really easy for Cry to guess, but he didn't get it right. She proceeded to call him "fucking stupid" ask if he was "mentally deficient" and then called him "fucking stupid" again. Then on the next round, instead of submitting a guess for what the picture was, she just put in "cry is fucking dumb". Everyone on the crew ignored her, literally no one acknowledged her weird tantrum, but as a viewer it was super awkward.

No. 150384

I was watching the stream too and yeah it was really awkward. She also shut down because her family didn't cook her anything. I think Russ had a backup person that was willing to take over while Cheyenne went to get some food. So Cry told her that it'd be okay if she dipped out for a while to get herself something to eat. And she started complaining how there was nothing to eat in the house (I'm gonna assume she meant there was nothing in the house that she could eat without having to cook it herself) and that she wasn't going to go out to get food either. And when Cry asked if she really had nothing (I think he said "You don't have mac and cheese or burgers?") she responded like it was stupid of him to ask. I'm glad that awkwardness didn't follow into the Phoenix Wright playthrough.

No. 150385

That must have happened when I went afk to get a snack. I was wondering why she was so silent during Phoenix Wright. I just feel it's telling that you can jump in on any random stream it seems and at some point Cheyenne will insult or belittle Cry.

Also I found the part in the stream uploaded on youtube if anyone else wants to watch the cringe. Starts at about 6:30.

No. 150588

Another awkward thing that happened during that game: someone put ''cry's future'' as an answer to a drawing of divorce papers. Cry then asked Chey ''did you write that?'' Chey said no.

But like a minute later you could see everyone's answer and it actually was Chey who said it.

So she tried to lie to his face, knowing he'd find out a minute later anyway. Kinda sad.

No. 150593


Cry also answered ''bitch'' on one of the drawings, after Chey called him names.

Someone even asked ''who put just bitch as an answer?'' xD

100% convinced that was directed at her.

No. 150595

holy shit this is lulzy. wish i was there to listen to that

No. 150596


Chey's mother died when she was young, so she started school a year later.

No. 150598


You still can. All the streams are uploaded to youtube. Just search ''late night with cry and russ [7/2/16] [p3]''. Happens around 18 mins in.

No. 150599

oh, thank you anon!

No. 150601


I don't know what Cry looks like, BUT I have seen pictures of his little brother and his older sister and none of them look alike.

His little brother has darker skin and his older sister is blonde with blue eyes. She's pretty actually (slim face, slim nose).

So they're either all from different men, or they have that weird family thing where none of the siblings look related.

No. 150606

Oh! That makes sense. Thanks anon!
I think they all are from different men. Wanna share those pics with anons?

No. 150619


Soon ;)

No. 150642

Damn, those are some really crazy eyes.

Holy shit anon, how did you find all this? You're awesome!

No. 150645

Literally just searched "Nathan Terry" cause this anon knew Cry's last name and his brother's first name. Also this is very fucked up since they are normal people and don't deserve to be spread around the internet.
Ffs is it that hard to respect Cry?

No. 150650

I can see how >>150640
could be >>142459 's mom. Lower parts of their faces are kind of similar.

No. 150654


this is pretty now? >>150639
y'all have some low ass standards in this thread.

No. 150656

Why are people posting photos his family's FB profiles? They're not necessary in the slightest, I thought the real cow in this thread was Chey? Stop going after people who aren't relevant

No. 150657

Or…you know…different fucking taste?

Please don't try to connect things that aren't there. We can see jackshit in that blurry-ass photo. Besides, he's wearing shades!
half of his freakin' face is hidden.

No. 150658


both her and chey are conventionally ugly and basic.

No. 150659

Exactly. This is horrible.

No. 150663

I think his sister is pretty

Except we can see the lower part of his face on that pic clearly, and it is similar to his mom's lower part of the face. Shades do not cover that part of his face.

No. 150930

File: 1467729942894.jpg (Spoiler Image, 67 KB, 317x238, Cryisaprettycoolguy.jpg)

Did a thing because no milk. He looks so happy now :)


Delet dis

No. 151024

Please report the comments you want to see deleted, otherwise they'll stay on here forever.

No. 151026


Where do people get this photo from? Like, do they just save it on their phone or computer until they find a place like this to post it?

No. 151028

Is it impossible to make your facebook completely private? Cause you'd think his family would atleast do that for him, since it's so important to him.

They don't really seem to care as much.

No. 151031

Eh, at least there are no pics of him there.
I was hoping there would be some though lol

No. 151868

The very reason why Cry keeps his identity a secret is because of his family's safety.
Saying 'they don't seem to care' is not valid, since he's doing it for them.
And despite him making that so clear here are people exposing his entire family right on the internet.

Let him have his privacy, this was supposed to be a thread about Cheyenne.

No. 154915

Cry's gonna have a bad time when he hears his family's pictures are on here. Feel kinda bad for him.

No. 154948

No. 154951

Tho this is kinda messed up just posting those photos, i mean, we are supposed to be talking about his crazy and rude GF, not bringing up private stuff about him :/

No. 156073

Chey's gonna have a fit too when she finds this forum.

No. 156075

Cheyenne closed her ask box on Tumblr, so you can't message her on there anymore, at least for now.

Guess she's done with people calling her out ;)

Btw when you're on her tumblr and you look at the tab you see the message ''I am I, and I wish I weren't''.

No. 156076


Talk about having a depressing girlfriend. I feel like Cry doesn't even know what it's like to be in a loving relationship.

No. 156095

File: 1468685107550.png (440.01 KB, 645x773, ClipboardImage.png)

I regret ever bringing up that old Tumblr with his supposed photos now
You need to fucking stop
Especially as his family have nothing to do with anything

No. 156137

Just mentioning this for people that might not understand. Anything you post on here including photos, can only be deleted 30 mins after posting. After that it's on here forever.

So there's no point in asking the poster to delete it if 30 mins have past already.

Report or ask the admins to delete the posts.

No. 156254

It's from Tumblr, if you couldn't tell from the file name of the image. http://simplytoti.tumblr.com/post/94984336697/this-is-really-fantastic

No. 156299

File: 1468741078403.png (3.56 KB, 292x60, chey.png)

Chey popped into tonights stream and instantly started throwing shade at Cry just for him not checking his phone. He's in the middle of something that is important to him what the heck.

No. 156312

>i wouldn't care even if this WAS cry!!!
>but it's totally not bc x y and z so he cant be fat :))))

No. 156376


Someone in chat of today's stream started talking about how Chey isn't nice to Cry and she replied to them in chat, saying "what the fuck is wrong with you".

And then people started fighting in chat, telling that person that they're not welcome here and how Cry and Chey's relationship is none of our business.

Saying that Cry is a grown man who can make his own decisions.

But truly Cry's just a big kid that doesn't know what's good for him. So rip Cry.

No. 156438


I saw that, and I also noticed when she came on chat she was just so quiet? She wasn't very interested or anything, and I suppose something happened that made her super sour but even then; it just reminded me of that one girl who purposely goes out when really upset so people will ask what's wrong and then shout "fuck off," or "it's none of your business," when asked what's wrong. She was constantly being rude too. :/

No wonder people comment about their relationship.

No. 156603


There was also a stream Cry and Chey did a week or something ago where Cry was a bit late for it (his own stream overlapped with hers because of a boss battle) and Chey got so pissed off that she made her own stream 2 hours late because presumably she was either bitching at Cry the whole time or was refusing to stream with him because of it. I've sat in on 6 or 7 streams now and in all but one or two of them, Chey was sour and pissed off. I don't understand why no one addresses it since she just pulls the whole stream down when she gets like that.

No. 156631

She actually wasn't present for a good part of the stream both yesterday and last week (the ones I followed tbh I don't know about before) Does anyone know why that is? Is she getting bored or was she always leaving earlier?

I don't catch up on a lot of streams since my timezone is the worst so I don't know much D:

No. 156804


Nobody addresses it because going against Chey is going against Cry and I'm pretty positive every single one of his friends (with the exception of Russ, bless his heart) are too scared to speak up against her

and anyone new is too scared to try. I'm pretty sure the amount of female friends has dropped to… zero? Heck even Dodger who is engaged doesn't really chill with him anymore. Minx is married with a woman, aaaaaaand there's Chey.

No. 156806

I just wish she'd embarrass herself even more so we can get more milk. Reading about Cry being a weak man-child or a teletubby in real life is pretty boring.

No. 156810


To be fair to Cry though, beyond his laziness/flakiness in scheduling or whatever he pretty much does "what it says on the tin". Most of the drama he gets involved in is through tumblr weirdos or Chey. Before Chey at most the drama would be within tumblr boundaries and would eventually get swept away.

No. 157090


jund has talked against cheyenne multiple times. he's the one who's obviously most annoyed with her shit, but he just doesn't really show it anymore i guess? (i haven't kept up much with the fandom or watched a stream in years though, i just know shit happens because i still track the cryaotic/cryblr tags on tumblr, so like i have no idea if they even talk to each other while streaming or anything)

No. 157179


I was watching that stream (Cry's) and I was super bummed that he stopped in the middle of a fight. Chey was in his chat calling him names for making her stream late, so he abruptly stopped streaming.

Now you're telling me he stopped for nothing because she delayed her stream anyway?


No. 157182


Honestly, if she ever found this thread and read it, she would probably go crazy.

You'd have enough material for the next couple of months xD

No. 157184


oh man I would laugh my ass off if she found it. Cry would be all upset that some ppl on the interwebs are talking badly about his perfectu girlfriend and Chey would explode her head because we're "bullies", kek.

She can control and bitch on her tumblr which she's sort of abandoned. But she can't control anyone here.

No. 157255

File: 1468955149538.png (32.85 KB, 587x131, 987654.png)

Yup. And then she made a tweet about it saying it was Cry's fault. And the ironic thing is the stream they do together is called Couple's Therapy.

No. 157331

"''I..he just means a lot to me. Cry is a big part of my life…he IS my life. I love him and, the thought of him…almost fucking dying is…so fucking scary…
And then she went back to her usual self.
We're kind of talking about a person we don't know, she could be really mean on stream and all but I don't think she doesn't love Cry for real.

This was during the stream where she collected money for his hospital bill.

No. 157699

Wow. I knew Cheyenne was a bitch, but I never knew exactly how much of a bitch. Cry isn't perfect, but nobody deserves the way she constantly drags him. She seems to really enjoy the control she has over him as well. Sickening.

Also, never knew Cheyenne has BPD. Speaking from personal experience, handling a close relationship with a loved one who has BPD is living hell, especially when they aren't doing anything to care for it (don't know if she is or not/how much effort she puts into treatment). You just kind of end up taking the abuse, which can be pretty extensive & crippling, when you really love somebody and/or feel dependent on them in some way.

I really do feel for Cry. I hope he realizes he can do better than shitchey. & if he does break things off with shitty shitty Cheyenne, I hope she knows that all of that delicious $$$ & popularity is going to die on her if she tries to lie her way out of dumpage/take revenge. She is nothing but a low-grade fangirl who somehow roped the object of her obsession & probably lords all she has come to know of Cry over him to keep him in line.

Sorry this is so long, btw. :/

No. 157877


nah let it all out bruh, this is kind of the only place we can freely discuss her without having her asskissing army (or chey herself) try and restrict us.

I think she loves him but it doesn't mean she can't be an abusive piece of shit as well. It's not healthy love. You don't act like that to someone if you love them in a healthy way.

No. 157879

My dude, you can still love someone and be a complete shit to them. You can still love someone and not realize how fucking horrible a person you are to them. Chey very obviously has hurt Cry multiple times in the past, and that's just what we can see on stream. People are generally always better behaved in the public eye than they are in private. I highly doubt Chey is such a massive dick to Cry on stream but a loving, devoted girlfriend in private. You do not call your boyfriend a fat fuck or an annoying asshole in front of thousands of his fans but then turn around once the stream is shut off and resume being a healthy, loving partner for him.

It doesn't matter how much Chey claims that Cry is her life or means the world to her. She does not treat him even remotely like that is the case, and actions speak much louder than words, to borrow the cliche. She probably does love Cry, but that excuses a grand total of nothing regarding her behavior.

No. 157947

He's right tho

No. 157958

You're right, that's still true.
I guess I'm just trying to make myself think that Cry knows what he's doing.
Sometimes I go to their stream and listen in what they're talking about just so I can say 'see? no arguments.'
But then I slap myself with a realization that if they were really a great couple I wouldn't have a reason to expect an argument in the first place.

No. 158065


This is so true. Just because you love somebody, that doesn't mean you can't or won't treat them like garbage one moment and be the sweetest thing to them the next. The good moments and strong feelings are sometimes the only glue that holds crazy, abusive relationships together.

No. 158092

I like how no one has talked about the incident with Cheyenne and ZIegs

No. 158097

in OP's post there's an explanation of "the zieg incident" with literally 4 links related to it and also >>142412 asked if anyone knows how zieg has been. pls.

anyways… seems like she's doing pretty ok. i havent keep up with her tbh but i just went to her twitter and she streams and seems to be semi active on her youtube too. so, good for her.

No. 158098

fuck. ziegs*
don't know how i missed the s both times.

No. 158099

oh wow, i don't know how i missed that. I'm a dummy. Thanks! But yeah, Cheyenne may have been all cutesy and emotional with Cry being in the hospital, but after that she's returned back to her "awful" self in my opinion.

No. 158192


OP here, it's ok :)

Yeah, Cheyenne actually reminds me a lot of the character Emily from Until Dawn (if anyone is familiar with it). Basically: a textbook case of abuse is if someone insults you, belittles you, treats you badly, then turns around and promises something positive or uses sex or romance as a "tease", then that's 100% abusive. Emily in the game is extremely abusive with Matt. She insults him a lot, yells at him, treats him like an idiot, then when he's like "ok we'll do what you want then we can get inside and get warm?" she totally changes her tune and says "we can get VERY warm"

I'm almost positive Chey is like that off cam. She's rude and awful on the streams and then later she's all "babe" and whatever. Obviously I can't know but she just strikes me as the kind of person that doesn't apologise and actually learn why she shouldn't do it again, she just says sorry to diffuse the situation and then keeps acting badly.

No. 158597

Yeah, she really does come off as an "Emily" type of girl and I can't stand it.

It's really hard and sad knowing that someone like Cry would subject himself to someone who constantly belittles and hurts him. He doesn't deserve to be treated like trash by her be in on streams or in private. I really want to be supportive and happy about their relationship, but it's really hard to when Cheyenne is constantly cruel to him. It's not right, she acts like an immature child who blows a fuse whenever she doesn't get her way, and she's absolutely manipulative and toxic.

I really hope that someday she gets her act together and starts treating Cry with more respect. Frankly, she's should be really grateful to have him, even though he could do so much better than her.

No. 158599


Cry can definitely do better. Even though that Coyote guy accuses Cry of cheating on Chey (publically in youtube comments no less) and he can be a bit flaky, I think he's a genuinely nice dude who is just chill. But I'm sure he's so paranoid about his anonymity that he'd be too terrified to try anything now even if he didn't have Chey.

Chey SHOULD be hella grateful. She's got a twitch partnership which brings in cash, she has people licking her ass just for being Cry's gf despite the fact she's a grade-A bitch to both him and his friends, and he's given her tons of gifts and stuff during the relationship, which I'm sure comes easier due to his income.

She should have stuck to swimming. It seemed like the one thing she really loved to do and I don't even know if she's still doing it anymore.

No. 158617


Wait did I miss something did cry cheat on chey?

No. 158618

File: 1469308908832.jpg (36.01 KB, 839x128, 2i7bjaa.jpg)


OP here, it's not officially confirmed from anywhere, it's just a rumour at this point, but it's juicy if it's true.

TL;DR Cry commented on Coyote's "In the Room" video like "not cool, man" and Coyote was arguing with people in the comments like "Cry isn't acting like a cool dude why would I cover his ass" etc and hten posted this

No. 158630

I think Chey briefly mentioned something about this on her tumblr. That she and Cry talked about this other girl situation and that Cry promised he wouldn't do it again.

I can't remember her name, but maybe he still follows her on twitter. A blue haired chick who I believe also makes gaming videos.

No. 158631


really?? I tried crawling through her tumblr a long time ago and it was really painful honestly so I gave up. I knew I shoulda persevered lmao

No. 158634

I won't believe for a second that Chey actually loves Cry. Chey just sees Cry as a means of getting what she wants, which is an easy life without hard work and a way into the spotlight.

The only reason she's partnered with Twitch is because Cry gave her a following. If anyone with a bigger following or with more money than Cry is ever stupid enough to go for this chick then Chey will dump Cry's ass immediately.

I mean, one of her favorite things to do is to rub it in everyone's faces that she started out as a mere fangirl and that Cry chose HER. Somewhere on her tumblr she said that she left him before, multiple times, but that he basically begged her to come back and that she graced him with once last chance.

And she makes sure that on all her social media and other platforms is mentioned that she is Cryaotic's girlfriend.

She just loves that she has control over him. Das all.

No. 158636


Her tumblr is hilarious though. It's basically half things she likes and half her just fighting with other people xD

No. 158638

Yesterday she kinda showed her true colors by making a dumb tweet decision.

What happened was that she streamed for 5+ hours and it briefly featured Aleks aka Immortalhd (also semi famous youtube gamer like Cry).

Aleks was streaming csgo with friends and at one point this guy Riskem invites Cheyenne for a match. Thankfully Aleks doesn't know her. Then Aleks asks Riskem why the fuck he was inviting random people into their game. And all Aleks wanted to ask Cheyenne was wether or not they were gonna lose because she was on their team now, lol.

But my point is, Aleks and Cheyenne barely played one match together (like 20/30 mins or something while she streamed for 5+hours)

Yet the tweet she made to let her followers know she was streaming was named "csgo with Riskem and Immortalhd".

But it was just to show people that she plays with "big names". Like she's saying "look at me guuuys, I'm part of the cool kids". She's probably hoping Aleks adds her or something so she can get more exposure. She's just using Cry to get into the club. She already got a Twitch partnership because of him.

No. 158639

File: 1469314123414.png (10.08 KB, 615x141, Screenshot (16).png)

No. 158640

File: 1469314377027.png (126.75 KB, 585x851, Screenshot (17).png)

cba to cut out the notes but kek at the tags at the bottom "you are not his family and you are not me"

much discreet on his name, such transparency

No. 158644

File: 1469315305153.png (24.75 KB, 551x223, Screenshot (19).png)

No. 158648

File: 1469315651409.png (6.16 KB, 377x143, Screenshot (20).png)


ooooh snappp youtuber with blue hair!

No. 158649

also cry is featured in her channels and he still follows her on twitter, definitely fits a profile?

No. 158650


I hope cry's cucking cheyenne tbh. She needs to be knocked down a few pegs and sent back to florida

No. 158654

File: 1469316471792.png (22.47 KB, 567x251, Screenshot (21).png)

lol it doesn't sound weird at all that Chey would bully Cry into asking her out, tbh

No. 158661

So Cry actually had a thing with Kiwa? Is that what we're saying?

No. 158685

Adding to the Emily thing: I came in when she was streaming Until Dawn, and when she met Emily she disliked her so badly. So seeing as she acts pretty much like that character, makes it so much more hilarious.

No. 158700

No. 158728


I dunno what her writing style is like but without any context that comes off as extremely sarcastic to me. Like "I fully RESPECT and SUPPORT their "relationship" and I would -never- do anything that could jeopardize it, trust me ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)"

but hey maybe that's just me being a cynical loser. Chey's answer seems more serious and honest though.

I'm still gonna keep digging, had to sleep last night :p

No. 158729

I was the one who mentioned the blue hair chick and YEP, that Kiwa girl is the one I meant.

I doubt they slept together since Cry doesn't leave his house, but maybe he was flirting with her and Chey found out?

No. 158731


Okay, I went through the rest of her tumblr and found no other mention of Kiwa or cheating than the screenshot I took. So much salt, though, phew. Like swimming the dead sea in there.

She has reblogged a lot of tumblr posts about how cheating sucks, though. And tags them like "yeah" or "food for thought" or something relatively vague. Also in the start of her blog she was so sweet and nice and always happy and as time went on she became increasingly bitter and depressed and angsty, so I'm guessing it happened somewhere in the middle cause damn, the vibe between the last and first posts are night and day.

No. 158734

Oh yuk. If he did cheat, I can understand Chey being bitter to him even though she 'loves' him. I have been there with a bf and it fucking sucks and I was just a horrible bitter person cause I couldn't forget.

No. 158741

i dunno. seems more like if anything, cry would cheat on chey because he's basically stuck with an abuser. not that i'm trying to white knight him or anything, or excuse his actions if it is true, and i don't know the exact timeline anyways, but chey seems like she's just always been an asshole to him and her bpd can't help.

No. 158742

File: 1469362413703.png (56.92 KB, 743x605, Screenshot (24).png)

Coyotemation's tumblr.. seems he has a real disdain for Cry now.

I'm guessing his friend he keeps mentioning is ziegs? He said that when Cry was discovered cheating he "threw his friends under the bus" rather than dealing with consequences, but I can't imagine any other friend that's no longer around other than ziegs.

No. 158758


it was just a prank, ziegs!

She soooo suits the character, ugh.

No. 158764

I used to watch Cry's LPs and watch the Late night stream. Everything changed in dynamics after Cheyanne joined. She really fucked shit up. I've since then lost respect for Cry. He's shown his true colors as a beta male who is fine with being in an abusive relationship and having a shit gf who shits on his friends.

No. 158766

Didn't this bitch legit stalk Cry until he finally caved? She's ugly inside and out.

No. 158776


the official story is that she joined on a super early stream way back when it first started and they were taking callers. She happened to stick around for a bit and became friends with him.

Keeping in mind her age, and also that she's mentioned she's left him twice and he still took her back as a friend, she says that she rejoined the LNC because they got back in touch after she left, so they weren't "together" together at that point.

Which sounds both very illegal and that she just stamps all over him. Given Cry's circumstances he's not in a position to trust people easily so I can see why he would become more submissive and tolerant of other peoples' bullshit. I'd be driven crazy if I was paranoid of every single person I called a friend in case they turned on me if we have an argument, ya know?

No. 158849

Damn, that girl with blue hair is so much cuter than Chey and actually seems like a nice person. They'd be a cute couple.

No. 158943

She did not mean it like that, I can guarantee.
She's fond of using winks and other smiley faces in her texts so that was a normal response Kiwa would give~

No. 159266


are you a fan of hers or something?

No. 159275

I've suspected that someone close to Cry is in this thread since all those similar "oh no delete those pics pls" posts appeared, so it might actually be her.

No. 159276


to be fair I have natural curiosity about them but I respect about keeping his family out of it. Like I could have done without ever seeing them. I don't think it was necessary to post them here but the damage is done and they can't be deleted now.

No. 159297

Same, but I doubt that anybody here who's not close to Cry would care enough to have a reaction stronger than you just described

No. 159299


Oh you're definitely right, anon. If you google cry with cheyenne or certain combinations this thread is on the 2nd page or whatever, which considering how new it is is very high up. So I'm sure either asslicking fans or even people close to him may have come into contact with this thread.

No. 159339

I've just been following kiwa's art blog for a long time, she responds like that to everything is what I'm saying.

No. 159389


If Cry cheated, I wonder if it was at least partially due to Cheyenne's constant degrading of him & that he felt he needed some kind of escape from that toxic relationship.


Seriously. All Cheyenne has is Cry because Cheyenne minus Cry would be nothing but an annoying crybaby bitch. Cry gave her her following & helps her sustain it by gracing her channel with his influential presence & letting her on his streams (which she makes pretty unwatchable imo). She name drops Cry wherever she can because he is the reason for her online success. She needs to get over herself & stop biting the hand that feeds.

No. 159392


In which Chey admits to being the one who instigated the relationship while also calling it a mutual decision. Glad to see this here considering the discussion beforehand over wether or not she would ever try to claim Cry manipulated her into dating him and/or use their age difference to support such allegations if they ever broke up.

No. 159393

File: 1469502201648.png (91.67 KB, 632x596, lmaough.PNG)

I know this is diverting the conversation but can we please talk about this?

Yes, because people want your negativity there.

No. 159400

Cry needs to dump this trash already.

No. 159409

>not good enough apparently
kek nope. you're just irrelevant and a PR nightmare

No. 159427


Poor bitter baby being pointlessly salty as per usual. Doesn't she realize how whiny and pathetic this makes her sound? What an entitled little brat. Dating the streamer people actually care about doesn't mean an automatic free pass to everything.

No. 159432

She is like Guest aka Kalel when she was still dating Meal Ticket Anthony from Smosh.

No. 159566

Damn, she's so annoying. I think it's very obvious why she wasn't invited to join the crew at TwitchCon.

I honestly do believe that most people, especially those that watch the streams, really only puts up with her is because of Cry. Without him she would pretty much be a nobody, and she must know that to a certain extent because she doesn't hesitate to mention that they're dating almost every chance she gets. Talk about pure desperation to stay relevant.

Btw, I don't think she was invited a t last year's TwitchCon either.

No. 159581


I wonder how tired Cry is of trying to reduce her salt levels, lol. Like "it's alright bby I still love you" or shit like that.

It's true though, without Cry she wouldn't be tolerated. People have kissed her ass since day 1 and that's only bc of Cry.

No. 159592

File: 1469545702881.png (60.11 KB, 577x431, Screenshot (25).png)


"Dating the streamer people actually care about doesn't mean an automatic free pass to everything."

Chey begs to differ lmao

No. 159671

The only reason she hasn't bullied away Angel (friend of Russ), Sage and Mash (girlfriends of Scott and Snake) is because they all joined the streams around the same time.

So it was 3 extra girls that Cheyenne had to share the stream with. If it was just one, she probably bitched at her till that girl felt the need to leave aswell. But Sage, Mash and Angel all get along really well, so Cheyenne knows she's outnumbered.

No. 159672


I still lowkey believe she discreetly pulled some bullying strings behind the scenes and that's why Dodger hasn't continued Dandelion yet. Like they keep saying "we'll get to it" but it's clearly not gonna be soon. And it was a really funny LP, they were both genuinely having fun.

No. 159687

I never even considered that but I wouldn't doubt it.

No. 159691

The fuck is she so salty about? Because there are other girls on the stream? grow up lmao.

No. 159693


She was salty because she was at a hotel with shitty wifi but she could still use skype to play and Cry knew he was awake but didn't invite her to stream and they had a stream session without her, even though the girlfriends were (so I understand).

No. 159694

File: 1469564638082.png (5.78 KB, 591x119, lolcow.PNG)

Just in case others wanted to know what that "Keep Reading" says in it.

No. 159695

If I'm understanding the situation correctly then I don't blame her for being a little annoyed, although I'm sure Cry was just trying to avoid any drama/hurt feelings that may have arisen from Chey hanging out with three other girls.

No. 159696

she needs to get the fuck over it tbh

No. 159698


from what I understand Cry totally forgot to invite her and she turned super salty.

Like ok I won't lie I'd be a bit salty too. But I wouldn't air my salty laundry on tumblr where literally MY BF AND HIS FRIENDS AND ALL THE FANBASE can see it. Keep that shit on the downlow. Rant at him on skype or text him or something, dude.

No. 159699

I mean yeah, it can be understandable feeling like shit because your boyfriend didn't invite you or whatever. But she's making it about the girls. Pretty much saying they have no right to be there. Now that is the dumbest shit to get upset over.

No. 159704

She's so fucking selfish and a big baby. It's like she feels like she should be the only "main" female member of their group and that other girls aren't allowed in it unless she's there.

Also, I can totally get it if she felt a bit salty about Cry forgetting to invite her to the stream, but putting that bitterness on public social media instead of talking to him privately about it just shows how immature and attention-seeking she really is. It's like she lives and feeds off the drama she creates. It's pretty sad and pathetic.

No. 159706

This. It's so juvenile. If you feel fucking hurt. tell the people who hurt you instead of playing the victim card in front of your fanbase. Chey seems to love involving the world in her and Cry's personal shit.

No. 159717

This is such a sad situation. For Cry to put up with crazy, not even the hot type of crazy, says a lot about his own sense of self worth. Wish he'd just lawyer up if he's scared of Cheyenne revealing his face in case she goes off the deep end. This is all going to end badly, I already feel it.

No. 159818

Drama queen much. It's not like it would be the last stream ever. Grow the fuck up.

No. 160038

There was one time that made me really mad, and it was such a small thing she did but it was annoying. They have the "Topics" they put in chat for people who wanna know what games they'll be playing right?

Well one of the mods set it up, and Mash, Sage, and Angel were joining so the mod had to put the names down too. The mod put Cheyenne's name first, and then the others.

When Cheyenne saw it, she wrote something like "Good guy, Liberty (mods name in chat), my name is always first." or whatever. I have no idea why but that pissed me off because, she would be the type that would wanna be the center of attention. Dumb, I know but whatever.

No. 160153

I understand anon, from anyone else that would be a playful comment but from Chey it's just typical/annoying.

No. 160167

anybody wonder if she's aware of this discussion yet?

No. 160178


sorry, posted before i finished.

cont: curious to see how she's going to respond considering how heavily her salt, abuse, & pathetic ways are discussed

No. 160369

I don't want her spoil this thread tbh because she might be the deleting type, you know. Where's the fun in that

No. 160433

Y'all sound like you want her to find this thread.
Kinda stupid, you talk about how you don't like/want drama in the fandom and yet you are trying to start one.

Aren't we supposed to give our opinions on her here? It should not be about her seeing it.

No. 160436

Where do you think you are? We LOVE drama.
Personally I'd like it if she found this thread and chimped out at us, but she probably already knows about it.

No. 160445

Yes, but we don't love starting it. Prodding the cows and spoiling the milk has always been a no-go-zone and the autists that do it always ruin the thread.

No. 160453

Yeah, but I don't think that anybody here was going to show her this thread. Sooner or later she will find it by herself and maybe that will get us some more milk.

No. 160473

hey im not here to spoil anything. i was just posting? what would the point be of saying anything to her? that's stupid.

No. 160581

Nah just let her embarrass herself even more, and we'll just watch and laugh at her. Not fun if an anon contacts her about this thread. I mean what would you get from that, her attention? Not worth it.

No. 160638

I don't think Cry will ever leave her unless she did something really shitty like cheat on him or something.

He'd left her already if he wasn't OK with the abuse.

No. 160670

I dont think he would considering all the abuse he had to deal with concerning his mother and he never really hated her or just left. So i think he's the kind of guy that sticks it out even though he is miserable

No. 160691

On the one hand I'd internally lol if she found the thread because unlike tumblr or twitter or even twitch, she literally can't do anything about it. Even if her minions come in here, it'll just make it funnier to point out the reality of her abusive behaviour and watch them defend it with every scrap they've got. She'd mope on twitter or twitch about it but she really can't do much, and even bad publicity is still publicity, so she'd still bring attention to the thread. It's a lose-lose situation for her, even if she gets her ass collectively kissed afterwards because "muh feels".

On the other hand I kind of feel iffy about the pics of Cry's family in here because I feel like it gives ammunition against the thread. I mean, I am 0% related to them but I feel like we lose our "side" when we aren't just flinging shit at a salty bitch. Then again, if they mentioned it, it'll just bring more attention and make people curious, so….

their best bet is honestly to keep quiet about it. It has info Cry doesn't want people to know about, it has a lot of smack against Chey which she doesn't want.

Lowkey want her to say how superior she is to us hat0rz because we just waste our lives on here, 24/7, talking about someone we don't know about, kek.

No. 160693


What's all this about Dodger and Cheyenne? Don't tell me she shits on her too behind the scenes… Does she have beef with every other female streamer now or something?

No. 160695


I haven't found anything out in the open about them. I'm just going on a hunch based on her behaviour lmao.

I'm just theorising that because there is a strong pattern of Chey driving away female gamers that get near Cry. Minx is probably the only one that's still "around" and she's a lesbian. Dandelion was a series that people really enjoyed; Cry and Dodger get on really well and they seemed to have a genuinely fun time. It had all the qualities to make them continue it.

And yet they stopped and now just keep giving vague excuses?? If they even address it at all. Dodger (somewhere on a stream or a Q&A?? I can't remember) was basically like "yo dawgs get off our damn back about Dandelion, it'll happen at some time kids, it'll happen" and I honestly couldn't tell if she was annoyed at an external factor that was preventing them from playing together, or something else.

Does my rambling make sense? It just seems to be very "push under the rug" and Cry doesn't get into beef with anyone, and Dodger only has beef with Rosanna Pancino (used to be her roomie and really good friend until a lot of shit hit the fan) and day9 (who is her ex), so neither are salty people in general, it doesn't add up

No. 160711

The more likely answer is that Dodger and Cry are both flaky fucks and have a history of not addressing discontinued series out of laziness and unwillingness to "disappoint fans."

I hope your answer is right though. It's much more entertaining.

No. 160800

Cry and Cheyenne's sexual jokes are just unfunny. It's actually gross…


No. 160804


eh, I've seen worse from them, I just can't remember them now to post them

No. 160813

No. 160815

No. 160840

File: 1469646924729.png (118.7 KB, 531x602, kiwa ask.png)

No. 160841


Beyond her answer, I find it pathetic and hilarious how dumbass fans rush to other people like "what is your opinion on [other youtuber]?" why is it relevant to their lives????? Unless it's directly relatable, what's the fucking point?

I swear, my faith in humanity just goes to negative values every day.

No. 160932


Oh, okay. Thanks for explaining your perspective. I get why you'd be suspicious.

No. 160946

Honestly though her answer is kind of disturbing. People under 18 sometimes don't get it and end up in situations like that, and don't always completely get what they are rushing into. They might feel happy or special that someone of Cry's calibur, or even at anormal standing someone of an older age, take interest in them. Its disturbing that men of that age would go for someone so young, I don't care if its "their fault for getting into it," if people younger start having sex. Just because everyone is doing it or a small percentage is, doesn't make it right in any way. Like who the fuck says its the kids fault for being 16 and finding interest in an older man and that man being 21+ and finding sexual interest in a kid? Cool, age of consent and all that, but its still disgusting .

Sorry, personal experience with this kind of stuff and it just rattles me knowing that people blame the younger party. I don't care how unpleasant Chey is, knowing that cry had sexual/dating interest in her when she was under age makes me cringe.

No. 161179

This is recent I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 161184

File: 1469711602833.png (8.01 KB, 323x50, Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 6.07…)

also this. she's been so annoying this stream.

No. 161205

File: 1469714445099.png (36.23 KB, 327x236, Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 6.50…)

The whole time she's been yelling in chat to Cry to stop playing Secret Hitler.

No. 161597

I wasn't there for the stream, but it looks like she was just joking tbh.

No. 161927

oh yeah im sure she was, i was just thought it was funny how the thread talked about how she seems to kick any female off the streams, and then she did this lol. But other than that, she did keep putting down cry somewhat during his stream.

No. 161933

there's truth in jokes and sarcasm

No. 161972

wait was the girl dodger? they played something recently, and that'd be hilariously timed with the stuff discussed earlier.

No. 161985

Nah, it was just some random girl Cry was playing with on Secret Hitler. It's funny though, because she said that once everyone stated they liked the girl.

No. 161992


Did chey misspell girl as grill there? I've not seen people play secret hitler so the context is totally lost on me lmao.

(semi unrelated to chey but I wish Cry would play oxenfree because he would totally love it, I think. I just finished the first playthrough myself)

No. 162008

misspelling girl as "grill" is just a meme

No. 162033


ah thanks anon, I didn't catch that.

Of course she'd be "joking" about it. It's her "humour" after all.

No. 162879

File: 1470258926446.png (89.48 KB, 361x554, lnc chat.png)

This is from the late night chat, I believe it was last saturday, when they were playing GTA with racing or something.
I've always notice that when things like this happen, when people in Chat call out Cheyenne for her dumb shit, she tends to put chat in sub mode. Which is annoying, whenever they're attacking HER ="chat's being stupid".
I'm also pretty sure there's quite a lot of people in chat that don't like her, but they don't say anything cause her 'fans' would white knight her.

No. 162881

There was a time, probably earlier this year, that she wasn't on the lnc for a good 2 or 3 streams and it was way more chill without her. She actually started her own twitch channel bc the profit made in lnc is not shared with her, only Russ, Jund, Snake, and Cry.

No. 162929

I can't wait until they break up. Their fans will go fucking rabid.

No. 162931

I wonder if Cry ever got mad enough at someone to even consider sicking his fans on them. Cheyenne in particular wouldn't stand a chance against his fangirls, no matter what she threatens with.

No. 162975

There's definitely a lot of people who don't. One time I called her out on something, and quite a few people wrote me and talked to me about her. People on youtube in the comments of Late Night V2's channel have even noticed Cheyenne's toxic behavior.

No. 162976

Her fans are so annoying though. She practically uses them to bully people who dislike her.

No. 163027

Wasn't there discord between her and Red (Russ's ex) too? Or am I just confusing this with all the other girls she hates?

No. 163037


No one really knows why she left. Her relationship with Russ ended. But she did fight with Chey alot. It was no secret that those two didn't get along at all.

No. 163039

I think that's what makes the whole Red thing sad for me. She actually tried to be friends with Cheyenne. But Cheyenne just wouldn't have it.

As for Red leaving, she said she just didn't see her life revolving around video games and streams. And then her and Russ just slowly kinda drifted apart, really.

No. 163071

cheyenne's bitchy behavior is contagious to those millenials who just don't any better. they think she's so cool and edgy as fuck, so they'd follow her lead sooner or later and try to be so cool and edgy as fuck. cry, srsly wtf, stop bringing more attention to this loser, and break up already will you pls. you're also part of the problem.

No. 163082

I've noticed over time that the only time he REALLY pays attention to his fans is when she isn't in the stream or chat as well. He's kinder and takes the effort to answer, but if she's there he just sort of shuts down?

No. 163094


Someone on her tumblr asked her why her and Red don't get along well and she gave a reply like "why don't you go ask Red what she did that made me dislike her, go on :^)" (emoji included)

basically made it sound like "why not ask her what she did, GO ON, make her uncomfortable!" but since I never followed Red or Russ I didn't bother checking


there is a general 3edgy5me behaviour that a lot of youth have and thankfully most grow out of, but being rude isn't cool. It only works in personal relationships or if you make it very obvious you're kidding. I often use emojis to show that I'm not being serious and I choose my wording to convey that, so far I've had very few misunderstandings.

No. 163124

>"why don't you go ask Red what she did that made me dislike her, go on :^)"

God, what a bitch.

No. 163203

File: 1470361848916.png (10.65 KB, 544x190, pfft.PNG)

Here ya guys go. "I thought we buried the hatchet." Bitch you never even gave it a chance.

No. 163239

Cry should be embarrassed. His girlfriend is embarrassing.

No. 163330


I stand corrected on the emoji, hah! But yeah the general gist of the message still stands.

Trying to fake superiority by making others out the other person involved, real classy.

No. 163337

Red was always chill, does anyone actually know what she did? Is it just because she's another female? I fell out of watching Late Night a few years ago.

No. 163340

I vaguely remember Red admitting that Cheyenne was also why she left (wasn't the main reason but part of it) in a tumblr post during the whole Zeigs drama. But when I tried looking for it I couldn't find it.

No. 163342


I'm digging through her tumblr atm. Found this post that I absolutely bet is about Chey and Ziegs. Ziegs and Red met up IRL for the first time round about this timeframe so yeah probably very relevant

"You can’t shame people into defeat. They’ll just get more defensive, and you’ll seem like a self-righteous asshat. If you really want to win an argument, you have to empathize and remain very sensitive to the sources of the other’s feels. If you can’t empathize because you just can’t understand them, talk about it n ask em (don’t condescend, and stay out of yer own head when listening to them). It can only help to do so, as they will begin to understand that you are treating them with respect and are trying to make progress. It has been my experience that if you do dis, you find the real problem along the way n’ people who started as rivals sometimes become friends~

No. 163345

"It’s my personal opinion that you can tell a good amount about someone by how self-righteous they seem to be. Most times, whether or not they are right, they don’t know or understand the entire scope of the situation. Usually, only the people involved, or that had been there, have all the information. Makes complete sense, right? Yet still, many hear a sliver of a one-sided story, and decide that is enough to take up arms and do some damage.

I don’t think it’s enough… And I think the expediency at which the self-righteous move to act betrays what appears to be a maliciously self-aware demeanor, meaning they can, and likely will, hurt everyone they think will be a suitable target (often in the same way a serial killer picks victims - with a personal touch). So, that’s why I have beef when someone begins to hurt (anyone) after half-assed judgement and thinking they know truth, when all they know is rumor. I feel like situations are generally more complex, and that when we as humans do things worth judging harshly, we tend to judge ourselves and bare the curse far harder and worse than anyone could inflict upon us individually. If you step back and look at the big picture there, it’s nothing but a mountain of pain and anger. …Who the fuck wants that to grow and flourish anywhere in the world we share?

I think most folks that know me well would say I have a decent amount of tolerance towards people, in general. That said, this is the one thing - harm for harm’s perpetuated sake - that I cannot do. I would perhaps understand better if harm came accidentally along-side something with good intentions, but the privileges I speak of checking now don’t fall under that grey area.

Edit: This is context for situations on the internet. If the self-righteous person is irl, then they have more resources to obtain the truth. I can only speak confidently about matters in which all information is communicated via text or voice-only. Especially just text. You can often understand a story more thoroughly when you can see and hear the story-teller at the same time. For example, body language can imply exaggeration or a potential lie, thus giving us a more thorough idea of what actually happened. You may also be able to speak to other witnesses in person, or locate physical evidence. Complex facets could be distinguished. This is grey area to me. Harm for harm’s sake still isn’t. That’s about as black as the void it creates."

No. 163357

File: 1470420420756.png (312.78 KB, 669x476, Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 21.0…)

No. 163380

Is this recent? The Red thing?

No. 163405

She's literally talling about people coming to conclusions on the internet blindly.
This whole thread was just murdered by that whole statement.

No. 163412

Red made a post about Cheyenne after Cheyenne said that about Red. And I remember them not getting along because of some things they said to each other (she didn't get into details), and I guess they just didn't get along.

No. 163414


Nah not really, most of what we have here are links to typed out events or videos, so we aren't pulling shit out of our ass. There is repeated documented moments of Chey being a grade-A bitch to both Cry and others, nothing can change that.

The speculation is pure fun and gossip and has no effect on our lives beyond this page, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Nice try, though.

No. 163723

So I found out that Cheyenne logs onto Cry's twitch so she could host herself on his channel, and get more views. And she says that she doesn't want some of the fame lmaoooo

No. 163759

It was mostly just because he made vids with pewds in the height of his popularity.
it's obvious he isn't popular because he talks about gender equality, that's just silly

No. 163761

He obviously tries to pander to his fangirl audience and if he is fat that would explain why he likes to indulge so much with his fangirls, considering he probably had a hard time getting a gf without his YouTube fame.
it's funny how people called pewdiepie a creeper for saying rape jokes when he was a teenager but damn atleast he cut that shit out, I wonder if pewdiepie is even friends with him anymore

No. 163812


to be fair his fangirl audience is creepy to a disturbing level. His voice is relaxed and pleasant, but the way they… act about it is godawful.

At that point you either have to let it slide off you and ignore the really inappropriate comments and fan art or whatever, or you call it out but then you start doing it once, then it spreads somewhere else, then you're eventually wearing yourself out trying to control a monstrosity.


oh man that's gold, she's TOTALLY not in it for the e-fame or the money or subs, nope, not at all. Her justification is like "well he's my bf and he lets me and why not" bc that's her answer to everything.

No. 163819

File: 1470569532071.png (48.94 KB, 405x545, sure.PNG)

Cheyenne just a while ago in LNC stream chat. Such bullshit.

No. 163822

Lmao exactly! She's such a goddamn liar,

No. 163853

Isn't hosting there so that subscribers on Cry's channel can use emotes and chat during a sub-only mode in her own stream?

No. 163899


"and they don't understand that sometimes people don't mean what they say"

You mean… like YOU? HMMMMMMMM?

The fact that people need CONSTANT justification every time you are a rude bitch means the exact opposite of what you're saying, Chey. Not that people have a strike counter but damn, it's usually just between the people involved, not all over the goddamn internet.

She pisses me off. I need to punch a pillow. If Chey was a guy and Cry was a girl tumblr would lose their shit.

No. 163912

>sometimes people don't mean what they say

what did she mean by this?? was she trying to defend herself or someone else? does she really think "Oh I didn't MEEEAAAAN it" is a good excuse for being a cunt? It sounds like she's the one with limited social interaction if she thinks that's okay.

No. 164001

Well that's why she's kinda off tumblr actually. People in the fandom called her shit out a lot so she left and ignored it lmao. But I agree.


She was defending herself, since people were calling her a bitch. I laughed when I saw she commented that in chat tho.

No. 164002

Also this part of the stream kinda annoyed me.

No. 164027


This last thing you said tho, so true. Imagine if Cry was the one calling Chey fat and stupid so often.

People would freak the fuck out. Cause what asshole talks to his gf like that.

But because Chey's a girl she's considered a badass?

She's a bully and a manipulator, no excuses.

No. 164064


She was getting anon hate but a lot of the time it wasn't really smart, constructive criticism but mostly just the usual tumblr stuff, not to mention for some reason the whole "cry is a pedo" stuff pushed her over the edge. Probably hit a nerve lol.


That's the thing. I hate the romantisation of shitty people like Chey or Snape or dr House (sometimes, he can be right a lot of the time but he's still terrible to his coworkers). Snape was a bully of fucking kids because he was too bitter because he had a twisted, unhealthy idea of loving someone. Chey is not badass, she's not edgy, she's a bully and abusive. Whether she means it or not.

A lot of people imagine abusers to be evil people lurking in the shadows rubbing their hands in a mastermind-esque manner while cackling softly. The truth is most abusers don't think of themselves as abusers. But that's what makes it abusive. Because the victim doesn't see it either and so they just take it because they don't understand how it works or how it manifests in anyone.

No. 164377

True facts here, and if it's something he grew up around despite realizing it later on, it's something he's used to seeing or encountering. He'd either a) high tail it out of there or b)stick with it because he's known it all his life/doesn't know any better. B is usually what happens.

No. 164387


Yeah, considering his past, B is the most likely. I lowkey wonder if he's so adamant about his privacy because of people in his past life he'd rather stay away from (like old parental figures, if you catch my drift). It's not "yeah I keep it off youtube but here's social media or the rare selfie of me", or "I make appearances at events but I prefer being discreet", he straight up deletes his presence off the internet, period. Even Geek Remix that I really enjoy were very mysterious with their faces and they explained why (creepy people in their life) and now they show selfies and vids and such with themselves in it, it took time but it happened.

Not even people from school have shown up anywhere like "yeah I live in Florida and I know this dude", if there wasn't affirmation of his existence through other people I'd straight-up believe he was a collective hallucination by the internet.

So even by the very nature of his position on the internet he's easy to victimise. If he trusts you and shares his life with you (aka Chey) she automatically gains a ton of power and could get away with a lot on the basic fact that Cry would never want to piss anyone off. How would you know if any of your friends would lose a bolt in their head and expose you if you annoyed them? How could you TRUST someone that way? If I was Cry I'd probably turn into a rug to be walked on as well.

No. 164393

Wow, I never thought of his presence that way and now that I think about it, yeah! Usually /someone/ comes forward eventually to point out that know someone, especially at Cry's calibur, but there is no such thing! We hardly get any insight to his life unless he gets sick or something. The only people we know who know him are the original few that started gaming with him, and even then that's not a lot. Chey often points out that Cry never leaves his house and at first I thought she was joking but no, its straight up believable. That man does what it seems like everything in his power for none of us to know anything about him, unless there is a slip up like with his brother saying his name.

That's kind of terrifying?

No. 164395


He's mentioned going for slushies or the supermarket but he goes really late at night when the likelihood of being spotted is almost zero. Otherwise yeah he stays up all night playing videos or streaming and will sleep all day. I've been in that loop when I didn't have a job, it becomes extremely easy to get into that upside down pattern and it's convenient for him. So since he's likely sleeping all day he won't be out and about. Unless it's a vacation so he's not recording.

Heck, even when he had gall stones not a single nurse or living soul from the hospital has said anything (to my knowledge at least). Did nobody see his name, hear his voice or like… watch Cry's vids and also work at the hospital and was like "whoah Cry has gallstones, this patient has gall stones.. what are the odds?"

I don't doubt he slightly alters his voice. Probably makes it a bit more bass than it actually is. But he's got a very recognisable inflection and way of speaking, a kind of slurry casual manner, but surely a fan would hear him somewhere and it would click.

It is kind of terrifying when you think about it.

No. 164400

It must be really tedious to do that kind of stuff, to almost be in cognito or like he's on the run and hiding from the fbi lmao. That's what it seems like almost, because i mean while he does go out late because that's just when he's up, he does it on purpose to an extent to keep from being noticed. I wonder if anyone has approached him, but he said a while back if that did happen bed try his best to play it off and act like he didn't know what the heck they were talking about. Even so, if it hasn't happened it will some day, probably, and that might be scary for him. Going through all that effort and being noticed all of a sudden. I might just drop shit and flee if I were in his place.

Heck Id be worried someone would just take a candid and run to the Internet haha.

Shit man anxiety can do a number.

No. 164402


Oh totally, I'd be paranoid with a capital P, if I was him. I couldn't talk to someone, not even the person at the counter, because what if they recognised me? His brother probably can't bring friends over from school because he's already mentioned that kids his brothers' age are fans of him. Imagine you're friends with this kid and you go to his house and it turns out his weird, secluded brother is a youtuber you love and admire. His sister is really low on the radar and that's cool because she has nothing to do with it, so whatever.

Heck, what if he's out with Chey and someone recognises Chey? She's got recognisable hair for the most part, and 90% of the fans of Cry also know who she is/what she looks like.

I'd have died from stress a long time ago if I was him. I honestly wonder if it's worth it, sometimes.

No. 164408


Yeah me too. Cry apparently pays Chey's rent.

Which shouldn't have been a surprise to me. She doesn't do anything besides play videogames and stream and that doesn't make her enough money to live off of.

No. 164409


wait what?? he pays her fucking rent??

what the actual fuck. She doesn't get a normal job to have some personal pride and accomplishment? Like paying rent for a while to help a friend out is okay I guess but I'd bet my teeth she would never bother, just stream and mooch off him.

I'm mortified if someone buys me a cheap coffee, I can't imagine someone paying my rent like that. Is she still living in Vegas or did she move to Florida?

No. 164410

Another thing I didn't think of, I forgot they were fans. Yikes what a thing to explain, I wonder how many times his little brother asked for people to come over only to be told no/have to tell his friends no constantly. That really stinks and Cry must feel bad about that. Or maybe sometimes they come over and he just stays in his room like usual. Tbh he probably sleeping anyway lmao.

I'm kind of curious if people recognize Chey more often than not, doesn't she live in Vegas or something? She probably goes out more than he does.

It doesn't surprise me either but seems kind of low to me? They aren't married or anything. She could make the conscious effort to keep a real job(I say that about her because she's not top tier like cry who can afford not to work.) She's a capable human being, albeit rude AF, she could take care of herself. I wonder if she "bullied" him until they "came to a mutual agreement" about this as well. :/

No. 164412


Seeing as he supports his family financially it's probably like the "thing" like "your brother keeps us living comfortably and helps us stay afloat so don't try to make his life more difficult", or maybe he probably is just sleeping a lot. I actually thought he didn't live with his family but it seems he is, still.

She probably planted the idea in his head about moving and kept at it until he made the suggestion himself, then it was his idea all along. Typical manipulative tactic. She finished university too, he didn't even do that AFAIK.

I honestly wonder why they aren't living together yet. Chey's made lots of references about marriage/kids with him and she's finished uni so what's holding them up? I dunno but I wish Cry would see her actions for what they really are.

No. 164416

I didn't know she finished university, I thought she'd only just finished high school a couple years ago? Although Associates degrees are a thing tbf. Does anyone know what she studied?

If he has to talk to someone in public, he probably speaks a little higher than normal, maybe enunciates more. He probably has to lie about his job to his family's friends. And I didn't even think about it before but he probably can't go out with Chey very often, she's too recognizable. OMG what if Chey isn't even dating him, she's just a decoy that he hired so that he can go out with his real girlfriend??!?!?!11

No. 164419


Damn I think I made a mistake, I don't think she ever did uni?? Although I'm sure she had, or maybe I'm really confusing American school terms. Sorry guys, I don't think she ever did.

Which makes it worse tbh.

Honestly if she wasn't really dating him it'd be a relief but she still is an ass sooooo lmao

No. 164420

University? I thought she just got out of high school a few years back? I mean, I guess people can crash through courses but whoa. Now there's really no stopping her from getting what she wants since she has no ties to where she currently is.

I can imagine she's that girlfriend that lives with the boyfriend and the two of them just never leave the house and are always in that dark room together, everyone living off Cry's income and not bothering to change that. Then they have a kid and they are still living with his parents and their room has basically become a studio at this point and Cry's mother always has to take care of the kid because Cry is streaming, "Making money and supporting the family," and Chey swears up and down she's doing the same, that they have to stream together.

Yikes what a nightmare I just thought of.

No. 164421

It's okay man it happens. America is weird.

It does kind of make it worse though. Does she really have any work experience, or is it all been sweet, easy candy since she started off with cry around her finger when she was 16 or so? She's always sort of had that, I'd assume he's been there for her financially a long time.

No. 164448

I don't know, you all are kind of crossing the line.
He's been able to tell his doctor what he did for a living, he had a tumblr post where he mentioned having a "system war" with his brother and his friends, Cry and Chey were together in the Best Buy and some similar places, he went to a police station to return a wallet he found once..
I think he's not THAT paranoid.
His own and his brother's friends were probably asked not to be asshats and ruin his career.

No. 164460

Alright, first off: Cry and Cheyenne have been seen in public. They promised not to take pictures or say what Cry looked like, etc. for them. I think Cheyenne mentioned it on a LNC stream, and Cry said it was "weird but alright".

Second: I'm pretty sure Cry only lives with his sister, her boyfriend (or ex, I don't really know anymore about them.) And his niece. His doesn't really see his brother anymore I think. But then again the last time he mentioned his little brother, he said he was getting into bad things.

I think the only positive thing Cheyenne has ever done for Cry is getting him out of the house more.

Also I don't think it was Cheyenne's rent he pays, it was her internet bill. Which still, she could easily pay for that.

I know, it's probably creepy that I know all this but I've just been watching for too many years lmao.

No. 164491

I'm surprised that no one has stalked Cheyenne when she's staying with Cry… If you were a rabid fangirl and jealous of Cheyenne and lives in the area, why wouldn't you try to find out where she sleeps so that it might lead you to Cry??? I know it's illegal, but no one is that curious to do that kind of stuff?

No. 164500

Be the change you wish to see in the world, anon.

No. 164526

You're wrong about the rent thing. She literally said in that gta stream someone linked some comments earlier that he pays for her rent.

And you're right about the house, he only lives with his sister, her baby and her boyfriend. I think his brother lives with his mom.

No. 164527

Btw Cheyenne really fucked up that gta part of the stream, because they were racing and she can't stand to lose.

At one point, Cry pushed Chey's car off the track and she went nuts. She was mad that she might not be number 1 anymore, and he said ''you're still number one in my heart''.

Then she said something like ''I don't care, you don't get me money''. She then explained that she meant gta money, because she wanted to buy a car ingame. But it really sounded like she only cares about him because he pays her rent and gets her exposure for her streams.

I suggest watching the gta part of that stream just to get a feeling for how shitty she was to him.

No. 164530


She's still living in Vegas.

Didn't Cry once mentioned in a stream that they are waiting for his niece to go school, so like his sister can get a part time job and her own house.

He'll probably still support her but if her kid is in school, she has nothing else to do so she will probably get a job.

And I don't imagine Cry wanting to live with his sister and her family for the rest of his life.

Chey is probably waiting for his family to move out so she doesn't have to live with them. But that's just me speculating.

No. 164536

I wonder how Cry feels about so many people being dependent on him. Like, is he proud or does it make him anxious?

Because his friends Russ, Snake and Scott all get 1/4 of the money the streams make (they have their own streams and youtube channels, but those are all small)

He pays Cheyenne's rent and always pays for her plane tickets and whatever when she wants to visit him. Plus he got her a new computer (and gaming console, probably more stuff aswell).

Then there's his family that he supports by paying the rent and all the groceries. I saw pictures of a new car he bought for them and a lot of expensive presents.

That's a lot of people to support financially.

No. 164551

I'd be anxious as fuck and probably try to cut myself off from my family. I think it's nice of him to take care of them, even if I think he should try to gradually gain independence once his family is in a more comfortable position. Idk how much he makes but I feel like it's a bit selfish of Chey to rely on him financially when she knows he has other people to support.

No. 164600

No I mean no anecdotes from Cheyenne herself that she was stalked? With that kind of whiny personality, I figured she'd be the type to whine about stalkers and shit.

No. 164601

I remember watching part of the stream, she was whining like a child constantly because people were doing better than her.
"No don't push me of the edge, stop!" Then she proceeded to give a groan and, "I'd like to at least have a chance to win!"
And as she said that Snake shoved her off an edge and Cry laughed and said "Snake doesn't give a fuck."

The fact that he already helps his family out as much as he can, followed by the streams and basically paying who he has to(Snek and all them,) Chey really needs to chill. I know couples usually help each other out, but Cry already has so much on his plate that him helping her ALSO just seems wrong? I mean, I'm with a wealthy person and I love when they pay bills for me, but if said person was making their money via hard work and they were spending constantly on their family I would probably tell them no and that I can take care of myself.

But the more I see and hear of Chey the more I start to think she was coddled as a child and got a lot of what she wanted. I mean, I feel bad knowing the guys has to put up with her shitty attitude AND pay for her things.

No. 164620

>I start to think she was coddled as a child and got a lot of what she wanted.

Well, maybe it's because she was left with just her father (her mom died), and he did his best to raise her right..by doing it all wrong?
I mean that's a situation that happens, where a father thinks he can buy his child their happiness..through all the toys they wanted.

No. 164630


I think he's genuinely the type of person to be happy taking care of his family and the people he loves. I'd probably do the same thing without thinking about it, whether or not the others should accept so easily cough Chey.

I'm not gonna lie I'd be so embarrassed and feel like a failure if I was constantly being supported for everything. Getting help in a rough patch is okay but being dependent on someone financially would make me really depressed and unproductive. But that's just me, I'm really stubborn in those types of things, the "don't ask for help until I'm stuck in a corner" types.

What's sad is that I found her old instagram which was her personal one and it seems totally different to who she seems to be now. It had friends, interests, hobbies, activities. When she was back in school. Now with her being both recognisable and with a wealthy person, she might not even attend college or uni. Why should she? She's getting cash on the side through her own twitch partnership and she has Cry.

No. 164649

You are right, that does happen often. Or, maybe it was the opposite? Could have been the other way around and the second someone offers her escape/comfort/money she'd snatch it. Either way, I don't blame her but he could go about things much better knowing she /kind of/ makes money on the side. Who knows, maybe she's letting him pay for things and saving up on her own to move with him or do something with herself? Or maybe just for the future.

She's got a comfortable-ish life, why should she have to go get a job and work and deal with people? I have a friend like that; they don't have to work because their family and boyfriend takes care of them. They pay for things occasionally but they always get what they need for free. So they don't bother trying to find work, they don't really use to.

Also the Instagram thing is sad. Wish she was still like that. I like the idea of past Chey.

No. 164650



Looking at both the photos and the captions, it's like a totally different person.

No. 164654

Wow?? There is a pretty significant difference and that's bothersome. Idk, I shit on Chey a lot, but at 15 I was involved with someone much older than me and it changed everything about me too. So I guess I understand her and her behavior but I don't condone her shitty attitude, like she really needs to find her chill. Not everyone is out to get her or her man(though a lot of people seem to be?) it's too bad.

No. 164656

yeah it's weird she's just like a…normal social teenage band geek. dating cry must have changed her a lot.

No. 164680


How did it change you, if you don't mind my asking? Since the only person I dated was younger than me, I would like some insight on how these types of age gaps change you.

No. 164689

It's all good, I don't mind.
When I was 15/16, he was an older man about 21 or so. He was very interested in me and told me stuff like "you are much more mature than you seem, dating someone like me is what you should do!" And I was happy then but the man was really sexual and manipulative and I highly doubt the relationship you have or had is like that but he'd make me miss school so I could talk to him and would tell me not to listen to my family or whatever. I acted out because I wanted to be so cool and wanted to impress this guy, but the fact was he was a horrible human being who alienated me from everyone in my life to get me seperate from everything and man idk he just made me do things no 15 year old should do and it fucked me up after lasting 2 or so years(I was 14-16, 15 when things started to get grotesque.) He'd treat me like a child some days and a grown woman others, try to come down and visit or buy me lingerie. At first he was some shy guy who I took interest in but I realized the shit it was later on.

I ended up in 3 or so abusive relationships because I thought that's what it was supposed to be like, and it was very similar to that relationship with the older guy.

No. 164691

Samefagging but I also wanted to mention that not all age gap relationships have to be like this for a person to change drastically. Just the whole "I gotta seem grown up/grow up for this person so we can be together!" Is a sort of thing, and younger people just… Idk… Change?

No. 164692


oh wow I'm sorry that happened to you. I understand it a lot better now, thank you.

Yeah I get how not all work like that, but I think it's basically at what phase of your life the people are at. A four year difference is not dramatic but it can seem huge if one is 16 and the other is 20. But 25 and 29 is not that bad, for instance.

I can imagine playing with cry and his friends when you're a fan and then getting close to him must have some effect. I mean markiplier's ex that was a fan never really got over that "fan" mindset. On the other hand jacksepticeye is dating a girl who was his fan and they are very normal, just goes to show tbh.

No. 164696

It's all good, I'm in a healthy relationship now so no worries.

Yeah exactly, it's when people are young that it seems to mostly have a negative impact. When people are older, it's different.

For Chey it must've been so thrilling to get close to someone like that, especially when they are so popular and efamous(is he efamous?) I don't blame her for hopping on that shit, but at the same time I'm iffy with Cry's age at the time of them meeting/dating because I've been there and I don't assume it was like my relationship but she was so young and could have dated someone in her school or town and things could have been different for her. The changes from then and now are so black and white.

Who knows man.

No. 164704

Oh, my bad. I had no idea about that part. Thank you for correcting me :D

No. 164706

Marzia was a fan of Felix before they started dating and they're pretty normal as well. Cry was already pretty popular when Chey met him whereas Marzia met Felix when he was still fairly small so there wasn't a huge power imbalance in the relationship, so to speak. Even if Cry didn't expect Chey to change to be "good enough" for him, she probably felt like she had to anyway.

No. 164709

Whaaat pewdiepie started dating Marzia when she was underaged? I don't really pay much attention to him but watch him occasionally because he's a qt3.14. It ruins him if he's a creep.

I tried to confirm by reading the thread but I had to skim through too much personal blogs and gave up.

No. 164711

google says that pewdiepie is 26 and Marzia is 23, not a big age difference

No. 164715

Still creepy.

No. 164720

She was 19 when they started dating and he was 21/22, it's not creepy at all. I didn't mean to imply here >>164706 that she was underaged.

No. 164733

I thought Cheyenne met Cry when he wasn't extremely well known??

No. 164751

It's possible, I might just be remembering wrong.

No. 164753

No, it really isn't.

No. 164757

Wow. I didn't know much about chey at the start of today. But after all this shit that I've learned about her doing, I really dislike her. I both have lost respect for Cry in some ways, and feel immensely bad for him. Maybe one day he'll do a face reveal and then won't be afraid to end such a toxic relationship? I doubt that she wouldn't reveal personal things if he ever ended it, seeing how she acts already.

No. 164879


I feel more bad for him honestly. Regardless of how it goes down from here on out, Chey will keep a fanbase and kiss ass people. She won't lose out on anything besides her money source. Cry would lose a lot more.

No. 164917

Quite a while back Cry said that only one person has recognized him and that was due to being with Chey at an IHOP together.
He then said after that he was grateful to the person as they didn't 'release' anything about Cry's appearance

No. 164922

How bad would it be if someone revealed his face? Sure he'd get recognised in the street sometimes but people like Pewdiepie and Markiplier still live relaxed, normal lives afaik. Also he'd be recognised far less as youtubes with facecam.

No. 164937

Honestly it needs to just be over an done with, like ripping off a band-aid. Chey's obviously holding it over his head, and it probably just brings up all kinds of anxiety at the moment. It'll be the talk of the town for like a week, but then everything will be forgotten. I'm all for this aspect of privacy, but it's like Barbra Streisand, people draw more attention to the things kept hidden than the things not really emphasized.

No. 164940

Like when critical showed his face everyone talked about it for a couple of weeks and then things went back to normal

No. 164946

Or when Snake did it, and he doesn't look like an anime bishie boy. People talked about it when they were doing the panel, and then it wasn't talked about again after that as far as I could see.

No. 164958

Or when Sp00n did it.
Also done.

Though I think it's not that easy for someone as paranoid as Cry when it comes to the safety of his family.
As Red once said:
(Sadly the post has been removed, this is as much as you can read.)
The rest pretty much says that "he loses himself. He won't be able to speak openly. He won't be the same person, I guarantee it." And "But some people can't say no to such a tempting challenge." And finally that "Much more is at stake than you realize."

No. 164960

File: 1470959062179.png (55.98 KB, 480x420, Screenshot_2016-08-12-01-39-04…)

No. 164971

Just because people know what his face looks like doesn't mean the persona of his voice is gone. It doesn't mean that he has to facecam every time he plays a video game, or post a picture of himself in every thumbnail. Like I said, it's a band-aid. It needs to be done, ripped off suddenly, because I guarantee you that cry is too wrapped up in something he doesn't need to be wrapped up in.

The stuff at stake is much much less than Cry realizes, or his fans realize, or his friends. Once it's over, he'll realize there was nothing to be afraid of.

No. 164972

tumblr abloobloo is so stupid, i can't with the drama.

No. 164974

>a broken youtuber
lololol that's all of them

No. 164976

That was just a post Red made, back when people were way crazier about his face than now.

Also I don't know, I personally enjoy not knowing what he looks like. The fanart is also a great deal since everyone can use their own imagination.
You can't deny that once the face is revealed the art won't be the same.
And he defintely enjoys staying anonymous at this point. He realized it's one of the main factors of his persona, and as much as he wants "safety" for his family, by now it's his own enjoyment as well.
It has to be.

No. 164977

I still choose to believe that he's super ugly a la >>142459 and that's why he won't show his face. He likes being drawn as a hot guy. He doesn't take it as a call to improve himself so that his reveal can be nice or underwhelming, he wants to stay a fat fuck so he hides and gets paranoid when his hot guy persona could disappear.

No. 164978

No one's stoppin' ya from believing that.
One day we will find out, that's for sure.

No. 164980

I don't see what's stopping him from getting on a workout routine or something and doing a face reveal on his channel. They could even cook up something like having his ugly past pictures revealed by an unknown source, and Cry "bravely" shows his actual face after "working hard" on living up to his persona.
Like, the fans would eat up a sob story like that. Then he can go back to not posting pictures, and every time someone asks, they'd just be directed to that video.

No. 164982

Just because you 'believe' that, doesn't mean it's true.
And because it's possibly not true, it's the reason why he hasn't done that already.

Also in this thread there's a link to one of his posts where he was complaining about a workout video.
And that TWD stream where he was doing push-ups live

No. 164983

Wait a minute, how do you know he was doing pushups if he doesn't cam? Grunting? Also fat people complain about workouts.

No. 164985

I don't know. I just follow something that makes the most sense with grunting & counting while away from the mic.
I can't possibly know.

Also yeaah but you also have those times when youtube workout videos are really fucking tiring, as he was implying in his post.

I'd still rather go with information gotten from what he's said/done than what you believe baselessly, sorry.

No. 164988

Nah, baseless assumption would be assuming the person I'm replying to is related to cry in some way, maybe even cry himself.

The claim that cry is ugly and insecure is just a plain ol' regular assumption.
It's fun though.

No. 164990

God damn it this is not he first time someone assumed I'm related to Cry in this thread.
Idk why tho, if we all agreed on every opinion here there would be no arguments..kinda boring if we don't have a defender.

Anyway yup, sadly there isn't nearly enough fanart of Fat!Cry D:

No. 164991

Oh it's not your defense, it's your speech patterns. If you read out your posts, they're in the same cadence as an LNC conversation, peppered with the same exclamations.

But as for defense, it's just not the way gossip forums flourish. I reckon the people in /pt/ probably agree on most things related to the lolcows.
If he reveals his face, there'd probably me more fatart around. There's a lot of chibi animations of a lot of bigger youtubers/streamers.

No. 164994

Welp I did learn my English from them. There's that.
Also I have no absolute idea how threads work, I just found this one randomly.
I always thought you get more info when you have people in an argument; since they bring up facts and sources which made them think the way they do.

(Idk if I should take your 'you speak like they do' statement as a compliment, but ey I'm going to.)

No. 164998

>(Idk if I should take your 'you speak like they do' statement as a compliment, but ey I'm going to.)
It was originally a baseless assumption, so take it how you like.

No. 165000

Even if Cry was fat, who cares? What does it have to do with anything within this thread?

No. 165038

I bet a proper face reveal wont happen until his fame is dead and Chey will push to get people to notice it, or push Cry himself to even do it for the sake of money.

Or maybe he'll wait so long, that a reveal with a whole series of facecam playthroughs will totally revive his fame. But that would only work if he's cr1tikal-tier.

Might be cool. I'm genuinely hoping Cry is a handsome guy just so the nostalgia of his voice has a decent face to match.

No. 165046


It matters only because some people think it's his reason for not showing what he looks like.

And now that I think of it, that actually might be the reason or one of the reasons why Chey and Cry don't live together yet.

If they only see eachother a couple of times a year then the chances of him being photographed or recognised are very low, compared to if they would live together and go out together more regularly.

She's the thing that gives him away.

No. 165047


I worded that weirdly, but I hope you guys understand xD

No. 165116


What kind of goody two-shoes fan doesn't speak up at all about it?

Real talk i'd be grateful too for that person but dammit I'm nosy and I have no life.

No. 165145

The thing with crtikal though is he only revealed his face because he felt his life was becoming harder and one of his friends suggested being more open so he did and has said it has helped him.

Ot sorry

No. 165465

I remember when Cheyenne made this video for Cry's channel. Definitely sums her up.

No. 165469

Could always tip off Vegas paparazzi on it. They could probably turn a good profit. Scummy thing to do, but it could work.

No. 165473

how about that keemstar guy? no one has sent him anything about cry's real face???

No. 165474

jfc please just get rid of keemstar by making him irrelevant

No. 165479

Leaking Cry's face, whether that's his or not, would be so mean tbh. It'll happen when it happens

No. 165496

As far as I remember, he lives in a house and supports his sister & niece. He even bought his sister a car, he said it was for the baby (well when she was still a baby, she's a toddler now). Cry himself doesn't drive, he's scared of driving.

I also remember that Chey goes to University of Las Vegas or something. I think in one of the tumblr asks, she mentioned that she wanted to be a teacher like (for elementary or kindergarden I believe??). I can't imagine her doing that at all with her impatience and temper.
But I'm not sure if she's still going to school right now since she hasn't posted anything about it. So yeah, her only 'job' is streaming/mooching off of her bf.

There was one time that Chey visited Cry in Florida and they mentioned in a stream that they were going to go to Disney World,specifying the day, and people in the chat were worried cause crazy fan girls might try to stalk them. So I always wonder if people actually recognize Chey..and then see Cry.

I remember he mentioned his family was not really financially stable growing up, so maybe he wants to give back to them??? Idk that's just a guess tho

No. 165498

Well that sums up the fucks she gives. This is why Russ or Jund are the only ones that do the LNC videos, other than Cry.

No. 165535


why would Vegas paps care about the girlfriend of some gaming youtuber?


Someone who's mature and respects the fact that cry doesn't want his face out there? Not everyonue is hunting for drama, ya know?


keemstar talking about cry's real face would be the final nail in the coffin. He'd not only have leafy and gradeA to deal with anymore, but gaming youtubers (especially pewdiepie) would call him out on being such an ass.

No. 165540

So true and even though I'd love for him to go after Cry (just because of Cry's huge YouTube connections which would end Keem and any chance of him starting over again), I really hope no one gives Keem that story.

No. 165542

Just a correction in all this,
I'm pretty sure Cry drives.
He hinted it a few times while talking about traffic.
There's also a post on tumblr where he took a picture of a car in front of him while being in a car.

No. 165587

About the drama regarding Cheyenne's age
This video pretty much explains everything.

No. 165591

Why the fuck would you post Onision here? That shit is disgusting, at least warn people next time.

No. 165615

Ah. You're one of those people.
I see.

No. 165678

Kinda out of topic, but does anyone know the MBTI of LNC members?
Like I know Cheyenne is an INTP and Cry is an INFP..
What about the rest?

No. 165812

Hey onion

No. 165813

Get out of here you greasy, ugly, pimple faced, retardo manchild.

No. 165825

>why would vegas paps care about the girlfriend of some gaming youtuber

This sums up my thoughts on half this thread's theorising about why no one has a candid of what he looks like/has come forward about knowing him. dude isn't famous, he's e-famous. no one's gonna recognise either of them on the street and if they do they aren't going to care very much. he isn't the new paris hilton.

No. 166042

Tbh Snake's or Russ' are the best.

Also I feel like this thread has gone a bit downhill. Maybe.

No. 166068

"I'm used to being abused a lot man, it's all good." – cry during his 24 hr stream at the 13:25:00ish mark.

No. 166075

Are you watching the stream rn as well?

No. 166096

Watching Cry's 24hr stream is making me more mad at Cheyenne. How could you not appreciate this man? I know he's not perfect, but holy shit he goes through too much. He doesn't deserve any type of shit from anybody.

No. 166097

File: 1471328837429.png (21.86 KB, 558x179, ask.png)

Suurrrre Chey

No. 166098

I feel you so much. All the sweet messages are making me emotional. He's a great guy. Best not mention any Chey hate in chat though… wouldn't help anything

No. 166099

I agree. I think it'll die down until Chey fucks up again, which will most likely happen.

I recently noticed that Zeigs still streams sometimes. It makes me sad, like almost guilty even though I couldn't do anything as a viewer. She was such a great part of the LNC crew, but now we're stuck with this girl with her bitchy and whiny behavior.

No. 166109

Oh yes definitely. Would not want to start any drama or cause any negativity for Cry and the chat.

I agree with that as well. I try to watch Ziegs sometimes, but her schedule is kinda random so I miss them once in a while. I was actually watching a lot of the old streams the other day, and it was just so.. different. It was light, and fun. It's crazy how much the atmosphere has changed because of Cheyenne.

No. 166113

Any gems from the 24h stream? I considered watching it but I've been busy packing for a trip so I didn't have the time to watch for a long time

No. 166114

No. 166116

https://clips.twitch.tv/cryaotic/DistinctHerringBrainSlug also this too. he just got up randomly lmao

No. 166137

No. 166139

File: 1471346624543.png (15.36 KB, 331x91, Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 4.14…)

Welp, time to leave until she's not there anymore. Lmao.

No. 166142

Yeah I saw that, she was talking about the bits that people were donating. That was her response to learning that he got over 300k. For people who don't know, one bit = 1 cent. It annoys me that that was her response because a lot of the people who donated were saying how much he's helped them, all these sweet stories.

No. 166150


oh wow, talk about showing your true colours. Inb4 "it's just a joke"

Cry is seriously the only thing she's got going for her. What a husk of a person. Everything she is is revolved around Cry, that's sad and infuriating because she doesn't even treat him well.

No. 166267

Oh my god, in what context was that?

No. 166284

I donated and shared a story last night because Cry helped out a lot when I first started watching him, he was a good distraction. This was before Chey and other drama, so he was pretty chill and great. So, I wanted to donate and let him know, and seeing Chey say that?

It makes me livid. Like, how fucking low and self righteous do you have to be to say something like that? No, Chey, we aren't donating to YOU; we are donating to Cry and trying to help HIM live HIS life. I get it, you are his girlfriend and all, but don't you think for one second any of this money was donated with you in mind. We didn't hit "cheer" thinking 'wow! this means Chey, the rude human being who likes to shit on her own boyfriend, will be able to visit cry!' Nah, fuck that.

No. 166289

During the time people started donating and getting deep with their messages he said this comment, I don't know when it was directly, but that time stamp is about around the time I think.

Someone also had asked how he did it with Chey and how he was able to have a long distance relationship. He said "Well, the thing is… The thing is… (long silence) You distract yourself, that's what I do, and… it works okay." that was basically it, and he didn't even respond right away. He was also babbling about the game during it, and not talking about his relationship fully. It seemed like he was at a loss for words, like he couldn't, or didn't want to, answer.

No. 166290

God the fucking entitlement from this girl. Even if it's just a joke, she doesn't seem to have any boundaries or self-awareness and seems to think that other people should just understand why she does the things she does or acts the way she acts and just fucking deal with it. God she pisses me off so much.

No. 166303


His exact words were: "I'm being toyed with like an old doll … That's okay, I'm used to it. It's fine."

13:40:25 - 13:40:44

Well that's depressing.

No. 166362

No. 166513

Who wants to bet Cheyenne will enable bits soon?

No. 166526

Lol she hasn't already?

No. 166534

Surprisngly, no lmao.

No. 166746

Apparently Cry stole one of Cheyenne's shirts as well.
So they're wearing about the same size.

No. 166791

File: 1471585892877.jpg (26.24 KB, 600x450, BjxopGsCYAE1k79.jpg)

The NASA shirt

No. 166793

OT but why do people who have no interest in science let alone NASA wear NASA shirts? It seems like it's became a common trend like band shirts, i remember the fucking Nirvana shirts erywhere.

No. 166848

File: 1471608406724.jpg (20.77 KB, 600x450, Internet_tough_guy_tranny.jpg)

>be me
>girl in my class is wearing a nirvana t
>think about them at home and decide to watch that doc where they claim Courtney killed Kurt
>decide to ask the girl her opinion, she must be a bigger fan, she has the t
>next day
>'Do you think Courtney Love killed Kurt Cobain?'
>'Who's Kurt Cobain?'
true story(nice blog post)

No. 166851

nice blog

No. 167215

I know everyone gets salty over games.. But jesus christ she's gets sooooo into it. https://clips.twitch.tv/weskersglasses/PleasantAardvarkKevinTurtle

No. 167376

Everyone's salt is understandable in CS:GO

No. 167875

Im glad I found this thread. Ive had a problem with this bitch for years now. About 2-3 years ago, several different fan blogs and 'cryaotic fan porn' blogs started popping up FILLED with nsfw fanart. These blogs were adreseed by Cry and he pretty much said that he didnt mind them, since he sees 'Cry' as a character and fully supported one blog in particular by reblogging her art, leading her to have thousands of followers on her tumblr and patreon. She had a few different art blogs that grew very popular and successful and one blog dedicated to cry, LNC artwork, and nsfw art revolving around him. When Chey caught wind of this artwork she went fucking ballistic and started a witch hunt to get these blogs taken down and have her white knights report all of them… EVEN THOUGH Cry had CLEARLY stated that he didnt have an issue with them, and even reblogged the artwork himself. The 'Cryaotic Porn Blog' had then randomly been removed off of tumblr along with the other 3 or 4 unrelated blogs the artist owned with NO WARNING. Even her personal blog had been terminated, forcing her to rebuild all of her hard work from scratch. I have gotten in touch with the blogger since then, who has no idea to this day, who exaclty was responsible or why all of her blogs were taken down. From what I understand they were a large portion of income for her. Chey basically shit on her and didnt give a fuck afterwards when it was brought up again because what they were doing was 'innapropriate.' None of these blogs ever depicted any LNC girlfriends, so in reality, she was probably just feeling overly possesive and left out because she wanst the center of fucking attention.

No. 167888

sounds like what an ostrenga would do

No. 167917

> drawing porn of YouTube personalities

this level of autism deserves it tbh

No. 167949

It still says something about how possessive she is if she would go out of her way to report blogs that Cry himself said he had no issue with.

No. 167951

I definitely know who you are talking about, and I adored her work. She was extremely talented and funny, not ALL her cryaotic srt was pornographic. I remember when he stated he didn't mind it, and even liked seeing the artistic freedom people had. When I looked for her again after a few years of avoiding the cry drama, she wasn't there and I figured she moved on. Hearing that Chey just wanted to shit on someone due to something so minimal really is upsetting.

No. 167955

Holy shit that's horrible.
But again, Cry does know she did that, doesn't he?

No. 167983

I'm pretty sure he does. He'll do anything to make sure his little innocent princess is comfortable.

But yeah, I remember that drama. That artist didn't deserve that no matter what type of art she did.

No. 167990

I guess it's the
"Well it makes a loved one feel uncomfortable" thought on his end.
I agree he could've talked to her about how that little thing shouldn't affect/bother her..
But we all know he likes to stay out of things.
Anyway I don't remember this drama at ALL, but I think I know the artist.

No. 167999


I felt like he shouldve addressed that it made Chey uncomfortable and that he would like it to stop, but he didnt. His fans basically said they'll stop when Cry says they should stop. Instead of handling this like a normal person and asking Cry to tell his fans to stop drawing porn of him, she started acting like a wild gorrilla: blocking and shitting on the people who brought up Crys comfortablity with it all. idk if she even directly messaged the artists to complain. She just sicked her dogs on them instead. She also pulled this type of bullshit with a cry confession blog, which just sort of faded into ambiguity instead of being terminated. She called that blog creepy and pretty much said those who write a 'cry confession' saying that he 'saved their lives' was just a creepy and wrong since they dont even know him like she does.

It sucks for the blogs involved.

No. 168002

As someone who used to do a lot of Cry art I know how great it was for him to reblog my stuff, especially when it got tons of notes. Its a great way to get noticed and start off, if you do enough of it. If its the artist I'm thinking of, then yeah, it was a big help to her and she was mega popular. It could have been handled better, but what's done is done and it'll happen again if something else shows up. I do see there is still NSFW stuff he reblogged on his tumblr, but even then the artist to said blog isn't around and hasn't been for two or so years. So maybe they were another target?

No. 168004

She's always been one to use her "fans" to bully others. It's gross.

No. 168006

File: 1472016776862.png (13.83 KB, 546x225, lma.PNG)

This also reminds me of the time when Cheyenne went berserk on fans for loving 'Pewdiecry'. Saying something along the lines of "It's gross hearing/seeing your bf/gf being with someone else other than you". Which IS understandable, but it's the fact that she said she could care less, and that she used her fans to pretty much bully people who even mentioned 'Pewdiecry'.

No. 168013

god she weirds me out so much. she's constantly reminding everyone "he's MINEEEE" like she's still not quite past the "fan" mindset.

No. 168019

File: 1472029082746.jpeg (92.89 KB, 640x793, image.jpeg)

Not sure if this was meant sarcastically but she's so fucking snotty

No. 168022

Holy DAMN she's possessive.
Kinda scary.
Is she aware how likely she could lose him?
I don't know for Cry personally, but possessiveness is kind of terrifying to experience.
It sorta makes you the center of attention without you even belonging there, just because your lover had to mention you.
Which, actually,explains a bit.

No. 168110

pewdiecry already exists before you happened, bitch. this girl… smh..

No. 168195

File: 1472079751155.png (7.27 KB, 404x84, part 1.PNG)

I mean, I understand wanting to show off your boyfriend and all. But the way she does it, makes it seem like she's still in that "fan phase" (just like someone in this thread said), and like she wants to be known as the fan who got noticed by the youtuber. Incoming more photos.

No. 168201

File: 1472080037925.png (317.56 KB, 629x647, lolcoww.png)

No. 168203

I agree with you there. It just seems like whether it's a joke or not, she has to be bringing you down somewhat. She's very snotty.

No. 168204

god, there's the true sign of a fuckhead right there.

No. 168918

God! She truly is a disgusting, manipulative, overbearing, childish, self-righteous bitch. I could honestly go on and on about what a horrendous person she is, but she doesn't even deserve the time of day.

No. 168965


No please go on, let it out. I'm back from my trip so I can finally be around in the thread rather than just stalk.

Ugh the "I have him in reality" is such a jab at the fans. She has such an immature "neener neener" attitude about it. As much as I find marzia/cutiepie a bit inflated in her importance (idk she thinks she's the creative genius and she's really not) but at least she's nice and she's never had that attitude with freaking PEWDIEPIE.

The difference in character is astounding, frankly. It's the difference between a large and gentle dog that wants to chill next to you and get pet, and a small yappy nightmare that barks obnoxiously and bites you all the time and never leaves you alone.

No. 168975

I'm not really into Cry's work but it seems like the two of them deserve each other tbh. Like, he puts up with her shit, doesn't stop her horrible behavior or call her out on it despite obviously being aware of it, or others making him aware of it. He's just as bad as her in that case. If he was really a decent person he'd stop her from going after and bullying people. Obviously you can't change a person's behavior completely, but he could try to curb it. The fact that he's willing to stand by and let her be a terrible cunt says a lot about what kind of person he is.

No. 168992

To be honest, I don't think Cheyenne is gonna take on streaming for much longer. She kinda sucks, and it seemed like she only did it because she had the "Youtuber Boyfriend." and knew she would get some attention and money from it.

She's rarely been streaming, and when she does, it's when she has her "Couples Therapy". Which seems pretty fishy to me.

No. 169071

File: 1472365695844.png (12.22 KB, 423x112, lolmao.PNG)

This is the dumbest shit I have ever seen.

No. 169082

SonOfLiberty is the mod on the stream that REALLY kisses Chey's ass.
Probably to not get on her bad side

No. 169083

I've noticed this too. He'll go out of his way to defend her or talk about how funny Cheyenne is. Not like he has anything to worry about, he's a guy and Cheyenne seems to just go after the female mods.

No. 169084

Well that is true
But Chey has been the cause of other people leaving or being affiliated with LNC.
So it's possible that she can 'kick out' SonofLiberty, or at least make him not a mod for chat anymore.

No. 169086

True. Snake oil was so awkward too. I feel like last time it wasn't so bad but she completely shut down with that new girl.

No. 169088

On her stream, she was pretty much complaining.
She was mad because apparently Cry only gave one of the wins to Alex because Cry wanted to prolong the game, and she was done with it.

I'm like 98% sure she wrote Cry during it too about it.

No. 169091

oh, Angel??
She's been on Cry's streams quite a few times now, but she's mainly friends with Russ and hangs out in his streams.
I think she's chill and pretty funny.
It was probably wasn't that great because half of the players in the game were new to it. I think they just all need to get the hang of it first, they did the best they can with it.

I agree about Chey tho. She just gave up on playing the game. In the game you're basically suppose to be a convincing sales person for an item(your cards), but she just gave up half the time and just showed her cards with a "take it or leave it" type of attitude. Then she left near the end of the game, making herself look even more ridiculous :/

No. 169145

Oh, yeah that was my first time seeing her, but I've been too busy to watch a whole lot lately. She was pretty funny!
I just got upset seeing Cheyenne create such an awkward atmosphere by refusing to play the game really and just disappear. Seemed really rude to the guests.

Oh, really? Was she streaming her side? I didn't know she did that. I'll have to look. And I thought Alex was really funny, it's mean to say he only got the win because he wanted to prolong it.

No. 169270

File: 1472413319994.png (3.42 KB, 329x53, Untitled.png)

That was in response to this.
But I looked for anyone talking bad about her in chat and I couldn't find anything

No. 169301

I saw it. It was just someone that said "Cheyenne is so.. Ugh."

No. 169318

Jeez, calling someone an asshole just for that comment is pretty childish

No. 169342

I dunno, sometimes in abusive relationships, the person is scared to speak up. Scared of rocking the boat because they're just trying to make it day to day. I feel like that's how it is for Cry

No. 169344

Calling them an asshole AND banning them.

No. 169354

I have a friend in a very similar relationship, even the money situation is similar(kind of.) and I feel bad for him because it's like the only first really relationship he's been in, but she acts EXACTLY like Chey and it's horrible.

No. 169373

Nah, she didn't ban them. I saw them talk a little after. I don't think you can ban subscribers. But either way, she most likely wanted to ban them.

No. 169374

Also, relating to the "Cry only gave Alex the win because he wanted to prolong the game" thing.


No. 169385

She's so salty jeez
Chey needs to chill, it's not the end of the world. She's just ruining it for everyone else by acting this way, like a child.

No. 169398

You can definitely ban subscribers. You just never see it because subscribers take steps to not get banned, since they coughed up five bucks and all.

No. 169406

I'm not even sure where she got the "I won" thing… Cry didn't even seem like he was going to give it to her?? She's so annoying. She just throws a tantrum because she doesn't win. What a fun person to play with.

No. 169638

Geez,The LNC obviously has more patience and tolerance than I ever will because if I had to put up with someone as childish, rude, and trashy like Cheyenne I would've dropped their ass out of the group a long time ago. I honestly have to give them kudo pints for all the bullshit they have to put up with dealing with her.

No. 169734

I have a question.
Regarding these blogs that showed up during the time when Cry had his surery.
They pretty much all started bashing on him for dating Cheyenne when she was 16 but honestly right now they're both legal adults and I couldn't care less about what they do.

But what about those "reasons" people left the fandom for? They all mentioned something horrible he's done and claimed that they have victims for proof but didn't mention any of them (understandable).

But is there anyone in this thread who actually knows what had happened? If you want to help people in the fandom, let them know about this 'threat'. If there is any.

No. 169765

Someone once mentioned that he would flirt with underage girls all the time when the streams first started. And I think it was a couple people who drew fanart, and a couple people who were "famous" in the cryaotic fandom.

But it's one of those things where you either believe it or don't. No one really knows except for those who are 'victims'.

No. 169777

I see..
It's weird how there are no video evidences despite it being on a stream, either.
I know BattleStar was the one who flirted with underage fans, and he was kicked out of the crew because of it.

I feel bad for dismissing people's "victim claims" but there's no evidence to prove otherwise :/

Thank you for clearing it out a bit!

No. 169944

I mean I feel KINDA bad about these supposed victims, but the thing is.. all of this stuff would have HAD to happen on the internet. It's not like a case of it happening in real life and there not being a chance for there to be proof.

Messages, IMs, Skype calls, whatever. There would be proof.

As for with BattleStar, there was tons of proof. Tons of skype messages.

But with Cry, a huge star, there's… nothing? Absolutely nothing but girls that won't come forward, or even anonymously release screenshots or anything?

I honestly just have such a hard time believing it. At all. All I saw on those blogs were they were "too hurt" to come forward and that just sounds like utter bullshit to me, honestly.

In that case, I just think it's angry fans trying to spite Cry for whatever reason.

No. 169949

I agree with you.

Though since I am relatively new to the fandom (livestreamwise) and I don't know much that went down. So if anyone has links to BStar drama I'd be really thankful!

No. 169950


It's not much but Russ pretty much cleared up stuff. It's weird seeing how "strict" they were before Cheyenne came into view.

No. 169951

Ah yeah okay I read that one before. Was about all I could find.

Though I still think they're strictly against flirting with minors.
Last time they played Snake Oil on stream they had to sell items to a "pedophile" (Cheyenne in that game)
And the atmosphere suddenly got waay too awkward, no one made jokes and they were clearly uncomfortable.

No. 169964

Oops, I meant with the whole "whiny" thing. They are definitely still pretty strict.

No. 170007


"It's a game" Says the one who literally whined about it the whole session, and is still bringing it up.

No. 170047

Today during their couples stream they straight up gof vicious with each other. It might have sounded like they were joking but damn they were REALLY going at it. At one point cry made a joke about leaving Chey and she was obviously hurt by it. But then it picked back up again.

No. 170324

That sounds juicy. Anyone have a clip of that?
What a fucking bitch. She's the one who says "is just a game" but also got upset and quit because she didn't win? Or sounds like Cry just told her that to appease her, and her black soul rejoiced at the idea of hurting someone.

No. 170336

This site is on the third page when you google Cryaotic, so no late night crew member will ever find this unless they actively look further than page 2 or if someone points it out to them.

No. 170344

If they found it, Cheyenne and Cry would just call us "haters" and excuse away her terrible behaviour like they always do anyways.

No. 170380


I totally remember that part of the stream, and I went to look for it right now. But sadly that part is mostly muted because of music. But I did clip the 'leaving' part before it could go mute so here.


No. 170704

File: 1472785712933.png (21.1 KB, 590x134, cryno.PNG)

I feel bad for Matthew.

No. 170707

lol what a stupid tweet considering Matt has Marisha. Also Cheyenne is ugly inside and out, no one but Cry wants her.

No. 170712

Ew Matt Mercer should take a hard pass on Chey and fuck me instead hnnngg.

I'm genuinely curious as to how she feels about being referred to as property to be given away in a will. Would she think it's funny, or would she be offended? Or would she pretend to think it's funny because her ~preshus cry~ said it?

No. 170717

honestly considering how much she makes everything about herself be about being his girlfriend, i'm sure she'd prefer it that way. because then all the other bitches know she's all his~~~

No. 170735


No. 170829


Ironic that THAT'S what upsets Chey when she constantly degrades Cry. Does it strike a nerve?? You are a rude bitch to him with documented proof I may add, not even just hear say, we literally have seen and heard her act shitty to him, and the leaving joke hurts? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

No. 170853

That's exactly what I thought. She gets upset at the smallest things/jokes, yet she can say the worse things to him.

No. 170922

So I saw somewhere on this thread about Cheyenne being in an CSGO game with ImmortalHD, and I found the VOD for it.. Is it just me or does this seem like, awkward? The question she asks lmao


No. 170934

"Absolutely not", ha. This is why ImmortalHD is one of my favourite streamers. I was watching his stream when his friend said to let her join. Immortal & 80% of his viewers didn't even know who she was, so if she was either watching his or his friends stream she would've seen that she's a nobody to them which is why I personally think she said that as a way to "hit" on him & have his fans look her up. It didn't work regardless.

No. 171117

File: 1472959494583.png (57.3 KB, 275x250, lolok.png)

She's so nice to her guests, also her boyfriend. :)

No. 171134

Oh my god I saw this and tried to see what it said and failed horribly.

What does it matter who he invites? It's his and Russ' stream. Seems like she isn't a fan of Angel. (Though it's not a surprise.) She's such a bitch.

No. 171201

With the way things are, it's pretty much her show. Though, I don't know why she doesn't just sit out on games she doesn't like, or if people are invited that she doesn't like. Only thing I can think of is she feels like she HAS to be center of attention. Doesn't help chat sucks up to her.

No. 171388


I'm pretty sure the second those other 3 girls joined the stream for the first time, everbody already liked them better than Cheyenne.

I certainly did, I never liked Cheyenne. Those other girls were the breath of fresh air those streams needed.

No. 171547

I hope she doesn't scare away angel… I really like her

No. 171691

Same here. Tbh I wish they would just make her an official LNC member. She's awesome.

No. 171859

Yo Cry and Cheyenne kinda argued on her stream


No. 171876

I like how she's trying to sound like the mature/rational one. Jfc, sort your life out Chey.

No. 171882

OH YEAH! Hearing them arguing is music to my ears. "And now, the end is near…"

No. 171887

Take a shot every time she says literally in her streams. >>171859

No. 171888

Oh wow! He's actually calling her out and defending someone from her! That's crazy… IS THIS A SIGN FOR GOOD THINGS TO COME?

No. 171890

I recorded the full 9 minutes just in case others wanted to see how it started, since I feel the clip I did didn't do it justice LUL

No. 171894

Thanks, I was a bit confused how it started.
"He messed up anybody could've messed up" Then why are you blaming that ONE person Chey??

I'm not sure if that's a first time in a while Cry ACTUALLY scolded Chey for acting like..well the way she is.
Chey saying he's overreacting, when Chey is usually the one that overreacts and gets salty half of the time during games.
There are times when she just straight up leaves a game in the middle of everyone else playing, which sometimes ends the game for the rest of the team or she just argues like a freakin 4 year old through out the game.

No. 171895

I can't follow her logic at all. First she says that that person ruined it for them, then she says she doesn't care… like, what is she trying to say, actually?

No. 171896

She's trying so hard to make it sound like he's angry or "freaking out" when she's the first to be a cunt about the situation. How pitiful trying to disguise her awful childish-ness that way. The constant bickering every stream is so awkward and embarrassing. What is up with Cry having her stick around?

No. 171897

'Cause she'll start more drama if she doesn't get invited

No. 171898

File: 1473223425499.png (58.9 KB, 369x365, chy.png)

I'm sort of annoyed and weirded out how SonofLiberty (a mod of LNC) literally kisses Chey's ass so much.
Bruh, you don't got to go that extra mile to please her.

This was during the recent LNC when they were playing Phoenix Wright, Chey's voice acting is the blandest shit ever out of all of the other LNC members.
Granted, I don't expect the BEST voice acting. But Chey is basically using her normal speaking voice…which is already shitty and awkward. Everyone else is messing around with their voices for each character and having fun with it.
Even when Witwix joined them last time when they were playing this, he actually seemed to be having fun with it. Which made it pretty alright to watch.

No. 171899

Yeah, that happened once when when Chey was in a hotel and couldn't join for LNC Night, but apparently she could've played ONE game (I think it was Jackbox Party pack).
And because Cry didn't asked, especially since she's in a hotel..so hotel wifi sucks, she just kept bitching and groaning about not being included that ONE time.

No. 171904

She starts drama if she doesn't get invited, she starts drama when she is there. Sadly there's really no way around her. It sucks.

I see this all the time too, and honestly it's so fucking annoying. It's come to the point where I have him blocked now. I wouldn't be surprised if he jerked off to her every night. Sorry for that disgusting image.

No. 171914

I read someone's comment here which was written in a style similar to Cry… I hope that was indeed him and he has finally realized how big of a mistake is dating and always condoning that bitch

No. 171930

Which comment?

No. 171970

They're probably referring to this:


though I have no idea where they got that assumption.

No. 171975

Holy shit, I might actually have a reason to watch the stream again. It's painful as fuck to listen to her unless you're at least 7 shots deep in the gutter

No. 171980

They didn't get it anywhere, it was the example of a baseless assumption.

Wouldn't be surprised if at least one of the LNC knew about this thread though. Comes up pretty early in google.

No. 171981

I just might believe that Cry's and Chey's relationship is not going to last.
He's finally speaking up and actually arguing.

No. 171992

You know, since it seems like cheyen was the one who initiated the relationship, maybe Cry is just waiting for her to end it herself?

No. 172032

If that's true, that's just stupid. I don't know why you'd stay with someone you're unhappy with unless you're scared of something happening.
Like he's scared she'll release things on him, or his face. I'm sure she's threatened him with all kinds of things. I mean, why would she leave? He gives her an audience, money, a little bit of "fame.".. I'm so positive that's all she wants from him.

No. 172047


Bless this gave me life. LIFE I TELL YOU.

Fucking gaslighting. Trying to paint the other person as irrational and emotional when they actually instigated it. She sounds exactly like my sister does, if I had fur on my back like an animal it'd be on end now.

No. 172048

What an insufferable cunt.

No. 172083

So Sage has left their dnd campaign because she wasn't having fun and also "personal reasons". Anyone know if this has to do with chey?

No. 172097

File: 1473299578116.png (11.49 KB, 544x219, sage.PNG)

I don't know if it does have to do with Cheyenne, since Sage comes into her streams at times, and even hosted hers last night. But the only other thing I can think of why she would leave is: she couldn't take any hate comments on youtube, and also has stated it's hard for her to talk in the LNC group.

No. 172099

Also I doubt this whole thing will make Cry realize how horrible Cheyenne is. To me, it just means we can have hope that if Cheyenne ever does something huge again, that maybe Cry will actually let her go.

This small thing she has done (yet kinda big thing) will just be another 'argument' to him. He still has a low self esteem.

No. 172104

I can say for sure that Sage didn't leave because of Cheyenne but because she was mean to the other girls, other than cheyenne, and it got awkward. Her leaving was a good choice on that end.

cheyenne seemed friendlier to sage than the others.

this is off-topic, though, i guess.

No. 172173

I'm still a bit confused on this. Sage is Jund's gf right?? I don't remember seeing the hate comments targeting Sage though. I don't remember Sage being mean to other girls, she's usually quiet I think.
I keep mixing up Sage and Mash since they both join in at the same time for a game or two.

I do remember a time they were playing Secret Hitler and everyone was targeting Sage as a fascist, mainly Angel, due to her being quite and suspicious. She explained that it was her first time really talking to them and playing the game so she was very nervous. They ended up shooting her and she was actually liberal. I remember Cry felt bad afterwards.

I'm having trouble trying to find the video of it.

No. 172223

That wasn't her first time. She had played secret hitler with them several times before. Sorry, all the meanest for her was behind the scenes and I speak from what I was told by the other girls. Apparently Sage bullied people alot but then would act like the victim. Seems super similar to Cheyenne, so maybe that's why they got along. But, sage is better at hiding how mean she is to others.
I know what SH you mean though. Angel thought she was fascist and Sage got upset for whatever reason but that was like the 4th time she had played it with them.

No. 172225


Hard to tell what Sage is really like, since she doesn't talk much, but Scott who is her boyfriend can be an arrogant dickhead so it would make sense if she was kind of an arrogant dickhead aswell.

No. 172226

Now the question is: Do we prefer the person who is mean and open about it, or mean and hiding it?

I think i'd choose the openly mean one. Since you know what to get, I guess.
When you go into a relationship with a secretly mean person they might surprise/disappoint you.

No. 172228

I feel like Sage might be very possessive of Scott and she might've had problems with the other girls being too friendly with Scott or something.

Like, if you know Scott you know that he has mentioned, more than once, that he is really into girls with red hair.

He even tweeted something about a pretty redhead when he and Sage were already together. I think he was talking about a celebrity, but I'm not sure.

And Sage had brown hair when she started dating him. Now she has red hair ;)

Maybe during DnD, when the girls were all ''in character'', they got too close to Scott's character and Sage didn't like that? Just a theory.

No. 172230

Speaking as a bitch myself, (we're kind of all that way), I think it was good of her to identify when she wasn't working out with the party and taking herself out of it instead of forcing the entire group to be uncomfortable just to say she's a part of it. Instead of complaining to her boyfriend to kick the girls she doesn't like off the stream, she goes herself.
I think bitchery is okay, and she obviously has a good handle on it, since she can turn it off and on (the hiding it stuff).
I agree with you that both her and Jund can be really up-front, but that's probably good when they're combating with people like Chey.

No. 172233

I agree. She's better than chey in that part, where she will remove herself from the situation. Maybe she was worried people would find out about how mean she actually is though, and in this way, by leaving, she still gets to look like the victim. She is trying to get partnered on twitch so maybe she thinks she can make that work for her? Very much like Cheyenne, which is weird that Jund is dating her when he has hated Cheyenne so much in the past.

No. 172234

Maybe Chey and Sage got along because they just trashed everyone together. Sage did post on her tumblr that Cheyenne has been nothing but "kind" to her, lol.

No. 172249

I'd prefer someone who isn't a total raging bitch tbh. People make the choice to be mean as fuck like that, its not some inherent gene they can't control.

No. 172253

People like Cheyenne prey on people who are "nice" and will let things slide. If Sage is as bitchy as people say she is, she would not let any fuckery Chey throws her way slide, and that's scary to Chey.
So it's not surprising Chey is nice to her.
Arrogant dickheads don't put up with bullshit. That's why Jund and Chey butt heads so much too.

No. 172291

Wait wait, Do you happen to have proof of this?

No. 172307

Not anything like screenshots, just from what I've heard from them directly. Unless you're referring to Sage playing with them multiple times on Secret Hitler.. then technically yes? but it would take a long time to go through latenightv2.

of course the girls haven't openly said anything against her, because that would be inappropriate i think, but sage has already said on her tumblr that people "didn't get along" but didn't go into specifics.

No. 172324

People are allowed to not get along.

No. 172341

You're absolutely right, but in this case it was Sage not getting along with the others because of her constant bad mouthing.

No. 172488

oohh I see. Now I understand.

I agree, unless you actually KNOW her behind the scenes, she's pretty much low-key about it. In a way it's good cause it doesn't cause a big conflict in the group, but you also have a sense that that person is coming off as fake. I also agree that Scott can be a bit of an ass from time to time but he's,in my opinion, way more tolerable than Chey.

It's funny how Scott and Chey are not by any means friends, they butt heads the most among the LNC crew. Yet Scott's girlfriend apparently also acts similar to Chey (in a sense)

Yeah I definitely agree. Sage seemed to have handled it well without causing too much drama, compared to how Chey tends to act.

No. 172727

Well TGIVG went well, what with Cheyenne attacking Cry over World of Warcraft PvP. She's just such a nice girlfriend and he had such a good time with her that he had to end early!

No. 172742

File: 1473489697528.png (12.85 KB, 661x231, lmaook.PNG)

Sadly Cry has deleted the VOD. Luckily I got SOME screen shots (kinda), but they wouldn't make sense if I shared.

No. 172744

No. 172745

I'm really starting to think that he knows about this thread…

No. 172746

Just delete your relationship you pussy

No. 172751

I wasn't able to check out TGI tonight.
What happened? I thought it was alway Cry and Russ that play on Fridays, not Chey D:
I remember Cry mentioning on twitter that Russ was 'missing' but…

Even if he does there isn't much he can do, unfortunately. I mean this is already a big thread enough as it is.

No. 172752

the guy is goin to ruin his whole career (or whatever you wanna call twitch and youtubing) over this bitch

No. 172754

Share them anyways! I'm curious.
I think Russ was just missing for D&D. He was there tonight. Cheyenne wasn't even on the call, she was attacking him in game.

No. 172756

And then Chey will finally dump him once she can't even leech off his e-fame.

No. 172757

I hope Cry DOES know about this thread. So maybe he can actually see what a fucking bad girlfriend Cheyenne is and maybe finally dump that bitch.

No. 172759

File: 1473493701455.png (345.34 KB, 533x271, whispers.PNG)

Basically Cry and Cheyenne argued over switching to Horde on World of Warcraft (switching teams pretty much, if people don't know WoW), then after that she continued to be a cunt after that. Telling him what he was doing wrong, complaining about the other players, etc.

Then Cry actually called her a dumbass at some point (for a reason I don't remember sorry), which made her go full rage mode and quit the game. Cry started to ignore her tantrum when she started talking shit to him in the twitch chat, then tried to get his attention through skype and steam I believe, then back to the twitch chat.

No. 172761

File: 1473493842783.png (10.19 KB, 417x95, LUL.PNG)

Here's the one comment I got of her in twitch chat.

No. 172763

rubs hands Any time now… I can already feel the coming of the inevitable end to this disastrous relationship… Any time now… slowly disappears into the darkness

No. 172764

omg she is contradicting herself SO MUCH. Seriously Chey, why don't you check yourself every once and a while?

I guess the weekly 'Couples Threapy' stream isn't improving it either

No. 172770

What a fucking baby lmao I WANNA BE A NIGHT ELF!!!!!!!! How old is she again?

No. 172772

So much secondhand embarassment for Cry. It's already bad when "normal" couples have arguments in public, but they have such a big platform that this is just sad to watch. Chey might get easily pissed but she has to remember her boyfriend is trying to entertain other people during these times. It reflects so badly on Cry, if he cares anything at all about his image. If anything, she should at least save the heated arguments off-air, privately. How uncomfortable for their viewers.

No. 172817


We are talking about Cheyenne though. If she doesn't care about how much time Cry puts into his editing, then she definitely doesn't care if she has tantrums in front of thousands of people. It also didn't help that a few people were egging it on/telling her that what she was doing was good.

No. 172832

They cancelled late night tonight… I bet you $100 that it was because what Cheyenne pulled last night and made him feel awful.

No. 172840

No doubt about it.
They probably argued and Chey probably said along the lines of "Fine just do LNC without me", making Cry feel guilty and cancel. Making Chey the 'victim' here since she didn't 'force' him to cancel tonight.

Chey didn't just ruin it for the viewers, she ruined it for the rest of LNC crew since Saturday Night Streams are basically part of their income (Not Chey's income).
Great going Chey :/

No. 173219

I actually really wish Cry DID know about this thread. I get the feeling that no one helps him realize how not normal and abusive their "relationship" is, and if he saw this all laid out for him like this that maybe, maybe, he'd get smart and break up with her.

I'm just so tired of her being around and ruining everything she's involved with. If only she could stick to her own stream.

No. 173225

Jesus, what a spoiled fucking cunt. All because Cry and other people wanted to roll Horde? And Cry finally stands his ground and she EXPLODES, as to be expected. She's used to getting what she wants.

I really hope she isn't blackmailing Cry, because this guy seriously needs to move the fuck on.

She ain't worth it bruh.

No. 173228

How exactly could Cry break up with her without being exposed? She doesn't really value privacy seeing how she's so open to badmouthing Cry in front of everyone and the unnecessary details she gives in her social media.

No. 173231

Honestly, if her revealing shit is an actual threat, and if Cry ever does want to be rid of her, then he needs to do the reveal himself. He needs to take that power away from her. Its like when celebs get tabloid magazines calling them say they're going to expose them for xy scandal, and then the celeb just goes and admits to the scandal themselves. It puts the power back in Cry's hands, and then Chey has nothing.

No. 173275

So Scott said he has no idea why they didn't do Late Night on his stream, and said no one told him anything. So I feel like that just proves it was Cheyenne's doing.

No. 173285

TGI Disappointment is on Late Night V2's channel but I don't know for how long though.

No. 173303

is it really? we need to get some clips of that maybe submit it to livestreamfails if it's good enough

No. 173402

I was away and unable to really watch anything but I'm all caught up now and man am I GLAD. Seriously, tho, their fighting/bickering/arguing has increased immensely the last few weeks and I cannot wait for them to be over.

No. 173711

I wonder if there is gonna be a Couples Therapy today on Cheyenne's stream?

No. 173715

She wasn't tweeting anything for quite some time now.
But if there is no stream, I'm sure we all know what might be happening

No. 173759

She came into Cry's editing stream last night. All she said was "Stop blowing up my phone." and that was to Cry, but she left immediately after. So idk.

No. 173760

Ugh, I can't get my hopes up, but I'm still hoping they're ending things! Freedom on the way, boys!

No. 173765

She's so fucking unnecessary. She could've texted him that shit but instead she goes and makes it 100% public for no reason other than to start drama.

No. 173767

She obviously fucking loves drama. She probably thinks she's making Cry look crazy by saying that stuff openly, so if they do break up, she can play the victim.

No. 173786

He probably texted her once or twice, but like you said she wanted to put him on blast in front of his viewers.

No. 173819

File: 1473841367457.png (139.24 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

This could have been taken a funny way, but because we know how she is and how they are currently, it just sounds super hostile.

No. 173823

Not really though?

No. 173834

at this point, everything I see and hear from Chey is dripping with passive aggressiveness

No. 173836

So did the couples therapy stream happen or nah? I don't follow these guys really because I can't stand either of them but Chey is a cunt and I'd love to see Cry dump her. If she thinks she's gonna get even a modicum of the support Cry would after they broke up she's delusional. People only care about her because they're dating, she's going to be totally irrelevant without his e-fame to leech on. She'll probably have some beta orbiters to asspat her but that's it. And if she tries to take it to tumblr that Cry was such an abusive asshole bf it's not going to work because there's tons of receipts indicating the contrary.

No. 173841

No couples therapy but Cry is currently streaming

No. 173842

File: 1473855024855.png (6.06 KB, 411x74, cryatoic.PNG)

Welp, Cry and Cheyenne's relationship is back to "normal". And Cheyenne confirmed in chat that Couples Therapy didn't happen because Cry slept in, but they are doing it today.

Was a good run of Cry not putting up with her shit while it lasted.

No. 173843


This is just depressing
Whatever Cry's trying to keep away from his fans and the internet in general; he needs to let it out and dump this crazy bitch

No. 173855

Seriously. If she's such a basket case in public I can't imagine how fucking insane she must be in private. Homegirl must bring the cluster B realness.

No. 173884

My question is, does Cry's and LNC's fans notice the shit that Chey does? Do people ver mention it on blogs or other parts of the community? Its so glaringly obvious to me that Chey is a fucking twat and clearly a drama whore, but I'm not a fan and just heard of these people when this thread was made.

No. 173889

Some of the older fans that aren't around as much do. Whenever its mentioned on tumblr or anything she has her little ravenous fangirls fight her battles.

No. 173914

I remember watching this video of Cry and Chey playing Portal 2 and learning they were a thing. She honestly wasn't that bad. I'd never guess a year later that she'd start telling him that the work he puts in his videos isn't anything special, calling him a "useless fat fuck", and being an all around shitty person to others.

No. 173965

She's the same awful person in private. So it makes me wonder, besides the exposing she could do to Cry, whats so special about her that makes him want to keep her around?

No. 173982

It has to be just the exposing thing. I mean Cry is so intense about that stuff he removes all mention of his real name/self from the internet… I guess that's enough to keep her around and let her do whatever the fuck she wants.

No. 174014

Insecurities, the whole exposure fear but it could also be that he doesnt get that he is being treated like shit. I mean the guy has had quite the shitty life with people using and treating him like crap all the time. So maybe he doesnt think that he can have anything better and that what chey is doing isnt so bad (compared to past experience).

No. 174015

No. 174031

You know it kinda pisses me off that when Cry is hosting Jund, and Cheyenne is just starting her stream that she makes it host her instead even though Scott was on first. But then again anything she does pisses me off.

No. 174039

He has had a shitty life, but come on. He sees everywhere that she's abusive and terrible, no one is that stupid. He just refuses to deal with it.

No. 174104


In other words; She most likely argued with him until she got her way.

No. 174230


People know and in the beginning (like in the months after everyone knew they were together) people also spoke up about it.

Now however, most people are afraid to talk about it, which is why they have to resort to threads like this and tumblr and such, because if they talk about it in the stream chat, they are very likely to be banned by cheyenne or a moderator.

And I also think most people that did talk about it to Cry and the others, now don't talk about it anymore, because Cry and the crew obviously don't do anything with the information their fans give them.

Like the best thing would be for everyone who has problems with Cry and Chey to stop watching Cry (streams and channel) so Cry realizes that people are serious.

And maybe he stays with her because he likes being abused. He's said that before. He's so used to it that it feels like home to him.

No. 174241

No one likes being abused, that's fucking stupid. He's just scared to act for a bunch of reasons.
I wouldn't wrap up the crew with not doing anything with the information. What are they SUPPOSED to do? The LNC is a big part of their income and its okay to keep work and personal separate. They can't force him to leave her.
They can highly suggest it, like when her sister had a baby and she was "helping out" for 3 weeks. She was really just suspended, but she made Cry's life miserable. You could hear it in his voice when they started.

He should have straight up left her but he's obviously just too fucking scared.

I agree with not watching but I also think we should speak up more.

No. 174245

File: 1473964440216.png (122.75 KB, 1140x680, 20160915_133252.png)

No. 174246

He's probably afraid she's going to act out and start exposing him, or slandering the team online. She can be very vocal when she's not getting her way. I'm sure the rest of the team have tried to help him out in the past and had him defensively push them away because "It's fine, she's not doing anything wrong."

No. 174251

>"No one likes being abused, that's fucking stupid."
Then why is there a thing called "masochism" and people who are "masochists"? (and I am not JUST talking about the bedroom play)

Or, let's look at this is a different way. Why is "self-harming" a thing? Sometimes a person gets too used to pain and abuse that this person slowly makes it as a place for comfort, that they consider being in pain is a normal thing. Which is why these people resort to inflicting pain on themselves, because it comforts them.

No. 174257

Those are all very different things. A person may feel like they DESERVED to be hurt. Doesn't mean they ENJOY IT.

and Masochism is definitely a bedroom thing when it comes to enjoyment.

No one ENJOYS making their life a living hell. They convince themselves that's what they deserve and they accept it.
Cutting is a whole different topic.

No. 174384


I was the one who posted the comment about him liking it, and I didn't mean that it makes him happy, I meant, like I said, that it feels like home to him aka it's how he wants it. I thought that was obvious.

How many people stay with an abusive partner (verbally or physically) even though so many people tell them that they should leave.

Not all of those people are afraid to leave. Some of them don't know any better. Or they love their partner regardless.

No. 174407

Cry managed to NOT turn off his stream when he thought he did, somehow. I guess his email was leaked, but he was able to damage control pretty well, and even let one of the mods keep up the video that didn't have his email in it.


No. 174420

I feel like unless one of us as a degree in psychology, we probably shouldn't be weighing in or speaking false, misconstrued beliefs.
We don't know why he stays with her. It's obviously a very abusive relationship and is very sad but really have no idea what Cry thinks about it.

I just really wish he had the strength to escape.

No. 174423

With his whole online persona he's probably scared anyone else he would be interested in would be using him. He clearly has dependence issues, and being alone is probably one of his fears.

No. 174606

that TGI was way more enjoyable without Cheyenne there. Sounded like Cry actually had fun!

No. 174609

It's because he doesn't have to worry about constantly pacifying a giant, whiny baby. I'm really glad he could take a breather from that little shit

No. 174688

File: 1474116478468.jpg (54.69 KB, 500x501, 1454854179929-2.jpg)

I love how he clicked on the Reddit page and the side just said "Submit a fail"
Either way though, that was pretty chill.
I mean I don't think you could do anything but laugh at that stage having realized just what you did if it were you.
But maybe that's knowing just how I'd react.
Though the email is still pretty present nonetheless unfortunately.

No. 174716

Guy/s, PLEASE. Don't forget the main goal of this thread: TO TALK SHIT ABOUT THE BITCH NAMED CHEYENNE, and HOW CRY IS SUCH A PUSSY FOR TOLERATING HIS BITCHY GIRLFRIEND (though it seems that this is not the case anymore as of late)

No. 174743

Still a pussy because he won't fucking leave her.

No. 174845

Any fights going on since they're streaming tonight?

No. 174853

apparently Chey's sleeping schedule is messed up so she missed pretty much half of the LNC schedule. So it's been pretty great without her during that time, Cry even decided to turn off sub mode early for the night.
Right now she's playing with them, but since she's quite I'm guessing cause she's tired.
soo so far the stream is doing alright

No. 174870

omg it pretty annoying to me to see Chey constantly repeatedly fucking with Cry on tabletop simulator.

They played Blackjack tonight for LNC, Cry was the dealer, and Chey kept taking his chips.
Yeah it's probably funny the first time (..not really), but it just gets soooo annoying after a while and just prolongs the game.

No. 174874

Probably doing it and hoping no one noticed so she could win for once. Maybe it'd keep her from having a meltdown about it later?

No. 174920

Cry is a damn coward. He's taking this abusive relationship for no reason.

No. 174923

No. 174926

I listened a few minutes of the stream and Chey sounded either like a bitch not caring at all or like she was totally out of it. Couldn't tell.

No. 174930

I actually feel like they might be fighting lately? She seems worse than usual. Like way more bitchy.

No. 174977

I definitely think so. The last stream she did her and Cry kept having arguments. Even her chat was saying how it was kinda awkward.

No. 175075

Accurate. Except the part where she sleeps with his friends, 'cause we all know that no one else but Cry would be willing to sleep with her. As to why… no one fucking knows

No. 175076

No. 175134

lol Jund serving it right back

No. 175161

I don't know why but this annoys the fuck out of me: https://twitter.com/_daaes/status/775957642472599553

It's like she's saying "yes i call pewdiepie by his first name. i am co0L"
I know it's kinda stupid but that's how I felt when I read it…

No. 175169

I think it's because everything she does is fucking annoying. She constantly is grabbing for attention or any kind of relevance.

No. 175180

I'm starting to think that either cry has some real bad self-esteem issues or he's also physically ugly. Maybe both. Who else would stay with someone so ugly inside and out?

No. 175184

I mean it's really really obvious that he has bad self esteem. As for his looks, even if he was unattractive, he could definitely get someone better than Cheyenne, no question. He's charming and funny.

No. 175309

I wonder about that 'cause I've read somewhere above that he has apparently flirted with a girl while he was still with Cheeeyenen

No. 175364

Apparently he announced on the stream he's going to be doing less long lets plays on his channel, and that his main focus will be reads, abridged videos, and one shot games.

No. 175427

Yeah, You can check out his latest video for more about it. I personally think it's a great idea

No. 175449

So he's doing a penguinz0?

No. 175482

File: 1474413622243.png (75.05 KB, 651x467, slep.PNG)

ugh. Just….ugh. Literally anything she does or says.

No. 175523

That Riskem guy really tries to suck on that cheyennecryaoticfame teet man

No. 175788

Twitchcon's coming up. I hope someone asks a question about why Cheyenne is even there when she creates so much awkwardness and animosity right to her stupid, dumb, lazy eyed face.

No. 175822

Is Cheyenne going to twitchcon? I really hope not.

No. 175824

She's not invited. HAHAHA

No. 175828

The salt must be so real. I'm sure she screeching in Cry's ear about it 24/7.

No. 175829

Maybe that's why she's been a whole lot bitchier this month lmao

No. 175830

LOL, she's not invited??
So the crew really does hate her too.

No. 175834

Bringing this one back:

No. 175837

I'm watching them play D&D and Cheyenne has literally been muted the whole time. The one time she talked she just sounded so uninterested, lol.
Why is she even there?

No. 175850

Might be because it's her moms birthday today or something. But then again she's usually muted during D&D unless she has to talk.

I was so excited for them to start up D&D again until I heard she was joining. It doesn't seem like her type of thing at all.

No. 175855

"I'm not good enough apparently" Maybe if she actually contributed to the LNC and didn't treat everyone like shit then maybe she'd get invited.

No. 175857

they probably dont trust her not to sleep around, it'd be her once chance at getting with someone thats not him

No. 175860

She's probably already fucked that DeadPanda/Flapjakku guy, they've talked about going to cons before.

No. 175864

she's picked him up from the airport before and i believe he was at her house briefly once.

No. 175880

Anybody find it hilarious how Cheyenne has gotten upset with Pewdiecry because "seeing your bf/gf with someone other than you is gross", yet calls Witwix (another streamer) her boyfriend, who also has a girlfriend already?

No. 176017

This just in:
Cheyenne Avila is a hypocritical cunt????!

No. 176228

What the fuck is his latest tweet?

No. 176323

Neither of them have been online in almost a day, its a new record!

No. 176373

I think that's because they're obsessed with WoW.

No. 176461

Did Cry not do a TGIVG? Last week's was really good and I wanted to watch the VOD from today but it looked like nothing happened. So is he MIA now?

No. 176591

No stream last night and he never said anything about it. He did tweet about WoW, so they probably just played that all night.

No. 176614

So glad I'm giving sub money when he can't even communicate with us.

No. 176658

He can't effectively communicate with his girlfriend, what makes you think he'd be better with his fans?

No. 176659

True. But she's also a raging bitch.

No. 176679

And his fans are raging teen girls… Oh, wait, that also includes his girlfriend.

No. 176747

anyone watching the stream have anyhting to report?

No. 176812

So basically, Cry had asked Russ what his opinion was on maybe ending the Late Night streams an hour or two earlier, since he's gonna be doing more streams with his new Youtube idea and all. So then Russ suggested starting earlier, and this was Cheyenne's response.


No. 176814

Cuz it's all about Chey all the time, it's the Chey show!!! :')

Cunt, lmao.

No. 176816

I like how it was reasonably suggested that she come an hour later if starting an hour earlier was such a problem and she just blew it off instead of actually answering.

How does starting ONE hour earlier take up "so much" of her day anyway? And if it does, her coming an hour later is a good solution, but you could tell that massive amounts of butthurt were boiling up but somehow she managed not to lose her fucking mind like she always does.

No. 176838

What time does the stream start for her time? I need some context since I don't follow these dweebs.

Does have work/ school? Isn't this basically her income? Its one hour of playing video games, I think you could handle it lady.

No. 176840

File: 1474820818447.png (2.05 KB, 178x43, 387263.PNG)

Found this on her blog. Thoughts?

No. 176844

She lives in Las Vegas, so it starts at 8 for her.

She says that, but she's literally answered how long they've been together before.

No. 176896

I mean technically it's been stated that she doesn't get a cut of LNC stuff. But, she does usually stream her perspective and she's partnered, so she makes money that way.

I have no idea why she would care about jumping in later unless it's just she wouldn't have control of those couple hours and they might actually have fun for once, which we know Cheyenne thinks is completely unacceptable.

No. 176907

Cry recently stated that he was giving Cheyenne some of the cut for LNC. I guess she argued with him over it since she got upset (or "joked") last time it was mentioned that she didn't get paid.

No. 176925

My guess that would be part of his own cut and not the other guys'
Not that that changes anything for Cry, Since he gives her everything she wants anyways.

No. 176939

Well, she's on the stream almost every day isn't she? She is a fucking immature twat, but I would want some of the money if I was part of a stream every time too tbh

No. 176945

I don't think anyone but Cry WANTS her to be there. Wouldn't be fair for her to get money if no one wants her there.

No. 176954

Well the people who don't want her there need to grow some balls and speak the fuck up, and say they don't want her there. In the mean-time, if she puts in just as much work as anyone else on that stream she deserves some sort of cut.

She is still a cunt tho, and if she isn't getting any money then she has 0 say on when the stream starts. IDK why people just let her walk around acting like she owns everything.

No. 176963

Lately she really hasn't been though. I get not wanting to play a certain game, but when it comes to her, she purposely makes herself sound uninterested and hardly does shit like with Phoenix Wright. Instead of sitting out and not ruining others fun.

I'm not saying she doesn't deserve to get paid, but she doesn't do any work at all when it comes to the streams.

Also she hasn't even been streaming on her channel. I feel bad for her "fans".

No. 176964

Barring a money issue, I think the reason she's upset about joining later is a control/ feeling left out thing. She's gone full retard before about being left out of streams because she didn't have internet and shit, so she was probably offended that they could POSSIBLY consider doing anything without her willingly for even 5 minutes, let alone an hour.

She really doesn't understand what of little importance she is. If Cry stopped being a pussy and dumped her today no one would give a fuck and the streams would only increase in quality. No one would miss her. She'd probably make a fool out of herself blowing up twitch chat crying for attention until she got herself banned and that'd be the end of Chey.

No. 177068

I don't think it's an issue of "growing balls." LNC is their JOB. It's kinda hard to speak out against someone who has your boss' balls in a vice.
Plus, we have no idea what they say about her behind the scenes.

No. 177069

To add on this, they're very clearly not friends with her. They try to ignore most of her outburts. Or on twitter, when someone asks about Cheyenne going to TwitchCon, and she says she's not good enough.. no one speaks up. No one says anything about it.
Got nothing nice to say, might as well say nothing, I suppose.

No. 177144

I've been keeping tabs on this thread for a bit now and I just got to say you all should be ashamed of the level of obsession and ridicule that's present here. You guys are ripping these people to shreds with a lot of he said she said groupthink mentality. The only lol-worthy thing about this tread(or even whole site) is how you guys don't realize that the act of you contributing here is making you the real "lolcows". However, as funny as your hypocrisy is the truth is you are belittling and ridiculing people to an extreme degree without so much as a second thought as to what extreme consequence it might bring about and that is not funny. Regardless of how much of a bitch you think Cheyenne has been what you people are doing here is equal if not worse. You guys are being bullies just as much as you claim Chey to be.

How would you feel if you came across a random thread on the internet picking apart your personal/professional life? A thread that had details of your life, one that posted pictures of you, a thread that at one point had pictures of your family and still has their names and your hometown where you still live. Imagine a thread on the internet where other posters encouraged stalking you and in that same thread strangers could use the information presented just through google and facebook to find out where two of your female family members work. Think about the "paper trail" of weird internet stuff you'd been doing just being posted up for complete strangers to pick at every oddity and flaw. What you people are doing here is dangerous and could really result in someone taking their own life. To think that it doesn't cross any of your minds before posting or that it has and you did it anyway, It's fucked up. Bottom line is no matter what Chey or Cry do or anyone else for that matter they don't deserve to end up here. This site is just a breeding ground for malice and hate which never does the world any good.

So why don't you guys just get over or ignore what they do with their personal life and if you don't like what Cry or Chey do with their professional life then tell them. They have plenty of ways for their fans to reach them and if you don't like feeling or being ignored or you don't like things about the stream or what the LNC does on youtube then simply don't be apart of it. Improve yourself, go for a walk or read a book, maybe even contemplate why you are the way you are, and what made you feel justified in saying some of the things that have been said here. Any reply to this statement will go unseen and unanswered just know I am ridding myself of this vile site and you should too.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 177149

Hey chey, lovely to hear from you. Your voice acting is shit and nobody likes you, could you just stop shitting up the LNC? Thx.

No. 177153

Nice blog Chey, is Cry not awake for you to abuse at the moment?

No. 177154

Bye newfag

No. 177157

you do realize that you and your boyfriend made your personal lives your fanbases' business when you guys chose to stream your shitty fights adn couple drama every saturday night right? There is no need to stalk, we literally just have to tune in for LNC and you're entire dysfunctional relationship is on display for both viewers and LNC members to see. when you become a public figure,you make the decision to risk your privacy an you can't blame that on anyone but yourself. How about you leave LNC if having your relationship dissected is so stressful. Stop being a shitty person and your won't get picked apart you dipshit

No. 177179

Exactly what this says. You chose to be in the spotlight. You choose to treat people like absolute garbage. You did that where everyone can see, don't cry about the fact that people are absolutely fucking sick of you.
Just leave the LNC.
No one wants you there. I'm sure even Cry doesn't, so he can stop trying to cover up your shittiness and tantrums with really awkward laughing.

I can't believe you threw a fit about them starting earlier when I've seen you stream before the LNC a ton. You host yourself in Cry's channel.
You just want control of everything and you are just so fucking sickening. Get your own life and stop leeching, you fucking cunt.


No. 177183

I don't think that's actually her, unless she's narcissistic enough to refer to herself in the third person.

No. 177185

>Any reply to this statement will go unseen and unanswered

Hahahaha typical Chey, can't take what she dishes like the fucking baby she is.

Get some therapy so you can sort out whatever issues that make you such a vile bitch to everyone around you including the man who made you even remotely relevant and loves you despite your glaring flaws and near daily abuse towards him. Consider mood stabilizers. You're fucking neurotic.

No. 177187

I agree, the typing style doesn't really fit how she writes. Probably just some sjw.

No. 177191

I'm torn. I feel like it go either way. It does kinda fit her? And I think she could try to write it in a way where it seems like someone else so she can make it look like that someone other than herself will fight for her.

But it could definitely just be some crazy sjw that sucks up to cheyenne constantly. There are a handful of those.

No. 177193

This is not the first time this thread claimed someone of being either Cry, Chey, or someone from the LNC simply because they disagree with this whole thread.

Honestly, people who are not close to Cry (surprise, surprise) actually have their own opinions as well and they (surprise, surprise) can differ from your own.

No. 177194

Exactly. I used to be close with him but with all of the bullshit he's pulled I can't stand to speak to him.

No. 177195

I feel like SoL or flappjacku or one of her other orbiters posted that.

No. 177211

I was also thinking it was SoL, but he isn't that great with words. I feel like it may be DanielBPC.

No. 177224

How many of her supporters could even know about this thread, though? I feel like in the grand scheme of things this thread isn't that big. I could be wrong.

No. 177227

I'm curious how big it is too.

No. 177228

The thread is on page 2 when you google cryaotic girlfriend, so who knows.

No. 177230

Made a poll to figure out how many people are here.

No. 177239

I don't think you understand the whole point of this thread

No. 177272

who the fuck gives a shit?

No. 177275

Someone mentioned the size of the thread, I got curious and made a poll. Relax cunt.

No. 177278

again, who the fuck gives a shit? if you did magically find out exactly how many people are in this thread on a regular basis, it doesn't mean jack shit

No. 177281

I never said it mattered, I said I was curious. If it bothers you so much ignore it.

No. 177283

Jesus. I feel like you and >>177144 are the same person. Calm down.

No. 177304

We're getting off-topic.
Cheyenne is a huge fucking cunt!

No. 177307


No. 177439

Did anything happen on his stream last night / this morning?

No. 177478


I only watched a small part of his editing stream and right when he started talking about his home situation.

He confirmed that he lives with his sister and his niece. Before it was also his sister's bf, but he moved out after cheating on her. And how all the pics in the house of his sister, his niece and his sister's boyfriend are now replaced by pics of just his sis and niece.

And how he felt that his niece looks less happy in the new pics. And that he is helping his sister mostly bc of his niece. How he just wants her to have a good childhood.

His sister doesn't work and is now in college again, which he is funding aswell. It got quite emotional :/

No. 177485

Jesus. Just listened to that part of the stream now.

No wonder Cheyenne is such 'bestfriends' with his sister. They're both moochers. Cry's such a nice guy and too many people take advantage of that.

No. 177495

He whines a lot for someone who gets paid handsomely to play videogames.

No. 177514

I think he just feels helpless in his situation, but it's really he just doesn't want to take initiative.

No. 177525

He's a pacifist.

No. 177595

How was Couples Therapy tonight?

No. 177598

Code for doormat tbh. Feel sorry for the guy, tbh. He needs to stand up for himself and not let people walk over all him. I understand wanting to make his niece has a nice home-life, but paying for his sister's education? What if she never finishes or fails or something, imagine the drama that would happen.

No. 177603

Someone told Chey that she didn't deserve him and she went off on them for using his real name.

No. 177606

Holy shit, for real? Tonight? Anyone got a clip?

No. 177628

I'm pretty sure they're talking about a tumblr ask she once got.
Some anon said "I would be a much better boyfriend to Ryan than you"
And she pretty much just said "Dont ever call my boyfriend by his real name" or something.

That happened a long time ago, tho.

No. 177630

I like how Cheyenne has stated multiple times that about how people need to respect his privacy and all, yet shows everyone what state he lives in, his name, etc.

No. 177631

File: 1475060427867.png (64.69 KB, 546x423, glhf.PNG)

No. 177634

Chey reeks of insecurity and has this incessant need to show off her relationship with Cry at every opportunity. I think she may have grown more insecure and bitchy if Cry really did cheat on her before because she's always complaining about being left out/ditched.

No. 177639

Nah, it's on her twitter, but its basically the same as the Tumblr message.

No. 177658

this sounds like shit i'd bully sweet guys into saying when i was abusive (before i got on meds and straightened my shit out). to me this really sounds like she tore into him about nothing, made him feel guilty as hell about it, and this is his attempt to smooth things over. the 'all the fuckups i've done' part screams to me that she just got done listing them all for him

No. 177664

I just went and checked twitter and some sucking up bitch mentioned this thread lol…
So if she didn't know before, she knows now.

No. 177674

the line "make up for all the fuck ups i've done" is really telling tbh

No. 177680

Oh, this is gonna be great.

No. 177681

My guess is that it was with that kiwa girl

No. 177683

thats what i thought. I also have some of those tendencies and this seriously fucking sounds like they literally just got in a huge fight.
and plus she bullys the shit out of him so even if this was said without anything from Chey i bet he really just feels like hes nothing and could never get anything better then her

No. 177685

Well whoever she was arguing with on twitter a few hours ago got their account suspended.
Weird, since Cheyenne said "have fun thinking about me while I don't care about you<3"

No. 177688

She says shit like that all the time.
Except it obviously bothers her. It bothers her so much that she responds to everyone who says something bad about her openly. In chat, she bans them. She responded to those on tumblr when she used it, before tumblr turned on her. Every time on Twitter. If she didn't care, she wouldn't respond.
But, oh, she cares so much.
She thinks she's making herself look strong but it really just makes her look pathetic.

No. 177690

The fact that her boyfriend isn't allowed to talk to other girls solidifies how pathetic she is.

No. 177695

But he might realize that people aren't SUPPOSED to act like her! :O

No. 177699

If he actually cheated on her, he probably knows he shouldn't be treated like that. I just really want to know who it was with that caused her to go so batshit.

No. 177706

Who knows if it was only one time. Sounds like it could have been several?

No. 177711

I wouldn't doubt it. If he lives with his sister I'm wondering how she didn't notice people coming in and out of the house, unless it was all online?

No. 177725


Anyone happen to know what Chey said about Jund before she deleted it? I remember Jund's ex-gf Raven cheated on him so she may have said something about that. Perhaps she said that before having experienced being cheated on herself.

No. 177782

I think he said no one cares about their sex life and she said something snide about being in a happy relationship.

No. 177797

File: 1475112526170.png (72.24 KB, 687x314, pt2.PNG)

Even though there's this between Kiwa and Cry (which this was on the tweet cry made announcing him and Cheyenne are dating) I kinda don't believe Cry cheated. I feel as if maybe that's what Cheyenne has him believe he did. Like maybe he did something as simple as talked to other girls without her being there (which would explain why she's so hellbent on having no females around) and she made it out to be that Cry was cheating on her so he wouldn't talk to any females. Sorry if that doesn't make sense at all. I'm bad at wording my theories.

No. 177798

File: 1475112828518.png (15.43 KB, 549x260, jund.PNG)

Also there's this.

No. 177801

I feel like Jund was told to put up a happier outward appearance towards her.
Like I said before, when she said that she wasn't good enough for twitchcon, none of the crew spoke up. None of them said "you know that's not true!" or "we want you there, Cheyenne!" because none of them are actually friends with her. She's the boss' whiney girlfriend, nothing more.

No. 177804

I mean…this is a really weird thing to say to another woman when you're in a relationship, especially right after you've announced your relationship publicly…and I would totally understand Chey being weirded out by that…either way though, you can bet that Chey gave him hell for it (and I wouldn't be surprised if she still brings it up when she's not getting her way).

No. 177851

Kiwa has been a very very long term supporter of Cry and A LOT of her art was frequently used in streams, vids, and even merch I think.

No. 177927

I think she had a shirt or two in his store, and I believe she did all the art on some calendar he had?

No. 177942

The calendar was MoTheHalf.

No. 177971

yeah, it really sounds desparate. if i was cry, honestly, i would be creeped out.

No. 178056

I wonder if Cheyenne is gonna pull a tantrum during Twitchcon. Or try to get in on it and just skype with them like Cry is.

No. 178062

The panel is tomorrow! I'm really interested to see if she pulls anything too.

No. 178089

I hope someone asks about her.

No. 178099

I hope no one asks about her, just to see how pissed shed get.

No. 178102

No one asked about her last time. She just settled on "pretending" to be protective/angry about a girl who just wanted to hug the sup guy plushie.

No. 178293

I wonder how Cry felt about that. I felt so bad for that girl since she tweeted Cheyenne telling her sorry, and I don't think Chey replied back to her.

No. 178298

kinda creepy that she screenshotted that and it just so happens she's able to use it for an ask. she probably keeps it stored in her files.
>don't ever call my boyfriend by his name
geez, really? this sounds as ridiculous online as it does if she said that to someone irl.

yeah that's what i was thinking.

No. 178396

I'm actually really satisfied that no one asks or cares about Cheyenne.
She's a non-fucking-issue. Completely irrelevant to everyone else and that's how it should be.
Wish she'd just leave :)

No. 178504

How/when do you guys think their relationship will end?

No. 178514

Someone's salty that they didn't get invited to a videogame convention. :'(

No. 178531

Honestly with all their bickering and arguments hitting streams even more now, I can only imagine their off-street life. Maybe it'll finally hit a tipping point and Cry will realize he is tired of being with an abuser and user.

Lol! I bet she's sad that only a very small handful of viewers care about her, and really the only reason they do is to get to cry. :'(
Poor Cheyenne, no one wants that bitch around, how terrible.

No. 178532

Aw shit, off-stream life*

No. 178540

i feel like cry will eventually run out of people who are willing to put up with chey's bullshit and once he's truly alone he will finally realize just how toxic chey is.

No. 178565

I wonder if she'll get mad that the others are included in the stream tonight when they're at the con.

No. 178596

" 'Where's Cheyenne?' I just wanna have a quick solo stream tonight, and hang out with you guys." I bet Cheyenne is so pissed that he didn't invite her to stream with him.

No. 178625

No. 178633

Does anyone else think it's suspicious how Cheyenne is posting she's "bummed," no one is talking about her, and even Cry is streaming without her tonight? I'm getting my hopes up, but hey, maybe that's a good sign he's wising up?

No. 178928

I hope so, at this point its just sad to watch, really.

No. 178991

Did anyone watch her stream this morning?

No. 179039


I knew she wasn't going to. What a big baby.

No. 179045

And then someone had asked why she couldn't have done the whole teamspeak with Cry, and she told them "Well I wasn't invited so.." to which chat was all "fuck them, the panel would've been better with you!" etc.

No. 179046

Can't say I'm shocked. God, she is such a brat. I'm honestly not surprised as to why she never gets invited to Twitchcon. Pretty much no one cares if she's there or not because she barely contributes to anything on most of the LNC streams other than adding drama.

No. 179080

Well it was like 2 people that were like "it would have been better with you!" but most people were trying to get details.
I personally love that she's just straight up saying she wasn't invited.
No one wanted her there. She isn't liked by any of the other members. If she was, she would have in the very least been on TeamSpeak with Cry.

No. 179154

Anyone watch his stream earlier??

No. 179275

I did a little, and it seems Cheyenne doesn't really show up as much. Unless he plays WoW I guess..

But there hasn't been a Couples Therapy yet, so I wonder what happened. She'll probably say "He slept in" again.

No. 179313

She tweeted a few hours ago but never mentioned the CT stream.

No. 179320

Cry and Russ, Snake, and Angel are all talking about relationships right now and it's making me want to punch Cry so badly.

No. 179322

I was there for that! I saw Russ say all of his girlfriends cheated on him, too. I guess that's why him and Red broke up?
I also thought it was weird that Cry can see when other people are getting abused but can't see the signs in his own relationship. It's sad.

No. 179335

That's what I was thinking too. I really hope that wasn't the case, but if it was, then I understand why he just completely shut her out.

And exactly! It's so frustrating and upsetting. I was tempted to ask a question that was pretty much like his situation to see what he'd say.

No. 179361

Hello everyone!
First I am new here, and I love Cry as a youtuber (I don't know him personaly so I can't say much about him)

Second I am sorry for my English, I am French :)

I was reading all of your posts on this topic, and I wanted to say what was my thoughts:

I don't like Cheyenne. I think that she is very mentally unstable and she is not a good girlfriend for Cry because of her behavior and Cry sensibility.

Now I think Cry start to seriously think about their relationship because of the stream this morning when there where taking about crazy boyfriend/girlfriend.

BUT I also feel like Cry love Cheyenne very much. He may try to look away from Cheyenne behavior thinking it will pass someday.

I don't know it is how I feel the thing. And that make me very sorry for Cry. He sounds like a sweat guy, but also like a guy who is not used to have some "importance" in a debate. This may be the reason why he is avoiding all the drama in a very bad way.

No. 179362

Could someone make a clip of this?

No. 179382

You seem like a nice person, but please never ever again enter your e-mail adresse on a chan board alright?

No. 179385

>> 179361

Oh my, I ma not use to those sites well can I undo the thing or is it too late?

No. 179387

>> 179382

Ok I am terrible at this x)

No. 179411

I mean it makes perfect sense that he shut her out completely, now. I had wondered why it seemed so cold.

I wish you our someone had asked a question describing his relationship! Would have been interesting to hear his response to it.

No. 180103

Cheyenne has now enabled bits. Even after saying she wouldn't ever enable them.

No. 180119

"Wow, I'm so surprised!" - Said no one, ever.

No. 180255

Nice timing, considering that anytime now, Cry might finally leave her

No. 180299


Let's hope he will for his own sake!
I am more worried about Chey's reaction if Cry actualy leave her…

No. 180326

The fact that someone donated 300 to her though… Goddamn.

No. 180868

Anything happen on TGIF?

No. 181033

bits system has always confused me
how much does that convert to?

No. 181039

Nope, Cheyenne wasn't there, so everyone had a great time. They were all laughing so hard and having fun. Was nice! No awkward moments!

No. 181051

Anyone else think it's odd that she's been absent from the last few streams?

No. 181073

Id like to think it's the beginning of the end but most likely she's been busy or something. Or maybe even a "business" decision.

No. 181079

I hope they break up soon

No. 181089

it wasn't a bit donation, it was just a normal donate thing. but i agree, bits are pretty confusing.

No. 181119

is she on the stream tonight?

No. 181122

Yeah, she's been pretty lackluster tonight. It's pretty solid when she's quiet, wish she would never talk :)

No. 181140

Sadly she's talking more now that they're playing a board game, and will more once they start GTA5.

No. 181160

File: 1476002166338.png (4.97 KB, 383x65, kgjkdf.PNG)

I wish.

No. 181171

LOL, this is fucking hilarious. Too bad they probably got banned.

No. 181226

What's sad is that Chey pretty much ruined Crys career. If they broke up, he might not go back up to the millions in views. But some of his 2m subs would come back and he'd at least be in the hundred thousand viewer range instead. What happened wth Ziegs really made him lose a lot of people. But sometimes I still miss watching LNC, but then I go and Chey is there being a fucktard so I leave again.

No. 181227

has anyone heard about cry's recent twitch stream with fnaf where he basically lost his shit and started yelling at everything and everyone?

No. 181270

I didnt know that he ever streamed fnaf. Do you have a link?

No. 181298

This is so sad, Cry used to be my favorite YouTuber a few years ago and I didn't keep up with him after until I found this thread. No surprise he ended up with someone so toxic, he seems really mellow/afraid to stand up to people.

No. 181302


This honestly pissed me off last night. "Welcome to my life." Obviously she was referring to how she gets 'treated' sometimes. Then maybe she should've actually started watching herself and become a better person like she promised in her half-assed apology to Ziegs. I'm so fucking tired of her acting like she's this innocent person who can do and say whatever she wants. I was so tempted to say shit in chat and not care if I got banned.

No. 181306

This was like the last 5 minutes of the stream last night. It really wasn't a big deal. He just doesn't like FNAF, but I guess he's just tired of dealing with the fanbase of that game. I mean not everyone is going to like every game, I don't see the big deal.

That's Exactly what she was referencing, which is bullshit. She says whatever she wants, sometimes some real cruel shit, but if people get angry then she was "just JOKING wtf is wrong with you!" it's bullshit. She's just a cruel fucking person.
There's video after video proving it. Like telling Cry he's unimpressive. Or getting angry because she didn't win Snake Oil and forcing Cry to say he just gave Alex a win because he felt bad.
Anyone notice last night during GTA she has to constantly say she won, or got farther, or someone messed her up and they're so fucking stupid… She is just insufferable.

No. 181424

File: 1476074075096.jpg (60.65 KB, 613x195, annoying.jpg)

I don't know if this person frequents this thread or something, but damn dude.
This shit is stupid. It just adds to her being able to vicitimize herself and whine more. If you're going to berate her or attack her on something, attack her about the actual shit she does. The things she says. Her horrible behaviour. This doesn't help anyone and honestly just helps her case.
I wholeheartedly believe we should be confronting her on the bullshit, though.

No. 181431

she won't respond if you call her out on real shit.

No. 181433

Doesn't mean we still shouldn't do it. Being loud about it is better than not doing anything and just grumbling over here. At least it would be better than OH CHEYENNE, IS UR BF RYAN GOOD IN BED?

No. 181480

lolcow isn't your personal army.

No. 181582

Sorry if it came off that way. I was more saying shit like that tweet is pointless and to use your energy for better shit.
But honestly who gives a fuck, terrible people going to be terrible people and if Cry was smart, he'd have left her over a year ago. He hasn't, he doesn't seem to be leaving her now, so it is what it is.
Hate the bitch though.

No. 181602

I'm sure the person did it for fun since it makes me think of the person who asked an innocuous question and Chey raged over them using Cry's real name.

No. 181991

After seeing that, I feel like I'm at that point where I don't wanna deal with the LNC anymore if they continue to make Cheyenne believe she isn't the problem, as well as abusive to Cry. If anybody can't say something to her, then I don't wanna watch it crumble.

It doesn't help that Scott and her seem to "get along" now.

No. 182003

I agree, it seems like everyone just tries to ignore the problem.. but that's probably because Cry is the boss. I'm pretty sure all of them are full-time streamers..
But after so long of having to deal with her I'd personally be so fed up having to deal with her.

It is getting pretty frustrating though. I tend to just, try and watch the streams.. because I enjoy the guys so much, but I mostly just watch their solo streams now so I don't have to hear her ruining everything.

No. 182277

Is anyone watching couples therapy?

No. 182368

Exactly. I would just start watching their TGI streams, but I can't make it most of the time. But I love that Angel has been joining them lately.

I did a bit, but they had friends in the teamspeak thing so I suspect they didn't argue as much.

No. 182506

Watching D&D and Jund has quit now… and Cheyenne is "out with family" but Cry sounds really depressed. Looks like something may have possibly went down?

No. 182515

Funny, I came on here to say that she isn't on stream right now and was hoping to see she quit the campaign. I watched the VOD and it seems Cry is upset about Cheyenne and Scott. I bet Cheyenne bitched him out and put the blame on him for "not telling her" that today was D&D night.

No. 182521

I mean they have D&D on Wednesdays, I dunno why she wouldn't check before going out, but Snake did say it was his fault, so I guess he didn't tell her?
I dunno the whole situation seems really weird.

No. 182584

I think we can all at least agree that things are much better when she's not there. That was a lot more enjoyable without Cheyenne, even if Cry seemed bummed. He still seemed to be having fun!

No. 182748

When is she gonna change her twitter pic, she doesn't look like that anymore.

No. 182755

She doesn't even look good in it…

No. 182756

She's probably put on 30 lbs since she took that to be honest.

No. 182817

And more cross-eyed

No. 182861

honestly i thought chey was only getting flak just because she's cry's girlfriend but man

No. 182938

That's just their excuse for it. Pretty poor excuse, honestly. That may have been went she got hate shit before but now everyone knows what a horrible person she is and what a pussy Cry is.

No. 183153

Cry's mentioned that in the past he dated two boys who he thought were girls.. I don't think Cheyenne's any different lol.

No. 183157

I bet they were nicer to him than she is at least… kek.

No. 183166

Cry had a bitchfit on tgi stream

No. 183171

pls elaborate

No. 183173

clip pls?

No. 183178

the actual vod is only like 11 minutes long
he just got salty and shut it all down

No. 183243

It may be nothing but I thought it was worth mentioning that Russ, Snake, Mash and Angel have now started another D&D campaign with some other friends of Angel.

So no Cry, Cheyenne, Chey or Sage.

I thought that was quite interesting…

No. 183244


I said Chey twice but I meant Scott. Scuse me :')

No. 183255

Wait, really? I'm confused, did everyone quit the D&D on Cry's channel now? I noticed he hasn't uploaded sessions on his YouTube in forever.

No. 183310


I don't think it's offically over, it's just that it's been kind of a messy campaign so far and I'm not surprised that half of the group wanted to start a campaign without the other half of the group.

No. 183314

If you guys want to hear Chey get roasted you should definitely watch the "LOL!!|gtaV" vid on Draxr's channel.

It's a 30 min vid of funny gta moments of the Late Night with Cry n Russ crew. But around the 3 min mark Chey gets roasted by a guest they had on the stream (Witwix).

There was a challenge in gta online and ofcourse Chey had to be number one. But Witwix beat her in literally the last second of the challenge.

Cry was like "ohhh a last second first place steal" and Chey "I wasn't even trying so" and Witwix "Jesus Christ dude relax, it's ok you lost"

And all the guys started laughing and on Chey's end it was just silence… :')

No. 183322

Witwix and theno1Alex have become regular guests at late night. Other than the 5 people on the crew, the stream became so much bigger this year. But I wonder why Ken or Minx or Sp00n don't come by anymore..

No. 183329

Well Angel had already started a D&D before the LNC one started I believe, but another one without the others? That's hilarious. Though kinda saddening since Cry was pretty excited for Snakes campaign, and Snake works really hard on those. But then again, what do you expect with people who don't get along?

I was there for that, it was pretty great. It's funny because it seems like Cheyenne thinks they are all "buddy buddy", but Witwix is just ehh towards her.

I honestly think it's because of that kinda fit Cheyenne threw towards him and someone else on her stream.

No. 183399

Stream starts and the first thing out of Cheyenne's mouth is a bunch of just hateful and annoying shit.

No. 183420

Such a nice start right?

Kinda bullshit that she's acting like such a debby downer just because she's hungry. I get being hungry sucks, but just sit out on the game and go get something. It's not that hard.

No. 183424

I don't get it. It's like.. they start at the same time every week. Why doesn't she eat beforehand?

No. 183425

god I really dislike people who use being hungry or tired as an excuse for shitty behavior. It's so entitled, like I'm experiencing a minor and common discomfort so everyone has to have a bad time now.

No. 183426

cows are typically used to grazing whenever they please, old habits die hard I guess. :/

No. 183441


Exactly. Just wants another reason to bitch I guess.

No. 183820

File: 1476654323553.png (105.15 KB, 963x668, riskem.PNG)

So I checked out that 'LOL!!|gtav' video, and in the comments section someone had asked "why is cheyenne such a cunt?" to which this was what Riskem had to say. Also there was two other people who had commented but it was really just one trying to explain Cheyenne's humour, and the other was joking about her fans or something idk lol

No. 183871

Riskem is just a dumb, lost little puppy that doesn't know any better.

No. 184059

Don't get along? I've seen Angel on their Friday show doing D&D with just Russ, Cry and Alex.
So is it she doesn't get along with Cheyenne either, and that's why she didn't invite Cry?

No. 184774

I was just saying that it seems like Angel and her don't get along. Especially with that post someone made a while ago where she was upset that Alex and Angel were joining a game.

No. 184789

Honestly who could get along with Cheyenne? Especially when it's a female. Sage has been the only girl that has said nice things about Cheyenne and honestly that just seemed fake as fuck.
I totally forgot about that screenshot where she was upset Angel and Alex were joining.
I seriously can't see anyone beyond people who suck up to her and legitimately terrible people who like to see others being hurt ever saying they actually enjoy Cheyenne. I really wish they'd kick Cheyenne off and bring Angel in, she always is upbeat and everyone seems to have a lot more fun when she is around. Get Mash in there too. Fuck Cheyenne.

No. 185222


I think Cheyenne lured Sage in somehow just so she could "have a female friend from the LNC that likes her" since she's had too many problems before with others, if that makes sense.

But yeah, I'm all down for getting Angel in there. I wish they'd just announce her already.

No. 185257

File: 1476836926323.png (828.95 KB, 1536x2048, image.png)

hey everyone! I found this By digging a little Bit on cheyenne's Tumblr. then I found the replied post on instagram AND cheyenne's replies in the comment section. those are one year old but still gold!

No. 185258

File: 1476836961810.png (1.05 MB, 1536x2048, image.png)

No. 185262

File: 1476837195598.png (873.42 KB, 1536x2048, image.png)

No. 185284

For the love of god, I hope they don't marry each other. That sounds so mean but please no.

No. 185304

They've been together for, what, 3 years? And he doesn't even live with her yet. Makes excuses for it.
I figure he KNOWS she's bad news, but is too scared to leave, but is able to control something the best he can. I doubt he has plans marrying her.

No. 185363

Wait why is she sensitive about people shipping him and Pewds? It's funny and a joke (maybe some take it seriously, but yknow)… is she homophobic and/or that insecure about her relationship?

No. 185379

God I never even knew how bad Cheyenne was until I decided to look her up and see who she exactly was besides "Cry's gf". I only watch Cry's YT channel but I was wondering why LNC wasn't as hyped about/why certain people weren't on it anymore.

I didn't realise how much drama there's been within LNC. Chey's a total bitch… Cry wake up…

No. 185381

The Saturday streams used to have 20k people like all the time.

No. 185399

Seriously, though! You would have thought that dropping like 60% of your views would have been a big wake up. Cry would rather just ignore problems than fix them.

No. 185423

No. 185379
Dude, forget 20k all the time he use to have hundreds of thousands on Saturday streams. We use to watch it almost biblically and fall asleep in them. Videos had millions of views. It use to be great.

No. 185428

dude I wish I was there for those kind of stream….

No. 185490

Blatant lie, I've watched since the first stream and the max its ever been was 25k at its peak.

No. 185553

Same, that definitely was the peak. Far cry from the 8k they usually have now. I'm sure he excuses it away, instead of admitting to himself that it's Cheyenne.
Last time I looked in on cheyenne"s stream she only had like 150 viewers and Russ gets at least 500 on his own.

Even if you ignore the hate, it's hard to ignore the numbers.

No. 185633


I'm pretty sure Cry once said that he thinks his viewers are ''growing up'' and are therefor not watching him anymore or not as much.

I don't believe that's true tho, plus the amount of people watching youtube only got larger, which only makes the older channels bigger, because they have the advantage of being well known already.

I remember getting up at 4.30 am every sunday just to watch the streams. That was when Red was still around. Then Chey joined and her and Red didn't get along. Then Red left. Then Chey and Ziegs didn't get along. Then Ziegs left. Then I left. I used to be a subscriber on Twitch. I even unsubscribed from Cry for a while, because I was so upset about the way he handled things and let the Late Night fall apart.

I still hardly watch Cry anymore. And only watch small parts of the streams that are uploaded to youtube.

I lost a lot of respect for Cry, but I'm still hoping he finds some courage.

No. 185651

I mean, I agree with what you're saying but Red didn't leave because her and Chey didn't get along.
She left because she cheated on Russ and then Russ and her broke up.

but yeah, the rest I'm with you.

No. 186483

He's seemed a bit distracted or sad on his last few streams, did they have a fight?

No. 186551

I've noticed this too, I feel like it's gone on a couple weeks now. Definitely feels like SOMETHING is going on.

No. 186613

something was definitely off on the last late night stream for me. cheyenne AND russ seemed odd. even one of the mods asked if "russ had just woken up?". maybe they've been arguing lately too?

No. 186670

Cry seems kinda down today on TGIVG.. Maybe it's cause he knows that Cheyenne is gonna be visiting him soon, getting him laid, and wrapping him around her finger all over again and all the progress he's made with her is down the drain.

No. 186697

Holy shit, Cheyenne just came into chat and told Cry to get on "Skype. Now." and Cry was typing to her and then shut everything down..

No. 186699

hoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa fuck bois

No. 186704

HO DAMN. Part of me thinks it's not that big of a deal and she was just being needy and he was letting her jerk him around, but maybe something is FINALLY happening.

No. 186705

Even though I live for the Chey milk, I really do hope Cry gets out of this relationship with the least amount of harm possible. His lp's have been in my life for so long and he doesn't deserve this cow ruining his career/relationships/wellbeing

No. 186708

oh my ! looks like we are about to see some changes really soon ….. I hope Cry won't suffer to much….

No. 186715

That's just such a shitty thing to do. It always has to be her way whenever she wants it.

No. 186755

I thought that too but the silence after she said that, the chat being full of 'check Skype' with Cry giving no acknowledgement of it and no kind of explanation on Twitter

Shit might've actually gone down

No. 186764

I agree. Angel posted on tumblr that she wasn't told what happened herself and she was there… Something happened.

No. 186775

I just watched the VOD. When she first messaged he started humming, and when everyone in chat was telling him to check skype. He only ended the stream when someone donated bits just to tell him to check skype. I think he was avoiding her

No. 186777

lol that sigh when he finally decided to check

No. 186779

I think he tabbed out at some points so he was in the Skype convo so I don't think he was avoiding her, more like avoiding giving chat an explanation
(if that makes sense)
He hummed and interacted a little with Civ to break the silence almost

No. 186835

I remember last week during secret hitler, Cry was complaining about himself ruining the first game by not letting his fascists know he's Hitler and Cheyenne's response was
"Stop bitching about it you're ruining everyone's mood!"

How Ironic.

No. 186845

I'm so curious on how tonight's late night stream is gonna be! Cry hasn't said anything about last night.. Neither Has Russ.

No. 186850

I really don't know…can't say I'd like to figure out what happened despite my curiosity.

No. 186872

I'm willing to bet it gets cancelled tonight or significantly shortened.

No. 186900

Well if we go by what Cheyenne said, it'll be fine because her forcing Cry to suddenly end the stream was NBD

No. 186901

they posted the livestream tonight video, but yeah i wouldnt doubt its shorter than usual

No. 186903

I just watched that. Does anyone else think it's super fucked up? He just sounds out of it and says he doesn't know what games they're playing…

No. 186905

He does sound off. I wouldn't be surprised if it's got to do with last night's events.
But guiz it's NBD stop freaking out

No. 186923

If you go to Alex's channel, you can see he's hosting Riskem who is playing Secret Hitler with Cry, Amaz, and Alex. No Cheyenne though.

No. 186960

Well, you're right so far. Stream's pretty late.

No. 186964

File: 1477195326356.png (67.81 KB, 404x666, mash.PNG)

Well shit.

No. 186965

File: 1477195539254.png (39.34 KB, 415x367, mash2.PNG)

No. 186967

Wait, will they answer what kind of personal stuff? Between them, or between the crew?

No. 186971

Someone asked her if it was couple problems, and Mash said it wasn't. Though we can clearly tell it most likely is.

No. 186972


"Don't get hopes up for a stream. "Personal Issues" have been confirmed by someone I will not name just for privacy sake and so they don't get spammed. Go home or keep watching Ray as our host. LUL (by sonofliberty796 3m ago)"

No. 186976

dis gonna b gud

No. 186977

Place your bets, place your bets. What is the "personal stuff"?

My guess is that Angel is kicked from any more group streams because Chey has a problem with her, or she's going to go the way of Ziegs.

No. 186978

Don't suppose we'd be lucky enough that the rest of the crew has had it with her shit and with Cry for last night's fuckery that they've given him an ultimatum or something of that sort?

No, probably not. But one could only hope.

No. 186983

i hope chey is the one kicked but that's probably hoping for too much

No. 186988

Cheyenne is attached to Cry… but Angel is totally replaceable. She seems super down in chat, I think
is probably right

No. 186989

File: 1477201660483.png (12.51 KB, 367x93, Screenshot_20.png)

No. 186990

If that's the case, then fuck them all. That would be two times that Chey has bullied a girl off the stream while the guys shoved their hands in their pockets and did nothing but get depressed. It would be all of their faults.

No. 186991

To be honest, it upsets me kinda that we won't really ever know what they are arguing about. I know it's their right not to tell all but when they do this shit so much it gets tiring.

I feel like that's what happened too, and maybe Russ finally stepped up and said something about it.

No. 186992

File: 1477202509513.png (58.87 KB, 344x333, chat1.png)

Hey everyone, it's actually been a month since I visited and I'm glad I was able to catch up.
Yeah, I just saw that tweet…it's really iffy. No explanation at all. Like yeh there was in the twitch chat, but not everyone has read that you know?

Also, I did see the recent TGIF stream, I came late but I was actually there when that happened. Chat was going a bit overboard wanting Cry to check his Skype.

No. 186994

File: 1477202746197.png (24.86 KB, 334x130, chat_2.png)

continuing from >>186992
Yeah, Chey left a message after the TGIF stream was over. I could catch it straight from herself, but someone in chat copied and pasted it.

"And I wanted to be with Cry"

No. 186995

File: 1477202781084.png (386.83 KB, 514x561, 1254355.png)

chey tweeted this just now. i wonder what's happening lmao

No. 186998

this is more proof that chey thinks she rules the crew and everything needs to be done however she wants whenever she wants smfh

No. 186999

Cry is cucked

No. 187001

File: 1477202983459.png (43.53 KB, 343x204, lol.png)

continuing from >>186992
I also found this really funny. Someone in the chat said "Don't check Skype" and then got banned, pretty sure it's mostly cause of that instead of the banned words.. Really Chey really??

No. 187002

welp.. shits going down.
If it gets real bad, like unresolved, I would give it a month or so of even more inconsistent streams, videos, and whatnot. :/

No. 187003

I would put money down on that we're going to see less of Angel in streams after that TGIVG freak out from Chey. I also bet Shards of Iso is cancelled now too. I would put $200 on Cheyenne ruining everything.

No. 187005

this pisses me off even more. so what if they went overtime? he's allowed to dedicate his time to other things other than you. goddamn.


"hi im cheyenne and i like to make it look like im not the problem"

No. 187006

i'd be done with LNC forever if it went unresolved. again.

No. 187007

Sage retweeted Chey's tweet so I don't think Cheyenne's the only one that fucked up. Wonder what's goin on

No. 187008

You know the fact that Cheyenne and Sage are so buddy buddy really leads me to believe that that anon was right and she's a bully too

No. 187009

And Scott's been sick all week

No. 187010

Sage was in Cry's chat telling people she didn't know what was going on when they'd ask her. I mean sure she could be lying, but if she was apart of the problem and talking to them, I'd doubt she'd be talking in chat as well.

No. 187011

maybe, but she also dipped out immediately when Angel came back

No. 187012

Think it's a death/tragedy?

No. 187013

Nah, they Mash said it was personal issues in the crew.

No. 187015

File: 1477205658672.jpg (113 KB, 571x373, W8GtP3R.jpg)

No. 187016

well it seems like everyone is super miserable.

No. 187017

what the hell is going on

No. 187018

If fans keep bugging all of them, eventually someone's going to slip up, and then it'll all come out from people covering their tracks.

No. 187028

Nobody buy Cry's merch, he doesn't deserve it

No. 187032


why are you saying that?

No. 187047

Because he always fucks up and doesn't explain why. Then goes on to sell out. He's just changed and really cares more about his sponsors. And after all this time he can't even show his face while being a complete jackass. People giving him bits are wasting their time. I remember the time before there were bits and he didn't accept donations. Now I see people donating an absurd amount that he doesn't even need because he's rich. I think most people that do that are drunk. Giving him money because he's some youtube god. And his youtube has been shit lately, he used to do a lot more. I can't tell if he's serious about his job anymore or just getting money because of his allure. None of us know who he is. He has never really told us what's going on in his life. Or tells us about himself. Only blurbs on twitter. Sure, he's a nice guy and he's entertaining. But you're giving money to a mystery man who probably spends it on useless shit. His career is gaming, for the rest of his life probably because he doesn't know how to do anything else. It's fine if you enjoy his content but don't treat him like a god, because he's not.