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File: 1488748993659.png (1.18 MB, 875x643, cyredwinandthetwinsies.png)

No. 370733

Old thread hit limit >>244778

>his roommate and frequent partner in videos (and fellow youtuber) Edwin was kicked out of their apartment with his girlfriend, Mina

>Mina is also Cyr's ex, and is (or was) very close with his current girlfriend, Dasha
>Dasha and Cyr have been dating for about a year
>Dasha and Mina are known for looking extremely similar and have caused some questions towards Cyr not only due to this but also their age (very early 20s)
>Whenever the girls are in Edwin and Cyr's videos they are dressed and act very sexually presumably for clickbait

No. 370734

cyr in debt when?

considering what was already discussed in the last thread.

with onion gone too, his views are not going to be the same.

No. 370735


you forgot

>mina, cyr and dasha tried a poly relationship together but it failed

>edwin (cyr's best friend) then started dating mina
>there were screenshots from last year released. in the screenshots mina implied that she was only still with cyr and dasha for youtube notoriety
>other screenshots were released where an ex-friend of mina was in the hospital and mina kept pushing her about becoming friends with dasha (she hated her at the time or something)
>dasha shitposted all over her twitter trying to make mina look like a bad person. cyr also said she was bad and what not.
>dasha's fans are all 10 years old and tried ruining last thread but got bored.

and that's what u missed on glee

No. 370736

File: 1488786940797.png (78.4 KB, 579x227, Bildschirmfoto 2017-03-06 um 0…)

Oh, the irony.

No. 370737

what a saint… coming from the person who took the piss out of minas hair calling her ron weasley, insulting her makeup and liking bad photoshopped memes her 10year old minions made about mina then encouraged her minions to harass her on every social media account she has and also harassing any account who supports mina mina. So fake. You just can't trust them russian spies kek

No. 370738

also pretty sure she deleted mina's instagram(s) which i believe had more followers than hers at the time

No. 370739

This is hilarious wtf

No. 370740


mina implied it too if i remember correctly

> had more followers than hers at the time

that explains EVERYTHING

No. 370741

That is straight evil coming from Dasha with all the blood on her hands. Just another way to appeal to the kids I guess

No. 370742

File: 1488934401494.jpg (42.71 KB, 363x500, IVcetRd.jpg)

Mina's photoshopping is sort of hilarious too …

No. 370743

File: 1488934413706.jpg (44.75 KB, 417x500, 1YVCsh3.jpg)

No. 370744

Wow that's… something else

No. 370745

they're all cows, lets try not to lie to ourselves about it

No. 370746

nooooo why. It looks scary when you compare it to the original

No. 370747


lol what an insecure little bitch. also mina is skinnier kek

No. 370748


this is also probably already retouched since its in the official page, so only cyr knows what this bitch actually looks like

No. 370749

to be fair though you can tell Mina is very petite from videos she's in

No. 370750

…which makes it even more sad that the sees the needs to alter her body in photos.

Both girls look good to begin with, you see it in the videos. Why try to be something else?

No. 370751

agreed, it doesn't make any sense

No. 370752

What I love about this thread is it was essentially made to contain some derailing, but it's taken the lid off a can of worms. They are truly all cows.

No. 370753

Did she… edit her vag to be flatter or is that just my eyes being weird

No. 370754

Dasha has definitely gone single white female and is now sporting a new Twitter/insta icon that looks very similar to Mina's! What a psycho bitch

No. 370755

File: 1488972193245.png (71.45 KB, 617x316, Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 7.21…)

kek wonder what cyr is telling himself to rationalise his psychotic girlfriends behaviour

No. 370756

He probably likes that his girlfriend tries to be a copy of his ex

No. 370757

he definitely likes it, thats why he made them dress the same when they had the poly going on. fucking weird

No. 370758


damn, nigga lurking? that could have been a post in the last thread

No. 370759

She wants that Yungelita body

No. 370760

did he delete this tweet? it's not there anymore

No. 370761

File: 1489001867864.jpg (637.71 KB, 4000x2547, BeFunky Collage.jpg)

This is the most terrifying thing yet - the picture on the left is from Mina's instagram 9 weeks ago, the right is Dasha's current twitter profile picture. She's absolutely insane, if I were Mina I'd be staying in England. If she returns to America I'm genuinely scared Dasha hunts her down to kill her and wear her skin.

No. 370762

samefagging to say sorry the picture is so big.

No. 370763

And Cyr still can't see how fucking psychotic his GF is!!! Like dude wake the fuck up! You're sleeping with a damn lunatic. Someone needs to get through to him. I'm seriously worried for everyone's safety that crosses her

No. 370764

You do realise that he knows and that his fetish is dasha being a clone of his ex. Dude is just as fucked in the head

No. 370765

GURLLLLLLLLL. i saw dashas pic earlier and i said to myself "funny for someone who now hates minas guts, she sure loves to dress like her still" but I did not clock she replicated the whole damn photo from beret to flowers to choker to blonde/white long wavy hair. Putin is psychotic! I'm glad mina left, wouldn't have been long before Putin actually skinned her alive and made her in to a suit. Minas photo looks better, 3/4 of her jaw isn't shooped off hahahaha

Do you think Cyr still has a thing for mina that's why Putin tries to be her to keep Cyr around and also Cyr doesn't persuade her not to because it's the next best thing to mina that doesn't live 1028347388392 miles away ahahha

No. 370766

He obviously still has feelings for her if he was willing to have a poly relationship with her and his new girl.

No. 370767

Holy shit I didn't realise how similar it was. This bitch is crazy

No. 370768

dash has nothing better to do than snort coke and be a self-worshiping art hoe while Cyr isn't making content. She promotes this fantasy relationship online but it's probably out of desperation because she knows Cyr has commitment issues. A couple I know going through a messy divorce right now did that, pretend things were so SOLID and magical online, when at home they were messes and spent all their money.

No. 370769


and you just know that her psycho manipulative ass is doing it in purpose. gross.

No. 370770


>A couple I know going through a messy divorce right now did that, pretend things were so SOLID and magical online, when at home they were messes and spent all their money.

yeah, its the same thing. cyr can't be making too much money from his youtube, especially now that he doesn't do videos with onision. and mina can't be making cash from her modeling work, (if you can even call it that). and they're living in a nice ass apartment too. so they look fine now but once the money dries out shit will hit the fan. i mean, it already kinda did… i wouldn't be surprised that they tried to push edwin and mina to leave because they couldn't affor their asses anymore… soon cyr is going to be begging his brother for money and shit

No. 370771


oh and doesn't he owe onion money too? like that guy is going to have a hard time when he's old and his edgy charm wears out

No. 370772

File: 1489068044673.png (73.49 KB, 640x641, IMG_0540.PNG)

Cyr's trying to come for onion's "lord of kink" title lmao

No. 370773


Isn't that what Edwin does with Cyr though? I know he was attacking Dasha, but pot meet kettle, Edwin…

No. 370774

File: 1489087043574.jpg (347.07 KB, 810x1600, .camtemp.jpg)

>Continue to hide behind that mask Putin, we all know what you are.

No. 370775

No. 370776

No. 370777

Dasha's new instagram post is pukeworthy! Go read it she's so fucking delusional/creepy/stupid!

No. 370778

Just read it. She's fucking out of control

No. 370779

File: 1489113501017.png (70.78 KB, 720x521, 20170309_213726.png)

Lest we forget

No. 370780


she gonna kill cyr

No. 370781


>cyr didn't cheat on mina with me!! we didn't even have sex!!!!!

>we were just living together
>but i wanted to marry him from the moment i saw him and i fucking hate mina btw.

No. 370782

I did it for myself = I wanted him and didn't give a fuck that he had a GF at the time! I only care about what I want and I needed his dick in my pussy because I'm a homewrecking whore

No. 370783

I really do fear for his safety if he ever leaves her manipulative ass

No. 370784


>homewrecking whore

oh man, that's the best way to describe the entire fiasco between her and mina. i bet she would HATE reading that.

No. 370785


i bet she thought this shit was fire but it looks like a bad wattpad fic

No. 370786


i honestly don't know who is creepier…. dasha or her fans…both look mental now.

No. 370787


what a strong feminist icon! insulting other women because she doesn't like the way they do their makeup/hair!

No. 370788

Let's not get ahead of ourselves here, it takes two to tango. Not stanning because she is a homewrecker, but the girl that the guy cheats with shouldn't be the one to blame. Mistress owes nothing to GF, however BF does. Cyr should hold half if not more guilt for not keeping it in his pants tbh.

No. 370789


last thread we did discuss that cyr was an asshole and hurt mina. its just easier to go against dasha cause she's online 24/7 being cringy. i agree with you though, just clearing that out.

No. 370790

It's more so the fact dasha acts like she did nothing wrong where I'm sure if I remember correctly Cyr had acknowledged what he did wrong. But ontop of that her hate campaign towards Mina, her intense manipulation strategies that have recently come to light, trying to dress like Mina and become Mina, burning all of Cyrs bridges with friendships that could have been easily saved ie with cucklord Onion and Edwin ultimately isolating Cyr makes her the guilty party in the overall situation. She didn't earn the title Vladimir Putin for nothing kek

No. 370791

I wish I never read this

No. 370792

File: 1489135586956.png (77.83 KB, 750x712, IMG_9486.PNG)

Bitch you'll just like the posts that are making fun of Mina lol she really thinks that it makes her the better person for not using her profile

No. 370793

>it wasn't me honest, I just rewarded the 12 year olds who did it by acknowledging their existence, following them, having private group chats and liking all their posts bullying Mina but it wasn't meeeee who did it honest i'm 102% feminism <3 love all fellow women <3 follow your dreams

Stop lurking lolcow Vlad, you're digging yourself a hole

No. 370794

Exactly, she can pretend all she wants that she has no part in it whatsoever but we know they wouldn't be going after mina like that if she didn't feed them information. You still crazy

No. 370795

File: 1489243623167.jpg (238.04 KB, 1617x1153, Capture.JPG)

I always wondered what she meant when she said "I'd be lying if i said i didn't plan for it to turn out this way" kek sudden clarity

While I went to Putin's insta to look at her retarded post on ~surviving her rough months~ I saw this. Has Mina not been posting about how much she loves avocado sushi for months now?? Putin you cut that out now

No. 370796

Also Dasha posted about her making a lookbook for a youtube account she'll make soon. Guess who posted she made a youtube account weeks ago and will upload on it soon lol i cant WAIT until these two start youtube to see how that pans out

No. 370797

I'm eagerly awaiting that too - Mina's created her channel already and although it has no videos yet it has 1,812 subs. Damn, let the fame-hungry doppelganger wars begin!

No. 370798

Sorry samefagging but just realised her curiouscats back! Already a lot of twisted spite on there https://curiouscat.me/BabyDash

No. 370799

In one of her answers: "Yeah.. well I am not trying to hate anyone anymore. I was angry. And petty because my feelings were hurt, you know. I did show her the places where i get my wigs and clothes from.. but it's whatever. You know. So many people have similar styles and I know a lot of people that look like me. Being inspired by someone's look is easy. I don't take anything he says personal anymore because at the end of the day i sleep well, knowing he fucked up so bad that there is no coming back from that. Even if Vincent and I are no longer dating."

Does that mean she and Vincent are no longer dating or did she mean that in a hypothetical sense, like Edwin fucked up and there's no going back even if Vincent and her broke up.

No. 370800

sent her a message on their calling her the female version of onision waiting to see if she replies lol

No. 370801

She's also posted snapchat videos saying that it's not secret that her name is Julia and she also said she pays full rent someone's been lurking

No. 370802

How full of yourself do you have to be to retweet any compliment you get? Her Twitter is full of retweets of retweets of her selfies. Sad!

No. 370803

File: 1489279403535.png (162.66 KB, 1059x488, Screenshots_2017-03-12-01-40-4…)

She's so fake. She met Cyr by, according to her, 'sliding into his insta dms'. So she saw he had a gf and still hit on him. Okay

No. 370804

File: 1489279473378.png (81.07 KB, 898x331, Screenshots_2017-03-12-01-42-1…)

Bet she sent that to herself, the only fanart I've seen of her is shitty MSPAINT tier

No. 370805

I don't buy this for a second. It really seems like dash got the curious cat back to once again reveal all the things she claimed she wanted to keep private, makes no sense

No. 370806

This just comes off as her justifying her actions rather transparently. Also bragging about assisting in burning all Cyr's bridges? What?

I actually think Cyr could totally be friends with Onion again, more than ever. I had a tinfoil hat moment earlier where I wondered if perhaps CYR was the one who began the whole "poly" bullshit as an excuse for cheating, and Onision just followed suit.
Seriously, think about it: They are both serial cheaters, AND Onision's views on bisexual women did a complete 180 as soon as he started benefiting from it. /vomit

I'm sure they at least discussed relationships and sex with each other.

Also this whole thing has completely changed how I view Cyr, especially with that gross tumblr and the pictures he has of/with Dasha. Also since some people seem confused, Dasha didn't make him delete it when she "found out" about him having it, she already knew about it and participated.

Seriously this whole thing is gross. Dasha is Lainey + Onision combined. Meanwhile, Cyr is whipped, but mostly he is a private person (which makes him easier to be whipped, I supposed), and is a serial cheater himself. They really are precisely like the Onion household.

Watch Dasha try to anchor him to her now through a pregnancy like Lainey did. Or maybe Cyr doesn't share that fetish with Onision.

Everything about this is gross. I love how Cyr grabbed his head and walked away every time Dasha started talking in that periscope. He KNOWS she's destroying so much he's built, namely his image. And that is exactly what she's done. Now he's no longer "quirky anxious weird dude" but "creepy hypocritical cheating possible pedo who has pictures where he's staring at and grabbing his gf's tits".

Cyr honestly do you care more about her and being less well-off than Edwin most likely, or LITERALLY cleaning house and maintaining a semblance of a Youtube career, image, and dignity? It's not long before all this info explodes (I hope there are already videos on Youtube about this - besides Onision's tinfoiling) and then he's just going to be a laughing stock, then a where-are-they-now, then a literal-who.

Cyr, think. Not with your dick this time.

No. 370807

Not a pregnancy, but she recently tweeted 'wife me the fuck up' at him. They've been dating for a year, Jesus

No. 370808

Asked her two questions: which university she was going to and if she deleted Mina's instagram. Still have yet to respond.

No. 370809

File: 1489282043554.png (57.02 KB, 738x384, IMG_9569.PNG)

"Friends" they're her fans

No. 370810

I just… How does Putin even have "fans"? She does nothing? Except be a huge psychotic twat online. I can't wait until she fades into oblivion tbh

No. 370811

File: 1489285210640.png (344.9 KB, 509x674, Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 1.19…)

what does everyone make of this?

No. 370812

File: 1489285584901.png (298.23 KB, 603x609, Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 10.1…)

well I just talked to dash about this. will post screenshots of the convo

No. 370813

File: 1489285607643.png (185.06 KB, 598x608, Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 10.1…)

No. 370814

File: 1489285671796.png (223.57 KB, 595x608, Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 10.1…)

No. 370815

File: 1489285733218.png (126.91 KB, 597x606, Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 10.1…)

No. 370816

File: 1489285807101.png (124.36 KB, 597x614, Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 10.1…)

No. 370817

File: 1489285854433.png (137.06 KB, 602x611, Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 10.1…)

No. 370818

File: 1489285920000.png (130.54 KB, 608x616, Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 10.1…)

No. 370819

File: 1489285991285.png (205.19 KB, 605x616, Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 10.1…)

No. 370820

samefag but if you ask me its pretty cringey if mina made all those fake accounts

No. 370821

What app is that?

No. 370822

how do we know this is real? I don't find it hard to believe, but I'd have thought she'd have released it by now, during the beginning of her sperging.

No. 370823

I can't say whether it is real or not.
It's the first time I had ever spoken to her, and she said she had it all written up in case anyone did decide to ask her. So it was all copy and pasted to me.

No. 370824


Why would she show you all that?
This is charlie posting, theres no way she gives this info to strangers unless youre one of her "FANS/FRIENDS". youre one of her fans trying to change the tide again.

Anyway, if that was real she should have posted from the begining. Instead of just throwing around "fake friend" without receipts. Now its seen as odd and probably fake.

No. 370825

the timing of this is all very strange to me.. maybe she realises that people are reading this forum and wants to cover her ass. either way, still skeptical about this. I wonder if mina will speak about it, who knows maybe she she as some proof too. also confirmed that it was in fact dasha who got her insta deleted

No. 370826

File: 1489287039866.png (111.06 KB, 603x614, Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 10.1…)

I'm 100% not charlie or one of her minions. Not sure how to prove it though.
I deleted my twitter account because I didn't want her sperging out once she realised I had posted here.

I'll post screenshots from the near beginning of our convo, I left them out bc it was stuff she had just answered on her curious cat

No. 370827

She already admitted to reading lolcow.

No. 370828

and I didn't screencap the very beginning, basically I just asked if it was okay if I asked her a question about the situation. I did make it seem like I was kissing her ass so she would be happy to give me info

No. 370829

No. 370830

She sent the same thing to me too.

No. 370831

This seriously sounds suspicious and like more of Dasha's scheming. At least she admits to deleting the Instagram, even though we all knew it already.

HOW does she know about specific types of instagram follower apps? I sure as hell don't, didn't know that sort of thing existed, and those accounts she screencapped don't look fake really, and certainly not malicious. So… if they were fake, there'd be more dirt. Where the hell is the dirt here besides Dasha deliberately deleting Mina's Instagram? Not only that, Dasha obviously dug the HELL through her phone and Insta, and I'd bet money it was not the first time. So who even knows if the "Mina was drunk and left her phone out with this app open!" story is true? It's an invasion of privacy, and if she had a legitimate reason to be suspicious, she would provide proof of that.

Also now Edwin is suddenly in her good graces in order to further throw Mina under the bridge.

This reeks imo of Dasha lying.

Also personally I could not care less if Mina had a fake follower thing especially if she was actually making the accounts. That seems like hella time and effort if true. Sounds like Dasha wouldn't be "in shock" about it being the case.

No. 370832

she found out about while she was still living there, and before they left they had sushi together and were fine, so did it really happen? I wonder if she's just doing this cause she knows mina is making youtube and wants to do whatever she can to make sure she isn't successful idk

No. 370833

if they were friends at the time why did putin take a photo of minas phone unlocked if that did happen? why would mina be drunk in the bathroom while living with them operating several fake accounts while dasha is actually there? I call bullshit, this sounds like it was planned and made by Dasha herself, if she was to scroll down the screen more you'd probably see that account of 'dasha facts' kek

Remember all this started because Mina ran away and dasha was 'very hurt', however she looks like the whole time through their friendship dasha was compiling evidence to fuck Mina over, not that I believe most of the evidence is true. Either way, dasha you fucked up

No. 370834

Dasha is trying to make mina look crazy yet Dasha posted a new pic on insta an hour ago showcasing her new "Bambi" necklace which coincidentally is something mina calls herself on twitter!

No. 370835

It seems like she's doing this cause she needs her two seconds of fame..sad really. A pretty desperate attempt at trying to get attention and sympathy from everyone, yikes. I

No. 370836

Mina's lucky she left the apartment. An instagram account is a small thing to lose compared to someone actually trying to wear your skin. Cyr's in the shit to be honest. Jodi Arias teas…

No. 370837

I'm on mobile so sorry for typos/not replying to specific posts but Dasha's rant to Charlie via insta is the most staged pathetic thing ever. No way in hell do you copy and paste rant that to someone who is a complete and utter stranger. You also don't just admit to deleting someone's instagram for the fun of it. The whole "she was still living with us we made up after I explained" is bullshit. Dasha went on for days about how someone was deleting Mina's instagram and it was soooo unfair and upsetting. Poor Mina probably started sleeping in Edwin's room on his floor nevermind his bed just for the safety of someone else and a door between her and Dasha during the night.
What kind of psycho friend goes through your unlocked phone when you're drunk? Her fans are eating this up because none of them have ever been drunk/dealt with serious adult relationships. You don't do that to anyone. Especially not your drunk friend. If Dasha could delete her instagram she clearly didn't need to wait until Mina's phone was unlocked, she knew the passcode and done it another time.

No. 370838

Precisely. This is what I was trying to get at. Deleting someone's instagram is shitty. I don't see what Mina did against Dasha specifically at all. If she was using fake follower shit (which coincidentally and suspiciously Dasha seems to know ALL ABOUT?), that's more of something you sit down and talk to someone about if you respect them whatsoever. You don't just delete someone's shit unless you have a personal reason to do so or are a complete asshole.

Next, we don't even know Mina was drunk. We have no proof to back up Dasha's claims except photos of Mina's phone and her own admission she deleted the Instagram "for a good reason." So I'm seriously convinced Dasha was quite comfortable digging into Mina's phone, and the degree of detail she described would take a long time for Mina to invent, as well as a fair bit for Dasha to "uncover" - especially if any of this is remotely true and it was her first time going through the phone.

Also honestly, who just leaves apps like that open on their phone? It doesn't even sound like something someone would care about while drunk.

This is all such bullshit. Dasha's been a conniving twat since Day 1. News at 11.

No. 370839

The whole story of those 3-4 persons is really confusing and I don´t understand so many things or the timeline.

For example
– Mina + Cyr only dated for 2 weeks (I wouldn´t even call that "dating")
– Mina and Dasha becoming "friends" after Mina + Cyr broke up and Dasha + Cyr got together – how and…why? (Why would Mina want that? Why would Dasha want that?)
– flying Mina out because she felt bad
– getting into a poli relationsship – within days of her being in L.A. (if they already had a falling out because of the app after 2 weeks, the poli thing must have been before that!)
– ending the poli thing right away because it didn´t work out: what does that even mean? did the three of them get together and end it within days?
– why even a poli thing, where all three of them in LOVE with each other within days? (or was it just a sexual thing which Dasha declined)
– Mina betraying Dasha with the app, Dasha deleting Mina´s insta and wanting her to leave – but when she left, Dasha was super pissed – why? Why not be happy that those two people left if there where such big conflicts?
– Cyr "kicking" Edwin out vs. not really kicking him out – whole story doesn´t add up.

The strange timeline makes me feel they are all really impulsive, never think about long term consequences or talk things through for some days.

No. 370840

Why did they talk to each other online when living in the same flat?

No. 370841

She hilariously stated her name was Julia Dasha, still can't tell the whole truth can she

No. 370842

I feel putins curiouscat is scripted and she's typing a large chunk of questions to herself because it seems so "well structured" to defend herself against specific points made on this thead, but obviously the question is taking her side….

>I was so angry and that made vincent angry.
Yeah I can imagine vincent getting mad that she was probably doing angry putin camera shout and him and was tearing the house apart, paranoid searching through minas phone, deleting her instagram (like who the fuck even does that, why would someone sane think 'best delete her social media that has a large following that she uses for her career in modelling) (and the fact she says babysitting a sociopath HAHAHAHA coming from a person who would do something so malicious to their 'friend'.) then fighting with Edwin because he told a girl the truth because dasha did something bad and then was lying about it and acting like a friend. I don't know how Dasha can type all of this so smugly as if it paints her any other colour but black. She's just admitting how psychotic and malicious she is and she doesn't even realise it kek

No. 370843

Bravo - excellently put, also 100% agree with you about the curiouscat being structured. Dasha's the kind of bitch that doesn't do anything by accident. She realised she was getting an overwhelming negative response to all of her shitty actions so decided to enact a carefully constructed line of defence/innocent front through the handy dandy medium of a 'QandA' website. Absolutely poses herself questions, which even if the fake mina accounts were real (which I don't believe they were) puts Dasha in EXACTLY the same position.

She's desperate for the good PR but completely unable to facilitate it for herself, so thinly transparent kek

No. 370844

Anyone remember when Cyr had thing with some Tumblr "famous" cunt named Christa Panek? She was like 17 at the time and would post about hanging with him and would post photos he took of her. I might look and see if I can dig up some of the shit that went down with them.

No. 370845

Yo, just a thought. Y'all ever think Mina lurks here and comments? I mean, since she's known to make sock puppet accounts on IG and post cringe-worthy comments.

No. 370846

Dasha straight up looks like Mina in her new Instagram photo Plus she is wearing a bambi necklace lol she is still obsessed. At least she listened to this forum's advice and went back to blonde hair.

No. 370847

File: 1489340735630.png (443.74 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170312-103950.png)

first time poster. I was looking through the instagrams that dasha claimed mina made and none of them have posted since November. mina came to la in December. of course, things could have been deleted and this is only based on the ones that are still active but kind of shows that dasha must have really digged for this app.

No. 370848

yo has anyone noticed how dasha's instagram pic is the exact same as mina's i was like wtf

No. 370849

i mean *twitter profile pic

No. 370850

yeah, this anon - >>370846 literally said that just 2 posts up……

I s2g this gets posted every few days. who cares if mina lurks and posts, dasha lurks and probably posts too. no one cares

No. 370851

How old is Cyr again? He sure likes 'em young.

No. 370852

no i meant her twitter profile picture not the instagram picture. like its an exact copy of mina's twitter profile picture

No. 370853

he's 27 he will be 28 in December

No. 370854

Ageeed, the timing of the curious cat q&as are questionable really. I think it's a response to this forum. And now everyone's giving her sympathy for dealing with a psychopath when she herself is also a psychopath

No. 370855

Both of these girls seem batshit crazy to me, they're both fighting over an average looking guy who has a dead youtube career, and for what? they're both fucking whack. not just mina, but dasha's attention hungry ass too

No. 370856

lmfao im sorry i didnt see ur correction underneath …
sage for being an idiot

No. 370857

File: 1489364126565.png (226.54 KB, 747x1011, IMG_9571.PNG)

Was dasha behind this too?

No. 370858

Yeah it was discussed on the last thread. Mina confirmed on her twitter.

No. 370859

Has anyone spoken to Mina since Dasha came out with all of this?

No. 370860

Tbh Dasha has said more than enough - I want Mina's side of things. It's too bad she's more mature and private than itsbabyputin will ever be because I want some more milk/the other side of the story to compare with

No. 370861

File: 1489375289369.jpg (100.94 KB, 988x1171, 12342.JPG)

sorry sage for samefag but maybe it'll happen sooner than I thought kek

No. 370862

>>370861 LOL those are my comments :P(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 370863

File: 1489377377303.jpg (12.01 KB, 240x240, qo6aYlJF.jpg)

Stupid bitch

No. 370864

is that you dasha? or one of your minions?

No. 370865

>>370863 why are you calling me a stupid bitch? i don't care if peeps know who i am

No. 370866

100% of the minions. if anyone takes mina's side you know theyre coming for you

No. 370867

>>370866 I'm not scared of immature children lol

No. 370868

File: 1489378525315.jpg (43.38 KB, 240x240, 2017-03-13_05.13.27.jpg)

Im just a random anon, dont dox yourself on an anonymous imageboard so lightly because its pretty dangerous even if you dont care.
With that said, see pic related for lolcow in a nutshell

No. 370869

>>370868 wow real adult of you

No. 370870

Where do you think you are?
Also, your opinions on abortion suck ):

No. 370871

I think both sides of this derail are dumb af. Why admit that's you? (Especially if you have ANYTHING people would mock)

But at least the people responding you know to sage this shit.

>Y'all ever think Mina lurks here and comments? I mean, since she's known to make sock puppet accounts on IG and post cringe-worthy comments.
There has been no proof of any of that, and I personally don't think so. Enough people here have her back. Dasha though? Almost certainly, and HAS been proven to send multiple minions to stan for her because no one else here will. Pathetic.

No. 370872

Please brush your fucking teeth.

No. 370873

Will you stop derailing you fucking autistic spaks, jesus christ.

Also *~pulls out tin foil hat~• why do I feel like this is putin or a minion, the last thread had a few comments like this, the way it's worded sounds… off. Sounds very "Hey look at me fellow farmers I am a farmer too I'm down with the kids y'all… so what about mina ;)" kek

No. 370874

right? they're here talking about shit that's not relevant again, they always get so worked up whenever dasha is talked about lol. this is mina AND dasha thread guys

No. 370875

I also have to agree. The forced "Yo" made me cringe. Dear Putin & Co, we always know it's you. The sooner you know that and run along, the better. kek.

No. 370876

File: 1489416413125.jpg (41.8 KB, 1018x277, ok.JPG)

I can't go any further into Dasha's Curiouscat it's too painful.

Also I still don't see why making all these puppet follower pages to gain exposure for yourself is that evil? She was trying to expose her brand at the start. I get that using them to make mean comments is bad but Mina never went public with any of it, never "exposed" Dasha about anything, hasn't gone on for weeks about Cyr, photoshopped and sent minions to Dasha's camp, etc. All these comments that "Mina is so evil she really opened my eyes I can't believe you had to go through that!" seem hyperbolic. Who takes pictures of her puppet accounts and releases them after all this time? Why not during the hellfire? Does she want to drag it out this long kek Mina didn't even do anything to expose her and suddenly she has all this "tea" when she conveniently decides to re-open her curiouscat. Also Dasha spews this "she used us she used us" rhetoric all the time as if she's never used anyone in her life? Her bf maybe? For tween fans? Cyr cheated on Mina and SHE'S the evil one for using him? She knew he was a fucking loser and wanted to take advantage of a shitty situation (that is IF she even intended to use Cyr for Ian and Joji)

No. 370877

Edwin went on younow with Cyr's other spurned ex, Onision. Way to fuck up big time my dude.

No. 370878

When? Do we know if this was recorded or not?

No. 370879

There's a link in the Onision thread.

No. 370880

No. 370881

What do we think her response means here?

Anon: Edwin was bashing you on younow with onision

There ain't no bashing when it backfires.

Not sure if it means a counter attack is going to be launched (in a happy coincidence cyr is going to start live streaming soon) or he's done himself in by wheedling up to onion boy for support. Hm.

No. 370882

I would too tbh, I mean bottom line, no one knows Cyr better. After all that's happened it's hard for me to be mad at anything because it pales in comparison to Putin's failed life ruining attempts.

No. 370883

What do you mean 'way to fuck up big time?'
like I don't like Onision or Edwin but theyre grown ass men who can talk if they want. Feel like Edwin did it mainly just to piss dash off which is kek.

No. 370884

You said it better than I did in >>370882. Totally agree.

No. 370885

Like just because he's ex friends with cyr doesn't mean he can't do what he wants.
Honestly, Cyr probably WISHES he was on good terms with Onision for his view count. But that won't happen as long as he's with her. I wonder how they will last until they eventually fall apart? I think she will start putting pressure on his youtube "career" and he'll have to end up breaking up with her but will lowkey fuck her behind the scenes because that's the kind of dude he is.

No. 370886

Unpopular opinion: Cuck King Onion was a good friend to Cyr, they would fall out over petty shit because that's just in Onions shitty nature, but Onion really helped Cyr in terms of his channel and rent etc. Because Onion is such a narcissist is obvious that it's just in his nature to lash out occasionally and throw a strop, but Onion never put Cyr on blast afterwards (despite that terrible music video he made lmao) like he did Shane Dawson so I think that Onion did like Cyr as a friend. Edwin too liked Cyr as a friend. But as they said, it took a turn for the worse because Putin got herself involved and Cyr changed. If Vlad wasn't around everyone would still be friends, Cyr probably wouldn't have anxiety problems and drinking russian vodka in hope his liver will give way. Edwin appearing on this I feel is only to clear his name about being accused by Cyr of getting Onion to make the video maybs. That and also to piss off dasha for jokes. Onion obviously did it because it's onion and he's dramatic and wants views, he doesn't actually care about Edwin and I doubt Edwin cares about Onion. Also Edwin and Cuckboy have both fell victim to putin so i do enjoy this new onscreen friendship kek

>There ain't no bashing when it backfires.
Is this from personal experience Putin when your hate campaign against Mina backfired and now everyone thinks you're batshit crazy and doesn't trust a word you say? kek

No. 370887

i don't see that that's an unpopular opinion, seems a very valid one to me. doesn't take a genius to work out putin's the major thorn in everyone's sides. also can't wait to see the further milk flow from edwonion pairing

No. 370888

Yeah I don't understand this "oh dasha was the victim" shit that is happening here.

Normal behaviour: get pissed that you get cheated on and do dumb shit
Cringey but also semi-normal behaviour: having follower accounts to boost up your internet popularity (it's common among those trying to get a social media presence)

Not normal behaviour: getting teen fans to attack and 'defend' your honour while you preach innocence and pretend to not do anything
Not normal behaviour: stalking, emulating and continuously harassing someone who for all intents and purposes left and cut off all contact with you over a fight
Psycho behaviour: deleting their social media (and arguably their income/job opportunities) in a fit of anger

Like I don't think people realize how serious her deleting Mina's instagram was. These girls are both internet models. They get their jobs from their online and social media presence. Deleting something like that is basically getting you fired from your modelling agency or destroying someone's portfolio.

No. 370889

Correct me if I'm wrong, but If I remember correctly, didn't mina say that photos kept getting deleted that weren't against IGs rules and she had to reupload THEN after her account was deleted. If this is correct it means that the deletion of her account wasn't Dasha in a fit of rage, this was all premeditated and Dasha had access to Minas phone and instagram, meaning that she didn't leave it unlocked in the toilet on one occasion, Dasha repeatedly snook on to Minas phone and went on to her instagram to do this on more than one occasion… who is the snake Putin? It you, it always was you.

No. 370890

File: 1489441973927.png (104.49 KB, 640x609, IMG_9734.PNG)

No. 370891

Yeah it definitely means that Dasha was regularly sneaking on Mina's phone.

No. 370892

I feel like she is plotting something definitely

No. 370893

Where are Edwin and Mina getting the money to fly her out to Britain and back when they're both broke af?

No. 370894

exactly what i was thinking, neither of them seem to have enough to scrape together for rent let alone back and forth flights to the US

No. 370895

She presumably purchased it herself or her parents. She went for surgery so its not like she's jetting to and from every couple of days.

No. 370896

Why did people praise cyr when onision cut him off? As if he wasn't already his friend for years before, it's not like he was a good person while they were friends

No. 370897

File: 1489449718090.png (118.42 KB, 759x413, cDy8tdD.png)

"thank you for being so woke"

No. 370898

>>370895 She went for surgery

Understood but a plane ticket to and from Britain is still expensive especially for people living on that Youtube dime.

No. 370899

Wherein she writes to her damn self. hahaha!

No. 370900

I can't get the younow video to work. Can someone please summarize what they said about Putin?

No. 370901

For the love of god don't let your hatred for Dasha make you side with Onision. Nobody deserves that shit.

No. 370902

Basically that Dasha inserted herself into Onion's drama back when the Billie thing was going on, and that she told Edwin to keep their drama private but is still talking about him. They also said Dasha fixates on one person a lot, like how she went on rants about onion for weeks and is now doing the same to Mina. They both agreed she's the problem and if it weren't for her, they'd still be friends with Cyr.

No. 370903

in the case of Edwin, its called concern for his friend.

No. 370904

Cyr was friends with onision for ages? How is he any different

No. 370905


LMAO more like more exposure. Edwin would fuck over Cyr for Onision since they aren't friends anymore just in hopes of getting more followers into his shitty Youtube channel.

No. 370906

that'd pretty much be a 180 on his behavior up until now so I'm gonna go ahead and disagree. Cyr and Edwin have been friends for a very long time and likely will again once the succubus is gone. Like where u been srsly.

No. 370907

Onision is the WRONG kind of exposure as well. Think about things before you type them.

No. 370908

They're probably bonding over a mutual hatred of Putinka

No. 370909

No. 370910

Lmao Dasha is such a bitch.

She needs to stop talking and obsessing about this in the first place, she's the one that keeps stoking and egging on the fire. None of them are still talking about it publicly. After Edwin's blog about him and Mina leaving he really hasn't said much about it, and only in retaliation to Dasha. And cyr and Mina have basically been silent about it.

Then her whole "oh I'm not malicious I don't do anything behind people's back" is bs too because all she does is egg on her little teen followers in her group chat to cyberbully Mina. And imo that's fucking worse than doing it yourself, she's orchestrating a campaign against Mina whereas Mina just did petty posts on Dashas pictures after she, you know, stole her boyfriend from her, lel.

I also still don't get the idubbz hate thing either. Like ok she wanted to date idubbz presumably for the efame. You think anisa likes him for his personality? If he was some no name you know she would've never even spoken to him. If you want an ecelebs attention you gotta be forward about it.

No. 370911

It's almost as if she believes doing this will make her look better, idk she's still pretty fucking crazy to me. Also I love how on her curious cat she only answers things that make her look good

No. 370912

File: 1489500883724.jpg (124.93 KB, 675x1200, C60tODpVwAQ3kGN.jpg)

>whereas Mina just did petty posts on Dashas pictures after she, you know, stole her boyfriend from her

i mean yeah dasha doesn't look so great rn but lets not pretend Mina is some martyred saint. that bitch is 10 levels of kiki crazy. not only did she sockpuppet tons of accounts to leave hate on pictures, she also made fan accounts FOR HERSELF of pictures of herself and edwin. she fabricated identities to pretend to be her own fans. and tagged idupes in them in order to get his attention like…what…why not just message him like a normal person. its delusional and pretty fucked up no matter how you look at it. she's literally a NEET trying to starfuck youtubers for a living. that's sad af.

this milk confuses me because we're all going hard on dasha but nobody seems to be talking about what a nutter mina turned out to be. i can't be the only one wondering if she posts here now too, considering her craziness on instagram. im sure she googles herself and probably knows about here, and it would explain why the focus is always off her and on dasha when they're both equal cows (also someone is posting the same shit here that they're asking on curious cat basically word for word, but could just be someone stanning here and there idk)

No. 370913

hai dascha

No. 370914

hey mina whats up

No. 370915

Julia, as soon as Mina does something rephrehensible, there's no milk. Oh wow a 19 year old might have wanted to meet a youtuber. How abnormal. Zzzzz.

No. 370916

samefag, *until mina does something reprehensible. fuck me and my spelling, it's that kind of morning.

No. 370917

please try to control your autism mina

No. 370918

omg how cute, you picked up some lingo! almost there, but you also posted one of your famous mina photoshops, idiot.

We will always know it's you. Nice try.

No. 370919

File: 1489507927171.jpg (130.92 KB, 963x1123, ok.JPG)

I need a tylenol. Retweeted by Dasha

No. 370920

File: 1489507963053.jpg (85.6 KB, 1017x946, Capture2341.JPG)

oh and this

No. 370921

Honestly Dash…. you crazy bitch. Let. It. Go. You're self destructing yourself. Don't you realise with your small pea brain? Stop this shit.

No. 370922

Hi Julia. You're a batshit crazy moron. Stop posting here you filthy twat

No. 370923

There is absolutely zero solid proof (with context) of anything said.

Micromanaging accounts to say nice things about you? OH NO, SOUND THE ALARMS. That sounds time-consuming as hell, and also who gives a fuck? I really don't. If she actually bought followers or something, yeah that's lame, but that is stuff that is boring because it doesn't affect anyone else. So I repeat: who gives a fuck? Only Dasha and her stans who believe her every fucking word. She could produce a MS Paint "quote" from Mina and they'd fucking believe it.

You're totally ignoring the fact Dasha repeatedly dug through Mina's phone in the first place, which we know is actual solid truth, and outright admitted to deleting Mina's instagram. All while pretending everything was fine while Mina was living there. That's fucking psychotic. Not to mention Dasha seems to know so much about this supposed follower app… that doesn't strike you as the pot calling the kettle black at all? If it is even true.

Sick of seeing stories spouted that have absolutely no proof and their source is Dasha. Fuck off with that or supply something relevant.

No. 370924

i actually read this whole voice in my head in dashas voice and only realised half way through kek

No. 370925

Wouldn't it be funny if that picture wasn't actually Minas phone and it was actually a photo of Putins phone and Putin made the accounts and left hate on her own pictures then invited Mina to LA so she could access her phone and delete her instagram and frame her when she eventually ran away from the nut job. I made all that up but because Dasha is such a nutcase it's believable lmao

I also don't understand the idubbbz thing for a number of reasons - he has a lot of fans I doubt one more would be bothersome, mina is pretty so it's not like she's an ugly stalker sending period blooded tampons through his letter box for his next unboxing video, why would he block her because someone said "haha mina has a crush on you :)"???? Like that shouldn't equal a block? Why would they "warn" him anyway? They 12 years old? I want proof because this could also be made up, I want solid PROOOOOOOOF

No. 370926

every time i check this thread i picture Cyr descending further and further into alcoholism. smh.

No. 370927

Dasha on Mina & the Fake-Accounts:

No. 370928

me too, anon. i feel like he just loved the idea of him and dascha, all the comments about how they looked like "The type of couple who murders together" like tbh she was just an aesthetic for him? and now she's really fucking his life up and bringing their laundry out into the public eye and he's really struggling with it

No. 370929

lol samefag Julia not fuckin dasha oml I still can't believe her name of all things is a lie

No. 370930

What i don't fucking understand is in the periscope she didn't say she hated mina or didn't blame her, it was all edwin. And now she's releasing all this stuff about mina???

No. 370931

Yeah, this is really strange. After all Mina apparently has done to her Dasha must have been really happy when they finally left.

…but she wasn´t? She seemed dissapointed especially in Mina in her persicope.

No. 370932

Yeah, I think the problem is not that people don't believe dasha, but that there is just something really off about dasha. Like some sort of hidden agenda? In the periscope she didnt say the reason Mina started hanging out with Edwin stemmed from these fake accounts, she blamed Edwin hard and said she wanted Mina back…. and now its a flip flop after all this time? After Edwin and Mina have been gone and just continuing to film vlogs and didn't speak much about cyr/dasha, I wonder what made dasha publicly say/show this stuff now? Also dasha seems overall wayyyy too excited about the drama and "exposing" and "hurr durr interweb detective" and airing dirty laundry publicly. I can't word it properly or put my finger on it, but dasha just seems like…. not a nice person? Or sketchy? Rude? Poking fun of things that are sensitive and enjoying it? Also dasha did that sketchy shit where she convinced cyr to kick out Edwin bc "cyr's bro said everyone but cyr had to leave" but wholetime she never left? And then behind Edwin's back, told Mina that when Edwin was gone she could have his room. And continued to lie about it +shitting on Edwin publicly with petty insults. Maybe Mina and dasha are both two faced bitches. But dasha certainly rubs people a worse way. The only people I feel 100% bad for are cyr and edwin. They were real best friends. And they let these females break up their lengthy friendship, which I don't think either of them wanted. Edwin was extremely upset, confused, and crying about their friendship being abruptly ending with no warning really. And cyr is going through his depression drinking thing hard now. I just don't get why cyr doesn't man up and stop dasha from airing all this laundry (while gloating about it), I mean that's the thing he has tried so hard not to do his whole YT career. He was always known for keeping his private life extremely private and was barely in the periscope, it really doesn't seem like this has his blessing, more like dasha forcing him into letting her do this, it's just all very weird and suspicious.

>this thread stinks of dasha and Mina self post BTW

>dasha's sh00pd instagram selfies are still lulz worthy… "I just do it bc I thinks it's funny!"

No. 370933

>she's literally a NEET trying to starfuck youtubers for a living. that's sad af.

Come on, Mina AND Dasha are both trying to starfuck youtubers. You can't say they're equally both cows, but only Mina is doing this. You think Dasha coincidently dated cyr because he's a "great guy"? If cyr wasn't a big youtuber she wouldn't give him the time of day. I'm not saying Mina isn't doing exactly the same. But Dasha and Mina are equally crazy and equally cows, equally fucking their way up the ladder and equally psycho and do sketchy shit left and right. The only difference is Mina seems nicer publicly (possibly super fake facade?) and threw it all away to support a smaller youtuber as a friend (which def doesnt benefit her as much as siding with cyr/dasha), but Dasha doesn't even TRY to cover up the fact she's salivating over being a bitch. I think that's why.

No. 370934

File: 1489522642026.png (336.08 KB, 509x674, mina_accounts.png)

posting these urls as the remaining accounts mina has up, as in they haven't been deleted yet.

for anyone out of the loop dasha did post proof of minas open phone/ follower app with troll accounts.

No. 370935

>this thread stinks of dasha and Mina self post BTW
There's a definite urge ITT to get back to the topic of Eurotrash coke whores when even Cyr or Edwin are mentioned.
Gotta keep their own names out there, I guess.

No. 370936

> equally psycho
are you fuckin srs rn
you're speaking on pure conjecture combined with things only dasha has said.

mina could be a cow but she is not producing milk and is keeping to herself. also that ian shit was never followed through whatsoever, so no1curr

No. 370937

This is super fucking sad. I saw this comment before Edwin commented. Damn that's fucked up.

No. 370938

on the most recent younow stream onion made with edwin guest starring, he actually mentioned how it was common for them to get into petty twitter fights and block each other. Only this time onion mentioned it was permanent and blames dasha

No. 370939

I have looked through cyr and minas tagged photos looking for shoops and such and I can confirm those accounts have been around for awhile now, especially the one's shipping cyr and mina.

I believe dasha about this but I don't think she's any better for letting her minions tear into mina for weeks. The fact she only came out with the proof makes me believe she kept it hidden because she didn't want to admit to deleting minas instagram.

tl;dr mina is as crazy as dasha

No. 370940

File: 1489524424204.png (Spoiler Image,154.39 KB, 252x432, mina_unshooped.PNG)

No. 370941

File: 1489524486283.png (Spoiler Image,138.53 KB, 250x432, mina_unshooped2.PNG)

she got a makeover over the years. I say videos are the most accurate to see what dasha and mina really look like without editing or filters.

No. 370942

Mina has lots of "old" (before kawaii) pics on her twitter – she looked really good imo. I don´t understand why these girls are so much in this wig & kawaii stuff when they looked beautiful before that. Why not go more natural when you look THIS good…?

No. 370943

because it's not aesthetic and doesn't gain followers

No. 370944

Agreed, anon. It's extremely suspicious. She was very angry and upset during the periscope but only at Edwin. It doesn't really add up to me, although I do believe the fake account thing but don't really care cause it's not a big deal. I don't think dasha is the innocent victim either, she's just hiding something.

No. 370945

to be fair in the beginning she said she was going to be "fair" and only talk about them leaving possibly hinting towards not mentioning the instagram shit.

I mean if she did talk about it she would have to admit to deleting the insta which is very shitty

No. 370946

Just had a look at Edwin's twitter and dashas minions are so pathetic. They love to kiss dashas ass I'm sure they earned points from their kween for this

No. 370947

I hope it's only Julia and her minions that think she and Mina are both "equally cows"
Having fake followers only warrants a quick pitiful laugh. It's not equivalent to starting a hate tirade against a girl that more or less doesn't respond.

No. 370948

At this point dasha is coming out as the who looks bad, she is obsessed with Mina and Edwin and can't let shit go. What Mina did was pretty pathetic but whatever, she's in love with herself so is dasha. You can tell she loves all the attention and sympathy she gets

No. 370949

Samefagging but dasha can't stand when this thread isn't kissing her ass so her little group of underage minions show up every once in a while

No. 370950

Dasha is such an attention whore!

No. 370951

File: 1489543930962.png (82.4 KB, 750x411, IMG_3248.PNG)

I'm so triggered. These idiots need some toner or just a purple shampoo, I'm… shocked

No. 370952

I also bet she kept it hidden because it's shady as fuck that she was snooping on Mina's phone. I believe the accounts are real but find it really unlikely that mina just happened to leave her phone laying around unlocked with the app conveniently open.

No. 370953


As a professional, her hair is too dark for a toner to work. She said she was going to gradually lighten it to decrease the damage, which is smart. She'll just have to deal with the weird color for a few weeks. He could definitely use one though.

No. 370954

Wrong, you could put a wells t18 on that and get a nice ashy blond/dishwater blond. She couldn't go platinum but she could definitely cancel out that ginger. Also speaking as a professional who sees this bs all the time because people use shitty boxed bleach over black hair and think they won't end up with a ginger mess.

No. 370955


No. 370956

she wants icy blonde not dishwater blonde (: She'd have to bleach it again to get those results, but yes.. she should have used a stripper first.

No. 370957

> it's only Julia and her minions that think she and Mina are both "equally cows"
I can't really be convinced otherwise. It sure is coincidence how suddenly we have all these posts saying Mina is "just as crazy" now that Dasha openly admitted to deleting the Instagram and can't play angel anymore. boo hoo.

Precisely. This recent influx of Mina-hate has absolutely nothing of substance and nothing new to back it up, so it's completely illogical for it to suddenly be a thing unless those people were already anti-Mina (and it's not like they're wording it as "everyone involved in this sucks" - no, they're specifically trying to pick out Mina and say "she's psycho too").

I don't care what Mina did on Instagram. I don't care about the Ian thing. If any of that is even true. None of that even sounds crazy, especially when put alongside Dasha's skin-wearing phone-snooping manipulative behavior.

Why she has stans at all is beyond me.

No. 370958

none of the mina shit sounds crazy?

lets be real, if dasha had stalked and edited photos of mina and edwin for months you all would be calling her cr-

oh wait, dasha and her minions did edit photos of mina for WEEKS and you all already called her crazy.
How come mina gets a free pass for this shit? I'm not a putin fan but mina hasn't even told her side and there's already dirt on her manipulative bullshit

No. 370959

Where is the proof that Mina (definitively her, too) stalked and edited photos etc etc?

And there are plenty of reasons we call Dasha crazy. The photo editing was mostly regarded as petty and immature to be fair. Plenty of other craziness on the Dasha end.

No. 370960

Nobody is saying dasha isn't crazy, did you not see the edits from the last thread and the edits from her sockpuppet accounts on this thread? She's been doing this for months.

Cyr clearly has a thing for crazy cunts.

No. 370961

Even if there was proof that she edited pics, she stopped a long ass time ago. I give her a free pass precisely because she dropped all the drama and is pretty graciously moving on from Julia
-stealing her boyfriend
-deleting her pics over a period of time, a very manipulative tactic
-having her phone and privacy violated
I don't know why this has to be explained so many times. Editing photos of a girl who stole your boyfriend is way less psycho than editing photos of your boyfriends ex! Yeah we would have way more milk if Mina told her story but she hasn't and I respect her for it

No. 370962

File: 1489562716919.png (191.37 KB, 504x369, ripedqin.PNG)

1) there is proof… i don't know why you are denying the facts. Are you literally not following the thread?
2) nobody steals a man if they left, sorry but cyr has been greasy for years
3)fawnie, charlie, and trash along with other minions edited most photos while dasha sit back and watched, mina on the other hand has actually sock puppetted and made edits on her own. Cringey ass edits too for fucks sake.
4) yeah mina did a good job of damage control but literally stop whiteknighting and acting like this isn't margo levels of delusional.
> Editing photos of a girl who stole your boyfriend is way less psycho than editing photos of your boyfriends ex!

No. 370963

Cringey, I agree but I wouldn't go so far as to call it "Margo level delusion."
But you're right, my bad for the whiteknighting

No. 370964

>nobody steals a man if they left, sorry but cyr has been greasy for years
wat. I'm not saying dash is completely to blame, but it takes two to cheat, so her and cyr definitely were scummy together. Just because it turned into an LDR doesn't make it ok to just fuck someone else.
>fawnie, charlie, and trash along with other minions edited most photos while dasha sit back and watched, mina on the other hand has actually sock puppetted and made edits on her own. Cringey ass edits too for fucks sake.
She definitely egged them on in their group chat, plus liking and reposting the edits they did is definitely not sitting back and watching. Giving them info and ideas is also no sitting back. And in regards to mina's edits, from what I saw the edits were her and cyr, there were no edits made of dasha. She made snide comments about dasha but definitely didn't post edited pictures (from the sockpuppet accounts I saw).

I'm not saying mina is completely innocent, she definitely did shitty stuff too but acting like she's delusional and as crazy as putin is incorrect imo.

No. 370965

File: 1489602438485.png (137.09 KB, 537x363, Hmmm.png)

From edwin's twitter

No. 370966

imo it's pretty psycho to make edits of yourself and the dude you dated for two weeks after you guys break up and tag yourself and him in the edits. Hating on the your ex's ex/his new girl is pretty standard, though Dasha got way too obsessive with the Mina memes. They're both batshit. You can hate Dasha more for being obsessive and copying Mina's aesthetic (though let's be real what instagram """"alternative model"""" doesn't wear wigs and have that fake cutesy but still wannabe kinky forest fairy personality noawadays) but Mina shouldn't get a free pass for not outright saying anything other than the "I have an agenda" jokes.

No. 370967

if the dude started dating someone behind your back I'd say no, that's far from psycho. that's an emotional 19 year old.

psycho is driving your boyfriend apart from his friends, isolating him so you are his only influence.

No. 370968

The timestamps are also accurate, those cringey sockpuppets were around before dasha knew mina. It makes sense because mina has been obsessed with youtuber fame for awhile now and it's really fucking weird. (maritza and pewds, idubbz, poppy)

If you check Edwins latest vlog you can see Mina's made a youtube channel, Edwin is licking onisions ass in younow.
I really don't think Mina's silence is due to grace, I think it's because she isn't the type of person to directly own up to shit (like dasha, cyr, and other twitter friends have said).
Dasha is clearly an aggressive bully but Mina gives me more of a manipulative vibe where she keeps her head down when things get too hot.
I think that after being caught with the hate accounts the tension started and mina started tagging along edwin. I think she used his current housing/rent issues to ensure she has someone on her side and it's fucked up because Edwin is a gullible moron. I think they both disliked dasha and that's what brought them together the most but there really isn't much edwin can offer her. I say in about a year she'll forget about him.

No. 370969

File: 1489618203091.png (63.65 KB, 260x215, Bildschirmfoto 2017-03-15 um 2…)

…fun´s over?

No. 370970

But the tension didn't last for that long between them, they made up and Mina was offered Edwin's room.

No. 370971

the memory of Dasha sycophants doesn't go back that far. it only goes back to her latest version of events.

No. 370972

why do people equate criticism of edwin and mina to asslicking dasha? We've already established she's a crazy bitch.

I don't know if anyone's seen this but you can tell cyr is depressed as fuck with putin and the greasepartment.

No. 370973

It's been posted a few times.
He looks and acts somewhat methy but ok we'll go for alcoholism.

No. 370974

Dasha said he stopped drinking now

No. 370975

File: 1489624464721.png (613.98 KB, 671x617, trash.PNG)

after everything trash doesn't quit

No. 370976


Dear god Mina looks haggard af.

No. 370977

Emotional 19 year old would be angrily subtweeting Dasha and Cyr (which she did) but not making lovey edits of her and Cyr living in a house together and comparing them to celebrity couples. That's pretty creepy. Different types of psycho, Dasha's is angry screeching and being obsessive and Mina's is underhanded plots and schemes.

Acknowledging that Mina is fucking insane too doesn't make Dasha any less insane. Everyone in this situation fucking sucks. You don't have to be up Dasha's ass to see Mina's a psycho just like you don't have to be up Mina's ass to see Dasha's one too, and Cyr's clearly fucking useless and Edwin's just honestly fucking dumb. Reminds me of those swagfags from middle school.

No. 370978

because of everything that's taken place in the threads on this topic up until now.

i think the thread will become more balanced or die as soon as the true dasha minions stop shitting up the conversation.

No. 370979

File: 1489624866349.png (48.16 KB, 668x303, lol.PNG)

does this confirm mina lurks

No. 370980

Dasha said it? Must be true then.

No. 370981

File: 1489625039901.png (40.83 KB, 750x198, IMG_9578.PNG)

No. 370982

I see more accusations of people being Dasha minions than legitimate "Mina is evil Dasha is pure!!!1!1!111!!" shitting up the thread in the past few days tbh

No. 370983

File: 1489625235552.png (92.55 KB, 503x605, trashh.PNG)

trash is becoming a cow herself at this point. Dasha and cyr don't look good standing behind this

No. 370984

where are all dasha's prepubescent followers obsessed with intimigreating

No. 370985

oops *why

No. 370986

Who the fuck is Kaija?

No. 370987

No. 370988

Ok, then I must have missed somewhere of any proof that Dasha DIDN'T edit photos (I find it a little sus you say her minions "edited most photos"), and proof that Mina actually sockpuppeted etc? Afaik all we had were Dasha claims and inconclusive screenshots and that photo of the phone showing… a list of Instagrams? Ok?

And you're completely glossing over Dasha deleting Mina's pictures at a constant random basis and then Mina's entire Instagram.

Mina did no "damage control" that I am aware of.

Cyr's his own dude, the consensus generally seems to be that he's scum but Dasha is making him worse (severing all ties to other people is classic abusive behavior).

> Cringey ass edits too for fucks sake.

might this be your bias showing?

Also why the picture of Edwin and Onion? Old news but it doesn't have anything to do with Mina. Edwin should kiss Greg's ass less (that is, not at all) but from what I did watch, they mostly talked about Dasha and Cyr (and Greg, so much about Greg), not about Mina.

No. 370989

After Trash is done having a rampage on twitter about Mina and Edwin she should ask cyr and dasha for money for a nose job

No. 370990

I assume she allows her fangirls to do her dirty work when she reblogs shitty edits from trash and charlie.

I never ignored dasha deleting minas instagram lol that's why i theorized she barley came out with the photo of minas phone because doing so would also prove she had the means and motive to delete the instagram.
She already admitted to it but it was fucking obvious.

No. 370991

seriously wtf is up with her skin. drink some water or something.

No. 370992

she looks quite worse for wear
keep in mind though she did just get her wisdom teeth out and could be quite run down from that

or maybe living with her ex and an manipulative psychopath has taken its toll on her

No. 370993

A diet of nothing but avocado sushi probably isn't offering her much nutrition either.

No. 370994

Wrong, hair needs to be a level 8-11 to tone and hers isn't. Toner is a sheer semi perm color, not an actual dye. Since you obviously didn't go to school, stay in your Sally beauty lane.

No. 370995

File: 1489653440103.png (Spoiler Image,2.73 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170316-013441.png)

I think she's back in arizona or LA.

No. 370996

This is what surrounding yourself with 16 year olds will get you, Putinka

No. 370997

Cyr's been looking haggard since he started dating Dasha so I don't see why Mina would be any different. Putin is soul sucking.
That or having to deal with late twenties Edwin acting like a 15 year old scene boy and pretend she's friends with him is super tiring kek

No. 370998

Uh… she does look like this, it's just a different light/angle + weirdly drawn on freckles.

No. 370999


LOL because Mina was forced against her will to fly to LA and live with them. Right. This is what being a fame hungry person will do to you. It wears you down.

No. 371000

File: 1489685216723.png (117.69 KB, 640x861, IMG_9893.PNG)

Or Edwin's sent it to her

No. 371001

Agreed. Think she also hasn't used concealer, foundation or edited the photo either

No. 371002

Did she mean to make it look like she has some kind of skin condition with those big dark brown circles she drew all over her face?

No. 371003

No she's reunited with Edwin, he posted a new pic on his insta saying so!

No. 371004

She loves to draw freckles that are so obviously fake. But definitely doesn't help how she looks like a corpse in that photo

No. 371005

File: 1489735498320.png (284.1 KB, 456x695, edwintwitter.PNG)

I find it so easy to believe putinka chuckled about ruining his life

No. 371006

File: 1489738295878.png (837.33 KB, 1440x1079, 20170317_011041.png)


Can everyone imagine putin smirking on the counter like this?

No. 371007

File: 1489738394095.png (2.05 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170316-193906.png)

No. 371008

That's the stuff of nightmares anon

No. 371009

I remember her smirking during the periscope as well. What a literal psychopath.

No. 371010

Same it rubbed me the wrong way when she was smiling when cyr was talking about losing his best friend. I was like you fucking psychotic bitch! i got a bad vibe from her the first time cyr posted a pic of her on twitter. I could just tell she was no good and had bad intentions just from a photo of her face. can't wait for her to get hers

No. 371011

No. 371012

I mean she's only looked haggard since she left them, she's always been fame hungry. Mina looks haggard because she's been subject to constant online slandering from someone she once potentially considered a friend. Jesus christ she's not a saint by any means but let's not kid ourselves on why she looks like shit after being harassed by her exes psycho girlfriend.

No. 371013

Whoa Edwin dodged a bullet. I wonder how many times she's threatened to ruin Cyr's life. Explains a lot about why he's with her.

No. 371014

I like how dasha writes this kind of behaviour off as 'hurt' I don't know any normal people who say shit like this. Bitch is psychotic

No. 371015

LOL sorry but she never looked good without filters.

Before Edwin's post I was actually giving Dasha the benefit of the doubt but wow she is literally insane.

No. 371016

>>371013 he's probably still with her because he's terrified to leave her and is worried what kind of info she would share with the world if he did. or he's just an asshole who gets off by her ruining the lives of one time friends.

No. 371017


Well, no shit she would fuck him up. Edwin should have not fucked around with Mina knowing full well Mina was with Cyr/Dasha. The guy is merely highlighting his part of the story and clearly not owning up to shit. He's an idiot.

No. 371018

No but really it wouldn't be hard to imagine. I bet shes one of those girls who threaten to kill themselves when a guy leaves them.

No. 371019

Dasha said in the periscope that she didn't care about Mina going to Edwin and that she just would've liked a heads up.

No. 371020

File: 1489773281264.png (1.04 MB, 1044x749, dddd.png)

she's back in arizona, with edwin im assuming. made an instagram for her stuffed animal kek:

"I'm Littol Robert! This my first pix! I'm only a littol girl korilkkuma pls follow me and watch me grow n go on cute adventures - I'm at the pool. I can't sweem !!! ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ"

Kindof weird but whatever maybe some people think its cute

No. 371021

yeah mina is pretty but there are so many pretty white girls in LA trying to get into modeling. Putin has more ~unique~ facial features and without filters looks good.

Mina was never friends with dasha, she was "plotting" but even if Dasha claims to believe they were really friends I call bullshit. I'm pretty sure they've hated each other from the very start lol

No. 371022


They insinuate that they (Edwin & Mina) have never had sex. If this is true I'm not quite sure why Mina lives with (and came back to) Edwin, even as a friend, especially when Edwin lives with his family.

No. 371023

I mean I believe Edwin whiteknighted for mina 100%. Mina doesn't seem like the person to own up to anything.
I do think Mina is taking advantage of Edwin though, he's clearly desperate for someone to hold on to.

No. 371024

This is fucking weird..

No. 371025

http://instagram.com/minababyfokses Trashas gang of minions created this insta for Mina

No. 371026

Pretty sure its that charlie faggot

No. 371027

Also it's amazing to see that Putinkas fans are all basically wannabe clones. If you go through their pictures it's all dark hair with side bangs, emphasized/false lashes, red lips and minimal other makeup filtered to shit and back.

No. 371028

Her fans are just a bunch of insecure teenagers who want validation from dasha so they do things like this. It's quite sad

No. 371029


I'm pretty sure they've done things together. Don't they share the same bed even? If they aren't sleeping together that's some weird shit.

No. 371030

File: 1489782379325.jpg (75.53 KB, 797x534, cdd.JPG)

Dasha, stop being such a cunt my god

No. 371031

File: 1489782529713.jpg (125.97 KB, 814x558, cddd.JPG)

No. 371032

Why does she want so badly to be the bitch in this situation? Great catch, Cyr.

No. 371033

Shes such a cunt and a hypocrite. also love how she's allowed to speak about the situation but no one else is. I wonder if Edwin has any proof against trasha but is scared to release is cause she's fucking crazy

No. 371034

also, why would a dasha hate account post this https://www.instagram.com/p/BM7abSNhM9H/?taken-by=babyfokses
saying that she 'loves' dasha? Ok

No. 371035

This gives me the worst secondhand embarrassment.

No. 371036

On snapchat Mina had a vid of her walking away from the camera (which I assume Edwin is holding) with the stuffed animal and a red ass cheek saying "Robert spanked me" so I assume they're fuckin? Aside from that Edwin being in any sexual situation with his slenderman lil body makes me want to die

No. 371037

File: 1489789089692.png (797.65 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170317-151553.png)

Mina posted this

No. 371038

File: 1489789158546.png (362.59 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170317-151715.png)

That person is lindsay, apparently used to be friends with dasha but let me get the tea bc this is gold.

No. 371039

oooh good find Anon. i wouldn't be surprised if Putin has a truckload of ex-friends she's bullied like this.

No. 371040


All I got from that was: "I refuse to own up to my bullshit until I'm ready."

No. 371041

She's saying that it's all lies and that she has proof. I don't know how she will refute the fake accounts tho

No. 371042

Yeah lyndsay was discussed in the other thread, dasha stopped be friends w her because she apparently hit on Vincent too much (she answered this on her old curious cat before she deleted it)

No. 371043


This Lindsay chick is something extra, you can tell when someone is just adding more fuel to the fire. These people need to grow up.

No. 371044

Probably. The only reason this thread is still active is because dasha and Mina refuse to talk to each other and keep posting this shit on Instagram/snapchat/twitter instead.

No. 371045

Shes just supporting mina because she used to be friends with dasha. She isn't starting shit and she didn't even comment on her main account.

Putin on the other hand hasn't stopped with the constant harassment with trash and her minions.

Dasha says lindsay flirted too much woth cyr even though they most likely had a threesome (cyrs tumblr sort of hinted).

No. 371046

http://instagram.com/mouljaboy Dasha is eating up this shit

No. 371047

https://mobile.twitter.com/thingsminabsays This even made a twitter account wow

No. 371048

File: 1489822601899.png (3.73 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170317-231703.png)

She really overlines her lips

No. 371049

Dasha, don't try to change the topic. No one cares about Mina's overlined lips right now, we're currently discussing how much of an asshat you are. Come back when you've grown up and deleted these cringy "Mina fan accounts". We totally gonna roast her as soon as you stop being an even bigger embarrassment.
Also your lips are the same level of disgusting as hers,sit your ass down

I still don't understand what "horrible things" Mina has done to be honest. Mina doesn't really have to own up to something, as far as I'm concerned.

No. 371050

If that is her real hair, she should probably consider to shave it all off. Looks like tumbleweed.

No. 371051

I must admit it's really funny to see putin go crazy the minute Mina made a small Instagram post that didn't have any proof and that's all it took for Putin to break. She had re-uploaded the Mina evidence video again to Instagram, constantly posts those screenshots of her fake accounts. It's funnier than Minas cringe ass fake accounts at this point.

No. 371052

File: 1489827986050.jpg (147.95 KB, 1076x730, _20170318_100438.JPG)

She's still going on about these insignificant fake accounts, acting like she didn't do way worse things

No. 371053

File: 1489828182867.jpg (198.54 KB, 1080x1381, _20170318_100804.JPG)

No. 371054

Eh? I think that is pretty unique
at least she didn't wear someone's skin
(Psstt.. i am not her fans or dasha's fans)

No. 371055

This bitch thrives off the drama, is this the only way she can get fans? how sad

No. 371056


yeah, mina is shit at makeup. she's alright looking when it isn't much, but other than that she has no fucking clue what she's doing

No. 371057

Maybe they are fucking (somehow i doubt it) but they have on numerous occasions emphasized just being friends.

If they are fucking it's probably a hurt/comfort sort of relationship and those usually don't end well.

No. 371058

That's the thing with the fake accounts, there's not really any hate like trasha claims. The accounts are just cringey and fucking sad but I don't see any bashing trasha the way she's been doing to Mina so

No. 371059

Same. She needs a dog or something, that just seems too lonely

No. 371060


Wow why does she purposefully make herself unattractive? Those random ass photoshoots which were more than likely shot by Edwin's perv ass seem useless.

No. 371061


She's been playing that Dragon Age game and binge watching shows. She could also complete her thesis. IDK she's honestly got the best of both worlds right now while Mina's stuck with Edwin in AZ (who wants that?). If I were Dasha I'd forget about them and continue to live my life in an artsy studio apartment and shit. Go volunteer at a shelter, pick up a hobby. Quit wasting your time, kid.

No. 371062

File: 1489853565632.png (81.82 KB, 517x336, Same phonecase.png)

Source: P.u.l.l
Same wig… same clothes… same phone case (?)

No. 371063


Dasha used her own phone to take the photo of Mina's phone. Wtf is she gonna use Mina's phone to take a photo of her own lmfao what logic is this.

No. 371064

She could have used cyrs phone lol its not impossible

No. 371065

Cyr snapchat says he's working at a coffee house today. Wonder if he isn't making enough yt bank?

No. 371066

it's probably nice for him to get away from Putin for a while.

No. 371067

You realize how fucking retarded you sound when you immediately accuse everyone of being putin?

No. 371068

Fucking this. Mina did make cringey accounts and harass cyr and dasha under sock puppets but how is what dasha is doing any different? >>371062
I believe the sock puppet account shit is real atm. Hopefully mina owns up to it or brings something else to explain this shit but she doesn't deserve this ammount of harassment.

Dasha and her minions need to get the fuck over it. This isn't highschool.

No. 371069

Awh, someone got the minababyfokses account taken down. I wonder who could of dunnit! (Not a mina stan, I actually dislike her, I just hate Julia more and ruining her fun is A+ entertainment). Kek

No. 371070


It's okay, anon. Me thinks this might be a biased Mina fan projecting their own experiences into the whole "Cyr cheating on Mina with that whore Dasha how dare she!!!" incident.

No. 371071

There are enough edits on each account for a good report on every account (harassment, bullying).

What does dasha even want from all of this?

No. 371072

Can someone post the accounts to report? I've reported hundreds of spam pages over the years so instagram usually takes my reports seriously and swiftly deletes the pages.

No. 371073

File: 1489871328989.png (622.81 KB, 732x495, dashaphone2.PNG)

it appears they do have the same phone case but I can't see the back side of dasha's phone. Note the bunny ears

No. 371074

File: 1489871355839.png (383.44 KB, 609x384, minaphone2.PNG)

mina's case

No. 371075

File: 1489871382914.png (567.76 KB, 779x430, phones.PNG)

dasha is using a different case in this photo

No. 371076

File: 1489871402513.png (549.72 KB, 820x447, otherphonecase.PNG)

No. 371077

Can we just accept the fact that it was Mina's phone and she just won't own up to her shit. I mean the evidence stuff is entertaining to read but it's also very reaching. All Mina has to do is admit it and apologize, but she won't.

No. 371078


lol ok putin cry more and go to your minions to make more edits

No. 371079

All Julia has to do is get the fuck over it and get a life. But she won't.

No. 371080

okay but the fact it's mina's phone doesn't change the fact she's being harassed to an extreme. Dasha wants to cry "but she left hate comments :((" but now she's doing the exact same shit. Mina moved on and so should she.
The lack of self awareness makes her look worse out of everyone. You wonder why mina looks like an innocent angel? Look at the way dasha is handling things

No. 371081

>keeps sperging about mina making fake accounts
>has her followers make fake accounts for mina/pretending to be a mina fan and eggs them on and likes them

wew pot meet kettle

No. 371082

You've got to have a pretty sad life if all you do is devote yours to ruining someone else's… Dasha/Julia is a sad excuse for a human being!

No. 371083

People are calling Dasha out on her latest instagram post. She is actually obsessed at this point. If you go to her Twitter rn it's so many smug gifs and edited screenshots of texts about Mina & Edwin. Her whole timeline is drama and her whole ig feed is her dressed up as Mina. Get a fucking life.

No. 371084


Do you ever think before you speak? You look like an idiot accusing everyone of being Dasha.

No. 371085

Dasha won't stop until she's turned everyone against them. she needs everyone to be on her side and will do whatever she can (harassment, bullying) to convince people she's in the right

No. 371086


It's really so sad for her to keep doing this. Mina has about half the amount of followers and is lucky to even get six tweets on a post of hers. It's obvious she's gonna waste away in AZ getting played around by Edwin until he finds someone else to hang with. I mean let's be real Mina was never meant to make it big in LA, all Dasha really has to do is build a bridge and fucking get over it.

No. 371087

File: 1489881711860.png (1.42 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170318-170041.png)

On her story

No. 371088

File: 1489881792868.png (1.61 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170318-170056.png)

No. 371089

Oh my god when will she stop going on about this, im getting fucking sick of seeing her talk about it. Jesus Christ

No. 371090

She is terribly blind to how bad it makes her look to be so pathologically obsessed with proving a point that doesn't exist. Goddamn Putin, nobody gives a shit.

No. 371091

We get it, she made the accounts it's embarrassing and sad, she got what she deserved and she's stuck with a loser with no job. now shut the fuck up. I almost feel sorry for cyr she's probably talking about it non stop.

No. 371092

I also don't understand what Dasha wants at this point. They're not talking. Mina has left. They seemingly share no mutual friends. She obviously won't take an apology. Does she want to bully her to suicide our of revenge or something?

No. 371093

File: 1489928403001.png (172.86 KB, 750x979, IMG_9621.PNG)

I'm still confused as to where the hate from the fake accounts is? how is making Instagram and twitter accounts bullying Mina better? She's so fucking delusional I'm actually concerned. bitch you sound like a psychopath yourself

No. 371094

Yeah I don't get it either. The fake accounts never spoke bad about Dasha. Hell, they even complimented her and called her pretty. But I guess Mina complimenting herself and making immature edits about her and cyr is THE WORST CRIME SHE MUST APOLOGIZE WHAT A PSYCHO

No. 371095

Exactly! . Also it's fucking sad if you ask your fans to make hate accounts for someone because you're sad about them making fake accounts… like???? She's gone about this all the wrong way

No. 371096

Summary on Insta (nothing new)

No. 371097

File: 1489941457086.gif (1.81 MB, 360x240, tumblr_mjqfaawPrO1rhv0fmo1_400…)

Lol she talks like Natasha from ANTM

No. 371098

Putin aside, what is Mina going to do in AZ being broke af with Edwin? Is she going to live there in a cramped up house with his family forever? TBH she was better off staying in Britain coz all she does now is random af photoshoots and all we ever see her is when she's outside of his place. Seems tragic tbh.

No. 371099

I think they both have plans to move to LA again, so they're probably looking for a place together? Which would still be a disaster.

No. 371100

> im smart

fucking kek
Idk Dash you seem pretty stupid how you won't just drop it. Whenever I have fallen out with people, even best friends I will maybe mention it publicly for a day, a week at a push… how many months has it been? You would think Mina murdered Putins family but all she did was make fake accounts in the past of her and her boyfriend at the time (yes Putin it was Minas boyfriend first until you did your Putin pussy magic on her boyfriend and stole him for yourself) and run away from a stressful household (living with a person you can't trust who clearly hates you, who deleted your IG accounts and went through your phone) which they would have had to leave anyway. Imagine if Edwin and Mina told Dasha before they left? I imagine she would have gone crazy or guilted them in to staying. If all these dates are back in december when she announced the fake accounts to cyr then why the hell did she live with her for several more weeks then get upset that she left? Why is Putin one minute "crying" that she was hurt Mina left then the next making out Mina was problematic to live with and she knew she was a snake all along, which is it? I've said it before and I will say it again, there is NO WAY mina left her phone unlocked ON the app while drunk, who does that kind of shit while drunk. As for unlocked, she wouldn't leave it open on the app anyway knowing Dasha could find out the "truth" if she saw it. When my friends phones are left unlocked I don't even look at the screen, let alone see what they are up to, take photos etc. Most iphones auto lock so how quickly did you go in to the bathroom after her? Quit lying, you knew her passcode and rummaged through her phone looking for shit because you never liked her, occasionally you'd also unlock her phone to delete her instagram photos if they were more popular than yours until you eventually deleted the whole account. If Mina did leave her phone unlocked that's because she trusted you Putin, and you stabbed her in the back, you're the OG snake in this situation. If you had dropped this drama within a week of it happening you'd still have majority support, but you dug yourself a whole and are now burying yourself in it.

>tldr: u dun goofd

No. 371101

Agree with her knowing the passcode to mina's phone, especially because Mina said whoever is deleting her photos has access to her pws and that is definitely trasha. Also it not sure what compelled her to ''expose' Mina as they had made up and she wanted her to stay, even offering her a room. The only person she wanted gone was Edwin. Even after the fake account thing

No. 371102

File: 1489993492941.png (48.07 KB, 750x302, IMG_9627.PNG)

No. 371103

File: 1489993512470.png (84.05 KB, 750x606, IMG_9629.PNG)

Trash is hilarious

No. 371104

just read this whole thread and it really seems that Dasha is fucked in the head crazy ass bitch …

I feel sorry for Cyr.

I still hate Mina more though lol. She's just so annoying and super-boring, like what does she even do besides fapping to avocado sushi?

No. 371105

I've been lurking in this thread for a while but I don't have 100% knowledge. I've been wondering - do either of these girls actually model, like for a living? or is it instagram posing only?

No. 371106

Mina did something with diesel i think (correct me if wrong) and putin is the poster child for communism… other than that, no, they are basically instathots

No. 371107

so you can pay the rent with 'likes'. good to know

No. 371108

not when cyr can pay the rent instead

No. 371109

…which he can´t, why his brother had to sign the lease…haha.

No. 371110

File: 1490024165209.jpg (8.72 KB, 236x230, 1472004834943.jpg)

>and putin is the poster child for communism
Damn, you got me off guard

No. 371111

If you dig you can find old actual fashion shoots for both. Mina seems to have been a more legitimate model in the UK while Dasha did a lot of indie/art hoe brands back when she first moved to LA. Since she's been with cyr it's been practically nonexistant as far as I've seen other than shitty online companies that do like, alien croptops and shit (basically tumblr tier modelling which every girl and their friend does nowadays)

Both are idiots to pander to the tumblr aesthetic and throw away actual modeling careers.

No. 371112

File: 1490029671093.png (189.22 KB, 540x636, Feels.png)

No. 371113

Looks like Mina was an aspiring actress:

No. 371114

>5' 8" (1m 73cm)
>7st. 0lb. (44kg)

No. 371115

File: 1490035886970.png (90.49 KB, 640x782, IMG_9963.PNG)

No. 371116

I think she added some centimeters like a lot of models do, and detracted some kgs.

No. 371117

Mina is 5'6 according to one of the Q&A videos on Dasha's twitter.

No. 371118

mixed race????

No. 371119

a.k.a. wants-to-be-asian

No. 371120

File: 1490047868012.png (307.36 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170320-151045.png)


No. 371121

So Mina does have a degree (just a very useless one).

No. 371122

Edwin just dropped a vlog talking about the drama and it's effect with Mina from like 8:35. Refused to mention Dasha by name but a direct quote from Edwin was "we were very much emotionally abused."

No. 371123

Waiting for dasha to unleash after she watches this

No. 371124

He looks really annoyed in a lot of Dashas snapchats but I think he stays with her because she is hot and thinks he's in love.

No. 371125

I'm sure Dasha will lose her fucking shit (again) due to this and continue to prove their point about emotional abuse like the retard she is.

No. 371126

so honestly is it just me or is mina's accent really weird? like i lived all over england during around 7 years and i've never met anyone with mina's accent. idk it's just a weird accent it doesnt sound very british if that makes sense?? idk i could be wrong tho tbh

No. 371127

It's funny bc dasha thinks she is justified in her harrassment and bullying

No. 371128


Mina is vegan but is 100% A-OK with doing these awkward photoshoots with taxidermy animals? Uhhh ok.

No. 371129

maybe you should stop using tumblr. tons of naturalists and vegans own and enjoy taxidermy. people who think animals are specifically killed to be turned into taxidermy are retarded. usually its just roadkill or animals who died of natural causes. better than having the animal uselessly rotting in the ground.

No. 371130

Lmfao ok anon, appreciate the expert advice

No. 371131

Idk she said her accent changes depending on who she is speaking with, like British w baits, more american w american etc. Might be bullshit but eh?

>sage cus no1 cares

No. 371132

Anon is right though. Its usually not a problem if its roadkill etc.

No. 371133

lol edwin told her not to show her vagina

No. 371134

File: 1490121932582.png (26.34 KB, 530x107, Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 18.4…)

the SWFing continues

No. 371135


I thought Mina said she was tired of talking about it in Edwin's vlog. Who the fuck cares about the clothes, gurl you have bigger issues to deal with.

No. 371136

Why won't dasha and Mina ever solve their issues privately it's so fucking embarrassing. You're both grown ass women jfc

No. 371137

Putin modeled for Valfre and before all this did some super shady porno shoots

Mina models for…edwin i guess. kek.

No. 371138

File: 1490163160485.png (117.96 KB, 750x1126, IMG_9669.PNG)

Is this a dig at Mina? Trasha is petty af

No. 371139

Who is that in the pic? I get that Dasha shoops but this doesn't even resemble her

No. 371140

It's her friend Simon. She dressed him to look like her she says on her twitter

No. 371141

File: 1490164514716.png (206.96 KB, 535x706, 2017-03-22 13.30.20.png)


No. 371142

File: 1490164619364.jpg (37.04 KB, 480x480, Kenna.jpg)

No. 371143

is this the result from the little peep that came out of mina? look at her throwing a tantrum on twitter and instagram over a dumb ass tweet….crazy bitch

No. 371144

Yup. She is crazy bitch

No. 371145

File: 1490175425591.png (46.18 KB, 721x121, Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 8.18…)

No. 371146

What is this whiteknighting? I'd be pissed too if the leader of Russia stole my style.

No. 371147


She literally looks just like Mina now.. Both girls are crazy but Dasha is so trashy and obnoxious that I can't understand how she still has stans.

No. 371148

Yeah it seems kinda petty but like…. imagine if the girl your boyfriend left you for starting acting like a psychotic bitch and basically tries to be you to the point of even stealing your clothes

I'd do much more than just post some sly tweets about her and stay quiet about everything else.. She either has a lot of restraint/maturity or she knows she's in the wrong/can't disprove Dasha's claims

No. 371149

File: 1490190148306.jpg (116.31 KB, 1200x606, dasha.jpg)

okay Dasha.
(pic left 2 days old; pic right 1 day old)

No. 371150


IDGI, why do we have to wait for them to debunk it? This isn't some cleverly put together CSI project, you either did you didn't. You have proof, show it. It's simple.

No. 371151


Honest to god, they dated for like two whole weeks. This wasn't like Cyr and Mina were in a six year committed relationship together. Yeah he probably cheated, and he's an asshole no doubt. Dasha was in the wrong for stealing him. But honestly? Sly tweets are stupid, it clearly shows that neither Mina nor Dasha have moved on yet. I wouldn't be surprised if Vincent and Edwin made up and they would still be fuming.

IDK about stealing her clothes. If Mina was so concerned about it, she should have taken it with her when she left?

No. 371152

Mina's shoulders are giving me Ashley Isaacs vibes.

No. 371153

Dash even opened her mouth the same way, oh my gosh.

No. 371154

File: 1490199616602.jpg (62.73 KB, 697x84, juststop.jpg)

kek sure dash

No. 371155

Damn Dasha wants to wear Mina's skin. She's so try hard it's off putting. Even if Mina is wrong, the way she's handling this proves how much more mature she is.

No. 371156


WTF Dasha is honestly terrifying.

No. 371157


Well at least Dasha had enough sense to not copy the gross lash liner goop under the eyes. Seriously, just glue gems under your eyes instead.

No. 371158

holy shit that is chilling. the earrings even… Dasha is like something out of a horror film.

No. 371159

She's got to be doing this intentionally. Fucking weirdo.

No. 371160

Of course she's doing it intentionally, she's fucking creepy!

No. 371161

File: 1490216382637.jpg (66.12 KB, 694x84, mina1.jpg)

No. 371162

File: 1490216460593.jpg (65.73 KB, 687x77, edwin1.jpg)

No. 371163

hahaha even Cyr knows Dasha's an idiot for running her mouth.

No. 371164

When did they tweet these? I'm assuming they've since been deleted..

No. 371165

Earlier. Managed to catch them before they got deleted.

No. 371166

Even cyr can't control dasha.. he must be begging her to stop tweeting.

No. 371167

Patiently waiting for the inevitable shitstorm when cyr tries to dump trasha

No. 371168

Or cheats on her. That will definitely be something

No. 371169


Can she even talk coherently? I doubt Edwin is serious… must be some kind of mind manipulation game to stir up Putin.

No. 371170

File: 1490225011951.gif (723.72 KB, 200x200, i don't think so rose.gif)


No. 371171

She's saying that Dasha is using her not paying rent in the past as an excuse to wear her clothing, even though she has already agreed to pay them something back.

Edwin has mentioned that he and Cyr have talked in private before, that is, when he can hide from Dasha. I think this might turn into some decent milk.

No. 371172

Oh man! lolololol shits going down

No. 371173

I wonder if what dasha said was true about about how cyr said he will never be friends w Edwin again even if isn't w trasha anymore. Hmm

No. 371174


The guy's full of himself.

No. 371175

IDK even if Dasha steals Mina's look, I'd say her version is way less tacky and cringey looking out of the two.

No. 371176

I would agree of dasha didnt photoshop herself to look like a fucking alien

No. 371177

Have you seen Cyr tweeting about someone buying him fake followers? Yesterday he's twitter has over 200k followers and now its back to 198k…

I bet Putin bought them behind his back, Cyr found out and delete them lol. She's the controlling fuck, thats for sure.

No. 371178

it's not 'who wore it better' it's who pulled out a brunette wig, beret, off the shoulder white dress and dangly candy-colored spherical earrings a day after seeing the person they are watching closely do it.

of course it's a copy.

No. 371179

File: 1490274038859.png (395.84 KB, 786x498, download (4).png)


Dasha's picture is the older one. She wore the same thing in a photo two weeks ago. This was probably taken around the same time just posted later.

No. 371180

>>371177 I was thinking the same thing when he tweeted that lol

No. 371181

I wonder if cyr has been complaining about losing followers due to dasha's constant tweeting about all the drama so she bought him followers to " make it up to him " or something lol

No. 371182

lmao I seriously would not doubt that. I've noticed the lost followers and fans. She's severely impacted his reputation and not for the better. Oh well.

No. 371183

why does her crotch look like it migrated to the middle of her right thigh

No. 371184


Dasha doesn't have a YT channel. She is active on Twitter. A lot of subscribers don't follow their twitters that's why the YT/Twitter follower ratio is imbalanced. Anyway, if anything it's because of Edwin talking about them in his video.

No. 371185

File: 1490293229276.gif (132.75 KB, 329x540, putin.gif)

the pic reminds me of those ancient egyptian paintings where the body is inhumanly twisted. dasha couldn't post an unshooped pic to save her life.

No. 371186

right… but Cyr lost a lot of twitter followers, which by your logic would be due to someone's activity on twitter. so…

No. 371187


so fucking creepy. it looks like the before and after of photoshopping a pic.

No. 371188


poor trash. she has no real friends, just mina RT's. she's literally going to be online the whole time.

No. 371189

File: 1490302270572.png (108.53 KB, 750x855, IMG_9796.PNG)


No. 371190

julias gotta stick together kek

No. 371191

Does anyone actually care about Edwin enough to unfollow cyr bc he kicked him out? I mean he doesn't seem like he has that many fans

No. 371192


this is beyond pathetic. Mina is cuter than you, Dasha please move along. You got Cyr! All yours! Till he gets bored and cheats you with someone else! You're so lucky to be his CURRENT BABY FOX! yes, your twitter minions think you're cool cause you give them attention. no, you're not famous or superior to Mina in any way. In fact, you're the one who won't shut the fuck up about her, not even to your fans.

No. 371193

>>Mina is cuter than you

Eeeeehhh, mate. No.

No. 371194

File: 1490335247820.png (558.18 KB, 501x660, 1486244019250.png)

Realistically they look too similar for me to say one looks better than the other. Mina's eye makeup is weird sometimes but I also have yet to see a picture of Mina that looks as ridiculous as pic related.

No. 371195

They both have their own flavors of retarded. Dasha with her ridiculous photoshop and Mina with her stupidly overdrawn lips. Otherwise they look super similar.

No. 371196

tbh i like it. it looks like the old steve madden ads. do you guys remember them? maybe that's what she was going for?

No. 371197


i think they look the fucking same tbh, i just said that because at least mina doesn't rely on heavy photoshop.

No. 371198

Why does every other post here sound like mina or dasha defending themselves? The first posts here reeked of dasha, and now it all sound like mina

No. 371199

imo mina is prettier but she's just so boring i cant stand it. I honestly would rather date putin with all her crazy shit than put up with mina acting like a drunk 8year old and talking about the fucking sushi all day.

No. 371200

I'd date neither and get some fucking self respect.
Cyr take a hint.

No. 371201

They are using this thread as a proxy for their petty fight most likely.
Immature bitches

No. 371202

>>doesn't rely on heavy photoshop

Have you seen her instagram?

No. 371203


Cyr is livestreaming and currently playing guitar.

No. 371204

because some people like one or the other, and some can't stand either. i don't seriously get the vibe that either one has ever actually posted here, the closest thing to it has been dasha's minions in the first thread.

No. 371205

Ever since the start of the first thread, the second someone defended or agreed with Dasha, you people just start your HURR MUST BE DASHA POSTING, HI DASHA shit but then you all suck Mina's dick? Everyone is allowed to act like she's not a psycho but no one starts the UR MINA STOP POSTING HERE U IMMATURE CUNT shit? You're all fucking ridiculous. Mina is an ugly tramp who photoshops just as much and instead of the flaming she gets "omg to be fair she IS very skinny so it's ok she photoshopped herself even skinnier" you sound like fucking PULL. The hell is wrong with you people. I regret looking at /snow/.

No. 371206


Agreed anon. This Mina bias has gotten out of hand. You want to trash Dasha and call her psycho and say she SWF'd Mina's style. But it was never Mina's style either. If you look years back she never dressed like this until she flew over to meet Dasha. If anything they both own it. Let's not forget about Mina's insecurity issues and crying fits when she's confronted for crazy shit she ended up doing like taking time out of her life to create 100+ instagram accounts and photoshopping photos of herself with other people. It is incredibly sad. She clearly needs help, and a lot of folks here can't seem to see that.

No. 371207

Dasha? What are you doing here?

No. 371208

LOL the same people who complain about how much they hate this thread are the same people who have been here since the first thread. Makes sense

No. 371209


You sound like an idiot every time you accuse people of being Dasha btw.

No. 371210

This type of accusing goes on in literally every thread. calm down and don't use caps to emphasize your dumb point, it's not that serious.

No. 371211

File: 1490419013461.png (152.16 KB, 534x338, Dasha's minion.png)

Past = mina
Now = Dasha

No. 371212

Omg her fans are such flip flops.

No. 371213

That looks like shit.

No. 371214

I don't really mind her makeup. Like yeah it's costumey and slightly clownish, but I really like it when people just have fun with makeup, even if it looks a little cartoonish. Better than copying someone.

No. 371215

No, I buy that, my accent does the same thing. Some people's accents are more fluid than others and can be influenced easier.

No. 371216

That's because one of Dasha's minions drew it

No. 371217

I can use whatever I want for emphasis, dumbshit. And that anon isn't the original poster. Stop assuming only one person can disagree with your biased ass.

You don't have to "be here from thread 1" to have read the first thread lol… It's right there, anyone can go read it now and make a judgement of it. I looked at it yesterday via catching up on Onion drama, for example.

I don't normally like to see infighting and wouldn't instigate it myself, but both these ladies are cows and should be treated as such.

And seriously, Felice Dawn was skinny IRL but no one gave her a pass for photoshopping herself even thinner. What the hell is this crap >>370749

Mina is apparently thinner than herself. >>370747

Anon has such a vendetta boner against Dasha that they made fun of a picture that isn't even her body, and then praised Mina, despite that body being hers.

No. 371218

people don't like Dasha because she acts like a complete bitch. Mina may be boring, but at least she seems nice enough. Also Dasha seems a bit psychotic going after an ex so hard. Just get over it and move on I think.

No. 371219

right? no doubt she's skinny but minas body shoops are almost as TRIGGERING as felice's, they're absolutely nuts. she 100% has a little boy body irl but shoops to have a VERY extreme petite hourglass figure.

No. 371220


>when u read the last cyr thread

No. 371221


damn dasha, get a job

No. 371222

excellent troll, anon. top kek.

No. 371223

No. 371224

Dang, Dasha, don't you have some Kremlin business to get to? Please leave.

Bottom line: Dasha produces more milk by being a psychopath. It's not that people here think Mina is perfect, she is just not interesting in the least and every single thing brought up about her pales in comparison to Dasha's delusions.

No. 371225

Like if it was just the clothes..ok. It could be seen as some aesthetic bullshit. But Dasha literally photoshops her face to look more like Mina. She even changes her lip shape.

No. 371226

Mina is a fucking anorexic twat "vegan", no muscle just bony af. She'll dwindle away and sag. She's gross af. At least Dasha has a nice fucking figure that doesn't need photoshop.

No. 371227

You sound really bitter. They both have good figures. Mina doesn't look anorexic. You are a clear fan of Dasha. Dasha would be fine if she wasn't such a bitch. Also, she has clearly had lip injections. Trust me, she has been 'done'. Her top lip should not be as big as her bottom lip and there is way more volume than there was in old pics. Mina overdraws her lips, but at least she still looks like herself. She looks silly, but she is natural.

No. 371228

Are you being serious anon? I don't want to accuse you of being mina but…hi mina.

Mina is way too skinny and is not natural lmfao. Dasha has the better figure but she has putin face and rubber lips.

Can we all stop white knighting?

No. 371229

It looks like Edwin's next video will be discussing the cyr and dasha situation. His snapchat shows a script he is writing for it

No. 371230

So many petty posts in this thread, jfc. I wouldn't be surprised if half of it was actually just Mina and Dasha replying to each other and accusing one another of being fans/themselves.

But really, can y'all chill with the "Hi Mina"/"Hi Dasha" shit. It's boring.

No. 371231

File: 1490578985370.jpg (1.72 MB, 2560x1920, Mina and Dasha.jpg)

Who is the most beautiful?
No one. They are same

No. 371232

did mina get something done too? or did she just lose weight? idk

No. 371233

>It's boring.

So are they. It fits.

No. 371234


people are only repeating it cause anon asked to stop. no one actually thinks that dasha lurks we're just having fun cause theres no milk right now. chill. it ain't that serious.

No. 371235

File: 1490586090920.jpg (53.89 KB, 640x640, 1527623_467702463336185_106294…)

No. 371236


that's mina?? why does she look ten years older in that first pic? so odd.

dasha looks like one of those mail brides.

No. 371237


damn, there really is hope for everyone

No. 371238


hey anon. if this thread is making you THIS angry…maybe…leave?

No. 371239


Can people stop pitting these girls I mean both look fuck all like their pictures and are both fake, cringe and cows. There's nothing special about either of them. Mina looks like a chav and Dasha looks like Putin with a fucking wig. Not to mention their both crazy bitches in their own right.

No. 371240

okay but seriously, w hat did mina do to fix that mug… she was hideous

No. 371241


Meitu, Filters and change of eyebrows. She still looks haggard as fuck in videos

No. 371242

This is what I was thinking, no one is putting a gun to your head and making you read this thread.

No. 371243

LOL you guys are bleeding this thread dry with your who looks better - clown vs putin edition. They both look the god damn same essentially, though mina resembles her video self more because she doesn't distort her facial bone structure in photos, only her body to the point in some photos it looks so unrealistic lmao. The reason people prefer Mina is because Putin is a terrible person and stuff like that does shine through and effect people's physical attractiveness. This is also Cyrs and Edwin's thread too so why don't we compare those - the illegal emo alien with a stupid smile and brassy hair or the school shooter with a greasy 90s boy band hair cut and jaundice? no? ok then.

Clocked in Cyrs live he spoke more fondly of Onion saying they made good videos together. Either he has somewhat forgiven the Onion or he is playing to the audience for donation$$$$$. He said ~from what i recall~ he's live streaming every week, obviously accepting donations, could someone be broke because they are one mans rent down and the coffee shop doesn't fund enough for that, putins instathot clothing and 2L of daily vodka? kek

No. 371244

but her cheekbones look totally different she had no cheekbones at all. face as flat as a brick wall. she has cheekbones now, even when she looks stupid and haggard on vid…

No. 371245

May I introduce you to… contour
I don't know for definite she does but it can cause you to grow a whole cheekbone

No. 371246

Maybe he's trying to reach out to onion in hopes that they will make vids together because he needs the money. I doubt putin will ever allow that? maybe she can look past it if he's that broke

No. 371247


And also lighting and angles are a game changer

No. 371248

Fillers. I mean, come on. Look at her lips. She probably got them in her cheeks as well.

No. 371249

File: 1490636359413.png (1.32 MB, 1762x1098, Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 10.3…)

Where did you find that first pic of mina? Looks edited from the original and not in the good way

No. 371250

sorry idk…

That is from P.u.l.l (> . <)

No. 371251

You should go back to PULL then

No. 371252

Have you seen last Cyr stream?
He seems very annoyed with Dasha in this… Like almost passive agressive towards her . Check out 00:25 when she makes fun of him for hitting 200k on twitter… Thats messed up. Also it seems like Cyr is broke as fuck.

No. 371253

That is just a photo.. it looks almost same or same (?)…
don't worry

No. 371254

File: 1490646056608.png (Spoiler Image,1.35 MB, 750x1334, IMG_5558[1].PNG)

Mina showed her huge ass nips on snapchat

No. 371255

I doubt he can stand her for much longer.

No. 371256

Bless you anon for this sensible post

No. 371257

she looks like a crackhead…

No. 371258

File: 1490649340534.png (1.45 MB, 750x1334, IMG_8155.PNG)

I think so too. Today he posted this, could it be refering to her?

No. 371259

I was sorry to see him drinking wine on the twitch stream, because in his long snap about his drinking problem he said he would stop. Dasha also said on her curious cat he stopped…

No. 371260

But… why? That's so random. These instahoes nowadays

No. 371261


i knew it looked way too fucking different! damn i got charlie'd.

No. 371262


okay but fix your lipstick tho

No. 371263

she still looks terribel tho

No. 371264

>"I just like seeing you miserable"

wtf is wrong with Dasha. The whole time with Dasha he seemee annoyed with her and like he wanted to kill himself.

No. 371265

Weird, this one >>371231 looks more like her than the "original" picture.
(inb4 "Hi Dasha")

No. 371266

Anyone notice how Dasha has been all over that guy Simon's dick recently? Seems like she barely posts about her and cyr anymore

No. 371267

Do you notice how Cyr is getting skinnier and drier + always looks constipated. Heroin or just Dasha?

No. 371268

He seems a little too on edge for heroin but he's really twitchy in the stream >>371252 posted.
In the face of obvious signs of use he can just Snapchat something about insomnia and a few drinks and people take it at face value though.

No. 371269


they both look like cokeheads imo. can't wait for them to go broke.

No. 371270


Her makeup looks crusty as fuck and there isn't even any context to be this

No. 371271

maybe not h but more likely coke or some other stimulant. an amphetamine/adderall?

No. 371272

A combination of dasha and heroine perhaps

No. 371273

Maybe a combo of coke and an amphetamine. There was a video he did with the fat meme-tattooed one from the Filthy Frank crew where I swore he was on meth, but I'm not sure that's correct.

Any of this would explain his disintegrating appearance and money troubles, not to mention Dasha going full psycho if she's taking part. And let's face it, she wouldn't want to be left out.

No. 371274

I'm gonna play devils advocate and say that aside from what his admitted alcohol
problem can do in terms of looks, It might be dasha, and it might be a lack of sleep and stress. Found myself turning completely grey after an 18 hr sleepless flight and jetlag, I looked like I was coming down from a week long bender. He might just be tired as fuck? Either way, heroin is a bit heavy, if anthing I'd say uppers, like other anons have mentioned.

No. 371275

He can barely afford his rent you think he has the money for coke, heroin and amphetamines hahahaha. He's just a high function alchy who also drinks caffeine and both of those dry you the fuck out. Not to mention the constant pressure of his failing yt career and his nightmare of a girlfriend. No wonder he barely sleeps at night.

No. 371276

I feel bad for him. He doesn't seem like a bad guy but trasha is def making it worse for him

No. 371277

>doesn't seem like a bad guy

Yeah apart from the fact he's a serial cheater, uses his friends and uses people he apparently 'hates' for views.

Totally a not a bad guy.

No. 371278

Don't forget he stuck onision for years despite witnessing him abusing his wives and girlfriends and did/said nothing until onion dropped him.

No. 371279

File: 1490967253267.png (1.4 MB, 750x1334, IMG_5644[1].PNG)

No. 371280

File: 1490968744616.jpg (44.34 KB, 300x300, IMG_0388.JPG)

Jesus, Mina looks like the downfall of Amy Winehouse here

No. 371281


Suing who? With what money? They done look broke af.

No. 371282

Looks like another case of ~alcoholism and insomnia~

No. 371283

this is what their child would look like lol She even has Edwins hair

No. 371284

File: 1490993154755.jpg (2.33 MB, 540x736, ayyylmao.jpg)

Dasha's shoops are the weirdest thing. Genuine fucking alien realness.

No. 371285

File: 1490993223523.jpg (267.6 KB, 540x736, ayyylmao.jpg)

It isn't showing for me so i'm posting again.

No. 371286

Wtf.. at least do it to make yourself look better

No. 371287

File: 1491008674806.png (127.86 KB, 1954x1783, dash.png)

dat chin

No. 371288


Top kek

No. 371289

that anatomy is retarded.

No. 371290


>imagine thinking this shit looks good

No. 371291


how fucking desperate

No. 371292

File: 1491036154881.jpg (178.33 KB, 721x368, cyrdeath.jpg)

-Dash has deleted her curiouscat again.
-Cyr has lost a friend/family member?

No. 371293

wonder who it was

No. 371294

Hopefully Cyr lost the plot and ended Dashas life just like she ended his youtube "career"

>Cyr once again cowering in the corner, drenched in his own tears

>Dasha reaches for the empty vodka bottle and approaches Cyr, ready to attack once again "idi syuda! schas po ebalu poluchish, suka, blyad!"
>Cyr stands up and wipes away his tears, autistically shouting "No one puts baby in the corner"
>Cyr turns on the mic to make Serial Killer Victim Role Play Pt.2 America VS Russia Edition: Escape From Putins Domestic Abuse

No. 371295

Most likely someone in his family, I think it's been mentioned he's been on bad terms with them.

No. 371296

File: 1491071366452.jpg (104.59 KB, 643x553, dasha tweet.jpg)

So instead of comforting her suffering boyfriend, she's back at her twitter retardation. This bitch is seriously fucked up

No. 371297

I do find it funny how people like her have to PUBICALLY STATE that they are so 'there' for their patrner…. by tweeting about it. Fucking get off your phone for 10 minutes. Holy shit.

No. 371298

Wow so it takes this for her to stfu and stop tweeting about Mina? nice

No. 371299

Not really. She did mention "internet bullshit" which we can assume is Mina.

No. 371300

Top fucking kek

No. 371301


can't say i'm surprised

he makes his brother pay for his harem apartment. he lives in an expensive place when he barely makes youtube money. he probably is a junkie. his gf is an asshole. any sane family member would slap him

No. 371302

"makeover" lol surgery

No. 371303

Her tweets basically mean "ppl think Internet drama is important until real shit goes down :(( "

Which is ironic coming from her. But no i seriously doubt the Vincent shit has anything to do with the haram.

No. 371304

to her internet drama is real shit, so she can fill her fucking piehole with cyr's cock and grow the hell up, stupid whore

No. 371305


kek. Jihadi Cyr.

No. 371306

For real.

How do these privilege brats like herself end up as 'models' in LA when they are basically lip injected coke sluts pretending to be cute and unique.

I don't know how she doesn't look at her life and think it's depressing.

No. 371307

File: 1491254886953.jpg (337.92 KB, 999x438, kek.jpg)

I thought Mina takes the cake when it comes to photoshopping herself into alien, but check out latest Dasha photoshoot for bettybones …
The right one is from the brand website kek

How can you model and be so insecure?

Also she tweets how she cares for her grieving boyfriend and shitposts stupid "memes" with their roommate at the same time, thats just sad.

No. 371308

muh art, muh autistic artistic expression. muh photoshop just for fun. u womyn hater. support all women! do not bring women down! except mina because she's a bitch and she totally deserves it

kek. I don't understand why they uploaded an edited version like no one would see the original and realise "wow her body doesn't look like her posts at all!", mina did the same. Either upload it the same size as the original upload, get the brand to edit the photos before they release it with your new sexy body shape, or realise you just don't like that photo and don't upload it. Though at least the edit is not as bad as minas, mina isn't even being realistic, she's got the guinness world record for smallest ribs ever, not waist, her whole god damn rib cage is 3 inches. I wish they'd stop…but mina needs to stop the most, she's too wild kek

No. 371309

File: 1491270647313.png (43.29 KB, 271x215, sdf.PNG)


isn't she all about "body positivity!" "love ur body!!" "ALL WOMEN ARE BEAUTIFUL!!" "FEMINISM KEEPS US TOGETHER <3" etc. but she photoshops herself to an unrealistic body standard? won't that make her sweet fattie fans (charlie, trash, and the gang) feel bad about themselves? i mean, they're all obsessed with her >>371103 >>275978 >>370809
. they all gonna become vegan like Putin and hate themselvs when they see that they still don't look like dasha's pictures. cuz dasha preaches all about loving yourself but at the same time photoshops herself more than a teenmagazine.

i don't know, i guess i kinda feel bad for her fans. they probably think she's a goddexs or something, when she's really an average girl with a nice editing software.

either way, fuck her. don't know why i used to like her.

No. 371310


Same. I wonder if cyr is some kind of masochist, because I cant see other reason why he would be with someone like putin or mina.

Love your body yay! but bitch u better cut off your chubb before post any pics because art.

No. 371311

Chick is built like a brick - she doesn't have much waist to hip definition.
This is sad tho. Also her face looks so weird aswell, like really wide/flat? Not sure if angle or if she has a pancake face.

No. 371312

File: 1491774821713.jpg (337.57 KB, 875x431, veganaf.jpg)

Let's make fun of Mina for a change. What even is her latest photoshoot?

btw I feel really bad for Cyr, hes having a mental breakdown, while Putin spends all day social media and having fun… she's a narcissist with no empathy.

No. 371313

File: 1491775069239.jpg (215.39 KB, 584x492, wat.jpg)

Also it seems like Minas weirdass lipstick style left a white frame around her mouth kek

No. 371314

File: 1491776317378.jpg (96.22 KB, 918x754, ew.JPG)

not to mention she's calling her roommate hot and shit…

No. 371315

fucking kek
Aside from decomposing in real time, what does Edwin do?

No. 371316


this picture just made me realize who edwin has always reminded me of: a mexican justin long

No. 371317

File: 1491791854086.png (651.75 KB, 594x593, Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 10.3…)

I don't follow the people in this thread so maybe it's old news but I noticed that Dasha is the model for insufferable scamlord Xenia's new hair dyes.

No. 371318

Also; and I don't work in the beauty industry, but if I had an indie line of hair dyes I'd probably use models who would allow me to actually dye their hair instead of putting one girl in several wigs. I don't want to see what is, at the very best, a trio of indian remy wigs that you've dyed with your shit, and at worst synthetic wigs colored industrially during production or photoshopped different colors

No. 371319

File: 1491792805284.png (763.78 KB, 563x579, f24d63a05a38e28efde4bfe54ce691…)

The colours are photoshopped on. Zoom in on the purple and green ones and you can see where they shittily put the colours and didn't bother to clean it up

No. 371320

so dasha is currently home alone and decides to rant about edwin on snapchat she opened it up with "so no one's talking about the drama anymore, right" also maybe don't share that you're home alone when you and your boyfriend are so obvious about where they live

No. 371321

With the way Doe half asses products, this has potential to go very wrong.
Also it makes sense that she and Dasha would connect out there in LA.

No. 371322

Trasha got her curious cat back again

No. 371323

if you think about it, she's only bringing it up again because of the death leverage… that's how pathetic and manipulative she is.
"wow can't believe your bringing up MY drama when cyr's friend JUST DIED"

You're fucking sad, Dasha.

No. 371324

Definitely gonna trust buying dyes from lime scamming unsecure website bank card details stealing criminal that are photoshopped on a wig modelled by vladimir putin himself kek

No. 371325

Her hair is so dead… just shave it off Mina, seriously

No. 371326

Off topic, but I can't wait till the first negative reviews for Doe's new hair poison finally hit the web. It's gonna be glorious

No. 371327

Edwin looks more dead than this animal kek

No. 371328

Doe probably sees a younger version of herself and wishes she could wear Dasha's skin

No. 371329

Dasha's talking about some 1,5 video about drama but Edwin didn't release any vids on neither of his channels?

No. 371330

No,my friend.
On the left she overlined her lipstick(that or it ran above her lip line by accident, happens a lot tbh). On the right is how someone with lipfillers' lipline looks like. Soon she will be looking like Jessica Biel nowadays. If you get too much lip filler a line ends up being created on top of the lip line. It looks weird as fuck. google Jessica's latest pics.

No. 371331

So… she got fillers?

I know nothing of this but why would you get fillers then outdraw your lips. Surely just get more?

No. 371332


He hasn´t yet. He said on Snapchat (?) some while ago they would be making a video about their side of the story. Yesterday he said on twitter he was preparing a long video.

Dasha now assumed the long video is all about the drama situation and doesn´t want it to be released ("because of Cyr").

No. 371333

fillers make your lips look more cushy, more filled up. Sure you can just outline your lips but you can end up looking like the Joker.
She DEFINITELY got lip fillers, def a nose job and probably she got her chin bone filed down (just looking at her pre-youtube days pics).
Maybe not the chin bone but who the fuck knows, all her pics are photoshopped to the extreme, only time Ive seen her without makeup she looked like Gizmo (in that first video after Edwin and Mina moved out. and no, i dont purposedly go around trying to find videos of her to begin with, thats why ive only seen that one of her without makeup)

No. 371334

but if doe wears dashas skin and dasha wears minas skin THEN WHO WAS PHONE?

No. 371335

Lip fillers? Definitely
Nose Job? Maybe
Chin bone filed down? Just stop mate

No. 371336

You obviously didnt read my whole post, fool.

No. 371337


What a useless photoshoot, what magazine is going to pick this shit up and publish? Like, wtf… they did have professional photographers taking their photos so where does this amateur shit go?

No. 371338

File: 1491860131797.png (735.69 KB, 695x900, faces of meth.png)

No. 371339

I live in Phoenix–they were published in zine called Java distributed for free at coffee shops.

No. 371340

Where is Edwin's vlog he said he was uploading on Twitter? Did he take it down after Dasha's fit?

No. 371341

He hasn't uploaded it yet he said it would be some time this week. idk if he still will if dasha keeps coming after him

No. 371342

What does Edwin actually do for a living? He is soooo slow in creating his content…aaaaah.

No. 371343


god damn it, edwin is ugly as shit.

No. 371344

may be this would have worked if mina didn't wear those distracting glasses that don't coordinate with anything, but then again the outfit doesn't match the aesthetic either.
As for Edwin, does he try to intentionally look like a vegetable? he always looks like the retarded sibling that's kept in the basement

No. 371345


this is weird. cyr's brother said he didn't like having edwin/mina in the apartment. that's why they wanted to kick them out and why they ended up leaving. but like two months later and now they have a new roomate? uh? what did cyr's brother think?

theres no reason to bring a new roomate. ShitFox isn't even paying the rent! Cyr and his brother are! having roomates was the cause of all the "tension in cyr's life" remember?

i 100% believe that dash had everything to do with bringing a new guy. and that she's just doing it to be petty and spam about how much better things are.

yikes… i don't see people discussing this at all. guess its not that big of a deal

No. 371346

Do we know if he's actually paying rent or not? I mean, I wouldn't be surprised if Putin managed to convince cyr to let him move in for free, but I feel like cyr's brother would probably say something/only allow it if he was paying something.

No. 371347


who is going to buy this shit? hot topic dyes are everywhere and they are cheap as fuck. if you're snowflake or whatever you can buy the special Hayley Williams hair dye online. she's a feminist and i'd guess she knows a lot about hairdye.

Who is going to go through the trouble of Lime Crime hair dye? Its going to be overpriced and mediocre - as usual. those dyes aren't even trendy anymore. good luck, Xenia!

sage for lime crime rant

No. 371348

No. 371349


She probably wanted Simon to live there for free because he is "so cute". And is Emmah also living with her too? She frequently hangs in their house a lot and has had roomie issues recently. So maybe they've got 2 freeloaders to deal with now.

No. 371350


that's the thing. like cyr's brother was mad because cyr let everyone move in for free. and cyr refused to kick out edwin and mina. i don't think he has changed.

plus cyr is going through some heavy stuff right now. making a stranger move in out of nowhere? like, couldn't they wait? that just seems odd.

i don't know. can't wait for the milk when the new guy leaves tho.

No. 371351

I don't know about the roommates, but I'm not so sure Cyr's the one who pays the rent… I mean the guy is wrecked and his youtube channel is dying. Putin at least "models" , I wouldn't be suprise if she earned more than he is.

No. 371352

>you like sushi mina? well i have a REAL live asian room mate now and he eats AUTHENTIC noodles hmpf

No. 371353

File: 1491949270854.jpg (194.57 KB, 567x367, Untitled-1.jpg)


omg this bitch is so annoying… no it's not the "girls can't be friends with guys" problem, it's "your boyfriend can't smile cause he's fucking depressed so you replaced him with some friends because you need cute guy on your happy selfies" problem

No. 371354

He's been getting sponsors lately, if he budgets right he can probably use it for a couple of months rent.

No. 371355


Simon isn't even cute in that picture lmao, girl is delusional and will fall for any stick skinny creep.

No. 371356

>"hey this is me with my friends, do you remember when cyr used to have some of those?… me neither :) someone in his family died or something idk lol there's been so much twitter drama it's hard to keep track, like the whole mina edwin thing, but someone's dead so he's now been demoted to cameraman duties. we are still together though"

No. 371357


>when you're bf is depressed as shit but you're too busy taking pics with ur friends xoxo

No. 371358

>yes we're still dating
>yes hes still depressed as fuck
>yes im still out having fun and causing drama

No. 371359

she really has no empathy at all, crazy bitch

No. 371360

Its so sad how Dashas sociopathic personality completely ruins her looks. Even Mina who acts like she's got nothing going on in her brain is so much more attractive.

No. 371361

lol she looks like a meme

No. 371362

this is really sad to me. at one point i considered dasha something of a casual friend, but i can't deny that this all seems really sociopathic. i've never really watched cyr's videos so i don't know much about him but he's a human being who's obviously in a lot of pain right now and what she's doing… idk. it seems really selfish. it seems like she doesn't care, unless she can brag about "being there for him." she can be a fun person, but this ruins it. i was on her "side" for a while but after reading all of this and seeing what she's done recently…i'm so disappointed.

sage for blog. sorry guys.

No. 371363

It isn't accident mina intentionally over lines her lips disgustingly

No. 371364

File: 1492001445934.jpg (26.93 KB, 236x354, narcissist-checklist.jpg)

Yeah, I used to like Dasha too, I still think she can be fun sometimes and isn't a vegetable like Mina…

But with all this shit I wonder if she has some serious mental issues… I bet she has narcisstic personality disorder (just like onision lol)… Some of her behaviours seems almost paranoid

No. 371365

Come on Dasha, we know you read this, please go see a shrink <3

No. 371366

who thinks she will cheat? who thinks she won't?

i think she'll cheat. she dated a man who had a girlfriend. she clearly puts her feelings above like human decency and shit. she seems messy.

No. 371367

Ngl, I was wondering if she will eventuallly leave cyr for this Simon when i originally saw him because Cyr is too depressed uwu and he is asian which is 1 up on avocado suuuush. also she automatically seems defensive in the post that boys and girls 'can' be 'friends'…
unless Simon has replaced Mina, and Trasha with her alpha-ness acquired a strap on to spit roast the him in the ass with cyr as she chants something-pearl harbour

No. 371368

File: 1492035760512.jpg (70.05 KB, 309x551, yep.jpg)

>>371367 Remember how she also got defensive when there were questions about the relationship with Mina? people asked "are you 3 dating?" and she was like "omg why do you always have to assume shit, when I lick someones asshole doesnt mean we're dating wtf"

Plus she's trying to find Simon a girlfriend, which is exactly what a cheater would do to convince everyone she's not sucking his dick.

No. 371369


>people asked "are you 3 dating?" and she was like "omg why do you always have to assume shit, when I lick someones asshole doesnt mean we're dating wtf"

holy shit you're right! i forgot all of that. and then months later cyr had to admit that they tried it but it didn't work out. wouldn't be surprised if they tried a poly relationship again…

No. 371370

What's his Instagram, Snapchat, or twitter? Does he post about her as much as she does about him?

No. 371371


I know this isn't related, but a question on her curiouscat also revealed that she never had sex with Mina. So I guess they both had sex with Cyr on different occasions and she allowed it?

No. 371372

It's obvious Dasha wants Simon…. All she's doing all day is posting pics with him… What about comforting Cyr???

No. 371373

He's definitely cuter than cyr if your into that type of guy. Her relationship with Simon might be platonic, but she's clearly into him even if he's not into her…

No. 371374


>complete silence

>guys stop saying that i'm sleeping with Mikey And Simon!

people who follow her are minions. if anyone says something against her she'll block them. so who was she refering to? again, i doubt her fans were like "hey mina ur a slut stop banging all your male friends". like nah. she might have been asked if she was dating one of them but she didn't have to get all bitter about it. it makes her look insecure as fuck. guilty as fuck too. like even in this thread no one was thinking that till she alluded it. she dumb.

No. 371375

File: 1492049089718.png (166.1 KB, 750x1004, IMG_0638.PNG)

So now trasha is going on a rampage on twitter again over Mina and the whole vegan thing. Does she ever fucking give up? Move on, go comfort your grieving boyfriend you selfish cunt

No. 371376

>What about comforting Cyr???

Maybe he's not allowed visitors in rehab, so this is how she's occupying her time.

No. 371377

File: 1492068886640.png (89.79 KB, 750x671, IMG_0772.PNG)

>boyfriend literally wants to die, still bitching about boyfriends ex

There's vegan taxidermy made from animals that have died of natural causes, not saying this is but there isn't any proof it ain't, it's not like mina had a photo eating a double beef burger. And the pieces are clearly vintage and long dead, so would you prefer it admired on a wall or in a trash can. If i was dead I know where I'd prefer to be lollll Trasha let it goooooooo

No. 371378

File: 1492074724242.jpg (219.68 KB, 793x522, Untitled-2.jpg)

I know it isnt a big deal but its just funny how Mina is vegan as fuck and then pose with dead animals looking like a crazy auntie wih Edwin looking like he was taxidermied too

It's like she wasn't able to get any better offer than this ridiculous photoshoot so now she has to brag about vegan taxidermy

No. 371379

i used to live in arizona, and there are like zero modeling opportunities there. so yeah, she probably WASN'T able to get anything better.

and as far as i know most taxidermied animals died naturally, because otherwise they'd have wounds and wouldn't be as clean and neat. so this whole vegan thing is just stupid drama drummed up by people who have nothing better to do (ie. dasha).

i'm no fan of mina's and i'm not defending her in the least, but for real, this whole thing is so petty.

No. 371380

If dasha does end up cheating with Simon…. Well let's say that's a horrible move being that Simon is obviously gay. Like really gay. Also I can't wait til she finally makes a YouTube channel. You know there will be a lot of rants! Also cyr would make decent money if he'd upload more often. He's actually quite funny at times. But his relationship drama is cringey and he knows it.

No. 371381

File: 1492083605842.jpg (373.81 KB, 1485x1600, .camtemp.jpg)

he's not gay, he bi (could this confirm he's the new mina in the threeway? kek)

Also wouldn't Dasha stop taking photos and lay low for a while and support Cyr? Fair enough modelling shoots because "work" is "work" but the rest of the pics? Imagine if Cyr doesn't want his photo taken has he lost even more weight, grown that stubble back, hair slick with grease, skin yellow from his failing liver, sobbing as dasha plays happy families with simon. girlfriend of the year!

No. 371382

File: 1492083674240.png (73.14 KB, 750x409, IMG_0800.PNG)

also.. no remorse…

No. 371383

Nah, most taxidermies were killed by hunting. The wound is just a small bullethole, easy to close and make it look neat. A shot animal isn't blown out, they look pretty clean and put together.

Animals who die a natural death usually aren't fit to stuff, as they are old, sick or wounded to the point where their pelt is useless and falls apart.

No. 371384

But she stated they were vegan so it doesn't really matter does it? again is trasha reaching and clutching straws trying to turn everyone against mina.

dasha: be kind to animals but cause as many problems as you can with humans

No. 371385

If she had any sense she wouldn't even have published that ask. That ask was too invasive and did not need an answer. Cyr is dashas laineybot

No. 371386

Vegan taxidermy still seems cringey. Felice Fawn pulled the same shit with the taxidermy rats in a photoshoot. Crying "THIS TAXIDERMY IS VEGAN" just seems like a way for cows to justify cowlike behavior. Mina is playing fast and loose with her precious vegan morals so I don't think it's grasping for straws really.
Sage for not really contributing.

No. 371387

File: 1492119058243.jpg (165.45 KB, 598x446, x.jpg)

Here's a photo of Dasha and Simon sucking beer bottles and Cyr looking… photoshopped into this pic? Is it just me or…?

No. 371388

File: 1492119159186.jpg (273.47 KB, 477x588, z.jpg)

Meanwhile Mina looks like she started doing her makeup with a pavement brick.

No. 371389


Arizona has sucked her dry it seems.

No. 371390


He's definitely photoshopped in. I wonder if they got the new puppy for Cyr's mental rehabilitation.

No. 371391

>boyfriend admits to drinking problem
>Buuhuu I'm the perfect gf!! i'm going to support him so much!!!
>drinks with friends in front of him

wew nice support, putin

No. 371392

If she really photoshopped him into the pic, this is some next level shit kek
If he died she probably would take selfies with his body as well.

No. 371393

cyr looks photoshopped in, and with trasha shoop record, it's a reach, but i wouldn't put it past her kek.
From the body language in this photo who would you think were fucking? Clue: it's not Trash and Cyr.
And if it's not copypasta cyr, his body language in this photo looks really off to me. So much for he doesn't want his photo uploaded right now aye trash?! >>371381

Jesus Christ, Mina looks like 5 whole meths now

No. 371394

Judging by recent photos of her and Edwin it's already too late, but Mina really needs to get her butt back to the UK before she ends up in gonzo porn for rock money.

No. 371395

Am I the only one who thinks it would be hilarious if Dasha cheats on Cyr? I mean, he did cheat on Mina, so he would just get a taste of his own medicine

No. 371396


Well, you know what they say. Once a cheater always a cheater. I would love to see Trash try to justify cheating.

No. 371397

Nice eye bags

No. 371398


"Cyr was too busy self-healing himself from the tragic loss of his relative and WASN'T THERE FOR ME. So we agreed it would be best for me to fuck Simon until he was fully rehabilitated."

No. 371399

I hope cyr runs off with simon, give me some of that sweet BL kek

No. 371400

Yeah, that sounds like her kek. She's probably making Cyr feel guilty for being depressed.

tinfoil what if she planned all of this to have a threesome with 2 guys? Think about it: Dasha wants a second fuckboy - Cyr says no, so she comes up with the Mina poly-thing, then she makes all the drama and waits for the perfect moment to demand a second guy now having excuse "we did it with a girl, so you have to agree on a guy too + you're useless and I need some asian avocado dick"

No. 371401


>I would love to see Trash/Charlie/One of her other 50 spam accounts try to justify cheating.

>"guys we have not heard her side of the story yet. look, mina posted a picture and she looks bad in it! Please stop paying attention to Dasha's shitty behaviour! just cause Dasha does weird petty things doesn't mean that she's weird and petty! look mina's eyeliner is wonky! you guys, dasha was going through some emotional troubles at the time… please respect her privacy…

No. 371402

It's only a matter of time Trasha is replaced with another hapless instahoe. When it comes to sleazy, promiscuous men history repeats itself. You gotta love it when a woman begins a relationship with some dude on shady circumstances and thinks the same won't happen to her when she loses that new gf smell.

No. 371403

File: 1492204465881.png (785.8 KB, 920x586, fff.png)

If you look at Dasha's tagged posts, there is a user dedicated to making cringe-inducing photoshopped pictures of her and Simon together and making up stories of them (sometimes involving Cyr). What gets me is that Dasha follows this user and likes all of their posts. Someone who is currently in a happy relationship should definitely not be encouraging her followers to ship her with another guy.

No. 371404

File: 1492204582772.png (731.49 KB, 919x590, ggg.png)

Samefag here, most cringe-worthy posts. How old are her followers jfc?

No. 371405

File: 1492204978815.png (566.27 KB, 912x590, yy.png)

Also dug around Vincent's IG. It looks like they (Cyr/Dasha) had met around last year in August… calling bullshit to Dasha's claiming "we've been friends for so long his GF just didn't want him in photos".

No. 371406

Probably dasha making them who else cares this much

No. 371407

tbh i wouldn't be surprised if dasha is doing the same fake account thing that she accused mina of doing.

No. 371408

of course it's dasha or her minions, but i wouldn't take it so cyriously, I think it's supposed to be traoll account, making fun of Minas fake accounts… but who knows with these psychos.

No. 371409

File: 1492207308227.jpg (279.87 KB, 943x597, Untitled-1.jpg)

Nah it's a troll account. It seems like this refers to some shit posted here.

Anyways, the fact that Dasha feel the need to constantly go back to Mina and her fake accounts is disturbing. Are you going to brag about it to the rest of your life? Jeez putin calm your tits ffs.

No. 371410

Trasha takes her jokes to a whole new level of petty and it's just embarrassing. She just sits there refreshing mina's twitter all day waiting for her to post something she can make fun of. You're fucking pathetic julia

No. 371411

hitler? it's putin, repeat after me minion putin

>>371404 dasha made this and then liked it hoping simon would notice and run away with her. trying to drop those subliminal messages. i see you dasha, i see u.
>notice me senpai, notice me

No. 371412

Here we go.

No. 371413

File: 1492216822542.jpg (49.94 KB, 1276x715, crack is whack.jpg)

Edwin must be eating well, he has so much ~energy~

No. 371414

he's starting to look just as emaciated as cyr is.

Maybe we had it all wrong, maybe Dasha and Mina are actually succubi sucking the life force out of them?

No. 371415

Mina is so fucking cringy. Her acting like shes so turned on with her weird eye roll after every time he says "baby girl" and "good girl"…major cringe.

How does anyone watch this shit. You can tell edwin's ego is exploding from all these comments telling him how sexy he is…He is so ugly.

No. 371416

Mina had a snapchat earlier today of her laying in bed hugging Edwin. Pretty sure if there was any doubt of them fucking, it's dispelled now.

No. 371417

these look just like the ones in mina's fake accounts. so which is it: mina is posting them to sabotage the relationship, or dasha was behind mina's accounts all along?

No. 371418


It's a fan's account mocking Mina's fake accounts. Dasha is following them and liking the user's posts so she probably knows the person behind the account.

No. 371419

holy shit this video is almost impossible to watch. i think that i made it three minutes in??? yeah no. this is the cringiest thing i've seen of either of them. they look fucking awful. and not in a general "i just don't think they're attractive" way. they look ill.

No. 371420

File: 1492241343233.jpg (1.2 MB, 2560x1920, (-_- ).jpg)

Why mina's fake account like it?

No. 371421

Jesus Christ did they do the whole cocaine? Also at 2:23 it kind of made me sad because that only worked when it was him and Cyr in Dear Me. It now felt so empty and lost as Mina struggles to keep up as Cyrs replacement. I think that Cyr and Edwin only work well when they are together because they are an entertaining amount of cringey and bounce off each other well. When he works with Mina it just feels rapey and so cringe i want to kms.

No. 371422

well well well
I said all along I thought those accounts belonged to Dasha kek

No. 371423


No. 371424

literally the face of drugs. either that or he's 50.

No. 371425

so you're saying dasha made "minas" fake accounts and now is using them to like her own fake accounts ? This seems impossibly stupid but again it's dasha, so who knows.

So to sum it up Mina and Edwin are at the moment druggies and probably end up living on the street and Dasha is just sociopathic moron.

No. 371426

It's probably charlie or whoever that kid is. They kept posting edits in the first thread here.

No. 371427

it's not a crazy theory considering that "annor_lilly" account magically disappeared when dasha decided to expose mina and the edits on that account looked an awful lot like the ones on the "cyrxdashalove" insta. Maybe putin knows her edit style would be too recognizable. Won't be surprised if the cyrxdashalove insta magically disappears or posts about different things other than simon since putin we know her and her minions are reading this. The captions/comments on the insta are just as cringey as the fake accounts too. They all say "tag her!" and make up weird fucking fairy tale stories.

No. 371428

Again, who would care this much. The only person invested this much is her

No. 371429


This image looks photoshopped. Dasha's twitter name isn't even right - it's not a capital V but Ⓥ. Try harder, troll.

No. 371430


i didn't believe the whole "evil mina destroying my insta!" thing at all. not surprised.

No. 371431


the twitter handle is irrelevant. check the insta likes and check the original image with the fake accounts, THEN u can say its fake.

No. 371432

it's not that hard to do a quick twitter search, lol. https://twitter.com/ItsBabyDash/status/765159438776885248

No. 371433

A vegan diet and exercising can fuck you up a lot, especially if you aren't eating enough to begin with. Another alternate theory besides "they're all meth addicts".

No. 371434

File: 1492329349215.png (116.15 KB, 533x617, (-_-)...png)

No. 371435

Because all four of them lead such active lifestyles.

No. 371436

File: 1492331176985.png (257.2 KB, 537x654, Different phone (-_-).png)


" This image looks photoshopped. "
No, anon…

No. 371437

File: 1492343513913.jpg (169.23 KB, 569x486, Untitled-1.jpg)

the post is from Aug 15 2016 , could it be Mina liking Dash shit?

Also Trasha retweeted some polyamory post so I'm sure she's fucking Simon kek
Not that I have anything against poly, just maybe don't start fucking other guy while your boyfriend is depressed and lonely.

No. 371438

Cyr seems fine these days hanging with friends and not being the depressed mess of a drunk everyone seems to assume. Also dasha's qt azn twink friend is in the back so i guess they're all friends??


No. 371439

>>371438 that links to a video from March

No. 371440

nice try minion

No. 371441

File: 1492356817203.jpeg (32.53 KB, 317x463, 3B_R-h7tUF_ezz6QILYj5FIKJAlgDo…)

Umm.. i don't know
> annor_lilly just liked that pic…
> Both ig (kittenbabydash and annor_lilly) not exist anymore
> kittenbabydash itself is a weird account

No. 371442


What is with this pseudointellectual Twitter BS? Dasha do you think these bullets are exclusive only to monogamy?

No. 371443

ha!! aaaand the kittenbabydash instagram disappears! What do ya know! I fuckin' called it. >>371427

No. 371444

samefagging - oops i thought kittenbabydash and cyrxdashalove were the same cuz they post the same shit, but still one disappeared and the other stopped posting

No. 371445


>links old vid


i can't believe the twitter crowd is still lurking

No. 371446

File: 1492436286856.jpg (284 KB, 1214x2048, IMG_20170417_153705.jpg)

Mina looks dead

No. 371447

i don't mind mina generally but i really want to rip those fucking false lashes off

they look so stupid

No. 371448

She looks like a fucking trap.

No. 371449

Edwin and Mina look ridiculously fucking malnourished. Christ, it is not difficult to put some effort into making sure you're still getting all the nutrition you need on a vegan diet instead of just cutting out animal products, posting about all the avocado "soosh" you now eat and calling it a day.

No. 371450

File: 1492446207413.jpg (351.94 KB, 961x1280, bb22c10d-5644-4c3d-992a-c8c063…)

She was always skinny as hell but since Trasha unleashed her minions on her, she looks just insanely unhealthy. I wonder if she has developed insomnia, that would explain the heavy dark circles

No. 371451


yeah, I'd agree that mina has a naturally skinny body type, even taking into account her tendency to pose and shoop – but compare that pic to the one of her lying down. there's a fullness around the shoulders in the old pic that's just bone in the latest one.

No. 371452

File: 1492446579958.jpg (Spoiler Image,144.18 KB, 750x807, 1f22020a-5d25-4a09-8c75-f59b2c…)

Also found this pic while browsing her Tumblr for thinspo

No. 371453

File: 1492446987544.jpg (51.31 KB, 800x638, d366e4f654387af5a2afa94e729abf…)

No. 371454


Please tell me this is shooped. She looked so cute in OP picture.

No. 371455

Yeeeeeassss, 90 minutes of fun:

No. 371456


5 minutes in and I´m already loving this shit.

No. 371457



No. 371458

less than 10 mins in and this is full of receipts this is DELICIOUS dasha is going to have a seizure

No. 371459

When the video notification came up i was like holy shit, I'm only 7mins in because I keep having to pause because I'm so shook. The milk, the receipts, how it's been structured and put together with chapters rather than a putin angry rant. I fucking love this, bless you Edwin resurrected with that easter spirit. Idc if it's an hour and a half long, I'm watching it all popcorn in hand - side note checked putins twitter and she hasn't posted, I can't wait for the glorious sperg and shit storm yet to come kekekekek

No. 371460

Here's Edwin's chapter timestamps, to give y'all an idea of the shitstorm he's dropping in cold blood rn:

0:00 Introduction ~ Welcome to my soap opera.
1:23 Chapter 1: Edwin Costa and Vincent Cyr Move in Together
2:28 Chapter 2: Lack of Communication Begins
3:01 Chapter 3: Cyr's Girlfriend Moves In
5:24 Chapter 4: Cyr feels rejected by his girlfriend
6:14 Chapter 5: Cyr's girlfriend asks Edwin if he is okay with Cyr's ex girlfriend staying at the apartment
7:03 Chapter 6: ItsBabyDash adapts MinaxBell's fashion.
8:06 Chapter 7: Dasha makes Cyr apologize to Mina for cheating.
11:30 Chapter 8: Cyr makes more empty promises that I didn't even ask for
15:35 Chapter 9: Dasha's sketchy behavior toward Mina begins
18:01 Chapter 10: Dasha wants to share Cyr with Mina
20:27 Chapter 11: Dasha confesses to deleting Mina's instagram
21:51 Chapter 12: Edwin and Mina hang out for the first time
24:07 Chapter 13: Mina asks the serious question and Edwin shares how he feels.
26:29 Chapter 14: Cyr feels depressed and Dasha blames me, but Cyr blames Dasha
29:11 Chapter 15: Dasha just wanted the D
32:12 Chapter 16: Mina and Cyr finally talk
34:31 Chapter 17: Edwin and Cyr talk and resolve their issues
39:12 Chapter 18: Cyr convinces Mina to sleep in his bed against her wishes
44:13 Chapter 19: Dasha threatens Edwin
47:14 Chapter 20: The Way I Was Kicked Out
51:57 Chapter 21: The Phone Call From The Night
57:37 Chapter 22: Cyr says Edwin can stay and Dasha snaps at Mina
01:02:44 Chapter 23: Dasha's plan to get me out
01:09:09 Chapter 24: Why we did not immediately tell them when we left
01:10:08 Chapter 25: Dasha insists on offering my room and Cyr's text about me to a mutual friend
01:13:55 Chapter 26: Mina's response to Dasha's condescending text
01:18:05 Chapter 27: Someone edits pictures Mina never shared online and posts them on a gossip forum
01:21:31 Chapter 28: Dasha reaches out to Mina's best friend and talks about Edwin on her social media
01:23:16 Chapter 29: Edwin's response to Dasha's text about her and Cyr's "terms."
01:29:24 Chapter 30: What about all the other stuff she's said?

No. 371461

I don't follow this drama and I don't know this thread or these people but that guys face is horrifying to me

No. 371462

And he's wearing makeup in this one.
Normally he looks three weeks dead instead of one.

No. 371463

File: 1492458424840.png (660.58 KB, 1334x750, IMG_0985.PNG)

@ 27:09. I know we kind of joked about Dasha being abusive to Cyr, but I guess we were actually right

No. 371464

File: 1492458591210.png (585.93 KB, 1334x750, IMG_0986.PNG)

No. 371473

holy shit - if anyone knows how to download dasha's recent snap with cyr in it.. get on it before it expires. Cyr looks like he is a literal prisoner. omfg

No. 371474

omg can someone do this please!

No. 371476

Whew boy, I'm still trying to catch up with this whole thing but good god. Pardon the edge, but Cyr sounds like a pussy bitch.

No. 371478

I thought the same thing!

No. 371479

Dasha is finally tweeting!

No. 371480

File: 1492460437155.png (71.48 KB, 748x414, dashstyle.png)

Dasha has started crying about the video

No. 371481

mina had receipts tho of you copying actual cords and photo concepts tho with side by side comparison LMAO

No. 371483

Dasha is an illegal? Woah

No. 371484

Dasha to think for him, his family to pay the bills. It's a good look when you're nearing 30.

No. 371485

and the only one that even looks anything like Minas fashion was Simply_kenna all those other girls is dasha just reaching like she tried to find anyone slightly similar to how mina dressed

No. 371487

File: 1492461019252.png (1.03 MB, 1334x750, IMG_0987.PNG)

so sad but gay but I ship it, the forbidden cyr x edwin love

No. 371488

Free Cyr. Dasha is insaaaaaaaaane.

No. 371489

Could someone write a quick sum-up of the chapters? I'm having major trouble understanding Mina

No. 371490


Summary: Dasha is a sociopath who loves but hates Mina. ;)

No. 371492

45:32: I'm gonna make sure he's [Cyr] suicidal

omg did i just hear that right? Dasha trying to make Cyr an hero?????

No. 371494

I was wondering how she'd be allowed to stay in the US legally. It's hard to get a visa and she doesn't have a real job/ a company to sponsor her. Can we turn her in or is that cow tipping?

No. 371499

Nah, she's fucked even without our help. Edwin just publicly said that she's an illegal. Under Trump's government. Someone is going to turn her in without any doubt

No. 371500

Who gives a shit about stealing someones style. Can she address the other actual shit in the video? lmao.

Everyone in that house has communication problems. Even edwin and mina say they all wanted to talk, but then like mina admits when she talks to dasha and cyr she wouldnt actually say what she was thinking. She'd just agree with them. That just adds to the confusing mess. Cyr is obviously having some emotional issues and dasha has some anger problems. The fact cyr says dasha is a child sometimes? lmao. This whole thing is weird as fuck.

No. 371502

>Under Trump's government

fucking kek

No. 371503

I really hope dasha gets deported

No. 371505


No. 371506

Someone needs to get her doxx to get her deported

No. 371507


not supporting this idea because what kind of problems would that solve – but don´t they live right next to coffee collab? and the hallway of the building they´re living in was in several vlogs.

No. 371509

She's emotionally abusing cyr and he will eventually kill himself if he hasn't tried to already.. that's what it will solve lmao

No. 371510

File: 1492463821834.png (240.96 KB, 640x1136, IMG_2619.PNG)

Does she have no self awareness? You're the only one who's focusing solely on the style thing…

No. 371512

This confirmed so much:
Dasha made (at least some of) mina's fake accounts
Dasha has 2 phones (which she used to make the accounts)
Fawnie from pull is indeed dasha (or a minion) and Mina wasn't actually shooping her body to look extremly unnatural
Dasha deleted mina's insta
Cyr and dasha conspired to kick edwin out and keep mina

No. 371513

For anyone that can't watch I am transcribing.

Intro is Edwin talking, alone:

So as a lot of you guys know I used to live in los angeles from august until January when I was kicked out by my former roommate cyr and I never explained why what happened so today I finally wanna get around that and tell everything I believe ultimately lead to me being kicked out by my former roommate cyr
So since everything happened I had ppl telling me to give the deets on what happen.
“what happened tell us!” and other people telling me “dude just stay quiet and move on itll be easier that way!”
However I strongly believe that self expression is the best kinda therapy
To keep it bottled up inside is not a way of closure for me
And that’s exactly what im doing w/ this video, im seeking closure. For the longest time I felt shame cuz I was kicked out and it was embarrassing but also guilt cuz I didn’t wanna make cyr look bad.
But since then he spoke to me like im garbage and blocked me. But ultimately im doing this cuz of me, cuz I want to.
If youre uninterested I invite you not to watch, click away.
One reason this took so long is because it was a emotional subject for me – now I can say it without getting too emotional and now I can be objective as possible.

No. 371515

Anon you're doing the lord's work, but you should type it all up somewhere you can link to instead of multiple posts here.

No. 371516

File: 1492464355023.jpg (694.98 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-04-17-17-18-36…)

No. 371517


Good idea, wait for a pastebin!

No. 371518

So she's stuck on "mina's fake accounts" and defending her "totally not illegal" citizenship

No. 371519

Hahaha the bitch is triggered! i love it

No. 371521

>cali doesn't deport
Is it true?

No. 371522

No. 371523



No. 371524

California most definitely deports that's really ignorant of her to say but they won't even care about her because she's white

No. 371525


Calm down tumblr

No. 371526

a bill was passed a few days ago that effectively makes cali into a sanctuary state and protects non violent illegals:http://www.latimes.com/politics/la-pol-sac-sanctuary-state-bill-explained-20170413-htmlstory.html.
However if an administrative warrant was filed against her then she could be arrested outside of her home. Maybe she rarely leaves the apt because she's afraid of getting arrested?

No. 371528

it only passed the california state senate. it isn't law yet. and all that it does is prevent state and city law enforcement/employees in general from being involved in the deportation process. federal agents will still be able to detain and deport whoever they want from california.

sage for ot.

No. 371530

But that means she'd never be able to work a proper job (no social insurance number, no work visa), she wouldn't be able to get her own place, she can't travel anywhere… I'm not sure if she could even open a bank account (my bank took a copy of my visa). What a great life.

No. 371531

So basically she's using Cyr to be able to stay here and not starve? Nice

No. 371533


damn what happened to her face?

No. 371534


No. 371535


calls ICE

No. 371536



No. 371537


that Cali tweet… she sounds guilty as fuck lol she's def illegal

No. 371538


if we make a new thread someone please put this in the OP pic, this so fucking funny

No. 371539

she tagged ICE in her tweet defending herself.

No. 371542

hahahaha she deleted the sanctuary-state tweet. someone must've "educated" her.

No. 371543

File: 1492466871817.jpg (224.98 KB, 1600x530, .camtemp.jpg)

No. 371546

File: 1492467258453.jpg (203.16 KB, 1200x800, DEPORT THE DASH THROW IT IN TH…)

Posting this for a new thread picture

No. 371547

>>371546 BAHAHAHA that is amazing!

No. 371551



No. 371554


kek i love this shit. its so good seeing that her shitty behaviour is taking her down like this. u shouldn't have harassed mina with your minions, yikes girl!

No. 371555

File: 1492468393994.png (75.5 KB, 219x302, ftgyuiop.PNG)


its so funny that dashfags were like "cyr is fine you people are crazy!" and now we have this screenshot. >>371438 but i thought he was having fun?

No. 371557

where trash and charlie at? lol

No. 371587



Pastebin transcript fuck my life bye.

No. 371589

File: 1492472026542.png (19.05 KB, 1285x299, 6qERZCq.png)

No. 371591

No. 371595

Edwin's video, in bullet points –

ETA fuck me transcript anon you're doing God's work

- Dasha moved in around November time, but talked with Edwin about having cold feet, worried that Cyr might break up with her and leave her without a place to live
- Dasha is in the US illegally
- Dasha "sits on her ass all day, wakes up lat, and complains on twitter"
- Cyr considered breaking up with Dasha since she won't allow him to express his feelings.
- Dasha has been mimicking Mina's style since before the two were even speaking (comparison pics provided in the vid)
- Dasha confirmed to Mina via facetime that her and Cyr slept together whilst Cyr was still with Mina
- On the same facetime call, Dasha called Cyr on a separate device, and had Mina listen in whilst she berated Cyr and demanded that he apologise to Mina
- After this call, Cyr called Mina to apologise. Mina didn't let on that she'd just heard what happened between him and Dasha.

- Dasha would issue orders for Cyr. eg she made him join Mina in the bath, to 'tell her a story' (wtf)
- Cyr and Dasha started to turn against Edwin when he asked when Mina was leaving, having been given the impression that her stay was only meant to be for 2 weeks
- Cyr and Dasha live a very repetitive, uninteresting life. They drink every night.
- Dasha gave Cyr and Mina pink eye as they were all sharing a bed (fucking gross) – Dasha took issue with Mina being able to wear make up after this
- Dasha facilitates the drinking - suggesting they get drunk, ensuring everyone is drinking but not drinking or getting drunk herself
- Repeatedly, Dasha would ask Mina if she still had feelings for Cyr once she was drunk. Eventually Mina said she thought maybe that was the case. Dasha was enthusiastic about this, and wanted there to be a three way relationship.
- The set up of this relationship was that Dasha was with Cyr, and Mina was with Cyr, but Dasha and Mina were not physically or romantically involved with each other
- Dasha confessed to Edwin that she was messing with Mina's instagram, deleting pictures and eventually the account. She found Mina's increasingly confused/upset tweets funny. When Edwin didn't react well, she told him about the fan accounts supposedly controlled by Mina to create Mina/Cyr posts.

- Mina asked Edwin about her Instagram, suspecting that Dasha was responsible. Edwin confirmed that she was.
- Cyr called Mina (whilst still with Edwin), upset and claiming that Dasha makes him feel emasculated.
- In a DM (shown in the video) Cyr said that Dasha will not allow him to show emotion, as she 'terrorises' him for it. He said that he was depressed, and described feeling disassociated from his head and his body.
- Dasha claimed that Cyr was actually upset because of Edwin.
- Edwin pressed Dasha about the emasculating Cyr thing. She admitted that they haven't had sex in over a month, and she was frustrated about that.
- Mina told Cyr that she knew Dasha had deleted her instagram. He already knew.
- Edwin and Cyr had a long text conversation about their friendship, which was in trouble. Cyr promised that he was going to try to fix things.
- Mina was too uncomfortable to continue sharing a bed with Cyr and Dasha. Edwin told her to just say no if she was uncomfortable. Cyr convinced Mina to share a bed with them anyway, accusing her of wanting to sleep with Edwin.

- Cyr told Dasha that Mina knew about the instagram.
- Dasha accused Edwin of telling Mina. He admitted that he did.
- Dasha was furious that Edwin didn't lie for her. She said that now she would fuck up Edwin's life, and that she would make Cyr suicidal (early hours of Jan 11th)
- Later that day, Cyr suddenly announced that everybody had to leave the apartment, as his brother co-signed and wanted them out.
- Whilst this conversation was happening, Dasha was sat smiling at Edwin.
- Mina asked Dasha if she would have to leave too. In a screenshot shown on screen, Dasha replied "I have feelings for you Mina and I have a hard time expressing it. Neither of us has to fucking leave. It's just Edwin." She also said that Edwin was working against them, so she was happy he was leaving.
- Mina screenshotted this and sent it to Cyr. Cyr tells Dasha, who texts Mina angrily about it. (More screenshots in the vid)
- Cyr tried to patch things up, but Dasha snapped and demanded Mina leave within two weeks max.
- Dasha then bought Mina roses, and Cyr asked Mina to stay after all.
- In a text conversation between Edwin and Cyr (screenshots included in vid), Cyr said that Dasha was going to get better with her mood swings, but that she sometimes needs to be treated like a child.

- Edwin and Mina spent an increasing amount of time together, to stay out of the others' way.
- Dasha's behaviour towards Mina got increasingly odd. She would follow Mina around, ask her to come to a shoot with no notice and be angry when Mina wasn't available to come. Later, she would admit that she was making the shoots and other plans up.
- At the same time, Dasha was taking Edwin aside to warn him that Mina was a parasite, and that he should be careful.
- Dasha took Mina aside and offered her Edwin's room. Mina told Edwin.
- Unsure whether this was Dasha being rogue, Mina asked Dasha if Cyr was on board with this idea. She showed Mina a voice note from Cyr affirming the plan.
- Edwin decided to cut his losses and leave. Him and Mina moved their stuff into Edwin's car whilst Dasha slept in the apartment.

- Cyr texted Edwin, asking (jokingly) if he was alive. Edwin ignored it.
- Dasha DM'd Mina (as ever, included in the vid) saying that she hoped Mina was safe, that she wasn't angry, but was sad and confused since she thought everything was alright and that her offer for Edwin's room still stood.
- Cyr then texted a mutual friend of him and Edwin, stating that Edwin disappeared with Mina, took a key, and a vlogging camera that 'he used to monetise our personal issues'. He complained further that he was exhausted by Edwin's judgment of him. (Edwin's pissed off at this) Then he said that Edwin had always hated Dasha, and that as he was approaching 30 he wanted to settle with Dasha Edwin couldn't be in his life anymore.
- Dasha contacted Mina about her note, clearly pissed off. Screenshot included in vid. The message says that it is convenient for Mina to run away. She bitched about saying she was just trying to help Mina by offering her the room. Next, she said that as Mina didn't leave when she should have, Mina owed Cyr $300 and in total $1050 in rent by the end of the month.
- Edwin disputes that total, claiming Cyr said he was owed a different figure & Dasha was being shady, trying to get money out of Mina.
- Dasha's message also said that Mina had left 8 pieces of clothing, which she was happy to send Mina. Mina says that Dasha to this day continues to wear her clothes.
- 26th Jan - Edwin texted Cyr, asking if he was ready to talk. Dasha replied, sending him a huuuge rant.

- Mina was linked to the PULL thread about Mina, which was being derailed by a user going by Fawnie. 'Fawnie' was posting caps of instagram pics from Mina's instagram, which had been deleted over a month and a half ago. The caps weren't true to the pics on her insta, and Mina shows twitter caps to prove it - they were shooping her to look either skeletal or bigger than she was in various pics. Some of the pics were also never posted online by Mina. BASICALLY FAWNIE = DASHA
- Dasha has two phones, and was clearly posting edits of Mina pics online. Mina seems pretty certain that Dasha sent them to herself from Mina's camera roll.
- Dasha has contacted friends of Mina's from London

– Edwin ends the vid, promising a second video addressing the shit Dasha's said about them

No. 371597


* PULL thread about Dasha. Sage for error.

No. 371598

golden gods right here. thanks guys.

No. 371600


damn y'all wild i love this

No. 371602

Dasha is fucking terrifying. I get why they just left, I would have left without warning too, as you do with abusive and unstable individuals. Cyr and Plainey pre cuddlegate should have ran away together.

No. 371605

File: 1492473794449.png (80.03 KB, 750x643, IMG_0016.PNG)


No. 371612


we need to build a wall and keep the Dash out!

No. 371613

This is so incredibly fucked up. Dasha set them both up to fall and Cyr was complicit. I don't care if he's ~under Dasha's spell~ or whatever, both of them are fucked in the head.

No. 371615


this is insane. i'm around the 50 minute mark and he straight up shows a vlog of him inside a bathroom crying because he's lost his best friend. dasha is straight up evil. you can't make this shit up!

No. 371622


>Dasha's spell

yeah, what baffles me is how Edwin legit thought he was friends with Dasha. She was manipulating every person inside the house and they were all oblivious. She Taylor Swift them all.

but yeah by that point cyr should have known better. she's still a snake tho.

No. 371623

trasha fans on twitter clearly didn't watch the full video and are just accepting/following her comments about it

anyone who watches that video should be able to conclude that she is a manipulative and abusive cunt, if they don't then they are more braindead than i first thought

No. 371624


I'm looking through the PULL thread that Dasha made about Mina now and jesus fucking christ she is absolutely terrifying. And insane. Jesus.

No. 371625


No. 371627

Mina: I'm going to RUIN your life Edwin!
Edwin: - gets the bitch deported -

she got blown the fuck out

No. 371629


She admits that Cyr did sleep with Dasha while dating Mina. But then Dasha went on to post things like this


this fake bitch. she kept posting about how they didn't sleep together! now we supposed to believe anything else she says?

both cyr and dasha confirmed trash, get them out

No. 371638


Someone needs to do a fuckin welfare check on cyr. Especially in light of all the crazy shit she has said. Imagine being in that apartment right now.

No. 371640

I cant for the life of me understand why cyr is still with dasha if he's having such a hard time. Like the bitch doesn't pay his bills, he': not dependant on her in anyway. They haven't had sex in over a month apparently as well so what's he keeping her around
for? He reached out to edwin and everything too wtf. Only reasonable explanation is dasha must have something on him keeping him under her thumb

No. 371642

Well he hasn't posted on twitter since he said he was taking a break on the 8th April, hasn't liked anything since 1st April so god knows what state he is in rn.

Watching the video and seeing all the shit said with Trasha emotionally abusing Cyr w/ receipts >>371463 then knowing Cyrs taking a break from social media because someone close to him died and the last time he saw them they had argued, then seeing Edwin cry in the video over the loss of his best friend then remembering this >>371382
shit got me FUCKED UPPPP

No. 371646

Someone should get in contact with cyr's family and tell them what's up in case their not fully aware of whats going on and how dasha actually is. if dasha actually got deported and cyr tried to hurt himself or worse over it, that would be horrible when it could have been prevented.plus cyr is actually depressed over everything plus the death of a friend. i just think his family should be contacted before something bad happens

No. 371647

She's probably knocked his confidence that bad, like Lainey with Onion, that he doesn't leave because he doesn't feel good enough, and he has been manipulated to think he and everyone else around him is the problem because Dasha is 'perfect' ( and a psychotic manipulator). She probably rewards him occasionally with affection which keeps him around longing for more and the arguments and put downs probably again make him more drawn to her because he longs for her approval, something he easily gets from others around him that she denies him. But he's that depressed he's lost his sex drive lol. Just my theory.

No. 371648

ngl when I saw the part with Edwin crying, I teared up. I gave Dasha the benefit of the doubt because I enjoyed Cyr's content and didn't think he'd be down with that shit. Welp.

No. 371649


the sheer amount of alcohol he seems to be consuming won't help either. & judging by edwin's vid Dasha is happily enabling his alcoholism and staying sober herself. fucking crazy

No. 371652

Sorry, Mina and Edwin are still complete morons. How long can all of them milk this out? If Mina's sick of it, then she can get the fuck out of the states and go back to London. Holy smokes.

No. 371654

Same, Edwin crying cut me up.

I am seriously worried about cyr at this point. Do we know the twitters of any of his friends? :S

No. 371655

Also they have yet to address the Idubbz part, did she ever own up to that?

No. 371656


Shut the fuck up Putin. Stop trying to derail this delicious milk with your fucking 1% old af dried milk.

No. 371657


imo if dasha's clique of sycophants hadn't kept needling away edwin and mina would have eventually cut their losses.

they genuinely might have got their little overlord deported. i love it

No. 371659

no one cares about the idubz part you retard, dasha is a manipulative cunt

No. 371660


Shut the fuck up, Edwin. Get out of here with that weak shit, asshole.

No. 371661


No. 371662


dasha got all her fans against mina for weeks. why is it wrong that she's finally telling her side of the story? its clear they put lots of effort in the video and that they planned it for a long time.

also, WHY ARE YOU STILL INSISTING ON THAT IDUBBBZ TWEET. the video legit showed that dasha is fucking evil. no one found that idubbbz screencap interesting, look back on the threads, no one gave a shit. people give a shit about what dasha did because its shady and creepy.

No. 371663

Kill me this is perfect kek

No. 371664


Shut up, Mina KEK

No. 371665


ohhhhh. they are here now!


try harder tho!

No. 371666


You're an idiot…lol

No. 371668


i love it when you twitter fiends pretend to understand how to use lolcow. we are not going to follow your circlejerk, no one cares.

No. 371669

No. 371670

>hey guize, i know she emotionally abuses her bf and he probably wants to kill himself and then manipulated everyone in the household but what about idubbbz who only cyr has met and wasn't actually in the apartment or story or anything, what about that hmm?! i call bullshit! no milk! i want to know about idubbbz!

kys lmao

No. 371671

when is trasha going to re upload the screenshot of mina's fake accounts as her 'evidence' since she seems to love doing that

No. 371672

edwin said they'd address the more recent things dasha has accused them of in a second video so she probably will address it there. Even if she doesn't it really doesn't excuse anything that dasha did to her.

No. 371673

please ignore Charlie in the thread and go back to the discussion on the video.

So, after watching Edwin's vid, does anyone else here still supports Cyr? I sure as fuck don't. but i do feel kinda bad for his cuck ass.

No. 371675

100% believe Dasha shooped the idubbbz cap.

No. 371676

Who let the minions out of kindergarten early? Isn't it nap time or something?

Going through Dasha's likes and seeing them addressing the clothing issue and insisting Dasha has evidence for her claims and Edwin/Mina don't is a pretty delicious indicator that they tweeted before watching the whole thing. Cuz that vid was an hour and a half of receipts, kiddies.

No. 371679

The only thing she's addressed is
>I didn't steal minas clothes
>I'm not an illegal immigrant or anything baka
both of which are lies, she's addressed nothing else because she can't dig her way out of those with those cold hard receipts

We will find out if she's an illegal when they deport her soon judging by comments here and on youtube

No. 371680

i don't really feel sorry for him he seems to be one of those ppl who doesn't want to take responsibility for their actions and just runs away from their problems, imo he bought it on himself

No. 371681

I feel like maybe there could of been some things that happeened that dasha says and mina/edwin forgot but it would be like small petty shit that only dasha would really be upset about

I mostly just feel really bad for cyr i thought he was pretty funny and seemed like a alright guy and dasha is just so manipulative and he just really needs help.

hate dasha, feel bad for cyr and i dont thin edwin/mina are lying about any of it

No. 371685

As delicious as the milk is, i feel like it was in bad taste for edwin to release that many private texts/details about cyr. Like saying he wasn't giving dasha the D? I doubt cyr wants people to know that shit. Especially when hes depressed and grieving rn. I'd be worried it will just make cyr more depressed and spiral downwards even more. Dasha is probably ranting about the video to him all day now.

Saying "I will ruin your life" when your angry at someone isnt that weird. But I didn't get why the fuck she'd say something about making cyr cry and feel worse. What? What does that have to do with ruining edwin's life?

No. 371687

>Saying "I will ruin your life" when your angry at someone isnt that weird.

lolcow detected

No. 371691

you're disregarding the rest of the crazy shit she did though? saying that was the least crazy thing she did lmao

No. 371693


Edwin chose an interesting time to drop this, because going public with that many screenshots is going to burn those bridges pretty thoroughly.

Maybe he did it to force Cyr into a reaction?
Maybe he hoped to drive them apart and get Dasha away from Cyr?

Or maybe Edwin's just as immature as everyone in this mess. It just so happens that his immaturity is trumped by Dasha's fucking craziness.

No. 371694

Dasha and comrades have been obsessing over Edwin and Mina every day for months now. If anything, their reaction is long overdue.

No. 371696

I don't think anyone gives a shit what Cyr wants, if half of the stuff in that video was honest.

Depressed and grieving. For all we know, his dealer was arrested.

No. 371697

I think those bridges were well burnt when cyr stood back and watched his girlfriend and minions cyberbully his ex best friends (edwin and let's not forget onision just for context) and ex girlfriend (mina). And over the past few months hasn't even bothered to sort this with Edwin, every time Edwin's reached out he has Putin attempt to nuke him with essays of bullshit "Cyr" said. Dasha talks for Cyr so much could make a profession out of being a ventriloquist. I'm happy they released this because people need to know the truth considering Putins hate campaign has damaged both of their brands - one as a youtuber and one as a model, so they have every right to defend themselves. And with how well the video is structured, it doesn't seem petty at all.

As for the receipts and screenshots, they did that shit to Mina and Edwin so I guess you reap what you sow

No. 371701

People say mean shit when theyre angry, (which most people end up regretting afterwards and feel bad about. not in this case. but it isnt that weird for someone to say something incredibly mean in anger). If that was the only thing she did, it wouldn't be all that weird. Also threatening to make your boyfriend more depressed when youre angry at someone else is far weirder than yelling at the person you are angry at. So yes, the second part stands out way more.

I didnt even comment on the shit she did? I was talking about one specific part.I'd need an essay to comment on all the shit that went down.

I think he only ended up making the video because dasha kept talking about it. I still think edwin would want to be friends with cyr if he ends up leaving dasha and apologizing. Everyone involved is pretty immature, or none of this drama would have happened and be aired online at all.

No. 371704


Someone please screenshot all of the texts in the video?

No. 371706

Everyone involved in this is a fucking cow honestly. The only one who seems to not be thriving off this drama is Cyr, but that's probably just because he's too busy alternating between being a sniveling shell of a man and determinedly looking himself in the mirror, saying "nobody puts baby in a corner!" before Dasha comes home and he curls into a ball of grease, gas station wine and shame.

No. 371707

yeah tbh it seems pretty scummy considering that Edwin is a long time friend of Cyr and is now revealing all these receipts.

I'll still continue to enjoy the milk tho lol

No. 371708

i side with mina and edwin but what i don't get is… why did mina agree to a fake poly relationship that consisted only of both of them fucking cyr. she seemed really confused and ashamed about it but still went through with it when she became sober and slept in the same bed with them multiple nights? what does dasha get out of watching some other girl fuck her boyfriend, especially one she is so jealous of?

No. 371709


Bout as scummy as excluding your best friend for months, bullying him w/ your psycho Putin pal?

Or as scummy as making your friend homeless at short notice cuz your gf makes you cry in the shower over not wanting to put your dick in that black hole of a person?

Honestly I don't blame Cyr not wanting to dick Putin. She makes me feel weak just to read the awful shit she writes let alone seeing her disgusting face wearing Mina's old clothes. Urgh.

No. 371715


i enjoy the milk too much to care, but

>shell of a man and determinedly looking himself in the mirror, saying "nobody puts baby in a corner!" before Dasha comes home and he curls into a ball of grease, gas station wine and shame.

is so fcking funny

No. 371716

agreed, idk why everyone is so quick to jump to cyr's defence, just cause he doesn't speak about it doesn't mean he's innocent. he just knew it would make him look bad

No. 371720

It's established dasha is pretty nuts. But I feel like mina is playing dumb in most of the video. In the whole video she acts like she didn't know what was happening and went along with whatever they said? How does that make any sense lol. Why is she going along with being in a poly relationship and sleeping in their bed and sharing cyr if she thought the whole thing was ridiculous and didn't really want to? I dont buy the oh they got me drunk so i cant make decisions. Like she was still there when sober too lol. Everyone in that house pisses me off because they just keep going along with a shitty situation and talking behind each others backs instead of just like clearly communicating or leaving the shit situation.

honestly it sounded like cyr was always incredibly depressed in all his messages to edwin and that he actually valued edwin as a friend. I dont think he ever actually wanted to kick edwin out, which is why he changed his mind shortly after. But dasha was the one who really wanted him gone. Cyr probably had some problems with edwin, but edwin also had problems with cyr. It seems like it was obvious while edwin acted cool with everything, he was also passive aggressively hating the fact cyr wasnt acting like his old self, which is what cyr seemed to be upset about with edwin. I wouldn't really take that as "bullying" edwin. They both just needed to clearly talk to each other but edwin was being too passive and let cyr push it off and cyr was just avoiding it. Everyone in that house seems incredibly passive except dasha which is why it looks like dasha was controlling everyone. Like just tell her to shut up and not listen to her and play into her games. Lol the fact she asked edwin to lie about deleting mina's instagram. Why would you tell someone that and then expect them to lie for you.

No. 371721


Mina said that Dasha kept asking and asking about her feelings with Cyr. And at that time, Mina thought that Dasha was her best friend. I see why it would be confusing to her and why she would eventually agree to it.

but yeah, what the fuck does Dasha get out of that? and the whole, forcing cyr to tell Mina stories while she takes baths and shit… and forcing Cyr to apologize to Mina about cheating when she hates Mina and deleted her instgram page… like what? why? Dasha's brain needs to be studied.

No. 371728

that's what i don't get either. she probably still liked cyr but didn't want to admit it. you don't just fuck someone because their crazy gf/your friend asked you to with zero attraction/interest. i'm sure she thought the situation was weird and maybe wanted to be like "nah i'm good" but she still went with it. i get that dasha is a freak but the responsibility shifting is retarded. it isn't just one person's fault, they all fucked up enormously. not one person thought to confront dasha, when there are three motherfucking people who felt manipulated by her. jeez

No. 371733

because thats what happens when you're manipulated into doing dumb shit that another person basically forces onto you

No. 371741

why is this all so highschool lol

No. 371785

A lot of the things that had to do with Cyr I think could just be blamed on his depression. And it's understandable to me how easily he was manipulated by Dasha if he was also that depressed, which would also make it harder for him to get out of, especially if she ruined everything between him and his best friend. PLUS him losing someone close to him. I'm with the other anons that are feeling bad for him. I hope Dasha burns in hell and he can become friends with Edwin again. Why is Mina even still in the states though?

No. 371787


its drama regarding two youtubers and two models. i guess we shouldn't expect anything else. they all look like college dropout junkies.

No. 371790


i think that Edwin knew. Like he said he has a psychology degree, right? He kept insisting that he really wanted to talk to Cyr about what was happening. And then Cyr sent him that emo message saying that Edwin was the only supportive friend he had. I think that Edwin legit wanted to help him out but Cyr just didn't let him, and pushed him away when Dasha asked him to.

IMO the only person who coud have helped him was Edwin and he kicked him out. I doubt that things are going to get any better with Dasha controlling his every move. And i doubt that the new roommates care about him that much. The devil won.

No. 371791


so Dasha was Fawnie, and she deleted Mina's insta. why the fuck did she want Mina around so much if she clearly hated her…? and whats with the fact that she still wears Mina's old clothes. Mina u in danger girl.

No. 371794

a psychology degree means jack shit. Laineybot has a psych degree and look at what shes married to lmao. And I say that as someone who has that degree.

I doubt Edwin is the solution to Cyr's depression. He needs to go to a therapist. Not defending dasha, but it can be overwhelming for anybody dating a depressed person who isnt getting help because they cant fix their problem for them, so its not like dasha or edwin would solve cyr's depression. Maybe shes part of whats bringing him down, but he seems to have other issues. Cyr needs to go get actual help and if dasha wants to be helpful, not enable his drinking. I feel like when Edwin was there, if he wanted to be helpful, he should have encouraged him getting professional help.

No. 371796

Holy shit. This whole saga is a trainwreck. There's no one who comes out of this not insane, and it's hard to tell in the last two threads who are genuine farmers and who are minions - not just Trasha and Fawnie and Charlie.

Even before his recent retreat into grief (understandable), Cyr was really not commenting on any of this. I'm so sad that he turned out to be another Onion - a better looking, more talented, funnier Onion, but I would really rather hear from him than any more of his crazy women/Edwins. What is he thinking in all this? Is he salvageable? The others sure aren't.

I think there's a rampant coke/meth habit behind all this. Edwin talks a lot faster than he used to. They all look emaciated and drained. Everyone is acting completely psycho even for their normal behaviour (except Cyr, because he has alcohol to calm him down).

No. 371797


She looks 12 years old. This is really awkward.

No. 371799

Dasha is clearly obsessed with her, but doesn't want anyone to know, because she also wants to be her, and she can't convincingly take her place if other people can spot the psychosis. I don't think she's well.

No. 371804

I doubt they even fucked.

All of them never really made clear what three way relationship event ment, but
- Dasha said on curious cat she didn't have sex with Mina
- Mina said in the video it was between her and Cyr and Dasha and Cyr, not her and Dasha
- Edwin said in the video Dasha complained not habing had sex with Cyr for weeks back then

So actually they
- never had sex together
- barely had any "alone time" as they only hung out the three of them
- they rarely spoke face to face about serious stuff, more via messages (which is really fucked up in itself - who messages an other person from the bathroom when that person is like only 3 metres away??)

So what really defined a relationship for them?

No. 371805

I agree mina in the video is acting like she was a bit dumber than she really is to the situation. I do think she had some feelings for Cyr as her ex at the time that she's ashamed to admit now (maybe because her and Edwin might have something going on right now, idk) I think she did want Cyr but I do think Dasha manipulated her in to the relationship, I think Mina didn't want to probably share him or a 3 way but Dasha pushed her in to thinking it was a good idea. And Dasha was always obsessed with mina considering she slid in to Cyrs dms when him and mina was together, she always wanted to become Mina so took her bf and then her style, I imagine before she fucked Cyr she probably edited her face over Minas in their couple photos and thought "perfect!". Dasha was insecure he would get bored of her so flew her out for a threeway relationship with them. It's not the first time she's done the three way thing as a preventative measure to stop Cyr cheating on her and leaving her like he's done with all his other exs. And the last threeway relationship also turned out badly too due to apparently as mentioned through these threads, the other participant was hitting on Cyr too much.

No. 371808

It was dumb and naive of her to agree, but

- perhaps she still had some feelings for him
- perhaps she just wanted to be with a youtuber / live that lifestyle (she seemed dissapointed that they did the same shit everyday - perhaps she expected more youtube parties and glamour?)
- she just liked the attention Dasha and Cyr gave her
- she felt "oh so special"
- she just got along with Cyr well, it seemed Mina and Cyr didn't really have big issues when she lived there

I think she was just to young, naive and obviously she doesn't like confrontation so she played along with everything. And she needed soneone like Edwin to encourage her to stop. (Perhaps she is a really clingy girl.)

No. 371809

What's with those people and bathrooms? If you watch the video, a lot of important and unimportant discussions and drama went down on the bathroom.

sage bc irrelevant yet intriguing

No. 371810

After watching the whole video I have no doubt that dasha is fucking crazy.

No. 371811


right?! i legit was saying "she can't get any crazier…" every 20 minutes or so, but bitch always got crazier!!

No. 371812

kind of sad to find out she's a Taylor Swift. After she called out Onion I was rooting for her, but I'm always down for more milk lol

No. 371817

It's telling that Dasha told Mina that she has feelings for her. It could have been innocent in a friendly way but the obsessive way she goes on about Mina leads me to believe she was probably infatuated. She probably hasn't washed Mina's clothes once since she's left.

No. 371825

For anyone thinking about skipping the video, just want to say that I'm over an hour in and not been bored or looked away until now. It's SO entertaining and very juicy. They even made me laugh out loud a couple times. 8.5/10

Could someone please shoop them in to the group call scene from mean girls? Shit I almost had goosebumps listening to Mina talk about that. She's a fucking puppet master. Reality is stranger than fiction.

It seems like their apartment is basically the two bedrooms, the kitchen/dining/living area, and the bathroom. That's not a ton of space so it makes sense for people to go in the bathroom sometimes. Dasha and Mina also like to do makeup so I reckon that has a lot to do with it.

No. 371827

I'm late but this is a really bad state of mind to be in. He needs to leave her Jodi Arias ass.

No. 371829

I wonder how many posts in this thread hating on Mina are Dasha trying to sway the popular opinion. I always got a weird/vendetta feeling behind many of those posts. It wouldn't surprise me now that we have confirmation Fawnie was Dasha.

No. 371830

File: 1492498962164.png (48.17 KB, 507x184, Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 5.01…)

the irony. okay trasha, what have you been doing for the last three months then?

No. 371832

Yes because trying to convey a story in a cohesive manner is scripted and fake. Right.

No. 371833

File: 1492499239992.jpg (280.5 KB, 1600x900, IMG_1023.JPG)

Quickly made on the way to work kek
I think each character represents their personality well kekek

No. 371835

Perfect. Bless you anon. It's even better than what I imagined.

No. 371837

No. 371841

edwin looks like david duchovny

No. 371842


yeah, everyone itt needs to watch it. theres so much dirt and dirt.

No. 371844

File: 1492502102905.png (254.23 KB, 623x612, careful.png)

damn guys i was reading a very interesting article. sharing it here so that you guys can stay safe.

No. 371847

File: 1492503432912.jpg (363.72 KB, 995x1600, IMG_1036.JPG)

No. 371849


Tell me you can make more of these. So good.

No. 371857

File: 1492506963514.jpg (437.38 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-04-18-05-07-22…)

How were her actions "impulsive" when she had been snooping in Mina's phone for a long period of time, deleting her individual insta posts and then finally deleting the whole account?
And also why is she still stuck on the fake account thing? Why not address the emotional abuse on cyr?

No. 371859

File: 1492507057067.jpg (143.47 KB, 500x281, IMG_1054.JPG)

No. 371862

>let a person in to my personal space. my home.
No you harassed someone to travel across the globe so you and Cyr could play cuddlegate v7.0, then she caught pink eye from sharing a bed with you.

Also to add, deleting a models instagram is like setting their portfolio on fire and deleting all of their photographer/brand contacts and leaving them without money to put food on the table or pay their rent. You may as well just go to someone's employer and impulsively get them fired. No shitty roses make up for that.

No. 371863

File: 1492507857713.jpg (492.38 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-04-18-05-07-46…)

Back on that didn't have sex with him lie again I see

No. 371864

>'lied about source of income'
>sits on ass all day leeching off cyr
>has no income
>is an illegal immigrant

No. 371870

her actions were extremely calculated and manipulative. a true psychopath

No. 371874

File: 1492511271786.jpg (542.96 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-04-18-06-24-55…)

No. 371879

File: 1492514793561.png (102.25 KB, 750x922, IMG_1062.PNG)

>not today, shelby ain't taking no shit

i clocked that dasha is still going on and on about stealing minas style, like nothing else mattered, emotionally abusing cyr: not bothered, manipulating the household: don't care, looking like mina: OH HELL NAWWWW
It makes her look more guilty though that she did steal minas style and is embarrassed they brought comparison receipts. Also shows how shallow she is that all she cares for is ~aesthetic~ and none of the deeper issues or accusations at hand, just how she looks. This would also be a good time for Cyr to return to twitter, just for a moment, to clear the air and defend himself and his relationship as his beloved is being slaughtered online by the masses: nope. He either hiding under the bed right now or hanging from a ceiling.

No. 371885

I just watched the vid. jesus christ dasha really is a female onision, maybe even worse.

Someone get some help for Cyr, I'm not even joking, this is pure abuse situation, and with the recent death of his friend it may be just to much for him.

No one deserves to be treated like this. I know people can be trapped in abusive relationships for years and totally loose themselves (look at lainey kek) . It may be even harder for a man to admit he's a victim of abuse from narcissist, manimulative bitch that Dasha is.

Honestly after Edwins vid I feel bad for laughing at the whole thing, this is just sad and all the people involved need psychological help.

No. 371889


i think Greg and Dasha are different. Greg actually believes his bs, Dasha has intent to be malicious.

No. 371890

If anyone would like to get in contact with cyr's family members and tell them everything that's going on i suggest going to his personal facebook and looking up anyone on his friends list with the
last name of cyr like his brothers Adam and Dave Cyr

No. 371902

Does cyr even know how out of control this is? He has been taking a break from the internet to grieve and rather non-participatory even before that.

He must be in a bad way. Otherwise you'd think he would rein in Dasha's psychotic immaturity by asking her to drop it or leave. That's what a healthy adult would do.

No. 371904

This surely counts as cow tipping.

I don't think random interference by farmers in this clusterfuck would have a positive impact.

No. 371906

Think there's a difference in contacting relatives to stir drama and being like "Hi, your brother might kill himself" to prevent it from happening lmao

No. 371912

I don't think random people contacting his family is the best option. It can even make things worse especially he's the one who tried to stay out of the drama… I hope maybe some of his friends got into this and try to help him. There is plenty of support for victims of psychological abuse, even in online community.

No. 371914

I think it's Mina on the left anon

No. 371915

Idk i was just trying to prevent something bad from happening by suggesting it. cyr is an ass but he's still a human being and if he hurt himself or worse that would be horrible for his family, friends etc that care about him.

No. 371923

He's no longer online to get help though, he probably doesn't even have any irl friends anymore thanks to dashtrash

No. 371943

Wow, I just finished watching this and while I always knew that Dasha wasn't all innocent like she was pretending to be I never in my fucking life thought she would be THIS absolutely off the wall crazy and sociopathic. She's a lunatic abusive psycho I'm honestly I'm in awe. No wonder Edwin and Mina look like they're constantly on coke now lmao christ I'd go on a coke bender too if I just got out of that hell house and am still getting harassed by her and her fans every single day

No. 371944

I also love how they all prefer texting each other when they are like 4 to 10 meters away from each other.

They shouldn´t have had spent so much time with texting wether they will or won´t talk about their issues in a "group sitting", but just walk out and confront the hole group without setting a date first.
Why not just talk RIGHT NOW – they were at home all the time, doing basically nothing, so they had plenty of time and opportunities.
(The usage of social media and mobile phones makes us weird.)

No. 371945

anytime you see one of these it's safe to say it's just dasha projecting

No. 371947

dasha's current defense: my actions are justified because mina I said mina made fake accounts with cringey photos :(((

mina says dasha has two phones, if this is true I can't help but think those caps were staged.
And holy shit, it's not justified to kick out your boyfriend's best friend of 10 years through manipulation, let alone emotionally abusing everyone

No. 371949

yeah thats pathetic
Mina could have all the fake accounts in the world, still doesn't make putin less of a sociopath

No. 371952

She thinks one must be the bad guy and one the good guy. Actually they´re both a bit crazy (and Cyr seems to be manipulated easily) – but Dasha is the more dangerous one, Mina´s actions seem kind of strange sometimes, but harmless.

No. 371953

Reading through the thread and
>what does dasha get out of watching some other girl fuck her boyfriend, especially one she is so jealous of?

this could very well be intense manipulation from someone who is really fucked up in the head. it's not unheard of that abusive partners make their s/o do things that make them upset just so they can hold it against them later and/or use it to their advantage so they can ruin everyone involved. you have to be incredibly evil and sick for that but based on what they talked about in the video i honestly wouldn't put it past dasha at this point

as to why nobody talked to each other despite wanting to and everyone having communication issues… what you have to consider is that everyone was being manipulated to a very very high degree by someone who was unstable and unpredictable in their behavior. the whole making cyr tell mina a story in the bathroom? it just screams sociopath who is playing mind games. it's honestly no surprise to me that everyone would be at their wits end and confused and not know how to properly address the issue when they've been brain fucked so much for weeks on end. it's a really scary situation and i feel like people here don't really grasp how actually terrifying this. watching that video and hearing all those things was honestly horrifying and none of the shit that was going on there was normal on any level. dasha is dangerous point blank there's nothing else you can describe her as

ot but the reason as to why i have these opinions is because i volunteered in a facility that treated abusive men/at risk criminals and a lot of her behavior reminds me of the people i've encountered there

No. 371955

> it's not unheard of that abusive partners make their s/o do things that make them upset just so they can hold it against them later

I also think, Dasha tries really hard to be "different"/indie/… – she doesn´t want to fit into the "normals" of society and polyamory perhaps seemed somewhat different and hipsterish.

No. 371957

yeah i definitely think it was a mix of that. she was probably justifying her need to manipulate and ruin both cyr and mina in her head by reading posts about how ~quirky~ and ~unique~ and ~healthy~ polyamory is

No. 371970

File: 1492535181026.jpg (474.8 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-04-18-08-10-48…)

I find this funny as between the two of them Mina has modeled with more actually known brands like killstar and Diesel (therefore with more 'real' photographers) while dasha just models for instagram pages and zines.

No. 371978

Also Edwin stated that she was sexually frustrated and shaming cyr for not giving her the d lol. She probably blame him for being depressed and made him feel like shit, so he totally lost interest in sex. I bet she thought in her sick little mind that adding a second girl will somehow magically take his depression away and they would be fucking like rabbits.

No. 372029


that's the point… >>370761

No. 372070

Was it confirmed Dasha that owns the fake accounts from the account list on the picture liking Dashas photo?

No. 372076

No but in the video mina mentioned that sometimes dasha would sneak off with her second phone and then run up to mina like "hey, someone made a fan account of you and they're posting edits!" Mina was suspicious of this because the fan accounts were using pics from mina's camera roll that she had never posted to social media. It's safe to say based off of this that Dasha has at least made some fan accounts before and maybe made the one that liked cyrxdashalove's photo.

No. 372087

My god dasha is a effing psycho!

No. 372095

File: 1492547093616.png (11 KB, 516x109, curiouscat.PNG)

She probably published without comment to let us know she's reading the thread.

Hi Dasha!

No. 372097

Okay but did Edwin address Daisha's claims of breaking into the apartment after he was kicked out? I was following Dasha first when all the drama happened and after watching the video, what Edwin is saying makes sense and he's never changed his story so I mainly believe him. The problem is Edwin and Mina are acting like angels like they never did any wrong at least take blame for something. I can't stand Mina because she's acting like she has no say in her life and does no wrong. Dasha's behavior is horrible there's no denying that but I'm more disgusted with Edwin. You know one of your best friends is dealing with a tragedy does it really seem appropriate to leak private information and show conversations??? No, there's no reason he could have waited a few more months when Cyr is in a better place

No. 372111

File: 1492548124287.jpg (663.9 KB, 2560x1920, Wow.jpg)

From edwin's youtube

I would be happy if that person could explain (+proof)

No. 372124


she was fawnie shitting up the first thread, not surprised she still lurking.

No. 372126

Dasha was sending people messages after the drama first broke. I know this because she messaged me after i left a positive message to edwin on his twitter. she was messaging any random person who sided with edwin/mina.

No. 372138

File: 1492550214629.png (174.98 KB, 482x360, 2017-04-18 - Screencap 019.png)

Mina had brown circle lenses in at the start of the video.

No. 372139

File: 1492550254603.png (180.78 KB, 517x385, 2017-04-18 - Screencap 020.png)

This is from the end of the video.

It really looks like she started to cry and they had to take a break.

No. 372142


He showed texts of her saying that he could come by "at any time" to collect the rest of his stuff. : )

No. 372143

seedy foxⓋ is deleting any and every comment on IG that even mentions Mina (in a positive light),Edwin or the video, if that alone, doesn't scream guilty, I don't know what does

No. 372145

What part of the video? I must have missed it

No. 372147

she was here and she (probably) posted this: >>372044

No. 372150

Was posted right around the time she posted the curious cat telling her to look on here. 100% her and there's no way she read every post during that time

No. 372152


Chapter 29 on the video lol

No. 372153

I'm really curious about Dasha tbh. She says she left home at 15 but that her family has money and she now depends on them. If they're on good terms why would they be funding her LA life it's not adding up

No. 372157

I just wish Mina had spoken more about the fake account accusations. I know there is insurmountable evidence against Putin but that was a crucial bit of their "side of the story", like when she spoke about anything related it was just bashing Dasha. It wavers her credibility and its already very easy to hate dasha cause she's been manipultive/abusive/a general shitbag and ignore Mina embellishing points or avoiding stuff.

No. 372158

cyr is in really shitty situation… he has no way of getting out of this by himself considering his mental state, and even if someone helps him escape putins madness imagine what she might do…
She can tell all his secrets online, threat suicide or wathever
Like nothing can surprise me with her at this point

I've known many toxic people but Trasha is just whole new level of evil…
I almost feel sorry for her, I mean what must have happened to make someone that fucked up?
I came to this forum for lolz and now I'm terrified kek

No. 372162

They said they will address everything Dasha has said after they left in another video so maybe she'll talk about it then

No. 372163

File: 1492551866302.png (18.6 KB, 580x133, Screenshot 2017-04-18 at 5.42.…)

>You are relying on Edwins word
>Edwins word
but there are real screenshots of cyr dming edwin talking about how dasha made him feel emasculated and how she contributed to him feeling depressed


No. 372165

hope so but it felt like they could have got something so important into a 90 minute video

No. 372166

File: 1492551945359.png (208.06 KB, 1536x871, IMG_1714.PNG)

Are you sure because pretty sure she said the opposite of that

No. 372167

I'm sure the next one will be just as long these videos are giving him so many views he's going to keep dragging this on for as long as he can

No. 372183

Watch his Snapchat story, he said he doesn't intend to make a second video anymore. He might, but yesterday's video made him feel at peace already and he wants to focus on his other channel.

No. 372185

that's very irritating.

No. 372189

Of course he feels at peace he got everything he needed out of this video, more people paying attention to him and everyone against Dasha. All 4 of these people are seriously fucked

No. 372195


Literally all he needs to do is throw Dasha's shit out on the street. He benefits in no way by keeping her there. It's quite shocking he hasnt done so already

No. 372196

I hate being that farmer, but…Hi, putin!

No. 372199

Lesson of this video: don't move in with someone if you are not on the lease. It's also illegal for Cyr to have people living there who aren't on the lease. Edwin could inform the landlord or apartment office but he cannot sue.

No. 372206

What's shocking is being this uneducated on domestic violence saying the victim can just leave. It's never that easy

No. 372225

dasha probably messaged with one of her fake accounts first then after realizing she wouldn't get a reply that way. she used her actual account

No. 372240

I think she did by saying Putin had two phones. It sounds like she is saying that it was Putin's other phone. Alternatively, maybe she doesn't care to elaborate further because it is so petty. Honestly though, even if it was Mina's phone, how easy is it to download and/or log into an app on a passed out drunk person's phone and screenshot it? She left it supposedly open and unlocked. The fake accounts have liked Putin's posts. That doesn't make sense if it is Mina. I think Putin is sock puppeting. I agree with you though. I wish that she would have addressed it. Maybe also the video was getting too long?

No. 372247

She has made multiple videos about it and I honestly feel that he had the right to post his side. I really felt for the guy when he was calling his friend and was distressed. I could tell that he was genuinely distraught and I find it very sad that Cyr would allow someone that he supposedly cared about to feel that way. Honestly, Dasha and Cyr deserve each other. I have watched videos from both sides and followed tweets and I am firmly of the belief that Dasha is just an insecure bitch.

No. 372250

Haha it's sad… but I kind of thought the same thing. Honestly, after all the screenshots and posts by the individual parties themselves, how could you not see that Putin is crazy AF.

No. 372251

she still talks to her sister and grandparents but she did mention her mom was an addict?
anyways she's literally like any other girl trying to insta model in LA.

No. 372252


another lesson from the video: don't tell everyone that you're an illegal inmigrant cause its dangerous as hell. dash is fucked.

No. 372260

She only made videos when responding to Edwin and when he broke into the apartment. I've been staying neutral toward this because I absolutely do not trust Mina and Edwin isn't taking accountability for anything. I also feel like he's exaggerating and making up some stuff because he can. Though, many claims do make sense but I'm waiting on another video for him to address her accusations

No. 372261

Shel'll be fine but she should really be advocating more for immigrants instead of animals

No. 372263

I've noticed a pattern with people who are obsessed with animals usually treat humans like shit

No. 372272

edwins doing a younow right meow

No. 372273

No. 372280

This is a really silly thought but it's almost like Dasha brought Mina there to fuck with cyr and fuck with her social media. The way she toys with people I wouldn't be surprised about her doing something like flying Mina out with malicious intent. Insane. Saging for tinfoil, but am I alone in this thought? Dasha is clearly unstable and needs help anyway.

I think it's just that people who treat others like shit feel the need to validate themselves and give the impression that they're hyper empathetic, proactive people. Preaching about animals and veganism is a good way to go about that. It's a facade.

No. 372285

I get the feeling Dash would murder Mina and wear her skin/face as a person suit. She is fucking crazy.

No. 372287

> manipulates enviroment to kick out mexican out of his apartment in LA

But muh animals! But trump!
Yeah, immigration won't ever target a generic white girl in LA lol

No. 372288

>>372280 I feel the same way!i feel like she had her flown out there as a sick twisted game she had plotted in her psycho brain

No. 372289

I can't get over how disappointed Mina was when she realized all they did was go to coffee shops and drink wine every night.

No. 372291

True she could just easily start getting more into activism besides veganism and people would forgot about all the drama and talk about what a great person. Right now, this is really all she's known for. It would just be smart for her to quit responding about the drama

No. 372293

It's even funnier that the coffee shop is literally downstairs and outside the door on the ground floor.
You thought LA was going to be exciting this time.

No. 372294

Idk what Mina was expecting they're not beauty gurus getting paid vacations. I don't feel bad for her

No. 372295

It's even funnier that Mina just said on stream that she hates coffee and thinks it's disgusting.

No. 372296

Is anyone watching this??

No. 372299

She could get tea if fits her ~aesthetic~ more

No. 372301

No. 372311

They're in LA. There's a lot of shit to do and places to see, you don't need money. I'd be disappointed too. She should have spoken up or gone out alone though. She's probably too nice or shy or didn't want to be a rude guest.

No. 372316

Is anything interesting happening?

No. 372319

They're just responding to the audience right now. There's not much of note going on until someone asks about the Dasha situation.

No. 372321

I'm confused now about Mina and Edwin's relationship since they didn't address that in the video. When did they start hooking up? My theory is that Mina didn't want to be polyamorous and started seeing Edwin while living there. And hooking up with your best friend's ex not even ex really since Cyr was now with her made Cyr mad enough to kick them out

No. 372332

i think they're just friends tbh? isn't edwin bi?
If they're actually hooking up it doesn't seem like it.

No. 372336


Not sure how they would have hooked up when shit went down over the space of like, 3 days.

Plus, why does it even matter?

No. 372337

File: 1492563015508.png (86.35 KB, 298x281, Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 10.1…)

dasha, since we all know you read this thread, why are you following mina's friend from the uk on twitter you crazy bitch?

No. 372339

File: 1492563131698.png (41.51 KB, 750x372, IMG_5811.PNG)

Oh no they have been fucking for awhile her entire twitter is like this if you go far enough. Isn't she living with him too??

No. 372343

They said in a video they're friends that kiss sometimes

No. 372347

By reading that tweet I also assumed she meant they'd fucked but like a day later, she was still having cramps and posted a video on Snapchat story of Edwin """punching"""(gently poking with clenched fists) her belly. Lately they seem to be in some kind of relationship(maybe fwb).

No. 372348

It matters because while trying to expose Dasha, Edwin is causing the most harm to Cyr. He's putting all of this out there while Cyr is grieving and taking a break from social media and is now hooking up with a girl Cyr was just sleeping with a few months ago. That's more fucked up than anything Cyr has done

No. 372350

Bringing this up again but even if Mina cheats on Cyr with Simon, she'll absolutely pull the victim card and find a way to blame it on Cyr to make him feel bad and stay with her

No. 372352

it doesn't matter! they are two grown adults and can be together if they want. besides cyr and edwin aren't friends anymore. >>372350 Mina? i think you mean dasha

No. 372353


what kinda gaslighting shit, charlie go home. cyr is a cheater, dasha is a crazy manipulator, who cares if edwin is fucking mina or not

No. 372360

Dasha manipulates okay no one is denying that. If Edwin really cared for Cyr then he wouldn't have posted this video, period. He's no better than Dasha. All of this is for his own personal gain, it isn't going to help Cyr at all

No. 372361

tbh I think it's past the point where Edwin should be doing everything with Cyr's best interests in mind.

No. 372362

Everybody is talking here about cyr like hes so innocent little lamb. He sounds like a 13 year old emo in those messages to edwin, for all we know he has been playing drama queen the whole time.

No. 372364

agreed, cyr is just as bad as everyone else in this situation. so why should we feel sorry for him?

No. 372365

It's his mental health in general. He was already dealing with depression and alcohol addiction and now just lost someone who was very close to him. It's just being a human and not trying to drive an old friend to suicide

No. 372366

Are we not going to agree that Dasha is emotionally abusive towards him? Is he not a victim?? There's no telling what Dasha is threatening him with if she doesn't get what she wants

No. 372371

I mean Dasha is by far the worst in this situation but as you say, Cyr isn't 100% innocent and by the way he treated Edwin he doesn't deserve to be exempt from Edwin and Mina's video. Edwin has obviously tried to help him for some time but has had no success thanks to putin.

No. 372374

It doesn't matter bc cyr has a girlfriend????

No. 372376

causing the most harm to cyr? i think the one who is causing most harm is dasha. cyr is not innocent, he decided to run away from his problems instead of being upfront about them from the start. this all could have been avoided if he didn't make up a shitty lie about his brother wanting everyone out. he he should have been honest instead, but he chose not to confront his own issues so that's his fault.

No. 372379

I don't think it would have made a difference if Cyr told Edwin hey Dasha doesn't want you staying here anymore so you have a month to move out. Edwin still would have went off about getting kicked out and dragging all of this on

No. 372381

Let's just imagine being in Edwin's situation. Your best friend lets his problematic gf move in and you notice she's really emotionally abusive and your friend says he's in love but he's suffering. You reach out for help, talk to family members of his to let them know what is going on. Basically what do you do when your best friend ends up in an emotionally abusive relationship?
Maybe not make an hour and a half long video bashing him

No. 372393

kek it's literally so hilarious how Putin's own boyfriend says she is like a child and needs time outs because of her tantrums

No. 372420


How do we know Edwin didn't do that? Note that he made this video months after Dasha has talked about him and Mina over and over and over again.

No. 372423


they are just trying to explain the situation. I guess it does not matter. We can listen to the explanation of cyr/dasha if he/she makes the same video

No. 372424

lol he clearly tried doing all of that though? he was obviously pushed to a breaking point by dasha with the constant harassment and saw no other way than making this all public. you can't be SO considerate and take constant slander and abuse and ruin your own health just to protect your ex friend (who didn't/doesn't care about edwin and lets dasha abuse him) it's not healthy and he has every right to make this shit public considering the amount of public slander and abuse dasha has thrown his way. you and dasha are only using cyr as a shield and don't give 2 actual shits about his health so just give up already. it's really transparent

No. 372430

Okay you clearly missed the point and got really angry over this which is sad. I'm not excusing dasha's behavior so who the hell do you think you're talking with me and her only use Cyr as a shield. A shield for what? I'm saying Edwin has absolutely no remorse for Cyr and the state that he's in. If someone has to take a break from social media, something they depend on for income, that's really serious. Everyone is only attacking Cyr but no one is reaching out to help so when he kills himself which is pretty likely then what

No. 372437

File: 1492577125035.png (138.83 KB, 500x273, 23434.png)

i don't know how to tell you this but you clearly missed MY point and i addressed as to why it's okay for him to publish this video even though cyr is taking a social media break. he can't constantly watch out for cyr and his depressive episodes when he's the one getting abuse and slander thrown his way. that's not ~compassionate~ or showing ~remorse~ that's just stupidity and self sabotage at that point.
Either way
>Would you feel so strongly about Cyr if he looked like Edwin?
what the fuck lmao

No. 372443

But Dasha only talked about Edwin and Mina when it was to respond to whatever he was saying. Edwin discussed it more than anyone. We can agree to disagree though

No. 372444

you know that's not true. she consistently talked about them for months and made fun of them with her little posse. go down her twitter. 90% of it was absolutely unprovoked and that doesn't even include the intensely emotionally abusive text messages/dms she'd send edwin whenever edwin did try to reach out to cyr like you said he should

No. 372445

Didn't in the video edwin trying to help cyr? -_-

>"Everyone is attacking cyr"

Putin oh putin…
Don't blame us…
People who really can help cyr are himself, family, or his gf
… not us …

No. 372446

lmao dasha made it her mission in life to drag them down and did it nonstop ever since they left. it wasn't just edwin

No. 372450

Are you forgetting when Dasha dragged Mina on twitter with her cunty little followers? Constantly subtweeting? Not to mention they most likely lied about cyr's brother kicking them out but they also lied saying everyone had to leave when they only intended to kick Edwin out. They lied saying Edwin and Mina "ran away" or whatever the fuck after they had worked it out when really they were still planning on kicking Edwin out. Would you not want to defend yourself and tell the truth when people are lying to both you and thousands of people, slandering you and calling you a thief and a coward? Come on.

No. 372451

File: 1492578956414.jpg (94.57 KB, 500x333, oops.jpg)

Meant to reply to >>372430 with that question. It's a whole lot of defense for precious Cyr's state of mind when he's at least partly to blame for all of this.

No. 372452

This all happened in January though and for the last couple of months no one was talking about it. I would just move on with life. Your bff of years and years started dating someone emotionally unstable and it broke the friendship. It's unfortunate but it's not the worst thing, he still has a family to go back to. But I 100% stand by my opinion on it being beyond fucked up to release this video during this time. He and Cyr were best friends for how many years? Losing someone close to you is one of the hardest things you can go through, it's selfish of him to post that video

No. 372454


the video was bashing Dasha because Dasha wronged him. he wasn't bashing cyr at all. this reaching is too much. he is no baby.

No. 372455


Dasha hasn't shut up about Edwin and Mina since it happened. She's always trying to humiliate Mina on twitter, I don't know where you've been.

No. 372456


it kept happening, we just stopped caring. but dasha was still doing all that shit. anyways go home charlie/fawnie/trash and all that good shit

No. 372457

What if dasha told cyr to stay away from twitter forever because of depression? So there is no chance for edwin-mina to explain the situation about them?

Hahaha ..waiting forever?

No. 372458

hate to break it to you, but no one really cares. its entertaining either way.

No. 372461

Can someone explain why the hell Mina is staying in Arizona?? Could she not go back home or is she taking advantage of Edwin and using him for relevance?

No. 372462

Did you watch Edwin's video? He clearly explained that he was making the video for closure; to speak for himself, for Mina to speak for herself, and for them both to vent their frustrations and problems one last time. Is this not a valid enough reason? Not even after Dasha's constant harassment?

And jesus I didn't see any cyr bashing at all. Edwin even praised him, but at the same time he talked about the shitty things cyr did and how much it upset him. That doesn't seem like bashing to me. He was painting a picture of how controlling Dasha was and how badly she manipulates and neglects cyr more than anything else. Cyr is clearly a victim of abuse, we had our suspicions before and joked about it but Edwin gave solid confirmation. I think it's a good thing. That's just me though.

No. 372463


You're delusional if you think Edwin is giving her any sort of relevance, his channel is so small. She went home and came back, probably because they're friends.

No. 372464

Is it bad that I can feel bad for Edwin but have absolutely no remorse for Mina?

No. 372465

Edwin isn't very relevant himself. She said she wants to move to America but I really doubt they're going to try a green card wedding or anything like that.

No. 372466


Nah, Mina doesn't seem all that innocent in the situation either. There's probably a lot that she's hiding. Either way, it's silly for someone to try and shame Edwin/Mina for making a video about what happened when Dasha has been the one going on and on about it obsessively.

No. 372467

She's being talked about and no one knew who she was before she came to LA. You live in an entirely new state for just one friend you've only known a couple of months??

No. 372468

But that just shows dasha's character, it was only making her look bad really. Being that defensive just makes you look guilty.

No. 372469


Who knows what she's thinking. It would be incredibly dumb of her to try and use Edwin for relevance considering she would probably do better without him.