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File: 1531445691155.jpeg (47.67 KB, 354x415, C956EC5F-1F26-439F-BFBE-64FB16…)

No. 547290

Previously on the internet:

>Dasha is outed by lolcow admin for posting 142 times in one thread alone >>>/pt/519998

>Posts included doxxing Mina via a photo of her passport, unreleased semi-nude photos stolen from Mina’s phone, rumors about Mina being a sugar baby, implying Edwin is a kiddy fiddler for dating a 20 year old, and praising/defending Dasha
>Edwin makes a video about the nonsense, alluding to her posts on lolcow
>An old clip resurfaces of Dasha saying "Sieg Heil, mein Führer!" while doing a Nazi salute >>>/pt/525575
>Dasha reacts by deleting her Twitter and making her Instagram accounts private, and announces she is getting “phone therapy” for her depression
>Dasha’s true form is revealed in pics and videos shot for a pluggednyc campaign >>>/pt/532499
>This was particularly delicious vis a vis her addiction to extreme shooping and the fact that she was also caught out editing Mina’s photos >>>/pt/533091
>Dasha and Cyr conspire to take down Edwin’s videos and ultimately have his YouTube channel deleted as revealed in leaked voice messages Dasha sent to her flying monkeys >>>/pt/534251.
>Someone who may or may not be Dasha assumed Mina’s identity and succeeded in getting Mina’s YouTube channel taken down (it has since been reinstated) >>>/pt/536040
>Cyr himself has yet to comment on the situation, leaving his attack dog NetNobody to whiteknight him against Edwin on Twitter >>>/pt/546541
>Videos released by “Anonymous Person” attempting to discredit Mina and Edwin >>>/pt/535521 sound suspiciously like Dasha putting on a British accent >>>/pt/536537
>Mina finally responds to the fuckery herself in a dignified video, mentioning that the current public knowledge is not the even the full extent of Dasha’s psychotic abuse >>>/pt/543633


>Around late 2016/early 2017, Edwin (Edwin’s Generation), Mina (MinaxxBell), Dasha, and Cyr all lived together

>Cyr, who was already in a relationship with Dasha and had been for a year, decided to try to have a polyamorous relationship with his ex girlfriend, Mina, and invited her to live with himself and Dasha in LA
>Apparently Dasha suggested this arrangement and was the instigator in getting Mina to live with them, and she later admitted that she did so with the intention of ruining Mina’s life
>Edwin is made to feel ostracised in his own apartment while Cyr attempts to have a relationship with both girls
>Dasha and Mina are featured in some of Cyr’s videos, and both look eerily similar to each other
>Mina, Dasha, Cyr, and Edwin all appear together in “Are You Trying to Smash One of My Girls?” on Edwin’s channel
>At the beginning of February 2017, Edwin and Mina are kicked out of the apartment, and Edwin makes a distressed vlog as they're leaving
>Between November 2016 - January 2017, Mina discovers that Dasha has deleted Mina’s entire Instagram account
>It is believed that she did this out of jealousy, as Mina had more followers than her at the time
>Dasha streams on Periscope claiming that the problem was Mina and Edwin, and that their actions hurt her and Cyr
>Soon after Edwin and Mina leave the apartment, Dasha harasses Mina online through photoshopped memes and sends her minions to harass Mina on Twitter
>Dasha’s fans also start to post on lolcow a lot around this time, defending Dasha and accusing on Mina of “hurting” Dasha
>Dasha says that one day while Mina was in the shower, Dasha went through her phone and found a fake Instagram account on her phone that was sending her (Dasha) hate. Dasha claims that this account belongs to Mina, and she was using this to harass her because she was jealous
>Cyr calls Mina a “crazy girl with an agenda”
>Edwin makes a video with Mina titled “Edwin and Mina get Kicked Out by Cyr and Dasha - Sharing Our Story” (uploaded 4/17/2017)
>He later makes another video responding to things Cyr has lied about, titled “Edwin Responds to Cyr’s Lies” (uploaded 6/12/2017)
>Dasha constantly makes threats to ruin people's lives when they don't play along with what she wants
>Follows through with these threats, in getting Edwin and Mina kicked out of the house, turning Cyr against his friends, and deleting Mina's Instagram account
>Throughout the videos, Edwin accounts various times where Dasha was emotionally manipulative of Cyr (With Cyr once texting Edwin that he felt “emasculated” by Dasha)
>Video of Dasha responding to Edwin
>Quote from Dasha: “…And I told him, yes, I’m fucking, I’m going to actually get you kicked out, if you literally take Mina’s side over your best friend. I said that to him! I’m owning up to that! I told him that I’d ruin his life, because I would, if he takes a fucking British cunt… I'm sorry [smiles], over his best friend. He’s absolutely right, I stood there smiling…”
>Around June 2017, Dasha makes a Twitter video talking about how many people tell her she's copying Mina’s style
>Dasha seems to continue to talk about how much hate and harassment she’s received because of Mina, and is fixated on people accusing her of copying Mina’s style

PULL drama:

>In early 2017, when the initial drama involving Dasha, Mina, and Edwin started, a user named “Fawnie” created a topic about Mina

>This account mocked Mina for her alleged use of Photoshop, and posted pictures that had never been seen before by anyone
>In one of Edwin’s videos, Mina says that some of these pictures were never released online, and were pictures that she had left on her camera after a photoshoot that Dasha had.
>Dasha apparently also intentionally photoshopped these pictures to make her look bigger than she actually was, to make it seem like Mina was shooping herself to be super skinny
>While it hasn’t been confirmed that “Fawnie” is Dasha, lots of evidence points to it being her


https://twitter.com/itsbabydash (currently disabled)
Snapchat: iblamejules




Old threads from latest to oldest:

No. 547319

Friendly reminder that derailing away from the subject at hand will result in bans. Thank you.

No. 547360

Welp it’s already Friday the 13th here in the Southern Hemisphere, I guess we will soon find out if “Anonymous Person”’s choice of account avatar was/is alluding to something potentially milky or if it’s just cringey for the sake of cringe.

No. 547373

Or if cyr releases a video (speculation that anonymous person is Dasha) if he does, she’s going to out herself by putting the date of cyrs video. And for making a cringey channel. We shall see I suppose

No. 547444

these two look EXACTLY the same idk how u guys can even follow this thread half the time lol i wish i could sage this

No. 547460

File: 1531454923494.jpg (73.75 KB, 319x445, perfecthriller.jpg)

Gem saved from the last thread.

No. 547481

File: 1531457126474.png (3.23 MB, 750x1334, 7E126CEA-08E4-4157-B032-B20265…)

That is some top kek, I was going to use it for the thread header but went with Julia in all her annoyingly pretty glory instead. I can’t wait to see what this is about…

No. 547625

File: 1531477029685.jpg (71.29 KB, 1030x589, ohboohoobitch.JPG)

This account was made a few hours ago… I wonder what they mean by "and so much more" kek

No. 547652

File: 1531484550201.jpeg (36.99 KB, 511x288, B6CBA117-6DCA-4EC5-A989-19DC96…)

Oh ffs Julia, enough with the “fan” accounts

No. 547653

File: 1531484752815.jpeg (216.2 KB, 587x582, 9F234753-1823-422A-98D9-23F3A3…)


The sucked-in cheeks and badly shooped extra long clavicle tho

No. 547657

You forgot to mention her badly shooped neck

No. 547661

File: 1531486473799.jpeg (519.23 KB, 1904x2154, 4679C134-4D86-4549-BAB7-4F8296…)

Look who’s back, following and uploading their first post at the exact same time lmao

No. 547682

File: 1531490460890.jpeg (316.21 KB, 750x1240, EACA03D5-BB22-4CFB-B0C0-B494D8…)


No. 547691

I think somebody just took her @? Considering dasha has pulled people down before and there’s evidence of it, so why would she even tweet that

No. 547692

.. I'm a bit disappointed. I thought there'd be a video by anonymous person by now

No. 547696

It appears so (on account of the followers, or lack thereof) but it’s still odd. An account with Dasha’s handle advocating for the antithesis of Dasha’s behaviour? It seems off. Moreover, I didn’t think it was possible to claim someone’s handle, even if they’ve deleted their account.

No. 547711

According to the official Twitter policy, they consider an account to be “inactive” if it hasn't sent out a tweet in the last 6 months. Even then, they won't usually give away that username - you'd have to have a trademark claim on that specific name.


No. 547715

She probably changed her username and disabled it because of the shit she’s been getting but yeah can’t get that handle back.

No. 547720

I really don’t think this Twitter is her. I went through and it seems like this person is actually critiquing Dashas actions in weirdly spoken way. Plus they’re not following Dasha “fan” accounts or hate account with Edwin and Mina, like she’s doing on Instagram.

No. 547722

File: 1531498384726.jpeg (98.1 KB, 750x561, 93A08FA8-A56D-41C3-BA2A-1D7143…)

No. 547723

doesn't Edwin have the exact same "practice what you preach" on his Twitter? Not trying to tinfoil, I just think I saw it the other day

No. 547726

File: 1531499440058.jpeg (30.32 KB, 200x200, 927DCCAF-0FE9-430B-96AB-896A1A…)

Maybe this is her attempt at rebranding herself after being outed as a prize cunt a la kaka

No. 547727

Hahaha perhaps anon! I suppose we shall wait and continue lurking

No. 547728

He was referring to NetNobody who posted a tweet about speaking out against male abuse, while “ignoring” minas situation with Dasha and cyr

No. 547734


oooh, thanks for the clarification, anon! I just looked into it. Can't really side with Edwin when it comes to NetNobody cause I love this guy

No. 547738


>posting personal pictures of her family

lol, you mean the profile pictures of your mother, which she posted herself in the first place, Julia?

Reposting her mothers twitter/facebook profile pictures is "posting personal pictures" but stealing Minas nudes and posting them online isnt, lol ok

No. 547760


I don't really think she cares. They aren't even close as far as I know.

Also, I don't really know what to think about the "Mina's nudes" part. Some people claim that the two photos we're talking about were on Mina's old Twitter + she posted completely naked (far more revealing) pictures before. Sending her passport around really is the one thing that enraged me.

No. 547762

I do agree that calling it revenge porn is a bit of a stretch considering she has her tits out in lots of pictures, but it does have to do with creepiness and consent since she says she didn't post the pictures online and we have no reason not to believe that. Also who stockpiles nudes of someone you hate?? It's so weird.

No. 547763

The pics Dasha posted are allegedly stolen from Mina's phone. She also passes around private pictures she stole from Mina to her minions.
With that being said, Mina has posted nudes and semi nudes before so realistically that won't hurt her career. However, it's still revenge porn because Dasha used the pictures as a form of humiliation.

No. 547766

I think the difference was that you could possible see EVERYthing on Mina, not just her breasts. Obviously we won’t know because I personally didn’t see the leaked nudes but either way Mina never gave consent.

No. 547767

Minas posted full on nudes?

No. 547768

This is like saying an actress who has been naked in a movie shouldn’t be mad if her private nude photos have been leaked. If she didn’t give consent for those to be posted, it isn’t ok. No one has the right over someone’s body like that, sorry.

No. 547769

File: 1531506455995.png (422.52 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180713-202134.png)

Yoo wtf is this shit,i just found it in mina tag on insta..
Not sure if her nudes were being shared before or is it the pic she already posted before

No. 547770

There is at least one video on Mina’s coub where she is nude

No. 547771

That looks sketchy as fuck but it’s hard to say

No. 547773

idk I think it’s shitty either way to release someone’s nudes even if they do post things like that. As another anon said minas career won’t be ruined by that but she never gave consent which is technically still classified as revenge porn. The passport is also more serious (personally) because people can actually steal her information

No. 547774

File: 1531506884340.jpeg (121.24 KB, 750x803, A73F901D-3644-48FF-88AA-98BEE3…)

No. 547775

These were all 2 years ago..

No. 547776

It doesn't matter if she's posted her nudes before. Mina has the right to post her body if she wants too. Dasha doesn't have the right to go through her phone and take private photos without her consent. Dasha shared unflattering/nude photos of Mina after she was talking shit and they had a falling out it is revenge porn.

No. 547778

If it is lifted from her moms personal account as she's not a public figure, it's posting personal photos. What Dasha has done to Mina is way worst but Dasha and her mom aren't the same person.

No. 547784

File: 1531507422712.png (250.34 KB, 313x647, 20180713_204151.png)

Is this putins true form?
Honestly she looks 30 here..

No. 547785

She honestly does look old as hell for her age. It reminds me of Tana Mongeau both are early 20s going on 35…

No. 547788


I don't know. I think she gains and loses weight relatively fast. I think it depends on her mood etc. Cause I don't think that everyone who says they've seen her before and she was skinny is lying and she looks skinnier in the videos etc. Can't really tell.

Also @everyone else: I didn't mean to say leaking her nudes isn't a crazy thing to do, I just didn't word it correctly. I agree with those of you saying that it won't damage her career but is still shitty yet not half as bad as the passport thing.

No. 547792

She looks like a fatter version of her druggie mom lmao

No. 547796

But the point is the pictures are already public. How are "personal" pictures posted publicly to facebook? They're just profile pics and they aren't even bad looking

No. 547800

they aren't public if they're only visible for her friends. Otherwise they are.

No. 547802

its entirely possible she lies about her age. i know a few narcissists irl who lie about their age often.

their dating profiles all list different ages, for example. one of the narcs is 27 and his tinder says 21 while another profile says 23.

No. 547804

File: 1531510121992.png (524.5 KB, 672x729, 20180713_212812.png)

Hello my name is olga i will suck your dick for 7 dollaaas and a gum

No. 547805

ask the account yourself how they got them

No. 547806

if the pictures weren't public and only visible for her friends it would either mean that a person who knows Julia/her mom personally and is/was a friend of her/them got them or that her mom accepts random friendrequests.

No. 547807

File: 1531510186577.png (466.31 KB, 713x833, 20180713_212633.png)

When your ass is 3xtimes bigger than you boyfriends

No. 547808

File: 1531510218197.png (503.5 KB, 720x797, 20180713_212555.png)


No. 547810


that dis was…weak lmao. most guys want their girlfriends butts to be bigger and most guys have tiny asses to begin wtih.

No. 547811

File: 1531510364117.png (784.85 KB, 720x897, 20180713_212616.png)

When a single mom of 5 finally gets her night out

No. 547812

There is no ass anyways she is just fatter than him

No. 547820

I'd like to remind some anons that it doesn't matter if someone posted themselves nude if you do so without consent it is still revenge porn. If you got hold of private nudes and sex tapes of a porn star you're not suddenly free from the law and can do whatever the fuck you like . What Dasha did is revenge porn plain and simple. She stole photos and posted them without consent. Why the fuck do I need to explain this.

No. 547825

Dashas friend Simon is so fucking hot ugh she doesnt deserve him(no one cares)

No. 547835

When she used to post him 12 times a day, occasionally a pic or two would slip through showing what he really looks like.
Not terrible, but nothing like the careful angles and there's a reason he usually keeps his mouth closed.

No. 547859


lol I really don't think so.

Anyway, any fresh milk?

No. 547921

I thought Simon and Dasha were just friends

No. 548027

File: 1531526734145.jpg (178.12 KB, 1060x1536, Screenshot_20180714-015751.jpg)

Was this already discussed in a former thread?

No. 548058

I guess the “friday 13th” video release was just a tinfoil

No. 548065

Why tf would we discuss this lmao that isn't tea. She just thinks he's hot??

No. 548080

nice try trashas tryhards yall gonna need harder fax. besides this is old news btw we all knew mina thought idubbz was hot so try harder minions! find something else that is actual milk and not this bullshit

No. 548082

of course it was idiot, no one cares

No. 548086


lmao ok her thinking another person is attractive is innocent as hell and doesnt at all warrant for the abuse shes endured next

No. 548146

File: 1531538463761.jpeg (159.53 KB, 750x599, 64F11B5D-12F1-4A6D-8BB7-C9545F…)

Yes Julia, we are all so worried and don’t dare take a breath until you start posting again

No. 548152

File: 1531539004236.jpeg (920.5 KB, 750x1255, A80011E4-113E-4B8B-AD65-6B41EF…)

Neuph is public again (probably not for long). Putin, it’s not the contacts that make you look like an alien, it’s your oversized triangular head

No. 548161

funny she tried doing the fake sunked in cheeks photoshop as a response to her leaked fat body (probably to claim having an ED) but after calling her out HERE she stopped lol

No. 548181

File: 1531541913425.jpg (73.42 KB, 1000x750, OrMzj4m.jpg)

what is this? why does she draw her eyebrows like that, she has some heavy facetune and photoshop going on check out the edges of her face. damn that nose she straight up looks like a mannequin. trasha we know you lurk this place, tone it down with the facetune and the photoshop and fix them eyebrows girl

No. 548194

Can we have your nudes? We'd like to post them here. I'm sure you've sent one to someone before so it will be okay, trust us.

No. 548197

This post is what we'll see in the dictionary when we look up "B-But Mina!!!".

No. 548237

What the fuck about the latest neuphs pic. Now Dasha is skinwalking even minas latest aesthetic.

No. 548242

She looks so fake and scary! How can Cyr not see how crazy she is? How can he look at her pictures on instagram and look at her in real life and just be okay with his own girlfriend actually photoshopping herself into his ex?

No. 548244

File: 1531548798019.jpeg (262.67 KB, 740x1235, CBA05168-BD3C-4709-A654-2AD300…)

Not as bad as the first pic she ever posted on neuphs back in May 2017. She has shooped herself to look so much like Mina in this shot it’s fucking terrifying (not like this comes as a surprise anymore, kek)

No. 548248

>moshi moshi tinfoil desu
He has actually suffered a complete breakdown/psychotic break as a result of Doucha’s fuckery and is now trapped (or at least feels like he is). Either that or he is just as much of a deluxe extra nutty narcissistic fruitcake as she is. Given the screenshots Edwin has posted re: Mike feeling “emasculated” and whatever the fuck else he has said about the insane abusive shit Julia has subjected him to, I’m going with the former.

No. 548261

>>548065 >>548080 >>548082 >>548086

okay, I'm sorry. I just didn't know. I saw it for the first time yesterday.

No. 548273

Dasha, those fake eye colour contacts, makeup style, fake freckles, fake angular face shape, fake lips and fake hair just make you look like the real Mina. Stop.

No. 548290

jesus you would think she'll tone down the skinwalking, but she not only gave herself Mina's hair and moles, she deadass shooped her face differently than usual into Mina's face structure. Damn she's a psycho

No. 548353

She really should get rid of those lip injections

No. 548354

minas latest insta post is also in a summery vibe outside a brick apartment don't know if reaching but yup

No. 548363

I just noticed something. @ 4:41 in this video we have Dasha doing her best “English/anonymous person/ Friday the 13th” accent. What do you think? Imo it’s proof she IS the one speaking on that channel.

No. 548364


How can't this be completely crazy to Mike.
Imagine your partner photoshopping themselve into your ex, using nicknames they once used, wearing their clothes etc. Mike should drive Julia to a mental hospital.

Maybe if Mina would start wearing a fatsuit Julia'd stop photoshopping herself and embrace her true brick body.

No. 548379

No, she would continue to shoop herself skinny and cackle like a witch. I feel like Doucha would genuinely be happy if Mina started looking fatter.

No. 548394


This is old milk

No. 548396

someone posted this and made a side by side comparison, two threads back I think. whenever the first anon video was posted.

No. 548427

File: 1531587355056.jpg (1.05 MB, 1920x2400, IMG_20180714_125235_132.jpg)

She is so creepy

No. 548445

It’s her FaceTune app that makes her look like one lol

No. 548449

Ugh thought the same. She still tries so hard to look like Mina. She even shoops her mouth to Mina's shape wtf. An actual psycho

No. 548450


she probably takes in photos of mina's lips to her cosmetic surgeon and is like, "this time they must be EX-XACTLY like THIS"

No. 548451

File: 1531591192025.jpg (930.85 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180714-140024_Ins…)

he seems sooo happy

No. 548454

She looks exactly like a trans "girl" I know irl who still has a dick.

No. 548459

Why is it a thing with the Instagram girls when someone is "copying their style" I get in dashas case it's creepy cause she is trying to BE mina but like even in the toopoor thread the sound cloud Instagram girls complain about it. Do they lose money or maybe brand deals when they feel like they don't have an original look?

No. 548465

It's funny ethots get mad over copying and in the same breath call themselves influencers or trendsetters.

I agree tho, in this case it's different because Dasha is intentiinally skinwalking Mina with plenty of evidence. Also Mina hasn't really made that big a deal of it herself.

No. 548584

I’m sorry for posting that, I guess I missed it. . It just goes to show what happens if you miss a few days, which I did.

No. 548586

What I don't get is why she is so obsessed with Mina to begin with. I don't think Mina's ever done anything to her. And apparantly, how she found out Cyr cheated on her is a random account on IG told her, with a pic of Dasha and Cyr sleeping together.

Might be tinfoiling here, but I feel like the person who told Mina was Dasha herself. So even back then she was after the poor girl.

Just like….why? What for? Why go through all this trouble just to try to make someone else miserable? It's weird. And even now, Dasha doesn't seem to show any remorse. (She continues to comment rude things on Edwin's videos via sockpuppet/throwaway accounts.) You can tell they are her because of the joined dates.

No. 548596

I’d say a major key is jealousy and insecurity. I seriously believe Dasha is a narc or has some form of personality disorder because no SANE human being would do this, even if they’re jealous. No one takes it this far unless they’re mentally unstable or have deep rooted issues

No. 548599


My guesses are either

A) she's jealous of Mina cause she just filled her gap when her and Mike broke up
B) she's always been batshit crazy, wanted to get to Mike, Mina got there first and now she has to destroy her
C) she's always been batshit crazy and obsessed with Mina and Mike was her way to get to her

No. 548610

And the fact that even after all her bonkers shenanigans have been outed she is STILL persisting with the Single White Female: Stratospheric Shoop Edition foolery. No one with any self-awareness would keep this up. You’d think her friends would stage an intervention, seeing as her whipped boyfriend is too much of a pussy to do anything.

No. 548611


A lunatic I know IRL has done Dasha-level shit to me. Nearly the exact same stuff, just on a smaller more local scale. She's been outed and caught red handed many times. But she plays victim, hides, and it's still going on after 6 years.

I worry Dasha's bullshit won't be over for a long time.

No. 548628

Dasha is basically getting away with her actions right now, which is frustrating. She thinks she can just block everyone who knows she's crazy and slowly turn herself into Mina on her second account or something.

No. 548906

tbh I don't really think they look alike regardless of how much makeup one or both of them are wearing and regardless of how shooped Dasha's face it. They look completely different and their style is different too. Mina is all about girly, anime and retro stuff whereas Dasha is rather modern or fantasy/role play inspired. I don't see the problem. They both change hair colors and wear wigs all the time so I think it's a coincidence when they sometimes have the same hair color. I mean, blond and brown are pretty basic colors.

No. 548954

Dasha looks better anyways. Style wise, I mean. Mina looks like she’s wearing a cheap costume all the time.

No. 548956

File: 1531642585817.jpeg (21.86 KB, 252x256, FFA1B3D2-1F0A-4232-997E-AA6CBD…)

No. 549050

to me Dashas style is nothing but Minas style regurgitated and out came a basic boring plastic style of Mina. I think Minas style is creative, while Dasha might have a more modern style, still doesn't divert from the fact she's a chaotic narcissistic lunatic

No. 549059

File: 1531660621326.jpg (64.29 KB, 481x598, lollollollol.JPG)

No. 549067


I was the anon saying their styles are different, not more or less.

I don't really think either of them copies the other. And I don't prefer one or the other style cause I'm all about denim and don't care enough. I just don't really see that many similarities aside from berets and wigs.
And by no means was what I said meant to say "she doesn't copy her so everything's fine". Revenge porn and identity theft still are the major problem tho

No. 549069

Although Dasha had a totally different style before she was in contact with Cyr/Mina. She completely changed her style after that - you can see the comparison in the Edwin and Mina got kicked out video (or whatever the title is). Also, people that aren't as into the drama as we are get confused as to who is who! Because we know their faces so well, it's easy for us to tell the difference.

No. 549075

File: 1531663334921.jpg (334.16 KB, 806x1436, Screenshot_20180715-155425~2.j…)


Hm, I don't really see it. To me it looks like she discovered wigs are a thing in September 2016. Aside from that.. I don't know, chokers were in then out, turtlenecks in then out but she doesn't really do Mina's signature style anywhere imo. The only pictures in which they look mostly the same to me are the ones they did together wearing the same clothes and I can't really imagine Dasha wearing the clothes Mina is wearing atm or Mina being in Dasha's newer pictures instead of her.

No. 549077

oh and if I look at my recommendations on instagram I don't get which instathot is which either. They all look the same yet different imo. There's anime dolls, lip job sluts and weird mixtures of both and that's it.. oh and levis basic bitches - everything with or without sudden love for kpop. But ai definitely can't tell them apart

No. 549191

I'm deceased. When and where?

No. 549203

File: 1531679529779.png (1.16 MB, 720x959, 20180715_203207.png)

Example A

No. 549204

File: 1531679599796.png (368.98 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180715-193621.png)

There is no way dasha watches onions gay wife its probably some angsty teen minion

No. 549207

File: 1531680137589.png (893.69 KB, 664x885, 20180715_203943.png)

She looks almost skeletal here

No. 549208

File: 1531680286186.png (314.59 KB, 720x894, 20180715_203925.png)

Honestly this style suits her the best,blonde hair, minimal makeup and simple clothes without editing her feautures to oblivion and no skinwalking,k im gonna stop spamming now

No. 549254

dasha never looks better than mina lmfao, she's a cheap copy

No. 549257

She looks like a meth addicted Cruella Deville…. wtf how is this better than Mina's style???

No. 549259

Or she wrote a fake ass comment on someone she is known to hate with an account suspected to be hers to deter suspicion.

No. 549264

I still prefer minas style tbh I think it’s creative and unusual, compared to Dasha who just copies Mina. I thought it was already discussed and proven in previous threads how Dasha copies Mina, even down to the moles. Plus photoshopping her face to look like minas.

No. 549267

Also Mina's style lately has been really cute and not cheap looking lol why do I feel like a bunch of Dasha fans are lurking but pretending to not be fans

No. 549270

That's just absolute bullshit. You must be new to the thread. It's really annoying that there is a bunch of evidence proving and supporting the theory that Dasha copies Mina yet there are still retards who come on here like idunno it's totally normal for a bleach blonde la model to cut and dye her hair to match her bf's ex then start dressing like her before they met. Even wearing exact outfits. Like go away if you're just going to give an opinion.

No. 549273

Mina looks like the genuinely weird little hippie art student manic pixie dream girl. Her style is weird and sorta costume-ish, but it seems genuine and fits her quirky, ditzy persona. Mike already said that he was into "art hoes" and not "model hoes". So obviously Dasha took Mina's style, but she's too concerned with being "high fashion", so she makes it more clean and instagrammy, which makes it lose its authenticity.

Mina is the geeky, effortlessly weird theater kid Mike was hot for and Dasha is the jealous try-hard cheerleader fronting as "alternative for the scene points.

No. 549277

Kek at the Dasha fan defending her. Go lurk at previous threads and see anons who submitted photos of Dasha copying Mina to T, side by side.

No. 549280

I agree anon, Minas personality fits the way she dresses. She doesn’t dress the way she does because it’s “trendy” unlike doucha. It just fits her naturally

No. 549286

Thinking Minas style is ugly/tacky doesn't make someone a Trash fan.. But honestly I think it as a lot to do with the way she accessories as well like that yellow dress she posted a couple of days ago wasn't that bad but the hat/boots are so fug… I think it's a combination of all that along with the odd makeup looks so tacky.

Even though I hate it, I still think it's cool she is being herself and she's young anyway so that's the perfect time to experiment with your look. I find Dashas style fugly too.

No. 549296

Issa joke…get it cause its awful?sigh

No. 549300

No it doesn’t but saying that Dasha isn’t copying Mina is a joke at this point. Literally everyone knows this, how people are still defending her over this is stupid. The previous threads have already proven this.

No. 549309

oh for fuck's sake.. nobody said Mina herself looks worse than Dasha. Supporting Mina as a person or being against abuse doesn't mean I have to like her style. Yes, it fits her but I don't like the style on it's own. It's impressive that she can make clothes that look cheap as hell on their own look expensive and that's the real art - still, just not my style.(ban evasion)

No. 549310

I don’t see anyone one is attacking you for that reason. People are just saying that they prefer minas style. Not everyone is obviously going to like it. What anons are saying is that Dasha obviously skinwalks mina

No. 549315


Yes and I don't think so.
It's just so ridiculous that people go "oh you must be one of Dasha's minions" whenever someone says they don't like a tiny thing about Edwin and/or Mina. Tbh I don't like Mina's style, I find Edwin to be incredibly annoying and cringy, the "omg couple goals" shit is cringy af as well, most of Edwin's videos' content is boring as hell and the "Dasha copies Mina" shit is unnecessary too cause it's a minor part of it all BUT I'm still against abuse and I'm not pro Dasha. I just feel like many of the people on here expect everyone to support everything Mina and Edwin do now but I don't and except for Dasha leaking Mina's passport and nudes none of the shit Edwin published is worth mentioning.

No. 549318

I find Edwin annoying too but it’s all personal opinions. I disagree with you though. Dasha has done so much that I think it’s importnant to document. I don’t think just the nudes and the passport is the only thing worth speaking about. Fake accounts being made saying racist things about Edwin, Dasha sending her minions to attack edwin and Mina, Dasha telling her fans to false flag Edwin’s channel, Dasha making discriminatory comments about minas heritage and Edwin’s race (nazi humor differs from each person but you can’t pretend her making comments about Edwin and Mina is just jokes)

No. 549323

This thread is overrun by dasha and her minions. No one gives a fuck who’s style you like better. Dasha is the only cow that did fucked up things to mina (with EVIDENCE) and that’s it. Her style might not be completely copycat but it’s shown that she has photoshopped herself into Mina at least a couple times and that’s creepy itself because of the things she has done to mina.

No. 549326

File: 1531691266172.png (400.36 KB, 473x594, mina.png)


All Dasha does is skinwalk Mina, she needs to see a psychotherapist asap

No. 549329

File: 1531691570360.jpeg (1.89 MB, 1500x1498, DF9BB4D0-2337-459A-B3AA-B8AF6C…)

Dasha posted this only a couple days after Mina posted hers. You can check the dates. There’s no doubt she skinwalks. Talk shit about Mina’s style all you want but you can’t deny Dasha wants to be her.

No. 549388

Everyone knows Dasha copies and stalks Minas page at this point so why keep repeating it? It's already been proven she goes around following every person/brand Mina does and starts liking things. The whole style thing is so old now lol Cyr needs to respond already (doubt hes even going to).

No. 549389

This is one of the outfits I think she looks cute in. A lot of the other ones she posts are just strange.

No. 549554

File: 1531733574397.jpeg (334.66 KB, 750x1033, 87DB3863-9AD8-49AC-A0D2-351E06…)

I’d love to know who is behind this Twitter account. It’s fucking odd.

No. 549555

Agreed, the “she’s copying reeeeee!!11!1!!!” nonsense is stale as fuck, itsbabydash on instagram is still MIA, neuphs has been privated again and someone is using the itsbabydash handle on twitter and posting weird hippie shit. The milk is drying up, fam.

No. 549567


maybe it's the same person that's also behind the "Anonymous Person" channel on YouTube

No. 549573

File: 1531743880885.jpeg (40.76 KB, 431x711, images.jpeg)

I wonder how much Dasha still wants Mina to be her bff/girlfriend?
It's mind boggling to me you can simultaneously want to destroy someone and be so obsessively in love with them??? what personality disorder is that. sorry if irrelevant it's just super insane to me, like 'why do people fall in love and have sex with cars' type of shit to me.

No. 549578

>comparing it to car fucking
kek anon
People that are fucked in the head experience "love" in a fucked up way too, if at all. Remember school shooter type dudes that kill the people they can't get in the pants of? Dasha is the female equivalent of a school shooter at this point.

No. 549588

>kekking at the car fucking comparison
>compares it to school shootings

No. 549600

I do think however that Dasha really felt betrayed when she found out that Mina had only faked her apology. I think she actually liked and wanted to get to know her, maybe admired some of Mina's personality traits, but then realized that Mina didn't want to be with her AND Vincent but only Vincent. I don't think her first couple of emotional reactions were malicious but that she actually felt hurt and felt like Edwin flirting with Mina all the time while she was there was him trying to destroy her dream of her, Mina and Vincent being in a polyamourous relationship.

Contrary to some people here I don't think it was all planned from the beginning. I think it all were overly emotional responses to feeling betrayed - which doesn't excuse sharing someone's nudes and passport at all but still.

No. 549606

btw Dasha didn't take Mina's channel down. In his new vlog Edwin says the address leads back to some hospital in the UK

No. 549609

urrrm Dasha commented she was going to destroy Mina prior to meeting
Dasha deleted her insta while in weird poly relationship
Dasha fed Mina alcohol and constantly questioned her about only liking Vincent until she caved out of manipulation

agree with overreactions though and I see your perspective!

No. 549619

That doesn’t prove that Dasha wasn’t involved… Whoever tried to take down Minas channel probably used a fake address to hide their identity.

No. 549631

Yeah, she did say she wanted to take down Edwin’s videos “professionally by an agency”.

No. 549633


Wait, where did she comment that and was it before or after Mina apologized for talking shit about her on Twitter (I think it was Twitter.. not sure tho)?

Really when it comes to the "Dasha made her drink too much alcohol" thing I see it a bit differently. Not because Mina is an adult but because apparently neither Edwin nor Cyr did anything to make sure Mina doesn't drink too much but now it's viewed as 100% Dasha's fault. Imo it's 40% self-responsibility + 20% responsibility for each of the others. I mean, I knew my limits when I was 20.. really I already knew them at 18 and if people want me to drink more I don't. I do agree that it's not solely Mina's responsibility though. Just can't really ignore that she's an adult when it comes to this.

No. 549634


Yea I remember this, but I think it was really only about Edwin's channel because that's where all the videos about her and Cyr are. Even if Dasha wanted to take down Mina's channel I doubt that Cyr would support it. He might've supported it for Edwin's channel because he views it as harassment but there was never anything on Mina's channel that he would've wanted to be deleted

No. 549637

I agree that drinking should be one’s responsibility but the manipulation that came into play with alcohol as a factor is what is abusive. From what Mina said, it wasn’t just one drunken night. They pressured her to drink every night and she was confused and didn’t want to be a downer for saying no and honestly that’s understandable for an impressionable young girl. For me at 20, relationships were still new and confusing and clearly Mina was lost from her family situation and her decision to actually fly to LA. its easy to manipulate confused, drunken young women and Dasha and Cyr did just that.

No. 549652


Hm yes, I see where you're coming from. It was completely different for me, drinking age for beer is 16 here, 18 for the real stuff. I just don't really think she would've been a downer for not drinking or drinking less. I mean, she saw that Dasha wasn't drinking (as much) so she could've done the same thing. Not sure what the drinking age in the UK is but I guess 18 (?). For me it's just hard to believe or understand that someone isn't able to either say no to too much alcohol or decide they want to leave the place once they realize they feel manipulated. But maybe that's really just cause I started drinking AND dating way earlier.. I don't know. Just doesn't seem fair to blame everything entirely on Dasha cause there were other people around as well. Like.. I don't get Edwin's perspective on this - now it's horrifying but when it happened he didn't intervene? It's the same as with Cyr allegedly slapping Dasha - You mention it in a video so apparently you think it's important but you didn't do anything against it when it happened? Those are things I simply don't understand.

No. 549671

How do you not understand how manipulation and abuse works? Like, cool you're no susceptible to being manipulated, good for you. Mina has stated multiple times she is vulnerable to these kinds of environments based on her home life. Pressuring someone to drink is NOT abuse. Pressuring someone to drink with the intentions of getting them intoxicated enough to misremember events or even forget where she left her belongings so that private info could be stolen and used against her is manipulation and emotional abuse. Getting someone drunk with the intentions of destroying their lives is abuse. You act like tipsy people aren't more open to suggestion. If Mina saw everyone laughing and drinking then Dasha offers her a drink, obviously she isnt going to refuse. Dasha knew that because she saw Mina do it night after night and would influence her to get drunker. No, she didn't force feed Mina alcohol. However, she knew what she was doing and she had shitty intentions behind wanting her friend to drink more so that makes it creepy and abusive.

No. 549674

Yeah, a lot of things that happened to Mina could have been prevented if Cyr or Edwin put their feet down
Edwin was horrified about Dasha wanting to destroy Mina before she even arrived but instead of inform Mina about it since she arrived, he didn't do anything. Also he didn't mind Mina getting her ass drunk because he could took "advantage" from the situation
I believe Cyr about finding them kissing in the bathroom, but Mina did it to piss Cyr and Edwin just to get something, you can clearly see he was always more flirty with her when she couldnt even stand up.

No. 549763

Well there's a difference here isn't there? Both Edwin and Cyr were also drunk, whereas Dasha was totally sober and manipulating the situation.

No. 549766

Maybe she wasn't though. It's kinda fucked up to automatically blame the one person that decided not to get drunk. Like yea when I'm with my friends and I'm sober I'll try to keep them from doing stuff I think they would regret but sometimes that's impossible.

No. 549781


No. 549782

Edwin seemed at least a little drunk himself when she was and Mina was always flirty back, even sober. No one is completely blaming Dasha for Mina drinking. They're blaming her for manipulating Mina to get drunk to the point where she can take advantage of her. Lol she admitted to going through Mina's phone when she was drunk and blamed Mina. Mina claimed she would always pour her more and encourage the drinking… put two and two together. No one is blaming her for Mina getting drunk. It's all about intentions behind certain actions.

No. 549785

File: 1531774863137.jpg (73.09 KB, 602x598, shesplaying.JPG)

Dasha's latest pic.

No. 549787

she looks nothing like Mina yet still tries so hard

No. 549789

LOL even with photoshop she’s still got that double chin

No. 549790

She looks green screened. Also is this wig called "the Mina wannabe"?

No. 549791

File: 1531775651222.gif (6.34 MB, 389x640, SmartSelect_20180716-171428_In…)

No. 549792

File: 1531775699721.gif (14.12 MB, 471x640, SmartSelect_20180716-171329_In…)

Her eyes are dead

No. 549793

File: 1531775779826.gif (7.19 MB, 424x640, SmartSelect_20180716-171312_In…)

No. 549794

She looks like she is sticking her head through the cardboard cutout of someone else's body.

No. 549795

File: 1531775846885.jpeg (71.03 KB, 750x313, 989EFFE1-DD44-4CBD-86A0-58DA67…)

Bitch I dare you to try to come back.

No. 549797


what would you do? Write comments?

No. 549803

bro is that fucking michael jackson

No. 549805

No ruin her “mOdeLinG CaReer”. Once she tries coming back most companies won’t wanna work with her

No. 549810


that doesnt at all mean it wasnt dasha or that she had nothing to do with it.

edwin said the address provided by "mina" appears to be a hospital and how its very possible the person submitted false information. if youre submitting a passport claiming to be mina, why would you ever use a real address? lmfao "see it isnt dasha!!" as if she couldnt have googled a random hospital and used that on the submission form.

in the event it wasnt directly dashas doing, heres two theories: she conned someone from the UK to do it so youtube couldnt trace it back to her, or she used a proxy to alter her location while submitting the form (hasnt she attempted ban evasion before with proxies?).


No. 549811

same person as above ^

she went out of her way to formulate some ~grand scheme~ to get edwins channel removed. shes vindictive as fuck against edwin, but she really has it out for mina. yall really think shes above using minas passport to directly take down her channel by impersonating her?

No. 549813

Exactly. I don’t see why some random ass person decided “hmm… let’s take down minas channel even though I have no vendetta against her”. There’s no way Dasha isn’t connected. She has to be

No. 549814


exactly. who in their right mind would ever risk facing legal ramifications for impersonation? shes done plenty of illegal shit already. she has no boundaries.

No. 549828

cyr looks as though he's thinking about why he still is with that creepy potatohead

No. 549915

Anon, can you really not tell the difference between staying sober to take care of your friends, and staying sober whilst manipulating somebody into getting drunk so you can take advantage of them?

No. 549943

What do you mean, ‘faking her apology’? Dasha told everyone before she flew Mina out, that her intentions were only to destroy Mina. Even if we pretend that’s not true, ‘faking an apology’ does not warrant obsessing over that person, that person getting doxed, and sending out her fans to harass them. There really is no excuse here.

No. 549978

anyone else noticing the influx of newfags trying to dillute the narrative of what actually happened to mina

No. 549981

No. 549991

Yes definitely, I feel like this seems to happen at least once every thread. Every point they make has been rebutted countless times - they're either total newfags who haven't bothered to read the previous threads, or they purposefully keep trying to push their ridiculous narrative despite the fact that no one is falling for it

No. 550002

Where does the "Edwin was flirting with Mina all the time" and was "trying to destroy the poly relationship" story suddenly come from?
According to Edwin and Mina Dasha got along with him just fine until he told Mina that Dasha deleted her Instagram. Which triggered her "I will ruin your life" freak out. In their first video (periscope?) Dasha and Cyr claim that Mina and Edwin suddenly disappeared without them knowing what was wrong.
Either you haven't followed this whole thing from the beginning or you are making things up.

No. 550006

Wow. Even if she does still wanna skinwalk Mina, she's a knob for resuming it so quickly. If I was her and had that huge scandal, I would lie low and probably would not post photos with short curly black wigs ever again, or at least still people stop talking about me.
She's an idiot to do this and then screech that she isn't doing it and people keep bringing it up.

No. 550009

Haven't you heard of hatefucking?

No. 550014

she's probably testing how far she can go right now
that's also why she keeps making neuphs public
so she can see the level of backlash/hate coming in, thus estimating how much longer she'll have to wait until she can do the same shit back on her main acc again

No. 550017


abusive narcissists literally have no sense of shame or blame. they dont believe theyre at fault, because they live in a constant state of victimhood. whether its delusion or them simply acting, its obnoxiously consistent.

you could catch a narc red handed, on video, admitting it, and theyll still twist the situation, play victim, and then do the same shit over again.

No. 550029

File: 1531794875138.jpeg (121.19 KB, 750x441, 9B6CAA43-0E45-4E20-AE60-07BB8C…)

She’s disgusting

No. 550040

soon enough she will be trying to spin the narrative again
when she feels secure enough to go back to her main account and has enough influencers swayed to be on her side again
she's quite obviously preparing for that

she might have been scared at the beginning, but now most of the drama has blown over, no big youtuber's picked it up and she knows if she sits and waits it will all play out in her favor eventually

I really hope involving law enforcement will do something
but other than that - the only way to punish a narcissist is by ignoring them (which is why she went absolutely crazy over mina not wanting to talk after everything went down)

but at least she can't throw a narc tantrum like this again, because now she has a crowd watching out for her vile behavior

No. 550047

her arms look so WEIRD here I can't unsee it

No. 550050

it looks like her left arm is either overextended in shooping or her waist has been tucked in via shooping so her arms don't fit without her natural torso

No. 550099

honestly though how does cyr think this is all going to plan out in the end? he won't be able to make another video without getting comments about the abuse etc so… is he just never going to come back to making videos? because i doubt he'd disable comments/have the time to delete comments on every video…

No. 550134


Pretty positive she edited all the harsh shadows out of her arms. There's no way anyone can be in direct sunlight and not show shadows lmao The armpits look too flat and not natural. Even her dress is edited?? Dasha are we supposed to believe your clothes magically don't wrinkle or fold over your boobs, are you fucking serious. No wonder she looks like she's in front of a green screen!

No. 550144

no, she makes it public because she has a fake followers and likes app or whatever. it only works if your profile is public

No. 550156

wow I was wondering what looked so ridiculous, the dress is so smoothed it looks shopped on! LOL

No. 550158

I wonder if her shooping skills would go as far to take a photo of herself, shoop it and then cut and pasta herself onto another photo?
It's so weird how green screened it looks, and there's a shadow on her wrist that doesn't connect to anything else but is in direct sunlight?

No. 550164

File: 1531810637828.jpg (34.29 KB, 545x305, smolarm.JPG)

I mean… Was she crying/shaking while removing the fat from her arm?

No. 550176

Really? I follow the drama since the beginning
Even the comments in the videos prior the fall out says how awkward the interactions between Edwin and Mina were when they were drunk.

Edwin said there was drama neither party has address (like their trios and more) since people were saying Cyr's poly relationship wasn't has dramatic has Onision at the time. Edwin says there was a lot drama but it was keep private, also he reacted really offended when Cyr talked about the kissing in the bathroom part.
I'm just saying it's kind of shitty how Edwin it's taking about how Mina was coerced to be drunk on daily basis and he didn't do anything until he felt for her/was kick out of the apartment and not before.

No. 550184

A few moments with that picture in Facetune and it's so easy to tuck that waist in without distorting the background. The thin waist looks so abnormal to her actual body (like we saw in the Plugged photos, no weight loss changes your bone structure) and it would look a lot less weird if she just kept her natural torso in photos.

No. 550325

File: 1531842336595.jpeg (124.46 KB, 750x464, DC7A6EFA-16D8-4121-9A99-ED9ABE…)

“Writing” fucking kek, you still working on your “rhetoric thesis,” Julia?

No. 550326

She never said she didn't edit her pictures. I don't know where y'all have that from cause she explicitly stated that she uses the app Snow etc. so I really don't get what you're trying to say.(shit baiting)

No. 550328

I remember when she had “writer” as her business title on her main IG. I can already foresee her work (if she actually does write) being either shitty fake-deep poetry or erotic (and violent) fan fiction about her and Mina lol.

No. 550330

We’re trying to say she is a hilariously insecure and pathetic, as well as an ugly person both inside an out.

No. 550332

Why is she editing herself into a different person if she wants to be a model so badly?? It's already been said that people are surprised when she shows up in person to a job.
And she edits so poorly. What's the point of editing her clothes & arms to be so flat?? She insecure about being 3D too?!

No. 550346

That’s fine and all but how do you try to have a modeling career if you don’t actually look like what you’re representing? That plugged photoshoot was insane

No. 550349

People don't care that she edits herself. It's the WAY she does it. Dasha fans need to stop commenting and taking everything out of context. Y'all are like the slow, obnoxious kid who sits in the front asking the teacher question after question no matter how thoroughly the subject has been explained

No. 550354

I get Stef Sanjati vibes from this gif of her

No. 550386

I bet that Dasha told her little minions through her group chat that she was being bullied lmfao this thread has been attracting an influx of newfags who don’t even take the time to look over previous threads

No. 550450

File: 1531864517899.png (106.46 KB, 667x482, Screenshot at Jul 11 16-17-24.…)

Because some people are still speculating on why she keeps making her accounts public, then puts them on private again…

All of these fake follow/like apps work like this. You can't get new likes if your content isn't visible to outsiders. Easy as that.

No. 550688

All Edwin saw at that point was her getting drunk and having fun - why would he try to stop that? It was only after she told him what was really going on and how she was feeling about it that he knew. And he helped her from then on!

No. 550695


mhm yes sure, of course he didn't not do anything because he could profit from her being drunk. You know, YES if Dasha manipulated her into drinking, doing things while being drunk etc. that sucks, is abusive and shouldn't have happened but stop whiteknighting Edwin. It's ridiculous how some of you act as if he wasn't acting like a fucking hypocrite.

No. 550696

Why don't y'all go and watch some of his old videos in which he basically begs for pussy? Why isn't anyone complaining about the fact that he wasn't respecting the polyamourous relationship at all and was all "omg Cyr has 2 pussies" about it?

No. 550702

LMAO these comments can't be serious… a polyamorous relationship is open? How is it disrespectuful for him to flirt with Mina and how is that milk. That's just silly

No. 550704


No, an open relationship is open. Polyamourous simply means that it's more than two people who are in a relation with each other. It's not about getting to fuck as many people as possible. It's just like a standard relationship but with more than two people. Edwin flirting with her, kissing her etc. is him trying to get with one of Vincent's girlfriend just like it would be if he had had one girlfriend at the time. And not only were the three of them in a relationship at the time Edwin was trying to get to Mina, she's also Vincent's ex and I find it weird that nobody finds it fucked up that Edwin tried to get to his ex and at the time also girlfriend. I thought bro before hoe was a thing and I think that's what Dasha was addressing in her overly emotional "I would ruin your life… because I would if you take a fucking British cunt over your best friend" rant. No, it wasn't an open relationship and there even was a video with Cyr walking in the front with Mina and Dasha and Edwin vlogging saying "he's got two pussies - he needs help with this" or something along these lines. And that's both sexist and disrespectful of his then best friend. Would I kick out my best friend if she slept with my ex? - definitely. Would I kick her out for flirting with my boyfriend whenever he's drunk? - Definitely. Cause it's really disrespectful. And Cyr even said they could try to make it work again after that which I wouldn't be able to do.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 550706

B-b-but Edwin!

No. 550708

File: 1531917855865.jpeg (164.2 KB, 732x710, 20CF2938-AEC6-4613-8362-D908DE…)

No. 550709

Edwin didn't "get to" mina, she made her own choice to be with edwin, because she liked him/they started liking eachother and she obviously didn't like the polyamourous thing and also stated several times that she was manipulated into it. Maybe tinfoily but your comment sounds like something dasha would say

No. 550710

Oh go make an Edwin thread and cry about him over there. He didn't know what was really going on and tried to clarify things many times but your precious Dasha and Cyr wouldn't sit down and talk. All he could do was joke around to try and understand wtf was this mess. Btw idk if you've ever watched any of his other vids (I guess not) but he makes flirtatious jokes all the time, so does Dasha. He said "I thought they were just… sexually open". Which grosses me out considering Mina's state. And eventually Mina explained to him and said she didn't want to be with them and was uncomfortable about it all. Isn't it fucked up how She was coerced into a poly thing she didn't want and as soon as the other two felt like she was escaping they lost their shit? But let's over look all that and pretend that Edwin is the evil one here. At the end of the day, He helped her get away from Dasha and now they're still very happy, in fact they just moved in together for a while.

No. 550713

Stop trying to push the whole "evil Edwin was trying to be with Mina" narrative as a fact when we don't know what really happened. I personally don't buy it at all.

Him joking around in the Vlog is just him being Edwin… he jokes around all the time, noone in their right mind would take this seriously.

No. 550716

You are really trying to twist the events here: Edwin got kicked out and Dasha wanted to ruin his life as a direct consequence of him telling Mina that Dasha deleted her Instagram.

Being in a poly-relationship with Mina, while secretly messing with her social media, telling others that she only pretends to be her friend in order to destroy her, calling Edwin out for choosing a "British cunt" over his best friend. Do you not see a contradiction here?

No. 550726

>>550704 The poly relationship you seem to care so much about was over as soon as Mina said she wanted out. Consent is a thing. They only started hanging out after because she didn't want to deal with babybox anymore. You sound like Dasha. Btw Dasha, you got rejected one more time because you're unattractive inside and out, time to get help and work on yourself, lol.

No. 550728


I know, I know.

And at everyone else: We've talked about everything Dasha has done. We know the passport thing, nudes leaking, manipulation, deleting Mina's instagram, etc.

Repeating it forever doesn't make it more or less true or important though. I just think it's about time we had talked about everyone else's mistakes because what milk is there left on Dasha's part?

No. 550733

>invoking bros before "hoes"
>invoking "british cunt over your best friend"
>two pussies (i think he says two girls!?)
>edwin not respecting CYR via supposedly hitting on mina drunk

you're the sexist one

No. 550738


oh come on. He does say "pussies", I quoted him, bros before hoes is a term used and understood by everyone and I used it so my comment wouldn't become even longer, "British cunt over his best friend" is me quoting Dasha and it's completely implicit in my text that it sucks to take advantage of someone being drunk regardless of whether it's Dasha or Edwin doing it. What I said is that it's ALSO disrespectful of Cyr.

No. 550746

This thread wreaks of newfags and dasha lurkers. So dry

No. 550750

lmfaoooo i love how theyre trying to say edwin was disrespecting the relationship

if he was, cyr wouldnt have literally made joke videos about it and he wouldnt have allowed them to be uploaded? for fucks sake try harder

No. 550757

if anything this thread reeks of hypocrites.

No. 550788

Edwin said somewhere he had a girl he was seeing at the time of this. Edwin is a goofy guy but I cannot see him as the type to scheme his way to Mina. From the looks of it, Mina came to him and they fell in love over coping from their trauma from Dasha. Not forced like Dasha and Cyrs sad excuse for a relationship. Stay jealous Trasha.

No. 550790

Please do not take the time to respond to trolls and whiteknights. Report the posts instead of engaging with the user. Thank you.

No. 550874

I love that Cyr gets less views per month and per day than Edwin. His channel is basically dying. If he wants to save it, he should ditch the psychotic gf and apologize to Edwin and Mina and just get on with his life.

No. 550906

Funny seeing someone post "Bro's before hoes!" since Cyr CLEARLY didn't value that quote either considering all the times Edwin tried to reason with him and talk to him and Cyr kept ignoring him.

I think Dasha was the one that planted the whole "Edwin is trying to steal Mina from us." nonsensse (at the time) in order to turn Cyr against his friend. Unfortunately it worked. He just took Dasha's word over everything and alienated Edwin.

Seeing Edwin and Mina together now must still get their blood boiling if they really think she was "stolen".

I'm sure in the back of his head, Edwin thought Mina was cute, but back then he wasn't trying to steal her.

(Sorry for long post but I just realize more stuff as Im typing lol) But isn't it even sicker that Dasha wanted Mina to stay? Why? To continue deleting her social media's and harassing her?

Imagine what would have happened if Edwin left without taking Mina….

No. 550948

The way they treated Mina seemed to me like neither one of them (Trasha, Cyr, Edwin) really saw her as much of a person with her own will. Just a manic pixie dream girl to get wasted and take advantage of.

I'm more leaning towards Edwin seeing her the same way the other two did at the beginning and later on realizing how fucked up it is. Not far fetched to think some SoCal dude's acting slimy to get at the extra "pussy" his roomie is getting and then growing a conscience once he gets to know the girl better. Especially after he realizes she doesn't want to be part of this arrangement.

In all this, I only really support Mina. I hope Mina learns to stand up for herself more and more and eventually she can make her own decisions. Right now she seems really codependent. Edwin's efforts helped expose Trasha but in the end whiteknights inhibit growth just as much as abusers.

No. 550960

The accounts aren’t private anymore, she just deleted all posts off both itsbabydash and neuphs on IG. Both are open and probably soaking up fake followers, with no bad comments to worry about.

No. 550966

That means she blocked you, anon..

No. 550972

Ugh can you shut the fuck up about Edwin. This isn’t an Edwin thread, go make one if you’re so persistent with this dumb ass narrative.

No. 550978

>>550906 This. Plus Edwin was already with someone.
I think it comes from Dasha too. Which is funny considering how ridiculously inappropriate she is with Simon.
If he didn't care about Cyr, he wouldn't have tried to talk to him so many times. If he didn't care about his relationship and was so desperate for extra pussy, why didn't he try to get slut queen Dasha first? I don't think he was planning anything but rather just trying to get to know Mina as she was staying in his house for an indefinite amount of time. They later bonded over being mistreated by the same people and the rest is history.
Totally doesn't sound like Trasha to lie to cover up her actions and get what she wants (Edwin getting kicked out so she can continue fucking with Mina without having to worry about him exposing her true colours again )…"But Edwin wants to steal Mina he needs to go!!" "But Mina's fake accounts" hm.

I hope Boxy and Cyr try something else to defend themselves because it would be entertaining to hear what bs they come up with next and this is getting really old.

>>550960 Might be a glitch again, still private here.

No. 550988

I don’t have an account. I’m looking at what’s displayed to the public. Doesn’t say it’s private like it used to, it says there’s “no posts yet”

No. 550990

thats a common glitch when you don't have an account,to me, it says private and 288 posts

No. 550995

Interesting. I wonder what her game plan is at this point. Unlike Tana Moojoh with a content cop and a failed, dangerous convention to her name… I think she’s permentely fucked up her career. At least Tana retains a fan base by putting out some kind of content, no matter how terrible it is… Dasha being private on her one money making platform for this long, her only content being photoshopped to shit pics of herself… I do honestly think she’s over.

No. 551008

From what I remember people saying, it seemed like Edwin wanted Mina to leave more than anything (I think Dasha said something like that because he kept asking when she was leaving, and Dasha said he was being rude or something). Doesn't sound like the actions of a guy trying to get into her pants

No. 551013

File: 1531956626262.jpeg (200.44 KB, 503x832, ACD1C50B-8F4B-4C93-98B5-C7CEF2…)

No. 551017

File: 1531957038054.jpeg (108.33 KB, 750x725, 3FC468F0-28C6-4059-9E44-AF15C9…)

Did she shoop her dogs mouth longer or something? Wtf

No. 551019

eww her laugh lines are huge, she looks gross when she doesnt edit them out

No. 551020


Why is she skin walking MINAAAAA so hard again?

That last "white night" (totally not dasha or her minions) made me re live that desperate damage control stream dasha and cyr did, they push that same narrative ignoring all the new information we all have come to know that disproofs everything said in that stream.

Also made it echo my mind: "i really really loved mina in a FRIENDSHIP KIND OF WAY u guiiiise" i kek every time i remember that, she's a massive creep.

No. 551023


She looks just like Mina in her recent vids with Edwin.

This is really creepy. It's like Dasha isn't even aware she's skinwalking.

As another user said; She seems to have no self-awareness. What's even creepier is this means she's been watching them recently. I figured she'd stay away from them after all this came out, but she's watching them even now. O_______O' Yikes.

Maybe Edwin and Mina should get restraining orders and bean bag shotguns. At this rate I wouldn't be surprised if she turns up at their new place.(don't use emojis)

No. 551029

The double chin appears again! And it also looks like she has some five o’clock shadow going on. Love it.

No. 551030

File: 1531958843744.jpg (14.47 KB, 280x83, kek.JPG)

No. 551034

I honestly think she's still dressing like that to prove that it is indeed her look/style. If she were to dress differently, it would give people a reason to say that she's skinwalking.

Also I think she hates as much as she loves Mina so dressing herself like her is a way for Trash to keep her close.

Just my theory…

No. 551049

Christ, I don’t know which is uglier, her or the mutt. The ana level of shoop here is hilarious.

No. 551052

Fucking kek, nice try Doucha. We all know you’re obsessively lurking and googling yourself while tearing your hair out in between half-assed shoop sessions in your relentless quest to morph into Mina.

No. 551057


"Aye do knot evfen CHECK el-o-el cow? iT is a Toxic environmenT i haf more imporTanT things Tu du Than stalk a biased Eduh-Win and Meena forum i Dit nothink wrong"

No. 551060

Pathetic how shes trying to be like “im so depressed thats why im not posting but im stronger now” as if she didnt get exposed for trying to ruin an innocent girls life just because she is prettier and skinnier. How much stronger did she really get from her break when all she did was talk to a therapist on the phone and continue to shoop herself into the very woman she despises?

No. 551086

File: 1531964931371.jpg (1.28 MB, 3264x2448, why.jpg)

No. 551090


she purposely changed it to sooni. i remember it saying soon before. jesussssss

No. 551095

File: 1531965449886.jpeg (135.46 KB, 741x537, 0F27552B-BB78-4946-8558-9A15AC…)

Perhaps you’re thinking of this

No. 551098


yeeeeeeees okay thats where i saw it.

No. 551107

A blessing upon your house, anon.

Such animal lover. Look at that warm body language.

No. 551156

Ok calm down anon, no need to insult a dog. Especially not a poor little one who's already unfortunate enough to be owned by Trasha. This little dude is already suffering enough as it is no need to rip on his looks.

No. 551202

That’s like the first picture i’ve seen that dog outside of that gross apartment. Poor dog.

No. 551213

File: 1531982056708.jpeg (507.67 KB, 750x771, 159A934B-E95B-481C-8F5E-027534…)

A few months back when she briefly stopped Single White Female-ing Mina in favour of this phiphibb instathot, imagine if you booked her for a shoot on the basis of this look and then she showed up in all her real life unbaked Christmas ham glory as per the pluggednyc shoot. I’d be mad.

No. 551230

>I honestly think she's still dressing like that to prove that it is indeed her look/style. If she were to dress differently, it would give people a reason to say that she's skinwalking.
I think this is 100% right, but I also think she's hoping to confuse new people by looking like Mina.

No. 551233

Oh yeah, she is definitely doubling down on this shit. She is too stupid to realise the the Internet does not forget that easily and any new fans are more than likely to come across this drama at some point.

No. 551258

File: 1532002461234.jpg (173.17 KB, 800x710, hmmm.jpg)


No. 551259

dasha is ENTIRELY closed off to the truth and incapable of accepting facts and failure, huh? she just keeps going like always. it's pretty boring actually, watching this drama, nothing will change

No. 551260


>reeeee but Mina™ doesn't own short black curly hair, long white dresses, stockings, black heeled boots and kicking her leg in the air

No. 551262

yes and she can dig in with her own "copying" claims.

No. 551264

I really think we should differentiate between basic looks like a pink dress and whatever shoes or a jumpsuit and the rather "special" things

No. 551266

I mean, I wear dresses like the white one, I wear normal short dresses with or without lace etc. qnd I love boots but I don't really follow any influencers for that. They're for the more creative stuff. Like if Dasha did the popbup style make-up Mina did yesterday now - THAT'd be copying imo. But not if she did a pop up style in a year from now cause Mina doesn't own pop up and I don't see Andy Warhol ranting about anyone copying that style, neither do I see any of the other girls that did fox or deer make-ups complaining about either of them.

No. 551285

You don't even know the difference between "pop art" and "pop up" so please take several seats.

No. 551286


oh gosh, I knew something was wrong. Sorry. But I guess it's still clear what I meant to say.

No. 551297

Would make sense if Dasha wasn’t an insecure cunt and there wasn't loads of instances of her copyingn Mina

No. 551299

Not really. Your point makes no sense

No. 551310

i think i remember edwin saying recently that newer people to the drama get confused and can't tell who is who between mina and dasha and i wouldn't be surprised if that's what she's hoping for in continuing to try and resemble her tbh

No. 551357

I think the point is to just piss Mina off. She's using Mina's style and people are praising her for it which probably upsets Mina. It's yet another way to torture the poor girl.

No. 551359


I doubt it. Mina doesn't follow Dasha online, which pisses Dasha off even more.

Mina and Edwin were perfectly fine just letting things be til Dasha stirred things up again. They weren't even aware until someone told them. >>551357

No. 551362

I highly doubt they weren't aware. Edwin in particular lives for drama and has been documenting shit from what appears to be day 1. He's probably been sperging IRL about Trasha's copycat bullshit.

Also, Mina herself has acknowledged the copying shit, before Edwin's recent videos, multiple times if you read the older threads.

No. 551458

Oh yeah he loooooved the drama, that’s why it literally makes him cry from stress and sadness.
Fuck off.

No. 551479


No. 551490

All he did in the beginning was to defend himself against the lies Cyr and Dasha spread with him providing the proof he had at the time. No one would have believed him otherwise.
From the point when the harassment got too crazy he has to document every little thing if he wants to take legal action.

No. 551522

File: 1532039668664.jpeg (188.88 KB, 741x1081, 9E33F22D-C6D5-4608-82DA-A6FB6D…)

No. 551543

Mina is a cutie

No. 551559


These recent pics are throwing me off. Every time I come here I think they're photos of Mina and I've got to do a double take. She's got no shame.

No. 551562


Man, I thought this was Mina too.

Someone should ask her directly why she copies Mina. I'm legitimately curious as to her answer.

I think Mina looks alright but not worth stealing looks from.

No. 551571

It's not a "but" you daft cunt, it's an "and" situation. I support Mina and only Mina in this shitstorm.

>lidurully shakign rn!
>i am sobbing u guise
Him making videos crying to the camera are precisely why I find him to be a drama whore. Announcing that you're crying be it in video or tweet form is attention seeking behavior that is meant to get minions' sympathy boners going. Weaponized emotions ain't cute.

Mina's video was 100% fine even though she got teary eyed and her voice was shaking. She's been the real victim of this situation and she did her best to stay strong so she could get her story across. Edwin's on the milking camp. How quickly we forget he literally made fans pay for their personal meetups when Mina had to go back to the UK… Get a job and stop perpetuating drama under the guise of whiteknighting.

I'm sure Edwin lurking and heavily quoting lolcow brought some asslickers here but at least try and be less obvious about it.(derailing)

No. 551608


she needs a snapchat filter to look like Mina, without she looks like a blockhead with stretched features

No. 551742

File: 1532066141345.gif (11.14 MB, 431x640, SmartSelect_20180720-015525_In…)

The lips lmaoooo

No. 551743

I haven't seen Edwin ass lickers, just people tired of derailing

No. 551762

Her lips look kind of like a butthole…

No. 551780

Holy cow. She looks like a Bratz doll of Mina. She should just use that snapchat filter that can paste Mina’s face onto hers at this point so she doesn’t have to waste time shooping anymore.

No. 551791

honestly I feel like Edwin is just a sensitive person, like when those voice clips came out of Dasha talking about Cyr writing exactly what people need to say to have his channel taken down, you could see him blinking back the tears and trying to keep composed. But it must be literally heart breaking to have a best friend change right in front of your eyes.

there's nothing wrong with being sensitive, I'd even say Dasha is a very sensitive individual too and she's picked some horrible choices in how to handle her feelings.

I feel like Mina, even though she's described as submissive, is quite strong out of all of them.

No. 551798

Seriously though, imagine hating the way you look so much yet being such a narcissist with need for 24/7 asspats and assorted forms of validation that you have to edit every single damn image of yourself in order to receive said validation. It must be exhausting.

No. 551799

Which is apt, given the amount of shit that comes out of them

No. 551800

Mina has put up with a lot of shit, mainly (besides Putin) her father being a huge asshole so I think she’s pretty tough too. She has handled this with such dignity, it requires a fair bit of strength to do that.

No. 551827

Used an anon account to make a comment about her skinwalking. Went back to my main and can’t see the comment. Does Instagram allow you to hold and approve comments? Or maybe they allow you to filter out words you don’t like? Either way I’m pretty sure the only reason we don’t see more people calling her out on her posts is that she’s doing something like I mentioned above.

No. 551831

Yes, she probably has certain keywords blocked. She’s also constantly checking her comments and deleting the “negative” ones + blocking people. I’m sure she always checks her dm’s too.

No. 551832

you can filter the comments on instagram. it's very likely that she does it. although, she's been known to deleting unwanted comments herself(read the rules & usage info)

No. 551835

I've noticed that when a new post uploads (when she was public) she would have like 20+ comments instantly but when I went to look at them they'd all be gone, so I think she has to delete a lot of comments

No. 551836

Well what do you guys expect? Why would she allow comments that call her an abuser?

No. 551846

It's really strange to claim that Edwin is not a "real" (whatever that means) victim here. Crazy narc girl has messed with his life for a good amount. His best friend turned against him after years of being friends and working together. He gets kicked out of his place. Cyr and Trasha keep spreading lies about him like Edwin owing Cyr money when it's the other way round to turn more people against him. He's just lucky Trasha didn't creep into his phone, if she did have private pictures or things like a passport image she wouldn't have hastitated to publish those as well. Instead she helps herself slandering him publicly like this >>543684 . When he speaks out and tries to bring attention to Trasha's abuse, they try to silence him by gathering people to falsely flag his videos in order to get his channel, that he's been working in for years and that is his main source of income right now, taken down.
I don't think you have to stay "strong" and hide your emotions in such a nasty mess, especially if you're an emotionally expressive person anyway. After 1 year of a psychopath messing with me and dragging me through the dirt publicly, I would have had a genuine mental breakdown by now. Being hurt and crying cause you can't bear with it anymore is fully understandable here.

No. 551850

Ofc we expect it, we're just trying to guess how many people are dissing her.

No. 551851

Erotomania. It’s not that uncommon in young women. Dasha is lucky (?) in that she isn’t a completely hideous hosebeast.(armchair)

No. 551873


You must be the world's best psychologist if you can diagnose something as erotomania. You do realize that it's one of the most difficult diagnoses right? Gosh.. stick to the facts guys

No. 552052

It's so infuriating how Trash gets to have her hugbox after everything she put Mina through.

No. 552092

Fucking kek, psychfag here, I was going to say the same thing. As much as Doucha is a monumental cunt, this is such a reach. She’s just an insecure, jealous asshole. Though she clearly has some degree of self-awareness given that she realises she has to shoop every single one of her selfies into orbit in order for people to find her attractive.(stop this)

No. 552198

File: 1532159909440.jpeg (745.17 KB, 2048x2048, 9AA0EAD6-25E0-4C1F-B02D-DA1B7A…)

No. 552199

File: 1532160027794.jpeg (681.64 KB, 2048x2048, B081A85B-7CFE-41B5-9996-1EC983…)

No. 552220

I wonder if she's building this look up even more now so she can say that 'me and Mina just look very similar naturally and people don't get that'

No. 552221

they're both obviously different nationalities, Dasha reminds me of the woman from the Rachel Divide who just couldn't accept she ain't what she is (white)

No. 552239

The milk is so dry rn

No. 552242

Kek that was what I was thinking with her wack hair right now. She really can’t pull those natural curls off.

No. 552254


Every time I see Dasha I feel like she smells like hotdog water. How can she try so hard to be sexy and youthful and still look cheap and dirty?

No. 552256

File: 1532196776359.jpg (244.32 KB, 924x1388, mina vs trasha.jpg)

Or she's just trying to provoke Mina again and let her know she's not done. Especially with that second pic wearing her exact outfit + Cyr's necklace.

No. 552262

I’m dying, hot dog water. Accurate though, even if the milk is dying down karma is gonna get her ugly skinwalking ass

No. 552266


How sad cause meanwhile mina is too busy enjoying life, her boyfriend and her IRL friends kek

No. 552300

File: 1532206535707.jpeg (63.86 KB, 749x378, 5D1B2FF0-B89E-46C8-BBB4-394516…)

No. 552314

Context plz anon…

No. 552316

Someone dmed me asking if Dasha had contacted me which I found weird so I asked why they did and apparently Dasha is trying to prove the nudes she posted of Mina wasn't revenge porn because she had posted them before somewhere and she has posted lewd photos before. They also went on to white knight Dasha.

No. 552364

God her Stan and her are fucking idiots, it’s revenge porn because Mina never gave Dasha consent to releasing those photos. It doesn’t matter if she has lewd photos, what is key here is CONSENT. what did you respond anon?

No. 552371


Not really. Had they ever been posted publicly it wouldn't be revenge porn if someone posted then again. Not like it mattered in this case but..

No. 552373

That’s the point though. As of right now it’s revenge porn because Dasha is sending her fans to go “look” for minas full on nudes that she “supposedly” posted and there hasn’t been evidence of this. Mina also stated that Dasha would go through her phone so it’s highly unlikely that Dasha had permission

No. 552380

Could this be Dasha scrambling to collect evidence that she didnt commit a crime because shes been served court papers or has been contacted by the authorities about a crime shes suspected of commiting.
Has Mina started the criminal court case ball rolling, but hasnt said anything?

No. 552398

Seems like to me she is trying to find a minion who will lie and say they saw Mina post those nudes already before it was posted here. Even so, that’s not hard evidence.

No. 552422

Considering Trasha went through Mina's phone, even if it turns out "Mina" posted the nudes before it's probably also Trasha who did it.

>Dasha scrambling to collect evidence that she didnt commit a crime bc she got served
YUP this is what it is.

Revenge porn is the heaviest thing she's done as far as a legal case goes I think. The passport leak is also bad but not sure how much the country she's pressing charges through cares about doxxing.

No. 552427


i love that dasha has been scrambling for WEEKS trying to think of ways to defend her whack ass actions

and this is it. this is what her brain came up with after weeks of thinking and scheming. lmfaooooooo fucking moron

No. 552473

Girl needs to grow up and take responsibility for her actions instead of trying to find petty excuses. I'm praying this will have legal consequences, otherwise she'll never stop.

No. 552495

Lol so by doing this she admits that she has posted here. Why would she try to prove that mina had already posted those pictures, if dasha denies that she ever posted on this thread

No. 552499

She's stumbling on her own lies at this point.

No. 552506

Honestly all those young girls that keep white knighting Dasha at this point are really disgusting and you can tell they are just in for the attention of an insta famous thot and for entertainment. Anyone who truly cared for Dasha would have sat her ass down a long time ago and had a very serious reality check on how she will mess up her own life if her "impulsiveness" pushes her to do illegal things, that she really crossed a line here and needs to stop. They would encourage her to get psychological help, legal advice and tell her to own up to her shit in order to get out of this mess with the least damage possible. Instead she surrounds herself with all these young people who keep kissing her ass without questioning it, who still justify and enable her behavior and who, in the very end, will all help digging her a deeper grave.
Anyone who cared would give her the harsh truth for her own sake, instead of blindly supporting her.

No. 552521


I don't really think it's impossible Mina posted them before. I mean there are tons of nudes of her online, it isnt -impossible-. Anyway, the passport leaking is way worse in my opinion. You can't see more in these nudes than you can in others but the personal information on a passport is important.

No. 552522


because it doesn't matter if she actually posted them or not. People won't believe she hasn't posted them anyway unless she could prove it which is almost impossible. Proving the nudes have been online for a longer time is her only chance.

No. 552524

Yeah the Passport is the real breaker here. We've got audio evidence to back that one.

No. 552528


agreed, legally and morally speaking the passport is worse.

What I think that it makes the nude thing worse is that Mina didn't consent to it specifically and also the malicious intent behind what Trasha was doing.

No. 552529


They wouldn't be able to take legal steps against her posting the nudes if they had ever been posted publicly. That's the problem here. Whenever someone decides to post something they can't really take it back - even if they take it down a minute after posting it. But I doubt they were posted before.

No. 552531

And then when it comes to the passport they would have to prove her malicious intentions and that she was the one posting it on here. But as far as I know she only admitted to having sent it around - which, don't get me wrong, is bad enough BUT if she only posted it to a chat and someone in that chat posted it on here the question is whether she was the one with bad intentions or that other person. - IF she really didn't post it on here

No. 552534

You're wrong. Copyright infringement is still something you can be legally held accountable for. This includes sharing images without consent, even though it may not be taken as seriously. Doesn't matter if it's already public; artists have the right to decide where their content ends up and sharing nudes as targeted harassment does not fall under fair use.

Also, even if Mina has posted the photos before, there's still the aspect of Dasha having breached her privacy to get to the original images. The nudes of Mina were photos taken of a computer screen displaying the files the photographer sent, as opposed to the finished .jpgs being posted, which is another can of worms altogether because Dasha gained access to Mina's private devices and accounts.

t. someone who had to sue someone else over a very similar issue and won

No. 552590

Her sharing private sensitive information without the persons consent in a group chat IS malicious. What other non-malicious reason would she be sending it around for?

No. 552591


I call bullshit(ban evasion)

No. 552592

Her sharing private sensitive information without the persons consent in a group chat IS malicious. What other non-malicious reason would she be sending it around for?

No. 552600

Thank you for your elaborate response, I'm convinced now

No. 552602

This whiteknight is acting like there's no context to the passport and nude leak, it's some willful ignorance if I've ever seen it. There's videos, text messages, and audio messages of Dasha fully admitting to her intentions. Her actions don't exist in a vacuum; she's been bragging about everything for a long, long time, she can't rely on acting innocent after all the messages have come out. If her phone gets subpoenaed, she's fucked.

No. 552776

File: 1532366679948.jpg (720.68 KB, 2560x1809, 18-07-23-13-24-05-386_deco.jpg)

Dasha's wk's just won't stay away. These are both comments on old Dasha threads

No. 552777

File: 1532366911367.jpg (1.24 MB, 2560x1531, 18-07-23-13-26-48-982_deco.jpg)

I think 90% of the Dasha fanpages are fake. I'm not gonna give Dasha the benefit of the doubt. I know bigger ig personalities who don't get half of the fan accounts. She has to be making them or asking fans to in the group chat. There is no way people are just making this up off the top of their head because they love her sooo much

No. 552778

File: 1532366948824.jpg (627.81 KB, 1072x1709, Screenshot_20180723-131942_Ins…)

No. 552790

"Chubbier than Mina SOMETIMES"

She always is?

No. 552795

File: 1532369725463.jpeg (149.96 KB, 750x801, FBEFB9CD-52C6-4363-9A01-27265D…)

No. 552824


Sounds like a load of bullshit but we'll see. So not only does Dasha project but she sort of reverses things in her head too. The fact that she's the one thinking of taking Edwin or Mina to court is beyond absurd and completely backwards.

No. 552843

If she even steps foot near a court her ass will get deported

No. 552847


I'm willing to bet my testicles they are fake too. Well, as you said, 90% of them. Definitely more than half. If she's crazy enough to post talking to herself any "Fake account" thing she's spewing is just more projecting.

I'll take it a step further, I bet those "fake accounts" she made up about Mina making are her's too.

No. 552865

Wait, is Simon their actual roommate? I mean, I knew they hung out and stuff but had no idea he was living with them, where was this announced? Also I remember seeing him lying down in the backseat of a car when she went to that picnic thing with her dog and it made me feel like there’s something going on there. Anyone know anything about it?

No. 552866

File: 1532375983262.jpg (37.78 KB, 604x440, shutup.jpg)

>>552795 Sure Trasha, sure. Then post the proof (instead of just sending it to your gullible minions) and come back to your main account? Ah wait, you got a lot more to answer for and you can't take anyone to court lol.
Julia, if you weren't such a vindictive little shit and didn't shoop yourself into a completely different person you could have a good thing going. This is so ridiculous and you're mainly ruining your own life… Get help, apologize and move on already.

I was wondering how she still has minions, then remembered that they are all pretty young and whenever she's called out she makes up ridiculous excuses and threatens suicide lmao… Imagine telling TEENS you're gonna KILL YOURSELF because "but minaaaaaaaaa", can't relate.

No. 552887

she really must be taking her time to find ways reversing all the PROVEN shit she posted here anonymously. however she will never recover from this, no matter how much she tries to ignore this - people will forever lurke. she's worse than kiki and her career was over then, too, even if she had several attempts and lots of followers.
I know a narc like dasha who I thought got away after all the abuse she did, but now she's miserable. life will get a sexual abuser like dasha at one point sooner or later. you can lie, but lies only make you uglier and more reckless

No. 552891

lmao how do you prove you didn't post something? The ip who posted it was hers. How do you prove it wasnt outside that?

No. 552900

Why is she so shook that her fave allegedly didn't post Mina's nudes though? Lmao even Dasha's stans don't believe she's innocent.

No. 552998


lmfaooo if there was hard evidence it wouldve come out IMMEDIATELY after edwins initial video

No. 553005

>anon website, admin has 100% confidence of location / devices / ip and sameness of poster.
Yeah nah, this will only convince her little circle of fools.

No. 553019


lmfao who even tweets that of their own accord. Staged af

No. 553024

aaand she deleted it. Dasha very likely told her to post that shit. People in the comments tore her a hole.

No. 553058

Were a lot of people tearing her a new one? Or did some of Douchas stans come out of the wood work to defend this tamaki bitch

No. 553115

File: 1532421096528.jpg (1.08 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180724-043005_Ins…)

Wine* in a wine glass, Julia… have fun drinking alone

No. 553116

She isn't very flexible at all lmao

No. 553119

jfc she looks handicapped in this picture

No. 553121

that leg thing is something I've seen Mina do often

is it just me or does she look distressed? also the apartment looks different

No. 553124

She is embarrassing omg

No. 553132

She looks SO BAD.. Literally wtf

No. 553133

is she trying to imitate Mina's curly hair by keeping her hair dirty and unkempt? except Mina's curls are natural, whereas Dasha just looks like she hasn't showered in weeks

No. 553155

what the actual fuck is wrong with her face proportions in this pic, it seems grotesquely deformed

No. 553157


her bangs look so stupid

No. 553158


lmao i just noticed this, but the way she shops her head leaves no room for her brain. Look at how little of head space she has left after her eyebrows. It's also extremely blurry right above her head like she shaved off a lot of it.

No. 553169

File: 1532440404350.png (404.33 KB, 720x898, Screenshot_2018-07-24-08-49-53…)

She even copies Mina's poses????????????? Wtf.

No. 553186

Im guessing her big project crashed and burned. Its the end of the month and no unveiling of it.

No. 553189

lol nobody was defending her

No. 553209

Thank god, it seems like Dasha is slowly losing her “fans”

No. 553250

Dasha really needs to stretch more

No. 553254


lmfao she's trying so hard it's comical (and kinda sand tbh)

No. 553255

Looks like she's in pain loll

No. 553268

>>553115 35yo single mom finally gets some alone time. She looks so dead.

No. 553291

Edwin and Mina are live now on yt. Too bad Mina looks bomb af while Dasha looks like a foot.

No. 553340

File: 1532476074020.gif (8.04 MB, 440x640, SmartSelect_20180723-135922_In…)

Mina is so stunning

No. 553345

File: 1532478006013.jpg (42.2 KB, 310x500, ew.jpg)


effortless cute and dainty unlike some people

No. 553352

She looks like a blowup doll. How can she look at herself? No wonder she wants to skinwalk.

No. 553360


the area around dashas mouth looks like shes constantly holding a huge slug inside of it

No. 553362


the bitch needs to study skull anatomy before photoshopping anymore of her pics bc im sick of her looking stupid as shit bc she has no sense of bone structure

No. 553366

File: 1532480281997.jpg (25.62 KB, 382x353, muchsad.JPG)

No. 553367


I’m not sure what photoshop fuck up is worse: The uneven nostrils, blurry chin or the fact that she edited her cheekbones to be two different sizes (Probably because her ear was visible on one side so she couldn’t edit it too much)

No. 553369

i think the worst part is that she didn't even bother to fix her shitty uneven nose contour.

No. 553372

why is dasha even trying so hard to take down edwin's videos lol even if they did get taken down someone's gonna just upload them again…she's so dumb, she's never going to escape this

No. 553373

File: 1532480995125.jpeg (17.11 KB, 500x475, $_3.jpeg)

steal her look

No. 553424

Nah anon, it was about destroying his channel. You can only get so many "community strikes" (or copyright strikes like Margo used against Venus) then your channel is terminated and you cannot make a new one. Even after the first strike, you can't livestream or make a new channel. This is why she also attacked Mina's channel even though there wasn't much there - to make it so she could never use YT in future.

No. 553462

Kek good one anon

No. 553465

No. 553471

File: 1532492484857.png (15.4 KB, 284x53, Screen Shot 2018-07-25 at 4.20…)

will she really though let's be honest

No. 553473

i see what you're saying, but surely someone else other than edwin or mina could upload them again? there's enough people who know about it now, and yeah maybe if it did come down to their channels being deleted they wouldn't be able to give video updates on the awful shit she's been doing, but there's already been enough evidence given to know she's evil… like i don't see the point in her whole plan. sad this is all she has going for her right now

No. 553483

File: 1532494028557.jpeg (136.12 KB, 519x782, 19085E4F-072B-469B-B242-3D1A5C…)


No. 553484


her trying to look like mina and shittily shopping her face has got to be a joke at this point lol she isnt even trying

No. 553488

File: 1532494678818.png (77.26 KB, 279x282, slkdfm.png)

mfw Dasha posts the 500th Mina cosplay, insisting she looks nothing like Mina.

No. 553494

Forgot to photoshop her hand

No. 553501

The point is Edwin makes a living from his channel. Dasha has been trying to take that away from him. There's more at stake than a couple of expose videos.

No. 553507

Omg, is that a hand or a foot? Too big compare to her face

No. 553513

she genuinely doesn't look good, like she looks like she's stressed af

No. 553528

Ok the hair thing is hella creepy. Like that’s deadass Mina’s hair. Damn

No. 553533

is she fucking sleeping in that wig? Imagine being Cyr and laying in bed next to your gf skinwalking your ex. You wake up at night and have the sweet moment of confusion seeing the dark locks on the pillow beside you… and the reality kicks in. Lol.
Also this wig looks cheap and and dead, I believe it never leaves Dasha's head lately

No. 553538

is it a wig? I thought she dyed her hair and curled it, though tbh I can't tell

No. 553539

Dasha and Cyr to me have a codependent relationship, so in a weird way I think he doesn't miss Mina, how chaotic and messed up his relationship with Dasha is must consume his whole life

No. 553600

“We fight a lot so I just keep quiet”
I can only imagine Dasha waking up with full Mina vengeance daily as Cyr is cowering in the corner

No. 553654

did she always have that tattoo? it says 'whatever you say it is', such a strange quote to tattoo on your body

No. 553655

Especially for someone who lies for a living.

No. 553667

Does anybody know those companies that copyright claimed Edwin's video?

No. 553753


All I see

No. 553802

The plan Dasha outlined was mostly for individuals to make the reports, but that they would also try to get one taken down by "a professional agency". If that ever eventuated, Edwin would have the name of the agency. It is possibly one that represents Cyr, as he was the advisor behind Dasha's plan.

No. 553862

DId she only start getting them after Cyr to fulfill her art hoe points? They’re just random quotes and bs

No. 553977

It's weird how Dasha regularly has private conversations with minors. Not just the odd interaction but full on relationships.
Is she devoid of friends? Like how old is that fathertamaki chick, bich still has braces.

No. 553993

okay but just a thought… those voice messages dasha sent to her minions and other texts - something doesn't seem quite right to me? like i know she clearly isn't the brightest but seriously… most people have the brain cells to realise that by sending a VOICE MESSAGE which could very very easily be shared will out them and ruin their whole "scheme" or whatever. like why would she make it so easy? not that i think she's necessarily capable of something much bigger than this and more complicated, but it doesn't quite add up why she would do that…like alright she could maybe claim that texts being exposed weren't actually from her and "staged" by somebody else if she really wanted to, but voice messages? there's no going back. she's literally spoon feeding everyone how awful she is.

No. 553996

pretty sure the voice messages were her way of evading written messages being shown, I think she thought she was being clever

No. 554001

tbf I do understand that she wants his videos to be taken down and from her perspective it's probably not -false- flagging. Like.. I would definitely ask my friends to flag videos like that if they were about me because I would feel harassed. The malicious part is the "and if he gets that three times, his channel is being deleted".

I just can't get over the fact that Edwin exposes tons of things that aren't relevant to the harassment and how he's so obviously trying to provoke her by mentioning her in every single video - regardless of whether it fits or not - and tweets about her all the time.

The fact that he's been saying he'll stop as soon as she stops for quite a while now and still posts about the drama all the fucking time even though neither Cyr nor Dasha react to it just makes him look ridiculous imo and the fact that he mentions stuff like "she wore a red jumpsuit as well" just makes the relevant things (passport, nudes) seem irrelevant. Idk, I feel like he's digging his own grave right now by trying to milk the same things over and over again. It's too obvious that he wants her to react. He should change his strategy.

No. 554004

It says "It is whatever you say it is", I'm pretty sure she has "it was just a laugh" tattooed on her somewhere as well, I remember looking it up a while ago because I thought it was kind of weird and I'm almost certain they're lyrics to "Decks Dark" by Radiohead since that's the only relevant result I could find

No. 554006


I don't agree with you entirely. But you have some points. I fully understand his outrage and he feels like she's gotten away with it. But I do think Edwin should ignore her for now since he's already exposed enough.

He doesn't post about it all the time, but he does do it more frequently now, and I think it's because he's still annoyed (and rightfully so) at how far Dasha took it.

She's the one that reignited all this. His recent posts on Twitter were reignited by some "company" going after his Audio vid. He probably would have left this all alone if she wasn't still attacking him and Mina, and to this extent. She's the one that plotted to attack not only his girlfriend, but his channel as well, and the saddest part is she's doing it all for no other reason than the fact that she might be mentally ill.

There was zero reason for her to keep acting this way. It's all her fault. She probably won't stop until Edwin and Mina take her to court.

No. 554018

I also agree that it would probably be best to let things go now from an outward perspective (with exception of taking legal action for posting the nudes and passport) but I also see why Edwin can't. There is so much more abuse and damage done to Edwin and Mina's life, that will never have any consequences and that will never be compensated - they just have to live with it now somehow. That shit make you feel powerless, furious and devastated all at once and I can understand that exposing her and speaking up is a way for him to feel like he is not completely losing control.
Moreover I would be terrified that as soon as Dasha crawls out of her hiding and the story has blown over (which I think it has by now), things might start all over again. That she might recruit new teen flying monkeys that blindly defend her and keep harassing Mina or him. That the abuse might never end an that there's nothing they can do about it.

No. 554023

Uh no. It turns out being quiet gets him nowhere as she recently posted the passport, nudes and went on here to bitch about Mina. This is while he was quiet and so was she. Now that he has exposed her, Dasha hasn’t said shit. You bet your ass I’d be pissed and talk about it now, he probably has so much backed up rage. He tried to be the better person for awhile and look what it got him. She JUST tried to delete his channel and Minas dude. No.

I would agree if he keeps doing this for the next few months and Dasha says and does NOTHING. but we all know she won’t and can’t contain her Mina boner

No. 554024

By “ and so has she” I meant Mina had been quiet, not Dasha

No. 554027


I agree 100% Edwin tried to take the high road and be the bigger person a bunch of times and all they did was continue to bully and harass him.

No. 554029


Oh wait no, I wasn't talking about the two real Dasha videos and the audio message. What I'm mostly talking about is the fact he mentions her in the Mars Argo/Poppy videos, he mentions her in the Momokun video, he calls out NetNobody for something he said quite a while ago - things like these. I do understand why he had to talk about the passport, the nudes and things that personally hurt him so I get the first couple of videos. What I think is unnecessary is the constant "she's copying her" rants because I'd absolutely get it if it were unique or creative outfits but the red jumpsuit or the white dress? Idk. And, as I said before, the fact he constantly mentions the drama out of context and this is what makes it seem like he doesn't actually want it to stop.

No. 554032

The red jumpsuit is minas lol she never gave it back

No. 554042


Well, I mean he's not wrong. Look through this thread. She clearly IS still copying Mina. Hair, clothes, even pointless stuff like that leg up pose. I agree he should tone down the comments, but in this case, he's not wrong.

No. 554053

File: 1532629053493.jpg (90.16 KB, 922x450, dasha is so gross.jpg)

>>554032 Yep. This picture is so ridiculous. I understand not wanting to judge similar outfits too quickly but come on now… Mina's hair, jumpsuit, belt, ex bf's necklace… She even recreated Mina's facial bone structure… That was Dasha's response to Mina's "LEAVE ME ALONE" video. Mina finally defended herself and Dasha resumed the skin walking to provoke her more, I'd be pissed too.

That being said, I wish Edwin would back off a bit instead of falling for it every single time. Whenever he reacts to petty things like that it helps her agenda. Mina however is doing good, I believe she could deal with that situation herself at this point as she's obviously a less impulsive and stronger person.

No. 554065

The uneven nostril is hardly a fuck up, child. People develop uneven nostrils from snorting corrosive drugs, such as cocaine.

No. 554088

Same anon, I agree. I wish Edwin would stop making comments constantly about Dasha but on the other hand I understand why he’s so frustrated. Dasha literally wears wigs that looks like minas real hair, wears her clothes and etc. she’s fucking mentally deranged she’s been doing this for almost three years now

No. 554174

File: 1532649931151.png (206.59 KB, 332x593, Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at 12.0…)

from sawyer's insa story… so he and cyr are still friends? sort of thought sawyer would know better..idk

No. 554354

'the malicious part'
dude, the whole thing is malicious, don't be silly.

No. 554384

is this for real?? went through her photos to see if it was a shoop screw up and you're right, anon. one nostril is smaller

No. 554387

File: 1532696833138.png (1.22 MB, 1013x951, goals.png)

Damn her body is slamming! No wonder Trasha is jealous and making up shit about Mina being anorexic lmao. She looks darn healthy to me, she is quite hyperactive and eats healthy - good for her!

No. 554411

So has this been established as being just photoshop or is Dasha a coke head? I’m going with the latter either way, even if it is photoshopped I wouldn’t be surprised if she snorted her way to the moon

No. 554441

She looks like she's gained some weight, in a good way. Definitely looks healthier.

No. 554442

Apparently her butt is really that big too, in some random candid videos was surprised and always thought she shopped it.

“I much prefer dashas body to Minas”

No. 554445

that's not a big butt.

No. 554446

For a skinny person like Mina, in comparison to the rest of her body, her butt is relatively big.

No. 554467

It’s definitely a big butt, especially for minas frame. It’s not fake like a lot of Instagram models have which is why it doesn’t seem “big”

No. 554483


This kinda makes more sense on why Edwin and Mina thought Dasha refusing to give back her clothes was so weird. They aren't even the same size!

No. 554495

File: 1532720993157.jpg (57.05 KB, 450x614, fridgelife.jpg)

>>554442 That quote always makes me chuckle. I mean, who wouldn't want an apple shaped body with no ass?!
>>554483 I think you were replying to me… Yeah he did say that they aren't the same size in one of the first vids. Dasha isn't huge but these proportions man….

No. 554521

File: 1532724307559.png (839.22 KB, 1070x1592, Capture _2018-07-27-15-43-09-1…)

The itsbabydash tag on ig is being spammed by a "fan account" posting pics using these hashtags. The desperation… Im guessing Mina getting 102 real followers is killing her lol

No. 554552

LMAO! I thought that was Mina! What a skinwalker.

No. 554731


No way that is her real waist. It's definitely scooped out some.

No. 554736

it is - this was from a video, they're not actually two separate photos anon.

No. 554737


The pooch still has me cackling. She has no shape or muscle definition. She’s a flabby fridge. That dress is as unflattering as you can get for a hog body. Makes me wonder if pluggednyc were actually trolling by making her wear it.

No. 554740

The tags, holy shit. The cringe is stratospheric.

No. 554820

like the other anon said, from Minas insta story. some people genuinely have small waists and Mina has a lean body type, think her genetics have something to do with that

Dashas genetics are different to Minas, different nationalities and ancestry, it's a shame Dasha doesn't learn to love and accept herself rather than going to all these crazy means to be someone else and hurting people in the process

No. 554826

Tbf her waist is a normal size for someone as slim as she is. She's just got a nice shape that makes it look incredibly small because of the proportions.

No. 554839

lol yikes, that comparison is almost cruel. it's no mystery why Dasha hates her guts. I doubt even if she slimmed down that she would have those nice proportions. her body is just boxy

No. 554927

File: 1532795235971.jpeg (111.15 KB, 750x750, D229B1E6-FD2B-4964-B0A4-8E390F…)

>>554521 Still trying to bury the negative posts in preparation for her big comeback lol

No. 554930

you don't own your passport the state does. you are in charge of it. in the united states what dasha did is a high crime. penalties and federal jail time. the person who told was absolutely correct. depending on how far this goes at the very least dasha wont be allowed back in the usa if she ever leaves. isn't she from an unfriendly country. even though mina is british it still happened in the usa so our rules apply. our rules can be brutal. passing around a drivers licenses is a fine and a few weeks in jail up to 2 years. a passport is ten times worse. mina has to report her passport was compromised and britian doesn't take to kindly to that. like mina will have to answer for why she gave her passport to a eastern European with Russian ties in todays climate. they may just issue her another passport completely and flag her old one. in the usa you would have 2 choices. you must report it but you keep the passport and if anything happens you blame it on dasha. second is get a whole new passport.

No. 554945

Dasha is not an Eastern European with ties to Russia… Shes Austrian and her real name is Julia.

No. 554954

That's not even the main point of what anon was saying lol

What Dasha did is illegal af and she most likely will face some form of consequence legally. Pretty sure Edwin said he was pursuing this in court so this will hopefully come back to bite her. It'll be even worse if they catch her and she is in fact illegally in the US

No. 554967

I agree with everything else and hope Dasha gets to rot in prison, but no reason to start up a fake Russian collusion conspiracy which only discredits our believability.

No. 554983

Yeah true, but anon isn't wrong by saying Mina will be questioned like that. The government can be intimidating even if you are right. They will ask her why she willingly sent a pic of her passport to an illegal citizen. I don't think it was necessary to buy the ticket either like Dasha claimed. But i've never flown so I wouldnt know

No. 555060

She is Austrian omg can y’all stop with the Russian stuff.. the fact that she’s been here illegally for awhile is enough to get her banned from re entry let alone the illegal stuff she’s been doing while here.

No. 555062

Minas ass is small it’s just angles a lot of IG girls do this she is stick skinny in videos.. Dasha has a fridge/spongebob body.

No. 555073

Nah I thought it was fake until I saw their vlogs, where she was running around and twirling. Mina does have a big butt for a skinny gal

No. 555114

She's hardly bending her leg up in that video. If her butt was small, it would not be sticking out that much.
I feel like the people calling her butt small don't understand proportions. You don't need giant hips or butt implants to have a big butt, but it seems that's the standard these days.

No. 555115

wtf is with the sudden influx of people trying to imply mina’s body is photoshopped?? we’ve all seen her in multiple videos. that’s how she looks. smells like dasha stans in here

No. 555124

For real. Like just watch Edwin’s videos with her lol she prances around and you can clearly see her butt looks nice and plump (coming from another gal).

No. 555164

I didn't say anything about photoshop. I just think calling her ass big is a stretch. Here we go with the Dasha stan paranoia.

No. 555178

u kind of sound jealous
she has a great ass for a skinny girl

No. 555207

Because it is….? especially for her frame? It’s not small and I’d say almost everyone except you says it’s also bigger than most skinny girl asses

No. 555228

Guess what? You can have a great ass without being overweight, which is something some people fail to believe these days. I mean, look at Dasha. She is clearly heavier than Mina but has no ass.

Mina will have a booty whether she loses or gains weight, that's just her natural frame and proportions. Her body is amazing and it's ridiculous to even question that just because there are jealous people/Dasha stans who refuse to admit it.

Jesus christ, can we move on now? This is supposed to be a thread about DASHA/JULIA.

No. 555278

File: 1532883580493.gif (4.82 MB, 640x392, SmartSelect_20180724-194026_Yo…)

when you're happy, healthy with a beautiful body that you don't need to photoshop in order to look aesthetically pleasing

No. 555281

File: 1532884410244.jpg (Spoiler Image, 102.03 KB, 750x465, iseenodifference.jpg)

>>555278 She's so cute.

Anyone got access to Julia's ig? It seems like she hasn't posted a new pic in days (which is weird) and I'm curious to know if she's at least uploaded to her story…

No. 555322

Ya she mainly updates her story aside from posting Mina cosplay pics

No. 555342

it's not she just has lordosis.

No. 555344

That's an actual thing that effects movement and causes pain, doubt she actually has it.

I don't think she has a "big butt" however it's proportionate and shapely so it makes her body more attractive. People calling it big aren't doing thag because they think it's the biggest butt they've seen, it's just in comparison to her body type and other skinny girls, she has a nice ass.

To each their own tho, just doubt she has a condition that effects the curve of her spine, etc

No. 555345

no lordosis only causes some discomfort you're thinking of scoliosis. lordisis just causes a curve outward in the lower back.

No. 555358

Kek at the anon who’s being super adamant that minas ass isn’t nice

No. 555359

no one said that. it isn't big tho. we don't have to use thid thread to gush over mina.

No. 555361


Ok since people love to bring up stuff they don't really know about, I HIGHLY doubt Mina has lordosis because I have it and I know what it feels and looks like. Scoliosis is the side-to-side spine curvature and lordosis is the inward curvature of the lower spine. And those who have it, have their stomachs stick forward more (even those with no excess fat) and have a more awkward posture. Certain positions for too long cause lower back pain. Mina doesn't have that at all, you can see it in her stance. Flat tummy, straight spine, and great posture.

Stop making excuses. She doesn't have a Kim K or Nikki Minaj butt, but FOR HER SIZE, it's big. Get over it, this is ridiculous.(blogging)

No. 555365

shut the fuck up. no one cares.

No. 555373

Agreed. I can see why Dasha would be jealous over minas body, especially because it’s natural

No. 555374

You clearly care enough to respond, anon is just explaining why Mina doesn’t have a diease that makes her ass look “unnaturally” big.

No. 555375

Lol I bet salty anon is Dasha. She doesn't capitalize letters and uses passive aggressive language.

No. 555382

I was just thinking this! There are similar spelling mistakes too.

No. 555383

I know that! however everyone calls her putin and she is a passport thief. if the uk takes this serious then they will grill them. then call mina stupid to trusting crazy. lol.
I like dasha but she is an international liar. if she is willing to do all this just because mina was pulling away from her what else is she willing to do. ive know about dasha lying since before this mina stuff. there is a question of how dasha has been able to get around. she is a country hopper with no real job. she has always seemed a little strap for cash. i beleive she just tries her luck and goes for it but i can see the feds having real quesitions for her. you know how many names she has went by? lol.
to book a ticket internationally you need passport information but i just learned you can input it later. the trick is everything must match the passport or you cant use the ticket. thats why travel agents wont book without a copy of the passport. however the passport copy scam is common in the modeling industry. you send them a copy and then they blackmail you. kinda like this stitution. airlines also have giftcard/vouchers but you have to trust the person not to sell it.
no its not enough to get her banned. i dont know if austria is on the friendly list but dasha couldve made up a tale and got off with a fine at worse banned for 6 months to a few years. if she actually sent minas passport around then yes thats a complete ban and she may not be able to ever appeal it. sometimes you get banned for life, you make everything right, and then you appeal years later with a good story. passport fraud like this in todays climate she will probably have to go home. like cant even hang out in germany.

thinking out loud

a question does ticking off homeoffice -england- get you kicked out of the whole uk. cause the passport would belong to the crown, right. and the crown is over the uk. but if you are banned from australia you can still get into england- i have seen it happen. usually if australia bans you then canada also wil. hmmmm. i guess dasha could go to asia. althought if dasha get flagged for passport fraud then most se asian countries will ban her unless she has a lot of money to spend.

No. 555386

Exactly, what the fuck am reading. Sounds like a bunch of try hard lolcow anons, scratch them and a dasha minion bleeds lmfao
I have the same body type as Mina - also after seeing her I like this body type even more than before.
You can have a big/round butt while being super skinny, if you're born with a wide hips that and once you gain you get an hourglass figure. It's natural to have a flat chest and a bigger butt with this type.
Some people like dasha lose fat at undesired spots and gain and even more undesired spots. It's just genetics and body types. Also I guess dasha has a lot of testosterone. Her ass looks like that of hank hill(blogposting)

No. 555389

Right? Like damn this anon is so pressed about minas butt not being big (for her size) or that it’s fake or that she has some disease. Can’t accept the truth

No. 555411

has anyone seen Minas insta story? She's talking to detectives? It looks super serious, but can't tell if it's real or not?

No. 555415

It looks fake, I highly doubt if she was talking to detectives they’d let Edwin and her friend film them

No. 555423

It's just something at comic con

No. 555428

ohhh lol thanks for clearing that!

No. 555625

File: 1532969464746.jpg (444.53 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180730-185011_Twi…)

No. 555677

>>555625 Unsurprisingly, Dasha is still trying to delete all proof of her abuse. The audio clips are pretty damning evidence, no wonder she wants it gone. Meanwhile people here were too busy talking about Mina's ass… I bet this bitch is claiming the thread is run by Mina stans with all the posts praising her lately.

No. 555701

File: 1532979159736.jpeg (191.67 KB, 750x1078, C374D85B-E0CB-45C4-A523-C921FF…)

Nice try Dasha we all know who your real obsession is with

No. 555714

Dasha has gone underground and this happened recently. There really isn’t new milk due to the fact that everyone is too much of a pussy to speak out on it or just ignoring it. The milk is drying up

No. 555737

It's funny how she did voice clips to eliminate text receipts but a voice recording of her is FAR more incriminating.

No. 555849

this is hilarious

No. 555853

File: 1532999155201.jpg (834.83 KB, 1080x1826, Screenshot_20180730-210356_Ins…)

I literally thought this was Mina at first

Also I guess now she is claiming this celebrity inspired her look?? Even tho we all know she is using that as an excuse to get away with skinwalking Mina

No. 555857


lmfao nice try trasha but we all know you and you have been ding this shit for way too long to fool anyone

No. 555872

It's funny because out of alllll of Geena Davis' hairstyles, she had to pick the one with the short black curly hair, most similar to Mina's… Seems legit, Dasha.

No. 555884

Yet it's still obvious she shoops her face into Mina's and not like Geena's at all. It takes her weeks to come up with this deflection shit, and it's lame.

No. 555956

I’m honestly genuinely curious. When is she going to stop this shit

No. 556027

omg its SO obvious she is posting about this to pretend that she isn't skinwalking Mina.

btw she posted a lingerie vid on her storie. Possible photoshop or did she get skinny suddenly.

No. 556031

File: 1533016919648.jpg (1021.36 KB, 1500x1500, pt2018_07_31_00_58_54.jpg)

But she's definitely not copying that video Mina uploaded to her story days ago. Same poses, similar hair, staph Dasha, you look ridiculous and your butt looks sad compared to hers.

No. 556042


lmfao her tryhard pathetic shops always give me a good laugh

No. 556056

probably spent all day running it through after effects.

No. 556062

not sure if anyone has seen, but dasha has started posting on her snapchat story again…she seemed very excited that she got "a lot of messages" replying and how she misses all the love people used to give her (on snapchat)… then proceeded to ask how/why people started following her. theres a good chance the majority of those replies weren't actually particularly nice in nature… who is she trying to fool though? there surely can't be that many people still following her/have no idea what she's done?

No. 556064

It takes all sorts, anon. Just look at all fhe fucked shit Ogreasion has done yet still has a following. Doucha will always find people retarded enough to be her fans/followers (prominent case in point: Jaclyn Glenn).

No. 556067

holy crap. i don't follow her thread much, so this is the first time i see her skinwalking in action. She's actually pitiful, i've never seen envy and imitation at this level

No. 556076

File: 1533031055237.gif (11.62 MB, 388x640, SmartSelect_20180731-055144_In…)

She had an e.d. before so she probably went full ana after her unshooped body was exposed. She's gonna give herself lumbar lordosis standing like that lol
So obsessed with being perceived as more attractive than Mina. Face it, Putin, you're a downgrade

Bet she'll post food pics as proof she eats soon.

No. 556077

the video seems to be looped because to jumps back to the start before it quickly ends, so there's a good chance she shooped her body/used some kind of effect. she might be fooling some dense "fans" but surely this just must be damaging her own self esteem… like dasha, you know you don't look like that so who is really losing here lol?

No. 556078

The image shakes for no real reason as she turns also.

No. 556079

Lol, she’s posing really carefully here. I recognise it easily, when I gained weight for a bit a few years back, I would have to be more careful about angles, and the way I positioned my legs to try and appear the same size. It was subconscious for a long time until I actually got to losing the weight, but it’s obvious to others that have been there. Something to cover/pull in the stomach, legs together to create less of a straight shape and imply more curves, very deliberate movements, it’s clear as day; both to me, and to anyone else that’s ever had to hide the worst parts of weight gain. Or in her case, change public perception about your normal weight. It’d almost be funny if it wasn’t a little sad.

No. 556080

that's so true! damn she's really out done herself…

No. 556081

Same commenter as above, but I don’t encourage tinfoiling here. She hasn’t shooped it, she’s just fat girl posing. Doing things to imply shape and minimise unsightly areas. If it’s a video, she can say ‘how can it not be real it’s a video’ but it’s a video juuust long enough for her to hold a pose and not expose too much of her unflattering parts and angles. It’s such neurotic fat girl logic. ‘I’m not fat! Especially if I do this and then move for just a second. I’ve shown you all my whole body so there!’ Stand up straight and move normally for a 10 second video then hon! ‘Cause this is a covert chubby girl vid. Hopefully she’s at least convincing herself that she’s not a little shapeless and squishy lol.

No. 556082

I also saw that and mina posted on snapchat 4 hours BEFORE so the return is not a coincidence?? and in the video mina posted she was pouting her lips up to the camera just as how putin did in her snapchat video (playing with her lips) hours later …. its hard to explain I'll try and screen record the stories and upload them side by side

No. 556086

Apart from the waist that is cinched by her outfit she still has no bodyshape. Even tho she tries to get some curves with angles. Flabby arms, no ass. Can't fool me Trasha!

No. 556087

I don't believe for a second that Julia would start working out and stop eating to get a nice body.
Everything she does is complain, shooping herself like Mina and taking about how Minas anorexic and a bad role model.
She's just a fat bitch, lying on her couch and screeching about "eww look at Minas ana body" while stuffing her face with every vegan thing she can find

No. 556088

Lmao, that's a fail. Mina looks good effortlessly. Even in vlogs she isn't posing at all and it's clear that her body is just really nice.

The other one, however, desperately tries to conceal her boxy frame and create more flattering curves. I can still see the fupa Julia. Since, you're already a fan of cosmetic enhancement, inject that fat into your sad ass.

No. 556089

yeah, if she was to stop eating and start working out to get mina's body, she would have started along that path a long time ago, when she and mina were still living under the same roof. dasha's obsession hasn't magically appeared

No. 556094

File: 1533039194121.jpg (172.14 KB, 1235x682, sadsad.jpg)

>>556086 Exactly. she hasn't changed, she just put a tight belt on. I just noticed how she sucks her stomach in before turning to the side kek!

No. 556104

File: 1533044152428.jpg (2.09 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20180731_143745543.j…)

This is just creepy. Surely she's aware how terrible she looks.

Mina has a toned body, she cooks healthy meals and obviously does her squats. Dasha looks so fucking bad, what was she thinking LOL

No. 556106

i hate dasha, but posts like this are fucking cringe. obviously mina looks way better, but she's not going to fucking read this.

No. 556108

You mean Dasha won't read this? Girl recently got outed for obsessive posting in her own thread kek

No. 556109

no i mean mina won't read it. there's nothing wrong for complimenting mina purposely to shit on dasha, but stuff like "mina eats super healthy and does squats!" seems a bit too specific.

No. 556110

I mean Edwin does read these threads. He gets a good amount of his video information from us. Maybe Mina reads here.

No. 556112

that could be true, if that's the case it could potentially make dasha extra salty to see all this praise.

No. 556114

It’s just a complement don’t try to mod the thread

No. 556115

i'm not? i wasn't telling anyone not to do it, just thought it was OTT, chill.

No. 556116

we don't need to be licking mina's ass every 5 seconds.

No. 556118


I'm genuinely confused by her hips/pelvic area, is that what it looks like when it's a heavier area?

No. 556119

tinfoil but what really bothers me is how transparent she is about everything. It's so obvious she already had that video ready to upload but she needed a false source of inspiration before posting it, so she spammed her Instagram with her ~omg geena Davis is so cute I wanna recreate her looks". Shortly after that video is up, now she's gonna spam her insta with pictures looking like a terrible version of mina (yes, it's gonna be worse than ever apparently) because yeah, she was already wearing the black short wig, but she just needed that hairstyle.
And it all started because people was complimenting mina's body here, she's gonna need to buy more wigs due to the hair pulling.

No. 556120

she probably doesn't even see it at this point. she's so disordered this is probably normal to her.

No. 556133

Jesus people were just saying that minas ass looks nice compared to doucha and why doucha is so jealous of her (out of the many reasons). They’re just compliments and it obviously fuels the cows rage lmfao

No. 556143

Exactly - it's not hard as a girl to bend a little bit. There's tons of girls that show comparison pics of how their boxy body looks without posing and when they do how it suddenly looks sinched in and proportionized.
She must've seen this and try to show "checkmate my dudes kek I'm a skinny queen" lmfaaaao

No. 556144

File: 1533058165573.png (1.13 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-07-31-19-22-58…)

So they're going online soon and "talk about a lot". Hopefully new milk

No. 556164

calm down.

No. 556167

Dasha is probably foaming at the mouth that she can’t have minas ass

No. 556168

I’m not mad, just let people talk about it. It obviously pisses of Dasha a lot that people think Mina is above average and has a bangin bod. By what the other anon posted, she’s trying to copy Mina but with a flat ass

No. 556170


Dasha is that you? kek


So far no Milk, only talk about poppy

No. 556171

people in the chat were saying "mina is geena davis" lul

No. 556212

File: 1533081685314.jpg (28.83 KB, 677x287, shittymodel.JPG)

The new bio kek! Also it looks like she's been deleting some posts…

No. 556222

i still don't get why she calls herself a fox, it makes no sense. what does it even mean? physically? metaphorically? the only way i could see her relating to a fox is in the fact that she only preys on smaller people than her.

nice meena- i mean geena davis inspired pfp though kek

No. 556224

Cyr used to call Mina that. Some more skin walking.

No. 556262

not trying to come for this anon specifically, just trying to make a point - but can we tone it down with the whole "dasha's body is trash" "dasha's body is flabby/boxy/gross" etc etc…? only saying because im sure there are some girls reading through this thead who may have similar body types to dasha's. yep mina has a super nice body and although it is 100% creepy and sad that dasha is trying to replicate it, her actual body is still pretty normal - just maybe not your conventional "model" body. just because there's no milk doesn't mean you have to drag EVERYTHING about dasha's appearance in every photo. in that sense we're all hypocrites ourselves for complaining how dasha ironically "advocates" supporting other women and body confidence yet drags mina…and then doing the exact same to dasha. yep she's a horrible person who's done horrible things but jesus tone it down with the body shaming!!

No. 556268


This is way over the top.

Dasha is bad news but calling a very normal body type shared by a lot of women GROSS while alluding to something as serious as an eating disorder is both ridiculous and simply cruel.

No. 556276

Stop whiteknighting, if Dasha wasn’t a shitty person/clearly jealous of Mina and focused on loving herself TRULY no one would be talking about her body. she uses her eating disorder as pity points which is incredibly telling of the way she manipulates people. She projects her eating disorder onto Mina. Work on your own insecurities if you’re offended by anons complimenting minas natural body compared to someone who’s is so wrapped in envy that they feel the end to ruin someone’s career/life.

No. 556277

Dashas body isn’t what she shops it out to. So we are talking about her real body, without filters, stretch tools, etc, not the ones she posts. In real life it’s far from perfect. Unlike Mina who doesn’t have to alter her body to look good.

No. 556278

In no way am I trying to whitenight dasha. never mentioned anything about her eating disorder either/never even heard anything about it. Nowhere did I imply that I was offended by people complementing mina - i agree with all of those comments and she clearly does have a great body which looks healthy. the only point i was trying to make was that i think its irrelevant to the drama to bash dasha's body. it's purely hypocritical whether you like it or not. just focus on the real milk. dasha is still very obviously a shit person with nasty intentions (reiterating what i said in the last post, in case you haven't got it yet).

how does this make it any better? i wasn't referring to her shooped pics. im talking about the anons who are dragging dasha's real body. calling her fat, flabby etc is just unnecessary. annoying that i have to say im not whitenighting because i am truly repulsed by her personality and history. all i was trying to say was i think we should focus less on criticising her actual body because whilst unnecessary, it could also potentially be hurtful for other anons reading.(mini-modding)

No. 556280

not sure if you're agreeing or disagreeing with above comment? either way doesn't make sense anon

No. 556281

If people are going to be triggered by anons saying doucha has a box body, they shouldn’t be here.

No. 556284

not triggered, just don't see the relevance is all :)

No. 556287

Nah youre triggered. Every cow is criticized equally

No. 556288

anything interesting come up in their livestream earlier? it isnt on his youtube.

No. 556292

No. It was a short live this time because they had issues with their wifi, anyway, they didn't mention anything relevant to the thread.

No. 556312

File: 1533112034684.png (1.22 MB, 640x1136, 26B63E58-79E1-4055-A47F-CBC4FD…)

The irony… cosplaying mina & preaching kindness.

No. 556314

What's her Snapchat?

No. 556319

I get your point. If I didn't know Dasha, I would think she's being body positive, even she she hasn't got a super slender frame she's confident about what she's got.

but because I know what she's done, this isn't about her body but how she's influencing teenagers and underage girls into believing that her body she shoops on insta is something real instead of being just herself. This is a girl that manipulates young impressionable girls to do what she wants, it's creepy, and because of that she needs to be canceled. She needs to accept herself instead of destroying other skinnier girls and shooping herself

No. 556321

also everyone's body is different, no one is the exact same, like it is literally impossible for everyone to be exactly the same. we're not criticizing everyone who has a similar body type but Dashas lies about her image itself.

if she comes out and apologizes about what she's done, things MIGHT be different and I think anyone who's posting here knows that well enough

No. 556324

if she weren't sticking her pelvis like that, Julia would have no butt

No. 556327

Iblamejules I think

No. 556329

Thank you

No. 556332

I naturally look like Minaaaaa!

No. 556334

did she take that from the male model iblamejordan? lol

No. 556340

She's so ugly no matter how many filters and photoshop she uses.
What is even going on with her eyebrows, they look like two bushes. How can she leave her apartment looking like this.

No. 556350

File: 1533133644592.png (120.93 KB, 600x600, iguess.png)


>tries to look like mina

>ends up looking like an Microcephalic monkey

Classic Trasha.

No. 556363


I was agreeing. This thread's will to say a very normal body is gross while implying that Dasha must not be eating (>> 556076) because of what goes on here is simply cruel and over the top.


It's not being triggered. It's common sense: not okay to be happy about people possibly not eating due to comments about their weight

No. 556371

Who is saying that they are happy she’s starving? No one is literally saying that. People are just pointing how she pretends to be something she’s not. Seriously if you’re offended then stop lurking, this is like the whole Eugenia coney, if you’re online and triggered by something, that’s on you. If Dasha didn’t fuck up two peoples lives and pretend to skinwalk mina no one would be talking about her body. she photoshops her body to the extreme instead of just being “body positivite”. She’d also make fun of Mina for being thin accusing her of having an eating disorder or callling her a 12 year old boy for having small boobs. It’s karma, if she can’t handle people talking about her body then she shouldn’t have attacked Mina for years.

No. 556375

Not the person you were replying to, but they kinda have a point. I don't think Dasha is pretty at all nor do I like her body, but insulting it constantly isn't really relevant. If she posts a overedited pic of her body, then I get the context of calling her a fridge in comparison, but just repeating that she's fugly every post with no context is boring.
Kinda like the people who infight about herpes in the onion thread, yeah Lainey's herps is crusty and gross, but there's other shit to pick at like her personality.

In other news, Dasha is wearing the dark curly wig an awful lot lately. I would have thought the smart thing to do would be to return to the blonde insta thot/khaleesi image again or reinvent her style to get further away from the scandal but she's making it worse for herself.

No. 556377

I thought the wig was old news, hasn’t she always been wearing that.?

No. 556378

Oh it's definitely old, just wondering why she's wearing the dark short one so often lately. Like moreso than usual in her snaps ect.

No. 556380

While I agree that the body talk should die out, I don’t agree with what the other anon said that we would be happy about doucha starving or that people are going to be triggered. Seriously if the mods didn’t have a problem before then it’s fine. (Until now if they consider it nitpicking)

No. 556381

I don’t think her dark wig is super new news to talk about, everyone already knows that Dasha is literally skinwalking Mina and wants to be her. It’s been a while that she’s been wearing that wig

No. 556410

Somewhere in the threat people were speculating that the reason she’s skinwalking Mina so much is that she’s going to try to argue, once again, that Mina is the one skinwalking her… or that Dasha will try and say this is always how she has looked, or just that they have always been really similar.
All of which we know is bullshit.

No. 556424

You sound so new here.
Why even bother making a rant defending her when this thread isn't even as bad as others.

It legit always seems like there are fans here, other threads hardly get half of the whiteknights I swear

No. 556430

File: 1533148698975.jpeg (231.24 KB, 750x1073, E33AAAA2-ABF9-45E4-BE39-7D100C…)

Her stories annoy me. She finally left the apartment to get a new wig, likely from anons talking about her Mina wig. It must be nice to have no job/responsibilities and just take baths and just use your phone all day everyday

No. 556433

Maybe I'm wrong but I hope you can help me clear this out.
Is she trying to dye her hair black? Because here >>556076 it doesn't look like she's wearing the wig, first because I doubt she could style it like that and second because I kinda see some roots and it looks similar to blondes trying to go back to dark hair. I'm not very sure because I've never dyed my hair before so I could be wrong.
That could explain why she's wearing that black wig so often lately. Maybe she wants to look ~naturally like mina~ this time instead of wearing that wig everyday.

Or maybe she's trying to find a "Geena Davis" (aka Mina) styled wig.

No. 556434

Lol. She still has no ass in that video, looks very hank hill.

No. 556445

She loves wearing wigs but has no idea how to lay them. She can make any expensive wig look like she got it on Amazon

No. 556463

I think it's just another wig

No. 556512

>buying wigs in a shop

No. 556515

The distortion on her waist is hilarious

No. 556551

if youre blonde you can dye your hair black whenever you want, just it's harder to get back to blonde. It's very easy to go dark, blondes don't need to try and go darker.

No. 556566

File: 1533180881630.jpg (56.14 KB, 679x567, 667.jpg)

This hairstyle is so damn ugly, she looks like an actual clown.

No. 556587

definitely a wig.

No. 556598

The resemblance is uncanny, anon

No. 556650

No. 556657

Yeah Dasha, Mina is copying your shitty wig with her naturally curly dark hair lmao

No. 556660

has anyone thought maybe dasha is doing this excessive skinwalking on purpose? like so many anons keep saying, she never seems to slow down with the skinwalking even though it's obvious she knows everyone's talking about it. im not convinced she's doing it to later "claim mina is copying her" or whatever… something tells me she's doing it to get a rise out of people, not just mina and edwin. very stupid and childish, yes, but from the things we've seen her do in the past… it wouldn't surprise me - she loves the attention. that's it. and we're giving it to her by commenting on every photo she posts etc… something tells me whether the comments are nice or horrible, she loves it either way because at the end of the day they're feeding her constant need for attention.

No. 556665

File: 1533204612361.png (461.27 KB, 720x655, IMG_20180802_130902.png)

That editing, tho

No. 556718

I doubt it. The most embarrassing thing about her skinwalking is the fact that "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery". She hates Mina's guts, yet clearly she finds her very beautiful. If this was all a joke I doubt she would be low-key flattering her in the process. She does it because she hates herself and is obsessed with Mina's looks being better than hers.

No. 556720

File: 1533222031902.jpg (Spoiler Image, 26.39 KB, 452x386, cocaine.JPG)

It's for real. Cocaine eats away cartilaginous tissue. A person's nose may heal a little bit from snorting, but the nostrils will always look uneven. Some addicts even have pic related happen to them. It's a real thing. The wider nostril is most likely the nostril she uses for snorting whatever the fuck it is she snorts. Could be coke, could be pills, could be anything.

No. 556721

same fag here >>556720

What I mean is she has a deviated septum from snorting. She can argue that it's naturally deviated, but I don't buy it.


No. 556728

Not a regular of this thread but it could have been a botched nose job. I've seen people who got cheap plastic surgery with uneven nostrils.

I mean if she was ever legit skinny / had the body she shops, then I'd put my bets on cocaine too, but otherwise it could be anything - congenital, surgical, drug related.

No. 556733

Some drugs are more acidic than others and will damage your nose faster, but no way in hell would this happen with cocaine at her age without a heart attack first. She’d need an incredibly massive habit, and most people just end up turning to IV when their tolerance gets too high. And she’s not thin enough for cocaine addiction lol. If she was older, sure.

No. 556743

spoiler this shit wtf

No. 556758

I never said that dude's nose was in a state her nose is like. However, her uneven nostrils are indicative of a deviated septum which is very easy to get from snorting drugs. You don't have to be on the verge of death or have had overdoses to develop a deviated septum from snorting drugs.
You do, however, need to be on the verge of death to reach the state >>556720 pic related did.

No. 556759

> If she was older, sure.

That comment makes absolutely no sense.

No. 556768

Samefag (>>556758 >>556759)

>And she’s not thin enough for cocaine addiction lol.

Also, this comment is a fallacy. Although cocaine may cause weight loss due to loss of appetite and changes in metabolism, being skinny is not diagnostic criteria for having an addiction to cocaine. And again "if she was older, sure" not diagnostic criteria for addiction to cocaine. Reiterating that having a deviated septum is not diagnostic criteria either for having an addiction to cocaine.

Never said she was addicted to cocaine, but if she regularly did cocaine at some point in her life, it could explain the deviated septum. The nose doesn't bounce back from that and you can only repair it with surgery.

Also, the other anon who said it could have been from a botched nose job is right. However, I do still think it's from snorting drugs.

No. 556861

I’ve never snorted cocoaine nor gotten a nose job and my nostrils are uneven. It’s pretty common for the cartilage to not be exactly alike on each side.

No. 556866

Pretty sure Dasha said she doesn't even like smoking weed. Highly doubt she's on coke. If so, Edwin and Mina would possibly have seen that and exposed it.

No. 556867

Also her nose is uneven due to editing. Or it's a bit naturally like that. She doesn't look like she's had a node job to me since she can move it plenty

No. 556869


Anons are reaching.

Not the most fun hypothesis but I think her nose is just uneven.

No. 556871

People seem to have the stereotype of the homeless person with a drug habit. People with money are not choosing between their fix and food they're able to indulge in all senses.

Not sure if her nose can be contributed to coke although I do think Cyr takes it and probably her. I reckon that's why Khloe Kardashian's nose is so fucked.

No. 556872

Eh yeah people are bored with no milk. One of my nostrils is slightly bigger than the other, its not uncommon. plus she edits her face to shit so that could contribute

No. 556898

Are there still companies working with Dasha?

No. 556913

Yes, she's been alluding to a "big project"

No. 557051

File: 1533252251341.jpeg (361.62 KB, 1600x1100, 89E35CE8-CEA8-4729-86B2-321099…)

Who wore it better?

No. 557052

File: 1533253231768.jpeg (227.62 KB, 927x746, D5947463-E282-4038-8D34-771457…)

Meena Davis

No. 557053

File: 1533253611211.jpeg (111.74 KB, 750x1334, 31F63315-81EC-4388-9BE1-987435…)

Why does her cheekbone pop out hardcore from her eye? Is that the fake wig or is that shitty photoshop

No. 557055

i know this thread should be shitting on trasha and all and honestly no hate to edwin, have always been on his and mina's side, but it irks me whenever edwin replies to youtubers on twitter trying to have a conversation with them or act like they're his friend…? i guess it's no different to fans replying to them but he replies to like every single youtuber and tries to insert himself in things that have nothing to do with him. i'm all for free speech and shit but it's cringey tbh(derailing)

No. 557063

No one cares

Dog hair all over her hat(nitpicking)

No. 557069

File: 1533255533685.jpg (60.87 KB, 876x279, fakelikes.jpg)

>>557053 It's the nasty wig anon.

I like how she can't handle getting almost half the amount of likes when she leaves her account private so she had to make it public again. Time to inflate the numbers (and ego)

No. 557073

it's the wig. turn your contrast up or tilt your screen and you can see that chunk of hair is in front of her face.

No. 557112

Same anon, I had my constrast low so I couldn’t tell. It’s insane how much she photoshops her face; she looks NOTHING like that in her livestreams.

No. 557161

Fucking kek, anon

No. 557222

Hmm, I’m not convinced it’s the wig tho… I mean, the black edge is waaay too smooth when compared to the other side of her face. I think it’s more her trying to photoshop some cheekbones on, while lifting and slimming that side of her face (because the other one is covered by the wig anyway). Idk, just my 2 cents.

No. 557266

yeah it's clearly photoshop, why are we even discussing it at this point. she facial transplants digitally with every post.
I remember seeing this post today "tilt to the side" or some shit was the caption, could tell it was shopped to fuck and back by a side-glance. the skinwalking is potent.

No. 557274

File: 1533304684930.png (179.86 KB, 746x746, dasha.png)

Yes, it's a given.

No. 557293

This is terrifying, it's like Jeff the killers older sister

No. 557313

she changed a part of her new neuphs info from "shitty model" to "g o v e g a n"

No. 557322

If her hair isn't a wig then that's odd cuz it looks like it's about to fly away in the wind

No. 557336

Cyr must truly love her if he's stuck with her after all this time.

No. 557372

LOL doubt

She has dirt on him and he is trapped. Edwin has said in live streams he is almost 100 percent sure Cyr has cheated on Dasha and Dasha most likely knows.

No. 557781

File: 1533361837518.gif (10.58 MB, 449x640, SmartSelect_20180804-014906_In…)


No. 557783

this is some 'if i move too much the filters will come off" shit.

No. 557796


L M F A OOOOOOOOO i love how hard shes trying to push this whole "my inspo has been geena the entire time" bullshit

geena has become an outlet to openly cosplay as mina and anytime yall see her going on about how cute geena is, how shes an inspiration, whatever, its mina shes actually talking about. psychotic bitch.

No. 557829

Fucking kek trying to convince us she has cheekbones. Nice try, Julia. This Geena Davis bullshit is ubercringe, the way she is doubling down on the skinwalking is hysterical.

No. 557838

Nobody would care if he cheated to be honest, he's a washed-up youtuber and people know she's a psycho. If she does have dirt it'd have to be like hard drug use, fucking with minors or him actually being physically abusive for it to do enough damage for him to stay.

No. 557843

Mina just uploaded a video tutorial of her curly wurls, right? 🤔

No. 557846

File: 1533369698152.gif (7.52 MB, 373x640, SmartSelect_20180804-040052_In…)


No. 557856

Is she tryna look like Simon in here? She kinda does???

No. 557857

Lord, the thirst on this bitch

No. 557876

For real though, why does nobody talks about that weird smile at the end ?
Her upper lip doesn't move/stretch at all.
I swear I just spent a few minutes trying to smile like her to see if I was exaggerating but nope. She basically exposed her lip fillers.

No. 557878

File: 1533383630223.jpg (160.66 KB, 770x1102, dasha.jpg)

It's like cement.

No. 557880

File: 1533384479884.png (57.28 KB, 306x134, Screen Shot 2018-08-04 at 8.06…)

What the fuck is going on with the corners of her mouth. Her face is so fucked up.
No thanks discount Mina.

No. 557893

Is she really wearing cherry earings just like mina??i cant with her i really think she is doing this on purpouse at this point

No. 557896

File: 1533389609197.jpg (62.91 KB, 649x475, geena 2.0.jpg)

Yeah, I pick the one on the right. The other one looks ridiculously fake and reeks of desperation.

"But Mina doesn't own curly hair and cherry earrings!!!1111 I'm copying GEENA not MINA!1111!!!!!!!"

No. 557897

I'm beginning to feel sorry for her at this point… She's clearly sick in the head and lives in her own world. How long until she ends up in a mental hospital or in jail?

No. 557911

It’s just so creepy. You’d think after being exposed time and time again she would have stopped skin-walking Mina by now but no.

No. 557922

her lip corners have always terrified me lmao it's like a rubber mask creasing up, this isn't even the weirdest it's looked tbh

No. 557937

The cheek sucking pronounces her double chin and makes her look fatter.

No. 557956

Lmfao she looks like a puppet from dead silence

No. 557958

Well that’s terrifying. I wonder if cyrs friends know how mentally fucked up Dasha is in the head or if she manipulates them as well. I can’t see how they would stand being around her

No. 557963

File: 1533404792060.jpg (42.03 KB, 646x507, kek.JPG)

No. 557965

Ugh, I imagine it must be real fucking unsettling for Mina to have someone this obsessed with you, having a literal psycho wanting to wear your skin and simoustainly be in love with you.

No. 557967

I think the weird lips situation is a result of her sucking in her cheeks

No. 557980

File: 1533407474721.jpeg (697.62 KB, 2048x2048, 146A6FDB-6CFF-45DE-9A5D-64A6AF…)


what’s even funnier is that she’s actually imitating minas old photos where she’d do the exact same thing. pic related

No. 557997


lol not a good look. glad she doesn't do that anymore, girl is naturally pretty. doesn't need to pull silly faces.

No. 557999


agreed. but even then she still looked 10x better than dasha ever could kek

No. 558025

You would think Dasha would chill with trying to look like her now that she’s been called out and people are watching her but no..

No. 558032

File: 1533416637843.jpeg (43.77 KB, 290x340, CD5D9B0D-0B47-44C6-AF5B-C758E4…)

No. 558057

Legit lmao anon

No. 558061

File: 1533421874029.png (920.46 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-08-05-01-28-56…)

Looks like someone is looking at their old files hehe , you think she's digging for more Mina pics to post as REVENGE or get "inspiration" from? Yikes

No. 558062

File: 1533422057688.png (839.04 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-08-05-01-32-15…)

Look at meeee
I get inspiration from her!!!
Totally nOT MIINAaa!! !
wears the same cherry earrings Mina has

No. 558071

File: 1533423904974.jpg (75.96 KB, 1920x1080, human-form.jpg)

Good lord her face looks like it's made out of plastic or it's a mask from a body horror film.

No. 558095

File: 1533429075133.jpg (98.93 KB, 900x900, marie_antoinette_wig.jpg)

No. 558107

Tinfoil lite: seeing as she has never mentioned Geena Davis prior to last week, she Googled “famous women with curly hair” and chose the one whose hair bore the closest resemblance to Mina.

No. 558135

File: 1533436955097.jpeg (1.44 MB, 1178x1734, E1483097-4D10-4FBB-9B08-7C81AE…)

I just googled that and added 80s

No. 558143

kek at the caption on Geena’s pic
>curly hairstyles for square faces

No. 558145

File: 1533438635160.jpg (62.24 KB, 612x612, 5147646effb50b84f007b97ae6dc7f…)


Geena Davis was a stupid choice. I'm putting this Madonna pic in the 80's here just so Julia can't take a more obvious dark curly hair reference without it being even more fucking stupid.

No. 558146

File: 1533439131504.jpeg (203.34 KB, 465x1275, DBB8A0D5-3683-431C-A343-3E90EF…)

Oh give it up Dasha. You look so pathetic doing this.

No. 558150

The curly hair is such a bad look on her. It’s hard for anyone to pull it off (obviously with Mina it’s the hair she was born with).

No. 558208

Arent those the shopped photos of mina Dasha was posting trying to make mina look fat lol

No. 558213

LMAO. Also I just realised the Geena / Mina rhyme. How obsessed can you be that even your cover story has a Mina reference in it.

No. 558239

File: 1533473197994.jpeg (265.81 KB, 750x1282, 8F0A5A60-0A68-4EA0-A4F2-973D5A…)


reposting bc i forgot the photo

most of them are super old photos, i was talking about her sucking in her cheeks than the actual photos. dashas probably copied her older photos in the hopes that no one will look into it but just typing “mina bell” into google shows a few photos of her doing it kek

No. 558241

File: 1533476730125.jpg (141.6 KB, 974x800, geena meena.jpg)

She posted that picture of Geena saying she wants to do an inspired shoot. Mina did something similar of course but now she can say "I DON'T CAR!!! I WAS INSPIRED BY GEENA!!! SO WHAT IF MINA DID IT TOO?!!! NO ONE IS ORIGINAL" kek

No. 558251


That's a very standard modelling tatic.

Not everyone needs it or works it,tho, and it's a bit too 90's.

Mina doesn't need it, and Dasha looks weird.

No. 558268

lmao this is so creepy and vile
when people obsess with someone, they start to see the person they're obsessed with in others

No. 558277

File: 1533494580050.png (1.24 MB, 750x1334, C7A6B849-20CA-4ADF-AB41-34E65E…)

Kek Julia finally realizing getting random, unartistic bullshit scrawled on her body was stupid and just makes her look trashier than she already is. This is what happens when you take skinwalking to an extreme, which in this case was Phiphibb back when they were hanging out frequently and getting garbage stick n pokes all over themselves.

No. 558302

File: 1533501673243.png (488.6 KB, 868x394, slurp.png)

Yikes, every single little thing has to be the same for you Dasha. just take a look at the pose with the drink, the hairstyle, the type of hat, and lipstick in this photo

Also Dasha you should know that there's a big difference between being inspired and copying someone

No. 558309

File: 1533503490070.jpeg (488.65 KB, 1242x2148, 557959F6-74F2-4257-882E-36E04F…)

Look at the source on where you got the photos. Its the photoshopes photos that the account “Fawnie’’ on PULL posted that were found out to be Dasha shopping Minas pics to look fatter

No. 558311

Same fag but yes I get what you mean, just wanted to clearify just in case for people who didnt realize

No. 558625

Valfre posted a pic of Mina! Dasha mustbe fuming!

No. 558822

File: 1533614872765.jpg (443.47 KB, 1632x1190, but-mina-indeed.jpg)

Let's celebrate.

No. 558831

File: 1533617535860.jpeg (90.01 KB, 749x1091, 67E6CD30-2A65-4CD6-B359-900F18…)

Poor guy. Wasting his life away with a crazy babushka must be draining

No. 558843

but thats what she looks like in vid, like, her body type is pretty straight. i dont think she was shooping her to be fatter, bc there were pictures posted of her by a lingerie company on their insta and her figure looked a lot like that, but i think dasha was making her look uglier or s/t.

No. 558847

>i dont think she was shooping her to be fatter
>but i think dasha was making her look uglier

So you can believe Dasha would purposefully photoshop Mina to be ugly… but not fat? Uh okay. If you actually read the threads you would know Dasha was guilty of both. Her previous minions exposed her for creating those ridiculous anorexic shoops of Mina, while also making the fatter edits too.

No. 558852

"babushka" is a very cutesy kind word, anon, use "babka" instead.

No. 558855

File: 1533628309999.png (1015.63 KB, 720x1129, IMG_20180807_105011.png)

No. 558876

File: 1533635410917.png (619.43 KB, 1422x744, Screenshot_20180807-174448~2.p…)

what lingerie company

also in any video Minas torso is very small, she's just naturally thin, it would take a lot of weight gain to notice anything lol

pic is a vid still

No. 558877

File: 1533635518826.png (676.06 KB, 1018x753, Screenshot_20180807-174315~2.p…)

No. 558892

File: 1533640703806.jpeg (21.8 KB, 368x324, D85FD0AC-3E39-407F-87E2-5E1F20…)


TFW you know you’ll always look like Shrek in comparison to your boyfriend’s ex

No. 558894

What exactly was going through his mind when he decided on cheat on Yasmina with Julia? Yasmina's so much better looking… he must have pretty low standards to stay with that.

No. 558902

He’s a serial cheater, and psycho Doucha appeals to his edgelord persona

No. 558918

I think Cyr digs Dashas crazy personality honestly, like maybe Mina wasn't insane enough for him

No. 558921

this picture is absolutely terrifying. why is her face so small? why does she look orange? i cant tell if this is shoooped or not.

No. 558927

Mina and his relationship was long-distance. I know its fun to hate on Dasha but she's a fairly attractive girl (pales in comparrission to Mina of course). She's also quite an intense person, which might have been appealing before the crazy started to show.

Also Cyr is a bit sleazy.

No. 558929

She was attractive when they got together but nowadays she doesn't even look healthy. People mention beauty because it's what Dasha herself values most

No. 558947

no input just gonna say appreciate the sound opinion anon

No. 558974

He seems like he hates himself deep down so a nice girl wouldn’t really do it for him

No. 559059

Lets be real. He dated Mina for what, two weeks? He has been with Putin for two years. I have no idea why some anons desperately try to claim that he wants the british gal back. It's a reach.

No. 559070

Yeah, like I doubt he is in love with Dasha but it's highly unlikely he even gives half a shit about Mina. He let's people treat her like crap and hasn't once stood up for Mina

No. 559090

File: 1533683370732.gif (6.3 MB, 468x640, SmartSelect_20180807-190844_In…)

Mina also posted this today. She is clearly naturally skinny

No. 559120

File: 1533691142824.png (703.97 KB, 720x828, 46188255203.png)

No. 559122

File: 1533691237401.png (665.41 KB, 720x740, 58700008148.png)

Julia… It's time to STOP.

No. 559126

skinny =\= curvy. she wasn't fat in that sitting down photo anyways, just small and straight-ish shaped in an ugly outfit. she looks exactly the same here >>558877 as sitting down here >>558309. I

No. 559129

Dasha looks like Taylor R's dog with that curly wig.
Like this whole Geena Davis/Mina thing is not working out for her. The dark curly hair makes her look like a yappy toy poodle especially with the top knot thing she's trying to pull off.

Girl, go back to your blonde style, you are one curl away from sitting in Cyr's handbag.

No. 559136

No she doesn't, egghead. Those pics are edited

No. 559140

>you are one curl away from sitting in Cyr's handbag

I kek’d. Seriously though, if I didn’t know any better I would think she was trolling everyone. I don’t know how she can be so lacking in self awareness that she thinks her edits look good. Mina skinwalking aside, she looks straight up terrible. When she was a blonde basic bitch she looked fine, she doesn’t have the face or the body to pull off quirky-cute styles, even with extreme shooping. Just embrace the basic-ness, Julia. Please.

No. 559143

Geez youre really dead set on this. On videos you can clearly see mina has very small ribs and shoulders so she has natural hour class figure. Dasha is almost twice Mina's size with her broad shoulders and boxed shape body. Thays why she edited those pics to make Mina look like her bc it kills her inside that Mina has a better body.

No. 559144

File: 1533697250006.png (362.15 KB, 822x521, killstar.PNG)

so killstar was editing her photos to look 'fatter' for dasha? ok, that makes no sense. she does have a small shoulders and a small ribcage, but that doesn't change what i'm saying.

No. 559145

File: 1533697414306.png (584.29 KB, 1360x530, vs.png)

not really sure why you guys are going to have an aneurysm to admit she isn't as curvy as she is in her pics. these sets from her are on killstar's insta rn. like, it's not a big deal. dasha edited her shit, but mina edits to look a lot smaller. she does still have a small body, no one is disputing that, but that pic sitting down looks literally 0 different from this unedited killstar pic

No. 559147

Editing her low end healthy body into proana shit. Nice one.

No. 559153

Didn't Mina admit to shopping when she lived with Dasha and for a little bit afterwards? I swear she has said something about it

No. 559154

You didn't mention killstar until this post lolllll go away

Also the "outtake" which is the pic I am referring to as being edited IS edited, by pull user, fawnie. If you actually watched the videos, you would know this

No. 559157

I think you don’t remember too well bud

No. 559158

File: 1533700388587.png (652.95 KB, 1303x577, killstar.PNG)

i said 'the lingerie company' earlier, retard. why is it such a big deal to just admit she shoops to look, honestly, ana? i wasn't even talking about that outtake, i was talking about that sitting down photo that you called fat (though it wasnt even), which looks similar to her unedited photos.

that's not even the worst one. obviously dasha is an agitator, but mina does edit and i don't see anything wrong with admitting it, and it doesn't mean anyone is defending dasha by just saying she edits. bc i do see a lot of comments on mina's stuff from young girls very upset about the fact that they don't have her shooped body that is very tiny and still very curvy, when even mina doesnt look like that. i'm just saying, she's small, but not as small and curvy as her photos suggest, and the sitting down photo is similar to her natural body type and is in no way 'fat'.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 559159

Does anyone who says Mina doesn’t have a nice plump ass (for her size) not watch minas videos? Jesus Christ you can see she’s curvy for a thin girl in those videos because she can’t photoshop them.

No. 559160

she has a large butt, that is true, but a large butt doesn't = curvy, necessarily. you can have a large butt and still be straight from the front. also, weird and gross phrasing on your part, anon.

No. 559161

Lol I’ve never seen girls getting upset that they don’t have Mina’s body in the comments. You’re weirdly insistent on saying Mina doesn’t have a nice body and somehow makes other girls insecure?

No. 559162

Literally meant nothing by it? I’m just a girl that thinks her body is nice. I’m just saying that she has a nice “fat” (used the word plump because other anons will get upset since it’s not “true”) butt. Stop being triggered

No. 559163

what are you talking about? you're the one who keeps calling a perfectly normal body 'fat' (sitting down photo). her body is nice, i've not said anything to suggest that it isn't.

No. 559164

? I think you got confused with another anon lol I’m just saying that I think it’s weird that you’re saying that these young teens are commenting on minas posts about being insecure and wanting her photoshopped body when I’ve never seen those.

No. 559165

These Mina pics are so old though lmao this thread is full of weirdos. Way too much nitpicking and not enough milk.

No. 559168

File: 1533701335310.jpg (1.35 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180808-000826_Ins…)

Here's a recent pic someone other than her or Edwin took. She looks just like the pictures she posts nowadays

No. 559170

Oh wow, I have this dress and it looks very different lol, the anon is right she isn't curvy but she did admit ages ago that she used to edit and very rarely does anymore. She has a nice skinny model body anyways :)

No. 559177

Smells like Dasha to me

No. 559179

File: 1533703396164.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.78 MB, 332x332, 8050FA1B-6270-43B5-B353-B38BD8…)

I was just lurking in plasticandproud/scorpioasshoes thread and I saw that anon posted this, saying that it was plasticandproud and itsbabydash. Sounding like a newfag but is this fake?

No. 559181

File: 1533703759204.png (1.13 MB, 750x1334, 6E3283D6-3DA4-4835-B9F4-438F83…)

Bitch is ganna steal Marie Antoinette’s weave straight from the grave next

No. 559182

Don’t think Dasha has a tattoo on her collarbone if that’s what i’m seeing. Does look like her though

No. 559185

That anon posted other sexual gifs and all of them were confirmed being plasticandproud. So there is a possibility that it is Dasha or another girl that looks her

No. 559187

not dasha, some girl P&P used to be friends with and now skinwalks.

No. 559190

I’m honestly surprised that no real nudes or videos have been leaked with Dasha in it by now

No. 559198

she looks like a tranny here

No. 559212

Not that gif is BabyTrash not dash. Her and plastic chic had a 4some with each other and their bfs I believe, anyway no not Dash it’s been confirmed by trash that it’s her

No. 559239

File: 1533720914882.jpeg (335.75 KB, 750x940, 75FC14AF-572F-433C-A552-F3FD92…)

She often looks like a tranny. I still cant’t believe she goes out in public looking like this lmfao how can she seriously think this is a good look?!
Neuphs has been public for days now, looks like someone is testing the waters before reopening the main account. It must kill her to only be active on a 29k ig while Mina has over 100k (real) followers and a lot more likes.

No. 559242

File: 1533721505094.jpg (24.49 KB, 505x431, 13847998.jpg)

>straight-ish shaped

No. 559251

someone is butthurt about Minas body

No. 559258


>says Mina looks ridiculous

>goes out in public looking like a 80s white-girl-wants-to-be-black hooker

No. 559261

I feel like she can pull off edgy stuff, but she's better off doing like the bleached eyebrow weird model look if she wants to go down that 'edgy' route. Not this semi pin up quirky cutesy style. She tries too hard to do Mina's style and it doesn't fit her whatsoever.
There are many unique styles that would suit her blonde hair and faceshape but she INSISTS on doing this curly hair/kawaii shit.

No. 559262

I think they both have nice bodies, just different. Mina seems to have more petite structure. Dasha, although thin, it seems her weight fluctuates hence the unflattering blue dress photo. She has larger breasts than Mina and much wider broader shoulders.
I'd say Mina is an ectomorph (usually naturally thin) and Dasha is probably a mesmomorph (naturally muscular)
Unfortunately for mesomorphs, they can appear stocky if they don't maintain their weight.
Like I said, I think they are both attractive bodies. It was horrible for Dasha to post that she has a better body though, it just shows how insecure she really is.

No. 559263

File: 1533727557956.jpg (118.39 KB, 650x591, feghgkejireki.jpg)

Julia please stop. The basic blonde hoe look is what suits you best.

No. 559266

I am fucking dying. This is amazing.
Please next thread image. Or someone shoop her into a handbag carried by Cyr.

No. 559268

If Mina edited, she would fix her eyebags that appear in almost every photo.. if she doesn't do that, why care about editing her body? you obviously just don't want it to be true that her body is real, too bad it is.

No. 559275

No, Cyr must be in the handbag.

No. 559276

File: 1533732969238.jpg (82.93 KB, 500x547, Mike and Julia go to the park.…)

>>559266 I tried. Sorry it's not a handbag but that was the easiest pic to use.

No. 559284

Anon I am dying. Before looking at it closer I legitimately thought it was Julia dressed up in some ridiculous vegan fur outfit.

No. 559286

This is so misinformed. There is no way Dasha is a mesomorph, that's considered the most proportionate and conventionally attractive body type. Her body would be considered endomorphic. Stop trying to sound smarter than you are, anon.

No. 559288

Last night on Edwin’s livestream, Lettie said that during one of their last convos, Dasha was telling her that she still loved and missed Mina. This conversation would have happened in June.

What a fucking psycho.

No. 559289

Oh anon this is beautiful

No. 559290

I'm not trying to sound smart, I just assumed she was a mesmomorph because of the wide shoulders and a few other things. To me, she looks like a mesmomorph, but due to her diet and lack of working out, she's gone a bit soft. I always thought bodies like PT or Mariah was more representative of an endomorph.

No need to be agressive anon, I wasn't claiming to be a doctor or even claiming to be right, I was just making an observation. Also, I wasn't any of those anons infighting about their bodies, that was literally my only post talking about their bodies.

No. 559293

Stop. Sucking. In. Your. Cheeks.

I always get the vibe she wears these horrible outfits downstairs at the coffee shop, gets a photo and then literally runs upstairs and changes. That outfit is embarrassing, she looks like an extra from an Austin Powers movie.

You do realise that various body types can change with diet and exercise right?
Like you can be an ectomorph and make yourself fat with overeating.
Sure it may be harder to gain weight than an endomorph or mesmo, but it's definitely possible.
And being a mesmomorph purely means you tend to be more stocky or muscular or naturally athletic. It isn't considered the most 'ideal' body type, if anything, most women would probably wanna be an ectomorph because they are skinny.

Whoah. That's insane. Putin needs to realise she's blown any chance of being Mina's friend. There's no coming back from sharing her personal documents and nudes.

No. 559294

Well, you're just wrong. You don' know what you're talking about. Endomorph doesn't mean fat lol. Those body types are theoretical and representive of the three main areas different body types gain weight. Mesomorph= medium height naturally muscular/lean. They dont "go soft" and suddenly look like another body type. Endomorph= shorter, naturally stocky, gains weight in stomach rather than spread evenly. Ectomorph= taller, leaner, harder to gain weight especially fat

No. 559296

File: 1533738847274.jpg (1.08 MB, 1920x2560, 18-08-08-10-32-36-275_deco.jpg)

Dasha is definitely endomorphic. She doesn't have a naturally hard bodied or lean build. She naturally gains soft fat in her stomach and arm areas. Also, she seems to naturally put on more fatty muscle than lean muscle.(no1curr)

No. 559297

And why are you responding so bitchily to everyone? You tell people not to try and 'act smart' but in the same breath screech that people need to google, and consistently correct everyone on every comment. Who cares what body types they are, most of their photos are shooped anyway.

Does anyone know if Edwin's livestream from last night was recorded anywhere?

No. 559299

That's exactly what I was thinking. The only unflattering thing about Mina are her eye bags who let her appear a bit ill-ish at times (she is still good-looking obviously, but if she would really care about shopping herself she would get rid of them first I think).

I also think that Dasha doesn't fit the quirky "cute" style Mina wears. While Mina has a really cute smile, Dasha's smile looks really unlikeable (she almost looks evil) and her face looks kinda the "serious, bitchy girl with a cold heart" type.

No. 559303

It's weird, intially before the whole drama happened, I thought Dasha was kind of cute, but now knowing how obsessive and nasty she is, I can't see her as pretty.
Like if none of this had happened, I'd probably even find some of her wack attempts at fashion forgivable, but all I see now is an empty insecure girl who likes to shit on people. All her small faults seem magnified.
It's the same illusion that was shattered after I found out the truth about Kiki. I used to think she was ethereal as fuck and kind of cool, then after seeing the way she talks to people, and shit she's done, I'm like ugh. The only person I think that is still kind of pretty but reeks of bitch, is Kenna.

No. 559310

Stop derailing about Mina's body, keep discussion focused on the thread subject.

No. 559316

So Lettie is still friends with julia just to leak information? What's going on there?

No. 559322

She said it in chat so I didn’t get any screenshots, but Edwin and Mina read it out loud and seemed a little freaked out.

No. 559330

LMAO pls next thread banner.

No. 559379

oh my gooood just because she edited her shape in one damn photo doesn't mean she shooped her videos in which she has a tiny waist and a round ass. you can literally watch her videos and see.
Also this is a matter of posing. you have to push your ass out a bit, the way mina does in her pose - it looks good imo.
her waist in this edited pic CAN'T look as skinny as it is in RL because she's photographed rather frontal.
I modeled but had my body shaped altered in photos because my posing was off. same for models I did editing for. get over it. goddang, case closed(don't ignore farmhand posts)

No. 559442

File: 1533773597837.jpg (1.15 MB, 1200x1600, pt2018_08_08_18_54_27.jpg)

She's trying to look like she never did the curly hair thing on purpose, she was first than Mina guys!!
Maybe she already had the wig but she's definitely wearing it now because of Mina. She looks ridiculous trying to defend herself.

No. 559447

File: 1533774163307.png (11.29 KB, 203x77, Unbenannt.png)

Lol @ Dasha for thinking her eyebrows look good now

No. 559450

File: 1533774928448.jpeg (563.3 KB, 1920x2542, D540CFEE-4E2B-4027-836A-6EE332…)

>I look like such a baby

Nah fam u look 35.

No. 559457

Whattttt? Her eyebrows were way nicer then. They were a simple shape and the straighter style looked softer. Now she has these weird curved dog turd brows which are way too heavy for her face. I can't believe she thinks her current situation is an improvement! She's as delusional as her stans that commented on her Geena Davis pic saying she looks just like her.
Dasha…old brows…blonde hair…go back to it. You look like a poodle.

No. 559549

Sorry if this is pointless and derailing but it's insane to me how delusional Dasha is to believe she loves Mina. She has such a skewed perception of love, convincing Cyr that love means saying awful and fucked up things to each other, likely telling him it means she cares. And harassing Mina simply for the fact that she just really likes the way Mina looks. All of this nonsense can easily be fixed if she would just be chill and live her own life for herself and begin to understand what her actions do to the people she claims to care about.

No. 559550

Before I saw the dog's body, I legit thought this was some kind of brown fur coat she was wearing.

No. 559570

you can actually change the date of photos pretty easily

it's weird she would repost it with the date

No. 559571

also her headband and make up look different between the photos and the recent clip

No. 559573

Took me a moment to realize that's a dog and not another one of her fucking ugly outfits.

No. 559576

I think it's from her sucking her cheeks in and trying to smile at the same time. in the video, before the creepy smile, she moves her lips for like a second, realized it would cause her cheeks to puff back out, and did that instead.

it's so obvious she's sucking her cheeks and clamping her molars on them to give the illusion of some definition on her face lol what a loser

No. 559583

No. I'm not sure how to explain it or find picture examples, but she's making her face into a forced fake smile that causes that. try to smile using only the corner of your lips and not your cheeks

No. 559594

yes but your lip will still move. hers does not.

No. 559631

That’s Babytrash not Dasha. A.k.a Kaycee

No. 559632

Seems like after it was suggested here so many times, Dasha finally did it - her latest photo on neuphs is of her with blonde hair, presumably on her 23rd b-day, lol. Maybe now she will stop skinwalking…

No. 559643

I’m aware, multiple people already stated this

No. 559644

Didn’t netnobody say he wasn’t going to “support” Cyr anymore if he didn’t make a video? Wonder how’s that going lol

No. 559685

Yep that’s what he said

No. 559700

>>559632 Thank god!!! Hopefully she gets rid of the brows next.
That bday pic is kinda sad though, she's fake smiling in a coffee shop with her alcoholic doormat, as usual. No family, no lifelong friends or anyone who truly loves her. I'm convinced that if anyone around her truly cared they'd try to get her actual help so she could turn over a new leaf and be happier with herself.

No. 559768

She brought it on herself

No. 559770

sydisnotonfire commented on my repost of that insta story video vs minas, triggered that Dasha had apparently posted it a while ago. I said okay? She should have said that in her post.

Now suddenly it's reposted with tge date kek

No. 559772

newfags always fucking reply to the thread OP

No. 559773

The fact that Edwin and Mina revealed all the did anyways was go get coffee then drink wine and play video games yet this is what Dasha chooses to do for her birthday. Such a lively gal

No. 559777

File: 1533890213414.jpg (1.1 MB, 1079x1701, Screenshot_20180810-103433_Ope…)

Why is she holding an entire flowerpot?
Looks like she just grabbed something so it looks like she has people around her who care about her.

No. 559781

What is it with cows and holding potted plants?

First we got Luna, then Momokun…now this.

No. 559783

She posted the same photo on her story on itsbabydash account,so shes back posting on her main?

No. 559785

she has some mouth wrinkles going on for 23 years, poor girl

No. 559786

Are you serious…. I refuse to believe she is 23. I honest to god thought dasha was pushing 30 wtf

No. 559788

the photo is from her birthday, yesterday. yup, 23 years..

No. 559791

File: 1533904873366.png (1.07 MB, 926x700, Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 5.39…)

In honour of Dasha's birthday, here are the only two bitches dumb enough to support her publicly. One has around 800 followers, the other has 1500.

No. 559795

File: 1533907791971.jpeg (109.42 KB, 750x750, D9E81C9B-EE0D-4FE6-AAFC-A2778D…)

Lmao. ˋSee guys, V loves me!!!!! He got me a (cheap) flowerpot! Stop assuming shit!1!1!´ Meanwhile he hasn’t defended her once since she revived the drama or posted a cheesy bday post as he used to. That’s probably why she's so triggered when Edwin defends Mina spontaneously while she has to beg/manipulate to get someone to stand up for her lol

Happy 30th birthday honey

No. 559796

He looks like he's giving serious thought to knocking her over the head and then making a run for it.

No. 559800

Do you guys think she really is evil? Probably I'm hella biased and projecting cause I used to skinwalk a hell of a lot but I can't help feeling bad for her…she seems so far gone

No. 559801

>>559800 The short answer is YES. The skinwalking is really the least important thing she's done where have you been anon? lol

No. 559802

Yeah i do think she's evil… but i also feel bad for her. She's miserable.

No. 559803

Yes! She posted someones nudes and passport info to harm someone! Im honestly tired of these questions.

No. 559804

I feel like it all fits into the narrative of " I want you…but if I can't have you,you've fucked me over,and now I'll destroy you…but I still love you,so I'll wear your skin while I'm at it" Don't get me wrong,she's done so many fucked up things it's hard to keep count,but it's cause she is soooooo fucked up. Not that it helps her case at all.

No. 559831

Wtf there’s no doubt she’s evil. She’s been doing this for about 3 years now and people from her past have reported that she’s a cunt

No. 559845

in all honesty, yes she is. But her being evil is just a major side effect of being dangerously mentally ill and disordered. Is her fucked up mind truly her fault? I don't think so, but nonetheless, in no way EVER can her actions be excused and she always will need to face the consequences for her harm on other innocent people.

No. 559848

I personally believe each one of them has serious mental problems.

No. 559929

Agreed, she could literally get help for this and instead she chooses to pretend she’s getting help only for her depression and continues skinwalking mina.

No. 560086

Cyr is an edgy depressed guy with middle-aged crisis vibes. Based on Mina's kink and some personal posts, she has daddy issues. Dasha is some narcissistic psycho who prob got some weird trauma that caused her to not be able to get along with people well. But what about Edwin?

No. 560087

He stuck his dick in crazy

No. 560090

Edwin is just immature and has "adhd"

No. 560123

File: 1533993664722.jpg (108.87 KB, 1080x582, 20180811_091748.jpg)

Cyr sent me this and blocked me. I replied to his story a few days ago (message is unavailable or else I'd post) but he messaged me back literally this morning like wtf lol and I really doubt he's making 3x more and still can't wash his hair or move out. Also why would a successful person respond to amessage from an irrelevant account with 30 followers? Of course I understand he is entitled to respond. I think it's funny that such a successful, happy and healthy person would need to prove himself to some stranger online.

No. 560124

Also, sorry for lack of commas lol

No. 560125

What did you say to him?

No. 560127

I don't remember, it was days ago lol I just think I commented that he looks miserable or unhappy or is a youtube has been

No. 560129

Also he has me blocked. I do remember that I was kinda roasting him but I figured he got plenty of messages/comments like that in general. I only sent one message though so I find it odd he had to reply.

No. 560130

youtubers don’t make a ton of money anyway so what he’s saying is that he’s making average wage I suppose

No. 560134

Hahahah what a bitch boy. Keep lying to yourself cyr, everyone knows you’re fucking miserable with a bitch who doesn’t have her own personality and fucks old guys. Keep sperging cyr

No. 560142

Yeah, keep lying to yourself Cyr, no successful person obsessively checks their hate comments and replies to them lol

No. 560144

Lmaoo no successful person drinks themselves into depression and is in a relationship with a psycho skinwalking cunt that fucks old men for money

No. 560146

I find it really hard to believe he’s even making average wage. He’s living in a shabby 2 bedroom la apartment with multiple people because he can’t afford a place for himself and his girlfriend who cant even get a job bc she’s an illegal. He’s a washed up youtuber, his efame is gone and he’s still trying to chase it through twitch or whatever. It’s not working and he has no real career path at this point.

No. 560149

Itsbabydash is no longer private.

No. 560178

going through her pics and zooming into her waist seeing all the failed photoshop lmao

No. 560234

3x0 is still 0

No. 560263

He lives in LA, he probably has some weird job like napkin video editor that magically makes him enough money. He looks like someone whose parents built him credit and still pay his car off

No. 560370

For some weird reason I thought he was an animator.

No. 560399

I don’t get how cyr has any fans left he hardly posts and when he does it’s some edgelord cringefest

No. 560400

I was wondering the same thing. I think cry is only popular because of his looks. His content is cringe.(Namefag)

No. 560403

Yeah, at this point people only follow him on ig for his looks. He vaguely resembles Johnny depp which is also why I think he acts so tryhard edgy. Johnny Depp has been in a lot of movies that are considered deep or edgy. Some of them are also very artistic. Hell, in one movie Johnny even plays a psychotic, isolated writer.

No. 560407

anyone see dashas instastory yesterday? Cyr looked emaciated….

No. 560418

Dasha’s instagram(s) are private again?

No. 560425

Finally caught up with both this and the Onion drama. Kind of ironic how Cyr's life has turned out

No. 560529

Johnny Depp has also been in a lot of shit films too and has aged like vinegar, also with his wife beating allegations I don't know why he likes the comparison and tries to act like him kek

Also, am I the only one who doesn't see the Depp comparison? I think he looks more like the result of if Titanic Sinclair and a cracked out younger, rattier, skinnier Keanu Reeves had a child together.
I don't know maybe I'd have to see him with black hair to see it.

No. 560600

File: 1534152294296.jpeg (214.34 KB, 709x925, 380DE8CB-4125-48EE-87F5-41D349…)

No. 560601

>>560600 Oh no. The eyebrows look tragic.

No. 560609

Who the hell even is that? Is it really Dasha?

No. 560610

It is SO boring how unoriginal these cows are omg!!! Think for your damn self!!!

No. 560614

I like this except for the blush. I know it's a part of the look but she looks like she has allergies. Also woah so shooped.

No. 560637

The lipstick looks edited on with a makeover app

No. 560638

Yeah, I definitely agree. I think he very vaguely resembles young Johnny and that's why girls like him. I personally don't see it either because the only similarities are the hair and massive jawline to match their egos.

However Cyr seems to be only somewhat popular on Ig due to his looks. Then the occasional twitch stream keeps him going I guess lol

Also yeah, ot depp seems like a total weirdo along with the abuse allegations, no idea why anyone would aspire to be like him or enjoy the comparison.

No. 560642

It looks like she's using meitu's eyebrow fill in option as well as its all features (small nose, big lips, jaw). It always makes your eyebrows look fake as fuck.

No. 560644

She looks more like Mina than Emilia Clark here. It is the way she is shooped to have Mina's face structure and lips.

No. 560651

ever since the Plugged shoot someone said she looks like a pinhead and I can't unsee it

No. 560670

File: 1534185028765.jpg (919.83 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180813-142039_Sam…)

He only looks like depp with editing and angles lol from his old myspace

No. 560766

>>560670 I just don't see it.

No. 560768

Maybr if Johnny Depp was a guy with a big, wide nose and fucked up skin. But just in general… nothing like Depp and nowhere near as attractive, even though currently Depp is old.

No. 560774

He sounds like onision lmao. Speaking of himself in third person. I think they should be friends again

No. 560797

I think cyr looks more like a swollen faced Paul dano than Johnny depp

No. 560846


Did he get a nose job? His nose looks a lot wider in these old photos.

No. 560857

This. He's very similar to Paul Dano minus the ultra thin lips. Dano is not an attractive man but a brilliant actor so his features make him seem quirky looking. Cyr is a wannabe depp with Dano plus rattish features. Everyone keeps saying that cyr has cheekbones like depp but it's only because he's skinny and dehydrated from alcohol. If he put on weight he wouldn't look so cheekboney.

No. 560933

He was very young in the pics, I think it's just ageing. The face changes quite a bit in your twenties.

No. 560958

He still has a huge cabbage nose. He looks like such a scene kid. Even to this day. Now he is an old drunkard scene kid.

No. 560975

Her instagram is now private lmao.

No. 560985

wonder how well rebranding as neuphs is going

No. 560986

KEK i bet Dasha tells him everything we say about them

No. 561016

File: 1534271034142.jpg (1.5 MB, 1920x2560, 18-08-14-14-23-46-775_deco.jpg)

Old Cyr modeling cringe

No. 561020

also Dasha constantly edits his nose in her pics

No. 561274

Seems like they’re perfect for each other

No. 561408

Barbizon strikes again
>your son can be a model we just need a check or credit card

No. 561839

File: 1534302770602.jpeg (815.77 KB, 1920x2560, 93F77CFB-BBB0-4BC5-AEBB-ADEA3A…)

>I’m not afraid to be lonely at the top

No. 561864

I don't mind these pictures, with the thinner lips she looked unique almost like a young Kirsten Dunst. Like she doesn't look runway model by any means, but cute.

Now she has those bad fillers and facetunes everything and has major grinch face when he smiles or gets caught at a bad angle.
Also, all the shitty makeup and kawaii wannabe art hoe aesthetics look terrible.
She should have just kept her natural lips, grown out her blonde hair long, lost some weight and she could have had like a glossier/american apparel aesthetic. Maybe even with some bleached brows. She could have looked good, but noooo she has to be a Mina/simply kenna/emilia clarke ripoff.

I feel like even if she wanted to be cutesy there is other girls she could have drawn inspiration from, all these curly haired, dark eyed brunettes are not doing her look any favours. Like she'd have a better time ripping off someone like Poppy or another blondie icon.

And Geena Davis? It doesn't matter how many dead poodles you shove on your head, or sucking your cheeks in to get her faceshape, she's a terrible muse for you.
She's better off trying to do a Emily Browning look or someone with a similar faceshape/colouring.

or maybe….she coukd be original for one goddamn second and think of her own looks to do, instead of skinwalking everyone else.

No. 561866

She looks like Nicole Dollanganger in these pics to me, all she needs is that hideous wig Nicole wears.

No. 561937

The long friendship between him and Greg makes total sense.

No. 561948

Woah I didn’t realize she had so much done

No. 562040


She looks mid twenties in the lower left

No. 562494

I wonder if cyrs friends have seen how psychotic Dasha is now and are scared of her lol or if she’s still putting up the ~sMoL InnOcEnt GUrL~

No. 562810

Holy shit! Well, at least she looks more natural. She’s will wake up one day and only wish she never altered her whole face into a freak show.

No. 563148

I remember she had a group chat with irl friends (from an Edwin's video) and she is playing the victim card

No. 565003

File: 1534624331198.jpg (24.25 KB, 320x320, LMFAA_trasha.jpg)

she doesn't even look like herself in her current IG profile picture lmaoo who the fuck is this. shopped but still the same trashy person. she tries hard. bet she's hoping for the everything to calm down and return but we saw kiki - this shit won't ever die down lmao

No. 565009

That literally looks NOTHING like her kek

No. 565014

She altered literally every part of herself in this picture omg

No. 565029

does anyone remember hearing her speak german? she looks and sounds gross af in this like a nazi would

No. 565102

She looks and sounds cold-hearted to me for some reason.

No. 565105


jeeze… i will never judge myself without makeup again after watching that.

No. 565114

Hahaha I thought the same thing anon

No. 565274

But she's totally Russian guys!

No. 565381

german anon here. I thought you were exaggerating but even to me she sounds like an evil nazi woman lol. Her voice is very dominant and cold.

No. 565401

File: 1534679927315.jpeg (112.51 KB, 750x718, A34EF2B2-B147-4C67-85AC-C3E967…)

Oh ja, sehr schönes Mädchen

No. 565405

ouch you can see her injection lumps in the top lip. That's the type of lip job that lands on some plastic surgery insta page as an example of a cheap botched work.

No. 565406

I don't think she's ugly without makeup, but she looks like she needs a good sleep, an iron transfusion or vitamins and she NEEDS to fuck off those bad lip fillers. What is it with normal or pretty looking girls ruining their faces with the baboon lips? It looks so bad on her.

No. 565412

Her teeth are pretty large and gross. They remind me of a monster inc character.

No. 565422

she probably feels flattered by someone saying she sounds dominant but honestly she just tries to sound edgy here lmao

No. 565633

File: 1534714184338.jpeg (101.14 KB, 632x837, 496A4F9D-4CD1-4702-AF56-5774D5…)

I have a feeling she regrets posting this kind of pic pre Mina but I think she should go back to being body posi, her shoops are atrocious. She’s no supermodel (and she should really give up on that dream, she doesn’t have what it takes) but she’s not the ugliest troll either, she’s just… A super average 20 something austrian woman. She could look ok if she stopped skinwalking, shooping so much and got rid of the horrible sausage lips.

No. 565675

File: 1534723808325.jpeg (158.89 KB, 750x1086, 6B66EC8F-A5A3-46F7-B30D-0BB3EF…)

The milk is back, Dasha is more retarded than I thought

No. 565678

that gut tho

No. 565680

classic wine gut (i know from experience haha) you can see it in her upper arms/jowls too. the double chin could be bulimia bloat too.

No. 565683

File: 1534725252818.jpg (25.2 KB, 267x450, DCvdqZFUwAA3Ct7.jpg)

No. 565685

that last bit about the photographer, wow … tbh her level of obsession and envy is so high that she must be miserable 24/7.

No. 565688

How can doucha sue? I thought she was illegally here. Do they even have enough to sue him?

No. 565696

I wouldn't be surprised if they got married

No. 565702

She looks pretty and confident..

No. 565708

She can't. She can get a lawyer and TRY, but she won't get shit. Edwin has too much proof against those dumbasses, if anything it can backfire. Also if she sues her immigration status will come up to light and she wilL DEFINITELY get kicked out because even if the case was that she had a student visa(which i 100% doubt), she has been working and earning money as a model and thats a big NONO if you have a student visa.

tl:dr they cant sue but Edwin sure can. Homie, hurry the fuck up and get this cunt kicked out of the US already

No. 565720


No. 565722

Same anon, but would even cyr have enough to sue Edwin? Like how is making posts exposing doucha illegal?
Agreed. Can’t wait to see her ass get kicked out of here. She’s seriously retarded if she thinks she can sue edwin being illegal. If she did get married to cyr, than that’s another story

No. 565741

Cyr's income has been a mystery for years. Peanuts on YouTube, 12 hours a week at a coffee shop for a brief duration and a $2.5K+ monthly DTLA apartment.
My guess is a trust fund, but I think the legal threats are just Julia mouthing off as usual as Cyr nods off in a corner.

No. 565761

this girl will not age well holy heck

No. 565814

Holy crap Dasha is stupid. Just saw on Edwin's vid that she sent a message to a photographer that worked with Mina when she was 16 lmao you crazy cow, I thought the milk had dried up, bless u

No. 565817

Neuphs latest instagram story shows Cyr filming Guy Fieri eating food on YouTube and telling him to cram it in his mouth and calling him a sick fuck

such an edgelord, something is seriously wrong with these two

No. 565824

File: 1534748988488.jpg (2.13 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20180820_150810882.j…)

No. 565826

If dasha could accept what she actually looks like and worked with it she'd be fairly pretty but that ugly personality is likely forever

No. 565831


Idk why but she kinda looks like Clairo here, maybe that's her new aesthetic lol

No. 565844

That part actually scared me lol. There's no other reason she would approach a London based photographer with very few followers. She is a legit stalker.

No. 565850

wow sorry anon but thats racist. Does anybody who speaks german sound like a nazi for you?

She just sounds extremely arrogant in this video. Especially at the end when she sais "do you really think you speak better german than I do?"

No. 565851

File: 1534765804842.png (641.83 KB, 1332x1110, fmBM.png)

No. 565853

you can't be racist to germans
also I'm from germany so keep whining

No. 565858


Oh riiiight, like you cant be racist when youre black.
Thats some Onision logic here, bravo.

idk this isnt her look either. at least it isnt shooped to the extreme, but she looks weird here anyways…

No. 565861

What does she say in the video?

No. 565866

yeah it's not like there is a huge problem in Germany where ethnic Germans are being bullied by immigrants in school over there… LOL

No. 565953


she's explaining a running gag between her and cyr.

cyr posted "does vincent cyr is gay" (I think that's a joke made by the game grumps originally, 'does bruno mars is gay?!') and she posted the direct german translation of that - which is grammatically incorrect in german. "hat vincent cyr ist schwul" or something like that when it actually should be "ist vincent cyr schwul?".
apperently a german girl responded and said something along the lines of "your german is bad",
dasha's great comeback to that being a short video of her explaining the joke in german and ending it on "do you really think your german is better then mine?"

No. 565987

She’s really hellbent on appearing like a great fluent German lol creepy

No. 566007

actually 'hat vincent cyr ist schwul' would be perfectly translated from 'does vincent cyr ist gay', 'ist vincent cyr ist schwul' would not even work as the joke. and she said at the end 'so you actually can speak better german than me'

No. 566017


what on fucking earth is that "look"? She looks messy and trashy

No. 566206


she said "kannst du tatsaechlich besser deutsch sprechen als ich?"
which translates to "can you actually speak better german than me?"

also the literal translation of 'does' is 'tut' or 'macht') which would have been a better translation of her joke tbh
'tut/macht vincent cyr ist schwul?"

No. 566210

He also seems to get sponsors on his instagram from those watch companies and stuff so that's probably a couple hundred/maybe a couple grand per contract.

No. 566211

Don't forget Twitch but it can't be that much either. All he ever does is play GTA V, you can't grow a following by being repetitive.

No. 566255

Come on guys. It’s her native language isn’t it? Of all the other shit why is it like we’re saying she can’t speak good German

No. 566266

Her German might sound different because she is from Austria rather than actual Germany..

No. 566267

German girl here, her german is not perfect. She has an austrian accent but tries to speak 'Hochdeutsch' (Standard-German). And yes, she does sound mean and dominant.

No. 566296

That’s like saying someone’s American English isn’t perfect because they have a southern accent. I get we all hate her but saying she can’t speak in her own language right? Like wtf

No. 566298

What I'm saying is that she spoke more austrian than german in the video.
Austrian is her language not german, they are a little different.

No. 566307

Yes, sorry, that's what I meant! It is a little different though, not only the pronounciation, some words are different as well.

No. 566313

Dude, the official language of Austria IS German. Just because we have a different accent it does not mean that it's not German. It's like claiming that Americans do not speak English, because only the British English counts.

No. 566367

It also sounds really off for me as an Austrian person, as if she was trying hard to sound like she is from Germany. Not the usual Hochdeutsch Austrian people sometimes use, but actually faking a german accent. Can’t put my finger on it, but definitely sounds weird.

No. 566375

That would make the most sense due to the fact she used to pretend to be a native German. It would also make sense that she is attempting a german accent because it sounds so confusing to Germans and Austrians alike. Her dialect is Austrian German but her accent sounds like she's straining herself.

Also the tone reminds me of the videos from that Anonymous Person's channel where the voice over is suspected to be dasha herself.

No. 566450

Sorry but as a german person (I come from Berlin) I don't think she sounds weird at all. Just southern. Which is like a huge portion of the country anyways. There are some accents and dialects that sound much more extreme/different from standard german than the german people in Austria speak. I know she's a bitch but that's just nitpicking now

No. 566463

There is just no milk here

No. 566547

Seconded. This thread sucks atm and I don't even wanna keep up with it anymore.
Just because there's no milk atm this thread became the meeting point for german anons discussing how Julia speaks german? Ladies come on.

No. 566556

File: 1534937289330.jpg (35.25 KB, 546x586, 10609a64f1d0b2c71bf923e89d137e…)

Sage for no new milk, but have you seen this picture? Almost unrecognizable. I'd actually say she looks beautiful here

No. 566560

I know what Dasha has done is wrong, I just don't think she deserves being called ugly. The girl is prettier than most people in my opinion. I feel so bad for her probably sitting at home all day crying and feeling ugly. She could actually make up for this, she should start of by apologizing to Mina and Edwin.

No. 566572

She was really pretty before all this. Back when she didn't shoop, have lip filler or bleach her hair white blonde. She looks pretty with this darker blonde hair and much nicer brows. Also her lips are very nice without filler here.

No. 566576

> prettier than most people


she's vindictive as fuck and if you think she's sitting around bawling all day instead of trying to think up ways to ruin edwin and mina's reputations further, you're dopey. if she can dole out nasty comments about people's looks, she should be prepared to receive some, too.

also in >>566556 her lips are edited and blurred bigger, they were originally smaller than this. her nose is edited, too. if you can't see how bad of an edit it is idk what to say. she's made up of editing and has always done it.

No. 566616

Agreed. Seems like people keep forgetting that Dasha edits her photo to death. They seem to forget about her live-streaming without makeup or that photo of her without makeup. She could have been pretty if she wasn’t so obsessed with skinwalking and fucking her face up with surgery.

No. 566635

First of all, is ugly really the worst thing someone could be? No lol. Secondly, this is a gossip site, don't come here if you dislike when girls get called ugly. Doesn't make sense. Lastly, idk what Dasha has done to even hint at her apologizing and making this situation right. I mean Edwin just uploaded new evidence proving she still refuses to own up to her behavior and projects it onto him and Mina. Lol what makes you think she is capable of change when she has had numerous opportunities to do so?

No. 566692


this is why i believe she lies about her age. There is no way she can be that young (22) and already look SO FUCKING ugly.

No. 566703

File: 1534972426617.jpeg (281.16 KB, 1200x1684, E1653A58-3C23-4DCC-A14F-E55CCB…)

Oh no poor little Dasha!!!
>prettier than most people
Oh god. Well beauty is in the eye of the beholder I guess. Always found her average personally but her personality is making her uglier and uglier. She’s more successful at skinwalking Shreg than Mina at this point, he too went from average to ogre.

The texts she sends to her minions are so manipulative it makes me want to vomit.

No. 566739

excuse me, that person in that picture looks even remotely ugly to you?! you people are so fucked up, i don't wanna see your ugly faces typing this kind of shit. it's beyond annoying, when there is NO WAY IN HELL a cow could POSSIBLY just be pretty, it's so silly but you all are just really sad i guess and must hate yourself a lot

No. 566746


I don't want to speak for that anon, but I interpreted it as she looks young in that photo, but how she looks like NOW is.. not so great. (but why do even care this much lol) Without her edits, she definitely looks more aged and way older than 22. See:

No. 566750

I think she’s ugly inside and out. If she actually was a good person she wouldn’t be so hideous. Go back to tumblr you sound triggered

No. 566760

lol no milk always leads to infighting over the most retarded shit.
she is nowhere close to what the majority of people would perceive as classically beautiful. but I think the main reason people call her ugly is because she shoops herself into a flawless little pixie princess and then when you see candid snaps, she is almost unrecognisable. Her demented facetuning makes her seem hideous in unedited images.

No. 566774

damn, you mad. if you're new or semi-new to gossip boards, remember the words "you rage, you lose".

No. 566786

File: 1534988614016.png (919.93 KB, 697x1287, ss.png)

What a bargain guys, get in on it quick, for just 20 bux you too can get a shout out from a psychotic bitch!

Wonder what she needs the money for

No. 566791


her unshooped face looks so much puffier than what she shows

No. 566812

Did she shout out anyone lol? Im guessing that big project didnt pay.

No. 566923

Like 6 people

No. 567009

File: 1535026514656.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 62.82 KB, 750x1334, WhatsApp Image 2018-08-23 at 1…)

she's back to posting herself bathing on snapchat, her dog made a quick appearance, too.

No. 567010

File: 1535026579789.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 63.88 KB, 750x1334, WhatsApp Image 2018-08-23 at 1…)

No. 567015

File: 1535029380348.jpeg (369.89 KB, 1198x1692, 50855C34-0F0A-4EB0-A4DC-15A2C7…)

Yes we have already seen that picture when an anon, that was totally not Trasha or a Trasha stan, posted these 2 old pics (both edited by Trasha) to prove that she’s prettier. Casual pic of an awkward phase edited uglier by someone who hates you vs carefully taken, chosen and edited selfie, seems fair. So insecure! Kek
Cows can be pretty. Kenna is pretty imo and unlike Trash she looks the same in her pics and youtube videos.

>>567010 KEK no thanks!!

No. 567017

>and unlike Trash she looks the same in her pics and youtube videos.
OT but let's not get carried away lol she's as guilty as anyone with overdone shooping and horrible makeup choices.

No. 567023

I know this isnt a kenna thread but my dude come on girl shoppes herself to have a dorito chin and she cant take a normal selfie that isnt from snow..and unlike dasha lies about it

No. 567029

File: 1535032689987.jpg (61.66 KB, 563x649, 0.jpg)

honestly, mina is also not as stunningly, naturally beautiful as all of you constantly claim(ban evasion)

No. 567031

File: 1535032746127.png (185.83 KB, 478x264, ontd.png)

No. 567047

The thing with mina is that she can take weird photos but is goregeos in a video format and has a killer body,opposite of dasha who looks great on photos but is fat in real life and looks ugly in motion

No. 567049

? lol what? she has bags (who doesn't), but her bone structure is banging and her mouth shape, nose and eye shape are all objectively naturally good looking

but there's not many people here atm praising Mina like crazy so you sound a little mad?

No. 567071

>mina is not stunningly naturally beautiful
>posts photos of her looking pretty

I'd love to have her naturally clear even skin. She still looks pretty in candids. Dasha never does.

No. 567077

Honestly; Dasha IS stunning, she reminds me of Emilia Clarke. And yes; I agree; a ugly personality can ruin even the prettiest face. But I would like to see any of you on here looking better than her. I’d be surprised to!

No. 567079

is dasha back at it again posting in the threads? why are there so many white knights in here?
every single cow on this site has been called ugly, yet dasha's thread is the only one to be clogged by whiteknights constantly. its all very thinking emoji

No. 567081


It feels like history is repeating itself lmao Even if it's not Dasha posting, this is just embarrassing.

No. 567086

please don't insult emilia clarke like that, jfc. you're embarrassing yourself.

everybody has an opinion, though i'm not sure why yours is here and not in her comments kek. she looks like an evil stepmother with overstuffed duckbill lips and deep ass wrinkles for only just being 22-23. without the intense shooping or heavy snapchat filters, she ain't shit.

No. 567095

Then post a picture of yourself so we can see if you’re any prettier.(ban evasion)

No. 567096

And everyone is entitled their own opinion kek

No. 567097

Friendly reminder: Don't respond to bait or whiteknights, simply report the posts instead. Thank you.

No. 567100

Are u blind nigga have you seen her in videos?

No. 567103

im sorry, yes, and she's not ugly. sorry for having another opinion than you(ban evasion)

No. 567159

probably. it's not just white-knighting, it's spergchan-level rage. who gets their pulse racing this much over a cow being called ugly?

At the end of the day, you lose anyway. It's Dasha who worships Mina's look and has no shame in showing she wishes she looked like her. Saying Dasha is prettier than Mina means nothing because Dasha doesn't agree lmao

No. 567160

Damn anon 100%. Everything you said is so true

No. 567207

this is gold

No. 567224

File: 1535078049458.png (2.39 MB, 1440x1393, Screenshot_20180824-103204~2.p…)

literally looks like a terrifying mannequin

No. 567307

I guess she wanted to look ~sexy~ but that droopy lip makes her look special needs and like she's drooling

No. 567318

File: 1535109733707.jpeg (99.27 KB, 745x658, B9775D86-5D42-4D36-82C6-5839CF…)

No. 567323

Bahahahaha how can anyone think she is pretty??

No. 567329

It's insane how different she looks to her insta pictures like I'm always SHOCKED

No. 567340

OT but… ummmmm. Does Cyr look like Corey Feldman? Is this just me?

No. 567350

Lmfao he does. There was a meme made a few threads ago, I wish i had time to find it and bring it back cause it was beautiful.

No. 567371

i wonder if since the dasha ban, she's stuck her minions in threads to whiteknight for her since she cant post?

No. 567392

OMG YES. Way more than johnny depp

No. 567393

One of her fans in a message told me "I don't believe Dasha has posted since she was outed" when I asked how she felt about Dasha and her friends commenting on the threads pretending to be other people

No. 567394

Think about the wording of what they said. I believe DASHA hasn't posted SINCE she was outed. These people are wilfully ignorant to the reality of who Dasha is inside

No. 567395

File: 1535139074276.png (984.12 KB, 1000x729, corey-feldman.png)

Dear god, you are right. I never really saw it when people compared him to Johnny Depp but I definitely see a resemblance between him and Corey Feldman.

No. 567412

Can she still see the threads but not post I'm wondering? I was curious if she would take the bait after comments saying Mina is prettier and somebody sure did.
I don't know what anybody would expect after posting something about but miiinaaaa
It is literally the OP image haha

No. 567539

Did she say anything about the BTS comeback? Since she's such a big faaan

No. 568112

lol "terrifying mannequin" is the type of shit she would like to hear. her face is shopped beyond an forth, this doesn't look like her. just her fat hand is hers lmao

No. 568268

her itsbabydash insta was doing shout outs for people and now it’s just gone all quiet

wonder if it’s not working out like she planned

No. 568571

File: 1535506002198.gif (9.16 MB, 550x640, SmartSelect_20180828-150929_In…)


No. 568627

She should change her style. This soft delicate uwu girl look doesn’t work with her mannish sour personality. She looked much better when she was bleach blonde and wore skimpy dresses and looked like a coke whore. It suit her better.

No. 568634

She’s posting a lot on snap chat and they all look so shopped it’s embarrassing. She’s blonde though, which looks a lot better on her than skinwalking Mina.

No. 568744

She posts there so no one can ss it lol

Little does she know, we all assume she still shops and don't care to screenshot every overly edited selfie

No. 568755

Not defending this crazy skank but blonde looks a billion times better. Even the bangs aren't bad.
I'm sure she'll be back to Mina skin walking in a few days though.

No. 568807

i don't get what you guys are saying about the blonde. she just looks like a slavic mail order bride to me.

No. 568818

Noone is saying she looks amazing or hot or not like a mail order bride, just that she looks less shitty with blonde hair.
It's just an observation, not sucking her hole.

No. 568856

File: 1535569417846.jpeg (79.35 KB, 750x750, DAE58467-6B96-458F-AEFB-62DD08…)

Forever trying to hide the double chin with a hand.

No. 568874

Funny how her fan accounts stoped when the hate died down

No. 568876

Why does she look like gilf here

No. 568934

Caption: Boy buys whore with the $10 he got from his dad.

No. 569004

I guess now she is jumping on the Kylie Jenner look alike train 2 years late.

No. 569086

She looks like a dollar store back alley hooker version of Helen Mirren

No. 569087

and he looks like a pissed off Willam Belli

No. 569089

File: 1535605487101.gif (11.16 MB, 332x640, SmartSelect_20180830-005853_In…)

Michael's clearly living a life of luxury by the looks of that target shower curtain hanging in his dismal, dirty bathroom

No. 569094

File: 1535608218840.jpg (21.18 KB, 250x187, 34753.jpg)

that's actually the daiso knockoff of the target shower curtain you're thinking of!
the target one looks like this:

cyr's even cheaper daiso edition is pic related

No. 569100

I feel so mean for saying this but Dasha looks hideous in that picture…….why is Cyr even with her? And she has an awful personality too. Cyr is a coward.

No. 569109

Yeesh are cyr and lainey the one person now?

No. 569110

File: 1535612144648.png (790.36 KB, 720x941, IMG_20180830_095414.png)

She just can't be herself
Kylie Jenner who

No. 569111

Conspiracy theorie

No. 569122

File: 1535618187294.jpg (539.83 KB, 1080x1673, Screenshot_20180830-043532_Ins…)

No. 569146


this is actually hilarious what the heck

No. 569155

when you can only look good with a filter on

No. 569276

File: 1535677276265.jpg (938.53 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180830-205928_Ins…)

So this is the "big project"

She got yet another modelling gig by knowing someone more famous with connections lol good job

Also lol at her using every ugly girl coverup trick in the book

No. 569279

SHe really can’t help herself can she lmaoo

No. 569280

Even without Mina she’s going to skinwalk anyone she comes into contact

No. 569290

File: 1535679669097.png (440.88 KB, 667x1042, Capture _2018-08-30-20-38-42-1…)

So i find it suspicious that this unzyy company started to follow Dasha recently… I feel like the psychi might have reached out to them since theyve been collabing with Mina a lot lately. Its enraging i hope the compant finds out what she has done to Mina.

No. 569390

File: 1535699280623.jpg (30.88 KB, 206x237, SmartSelect_20180831-030724_In…)

No. 569392


lol dollskill is notorious for paying and treating models like shit, like attracts like

No. 569417

literally this. I'm just so glad she's laid off Mina, she didn't deserve that shit regardless of anyone's reservations about her. I'm glad to see those two like still getting their shit done, whatever it may be, whereas dasha is endless milk because she'll never be happy until she literally wears someone elses skin.
we know what you look like with short blonde hair by the way, julia, and no matter how much photoshop or facetune or combination of whatever the fuck will make us forget your specimen of a jawline.

No. 569446

Dollskill doesn’t care if she’s a stalker or a trash person, they’ve worked with models who have done worst before so no point in telling them how creepy she is.

No. 569450

I don't think this is a big project. They've opened a new store in LA so a bunch of insta thots are posting insta stories about it.

doubt she has a modelling job with them

No. 569457

But she hasnt. In sure she contacted the unzyy store trying to collab to get at Mina. Its funny because it was mentioned yesterday that the store was following her and she privated her account right after…

No. 569458

poor dasha is also insecure about having skeleton because she edited her sunken cheek to extend where her jaw bone should be…

No. 569486

File: 1535743194318.jpg (240.26 KB, 1500x1073, spookyscarysekeletons.jpg)

jesus christ this is Dakota level of shoop.

No. 569488

atleast koots knew to shoop herself cute at one point. dasha just looks like a creepy frog

No. 569593

File: 1535789968223.png (634.21 KB, 720x1053, IMG_20180901_111443.png)

"Follow her private Instagram where she's going to post photos with me, cos she scared to post them on her main account, cos she's kinda supposed to not don't get involve with toxic and psychotic people like me, cos she's preaching about cutting toxic people out of your life"

No. 569594

File: 1535791569195.jpeg (97.9 KB, 738x738, C75B8C07-F734-4F61-83FA-9ED98A…)

What a shame the filter couldn’t fix her creepy Grinch smile

No. 569597

there was a video of Dasha filming her friend in the car and the camera angles towards Dashas head and you can SEE how fast she dodges getting her face in view

like this girl KNOWS how bad she looks without cheek sucking, photo shop and that one dumb expression she uses at home alone in the bath tub

No. 569606

The Anonymous Youtube channel deleted or privated their videos (maybe they have been gone for some time). Didn't they want to make a video exposing the evil lolcow hate platform?

Seems like the only thing that's more important to Julia than harassing Mina and Edwin is getting validation over the fake image she created of herself on instagram. She desperately wants this back and lbr she has nothing else going for her.
I think that is why she has gone back to blond hair as well: delete all remaining evidence, act like nothing ever happend, try to move on.

No. 569701

File: 1535831754123.jpg (625.26 KB, 1080x1337, SmartSelect_20180901-155457_In…)

What the actual fuck…

No. 569702

wow theres actually something wrong with her
she just cant be her own person

No. 569711

Why is she skinwalking kylie now…
Does this girl have one original bone in her body

No. 569719

All plastic hoes look alike

No. 569721

File: 1535835780637.jpeg (177.83 KB, 1049x590, B6D2B1EA-35DF-46B3-A446-037A59…)

Why you always lying?
>>569711 She says she’s not copying anyone, as usual. The dark hair was totally because she thinks it looks better on her, nothing to do with becoming a sad Mina, Geena and now Kylie clone.

No. 569827

i'm loling, I just got back right now from looking at Kylie Jenner videos, and for a split second my eyes darted to this picture wondering why Kylie's posted here

No. 569847

her eyebrows look completely different, her lips are suddenly a different shape, her eyes are photoshopped bigger ??? and her nose doesn't look as small as usual?

this is crazy delusional!

No. 569867

File: 1535858367713.png (4.41 MB, 1125x2436, 060269DC-A887-421C-A996-F27161…)

Dasha got featured on valfre’s Instagram and then I guess they got so much backlash they deleted it lol

No. 569909

This is hilarious. How can she claim she is so “open” about shooping and blatantly lie like this? Lol

No. 569921

File: 1535872637600.png (Spoiler Image, 848.16 KB, 720x893, IMG_20180902_101443.png)

No. 569922

File: 1535872706557.png (Spoiler Image, 519.7 KB, 720x1027, IMG_20180902_101508.png)

No. 569943

I hope thats how it goes for every brand that decides to work with her

No. 569949


No. 569954

File: 1535889520517.jpg (184.32 KB, 1200x1200, skinwalker.jpg)

Hello fellow bipedal human units

No. 569992

Hyperextended knees, wow, so rare. Best not to do it though, unless she wants to wear a brace on both legs/get surgery when she’s in her forties.

No. 570006

File: 1535909673332.png (304.06 KB, 720x1156, 378107651806914507638.png)

No. 570007

This was posted on PULL in June. She obviously still reads what people have to say about her. Then she "memes" it. It's a cycle.

No. 570046

Cows think they’re so clever for “memeing” on the haters. It just makes them look retarded

No. 570047

This looks actually freaky and painful. Is this supposed to be funny to her teen fans or something

No. 570078

File: 1535920415667.jpeg (158.49 KB, 750x772, F177D015-B7AB-4F29-998B-418EAA…)


No. 570083

wow she edited herself to look like Mina once again

Lmao fucking shameful. Glad they deleted it. Her reputation will never be the same.

No. 570092

File: 1535924239806.png (Spoiler Image, 1.67 MB, 711x1296, Capture.PNG)

Her latest story features semi-nudes and Cyr looking even more like a greasy junkie

No. 570093

Arms up to make her boobs look rounder. She certainly takes advantage of her angles

No. 570218

question. how much do dasha and mina get paid for these instagram brands. is it enough to live on. i thought they were being paid in free clothes.

kylie the queen of editing. of course dasha liked the picture.

lisa Robertson from qvc. obviously dasha saw a picture of her and copied it.

dasha lies so much i dont beleive any of her pictures. probably shooped.

No. 570347

This doesn't even look like she has tits.
Considering her fat box body she probably has ugly, saggy boobs anyway.

No. 570390


she doesn't look fat here to me but shes laid down
but the extent that Dasha uses photoshop who knows what she's changed with this photo, it's creepy

she reminds me of girls that can't control their jealousy for everything so they project it out

No. 570470

File: 1536003043550.jpg (663.88 KB, 1080x1683, SmartSelect_20180903-153003_In…)

Based on the sentence structure in this caption, I'm going to guess Dasha is running this account

No. 570471

Bitch photoshops so much she looks like a completely different person in each photo, inconsistent af.

No. 570490

File: 1536007587649.jpg (1.77 MB, 1920x2560, 18-09-03-16-46-11-432_deco.jpg)

No. 570492

>grown so much

Yeah totally. Mike stopped making videos and works now in a coffeeshop and does nothing but drink.
Julia has grown into a complete psycho, trying to destroy other people's lives just because they are prettier than her.

No. 570549

Pretty sure more than that eye is edited honey

No. 570603

Why does she think her eyebrows look good like this

No. 570649

Does anyone know whats up with Repzion? I thought he was making a video on her but he has posted several and no Dasha one yet. I hope he didnt get swayed by the dark side bc i was really looking forward to it.

No. 570680

File: 1536031297435.png (2.9 MB, 750x1334, 48D365AF-84B7-4F45-BB29-E8417F…)

No. 570691

No offense to Michael Jackson but that looks like Michael Jackson.

No. 570692

looks like he does currently probably.

No. 570736

I’m pretty sure he’s just being lazy tbh I’ve already seen him say he was planning on making numerous videos on problematic people and calling it the “x-files”

No. 570752

How does Cyr even make money these days?

No. 570770

she has momokun's mouth in this one. getting weird vibes.

No. 570803


she looks like a fucking alien on drugs