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File: 1618595799378.png (2.38 MB, 2146x1118, 80d.png)

No. 1209930

This thread concerns creators, artists and others who work in the modern western American Animation Industry, filled with cows, hacks, groomers, woketards and self inserters who all know each other and or have dated

some of the big name cows currently in the Industry

>Rebeca Sugar: Creator of Steven Universe, Drew Ed, Edd n Eddy R34, self inserted her brother into the show, claims to be a Queer woman despite having a long term heterosexual relationship for her entire adult life

>Alex Hirsch: creator of Gravity falls, is dating Dana Terrace(who is the creator of Disney's The Owl House) where she also has her own self insert in the show, supported shipping of his self insert Dipper with his Lauren Faust self insert

>Noelle Stevenson: Creator of She-Ra reboot and the comics series Lumberjanes, is basically a cuckqueen in a poly relationship with her girlfriend Molly Ostertag(who is also in the comics industry), came out as non-binary in 2019 and in 2020 chopped her tits off and came out as "Transmasculine" and "bigender"

>Julia Vickerman: Creator of 12 Forever, proving girls can do it too, and by It I mean your cousin, a NLOG who stalks teenage boys and tweets about how hot they are, was fired from her own show for mistreating and sexually harassing her co-workers, still active on Instagram though

No. 1209942

who was that one genderspecial chick who worked as an animator for steven universe but ruined her career by forcing her own ship in the show and general sperging

No. 1209948

That was Lauren Zuke. Has a fakeboi name now but was full woman upon starting.

That’s the norm for a lot of female animators it seems. Rebecca Sugar was very concerned with having more women in the industry. She posted to John K’s blog as a, like, 16 year old (probably didn’t know of his exploits yet and was just an animation fangirl) about wanting to do more shows focused on women/with female staff.

I think it’s the California hyperwoke hellhole causing this. Even the Steven Universe pilot and early episodes, where it was mostly Rebecca working along with long term friends from college, were less poisoned with the agenda they have now. Something went awry down the line, wonder if it was Rebecca hiring a bunch of tumblr weirdos like Zuke and Amber Cragg. Lots of crybabies on staff after that.

Sorry for sperging, I wanted to animate on an industry scale for a LONG time and im kinda hyped about this thread.

No. 1209950

should we make a separate thread for john k now before he takes up all of this one? and kek can't wait to hear about alex hirsch's piss bottles again, that dude is weird.

No. 1209953

Yeah I think so. John K is a different flavour of lolcow from the current industry ones. He’s more of the classic mysogynist egotist creep type

Old timey lolcow if you will

No. 1209955

File: 1618597428501.jpg (592.03 KB, 1280x2520, 1610581897247.jpg)

The top part is from some autist on /co/ sperging about how oppressed men are, but the irony that she had all that anger, only to chop her tits off and become "transmasculine" is beautiful. Oh noelle, you could have just stuck to being a based manhating dyke, but you went and fucked it up.

Apparently Kate Leth is doing the same thing, she's a themlet now.

No. 1209957

Remember the twelve forever creator being outed as a pedophile. What happened to her?

No. 1209960

I think she was taken out of the show for sexual misconduct but I don’t remember well so take it with a grain of salt

No. 1209962

You totally forgot about Butch Hartman

No. 1209966


Sauce on Molly and Noelle being in a poly relationship? I always thought they were such a cute "goals" sort of lesbian couple. I also don't see how Noelle could make such a huge shit about female empowerment and even wrote an entire show focused on women and immediately troon out after. What the hell causes immediate dissonance like that.

No. 1209968

This is pretty sad, with context. What are the odds her bi-cuck user gf gaslit her with "some men are good tho" shit so she wouldn't hurt the precious male feefees the dick-haver of the house (who she clearly valued more than Noelle).

No. 1209969

File: 1618598343630.jpeg (876.98 KB, 1096x2008, 463251BA-65F7-484E-891D-85F5B9…)

Luke Weber is one of my fave cartoon cows lol. He made several sketch pages shipping himself with Pearl Steven universe, even getting Rebecca Sugar’s “blessing”.

He ended up getting blacklisted from the industry entirely and is a typical reactionary man baby now. He also acted as an “anonymous source” for a YouTuber’s “exposé” on the industry, but was so bad at anonymity /co/ detected it was him right away. There’s hilarious history on this dude, I’m just 2lazy to dig it all up rn.

No. 1209974

I’m sure an anon posted a comic she made about getting cucked by her gf with a man She made little vent drawings about it specifically talking abt a poly relationship she was coerced into, prolly with the same man, I think its in the second to last fakeboi thread anon.

No. 1209977

Weird shit, going for a lesbian who would definitely hate someone as dirty as that. Is it just because she's the only waifish, white-coded crystal gem (pre Lapis)?

No. 1209979

is he literally schizophrenic or what

No. 1209980

No. 1209985

File: 1618599736456.jpg (335.63 KB, 1680x1120, Eic7SyZVkAA3VvD.jpg)

This is so sad. What the actual hell is going on with lesbians lately.

No. 1209986

File: 1618599738708.jpeg (845.89 KB, 1620x1324, 23D562B9-5272-4B35-B99D-4FE64E…)

No, the answer isn’t that deep, but funnier, somehow. Luke Weber was crushing hard on Dana Terrace, who represents herself with a big nose and emphasizing her blue eyes and red hair. Dana ended up dating Alex Hirsch. /co/ tinfoils that is the reason, dude’s just projecting. They also speculate Pearl gained those features in the final design precisely for that reason, since Weber was on in the early production stage. It’s just tinfoil, it would just be funny as fuck if true and doesn’t seem all that implausible.

Though, honestly, considering how the dude IS I wouldn’t be surprised if the lesbian element is part of it lol.

Pic related is a comparison from an archived /co/ thread.

No. 1209987

Probably TIM driven identity crisises. Feelings of isolation brought by burying your wants and needs, as well. It's worse in the entertainment industry.

No. 1209988

File: 1618599884660.jpeg (366.91 KB, 1317x426, 652539D3-4F15-4CC5-BCA6-353816…)

Samefag, attaching another screenshot from the archived thread. Weber is nuts.

No. 1209989

what video anon? i'm interested i think i have a vague memory of seen something like that but the person that make the video was an "anti-sjw"

No. 1209990

Thank you, anon. I wanted to ask if we could talk about this guy, but forgot his name.
Didn't he also have a crush on Dana Terrace (Alex Hirsch's girlfriend), and make that comic about a cowgirl that /co/ said was basically just /ss/-bait?
I kind of want to go digging through /co/'s archive and just piece together everything I can now. Shit's funny.

No. 1209991

>He ended up getting blacklisted from the industry entirely and is a typical reactionary man baby now. He also acted as an “anonymous source” for a YouTuber’s “exposé” on the industry.

You mean this video?

No. 1209992

Holy shit, all of the dudes in animation ship with fictional inserts of the girl they couldn't have, huh?

No. 1209993

The video was by YouTuber EZPZ. I don’t remember the exact title, it was something like “I interviewed a blacklisted animator and this is what he said” or some other bs like that. Indeed, both are edgelords, and both the YouTube comments and the /co/ threads (where this video was spammed for a while, adding evidence that it was Luke talking shit to spread bad rumors) dunked pretty hard on the video. It included information that was easy to debunk.

No. 1209994

Yeah anon that’s the one! Thanks for fetching the link.

No. 1209995

what, there are others who do this shit ?? who ? that is so funny

No. 1210000

File: 1618600659342.jpg (329.85 KB, 1565x620, imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-OuS9…)

nta and don't know if this counts but there's also these two, Tara Billinger and Zach Bellissimo who created the Pilot Long Gone Gulch
also totally self inserting

No. 1210001

Alex Hirsch, see OP and thread pic.

No. 1210007

oh, i meant obsessing over a crush via character creation, but thank you !!

No. 1210008

Dana Terrace herself. The Amity Blight character from The Owl House (her show), resembles herself quite a bit, especially since she dyed her hair teal like the character.

Interesting to note, Amity is the love interest of Luz, the main character. Luz is also based on a real life storyboard artist whom I believe Dana met in college. I wonder how Hirsch feels about that.

No. 1210013

Anon that worked with her. She was removed for sexual allegations AND during said investigations screenshots of her stalking a preteen on tumblr emerged. With detailed descriptions about the kids lips on a candied apple

No. 1210015

was there any indication she had pedo tendencies before the tweets

No. 1210018

Wild to know someone who actually worked with her browses lolcow kek. Is it possible to know if she appeared “off” irl?

No. 1210023

File: 1618602427780.jpg (1.74 MB, 1912x2776, michel ocelot cow.jpg)

This is quite niche but I have a bit of milk on Michel Ocelot, who's a big name in the french animation industry and I wanted to know if some farmers had more milk on him (I think he also teaches at CalArts so maybe some US farmers can help).

>Be Michel Ocelot

>spend your childhood in Guinea but come back to France as a teenager
>base your whole style on the paper cut style on the forgotten but revolutionary work of female director Lotte Reiniger
>take all of your inspirations from african tales and various african tribes.
>become highly successful, most of your work are regarded as instant classic ( especially the kirikou trilogy )
>be greatly respected by Isao Takahata and Miyasaki (poster of your film hangs in the entry of Ghibli studio)
>think you are untouchable
>become widely known as a pretentious asshole, do and say all sort of stupid shit
>have once left the oral presentation of a student from a really important french Art school because they were talking while projecting their own film ( probably because oral presentation tends to be way too short and it’s easier to comment directly with the images in front of you )
>never properly pay your interns because you think you can pay them with your clout alone
>say that you feel more black that white lmao
>straight up stole the story of a 19 years old female student who worked with you
(everything has been deleted but I will try to dig it up, if my memory is correct she asked him his opinion on a story and he said he really liked but then published it without telling her anything, this is of course “allegedly” but several friend of the girl confirmed it too)
>say on public press tour that ”everywhere, and from the beginning of time, men have behaved inappropriately with women”…

Sage for sperging and gramar, the pic is all the references that I talked about kek. I never met the guy but learning all of this was painful because I loved his films so much as a kid.

No. 1210027

File: 1618602501152.jpg (109.51 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Talking about self inserts, there's also the dude who barely bothered to hide it (he was his own VA) in the Power Puff reboot. idk if he's predator-ish in particular but that's was cringe enough

No. 1210037

does John K even have recent milk? He kinda retreated into the shadows after the Katie Rice and Robyn Bird thing

No. 1210042

File: 1618604205552.jpg (47.1 KB, 768x802, 1617482963509.jpg)

iirc Noelle was the lesbian in a straight polycule, her girlfriend was a bi girl who dated a male. She drew a full comic about it at some point.

No. 1210045

what the fuck, powerpuff girls are 6 years old

No. 1210054

File: 1618605534604.jpeg (637.13 KB, 1800x1800, 65A19379-2634-486B-8809-070AE8…)

Her tumblr before she even had a show.

No. 1210056

File: 1618605619801.jpeg (399.13 KB, 1800x1800, 2E793717-AB16-48CA-94A0-6385C6…)


No. 1210060

Anyone know about the Calarts prof/admissions? guy who's apparently really creepy around Asian women? When I was in that circuit of people interested in getting in/CSSSA teens, he came up a lot. Last name is Mahoney or something similar.

No. 1210067

File: 1618606573564.jpg (42.78 KB, 320x270, Y3Up91i.jpg)

considering this character on Owl House is voiced by Dana … I don't think the Pearl = Dana theory is that far fetched

No. 1210070

File: 1618607273089.jpg (1.06 MB, 3024x4032, 1617466713993.jpg)

I had no idea, went to check recommended femboy thread, there was also this comic; this is so depressing. I too believe it's not unlikely she went through transition to (maybe subconsiously) appease her bi wife more.
Wtf she herself gave it a pedophile tag? internet 10+ years ago definitely was a different place

No. 1210073

Might be mixing cows up but in one of the artists threads, one of his girlfriends/student turned former students was a featured cow on here and pull. Both were into dubious drawings of naked Asian women but he was especially creepy for obvious reasons. If this is the guy you’re talking about I think the woman’s name/internet handle is Bilie? Or something like that.

No. 1210077

File: 1618607955100.jpeg (156.46 KB, 800x1199, 97197546-114B-4934-BD72-020FA7…)

You’re probably thinking of Soey Milk and Kent Williams, I think she was his student at Calarts. I’ve heard rumors he has yellow fever and would ask Asian students to pose for him, but I’m not sure how true it is. He’s undeniably a creep for dating a girl almost half his age though, especially since he taught her beforehand. IIRC he has a son her age.

No. 1210080

is this him? the absolutely audacity of these yt creeps preying on their young students and then getting GLAMOUR PHOTOS barf

No. 1210083

Oh, I somehow thankfully missed Lauren Zuke drama, read up quickly on it now, a bit of a shame because that ship was pretty solid tbh. Steven Universe fandom legitimately was one of the worst there are, it's crazy. As always, price of being too welcoming, as woke crowd is its own worst enemy.

No. 1210087

File: 1618608610066.jpg (113.01 KB, 1341x1900, ur0ghcvdcqn51.jpg)

found the first page, they could've at least let her sleep in the bed with them lmao

No. 1210089

File: 1618608954645.jpeg (Spoiler Image,396.26 KB, 750x1030, BC5A5266-1823-4E3E-8ED4-DD39B9…)

He draws her nude pretty often, so I doubt he cares if he’s seen as an old creep. He probably likes having a young Asian gf, and likes that people know.

No. 1210105

Thanks for ruining Kirikou forever. But seriously, I'm really interested in that story he stole from a student, post more if you can find more info. Or if you can't find info in English just post links to French sources.

No. 1210112

It wasn’t very long lasting anyway. Zuke was just dropped because Rebecca wanted to take the characters in a different direction and, even agreeing the pair had potential to be really nice and develop in a very cute way, Rebecca is still the creator and Zuke couldn’t deal with that in a mature way. In the end Rebecca had creative control, Zuke shouldn’t have fought for this.

Then iirc she married Amber Cragg and then Amber made a depressing comic when the 2016 elections happened and she was also a huge Homestuck name so Andrew Hussie was at the wedding? And they tried making a Homestuck clone starred by woke characters that went nowhere. I don’t know anything about them now, since I grew disillusioned with the show.

These cows all collide in a big circle. Idk how all of these people know each other. I do think Rebecca hiring them was ultimately a mistake. I have a tinfoil that Rebecca became a fakeboi because of social contagion from all the genderspecial artists on the crew. Tragic, but hilarious.

No. 1210113

I didn't know Lotte Reiniger (even though i had a big Ocelot phase that made me search about him and his work a lot) but he was seriously inspired by her, sucks to be a woman i guess

>never properly pay your interns because you think you can pay them with your clout alone

It enrages me the most. You would think that only entitled influencers would treat artists like that but nope

No. 1210114

>These cows all collide in a big circle. Idk how all of these people know each other.
Creative industries' social circles are always claustrophobically small, once you enter them you realize everyone knows everyone, more or less. Perfect environment for a lot of drama.

No. 1210117

Samefag, sorry, I mixed people up. The married couple are Shelby Cragg and Amber Cragg (Amber was called Amber Rogers back then).
All three of them (Zuke and the Craggs) are very similar in presentation, personality and even art style. All California wokes get hard to tell apart at some point bleh.

No. 1210121

The lack of assertiveness on Noelle’s part drives me insane esp in that picture where she clearly wants to tell her gf she is uncomfortable and then doesn’t. Zero spine, no wonder she got persuaded into mastectomy.

What has made animators become like this? It feels like all show runners are stuck in high school mode none of them act like adults

No. 1210138

Animatir here, I’m a crypto terf within the animation industry. I don’t want to reveal my role wi the industry as I care about my career, but I’m definitely western and definitely exposed to cows if y’all have any requests x

No. 1210143

Dish the stuff on that guy who made the godawful Thundercats reboot.

No. 1210144

File: 1618613505250.jpg (1.27 MB, 1920x1080, lotte.jpg)

>I'm really interested in that story he stole from a student, post more if you can find more info.
I found this in a private facebook group with almost only professional animators and it started a huge fight because everyone started talking about the way he treated interns. I tried finding the message but I can't find it anymore (it was kind of old and I had to scroll through a lot, so maybe I didn't scroll enough ?), I also wonder if the admin deleted them, I will try tomorrow again just in case. I hate myself for not taking a screencap that day.

>I didn't know Lotte Reiniger (even though i had a big Ocelot phase that made me search about him and his work a lot)
Yeah, I don't think he ever credited her or cited her directly as an inspiration, that's probably why you never heard of her while doing your research. The best he did is partcipating to a conference where one of her film was projected I believe. She's really cool though, she is also the first conceptor of the multiplane camera (even if Disney took credit for it)!

No. 1210146

Samefag, I’m so glad this thread exists as my sperging in the MTF tag was not justified until now.
There was a mtf in college who threatened someone with cutting their throat and raping the wound with their girldick. Named himself something new and tidiculous every six months. All tranimator teachers sucking troon dick even tho this psycho was allowed to continue to study and mix in our class

No. 1210149

please give us any deets on Cartoon Network's reason for the catering to wokies

No. 1210153

seconding this! And anything on what this >>1210149 anon said, and the self inserting cows who worked on netflix’s She-Ra.

What are the general western pro thoughts on vivziepop and her band of troonimators? Are people mad? Don’t care?

No. 1210154

has Pan Pizza been preemptively blacklisted from the industry

No. 1210155

sage for OT but there should be a conceptcow thread for concept artists like this, Jason Manley comes to mind

No. 1210157


Literally so afraid to post anything here about animation industry, because it’s so incredibly tiny, Any requests I get I post a into the group chat to see if there’s any milk.

It is extremely outside work hours where I live. However, the industry in general has full fat milk abounding, so I’m ready got this 🪡

No. 1210168

How many other people in the industry are tired of the woke shit? No need to say names, I just would like to know if things are as bad as I think they are.

No. 1210201

I forgot about Jake Goldman! And his character was “Jared Shapiro”. How obvious can you get lmao

No. 1210224

File: 1618620579201.png (114.85 KB, 500x500, tumblr_npcpfe5X4Z1qi42hmo1_500…)

raye rodriguez anyone? heckin trans boy fujo and creator of high guardian spice (that woke western anime that never happened)

No. 1210235

This is one of the girliest girls to ever be the girl stereotype. The cognitive dissonance must be wild for her.

No. 1210242

Does anyone have a link to the "sneak peek" of their animation, or is the only thing they released the video about their diverse male cast? Nothing valuable comes up on google and I swear I've seen it before on here.

No. 1210246

Oh my god this drawing is like tumblr 18 y/o skill level how did this person get their own show. How.

No. 1210256

Oh shit, I know the story of how he got blacklisted from the industry. His last job was Gravity Falls and he was stalking Dana Terrace at work (he decided he was in love with her like a true incel) and started doing psycho things like going to her cube after work and cutting her face out of the pictures she had up. They called the cops on him for that and he was fired and blacklisted right away

No. 1210278

i found her vimeo page
tbh her super anime stuff is decently storyboarded, but the newer projects get projectively worse.

No. 1210291

samefag but i didn't even realize raye rodriguez doxed herself. lmao, her family is fucking stacked. house is worth about 4 million and it has a tennis court. well, this was their house. the video linked was uploaded April 2012 and the house was sold June 2012.

No. 1210323

sage for sperg
I know I shouldn't blame her but Jesus Christ woman this is so weak, she was Bi, Poly and already in a relationship and you thought you'd be anything more then a Unicorn for these assholes
there would have been plenty of normal lesbians she could have dated but I think she wanted to date someone high profile in the Industry, like these assholes do

No. 1210326

I don't know how small the industry is, but have you heard anything or heard any info on the people who did the Voltron reboot? The whole production sounds like it was notoriously fucked up. Also, speaking of, I think Bex Taylor-Klaus, the voice of Pidge, has gone from nonbinary to trooning out.

No. 1210333

File: 1618629711118.jpg (299.7 KB, 1507x1214, imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-RXak…)

Oh Shit, does this mean Adora is gonna get into Polyandrous relationship with a guy named Josh while Catra Sleeps on the Couch

No. 1210341

Yes that’s what Catra deserves

No. 1210349

Is this creature meant to be deformed or is it just poor anatomy?

No. 1210351

On the left or the right? The left is just her shitty art style. The right is because She-Ra was animated for two bucks.

No. 1210353

NTA but my main problem with vivzie is that her shit is 12 years out of date. Her stuff looks good and is fun but why is she doing it now and not in 2008? her style would have been that stuff that was undergound in the wake of invader zim and then picked up by the mainstream around 2009 when it was profitable but not actually cutting edge to people in the emo/mallgoth/coilhouse reader scene

No. 1210367

judging by how much traction it's gotten, clearly there's a market for it, its the natural evolution of Invader Zim edgyness, and the one watching it are the kids who grew near the decline and fall of emo/mallgoth scene but want to relive the era and aesthetic

No. 1210379

I remember him tweeting something about being the king of 4chan or something.

No. 1210383

>Noelle Stevenson is basically a cuckqueen in a poly relationship with her girlfriend Molly Ostertag

I thought the truth was that Molly was originally in a poly relationship with some man when she started dating Noelle and eventually left the man for Noelle. Or is that not true?

No. 1210384

File: 1618636204557.png (22.62 KB, 738x170, img9.png)

>poly relationship turns monogamous

Wow like that hasn't happened 50 trillion times with poly relationships. fwiw Molly seems to have not even known she wasn't straight until at least 2015 going by picrel

No. 1210387

can't believe i have to ask but does "closeted baby" mean she hadn't come out as a DDLG yet, or that she was a "baby gay" still in the closet?

No. 1210391

She was closeted up until 2016, and came out when she started dating Noelle, though she was already poly

No. 1210392

She didn’t know she was bisexual until Noelle apparently.

No. 1210397

sage for semi-blog but as a bi girl i don't get how people can not know for that long, i know some people are "late bloomers" but i'd expect most people to know around puberty. she's obviously riding on the high of her first same sex relationship. divorce coming in the next few years when penis-having man inevitably comes into picture.

No. 1210412

Woah, what college?

No. 1210414

Specially since Noelle trooned out, the lack of penis is gonna become a bigger issue.

No. 1210418


I remember loving Ocelot's films, Kirikou especially as a child but honestly, his behaviour (while interesting) seems to be just basic french assholery and not particularly milky. Though, if you happen to find info on the plagiarizing case you mentioned, I'd love to read up on it.

No. 1210429

I didn't know until I was in my twenties. Not really that unlikely, some people just don't even consider being not straight as an actual real option I guess? (ie. thinking your attraction to other women is normal and just "girl crushes" and nothing more)
Sage bc irrelevant but that comment hit almost too close to home kek

No. 1210440

someone as woque as molly would have considered it.

No. 1210467


Don’t want to say, the industry is just way too small. He was generally a violent weirdo though. And no amount of makeup could stop him from drawing like a man. Kek.

No. 1210471

>her shit is 12 years out of date
and that's a bad thing because…? like, no really, how it's even an issue an indie team wants to do something 2008-styled, I'd rather take the emo/scene shit everyday before than the poorly animated "professional" cartoons that look off model and cheap even though they have sponsors and tv money put on them. If anything I wish someone dared to do something even more old school because Vizie's shit is still too tumblr and obnoxious-looking for me. That and the army of furry troonanimators are my biggest complains about her, a shame.

No. 1210479

The animation industry when it comes to higher-ranking positions must be 95% nepotism and 5% actual talent. It’s the same situation with Butch Hartman these people imagine themselves as true artistic creators when it’s really the rest of the animation staff and their talents have managed to improve the artwork/project over time. These people are really just skilled businessmen/women who can sell their shitshow to their connections at an animation company

No. 1210483

I'd like to know more about Hirsch being a snowflake. I feel horrible for Lauren Fast, poor woman.

No. 1210543

The Lauren Faust thing is untrue iirc. Wendy was based on a childhood crush or something, not Faust

No. 1210557

Seroius question, do kids even like the shows these clowns make? All of the fans of the likes of the owl house and SU seem to all be adults, yet the creators claim that they are made for kids. And people complain about CN always airing TTG. Probably because its one of the few shows that kids actually like.

No. 1210565

I really don't think kids watch these shows. Empirical evidence but I have plenty of children in my family from ages 0 to 12, the cartoons they do watch aren't produced by Cartoon Network. Most of the shows CN puts out are consumed by adults who grew up with similar cartoons and it's pretty obvious that's who they're pandering to with the visual design and writing, the maturity level is too high and it goes over a child's head. Kids prefer stuff like Paw Patrol, My little pony and Peppa Pig, if you google "most popular shows for children" the CN shows never make those lists.

No. 1210568

Has anyone seen this episode of ‘harmontown’ with Justin Roiland talking about his “hot 13 year old cousin who sucked his dick”?
Rick and morty has so many ‘incest jokes’ in it, and He did another interview where he was going on and on about incest porn but I can’t find it right now.

No. 1210574

The Justin Roiland thing doesn’t surprise me. If you have seen the “adventures of doc and Marty”. (The precursor to “Rick and Morty”. The entire premise is “Doc” trying to get “Marty” to lick his balls.

No. 1210592

I think the incident probably fucked him up in some way. I think anyone would be weird after something like that happening to them as a SIX year old. Kind of depressing more than anything.
Both Roiland and Harmon seem to be crazy though, I wonder how long they're going to last on R&M together until someone gets fired off of it.

No. 1210635

Yeah it’ll fuck you up but he is an adult now, who could’ve gotten psychological help if it has affected his well-being, but instead he makes degen humor out of it, and then obsesses over the concept with shows for children/teens 35 years after the incident. And imo after the harmon doll rape thing I don’t think they can be kicked off for anything especially with their also degen supporters.

No. 1210655

AYRT actually you might be right. at least she has a personal style. every other cartoon looks like an OK KO spinoff right now

No. 1210656

i've heard that small children won't even watch 2D animation. like they refuse it the way kids in the 90s refused black-and-white movies

No. 1210657

god i hate rebecca sugar's fake gayness&inconsistent poorly written show. remember when she was just some nerd who had a ittle comic called Pug Davis? why does she suck so much now

No. 1210665

It should be illegal to be this retarded but somehow I just realised that this sleeping on the couch thing must have happened during the poly relationship. Ngl, you girls can hate Noelle for the tit removal but imo it takes a special kind of lack of self awareness and self-centredness for Molly to have done this, so fuck her, she deserves to be lonely. I wouldn’t be surprised if Noelle has some unresolved issues about it that contributed to the transition but ultimately remain unresolved because Molly is unwilling to admit she did anything wrong. Anyway just my $0.02

No. 1210673

I'm still lost on how the scheme went down like. Did Noelle butt into a straight relationship and guilt trip Molly into leaving her boyfriend and be monogamous with her or did Molly take her in to their retarded polycule situation and expect her to stick around while she was busy fucking the male? Someone who actually has an idea should clarify.

No. 1210674

Sounds like the latter, straight couples looking for a unicorn is so ridiculously common it’s a running joke at this point. I’m sure the other thing isn’t completely unheard of but I’m doubtful that’s what happened when the relationship seems to have contributed to Noelle’s feelings of dysphoria. And tbh to me it makes total sense that it would contribute.

No. 1210683

Bless you anon for this thread! Oh boy do I have some FEELINGS for these people. It’s like, I appreciate their dedication to being inclusive and bringing LGBT subjects to cartoons, but I fucking hate them for making a new bread of retards.

No. 1210686

Also samefag, but I am working in the animation industry and my director wants to be the next Rebecca. He’s a straight white man. He got mad at me because I wouldn’t draw a troon because I actually respect trans people and he didn’t like that. He wanted a hairy lady man. Sorry for the sperg but these fools ruined the western animation front

No. 1210688

Rebecca Sugar has done more harm than good it feels like. No one rly cares or respects minorities they just want brownie points to wear Rebecca’s skin. That’s why these shows never feel genuine

No. 1210695

That’s like, the exact argument I had with him. He really tried to get me to make the next Abby from LOU and I straight up said fuck you man. I’m on contract so he can’t let me go but my god I know he hates me for being rational.

But enough about my petty bs. Is she still in that hetero relationship? It’s almost like she’s ski walking an actual queer person. Doesn’t that bother anyone? Also what came about the whole Shera livestream fiasco?

No. 1210703

i think he’s just regular republican retarded. i still die when i watch his kickstarter video. what a prude loser.

No. 1210705

Are voice actors included in this thread since it's animation industry general? So many of them are spergy fucks who have a lot of milk attached to them.

No. 1210707

>He wanted a hairy lady man.
KEK you can't make this shit up. Shows how performative these people are.

Do you mean the one where Noelle made the most innocuous "Maybe Bow has a brother called Plow (???) and he can be a farmer" joke and people saw that as racial stereotyping of making a black man a cotton picker or something? She bent over backwards apologizing and slithering on the ground and it was forgotten just as fast as it turned up.

No. 1210710

>walking an actual queer

anonita are you stupid? nobody call themselves "queer" , if they were lesbinas or gay only straight woke bitches do it, so no i don't care that they call their relationship "queer" that's juts means spicy straight

No. 1210714

Honestly, I want to say her writing of lesbians is strange and alienating, but that would be a bit unfair. All of the romantic relationships she writes feel strange. The platonic ones (friends and family) feel more on point, but there's something stilted about the way her characters fall in love and express that love (individually and together). I don't know how to describe it, but it's like she never learned how romantic chemistry or expression works.

No. 1210716


Kek spicy straight. I guess what I meant to say was, if she is still in a hetero relationship, don’t gay people feel like, lied to? Especially because they use gay people as props?

No. 1210726

Sometimes spicy straights are genuinely convinced their relationships are queer because they themselves identify as queer, and by their logic it’s impossible for any relationship they’re involved in to be straight.

No. 1210737

her characters always seem really dependent and insecure when they’re in relationships or are talking about romance. both greg universe’s and pearl’s feelings towards rose were always so shallow and toxic. they worshipped her and didn’t care if she reciprocated in any meaningful way.

No. 1210791

It probably is the dependance! Now that you point this out, I noticed it with Ruby/Sapphire, Connie/Steven, Sadie/Lars, Quentin/Harold, and even the unconfirmed pairings like Peridot/Lapis or Amethyst/Peridot. Even that weird side character (Kevin) had an implied history with an unstable, unbalanced relationship. Meanwhile she seems to have a really good grasp on writing complicated parent/child relationships (both neglectful and overbearing, and everything in between). Really makes you think.
Sage for sperging about kids cartoons.

No. 1210792

File: 1618697138883.png (1.92 MB, 2500x2000, will always be your ed.png)

>Rebeca Sugar drew Ed, Edd n Eddy R34

wouldn't this get her cancelled today for "pedophilia"? picrel not hers

No. 1210796

Finally some milk I can personally comment on! Justin Roiland is kind of a sex pest. Years ago, when R+M was just starting out I recognized him from the Channel 101 crew and reached out to him on Twitter to ask him some questions.
I was writing a pilot episode for an animated series idea I had, and I wanted to ask him some advice about writing and pitching ideas. I was surprised that he wrote back, and he was super friendly and actually gave some good pointers about impostor syndrome. Then out of nowhere, he asked me if I liked girls and that he wanted to have a threesome with me and his girlfriend at the time. What the fuck? I kind of laughed it off and changed the subject and then he apologized like he didn’t realize that was super creepy and inappropriate. I heard that I’m not the only person this has happened to and that he might have done the same thing to his assistant, which made her quit.

No. 1210820

people on twitter tried to cancel her for it about 6 months ago

No. 1210832

Pretty sure they try to cancel her for that shitty E,E&E ship art every year because another group of newfags keep finding out about it.

No. 1210835

That whole reboot was a shit show with them adding in "modern" words. I remember the outrage over that twerking scene. They axed miss bellum for being too "provocative" but made sure to add in the 6 year main characters twerking

No. 1210857

Do you still have DMs/screenshots?

No. 1210863

totally believe this, I have a friend he propositioned for a threesome with him and his gf at the time. She turned him down too lol.

No. 1210872

File: 1618705640462.png (481.14 KB, 540x540, Art_69b39a_6332400.png)

Not sure if milk, but I thought it was relevant. Does anyone remember the Concrete Controversy? It dealt with the SU concept art book. Pic related.

No. 1210888

sage for animation sperg but god was there so much bullshit in that terrible reboot
>tricked the og cast into thinking they may return and then announces new VAs to everyone's surprise
>Ms. Bellum bullshit even though she was the only person running townsville given the mayor was a inept moron apparently her name meaning cerebellum went right over their heads cause 'pretty bad'
>lobbed off their daycare teacher's tits because 'bewbs bad'
>trans unicorn analogy unicorn is a total asshole throughout episode gets rewarded for his bullshit
>replaced the 4th powerbuff girl who originally was a beloved character into baby's first deviantart oc complete with neon blue hair

No. 1210897

Lamar Abrams (a black man) drew this, and he apologized on his twitter for it iirc

No. 1210918

File: 1618709703790.png (56.04 KB, 282x339, bl.png)

>replaced the 4th powerbuff girl who originally was a beloved character into baby's first deviantart oc complete with neon blue hair
The weirdest part about this is that they gave the 4th Powerpuff thick hips and long legs for no apparent reason. Like…this just looks dumb as fuck, I'm sorry.
Besides, they're all supposed to be little kids. If we want to go down the "social justice" path, it doesn't even make sense from that perspective. Studies have shown that black girls have higher rates of experiencing CSA, and are often sexualized or considered "not innocent" by adults at horribly young ages in the US. I don't know what else I'm supposed to expect from the same show behind >>1210027, though.

No. 1210922

I think it's just the result of people with no real life experience outside of their weird little social bubble being allowed to create and run TV shows.
Not all western cartoons are run by people this loopy, animation is hard work and most of the people in the industry are pretty normal.

No. 1210928

It's because she's canonically older (because it doesn't make much sense for her to be the same age or yoinger). They were sloppy with the design, though.

No. 1211022

I’m going to art school for animation this year and I joined my school’s discord server and there are so many they/thems and ftms in it, it felt like a culture shock. I’m worried about what it’ll look like when i’m actually in the industry. sage for blog posting.

No. 1211041

wtf? does he think people would ever be attracted to him? he's so fuckin gross. i'm not straight but i don't see how you'd want to touch him if you were

No. 1211047

File: 1618724869868.jpg (243.77 KB, 500x375, WrVcUPo.jpg)

Because there's no real way to 'age' the girls their design only works when they're bug eyed 6 year olds. It's a stylized cartoon choice that if stretched at all for a older design looks stupid. Even the og canon teen versions get unsettling the longer you look at them. And they have standard female bodies just with the pencil arms and massive circle heads. So they knew they had to alter as much as possible to make it work. The new animators just didn't care/ thought nostalgic designs were enough to sell regardless.

No. 1211050

I feel like the real crime with the reboot is the awful thin lines. It just makes everything look super cheap, even flash aside. I also agree with you on the aged up girls. It’s hard to make that style look good aged, however I would be down for some grandma puff’s kek

No. 1211054

File: 1618725808593.gif (702.37 KB, 500x281, JJFjQbR.gif)

I think that's why when she was asked to recreate MLP Faust opted for thick lines when using flash. They still have massive eyes but the thicker lines make it smoother to watch.

No. 1211303

God yes. I love how it's a clusterfuck of drama too especially when they sperg out over the whole "do voice actors count as real actors" debate. Hits a sore spot with a lot of them, since a majority of them originally wanted to become actors before switching to VO work.

No. 1211330

If anything I feel like the western animation industry has become an oppression olympics between a bunch of white “””””””queers””””””” who come from wealthy backgrounds. It’s weird. Like every show and character they have to announce their queer or trans
What school?

No. 1211365

No. 1211383

nyart but good luck anon. I really mean it. bit of a blogpost but I spent a year at SCAD some years back also for animation and had to transfer because being there was actually nauseating.

So many affluent woke nb snowflakes while every building was in the middle of poor predominately black neighborhoods but completely inaccessible to them. Everyone working for scad as a type of service provider, never a professor or administrative professional, was also black. Most of the other students I met didn't give a shit how fucked up that SCAD heavily gentrifies these neighborhoods for the sole purpose of looking more exclusive and driving up tuition. And now much waste goes into providing students with only the latest and greatest equipment (which rarely happens in the workplace) and throwing out the old stuff I think every single semester. Also, a lot of them spent a lot of time complaining about professors giving them work to do than actually doing the assignments. I'm pretty sure it's impossible to fail any classes on top of that. SCAD is really not interested in educating students or creating talent. They are selling a certain type of individual to companies. You could say that about most higher education, but this is especially the case at SCAD. So I'm not surprised the industry is the way it is at all. It's superficial by design.

No. 1211387

The guy who made that fucking weird yuki doll animation on Vimeo? If you have any stories I’m curious

No. 1211431

SCAD has been known to be a money-grubbing scam in the art school world for a long time (see: https://www.ajc.com/news/special-reports/selling-dream/VVfRSVilHliyrTe9LAd5hN/ or even back in 1992: https://www.nytimes.com/1992/08/23/us/art-and-commerce-a-college-s-turbulent-tale.html), but honestly most private art schools are not much different. In the south, at least, SCAD is infamous for churning out talentless graduates. So long as you can pay, you can get that degree and a ~prestigious~ name on your CV. There are plenty of talented people who have come out of SCAD, too, but instruction is subpar and critiques are nothing but asspat central.

No. 1211461

File: 1618776040015.jpeg (40.35 KB, 500x613, 79EC1856-F4C3-4FC7-8A83-C4BBF6…)

This one might be the best PPG aged up designs attempt I’ve ever seen.

No. 1211468

That's the best it gets, and even that is kind of unsettling. The designers pretty much locked themselves into only ever drawing the PPG as kindergarteners, and it really shows.

No. 1211529

Is there even a point to attending a fancy art school? Based on this thread and /co/'s comments on it, just seems like your paying to market yourself and add some fluff to your resume. Couldn't you theoretically "make it" by just knowing the right people or grinding without owing a shit ton in student loans or am I missing something?

No. 1211534

It's nearly impossible to get into animation in the way the Calarts crowd has without the same sort of prestigious rich kid degree. If you aren't one of those trust-fund, circle jerk wokesters, you don't really have a chance at making your own show or pitching ideas, you're just a worker ant.

No. 1211555

Honestly. During the pandemic I recommend you wait. What you’ll get out of art school during a pandemic will not be substantial enough. My benefit from going to art school was the friends I made—and friends are connections—not competition. Studios care less about what degree you have but more about who you know AND your portfolio. So don’t stay too discouraged anon
Eh. It depends if you wanna go the Disney route. Yeah CalArts is the rich school w nepotism but it isn’t the only way in. I’m not from an important animation area and I have gotten studio gigs. If anything things are changing from being in LA bc of the pandemic

Sorry for the long response

No. 1211562

Oh, I didn't mean to give the impression that I wanted to start in animation since I already have a career in something completely unrelated to it I was speaking more in general. Thanks for the clarification.

No. 1211564

And how does one get into their social circle jerk of woke losers?

No. 1211581

depends what project you're on anon. I worked with a bunch of older men and the youngest people were in their 30s. No they/thems on that production. You tend not to see the more normie average people in animation because they aren't on social media as much. Or they keep their social media strictly business.

However the young influx of they/thems is very real and annoying so I understand your concern.

No. 1211583

I bought this book (no bully) and when I saw Concrete I was like "oh boy, this is gonna be an issue"
You'd be surprised. There's a huge child following for Owl House and Steven Universe back in the day. Just have to go to any convention and see all the kiddos cosplaying

No. 1211590

The shows are extremely popular among children because they're the majority of the audience actually tuning in to Cartoon Network to watch, a lot of adults tend to watch from other sources. It's just that a real target audience of these shows don't go online to engage in detailed analysis of every scene with adults; so, for the internet only audience, are invisible despite being the majority.

No. 1211594

you have sex with one of them, same as in any other industry.

No. 1211601


You could make it without art school if you are a trust-fund or rich kid but those kids are the ones mainly attending these schools.

If you're able to pay for private classes, workshops, and socially skilled enough to network properly than yes you wouldn't need art school.

I attended art school on an 85 percent scholarship because I was poor as shit and need loans for housing/rest of tuition etc.

I graduated and immediately had 4 major studios express extreme interest ( a few indies ones months after) when I literally thought I'd be lucky to just have one person come to my booth. So in the end it work out well for me but if you don't have the drive don't go.

Whether you go or not you're going to be spending money and needed to network to make it. I've had classmates drop out early because they got a gig and never finished. The coworkers that never went had family members in the industries with connections.

It's really pick your poison.

No. 1211603

Saging but seconding this.

If Disney is all you want to work at. Than learn their style to a T. Attend CalArts cause disney obviously but you'll easy have a bunch of connections and alumni hiring you since they make up majority of most projects.

No. 1211619

Where was this thread like, 10 years ago when I was trying to get in this stupid industry? I interned at CN back in the day kek

No. 1211639

where are you from, anon? are you still interested? my partner has worked in the animation industry in Vancouver for 10+ years, I'd hate to see someone give up on their dreams

No. 1211643

HA no. I'm from Los Angeles originally (born and raised, I actually had family friends who were in the industry, from artists to voice actors). I'd always wanted to work in the industry and went to a prestigious art college. I studied illustration but I was planning on going into vis. dev.

But I tell ya. The year "Princess and the Frog" came out, I saw it and was like, "This… this is dogshit." It was painfully obvious Disney was trying to be PC. And all my friends in the Animation major didn't seem to care or notice. And then I realized they were all PC and woke themselves. After I graduated I came back home and went to a few CTN expos in an attempt to find out WHAT the fuck studios want to see in portfolios for vis. dev. I ran into old friends who were in the industry by now (now some of them are really making a name for themselves, others are burnt out from having slaved on Frozen 2). I realized the "old guard" of the people I knew in the industry were being outmoded and replaced by bluehairs and neckbeards. So now I'm preparing for an art test at a game company. Games industry is much, much better. Do not fret, fren.

No. 1211646

nta but, I also made the change from animation to vgs anon. Although video games seems to have it's own share of problems but the animation industry as it is is unbearable.

Good luck with the art test

No. 1211647

as long as you're happy! thankfully the Vancouver scene isn't nearly as PC/woke performative as LA seems to be although it has its share of they/them characters

(my favourite so far has been a girl who claimed her cat was trans/nb or some shit …)

No. 1211648

nta really vancouver always seemed similarly bad to me? I know a bunch of they/thems that work in animation there.

No. 1211650

I love this thread so much. Thank you to the anons sharing their experiences

No. 1211653

Ty anon. Ye, at least with games there are so many studios (though I wish I could find out where the smaller ones congregate so I could've applied to 'em), and they're pretty adamant about not letting politics fuck up games. They're mostly traditionalists and I adore that.
The only thing I know about Vancouver animation is it's… not as good, lol

No. 1211657

well shit maybe my partner has just been lucky? She definitely deals with a few of them but they're usually in lower roles than her so there's a bit of distance and most of them don't usually last in the industry

lmao yeah it's mostly a lot of cheap netflix preschool crap but honestly what's good that's come out of LA lately?

No. 1211658

Bro do I know you, did you go to my college?

No. 1211659

I'm sure none of them are going to be as vocal and obnoxious as they are on twitter. Glad she hasn't encountered too many. I guess I didn't either when I was working in LA so it seems to depend somewhat.

No. 1211660

Sage for threadshitting, but is putting self-insert OCs into your shows actually that bad if the characters are still characters and not Mary Sue creeps?

No. 1211661

It's a little tacky but I personally don't give a shit that much.

No. 1211666

This animator larping is getting out of hand. Why are you guys so gullible? This isn’t a reddit AMA, anyone saying they’re a notable animator on lolcow of all places should be suspicious.

No. 1211668

every artist I know does it, or else their characters are their fetish (most it's a bit of both) but some are cringier than others

No. 1211669

File: 1618796062828.png (505.36 KB, 720x576, tumblr_o5q5tpux9t1s63bkno5_128…)

>what's good that's come out of LA lately?
Me, heh.

No. 1211670

File: 1618796166642.jpg (105.82 KB, 1024x772, Me_on_PPG.jpg)

Yeah but it was funnier back when they did it as quick cameos. There's an episode of PPG where they have a sleepover and Mojo disguises himself. They're looking at magazines full of hot guys and Craig McCracken and his team put themselves in the magazines, kek

No. 1211677

I find that most of the they/them nb types are in TV animation while a lot of the old guard (and for some reason a lot of super religious people) tend to be in feature. Although this could be changing?

Just an interesting split I've noticed.

No. 1211685

It's bad practice to self insert, outside of background cameos and autobiographical works. There will always be personal bias involved, and making yourself a main character in your work of fiction always comes with a bit of narcissism, at minimum. The worst case scenario is shipping yourself with fictional characters (especially underage or with preferences that wouldn't include you), or shipping your self insert with inserts of other real people. Most of the examples ITT (all except one iirc) have done that shit, which is why they're really getting flack.

No. 1211700

No. 1211752

File: 1618804209261.jpg (Spoiler Image,127.76 KB, 680x1430, tumblr_mq2ca9MQtj1ruxsbzo2_128…)

I feel like it should be mentioned that the Ed, Edd, and Eddy porn included use of the word "fag." That's not very woke for a supposed queer icon, is it, Rebecca?
Spoilered out of courtesy even though it's fairly tame, because they are underaged characters.

No. 1211770

This is cute art honestly. The problem with these woke circles is they all find a way to turn on each other eventually and the best thing is to not get involved, but of course it's too late for Rebecca to get uninvolved now.

No. 1211772

File: 1618806595069.jpg (169.73 KB, 720x991, oops.jpg)

anon pls

No. 1211773

I'm 90% sure the "Noelle" getting cucked angle is just 4chan memery. IIRC the boyfriend was with her wife before they got together.

No. 1211786

File: 1618808595391.png (148.08 KB, 634x437, mollyandnoelle.png)

another drawing from noelle's memoir

No. 1211791

Is there anywhere I can find the whole comic? I don't want to give her any money, but couldn't find it. Sage for ot

No. 1211803

The more of these I see, the more I hate Molly. How is she ok with coming off as a heartless bitch in these?

No. 1211840

File: 1618811737988.png (166.21 KB, 977x657, themorningafter.png)

No. 1211841

File: 1618811937092.jpeg (70.9 KB, 1129x1600, noellewasthesidechick.jpeg)

No. 1211847


No. 1211849

Holy shit, polyamory really is just a more manipulative way of cheating. Molly tricked Noelle into thinking it would be an equal three way relationship, cared more about the man, then left the man for Noelle officially, but only when Noelle became a more noteworthy catch. Full on user. I wonder if the man encouraged this (coomer) or if Molly mentally fucked him into acting in the same anxious-but-complicit way Noelle did in all this. I usually assume the man is a coomer, but Molly sounds fucking awful, so I'm not sure.

No. 1211852

Noelle could just have not gotten involved in the beginning knowing the girl had a boyfriend, there are no successful poly relationships LMAO why are you riding for her so hard?

No. 1211855

This. Wtf, noelle's a grown ass woman. I'm genuinely shocked no one in these LA circles tell the other to fuck off bc they're all waayyy too old to be acting like tumblr tweenies.

No. 1211857

File: 1618815873609.png (239.55 KB, 1010x656, innoelleswords.png)

More from her memoir. This is what she says about her relationship with Molly in 2016.

No. 1211858

Anon. Just accept we're not all going to empathize with a grown ass woman making an ass out of herself. Noelle's not some poor misguided child, she's an adult who at any point could've told her partner to go fuck herself and found someone else. Instead of doing whatever the fuck she's doing now.

No. 1211859

AYRT. Really, how much can I blame someone who's surrounded by wokesters for getting into this sort of shitty situation, though? It's normalized to her, even if it's clear to us that polyamory is inherently retarded. I do think Noelle's stupid for getting into this mess, at the very least. But being stupid and being an asshole are two separate things.
And before you go off, I'm not a fan, I don't watch the shows or read the comics these people make. I literally only know these morons from the milk they produce.

They all are rich, privileged, and have brain worms. None of them call each other out because the best of them are dependant crybabies, and the worst of them are outright malicious and/or degenerates. They all latch onto each other. Crab pot orgy.

No. 1211860

I thought it was because they said Bow’s hypothetical brother liked to “work in the fields” and that his name was “sow” not plow? “Sow” and “work in the fields” has a different connotation than farmer and plow. And that they also said double trouble (the only confirmed troon character of the show too) was weird with children. This is only what I remember from Twitter

No. 1211862

NTA but get this "ackshkshually they are 12 in the show!!!" shit out of here and take it back to the artist salt thread, this isn't Twitter and she isn't Shadman.


This. It's easy for a random user on an imageboard to be aware of what a meme polyamory is and how it always ends up in a straight out abusive situation but when you're surrounded by people who see it as the most woke type of relationship ever when it's just glorified cheating you simply don't give it a second thought. What makes me side-eye Noelle though is the fact that she's doing these very personal comics concerning her current wife that either paint her or Noelle as a piece of shit depending on your interpretation. It feels manipulative on her part.

>And that they also said double trouble (the only confirmed troon character of the show too) was weird with children.
Lmao Noelle was unintentionally based I guess

No. 1211863

I actually agree with you on the notion of thinking it's weird and sketchy for her to air out her dirty laundry with her wife for all the internet to see. Like, what is she hoping for? Ass pats? Her wife to get cancelled?

No. 1211864

File: 1618816538316.png (566.56 KB, 1180x1870, sow.png)

I think Noelle and the crew from She-Ra were in a livestream where they revealed that they had joked about Bow's brothers having names that rhyme: Sow (a farmer), Woah (a hippie), Woe (a goth), etc.

No. 1211867

I guess she legitimately thinks it's some kind of a "love wins" situation where they come over their hardships and become a couple and is completely blinded to the fact that it sounds like a mess and that they're both emotionally immature and entitled. Molly didn't have the situational awareness to consider how mentally taxing it is to watch her fuck a man and Noelle was obsessed with Molly to the point she wanted her to drop the boyfriend and be only with her instead of walking away and finding someone else.

No. 1211868

>You can never make a black character a farmer
>Even if they became a farmer on their own and enjoy the job
>Even if it's a fantasy world with no history of slavery or racial segregation
>No black person could ever enjoy farming because racism
>Apologize for your one out of five puns that was deemed culturally insensitive
>"y-yes, of course, I'm a terrible and insensitive for ever having thought of this joke–"
>Your apology isn't good enough, and I wish you a very pleasant die

No. 1211879


This is correct. People trying to be more oppressed than they are in the most middle class industry in the world. Gross.

No. 1211911

>cracker compadres
Really would love to see what this person looks like. Would be icing on the cake if theu were just as white as our resident troon, Noelle.

No. 1211917

File: 1618826927986.png (155.97 KB, 827x635, starlightmau.png)

No idea, but I found their pronoun page.

No. 1211925


> lesbian

> nonbinary

I guess words just don’t have meanings anymore!

No. 1211926

Girlfriend is okay…but girl isn't?

No. 1211928

File: 1618831168482.jpg (23.73 KB, 480x270, 1488337271-c5zmvmrvuaa8vgh-2.j…)

I don't even- What the fuck?

No. 1211959

I kinda feel bad for Molly in a way because from what it seems she may be just not a very perceptive person, and Noelle continuously pretended to be fine with their poly situation, just to later in the memoir make her seem like a cruel bitch torturing her by daring to have a boyfriend while poor baby Noelle was hurting and so in love. Though I think you're right she herself may be seeing it as some kind of beautiful love wins scenario.

No. 1211992

Wh… what is this ….
Imagine being triggered by someone calling you


No. 1212011

>Games industry is much, much better
Bullshit. Its a known fact that everyone who works in the games industry hates their job. I'm a software developer at one of those banks where they make graduates work 80 hour weeks (so not an artist) but everyone who's worked in videogames says it is miserable and at least finance pays you for your suffering.

No. 1212013

I think anon means that gaming industry is less woke, which is true; big devs that matter will never turn their back at money coming from all the little coomers, racists, mysoginists and homophobes.

No. 1212016

Peak clownery. It's like a bully was punching someone with their own fist over and over again and saying "Why are you hitting yourself?" and the person just kept apologizing for it.

This, the video game industry is fucking miserable to everyone who works there. Animators who want to do something else than hyperwoke Flash cartoons should look into anything else than video games, there are plenty of better options. Also how was the Princess and the Frog "Disney trying to be PC"? Just because the main characters were black? Original anon is giving strong borderline /pol/faggot vibes.

>Gaming industry is less woke
Lmao, not a chance. Whereas the animation industry is stuffed with female themlets the gaming industry is chock full of fetishtic troons and predatory male feminists who want to hide their tracks by performative wokeness and got their positions due to nepotism.

No. 1212019

a big reason tPatF was such a shit movie was because it was reworked over and over again to appease sjw complainers, google it

No. 1212029

I'm actually in the video game industry, ultimately we're both anons that could be lying but anyone that actually has ever been close to real gamedev would knows who is right. Trans indiedevs who make a visual novel thanks to indiegogo money are just loud and rare outliers. Predatory fake feminists are not woke crowd but your typical old mysoginists in a sheep clothing.

No. 1212035

ayrt, from what I've seen from smaller game companies, they don't seem nearly as miserable as the people working in the massive ones. I had a college fren at Riot Games (he was there since the early days), and he seemed much more miserable and on edge than my friends who work at smaller companies. There was a feeling of camaraderie in the smaller companies. (Also my college fren seemed a little… delusional about Riot's practices, lol)
"Princess and the Frog" was pathetic. Not to blogpost but I grew up watching old movies and films, and I got to experience really excellently-written films. "Cabin in the Sky" will always be better than "Princess and the Frog" because the characters were so vivid and memorable, the songs were beautifully written (they fucking run CIRCLES around anything Tiana sang), and the "magical" (or I guess religious) element was handled really well. And I'm a big Hollywood nerd so I liked seeing familiar actors in this. It was a veritable treasure trove compared to "Princess and the Frog".

No. 1212049

Sage for blog/no contribution but I'm so glad this thread exists. I used to hang in the LA animation crowd like 5+ years ago and I'm so glad I escaped. They're so fucking insufferable and egotistical. They dismiss anyone who doesn't work in animation as lesser or uninteresting and all they would talk about together is CalArts. Teachers, students parties or whatever. These are people in their late 20's and 30's and all they talk about is college.

If I can remember anything specific I'll share it here I hate these people so much lol

No. 1212122

This. The comics about it are just sad. Fuck poly people.

No. 1212125

Do we know who the man was? Maybe we could be able to see if he still follows Molly and what the breakup was like

No. 1212178

Any tea on the people working for Adventure Time? I always felt their push for bubbline was just to look woke and not a genuine attempt at telling a good story.

No. 1212180

I went on a small search and found him - he's actively using twitter but not following her and vice versa so we can guess the breakup was not so amicable. I hope I'll not get banned for posting this, it's publicly available after all.
https://strongfemaleprotagonist.com/issue-5/page-54/(Imageboard )

No. 1212203

File: 1618853303985.jpeg (35.14 KB, 399x400, FB163348-2B2A-48FA-BBB7-4F96FA…)

I wasn’t expecting to side with the man over Molly as well but here we are kek. He probably ended up better than Noelle anyway since she’s stuck with Molly and still upset enough about it to make a comic. I’ve never actually seen She Ra in my life and only found out about Noelle from similar threads so it’s not like I’m a fan, but to me now seems like the ideal time for Noelle to leave Molly. She seems popular and would be able to find another woman easy.

No. 1212217

File: 1618853944536.png (40.23 KB, 597x295, molly.PNG)

I looked through her tumblr, apparently she went on picrel trip to Greece in April 2015, later in summer she posted a comic strip about her perfect day where she talks about loving the bf and enjoying private time with him wink wink, they adopted a cat together and in autumn moved across country, where she immediately realized that she's a lesbian, in February posts a hourly comic where she shows that she's already splitting time between him and Noelle and is planning to leave him. No wonder they're not friends anymore.

No. 1212223

File: 1618854170596.jpeg (61.88 KB, 1024x576, DAB1C609-043E-483A-A2CA-B371F9…)

So it was really Noelle who cucked Jack. He still has photos of that trip on his Twitter btw like picrel, quite a few actually. Didn’t know Molly identifies as a lesbian though? Somehow I’m not surprised.

No. 1212248

File: 1618855242455.png (873.07 KB, 537x1458, tumblr.png)

In almost 5 years of being pretty lovey-dovey, I guess he could have not realized. There's no shame to be bi honestly, I don't know why she won't just admit that, maybe it doesn't go along well with the image of the Perfect Lesbian Wives she has with Noelle

No. 1212300

kek she 'discovered' she was gay around the time Noelle's shit reboot took off among the woke crowd. I can't wait for her to backpedal when she gets caught dick chasing as troon Noelle with a strap isn't cutting it for her. She seems like your typical super special type that it's never ever her fault and her feelings are much more valid than anyone else.

No. 1212307

“100% gay”
is extremely supportive of wife trooning out into a cheap copy of a man
Sure Jan.

No. 1212309

At this point, I can't tell if she's bi with a huge preference for men, or just that bored of a hetero woman.

No. 1212376

wtf he's just a normal looking farmer? white wokies really are racist if their minds immediately jump to slavery upon looking at a drawing of 5 completely different black dudes with silly rhyming names>>1211864

No. 1212379

File: 1618863581639.gif (996.69 KB, 500x226, KEEEEEITH.gif)

WHAT how dare you talk about singing keith david like that. i loved that movie (am french anon kek)

No. 1212423

second hand info but i've read that the couple was already in mind day one but cartoon network wouldn't let them show gays in TV so they waited

No. 1212430

She's obviously bi if she went far enough to marry another woman anon

No. 1212431

Exactly this. There’s no problem with the drawing at all, either they’re actively looking to find a problem or they’re racist as fuck. Or both.

No. 1212446

racist as fuck more often than not. Take Extra credits latest fuck up where they out and say Orcs being ugly war hungry brutes is calling them black people.

No. 1212465

File: 1618868983815.jpg (112.79 KB, 792x1024, EDgqGUH.jpg)

sage in case this is off topic or derailing but I thought y'all might get a chuckle from this woke explanation for why a black person in farmer clothes is apparently super offensive that a co-worker sent to me

Whole thing is here: https://imgur.com/a/pmjBXQ6

No. 1212484

How brain damaged do you have to be to not notice it's enforcing racial stereotypes to completely ban any character with dark skin (even fake, joke characters in a list of similar joke characters) from being any kind of farmer, rather than stopping the stereotype. It just shows you're incapable of thinking of a group of people outside of a certain context.

No. 1212490

ayrt, if they had said something like "the farmer brother Sow picks cotton for massa" that'd be something else but the argument that a black man in overalls and a straw hat is racist is such a stretch like google image search "farmer" and they're pretty much all dressed like that regardless of ethnicity

No. 1212496

What do they think a good chunk of the population of the African continent does for a living?

No. 1212499

Obviously, all dark skinned people are college educated bankers and businessmen. Also, if you imply that black people can farm anything other than cotton and tobacco, you're the real racist!

No. 1212500

What do you mean anon? There are no countries besides the USA.

No. 1212532

The Western animation industry is notorious for being packed to the brim with extremely online coomers, and nobody ITT seems to be claiming to be notable. Since at least the early 10's it would probably be harder to find someone in the industry who isn't waist-deep in some ridiculous internet scene, hence why every cartoon is imbued with deviantart-tier fetish fodder.
>why you should care
hard pass

No. 1212539

>i could pick apart "woe," "gogh," and "woah" for their own unique problems and stereotypes

Drawing black cartoon characters as goths, artists and hippie surfers is bad now.

No. 1212551

Woah would probably be something about stoners, but Woe and Gogh would probably be sperging about mental illness. Speaking as a medically depressed person, there's a special type of attitude wokesters have towards mentally ill people where you're not allowed to judge or comment on anything they do. The coddling is fucked up, and they also want to pretend mental illness isn't as severe as it is, so they can claim they have it as neurotypical people who want more oppression points.

No. 1212557

It's always a dead end with woke people. You don't include black (or any other minority) character, you're racist. You do, and they'll find a reason as to why it's racist anyway.

No. 1212568

This is true, they often won't accept any criticism of self-diagnosing because without it they wouldn't have their laundry lists of 15 different illnesses for their carrds kek

No. 1212595

God the dialogue gets to me every time, kek. I can't believe she wrote that. Anyways I see a lot of people claim she was a teenager/underaged herself when she drew that which is probably why it hasn't gotten her "cancelled".

No. 1212627

Still laughing at how this is such a mean ass thing for her to post. I guess he's probably over it by now but is this bitch serious lol? So many bi women have internalised biphobia and pretend to be lesbians too because in their minds it's impossible to be bi and commit to a woman.

No. 1212696

Being bi isn’t woke enough, fuck you if you are attracted to men. Women who feel attraction to men belong in the kitchen, you do not deserve equal rights if you love the enemy.

No. 1212698

Sounds like a you problem.

No. 1212704

what kind of crack are you smoking that you feel this victimized about your hetero attraction?? plus most of these “woke” idiots bend over backwards to defend straight shit as “queer” anyway

No. 1212720

File: 1618890618241.png (345.9 KB, 1080x1627, Screenshot_20210419-165914~2.p…)

I'm on my phone so I can't collage but I'm gonna dump some relevant tweets from Molly and her ex bf with timestamps.

No. 1212721

File: 1618890661544.png (536.61 KB, 1080x1443, Screenshot_20210419-165704~2.p…)

No. 1212723

File: 1618890719875.png (100.06 KB, 1080x784, Screenshot_20210419-164128~2.p…)

Ex tweeting about meeting noelle. He also tweeted when they moved to socal but I forgot to screen cap that

No. 1212726

File: 1618890836914.png (138.02 KB, 1080x632, Screenshot_20210419-163657~2.p…)

Shortly before the breakup. He didn't tweet about noelle after meeting them. Noelle also didn't like that tweet.

No. 1212728

File: 1618890899413.png (94.26 KB, 1080x660, Screenshot_20210419-163811~2.p…)

Just a few days before this he was tweeting about couple life with Molly.

No. 1212731

File: 1618891007572.png (235.9 KB, 1080x1628, Screenshot_20210419-163848~2.p…)

Last one, he made a private twitter to vent about his ex (unlike noelle). Even though he seems annoying AF from his socials I honestly feel kinda bad for the guy and think he was taken for a ride by molly

No. 1212741

thanks for the screenshots anon and yep, it sure looks like it. it's quite funny because i didn't know who he was until just today and had kind of a different image of him in my head. while his older tweets make him come off like a bit of a tryhard woke idiot (all the gay jokes…) he also doesn't seem like a Bad Person from his tweets. I get the worst vibes from Molly out of the three of them by far. so i think it's reasonable to believe that neither ex bf or noelle were happy with this arrangement and it was entirely molly's doing. perhaps this will be interesting to revisit when molly and noelle inevitably divorce.

No. 1212749

File: 1618892797290.png (486.81 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210419-211205.png)

Ayart yeah esp because the guy Molly made that superhero comic with is still friends with the ex but not molly makes it seem more apparent that she is the shady one. I hope he found peace he seemed really into molly. Picrel, imagine being the ex bf and finding coded messages about noelle in your gfs comic.

No. 1212751

No. 1212752

sorry for the blog but i knew someone irl who was pretty similar. without going into detail it was the same deal, a "poly" relationship that ended up a monogamous marriage with one partner being especially selfish (also a serial cheater) and at least one other being fucking unhappy. i doubt this is even uncommon. it will be interesting to see how this all turns out in the end.

No. 1212769

molly deleted a few of the replies to these tweets.

No. 1212772

File: 1618895920467.jpg (537.15 KB, 1080x4324, 0042021071427.jpg)

NTA but thank you! I just read the intro and I already cannot stand the author. Huge "ME ME READ ABOUT ME" vibes. She seems kinda self-obsessed, like she never asked herself why would her readers care about her specifically. It doesn't feel like she's made the comic to be universal but to showcase how special she is.

No. 1212779

Imagine the psychotic degree of narcissism it takes to be convinced that people are really going to have any interest in reading about and assigning meaning to such banal experiences lol.

No. 1212781

NTA but I partially agree with >>1211772, it's not "cancel-worthy" but it is cringe as hell and gives credence to the idea that RS is just a fujoshi claiming to be bi for woke points. Also it's weird to see someone drawing yaoishit in the EEnE artstyle. I cannot think of an art style less sexy, save for maybe Klasky Csupo. If you're gonna draw the characters jerking each other off, at least change the art style.

No. 1212787

File: 1618899183426.jpg (233.3 KB, 2167x1524, l 20042021081143.jpg)

To be fair, plenty of people find "banal" slice of life stories meaningful. Blankets was written about author's teenage experiences with love and religion and it's so beautiful and touching. Meanwhile Noelle's narcissistic doodles really should have stayed burried in her diary. If someone can point out what makes autobiographical work universal and meaningful instead of pompous, I'm all ears. I know there is a thin line dividing good memoirs from shit ones, but I can never properly define it. Is it about the author's attitude toward their life and work? Pic related, the way Noelle writes about herself makes me wanna slap her.

No. 1212789

File: 1618901058448.jpeg (79.58 KB, 1202x1194, D8pZbdkV4AAvjRE.jpeg)

>What makes autobiographical work universal and meaningful instead of pompous?
Humility and self-awareness.

Also, I've never liked Noelle's style. It's basically just a mix of Kate Beaton's and Natasha Allegri's with the charm of neither. Allegri is also part of the animation-Twitter-activist cluster, but I actually like her artwork. I think she has a good sense of color. I wish Allegri did more comics, I really liked the little mini she did for Boom years ago.

No. 1212790

File: 1618901140029.png (69.65 KB, 494x413, catra.png)

I find it so weird that Molly and Noelle are so proud of being the inspiration for Adora and Catra's relationship. Aren't they horrendously toxic? Catra was physically abusive and controlling, but I guess it's cool because they love each other.

…Or maybe it's Noelle's way to passive-aggressively say that she fucking hates Molly. I don't know.

No. 1212791

Didn't expect this but I actually feel bad for the guy, it's starting to look more and more like Noelle was the unstable, insecure person who guilt tripped Molly into dating her (Noelle becoming more popular must've done its part) and thus cucked her from Jack. I went into this really expecting Molly and the guy being the assholes taking a shit on the poor lesbian but the more I look into this it's starting to turn on its head.

I don't know why but the "anti-blackness" and "police brutality" twiggew wawnings added to a post about a kids cartoon black farmer character being racist because he's chewing on a straw sent me hard. These people need to go out more.

Let's be real, if she made one of them a successful banker or a lawyer she would be screeched at for making him an uncle tom and forcing huwhite culture on black people. According to these people black people can only be Tumblr artists by profession or baristas or some cool hipster job like that.

No. 1212793

>and then moved to your city casually lmao
>your city
>Ostertag grew up in upstate New York.


No. 1212795

>Spend all day refreshing her hourly comics looking for coded messages meant for me
Why the fuck would you admit having BPD tier obsession with someone like this? She's seeming more and more unhinged. It's not cute or relatable, this is actually sick and I would be disturbed if someone acted like this towards me.

No. 1212799

They both sound terrible and you just know when the eventual break up happens they are gonna scream how toxic the other was.

No. 1212812

Anon, what are you talking about? Catra apologized for everything when she had no power over anyone anymore which is something healthy individuals do. Also, she was abused!!! That totally means she was justified in being abusive to others, ignoring that makes you toxic. Also, engaging in harmful behavior that leads to the misfortune of other people, we just forget about it because they're gay :)

Yeah, this is a normal relationship and not a massive cope.

No. 1212813

I don’t feel victimized or oppressed, doesn’t mean I can’t find y’all fucking annoying.

No. 1212814

Remember that one time Catra almost ended the universe cause she was butthurt Adora always wins at life? Perfectly normal and healthy reaction. She also killed Glimmer’s mom. Very cool, Noelle.

No. 1212832


No. 1212835

File: 1618908841582.jpeg (487.92 KB, 2000x2417, A62AA935-91AE-423E-8E4C-50BB97…)

No milk but when I looked this person up I legit thought it was a troon

No. 1212850

She may be a bad person or whatever but please go to MtF thread with paranoid accusations about every woman that is not Stacy-looking.

No. 1212854

Oh no, the "this woman who doesn't look like an ultrafeminine tradthot must be a troon" tinfoil anon from the MTF thread has made her way here. Begone!

No. 1212875

can we get milk already

No. 1212880

File: 1618916520908.jpeg (153.02 KB, 1500x939, IMG_0335.jpeg)

kek, I wonder if Molly is still sending coded messages to her lovers. Picrel is recent Hourly Comic

No. 1212900

What are the odds that Molly has at least one side piece? Or that she's dick-centric, and Noelle trooning out is the result of her not being a satisfying enough main partner, because of the lack of penis? I'm honestly waiting on a reveal that Molly couldn't keep her pants on and cheated on Noelle, anyway, but I wonder how spicy the inevitable sloppy divorce could get.

No. 1212907

Just glancing at this thread and those comics I had assumed Noelle was talking about an ex. I was shocked to see they got married, like, that shit is scathing. Why would Molly be okay with her wife publishing this?? And why tf would marry such a user??

No. 1212910

File: 1618925174442.png (60.75 KB, 753x173, mollyandnoelle.png)

The title of the article is: "Noelle Stevenson, Molly Ostertag Are the Queer Power Couple We Need" kek


No. 1213088


You need to go back

No. 1213289

I mean, people DO care–her autobio comics have always been hugely popular. You don't have to like them, but a shitton of popular art is just….shit everyone goes through. This is extremely normal.

No. 1213300

The art seems really amateur, how did this chick get her own animated show again?

No. 1213308

Good, so I'm not the only one side-eyeing all the "professional animators" speaking authoritatively itt then

Most people working in the industry don't have time for all this wokie nonsense and milk production because they're too busy, well, working.

No. 1213312

Can I have more info on this? I can't seem to find details about the production… was it that bad?

No. 1213332

I watched rick and Morty when I was younger, there are some really funny moments but there's a lot of incest "gags" in the series, like one Incest Joke every 3-5 episodes plus there's a lot of normalization of Watching porn and even Pornhub getting mentioned

No. 1213346

NTA but her comics really should have stayed on her blog. They are not good enough to be presented as a "memoir" when it's bunch of shitty, narcissistic doodles from her blog. Most of it isn't even relatable, it's a list of her career successes. It's too specific to be relatable and she doesn't offer any insight into her experiences. It's just "this year I got Eisner prize, that year I made Shera"

No. 1213370

What? Plenty of the animator cows in this thread can make time for causing twitter controversies and being dumbasses, I doubt ~the real animators~ are chained to their workbench 24/7 and remain oblivious to their industry's scene.

No. 1213390

I think the main issue is a lack of honesty. The most visceral part of the comic is during the part about polyamory, but she only vaguely illustrates it (with popular edgy song recommendations on every page). She doesn't delve into the details, she just vaguely shows that there was a woman she liked who had another partner, and she wanted that woman for herself. No guts, no grit. The rest of it is whining about how sad she is, without ever really mentioning anything that might have caused it, or what those feelings resulted in. She says she's been terrible to people, but doesn't say how. We don't even get to hear what her actual diagnosis is, directly, in the comic. What do we really get from this, that we couldn't get from a (free to access) vent comic tumblr? Is the knowledge that the whinging comes from a rich person the only thing she's selling?
I've read memoirs where the authors have admitted to all sorts of filth, and were better for it. Noelle couldn't write a good memoir, because she either can't stand to actually talk about herself in detail, or she's actually just that incapable of self analysis.

No. 1213399

File: 1618988528651.jpg (77.88 KB, 920x201, h2V53dS.jpg)

literally on wikipedia

No. 1213405

>The Frog Princess title was thought by critics to be a slur on French people
I can't, fucking frenchfags
You are right. I thought the memoir would show the entire polyamory part of her life with some insight, but it was hardly depicted. As you said, why publish a memoir when you don't really want to talk about your life and analyze yourself? But congrats I guess on selling her vent blog trash to unaware people expecting a cohesive narrative

No. 1213459

File: 1619005301833.jpeg (124.56 KB, 1200x675, 1F0B4B37-0AE0-4F2D-8CB9-C5DA5C…)

Noelle was supposed to guest star on pic related show before COVID hit, so I consider that a bullet dodged. The CR and She-Ra fandoms converging might break the internet.

I’m surprised that this group doesn’t have lolcows attached to it, but the odds are good that I’m wrong about that

No. 1213466

Noelle was a guest in Critical Role multiple times already anon

No. 1213467

File: 1619006876625.jpeg (247.13 KB, 828x1472, A4224D2F-3F9F-4C6B-9A32-63B1F1…)

And I found the original set of tweets

No. 1213471

File: 1619007578137.png (51 KB, 691x166, A4224D2F-3F9F-4C6B-9A32-63B1F1…)

No. 1213585


I would have thought that the amount of animators trooning out is a good indication of how much free time the industry gives you, enough free time to think yourself into a different gender

No. 1213631

if their twitters is any proof these people have plenty of free time

No. 1213639

lol you don't have to believe us anon but it's not really so farfetched that a bunch of people in animation are sick of this shit. Also no one works 24/7

it is an anonymous website so your skepticism is understandable

No. 1213703

File: 1619034982661.jpeg (6.97 KB, 300x168, download.jpeg)

So any milk regarding these two Michael Jelenic and Aaron Horvath(the producers and main writers of Teen Titans Go)

Their not like majority of the woke kweer crowd as the rest of the cows posted here but they do have some of their own shit, starters they are really fucking insecure regarding about how much everyone hates their show and they've made multiple episodes about how their totally not bothered by fanboys lol and secondly they put a lot of weird not safe for kids shit on their show

Like this whole scene https://youtu.be/nI0SM9tsRkA and this https://youtu.be/GYIHS7j4_XI

There's a lot of twerking this show meant for kids

No. 1213709

god lumberjanes is so mediocre. noelle is not a based lesbian

No. 1213711

Another instance

No. 1213725

I'm giving all the twerking a pass since it doesn't feel sexual and is done ridiculously with flopping cheeks. Plus kids love ass humor
Now the focus on Raven's legs and stuff, that was really weird

No. 1213734

Kids love fart jokes or joked about butts being kicked, but no kid loves Twerking, like I can see some dumb kids imitating this
I'm surprised there weren't any parent complaints

Also hard agree with the multiple Raven Legs episode, she was just sexualized out of nowhere and it was uncomfortable to just watch

Also from the same episode btw

No. 1213749

isn't this the same guy who inserted himself into TLOUS?

No. 1213831

there was that one time in the show where Starfire is being forced to marry an alien king bc it's her culture's customs and Robin says something like "if Starfire's gonna be forced to marry anyone, it's gonna be me!"

like the entire show is half dudebro jokes with cyborg and beast boy and half borderline incel creepy pervert Robin moments.

No. 1213838

Normally I would consider this harmless sloppy writing but I happen to know that one of the higher ups in this show harassed a female co-worker I met. I remember hearing it was so bad she ended up quitting to stop his advances.

I have no idea if it is one of these guys >>1213703
I think it may be one of the directors. He's in his 40's or 50's. Either way, there's at least one big creep on that crew.

No. 1213853

Idk these feel pretty harmless. Like, I know john k was mentioned, but a lot of us grew up with ren and stimpy. Which looking back was wildly inappropriate compared to this, especially because I was allowed to watch the MTV episodes. I also was allowed to watch south park though, so maybe my parents were just shit parents

No. 1213859

Yeah your example is bad, this clip is from Adult Party Cartoon which was explicitly for adult viewers. The original Ren and Stimpy had a lot of weird gross-out jokes and violence, sure, but it wasn't weird fetishy shit like in TTG.

No. 1213860

The cows in this thread are like .001% of the actual industry, and are mostly show runners & I doubt that a handful of CalArts graduates constitutes the entirety of the industry's "scene".

in any case this thread seems to be more sperging about cartoons I don't watch than laughing at animator cows so w/e

No. 1213893

File: 1619054688300.jpeg (202 KB, 2714x1682, 707B9BA5-0E80-406B-B249-B6E78F…)

Oh fuck, didn’t realize the woman drawing all that butt ugly LoTR fanart was married to Noelle Stevenson. My mind is blown. Maybe she’ll chop her tits off and troon out too, so they can be totally hobbit yaois for real. Frodokin saga when?

No. 1213899

They're defensive because its embarrassing to have the most autistic cartoon on air. Not a single person respects TTGo the way they respect any of the other (admittedly low quality) cartoons. All the characters do that retarded shout dialogue and it's the kind of owo random xD humor from 10 years ago. They should have learned from Uncle Grandpa that this shit doesn't cut it anymore

Sage for ranting about this but God damn I hate it so fucking much

No. 1213904

Why so all animators look annoying? I'm not trying to be weird about it but I can't help but notice that a lot of them are some subspecies of troon or radiate Chernobyl levels of fag energy

No. 1213907

there are lots of normal looking people in animation but for some reason weirdos always want to be seen

No. 1213908

It’s a field that attracts maladjusted weeb weirdos stuck in arrested development, drawing cartoons for other man/woman children, this time with 500 percent more animu tropes. They all start becoming genderspecial nutcases by associating with the whole, like a sick zombie faggot virus.

No. 1213915

Wasn't Lumberjanes plagarized? I heard from a SCAD student that Lumberjanes was pretty much stolen from another student from SCAD. They pitched the idea to Boom, and Boom went and made the comic with Noelle Stevenson since she'd have more name recognition and left the original pitcher in the dust.

No. 1213917

To be fair they aren't technically animators, they're more like writers.

No. 1213926

File: 1619057355624.png (971.7 KB, 1000x638, DuckTales_2017_S3.png)

Does anyone have any milk on the Ducktalkes reboot crew?

I'm a Disneyfag and Donald Duck is one of my all time favorite Disney characters, so naturally I would check the DT17 threads on /co/ (Show was eh overall. Definitely wasn't terrible but a lot wasted potential here and there but I digress). Sometimes, they would talk about the staff and their antics on twitter and oh boy, I feel like there's a lot of hidden milk there. The showrunner Frank Angones was super preachy and woke and at one point, even had one of the dudes from Chapo Trap House voiced a character on the show. Also mentioned he had a "non binary" kid at another point kek. There was another animator by the name of Sam King who seemed like a huge cow herself. She would always talk about how gay she was and possibly dated a girl in the fandom who was barely legal despite being in her late 20s/early 30s. She also kept pushing for Della Duck (twin sister of Donald Duck and mother of Huey, Dewey, and Louie. She finally makes an appearance in the cartoon) to be a lesbian, particularly with another female character on her show who was her obvious self insert. I feel like no one really cares about cartoon ducks, so the cast doesn't get much attention compared to the Steven Universe and She Ra crew but I just know there's tons of milk there, but it isn't as well documented.

No. 1213928

File: 1619057658983.jpg (96.68 KB, 739x611, a big trans man.jpg)

nah, molly is going to remain cis. the most i would bet on is her changing the pronouns in her bio to she/they.

does anyone know much about picrel? i saw it on /lgbt/.

No. 1213931

Of course the trans man is an ayden kek

No. 1213933

Christ, that’s so ugly, it looks like a parody

No. 1213936

File: 1619058435941.png (496.19 KB, 641x355, 1618931579514.png)

i can't stop laughing.

No. 1213938

You’re probably right, despite her appearance she’s a complete fujohet.

Do she and Noelle actually fuck or is she a “soft asexual hobbit” now that she’s dating a female?

No. 1213940

seems like a pillow princess to me

No. 1213943

Hahahaha holy hell is this real

No. 1213945

File: 1619059177292.jpeg (419.92 KB, 825x1165, 77390AE7-5B18-465C-880A-D7BB3F…)

Is this for real.

No. 1213948

this looks like the asperchu version of steven universe

No. 1213959

This is so flat and poorly laid out. A child could have made this.

No. 1213961

old donald duck cartoons kicked ass. the carl barks comic is amazing too

No. 1213974

How is this not a joke?

No. 1213975

Is this really gonna be a kids' show? No child would enjoy this I mean look at the style, the characters alone

but then again kids are very moldable. Speaking of which they are trying to groom more into troons I guess.

No. 1213976

The premise of this show is so fucking boring and the visual development is absolutely atrocious how the hell did this get greenlit aside from tard woke shit? Jesus Christ.

Also lmaoooo anon my sides

No. 1213979

I feel like this is definitely going to be more geared towards teens like other cartoons netflix has put out recently but it doesn’t make it any less cringe especially when you consider the fact that the company that owns Lupron (the hormone blocker they give to “trans” kids) possesses some of Netflix’s market shares. Not to tinfoil but I feel like there is definitely a bit of an agenda there lol

No. 1213980

File: 1619063363471.jpeg (53.27 KB, 590x359, B548460A-2C52-4904-9977-A344D1…)

It gets more and more retarded the more I try to look information about it.
>lol quirky character holding flags lol xD
>she’s a tranny Jewish girl
>that somehow makes the guy that looks like he could be her dad, gay
>the token ambiguous race girl has another special flag
>A gay Muslim girl

No. 1213983

Is that dog touching the transman's magic vagina?

No. 1213984

Oh god this is official art by the author… It looks like a 13year old drew it with their mousepad

No. 1213985


No. 1213986

Seriously the "gay" guy who hits on her reads exactly as the guys into ftms do in real life, creeps who know they're vulnerable women. He's visibly much older, and this is a show for teens? Groomflix doesn't stop.

>the company that owns Lupron (the hormone blocker they give to “trans” kids) possesses some of Netflix’s market shares
This is not surprising and hardly tinfoil to state. I'm certain there are other connections too. They are caping so hard right now for trans stuff and also predatory age gaps. They would only dare to do so with a hell of an agenda because any normie watching will be unnerved.

No. 1213987

maybe it's using its powers to give her an inflatable bottom surgery peen. seriously though, is there a reason that's on the crotch… you can't miss it.

No. 1213995

File: 1619065739885.jpeg (66.35 KB, 712x476, 23031591_1646887615381481_5032…)

In case you were wondering, this is how the author looks kek

No. 1213996

Does the author also identify as a transman? Good grief

No. 1213997

Ah so it's written for virtue signaling only and not that plus self insert. he looks cis. I'd almost think it was satire if it weren't getting a show.

No. 1213998

I think that’s definitely a man writing about a Girl who wants to be a man.

No. 1214007

File: 1619068865679.png (195.57 KB, 625x605, male-feminist-comic.png)

He looks loke a woke male feminist predator

No. 1214010

he’s trans, was mutuals with him on 2012 tumblr lols

No. 1214011

Wouldn't be surprised. You see cis dudes cape for trannies all the time, but this seems like the "this is me" kind of representation. Surprisingly stealth, though. No mention of it in their bios, and they have a low-key look. Either way, the cartoon is ugly as shit and reads as TIF wish fulfillment self-fic garbage, with an added bonus of a weird groomer boyfriend character.
If they are a TIF, just more proof that TIFs are way better at passing, but passing has no bearing on your personality compared to socialization. The comic reeks of tumblr SJW shit, and I've never seen a man (or even boy) write or draw like this.

No. 1214016

I don't think he's trans anon?

No. 1214019

File: 1619074353078.png (176.23 KB, 610x584, Untitled.png)

Do you have any receipts, anon? He claims to be cis.

No. 1214046

File: 1619082154686.jpg (42.45 KB, 693x389, Ezgx93RXIAI_ArZ.jpg)


Half the people I know working on this are personal cows of mine. Fakebois and coomers as far as the eye can see. Also being made for rock bottom price so will probably be shit. Picrel, a character in the comic becomes self aware

No. 1214052

Damn, I’m interested in the UK scene’s drama.

No. 1214064


It's a mess. Ireland too. There's no union power so the cheapest gofundme kweer shit gets made for way less money than america. Lots of people worked on Vivziepop stuff here as well.

No. 1214153

I just read this whole thread. I always had a feeling the bigger names in animation were sex pests. But mind blowing more than half the shows are of them self inserting themselves as beloved characters or OC's and shipping themselves with their irl crush.
No wonder characters don't feel true to themselves anymore

No. 1214190

NTAYRT but damn, guess I was wrong. Comics are a collective effort, after all, so maybe he just has a bunch of TIFs as advisors or something. I wonder what he gains from this "ultimate ally" schtick, though.
samefag as >>1214011

No. 1214203

File: 1619106615973.jpg (653.55 KB, 3508x2480, retrogrooming.jpg)


It seems to have always attracted weirdos, check out Art Babbitt of early Disney fame and his courtship with the 14 year old model for Snow White, who he married when he was 30 and she was 18. sage for 100 year old milk

No. 1214211

how is this milk? there are creepy pedo men EVERYWHERE not just animation

No. 1214214

Ancient, and this wasn't even all that uncommon back then. Cracking down on age gaps and ephebophilia is a fairly recent (and good) development. Not milk, just unfortunate history.
Ephebophilia is a specific form of pedophilia, before anyone gets on my case about that.

No. 1214225

anon he's a male feminist, is it that obvious

No. 1214227


Yeah it’s not really milk, you’re right. Was just showing that creeps in animation aren’t recent, they just have access to Twitter now so it’s more public

No. 1214317

Reading shit like this just cements the idea that these people creating all these sell-out calarts cartoons are just writing marysue fics for their own self-indulgence. Who the hell is funding all of these projects?


No. 1214331

Self insertion isn’t always bad, but you need restraint and to admit your flaws and failings as a person.

No. 1214334

There are ways to make insertion good, Neon Genesis Evangalion is technically an example of self insertinon, as every Major character is based on some aspect of the Annos(the creators) psyche

No. 1214335

Self inserting, outside of an autobiographical work, is one of those things that, as a writer, you have to accept that there's infinitely more of a chance of you fucking up than succeeding with. It takes an especially self-aware and talented writer to do it correctly, and most people can't. You have to be willing to risk being the most hated character, and your presence being something that people consider damaging to the quality of the story, itself. The people doing this shit don't have the self-confidence for that.

No. 1214388

I follow a lot of people who worked on this show and honestly they all kept their heads down and just promoted the show. Which was smart since they're working with an old Disney IP and want to reboot others as well.
Cartoon sperg but I loved DuckTales 2017 and I'm really sad to see it end so soon.

No. 1214505

so i guess rei is the part of his brain that hates women?

No. 1214524

Planet Panic got officially rejected from CN. It was the most interesting of the pitches from a few years ago, but the protagonist is a nonbinary child with a girl design and a boy voice for some bizarre reason.

No. 1214526

*rejected from nickelodeon, my bad.

No. 1214531

I don’t know what I hate more, the bean mouth look, or the knock off wind waker-era Zelda character designs. They have none of the charm and character designing skills that made those games cute, they’re just slapping shapes together. That mother fucker looks like k’nuckles from the misadventures of flapjack only way worse.

No. 1214561

I kinda liked this

No. 1214577

Yeah NB-Kid aside, it looks nice

No. 1214654

Dodged a bullet. Nick is ass to creators.

No. 1214721

I'm the anon who asked why all animators look annoying level gay, but now I have a new question and saged for being a confused retard:

Why don't they ever give their characters personality traits other than their gender or sexuality?

Like sis nobody gets invested in characters with shallow personalities, why do they never have literally any other interests to make them relatable?

Like make them all cowboys on a ranch or something

No. 1214736

I wonder if one of the reasons for bigger networks to turn this down is that there's basically no chance for localization in other countries. There is no way to use nonbinary pronouns in a lot of gender-heavy languages. How would they dub this? Just use male verbs/adjectives/pronouns and then female in other scenes? I think children would have a hard time following that.

No. 1214741

File: 1619179963830.png (866.22 KB, 1100x733, 1619144304552.png)

I think most countries will just call the character male, like they did Bastion from Overwatch (apparently, in the official english, Bastion the robot uses they pronouns lol)
Also, in the original webcomic, the kid was a boy anyway.

No. 1214745

Ah yes, turning a kid into ~ non-binary ~ for woke points…

No. 1214755

Why would you even come to that retarded assumption? He's not fetishizing her objectification by Gendo, it's presented as a tragedy. She shares vegetarianism and lack of self-care with Anno, at the very least.
>talking pugs
They even made a pug look like a trainwreck and not in a way that you would expect from a pug. How can you ruin character design so bad? This thing doesn't look like a pug at all.
Everything about this reads like a parody of itself. Looking forward to someone thrashing that show, preferably anons and not some /pol/ idiots

No. 1214768

File: 1619182523749.jpg (47.27 KB, 750x463, z9OyXHS.jpg)

pretty much, Russia made Ruby a guy when they showed the fusions. Sugar responded by having Russia nuked later in the show via a map showing it gone. I don't think her stupid ass realizes how lucky she was it wasn't considered affront to the country.

No. 1214772

this thread cements why i should continue to never pay attention to modern cartoons. this industry is filled with talentless losers who have no real vision and are apparently just horny. disgusting tbh. i'll stay over here with my 90s nostalgia

No. 1214780

Anon there's still some good stuff being made, Over the Garden Wall was great and We Bare Bears is good as a comfort show
As for Comics, well the mainstream comic(DC and Marvel) Industry has been dying for the past 20 years now, but Indie comics are doing great, there's a lot of trash but also a lot of stuff

No. 1214784

Good on you anon lol. I’ve watched a lot of modern cartoons as a fan of cartoons in general and sometimes I watch some older shows (some that I didn’t grow up with) and I find myself amazed by the most basic of things that cartoon nowadays cannot even begin to do. Like modern cartoons fail so fucking hard at having endearing characters, plots that make sense and are interesting, visual development that isn’t completely lackluster, funny jokes, character dynamics, stakes….. the modern cartoon scene is such a snooze fest it’s almost a little tragic.
With kids watching cartoons more and more on streaming sites and having so many different choices you’d assume the writers and artists would try to make their stuff stand out to yknow appeal and keep kids interested but on the contrary everything feels so much crappier now.

No. 1214787

File: 1619184300863.jpg (39.75 KB, 800x585, Screen-Shot-2018-12-24-at-1.23…)

i've heard about OTGW and might check it out. we bare bears looks too childish for me though and i don't like the artstyle

idk how to explain it but it feels like a lot of modern cartoons are the creators trying to show off and perform for… each other? or adults? whereas older cartoons were focused on entertaining kids, yet had an endearing quality that made it fun for adults to watch too. i can still go back and watch certain series made in the 90s or early 00s that still make me laugh, or feel things. aside from the calarts style plaguing everything there's just no magic in modern cartoons for me. they try to be cool to woke twitter and their stupid fanbases rather than do anything special.

No. 1214789

>I don't think her stupid ass realizes how lucky she was it wasn't considered affront to the country.
Why should someone care if they’ve affronted Russia? Who cares? Like a war is going to pop off just because a genderspecial cartoon says Russia doesn’t exist?

No. 1214793

File: 1619184938108.jpeg (146.66 KB, 1200x643, wedding.jpeg)

I heard that as a big fuck you to the people who made Ruby a boy, Sugar also made her wear a wedding dress.
I agree with Over the Garden Wall. It was very good. We Bare Bears, on the other hand, always looked bland and the humor fell flat for me. I heard that the Panda was a self-insert from someone in the production team. Can someone confirm this?

No. 1214798

>idk how to explain it but it feels like a lot of modern cartoons are the creators trying to show off and perform for… each other? or adults? whereas older cartoons were focused on entertaining kids, yet had an endearing quality that made it fun for adults to watch too.

You hit the nail on the head anon, 90% of actual kids don't watch these cartoons, these shows are meant for woke teenagers and young adults
I have a big family and none of my nephew, nieces and cousins watch any of the shows posted here, except maybe We Bare Bears

No. 1214815

I'm not sure if you're retarded or just genuinely oblivious to world affairs and how easily shit can go down. Take the french magazine who showed a comic of Prophet Muhammad and had their office gunned down as result

No. 1214820

western creators don't care what russia thinks but they sure as fuck care not to offend china lol
You can't have any "what if china invaded other countries and made them an hellhole" scenarios in videogames anymore like fallout did in the 90s

No. 1214833


Yes. I am sure some rogue Russian agent would absolutely target them for subtly fake destroying the country in a children's cartoon.

Definitely the same as agitating known terrorist groups by doing what might be considered one of the most "haram" things to do in regards to their prophet.

No. 1214840

I think Over the Garden Wall is a rare gem in modern cartoons. It was sweet but also just dark enough and witty that it appealed to the part of that miss things like Red Wall

No. 1214847

The movie Abominable was banned in almost every SEA country because they had a world map with the 9-Dash Line on it. Just because you think it's a small detail, doesn't mean someone else does.

No. 1214851

I agree. I wasn't sure about it when I started the first episode but it just gradually charms you. The atmosphere and characters are amazing and really grow on you. I get nostalgic every time I see a picture or hear a song from it.

Said that I think OTGW is also a show that young adults will appreciate more than kids.
But I'm not sure since I don't interact with kids all that much lol, maybe Greg is entertaining enough for them.

No. 1214859

Yes. And the Russians still aren't going to shoot up Rebecca Sugar. Your point?

No. 1214868

At least Regular Show didn’t fall victim to this

No. 1214932

honestly this based

No. 1214980

Ah yes lesbian erasure is SO based. Country endorsing aggression towards homosexuality and censoring anything you could possibly positively identify with is so based. I bet you're a burgerfag with a burger for a brain.

>I wonder if one of the reasons for bigger networks to turn this down is that there's basically no chance for localization in other countries
I don't think so. My language is heavily gendered and I'm sure it's going to be very similar in every gendered language - if you already have more than one pronoun you'll have a gender neutral pronoun you can adjust for your needs here; or construct your sentences to avoid using gendered words at all. Often it sounds pretty unnatural, and theres almost always some person whining "IM TRANS AND THIS TRANSLATION SUCKS" but it's most certainly doable and translation teams can make it work. It's far more likely that bigger networks would avoid it worried that China will not want to consider buying it.

No. 1214985

Literally this.

No. 1214988

Because China has mad money and doesn't give a damn, if you displease them they blacklist you and you never see mad chinese money again. Russia on the other hand doesn't have mad money and is not as eager to blacklist anyone because they need the money to flow in, so it's far less likely to retaliate / for anyone to care about their retaliation.
tbh this is a whole different discussion but it's scary how much influence China has on everything in the West. Real world domination is achieved through money, not war

No. 1214993

NTAYRT I think anon was talking about Rebecca erasing Russia being based. Which, I guess? It's at least asserting her beliefs against an entire nation, albeit in a very childish way.

No. 1214998

I hope so, if that's the case then I'm sorry for a misunderstanding!

No. 1215039

No. In my language you can't get around using gendered words, you'd have to stop using verbs, adjectives and more.
Neutral forms are used only for some dead/inanimate things and babies/baby animals but theoretically could be used. But it would sound very, very weird and make your ears bleed.
I know for sure countries with similar language roots have the same problem.

Enby genderspecials here literally just switch between female and male words between sentences/days or just stick with their born pronouns and just say 'but I'm nonbinary'. They know they'd sound like they're role-playing a baby animal and probably make a lot of people laugh if they used neutral pronouns.

No. 1215050

Back when Shmorky milk was flowing, Lowtax remarked that he initially just assumed all animators were insane. This led to a discussion about how so many animators are degenerate weirdos because they're basically people who taught themselves to draw and animate to bring their sick fetishes to life. Commercial success was more of an afterthought to that.

No. 1215135


haha are you slavic, anon? it's def like that in most slavic languages. i know one "enby" girl that just uses plural for herself and it's just so weird and really doesn't work in my language

lmao if panda was a self-insert it wasn't a very flattering one. that bear had an anime bodypillow waifu

No. 1215181

File: 1619216366169.jpg (34.31 KB, 340x510, d9928.jpg)

is dana terrace (owl house creator) milky at all? she comes off relatively chill to me.

No. 1215215

Damn, what a pity. I actually liked Pantheon.

No. 1215252

Exactly anon. That episode of hey Arnold still makes me tear up. It was actually a show that resonates with inner city kids. Calarts theatre kids can’t really mimic authenticity.

No. 1215253

nta but it sounds like lowtax was right about that. There's way too much weird degeneracy in western cartoons.

No. 1215263

She seems kinda insufferable in some tweets but overall not to bad. Definitely not the worst.

I’ve heard some bad stuff about Alex though which sucks because I love Gravity Falls.

No. 1215276

Ppg reboot always cringed me, like the old one was much better

No. 1215281

What stuff about Alex?

No. 1215291

That episode with the talking stomachs felt like someone pushing their deviantart fetish.

No. 1215316

Hirsch is a total moron who was handled with silver gloves by Disney and in all response he spit on them multiple times, rushed and forced cancellation of Gravity Falls, claimed he was gonna make a show on netflix, lost that, then that he was gonna write that pokemon movie, lost that too, and now he pathetically came back to Disney as a VA, while Disney makes gravity falls merch without caring to ask his word on it.
That being sad, a lot of the voices going around Hirsch are jokes started from /co/ because he was a poster there, and the boards always like to mess around with fellow anons who become known

No. 1215329

Well she only got a show because she started banging Alex Hirsch when she worked on Gravity Falls. Literally slept her way to the top

No. 1215345

I remember people saying the Gravity Falls finale was amazing and well executed, even comparing other (admittedly worse) cartoon endings to it, as if it were some sort of beacon they should aspire to. But it was bad. Can we admit to that here? It was bad, it didn't answer many of the questions repeatedly posed by the series, it didn't commit to anything. I've never seen so many people say that something this rushed and unfulfilling was good, let alone spectacular. I just don't understand why it got a pass.

No. 1215349

There's quite a bit. Alex is a milky little man with a big ego. I'll name what I can off the top of my head. I don't work in animation but I have a few friends who have worked with him. Industryfags can supplement or correct info.
>Hirsch's physical hygiene is disgusting.
Offenses include locking himself in his office for days during the height of GF and pissing and shitting in bottles +his own wastebasket and leaving it for cleaners instead of using the bathroom next to his office. Apparently he was in a hyper-paranoid state. In addition to never showering, he would go to the gym during work hours and hand off his sweaty clothes to assistants to bring to the laundromat which is NOT a production manager's job. A lot of people who worked at Disney confirm this. It's not a meme.
>He has a history of dating fans and women who work for him.
Before Dana, Hirsch dated unstable costhot and fan Manzi DeYoung. They met at a con where she was cosplaying Wendy. After they broke up Hirsch started fucking Dana, a new board revisionist on his own show.
Hirsch and Dana's relationship has been open but it is unclear what their terms are. Pre-covid (around 2019), Hirsch had been spotted at events with his hands on other costhots, no Dana in sight. There was a photo floating around from a TAG party but I can't find it anymore. He has also been spotted on Tinder with no mention of Dana, But lots of mentions of his industry status on his profile.

Less interesting milk on Alex is he is a confirmed /co/ poster, a neurotic diva in the workplace who loves the smell of his own farts and a fakewoke #malefeminist on Twitter who never shuts the fuck up.

No. 1215359

I finally feel safe, thank you.
Gravity falls does not and will never have what courage the cowardly dog had.

No. 1215457

File: 1619240585116.jpg (664.55 KB, 1200x1340, adamellis.jpg)

Is this the right thread to ask what's the tea on Adam Ellis?
I heard about his "Dear David" haunting that he posted about over twitter a few years ago, and then pulled away from social media, only to come back and say he sold the rights for his story so someone could make a movie, deleting all tweets and evidence, never bringing it up again. People were invested in his supposed haunting, finding ghosts in his selfies and everything. Weird that he was suddenly no longer "haunted" or did he run out of time he spent doctoring images?
The podcast I was listening to said that when they were researching the Dear David story, there were parts of Reddit that were shitting on him for his comics. Idk if it was because he works for Buzzfeed and makes money, or if it's because he copy-pastes his frames over and over, or a combination of the two…
And then more recently he was upset someone made a short film, Keratin, that used his comic as a storyboard.

No. 1215484

the guy who makes those weird over stylized unfunny webcomics

No. 1215499

Part of me wants to ask about April Pinkie Davis. I know she's the down with molestia girl but does any industry fags know of she's still milky?

No. 1215510

not much comes to mind with her nowadays tbh. she was milky in her prime/furry days. she has beautiful af horse tho

No. 1215511

iirc he quit working for BuzzFeed a long time ago and does some work for LOGO. as far as any milk on him asides from him being pretty openly narcissistic about himself and his style kind of downgrading than improving I got nothing.

No. 1215532

File: 1619250004387.jpeg (546.7 KB, 1024x1497, 8528B7CB-84AA-4650-A366-2B11FD…)

>Is she milky
Yes, read the thread. She self inserts in a children’s animated show after sleeping with her boss to land one in the first place.
I think this would be better suited in the art salt thread in /ot/.
I didn’t like we bare bears either. The webtoon I think it’s related to or based off of was better, the cartoon is obnoxious and boring at the same time.
A lot of this milk is relating to animators in children’s cartoons, where in the current industry that means having a required amount of stunted emotional/intellectual maturity. I don’t know about the animators behind it, but Infinity Train is actually good. The scrote behind Regular Show came up with it, but they’re very different programs. Honestly I’d say the best modern cartoon is TAWOG but there’s no way the crew wasn’t full of cows. I’d check the milk for myself, but knowing how bad people in animation can get I don’t want to ruin my experience with the series.

No. 1215581

File: 1619260266823.png (146.07 KB, 300x300, 5325B0AE-668B-4FCC-A303-57C55A…)

(Sorry for the double post I accidentally posted this in the Fakeboi/transtrender thread)

Not a huge figure in animation, but I present one of my favorite personal cows, Angela Vondra (@handsomehugs on Twitter, and some of her other handles include @politepuppet and @glitternewt).

>27 year old non binary they/them

>Extreme munchie that has pretended to have several mental and physical illnesses such as DID, fibromyalgia, and now pretends she has Ehler-Danlos Syndrome, a munchie favorite, claims she’s been a victim of CSA and child abuse in general
>“Identifies” as a lesbian despite being weirdly invested in yaoi and porn of little boys
>Lives on the payroll of her incredibly rich grandparents because she got blacklisted from the animation industry
>Spends her days drawing and talking about underage cartoon porn (the main reason why she got blacklisted)
>Claims to have been stalked and to have PTSD over some other loser NEETs wannabe animators who had exposed her gross porn to industry people

She went to an art college and then worked for CN on Mighty Magiswords as a board artist, but she allegedly got an auto immune disease (she used to claim it was fibro/MEFCS and now claims it’s EDS) and was too ill to work. Spent some months couch hopping at friends’ place in LA before eventually going back to her grandparents. Says she’s too bedridden to do anything most of the time, yet is able to spend 23 hours a day on twitter drawing shitty porn of cartoon children and whining about antis and about how much she’s a victim. She also worked as a boarder for VivziePop a year or two ago, but nothing too milky from that period.

No. 1215584

People like this why I don't trust it when Fujos claim that fujos won't end up just as degenerate as male scrotes from too much BL and Yaoi

Its not healthy to draw depictions of underage cartoon/anime boys fucking

No. 1215602

yeah gumball was created by a french guy so you're probably right not to look into him

No. 1215608

File: 1619269461317.png (73.5 KB, 944x689, Screenshot (15).png)

>Hirsch is a total moron who was handled with silver gloves by Disney and in all response he spit on them multiple times, rushed and forced cancellation of Gravity Falls, claimed he was gonna make a show on netflix, lost that, then that he was gonna write that pokemon movie, lost that too, and now he pathetically came back to Disney as a VA, while Disney makes gravity falls merch without caring to ask his word on it.

wow I didn't believe it but you were right, since Gravity falls he's done no real writing or production work other 2 Episodes for some random mediocre Netflix kids show, like how do do you go from having the most popular show on Disney Channel to obscurity

No. 1215682

Huh? I thought there were plenty of Fujoshi in the western animation industry, yet she got blacklisted? Is she into shota than?

No. 1215700

very much so. The smart thing is if you do draw porn, don't let it be of shota or underaged characters. Even if you "age them up"
second… you HAVE to make a new side account if you ever posted porn on the old one. Gotta separate that stuff.

No. 1215702

nta anon but yeah pretty much, she drew porn of Underage Stanley and Stanford fucking and a lot of other gross stuff of little boys fucking

Like seriously I don't know how much of a degenerate you have to be to draw porn of cartoon boys, like this is why I side with the anti-shippers

No. 1215711

Reposting from the fakeboi thread because it’s more fitting here.
The girl that called out Ang is just as milky, Holly Disch is a histrionic retard that accuses every person who does something she doesn’t like of being a pedophile, is obsessed with Simpsons yaoi (more specifically Smithers x Burns, eugh), spams shitty Mr. Burns memes like an autist over and over, cries that despite having tons of “friends” in the animation industry, she cannot break in. Holly doesn’t have the bare minimum skill to get into the current animation industry as is because she draws like a literal child. Look up her webcomic “Lemonhead and Lollipup” so you can see how shitty her art is.
Basically everyone in the Ang situation is a cow.

No. 1215724

File: 1619284062116.jpg (143.34 KB, 668x578, pain.jpg)

>is obsessed with Simpsons yaoi
Never in my whole life I thought I'd read these words, like Jesus Christ how much fujo brain rot must you suffer from to unironically make goddam Simpsons Yaou=i

No. 1215727

Porn of Mr. Burns, let that sink in.

No. 1215743

Yeah, lots of people who draw incest/underage/whatever art do work in the industry, the question is just whether or not it causes public outrage/is harmful in the PR department. It just kind of depends what people you appeal to/associate with. these people surround themselves with wokesters obsessed with morals and social justice, and then act surprised that they’re “cancelled” over drawing cartoon porn.
There’s a bit of a double standard though, like when a straight male on a show is revealed to draw creepy shit people ignore it and are like oh well it’s just classic straight man antics but when a woman gets caught doing that she’s much more likely to get blacklisted.

No. 1215746

tbh reading her google doc the circle of friends targeting her seem a million times more crazy than she is. every animator in the industry has some dumb cartoon porn under their belt and freak shit in their closet, it’s not analogous to being a predator or. pedophile if there’s no people they’re targeting for intimacy or whatever. That Holly chick love bombing her with gifts then going scorched earth trying to get her fired everywhere is completely unhinged and would frankly minorly traumatize how anyone interacts with the internet. I don’t even know this chick or care, but this is a case of the people against her being way more actively dangerous and histrionic.

No. 1215756

Kek every time someone calls out a woman for being a "pedophile" for drawing teenage cartoon yaoi or some other menial shit like that the person conducting the canceling turns out to be a bigger cow themselves and only doing it out of jealousy, personal grudge or spite.

No. 1215757

Youre right lmfao. I was actually friends/in a discord with the people that targeted her, they’re all massive crazy losers. They act and speak super violently despite the fact none of them can take three steps out of their house without their atrophied muscles giving out and despite the fact they get “PTSD” over Internet drama. Jera dropped out of the school payed by her parents (at 22!!!) because of the Ang drama and draws tranny Nutshack porn lmfao. Julien is so unhinged and retarded she has a KiwiFarms page (look up Kelsey Lane Meyers/Julimye). Taylor has drawn foot fetish porn of the cockroach in Monsters and Aliens. Tai ships herself with a pedophile character in an adult swim show…. the list goes on. I don’t know Holly or the others mentioned in the doc personally but they’re all massive cows as well.

No. 1215783

File: 1619287934217.jpg (23.81 KB, 500x282, stanford and stanlee.jpg)

I don't know you have to be a little fucked up to even want to drawn porn of underage boys, such as pic
I personally wouldn't want a person like this to work in the Industry, I wouldn't want anyone who draws depictions of underage children having sex tbf

No. 1215788

Aren't those characters middle aged men in the show and this is only a flashback sequence of them?

I actually looked into this Julien character and my god, I was not mentally prepared for this trainwreck.
>Degenerate furry
>FTM troon calling herself a "gay man" drawing oversexualized feminized muscular gay characters >Seethes over fujos because she's totally not one of them
>Whines about cis gay men being transphobic
>Has a gay sonichu OC and unironically whiteknights for Chris-chan
>Has a meth head career criminal mom who stabbed her deadbeat dad
Please tell me she's not actually working in the industry. What studio would hire her after one look at her social media?

No. 1215791

Shes 20 this year and is in her first year at SCAD. She doesn’t work in animation yet but she is going to soon….. she dreams of creating a studio called “Gay Squidward Productions”

No. 1215792

Yes, but she drew porn using these designs, specifically (if I'm understanding correctly).
Also that would be incest porn.

No. 1215793

Imagine seeing 2 old men characters and not sexualizing them until they show them as kids

No. 1215805

File: 1619289882915.png (1.15 MB, 1280x488, _inline_p3lw89dWwa1s4s91o_1280…)

Is it just me or can you like, somehow feel the mental illness dripping off some artist's work? I mean this particular, cutesy sort of style. I don't know how to describe it well, but I guess it's when you can see it's an adult with some level of art training trying to draw and color like a child. Stwawbwewyaggy/Aggy draws in a similar way, Ivy Atoms, Schmorky, 4Lung's character has the same vibe, etc. It always looks…off somehow. Like they're trying too hard to make their art look innocent and naive, to the point where the vibe is a bit of the opposite, sort of like an uncanny valley effect. It just doesn't sit right, like the eyes on that dog.
I actually think it's interesting to look at because of that eerie vibe, but it literally always turns out that these artists are into degenerate diaperfag furry porn. 99% chance that this person has some socially unacceptable art of their own hidden somewhere, and just wanted to cancel the other person for their own reasons.

No. 1215807

I had a "friendship", if you'd call it that, with her and her abusive ex in a skype group a couple years ago. I genuinely do believe that she was abused by the ex that she talked about in a video that ended up getting her kicked out of her apartment, seeing how quickly this person latched onto Ang in the group chat was uncomfortable to say the least.
I was in a mutual with them and their ex partner on twitter until their fallout where I unfollowed both of them.

I really don't feel anything but pity for Ang, that being said however, i'd never want to associate with this person again.

No. 1215810

yes. I met her when she was drawing Rick x Morty porn. It's always been something she was into.

No. 1215824

I don’t doubt that this artist has probably drawn some questionable stuff, but you are reading way to much into some cutesy cartoon drawing anon

No. 1215826

this whole thread is about reading too much into cutesy cartoon drawings and calling weird mentally ill qweerthots pedos for drawing boys kissing lol

No. 1215830

You right. Carry on.

No. 1215832

File: 1619291238821.png (170.57 KB, 600x602, klrf.png)

I guess you have to have seen it enough times to get what I mean. It's not the same as regular cute art.

No. 1215835

kinda reminds me of that strawberry aggi cow or puppy milk or whatever

No. 1215837

Ievery rather online animator/fan artist has some freak shit laying around. Literally all of them are unhinged and make deranged porn, whether they’re antis or anti-antis/proshippers whatever the fuck, and they just love to tear each other up over arbitrary differences. Drawing porn of kids cartoons is retarded deranged behavior regardless of the characters age. Theyre all fucking mentally ill and detached from reality, which is what makes all of this so funny kek

No. 1215838

I get what you mean, anon. It reminds me of that "assigned male" comic guy who draws his self-insert as a grade schooler and turned out to be a diaperfur babyfucker who traces actual pictures of children for his fetish art.

No. 1215840

who is this artist in ur picrel? are we sure this isn't Shmorky?

No. 1215855

Waste of art talent, the Stans are actually pretty hot as old men, honestly shota fujos need to be beaten up for having shit tier taste. It’s like if you showed a bitch a tasty sausage meal and they decide they wanted a single slice of ham.

No. 1215861

Old dinosaurs and shotas are both garbage tbh.

No. 1215862

That was my immediate thought, too. He drew under different names sometimes and would change up his art style, but the “cutesy” vibe always stayed.

No. 1215868

Angones has only been in the industry since 2013 and gets handed one of the biggest cartoon shows of all time to reboot? Considering he's a gusano he probably had a lot handed to him by a rich family.

No. 1215875

Holly isn’t Shmorky, the latter was born a man, Holly is a natal woman.

No. 1215880

why does the yellow thing have two sets of ears

No. 1215889

ayrt I don't know who Holly is but there was a time when Shmorky pretended he was a transman so it wouldn't be out of character for him to lie js

No. 1215900

File: 1619297891599.jpg (492.76 KB, 570x622, zvtrfXT.jpg)

samefag but I looked this shit up and if this isn't Shmorky they are doing a damn good job of replicating Purple Pussy's vibe
do you have proof this Holly person exists? 'cause all I could find was their tumblr with the comic, picrel is the only info provided about the artist

No. 1215906


They mention they have a mother here who has a her own art website. I don’t think this person is Shmorky, his parents were rednecks that lived in a trailer home.

No. 1215910

I see you, fellow old man Stan-admiring sister.

No. 1215913

i want to schmorky to be found and exposed again so bad. i know he's hiding somewhere being a degenerate

No. 1215916

File: 1619299429156.jpg (21.7 KB, 570x204, aE1iBMu.jpg)

sage for being autistic about this but

one of mom's websites doesn't say anything about kids but does seem to be a legit person named Jennifer A Wheeler
according to Jennifer's bio she graduated from college in 2006 and 2009 that seems a little young to have a kid producing art on Holly's level but is possible since there's no photos of us to estimate her age and Holly has made no claims of age (though she has made references that make her seem pretty old picrel)

the other link is an all but empty wordpress site with no sign of the inspo painting supposedly by Holly's mother AND the site is for a JACK A Wheeler not Jennifer like the other site Holly linked to

who says "Holly" didn't link to this website and just say "that's my mom"? I just can't help but see how much this person's work looks like Shmorky, is written like Shmorky, etc

No. 1215925

Funkle the hunkles, amen sister.

No. 1215943

why do you guys act like artists, specifically illustrators, being perverts is new? wanting to draw porn has always been a primary motivator people learned how to draw. most anyone in an art history book has some freak shit in their oeuvre. this furry/ grown women living out their ~queer desire for boyhood by drawing Yaoi/ mommy milkers/ tranny porn lib degen stuff is just the current flavor, what’s in vogue. artists will always be sickos.

No. 1215948

File: 1619304119318.png (7.92 MB, 2208x1242, C4198EB8-1210-4C6E-AB41-8CC421…)

Holly’s art doesn’t even look like Shmorky’s enough for this level of tinfoiling. You’re reaching. Hers is very Rocko’s Modern Life, Animaniacs, Ren and Stimpy influenced whereas Shmorky draws much rounder, less frenetic cartoon gag energy, more flat like the Smurfs or baby looney tunes or old Mickey Mouse or something.

Picrel, I get 100% Ren and Stimpy from most of Holly’s work.

No. 1215952

I was a fan of Shmorky's work for years before I found out what a fucking gross psycho he is

He has had a lot of art styles over the years and pretended to be made up people before

He has frequently cited ALL of those things you have listed as his own influences

Have you even read his thread(s) here?

No. 1215956

NTA but I've been following Shmorky's antics since he was called Cave Deli and this looks nothing like his style, not even the sandypants one. AFAIK he's self taught and doesn't know fundamentals well enough to drastically change his style and above all keep it consistent. It's a baseless tinfoil. Also Lemonhead and Lollipup has been running since 2013 and had art resembling chris chan if he was obsessed with invader zim. The Shmorky drama fallout was in 2016, his psychotic ex-fiancee would've outed him already if it really was him.

No. 1215970

how come jhonen vasquez still promotes/interacts with shmorky? shmorky was linked on the old question sleep website since forever and still draws invader zim variant covers. vasquez is pretty based, i don't wanna have to hate him now so hopefully it's just cause he's not very online/pays no attention to everyone else in his industry?

No. 1215978

Wtf? Ive always been a fan of jhonen Vasquez. I didn't know he still supported shmorky. Should I take anything about zoetica to artist salt?

No. 1215987

is zoetica milky? she just seems standard bay-area full of herself. the warren ellis thing pissed me off. i loved coilhouse, and meredith, and nadya, and i did notice he suddenly disappeared after a few years working with them so was not surprised to hear about his bullshit.

No. 1216005


sage for autism but go (re)read purple pussy and tell me you don't see a similarity between this and lemonhead&lollipup; the only thing missing so far is the really grotesque stuff but that wasn't in PP at first either

and maybe his fiance doesn't know about it


No. 1216058

doesn't look similar at all

No. 1216064

That's not Holly's artwork, though. It says right in the title that it's a fan comic.

No. 1216086

Anything on J.G. Quintel? I know he worked on Flapjack along with Hirsch.

No. 1216090

even before I learned about the fetish stuff, I began to hate them with this episode
Basically the message was "Ur not allowed to criticize our obnoxious show cause of how hard we work in it"
I mean I feel for the artists who have to make this but are they really pretending that you're shit show's writing is really that deep and time consuming

No. 1216098

Worth mentioning all the west coast animation bullshit isn't limited to there. If you look at the Canadian Sheridan College scene, the general Blue hair/SJW thing is just as ingrained, just not nearly prominent. But that's maybe it's own thread.

No. 1216103

I think Canadian animation Industry stuff can also be posted here

No. 1216116

it looks pretty nice to me, ngl

No. 1216118

The TTG crew love to spew about how they love working on the show but you never see them/crew members posting social media stuff to show that
All the Disney animated shows have people who work on the show and make their own side art bc they wanna promote it and enjoy the work. Even Adventure Time and Regular show had that back in the day. So they can't be too proud of it
I gave TTG a chance when it aired and it was pretty harmless and not the worst, but it turned so quickly to trash humor once CN realized it was an easy views grab

No. 1216123

This is a legitimately stupid take. “Well
If they love their own show so much why don’t they shill more fanart on socials???”
All those networks use clouted crew as free advertisement (CN and Disney being the worst offenders) those posts are equally made out of obligation and pressure as pride. Matt Braly complained about this issue at disney literally last week.

Doing extra art for free doesn’t mean you “love” your own show more than people who aren’t active on social media lmao. Best case scenario, It just means you are more of an attention whore with more disposable free time on your hands.

No. 1216153

I follow plenty of of TTG crew members on Insta and yeah they do post extra fan art and bits of animation and shit they do on the show so you're not even right

No. 1216160

Wtf that's usually the level of cringe female autistics do, not guys. Please leave the self jnsert romance to those of us who can do it properly SIR

No. 1216164

Im more concerned that noelle's more comfortable blasting her and her gf's (and her gf's bf lolol) personal matter like this. If i was either of the other people i wouldbe at best concerned, at worst thoroughly pissed off. Is this poly gf her current wife? That is one shitty ground to start a commitment like that

No. 1216211

he's a whiny pussy but not a cow. his new show is depressing millenial "i hate my life" jacking off and regular show was dull but nothing he's made is actually BAD, imo

No. 1216236

File: 1619362675368.jpg (743.15 KB, 2984x1201, imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-BVhU…)

He literally made a show about himself, down to his appearance, the fact that his wife is Hispanic and they have one daughter

No. 1216248

Does that make it automatically bad?

No. 1216274

yeah it's self-important, below average work and he's clearly quite immature but there's no pedoshit or fetishes or actively unwatchable tv. i find his stuff real boring but i don't want this thread to forget about the psycho fujo antics

No. 1216319

So the average cartoonist, then.

He doesn't live online 24/7, or publicly whines about politics all day at least, so he's miles above all the other cows in this thread.

No. 1216331

Does anyone have any info on zuke? I remember back in the day she went completely nuts, even going as far as calling rebecca sugar a narcissist and abusive (not 100% on abusive but would you be surprised if a person like zuke threw around that kind of accusations lol) and i would have loved to know more about what happened there, if zuke was crazy or if sugar was also an ass.

Im also interested if any of the industry people in here know absinthe&honey, the absolutely insane asian chick that nuked her career last year to make it as an indipendent artist and completely bombed super hard; i kinda liked her "expose" video because it seemed like everyone in the industry was a pretentious asshole (like they didnt want her to sit at their table, like it's high school?), But in her more recent videos she sounds like an alt right gun nut, and that disappointed me a bit. All of her complain sounded like that type of office bullshit no one talks about cus disney is the happiest place on earth!! But maybe she was an insufferable prick all along

No. 1216344

File: 1619376791680.png (6.5 MB, 1920x1080, Close_Enough.png)

I tried watching the show and its alright, it can be kinda funny
not hyperwoke but not edgy and pointlessly offensive, I'd probably watch It, If It was on tv but at the same time I didn't feel like I had to watch it, I didn't have any urge to rave about it. nor did I care about what happens to the characters and even discuss it
but as anon here >>1216274 the fact it doesn't have any degenerate shit nor pointless politics, it puts far above other shows currently running
Last note I do like the depiction of heathy marriage and relationship between normal people, no "I hate my wife and kids jokes" or the Husband doing dumb stuff while the wife character is sidelined stuff

No. 1216352

I could have sworn there was more Zuke stuff in the thread but the tl;dr is Rebecca Sugar refused to make Lapidot canon and she reeeed on her tumblr about her work being "uprooted" (Lapis rips the barn the two lived in out of the ground and flies it to the Moon in the show) and left the show.

No. 1216371

What's bad about self-inserts from authors in stories? Isn't that the whole point? I don't see the milk in caring about fictional shipping wars besides being a tween

No. 1216381

Hah, all this dirt about Noelle and I was thinking, "Man, I loved Hark! A Vagrant…" not even realizing it wasn't the same artist with a Tumblr-style devolution.

No. 1216382

That's honestly it? She just left a very high profile show just because her gay ship wasnt becoming canon, and caller her boss abusive for that? Not surprising but damn

No. 1216384

Hark! A vagrant author is very healthy and doing her own thing, has a kid and another on the way i think, very healthy marriage, minds her own business, honestly goals

No. 1216387

I can sort of give artists a pass for having a self-insert character or having a story based on their own life if they're well done. After all, what are you most familiar with but yourself and your own life? Sure, you could maybe write a convincing story about a black woman who's a time-travelling alien. But maybe you're a white guy from Wisconsin who still lives with his Mom so you write a (good) cartoon about a white guy from Wisconsin who still lives with his Mom.

No. 1216388

File: 1619380269186.jpeg (57.11 KB, 500x281, EE2DAD56-E432-4334-9A63-9E968D…)

It’s not bad. People base their characters off of real life people all the time. It only gets weird when the characters are used for wish fulfillment but even then people usually only notice it’s weird if the writing is bad.

It’s not like Dipper and Wendy get together in the end, their whole arc together is Dipper realizing that he places her on a pedestal and that it won’t happen because of their age difference.

No. 1216395

I mean what exactly does quality as a self insert though ?
An anon mentioned how various characters in Neon Genesis Evangelion are based on the creator's own complex emotions, that's not considered self inserting
The Main Character in A Farewell to Arms was based partially on Hemmingway himself but also on a number of people he knew during the war, that's not considered self inserting
and Dipper was based exaggerated version on how Alex Hirsch saw himself as a child, not how he is currently

where's the line between writing what you know and self inserting

No. 1216398

>cock block Robbie

Was that an edit? Probably.

No. 1216400

I just hope people in the future don't misconstrue wish fulfillment as bad writing.

No. 1216403

Like with most media analysis terms on the internet I think ‘self insert’ has been beaten into the ground and lost its meaning; I don’t like this character personally so it must be bad writing.

Personally I think what another anon said about slice of life comics is that humility and self awareness is what makes something interesting. Everyone is flawed and if you’re able to reflect on your own in a constructive way it really resonates with an audience. Dipper isn’t a self insert because he is a pretty realistic tween (Bad hygiene, awkward, obsessive) and Hirsch used a lot of that as the basis for both jokes and character growth. A self insert wouldn’t even touch those subjects and instead focus on either entirely good qualities or characters arcs that are neutered as hell (IE almost every bland male protagonist in generic romantic comedies) Or that freak artist who made himself Pearls soulmate kek.

No. 1216404

They don't make for interesting characters most of the time but if they're done well it's not an issue. Shipping yourself with a young child like the PPG guy is too weird though, I don't think anyone besides him wants to see a story about that.

No. 1216415

No. 1216429

File: 1619385820255.png (1.08 MB, 1566x877, 1x07.PNG)

yeah I've checked and it is

No. 1216482

>gay muslim girl
kek can't imagine that'll go over well

No. 1216491

Because nobody gives a shit about the author. It's the equivalent of spotting a bunch of kids playing together, having a great time, and going "Hey guys can I join in too?"

No. 1216495

File: 1619392391774.png (121.73 KB, 876x678, Screenshot 2021-04-26 01.09.32…)

>Shipping yourself with a young child like the PPG guy is too weird though, I don't think anyone besides him wants to see a story about that.
Jake Goldman's colleague claimed that it was just an inside joke that went too far, but I'm not sure that I buy it. More like the internet was onto his creepy ass but the team tried to salvage the situation.

No. 1216545

So… who is this for? This is truly the ultimate circlejerk because no kid or parent is watching this. I miss the days of television where kids shows appealed to all ages. Now its just for other animators/art weebs.
At least the song is kinda catchy I guess

No. 1216575

Anyone got any Kate Leth milk? She was a personal cow of mine years ago cause I thought she was so obnoxious and corny lmao. She had a normal looking cute boyfriend then. Looked her up and she looks like a different person now. Younger but worse. And “trans” of course lmao. She was always so annoying about being bi even though she only dated dudes.

No. 1216588

That’s the funniest thing I’ve ever read. “I wouldn’t DARE write something that I am not”…..how do you think writers…write? How do you have a trans character without talking over trans experiences…what a question. I’d laugh in someone’s face if they asked me that. Like I’m writing a book about a dog and someone in tells audience goes “BUT HOW CAN YOU WRITE FROM A DOGS PERSPECTIVE U ARENT A DOG!” how do these people function off the internet.

No. 1216664

File: 1619411077764.jpg (142.89 KB, 800x892, 5747484837.jpg)

Old news, but I remember a lot of people in the woke crowd around me at the time tried to justify her cheating with a married man talking polyamory. Why is the comics and cartoons industry filled with people who air their dirty laundry for all to see.

No. 1216675

File: 1619413545651.gif (1.96 MB, 500x240, ground-breaking-devil-wears-pr…)

>"bi" but only dates men
>sub for overweight bearded man

No. 1216677

File: 1619414267673.png (653.46 KB, 700x2685, Px3A3og.png)

>my whole relationship was a lie
>my friend died
>Kirk MacLeod passed on April 6, 2014

No. 1216681

File: 1619414907052.png (913.1 KB, 1425x934, nz7Mrii.png)

>And “trans” of course lmao
I am not surprised…

No. 1216683

File: 1619415419045.png (467.88 KB, 700x946, BITTCG7.png)

>When I'm with a man for a long time, I find myself increasingly attracted to women and vice-versa
It sounds like Kate is a serial cheater

No. 1216687

>I’ve liked dignified older men

Extremely subtle! But also Kate being long term with a woman? Sounds fake but okay kek

No. 1216689

File: 1619417644749.png (730.23 KB, 720x1173, nonbinary.png)

The non-binary/they stuff is too much lol

No. 1216693

>And dignified older men
Interesting, she put the most emphasis on that particular type

No. 1216744

The three genders, boys, girls, dignified older men

Finding out that this 13 year old boy looking chick had 2 people lusting and fighting over her really makes you realize there's hope for love for everyone

No. 1216754

File: 1619427435517.jpeg (223.43 KB, 683x1024, gettyimages-1163300399-1024x10…)

She looks better in other pictures, but she has some fas features

No. 1216779

I swear everything but photoshopped ultimate peak beauty means "FAS face" to anons on this site. She looks completely normal.

No. 1216794

you can really tell which anons go on scrote boards regularly

No. 1216805

Kek. Been awhile since I've seen an FAS anon. Her nose is just slightly upturned in that shot you mong. What's next, 32-inch waist chans claiming she's a hambeast bc she doesn't look like an auschwitz victim?

No. 1216818

Rectangle eyeliner

No. 1217053

NTAYRT I don't think she's FAS or deformed, but she's just average, looks-wise, and her personality seems awful, so it's pretty confusing to know two people were desperate for her attention.

No. 1217081

It can happen to anyone who uses being poly to manipulate, I’ve seen it irl with people worse looking.

No. 1217191

>implying we don't all know what he's doing now

No. 1217395

The episode where Sid felt so ashamed to show his poor as shit home to his wealthy friend cut me deep as a child. Also the episode where Grandpa refuse to finish school because he is afraid to fail or the one where the fat kid went to a lose weight program and come back fatter because anxiety.
I think modern cartoons are so soulles is because modern cartoons are made by wealthy californian kids with no real problems

No. 1217980

Also because they're probably scared of offending people. Take the fat kid example. If that came out today, someone would probably put out a think piece on how the entire show contributes to fatphobia by even having a fat character's body be seen as a problem, and then them gaining even more weight being seen as a bigger problem.
Dealing with real shit is too much of a gamble these days. I think we're not really in the era of "kid's shows that appeal to adults", but "kid's shows that appeal to teenagers and kidults". I don't even mean this in a bad way, because I still like shows like Gravity Falls and Infinity Train, but I can't really imagine Hey Arnold existing today with the same vibe/issues.

No. 1218053

The funny part is that at the end of that episode the fat kid come at the conclusion he is fine like is.

No. 1218057

Not really, if any think piece would come of it it would be as praise because the cartoon shows that diet culture is useless or some shit like that (terminally fat people apparently all believe they're fat because of health issues and not the simple math of ingesting more calories than needed). Now, if the creator of said show was a woman, than make no mistake everyone, left or right, would hate the message. Misteriously.

No. 1218060

Honestly it feels like that despite all the virtuing I don't think any of these people actually care about any social issues that don't relate to themselves or for woke cloud from their unlikeable peers

that's why you never see any themes regarding poverty and other real oppressions in their shows

No. 1218107

he's an absolute narc that loves using his personal army for the littlest shit, like randos reposting his comics.

Massive fucking hypocrite about art theft when he tried opening an anime merch company with unauthorized use of licensed official anime art

No. 1218229

Any sauce on that? I used to like his blog when i was like.. a literal child and bought his first book when it came out. After aging out of it I never really understood how he maintained such a massive following.

No. 1218528

Wait people actually like his stuff, I thought everyone just made fun of him and read his comics ironically

No. 1218541

I think i remember on twitter people were quick to point out in his thread about the movie that copied his idea (and that was true, the authors of the short apparently tried contacting him to licence the idea, he refused, they did the short anyway. Lmao), that ellis himself copied at least one comic and even tried to come up with fake "proof" that it was an old concept. Something like a lady making out with her dog? Sorry for the imageless sperging, but was wondering if someone had more info

No. 1218546

Sans the merch part if you told me this comment was about the retarded hack who draws the bluechair comic I’d believe it.

No. 1218556

based scrote

No. 1218718

i don't understand picrel, can someone help my dumb ass?

No. 1218761

It's just a combination of him. Upper left is his self-insert in the sameface comics he draws, upper right is a photo of him and the bottom photo is from his fake ghost story about being haunted by a little boy ghost with a deformed head that went viral.

No. 1218777

File: 1619623699152.png (2.37 MB, 690x3281, Short_22.png)

The top half is comparing his comic to the short film that took "inspiration" from his comic.

No. 1218922

where is anon who mentioned zoetica ebb? i'm a big fan of her&the old coilhouse crew and want to make sure she hasn't done anything too cowish! i loved her fashion pposts/WZW so much

No. 1218928

yo what? did he really just draw someone else's movie and pretend it was a comic he made up? why??

No. 1218941

File: 1619631813107.png (187.28 KB, 563x586, adam.PNG)

nayrt but no, movie copied him.
picrel under his tweet about the movie someone posted about how he stole their comic

No. 1218944

Does anyone else remember the name of the guy in the animation industry who hired someone to work on his show because he liked their mediocre inflation fetish art? I just remember there being Voltron art involved.

No. 1218990

yeah A LOT of tumblr people liked his shit, especially circa 2012-14ish. God that site is a hell hole but it was downright bubonic during those years.

LoL Quinton reviews. Well nothing has probably come of pointing out that he basically stole. I mean, in the art community that shit is quickly forgotten about.

No. 1219013

that pic says his comic copied the movie though?

No. 1219014

Yeah Ellis sold the Dear David rights, so that screenshot is either a WIP from the movie or a fanart of sorts.

Can anyone explain to me what the big deal was about creating a ghost story to make it go viral and then selling the rights for a movie? Like.. do people think ghosts are real? I followed the story in real time and yeah it was interesting and i was hooked and wanted to see where he was going with that but not for 1 second i thought it was anything else than a story or a workshop of a comic he'd make

No. 1219018

- The movie stole his comic
- He stole a different comic idea from someone else

No. 1219067

? anon learn to read, the comic the movie stole was about cutting his nails or whatever. the comic idea he copied was about dogs

No. 1219304

which honestly is an ok message for little kids if I'm being honest. I don't think kids on the bigger side should be getting on diets at all or feeling sad about their bodies.

No. 1219742

File: 1619721098817.png (218.71 KB, 500x251, tumblr_inline_p3lwik5F421s4s91…)

lollipup is a tranny lmao

No. 1219752

don't know who the fuck is that in the first place but lucille bluth "good for her".gif

No. 1219761

the character from that comic anon posted

No. 1219827

that much i gathered, i meant to say why should we care for a random tumblr comic

No. 1219854

its funny

No. 1219901

sage for my ongoing undying autism but I still think this is Shmorky

No. 1219986

I wonder if Noelle is really happy with Molly. She honestly seems like such a manipulator.

No. 1219991

File: 1619744283585.jpeg (216.16 KB, 808x1010, A13D1A00-0072-431A-804C-158951…)

Does anyone else get nervous when actors who are not milky (as far as I know) get very supportive of Trans Rights (TM)?

Odds are he’s probably just very liberal and from SoCal but still

No. 1220003

i feel like 90s cartoonists would beat the fucking shit out of calarts nerds tbqh

No. 1220006

File: 1619746044591.jpg (Spoiler Image,211.13 KB, 1564x1564, eene.jpg)


No. 1220019

holy shit lol these dudes look like the distilled, concentrated essence of 1998

No. 1220031

it's kinda beautiful

No. 1220036

i adore them

No. 1220046

frankly i'm shocked any of you judge people for drawing cartoon porn even if it's "children", they're drawings. people who worked on rugrats drew art of the adults raping the babies to vent their frustration for laughs. it's really not an indicator of someone being a "pedophile". like, given how many animators/etc ACTUALLY have done sketchy shit like prey on minors (such as john k) you guys need to set your priorities right. that isn't milk(wtf)

No. 1220050

I agree, but most people here won't. What's that about The Rugrats porn btw?

No. 1220053

No. 1220057

https://imgur.com/gallery/77QnP warning nsfw

there were a few others too

No. 1220064

john k fucked off in like 2019 i think. he wrote some long apologies to his victims and blamed being undiagnosed bipolar or something. i don't like him but to his credit he at least admitted wrongdoing and decided to slip away from the "community"

No. 1220066

Kek this is hilarious, thanks anon

No. 1220074

That idiot craves attention, he'll always come back.

No. 1220092

Zoe's living her best life with a beautiful husband in a nice house in london. She's had some weird relationship stuff happen in the past, I think there was some speculation that her first marriage was a green card thing. I know she used to do hard drugs way back too but she just drinks now. She was friends with Johnen Vasquez too but idk if anything weird ever came from that.

No. 1220111

They literally didn't draw the act of sex itself, but go off I guess. It was just dark humor script, which is still in bad taste, but it's not kiddy porn.
I get the feeling some anons here jacked off to underage anime porn, and can't reconcile with that.

No. 1220112

>She was friends with Johnen Vasquez too but idk if anything weird ever came from that.

why would something weird happen? jhonen is a cool and drama-less dude

No. 1220116

oh i knew all that, i thought maybe there was recent stuff and you were close to her so had exciting gossip or something. her jerkass first husband was cheating and constantly inserts his polyamory fetish into all his work. she and jhonen have been bros for a long time and afaik are both just cool normal people. she stopped druggin' it up before i ever met her i think.

No. 1220129

I’ve always had the biggest crush on Johnen since the squee days. I panicked when I saw anons mentioning him worried he was problematic.

No. 1220131

he stays in his own lane. the worst he's done was be kind of cringey in the past but that's hardly a problem

No. 1220141

File: 1619759585494.jpg (111.62 KB, 750x896, E0E4oMJXoAMPi0f.jpg)

I don't care what your excuse is, that's fucked up and weird, that is not normal coping behaviour wtf

No. 1220143

no lol you are just a paranoid weirdo.

No. 1220146

who said they are coping and not just drawing cartoon porn bc it's funny? i always thought the rebecca sugar EEE art was hilarious

No. 1220152

File: 1619761288876.jpg (419.33 KB, 1080x1694, IMG_20210430_073844.jpg)

>They literally didn't draw the act of sex itself
NTA but not only they did, the guy who drew that page of the script turned out to be a groomer. So I don't think OP' argument holds at all

No. 1220155

AYRT Oop, thanks for checking! I only looked at what they posted, my mistake. Seriously though, people who draw or consume kiddy porn are always pedophilic. Why would you want to look at sexual images of children, even as a joke, if you weren't a degenerate fuckup? That shit is gross.

No. 1220280

vasquez was kind of annoying for getting himself in political stuff and taking screenshots of himself "dunking" on people like a boomer. Not a bad dude, just kind of cringy

No. 1220281

he was and is hot as hell

No. 1220285

How can you type something like this and act like it’s completely normal?

No. 1220397

It's really not, unless the 2017 pedo drama and suicide attempt made him regress badly. I hate to say it but shmorky's art is technically way better, with more fluid linework. Only the style is vaguely similar.

No. 1220424

What the fuck,I will never look at Rugrats the same way ever again.

No. 1220434

Theres a worlds difference between lewd stuff and RAPING BABIES nigga

No. 1220437

more proof when a scrote fixates on something sexual "for jokes" its usually because he actually is turned on by it. they cant compartmentalize and pickmes in this thread need to stop larping otherwise

No. 1220447

if you can't see the similarities in character design, themes/topics, posing, punchlines/pacing, panel layout, etc, I don't know what to say

plus "Holly Disch" or wev has a very weird online presence: their links to their "mom" don't add up, nor do their comments about their own schooling vs the implication of their age based on their comments

Lollipup and Lemonhead is obvs intentionally made to look "amateur" but you can tell it's not, maybe you need to work with artists but this is not the work of a recent art school grade as "Holly" claims to be

No. 1220448

This. Predators use “it’s just a joke bro” as a smokescreen all the time. If they were remotely decent people they’d see why others are disturbed by their so-called sense of humour but because it turns them on, they keep returning to it time and time again. Exposing others to it is probably part of the thrill.

No. 1220460

Neural pathways are modified by the porn you feed your brain while masturbating, basically I’m positive if Ang Vondra and all the pornsick men and women stopped masturbating to cartoon depictions of young children for a while, they’d probably start to lose interest in it for the most part. Pornsick men who did the NoFap challenge reported losing a lot of interest in their most extreme fetishes after they completed the challenge. This shit has a fix, but most of them don’t want to improve themselves cause COOM FEEL GUD I guess. Did people forget moderation?

No. 1220470

I know that you really want this to be shmorky but calm down. Multiple anons itt have told you the art is not similiar enough to get this worked up about it. Maybe that Holly person is shady in their own right, but all they're doing is ripping off the same 90s styles that shmorky did, just more shittily. The jokes/topics are of the standard tumblr uwu wholesome qweer kind. And I get what you're saying about the posing but this is something I've seen a million times in all kinds of cartoons, including the old timey 50s - 60s ones. It's not like shmorky did something original there.
>maybe you need to work with artists
I do and I honestly all I'm seeing here is a person who probably can draw but is bad at cartoon styling, so they're taking the "it's supposed to look like shit" route, but failing.

No. 1220510

Rugrats had lots of "child sexual liberation" stuff (children wearing diapers, sucking bottles, etc.) as part of its general theme of Judaism and Jewish culture.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1220531

>draws tranny Nutshack porn
Do you have pictures of this?

No. 1220551

What the fuck are you saying man. What does judaism have to do with pedophilia.

No. 1220553

Don't respond, just report.

No. 1220554

>children wearing diapers
They were literal babies, I really don't see what's wrong with that.

No. 1220575

File: 1619813595867.gif (1.74 KB, 150x20, mycomputerneversleeps.gif)


IIRC wasn't this fake? I remember seeing something a while back about it being made up by a parody tumblr blog then spreading around as a fact, but I can't find the article I read way back when. I do know that in many countries Steven Universe is banned or edited in some way though, so it's more likely that in Russia Ruby is either just referred to as male or the show doesn't air.

Take this with a grain of salt though, I haven't been engaged with the show since roughly 2016 lol.

No. 1220603

Waiting for the "i-it's okay to like lolicon j-just lines on paper" gang to weigh in on this.

No. 1220608

bluechair bike cuck is another average white guy who was given an entire career thanks to webtoon's popularity contest. Honestly animation and comics in general are so frustrating because the art/story may suck major dick, but if you're average white man tm you're given so many chances.

No. 1220623

File: 1619820520633.png (12.23 KB, 291x174, 3b8c6c43ee1128c2b7ddf8e9c32f8c…)

Saw this today and the theory that Noelle is transitioning to keep her wife is becoming more real
I feel genuinely bad for Noelle that she basically has to transition into a man because her wife (who might still be legit bi) has a bigger preference for men. Wonder if she'll start bottom transition too or get surgery

No. 1220669

Either I was right about the "Noelle is trooning out because Molly kept crying about how much she missed getting dicked down" thing, or Molly is just putting on a show of how much of a woke ally she is for good girl points. Honestly, I can see either being true. It definitely feels like Noelle isn't enough for Molly's insatiable appetite for sex and attention, though.

No. 1220768

You didn’t even have to say a troon drew this. Even if it didn’t have the retarded flag colors You can just tell lmao . They all have that weird cartoony vibe that Shmorky would do.

No. 1220788

Ruby is referred with male pronouns in the Russian dub but they didn't edit in fake facial hair in, that was a tumblr edit that someone made mocking the choice for Russia to ruby into a male

No. 1220790

How so ? Outside of webtoon and tumblr I haven't seen him do any significant work and how is being a white person that helpful for him

No. 1220794

I don’t think Noelle is going to take T and definitely no bottom surgery. Molly is just being performative. Molly also identifies as lesbian afaik

No. 1220796

This is your brain on coom

No. 1220801

I was just about to say the same thing. She's obviously bisexual, why is that such a dirty word now?

No. 1220802

She dated and had sex with at least one man for awhile. Not saying that comphet isn't real, but it's pretty clear she's bi at most. She's only saying that she's a lesbian so she can claim that she's even more of an uwu extra special oppressed gay baby.

No. 1220810

Laineybot but not a child predator

No. 1220842

Infants would wear a washable/reusable diaper; the children in Rugrats are wearing disposable diapers (fetish item, known in fetish community as "pamps")
It's important to remember that Klaksy-Csupo is ground zero for highly sexualized child designs in the USA. The children in the Klaksy-Csupo animation have similar features to a Japanese anime lolicon style (large heads, large eyes, small bodies). Remember that Klaksy-Csupo helped animate the first seasons of the Simpsons TV program (Matt Groening is a friend of Jeffery Epstein), another show with highly sexualized child art (Bart was and often is nude). Compare the mouths and lips of the teen characters in As Told by Ginger with the mouth and lips of a commercial sex doll. Very similar, no?(bait)

No. 1220846

this is an imageboard, not a chan site. also if this is bait it's really bad

No. 1220850

Do you not care about child pedophilia?

No. 1220869

All pedophilia is child pedophilia. Get better bate scrote

No. 1220887

File: 1619862230683.png (379.29 KB, 1206x1204, 1522914345788.png)

God what happened to modern cartoons, no wonder people prefer Japanese stuff

No. 1220916

Craig Of The Creek is one of the ugliest modern cartoons

No. 1220936

They’re so short, I tried watching some of those shows and the episodes on the TV and they feel like they’re 15 minutes or something like that.

No. 1220959

I saw a bit of apple and onion when my younger sister was zapping and my first impression was that it was really really boring.
I feel like basically none of the newer generation of cartoons are as "big" a thing as the ones before. Pretty much only infinity train is regulary talked about and the only one that I see people hyped for, maybe craig gets close, but I never see anyone talk about the other 3 (except for maybe a couple people saying victor and valentino tries way too hard to be spanish gravity falls)

Do I just not pay enought attention or does anybody else relate?

No. 1220967

>apple and onion
Shittier Regular Show
Shitter, uglier Recess
As bland as a cartoon can get, even preschool shows and moeshit have more conflict but some people defend this because "wholesome uwu"
Haven't seen enough of the others yet.

No. 1220999

big mouth is worse and its fans are so fucking annoying. they rage at you for saying you just don't want to watch a half hour show about 10 year old dicks and vaginas

No. 1221091

Wow I never noticed till now that most modern cartoons have a very muted color palette. Combined with how boring most of these shows are it almost makes me think they're some sort of form of brainwashing

No. 1221176

Eleven to fifteen minutes has been the standard episode length for awhile now iirc. Execs need those 15-19 minutes of ads per half hour, you know.

No. 1221209

File: 1619901233520.png (Spoiler Image,2.33 MB, 1459x2000, 27BF49AB-6CE6-48FB-A5F0-528B49…)

Yes anon, I do.

No. 1221225

I hate it here.

No. 1221262

straight women were a mistake.

No. 1221401

I’ve only heard 2 rumors about him being kinda iffy.1 is that he spergs out and throws screaming tantrums in the workplace when shit goes wrong. That’s pretty much confirmed true. The other weird thing that happened was about 2 years ago. A twitter account called jhonentruth or some such shit followed every industry mutual he had and their only post was a long story about how jhonen isnt a predator but he strung some young industry thot along and refused to break up with his gf for her or be public about fucking her. Basically just a scorned mistress whining. Probably some truth to it but honestly who cares.

No. 1221408

sounds like every gen x scrote i've ever met. harmless, yet whiny pussies afraid of the consequences of honesty

No. 1221422

>Tai ships herself with a pedophile character in an adult swim show
is it with sergeant hatred of venture bros? if so I'm shocked, I know Tai through venture bros fanart and am surprised the fandom hasn't cancelled them

No. 1221450

Oh she's very bi probably leans for dick more than vag and strap ons aren't enough for her. Noelle's just that pathetic girl that is desperate to keep a relationship with someone not interested. Molly is the Anne Hache to Noelle's Ellen when they split she's gonna run for the first dick she can find.

No. 1221495

Victor and Valentino and Infinity Train look better than the photo you posted in the actual shows. The 2 on the right are ugly but I think aside from Apple & Onion and summer camp island they look fine. It’s not steven universe or clarence levels of ugly, but it’s interesting. As a plus, the stories are good and the animation isn’t bad either. I think the quality control on a single network varies based on how openly cowish the people who run it are. I don’t know about the entire crews behind each series, but Infinity Train was dropped from CN and the creator is afaik pretty average, meanwhile sugar got a theatrical release for aliens and fat autistic boy with a bedazzled belly button. OK KO was also ugly as shit at times with random circles for hands and cow-operated.

No. 1221587

Who are the cowish creators of OK Ko anon? I always thought the show was fun bc it was an actually cartoonish and silly show for a change instead of bland and handholding shit CN seems to have now

No. 1221605

Victor and Valentino's main problem is the writing, they try really hard to make it interesting but it remains boring as shit. They had a lesbian couple to try stir up some attention but no one noticed. Why is Zach Bellissimo always put in the shittiest shows, he deserves better.

No. 1221623

File: 1619958136582.jpg (81.78 KB, 800x450, la-1530900024-voam6e6e1b-snap-…)

I can't believe I'm saying this but I'm almost hoping cartoons will eventually bounce all the way back to the 80s style, where everyone was either a muscle dude or a big-titted woman, out of sheer spite for this uwu soft bullshit.

No. 1221642

Genderless blobs, as not to alienate troons from any character.

No. 1221712

Who knows maybe her ex will take her back kek

No. 1221716

I just can't wait for this boring style to die off. It's so bland and souless. The anon who said this is brainwashing might be right on the money. I guess it's why I got the stick out of my ass about Vivzie. At least it's different and good compared to this

No. 1221752

NTA but i couldn't stand OK KO, it was just VIDYAAA and EIGHTIES and WEEEEEEB nonstop

No. 1221787

she's different in the way that she's managed to make 2003 sparkle dog deviantart style popular again and good for her. She's a terrible director and i'm amazed the pilot for hazbin hotel has been received as well as it did, goes to show that if you build strong enough of a fanbase you can produce literal garbage and people will eat it up. At least she sounds like a good person from what ive heard, all the attempts at "canceling" her were over idiotic shit like "she's racist because there's a latina character who's impulsive and that's sterotypical!!" jfc

No. 1221788

the creator of OKKO is rebecca sugar's husband Ian Jones-Quartey. He sure has a distinctive style but damn he's a terrible storyboard artist, can't keep a damn character on style if his whole show depended on it: as on steven universe they let the style of the storyboard artist dictate the overall character design, if that makes sense, his episodes were the worst looking ones, and ok ko wasnt any better. It's nice though that they let such a weird cartoon go on as long as it did, that must've been a weird pitch from the start.

No. 1222030

I will admit that I find her use of voodoo (a closed religion) for a villainous character (worse) who looks, acts, and sounds like a white man to be a bit cringe, at least. That and how she writes gay people (literal thot gay man with no other personality Angeldust, bitchy lesbian named "Vaggy"). None of it feels outright malicious or hateful, but she does seem at least a little retarded, to me.

No. 1222292

go back to twitter

No. 1222331

Nah soft heart, i cant pretend to care about stuff like that lol. The pacing is atrocious, the characters are introduced like you're supposed to already know them and it's incredibly confusing, the world doesnt make sense (the hell residents dont die and boast about it, but are afraid of dying, and to not double die the protagonist has a rehabilitation hotel to send them to heaven?), The protagonist is in a relationship with the angel girl but it's never outright stated and they look like good friends and the pilot gets tauted as lbgt rep???? I hate it lmao

No. 1222606

>soft heart
is this an internet expression i'm out of the loop on or something common from another language? i like it

No. 1222634

No it's just that my english is shit and i translated directly from my native language ahah.

No. 1222730

AYRT and I actually agree with all of those points, I guess I was just trying to find things to mention about her personality in general.
If we want to roast the show itself, I have plenty to say as well, in adfition to everything you said, though. The character designs are, despite the colorful and intense features, surprisingly bland. If you gave an image of any of them to someone who didn't know the show, they probably wouldn't be able to tell you what kind of character they were. The visuals and directing imply that everything is important, despite barely anything actually being important; It's as if you're watching this world through the eyes of someone with a really bad mood disorder. I genuinely believe that this is what has people attracted to it, too. They can't easily differentiate between media in which a lot of important and cool things are happening, and media in which nothing truly important or cool happens, but it implies (with visual intensity) that there is. Vivzie dialed it up to eleven, and has that empty intensity happening for basically the whole episode. It's overwhelming. It's also not a good pilot. A pilot introduces only the completely necessary features of the show, in as clear and concise of a way as possible. I honestly can't tell how much of what was introduced in the pilot would be immediately relevant, and it introduced too many concepts too loosely to grasp. It's a clusterfuck.
Also, I think I understand what you mean by "soft heart." The only thing I'm unsure of is how much or how little offense is intended kek. I don't mind either way, you're right, I am a sensitive fool.

No. 1223911

so is danny antonucci a pedophile for laughing and saying "awesome" when he was shown rebecca sugar's EEE porn? you guys are really taking this serious when it's kinda not

also wtf at the mod for banning this discussion

No. 1223912

i genuinely believe cartoonists these days are making stuff to try and show off to each other and fit in rather than make things interesting for kids to watch

No. 1224017

My biggest gripe with Hazbin are overcrowded character designs. I'm honestly surprised it got picked, because it will be a nightmare to serialize on a regular basis, and I expect they're going to strip characters of half the shit they're covered with currently (those tiny horns on Alastair/whatshisname were the last straw for me).
I don't have a problem with dated style, it might have its charm, and I def don't have any high expectations for the plot, kek.

No. 1224075

it will probably become a heavily puppeted show done in harmony. A good rig can save you a lot of time with design like those, but you need capable animators to work with them, like, tangled animated series level of good; i don't know if they will pump disney level of money into its production, but i think if the network also have distribution right and maybe some merchandise right they would make it back. Again, it's inexplicably popular: if they're smart and make it available on the internet for everyone (Even outside the us) to view, it's a guaranteed success. I can't understand it but even i can see that.

No. 1224282

Because for some reason bisexuals don’t get enough head pats and attention for being “OPPRESSED” even though bisexuals are constantly shit on by people in the community

No. 1224329

bisexual is considered "straight and faking" by potential same sex partners. i think a lot of us are guilty of saying "lesbian" when we're not, just to avoid getting shit for having had sex with men

No. 1224393

File: 1620274709243.png (318.5 KB, 538x608, CN.png)

No. 1224400

"kids shows gotta have kids in them" they don't teach you that in animation school, i tell you what

No. 1224412

I wonder if it's just an excuse to cancel the woke shows.

No. 1224431

ayrt, I don't care about the EEE shit, she was a kid when she drew it, I was specifically referring to the Rugrats stuff

No. 1224486

Ayrt, i wasnt shitting on bisexuals? I meant that the characters in the pilot never refer to each other with pet names, never kiss, never flirt, never refer to each other as girlfriends (afaik). What results is the exact same scenario it gets incredibly criticized by "critics" who make their queerness their whole identity: it's not clear the two girls are in a relationship and people who have no prior knowledge of the characters will not know that. I mean, look at how popular the alastorxcharlie pairing is vs vaggiexcharlie lol. I dont think it's even the str8's fault, it's just that those two girls come off as very good friends

No. 1224488

She's cool, i like her. It'd be great to see a series by her, i would have given an arm to see a he-man reboot done in her style lol

No. 1224491

it is just typical bisexual hysterics. if lesbians and gays don't have their heads far up bisexuals's asses we are oppressing them, honestly it was bisexuals who were the first to pull the "lesbians are oppressing me because they don't want to date me"-bullshit that troons happily copied. bi and trans are greatest allies in homophobia(derailing)

No. 1224503

File: 1620296321891.png (474.42 KB, 720x523, Screenshot_20210506-151505.png)

Disappointed to see this dumbass take from Kelly Turnball, she was a story board artist for Steven Universe and whole I found her cool she wasn't that good, but I still find her more interesting compared to like 99% of the people in the Industry

She's a buff GNC straight woman who draws both Bara and straight smut and is married to a buff wrestler, i mean thats cool asf and absolute life goals

No. 1224516

She seems cool asf. I don't think it's really a dumbass take. I remember plenty of kids shows that have grownup protagonists - Spongebob, Rocko's Modern Life, I mean, anything by Disney (Mickey Mouse/Donald Duck/Goofy)?

No. 1224517

How is that a dumb ass take?

No. 1224521

Sorry to sperg out about animation factoids but Nickelodeon fought hard against spongebob being an adult during the early development of the show. That’s the reason there is the “spongebob can’t get his drivers license” storyline. It was the compromise Stephen Hillenberg and Nickelodeon agreed to, so that spongebob could be shown going to school to make it more relatable to kids.
As for your Mickey/Donald example, those IP’s have been popular for almost a century now, so of course they can easily get greenlit their own shows. That has nothing to do with developing new shows with characters that aren’t pre-existing IP’s though.
Rocko’s modern life came out in 1992 so it’s not really representative of how networks operate in the current era.
I don’t know of many kid shows that have come out since 2010ish that solely have adults as main characters AND aren’t based on already popular intellectual property.

No. 1224522

A lot of older cartoons, both american and european had characters in their 20s or older adults. I mean, technically spongebob is a guy in his 20s. Having to have kids protagonists is very limiting, the character can't drive, can't work, if they travel they have to do with a responsible adult or in a "fantasy world", which is one of the reasons the last one is so overused now.

No. 1224523

I mean…that makes sense. If you want to make cartoons about explicit/obvious adults, especially with a show that has more serious tones like Infinity Train, maybe don't go to a children's cartoon medium. Most kids don't want to watch adults who aren't even superheroes as they struggle with largely adult emotions and problems. It'll just come off as boring and go over their heads.
I think a lot of animators want to have their cake and eat it too. They want a mostly young adult audience, but to still be able to call their shows "kid's shows" for maximum exposure and appeal. It can work sometimes, but they're kind of stretching it.

No. 1224528

NTA but I think the issue with something like Spongebob vs Infinity Train is that in the former, the protagonist basically acts like a kid. At no point is it really stressed that he's an adult, he's just a silly sentient sponge with a silly job doing silly things. In Infinity Train, the characters' lives seem really well thought out, and their personal traumas are explored. I'm not sure they could pull things off in the same way, it just wouldn't be relatable or particularly interesting to most of CN's viewer base (children).

No. 1224529

File: 1620300988041.jpeg (181.11 KB, 800x582, 31FACD86-ACD9-44C2-A8EC-715BDC…)

>if they travel they have to do with a responsible adult
When you said that it reminded me of flapjack/bubbie/k’nuckles dynamic. I thought that cartoon was excellent. You have the responsible adult and the irresponsible adult, and the world is this weirdly specific setting not just generic sci fi/fantasy setting. Definitely one of the more creative and underrated shows. I’m sad that it ended but also glad it ended before all cartoons started forcing gender identity storylines into everything. I love that flapjack got to be depicted as a sweet gentle little kid, and it wasn’t some forced “non-binary” thing, it was just his character. I don’t recall any fan service or shipping or virtue signaling, just unrestrained weirdness and funny gags.
I miss that show so much!

No. 1224546

TMMOF really was a hidden gem, particularly at a bad time for Western animation. When 2000s nostalgia takes off full-fledged I at least hope zoomers participating in it remember this show and give it the praise it should've received when it was airing.

No. 1224550

What? Shes never worked on steve universe, you probably mean the ben10 reboot. (For which she also received death wishes over, because of course she did, cartoon spergs are terrible people). Also how is it a bad take? It's true. Execs have this idea that kids watch shows with kids so they only greenlight those so kids only watch show with kids protags and the execs are like see, told you so.
Personally i remember as a kid not being super invested in kids protagonists when it was a really mundane setting, like they had to be older than me to hold my attention (say, high school protag vs elementary school me). I dont think this truism holds that much water and i think a veteran like kelly prolly knows a little more abt the industry as us 4 anons perusing this board kek

No. 1224628

spongebob is a sponge and his best friend is a starfish.

No. 1224652

File: 1620318184395.png (261.37 KB, 936x369, kelly.png)

Kelly worked on the first Steven Universe book. I am not sure if she worked on the show though.

No. 1224687

Spongebob, Johnny Bravo, CatDog, Rocko are all adults.

No. 1224789

Courage the Cowardly Dog

No. 1224947

Spongebob is technically an adult but he’s childlike enough so the writers can use both child driven and adult driven plots with him, which makes him pretty versatile.

No. 1225094

greg universe is the worst fucking character. why is it ok to teach kids that that's an acceptable male. i swear all tv is a conspiracy to validate&normalize useless deadbeat scrotes

No. 1225161


Johnny Bravo: 1995

Rocko: 1992

Spongebob: 1999 (plus we have already discussed in this thread how he was modified from his original characterization to make him more childlike.)

Cat dog: 1998


Courage: 1996 and I think it’s quite a stretch to call a pet dog an “adult character” considering he’s a pet, not an adult, meaning he lives at home with his “parents,” doesn’t drive, doesn’t have a job… besides can you imagine a show like courage the cowardly dog being greenlit today?

None of the examples given are from the past 20 years so they really have nothing to do with how hard it is to get a show like that greenlit by a network NOWADAYS, which is what she seemed to be referring to.

No. 1225163

I completely agree. Also thanks for humoring my post, I completely forgot what thread I was in and was posting like this is /m/

No. 1225424

You are 100% correct

No. 1225437

Regular Show had almost all adult characters, and in the beginning even had swearing. I think it was more for teens and young adults than for kids, especially with all the 80s references. But the wacky and zany adventures thing might have been what got it the green light for a ‘kids’ cartoon.

No. 1225492

I think regular show and gumball were both supposed to be on adult swim but got pushed to be kids show.

No. 1225689

They're animals, so you can get away with having teen or adult characters. Humans is differnet.

No. 1225728

Yeah, it’s different when it’s animals that sit around playing videogames and sports or whatever they do on that show.
Besides, Regular Show was greenlit in 2009 so it’s still not current.
I think >>1224393 she is speaking about how things are now, not how they were 10-20 years ago. Additionally, even if someone can find one or two examples of kids shows that
>Exclusively focus on adult human(oids)
>Were greenlit within the past 10 years
>Aren’t based on already popular IP’s
it’s not like that completely disproves her point. There are exceptions to any rule. I think she just meant that, broadly speaking, kids shows about adult characters are 99.99% guaranteed not to be greenlit by kid networks.
I honestly don’t know why peope are nitpicking what she said so much, let alone coming up with extreme reaches like “courage the cowardly dog” to disprove what she said. I like a good animation debate, but this isn’t very milky.

No. 1225742

you sound like a cunt

No. 1226218

What's up calling this thread people pedos with no proof or evidence

This is literally Twitter 2.0

No. 1226249

anon is just sharing her experience. Bisexual women aren't taken seriously by men, and lesbians think they're cheaters.

No. 1226317

kek i'm not even sure what in the first anon's post enraged second anon so much but it made me laugh

No. 1226442

Has anyone watched hilda? It feels like no one has watched it-like I know it’s a kids show but it makes me nostalgic of the simple “turn off your brain and enjoy” shows

No. 1226480

Heavily agree, anon. It's soothing and full of interesting folklore and a good color palette. I highly enjoyed it.

No. 1226624

i know roiland is a cow but this is how i feel about solar opposites. it doesn't have messages or mean anything, it's just silly drawings and stupid jokes

No. 1226796

making fanart as a joke is pedophilia now.

No. 1226941

One of those people actually did sexually harass underage girls though, see >>1220152
It's just rick and morty with aliens

No. 1226982

nahh rick and morty has like, a philosophy or some dumb shit. solar opposites is more like if the alien tv they watch in rick and morty got a whole half hour, and also christina hendricks is there for some reason

No. 1227060

I didn’t know Justin Roiland was a cow but that doesn’t surprise me. He seems like such an edgelord. Can you point me in the direction of any milk?

No. 1227145

i don't remember which thread (sorry i'm old, my brain is retiredded) but on the other farms there's some caps of him trying to get a college-age girl to come to a party by saying she'll get to fuck alex hirsch. he just annoyed s bunch of late teens/early 20s women a lot i think. other than that he's a pussy who won't rock the boat re:harmon's cowlording

No. 1227146

samefag, i'm NTAYRT, maybe she has better milk

No. 1227206

File: 1620664489224.png (324.56 KB, 720x361, Screenshot_20210510-213458.png)

So this is rather old Drama(and to an extent its still on going) its regarding the series DC Super Hero Girls by Lauren Faust, its a pretty good superhero series about teenaged versions of Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Suppergirl, Zatanna, Green Lantern and Bumblebee as they fight crime while also dealing with highschool antics

The series also has has genuinely good diversity(both in terms of race and bodytypes) without it seeming forced and the character's act like characters and aren't defined by their race

The controversies stems from issues relating to annoying shippers, all the main characters have male love Interests who are also handled well, but the weird adult fans and some TIMs are insistent that the show is actually Gay asf and the character's are kweer coded and their accusing Lauren Faust of beinf homophobic or whatever

No. 1227236

as if Lauren Faust hasn't been through enough shit with autistic adult fans already kek. Let the woman rest

No. 1227237

Just wanted to say I love DC Superhero Girls. Such an underrated show.

No. 1227247

Yeah she seems like a nice lady, but her shows attract so many fucking annoying retards that she's probably sick of it, like imagine how she felt knowing that her well made kids show about ponies was associated with weird creepy men

Superhero girls doesn't have anywhere near that awful of a fandom but they still seem annoying asf

No. 1227371

i've never heard any of the complaints you mention and i'm pretty terminally online. the only controversy i can remember is bumblebee being somewhat lighter than she's supposed to.

No. 1227378

dunno she has always publicly been in favour of bronies. She also worked freelance for that (awesome, ngl) beatemup that started off as MLP and shifted to "generic ungulate friends" after hasbro's cease and desist. Those are her designs right?
she also wrote a PPG episode where the villain of the week was basically what scrotes envision a feminist and the moral of the story was "no one like an annoying cunt, ladies! we're all equal!": she later apparently said she kinda regretted that episode and would do it different now, but she kinda gives off pickme vibes if that makes sense. "ooh the boys are liking my show, now i'm sure it has value!" type of deal.

No. 1227604

I mean bronies make up a substantial portion of the fandom and are more willing to buy merch so I'm pretty sure they couldn't say anything about them and I've never gotten pick-me vibes from her

She may have slightly pick-meish when she was younger in the early 2000's but she identities as a feminist now and has made shows that center around young girls and are for young girls

No. 1227655

I still adore the fact over how she helped this fighting game project after Hasbro tried to sue them, by making character designs.

She never really was a pickme. She herself always admitted that she doesn't like bronies at all and finds them weird, but they make up half of the fanbase so there's nothing much she can do about it (from that one time she visited /mlp/, you can Google that).

No. 1227661

huh, good to know. I'm glad we can at least have one (1) cool person in the animation industry lol.

No. 1227713

Raging coke addict who was sexually abused by - in his words - his "hot" female cousin. Not surprising he has no boundaries and is a weird creep.

No. 1227991

Coke addict? Not surprised since shitty rick&morty made him and harmon millionaires, but still didnt know

No. 1228399

Gonna be honest, I agree with >>1224523 . You can't decide to create a show aimed for children and then whine about production studios judging it on a kids' show basis.

>I think a lot of animators want to have their cake and eat it too. They want a mostly young adult audience, but to still be able to call their shows "kid's shows" for maximum exposure and appeal.

Exactly. It's harder to get a cartoon greenlit for adults due to the lack of general interest which is why these people go on to make so many shitty kids' cartoons but that's sort of what you have to deal with.

No. 1229071

Im not sure i understand how it's the fault of the creator for having to make a show for children when shows for children are the only ones getting greenlight, produced and aired (the tv animation business is such a shitty mess there's loads of series that are ready to go and arent even aired, look at guardian spice and wolf moon).
When execs talk about children they mean 5-10, max 12. But look at steven universe, you may not like it, but it was beloved by both teenagers and adults (maybe a tad too much, but a 5 year old doesnt buy a funko pop, but a 25 year old sure does), and it's incredibly regressive to stand your ground that only young children watch cartoons. But they're the ones handing out the money so what ya gonna do

No. 1229987

File: 1621008135673.jpg (136.62 KB, 1280x720, bee.jpg)

What ever happened to Natasha Allegri and Bee and Puppycat?

No. 1229992

They're supposedly going to do an official release of season 2 in addition to some new episodes with Netflix, not until 2022 though

No. 1230003

Not coke but he does abuse Adderall and other pills. They all do though. There's a side of entertainment that's fully degen and Justin and Dan Harmon are on that side. They party a lot.

No. 1230007


Got a ton of money for it VIA kickstarter, changed everything that made the show appealing then flaked for a few years by getting other people to write and draw the comics

No. 1230037

it's already out tho did I missed something?

No. 1230145

File: 1621020183517.png (262.27 KB, 715x388, Screenshot_20210514-142939.png)

So I think we should allow Voice actor discussions in this thread, cause the same problems that exist in animation exist in voice the acting(specifically Anime dubbing and translating) business but to an even larger extent, as the Industry is dominated by 2 Studios Crunchyroll and Funimation and is smaller so everyone knows each other

And you get a lot of forced weird random Quirky dialogue for the sake of of being random and quirky and most egregious is putting their own political opinions with in shows that have nothing to do with that particular anime
Referencing gamergate in 2017, having villain characters use terms like SJW, cucks, millennials e.t.c, just their US centic neo-liberal takes that only people on twitter would like

No. 1230482

>all the main characters have male love interests
That's just being true to the source material, though. All of the characters in that picture are straight in the comics except for Diana, whose bisexuality was a relatively recent addition anyway. It's not Lauren Faust's fault that DC has a crappy track record with representation, lmao.

No. 1230484

Regular Show starred adult characters, though I'm not sure if they count seeing as they're animals.

No. 1230508

This is kind of a stupid take, since comic book canon basically doesn't exist. There are, quite literally, infinite versions of all comic book characters; It's the only way they can keep this shit going for so long, without needing to keep poorly aged content canon or making the material stale. Do the characters need to be gay? No. Maybe one LGB character (even outside of the main cast) might be good. But, speaking as a lesbian, gay people are a minority, and having most of the cast be some form of gay would just be pandering. That's the real issue.

No. 1230564

I really liked Hilda and was hesitant to bring it up in these threads because if the creators are cows I don’t really want to know about it, lol. It’s one of those shows that’s fun for kids while still being enjoyable for adults without being full of innuendo or virtue signalling.

Also this is probably petty of me but I like that the witches appear to be an all-female order, not an everyone-who-identifies-as-a-non-man order. Since it’s a Netflix original I was fully expecting a trans character to get shoehorned in at some point, but there’s been none of that so far.

No. 1230662

At ease twitterfag

No. 1230749

praying you get your vaccine soon so bill gates can zap some sense into you

No. 1230766

I just found it funny how Rebecca came out as Bi, then when that wasn't enough; jumped on the "NB-woman" train. It sad how she trash up her show after season 2. Just making stuff up as they went (and pretending she "planned" stuff from the get go when clearly she didn't).

No. 1230771

File: 1621099861593.jpg (82.35 KB, 828x1094, EvHzQoWVcAEbfbg.jpg)

I wish this thread was around when Vic Mignona's sexual harassment suit was going down, the American voice actor circles are so full of drama and weirdos you wouldn't believe it. One of my personal cows is Corina Boettger, currently best known for voicing the character Paimon in Genshin Impact.
>Is a terminally online nonbinary they/themlet who gets mad over being ~misgendered~
>Refuses to reveal her actual age due to her insecurity about it but is obviously a woman in her early 40's
>Munchie, acts like her crohn's disease makes her terminally ill and disabled
>Currently best known for her role as Paimon from Genshin Impact's English dub
>Retweets woke discourse around the clock and massively overshares on Twitter
>Gets into public twitter fights with Genshin fans
>Paimon is a female fairy-like character but Corina uses they/them pronouns for her and straight out lied about Mihoyo (the game's developer) "confirming" the character as agender with absolutely no proof and the game continuously referring to her as a woman, overall forces her own headcanons as the game's gospel truth due to her extremely high and authoritative position /s as the English dub VA
>Produces cringeworthy Tiktok videos flaunting her status as Paimon's VA and kins her obsessively but whines when people refer to her as "Paimon"
>Openly called people who ship Kaeya and Diluc (two childhood friends westerners mistaked as brothers at first due to faulty translation) pedophiles supporting incest despite the characters not being related and both being full grown adults
>When a fan corrected her that they're not siblings and introduced her to the Chinese concept of "sworn brothers" that has nothing to do with blood relations and was talked about in the original Chinese script she rudely dismissed making her look like an insensitive cracker
>During her spergfit milked being a "CSA victim" to shut up anyone telling her off
>Bought an ahegao loli mousepad later after her previous meltdown and tried to claim it was "a joke"
>Overall calls fans pedos all the time for finding Genshin characters attractive but acts like a creepy coomer scrote over the female ones herself all the time
I bet there's more but she ticks off all the boxes of a histrionic niche weeb celebrity.

No. 1230778

I'm honestly surprised she hasn't been replaced yet, given how Mihoyo corrected mistranslated lines calling Childe a teenager because of stupid anti-shippers flipping shit online. They don't like taking sides on shipping nonsense.

No. 1230787

I don't understand it either, she's a walking PR nuclear bomb and angered a notable amount of fans to the point she's become a meme in the community. How the hell haven't they assigned her a manager to take away her Twitter privileges for picking fights with the players each passing moment? They already replaced Barbara's English dub voice actor for no reason so it's not like it's something they couldn't do.

No. 1230801

Didn't the VA of one of the characters of the Skate anime tried to make it canon that the character he voiced was Pansexual

No. 1230829

I remember ENG Genshin mistranslated 'sworn blood brothers' into actual brothers, which is why there's retarded shipping war going on.

No. 1230831

Let’s be honest, the shipping war would still exist because it was the word “brother” and people would headcanon them as biological brothers if they could.
All of the ships are problematic to the kids into the game and all of them, if not a huge majority, are constantly saying that the all of characters involved in any ship are related in some way.

No. 1230873

God for her to be kicked out people need to snitch on Mihoyo and how they, as fans, are dissapointed. As immature as it sounds it needs to start somewhere after all, little waves can start a tsunami. And honestly it doesn't look good at all for their game.

No. 1230876

File: 1621110917733.png (630.67 KB, 820x1775, fjrur838484uru.png)

It isn't officially released it all 13 episodes were leaked after Fred Seibert (CEO of Frederator) uploaded all the episodes to his Vimeo, and a link started spreading that did not require a password to view the episodes. Apparently the episodes won't be officially release in 2022 on Netflix for some reason.

No. 1230899

>Paimon is a female fairy-like character but Corina uses they/them pronouns for her and straight out lied about Mihoyo (the game's developer) "confirming" the character as agender with absolutely no proof and the game continuously referring to her as a woman, overall forces her own headcanons as the game's gospel truth due to her extremely high and authoritative position /s as the English dub VA
Didn't Vic also lie that he'd "spoken to CLAMP" and confirmed that Fai from Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle was not gay? What is it with English dub VAs and lying about source material?

No. 1230922

For Vic it's because he was a homophobic bible thumper and didn't want to star as a gay character, for Corina it's because she's a genderspecial herself. So I guess that in order to satisfy some need for admiration they attempt to turn the character into something they can approve of. Vic was notorious for attributing himself to be ~the IRL Tamaki~ after his role in the English dub of Ouran High School Host Club and appropriated the popularity of the character as his own. Additionally a lot of amerifags are dub only so they consider the English VAs to be THE voice actors, so they're often feeding their bloated egos. Especially now in the age of being approachable via social media to the point they believe they're so big they can just rewrite the story canon and get away with it.

I also think the voice actor of Pidge from Voltron identified as a nonbinary as well and if my memory serves me right she tried really hard to push the narrative that this tomboy character was also a troon. A (un)surprising amount of VAs try to "channel" the character to push some retarded agenda of theirs, it could also be because they're the victim of an unhinged fanbase that can't differentiate the character and the actor, a notion they're also guilty of pushing themselves.

No. 1230943

Holy fuck I hate voice actors. Christina Vee is the only one I like but even she is up her own ass.

No. 1230982

>Christina Vee
Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't she have a habit of acting like an e-thot then getting offended when scrotes act like the gross coomers they are?

No. 1230983

File: 1621122730268.jpg (99.16 KB, 1024x1820, MV5BYTgyZWI5OWMtYzJkZi00M2UxLW…)

NTA but what the fuck happened to her? I thought someone had uploaded the wrong image on her IMDB page but this is how she looks now? I would have never recognized her in a million years. What the fuck, why did she thot out like this? Who hurt her?

No. 1230988

No idea. Especially when this was her just 4 years ago at the 0:42 mark.

No. 1231096

You mean this scene

No. 1231109

File: 1621142766027.jpeg (399.84 KB, 750x1096, A00C5F67-777F-407D-9CAE-CF7964…)

Another trans in animation turns out to be autistic in the twist of the century. I’m pretty sure every show runner by 2025 is going to be an autistic enby.

No. 1231116

>I also think the voice actor of Pidge from Voltron identified as a nonbinary as well and if my memory serves me right she tried really hard to push the narrative that this tomboy character was also a troon.
Oh god, this one is fun. As someone who followed Voltron since 2016, it went like this: Bex Taylor-Klaus was happy Pidge was a girl, and said so. She said that nonbinary/trans headcanons were "uwu valid" but Pidge was a girl in canon. Like a year later in some interview she talks about how much she loves the nonbinary Pidge headcanon. Unsurprisingly, not long after she comes out as "nonbinary" and starts doing the "You don't need dysphoria to be trans" thing. I don't think she ever pushed the tranny thing in canon though. She did claim to push for gay rep though.

Anyway, judging by her adult acne and shitty facial hair like a 13 year old boy in her pics on Instagram, she herself is now transing.

No. 1231121

idk who this person is but there's been lots of discussion in the trans threads about the correlation between autism and trans identification, it's a real thing. Really it would be better for women to know they're autistic before they troon out to reduce the chances of that happening.

No. 1231151

Why do online weirdos feel the need to air all their problems, especially mental ones?

No. 1231205

I think it was agreed that voice actors are included under the topic (Western animation industry cows, not just animators or writers) so go for it, anon.

No. 1231282

So where's the anon who said she would drop some milk about her coworkers in the industry, I can't even find the post anymore?

No. 1231769

Every "anonymous insider" is a total lie.

No. 1232574

is there milk on ashley burch? i know her brother is ridiculous bu i've never heard anything abt her. She's probably chill but i can't stand her voice and lack of dramatic acting ability and i can't fathom she's always cast in big projects because of her early 2010's fame.

No. 1232834

I recently started watching Duck Tales and yeah I did find something unnatural about Della Duck, Its as you described, she feels like a self insert OC rather then a real character

No. 1232862

It’s really hard to drop milk without identifying yourself as the industry is so small

No. 1232885


This. And they will keep tabs and hunt you down even if it takes a bit.

Enjoy the blacklist to the dumb ones who release milk that isn’t common knowledge.

I never understood the point of this thread it’s just bitching about cartoons and overly vocal twitter few. Nobody in the industry would actually release bad press about someone unless it’s stuff like sexually harassment or semi vague tales of past coworkers.

This is just a /co/ the thread at this point.

No. 1233049

This is truly disgusting.

No. 1233360

>/co/ thread
wouldn't mind if this thread just got moved to /ot/ or /m/ and was relabelled "/co/ gossip thread" where anons can just speculate or discuss all weird shit animators, comic writers, voice actors etc. get up to.

Speaking of weird shit voice actors do, does anyone remember when Josh Grelle set up a gofundme to troon out, only to later cancel it and never mention it again?

No. 1234278

I feel bad for her because she's clearly trying to reclaim herself.

You can just skip this for the tl;dr but here's the rundown. Christina was engaged to another voice actor NateWantsToBattle. Around the time Holly/Projared were outed as cheaters, in that same D&D group, Nate was cheating on Christina with another co-host(everyone playing on that D&D was having an affair basically). Nate hasn't been blasted by the internet because he threatened Christina with a lawsuit if she ever told people he cheated on her. People only noticed when they couldn't spot her engagement ring in photos.

tl;dr her fiancée cheated on her

No. 1234321

didn't her rebound was the ex-husband of the gal her husband cheated her on with, and the rebound also died? i was an avid holly/projared drama fan but i had no idea who these other people were so i might have the whole debacle confused

No. 1234453


I've followed her for a while actually. Saged for lack of any recent milk, but she seems to be one of the rare success stories to have come out of the uwu furry social justice tumblr crowd– probably at least partly due to the fact that she doesn't seem to associate with types like cuteosphere (or the gaggle of losers surrounding her) any more.

My timeline is pretty rough, but after the molestia thing April came out as a lesbian and became fairly well known as a furry artist. She dated cataccino (catpuccino? cattaccino?) for a while. Their ~ship name~ was pinkaccino, but afaik they've broken up and April is currently single.

Her style clearly improved in between her tumblr days and her rise as a furry artist. I don't think she went to art school, but at some point she got picked up as a freelance artist working for Spongebob, and that's where she's been ever since. Her style really changed to meet Nickelodeon's standards but imo she never really settled on a style that was uniquely hers, and even back in her tumblr days she tried really hard to emulate the art style of G3 mlp. As it is, she seems to have a lot more fun with it.

Not sure how much of her current online personality is about maintaining a more professional persona now that she's in the animation industry, but she seems to take it fairly seriously. She doesn't really do the hyperwoke shit any more. Her twitter (now pinkietoons) is mainly work stuff now and occasionally talking about her horse.

A year or so after she began doing freelance work for Nick, she was hired on full time and then was picked up for the crew of Kamp Koral. There was some minor drama that followed, mostly driven by older fans of Spongebob who felt like the show was a disservice to the memory of Stephen Hillenburg. Ultimately people realized that Nick's only concern is with making money and afaik nothing really came out of that.

Uhh, and she got some flack very recently from hyperwoke vegans who were mad she called herself vegan and still kept/rode horses. Not especially interesting, but I find it funny that this is the level of drama that arises around her now when the 2015 era pinkieponie had new beef like every other week and kept company with other notable cows.

Maybe I'm missing something behind the scenes but imo I consider her a rare success story. She was even featured in one of those little Nickelodeon interstitials where she teaches you how to draw Squidward or something. Her main focus seems just to be working on her career at this point. Wish more of these industry types cared about improving themselves even slightly.

No. 1234461


Saged but wait, what, vegans were mad that she had horses? Are vegans not allowed to have pets now?

No. 1234469

oh yeah, a lot of vegans don't think owning pets is ok. Peta goes as far as euthanizing pets in shelters because they think it's better than a "life of slavery" in human care, or some shit like that.
I mean i can kinda get it if we're talking about exclusively carnivorous pets like cats or snakes, you're forced to feed them meat and I can see how a vegan is against that; but taking care of a horse, who is a DOMESTICATED animal, is absolutely fine and hurts no one

No. 1234623

Not sure what’s going on with her, it looks like she’s permanently living in Japan now? She also booths at cons now, not to promote anything but to sell prints.

No. 1235096

File: 1621602862866.jpeg (248.88 KB, 828x1472, AFEF72CE-764E-4B48-B209-D27D2B…)

Not sure where to put this, but it involves Critical Role and voice actors so

>Current arc of CR is announced to be ending. This is overall disappointing because COVID clearly wrecked the any potential for that ending to be good instead of decent

>Twitter starts making complaints, because twitter
>One of the adjacent cast members of the studio begins replying to untagged replies with snark about entitlement

I hate that there is no fourth wall between creators/crew and fandom anymore. Burn twitter to the ground.

No. 1235118

>Josh Grelle set up a gofundme to troon out, only to later cancel it and never mention it again?
Seriously? I'm surprised he hasn't been dragged on twitter

No. 1235235

Nooo nonny, troon twitter never ever acknowledges that some people change their minds about transitioning.

No. 1235290

> I hate that there is no fourth wall between creators/crew and fandom anymore

It’s kinda hard to have this when we have the crew who act like this:
Who indulge in fan speculation and can’t separate self from the character

No. 1235607

MLP was 100% the thing that burst that down. It's insane looking back at how much brony bullshit they put in the actual show. Certain episodes are entirely unwatchable less than 10 years later because they chose to drown it in idiotic meme crap.

No. 1235618

Yeah, it definitely goes both ways sometimes. Some idiot storyboard artist who worked on She-Ra was outed as engaging in shitflinging against the Voltron staff. She was pissed because her dumb ship didn't happen or some shit. I'm sure there are plenty more stories about people in the industry acting just like the entitled fandom.

No. 1235798

A little off the topic but the MLP fandom was fucked up. I recently went back to enjoy some nostalgia, and holy shit, most of the fandom related projects that I now find out about are so disturbing.
Like, I don’t even think the creepypasta fandom back then was as disturbing

No. 1236056

The cartoon itself became a "fandom project" only two seasons in. It defined the new model of writers and animators spending all of their time on Twitter letting weirdo adults dictate everything that happens in the show.

No. 1236063

I was never in the fandom, or any related ones, but I remember hearing shit. A lot of gore and fetish stuff. Never read any of it, myself, but I got the rundowns secondhand from deep dive content, mostly videos that would talk about what fucked up projects were out there, without going into too much detail. I sometimes wonder where the freaks that wrote and consumed that shit went. It doesn't make me feel safe knowing a lot of them are probably TIMs now.

No. 1236213


I really like Hilda, I think the cartoon adapation is brilliant. One of my old uni tutors is really close to the creator and I've met him too and he seems chill. I find it very charming and like nonnie here said, it's wonderful to turn your brain off to.

No. 1236445

Ah, the things I remember. Grown-ass adult men interested in pony shit for little girls will never end well. The Molestia thing was already brought up so I won't go into that. I'm glad at least one of them was able to get away scot-free from brony shit.

Somebody was autistic enough to show/tell Lauren on her DeviantArt about the amount of porn people made of her author insert unicorn/pegasus to which she was obviously uncomfortable with. Somebody else added on to the conversation saying it should be an honor to have this kind of attention, ffs.

There was this brony, Tooncritic or something like that who was unsurprisingly a pedophile. He was caught once and then forgiven for some reason (apparently he made good content or whatever) and then got caught AGAIN doing the same shit. One of the "well known" bronies Dr. Wolf had the audacity to say we must forgive him for what the pedo did and move on lol. I remember they even called the whole thing "drama" to protect him.

Then there was this whole thing with Jananimations who heavily projected himself into this background character named Buttons who is a gamer (shipped with Sweetie Belle who is also a gamer) and tried to create a series based off on him. Obviously, Hasbro shut that shit down very quickly and the animation side of the brony fandom had a meltdown that quickly got shoved under the rug when everyone stopped caring.

He seems to have moved on from the whole brony side of things and has his own shit now but it's lesser known since everyone only cared about his fan art. Not sure if he's still active.

This is what happens to people who base their careers on one subject that will inevitably end (I've seen similar cases with Steven Universe and Homestuck fandoms) with nothing else to show or at least, they were too late to switch things up.

I'm sure there are worse things I've never bothered to check out (glad I didn't) but recently, there was this person on a group for Fallout Mod who was outed as a foalcon (basically lolicon but zoophile child edition since their horses, furries man)

No. 1236772

>foalcon (basically lolicon but zoophile child edition since their horses, furries man)

jfc man

No. 1236913

As a kid there was so much fucking nsfl content in the community, imagine being a dumb kid and just googling "pinkie pie cartoon" and finding gore animations or porn

I was exposed to so much gore and smut before I reached the age of 10, just cause I wanted to see MLP content online, I was 8 when I first saw vid related abd this gave me nightmares for months

No. 1236932

I love hilda but the team netflix used for it has some crossover cows with vivziepop’s crowd (tranny “lesbian” furries types.) I also didn’t expect the creator to be a man before I read his name. I’m glad to hear Pearson is normal.

No. 1236938

how the fuck is that video still up, despite looking so close to being a legit hasbro thing? where's their cease and desist when they have actual good reason to use it lol

i'm sorry you came across that anon. Personally i am in favour for anyone doing whatever they want in fandom space, but they need to clearly signal it so something so clearly nsfw doesnt come in a child playlist

No. 1237687

Ntsa, but I think videos like this around early 2010-2012was what started the “trigger” phase, where ppl started to tag things more frequently- hence why you need to log in and confirm your age now.

But back on topic with the mlp vid shown, apparently the guy who made that and Smile HD, worked in the industry. According to him, he worked for Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network, so it wouldn’t surprise me that he worked on MLP and had a dark sense of humor or just fucked up

No. 1237727

I dunno man, i like dark humour, but that video is at best an injoke between people who knew about the cupcake fanfict and at worst a way to troll children looking for mlp content; it's revolting it's still up

No. 1237791

I've read the ff to this back then, but never saw that video. This is stomach churning even now, I'm so sorry you had to see this so young anon.

No. 1237965

She wasn't down with the Molestia creator though? She went against it, claiming a child she was babysitting found it online and pointed to one of her dolls and said, "She molests people." and then the Bronies threw a shitfit when she spoke out about it. The creator of Molestia was a dude.

No. 1241113

it’s so fucked up that Tom Scharpling is dating her, lol

No. 1241199

Who? Googling that name only gave me a 50 year old fat comedian dude, which surely goes against her type (her type being prepubescent boys)

No. 1241953

So that's how she got herself a show on Netflix, huh. Makes sense.
Sometimes women fuck old ugly men for financial and social benefits. I doubt he cares that she is a pedo since men aren't really threatened by that.

No. 1242453

genuinely really talented and funny comedy writer who has been running a massively influential radio show-turned-podcast since like the mid-90s. he’s also the voice of Greg Universe (probably cast by a Best Show fan), which is probably how they met

No. 1242629

Sorry this is a month late (thought i'd try a thread I hadn't read before) but it is killing me that her "self injury kit" involved what looks like a Gillette Venus safety razor kek

No. 1244204

you know among all people to turn out to be creeps, the author of 12 forever really bums me out. I really liked the series, i like that the female protagonist was feral and wild and not interested in growing up and especially not interested in sexuality at all. All coming of age stories for little girls are just "can't wait to grow up" and the protagonists are boy crazy and super feminine.. nothing wrong with those type of girls at all, but it was nice to have a different type of protagonist for a change. So sad we arent getting a second season bc the creator couldnt keep her hands to herself

No. 1246330

File: 1622856955656.jpeg (217.86 KB, 1170x1853, 34235603-4F19-4E93-A5EC-C3036C…)

Lmao, while he’s not wrong that Disney obviously panders to the LGBT crowd to these days for cash, he’s such a salty asshole about it that it’s hard for me to sympathize with him. No wonder he burns so many bridges.

Also remember that Gravity Falls premiered 9 years ago in 2012. Society has become a lot more accepting of gays since. It sucks for him that Disney is more open to LGBT stuff now than when he was employed but he’s oversimplify Disney’s obvious stance on it.

No. 1246363

what is this has-been even up to these days

No. 1246373

literally nothing, he's been doing some bit voice acting and has written 2 episodes for some mediocre looking Netflix show and that's about it
see >>1215608

No. 1246662

Why is he jobless? All he does lately is just pander to nostalgic Gravity Falls fags.

No. 1246688

>Why is he jobless
Because everyone hates him I guess

No. 1246964

Honestly as much as disney is now milking the lgbt representation in owl house i wouldnt be surprised if dana had to fight tooth and nail for a it (and it's just a dance number and some blushing). The dude's insufferable but i'm sure he's privvy to some behind the scene shit.

…come to think of it, i wonder what dana thinks of his act lol, that can't be a good look with her employer lololol

No. 1247030

Oh definitely. Not defending Disney in the slightest. But it still comes off rather unprofessional considering he still works for Disney via Owl House. I wouldn’t even really think about this if he wasn’t known for being a diva during Gravity Falls production.

No. 1247044

I know LGBT this and that, but being so salty is so unprofessional. No wonder he never had any projects after GF

No. 1247069

He was a diva? Please, do tell! Im new to rumors about hircsh (well expect the one about him shitting in buckets i read in this thread).
Speaking of young people getting a whole ass show at disney, anyone knows if daron nefcy of star vs yhe forces of evil was insane as well? That production also reeks of last minute changes and ristructuring, the final product was a mess

No. 1247329

File: 1622947508980.jpg (118.9 KB, 1131x399, image.jpg)

I don't think she's a bad person in anyway, but she does seem like a stunted adult woman
I mean the Original Premise of Star Vs. was supposed to have have Star as a girl who believed she had magical powers and saw the world through her Sailor Moon inspired fantasy world, which sounds weird and kinda sad but it was based partially her own life
Down to the fact that she's married to a Hispanic man who apparently is a Dragon Ball Z nerd like Marco

No. 1247492

Bad writer aside Nefcy is a well adjusted woman. never a scandal, never an issue.
Hirsch is a bit of a joke at the moment, even tho most of the voices around him are fake. You sometimes see him in pics with LA pornstars and camgirls that he meets through the rick and morty guy. He claimed he wanted to do an adult show that pushed real boundaries when leaving Disney, but that was 5 years ago now and nothing to show for it. I feel sorry for his sister, the parents took all money from her college funds to let Alex afford Calarts.

No. 1247499

The bit abt the sister, what? Source?

No. 1247663

Yeah the way Rebecca and her crew wrote lesbian couples in the show do come off very badly written (Ruby and Sapphire are just bases off Rebecca and Ian hetro relationship as she has bought up also how magically R&S got over their heavy co-dependency off screen; Pink Diamond and Pearl is just a low key master x slave pairing with the fact that Pink kept Pearl as a side chick while she was off banging human men and any Peridot ships to the point one crew member(thats not Rebecca), randomly came out saying Peridot is asexual. It a mess with how Rebecca just let her ego and her crew members made this show goes to waste; but I guess thats the price you pay to make it big in animation now a days.

No. 1247670

What relationship is NOT badly written in Steven Universe?

No. 1247705

oh God which Rick and Morty guy? I only know the two main dudes by name and they are both subhuman specimens

No. 1247723

Im guessing roiland, he voiced characters in gravity falls

No. 1247858

How does he go from Gravity Falls fame to nothing? Is he that much of a fuck up? I'm honestly surprised he's pretty much resigned to voice acting now. Also to no one's surprise, The Owl House got the Steven Universe treatment; not outright cancelled per say but definitely screwed (Season 3 will be 3 specials). Wonder what that means for Dana and Alex.

No. 1247861

Take this with a grain of salt but I heard she was a pain to deal with. After s1 of Star most storyboard artists or animators moved on from the show supposedly because of her.

No. 1247904

To tell you the truth, its seems Rebecca can't write decent relationships weather straight or gay. Pink and Greg was cute until you realize Pink lied to him, treated him like a toy and then left him with a kid while Greg was poor at the time. Steven and Connie again cute at the start but Connie ends up being just fusion bait for Stevonnie so the crew can use two kids in an "adult" body as a month piece for pandering.

No. 1247919

It's sad that I found Rose such a cute and interesting character until Rebecca revealed the whole story about it. Rose being Pink Diamond who left her family and traumatized them by making them witness her death, Rose selfishly abandoning her friends and give birth to a baby who had to be raised by his poor ass dad who would later bare responsibility, entertaining the Pearl's love for her only to just run to Greg- also abandoning someone she found annoying by making her wait ages all alone on a planet. Granted I know it's a show and treat it as such, but I couldn't help but laugh at how shit Rose was after that to me.

But no really, I'm really confused on what the production was like for Steven Universe with the many hiatuses, many weird errors like different character height shifts each episode, and overall the lackluster story/switch? I know that the voice of Steven Zach Callison had Steven Universe Future based around his emotions and struggle with mental health since he is/has taken a long hiatus from things to travel which I see it as sweet in a way, but is ruined by terrible writing and more from Rebecca and her crew members.

No. 1248002

The mlp fandom should have stayed and died on chan boards. So many grown ass men were too comfortable wanting to bring up molestia in front of kids

No. 1248098

I think it was such a mess because it's a board driven show, so the board artists vent a lot of their personal drama into the episodes

No. 1248140

Thats why I find it hard to believe that Rebecca said she "planned" her show out but
1. You can tell that she planned an idea but didn't plan how to exacute said idea well(look at the whole "Rose was Pink Diamond" thing) and 2. both her and Ian said they had nothing planned beyond "Ocean Gem" as they wasn't sure CN would pick up the show anymore. I also don't kinda believe that she had to fight CN for stuff when looks like CN was ok with anything she wanted as long as it was reasonable.

No. 1248147

Steven Universe is essentially what MLP if it was made to pander to brony neckbeards from the very start.

No. 1249050

Justin Roiland I think
What’s bad about him? I know Harmond is an alcoholic narc.

No. 1249178

You can just ctrl+f roiland to see what has been said about him. Mostly he's just a sex pest egotist weirdo who licks people. But thats the only common knowledge I'm aware of. Something aint right with him.

No. 1249369

he's also an alcoholic who drinks excessively during recordings to "get in character" all the while yelling and cursing at the producer, you can see that in a featurette of rick and morty on youtube; the fact that they even film and put that on display like "lol he's such a quirky genius" makes me think he's the typical asshole who makes people enough money to be silent about his shittiness and as soon as a serious alligations comes out he'll be dropped like a bag of rocks and everyone will start saying "oh i've actually hated him ALL ALONG he was so aboosive"

No. 1256144

File: 1623673979493.png (169.18 KB, 364x220, Untitled.png)

every "adult" cartoon looks like this

No. 1256151

I hate it. I hate the influence Family Guy has had over adult animation. It looks cheap and boring. I'm not a massive fan of Archer but the animation style was refreshing despite the minimal differences

No. 1256159

It’s Fox, what did you expect?

No. 1256183

i've watched a few episodes of this; the adopted korean little sister has a weird crush on her adopted brother, duncan. so uh, yeah…

No. 1256209

Wasn't Fox acquired by Disney?

No. 1256218

It’s Disney, what did you expect?

No. 1256535


Ruby/Sapphire fighting like a married couple in the hotel episode was some of the best representation in ages, it's too bad the public threw a fit that the show dared to show a lesbian relationship that wasn't uwu pure and flawless uwu and they became perfect by getting married.

No. 1257124

Isn’t this supposed to be a show for children

No. 1257604

while I do agree with not showing them as perfect all the time, I do have a problem that Rebecca makes it that if you having relationship problems, just get married anyways and all your problems are fixed(sage non-contributions)

No. 1257658

not to spoil the point but ruby and sapphire both go through things before that that shows yes we have issues but we can work through them by not being together all the time(sage non-contributions)

No. 1257769

I think it's really charming, despite how it looks. The Jing crush isn't really pushed much after the first couple episodes, and even then it's played very innocent and goofy
I really hate the look of most adult animation, but at the very least the writing for Duncanville is decent

No. 1261796

File: 1624332521030.jpg (172.11 KB, 1000x773, Gross_Girls.jpg)

Why do shows like this get greenlight? Does anyone really think gross-out humor is actually funny or is this some weird fetish?

No. 1261943

Have you not seen any adult animation produced within last 10+ years? They all rely and owe their popularity to gross / dark humor

No. 1262153

Yes her rebound was a well known Starcraft player who then passed away. Now she is dating another one of the ENG actors in Genshin who is known to pander to thirsty female fans.

No. 1262207

I am so fucking tired of the beanmouth Steven Universe faces everywhere

No. 1262249

agreed. it's weeb shit, plain and simple. "calarts" style is just the next step in animu 'tism>>1262207

No. 1262520

Then what art styles do you want to see more of?

No. 1262523

Nta but I just like variety. I don't think beanmouth itself is the problem, it's that too many shows are using that style at the same time.

No. 1263257

Nta but that's just how style go? Like how everything was 50's inspired in the late 90's cus that was nostalgic to the authors at the time, then everything became super stilized and contour-less in the early 2000's

No. 1263725

I don't know. I think she sometimes hangs out with Pen Ward.

No. 1263729

I completely forgot about Bee and Puppycat, I loved it! Man I wish we got to see more.

No. 1265261

No. 1266132

I enjoyed steven universe quite a bit when it came out, I was like 13 tho. It got shit when it started trying to appeal to adults and be deep. Even I, as a full on autist, couldn't enjoy that shit

No. 1266143

I'm still watching it for the first time (first season) almost solely for the backgrounds, this shit can be beautiful. Future sounds bad tho

No. 1266147

I like rick and morty but its undeniable that the writers are all massive commers, every couple episodes some kink gets casually mentioned like its a completely normal thing, Incest porn, cuckholding, orgies, swinging, strap-on, pissing, public masturbation, sex dolls
its even a joke in the fandom that there's a writer whose probably into piss play, Summer pee's herself a lot in the early seasons and there's this scene

also this scene, note this was way before the "step-bro" memes

No. 1266191

No one gives a fuck, post real milk from Justin or Dan, not clips from a show written by 12 different people.

No. 1266276

that's how I felt with most shows around that time, especially with something like adventure time. I enjoyed it a lot in my teens when it first started until it became a 2deep4u soapbox.

And i'm fine with drama in my kids shows lol. ATLA is prob one of my favorite series of all time. But there's a weird fakeness with most storytelling nowadays that I can't explain nor get invested in..

No. 1266297

nta but felt the same way about Adventure Time, it started taking its self way too seriously and started getting to fake deep about everything

No. 1266317

Nah, you bitches are crazy. Probably didn't like it anymore because it became too popular. Bet you didn't even finish the series. Get outta here with your shitty opinions.

No. 1266319

you sound hurt. someone could just simply not like the same show you do, anon.

No. 1266340

Lol there are still Adventure Time stans in 2021?

No. 1266612

LMAO your defensiveness is embarrassing anon

No. 1267162

I watched future, it was so bad. I can't even remember anything good about it, I guess I enjoyed steven and peridot watching camp pining hearts? Stevens trauma manifesting in a bad dragon esque dildo monster that everyone hugs and cried at the same time to cure it was fucking cringe

No. 1267163

This thread is the biggest prove eastern will always be better at animation. (Why yes i'm a weeb)

No. 1267173

It's okay, anon, you hate fun, you have no friends. I get it. You're embarrassed. It's okay.

No. 1267179

Yeah Japan isn't perfect and there's a lot of Shit animated Shows but you are right, The Western Animation Industry has gotten more "inbred" in a sense, everyone knows each other, everyone has fucked, dated, ghosted or some other shit
and here's the thing I'm a radfem and socialist but there's a lot of badly handled political "statements" that are fucking asinine most of the time
Then you have western fandoms who have surpassed otakus in level of degeneracy and autism

No. 1267189

i wonder if japan is the same though and we just aren't as in-tune to it BECAUSE we aren't from the same circle? like unless you actively search it out you wouldn't know about how close-knit the western industry is. maybe japan is the same and they're all fucking eachother, we just aren't privvy to it because it isn't super publicized.

(speaking of, didn't the artist for sailor moon marry the dude who wrote kenshin or something?)

No. 1267198

File: 1624974943095.png (490.14 KB, 618x683, 1623878271064.png)

holy projection, batman

No. 1267202

Sailor moon was a degenerate but worth to watch

No. 1267205

It totally is, every art related industry relies heavily on networking and this is how these usually end up, but I'm sure with the culture of Japan you'll not have them publish personal stories like that online so you'd have to be part of the social environment to know. But weebs will keep on denying.

No. 1267209

what about it is degenerate? seemed like your standard anime cept for the lgbt representation.

No. 1267297

The “panty shots” and sexualized monsters of the week. There’s lots of weird ass shit the time when chibiusa saw shin-Chan’s dick.

No. 1267336

Chibiusa strips for a horse.

No. 1267338

From my experience working in western animation I’d say that working in animation in the west is glorified; great pay, good connections, (hookups), and you probably live in a rich area. Working on animation (and manga) in Japan is the complete opposite. Shit pay, poor working conditions, little to no personal life ect.

Here’s my tinfoil: I think because CalArts kids/western animation lifestyle is so glorified and padded is why we’re getting all these … fake woke/deep cartoons lately. Like their lives are so comfy and easy that they get to indulge in their sjw bs either bc if free time or bc they wanna prove that they’re an ally or whatever.

No. 1267342

I want to believe it’s because they “grew up oppressed uwu” and want to share their “stories”. It’s similar to that phenomenon where British middle class people say they grew up poor but were only citing their grandparents as an example of that.

No. 1267395

It's about right. To get into these jobs you have to have a college degree, that already sets you apart from 2/3 of the population without one. Like you said, they all live in nice areas. And it's so glorified because they're trying to play Oppression Olympics, and with all the wealth they have and obtain even more wealth from other virtue signallers, they continue this cycle of comfortable, woke, elitist perception of what it means to struggle.

No. 1267426

I mean tbh it could also be that from what I understand anime is sorta more "mass produced" than cartoons. Even if you shit out shows, if you shit out a billion at least some of them are gonna be good. I wonder what the state of american cartoons would be if studios pumped out 20 webcomic adaptations every year.
Also, it's more accepted that not all anime is for children, which I would think helps it be more original or less "restricted". In the west we're still a bit stuck at "children's cartoons can be deep too, you know?" so we just get cartoons that still need to be watchable to little children being fake philosophical deep instead, while the adult cartoons just stay being mostly family guy clones.

No. 1267989

I used to really enjoy western cartoons but now I think about it, the only ones I've watched lately are rewatches, except the tangled series, that sticks to being a fun adventure for kids until season 3 at least(Nobody cares )

No. 1268029

sorry for massive sperging but i’ve got so much beef with steven universe

- building up plots/relationships for the entire show (spanning literal years irl) only to resolve it off-screen by saying “YOU need to LEARN that you don't always get to see other people's personal lives develop first hand uwu”
- acting like they do it all for the poor queer kids, but every part of the show is clearly for adults
- praising fans for and bragging about their own sexual art of the characters, that they still claim is “for the kids uwu”
- the sequel also had Steven turn into an angry depressed teen, because muh dark edgy hormones or some shit
- slave falling in love with her master is portrayed as beautiful because it’s queer, yet they’re pretending there’s no racist connotation to this dynamic kek
- having Strong Female characters, yet making sure they're non-binary so that actually, they are NOT female!!! that's progression m'ladies

delete my entire brain nonnies, this show gives me autism

No. 1268043

I know this is old, but wasn't she 17 at the time? not 18

No. 1269296

Can you elaborate about the slave thing? Was it pearl and rose?

No. 1269874

>"acting like they do it all for the poor queer kids, but every part of the show is clearly for adults"
That part is what gets me about this with female cartoon creators of today: Rebecca or Noelle, or those behind Owl House etc when they come out to say crap like this; but I too feel they do this more for the adult fans and only them as kids don't really care about stuff like this unless it pushed into their faces hard.

No. 1272209

im surprised but also…not surprised to find out taylor has been talked about on here.
i used to know her from a few fandoms and….she was not a great person. very hypocritical.
just read the google doc mentioned and im not surprised she hasnt changed one bit and also surrounds herself with similar people who do the same awful behaviors she did to me
saged cause idk if this contributes to the thread or not, sorry

No. 1272272

sorry for sperging but i was so content with Owl House being just a NORMAL cartoon with no greater metaphor or anything, and the latest episode makes Ida's curse an analogue for mental illness/disability, like "i need to stop trying to fix you and just accept this part for you" like… that was so lame lol. Clearly Owl House is going for the Steven Universe crowd

No. 1272332

Wasn't her curse caused by her sister? If it was a metaphor for anything, wouldn't it be better to make it a metaphor for maladjusted behavior or trauma from familial emotional abuse?
Either way, I agree with you. It feels like a cartoon can't just be fun or whimsical anymore, entirely because the egos of rich Cali "artists". I figured it would take a CalArts "our show is so deep" turn, but it always surprises me how stunted and poorly written the "philosophical" stuff these clowns write comes out. I know they're a bunch of privileged retards who haven't genuinely suffered needlessly like the average person, but it's like they've never even met anyone with any real problems, either. Is CalArts truly this intense of an incestuous black hole for wealthy brainlets?

No. 1272390

exactly, that's the thing

spoilers for TOH i guess but

in the latest episode their mom comes along and says out loud that ida's curse is part of her and the mom needs to accept it, and it's so on the nose my god. And it's not that i don't like Ida becoming a giant monster but it's clear that she can do it by taming the beast, not "living with it". I dunno i guess i'm old fashioned but i've never considered BPD or EDS or similar shit a secret superpower.

No. 1272405

>"My mental episodes are just a part of me that you have to accept!"
This sentiment is garbage, speaking as someone who is mentally ill and know many other people with different mental disorders. Are we just supposed to be cool with it when someone is so depressed that they self-isolate, self-medicate, stop caring for themselves, or abuse others? Is it fine if someone with bipolar lashes out or breaks laws during a manic episode? What about if someone with autism crosses boundaries and seriously hurts other people? No one would make the claim that someone with IBS shitting themselves is "fine" and "something we just need to accept," so why do people accept this point of view for mental illness?

No. 1275262

Anyone else catch tonight's Rick and Morty? It's probably the worst episode so far, and of course, incest jokes abound (again). Roiland isn't even pretending to hide his incest fetish at this point.

No. 1275381

Clearly a thing for pissing too with all the Summer piss jokes

No. 1275388

The new season is a nothing sandwich, haven't laughed once. Should have known the show was dead when they let a troon write for the franchise

No. 1275653

This shit becoming much more prevalent in media, particularly cartoons and it always pisses me off. Is it good to understand where a person comes from, yeah, their intent, sure, to let them hurt others and yourself because “they hurt” , no.
This shit, showing up more and more annoys the hell out of me, it’s like these writers can’t grasp that some people are just pieces of shit, that willingly/knowingly hurting others is a line that shouldn’t be redeemable.

No. 1275663

On your topic anon, one of the few things that I didn’t like about the creator of the show is that she announced how she fought tooth and nail for the wedding scene. That if the executives didn’t give her the wedding scene, she would quit.
Like, in the interview, she made it sound like the executives needed her so badly to continue her “ magnum opus”, when really it’s a decision they made to prevent her from calling them homophobes/giving them a bad look for firing their first female show runner.

No. 1275746

jokes? there was insemination

No. 1275803

Do you guys think the milk will be explosive and delicious whenever Noelle Stevenson and Molly Ostertag inevitably divorce and Noelle detransitions and blames Molly for guilting/enabling her into cutting her tits off?

No. 1275977

A famous/public figure like Noelle will never ever detransition and denounce the gendie movement until the whole trans movememnt oses strenght and more people pushes back. If she detransitions know she will be accused of being a TERF and hating troons and her career will be ruined. At best she will commit 41% or slowly change her pronouns to she/her and say she was experimenting, etc, etc

No. 1276210

Is it wrong I found this so petty? And also making Ruby wear the dress just so it cannot be censored. What do you get from that? Children don’t watch the show, it’s teens and adults, they can just google and find out online that Ruby and Sapphire are actually two lesbians in the original.

No. 1276295

roiland needs to get some fuckin therapy for his cousin molesting him and stop normalizing some of the most fucked up incest shit in his show.
i can't believe someone greenlit 22 minutes straight of intra-family sex and representations of disgusting lack of boundaries. that episode aired on cable, just wtf>>1275262

No. 1276339

don't agree, i like this level of pettiness, if that was the real story. Also i really like feminine characters dressing masculine so sapphire in a suit was very cool to see. Thinking one can always google to see what the real deal was feels like… being gay is ok as long as it's not in my face: if you really think like that you're pretty lame

No. 1276549

I have noticed that a lot with Rebecca when she does interviews. She twist stuff up to not only try make herself look good but also tricking folks into thinking she knows what she doing with her show and is a "fighter" for "queer kids". The few I can think of this is what you said, another is her trying to damage control what Zuke said that the crew don't have good communication with each other much(which I can believe) and giving broken lore that either won't show up in the show at all or is half assed (or the one time she gave THREE different meanings of what the Crystal Gems are base on (one interview, they were based on her; in another, they was based on her in the LGBT community growing up, and then in another, they're were based on her family). I can go on and on about this with Rebecca

No. 1276946

i remember in 2016 i think there was a bit of a scandal because a member of the crew (i can't remember their name, just that they were FTM non-binary fat because of course and they were obsessive about lapis/peridot) left the show and said rebecca was a narcissistic tyrant. I wish more came out of it because it was never clear if the accusations had a base (i mean, Rebecca WAS the creator and exec producer, she had any reason to have final word on stuff), or if the person was butthurt Becca wouldn't let their OTP become canon

No. 1277072

This is petty sperging but I also hate that she couldn't leave her villains as villains. Rebecca gave out redemption arcs like she was Oprah. It doesn't make characters better when you turn the bad guys into good guys, and I think it's something that's really hard to do well, especially if she was going to do it in the span of an episode like she did with White Diamond. Their change feels cheap.

Yes, this is mostly because I like villain characters and someone like White diamond being a ruthless cold bitch was exactly what I loved, but then she's dissolved into this pathetic wimp learning how to say please and thank you. And JASPER getting some redemption? Did they just want to sweep how fucked up Lapis got because of Jasper under the rug by saying "oh no here's Jasper's backstory, poor bb didn't mean it!" If this is supposed to be a kids show, this is the message you want to send to them? You got bullied by a terrible person? There are figures in your life who are awful? Your partner was very abusive to you? Just forgive them! They're good on the inside! Uh, no thanks. Awful people can just be awful people and not everyone should be offered a redemption arc lol.

No. 1277149

File: 1626364730817.jpeg (193.35 KB, 1080x1599, df7034211065c7cc16e35cca59ddb3…)

Picrel is how I felt about White Diamond's redemption arc.

The ironic thing is that in real life, Steven Universe fans will drop you and make your life a living hell if you so much as express a slightly different thought than them.

No. 1277214

Are you lily orchard saying kids should punch the shit out of their bullies lol?

No. 1277839

Nonny, they befriended a genocidal dictator/abusive parent in a single episode. Said character faced no repercussions, aside from being told to be more considerate. There's a difference between "hit your bullies back" and "send Nazis to jail".

No. 1278357

kek at least MLP rehabilitated their villains over whole seasons

I don't have much to add on Steven Universe as I've not seen more than a few episodes, but through friends I know someone who did their fucking doctoral thesis on it.

No. 1278762


Imagine that person spending 30-50% of their time reminding everyone they are a "doctor" and did a phd. For the rest of their life.

No. 1280148


Was his girlfriend at the time named Abby? She’s a cow on her own. When I lived out there I was adjacent to their scene and anytime she would show up to a party or event it was a nightmare. When they were breaking up she tried skin walking porn stars to try to keep his attention or get noticed online. I haven’t kept up with what she’s been doing since like 2017/18 though

If I recall correctly they did try to have a threesome with some female underling from the R+M staff, and that employee did quit, but I can’t remember if she was his assistant, or a PA or general writers assistant

No. 1280166

Yeah, Abbie Maley. She was always kind of a weird basic bitch and at the time Justin seemed to like her bc she was small and dressed like a teen and had braces. It was weird. She does porn now and rode Riley Reids coattails to success

No. 1280310


I was adjacent to their group too, holy shit!
I knew Justin better than Abbie but after they broke up she went absolutely off the rails. She immediately quit her job at a film company to do porn, called Justin 50 times in a row leaving him crying messages daily and started posting herself on social media drunk and coked out of her mind with Riley Reid. I guess she still does porn but I have no idea how successful she is. I hope she's in a better mental space now.

No. 1281080

I can not for the life of me bring myself to believe that Mr Lemon Grub himself is capable of dickmatize anyone into doing porn to grab his attention

No. 1281196

Anon it wasn’t his dick that mesmerized her, it was his piles of cash and cocaine

No. 1281342

ok that makes more sense. I know roiland made banks with rick&morty but he'll always be a weird voice actor to me and it's odd to think that he has, in fact, millions to spend

No. 1281403

File: 1626860237411.png (542.11 KB, 566x726, Screenshot 2021-07-21 at 10.36…)

wtf nonnies

No. 1281404

Not sure if she deleted anything, highly doubt it, but if you go back far enough… there ate some dark things on her Twitter about him. I did a deep dive back in very late 2017 and was disgusted. She’s bad too but he’s just…. NO

No. 1281406

i mean, please, do tell

roiland is EXACTLY the type of dude that comes to mind when you're trying to picture a nerdy kid who grew up to have too much power and money in his hands and too many unresolved issues from being unrelentlessly bullied at school and denied by women until he got rich

No. 1281438

File: 1626866513051.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1008.84 KB, 1242x1510, 8B100C9F-42C3-4009-81F5-A6133E…)

One thing that was very prevalent and you can still find is her clearly having an eating disorder and him using that against her. (1/2)

No. 1281440

File: 1626866543744.jpeg (Spoiler Image,391.92 KB, 1240x1674, 6940D174-9E7C-46B4-ABC9-9D485A…)

No. 1281441

File: 1626866917861.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.25 MB, 1242x1770, FBEEA716-127F-4359-A875-CF82F5…)

There was more to this but I can’t find his retort. They were subtweeting each other a lot during this time.

Since she’s doing porn now it’s hard to find the gross sex tweets about him just during an arbitrary search but I’m sure they’re still there. Lots of violence not even disguised as kinks, pedo-pandering, general degenerate behavior that makes you puke thinking of his rat face doing.

No. 1281625

File: 1626887627135.jpg (207.65 KB, 1200x1200, 2084.jpg)

All this for Justin Roiland, the Le Funny man who is the worst part of Rick and Morty and insert

No. 1281628

This girl is pathetic. Roiland is even worse

No. 1281819

Damn thats depressing. Was expecting cringe content, not complete insanity over ginger marshmallow man

No. 1282192

Dan Harmon is a sex pest as well with an obsession for redheads, got metoo'd years ago but still kept his job because he was too vital for Adult Swim, hired female writers to try save his ass

No. 1282226

don't forget he's little "i'm sowwy :(" speech he did in i cant remember, i think one of his standups, where all he did was rekindle the flames against the victim and his fans went to harass her again

No. 1282372

File: 1626969807624.jpeg (190.69 KB, 1500x860, CC860793-20B7-4192-B68E-6E13B0…)

Imagine getting choke-fucked by Lemongrab. The horror

No. 1282536

I'd take getting chokefucked by Lemongrab any day over Roiland himself

No. 1282587

Tbqh I think she was after his money and fame ultimately. They were engaged before they broke up. Justin's family is rich too, it would have been a cushy life for her

No. 1282622

File: 1627003734413.jpeg (95.73 KB, 768x1024, 2B04D781-42EB-4D0A-A0FC-D2CAA5…)

>female writers
Are u sure anon

No. 1282637

File: 1627005448828.jpg (190.03 KB, 1079x779, Screenshot_20210722-215642_Twi…)

straight male fetishist, as per usual, can't leave lesbians alone

No. 1282645

This seems real specific because I literally don’t know a single lesbian who this applies to. Also “trans girls” vs. “cis dykes”, oops your misogyny is showing dude

No. 1282655

Unless he's talking about cis straight women and just using "dykes" as an insult? I know troons get real pissed when they're only used for sex and not relationships. But honestly what do they expect, especially when he's looks like that

No. 1282658

he's all about saying dyke. he is a valid trans lesbian ok!!!

No. 1282682

He's griping about troon "lesbians" wanting real women over other troons. They are notorious for fucking each other indiscriminately while being desperate for real lesbians, who don't want them. Only cis women are called dykes" because rejection from women makes them seethe, while trannies can be "girls" and "babes" because even they don't recognize each other as actual women and because they aren't rejecting him sexually. Sexual rejection is, after all, perceived by TIMs as literal life-threatening violence.

No. 1282683

Lmao no one on earth is using this ugly moid for sex. It’s pure fantasy just like the “terfs are sexually abusing us” rhetoric. Plus an opportunity to call women “dykes” in a disparaging way.

No. 1282741

Is he trying to mim