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File: 1438316815322.jpg (124.1 KB, 440x640, 1419800850541.jpg)

No. 147552

New tumblr thread! Drama, lolcows, or general stupidity welcome, old thread >>54600

No. 147556

File: 1438317360225.jpg (126.74 KB, 400x339, 1419813170881.jpg)

No. 147557

I quite like the OP image for this thread. Not even mind the "fat positivity" on it.

No. 147559

File: 1438317761227.jpg (89.56 KB, 640x480, 1419828430591.jpg)

You would.

No. 147560

Commit seppuku

No. 147561

File: 1438317855559.jpg (1.91 MB, 3000x6000, 1437932657250-0.jpg)

No. 147562

No. 147563

How do they even know it's that girl that made the website? What if someone just stole her photo and now they're doxxing some person who has no idea what any of this even is? Although I'm sure critical thinking is far beyond the capabilities of SJWs

No. 147565

Who cares.

No. 147566

File: 1438318326880.jpg (548.65 KB, 853x1280, fatcow.jpg)

No. 147568

It's a fake account, it's pretty obvious. Tumblr is too stupid to realize or care. Either way, 14? Sjw's have no dignity.

No. 147569

File: 1438318612948.png (135.73 KB, 643x563, tumblr_nrvlsfGvXX1u00qgto1_128…)

u can't disagree with me or u aboosive gaslighter!?!

No. 147579

tfw I was following a great lolcow and just when I decided to go through the trouble of taking screenshots she deleted the blog that had the most lulzy stuff on it. She is one of those assholes that has like 5 and the rest are just stupid.

Her stats:
>37 but refuses to reveal her age (I found her easily on fb and she used to have it up)
>acts like a cutesy child
>easily triggered
>fat, HAES, typical tumblr bullshit

I really missed a chance on this one, I'm sorry.

No. 147581

tumblr/SJWs worship Nicki. i'm sure none of them said a word when her Holocaust-inspired music video came out

No. 147583

File: 1438319872425.jpg (68.29 KB, 500x748, 1399327120909.jpg)

No. 147584

tumblr pls

No. 147586

>melanated non-binary babies
I can't fathom how people like that just believe everything that's written on that sordid website.

No. 147589

I'm ok with this actually, for roughly the same reasons I kek my ass off when a cunty, scummy lolcow like OC, the 14 year old "RP" lifters, Coconutbabydoll or otherwise get doxxed. This girl hasn't actually been killed, either, unless someone can post an obituary.
If you're THIS disrespectful and racist, you deserve to be doxxed and live your life in paranoia. This isn't "just muh opinion", this is someone's death that very well may have been unlwaful/foul play that you're mocking for the sake of #memes. Someone should put the fear of the lord into you. Not sorry.

No. 147590

File: 1438320392417.jpg (259.46 KB, 440x640, fatass.jpg)

I fixed OP's pic :)

No. 147592

Yeah sorry but nah.
At least fact check before rage-raiding your target.

No. 147597

That's not true, when she came out with that video tumblr was all over it and Nicki apologized on twitter

No. 147598

>>Death threats to a 14 year old
Even our tumblr doxxing spree had some integrity. They were all 18+, no threats were made, and lots of digging was done to make sure it was the right person. You're a piece of shit and so is Tumblr, sorry.

No. 147601

What exactly put you under the impression that they didn't fact-check before doxxing, or are you just assuming shit (much like they would be if it turned out it's not really that girl)?
Racist people are always saying/doing this kind of thing when they think they can get away with it (see: various racist websites like ChimpOut, r/GreatApes, Riley AKA the person behind that Arkh Project scam, the SJW cunt on thisiswhiteculture.tumblr.com, and the small population of people who actually suffer consequences for their online asshattery on racistsgettingfired.tumblr.com)

No. 147602

If you're mature enough to start a racist Instagram, you're mature enough to deal with some fat 30 something year old landwhale who probably never even leaves their house and other 14 year olds riding the ebic drama wave threatening to kill you and sending your house Chinese food and hundreds of pizzas.
Did the whole Jessi Slaughter thing from years back make you upset? Because it's literally the exact same thing.

No. 147603

really? I was not aware of that. I stand corrected

No. 147612

File: 1438322469308.png (1.12 MB, 750x1334, tumblr_inline_nrz1h3mvzJ1rusls…)

>made several accounts and didn't tell people about them specifically to escape this
Pretty sure it's her, unless you want to say it's a catfish without any substantial proof on your side.

No. 147614

The fuck does Jessi Slaughter have to do with anything? Confirmed PULL or Tumblr cunt, get out. You do realize that threatening to kill someone is illegal, don't you? All of these stupid niggers could be sent to jail if someone reported them. If you're mature enough to conspire murder against a minor via social media, then you're mature enough to get your ass sent to jail for it kek.
Tumblr always whines about stalking and harassment, but it's okay when they do it. She, like, made a racist troll account fucking kill this cunt.

No. 147615

>>Still no proof it's not vendetta

No. 147620

File: 1438322895152.png (76.11 KB, 521x512, Screen shot 2015-07-30 at 11.0…)

I'm a fatty and I think the reactions are dumb, I have several friends who are naturally very thin and they get so much shit for her.

No. 147621

Are you retarded?
>14 year old gets doxxed (except unlike this girl, she was just being some dumb scene kid) by some /b/ edgelords
>Gets sent death threats and pizzas by other teens and grown men
>Has her nudes leaked even though it's obviously child porn
>Driven off the internet, then her dad dies and she's sent to foster care
She literally had it worse than whoever this girl is, especially since her only "crime" was acting stupid on YouTube, but everyone laughs at her and what happened to her to this day. Meanwhile, everyone defends some girl who mistakenly thought she was being clever about her racist.
Cry "Tumblr" all you want, it won't change the fact that if you're going to say bullshit online and NOT cover your tracks, you deserve whatever you have coming to you. I don't give a shit about online harrassment or if the people who made death threats get sent to jail, either so I'm not sure why you brought that up.

No. 147622

maybe the reason people are telling you to gain/lose weight is because they don't want you to die
fucking tumblr

No. 147624

>B-But people are always complimenting bones..!
And there are hundreds of posts calling back fat "fairy wings", complimenting peoples' rolls, fat postitivity movements all accross Tumblr and fat fetishism as a popular concept across the internet.
Jesus Christ these people lack self-awareness.

No. 147626

>fairy wings…
hmmm…there are time I want a tumbler (never had one) I like to do photo-manipulations and the thought of meeting other people appeals to me but I really hate the famewhoring and SJW aspect I see.

No. 147627

>What exactly put you under the impression that they didn't fact-check before doxxing
The fact that they started chimping out and lighting up the pitchforks as soon as it was reblogged, which you see from the comments.
>blah blah blah racist bullies
Yeah sorry but you're just as bad if you think dishing out vigilante justice for a naughty comment on the internet warrants getting fired. Said racists don't dox you and your friends for your rabid SJW horsecockery, and what you're doing is literally illegal. You're throwing a tantrum over something you don't like hearing, which is an incredibly immature way to handle things but I suppose SJWs aren't the beacon of maturity as we all know.

No. 147628

>unlike this girl
just like this girl, you mean
And now look what's happened to her, she's a fucking bloke. A mental one at that.

No. 147630

The people reblogging aren't necessarily the authorities on the "raid" itself.
>SJW horsecockery […] what you're doing […]
I literally haven't done anything but respond to this post in this thread. I'm not an SJW, either, because I don't believe in stupid shit or publicizing myself as a retard with retarded ideas on online venues that my face and name are attached to, but nice try. If I were, though, I'd certainly deserve to get doxxed and sent hate mail lmao.

No. 147631

>just like this girl
I don't think stormfaggotry is exactly one of the big, cool kids' trends today that we'll all look back and shudder at in a nostalgic/cringe way in a few years, anon.

No. 147633

I think Jessi's problems probably started LONG before she was doxxed. Her mom seems like the type who never should have breed.

No. 147638

Sorry that most companies don't want future Dylann Roofs as their employees, anon.

No. 147640

File: 1438324783309.png (63.5 KB, 707x585, bEw3po6.png)

>Tumblrfags get mad when not everything is centred around them, then accuse other people of the exact same thing

No. 147642

Omg can you post an example

No. 147643

File: 1438325859320.png (309.58 KB, 994x504, fat girls are high maintenance…)

>At least her theme is kinda nice

No. 147644

uh can someone explain the third sentence

No. 147645

I don't blame you, it was kind of low-key

No. 147647

she is so fat she inconveniences other people in hallways who try to get around her without touching her sweaty clammy body

No. 147650

Because making an off-handed comment is totally the same as shooting up a church.

No. 147651

What Jessi had done isn't one either.

No. 147653

Dylann said a lot of racist things on social media (though he was not as stupid as Maggy or other racist rednecks as to post about it on FB or Instagram), and literally admitted browsing racist forums is part of what spurred him on.
Not a good risk factor. At best, nothing will happen. At worst, the employee will chimp out (like many racists do) and do something stupid like refuse to serve customers on basis of race or actually kill people.

No. 147660

when you wear so much makeup, but your skin still looks dry and crusty as fuck… this is repulsive.

No. 147693

So, you were totally okay with Jessi Slaughter having her life ruined? It still makes no sense why you brought her up. You were obviously trying to slander me by implying that I supported it despite having no evidence, but apparently you supported what happened yourself.
>>Everyone laughed at her when it happened
You mean the internet hate machine? 4chan was pretty obscure at the time and most normalfags were outraged by it, remember her being on the news a bunch of times?
>>everyone defends some girl who mistakenly thought she was being clever about her racist.

No one is defending her besides a few vigilantes on /pol/, she got doxed and tumblr niggers are harassing her. A massive amount of people are threatening to kill her, and yet the media is silent. The media jumped on Jessi Slaughter and the police got involved for her protection, but this girl made the mistake of going against their agenda, so no one will assure her safety.

No. 147696

File: 1438334140345.jpg (206.66 KB, 750x1001, 1437891374514-0.jpg)

No. 147697

Ya, seeing opinions you hadn't previously been exposed to can sometimes have the horrible effect of changing your worldview. People who are going to kill people will always find a reason to do it, one way or another. If not out of racism, he would have done it over girls.

No. 147700

Correlation does not imply causality. You're literally doing the same thing as /pol/ with their 'if Africa is underdeveloped, that means niggers are stupid subhumans' bullshit.

Roof had mental issues to supplement his racism. This girl most likely does not. She may be a hateful, ignorant, racist brat (if that is indeed her) but she is not the same thing as a mentaller who shoots up churches. She's still 14.

No. 147701

So, what did she even say that was so horrible? Did she doubt that some thug didn't do nuffin?

No. 147702

Read the thread, cuck

No. 147704

I read through it and all I'm gathering is that she called a black girl stupid.

No. 147705

File: 1438335598394.jpg (49.23 KB, 499x750, 1418935129124.jpg)

Someone on /pt/ will defend this.

No. 147707

Anon I'm sorry but you may in fact have a learning disability of some sort, if you can't get an accurate idea of what she did from first sight alone.

No. 147709

Oh my god.
If this account was real(as other people said it was probably not), this girl is freaking 14.
Almost everyone says and does dumb shit (in varying degrees). Unfortunately with social media everything gets documented. Who says this girl's opinion would be the same 2 years from now when she's 16 and she gets more history classes and probably more racially diverse friends?
So if some retarded sjw see her (or who they think is her in the area) on the street, and shoots her. She would possibly die.
For an opinion that she would've probably grown out of in two years time.
And if she didn't then you still have no right to kill someone over their opinions on matters or how things should be done.

No. 147714

What 4chan and the rest of the people that joined in did to Jessi Slaughter was unforgivably cruel imo.

She was fucking 14 years old for gods sake, and as it turned out was already she was already being abused by her father at home. Her father died and she grew up in government care because of the completely overblown internet reaction to what was merely a teenager being retarded, like most teenagers are.

This is why I don't participate in witchhunts on minors. They're not old enough to fully understand the consequences of their actions and you have no idea what's occurring on their homelife to make them behave like that in the first place.

I follow Jessi on Tumblr today where she remains relatively quiet but you can tell she's really fucked up as a result of what's happened to her.

No. 147716

>So, you were totally okay with Jessi Slaughter having her life ruined?
No, I'm saying that while people have nothing to say about Jessi getting her shit wrecked for no reason, they're happy to jump on the "THIS IS HARRASSMENT! UNFAIR!" when it's for some racist brat who would actually have some sort of retribution coming. It's just suspicious is all.
>You were obviously trying to slander me by implying that I supported it despite having no evidence, but apparently you supported what happened yourself.
I asked if you were upset about it, and you just insisted on it not being related. And how do I support it? I just decried it and said this girl's case is actually far more deserving of ridicule than Jessi's typical childhood cringiness ever was or will be.
>You mean the internet hate machine? 4chan was pretty obscure at the time and most normalfags were outraged by it, remember her being on the news a bunch of times?
Listening to comments on the news articles or even asking most people who even know who she is about it paints a different story.
>No one is defending her besides a few vigilantes on /pol/, she got doxed and tumblr niggers are harassing her. A massive amount of people are threatening to kill her, and yet the media is silent.
I'm pretty sure no one in the history of ever has actually been killed by some Tumblr faggot with too much time on their hands. She's getting a nasty fright for being a shithead on the internet, and by now her parents probably know what happened and are thinking of a suitable punishment. Sounds about right to me.
>The media jumped on Jessi Slaughter and the police got involved for her protection,but this girl made the mistake of going against their agenda, so no one will assure her safety.
1)There's no reason to believe she and her family haven't already contacted the police.
2)You seriously think some reporters were casually browsing the oh-so-obscure 4chan, came across Jessi's plight and reached out to her rather than her and her family going for it themselves to publicize what happened? What kind of world are you living in?
I'm pretty sure if her and her parents were trashy enough to bring light on the "cyberbullying" taking place she'd end up talking about it on the news, too. Then again, how the fuck could she even begin to explain that in a way where she's not painted as a piece of shit? "I made a racist Instagram calling a woman who either committed suicide or got killed by the police a hoe and other disrespectful things, and now these people from the internet are literally being so rude and mean to me!!"? It's not a matter of "SJWs attack ppl for having different opinions" in this case. If someone was insulting another person's dead friend or family member and obviously intended to offend and cause harm, you can't argue that they're the victim in any case.

No. 147719

>retarded SJWs
Tumblrfags hate guns and are way too wimpy to shoot someone. At worst, one would pull out their phone and record themselves confronting her until she cries and/or threatens to call the police. Said SJW will land in jail for harrassment and/or invasion of privacy. Girl receives a harsh reminder that being rude online can have its own set of terrible consequences. Everyone wins.

No. 147720

She was actually 11. Which makes it even worse.

No. 147721

uhhh it is a pretty cute costume


this board is getting way too ana for me
how about u go do some planks instead of starving yourself

No. 147723

Backpedal harder. Everyone in this very thread is defending Jessi and you're saying we're 'defending this girl and saying it's unfair whilst saying nothing about Jessi's situation?' Bad case of selective blindness you've got there.

Second, Tumblrfags have done worse things. To one of their own, at that (see: Laci Green). It's not just a 'scare', this may just end up following her well into adulthood. Organise your angry mob the moment she turns 18 for all I care, but no sooner.

No. 147736

No one defended Jessi or even mentioned her until I brought her up to begin with, dumbfuck. There's no "backpedaling" or selective blindness here if all I've done is point out the truth.
I'm not a part of this "mob" and I don't care, I just don't feel bad for this girl at all. If it follows her well into adulthood, she only has herself to blame for thinking mocking someone's death was ever a good idea (yes, including when she was a teenager. basic morals and human decency aren't impossible concepts to understand when you're a kid, sorry) and her parents for raising her to be such a shitstain.

No. 147737

can anyone dump any horrific tumblr art? I'm too ashamed of the common type of art style there to even save it

No. 147741

File: 1438341441844.png (157.46 KB, 500x347, tumblr_nscfniDvV51s9rbjbo1_500…)

No. 147743

File: 1438341511699.jpg (107.22 KB, 854x1280, tumblr_nsch853PaA1te0j9ro1_128…)

No. 147744

File: 1438341634900.jpg (72.63 KB, 500x729, tumblr_nrhx7sxkT61uvwucyo1_500…)

No. 147745

File: 1438341685730.jpg (71.88 KB, 500x654, tumblr_noewr1a7tI1uvwucyo1_500…)

No. 147747

Ugh, what the fuck is going on here?!

No. 147749

>dem stumps

No. 147751

are those tentadicks?? blood???

No. 147752

File: 1438341855074.png (125.28 KB, 250x387, tumblr_n562s7AQdu1qbrawqo1_250…)

No. 147754

My thoughts exactly.
So horrifically confused.

No. 147757

File: 1438342070100.png (254.84 KB, 500x647, tumblr_nsc5jzpERG1ur8wsdo1_500…)

No. 147759

Something to do with Homestuck I'm sure.
Fucking hell Hitler didn't do good enough of a job.

No. 147760

That's a canon character though
from Steven Universe

No. 147763

File: 1438342687636.png (542.12 KB, 731x865, tumblr_nsbyw3zQjq1qmw0pko1_128…)

But dem hands though

No. 147765

thank god that isn't my body

No. 147766


Oh yeah, I remember this shit on tumblr. It was always the same dyke looking, candy coloured hair acne four-eyed fatties who make that shit. They'd get offended if you bashed their arm pit hair more than their weight.


No. 147767

have fun having all those heart attacks then

No. 147772

File: 1438345594862.png (175.84 KB, 400x267, tumblr_ns4cycvfqf1qc2306o2_400…)

A favourite lolcow of mine, slayboybunny

No. 147784

Omg she disgust me so much! I'm absolutly certain that she smell like shit.

No. 147790


Yeah I just realised.
No idea why I said 14.

No. 147791

File: 1438348518403.png (113.25 KB, 448x455, Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 16.1…)

No. 147797

"half white"

tbh though she doesnt look bad. i think her body looks good. she's definitely not thin but she has decent sized boobs and her stomach isnt jutting out. obvious annoying sjw shit aside

No. 147801

lol Shiena can't style for shit.
This was her project for school or smthing and she asked Ash to model. It was supposed to be a mix of gyaru and fairy-kei…
And the best part?
Sere was watching Ash's kid.

No. 147803

why do they even put in the effort when they look like this

i mean i guess whatever makes them happy but tbh are they happy like this? they can't be

No. 147805

Aren't some Cubans white? As Cuban is a nationality. I would understand if she said half Hispanic or half Latin or something, because that would pair up with white which is a race.

No. 147812

she's just retarded

cuban is a nationality
hispanic/latin etc would be a ethnicity
white would be her race

for example: i'm a white hispanic venesuelan

No. 147813



you dont have to put hispanic when you put your hispanic country of origin, just trying to explain the difference between the 3

No. 147818

how can you be white and hispanic/latin ?

No. 147819

race = skin colors, body/facial structure
ethnicity = cultural things, ancestry, language
nationality = what country are you from

someone correct me if im wrong

No. 147820

File: 1438354380508.gif (668.64 KB, 500x252, Backrolls.gif)

Had to be done.

No. 147823

what a hot mess nothing fucking goes together.
Putting a bunch of pink and purple pastel shit together does not constitute style

No. 147824

I'm not really sure that I understand what I'm looking at.

No. 147834

> mix of gyaru and fairy-kei
with a sports theme
the most stupid shit if you ask me
if she really needed the sports theme, shouldve gone with that recent tumblr aesthetic - adidas shoes, tennis skirt, baggy tee shirt with some stupid graphic or hiragana on it

No. 147838

File: 1438356514913.jpg (78.64 KB, 640x640, tumblr_nopslr1ZPE1qc2306o1_128…)

holy shit

No. 147871

oh hey I remember her, she's the most tumblr thing I've ever seen on tumblr

No. 147906

Did Ash have her kid at this point? I thought that photo was a couple years old.

No. 147914

File: 1438362683257.png (366.7 KB, 400x584, 1388426521862.png)

The most tumblr girl I ever came across was Pixi/Snotbubbl. She claimed to be underaged yet filmed porn of herself (its out there somewhere), she had a myraid of health issues, self harmed, did drugs, stole a BTSSB dress from a store, and was into dd/lg.

Her tumblr was deleted for cp but I think she remade.

No. 147921

Lmao from the thumbnail, it looks like she has a random splotch of black hair for bangs and the rest of her is bald with cyber extensions.

No. 147929

Yep she's back and still kicking. Her new url is slorg.tumblr.com or something.

No. 147934

>stole a BTSSB dress from a store
How the hell did she pull that off? (asking for a friend)

No. 147935

holy shit, i love readin about this girls crap lmao

fucking HUGE lolcow

anyone have juicy caps?

No. 147936

File: 1438363901351.jpg (61.11 KB, 400x533, 1371598026422.jpg)

She could have been lying, because she claimed it was a thrift store.

No. 147938

No caps, but searching her name and old urls on cgl archives can bring up stuff. Apprently shes posted nudes to /b/ of her fucking a crucifix, but I won't post those bc they might be CP.

She also claimed to willingly give guys STDs.

I almost feel bad ragging on her because shes so young and so messed up, its obvious that someone fucked up raising her.

No. 147940

File: 1438364057779.jpg (95.08 KB, 640x480, 1361595303791.jpg)

She used to be really pretty before she went balls to the wall nutso.

No. 147942

Marvel at their gorgeous sweaty rolls and you attempt to squeeze past them on a crowded bus or avoid being backed over by them and they gracefully pilot their Rascal chariot through the grand aisles of Walmart.

No. 147943

she used to be your average edgelord before she went to maximum edge

No. 147956

she was never really pretty

that is fucking hideous

No. 147963


Can you post the url of the archive search?

No. 147964

she also claims to be autistic for edge

No. 147983

Shit, her tumblr gave me a fucking hernia…

No. 147985

It's not right of anons to shit on her IMO, from what I've read she's been through a lot of awful things and didn't really do shit to hurt anyone but herself (plus the guy she gave the STD to supposedly raped her). I used to shitpost about her on 4chan a lot, then really thought about it and felt like shit so I stopped. And she is legitimately autistic, she's been to several doctors.

No. 147989

oh come on that has to be a troll

No. 147993

One of the funniest things about this stupid bitch is that she likes to go on Chans and white knight herself. This comment is just so insanely white knight that it has to be her

No. 147994

i dont know if she white knights herself but she did appear on baph a few times

No. 147998

She does. I've seen her on baph as well

No. 148002

I'm not her, dude. I just feel bad for her. It's one thing to mock Chris-chan for being a shit person on top being autistic, but shitting on someone who's just autistic and kind of odd-looking is a bit eh.
Does she really post on /baph/?

No. 148008


you talk exactly like her
>omg her life was so traumatic
>omg she is 100% RLY autistic
>shitting on her for being autistic
>shes quirky and odd looking!

No one makes fun of her for being 'special' she just lies and posts underage nudes, attentionwhores, white knights (like you are now), steals, etc.

No. 148022

I don't understand why fatties cry about being called fat and made fun of but then do the same shit when it comes to skinny people. How the hell does that make sense. Fatty logic.

No. 148026

Homestuck "trolls" all have different color blood/bodily fluids. The troll in this is karkat who's color is red………yeah. I used to read homestuck before the fans got fucking disgusting and started to overrun cons.

No. 148038


Cos they're too lazy to move their ass and loose weight

No. 148039

Not even her, but all the "hi X" gets annoying. Try deconstructing their argument instead?

No. 148043

autistictouko.tumblr.com is pretty much peak tumblr personified. They have about 10 mental illnesses (all self diagnosed), they are both otherkin and a multiple system, and back when they were galaxyprincet they admitted to not washing their hands after using the toilet.

No. 148044

Also, they frequently send anons to themselves, both hate and not, and restort to panic typing or "my alter did it!" whenever they say anything shitty.

No. 148046

>#partial all caps tw
God, this whole blog is gold. She's already losing her shit about getting posted on Reddit, she's fresh for mill.

No. 148048

>>while people have nothing to say about Jessi getting her shit wrecked for no reason, they're happy to jump on the "THIS IS HARRASSMENT! UNFAIR!"

The only people who were okay with it were the very same people who….
>>harassed the family of a teen who committed suicide, sending a golden ipod to their house every year and turning his death into a meme
>>when a girl got killed in a car accident, they sent pictures of her mutilated body to everyone who attended her funeral
>>spammed children's sites with gore and porn

/b/ does not pretend to have any kind of integrity. Tumblr does. Early /b/ was a small circle of edgelords who appalled mainstream society by intentionally being as offensive as possible, Tumblr pretends to be a defender of the innocent and speaker of all marginalized groups. You can't send death threats to a 14 year old and still act like you have any moral standpoint, I'm sorry. If she had done anything else, they would be freaking out over a 14 year old getting stalked, but because she hurt their Tumblr feels, they don't care. Fuck you and fuck your tumblr ideology, it's nothing but cult mentality, really.

No. 148049

I'm laughing what the fuck is this mess

No. 148053

File: 1438377707120.png (19.34 KB, 436x311, ss (2015-07-31 at 10.21.09).pn…)

No. 148054

File: 1438377769154.png (27.61 KB, 432x175, ss (2015-07-31 at 10.22.31).pn…)

No. 148056

Her arms are fucking disgusting, damn.

No. 148060

File: 1438378237215.jpg (67.09 KB, 635x522, 1423696089628.jpg)

This is supposed to be rarity. Uhhhhhh.

No. 148062

File: 1438378366827.png (182.04 KB, 500x255, 1423629228966.png)

Why does tumblr fuck noses so bad?

No. 148065

They would have crucified and never forgiven her a long time ago if she wasn't black.

No. 148066

I should dig up more terrible tumblr art and contribute to the thread
Give me a second

No. 148068

Wait,no dude, Doxy is a porn artist… he draws trap and futa for crying out loud, sjw's has trying to kick him out and delete his website for years now and he's still not giving a flying fuck about them.
This doodle for example was a joke post he made from that time when the tumblirinas started to bitch at him about how he was sexualizing a kid's show or making X or Y character White when "In muh headcanon Rarity is muslim!".

No. 148069

File: 1438378895477.png (315.93 KB, 500x347, tumblr_npq3g8DL271sr4raqo1_500…)

No. 148070

File: 1438378931671.png (142.85 KB, 500x500, tumblr_nmpx6lILvm1sr4raqo1_500…)

No. 148071

Because they're too self concious about their own enourmous jew noses, so they go all out about ~all noses are bootyfool~

No. 148072

File: 1438378980349.png (82.32 KB, 573x400, Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 00.3…)

No. 148073

File: 1438379040387.png (157.44 KB, 500x708, tumblr_nmd8h77ClD1sr4raqo1_500…)

why do so many tumblr artists make their art style so disgusting and detailed? it's terrible
anyways here's the artist http://sunguts.tumblr.com/

No. 148074

She has to be trolling. I really don't want to believe this is real.

It's not just the noses in this though
>making half the characters black just cuz

Or milk. Whatever I meant.

No. 148079

I don't claim to be on any moral high ground or be a staunch defender of anyone, I just have no compassion for people who do objectively shit things and end up suffering for it. Who cares if some cunty racist teen gets death threats from a bunch of losers who will go into a panic attack if you mention any of their triggers? Both parties involved are shit people, but at least one is learning something.

No. 148080

Because they think drawing people with defects makes it "realistic" and thus they feel like true honest artist and shit…
Or maybe they just get turned on by drawing 20-year-olds with the phisique of their own grandmas…

No. 148082

I don't see anything wrong with making half the characters black, they're fictional cartoon horses m8.
The art style is hideous, though

No. 148086

File: 1438380284318.jpg (312.28 KB, 1280x1024, 1401837595263.jpg)

No. 148087

File: 1438380319326.png (670.64 KB, 768x963, 1357942362687.png)

No. 148088

File: 1438380410041.png (249.58 KB, 587x627, irony.png)

I hate those ~trans headcanons~
Seriously, WHY…

No. 148090


No. 148092

File: 1438380852813.png (259.29 KB, 398x549, Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 01.1…)

No. 148093

TBH i really just dislike sexuality and gender headcanons now they're just so damn pointless.

No. 148094

File: 1438381084714.png (126.83 KB, 304x355, Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 01.1…)

No. 148095

File: 1438381172217.png (124.93 KB, 295x298, Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 01.1…)

No. 148098

File: 1438381498051.jpg (409.79 KB, 869x1200, tumblr_n3llbjrRBA1r3t7mzo1_128…)

Trans Johnny Bravo :^)

No. 148101

File: 1438381551879.png (838.82 KB, 501x764, 1394580089797.png)

No. 148103

I actually like this fanart

No. 148104

These are just annoying. They'd be cool if the submitters ponted out some things that could hint to their headcanon, but all they're doing is going "so and so is trans and demisexual bye uwu". You could do it with literally any character.
Fanfare over headcanons in general seem pretty dumb, now that I think about it.

No. 148105

What is the point of this? Why not just draw your own OCs?

No. 148106

File: 1438381798942.png (841.8 KB, 1280x853, 1424496324287.png)

No. 148109

File: 1438381898110.png (353.88 KB, 490x527, Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 01.3…)

lol found the artist for this monstrosity

No. 148110

No. 148112

This is the worst thing I have seen in my entire life.

No. 148113

Exactly is like, way to show us how much you care about a 14-year-old genitals, that's totally subtle…
Seriously, have you notice how much softcore those people make of said characters wearing panties and stuff because "muh cute trans bby"?? Like damn… You don't care about Trans awareness, you just want to jack off to little boys wearing frilly panties and call it being "progressive".
I fucking hate tumblr.

No. 148115

I think this was meant to be a joke, but it's actually hard to tell

No. 148118

File: 1438382148647.png (500.75 KB, 830x1920, tumblr_nicvsdulTM1qbrawqo1_128…)

No. 148121

File: 1438382237702.jpg (110.2 KB, 500x611, tumblr_ns9185SFZK1qbz0tno1_500…)

No. 148122

has to be a troll. non-jp person writing in japanese for no reason is a no-no for sjws

No. 148123

File: 1438382281400.png (280.8 KB, 354x521, Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 01.3…)

>extra short bang haircut
of course

No. 148124

I thought I was the only one who noticed and I didn't want to say anything, holy shit.
So many ""tumblr artists"" are just creeps who fetishize young cartoon characters but pass it off as "encouraging representation".
Like I'm pretty sure there's more to being trans than a 12-14 year old wearing skimpy clothes or a binder while blushing at the audience. Nobody feels empowered by this. It's just fucking uncomfortable.

No. 148127

File: 1438382421059.png (149.12 KB, 500x515, tumblr_nrtlw4HPex1rgml4ao1_500…)

No. 148128

Funny how they shit on skinny characters being Unrealistically Thin or Awkwardly Proportioned, yet they draw like this…

No. 148129

I kinda like this, it's "ugly cute".

No. 148130

I think it's 100% real. The website in the corner doesn't exist so I can't double-check, but these all sound like things tumblrtards have said before

No. 148132

And all those fakebois posing in panties or thigh highs and everyone gushing over them are proof of what we're saying!

No. 148136

File: 1438382778927.jpg (95.96 KB, 1280x720, 1436994697662.jpg)

Nah, bodies like that are a thing. They're very rare, but impossible.

No. 148138

File: 1438382907589.jpg (325.51 KB, 1024x768, gravitation_2.jpg)

They just want their childhood yaoi boys to be a thing again, but since is not kewl to be a fucking weeb, they slap another name on it so they don't feel so trash.

No. 148143

File: 1438383183025.png (159.09 KB, 335x497, Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 01.5…)

No. 148144

File: 1438383207101.png (653.01 KB, 500x750, 1420746956565.png)

No. 148145

File: 1438383233780.jpg (73.57 KB, 640x640, tumblr_nkzcxtDC2W1rb8y2jo3_128…)

Yeah, pretty much.
Still, fatties WISH they could have pronounced curves (or a visible waist) like that instead of looking a like a frumpy sack of potatoes.

No. 148146


No. 148147

File: 1438383346016.jpg (622.03 KB, 684x891, my husban.jpg)

alright, it's almost 2 AM, and I'm all out of energy to go look for fresh garbage, I'm done dumping tumblr art
I leave you with absolute qt miles teller, in an attempt to post something good in the midst of all this crap

No. 148148

File: 1438383418361.png (111.35 KB, 672x434, HOTDIGGYTTYDAYUMBOI.png)

No. 148189

Tbh Doxxy got his tumblr deleted because he made Steven Universe porn

I don't mind SU porn and from what I understand, the staff do not mind either.
I enjoy the show but the fandom seems kill

No. 148190

that girl looks so hot, dayum

No. 148198

wait…wtf is going on with that left thigh ?

No. 148200

File: 1438386998641.jpg (100.14 KB, 367x550, gayunicornguy.jpg)

just makes me think of this

No. 148202

that's not actually that bad compared to some of the other shit in this thread

No. 148228

No. 148230

Oh? Both of his blogs and webpage works perfectly… But yeah he gets a lot of shit for that comic.
But I've seen this happening before and he's still alive.

No. 148231

ugh, that anime was god awful, I can't believe it used to have so many fans

No. 148233

All I can think of when I look at this is

No. 148250

File: 1438390171821.jpg (93.8 KB, 687x541, tumblr_nrguneT0kh1u3ovw2o1_128…)

They made this basically right after his death was announced.

No. 148264

I dunno. It takes a special kind of retarded to post nudes when you're underage, in addition to the ddlg thing. Where are her parents? She seems sorta legitimately kiddie-diddled to me.

No. 148266

Tumblr and it's superficial culture irritates me. They take such pride in being corporate whores and are completely oblivious to it.

No. 148268

Ipod kid is a legend.
And do you mean Ferrari girl? The rich bitch who rammed into the tollbooth because her daddy didn't approve of her doing cocaine?
And come on, the third one's pretty funny too.

No. 148293

She was raped by a woman when she was younger, and her dad physically abused her a lot.
She's been through a lot of abuse at the hands of others honestly

No. 148315


She looks pretty 'tumblr' and kinda crazy but I was reading her asks a while ago and there are a lot from people seeking sex related advice and I thought she had pretty reasonable answers for the most part (be safe, take care of yourself, make sure you are ready, honest info on weird sex things etc type stuff) So I feel like she's not too bad

No. 148319

Because Hispanic people are white
Hispanic = of Spanish origin
Latino = umbrella term for both Hispanics, Mexican Indians, and those who are mixed. Latino is a culture, not an ethnicity.

No. 148323

Then she should know better, it's called Common Sense.
But, hey, that's my opinion.

No. 148329

I know this cant be real, but hard to tell with tumblr

No. 148335

hnnng that body tho
i want her body

No. 148345


No. 148346

The moustache really puts it together

No. 148347

>Body fluid is the same color as blood
I dont know how that comic got so big.

No. 148351

Everything about this is talentless and disgusting.

No. 148352

I'm a huge dragon age fan and someone on tumblr was seriously tagging Fenris fanart as "Trans" and i almost lost it. FUCK TUMBLR and their trans bullshit.

No. 148354

ofc she's a whale

No. 148356

Link to the comic?

No. 148357

I actually saw that and agreed with his comment. Nintendo's women are awful. They had Samus and fucked it up. Peach was never even anything but a damsel. I will miss Iwata, but i hope nintendo does better in games with their female representation instead of just the same old kidnapping/Bowser shit.

No. 148372

Actually Peach has her own game (Super Princess Peach) where she saves Mario. I feel like they've done a fairly decent job at making her a character in her own right. The only thing they're NOT doing is making 'strong independent wimmin' characters (Samus being the exception), but you can't really say their female characters are shit just because they're feminine. A lady can kick ass in a dress too.

No. 148375

Idk, I thought Impa, the three goddesses, and the Derudos were/are pretty bad ass. Impa protected a whole village, the goddesses make everything, and the Derudos are badass Amazonian desert type warriors. Not counting Sheik because some debate about their gender when brought up.

No. 148379

yeah it's pretty weird, but i guess anything goes when it's a made up alien race.

No. 148383

her body is nice af but damn this is such an unfortunate case of butterface. maybe she'd look better w/ makeup idk

No. 148386

You mean Gerudo, right?

No. 148391

What? Sheik's gender isn't debatable. It's zelda hiding from ganon in the form of a male using her magic power. Sheik is literally both. And it's gerudo, sweetie.

No. 148393

butterface how?

No. 148398


you're being picky af, her face is fine.

No. 148399

people in the fandom more commonly refer to sheik as a woman since she is zelda. but technically is both genders so either or is fine. not very often do i hear people debating over this since people know their shit. she's also voiced by a woman in the ssb series so that helps too.
i wont comment about ur doritos kek

No. 148400

everyone's not gonna think this girl is perfect. get over it.

No. 148401

i never watched this before and i'm sure the story sucks but it looks cute af.

No. 148404

Oh my god, yes I did I'm sorry. I won't even lie and say it's my auto correct. Usually I type without looking back, and I usually go with the flow. I know it's Gerudo!
And I'm not gonna say I know all of my shit or I'm an expert because I just got into the series (actually playing the games now instead of reading), but when I first researched about Sheik, some people were referring to her as a dude. But then people started saying it's a girl like what >>148399 saying. (Imo opinion, she looks like a girl, and has a girl voice. The only thing is that they have the pronouns as he. (I'm playing oot 3ds currently))

So sorry if I made mistakes though, but I was trying to say that Nintendo didn't have mostly damsels and if they did it wasn't only Samus who wasn't a damsel.

No. 148405

shut the hell up about that OT shit

No. 148406

yeah we can tell you're new to it which is why we corrected you.

No. 148432

Didn't Toolbooth girl also clip a car with a family in it, while speeding down the highway before she become one with dash console of her daddy's expensive car?

No. 148433

I don't see how they're awful. There are a lot of really cool/popular female nintendo characters. Just off the top of my head;
>Rosalina (Mario)
>Brittany (Pikmin)
>Callie & Marie (Splatoon)
>Isabelle (Animal Crossing)
>Tetra/Sheik/various incarnations of Zelda
>Midna (LoZ)
>Lucina (FE:A)
>Palutena (Kid Icarus)
>Not to mention a fuck ton of characters from pokemon which is arguably their biggest franchise at this point in time with characters like Cynthia and a plethora of interesting female characters

No. 148439

Too bad pokemon fucking sucks……

No. 148441

Yas preach it sister

No. 148442

Link is a fucking 99% mute fairy boy no one is oppressed having to play as him.

No. 148444

File: 1438408620142.jpg (115.06 KB, 591x530, 1365351248962.jpg)

>having this shit of an opinion

No. 148449

These people are retarded and have never played a nintendo game in their life. They should have doed instead of iwata-sama

No. 148477

>being this much of a blind idiot
Pokemon is garbarge. Everything about it is crap.

No. 148494


Because in their heads the only female character that exists is Peach and Zelda. And their comments about Iwata is so disturbing. Is this really how far they'll go for "representation"? Funny because they give no shits to females already working at Nintendo or any other game company.

No. 148497


No. 148516

its the way shes standing. One leg is slightly forward. Unless thats not what you meant?

No. 148517

Why do these people always make the noses a different color from the rest of the face? It looks like they're drunk or have a cold or something. Maybe they're copying animal crossing.

No. 148544

Okay but then why is the tail smaller and is squeezing her stomach? The tail is not pants, the tail is connected to the body….
Like a tapered fish.

No. 148545

The blonde fag rapes the pink haired fag at the beginning, and that's how they fall in ~love~

No. 148546

How does it feel to be a boring sack of shit?

No. 148548

It's a porn parody, dear, just search Prismblush Gem Dom on Google and there ya go.

No. 148550

Even if they had the most stereotypical "Strong Womyn" of them all, they could still bitch about her being white, able bodied, not fat or cis heterosexual
Just watch the shitstorm that revolves around Bayonetta.

No. 148551

hey guys just wanted to make a comparison skills so you can see how ugly my art style truly is uwu

No. 148566

Nah, the blond just kisses him in the elevator after they just said they hated each other. Top kek. The drawings and the voice acting are too hilarious though. Especially the voice actor for the blond guy. "Why. Why. Tell me why." lmfaoo

No. 148582

dude youre thinking of junjo romantica

No. 148615

It happens in the manga, at least. On the Canon Doujinshis Remixes.

No. 148623

Ew wtf

No. 148628

Seriously. The author of Gravitation is the definition of Fujoshi(t).

No. 148633

Boring because I don't give a shit about Pokémon? LMAO.

No. 148634

Yeah cause you have to be 10 to think rape is nasty. Get the fuck out pussy

No. 148636

Yeah…I said it looks cute. I don't care about cartoons getting raped either.

No. 148637

I replied about the wrong thing. Calm the fuck down.

No. 148640

Wonder if her thighs are black on the inside from rubbing together

No. 148641

No. 148646

>waghhh pokemon is for babbies, I would know about the quality of the games since I've clearly played them, I absolutely know what I am talking about and am not just pulling shit out of my ass

No. 148649

>still kept Rei azn
It always amazes me the amount of anxiety I see fangirls/boys have over touching this character.

No. 148652

Why are you so butthurt that I don't like pokemon? I mean wtf. Go ahead and waste more money on the shitty merch of bottom of the barrel character designs because they can't come up with anything decent anymore. Trash bag pokemon anyone? What about the fucking keys pokemon? Lmao. The whole thing is just stupid at this point.

No. 148653

This looks like an american adaptation

No. 148655

Isn't changing their race racist in sjw speak? They were all (that I know of…I believe one was foreign but I could be wrong somewhere. Its been years since I watched the show) born in Japan. Which makes them asian, and in turn they are all POC.
Changing their races eliminates PC, especially Jupiter(or whatever her human name was).
AAndthey are minorities due to the moon people to humans ratio.
Therefore the original look of the characters need to stay the same. UwU

God that hurts to type.

No. 148656

Dim, I wouldn't call the whole thing trash. I would say after the first season of DP or even after the Hoenn series it went bad. But that's me because I stopped caring after DP. I still play the games though, because well it's a fun time waster. /End OT rant

No. 148670

You didn't say you don't like pokemon, you said pokemon was shit. Not "in my opinion it's shit", just "it's shit". Which is wrong and of course people are going to challenge this when you present it as fact.
>not liking Klefki

You are a top tier pleb

No. 148672

The anime is totally different to the games though. The games are pretty much always critically acclaimed and sell millions of copies every time. I don't watch the anime but I heard it's good again after the Black/White arc which was apparently pure shit?
But yeah the games have been consistently praised for 2 decades now and nothing has managed to be the next "pokemon killer" since. It has literally never had a main series game that's flopped which is incredibly rare for any series. I get it not being someone's cup of tea but the games have only gotten better with every incarnation so…

No. 148673

It's only racist if you make them white.

A lot of people ironically assume that anime characters are intended to represent white people and they erase their actual (Asian) race by drawing them with notably white features. I find tumblr thinks that's ok as long as you make them fat too.

No. 148676

File: 1438453803889.jpg (168.91 KB, 500x700, image.jpg)

How different would the world be right now if Saban had gotten the licensing rights to Sailor Moon in America and we ended up with black Sailor Jupiter, latina (?) Sailor Venus, and handicapped Sailor Mercury? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=H3scSHk4h2g

No. 148677

Please, go back on fucking Tumblr

No. 148678

>I can't save face since I realized I was being a complete retard
>"g-go back to t-tumblr xDD"
>that'll show them

Kekking like crazy over here just so you know

No. 148679

Ha my friend used to date this girl.

No. 148680

I'm not the same anon tumblrfag

No. 148682

>I'll keep spouting tumblr, it's the ebin new maymay for when you don't have anything better to say :^)

No. 148684

How is that anon being a Tumblrfag?
Whether you agree with them or not, it's not like they were being all SJW about their shit.
Your responses don't make sense.

No. 148686

File: 1438454355047.jpg (30.49 KB, 600x410, ewww.jpg)

Yeah whatever tumblrfag.

No. 148688

>I'll keep spouting tumblr, it's the ebin new maymay for when you don't have anything better to say :^)

No. 148690

Are you retarded?

No. 148692

Haw, why would I go to tumblr when the cringe is here, throbbing and stinging like a pimple…
Yo, >>148686 go back to Facebook, you meme genwunner.

No. 148695

Just let them leave before they embarrass themselves any further.
We should probably get back on topic now anyway.

No. 148697

Oh that.
Ive seen those on /co/. I was thinking it was something worse.

No. 148698

File: 1438455284505.gif (989.86 KB, 500x281, fuckthat.gif)

Why the fuck is Nonon so goddamn tan? She was one of the palest fucks in that show. I thought Kill la Kill would be safe because of all the fanservice and tumblr would see it as "misogynyz!!", but fuck, nothing is safe. I hate tumblr so fucking much.

No. 148703

File: 1438455963230.jpg (10.85 KB, 106x255, 1437940582014.jpg)

I just realized this is Kill la Kill, what the fuck is wrong with this people?

No. 148707

File: 1438456171520.png (334.03 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-08-01-16-11-45…)

No. 148708

NOPE. In tumblr, KlK is a beautiful metaphor of a girl coming of age, you see? The clothes represent the patriarchy and by striping it all off it means that something something bullshit feminist propaganda blah blah long pointless rant.
You see… Tumblr has an insane logic. When they love something they'll try to make shit up about it to make it seem like the most bland, politically correct piece of propaganda ever animated.
I mean, have you seen the fandom of Attack on Titan??

No. 148714

File: 1438456864725.jpg (143.73 KB, 500x300, whitwashing.jpg)

You are half right, but disney got a ton of shit for changing the races of the originally all japanese cast of big hero 6. only one member of the team was white, the others were half japanese, latina, korean, and black.

but tumblr was too mad over supposed white washing to care that the new cast was more diverse than the old one.

No. 148715

fatso in question did say "not getting kicked off". though the blimps are obviously retarded and entitled.

No. 148716

File: 1438456937191.jpg (232.11 KB, 600x935, bighero6.jpg)

For the record, the original comic was a gross misogynist piece of shit.

No. 148718

File: 1438457229079.png (Spoiler Image, 210.74 KB, 500x555, annie.png)

Few things make me more assmad than trans headcanons. They are almost always based on some bullshit gender essentialism.

"Furiosa from Mad Max is trans because shes tough and can fight well and her chest looks binded!"

"Arya stark is trans because shes a tomboy!! uwu"

"This character wore a dress once despite being male, so shes a trans woman now!"

These asshats want to pretend that they are trying to break the gender binary, but just end up enforcing it.

Pic related, its supposed to be trans Annie from attack on titan.

No. 148720


What really gets me is that while they continue to do "race bending" in the name of "representation" they make it so that the actual character who are different races in anime/cartoons get less and less recognition. Like why promote characters like Michiko from Michiko to Hatchin, when it's easier to make a black version of Sailor Moon and rake in the notes. And also most characters in anime are Japanese but I guess it still gets translated to them being white or somehow white-washing.

No. 148722

Oh man, someone I know was complaining about the white washing of Honey Lemon just last week.

I really couldn't be bothered to bring up the fact the new cast were more diverse etc, getting into disputes with Tumblrinas in real life really isn't worth the effort.

No. 148723


And it almost looks fetishizing to me, because all trans women have male genitalia or all trans men are wearing binders, but they put themselves higher than those they say are fetishizing races, but they fawn over yaoi and their headcanons.

Headcanons used to make sense and some used canon as ways to make it seem believable that it could be the cause but nope just take your favorite character and say they're trans. It's just awful.

No. 148724


>Get "le strong fymyle chyryctyrs" in shows like KlK, SNK, MLP etc.

>make them trans

What the fuck

No. 148725

File: 1438458249949.png (168.91 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_2015-08-01-16-36-26…)

Uugh I know… They just want to stare at a trap/dickgirl and say "b-but you see? I'm not jacking off to this because it turns me on! I just believe that all body types are ~beutiful~ a-and I'm accepting, nope… Totally not a kink…"

No. 148726

File: 1438458322085.png (31.15 KB, 480x375, Screenshot_2015-08-01-16-33-40…)

No. 148727

What makes me madder are people who make characters trans* that absolutely cannot be trans even in your headcanon. Like characters that have given birth! Stop taking these great female characters and making them into your trans fetish fantasy.

No. 148728

Did you tell them that Honey Lemon is latina in the movie and isn't "white" washed at all?

No. 148729

>star hair clip and earrings

wow, look at this master of gender destroying the gender barriers

No. 148730


Those characters were so basterdized I had no idea it was kill la kill until i saw your comment

No. 148733

File: 1438458709857.png (35.91 KB, 480x431, Screenshot_2015-08-01-16-31-01…)

They seriously want to believe that Trans is a third gender. Like there's woman, male, and then trans. There's a dead end there.

No. 148737

It's because she has pale skin, dark eyes and hair. She's already the pinnacle of Asian-ness. The perfect Asian to SJWs and weebs. Making her another race and letting someone else be The Asian is unthinkable.

No. 148738

theres a tumblr user called lorhs whos art is fat chicks but they have such skinny necks for some reason, it looks so fucking dumb

No. 148739

But Anon! Don't you know that if she were to be latina she would be tan skined/dark haired/tick accent?? Like, she needs to make a notice so we know she's not a white piece of bread like us uwu
Like, everyone knows just whites are blonde and fair skined, while all the rest on the world are ~POC~

No. 148741

File: 1438459385355.jpg (55.58 KB, 538x673, image.jpg)


just your usual tumblr shit style but the necks really get me, like that is not how it works

No. 148742

Yeah, that was basically argument this girl was making, but I think she phrased it more like 'she was meant to be Latina in the original script but she was white in the final film'. She probably read it somewhere on Tumblr and believed it.

I don't know really, my memory's hazy because I just totally zoned out the whole time she was talking.

No. 148748

File: 1438460019725.png (848.46 KB, 938x693, 1432615094735.png)

Suga, my son what have they done to you

No. 148752

lol how is she? i know she's dating some different chick now

No. 148766

File: 1438461314139.png (490.76 KB, 398x718, tumblr_newh2qhSHA1rohzxzo3_500…)

Wow that's ridiculous… Mostly because the tan skin on her concept art was just that… A tan… She was originally meant to be a gyaru/ganguro. They considered to make her look like a stereotypical latina at the beginning too, but naah… The same with the ott gyaru look, it could lead to unwanted controversies. Also, animation budget.
Like in this case it's just a matter of skin, she's still latina. And even if she were a token ~poc~ tumblrinas would call it racist and still at it, beating the same old stinky horse to feel opinionated on something.

No. 148773

File: 1438461822767.jpg (197.57 KB, 512x512, ChihiroFujisaki.jpg)

Does anyone remember when that Japanese girl was bullied off of tumblr for actually making sense and criticizing this "Anime and Feminism 101" panel?

>I'm a huge Dangan Ronpa fag and I remember when it was big on Tumblr and there were countless arguments about Chihiro being trans, shit was annoying

No. 148779

Yes! I especially remember this one post that basically said "If Fujisaki isn't trans then WHAT ABOUT ALL THIS CANON EVIDENCE in game extra pictures of the cast, in all of them Chihiro is wearing femenine cloting"
Like ????

No. 148780

why is ryuko so hairy

No. 148783

And before that it was Naoto from P4, which was even stupider.

No. 148784


Can you guys guess what this tag is? Trans headcanons. For. Kpop Idols.

It's one thing to project your dumb headcanons on cartoon characters, I mean, it's annoying sure, but putting this shit on REAL PEOPLE?

No. 148785

File: 1438462939741.jpg (38.36 KB, 402x380, 9087.JPG)

Yeah, especially when they say "the author confirmed it!!"

Pic related, I stopped reading Naruto ages ago but stumbled upon this. Seriously? It's a battle manga for kids (and tons of plotholes), not a SJW tumblr wank comic.

No. 148786

Man, I always knew Kpop fans were fucking crazy but this is the cherry on top

No. 148787

Oh god, I hate the DR fandom, to the point where it made me hate the series altogether and retire my cosplay.

>that complaining over chihiro and the other Mafia kid in season 2

Short story
>be me at con
>be dressed up as Monokuma
>all fun and games
>meet ishimaru
>thought was really cool girl
>I say something is stupid
>she gets mad at me and says not to use that because something something blahblah
>me wtf??? sure.
Tumblr girls also want shit giving to them for free. I did a TB order and ordered a binder in my GO, she was indirectly begging me to get her one.
Done with DR fans.

No. 148788

Because some girls don't shave and nobody makes a big deal out of it, so we need to give them some exposition by making them look like nasty gorillas because peOPLE NEEDS TO KNOW THAT WE WOMEN HAVE HAIR TOO

No. 148789

They are so delusional, wow. Maybe I can try. So Kishimoto said in a interview that Gaara's eyes indicate something and that basically means Gaara confirmed for Trans Boy. I mean where are they getting this stupid information?

This is going way too far. For fictional characters, sure whatever but actual people? There is nothing to justify this. Thi is fetishizing at its upmost.

No. 148791

what kind of drugs did she do?

No. 148792

God, I feel sick.

No. 148798

>it could lead to unwanted controversies
Huh? Why?

No. 148799

The funniest part, there was some drama going on around a month ago with an account on twitter spouting those ~queer~ and ~trans~ headcanons, and there quite a few LGBT Koreans talking about how gross and fetishy the account was and got blocked and all the stans for that account were calling the LGBT Koreans cishet oppressors

No. 148800

Haha, I actually went to see if this shit existed for Kpop when people were talking about trans headcanons earlier.

Somehow it's worse when they're real people.

No. 148801

File: 1438463826242.jpg (21.52 KB, 368x293, 1433023363402.jpg)

Yeah!It's like, there's literally no proof of this tumblr what are you doing
Oh man, I remember the Naoto thing too which was funny because I considered the Persona fandom to be pretty chill

Which brings me right back to that japanese tumblr user, she was making very valid points when it came to stuff like this but Tumblr wasn't having any of it and chased her off the site.
Here's the discussion/rant

No. 148804


An author designs a character with a fox demon inside of him as a protagonist for his manga aimed towards kids. The character has whiskers as a part of his design to indicate the fox.
At the end, he makes protag's kids also have whiskers on their faces, to indicate it's his kids.

Easy to understand, right?

Yet these tumbltards come to conclusion that main character has a vagina and his wife has a penis because some contrived sjw tard theory where mother has to have whiskers for children to get them so it's a "100% CONFIRMED canon fact"

This is why I hate tumblr fandoms and stay away from them.

No. 148805

This makes me so sick. What is the purpose of this? These are REAL PEOPLE.

No. 148806

Fetishization of course

No. 148807

>demigirl namjoon is my life

what the fuck is a demigirl, and why would you apply this to a person who is just as masculine as ever?

why do i feel like there might be an undercurrent of racism to this? asian men are usually seen as sexually undesirable, weak, and feminine. making ~headcanons~ that all these kpop boys were actually women at birth makes me uncomfortable.

No. 148808

Fuck, I hate seeing people drop out of fandoms because of shitty people but I understand, there were quite a lot of crazy DR fans, especially on Tumblr(I love DR to death but gotta lay low to avoid the crazies). I'm so sorry you had to deal with those people, anon

No. 148809

tumblrtard sjw hambeasts never see them as actual people, they see them as characters for their fapfiction

No. 148810

I definitely feel like there's some underlying mix of fetishism and racism going on there

No. 148811

File: 1438464682923.jpg (29.45 KB, 300x628, 1430854054017.jpg)

They wanted to have diversity but didn't want to have a cast full of just token characters and be called things, they already have enough with the Frozen shitstorm, and for the gyaru one, well, not a lot of people would Know what Ganguro is, and from a western perspective it looks kind of

No. 148812

just for shits and giggles, i searched to see if there was an equivalent of this for one direction, and no there isn't (not that i can find anyway). I found one for generic bandom trans headcanons http://bandomtransheadcanons.tumblr.com/

> agender super dysphoric hayley though like all hayley wants to do is get a really short haircut and bind some days and not use any pronouns ever, holy crap, but hayley is so scared of how everyone will perceive it that it gets bottled up inside until one day hayley finally comes out to chad and he is so so supportive and sweet and helps to coordinate their wedding and they end up getting married in matching tuxes and hayley cries harder than ever and knows that everything's gonna be ok

hayley meaning Hayley Williams from paramore.

I did however, find a blog dedicated to one direction mpreg fanfiction


No. 148817

No. 148818

Yeah, it's funny how I haven't seen any FTM 'Ktrans' posts yet. It's all male idols.

No. 148821

Wanna read the miserable chroniques of a bunch of 13 years old winning because their parents just call them "my little girl"?
Here. Rejoice. I'll go stick my head in the oven now.

No. 148822

File: 1438465660909.png (35.06 KB, 529x167, Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 22.4…)

>circle lenses to indicate pronouns
>kill me

No. 148824

Time to post some gold.

No. 148826

Literally how the fuck do they expect their bullshit pronouns to work in Korean? Another square on the racist bingo card.

No. 148827

File: 1438465872396.png (8.14 KB, 506x219, this is wrekcage.png)

>By saying all your beloved characters are trans I have wrecked you.

No. 148830

File: 1438465910037.gif (722.56 KB, 360x288, gu4.gif)

I'm ready.

No. 148832

because most american kpop fans dont care about the girl groups, or if they do, its because of "muh lesbians!!!"

No. 148835

File: 1438465992557.jpg (26.26 KB, 540x358, uhhhhhhh.jpg)

This is from Hetalia, apparently. Trans Women England and Genderfluid America.

No. 148836

if you think this is bad, wait till you see the EDM fandom and their obsession of shipping actual people (eg Skrillex with deadmau5) together and drawing them as alien demon monsters fucking eachother

No. 148837

Actually there are a lot of international fans of girl groups, but it is certainly unbalanced.

I was referring more to the point the previous anon was making about the stereotypes of Asian men.

No. 148838

Literally nothing about this is correct just draw OCs and be done with it for fucks sake.

No. 148840

File: 1438466178682.jpg (104.47 KB, 480x640, Pray for Luigi.jpg)

Even Luigi gets the headcanons.

No. 148841

File: 1438466213413.png (276.89 KB, 523x508, Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 00.5…)

>sjws complain about bigots putting their ideaologies on merchendise
>sell this

No. 148843

Tumblr confirmed for New Deviantart??

No. 148844

File: 1438466295982.png (87.4 KB, 500x688, tumblr_mxw3nrdyEa1rynai1o1_500…)


No. 148845


No. 148846

File: 1438466349326.jpg (91.72 KB, 500x548, tumblr_n83uorDji61sj9v2do1_500…)


No. 148847

File: 1438466395656.png (199.64 KB, 500x513, tumblr_ng8ua9SOOn1qcs6yco2_500…)


No. 148848

File: 1438466418597.jpg (69.1 KB, 500x702, Too Easy.jpg)

Agender Steven and Genderfluid Wallace. You don't even have to try anymore guys.

No. 148849

Wh-why does this makes me soooooo angry?
All this bullshit is unnecessary but when you voice your opinion about it, they ready to jumped down your throat and call u "LGBTASQERTIUYTREW-phobic"

No. 148850

File: 1438466584176.png (215.66 KB, 500x666, How to Get Notes on Tumblr.png)

Binder + Anime Boy = Get the notes rolling.

No. 148854

Such a waste of good art….
I'm mad.

No. 148855

File: 1438466742093.png (236.94 KB, 500x315, You're all in the Wrong.png)


>Cis people can't do it but we can!

No. 148858

yet it's okay when a demigirl genderfluid multiple system does it and you have no right to feel offended

No. 148859

File: 1438466958937.png (11.5 KB, 482x306, Why must they do this..png)


And that is all, I don't want to look through this tag anymore.

No. 148861

I wonder how's the Splatoon fandom doin' on tumblr…
how many made up "fun facts" and Headcanons they have made about the characters…
How much horrid fetishy fanart they have made or those unfortunate androgynous underage characters….
I'm scared to check.

No. 148862

File: 1438467177103.png (354.01 KB, 500x704, tumblr_n629v37Vqo1sfl5f7o6_500…)

No. 148863

I don't know this artist but she seems to have a good flow and sometimes rules can be bent. If her skinnier caracters have skinnier necks I think the art is consistent. It was trendy years ago to draw super long and skinny neck (Like Penelope Jolicoeur when she started to get known)

No. 148864

File: 1438467387114.png (290.81 KB, 1000x1000, tumblr_no3zwpaYhS1rqseb3o1_128…)

No. 148865

File: 1438467526184.png (416.07 KB, 500x628, dragondicks.png)

A classic.
Ironic coming from a sicko who has a mutilation fetish + used to draw rape shota furry shit

No. 148866

File: 1438467657971.png (337.7 KB, 1000x1000, tumblr_no3zwpaYhS1rqseb3o3_128…)

No. 148867

File: 1438467712198.png (246.3 KB, 612x816, Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 23.2…)

No. 148869

File: 1438467924307.png (111.42 KB, 500x600, tumblr_nqmoo7ychB1rqseb3o1_500…)

No. 148870

is that supposed to be like self harm scars all over her arm

No. 148871

File: 1438468065626.png (870.79 KB, 1280x1771, tumblr_nnbz5lpgTs1rqseb3o1_128…)

No. 148872

File: 1438468090714.png (324.37 KB, 1264x1744, into the trash it goes.png)

No. 148874

File: 1438468386417.jpg (75.7 KB, 1146x327, image.jpg)

wtf does this even mean

No. 148875

File: 1438468494129.png (2.43 MB, 1016x1700, katy moodboard.png)

didn't find this on tumblr, but this is a moodboard I made for an old OC back in april. as you can tell, she was pretty deep in the mainstream feminism pool

No. 148876

who self harms on their nose

No. 148877

if my nose looked like that, I'd try to cut it off too

No. 148878

This is so pretentious, holy shit I'm bleeding.

No. 148880

File: 1438468738656.png (27 KB, 900x1140, tumblr_mhcpx01JLb1s1s8rgo3_128…)

>princess against patriarchy
but isn't royalty traditionally held up by a patriarchal system? at least in history? so that would mean there would have to be a patriarchy for the princess to exist in the first place. lol
I made the OC to be as fucking obnoxious and tumblr as possible, hence the cringe inducing influences to her character

No. 148881

You're a pleb for being this asspained over pocket monsters.

Also I was gone for the whole time this other anon was posting. We're not the same moron. Get the fuck over it. Go enslaved more shitty cartoon animals.

No. 148882

File: 1438468913542.gif (1.81 MB, 300x200, MY SIDES JUST.gif)

No. 148883

Of course. The fandom rn is hell, so it must super hell.
Yeah really, I honestly enjoyed the series. I can't even get myself to buy the game so much I hate. Kinda happy they only stick to Purseowner 3/4 when it comes to SMT franchise, because if they touched the whole franchise, I'd probably kill myself and sell my merchandise, in that particular order.

No. 148884

Yeah…I dont give a fuck about "critically acclaimed" that doesn't mean shit these days. More like popularity ranked. And the majority of people are mindless idiots.

No. 148886

File: 1438469187824.png (33.82 KB, 427x893, dear lord save us all.png)

Can we drop the genwunner Pokemon discussion and get back on topic again?
Post something or get lost, honey.

No. 148888

File: 1438469347052.png (67.19 KB, 500x188, tumblr in action.png)

No. 148889

File: 1438469487565.png (7.44 KB, 390x122, have some mercy.png)

No. 148890

File: 1438469544790.png (21.48 KB, 93x84, Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 18.2…)

Am I the only one who is skeptical of every single post on tumblr that reads like this:
>hey, i'm a queer mentally ill teen and i need money because my parents are being pieces of shit, donate to my paypal
It's probably just my paranoia, but it just seems like these kids are just overreacting to their parents saying something and seek to tumblr for relief and hugs in the form of cash. And when they say they're queer or trans, they're just using bullshit genders and sexualities (because apparently being nonbinary/genderfluid is trans now according to tumblr)

No. 148891

Is this supposed to be Disney princess sailor moon?

No. 148893

No, I believe that's actually fanart of the failed Saban pilot for their american adaptation of Sailor Moon, which included a politically correct cast (because in the 90's, having disabled characters literally named shit like "Wheeler" or "Wheels" wasn't enough)

No. 148894

It's like you can't read.

No. 148899

>calling people you don't know honey
Are u fat

No. 148903

I… I promised myself not to laugh at those lame ass ironic nicknames back in the day…
Then why I'm laughing now??

No. 148904

File: 1438470268862.gif (1.95 MB, 320x180, 1428956647837.gif)

No. 148907

File: 1438470424962.png (98.67 KB, 669x481, Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 00.0…)


No. 148909

File: 1438470485243.jpg (522.69 KB, 751x517, hunchbackburgerking5.jpg)

I'm not making this shit up, this was the Burger King Kids Club cast

No. 148911

I actually didn't haha. I just assumed due to the colors and ethnicity/ hair combos my b

No. 148913

Just saying the only people I've seen call people "honey" and "sweetie" and shit trying to be superior are fat. Fat women.

No. 148914

File: 1438470684486.gif (1.29 MB, 250x184, meinsides.gif)

>Asian one named Lingo

No. 148916

The way they type irritates me so much. There's so much out of nowhere exclamation marks, question marks and RANDOM CAPS, and s p a c i n g that I can take.

No. 148924

File: 1438471036316.jpg (309.38 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_mqbb02vm2E1symmvdo1_128…)

Welp, you got me Anon, here take one of my most recent selfies.
You're welcome.

No. 148925

Well I just realized gays do that too because they act like fat black women so either one.

No. 148934

holy shit youre right

No. 148940

Man what was with the 90's and always having a token wheelchair kid? You never see that shit anymore.

No. 148956

File: 1438474271598.jpg (20.4 KB, 573x393, 1438464381189.jpg)

Just drop it, you made yourself look fucking stupid in front of everyone and humiliated yourself, get over it and move on.

No. 148967

File: 1438475942315.jpg (45.82 KB, 640x480, 1364028720929.jpg)

How did all of this even happen?
When I joined tumblr some years ago it was mostly food porn,a bit anime,funny quotes and stories,cute animals and reaction gifs.

No. 148969


No. 148970

It's still all that, you have to look for this stuff to find it.

Which is great, I find it more interesting than the same cat videos that get all over the internet.

No. 148976

>I need to do more research into this
no you really don't.

No. 148987

you do know this is anonymous imageboard right? how do you embarrass yourself when you and everyone else is anonymous. dumb bitch.

yeah but it seems like everyone is turning into fakebois and sjws. there is no escape.

No. 148989

i hate "mental breakdown" typing where th y ttype llk dis

No. 148994

I cant wrap my head around the logic of this one and frankly i dont want to

No. 148996

This is just another trend, and trends pass. Remember when it seemed like everyone was tanning and bleaching their hair? That passed. Remember when it seemed like everyone was becoming scene? That passed.
So will this. I'm sure right now these people think that what they're doing is incredibly important and meaningful, but they will grow out of it and get on with their lives. These kinds of styles and beliefs are hip right now so a lot of people subscribe to them, but once the popularity dies down most people will just move on to whatever becomes cool next.

No. 148999

Yeah,but you need to scroll through cringy bullshit like itt in order to find it.But I really wonder how tumblr turned from gpoy-omg-capslock-retarded to absolutely obnoxious.

No. 149003

File: 1438480565057.jpg (138.35 KB, 343x1280, Tumblr_Zone.jpg)

Same, I joined at the end of 2010, and shit was cash.
Like really it was just relatable stuff, gifs and just a bunch of fucking nerds hanging out on a poorly scripted website making unfunny jokes. Then everything went straight to hell.
I think somewhere on 2011 tumblr was considered the modern day Myspace, a bunch of whiny teens posting about their shitty families and talking obsessively about their hobbies, then the feminists arrived from LJ when a big community got shut down, those started spreading its propaganda ("Men are weak and disposable" "don't slut shame!") then the white people jokes started, some stupid kids talked about the segregation of races without even knowing, Literally, "IM AUTISTIC!!", some gays started making weird "new" sexualities, then the trans movement started screeching too, Yahoo bought the domain, people created some weird ass pronouns and everyone followed suit with the trend, something about mlp when down, "THIS OFFENDS ME!!", everyone started to put donate buttons to scam people for nothing, tumblurinas tried to raid 4chan, they got rekt and received lots of popular tags filled with gore, I think some girl pretended to kill herself because of that, the xKit guy was chased away because some anonymous dick accused him of rape on a "call out" blog, there was also that fag who said he was trans that also jumped in front of a truck and ruined his parents lives writing an overly dramatic suicide note and plastering it on his blog, more feminist propaganda mixed with gender and sexual and racial and blghraahsdgj aaaand here we are now…
At the end of the toilet in just a few years.
Crazy ass ride.

No. 149007

She's riding a camel through the vast deserts of her sandy-ass vagina

No. 149008

There is plenty of "escape", just don't go looking for it.

I have the opposite problem, whenever I try to look for potential cows on tumblr I have to scroll through a bunch of boring sensible shit to find it and I wish they would keep that shit quiet, we know.

No. 149012

then you should follow some good anti-sjw blogs, the lolcows go there like fucking flies to get their asses handed like no tomorrow.

No. 149013

I feel this so much. I joined tumblr back in 2009. I pretty much stayed in my lane and when xkit became available I blacklisted all the stupid out. If someone I follow posts a couple of things I don't like, I just block it and move on. If they make a habit of posting things I don't like and I don't know them in person I just unfollow.

I know tumblr has a bad rep and I hate telling people I have a tumblr in person because that means they probably think I'm an SJW or I'll have to follow their shitty blog.

No. 149029

fatties get mad because they know these movements are all bs

No. 149033

I agree with being concerned if a girl is obese or looks way too skinny because both are extreme and unehatlhy

No. 149042

File: 1438484301683.png (17.17 KB, 642x161, srslylmao.png)

those tags

No. 149051

also thinking that purple is associated with royalty all over the world

No. 149052

>i was born on july 14 1999
>i am white-passing, but i dont like being called white or irish so pls dont do that!!
>all of them are self-diagnosed, but pls dont say that i dont have them bc i do.
>i do not feel dysphoria of any kind

…this has to be a really good troll. But I still don't understand how someone can be trans but not feel dysphoria…

No. 149055

then ur just another truscum piece of trash

No. 149057

Same. It had nice photography which is why I got a tumblr to begin with, but now it's literally clogged with bullshit and sjws.

No. 149060

This is objectively disgusting looking

No. 149061

I might of been misunderstood. Being feminine =/= not being a good female character. I actually hate it more when they try to make a woman character as manly as possible in order for them to be 'strong.'

I love Peach a lot actually, but Super Princess Peach wasn't even advertised well and a lot of nintendo fans don't even know that game exists. It sucks. They ruined Samus in other M and her zero suit is awful. Nintendo can do better.

No. 149065

I apologize greatly for OT. I'll get back on topic.

No. 149067

the fact that this person's blog URL is a character from the Divergent series is like the cherry atop the cake

No. 149071

I seriously don't understand why fakebois get up in arms about truscum. WHY. WHAT'S THE ISSUE

No. 149078

I hate fat people so much with their idiotic 'logic.'

No. 149080

They're delusional as fuck.
Koreans comforms to EVERYTHING. Standing out is a very bad thing. I mean look at their beauty standards. They try to look all the same.
This genderfluid shit will get made fun of lmao

No. 149087

rofl!! Ilu

No. 149090

Do they have some sort of new venereal disease? All the dots.

No. 149099

And, now I'm imagining a ridiculous Tumblr headcanon involving McGonagall, being the transfiguration prof, transforming students hormones and genitals after a period of counseling. Maybe the Sorting Hat would serve as counselor? Fuck. I'm going to bed now.

No. 149105

She doesnt changes sex.
If she would then why does she still have her women body? In OOT you can still see she has tits. She puts a costume and become Sheik, she didnt use any magic in any loz game to be sheik.
Sheik is Zelda. Because Zelda is a woman, Sheik is a woman

No. 149110

Anon shut up

No. 149111

God no.

No. 149123

This discussion was over a long time ago, and chain op adserted she was a noob at the series. Drop it

No. 149126


>I'm fat and trans.

kek, God can I just use that as an excuse for life.

No. 149133


No. 149173

File: 1438504409577.png (649.83 KB, 558x1432, vag.png)

No. 149174

File: 1438504528179.png (13.52 KB, 264x478, Untitled.png)

I fucking hate weebs who draw anime in art class.

No. 149178


This is a blog from a bi girl claiming that bi people have it worse than gays. Dat glossary.

No. 149180

lmao, not like I give a shit about that stuff but Disney proportions are nowhere near as unrealistic as anime proportions.

No. 149181

ponies are #notyourshield

No. 149183

Um… Can I vomit now?
Seriously dude, the least I want is a bunch of creeps saying to me "Ur vagoo it's botyfol and it smells like roses" seriously, why do you even care, FUCK OFF.

No. 149184

File: 1438507848747.jpg (23.92 KB, 392x243, 1434939225841.jpg)

Holy shit, I wish I could punch that person in the face

No. 149187

As a former art student, I'm sick of these fucking weebs that believe they can skip the fundamentals because "MUH STYLE!!" And make a living out there selling shitty fanart.
Art is dead because of you, fucking wankers! Y'all can't take anything seriously even when you say you "love" it. Fucking lies, all you want is a circlejerk over you stupid doddles of someone else's work.

No. 149189

And remember when EVERYONE was bisexual? That passed too.

The only thing that worries me is that this current trend is more extreme and special snowflake than that. What if the next trend is even worse?

No. 149190

File: 1438509063190.jpg (684 KB, 1080x1002, tumblr_static_9g1njcqr8tss8sgs…)

I'm laughing because I hate that bitch "rydenarmani" She fakes being all progressive but one time she was talking about some trans woman who got murdered and she misgendered her and I messaged her like "if you really cared you would use the right pronouns lol" and she was like "i did use the right pronouns stop trying to start shit you liar!" basically gaslighting or whatver its called and changed the post and said i was like attacking her and lying. like girl could have apologized or been like whoops my bad but nah.

No. 149193

File: 1438509606600.png (77.28 KB, 644x805, stupid.png)

No. 149194

Even then, drawing cartoons with unreal proportions still requires some knowledge of anatomy and cartoon drawings always look better if the artist has some knowledge of it. Pretty much every famous cartoonist/animator had to learn the fundamentals.

No. 149195

At least back in the day people didn't try to convince their doctors they're trannies to get on hormones and then QQ when they change their minds

No. 149197

File: 1438510847038.png (56.95 KB, 514x473, Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 11.1…)

>implying these things have similar risks
>implying people don't get worried about others drinking too much or try to get them stop smoking
>no one’s health is anyone else’s issue until we’re fat and conveniently uneasy on the eyes to people
>wat is critical thinking

More than anything, that's what bugs me. No-one thinks through the arguments they're making and then people reblog it without thinking and the stupidity spreads.

No. 149198

Well yeah, that's what I'm saying. This is worse and I wonder if the next trend will be even more extreme and stupid.

No. 149203

Omg yes!I've seen post giving advise about how to fool your doctor into giving you hormones or making you sound bipolar and basically being a manipulative liar. Like, there was even this chick the other day making a shitstorm because doctors were trying to set the bar even higher on those cases thanks to Transtrenders, so there's no errors and she started to say shit about they Gatekeeping trans folk and whatnot.
I'll find it and post it if I can.

No. 149211

In my fantasy world, the SJW trend will cause massive backlash and the exact opposite things (patriotism, responsibility and self-sufficiency) will become hip

Realistically I think it'll probably just be something slightly less retarded

No. 149214

Omg, I know I shouldn't care what people do to their bodies, but this is so stupid.
Obviously, for the majority of people (since they seem to think 'much genetics' and hyperthyroidism are common because they don't want to admit the majority in their movement are god damned lazy.
No it's not Tumblr. People lose the weight when they eat healthy and put the down the sodie pops and drink water. that's why with healthy foods and snacks, they show the after with skinnythin/not obese people.
Besides, before means before the customer uses the product, not the other way around.
Why would someone buy a product that's implying that they'll get fat or obese?

No. 149215

Neonazis and NatSocs are already causing a bit of a shitstorm, at least here in Europe. Stupidity has never bred anything other than more stupidity.

No. 149216

Bit of an OT question, but is it true people in the US drink soda and other sugary drinks like water?

I just can't fathom why you'd do that. Maybe it's because I've not been accustomed to it but they don't even taste that good compared to OJ or, I dunno, chocolate milk.

No. 149219


But we don't really have like sparkling water, we do, but it's expensive and we don't get asked at restaurants if we want sparkling or flat water like they do in Europe.

No. 149220

But carbonating water is quite simple and cheap… And to think I've been taking it for granted.

No. 149221

I always wondered the same. Like is the water really that bad in America?

No. 149222

fruit juice is just as sugary as soda tho

No. 149223

Well I can't speak for everyone, but O have been made fun of for making the switch to only bits of natural juice and water (best decision for me honestly). I have seen mothers put regular sugary Coke into their baby's bottle and let them drink it, all of it. I have seen even in my own family people drinking sodas and rum one bottle and can after the other like their is no tomorrow. Yet, I get teased and looks if I want water at a restaurant.
So can I say it's not uncommon since I can't say if it's really common or not? Yes. The high obesity rating in America and the fact that being obese is deemed as normal and In considered stick when I'm actually healthy for my height and build, then I wouldn't say it's not uncommon at all./end rant

No. 149224

Fruit juice has pulp (fiber), vitamins and antioxidants, not to mention zero preservatives and additives. You can't just look at the sugar content, that's stupid. All fruit has sugar in it but it doesn't mean you can replace it with Kool Aid.
Tbh I've heard they put fluoride in it, so yeah.

No. 149225

Jesus… God bless Michelle Obama for trying to fix that.

No. 149226

Then I'm glad I live on a coutry bordered by Los Andes. I mean, we may be undeveloped for North American or European standards, but at least we still have nice fresh water and other natural healthy stuff here.

No. 149239

Well my family drinks soda a lot. Like it's some crisis if they don't have "something to drink" i.e. a bottle of soda. I don't really understand why they can't just drink water or tea. But "you gotta have something to drink" and water "doesn't have any flavor" and "you can't have tea unless you also have sugar". And all the sugar goes pretty fast so sometimes there will be no sugar around. I don't use sugar for anything myself.

Now my family isn't obese for the most part. It's really just my niece and nephew. All they drink is sugary artificial "juice" and soda in addition to fast food and other garbage. My sister gives her baby stuff I'd never approve of. But trying to say anything falls on deaf ears because "you gotta have something to drink". So you give a one year old Hawaiian Punch and Kool Aid.

My sister isn't fat. I don't think she's even 100 lbs. My mom weighs around that too. She has osteoporosis and I keep telling her to lay off the soda.

We had soda when I was a kid but not a lot of it. And we went outside a lot too. The current generation of kids are more sedentary and if they are going to laze about on their smartphones and Xbox's all day drinking soda and eating Mcdonalds of course they are going to get fat.

I think the problem is that we introduce soda, colored sugar water with artificial flavor and fast food to children way too early rather than only giving them water, milk, real juice and healthy food. They develop a taste for all this junk and think it's normal to eat and drink it.So they don't want healthy balanced meals and water.They want soda and fries and mcnuggets. I cringe when I see a baby eating that stuff.

I live in Philadelphia where the water is supposed to be really good. I don't know who came up with that one. But it's god-awful. It tastes so heavily chlorinated that when I turn on the tap sometimes the chlorine smell fills the room. It's not so bad when they don't need to dump in the extra chlorine. But when seasons change they have to because of the bacteria or something.

I don't drink tap water. I only drink bottled. I don't care if it might not be up to the sanitation standards of tap in my area or whatever they tell you on cracked. I don't want clorox scented water that tastes bad and I don't want to suck down all that fluoride.

No. 149247

I've lived in America my whole life and I've actually never tried soda. You should see the reactions people have when I tell them that. I've seriously had multiple people try to make a game out of tricking me into drinking soda by tampering with my drinks. It's kind of absurd.

No. 149254

Portland, OR-fag here. Our water is quite nice and isn't even fluoridated (although there's a lot of debate about whether that's a good thing or not), which is unusual for a fairly large US city. I know some people who drink soda like it's water, but I know far more people who primarily drink water and almost never or never drink soda. So…it varies. We're not all Amerifats, really.

No. 149283


We could say they want you to Drink the Kool Aid???

No. 149301

Lmao this bitch called a teenager's tits "ugly" she has no say in anything

No. 149316

Southern Californian here. A majority of the areas have filters for tap water because it tastes pretty bad. When you get the water straight out of the sink, it's murky with small traces of chlorine (which also sucks when you shower or bathe in it, too). People here are more prone to drinking bottled water but even then they're cutting back on sales of it because of the drought. We've also been given a strict limit on water supply so showers are quick in and out things; not ever adheres to it but I'm not looking to pay a huge fine.

I do drink more soda than I should; I like the caffeine and if I drink water, it's usually Aquafina because I really do not like the gritty taste of our straight-from-the-tap water.

Northern California has good water from what I remember. Up in the Walnut Creek area.

Also American Media tends to push us away from water and more towards Sports Drinks like Gatorade or other things. But idk, I never found them good. After a work out or playing sports, nothing feels better or more refreshing than a nice glass of cold water.

No. 149331

ummmmmmmmmmmmmm no. most fruit juices have preservatives and additives, wtf are you talking about? fruit juice has very little dietary fiber.

No. 149333

…another Portland OR fag here…..

No. 149341

Don't buy shite juice then

No. 149346

What juices are you buying? Like what brand?
Or you can make your own really. But everything down to the soil you grow the fruits in have weird shit in them.
Might as well go all the way natural wth fruits.

No. 149353

File: 1438543403906.jpg (22.81 KB, 260x406, 2225259_f260.jpg)


>although there's a lot of debate about whether that's a good thing or not

Human Phys. fag here, it's not and I'll explain why.

Hexafluorosilicic acid and its derivative fluoride have been shown to re-mineralise bone tissues when applied "topically", but the changes are so minimal that it's almost negligible also because so many people are in the habit of rinsing their mouths after brushing which in turn washes off the fluoride (you're supposed to let it sit and absorb).

Fluoridating water is an entirely pointless exercise because it has absolutely no positive effects on your teeth when ingested, none whatsoever, and because it's actually a neurotoxin it calcifies on a gland within the brain named the pineal gland which controls cognitive functions, balance and memory and is known to contribute to conditions such as Alzheimers and a lower IQ in developing children.

Once fluoride is in the body, it never leaves, it only continues to build and build up over a lifetime.

Have any of you ever wondered why it says on a tube of toothpaste to supervise children when brushing? That's because of a child ingests even half a tube of toothpaste, the fluoride will poison them, and if left untreated, eventually kill them.

A lot of you who are newly privy to this information will probably now ask, "well why the hell would they put such a dangerous compound in drinking water?".
Well there's a lot of speculation as to this but so far the most viable evidence that has come out over the years is in the form of documents submitted in… I believe the 1940's(?) when they first began trialling water fluoridation that mandated that due to the expense of disposing fluoride, which is a massive by-waste of the aluminium industry, that it would instead be disposed of by way of human ingestion, because obviously it never, ever leaves our system, and that managed to push this on the flimsy evidence of 'it's good for your teeth".

Fun fact: in light of the newest emerging evidence of the dangers of fluoride, over 97% of Europe and all of Japan have discontinued fluoridation of water.
Currently 70% of the US continues fluoridation, and 5.7% of the world fluoridates as a a total.

No. 149355

My friend's alright, haven't spoken to her in a while. I thought the Lotta girl was dating some dude, I saw that on facebook, maybe she just gets around a lot.

When I was following her she was always bragging about prescription meds and weed but iirc she has taken every drug evar.

No. 149372

File: 1438544060860.jpg (34.95 KB, 350x229, dental-fluorosis.jpg)


Forgot to add, ingestion of fluoride often has a negative effect in the mouths of children, the very demographic it's been shilled to benefit, in that it causes a condition known as dental fluorosis in which the teeth begin to turn grey, develop white patches, develop pits within the enamel and turn weak and brittle.

Did any of you ever have white spots on your front upper maxillary teeth as a child? That's minor dental fluorosis.

Fluoride is so fucking terrible for you, and the worst part is that you generally will not experience symptoms in your youth, it's only in your later years you'll suddenly find you're developing arthritis, memory loss, osteoporosis etc.

I highly recommend anybody reading this that you switch to a fluoride-free toothpaste such as I've used for years now.

No. 149378

File: 1438544243215.jpg (528.82 KB, 1280x1636, image.jpg)

this is terrible

No. 149394

Soda isn't good for you, but chocolate milk is often just as bad in terms of sugary shit.

And why is soda an American thing? There are more drink options than water, tea, juice and milk.

I just drink water with dinner, sometimes a soda if I go out to eat. The thought of drinking something heavy like milk with pasta or a salad makes me want to puke.

No. 149404

That's some spooky shit right there.

Glad water is not fluoridated where I live.

No. 149421


Me too, but a few counties in the UK still receive fluoridated water for some reason, around 10%.

I'm really upset because I'm moving to a city called Newcastle this year for university and Newcastle-upon-Tyne is one of the few areas that still has their water fluoridated so I'm thinking about buying all of my drinking water and angrily petitioning the council because I have not consented to being poisoned.

Everybody fucking knows it's a poison at this point with completely minimal effects on dental enamel but they. keep. fucking. continuing. to. do. it.

No. 149430


You should know by now, councils here in the UK are fucking useless.

No. 149437


I legit believe in the aluminium-by-waste disposal theory because it would essentially mean that the councils/governing bodies that consent to this are receiving large pay-packages from these corporations which probably works out cheaper than the costs of having to arrange to have it buried in a toxic-waste dump.

There are so many theories surrounding it and each seems to be more terrifying than the previous, but the one theory with the least credibility so far is that it's actually good for us when it's been shown time and time again that it's not. Even the "mass population chemical control" theory makes more sense than it being good and healthy for us.

No. 149441

I live in Newcastle…can confirm the water is gross.

No. 149445

Also sorry for shitting up the thread with my little public health announcements on fluoride.
I'll stop now but if anybody wants to know more you should totes Google it and protect your health.



H-hey fellow Geordie Anon (I'm not in Newcastle now but I was born in Ashington if you're familiar with it).

No. 149449

Lol I just realized that this is fullten.

No. 149466

Our water here (UP MI) is fine, my mom lives in a different part of the state (west MI) and it's pretty chlorinated there, but she just lets it sit out for a while before putting it in the brita filter.
When I was growing up in SE Michigan I heard a lot of people complain they don't like drinking tap water, but there's nothing wrong with it there and I honestly think they just feel too good for it.
Some people just always have soda, it's kind of crazy imo you have to buy it every week or else everyone in your family gets mad or something? I just associate it with spoiled people.

No. 149483

>>Is it true that people in the US drink soda?
Lol u fuckin stupid? I'm also bretty sure we're not the only ones who drink it, I see mexicans drinking orange Fanta like water.

No. 149505

Hypocrisy at its finest everybody!

No. 149509

Alas nope, I'm not from here, I just live here.

No. 149519

Well hello there…

Yeah, I try not to jump too much on the "OMG ILLUMINATI CONSPIRACY THE GUBMENT IS POISONING OUR WATERS" bandwagon with the super-crazies, but I personally prefer my water unfluoridated. It was put up to a vote here in Portland recently and we successfully kept our water unfluoridated. It was like 60% against and 40% in favor of adding fluoride to our water. I've heard arguments from both sides, and there's a shit-ton of misinformation floating around about fluoride, but to me, it comes down to the fact that I think it's a pretty stupid delivery mechanism to just add it to ALL the water. I don't need to be watering my plants with fluoridated water, bathing in fluoridated water, washing dishes in fluoridated water, etc. If you DO want fluoride on your teeth, use a damn toothpaste or mouthwash, don't force the rest of us to have to buy expensive water filtration systems if we DON'T want it in our water.

I've heard horror stories from dentists about how bad Portlanders' teeth are compared to those of people who live in places with fluoridated water, but I'm not sure exactly how true that is. I just know that personally, my teeth are just fine. Same with the rest of my family who lives here.

No. 149522

sorry but you sound fucking crazy and the picture you chose just adds to that.

there are a variety of reasons a country could choose not to fluoridate their water.
some people oppose it because they feel it's forced medication.
sometimes it's not possible to implement and regulate.
sometimes they don't have enough of the chemicals they need.
or, maybe they just feel like they can improve children's dental health more in other ways and through the water wouldn't add enough to be cost effective.
or maybe someone just showed them a lot of scary pictures and they took it at face value.

No. 149524

No need to get all salty over it though.

No. 149535

This makes me sick. Like seriously, I feel like I want to throw up.

No. 149536

agreed 100%. very reasonable stance to take. there are a lot of people that will call fluoride opponents "crazies" or "crunchy pseudo science granola people" but the fact is that there's no need to fluoridate water.

No. 149558


>or, maybe they just feel like they can improve children's dental health more in other ways and through the water wouldn't add enough to be cost effective

Except ingesting fluoride has zero benefits to the teeth because that's not how it works.
It's a topical remineraliser which means the only way it can benefit teeth is when it's applied topically, i.e. brushed onto the tooth and allowed to be absorbed into the enamel.

It CANNOT in any way possibly benefit teeth through ingestion. There is no physiological way that this can happen.
When ingested it travels to the stomach, is broken down and absorbed through the stomach/intestinal walls, and the compounds travel through the body and collect within the pineal gland of the brain, where it then proceed to accumulate and calcify.

Tell me again how fluoridated water helps children's teeth. Explain to me physiologically when I'm the one that did a paper on it and you appear to know shit fuck all. Tell me.

No. 149561

Ok i get that it cant go from mouth to stomach to bones/teeth but why specifically to pineal gland

No. 149571

The bottom of the right hand column made it clear its a joke? I hope? But still scary to see what our world may one day become… If someone doesnt give these transtrenders a swift kick in their post-op genitalia of choice

No. 149574


you wrote a paper on it and somehow didn't understand it, I'm not going to be able to convince you just by googling.

No. 149576


Nobody is sure exactly, it's one of these "mystery of the human body" things.
All we know is that for some reason fluoride is known to accumulate there over time and is especially pronounced in aged bodies after it's given enough to time to collect.
There's a study on it you can access here.


No. 149578



>I don't know shit so I'm going to pretend I know more on the subject by insinuating you're stupid

But she doesn't even know that fluoride has no effect on dental enamel when ingested KEK

No. 149580

No. 149586

Is there anyway to keep from ingesting this shit then? I don't want it!

No. 149588

You guys, I can't say this whole discussion isn't interesting, but you're detailing the thread, can we please stay on topic??

No. 149589


If you live in an area that fluoridates then not without a highly complex filtration system. Only other option is to start purchasing bottled water or rile up public interest and attempt to petition your governing body.

It's been done successfully before, it just needs enough public outrage which is simple enough to generate with a few fliers.
I'll definitely be doing it when I move to Newcastle.

No. 149591

this is so fucking weird, there's no way this isn't fetishism. The level of detail people are putting in to this, and the amount of time they are spending thinking about it is just. So unnatural. It seems like a plot device, like total objectification

No. 149593

i'd like a thread on water fluoridation. someone should make one.

No. 149594

I really hope this is a joke. But honestly? I know some stupid ducks are going to take this seriously as shit.
These people need to realize that being c is is biological. It's not fucking good and cool to be trans.
It's a disorder, not that it's bad, but it'll be nice for transtrenders to stop fucking shit up until science can find a way to accurately cure people in a way so that every time they look at or feel their genitals they don't feel like shit.

That's the thing that sets apart 'truscum' and 'tucutes'.
These are the people that will grow up and say 'Being trans is phaaaase sweetie'

No. 149595

Lolcow's lack of ability to recognize satire never ceases to amaze me

No. 149604


Here you guys go; >>19730

No. 149605


Uh, okay for some reason it's not linking to /b/ but inside /pt/, but the thread is on /b/.

No. 149606

No. 149613



No. 149615

Did no one else even bother to just google the phone number? It's for a conservative law firm (the Pacific Justice Institute) that opposes trans rights and basically anything that goes against the Fox News sensibility.

No. 149618

The concept of being trans is lost when everyone is trans. What would be the purpose of being born as one sex if its normal for everyone to switch throughout their lives.

most actual trans people want to be cis. trans isn't some umbrella term identity. most actual trans* people would prefer to be a cis person.

No. 149639

Not everyone obvi but as a whole, yeah, Americans are retarded fat fucks. In middle school and high school the breakfast staple was a soda and a bacon egg and cheese or a butter roll with about 3 table spoons of butter on it. As though the soda wasn't enough to damage their health.

I live in nyc and bloomberg tried to cut back the size of soft drinks being sold so that no bottle can be over 16 oz or something and people freaked. I laughed because I only drink water or seltzer once in a while and could not understand why people were so angry.

Sure, sure, you should have the freedom to buy whatever the fuck you want since its your money. However, we all know humans are incredibly impressionable. If you can get a better bang for your buck, you'll likely take it. Considerably more soda for only a few cents? Most sign up for that.

The addiction to sugar is insane. yo

No. 149648


Lol found the racist fatty. Hameruca, fuck yeah!

No. 149651

why are people ruining a hilarious discussion about tumblr faggotry by talking about fucking sugar and fluoride

No. 149674

File: 1438558254374.jpg (26.4 KB, 400x256, image.jpg)

dunno if these have been posted before

No. 149675

File: 1438558276166.png (33.24 KB, 562x321, tumblr_nfv5zxXCQu1tb1gaqo8_128…)

No. 149676

File: 1438558326244.jpg (102.81 KB, 499x1183, 8p1clyA.jpg)

No. 149679

File: 1438558421066.png (52.97 KB, 514x529, o6Bfd32.png)

No. 149682

File: 1438558683607.jpg (68.92 KB, 638x809, 5Yob3gr.jpg)


No. 149695

File: 1438559738201.png (16.91 KB, 520x269, chins.png)

No. 149699

File: 1438560263064.png (42.16 KB, 530x845, c5ed47ea36519d06de796eb2c2ff16…)

this is so fucking cringy

No. 149706

>>I see mexicans drinking lots of soda

Fucking lol Tumblr gtfo with all you're ethnic soda butthurt.

No. 149707

why is hating mad world a thing?

No. 149714

File: 1438561562905.png (21.98 KB, 554x452, Untitled (Recovered).png)

No. 149718

File: 1438561681765.png (176.74 KB, 713x538, tumblr_nl0hs6RiWk1u00qgto1_128…)

No. 149727

File: 1438562049164.jpg (56.65 KB, 640x586, image.jpg)

No. 149730

I dont really know about dissassociation but wtf……. Does that even happen?

No. 149734

Literal proof that people need to gtfo the internet…… If thats your safe place and you expect every damn person and webpage to walk on eggshells around your TRIGGERS you need a new hobby or some strong meds my friend

No. 149741

Someone needs to shove them in a real ass biology class.
And just…
Slam their heads into the books or something.

No. 149763

So much of this would be creepy as fuck if you did it past the age of 14. "box town"> jesus christ, this infantile garbage.

No. 149764

File: 1438563749457.jpg (35.77 KB, 552x432, retarded.jpg)

No. 149780

i mean it's pretty damn annoying and overused at this point, i'd already heard it like 454394 times before i saw donnie darko
but of course something that a normal person describes as "mildly irritating" translates to "triggering" for a tumblr user

No. 149786

And that's why you're the two fattest countries in the world.

No. 149788

Someone email this to this girl's school

No. 149804

File: 1438566202395.png (195.4 KB, 647x415, Screen shot 2015-08-02 at 6.42…)

No. 149816

Please show me a single country where you can't get soda, if nobody drinks it you wouldn't be abel to buy it.

No. 149819

its because they know that they're fakers but don't wanna get called out for it by the "mean truscum dudebros"

No. 149822

how do so many ugly people on tumblr get so many notes? do they genuine like this shit or force themselves to believe it

No. 149823

Such girl much kawaii
Oh she also has a wheelchair

No. 149824

If you're talking about the scars that's a hell of a thing to shit on someone for.

No. 149826

I laughed way more than i should….

No. 149828

there were a lot of feminists and race warriors back on 2011 when i joined

No. 149832

he looks like an angry Slav

No. 149836

that trend hasn't passed. everyone is just pansexual now.

No. 149854

former art student here:
during my portfolio reviews, a member of the administration told me that I was participating in 'cultural appropriation' by drawing anime-influenced figures because that was 'not my culture' and I needed to draw something based on my own experiences instead.
nevermind the fact that anime has been imported into the west for at least two decades now, to the point that I grew up watching dubbed versions of Sailor Moon.
Her suggestion was that I 'draw shoes' because that was a 'freudian symbol of female sexual repression'.
not even joking.

No. 149857

What the fuck? That has to be one of the stupidest things I've ever read in my entire life. Was your portfolio rejected based on that?
>subscribing to Freudian anything
She should be fired lmao

No. 149861

the unfortunate part is that she's a member of tenured staff.
I assume that was before they found out how batshit insane she was.
Everybody else on the portfolio review committee was pretty much in stonefaced silence the entire time.

No. 149862

that was my reaction to the Freud comment to, I'm astounded by how many people don't look into Freuds background and what he based his theories on

the masses just regurgitate his bs

No. 149864

I'm assuming you're from North America?
The cultural appropriation bullshit has started to seep into Europe too, luckily most people who aren't 14 don't give much of a fuck.

It seems prevalent amongst self-hating teenagers though. Especially Northern Europeans, they'd kill for an American dick to suckle on.

No. 149880

Anon said "drink soda like water"

Meaning they drink it at every meal and or when they need to be hydrated you tard.

No. 149883

holy shit, i know. i was reading the replies like.. are you guys really this retarded holy shit

No. 149891

Fat? This is average, not fat nor chubby.
You're ana if you think this is a fat cow holy shit

No. 149892

I dont understand why skinny girls whine about being shamed when they do the same thing to fat girls.
Im not skinny nor fat but that girl is NOT fat in any way, you are messed up.

No. 149893

satire can still be shitty

No. 149895

dont let ashley and aly threads confuse you, most of lolcow are ana girls who want to look like uwu anime characters

No. 149897

That explains their obsession. thank you anon-chan. it's pretty sad they think this way

No. 149911

So what if I find self harm scars disgusting uh? I find my own scars ugly and disgusting too, as it should be.
People who flaunt them like that are manipulative and just want pity from others.

No. 149927

>thinking it's ok to do something they don't like done to them to other people
fatty logic

No. 149928

fatties GET OUT

No. 149935

i'm so tired of seeing this asshole's face

No. 149968

Having them =/= flaunting them, though? I mean, Felice Fawn is a good example of flaunting them… she purposely twists her arms at odd angles and shoops them to make them more noticeable/worse looking. But just… having them and not wearing long sleeves constantly? Idk, it doesn't really matter, I'm not trying to jump your shit or anything and I don't want to derail from tumblrina lulz. :)

No. 149969

i had no idea what that was before I saw this, somebody was pretending to be me probably. I only lurk /cgl/ and lolcow sometimes, never posted before though. I'll fuck off though I don't want to annoy anyone.

lol, it wasn't from a thrift store it was from some shitty shop that sold second hand alternative clothes, it actually flooded the other week so I saved that precious burando :^)

ugh nobody ever takes autism seriously on the internet, i was diagnosed before tumblr even existed

Scars fade, you know. Believe it or not I haven't cut in over a year and my arms look pretty clean. Self harm is like an addiction, when I was doing it every couple of days I didn't care if people saw anymore. It really screwed with my head, I'm glad I realised how toxic it really was to me and how people on tumblr were encouraging it.

No. 149987


No. 149989

What's with the name?

No. 149996

Oh man. I would have told him that feet trigger me or something like that.

I can understand why art schools may not want to be flooded with animu. They probably have to deal with this a lot "I'm going to move to Tokyo and be a mangaka!". That must get old fast.

But unless your whole portfolio was weebsville that was way harsh. Especially the cultural appropriation nonsense. I'm so sick of anything being even remotely related to another culture being flagged as "wah my cultural appropriation". We're going to have a whole generation of spoiled brats who think segregation and cultural isolation are the way to go.

No. 149998

This, and it always seems to be 2nd gens whining because they don't have any culture of their own but they still want to belong. It's like a twisted form of 'muh heritage'.
The other day I saw this Asian girl wear a shirt very clearly inspired by Slavic traditional dress (white linen with red embroidery). Apparently cultural appropriation is okay if it's minorities wearing white people clothes.

No. 149999

fuck me, my English seems to get worse the moment I get online.

No. 150001

>There are girls with penises too
No. Just stop it. This post was actually one of the few good ones. women's genitals are almost never talked about unless it's sexual. I mean, women's health in general is almost absent. this was a positive post to say all vaginas/labias look different and this asshat wants to roll in with BUT MUH TRANS FEELINGS. sHUT THE FUCK UP

No. 150005

holyshit-what the hell… That is the most racist thing I've seen in a while.

No. 150006

rofl that sassy response.

No. 150007

If you're not menstruating or never have before, you're a child. So this is just another word for pedophile? Uhh..

No. 150008

Literally replace the word 'white' with black or asian and a shitstorm would occur. Why do people think this is okay??

No. 150010

Of course, black people and asians can do zero wrong in the eyes of the sjws.

No. 150015

men and trans women don't menstruate as well
this is still retarded though. "i don't find periods arousing" well neither do most people, it doesn't mean you have to make a whole new sexual orientation ya dumb fuck

No. 150020

I despise SJWs just as much as the other guy but your post is really ironic coming from a lolcow poster, did you know that? Either way, Sandra Bland commited suicide because no one bailed her out for 500 dollars therefor is a cunt who deserves to die.

No. 150022

>mental race
fucking shit. tumblr creates the most retarded terminology.

furries are autists anyway

No. 150023

File: 1438591090323.jpg (49.65 KB, 627x456, image.jpg)

>>149804 holy fuck wat

No. 150026

troll harder. and you probably don't deserve to be alive and are wasting your useless life so i'd tone that shit down

No. 150027

THIS NEEDS A SPOILER christ save me

No. 150030

>118 notes
118 people saw this and thought "yup, good :)".

No. 150033

my favorite tumblrism is when a post has sources listed and the sources are just links to other tumblr posts

No. 150035


i thought ryden couldn't be any stupider, but there she goes. you'd think as a porn star, she'd be aware that labia shaming is a real issue. fuck men with dicks claim womanhood.

No. 150037

I'm not trolling tumblrina. If you care so much about Sanigger Bland why didn't you bail her out?

No. 150056

fucking hell man

No. 150083


No. 150090

Ugh i was just waiting for this shit to start
Yea this has 100+ notes but i feel like its a lot of shota fetishists or something
Theres no way this fits into that pale sadgirl tumblr aesthetic

No. 150091

I'm scared

No. 150092

I dont know it just seems like they want to rubs it in whites faces sometimes. Nothing a white person says or does is valid. Its always somehow wrong or off

No. 150097

anyone has a cap of some tumblrina complaining and whining about this picture?

No. 150098

70% of these suggestions are "act like you are children" basically.

No. 150103

Shave your ass…

No. 150104

sounds itchy!

No. 150114

People are making fun of you because you're illiterate. OP said 'drink soda LIKE WATER'.

No. 150121

Did they? I thought the op made a tumblr thread kek newfag. Don't you drink everything like water? Are you trying to say "instead of water"?
Either way, it's not often I meet someone who drinks it instead of water. I've met two people in my life who do and they were both Mexican (one wasn't even fat, wtf?)

No. 150123

Are you autistic?
Like water = frequently and in large quantities. Not INSTEAD OF.

No. 150124


The link says "hot haircuts for round faces", but the listicle is actually for landwhales who live on Tumblr.

No. 150125

>curvy girls
>photos are a bunch of fatties
looks like all systems are go at buzzfeed

No. 150126

>>my subjective word choice can only have one interpretation
I'm sorry I didn't get the memo

No. 150133

this is tumblr the article

No. 150141

why so put much effort into your hair and not to any other part of your appearance? also if you're fat, isn't it better just to reject the idea of people being hot?

No. 150142

>what is moderation?

No. 150160

>Pair with cateye frames for best results.

Urgh. Why do only people over 200 pounds wear them?

No. 150163

I'm not even that person lol, you're just stupid, sorry.

No. 150170

The wording of this article is fucking terrible.

No. 150175

Ya no, learn english

No. 150177

>telling me to 'learn english'

No. 150178

Yes. I live in the midwest, and people generally will always get soda when they eat out at the very least, and many people/families buy tons of it from grocery stores. I grew up drinking a ton of soda when we went out to eat, were visiting family, etc. but I also have gone to visit family in Europe and there I'll have more carbonated water/water & juice mixed.

I think a part of the reason why people drink so much of it is because it's really cheap. I work in a grocery store and we regularly have Pepsi and Coca Cola brands on sale for super cheap, so cheap it's not profitable to the store, but cheap soda brings people in to buy other food. I see tons of people buying +3 bottles of soda or 24 packs.

And when you eat out, adding a fountain drink to your meal is cheaper than milk/juice/etc and you get free refills. If you're poor soda seems like a nice alternative than to just water ever day, and like any other addiction it's hard to stop because you'll feel like shit which makes you want to go back to drinking it.

No. 150259

I don't think they're trying to be hot. It looks more like they're actively rejecting hotness and femininity in favor of the punk butch lesbian look or idek what it is. They'd probably tell you that it's something about how they refuse to accept their oppression and shrink in the background, so they're trying to occupy space and look as confrontational as they possibly can. So something, something I'm fighting oppression by dying my hair green and shaving it on one side.

No. 150260

File: 1438624324508.png (16.48 KB, 541x427, come out come out wherever you…)

What trans activism looks like on tumblr.

No. 150271

You know it's funny that they think they are the minority because of their little echo chamber.
But.in the real world, they are surprised Mother Nature made opposite sex attraction the default.
But if Mother Nature/Gaia is a girl, how can she be an oppressor?

No. 150290

File: 1438625961109.png (14.28 KB, 578x260, ZCVrbwp.png)

No. 150297

File: 1438626101969.png (8.53 KB, 529x160, BKzvGQx.png)

Look at the notes…

No. 150302

File: 1438626447618.png (30.48 KB, 552x242, cKKxpTF.png)

No. 150309

I thought this was going to be about organ theft/trafficking and would've agred, then I read the tags.
Does this person know the meaning of the word "donation"? Fucking hell.

No. 150317

>just come out

yah because that is so easy. I hate Tumblr

No. 150322

whenever i see extreme LGBTQ posts like this (but mostly regarding just TQ), with anything over 5-10k notes… i get scared for the world

No. 150327

i am also very confused… organ/blood trafficking happens but… is this person stupid? the blood in the blood banks is from VOLUNTARY donors and organs are from recently deceased healthy people or again, DONORS…
peoples stupidity makes me so mad.

No. 150333

good thing these people aren't straight, so we don't have to worry about them reproducing.

No. 150334

These people are always bitching about capitalism and how they're "fighting capitalism", but what's their alternative?

No. 150345

Most of these tumblrtards are teens or young people. It's very easy to shit on capitalism when you're a fucking teenager that still live with your parents, have no real worries/responsabilties, have a wonderful room with everything you need (including a laptop and internet connection), etc. What the fuck, I admire young people that fight real battles and work hard, but these little fuckers are just bored whining puppies with no hobbies nor talent and the pathetic need of being ~speshul~.

No. 150347

Another midwest anon here and yeah, people love guzzling down soda. It wasn't until fairly recently that I weaned myself off of drinking that shit regularly and I'm 25. Every now and then I'll drink some Coke, but I can never finish the can. Overlooking the fact that it's awful for you, it's too sweet for me now that I'm not drinking it regularly.

Even when it isn't pop, it's Kool-Aid, sweet tea, "juice" or something else saturated in sugar. I think it also depends on where you were born and raised, too.

No. 150354

File: 1438629934488.jpg (136.4 KB, 577x1024, GR11Bev.jpg)

Eh, just the classic one.

No. 150360

I don't understand this. At all.

No. 150365


Serious question but is this how most people think about homosexuals? Or is this reblogged so much because they're herds? I've never heard of it this way. But then again, I'm a shitlord.

No. 150366

Yeah, well most people understand it's a natural bodily function most women DONT LIKE but have to endure because biology. I hate anyone who makes a big deal about periods. Like shut your fucking mouth. Women cannot control that.

No. 150367

Ugh, I feel sick just looking at this. I hate tumblr so much and how it enables this.

No. 150372


No. 150378

Literally all fatties are like this. They put on tons of make up and do their hair, but never bother to just fucking stop eating so much shit and lose weight. You can have a 'decent' looking face for a whale, but no one wants to be with a women who jiggles with every step.

No. 150381

>Soda is cheap
Water is literally free. Even if you buy a filter pitcher, it's way cheaper than that garbage.

No. 150382

Except gay and trans people will ALWAYS BE the minority because that's how it is population wise. There are more heterosexual people out there just be default. I forgot the exact number, but I believe it was less than 10% of the population is actually gay in the world, which is why people should stop bothering gay people. They don't have an impact just by being gay and are not harming anyone.

No. 150384

As a lesbian since I was (born) but came out at 15, this is true. Lesbians are usually asked "Have you ever been with a guy? How does that work? Don't you miss sex with a guy?"

it's awful.

No. 150387

This was meant for this post >>150365

No. 150391

File: 1438632496894.png (41.94 KB, 452x524, Screenshot_2015-08-03-16-36-31…)

Dumping some general stupidity.

No. 150397

Holyshit!!! Who is the hell is that ungrateful? I would troll this bitch forever if she said that to me. "Thanks for your money, but you could have sent me more. Geez."

No. 150398

File: 1438632704344.png (43.78 KB, 453x567, Screenshot_2015-08-03-16-50-03…)


No. 150399

NYC here… major soda brands are always on sale for $1. i live in a pretty mixed income area and surprised to see all kinds of people buy it. whether its a mom on foodstamps with 5 kids or a fit young couple out of the gym, i see a lot of soda buying.

No. 150403

The reason this pisses me off so much is because it's that who 'poc get a special pass' thing on tumblr. Why do they always do this? I'm Irish and I dont feel like i'm supposed to feel like shit just because i cannot help what race or ethnicity i was born into… yeesh.

No. 150404

File: 1438632929524.png (30.58 KB, 453x311, Screenshot_2015-08-03-16-36-51…)

Because parents telling you to study or get a job and stop wasting your life is abusive and manipulative in tumblr's own words…

No. 150405

Yeah, I live in NYC too and I only see the really ghetto people buying soda while the fit people dont. I dont know. Let's just fucking agree that everyone in the world probably buys soda but only a certain amount of people really drink it. Or– who cares? this discussion is getting the thread derailed.

No. 150408


Half the kids on tumblr all claim they're 'depressed' and they're usually social outcasts anyway. I met one once, way back girl I was speaking to in person and fuck me. She was just tumblr and typical nerd. It was depressing.

Take no notice of this shit

No. 150412

It pisses me off because people in actual horribly abusive situations get looked over because teens on tumblr are crying about their parents not understanding their otherkin self and how they're suddenly trans for no reason even though are still in princess frills.

No. 150415


It's because whites have always been deemed at the best race so tumblr has to make it out like white is shit yet says that they're 'equal' lel

blacks complain when white do that shit to them but its okay for pro blacks to go "well white wimmin do it too" and "well white ppl"

its like ffs stop bringing up race, its obv most blacks haven't let the 50s and slavery go

this is coming from a mixed half black half white btw

and before the blacks come to attack me.. NO I DO NOT GET A PASS FOR BEING HALF WHITE

No. 150418


It's true, I agree. It's like in the workplace, those people who go "well i have depression because ______________ (????) and I need 484834 weeks off work" or "I have anxiety and need time off" and you cant get touched. It's like people who are generally suffering, actually suffering of a illness are ignored and fuckers like that are "felt sorry for".

Bet you, every lolcow on here has said "im depressedddd" or "i have anxietyyy" it annoys me.

I remember when Zoella made that video (youtuber with millions of subscribers, annoying british girl) she was crying in it going "It just gets so so hard… omg the pressure of these videos… I love you all… but my anxiety!!!"

People were calling her out of it but as usual the asslickers who would buy zoey's used tampons if they could had to just crawl out somewhere and defend her.

Pfft anxiety my ass, zoella lives the life of fucking cleopatra.

No. 150419

>bawwww my mom forbid me to use computer until i fix my grades
>abuse bawwww bawwww

Wasn't there a similar post on tumblr with tons of notes? Something like "Denying your child access to internet until they fix they grades is abusive because they need a safe place aka tumblr to hide from the evil white man world".

No. 150420

yea i cant speak for your situation but i feel like POC will be picky regarding mixed POC, which sucks… i feel like if you ever voiced what you just said, they would claim you are passing as white, you are just as bad as whites, etc
meanwhile other mixed POC get ass pats all day

No. 150423

actual depressed/mentally ill people might be so confused and ashamed and afraid to speak up at work
meanwhile these people and MUH RIGHTS

No. 150428

Makes me sad. We focus so much on race … And i hate when people blame others who obviously had nothing to do with their grandparents and great grandparents and 5+ generations ago. Just stop it. I'm 24 and being Irish doesnt make me responsible for your slavery back in 1950s or during the Christopher columbus days.

No. 150429


I'm just saying it how it is tho, it gets annoying.

No. 150431


Ano lol

It's like fuck off with your rights and go elsewhere, be 'depressed' over there instead pfft

No. 150438


mixed-chan here again

Mmmm, I agree. It's a new mentality now, people know it's wrong, whites know its wrong. There is still racists out there obv, probs never die out but fuck the racists.

It does get irritating how… blacks just have to question themselves, their race over dumb shit "can i go europe if im black?" "can I take a piss if im black tho?" "can i blow my nose if im black?" like jesus christ just do it. Stop questioning if you can do this, go there, be that, fucking do it already. That's how they keep making race a big deal, always dragging race into it.

I was never affected by this shit until I started high school (ghetto af) and thus being brought up in a white household/primary school, high school black people never shut the fuck up about them being black. It's like, you're black want a medal?

Blacks made me question being mixed tbh at one point. I had this toxic bitch 'friend' and she used to always point out me being mixed like "well it dusn't apply to u cos u mixed" and always had an attitude, always said "white boiii" or "yeah well shes white so obv" and "ur mixed tho so teachers like u better".

This shit on a daily basis… I don't know how I didn't go mental.

No. 150442


You know what is sad though. I had music class with her and music teacher was black, not facesty rude type. But he was humble and nice.

Year 11 (last year of high school here in UK) he said to me when she wasn't around "You going to the same college as her?" and I said "No" because honestly, I didn't want to be around her ass anymore. He smiled and said "Good, I don't blame you. You don't need to be hanging around 'ones' like her."

If I ever see him again, I'll tell him "You were right as fuck sir."

No. 150443

It's just so shitty in general to judge someone over something they have no control over. What ever happened to judge someone by the context of their character like good old Martin Luther King jr? They love to quote him, but never apply his views of equality.

No. 150452

I agree with MLKJ about a lot of things. I don't 'hate' black people at all. I love the hair, I love the origins where some blacks are from, the colour, there is nothing wrong with being black. It's the people of today.

Luther would turn in his grave if he could see what they were all like now.

He wouldn't agree with it.

No. 150468

What the fuck is "cis" ?

No. 150476

tumblrinas hate it because cis is like the gender you're born into

idk its dumb

cis offends trannies

No. 150501

how cute, you came to defend yourself and no one noticed.

No. 150504

enables this…? you mean disgusting men didnt post their nudes online before tumblr? well color me surprised

No. 150505

putting on makeup is instant, losing weight is not. the least fatties could do is try to look attractive with makeup.

No. 150509

posts like this just shit on bi and het women anyway, so how is it progressive

No. 150521

File: 1438638368772.png (20.8 KB, 554x94, Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 5.45…)

not straight from tumblr but might as well be

No. 150523

lmao enjoy your diptheria, whoever wrote that
oh but wait i'm sure you'll use that as another example of your oppreshun

No. 150526

exactly I was expecting to comment how retarded the person who posted it was because trafficking is horrible

No. 150531

I'm not in their situation but I don't like capitalism because of the fact that the majority don't have the opportunity to profit to nearly the same extent as the rich

it's crazy to me that someone who earned a phD or 2 and has a "great" job earns as little as 1/100th of what a celeb with no skills does just because of that celebs face

No. 150535


No. 150537

tumblr is pretty pro-vaccine actually

No. 150541

Rofl! Really? I love being a woman. That's so hilarious that me enjoying my original sex and gender is oppressing to trans people.

No. 150543

Fatties will never be attractive and no amount of makeup can help their rolls and cellulite.

No. 150544

Liar, I live in nyc and its always fat blogs visiting from the midwest that come into restaurants and stores requesting their 20 oz sodas to guzzle down

No. 150546

Yeah, I work in a touristy area and it's a lot of fat mid westerns. Most people who guzzle down soda like it's water are the super poor and stupid people who think actual water and unsweetened tea is 'gross.'

No. 150624

File: 1438646680701.png (82.62 KB, 478x635, Screenshot_2015-08-03-20-19-24…)

No. 150625

File: 1438646745310.png (41.39 KB, 480x407, Screenshot_2015-08-03-20-15-06…)

Visiting the 'shitty parents' tag now…

No. 150627

do people every once consider their parents are humans to and have their own shit in life
> inb4 they should be having kids
meh lots of people shouldnt be parents but no one really knows that til they try…

No. 150629

File: 1438646944693.png (103.51 KB, 457x689, Screenshot_2015-08-03-20-10-42…)

This one is related with the Leela what-his-name incident.

No. 150630

i went to an all you cant eat sushi last week but these ameriblobs kept eating tons of fried chinese food and shit

No. 150632

Backpedaling: The post.

No. 150633

yes and when these people do get sick with some crippling disease, they will still somehow blame it on vaccines

No. 150637

File: 1438647487551.png (65.53 KB, 453x504, Screenshot_2015-08-03-20-13-51…)

I just remembered that I forgot to thank my mom that she's still letting me stay on the house and put up with my neet bullshit at 19…

No. 150644

"weh weh my mother doesn't liek mah tacky tattoo! mah birthday is ruined! people are homeless and starving, and i have internet and a warm house, but fuck mah shitty parents!"

No. 150662

I wonder what a lot of these kids consider to be shitty parenting. Your parents hitting you and kicking you out of the house because you didn't clean up your brothers room even though you cleaned up the rest of the house when you're a teen, being called a little whore because you left a sock on the floor at age 9, having everyone in the family make fun of you for years when you're a kid because you're fat and then when you develop an eating disorder get angry at you because it makes you look bad is what I consider shitty parenting, though not the worst.

My friend was sexually abused by her step dad for years and her mom didn't give a fuck. She never once said anything about till once she just completely lost it and it burst out of her. Still despite that, she said her parents could be worse. Do I think she was deluded? Yes. But I think that people who don't really experience real pain are the ones who have the freedom to complain.

I've noticed that even the homeless don't complain as much as these spoiled kids. I remember a few yrs ago my friend and I bought this homeless guy food and he started talking to us about how he was kicked out of his home because his parents didn't agree with his "lifestyle" (being gay). He looked miserable but all he did was relay that and then talk about random things like the view from the park a few mins away and how he liked the smell of rain. No complaints from him.

Yet tumblr tards will go and make a post about how they wanna leave home and live literally anywhere else because their parents oppress them by not calling them xir.

No. 150665

This person sounds like they just turned 18 and getting a HUGE tattoo at that age IS retarded. I got a small piece on my arm and got it removed years later in my late 20s because it was awful. What a spoiled brat

No. 150667

This post pretty much says it all. The real people who have real issues aren't on tumblr whining about it. I hate entitled tumblrtards.

No. 150679

she's right though

No. 150682

I think I might have leukemia

No. 150699

Im gonna go read the shitty parenting tag to help me feel better about myself
Sure everyone resents their parents at some point or another but they are also humans

No. 150706

why.. would they even bother posting anonymously? Surely they would know who they bought something for..
what a dickhead.

No. 150717

Then why was it on their fucking wishlist then? Ungrateful twat wiper

No. 150723

I actually agree with what she posted as well. Your parents dont deserve unconditional love.

No. 150724


Not all parents are good parents though. I've seen a lot of abuse, friends having to hide being gay until they moved out, etc. Some tumblrtards whine about stupid shit, but some parents will fuck you up and not care. I left home at 19 because i couldnt deal with my mom's alcohol abuse. Coming to get her from work in a tab because she was too drunk to ride the metro home alone.

No. 150730


she's been posting the whole time on here. lmao I was waiting for her to officially announce her arrival

No. 150761

A few years ago when that dbz movie came out, battle of the gods, a couple of the anime blogs I was following on tumblr lost their shit because of people shipping mai and trunks after their little skits on the movie

They said it was pretty pedo of her because although she had the body of the child, she was a grown woman in mind and should not have grown attracted to trunks nor tried to establish a relationship with him

So of course I go watch it to see what the big deal was because a lot of people were like "lol dude no wtf are you talking about?"

I had already been very skeptical of shit posted on tumblr prior to this, mainly concerning mental disorders, obesity and feminism (due to the rampant support for rad fems at the time) so while their mislabelling and gaslighting of the situation didn't surprise me, it did make me lose interest in tumblr. I have rarely used tumblr since then.

No. 150785

I feel like the age limit for getting a tattoo should be much higher. There's a few people I know who immediately got dumb tattoos in highly visible places as soon as they could. (One got Pikachu with a hipster moustache drinking tea on her hand and immediately posted on Facebook about how she'll NEVER EVER REGRET IT.) They can't foresee a future where they'll be working in an office or otherwise be expected to look professional.

No. 150797

You're 19, it's perfectly normal. Where I'm from, it's normal for children to live with their parents until they get married. At least she isn't like those Scandinavians who make their children pay rent for living in their own house past 18…

No. 150802

The SMH at the end really convinced me

No. 150809

Well here's the thing, capitalism isn't ideal by any extent but there's never going to be a system where everyone is equal. Simply because you can't pay a cardio-surgeon the same amount you would pay the bin man. There's always going to be idiots who don't know how to handle money and get in a world of debt, and then blame it on THE MAN for KEEPIN THEM DOWN. There's always gonna be politicians who pander to the uneducated masses just to get elected and proceed to leech off of their country under the guise of justice, or freedom, or what have you.

What irks me is that these faggots always get everything handed to them but still have the gall to complain about the SYSTEM. Here in the EU you get SJWs who claim they want more benefits (for everyone! even illegals!), free education and to let in more refugees and economic migrants at the same time. If you disagree you're a cruel, heartless, racist neonazi. 9 times out of ten those SJWs are unemployed students with a mighty whitey complex who know nothing about how the economy works.

No. 150813

Kinda reminds me of that scrapped official live action english adaption where Sailor Mercury has a rocket powered space wheelchair

No. 150817

I don't think everyone should get equal pay, but people who risk their lives to save others or who save the lives of others should be paid more than they are and celebs should be paid less.

No. 150838

Agreed. I had a coworker at my last job who just turned 20 and already had five, huge tattoos on her. they were all hideous and I have no idea how she got so many tats in less than two years time. People are really dumb at 18. they're dumb at 21 as well, but at least 21 makes more sense to put ink on your body.

No. 150840

My thoughts exactly. I dunno what dimension people live in where being 18/19 is TOO OLD to live at home. It costs a lot of fucking money to live on your own, even with a decent paying job. Most teenagers are not even in college or have a good job.

No. 150843

Agreed. Firefighters and police officers should be making more than athletes and celebs. Always.

People who advocate benefits for illegals make me sick. My parents came here from another country, but they did it right. And there should be benefits for people trying to do it right and becoming a citizen. But people who were here for 10+ years sponging off the system and have babies just to stay in the country, refusing to learn english, etc make me sick.

No. 150849

Of course, of course. But there's always going to be people who think they deserve more for doing what they do, confirmation bias and all.

No. 150852

Seriously… when I meet someone in their early 20s who isn't living at home I'm surprised

No. 150855

Oh yeah for sure, but I hate how people who are in the lower or middle class totally support this in the U.S. The middle class is the worst off class because they're not allowed benefits for "earning too much," so they go into debt but somehow remain middle class because of their jobs, yet they're completely for a system that actively works against them.

Idk how many of my friends parents have taken out $100,000 - $200,000 loans to put them through school, saying that in the end it'll pay off. That's not always the case. Unless it was guaranteed I can't see why they would continue to support the rising cost of a degree, the lack of employment opportunities for college students/grads or the promise of a career in the field that they basically indebted themselves into based on their degree choice.

I was fortunate to get a free ride because of how well I did in hs, and although there aren't any guarantees for me, I didn't put in nearly as much of a risk.

No. 150894

File: 1438670274124.png (748.91 KB, 501x764, 1438381551879.png)

No. 150895

good start! they all still look like blow-up dolls unfortunately

No. 150903

lol definitely ruined that

No. 150904

"MLK would roll over in his grave when…"
dumbass who doesn't know anything except the I Have A Dream speech alert.

No. 150905

"what they were all like now"
when you start using "all" to refer to like, an entire population of diverse people consider yourself full blown retarded

No. 150929

File: 1438673237238.png (226.88 KB, 523x508, 1438466213413.png)

>>Do NOT repost my work!
What if I credit you?

No. 150980

medium kek, nicely done

No. 150990

I'm full white and wish I knew more people like you. I had a black "friend" in high school that somehow made herself the token black girl by always bringing up race and dividing herself with racial jokes, both about herself and white people. I don't recall anyone else ever bringing up her race, except in actually positive ways.

No. 150992

Why do you care? Fuck off.

No. 150995

Woo, hostile.
Because anon is white maybe?

No. 150996

I have a group of friends like that. We get together bi-weekly to do movie night and chill. We have two black women in our group and one is super cool and the other is always bringing up racial issues and the room gets tense and quiet. We're made up of an indian woman, a hispanic woman (me) , one greek woman and the two black ladies. It's so awkward because no one ever knows what to say…

Like why.

No. 151009

Its important to her. she probably defines herself or feels like she is defined by her race.

No. 151026

File: 1438680948565.gif (1.94 MB, 235x180, jfc.gif)

This is fucking unreal. Only helps confirm that tumblr is made up of the whiniest, most entitled little shits you'll ever see.

No. 151030

Unrelated but I don't get that part of American culture.
What kind of parent just throws their kid out? If your lump of a son/daughter can't even get a job while they're living at your place, where do you think they'll be when you kick them out? Where will they sleep? What will they eat? Do you want them to be homeless or something? Just why?
The same goes for parents who demand you pay them rent. Money that could be saved for them to move out is being sent straight to your pocket, but you still wonder why they haven't left yet.

No. 151038

File: 1438685205655.png (46.22 KB, 661x563, how not to child.png)

>#child abuse

No. 151039

ew!!! it's like your mom expects you to do what she says when you live in her house and eat her food and depend on her to pay for your therapy and meds!!! that is so fucked up!!! i literally cannot even!! you should start a gofundme!!!!!

No. 151040

>20 years old
>child abuse

No. 151041

File: 1438685859683.png (39.51 KB, 585x487, actuallyautistic.png)

No. 151042

>i know my parents definitely discouraged me from doing a lot of autistic things
So your parents tried to help you act less retarded
and this is abuse

No. 151047

'Dumb bitch'
Well you see, you're 20 and a legal adult in almost all countries.
e what your parents do move the fuck out.
I'm pretty sure there are kids who are actually physically, sexually, or mental abused who would take your place than their most likely shitty lives.♥

No. 151049

> im 20 and should be able to do whatever the fuck i want
I kekd
Once you start talkig like that, it is very clear you are most certainly not mature enough to do whatever the fuck you want

No. 151069


Its scary how these kids will be running the country one day, with that kind of mentality running around. Christ.

At 20 years of age, they should get a fucking job or do something, move out if they don't like it. Simple as.

21 yr old fag here

No. 151071

poosexual: a person/kin/multiple system/anon who finds a huge pleasure in pooping. poosexuals are magazineromantics if they read a magazine while making that sweet, sweet poo. pls don't confuse and oppress by calling them shitsexuals, that's very triggering and problematic. many thanks.

No. 151075

Stay salty, strangers. I only made that one post in this thread after I stumbled across it a couple days after folks were discussing me, quite civilly I might add. Seems like the only people who haven't moved on are you bitter bitches.

No. 151082

But-but ANON we SHOULDN't judge people on their TATTOOS!!!!! THEIR! BODY! THEIR! CHOICE!

#tw: bodyshaming

No. 151084

Obviously you didn't either as you just made this comment. You could have walked away and not even respond to those comments.

No. 151087

File: 1438694277332.png (17.19 KB, 654x70, Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 9.09…)

sorry i keep finding gold thats not on on tumblr but is still so tumblr

"I realized that I was participating in the shitty reality that, for centuries, white people have felt entitled to taking pretty much anything their hearts desire – entire continents, human bodies, land resources, and, yes, whatever cultural trappings of the communities they colonized that were thought to be intriguing at the time."

i really wanna write a reply about this but i also really wanna think it through and write it well.
the act of conquering others deemed inferior was prevalent in most early civilizations, in some way or other.

whites were not more technically or intellectually advanced (hello church stepping on our feet) than some other civilizations at the time.
and no civilization was really rational enough to get over the idea of 'conquering others' - everyone did it!!! whites just succeeded. why you mad? the whole world was engaging in the same behaviors at that time.

No. 151088

>both my parents would react with "he's such a difficult child, overreacting, so childish"

So basically your parents have to be perfect? They're never allowed to express any frustration, at all? I have to agree with other anons about these kids not understanding their parents are humans too.

No. 151090

>"I don't care bout muh haters!!"
>keeps checking thread
>keeps replying

Classic lolcow behaviour.

No. 151102

They're comparing things like slavery to hair styles. Are you fucking kidding me?

Cultures don't exist in a vacuum. People mimic and are inspired by others. That's why cultures that formed in close geographic proximity are much more similar than cultures that formed on opposite sides of the world.

As time goes on, influence bleeds back and forth across populations, and people come up with new ideas. That's why the cultures of today aren't exactly the same as they were in the past. The idea that we should draw an arbitrary line in the sand and say that people are no longer allowed to be influenced by the cultures of others as they are at this very second is dumb as fuck (and reeks of segregation).

Every group "culturally appropriates." Every person does it. We shape ourselves largely by mimicking others. There isn't a god damn thing wrong with that. Culture isn't a finite resource anyway, so whining about it is like a middle school girl whining because another girl is wearing the same hairstyle as her, or a "nerd" whining because a non-autist is wearing a Captain America shirt despite not knowing the character outside of Avengers movies.

And last but not least… Dreadlocks are not a black thing. Africa is incredibly culturally diverse. Some wear dreads, some don't. There's nothing special about it, outside of Rastafari (which has adherents of all races and isn't a closed religion). Not only that, but many cultures, including ~gasp~ EUROPEAN ones have had a proclivity toward that particular hair style at some point.

tl;dr Culture is not sacred, static, or segregated. Dreadlocks are neither confined to, nor omnipresent, in "black" cultures. Comparing cultural appropriation to things like resource theft and slavery is fucking insane.

No. 151107

honestly i feel like more parents than not do this - complain about one kid in front of the other kid.
this person is just grasping for anything that would be an excuse for "why am i fucked up" and "well my behavior is justified because #shittyparenting"

No. 151111

the only time i ever saw anything about cultural appropriation that made sense to me was an asian girl saying that for 'cutlure day' at school, she wore a qi pao and got made fun of while a white girl wearing it was called cute.
yea this stuff happens and yea it sucks but i dont think there needs to be this huge movement about hurrblurrr my culture

No. 151112

if anything, i think instead of banishing people from 'appropriating' elements from another culture, i think we should just try to get assholes to stop degrading others for their culture.
also the only time i ever hear the cries of CA is when a white person does it. never heard of an indian called out for wearing a kimono, or an asian bashed for wearing a sombrero

No. 151117

File: 1438699241562.jpg (85.33 KB, 500x667, tumblr_ngsagaySol1smeghxo1_500…)

Wow that is some shitty placement. What a waste of some of the best space you have, probably would be a bitch to cover too.

No. 151122


TBH overall I think it depends. Like I don't think it's necessarily like 'omg evil whities stealing culture's but I think some things are just distateful like some random americans having a ching chong geisha drinking party or someshit or like a 'mexican drunk sombrero party' it's just weird to me but not like cultural appropriation. I would never do it/seems distasteful to me

No. 151126

Those could have been so much smaller and more discreet. She could've gotten them on her shoulder blade or something.

No. 151133

File: 1438700967759.png (12.03 KB, 676x225, ss (2015-08-04 at 04.09.06).pn…)

I've seen at least four posts with thousands of notes making some "point" over Cecil's death vs black people killed by cops (pic related). I don't get how these things relate to each other at all??

No. 151135

It looks like a half assed doodle made on sharpie

No. 151136

because EVERYTHING is related to white ignorance of black oppression of course

No. 151137

>autistic traits shamed out of me
If the symptoms of your supposed disorder can be "shamed out of you" before ever manifesting, you don't have that disorder. JFC.

No. 151141

That's true look at this text post that had nothing to do with race but someone had to bring it in anyways

No. 151142

File: 1438702336047.png (102.53 KB, 969x810, Screenshot_2015-08-02-21-43-38…)

Dropped pic

No. 151146

jesus christ is that the only thing these people have in their minds? hatred and sadness?
im white. i have white guilt that is so kindly bestowed upon since birth. did i pick this? no! i get that POC suffer and i do feel bad but i also dont want every waking second of my life to b e filled with anger and revolution.

No. 151152

File: 1438702765034.png (28.93 KB, 1116x412, muh race activism.png)

isnt this comment racist as hell in definition? god damn tumblr

No. 151161

File: 1438703471027.png (58.02 KB, 256x256, face-with-tears-of-joy.png)

but "you cant be racist to white people"

No. 151194


never will I understand arbitrary capitalization.

No. 151206

I found that funny tbh
Like the idea of a bunch of girls talking about something completely innocent like wishing they lived in a heavily romanticized version of the 50s or some sci-fi dystopian novel and then someone just chimes in with something racial or class-related and makes everybody really fucking uncomfortable is kekworthy.
>"I love High School Musical"
>"Friendly reminder that the only gay character was treated as a joke and a sidekick. Also there were no Asian people and Miley Cyrus showed up at the end uwu"

No. 151221

Why does she have two Christmas trees?

No. 151240

While I agree with what a lot of people responded to this post, I still think the mom was being really shitty if she is aware that sleeping is helping her daughter/son cope with their mental illness seeing as how they're bothering with paying for their meds and letting them live at home.

I'm saying this because I just wouldn't bother paying for shit if I'm just going to enable this type of behavior.

No. 151242

I completely agree. Though the best argument I have seen against white people wearing dreads is that until black people are not deemed as dirty, ugly, unkempt or drug users for wearing them by whites while simultaneously finding white people who do to be creative and free spirited.

Giving a pass to one group and demeaning another for the very same thing their hair naturally does is messed up. Plus a lot of black people were told they looked unprofessional that way and could not get a job or even attend classes with dreads, hence straightening and damaging their hair as well a the rampant use of wigs that they also get made fun of for.

I get the exasperation, and not wanting anyone other than whites (I've seen them mad at east asians too) wearing them when they can't feel comfortable doing so.

However I think they need to approach it a different way. Cultural appropriation is not the argument to stand by.

No. 151245

Meh, think of it this way, much of the history that's taught them is about their oppression, not their achievements. Honestly when you think about 1950s america and black people, much of what comes up is segregation.

No. 151250

tbh I don't see white people who get dreadlocks leading very successful lives or being looked at as professional, either. It's commonly stereotyped as a "stoner" thing.
I do agree with you, though. That and when Indian people wear bindis, they get bitched at for not "assimilating" or even bullied, but when white peope do it "Oh she's so cultured and spiritual, who are we to try and censor her religion. She's probably more enlightened than us all".
Tbh it's very common in American pop culture for white people to take and gentrify things from other cultures. The word "cover" literally originally meant when a white artist performed a song originally written/performed by a black musician just to make it "acceptable". The fact that white supremacist rock music is even a thing baffles me to this day.

No. 151251

Anon do you still have the link to that post by an chance?

No. 151253

No. 151254

File: 1438712528027.gif (1.76 MB, 380x325, giphy.gif)

> tfw your parents trying to discourage your autism makes you more autistic

No. 151285

I can't handle this gif

No. 151348

Lmao this is true though. I found this pretty funny. What's the problem?

No. 151350

seriously. i see a lot of americans acting grateful for their parents not kicking them out at 19-20, when forcing them into homelessness is not a joke. clearly those are parents who absolutely should not have been parents, if they couldn't raise their kids to be successful, and on top of that, they punish them for it with the threat of homelessness. wtf? and i mean, really, taking money from your own kid that's basically floundering? it's one thing if the kid is raking in 50k and still living at home, but taking money from a 20 year old (assuming the parents aren't broke) that's making 18k a year?

No. 151359

I managed to cringe my way through this sorry excuse of a short film. It reeks of tumblr.

No. 151365


Just watched it… didn't really get it? Like… Are all Americans like this?

No. 151369

Tumblr was actually pretty enjoyable before any of this shit

rip 2010

No. 151372

Too bad. It's a nice tattoo, but yeah, the placement is odd.

No. 151374

Being definied solely by your race when a race related topic isnt even on the table is kind of pathetic. You can be proud of your race/ethnicity without being awkward as hell.

No. 151377

>Pikachu with a stache sipping tea

that is the most tumblr tattoo ever.

No. 151378


am I the only mixed-chan who didn't participate in the 'black out' btw?

i just found it pointless af

and tbh even if i did it'd only piss the pro blacks off with their mohammad ali "we stay black" shit

No. 151379

Yeah I don't get what was wrong with their post. People vent about their family issues here and sound just as whiny.

No. 151381

The fact that they just dragged race into this for no reason. The original text post had nothing to do with race but obviously some self righteous sjw had to bring race into it.

No. 151382

Seriously. If it wasnt for countries sharing culture then Washing DC wouldnt have a cherry blossom viewing festival, as well as other states. I wouldnt be able to get Indian food, Japanese and Vietnamese all in the same 3 mile ratio. We need to be more open. Japan isolated themselves for 600 years and look how that backfired.

No. 151384

I'm so sick of people trying to invalidate one serious topic by going "WELL, IF ONLY WE DID THIS OTHER THING COMPLETELY UNRELATED"

There's a time and place. I agree with the injustice all over the world should be dealt with, however it needs to be taken one step at a time.

Also, fuck that piece of shit lion murderer. I'm glad his life is ruined.

No. 151385

you mean back when tumblr was nothing but harry potter, glee, and gifs of cats and pizza on cosmic backgrounds?

if youre seeing this stuff on tumblr without looking for it, it says more about who you follow than anything else

No. 151386

Or its calling to the attention that people tend to romanticize how great the 50s were?

No. 151388

actually there just needs to be a balancing of sharing/segregating cultures.
after WWII, art/architecture styles across europe became extremely stark because people feared being "other" or showing signs of "culture" would lead to more wars.
on the other hand, we have modern europe being overrun with muslim and african immigrants and yet all these cries of appropriation when white people are literally the minority

No. 151389

jfc. Why do they whine so much about something that isn't even related to the topic??? So annoying.this is why some people roll their eyes now when you bring up black issues– not because they dont matter, but people are tired of having them literally shoved down their throats for no reason.

No. 151390


Tumblr was a happier place back then tbh lmao

No. 151392

basically, allow cultural things, share it but dont shove it in peoples face or on the other extreme, completely pan them from participation

No. 151395

Ummm, of course not. Maybe don't stereotype an entire country?

No. 151396

Nah, not just you. A lot of my black girl friends were really against it. I'm hispanic and I think there was a hispanic ver too and I didn't care for that shit. I am defined solely by my ethnicity.

No. 151397

White Guilt? Shut up.

No. 151398

Argh, I'm scared to even click that.

No. 151402

>white people are literally the minority
/pol/ please

No. 151503

Why must they do this to her

No. 151505

File: 1438730069396.png (214.31 KB, 1044x1005, HELPMEJESUS.png)

No. 151506

File: 1438730094692.jpg (418.86 KB, 1280x1707, 123165463156.jpg)


No. 151508

you can want to go to a 50's-style diner without literally wanting to live in the 50's.
this person was clearly overreacting, but yeah, try to justify harder. jfc.

No. 151509

Some are snowflakes… Yeah yeah, we know.

No. 151510

>I am autistic and I love it

whoop there it is!

No. 151514

And just who the fuck's tumblr is this monstrosity from?

No. 151515

I have so many questions…
How did amanda and chloe hurt you?

No. 151517


I'm 100% ok with parents asking their kids to pay rent after a certain age if they're employed. Both my brother and I moved back home for brief periods after graduating college and our parents asked us to pay $150-200/month to cover the increase in grocery bills and utilities from us living there. No big deal.

No. 151520

White people will actually become a minority in the US in a few decades, Latinos will become the majority
I don't care much though to be honest

No. 151522

The previous anon was talking about Europe.

No. 151524

this has to be a joke

No. 151527

i feel like charging your child rent is counter productive when you need them to save up enough money to move out. anon said taking money from a 20 year old making only 18k a year is shitty.

No. 151537

It's fanart from Homestuck…
Too much cringe to explain the bodily fluids thing…
But honestly, the genitalia is a fanon thing, like is not even discussed anywhere in the comic or outside it, yet the fandom created this… Bad Dragon fantasy bullshit to fill in the blanks about the aliens sexual organs…

No. 151540

imho, it's only ok if they can't afford to pay for them. charging them when they're trying to build their future is pretty selfish.

No. 151547

white privilege in action

No. 151548

Oh gotcha. Yeah the Eurabia thing is definitely a myth but I think even the current percentage of Muslims is too high for some people

No. 151562

>Made in Toronto, produced at Ryerson Universty.

So, no. I guess.

No. 151567

As a white person, I can confirm that white people with dreads are absolute trash-people. And white girls with bindis? Oh come on now, that's just disrespectful.

No. 151571

Bindis are just a fashion accessory for most people from India tho, they even make you wear them when you are foreign.

No. 151573

File: 1438735337251.gif (497.43 KB, 400x297, uh huh.gif)

No. 151576

Did I hurt your feelings? Sorry you dropped out of art school.

No. 151579

ooh, good one. you'll make it to 100 tumblr followers in no time

No. 151588

wat does this even mean

No. 151622

File: 1438739041129.jpg (50.5 KB, 825x172, 21254151.jpg)

No. 151631

are these people incapable of maturing past the age of 10 or what

No. 151636

going by the 'don't call me Amanda under any circumstances or I'll meltdown' thing its name was probably Amanda before it decided it was a videogame character and Chloe was probably just someone who made fun of it in school for thinking it was a videogame character

No. 151639

I can't wait. Start making your tumblr blogs now. All those latinos best be preparing to check their privilege.

No. 151646

File: 1438741907144.jpg (30.33 KB, 350x614, triggered-.jpg)


Kinda relevant
Not like there's not a bunch of these

No. 151647

>one of the characters is named wasabi
Wow that's fucking stupid

No. 151665

File: 1438745856611.jpg (350.89 KB, 640x480, America-kun-England-hetalia-co…)

googled it, and this is what these characters are supposed to look like in the series
how do you fuck up a character design so badly

No. 151670

it's supposed to be a nickname

No. 151679

In all honesty, if asked they could say it was 2p!Fem!England(who wouldn't be fat) and 2p!America (who isn't that dark, but whatever floats their boat).
But at first glance, you wouldn't think it was the same show.

No. 151707

but who said anything about being proud? When you're defined solely by that one characteristic it's demeaning, thats why I said it's probably important to her because of the fact that she feels she shouldn't be identified/identify herself that way

No. 151711

Idk why people are mad at that probability considering Latinos are an ethnicity, which means they can be made up of any race, including white people.

>inb4 they'll all be mexican

No. 151729

they won't agree. it's still possible for power to belong to a minority.

No. 151776

You guys are so deep in this shit.

No. 151803

I apologize if I misunderstood. I was saying that she only brings up black related topics when we're not doing anything related to it. like watching a sci fi movie or something. it's kind of random and annoying.

No. 151804

Oh fucking no.
I refuse to call anyone 'they/them'

No. 151805

I'm not learning spanish though.

No. 151806

Yeah, I feel the same way.

No. 151812

Are you that autist that made a whole thread complaining about they/them?
It's commonly accepted in modern use of the English language. Deal with it, or go back in time and get stoned to death for talking nonsense when you don't speaketh like thine.

No. 151813

I'm not that anon, but I am going to call someone a he or she and nothing else.

No. 151815

Please go back to tumblr.

No. 151823

It has nothing to do with Tumblr. When you don't know someone's gender, you refer to them as "they" or "them". It's quicker and more conveniety than "she or he".
This has been a thing since before you were even alive and no one with half a brain is going to go full sperg over it because of some retards on the internet.

No. 151834

apparently white people or cops or w/etf they're whinging about, lure black people out of their homes & murder them?

No. 151841

This. The tumblrites who do this usually think that "they can always get rid of it it" without considering how it's fucking under your permanent skin layer and removing it isn't like shaving or clipping your nails. I know a girl who immediately after turning 18 got like 5 huge tumblrcore tattoos (Pastel coloured edgy my little ponies/sailor moon references, 90's memorabilia etc) around visible parts of her body. She's one of those people who jump from fad to fad so I know she's going to regret it like hell.

No. 151848

Thank you and don't worry. I actually thought I know this person but I don't. Luckily.

No. 151852

Motherfucking this shit right here. I see posts begging for donations from spoiled kids that claim to being abused by their parents and how their family is so shitty and threatening. All the time doing this while comfortably blogging from their expensive laptops and smartphones and buying new clothes and materials, all sponsored by their ~abusive, shitty parents~. I've seen tumblrite kids claim that their parents are "threatening to kick them out for being trans" while in reality they've made a scene about their snowflake gender, threw a spoiled hissy fit at their parents for not understanding the dozen tumblr concepts they want to apply to their lives and got told that this kind of childish behavior is not tolerated in their household.

I know a girl (or whatever genderfluid bullshit they claim to be now) who used to be in really close terms with their family and loved them to bits and always talked about how family means everything to them, but right after joining the Tumblr cult her parents are suddenly "abusive" and "they don't understand" and "I'm crying all the time my home isn't where my blood-related family is!!!!". Her parents obviously just don't support her selfish behavior or unrealistic plans or refuse to pay for her luxury needs due to money problems. But they DO pay for her psychologist and other bills so this just makes her an ungrateful brat. I'm waiting for these kids to grow up and have a taste of the real world.

No. 151853

This is just shitty behavior. Taking someone else's creation and turning it into your own SJW agenda is bullshit. I also hate how people keep on insisting that tomboy characters like Makoto are trans because that just implies that women can't be butch without wanting to be a man. Good job on breaking those gender roles assholes.

No. 151855

why you mad that people can be inspired by other people's work and want to make it multicultural?

a million people can do their own renditions of art with it clearly being inspiration, not copying, but you're going to be pissed because somebody wanted to depict the sailor scouts in various races and it's become a "SJW agenda"

I bet if somebody did this 5 years ago none of you people would be lighting your asses on fire over it

No. 151856

I guess somebody just found out their shitty art has been posted here.

No. 151870

File: 1438766657468.gif (1.94 MB, 230x175, 1420758909493.gif)

>yes, the literal actual moon, currently in orbit around the earth. i am the moon.

No. 151872

I had to read the replies to understand where the hell are these trying to be from. Fucking disgusting.

Because it's the ~true, non-falsified beauty that we seek with our art but of course a pleb like you just doesn't understand the appeal of inner beauty~. They also think that they're being really fucking original with it but I keep confusing all the billion tumblr artists with each other since they all have the same damn style and aesthetics.

No. 151874

The fuck is 2p! ?

No. 151877

Creator made some designs, I think was Nyotalia, that was based on the 2player fighter games* 2nd player design for a character. Fans ran with it.

No. 152017

This is one of the most Tumblr things I have ever seen.

No. 152028

Every character in this shitpile is a tumblr stereotype

No. 152039

I feel really bad about assuming every trans person was manipulated by tumblr shit into it. There was a really cute girl on yt (had also a blogspot on her interest in fashion) and she slowly changed into a mentally fucked up fattie. And then… "call me by my male name now pls, my parents refuse though and my bf left me". As soon I spotted the tumblr link, it made more sense.

No. 152046

This girl is a dumb piece of shit and has an extremely annoying voice.

No. 152051

>I'm a huge Dangan Ronpa fag and I remember when it was big on Tumblr and there were countless arguments about Chihiro being trans, shit was annoying

Oh my fucking god it was horrifying. Chihiro wanted to be more manly, that's the fucking reason he asked Mondo to help him out with the gym equipment. He dressed up as a girl to avoid being bullied for being so frail and meek for a boy. I honestly doubt any of the tumblrinas actually played the game or got to know his character outside of stupid fanart.

No. 152053

Tumblr has made me develop a psychological condition that makes me mad and annoyed every time I see galaxy images.

No. 152054

I never buy that shit. Their stories about the "abuse" are always incredibly vague and obviously fabricated. The money will most likely go into "comfort items" like overpriced etsy crap, stupid print shirts and new wigs their "abusive" parents refused to buy.

No. 152055

File: 1438792775141.jpg (26.13 KB, 441x411, 1645856243.jpg)

The only reason I think Sheik is a guy because I love me some hot yaoiz with Link cuz ganondorf sure ain't gonna deliver

No. 152058


No. 152062

File: 1438793963776.png (45.72 KB, 480x511, Screenshot_2015-08-03-21-35-59…)

Dumping my finds while I browse the tags

No. 152063

File: 1438794016095.png (80.24 KB, 480x692, Screenshot_2015-08-03-21-23-58…)

No. 152066

"Why do my parents care about me???? IT'S SO UNFAIR!!!!1!"

No. 152079

don't care about the bindis but the white people with dreads tend to be really gross and unwashed stoner types

No. 152104

I went to a con recently, someone in AA was selling a pin that said "Ask me for my pronouns"
Completely sold out

No. 152125

exactly, so why are black people complaining "you white people can have dreads and not be chastised"
um, dreads make white people look 'quirky and unique' but also like idiots so theres that

No. 152128

File: 1438802523535.gif (354.05 KB, 420x237, trying-not-to-laugh.gif)

>overdose on tylenol

No. 152135


fuck lol

I did this as a teen and all it did was cause a severe headache that had me in the fetal position, sobbbing, for 8 hours.

0/10 did not die

No. 152157

Reposting this from the HAES thread

No. 152162

File: 1438806250354.gif (487.05 KB, 500x278, tumblr_lomex5BJvy1qzb34u.gif)

>tumblrina on august 20th

No. 152164

File: 1438806408892.png (77.95 KB, 524x496, no.PNG)

I- nvm

No. 152170

File: 1438806848035.jpg (164.61 KB, 1920x1080, 1428446284826.jpg)

>hooks up with cutie
>next morn
>hey anon you wanna have lunch sometime?
>sorry, I'm fray-sexual…my attraction to you has faded plz leave.

No. 152172

The sad thing is that they do live in the real world (and I don't mean that in a philosophical way where your experiences determine what your idea of reality is) because they interact with other people who either support or condemn their ideas. They have the privilege of interacting with people who will tell them only what they want to hear, which is unrealistic of what the rest of the world is like, basically removing them from reality like you said.

They seclude themselves to these online fantasy worlds where they're encouraged to be more and more unlike themselves, while also being convinced that this is who they were their entire lives. Then when they begin to interact with people who actually know them and find these changes absurd, they freak out. It reminds me of that quote, "tell me who your friends are and I'll tell you who you are". If the majority of your friends are online, have mulptiple mental disorders, all have been abused, etc. then of course you're going to want to identify with that if you're someone looking for acceptance or support for whatever melodrama you're experiencing in real life.

I've seen those posts on tumblr where people say "blah blah blah my teacher/parent/friend doesn't think that ______ is a real thing! Can you believe that? Reblog or like so that I can show them!!!"

Lol those polls (and I'm being generous/incorrect by calling it that) don't mean shit, but it's a way for them to try and lord it over people within their real life circles and others who disagree that they're right. Even if its over something as stupid as enforcing all genders to share the same bathroom.

No. 152174

T-the last two are literally bisexual.
The last two are the same thing, just leant on more attraction.
I am CONVINCED, self awareness or not, that these kids are doing more harm to the LGBT groups.
They are literally saying most people can pick or choose a sexuality because they're literally making them up on basic human emotions and actions.
They are literally saying being lgbt is a straight up choice you can choose to wear like condoms, and then get offended if people in the real world tell them, "Then can you stop being gay?"

I am happy these people are the minority, but hearing that there are professors that teach this has me slight worried because we'll have these students as co-leaders in this world if people who don't agree with this shit don't speak up over them.

No. 152193

This kind of stuff makes a mockery out of the LGBT community. Like how can someone say they fall under any of this and support us? I just don't get it.

No. 152200

File: 1438809974381.png (66.15 KB, 480x761, Screenshot_2015-08-05-14-42-51…)

This girl is a gold mine, check this shit out

No. 152203

File: 1438810173842.png (40.44 KB, 480x374, Screenshot_2015-08-05-14-42-00…)

Her pronouns are sol/sold/solself or something

No. 152204

File: 1438810299684.png (89.03 KB, 324x266, quartzalmighty.png)

Right!?? Ugh, I'm so glad tumblr has moved on, but Steven Universe is taking the heat full force

No. 152213

File: 1438811474729.png (43.36 KB, 449x387, Screenshot_2015-08-05-18-33-45…)

No. 152216

Holy shit this chick >>148053 is still alive

No. 152218

OT, but is aromantic a snowflake orientation?

No. 152223

theres way worse
its called mahourprince
one of the gods

No. 152231

Random question: Why do they write '#ableism tw' instead of just '#ableism' do people actually write the 'tw' after the word on their blacklist? Because if they don't they're still going to see the post ffs.

No. 152235

Haha, Mahou prince is so much laughing material. She doesn't post too much on IG, but she's the most hilarious trendy trans person I've seen in a while. Literally a pile of pastel vomit and layered make up, but DONT CALL ME A GURL!!!

No. 152236

If you hear it from tumblr on a human context then yes it is.
That term only applies to animals, since they're incapable of developing romantic feelings, just sexual urges in order to mate and it quickly fades once it's done.

No. 152237

Haha. same. If you look at Sheik's concept art, it's male anatomy. Zelda using some damn fine magic to change her sex. Love it.

No. 152238

TW = Trigger Warning.

No. 152239

I'm glad they're over DR fandom, because I love those games so much. And agreed, i doubt they even played them. Tumblrinas are the epitome of people who walk into the end of a conversation and think they know both sides.

No. 152240

they're asking if people who use the blacklist actually put 'ableism tw' or just 'ableism'. since if it's just 'ableism' they should still see posts tagged 'ableism tw'

No. 152241

It's sad but I have yet to meet a trans person who isn't tumblr trendy.

No. 152242

As far as I know, it depends on how you configure the blacklist, but some can filter every single mention of a word or whatever, even if it's not tagged at all

No. 152243

It's not though… It only penetrates the first 4 layers of skin and your skin sheds a lot, so it is kind of like shaving it off, even though there will be a mark depending on the method you do it. Also, tattoo removal is a HUGE business now, so you can go to recommended doctors to get it done professionally. It isn't a huge deal if it isn't a HUGE COLORED tattoo or anything or huge all black and gray. It just cost a lot.

No. 152245

Pardon, but what the crap is cisphobic?

No. 152247

what about animals that mate for life/a long time?

yeah I think she changes eye color too which is why I always assumed it was possible she could magically change into a man to disguise herself, doesn't make sheik a different person tho.

No. 152248

Abro = bi
Akoi = shy
Apothi = Asexual
Autochoris = Asexual
Cetero = idfk
Cupio = Asexual
Demi = Thats a preference not a sexuality
Fray = Asshole
Gray = Kind of Asexual but not
Placio = A giver but not a receiver
Poly = Bi
Quoi = Asexual or Bi
Recipro = Preference
Requies = Asexual

The last two are bi but with a preference

No. 152249

THE LAST TWO BULLSHIT NAMES ARE CALLED BISEXUAL. I hate tumblr so much. holy shit. I've been a gay woman alive on this planet for 29 years and I never been embarrassed so much. How does this exist? there really are so few sexual orientations. this is like a bloody encyclopedia

No. 152250

No. 152252

transTrenders trying to fight fire with gasoline on the hate game ("Uugh normal people are so gross, we need more trans people!"

No. 152253

It makes me sad because you're right, it is doing SO MUCH more harm than good. It really is like saying you can choose to be gay, heterosexual or bisexual when you can't. They're making up trendy terms to try to justify that one time you thought a girl was cute as a straight woman or guy as a straight male but got over it, because someone people just aren't gay. It's how it goes.

I hate these terms. I will never acknowledge them. And I hate these pieces of shit who never suffered in their lives to try to wedge themselves into the LGBT group and everything we've been fighting for.

No. 152254

It's like being transphobic, but to people who are okay in their biological body.
I personally find it strange as it is the majority of earth 's population. But whatever floats their boat. (But I can actually see how someone can become cisphobic if they're actually trans, and they got attacked on a number of occasions by cispeople.)

Oh okay, I see…I guess, and yeah, this is what I meant:>>152240

No. 152256

>Not white
…well, that's rude.

No. 152258

Ok. they can fuck off. I'm a gay woman and I love being woman. Are they seriously saying they hate 92% of the population? or even more.. trans make up even less percentage of the world than gay people do, so what the actual fuck. I want to punch these idiots in the face really.

No. 152259

File: 1438813745588.jpg (54.89 KB, 600x600, CEiuBlbWMAAgyLk.jpg)

Hahaha, yeah…
And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

No. 152260

best of all?? She's mixed Irish

No. 152262

File: 1438813921958.jpg (41.49 KB, 600x675, CBZ7lf_VIAAfJUV.jpg)

Yep. they're just that hardcore…

No. 152274

Fuck this shit. FUCK THIS SHIT. When I was a wee sapling I was told to grow up as fast as I could. No make-believe, no costumes, no toys, no imagination. I wasn't even 10 years old. And now these guys get to be whatever the fuck they want to and get praised for it and held to a certain standard because "MUH SPESHUL" "MUH OPPRESD"
No, this makes me so fucking mad.

No. 152279

True fear.

No. 152280

When you're an adult, you can do whatever the hell you want in the privacy of your home. Also, no one outside tumblr would ever praise them. A real job or career would laugh at them.

No. 152283

these tumblr whales are autismo, but you can't blame them for your crappy childhood.

No. 152284

File: 1438815299469.jpg (33.75 KB, 400x357, saphireruby.jpg)

I also remember when there was a shitstorm over Sapphire and Ruby , one side of tumblr was arguing that they were gay and the other was the "non-binary' side of tumblr saying how yeah lesbians need representation but non-binary people are important too and they really need this!!!1!!! I mean I get that the gems don't necessarily have a gender but c'mon

>Personally, I like to think they're qt lesbians but that's probably because I'm a huge gay myself

No. 152287

The whole Ruby and Sapphire shit ruined Garnet for me
Before Jailbreak I was like "oh, cool" in reaction to the fan theory of Garnet being a fusion, but because of this and Alone Together, it's made the show take a weird metaphoric direction that has made the whole concept of fusion into this awkward sexual thing
Honestly I'm just looking forward to more lore and Lars n Sadie episodes, specifically Lars

No. 152290

Agreed. And the fusion dances are all pretty…sexual now. But tumblr thinks it's fine that protagonists in a kids show basically grind on each other because muh representation. And Rebecca Sugar is fucking gross anyway.

No. 152296

C'mon now, Rebecca Sugar really isn't that gross if you consider drawing porn of cartoon characers to be bad
I still like the show, it's just that now I hate Garnet as a character because the fact that she's a fusion devalues her, plus the weird metaphoric shi i mentioned above

No. 152301

Not even the porn thing (although that was gross) but she's just super tumblr and you can tell she's catering to that crowd as much as she can.

No. 152308

In all honesty, if it's going to focus on relationships and muh reprisuntation, y'know stuff that kids who don't have Tumblresque don't care about, they could just move it to Adult Swim. That way they can say all the bad sjw buzzwords their hearts desire.
And you know, non binary sex scenes.

No. 152312

File: 1438818203695.png (167.99 KB, 541x483, FD.png)

No. 152313

Of course she's catering to tumblr, it's too easy.

No. 152314

what is going on

No. 152324

They're on constant panic attacks so they smash the keyboard for you to feel their struggle
(which it kind of works, my head hurts by just trying to read that shit)

No. 152327

Im pretty sure, whether its here or tumblr i cant remember, i remember people with actual anxiety discussing the fact that amidst an attack, they cant type AT ALL nor do they want to. Because broadcasting their fear and worry over the internet is the least of their worries

No. 152329

File: 1438820439876.png (273.52 KB, 500x372, Rebecca Sugar Before and After…)


her transformation is almost complete.

No. 152331

…Mister Sugar?
But why?

No. 152332

And at the end of the day,
And evolutionarily,
It's not normal.
It's just not.

No. 152334

File: 1438820928589.gif (4.91 MB, 1024x768, galaxy.gif)

Let the Tumblr overcome you…

No. 152335

Of course!!!!! Of course. Tumblr must be gaga for this shit.
That reminds me i see a lot if kids deseiption like "struggling to find out who i am" guess what, a lot of us do that, but dont usually drag our gender, a major fiber of existence, into the questioning

No. 152341

How the minds of tumblr users work
>Hey, trans people are getting a lot of attention
>Being trans is obviously cool and a good way to be a "victim" of "oppression"
>Don't want to actually go through the time/money/pain of counseling, shots and surgery
>Just call myself genderqueer and occasionally wear clothes associated with opposite sex
>Genderqueer and genderfluid becoming too popular
>Make up 50000 other genders
>Everyone is an oppressed special snowflake

No. 152351

Yep, I remember during the whole Jun (euthanizeallwhitepeople) thing with Jasmine and both saying that they were both being triggered into panic attacks while having a normal conversation… well as normal a convo as being a tumblr tard lets you have.

Fuck thinking back on it those two were the epitome of what having a tumblr delusion looks like. I wish I could find that long convo Jasmine left as proof that Jun abused her by writing in caps at her.

No. 152433

Fuck worthless bitches who think like that.

No. 152466

She is one unfortunate looking woman

No. 152467

Exactly. Everyone goes through the "I dont know who i am" as a teenage, but changing sexes and changes and making up trendy ass terms doesn't make fucking sense. They need to stop that bullshit.

No. 152597

My best friend is a trans who started his transition way before Tumblr came to be and he fucking hates these transtrender cunts. They basically spread false information about the transitioning process and health effects while making a joke out of the whole thing. They treat being trans like some stupid fashionable 3rd gender when in reality if you're trans, you're aiming to be THE OPPOSITE SEX. Not some weird in-between abomination.

No. 152598

She's not a super SJW, at least not as much as her crew who work on the show
She's not a lolcow

No. 152607

that bitch on the right ain't rebecca sugar though
where the fuck is all his rReebecca Sugar hate coming from

No. 152623

Let me expain "gender" in regards to tumblr.
Gender is a social construct. This is true and can be demonstrated by cultures with more than the binary throughout history and within various animal species. But they have created their own micro-society where gender is:
A woman is someone who is very feminine, want to be a housewife, wear dresses all of the time, etc.
A man is masculine and does traditionally "manly" things.
If you aren't one of those extremes, you are somewhere in the middle and "non-binary". Genderfluidity is when your mood changes and some days you feel varying degrees of masculine/feminine/not giving a fuck-ness.
As can be seen in this example:
There are many people who are like this… womb-man (for lack of better wording). I myself was told by the tumblr gender police that I should "stop feeling so attached to the word "woman", because you aren't feminine enough to be one".

The funny thing is that even all of the non-binary cultures they use as examples would be deemed totally misogynistic and sexist by them. In India, transwomen cannot legally tradition - the best they can be is "Hijra". Hijra are outcast from communities and have to resort to prostitution and threatening people to make money. They live as women but are not regarded as women because they are male. Coming from a white person this would be totally transphobic, but to the tumblr kids it is ok because it is PoC celebrating their culture.
Tumblrtards love to romanticise the idea of multiple genders but they all come from sexist societies where those alternate-gendered people are often looked down upon and everyone has to stick to a very specific role. This used to be the case for people in the west as well, but we fought against it (womens rights movement, MRA, etc) because as anyone living in one of those societies where roles are VERY firm, it sucks ass.

No. 152643

Woah, source to the weird grinding thing? I really hate the sexual stuff being forced on kids too. Kids don't need to know about sexual consent at that age. They don't need to know about sex period. I think we all did fine with "if a stranger touches you bad, that's no good". I have no idea why they'd play up awkward lesbian sex dances for kids.

No. 152654

Reminds me of this "genderless" tumblrite girl that I came across, she drew a "comparison" picture of herself and a "woman". The woman was obviously portrayed as a blonde, face full of makeup, short skirt, heels etc. And she was the "baggy jeans wearing t-shirt strutting short-haired slacker" who was TOTALLY NOT A WOMAN. It's a prime example of how sexist tumblrites are in all their progressiveness. If you don't fit the stereotype 100%, you can't be a member of that gender group. The same goes for them trying to claim that any even slightly masculine female character is trans or genderqueer or any feminine male character is a transgirl. Nobody fits the gender stereotype perfectly, everyone has some quirks that don't fit the perfect female/male model. But according to Tumblr, that only means that 80% of the world population are trans desu~ uwu

This is a lot like the bisexual fad of the early 2000's that still stigmatized bisexuals as being in it for the attention. A lot of bi people have started calling themselves pan to avoid the tainted image attached to themselves.

But anyway, unlike the bisexual fad this is a lot worse since the kids are actually trying to get into HRT and SRS, and of course damaging their psyche by getting deeper and deeper into the self-loathing. I've seen girls start hating their feminine parts and blame them for everything wrong with their life, causing more anxiety upon themselves. They mess up their whole self-image and legally change their name to take it further and then bitch about "gatekeeper doctors" who tell them they're not stable enough to be diagnosed as transgendered. They spread tips on how to cheat your doctor to pass as trans which is the most fucked up thing of all. They share the things to say to seem MORE trans to get the diagnosis like over-emphasize the anxiety it gives you, choices of words, everything like that. It's actually really damaging to the trans community.

No. 152656

>tfw as a teen you were convinced you were trans by tumblr idiocy but as an adult you realize you're actually not trans at all except you've already had your breasts removed and are covered in body hair

No. 152660

Woah, I'm sorry you went through that, anon. What's your story? I'm really tomboyish and never clicked with traditional femininity, so I've thought about being trans a lot in the past. I really sympathize falling for that kind of thing. I nearly did too, but it was pre-tumblr and trans was, surprisingly, a pretty unspoken of subject. By the time the fuss all started, I had been long over it all and embracing my part of my feminine side.

No. 152662

oops, *embracing some of my feminine side.

No. 152672

This is actually a common thing among transpeople which is why the qualifications for full transitioning are so strict and carefully monitored. A lot of trans suicides come from realizing that this isn't what you wanted at all and after some point full detransitioning isn't possible anymore. Testosterone lowers your voice permanently, causes hair loss and body hair growth that can't be stopped once it begins. Breasts don't grow back.

But no, the 19-year old tumblrites think it's just the greedy evil transphobic doctors wanting them to suffer forever. They never stop to think for a second that you can't be a sugoi k-pop idol wannabe or a cute hipster guy in their 20's forever. Usually they grow out of it, but if you're completely detached from reality you might go as far as get mastectomy and hormone shots at age 20, then regret it after realizing you can't just eat a magic pill and turn back. It's been proven by studies that gender dysphoria is a biological syndrome caused by abnormalities in your brain structure and it needs medical treatment, e.g. correcting your body to the right gender, but these assholes claim it's a fashion or an ideology. They're basically turning science back tens of years. It's like saying that being gay is a choice.

These tumblr kids just remind me of all the fetishist transvestite guys who like to wear female underwear and heels because it turns them on.

No. 152691

What's with the ones that don't want you to follow them if you're the same kintype or have the same soulbonds/delusions that you are literally that character? Are they afraid of kin fights? Like your wolf and mine are from rival packs and that's totally triggering me?

Or is it more of a character claim thing where they don't want their little out of character fanfiction bubble to be burst because someone has decided their Sonic isn't gay, trans and autistic while yours is?

I just find it hilarious that some snowflakes willingly distance themselves from their own ilk because their imaginary friends might not get along or you're ruining their idea of their own make believe identity by having a different take on it. The one group of people that won't laugh at you and here you are pushing them away.

No. 152695

Teenage brains can't into logic, anon. I can't wait for the first ones to grow out of it and be all embarrassed about this shit. Compared to this my own teen sins feel tame.

No. 152699

I've experienced a lot of panic attacks & when you have one you have an overwhelming fear that you are basically about to die/can't breathe etc… so typing about it on tumblr is not a high priority.

No. 152701

Just go on YouTube a search Steven universe fusion dance, there's a few examples

No. 152705

Role play that went horriblely wrong…..

No. 152707

Yeah, me too. Tumblr thinks that everything that makes you cry or a little bit uneasy is a "panic attack" and it can't be more far from reality.
All my panic attacks have come with horrible shaking, nausea, I can't stop crying and I feel like I can't breathe, I start repeating a mantra of curses and sometime I star picking my skin until I start bleeding or pulling my hair and it's almost like I'm in a feverish, non conscious state. It's a gross full body experience where you feel like an insane mess and these fucks use it as an adjective of "temper tantrum" to gain some oppression points and "bby ur bewtifol" messages. It's despicable, it makes me fucking sick to my stomach.

No. 152709

This. I used to get major panic attacks which had severe nausea, sweating myself wet, hyperventilating and losing balance, all which I couldn't control at all and I kept getting them in public places. I had to take really heavy medication for them. Tumblr just thinks crying and feeling bad = panic attack and it's fucking infuriating. If they actually knew what a panic attack was like, they wouldn't fucking romanticize it like that. I hated having them and I constantly fear that they'll return someday.

No. 152710

I doubt they've actually ever had a panic attack (or anything close to one) in their life.

when a tumblrina claims to be having a panic attack I imagine them huffing red-faced while they 'crrey ytyp e' while spitting doritos out of their mouth enraged that someone misgendered some SU character.

No. 152737

This. I remember one year I was in and out of the hospital every two months for it. I don't like how Tumblr tries to trivialize it.

No. 152746

>I constantly fear that they'll return someday.
Exactly! I try to keep myself collected and relaxed at all times for that reason, even if I'm starting to feel angsty. It comes in hand with not wanting to let people know that I suffer these crisis. I just can't. Only my grandma has seen me freaking out and thanks to her I'm going to therapy now. Seriously fuck these insane tumblrinas.

No. 152751

File: 1438868796356.jpg (498.46 KB, 1280x960, The-Different-Types-of-Baby-Cr…)

Oh, you mean like this??

No. 152759

there was someone i was talking to on a group chat who was hinting at suicide because their stupid steven universe fanart only got like 8 notes. like what the fuck? not surprisingly they say they're trans too

No. 152781

People with, what used to be called Multiple Personality disorder - now called Dissociative Identity Disorder, dissociate. Also people with PTSD. It mostly because of stress. However these tumblr assholes take advantage of the fact that people can't disprove their claims.

No. 152788


I guess I can understand some people dissociating if a change in routine is something like traumatic to them (lets say for example, living with an abusive parent who forced them to have the same exact routine everyday or they get punished) but the whole end part of their statement about neurotypical sounds retarded.

I mean it's possible but it's so rare and it's annoying when SJW/tumblr fags say this kind of crap since it comes from their entitlement imo generally

No. 152947

The thing is, that I think a lot of young teens have bastardized the concept of gender identity to fit into their attention whoring agenda.

I have seen some great discussions concerning gender where the people involved where all in their mid 20s who have earned degrees or at least taken courses discussing sociological issues and had a shit ton of references to link to.

Teens will skim over some of this and say well since it's a social construct that means I can be whatever I want! Women/men are thought of as this way and since I don't perfectly fit into that mold, I'm not a woman/man!

Never mind that it never even crossed their mind till they came across a few posts saying "protect trans men/women at all costs 2k__" bolded and in italics with a frowning anime character gif attached.

No. 153017

Chick on the right is yamino, who is a really annoying tumblr lesbian. Bronies used to send her death threats because they perceived her as responsible for having derpy hooves name changed because she was outspoken that it was ~ableist~. She's pretty standard fare sjw and draws everyone in kid shows as lesbians (pbg and Marceline, now she's moved on to bastardized SU). Her and her sjw wife are the ugliest couple on earth possibly.

No. 153036


No. 153059

Thank you.

No. 153188

File: 1438904851875.png (56.83 KB, 454x558, Screenshot_2015-08-05-18-33-11…)


No. 153206


what the absolute fuck did that mean?

im so lost like i cannot keep up with tumblrettes these days

No. 153258

Im sorry if this seems harsh, but can we stop with the ot? It WAS on topic before but now it's turning into major power leveling and blog posts….
Probably put it in the Confession thread or make a thread on /g/ about mental health?
Because I'm not sure if it's only me but I don't want to wade through a bunch of life story posts to get to funny tumblr shit.

No. 153285

sorry, I wasn't trying to powerlevel over anyone. & it is ot.
I'll take it to /b/ next time.

No. 153322

it means "what to call yourself to let people know you're going to be as much of an asshole as you possibly can"

No. 153378

Holy hell, shut the fuck up. This isn't your personal blog forum.

No. 153407

When will this die

No. 153439

>internet tough guy

No. 153442

People shorten words for twitter because it's only 140 characters, but tumblr really is the master of the worst kind of grammar and punctuation.

Some people type that way on tumblr and facebook, in their 20s… I have no respect for them.

No. 153469

File: 1438921475886.png (126.64 KB, 438x522, kr.png)

Korean's racism is still white people's fault.

No. 153478

Did you know I saw a post where it said that Tumblr was forming it's own dialect or language?
someone said a post basically saying 'Fuck grammar!!!1!'
And the other person said they were a studying linguistic or something And said it was so cool because they weren't using commas and periods, when needed. Then said it was so cool because they were forming something New that no one else will no about.
Something along those lines basically. It was earlier this year when I first started a blog, and I was scrolling doen my dash
I didn't Like/save it because I didn't want to entertain anyone in that post that I liked what they said. I'm going to find it.

I was a appalled by it personally because my mother pushed down the concept of proper (American) English because she was a teacher And didn't want to speak with an accent (We are from the Caribbean, so a good accent to her was a mainland-New Yorkan accent). And it personally grinds my gears when these people butcher the language and change words for their agendas, and then shoot me down when I speak against it.

No. 153482

>that entire post
I cringed.
Koreans are either cringy as fuck or downright racist when it comes to other races, I've noticed. Jfc

No. 153498

Honestly the most racist people I have met are minorities, who shit on other minorities. It's because they are minorities so nobody tells them to "check their privilege" or stop oppressing, so they get a free pass and can say shit freely.
My Korean friend has to be the most racist of all. She won't even talk to other Koreans, she hates them.(/b/)

No. 153503

That's really horrible!! I was always a bookworm as a kid and complimented for my reading, writing and grammar punctuation. They all sound like a bunch of lazy spoiled brats who just don't want to learn, because learning is 'so difficult.'

Personally, I find the time it takes for my brain to read shortened words, more time has passed.

No. 153506

I've noticed Koreans are literally some of the racist people out there, especially to hispanics and black people. It's insane how they think we live in the ghetto and slums and are rappers or involved in some kind of crime. Like holyshit..

It sucks that person went through that experience. It's awful, but Koreans are raised to be racist.

So true. And lol, that tumblr post where people automatically assumed it was a white guy. Come on, tumblr. Sometimes the most racist people are minorities who shit on each other.

No. 153507

Seriously. I have no time for racial minorities in the US who portray themselves as "oppressed." People here are constantly bending over backward NOT to be racist, and you can get called a racist for the tiniest thing.

No. 153508

I feel like tumblr stops and collectively holds their breath when they hear other races can be racist too. Who knew?!

No. 153509

The events of Hulk Hogan and Kelly osbourne are top examples of what happens when you have to walk on eggshells for so long and make one tiny racial comment– everyone zooms in on you with cameras and drones.

I stand by the Hulkmeister. I don't care.

No. 153513

File: 1438924576866.jpg (179.04 KB, 523x508, revised.jpg)

i wonder if the original artist would appreciate this

No. 153515

Hah, you just made it better, anon.

No. 153517


If you're interested in hearing real linguists studying language on the internet, this is a pretty good starting point.

Linguists in general think any kind of change in language use is cool and amazing. And for better or for worse language is always changing. But, that shitty hard to read way of typing on tumblr and twitter, is thankfully, mostly contained within social media.

No. 153528

he's a pussy that tried to hide it and take it all back anyway so why support him even if you are a racist bitch?

No. 153530

The kind of writing that is rampant in twitter and tumblr are contained there at least. You're right about that.

It would never fly in an actual novel or doctorate. People don't make up good words anymore like Shakespeare or Lewis Carroll.

I will refuse to acknowledge the word Jeggings. Always have. Always will.

No. 153532

Oh please, fuck off. America is trying into the worst kind of politically correct country. I live in a hugely hispanic and black community and hear nigga this nigga that all the fucking time, but once a white celeb says it, they're targeted. Even if he said that shit, it doesn't erase his history as a wrestling. And a ton of black people were standing up for him who were actually his friends.

No. 153533

as a wrestler*

No. 153534

Black people say nigga all the time. Hm…

No. 153538

not only america. Australia too.
We're stereotyped for being racist so everyone just doesn't say anything to avoid any poc fingers waving in our faces.

No. 153580

I live in LA in an area with a lot of Koreans and I've noticed the same. They're easily by far the most racist and arrogant.

No. 153641

File: 1438939468053.jpg (136.98 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

>people suddenly acting like internet aesthetics are on the same level as a cultural movement for minority groups
what a world

No. 153643

Ignorance at its peak.

No. 153644

>He has black friends so it's ok
Fuck off

No. 153645

It's to find places for lgbt poc artists on tumblr? seriously, give me a fucking break. The entire tumblr caters to your every want when you're black. Doubly so if you're a woman. Triply so if you're lgbt. What a fucking entitled bitch.

No. 153646

lol hi samefag

No. 153647

Not samefag, actually. Check IPs, faggot.

No. 153649

can't be done

No. 153658

Maybe she just shouldn't use computers or the Internet. She's bound to have a seizure when she discovers they were invented by white cis male scum.
She wouldn't be able to bitch about it at all without it.

No. 153676

I mean….you would assume he's Korean granted he hasn't went away to college yet, doesn't even want to leave or to do service….
But you know, 'white ppl amirite??'

'Sensitive' is right.

No. 153677


Pfft, that's the hoodrats doing. Any "nigga" or "bitch" and "hoe" is all hoodrat aka ghetto murica's doing for that type of language. You can thank Nicki, Drake and the rest of the cunts who laugh at other blacks while they doll in their millions living it up.

sincerely britblack-chan

No. 153689

this…lol i'm hispanic and if i joke around with friends and call myself a spic or something it's cool but if some random white/black guy was like oh hey spic it would be shitty.

No. 153720

Just admit it: You are definitely me.

No. 153740



I don't know if Brooke was f*cking the black guy's son," Hulk raved, the sources add.

"I mean, I don't have double standards. I mean, I am a racist, to a point, fcking nggers. But then when it comes to nice people and sh*t, and whatever."

Then, in a tirade to rival the racism embarrassments suffered by Mel Gibson and "Dog The Bounty Hunter," Hulk unloaded even more hatred!

According to sources, he said: "I mean, I'd rather if she was going to fck some ngger, I'd rather have her marry an 8-foot-tall n*gger worth a hundred million dollars! Like a basketball player!

"I guess we're all a little racist. Fucking n*gger."

He didn't say something like 'nigga' or 'hey my nigga' he sounds like a racist dick(/b/)

No. 153743


Nope, I need sources and they can't be from tumblr.

No. 153750

In all honesty, coming from a black person, I don't give a fuck if he says 'nigger'. But that's my personal opinion.
But honestly? If that's what he feels then so be it. I If I felt strongly about what he said, I just won't support him anymore. Silently, no large Tumblr rant. Nothing, drop him like cold fucking turkey.
Also, I wouldn't want him to apologize either or 'take back what he said' because it wouldn't be sincere. It'll just be catering to my feelings, but what's the point if deep inside I know he's still saying the same thing off camera or in his head? So fine, let him be a racist sick, he just opened the door for people to call him a cracker.

No. 153752

I don't even use tumblr.





Well, that's great you don't care that's fine. You can feel however you want lol. Again, I don't use tumblr or rant about this I just thought it was shitty/in bad taste/made him look racist

I don't like the apologies either since it's stupid. I dont think anyone like this should 'apologize' if thats how they feel bc then it's not sincere so who cares? I wasn't surprised when he said this btw tbh

No. 153766

coming from another black person, i do actually care he said that shit. I'm not ~triggered~ but, that shits not cool. I'd rather not be considered "some fucking nigger" to a white celeb, call me tumblr if you want too.

No. 153769

pretty much this. It's shitty of him. Does it make him a kkk member? prob not. It just means he's racist/a dick/trashy

No. 153771

I'm guilty of using bc and rly.
This is going to sound so Tumblr, but I like the way they look. The rest of the ones you listed are ehh… but I'm definitely a fan of bc and rly. I also only use them when chatting w/friends, on Tumblr posts, and on here, if I'm honest. Actual public FB posts, however, are grammatically normal.
(I've also apparently used rly enough that my tablet doesn't try to autocorrect it either.)

No. 153792

Let's be real, half these shits are probably KKK members (or former members) undercover.

No. 153793

i dont think you're being tumblr at all.
its fine to be mad.
its just when people go on giant public tirades and demanding apologies… then it gets tumblr

No. 153865

and some people are still crying "b-but he's not racist!!1! go back 2 tumblr fattychan!!" like.. i don't even use tumblr.. and i'm pretty sure most of you are using "this isn't tumblr/go back to tumblr" to disguise the fact that you are, in fact, racist/homophobic/an asshole or whatever.

now can we post some more cringey shit? that's the shit i do like.

No. 153882

I didn't say you use it. I just wanted make sure you would give some reliable sources. Just going "literally hilter" with no source isn't really cutting it. You did provide good sources, so it's all good.

No. 153897


what?? lmao litearly hitler? all I said this is what he litearly (which means AKA "word for word) said. As much as I hate tumblr you need to read because you tumblr hate cum.

No. 153898

*before sry

No. 153911

I didn't say that's what you said. The "literally hilter" thing is just an example of how people throw the word literally around, which is how you came off to me originally. But that's not the case now.

No. 153924

Yeah, can you guys shut up now and posts more lulzy stuff? I'm not sure how to use Tumblr ,but I sure do love the shit I see in threads are funny a'f, and I hate reading all of This racism stuff in this thread. If I wanted that, I would find myself on /b/ or download Tumblr myself.

So I would post caps of funny stuff myself, but I would have to steal stuff off of other sites.

No. 153927

File: 1438977535719.png (65.49 KB, 800x1106, https://41.media.tumblr.com/7d…)

You should look at TiA on Reddit. https://m.reddit.com/r/TumblrInAction/

No. 153949

Holy hell, someone get me a dictionary.

No. 153957

I've known this from the start. If you say anything that isn't full stormfag/conservative, you can expect at least one triggered faggot to slither out of the woodwork telling you to go back to Tumblr/Reddit and accuse you of being a summerfag.
It's really pathetic. SJWs and /pol/ retards are just as shit as each other. I wish they'd all kill themselves/one another.

No. 153963

I never said you used Tumblr? I said, if a person wants to hate someone who said something offensive, just silently cut them off, no big ruckus, no Tumblr rant.
I'm not telling anyone to go back to Tumblr/PULL. I just don't get the big ass storm some people are/were making. When he sees his follower count and ratings go down silently, he'll find out on his own, and learn his lesson.

No. 154000

File: 1438986522606.png (96.42 KB, 600x800, 1411679299370.png)

speaking of that, they're two sides of the same shitty coin

No. 154009

They were replying to someone else who mentioned Tumblr.

No. 154015

No. 154029

Oh okay, I see. I read the whole thing wrong.. Woe is meeee.

No. 154031

is it just me or do a lot of pol types have sjw girlfriends and vice versa?

No. 154052


No. 154058

>Digigender- A digital gender. It can range from any digital thing or file; virus, mp3, .txt, etc.

No. 154107

Imagine at the doctor's office where you're filling out forms and then where it's like "Gender: male or female" and this person violently scribbles all over it and writes VIRUS in huge letters

No. 154120

>Heliogender- A gender that is warm and burning

No, that's probably jus heartburn.

No. 154122

oh no, my gender reflux is acting up again.

No. 154127

can Pepto-Bismol treat that?

No. 154140

i thought "art hoe" was a joke about those girls that make "art" that's like shitty painted lines and post half naked pics everyday.

No. 154142

………..are you fucking retarded?

No. 154148

C'mon now anon, sometimes its best not to point out the obvious.

No. 154160

any lulzy sjw art hoe tumblrs?

No. 154166

It is, that's what makes that message even more embarrassing.

No. 154214

File: 1439003001462.png (198.87 KB, 997x956, kill this sinner.png)

No. 154237

Who fucking cares? he's allowed to have an opinion about his own daughter. i dont think Hulk saying nigger is ruining your day. just fucking leave it at that. he isn't running for president. even if you dont agree with what he says, which is fine, he isn't directly harming anyone. gemme a break. This country is so overly sensitive– it's insane.

No. 154239

We are all a little racist though. That much is true.

No. 154241

No. 154250

shut the hell up. if it had something to do with YOUR race you'd be fucking interested.(/b/)

No. 154253

Yeah, I'm black…