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File: 1497418373835.png (407.15 KB, 756x485, noise.PNG)

No. 396612

Old thread >>373154
>Edwin posted another video response with receipts
>Video of Dasha calling Mina a cunt leaked
>Screenshot of Dasha supposedly soliciting someone to photoshop an app screen to frame Mina for having multiple fake accounts leaked
>Edwin asks leaker to DM him
>Dasha unprivated Twitter, immediately blames Mina

No. 396616

Interesting how Dasha still hasn't addressed the video. Was it part of a stream or recorded during a private video chat?

No. 396619

Yeah, I would like to know when she recorded that. Must have been after she did that periscope saying she wasn't mad at mina and still wanted to be friends.

No. 396624

I'm thinking it was a private video chat with the minions she's close to, because if it was a live periscope we would of all seen it a long time ago

No. 396633

She looked so insane in that video. How do people even try to stick up for her and say she is such a kind, sweet person when she is clearly a monster?

No. 396634

new to this thread, why are they famous in the first place? They don't have many subs

No. 396635


She gives a lot of attention to her impressionable young fans if they talk badly about Edwin/Mina, so they're willing to completely ignore her psycho bullshit. It's pretty pathetic that Dasha takes this as a legitimate form of support; she's manipulating young people into being her white knights and it's disgusting.

No. 396637

File: 1497425620343.png (135.25 KB, 750x997, IMG_0625.PNG)

No. 396639

File: 1497426548109.png (107.97 KB, 750x866, IMG_0619.PNG)

She's so fucking unhealthily obsessed with Mina, it's so creepy it makes my stomach churn. Dasha, it's YOUR fault. YOU are the one who INSTIGATED all this drama in the first place. YOU are the one who wouldn't shut the fuck up about Mina for MONTHS, up to present day. YOU are the one who brought this all on yourself, accounts being fake or not. YOU are the one trying to wear Mina's skin while simultaneously being competitive and trying to outshine her in EVERYTHING. YOU are the one who's obsessed with Mina, not the other way around. YOU, Dasha, are a psychotic BITCH.

I can't even start to imagine how Dasha was in her past relationships with ex's, I feel like maybe this is a recurring theme with her, where she obsesses over girls who came before her and tries to be like and dress like them. I wish Edwin would have given us all the tea about those people who contacted him from Dasha's hometown.

No. 396642

I don't get why Julia thinks anyone cares about the fake accounts after all the shit she's done

No. 396643

After following all this off and on for a while, this is my theory as to what happened between everyone that led to the drama:
Dasha routinely snooped on Mina's phone while she was drunk or passed out. She dug around until she happened to find the fake accounts Mina was using (I do believe Mina was using the fake accounts). She takes a screenshot because she is a manipulative person and wants evidence to use against her at a later time if needed, and then being the impulsive person she is, she deletes her instagram profile out of anger. Cyr and Edwin find out she is the one responsible for deleting Mina's insta. Edwin later confesses this to Mina, and the two of them start to form a mutual friendship/attraction/whatever. When Dasha finds out Mina knows she deleted the instagram, she tells everyone about Mina's fake accounts. Cyr believes Dasha about the fake accounts, but Edwin either doesn't because he is infatuated with Mina, or doesn't care and still sides with Mina. Edwin is now sticking up for Mina against Dasha/Cyr in fights and this is what prompts Dasha to call Mina a cunt and threaten to kick Edwin out and ruin his life over taking Mina's side over his best friend's (i.e. her) side. Cyr is stressed out because of all the fighting and drama and cries to his brother who tells him to man up and deal with the mess created by inviting two crazy instahoes to live with him and his bff. Cyr decides that the solution is that Edwin has to go, because his taking Mina's side and sticking up for her is triggering Dasha and causing tension (because Dasha wants control over Mina without someone else there interfering). Cyr decides to blame the whole thing on his brother wanting everyone out. Cyr doesn't really want his best friend to leave, which is why he later says he was going to "try to talk to his brother and work something out" i.e. he was having second thoughts about Edwin having to leave as the solution to the mess the girls (mostly Dasha) have made. It's too late though because Edwin already feels betrayed and realizes that Cyr is completely cucked by Dasha and only cares about keeping Dasha's insanity under control so that he can play video games and get drunk in peace. Edwin decides to leave on his own terms in a dramatic way to get Cyr's attention, and Mina goes along because she trusts Edwin more than the other two. Dasha is hurt that Mina left her because she has a weird infatuation with Mina, Cyr is hurt that he lost Edwin, Edwin is hurt he lost Cyr, and Mina is…well I honestly don't think she really cares too much about any of these people. Everyone's initial hurt over what happened quickly turned into anger, insults and pettiness once they ALL started publicly airing their shit. And here we are now.
saging cause I got a little carried away.

No. 396647


The only thing I disagree with you on this is that Dasha impulsively deleted her instagram, apparently she was fucking with Mina for a couple weeks, deleting pictures of her instagram and twitter. So it was more calculated than that. I also don't think that Dasha is infatuated with Mina so much as she passionately hates her and wanted to torture her. Or wants to wear her skin. Or who knows, I can't understand what goes on in her brain, she's a fucking lunatic.

No. 396649

I do think agree. Cyr isn't as vicious as dasha he's just being used and manipulated and it's terrible.

No. 396655

no no no i agree with you! i've always thought this too. she was deleting her posts and sitting back watching mina get frustrated at instagram while rubbing her back like "it's okay, we will find the culprit ;) ;)" then eventually i think she had enough of toying with her, she deleted her whole account, which is a dick move considering mina is an instathot model which would mean no jobs for her, no money, loss of professional contacts and social media following.
>Besides, how can you wear someone's skin if their instagram has less followers than you and their first post was only a few months ago… right?!

No. 396659

Mike is just as stupid and manipulative as Julia, he's just a lot more passive. It's a lot easier to make his tiny dilated eyes look wounded.

>Look at me a YouTuber in pain with lots of subscribers

No. 396662

Seriously, I'm tired of everyone being like "boo hoo, poor Vinceeent". He's given me shitty person vibes since I recently rediscovered him last year. I found him via maxmoefoes tweets, and right away got this kiss ass and trying to gain popularity vibe from Mike, and as I was snooping through his stuff, I realized he was that cute guy (but I honestly thought he was gay, so I didn't bother watching his YouTube much) who I found via Onision (and Onision I found via mr repzion bitching about him) Anyway, as I started to pay more attention to him, I realized (and I might be wrong) that he doesn't really care about people unless he has something to gain from it. Mike just seems like a really shady slimy snake to me, I don't know why people keep treating him like a victim.

No. 396663

That's what I think happened too. I do think Mina is behind the fake accounts, but at this time everything dasha has done makes it almost irrelevant

No. 396664



Anyone who was friends with Onision for so long can't be a good person.

No. 396667

i have trouble believing mina made the fake accounts because dasha already has a history of posting those creepy mina edits on PULL and mina doesn't seem to have the personality to make all those creepy fake cyr/dasha edits on that annor lilly account.

i do think that mina did something fucked up though because she constantly looks at edwin to speak up for her to make sure what she's saying is right. she could just be nervous or a generally non-confrontational person, but i have a feeling her, dasha and cyr all fucked each other and she was down with polyamory and feels ashamed.

No. 396674


Maybe Dasha took advantage of Mina when she was drunk. I believe she's crazy enough

No. 396676

OMG she's crazy.

No. 396705

He's always been this way, I can clarify that. He has always used women and played girls off in secret. He tells them "you're not like other girls, there are no girls like you in LA" and shit. He's always been a shitty person. Full stop.

No. 396713

I see him very similarly to lainey, they do shitty things but it doesn't mean they're not dealing with abusive partners.

Dasha is onision the female.

No. 396717

Here are some of the reasons I am more inclined to believe Mina made and used fake accounts, mostly based off Edwin's latest video. Sorry again for the long post.

If you go back and watch Edwin's latest video, not once does he actually outright say that Mina was not responsible for creating and using the accounts. He is very careful about that. More importantly, neither does Mina. Edwin discusses his "fishy" points, however his smoking gun about Dasha having two phones, one of which has a crack in the screen similar to Mina's is quickly debunked when people point out that the phones with similar cracks are different colors; Mina's is black and Dasha's is white. Edwin seems way too organized/methodical of a person to have missed this (Not to mention he lived with both girls so he would have seen them both using their phones to note that they are different colors), which makes me think that he knew this evidence was weak but added it in there hoping people wouldn't go back in the vlogs to catch it. The rest of his points in this section of the video addressing the fake accounts really don't prove Mina's innocence, they are just an attempt to cast more suspicion over Dasha.

The other thing that bothered me about the fake account section in his video was the fact that the person who should have been there addressing it (Mina) wasn't. I know she is back home so she couldn't be there to physically film that section with him, but wouldn't it make sense for her to at least film a clip of herself with her phone discussing the fake accounts and giving her own defense to send to Edwin to add to the video since he is so hyper-focused on providing receipts and testimonials from other people (like w/Kate's texts)? The fake account issue is the ONLY thing that Dasha potentially has on Mina and I (correct me if I am wrong) don't believe I have ever actually seen Mina come out and straight up say she was not behind them.

I don't think the fake accounts are even a big deal. If Mina was using them, she should have just owned up to it. Most people (including myself) think that even if Mina was using fake accounts to comment hate or w/e on Dasha's posts as Dasha claims, that is still nowhere near as bad as some of the things Dasha has done, such as posting Mina's full name.

No. 396721

Yeah i believe the same. The fake accounts are a childish thing to do. But at this point is nowhere near as horrible as the thing Dasha has done. Dasha is manipulative and bad hearted.

No. 396722


Totally agree. Mina should have just publicly owned up to it, and I have no clue why Edwin is being shady and trying to start some conspiracy theory with Dasha being behind them.

The sad thing is, if Dasha really wanted to ruin Mina's reputation, she could have just revealed this information on twitter as soon as she found out, and everyone would have been on her side. But because she decided to go all psycho and try and get revenge, she showed her true colors and her name is being dragged through the dirt.

No. 396725

Yeah I agree as well. I always thought Mina had the fake accounts as well, but I didn't think it was a big deal. Cringey, yes, but not a big deal. I mean half of the top cosplayers pay for followers as well.

I think while yes she would get some shit for admitting it, it would help in the long run. It would give dasha no more reason to sperg (THE FAKE ACCOUNTS AAAA!!! Yes Mina already owned up to it) and possible let people focus on/confront her about everything else.

No. 396727

When the m accounts were first exposed Mina did make a post saying it wasn't her but that's all she said plus I think the posts deleted now. Idk I definitely think that dasha' crazy enough to plot this whole thing but it seems likely that she stumbled across the app whilst going through Mina's phone. The thing is people have said that there isn't an app that lets you create multiple accounts and you can only create 5 Instagram accounts on one phone also some of the accounts are Mina's actual friends or real people some of them have twitter accounts and YouTube accounts

No. 396728

I don't understand tbh. I paused video at the usernames part, a few of them are real and still posting on instagram? @linamonroez is one example

No. 396730

I wonder what happens next, I have few ideas:

1/ Cyr keeps being Dashas dog and a alcoholic plant for the rest of his life and Dasha keeps being Onision

2/ In one of their crazy fights Cyrs reaching his breaking point of being cucked, kills Dasha and becomes the serial killer from his jokes

3/ Cyr breaks up with Dasha so she kills him, then goes on a rampage killing many people while screaming "FAKE ACCOUNTS"

What do you think?

saged for shitpost

No. 396732


I think if Cyr ever tried to break up with her, she would be less inclined to physical violence, but would desperately slander his name, claiming rape, abuse, cheating, etc

Or maybe she'd go for the eyes, who knows. She might not be very smart or strong, but she's malicious as fuck.

No. 396734

Oh yeah, if they ever broke up it'd be


No. 396735

I think Dasha is going to wait. Right now it's not the right time to break up with cyr but in a couple of months she's going to do it and be a victim about it.

No. 396736

She'd definitely do something seriously malicious behind closed doors as well, like sleeping with his best friend or at the very least heavily implying she'd slept with his best friend. Along with the whole "I never loved you, you're pathetic/worthless/I was just waiting for something better."

Pretty much she'd just amp up whatever it is she's doing to him right now anyway.

No. 396739

I think dasha probably did pay someone to photoshop and couldn't ask cyr to find someone to do it for her cause she's trying to convince him she isn't abusive and crazy so he thinks Mina did the fake accounts. Dasha posted the fake conversation about paying someone to distract from the video. Cause the person never said the screenshot was taken that day but the person trying to debunk it on the forum kept trying to say that's what the poster said. Dasha always gets that stuff confused like 'I hinted at it before by saying this' but she never said that. Cause that screenshot could easily have been taken months ago since that was dasha's profile picture before be since the person who posted it never responded back I guess it was dasha thinking it could be debunked easily not realising she messed up by not saying the screenshot was taken today

No. 396740


Absolutely. Which reminds me, she never addressed the fact that she told Cyr that she never loved him via text during a fight, did she?

No. 396741

And cyr fucked up cause he said 'why would you pay that much for a easy photoshop job' so it obviously can be done by photoshop

No. 396742


I think their icon would still reflect what it was at the time the message was written, right? I don't believe the screencaps were real, the poster would have come back with more proof if they were.

No. 396743

They defend themselves by saying that "Couples always say mean things when they fight" noooo way, i've been with my guy for about 8 years and i've neeeever ever said something like that.

No. 396747

I think the main issue with it is that it's apparently from her newer personal account that wasn't made until April I think? So it wouldn't make sense for her to be asking for the photoshopped accounts then.

No. 396748

Yeahh! maybe mina did have fake accounts but just to get followers and Dasha saw an opportunity to frame her because Mina would never admit that she's faking being instafamous or something.

No. 396750

In Dasha's periscope that she filmed a few weeks after Edwin and Mina left, but before Edwin made his first long video exposing all the drama, she says "I am not going to say any details about certain phone things, Mina if you are watching this" We know Dasha is a manipulative person that likes to play mind games with people, so she said this (imo) to try to scare/control Mina because she actually has some dirt on her. If she had nothing on Mina at all and was the one behind the fake accounts, then there would be no point to say that, since she is not actually revealing any dirt or trying to frame Mina for anything at that point.

No. 396752

the only reason i don't think it's mina is because dasha already has a history of editing things in a weird and psychotic way. that shit isn't normal behavior and dasha has proven to be a nutcase consistently. why the fuck would she say she wants to "destroy mina" and then pay for her ticket to LA. mina just doesn't strike me as a malicious person, honestly she comes off as a bit stupid and like she couldn't comprehend that level of manipulation. and only a guilty person like dasha would flip out this much about their innocence. notice how mina says dasha asked her over and over "you don't think i deleted your accounts do you?" who else but a guilty person would need to clear their anxiety by trying to make sure the other person doesn't suspect them?

i don't think mina is guiltless, i wouldn't be surprised if she had the app or fake accts but i also wouldn't be surprised if dasha found some crazy way to frame mina, or that she even posted that screencap about paying someone herself to prove it's fake so she can act like mina is trying to fuck her over. it's all projection

No. 396753

Yeah if the person took the screenshot months ago then it could have that profile picture but since dasha's changed her new account to that picture and the screenshot was taken that day it makes it obvious the screenshot wasn't real. But the person saying it clearly isn't real in the forum was saying when the person posted the screenshot they said 'it was screenshot today' but the original post never said that so I think they were both dasha and she didn't realise the original post didn't say when it was screenshot so it actually could have been from months ago when that was her profile picture before. Am I making sense? lol I know it's a bit of a ramble

No. 396755


Yup. Mina not addressing it and having Edwin do it was what gave it away. I'm sure it's just very embarassing to her but Dasha failed to provide evidence that any of those accounts harrassed her in the first place, she really should have owned up to it, kinda too late now. I also spoke to Edwin once about them, it was clear he was lying to me trying to push the whole "dasha did it" narrative. And frankly it's far too complicated, she could come up with simpler ways to fuck her over.

No. 396759


Wtf are you saying? Use punctuation next time. I had to re-read this like 10 times.

But I'm pretty sure the original poster said they screenshot that day (yesterday?) so I'm not sure what you're even on about.

No. 396760

I'm the person that pointed out that the screenshots were taken yesterday, I'll explain. I posted the video and was waiting for people to see it, so my tab was open. The person posted the screenshot, then in a post below, literally a second later, that they forgot to mention when they took the screenshot. Then they deleted the original post with the screenshot and posted it again.I just assumed they didn't frequent lolcow

No. 396762

If you watch the video where dasha exposes the accounts though it seems like she lying like she keeps touching he neck and ear which means you're lying the corners of her lips twitch up very slightly at times not an actual smile just a tiny bit which is an automatic response when you think you've gotten away with a lie. Like look at the way she says accounts or edits, your lips don't twitch upwards when you say those words but hers are. and at certain times her mouth goes into a snap that's kind of lop sided like one side of the top lip goes up more than the other side people do that when they're lying too

No. 396763

File: 1497462969049.png (375.65 KB, 734x1375, Untitled.png)

Either way I think its photoshopped. Dasha's avatar icons don't even line up.

No. 396765


Uhh… nice sleuthing? Common sense says that it was probably Mina that had the fake accounts, but that's not even a big deal, so I dont know why people are insisting on trying to prove Mina's 'innocent'. We KNOW Dasha is horrible, she's proven it through valid screen snaps (ex. her telling Vincent that she never loved him just because they were having a fight) and video (her stating outright that she was going to ruin Edwin's life just for disagreeing with her), so we don't really need to go on some witch hunt over something that's probably not even true. It just distracts away from the real truth at hand, which is that Dasha is fuckin' nuts.

No. 396766

Sorry I wrote it too quickly! Basically when I went to check the post it didn't say the screenshots were taken that day but someone's said they deleted the first post they did which did say it was taken that day

No. 396767

I think she was calmer when she thought people were going to come at Mina hard for the accounts.

No. 396769

I'm not saying she's lying about the accounts but she's clearly lying in the video. Like it's a obvious dasha didn't just find Mina's phone unlocked and things like that. But there's probably more to the story than dasha just found the app since there isn't an app like that and some of the accounts are real people and not fake

No. 396770

Just the fact that you take someone's phone to "take a look" says a lot about her.

No. 396771


Yeah, she definitely didn't just stumble across it, she probably went through her phone while Mina was trashed.

No. 396778

The main thing I find weird, is you can tell Dasha loves editing photos and making weird pictures. Meanwhile I've never seen Mina make weird edits, like the fake accounts. Idk just seems weird to me that Mina doesn't really edit her pictures or makes photoshoped things, but supposedly has many fake accounts where she does that all the time.

No. 396780

yeah me too. Dasha photoshops everything!!!

No. 396781

I have posted in other old threads some of these alleged accounts, which really seemed like cringey fan accounts.

I will say that the cringey edits reminded me alot of the shit BABYDADHTRASH /Maya makes….

No. 396783

Pretty sure Mina made memes about dasha when they had bad blood though. I didn't know her then but didn't people post some here? Maybe even in the first thread?

No. 396785

Possible theory about the fake accounts. Mina at some point in her life has used fake accounts for whatever purposes, but likely not as malicious/weird as Dasha claims. Dasha finds out at some point she is using or has used fake accounts, maybe Mina even tells her about it because it is stupid and not really a big deal. The "finding the phone unlocked in the bathroom" scenario never happens and Dasha never gets screenshots of the actual fake accounts Mina was using/has used. After Mina and Edwin leave the house and start making vlogs and exposing Dasha, leading her to get hate, she decides to hit them with the only thing she has: knowledge that Mina has used fake accounts. She has no proof of it, so she photoshops the screenshot with some fake accounts and over exaggerates Mina's use of them to everyone. So in a way, the fake account story is actually half truth, half lie. Idk if this even works or makes sense, but sage for tinfoil.

No. 396786

File: 1497465415548.jpg (50.29 KB, 720x396, IMG_20170614_143609.jpg)

No. 396787

File: 1497465478940.jpg (40.63 KB, 720x372, IMG_20170614_143710.jpg)

No. 396793

File: 1497467531612.jpg (42.04 KB, 809x357, Capture.JPG)

I thought Dasha had Mina blocked? she's still stalking Mina's twitter through her rabid fans

No. 396794

Did anyone notice that babydashtrash came out and admitted she's a catfish?

No. 396796

Having your pet Simon take pictures of you outside Mike's apartment isn't really a photoshoot but ok.

No. 396797


I find it super creepy that Dasha blocked Edwin super quick and not Mina… I mean how else will Dasha get her ideas for clothing?
Sage for ot

No. 396798

File: 1497467929098.jpg (23.94 KB, 849x194, Capture.JPG)

Busy doing what? sitting on your ass (pretending to do photoshoots) while obsessively refreshing Mina's twitter?

No. 396804

I do remember awhile ago Dasha and some of her followers posted some stuff that those fake accounts were harassing them, like on cyrs account that vanessavildred or whatever was calling him a fuck boy and those accounts were saying that Mina was better and Mina wouldn't like this or some shit like that and arguing with Dashas fans, but I really feel like it wasn't harassment more like talking shit, which is normal nowadays. Harassment would be like threatening. Which Dasha exadurates, yeah you're friend talked shit shit about you on accounts maybe cause she was hurt about the homewrecking, anybody would be but Dasha also talked mad shit too, like da fuck? But you really have to go back to find it, but honestly nobody got time for dat!

No. 396806

Wait what? When did this happen?

No. 396807


Why don't you read the old thread to answer your own questions?
Sage;; for ot

No. 396810

i would have loved it if mina and edwin never said anything and just let dasha keep triggering herself then they could sue her for harrasment

No. 396811

busier over-photoshopping her pics

No. 396815

File: 1497470138964.png (75 KB, 750x410, IMG_3225.PNG)

I l read the YouTube comments, he already said he's biased towards Mina, he doesn't really know himself if Mina is lying but I don't think he cares anyway, and I couldn't find the other comment where he said Dasha basically admitted to Mina and Cyr about her Lip injections lol.

No. 396819

Because it's not in the old thread?

No. 396820

Edwin is the only one in all of this that I actually feel a bit bad for. He lost his best friend and his living situation in LA all because of psycho Dasha and the drama she created by fucking around with Mina. It seems like he fights so hard to protect Mina's innocence, I hope he doesn't get burned by her now.

No. 396829

so busy she has time to reply to minas posts… ok

No. 396830

what are you talking about? it's all there

>>396042 is the video response

>>396481 is the leaked video

>>396508 the screenshot

>>396517 edwin asks to be dmed

>>396543 dasha blames mina

No. 396831

I feel like cyrs trying to please Dasha, you honestly do become a shitty person with a different mindset when your in a crap relationship, and Edwin is trying to protect Mina's reputation, because he feels like he owes her for kindness to him and her being there. Mina's probably just wants a good rep and is probably embarrassed about the accounts, and she's too far in lying about it to confess now, so she probably wants ignore it all together, but dahm psycho Dasha will honestly not stop until she's admitted. I honestly feel like if Mina admitted, Dasha would have nothing to bitch about anymore and no excuses to bitch about. That drama needs to fucking die already.

No. 396833

Her new twitter is nsfwmongeau. She made a video admitting to using her friends pictures. Dasha doesn't seem to care about her fake accounts!

No. 396840

Ah shit my bad. I meant to reply to this, not the original thread

No. 396848

I kinda want to explain Dashas psych and how it relates to her undiagnosed mental illness she DOES suffer from, without a doubt she does have one. I remember a long time ago she said she was a victim of sexual abuse, had a bad family life, she's been abused other ways too I think from ex's. I'm trying to go at it in a psychological way, but if you notice a lot of victims of sexual abuse tend to have a mental problem or something that scars them in some way. My friend was molested when he was young, and sort of acts like Dasha, he was my friend but he picked on me, and put me down to feel a confidence about himself, I never noticed his problem until someone explained to me. Those type of people are always looking at themselves like they're always being attacked, and feels like they have to justify their bad actions. They also need constant attention, they're clingy, but also cold, they posses no empathy at times too, they also experience mood swings etc. there's more too this, but I'm sure you all get the point. She needs to actually realize this, instead of denying it. It's so apparent I don't know why nobody else see's it.

No. 396849

I'm pretty sure Mina said somewhere in the new video that Julia introduced her to an app where she could gain more followers, Which correlates with Dasha's inexplicable following. I don't doubt Mina used it, but not in the way julia is a making out. Sage for tinfoiling, but at this point it wouldn't surprise me if Julia planned on showing her the app, then deleted her Instagram multiple times to encourage her to use it and/or verbally coerced so she could then screenshot her phone with the app open whilst the rest of the clown clan where wasted, as a means of having something to trash Mina with, she is extremely hellbent on bringing her down, I think it's now obvious she invited her to LA for that purpose. Steal 'her aesthetic' and ruin whatever online image she has. After all Edwins friend Kate claimed Julia had told her and others she wanted to ruin Mina's life before she came to LA, with the recent sperg video being released, it seems undeniable.

No. 396854

yeah she definitely has something going on. She's acting super crazy or she's a compulsive liar/dramaqueen. I was molested too now im dealing with OCD. Its really frustrating.

No. 396855

It's so fucking sketchy that Mina used to call herself baby fox, as well as Vincent. And now Dasha is using 'fox' or babyfox for everything. She was jealous of Mina from the start and did everything that she could to take her place. It's sickening.

No. 396856

All of them are shitty friends. Edwin made that video, publicizing it, All their stories don't match up, Dasha doesn't admit to her shit, Cyr needs to stop hiding in the corner, needs to get help with his depression, Dasha needs to get help too. No doubt if they both get therapy and help they'll significantly improve, the problem is they don't want to face that they both have problems, Edwin filmed himself crying like that was something weird as fuck to me, Mina stays quite about everything, the whole copy and style thing is such a fucking stupid ass thing to be honest, like both of them were very normal looking, and they both looked way better before adapting to the new weeabo fucking style that's out now. There's so many of these fucking people now. They copied each other. They copy other people. Like what is this self absorbed shit? They all need to shut up. Edwin added more, even though he wanted it to end, Dasha is never gonna shut up and stop throwing shade. Mina just needs to admit to her accounts, like girl it's not a big deal, at least Dasha looks fucking worse any way and she can finally fucking stop barking like a dahm chihuahua

No. 396859

I agree, but like why is she so damn jealous and hateful of Mina? Mina dated Cyr for literally 2 weeks and wasn't he the one that broke it off with her? Its not like Mina and Cyr had a months or years long serious relationship and deep love that left Cyr wanting to get her back. He has apparently had plenty of ex gf's before Dasha that lasted longer than Mina, so why hasn't Dasha gone after any of them? The only thing that makes sense to me as to why she would hate Mina so much is if Mina was actually trying to meddle with their relationship once he left her for Dasha because she wanted Cyr back.

No. 396861

Yeah, she really needs to get help, I think she has hidden trauma or bi-polar. It's so weird the amount of shitty people you've known or seen, something always caused them to be this way, the things is most of these people don't get help and lot more contributes to their behavior, she's also done substance abuse I think, these people never get any fucking help when they can cause serious issues with themselves and people around them.

No. 396865

I read that vincent said one night while Mina was way drunk she told him if the poly thing didn't work out he and her could be together. Which Dasha was probably pissed about. I'm sure Mina said sketchy things, but with Dashas amount of psycho everything probably set her off.

No. 396866

They're all super weird. Who invites their boyfriends ex-girlfriend to stay with them EVER? Especially with the intention of getting into a poly relationship? Wtf.

Any why would anybody go back to stay with their ex (who cheated on them) and their new gf?

They're all either weird as fuck or have serious esteem issues…or both.

No. 396868

File: 1497475212954.jpg (16.51 KB, 578x113, DashaTweet.JPG)

Anyone think this is still going to happen?

No. 396874

incoming "dasha has BPD." we don't talk about mental illnesses because pretty much everyone here posted has something, her alleged sexual abuse is irrelevant in her obsession with mina honestly, it doesn't correlate to her behaviors in an interesting way

No. 396882

File: 1497476776450.jpg (555.53 KB, 1936x1936, IMG_3231.JPG)

I did some lurking, on Mina's ex friend Leon, he doesn't follow Mina anymore but follows Dasha, and I looked through the his old pics, Mina looks pretty normal, less weeaboish, he cropped the original photo of them together and it seemed like shade, I think? Like idk why he would repost that photo, out of all photos, the one with Mina. Idk though, but I went though Dashas minions accounts and they were making fun of mina sucking in her cheeks and then I found the video with Leon. She talks kinda different I think, I see the sucking in cheeks thing too. But idk if it's enough to think Mina's evil or whatever. If anything maybe she just does sketchy stuff on the down low and Dasha puts her shit out there as you can obviously see. Especially with that one psycho video. Which I seen she hasn't even addressed it. but anyway its just something I wanted to share. I don't really know what this will contribute lol.

No. 396885

Dahm lol, getting defensive much, people are allowed to talk about that and not limit themselves on this thread. If your just obsessed with Dasha copying Mina you can talk about that but I they do make a point a lot of mental disorders do come from that. It's actually fact. But even then she's still a bitch

No. 396896

This video was posted in the very first thread I think, and it honestly just makes Mina seem like a trend jumper. She comes off very Victora Beckham in it, as if she's going for a more model-ly personality instead of whatever it is she's doing now.

No. 396898

Honestly the personally she portrays I the video is way better than her quite, wannabe kawaii Asian girl now. She seemed pretty fierce like she could actually stand up for herself instead of having Edwin say everything thing for her lol

No. 396899

Interesting that he reposted the pic with her cropped out, but more interesting that he no longer follows Mina, but follows Dasha. Wonder what happened there?

No. 396901

Edwin also wants the drama to be over with but I feel like he's getting the enjoyment out of it, cause he still keeps retweeting and replying out of it. Maybe he should actually focus that he's Away from them now and stop entertaining their toxic behavior. All of them seem like attention whores Edwin and and Dasha, Cyr and Mina are both letting them speak for them too. They're all annoying to me, that's why I unsubbed from ed and Cyr.

No. 396902

Maybe because her account got deleted and he never followed her new one?

No. 396904

I've read a lot of her curious cats, she said she knows Leon with a winky face, because someone mentioned the video to her, I think maybe something happened between them too, he must have known Mina has a new insta since even Dasha used to feature her before the whole fight. It's just weird that it kinda seems like he's shading her and someone said it looks better than before.

No. 396906

Maybe trasha ruined their friendship? She would be that psycho given the current circumstances.

No. 396910

dasha went out of her way to contact leon (just as she did niamh) and he immediately fell for her side. Idk what he was hoping to get out of it, but I hope he feels good about himself.

No. 396923

Yeah in all fairness everyone should stop, but I totally see why he can't let go. I mean because of her he is struggling to find a place in LA and lost his best friend. He says he's not upset about it anymore but now he's probably just angry now. I would be the same way. Especially if it was one person that caused everyone to suffer (Dasha). I'd be too angry to be mature about it.. personally I like the drama though so I'm glad no one is mature lol

No. 396927

Busy doing what ? Her snap story is just her messing around with the dog and putting on her overpriced tuner ice mask while taking a bath lmaoo

No. 396946

Do any of you know offhand when Mina and Cyr first started dating, and also when he started dating Dasha?

No. 396948

It's hell week you retard, stop trying to be an armchair psychologist. That is banned and derailing.

Do you have proof of this? Not that I doubt it in any way, just receipts would be nice.

No. 396959

Dasha said once that she met Cyr when they Mina and Vincent were still dating but she never did anything sexual, she just wanted to be her friend and get to know him and bla bla. And cyr, on this interview said that she DM him saying "let's get lit and talk about emotions" at 12:26.

No. 396966

Anon said babydashtrash not Dasha.. no idea what they're referring to though.

No. 396977

yes, i know that now. this person messed up when tagging the post, causing some confusion >>396840

No. 396978

Dasha is singing on snapchat.

Its so incredibly sad

No. 396985

isn't she busy at photoshoots?
also mina's been tweeting about babadook recently now dasha won't shut up about. she does this subtle copying so that if someone points it out she can be like 'mina's not the only person who's seen the babadook! mina tries to say i copy her for everything!'

No. 396992

How do you record snapchats?

No. 396993

>>396992 there are apps

No. 396995

Sometimes I think she does the "lowkey" copying just to get a rise out of Mina or Edwin. If they reply, it gives her a reason to attack them. At least in her mind. I once knew someone who did things like that to make them seem like the victim.

No. 397007

You can quote a post automatically by clicking the number it is assigned. It'll show up in your reply field.

No. 397012

This better not be the same arm chair pyschology anon from the onision thread

No. 397032

Who cares if Dasha is singing, how is this milk?

Why did this thread turn into boohoo Dasha got abused poor bby fox? A lot of people go through shit, and you don't see them acting like total cunts.

No. 397063

Y'all seem to have anger issues take that somewhere else nobody is saying that. Anyway she seems to be obsessed with making those song videos. The only one that was funny was the mr Krabs one but she's over doing it and killing it tbh.

No. 397067

File: 1497520215595.jpg (572.93 KB, 2400x2400, IMG_3303.JPG)

You would think they could at least get some dental work. I notice that Dashas teeth are the only ones that look good but they looked crooked and had that yellow tint back then. I'm assuming her sugar daddies probably paid for it. And she probably has left over money hidden away somewhere from selling herself to them. She buys shit and clothes that are 60 to almost 100 dollars a piece from expensive places and probably keeps it hidden from Cyr. I wonder how she even gets her money now with her so called modeling jobs.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 397068

None of their teeth are that bad, you're being nitpicky as fuck.

No. 397069

Agreed; not everyone has/can afford to have Hollywood porcelain veneer-esque teeth.

No. 397070

Dasha can with her prostitution money

No. 397072

Dude, who gives a shit

No. 397073

Anyone else notice how Dasha's been protecting her tweets off and on to gain followers from the drama? two days ago before the video she was at 19.7k now she's at 20.3k

No. 397074

I'm sure there's a lot of new people here who came from Edwin's video and haven't learned we have rules when they should actually look into it..

No. 397112


I actually never thought of that, I just assumed she was butthurt as fuck, but it makes more sense that she would try to profit off the drama.

No. 397114

the whole picture is tilted, the same angle everywhere

No. 397132


Anons keep mentioning theories about the accounts and that it would be or would have been in Mina's best interest to admit she made them because Julia would have no reason to sperg / no drama to rely on anymore


Admitting to this would give Julia ammunition, she would sperg even harder and release an even worse, unending shitstorm onto Mina with the help of her minions, they all would feel even more in the right and on top of it all and use this as an excuse to act even shittier.

You can't really apply common sense to Julia's hypothetical reactions because she's VILE and she won't stop beating this dead horse.

No. 397182

But Edwin even said he's just bias towards Mina he doesn't really know if it's true he's just protecting her the only way he can. I feel like she would have the "I told you so" mentality, but people are going to talk shit to her saying, she already admitted, move on now. I don't necessarily think that's going to give her more ammunition considering she's obsessed with the "truth". She has worse on her but she doesn't want to be framed for that thing. Nobody is gonna give her any right to say anything else because everyone is going to move on from it. That's the only story they've been clinging onto anyway. Seems true too, they're so obsessed with proving their "innocence" Even though Dasha got super exposed With her evilness, she sacrificed her reputation to prove some fake accounts. She's a real idiot because she could have just kept her mouth shut because Edwin blasted her, but I really think she'll finally shut up about it because really no one wants to hear her anymore.

No. 397198

>he's just as bias

You are biased. You have a bias. He is biased. She is biased. The fucking youth today smh.

No. 397213

Don't sure what your point is, and what the youth have to do with it, but the other anon was kind of stating their point. Dasha fucked up her rep just so she can prove something useless. Edwin is going to make more videos if she doesn't silence herself sort of like blackmailing, he'll expose her more. She's hasn't been adding onto the situation so I'm sure he has more dirt. But knowing her..

No. 397217

File: 1497562518805.jpg (176.12 KB, 1581x1083, Capture.JPG)

hey guys im gonna make a website dedicated to our good ol psycho Dasha. Reply to this if you have good screenshots. Shes the worst person Ive ever encountered. and check out these screenshots of "fan" accounts that "admire" her. The instagram accounts are shady af because they post pictures of dasha that ive never ever seen on any of her other social media platforms so im pretty sure its Dasha herself who made the accounts. "lovefordasha" and "admirationfordasha"
Im gonna start on the website soon with all the screenshots and videos of her. I really think theres enough people who see that shes goddamn aweful and ill be her karmabringer. Pettiest thing ive done but Im gonna go through it.

Update: >shes deleted admirationfordasha but whatevz i got screenshots

lets bring it on baby

No. 397218

As entertaining as this all is, I really hope for everyone's safety that Dasha fucks off. I don't think these accounts are what Dasha says they are because some are still active with matching twitters and youtubes and even snapchat. One of Dasha's fans even said she added one of the "fake" accounts on snapchat and it is a real girl who lives in her town. Dasha wants to know why she had access to it at all and I think the explanation is that it is a spam follower app and not necessarily one that lets you control the accounts because they are actual people. OR she really did photoshop this fake follower app but made the debunkable screenshots to cover her ass. Plus those pictures in the reflection aren't from the bathroom. They're from their bedroom. So her stories don't add up. Also on top of that one of the anons on the last thread said there is no such app that can make mass accounts. 5 would be the max and they do require emails and phone numbers. So I think the idea that Mina should "own up" is ridiculous. Why would she defame herself over something she didn't do? Fuck that

No. 397219

sage for replying to wrong comment lol sorry(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 397223

File: 1497563034560.png (90.72 KB, 620x708, notfakeafterall.png)

No. 397225

I support this

No. 397231

I have a couple dozen lifetime dedicated servers and would gladly host

No. 397235

Nice samefag. That anon was correcting your spelling

I don't really get what you were trying to tell me here (the person you responsed to).
If it's about bias about the accounts, I personally don't know or care if Mina was behind it or not. I just don't think it would be wise to feed into Dasha's rage, that's all

>Nobody is gonna give her any right to say anything else because everyone is going to move on from it

She has a lot of stans that believe her and she does influence a lot of people. She can't really be silenced. The people sceptical of her shit can grow in numbers and put pressure on her to cut it but there will always be people who eat up the lies she fabricates

No. 397236

File: 1497564642587.jpg (97.89 KB, 1481x718, Capture.JPG)

Starting. Getting this shit done quick man

No. 397237

not anymore. :)

No. 397239

I also mentioned that I didn't mean to reply to your comment specifically but my point still stands

No. 397240

I just feel like if this were the case, like if the app was just for getting followers, then it would have made the most sense to admitting to having a fake follower app, and calling Dasha out for accusing her of controlling accounts that obviously aren't hers. Having a follower app is pretty common for any influencer anyways, it's not a huge deal. My only guess is that some of those accounts actually were hers, Dasha has some shit on her, or she just wants to stay out of the drama (which isn't even completely true since she's been in Edwin's videos).

No. 397242

I kind of understand Mina because I have been bullied by an ex friend before and refuse to taint my online persona with her bullshit. I'd rather keep my accounts cute and just defend myself at a minimum. Also she was probably embarrassed about the spam follow app and admitting it now would be fruitless. Dasha is like Onion, she'll use any ounce of vindication she can for her maliciousness even if it's all half truths. She knows some fuckwit will believe her in the same way Onion doesn't let being exposed stop him because if he quickly crafts up a shitty story filled with holes some 12 year old online will eat it up.

No. 397243

No you tagged your next response and not the one to me, so I didn't know. Anon are you okay?

No. 397245

sorry lol I'm new to this site but it's all good sorry for the confusion(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 397246

I think it is highly likely Dasha has something on Mina, and it probably has to do with accounts. It's probably not a big deal though and Dasha is blowing it way out of proportion to make Mina look shady, because she literally has nothing else on her or Edwin. Dasha is way too focused on it to make me think there isn't maybe a little something there.

I mean, if Dasha has truly fabricated the entire story about the fake accts, including faking the screenshot of them from Mina's phone, if she is willing to go that far, then why stop there? Why hasn't she fabricated other things to slam Mina and Edwin for?

No. 397247

>why hasn't she fabricated other things
oh you mean like the "brother is kicking everyone out" fabrication? or the "I never said I would ruin his life!" she admitted to on the video? The girl has plenty of lies, she's just been debunked on all of them except for the fake accounts

No. 397248

I'm guessing because she isn't that smart. I think all of the anons have good theories and at the very least I think we all agree whatever the truth is, it's dumb as fuck and probably not that bad.

No. 397249

Good point, anon
Where did that video come from?
Also I love that Dasha has conveniently kept her fake mouth shut about it

No. 397250

>>397218 I mean there is a lot of proof that it's Mina's, and to be quite honest I've used it back then for my stupid accounts when I wanted exposure. You basically keep adding people to make more coin so you can get more followers, I've added friends accounts too. I mean it's not really a big deal, kind of embarrassing. But the only way you could add accounts is if you enter the account name and password, and then it takes you to a screen where you have to allow access, a lot of those insta likes insta follow apps do that. But what Mina did isn't even as bad as Dasha makes it seem. Maybe Mina was hurt because of Dashas homewrecking ass. Anybody would be mad too. But look where trying to prove the fake accounts got her. I agree her reputation is fucked now. I'm sure no ones gonna hire or make a shoot for a problematic and immature ass girl.

No. 397251

Dasha didn't fabricate the story about the brother kicking everyone out, that was Cyr being weak and hiding behind that as a reason to get rid of Edwin. As far as her saying she would never ruin his life and then being caught on video saying it, that is just her being a lying dumbass. I am talking about her fabricating actual shit to pin on them, like making up a story and providing fake evidence to show that Edwin or Mina did something shady, etc. to damage their characters the way they keep damaging hers with their actual evidence. There is no doubt she is a liar and a manipulator and has been caught in her lies, but the fake account story is really the only shit she is clinging to, which makes me think there might be some truth to it.

No. 397252

What's the name of the app then?
I know there is plenty, but no one has recognized the one in the photo.

No. 397256

u legit man? dont fuck me over hha

No. 397257

I can see the accounts belonging to Mina but even the shit that was commented by them (and it wasn't many comments to begin with iirc) isn't half as bad as Dasha wants everyone to believe. To say Mina harrassed her is a huge stretch esp in comparison to her behavior.

No. 397258

I sell servers all day long, this will be hosted on my home net, 1/1gig(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 397259

That's a ghost twitter account. Don't trust him. There's no such app.

No. 397260

follow me, I'll prove you wrong fam

No. 397261

File: 1497567120712.png (66.84 KB, 750x482, IMG_3308.PNG)

I found this, apparently Dasha wasn't behind the edit accounts I guess, just one of her minions

No. 397262

sage for tinfoil but it is also entirely possible that both Dash and Mina use follower boosting apps and likely even the same ones because they hung out all the time and Dasha simply logged herself in on Mina's phone while Mina was drunk

No. 397263

so whos lying and whos telling the truth hha well i made a fake twitter account now so ill see anyway, aint nothing stopping me from making this beautiful website for our modern day narcissus, lil ol dasha, the bitch. :D

No. 397265

dasha or minion is basically the same shit so no babydashtrash it isn't an entire chapter of lies

No. 397266

We can agree that both use follow apps matching their likes and followers so I don't think it matters, but all the evidence leads to Mina, Mina fan accounts along with Mina liking those fan accounts pictures, I would understand she doesn't want to claim it since that shits kind of embarrassing. It's all in the archives. >>397252 I'm gonna say 1000 followers, it looks exactly like it. Even the coins part.

No. 397271

It's so crazy to think that when this began a couple months ago that I thought Mina was terrifying but it turns out Dasha is the batshit one and Mina is just young, stupid, and a little insecure. Dasha is all of those things too but also malicious as fuck so it cancels out everybody elses bs. Also never thought I would like Edwin the most out of everyone and that his vlogs are way more likable and entertaining than Cyr or Dasha's lives lol.

No. 397273

File: 1497568309587.jpg (1.2 MB, 2560x1920, 1492241343233.jpg)

are you all seriously forgetting about this?? The mysterious obsessive dasha fan account that has now disappeared

No. 397274

The main thing I don't get ( that I haven't seen anyone point out yet) is why Dasha all of a sudden started obsessing over the fake accounts. Like she obviously knew about it for awhile, and didn't care about it all since she still wanted Mina to move in with her. It just seems like one day when she realized Mina wasn't coming back to her, she suddenly wanted to destroy her. ( also I have a feeling the accounts aren't Mina's, but maybe just accounts she kept up with. So she put them in a special category or something. I believe one on there is actually her real life friend, that is under the accounts she was managing. I forgot the account name but I remember it was some blonde girl, with no pictures of Mina or anything and the girl commented on Mina's picture and Dashas fan came after her saying FAKE ACCOUNT, and Mina replied no that's my friend. So thats weird.)

No. 397275

cant dm you lol

No. 397276

ffs isnt it pretty obvious shes "obsessing" over the fake accounts cus its her feeble and obvious attempt to distract us from the other stuff and bring light again to the only part of the evidence that wasnt 100 percent proovable yet? shes just tryna turn the tables and distract everyone again. manipulation, dont forget shes a narcissist lol

No. 397277

I think Dasha started obsessing over the fake accounts once Edwin and Mina started talking more about the drama and things started coming out that were making Dasha look really bad and getting her hate. So she busted her nut as hard as she could with the fake accounts to try to damage Mina's image since she was getting dragged.

No. 397283

You know I have a feeling that they shared that shit and starting adding friends in, but maybe Mina was the original owner. Just a theory.

No. 397284

I have thought that too. It would make more sense if they were both involved in it than just one or the other. And if that is the case, it would be hard for Mina to come out and say Dasha was involved in it too now that things have gotten to this point.

No. 397285

What makes me giggle a little is Dasha's idea of saying: Why would anyone send me so much hate? it must be mina!!! Not even Mina's fans or Cyr's fangirls. Like, bitch you are a fake bitch, people on the internet notice and hates you.

No. 397286

File: 1497569993421.jpg (134.29 KB, 583x1034, IMG_3317.JPG)

I don't like any of them, Dasha is psycho nutcase, Cyr seems like a depressed and pussy wiped, Mina wants Edwin t fight her battles and add herself when it's convinient to her, and Edwin is an emotional and wants attention. I found this on their favorites. Apparently Edwin knew too, probably just wants to protect Mina because he hates Dasha, like fuck I would try to frame her too with how crazy she is. It would be easy to pin on her

No. 397288

If that's truth… where did the screenshots came from?
Also, why bring Mina to the usa? That just makes her looks worse.

No. 397289

Wait, if that is real then Edwin is saying Dasha knew about the fake accts before Mina even came out? If that was actually true, then why the hell wouldn't Mina have come out and said that? That would kill Dasha's defense as to why she "deleted Mina's insta out of anger" and also discredit most of what Dasha said about the fake accounts, including the screenshot.

No. 397290

File: 1497570484145.png (98.36 KB, 640x1136, charlie1.PNG)

uh no no. Charlie posted that shit out of context. Mina apologized to Dasha twice. Once in August to end the "twitter beef" and once again in December when Dasha confronted her about curiouscat questions that Mina had asked and dasha guessed were her. Mina is absolute shit at confrontation so she broke down crying bc she was right and Mina had in fact asked Dasha questions anonymously on her curious cat questioning her character. That's the story Dasha tells regarding "sitting mina down about the fake accounts" she sat her down, but about curious cat questions NOT fake accounts. Charlie is slimey af for taking me out of context as I had already explained that to her. She knows I don't believe Mina did the fake accounts hence why I quoted "fake accounts." Alright trigger is over.

No. 397291


No. 397292

he puts quotes around "fake accounts" so idk why Dasha and her minions are creaming over this like it's groundbreaking lol talk about the fucking video

No. 397293

Eh Edwin! tell Mina we know!
Dasha is so transparent.

No. 397294

lol Edwin I love that you're here

No. 397295

File: 1497570963865.png (98.53 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3527.PNG)

I realize how mistaken I was to try to actually get through to Dasha's main minion. I mean here's charlie justifying Dasha's actions as if her being "pissed" and having "pride" makes it all ok!

No. 397296

Hi edwin! You said to charlie that the pics she posted of Mina's phone wasn't even her phone, so are you saying Dasha had a cracked black phone that she took a pic of?

No. 397297

lol "people handle things differently"
um yeah that doesn't justify slander, stalking, and harassment
It's sad because months earlier I would have sided with Dasha if she hadn't exposed herself to be such an ugly miserable bitch

No. 397298

well dasha's so desperate for mina to own up to the fake accounts but she ever owned up to her fawnie account on the first thread?

No. 397299

I heard Fawnie was Charlie or some other main minion lol

No. 397300

File: 1497571309849.png (138.24 KB, 750x850, IMG_3321.PNG)

Found this too, apparently. Hey Edwin I was always confused to why Mina's friend was on that fake accounts list. And they were all dedicated to Mina, I still believe Mina was behind the accounts but maybe not as extensive as Dasha says. Besides Dasha already looks bad idk has she stayed quite?

No. 397301

Dime de qué presumes y te diré de qué careces. amirite edwin? Dasha showed her true colors.

No. 397302

to be totally frank, i don't remember what color dasha's phones were. The first time I saw her phone it was very cracked and had a picture of her and her ex bf tristan and I genuinely thought it was somebody else's phone from the night before since she looked so different (when we had a housewarming party in september). As far as I know, she could have airdropped an image, signed onto the app herself, or even in the case that the accounts end up being mina's I do NOT GIVE A FUCK. I invite you to an extra phonespiracy though, take a look at Dasha's instagram likes and let me know if any accounts looks fishy.

No. 397303

File: 1497571437171.jpg (106.01 KB, 750x750, IMG_3315.JPG)

Dasha says she has two white phones. I guess they were both white. Ex.

No. 397304

I fucking love you dude and 99% of the audience feels the same way about not giving a fuck about the accounts
also I applaud you for having thick skin and being here lol you're cool as fuck and you and Mina seem like genuine people while Dasha always looks like a malicious cunt

No. 397305

Why does she even have two phones, though? Is the other one for her sugar dating? lmao fuck dude nothing about her "exposing" ppl makes her look good. like. ever.

No. 397306

i have way more shit on her, but i am not interested in this going on forever. I want her to leave us the fuck alone. I can't believe how I made a video about it, mina is in 20 mins out of the hour and 15 and she goes after HER exclusively. She is a bully. Mina wants nothing to do with her and never did since she saw Dasha smiling at me getting kicked out.

No. 397307

Edwin!! Why is Leon friends with Dasha and not Mina now? He's in the fucking UK lol why is he even involved?

No. 397308

Thx for answering. I don't care either if the accounts are hers, but I do think she was involved in them in some way, but definitely not to the extent Dasha says. Dasha is a manipulative bitch and most everyone can see that.

No. 397311

Hey Edwin bro, I applaud you trying to defend yourself and Mina or whatever, but it's kinda weird your on here, Dashas shut up so far, I think you just need to be happy about that, at least the drama between you two is done for now, I know you made threats to make another vid in case they don't shut up, but hey, you can feel calm right now dude.

No. 397312

because leon wanted to hang out with mina when she visited, but mina changed her mind last minute bc she wanted to rest instead (and leon lives out of the way from her home). Mina did not text him back (i told her, u gotta text him back! it's a dirty habit not to) and it ended up biting her in the ass lol he turned on her like a light switch.

No. 397313

The funny thing is she set her target on you first and then when Mina didn't go along with all of a sudden she's screaming about fake accounts. What happened to the first periscope about not being mad at Mina? lol she's so transparent

No. 397314

guess he was never a true friend after all

No. 397315

I know you're blackmailing them and all, but you're kinda coming on here to do the same thing she's doing on twitter lol.

No. 397317

I wouldn't call it blackmail lol he is just defending himself and Mina. It would only look bad if he made a new video after getting his wish of Dasha fucking off. And consider all the shit Dasha has put them and even Cyr through(fuck him too though). I'm sorry but I would be going just as hard lol.

No. 397320

i know, i got triggered by charlie posting that because i feel so stupid for even trusting her. And I only difference is I'm saying shit people that seem pretty invested as opposed to my entire audience lol. At least I acknowledged lolcow in the video - she never did, one of her fans had to tell me this is the main source where she felt she was "receiving endless hate." Not saying I'm any better, i definitely took the bait.

No. 397321

yeah I'm definitely here to drink all of the tea. at least your doing it here and not tainting all of your media with Dasha's bs 24/7 like she shamelessly does on Twitter unprovoked.

No. 397322

If I was you Edwin and had more shit on that bitch, goddamn I would have a hard time sitting on it. Good for you showing restraint, lol.

No. 397323

File: 1497572630051.jpg (583.49 KB, 2400x2400, IMG_3328.JPG)

Do you know when she deleted Mina's insta? I seen this a long time ago when she said she was telling Vince about it and the dates are there but I don't know the whole time layout

No. 397325

File: 1497572684802.jpg (316.59 KB, 1241x2205, 1497410494876.jpg)


I know there are milkier details at hand, but I'm confused by image related. This anon originally posted this image, deleted it, and reposted the version here: >>396763 which is strangely cropped and slightly tilted. The original image (posted here) isn't cropped at all from what I can tell, and isn't tilted either.

What was the point to the cropping/tilting of this image? It was intentional, since this one was deleted and replaced by the tilted one.

No. 397329

This was debunked, Dasha changed her name to her new account. The new account she made in April when she got hacked, and her older account has a different name and icon.

No. 397332

Considering mina complained on the 17th, i'm assuming she did it on Cyr's birthday (16th) when we all went out to get drunk. The fact that she found out on the 14th makes it all even weirder of her to include Mina in the relationship. I can probably look up the day that Dasha asked Cyr to get in the bathtub with Mina (bc again …if Mina did that and it pissed Dasha off that much, why in the hell would she asked Cyr to get in the tub with Mina??)

No. 397335

I feel like you could have photoshopped this on the Facetune app, they have a circle cropper to move images. I know this was debunked too since it's her new account and maybe the person shopping it didn't notice it.

No. 397336

They said she forgave her, because Mina was crying, and the story is Mina felt isolated and insecure I guess alone. But Dasha probably had that hidden spite in her and didn't really forgive her at all.

No. 397339

so if that's true that they forgave her then it's pretty fucked up of them to turn on her just cuz she chose not to be around them fucking me over and fighting nonstop daily. idk inexcusable none of it adds up IMO. especially the part where she says she told me she deleted it a day later. Nope, she told me she deleted it on dec. 29th. [[ok i'm gonna go back to watching the speculations, soz for interruptions]]

No. 397341

oh also last thing - whoever was saying they can host websites online is free to dm me and i can give them the files to the ask.fm

No. 397346

Aren't you doing the same behavior as Dasha by kind of harassing her online, trying to get people on here to ruin her too? you want to move on too but I still find it weird too man. Just something to point out.

No. 397347

Before you go do you have any clue who posted the video of her narc sperging? And did anyone ever DM you about that screenshot?

He's not harassing her, he posted context to screenshots Charlie posted. That's not trying to "ruin her," she doesn't need any helping hand for that. He's also not creepily retweeting/liking/quoting tweets that mention Dasha on twitter despite having her blocked (I'm sure?) like she's doing.

No. 397348

Actually, he's not doing the same thing because he isn't bringing it to a large twitter audience like Dasha does. He's not trying to harass Dasha, he only posted to clarify Charlie's screenshots and then answered some of our questions.

No. 397349


What's with the white knighting of Dasha all of a sudden? hmmmmmmm…

No. 397350

I never understand why fans love to enable ppl being shitty and getting away with it. Like oh this person slandered, harrassed, threatened, and fucked with your life majorly? wowow aren't you just like them for standing up for yourself? lol fuck that flawed ass logic. I'm def on Team Edwin.

No. 397352

Not white knighting her, it just looked obviously weird to me that he wants to move on, but searches for drama. I mean at least Dasha isn't bitching right now, I would at least think he would be glad to move on and scare Dasha enough to be quite. I just noticed it seemed the opposite of what he was saying.

No. 397353

File: 1497575373775.jpg (95.2 KB, 797x902, Capture.JPG)


This was just yesterday. Dasha is still dragging their names through the dirt.

No. 397354

Yeah I posted that too, but at least the bitch ain't saying anything now. Probably afraid of Edwin

No. 397355

But does anyone else find it a little suspect how she has now backed off today? Like all this shit about her comes out only a few days ago (most importantly that video clip) and the fact she is not continuously going off on mina/edwin in a psychotic rage right now is unlike her. She is way too fucking insane to just let this all go and die off the way the other people involved would.

No. 397356


Last time I'm responding to you because I don't want to derail anything. Dasha has been acting psycho for months about Mina, so why can't Edwin make a video addressing it? Are you really forgetting all the shit Dasha has been saying while Edwin and Mina weren't saying anything?

No. 397357

might be cuz of the leaked video

No. 397359

"searches for drama" sounds a bit like a dasha wk
he is addressing lies being told about him
that is his right and not searching for drama if it's already there and has been for months with no break whatsoever
let him stand up for himself

No. 397360

Well Edwin is kind of threatening her silence with his dirt on her not to mention he's trying to get more dirt from here lol, Mina seems to not care anymore, it seems like a lost case now. so I guess Dasha maybe accepted it, the heats died down at least, edwin might cause her to stir up she finds out he's been in here contributing lol

No. 397361

Maybe, but i feel like she is probably plotting something in that twisted brain of hers. I wonder if she would make a video like Edwin. She is definitely not the type to let this shit go until either her name is (somewhat) cleared or she succeeds in slandering the other party.

No. 397363

Don't compare me to the bitch, I just wanted to point something out jeez. I just seen that he said he was gonna help contribute to the Dasha site, and I noticed Putin was silent so I kind of found it contradictory.

No. 397367

File: 1497576665159.jpg (71.13 KB, 583x625, IMG_3198.JPG)

Idk why I can't add videos on here, it's not letting me

No. 397387

He's just defending himself. He never said anything against Dasha, just posted the complete context to the "poof" Dasha is using against Mina.

Also, i applaud that u accept being in here. We all know Dasha reads it and probably is the only one defending her persona.

No. 397392


its crazy to know that charlie is still out there obsessing over dasha. and she is still being "sneaky" with her twisting everything. girl needs a therapist.

No. 397395

I guess I don't like all 4 of them. I still think Mina was behind those accounts and Edwin's just believing what he hears from Mina. It would be better if Mina actually spoke up for herself instead about it. But in general all 4 of them are just toxic characters to me, especially Dasha, they all don't know how to handle anything. So I'm not really going to believe something that it was just about curious cat questions when Dashas went lengths to even kill her reputation to prove it. In the end, this whole fucking thing was stupid af

No. 397396

my bad didn't mean to compare you
was just skeptical and thought you might have been a minion

No. 397399

agree to disagree lol some people really do pull needless bullshit on others because they are petty and miserable
I honestly don't think Mina did anything but at this point if she did no one gives a fuck

No. 397401

It's alright, it's a thread of all 4 of them so I if I analyze it see something off about any of them, I just wanted to point out, just cause Edwin gets in this thread doesn't really change anything for me, I still think all 4 of them were sketchy since it's not realistic to think just one person is batshit crazy. I feel like even Edwin, since he lurks on these threads for milk. But some people are subtle about it. Idk I'm not gonna praise anyone since I came from the very begging when his first video just mentioned shit. A lot was off for me. I wouldn't like to be around any of them ESPECIALLY Putin

No. 397402

Yeah. I think this video sums up pretty much everything. You can see the crazy bitch in her eyes.

No. 397406

Hey I noticed msblackeyeliner that girl lyns is friends with Dasha and she used to be on Mina's side but when back to Dashas side. I tripped out and thought "wasn't she talking shit about you before to mina" I thought it was sketch too.

No. 397411

lol lots of flip flops in their lives
I don't really pay attention to the side characters but I'm still super annoyed at that Lettie chick. what a dumb bitch.

No. 397413

Which ones Lettie?

No. 397416

I don't even know why I'm surprised Edwin outted himself here. Once Dasha figures out how to spin that story, she's going to sperg out and give him more of the attention he desperately craves. Everyone involved in this is so dislikable and all of you anons sucking up to him for posting here are retarded. Edwin doesn't WANT Dasha to stop harassing them. If he did he would have shut up after the first video and let her look like a crazy bitch all over twitter.

No. 397417

agreed. say what you will about any of their actions and handling of all of this, but edwin is choosing to use it for views, which is just stupid. he makes me cringe so hard. he would be using this for YEARS if he could. every last one of them needs to put it behind them

No. 397418

lol kissing ass? people can simply disagree with you. it isn't that deep. and Edwin outed himself when he referenced the threads on his video anyway. It doesn't really matter because none of them have shit on him. He is literally just standing up to a malicious cunt and defending his friend. The views are pretty much worthless ever since the youtube adpocalypse. If someone with a bigger platform than me was slandering me, you better fucking believe I wouldn't keep my mouth shut.

No. 397419

If anyone would use this shit for years, it's Dasha. Literally every other vlog/video besides those two about cyr and dasha and the kicked out video are all drama free content that people enjoy. You can say you don't like these people and I don't blame you because this drama shit at their age is not a good look but I think you're wrong about Edwin "wanting" Dasha to harass them.

No. 397420

I mean Edwin's other vlogs and videos are drama free and people enjoy them. Sorry that was typed so not clearly.

No. 397421

the clown makeup chick who loves impractical jokers and betrayed Mina because of some vague useless reason that was just her projecting

No. 397423

Dahm agree with you all the way, he was pushy when I asked about Mina, like dude chill just cause I don't really believe the story that's he's defending her with, Mina can speak up for herself too he just fights all her battles and comes in to defend her. We already know Dasha is a crazy ass bitch, and Cyr is so up her vagina. Edwin just seems up Mina's vagina and Mina's just doesn't care in general. All 4 of them are snakes to me, Edwin's trying to get enough to blackmail more, it's pretty obvious he does it for view, I just found it SO fucking weird that he filmed himself crying on the phone, like that's sketchy to me. I don't like any of them nor praise them, they were all in a toxic infested friendship. I can't even imagine being around shitty people like that.

No. 397425

I agree the filming crying shit is suspect but I think they're just weird people lol idk they don't strike me as malicious and you can't measure whether or not Mina cares when you don't know her or talk to her. She probably doesn't want any of that negative shit on her internet presence. I feel like you're kind of reaching with your assumptions but I mean whatever lol we don't all have to agree with each other.

No. 397428

also link to where he was pushy? maybe there is something I'm not seeing

No. 397430

Unpopular opinion here, but what is so wrong with him trying to trigger Dasha to sperg out so he can release more dirt, even if it is just for views? Are we not all here because we want some milk? Youtube drama gets views and hella youtubers exploit that because people would rather watch drama than a what I ate today video. I know I am not gonna apologize for loving it.

No. 397431

also Edwin shouldn't have to apologize for putting that psycho cunt in her place
I can't believe there are people drinking milk here while simultaneously scolding Edwin for not having some sort of perfect moral high ground.
I am living for this shit honestly. I love when manipulative pieces of shit get exposed. Dasha deserves whatever she gets. She stalked and harrassed them for months on end and wouldn't let it die.

No. 397432

I think if I was Edwin I'd be frustrated if Dasha shut up. Like if Dasha just goes 'that video Edwin made was bullshit' then never says anything else it means she got the last word

No. 397433

What is the big deal with either of these instathots having fake fan accounts? Sounds like a marketing strategy gone wrong because one decided to throw the other under the bus IMO. Everyone's acting like a murder was committed. Who fucking cares about the accounts? The real milk is the fact that Dasha is abusive as fuck.

No. 397434

I commented to him as to why Mina couldn't speak up about it and he just kept going on about Dasha and it didn't really answer my question, I really seen it in the way he typed, like very protective of her, I mean yeah I guess he would be, but I mean if Mina doesn't care why should he? I didn't really believe him about Mina and the accounts so I guess that's why he probably got triggered. I pretty much dislike them all. I'd say 2 of the 4 keep saying one thing and do the other, and the 2 I'm talking about are the more outspoken ones that keep contradicting what they say.

No. 397436

because it's the only thing dasha has on mina so she won't shut up about it and i guess because we don't know for sure if they're mina's it's fun to pick at the flaws and turn around on dasha since she's the one that loves to talk about them

No. 397437

Well good thing you aren't Edwin then
The last word doesn't really matter as long as she and her underage fans finally stop stalking, bullying, and harrassing people they've never met?
Dasha isn't that important
This seems more like a "cease and desist" kind of situation

No. 397438

Lol I think if it is all over I'm gonna miss Dasha's meltdowns but also I'd be happy for all parties that the dumb shit finally died
They are all way too old for this shit especially Dasha being older than Mina
It's embarrassing and I can't stop watching

No. 397439

That was the same deal with the Billie and Onion drama. She just wanted him to fuck off and then deleted that viral video of her complaining once she got that wish. And she still doesn't acknowledge him. I'm sure all of these aholes benefit from the attention but I think they are being honest about wanting to be left alone in situations like that.

No. 397444

I believe that Cyr and Mina want nothing more than to move on and let the drama die off, but Edwin and Dasha on the other hand I think would be happy to keep stoking the fires. Edwin because it gets him way more views and lets face it, homeboy could use the money. Dasha because she is batshit crazy and hellbent on trashing Mina's name. Remember how she even went as far as to badmouth her to people in the modeling industry she knows to try to ruin Mina's chance of getting work? No way in hell that bitch is gonna just let this go, which means that Edwin will most likely be making a part 3 video. And I will be here waiting for more of that milk to flow.

No. 397449

File: 1497588207073.jpg (43.22 KB, 945x387, Cap44ture.JPG)

for ur amusement. made a fake acc to check up on dragsha

(also she colored her hair just like minas now, or in a very similar tone, who the fuck is surprised)

No. 397450

So fucked up that she would try to mess with Mina's career. I would throw hands if I was in that situation. Seriously fuck Dasha.

No. 397451

File: 1497588228896.jpg (76.86 KB, 829x607, Capt33ure.JPG)

No. 397452

Think you're being not picky about the hair, but she's finally makinf that YouTube video she supposedly keeps talking about

No. 397453

I don't understand how Dasha can have so much going for her looks wise and support wise but is STILL miserable as fuck. Bitch needs therapy and possibly meds. Same with Cyr. Outcucking Onion is a sure way to let everyone know you're insane.

No. 397454

I guess Mina has done other things like saying to Cyr they could be together if the poly thing didn't work out, but why would they forgive that? Maybe while she was drunk? I mean Tasha is a lunatic, I'm she she kept spite from that too

No. 397455

urgh, shes making a youtube really? like her terrain of minions in insta and twitter werent enough? please, someone tell mina to hurry with her videos lmfao, she has more subs anyways. i wonder if dasha will get outlash she got from The Blargh and Edwins videos too, some hates and dislikes. Id love to see that, or ill just link her meltdown videos on her youtube ones, lmfao.

No. 397456

Not to be an armchair psychologist but even people that are pretty along with having things behind them go though depression and shit like that. It's pretty obvious.

No. 397458

She's done that red hair wig before, nothing new, I can't even tell anymore since all of them ducking have that fake annoying hair, it is kinda nit picky, but the whole face that Dasha is making a YouTube video makes me wonder if she's gonna do rants on there lol

No. 397461

I think the first video for her channel should be "10 Tips on how to cosplay as your ex-bf's gf who you tried to be in a poly relationship with despite the fact that you hate her and want to destroy her life."

No. 397462

oh wow we should suggest that title to her LMFAO

No. 397463

whoops, meant to say bf's ex-gf

No. 397467

File: 1497589597992.jpg (51.56 KB, 943x467, Captu22222222re.JPG)

more for ur a<musement, sorry for the extremity , im just filled with a lot of anger cus of this hoe :o(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 397468

File: 1497589634857.jpg (85.14 KB, 986x624, Captu3333re.JPG)

more hate comments :D thats it for today tho hahahaha(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 397469

I think all of them are too old, these men are dating girls too young for them. And Edwin is too old too lurking through this shit. Like all of them are immature. Edwin and Dasha are the emotional ones, while the other two are more quite about their shit because I'm sure they don't want that all of their pages and reps. If Mina never admitted to her accounts, she never will now. Dasha is gonna have to accept it and move on, and Edwin is gonna have to get his big views another way.

No. 397470

Wow you really showed her with your kindergarten bully insults
I'm impressed

No. 397472

>Edwin is gonna have to get his big views another way.
I don't even think he makes that much off his cyr/dasha exposed videos, probably less than $100. Although he tweeted yesterday that he is moving into a new apt and Mina is now back in the U.S. so I wonder if they are moving in together? I don't understand how any of these people (cyr included) can afford to pay rent based off their channels.

No. 397474

do better than lmfao(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 397475

wow… cringe, anon. first time on an imageboard?

No. 397477

I hate newbs on this shit, it kinda ruins it annoyingly. Edwin kind of has a lot of underage fans probably finding out about this place. A lot of them probably should read and get how we do things first

No. 397482

please stop the a-logging,
also you need to be over 18 to post here.

No. 397484

Not just that, but they're rehashing a lot of old shit that's been mentioned already, it's really annoying imo. Like, at least fucking skim the older threads before jumping on this one, dumb newbs.

No. 397487

wow thanks for the lolcow shoutout on your video edwin…… we really appreciate the 12 yr old fans now bombarding the board……

No. 397490

Doesn't anyone else find it weird that edwin has been posting here?

No. 397492

I checked in on these threads after weeks, and I can't believe this drama is still going on based on the same shit that happened months ago. This is worse than middle school and everyone involved is an attention whore.

Lol I agree with this. I dont get why everyone here loves Mina and Edwin. They are all attention whores dragging on drama and egging dasha on. People say hes just defending himself, and dasha never shuts up about it, but making longass videos will not shut her up anyway and will give her more things to talk/rage about lmao. No one involved wants the drama to die, and their all hellbent on proving the other person is terrible/ruining them. But at the same time, they are all acting like they are above the drama and have better things to do. Haha.

I feel like Edwin and Dasha are the main people keeping this shit going, and they drag Mina and Cyr into it to defend their stances. It's actually hilarious tho. I'm sure Edwin (and probably mina/dasha too) has been posting on these threads from the beginning defending himself if hes willing to post now.

No. 397493

I checked that app and compared it.
Doesn't rly look exactly the same, the upper left corner is diff as well as the coins are not the same looking in both apps. But it does have a similar black theme at least.

No. 397494

Yeah, he's looking for more dirt and theories about Dasha, but all and all he's fucking annoying a long with the rest of the snakes

No. 397495

Don't forget he's also here to whiteknight for mina.

No. 397496

Nope i think it's great! i'm all for him finding more dirt on dasha and putting that psycho bitch and her asshole boyfriend in their place! keep up the good work Edwin

No. 397497

No, it is weird. I think Edwin needs to realise he's stirring the pot by doing that and it doesn't give a good impression of himself. Dasha stirred the pot and look what happened to her on this board. Also… Putin may be bad but Edwin at the end of the day is still a cow.

No. 397500

I really want to know what other dirt he has on putin. Probably involves cyr and their weird and dysfunctional relationship.

No. 397501

It's like the situation with Joy Sparkles. Joy was looking for validation and attention so she kept stirring the pot until eventually she got a thread here on lolcow.

I feel like the same situation is going to happen if Edwin keeps stirring.

No. 397502

It's definitely weird. Especially to admit to it when he supposedly just wants Dasha to leave him and Mina alone. He's fanning the flames and dragging a bunch of preteen summerfags in here with him. I don't see why any anons are allowing this shit when historically cows were mocked for posting in their own threads.

No. 397504

Exactly, it's embarrassing. And we know that Julia's temper can't become controlled but him posting here is only going to give her more ammo. Probably means he's posted here before defending himself and Mina, and now his fans have shit up this thread

No. 397505

Looking at his socialblade, I can see that he is probably making maybe a couple hundred on his channel every month which isn't shit. My guess is that he keeps fanning the flames for more attention and sympathy to get more donations to his patreon, which I noticed has grown in support ever since he started making his videos about the drama.

No. 397506

I think that under age anon that posted those screenshots with their kindergarten insults probably triggered Dasha and told her to kill Her self. Idk I'm annoyed of these kids. They don't know the rules either and don't even try to read and expect everyone to retell shit over and over

No. 397509

Dahm I'm noticed that too, like I said Dasha and Edwin are the emotional ones in this situation. They say one thing and do another, says they want it to stop, but stir it up in some way, Edwin's kind of boring to the least, even without Mina or Cyr in his channel idk what he's gonna do next. I never really found them funny or interesting they just make me cringe from trying so hard.

No. 397512

That's why I never praised Edwin when he got in this thread like someone was like "team Edwin" like don't you realize what he's doing, Dasha isn't on here trying to defend every comment said, SURPRISINGLY. You're really not gonna persuade me about mina since he's just white knighting see he doesn't even know himself. Dasha is proven to be crazy already, he goes on here thinking we're all good with him when he's just fucking annoying. Maybe he should take Mina's advice on what she posted on twitter lmaoo. Cyr and Mina are the only ones just trying to get on with their lives tbh

No. 397514

well dasha did originally try to defend herself but gave up when it didn't work 3 threads ago kek

I don't see why after 3 hours worth of vlog footage on the drama would he still feel the need to post more on here, especially when he already posted the video a few days ago and said what he had to say. Now it looks like he's just trying to get revenge rather than 'justice'. He shouldn't have been in contact with Charlie, he's a minion, allow him to minion off of his own stupidity. But you can hardly call out Dasha for contacting Minas friends if you would do that. Edwin's living for the drama, he should be making interesting videos and finding interesting locations to vlog about, not sat at home on lolcow (like us but kek) trying to fuck with Dashas life. Move on and allow her to sperg on her own then fizzle out.

No one is on Team anything here.

No. 397515

Imo, Edwin is now in a position where he pretty much has to whiteknight for mina and kiss her ass because without her, his little bit of relevancy and income would dry up. He lost his connection to ""big"" youtuber Cyr, so now he has to keep Mina around for the views. He better hope she doesn't actually start a channel, blow up and then peace out.

No. 397519

I mean Dasha contacted people but didn't Edwin contact people too, they contacted cyrs immidiate friends first right? And he said he contacted Lainey too which he plays dumb like "she's my friend she contacted me about it and I told her" but Edwin knows she's gonna tell him, and made it subtle that he didn't make contact with onion boy. But in reality he just wanted to get more shit at her. He entertained onion and laughed with him. So he can't go saying that he didn't. But I'm not trying to drag out old shit, just how Edwin contradicts himself. All of them already made shit of this situation and confirmed Dashas wicked ways, but seems like he's trying to be buddy buddy with the anons on this thread expecting us not to say anything about him just cause he's on her adding on. It bugs me, Dashas a fucking drama queen but he is too.

No. 397522

edwin needs to get over his fantasy of having a successful YouTube career and get a job. I don't even understand why he's still trying

No. 397526

Those stupid "hate" comments posted up thread to her Instagram seem kinda, self done. Why would anyone post shit like that now? Putin is now supposedly working on her YouTube. What if she posted those herself just to have some type of "prof" for her shitty videos? She's fucking crazy so I wouldn't put it past her.

Sage for tinfoil.

No. 397528

I think what bugs me more are the "farmers" deffo not 12s coughcough being like
>oh yesss daddy edwin i love u
as soon as he reared his ugly head.

No. 397530

NONE of this muppets will ever make it "big" in the YT world. Cyr was kind of close but never worked out for him and i bet now people wont want to deal with him cause of his crazy ass gf.

No. 397535

I felt like a lot of posts from the start have been Edwin/Mina defending themselves and trying to convince people of their side too (not just dasha who was likely posting here too). It was getting annoying because if you ever tried to say mina/edwin were at fault for anything, you'd immediately get jumped on by a bunch of posts saying they are faultless angels and it doesnt matter what they do because dasha is the real psycho. I abandoned this thread because i thought they were all stupid but you cant say that here without people accusing you of being dasha and trying to whiteknight edwin/mina.

Idk its been obvious hes an attention whore, and hes 27/28, feeding off this drama. He put a cut of him crying in his first video, which was cringey and i dont get why he had that on film lmao. And in both his videos he seems so excited to "expose" dasha, spent all that time looking up "receipts" to film multiple hour long videos, lurking lolcow, getting Mina to give testimonies, and he also hasnt shut up about it on twitter. Like i get right after it happened him being bitter about what happened, but hes still going at it, just like dasha is.

I feel like hes always been trying to play the "I'm a good friend who was just looking out for cyr" act, but then is plastering all his personal texts/info even when cyr hadn't been the one really saying anything and it was all dasha. Hes probably too horny for mina, that he will whiteknight her to death and wanted some romantic runaway from the evil people who are hurting us moment. I feel like Mina doesnt give a shit about edwin/cyr/dasha and just uses people for housing lmao. She seems like a quiet snake who will have other people fight her battles, while dasha is just an outward psycho. I'm sure she will jump ship from Edwin in the near future if she can get someone else to take her in or whatever the hell shes doing. Edwin and Cyr are both idiot almost 30 year olds who let 20 year old instahoes ruin their friendship, idk why they are still going on about it.

No. 397539

Oh my god this is the perfect sum up of everything I couldn't have said it better wow! Like really that's all my thoughts too but I suck like shit putting them out there. I actually posted here about how Edwins doing the same thing Dasha is and someone immediately accused me of being Dasha, I got insulted, but at least they apologized for it, I'm not gonna be bias on Edwin because he seems like he just wants the attention and it's clear, he defends himself like "yeah I wanted to live at home with my mom and get kicked out" but he's still trying to get revenge on her in some way so it could please his ego. I'm annoyed at all of them, but I was definitely annoyed that he brought people shitting on this place and you can't say anything about Mina or him or they'll be on top of it accusing you of being Putin herself. Like news flash! All 4 of you are titled on this thread, don't try to think just cause your on this thread your safe from criticism.

No. 397542

You know what's sad is that I actually felt bad for Edwin thinking that he really wanted the drama to end. But after seeing him stir the pot it kinda seems like he wants shit to end for him but not Dasha. Like he wants all the attention on her, so he makes his threats that he has more dirt (and I'm pretty sure the dirt is more assumptions theories and screenshots of Dasha and cyrs shit relationship) in which we already know and tries to be buddy buddy with the anons here asking them for more dirt. Now I don't really feel bad for him anymore. I just see him as attention seeking like Dasha, like the other anon said kinda "blackmailing" her silence. But I mean that's not gonna stop people on lolcow from giving Edwin criticism, I'm sure Edwin has minions too and white knighting on here along with his 12 year old fans flooding this shit with their arm chair psychology and bringing up past shit we already discussed. If you're new, at least read the past threads, I'm tired of this repetition, and Edwin needs to Stop commenting on this thread and actually start practicing what he preaches like he's over it.

No. 397544

I agree, I don't think Edwin has any real dirt on Dasha or it would be out by now with how thirsty for attention he's being.

No. 397546

You know what guys, I'm actually thinking about it, I tried to replace Edwin and what Dasha says. Like Dasha and her "fake accounts" and Edwin would be like "Dasha lies,threats, and kicked my out" sort of thing. I'm not good at explaining this but I just think of Edwin in Dashas place and it kinda makes me chuckle a bit. They're so quick to pick at each other yet not realize they're both emotional drama attention whores.

No. 397547

I sort of agree, I feel like he's more set out on protecting Mina's reputation and her in general. Anything anyone says about her he'lol probably white knight it. I mean he's trying to look for more dirt with us, and he said that he has way more dirt on her. But I'm kinda over it if it's about Dasha dumbass relationship with Cyr. Like we get it dude, that's all you have on her anymore pretty much since I'm sure Cyr spilled his feelings more times before. Edwin's quick to let out everyone's mistakes but he only acknowledges one in the whole video which I know he had more from what I've seen and read. He's more cringey I feel like he's trying to get on everyone's good side or seek approval that's why he's on these things. I just don't like Edwin, he gave off a lot for me to just think "wow this dudes really off and annoying". You think since he spends time reading things on here he would have fake accounts to talk shit too. Idk I'm just making assumptions but…I wouldn't be surprised. Everyone in that group is crazy in one way or another.

No. 397550

he's obviously just fanning the flames for youtube $$$. what is he, 30? fucking cringey behaviour for an adult his age. beta needs to get a real job.

No. 397551

I was watching the video and the texts he showed between him and Cyr after the onion video got cyr to talk to him kind of pissed me off. It actually looked like cyr was trying to talk things out with him even though cyr was also being bitter about the videos, he actually said some understanding things towards Edwin and explained his feelings to him. I feel like they could have easily worked things out, but Edwin shut down the convo multiple times and demanded only to talk on the phone without dasha ever appearing, yet he had mina right there during the call and Mina butted in according to him lmao. And apparently because dasha made an appearance, he immediately hangs up, but then also says the convo ended awkwardly after they talked about him making another vlog?

Idk I feel like Edwin acted like Cyr never tried to talk things out with him, but it seemed like he was doing it right there, and they could have made up or at least be cool with each other. And in the texts its obvious Cyr is annoyed about him making a video in the first place, but then Edwin demands he make a video about "his side of the story" because Dasha made a periscope (which cyr didnt look enthusiastic about the periscope either). Lol That seems like a dumb thing to do to try to resolve the problem and just further makes it look like you're exploiting the situation for views. Everything Cyr was saying was screaming, 'im sick of this personal shit being in videos', but Edwin was too stubborn and needed to react to Dasha.

If they just talked it out without Edwin needing to make a bunch of vlogs, i think they could have been cool with each other. Even in his texts, he mentions, "I'll clear it up in the next vlog", after Cyr was obviously telling him he didnt like the videos and him using the situation for views. Cyr mentioned he just wished Edwin had talked to him before he left, and then Edwin insists Cyr should have answered his text because that was him talking, but his text just was just "is dasha okay". LOL. A normal person would send a detailed text or ask "can we talk? It's important". Not have a midnight run away session with the ex-gf turned polyamorous gf of your "best friend" to escape the evil Dasha. These people are almost 30. Just both fucking say you're sorry for your part and stop being stubborn as hell. Even if Dasha is crazy, I feel like Edwin was blaming Cyr for everything Dasha is doing, and keeps trying to act like he was always civil and tried to talk things out.

I've taught conflict resolving skills to middle schoolers who do a much better job than this group of idiots. Honestly, if I was Cyr and saw Edwin talk like that, i'd also come to conclusion hes trying to exploit it for views.

The way he was so giddy in his second video, had an intro like he was talking about a fun topic, and interviewed his own fucking mom in it just to expose Dasha was cringy as hell. He's obviously enjoying this too much.

No. 397552

wasn't saying her looks make depression impossible
I meant job wise, she looks great, she has a supportive bf(I think?), and a following that kisses her ass, and lives in LA the best place for her goals
Yet she is hell bent on bullying Mina to no end
Like girl be grateful for your life and stop shitting on passive girls because it makes you feel tough and superior

No. 397553

Lol I just root for the underdog and that's why I like Mina. I don't really think she is an attention whore or cow considering she keeps to herself and responds to the negativity at a minimum.

No. 397558

Or maybe most of us don't have anything against Mina lol
I'm so over anons saying that someone is white knighting just because they don't hate the same people as them

No. 397559

Lol Dasha and her minions shat all over the earlier threads but gave up when we all smelled the bullshit

No. 397561

I agree with both of them being drama queens
though he actually seems nice while Putin is.. Putin.

No. 397564

oh god anon your summary made me laugh with how on point it is
I feel like they are both annoying as fuck for always speaking for Cyr but I don't have any sympathy for him either

No. 397566

Nah edwin seems to be looking out for his and Mina's rep, and opinions of others, views etc. Dasha is self absorbed, cyrs horrible at confrinration it looks like. Mina is just Mina. I'm sure Mina did some shadey shit, nobody is really saying about the white knighting her, they meant when Edwin came in this thread and people where talking about him and Mina that that automatically got defensive if you didn't see anon. Mina just isn't as bad as Dasha says, she probably just wants to move on now from her own mistakes and Dasha is still psycho about it, even tho she's not talking about it right now. But it's just one thing I noticed the 3 out of the 4 weren't into the drama today which is surprising. Only one in which I mean Edwin, was lurking and adding more trying to be buddy buddy with the community here, which actually pissed me off cause he brought annoying kids on here who you keep having to repeat shit to and don't actually read the dahm rules.

No. 397568

If you've seen earlier he just comes on here for that and his rep. We were just talking about how the accounts were actually hers and he says a whole new story about it defending her when maybe Mina just fucked up on that but nobody actually gives a crap if she did or not. Oh well she doesn't admit they were hers. But even then someone accused another anon of being Dasha just because they said Edwin was sort of contradicting himself.

No. 397569

a lot of people seem to be picking sides and totally defending edwin lol. i agree what happened to him hurt him, but he chose to go public with it before anyone else did.

i am honestly pretty shocked at all the white knighting on here lol

No. 397571

Yeah I know. I think since Edwin supporters found out about this place through his video, it kind of made it a team Edwin place for a bit. But really he's not buttering up the people who have been in these past threads just because he goes on here doesn't make it any different. He really selects to be in the drama. He wanted the views whether he admits it or not tbh. The hate Dashas getting is fueling him, like he'll be untouchable on here too. But really he's just as annoying as all of them. Even in his first video he does put it out there and mention that he was being harassed and the drama as subtle as he makes it seems, but he really justifys all his actions, if you really look at it Edwin really is as shitty as they are. Dasha Is the worst of them all but Edwin doesn't get a free pass just because of it.

No. 397572

Oh come on now, are we really going to compare Edwin 'stirring the pot' to Sasha's relentless harassment? From his (albeit 'immature' posting on this thread) posts, I see nothing that is unjust or unfair about his statements. Consider the recent Dasha 'ruining' his life sperg, he knew she had said that to him, which resulting in him later being kicked out of his apartment (which Cyrs reasoning is found to be BS as he's completely changed it twice) she claimed she didn't, made him out to be a liar/victim and pooled her minions against him, alongside continuously trashing him, he carried on making (mostly irrelevant to the drama) videos, and generally not reacting, now this video comes to light, proving Dasha did say those things, after MONTHS of 'defaming' his character and calling him a liar. ANYONE would react,and would now be smug AF and overjoyed that the psychotic behaviour that fucked with your life was undeniably revealed.

No. 397573

I'm not a fan of mina because her explanations for everything are "yeah they made me do some shit. It was weird. I didnt say anything but it was awkward, yeah." Like Edwin and her in the last video talked about how when she came she slept in Cyr and Dasha's bed and she was like 'Yeah i thought that was weird. I thought it'd only be for a few days'. And Edwin adds 'yeah they didnt even get an air mattress or anything. There really was nowhere else for her to sleep.'. Like Mina…wtf. LOL. Like she has a mouth and can speak and ask for an air mattress, buy it herself, sleep on the couch if you're uncomfortable. I feel like she was actually cool with a bunch of shit that happened, but now that theres bad blood, shes pointing out things. The other explanation is shes a mute who is unable to voice any of her requests to these people. Honestly I think shes just a user and doesnt actually care about any of them and will hop to the next person's bed in a heartbeat. She seems like she will do shady shit quietly then act dumb, so i can believe she made the fake accounts.

Yeah I honestly dont get the picking side shit. When this thread was made, i thought we were all gonna talk about how they are all cows, but then it became only one or the other side is allowed to be the cow, choose your team bullshit. How can anyone see the drama that happened and not think they all were dumb as hell during it. I especially dont get the Mina fangirling in here when this woman flew to another country to live with her ex-bf and the gf she claims he cheated on her with, then somehow was convinced into a polyamorous relationship, then hopped beds to the roommate and ran away with him and is now bunking in his place. She seems like an idiot. I dont believe Dasha just 'convinced' her to do everything. I for one dont think dasha is that powerful. Shes just a snake who needs anger management. But her "threats" to "ruin your life" are not gonna do anything. Its more like mina never rejected anything that was happening even while knowing that dasha deleted her instagram. Her response is "yeah it was weird. yeah." but she still got into a weird poly thing with them?

Does no one in this household just fucking confront each other? They all talk behind each others back and scheme things. It's like watching a terrible soap opera where everything is blown out of proportion because theres so many misunderstandings because no one talks to each other and just assumes things.

No. 397577

exactly, it's obvious cyr is really frustrated. dasha is reactionary and impulsive, but he obviously loves her and wants to be with her. i am sure he's frustrated by the whole thing. in his place, i would see dasha's actions as defensive and hurt. honestly, i do think she truly cared deeply for mina, she just had a lot of jealousy and complicated emotions and if the fake accounts thing is true, that's pretty hurtful. yes, dasha has some issues, but honestly i see a lot of myself when i was younger in her. idk i feel of the girl, i do. unpopular opinion. she isn't handling her emotions in an effective way but i genuinely think she feels hurt and attacked. and cyr wants it all to end.

maybe i am too sensitive for lolcow but i can feel empathy for every one of them, i just think they need to move past it, but dasha and edwin both just keep defending themselves and reacting and it's spun into a proper shitstorm.

i feel bad for cyr - yes dasha is reactionary and hell bent on defending herself, but i am sure he cares for her and feels protective of her. she's obviously hurt and upset. i think it's obvious she really adored mina, despite some complicated jealousy and hurt, and now edwin is painting her as this horrible anusive gf from a few private texts that don't tell the whole story.. you can make her into a villain all you want, but they all did things that were wrong, mina was obviously in it for the fame and exposure, and dasha obviously really adored her. i mean i think she really had deep feelings for her, and while she seems vicious and angry, usually people like that are just deeply hurt,

idk too sensitive for lolcow again but i think she's just been through a lot in her childhood, which was troubled, and obviously has some dysfunctional emotions and behavior.

she needs to go talk to someone and sort herself out, and everyone needs to stop going on about it. i wish she'd just say i defended myself, i was hurt, i am done, and just ignore edwin.

the whole thing is such a mess! someone is about to jump down my throat because reeee dasha is evil lol

No. 397578

In the early parts of this thread I kept getting paranoid that Edwin was on here cause it seemed and then he confirmed it outta nowhere. I was kinda getting annoyed at the whole sides fan of Edwin thing, every single on is a cow, no one looks into it enough and fan girling to one who's actually staying quite but in reality she never really fought her battles in the first place she only wanted to talk when it came to the "copying" part which is the most superficial girly thing to ever point out in the first place, they cared about it so much and Dasha became obsessed making vids trying to disprove that stupid shit, like really? Dasha is the most fucked up out of all of them of course we agree on that too she's horrible, but as for the others, they're shitty too, Cyr can't even speak right and get his thoughts straight. Mina probably just probably wants those stupid fake accounts she made behind her and that's why Edwin's trying so hard to disprove them. Idk you guys you just really have to look at their flaws individually. And honestly all of them are toxic, they're just toxic in a different way from each other, Dasha is the most evil while Edwin probably is sugar coating shit of himself. So I don't trust them at all.

No. 397579

We'll I'm sure your new here but there's no arm chair psychology, it's pretty obvious all of them have something. Especially Dasha, maybe not Edwin but I think he's an insecure little man in his late 20s still acting like he's in high school.

No. 397580

I agree: They all were dumb as fuck amd not able to to confront each other poenly.

I don't get the whole texting each other regarding problems (when still living together). Don't write messages, just go over into the other room and confront the person (if the person wants that or not).

D and C said several times, they wanted Mina to leave L.A. and she just didn't react or cried and "wandered off into E's room". If I want someone who is staying in my house to leave, I make him leave. If I want to talk to someone about something, I don't set a date and time - I just do it.

In the end I think they all liked the situation til some point:
D liked to have a girlfriend/friend and be so "different" with her poly-realtionship.
C liked to cuddle with 2 really hot girls that both like him.
M liked the attention from everyone - plus "being" with a somewhat famous youtuber.
E just tagged along and from some point on was really into M.

No. 397581

Yeah that seems like a good analysis. Even from their past vids Mina seemed to enjoy being there, as did edwin, they made it seem like they hated it there everyday, I feel like they did sugar coat themselves and exadurated the situation. Maybe Cyr is just a fucking shit person when it comes to confronting people. Dasha kept having insane episodes on and off, like seriously the bitch was everywhere. But I think as Cyr said that they oversensationalized it and maybe Edwin is living in his own little movie world. He's a fucking emotional ass person, and Dasha way worse with her anger. All those people living together in one place. Couldn't imagine.

No. 397583

Hey if you notice all 4 of them and their followers and likes, doesn't that kinda seem fishy, I mean even Edwin has like 19 thousand followers and gets like only 1000. Dasha and Mina obviously because instathotties. And Cyr gets only 6000 with his big following.

No. 397584

They are all fucking retarded it's just that Julia does most of her shit publicly for everyone to see, and now Edwin who can't stop making videos about the drama

No. 397585

I couldn't imagine living together with a couple - especially not with one that fights a lot. You're always in the middle of their fights then.

Edwin moved in with Cyr, they dreamed of "creating" together. He must have been quite jealous when "creating" was no longer Cyr's top priority but Dasha was. Then Dasha moved in with them officially. Into a very open loft with few doors and not much privacy. Imagine hearing D and C everyday: fighting - and fucking.
It would totally get on my nerves. And perhaps Edwin also felt left out, like a third wheel.
Then Cyr complains to him about the fights as well. How is Edwin (who must have not been the biggest fan of Dasha the whole time already) supposed to understand why Cyr doesn't end his relationship if they fight so much?
(What Edwin doesn't understand: There are complicated and passionate relationships like that - just don't drag other people into it.)

No. 397587

Yes. Yes we will compare. He's a cow posting drama on his own thread whiteknighting himself. Other cows have been torn down or put out to pasture for doing so. He doesn't get a free pass for being the lesser of two evils

No. 397588

I honestly dont think dasha is as psycho as this thread makes her out to be either, but its an unpopular opinion so i avoid saying it lmao. She doesnt give me onision evil vibes like some people are saying. I do think shes terrible at controlling her emotions, does incredibly stupid shit when she doesnt like people, and needs some extensive therapy. She honestly needs to just stop talking about mina and edwin and let it go, and it will make her look a lot better. She also needs to stop her weird shady shit vendettas against people. But honestly, i dont get how anyone finds Dasha scary or threatening. She seems like shes all talk. Like wow, she can rant on twitter about stealing/not stealing her style for ten years, sure, but I don't really see that as scary. Her biggest scheming accomplishment was deleting mina's instagram in increments. Like that is weird, and id probably end my friendship with her too. But Mina didn't. She knew about the instagram thing the whole time and didn't even speak up about it until Edwin confirmed it. And then they somehow made up about it, until more drama happened. Lol? I feel like Edwin is exaggerating the Dasha said she was going to ruin my life thing, as if hes actually scared of her. Dasha seems like she says a bunch of dumb shit when shes angry/emotional, but isnt actually gonna do much more than sperge on twitter and have lame plots of talking to your friends for info lmao. I say this because I dont think they needed to escape in the night to get away from Dasha like the dramatic shit they did, and I don't think they are so terrified of her, they could never confront her about anything. Like Mina seems to not ever speak up if she has a problem.

I also think cyr obviously has a more soft spot for her because hes dating her and has seen her be crazy, but also has seen her be nice and a good gf. I think Edwin trying to turn Cyr against Dasha and blaming her for everything because him and her started not getting along is a dumb move. I've had many friends who have terrible gf/bfs but you're not gonna convince them to leave them. They will do it in their own time or they wont. But its only going to drive a wedge between his and Cyr's friendship, which it did, because Cyr is going to defend his gf.

Mina is also in the videos and doesnt discourage Edwin. And Cyr also made a stream about it. They all are dumb as hell and aren't letting it go.

I agree that living together wasn't working. They should have just talked it out though, agreed it wasnt working, and Edwin/Mina could move out or they could decide something. Edwin complained that he "heard" cyr was going to kick him out so he left all dramatically.I would not want to befriend any of these dramatic ass people. They all just talk privately in bathrooms/on roofs and then relay the private info to the other person, then have weird dramatic plots. Like holy shit.

No. 397591

You notice too that Edwin and Mina said they would talk or be friends with Cyr again if he left Dasha. And now it's all exposure of Cyr and his private life with his ex's. To me that was just a talking shit session, it really in no way contributed to their "situation". Like Edwin's trying to be threatening to them and black mail them "hey I'm gonna do another video if you don't shut up" saying he has more dirt blah blah. I feel like Edwin's one of those people that just likes to gossip and talk shit, like those high school girls. It's like Dasha and her minions. It made me mad too that Edwin was in here and people were gassing him up like he's getting a free pass when it's not allowed. If Dasha was in this thread you better believe the bitch is getting fired outta here, Edwin isn't any better, and frankly I'm just annoyed of this.

No. 397592

Agreed, I mean I always thought Edwin was a loser desperate to be something he will never be (YouTube famous) but posting in his own thread is beyond embarrassing, and he definitely deserves to be called out for it so I don't know why some
People on here are praising him

No. 397595


Someone posted a screencap out of context so he posted here in order to set the record straight. Would you rather he posted it on twitter, even though it would be obvious he reads lolcow anyways? But I mean, if it's against the rules, then yeah, he should be following them, I guess.

I don't know, it's kind of hard for me to shame him for making a video against her when she's been tweeting rude shit at Mina relentlessly. Maybe it's vindictive of me, but if someone went after my friend, I would have no qualms with calling them out.

No. 397596

File: 1497620128800.jpg (1.15 MB, 1600x1090, IMG_3957.JPG)

>Who's team are you on in the Twifight saga: New Room-Mate?
>Team Vampire or Team Werewolf?

kek i am joking… they all retarded

No. 397598

Agreed. If someone was so persistent to destroy my online reputation especially if my career relies on it I would defend myself to the end. I personally think it's better to fight back and defend yourself rather than let someone step on you. Funny how once Edwin starts posting as himself all the Dasha white knights come out.

No. 397601

He literally started all of this by making all the drama public in the first place with his dramatic vlogs. It could be argued that he was the one trying to tarnish reputations first. I'm not saying what Dasha does isn't psychotic but you're an idiot if you think it has anything to do with reputation.

No. 397603

They are all ruining their own careers by doing this tbf

No. 397609

5:41 chapter 6 Edwin talks a bit about living with Mina and Dasha - this was uploaded back on 30th December 16. Edwin's clearly not happy at all.

No. 397612

I kinda understand Edwin. Dasha ruined his life and fucked everything up. His living status, his friendship, his creative place, even the stuff he left in the apartment. He's pissed and maybe he wants to do the same Dasha did to him. Imagine living with that wacko. Of course it's a childish thing to do and it's petty to act like a victim but it's such a difficult situation. I kinda feel sorry for all of them. Even Dasha, she must be so miserable to treat others like that.

No. 397613

where do you people come from? Dasha has been talking shit for MONTHS, Edwin makes two videos and comes on lolcow and suddenly he's a famewhore and shit starter. Id like to see any of you watch someone talk about you for that long without retaliating

No. 397615

I think the same. Specially when you are "known". That must be hell.

No. 397617

File: 1497624130501.jpg (41.05 KB, 650x366, crox.jpg)

they come from dasha, kek.

No. 397619

we come from
>i'm victim :(
>i just want to clear my name
>ok just one more vidya to clear my name and then i want to move on with my life because i don't care anymore

[squinting intensifies]

No. 397621

I think this thread got hijacked by dasha minions or something. Oh no he posted in his own thread, he reads lolcow! Wouldn't any of you want to defend yourself? Especially after actual months of harassment? Dasha revealed Mina's full fucking name not too long ago when this shit started in January, and for a few months Mina and Edwin didn't retaliate to her shit at all but still dasha wouldn't stop. Some of you can't seem to put yourself in someone else's shoes

No. 397624


I don't really get that, because he posted to clear up someone taking his texts out of context to slander him. It was impulsive, and he's probably lashing out, but I don't really see how he's the villain here considering Dasha's been running a hate campaign for months. If he continues to post here, it would definitely be weird, but for the most part the drama seems like it's been dying off now that everything has been said. Edwin makes a video pushing back, Dasha backs down, maybe it'll be peaceful now. Which would be boring ngl.

Honestly the only thing that would be interesting at this point is if Mina actually tells her side of the story, because the only way we've seen her is through Edwin-vision, which is a highly idealized version of her. She's hiding stuff, and is most likely not as sweet as she pretends to be. It would be entertaining if she sperged out herself, but she seems too calculated for that.

No. 397631

Sage but a lot of us here, like myself, have been here from thread 1. But we see through Edwin's nice guy victim bullshit, more so now than before. And it is generally frowned upon to post in your own thread to whiteknight yourself, use your own platforms to do so and allow the farmers to discuss on here. As for hijacking, this thread was hijacked by 12 yr old dasha bashas after edwin's shoutout, bringing them all by the horde to our sacred place REEEEE.
Everyone's pretty lulzy, Dasha is the worst but this doesn't mean Edwin's safe to act all chummy and down wiv da kidz here, its cringeworthy

No. 397638

It's hilarious to me how people are sperging out about how Edwin reads/posts here. Like did you all read the last thread? I wouldn't be surprised if Dasha has been posting here since way before Edwin figured out what lolcow was. Hell, in the last thread Dasha made it obvious how she reads on here by taking our "Cosplay recommendations" seriously. Dasha has been publicly sperging about Mina and him almost everyday since fucking January. Of course Edwin would want to leave some steam out. Problem is, he wouldn't have been able to do that on his own public media without getting blasted by Cyr/Dasha fans, so he probably is preferring to directly insult them here and act like he's above that dirty fighting on actual social media. And his YouTube videos are a try to earn money from a shitty situation, I can't blame him for that. I'm sure that if Dasha would let this all die down, Edwin would give up too BUT SHE JUST WON'T LET IT DIE

No. 397642

I get your point and I've also been following the thread since day 1 when we all didn't like any of them. in fact most people leaned more towards dasha bc of how hilarious it was when she made fun of onision. But because she won't shut the fuck up about mina it just makes perfect sense to me why he's coming here and making videos, and he's getting unnecessarily reamed for it. is he of quality character, maybe not, all of this drama is so retarded and no sane person would act the way any of them have. but it's turned into the shitfest it is 90% due to Dasha and i sure as fuck would get sick of it and freak out

No. 397656

been here since the beginning. not everyone shares your opinion of REEE DASHA IS EVIL and edwin is totally jsut the victim

it's always the more biased farmers saying less biased ones are dasha minions or white knights. lol no. i can see how all of them are at fault - mina and cyr are handling it better, absolutely, but i love how lolcow of all places is so all over edwin and mina.

edwin, if you're reading here, shut the fuck up about the situation, you're just as bad as dasha. let it fucking go. cyr was right when he said you're just using this whole thing for views. and you went public first, so fuck off with the victim card shit

dasha, the only things you should actually care about defending yourself are where they call you manipulative and abusive. shut up about fake accounts and copy cat, no one cares, you made your point and never shut up about it. stop reacting to edwin or things said here

they are all so lacking in tact for being in the public eye to a degree. jesus.

No. 397657

I agree 100%, and I also don't blame Edwin for trying to make a buck of the drama. I sure as hell would if I were in his position.

No. 397658


I honestly think it's boredom by now. The milk has pretty much dried up. We're not going to learn anything new, so people are starting to fight amongst themselves over Team Edwin or Team Dasha, which is stupid. I get that it's easy to choose a side, especially when one of them is so particularly cunty, but it just makes those involved sound like fangirls.

I notice this in some other threads too, "oh, so and so is innocent, it's this person who is the real cow!" Maybe if your fave was such a good person, they wouldn't have gotten involved with such drama, right?

No. 397659

He definitely needs the money. Avocado soosh and stuffed animals don't just buy themselves you know.

No. 397661

Dahm I left this thread for some hours cause of the bore armchair sympathizers and 12 year old baby girl Edwin fans. I didn't really see team Dasha here more like team Edwin lmao. And like I said I always felt like he was coming on here adding stuff when we didn't know, and then he revealed himself. But it really wasn't just to reply to Charlie or whatever since I've been all up in the thread too. If you would go back he kept talking more defending Mina and changing the story. Like we get he's gonna keep speaking for her, since apparently she can't speak for herself, yesh. I was like "what the fuck is this team Edwin shit" I sympathized with him back then like I said but he seems to want to instigate more while everyone's gone quite. Along with him bringing those fucking 12 year olds on this thread, having to repeat stuff from older threads since they can't fucking read. Don't read our rules etc. the milk is running way dry right now but I got a chuckle from that twilight shit lmao.

No. 397665

The increase in Dasha stans is unreal. Yes, Edwin is a drama hungry mexican weiner. But he's a fucking youtuber, it's his career. The whole "Ooh but Edwin started it! Edwin kept it up!" is utter bullshit. There's 4 threads full of irrefutable, concrete evidence that Dasha not only instigated this whole drama but has kept fanning it for months. It's fucking June and she's still going on about fake accounts. Go back to thread one and read on from there. Time and time again Dasha has unwittingly outed herself as an absolute psycho hell bent on ruining Edw-ina's lives. Jesus christ in the last thread a video was leaked where Dasha outright admitted to wanting to ruin Edwin's life for sticking up for Mina whilst they were still on good terms.

That's not to say none of the others are cows - they're all milky, but Dasha is 100% the villain in this story, she's definitely always been and always will be the prize dairy cow.

She's not only filled her twitter with narc sperg rants about the pair for the past SIX months, she's been caught posting on PULL. Let's not act like Edwin is now some big pot stirrer, he's been extremely passive throughout the whole situation with few (but devastating) responses. Him posting context on here isn't stirring the pot, it's clearing his name lmao. White knighting himself sure but let's refrain from acting like he's all that milky/entertaining.

Can you not talk about newfags when not a single one of your posts are saged in this thread?

No. 397680

i went back through and cannot understand dashas priorities. she endlessly goes on about fake accounts and copy cat accusations, yet they fucking accused her of being a terrible and cruel gf. in her place i would flip shit. barely a peep, and won't shut up about stupid shit.

like yes cyr defended her and honestly it's his choice to be with her, who cares, there's more to a relationship than some moments of distress, although wow dasha. get therapy girl

i just can't believe this drama is about fake accounts and deleting instagram. like, this is wild. maybe to instahoes and yters this matters but honestly who fucking cares lol

the poly thing is crazy yeah but i can't believe mina went with it, let alone flew out to stay with them. it's fine to be distant friends with your exes and shit, idk, my ex and i would get lunch and go for drinks when his gf before me was home from school, or go to parties with her and stuff, so ishe can understand being on good terms, but this is next level crazy. i would've slept on the couch if i were her. i don't understand why she didn't just tell dasha and cyr no, and just be on good terms. she's so in it for the fame.

dasha however seriously has some obsessive tendencies about mina obviously, which i don't understand either.

it's just so fucking wild and weird and the things these people fucking care about, lol. like cyr is the only one who makes sense to me in all of this, even though he did some shitty stuff,

No. 397682

I come here repeatedly and randomly to check up. I don't think really think that matters since I've continued to read and follow rules. I don't even comment most of the time. Just look, but I guess you can nitpick at that if you want I don't really care.

No. 397684

Anyone picking a side in this… that thinks any one of these 4 cows are not absolute fucking imbeciles, are clueless and need to lurk more

No. 397685

Any way, if the nit picker is done. There's not much going on, surprisingly Dasha isn't bitching this time and actually taking advice from people to just shut up. At least we don't have to hear FAKE ACCOUNTS anymore. Mina is absent, cyrs usual psychopathish tweets, and Edwin is taking a social media break because he said things have gone worse for him. Idk if there's gonna be any milk. I feel like people are attacking each other just because of it. But I don't really care, I'll wait till any of them tweets something dumb and come back.

No. 397687

This. Fucking thank you. It's not like making another video (after being quiet for a long time) and posting a couple of times in this thread is a disproportionate response to continuous harassment by Dasha and her stans. Yeah, all of them are fucking idiots for getting involved in this kind of drama at their age, but Dasha is malicious at another level and honestly can't be compared to the rest of them at all.

No. 397689

>remains unbiased
>admits dasha is the worst but edwin is kinda bad
>"REEEEE DASHA STANS!" ~while simultaneously insulting edwin calling him a drama hungry mexican weiner~

anon R U OK?! can't decide if you're 12 or just plain autistic. (have to kek that these would be the same people who would comment "hey dasha" but seeings as that's banned have to resort to other measures.)
Stop acting like a fucking retard because other people just don't see Edwin as a saint.

No. 397690

Dasha is definitely the most malicious cow, which makes it easy I guess for people to automatically side with mina. But Mina is most definitely a cow. Just a stupid one. The things Mina has done are imo almost on the same level of wtf as Dasha. They are just different because they aren't outwardly psychotic or malicious. But yeah, coming to LA to live with your ex-bf and his gf who you previously had beef with, and allowing them to basically dictate your life while you are there, including SLEEPING IN THEIR FUCKING BED FROM NIGHT ONE is pretty fucking crazy to me. Mina is either incredibly stupid and naive, or the most passive doormat of a person I have ever seen.

No. 397696

Yes agreed. We all agree that Dasha is the worst of them, but I have read through and through, I really dislike all of them. Edwin did enter this place which it's forbidden. Yeah he defended himself whatever, but tried to defend Mina again because we were talking about those stupid as fuck accounts. We ALL know Dasha is horrible and needs help. And the other anon just commented that there's more 12 year old on here because they most likely came from eds video. There were Edwin and Dasha sympathizers which is annoying. And people here getting upset that Edwin isn't being defended when I clearly see right though him and so do other anons here. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't this thread about all 4 of them? If you're lashing out at me for not sympathizing with Edwin and nitpicking at who's sage. Some people don't read the rules either. We all came here for Milk, not to be a fan of anyone. They've all been shitty. Just cause there's no milk right now everyone is trying to find something to fight about, yeesh.

No. 397707

File: 1497642356290.jpg (24.11 KB, 784x144, Capture.JPG)

Apparently people are telling Dasha to kill herself. Not sure if this is true or she's just saying it to make it sound like she's getting hate for pity points. She had no issue with her minions constantly telling Mina to kill herself on her instagram.

No. 397710

I think it was that 10 year old anon that posted on here screenshots giving her kindergarten insults. That's when she started posting them. The person even said "this is going on lolcow" and he was put out of pasture.

No. 397713

People seem to be forgetting that this thread is about all of them. Not just Dasha. They're all here for a reason. In case people forgot that this is real life: It's perfectly normal to not have an extremely biased opinion! You can think someone is absolute shit and think another is just as bad. It's not against the law. That doesn't make someone a stan or a sperg, just means their opinion is different from yours.

No. 397715

when he mentioned this thread i was like ugghhh no. don't. and that apparently old acquaintances of dasha' said were keeping tabs on her? lol wot(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 397725

Lol just what I said would happen if you dare go against god Edwin in this thread. Immediately get called Dasha or her minions. And get told it doesnt matter what they do, dasha is worse!!!! Can people not accept the fact that they are all morons and Edwin is indeed milking this shit for views/attention?

I feel like theres a lot of us who have been here from the start, aren't dasha or her minions but gave up on calling out edwin/mina as much because this thread became biased with edwin/mina supporters. I'm glad im not the only one who sees through their bullshit and realizes EVERYONE involved is an attention whore idiot.

No one recently is ever calling Dasha innocent and flawless, but the "team edwin" people make an excuse for every action he does, so i dont know why people are assuming everyone is dasha minions in here. Since edwin is aware of this thread, i wouldn't be surprised if he is sending people to defend himself here too.

I dont get how anyone can think making these hour long videos with "reciepts", interviews with his mom (lollll), etc makes him look good. Hes nearing 30 years old for christs sake. And I dont see Dasha really "ruining his reputation". The initial drama basically died down, and she sperges about mina a shit ton, but it's not even affecting them. People already chose who they want to believe in the situation that happens MONTHS AGO. Dasha is making herself look bad by not shutting up about mina, and edwin already had said his piece. A lot of things hes accusing dasha of doing, hes doing himself.

No. 397731

Oh I know, I was like uhhhhhmmm. edwin you're not safe either, and him coming on here asking if the pretty ugly little liar thing updated too. I just found it super cringey weird he was on his own thread, if Dasha were on here again I wouldn't have it. No one would let her defend herself on here and debunk shit. It makes me mad to even think he's safe on here just because he keeps up with this place. I doubt Cyr would give two shits about this place and I think he's older than Edwin. Like Edwin act your age dude. If you want to get over the drama then practice what you preach. Dashas fucking fire is burning out, even when people are adding their two cents to her. I'm HOPING she'll fucking shut up, the drama was entertaining but it's redundant. Fake account blah blah and her minions keep bringing it up to her. Trash trash

No. 397733

File: 1497645851669.jpg (19.04 KB, 581x107, 1.JPG)

I wonder what happened. Mina hasn't been active on any social media since she left London yesterday…

No. 397735

honey that is not how you sage

No. 397736

Mina probably got mad at him since he keeps talking about the drama. She said talking about it gives her a fat headache on twitter so I can imagine him coming to this thread (a thread that drags Mina too) upset her a lot.

No. 397743

Ok I'm new here but has dasha responded to the fact that it is SO OBVIOUS she switched the usernames of her private account and her main account so she could make the claim that her private account didn't exist at that time….when it was actually her main?! That was the saddest excuse of a coverup I've ever seen

No. 397748

Whoever posted the screenshot said that they screenshotted it that day..so it wouldn't make sense that she'd be asking for the photoshopped image on her new/private account.

No. 397750

Re read the thread and see that it was debunked, the profile picture and account name are from her new account, when it would have been on her main litolfox or whatever. I don't want to retell it just read please.

No. 397751

Maybe he read the thread on here seeing people weren't team Edwin and got upset lol

No. 397753

File: 1497648323817.png (1.12 MB, 750x1334, IMG_2041.PNG)

Also the fact that she didn't even both to cover this up, a post on her MAIN saying to follow her private account…with now the same username

No. 397755

It was changed even before the screen shot released it was already debunked guys, just reread the thread guys

No. 397757

And her picture is from her private account. Most likely the anon just forgot she changed her name, and thought it was her main.

No. 397758

Can people just read the thread cause everything is pretty redundant.

No. 397781

Kind of sounds like newfags, doesn't it?

This is really good for him. Hopefully he moves on now.

No. 397783

Yeah, they don't bother to read the past threads, we already dissected.

No. 397784

I'm kind of wondering if Cyr unfollowed Caitlinwitcher whatever her name is on twitter and social media.

No. 397802

see, i told y'all they weren't hate accounts, just cringey fan accounts.

Dasha just lies, lies, lies

No. 397808

Limecrime disabled comments on their pic of dasha she was getting too much hate. Pretty sure that's the only photo they disabled comments on.

No. 397810

she admits to smiling while he was kicked out, does that mean she admits to threatening to make cyr suicidal ?

No. 397811

Still skeptical, I don't think she would ruin her rep just to prove a false claim. At lot of the evidence leads to Mina anyway, but does it really matter anymore? Nobody's bitching anymore.

No. 397812

that's an allegation from dasha, no proof that actually happened.

No. 397813

She never denied saying that and the texts to cyr were real, she doesn't need to admit. I think it's very within her character to say something like that.

No. 397816

Cyr is actually the one who said that, but I mean you could say the same thing with Edwin, even tho he has receipts, he tried hard to clear Mina's innocence on his side. It's clear Dasha is an insane bitch but, all of their characters are sketchy. If you look through the past threads you'll see it. I'm not gonna keep pointing it out since they should read it for themselves

No. 397817

I remember that and no I didn't accuse them of being Dasha I said they sounded like they were white knighting her and that I misstyped
I literally said it right after omg
nice reach, though

No. 397819

So many ppsts here are being ridiculous and I completely agree with you. His actions are nowhere near close to being on her level. I would clear my name too after some fucking russian prostitute ruined my friendship of 8 years and kicked me out of an apartment that I financially contributed to more than she did which I assume is 0. All of a sudden he is a bully now? bitch please

No. 397820

Leave Edwin alone team Edwin!

No. 397823


It could be that they're busy moving and don't have wifi set up yet. Or Mina could just hate the place they're in. I wonder how shitty their low income LA apartment is going to be. Or is that being too pessimistic?

No. 397829

Maybe things "took a turn for the worse" because he had to interact with cyr/dasha to get the rest of his furniture & belongings from their apt for his new place. If I were him, I would have waited until I got every last bit of my stuff back before dropping that second video. Just saying.

No. 397830

I don't think they're saying that Dasha is the same level as Edwin most of them mentioned how worse insane she it, they're just comparing somethings he does that he picks at Dasha for, the hypocrisy mostly, and how he contradicts and how he speaks for Mina for everything etc. people get defensive over him because most of us see right through him. Nobody is denying Dashas insane character tho, we're just addressing the false one Edwin puts up.

No. 397831

I'll admit I have created a bias for myself personally since reading these threads. I started off more in favor of Dasha because I liked how she stood up to Onion but then she just annoyed the fuck out of me with her Mina tweets and encouraging her weird underage fans to join in and literally everyone has seen this since the last 3 threads now? I don't count this one because it seems like she hasn't done much since thread #4. ANYWAY it's annoying as fuck that you guys seem to think that any of them is "sending" people or self post when they all have pretty decent followings. Stop sperging about disagreeing with each other on who is worse than who and let's all laugh at the milk??? fucking hell

No. 397832

I think the anon is suggesting that Dasha was the anon to post the debunk evidence but who cares at this point

No. 397834

Don't understand? Re-evaluate please?

No. 397835

limecrime has the milkiest history so they might drop her altogether to avoid said milky past

No. 397836

I don't even think he could afford to rent a room in someone else's apartment let alone get his own place. I remember him saying in a vlog maybe a month or so before he got kicked out that he was broke and running out of savings. He probably had to ask his mom for deposit money and to co-sign for the lease.

No. 397837

her and Cyr never denied the texts and basically confirmed they were real when they had that whole "people say fucked up things when they fight" response

No. 397839

lol those receipts constantly catch Mike and Julia in their lies and show their shitty character
I'm sure that Edwina are not perfect angelic fawns but there isn't much to back up that they are villains and I don't care to speculate when there isn't milk

No. 397840

Hmm, other people noticed that it was her new account too, along with her pic being the one of her personal insta. So I'm sure that was debunked, I think they're just trying to find ways to frame her, but either way it really doesn't matter now, Edwin threatened her to shut up and it seems like it's working lol.

No. 397841

I thought the same thing but maybe that Kate girl already got their stuff before the editing and filming?

No. 397842

I just remembered, doesn't Cyr still supposedly owe him money? I remember him saying that in the new video. That Mina owed Cyr for the ticket and Cyr owes Edwin for several months of utilities that he had put in his name. I bet he is trying to get that money back to use for his apartment and there is conflict over that.

No. 397843

can't tell if being sarcastic but fuck it
someone posted screen caps debunking that Dasha paid someone to frame Mina
but I think the anon thinks Dasha posted the debunking but I doubt it
Most of us hate on her but we only do when it's valid

No. 397844

Idk, I don't really think that matter they owe each other both I think Edwin was just thinking of every possible thing to pick at to put in their video. I had to go through two sittings for it. By no time he's gonna go back to his food grocery shopping mina vids.

No. 397845

Nah not sarcastic it was just your wording, I didn't understand it. Eh, I think since Dasha is an insane bitch it's easy to believe and pick at her, but in reality it was just someone trying to frame her, and it was annoying since the video came out and it distracted her from addessing it. They should have just left the video instead of the fake screenshot.

No. 397848

I know! that video is milky as fuck and no one has said shit about it

No. 397849

They have but that idiot anon had to be extra and distract her and frame her, like here's a thought, maybe she's actually telling the truth about the fake accounts? the video is enough to make her look insane, you don't have to make fake shit to do it honestly.

No. 397869

File: 1497667763683.jpg (27.23 KB, 527x524, 16641054_379206145794015_87832…)

Guys, I've figured out why Dasha is a skin walker and generally crazy. Who wouldn't be with a mother like this? I present you all, Julia/Putin's mother.

Does anyone have the photo of Dasha when she had long hair, wearing a beanie like this one, and standing in the same position? I can't seem to find it, and I'd love to compare.

No. 397870

File: 1497667797098.jpg (34.02 KB, 707x1280, 13680201_216352438759580_63718…)

No. 397871

Where did you find this? Is it actually her mother? Wtf

No. 397872

Dasha's getting super mad on cyr´s stream hahahaha

No. 397873

I was looking for Dasha's fb, but ended up finding finding her mom's via her sisters fb.

No. 397874

I think it is, her mother abondend her and sent her to live with her grandparents so she can try to be young again.

No. 397876

It is definitely her mom. When I found her fb, all her selfies screamed middle aged crisis, specially the one where she's dressed as 2015-2016 Julia. It made my skin crawl.

No. 397877

You mean that old twitch stream, yeah we already know.

No. 397878

Probably trying to live out her youth and seems like Putin hates her mom since she never talks about her parents. Momma looks pretty unhealthy like drugs unhealthy.

No. 397879


ok she looks just like her mom great job

No. 397881

File: 1497669304187.jpg (180.68 KB, 1144x724, dasha.jpg)

I remember seeing this pic of her dad from when she was little that she posted on her twitter a while ago, I just went back and found it. He looks kinda similar to Cyr with the hair and clothes.

No. 397882

oh my god. She looks exactly like her mom! How did you find that! great find.

No. 397889

File: 1497669806503.jpg (30.96 KB, 720x960, 13592685_216352445426246_36062…)

Imo, I think her mom would look really good for age if she hadn't fucked herself over with cigarettes and who knows what other substances.

No. 397892

I find it so odd people don't understand why Cyr is with Dasha… His weird sociopath, serial killer persona obsession? He's finally as close to the real thing as he's ever going to get. It's a self fulfilling prophecy. Icarus flew too close to the sun.

No. 397893

Well not to add that dumb arm chair psychologically bullshit, but you're always kind of attracted to what your dad looks like or has. But seems like Dasha was only ever close to her dad and her mom seems like a drug addict. I know the only drugs Dasha would do were xanxies I guess back then from what ed said. I can see why she never talks about her.

No. 397894

There's a lot of people with that persona, even ones I know Irl. It's kinda trendy to act that way to me.

No. 397895

Lol, nah, I think Cyr is so obsessed with serial killers because he thinks it's edgy. He wants to seem like a psycho, but really it's Dasha who's the psycho.

No. 397896

We'll at least Dasha looks better than her in a way, not that sunkin in look from drugs. She's got looks but a shitty fucking personality ruined it for her and her career.

No. 397898

Dashas older sister looks like the only one with a good head on her shoulders while Dasha….

No. 397899

i don't know how her sister looks. If she looks like no-fillers-Dasha she must be really beautiful!

No. 397901

File: 1497671145569.png (123.57 KB, 750x887, IMG_3503.PNG)

She looks pretty good to me, mature, not into all that kawaii trendy girl bull. Girls nowadays want to look and dress like children and that astounds me.

No. 397904

File: 1497671360391.jpg (83.27 KB, 480x673, IMG_-dnd3r8.jpg)

Not really. She looks a bit older and different than Dasha, maybe they have a different dad.

No. 397905

File: 1497671370839.png (372.64 KB, 471x586, sxsdc.png)

She's finding herself.

No. 397906

Hahaha, before she started shooping her waiste super tiny.

No. 397907

Ffs start saging. It goes in the email field.

No. 397908

Oh my god, lol this is the best thing on this thread I was getting bored going though it but I applaud whoever made this.

No. 397910

have you met her? she'll have meltdowns about something else, don't worry.

No. 397912

You met Dasha in real life anon?

No. 397913

File: 1497672657018.png (258.81 KB, 556x364, uuu.png)

She looks so different in all of her pictures.

No. 397916

this is exactly what people were complaining about! the minute someone talks shit about edwin you guys accuse them of being dasha/ dasha's preteen fans

No. 397917

That just looks like a lazy night. She's just high maintenance in other pics posing and shit. But frankly she looks better to me normal. I'm sick of the fairy kawaii child baby trend, and like that other dumb bitch Dasha follows babydarkokitten. All these bitches want big lips, wanting to act kinky, trying to be sexy and look like a child at the same time. Dasha, Mina and all of them seem to be following that trend.

No. 397919

I seen this, no one can complain about Edwin they just want everyone to complain about Dasha and Dasha only. Like I've complained about her so much we don't fucking like her she's insane we all know. But when we notice Edwin and see through his facade someone gets triggered. Gets annoying. I was even paranoid he would come in this thread again. It was bad enough dealing with Dashas minions in the other threads.

No. 397922

No one is even talking about edwin anymore, stop beating a horse that's already dying.

No. 397924

I was replying to the other anon, who was replying about the other defensive anon. So

No. 397926

The milks run dry, give it a rest and stop if it really doesn't contribute anything to this thread.

No. 397959

So… what's cyr been up to?

No. 397962

Hey guys, you know the milks gone dry here, but someone contribute to the Sssnipertwolf thread. I honestly hate her more than Dasha tbh. She also abuses her bf and used people for money and rep. Prettyuglylittleliar has some on her. But I notice it's not enough. Idk I didn't want to be annoying I know I'll be called out, but thinking of Dasha triggered me to that bitch. Fucking more hateful and dispicable.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 397964

At least a new person to hate to pass the time.

No. 398124

Who is Julia's sister?

No. 398126

how do you know this?

No. 398129

nah he's just an edgelord

No. 398130

they're both gorgeous omg
I wish Dasha wasn't so cunty because I would probably be a fan otherwise

No. 398131

I can't wait for her to sperg about how it's not racist or cultural appropriation on twitter soon lol

No. 398133

sage for double post
ignore other comment
thought this was new(spamming)

No. 398159

What is Dasha's (or her sister's) facebook?

No. 398160

I don't think it can be posted because of the RUUUUUUUUULEZZZZ so you'll have to dig for it yourself if you're that desperate. She's nothing to do with the drama and they don't seem to be in contact really so doubt you'll find much.

No. 398164

That's actually an old ass picture. I went back to look. Still looks horrible on her. But If we're on that topic, would it be racist of me not to take that as cultural appropriation? Like I never thought of hair as a culture only style, like that Indian headdress shit. I've always gotten annoyed cause bitches would complain cosplay is cultural appropriation.

No. 398168

Ugh social justice warriors, Spewing feminism, always trying to find something general to be angry about. they make me cringe, I've seen one attacking Dasha about her posting some animal abuse videos trying to make people feel bad for not being vegan ( Lmao I'm still gonna eat my cheeseburger though) even tho it was funny it starting getting cringey. They are saying she should warn people before posting those animal videos or some shit. Personally, I would scroll through that shit. You don't see me posting videos chopping up carrots and saying "being vegan is evil carrots have feelings plants have feelings be better"

No. 398170

File: 1497744459825.jpg (884.92 KB, 2400x2400, IMG_3531.JPG)

Lmao I seen that and went back. I know this isn't milky but it's fucking funny, vegan vs social justice warriors. But to be fair sjws are the worst people on the internet, even their profiles are cringey "she/her" "ManTears" bullshit

No. 398173

She wears real leather watches and uses real leather bags so I guess animal cruelty is fine if it's for fashion.

No. 398176

File: 1497745827717.png (248.94 KB, 497x498, nnnn.png)

I don't eat animals, that's cruel. I just like to wear them.

No. 398177

well i think she just wears leather when it's sponsored. so animal cruelty's wrong unless it's for a paycheck

No. 398180

She needs to take several seats with her vegan preaching when she is promoting leather goods for money on the same social platforms she promotes veganism. I gotta say Edwin did a pretty good job dragging her on that hypocrisy in his video.
Also, did anyone else catch that little jab he made about how he doesn't understand why she is even wearing the clothes Mina left behind b/c they aren't even her size. I laughed.

No. 398181

Lmfao, and this bitch sent her preteen fans to attack Mina bc of the taxidermy photo shoot Mina did. Also was trying to have a competition about who was dah mostest vegan of dem all!!!11

No. 398203

File: 1497750123151.png (2.71 MB, 1559x816, uh.png)

am i reaching or does dasha's new wig look a lot like mina's natural hair?

its not 100% but considering shes an actual 'single white female' i wouldnt be surprised if that was the intention… she was even poufing it up to look like it had bangs on her snapchat

No. 398207

File: 1497750611384.png (281.68 KB, 498x495, ddkdkdkd.png)

They copy each other.

No. 398208

Definitely, what's new, lol. I bet she's also been quiet on twitter because of Mina's tweet about nothing giving a fuck about the drama and having better things to do, so now Dasha is trying to act like she's soooo busy. Lmfao.

No. 398213

I think that's reaching. She's always changing wigs, Mina's hairs kinda frizzy not really curly. But they both kinda copy each other. But she's obsessed with buying wigs tho and trying to look different I guess

No. 398222

Define natural hair tho. That color is the result of her wanting to get icy blonde but giving up halfway.

No. 398224

So, I only just discovered this thread and had no idea that Cyr would still be relevant after 2011. I guess I have a lot of catching up to do

No. 398225

He's not.

No. 398228

File: 1497754809258.png (188.88 KB, 296x536, nnn.png)

They do copy each other. Look! Dasha sucking in her cheeks. Always thought Mina invented that.

No. 398243

seems kinda but I can't tell since she has those high cheekbones and skeletal structure face. They do copy each other I tend to think, like Dasha tries to get that tiny waist while I've seen from some of Mina's photos she tries to get that sharp face with high cheekbones like too structured while her face is pretty round from eds videos.

No. 398257

Some serial spammers without sage have been temp banned.

No. 398299

bless these farmhands

No. 398541

Dasha definetly has a round face, not Mina. Mina has a sharp, I guess angular skinny face while Dashas is round with big cheek bones.

No. 398584

I don't know if you guys have seen this, but at around 9:14 in one of Edwin's videos (titled: She's a Bad Girl) you can see Dasha hitting Cyr. Though I am aware people do this playfully, it did seem a bit heavy handed. His body language before hand was very anticipatory as well, an indication that he'd likely experienced this before and moved by reflex to guard himself (specifically his vulnerable/crotch area). I don't mean to theorize or over-analyze one tiny detail or seemingly trivial action, however I am very keen to know what you guys think. While I believe not one party in this is completely free of fault, I think Dasha in particular needs to either be held accountable or seek treatment. I don't mean to add armchair theories to this thread, but I do want to note that Dasha strongly exhibits a lot of characteristics synonymous with Narcissistic Personality Disorder. While I can't fully speak for her diagnosis, I think it is worth putting out there that her type of behavior is potentially harmful to herself and to those around her.
For further review, the APA (American Psychology Association) lists several NPD characteristics as:

1) Grandiosity with expectations of superior treatment from others
2) Fixated on fantasies of power, success, intelligence, attractiveness, etc.
3) Self-perception of being unique, superior and associated with high-status people and institutions
4) Needing constant admiration from others
5) Sense of entitlement to special treatment and to obedience from others
6) Exploitative of others to achieve personal gain
7) Unwilling to empathize with others' feelings, wishes, or needs
8) Intensely envious of others and the belief that others are equally envious of them
9) Pompous and arrogant demeanor

Other unlisted symptoms include aggressive defensiveness, the inability to GENUINELY acknowledge one's own faults or flaws, high reactivity to criticism or any contrary viewpoints, pathological insecurity, the tendency to project onto others qualities they are unable or unwitting to accept within themselves, self righteousness and poor interpersonal boundaries (imposing behaviors on others ranging from oppressive/exploitative to lascivious in nature).

I hope I am not breaking any community guidelines with this post but I just wanted to post this as I am very affected by situations like this, having endured and lost my family to similar circumstances (if anything, I have 20 years of experience with narcissistic abuse). It bothers me a lot to witness things like this but I am deeply intent on sharing what I know in hopes that others can avoid what my family went through.
As for Dasha and her often vindictive, grandiose and erratic behavior, I really hope her partner comes to his senses in time to prevent any further psychological damage to himself or others around him.

Video link: https://youtu.be/JKya6AhCjkk?t=9m14s(Unsaged armchair psychology)

No. 398586

are you the armchair anon from the onision threads?

sage your armchair posting

No. 398587

Edwin and Mina had'nt posted in a long time. What do you think happened?

No. 398590


Are you the same bitch who kept bringing up this shit from the Onion threads?

Nigga stop, no1currs.

No. 398592

Lol thats a bit of a stretch. We have no context of why she was hitting him, and she just whacked his arm and it looked like not a big deal to anyone in the room.

I personally dont get NPD vibes from her. But she is shit at handling her anger/emotions and does crazy shit. I wouldnt try to diagnose her with your personal problems influencing what you see in someone else lmao.

His tweet about avoiding social media came after the backlash from him posting here and people not sucking his dick, so i thought that was why he took a break, but idk.

No. 398593

you sound autistic as fuck.

No. 398594

Yeah, it's kind of weird that Mina is taking a hiatus too without posting anything about it. It happened as soon as she, I'm assuming, got back to the U.S…

No. 398595

Damn, you are going to receive a lot of shit for this, but I agree, she's definitely narcissistic. Kind of irks me when people say she has bipolar disorder. Also judging by seeing how her mother is, it doesn't surprise me at all, because her mom probably suffers from narcissistic disorder aswell. I know a lot of daughters of narcisstic mothers become narcisstic themselves as a way to defend themselves. Imo though, I don't think it matters, once you cross the line of being a shitty person and trying to cause harm to others, whether mentally, physically, or any other way, I don't think anyone should feel sympathy for you.

As for Vincent, he deserves it after all the shit he's done to past gf's.

No. 398619

File: 1497882008942.jpg (523.34 KB, 1080x1644, Screenshot_20170620-001653.jpg)

Not what I wanted to stumble across in my explore

No. 398622

Wow… whos is that? Without all that photoshop she has a whole different face under her face.

No. 398625

It's lunamiu. Dasha does not have a tattoo near the collarbone/chest area as far as I've seen.

No. 398627

my bad! photoshop these days you never know what to expect kek

No. 398630

How long do you think Dasha will be friends with this one before she turns all psycho on her

No. 398690

File: 1497898977424.png (157.43 KB, 1182x600, twinzz.png)

maybe she finally found her new pet model that "looks like her" kek

No. 398704

File: 1497901490187.jpg (48.29 KB, 487x854, Capture.JPG)

> Makes fun of Mina for her hair
> Gets same exact hair as Mina just slightly more brown

No. 398706

File: 1497901530925.png (11.75 KB, 579x71, jj.png)

No. 398719

I don't know if it's just her personality making her look ugly or the filters lately, but damn Dasha is looking rough.

Cyr just looks like his usual greasy beta self.

No. 398730

It's funny how filters can't quite hide how strung out he looks.

No. 398733

That's a big reach, playfully hitting too, girls hands arnt that hard Mina is shown hitting Cyr too in a vine or one of those videos on her media, but it's not a big deal. One hit omg, abuse! Lol nah it's really not like that

No. 398735

This is also kind of a reach, not to play devils advocate, it's just curly brownish hair, Mina wouldn't wear it like that and hers is kinda frizzed since she bleached it. It's nothing new, and it really doesn't look like Mina's, I've also never really seen her without her bangs in her face. But that suits Mina.

No. 398737

I was pointing out that Dasha had made fun of Mina's hair for being frizzy and curly lol and then Dasha gets a wig that is curly

No. 398738

I think what he's done to past gfs kinda triggered Mina to post hate from her fake accounts, under Vincent's pic with Dasha, it's like "Mina wouldn't like this" "Mina was better". But I mean Dasha was the homewrecker, who would blame her for hating her ex? I always felt she was behind them because that's something not unusual to do to me. The girl was hurt, they even commented that Cyr was a fuckboy. Which he is lmao. That just seems like something commen, and it's over the top how they make it seem.

No. 398742

I've stalked Dasha, I don't think she made fun of it for being curly, since she usually has curly, but definitely makes fun of it because it's frizzy because Mina didn't use olaplex or some shit. But I think that's just another wig she's addicted too. I don't really care for it since I feel like a lot of it is reaching and they're both always gonna change, they were both basic looking before. I think her actions and what she's done matters more tbh

No. 398830

Not only this, but she bought basically the same strawberry dress as Mina and styled it the same way.

No. 398864

Mmmm I seen and that's like a cherry dress and they're not the same, Mina's would be more flowey and loose while Dasha has that two piece squarish pattern. I'm still not trying to play the devils advocate here, but I feel like when it comes to the copy thing, they're basically the same style. I would look at Dashas snap for the drama. She posted she got them even before either of their dresses were posted on the IG so I'm just skeptical on that. I feel like that whole subject is stupid though, I'd rather focus on Dashas vegan rants, Iike meat is convinient and eating vegan is expensive, especially with little variety, I don't understand how she thinks it's easy and goes on about it, they're also put in her dogs food, is she gonna complain now because it's natural for a dog to eat meat.

No. 398879


She's a huge hypocrite when it comes to veganism, she liked a tweet from PETA saying that animals aren't accessories or clothing and some shit, as if she doesn't model for ads selling leather products. Actions speak louder than words.

No. 398885

Right? How is she not getting called out for being a hypocrite? Don't drink cows milk! But use their skin as a bag that's ok! As long as they pay me!

No. 398890

I feel like she didn't do research on the things she's buying, maybe not necessarily on purpose. She complained that Mina doesn't do research, yet Dasha doesn't do research herself. If you're in that so called vegan campaign and talking down in others, I bet you there are things that they wear or that they have that was part of an animal once. They probably don't know it, dog food has meat. I just get annoyed of the vegan rants in general. Even Mina tweeted about a girl who had shrimp in her taco instead of avocado. Like stop talking down on us for eating things that are there and convinient, it tastes good, it's comfort food. Like shut up about it if you don't do research on what your wearing yourself. There's people in foreign countries making little to no money for the wigs you buy and fabric you wear.

No. 398895

Dasha said she quit being friends with lyndsay because she tried to have sex with cyr but now that she hates Mina it's ok???

No. 398915

probably a condition of them becoming friends again was for her to ditch mina

No. 398920

File: 1497945458563.png (1.1 MB, 750x1334, IMG_9134.PNG)

I know I'm bringing up old shit and the milk is dry, but while this thread is dead I did intensive fucking digging in my old screenshots. When dasha was first "exposing" Mina for these fake accounts!!1
1) she never showed any evidence that they were leaving hate or bullying comments? I went through a ton of them and they were just cringy edits n inspo shit
2) pic related, this always bugged me, this was the ss I took during the 1st thread, but I never thought to post. This was one of the main accounts dasha was going on about being a "fake account by Mina to booly me!" But the account had pics of dasha on it too? Saying nice things about her? Like whut? And the anonor(?)_lily account had liked a bunch of pics of dasha and dasha fan edits?
Why would fake accounts made by Mina be posting nice shit & pics of dasha w/ cyr?
And almost every "fake account to booly dasha" had pictures of TONS of girls ranging from pewdiepie's gf, to dasha, to Mina, to random instamodels?
Not only that but there were accounts listed in the ss that dasha showed claiming they were Mina's that were just clearly random fan accounts i.e. "Hotgurlsnguys" or "fakefollowers12"
Like whut?

Ps. Pic related after this, same account as pic related talking about their sister…. but Mina doesn't have a sister? Dasha does though but idk.

I just feel like a lot of the "Mina's fake accounts" were just random fans who made throwaway ig acc just to be lame fangirls

And even some of the "fake accounts" had other social media accounts and were real life people. Like some on Sasha's ss were just real girls with normal social media accounts & snapchatted regularly? With email accs, twitters, ig, & fbs?

This shit dun make no sense. Thoughts?
Saged for slight tinfoil

No. 398921

File: 1497945614163.png (1.17 MB, 750x1334, IMG_9135.PNG)

No. 398922

Yeah that's the main thing that I never understood about the fake accounts/booly claims. She said they were harassing and stalking her and her fans act like it was the meanest comments ever when it was just… Cringey edits and nice comments to a bunch of girls?? There was nothing mean about it?

I think that's also why she hasn't shown screencaps of the supposed harassment either tbh. It doesn't exist. If her followers were to take 15 minutes to look up the fake accounts or the few screenshots Dasha did post, they literally just look like regular Dasha/Mina fan accounts. There is no harassment.

This further solidified my theory that the fake accounts were legit and it was Mina having them just to build her social media following by having empty accounts. And then to cover her back/give them credibility she posted a couple of things on them a typical fan might post so thrust it didn't look like skeleton followers. There is nothing sinister behind it.

No. 398930

I remember a long while ago someone posted it how when Cyr and Dasha first got together, they were talked shit to a little bit, saying cyr was a fuckboy and Mina wouldn't like this. Stuff like that, but the accounts were at first for Mina then they liked Dasha AND Mina. Like she probably made it a fan account of them both after they were friends. It didn't look bad at all. I feel like it's kinda normal to dislike the girl your ex for cheated on you with. Of course she would post some petty stuff. a lot of it does point to Mina, but what Mina did isn't as horrible as Dasha is making it seem. At the time Mina was mad OF COURSE because she got left and cheated on. I would excuse the fake accounts for that. I'm sure it's Mina's because even her real life friend is on there and some other Mina accounts, but is it really that serious? I have different accounts too to lurk and post dumb stuff. Maybe Mina is embarrassed and wants to forget it ever happened. It really isn't that bad at all.

No. 398938

Mina does have a sister though. She actually recently posted a pic with her, I can't remember if it was on Snapchat or on IG stories.

No. 398965

I bet Mina and Edwin have gone on this social media hiatus to get their next video more views, since everyone wants to know their moving in together and are waiting to hear something off them. I don't blame them for it, it's how they're making money. I find it funny though that cyr was trying to make out that Edwin's using his name for views when it's cyr's fault in the first place that Edwin needs the money to find a new place to live.

No. 398966

This could be right. Especially because Mina hasn't actually been on hiatus, she's been liking posts on Twitter, she just hasn't posted anything on any social media.

No. 398989

(I don't know how to sage)

Her "you-gonna-move-or-what?" gesture towards the guy looks so rude, but it might just be me over exaggerating.

No. 398990

sage goes in the email field, youtube URLs go in the Youtube field

No. 398999

Remember when she tweeted about how she was much more busy than Mina now all she's doing is jumping into cyr's stuff for something to do

No. 399001

I agree. It just was so weird that dasha went on this big expose hate campaign over stupid throwaway accounts? I mean for god sake, dasha has made fake accounts herself, has made stupid edits/fan pics/shipping bs too? The big thing with her was that "they were leaving hate &I mean harassing comments under her (&cyrs) photos….. but she never showed any evidence of that? Like…..ever? She could have ss some of it before she announced her "exposed fake accounts!!1" evidence, and even right after when her minions descended upon the fake profiles the 2nd she posted…. none of them saw or ss any evidence of mean comments either? But like dasha just kept shouting "fake accounts!!1" even when faced with her abuse allegations and actual bad shit she did. And even though she said "they left a comment saying cyr was a fuckboy"…how would she know that? She would have to read every tiny little comment on every single one of cyr's ig photos, then somehow remember that specific comment months & months later when Mina came to visit & "she found her phone opened on the app" & correlated them. Who the fuck would remember that, he gets so many comments on ig, hundreds of thousands. And with dasha saying the left her hate comments, I just don't believe anything she says unless there's at least a ss by her or a minion or us. So… why the fuck were she and her minions acting like murder was committed? With no evidence, no one seeing anything? Just vague ass claims by dasha, she didn't even specify what the accounts said, just vague shit like "hate" "fucked up shit". I think dasha was just banking on people getting shocked by the words "fake accounts" when really, most people have them, including her & all her "friends".

And for cyr, what ever happened to "my brothers making everyone leave, he wants me to live here by himself" …..but dasha never left? Ever. Edwin didn't even know his brother had co-signed the lease until he told Edwin he had to leave. I know if I got an apartment from the jump (not became a roommate months after cyr moved in) but got an apartment with my best friend, equally shared rent & utilities, and one day they randomly said it was now "their space" and I had to leave? I'd be like wtf this is both our apartment, if you want to leave that's your choice, but this is as much my place as it is yours (so is it in a court of law, regardless if cyr's bro co-signed) & Edwin said if he knew he would have just had his mother co-sign it, but cyr never said anything until dasha wanted him kicked out. What a fucking piece of shit friend, fight all you want but that apartment is as much as Edwin's as it was cyr's & he had no right at all to command him to leave. I honestly think the whole "my brother co-signed the lease!" Was a total lie. 100% lie. Cyr changed the story after he saw Edwin was extremely hurt, then he completely dropped that narrative & never brought it up again, never stuck to it. I think he just lied to appease dasha to kick him out. I mean, come on, cyr is a fucking adult who has his own life, had previous roommates, has done dirty shit before, when the fuck has his brother ever stepped in?? Why would his brother randomly command cyr to kick out ONLY Edwin?? That makes no sense. Coincidentally when dasha is "betrayed" by Edwin and wants him kicked out, cyr's brother takes the reins on cyr's 30 year old personal life? whatthefuck.jpeg

If Edwin is reading, go back to the apartment (that's cyr's in now) and talk to the landlord, they have all original copies of leases (that Edwin would be allowed to see, as a renter), even if it's been altered since, I would take a look & see if this co-signed brother shit is BS. Plus, Edwin should've sued cyr, you can't randomly kick people out when you're both equal users and paid renters of said apt.

It's all just so fishy, shitty, makes 0 sense, & was a retarded story that was convenient to use at the time for a reason then was totally dropped.

No. 399005

Edwin did know Cyr's brother co signed. Edwin's mom would have but it they talked about his brother signing it since is was more convenient since his brother was in California but Edwin didn't know his brother had all these "rules" if he did then he would have just got his mom to sign the lease. But Edwin could still legally take action since they got the apartment together. Also Cyr changed his story and said he decided to kick Edwin out not his brother. But even if it was his brother surely he knew Edwin was living there since it's all over the internet for everyone to see

No. 399016


This is probably going to sound stupid, and chances are I'll probably regret saying it, but what if this was all a sham? What if they were all in it together just to stir up controversy and interest?

I mean, look at how you've dissected it. Reading everything about these four looks like they're deliberately ignoring the sole solution to the problem.

Just stop talking to each other. Simple. Block one another if you can't iron out differences and call it a day.

Really, all of this shit makes me think it's all a calculated plot to drum up interest in their miserable lives.

Either way, they all need to STFU and get a grip on reality.

No. 399027

I wouldn't be surprised the only reason I doubt it is because they've completely destroyed dasha. I found out about all this because I followed her on Instagram and really liked her, now I despise her. If they were all being equally bashed I'd believe it was for publicity but dasha come off a lot worse

No. 399043

Can we talk about how she acts like she's a ~real model~ when she's obviously a little too heavy for actual modeling? I'm not trying to ana chan, she's thin, but she's acting like she's "not an Instagram model" when she obviously is

No. 399048

>dog food has meat.

Oh anon, you'd be surprised what kind of garbage vegans feed their dogs. There are several commercially available vegan dog kibbles (especially in a place like L.A., shit like that would be easy to find) and some vegans even make their own vegan dog "food." I'm personally very interested to know if this is what Dasha's doing or not. The kibbles aren't TERRIBLE - they'll keep your dog alive, but your dog won't thrive from what I've seen. I've never seen a home cooked vegan dog diet go anywhere but south though. They need a lot of things in greater quantity than humans do. Vitamin B12, certain amino acids and minerals, etc. I'm glad at least it's a dog and not a cat. Vegan diets kill cats, slowly and painfully.

> "I'm going to impose a biologically incompatible diet on my companion animal, in the name of animal welfare!"

Sage for being a triggered vegan that feeds meat to my dog, since I'm a vegan, not a sadist.

No. 399056

Speaking of the lease situation, I just wanted to add in that I live in CA and have rented several apartments and with every place I have lived, the lease has always stated that any people living in the apartment must be included on the lease, or have a separate contract drawn up for any people that are subletting your apartment. Edwin said he wasn't on the lease and I doubt Dasha or the new roommate is, so depending on their landlord, its possible that Cyr could be violating his lease and could be kicked out of the apartment. The way Edwin made it seem is that only Cyr is on the lease, along with the brother who cosigned, yet he has multiple other people living there that the landlord may not know about. The fact that Cyr felt so strongly about his right to kick out Edwin tells me they didn't set things up properly or legally with the lease. Two people legally renting an apartment together have equal rights. If I were Edwin I might want to look into this.

No. 399065

File: 1497982923339.png (412.02 KB, 344x592, fuhfid.png)

Yeah I've noticed that as well. I wouldn't even call her thin tbh. She's not fat or chubby or anything obviously, just very average and kinda box shaped in unshooped pictures

No. 399067


She looks pretty dumpy here, but that might be just how she's dressed.

No. 399070

File: 1497983599895.jpg (59.4 KB, 781x633, Capture.JPG)

Why don't you use your boyfriend? or is it because Simon is asian why you needed him for your 'aesthetic' photos

No. 399117

In her other photos I've seen she's pretty thin, I'm actually more of her shape, so I don't know what you're talking about. Model thin isn't also anorexic. Mina is more the very frail thin look to me. But models usually come in different sizes now so I mean you just seem like you're nit picking now since the milk has been dry. And yeah I'm a little triggered because I'm also tall and more of Dashas size but saying she's not thin is kind of a reach.

No. 399126

Replying to your first paragraph anon, there actually was evidence I've also seen it, but you have to really go back, her followers posted that, they had a little confrontation with the vanessavildred page. And the vanessavildred page was the one to comment the hate the most along with some other page, I even went back to one of cyrs pics and it was there. The other ones were removed because the accounts were deleted. I remember because I wanted to know the truth and the whole situation was back and forth. But regardless if Mina made them. I don't think it matters anymore, I think Mina would rather forget it ever happened. She probably left hate at first when she didn't like Dasha, and then post good things after they were friends. I think it's excused if anything.

No. 399132

This makes me fee uncomfortable.. these look like pictures of a boyfriend and girlfriend. Not a girlfriend and her boyfriend's friend.

No. 399146

I don't think Dasha or Mina are real models tbh. Dasha did a modeling thing for limecrime and Mina did a modeling thing do a taxidermy place. Those are the only real ones I've seen, most of the stuff they model is clothes that are given to them. Not really anything that's actual modeling. Dasha has too much fire on her to get anything real while Mina's makeup is atrocious, let's be real about that. They just look too weird for it with all the wannabe kawaii style, wigs, the sad excuse for makeup, and yet actually both shop themselves, I've seen Mina's photo shoots in AZ with cactuses, it looks odd, her face isn't really that sharp either, she has some cheek on her, I've compared her photos to eds vids she doesn't have that sinking in face as it looks. And Dashas photos in the bathroom to make her waist super thin, like no waist could be that thin unless you had a waist trainer, but that is far to much along and exadurated, she wants to look skeletal but that's too much, they're both already thin but want to look thinner from face or body, like Dasha has a round but sunkin sharp model kind of face but literally hate when she uses that stupid snow Asian app all the time and distorts it. Mina tries to shop it to make her face look thinner but she does have some cheek on her and she shops a smaller nose because as she's said before she hates her nose, but in eds videos her nose and face are completely different and it looks fine! They have big image issues, I have them too but they're both already pretty so I don't get it.

No. 399194

Tbh, dude doesn't even look asian in these. Simon looks like a more feminine cyr with an even worse hairline. Not really all that cute up close.

No. 399231

Edwin was in Onision's younow chat. The chat was moving fast that I couldn't screencap it

No. 399232

>I'm actually more of her shape
>Model thin isn't also anorexic
This makes no sense anon. All unshooped pictures of Dasha reveals that she is of average built
also sage your shit

No. 399242

what was he saying? anything new or interesting?

No. 399282

All I saw was him saying that younow needs to be fixed or some shit. The thing that makes me laugh is that he said he's taking a break from social media.

No. 399647

I don't think they're moving in together. She doesn't seem to be getting any sort of visa past holiday ones so the longest they can stay together is 3 months at a time, plus with Dasha trying to completely trash mina's rep in LA, it probably makes more sense for her to stay in the UK and get jobs there. It's not like London isn't lacking in the tumblr aesthetic fashion department

No. 399696

I don't understand how he's talking to onision again. Yet tried to prove that he's not communicating with him before, but he entertains him, and goes along with what he says.

No. 399934

Dasha is not an agency-signed model. Usually agencies require that you put their info in your Instagram bio (sometimes just the name of the agency or their email address you can contact them at). As far as I know, she has never stated with agency she's with. She also posted on twitter that she was "looking for a girl that looks like me" for an "art project" her agent wanted to set up and agents don't set up "art projects". If the agent wanted to set up a test shoot with her and another girl, the agent would find the girl and the girl would be another model from her agency. There would be no reason for her to set up an "art project" between Dasha and some rando that the agent doesn't make money off of. She also doesn't post test shoots very often and considering she hasn't gotten a lot of paid work her agent would be setting up a lot of test shoots where she looks "normal" and unedited; agencies want you to look marketable and the "kawaii style" is not really what agents can sell in Los Angeles. Models photoshop their photos but Dasha's photoshopping is so extreme that you can't tell what her face actually looks like. Fashion companies in Los Angeles won't hire someone that they have to heavily Photoshop. Agencies in Los Angeles look for girls that are more naturally beautiful and nobody wants to hire a heavily Photoshopped girl from Instagram. She would also be having to go to castings multiple times a week and Edwin said that she "stays at home all day" and nobody has mentioned her going to castings. Considering how much she talks about all the modeling work she does, you'd think she'd talk about having castings during the week.

No. 399979

Dasha definitely isn't anything more than a casual who "models" at times, but not a professional model in any way. I'm sure she could snag a paid shoot here or there if she really tried, had a real portfolio, toned down the god awful shopping, etc. but she seems lazy, crazy, and rather entitled, so I don't foresee her ever actually making a proper modeling career for herself.

No. 399985

Her and Mina are pretty much fake models to me, or just regular Instagram ones, the whole kawaii scene is such a bore, they only get sent clothes and photograph for them. With Mina's makeup, that does not look good for what they're trying to do, and Dashas "aesthetic" Asian app pics. It's not gonna work well for them.

No. 400017

Mina at least used to be a part of a small agency when she was back in London. Noir Model Management I believe.

No. 400018

Since when are ig models considered real models though? If I remember right, even VS models are looked down by super models, and catilog models are considered bottom of the barrel. So, why is Dasha always on such a high horse, when all she does is take selfies or "photoshoots" with her friends…? I mean if it's that easy, I'll get my bf to take multiple pics of me too and call it a photoshoot, lmfao.

Also, isn't Dasha too short and pudgy looking to be a real model? lol. Imo, if Mina stopped dressing like such a clown, she'd look more like a real model, she definitely has the body and height for it.

No. 400024

Yeah somewhere in the firs thread someone showed her in a Diesel ad I think?

Her first instagram that got deleted had more of her legitimate photoshoots.

No. 400025

Mina has the right build/height for it and I think with the right styling would make a pretty decent model overall. Dasha honestly does have interesting facial features which I think would make her a good hair/make-up type model, but beyond that, probably not?

No. 400027


She doesn't look anything like her shopped pictures though.. you can't judge by those.


I keep hearing people say "hate" but what does that even mean? You saw it, what was written?

No. 400028

Dahm I wouldn't say short and pudgy she's skinny, not extremely skinny like she wants to be it portrays. She's also pretty tall from what she said her height is. Mina is just a little taller. But I agree on all the modeling photoshoots thing. Mina had a regular style, like wearing American apparel clothes, stuff that suited her, her old makeup suited her and her overall look was better, mature, even the way she acts now compared to how she did before, she had a model vibe about her, like that Beckham model chick. The way she talked was what really caught me off guard, now she talks slow baby talk and she acts so different, kinda like that dumb girl voice if you know what I mean. And Dasha was regular, she also had a natural vibe and very sexy look to her, she even deleted these model photos with her long natural long blonde hair, the picture had emotion and she defiantly looked like a good model now this whole look she's trying to get bothers me , I seen her pics before, she looks way better with meat on her, she looked more curvy, it suited her, but idk why they're obsessed with looking skinny, with defined faces, big lips, the whole kawaii childish style with constant wigs and not to mention the really bad makeup of mina in particular. I feel like they both kind of fucked up their chances there's enough internet models out there.

No. 400053

File: 1498027756493.jpg (616.04 KB, 2362x2048, IMG_0684.JPG)

In general, no, she isn't pudgy, but next to girls who are actual model height, she looks a bit pudgy, because her neck is short, her torso isn't very long and her waist is almost the same size as her hips, which makes her look even shorter. Her arms are also a bit short, making them appear a bit fat, even though they aren't.

I'm not judging, shit, I'm shorter than her and waaay fatter, but I think she should really stop talking shit about Mina's lack of jobs, when Mina is more suited for a modeling career.

As for Dasha looking more appealing before, I agree that she looked waaay better. When I first saw that video of Vincent reading fanfics, I was like holy shit, she's HOT. I never like that sort of sexy look and don't even like blonde hair, but it really suited her. Both her and Mina could have pulled off the cute thing, if they hadn't gone overboard to the point of making it clownish, imo.

No. 400054

File: 1498027914438.jpg (656.72 KB, 2144x2048, IMG_0685.JPG)

Another example of Dasha looking short next to Mina.

>that underwear doesn't do her any favors either

No. 400059

Mina looks really good here, though her arm looks wobbly from what I'm guessing is a sloopy shop. >>400053 It's true, Dash'as face alone looks so wide next to Mina. I agree Dasha isn't chubby or anything either, but her proportions aren't necessarily "modelesque".

I remember the first time I saw Dasha was that fanfic reading video too, and I thought the same thing. She looked really hot without coming off as trying too hard. It's a damn shame both her and Mina became such weird, over-done, try hards. They're both pretty girls, I don't get what their dysfunction is.

No. 400060

Dasha looked really hot here what the heck why does she shop her body, they both look pretty good Mina is more of that really thin thin look, Mina's face kinda looks different since seeing her face is kinda bigger and cheeks look bigger. I don't understand how girls who are already pretty do things to try to not look normal because being normal is uncool when it suited their own unique look, I just hate the whole wig kawaii trend. I feel like they're both trying to put themselves in a narrative where they're trying too hard now. sometimes trying to be different doesn't work.

No. 400082

File: 1498037293621.png (33 KB, 620x257, 34675623.png)

Edwin is back on twitter as well. I wish they would drop the act and just make whatever happened public already

No. 400086

This is horrifying. Half of both their skulls have been melted away in PS and the warping to make Mina's torso smaller has her arms looking so big and noodley. Her arm on the right literally looks half the width of her waist

No. 400102

Oh wow I barely noticed that now. Was this picture originally Mina's? Because most of the photoshop is done on her in this pic In one pic her arm looks super skinny, Dasha doesn't look like she shopped too much cause I think she would have photoshopped the front of her torso sticking out, shoppping that extremely skinny waist she usually does. But I see minas arm sinking into her waist too. They're both skinny, But I wish they wouldn't go overboard with the shopping.

No. 400106

edwin is so embarrassing & cringey I don't want to believe he actually came here to bitch, he is XD personified. Is mina with him for the exposure?

No. 400128

Edwin said on SC that he is releasing a new video today.

No. 400130

How would anyone know Mina's intentions with Edwin. I personally think their relationship is genuine. Also I would love it if Dasha posted here as herself since we all know she stalks this thread.

No. 400131

They need some shoop lessons from Kota yikes

No. 400174

I thought he was taking a break from social media?

No. 400181

He reads this thread so he probably came out of hiding once the other anon caught him in Onision's younow chat.

No. 400187

So far not really anybody suspected everyone has pretty much something to say about Dasha, but it doesn't mean that Edwin gets a free pass and no ones allowed to say something about him. He seems like such a tool.

No. 400188

Honestly I think the only reasons she hangs around him are

1) he's one of the few connections she has to LA and probably her best shot of getting back there and having somewhere to crash (I haven't seen her mention any other close LA friends)
2) he experienced Dasha's crazy with her
3) she knows he'll defend her no matter what and be nice to her because of how unbelievable thirsty he is

I always saw Mina as kind of aimless and not having much personality to her, like the kind of person who would jump off a bridge if all of her friends were doing it. Who the fuck follows a dude they've known for less than a month to Arizona on a holiday visa instead of just booking a flight home and saying "fuck this shit," and then continuously returns to Arizona when there's not really any modeling gigs?

No. 400191

Wait was Edwin recently on this thread again?

No. 400195


He hasn't been on since he commented on it before. It's obvious he reads this thread tho because he came out of hiatus super fast after I pointed out he was in Onision's younow talking about it. The only reason I didn't get a screencap was because the chat moved so fast that I couldn't scroll up anymore.

No. 400196

samefag and by 'talking about it' I mean he was saying younow needs to fix younow. I still find it weird he was in Onision's younow to begin with.

No. 400231

Edwin goes out of his way to stir shit up & keep up with these threads but "OO CRAZYDASHA DRAMA SHE LOVES DRAMA" the only point made by that video is they are both dry af & desperately trying to keep this going for views/sympathy/whatever. Mina should just sit there & look pretty, anytime she opens her mouth its just coached stupidity "I never said that …well yeah I said that but its not the first thing I said" How hypocritical & backwards that "I don't let negativity get to me " "she triggers herself " you two produced 2 hour long videos about her & stalk these threads so youre not exactly innocent

No. 400233

So he was on onisions vid but you didn't get a screen cap of it. Maybe the video will reveal itself later, sometimes people pre record it, a lot of people don't like onision just to pick at what he says too. It's just weird he threatens Dashas silence for her to shut her mouth. Then he says he wants to let the drama die and for him and Mina to be left alone. I notice he didn't even get that many views compared to the last video, probably because it was more redundant drama and people were like "is this still going on?" I've only seen Dashas recently say something to a person who watched the video because the person kept commenting to her and I guess Dasha got ticked. But other than that she's just does her vegan rants. And Mina talking about fake accounts to someone which is kinda ironic. like Dasha is already exposed, the Same drama kinda gets stale.

No. 400246

Cyr is streaming right now and his apartment is such a mess

No. 400252

File: 1498079889472.jpg (65.82 KB, 988x630, Capture.JPG)

if you guys could pray for Dasha's wig on that table

No. 400253

She's going to kill him.

No. 400254

He's drinking beer on the stream

No. 400255

Cyr just read a comment on his stream someone telling him to 'kill himself' and you can hear Dasha laughing

No. 400258

Cyr gonna get beat tonight cause he just ate non vegan sushi lmao

No. 400259

ew fucking clean your pig sty before you stream. julia doesn't even have a job so what the fuck does she do all day? at least try be a half decent russian mail order bride and tidy the apartment a bit while mike works his shitty job at the coffee shop downstairs… i mean "helps out". makes me wonder if it was edwin who cleaned up after them now… guess cleaning must be a mexican thing or something kek

No. 400260

File: 1498080819372.jpg (68.05 KB, 1098x630, Capture.JPG)

Luna? are you living there

No. 400263

Noticed Mina's lips look bigger in eds new video or is it just me? Usually she overlines a lot but they look more plump. I remember ed saying on his last video that Dasha got lip injections but was criticizing them, I know Dasha makes fun of Mina's overlined job, but ed talked some shit on her looking worse for getting injections, but isn't it kind of hypocritical since Mina basically is trying to make her lips bigger too, like he says "do what you want with your body" but what he really means "do what you want with your body as long as your mina and not dasha" Like if Mina did get lip injections good for her, she can finally stop overlining so much, Dasha will have to quite saying shit about it, but ed was basically making fun of the fact that Dasha made her lips big, when That's Mina's insecurity too. Just pointing that out since it seemed like hypocrisy.

No. 400264

File: 1498081577270.jpg (24.92 KB, 702x355, cyr use your mail order bride …)

this is their floor.. They also have a full trash can near their stove with sauce on the floor with trash

No. 400265

File: 1498081695466.jpg (56.99 KB, 360x460, IMG_4183.JPG)

>an actual photo from back when edwin used to live with cyr

No. 400266

I think that's just a commen thing people say, I don't think it's alarming since usually people online are always telling people to kill themselves now lol, and don't 2 other people live in that apartment, they always have like a crap load of people over. You would think they would think at least one person would keep it tidy or they just got drunk, since I think they were out drinking last night from what I seen on snap.

No. 400267


But Dasha went on a big rant on her twitter how you shouldn't tell people to kill themselves lmao

No. 400270

I think it was because that one anon that came on here with screenshots was telling her stuff, I think that was meant to be more serious cause a lot of people hate her, there's that joking way someone tells you to kill your self, and then there's the more hateful way, all depends. But cyrs not the type to take it seriously so she probably knows.

No. 400272

File: 1498082773446.jpg (24.41 KB, 809x152, Capture.JPG)

How long till Dasha blows a fuse with Cyr? place bets now

No. 400273

File: 1498082874515.png (108.68 KB, 584x409, Screenshot (2).png)

she already replied lul

No. 400274

Eds video was also really stale too, Like it was just about one comment someone said, and Mina adding her little weird dialogue and then it goes into YouTube limiting what they should say, pretty redundant and just a bore, I can see why drama videos were more interesting. And for Cyr I don't think he should be streaming video games or preoccupying himself with video games until he at least cleans, I would not be comfortable being around that. It's too cluttered.

No. 400346

I 100% believe the only reason edwin put out that half assed 5 min video was in order to put that super clickbait "You can't censor me" title on it so that people would click thinking it had something to do with dasha and cyr. I also noticed that he threw in a plug for his patreon at the end of it. I mean, if you are gonna ask for people to donate to you, at least put some semi-interesting content out.

No. 400376

Right? I thought it was more drama crap, it really comes too, "you can't silence me" because it's only obvious right after a whole mess of drama. It really is click bait. It's just one dumb comment addressed too not even a mess of them. Like I was thinking, "really this is the new video you come out with" it's not really funny either, Mina tries but, it's just awkward, like he's repeating the same sentence and very cringey. And then it randomly but weirdly goes into how youtube censors. He should stick with those cooking videos he does with Mina, because no offense to him, without Cyr, he's a Little dry on humor. If he tries to be funny at least make some effort like c'mon now.

No. 400402

You can tell the milk is dry af when everyone is bitching about Edwin's irrelevant ass video

No. 400651

I don´t get why people pay for a really stylish loft / appartement just to then let it look like a mess. This appartement must cost shitloads of money, but they don´t care about it.

No. 400812

anyone have dashas nudes?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 400814

Get fucked dickhole

No. 400889

So kind of recap, onision is saying to Cyr he misses the old him and saying he apologized even though I guess that's not what happened, and Edwin showed up in onisions new video right like for a split second actually trying to watch what gregs saying, and Edwin is friends with Lainey. Like I don't understand I feel like Edwin is not saying anything about onision because he doesn't want bad rep, but ed entertains him responding to him and even laughs with him, like I saw that video boy, you lie, you didn't seem all that awkward talking to him, like it wasn't just Greg talking he was literally just going along with Greg. Idk if he watches his stuff since he was on gregs vids. But that disappoints me cause gregs a fucking tool saying girls that are tall are unattractive blah blah all while Mina is pretty tall, I know he put down Dasha which made Edwin feel better but really ed your going to say you didn't entertain him and go along with what he says laughing and then he insults woman, tall woman like mina. Edwins really proved to be hypocritical to me like when Dashas dumb ass insulted Mina's makeup and overlined lips and he'll go onto say "let her do what she wants with her body" then insult Dashas fake lips like you liked her lips better before and yada yada. And then onision is similar to Dasha obviously, insulting people they don't like and whatnot. But you go to him because he knew Cyr and it would probably be a stab to the back. like yeah Dasha and Cyr are toxic, but your going to another toxic person to talk about toxic things, you are evedently toxic, Mina is probably somewhat toxic since she did participate in Edwin's things, but she's mostly let's ed do all her talking so idk. But It's all stupid to me

No. 401067

Did Dasha posted that video that she promised to put last week?

No. 401081


i love dasha vs onion. they are both manipulative assholes trying to control cyr. its so funny seeing how much they hate each other. psychopaths smell other psychopaths.

cyr sounds weak af lol.

No. 401102

if you're going to do a recap then 1) make it readable and 2) don't insert your vapid opinion

No. 401244

I said "to kind of", I wasn't trying to really recap I was trying to understand from what I was reading on this thread, and I put it together to see if it was correct. I wasn't saying "here is what's going on" because I'm not really aware of all of the situations. And either way it's still MY opinion anon. Like you said. I was pointing out something that I don't find right either, because Dasha and Cyr are toxic, but Edwin goes to Lainy and onion who are also as much toxic. But Edwin evedently doesn't think he's toxic or in the wrong, but really he's just as much toxic and that's what I've seen so far. That's it. No need to point out something, I know I didn't state correctly.

No. 401386

dasha is live on YouNow


No. 401395

dasha just said "ich liebe dich", her pronunciation was wrong for her particular region of europe. any germanfags wanna guest on her stream and ask her why?

No. 401406

huge kek at her trying to be humble about not uploading yet to youtube because "everything has been done before" and no matter what "people will criticise and be h8rs" "no matter what you'll be judged" more like people will dig up her past and realize shes led a hate storm against a girl she tried to be poly with YIKES

No. 401454

She seems healthier looking these days.

No. 401659

i think mina may have been denied entry to the us. she was supposed to come home, then they disappear for a few days and mina just posted if any london photographers want do a shoot.

No. 401710

File: 1498330298678.gif (301.61 KB, 500x375, K9dvD.gif)


Should be a wakeup call to her. If I were her, I'd forget about Edwin/Dasha/Cyr entirely and start all over. Sure, it'd suck, but sometimes gif related.

No. 401732

I don't think so, Edwin tweeted about bleaching his hair and she tweeted photos of them with his hair appearing freshly bleached.

I think what might be going on is she is fed up and wants to go home, so she is looking for an excuse to do so, maybe?

No. 401800

I think that happened before she left for the UK, because Edwin's in LA now for vidcon and she's not with him when she usually is, and they haven't appeared in each other's snapchat stories for a while.

No. 401892


Not sure where Mina is getting the money to fly back to AZ for a week then back to the UK, considering they are getting an LA apartment, where's the money coming from?

No. 402013

i'm convinced both Dasha and Mina have sugar daddies

No. 402049

Both Mina and Dasha come off as daughters of upper middle class families and doting parents that let them do what they want to "explore and find themselves"

They're still pretty young and it's not extremely rare for well off European families to fund a large portion of their kids lifestyles through Uni/in their early 20s. They probably fund their own pocket change and call it "employed" with their parents paying for their actual expenses like flights, rent, bills, etc.

No. 402066


Do you read this thread? Dasha's parents are pretty much not present in her life and she was raised by her grandparents. Mina admitted that times were tough in her household and if she was rich you'd think she would afford her own place in LA instead of relying on Edwin and bumming around his mom's house in AZ.

You might wanna read all these threads before spinning up that rich European family fantasy.

No. 402136

shit doesn't add up when both of them are unemployed and buying stupid wigs and clothes. maybe dasha's grandparents give her money? maybe mina doesn't want her own place because she doesn't seem like an independent person at all? if this were me after all this drama i sure as fuck would want to go home, not live with someone i don't know too well with their parents. it's all just weird

No. 402300


this is the only answer that makes sense. with the shit they post everyday i bet they get offers to be sugar babies like every day. theres no other way they're making money, their modelling "careers" are a joke. and they can't be possibly making that much money off youtube (Cyr has a channel, edwin has a channel, neither of them are huge). so i agree with this anon saying that theres some shady business going on.

a few threads back they found dasha's pic in a dating website for sugar daddies too, i believe.

anyway, creepy dudes throw money at chicks that look like dasha alll theee timeee

No. 402399

Did she seriously go to Disneyland in a white shirt and no bra? Classy.

No. 402453

Both Mina and Dasha go around places with no bra all the time, I don't think that's surprising since they're all "free the nipple". Mina got called out once for dressing like a "hooker" at a public park. Even wearing no bra around family and stuff. It's all the new wave culture of people doing that though. You would be surprised, even going to Disney there's all sorts of people who show a lot.

No. 402457

I was more surprised that she wore heels. That would kill my feet. Can you even go on the rides with heels?

No. 402482

Heels hurt anywhere, those girls are extra. In eds new video Mina went camping in makeup and her clothes seem uncomfortable. Anything for beauty I guess. But both of them can't be natural or wear some casual clothes, I think I would be too tired to put up a front all the time trying to look good for everything. If you're spending a whole day with heels, youre gonna be sitting a lot. When you're camping you're gonna be sweaty. I feel like they're not gonna enjoy everything fully.

No. 402515

She's wearing socks, so maybe they won't chafe as much? They could also be slow walkers? IDK, it's Disneyland not Six Flags. But ia, having your tits out in front of kids is fucking gross.

No. 402516

Even from Mina or Dasha's POV, having some weirdo old dude oggle at my see through shirt is pretty fucking predatory and gross. Not saying they're encouraging this behavior but you're giving them something to look at.

No. 402611

lel at these fat anons raging bc they can't go bra-less

No. 402726

Nobody cares that she went bra-less. They care that she wore a basically see-through white shirt to Disneyland, where there's tons of kids around.

No. 402727

Newsflash breasts are for kids! Kek what did you think they were for?

No. 402786

Babies, maybe. And I personally don't care, I was just explaining why it bothers other people. Be mature.

No. 402994

Get out of your basement and into the real world where society has a set of norms and standards, anon.

No. 403004

The derailing is out of control, get back to topic please. Temp bans have been issued.

No. 403342

File: 1498682051133.png (135.71 KB, 723x1006, IMG_0745.PNG)

You can tell this bitch is seething with jealousy towards Mina when she still can't shut the fuck up about her, when even Dasha has.

No. 403344

Didn't she say that modeling was her job? Now it's her hobby, apparently.

No. 403345

File: 1498682261621.png (142.44 KB, 750x1011, IMG_0746.PNG)

You know those bitches who only become friends with other bitches bc they don't like someone who used to be a common friend and all their conversations consist of is bitching and moaning about that person, that doesn't even pay attention to them? Gee I wonder who your buck tooth ass is, Letty you slimy snake.

No. 403367

I think Lettie was triggered cause Mina posted something about girls shopping themselves to the extreme. Even tho Dasha didn't seem to react, I think because Dasha doesn't do it as much anymore(thank god). But Lettie wanted to throw shade anyway. I'm glad Dasha isn't shopping as much though. Her recent videos pics have gotten better and show how she really looks more. Like I think Mina and Dasha probably still use airbrush, but Dasha seems to have some nice skin so idk. But they're obviously both pretty I hope they get better at being comfortable in their own dahm skin and stop using those dumb Asian apps like snow and stuff.

No. 403399

File: 1498693362519.png (99.15 KB, 750x842, IMG_5680.PNG)

Off topic, but I found an old pic of dasha

No. 403625

File: 1498722873061.png (763.78 KB, 563x579, f24d63a05a38e28efde4bfe54ce691…)

Surprised Limecrime is using the photos for a campaign.

The colours were photoshopped on so badly that they were leaking through.

Also, does Limecrime know they launched an ad campaign with a model with no papers? kek

No. 403634

Checked the official lime crime site, under hair color, it's not actually photoshopped, it just probably had weird backdrop edit. Also the creator of limecrime is also Russian, and I think Edwin made up that she came here illegally, just to be technical. I heard her kinda clarify it a lot since that's the thing people usually say. Even then I think this was discussed in early threads but I don't remember.

No. 403680

Well, she never said that she did have papers and made a post saying that she couldn't be kicked out of California if she didn't have paper (which she deleted later on). It does seem like she doesn't have papers. It's pretty hard to get a US working visa and I really wouldn't know how she would have gotten one without an agency etc (and she always says she's not a model).

I also don't understand where on the website you saw proof that it's not photoshopped? It's the same images that have been posted here and LC has always photoshopped lip colours etc.

No. 403700

Could this possibly be why she says it's only a hobby? Cos Dasha doesn't want to outright admit she's working,incase feds? She also said in a previous sperg Snapchat about Mina copying; 'if I do a shoot for limecrime and get gifted a few lipsticks…' something along those lines, could this dodging of claiming any income have something to do with the lack of a work visa?

No. 403710

File: 1498755055254.png (133.22 KB, 225x221, 8f9c35343ac038d5421a789f3ce7e7…)

How could you look at those photos and say they aren't photoshopped? The awkward leftover colour on the backdrop aside, look at her face. On the red and purple it's especially apparent where they added colour to the wig (on the purple they didn't even bother to clean up the strands on her cheek/face)

Ah yeah that could have been how she got it. Probably got giftcards or makeup instead of cash.

She probably came originally either on a tourist visa or did manage to snag some sort of management/model visa when she first got here (remember she had a very different look so she probably could have booked some sort of contract) and once it ran out or she ended the contract she just stayed in the country.

No. 403719

lime crime isn't really known for doing anything aboveboard, so it's really not all that surprising.

No. 403768

Why does it fall on Dasha that Limecrime is photoshopping the color of their wigs? She doesn't have any creative control on their decisions…

No. 403776

It shows under hair color anon, of course any photo shoot does airbrush but I just don't think the hair was photoshopped cause I remember she wore some wigs for it that were different colors, maybe the photoshopped fly away strands I can't really tell you what you wanna hear cause It's kinda just a dumb thing to talk about and I don't get the whole concept of photoshopping, but I agree with the other anon, it doesn't really fall on her that limecrime edits all weird, it just looks like they tried to fit it in the backdrop to me. And even then idk why limecrime uses colored fake wigs in the first place.

No. 403896

No. 403900

File: 1498784161982.png (1.4 MB, 640x1136, IMG_5090.PNG)

Going through my Insta stories and see this. I guess Dasha's kiddy minions are still encouraged to bully her

No. 403906

I think that's just the minions. I feel like it's the same on both sides, Mina's/eds minions say bad stuff and so does Dashas little followers. They're both not really promoting to do that really, they may say their shadey little jabs, like Mina that that he photoshop thing and the one with Dasha and a Bambi comment. But they're really indirect. I feel like most of the minions keeping it alive more than anything making it their problem even tho neither of the people involved really care that these people exist.

No. 403928

Nah I think dasha's fully pushing her minions. Remember the main instigators of the edits/posts against mina were in dasha's private group chat (charlie who did the edits was in it, and the two teen girls who obsessively tweeted about dasha and mina were in the chat as well).

I think they feel like they get validation from dasha and cyr whenever they post because they either get retweeted or it gets liked by one of the two so they keep at it.

No. 403954


How does this prove it's Dasha's fault though?

No. 403955


She looks like she's on drugs.

No. 404013

To be fair, Dasha calmed down a lot these last few weeks. I think she's finally over it.

No. 404017

Lmfao, the fact that Dasha retweeted that bitch Lettie's lame ass jab the other day, proves that she still encourages this type of behavior towards Mina.

No. 404020

I think it's cause of the whole thing Mina posted that Lettie got mad and decided to take a jab at her. They still do indirect jabs at each other, she only took one other jab at Edwin and then suddenly at mine because of what Mina posted and stuff and people were like "Dasha lol" it goes both ways, but the topic of limecrime seems irrelevant idk why that's still a thing it's just some dumb editing.

No. 404046

I think it's less that she's over it and more that those incriminating receipts came out and she's scared of being called out for it (the video, the screenshots in edwins video of her arguments with cyr)

No. 404066

WHERE does Mina have minions or encourage people to bully Dasha? That's not even remotely honest lol

No. 404072

Okay anon, if you wanna get technical, I was mainly generalizing it, but you really missed the point. I was basically STATING that both of them were doing shadey jabs like Mina tweeted about photoshopping, and people were like "Dasha lol" and then after that Lettie girl came in with her shady tweet about modeling. But idk it's really dumb. The fact is, they both have people that don't let things go and those people will bring up their enemy's name EVEN without anybody stirring the pot. It's just bound to happen. Someone like Mina this time made a little jab, it seemed Indirect towards Dasha, someone says lol Dasha, then Dasha posts something about being on a limecrime poster by a store then that Lettie girl probably wanted to throw some shade. It's inevitable. But it's really a dumb thing to explain. Like I'm just being realistic here. You can point out some flaws but this keeps getting repetitive. Point is, they'll still throw their little jabs but it's not major like before. Thank goodness now, Dashas doing her supposable hobby model crap and idk I think Mina is still in London I'm not sure anymore but we'll have to see what's gonna pan out from here.

No. 404117


What does this have to do with the Limecrime photoshopping?

No. 404122

Also Mina is selling stuff on Depop and asking for modeling gigs so she's probably trying to earn a ticket back to AZ.

No. 404176

File: 1498838117510.png (430.6 KB, 329x638, ed.png)

lol edwin looks like a fkn skeletor

No. 404355

Apparently Dashas in the hospital for an IUD idk what that is

No. 404375

It's an inserted form of birth control that's known for sometimes being super painful. She's had problems with it for a while now.

Edwin, the new thinspo icon

No. 404438


not sure why you cropped out mina but they both look sickly

No. 404449

Why don't you post screenshots? I thought that happened last year and she said she wouldn't get an IUD again.

No. 404462

She has been in AZ for a while anon
she was in Edwin's latest video camping in AZ and he posted snapchats with her

No. 404496

That was taken a while back, she is still in London

No. 404511


she went back to AZ now she's in London again

No. 404513

File: 1498872640745.jpg (230.14 KB, 1680x2048, IMG_20170630_212729.jpg)

Holy shit the photoshop is so bad. How does she think this looks good? I can't wait for the actual unedited pics to come out.

No. 404643

Oh my god has she drawn a fake shadow on the right?

No. 404696


She should stay there and move on with her life. I think there's a lesson here she needs to learn. Let Cyr et al rot, Mina. Do your own thing and live life instead of wasting it on drama shit.

No. 404713

it just means there are two light sources

No. 404752

She posted one a vid on snap and some pics I don't think she photoshopped these this time. You can kinda tell when they're photoshopped by blurred pixels and so on. >>404643 there were two light sources, that's what some photographers do. Idk how you can even photoshop that or what the point would be but I think it's just reaching >>404462 no she's currently in London. The one Edwin released was probably older clips because they went camping some time ago. Even their blue face mask was for some time. I know that they were saying they were having complications, maybe Mina's trying to raise money to go back to az seeing as Edwin just got his new place and he said he couldn't wait to see her, then he tweeted stuff that he was upset. So I'm sure it's that. She'll get better modeling gigs in London though.

No. 404763

her arched back/ass looks too crisp to me, and the shoulder she's resting her chin on looks jaggedy, but I'm not an expert in photoshop

No. 404771

Yeah me neither but her butt isn't flat either it has shape, I seen a video awhile ago where she posted nude behind curtains, I think when she had more meat on her bones, her butts pretty good for her body, not exadurated. Plus she's doing that typical butt or insta model pose to make your butt look bigger, its a commen trick. Maybe she did Editing but it would be very little. At least it's not like before when her and Mina were friends, both of them would go over the top. But at least they're actually getting their dahm lives together and looking more realistic.

No. 404780

Her body looks seriously deformed. I know she has a huge head but there is no way she hasn't shopped that picture, her back looks unnatural. She isn't a super skinny girl, she's pretty wide and chunky unless she lost weight recently, but regardless the pic looks weird.

No. 404794

In California it is easy to go to school and work illegally, especially if you're a white insta model mooching off of the life force of a wall Mart Johnny depp

No. 404826


No. 404827

File: 1498910856467.jpg (87.09 KB, 960x1200, IMG_1410.JPG)

Wow staying quiet & graceful pays off, Mina is the champ in all of this. If this is any indication, Her modeling career is going to take off in a big way I can tell

No. 404875


The aesthetic is Lynchian. I kind of hated it at first, but it's growing on me. To say that her career is gonna take off over this might be taking it a little far since it was probably taken by an unknown photographer but it's not terrible.

No. 404907


OP was being sarcastic. I think Dasha's just getting more jobs than Mina for the simple fact that she's in LA.

No. 404967

Mina looks so pretty in this, the way they did her makeup really suits her. Also, she looks way more natural at posing and like an actual model… Dasha just looks like an insta thot in all her shots.

No. 404987

File: 1498939018570.jpg (337.92 KB, 999x438, dasha.jpg)

lmao @ dasha trying to do the whole skinny thicc look when she actually is quite blocky in the body and doesn't have much of a booty.

No. 405014


She looks high here

No. 405017

Blocky body's arnt deformed for one thing, and she is skinny. I don't know why you anons go around just saying "fat" I know I'm bigger than her she's still skinny to me. But Mina is just super skinny while Dasha is still skinny with a different body type. Skinny is still skinny. It honestly think the people calling someone fat really needs to look at a bigger person. It struck a cord for me hearing this because I know I'm not skinny, nor am I fat, but if you're literally calling a skinny person fat, you're a fucking retard. And another thing. She has a pic someone posted from her snap, she does have a booty her body isn't bad, but not as curvy as she probably edited. We'll just have to see when the original photographer posts the pictures. And as for Mina, she looks like she would be a good model, but she needs to adapt more of her style. London should have a lot of jobs since they're is a crazy amount of models and agencies there.

No. 405027

Lmfao, that anon didn't call her fat. They said she was blocky, and she is blocky affffffff, ahahhahah. Stop getting so triggered over someone's opinion on another persons blocky square rectangle body.

Dasha is a spongebob ass bitch, deal with it.

No. 405029

It really bothers me that she isn't wearing shoes.
Sage for nitpick.

No. 405068

Actually anon, I did say it struck a fucking cord with me because if your retard mind couldn't see, they're were like a few people saying it, even "fat" "chunky" etc. you're too you clearly haven't spent a lot of time outside to see that they're is different forms of skinny, it did "trigger" me because I'm not exactly skinny as they are, but that's also basically calling someone like me fat. You're telling me to deal with her having a "spongebob" body when your ass missed the point I don't care if her body is square. I was stating that they're still skinny regardless of there dahm body shape, like you're pushing the agenda of them being Chunky and fat, no where did I say she didn't have a squarish body, I was just saying that she ISN'T fat. I agreed that she did look like she edited a little, with the screenshot of her snap someone sent her from when she was wearing a tight red dress and she did show to be wider but her butt wasn't flat. I'm honestly stating facts of what I've seen. I don't like Dasha because of her personality and the horrible things she's done and never addressed but I'm not gonna be reaching for something like someone's weight just because. Sage for being a triggered anon.

No. 405080

Dashas on snap talking about her IUD experience, she also said she broke her spine, when you break your spine I thought you couldn't walk anymore and that's it. Idk, but she said she's gonna have to find something else and she said she didn't want to take other things cause of the hormones, I'm sure because birth control makes you gain weight but that's probably the only reason she's not taking it.

No. 405084


Chubby-chan needs to look in the mirror and stop calling these young thin models fat.

No. 405099

File: 1498946791548.png (1.55 MB, 750x1334, IMG_4114.PNG)

Same fag but here's the picture I mean. She's still skinny, she's not doing that pose she was in that photo shoot to make your butt look big. Lilly Collins also has a square type body. it's not a bad thing like the anons make it seem. Dasha just edits hers. I know I'm bigger and have a square type like them, and people are doing waist trainers now to achieve that body. It's just shaming that type of body that I don't agree with. If you can see her back looks normal her other than curved in. I know there are immature anons here that won't get my point, nowhere did I say she didn't have a square body, I'm just saying it's not bad, what is bad is that she edits it, because everyone wants that Kylie Jenner body when Kylie used to be square type as well. Dasha is trying to be apart of the new norm when she should be at least happy for the body she has. I know she advocates for body positivity but is it really advocating when she has to be ashamed of her own body type lots of other people like me have.

No. 405103

The type of models people want now are Kylie Jenner looking bitches, people have been wanting curvy over skinny more lately, I've seen some people in modeling adds, you mostly just need a pretty smooth natural looking face with big lips a small nose and big eyes, and for the body you either have to be really skinny, or really curvy. So when it comes to being real models, it's gonna be hard to get in that industry. Dasha would be a better face model and Mina would be a better body model.

No. 405120

lol It's Edwin's birthday today he's a cancer which explains a lot. Mina said he was 21 I thought he was older?

No. 405159


He's about as old as Cyr.

No. 405167

That's not always true. I knew someone who broke vertabre(sp?) in his neck and spine and it took a bit of physical therapy but be's able to walk.
Sage for semi-blog

No. 405390

she isn't fat but she's photoshopping her to look sickly thin like mina lmao

No. 405417

Anon, I did not call her fat. She has a boxxy body type which is less appealing to look at than an hour glass figure. I honestly don't care about it that much but when someone photoshops an entirely different body shape and claims to be 'pro-everything all sizes all shapes' it's laughable. No1 curr about your body and your fucking blog post. Go write about it on buzzfeed.

No. 405435

Dasha deleted her curiouscat again a couple of days ago. Probably got mad at all the questions regarding her being a leather-loving "vegan"
will someone please ban gibberish-english blogchan

No. 405630

Mina's photo shoot looks so weird, I don't know why I just don't like it. They actually did her makeup to her original lip line too. But it just doesn't look good. The color, the clothing choice, the hair. I know she's trying to make an effort but honestly it's trash.

No. 405642

Who cares if she deleted her curious cat she hasn't even used it since the drama died, and hate on her curious cat didn't stop her before. Maybe she's trying to make it seem like she's more mature now to keep face since it is a pretty immature thing to keep. There's not really any milk just dumb shit.

No. 405647

Dashas style is getting better along with her look, it's not that weird little kawaii stuff like when she was around Mina or "copied" Mina, especially since Mina hasn't been posting and when Mina does post, it's not like before since she wears the same clothes and she doesn't dress as she did when she lived with them. Dasha is a constant poster while Mina posts a little. Mina would look better and get more modeling jobs if she dresses mature too like she used to, even the pink wigs and such won't do. Modeling places want people that are more natural to see what they're working with. I'm just pointing it out since I've been looking through her and Mina's photos, Dasha looks more mature compared to before, but if Mina dresses mature too and fixed her hair she would get some good modeling jobs.

No. 405653

File: 1499023767953.jpg (114 KB, 960x960, P7.jpg)


Agreed, anon. Not quite sure why she traded this old look for a more kawaii weeaboo one.

No. 405658

Dasha always deletes her curious cat after a few months. I guess because the no one can use it as evidence of her bitching about Edwin and Mina. It was actually Dasha that started all the drama because she talked about it in her curious cat but because she deleted it, it made it look like Edwin and Mina were the first ones to talk

No. 405682

File: 1499028792490.png (459.77 KB, 803x541, 46565.png)

Even though Putin has managed to shut up about Mina on twitter for a while now, she still encourages her fans - sorry, her friends - to bully Mina for her looks. What a good ~feminist~ role model she is

No. 405701

Hmmmm I just feel like that inevitable. Dasha says that's her "friend" and I'm sure they make fun of them on the down low through messages. You've got to be a dim wit if you don't believe Edwin or Mina don't make fun of them on the down low too. Along with that Kaitlin witcher girl, from what Mina posted about editing and photoshopping taking a jab at dash, like all Dashas little minions would be on top of that. The only difference is Dashas minions make things public. Even if your feminist your just gonna be a bitch to someone you don't like. Or even hate. What comes up in my mind is that Dasha was in a relationship with her, idk if they did anything sexual but it's like an ex she's still hung up on. baby days trash has always been annoying though I'm not surprised at her behavior.

No. 405780

It didn't attract enough of a fanbase
You need to be bright and cutesie with minimal make up while simultaneously packed with the shit.
It's just the trends going around. Sort of like that early 2000's cheap looking apparel

No. 405781

Mina said she's dying her hair blue. Uhm, I feel it's already gonna look bad. Dasha just does a blue wig because of the corpse bride thing, but I'm sure before anyone says Dasha is gonna copy her I highly doubt Dasha would copy that, she's wanted to dye her natural hair red before but I see Dasha only sticking with black. Mina however already bleached her hair badly, I would think she would let it heal after fixing it since it gets pretty damaged, she's gonna have to bleach it more to get it really blue. I really wish she stuck with her natural hair color if she's still trying to get her modeling career back.

No. 405813

Dasha is such a cunt. She has a golem mouth with tic-tac teeth she shouldn't be talking.

No. 405819

She DIDN'T say anything. That's her weird little "friend". Maybe look a little closer next time.

No. 405825

I guess having more followers on instagram is more important than having a legitimate modeling career. She's doing these modeling gigs in order to get money for a flight back to LA. I don't know why she'd live with Edwin in LA considering she'd eventually bump into Cyr/Dasha… the people she wants to avoid. It doesn't make any sense. It's best for her to just stay in London and live her life.

No. 405827


Dasha never says anything anymore, it's just her fans/followers that like to egg on their feud. She's been quiet about it recently so maybe six months was enough time to get her rage out and move on.

No. 405839

Dasha posted on Snapchat that she's with her gramma having family time and stuff, but then it screens to a plane crash like wtf, it looks like a movie set, I can't tell if it's real or a movie.

No. 405864

You're all really naive if you think that it's out of her system lol She shut up immediately after Edwins video, probably saw all the negative backlash and decided to play it quiet since she has no rebuttal for some of the claims like her modelling leather and being abusive. She's most likely encouraging her friends to tweet shade still since she can't without being called out.

No. 405889

That's exactly what I was thinking. I don't think she stopped talking about Mina. We are talking about someone who told people she had just met that she was going to ruin Mina's life. God, Mina is nothing special. but I can't stand this twisted mean girl shit she's subjected to. It makes me feel for her because I've been bullied too. I wanted to like Dasha, and sometimes I do want to forget what she's done just so I can enjoy her Instagram again. But she's been proven to be fucking evil and I can't forget that. I think she's just being evil in private now.

No. 405907

Exactly, nice people don't tweet LMAO I LOVE YOU to fans posting mean shit about their former friends.. and fans/friends don't usually continue to post this kind of thing unless they're being encouraged to.

No. 405922

You're kinda semi blogging I mean Everyone has been bullied no doubt. But I don't like Dasha cause she talks shit but Mina is sketchy to me too I'm not bias, Mina just used Edwin to speak for her Mina has said some shitty stuff too but the thing with that is that Dasha is out there with her shit talk. Some people do it on the down low like us. They're just both shit to me along with Edwin having a shitty YouTube channel that's basically hanging on by a thread and Cyr being a psychopath trend baiter. They were all annoying. They all were different with their shitty ways but Dasha is the more annoying one doesn't mean Mina Wasn't.

No. 405960

Agreed anon. This girl continued to bring up the drama for months although everybody else involved kept their mouths shut. I honestly feel like it's just a matter of time before she starts raging again. I hope it'll happen soon though because the milk is drying and I'm thirsty

No. 405966

Not the anon you replied to but I don't think they were saying Mina was a completely innocent party. It's just that Dasha was/is the one continuing to bring forth the drama and even if she isn't the one openly posting stuff anymore, she's still actively liking posts and (presumably) still sperging in her group chat of her core fans and egging them on to keep posting.

imo she just took a step back because there were actual receipts against her posted whereas her 'receipts' against mina was just the photo of the fake accounts, her threats of having more proof were all empty (I think that's also why she reached out to all of Mina's friends, she was hoping for them to give her the proof she said she had). Plus if she kept posting/sperging then the video of her calling Mina a cunt would have spread around more and as a model you can't have that sort of shit associated with your brand. Right now she can still pull the whole "oh mina/edwin were mean first!!"

No. 406062

Warning: huge post with run-on sentences incoming.
It's just kinda blowing my mind that people are still going "but Mina did this", "but Dasha stopped I think she's over it ". Dasha is fucking terrifying. I don't trust that she's over anything, and I don't trust that she doesn't still read here. lets look at what Mina has done and why I don't care about it:
Accepted invitation to L.A. from cyr and Dasha with the motivation to sleep with idubz apparently? Saw it as a free ride to L.A. instead of a lure to a nightmare.
"Apologized" to Dasha so she wouldn't be excluded from YouTube circles even though Dasha was the other woman and it's natural to harbor resentment.
At one point made fake accounts that commented on Dashas things, which wasn't really proven to be hateful messages, as there is pretty much no proof or tell me if I'm wrong? Also highly suspect since Dasha makes very similar photo collages. Still unsure about this whole thing.
Can't really think of anything else.
Now let's look at what Dasha has done:
Dyed and cut her hair and dressed like Mina before they had met, while telling people she just met that she's befriending Mina just to ruin her life.
Invites Mina over for the sole purpose of fucking with her. Deletes her Instagram many times while playing dumb or tearfully saying that she didn't do it. Insists Mina sleeps in the bed with Cyr and her and repeatedly puts her in uncomfortable situations, all of which she controls. Gets everyone drunk while staying sober.
Both Cyr and Dasha get angry and yell at Mina when she doesn't want to do what they say or gets uncomfortable.
Generally Dasha has proven to relinquish and require complete control over others.
She is abusive to Cyr proven through texts "I was just going to fuck you and leave" and through telling Edwin that she's going to make Cyr "suicidal"
Upon knowing Mina found out that she was the one because Edwin told her, becomes so enraged she says she is going to ruin Edwin's life. Like she's had her toy taken away. What more would she have done if Mina hadn't found out?
Next, she smiles as Cyr comes up with a bullshit lie that Edwin needs to leave, because of his brother or whatever.
Both unable to take the abuse from Dasha, knowing that when things don't go her way she is explosive and even dangerous, Edwin and Mina leave.
Then Dasha just loses it. She's mentally transfixed on Mina for whatever reason, one day she loves her and forgives her, other days she's a "British cunt". Cannot stop sperging every day, encourages underage followers to make photo manips and bully the shit out of Mina. Where is that video of her calling Mina a cunt even from? Perhaps private video sessions with minions? Who are still on the Mina hate train?
Dasha uses photos of Mina that were unreleased to photoshop to look uglier, posts them on PULL saying this is what Mina really looks like. Mina has not released the unedited shots herself so it must have been Dasha who had access to Minas phone. I find this particularly disturbing because it took a ton of effort and time.
Dasha has been badmouthing Mina to everyone, messaging people on twitter to trying to get them on her side. Apparently even badmouthing Mina to agencies/photographers/brands in L.A. to sabotage her career.
And to top off the crazy, Dasha started calling herself Baby Fox which is what Cyr called Mina when they were dating.
I don't know how anyone can still care about what Mina has done. Mina is an idiot but idk if she even matters, because Dasha's wrath alone has taken center stage. I don't know if anyone as unhinged as Dasha is capable of stopping. Which is why I think she's doing it in private.
Sorry again for the huge post. I know this is old milk but I feel like people are glossing over it.

No. 406151

Honestly anon I didn't read any of this, just tell people to read the stuff for themselves. I don't Think anyone's defending Dasha, they're just saying Mina is also annoying. Like she used Edwin and can't think for herself. I have no good feelings towards her, but that doesn't mean Dasha is out of conversation. People are allowed to not like anyone involved since all were shadey and sketchy but Dasha is the worst one which is agreed. You're just saying things over again, just ask the others to read over the thread.

No. 406180

File: 1499124571124.jpg (1.26 MB, 1080x1080, image-2017-07-03-19-28-14.jpg)

Mina keeps fucking up her hair. This looks so bad.

No. 406183

sea-witch chic

No. 406191

She needs to give her hair time to heal, honestly you can go bald and loose hair from this kinda damage. From the first time she bleached it, it looked so damaged and rough. I know how that hair feels, extremely dry. He eventually fixed her hair but it still looked fought and now she quickly dyed it again. Thafs hurting your hair bad.

No. 406206


lmao wait for dasha to buy a teal wig and post selfies with it next week

No. 406218

I like it. I prefer cool colors on her over the red and brown and blonde

No. 406232

What is wrong with her mouth. She looks like she is holding back vomit

No. 406253

She looks terrible.

No. 406254

It really does. I also don't understand why she keeps drawing fake freckles, imo they look more like age spots and just make her look a lot older than she is. I think she is a pretty girl, but damn she really goes out of her way to ruin that with the way she styles herself.

No. 406255


She's got like 1 inch of lip over-lining going on though. But it looks like she puckering up, kinda makes her face look ape-ish.

No. 406262

I hate that I love this. It looks a lot better than that orangey mess tbh

No. 406265

If she just put a manic panic/arctic fox/whatever color over it it's not really damaging. In order to get that shit out though she will have to bleach it which will ruin her hair. Idk if it's that damaged or her hair is just naturally dry and frizzy anyway

No. 406268


She would look stunning if she had an Audrey Hepburn haircut (color too) and took out her contacts and eyelashes and stopped overlining her lips. She kind of looks like Lily Collins, so I think that look would be amazing.

But, here we are with some failed dye job and fake freckles. Oh, the potential.

No. 406273


Yeah, I don't know why she always wants to wear contacts, it looks a lot better when she doesn't.

I just want to shake both her and Dasha. They could both look so good if they just stayed with their more natural looks. (Dasha with her blonde hair, Mina with her sleek natural hair)

No. 406318

I don't think her hair is naturally sleek and straight I think it's naturally closer to how it is in those pictures. I personally like the colorful anime look on her, I think it makes her look unique and cute. She has freckles without drawing them on anyway.

No. 406328

File: 1499146580982.jpg (271.53 KB, 1920x1080, TropicThunder_SimpleJack.jpg)

And yet she insists on having freckles that resemble Simple Jack's.

No. 406458

Dasha's wig is irrelevant to Mina's new hair. They look completely different.

No. 406462

No one was claiming Mina is innocent but at the very least she isn't an obsessive psychotic bully. I honestly feel like Dasha won't be happy until Mina kills herself. She's such a cunt and you're entitled to your opinion but I can't even believe you would talk about them both like they are on the same level. Dasha has everything she could ever want: loyal lemmings, large internet following, good looks, modelling career, dragged Mina's name in the mud to her modelling connections, living in LA with Cyr and she still wants to ruin Mina and attack her looks. Honestly, what the fuck is wrong with her? She is irritating and not even clever with her insults. I wish the lollipop bitch would fuck off. She only gets away with all of this shit because of her ~aesthetic~ just like the limecrime bitch.

No. 406464

She liked someone's comment calling her beautiful and perfect and Mina bulimic and fake
Whether or not it's true that's a fucked up thing to expose about someone or make fun of
She is a fucking demon

No. 406477

Dasha will go along with whatever shit her minions make up about Mina. Didn't they also say she was a heroin addict or something? They're just bullying her to no end. Dasha is a sociopathic narcissist and anyone who defends her actions just because she had a bad past is a psycho too.

No. 406488

File: 1499182430970.jpg (205.56 KB, 718x425, DashaTheSkinwalkerStrikesAgain…)

Can someone explain why Dasha is always obsessive with twinning or being a skin walker?? She use to dress the same with that Lindsey girl, then Mina and now this chick. What is with that?

No. 406492

Its what happens when you're aware you have no personality or creativity of your own, so you copy from others you wish you were like

No. 406540


She didn't steal that look from that pigss chick, they both collaborated on a single look together to show "omg!!! we're twins!!".

No. 406640

>>406540 yeah I seen that pigs girl paint Dasha, like they're both hella obsessed with wigs, Asian shit, and that Asian makeup look and those Asian filters. Anything Asian basically.

No. 406732


I have to keep reminding myself that Dasha and Mina are still young and they can still dress like that without it being too weird yet.. But honestly I think it looks really bad.

No. 406734

I feel bad because that pigss girl is only 17 and doesn't seem like a bad person.
Dasha just preys on pretty girls with large internet followings to grow her fanbase and make herself look more likable despite all the milk she oozes.
Hijacking other people's aesthetics is all she has going for her.
She has even admitted herself that she spends a lot of time on instagram lurking other girls profiles and tries to befriend them.
I can't stand her. I'll support Mina's creative endeavors just to spite that cunt.

No. 406735

I read all of this post and I'm so glad I'm not the only one who feels this way.
>At one point made fake accounts that commented on Dashas things, which wasn't really proven to be hateful messages, as there is pretty much no proof or tell me if I'm wrong? Also highly suspect since Dasha makes very similar photo collages. Still unsure about this whole thing.
EXACTLY, I don't think anyone on the 4 dasha/mina threads has posted any proof of those accounts "harrassing" Dasha.

No. 406822


Dasha isn't any different than most "creative models" on IG or Twitter. She's a dime a dozen. But you're naive if you think Mina even has any inkling of creativity….. since when did she get painted as a creative saint? Dude, she follows trends and reposts shit on Twitter that are identical to Dasha's. The only difference is that she's smart enough to not take her emotional outbursts online, but I have to say that comparing the both of them Mina seems to be the one of lower intelligence. You've gotta be kidding me if she hasn't talked shit to Edwin and friends behind the scenes.

No. 406858


Yeah, I bet Mina talks a ton of shit behind the scenes. Edwin probably wouldn't have made videos about the drama if she wasn't collaborating on it. The smartest thing Mina did was keep quiet and have Edwin do the talking for her, because he's arguably charismatic and well spoken, whereas she can barely string a sentence together.

If Dasha had any sort of impulse control, she could have just posted her side of the story in a clear and concise way, and she probably wouldn't have gotten so much backlash. I don't know if it's because she's lazy or because she really has no dirt on them, but her way of going about things is really strange. Sperging out and bashing them on twitter and curiouscat doesn't exactly make you look like the good guy.

IMO, both of the girls come across as really stupid. Mina is braindead and Dasha's like a neanderthal. And neither of them can function as adults without a man taking care of them. It's embarrassing.

No. 407007

Agree to disagree anon. I think she actually was pretty creative before all this mess. At the moment she seems anxious and sad but I don't think she is incapable of bouncing back. Also I would talk shit about Dasha too if she had done all that Onision level slander to me for over half a year. I'm not disputing that she did or didn't talk shit but there's a huge difference between talking shit to your best friend about someone and bullying someone relentlessly online while encouraging thousands to join you in said bullying. Dasha is a psycho cunt and I don't see how Mina's intelligence has any relevancy to that.

No. 407181

Dasha went to what looks like a petting zoo yesterday and took a snapchat video of a woman petting a pig to publicly shame her for thinking pigs are cute but still not being a vegan (Dasha says she saw her eating ham) and now she's sperging on snapchat because I guess enough people told her it was fucked up to tape a stranger without their consent just because they eat meat.

No. 407192

Ugh vegans who treat people like that are actually the worst. When you try and force your opinion on someone in such an aggressive way, it's just going to have the opposite effect. She's not doing it to educate anyone, it's just being selfish and saying "hey look at me I am such a good vegan for calling people put in a fucked up way ".

No. 407269

From Mina's new pics, she looks like she has more of a character and it's her natural self with her old friends. Mina certainly belongs in Britain, she fits in there I don't see her with Edwin, she seems to be more different, I can't explain it. Dasha is looking more Americanized, but I think both of them are changing styles and looks since separating.

No. 407315

File: 1499315787123.png (614.31 KB, 835x526, copy2.png)

No. 407317

File: 1499315825896.png (536.4 KB, 830x559, copy1.png)

She's not creative, just reinventing the wheel.

No. 407347

kek. I don't get why people act like Mina is this creative visionary who's about to take the modeling world by storm post-Putin. Her entire aesthetic consists of mismatched insta trends, the ~cutesy smol~ personality she plays up in videos and tweets is boring, and the shoots she's done show a generic insta thot, not the next hot thing in modeling.

If Mina genuinely wants to be taken seriously as a model she should 100% stay in London, LA probably isn't sustainable for her money wise, and if she decides to move in with Edwin she's doomed to shoots like that shitty taxidermy one where they didn't even bother styling her, and probably 10 people saw outside of her internet following. She's already done so much more in the few weeks she's been in London than in the months she was hiding out in Edwin's mom's basement, and she looks happier and less like she's putting on that fake cutesy personality where she was always slurring her words. Stay in London girl, forget all about Skeletor, Putin, and the alcoholic ghost of Cyr.

No. 407363

Mina seems more of one of those typical Tumblr aesthetic models now that she's in Britain with al her typical tumblrish friends she has a personality now, she seems real. She's still slow talking and dim witted looking but I mean she's that British girl that fits in with her British friends. Trendy looking and all her other friends do that insta Tumblr model look. Like she fits in there, she probably only used Edwin as a means of escape. Everyone said she would leave and probably only visit Edwin when she wants to or needs a place to crash. But Edwin idk I noticed he hasn't posted anything I think he needs people to post things because he doesn't have much going on with him and he always has other people in his videos.

No. 407392

Seen Mina's livestream which Mina's friend took over, saying Dasha is thirsty af and someone said That shell slit Dashas throat for Mina and she read it out loud. I mean I wouldn't be surprised if Mina told people, but I don't think it's only Dasha promoting hate, like Edwin's done that in his videos, and Mina is like silent but she doesn't care if someone speaks on her behalf. Like Dasha goes overboard with slandering Mina, but doesn't mean that Edwin and Mina are entirely clean. Mina in her stream is annoying af and her friends are even more annoying with their trendy weird shit. Dasha seems attention driven and spiteful Cyr seems depressed Edwin seems to be failing. But Mina even as a model, I don't think she'll make it past anything than an insta model. Like oh my god everyone is annoying and their friends are annoying like I'm glad I don't associate with people like that. So cringey.

No. 407400

I feel like Mina's mostly treated like the center of attention and people speak for her most of the time because she can't do much on her own, she's treated mostly like a princess type from my observation, like that girl carrying her, I got that princess vibe, like she's used to people doing things for her or things being given to her. And she's kinda mega annoying like one of those girl you get in school with an obnoxious preppy personality. Idk I couldn't be friends with either Mina or Dasha, Dasha with her very strong opinionated personality and Mina with her annoying squilling personality

No. 407418

No one said your hair color makes you creative. So many people have colored hair that it should pretty much be a given that no one thinks Mina invented teal hair. lol sorry that had to be explained to you, though.
Yeah I would never want to know any of these people in real life. Hopefully all of the cringe will stop over time as they get older.

No. 407453

Right? Their style is nothing alike aside from having the same color hair.. The only reason Dasha was called out for copying was because she would wear the same outfits too, and because of her weird obsession with Mina. If you're going to try and find milk on someone,
at least make sure it's legitimate.

Yeah, seriously.. I can't deal with girls who think they're so cute and require all attention to be on them, which is how Mina acts in Edwin's videos. And Dasha is just legitimately a scary person, I have a feeling that if you slight her in the smallest way, she would turn on you so fast. Who would want to be friends with someone who's going to make your life hell?

No. 407480

she's such a lying douchebag. ok Dasha so you saw a random lady at the zoo petting a pig and then later on, you just happened to see her eating ham? lol, riiight.

No. 407489

To be fair, Mina was trying to dye her hair blue, but ended up with that mossy green color

No. 407491

I agree, she should stay in London, but her and Edwin are ~in love~ now, so I wonder what is gonna happen with that.

No. 407496


Lmao creative what? I have yet to see proof of Mina's creative innovations. For the love of God don't use the Bulma cosplay as an excuse. I'll wait.

No. 407501


Wait. So they're a couple now? I thought it was just platonic. When did they come out?

No. 407516


Yeah, I'm so confused by this. Like what order did this go in? Did she see a woman eating a ham sandwich, memorize her face and then film her for being hypocritical? More likely, she just decided to film some stranger and come up with some lame story so she could be a "vegan hero" or whatever.

No. 407517


Who are you even talking to? Anon didn't say anything about Mina being creative.

No. 407527

Yeah, what was she following the woman around all day to take note of what she later ate? How close would she have to have gotten to the woman to see the exact type of meat in her sandwich? That explanation reeks of bullshit. Not to mention, you kind of lose your vegan moral high ground when you have been photographed multiple times holding and promoting leather goods for money. She just wanted an excuse to shame someone because she loves being a little cunt towards others.

No. 407543


Still waiting on receipts(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 407552


Learn to sage you fucking retard

No. 407561

She's such an idiot, she's mad a photographer that PAID HER isn't hurrying up and sending her pictures.

No. 407562

File: 1499368937977.jpg (76.15 KB, 779x611, Capture.JPG)


Since anon forgot they were on a fucking image board

No. 407630

Fucking newfags "still waiting on receipts" for proving Mina's ….creativity? Nigga plz
Lurk moar

No. 407675

How do you know they paid her?

No. 407698

File: 1499394885566.png (134.36 KB, 633x904, IMG_6167.PNG)

No. 407744


"They payed ME" God she sounds like a moron lmao. All the more reason why they don't owe you shit, they "payed" you for the product so why are they going to go out of their way to get the pictures ready for YOU?

No. 407775

File: 1499416298555.png (938.43 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1987.PNG)

does anyone know if Dasha is actually bi/gay? in the first livestream she kept insisting she didn't like Mina romantically in the poly relationship but she keeps casually mentioning fancying girls? can't tell if she's actually bi or just ~soft queer-baiting because it makes me look more feminist~ Lol
(Pic related)

No. 407779

It doesn't matter if she's bi, she has a boyfriend anyway. I wish she would shut up about being "so gay" already

No. 407788

her lips are over lined worse than Mina's kek

No. 407814


What is with these instahos and overlining their lips?? It looks so hilariously bad.. am I just not seeing something everyone else is?

No. 407816

so what if people over line their lips. you complain if they get lip fillers,you complain when they over line their lips. just shut up

No. 407817

>not noticing what site you're on

No. 407825

pretty sure I know where I am

No. 407831

Holy shit, her lips look like a prolapsed asshole.

No. 407833


I am genuinely curious why you think I shouldn't say overlined lips looks awful. You're on lolcow, is this really where you draw the line?

No. 407837

>draw the line
nudge nudge wink wink

No. 407862

imo this is just further proof that cyr is the one with the shit attitude/doesn't give a crap about genuine friendships.

Edwin went to LA and hung out with tons of people he and cyr used to regularly hang out with and are seemingly normal people and the people cyr hung out with are p much only drama/drama sphere channels having house parties.

Also that one video cyr got tagged in where they're all clearly extremely fucked up on something (slurringtoo much/talking too slow to be just alcohol imo) looks sketch as fuck. I was nervous for the girl in it tbh.

No. 407896

Idk how that's proof it's reaching based on one party, the guy that Cyr went to hang out with is some Indian guy having drama with Tariq nasheed a problematic person accusing everyone of being a white supremacist. Even Edwin himself says stuff about him. They were trolling tariq because he called everyone there at the YouTube convention a WS. And Cyr even talks to jack films still. He went to a party that he just has hung out quietly at, every one made a video saying fuck Tariq because they kept getting harassed online by him. Like idk why you're trying to make that point when it's not there, I see Cyr as a person who pops up whenever he's in the mood not because he's sinister because the other youtubers he associates with arnt really bad and they also all know each other too. But cyr always looks depressed no matter what so I can't tell his emotions, but other than that I think Edwin's videos are boring, I wonder how he's gonna do it without Mina since most of his comments on the vid are about "where's Mina" and other Mina comments. But he did however put her in and it was kind of awkward too like she just randomly shows up. And she just sounds so awkward. without people in his vlogs mainly Mina he wouldn't have anything.

No. 407968

What's the video he got tagged in? I wanna see.

No. 407984

I doubt Edwin is genuinely close friends with a lot of the people that appear in his vlogs aside from the regulars. He just primarily hangs out with people from YouTube so it's plastered all over social media while Cyr hangs out with people from the local coffee shop, Dasha and the few Youtubers he's been friends with for years like jacksfilms. Cyr just doesn't seem to care about networking or YouTube in general anymore with his slow move to twitch, while Edwin's all about it.

Also sketch shit does go down in YouTube parties all the time, they're just better at hiding it because they know when the cameras are always on and they all have an image to protect.

No. 407995

Damn, Edwin looks like he's dying of AIDs in that thumbnail.

No. 408024

I want this mystery to be solved. He'd be a qt if he wasn't a skeletor. Why the hell is he so skinny?

No. 408081

A while ago, he said going vegan made him skinnier.

No. 408085

File: 1499478303311.jpg (138.3 KB, 675x1200, DEAzOxqXsAAVtKB.jpg)

Mina looks really good now with her hair straightened. Also, it looks like she isn't shopping herself these days.

No. 408086

File: 1499478372000.jpg (172.76 KB, 939x1200, DEE0XKgXkAA9EV0.jpg)

What do you guys think? Looks natural to me.

No. 408088

I honestly don't think she ever did a lot of photoshop. The one who loves photoshop is Dasha and that person Fawnie (Dasha) who photoshopped pics of Mina to give people a negative view of her.
So many pics of Mina look shitty because she doesn't photoshop and remove under eye circles etc.

No. 408090

There are some pics of her and Dasha together that look shopped AF that I have seen on lolcow. Though, knowing how controlling and weird Dasha is makes me think that she was probably the one who did the shopping and Mina just went along with it.

No. 408093

Hey guys sorry for the old milk but I just noticed that "linamonroez" from Dasha's zero context screenshots commented on this photo of Mina and is actually a real person lol

No. 408114

File: 1499482800664.jpg (444.2 KB, 700x895, 1499478372000.jpg)

straightened is so much better. I know she probably never would because it's "boring" but Mina would look so, so stunning with just a regular ashy brown haircolor. or at least I think so anyway. shitty shoop related.

No. 408133

File: 1499484446525.jpg (14.78 KB, 300x300, bell-mina-image.jpg)

Agreed. Around this time last year before shit went down she had a super cute haircut and colour. This kawaii trend needs to die

No. 408193

I actually think her hair and makeup looks so good here. A big part of it too is that she's not wearing colored contacts, she looks better without them. The outfit is another story lol

No. 408206

She looks gorgeous here. The straight dark brown hair and dark eye makeup really suits her fair complexion. She actually looks like a model instead of looking like a clown with frizzy bleached hair, drawn on freckles and ridiculous makeup.

No. 408207


ow man, when i opened this thread i saw this pic and thought she looked great. then i realized this was a shoop…

i like unnatural hair colors but i do think that the brown looks better. mina picked a color that looks good on a handful of people: and i'm not sure she's one of them.

thanks for the shoop anon i'd probably disagree with you if i hadn't seen it.

No. 408215

File: 1499510375531.png (115.83 KB, 750x913, IMG_5124.PNG)

Mina took some pics with a homeless looking fashion that looks so tacky and so tumblr hipster Kanye west shit, Im sick of tumblr models. And I remember Mina's shopping. She used to do it so much but I recently stopped a lot. Maybe she felt so insecure to do it back then, she even shopped this pic where it looks like Dasha and her face shape. Like I hated it so much I'm glad she's not doing it as much though but as for her modeling and clothing choices, they're still questionable. Along with her Tumblr model friends, that girl she was with was ultra annoying oh god. Even the clothes were horrid what the fuck. I'm tired of these people honestly. They try so hard to be deep and real and artsy but Mina will adapt her attitude and style towards them. I just cringe. I don't really care if anyone has a different opinion than me. But I don't see Mina moving very high in modeling with her recent changes, even though they're extremely better than before. She's still an insta Tumblr thotty model with that slobbish achoholic kind of immature princess attitude. I know that Mina is always seen drinking, I know it's normal for people her age but really it's not a clean slate for her if she's still kind of trashy. Feel free to disagree but sad that it's the norm to be like this. She could do greater things but she still seems like that princess dim wit.

No. 408223


Dude, you have the right to your opinion which is probably valid, but your post was so fucking painful to read, lol.

No. 408226

File: 1499513587818.png (20.36 KB, 528x204, retweet.png)

I find it hilarious that she retweets this. She just has to remind everyone that she's not destitute even though her boyfriend has to work as a part time barista to make ends meet.

No. 408251

anon are you high? that's some top rambling right there

I really wish we could figure out where she gets her money from. Her modelling jobs have largely all been really small sponsorships aside from LC.

No. 408266

Ugh, since the very first thread i can't figure out who the hell are these nobodies?

No. 408282

We know where she gets her money from. She clearly seeks sugar daddies. Even proof in previous thread.

No. 408380

She hasn't logged on her account in a year. And even if she does do escorting, who cares?

Models often hit "retirement" age by 23-24. She's 20 right? She may not care about being a model at all, probably just uses it as a source of income here and there. In her live video, it didn't seem like she was a model in that establishment she was at, more like just hanging around and drinking their alcohol.

No. 408394

>And even if she does do escorting, who cares?

Are you sure you're in the right place?

No. 408398


Yup sorry, forgot we're blindly hating on Dasha without any logic whatsoever. I'm sure if Mina was caught on an escort site it'd be like "oh but she needs the money after everything Dasha/Cyr put her through" or "so what, let her do her thing" pls.

No. 408443

>Blindly hating on Dasha
Where you blindly browsing these threads?

No. 408455

>>408215 sorry that It may have been annoying to read to you all, Im not good with words. Just said what I felt and it mushed all together. But I do feel like she's just really annoying. Like those high school girls that are treated cute and princess like and think everyone likes them sort of thing. I just honestly dislike Mina for many reasons. Of course I fucking hate Dasha but I'm sure we all share the same hate for her in the same way. But Mina on the other hand, people have a soft spot for her. But I just see her as someone who is that trashy party girl who's used to everyone catering to her and getting all the attention and hype but when shit goes down she hides in the corner and lets others speak for her and fight her battles.

No. 408480

imo I don't judge escorts or sex workers because that in itself is a job that isn't so easy like everyone seems to imply or even romanticize online
I've seen that site she was on before and the premise is that it's an exchange of money for dates not sex or anything else unless they decide that on their own
I wouldn't put it past Dasha to do the latter but I don't hate her for it. I do think it's shitty of her to do it while dating Cyr, though. She might not use THAT site or account anymore but I remember those texts from Cyr whining about her leaving to see a rich guy.

No. 408488

She looks like a crackhead attempting to be trendy. Those are some ugly looking fake freckles. And what is going on around her mouth?

No. 408544

This was an older photo I found on her insta. I know she would suck in her cheeks to make her face look more defined but here she full on edited her face to look more like Dashas face and I thought it was Dasha at first. I was saying that she used to do fully edit herself when she used to live with them and then a little after she lived with Edwin in AZ but she seemed to stop and you can tell her cheeks are rounder in photos and she doesn't have a much defined face, she probably used to edit her lips bigger too. It was just a mess I'm so embarrassed she even posted this.

No. 408551

I kind of go through Mina's insta from the early pics to now, such a big difference in the photo shopping. She used to shop such high cheekbones with a defined face. Now you can kinda tell what's closer to her real face. She looked so scary like an alien before. And her shop was obvious too. I'm glad that's she's been stopping it. Even Dasha surprisingly has stopped photoshopping as much I know she uses that snow app that uses filters for your face still. But honestly ever since they separated they photoshop diminished more and more, how weird

No. 408572

I kind of go through Mina's insta from the early pics to now, such a big difference in the photo shopping. She used to shop such high cheekbones with a defined face. Now you can kinda tell what's closer to her real face. She looked so scary like an alien before. And her shop was obvious too. I'm glad that's she's been stopping it. Even Dasha surprisingly has stopped photoshopping as much I know she uses that snow app that uses filters for your face still. But honestly ever since they separated they photoshop diminished more and more, how weird

No. 408575

They probably got a wake up call when we all said how bad it looked lol

No. 408576

I don't think she did it to "look like Dasha"
She was shopping her face the same way before she ever met Dasha or Cyr
Plus Dasha's face is pretty wide and flat
Just saying

No. 408587

What I meant was that she would shop her cheekbones really high. Like I know Dasha actually has some big cheekbones. Not necessarily a thin face, but Mina would kinda just shop it so defined and practically everything so defined her eyes and lips bigger and nose smaller etc, when I go to Edwin's videos she has bigger cheeks and looks different. I know Mina hates her nose even tho there's nothing wrong with it, Dasha has a small ass nose and injected lips and Idk I feel like it made mina insecure even tho she shouldn't have been and I seen she shops her lips and nose a lot. But I just wanted to point out what Mina would do before and after being with Dasha. And all of a sudden mina is embracing her natural self more, I feel like her mind was fogged on what she thinks she should have other then being comfortable with herself.

No. 408612

Agreed; I was surprised because Mina looks so much better in videos than her pictures. Some people just have trouble seeing themselves for who they are I guess. I think Dasha looked better before too when she had normal lips and blonde hair.

No. 408854

Honestly I would really like Dasha if she weren't so mean, hypocritical, and opinionated. She actually is really goofy, can laugh at herself, and she has a energetic fun personality. She just fucks it up with all the things she's done. I wonder if she'll actually see that big character flaw and change one day because she'd be a lot more likeable if she didn't have that dark part of herself.

No. 409005

So basically you'd like her if she was completely different lol I would be really hesitant to be friends with someone knowing all the shitty, abusive things she's done.. if she would admit it and make amends, maybe she would be more trustworthy. But right now she denies or ignores everything people have accused her of, and have receipts for.

No. 409364

File: 1499743131405.png (102.58 KB, 628x834, wtfdasha.PNG)

That pandering white guilt

No. 409366

Dash, pls. Does she not realize how creepy this is?

No. 409376


She does realise that fetishising is racist too, right? I'm surprised she didn't use the word "exotic." That whole series of tweets is so cringe, especially the one about "disrespecting the culture" since that's exactly what she's doing.

No. 409380


Uhhh wtf. For someone whos such a sjw you would think she would realize how offensive she's being.

No. 409389

It's like the movie "Get Out" lol

No. 409399

This is fucking uncomfortable to read, someone tell her to cut that shit out.

No. 409409

Nah she's not a sjw she actually talks shit and makes fun of sjws she's more of a opinionated vegan who sometimes talks about how gay she is and so on. She has one of those strong personalitys that are so cringey sometimes

No. 409412

If she feels so strongly about black girls I don't think that's a bad thing, shes always fucking complimenting girls though and acting "gay" but idk I feel like if I were in a relationship with her I would feel annoyed at her looking at girls all the time, sometimes it doesn't even seem like she's bi but idk I wouldn't know how it works since I'm straight, but still seems odd if you get me.

No. 409433


It's weird for her to say stuff like that. She obviously doesn't have black friends. How could you when you spout off things like "they're not from this planet!!" "they're the superior race!" calling black people gods and stuff. It's another form of racism, it's not the kind where you hate another race, it's lumping all black women together as though they all look alike and are all these wondrous inhuman creatures.

Racial fetishism is pretty common unfortunately. It's also super cringy, hopefully someone sets her straight.

No. 409439

I've noticed quite a few people saying that her weird aesthetic will hinder her getting any modelling jobs. That might be true in LA but the scene in London is VERY different. People cast for personality/style/following as well as looks tbh. A good example is all of Anti Agency's girls & Charlie barker etc. So it may well work in her favour over here

No. 409462

Lmfao, she's trying way too hard. She needs to stop, I'm getting horrible secondhand embarrassment.

>l00k @ me complimenting black ppl am so revolutionary n different giv me all da attentionz

No. 409465

File: 1499781218643.png (1.62 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1080.PNG)

Lol @ Putin thinking she looks ANYTHING like padme. So fucking cringey, you look like you belong in the 80s with that hairstyle bruh.

No. 409469

Wouldn't this offensive towards asians? I wonder what her friend - Simon, right? - feels about this.

Lmao @ her drawing on Natalie Portman's moles and thinking she looks anywhere near her

No. 409470

*wouldn't this be offensive

No. 409480

Her praising black people feels like a bad excuse for doing the babyhair style -that black woman usually do- so she won't be called a racist or something.

No. 409497

File: 1499796128175.jpg (589.23 KB, 2048x2048, IMG_1085.JPG)

Something about Dasha's face structure reminds me of Neanderthals

No. 409522

Seriously. She looks bad with this hairstyle.

Anyone see Cyrs snap of the puppy and his apartment? It is completely messy and gross. Why the hell don't they ever clean up? It's not like they have anything else to do.

No. 409527

In what world is this a flattering hairstyle? The slicked down long baby hairs and the receding hairline aren't doing her any favors. Her exaggerated shoop also emphasizes how blocky her face is and it's just not even remotely a look. Her minions in the comments acting like she looks good are so full of shit.

No. 409530

Is this what happens to your hairline when you wear wigs every day?? That looks so bad.

No. 409533

File: 1499802528218.png (2 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1107.PNG)

Holy fuck, they are filthy. You'd think they'd keep the place clean considering that's where they film and shit, disgusting.

No. 409535


As someone who is half black, this is vomit inducing, doesn't impress me and comes across as fake as fuck.

Honestly it makes me think she wouldn't know how to interact with a black person and wouldn't be able to see past skin colour.

Sorry Dasha but my skin colour doesn't exist to make you seem like a humanitarian bitch. Get your square face off my skin.

No. 409536

File: 1499803211052.jpg (101.01 KB, 736x954, 24832d0b8aa7d61b15598f13eb51bb…)

She looks like one of the Hartley Hooligans.

She's that person who always asks to touch black people's hair.

No. 409537

wtf I thought it was a dirty balcony from the thumbnail but it's actually inside the apartment?
They pay such a high rent for this place and yet they keep it in this state….that's awful.

No. 409541

And especially considering neither of them have actual jobs

No. 409542


I definitely see it. Her head shape is really weird, almost like it's too flat. And the receding hair line isn't helping her look either.


Someone needs to save this dog omg.

No. 409545

Her family is rich I believe. She's been to Disneyland twice recently and 400 dollars of makeup…

Also sugar daddies possibly

No. 409549

Read the thread, this was already posted. At least sage your shit.

No. 409550

Why the fuck is the dog confined to a fucking cage.

Does dasha only take him out to flaunt him on IG or SC

No. 409552

File: 1499806700222.jpg (421.73 KB, 1079x1770, _20170711_225701.JPG)

I mean look at the poor thing, she definitely only takes it out of its cage to take pictures with

No. 409553

It's just her blonde roots making her look like she's balding

No. 409554


It's interesting that she is okay with crating her dog when she's big on PETA, and they're very much against that..

Just goes to show that she's consistently a hypocrite.

No. 409558

Are you dumb, that's actually a training crate, I did that with my dogs it's also recommended look it up. It's supposed to be a trained safe space for dogs it isn't harmful to them and Peta is dumb as fuck because it's actually helpful. I don't wanna further explain it cause I don't want to type a lot tbh.>>409552 she says he dog always gets there because he wants to get in the bath with her, I always see that little dog running around in her videos it has a lot of freedom, as for the dog getting in the bath with her, I would be grossed out, they carry a lot of dirt on them, I cannot imagine bathing with my animal Ewe.

No. 409561

From what I can tell she looks better being blonde, her black hair makes her look older and doesn't suit her like blonde does. Idk what's with these girls doing things that don't suit them. Like I also hate Mina's colored lizard eyes, when her brown is perfect on her and when she puts lizard eyes they ruin the picture, and Dasha putting brown eyes on one of her pics, like stay with what better fits you.

No. 409563


Can you please explain further about why crating is helpful, because I've heard that's a myth.. You can't really come in here to defend your girl and then be like "lol but I don't want to type too much" before saying anything factual.

No. 409564

Peta is shit but dasha has backed them up before but my issue is not only the cage but knowing that there's a high chance the dog is neglected by dasha when cyr is out.

When dasha is out trying to be an art hoe I can only imagine that she lives the poor thing in the cage for hours on end and a cage seems very out if her so ~vegan~ mindset.

No. 409570

File: 1499808572535.png (200.96 KB, 750x1241, IMG_5471.PNG)

Ok first of all she's NOT my girl. You can literally look it up I didn't want to type it because it was a lot I have to provide proof for everything even though a simple human being has the capability of searching things up. Sorry that for some reason you can't apparently. But here, and there's more, I've done it for all 3 of my dogs. Friends have done it, even dog trainers recommend it. I came at you Not to defend Dasha but because what you said was really stupid without knowing about crates, crates can be abused though if not used properly, I don't want to semi-blog either and explain furthermore because I personally know it's not bad, and PETA is full of shit and anal when it comes to these things, even feeding animals non meat. thete are vegans out there crazy enough not to feed their dog what's natural to them all because they want everything in their lives to be "cruelty free"

No. 409573

File: 1499808874583.jpg (95.51 KB, 748x541, IMG_5470.JPG)

I'm not good at the shopping, but if Mina had her darker eyes she would look better. Her makeup is weird tho, I just wish she were more natural since it fits her

No. 409575

File: 1499809434805.jpg (211.24 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5474.JPG)

I used Facetune I couldn't really fix her eye color but it's definitely a fix from the lizard eyes.

No. 409577

I don't like Dasha, but I don't see anything wrong with the crate. First of all, that thing is huge for that little dog. Secondly, it's pretty standard to leave a puppy in a crate while sleeping/going out, as to prevent them from getting into something harmful. It's even recommended by the AKC. PLENTY of people leave their animals in crates and they are totally fine. Anon is just reaching.

No. 409588

Yeah the reaching is what I thought. Like even if you are vegan and follow peta you don't have to agree with absolutely everything they say. She got told off about it before but she had to explain herself. I don't care to defend Dasha on her vegan views and her strong opinions on some dumb shit she believes in, just certain things I'm not gonna pick at or assume just cause I hate her. She's pretty shadey on other things, but When it comes to that dog, it seems ok, she said it was teething and she always takes him out, Thaf dog can get into serious danger since everyone in their apartment is on a computer and just leaves things around. The one thing I'll be pissed at is if she feeds her dog vegan too, that would be seriously irresponsible. I wonder if someone asked her yet.

No. 409589

Hey, I'm a vet tech and dog trainer, so I feel qualified to address this crate issue.

Crates are neither good nor bad as a whole - it just depends on the dog. Sometimes dogs find them comforting, sometimes they find them confining and they exacerbate behaviour problems. I don't know Dasha's dog obviously, but it seems well adjusted from what I've seen on video. The crate is quite large for a dog that size. As long as it isn't confined in there constantly, I don't see an issue. She could very well still be house training the dog and using the crate for that reason. It's honestly a bit large for what I'd recommend for house training, but like I said before, it depends on the dog. That size might be working just fine for all I know.

>I don't like Dasha, but I don't see anything wrong with the crate.
That's where I stand also. Since Dasha probably reads here, I'd advise to leave the crate door open once the dog is house trained and let the dog choose whether it wants to use it or not. But seriously, the dog seems fine. Dasha's nuts but she's not an animal abuser.

Also, fuck PETA. PETA does some very shady shit, and has supported the euthanasia of pit bull type dogs nationwide. They did half-ass apologize for that recently, but they continue to euthanize most of the dogs in their shelter's care (especially bully breeds.) I'm vegan even, but fuck PETA.

>The one thing I'll be pissed at is if she feeds her dog vegan too, that would be seriously irresponsible. I wonder if someone asked her yet.
I'd love to know this too. If she's feeding it a vegan kibble that's fortified to AAFCO standards, that should be fine. A home cooked vegan diet is hella dangerous though.

No. 409594

Exactly this. I hope someone asks her I'm actually really curious now. Vegan diets for dogs are not natural seeing that they are a preditor meat eating type, that's what they were built for. We're omnivores we're natural to greens since our ansestors have been eating greens for years. I'd hate for that poor pup to be getting sick for their owners extreme vegan lifestyle

No. 409599

Honestly, vegan diets do work for some dogs. As long as they're fortified to AAFCO standards, as I stated before. Dasha's dog in particular is very far removed from wild dogs from a genetic standpoint. As long as it's getting the recommended vitamin and mineral levels, a vegan diet might work just fine.

Dogs are individuals though, and vary considerably. My dog resembles wild dogs quite in a bit, physically. She hunts independently and of her own volition. I did try feeding her a vegan kibble (specifically V-Dog if you're curious) for a while. She didn't thrive. It was difficult for her to eat enough of it to maintain her weight - she's extremely active. When eating a vegan kibble, she hunted more. Once I switched her back to an omnivorous diet, she stopped hunting. I mean, she still hunts, but she doesn't kill, just chases. I feel guilty for subjecting her to a vegan diet, as short as that experiment was. I don't understand imposing a biologically incompatible diet on a dog in the name of "animal welfare." But I HAVE seen small dogs do well on a vegan diet. Just not medium-large active type dogs. My dog is from hunting lines even, so it's ridiculous to think she'd thrive as a vegan.

tl;dr - Dogs are genetically diverse. Vegan diets work for some and not others. As long as w/e Dasha feeds her dog adheres to AAFCO standards, I'm satisfied that she's trying her best to meet her dog's needs.

No. 409600

Putting a dog in a cage at all is terrible and I'm glad it's illegal in places that aren't America

No. 409610

Where exactly is that illegal? Pretty sure it's not

Ps sage your shit

No. 409611

Enough about the vegan dog diets and dog crating. Continue in /ot/ if you want.

No. 409616

File: 1499814396581.jpg (481.35 KB, 1070x1279, Screenshot_20170712-090358.jpg)

Dasha trying to befriend other females on Instagram. Why Ayalla tho?

No. 409617

She's been doing that since the first time she beefed it with Onision, her compliments seem really fake imo

No. 409618


Read the past threads, Billie/Ayalla became friends with Dasha/Cyr after that whole incident with Onision. They have been social media friends for a while now.

No. 409619


Also find it incredibly weird that Ayalla and Billie and Dasha are all the same age.

No. 409621

Lol, right?! Dasha looks so much older, I honestly thought she was 25+ when I first saw her

No. 409622

Yeah it's weird that Dasha and Cyr are friends with onisions exs but Edwin and Mina are cool with onisions current wife even though she's a dumb bitch who defends him and Edwin went to her when all the drama went down, and of course she's gonna tell onion. And if I were Cyr I would be uncomfortable that my gf is hitting on other girls all the time. Like you're "gay" we get it.

No. 409734

sage but that movie was so good lmao

No. 409747

File: 1499844858500.png (444.41 KB, 1440x1014, 20170712_003254.png)

It never stops

No. 409748

File: 1499844897818.png (453.41 KB, 1440x2456, 20170712_003320.png)

No. 409750

File: 1499844995875.png (1.41 MB, 1440x2425, 20170712_003506.png)

Said image from vlog, but I don't understand why the minions go out of their way to watch the clickbaity vlogs for Putin

No. 409752

Call me fucking crazy, but I truly think that this bitch is in love with her.

No. 409755

Aside of Dasha being annoying and a bitch, Mina's makeup does look like shit, like always, she puts the liner above her lid, and I see she always airbrushed her lips now to make her natural lips blend in, maybe because Dasha and her minions kept talking shit about it. Like I just want Mina to get lip injections and learn how to put makeup on so Dasha can shut up because it's so fucking petty to keep talking. Mina sucks at makeup we can all see that she looks clownish but I thought you had better things to do like your modeling shit. Be fucking mature for one in your life and forget about those dahm people who pay no attention to you.

No. 409758


Yeah, Dasha's not lying when she says it looks bad. But she needs to stfu and just move the fuck on, it's getting pathetic by now that she's so fixated on Mina. Although if she starts up with her Mina-bashing every day, more milk might spill, so that could be fun.

No. 409762

I found out it was just a random meme account that would post about Dasha here and there and some other people like maddison beer. Probably Dasha stumbled upon it when they tagged her in a post about her. But honestly it's annoying, like I get that you wanna make fun of someone you don't like, but honestly it's so petty cause only one time did Mina acknowledge Dasha since and that was on the livestream wish her friend calling Dasha some name, but honestly why try to be so immature, she should have only acknowledged the pics about her and Cyr and some funny memes on there but not the pic of Mina. That just makes you look so fucking worse. Like she needs to fucking stop, move on. She definitely needs a character change.

No. 409772

wtf @ your caption microsalad
um you actually did watch the vlog
got screenshots of someone you've never met so you can bully them
and will probably continue to give them more views by watching future blogs to get approval from a psychopath
what idiocy
Mina isn't the best at makeup but I still find her really beautiful despite that. I can only imagine how jealous Dasha will be when Mina's makeup evolves and doesn't look like shit anymore lol.
lol I swear we're all gonna be on this thread still by 2018 bc Dasha will never stop
seriously I would have probably been a Dasha stan if not for her showing her true evil petty ass colors

No. 409775

Lmfao, if Mina's makeup skills get better, Putin will be hating on her even more than before.

No. 409778

Dasha you are a snake, not for the makeup but for literally saying to Cyr's friends that you were planning on ruining Mina's life and even used your own boyfriend as a pawn to do it.
It backfired, though. You showed everyone what you really are. An insane jealous bitch.

No. 409792

You would think that she would stop with that by now. I can't believe how many people are still behind her and are helping her to bully someone that has done nothing to her (at least not in recent months).

Same, I don't like her makeup but at least she doesn't need constant photoshop like Dasha. And also doesn't live in a trash hole.

No. 409823

Y'all are so harsh on Mina. She's already stated she likes doing her makeup like that. She likes looking odd and cartoonish or whatever you want to call it. Stop bashing someone for doing what makes them happy. You're just bullying her like Dasha. Even with the loud makeup, Mina is a million times hotter than Dasha and that's why Dasha is so crazy obsessed with her.

No. 409840

oh god nope. reading this made me feel uncomfy as fuck lol. "superior race" ok malcolm x please stop tweeting anytime

No. 409844

File: 1499879218783.png (253.66 KB, 519x591, savve.png)

Here we go again. Onision vs Onision 2.0

No. 409849


I don't think you're crazy at all, I've thought the exact same thing this whole time.

Why else would you invite your boyfriend's ex to come live with you and then start a "poly" relationship with them? And then spend months stalking everything they do once they realize how psycho you are?

No. 409865

I think it's a severe case of jealousy and insecurity, not love tbh

No. 409870

Do you even realize what you're on, idc if I'm harsh on Mina's princess type either, she's still one of those people who can't fight her own battles and it's the same excuse Dasha uses like for the "aesthetic" like shut up dude, even her constant use of lizard contacts. I ain't gonna be kind about anyone in this thread tbh.

No. 409875

>>409823 Whatever your preference is. Mina isn't that full in the body Dasha may have more meat on her with bigger boobs and stuff, niether are really goddess looking, but I find Mina trashy looking and unhealthy. Dasha looks Like one of those insta thotties and I see her Too skinny especially from the legs, yikes. Maybe that's just my preference but they should at least look healthy.

No. 409881

As much as I wanna hate Dasha, onision is my focus with Cyr, like Greg can manipulate, and I mean Manipulate too. Cyr looks like he's tired of life, he supports gregs exs who were treated badly, I don't give Cyr mad mojo for a lot with moving around on gfs, when most of the relationships are short lived anyway he's not married he's allowed to find himself and find what he wants, he's just around too much to even get a clear head. He keeps having to get pulled by each person one way or another because he probably wants to please them, not get them angered, he just keeps falling for it.

No. 409889

Mina's body looks natural to me lol some people are just small without trying. Also I don't care if ppl are critical of anyone in this thread. Its opinions anyway.(with some receipts lol)

No. 409890

Hey is Edwin good with onision, seeing that he's friends with his wife Lainey.

No. 409895

They don't follow each other if that's any indicator

No. 409906

Seems like they could be talking here and there in secret. Dasha is right about one thing, Greg says he's a feminist but called her a Russian prostitute, even Mina stated in one of eds videos when Mina was being slut shamed, she doesn't put down people prostituting or making money like that, so Mina doesn't have bad character there, really wish Dasha would stop going after Mina so fucking much, Edwin is the one who mostly talked about you yet I don't see any posts about him. Seems so fucking stupid. Cyr doesn't need anymore shitty people in his life either, gregs trying to pull a manipulation move even with the tone of his voice, I feel bad for Cyr cause he's probably having everyone tugging on his arm making him feel bad for shit and making him feel guilty that he has to please them.

No. 409970

Dasha looks like she exercises from her insta story, her legs look really toned now compared to before when they looked weirdly skinny. Why do models want to be sikly thin, curves look way better and being toned looks better than being anorexic skinny like Mina, that's not the IT thing anymore. It's so dumb Dasha feels the need to be that skinny like her when it's honestly sickly. Having meat on your bones looks way more attractive, shopping yourself unhealthily thin doesn't.

No. 409992

Yeah Greg is probably trying to get fan points for coming for Dasha. Too bad most us know they are both pieces of shit.
I think it's more likely that Edwin just talks to Lainey here and there and she tells Onion everything. I agree with you on the Mina thing, she doesn't seem like the malicious person Dasha wants us to think she is.
If anything Dasha and Edwin were the ones doing the most while Cyr and Mina passively accepted it and tried to stay as involved at a minimum.
Doesn't matter though because the fact remains that Dasha is a jealous bitch and all of this drama was shat out from her creepy skin wearing tendencies.

No. 409994

It's so weird to me how Greg defends Edwin so hard, I mean Edwin goes on gregs younow streams even commented on it, along with their video, Edwin made it seem like it was awkward and he was quite but he seemed like he was always laughing and they seemed to be getting along Edwin entertained his company and what he said. Maybe Edwin likes onision but doesn't want to be affiliated with him cause of onisions reputation but deep down inside he likes it. It wouldn't shock me, everyone in this thread is sketchy, in one way or another and some like Dasha being the sketchiest, Edwin was an attention seeker too, you can cover it up with as many words you want trying to justify it, but in the end the actions prove the point, much like actions of Dashas prove she's a mean b**

No. 409997

We'll I didn't say anything about skin wearing, Dasha actually dresses different tbh, I think the whole style thing was stupid, theyre just like friends that like the same shit, Mina wears her wigs all the time now because of her and it was a bad change, personally Mina's style is a little less compared to Dasha who seems to have a lot of clothes but who knows where Dasha gets all that money from. I was just stating Mina's character, she most likely did bad shit in the past, the fake accounts some other shadey stuff, and having Edwin fight her battles etc. she's human, but Dasha is out to antagonize her, even though it was mostly Edwin doing all the talking. Like really? You only go after one person when the one who did and exposed way more was Edwin, he's the one who chose to let the drama out. Like why is Mina taking all the heat, she isnt really trying. It's fucked.

No. 409998

File: 1499898300828.png (174.05 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170712-235948.png)

Wtf? Why does she treat her fans that way. This bitch..

No. 410002

File: 1499898772520.png (58.23 KB, 750x502, IMG_5478.PNG)

This reminded me of Edwin's and Mina's friend kait, idk if she's friends with Cyr ever since the Drama bomb message. But in this screencap she's like "there's no limit to the lips" it's funny kait always seems to make fun of things that Mina and Dasha do, idk if it wasn't her intention, I'm sure it wasn't, but it's funny.

No. 410003

Anon the same fan friend does the same thing, they literally troll each other, all her friends seem to act that way. It's their weird dark sense of humor, she's only intentionally mean about Mina, onision, and non vegans lol.

No. 410013

She might like it but she still looks fucking stupid. Do you know what site you're on or is this just Edwin unable to contain his Mina boner?

Yeah, it's funny how he tries to distance himself from them publically yet DMs Lainey on the low. And in his videos he said he was uncomfortable talking to Greg and I don't think he included a clip (like he did most segments) probably because in the actual stream he was smiling and laughing with Greg.

No. 410017

Dasha may be a mean as hell, but the only reason I can't fully hate her is that she makes some good memes and actually makes fun of herself and Cyr can make fun of himself too. She doesn't act like a princess the whole type and keep a pretty face, I seen Mina used to make fun of herself too back then when she was friends with Dasha but she's more obsessed with putting on a pretty face (even though her makeup looks like shit) idk, Dasha maybe an evil hoe, but at least she doesn't fall flat on humor and doesn't try hard, Mina's humor is like a 5 year olds. Dasha would be a more likeable person if she wasn't so sadistic, like I used to like her back in the day when she would talk shit on onision, the whole drama and revelations just changed it. Like Dasha fix yourself girl, people will fucking like you if you actually weren't so fucking mean.

No. 410020

It's almost like you forgot you were on lolcow and didn't see that the thread title mentions Mina as well.

Cyr needs to get his shit together. I pity him up to a point, but he's eventually going to have to address the drama and people in his life.

No. 410045

her makeup looks terrible period, my point was that a trasha fan took the time out of their day to screencap it and dasha our vegan feminist activist laughed with the bullies like the rolemodel she strives to be
they're both conventionally pretty and lean but only enough to be insta models that edit all their photos. Luckily dasha is in LA where it isnt that uncommon to see someone looking so ridiculously beat with their nipples hanging outand the minecraft eyebrows with kylie fillers.
I wouldn't say friends since it seems like plainey just texted him once and was like "I'm on your side" Edwin guesting on younow looked bad but Idon't think he actually talks to onion at all
I think edwin wanted someone to listen and understand. Onion was also a friend of cyr for years and grease did point one thing out that's pretty much RIGHT. He's fought we cyr so many times it was an on and off friendship but out of nowhere cyr cuts off contact and onion blames dasha. And seeing what happened to edwin over a stupid instagram account he might be right.

No. 410047

>dasha's a borderline evil narcissist that actively tries to ruin the lives of others
>b-but she has a good sense of humor so she's alright

lol wut

No. 410049

the logic of dasha fans
>be-friend your boyfriend's ex girlfriend
>subtly copy photoshoots for months before knowing said ex
>somehow convince ex to come out to LA because FRIENDSHIP
>brag to all of boyfriend's friends about how you totally want to ruin his ex girlfriends life
>ex arrives and it turns out you made no arrangements for her so she had to sleep in bed with you and your boyfriend who is her ex lol
>convince said girl into a poly relationship with you and her ex because nothing will totally go wrong
>while she is sleeping in your own bed you delete her instagram account which directly affects her job as a insta hoe model
>tell your boyfriends roomate and best friend about what you did
>under pressure he tells said GUEST in the apartment
>it's time to ruin his life and get him kicked out and potentially ruin his shitty youtube career lol
but all these undisputible facts are okay because dasha allegedly says mina made "hate" accounts, which were actually cringey fan accounts of herand her ex but still

No. 410067

I never said she was alright, point to me where I said that because I actually said if it wasn't for her being shitty and mean, she would be fucking likable because of her humor and ability to laugh at herself. She's still evil, she's still a bitch. Did I say I like her? No, I'm making the point if she made a character change, and changed her shitty fucking personality. You're a retard anon, maybe learn to read throughly. You get one thing out of my paragraph and learn to twist it lol

No. 410078

Dude, learn how to write a proper sentence. Everything you post is jumbled up and makes no fucking sense, and I can tell you're the same person, because you get so defensive whenever someone replies disagreeing with you. I know you're new to this thread as well, its so obvious you're some dumb kid on summer break. Again, learn to write a proper sentence, your long ass chapter posts give me a headache.

No. 410079

Stop accusing people of being any of the cows just because they don't hate the same people as you JFC

No. 410099

Ok, you're going after me not having proper sentences when even my vocabulary is beyond you, I'm not trying to be perfect, I'm not making chapter posts, you're assuming now, I'm actually replying to the same anon who's actually putting words in my mouth, apparently I have said that I thought Dasha was ok, even though I did not, I'm not allowed to fucking correct now? Jesus Christ, when you don't have a fucking point, you go after my sentencing. You truly are a nit picking retard, maybe stay on topic and actually read throughly or don't read it at all. I made statements, my statements were taken out of context and twisted. I'm not gonna argue with a random anon about something stupid especially since you brought it upon yourself to make assumptions. Way to go, now stay on topic with the 4 people of this thread and stop nit picking some bullshit.

No. 410102

And if this is the same anon accusing me of making chapter posts, this post wasn't by me, I can claim others, I'm sure you meant that I posted this post, but again, I don't want to argue with some immature anon who makes assumptions, there's plenty of others people on this thread. You're not all knowing. And I agree that everyone is entitled to like and dislike whoever, but I'm sure it's because Edwin came on this thread before to defend himself and Mina. Seeing that he comes on here often. The way the person stated it was because Mina was getting a lot of "heat" defending her even though, like you said, everyone is entitled to like a dislike who they want.

No. 410186

Not the farmer you're talking to but lol you really need to calm down. It's not that serious. I agree with the other person, your posts are hard to read. Maybe put a little more thought into them. You remind me of Dasha when she goes on her long winded salty-ass rants about something, throwing insults left and right without having any real substance.

No. 410200

Does DASHA have papers? because im going to report her to immigration lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 410214

I doubt it. She never said that is has papers and has always deflected questions with comments like these:

And Edwin said so and I don't know why he'd make it up tbh.

No. 410236

Anon stop taking everything so fucking seriously it's lolcow not some personal character attack. Either get yourself back on your meds or wait until puberty is over to post here.

Why do people like Dasha & Onion have wildly blind fans? I swear both of them could murder a baby and the reactions would be something along the lines of "yAS QUEEN SLAY" "Omg but that baby cried, how are they supposed to react?" "Well yes but the baby actually sicked on them!"

No. 410239

So when everyone was accussing each other of being dasha it was ok but when someone is accused of being edwin (who we all KNOW has been posting in this thread) suddenly accusing everyone of being one of the cows isn't cool anymore? Seems legit.

No. 410272

She has said she's here legally before, at least on her old curiouscat. She could be lying but so could he, he has plenty of reason to. Personally I think it's scummy of him to have brought it up in his "I'm just a nice papi trying to clear my name!" video, he had no reason to include it since it wasn't proof of her being batshit or abusive. Not to mention he probably knows more than a few illegal immigrants himself living in Arizona and LA, having a Mexican family and frequently visiting Mexico. You can bet if it had been the other way around and Dasha had outed him or Mina or even someone else as illegal he would've had another 3 chapters in his video about her being a giant racist.

No. 410285

The assumption of saying edwin knowing illegals for being Mexican is YIKES

he paid rent with cyr and from what it seems dasha has been freeloading on the apartment from the very beginning, remember that her main concern with a potential breakup was ending up homeless because she is not self sufficient.
And dasha has a rich family back in Austria, she came to LA for the art hoe modelling dream.
Let's not forget that it was dasha trying to leak minas immigration info and leaked her name that revealed she was bi racial, I wonder why ?

No. 410292

Did any of you watch the video Onision made of Mike and Julia?

No. 410318

I said that because Edwin has lived primarily in border states, which is where a lot of immigrants from Central and South America settle down (like my parents did) It's unlikely none of his relatives are or were illegal at some point, but even if none were since he lived in Arizona, California and Mexico he must have made friends with people who had undocumented parents or were undocumented themselves. My point was he should know better.

And Mina has always been open about having a tourist visa hasn't she? For her name you can also check twitter, Mina tweeted someone that her name was Yasmina in June 2016 so her name wasn't a big secret. Dasha shouldn't have leaked her last name just for safety's sake though and respected that Mina prefers to go by Mina like Dasha prefers Julia, but Dasha never really sees logic when it comes to Mina.

She's also never claimed to be biracial, anons just thought that because of her name when she could just have parents that wanted a ~unique~ name. She could be but she's never said so, Edwin always calls her white and if she were biracial I think she would own it instead of hiding it since on social media it's cool to be anything but white right now.

No. 410332

Mina has an Algerian surname and selected the option "mixed race" on one of her online accounts for modeling.

No. 410333

Yeah it's not serious but It ticks me off, I also don't wanna be compared to Dasha she's irrational and never wants things to end, it's because someone made assumptions, and I can't really reply to defend myself? Where's that logic? I really didn't wanna go off topic and have the farmhands come in, because you're not really allowed to be so not picky on other anons and you're as well making assumptions. Just Focus on the 4 people on this thread honestly

No. 410334

There's a pic of her on pretty ugly little liar of the old her she looked Hispanic with some bangs and chola eyebrows, darker skin too, probably how she got natural freckles after your skin gets lighter, I've seen people get them that way

No. 410335

I just find it really funny that she is happy to be nice to well known people who are not vegan (like she follows Taylor R, and are Billie and Ayalla Vegan?) and yet she goes off at some woman eating a hotdog or something… maybe it was a VEGAN hotdog Dasha :P Sage for OT
Also, I have no idea how any of you find her pretty. She has a fucking weird shaped head. It is huge and weirdly round and she seems to have a low hairline and her lips stick out like she has had way too much work done. I have never seen anyone with natural lips that stick out like that before. Reminds me of a fucking ape wearing lipstick

No. 410339

Yeah but I don't trust onision because he literally attacks anyone, for having implants and he called a girl being tall "masculine" even tho his partner is a trans gender as her says lmao. But I'm going off topic on this. He basically waited to reply to Dasha to gather info to make a video for money and views because he "missed" Cyr and wanted ocyrion, even though all the people Cyr are associated with now hate onision, Cyr is even good with gregs exs and people Greg went after. I'll admit their old videos together were funny, but looking at their personalities now, their not those scene kids anymore with long hair, Cyr has a different style along with being a edgelord acting like an American psycho character. Greg is just….drama in general, he's not funny. They said Cyr was long done with him before Dasha came in either. Even with Dasha whispering in cyrs ear about him, I'm sure Cyr doesn't want to be associated with another psycho, that's even more psycho with bad rep.

No. 410341

File: 1499979772795.png (205.17 KB, 727x1034, IMG_5486.PNG)

Even Edwin doesn't know when Mina's coming back. She seems to be loving it back there with all her weirdo trendy friends. Idk why she would want to go back tho she'll be isolated again and her personality changes when she's around Edwin and his friends. Edwin hasn't really been posting videos either.

No. 410343

File: 1499980256649.jpg (537.95 KB, 2048x2048, IMG_1117.JPG)

Anyone seen Putin's Snapchat lately? It's hilarious how bad she wants Simon and how badly he doesn't want her, lmfaooo.

Also lol @ Simon not being able to hide how bad it is to live with the Russian prostitute

No. 410354

I personally think he likes her, which goes to show what a desperate loser he is. Seriously, she is just gross in all ways. Terrible personality and has to wear a shit ton of makeup to even be passable.

No. 410364


I just scrolled past this omw to another board and legit thought this was Margaret Palermo.

No. 410412

Fucking kekked

No. 410468

Dasha doesn't even wear a lot of makeup to be quite honest, Mina usually wears a lot, but her makeup is shit. Both girls are pretty idc why you anons are being nit picky you're not even saged. I'm just focused on the the dumb drama with them and Greg. Two psycho being hypocritical if you ask me lol