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File: 1567426030891.jpg (1.87 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20190902_200512066.j…)

No. 696127



>Dasha is outed by lolcow admin for posting 142 times in one thread alone >>>/pt/519998

>Posts included doxxing Mina via a photo of her passport, unreleased semi-nude photos stolen from Mina’s phone, rumors about Mina being a sugar baby, implying Edwin is a kiddy fiddler for dating a 20 year old, and praising/defending Dasha
>Edwin makes a video about the nonsense, alluding to her posts on lolcow
>An old clip resurfaces of Dasha saying "Sieg Heil, mein Führer!" while doing a Nazi salute >>>/pt/525575
>Dasha reacts by deleting her Twitter and making her Instagram accounts private, and announces she is getting “phone therapy” for her depression
>Dasha’s true form is revealed in pics and videos shot for a pluggednyc campaign >>>/pt/532499
>This was particularly delicious vis a vis her addiction to extreme shooping and the fact that she was also caught out editing Mina’s photos >>>/pt/533091
>Dasha and Cyr conspire to take down Edwin’s videos and ultimately have his YouTube channel deleted as revealed in leaked voice messages Dasha sent to her flying monkeys >>>/pt/534251.
>Someone who may or may not be Dasha assumed Mina’s identity and succeeded in getting Mina’s YouTube channel taken down (it has since been reinstated) >>>/pt/536040
>Cyr himself has yet to comment on the situation, leaving his attack dog NetNobody to whiteknight him against Edwin on Twitter >>>/pt/546541
>Videos released by “Anonymous Person” attempting to discredit Mina and Edwin >>>/pt/535521 sound suspiciously like Dasha putting on a British accent >>>/pt/536537
>Mina finally responds to the fuckery herself in a dignified video, mentioning that what is currently public knowledge is not even the full extent of Dasha’s psychotic abuse >>>/pt/543633
>Dasha reveals an unfortunate-looking bowl cut >>>/pt/612660 while continuing to larp as Mina harder than ever >>>/pt615087
>Is outed as escorting in a public (video) tweet by her john, in which she's dressed in Mina's 15yo sister's shirt, wearing a Mina wig, and with painted-on Mina beauty spots. Video: >>>/pt/615816


>Around late 2016/early 2017, Edwin (Edwin’s Generation), Mina (minaxxbell), Dasha, and Cyr all lived together

>Cyr, who was already in a relationship with Dasha and had been for a year, decided to try to have a polyamorous relationship with his ex girlfriend, Mina, and invited her to live with himself and Dasha in LA
>Apparently Dasha suggested this arrangement and was the instigator in getting Mina to live with them, and she later admitted that she did so with the intention of ruining Mina’s life
>Edwin is made to feel ostracised in his own apartment while Cyr attempts to have a relationship with both girls
>Dasha and Mina are featured in some of Cyr’s videos, and they look eerily similar to each other
>Mina, Dasha, Cyr, and Edwin all appear together in “Are You Trying to Smash One of My Girls?” on Edwin’s channel
>At the beginning of February 2017, Edwin and Mina are kicked out of the apartment, and Edwin makes a distressed vlog as they're leaving
>Between November 2016 - January 2017, Mina discovers that Dasha has deleted Mina’s entire Instagram account
>It is believed that she did this out of jealousy, as Mina had more followers than her at the time
>Dasha streams on Periscope claiming that the problem was Mina and Edwin, and that their actions hurt her and Cyr
>Soon after Edwin and Mina leave the apartment, Dasha harasses Mina online through photoshopped memes and sending her minions to bully Mina on Twitter
>Dasha’s fans also start to post on lolcow a lot around this time, defending Dasha and accusing on Mina of “hurting” Dasha
>Dasha says that one day while Mina was in the shower, Dasha went through her phone and found a fake Instagram account on her phone that was sending her (Dasha) hate. Dasha claims that this account belongs to Mina, and she was using it to harass her because she was jealous
>Cyr calls Mina a “crazy girl with an agenda”
>Edwin makes a video with Mina titled “Edwin and Mina get Kicked Out by Cyr and Dasha - Sharing Our Story” (uploaded 4/17/2017)
>He later makes another video responding to things Cyr has lied about, titled “Edwin Responds to Cyr’s Lies” (uploaded 6/12/2017)
>Dasha constantly makes threats to ruin people's lives when they don't give her what she wants
>Follows through with these threats in getting Edwin and Mina kicked out of the house, turning Cyr against his friends, and deleting Mina's Instagram account
>Throughout the videos, Edwin accounts various times where Dasha was emotionally manipulative of Cyr (with Cyr once texting Edwin that he felt “emasculated” by Dasha)
>Video of Dasha responding to Edwin
>Quote from Dasha: “…And I told him, yes, I’m fucking, I’m going to actually get you kicked out, if you literally take Mina’s side over your best friend. I said that to him! I’m owning up to that! I told him that I’d ruin his life, because I would, if he takes a fucking British cunt… I’m sorry [smiles], over his best friend. He’s absolutely right, I stood there smiling…”
>Around June 2017, Dasha makes a video talking about how many people tell her she’s copying Mina’s style
>Dasha seems to continue to talk about how much hate and harassment she’s received because of Mina, and is fixated on people accusing her of copying Mina’s style (spoiler: because she fucking is)

PULL drama:

>In early 2017, when the initial drama involving Dasha, Mina and Edwin started, a user named “Fawnie” created a thread about Mina

>This account mocked Mina for her alleged use of Photoshop, and posted pictures that had never been seen previously by anyone
>In one of Edwin’s videos, Mina says that some of these pictures were never released online, and were pictures that she had left on her camera after a photoshoot
>Dasha apparently also intentionally photoshopped these pictures to make her look bigger than she actually was, to make it seem like Mina was shooping herself to be unnaturally skinny
>While it hasn’t been confirmed that “Fawnie” is Dasha, lots of evidence points to it being her


Snapchat: iblamejules




Previous threads from most recent to oldest:


Edit: Any posts solely commenting on skinwalking will be considered no contribution nitpicking with a minimum ban length of 1 day.

No. 696128

File: 1567426096722.png (2.35 MB, 1440x2162, Screenshot_20190831-204739~2.p…)

this photo was taken down, maybe because it looks nothing like her

No. 697998

File: 1567762548042.jpg (475.48 KB, 706x967, 20190906_113545.jpg)

New photo new face

No. 698385

No. 698860

File: 1567992385231.jpg (571.58 KB, 1080x1248, 20190908_202658.jpg)

This jacket looks very similar to the one minas wearing in her recent post.

No. 699424

File: 1567993390548.png (1.29 MB, 950x1147, 20190908_203928.png)

Looks like dashas taken heavy inspiration from minas recent photos

No. 699489

Skin walking, or desperately trying to one up Mina but failing?

No. 700453

File: 1568146927469.jpeg (337.18 KB, 1124x1820, 4559F16A-4C58-4E03-A8DF-60B61D…)

mom come pick me up I’m scared

No. 700782

Oh I see she's trying the Billie Eilish look now.

No. 701165

File: 1568239332642.png (322.15 KB, 630x329, Screen Shot 2019-09-11 at 3.01…)

interesting, i think this might be the first and only time Mina's ever actually done something AFTER dasha and not vice versa lol

No. 702352

I love how mina gets twice as much likes as dahsa with much less followers ,even that tommy pic

No. 702826

Because she hits a real followering

No. 705827

File: 1568768269396.jpg (640.65 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190918-025558_Ins…)

No. 705828

Whats this supposed to be??

No. 706077

Looks like an intestinal parasite

No. 706193


Corset lace?

Or an excuse to show undergoing?

No. 706254

i never dived very deep into the dasha saga but have been intrigued lately. could someone point me to the first thread? i have trouble finding it.

No. 706257

>>706254 all of the threads are literally in the OP

No. 706273

I must be blind lol, thanks though

No. 706304

It's a snake.

No. 706306


The ultra deadly silicone viper

No. 706326

How much work has she had done? I thought she just had fillers

No. 706988

The "be gentle" tattoo will always be the funniest shit to me coming from her

No. 707874

File: 1569131670966.jpeg (313.35 KB, 1116x1824, D3F18999-F33A-48C1-9FCD-21EADC…)

well at least she’s embracing it now…?

No. 707880

File: 1569132954474.png (965.09 KB, 1870x898, Screen Shot 2019-09-21 at 11.1…)

sage for no milk but this cow crosssover is just so cringe lol god i miss anisa

No. 707980

It triggers me how bad that bra fits

No. 708126

“Getting thick” like she hasn’t always been shaped like a fridge lmao

No. 708401


she literally looks no different than usual, can't gain a different body shape.

No. 708413


Judging by past cyr videos, wasn't she actually super skinny a while back?

No. 708505

If by super skinny you mean shaped lika a box than yes,thing is she hide it then but after she was busted by that photoshoot she is now trying to act like she is embracing it because she cant shoop her self skinny anymore because everyone knows what she looks like irl,that being at least she isnt lying anymore

No. 708509

This. She's still shopping her waist smaller though lol what a weird triangle

No. 708540

Nah since LA she's always been a fatty. She just likes hiding behind photoshop, fillers, plastic surgery and fugly outfits.

No. 709615

those tattoos are tragic

No. 709660

File: 1569466457544.jpeg (313.76 KB, 750x1283, 693D93C7-977B-44A9-AC83-0359C9…)

Doesn't matter if you're buying from a big business or a small one, living creatures being bred/sold for profit is not vegan.

No. 709667

I also think she was skinny during that time but probably was because she developed an ED (which Dasha protected into Mina)

No. 709689

Meh, I hate the bitch,she's a sociopath but she's not really fat. She's an average weight, just not really slim enough to be even an insta model without shoop.She also has a short & boxy shape a lot of German girls have.(speaking from personal xp here)
If she owned her size & wore clothes suitable for her lower rent Samantha Fox type figure & kept her hair blond, she'd look pleasant enough. Her weird skinwalking of Mina doesn't do her justice because their body types are so different, she's going to look second rate in comparison.She's an endomorph trying to be an ectomorph. A square peg trying to fit a round hole. And of course her shitty personality gives her face a highly punchable quality.
All of her problems stem from not liking herself very much. But she acts like a deranged chimp so any sympathy I 'd normally have for a girl with low self esteem evaporated long ago.

No. 709706

I can't find any of her current social media's, is she completely offline now?

No. 709720

If you know they dont treat animals right,isnt it better to get one from there to "save him"?

No. 709722

Are you actually retarded? "Rescuing" aka paying for a pet, aka showing there's demand for that pet and encouraging them to breed more.

No. 709742

they're just not updated in the thread description.

dunno about her snap

No. 710333

Her tattoos look like removable stick on tattoos, they're so annoying to look at.

No. 713724

File: 1570141138322.jpeg (519.19 KB, 750x1095, B84A7603-3857-4281-8134-77CEFC…)

Trying to make a new start Trash?

No. 713725

She’s probably going to change her whole look again too.

No. 713768


definitely trying to take the power away from her nickname on here with the new username, the milk has dried up and she hates it so she’s trying to get lolcow’s attention again. how embarrassing

No. 713865

I actually think she’s become more mentally stable and is kind of embarrassed of her old account lol

No. 713869

why tf would you think she's magically become more "mentally stable." Did she fix her brain with a week or two of phone therapy? Bitch is crazy to the core. Sad that she thinks she can wash her hands of 3 years drama that easily.

No. 713870

why tf would you think she's magically become more "mentally stable." Did she fix her brain with a week or two of phone therapy? Bitch is crazy to the core.

No. 713873

mods pls delete my double post

No. 713907

I don't think being mentally stable involves completely changing your appearance, like not just hair colour but roleplaying as a natural freckled ginger. She's still going through something clearly. Also can she drop the Russian thing already, it's time

No. 713910

File: 1570180533581.png (1.8 MB, 1640x1198, thick putin rant.png)

this is from her "thickputin" account
a little below where the text cuts off:
"I’ve made this account to finally be truthful with myself. I still love Facetune and believe everyone has the right to alter their bodies if they like - whether it’s through surgery or an app. But after all the support and positive feedback I have gotten from YOU guys I am starting to love my curves. I’m starting to like the weight I have gained. You can almost most of the time heal an eating disorder when it comes to the body. But you can almost never heal it when it comes to the mind. That’s why this account will be my first step to help myself heal. Sorry for the essay I know this was dumb. (Also that’s a birthmark on my arm pit)"

>goes on a massive spiel about body positivity

>shoops the accompanying photo
i hope this bitch never changes

No. 713936

she's capitalising on the FA/anti diet culture trend. also this gets her off the hook for not looking like expectations when she turns up for a job (if she does again).

No. 713955

>i've finally made an account where i can shoop myself a different way but still lie about it!

No. 713960

Why do you think its shooped?i honestly dont see it

No. 713962


maybe you're new and not retarded but her freckles are fake bb.

No. 713966

blurred outer edges on the arms, neck size, left earring literally eating into her cheek, chin line vanishing and reappearing?
(also right tit shape, i think)
it's the same old trash we know and love

No. 713985

I know they are fake but they are drawn on not shooped,maybe im just having hard time beliving she shooped this one because honestly she looks bloody awful

No. 713989

the arm she's resting on is definiely slimmed down, open the pic in a new tab and zoom in. It's super blurry and visibly fucked with. She did something with her jaw - the line is wonky, her eyes are enlarged and nose pinched, there's barely any nostrils left lol. Something weird is going on with her boobs, wtf is that thing between them? Also
>getting rid of freckles
bitch you ain't got no freckles jfc

No. 713998

those are definitely not drawn on anon.

No. 714019

They're henna

No. 714062

tinfoil but the new influx of people insisting she’s “changed” and claiming dumb shit like “her freckles are real!1” or “she’s not shooping anymore!” are probably either her three remaining stans or dasha trying to draw attention back to herself lol, seems convenient that as soon as she makes a new crappy insta account that the thread gets revived with random positive comments about her

No. 714104

i don't know how people think these recent pics are real her, we've seen the real her and she looks like a wannabe Slavic witch.

No. 714334

This is edited still, but it's more natural than what she used to pretend to look like at least? Eh. If she's gonna stop fucking with people (like she did with M) and work on herself then I'll root for her but I'm not gonna buy her body posi shit when she's still using instagram to pursue a vanity-driven influencer career.

No. 714419

No one was praising her,you sound crazy

No. 714464

She should acknowledge the fucked up shit she's done and apologize. It's the only way to prove she's changed. Until then she can get fucked.

No. 714472


>”I actually think she’s become more mentally stable and is kind of embarrassed of her old account lol”

i know i’m sperging but saying “uwu well i think she’s changed because she made a new insta” is praise, even if it’s not blatant ass kissing. like the other anon said, to this day she hasn’t owned up to her bullshit so she’s far from redeemed just because she’s run away to another instagram account kek

No. 714494

anon didn't say anyone was praising her but shit like >>713960 is obviously wking to some degree.

No. 715315

I think something wonky happened when she shooped her torso. SHe probably tried to shop the right side to be smaller but forgot to fix her left side so that's why one boob looks bigger than the other lol.

No. 719639

Wow its finally happened. The thread died

No. 719792

why doesn't this thread title have a number? and c'mon this is dash, she's fucked up. give it time

No. 720013

Are Dasha and Cyr even dating still? They don’t follow each other anymore.

No. 720017

Was looking at her old ig(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 721000

File: 1571686739344.png (923.78 KB, 1000x732, 20191021_143632.png)

This isnt milk but i when dasha was thinner i always thought she looked like she could be an olsen sister which isnt that big of a compliment imo their faces all look very sunken in and their eyes look spooky

No. 722845

Dasha has a very similar body to Ariel winter and other celebrities like chloe grace moretz, abigail breslin, and kylie jenner. They all have a small wide midsection and stocky shoulders. But the thing is that unlike dasha most of these celebs bave nice bodies. assuming they all havent gotten some sort of weightloss treamtment or cosmetic surgery (kylie) theyre proof that its not impossible to maintain a nice physique with this build. Its just dasha's a lazy drunk who cant get off her couch to commit to her body/health which is funny seeing as she wants to be a model…

No. 722849

File: 1572157942883.png (1.62 MB, 1181x1319, 20191027_013113.png)

Ariel has some skinwalking tendencies so the comparison is pretty funny

No. 723602

They're still together, moving into a new house soon. When asked, "Will Cyr propose?", she responded with, "Maybe he already did."
She'll be spending Christmas in Austria.

No. 723665

Where did u get this info? Was it in a live

No. 723775

>>They're still together, moving into a new house soon. When asked, "Will Cyr propose?", she responded with, "Maybe he already did

This was said in her last live. No idea where the Austria info came from though. Plus, it she's still in America illegally, won't it be hard for her to get back in?

No. 723814

It's so weird to see that this is what has happened to Cyr's life. I miss when he used to work with Stefan. What happened to that guy? I guess he was replaced by Dasha?

No. 723818

stefan is the sushi dragon on twitch. i know that because i loved him. he is so talented but i get the feel that he has some type of anxiety issue. like really bad. he really should be bigger. he regularly does 6 hour lives where he dances for hours.
also, his youtube kept getting flagged by kpop companies and his omegal streams was getting flagged by a guy who didnt want to be in it.
its something because i didnt take kpop seriously until stefon remade -boyfriend- bad girl.

No. 723819

stefan is the sushi dragon on twitch. i know that because i loved him. he is so talented but i get the feel that he has some type of anxiety issue. like really bad. he really should be bigger. he regularly does 6 hour lives where he dances for hours.
also, his youtube kept getting flagged by kpop companies and his omegal streams was getting flagged by a guy who didnt want to be in it.
its something because i didnt take kpop seriously until stefon remade -boyfriend- bad girl.

No. 723821

Damn. Glad he's still around, sad he's not doing well. Did he and Cyr fall out or something? And did they stop hanging out before or after Dasha?

No. 723897

The Austria thing was also from the live, except she said it in German.

No. 724455

They just moved in with another gta to twitch streamer probably why there hasn’t been much posting.

No. 724456

Gta rp streamer*

No. 724641

professionally, stefon is doing well. he set up this awesome streaming area and that lead to a sponsored by alienware for 1 stream. however, he has tried to interact with other streamers and it didnt go as well as it shouldve of. it seems his shyness or whatever is holding him back. but he is partnered with twitch and has a nice amount of subs.

reading between the lines and pure speculation but.. stefon was getting trolled hard and then someone made fun of his mom. he vanished like the next week. he left for like 2-3 years. people was begging him to come back the whole time. i checked in every few months.
in that time cyr said someone didnt want to be on social media. but he would sneak his camera at stefon every so often. the fans was grateful for that because a lot of people thought he died.
cyr and stefon dont stream together but they follow each other and stefon donated to cyr at least once a nice chunk of money.
I think stefon father also didnt want him on youtube anymore so i think that contributed to him leaving for so long.
but he is back on twitch and he still has a regular job somewhere.

No. 725341

File: 1572839628847.jpeg (730.66 KB, 750x1302, 8313C29F-7BF0-4D4C-93AA-376A34…)

Wonder if these are rescues or not. Buying animals isn't vegan, Trasha.

No. 725593

File: 1572908698065.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1125x1917, 7C8D6E3C-3532-4240-B946-61A374…)

No. 725810

it looks like she's getting ready to skinwalk whoever that reflection is in the windowed part of the door. she's always so deadeyed. know the neighborhood well though, it's a good place to live. pretty close, wonder if i'll get some cow in the wild sightings.

No. 727414

Being a prostitute in la pays off huh

No. 727431

Just like she decorated the old apartment lol it was full of trash, clothes and empty wraps.

No. 727467

Does she still have the dog?

No. 727480

earrings warped from lazy shoop

No. 727525

she and cyr are living with at least one of cyr's RP friends. that twitch money pays well

No. 727561

It's not like Mike and Julia have a fucked up history with roommates. This will work out fine.

No. 727692

They have two dogs now

No. 728910

File: 1573614560333.jpeg (565.92 KB, 750x1009, 1A8D195C-45C6-4B64-9ECA-3F953E…)

No. 728912

File: 1573615096411.jpeg (339.45 KB, 750x1161, 53641695-926B-4C1A-9310-850BFF…)

No. 728916

Taking bets on when they illegally evict out the roommate(s) and claim the place as their own, after lying to them about why they couldn’t put their name(s) on the lease.

$10 cyr will use his brother for another lazy bullshit excuse

No. 728968

File: 1573635576736.jpeg (473.03 KB, 1242x1485, 1812F1D2-6E84-471E-BE5C-352D5B…)

No. 728989

Can someone link her twitter,i cant find it

No. 728994

No. 729114

File: 1573673313430.jpeg (74.78 KB, 720x720, FFE267DD-1935-4ED4-A6F4-E9F82C…)

Nitpick but I hate that she’s dyeing her hair this weird neon orange colour now.
It looks like shit and the fake freckles arent helping

No. 729230

File: 1573694042646.png (3.44 MB, 750x1334, 6A757F1B-E6F0-4F06-BB57-AE942A…)


No. 729296

Literally the most harmless thing she's ever done.

Is anyone else getting weird Caroline Calloway vibes from her new pics? Does she have a new target to skin walk?

No. 729306

imagine larping a completely different set of genes

No. 729469

Looks kinda neat in this photo

No. 729571

Why are we still talking about this boring, ugly psychopath? Can we just let her fade into obscurity like she deserves?

No. 729759

Because she's about to attempt a comeback, could mean more milk

No. 729773

File: 1573782398042.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.23 MB, 1242x1675, 591F744B-AEAC-4200-9FD9-37B6EE…)

Thought she was embracing thick? She looks like she wants to skinwalk Mina again. Looking real distorted in this

No. 729791

File: 1573785370217.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 305.93 KB, 741x1275, F7E1D6C4-723F-47B5-ADE4-7C8889…)

No. 729793

I legit thought this was a guy or troon when I saw it in the recent images queue.

No. 729833

File: 1573794218856.jpg (47.89 KB, 575x390, 0b5a764f77a7049f3b1301804c6df2…)

Buffalo Bill lookin' ass

No. 729837

She has no tits.

No. 729864

Um shes laying down

No. 729887

Her nipple looks bigger than her eye and
>>729791 were Did her piercing go?

No. 729900

The nipple is blurred to make it Instagram appropriate

Her tits look small because this was before she got fat

No. 729986

File: 1573850185541.png (5.71 MB, 1125x2436, 3A582C85-8034-4B43-906D-45FF80…)

Anon is right. I think she and Cyr live with Chandler Riggs, aka Carl from the Walking Dead, and some other streamer. But yeah, Trasha has been hanging around with celebrities for a while in hopes that her own following gets bolstered and that she becomes slightly relevant.

No. 730117

File: 1573874531746.jpeg (31.08 KB, 254x275, 1545404548691.jpeg)

These are definitely old photos from the beginning of the year. I havent seen her use that coat since about feb, and the hair is black+short mina-esque she hasnt had that hair for a while. Tinfoil: it could be her attempt at telling us she knows that we made fun of her from that one live.

No. 730338

What the fuck, this is so weird

No. 730371

File: 1573942833602.jpeg (288.3 KB, 750x1067, 2264FD95-E125-4C57-A6B8-DAD20B…)

When cows collide

No. 730756

watch onision and julia land up together - it'd be the perfect criminal couple .. fingers crossed for the doc in 13 years

No. 730777

sage your bullshit

No. 731709

also stefon got striked by sm and i think yg entertainment. stefons had a shinee video. i didnt get to see it. i think one of his gdragons got flagged. a lot of people got into big bang from stafons crayon.
i think the explanation of shinee is on stefons youtube channel.

No. 731817

No one cares about the roommate. Sage your shit

No. 731827

Seriously thank you,who the fuck even are these people can we just stick to discussing dosha

No. 732036

File: 1574388703144.png (8.63 MB, 1125x2436, 3EFA9B38-23E9-4523-BEB5-B41330…)

Yeah Trasha’s story is just totally full of Chandler Riggs all the time and there’s never any mention of cyr anymore lmfao
(Pic 1/2)

No. 732037

File: 1574388732743.png (3.74 MB, 1125x2436, CA33743E-C51F-4C52-B81A-D05973…)

No. 732051

trying hard to gain his followers n clout by mentioning him every chance she gets lol.

No. 732143

Who tf is him?is he fameous?

No. 732145

Just googled and he was on Walking Dead. I wouldn't call him famous if he has to stream on twitch to make money.
He's so much younger than Julia. Are other girls living with them too?

No. 732193

He's known to anyone who watched AMC's The Walking Dead, basically. He was almost a deuteragonist, but he was also a child actor so I guess that's why he didn't make nearly as much. As far as I know, his character was supposed to be around for the whole show and the cast was very upset that they decided to kill him off.
I wonder what someone like him does with someone like Dasha. He's a bit too young and too 'respected' to have her as a prostitute (I hope.)

No. 732200


i think he wants to stay far away from the public eye after spending his whole childhood in acting, nowadays he streams and plays video games so my guess is that cyr moved into one of those “influencer houses” but for streamers and she managed to get in as his plus one, so whoever is living there has no choice but to put up with her being an attention whore. unfortunately for her she’s a rotten bitch and everyone around her eventually catches on and runs for the hills (unless they’re cyr kek)

No. 732248

Well boring dead always casts some nobadys, except shane

No. 732297

Sorry if this is late and been said, but I’ve finally read thru the onion shit and her and cyr w Mina remind me of onion/bot w Billie. Which is ironic as all she does is talk shit about him. The only difference is Mina wasn’t underage. Also really strange to me cyr was his roommate and best friend. He probably knows a lot.

No. 732501

File: 1574519120123.jpeg (885.96 KB, 828x1427, E052D9E0-A1C4-468E-8216-600249…)

what the fuck is going on with her face in bree’s instagram? She looks possessed

No. 732517

Lol I love seeing photos of her where she wasn't able to shoop herself because it was posted by someone else. It's always so jarring to be reminded of what her actual face looks like instead of how she wishes she looked.

No. 732519

Omg her jeans are doing their b e s t

And look at that waistband…… 32 inch chan for real

No. 732531


it’s a hilarious combo of her sucking in and trying to pose like she isn’t sucking in, that along with the arms in the air is like a julia trademark kek

No. 732815

File: 1574566670793.jpeg (550.34 KB, 828x1102, 372D513B-6EDC-4B3D-9751-C987B9…)

just keeps getting better

No. 733023

not sure if the arm she's resting on is shooped or it looks like that because of the fat? Either way that's an upgrade from spoopy shooping. She said she's on Lexapro which is notorious for causing weight gain, so that's probably what's going on. She's gaining weight because of the medication but she doesn't care - also because of Lexapro

No. 733083

How the fuck does she get meds when she here illegally?

No. 733107

She has said a few things that make me wonder if maybe her status has changed. Like… apparently she is flying to Austria for Christmas which is weird because I thought that if she left, she couldn't come back. Someone recently asked her when Cyr was going to propose and she said 'maybe he already has'. Maybe she made Cyr marry her so now she can do all this stuff???

No. 733110

Because Trasha has never lied about anything ever.

No. 733113

Could be, totally. Will have to wait and see where she spends Christmas I guess.

No. 733701

€10 says it's with her feet on a former child actor who isn't sure where his life is headed.
At least she found a new pet Simon, I guess.

No. 736665

File: 1575321798665.png (3.01 MB, 1125x2436, 41B8445D-9EAB-4AEF-A619-BB28FC…)

looks like someone’s lurking on the farm

No. 736987

File: 1575396125958.jpeg (788.43 KB, 750x1240, 1FFF50B9-C272-45A6-B2A5-05E345…)

Is Mina just skinwalking this girl? Found it weird. Saved bc not dash related but interesting

No. 737020

Learn to sage newfag.

No. 737208

skinwalking is when someone consistently copies another persons outfits, makeup, poses style, etc. on the regular and it usually comes as a drastic change from what their style used to be. (ie Dasha having to shoop herself and wear wigs and steal Mina's clothes)

Mina and this girl have sometimes overlapping looks and mina had similar bangs for a month but she's already changed it and this girl kinda goes all over the place with her aesthetic (she's obviously bomb at makeup though)

No. 737213


exactly. plus mina possibly copying a bleached fringe from another influencer is not in the same realm as all the malicious shit julia has done out of pure jealousy and spite. i really do think trasha keeps coming here and bumping her thread with dumb shit because if it wasn’t for the random unsaged posts this thread would fade into obscurity just like she has kek

No. 737233

Mina is in no way original, there's heaps of girls out there with the same aesthetic but the bleached fringe thing is seriously everywhere and it's bizarre that anon picked that out of everything.
It's a e-girl thing at the moment to have a bleached stripe, especially a red one for some reason.

No. 737234

Mina is in no way original, there's heaps of girls out there with the same aesthetic but the bleached fringe thing is seriously everywhere and it's bizarre that anon picked that out of everything.
It's a e-girl thing at the moment to have a bleached stripe, especially a red one for some reason.

No. 737653

File: 1575562122063.png (66.97 KB, 811x216, Untitled.png)


Now why would you say that? Mina doesn't even follow her on IG. Dasha, however…

No. 737952

Lmao dasha if you wanna talk about mina that bad make her thread,stop posting on your own

No. 738195

I knew it had to have been one of her minions.

No. 738238

Could even be Trash herself.
Tinfoil but I noticed that whenever she posts stupid shit on Instagram, the thread becomes more active again and starts to drag her… and then she'll disappear from Instagram for days and won't post anything at all. So yeah, I think she probably lurks quite a bit.

No. 739539

She posted a semy lovey pic with Modsun on her instagram. Did her and Cyr break up?

No. 739542

File: 1576013232565.png (27.47 KB, 297x336, 10.png)

No. 739547

They still have pictures with each other on IG but again they will do anything but have healthy relationship has long it looks good.

No. 739592

she and cyr def broke up. she’s being vague.

>”you broke up with cyr?”

>lmao its just a pic im not dating mod
>im not fucking mod

never answered the question

No. 739786

Why would they break up after moving into their "dream house"?

No. 739796

She just got another dog and some birds. So now they have 3 dogs, some birds and they live in a nice house in LA. If Dasha ever dumped Cyr, it would only be for some dude who offers a nicer place for her and her pets… or maybe some more clout. And we all know Cyr is too much of a pussy to ever end the relationship.

No. 739833

File: 1576094674078.jpg (530.73 KB, 1439x2078, Screenshot_20191211-135430.jpg)

The picture. Because this is an image board.

No. 739835

File: 1576095223201.jpg (428.35 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20191211-211300_Red…)

Shes fameous on insta/reality subreddit again

No. 739840

i don't know if this is new but i did hear cyr say he's been going to therapy lately on his stream. he's also been having a tough time on there with his GTA RP. maybe it's all connected.

No. 739863

As much as I dislike Cyr, no one deserves to be stuck with trasha.

No. 740178

File: 1576164171389.jpeg (422.35 KB, 2048x1624, 85BB4A2D-FAFB-4B33-B48C-44FBF0…)


that was highly likely julia because she shooped the “unedited” photo to make herself curvier, pic related is a side by side of the picture on reddit and a picture from the thread where her plugged nyc shoot photos were posted

if this is the same anon who posted >>739539 then there’s no doubt that this her self posting again kek, the terrible english has always been a trasha trademark

No. 740388


Not the result she would of wanted, people were bringing up her drama and all the fucked up things she's done in the comments, people who weren't aware seemed disgusted

No. 741009

naw that's totally what she wants. Like many narcs, the sick bitch gets off on people's hatred. "OooOoooh watch out for the notorious Dasha, she'll leak your nudes and impersonate you online!"

No. 741316

File: 1576574603664.jpeg (499.58 KB, 1236x2001, E4D88528-5B7D-44BF-98F0-6EF23E…)

They’re still together!

No. 741340

On his insta there's rarely a post about her, I don't know if he posts her in his stories but it's still odd.

I wonder if she still has to prostitute herself now that Cyr is making more money from Twitch

No. 741469

Wow I think you're right. Nice catch. I've never heard of a catfish limited hangout but here it is. "Yes you're all right, I did photoshop my pictures! Here's what I REALLY look like!" The photos on the right aren't fat by normie standards so I'm sure she got a ton of comments from well meaning women on reddit saying how thin and normal and good she looks and how sad it is that the poor thing felt the need to shoop the pics on the left.

No. 742708

File: 1577283711936.jpeg (434.42 KB, 1125x1362, 3F5FFB8C-CD7A-40CF-80A4-CFA2B6…)

Trying to come back to Twitter again. Pathetic.

No. 742751

File: 1577316220517.jpeg (294 KB, 1125x1626, 93C194D1-02CC-416A-B9E2-0555D4…)

very classy, trasha. lmao never change

No. 742767

File: 1577330038044.jpg (676.7 KB, 1080x1510, 20191225_211231.jpg)

Dasha back at it with her anti semitic humor…

No. 742769

I find it weird that she constantly still brings up her ex. Like she posts captions about hating his hair or his life style and she usually passes it off by phrasing it as a question to her followers. Idk its just odd how obsessed she is with belittling him still after all these years. But not surprising seeing how she was with mina/edwin. I guess anyone who "betrays her" she holds a grudge against. Pretty pathetic how she handles her grudges tho… (rant sorry)

No. 742784

her new twitter is @dashkayul

No. 743080

That’s an ollllld ass picture. Missing the glory days Dasha?

No. 743113

File: 1577527545475.jpeg (400.7 KB, 750x1045, 346658D2-892B-444B-A9DF-C2D02E…)

The freckles in all of their glory

No. 743204

File: 1577577945135.png (1.04 MB, 1125x2436, 34361342-1734-4EB9-9A9C-6B5A8C…)

sage for tinfoil but, did she and cyr finally break up?

No. 743213

I doubt it since she needs him for a green card

No. 743400

I mean, they aren't married, and from how miserable they both seem marriage doesn't appear to be on the cards. I'd say she'd have as much of a chance at finding some new unsuspecting bf and luring them in for a green card than with Cyr at this point

No. 743493


They've been co-habitating for a while and he hasn't proposed. Hasn't posted her on his instagram feed in almost two years. Back then he felt emasculated because Doucha didn't want to fuck him for weeks on end. I can't imagine how abysmal their sex life is now.

No. 743510

Or maybe he isnt posting shit because of all the drama?stop speculating just let this thread die until dosha goes crazy again

No. 743548

File: 1577734878010.jpeg (1013.47 KB, 1125x1569, 102B8EDA-0B89-47B6-A97A-74E6BE…)

Either she's trolling us or they broke up.

No. 743705

I personally think she's trolling and probably selfposting from time to to bump this thread as well.

No. 744258

this is shit dramatic teenage girls do. they post weirdly cryptic shit like this and when pressed about it they say nah there isn't any hidden meaning behind it lul

No. 744477


yeah no shit. what a pathetic loser.

No. 744654

File: 1577954049289.jpeg (78.28 KB, 828x1525, 2E2A7531-0759-4A9E-8F68-B8EBA7…)


No. 744723

stop it. I wrote back when the edwin stuff happened and I will write it again. I know edwin posts in this thread. I know dasha posts in this thread. edwin got upset that different people defended dasha. edwin started writing some of the recap post.
CYR HAS INCLUDED DASHA IN HIS POSTINGS. its hasnt been two years! you edwin/mina fans have to stop lying in the thread. it means nothing if you guys keep changing history.
CYR STOPPED POSTING DASHA ON SOCIAL MEDIA TO SAVE HIS NETWORK/FANBASE/GROUP. thats it. she was still included in other stuff. lol. he even tried to get her started streaming. I actually would like to talk about that but its impossible because of the edwin/mina fans. CYR has been on the internet a long time. these dasha/cyr threads could be great but you guys kept running everyone away. real people who know dasha started posting but they stopped.
agree. people showed pictures from some l.a party on another site. they dont want to post over here. but they should because this is where you can post and know it wont be deleted.
also, the milking should pivot to edwin/mina cause no one wants to share about dasha anymore. but edwin has a big fanbase her so no one will post on his thread. he has been in at least 3 dramas since this happened but no one will talk about it.
eventually their new neighbors will find this thread. lol.
I think dasha is trolling but they are in a new environment maybe they found other people. I wont speculate until some l.a person outs them. lol.(stop)

No. 744728


Hi Dasha

No. 744926

kek Julia, did you drop using apostrophes altogether now to avoid accidentally using the German ones again?

if you want to keep going in circles in you own head, just keep reading your own posts - here ya go https://lolcow.farm/dasha.html
or could you at least try to put in some effort to make your posts sound and look less like anything you already posted 142+x times? jesus christ

No. 745017

File: 1578019152568.gif (2.42 MB, 560x315, source.gif)

>it means nothing if you guys keep changing history
I know this post is dasha but still, what a wild ride to read/try to interpret

No. 745148

You are all seriously retarded,anyone who finds these threads and see that every other anon is accused of being dasha is going to think that mods that exposed her are just as retarded as you(but then again maybe this is your way of discrediting lolcow),on another note i doubt that dasha wrote that since is the only one post i agree with
Dont ruin this thread anymore than you already have(infighting, sage)

No. 745149


I wonder what Dasha is doing if she's posting this much lately. something you don't want us to find out? finally getting deported?
if Cyr dropped the cuckery finally maybe

No. 745219

I never noticed those self harm scars on her. granted her editing was the reason b ut that's really new to me

No. 745504


No one cares

No. 745605

im not dasha. what is going on? I agree with >>745148 you guys are trying to discredit the thread. but why are the mods allowing it.
sage but wanted to reply to help thread history.

maybe she is about to try and stream again. cyr really put a lot of time into training her. then things starting going bad for dasha and they pulled her. I cant remember if dasha actually started her own channel. she changes names so much I dont know where to start looking. she was doing solo streams on cyrs twitch but they deleted a few.
they also live with other streamers so it makes sense for dasha to try again.

on dashas latest skits-which was months ago- I couldnt tell whats cyrs humor and what part is actually dasha.

No. 748318

File: 1579038995165.jpeg (221.97 KB, 1125x637, F74ABFC4-1DC4-4723-A50B-3AAF88…)

She changed the username on her main Instagram

No. 748735

Is she fucking Carl Grimes?

No. 748786

LMFAO if she hasn't you absolutely know she's trying to

No. 748900

File: 1579196988667.jpeg (310.07 KB, 1125x707, 205E01C8-E6BF-4C5B-BC3E-3DBD09…)

She updated her twitter handle again too. She's trying so hard to hide from the shit she's done.

No. 748913

Probably why she's trying to rebrand.

No. 749017

Poor kid looks so awkward in ig her stories.Run away child.

No. 749199

File: 1579232597861.jpg (279.84 KB, 835x544, saffafsa.jpg)

its a clash between cows, idubbbz gf, who loves calling out people who photoshop/fake, draws fanart of dasha lol

No. 749256

This is a strange cow crossover.
Can we have a pear thread again or are farmhands still up her ass?

No. 749384

seeing as we have 21 threads for a single artist where it's nonstop nitpicking about how she draws noses vs the girl who dissed a streamer's literal baby and is now hated by LSF, probably never

No. 749446

Cyr is doing a livestream where he’s talking about going on dates with other chicks. When he did his first irl stream the other day he was wanting to bring a bunch of girls to his hotel room. I don’t think he’s still dating Dasha, imo it seems like they’re just roommates and she has no where else to live.

No. 749449

can you show a clip to support what you're saying?

No. 749451

One of the most cliche bpdfags; wish the thread was opened again.

No. 749456

Clipping something on twitch to show here outs who I am, it’s in his VODs though. He’s having a drink with Andy Milonakis and says it (about 15 mins before Andy leaves to meet a friend and leaves Cyr alone). The wanting to get chicks in the hotel is brought up numerous times before Spaceboy leaves to feed his cat while they’re having drinks in his first irl stream VOD about 3 days ago.

No. 749468

just point to the exact Vod then, try to be more specific than you are.

No. 749489


How hard is it to just give a time stamp?

No. 749564

File: 1579380003329.jpeg (350.22 KB, 1125x1481, 178C434E-A8CA-4BF4-AE48-48C018…)

Changing your hair and your username won't erase what you've done. Owning up to your mistakes is the only way to move past theme.

No. 749986

Someone should add her new username in the title

No. 750033

it won't change until next thread

No. 750551

File: 1579629002703.jpeg (131.6 KB, 1125x788, AF8A868D-E326-4A3B-A637-34FF6D…)


No. 750567

You could accidentally chop off my arm and I'd forgive you but if you have a handful of qualities I'm jealous of I will skinwalk you and post your nudes and literal passport! I'm so harmless and uwu!

No. 750911

I miss the anisa threads, this bitch has been so milky lately from larping as Tana mango, to saying stupid shit on streams, bitch has appeared a few times on lsf. But I guess acording to admin chan she is not milky enough. Anyways its funny how Trasha is trying to be friends with her based on the fact that she wanted to sleep with idubbbz as well.

No. 751165

File: 1579755972769.png (871.29 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20200122-210539.png)

She retweeted this. Guess she's forgiven herself for the shit she's never owned up to.

No. 751175

(Sperg) Its pissing me off how shes trying to just move on from everything that shes done. Not just the edwin/mina situation but also her antisemitism, her false and toxic feminism, fake ass veganism, and… oh yeah trying to "poison" and slander her ex bfs. Like she thinks she still thinks shes a "pew widdle angew". Just because u changed your image dasha and are obviously social climbing more than ever doesnt mean people are going to let you… Im gonna step away from this thread because i need to calm down

No. 752340

File: 1579969277134.jpg (98.38 KB, 1080x492, Screenshot_20200125-101217_Ins…)

so… like they definitely aren't together anymore

No. 752348


that person just asked and didn't say she "has to" announce anything, so defensive

No. 752365

File: 1579976795763.jpeg (237.26 KB, 1125x1059, 75A9E5B2-E2EB-4D0D-B174-5DD804…)

No. 752375

Why does she post the same like 5 old pictures of herself in her stories all the time on insta? Is that all she does? Look at her page and miss the past? I don't understand

No. 752390

poor dude, after running from all these walkers he has to move in with a skinwalker

No. 752411

Thank goodness he got rid of the box. Cyr is a pos, but even he didn't deserve a psycho like Julia. Deport the alien, Mike!

No. 752418

Yeah, good for him (really). Now he should go see a shrink and figure out why he stayed with a literal ho and objectively abusive, terrible person, who also made him feel bad, for so long.

No. 753167

File: 1580243598759.jpeg (813.85 KB, 1125x2304, BEAAB15A-0D1B-4454-A73A-91163D…)

No wonder Trasha is spending all this time with Carl Grimes and posting him on her story, his fans are giving her a ton of attention

No. 753169

Has anyone else noticed for a while Mina has kept going on about rats and now dasha has suddenly got a pet rat she’s still obsessed

No. 753187


Dasha, if you read this - for the love of God, get your rat a friend. Rats are incredibly social animals, they can't and shouldn't be kept on their own. You need to have at least two or three same-sex rats.

No. 753195

Yeah I noticed that. Mina made an entire video about rats a couple months ago, she mentions rats in her bio and has them as her cover photo on Twitter… and now Dasha loves rats too? Okeeee sis

No. 753207

Samefag but I've actually been wondering if Dasha is skinwalking Universal Angel these days. UA has long reddish hair very similar to Dashas current weave and UA also loves rats.

No. 753548

well whatever the deal is with Cyr and Chandler, there doesn't seem to be much drama between the two because Cyr was briefly interacting with his RP character just last night iirc.

No. 753626

she defs is, they used to hang out and she did the same thing then. think it's back in previous threads. universal angel ended up coming out against her didn't she?

No. 753747

Yeah Universal Angel said that all Dasha did when they met was bitch and moan about Mina. She also said something about Dasha having a horrible vibe all around. Maybe Dasha decided to steal her look as payback.

No. 753772


i highly doubt there’s any drama at all to be honest, julia is just posting here trying to set off the tinfoilers. she took a photo with bella thornes ex and tried the same “we’re friends!” thing even though none of these dudes want her anyway. it’s pretty obvious when she posts here because it’s when the thread finally starts dying like it should’ve ages ago, the milk dried up a long time ago. i’ll probably get banned for sperging but her self posting/getting her teen orbiters to post here is super annoying

No. 754198

>> julia is just posting here trying to set off the tinfoilers

I hope that mods out her like last time if she is posting here again.

No. 754271


I don't. Outing her would only give her the attention she wants–it's much more petty to just point her out and then just not reply after it.

No. 754377

Its obvious how much shes baiting for attention lately What with all of her Carl Grimes posts and mina skinwalking flash back posts.

No. 754378

File: 1580528706276.jpg (701.61 KB, 1080x1685, 20200131_213735.jpg)

Samefag but come on dasha how obvious can u get?? At this point its sad that the only time u felt "good" was when u were skinwalking mina.. who is now your EX boyfriends ex girlfriend.

No. 754442

If they broke up a month ago already I wonder how long cyrs gunna let her live there, it wouldn’t be hard to find one more streamer to take her place since he’s already living with another gta roleplay streamer

No. 754472

Her posts got a signature. We'd see it if she was posting here, or was that only temporarily?

No. 754496

wasn't that years ago? her IP could have changed in that time.

No. 754500

>>753747 Do you remember where & when she said that?

No. 754509

She spoke briefly about it in one of Edwins videos

No. 754538

Its dasha and cyr, they will probably get back together sooner or later.

No. 754610

On her choolishka Instagram she just had a story of her, Chandler, cyr and some other person all hanging out

No. 754613

Can you post it if it's relevant? Not everyone uses insta.

No. 754647

It's a video, so I don't think I would be able to save it in any way . But it starts with Chandler rolling around in his Heeleys in someone's living room, and then it pans to cyr and trasha says "did you like that" and cyr just looks miserable (acting or not idk) and it cuts off

No. 754687

i just went to dasha instagram - choolishka. I clicked on her agency link. i think the owners might be cows or at least turn into scammers. im not going to follow them but they look milky. the agency owner actually looks like she is copying dasha. so the owners are competing with the clients for work. all the models look the same. this might be interesting when summer work starts booking.

some real models do that. instead of taking fresh photos they are trying to get paid to take photos. although dasha could just be baiting at this point.

and that was one of the carrots that cyr used to impress mina. he said she could meet idubbz. he also brought up ice and i believe sam pepper. I thought him and sam did see each other anymore but it makes sense cause they are all in the same orbit.

No. 754691

>> I clicked on her agency link. i think the owners might be cows or at least turn into scammers. im not going to follow them but they look milky. the agency owner actually looks like she is copying dasha.

That agency is run by Phi, some girl who Dasha used to refer to as her bff but who she hasn't been seen with in a while. If anyone is copying it would be Dasha copying Phi.

No. 754692

Dasha is the type who breaks up with people or gets into arguments and expects to still be friends or expects them to like her. And if they dont she goes psycho… liek she always has to be the winner or good guy? Even if shes not. Sage for no contribution

No. 754779

yeah she gets quite, some attention from chandler's fanbase but that account is 100% herself - the way she talks about herself, the way she edits herself, the way she keeps talking to herself with her fake accounts

No. 755228

>>753195 aww i was hoping that Dasha would make something like Mina's rat video but with spiders since that was around the time shes showing off that pet spider of hers. Idk if i were her i'd momentarily make spiders my thing.

But nope. She just gotta have a rat doesnt she

No. 755345

File: 1580853348281.png (4.34 MB, 1125x2436, E3D6F342-8E01-4B68-965C-65266E…)

What's this about?

No. 755352

Tristan @hotboytea who seems to be her ex passed away

No. 755393

Love how dasha was buddy buddy with chandlers ex haleigh then dropped her the moment she and chandler broke up bc she isn’t as “famous”

No. 755480

it's insane how she makes EVERYTHING about her, even a suicide.

All his other friends post normal tributes and this narc posts a card T wrote her that just goes on and on about how amazing her body and soul is..

I heard they had an ugly breakup and haven't spoke since lmao so why make a show out of it?!?!?

No. 755501

File: 1580893429849.png (185.75 KB, 397x628, Screen Shot 2020-02-05 at 12.5…)

> just because someone makes themselves look like a victim

oh like how mina was totally faking your crazed deranged obsession with single white female-ing her? she really can't do a single fucking thing that isn't at least somewhat malicious or narcissistic, not even a simple instagram story post or a "tribute" to her dead ex

No. 755509

Post caps

No. 755525

No surprise there. Dasha doesn't have any real friends. She just uses and abuses the people around her in order to get whatever she wants.

No. 755531

Jesus fuck Dasha. You meet an actual actor (even a minor one) and you suddenly break up with Cyr. Gonna try whoring your fugmug out to never have to leave America?

No. 755545


One of her exes died I guess?
She keeps saying stuff like "you could never be replaced","my one true love", "would've given my life for you". If cyr is still with her… ouch lmao

No. 755580

Didn't she always shit on his ex and say how awful he was, how he wouldn't last in bed and all that?

No. 755583

this isn’t even true, newfag. multiple different girls posted tributes to this dude acting like he was the love of their life. do a little more digging

No. 755589

Yeah I was wondering if this is the ex she apparently went psycho on

No. 755613

It definitely is. I don’t have caps but back when she had a curiouscat (this was back when she and cyr and mina were a throuple or whatever) she even said then that he was her first love and spoke highly of him. I think she might have a few tattoos dedicated to him

No. 755646

File: 1580948242434.png (995.73 KB, 1125x2436, C2CFBC71-8B29-40AA-B0BF-C723B1…)

This shit is cringe as fuck and so laughably untrue. Is it an actual fan or another fake account that she uses to make it seem like people like her?

No. 755810

Fucking teenagers idolising online personalities. "Fiery redheaded" really also tells you how long this person has been following Pudgishka.

No. 755812

Cowtipping ban coming my way but yesterday I messaged some Chandler Riggs fans who have been up Dashas arse lately. I asked them if they know about the questionable things she has done. Most of them knew already and were very quick to defend her. Some said that it was all untrue and that I was a bully for harassing her. Soon after that, both Dasha and Chandler blocked the account. Make of this what you will but it seems like she's successfully building up an army of idiot stans once again. She has convinced them she's a victim, and probably has Chandler convinced too.(Cowtipping )

No. 755857

>>755812 So she's really back on her bullshit huh? The way she gets people on her side is by forming a personal relationship with teenagers and it strokes their ego because she's an inFLuEncEr. Fairly certain no one who really knows about the drama sides with Trasha, only the people she actively manipulates on a personal level.

On another note, I'm wondering if it wasn't Dasha who broke up with Cyr? Cause Cyr can ~somewhat~keep a low profile but we all know how much Dasha loves drama. I feel like if he broke up with her or he did something she would be going batshit or at least be passive aggressive on social media? Kind of disappointed by how drama-free this break up is tbh.

No. 755905

>> The way she gets people on her side is by forming a personal relationship with teenagers and it strokes their ego because she's an inFLuEncEr.

My tinfoil is that she's probably got another minion group chat going with these Chandler stans. She's feeding them her bullshit while pretending she cares about them, and making a bunch of Lettie 2.0s.

No. 755959

The ex that passed was in fact the one Dasha abuses. Check Edwins stories, apparently he message edwin after seeing his videos detailing his abuse by dasha. Pathetic ass bitch using his death for sympathy when she abused him when he was still here.

No. 755966

File: 1581036421833.jpeg (1.52 MB, 1125x1936, 648EE7CE-AEB3-4F58-A7D2-7A4EDC…)

No. 755967

File: 1581036523389.jpeg (472.38 KB, 1125x1922, B2135FB2-B1E6-4F71-B459-0F87B6…)

No. 755968

Holy shit Tristian is dead?

No. 756039

File: 1581073255930.jpeg (622.35 KB, 1242x1832, D9A17E1D-A943-4AD3-965B-9B6E4C…)

In her comment section underneath the post about Tristans passing, how long do you think before she deletes it and goes on a mass post about his death for sympathy?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 756042

cowtippers are so fucking retarded and embarrassing

No. 756062

Of course she deleted this comment.

No. 756106

Wow, wasn't that the ex who said she tried to feed him lexatives? Where Edwin was shocked cause she tried to do the same thing to Mina?
True love.

No. 756107

he's the guy she drank bleach over when he broke up with her if anyone remembers

No. 756285

File: 1581178302033.jpeg (333.48 KB, 1125x1596, 38D77905-851B-406A-B081-D0B8EC…)

This is a few days old but it makes me think that she sees herself as Johnny Depp and Mina as Amber Heard(repost)

No. 756316


No. 756683

I was like why is a 30 year old woman hanging out with a 20 year old guy every day and calling him her best friend but she's 24 yikes

No. 756708

wait is she really??? I could have sworn she was late 20's by now. jfc can't believe she's my age that's rough

No. 756762

File: 1581409879483.png (4.34 MB, 750x1334, 80163233-9CF0-4CD9-8B62-19A2A3…)

No. 756820

Yeah she’s born in 1995, big yikes

No. 756979

In 2016 or something she was flirting with herotictv on instagram comments, talking about sexual things when he was really young (he's 19 now)

No. 757081

File: 1581538344750.jpeg (442.03 KB, 1125x2027, 5CE9BE47-7856-4327-B209-B07CD0…)

Why does she interact with children this way?

No. 757384

I got some stale old milk farmers but dasha has successfully moved on with chandler riggs and is supporting haleigh hekking haters on Instagram. Some of haleighs texts to chandler got 'leaked' (sounds familiar?) Anyway could be milk left and I've got a feeling dasha is heavily involved

No. 757472

That doesnt sound stale it sounds like dasha. Please Post it anon

No. 757517

What do the texts say? I’ve been curious why she dropped Haleigh when she was friends with her before chandler

No. 757529

sounds juicy as hell

No. 757549

File: 1581669879222.jpg (798.7 KB, 1080x1560, 20200214_034503.jpg)

No. 757550

File: 1581669903152.jpg (372.44 KB, 1080x1080, 20200214_034451.jpg)

No. 757551

File: 1581669932002.jpg (586.99 KB, 1078x945, 20200214_034441.jpg)

they sure seem cozy. isnt she way older than this kid???

No. 757552

my sides. is she going to keep up fake ginger hair and brows with painted on freckles for the whole relationship?

No. 757558

File: 1581674025267.jpg (166.18 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200214-095443_Mes…)

Text messages screenshotted from chandler phone and shared with an ig user

No. 757559

File: 1581674057730.jpg (189.87 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200214-095517_Mes…)


No. 757560

File: 1581674194207.jpg (183.88 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200214-095533_Mes…)


No. 757561

File: 1581674294685.jpg (167.22 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200214-095604_Mes…)


No. 757562

File: 1581674343792.jpg (211.05 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200214-095724_Mes…)

Chandler fans hating on haleigh and rejoicing in dasha on ig

No. 757563

File: 1581674367864.jpg (342.77 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200214-095727_Mes…)

No. 757564

File: 1581674514087.jpg (126.85 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200214-100102_Mes…)

Loads of other proof on ig that dasha interacts and follows with ig users that make fun of haleigh and praise her and chandler. She's building a new army of underage fans.
If farmers wanna go digging I'm sure there is more milk to see

No. 757576

thanks anon!
it's like she can't breathe unless she's vehemently pursuing a petite brunette, along with an army of angry monkeys to help

No. 757584

Another ex of a guy who she will stalk and belittle. She’s not even trying to hide it either. 24 fucking years old lmfao.

No. 757612

Truly. Those people are 20 & 21 years old. Wtf is Julia doing dating one and bullying the other. This woman is still batshit insane.

No. 757631

This is not the plot twist we expected but the one we deserved. Trasha fucking Carl Grimes.

No. 757636

File: 1581699027819.jpeg (9.23 KB, 177x285, Download.jpeg)

Tall, slim and slightly foreign looking. Just like Mina. Of course Trasha is raging.

Inb4 Julia projects her eating disorder and we see weirdly edited images of her on IG or PULL.

(poor girl is so young and Chandler seems like a nice, quiet guy - someone protect them please)

No. 757648

samefag: idk why I uploaded a potato quality image - posting twice will look like shit so here the link https://tinyurl.com/twzccdq

No. 757650

Oh ok this is why she posted a poll on her Instagram stories a little while ago asking if she should dye her hair dark again.

No. 757655

Lol how fucking mental that it's another tanned, beautiful, skinny brunette she has to attack with a personal teenage army over a guy?

Must destroy her that she'll never be as beautiful as these girls

No. 757657

File: 1581705847389.jpg (716.92 KB, 1080x1823, 20200214_202852.jpg)

No. 757674

Dascha aside, this girl sounds like a manipulative psychopath. I'd hate for her to be my girlfriend too.

No. 757705

File: 1581722885738.png (364.9 KB, 356x624, Screen Shot 2020-02-14 at 3.24…)


HOLY FUCKING DEJA-VU SHE'S DONE IT AGAIN. I really, genuinely thought she was going to fade into obscurity after minagate blew over but it's like this girl can't breathe unless she's sucking the life force out of some girl that dated whoever she's currently fucking, wearing her flesh and creating a rabid cult of easily influenced teen girls that bond over stanning her boytoy and tearing the new victim apart. the only difference is that dasha has not blatantly transformed into the new girl (yet) and her current "julishka" persona seems to be a rare amalgation of a few of the girls she recently surrounded herself with (mostly apphia who she appears to still be friends with, and that universal angel girl who called her out for being a creep). how much longer do we think she's keeping this messy ginger "aU nAtuRaL uwu" look for?

i agree tbh but there also isn't a ton of context and I have no idea who this haleigh girl is outside of whatever photos and "leaked" texts were shared here. cannot wait for whatever depraved new milk this development brings, but i also feel bad for this chandler kid, he's a former child star who is probably clueless to how insane putin is and if there's validity to the hailiegh girl being toxic as well then he's probably already easily manipulated by these kinds of abusive tactics and won't see dasha as the huge walking red flag that she is. wonder what cyr thinks of all this shit lol

No. 757709

Yeah kindve sad. Apparently his first girlfriend Brianna was money hungry and manipulative too, then Haleigh and now trasha. Kinda his fault, I’m sure he’s been warned and there’s tons of evidence dasha is batshit but he’s just ignoring it.

No. 757725

>>but i also feel bad for this chandler kid, he's a former child star who is probably clueless to how insane putin is

Nah he knows all about what Dasha did. He blocks anyone who mentions it on either his Instagram or on hers. He also interacts with the accounts that bully his ex.
Either he's fuckin dumb or he's a piece of shit. I'm leaning towards the latter.

No. 757753

I'm so confused. When did she break up with Cyr?

No. 757754


Anon, if only you'd just.. literally scroll up for <20 seconds to read the rest of the thread..

No. 757755

people dye their hair all the time stop with this retarded nitpicking. a brunette going blonde can't call themselves a blonde by your logic?

No. 757772

You know Julia has a habit of fully inhabiting skins. It's not hair dye and definitely not a phase, this is her authentic soul.
Don't take it personally.

No. 757812

that's never the point with dasha. she's faking being a natural ginger down to the henna freckles and the ginger brows, and chandler is the one calling her one too. she's fucken weird or else this thread would never exist, not over something like changing hair colour. she cannot admit who she even is.

No. 757859

So since she hasn't secretly married cyr and hasn't spent christmas in austria it's safe to assume she's still illegal?

If she keeps abusing young girls we'll soon get onision 2.0 where everyone gets together to deport her. #makeithappen

No. 757908

This leg shoop is ridiculous. Is she drunk while shooping her pictures?

No. 757965

File: 1581820520628.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 259.41 KB, 750x1202, 22D3FA78-FAA6-4104-A71F-49AD94…)

No. 757967

File: 1581821054133.jpeg (237.24 KB, 1125x1722, 6967CBA5-51E6-424B-BABF-F75E0E…)

No. 757969

File: 1581821191037.jpeg (425.26 KB, 1125x1746, 4F72EBA9-FB16-40CC-AAB8-30919A…)

Funny how quick this account changed their username after it was posted on here.

No. 757970

File: 1581821313350.png (6.65 MB, 1125x2436, 3870A374-49A6-4C9A-B8A4-0F2FD5…)

And here they are talking my about why they like Dasha lol what a fucking idiot

No. 758030

File: 1581841311429.png (899.96 KB, 1440x2552, Screenshot_20200216-161524~2.p…)

what kind of realistic fans would ship her with Chandler so quickly? He doesn't even post about her at all.

hands down calling out that these fan accounts are herself in disguise trying to make herself look so pure, so she can get that american actor d

do people really not see the kind of stuff she's done? Insane.

No. 758087

File: 1581869316356.jpeg (320.92 KB, 1125x792, AC90EFAB-C3CE-4BCF-9223-A6449C…)

No. 758089

Man, Cyr needs to get a grip and see a therapist. Being in a relationship with her (a relationship where he said his partner made him feel emasculated) is doing no favors to his mental health. I get being depressed makes you apathetic and unmotivated, but one thing he should cover is why he stayed in a long term relationship with someone who is objectively a terrible, awful, destructive person.

No. 758096

>we still love each other and are very close

Aka we broke up because Cyr got too depressed and I wanted some broke childstar's dick, but I still stalk his every move to make sure he doesn't find a new girlfriend

No. 758132

>> hands down calling out that these fan accounts are herself in disguise

I thought so too but the ones that are most up her ass do post quite a few selfies on their account/story. So unless she's got a ton of pics saved of other girls to use for this reason, sadly I think they're real people. Stupid, but real.

No. 758138

Egging fans on to ship you with another guy and jealousy baiting like this because your bf wants a break feels like such a classic Dasha move…

No. 758140

>I have way too much dirt on him so it's not like he's going to have me deported or anything

No. 758176

Nice filtered-to-fuck image Doucha

No. 758245

I have a gut feeling that they are both trying to piss of Chandlers ex gf….?! Cyr should escape while he still can.

No. 758259


sounds like Cyr was finally fed up.

No. 758262

Am I retarded? She went from short black hair to long ginger hair last year July-August, going off her insta. Her hairstyle barely changed over the time since. The ginger hair is a really good wig, right? Or did she dye it and is she wearing extensions? I understand that the occasional bangs are extensions/fake but I’m so confused about this hair, I 100% thought it was just a wig until that recent discussion in this thread about whether she gets to call herself “ginger” or not.

No. 758264

I think it's just really good tape or clip in extensions, or she made friends with a stylist. I wouldn't be surprised if it was a wig though, we know she used to basically LIVE in her Mina skinwalking wig. maybe takes it off just to shower and sleep?
she's pretty committed to it so either makes sense to me.
i think her real hair could be short and ginger under the extra but it blends pretty well so it's hard to tell.
tl;dr i think i'm retarded too because i dont understand either

No. 758271

its permanent extensions, so woven in.

No. 758288

this account is 100% her. id bet good fucking money. its her, and its crazy.

No. 758319

File: 1581961604593.jpg (190.34 KB, 866x1300, 74901491-portrait-of-a-natural…)

her hair is wayyyy too orange looking to pass as ginger. as a fake ginger myself i know you need to be careful treading the thin line between ginger and orange and the line doesn't exist to her apparently. of course there's different shades of ginger, like there is for blonde and brunette, but there is certainly no natural ginger with saturated orange hair. also her eyebrows are so dark, natural gingers have blonde eyebrows, not thick dark eyebrows. how hard is it for her to just google "natural ginger" and imitate that if she wants to pass as a natural ginger?

No. 758324

I thought she was blonde.

No. 758338

she is…

No. 758356

File: 1581978289053.jpg (98.79 KB, 938x650, larp.jpg)

it's because she's hiding her past by transforming into a new person as she does from time to time. it's not casual self expression like a normal person changing a hairstyle or even a serious effort at playing another body type. being authentic isn't really her point. it's always a "new dasha".

No. 758366

Her stylist needs to blend/ cut the clip or whatever hair better! Even a face frame because it looks artificial n gross. Imo blonde hair suited her better because of her skin tone and eye color. She looks like a pizza.

No. 758405


This is the least vomit-inducing I’ve ever seen her look. I think it’s just the hair length and style, maybe the color, though. She just looks retarded with short hair.

No. 758468

i know the ex she abused dying has already been discussed, but the fact that she posted this a month or so ago:


and then this when tristan died:


just shows what a rotten bitch she is. you wish death on ex partners and friends and then when they actually die it’s omg i’ll always love you rest in peace!

No. 758554


I always thought that wishing death upon someone especially in such a public way, even as a super edgy meme, is so incredibly crude. This really did not age well for her, even though I don’t think she truly wished this upon anyone for real.

No. 758571


The fact you never really know what's going to happen is why you should never wish death upon someone imo.. And in this case apparently it was clear to all his friends/everyone that it was very possible he'd die at some point so it's even more disturbing imo.

No. 758572


I honestly feel like taking the whole fake yet natural looking ginger look to that extreme including freckles etc. Is kind of offensive to natural gingers. Can't really explain it

No. 758582

>offensive to natural gingers
you can’t explain it because you’re being a faggot & there’s no logic in faggotry

No. 758624

based callout poster

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