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File: 1665390607803.jpeg (437.21 KB, 1819x936, 41DDDF78-0DEC-4545-8524-938DA4…)

No. 1671524

Etheral electronic-alternative hipster musician turned imperialist-friendly space bimbo devoted to whiteknighting Elon Musk and making lame TikToks. Billionaire exploiting his workers and enjoying his cringe celebrity phase.

>Born Claire Elise Boucher on March 17, 1988 in Vancouver

>changed her name to c, a letter symbolizing speed of light
>attendend McGill University with plans to double major in neuroscience and Russian; got expelled for skipping classes
>first began posting music in 2007 on Myspace, released music on Arbutus, 4AD, Roc Nation. In 2021 she signed to Columbia Records, cause „she needs money for her music videos” cause „Elon doesn’t give her money” (despite successfully making videos for years)
>got together with Elon Musk because they made the same cringey joke relating to theory of roko basilisk
>has a child with Elon Musk, they named him X AE A-XII Musk. (Who knows how it’s really pronounced, Grimes and Elon have different opinions on that matter)
>used to have „anti-imperialist” written in twitter bio, removed it after her relationship with Musk went public
>apparently current subject of Elon Musk’s bimbofication process, fills her face with botox, as well as getting countless other pricey plastic surgery procedurers, most probably to satisfy her boyfriend; Elon’s ex wives all mentioned he pressured them into dying their hair blond and getting surgeries.
>wrote on Twitter that Elon illegaly preventing employee unionization is „fake news”. Claimed she „investigated this heavily”
>spends most of the time whiteknighting Elon on TikTok
>walking bilboard for Tesla; starred as „cybergirl” in Tesla ad
>made „Visions” under the influence of Adderall (as well as hunger and cold rooms)
>both she and her boyfriend made public appearances visibly high on something
>made a „pro-climate change” album about goddess of climate change, relishing in human extinction, Miss Anthropocene. „My goal is to make climate change fun”
>Poppy drama: collabed with Poppy but resigned from publishing the song most probably after learning about what Poppy and Titanic Sinclair did to Mars Argo; Poppy leaked song nonetheless.
>the infamous Azealia Banks drama: Grimes invited Azealia to work together on some music. Azealia arrived at the mansion, but Grimes was too busy comforting Elon to care for the guest. Grimes left the house with her inconsolable boyfriend and in turn Banks was left alone and lost in their mansion for the rest of the weekend, later she wrote about everything on socials and posted her private conversations with Grimes, stating Elon just wanted Banks for a threesome. For some reason it took Grimes 3 years or so to react with a song „100% Tragedy” telling a story „how Azealia tried to destroy her career”. Saga continues
>various sources suggested other people write music and lyrics for her
>tried hard to make tumblrina DD/LG and gore lover Nicole Dollanganger famous
>claims she loves hentai

Elon Musk:
>CEO of Tesla and SpaceX
>more celebrity than enterpreneur
>both he and his family build their „empires” with questionable methods, to say lightly
>has benefited from Apartheid
>”Will coup whoever he wants!” Bolivia for example. „Deal with it!”
>exploits his workers; makes them work longer than average and underpays them
>uses kids to mine cobalt for his products
>pretends he cares for environment while actively contributing to destroying it
>Tesla workers report he’s an „awful boss who throws fits and treats people abominably”
>all he does in fact is firing people on a whim or throwing tantrums and calling everyone idiots
>posts lame boomer jokes and memes on Twitter, gets legions of devoted fanboys and whiteknights for being „relatable”
>”he only wants to save the world from population collapse! To set a good example!”
>wanted to save people stuck in a cave in Thailand by sending one of his shitty submarine toys to save them; when people got saved successfully without Elon’s stupid ideas, he threw an epic tantrum calling everyone „pedophiles”
>wants to „revolutionize transport”: in fact his car tunnels are useless claustrophobia capsule/guaranteed death, cause if something bad happends, the tunnel is so tight you can’t open doors and there’s no way for an ambulance/fire engine to get in
>he wants to own Mars too
>wants to air adverts in space
>has countless scorned ex-wives (for good reasons) and countless children he just produces as a side hobby and most probably doesn’t give a fuck about
>involved in various celebrity scandals

Since last thread, more or less:
>Elon & Grimes split again but she’s living near Elon with their kids in Austin
>people speculate about how cheap and basic her house looks, again proving Elon is a tightwad
>Interview from 2020 where Elon openly says ‘he doesn’t like anime’ despite what he tweeted to his zoomer fanboys in 2018
>still posting memes to twitter to try and seem like a crazy relatable weed memedad to fatherless zoomzooms
>Wades into Russia/Ukraine again; talking about his oh so simple solutions to end the war
>gets flamed by Zelensky and even his own fanbase
>Grimes dumped her tranny rebound
>despite splitting, Elon & Grimes had a new baby called Y. via surrogate
>It’s revealed Elon secretly had IVF twins with his employee Shivon Zilis in 2021
>Elon dabbles in experiments and animal cruelty now! After placing implants in their brains, all monkeys went autoagressive and died
>Elon sends starlinks to Ukraine, uses the situation to make idiotic jokes and "challenge Putin to a duel"
>it’s revealed that the US government actually paid for many starlinks with US taxpayer money
>Elon threatened to buy Twitter, pulled out, tried to buy it again, is now being sued for artificially inflating stock prices of both twitter and dogecoin
>lawsuits currently delayed, Elon is scrambling to buy twitter now
>some more Tesla problems
>Grimes gives playback DJ sets
>Grimes getting stiletto nails and posting half naked cosplays instead of looking after her kids
>talks about how hardcore her kids are, because she stages them listening to techno over copies of Nietzsche and uses it as a photo op, and also admits to watching violent movies like Apocalypse Now with her infant son, calls him a fan of ‘radical art’ and how there’s nothing wrong with it (he’s 2)
>the saga of sitting at home stoned and doing nothing besides dressing fairycore and fake sword whooshing continues


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Thread #1: >>>/snow/1306047
Thread #2: >>>/snow/1426381
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No. 1671532

File: 1665391934973.jpeg (521.66 KB, 2528x1286, 5D2DEFC8-257F-484F-BFD2-5C8E74…)

Another recent update for those out of the loop: Grimes got even more bimbofication plastic surgeries, this time what’s assumed to be a ponytail lift and even more fillers on top of the ones she already had.

People speculate how her eyes are watering in the pictures and whether she can even close her eyes properly anymore. No more updates on her face have been posted since last month, which leads to the assumption that she may have been botched.

Even her most diehard fans bitch her out for it and lament about how much she has changed since dating Elon.

Claire tries increasingly hard to look like an elf martian, describing even more body modifications she wants on twitter, in hopes that Musk senpai will notice her.

1/16th Swedish Viking larp continues.

No. 1671541

tinfoil but it feels like both elon and grimes are dogwhistling to wignats/polfags at this point, what with grimes open nordic/vikang obsession and elon being a russia apologist, obsessing over birth rates and welcoming kanye back when he’s ranting about da joos.

feels like both of them are slowly but surely going full poltard. which is funny because it seems pol hates both of them.

No. 1671560

I am not a grimes stan but this is the only photo we have seen of her since the “reveal” and it’s at a weird focal point (her nose only looks like that in front camera selfies?) so I’m not biting into the botched shock value thing rn. You have no idea what she got because she edits the shit out of her selfies.

No. 1671567

Her eyes have been stretched so much they’re watering lol.

No. 1671568

File: 1665399976229.jpeg (122.3 KB, 1170x1744, 72F02A75-C28F-45AD-A2EA-46D9CA…)

Kek stop coping claire, you’ve been bogged.

She also had tape bandages on her cheeks and a bandage around her jaw area so she may have had some kind of cheek implants, cheek lift or jaw slimming procedure. You can see in the before and after how much more tapered her jawline is.

No. 1671570

That amount of stretch looks extremely uncomfortable. The surgeon must have pulled her forehead skin too high, and it’s hard to reverse because the stitches are in her scalp.

No. 1671571

You can tell in this pic she can't fully close her eyes. It creeps me put

No. 1671572

She’s having a Musk induced early midlife crisis. Knowing you can (and will) be replaced any second must really fuck up a woman’s self esteem. Grimes is also a contrarian reactionary retard though. Remember when she made a big deal of not shaving to stick it to ‘body police’. Then she started shaving because she said fans were ‘policing her right to shave’. She’s probably gonna go out and get even more bogged just to stick it to her fans who are ‘surgery-shaming’ her now.

No. 1671573

It must be an awful feeling too, to have your face so aggressively stretched upwards. When I wear ponytails or face tape for too long I start getting a headache and my temple and cheek muscles start to cramp a bit. Imagine having that except it’s permanent.

No. 1671579

She probably gets Botox to manage her migraines. Also surgery addicts are usually pill addicts, there's a chance she doesn't feel anything anymore kek

No. 1671580

I mean pills can take away pain but can they take away a horrible pulling sensation like that? Honestly from the amount of people I’ve spoken to online who’ve had surgery I honestly think most surgeries are at least somewhat botched, maybe 30% come out perfect or near perfect, the rest are just meh or have complications. People need to realize flesh blood and bone aren’t like clay that you can just magically mold to be perfect.

No. 1671581

File: 1665401871269.jpeg (325.1 KB, 1242x847, FF8EC3FE-5F42-4B79-B9CD-ADB446…)

Does Grimes moderate her sub herself, or contract people to moderate her sub like she contracts people to mod her discord? A lot of her fans were complaining about the amount of censorship on her sub and how any post about her that’s not 100% positive and asskissy gets swiftly deleted. Hmm.

No. 1671582

File: 1665401910254.jpeg (480.04 KB, 1242x929, 26ED32C9-027C-4F91-8BF4-C70187…)

No. 1671583

File: 1665401973812.jpeg (542.04 KB, 1242x1255, 635D1FFC-C4C4-4CA7-B059-241D67…)

No. 1671923

File: 1665437023934.jpeg (593.26 KB, 828x905, C119F956-437C-41E9-91B4-1D3665…)

Recently watched the movie Thirteen Lives about the Pedo Guys. Elon never believed that the divers could rescue the kids because his fat ass can’t turn around in the private jet lavatory.

No. 1672002

Sage for rant. I feel deeply saddened by this. It’s fun to talk about her narcissistic lolcowery but some of the post making fun of her looks could have contributed to her self-criticism and surgery choices. All this talk about amber, who is a total borderline lolcow POS herself, being a “Stacy” and stuff kinda doesn’t sit right with me, as most of us here are women. Like it’s not funny that Elon is a womanizing pig, grimes being a pick me is fair game content. But the way these threads worship amber almost makes me think amber could be lurking here? Tinfoil I know but amber heard fucking SUCKS and it’s really femcelly and creepy the way you guys talk about how she’s such a based Stacy, when she’s really just another histrionic narcissistic low morals attention whore. Like I am all here for pointing how much of a lolcow grimes has become, i just think all this comparing her to amber heard isn’t just toxic for her it’s toxic for all of us. I feel like a good % of this sub are probably less attractive than pre surgery or post surgery grimes so to pick at her looks is to this degree is just causing all of us to hate ourselves more and just goes into this scrote mentality about placing a woman’s value on her looks, we know scrotes lurk in here and I wouldn’t be surprised if men are in here contributing to this anti-female merit-based-on-looks mentality.

Also just, the plastic surgery alone and the repercussions it has on society. I get why ppl say it’s good that she is being so transparent about it, but I really don’t like the normalization of severe procedures for people who are so young, grimes might look fuggo on occasion but she still looked younger than most people her age and regardless of how we feel here about her, a lot of women want to look like her, compare themselves to her etc. even her just getting filler undoubtedly prompted fans to follow suit. It’s just as toxic as the pro-Ana community. The pro-plastic surgery shit is really scary. I used to think grimes was cool for not shaving her legs, posting self deprecating helga memes, it made her seem powerful and like she didn’t give a fuck what men thought of her. She became a role model to a lot of young girls for being that way. I can’t help but to imagine how the repercussions of her surgery will make her own fans scrutinize their own appearances, and perhaps disregard their previous morals as well. It honestly makes me so sad to my core, that she did this to herself, sad for her, sad for her fans, sad for all women. I wish we could stop making fun of peoples looks in this sub so much, it’s like hitting below the belt. There really is never ending lulzy musings and gossip to post, can the misogyny slow down a bit ?? Can grimes become a martyr for sacrificing the upper 1 inch of her forehead skin so the rest of us can finally admit how fucked up it is and not make the same mistakes ??

No. 1672040

Stfu sperg. No one needs you policing posts here and crying over obscenely rich people who wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire.

No. 1672044

Go back to Reddit. This is not a ‘sub’

No. 1672059

It’s unlikely Grimes of all people would inspire young women to get plastic surgery. No one knows what the final result looks like and it could put women off surgery if she ended up looking like Madonna. For her sake hopefully the results are what she wanted, whatever that may be. Knowing from experience, having botched surgery fucks with your head and makes your self esteem worse.

No. 1672061

idk i actually agree with this.
the way people talk aboiut looks on here is scrote behavior
i used to be a fan of grimes for the reason you said but seeing who she really is: a narcissist just makes me angry at her but plastic surgery just makes me sad.

No. 1672078

Amber is a stacy though. Idk why you think liking a celebrity makes you a "femcelley".

No. 1672087

File: 1665457090209.png (1.7 MB, 2070x1214, Screen Shot 2022-10-10 at 10.4…)

Here's Grimes replygirling to a fringe right wing intellectual dark web poster who's wringing his hands over mean journalistic attacks against…Marc Andreessen, a billionaire venture capitalist who is in with IDW people.

Andreessen follows really esoteric far far right wing accounts like legendary race science poster Hakan Rotmwrt @plantationgroyp (may have unfollowed him recently? because of the article coming out?) It really doesn't get more far right than that. And that's probably just the tip of the iceberg.

All of this is to say that Grimes has been introduced to a whole network of fringe right wing posters thru Elon and I believe Grimes is not smart enough to understand this. She just thinks they're intellectuals with cutting edge ideas and does not realize they're esoteric Nazis from early internet forums.

That's Andreessen on the right lmao

No. 1672116

Oy look at that noggin… proper egg head

No. 1672156

obese she-redditor who posts shit like "aita for refusing to blow my boyfriend of 8 years while he takes a dump" energy

No. 1672157

she’s literally a naturally good-looking generically gorgeous blonde woman idk why saying that would be weird

No. 1672161

The femcel thing to do would be shitting on Amber, because she would never sleep with any of us probably, just like how scrotes are constantly seething about her.

No. 1672194

Nta but agree. I still don't understand the worship she gets here given she's a cluster b cow herself. Is it because anons hate Johnny Deppshit and by extension love Amber? Genuinely curious why we aren't laughing at the lot of them but instead place Amber on a pedestal in order to make fun of Claire? Repost to specify I'm not Reddit-chan

No. 1672215

File: 1665472533993.jpeg (263.2 KB, 975x1280, CCCFEEEA-FF5C-4A9E-A9DE-086A88…)

"Stacy" has definitely picked up a positive connotation here, just like "chad" has.
They used to be used to refer to people who were socially successful, largely because of their good looks, and nothing more.
But now "chad" is often used when a man displays strong moral consistency without fear of social consequence, especially when their opinions go against the mainstream or are taboo to say.
Similarly, the positive version of a Stacy is someone who is fully aware of the fact that she has high social standing because she is an attractive woman, and instead of letting this bother her, she takes pride in it and uses the social capital to her advantage. On lolcow I never really see Stacy used neutrally/negatively like in the old sense; usually it's used as praise, and it's pretty clear that this is how it was being used in the last thread.

No. 1672293

In the previous thread anons spoke mostly positively about her and praised her for her shitty behaviours as if she is someone worth copying. It's pathethic and something a moid obsessed with her would do. Thinking she is pretty is one thing. Writing "omg, she is such a based queen for abusing Depp and having a child with Musk, Grimes can only lick her shoes" is something else.

No. 1672350

>abusing Depp
Please lol

No. 1672384

>Abusing Depp

Mans told her he was going to drown her, burn her corpse and then rape her dead body. The moid deserved to be abused.

No. 1672404

File: 1665494039066.jpg (27.77 KB, 450x453, retards.jpg)

posts like these remind me that half of the nonnies here are either 12 yo edgelords or mentally unstable.

No. 1672418

Do you stan manson too nonny? Or is it only the "hot" abusive celeb moids?

No. 1672422

No, I stan none of them. Both Depp and Herd are retarded and fucked up people (as are almost all celebs) and what point is there in fighting over who is in the "right"? Neither of them are. Neither of them is a Chad nor a Stacey, and the only retarded take here is to think one of them is the good one.

No. 1672443

moids deserve to be abused

No. 1672473

File: 1665499659877.png (3.33 MB, 2532x1348, Screen Shot 2022-10-11 at 10.4…)

NYT dropped a piece about Elon's social life today.


Paints a sympathetic portrait of him

No. 1672502

File: 1665501928210.jpeg (351.29 KB, 750x863, 01D2F7F0-877C-4DF3-8935-B5D030…)

>nooo don’t abooose scrotes
Uh go back to reddit if you want ass pats for being morally milquetoast

No. 1672520

>someone has a different opinion to me
>they must be really young or mentally unstable
Sure, anon. Everyone else is the problem.

No. 1672531

>you guys talk about how she’s such a based Stacy, when she’s really just another histrionic narcissistic low morals attention whore.
I agree the worship for Amber itt is laughable. Based queen? what? she's a moron who fucked Elon Musk. that's blatant self-disrespect. kinda funny how you guys shit on Grimes for getting with Muskrat (which is what she deserves), but applaud Amber getting with Muskrat bc ~omg based queen got herself a billionaire!~~ Are you kidding

No. 1672539

unfortunately this place is radfem central. it is what it is, just ignore it

No. 1672540

samefag, the rest of this post is even more laughable though
>I wish we could stop making fun of peoples looks in this sub so much
go back to reddit, this is not a sub. no one cares about what you wish we would say here or not
>I feel like a good % of this sub are probably less attractive than pre surgery or post surgery grimes so to pick at her looks is to this degree is just causing all of us to hate ourselves more
Lmao speak for yourself. Out of all things that make people hate themselves, Grimes' botched face certainly isn't one. lol
>even her just getting filler undoubtedly prompted fans to follow suit
sorry but i don't fucking care about people stupid enough to get a filler just because Grimes did.

No. 1672610

File: 1665508788771.jpeg (44.33 KB, 640x426, 52B79272-4775-4527-A4D7-A25009…)

>Amber Heard is lurking ITT right now
>Johnny Depp is lurking ITT right now
>Jayden Smith is lurking ITT right now
>Vladimir Putin is lurking ITT right now

No. 1672611

The "on this sub" part sent me

No. 1672612

I’ve literally never seen the amount of whiteknighting and whataboutism in any other thread except the Grimes one. Is it Claire or just one of her Redditor stans?

No. 1672615

File: 1665509058440.jpeg (271.53 KB, 719x1313, 096F2E3A-C2CF-4DC2-A328-D0A263…)

Ngl this sounds like the essay Grimes wrote to Alice Glass, pic rel. Nobody else could be this pedantic and autistic or get so upset about the dumbest shit.

No. 1672619

The ‘I think Amber is lurking’ part honestly sent me.

No. 1672621

mfw grimes lurks on this sub

No. 1672624

It’s the ‘on this sub’ part that did it for me. I hope this becomes the new thread copypasta.

No. 1672628

File: 1665509485438.png (94.72 KB, 298x289, 3CA159B2-F52A-4919-8218-98239C…)

I’m Elon Musk and I’m literally masturbating to this thread rn

No. 1672632

Honestly she’s terminally online so it’s possible. It’s not like she has anything better to do like like raising her kids cough cough

I’m still howling at the whiteknighting and the Amber is lurking copypasta though. Funniest thing I’ve read in days.

No. 1672647

lol why would amber be lurking here? afaik she cucked elon and claire and was only ever in it for the money and child support, once she got that she fucked off. from what i can see she doesn’t seem to give a fuck about elon or grimes. the only person who would still be butthurt about that situation is claire, since she’s still in love with elon and got dumped for the woman elon had been orbiting for almost 10 years now.

anyway, that’s enough derailing. can we just focus back on claire and elon.

No. 1672650

I don’t have a NYT subscription lol (does anyone except boomers?) also it’s not uncommon for rich people to pay a journalist to write an article that paints them in a flattering light.

No. 1672660

Both Claire and Elon have been dog whistling to the right wing for a while now, Claire used to browse 4chan and there’s rumors Elon browses /pol/ sometimes (he’s posted various 4chan memes over the years too).

It seems to maybe explain why she’s temporarily dropped the Asian girl fetish and has been obsessively fetishizing Vikings, blondes and Nordic stuff instead.

No. 1672671

File: 1665512314406.png (10.64 MB, 1242x2208, 2F925B49-A963-4937-83CA-6000A9…)

Why does that user use this random Yakut shaman’s picture for his shitposting and larp as him? Also who appointed him as ‘legendary’? I’m interested in esoterica myself but he just seems to post a load of schizobabble and 80 IQ incel takes.

No. 1672672

Poltards always larp as people who actually have a cool culture lol.

No. 1672679

>used to browse 4chan
>posted various 4chan memes

No. 1672681

File: 1665512948023.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1242x1818, 4C7EC818-DA51-4806-8698-F3EF9E…)

You guys think Claire was mad she wasn’t picked for this role?

No. 1672684


No. 1672690

iirc they actually split and made a whole new sub at r/grimezs and one of the mods was deposed

No. 1672715

If he’s an esoteric nazi with spoopy powers, how come he’s still fat and bald lol.

He should pray to Wotan for some hair and some bitches.

No. 1672725

He's been through several accounts.

I say "legendary" because he's been around for a long time and fringe right Twitter seem to revere him as a notable figure

See: https://zyg.edith.reisen/k/detritus/hakon.html

No. 1672746

File: 1665516759103.jpeg (453.58 KB, 1242x1222, 651D3F41-293F-4248-AB0A-5F7CE7…)

I always wondered that about Crowley too.

Surely if you were a severely balding Grand High Wizard and personal acquaintances with Satan himself, one of the first things you’d do with your magickal powers is give yourself some hair, no? How else did these scrotes expect people to take them seriously if they couldn’t perform even basic spells like that?

The malding weeb to racist nazi wizard arc. Every time.

No. 1672752

If you think he deserved it then that's fine, but imo it's still pathetic to admire and praise her for it when it only resulted in her being a laughing stock, she didn't put him in jail or tarnished his reputation significantly

No. 1672766

File: 1665518313427.jpeg (127.64 KB, 1242x559, 0DF91D9B-2CB5-4B33-B684-82EC81…)

Akshually, by the end of the trial, his popularity fell a lot. His handmaidens, twitter bots and social media just didn’t want you to know that.

No. 1672773

Seems like a pretty standard poltard shitposter to me.

No. 1672791

>the guy who was bisexual, addicted to prostitutes and drugs including heroin, held orgies regularly at his retreats, was obsessed with sex magick and made his followers give him money wasn’t interested in affecting the material world
I swear you schizos choose the strangest copes and people to wk lol.

No. 1672795

File: 1665520914870.jpeg (463.22 KB, 1770x2048, 429717E1-9636-4198-9323-AA120A…)

Bro get ur crusty ass off lc and waddle back to Reddit. This isn’t an opinion poll, no one cares about your feelings iso pls go back to r/grimes and cry there.

I actually feel sorry for grimes fans, she devoted all her shitty art to a literal fat boomer scrote yet her fat fans defend her every move. Grimes also lies to her fans constantly, always announcing projects with no follow ups….how does she even manage to have a so-called fan base? Are people so under stimulated and mentally enslaved to even bother buying tickets for her ethereal playback shows?

Grimes is a sellout. Get over it troony.

Amber isn’t a pick me, shes the girl that gets picked. She managed to still have her own personality and doesn’t begs for Elons attention all over social media. She used the man who is known for using women. That alone makes her superior. Grimes is his human toilet after all, Amber is the pooper. Deal with it pick me.

No don’t think so, they would’ve never picked her to do it anyways
Elle Fanning and Grimes aren’t even on the same level kek imagine Claires uggo face on the cover….

No. 1672805

Elon is the richest man in the world but won’t even buy her a new mattress after Amber pooed on it or give her money to make more animal crossing music videos, RIP.

No. 1672808

Lmao, nice edit.

No. 1672843

Jesus OP, that full size image of Grimes is fucking digusting.

No. 1672867

File: 1665525320634.jpeg (148.87 KB, 1537x942, 0D13D0EE-C5DA-42EE-B6AC-AE151D…)

Repost because last one had a poor crop but their spitting image puppets really are uncanny

No. 1672887

The roots lol

No. 1673151

She became "a laughing stock" because society only likes abused women when they've been killed. Before they're murdered in cold blood by their abusive partners you'll always see

>"What did she do to provoke him"

>"Well both sides are toxic to each other so.."

As if that nullifies the violence and lethality of abusive moids. When Gabby Petito first went missing there was a sea of people claiming she hit him first and was ACTUALLY the abusive one until she was found strangled to fucking death and left like a dead animals corpse in the dirt by her loving doting moid. However you want to see it, abusive men are far more dangerous than abused women. You should look up "reactive abuse". It's what happens to actually abused women but privileged nonnies who think amber was a big meanie to Depp will never understand the psychological tole being tortured like that will do to a person. You don't just "snap out of it" when the person leaves either. It makes you a different person. I dont think Amber is a fucking stacey or whatever the fuck you terminally online anons keep calling her. Her story is sad and resonates with every woman who's been abused, survived and now has to struggle with people around them not believing them or worse saying they _deserved_ to be abused because of who they are as a woman.

No. 1673191

Johnny Fatt had all the recourses to destroy Amber, he has money and therefore power yet delusional fatties want to victimise and infantilise him. He wanted to control her.

His media circus was painfully planned, he wanted global humiliation for Amber, doesn’t sound like a victim to me.
Amber was bullied by almost everyone on the internet even though court documents proved that he attacked her multiple times.
Her story is actually sad and I hope in a few decades the truth will come out….was a sad day for Women.

Also nonnies claiming that Amber is lurking, I doubt that tbh, she’s way to old and doesn’t seem interested in net culture at all. She’s more of a druggie art hoe type gal and I think being offline is part of her aesthetic kek

No. 1673292

Yep, you’ve got to be a perfect little submissive pathetic terrified meek victim if you want sympathy as an abused woman. If you hit back, if you show dominant or aggressive behavior in any way, if you engaged in reactive abuse, you’re automatically demonized and called a liar and a cunt.

Amber was a beautiful rich white woman who left her abuser and filed a restraining order against him. She did all the things women are supposed to do. If someone with such high social status as her was still dragged through the mud and crucified for daring to challenge Hollywood royalty, imagine how much more hostility less attractive/ethnic/poor women face.

Not to mention, Amber won her trial in the UK and the judge sided with her based on evidence. JD fans paid 3K for sealed court documents after the trial. It was found JD has erectile dysfunction (men with erectile dysfunction are more likely to be physically violent in a relationship and rape women with objects ie bottles), Amber and JD went to couples therapy and during the session she told the psychiatrist that Depp physically abused her, and JD did not deny it or interject. There’s also the infamous phone call which was found to be heavily cut and edited. In the unedited portion, Amber tells JD she ‘feared for her life’ during their altercation. Again, JD does not interject or disagree with her, he immediately makes the topic about his sore finger.

No. 1673302

Derailing slightly now but I remember during the trial, I saw scrotes making all kinds of misogynistic as fuck memes about AH. Some comedians in my hometown were doing a roast of her at the time, and they were making edits of BLACKED and stuff with her and their faces on it. There’s similar videos on YouTube with edits of asking her if she likes BBC. It was so vile. Especially considering Johnny Depp copied Mel Gibson in his rant where he told Amber he wanted to see her gngrped by a ‘pack of n*ggers’. Oksana Grigorieva is another woman who was abused by a rich powerful Hollywood actor and was made into a laughing stock over it btw.

No. 1673452

Learn2read I never once said she was a pick me. I don't care if you're an Amber fan, I'm not a Claire or Johnny fan. I just wanted genuine clarification on why anons idolise and aggressively defend her like you are doing now. All you managed was she is hot, using Elon, better than Claire (obviously kek) and that I'm by extension a pick me? If your idea of based is having that creature heaving on top of you for a pay day that's your prerogative but not mine. Honestly if you had made an ounce of sense, and could articulate yourself beyond the level of a terminally online zoomer like this anon here >>1673151 I would have received my answer and even agreed.

No. 1673475

I don't care if you like it or not, I will write whatever I want here. I am against admiring stupid celebrities so I can't be a fan and defender of Grimes, idiot.

No. 1673616

File: 1665592335411.jpg (308.85 KB, 1080x1633, Screenshot_20221012-192557.jpg)

Back to the topic! So Apartheid Clyde is Putin's bitch now.

No. 1673626

The Russians did tell him they were going to kill him, so it's not surprising he bitched out and turned his coat.

No. 1673633

Not disagreeing with you nona and you obviously didn’t invent the term, but “reactive abuse” is a concept that makes me so uncomfortable. Do we need to pathologize the basic human instinct to fucking defend yourself??

No. 1673676

i think it's a delayed self-defence and rather refers to a manipulative technique where abuser torments you until you lash out and then he blames you for being abusive and gaslights you.

No. 1673779

They should kill him anyway.

No. 1673828

If the idea a woman defending herself after being abused by a man that has the actual capability of ending her life by merely pushing or strangling her makes you uncomfortable that's on you. Reactive abuse is an important thing to understand because the idea of abuse shouldn't make you comfortable. If some guy on the street punched you in the face and pushed you down saying that he was going to "kill you you whore" you would feel psychologically damaged and threatened. You might even want to hurt the person back. Abused women not only have to deal with this treatment and live with it but they're expected to take it everytime. We've normalized it so much in society we forget if we were attacked by a stranger in the same way as humans we experience "fight or flight" naturally. When women are attacked by their partners some experience flight and some experience fight and we demonize the ones that fight back even though it's literally our bodies response to protecting ourselves. Reactive abuse happens after being abused if a moid said "I hit her because she was yelling at me" that's not reactive abuse if a woman says "I slapped him because he's always threatening to kill me and last time we fought pushed me and strangled me" that IS reactive abuse.

No. 1673829

Same fag but I meant to say "should make you uncomfortable"

No. 1674106

then don't call it "reactive abuse," just see it for what it is- self defense and moids getting their comeuppance. there should be 0 shame in standing your ground from abusive harassment, period

No. 1674223

We justifiably make fun of jannies that do free work for big tech. Musk is basically offering over $40B just to be a janny for money losing twitter. He is no different than any reddit autist who wants to be a janny and talks about colonizing Mars but he has a net worth of $200B. Grimes and Amber are no different than Onlyfans girls that get their revenue from reddit autists but they get more out of him and they're arguably more talented and more attractive (at least Amber is).

No. 1674278

This. People really need to stop glorifying these two retards. Elon is just a less charismatic Donald Trump trust fund baby with a hardon for cyberpunk and colonization. Grimes is just a shallow tryhard middle class horse girl who namedrops obscure shit to seem more interesting and presses beep boop on a computer. People need to stop acting as if these two are artistic geniuses.

No. 1674279

Putin probably has dirt on him.

No. 1674313

musk can't really afford that twitter acquisition, his fake net worth is the inflated meme value of tesla stonk. putin probably offered to buxx in exchange for some pro-russian shilling lmao

No. 1674342

Honestly think you’re 100% correct, nonny.

No. 1674351

File: 1665656808870.jpeg (122.45 KB, 721x635, 809420D2-C553-4BC5-9B89-9DFF34…)

Charles ‘Claire’ Boucher is a tranny and Elon Musk paid for his womb transplant and IVF.(unsaged fanart)

No. 1674353

Look at this before and after and try to tell me this isn’t a tranny.

No. 1674376

First time you've seen cosmetic surgery, son?

No. 1674410

nah she's just hideous

No. 1674434

>believes womb transplants for males are real

No. 1674458

Oh god, please tell me you’re not the same schizoanon who believes all celebrities are troons and have clone armies living in underground cave cities kek

No. 1674471

Are you also transdrake-chan?

No. 1674474

100% is. I kind of love that anon though, the amount of schitzo is fascinating

No. 1674499

No she is not me. Claire is a woman and I don't think every celebrity is Trans. I also provided proof as to why I think what I think about "Drake". I barely know who Claire is besides one of Elons many baby mothers. Don't put this on me. I also don't think Claire is ugly or her nose. Elon is though

No. 1674845


Freemium is not free lol

No. 1674883

hers is like…cuter than she is irl?? what the fuck

No. 1675144

>he believes that they haven’t already been performed
>he believes that the worlds richest man can’t afford them (unsaged bait)

No. 1675146

This website is for women

No. 1675161

Lol you might be able to stuff a stolen uterus in some moid successfully without it becoming septic but it’s not going to work at it’s intended purpose. Think of all the complex hormonal & nutritional systems in a women’s body that make a baby grow. A bodily function perfected by millions of years of evolution. We are more than a uterus, a whole system of life and that’s why men can never be us.

You’re obviously a retarded man into sci-fi

No. 1675268

File: 1665761820131.png (32.64 KB, 609x323, 1665733691615556[1].png)

Samefag but bahahahahaha! WTF, I like Elon now. Don't bite the hand that feeds you!

No. 1675282

That's pretty funny. Rare Elon W.

No. 1675299

tbf, elon antagonized ukraine by going to meetings with putin, and essentially siding with putin's ideas to the point the US is on his ass about it, so yeah ukraine's ambassador's gunna say 'fuck off', rightly so.
But sure, he got the win for the retort.

I wonder how grimes will be able to defend musk's actions this time? Will she cave and be pro putin now? Sometimes I wonder how she can THIS MUCH cognitive dissonance. She must be legit high 24/7.

No. 1675315

the hand that feeds him is the DOD, which is almost definitely going to flood spacex with more government money to keep this up. all in a days work for the world's biggest welfare queen.

No. 1675355

>Help me buy twitter! I care about free speech! I won’t deplatform you just because you say something I don’t like!

Also Elon
>You bruised my ego by saying mean words so I’m going to cut off a vital service to you even if it means you can’t say goodbye to your family members before you get murdered/raped

Anyone who thinks this faggot cares about the people is beyond delusional. That guy isn’t even the ambassador btw, he’s a former ambassador who lost his job. And no wonder he told Elon to fuck off, since he’s suggesting the equivalent of giving your bedroom and bathroom to a home invader who just killed your child.

I wonder what Putin is blackmailing him with.

Jog on, Vlad.

No. 1675359

Kinda weird that Elon is suddenly siding with the Russians considering they wanted to kill him not too long ago.

No. 1675367

He 100% got triggered, this is the submarine in Thailand shit all over again. The man has an extremely fragile ego and will lash out against anyone who doesn’t treat him like a god, typical narc.

No. 1675447

He obviously fell for a russian honeypot and is now being a nonce on twitter, promoteing the degen russians. if you think this is a W for Elon you are deranged.

No. 1675480

It’s obvious he gets his political opinions from the /pol/ front page. Wont be long till he’s saying marrying 10 year olds should be legal and calling Putin a god emperor.

No. 1675493

how is this a w? it's just him acting like a little piss baby as usual. starlink is never going to work especially if it's dependent on his mood like this

No. 1675514

It's a w because it's a funny tweet and now Elon will get more sweet sweet government aid for Starlink and SpaceX. They'll want to keep him happy because they think that $100K+ cars are green and won't use evil Russian or Saudi oil. They'll print more money to pay Elon and also buy more weapon systems for free gibs to Ukraine. They'll run inflation at 9% making the rest of us suffer. Much as I'm against the Russian invasion and annexation I find the Ukrainian leadership and blue checks to be acting like a bunch of babies "GIVE US MORE MORE MORE!" so this is a rare occasion where I'm marginally on Elon's side lol

No. 1675543

File: 1665786678143.jpeg (167.01 KB, 1242x574, 258BC568-A9B9-4530-8D1C-3A4EC7…)

Oh no, how sad.

No. 1675550

He is the definition of drama queen.

No. 1675554

Seething hohol detected

No. 1675577

Putin is 100% blackmailing him. He has info about Elon’s ties to Epstein and the Mexican Cartels. The lithium mines in Sonora, the fact lithium is used to make meth, the fact Tesla covered up for Sonora drug traffickers within the the company. If that info is leaked Elon is going to jail for a very very long time. The Russians already threatened to kill him and possibly kidnap his family members and extort him for it (as Grimes mentioned) He has no choice but to suck Putin’s dick now.

No. 1675608

what is this post, i can't believe we have an example of Elon fanboy mindset here in this thread, the very same people we mocked before. "Elon is so funny uwu bahahaha! Elon Moosk said funny thing, funny man, based meme techbro reddit maan"

No. 1675612

File: 1665793351638.png (160.79 KB, 720x992, 5F425343-8CCE-4FB9-BF59-A1BC1D…)

Lol he just got added to Ukraine’s shitlist and is freaking out about it. What a drama queen.


No. 1675614

>They'll run inflation at 9% making the rest of us suffer.
>so this is a rare occasion where I'm marginally on Elon's side lol
Elon doesn't give a fuck about you and your suffering, no need to suck his dick so much.

No. 1675615

Zelensky wrote Elon Musk in his Death Note.

No. 1675619

LMAO what a pathetic fragile little snowflake. Yes Elon, Putin will kill you, also Zelenski will kill you as well, better ask Grimes to whoosh her Sailor Moon replica sword!

No. 1675620

Zelensky got his shinigami eyes on him and sees there's only 10-15 years before Elon drowns in his fat. or Amber smacks him down.

No. 1675628

that tweet is from may, nonnas
anon is not wrong

No. 1675635

He pinned it just now lol. You are a retard.

No. 1675636

Elon would get money, and continue to get more money, and always get more and more money from the government even without any drama with Ukraine and you know it well

No. 1675637

First he claims the Russians are trying to kill him then he claims the Ukrainians are trying to kill him. Lmao, take your meds Muskrat.

No. 1675643

What about the that time when Elon was challenging Putin to a duel behind the school pitch? these were the simpler times

No. 1675646

File: 1665795009978.png (131.5 KB, 374x403, 0B32CD95-88EC-4ED8-B701-639C03…)

Epstein and Musk were friends. They had dinners together and were known to keep in close contact. In 2019, The New York Times reported that Jeffrey Epstein was "advising Tesla’s embattled chief executive, Elon Musk, who was in trouble after announcing on Twitter that he had lined up the funding to take Tesla private”. Ghislaine asked Elon for advice on how to scrub information about somebody from the internet at a Vanity Fair party in 2014. During Ghislaine Maxwell's criminal trial, an image of an e-mail from Epstein's servers surfaced on-line that shows Elon Musk and Jeffrey Epstein corresponding about Musk meeting Maxwell. Musk, being a habitual liar, later denied knowing Maxwell at all despite admitting they met on at least two prior proven occasions that the public knows of.

Musk and his second ex-wife, Talulah Riley, admitted to visiting Epstein's mansion on an unspecified date in the middle of syndicated denial stories, in which Riley was denying being an escort procured for Musk by Maxwell. Epstein set up Elon’s brother, Kimbal, with his girlfriend at the time. Musk was said to be a guest on Epstein’s island by workers there.

No. 1675649

File: 1665795412130.jpeg (880.59 KB, 1242x1857, E1027D6D-D89C-40CB-B8E0-118DF3…)

Tesla made a deal worth hundreds of millions of dollars to mine lithium from a huge mine in Sonora, Mexico. Sonora is a cartel controlled area of Mexico with extreme drug and human trafficking issues, and thousands of murders a year. Lithium is used in battery and vehicle production, but also in meth production.

Tesla covered up Sonora cartel drug traffickers within the company and bugged the devices of and threatened whistleblowers who brought it to the police’s attention.

No. 1675650

File: 1665795467127.jpeg (407.38 KB, 1242x896, BECC5D69-0A07-4821-8518-52E5D3…)

No. 1675653

File: 1665795882737.jpeg (159.76 KB, 750x628, D6A2CF15-7D15-4420-B0C0-ED1497…)

There is also this interesting blind item from the previous thread.

CDAN correctly reported on Elon secretly having twins with Shivon Zilis last year before anyone else reported on it, so clearly there is an insider leaking legit info there.

Various people have accused Elon and Grimes of being druggies and witnessing them using drugs, Grimes has admitted to behaviours typically seen in someone who uses meth (not eating or sleeping for days on end)

Interesting that Elon chose to move to Texas, possibly to be nearer to the Mexican border too.

No. 1675654

File: 1665796059937.jpeg (56.92 KB, 361x375, 28899640-8406-4EAD-8660-5EB9F9…)

No. 1675658

I mean, multiple squeaky clean kpop stars have been found to use meth, even in a country with extreme drug use penalties like Korea. Why would anyone be surprised that some billionaire weirdo and his arthoe girlfriend who live in America (meth paradise) do it too?

No. 1675659

Interesting. i remember reading somewhere gossip that Elon & Grimes were getting high on meth on production location, i don't remember the source though. Maybe it was Azealia, lol. she's probably right then

No. 1675674

Very nice, cherry pick two unconnected sentences to try to show I said something I didn't.
Some argue this is a kill list but I understand Elon was taken off, Mearsheimer was also put on this list which is really stupid. Why should Ukraine be putting American non-combatants on such a list?
I don't doubt Elon is doing business with Mexican cartels but that email to Epstein would suggest Elon is being blackmailed by the CIA and Mossad, not Putin. There were clear links between Epstein/Ghislaine and the CIA and Mossad.

No. 1675688

> Some argue this is a kill list but I understand Elon was taken off, Mearsheimer was also put on this list which is really stupid. Why should Ukraine be putting American non-combatants on such a list?
Mearsheimer is presumably on there because of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JrMiSQAGOS4 and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qciVozNtCDM (correctly) pointing out that the disaster in the Ukraine is the fault of the US and NATO (read: the US) relentlessly antagonizing Russia so their beef with him is pretty clear, in the muskrat's case if it's just about his tweets (correctly) suggesting that this whole mess isn't going to end without Crimea and probably other territory being recognized as Russian, then it's pretty dumb. The bait-and-switch with Starlink is pretty dumb, too, but it's a grift like everything else he does, what can people really expect from him?

No. 1675694

>being blackmailed by a group magically means you cannot be blackmailed by another group
>implying the whole Russia-Ukraine thing isn’t just political theatre and that both leaders don’t have the exact same desire (nuking humanity and controlling people through fear)

No. 1675695

Muskrat’s shady dealings are coming back to haunt him. He’s being threatened by all sides now, he fucked around and found out. Wouldn’t have happened if he hadn’t been so immoral and dishonest, and had maybe kept his mouth shut occasionally. He’s really really fucking sloppy and dumb.

No. 1675696

Nobody cares if they use drugs, the concerning allegation is that he is trafficking them

No. 1675702

I think he knows he is basically done for now. That’s why pinned his tweet about ending up dead. It doesn’t change anything, because we know John McAfee tweeted something similar (saying how if he ended up getting ‘Epstein’d’ that he didn’t do it himself, and guess what, he still got whacked. Dead from hanging in a jail cell, just like Jeff. They don’t care how suspicious it looks. Dead men tell no tales.

Elon has pissed off way too many powerful people. Grimes mentioned a while ago Elon said the Russians wanted him dead. She also mentioned how they were all kidnapping and extortion fodder to the Russians too. So clearly, he was not in their good books either. And now, pissing off Ukraine and the US government. He’s gone way too far.

No. 1675705

File: 1665800827421.png (9.17 MB, 1242x2208, EEF48EEF-804A-4F52-9516-C21446…)

No. 1675717

cholesterol will kill him

No. 1675718

In fairness McAffee was out of his mind on way harder drugs than Elon is

No. 1675755

Sounds like Trump lol

No. 1675888

Elon is just a less funny Trumplite. Except Trump was actually good at stopping wars.

No. 1676007


found the vatnik(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1676035

File: 1665845583271.jpeg (53.05 KB, 306x647, 935710B9-8040-4626-AE53-9A192D…)

My bets are on his man corset, it’s slowly constructing his vital organs.

No. 1676042

File: 1665845899667.jpeg (41.04 KB, 634x347, 8CE54018-864E-48C1-AE82-33819F…)

I love you can see the overspill at his moob level. Curvy goddess.

No. 1676081

They'll switch it with a KGB motorized assassin corset

No. 1676102

it just occured to me that Elon's satellites are PrIvAtE so they're fair game for someone to shoot out of space.

No. 1676114

Elon is no victim. He’s in bed with all these rich psychopath pedo scrotes and three letter agencies.

No. 1676134

Nah minor solar flares will take em out easy.. piddly Lil g1 or g2 flares take out dozens of them lol.

No. 1676208

it's not just the russians. I want elon dead too.

No. 1676325

File: 1665871812875.jpg (208.85 KB, 1152x2048, 1653093217736.jpg)

No. 1676400

Just when I thought he was showing some balls, he cucks out kek

No. 1676631

He liked playing Montgomery Burns with the power to block the sun. He'll probably keep flip-flopping on this like everything else because he's a pathetic attention sperg.

No. 1676796

File: 1665935511245.jpeg (745.03 KB, 1242x878, 2FF8BDF9-5548-4244-A8BA-716F24…)

He is so spineless and has zero morals or principles that he is able to stick to, hallmark of a psychopath.

He’s fucking evil, definitely in with the Great Reset crowd. He did monkey brain chip experiments which killed all of the monkeys and admitted he wants to microchip people’s brains and monitor their thoughts and emotions with Neuralink. God complex transhumanist psycho who wants to monitor and control the hivemind of humanity.

No. 1676806

File: 1665936000895.jpeg (597.15 KB, 1242x1711, 3207E042-B1E7-4AC3-94BA-F91ED3…)

He thinks he’s funny with his intentionally bad boomer jokes.

Fatherless zoomer moids will lap it up of course.

No. 1676808

File: 1665936179749.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1242x1401, AE17B368-198C-47AB-9E45-781226…)

>today’s mission: namecheck zoomer interest #3920536745

Still hiding her botched unclosable eyes lol.

No. 1676818

I think this is an old pic though. Jeff doesn't work for them anymore.

No. 1676917

why would she post that when we can easily clock her lie kek he stopped working for them a whole ass year ago

No. 1677015

Why would she get a partner when she is not a streamer and doesn't play the game regularly?

No. 1677080

He does not look comfy around her lol

No. 1677083

bro I thought she was desperate and pathetic but posting pictures from two years ago as if they just happened is actually kind of sad for someone with her kind of money (AND TWO CHILDREN)

No. 1677207

kek same. it’s increasingly difficult to not a-log these days

No. 1677265

the monkeys actually tried to kill themselves before they were finally euthanized

No. 1678447

I have literally never seen her mention ow before

No. 1678801

File: 1666129092198.jpeg (192.86 KB, 1024x1456, F5C9FD12-9DE7-443B-B941-F83683…)

I’m like really really scared of WW3 like seriously guys thank god we have them <3 I feel so much better having these two low IQ aspies negotiating via twitter with Russia about world peace….like aren’t they like superheroes just irl? Soooo tony stark of Eloan like seriously, and Clair omg she’s literally only on this planet for world peace and her mathematical theories just proved that Einstein literally was WRONG! She proved that even if your brain is pea sized you can still be a baby mama AND have a stinky vagina….soooo brave of them…they literally will die for our sins :(

No. 1679166

kek. Did you use that AI art thing that got leaked or is this masterpiece all hard work?

No. 1679434

I did it myself nonnie, the idea came while smoking crack kek

No. 1680186

From Bernstein research regarding Tesla's recent earnings call:
>Tesla's results were disappointing
>The earnings call didn't sit well with us. Answers to many questions on the earnings call were curt and almost dismissive, with CEO Musk instead repeatedly making very bold prognostications about Tesla's future and capabilities.
Elon's wealth is in Tesla, he'll sell a bunch to buy Twitter which sends the stock down, it will further go down because of competition, then financing costs will be much higher, there'll continue to be a general sell of in tech, plus he'll do more erratic shit on top of that. I suppose he'll have a bigger revenue stream from his cartel dealings as drug demand rises.

No. 1680247

File: 1666289179792.jpeg (921.57 KB, 1170x2220, F6C10248-D5DA-458B-9851-E0601D…)

grimes did a recent interview with MIA in papermag where they discussed the impact of phones and tech on society. MIA and grimes are allegedly online friends and never met in person. It was just so funny as low IQ Grimes was like “we should solve the whole world with technology!” And MIA made good points about how that wouldn’t work and she was “oh I agree totally” like which one is it Claire? Lol picrel MIA says grimes should get some of elons money and fix shit then lmfao. In the interview Claire says she wants to do one last album then try fix the world

No. 1680257

Is she as retarded as she acts/speaks or is she trying to be uwu cute dumb girl? I’ve never been a fan and cannot stand her “music” but I remember people on tumblr obsessing over her. She comes off as impressively dumb, airheaded, talentless, and unaware of her own idiocy.

No. 1680274

File: 1666292478956.png (46.8 KB, 633x294, Screenshot 2022-10-20 15.00.53…)

She's so obviously taking her techno-optimistic opinions from him and the babble about a desalination plant in LA. Complete shocker, this is something Elon is interested in too. What a vapid pickme without her own interests and opinions, it's sad.

No. 1680305

How is desalination solving anything? Not only desalinated water is disgusting but also completely void of any valuable mineral water normally would have. There's a reason maritime workers have water provided on cargo ships, and not just desalinate whatever is around them. But sure that probably would sound brilliant to elon's fans.

No. 1680332

does anyone here remember when grimes' now trooned out ex was on hipinion defending her in like 2012 and chris ott told him to shut up and keep holding grimes' fake gucci handbags? just wondering if anyone from that era is lurking lmao, grimes' troon ex explains a lot about who she turned into today.

No. 1680380

Are water treatment plants not sufficient?

No. 1680401

It's the "science and tech will solve every problem" bullshit we constantly hear from Elon and other autists. Running out of water? Just desalinate water. World becomes a shit hole? Just go live on Mars. There most likely is no technological solution to environmental problems. They were hyping up new devices that would suck out carbon dioxide from the atmosphere but a tree already does that just fine.

No. 1680506

File: 1666320866040.jpeg (448.73 KB, 1284x1975, AD920506-18E0-4369-9A6A-CC902F…)

This reeks white supremacy for some reason. The whole obsession they have with vickings is off.

No. 1680510

grimes sounds like a 19-year-old porn actress writing a weekend article for jezebel in 2011. aka dumb as SHIT

No. 1680529

he was in here a few threads back crying about how he made her and all her music was his and he only did it because women need so much help in the music world because of their dumb ladybrains and said there were no female producers and didn't realize it was because men prefer to have male producers and female artists don't pick female producers either.

No. 1680530

arab moids have been fruity since the dawn of time

No. 1680581


No. 1680708

It's always the ugly whites who want to misappropriate Viking culture to signal superiority. They usually have zero interest in vikings, they just want to communicate "I'm a superior white" to the rest of the world. She knows nothing about Norse culture and she knows even less about war, she's just a spoiled, narcissistic cunt who thinks that being criticized by a journalist for expressing yourself like a retard is tantamount to being in combat. Keep glorifying war despite having grown up insanely comfortable, so comfortable that the majority of adversity you've experienced throughout life has most likely been self-inflicted and could've easily been avoidable.

No. 1680732

>thinks being criticized by a journalist for expressing yourself like a retard is tantamount to being in combat.
Yes, and being roasted by "collab friend" for leaving her in the house and not giving a fuck is equivalent to mortal danger, which made her valiantly wave her sailor moon sword 3 years later & give the death blow in a form of "100% Tragedy". eventually cast an old viking spell that goes: "you're fat"

No. 1680764

>eventually cast an old viking spell that goes: "you're fat"

No. 1680862

Don’t worry nonnie pick-me’s never win they only lose. After the Natasha/Elon relationship drama she literally proved to the world how weak and insecure she truly is, a warrior wouldn’t cancel every show because paps took pics of Elon with a younger blonde. What makes me so incredibly angry is how she loves the idea that her canadian inbred ass is a Valkyrie. Only demons she fights are her various infections from Elons STD dick.

I mainly blame her libfem mom for spoiling her into oblivion. I remember how Sandy said in an interview how incredibly intelligent Claire was and how easily she learned neuroscience and how obsessed she was with it, yet forgot to mention that after literally 3 weeks she dropped out and wasn’t interested anymore kek

As if her mom knows how retarded Claire is and can’t accept that her beloved daughter is not academically gifted nor disciplined like her brothers. She’s a quitter and gaslights her mom into believing that neuroscience was to easy for her big brain and she’s destined for bigger things, like meth and video games

I think Elon only likes a person if they believe in the exact same things as him.
Grimes is afraid to show her true beliefs since it could upset him and his ex wife claimed how evil he could get when she’d disagree with him. Claire is a prisoner in her own head. She’s even to scared to date(a real man)again since it could make him angry and hurt his fragile ego, and she’ll probably never date again in her life, to prove her devotion towards Elon.
Piglet Grusk

Sorry 4 long ass rant
Hope there’s more milk soon

No. 1680878

File: 1666378133021.png (917.28 KB, 539x842, Screenshot_20221021-194402~2.p…)

Lol, I like how they omitted this next part from the same chronicler.

Okay Grimes, your pussy might stink, you and your bf probably have chronic post-nasal drip from all the cocaine, and you are a female cuck, but the similarity ends there.

No. 1680886

File: 1666379235585.jpeg (161.08 KB, 960x706, 44F2B152-6583-4D8C-BAC8-6A4429…)

A true Valkyrie

No. 1680887

Is there a name for these millennial fake sword swoosher people who obsess over game of thrones, get LOTR tattoos, are #nopoo, wear fake elf ears and own a collection of fake baby dragons and wizard paperweights? I’ve seen a shit ton of them online but they’re mostly 35 year old reddit moms with bipolar disorder.

No. 1680888

You're thinking of the word "nerd", like everyone else here lol

No. 1680890

As someone who is fully Nordic, Scandiboos make me deeply uncomfortable. Is this how Asians feel when people fetishise them?

No. 1680898

if they're wizardfucker nonna though, then it's called being based and hilarious

No. 1680901

File: 1666380272903.jpeg (75.59 KB, 606x1318, 2167605B-FF3C-439B-9B20-74F0BC…)

OMG. I thought this was Mother Frëŷjúðä
herself for a sec.

No. 1680902

File: 1666380462307.jpeg (146.19 KB, 828x844, 5144D0E4-5CDF-432E-96BF-14358C…)

She probably found myancestry.com

No. 1680907

These edits are hilarious nonny, may Odin bless you with many cute baby goats.

No. 1680909

Sometimes I’m scared that Grusk is pissed about my edits and will DDoS LC…
But my edits are art grimes, pls do not rage

No. 1680923

I appreciate the effort in your edits but you gotta wait a while, it ruins the joke after a while

No. 1680937

i would listen to this album. grimes, please make this instead of "sucker of dicks" or whatever

No. 1680938

this is fucking gross, make time travel illegal so we never have to see or smell this thx

No. 1680940

>pick-me’s never win they only lose
i almost feel sorry for them sometimes because they end up married to the UGLIEST fucking men who run around cheating and sharing needles and shit.
see: emrata, mrs. midwest, grimes, LDR

No. 1680941

yes but we do heroin to numb the pain instead of drinking mead.

No. 1680942

>wizardfucker nonna
i am almost scared to ask.

No. 1680943

nta but that passage is portrayed quite literally in The Thirteenth Warrior and it is indeed quite gross

No. 1680944

fuck goats, they're jerks

No. 1681034

This. I have never seen a pickme with a hot husband. Coincidence? I think not. Hot, badass guys like hot, badass women who keep them on their toes, not simpering womanchild footstools.

No. 1681042

Lmao, thank you for transforming my vision into reality anon

No. 1681049

File: 1666393503120.jpeg (230.52 KB, 523x984, 479BD8EB-70EA-4864-8E0F-9A8964…)

>After the Natasha/Elon relationship drama she literally proved to the world how weak and insecure she truly is, a warrior wouldn’t cancel every show because paps took pics of Elon with a younger blonde.
LOL. That was hilarious. Imagine getting possessive over that fat downie Muskrat.

No. 1681098

what the FUCK is the deal with his titties? they're huge even when he's not at his fattest

No. 1681102

HOLY FUCK, well I guess the transhumanism is at play here, he hardly resembles a human

No. 1681119

Her ideal self vs
her (picrel) actual self

This character reminds me of grimes so much kinda brain dead and 'one of the boys'

No. 1681121

File: 1666400921765.png (272.08 KB, 480x479, CE86AB00-DCF2-4046-B8C8-0E814F…)

* sage forgot pic

No. 1681201

So repulsive. His regular man corset isn’t enough, he needs an overbust one to control those gyno titties.

No. 1681245

get the man a bro

No. 1681338

First she tries (and fails) to skinwalk Rihanna and now she goes full Norse larp? Bitch can't make up her mind.

No. 1681667

File: 1666471716023.jpeg (141.71 KB, 750x1196, B5DE148C-1D4B-4167-9A0D-A6758A…)

Still trying to prove his love for cartoon tits so zoomies find him relatable

No. 1681668

File: 1666471803272.png (1.5 MB, 1286x2196, sureclaire.png)

old milk but can't believe what i'm reading, Grimes was interrogated! is this the real life? is this just fantasy?

No. 1681680

Looks like Natasha lol

No. 1681708

No. 1682150

he never said that, he answered a curiouscat ask saying that he DIDN'T her music and that he was her housewife or something.

No. 1682589

Regardless it’s pretty clear Claire learned from male producers on how to make music. Everyone has to learn from someone. I have female friends who also make electronic music and they all learned from their male relatives, friends or bfs. I’m sure she has stolen or embellished bits from other people or taken other peoples ideas and run with them, most artists do that.

No. 1683126

some people go to music school where they learn classical music theory from a varied assortment of professors, male and female. failed musician moid detected

No. 1683558

NTAYRT but it’s very clear Claire did not study music in any capacity. I did study classical music and don’t know how anyone listens to her junk. That picture she took where you could see she was listening to a Spotify playlist called “Harpsichord Music” makes me laugh whenever I think about it.

No. 1683580

Music as an artform or expression is kind of dead now tbh, most artists nowadays are amateurs who make it up as they go along and just put out whatever will get them big on tiktok. Anyone can do it on a laptop with a bunch of plugins. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. But people who act like making music is this magical mystical creative process are retarded. My best friend is a producer and has taught me a lot about it. It’s not a very creative or fun thing to do, it’s honestly pretty soulless and nerdy and involves sitting at the laptop for hours trying to make something that sounds good to the ear, also extremely repetitive. Most music producers, even the most renowned ones, are ALWAYS plagiarizing other artists. Electronic music especially is full of samples and I think Claire’s dumb fake feminist stance about how women producers are all self taught and don’t need no man and how everything she makes is original and unique is arrogant and retarded. She didn’t come out of the womb learning how to make songs, and her boyfriends and friends and other artists were probably very influential in her learning process and they do deserve credit for teaching her how to do it. This kind of sharing of material is not plagiarism per se, but it’s definitely imitation and she wouldn’t be doing what she does if she hadn’t had those people in her life showing her how to do it, and I’m sure she did steal many ideas along the way.

No. 1683588

The appeal of her music is the visuals and kookiness. Most of her songs are just a single bar of synths, looped over and over again. Not exactly rocket science. I do appreciate some of the melodies she has made, but given Claire’s inability to apply herself, it’s a bit sus whether she really came up with them all by herself or not.

No. 1683651

So the appeal of her music isn’t actually the music? That’s awful and sad.
Popular music is pitiful these days but I can promise you that music as an art form isn’t dead. The musical equivalent of throwing shit at the wall to see what sticks is not the same as actually composing music which is why most electronic music is completely soulless. Go check out a chamber music performance or something.

No. 1684212

File: 1666705563889.jpeg (810.39 KB, 1284x1865, 4E2D661F-8163-42A0-9F9C-4D9B04…)


absolutely repulsive. bring back bullying.

atp it's like they just wake up every morning and throw a dart at europe/SEA to see what culture they are larping as for the day

No. 1684411

It's not dead, it's just not something most main stream artists believe in anymore. People like grimes just saw the ability to make your own beats as a NLOG opportunity

No. 1684431

He might actually be the least cool person on the planet right now. He would benefit from receiving a swirly.

No. 1684612

thats true for all the arts and has always been. In the 15th century, painters were stealing from other painters and there was a very mechanical/technical "boring" aspect in a lot of various stages of artmaking. Its not even a bad thing.

No. 1684669

File: 1666730476202.jpeg (97.55 KB, 608x1024, 32AB92D3-6C13-44BB-B02D-04B5BA…)

He probably wasn’t lying. People back then were extremely dirty. Many European cultures thought having baths brought sickness, and wouldn’t even take all their clothes off when taking their monthly baths. Mongols didn’t bathe for months as they were travelling huge distances sometimes, although it probably wasn’t as bad because Asians have way less stinky sweat glands. Islam has always been obsessed with cleanliness and having to bathe to purify yourself, they also encourage shaving body hair etc. Most people back then didn’t know about germ theory, so the idea of bathing in someone else’s snot probably wasn’t as repulsive to them as it is to us.

In other news, Muskrat is planning to lay off 75% of twitter employees and ban left wing ‘censorship’ of poor innocent wignats (while also censoring any scandals about himself, no doubt) Pretty dumb considering about 80% of twitter’s userbase is lefties, trannies and sex workers, I guess he is trying to turn twitter into a right wing platform. Without crazy tranny twitter screenshots, I’m not sure what polfags will have to make fun of anymore.

Still a huge price to pay for an essentially worthless site. Nobody will want to buy it off him either. He’s made a huge error and he’s coping hard by acting like he’s in control.

No. 1684671

File: 1666730601461.jpg (112.33 KB, 497x462, no8h4fnoudr91.jpg)

sage for super OT but Arab historians/chroniclers had a noted tendency to over emphasize and exaggerate the "dirtiness" of other people, you'll find similar Arab descriptions of Bulgars, Mongols, Turks, Nubians, French, Slavs, just all non-Muslim and non arabized were deemed dirty smelly barbarians to the Arabs during the golden age of Islam, Arabs had similar descriptions of Slavs and Turks as they did of the norse, they viewed them as dirty barbarians who would never be as culturally advanced as Arabs, but they could be useful slave soldiers for the state and nothing more
if ibn fadlan had his way, he'd have norseman have the same function as turks, serving as slave soldiers, dying for Islam and treated as second class citizens
it is true that people in the mediterranean since recorded history practiced better personal hygiene then those in the north

No. 1684680

I’m elated he’s paying 50 billion for some garbage tranny word vomit amateur porn site. Must be a huge sting in the tail for someone who is so notoriously stingy and known to exaggerate his net worth.

A site like twitter is incredibly easy to set up and design too, so anyone can just make another one.

No. 1684684

I have a feeling most will be migrating to reddit

No. 1684695

File: 1666731526579.jpeg (815.6 KB, 1242x1493, 69B490E8-F45A-42DF-BA05-19D3AA…)

What’s funny is Google was actually getting concerned because people have started using reddit as more of a search/help engine than Google itself. Twitter might get more monthly hits than Reddit, but twitter is 95% nonsense and filled with fake news.

No. 1684699

kek. couldn’t even be bothered splashing a few hundred bucks on a new mattress for grimes after amber pooed on it. losing so much money must be killing him rn.

No. 1684701

Shouldn’t he be spending all that money on his ‘nuke mars’ colonialist mission? Or has he finally conceded that it’s a retarded fantasy that’s never gonna happen?

No. 1684704

No more facelifts for Claire for a while.

No. 1684718

All his ideas are corny sci fi bunk. Colonies on Mars, AI new gods, chipping humanity’s brains and controlling them, it’s all retarded. In the 60s they thought we’d have flying cars and teleportation by 2020, yet the first world is still a shitheap and 90% of AI and virtual reality tech is used for porn and shitposting.

No. 1684721

Twitter is indeed simple and there are turnkey open-source alternatives plus the Fediverse (but the fediverse is full of weird porn and weird politics) the problem is that anyone starting an alternative is going to have to deal with that problem head-on and not have the built-in userbase. Twitter is full of troons and porn but also mainstream media figures, entertainers, politicians, etc. and I doubt they'd be leaving en masse just because Trump and his wignats are allowed back. It's just too big a ship to turn around. Advertisers might leave, though, leaving him in financial trouble, either way it'll be a bad look. But if I can come back and start terfing out again I might make an account on muskitter tbh.
I always find Reddit to be high in Google search results anyway and it pisses me off, reddit lolbert incel scrotes are as bad as twitter troons outside of very straightforward Q&A situations and even then their pompous attitudes rub off.
Nuke the whole internet please.

No. 1684730

He’s just gonna censor everyone he doesn’t like tbh. He pretends to be pro free speech, but he had a meltdown because some Ukrainian rando called him a retard and told him to fuck off. It was never about free speech, hes simply a contrarian and boomer keyboard warrior. I can’t see him letting radfems off easy either, they would be far too critical of his mini broodmare industry.

No. 1684737

It’s funny, my friend went to an Ivy League school, so he got a membership for some Open AI (Elon’s company) x GitHub thing they’re supposedly developing (apparently 1.6 million people applied for a membership but only 1000 got approved)
He played around with it for a couple days, said it was dogshit, and ended up selling his account to some richfag lol. Apparently tons of people did the same because they realized it was garbage.

No. 1684750

noooooo anon, you can’t just say that! his army of tech bimbos and catgirl fanbois told me he is a genius and the ai messiah! they can’t be wrong can they?!!!

No. 1685023

so just like arabs nowadays kek
they're right about toilet paper though. there has to be a better way

No. 1685140

You're a naysayer, anon. Chilled monkey brain drives my car for me while I check my dogecoin.

No. 1685182

I hate Elon Musk. I genuinely hate him the more I have to see him and his stupid smug face. I understand why everyone hates grimes now because I cannot imagine the kind of sad bitch you have to be to go from being a so called communist anti capitalist for years to calling a rich tard that isn’t even attractive the player of games

No. 1685215

I think they deserve each other, they're both ugly autists.

No. 1685431

File: 1666811397624.jpeg (1.54 MB, 3464x3464, 42170218-299B-428F-A4AC-191731…)

I think he’s genuinely ignoring grimy, as of now. Elon not even liking the picture of Exa even when Claire desperately mentioned Nietzsche and Techno made me giggle a bit. He’s quick to like random Hentai anime tiddies and pics of X.

I think something big is going to drop, whether Elon impregnating another aspie chick or him claiming another NLOG as his main cum rag.
Grimes is just way to silent on social media. Public humiliation awaits and she knows it.

Totally unrelated buuut: is there a correlation between Nerf and Pickme‘s? It’s always them quirky NLOGs and these fucking Nerf guns….. it’s also universal like even here in my class, cool girls make these fucking toys their entire personality as if men only played with them.

No. 1685700

Fun fact Vikings were known for their exceptional cleanliness.

Seeing the way he interacts with people in interviews is genuinely disturbing. He's a next level turbo autist the likes of which I've never seen. The autists I know irl are honestly endearing for the most part but Elon is just straight up unsettling to observe.

No. 1685829

he's not autistic. he's a full-blown narcissist. his description of his wife's grief about their dead son as "manipulative" and his inability to listen to technicians are not autism.
sorry just turbo autists (mid-to-high-funcitoning) are controllable in some way, and even if they're weirdo reteerdos aren't generally directly "mean" to people. like you can give them a new rule to follow if there's something they do that pisses people off. elon is just a narc bully.

No. 1685982

He likes when people describe him as autistic because he thinks it makes him look like a genius engineer and explain some of his inappropriate behaviours.

No. 1686049

File: 1666875864713.jpeg (70.47 KB, 828x726, AAE2236A-79D2-45D3-9FA0-1F496F…)

I just knew that Shivon is „one of the lads“
Thought she was a genuine lesbian, but it’s just a larp to seem more mannish and NLOG ewww

He could have Aspergers tho, his family is known for inbreeding, especially in the last 100 years. And don’t even ask for “proof", all his family members only married their kin to stay rich back in the days.

Actually I knew quite a few “real" autists back in my hometown and I don’t get the hype why everyone desperately wants to be one.
Real autism isn’t quirky and funny, these people are suffering and throwing tantrums all the fucking time over minor shit. 99% of autistic people aren’t high functioning at all.
Maybe they’re gifted in maths or logic but most of them still wear diapers….

Hollywood and the Media in general have a very weird romanticised delusion of what autism really is. After Big Bang theory everyone thought autism transform
Big Pharma is also happy.

Also Claire isn’t on the spectrum he’s just a bored white girl with rich parents

No. 1686327

Sorry for going off-topic, but can someone explain how Shivon ended up working for IBM and became an investor of Bloomberg Beta straight after graduating in economics and philosophy? How is she working on artificial intelligence despite being an amateur and having no degree and professional experience? And now working for Neuralink which is just a scam.

No. 1686333

Sucking dicks probably?

No. 1686339

File: 1666904260204.jpeg (2.38 MB, 4936x4792, 36E23E96-DCEF-4C11-B6F0-DE6738…)

No. 1686341

I think it’s just a typical rich manchild quirk that golddiggers pretend to like too?

No. 1686344

File: 1666904896519.jpeg (51.65 KB, 553x480, 3E04D519-C3E6-45FB-A5B1-E8DD1F…)

Imagine paying 45 billion dollars just to stop anyone from tweeting this image of you again.

No. 1686358

ayy lmao

No. 1686383

bearer of breasts
i really can't fucking tell which pics are worse, Elon young or Elon old. why does he look like some faulty rodent with excessive fur shedding

No. 1686668

Nepotism possibly and "diversity hire" since she's part Punjabi Indian….

No. 1686714

Elon Musk tries so hard to make people think he’s le funny and le cool and le epic. I hope he gets hit by a bus.

No. 1686739

I hope you get hit by a bus for this not funny/not saged bump

No. 1686824

Sage is usually autofilled for me in every post and it wasn’t on that session for some reason, I hope you get hit by a bus for giving a shit

No. 1686837

Literally it be like Eric Cartman owns twitter now.

No. 1686988

Maybe I’m in the minority opinion here, but based on the career paths of people I actually know, I think that if you graduate from a top university (like she did), how relevant your study is to your intended field matters less. Even then, Economics is a rather versatile and sought after degree.

(Inb4 someone calls me a Shivon stan, I’m really not.)

No. 1687057

Suuure. What’s your excuse for not being funny?

No. 1687133

I'm in the same field as her but another company and I can promise you most people don't hold the 'right' education for what they're doing, most of the time they're self taught (especially in coding) + graduated from a good uni and and had connections to get hired more easily.

No. 1687371

File: 1666992977408.jpeg (151.38 KB, 538x1088, 5C6FE9A5-0A18-4FB6-B243-597E7E…)

Perhaps oddly unmilky but didn’t Claire recently got a Fox eye/ponytail lift by Dr.Kao?
I mean it’s obviously not her in the blind item (c-list Claire could neva) but I bet her going social media silent also has something to do with her botched ass face. Dr.Kao even deleted her picture from his site…seems weird. Are there any pictures post OP besides the awful swollen one?
She’s literally hibernating till her bean head is reducing in volume kek

No. 1687411

Thank you. I understand that experience often matters more, but the weird thing is that it looks like she had none. It's puzzling that she would be chosen over all the people with masters or PhDs in CS/math and finance from top universities who have already worked on projects, and given an important role. Also, I don't know if it's something typical for the US, but I have never heard of someone becoming a partner and investor for Bloomberg (or its European equivalent) shortly after graduating in economics at Oxford.

No. 1687449

tbf I'm not sure about the other companies, but spacex and neuralink are notoriously known among the devs to be absolute shit pay (especially considering the type of work you're doing). It's one of those prestige jobs to show off your resume (like working as a dev in gaming), and most people don't really care about that unless they're a musk stan or have the passion for the specific research they're doing (hence the shit pay). So it wouldn't be that crazy that she's working there compared to someone who's more educated (thus has the ability to get better paying jobs in better companies).

I have a feeling she has some decent connections aka nepotism of some sort, even IF she's self taught and amazing at it. Only times I've really seen someone hired the way she has.

No. 1687463

probably true. Haven't seen any new pics, and the pic she posted as "new" (endorsing some game) was year or 2 old. I've seen anons itt disbelieving the surgery story and saying she probably just taped up her face just to be like "Haha thath noth a suwgewy i was just kiddin i throlleth you guys uwu" next week. But it didn't happen, so it makes me believe she got a botched lift + who knows what else. If she was glad with the effects she'd be showing them around andmaking shitty tiktok videos at least.
as for blind item
>plastic surgery addict
>acting ambitions
Dove Cameron? not an A lister though

No. 1687502

Dr. Cow

No. 1687503

the zoomies think she's a-list

No. 1687631

File: 1667017918229.jpeg (568.2 KB, 1179x1383, 70B4EE16-9BE9-40C9-BABE-62298E…)

No. 1687632

File: 1667017976520.jpeg (915.03 KB, 1179x1745, 8F1578C0-4338-4185-A7D7-583BC7…)

No. 1687634

File: 1667018000637.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1179x1841, D2E258B6-5D79-4C24-BC01-99B0A9…)

No. 1687635

File: 1667018026394.jpeg (868.99 KB, 1179x1793, 9CBD14C8-636A-4081-B840-025BBE…)

No. 1687636

File: 1667018064706.png (1.37 MB, 1179x2556, D8771F9F-0526-4FA0-AFD2-E162FA…)

No. 1687638

File: 1667018183776.png (1.3 MB, 1179x2556, 2FF37D86-B6D8-4177-94F2-691387…)

I honestly and sincerely hope she isn’t botched. I know it would be kinda lulzy and people get what they sign up for but damn I would actually be kind of sad to me, just as a woman…

No. 1687641

Also p crazy she can spend 150k on a facelift and is trying to get people to feel bad for her saying she can’t afford a house. Also the part about Elon… ahem sry.. “bro lives below the poverty line” yeah, ok. Just as tone deaf as Paris Hilton wearing “stop being poor” shirt LOL imagine having the richest man in the entire WORLDs kids and child support and still trying to larp as poor. Sometimes I think she does things to make people hate her on purpose which is a common thing for people with histrionic personality disorder to do. She’s one of those people who truly believe any press is good press and will do literally anything for attention.

No. 1687642

I'm waiting to watch all the Twitter slacktivists refuse to put their money where their mouth is and deactivate their Twitters. I'm hoping it becomes a parler situation and we finally get to watch that awful platform burn but in all likelihood the platform is just going to be sold to some other Rich billionaire next year and nobody's going to care in a couple of weeks because the trannies can't do without their CP

No. 1687648

File: 1667019600761.jpeg (461.43 KB, 750x992, F753D7FD-9F07-4923-B471-A36F63…)

yes dr kao is her surgeon confirmed
these reviews are very telling. this dude’s work is atrocious, all of his results have the super tight, eyes pulled upward, botched unnatural look. his insta gallery freaks me out kek. i feel bad for claire if she genuinely ended up botched but at the same time, play stupid games, win stupid prizes? did she get her whole face done without reading the reviews? tinfoil but i could also see it being possible that grimes knew what this guy’s ’look’ is like and she intentionally picked him because the uncanny valley, synthetic aesthetic seemed quirky or something

No. 1687732

So I'm guessing by the name ponytail lift, and the results above, this involves pulling and cutting skin maybe behind the head instead of either side of the face like in a facelift? Probably a good reason why that isn't usually done by the reviews, since they are cutting skin on the head instead of around the face. It seems early for her to know she's been botched though, if she treats it early she may be able to reverse damage the other women dealt with earlier on.

No. 1687735

Nonnie, I think facelifts are irreversible because you are left with less skin to maneuver than you had in the first place, so your skin stays permanently taut
but idk as I am not a plastic surgeon, just guessing based the fact that if it was reversible all these fucked up cat ladies would def be undoing their botched surgeries

No. 1687738

File: 1667032585983.jpg (124.84 KB, 1200x630, paris.JPG)

sage for slight sperg but the stop being poor shirt was shopped. picrel is the real shirt

No. 1687788

I think you might be right (that she went for the uncanny look), but is it possible he did the surgery for free or gave her a big discount in exchange for free advertisement? Maybe she didn't read the reviews or didn't care because the offer was so attractive

No. 1687826

Holy shit she was botched! She looked great before, not sure why she got surgery to begin with

No. 1687947

there are surgeons that have some skill but don't put effort in unless the person is visible/famous. epecially in LA, you can run an assembly line of rushed botch jobs because plastic surgery is so normalized.
just look at the show botched-dr. dubrow fuckin botched his own face but brings his a-game for actual clients. these surgeons are weird dudes with weird priorities.

No. 1687969

Those results are a travesty. She looks like she has Downs in the after pics

Why women subject themselves to this will never make sense to me. I could never trust a moid to not to live out his misogynistic fantasies while I'm under a knife

honestly I feel bad for Claire. I think she jumped on this guy's hype train solely to get Elon's attention for 5 minutes

No. 1688072

Holy shit as soon as I googled ponytail lift a couple months ago, Kao came up and their reviews were dreadful. She made a big mistake, why is she so dumb?

No. 1688075

Now she can’t close her Shinigami eyes.

No. 1688078

Somehow that’s even worse lol.

No. 1688084

File: 1667070596722.jpeg (839.69 KB, 1242x1463, 3C3BE2BA-0E2C-47A1-8CE5-7CC8B2…)

She blatantly chose the surgeon because he was Asian lol. Why the hell would you let a man who does this to himself operate on your face? Not only that but he’s a Chinese plastic surgeon and no offense, but Chinese plastic surgery is often the worst. You really want a Korean or Japanese surgeon as they are the best.

I get she was trying to go for the Nordic alien look, but it looks terrible, even from a body modification viewpoint. It’s not beautiful or aesthetic or striking at all. It just looks like some sad washed up LA D lister cokehead who bogged at a cut price clinic in Tijuana. And I agree with the other anon, whining about about not being able to afford rent while also blowing 150K on a shitty facelift for yourself is so pathetic.

No. 1688088

lots of blue checkmarks are leaving, more free speech just means people can act as edgy as they want without fearing getting banned or suspended

No. 1688111

wonder what that means for the terves

No. 1688123

I agree I think Claire is a HPD cow. She just seems to enjoy drama and attention whoreing, being contrarian and pissing fans off while also being a huge pickme for her manbewbz betabux. Token histrionic behavior. Also cancelling shows just because Muskrat was seen with a younger woman, but still staying by him while he cucks her and has kids with a bunch of other women. Pathetic.

No. 1688139

File: 1667073613439.png (401.55 KB, 1800x1292, kao.png)

more reviews of claire's surgeon

No. 1688304

It's Ariana Grande, and the acting career is Wicked
Looks like undereye fillers gone wrong, except it will never fade

No. 1688316

This is very sad. Dr Kao the butcher operates on parts the customer has not agreed on. They are in pain and dissatisfied after the surgery. I wonder if Claire wanted the foxeye but Dr Butcher decided to do something extra. I wonder if she has tremendous pains. I'm glad he left her nose untouched.

No. 1688386

okay but now im curious as to who the a lister in the blind item could be…

No. 1688415

It's a basic-ass endoscopic midface lift with brow lift which he does very poorly. He calls it "ponytail lift" like it's something brand new and because he allegedly did Bella's bogpilling. That's why he charges flyovers 200k kek

No. 1688453

dude looks like he got a $30 facelift in fuckin kowloon city

No. 1688549

Ariana Grande

No. 1688690

File: 1667119249958.jpg (326.61 KB, 1059x1457, SmartSelect_20221030-042137_In…)

Holy shit so either they delayed someone else's surgery or she planned this a very long time! 6 months is a long time for this kinda thing…

No. 1688810

File: 1667134566969.jpeg (1.24 MB, 3464x3464, 1D0BAD88-987E-46EE-B410-504C93…)

Who the fuck cares if a bimbo gets botched? She wanted to look like the fan art people send her, anime and moids really fuck up your perception of beauty.
Her daydreaming of becoming a Japanese russian cute girl really failed and I’m happy about that, her lips look horrible, swollen asshole like.
She’s definitely hiding due to surgery complications. The swelling probably never went down and she cannot accept the fact that Elon and the kids hate her new asshole face.

Grimes was stupid enough to go to Dr.Kao with photoshopped images of her and wishful thinking. But I also see the positive outcome of such a vile surgery, she now has a Halloween mask all year round!!

No. 1688821

You know, that actually makes a lot of sense, the use of the phrase "acting ambitions" suggests that she's trying to act rather than already being an established career actress. Thanks anon.

No. 1688871

She didn’t even look a bimbo and is definitely not giving fairy or Viking vibes, she looks like a transgender black prostitute with severe vitiligo.

No. 1688880

Oddly specific, but accurate. My sides, nonna.

No. 1688884

It's still so hilarious that she got literally her whole face done except her nose, the one thing she actually needs

No. 1688948

File: 1667147932331.png (163.28 KB, 360x270, CA0A4D6B-2BF1-467B-B828-8F2E91…)

She got bogged.

No. 1688966

File: 1667148771371.jpeg (1009.17 KB, 1242x1607, 85BB9767-07BD-4997-8C82-C71F27…)

Everyone deserves the right to free speech, especially former Al Qaeda and ISIS members.

Thanks Elon, very cool!

No. 1688976

Is he also gonna allow videos of women being gangraped in Ukraine and soldiers being tortured stay up? Since it counts as ‘indie journalism’ right.

No. 1688978

I kinda wanna see how this plays out, placing every extremist on twitter and giving them the freedom to say whatever they want without repercussions would be hilarious to wtiness
I wanna see hoteps, white nationalists, jihadists, russian imperialists and every other fanatic and radical go full mask off

No. 1688993

I guess the upside is it will make them easier to doxx.

My guess is that if it stays the same, so much gore and threats and porn will be spammed towards celebrities and other certain demographics of people that many will just end up leaving the platform together and it will turn into a shitshow hellsite.

Unless Twitter implements some kind of account IDs with verification, which most edgy users probably won’t bother signing up for, for fear of being doxxed. Either way, it won’t be Musk who is micromanaging all this.

No. 1689004

the former CEO already has another site ready to be made, I predict the blue checkmarks, celebrities and black people will be moving there, some normies will be sticking around of course, the extremists will be more open about it and more start flooding in

No. 1689018

File: 1667151033749.jpeg (79.17 KB, 461x1024, A140D692-0171-4424-9B5A-B38793…)

RIP all the children who will be raped and hunted for sport tonight by Musk and his pedo friends

No. 1689030

Apparently all the guests are being made to sign non disclosure forms, so some weird sex shit is gonna be happening at the least.

I actually know a cult leader who rented that castle for him and his followers a couple years ago. They weren’t sacrificing children, but they did blood drinking rituals and had an orgy there. I think Romania has really lax laws about this stuff.

No. 1689031

I feel like he genuinely thinks he’s super cool and that all the effort he has been putting in lately to appear like le epic funnyman isn’t pathetic

No. 1689038

Yeah the dad jokes are so pre-scripted and contrived. He’s trying too hard to appeal to weird nerds with daddy issues.

Let that sink in. Yeah, the money sink you just wasted 44 billion dollars on m8.

No. 1689039

File: 1667151917915.jpeg (67.91 KB, 622x622, 95110D71-6BC6-436F-8AC9-B6FE24…)

No. 1689041

>I actually know a cult leader who rented that castle for him and his followers a couple years ago. They weren’t sacrificing children, but they did blood drinking rituals and had an orgy there.
nigga wut

No. 1689051

Serious question - are there moids without daddy issues? All of them follow a particular e-daddy. If it's not Musk, then it's Tate or Peterson or whatever. The need to lick boots is in their genes.

No. 1689129

It’s scrotes innate nature to kowtow to a daddy figure and die for them. Whether it’s their god, their lord, their emperor, king, or some preachy e-grifter or snake oil salesman who reminds them of an authority figure.

20 million scrotes killed each other because some fat archduke got assassinated in 1914. Never underestimate the innate bootlicker and chimpout nature of moids.

No. 1689349

File: 1667169578599.jpg (320.73 KB, 945x1527, halloween-22.jpg)

Pictures have surfaced from a party on Saturday night, which appears to have been attended by the global elite and A-list Hollywood actors, all of whom were attired appropriately for a Halloween medieval celebration.

One could have been forgiven for thinking they had stepped into a movie, given the presence of medieval decorations, as well as the stunning costumes were worn by the visitors. The world’s elite and Hollywood’s finest were welcomed to yesterday night’s gala with not just a fantastical location but also fantastical food. The photographs say it all: people were amazed and had a good time, as several of them took some truly remarkable shots that they shared on social media.
Credit: Media Flux

Elon Musk hosted the party for the world’s richest people at a Poiana Brașov sheepfold that is popular with tourists. There was a private, fenced-in area where visitors arrived in minivans one at a time. Their Romanian guests greeted them with fresh bread, salt, as well as plum brandy. There were no outsiders allowed at the party because it was held in the restaurant and its backyard.

Tonight’s Halloween Party is expected to take place at Bran Castle, one of the most popular Romanian attractions. Elon Musk spent €75,000 on the rental for one night of partying. The party planners have been active since August, thus planning for a full three months. In addition, everything was planned and executed by an American staff flown in for the occasion.

No. 1689352

The fuck is this post?

No. 1689355


No. 1689361

so sick of anons who say this. we're assholes, not anti-feminists

No. 1689362

Someone doing some SEO to try and cancel out the romanian vampire posts

No. 1689363

kek pretty sure black people are gonna stick with the non-tranny site.

No. 1689365

christ that's a lot of ugly people. what happened to attractive celebrities, did they all just die off after the moon landing

No. 1689378

Shut up

No. 1689379

File: 1667170788256.jpg (79.47 KB, 635x896, halloween-22-2.jpg)

another photo, maybe this is Grimes on the right?

No. 1689383

All that money and the table settings look fucking atrocious and cheap.

No. 1689387

File: 1667171583135.jpeg (103.09 KB, 675x1200, 4B696B3C-6BC9-423F-B968-7EB746…)


No. 1689388


No. 1689405

Wealthy people are literally a bunch of nerd LARPers who think paying for orgies makes them cool

No. 1689413

Is that her real ears kek im dyyyyyying

No. 1689443

File: 1667175698639.png (688.83 KB, 1399x1110, 1667173998688089[1].png)

What a cuck! Stick to your guns Elon! Paul Pelosi was obviously attacked by his gay lover at best and maybe they were both doing some pedophilic shit together at worst lol

No. 1689447

Second from the right is that lady from power rangers

No. 1689449

nona it's someone else dressed as her

No. 1689461

I thought you mean that orc was Grimes.

No. 1689476

No. 1689480

>I wanna see hoteps, white nationalists, jihadists, russian imperialists and every other fanatic and radical go full mask off
Me too anon, me too. Hopefully they'll cannibalise each other sooner rather than later.

They're not mutually exclusive concepts. You're on a gossip site newfag let anon think her nose looks dumb amongst her plastic face.

No. 1689487

If she was going to put on prosthetics he should have put on a fatsuit.

Because anyone who thinks it’s cool to spend Halloween with Elon Musk is a fucking loser. Literally sitting at home would be an better use of your time, I’m sure everyone there is a moronic kiss ass. Yes I’m hating from outside the club, no I don’t care.

No. 1689488

Fuck all these kidfucker pedos.

No. 1689489

File: 1667179599966.png (174.58 KB, 596x680, 3D369D5E-1976-409A-B2B8-56D177…)

No. 1689516

Kao means face in Japanese if that wasn't already common knowledge

No. 1689520

Ariana Grande does look a lot different lately that's for sure

No. 1689545

Chia chi Kao ain’t a Japanese name lol

No. 1689550

Oh, I didn't bother checking what his real name was. "Dr. Face" would've been funny though.

No. 1689603

I know you guys hate Grimes and want her to look like shit, but facelifts can take months to settle. And her lip fat transfer will go down a lot.

No. 1689621

File: 1667189700738.jpeg (341.03 KB, 1170x1909, B09EBF17-B7AD-4AE7-9A0F-D99CC2…)

Sage for possibly derailing/tin foiling, but a friend of mine went digging and it seems like people think it’s Gaga. Can’t get the Instagram video they’re talking about right now, but it’s still there at the time of this post. For someone who sounds so upset, her brows hardly move. Pic rel is the most expressive you see her look in the whole video. She’s got a few big roles coming up, primarily Harley Quinn, and has admitted to “being addicted to face fillers.” Personally hope it’s not her and this is all just speculation though.

No. 1689622

File: 1667189776182.jpeg (380.42 KB, 1170x1622, 6BDA1502-FE04-425B-A92B-76CD9A…)

No. 1689641

What's she upset about?

No. 1689646

Having to end a live show early due to bad weather.

No. 1689660

no woman "needs" to fix her nose

No. 1689673

There is absolutely zero motion in her face based on her tiktoks, I don't think she looks botched though so it's likely just botox and fillers

No. 1689682

I agree that this looks like too much Botox and fillers. It can be jarring talking face to face with someone with a lot of Botox due to their inability to emote properly. Even with a modest amount you lose important micro expressions.

No. 1689764

I don't think so either. But moralfagging on a gossip site dedicated to laughing at other women because of another anon's roundabout way of saying her nose looks weird on her plastic face is redundant.

No. 1689789

File: 1667209791849.jpg (339.4 KB, 1080x1741, Screenshot_2022-10-22.jpg)

doubt about Gaga, she did Djset with Hana (and not first time) pic from Hana's ig story, oct 22

No. 1689801

Grimes does. It’s literally blobfish tier.

No. 1689802

Weird whiteknight lol.

No. 1689829

Kek anon how could you?

No. 1689843

File: 1667217473651.jpeg (503.63 KB, 1014x1144, B69987C3-E2B6-4062-8CFE-CEBFCC…)

It’s a shoot from vice and i like this pic even better kek
I never noticed her extreme jug ears until now, but i heard some people like them

Also vice is based for the unibrow ahaha

No. 1689844

Nah, if Grumsk was invited she’d post a lot about the party to prove Elon isn’t sick of her.
Her recent polygamy relationship dreams also made me giggle a bit, like he wont even have an open relationship with you, desperate ass cunt

No. 1689885

Weird that the wks in this thread sometimes pretend to not have eyes. Her nose is one thousand percent her worst facial feature

No. 1689915

They mog the real Grusk sadly

Kek, this. Claire is so desperate she’ll even settle for polyamory and being cucked and Elon STILL won’t fuck with her. It’s truly over.

No. 1689936

I think it's objectively ugly, but it's also like gap teeth, in that it's quirky to have it. In a time when all celebs have the exact same facial features now I kind of like it

No. 1689965

Women should be allowed to have ugly and/or interesting noses. Also, I hate Grimes.

No. 1689976

Yeah I agree her nose is ugly but idk if she's content with it there's no point in screeching "SHE NEED NOSE JAWB" Everytime she makes herself uglier with filler or whatever.

No. 1690018

It's only funny to point out because not getting a nose job is a weird point of pride for her, and now she's changed her entire face except for that lol

No. 1690019

The thing is, she probably hates her nose as well, but idk why altering everything but not the one feature that is in the way of becoming an elven anime princess kek

I also have a big ass nose, but bulbous noses are very hard to fix. It’s not like having a big hump and getting it flattened. Flat noses with thick skin are the hardest to correct. That’s probably the only reason she don’t consider surgery, it wouldn’t look smaller afterwards, just not as flat from the side.

No. 1690073

The problem is that Kao's work looks bogged even when settled lmao

No. 1690138

Claire invalidated her quirky card by becoming a pathetic surgery addicted bogged pickme. If she’s gonna go down that plastic bimbo road and behave like a dumb shallow pickme bitch, she shouldn’t be surprised when people hold her to dumb bimbo pickme standards.

No. 1690141

lol i don't think these are real ears

No. 1690270

Anon wasn’t implying that they are.

No. 1690272

I’m sorry but isn’t the whole premise of a Harley Quinn’s identity being a femme fatale? When has she ever been depicted as not hot? I don’t care how this sounds, why would anyone watch something involving Harley Quinn if she looks like lady Gaga.

No. 1690290

File: 1667252228886.jpeg (279.25 KB, 1205x1808, 65e97876e17d9b5b426e547f8d7df9…)

Wonder why the seed-spreader didn't have any children with his second/third wife Talulah Riley. She is a beautiful woman and could be a twin of his first wife. She's certainly more attractive than Claire and at least wasn't a random employee like Shivon. Guess infertility could've played a factor but billionaires have access to things regular people do not - see Sergey Brin and his second wife who were able to have kid despite her being infertile. It just seems odd that he skipped her over when they were married.

No. 1690315

You are making it sound like he is in total control of getting these women pregnant. She probably just had his abortions and not his babies if they even ever conceived. She was probably smart enough to use birth control. She knows she is too beautiful for him and used her looks to get money. Smart woman not having his ugly babies.

No. 1690331

holy fuck i am dead

No. 1690333

It’s also possible he’ll only conceive via IVF in order to select sex. Maybe she just wasn’t willing to submit to ridiculous and unnecessary medical treatments.

No. 1690371

I would totally believe that. Probably why he doesnt have any/many girls. Atleast not that ive seen. And that theory fits in with his crackhead ideas.

No. 1690390

She's basically as dumb as she sounds. I assumed she was cool and interesting back in like 2012, but all of the ~mystery~ kind of was ruined for me once I heard her talk and the Azealia Banks texts came out, kek

No. 1690391

9 of his 10 children are sons. Grimes got the girl he doesn't give a shit about, to prove that he isn't making nazi aryan man babies. He's definitely gender selecting them, which makes it even funnier that one of his first sons trooned out to trigger Elon.

No. 1690395

Well, Ambers baby is a girl too. But we know that’s because she fought tooth and nail to have a girl when he threw a embryo burning hissy fit and probably tried to force her to have a son with him. But apart from that you’re correct.

No. 1690398

She seems ballsier than his other gfs. Maybe she just had the guts to stand up to him and say no to being his personal egg carton.

No. 1690432


No. 1690439

She does look like a black person with vitiligo. I don't understand why she touched her lips they were already nice and full. Getting any plastic surgery at all because you care what moids or other people think of you is cringey in general. Especially since anons were saying that was the only cool thing going for her in her heyday - the vibe that she didn't care what she looked like to scrotes.

No. 1690443

Chinese plastic surgery always makes them look like they're wearing masks for some reason

No. 1690593

I think it’s because Asians naturally have quite taut skin and an upward tilt to their outer eyes, so when they do lifts on top of that it looks really scary and starts bordering on catwoman tier (sorry if this offended anyone im just trying to describe why it looks weird) also men in general just look hella weird when they start doing plastic surgery. It automatically gives a weird gay ken doll look to them (which I’m sure is what they’re going for anyway)

No. 1690597

Her nose is uglycute but I don’t think getting it done would make her prettier. Sometimes people think if they get a tiny pixie nose it will automatically make them pretty, but it’s not like that, it’s way more about harmony, and I think her nose fits her face well. It’s also something of her trademark now and I think getting it done would just be so uncanny and weird and probably fuck up her self perception and lose her a lot of fans. As another anon said, flat bulbous noses are the hardest to fix as they need to scoop so much cartilage out and when they sew the nostrils back up it often ends up in a penis shape.

No. 1690616

i think this is the final word on this topic

No. 1690618

vice showing its gavin mcinnes roots by making grimes uglier in this shoot but hiring an attractive guy to play elon

No. 1690620

>not getting a nose job is a weird point of pride for her, and now she's changed her entire face except for that
idgi, this is internally consistent with her shitty personal "morals" though. i mean, she's a retard but she said "i will never get a nose job no matter what" and then never got a nose job no matter what.

No. 1690622

she bailed pretty quickly and tries not to talk about him, i think she wanted out much sooner than the others. makes me think she's smart tbh

No. 1690626

Bri’ish women are sensible and no nonsense like that. Murican and Leaf women seem to pander to rich moids too much, because the retarded tradwife ideal and money worship is still alive and well there.

No. 1690632

No one said they're not allowed they gave their subjective opinion on a gossip site. We can all agree to disagree about her nose, but I hardly think an anonymous imageboard is the place to police what other's say or think whether they like it or not (not saying you're doing that just giving my opinion).

No. 1690698

File: 1667283051981.jpg (701.79 KB, 2584x872, grimes time.jpg)

No. 1690709

Te last one isn't heavily edited, that's the difference. Are you blind?

No. 1690713

this is screenshot from live-stream

No. 1690714

File: 1667284913914.jpg (241.94 KB, 703x703, dm.jpg)

No. 1690717

File: 1667285641645.jpg (389.5 KB, 1512x2016, halloween.jpg)

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - OCTOBER 31: Elon Musk attends Heidi Klum's 2022 Hallowe'en Party at Cathedrale at Moxy Hotel on October 31, 2022 in New York City.

No. 1690723

Why does she look like a deer in headlights

No. 1690725

is one of those women standing next to him his mother?

No. 1690728

Eight years is a long time considering 9 is his longest

No. 1690729

Yea and the other looks like his sister

No. 1690732

Brooke Wall, Elon & Maye Musk


Musk attended model Heidi Klum’s annual Halloween party in New York City. His costume is worth $7,500, reports Just Jared.

A New York-based costume store lists the brown outfit has “Devil’s Champion – Leather Armor Set”.
Also featured in Musk’s photo was Brooke Wall, founder and CEO of the Wall Group. According to his mother Maye Musk, it was Brooke Wall who “tied” him into his Halloween costume.

getty says it's Brooke Wall https://www.gettyimages.com/detail/news-photo/maye-musk-and-brooke-wall-attend-heidi-klums-21st-annual-news-photo/1438059448?phrase=maye musk&adppopup=true

No. 1690741

how is that bad taxidermy of Sheldon Cooper not only attractive but better looking than the girl? You need an eye test anon kek

No. 1690757

File: 1667292076086.jpg (48.9 KB, 540x324, ex.jpg)

Musk was snapped with his ex-wife Justine, who was dressed in a full latex feline outfit and appeared in good spirits

The former couple were seen chatting outside of the party in Beverly Hills, hosted by actress Bella Thorne

Musk laughed when asked what he had gone as, saying 'you'll never guess' before chuckling and shrugging

source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11374099/Chief-Twit-Elon-Musk-SOLE-director-Twitter-dissolving-board-directors.html

After this party Elon flew to NYC and was seen with small kid in his car (Exa or SZ's twins or maybe some new?)

so where is Claire?

No. 1690760

I wonder how it feels to constantly keep getting owned

No. 1690768

This dude showed up to an A-List Halloween party dressed like a goddamn LARPer

No. 1690773

I don’t think this is fair, neither of them give a fuck about that kid and that fat fuck posing with him between lipo appointments doesn’t change that

No. 1690778

its a Halloween party, I dislike musk as much as anybody but its such a weird thing to roast him on

No. 1690794

No. 1690803

File: 1667298768809.png (228.23 KB, 388x720, ssstiktok_1624531425_001_960.p…)

agree about Claire but Elon is there for kid. Live stream from Starbase shows not once how he is there with him and does his father's job but i didn't saw single real video where Claire at least "play" mother's role. Prev videos and photos show how she or ignores him or using for PR.

Like for examplу these her tiktoks - while she is infront camera on background Symone plays and dances with naked kid.

No. 1690808

This is legitimately one of the saddest pictures I have ever seen. Imagine straight up ignoring your baby to eye fuck a camera. (I know there are lots of thots like this and that just makes it sadder.)

No. 1690817

File: 1667300580438.jpeg (1.6 MB, 1242x1443, E60E8544-544A-46F0-8D32-C55D13…)

Ugly satanist pedo freak lol.

No. 1690820

File: 1667300904806.jpeg (48.71 KB, 640x479, EA59C0B9-669A-4396-A805-E3A735…)

Kek it’s obvious both her and Elon are self absorbed aspies who ignore their kid and make the nannies do all the rearing. The only thing Claire seem to do with her kids is use them for clout points and watch violent war movies with them.

Remember someone on tiktok pointed out that her kid clearly didn’t even know the word for mama, Grimes tried to do damage control and said she didn’t know you were supposed to teach them words. Kek.

No. 1690831

he really just threw this ugly larp armor over some t-shirt and jeans and called it a day. lmao

No. 1690836

>showed off his biceps

yeah im gonna need a map to figure out where those bad boys are because i cant see a single toned muscle through his flabby fuckin chicken-wings-for-arms.

No. 1690870

File: 1667307815157.jpeg (84.2 KB, 495x1024, 21C8FB72-C68C-4FF9-8E4A-002938…)

At least now even the /pol/ schizos are beginning to hate him and are calling him the illuminati antichrist. Well done on alienating your fanboys, Muskrat.

No. 1690873

File: 1667308052565.jpeg (106.23 KB, 678x1024, 3E05CB45-EF02-4E4F-9D30-1F25E8…)

He might wanna be a bit more subtle. Truthers are turning on him.

No. 1690875

At least this megasperg didn't dress up like Ironman. It's like a six year old got granted his wish to be the richest man in the world.

No. 1690876

Looks so tacky and cheap for ‘da richest dude in da worl’

No. 1690879

I have always believed and continue to believe to this day that those Reddit tier 'Elon Musk is IRL Tony Stark' memes were ALL started by Musk himself.

No. 1690931

I cannot believe this fucking AUTIST showed up at a Klum costume party half assed like this. How embarrassing.

No. 1690961

File: 1667318338465.jpeg (312.07 KB, 828x1792, 56341A04-FE82-4245-AF63-06D925…)

His ex Natasha also dressed up in something similar kek perhaps it’s Elons fetish

There’s no reason for Elon to not invite Claire to any of these parties, she wouldn’t get in the way of him flirting w/anyone. So I thought that she simply didn’t want to go to Romania and see him getting flirty with a young model. Her ego is too fragile

No. 1690968

it looks like she was using the SNOW app in the middle pic to make her nose smaller and her face thinner

No. 1690980

Are you really that retarded anon? Just because you see some orchestrated social media post with him holding poor X for the camera like a literal prop, you think he’s an active parent?
I agree about grimes but Elon openly admits to not caring for his young children
With the amount of kids he has, and his schedule I can easily claim he sees most of em through Zoom or FaceTime

No. 1690996

This. It’s clear neither of them really give a fuck about their kids. Only useful as props and photo ops and trying to force their interests and tastes upon them to make toddlers seem cool. Grusk are both horrifically narcissistic ‘parents’.

No. 1691000

Possibly snow since she has been caught using it before, more likely just a generic prettifying instagram filter. You can tell from the blurriness.

Sorry Clairo but you don’t look anything like that irl.

No. 1691043

Theres nothing implausible about this. Tesla is essentially a meme stock, it was GME before GME. Meme stocks have weak fundamentals and need to be pumped via some sort of cult worship, which usually includes botting and artificially created narratives.

I'm guessing the whole buying his own social media platform thing was also a last ditch effort to create a space where he can shill TSLA and other nonsense to fool retail cucks or get more government gibs (before he realized that he couldn't really afford it). Musk's actual product is not whatever he makes, but a parasocial relationship he sells to "top IQ percentile sigma male" neckbeards who think they'll be rich one day because they know how to code.

No. 1691063

That girdle has him acting up, feeling his oats

No. 1691071

the middle and the right both look like she injected twice the amount of fillers the plastic surgeon recommended. like, even the filtered middle one looks like a picture of a fillertard

No. 1691075

kek it's so fucking obvious that elon has a stylist dress him 100%. like from underpants to shoe choice. idk why but it's just so clear that he has no concept of different fits (like slim, loose, tight, cropped etc.) and even that tshirt and pants had to be placed on him by a paid professional, who he also allowed to tie that kerchief around him like a dog going to the state fair.

No. 1691086

File: 1667329075412.jpeg (287.51 KB, 1024x878, 9F431330-BB57-4F97-AAA9-4F3CFA…)

the only reason I’m exited for the future

No. 1691110

Oh absolutely. If he’s really a sperg and dressed himself his wardrobe would be extremely limited. Tbh if I had the money I’d also hire a personal stylist because I have a hard time understanding what looks good on me. He looks silly because it’s so obvious he doesn’t dress himself.

No. 1691112

Note that the idea to buy Twitter happened around the time when reddit turned on him kek

No. 1691127

I went back on Reddit recently and was shocked by the amount of Musk hate hitting the front page. Never thought I’d live to see the day

No. 1691151

File: 1667332917381.jpg (463.23 KB, 1969x1667, 1629650964769.jpg)

No. 1691156

File: 1667332996612.jpg (64.73 KB, 712x608, 165156.JPG)

No. 1691168

File: 1667333839224.jpeg (76.94 KB, 828x496, 9D8F1F4C-3D72-4661-B25C-0CA8FD…)

This is for you Azealia I know your lurking and I love you

No. 1691180

i do wonder if she lurks here but tbh i don’t think she has the self control to read the farms without obviously white knighting herself like she does on tiktok

No. 1691183

Even if she’s not actively reading them, she 100% knows about all these threads and at least lurked once
Lmfaooo this is so wrong

No. 1691213

No. 1691221

File: 1667338383029.jpg (40.21 KB, 275x250, 1664246853695.jpg)

I posted this in the previous thread and yeah he's a Disney dad lol

No. 1691236

NTA, I would say that Elon at least pretends he has some parental bond by posing with them while Claire treats them merely like extensions of herself. She posts things such as "look at my child liking this", "look at me giving my son a cool haircut after watching netflix" and blatantly ignoring them while they are somewhere in the background, she doesn't even care to conceal that. They both treat them like accessories, just differently.

No. 1691237

no, label asked her be more active online and she tried and did tiktok with trend "is he hot or …" but this was mistake (tried find link on video but looks like she deleted this one)

No. 1691242

No. 1691243

yep, thanks

No. 1691244

File: 1667341220193.jpg (37.21 KB, 527x370, tiktok.JPG)

speaking about tiktok: left is her song (09/30) right is weird* edit video with Elon's voice (09/24) - numbers of views show the value of song.

*weird because no proof she was there with them, maybe she opened video with Elon and kid on her laptop and tried to edit like she was part of happy family

No. 1691246

File: 1667341325366.jpeg (636.45 KB, 1818x1818, 1604221191594.jpeg)

Why does she look like an unshooped Crys Numoii lmao

No. 1691276

She looks like Scarlett Johanssen on the right

No. 1691281

>Tbh if I had the money I’d also hire a personal stylist because I have a hard time understanding what looks good on me
you'd probably still ask to be dressed as a member of whatever subculture you're an actual part of (fitness, diy/crafty, hiphop, raver etc.) or you'll have a preference for formal over silly or something. elon looks like he shows his stylist a picture of whoever wrote the last tweet he read and gets styled to a different audience every time accordingly. it's not consistent in any way, as well as being really impersonal looking.

No. 1691293

These threads are hateful towards African Americans. Elon (born in South Africa) is African American.(weak attempt at bait)

No. 1691299

File: 1667348217876.png (56.72 KB, 558x747, elon 4sure.png)

"pretty dark" came out in 2019 and i knew immediately it was about him. i never liked them together. the more i read these threads the more fucking obvious it is. he never loved her yet she simps for him on TT daily. embarrassing as fuck

No. 1691308

File: 1667349136322.jpeg (141.28 KB, 828x798, 5E4CB612-36D4-4019-8570-40ECC6…)

No. 1691361

What the fuck is the point of being a billionaire and living in a poorly decorated McMansion? And wearing such fugly clothes? And not just buying each kid their own toy so they don’t steal from each other? Fuck if you’re gonna be that immorally rich and are paying pocket change in taxes, you should at least be forced to be spending your money and not hoarding it. Hoarding wealth should be punishable by death.

No. 1691391

she truly became what she used to claim to hate all along. a woman desperate for a billionaires (the father of her kids no less) attention… what happened to being a feminist commie lol

No. 1691407

File: 1667357051937.png (667.99 KB, 900x874, i wish women this ugly could g…)

why do women write these types of songs about the ugliest men? karen o wrote MAPS about the thing on the left

No. 1691427

He’s the player of games, the player of games

This is weird

No. 1691434

File: 1667360902722.jpg (345.02 KB, 936x2206, Picsart_22-11-01_23-47-56-205.…)

Amber heard deleted her Twitter

No. 1691479

You can tell he’s super confident after that last round of lipo, I think the yacht pics really broke him

No. 1691502

File: 1667372469501.jpg (81.8 KB, 1242x952, en ass.jpg)


No. 1691524

this is what amouranth's husband did to her IMO. she was pretty normal/average before.

No. 1691538

Don't forget the main reason: male insecurity and betting on his newly bogged bimbo retaining her Becky mentality. Moids know that women who have always been hot usually behave differently, and think that a former plain jane is going to put dick on a pedestal. Of course they still want the lifelong hotties though, and despise their build-a-bimbos (see: Elon and Amber).

Literally saw lookism dot com subhumans saying that the best way to get a hot gf is to looksmaxx an ugly one lmfao

No. 1691542

god, so simply and nicely said nona. screenshotting that shit.

No. 1691571

File: 1667386290184.jpeg (872.15 KB, 2000x1331, 374BECAD-6060-4704-BFA0-83E7F2…)

Taluluah was never ugly or did crazy surgery tho, she and Amber were his best looking partners with the least amount of surgery, many moids are just obsesssed with sci-fi movies and fictional characters from marvel/anime, and probably want their spouse to look like them instead of Kim K.

Also for nonnies asking why talulah didn’t get pregnant: she probably saw how cheap Elon was especially with his own kids and ofc she was already “mom/nanny” to his 5 kids who were pretty young and were yelling and screaming, that was probably her sign not to get an aspie baby with him.

Last but not least my tinfoil theory for t'day, does anyone also think that Ana Taylor-Joy and Elon has something going on? They were together at this horrific SNL skit and imo she is exactly his type. Young, bleach blonde actress from a white colony kek, and ofc a special alien face (talulah and her look almost like sisters). I did my research but couldn’t find anything but I just know he pursued her at least once, like he did with Amber kek

No. 1691587

Ot but I normally don't find this woman attractive but she looks great here. Also God help her if she's really got anything going on with Elon.

No. 1691589

I really don't think so. It was recently rumored that she secretly married Malcolm McRae.

No. 1691596

Amber was also in a Relationship/married to depp while Musk still hitting on her; it’s believable but somehow I don’t think she’d care, her acting career is more important to her and she wouldn’t become a trophy wife/moidsitter to some cheap ass old fart scrote when she can have a loyal husband in her age range.

Damn she’s really beautiful her eyes are captivating, I somewhat like her as an actress, but if she turned down Elon I might like her even more. Same w/Amber.

No. 1691609

that fake laughter at 0:32

No. 1691774

Also as if Stephen King isn’t capable of paying $20/monthly for his fucking blue check, it’s not about the money, his net worth is literally 500 million. Elon is so incredibly stupid it sometimes hurts.

>>1691731 I hope Elon dies soon, I can’t keep up with his media circus. Cancer would be great too but we’ll see

No. 1691788

something as well you missed sort of is that Taluluah was actually close friends with his first wife who had his 5 kids. I'm 99% positive she must of told her about how elon was with her in relation to the kids. Like how she had a miscarriage and how heartless and cruel he was to her by giving not a shit and getting annoyed at her crying. I'm sure she saw elon's treatment of not only her but the kids and probably kept him at a distance. If anything, that's probably why they briefly divorced then remarried– He must of pressured her to have kids and she probably said no.

tbh I have a feeling he does this with everyone he sees. Pressures them into having kids for w.e bs purposes, and they either cave in (shivon, grimes) or leave (natasha, taluluah etc)

No. 1691814

File: 1667411097223.jpg (41.71 KB, 875x298, cdan.JPG)

No. 1691880

Also as if Stephen King isn’t capable of paying $20/monthly for his fucking blue check, it’s not about the money, his net worth is literally 500 million. Elon is so incredibly stupid it sometimes hurts.

>>1691731 I hope Elon dies soon, I can’t keep up with his media circus. Cancer would be great too but we’ll see

Yeah but she’s married with a kid, doubt Elon would actively pursue a woman who is already a mom. It doesn’t fit the pattern.

Abt the tinfoil theory >>1691571 she may be his type but Anya isn’t a larper. She doesn’t come across as a pretentious le memer

No. 1691891

File: 1667416691344.jpeg (1.28 MB, 3464x3464, 9105747C-CC17-46C5-B5FE-E213BB…)

I simply can’t understand why everyone thinks a woman in her 30s is “old” and wrinkly when this is just the most misogynistic bullshit ever. And it mainly comes from women as well. Like “wow you look so young for 30!?!” Like a woman is supposed to get wrinkles as soon as she turns 30.

Also grimes does not look "so young" for her age, she may filter her pics most of the time but under normal circumstances she looks like a regular 30yr old woman. Many white woman who don’t get much sun exposure end up looking their age instead of older, that’s just it.

No. 1691894

full agree. he's not doing any of the things superrich people claim their wealth does for society.
at least the south park guys spend hundreds of dollars on restaurants for every single meal (they do, i can't find the interview sorry!!)

No. 1691895

she probably gets harassed by like fifty grimes sockpuppets nonstop

No. 1691899

he's already looking lumpy, like how you look when you gain back after lipo. (it removes the fat cells completely so if you gain weight again, the non-lipo'd parts of you stand out against the lipo'd parts)

No. 1691900

tallulah had always been hot though. that's why his shit didn't work on her and she left so quickly.

No. 1691902

tallulah probably understood that if they'll cheat with you they'll cheat ON you and knew enough not to get stuck with kids with that kind of guy.

No. 1691904

i used to hate Anya because of this interview where she said she could feel all the energy of the witch burnings and the pain of the witches at salem when they were in the area to shoot The Witch, but she still agreed that there were no witches or evil magic and it was just regular women being burned. so, total contradictory muh crystals astrology bitch shit. but i haven't seen her saying any of that stuff in recent times so i love her now kek.

No. 1691905

elon can already "pay the bills" though? piece of shit really trying to say he can't afford to run a fucking web page?

No. 1691908

she's short and has cheek fat. done. that's all. if you are short and don't have sharp features, you'll look like a baby.

No. 1691919

wut? what a dumb reason to hate her. Did she say she was into crystals/astrology shit? Because what she said sounds pretty reasonable.

No. 1691921

Oh they set her up

No. 1691929

Sasha’s hot but has serious weight fluctuations, which she attributes to PCOS. Elon likes them rail thin… she hasn’t been that since she was underaged.

No. 1691942

Going to need you to re-read that last line again. Throwing shade at Elon for being possibly obsessed with a woman’s image when she was underaged does not make someone Grimey

No. 1691948

File: 1667420631187.jpeg (40.62 KB, 626x287, 8A41EEBD-F1E3-4AE9-BBE0-AC770B…)

The comments on his interview livestream KEK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FVLfsWf9N7c

No. 1691950

File: 1667420766467.jpeg (193.38 KB, 1170x1410, D058228F-300A-4256-BA41-468896…)

Braindead humor

No. 1691953

she said she could feel bad energy and magic from the witches, anon. that's…not reasonable. it's pretty embarassing.

No. 1691958

he really thinks twitter is worth as much as a giant dessert? not even close. i bet most people on the planet would trade their twitter access for a bigass sundae

No. 1691959

File: 1667421268743.gif (350.67 KB, 500x387, 4f51186dc52f050d6475c0118d8152…)

That's a starbucks drink, nonny….

No. 1691963

I think it's hilarious even though I hate elon. He should make it $9.99 a month to use the site at all.

No. 1691964

you're both correct

No. 1691965

Man legitimately dressed up as a devil’s advocate

No. 1691980

File: 1667422571372.jpeg (192.38 KB, 828x785, 91E7E630-480C-4D4F-9C60-444900…)

What even is Muskrat trying to sell, though? By the looks of it, he is trying to offer people the option to actually buy verification badge for $8 a month

No. 1691981

There are ads on twitter? Besides the OF girls promoting themselves, of course.

No. 1691983

File: 1667423209232.jpeg (531.17 KB, 2048x1522, download.jpeg)

Reminds me of this.

No. 1691986

She probably just used "witches" synonymously with "Salem women who were burned"

No. 1691994

$8 for 30 minutes of pleasure vs $8 every month for…what exactly? Having your email verified? The funniest is that the people to whom the image appeals to aren't the ones using verified accounts, so it's just Elon making fun of the popular users with unmarked, insignificant accounts.

No. 1692007

He's joking, right?

No. 1692026

Coffee milkshakes keep me from committing a homicide in the morning, Twitter would be one of the reasons I snap. He clearly couldn't afford Twitter if this is solution. One of his little fanboys should start up a GoFundMe for him.

No. 1692043

It literally is.
How is this power to the people? Elon has no idea how normal people live.
>"power to the people!"
>hands you a subscription service
Then he has the nerve to call it a lords and peasants system, in the same damn tweet.

No. 1692050

He dropped the price from $20 a month which is what it was reported to be. Nothing says power to the people like a billionaire renting the use of an emoji to you for $8 a month. I think he must love microtransactions and he has more planned.

No. 1692066

he looks so fat in that pic

No. 1692096

ayrt i know. a starbucks drink is a bigass sundae kek. the one in the picture isn't a coffee, it's the whipped cream granita with chocolate chips thing

No. 1692115

there are promoted tweets for one thing, maybe other stuff
Not sure, I've used an adblocker for years but a lot of (stupid) people don't

No. 1692132

Yes, Twitter has ads but they’re kinda disguised as content. Twitter is unusable for even local news (the only reason I still have an account) because every third post or so is a fucking ad. It’s been like this for years. I’d still use Twitter if it was exclusively posts from accounts you follow like it used to be but last time I opened the app my feed had more posts from random ass accounts and sponsored shit than it did from accounts I actually follow.

No. 1692135

File: 1667432596367.jpg (57.23 KB, 599x951, nonnie.....jpg)

this you anon?

No. 1692150


wow, such health. also, congrats on being a miserable "DO NOT TALK TO ME UNTIL I'VE HAD MY COFFEE!!!" grotesque monster of a person.

i'm sure everyone just loves being around you!

No. 1692170

funny thing is they are barely a couple too hahaha makes the milk even creamier

No. 1692174

This, also she’s ESL

No. 1692176

>anon when they take other anon's love of morning coffee literally on lolcow.farm

Tbf in this argument the coffee-sundae wins over the emoji. One buys you tasty drinks and maybe some people-watching, the other one buys you respect(?) from the trolls and ugly men of Twitter. A clear choice

No. 1692206

No, I unfortunately can't do whipped cream anymore and I gotta always ask they use almond milk.
Sounds like you didn't have any coffee flavored milkshakes this morning. Plz donate to muskrats GoFundMe, he needs the funds.

No. 1692210

how much does this cost? i feel like if you need calories to study during exams time or go work on the construction site this is actually a pretty good breakfast
i bet i wouldn't be hungry all day if i had this (sorry if that's dumb we don't have lots of starbucks in my country)

No. 1692211


wasting your money on internet badges is retarded, but those people who blame their bad personalities on being hungry or not have coffee are hideous pigs

No. 1692215

Anon when doesn't he look fat…..

No. 1692218

Hate to break it to you bitch but you need glasses.

No. 1692432

if interesting here is thread how Elon "took" Tesla from Martin and kicked him out:

"As many people know, Elon Musk is not the founder of $TSLA. That honor goes to Martin Eberhard. I have heard bits and pieces of the story in the past, but today I went back and dug up Eberhard's lawsuit against Musk for pushing him out of Tesla. In one word… insane…"


No. 1692456

File: 1667476260246.png (407.84 KB, 1080x1080, 420335CC-083B-4E58-8909-DAF4F5…)

This is quite literally fake news, Claire investigated this heavily and even visited factories ect. She has the receipts but since it will affect others she will wait to blackmail them.

No but seriously he managed to completely brain fuck Clairy into believing everything he says. How can someone be this naïve?
I mean I hate her, but Elon really used her and mind controls her every tweet and move, it’s giving trauma bonding at this point. She’s his victim.

Her music career is (imo) over, and her peak was almost a decade ago, it doesn’t help that with all that media attention people realised that she isn’t a talented singer nor producer, she really hurt her whole “mysterious hippy chic” brand for a fat billionaire who won’t even buy her new clothes.

Having his children was her only way of getting control back, but once you’re bred, Elon leaves. I know she still hopes for her main character arc to work out but Elon won’t stick to one woman only, he’s to rich for that.

**side note, Claire’s desperate attempts to play the polygamous card isn’t working, Elon may cheat comfortably but he’ll never allow Claire to "cheat" on him, she belongs to him. He’s the alpha, she’s just his baby mama who should stay at home watching the kids, she’s not like Talulah! She’s isn’t allowed to be free

No. 1692464

File: 1667477310615.jpg (31.73 KB, 480x225, EDC.JPG)

No. 1692493

probably like $8 but this is practically a dessert and like around 1000cals and enjoy your incoming sugar crash… you would fit right in here in burgerland anon

No. 1692520

that's exactly what he did with tesla. he bought the company after some other guys made the batteries. he's never made shit

No. 1692537

paywalling journos and other vapid attentionwhores is a great idea tbh
theyre far too addicted to social media validation to give it up. he couldve made it $20/mo and half of them would still pay it

however his shit tier maymays, a most egregious sin, make me want to set him on fire
imo hes just coping because he knows he overpaid billions on a dying social media site, all so he could shitpost and get fellated by a bunch of fatherless zoomers

No. 1692546

he also arguably didnt even run TSLA very well from a CEO PoV
he got b&hammered by the SEC for his flagrant market manipulation, and prior to that, practically found himself in an enron style collapse due to TSLAs crushing amount of debt and its inability to make any profit whatsoever up until like 2-3 years ago

there was also that time he nearly lost all of spaceXs military contracts because he decided to go on the joe rogan podcast and bill clinton a blunt (ffs inhale it u twat) and prattle on about muh communist gangster computer god and how no one in silicon valley will invite him to go golfing anymore

guys a fucking tool and always has been

No. 1692570

i would love to live among burgers! you have such good shopping in your country. ty nona.

No. 1692600

>complaining about a delicious well-priced dessert
>experiencing sugar crashes
NGMI in Burgerland, land of the FREE@!

No. 1692642

I get what you mean but the problem is that now you won’t know what’s the real actual account of some company or politician and what is a scam. He’s braindead for this imo

No. 1692674

in all honesty you cant really take too much of anything said on twitter very seriously in the first place. if its a blue check its usually [insert corporate/political interest group] giving [insert copypaste opinion] on why you should consume [insert product]

i dont think it will do anything great for the site in the long run either
im not really sure what his whole master plan is here anyways. id heard he was trying to integrate it with some sort of payment processing system which sounds… nauseating to put it lightly
imagine subbing to someones twitterfeed for $1/mo
not sure who would be left on the site at that point

No. 1692689

>not sure who would be left on the site at that point
the dimes square people, cryptobros, narc 'journalists', grifters, desperate onlyfans thots and their coomers, and musk simps

No. 1692698

well in that case maybe he actually will make a ton of money

No. 1692731

that’s a feature in his mind, not a bug

No. 1692783

land of the "free", home of the slaves… all yours for a subscription price of $8 a month!

No. 1692784

just be careful driving everywhere is treated like an expressway

No. 1692810

Where are the slaves

No. 1692816

we are all consoomerist slaves here anon

No. 1692859

I agree, but I also think she is just impressionable. He was truly her first man and is far older than her. Rich, famous man who works with rockets and talks about wanting to change the world and isn't a MTF like her ex-boyfriend was interested in her, and she lost her mind. I remember how she said to Azealia something like "I enjoy having sex on the floor while watching rockets fly"

No. 1692870

friendly reminder if you dont want to use twitter directly, or just want to easily scrape images/mp4s etc try nitter.net
basically like invidious but for twitter. it just grabs all the pages by proxy
i suppose if musk changes the code a whole bunch it might not work later, but it works for now

i never used twitter to begin with but if anyone here needs to and doesnt like elon, its good stuff to know imo

No. 1692876

>I believe her
ahhh i dont
shes a politician
even worse shes a young, hungry politician thats desperate for more political power
she always does dumb stuff like this. remember when she was working shifts as a bartender a few years ago to try and be more relatable to normies? lmao literal pick-me politics

also its not like hacking peoples twitters is something you need administrative level control in order to do

No. 1692877

Compromising accounts isn’t cool but if anyone has anything sensitive in their Twitter DM’s they’re retarded. While using social media you should always consider anything on it, regardless of privacy settings, publicly accessible information.

No. 1692878

I kept thinking about the time when Azealia Banks called Elon a fat lesbian kek

No. 1692881

Saying he looks like Rosie O’Donnell makes me lol whenever I think of it. Unfair to Rosie but still hilarious.

No. 1692882

isnt rosie a Qoomer now?

No. 1692886

oh wait
nvm it was roseanne

No. 1692902

all im saying is i used to """"hack"""" troons twitters because i was bored and they were all retarded and used the same password and email as their deviantart accts (and literally everything else)
its really really really not that difficult
im sure AOCs opsec is about as involved as almost every other 30-something boomer. in that its basically non-existent

additionally, muskrat has friends in the DoD thanks to spacex
if he really wanted to btfo AOCs entire online presence im sure he could get it done without even lifting a finger, nvm buying the company outright

dont trust politicians. theyre all charlatans by profession

No. 1692912

>that would be far too obvious
and buying the whole company just to troll through her DMs isnt?
just doesnt add up to me
i dont wanna sit here and twist your arm though

>Everyone needs to get off twitter asap.

this will help >>1692870
its nice too since its not a literal botnet so it loads way faster

No. 1692915

finally some fucking sanity.

No. 1692916

No. 1692925

File: 1667513354006.jpeg (1.48 MB, 3464x3464, 518C8612-D8D0-4957-A9DB-F648A5…)

If she loved him any less she made him stahhhyyy

No. 1692932

shivon looks methy

No. 1692936

toppest of keks

Shivon has that female autist look. I don't know if it's the eyes or what

No. 1692939

Just wait until you find out about grimes asking her for dick sucking advice because she sucked at it
I wonder if she will get her Twitter account back

No. 1692966

>30something boomer
Words have lost all meaning haven't they.

No. 1692967

wow, thank you. There were many times when I wanted to browse some profile just to meet the annoying "sign in to keep browsing" after a few posts, and you had to add your phone number to activate the account.

No. 1692973

The worst is that he regards himself as productive and devoted, and that he simply holds others to the same standard as he holds himself. In reality he just rides on the achievements of his workers while posting on twitter on drugs, playing games, and making dumb interviews where he shits on engineers. He doesn't know that expecting people to work a lot doesn't make him productive, he is simply like any other entrepreneur expecting results to please shareholders and make a profit.

No. 1692985

No. Calling someone a 30-something boomer acknowledges they’re not actually a boomer but act like one or have have a mindset associated with them.

No. 1693017

>actually trying to suck dick well

pickme lvl 100

No. 1693024

>dick sucking advice
Huh? Is she retarded? Isn't she a coomer and she doesn't know how? Wtf is with people who are obsessed with sex being clueless and bad at it

No. 1693169

File: 1667532501949.jpeg (125.69 KB, 830x960, DCF59285-CE8E-47C5-BA0B-B3C84C…)

>We are the daughters of the vvitches you couldn’t burn

No. 1693173

File: 1667532838226.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1170x1884, 9EAAE99D-593A-4234-8100-F576E8…)

Idk I believe her. I saw the tweet become unavailable in real time. Of course he would do this

No. 1693177

He’s so petty.

No. 1693181

they deserve each other

No. 1693190

Somehow I think they’re flirting.

No. 1693194

File: 1667535994634.jpeg (283.96 KB, 1242x389, 0F53DBC9-9A07-48ED-A2A8-2BC53F…)

What are thoooooooose

No. 1693195

File: 1667536243951.jpeg (843.38 KB, 1242x1066, 2A95757F-9EFE-4FA9-A8C1-47B463…)

She isn’t lying. I genuinely think he is a FTM. He looks like Chaz Bono.

No. 1693196

Shes still tweeting, I dont get it.

No. 1693198

File: 1667536400822.jpeg (23.64 KB, 284x556, 995B0AEE-BF5F-4FC7-87E1-6E8271…)

Would also explain his weird Klinefelter’s syndrome looking frame and MOOBA.

No. 1693200

File: 1667536434046.jpeg (36.21 KB, 250x438, 3688A75F-0A96-4662-8F69-CFC9E2…)

No. 1693201

He is literally just a male over 30 lmfao you all need to touch grass

No. 1693202

You don't learn to suck dick from porn. Porn BJs are only for show, what looks good and what feels good are very much different things.

No. 1693203

If 30+ year old moids looking like estrogenic landwhale mountains of blubber with breasts is considered ‘normal’ in your cuntry then I feel horribly sorry for you.

No. 1693204

Shoo scrote.

No. 1693208

That anon is probably American so it probably is kek.

No. 1693236

Umm my hubby has a very good fit body n he's 38. He's handsome af. So no you are incorrect lol.

No. 1693238

>my hubby

No. 1693242

none cares about ur Nigel, Grandma

No. 1693246

Nah, that's a fat bitch. I don't understand mfs like Grimes who starve themselves, get plastic surgery and try to be the most ethereal fairy NLOG alien girl in the world, only to have balding men with C-cup titties, gas station Santa bellies, Tennessee slampig thighs and Issei Sagawa-coded eyes jackhammer into them and then ignore them. And then they write shit like >>1691299. Shit's embarrassing, all that hard work for what?

No. 1693284

If that's just what men over 30 automatically look like to you, you're either fat as shit or you have a male partner who's unacceptably fat as shit. He literally looks like an autistic estrogen-dominant man who shops at WalMart and who's going to transition into being nonbinary to cope with his lack of sexual success soon and you have the audacity to tell me that's a normal body type for middle-aged men? You've given up on life and you need a weight-loss plan ASAP

No. 1693294

At least I'm not an empty egg carton lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1693295

He's awesome and isn't a scrote and moid and he let's me be me n doesn't force me to get plastic surgeries unlike Elon w grimes lol(moid)

No. 1693297

Yes, many first world moids over 30 are in fact some kind of bald and fat - maybe not Musk fat, but fat regardless. No, I am not bald nor fat myself, because I'm not a 30 year old malding moid.

If most burger moids over 30 don't look pudgy or even slightly balding to you, it's probably because you're a size 8 who thinks their nauseating dad bods with budding titties are "aktually fit".

No. 1693331

man = moid = scrote. your “hubby” has a Y chromosome, therefore he is defective. also, no one cares, this thread isn’t about you.

women’s standards are in hell.

No. 1693334

would love to see what his porn stash looks like kek

No. 1693335

Hell, I live in a shithole, and men are even worse here.
Dunno whats with that nonna, and were she lives.

No. 1693338

Probably average cheemsburger who thinks you're not fat until you're 250 lbs like Musk. I'm from a yuro shithole country myself and men over 30 are fucking chonky there too - not quite deathfat manospheres, but obviously equipped with beer bellies and perky little A cups. Even if they're also "muscular" or whatever. That's just how moids past their prime accumulate weight.

No. 1693347

She’s saying he deleted the one tweet he didn’t like

No. 1693355

Jfc what a world, now womans dress size 8 is considered fat.

No. 1693360

Thread fillers that are sperging about 30 something guys body types and not giving milk are a yawnfest.

No. 1693363

wait does he fucking have shoes that look like the cyber truck? How did I never notice that before.

No. 1693365

Maybe you can milk your man for us

No. 1693399

they look like the toddlers in those lego ads from the 70s

No. 1693402

he's just a fat drunk who never learned to take care of himself

No. 1693407

>this is how the richest guy in the world dresses

No. 1693459

File: 1667574598747.jpeg (197.6 KB, 483x1814, 3CDC7BAF-758A-41FD-B76D-995DF9…)

Precious E

No. 1693463

Never heard of that other person but Musk is just a retarded meme faggot zoomers and rich old fags that think they were cool for shilling him are drawn to. You can tell he's just talking shit when he makes posts like "I love anime!". Then someone asks him which ones and it's just a list of the first ten google results like Haruhi, Death Note and so on.

No. 1693472

Rich beyond comprehension yet he has one pant leg tucked into his shoe and the other untucked.

No. 1693473

File: 1667575263850.png (941.78 KB, 1016x750, i don't wanna look like a weir…)

No. 1693475

Human Growth Hormones makes rich celebs look like this because their internal organs literally grow and they get this frankenstein monster face as well.

No. 1693483

File: 1667575950903.jpeg (1.51 MB, 3464x3464, 26A0C93D-CB44-451C-A9E9-5FC854…)

Uncanny yet I predict corporate Exa and DJ X kek
Watch out

No. 1693485

Apparently Elon laid off a bunch of mods whose job was to delete child porn and gore. People are flooding twitter with CP right now.

No. 1693486

He needs to exhale.

No. 1693490

Why does Grimes look like she’s from Dagestan lol

No. 1693512

post caps tf

No. 1693515

chaz was so beautiful before, what a shame

No. 1693519

File: 1667578256608.jpeg (159.24 KB, 828x807, CF804F5E-7EAD-499C-ACC6-758926…)

Why does male grimes look like ethnic Justin Bieber lmfaooo

As much as I love this thread, it kinda lacks fresh milk atm
Elon being a coon as usual and grimes is hiding in a tiny house somewhere in Houston with her robo kids, like I want some actual milk again.

Kinda unrelated but has anyone been listening to HANA songs? Her vocals sounds so much like grimes, it’s so painfully obvious that Claire is using her as the leading voice in her ~uniquEe arT~
Like her one song, So heavy I fell through the earth is completely sung by Hana, it’s impossible to deny at this point, kinda embarrassing for both of them
He looks like a retarded pug kek

No. 1693529

>implying Twitter mods did anything
Twitter was already full of CP.

No. 1693570

fuck off with that, not everyone past 30 is old, fat, and ugly. bf is nearly 39 and is lean as fuck and no wrinkles. actually is an engineer (not a LARPer like elon is) and knows how to treat a woman right, still has his hair too, grimes tier pickme quit seething kek. no one has an excuse to look like shit just because they're past 30 lmfao its obviously a cope for people who let themselves go

would be more based if you didn't refer to him as "hubby"

No. 1693586

>"hehehe yeah claire im like definitely going to stop global warming for u babe and im TOTALLY for worker's rights, xoxo"
>turns around and snickers after she bought yet another lie

No. 1693588

unlike grimes HANA can actually sing

No. 1693591

kek anon i always thought she looked hella albanian

No. 1693595

no one cares about YOUR nigel either. you're the same as >>1693236 sorry

No. 1693598

angry that you sleep alone every night and no one to carry your groceries anon?

No. 1693605

Anons please post your nigels, I wanna see these outstanding specimens

No. 1693615

this is just another version of "tits or gtfo". no and no. it is undeniably stupid to post pics of yourself or bf/husband to an imageboard, i did not just start using the internet days ago
>inb4 some bullshit response "oh he must be ugly then since u wont post"

No. 1693621

Post just his height with proof.

No. 1693626

he's 6'3 and i'm not snatching his license just to prove that to some stranger online

No. 1693629

Yeah I always thought Claire was jealous of Hana for being prettier and more talented, but their friendship seem pretty one sided imo
Omg she literally looks like a random bartender in Bosnia kek

No. 1693632

post nigel or stfu

No. 1693635

go find your own nigel pls nonita <3 i believe in you or whatever

No. 1693636

File: 1667583620648.jpeg (253.56 KB, 1170x463, 1630289322974.jpeg)

Anon is referencing Azaelias tweet. because yes, Grimes already asked for dick sucking advice, she asked Azealia. i forgot about this lmao

No. 1693648

a truly cursed post

No. 1693650

my boyfriend is a secret agent so i can't post pictures but he's 6'4" and has defined abs and perfect skin and looks 25 even though he's 42.
jfc girl you're typing like a 17 year old on gaiaonline forums. no1currrrr

No. 1693656

you do care though it's easy to read between the lines of your reply lol. it's also really rude imo to post pics of people who don't use SM (read: don't like having pics of them on the internet) online especially under these circumstances. i would leave my bf if he did that to me.
how long have you been on this site? we all type like cringy teens from time to time. cope and seethe. maybe go touch grass and you'll meet your dream nigel and stop whining

No. 1693666

>keeps responding to posts she's taken seriously on anonymous imageboard
>asks how long we've been on the site

No. 1693668

cursed trips. angry u can't pressure me into posting bf pics for u to flick ur bean to

No. 1693673

are you that celebricows poster who posted a picture of a random redditor and claimed it was her bf, then got exposed

No. 1693677

No. 1693721

Dang nonnie he sounds really hot, even hotter than my 6’4” boyfriend Wolfgang who can do a triple flip on a speedoo

No. 1693739

What are you doing on an imageboard at your age?

No. 1693751

you're 40 why are you acting like a mean girl on the internet

No. 1693757

this is sarcasm right

No. 1693758

samefag i have realized the stupidity of my mistake no need to reply to the above post

No. 1693759

im mid 20s

No. 1693764

File: 1667592046856.jpg (111.95 KB, 591x601, kek-157548.jpg)

>mid 20s
>he's 40

that explains everything

No. 1693767

girl do you want a thread on here? stop posting Ls

No. 1693770

you're probably geriatric, yourself

No. 1693773

who cares? this is an anon imageboard no one is supposed to know my age

No. 1693780

No. 1693791

Honestly I think it's a mix of alcohol bloat, testosterone or some other steroid, and never saying no to the munchies since Azealia Banks introduced him to weed kek. It looks a guy trying to get roided out while still having lots of fat on top of whatever muscle he gains because of over consumption of calories and then the alcohol bloat on top making his botoxed face look nasty. Though I could see testosterone messing with his overall fat distribution as well.
By power to the people clearly he means himself only lol. Also hilarious how he managed to make Twitter verification worse considering the point was just to avoid impersonation and some small town journalist isn't going to be able to pay this nonsense. I have a feeling his Reign on Twitter will be similar to Yahoo's Reign on Tumblr, just terrible features smashed out into the public by underpaid and overworked Twitter devs until he's bored with Twitter and sells it

No. 1693802

the fact that she calls others "grimes tier pickme" is sending me

No. 1693809

No. 1693810

Tranny is arguing with himself again(sage)

No. 1693821

It really is probably HGH+T+peptides and other retarded Joe Rogan tier moid shit like this. Of course it actually ages you in dog years and gives you a weird mix of klinefelter's and acromegaly, but they don't bother researching what it actually does and fall for the "it will restore youthful virility!" meme.

No. 1693823

File: 1667595211541.jpeg (4.23 MB, 2567x2648, 0BB11646-6D4D-417F-B488-6DFD47…)

Imagine calling this the love of your live……the more I look at his body the more I believe that he indeed has Klinefelter syndrome kek

No. 1693835

His jaw is so….big
He also looks so much older than his actual age, idk he looks late 50s
Anyone else doubting his actual age? Like this blob cannot be only 51

No. 1693841

Yeah, he looks like 60 year old curdled milk.

No. 1693842

File: 1667596025678.jpeg (89.58 KB, 1400x700, 8F3C6B40-E7B3-45F3-A084-37AAF3…)

I mean this is Alec Baldwin at like 63 perhaps a lil tinfoily
But Elon could at least be 58…

No. 1693847

Nah i doubt that he’d lie about his age, he grew up in South Africa, the sun prolly hit different and that’s why he looks so much older, its due to sun damage

No. 1693867

baldwin's had a lot of work done. between season 1 and 2 (or 2 and 3?? can't remember) of 30 rock there's a really obvious change. he was also a drunk but still would have been getting more exercise than musky.
i think elon's fat, lazy, has had some botched-ish face work, and tried to take hgh or some other supplement as a shortcut at some point. he's had a round of lipo in the past couple months too but it's not matching with whatever happened to his face (i still think filler, lift, and some kind of steroid/hormone), and the non lipo body parts are too jiggly to match either.
all together, they make a very creepy gestalt that dries up my pussy like nothing else.

No. 1693885

God I hate it when rich fat fucks don’t just hire a dietician and personal trainer. Instead they get shitty lipo (and whatever the fuck is going on with his face). His hair plugs are the only thing that turned out decent

No. 1693911

File: 1667600026115.jpeg (252.28 KB, 1242x489, C0801061-7F01-4A49-980C-74F42D…)

Burn baby burn

No. 1693914

Serving Johnny Depp "fat detransitioned ftm in her 60s" realness

No. 1693919

File: 1667600356589.jpeg (316.76 KB, 1242x1290, 957425D5-4B86-4C46-B6AE-429571…)

No Elon, high profile companies just don’t want to be associated with incels spamming gore, CP, burn da joos and nigger 24/7. Same reason no reputable sponsor would touch 4chan.

They have a right to pull out of sponsoring you, just like you have the right to nosedive your shitty moneysink falling knife company into the ground. You’re not entitled to sponsorships, sweetie!

No. 1693920

Lmao he’s so stupid. Did he really think the bluecheck wokescolds of Twitter would stand for his meddling? Have fun paying $44 billion for the next Parler or Gab you fucking clown kek

No. 1693929

LOL. Freedom of speech doesn’t mean freedom from consequences. He seems to have forgotten that freedom of association is a right all companies and people have too.

If companies don’t want to associate with you then they have every right to withdraw. Freedom is a two way street, get used to it Muskrat, you little bitch.

Also, given the fact Musk is a notorious blowhard narc with a history of exaggerating and excessive bragging, for him to admit he’s losing means things must be very bad indeed.

This will be fun to watch.

No. 1693932

>they're trying to destroy free speech in america!

he just keeps showing how retarded he is as usual
it's so funny seeing him grasp at straws like this

No. 1693936

We can only hope he so irreparably damages the platform that no established company in the future wants to touch is with a 40ft poll. That's the dream.

No. 1693947

File: 1667601473388.jpeg (49 KB, 314x400, 59C2C730-01A7-4683-9576-7057E9…)

Oh don’t worry about that, a week in and he’s already admitting it’s over. This is right after trying to SAVE money by firing nearly all the staff, then attempting to dunk on everyone by posting smug wojaks. Ouch.

This is gonna be sweet.

No. 1693959

Azealia scrolling this thread while frantically slaughtering chickens rn kek

No. 1693961

File: 1667602251315.png (186.14 KB, 485x382, ddf.png)

No. 1693964

File: 1667602357617.png (253.48 KB, 497x602, kokok.png)

No. 1693968

I'm sorry but how is my post relevant to that deluded cow because I want twitter and all the fags that use it to fade into irrelevancy? I'm genuinely curious kek.

No. 1693971

File: 1667602699011.jpeg (87.14 KB, 640x625, B0A0241E-FDED-4635-9510-5A8912…)

No. 1693972

Coooope. She probably has way better insults than me.

No. 1693975

File: 1667603033114.jpeg (38.37 KB, 486x416, F10C7917-D0D3-4A9A-BBDA-8B16CD…)

He also pissed off Indians and trannies aka the only people who will actually do janny and mod jobs for little money or free. What a retard.

No. 1693981

File: 1667603737487.jpeg (370.84 KB, 1242x483, 68BD95E5-23CC-45BE-9F2A-31D321…)

Seeing his fanboys defend him is really fucking funny.

>lol who cares that twitter is haemorrhaging losses now, he’s having fun! he’s pwning the leftists! he’s #winning guise! Elon is one of us!

No. 1693987

File: 1667604089917.jpeg (710.81 KB, 1242x869, FCA6E6F3-59AD-46E7-9ED4-1EC71B…)

Cope: the post.

No. 1693989

File: 1667604188468.jpeg (679.46 KB, 1242x742, 39F09CC7-C146-41EA-9E9D-839369…)


No. 1693992

File: 1667604263391.jpeg (309.17 KB, 1242x406, 63863CD2-2F23-4F64-B2CD-3B7412…)

Thankfully some poltards aren’t completely braindead.

No. 1694005

is this recent? he hit the wall so hard

No. 1694018

to "hit the wall" would require him to not have been splatted onto it like a paintball as soon as he shot out of his mother's emerald encrusted pussy as an infant

No. 1694022

Maybe it will devalue social media as a concept and the whole shit collapses (pipe dream I know)

No. 1694026

File: 1667606368791.jpeg (727.76 KB, 986x2208, 8BF4E41E-B1A4-4618-87CE-6EDD8A…)

Lol. The absolute cope. If he was #winning he wouldn’t be begging advertisers to stay and trying to guilt trip them with muh freedoms appeal to authority bullshit. Nor would he be asking for 8 bucks for a blue tick.

He didn’t even want to buy Twitter and decided it was a bad investment, which is why pulled out. He was forced to buy it because Twitter was gonna take him to court and land him with a billion dollar fine. Why would a man with supposedly infinite wealth care about a measly $1 billion fine?

Twitter WANTED him to buy it which is why they sued him when he backed out, 44 billion was an offer they couldn’t refuse. Basic logic.

No. 1694030

Akshually anon, you just don’t get it. Musk has a 300IQ. He was being retarded ON PURPOSE. He is making losses ON PURPOSE. This is all part of his genius scheme. Haven’t you heard? Elongated Muskmelon is QUITE LITERALLY the smartest man in the entire world.

He’s gonna make a zillion dollars profit from buying twitter, he’s gonna name the Jew with Kanye, then they are gonna become god emperor and vice prez of the USA and the beta uprising will take place, we will all get harems of 10/10 18 year old Stacies. Two more weeks!

No. 1694033

Is twitter even relevant outside meme screenshots? Instagram is literally 1000x better. Crazy to think Zucc only paid one billion for it too when it’s worth so much now and 1/7th of the worlds population uses it every month.

No. 1694036

Elon is getting roasted to a crisp. How will he ever recover?

No. 1694041

probably by throwing his autism seed into a dozen new disposable hosts and generating more spawn, the typical XY cope

No. 1694047


it's terribly relevant. journalists and politicians are in a feedback loop where they will not leave twitter because it's where breaking news drops first. how many times have you read an article and then find out their source is some fucker on twitter? trump's presidency made this situation escalate tenfold because he loved twitter. even though he's gone, the status quo remains. i would love to see twitter just shutdown.

No. 1694048

File: 1667607816092.jpeg (484.53 KB, 1242x1191, 68885E8F-5711-47E1-9088-3ACDB5…)

Hilarious as fuck seeing him backtracking so hard now. What an absolute mug.

No. 1694051

Almost everything I’ve seen that breaks on twitter turned out to be fake news or exaggerated though. And now that anyone will be able to buy a blue twitter check, there will be absolutely no way of knowing what’s legit and what isn’t. This is the nail in the coffin for twitter journalism afaik.

So he’s making losses AND nothing is changing now, how did he manage to simultaneously BTFO both himself and poltards? I’m impressed.

No. 1694055

>Twitter's strong commitment to content moderation remains absolutely unchanged

kek what happened to the promise of giving freezepeach to every slur slinging conspiracy peddling hate speech fanboy on the internet?

No. 1694059

Please God let it be true.

No. 1694061

He’s desperately scrambling to win back sponsors and blue tick paypigs after his epic troll free speech schtick tanked.

I genuinely think he’s bipolar or something, he does a 180 on every decision every single time.

No. 1694062

He realized his edgy incel shithead target market prefer the safe consequence free anonymity of 4chan, and aren’t going to pay his bills.

No. 1694074

exactly, why the fuck would anyone rejoin a mealy-mouthed platform like Twitter to have halfway free speech and halfway anonymity when you can just straight up say anything and be completely anonymous on any number of already existing imageboards? Because you love Elon Musk or…

No. 1694075

File: 1667608733479.jpeg (316.2 KB, 1242x1163, 3C424C4D-6EA9-4C04-A94D-57FFDE…)

>they’re so afrad

No. 1694079

Kek. He’s experiencing methhead buyer’s remorse.

No. 1694116

Even 4chan is really bad for censorship now tbh. Jannies hand out bans like candy for trolling or saying sage. So twitter doesn’t have a hope in hell at winning the offensive meme war. Channers aren’t the ones using or moderating twitter, and they never will be, literally the same shit as before with a different shovel, it seems that penny has just dropped in Elons retarded little reptile brain.

No. 1694255

He looks like he has down's syndrome. Some people with down's syndrome have average intelligence, which is what he has. He's not the genius people make him out to be, he was just born rich and able to buy Tesla and SpaceX.

No. 1694258

? He doesn't look at all like he has it. He's ugly but he doesn't have the eyes or anything

No. 1694313

When I completely innocently commented it looks to me like grimes is trying to look black after her latest surgery I was banned for "racebaiting", but memes like this are now OK?

Fuck the mods, be consistant.

No. 1694325

File: 1667633405601.jpg (84.72 KB, 901x700, mmx.JPG)

so both kids were with Elon for Halloween in NY

No. 1694396

Elon Musk looks like he is physically incapable of moving his pelvis and I believe the most sexual contact he has had with these women besides lying on his stomach like a starfish while they bounce up and down on top of his jello belly is with a turkey baster full of his thawing sperm

No. 1694399

Grimes would look like chad Michael Murray if she were a man. I want him

No. 1694404

Have you ever actually seen a person with Down's

No. 1694430

File: 1667649523348.jpg (50.6 KB, 887x326, cdan nb.JPG)

No. 1694442

File: 1667651492599.jpeg (365.49 KB, 1242x749, 4E578757-C62A-44B8-B7B3-F0C178…)

Typical fatass antics

No. 1694447

File: 1667652094046.jpeg (220.56 KB, 1242x596, E77D61D6-3F73-468D-8FAE-E37123…)

Nah we’ll stick to trashing you for free, sis.

No. 1694453

Replying to a days old post but I believe that the reason for these microtransaction-like cash grabs is the fact that he as a person as well as his businesses are massively in debt after the purchase. He did not have sufficient liquid funds for the purchase, and the plummeting Tesla stock value covered only a modicum of the total price. He had to take out massive loans, allegedly from the Saudis as well as Russia. I also remember reading somewhere that he wanted to pull out of the deal but there was a legal obligation for him to go through with it, but I'm having a hard time finding a credible source.

Anyways, here's a link to an accessible article on his funds and the twitter purchase: https://www.livemint.com/companies/news/how-elon-musk-could-arrange-the-massive-43-billion-to-buy-twitter-11649997540059.html

No. 1694458

File: 1667652712024.jpeg (440.03 KB, 1242x1492, 360CB049-478C-408A-BA4C-E4D2AE…)

No. 1694459

File: 1667652772118.jpeg (86.99 KB, 1024x742, F6588E18-3EB4-43CC-88C1-000188…)

He is making lots of deepstate enemies. I wonder how this will bode for him. What a shame if he got whacked :((:()

No. 1694462

File: 1667652862915.png (325.84 KB, 1092x1200, D2545717-0DA7-40A1-A406-7CEFB0…)

>blocks you because you criticized him

No. 1694467

Does anyone working for twitter even like him now? Honestly hope the mods start slacking so much until the place just becomes such a free for all of illegal content, hate and threats that it goes bust.

No. 1694470

Apparently he fired all those who weren’t writing lots of lines of code. This means he fired most of the content reviewers and mods that are responsible for deleting CP and stuff.

No. 1694498

How is he the only "rightwing" celebrity not to get cancelled by the whole Hollywood industry? Even Kanye and Dave Chapelle got cancelled, and don't get invited to Met Galas and parties anymore, how did Elon's claws sink in too deep with the entertainment biz's balls?

No. 1694505

It’s easy to pull money from narcs. All you have to do is flatter them

No. 1694526

My theory is because he spends so much time snooping on people that he might have dirt on them to blackmail them with. Kind of like how Jeffrey Epstein got away with it for so long because he would bug his house, spy on guests and hack peoples emails.

No. 1694585

he is still (reportedly) the richest person in the world, is why
money talks and greedy people listen

No. 1694625


No. 1694730

She's better off without that toxic platform.

Hetties love yourself challenge.

No. 1694785

File: 1667680848493.jpeg (368.44 KB, 3464x1455, DD51CA05-BDD0-4180-8FEF-2FD2D9…)

Does anyone perhaps believe that Claire was dumb enough to invest all her fucking money in Doge,Bitcoin,NFT’s andTesla Stock?

I mean she blindly believes everything Elon says, and she once said she invested hella money in NFT’s kek

So that’s why she probably doesn’t have a lot of money, Shivons net worth is much higher, she was able to buy a Mcmansion in Austin, while Claire had to beg Elon to live in one of his friends house….for a while.
I truly believe she’s completely broke
(by broke I mean not well off for a person who’s been in the entertainment industry for over a decade)

No. 1694794

I also doubt she’s well off. Maybe upper-middle class in Austin but certainly not wealthy. Pop musicians make most of their money touring and selling merch and as far as I know she does neither. Streaming services like Spotify and Apple music pay notoriously little.

No. 1694821

>>1694785 >>1694794
Claire has house in Pasadena, she bought it in 2018 and you can see it on her ig stories time to time (like videos when they "worked" on album MA or in her videoclips ) but she moved in with Elon (where lived in room above his garage) till May 2021 (when Elon sold his last house in Bel Air where she did her tiktoks) so she back in Pasadena till autumn when she first posted from "her" house in Austin (video with her crew for new album) in both houses (Pasadena and Austin) she lives with her bro Mac

No. 1694822

>muh freeze peach
buy kiwifarms next time if you're so concerned about free speech, scrote

No. 1694826


She probably gets child support in dogecoin

No. 1694828

File: 1667685334583.png (456.73 KB, 1200x1720, 2022-11-05.png)

No. 1694918

He was just high af and talking shit while teabagging her, she really thought it was a love confession, stupid little girl.

Even though I hate Elon I lowkey love how he constantly humiliates Grimes. Like I’m not a fan of gaslighting your SO, but she kinda deserves it.
I was such a fan of pre Elon grimes but now I can’t help but cringe every time someone even mentions her.
Don’t you guys sometimes hope she’ll turn back to normal? And will acknowledge how disgusting musk truly is?

No. 1694940

Niche Musician here and I get only 3 to 5 bucks for 2k to 5k streams a month on spotify…

No. 1694945

Grimes has always been insane though

No. 1695032

If she’s so perfect for him then why isn’t he in love with her lol. He’s still pining for Amber and Talulah years later and brutally cucked her by having twins with Shivon.

No. 1695042

Lol, a narc classic. Narc moids always idealize women at the start and tell them how perfect they are, especially when they have found someone who worships them and gives them endless unconditional narc supply. Of course, they always end up devaluing the woman, replacing her with someone new and discarding her. Sometimes coming back to hoover when they are bored, running low on dickriding and worship. It’s so ironic Claire was calling Azealia a narc when Elon is the biggest narc on the planet. She was probably looking up narcissistic behaviours that day concerning elon lol.

Meh, I think she low-key enjoys the humiliation. She’s literally a femcuck and happy to be Elon’s doormat despite knowing his nature and being well aware of how narcissists operate. Truly pathetic.

No. 1695070

He’s just a shithead narc who triangulates all of his past relationships against each other. He can so easily discard and cuck Grimes because she’s still hooked on him but if she ever moves on he’ll start to rotate her into this cycle too. Even if Amber or Talulah came back he’d begin to do the same things to them eventually. He doesn’t care about anything but himself.

No. 1695089

File: 1667712143975.jpeg (24.38 KB, 640x480, 737392916119047.jpeg)

I miss when US presidents and politicians weren't on the internet, specifically twitter. It's the epitome of pic rel

No. 1695101

You’re saying she deserves to be manipulated by a man far more well off than her that treats everyone like garbage because she’s what, pretentious and annoying? Like lol

No. 1695103

File: 1667715282781.jpeg (465.21 KB, 1080x1856, 8972BA2B-8511-4658-B332-7C79E8…)

So much for freeze peach.

No. 1695118

Has grimes ever stated to be on the spectrum? She seems like the type of normie who made fun of them in her school years then would pretend to be one 20 years later

No. 1695133

>fired all those who weren’t writing lots of lines of code.

Lol this just goes to show the fat fuck doesn't know shit about actual programming.

No. 1695157

The fat fuck doesn’t know much about anything in reality if we’re being honest

No. 1695198

hola, dj anon back from two threads ago
can we talk about how shitty her most recent collab with chris lake is?
also it's so painfully evident that she's LARPing being proficiently savvy in electronic music when she chooses to work with chris lake of all people to solidify herself as le techno artiste
he's literally a meme in the industry for how commercial and tacky his music is lol

No. 1695211

Cartman's birthday party confirmed

No. 1695213

File: 1667740270427.png (801.86 KB, 1110x747, dnie.png)

elon also will be taking down any accounts that impersonate or have the same names as verified accounts, so i think even parody accounts will be taken down..

No. 1695215

File: 1667740314766.png (42.12 KB, 747x502, Screenshot 2022-11-06 135815.p…)

oh great now we will see long essays on twitter

No. 1695234

Is Musk confused about the very concept of Twitter?

No. 1695241

The fact that he's honestly micromanaging viral tweets on a platform known for mean "clap backs" just shows this purchase will do nothing but skyrocket him downwards. Le Epic Meme Lord doesn't seem to remember that feeding the troll only makes it worse. He can't actually censor his critics and he's in the process of letting them know just how thin skinned he is. Not to mention showing the corporate world that he actually gets too triggered to do his damn job
He's really committed to recreating yahoo buying tumblr only to destroy its value in the role of yahoo isn't he? Just shoving out updates that seem like they are thought through in a second instead of fixing any of the real problems on the site.
Inb4 his 44 billion sale turns into a 5 b buyout from one of his more competent billionaire buddies

No. 1695246

Thats pretty fucking lame.journalists are generally useless but texas monthly is a rare exception. Its an actual trusted news source, im not even lying kek, and silencing this dude says a lot about elon&whats going on behind scenes

No. 1695247


No. 1695273

File: 1667746912894.jpg (51.31 KB, 680x591, Fguk0bmXgAA7H6S.jpg)

surprised this hasn't been posted yet kek

No. 1695297

maybe because it's fake?
just look on how many likes/rt has tweet - Claire doesn't get so much :-D(emote)

No. 1695402

She lives in a free country and she has plenty of money and resources to leave him. She’s choosing to stay with his ass.

No. 1695404

It’s genuinely sad. You would think the worlds richest man has something other to do besides reading mean tweets and disabling users who hurt his feefees. Go pay attention to your kids or launch some more tardrockets. The fact he’s terminally online like this just shows how lazy and useless he really is. What a pathetic fat fuck.

No. 1695450

File: 1667765052071.jpg (1.96 MB, 2094x3244, Pinedap[1].JPG)

Elon has the same phenotype as Pablo Pineda, the first European with Down's Syndrome that completed a university degree.

No. 1695468

no he doesn't you're just a face blind autist

No. 1695494

Lol he's doing this to delete all sites that make fun of him. remember that fucking teenager who spied on his flights and posted online and he offeredhim some low amount money and kid said no

No. 1695504

kid still has his accounts and still tracking https://nitter.net/ElonJet

No. 1695507

Anon, downies are angels. Don’t compare that fucking Antichrist Muskrat to these innocent souls.

No. 1695508

No? Link/QRD? That sounds hilarious.

No. 1695513

No. 1695515

File: 1667771194072.png (98.08 KB, 640x493, Screenshot 2022-11-06 at 4.41.…)

>any users who “sign up now” to its premium “Twitter Blue” service will get a blue tick
>half the number of adverts
KEK, so anyone can just buy a checkmark? And paying doesn't even remove all the ads? I can't wait to see how this will turn out

No. 1695519

Also, samefag, but didn't Twitter already have a Twitter Blue paid subscription service that allowed people to use NFTs as their profile pictures or something?

No. 1695527

Boy I'm glad I'm not this impressionable and retarded anymore

No. 1695532

Why is Elon so upset? Something to hide? How many flights did he take to Epstein Island lol.

No. 1695535

>said he would consider shutting down the account in exchange for a Tesla
Lol why would you want one from Elon given how petty he is when people wrong him? He’d probably bug it then pay some Indian programmer to remotely drive it into a tree.

No. 1695536

maybe the kid knew Elon wouldn't be gracious enough to give him tesla and he just taunted him.

No. 1695540

Kek, never thought of that.

No. 1695547

I still don't really understand this like.. what does the blue checkmark even mean after this? It just means you pay Twitter $8 a month and nothing more, it will just become a badge of shame like - lol you actually paid for a blue emoji on this dumb website?

It's like he thinks we're all complete and utter retards.

No. 1695550

My man looking like Conan O'Brien ate Andy Richter

No. 1695552

Thing is ANYONE could have gotten one. You just had to prove via id that you are the account holder. Follower count didn't matter. But now any faggot can pay to be blue check celeb.

No. 1695554

Good, no need to traumatize random people for life in exchange for literally nothing

No. 1695556

you had to be a person of note in your field, so you had to have articles written about you etc (but yes even nobodies/meme accounts were verified)

No. 1695571

File: 1667777341515.jpeg (132 KB, 1024x868, 1EAAE29A-B86B-47EA-9EE0-945C07…)


No. 1695572

File: 1667777366091.png (500.28 KB, 957x951, 6F89E83B-6A1A-43CE-A7E6-86F2F6…)

No. 1695573

File: 1667777399735.jpeg (118.41 KB, 819x1024, 73C3D229-17D7-43BA-9F4C-4C5F74…)

He got butthurt that some comedians used his name and profile picture and is banning them lol.

No. 1695574

File: 1667777429144.jpeg (29.2 KB, 578x527, 5BB666E0-FB6C-4F93-8314-4C1427…)

No. 1695576

File: 1667777624131.png (129.1 KB, 443x820, D12BAE37-DC4B-4A0B-BF70-11C456…)

No. 1695578

At this point a blue tick is pretty much like a clover 4chan pass. Immediately marks you as a sign of a sucker and a retard.

No. 1695579

blows my mind that the venn diagram between people who said social media could ban you for anything, they're private companies, and people who seem shocked that heckling a dude who just paid $44B for a platform would get them kicked off it is circle-like.

No. 1695580

So people go on there and say "See? We can just change our name to get around the blue check mark verification to keep impersonating people"
but also
"Waah, I changed my name to get around the blue check mark and GOT CAUGHT, and wasted my $8"?
Pick a struggle, jeez.(sage ffs)

No. 1695582

Exactly. The only reason people would buy a blue tick is to troll and impersonate celebrities. Now there is no point, if you have to BEE yourself, who cares about a rando with a bought blue tick? If everyone is verified then no one is verified.

Count Dankula changed his name to Donald Trump and said it’s good to be back. Thousands of people believed it was really Trump. Kek. Maybe Elon got triggered by this.(sage )

No. 1695612

Please someone strap a bomb to your chest and approach him I am sick of looking at him

No. 1695622

Lmao. He’s already super paranoid about getting kidnapped or ‘shot by a lunatic’ apparently.

No. 1695650


A lot of people who would be impersonated routinely also got verified, early on lot of feminists and lowbie accounts were being harassed by mobs making fake accounts and tweeting out heinous shit pretending it was them. If you see some rando with like sub-5k followers and they're not a journalist or company that's probably why they have the check

No. 1695674

Hannibal if he had Will's autism

No. 1695682

File: 1667795830622.jpeg (152.26 KB, 1242x306, 5CD32660-823E-4166-9C75-8CED86…)

He’s still seething about it to this day kek

No. 1695683

File: 1667795853235.jpeg (210.7 KB, 1145x1232, 1B683906-E22B-4F75-9EE9-426B37…)

No. 1695684

File: 1667795927697.jpeg (107.38 KB, 1242x241, F04B7AF2-E2FC-417E-9890-53152A…)

How the fuck does this make any sense whatsoever?
He’s literally suffering from narc delusions.

No. 1695688

I just love that we get Elon sperging and tanking businesses all because his dad thinks he’s pathetic and he’s trying to own his dad by building a failing empire

No. 1695691

File: 1667796672481.jpeg (341.51 KB, 1242x1054, 06E2F5FE-A3EA-48E1-A05A-0B5C72…)

No. 1695693

File: 1667796813297.jpeg (369.2 KB, 1242x852, 77313FBC-3844-4B64-AA69-7D76E0…)

Thanks Elon for killing twitter, very cool.

No. 1695694

File: 1667796861167.jpeg (135.05 KB, 840x1009, E214EA46-4748-42C6-BA35-3614F2…)

No. 1695699

File: 1667797449581.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1242x1661, FF488086-8BE5-4A45-9C6C-36A6CA…)

Tinfoil: Elon browses 4chan and reads threads about himself.

Top kek my sides.

No. 1695706

Kek, i am so glad they see how retarded elon musk is, i hope muskrat DOES read 4chan, i wonder if he will cry because they don't think he's based.

No. 1695709

This is crazy but i was on 4changs /g/ board a couple of days ago and in an elon thread i made the suggestion to charge blue checks money and then a few days later the madman did it.

No. 1695713

He should have just bought 4chan instead tbh. Better value for money.

No. 1695714

I live he's killing twitter.Fuck it all up. We lose nothing of importance

No. 1695715

File: 1667798753688.gif (416.99 KB, 220x220, 87C304D6-5E2D-4E06-9918-5CD253…)

That HAS to be him lmao. Nobody else would be this upset.

No. 1695716

No. 1695719

He definitely browses the chan.

No. 1695721

Why did he samefag so hard with the first two posts lol.

I think this is him too. Even Elons most devoted fanboys can’t possibly dickride him THAT hard and angrily.

No. 1695726

some Stacy nona needs to Amy Elliot his ass

No. 1695728

Honestly hoping one of his gfs will just plant CP on his laptop one day so he can get v& and we never have to see his retarded tweets again.

No. 1695734

File: 1667801195692.gif (1.76 MB, 360x202, 67B22442-ACE3-4ABA-9D9D-55CC7A…)

>implying they’d need to plant anything on his computer

No. 1695740


elons autism met his match

No. 1695745

fucking KEK

No. 1695747

File: 1667804129643.jpeg (651.74 KB, 828x1792, 9227ED7B-E167-4041-A274-403406…)


No. 1695748

File: 1667804218035.jpeg (122.25 KB, 704x500, 759930CD-1B69-4207-8C64-23553F…)


No. 1695772

File: 1667809018984.jpeg (888.19 KB, 1125x1678, 9022FA27-AC91-4551-9481-63CE15…)

I think it's Claire wking him actually
4chan is a honeypot for the FBI, that's why they don't let users post with a vpn. I think Elon and his gang of deep state cronies are wise enough to avoid posting there.
Grimeth on the other hand….

No. 1695844

File: 1667817990226.jpeg (229.47 KB, 750x513, 7B63C93B-DF2A-4DD0-9158-3BB0C7…)

yes. also sperged about neurodivergency and not being understood but also not understanding tone like a zoomer
I don’t think he got lipo, he’s mentioned fasting quite often recently and also admitted to using a weight loss drug like the kardashians. believable since you get his body type (skinny fat no muscle) by starving yourself
>implying he would not get away with that

No. 1695928

File: 1667831563512.jpeg (192.95 KB, 828x1069, CF89E129-3868-422B-B851-9243BB…)

Yeah it has to be her, she’s known to make threads about her on /mu/ to literally wk herself kek
No way, baby X will look more like picrel Claire’s big ole ears are dominant

No. 1695942

his face is so wide but his beady little eyes are so close together. it is so repulsive.

No. 1695965

File: 1667838577783.jpeg (43.11 KB, 300x300, F5979F46-5ACB-4EC9-8821-E81007…)

Lmfaoooooo he does look like Claires retard brother tho

I really hope 2023 will be the year Elon Musk finally disappears from the limelight, enough is enough, i hate seeing his bloated pig face smirking around like he’s gods gift.

Can’t wait for them fucking dummies to fly to Mars and die painfully, and rot.

….Also Neanderthal Claire vibezz kek

No. 1695968

File: 1667839150733.jpeg (100.2 KB, 750x906, 1667819220794.jpeg)

No. 1695976

Spoiler next time nonnie I hate looking at her Shrek face especially while eating

No. 1695988

File: 1667842495900.jpeg (1.19 MB, 3464x3464, 605E39C6-1E47-4D06-9DC9-E057D7…)

Maybe old milk, buut for Texans, child support caps at a MAXIMUM of $9200 per month, no matter how many millions (or billions) the payer makes.
So yeah, his other 5 kids with Justine were entitled to get at least 60k child support a month for each, but they lived in California, so for him it was a smart move relocating to TX.

Grimes gets basically nothing in CS from him and it’s been known for a long time. She’s a whole ass bird

No. 1696000

I feel bad for her but not really.

No. 1696014

File: 1667845046669.jpeg (123.99 KB, 807x801, D99AEB3B-A008-49B9-A5D9-CBF311…)

Wdym she literally looks like a 15yr old teenage girl from Russia??!?!? Jealous much! She’s literally a zoomer at this point

No. 1696108

The more I see her candid pictures, the more I realize that her "idc what people think of my look" phase was just a cope for her being ugly. Poor dat. If she actually embraced not being a looker, she could have developed a personality.

No. 1696139

File: 1667857941179.jpg (273.36 KB, 1284x2341, r3sva6akske81.jpg)


No. 1696211

File: 1667866094539.jpeg (1010.98 KB, 1242x1502, 8C0DE65F-1808-4C00-8F27-A8B4C1…)

>Elon steals Martin Eberhards invention and company, Tesla
>Elon bitches him out for eternity because he stood up to him and (correctly) didn’t name Elon as a founder

What does it take to be classed as the ‘worst person’ according to a narc? Simply standing up to them?

Elon says wishes he never met Martin Eberhard, apparently. Without Martin, you would be an irrelevant failure, Elon. Nobody would ever have associated you with Tesla.

Funny how all of the members of Elons previous companies hated him and either all resigned or fired Elon because they were so sick of his power struggles and trying to usurp everyone all the time.

But apparently everyone else is in the wrong and in Elons mind he dindu nuffin. Classic narc delusions.

No. 1696212

File: 1667866212935.jpeg (769.68 KB, 1242x1541, 0FE8A48E-61A4-4796-B463-D2760E…)

Classic narc part 2 electric boogaloo. Cannot accept any criticism without chimping out.

No. 1696214

File: 1667866336104.jpeg (821.15 KB, 1242x1611, 68E54EA7-9971-4B69-99BA-CF043E…)

No. 1696222

What’s funny is Elon only moved to Canada to get out of compulsory military service in South Africa.

No. 1696228

This video is a good QRD on Elons shittiness if anyone is interested. There’s another doc called Debunking Elon Musk on YouTube too if anyone wants a slightly longer and more recent rundown.


No. 1696231

he's such a joke
he really is such a nasty person who cant take a single shred of criticism

if i were him i'd just go into hiding but as usual he's just gonna keep digging himself deeper into bullshit. what a retard

No. 1696232

Have you guys watched Thunderf00t's videos on Elon? He has videos dissecting all the tech Elon has promised and why it's all lies. And he has videos where he goes through every time Elon has promised something by a certain date and then notes that Elon failed to deliver it every time.

No. 1696237

No but now I’m going to watch, thanks nonny.

No. 1696243

Like all narcs he just doubles down on his lies when caught and bullshits even harder.

As someone in the comments of the video said, he is rich enough to keep throwing shit at the wall until some of it sticks.

No. 1696244

He def seems like the type who hates exercise. Plus the military has a rigid power hierarchy he'd have to be at the bottom of (implausible)

No. 1696248

Lol yes. I imagine he’d be such a punchable snarky bitchboy lardass that he would get hazed to hell in the military.

Remember he lied about being bullied and beaten up in school, but it turns out it’s because he made fun of a kid’s dead dad and the kid hit him.

Elons dad Errol said Elon lied to both him and his mom, pretending to be the innocent victim, but when Errol found out the real story from other witnesses he sided with the other kid and told Elon he was an asshole for making fun of someone’s deceased parent, apparently Elon never forgave Errol for that. Pathetic.

No. 1696256

File: 1667868444927.jpeg (Spoiler Image,159.71 KB, 795x596, 4ACB6A01-21A9-4AAB-85CF-0CE927…)

God he’s so ugly he reminds me of one of those pig-human hybrids

No. 1696268

File: 1667869273643.png (149.7 KB, 742x968, D5B2C2B0-D62F-4D5D-83D3-A762E3…)

Lol wtf

No. 1696270

File: 1667869358279.jpeg (527.44 KB, 1242x1461, B5B4B9C7-8A54-4053-AF84-CCAABC…)

>power to the people
>nooooo not like this bros…

No. 1696271

This moid needs to be Jeffrey epsteined immediately

No. 1696274

Could be fake, could be something he paid to wipe off the internet. Idk. Hilarious either way. That account will be shut down soon I’m sure.

No. 1696322

Elon's gonna start "disappearing" people, I don't imagine he is that good humored to have half the western internet mocking him and not start to retaliate with money and power
If this is true dude is straight up evil

No. 1696329

that poor little cat. That's so upsetting. For the last parts of its life to be filled with such painful abuse and then failed surgery… i'm so upset about this. Elon needs to die the same damn way.

No. 1696343

he's going to have a meltdown if any more shit keeps coming out on him like this KEK i hope he does it publicly on his sinking ship of an investment/website.

No. 1696344

It’s not real

No. 1696345

It better not be

No. 1696394

>Elon paid to have it scrubbed from the internet
>therefore must not be real!
Uh huh.

No. 1696395

If it's real it's disgusting. If it's not real then it gives Elon a taste of his own medicine, making a system where anyone can make up any shit about you they want and class it as 'news' bc gonzo journalism by randos should totally go unfettered, le power to le people.

No. 1696740

File: 1668047172845.jpeg (491.3 KB, 1045x781, 1F12E73C-B98A-4826-85DD-6E11EC…)

No. 1696744

really shouldn't be letting her kid around cords.

No. 1696755

Thanks for the recap.

No. 1696775

We already live in a world of gonzo journalism and the cow who potentially violated a cat is probably just going to make it worse. Any retard could already fart their uncontroversial agenda into the void on twitter and mainstream "journalists" would pick it up and spread it as gospel. See Keffals vs kiwifarms for example. The difference being now we're going to have to endure the right's pure unadulterated autism too.

No. 1696780

Did Elon finally stop ddosing LC?

No. 1696781

File: 1668051707011.jpeg (468.97 KB, 1242x1311, 17F945F5-178A-460C-AF38-C63088…)

Why is he so damn fragile

No. 1696782

Claire is def a clusterbee but isn't that like 90% of all parents lmfao (especially in conservative cultures)
>Muh legacy
>Muh you must become a doctor specifically

No. 1696784

It’s sadder watching her plonking X in front of Spacex launches and sending pictures of it to Elon, hoping that he’ll become Elon’s favorite child. A lot of artfags like Claire think having babies is deeply uncool and cramps their style, so I guess she has to try to make them appear cool for clout.

No. 1696841

maybe he did have some input in removing it, but why do you assume it? It was probably just somebody who works in twitter moderation and nothing to do with Elon Musk

No. 1696843

He’s been micromanaging hard the last few days and unfairly targeting people who make fun of him, that’s why.

No. 1696844

because the reason they give is implying that insulting elon is somehow on par with being racist or sexist. which is exactly what a narcissistic insecure little bitch like elon would think.

No. 1696881

if you about last pic with X then you are wrong. on last pic X sits on Elon's lap, he was with him at NY for Halloween

No. 1696899

Idk if you guys are just continuing the meme, but it's fake. I was horrified too, but this guy >>1696270 posted a whole bunch of fake headlines to make a point about fake news. My connection is too bad to post screenshots but you can check his account (@hepcatsector) for yourself.

No. 1696908

being an asshole does not excuse physical violence

No. 1696911

NTA, but even he knew it was deserved. He just pussied out and cried to daddy because he was too weak to fight back.
>Oh no, if it isn't the consequences of my own actions

No. 1696929

File: 1668077203959.png (17.49 KB, 200x198, NPC_wojak_meme.png)

>physical violence bad

No. 1696940

is this Clare? sure, you would probably calmly talk it through if Elon laughed at your decesaed family members. shut it, this pasty toad deserved it, someone should beat his ass now as well.

No. 1696942

was rereading something in thread #2, these retarded comments and extreme Elon wk-ing really sound like Grimes. even if they're not, that stan nailed it, with bitching about him "providing to the world" and excusing Elon's exploitation with his boohoo i got my whiny ass beaten story. wtf idk who's worse her or her fans
>>1431197, >>1431200, >>1431059, >>1431069, >>1431078, >>1431086, >>1431093, >>1431117, >>1431227, >>1431628, >>1432442, >>1432450, >>1432467, >>1432552, >>1433246

No. 1696947

go back to twitter

No. 1696949

I see several comments in every thread that I'm 100% certain are Claire, but I just ignore them.

Normally I'd say tinfoil, but Grimes is a terminally online loser and so is Elon, so I wouldn't even be surprised.

No. 1696952

File: 1668079633248.png (173.09 KB, 540x520, tumblr_inline_pa7n16zHF11s3dzm…)

yep, reminded me this one

No. 1696963

Parents usually just want their child to have a great quality of life, which comes with being a doctor/other well-paid profession in demand and earning a lot of money.

No. 1696968

Aside from the Elon WKing, the dogged insistence that she's pretty and a "true artist" is sending me. This is a weird case of someone with both a massive ego and a raging inferiority complex about not being attractive.

No. 1696972

File: 1668081037228.jpg (57.66 KB, 640x582, ckje9qxopsx91.jpg)

No. 1696973

True. i get it, it's not nice to hear you're ugly, but arguing with strangers and insisting that YOU are so fucking pretty and talented is so pathetic and narcissistc. and i do believe it's her, who else would be this adamant on WKing Muskrat in that sort of way. also telling us to "shut this thread" lol

No. 1696976

Sounds like grimes with her limited vocabulary, obsession with poor Elon’s boolies, and narc delusions
>Elon was bullied so bad he was even in hospital
>Claire is rich and pretty

No. 1696997

i wouldnt be surprised if she's WKing herself in these threads, she's not an artist anymore

claire has a lot of time on her hands because im sure her face is botched to all hell by this point and she probably cant be seen in public anymore, i feel like she's been getting plastic surgery for a long time but she can no longer hide her addiction and in a few year she's probably going to look worse than ever

idk how long it will take for the swelling to go down but she's been pretty quiet since she dropped the pics where she looked like a deformed plastic blow up doll

i think her true self has finally showed and she can no longer hide the fact that she's a complete narcissist and a larper
i used to think she was pretentious and a bit of a tryhard even when i liked her music. i didnt immediately hate her after she got with elon, but then when she did that whole dumb publicity stunt calling the paps on herself carrying the communist manifesto and lying and acting like that wasnt a total photoshoot i realized she's probably always been like this, i was just fooled for a long time by her persona
it makes sense now why they were dating. they're both complete losers

i think from here on out it's just gonna be downhill for her, i dont think she'll ever recover from being retarded enough to actually get in a relationship with the worlds most richest manchild
the only fans she will have left are the weirdo stan accounts asking her to release music under every tweet

sorry for the sperging blogpost btw im just so mad that i actually wasted my time being a fan of her

No. 1697030

Setting up colonies on mars and humans being able to live there is an absolute meme. It will never happen within Elons or Grimes lifetime. What a pathetic femcuck retard.

No. 1697032

It’s honestly sad seeing her go from quirky happy enthusiastic aspie musician weirdo girl to this bored fake plastic surgery addicted cuckquean with a shitty estranged baby daddy who she throws everyone else under the bus for because he tosses her scraps occasionally.

It’s sad that she spent so long pretending to rebel against the conformity of her upper middle class suburban background, now she’s literally turned into a typical toxic upper class suburban mom complete with the half assed parenting, asshole estranged husband figure, image crisis and surgery addiction, snobbishness, disconnect from reality and femcuck doormat mentality.

No. 1697040

the way she acts honestly reminds me so much of this other extremely annoying histrionic personality disorder cow. just that constant, incessant need for attention, the surface level interests in everything, mirroring, manipulation, plagiarizing, lying, overly defensive to minor criticism, dickriding shitty dudes, fake nicey nicey shit when actually they’re actually a huge asshole. it’s so nauseating.

claireo is definitely a clusterbee. im fairly certain some cluster bs come across as aspie because they are so un self aware and retarded at times. even her hardcore longtime fans are complaining about what a fake she is and how they feel duped for ever buying into her act. it’s over. no one will take her seriously ever again

(also sorry for posting this like 3 times kek whoops)

No. 1697048

What no one mentions is that a shit ton of people who go into space end up getting sick both on the rockets and afterwards when they come back down to earth. Turns out journeying into space is really, really bad for your health.

Astronauts end up having bone loss and muscle wasting (you can lose 20% of your muscle mass in space within about 10-11 days), getting blood clots, shrinking heart muscle, cognitive problems and brain damage/changes in the shape of the brain, having heart arrhythmias, developing lifelong orthostatic intolerance, harmful DNA alterations and mutations etc. Most people have constant nausea in space too.

They actually have to give astronauts full body MRIs before and after space missions because it can damage the organs, some astronauts hearts end up shrinking up to 25% or more that leaves them permanently ill, even after short space journeys.

Something like 75% of astronauts have to take medication on space flights because of how sick they get.

So the idea of space hotels and living in low or zero gravity high radiation environments for extended periods of time is a pile of shite. Most people would end up becoming seriously ill or even dying quite quickly. Unless they find a solution to all these awful health effects

Sage for medical sperg. Don’t believe these retarded billionaire space cowboys.

No. 1697049

No. 1697051

Nonnie, I could not agree more. Claire was a dumb dumb but she was a happy dumb dumb. Now she's miserable and it's all because of a man who she thinks she's in love with. Even now - after everything - she's scrolling on twitter, liking Elon support tweets. Really pathetic.

No. 1697054

File: 1668094444212.jpeg (170.02 KB, 1078x1098, D3F91B4B-FD06-41F1-A8AC-46EA90…)

Yeah it’s completely delusional to think the world fattest old fart and his anorexic dog are going anywhere near Mars, hopefully though Elon tries, and dies.

I hate myself too for liking her, but at the end of the day, she was just really good at manipulating people into believing she’s interesting and smart. Even Elon fell for it, same with her asslicking brother who thinks she’s DaVinci because she can tell the difference between a Neuron and a Proton.

I realised that during her VanityFair interview, she tried soo hard to make it seem she’s some kind of prodigy, just because she had straight A‘s in Highschool.

It’s almost as if she was really smart in school and then realised that at college everyone is kinda smart and her ego couldn’t handle not being the smartest woman in the room, and dropping out because genius Claire was too smart.

No. 1697057

People who try too hard to be different and quirky are always deeply insecure and often narcissistic tbh. Everything is a competition to them and they know they cannot compete with other humans on a conventional level because they aren’t that special, so they have to fashion a totally out there wacky identity for themselves to protect their egos, and hope that no one else can outquirk them. Claire is just a typical boring pretentious Vancouver chick who tries desperately to be not like other girls and namedrop a bunch of random shit she picked up from the internet and people around her, because deep down she knows she can never compete with conventionally attractive or truly intelligent people.

No. 1697059

Now I can see why Muskrat keeps her around. For a narcissist she is perfect, a pathetically obedient human footstool who comes crawling back every time and will keep giving him narcissistic supply. He doesn’t give a fuck about her, but she’s useful for propping up his gigantic pig head, that’s it.

No. 1697060

it’s the same in the music/art world too tbh. so many talentless hacks who have to resort to making the most intentionally shitty, dumb or edgy shit and pretend it’s ironic (but actually they’re just talentless and shit)

No. 1697061

The fact she calls other women fat and narcs when she is personal dicksucker for the fattest narc scrote on the planet is kind of hilarious tbh.

No. 1697097

I actually don’t see him ever going back to her at all, she was just a PR Stunt and a way to generate more babies. Even if he liked her as a person, Elon outgrew her. Claire was just a phase for him during his midlife crisis. She was just a little spin-off in his shitshow.

Elon wants the perfect companion yet Grimes is extremely flawed. She might hold a conversation but for a fat scrote like him, it’s also important for you to look like a model too.
And judging by the unedited pictures of her in these threads, we can all agree that she’s mid.

No. 1697115

If colonising mars is so realistic and achievable then why doesn’t Elon just do it asap? Why the delay?

No. 1697126

File: 1668101366613.jpeg (399.89 KB, 1280x1440, 736ECDAD-EED5-43A0-9D4A-5591E2…)

She is very gorgeous to ME

No. 1697174

And this is why actual billionaires like Bezos are focusing on human regeneration/longevity before even letting out a peep about space colonization. As retarded as space colonization actually is, they know that you'll age like a dog after a week in space so better solve that problem first.

No. 1697215

you're spot on. i was a fan of hers from 2012 until probably last year, i loved her music, and i thought she seemed pretty cool (albeit a bit too pretentious but i can look past that), but now i look back at liking grimes with a sour taste in my mouth.

it wasn't even spoiled from elon, i didn't even know who he was until there was a lot of talk of grimes bf. it's just the way she showed herself to be a complete clown during and after the breakup. turns out she's textbook cluster b, and overall a person who has many traits that i cannot stand in a person, and avoid in any way i can.

feels like such a waste, looking back… her music wasn't even that good it was just different. and honestly it just got worse over time. like all narcs, they don't have many friends, so i'm sure all the people spoonfeeding her during the early stages of her career got sick of her BS and left too. explains why her music dropped in quality pretty quickly
(though i'll still listen to grisgris no matter what)

>bored fake plastic surgery addicted cuckquean with a shitty estranged baby daddy who she throws everyone else under the bus for because he tosses her scraps occasionally

perfect description of claire. she threw away everything and for what? a tightwad billionaire manchild scrote who wouldnt touch her with a 10-foot pole

No. 1697219

Honestly yeah, health and ageing is a WAY bigger concern for humanity than setting up 7-Elevens on Mars.

No. 1697224

Sadly yes. Grimey was just an experimental phase for him, his friends were probably telling him to date someone different to all the blonde Stacies, she intrigued him for a while but ultimately she wasn’t hot enough to retain his simping like he simped for Talulah and Amber until they began ageing. What do you expect when you date a shady megalomaniac billionaire asshole who made his money through dishonest means.

No. 1697225

God he really is like a r9k discord coomer groomer trying to collect e-girls and getting heartbroken by the Stacy ones while keeping the orbiter pickmes like Claire around on the side kek. Ugly incel losers really are the same whether they’re broke or billionaires, 15 or 51.

No. 1697229

Elon is a retard but he’s smarter than Claire (not much of an achievement). I think he saw through her fake geek girl quirky pseud BS relatively quickly.

What’s sad is even in interviews where they were together and supposedly in the honeymoon phase of their relationship he refers to her like she’s a thing rather than a person and is so meh about it all.

No. 1697231

File: 1668110116877.jpeg (29 KB, 900x600, 7688B67B-E753-47FC-9942-4DFE48…)

claire reminds me of one of those 2010s tumblr girls who would reblog those posts with obscure random words in foreign languages to make herself look smart and deep kek

pic rel

No. 1697236

File: 1668110697564.jpeg (46.72 KB, 612x492, 6C67C67E-ADD4-4DBB-B126-59B180…)

>inb4 she names her next IVF baby pic rel

No. 1697237

File: 1668110772387.jpeg (206.29 KB, 1080x1349, 7CAF045F-2683-4C93-8178-6C00C1…)

Kek I wonder if she literally took Exa’s middle name from one of these memes.

No. 1697257

The ultra pretentious names are so cringe, especially since their kids look so ordinary, two plain little baked beans.

No. 1697367

File: 1668124215310.jpeg (178.07 KB, 640x790, 4A6A7F6F-9F39-4B44-8044-5EA1BB…)

kek it's over

No. 1697372

>buys twitter just to shut it down

No. 1697375

The most good he could ever do for the human race tbh.

No. 1697383

File: 1668125065962.jpg (49.42 KB, 891x628, tb.JPG)

No. 1697407

link full article pls

No. 1697411

No. 1697412

No. 1697422

Ahhh this is great lol. Musk loses billions, tranny inner monologue child porn site gets closed down. Two birds one stone.

No. 1697528

I couldn't be happier anon

No. 1697644

He just openly says stuff like this so he can get some investors involved, trust me, he won’t kill twitter, it’s just his last straw before selling it to the Chinese government.

A little weird but can someone please enlighten me about Claire’s new music? Like she threatened to release her album in early spring 22’…then summer…..now we have winter and she isn’t even promoting it??
Didn’t she bought a Weekend feature?
Some people from Reddit claimed that her label won’t release new music if Claire won’t promote it properly…..but why working on music and then not caring about it being released, seems a little off for me.

No. 1697649

There’s simply no demand for her music, she’s "cancelled" by zoomers and millennials think she’s inauthentic and rather listen to someone who can actually sing and perform like Doja or Dua.

Her last 2 albums failed miserably tbh, yes they had some great Spotify numbers but this won’t pay the label enough. Grimes is a known liar and all her payed bots who keep asking her for new music are extremely embarrassing, since no one cares. Doesn’t even get more than 100 retweet’s kek

No. 1697658

I heard he’s scrambling to move all his debts to twitter so he can get them written off. He got billions from the US government to keep Tesla afloat during the pandemic.

No. 1697669

File: 1668166989957.jpeg (822.07 KB, 1242x1893, 5105B9F8-CC7E-4501-B04D-748B81…)

>tfw the last #stangrimes tweet was posted over 2 years ago

Ohnononono grimes sisters we got too cocky…

No. 1697683

Yeah, no one cares for her shitty nightcore lesbian AI music, this doesn’t even sound right lmfao
And her queer baiting on top of it all really makes me cringe so hard.
go suck wrinkly old man’s dick and don’t drag lesbians into your NLOG shit Claire it’s simple

No. 1697694

How she gonna promote an album when she’s hiding for months due to her horrific old lady face surgery? Imo she’s ether botched and can’t do promo due to her swollen face orrrr she wants to change her entire pre Elon face and is currently on a new face shopping spree (elf ears, body mods, face tats) and wants to erase old Grimes, we’ll eventually find out tho

No. 1697695

or she is lazy asshole who doesn't give a shit about her fans and wants to spend all day playing videogames and eat chips

No. 1697698

my guess is she's gonna double down on it and go 3x as hard to prove some sort of (nonexistent) point

she's half-way there, but in a few years she'll probably look like one of those body horror-esque looking people whos faces look like lumpy and gross and you can see there's not a shred left of their natural selves. i dont think she even cares anymore.

seems like she's officially lost the plot & she completely lost her composure over a retard moid who she still defends to this day, it's fucking foolish. they're both clown retards. it's embarrassing just watching them. her career is over imo

No. 1697706

You see what Elon Musk did? Breakups are supposed to make music better, not make you a simp

No. 1697886

>seems like she's officially lost the plot & she completely lost her composure over a retard moid who she still defends to this day, it's fucking foolish
She and Nicki Minaj fell into the same hole.

No. 1697944


At this rate she'll look like madonna at half her age

No. 1697968

Please don’t compare a legend like Madonna to a buffoon like Grimes.

No. 1698021

File: 1668201527844.jpg (185.49 KB, 1080x1112, felurian8.jpg)

Her "secret" Twitter account has been posted before, but I don't remember people talking about how hilarious her bio is. "Mitochondrial Eve to Martian Technocracy" lmao. Musk really brainwashed her into his breeding cult, and she's convinced that they have the superior genetics that will bring space colonization to humans. I can just picture the pillow talk they had when he convinced her to be his incubator for "The Mission".

Imagine being X or Y and growing up with those kind of raging narcissists as parents.

No. 1698028

Claire is just the music version of tess holliday now.

No. 1698030

she already knows people about people found this account so her name/ava/bio is just "trolling"

No. 1698031

File: 1668202497720.jpg (27.88 KB, 869x170, cdan-nov-11.JPG)

No. 1698032

This is so accurate I'm screaming and vomiting in my mouth

No. 1698038


Have you seen Madonna recently, she's a hot ass embarrassing mess

No. 1698057

File: 1668205118900.jpeg (49.53 KB, 864x486, 700E641C-7F36-44F1-AF00-16A467…)

Do you mean like her doing poppers on stream w some random tiktok kid, listening to Trisha Paytas while looking like she’s in the remake of chucky?

No. 1698060


That and basically everything else she's done in the past couple of years. Regardless of her status as a pop legend she's absolutely ruined herself with plastic surgery and her behavior is beyond the pale

No. 1698096

my personal fav is still when she photoshopped her head onto some random girl and then post it online like it was actually her. kek

No. 1698151

I'm dying to see grimeys new face

No. 1698156

same. she hasn't even posted a selfie in so long you just know it's bad.

No. 1698166

just catching up on the thread so forgive me if anyone else pointed out that he looks like lindsay lohan in the bottom left photo lol

No. 1698229

Yea but she is a legend who has been breaking taboos, making bops and triggering incels for 40 years, so don’t say anything about her.

No. 1698233

>all of the unwelcome guests on mars are gonna be descended from grusk and have their uggo potato nose bitch tits downie looking autist genes
>also gonna age like shit and probably develop cancer in childhood due to exposure to the space environment
A fate worse than a premature space induced death, truly.

No. 1698234

File: 1668222474770.jpeg (111.72 KB, 1242x799, 6C3940CC-AC0B-4932-A58D-70F5D3…)

>shilling crypto unironically
I was hoping she was just pretending to be retarded…

No. 1698236

File: 1668222617052.jpeg (58.58 KB, 1000x720, 1793E46E-4195-439D-93CD-B72896…)

>mitochondrial eve
this is who grimes is comparing herself to lmao

No. 1698253

File: 1668225655677.jpeg (84.34 KB, 404x950, 1B85CCE4-2E12-4586-A2DB-FBD21E…)

She knew Muskrat can read her messages and snoop on her. A lot of people don’t realize that no DMs are private, whether it’s on twitter, instagram, discord, whatever. The mods can literally see everything you send.

No. 1698271

Wtf is with clusterbees (specifically narcs) and their obsession with pseudo immortality through spreading their shitty genes? If anything these people should be sterilised.

No. 1698278

Cave woman is beauty. Cave woman just wants to pick berries and draw cows on the wall. She's all of our mom and I love her. Thank you, cave woman!

No. 1698296

Wow, now all her plastic surgeries finally make sense if “sexy cavewoman” is her goal.

No. 1698353

File: 1668244420285.jpg (338.82 KB, 700x1143, doja.jpg)

No. 1698417

she is not even half as beautiful as Lucy

No. 1698449

Okay I gotta admit I kekd at this.

No. 1698767

Talulah herself on a video interview complains about how Elon made her take care of his 5 sons with made her extremely stressed and unhappy, making jokes about leaving him. My theory is that she not wanting to have his kids is why they separated twice. Honestly I'm just glad she did.

Also, I haven't seen anyone talk about this, so I will: Elon Musk is one of those white supremacists that believes they have to repopulate the earth or something, which is why he keeps having more and more children. There's a video of him, but apparently he has said similar things on multiple interviews https://youtu.be/zC1khWr7wg8