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File: 1536636842298.jpeg (1.14 MB, 3264x3264, 91711A45-E0E3-4E9D-AA67-C57342…)

No. 573511

Previously on the internet:


>Dasha is outed by lolcow admin for posting 142 times in one thread alone >>>/pt/519998

>Posts included doxxing Mina via a photo of her passport, unreleased semi-nude photos stolen from Mina’s phone, rumors about Mina being a sugar baby, implying Edwin is a kiddy fiddler for dating a 20 year old, and praising/defending Dasha
>Edwin makes a video about the nonsense, alluding to her posts on lolcow
>An old clip resurfaces of Dasha saying "Sieg Heil, mein Führer!" while doing a Nazi salute >>>/pt/525575
>Dasha reacts by deleting her Twitter and making her Instagram accounts private, and announces she is getting “phone therapy” for her depression
>Dasha’s true form is revealed in pics and videos shot for a pluggednyc campaign >>>/pt/532499
>This was particularly delicious vis a vis her addiction to extreme shooping and the fact that she was also caught out editing Mina’s photos >>>/pt/533091
>Dasha and Cyr conspire to take down Edwin’s videos and ultimately have his YouTube channel deleted as revealed in leaked voice messages Dasha sent to her flying monkeys >>>/pt/534251.
>Someone who may or may not be Dasha assumed Mina’s identity and succeeded in getting Mina’s YouTube channel taken down (it has since been reinstated) >>>/pt/536040
>Cyr himself has yet to comment on the situation, leaving his attack dog NetNobody to whiteknight him against Edwin on Twitter >>>/pt/546541
>Videos released by “Anonymous Person” attempting to discredit Mina and Edwin >>>/pt/535521 sound suspiciously like Dasha putting on a British accent >>>/pt/536537
>Mina finally responds to the fuckery herself in a dignified video, mentioning that what is currently public knowledge is not even the full extent of Dasha’s psychotic abuse >>>/pt/543633
>Dasha claims that her curly wigs and dark contact lenses are inspired by GEENA NOT MINAAAA!!11!1!!!! >>>/pt/558062
>Dasha somehow still manages to find supporters and people willing to indulge her “modelling career” delusions >>>/pt/569276
>Dasha briefly attempts skinwalking Kylie Jenner and, quelle fucking surprise, denies that’s what she is doing >>>/pt/569701
>Continues to shoop every damn selfie into orbit in order to look as little like herself as possible, often resulting in what looks like a science experiment that crossbred Michael Jackson with Tommy Wiseau >>>/pt/572041


>Around late 2016/early 2017, Edwin (Edwin’s Generation), Mina (minaxxbell), Dasha, and Cyr all lived together

>Cyr, who was already in a relationship with Dasha and had been for a year, decided to try to have a polyamorous relationship with his ex girlfriend, Mina, and invited her to live with himself and Dasha in LA
>Apparently Dasha suggested this arrangement and was the instigator in getting Mina to live with them, and she later admitted that she did so with the intention of ruining Mina’s life
>Edwin is made to feel ostracised in his own apartment while Cyr attempts to have a relationship with both girls
>Dasha and Mina are featured in some of Cyr’s videos, and they look eerily similar to each other
>Mina, Dasha, Cyr, and Edwin all appear together in “Are You Trying to Smash One of My Girls?” on Edwin’s channel
>At the beginning of February 2017, Edwin and Mina are kicked out of the apartment, and Edwin makes a distressed vlog as they're leaving
>Between November 2016 - January 2017, Mina discovers that Dasha has deleted Mina’s entire Instagram account
>It is believed that she did this out of jealousy, as Mina had more followers than her at the time
>Dasha streams on Periscope claiming that the problem was Mina and Edwin, and that their actions hurt her and Cyr
>Soon after Edwin and Mina leave the apartment, Dasha harasses Mina online through photoshopped memes and sending her minions to bully Mina on Twitter
>Dasha’s fans also start to post on lolcow a lot around this time, defending Dasha and accusing on Mina of “hurting” Dasha
>Dasha says that one day while Mina was in the shower, Dasha went through her phone and found a fake Instagram account on her phone that was sending her (Dasha) hate. Dasha claims that this account belongs to Mina, and she was using it to harass her because she was jealous
>Cyr calls Mina a “crazy girl with an agenda”
>Edwin makes a video with Mina titled “Edwin and Mina get Kicked Out by Cyr and Dasha - Sharing Our Story” (uploaded 4/17/2017)
>He later makes another video responding to things Cyr has lied about, titled “Edwin Responds to Cyr’s Lies” (uploaded 6/12/2017)
>Dasha constantly makes threats to ruin people's lives when they don't give her what she wants
>Follows through with these threats in getting Edwin and Mina kicked out of the house, turning Cyr against his friends, and deleting Mina's Instagram account
>Throughout the videos, Edwin accounts various times where Dasha was emotionally manipulative of Cyr (with Cyr once texting Edwin that he felt “emasculated” by Dasha)
>Video of Dasha responding to Edwin
>Quote from Dasha: “…And I told him, yes, I’m fucking, I’m going to actually get you kicked out, if you literally take Mina’s side over your best friend. I said that to him! I’m owning up to that! I told him that I’d ruin his life, because I would, if he takes a fucking British cunt… I’m sorry [smiles], over his best friend. He’s absolutely right, I stood there smiling…”
>Around June 2017, Dasha makes a video talking about how many people tell her she’s copying Mina’s style
>Dasha seems to continue to talk about how much hate and harassment she’s received because of Mina, and is fixated on people accusing her of copying Mina’s style (spoiler: because she fucking is)

PULL drama:

>In early 2017, when the initial drama involving Dasha, Mina and Edwin started, a user named “Fawnie” created a thread about Mina

>This account mocked Mina for her alleged use of Photoshop, and posted pictures that had never been seen previously by anyone
>In one of Edwin’s videos, Mina says that some of these pictures were never released online, and were pictures that she had left on her camera after a photoshoot
>Dasha apparently also intentionally photoshopped these pictures to make her look bigger than she actually was, to make it seem like Mina was shooping herself to be unnaturally skinny
>While it hasn’t been confirmed that “Fawnie” is Dasha, lots of evidence points to it being her


Snapchat: iblamejules




Previous threads from most recent to oldest:



No. 573647

File: 1536663094088.jpeg (384.36 KB, 750x1177, DB661D45-A53C-400A-AC87-059428…)


nice work trying to make it all about you, as per usual

No. 573658

Oh come on,she really didnt
Can we focus on her crazy and not this petty shit

No. 573677

Who is that guy?

No. 573679

Mac Miller who just passed away a few days ago

No. 573689


people acting like Mac Miller had talent now he's ded. lol

No. 573905


Honestly. I'd much rather focus on the fact that she's slowly becoming Mina in the nastiest and oddest way possible.

No. 574056

File: 1536721465320.jpeg (488.05 KB, 750x1021, 8940E791-6E03-419B-879E-94EF12…)

She lurks for sure.
Trasha, get a life. Do something positive with your time.

No. 574064

I need to go wash my eyes now.

No. 574068

File: 1536722197247.webm (2.15 MB, 640x800, 371920372137.webm)

No. 574069

If only she was obsessively samefagging and selfposting, maybe we would have some actual milk

No. 574093

That actually really hurt to watch. She really thinks she's above it all doesn't she.

No. 574098

I'm just waiting for her instagram comeback and downfall. and hopefully Mina is still trying to pursue her legally.

No. 574118

She started following PlasticandProud (another ig girl on here). I think she's trying to use her shitty idea of "using the h8 2 motiv8 and cre8"

I hate myself for typing that jsyk

No. 574123

What the fuck, is this her attempt at “memeing” to show us hAtUrZ that she doesn’t care about us making fun of her? So much cringe.

No. 574141

File: 1536729519410.jpg (308.03 KB, 1080x1707, Screenshot_20180912-011710_Ins…)

Yep, this creep's minor friend referenced rumors lol

No. 574162

this is seriously all she has going for her, the drama is gonna follow her everywhere, she won't be able to come back from it, so all she has is this gross lifestyle

if she could learn to stop projecting all her body issues on other girls and not be a shitbag human, she could probably redeem herself someday

No. 574223

I almost peed my pants laughing at this tbh.

No. 574254

Lmao she tries so hard to be seen as someone who doesnt care about these rumors when she lurks these threads all day long. Maybe she should be worried about legal problems concerning her name not petty cosplaying of MJ.

No. 574270

For sure. She thinks this makes it look like she is laughing at what we say. But we all know that’s not true. She’s obsessed with her appearance and her reputation. She’s also a fucking pathetic insecure piece of shit who probably cries herself to sleep at night because she ruined her own life by acting like such an insane cunt. She has nothing better to do than lurk here and try to troll. That’s lame as fuck.

No. 574290

Im just glad she hasnt received any sponsorships. Shes definitely lost the battle.

No. 574295

The moment she recievs them people will go off in the comments,so even the brands who dont know about her past will found out as soon as they post her picture,her modeling days are over

No. 574307

File: 1536769630338.jpg (858.22 KB, 1000x2860, pt2018_09_12_11_24_56.jpg)

Just a reminder of Dasha's real reaction to her threads. That was just the day before she was exposed.
She can keep trying to act like she's trolling but she's just pathetic.
Hey Dasha, I know you're reading, go and buy more wigs and extensions, you're gonna need them soon.

No. 574310

Okay so i find it so annoying that as soon as Mina became more comfortable being her silly self on videos. Dasha all of a sudden is trhing to go for this "quirky and silly" persona.

No. 574325

File: 1536772588455.jpeg (147.24 KB, 709x1079, 42662CDD-740A-4B6B-87DB-1E82B6…)


Let’s not forget this. Trasha and her teenage minions making fun of Mina comparing her to MJ last year. Clearly it was an insult back then. She’s such a fucking loser lmao and that video is so cringe.

No. 574329

Really curious is Cyr is aware of how much Dasha lurks still after being exposed. Or if she keeps it a secret from him. He's gotta know about SOME of it??

No. 574391

I mean, she used his phone to post here as well, so. Unless she steals his phone and clears the history, lol.
I'm sure she's taking about Mina, Edwin and this site at least once a day.
I doubt Mike reads here so she's probably twisting everything and whines about the mean lolcow boohlies talking down on her no matter what she does, like Raven.

No. 574484

Exactly what I was thinking.. I wasn't sure if that'd be a reach but it's as if Dasha is trying to show everyone that she's "not only pretty goddess~~ but quirky too LOL!!1!" (the fake smile crap, BTS memes, the stairway thing and now this unbelievably embarassing, forced comedy MJ skit..)
Not sure if it's another attempt to skinwalk Mina or if she's just jealous bcs she lacks personality traits besides "psycho bitch" and Mina gets praised for being cute & funny

No. 574536

File: 1536797120903.png (1.4 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180912-194641.png)

I'd love to see her "GEENA NOT MINA" herself out of this. She's gone from blonde haired and "sultry" to Black curly hair and innocent.

No. 574537

Also how dare she point and stamp "anorexia" on anyone a size smaller than her, but then suck her stomach in to high hell?

No. 574556

File: 1536799651914.jpg (57.83 KB, 1006x661, thinspo.JPG)

No. 574563

dasha? as thinspo? ana community's taken a dive i see

No. 574609

It's pretty clear she went back down the e.d road after ppl exposed her unedited pluggednyc pics

No. 574620


And then has the nerve to screech "anorexia reeee" at smaller models. She projects so much

No. 574621

She’s probably still fat, sitting in her grimey flat stuffing her face all day and shooping herself ana while she cries into a bag of Doritos

No. 574641

Dasha even accused Mina of being ana and claimed she promoted that lifestyle to her following. Possibly made an account "exposing" Mina as well. Which is funny due to how often e+m upload them eating/cooking.

Isn't it worse to have actually had an e.d, hardly seem to eat or mention a consistently healthy diet or recovering. Isn't it worse to photoshop yourself skinnier because you think it looks better and will get you more likes? Doesn't that promote a terrible message rather than someone who is naturally skinny and eats healthy to maintain her figure? Dasha really makes no sense at all

No. 574664

Come on now… fat?

No. 574673

fat compared to the images she puts out of herself, yes. it's a startling difference, even though at best she's just chubby/unfit/bad posture. if you dont want to be called fat maybe dont contrast your online image so strongly with your real one. she's just digging her own grave.

No. 574745

Ew she looks like someone pulled both sides of her face and pulled it apart.

No. 574754

She looks more like Voldemort with a nose to me, tbh. (Yes, no1curr)

No. 574768

Not the anon you were replying to, she's soft and unfit but I wouldn't say she's fat. She's skinnyfat to average.

No. 574839

She’s not fat and never really was. Shes average and has a flunctuation body because she doesnt eat right. Instead of being active and healthy, she photoshops and starves herself while projecting her clear mental disorder onto mina and calling her anorexic when she actually is the healthy and mentally strong one of the two. Dasha needs fucking help. Her eating disorder and her downfall is her own fault and no one can fix that but herself.

No. 574901

Welp, looks like Edwin is putting out another video with more voice messages. I’m happy he’s persistent and not letting her off the hook.

No. 574917


Yeah? Did he said when? I'm starting to get bored with Dasha.

No. 574923


According to his Twitter in a few hours

No. 574971

Out of shape. As in flab not tigh.

No. 574972

Yesssss this is the milk we need, there’s only so much we can say about her skinwalking Michael Jackson or screech autistically about whether she’s fat or not.

No. 575001

new video

No. 575022

Is this video new information or same shit that has been discussed?

No. 575032


stuff that has been discussed, but with more evidence (a LOT of voice messages from the crazy bitch).

listening to her VM made my skin crawl. you can hear the obsession in her voice when she comes up with the live stream scheme. i can imagine how insane she looks, eyes wide as shit, grinning ear to ear, thinking she's sly manipulating lettie into trying to get mina on a live stream. jesus fucking christ.

No. 575039

It explains the ways Dasha used to manipulate Lettie into making "her" video. No completely "new" info, but still interesting (contains Dasha voice notes as well). Edwin stated that there are more videos on this topic to come, and that the second part will be about the ways Vincent shamed Lettie for "neglecting" Dasha. This will be an interesting one I think.
Tbh, I'm glad Edwin keeps on talking about Dasha, as petty as it makes him look to be. I mean the drama died down but it would be a shame if Dasha would get away with it. I just hope that there'll be more milk in the next video.

No. 575046

I think the messages that "Cyr" sent to the group chat regarding Dashas break downs were Dasha herself. Shes so insecure and narcissistic that theres zero chance shr woukd humiliate hetself in public by layinh down in the middle of the street. I think Dasha took Cyrs phone to send these messages to garner sympathy and to further victimize herself to her minions.

No. 575055

A great vid tbh, Yeah not much new stuff besides hearing dasha being a manipulative cuntbag however it does well in pointing out how "influencers" (See: Cows) manipulate their fans in various ways and highlighting the tactics they would use.

No. 575057

this is old milk but in edwin's 1h35 long video about the drama, he says that dasha used to make fake fan accounts for herself and she made collages of herself and onision kissing??? she tried to get people to ship them? did she have a crush on onision bc that would be hilarious. dasha for billie 2.0 2k18

No. 575062

We learn that (on top of pulling her hair and stuffing her square face down in a pillow) Julia supposedly had a mental breakdown in a fetal position, in public, after being exposed on here… If she really did that, give the bitch an oscar kek!
But most importantly there are more voice notes of her sounding like the creepy evil cunt she is.
That makes sense actually and I just can’t imagine Mike writing this ridiculous shit tbh

No. 575088

It makes 100% sense that it was Dasha sending those messages bc Cyr never kept her off social media. She has been privating her profiles on and off since the drama kicked off. I wouldn't be surprised if Cyr is completely oblivious to everything. I mean Dasha monitors his phone 24/7. Plus dude never noticed she was selling herself to older man… I mean how can she afford rent through small ig collaborations… Where is she getting the money…

No. 575118

Fucking kek, I love that the used the pic of Julia as a poodle in Mike’s baby carrier

No. 575123

I would love to know how much shady shit they (mostly Doucha, as I suspect Cyr has a big helping hand from his parents, there’s no way he makes enough from his videos to fund a life in DTLA) get up to as a means of paying the bills. Tinfoil desu but I wouldn’t be surprised if he is complete aware of Trasha selling her ass because it contributes towards living expenses and further diminishes the necessity for him to seek gainful employment.

No. 575148

I really think Cyr doesn't truly know or even care about the extent of Dasha's craziness. Not only does she monitor his social media and his phone like a hawk, Cyr is probably preoccupied constantly trying to make ends meet and pay rent since his immigrant girlfriend cannot work and his roommates try to make money doing things like low paying jobs and twitch. He has no future, no real career, no education or skill. I slightly feel bad for the guy. I'm sure he doesn't want to be living in a shitty apartment with a roommate still in their age. He probably thought he could make money online forever and Dasha thought she could move to LA and become a model. This is their rock bottom. He has no energy to think about the petty shit his girlfriend is doing anymore, he's likely trying to survive.

No. 575202

he's probably glad Julia's getting the d by older men (and brings in money), so he doesn't have to sleep with her.

No. 575237

literally though, when Edwin spilled in whatever exposé whatever he did that Dasha was stinging for dick but Cyr was too emasculated by her he couldn't get it up anymore. I felt bad for him then but I kind of dont now. I used to dig his videos but him in the Whatsapp chat shitting out of his mouth about Dasha "suffering" makes me think he's as dumb and manipulative as she is. or perpetually shitfaced (or off his head on coke…this is "Cyr is a cokehead" tinfoil anon, no proof but fuck oath he looks like a cokehead. I'd say meth but I think he thinks it's not classy enough for his youtube bux)
also endless kek at edwin using the poodle/cyr picture. mad props dude.
I'm very tickled they read lolcow?

No. 575252

If he is actually hoovering the good shit on the regs it definitely has to be funded by a trust fund and/or Julia’s whoring because there is no way a washed up YouTuber could afford a habit without an additional source of income. I think it’s more likely he is just a depressed wino.

No. 575253

Edwin has posted here too. Maybe he still does. The beauty of the anonymous imageboard!

No. 575268

What exactly did Cyr mean by "emasculated" though? Did he just mean he didn't feel "manly?" Like thats kinda vague. Or was it cause Edwin hung out with Mina without telling them? But why would that make you feel emasculated?

No. 575283


i'm pretty sure what it come down to is cyr is of the same breed as dasha. he doesn't give a shit about anyone else, so he doesn't care what she does. they're both narcissists. only difference is he isn't actively being a public lunatic.

anyone normal would see this behavior and run by now. but he's been so compliant for, what, 2 or more years?

No. 575286

File: 1536942912168.jpg (23.99 KB, 282x192, fitveganqueen.JPG)

>I'm not anorexic guys!1! but Mina IS anorexic lmao I'm just fit and vegan.

No. 575287

Dasha wanted his dick but he didn’t give it after they havent fucked in a while. Dasha probably made him feel less of a man for that.

No. 575290

Hahaha she does NOT run every day.

No. 575296

She couldn't be more unfunny if she tried.

No. 575310

New milk incoming about cyr in edwins new video,just watched the livestream they did

No. 575316

This. Mina also said she's going to make a video talking about things she hasn't been able to talk about until now, but that she's ready. I think some people have mentioned sexual assault and the likes in the past, but I don't want to speculate too much so I'll just wait for the video to come out.

In other news, Julia unprivated itsbabydash again. I wonder what she's trying to accomplish by constantly doing this? I don't know if she's testing the waters or just mentally unstable. Probably both.

No. 575321

Hey guys remember tha Anonymous person youtube channel?? What happened did Dasha delete all of it??? Hahaha omg so embarassing!!!

No. 575327

File: 1536953488221.jpeg (45.15 KB, 750x286, 219D12BC-FDC0-49F1-979B-82D3DD…)

I came across this comment while going through Julia’s latest post on itsbabydash and this bitch just won’t fucking quit it. Whenever someone comments anything related to the “drama” (aka harassment and crimes) and they’re licking their ass, it’s always some suspicious throwaway account with 0 followers and the only like is by a fan account. She’s a fucking mess.

No. 575360

Wasn't it about Dasha shaming him for showing his emotions?
Funny because the type of instagram "models" she wants to represent are always preaching about how important it is to being able to "expResS yoUrseLf!!!1" and stuff.

No. 575374

It probably was both.

Well in this "2018 internet world" you have to preach and support everything that's somewhat good and hate everything that's remotely bad for somebody to gain followers.
I'm sure a lot of people preach about positivity, being nice to each other etc but actually give a fuck about it and only care about themselves and their following.
On the other hand there's people like Mina who preach those things and actually mean it.
I guess the difference is that Julia just wants to be known and live her ~famous LA model~ dream while Mina does things because she likes it and has fun.

No. 575391

She spend all day making fake accounts. Tinfoil she has a notepad file with a long list of usernames.

No. 575447

I really hope Edwin doesn't still post here, otherwise he's stooping to Dasha's level. Obviously he lurks from the photos and screenshots taken, but it's disappointing if he still posts.

No. 575455

I don't see a reason for him to still post here tbh. There was nothing new revealed here the last months, only some nitpicking on Dasha's latest instagram posts.

No. 575456

Please quit spoonfeeding new users, there is no need to repeat events that happened 2 threads ago. Previous threads are listed in the OP.
Discuss current milk and make sure the milk extends beyond nitpicking Dasha's appearence.

No. 575460

Yeah neither. I understand why he takes info from here for the courtcase like screenshots ect, but posting here is hypocritical imo. He said lolcow was toxic and not a good enviroment and always notes that Dasha is crazy for posting here, (which she is) so if he did ever post here it's a bit pot calling the kettle black.
His milk should remain in videos.

No. 575461

I think Cyr drinks way too much and that's why he doesn't care about Dasha's behaviour. I also think he doesn't have a spine when it comes to confrontation. Mina said in past videos he would go all awkward when Edwin or her spoke to him about issues. He even lied about the reason for kicking them out instead of just confronting them.

I'd say a combo of numbing by alcohol and being scared of Dasha in general.

No. 575465

I feel like Dasha likes the way Cyr looks aesthetically and the idea he's a youtuber but as a couple they don't mesh well.
She has an extremely strong personality and he hates confrontation and clearly doesn't meet her sexual requirements.

Same goes for Mina, I feel like Dasha had an idea of what their friendship/relationship could be like in her own head, but in reality it could never work because Dasha is an extrovert and Mina is not, and Dasha is incapable of not being jealous. Whether it's because of Mina's history with Cyr or just comparing her body with Mina, there's issues there.

I feel like Cyr needs to bite the bullet and dump her, and both of them need to go to therapy because at this point it just feels like they are staying together for the hell of it.

No. 575499

I think Cyr had some potential as a youtuber/influencer. I liked his old videos and I found Edwin through him with those cooking videos they did. Dasha is too controlling and she probably thought she would live that LA dream by being a model with a youtuber but she ruined it herself. You can even tell in his instagram how he was more himself before Dasha seemed to be the one controlling what he posted and what he wore and how they looked together. He could probably redeem himsef because he is a witty dude but Dasha is definitely bringing him down.

No. 575503

File: 1536984918807.png (1.6 MB, 750x1334, 2BC06AEC-DC62-4772-9685-67585C…)

How is she able to travel as an illegal immigrant? Did she finally get deported

No. 575513

I wonder who paid for the ticket

No. 575542

dont you mean who did she fuck to receive an envelope of cash in the mail?
not really tinfoiling that either cause there was witnesses right? she cant own being a sugarbaby like universal angel can so she must have been itching to rope mina into it with her lmao.
at least she gets to ~travel~ and buy coffee and wine, nailing it Julia.

No. 575544

That’s exactly what I meant, anon. If she’s such a big feminist why is she so reluctant to admit to being a sugar baby?

No. 575545

Isn't it more possible that she flew one of her underage fans or another ~instagram model~ out and picks her up?
She can't fly somewhere as an illegal, except back to austria.

No. 575547

Yeah I was thinking the same thing! She doesn’t say it’s her who is getting on the plane, I’d put money on one of her minions flying out to visit her

No. 575581

I know this has been said to death, but can you imagine if it was a guy doing this? Onision flew his underage fans to his house and everyone in the commentary community and their mama has made videos on how big of a piece of shit he is. She's such a creep. Her whole thing with her flying monkeys is grooming at its finest, it's no wonder she goes after young, impressionable girls. Even the whole BTS thing has to be to attract impressionable girls prone to worshipping their "idols". Julia is trash.

No. 575586

File: 1537011376006.jpeg (543.18 KB, 750x1094, 28C7E804-E22D-4575-A66D-5DE4E2…)

Right? Now that her main Instagram account is public again you can see her underage asskissers going nuts in the comments (like this fucking 14 year old commenting on a photo of Julia’s visible nips in a weird fetish outfit). Most of the commenters on this pic are damn teenagers. Even if she’s not paying for them to fly out like Anusion did it is still gross and predatory.

No. 575593

You can fly with your foreign passport for ID as an undocumented immigrant, as long as your flight is domestic.

No. 575595

you can also fly back to the country your passport is for, and people from certain countries like canada can fly to anywhere international from the US.

No. 575596

Immigration would look at her if she exited the country to go back to Austria. She'd get busted for overstaying and they'd look for evidence of her working.

No. 575622

dude seriously I fully agree, I'm almost getting Nemu level pedo vibes. I dont think a grown woman acting this way should be overlooked either, it's creepy as fuck.

aye yeah sorry for coming across sarcastic dude, I think you're hitting the nail on the head.
she's endless contradictions. if you want to know what she's thinking, just assume the opposite of what she says and how she "acts" it's actually like studying a specimen.
ah, don't stop with the milk Julia but please stop taking it out on innocent people. esp. teenage girls. (like that shit was hard enough I can't imagine being a teenager now with all this instagram shit j e s u s) sage for retard posting

No. 575649

File: 1537030296378.png (2.28 MB, 750x1334, D1524CFB-CEC2-4C68-B288-C56E26…)

You were right, seems like she flew domestic to SF

No. 575650

File: 1537030480340.png (139.19 KB, 750x1334, CA4A1CC7-643F-439E-80E8-4AA2B8…)

She posted this on her main. That’s funny, how can she save any animal when she can’t even save herself.

No. 575663

i really can't see cyr writing such a cringy message - she probably just messaged herself to have something to post on instagram… "ok?"

No. 575682

File: 1537036029493.jpg (102.92 KB, 720x945, IMG_20180915_212656_851.jpg)

What surgery does anyone know?

No. 575695


probably something that makes her look like mina more

No. 575704

She flew to San Francisco for surgery? Why? Think Edwins new videos have anything to do with this?

No. 575706

tf are those proportions?She's shooped herself a tiny waist but you can see her larger gut under the pants. Shes given herself the body type of bart simpson.

No. 575707

This whole thing sounds like a lot of money. Who is financing this kek she’s got to still be sugaring

No. 575711

File: 1537038051087.gif (499.96 KB, 500x379, giphy.gif)

Mj lives! Gif related looks like her!

No. 575743

File: 1537044105746.png (1.55 MB, 750x1334, 4FC11635-CD9A-44F4-B7A6-429A65…)

No. 575746

File: 1537044401084.jpeg (367.64 KB, 749x720, 0BF4EAD7-FF92-4161-AD6A-348E5B…)

Her skinwalking is insane. She looks exactly like Mina.

No. 575749

This is perhaps the most disturbing instance of skinwalking yet. It was only after expanding the image that I realized this WASN'T Mina.

No. 575761

It's funny how badly she sticks out in this hotel. The front desk will notice too.

No. 575762


She even copied the cheetah thing!

No. 575766

I bet its not a surgery, its liposuction

No. 575767

Where does Dasha get the money for that? (surgery I mean) unless its a very minor precedure

No. 575773

It’s definitely a cosmetic procedure because she’s so obsessed with herself. I’m thinking lipo too, but why would she need to go all the way to SF for that when theres plenty in LA?

Also from her sugar daddy is where the money flows lol

No. 575775

Yet she hates her own damn dog enough to shock it. And as if Mike would be so cringey. Nice try, Julia.

No. 575778

She privated her main after this was posted, what’s the point even going public

No. 575779

I think the surgery comment was a ref to/joke about how MJ died (which is a lil fucked up) and she isn’t actually getting surgery IIRC

No. 575780

File: 1537050200485.jpeg (45.49 KB, 253x369, 5962B15B-057D-45A0-ACD4-8EE4D4…)


That unshooped fupa tho

No. 575782

Mina’s eyebrows at least look natural… why does dasha fill them in like caterpillars to replicate that

No. 575785

Full eyebrows are supposed to make you look younger, and it’s really popular in Korea. Probably an attempt to look less haggard and more relatable as a koreaboo BTS ~superfan~ (and soon she’ll graduate to full monobrow in an attempt to skinwalk the ghost of Frida Kahlo).

No. 575791

No, it's not…? Are YOU 14? How is it predatory if a 14 year old finds her picture and her nipples are showing? Plenty of big time celebs have posted their nips and no one calls them predators. Nice to see this thread is still nitpicking and A-Logging. I want to read shit about Dasha but every time I look at this thread I regret it.

No. 575795

Agree that the nipples alone aren’t predatory but pretty sure anon thinks its gross because Dasha is known to coerce these young girls that comment into becoming her minions/flying monkeys and stroke her ego in chats. It’s not really that far off to consider her a predator, but not sexually.

No. 575826

do you know what alogging is?

No. 575884

Dasha doesn't fill them in, she got her brows microbladed to be that shape and color.

No. 575918

How do you know that? If it’s true that’s even worse than filling them in

No. 575922

I think she deleted the post, but she posted on IG about getting microbladed when she first got them.

No. 575923

A lot of people with microbladed brows still fill them in

No. 575946

Naaaaa that's fucked up. I was like why is Dasha posting a pic of Mina on her insta… then I realised. Damn.

No. 575972

this doesn't even look like her

it doesn't matter how many cosmetic surgeries she gets, I don't think she can change her bone structure or her awful attitude

No. 575985


I doubt she even flew. You can change your location on instagram if you start typing it. Probably only typed LAX to throw off this forum she obviously reads LOL. She's likely on a high paying escort trip

No. 576003

This is Mina’s exact face shopped onto her. Insane.

No. 576075

i saw that picture and literally thought, “damn Mina is in SF too,” and then i realized and i was just like, what the fuck

No. 576106


knowing dasha the comparisons only make her happier. If see wasn't so afraid of backlash she'd leave up any comments comparing her to mina. I know she lurks here and is probably giddy as all hell to know that her mina cosplay is working

No. 576109

File: 1537136215259.png (3.17 MB, 750x1334, EBD02EB7-1598-4DE0-9C6C-11C77A…)


Snap filter, colored filter, and hand covering half her face. She only looks like Mina when she photoshops.

No. 576130

She's slowly trying to normalize looking like Mina. She started with blonde wigs to just dying her hair brown, slowly started doing wavy hair, making her eyebrows a little different each time. Pretty soon it'll be brown contacts and rounder lips. Its like one of those animorph books. I wouldn't be surprised if she started taking on Minas mannerisms. She's doing all of this on her neuphs acc because she knows the second she tries it on her main she'll be called out. It's why she hates this forum so goddamn much, she hates that we (the contributors) won't let her be Mina in peace.

No. 576132

the thing is, she still looks nothing like mina, just cringey how shes trying to be

No. 576139

File: 1537142482867.jpg (278.56 KB, 1144x678, fetalposition.jpg)

public breakdown in the fetal position edition

No. 576148

Stop stating the obvious about Dasha's skinwalking. It only leads to the same nitpicky comments about Dasha over and over again. You can post caps and make comparisons but we don't need 10 comments stating the exact same thing.

No. 576165

Fucking kek anon, this is great.

No. 576302

Thank you anon! I am crying laughing

No. 576310

Poor doge, I feel so sorry for him.

No. 576311

Mina said that she would talk about things she hadn't talked about before. I'm guessing the sexual abuse as she hinted at something like that before. That way we can focus on that instead of Dasha copying Mina (which she'll probably always do).

No. 576312

Tinfoil but the use of the word "abuse" all the time is odd, yeah Dasha is an obsessive narc that skinwalks Mina but saying abuse makes it sound like she physically hurt someone.

No. 576317

It 100% is abuse, and I'm glad they're finally using the word so Dasha has to understand that this isn't just online bullying - she has mental problems and she has been abusing these people DAILY for over a YEAR honestly it's staggering. She needs to leave them the fuck alone it's been ages and she's still obsessed with Mina. She's totally unhinged.

No. 576319

Abuse doesn’t have to be physical, anon. Don’t forget Dasha got her drunk to get her to do certain things and go through her phone and what not.

No. 576320

Have you never heard of emotional abuse? It’s very real and very damaging… and Trasha has been doing to Mina for a while now.

No. 576326

We don't know what's happened behind closed doors. But we do know that Dasha HAS emotionally and psychologically abused Mina… Let's just call her what she is: an ABUSER.
There's a reason why Mina couldn't talk about everything in the beginning, she was too vulnerable. Let's just see what she has to say, hopefully soon.

No. 576332

Abuse is more than physical anon.

No. 576359

She leaked her nudes? She’s been harassing her for over a year. If that isn’t abuse, I don’t know what is.

Emotional abuse exists.

No. 576385

I imagine the "sexual thing" having something to do with Mike. Maybe it was something like the story when Julia wanted him to go to Mina while she took a bath to read her a story.

>Hey Cyr, wouldn't it be silly if you'd start kissing Mina later in bed? I'm sure she'd like it

No. 576498

I wonder if Dasha had anything to do with the creepy fan mail Edwin and Mina got earlier this year.

No. 576509

I wouldn’t be surprised if she even used Cyr to emotionally manipulate Mina. While she was drunk, even.

No. 576511

I think it's so funny that Dasha stated multiple times how she was going to ruin Edwin and Mina´s life yet she's the primary indirect reason for their new found happiness. She did cause a lot of pain and anguish but if it werent for her persuading Cyr to fly out Mina. The chances of Edwin and Mina dating were slim to none. Karma is real people be careful what you throw out to the universe because she ended up ruining her life instead. She can't even keep her main account public because of the backslash. Its been 3 months already. Her actions are going to follow her forever.

No. 576529

Let's not forget her abusive behavior isn't limited to Mina and Edwin either.
That vile "it was only fun to fuck you" text she sent Cyr back in the day clearly is emotional abuse and quite likely there have been more instances of that kind.
If i remember correctly Edwin mentioned that she tried to feed Mina laxatives at some point and that she had done the same thing to one of her exes - if that is true it is a form of physical abuse.
We'll have to wait and see what Cyr (or Julia through Cyr's phone) did to Lettie as soon she didn't play along any more… the way Julia went out of her way to make a fake account and contact Lettie again in order to manipulate her and twist her words around in the last conversation Edwin showed (the one that Lettie ends with "fuck you i bet you're dasha" or sth) is quite telling.
And last but not least she's abusing her position as an instafamous girl to turn young fans who have absolutely nothing to do with this whole mess into flying monkeys to further harass Mina and Edwin.

She is an abuser and needs to be called out for that.

No. 576532

Which video is that? The livestream?

No. 576536


yeah seems like the conversation with lettie was shown in a stream - found the screencaps here:

No. 576578

File: 1537251320223.png (1.14 MB, 750x1334, 882CC198-834F-4DDF-9F36-D46655…)

No. 576579

File: 1537251350507.png (2.05 MB, 750x1334, 27B0B666-09AB-48A2-8801-C77690…)

No. 576582

File: 1537253432284.jpeg (841.54 KB, 2048x4096, 00C64EB3-6D5A-46F3-9B66-AB2E34…)

she’s fuckin persistent lol

No. 576583

File: 1537253739902.jpeg (1.21 MB, 2048x4096, A9A9C908-BAFF-4344-8983-766142…)


is it okay to feel bad for her????

No. 576588

Nah. She’s crazy and needs help. She’d do anything to continue to try to ruin Mina’s image, even if that means spending time to create fake accounts to leave nasty comments while praising herself

No. 576590

Talking shit about Mina's outfit, but then going out in public looking like a homeless drug addict.
Take a shower Julia, you look disgusting.

No. 576625

File: 1537275911162.png (15.27 MB, 3438x3438, 45215DB7-2950-46D2-9A17-5F3657…)

No. 576634

as usual the notansjw account follows cyr, itsbabydash and neuphs.
tfw you can't help being self absorbed and are desperate to bump up your follower count

No. 576635

mina looks sick and homeless on those pictures(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 576652

Are you soft in the head?

I'm glad Mina is coming out more and more and calling the pyscho out. Imagine Dasha's face reading the reply. I wonder what fake 'break down' she will have to her monkeys to get them to "stop Mina harassing my innocent fans uwu"

No. 576669

So like, what is Cyr doing about this? Is he really just turning a blind eye? Like if this was my gf I would tell her to stop. Maybe he really doesn't know what's going on

No. 576670

I don’t think Cyr is as unaware as everyone thinks. How can he see his girlfriend skinwalking his ex right in front of him as she constantly shoops herself into her and think everything is fine lol he thinks that her getting “help” aka phone therapy is her trying to be better and im sure she made him believe that

No. 576671

I've seen this picture (right) like 15 times now and yet every single time at first glance I STILL mistake her for Mina…

No. 576672

She is clearly very mentally ill and unstable, usually I'd feel sorry for such a person but people don't usually obsessively manipulate, backstab, cyber stalk skin walk, harass etc etc etc etc people who've done nothing to them other than be the centre of their psychotic desire to become said person, so no, it's not okay to feel bad for her.

No. 576677


issa joke

No. 576702

Rare photo of young Lord Voldemort when he had hair.

No. 576708

That hair is an atrocity. Yikes yikes yikes.

No. 576712

What I cannot understand is how Mike sees Julia clearly copying everything Mina does and every look of her and being fine with it. Imagine your partner trying their best to look like your ex, like wtf, who would want that?
I can only imagine Mike being ok with looking at Julia looking like Mina because he misses her and just images that Julia isn't actually Julia.

No. 576713

>I can only imagine Mike being ok with looking at Julia looking like Mina because he misses her
that's a bit of a stretch. i doubt he misses mina. i think he's aware of what julia is doing but he's okay with it because it's purely aesthetic. she's still his gf that he wants to be with for… whatever X reason

No. 576727

File: 1537305259429.jpeg (200.75 KB, 750x933, 8539F7B0-E904-41B7-8D1B-EE2078…)

No. 576744

holy shit fam, this looks so much like Mina it is legit disturbing.

No. 576745

She looks like Michael Jackson’s ugly white little sister

No. 576760

File: 1537309260920.png (919.26 KB, 960x866, Screen Shot 2018-09-18 at 11.1…)

Absolutely pathetic Julia. Is this the skirt she stole?

No. 576773

the shirt is mina's as well - i remember that dasha was called out in one of the previous threads for wearing it but i can't find the post rn (there is another mina harassment account on instagram called minaxxbellisaliar where you can see mina wearing the shirt but i don't want to upload that shit here)

No. 576780

I think it’s Dasha’s (they are not the same size). It’s from when she bought outfits to match Mina when she visited LA. It’s creepy that she’s bringing these looks back…

No. 576782

Not only is she skinwalking Mina but she also looks… like really really ugly while at it?
Idk if that's just me but I really can't imagine anyone to think her Michael-Jackson-on-his-deathbed look is genuinely pretty?
Her hair looks horrible like this, the colour doesn't suit her at all and this sad attempt at rocking Mina's curls… yikes
Is she really okay with looking that ugly just for the sake of skinwalking Mina? What is she trying to achieve? How obsessed must she be with Mina if instead of staying blonde (which obv suits her better) she decides to become an ugly MJ clone, knowing how shallow she is and how important being seen as "pretty" is to her..

No. 576791

one of her arms is majorly thinner than the other? I see this all the time, wonder if it's shooped or just what her body is like

No. 576797

File: 1537314493592.jpg (2.02 MB, 2560x2560, 18-09-18-19-47-51-654_deco.jpg)

No. 576798

I feel like she's trying to mock the whole "copying Mina" thing but she's just making herself look crazier.

No. 576807

I feel like she has a whole photo album just of Mina pics she’s purposefully recreating not only to fuck with us but especially with Mina

No. 576809

i really want my hair to be like this. it's naturally curly but not to that extent and also below chin length, not shoulder. what can i do to achieve this look?

No. 576813

this is exactly what i thought. i think at this point her whole point of copying mina is literally to just fuck with everyone who keeps accusing her. she's too self aware to not be doing this on purpose.

No. 576816

I think she suits dark hair like in the fan fic reading videos with Cyr. I thought she was gorgeous when I watched those. She needs to bring that look back and get healthy and also ease up on the lips!

No. 576895

File: 1537323322584.jpg (1.65 MB, 2560x1920, 18-09-18-22-14-30-761_deco.jpg)

No. 576902

I thought she had a blonde bowlcut in that video.

No. 576922

File: 1537325275880.png (1.89 MB, 1125x2436, 1D94DC10-D8EF-4B83-8D36-4AF1F6…)

I didn’t see anyone post this but it’s gold. #NotMyMina

No. 576936

I’ve tried a vibration collar before and notched it up to five or six and that shit fucking hurts. I teach beginner dog training classes in my free time - all positive reinforcement, so this especially bothers me. I wouldn’t call those collars particular humane, and I definitely don’t think a /vegan/ should be wearing them. It’s a bit hypocritical.

With so many positive reinforcement guides out there, there is absolutely, and positively no reason to put a shock collar/vibration collar/or whatever else on your animal. It breaks my heart.

I recently talked to someone who used a vibration collar and said person would shock their dog on level five until it did it’s command - sit. If you have to use that sort of collar to get your dog to listen to you on such a simple command, you’ve completely failed as a dog owner.

It makes me extremely annoyed because she doesn’t have an aggressive and unmanageable Akita or Shepherd. She has a small dog - probably fifteen pounds, but she still needs a ‘vibration’ collar for him. Rediculous.

No. 576937

Oh, and when I said I used a vibration collar before, I used it on myself, and if it was painful and uncomfortable for me, I can only imagine how it must feel to a 15 pound dog. Obviously, there are different type of vibration collars, but the whole point behind them is to make the dog feel uncomfortable to discourage a behavior.

Some of us have the audacity to judge you? You put your life on the internet and make it easy to judge you. You’re a shit dog owner. Of course we’re going to judge.

No. 576963


Why in the world would a small chihuahua sized dog that lives in an apartment even need a vibrating collar is what’s so wack. She’s so dense, maybe people are actually concerned for that poor dog considering how that one girl in Edwin’s video exposed that Dasha clearly doesn’t care about that dog and the collar just proves she’s a lazy dog owner that probably never trained it and is annoyed by its barking so she shocks it to shut it up

No. 576985

>you’re vegan why would anyone even assume that
Does being vegan disregard animal neglect now?

No. 577024

I think if you're vegan because you actually care about animals well being and not because it's trendy, people assume that you wouldn't mistreat your pets if they don't listen to you.
You shouldn't mistreat pets even if you're not vegan.
But Julia doesn't care about animals. She's vegan because it's the thing to be in 2018. She gives a fuck about make-up ingredients and advertisers leather.

No. 577025

The credence of being a vegetarian/vegan is to stop perpetuating in the suffering of animals and destruction of the environment for a meal. So the thought that her dog suffers daily discomfort for simply existing and being a dog is absurd.

No. 577027

There were two from memory. One was definely brown.

No. 577056

File: 1537363126101.png (952.21 KB, 1080x1778, sperging.png)

Can anyone grab her instastory where her and cyr are sperging about the shock collar accusations? I don't know how to record them. It's funny that she always uses video filters because she's so ugly but her double chin ist still very prominent.

No. 577059

I don't have time but you can use https://storiesig.com/ then convert it at https://mp4towebm.online/ then upload the webm here

No. 577074

File: 1537367988984.webm (2.32 MB, 639x1136, 1871497914851583997_5399209942…)

No. 577076

File: 1537368168452.webm (3.99 MB, 639x1136, 1871498336278440209_5399209942…)

No. 577079

File: 1537368341654.webm (4.4 MB, 640x1136, 1871498668853301119_5399209942…)

No. 577080

File: 1537368357000.webm (4.33 MB, 640x1136, 1871498973208678557_5399209942…)

No. 577081

File: 1537368363515.png (139.69 KB, 1440x684, Screenshot_20180919-224043~2.p…)

loving that Dasha is purposely avoiding mentioning that the video was taken from her friend's Instagram story

why does she need to lie about the collar if there's nothing to worry about? why get so heated lol

No. 577082

File: 1537368387923.webm (3.97 MB, 640x1136, 1871499109490134807_5399209942…)

No. 577083

that is one big ol moonface

No. 577084

File: 1537368533562.png (356.36 KB, 1440x1765, Screenshot_20180919-223555~2.p…)

No. 577086

snow edit to make her eyes bigger lullllll does she ever stop

No. 577092

Lmaoooo dasha went offffffff with her fake accounts

No. 577111

KEK the fake accounts! Holy shit Dasha you really told them off

No. 577139

If she wants to show people it’s not a shock collar then she should take a video of the collar and show her viewers… but I bet she won’t do that huh

No. 577140

This may be nothing, but I've noticed that all the fan accounts and dasha supporters never start a sentence with capital letter. Same how dasha types. It may be overthinking, but it's a little weird how ALL the accounts have that in common.

No. 577141

Good eye, anon. She often slips up and forgets that she's supposed to be pretending to be someone else when she's on one of her fake accounts.

No. 577161

Cyr’s spazzy movements trying to imitate a shock collar… wonder if she uses it on him too for him to be such a cuck

No. 577163

File: 1537385842126.png (1.55 MB, 750x1334, 5AF1005E-AEBD-499B-8C9B-1E9F65…)

What is she thinking that this looks good

No. 577166

serving us blocky heroin addicted schoolgirl REALNESS~!

No. 577178

Why do her arms look so freaky and long??

No. 577202

File: 1537392427109.png (1 MB, 1130x629, outfit proportions.png)

because she went too hard on the shoop but also because she doesnt know hot to proportion this outfit

Photo > How her outfit makes her body look > how her body 'is' inside of her outfit

Wearing a skirt higher up your waist it a short people/fat people trick to make your limbs (specifically your legs) look longer. It's also shooped (the pole around her arm and stairs around her legs are bent) It also doesn't help that you cant see her neck and the lack of a visible waist makes her body look even more 'trunk'ish therefor making her limbs look like slenderman.

No. 577207

EW EW EW EW EW EW EW EW EW. I can't believe she did the curly bangs Mina always does.

No. 577210

idk i just find it weird when edwin uses pics from here? like him lurking here makes me uncomfortable, like he's obsessed with these people like he's obsessed with mina

No. 577211

>>577163 30yo mtf dressed up as a schoolgirl ~

No. 577213

same. i'm starting to think as much as dasha is obsessed with mina, edwin (and mina) are just as much obsessed with her. i don't really feel sympathy for them that much anymore, this whole thing is turning into a shit flinging contest.

No. 577217

Dasha abused Mina and is facing close to no consequences and repercussions. If something like that happened to my significant other (or to me) I'd be livid and "obsessed" with it too. They are victims, they have the right to talk about it ffs

No. 577225

like yes I get it, but to me I feel like Edwin forced it too much. I can totally say that if someone feels in love towards me and I spent too much time with him/her I would feel like I have to be reciprocate to their feelings (happening to me rn) so what am I saying is that an obsessive person like Edwin kinda brainwashed Mina to fall in love with him, and now EDWIN uses Mina and her abuser to make him feel relevant online or something like that (my english is very bad lmao sorry)(tinfoil/ derail)

No. 577230

I feel like you're reaching here.

No. 577231

Edwin brainwashed Mina to love him…? Lmfao what?

No. 577236

not the right words to use but manipulative people don't always use tactics as getting the victim drunk or so, they also can be manipulative in a way that it makes you think you're only safe with him/her (in this case edwin) not tryna make an armchair diagnosis based on yt videos but since edwin is so open about his life he def is codependet and (reaching here) how he felt when mina was in la, he felt the same codependency towards cyr .. his anxiety explains a lot i guess

No. 577243

they have a right to talk about what she did to them in the past but i feel checking up on dasha's social media everyday and actively making dasha their priority is definitely not what they should be doing. i had an abusive ex, i never look at his page. i made it a point in my life to never check up on him since the day we broke up. i don't mean to get anecdotal about my own experiences but usually an abused person would try to distance themselves from the abuser if they wanted to heal themselves in a healthy way. i feel like in edwin and mina's case it's very easy for the entire situation to become even toxic and obsessive. edwin far worse than mina the way i'm looking at it though; because he's completely devoid of having his own personality i feel like he NEEDS this drama to latch onto in order to have something to talk about.(no1curr)

No. 577247

I see no problem with Edwin talking about the shit Dasha does, nor do I see a problem with him keeping track of it through lolcow. It’s a good resource.

No. 577255

We’re supposed to get a video today? What time does he upload his videos?

No. 577265

New video is up!

No. 577267

Different Anon
At this point Edwin is enyoing the drama way too much (and yes it is awkward he is spending so much time in this thread, just like Dasha is)
If he didn't look so happy and excited about the new shit Dasha does maybe I would feel sorry for him again but looks smuggier in every video he does (specially when he does that weird Hiena laugh)

Mina looks like the only one who doesn't feel the need to go back and forth with the obsession (even tho I feel she does encourage him to keep going with the videos)

And no, I'm not wk Dasha, I do think she is really fuck up and she is skinny walking Mina more harder than ever but Edwin is milking so much this, is getting sad.
Instead of enjoying his vacations with Mina, he is spending his time making videos about this
There is time for that back in Arizona, but I guess anything to milk the views.

No. 577269

You're acting like the abuse is a thing of the past and Edwin and Mina should just get over it when Julia and her flying monkeys are still marrily popping out new harassment accounts on instagram. When there's still no legal justice. Trying to get Edwin's channel deleted, Mina's video getting taken down… that all happened not too long ago and Julia would have gotten away with it if he didn't expose it right away. Of course they are scared that the crazy bitch will start new shit and that it might go unnoticed.

You cannot distance yourself from abuse that is still part of your life.

No. 577277

Dude, do you prefer spent your visit to your girlfriend who you barely ever see doing this videos?
Vlogs are fine but those can wait until he come back
The only thing that appears to keep these two together is Dasha

No. 577278

hi dasha

No. 577280


nta but it's so annoying that whenever someone calls out edwin for being a codependent drama queen who's milking this for all it's worth (which he is, and that doesn't take away from how deranged and fucked up dasha is), they must be dasha. the only true victim here is mina, who is being abused by the psychopath gf of her asshole loser ex, AND she is now in a relationship that is ROOTED in this abuse. it's like she can't escape it, and i feel so, so bad for her… but she can do better

No. 577282

He's there for three whole months, not a weekend's visit. Making videos is his source of income and rent doesn't pay itself - of course he's making videos, doing smaller jobs would be the same thing.

>he only thing that appears to keep these two together is Dasha

come on you can tell they both genuinely care about each other

No. 577284

Tbh it seems to me that at first, they were trying to distance themselves from the drama but then, especially after Dasha got outted for her posts here, Edwin isn't interested in Mina simply being left alone anymore, but is planning on getting his "revenge" or something. I don't know whether to think that this is kinda unhealthy behaviour or that it's their way to get to an "end" with all this..? But tbh I don't want him to stop because I really enjoy this drama lol. Plus I don't want Dasha nor Cyr to get away with it, I really wish some bigger Youtuber would make this shitshow go viral or something.

On the Edwin brainwashed Mina tinfoil, I think that's a far reach. What's so weird about falling for a person you spent so much time alone in a scenario like this? But tbh, I don't think Mina would have been even interested in him romantically if it wouldn't have been for this drama.

No. 577287

But look at how Dasha is behaving still? She would literally HAVE to be taken down for her to stop messing with Mina and Edwin. I think she doubles down on skinwalking Mina because she knows it bother's Edwin too because even from the beginning she was always openly antagonistic towards Edwin.

It's not like it's all-encompassing, he's obviously doing other stuff in the meantime but idk if someone I hated or that directly affected me to that level had a thread I'd probably check it out. It's a way easier way to keep track of drama on a specific person or group of people.

No. 577288

Worth the watch, lots of screen caps and voice messages. Seems like he's going to make a video with Lettie next which will be interesting. My only gripe is that he puts up this facade of it being about "manipulative influencers" instead of about Dasha and Cyr drama. If you're going to pull pics from lolcow, at least own that shit. No one's going to be mad that you're making vids to expose her, there's no need to dress it up like it's something else.

No. 577289

Ok Julia

No. 577290

The best part of this video was the caps of Cyr flirting with this girl while talking to Mina. He goes “you’re inevitably stunning.” That doesn’t even make any fucking sense.

I think Edwin and Mina genuinely like one another, I think Edwin is also more proactive about speaking up in general but it’s also heightened because a lot of the abuse was directed towards Mina. Without him I feel like she’s too passive to stand up for herself. Whether it’s wrong or whatever is up to personal opinion but I love the Cyr/Dasha receipts because they both seem like they’re completely retarded

No. 577291

So apparently Edwin and Mina are gonna meet Lettie to talk about her version of the story. I think that's gonna be interesting.

No. 577295

To all you people upset at Edwin for making these videos, what are yiu doing here like for real? He provides new receipts for us that further show Dashas psycho. I feel that these people are Dasha minions trying to turn the thread against Edwin. Stop lurking here if you are tired of this, seriously.

No. 577297

edwin's behavior isn't questionable at all. his happiness and enthusiasm in his most recent videos is due to the shift in power. before, he was depressed and emotional, because he and mina had no power or control over this entire situation. dasha manipulated everyone into thinking SHE was the victim for months on end.

now, they finally have power and can prove what she's done thanks to these messages, voice recordings, etc. i'd be happy as fuck too. i'd be making 300 videos proving every single lie. being relentlessly stalked, slandered, and targeted every single day is torture.

when you finally get power over a crazy ass bitch, you go for her throat.

there is no "ignoring" dasha, she isn't a typical middle school bully who gets bored and moves on. she's a goddamn lunatic and it'll take a lot of force and embarrassment to get her to fuck off. i hope he keeps making videos with every ounce of evidence he gets. dasha isn't going to stop hurting people unless she's literally humiliated into a dark corner.

No. 577299

Tbh I would be acting very smug too if I was in his shoes. His girlfriend's abuser was exposed (on a small range since there are still many people unaware of her true colours, but every sane person aware of the drama hates Dasha now) and is still going, embarassing herself. While the part of Dasha still abusing his gf probably causes him stress, the part of Dasha embarassing herself in front of a pretty big audience (his and Mina's followers and everyone on this thread lmao) must be very enjoyable.

Didn't this discussion occur in a previous thread already either (about Edwin being cringy and too much into all this)?

No. 577300

hah, i'm really enjoying the drama too and i don't want it to stop but like i said, the more it escalates the more i find myself not feeling very sympathetic towards edwin, that's all. dasha is horrendous and mina is basically the only true victim in all this, and as time passes you can really see how codependent edwin is. he makes it extremely clear in every video that mina is his girlfriend; he mentions it without fail and multiple times, like she's a trophy. or the only thing that would make him pivotal in the story. it just seems like he's really two-dimensional at times, which is why i see the brainwashing mina tinfoil kinda plausible. mina is clearly into men like cyr (w/o the shitty traits perhaps), not a spineless doormatt like edwin.

No. 577309

Edwin controlling the thread it isnt any different from Dasha doing it.

If it were any other person it would be considered a cow as well but since Edwin is using Mina as shield to use any content of Lolcow to profit then is fine.

Not everyone who doesnt agree with everything Edwin does must be a minion, at this point Edwin is going over and over again with the same content and presented it like new one ( so yes i do find kind of retarded the Anons who say he is providing new receipts since we knew all of this already)

Mina would do so much better on her own and trying to detached from all the toxicity surrounded her (including Edwin)

No. 577322

I don't think he's "controlling" the thread, what should he contribute to it anyways? We all already hate Dasha and are constanly nitpicking her every move lol
Plus I think the receipts shown in his new videos are pretty new? Just because we all already know that Dasha and Cyr are manipulative liars doesn't mean he can't speak about the topic anymore? seeing screenshots of how Cyr talks to Dasha's minions are "new receipts" and exactly what I was looking for in this thread today, not the 12903th post about how ugly Dasha looks in a black wig

I agree tho that not everyone disliking Edwin is a Dasha minion, I think it's more because Edwin's personality can be cringy at times and his looks don't help either imo

No. 577338

yeah he's milking it but i can't blame him. Imagine being in his shoes. Call me petty but if shit goes publicly nuts with someone that has wronged me i would be SO HAPPY and like screaming to everyone: i tooold you so!

She keeps messing things up and giving him receipts… of course he's going to talk about it. She made him look bad, she mocked the hell out of Mina, she humiliate them! let them have revenge. Is not healthy but is a way of getting closure too.

No. 577346

there's a lot of words in here but dashas arms are long like an orangutan damnnnn

No. 577352

It's not closure if he keeps doing it and she mostly hurt and is hurting Mina, not him. Edwin needs to take a break or something cause he's getting back to being a drama whore like he used to be when all this shit started a year or two ago. Other than that, I agree with you. Mina should look into therapy cause it doesn't seem like Dasha is going to stop any time soon.

I don't get why Dasha is still trying to get under Mina's skin, honestly. There are millions of other people who she can imitate, so why continue going after Mina knowing damn well that everyone is watching and she won't be able to play victim? She's retarded as fuck and it only makes her look bad. No one else, just her. She's looking dumb now and she's going to look even worse when this is all over.

No. 577355

the brainwashed part is more like mina had to settle and choose ugly edwin because of her vulnerable state and constantly being with him. you can see in her recent videos how edwin tries to convince the audience they're meant to be or something (when he rants about how he doesn't know mina's vine references). obvs mina is stunning, and i'm not being ugly-shaming i just feel like i've been there like thinking about the person i see constantly: do i like him…?

No. 577374

At this point, to me, Edwin and Mina seem to have already moved past everything; hence the happiness and enthusiasm. (But also agreed to anons who said it's due to the shift in power.)

What they do now is less about them and more about other people.
Dasha and Cyr needs to be outed.
Their friends need to wake up.
All of those who support them need to know about their wrongdoings.

Sure you can see it as "well it's not about them anymore they should just stop this just means they're obsessed."
But if you know you can help the world to see who Dasha and Cyr actually are, why wouldn't you?

No. 577377

ya'll think they're friends don't know? you can just google dasha's name and all the milk appears not to mention they know her irl and must this she is delusional from all the shooping lmao they just choose to ignore and stand by cyr's side plus it's easier to mock attention seeker edwin

No. 577378

The goal is to make as much people understand that what they did, what they do is NOT okay.

People ignoring the milk is the more reason why it's important to keep bringing up these things and shed light to em.

No. 577384

This is when the age gap is really obvious, and it is kind of annoying when Edwin cuts Mina when she is doing a vine reference.

Sorry but that doesnt mean Edwin doesnt give that RealStreamNews vibe

No. 577386

Everyone is not ignoring milk. I still watch every video that Edwin puts out and it's literally the same stuff as usual.
Yes people need to know of Dasha's fuckery, but people aren't ignoring milk if they are sick of the same videos that Edwin keeps putting out. Some people are just bored of it at this point. I'd rather he sue and then give the after milk after suing. Not the same dragged out video where there's little to discuss.

No. 577401

I was referring to anon who said "they know the milk but they choose to ignore."

If it's boring for you, then, the video isn't for you. However, other people might need it.
I think it doesn't matter that we like Edwin or not (for uploading a lot of videos about Dasha and Cyr), what matters is the awareness -and everything that follows it.

But yeah I'm a little conflicted at giving everything away before the suing process ends. I also think it's wiser to keep all the receipts that they have until after the court but idk. It's his choice I guess.

No. 577403

>>577401 hi edwin

No. 577405

Of the original 4, I always saw Edwin as the hero in all this. He's got his flaws, and I do think he milks the drama a little, but overall as a whole, if it wasn't for him, Dasha would have gone completely unnoticed in all this crazy behavior. Mina would have probably been destroyed too. Mentally and emotionally. Maybe even physically from what I've seen.

I think Edwin's next video is kinda unnecessary. It's apparently going to be an interview with Lettie on things, but I don't trust her and I don't think it really matters anymore.

I also don't question Mina's feelings for him. I don't think Edwin is ugly, just too skinny. I don't think he brainwashed her. Matter of fact, I think she's the one who wanted a relationship with him.

I gotta stay on topic here, this is about Dasha. In the new video they did show a Dr. talking about symptoms of NPD and it seems like Dasha's got a lot. But we'll never know for sure until she gets properly diagnosed.

No. 577408

That's what I'm trying to say though. He needs to save all this stuff for court, because in court it looks like petty highschool drama on both sides if he keeps posting the same shit. His factual documentation is fine but the one where he's holding Mina's hand and catching her tears on camera and she's simply repeating the drama is melodramatic and looks silly in court. I tried to explain this last thread and got flamed excessively.
It's not that anons don't wanna see Dasha sued, it's just that these constant videos on nothing/the same subject could be used in a counter sue by Dasha and Cyr. They could bitch that he's harrassing them.
Not only that, it's probably a shit feeling for Mina to have her abuse brought up again and again and again.

No. 577409

I hate the moment Dusha decide to comment on the thread cause now Edwin is free of any criticism
And yes i think the three of them are cows (Dasha, Cyr and Edwin)
At this point the drama looks more like the little gossips you hear around your circle of friends
If it was about awareness then it should be more professional than "She said this and then that" and "I didn't like her before but now I do cause she hate the girl I hate"
There isn't anything left to milk from this
They already said the Letty drama like three o two videos back.

No. 577410

Yeah. He needs to document shit for court but talking to Dasha's ex fans especially a snake like Lettie is not helping his case.
Lettie is just looking for validation and she doesn't care if it's Dasha or Edwin and Mina.
I understand documenting Dasha talking shit to influencers, because it affects Mina's job, but why is he bothering talking to teenage instagram minions?

No. 577421

Because those teenage instagram minions play a huge part in the harassment that Mina and Edwin receive. Grooming young fans who have nothing to do with the situation into flying monkeys, instructing them on how to harass Mina and Edwin and using them as an outlet for her nasty hate spergs… Can you imagine another "celebrity" texting their young fans just to humilate someone they know in real life (and someone who is a stranger to the fans) with racist jokes and sending picture of them in a degrading context like this one >>543684? How fucked up is that? Lettie used to be Mina's friend, so she was used specifically to hurt Mina even more and Dasha contacted other friends of hers trying to dig up dirt.

No. 577423

File: 1537419905746.jpeg (136.85 KB, 549x749, B6A9D4CB-8977-42F4-AB47-2D72BE…)

Alright can we all shut up about who likes Edwin or not and focus on the actual milk?
No one cares about how you dont like him make a thread on him if you want to shit on him so bad

Like i feel Dashas stans are coming in to distract how Cyr and Dasha were exposed again for being manipulative and messing with Lettie’s head. Like Edwin said Lettie was a super fan of Cyr and Cyr was sending messages like this to her. Wether or not Lettie is trustworthy, doesn’t change the fact that Cyr tried to make his number one fan fight his battles for him and then guilt her about how much Dasha loves her and Dasha starts emailing and messaging her about how depressed she is. Dasha doesn’t deserve friends and I hope Lettie learned a valuable life lesson from this.

No. 577429

File: 1537420282391.jpeg (140.27 KB, 579x750, 86A20FC5-6552-46FB-9D2C-589748…)

No. 577430

File: 1537420295293.jpeg (138.57 KB, 579x743, BCF0E9B7-E072-4387-9AB1-F25228…)

No. 577481

I am loving how this milk is showing how intensely fucked up and toxic Dasha and Cyr are. They are perfect for each other, both incredibly mentally deranged.

No. 577511

Stop the Edwin and Mina derailing, nobody cares what you think about them. This thread is about Dasha, do not mention Edwin and Mina to discuss your feelings towards their relationship. Do not use this thread as an excuse to blog about your own abuse. Do not use to thread to keep repeating the same things about Dasha being a skinwalker and an abuser. Stop reiterating the things proven and discussed in the past 2 threads.

Do feel free to cap new instances of skinwalking, new caps, and current events pertaining to Dasha. You can discuss Edwin and Mina if it's relevant to milk.

Most of you have already been warned at this point.

No. 577542

I wonder if Cyr plays a part in Dasha's mental instability tbh. We learned that he recycles the same nonsensical lines on different girls, so he probably started calling her "baby fox" because he's unoriginal as hell. Dasha being who she is latched on to that and wants to be the only one, lashing out at Mina trying to take over her role.

No. 577551

I think it’s safe to say they bring out the worst in each other. Mike is a manipulative sleazy bastard but I don’t think his narc level is on par with Julia’s. He is the reduced fat narc to Julia’s full cream variety. And they both simultaneously feed into each other’s ego and insecurity.

No. 577557

We've been hearing Dasha saying she isn't malicious over and over again.. And I honestly think she never has the intention to be. She just doesn't understand that what she did wasn't right. As we all agree, she has a problem. But a lot of the time these kind of people don't realize they have problems.

Meanwhile, Edwin sees her as being intentionally malicious. He keeps 'exposing' Dasha, giving out receipts, but their truths are different; they can never be in the same page with each other.

Cyr and Mina just keep matters worse by going on board with their significant other, enabling everything.

Do any of you guys know what they can do to fix anything at this point?

No. 577562

Honestly I believe that Edwin and Mina want to be LEFT ALONE. To end all of this, it's pretty simple. Dasha needs to stop fucking dressing like Mina from head to toe and posting it everywhere online. It's literally insane and completely fucked up. Wear blonde hair. Take ANY OTHER hairstyle than curly, short, and black. I don't care if you need to dye it or buy a new wig. Just don't. Look. Like. Mina. You fucking weirdo.

And then Dasha needs to stop making fake accounts and going to pages and talking about how bad Mina looks.

And then that's it! It's over! It's done with! Very simple solution, but the issue is that Dasha is fucked in the head and can't just STOP!

No. 577563

Yes. I can't believe there are people on here lowkey defending Dasha's behavior. She's a grown ass woman, not a child, yet tries to be sneaky and BE Mina (which she obviously could never). The more she tries fuck with people's heads and lives, the worse the consequences in the longrun.
At this point I just hope Edwin and Mina sue her ass and she gets deported or something.

No. 577576

Am I the only person who kinda misses when Dasha and Mina were twinning? They looked great together and seemed super close. Shame all the craziness had to happen

No. 577581

No, because it most likely wasn't genuine. Now that we know what it was really like and what Mina was going through I don't think it's worthy of missing.

No. 577583

dude these jannys need to fucking relax. what kind of shit imageboard culture are you promoting if you’re not allowed to talk about shit related to dasha? no discussions only milky screenshots? nice

No. 577584

^ honestly I did kind of miss them twinning too. At least just the content they put out. I want Dasha and Mina to just make more VIDEOS in general, vlogs and shit, because can't lie, they're super attractive and I love their accents and they are unique - despite one being crazy haha

No. 577587

>And I honestly think she never has the intention to be.
Dude you can't be fucking serious. Stop painting her as an innocent girl who doesn't understand when literally everything she did to Mina and Edwin had nothing but malicious intend.
She said she only pretended to be Mina's friend to destroy her from the very beginning. Getting Edwin kicked out to spite him for telling Mina how Dasha messed with her instagram yada yada you've seen it all. There's hours of proof on how she went out of her way for the past year with the only intention to hurt them and fuck them over.

No. 577593

File: 1537456877881.png (1.34 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180920-172015.png)

This is how she feels about the whole situation

No. 577595

Are you guys serious? They were not twins and it was not cute. Dasha was literally trying to skinwalk Mina whilst ruining Mina’s life and abusing/manipulating her. Dasha photoshops herself INTO Mina and Mina wants nothing to do with her like that so give it a rest.

No. 577596

Just no one wants to read paragraphs of people arguing about if they like edwin and mina and their relationship or not

No. 577597

Im not saying what’s wrong with this photo so she can get better tips on how to edit herself. But she needs an anatomy lesson

No. 577599

Of course she isn’t sorry. I really believe she is loving this drama and attention now. She got so heated yet looked excited with that shock collar rant? It was strange to watch someone smiling under those kind of accusations of animal neglect.
While it is sad to say, she’s likely going to keep doing what she’s doing no matter how many videos are made of her. I don’t think there is anything Mina and Edwin can really do to make her stop other than take legal action. Does anyone know if that’s even happening? What happened to Mina saying she will say things that she didn’t feel comfortable talking about before

No. 577600

lmao it looks like she tried to make their cheap, dirty carpet look more luxurious with that teeny rug

No. 577605

File: 1537458997256.png (1011.28 KB, 750x1334, 3D19F50A-3612-4BEA-A919-5B1145…)

Clearly lurking

No. 577608

She has to be fucking trolling with the Mina skinwalking at this point.

No. 577610

Tinfoil lite, she is lurking and resurrecting looks she knows farmers will immediately associate with Mina, she is trying to make us laugh with her rather than at her. She’s doing it “for the meme”.

No. 577617

I loved the twinning too. I still watch those fun videos sometimes.

No. 577618

maybe one day they'll look back on all the drama and laugh

No. 577623

He's not ugly though. I don't think he's attractive but we're talking about Mina.. a girl who likes skinny guys and reptiles. I think she likes how she looks next to rugged Edwin.

No. 577624

They’ll laugh about the constant abuse and harassment? They’ll laugh about Mina’s passport getting leaked? Sure, Jan.

No. 577639

Learn how to read, Julia.
Your arms look abnormally long, not your hands.

No. 577640

Some of the things she did are legally prosecutable. This is not petty drama but straight up abuse and very obviously already affected Mina's and Edwin's mental health. Edwin started therapy because of this shit. Noone will laugh at this.

No. 577641

I look back on those videos and realized how fucked up the situation actually was. Open your damn eyes anon, the fun was one sided on Dasha’s part. Mina can be cute and twinning with any other curly haired beauty that’s not Julia.

No. 577643

I have a huge problem with her blaming her depression for her shitty behaviour. It is far more complex than being suicidal and depressed. Its surprising that her therapist hasnt told her that her problem might be more complex. >>577430 why cant exactly dasha make the video?? She has almost 200k followers (lets assume all og them are real) she obviously has a platform to speak and people who will blindly follow them. Its just the fact that dasha is so deep in her bullshit she cant get out. She knows that if she makes the video the public (+edwin and mina) will destroy her every argument.

No. 577645

I guess she tried to do a video… it's pretty obvious the Anonymous youtube video was her and in hindsight it makes perfect sense that it popped up around that time. Cyr refused to make the hell of a response video and Lettie's video wasn't recieved the way she thought it would be so she had to do it herself. And as usual she didn't have any points but "Edwin stole the camera", "Dasha is not as evil as you make her to be". She knows very well she doesn't have any proof to back up her version of the story (and she keeps denying and later on admitting the fucked up things she did anyway so why would anyone believe her).

No. 577669

wtf would that video even be. "i hate mina because she may or may not have made fake harassment accounts, ones that still float around my own account but yeah mina made them. anyway because of that i deleted her instagram twice. and then continued to smear her name, contact people that had modelling ties with her, leak her nudes and passport. i also happen to dress and edit myself to look like her to this day. but that's just because i'm suicidal. anyway mina did a lot of things wrong, i think she had feelings for cyr because i got her drunk and asked her that a bunch of times"

yeah ok, like that would work

No. 577681

File: 1537477714509.jpeg (276.69 KB, 1242x2016, 051EE0D6-A78B-41CE-81DB-88324F…)

This is from her recent picture. At this joint, I’m actually really scared. It’s weird that I feel so sorry for her. I really hope she gets the help she needs.

No. 577683

Tbh at this point there is no turning back for her. She is aware of all the things she has done and no video can fix it, she surely isnt stupid but very tactical. She could apologise genuinely though but we all know she wont swallow her pride. Besides even if she did apologise i dont think she would be forgiven considering how much shit she has done. She could have stopped when she threw them out of the apartment but she choose not to.

No. 577883

I was literally going to say that carpet is so disgusting and cheap (had to tear that shit our of our own place it's specifically made so it hides dirt/doesn't need as much vaccuming ew julia wyd), and i have a feeling it's on the apartment landing/public area again and not in a bedroom in their flat. like wasn't she hanging like a sloth from the railing of her apartment complex stairway? i'm imagining her with a robe and a $12 fake sheepskin from kmart meant for babies bedrooms at 3am, quickly throwing both down in case someone came while Cyr snapped a photo, then she ran back to facetune and photoshop the ever loving fuck out of it. all while desperately trying to wear her bf's cuter, nicer, funnier ex girlfriend's skin and using fake accounts to fellate herself online.
mina and edwin aside, julia is enough milk that we might need a fuckin ark soon anons

No. 577886

I can't imagine what it must be like to have absolutely no self identity, no personality, no original fashion sense, no uniqueness.. I mean to have to steal it from other girls that are a million times hotter than you, must be exhausting to keep up with and fail miserably at the same time. All while having no friends and a boyfriend that doesn't give a shit about you. This doesn't just effect Mina (not that she really cares much anymore) but it also effects the fans that they manipulate into doing their dirty work as well. Poor Cyr having to deal with Dasha, he's thrown away his possible YouTube career and some great opportunities for that fat Russian bitch. I wonder if he thinks of Mina when he fucks Dasha and that's why he doesn't have sex with her. Not enough photoshoop or stealing people's identity will fix her fugly face and terrible eyebrows. Cyr should put that shock collar around Dashas neck and shock her everytime she tries to look like someone else or photoshoops herself into a smack addicted prostitute maybe that will train her to be a better human.

No. 577893

i'll never understand how someone could cheat on a nice and pretty girl, cut ties with a friend of about ten YEARS and fuck up their own youtube career just to be with someone who is obsessed with and harasses ur ex, skinwalks her and pretty much does nothing but instagram all fucking day

now he hides himself from the internet despite social media being his career and lies to all his youtuber friends for them to shield him from any criticism

like he's almost 30 years old and would still rather fuck up his reputation and life than just confront his problems and talk to his ex friend or ex gf lmao just because his gf is too narcissistic to ever admit she could be in the wrong and he's her fucking lap dog

Cyr is so fucking pathetic

No. 577894


Well remember, Cyr was buddies with Onion for a long time, too, and he's… well, you know. Maybe someone nice like Mina reminds him what a scumbag he is, but being around fucked up people makes him feel more ok about being the loser he is? idk just a thought

No. 577911

Nah more like he's a little faggot soyboy with no balls. Julia wears the pants. If Dasha had been as quiet and easy to manipulate as Mina, he would have cheated on her by now.
He has no spine, he wouldn't dare break up or cheat on Dasha, he's too scared.

No. 577928

File: 1537544850771.jpeg (152.93 KB, 1163x769, 2519EF36-CAF2-46CE-A9E0-02EB14…)

>edwin, A MEXICAN
>edwin’s people
Lmfao, this bitch! I guess the urge to throw shade at Edwin was more important than the loving/caring act she was putting on.

>I never told anyone to harass Mina! I would NEVER say that! Or maybe I’m wrong, maybe I did say that but…blahblahexcuses

Oh yes you did Yulia!

Ew. The desperation. When nobody wants you irl so you spend hours shooping to receive fake compliments…

No. 577934

Has anyone considered closing down this thread? I feel like the Dasha discussion is fuelling the fire.

No. 577935

File: 1537548120124.png (1.43 MB, 750x1334, 7A8D4686-603A-4D99-95E0-675F43…)

No. 577936

She was so blatantly racist about the Mexican music on that recording. I don’t understand how she still has followers. It’s so gross how she made Lettie and her other little minions to photoshop and make memes of Mina and the moment one of them starts to feel bad about it she gaslights them and crys depression. It’s sick.

No. 577939

File: 1537548607830.jpeg (156.26 KB, 750x869, 76DE57E0-FC7F-4702-8F1C-6FFCAB…)

So she took advice from a trianer that suggested a shock collar and thought a vibrating one was any better? Just train your dog the command to be quiet it’s not that hard. I have a chihuahua that did the same thing and it only took a week or two for him to learn to not bark wthout a collar like that.

No. 577941


This is grotesque. Yulia, dogs bark. Especially at doors and gates, that's just their thing. If you think a dog that does dog noises is unberable, get a fucking turtle instead.

No. 577942

Not to sperg about dog training but it's basically the same thing as a shock collar. Using negative reinforcement to train your dog because you're too lazy or inconsistent to train them properly.

No. 577950

she has to be doing this on purpose her mouth looks so weird

No. 577958

Again, I think it's very telling as there have been many, many, many claims of Julia being mean or abusive towards her dog. I've never met a trainer who recommends shock or vibrating collars, and even if one did recommend it to her she should of found another trainer who uses more humane and efficient methods. That being said I just don't believe Julia, my bet is she got frustrated with the dog barking (cause thats what they do, dogs bark) and got a shock collar instead of attempting to train the poor thing.
Sorry for the slight sperg it just pisses me right off when I see "vegans" outrightly treating their animals like shit.

No. 577960

File: 1537555066992.png (21.41 KB, 91x100, Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at 2.35…)

What the hell is happening here? She looks like she's in pain when she smiles, maybe it's just her lip fillers or botox but whatever it is it looks fucking creepy

No. 577966


>he makes it extremely clear in every video that mina is his girlfriend; he mentions it without fail and multiple times, like she's a trophy.

Because it's the only thing Edwin has to boast about. He's seriously punching, he's fug as shit

inb4 "hi Dasha" but y'all know it's true

No. 577967

>>577966 why are you so on on edwin? This isnt a thread for edwin its for DASHA!

No. 577980

Yeah but this is an image board, which is used for discussion. Let the discussion flow organically… seriously it's so autistic to knit pick constantly.. which was never the case when we had the one dude farmhand before… now it seems to be a bunch of power trip wimmin or something idk

No. 578018

Oh noes, someone boasting about being in love. He's the only one who has ever done that. Truly worth the rage.

No. 578027

File: 1537565667672.jpg (1.89 MB, 2560x1920, 18-09-21-17-34-06-069_deco.jpg)


No. 578034

No one but you wants to discuss Edwin anymore. Please stop.

No. 578035

She’s definitely doing it on purpose at this point. It’s annoying how she can get away with this blatant skinwalking to fuck with Edwin and Mina.

No. 578037

i think ya'll looking too much into finding something mina-lika

i think maybe she's now gonna go for the vintage aesthetic lmao mina didn't invented it tho and honestly she's not doing a great job at it too

No. 578039

>>578034 can we just relax about the not allowing to talk about edwin? it's not like we're making this thread all about him

No. 578040

How can't she see how ugly she looks.
I wonder how she feels everytime she's shooping herself until she thinks she looks as good as Mina.

No. 578042

Besides the dress, there's almost nothing in common. This feels like a reach.

No. 578050

Thats reaching
But she does look like shit tho kek she doesnt even look like herself, she should put to rest those filters cause they look tagy af.

This thread become really boring since is only legal to talk about Cyr and Dasha (Cyr doesnt even post anything milky), Edwin was and still is a cow -
No, i dont stand Dasha, just because im not balls deep for Edwin doesnt mean im in her side neither any other anon who does have an opinion with facts about him.

No. 578064

People need to leave Edwin alone !! He’s never done anything as malicious and psychopathic as Dasha has. Edwin and Mina are clearly the victims in this. focus on their abuser and only cow here

No. 578065

What does people think Lolcow is? A SJW or somethings like that? Go say that shit on PULL

No. 578069

Go make an Edwin thread then. See how well that goes.

No. 578089


also, these threads used to be about all of them.

No. 578090

I never thought about how Lettie used to be Mina's real life friend… imagine one of your old friends back from home ganging up with your abuser (even though they don't even know each other in real life) just to harass you after you leave a toxic situation. Ultimate betrayal.

No. 578096

Has anybody noticed the fact that not even her choice of Dog was original? During the time she was hanging out with Caroline (aka sickbrain) and copying her, she got the same fucking dog as her! Her head must be so empty of free thinking.

No. 578158

File: 1537587944480.png (Spoiler Image,569.94 KB, 538x618, Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at 23.4…)

What I'm gathering from recent autism is that this thread is now only for Dasha and Cyr.
Guess making an Edwin/Mina thread on /snow/ is a solution, kinda like with Venus and Margo.

Pic related is honestly kinda grossing me out so I spoilered it. SFW, just Trasha's awful brows. Do microbladed brows always look this shite up close or???

No. 578164

and the threads changed subject distinctly, here: >>>/pt/519998

No. 578173

Does anyone know where the video that Lettie supposedly made is? Or did she take it down? Did anyone get to see it by any chance?

No. 578174

it's in thread #8

No. 578180

She's live on Twitch with Cyr https://www.twitch.tv/cyr

No. 578184

wew this is awful
haggard Mike is attempting edgelord humour and Julia who keeps fiddling with her beret is squawking off to the side but the microphone only picks up shrill noise

No. 578187


they are so uninteresting

No. 578215


she already had a chihuahua before she even went to the states tho. It's on some old picture with her.

No. 578230

Dasha gives me major racist white woman vibes. Mina might be white-passing because she’s half-white and North-African people can also be fair-skinned but the fact she’s essentially skinwalking a non-white woman speaks volume and makes it even more uncomfortable. Adding to the fact she can’t help but point out the ethnic background of people she doesn’t like and randomly throwing Sieg Heils, of course.

No. 578236

Dasha is a racist cow but calling mina a, "non-white" person is inaccurate on so many levels. She IS white. Half. And dasha skinwalking her isn't a race thing it's a creepy psychotic thing.She isn't culturally appropriating shit in that regard - she's just a loser.

No. 578240

File: 1537615894567.png (791.03 KB, 1281x1054, Screenshot_20180922-174415~2.p…)

No. 578242

it was kinda depressing to watch how Mike and Julia are as a couple. like even though Julia has insane narcissistic problems, Mike is a grade a douchebag. I feel like all of this is her way of trying to please him and keep him (not excusing her of her fucked up behaviour here, just a thought) he kinda acts like he's about to toss her any second? And like she's struggling to keep him impressed and hers??

tinfoil but mike doesn't seem so whipped as he might be, I think he's a cowardly douchebag who might be a lot more manipulative than anyone thinks

No. 578246

I don't even really care but like lol 'some old picture' is super vague.

No. 578254

I think this is more accurate than Dasha simply being a domineeeing cunt. Not that she isn't, but Michael is a manipulative serpent himself. They deserve each other's soul-sucking, toxic energy.

No. 578256


6 views? sad.

No. 578260

File: 1537624610112.jpg (389.04 KB, 1080x1679, IMG_20180922_095534.jpg)

Fucking idiot.

No. 578271

why does she have a picture of elvis next to the caption "put your head on my shoulder" on her recent story? when that song is by paul anka, not elvis? i've never been more triggered in my life

No. 578275

File: 1537632538861.png (1.2 MB, 1334x750, 178EFAF4-7101-4FE9-858D-4DDCA8…)

Can’t take time to make a video defending himself and his oh so depressed girlfriend but can drink and make boring tryhard commentary on stream for four hours straight

No. 578276

In the "speedrun cooking stream" (https://www.twitch.tv/videos/313146744) there's a point 29-31 min in where their dog starts barking. Even before that, you can tell she's getting annoyed at Cyr for "causing" the dog to bark. Dasha rolls her eyes and leaves the stream. Cyr gets noticeabley confused. In a short moment, you can see how much Dasha hates her dog, but gets moody at Cyr for it. lmao It's also awkward because they don't seem to talk to each other??

No. 578280

Wow. Cyr isn’t funny, but he’s trying to be… and Trash just rolls her eyes and gets so annoyed with him. Seems like he can tell that she’s growing irritated and he actually looks a bit scared of her. He must be walking on eggshells constantly…

No. 578282

omfg just train that damn dog, so you don't have to be so fuckin annoyed trasha.
Who gets themselves a dog if they can't stand the barking? Didn't she have a chihuahua?
Whats wrong with her

No. 578283

What isn't wrong with her?

No. 578293

Cyr definitely keeps quiet and doesn't defend Dasha publicly because he wants to come across as the "more nature, not drama-seeking and above it all" one (which fits his and Dasha's "they made so many videos on us so it's not valid" narrative). That's why I actually liked the new video on the Lettie thing, it shows that Cyr is definitely everything else but "above the drama", but a manipulative cuck and weirdly dominated by Dasha (despite him being 28 years old, the only reason she can stay in the US and not too attached to his girlfriends in general lol). It's so irritating to see how the majority of comments on his social media is still positive while Dasha gets all the backlash and has to delete comments everyday.

No. 578296

Agreed. They’re both just as guilty and them not making a video and dragging Lettie into doing it for them, knowing she was just a lapdog, makes them look so incredibly guilty. Cyr looks so pathetic in all of this moreso than edwin. At least edwin has the balls to stand up for himself and his girl.

No. 578306

File: 1537642589023.jpg (343.89 KB, 1120x1604, cringeystream.jpg)

No. 578323

this is grasping at straws and not milky at all. how does she look annoyed at the dog? how does cyr look scared of her? they were clearly joking around. i get talking about retarded things she actually does but she's really not even doing anything here.

No. 578330

I know this is old drama but I forget, I was watching the first videos when Edwin was kicked out but they never address the fake accounts. Was it proven it was Dasha?(spoonfeeding)

No. 578338

Nah you give him too much credit, he doesn't care about coming across as mature.
Remember Edwin's conversation with piddleass where she confirmed that Julia used to brag about pretending to be Mina's friend to destroy her?
screenshot here: >>396045
>I asked why he was okay with that and it's fucked up and he said they fight a lot so he just keeps quiet
Keeping quiet and turning a blind eye on everything she does has been his strategy from the very beginning and he stuck with it until today.

No. 578341

File: 1537646904704.jpg (21.19 KB, 251x379, johnny depp 2018.jpg)

>he looks like Johnny Depp

No. 578343

I just don't understand, her body isn't really fat at all but her face is so chubby and bloated looking. She has a face of someone 40kg heavier. Is it just unfortunate bone structure or can something cause just your face to bloat?

No. 578345

I like how the texture of the rug suddenly looks stretched out and elongated around her waist

No. 578346

Dude these empty, lifeless eyes…

No. 578348

File: 1537648380518.jpeg (1.52 MB, 1200x1598, 2A696CC6-4A6C-4419-AFAA-5F6FC0…)

No. 578349


It's possible she binges and purges. There are people with rounder faces, tho. Could be nothing.

No. 578350

File: 1537648793472.jpg (352.63 KB, 750x933, uri_mr1537648652514.jpg)

I reverse photoshopped this pic. Gurl we know your titties ain't perky, we have seen you braless in various vids.

Does anybody have her ask.fm screenshots or archived website?(lurk moar)

No. 578353

It's the hairstyle that makes things worse as well. Shoulder-length hair with lots of volume around your face like curles and waves will make your face appear broader, long sleek hair makes it appear longer and slimmer. That's why the long blonde hair looked so much better on her. Mina's hairstyle will never suit her.

No. 578355

This is quality

Cyr is acting silly which makes the dog bark. He says “sorry, sorry, sorry” cuz he realizes something (either him or the dog) has pissed her off. She rolls her eyes and sighs multiple times and then leaves the stream for like 15 minutes. He even tried to stop her but she pulls away and storms off.

I love seeing how shitty they are together.

No. 578360

File: 1537650496413.png (1.28 MB, 1080x1503, Screenshot_20180922-160514~2.p…)


No. 578361


Holy headlight nipples, Batman!

I feel bad for girls whose nipples are so close together like that lmao

No. 578363

They must've moved to a different (cheaper?) apartment since Cyr's twitch streams show this carpet is in their living room.

No. 578365

I think her juicy tits looks scrumptious(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 578372

that's the problem that comes with all the amount of shooping these instagram "models" do. imagine people constantly complimenting u for feautures u don't even have.. u probably start to hate ur real body & face or to confuse how u look irl with ur image on social media, thinking everything u shoop and receive compliments for is "real" (then u preach "body positivity" and "loving urself" on social media…)
that's why these girls get so defensive over shooping and surgery, while also claiming that there's "nothing wrong with it"

No. 578378

it looks like she sucked a cup to her face and it's left a giant ring lol i've never seen such deep lines go all the way down to somebody's chin at 22-23 before

No. 578381

her face is shaped like pita bread. does she really think anyone over the age of 13 believes she looks like this?

No. 578393


No one cares you fucking neckbeard. Tell it to your body pillow.

No. 578397

I don't know a whole lot about lip fillers but is it possible her fillers wasndered around and spread to other areas? Because jfc, it looks like her whole mouth area is inflated

No. 578504

kek, I don’t think fillers work that way, anon. She does have some spectacular grandma tier nasolabial folds for an alleged early twentysomething

No. 578515

File: 1537677098426.png (560.71 KB, 750x1334, 26753DE9-DD1B-4BB2-A305-1ABD92…)

No. 578518

File: 1537677292875.png (1.07 MB, 750x1334, DFE9A771-724A-47BA-86E3-DC1DC7…)

This girl really has too much time on her hands to be doing this kind of nonsense.

No. 578529

Tinfoil desu: this is an attempt to show everything that “see? I’m not illegal guize, I’m leaving the country!” and the trip will conveniently get cancelled. Either that or she’s going on a one way ticket because New Zealand is the ass end of the world where they don’t care if you’re illegal because no one in their right mind would want to live there anyway.

No. 578538

She'll get busted on exiting the US at the border so she won't leave the country unless she has her visa situation sorted out in some way - or is doing a permanent runner.

No. 578555

That’s what I meant by “one way ticket”. Maybe she has finally conceded that she’ll never be a successful ~model~ and refuses to get a job in order to fund her DTLA lifestyle so she’s running away to buttfuck nowhere where no one knows who she is (or so she thinks).

No. 578587

inb4 she joins a love quadrangle with Logan, Dorian and Isa.

No. 578590

File: 1537699974585.jpg (1.58 MB, 2000x3000, _ERD0421.jpg)

i don't know why she does so much to disguise her natural face shape … italian model massima desire has some similar features i think, or maybe i'm just confused by the eyebrows?

No. 578591

File: 1537700015405.jpg (888.33 KB, 2000x3000, _ARC0504.jpg)

No. 578594

Not even close

No. 578595

Yeah, no. But I’ll have some of what you’re smoking, anon. Julia wishes she looked like this. Massima has that unconventional high fashion aesthetic that Julia can’t pull off, it has been proven time and time again that she looks her best when she’s a basic blonde bitch who belongs in a k mart catalogue

No. 578640

How're you gonna say an Austrian born, pale skinned, blond haired, blue eyed psycho looks italian? Genetically and physically they aren't that similar.
That model looks italian/Mediterranean… not eastern European like Dasha tf

No. 578648

The video with Lettie will be up tomorrow according to Edwin‘s twitter. I think it‘s good that they met and talked it out face to face like adults. Usually i‘d say this is something that shouldn‘t be on video but i‘m also really curious on what she has to say.

No. 578650

I think it's about the wide face/nose and the ugly eyebrows.
She wishes she'd look eastern european. She just looks like a typical fat cunt from austria.

No. 578668

Dasha has a dumb looking slavic fish wives face.

No. 578672

I hope it is eyeopening for both Lettie and Mina. They were both in some way manipulated by dasha and hopefully Mina gets closure about their friendship. While I don’t think Lettie is innocent and was weirdly obsessed with Cyr, Cyr and Dasha took full advantage of that.

No. 578718

Looking foward. I kinda of like Lettie at this point. She's owning her shit and that is a lot, especially considering we are talking about Dasha who seems to be incapable to own any tiny portion of her own actions.

No. 578844

No matter what happens, I still won't like Lettie. I'm just imagining being in Mina's shoes and have a friend betray me like that. Maybe I'd be able to forgive her but I would keep her at a safe distance.

No. 579208

File: 1537774003665.jpeg (1.86 MB, 1200x1598, 75254E47-934A-4F3C-8B6D-D23962…)

She just posted this picture where she shooped her lips into how Mina usually does her pout in her recent pics. We all know how botched your lips actually are Julia

No. 579222

The pic in the top right is what I see at the foot of my bed when I have sleep paralysis

No. 579228

her lips are the oddest thing ever, in the livestream she was stuffing her face and trying to talk at the same time and it was like seeing a blowup doll trying to communicate for the first time.
also if you look closely at her teeth…did she literally photoshop them to look similar to mina's crooked front one? i better be tripping because skinwalking is one thing but teethtraipsing is not something i signed up for

No. 579255

why does she pretend she has a V-shaped chin? the only people i know that do that to their chins are korean people and koreaboos

No. 579259

File: 1537797029861.jpeg (207.58 KB, 750x1051, E7D4FE6D-C255-40B0-9A1C-EE59D3…)


she naturally has a slight crooked front tooth but she used to shoop herself to have a gap ???? only for like two pics

No. 579261

jesus christ, even this looks better than the michael jackson shit.
julia for the love of god ditch the crusty disgusting brown pseudo-mina wigs and go back to blonde.

No. 579286

I think she posts these skin walking pics to deceive people into thinking Mina is the one copying. Dasha probably thinks her followers are too lazy to investigate on who uploaded first.

No. 579348

Dude.. Austria is Eastern European therefore Dasha is…. stop derailing with random pics and geographical misinformation. I know no one cares but some of you anons are brain dead

No. 579351

Yeah but then you gotta look at the pluggednyc shoot when her hair was completely fried. She needs to just leave it alone lol but she won't take any advice, she's idiotically vain

No. 579356

I think she only looks better here because we can't really see her face and her nose is pretty much gone except for her nostrils.

No. 579368

Austria is central Europe you dumb fudge, look at a map and learn history. Austria is not considered e.europe.
My reasoning: I live in europe and have eyes.

No. 579409

No. 579418


Who cares? I though the thing were people keep discussing cow's ethnicity like a bunch of crazy neonazis was restricted to the tradwifes making DNA tests to prove they're 'european'

That's not even interesting, it's boring and kinda of sad.

No. 579425

Omg im so annoyed that hes milking it into two parts AGAIN

No. 579429

File: 1537824292988.png (1.33 MB, 1177x796, dsc.png)

>Confronting my hater….brought to you by Dollar Shave Club!!
I literally lol'd
I do get the vibe that Mina is genuine and non-confrontational and anxious about everything. So having her do this for those hot youtube bucks seems….manipulative. Even if it's based off of Shane and Mina says she wants closure.

No. 579431

my sympathy for Edwin and Mina is starting to fade with every video. they really are milking the situation.

No. 579456

How? I think it’s important for them to get the story out. Mina was abused by Dasha. I am proud of Mina for speaking up about her story because it takes a lot of courage to publicly confront your abuser. It’s not something most victims are able to do. Most develop unhealthy coping mechanisms and internalize the abuse, but Edwin is so supporting of Mina and is allowing her the avenue to speak up knowing she has his backing and support. A victim doesn’t speak up if they don’t feel supported, and I think it’s great she is spreading her story.

No. 579457

File: 1537826805374.png (558.07 KB, 828x459, Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 4.48…)

Eh, I mean, I get it. These are probably his most popular videos recently. Isn't this his first time getting sponsored? I kind of felt that way too when I first saw the video pop up, but when I watched it it almost seems more like it's giving that girl a platform to speak on. I feel bad for her, especially when she said that offhanded thing about like "I didn't see your perspective because like…Cyr would never see me that way, so it wasn't something I had to consider". Just makes it seem like she had real feelings for Cyr and he and Dasha just used that to manipulate her and keep her on their side. I mean if she started watching him when she was 13 until 20, that's more than just some cute internet guy you have a teenage crush on. It's nice that they actually had a civilized discussion about it, in contrast to Dasha's crazy back alley drama, and she didn't try to deny or skirt around the shady stuff she did. It feels more grownup than anything Dasha's done.

However, this perspective is terrible. He couldn't have gotten Mina to hold the camera while he talked to her face to face? Or just be heard off-screen? I guess we needed to see him tear up.

No. 579460

I think it’s important for them to get the story out but this was unnecessary and also waaay too inspired by shane, even the editing and the music.

No. 579461

(Sry samefag) It's also a bummer cause he must have really fucked with her self esteem for her to think that someone like Cyr was unattainable and the only way he would pay attention to someone like her is if she shit talked Edwin and Mina. Like I think she's pretty cute personally? Her face is a little Dove Cameron-ish and she doesn't seem that far off from Mina style-wise.

Basically if she luved herself she would realize that her standards should be way higher than Cyr. Though maybe that is what happened.

No. 579469

What is wrong with him taking inspiration from Shane? As I was watching this video, I wanted to see him do more videos of this variety, but not of the Cyr and Dasha drama. I felt for them in this episode, and I think it’s fun and interesting to watch. If Shane can do it, why can’t Edwin? I love these documentary style videos that Shane has made popular on YouTube again.

I’m so tired of people not talking about milk and instead saying they don’t care for Edwin and Mina. Okay, whatever, but this is suppose to be a place to actually discuss milk that came out, not just ‘do u like edwin or nah? lol’. I checked for interesting comments on the last video that uploaded (that had actual milk) but instead this entire thread was just filled with “BUT EDWIN BUT MINA.”

I digress, I liked this video, but Lettie is driving me insane. I don’t trust her at all. She didn’t own up to a single shitty thing she did. Instead, she blamed almost everything on Dasha, but it isn’t all because of Dasha, you are a grown ass women and you should know better. To be quite frank, I think she’s incredibly unloyal and she’ll turn on someone as quick as this thread does.

Not to mention, at one point she was talking about how the entire chat would mock Mina and she was saying that she just wanted to go help her with her makeup, not necessarily make fun of her but she did that because of Dasha. One, how pathetic are you that you’ll be willing to ignore your own morals and bully someone because of an influencer? Two, she doesn’t need help with her makeup. She can experiment however she wants. She doesn’t do her makeup based on what looks perfect to you, Lettie.

I just hate those ‘I’m a feminist and I’m body positive types’ that will turn around and say, “Wow? You’re doing your makeup unconventionally. It looks bad. I just want to fix it.’

Insanity, I’m guessing no one here really trusts Lettie, but I felt so bad for Mina & Edwin and I wish she would own up for her own actions without placing all the blame on Dasha. She’s so fickle. I think they should forgive her, but not forget and keep her at a distance. She’ll turn her back on them the second it benefits her.

Also, I think that one reason she turned on Mina is because she was jealous of her relationship with Cyr. Seriously, if I were friends with Mina and Cyr cheating on her, stan or not, I would see him for what he is - a disgusting person. It makes sense that Mina would keep her distance and not talk to her as much. I would do the same. She clearly has issues.

Her boyfriend was with her, as well? If I heard my significant other was bullying and hurting people like Lettie did and is so unintelligent and easy manipulated, I would lose feelings for them quick. What do you guys think?

No. 579478


Thank you for bringing up Lettie's shady behavior! I don't trust her at all, and her reasoning was very weak. Her trying to deflect everything to Dasha and Cyr became frustrating after awhile.

If I were Mina I would keep my distance 100%. I pretty much agree with all your points.

No. 579480

File: 1537830282779.png (737.78 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180925-000219.png)

No idea if my this has actually worked because I've never posted an image before but honestly how wild

No. 579481

And yes I'm an obvious newfag lol

No. 579482

Not really worth the watch imo. Nothing new is learned, it's just kind of awkward confrontation and deflection. His next video might be more interesting if they get more into details.

No. 579495

Lettie was shady as hell in this video. It's clear that she only crossed sides to get closer to Dasha and Cyr, but she tries to wave everything away as if Dasha had a gun to her head. The way she talked about the makeup was so damn transparent, when she says "oh, it was just sometimes your eyeliner was smudged and i wanted to help you". She doesn't own up to a thing and acts innocent the whole time.

No. 579499

I think they handled this very well. Even though many things Lettie said are majorly fucked up, they just listen to her and try to understand her point of view. Not once do they shame her or put her down.
You can tell both Mina and Edwin are genuinely hurt and at times poor Mina looks like she is torn between being absorbed by a black hole of betrayal and hurt feelings and wanting to give Lettie a good punch in the face… but she just swallows it and nods Lettie's words off.

As expected it all boils down to Lettie valuing attention from Julia and Cyr more than being a decent human being. And lbr she enjoyed poking fun at the girl she was jealous of just as much. I really hope having to look Mina and Edwin in the eyes after all this and how respectful and mature they were will double the feelings of guilt.

Ultimately I think it's good they uploaded a video with Lettie's side, because in the end all those flying monkeys who have nothing to do with the situation are driven by the same thing: attention and approval of Cyr and Julia. You'd hope this might reach some of them but they probably lack the self-awareness.

No. 579508

File: 1537834075401.png (965.06 KB, 942x785, jealous.png)

I don't understand where you guys are getting this from? She never denies she did any of the things she's accused of, she doesn't even interrupt or try to justify things when Edwin and Mina are taking about their feelings, she just sits there and lets them tell her how her actions hurt them. Basically the first thing she says to Mina is "I was a real cunt". Also "Seeing you makes me feel bad for everything that I did" not "I feel bad for the things Dasha made me do"


She straight up says she was jealous.


Edwin confronts her about leaking a conversation the two of them had, and she admits she did. She lets Edwin say his piece on it and really can't come up with any reason why she did it.


Mina asks if she was one of the people that would make fun of her makeup and if there was a group chat just for talking shit about them, and she says yes. I agree that the comment about wanting to fix her makeup is kind of weird, but she's basically gone the entire video admitting in a larger sense that she was part of it. I can see where having to get specific and say like "hey I said you were ugly" to that person's face could cause her to fumble a little bit.

>she blamed everything on Dasha

This seems like a silly thing to pick out to me. Again, she never denies anything she does, she just explains that everything she did was to be in Cyr and Dasha's good graces. Even Edwin and Mina asking her "why did you keep doing it then?!" seems dumb to me. It's clear that Dasha is manipulative and emotionally abusive, why would that only apply to Mina and not Lettie?

That's like saying "I can't believe people blame Charles Manson for the Tate murders instead of the brainwashed cult members who did it! They're just using Manson as a scapegoat for their actions!". Like….yeah, even if he didn't do it himself, he's the reason it was done. If Manson hadn't manipulated those people, they probably wouldn't have killed anyone. Lettie was friends with Mina first, if Dasha didn't come into her life she wouldn't have turned against Mina? Their friendship probably would have just tapered off into nothing.

>She’ll turn her back on them the second it benefits her

I don't think this is true either. I don't think she's even trying to jump ship completely and be best friends with Edwin and Mina. She obviously didn't have to contact Edwin and Mina with those screenshots, I can only assume she did that because she felt bad. She could have just blocked Cyr and Dasha and left the whole situation completely. If she was trying to get on Edwin and Mina's good sides, why would she admit to what she did and send them the screenshots that show her being shitty as well? She could have just denied it all and sent screenshots of just Dasha being shitty.

Also as shown in that other video with the screenshots, Cyr and Dasha both harassed her with attempts to try and manipulate her back to them, Cyr basically saying that Dasha loved her and talked about her all the time and she was Dasha's only friend and Dasha was losing it now that she was gone. If all she cared about was what benefitted her, why would she do any of that? Why wouldn't she just go back then when they were begging and pleading with her?

No. 579510

Lettie definitely did some messed up stuff, and she does seem to be taking things lightly in this video (smiling, laughing, saying "I was a real see you next tuesday" rather than something like "look I was really an asshole for no good reason, and I'm incredibly sorry because you both didn't deserve it") but at the end of the day, she handed over all the receipts and that says a lot. I think it's just an awkward video…and also I wonder why they did it in a public place??

No. 579514

File: 1537834583969.jpg (5.19 KB, 246x205, rEjwdjf.jpg)

Lettie is obviously a fucking NPC. Never gives a good reason for her behavior and her harassment for over a year, this is pretty scary.
>It's clear that Dasha is manipulative and emotionally abusive
Here we go again, Dasha wasn't the only hand in this. Lettie was Dasha's number 1 doormat and she "abused" mina and edwin just as much simply because dasha told her to.

No. 579516

>NPC argument
can this fucking die already thanks

No. 579517

I just kind of took that as nervous/uncomfortable laughter. She wasn't joking or smiling when they were talking about their feelings. It's an uncomfortable situation for everyone.


You've obviously never been in an abusive relationship. That doesn't just happen overnight. Especially if she had been a fan of Cyr for 6+ years and was basically given a direct line to her idol via his girlfriend and wanted to keep that connection.

No. 579518

Damn anon you're right. If I lusted over wallmart Johnny Depp for 6 years I'd be able to harass and abuuuuse people online and justify it by claiming I was a poor victim while I made countless petty memes.

No. 579523

File: 1537835782504.jpg (30.32 KB, 660x371, _100426328_gettyimages-5344539…)

Why do you think looks have anything to do with manipulation or brainwashing? Aum Shinrikyo was a gross motherfucker and he got people to pay him money to drink his used bathwater

No. 579528

Isn't the reason Lettie seems to take things lightly in the video that they all already talked it out in private? Just a thought

I see Lettie as a sketchy person who betrayed an IRL friend because of petty feelings/jealousy, and also as slightly opportunistic, but on the other hand, the fact that she pretty much grew up idolizing Cyr … it paints her in a different light to me, especially seeing how her "idol"
spoke to her

I think the videos have humanized her a bit, since she really just came across as a unfaithful opportunistic bitch before, but seeing her being sweet-talked by her idol and his gf and being shamed and made responsible for Dasha's "depression/suicidal thoughts" made her more "understandable" (but it's certainly NO excuse for her actions at all, she still did something horrible she had to apologize for)

No. 579532

Also keep in mind that Lettie is 20 now, meaning she was a teen when Cyr and Dasha started interacting with her, it's not a surprise that a teen would easily be manipulated by someone who's essentially been her crush for half a decade, and come to her senses as she gets older. I understand seeing her as sketchy, weak, etc., but saying she's manipulating Mina and Edwin sounds like a reach. It's more likely she just feels bad and wants Mina back in her life.

No. 579536

Lettie decided to look past Cyr's shitty behavior and take his side over Mina's long before she got added to the groupchat by Dasha though.
If I remember correctly Cyr and Mina broke up because he cheated on her with Dasha. Who keeps being such a stan for someone who cheated on your friend? This was a conscious decision and not manipulation.

I also think it was really selfish to criticize Mina for "pushing her away" after the breakup with Cyr happend. When your friend is going through such a hard time it's obvious that you're not the center of attention for once, especially if you say you don't know how to help cause you can't relate anyway? Of course Mina would connect with people that could relate and that could help her to find closure. I don't get it.

No. 579538

going back to the livestream cyr and dasha did-

it's wild to see the difference in their vibes. when they did vlogs with edwin and mina, they seemed happier and funnier. their behavior is so dark and awkward now, like they hate each other and don't know how to act on camera or with one another anymore.

No. 579542

This whole situation is just annoying at this point. Are Dasha or Cyr even going to address this? Or is she just going to hide and sneak for the rest of her 'career'. Girl, you're nuts and you got caught. Fess up, grow up, and move on.
As for Lettie I don't think Mina is missing out on anything by not being friends with her. She back stabbed someone she knew irl so she could talk to a Youtuber she thought was cute… really? I bet she thought she might've had a chance with him since he flew Mina out and they are from the same area. I feel a little bad because she was used and manipulated by D&C but that doesn't change the fact that she is untrustworthy.

No. 579545

Exactly. And who is going to confide in a 'friend' that is texting & dming their ex who cheated on them..

No. 579546

Mte she was jealous of Mina and that jealousy fueled her doing what she did, making fun of Mina and getting closer to Dasha. It was all because she was into Cyr originally. Yes she was manipulated in a lot of ways but without the Cyr crush I don’t think it would have happened as it did.

She’s still young so she has room to grow and this video is a start even if a bit opportunistic too as someone’s giving her the platform to clear her name. And she only told Dasha to fuck off after backlash not after a realization on her own it was fucked up. Hope the second video is more of them calling her out

No. 579548

Lettie was manipulated to a point but do you honestly she'd have shown Edwin or Mina those things if Cyr or Dasha genuinely seemed interested in her? They used her for over a year and hardly talked to her about anything other than this drama. If they had actually treated her like a friend and shown interest in her outside of this we wouldn't have those voice chats.

No. 579554

Right, but she was a Cyr stan since she was a kid basically, long before she met Mina too. She was probably convinced that Cyr's other exes were the enemies, and all of the sudden Mina's buddying up to them and not making as much effort with her? And turning against her boy Cyr while this new girlfriend wants to be her new best bud? Makes perfect sense to me.

No. 579558

Just a random little thing: I thought it was really odd and specific that Cyr tried to convince Lettie that the backlash and harassment she received over her video was likely from a group chat (and not from random people on the internet). Makes sense now since it was confirmed that they have their own little groupchat where they constantly humiliate Mina and Edwin.

No. 579601

Yeah, I tend to agree. It’s pretty tedious and there’s no real new milk. Even this “meeting our hater” business is anticlimactic by way of the screen shots and voice messages already being revealed following Lettie’s realisation that crazy Julia and her lapdog Mike were just using her. That said, I am glad that Mina is getting some closure and hopefully gaining some confidence in the process. Even if Edwin is milking it and dragging it out and being a dramawhore in general, it’s still to Mina’s benefit, plus hopefully it will make it increasingly difficult for Julia to get away from the shitstorm she has created for herself short of moving to New Zealand.

No. 579602

Dasha hasn't been around that long. Do people really think 16/17 year olds can't be responsible in the most basic capacity? Nobody held a gun to her head and forced her to make fun of mina's makeup and body. Nobody forced her to harass Mina and Edwin for over a year. Being in on the bangwagon isn't abuse it's just stupidity and a lack of morality.
Nowadays some people on here like to label any cow or calf an abused little delicate thing that can't be held accountable for their actions. Jesus christ, nobody played that card with kaka.

No. 579605

Lettie is a loser. She turned on Mina who was her real life friend for some ig thot she never met and once Dasha got exposed and she started feeling the heat too she turned on Dasha too and went running back to Mina. She’s a backstabber. Dasha is a cunt so idc that their private convos are leaked but it just shows what kind of person Lettie is. She’s not a real friend. Hopefully they’re just using her for information because she’s not the type of friend anyone should have in life.

No. 579628

File: 1537854001209.png (888.82 KB, 750x1334, 22D71119-96CE-4BA1-8459-E569FD…)

She’s likely never going to address any of this. She’s content with just playing Mina dress up and pretending like everything is fine no matter how many videos Edwin makes exposing her and how she manipulates her fans. Her and Cyr are trying to quietly go downhill, so i don’t blame Edwin for making all these videos to continue to taunt them like she taunts Mina.
I hope they talk more about Dasha in the next video.

No. 579629

Did Lettie even say sorry at all in that video? She owned up to some things and she was at least honest about her making fun of Mina and being obsessed with Cyr/being a jealous hater, but something just felt off and not genuine.

No. 579687

>love skiing
>hiking through the mountains

her beret had to be too tight when she posted this

No. 579695

As if she ever leaves the house

No. 579698

vegan hot chocolate…
No vegetarian or Vegan that I have ever known including myself writes like this.
Im not discrediting her veganism, its the weird labeling because you already have identified as vegan on your social media platform and talk about it how many times? Yet you can't let people assume the hot cocolate you prefer during winter months is made dairy free, like nobody has a convo where they go "Oh yeah im eating vegan spagetthi before my vegan sorbet since I usually get very stuffed with how much vegan cheese I manage to squeeze in me while I drink vegan hot chocolate"
People already assume the shit you eat caters to the label YOU have put upon yourself, social media thots are so fucking obnoxious.

No. 579701

File: 1537868715206.jpg (Spoiler Image,150.14 KB, 500x725, museum-of-terror1.jpg)

She literally looks like this….lmao

No. 579729

Her and Cyr got that dead fish expression these days.

No. 579730

Lettie reminds me of Laineybot tbh with now quickly she was willing go turn on anyone who went against Cyr..

No. 579735

When are these social media influencers who get into shit going to realize going silent and not addressing something is the worst way to handle a situation like this. If Dasha has just made a video apologizing and saying she acted out of anger when she did those things and that she’s going through some mental issues she could’ve at least made some people feel sorry for.. but no it’s deny deny deny. And not only that let’s keep going privately and have a group chat picking apart someone!! It’s like she’s incapable of stopping.

No. 579743

That’s just it, anon. People do a lot of dumb shit when they’re jealous/angry/whatever, anyone with a conscience would just own up, apologise and move on, but Julia is fucking unhinged and will probably spend her entire life doing shitty things and finding myriad ways to rationalise them/convince herself and everyone else that she is innocent.

No. 579755

Tbf, people are often annoying towards vegans. As soon as a vegan posts a picture of something that doesn't look vegan they often get tons of messages like "Why are you drinking milk??" and "Are you still vegan??" so I don't think it's that deep.

That's what irks me the most. Adults are expected to act like ADULTS. When having problems with each other, they should talk it out, reflect their own actions instead of blaming it all onto the other person, apologize if they realize their mistakes and try to better themselves. But with people like Dasha and Cyr with no moral integrity, it's always about pride, getting away with it and putting the blame onto the other person while painting themselves white. It's so annoying, and I really enjoy each video on them coming out because I can't stand how they try to let the drama die down, they don't have a right to complain about the number of videos on them until they are ready to confront them personally.
In one video Edwin talked about how much miscommunication there was in the apartment they all shared, that they weren't able to talk to each other openly about what was wrong and how when they left, they still couldn't speak with Cyr unless it was through Dasha. Fucked up situation for adults imo. Dasha and Cyr are pathetic cowards and Cyr chose his gf and his pride over a close friend of ten years. I really hope the drama will never die down and that one day it will go viral so Dasha and Cyr HAVE to react and maybe the four of them really find some closure.

No. 579758

>>hiking thru the mountains
Bitch you've never gone hiking, who you trying to fool?

No. 579800


highlights for me

>lettie taking up on edwin's polite compliment about her makeup being good and going in to insult mina's … girl NAH

>edwin getting emotional. you hurt me too, waaahhh … you're 30, hanging out with 20 year old girls :grimacing:

No. 579804

File: 1537898167407.jpg (75.58 KB, 500x415, hideakianno.jpg)


another thing, i think mina didn't consider lettie cool enough to give her the time of day. like, not blowing her of, but also not actively trying to spend time talking with her. i think this made lettie buttmad and made it easy for her to bully mina

on the same note i think lettie will try chatting mina up again now. this could only have two consequences, mina blowing her off and come off as a bitch or politely entertaining her in order not to come off as a bitch

No. 579809

Not one of those anons with a vendetta against Edwin but this video was honestly dissapointing and a drag. He shouldn’t have done this in two parts. It’s not on shane’s level to warrant t.

All i watched was Lettie playing victim to Dasha and giggling everything off while still clocking Mina’s eyeliner without really apologizing and Edwin tearing up yet again over catty girl drama on the internet. I can’t really feel sympathetic for anyone but Mina to be honest but I can tell she was uncomfortable and took Lettie’s words with a grain of salt the entire time. I guess we will see with the next video though.

No. 579810

Farmers need to chill about bitching about the quality of milk. We're hear to laugh and mock cows not whine about "ew but I dont like him/her". Drink the tea before it goes cold or we'll get another warning from the farmhands.

No. 579833

yeah, exactly! i feel really bad for mina, because she wishes to have a career in modeling, thus she will probably remain somewhat in public eye

and all of this shit will look so bad and tacky in a couple of years. she's a nice, beautiful girl that got in over her head with an edgy poly relationship with a couple of psychos that tried to drag her down, mudding her name

it's all part of growing up and wathever and shit happens to everyone, but the shit that happened to her is tied with her "professional" name and all over the internet. i just can't envision her when she 27, looking at all this mess and her then 30 (!!!!!!) yo bf tearin up over drama on cam in pink chinos confronting teen … NAAAH

i don't hate edwin or anything, i just have a strong disdain for older men who date girls fresh out of highschool

No. 579863

File: 1537909118601.jpg (382.62 KB, 1024x1227, Superimposed1537909018835.jpg)

You're such a fucking psycho!

No. 579867

Mina isn’t ‘fresh out of high school.’

What the fuck? Don’t be a Dasha. There is nothing wrong with them dating. It’s not like the Onision thing, where Lainey was 17 and he was old as fuck.

No. 579877

mina is turning 22 in a couple of months what are you even talking about

No. 579898

This got a little giggle fit out of me. Good job, anon.

No. 580027

>What the fuck? Don’t be a Dasha.

you hurt my feelings, family. i just think 8 years is a huge gap. when you're mina's age you don't think it's a huge gap, but when you're edwin's age you realize it's a huge fucking gap

No. 580033


>Don’t be a Dasha

kek, I like this as an insult tbh

No. 580054

nta but it's not really unless the person is super immature. 22 is usually when you're finished with most schooling and trying to break into the real world.

No. 580065

Then are you also weirded out by Cyr?
Dasha and Mina are within 1 year of each other and so are Edwin and Cyr. He not only dated Mina first, but continued to date another young girl and y'all hardly bring that up.
I don't think 8 years is a crazy age gap, but if you wanna say Edwin likes to "date girls fresh out of highschool", then remember that by you logic, Cyr is doing the same thing

No. 580066


No one is criticizing Cyr because no one expects anything from him.


I don't think it's that huge of a gap, depends on what people are doing with they're lives. If someone that's 30 and have job security, some money and shit figured out dates someone who's 22 and doesn't, there's power imbalance. If they are both in the same spot a life I don't think it's big of a deal. Edwin and Mina look like they're in similar moments in life.

No. 580073

File: 1537975675579.gif (1.94 MB, 268x250, olyphant.gif)

Yeah, I don't get this whole divide of
>Mina, 22 is "fresh out of highschool", how could edwin date her!!
>lettie was a teenager when all this started, is 20 now BUT she's a grown ass adult there's no way she was manipulated!!! she made all those choices herself!

Not assuming OP is the same people attacking Lettie, but it can't be both ways. You can't canonize Mina for being an innocent lil baby and demonize an even younger girl for being manipulated by the same people.

No. 580092

Also the fact that people only mention Mina being young to prove that Edwin is a creep. However, when people called Cyr or Dasha creepy manipulators, suddenly Mina was too old and mature to fall for it so there is no way she could have allowed herself to stay in a toxic environment. People only form opinions based on how convenient it is for their narrative then call Dasha verbally manipulative

No. 580099

yeah, of course, even more so

mina is 21 and we finish high school when we're 19 where i live, so that is pretty fresh out of high school for me. plus, they have been dating for a year or what, so that would make her 20 and even more fresh out of highschool. btw, another anon bringing up onision - mina and edwin agegap: 8yrs, onision and laineybot: 9yrs

i never antagonized lettie, i think she's a kid too

none of this is true. i mentioned mina being young and how i feel bad for her because her youthful mistakes (getting entangled with cyr and dasha) are documented on the web

i mentioned having a disdain for older men dating younger girls because i didn't want it to seem like a personal vendetta towards edwin. i don't think he's a bad person, i think he's childlish, cringy and i find it wack for him to date a girl that much younger and confronting even younger girls on cam. i also despise the daddy trend

most of all, i would never blame mina and say stuff like "she's old and mature enough"

No. 580100

Other anons have absolutely played mental gymnastics with Mina's age.

Also, no one wants to read your essay on an anon image board.

You look stupid, your opinions are stupid, go away

No. 580101

Not everyone who disagrees with you is directly talking about you. This thread is anonymous… lmao you don't need to explain yourself, we already know you're wrong

No. 580102

File: 1537986421488.gif (485 B, 15x15, rolleyes.gif)

i qouted people who were refering to my post

No. 580114

Fucking hell. I can’t believe I have to explain this. It isn’t about the nine year age gap between Lainey and Onision. It’s the fact that she was fucking 17 when they started dating. She isn’t fresh out of high school, she was literally in high school.

Anon, you finished at high school at 19 because you’re a fucking idiot, and now you’re on this form posting more idiotic shit. I don’t care. You’re rediculous.

22 is not fresh out of high school. Edwin and Mina’s relationship isn’t about age. They both are in similar situations and were able to help each other through them and ended up falling for each other. No one is going to be like, “No. We shouldn’t date because you’re fresh out of high school.” That’s rediculous. Edwin isn’t like Onision, he doesn’t like young girls. He likes Mina because they went through a lot of shit together.

The fact that I have to explain this is idiotic. Mina is twenty one, she isn’t an innocent little child and stop acting like she is. It’s belittling to her.

No. 580115

For fucks sakes, I’m twenty two and I haven’t been in high school for four years and I’ve graduated from COLLEGE.

No. 580127

Y'all stay mad because you're 22 and all gwown up

No. 580138

You realize some people marry or even have children at 22? Doesn't mean everyone feels mature or ready enough for that step at that age, but after highschool you start a new chapter in life, it's not like your teen years at ALL. I think it's weird to talk about Mina as if she's still a child that was trapped into their relationship (especially since they didn't rush things and some time passed after the drama until they got together? Also Edwin seems to interac with loads of people in their early 20's, probably because of Cyr and them being Youtubers), y'all shouldn't confuse her on-camera persona with her ability to consent.
Plus tbh I think they have chemistry on camera. I don't spot anything fishy about them.

No. 580195

I see what you're trying to say, but the difference is that Edwin didn't specifically target/groom Mina because she was young. They bonded over a painful situation. I'm pretty sure whether Mina was 21 or 26 they would've started having feelings for each other.

The only creepy ones here are Dasha and Cyr.

No. 580200

Normally I’d agree because big age gap relationships are usually because of an uneven power dynamic. But in Mina/Edwin’s case this isn’t true. It’s rare but it happens. I don’t see him as abusive or taking advantage of her. comparing him to onision is dumb because Lainey’s mental health has declined since being with him and Mina seems pretty happy.

Also I watched their live stream yesterday and they said Dashas ex contacted Edwin to talk a lot what he (the ex) went through with her. They didn’t go into detail though.

No. 580208

anything else intresting from the livestream?i missed it

No. 580224

>>580200 cuz edwin is basically a man child who still believes he can make a living from youtube stealing lolcow content and also can't even afford living by himself. he still lives in his pop punk emo phase, he needs to grow up.

No. 580225

I agree with him having a horrible style and being a bit of a manchild at times (especially when he cries on camera ugh) but I how can he steal lolcow's content when he IS the content?

No. 580227

Not really. Dasha and Mina are, but he's more like a side npc now.

No. 580229

too lazy to check his channel but i think i saw he made a video about another cow here? i can imagine him lurking here and preparing a video of what he calls "research"

No. 580233

You people should make a Edwin thread if you think he's so interesting. I don't, he's too normal.

No. 580239

I agree. Not sure if farmhands will let us, though.

No. 580273

Not really. They were just talking about the new Shane video. Someone asked if Mina trusts Lettie again or something and they gave a vague answer because she was in the chat

No. 580303

They also had a phone call with Charlie and people from the chat was asking her questions, but there wasn't any new milk. The only thing I remember the most was that she said Dasha used to send random pictures of Mina to the WhatsApp group, including nudes, and Mina asked if that was out of nowhere or what was the context, Charlie said it was out of nowhere just to bitch about her or something like that and Mina was freaked out (for the nudes, obviously). Anyway, as I said, no new milk.
I hope they make the video about the ex tho, sounds interesting.

No. 580316

What so she still claims she didn't publish the nudes here but merrily shares them in a groupchat with her partly underage fans? She's disgusting and anyone who supports and enables her doing this is as well.

No. 580318

File: 1538024984615.png (1.33 MB, 750x1334, 57C8C8AF-EF12-40A8-8D4C-F012F1…)

No. 580319

File: 1538025031649.png (1.55 MB, 750x1334, 700AEE63-5CB5-4A57-BAA6-A39619…)

No. 580351

Like the basic blonde bitch she knows she is.

No. 580371

Lmao i love how she is too insecure to take one picture without a filter

No. 580372

>fresh out of highschool
Some of you guys need to quit the whole "18-20 is a child shit." You guys will defend any e thot that makes bad choices with "she is young" or "she was literally abused"

No. 580401

there was no new milk in the livestream but it was honestly refreshing to watch? (usually no milk is boring) Like Edwin and Mina seem actually happy together compared to Dasha and Cyr.

No. 580638

Are you retarded? He has steal content from other cows

No. 580639

No, just cause people didnt even ask if Edwin deserved to be out of the thread before they made the new thread just for Dasha doesnt mean we have to make another one (Whats the point if all the content of Edwin is about Cyr and Dasha?)

No. 580643

File: 1538107918149.jpeg (1.05 MB, 750x1234, 29A8CDCA-BD18-4450-8E69-C4F563…)

Dasha wants Mina to feel the same way she has been feeling. She wants a competition. Dasha wants Mina to compete with her own originality Mina has constructed for herself, which Dasha has stolen from her.

Unfortunately, Mina has given to her with the last video with Lettie. Lettie is also jealous of Mina. Mina shouldn’t have given her the time of day, given the shit Lettie has posted about her!

No. 580645

It isnt Mina's fault Dasha never developed her own style.
I think she is just jelouse of Mina and thinks she can pull off Mina's identity "better", which she will never be able to do.

No. 580648

I wish I wasn’t too lazy to post comparison pictures.

The wig. The wig looks like a wig. I cringe. Why doesn’t she just dye her hair black? Too much commitment? Defeats the purpose of copying Mina.. girl, you’ve gone so far. Just fucking dye it already.

No. 580669

Did anybody see Shane Dawsons second episode on the jake Paul series on what the makeup of a sociopath is? And how they have to mimic things from others because they have no genuine emotion or sense of identity cuz like the whole description fit Dasha, she may be on the more narcassistic side though.

No. 580677

Honestly, her wig looks like a dead grease animal at this point

No. 580681


how does she manage to make herself look so different to what she looks like in live video and candid shots

No. 580685

She shoops herself to a whole different person in every photo.
I don't know what it is with this pic but she looks so much uglier than she does normally.

No. 580688

it's her huge bobble head

No. 580718

to me she has a small head and a big face, she hides it in posed photos but any videos and it's really obvious

No. 580758

File: 1538147163816.png (951.71 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180928-165701.png)

she looks so awkward when she models

No. 580760

File: 1538147203779.png (692.54 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180928-165945.png)

Also found this.THE NOSE

No. 581011

looks like they tried to fit her in a size small she looks so big from the waist down lmao

No. 581014

she looks like momo. terrifying.

No. 581031


>Photographer sees her insta profile, thinks she looks like her pictures and hires her for a shoot

>Photographer prepares small outfit cause that's what her body looks like in her pictures
>big box Julia arrives
>you're like "fuck this Instagram bullshit" and try to fit her in the outfit
>"model" looks like shit and you have a lot of shooping to do to make her look remotely good

No. 581053

File: 1538179206287.jpeg (Spoiler Image,209.27 KB, 750x1009, 02B46D72-AA6C-4862-B302-EA15D7…)

No. 581143

No. 581169

the video of mina mocking dasha lol it's very boring to me how both dasha and mina got bitter towards eachother when the cyr thing happened, very highschool drama

lettie seems more sincere i guess? didn't like the part that they were being like sex work is the worst thing to do, felt a little bit like shaming and a superior complex for not wanting to go there

No. 581176

I felt more like Mina was getting scare of being pimped by Dasha

No. 581195

this. dasha was trying to drag her into something potentially dangerous to "ruin" her. it's not just that it was hooking/sugaring, the fact that she was going to weaponize it against mina if she ever agreed.
Mina got out by the skin of her teeth.

No. 581273

She can't because she's bald underneath the wigs from ripping her hair out.

No. 581287

Where is this from??

No. 581299

This wasn’t especially milky. Edwin is really starting to shit me, I hope for Mina’s sake he isn’t as annoying when the cameras aren’t rolling. Mike and Julia really are conniving cunts, preying on mentally ill people and manipulating them like that. I wonder if they’re still at it on the DL, trying to fly out other girls.

No. 581309

The ending and them "wondering" why she was laughing is soo stupid. We can all see she was nervous and sometimes people try and "hide" that with laughing or "brushing it off".

I like these videos only because I know Dasha is pulling her hair out of anger, but other than that it was meh. And Edwin was SOO ANNOYING and condescending.

No. 581310

Plus it’s… I’m reluctant to use the word “brave” but I can’t think of another that’s more appropriate… of Lettie to participate in this, given that she is not the strongest person mentally. Of course, there is the possibility that her agreement to appear in the video was entirely self serving but I didn’t get that impression from her. She seems genuinely sorry for what she did. But, who knows, maybe she really is a cunt. Either way, she’s still less reprehensible than Trasha,

No. 581311

Careful,you will get banned for talking shit about edwin,mods here are specially annoying and they like to suck out fun out of everything,specially if you say something mean towords edi boy thats a big NO
but seriously someone needs to change the mods this thread used to be fun(obvious derail)

No. 581313

chill out sperg chan

No. 581318


when did they post this photo? literally cannot see it on their insta, hopefully they figured out her abuser nature and deleted it

No. 581320

not everything is sperging jesus christ
the worst thing about this place is the extremely misplaced and bizarre use of chan words

No. 581408

Loooong time ago

No. 581546

I agree, she could've just disappeared and that was it. Edwin should not be only thankful for more proof about Dasha, but also for content. That's why it was bothering me so much how he was always smirking to Lettie.

Yeah I noticed, but I don't care, it's the truth. Edwin is a snowflake on his own anyway, he should be thankful there's bigger fish than him to gossip about.

No. 581728

Tbh I think Lettie sucks and should be called out. I didn’t get a condescending vibe from Edwin but considering what she has done she’s lucky she has the chance to be friends with Mina again.

She keeps claiming Mina blew her off and wasn’t in contact with her after she was depressed/suicidal. And then Dasha starts messaging her and Lettie is the first person to say shit about Mina - that she’s not the same person anymore and she’s sorry Dasha gets hate from her. That’s a real dick move. Idk the timeline but if it was after Mina left she was probably processing her own shit, so why is Lettie so buttmad she didn’t respond? She could have just sent Mina a message instead of being a dumbass. I’d be rude to her too.

No. 581823

I'm so sick of people saying but Edwin should have a thread/his name in this thread. Look, Edwin is cringey, a very emotional male and kind of teeters on being an attention whore sometimes, but he isn't a COW. We're forgetting that the people who have threads have actually earned them… they aren't just kind of intolerable sometimes.

No. 581877

>didn't like the part that they were being like sex work is the worst thing to do, felt a little bit like shaming and a superior complex for not wanting to go there

this is a horrible thing to say. dasha tried to pressure mina into prostitution. nobody is shaming sex workers, but to label her fear and contempt towards prostitution as a "superiority complex" is stupid and wrong. thank god she didn't go

No. 581880

pic source?

No. 581884

OT this is from the bully by junji ito!

No. 581889

they omitted commenting on the part of mina being kind of a shitty friend. lettie was obviously upset when mina didn't respond to her being in a hospital and questioned her about dasha instead

No. 581898

Because Mina is an angel and can do no wrong

No. 581978

i also think it would be less bad for lettie if condescending edwin made one (max 2) videos about this. it feels too me as if people hated lettie in the second video and then warmed up to her in the last video since they saw that she probably just had wrong info and was treated less than perfect by mina. they used her to build suspense and there she is tweeting about contemplating suicide again

No. 581980

They did in the previous video. When lettie says she felt pushed to the side by Mina.

No. 582023

"Cow- A person of interest to the site due to eccentric/cringy behavior" - lolcow

but go off I guess

eh, a little. The way Edwin edited "???" when Lettie mentioned Mina not being so innocent and doing bad stuff (like not asking your friend why is she in a hospital and rambling on about her enemy online, was rude af.

I wonder if Cyr will ever speak up. I think none of this friends really care. I followed a few of his friends online and they just don't seem to be into that kind of drama, which is unfortunate.(but keep derailing I guess)

No. 582163

my favorite thing about ALL of this is how in the beginning dasha was such a loud mouthed bitch about this stuff. constantly tweeting about mina, constantly making snapchat stories about her, doing live streams. she had so much shit to say when she thought she had everyone fooled and thought no one would ever expose her.

then she gets outed and shes completely silent the past few months. not a single story, no videos, nothing. not so brave and mouthy anymore, are you, you fat ugly cunt?

No. 582207

Can we stop with the "mimi Edwin is a huge cow why can't we talk about him:((" bullshit and talk about the actual topic?

I found it so disturbing when Mina said she'd often seen Julia steal and hide Mike's phone, watch him search it and then leave the house without it so she can read everything he does and later when he gets home she just places his phone somewhere making him believe he just didn't see it.
Or when she said Julia would literally edit Minas photos infront of her and then hide that phone under her legs and pull out her other one to prove that she didn't do anything.
Julia is such a psycho. How can she think people wouldn't get what she does?
Mike probably deletes everything he does from his phone cause he knows Julia's going to steal and stalk it again.
I guess she really thinks she's some kind of mastermind and the perfect puppet master when in reality she's just a psychotic bitch.
Get some help Julia, you're seriously ill and a danger to yourself and others.

No. 582228

I honestly agree, I don't think it was Edwin's intention but the second video made Lettie look very bad while the last on explained her thought process and reasoning much better.

While I agree that they brushed off that Lettie felt abandoned after her suicide attempt I can see why it happened. Lettie seems to be very vocal about being suicidal and (while you should always take this seriously) when someone is young and inexperienced in dealing with mental illness, they might stop taking it seriously and do the worst thing unintentionally. Even for people with experience it can be hard to deal with a suicidal friend, it's a lot of pressure.
Mina was mentally completely fixed on dealing with Cyr cheating and lunatic Julia messing with her.
For us in an observant perspective it's easy to tell what went wrong here but both Lettie and Mina were so absorbed in their own problems at the time that they couldn't see or really open up to what the other one went through.
Mina did wrong, but it wasn't with intention to hurt Lettie and i think it's unfair to blame her considering the situation she was in.

No. 582271

he's part of the topic

No. 582286

Talk to the people who jump on your throat as soon as you mention Edwin.
Edwin doesn't need his thread, he is too boring for that. But he is a part of this whole thing so of course he will be discussed. Can we end this convo now?

Yeah, now the only place she is loud are the "seeecret" whatsapp groups.

No. 582302

>I say what I think and I do what I want. That's intimidating to a lot of people

Nah bitch, people are intimidated by your lunatic temper tantrums and lack of empathy.

No. 582327

I guess ur a sex worker?

No. 582330

idk, I think Mina was actually dealing with a real issue here, I mean being cheated on can wreck a person and make them feel distressed and even insane. Lettie seems like the kind of friend that constantly threatens suicide, and when you have a big problem, she will try to make it all about her - by faking a suicide attempt.

No. 582386

There is something very off about Cyr and his "friendships".

Here >>577265 Cyr bragged about having all those people in his life that interact with them on a daily bases and that love them… but in times of crises and Julia having a breakdown he still has to turn to a fan living thousands of miles away to get support? Why does he not turn to people in his real life? Where are all those friends that love them so much?
Same thing when he told Lettie that Dasha had nobody to help her? Where are all those friends?

My guess is he blatantly lied about what was going down with Edwin and Mina (the same way he lied to Lettie about not cheating on Mina, the same way that NetNobody believed Edwin blackmailed Cyr) and now he can't reveal to anyone what a crazy bitch she really is and has to deal with it on his own.

No. 583437

oh shit I feel like you're onto it. I get that vibe from Lettie…like there's melodrama in her that you can see makes Mina go a bit back into herself when they interact.

No. 583445

totally agree

No. 583456

Lettie didn’t pretend to have an attempt and it’s sick that you guys would even think that.

No. 583458

Yep. I think they were both going through rough life shit that manifests in different ways, and which people deal with in different ways. Claiming Lettie was faking it is a reach and pretty cruel tbh. Anyway, the girl apologised and seems to be handling it all fairly maturely, Mina has forgiven her, and I think this particular section of the dairy has dried up.

No. 583552

File: 1538412688167.png (784.02 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-10-01-19-49-50…)

No. 583553

File: 1538412712045.png (947.51 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-10-01-19-50-00…)

No. 583554

File: 1538412736087.png (846.74 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-10-01-19-50-09…)

No. 583559


Is Cyr a middle school drop out or something? This looks like a child's handwriting.

No. 583571

He's really great at avoiding why he likes Dasha. What a bunch of nice vague things to say to anyone.

No. 583575

Imean gotta give him props for referencing Bob Dylan track 'Most Of The Time'. Probably only knows it from watching High Fidelity though.

No. 583618

>Love was brushed under the rug in a room where no one walks

Edgy, also, interesting thing to say to the hoe who you cheated on your ex with, who messes with you and doesnt trust you, and who herself when you were arguing said she didnt love you and only Mina did.

No. 583681

File: 1538431268113.png (1.92 MB, 1242x2208, image.png)

This shit.. Lol

No. 583687

What brands and isn’t that how she gets “work”? Also nice freshly injected lips, does she deny getting them done? I remember she said Mina definitely has fillers on here but that was projection most likely

No. 583689

Looks like she’s gotten her lips done again… or she’s been doing the Kylie Jenner lip challenge. Everything about her in this picture is vile.

Lmao at her bullshit excuses.

BabyTrash, you can lie all you want but you won’t be able to escape what you have done. Your reputation is forever tarnished, and if you try to make some kind of comeback it will fail miserably. Everyone knows the reason you abandoned your main, ain’t nobody gonna forget.

No. 583695

File: 1538432433297.jpeg (157.17 KB, 750x1100, 67078AC9-421E-4276-8AA1-63070A…)

she gonna start copying ig girls with less than 30k followers now? lmao

No. 583723

That post is from February and I've seen other girls take the same photo.

No. 583755

the comparison between this photo and Dasha's makes Dasha look really ugly lol

No. 583766

his attempt at making him look like a heartbroken man finding his ray of sunshine and meaning of life again despite being a serial cheater stuck in a relationship with his psycho home-wrecking gf induces a new level of cringe in me

No. 583785

The way "Dasha" is written is so out of place. Also he doesn't reference anyone or anything specific to her

Tinfoil but maybe these weren't written about her and rather letters she found whilst going through Cyr's belongings.

No. 583786

File: 1538448918128.png (255.17 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181001-214527.png)

but m-muh famous IG friend is pure

No. 583810

I love that Mina proved in one of the videos that Cyr regurgitates this sort of crap to girls. Like he doesn't feel any of this directly to her. He's probably written the same thing to previous girls

No. 583811

Lying little garbage creature? Damn that’s rude. You have to be really easily manipulated to say this about someone you don’t even know over an online ‘friend’. I guess she’s found more Letties.

I think we should start calling them Letties instead of minions lol.

No. 583812

This is the reason why Edwin's videos are kinda important, she needs constant exposure to how she abused someone and suffered the consequences. She's trying to play it off like she CHOSE to leave her main, more people need to keep seeing how vindictive and malicious she is.

No. 583816

when you look at the girls insta, Dasha hasn't liked any of her photos lol

Dasha is so good at making people think she's friends with them in secret, it's like she targets insecure hungry girls, what a gross way to be

No. 583857

Oh yeah it surely is not because you're a abusive, psychotic cunt and people won't forget what you did to Edwin and Mina.

>color correcting my pictures

Lol, you mean shooping yourself into a whole other person because you want to be a LA model but aren't comfortable in your giant, flabby box body?

You can't run away from your shit, Julia.
I hope Edwin keeps on making videos about every little shitty thing you do and that you'll never can be online again without thousands of people dragging you through your dirt.

No. 583875


ok so what makes this funny to me is that her little minion actually completely failed to defend her and the only thing she's got going for her is calling mina names and acting outraged on dasha's behalf.

the point being that in the past, dasha at least took the time and energy to make shit up mina has done to harm her (like the fake accounts used to harass her etc.) to excuse her own behavior.

now, she doesn't even make the effort of feeding her minions lies - so they have nothing left to spew except "but mina's a dirty little liar!!" and " dasha is a good person!! we're friends!!".

this isn't gonna hold up for long, it's just not good enough.

No. 583908

exactly. this is so irritating. no minion ever has given a good enough reason to bash mina, it always dies down to some vague shit like "mina is a liar/abusive/ugly/cheater!!1" like HOW can someone go through the thought process of making arguments for dasha's side, being unable to come up with something and STILL not realize that they're wrong? how stupid does someone have to be?
besides, what exactly did mina lie about? dasha confirmed so many things herself (the voice notes), this is so fucking embarassing

No. 583925

Well, must be hard trying to paint the person, who you harrassed for over a year now, as the bad one.
Mina never did anything to Julia and she knows it.
Mina didn't make fake accounts just to "bully" Julia. And talking shit about the bitch your ex cheated on you with, is… totally normal?
People who support Julia have to be mentally handicapped. They probably don't need a reason to hate on an innocent person.

No. 583943


Dasha can't just pull lies out of her ass about Mina anymore. She knows that once that lie gets around, Edwin and Mina are going to post another video debunking it and she'll get all the backlash. It's what happened with behwah and that other girl. They defended her, got served facts and then started singing a completely different tune.

No. 583944

File: 1538493378979.jpg (670.7 KB, 1200x1600, pt2018_10_02_10_15_22.jpg)

No. 583949


by gone public, does she mean the bogus two live streams and the video Lettie made? because all of those were garb and did nothing but reaffirm that cry and donkey and keep their stories straight

No. 583950


No. 583952

File: 1538493816217.jpg (628.17 KB, 1200x1600, pt2018_10_02_10_19_45.jpg)

I was messaging Mina's abuse video to the people that commented on Dasha's latest blatantly lying post about why she stopped using her main account. Managed to get two "omg thank u i didnt know, unfollowing" and this(cowtipping)

No. 583957

>Julia doesn't want this drama
>Edwin and Mina don't have anything against her and everything they talk about doesn't matter
>Mina is nasty
>Mina is psychotic
>Julia and Mike are the victims in the situation
>Julia is a better person than Mina and Edwin combined
>Julia gave so much proof that Mina abused her but people don't care about her FAX
>Mina did evil things before Julia
>Mina did much more and worse things than Julia

Wow, this person is mentally handicapped.
Just replace every "Edwin/Mina" with Julia's name and it fits.

No. 583972


ugh, how can anybody be this delusional?
and why?

it's not worth it, that's for sure.

i think it's safe to say that dasha's online reach has declined drastically since everything went down - anything she may have had to offer before is now worth shit.

cute of her to say that she's over working with brands but we all know it's the other way around, julia.

any insta thot that knows what's best for her own brand is keeping her distance,
her shout-outs are definitely not worth the cash and her youtube boyfriend that people undoubtedly used her as a stepping stone for has been reduced to a twitch streamer, and a small one at that.

if these girls were smart they'd find someone else to cling to instead, someone worthwhile who's actually going places.

No. 583984

Are we sure this isn't Dasha herself?

No. 583988

Mina’s “abuse” according to Dasha: using them for e-fame, secretly wanting Cyr dick, making fake harassment accounts, talking shit on Dasha a few times because Cyr cheated

Dasha: posted passport, went through minas phone and posted private nude photos, made edited photos of Mina looking fat, tried to force Mina to prostitute herself, deleted Minas social media 3 times, got her drunk multiple times while Dasha stayed sober so she could have sex or be manipulated, contacted Minas personal photographers and friends, photoshops her face into Mina’s people think she is Mina

>Mina is psychotic


No. 584004

File: 1538501692192.jpg (10.2 MB, 469x267, 3TFEyhg.jpg)


gif is dasha right now noticing her fuck up

No. 584054

Fishy how they mention bunnbree. She's one of those girls Dasha followed and tried to befriend because mina started befriending her.

No. 584058

Pretty sure that person defending Dasha is Dasha herself. The projection is showing hard. On the off chance it is another person, they are very very lost.

No. 584059


Further proof that person's got to be Dasha. Even Lettie knew when she went too far. Nothing Mina has done come anywhere close to what Dasha has.

Also, is the prostitution thing true? I have a bunch of questions on that. Like was Dasha going to blackmail Mina with that later? That would be insanely mean.

Another question is…and I know this is fucked up but….is or was Dasha prostituting still when in a relationship with Cyr? Like is she still doing it and does he know and is okay with it?

No. 584078

It’s not proven because Mina said she no longer had the texts. it’s in the most recent Lettie video. I believe Dasha put caps up of Mina sugaring but since it came from Dasha it is probably falsified in some way. And even if it was sugaring doesn’t always mean fucking someone nor does it mean meeting up with people because someone tells you that you have to

No. 584102

oh mygod her lips hahahaha

No. 584131

File: 1538527532854.png (6.66 MB, 1125x2436, CA7B9B10-66D2-44DD-9896-7C0CB9…)


No. 584157

Why doesn't someone just send the link to the Video exposing Dasha to all of her fans, like imagine someone just sending that to allllllllll her fans inboxes and having them all find out about it. She can't even be truthful to her fans about why she no longer works with brands and why she's changing her style. She still won't be original, she's just going to find some other poor victim to copy from because Dasha doesn't have her own identity, that's why she steals them.(cowtipping)

No. 584167

just fyi you can't rally people here to do that, not a personal army

you can, however, mention how you do it. I'm the one that posted those screenshots earlier and will keep on spreading the word.(ban evading cowtipper)

No. 584259


you guys realize you're bullying the bully? it's one thing to support mina and another to become personally invested in making dasha's life miserable

No. 584281

i think it's more calling out a shit cunt who actually has an impact on peoples lives with her shittinies. if you're salty bout it, jog on.

No. 584511

File: 1538610866419.jpg (1.66 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20181004_025228868.j…)

Back at it again

No. 584590

the lippppssss! wtf!

No. 584634

They’re disgusting, on what planet is this a good look? I get that some people prefer bigger lips but this looks like a prolapsed anus.

No. 584642

it's because she has a long mouth. people like that should never get lip fillers.

No. 584710

i'm guessing she takes photos of mina into the clinic and they do their best but she can't literally skinwalk in the end, unfortunately. keep pumping yourself full of shit though Julia, your face is just…your face, after all. hope all that anonymous old man cock for cash is working out for you, can afford all the poison in the world to stick in your lying mouth.

No. 584716

Agreeing so hard, not defending Dasha at all just saying. Don’t sink down to her level

No. 584721

Wow mina looks like a doll here

No. 584722

File: 1538651003770.png (102.66 KB, 302x237, 20181004_130218.png)

Maybe it was wrong of us to tell her to stop using face tune so much she looks so BAD

No. 584723

Yikes. I’ll be having nightmares about those nasty baboon ass lips tonight.

No. 584785


holy shit she literally like….she's 100% copying Mina at this point. I don't know if she has no shame or if she's trying to do EVERY SINGLE LOOK Mina has done but either way this is creepy as shit

No. 584801

Despite other opinions, I don't mind the blow up doll, even the fake as fuck, overly filled lips look but I FUCKING HATE the eyebrows and dark wigs. Whyyyy does she keep drawing her eyebrows like weird sausages. It doesn't look like Mina nor does it even look good. And I get triggered everytime she wears a black/dark brown wig.
Bonus trigger points if it's a short curly wig.

No. 584835

This bitch is way past the point of no return. She’s absolutely batshit insane. Fucking shameless. I don’t hate many people, but I’m so repulsed whenever I look at her, I think it’s aggravated by the fact that she keeps getting away with her horrible behavior.

No. 584860

No. 584862

File: 1538681234852.jpg (1001.47 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181004-152648_Ins…)

OT mina is really attractive and likeable(derail)

No. 584902

In a couple weeks, dasha will be wearing something similar to this lol

No. 585077

File: 1538741133117.png (15.33 KB, 575x153, dasha.png)

seems like dasha is getting twitter back.

No. 585402

eventually giving her back this username? That's so weird and makes no sense, lol

No. 585454

File: 1538850224685.png (510.68 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-10-06-13-19-52…)

is edwin ok? he looks unhealthy skinny on his last ig story

No. 585460

This isn't an edwin thread

No. 585496

Why would you shade her then give her it back? That doesnt make sense.

No. 585516

File: 1538861666507.png (2.15 MB, 1872x1200, Screen Shot 2018-10-06 at 2.33…)

old content, but I actually first discovered Dasha because I was looking for pink hair dye and came across Lunar Tides hair. They still have a couple photos of her on their instagram.

No. 585517

File: 1538861688736.png (2.27 MB, 1632x1200, Screen Shot 2018-10-06 at 2.32…)

No. 585523

File: 1538863547629.png (721.92 KB, 720x897, IMG_20181007_010429.png)

Don't worry, she keeps photoshop herself

No. 585524

Those lips

No. 585550

File: 1538867692408.jpeg (19.69 KB, 200x249, F1540BD3-FEFE-46CE-AD67-813AF8…)

No. 585586

File: 1538877101913.png (Spoiler Image,738.06 KB, 612x970, Screen Shot 2018-10-07 at 11.5…)

No. 585638

She’s probably offered money for it

No. 585680

The awful lips are one thing she’s not copying from Mina, that nonsense is all her own doing.

No. 585746

He's always been super skinny?

Also him and Mina constantly post updates with them eating lol

Is this another Dasha wk who loves to accuse Mina and Edwin of eating disorders because they're both skinny, tall vegans…. like it makes sense they'd be small and they always have been…

No. 586020

File: 1538991027367.jpeg (62.78 KB, 306x466, B6B31B94-75B4-4289-A597-5EB7EE…)

god she looks like that one british actress that had the bad lip job

No. 586089

wow she has really overdone it now lol

No. 586617

File: 1539093350511.png (724.69 KB, 720x805, 20181009_155326.png)

I just saw this shoop and in wheezing
She is missing half of her face i cant

No. 586633

why does she think this looks good? this isn't even "i wanna be mina" anymore. she's cracked.

No. 586672

File: 1539109944278.jpg (59.7 KB, 255x340, 1529666322565.jpg)

Fucking hell. Imagine a modelling agency looking thru her IG thinking she looks remotely like this only for her to show up looking like this.
How does she get any work? A mannequin looks more life like then her

No. 586700

If you're wide you're wide. She can go Ana all she wants, her build won't change and she'll just be wide and thin. The whole "Mina is Anorexic, I'm naturally smol uwu" is her retarded attempt at projecting

No. 587471

File: 1539254798304.png (585.24 KB, 720x1280, 25558915389439476.png)

No. 587473

Dasha can relate.

No. 587476

People like Dasha belong in prison.

No. 587846

File: 1539328529323.jpeg (335.66 KB, 750x724, ADA2A341-88CE-4926-8379-C29B57…)

why is her nostril all the way down there

No. 587918

it was late, obviously. barely made it in the photo.

No. 587928

I don't mind the hooker lips and makeup but the sausage brows are fucking baddddd. Also the black wig just stop. Like even if Mina didn't have dark hair and Dasha was skinwalking her, any fucking colour but dark brown or black. I can't tell if she actually looks shitty with dark hair, or if it's the bad eyebrows. Something about the dark brunette thing just doesn't look good on her.

No. 587930

Unpopular opinion: I actually don't think she looks super fat in these, her arms and legs are normal, it's just looks like lower belly bloat. She seems like a smallish although definitely not petite woman who either ate a large meal or is gassy and bloated.

I agree though, she definitely couldn't cut it as any model outside instagram or promotional modelling. She's too short and although not hideous, looks nothing like the person she photoshops herself to be. She's also not very toned muscular wise.
The most modelly she's looked in my opinion is in that super old photo with the minimal makeup and blonde hair. I think there was one with a dude and she's dressed really plainly. That one seemed model quality. The rest are snow app nightmares.

No. 587932

Michael Jackson was famous for having a fake nose but I never knew he ever got lip injections. Also, unusual hat choice for the king of pop, I've never seen him wear a hat like this.

Where did you find this rare photo anon?

No. 587942

I think she is just average sized and gains weight in her midsection. Which is normal, she is normal, and I guess she hates she’s not somebody else. Her behavior is the worst part about her. She photoshopped Mina to have a wider body frame out of jealousy. She is nuts.

No. 587943

Is Dasha still getting work from companies?

No. 587944

the aegyo sal is terrifying paired with the melting nose and new bloated lips wtf, surely she's not still saying she's never had anything done to them?

No. 587964

She's not actually fat but it's the fact she photoshops herself into a lamppost and claims she's a ~natural smol human being~ while accusing Mina of an ED out of jelousy that people call her a wide load to get under her skin.

No. 588267

File: 1539450565470.png (2.43 MB, 750x1334, AD148278-6B67-4FFB-A02A-F5A396…)

Looking horrid on Snapchat

No. 588476

Ew, why would she upload that.
Are her tits just flabby or nonexistent?

No. 588551

It's like an invisible ghost behind her is pulling her eyes back in a chinese pose.

Also looks like the yoko ono parody that Barney Gumble dated in the simpsons.

No. 588674

File: 1539573193894.jpeg (25.18 KB, 679x452, images (4).jpeg)

Cyr and Dasha in 10 years.

No. 588676

As she orders a single plum floating in perfume in a mans hat

No. 588684

Cyr is an alcoholic and they are both pseudo intellectuals who want to come across arty and different so this is extremely accurate.

No. 588689

File: 1539576169154.jpg (100 KB, 281x281, keks-7324497869619966777.jpg)


Holy shit my sides

No. 588741

File: 1539607400487.png (974.49 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20181015-144202.png)

I think she is wearing an engagment ring

No. 588742

File: 1539607654662.png (727.49 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20181015-144523.png)

Also her eyebrows upclose are legit nightmear

No. 588748

ew her wig and her god damn gross feet

No. 588752

If Mike was dumb/insane enough to put a ring on Dasha, I’m gonna lose it

Also her head is gigantic wow

No. 588783


fucking hell she tried to shoop herself to look like mina

No. 588789

I dont think she shooped herself here honestly,i mean if she did she wouldnt make herself look this bloated and her whole face looks like a mess,mina doenst look anything remortly close to this at all
She looks unshoped on her last 4-5 pics except the one where her nostril is fallìng apart

No. 588816

she looks like a completely different person here… Also, the lips! How can she be so unaware! those lips are so so bad!

No. 588819

You have to be joking anon. This looks NOTHING like what Dasha looks like unshooped on her streams and pediscope. It's shopped to hell and back.

No. 588821

No she definitely shopped here. Maybe not to look like Mina like how she did it obviously before but look at her jaw lmao don’t try to convince me that’s her real face structure
I’m not surprised cyr is ganna marry the bitch, how else are they going to travel since she’d get deported if she tried

No. 588955

File: 1539661205209.jpeg (628.69 KB, 713x1268, 4594D186-1090-4155-A67B-DCC1CE…)

I tried to see if I could make her look somewhat nice… at least change her eyebrows a little. It’s difficult. Especially with her mouth area.

No. 589020

you did really great
dasha if you're reading this, please try doing your make up like this so you can look like a normal human being - thx

No. 589041

Don’t spam with shitty edits jfc

No. 589045


Hoooly Crayola eyebrows

No. 589046

how does her nose look different in every photo???

also unpopular opinion but I agree with the anon and think that photo wasn't shooped very much, but to me that's because she doesn't look very good in that photo at all, definitely not big eyed waif girl she usually shoops herself into

No. 589049

she hasn't shoop'd herself looking "good" in forever. just as an ugly slavic looking blow up doll.

No. 589063

File: 1539699822172.png (84.65 KB, 241x217, Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 15.2…)


you're telling me that THIS looks like >>588741

No. 589125

File: 1539707916872.jpg (102.81 KB, 501x1200, DfcKwU4X4AAYQGq.jpg)

or this

No. 589128

lol whats going on with her collarbone? Also why is the background all fucked up? Just looking at the corner of the room is giving me vertigo. Sloppy shoop as usual

No. 589195

File: 1539727685747.png (665.87 KB, 826x577, Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 6.02…)

Trying to show off her (I hope) fake engagement ring. Julia, no one cares about your sad relationship with Cyr, literally no one. They seem like the type of couple that hates each other but tries to put on a happy face and stay together for "the kids" expect they don't have kids! Mina doesn't care, Edwin doesn't care, literally no one gives a fuck just stahp

No. 589197

File: 1539727839968.png (521.21 KB, 597x554, Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 6.09…)

sorry doublepost but common, they look like a crazy serial killer couple.

No. 589212

I just get bad hair product advert from the 90s.

No. 589328

dasha like dasha, but that facetuned cyr is making me fucking cackle. The fact that she shooped him with most likely his consent is somehow hilarious. I can't with this uwu soft plastic cyr oh my god

No. 589330

She deleted this photo

No. 589374

Probably for the best, she looked far too much like Putin

No. 589394

Or cus not enough people were giving her the reaction she wanted (aka: "OMG IS THAT AN ENGAGEMENT RING?!?"). She basically put it front and centre and no one either noticed or cared.

No. 589457

She’s going to shoop Cyr into Mina next

Yeah she probably gets a hard on when this thread gets any traction talking about her. Obsessive.

No. 589653

he tries to be a cool kpop bf a teen girl stan's dream~ soo hard (this hair and the facetune yikes) but it doesn't work on his rather masculine, 28 y/o man face (you either go the soft uwu route OR show off ur "wow killer" jawline lmao it doesn't work together)

No. 589721

No. 590087

File: 1539992048258.png (392.9 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20181006-020221.png)

This is so funny in hindsight

No. 590088

File: 1539992089718.png (358.14 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20181006-015637.png)

Where her degree at tho…

No. 591007

How the fuck does this girl make a living as a model? She's not fat but her build is broad and inelegant. There are UK Size 10 (US size 6)models who lose work when their agents decide they're too fat. She's at least a UK12.(US 16) In couture modelling standards she's a land whale.
Also she's a shit model. She'd never survive outside of IG's asspat chamber. There are countless pretty girls vying for the same jobs but the top models have personality. If you look at the great models like Marilyn Monroe or Elle MacPherson, their skill was looking totally uninhibited in front of the camera with a variety of different looks.Julia has a permanent case of Blue Steel.

Also someone should tell her that lips that look like you could give a blow job through a tennis racket aren't attractive.

Julia is Stocky shooped Blue Steel.

No. 591008

File: 1540286162738.jpg (120.98 KB, 1600x1200, sxAPq2N.jpg)

Julia's pre-transition photos

No. 591077

Don't do Zoolander like that anon, he has better looks and personality (and fashion sense) then Julia ever will.

No. 591080

she doesn’t make a living as a model.
I just assume their parents pay their rent

No. 591089

Her parents must be rich af then. I have always wondered what she does for living, she doesn't model, she doesn't make online content like videos or anything, she doesn't own a brand, she doesn't have a job, all she does is sit around photoshopping herself and throwing darts at a picture of Mina. The last thing she posted on her IG (well besides the one she deleted) was from over a week ago. Does Cyr help finance her? He can't be doing well financially either since he doesn't really do much besides stream once and a while and hang out with bigger internet/youtube celebs. Honestly they both seem to live a rather shallow, meaningless, boring and lazy life.

No. 591100

Model? Lol. More like sugar baby/ escort.

No. 591167

No one wants her as a sugar baby or escort, not even her live in boyfriend wants to touch that.

No. 591409

File: 1540366055754.jpg (590.14 KB, 1920x1920, CollageMaker_20181024_10253712…)

Since milk is dryer than Julia's personality, here's some old goodies

No. 591413

Im kinda bummed that she gave up the fight this easily,never took her for a girl that would just hide under a rock once they are exposed lol
I guess Mina wins

No. 591418

Maybe she's planning on something grand
But yeah, you can't do shit when there's facts and evidence against you

No. 591659

I highly doubt she has anything coming. I check her insta every few days and it's so barren. The shitstorm is unfortunately over but at least Mina won.

No. 591696

It's been almost half a year. If anything was going to happen, it would've happened already. She exhausted all her options with her childish group chat escapades, drove her supporters away, and has no choice but to hope this blows over and she can re-emerge with a new persona one day.

No. 591706


I think you mean Edwin won. I like Mina but Edwin's the one that really deserves the praise here. He's the one that fought back.

No. 591822

I have to say Mina and Edwin have really been milking on their yt videos lately

kudos to them for prevailing the abuse though

No. 592913

File: 1540826178016.jpg (29.19 KB, 644x361, single-white-female-main.jpg)

holy shit she literally like….she's 100% copying Mina at this point. I don't know if she has no shame or if she's trying to do EVERY SINGLE LOOK Mina has done but either way this is creepy as shit

I get 'Single White Female' vibes from the whole thing. Someone needs to tell her that Jennifer Jason Leigh's character was THE BAD GUY.(no contribution)

No. 593525

File: 1540996093948.png (201.81 KB, 366x615, Screen Shot 2018-10-31 at 10.2…)

The evil cunt is still alive! Her and Vincent appear to be travelling(?), I'm not sure all I know is she uploaded a videos on her babydash IG account. Nothing interesting, just boring picture of buildings and Cyr smacking her phone. Gosh this is a boring cow since she was outed here. Kind of a happy ending as the cow gets the slaughter meanwhile Mina and Edwin are out there living their best life.

No. 593527

File: 1540996152077.png (277.81 KB, 320x625, Screen Shot 2018-10-31 at 10.2…)

Here's the post that makes me think they are possibly traveling, dunno where or why.

No. 593528

She's in San Francisco, I recognize some of the buildings she posted. Wonder why she's back there again…maybe they're moving out of LA

No. 593529

File: 1540996575664.png (344.53 KB, 339x614, Screen Shot 2018-10-31 at 10.2…)

Not sure how they can afford to live in LA. Dasha's just a catfish with no personality, her last "modelling" gig outed her as a boxy stiff photoshop abuser, as for Vincent I have no idea what that man does all day besides occasionally streaming.

No. 593914

File: 1541061887339.png (783.05 KB, 720x947, IMG_20181101_104330.png)

LOL her new identity

No. 593916

Tbh I like this look on her…but she's dreaming if she thinks she looks anything like Effy Stonem.

No. 593931


Fucking kek, that nose. This bitch just can’t be herself. The only consistent feature of her stratospheric shoops is the dorito chin. At least her eyebrows don’t look like a misplaced dirty sanchez here. She fucking wishes she looked like Kaya Scodelario

No. 593945

jesus she looks like some kind of art/performance/whatevs project, like lil miquela or shit. Does she really think this wonky jaw edit looks believable? She edited out half of her face there. And this nose doesn't look like something you can breathe thru

No. 593957

File: 1541076045437.png (201.91 KB, 296x515, IMG_0617_1024x1024.png)

quick reminder that instagram is fake as fuck and there's no reason to feel insecure about your looks because your favorite insta-beautys don't even look like themselves on their pictures

No. 593959

What am I even looking at with this hair? That part looks like she's balded 50% back on her head and just glued on two halves of a wig she cut up from Party City.

No. 593961

idubbbz girlfriend said on her twitch stream she met Cyr at twitchcon, cant believe he went, wonder if he brought his fugly fat "russian" "fiance" with him

No. 594032

I bet she will be back to posting on her main in a copule of days,dont let her forget guys

No. 594047

>That chin
>That nose
>Those eyes

I can see the warped pixels without even enlarging.

No. 594062

oof, double oof.
she even photoshopped or drew on freckles to look like Mina. Neither Julia or the character have those freckles/moles, her entire life is halloween only she just keeps trying to dress up as Mina.
It's particularly funny to compare this image with this one >>588741
Also bitch where'd you collar bone go? Why's your chin off centred? Why does your hair line look like a shitty hair plug job? Jeez she's pathetic.

No. 594063

File: 1541096754159.png (153.16 KB, 344x606, Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at 2.24…)

…dunno what this is about?
is she trying to make a joke? I can never tell with this women cause everything she does is so soulless, shallow and boring.

No. 594066

This isn't a "look", this is just an insane amount of photoshop and delusion. Doesn't look anything like her (by her I mean both the character and Julia herself). I can't stop kekking at the fake freckles, she's still trying to wear Mina's skin

No. 594071

File: 1541098903727.gif (652.87 KB, 281x261, XzYT.gif)


kaya has a short, cute nose, she has actually tried to shop it to look like her lol wtf

No. 594162

San Francisco for sure

No. 594217

i think this just shows how good she is at photoshopping herself to look like other people so all the times she looks just like mina isnt an accident (we already knew but no denying now)

No. 594265

it'd be hilarious to see a before and after shot of all of her awful shoop jobs lmfaooo. i imagine it's like when the snapchat filter turns off, but 50000x worse.

No. 594377

Yup, they're touristing it up in SF. Funny that they're flirting with moving to a town that's even more expensive than LA…

No. 594396

Lmao, anon this is spot on!

No. 594526

God she's so short-waisted. That outfit is the worst for someone with an endomorphic build. Anyone know how tall this bitch is? Dasha looks like a broad little German strudel. Russian my arse.

No. 594572

It's been said multiple times she's austrian/german. She pretends to be russian for god knows why. Probably because a lot of models are well known to be russian? As a russian, she does not look russian at all even with all the terrible shoops and god awful make up.

No. 594596

She just thinks being russian is hot and ~aesthetic~ while being from Austria is not

No. 594664

its been speculated and hinted at. I dont know if its true so I wont write it. however skim some of the old threads and look up cyr and onision. he also asked his family to cosign for him before. he does the odd acting modeling thing. he used to have roommates with a few being off camera. i think now he just has 1. then the supposed coffeeshop thing. the job situation is why I am not 100% team edwin. how can cyr cover so much of the bills. edwin doesnt want a job. edwin considers streaming his full time job. I wont derail but the job thing was a big issue for all 4 of them.sll 4 of them need real stable jobs. I think the temp lol thread gave a better sense of what the deal was. even their friends brought up jobs in private. lol. then edwin jobshamed/dreamshamed cyr. it was crazy.

No. 594856

File: 1541288980490.jpg (172.7 KB, 960x1280, C0UC986UsAAizYv.jpg)

where's the TEA

No. 594881


No. 594944

File: 1541310780699.jpeg (250.3 KB, 1125x2436, 9F6900D9-460D-4EDA-8B7C-0604EB…)

was doing a lil swipey swipey tonight and I think I may have found Dasha’s doppelgänger in LA too!(no one cares)

No. 595039

Dasha doesn't look like this at all.

No. 595096

Dasha wishes lmfao.

No. 595133

Did you really have to post a pic of a completely unrelated person's face. Not only does no one care but it's uncalled for. That chick doesn't need to be posted on this site. Rude. Could have points spoiler too.

Oh and… she looks NOTHING like Dasha, more like what Dasha wishes she looked like.

No. 595139


Edwin sued cyr for a large sum of money and won. I don't think cyr was footing all of the bills. Nor do I think he has that much more than Edwin. Also where does Edwin come off as lazy. He has said he had ADHD and cant relax or sit still. Oh and FYI putting the word shame at the end of another word, doesn't make it a thing. "Dream-shamed" where? They had the SAME dream

No. 595408

File: 1541403965883.png (1.03 MB, 1920x1080, 655642316546.png)

From twitch. "Oh, nice double chin angle."

No. 595424

File: 1541409906267.jpg (164.81 KB, 1194x669, fearandloathing.jpg)

No. 595443

File: 1541421042052.jpg (Spoiler Image,89.54 KB, 417x300, nasolabial-fold-smile-line-nas…)

No way this bitch is 22. She HAS to be pushing 30 if she's a day. Look at those nasolabial folds. Another 10 yrs she'll look like this:

No. 595526

Oh anon don’t, they wish

No. 595527

Eh, this is nitpicky, it's pretty believable. Two other pt cows(Moomoo and Luna) are around or the same age as her and you can barely tell that they're 22.

The problem is none of these bitches take good care of themselves so they look way older than they really are.

No. 595563

To be fair, I'm pretty sure she just turned 23. Also smoking and drinking age you much quicker

No. 595635

File: 1541455252114.png (497.91 KB, 467x895, 5678908765432.png)

As soon as Mina cuts her hair…

No. 595639

But one's addicted to heroin and the other's addicted to food… so what's Dasha's excuse?
>>593914 in what Universe does Dasha look like this?

No. 595643

Did you miss the "don't take care of themselves" part? None of these bitches do. You don't meed to have an addiction to treat your body like shit(Even though the bitch is addicted to drama.) Dasha can't take care of a dog, it's pretty obvious that she doesn't take care of herself.

No. 595667

File: 1541462507086.png (113.69 KB, 358x622, Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at 7.01…)

She's so cringy

No. 595668

File: 1541462569216.png (230.4 KB, 317x625, Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at 7.01…)

More cringe

No. 595669

File: 1541462618209.png (153.81 KB, 332x621, Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at 7.01…)

>>we love
uh huh…

No. 595686

File: 1541465503143.png (256.68 KB, 317x612, Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at 7.46…)

No. 595690

File: 1541465856472.png (435.14 KB, 712x584, Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at 7.54…)

wut the fuck happened? these are not appealing at all. she looks haggard!

No. 595694

What a psycho. Mina cut/dyed it just a few weeks ago

No. 595719

File: 1541474174627.png (378.86 KB, 684x513, Katinkaa.png)

She looks like the villain from the comedy movie zoolander named Katinka Ingaborgovinananananana.


No. 595776

So. Fucking. Vain.
Doesn't this bitch get tired of a life where she pretends to be beautiful and takes 1000s of selfies?What an empty and meaningless life.

No. 595817

stop nitpicking, millions of people use instagram to post selfies and pretend they’re pretty. i’m sure your fave does the same.

No. 595859

Nitpicking the nitpicker

No. 595921

unpopular opinion and i dont wanna feed dashas ego but this pics p cute
shame her ugly personality makes her 100000x uglier

No. 596007

Stop the infighting.

No. 596178

File: 1541552452301.png (283.6 KB, 326x617, Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 7.58…)

No. 596180

File: 1541552532809.png (184.97 KB, 347x615, Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 7.58…)

So vegan and animal friendly yet hates her dog and doesn't care to properly train it so she puts a shock collar on it.. oh i'm sorry, a "vibrating" collar…

No. 596360

SHE'S 22?????? WTF I was guessing mid 30s

No. 596367

She can't vote?

No. 596391

File: 1541598090494.png (503.34 KB, 932x561, Screen Shot 2018-11-07 at 8.36…)

God she's cringy. She's like the embodiment "hey fellow kids" meme.
Any clue where they are? Looks like a hotel

No. 596392

File: 1541598130575.png (66.79 KB, 993x197, Screen Shot 2018-11-07 at 8.37…)

New bio too.

No. 596393

File: 1541598180608.png (301.61 KB, 320x608, Screen Shot 2018-11-07 at 8.37…)

The face of someone whose dead inside.

No. 596412

Has Cyr always been this thin??? I find it funny that someone tried to bring up how Edwin has looked " more skinny" yet Cyr definitely looks thinner!

No. 596427

I know right??? She is so unfunny.

No. 596437

did she literally just say that she finds jeans uncomfortable lol she tries so hard to be ~uNiQuE~

No. 596518

Eh .I don't have a problem with taking a lot of selfies. I do have a problem with someone who is so utterly obsessed with their appearance that they indulge in toxic and narcissistic behaviour because of it nor have any other interests. She doesn't have other hobbies,or other work & she doxes and bullies Mina cos she's so jealous of her. Her life revolves about her goddamn face. That's not fucking normal.Cyr is a jerk but at least he plays video games. Mina seems to use her Insta as a creative outlet. Dasha seems to use her selfie game to prove she's better than anyone else.Like anything, it's all a matter of moderation. Dasha isn't moderate.WTF will she do when she's 40 & her moderately pretty looks borne of youth are gone?Shoop a personality that isn't a bitch?

No. 596643

I find jeans really uncomfortable and I'm not trying to be unique..(no1curr)

No. 596666

File: 1541638433433.png (469.77 KB, 930x583, Screen Shot 2018-11-07 at 7.53…)

Is she doing tik tok or is this more cringy "hello fellow children" act?

No. 596834

File: 1541663262059.png (651.65 KB, 459x891, 001927348135.png)

Is she trying to have an ass?

No. 596908

What is with that outfit anyway?

I know she idolizes kpop boy bands but that's no excuse to dress like that.

No. 596912

The purse looks familiar, is it something she stole from Mina or did Mina have one similar to it? I agree though, her fashion sense is all over the place, mom jeans, old asian lady hat, stiff Fabio shirt, and a children's leopard print purse. Looks like a goodwill threw up on her

No. 596914

File: 1541697865569.png (220.47 KB, 402x512, Screen Shot 2018-11-08 at 12.2…)

No. 596915

File: 1541697887423.png (109.17 KB, 281x367, Screen Shot 2018-11-08 at 12.2…)

such beauty

No. 596925

File: 1541699757675.png (226.82 KB, 328x626, Screen Shot 2018-11-08 at 12.5…)

You know your jokes are funny when you have to explain them. And yeah, of course Julia doesn't like "bad guys", she just likes cheating guys that like manipulating women and only date her as a sick twisted way of getting back at his ex.

No. 596977

She is buying followers again

No. 597002

you call that “trying” to have an ass? my ass is probably half the size of that… her ass is definitely not flat in the slightest.(Blogging )

No. 597142

Geez, how long did she make Cyr stand in this hallway so she could have all these different pictures of her in this outfit?!

No. 597143

Do some squats, anon. That’s just pathetic.

No. 597163

Her butt looks bigger here? We all saw that PluggedNYC shoot, it does NOT look like that. Either photo edits or maybe that was the "surgery" she got recently

No. 597195

File: 1541757429776.jpg (58.64 KB, 675x506, seinfeld_35.jpg)

She looks like Seinfeld in the Puffy shirt.

No. 597196

Good jeans do that

No. 597241


Good jeans don't give you a whole different body shape. There's a picture of Dasha in the same angle from plugged. Her silhouette is completely different in both pictures.

No. 597270

it really ain't lmao you're pathetic for pretending that's not a good ass. call her out where she deserves it.

No. 597274

File: 1541791946443.png (476.31 KB, 927x548, Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 2.31…)

What the actual fuck happened to her face? Either she got something done or bitch needs to lay off the photoshop and filters. She looks crosseyed.
>>we're siblings but yes
fucking gross

No. 597276

File: 1541792063291.png (716.38 KB, 922x592, Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 2.34…)

She has probably the worst fashion sense. Nice job wearing the same shirt twice in two days, such fashion. much model.

No. 597278

File: 1541792114990.png (221.14 KB, 504x392, Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 2.34…)

Her face though. And that fucking hairline, girl needs professional help

No. 597280

File: 1541792337584.png (221.94 KB, 308x621, Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 2.37…)

I agree, adopt don't shop but the message is lost when Cruella DeVil is saying it. Can't escape the fact that she uses a shock collar instead of training and positive reinforcement. Poor thing.

No. 597323

And hasn't there been multiple people who knew her irl commenting on her hatred for the dog and openly talking about how much she hates it??

No. 597370

I wouldn't call that a "good ass". It just doesn't look as flat as it did in other photos. Who knows, maybe she got work done.

No. 597375

Looks like she's wearing one of those cloth napkins one would find in a fancy restaurant.

No. 597395

File: 1541808324023.png (685.64 KB, 806x587, Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 6.59…)

I realize this is Dasha's thread, she's the topic here. But I just wanted to just provide a bit of a comparison. This is Dasha's post from yesterday showing off her "modelling" and "fashion" abilities >>597276
This is Mina's post from a couple of hours ago. The vast difference in personality, style, attitude and of course likes and comments truly speak volumes. Dasha's attempt to ruin Mina failed horribly and ended up shooting herself in the foot. Bravo Julia, bravo.

No. 597597

>please don't hurt me again

No. 597624

>best thing that happened to me
>love him to death
Yeah, I guess that's why you don't train it, scream at it, don't walk if and use a shock collar on it


Go home Julia, you're drunk

No. 598155

File: 1541984124460.png (260.02 KB, 321x614, Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 7.52…)

So glad they decided to go to career college.

No. 599074

Her choice of clothing isn't doing her any favors. She looks wide, but in a bad way, not a thiccc sexy way.

No. 599168

>cyr bending over backwards to satisfy dash

No. 599345

cyr died his hair on stream and dasha is also showing her perfect self www.twitch.tv/videos/335957625

No. 599355


freudian slip, anon?

No. 599357

At 6.10 she hits the dog on its behind

No. 599358

The dog didn't seem like it was in pain. It jumped up right after that.

No. 599363

File: 1542267301647.jpg (44.28 KB, 1277x720, hairdont.jpg)

>it's really shiny in the light it just looks dark on stream

it's a patchy beige like when Onision fucked up his hair for a little while, except a professional did this

No. 599396

File: 1542276366997.png (365.89 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20181115-110150.png)

No. 599397

File: 1542276393041.png (324.84 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20181115-110221.png)

Shes beauty shes grace

No. 599398

File: 1542276426653.png (275.28 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20181115-110236.png)

No. 599399

Holy shit look at the straggly ends. Get a haircut and some fucking conditioner, Julia. Also, her hair is too thin to support layers. Bitch needs a blunt cunt.

No. 599415

I think its a wig

No. 599417

Also can she stop saying cash money
Its a dead meme it was never even funny in the first place

No. 599434


If it's a wig, it's a shitty one.

No. 599439

She is always trying to use her hand to block her double chin during streams. It's hilarious.

Also her 'southern' accent is just further proof that she is not funny in any way, just annoying as fuck.

Dasha go back to your hidey-hole, you're still over.

No. 599478

File: 1542298213518.jpg (326.13 KB, 1080x810, 20181115_170903.jpg)

Dead inside. Thinking about how nice and easy his life was before he met this demon called Julia.

No. 599491

>if i make my face ugly on purpose people won't notice how busted i look!

No. 599543

i was watching this stream and dasha was insulting cyr so much, like "you have a small dick, you can't make me come blah blah". i get having banter with your gf/ bf but it was getting so awkward, noone was laughing after the 10th dick joke and mike was completely stone faced KEK you're not funny dasha please stop

No. 599557

That shows she does this on the regular. Congrats on displaying your abusive and nasty personality for the whole world Dasha.

No. 599565

christ her lip injections look awful.

No. 599594

She also constantly called him ugly. What a great girlfriend she is. No wonder Mike doesn't want to fuck her, he's probably thinking about suicide everytime he sees her.
I really wonder what she has on him that makes him stick with her. Every sane person would've already left her

No. 599800

File: 1542350072912.png (503.45 KB, 729x403, Capture.PNG)

No. 600034

Jesus fuck, did you edit this anon? Looks like her human mask is melting off to expose her witch face. How in the world is this women considered a model?

No. 600035

File: 1542396913768.png (238.5 KB, 326x611, Screen Shot 2018-11-16 at 2.34…)

Insta story dump incoming

No. 600036

File: 1542396944018.png (226.77 KB, 336x625, Screen Shot 2018-11-16 at 2.34…)

No. 600038

File: 1542397031255.png (228.76 KB, 329x612, Screen Shot 2018-11-16 at 2.34…)

No. 600039

File: 1542397053516.png (195.51 KB, 327x608, Screen Shot 2018-11-16 at 2.34…)

No. 600045

File: 1542397576271.jpg (1.3 MB, 2560x1920, 18-11-16-14-44-40-319_deco.jpg)

Okay so, I didnt get any screenshots from when it happened but Edwin had his hair dyed a grayish toned after bleaching and waiting a week or so. Cyr is legit skinwalking/ or maybe attempting to one up Edwin now I think. Could be wrong, nothing I say is set in stone. Just found it odd

No. 600046

File: 1542397623930.png (318.76 KB, 924x591, Screen Shot 2018-11-16 at 2.42…)

Trasha just posted a very strange video of Cyr. I used to watch Cyr a looooooong time ago and it's so strange to see and hear him talk now. He seems actually dead inside and soulless.
Anyways, in the video he's saying "I just feel like I'm falling out of touch with the world and when I watch tik tok videos… i… I genuinely hate them. And I know everybody hates them but I feel like… I really fucking hate them more then any body else (mumbles here but I think he says) and I feel alone. And… Nobody will ever hate them as much as I do. Very concerning"
Is he high? Drunk? He sounds depressed as fuck.

No. 600047

I wouldn't be surprised if Julia was trying to mould Cyr into someone else. She never seemed to actually care about him and mainly just uses him as a career stepping stone and now he's just the last weapon she has against Mina and Edwin.

No. 600052

File: 1542398206443.jpg (939.16 KB, 3994x1994, 123409.jpg)

Just checked and you might have a point anon, Edwin changed his hair in October, Cyr only recently (like in the last few weeks/days) dyed/bleached his.

No. 600057

Yes Haha he does seem so soulless but I think the deadpan act is for the meme

Maybe a kpop idol type of skinwalk??? But deffo odd that this happened right after Edwin changed his hair. Like as soon as Mina changes hers, so does Dasha so it really makes me suspicious

No. 600061

File: 1542398791989.png (610.77 KB, 595x592, Screen Shot 2018-11-16 at 3.06…)

Just posted on Cyr's insta. In my opinion blonde doesn't suit him at all.

No. 600062

File: 1542398972921.png (113.4 KB, 319x619, Screen Shot 2018-11-16 at 3.08…)

I find it strange that Julia keeps posting something on one account and then the same thing (or similar) on her other accounts. She just reuploaded Cyr's emotionless rant about tik tok on her babydash account, it's the exact same as the one on her neuphs account.

No. 600064

he looks like dicaprio in that stupid romeo and juliet movie.

No. 600097

I think you mean Leo in what's eating Gilbert grape

No. 600102

why would cyr skinwalk edwin lmao, lets not pretend edwin isn't ugly as fuck and cyr wasn't the dominant one in their friendship. probably the amount of kpop in cyr and dasha's lives turned cyr onto wanting to go blonde like their idols are.

No. 600114

Edwin's not ugly but ok

No. 600215

just because he isn't conventionally attractive doesn't mean he's ugly. i think he's quite cute, or could be if he put a little weight on. he's getting that anorexic-teeth-too-big look about him. eat some protein edwin!!
also I agree this is Dasha's doing, she wants him to go full kpop idol but honestly it looks atrocious. cyr actually almost used to be handsome and now look at him.

No. 600377

Wow…. that colour is seriously hideous. It's the same colour Onision was when he tried to dye it blonde at home. At least Gurg didn't pay for a professional to create that monstrosity.
Was this Trasha's idea?? How did this guy ever model? He looks like an orange rat.

No. 600382

File: 1542437932422.png (335.53 KB, 865x1328, Screenshot_20181116-181949~2.p…)

No. 600384

File: 1542438130678.jpg (489.88 KB, 634x1024, Superimposed1542438064495.jpg)

No. 600386

Tbh I think it's more likely that he's trying to be Titanic Sinclair.

No. 600387

File: 1542438386998.png (254.27 KB, 827x625, Screenshot_20181116-181457~2.p…)

she looks better with long hair

No. 600391

Nice screenshot, anon.
She’s lookin wide as ever.. not to say she’s overweight, she’s just a healthy/normal weight from all the wine drinking and the inevitable binges her body craves as a result of nutrient depletion.

She is nowhere near model proportion or build tho, and her body photoshop in her social media is as obvious as her lip fillers as soon as there’s video footage of her that’s not doctored by Snapchat or the snow app for Instagram.

She’s like a sad Beverly Hills trophy wife minus the positive clout or rich husband smh. Do better, Dasha. Do some of that “Healthy at every size” shit or something and embrace your wino weight. Maybe you can get sponsored as an influencer for some wine cooler beverage kek.

No. 600392

She looks older than her age, she needs to drink more water or some shit.

Anyone have more screenshots from this streams?

No. 600443

I have a nice video from the stream but the file is too big.

No. 600462

In that stream at 02:16 Dasha slaps poor dog for nothing
Much love

No. 600472

Oh it's at 00:06:12, sorry
She slaps her poor dog
And at 00:28:23 she says she wants to dye her dog

No. 600487

File: 1542451117741.png (1.02 MB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2018-11-17-12-36-52…)

Im just gonna leave this here

No. 600488

did her and her big ass head really think this was a good idea

No. 600490

are they on meth what the fuck

No. 600503

is this real?!

No. 600505



No. 600512

This cannot be real. Omfg

No. 600513

File: 1542456718928.png (793.83 KB, 1151x639, dasha.png)

No. 600514

File: 1542457132585.jpeg (670.8 KB, 934x1191, old-paintings-of-people-hilari…)

Trasha's new skin walking victim

No. 600515

I didn't think Julia could get uglier, I was wrong

No. 600524

yes, I also think they're trying to turn Cyr into a kpop boy but he honestly looks so weird. he looks better when he sticks to his "80'S/90's johnny depp" schtick, it fits him better. wearing this blonde hairstyle and this type of clothes make him look so much older, like a 40 y/o trying to fit in with the youth.

No. 600525

The way dasha looks at cyr when he says there are cute girls in little tokyo made me spit my tea. pls more screenshots from this stream someone

No. 600527

File: 1542460228449.jpg (176.31 KB, 683x854, 13589713406.jpg)

dumb and dumber, ladies and gentlemen

No. 600529

shit lol

No. 600545

HAHAHAHAH @11:50ish Cyr reads out "I'm watching the Asian behind you in converse" He replies "Wow… wow.. I wasn't looking, why because I'm in love. I'm in love okay? I don't look at shit like that" and looks away and his smile just slowly dies on his face. Priceless

No. 600557

the only time dasha looks genuinely happy is when she is terrorizing cyr

No. 600558

Dasha screaming on the populated street "I SWALLOW YOUR CUM" in a serious context is disgusting on so many levels

No. 600578

Hm she trying to go for the kpop boy look too now or what? Are we getting Dasha to be like "it's they/them" soon to slip into a new role? (i know tinfoil but also not completely unlikely now is it)

No. 600586

File: 1542470890579.png (697.12 KB, 907x712, hellno.png)

no, honey, noo..

No. 600589

Tinfoil but we have no idea how long she’s had this hairstyle since she wears wigs to look like Mina. Maybe she fucked it up really bad and had to wait to revel after she forced cyr to do the same.

No. 600627

anon she was in the stream with her fried mess of hair >>600387 this shit's not a wig.

No. 600661

File: 1542482596489.jpeg (537.87 KB, 2048x2048, 8EC6057F-8012-4BFE-9B73-F62D67…)


dang these spot the difference games are getting harder and harder

No. 600669

young twink and his daddy

No. 600679

Cyr always looks like he does cocaine, but the vibe is stronger than ever. Unfortunate.

No. 600700

cyr said on stream he's doing a youtube video about being a member of bts as a joke or something so yes it is kpop inspired. but dasha….. omfg, no idea why she did that to her own hair. looks horrible

No. 600701

The Jan Skyler is IN!

No. 600732

Ily for this anon!

Yet they're both convinced he's sooo johnny depp circa '04..

imagine being in your 30's and still trying to emulate your idol.. I'm waiting on dasha painting on the Vanessa paradis toothgap a la abbey brown tbh..

No. 600794

More tinfoil: this unfortunate haircut might be why we never see her sans wig.

No. 600799

Came here from the Onision thread (pic was posted there as he's fucked up his hair in similar fashion as well)to see if this was legit. It is! OMG she looks like Jim Carrey in Dumb & Dumber. Curvy girls generally CANNOT wear haircuts this severe. She looks ridiculous. I hope someone sends this to Mina, she'll cack herself laughing.

No. 600913

No wonder she's fat. She's sitting there, shoveling in enormous portions of food.

No. 600917

Cmon, there's alot to bash dasha for but she's not fat and that wasn't enormous portions of food. Has she gained weight? Yeah, is she fat? No

No. 600931

She doesn't have the body she shoops herself in, but she's not fat.

Johnny Depp looks like a dried up piece of leather now, so at least I guess he's not too far off the 2018 version.

No. 601307

Why is Trasha not in prison yet? Fucking psycho.(no contribution)

No. 601364

File: 1542601736340.png (89.85 KB, 1053x319, Screen Shot 2018-11-18 at 11.2…)

Interesting theory from the PULL thread.

No. 601426

we been knew

No. 601455

Her name is Julia Stadler. Of course she isn't russian.
Mike confirmed himself that she's from Austria.

No. 601753

tbf having a German surname isn't that uncommon among Russians living in Germany/Austria (many of them are Russians with German ancestors who immigrated back to Germany in the 90's, reclaiming their ancestor's surname to immigrate easier), but the way she faked her name and surname to sound more "sterotypically Russian" seems off to me

No. 601808

that wouldn't be ethnically russian then either.

No. 601889

File: 1542687485086.jpg (333.79 KB, 1080x599, Screenshot_20181119-231534_Twi…)

No. 601891

File: 1542687531405.jpg (346.87 KB, 1080x609, Screenshot_20181119-231647_Twi…)

No. 601905

File: 1542689748490.jpg (6.54 KB, 300x168, url.jpg)

when I first saw Julia and Cyr was in this video. I thought they were both very attractive and aesthetically interesting. Now… my god. They dun goofed.

No. 601916

File: 1542691151036.jpg (138.05 KB, 374x288, derpsha.jpg)

I knew that I've seen this picture before

No. 601952

File: 1542696574943.jpg (18.83 KB, 353x353, ffWINTfv_400x400.jpg)

I don't see it at all anon. Cyr looks too feminine, he looks like he's wearing make up. And Julia looks too masculine, like she's trans and just got a boob job. Just my opinion, but I don't think either of them were ever attractive.

But they were for sure much better looking in this pic you posted than >>601889 that travesty.

Never go full retard, Dasha.

No. 601962

File: 1542698085611.jpg (157.63 KB, 596x504, Screenshot_20181120-004826_Twi…)

No. 601966

File: 1542699329723.jpg (1.56 MB, 1920x1920, CollageMaker_20181120_09345720…)

No. 601984

The hate for each other is real.
They look at each other with so much disgust, it's making me uncomfortable. Just drop her Mike.

Perfect, next thread pic!

No. 602005

She looks like a chav from the 80s. This is England tier. Or perhaps she'd be more comfortable joining a football hooligan gang

No. 602071


Why would she get a haircut like this??? It isn't a cute pixie cut. It isn't an exploration of alt.girl styles. I'm really racking my brain as to how a woman so invested in traditional ideals of feminine beauty did this. Tinfoil: self punishment for her Mina harassment. It's also not uncommon for women to cut all their hair off after a traumatic event. But why THAT haircut?It's like the worst thing you could pick for her hair & face shape & body type.

No. 602076

I'm convinced she did it to herself during one of her episodes of insanity, sometime after Edwin and Mina pwnd her with the videos. She's been rocking her janky-ass wigs to hide it until now.
Makes me really happy to think about.

No. 602077

>>602076 this doesn't look like a wig though and it's the same colour as it is now… >>597274 >>601966

No. 602111

File: 1542730267467.jpeg (190.27 KB, 750x431, 769F5985-FAD5-41EE-8126-7666A7…)

Idk looks like a wig to me

No. 602156

man i still don't see why she photoshops herself like that. who likes this?

No. 602165

File: 1542735283693.png (536.2 KB, 930x589, Screen Shot 2018-11-20 at 12.3…)

She keeps wearing these god awful shoes. Whenever she's not cosplaying as Mina she looks terrible, the outfit, the shoop, the location, the pose, everything just looks cheap, sloppy and unappealing. Also nice leather jacket and purse, such a vegan.

No. 602166

File: 1542735404249.png (264 KB, 529x476, Screen Shot 2018-11-20 at 12.3…)

Doesn't look like a wig to me. You can actually see where her scalp is on the side of her head

No. 602167

Just noticed her fake engagement ring she was trying to get attention for is no longer on her finger. Guess people didn't buy they were engaged or she wasn't getting enough attention with it.

No. 602169

Did she get rid of her itsbabydash IG account?

No. 602269

No but it's set to private. If you can't find it, you're likely blocked.

No. 602366

amazing. add baboon lips and a pinched, tiny nose and a shrine for Mina and it's on point

No. 602379

I just can't! It's too funny! Julia coming out brave and original for once and THIS happened. Colour-matching, hair-matching outfit, attempts at being a cute, happy, couple were made and they do look happy … about looking awkward as fuck. Cyr looking like a gay, old sugardaddy slowly fading away from some illness, Dasha, I don't even know how to describe it. Good initial energy, hilariously bad result. Guess the stars and the co-dependency weren't aligned in their favor

No. 602387


What is her chronic need to be twinsies? Does she have a dead twin ala Elvis Presley or something? It's very odd.

No. 602398

File: 1542772170922.gif (1.72 MB, 245x184, tumblr_n1gj9mriZE1rpnp2go8_250…)

There's a small part of my brain that says "Well, at least she's putting herself out there and trying something really drastically different. Good for her?" but gosh, it's just so terrible. There's another part of me that just imagines her having a full on breakdown in her bathroom with a pair of dull scissors

No. 602399

File: 1542772281236.jpg (31.83 KB, 640x480, 4.jpg)

No. 602403

I actually kinda like the hair? The cute lolita look is awful on her and maybe she's making an effort to change and that's why she had such a huge make over? or at least I would like that to be the reasson. Cyr looks awful and he's definitely doing drugs.

No. 602441

>hello young man, have you heard of the term "gay for pay"?
>how dare you? I'll have you know that I'm a smol positive pansexual vegan babyfox butterfly and the Real Daeny Stormborn of the House Targaryen, First of Her Fake Name, the Unburnt, Queen of the scAndals and the First Men, Khaleesi of the not-so-Great GrAss Sea, Breaker of Chains and Mother of Dragons with the most bomb pussy and the cashest of money and my twitter comedy is woker than yours. nice try but you're cancelled. unless you can hook me up with a photoshooting I will regret, a marriage, a hitman for my curly nemesis or a basement for my unknowing fiance and human pet / second dog Cyr, you're cancelled

No. 602454

She tries to come off as a cool girl who doesn't care what anyone thinks of her appearance but in reality it's what she cares of the most. I think she's trying to change that by having one of the ugliest haircuts around to detach her looks, but can't show it on insta because she's too scared what people will think, since it is a hideous cut. She has all kinds of mental issues that she needs to be treated for, her insecurity being top priority. I think she might be autistic.

No. 602461

This is a criminally underrated post, holy yikes. RIP my sides.

No. 602467

Wow, what a nice garbage bag you have there, Julia. Fits your personality.

No. 602482

Right? What she thinks is socially correct is of the plane of normalcy. She likes to hurt people with words, in vids and pics you can almost see pleasure after she says something awful.

No. 602515

File: 1542818379700.png (979.23 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20181121-173302.png)

No. 602516

File: 1542818501803.png (979.7 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20181121-173310.png)

No. 602517

on point. Bless all the funny anons ITT

No. 602563

I watched some of this stream and their relationship was weird. They didn’t seem to be enjoying around one another, Cyr seemed anxious, compared to Mina and Edwin who seem to have a lot of fun together. I kind of felt bad, seems like they’re obligated to one another and might be happier broken up but Cyr probably has to support Dasha’s crazy ass reeling from being exposed. She should just go to therapy and sort her shit

No. 602575

Yeah, they have no chemistry what so ever and just look miserable, except for when Dasha annoys, insults or spit stuff at Cyr, her whole face exudes joy at seeing him troubled and uncomfortable. Reminds me of the bullies in school who thrived on torturing kids and animals.

No. 602621


The only way Cyr is getting out of this without getting his rabbit boiled is if he moves to the south pole, or Dasha gets sick of him and initiates the breakup, but even then Dasha seems like the type to be a crazy ex either way. He's fucked, and I'd feel for him if he wasn't such a cunt himself.

Hopefully these two narcs remain in their toxic relationship till death, so two normal romantic partners are spared their lunacy.

No. 602654

File: 1542844422773.jpg (58.24 KB, 500x561, wpid-7f58a205ac1d393800823f8cf…)

No. 603081

File: 1542958120145.png (902.59 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-11-23-08-53-58…)

Yea, no

No. 603089

This looks absolutely nothing like her, holy shit. She must be pulling what is left of her hair out after she was eviscerated on here over the his n hers dumb and dumber cosplay. I’m still shocked she even agreed to appear on Mike’s stream revealing her true form

No. 603098

File: 1542964840611.png (605.38 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-11-23-08-54-09…)

Yea, no>>603089

No. 603099

File: 1542965244080.png (348.18 KB, 720x1031, IMG_20181123_112558.png)


Btw her main account in not private any more

No. 603105

She should use her whore-money to fix her entire face, so she could actually look like what she's always shooping herself.

No. 603115

She’s not even posting on it, she’s probably just unlocking it to collect followers before she privates it again.

No. 603541

Must suck always having to blur out your swollen-looking nasolabial fold lmfao. Would fillers even help this problem she has?

No. 603630

File: 1543097395727.png (1.76 MB, 1708x747, 457831845329845639.png)

similar pose and background, hmmm.

No. 603825

I think that’s a bit of a reach, anon. Dare I say it, but I think she may have finally given up on skinwalking Mina, at least for the time being. She still has a very obvious aversion to showing her true form on Instagram but she’s not trying to be a smol bbyfox or whatever the fuck she was doing previously. She looks rough as hell in this pic though. If you’re going to shoop you can at least put some effort in Julia.

No. 603872

Agreed!! I think she just seems like she is vaguely copying Mina still because her entire internet persona is unoriginal, including her choice of fashion choices and posing lol

No. 603875

I'm shocked she didn't shoop her meaty torso but maybe she's beginning to make peace with how she really looks. I'd say "good for her" but she's still so unlikeable and psycho.

Also that top is absolutely hideous.

No. 603916

Isn’t it? So fucking ugly. And so unflattering. If she’s going to embrace her beefy box body she needs to learn how to dress for her shape.

No. 603949

That top wouldn't look good on literally anyone, looks uncomfortable and cheap.

No. 603956

File: 1543155982468.png (2.76 MB, 750x1334, 4960E6CA-21DB-4A61-9EF7-093781…)

Is this real life? Cut your dog’s god damn nails!

No. 603965

No no no no! The poor things nails are so ingrown and unkept he can't stand properly. Vegan my ass, first the shock collar and now this. I hope the dog shits in her bed

No. 604012

Stupid question here. Are you supposed to cut your dogs nails? Because mine bites off his own nails since he was a lil pup so I never had to do this. Also my cousins dog does this on his own. I am just curious and never heard of cutting your dogs nails

No. 604015

Sorry for ot but I worked at a vet and yes, it is common for people to cut their dog's nails(or take them to a vet to do so). It is more common for smaller dogs that stay indoors since they can't dig or play around outside that much. Usually dogs that stay outdoors get rid of their long nails like that.

That dog needs to get them cut asap, it must be a bit painful for him to walk like that.

No. 604016

Yeah, you should definitely trim your dogs nails or bring them to a groomer if you don't feel comfortable doing it yourself. Dogs usually only bite the nails unless they're too long which can be painful for them, so it's better if you do it before it gets to that stage. It can also be a sign of fungal infections if they lick the paw too.

She doesn't even realize how bad this makes her look. Poor dog.

No. 604059

Repzions next video will probably be about dasha so tea?

No. 604093

Jesus, Julia.
So much to being vegan and caring about animals

No. 604148

Did repzion mention making a video on her? Would be nice to see a youtuber/creator not suck Cyr and Julia's dick.

No. 604185

This dog has a front leg deformity in both of its front legs, which can cause pain. So double whammy with those tremendously overgrown nails.

No. 604317

Yeah in the end of his newest video on joysparkle he asked who should he make a video on next babydash or onision,most of the people in the comments said itsbabydash so yay we can hope

No. 604319

Plus he has a pretty big hate boner for julia,if he does decide to make one its gonna be brutal

No. 604440

File: 1543249304547.png (725.65 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_20181126-062951.png)

No. 604441

File: 1543249429801.png (596.87 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_20181126-062922.png)

No. 604442

File: 1543249587205.png (484.75 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_20181126-182522.png)

No. 604443

File: 1543249622743.png (348.31 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_20181126-062856.png)

No. 604445

File: 1543249663199.png (285.71 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_20181126-062734.png)

No. 604447

File: 1543249740505.png (548.32 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_20181126-061945.png)

Found some old dash pics lol when she first met cyr

No. 604449

File: 1543249780842.png (450.62 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_20181126-061755.png)


No. 604451

File: 1543249815297.png (438.6 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_20181126-061708.png)

No. 604452

File: 1543249843783.png (420.09 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_20181126-061625.png)

No. 604455

File: 1543250016916.png (648.76 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_20181126-061358.png)

And the Mina transformation sloooooowly began….

No. 604457

File: 1543250089158.png (877.12 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_20181126-053907.png)


No. 604460

File: 1543250136268.png (1.12 MB, 800x1280, Screenshot_20181126-053903.png)

No. 604463

File: 1543250191913.png (368.42 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_20181126-053836.png)

No. 604466

File: 1543250318347.png (354.26 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_20181126-062755.png)


No. 604468

File: 1543250366940.png (849.52 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_20181126-060959.png)

No. 604471

File: 1543250430025.png (585.42 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_20181126-061303.png)

A also found these omg the irony…

No. 604474

File: 1543250479151.png (371.18 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_20181126-054801.png)

No. 605008

File: 1543328876489.png (391.23 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20181127-152724.png)

No. 605197

File: 1543341441464.jpg (987.72 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181127-185305_Ins…)

What the actual fuck is up with her mouth wrinkles?! I have never seen anything like that before. get injections for that please, not your lips.

No. 605378

She deleted this super quick, luckily instagram didn't reload on me. I only screen recorded because it was deleted. Not really that milky

No. 605444

Lmao Trasha, you can't fool us.
You only look like that with hardcore snow-filters.

No. 605537

File: 1543370550711.webm (409.13 KB, 228x360, videoplayback.webm)

Eh. I am not looking to nitpick but here's backup of the vid. Idk why she removed it.

No. 605607

Didn't that model delete all pictures with Dasha on her Instagram once she got exposed? I'm surprised they are still friends

No. 605875

>>605607 Wow what a great friend she has lmaoo

No. 605882

File: 1543402001574.png (360.92 KB, 593x720, IMG_20181128_124333.png)

C'mon, we all know Dasha is perfect without snow filters

No. 606590

Idk if any of you watched edwins livestream but it seems that dasha is yet again contacting minas ex friends from london to try and mess with her behind the scenes

No. 606595

If that’s true then… wow. What the fuck would that achieve? You’d think that she’d at least be aware that she can’t do shit like that without the internet finding out and dragging her to hell for it, but evidently not, as she keeps repeating the same shit and not learning or growing from her mistakes. She’s a lost cause.

No. 606596

If that’s true then… wow. What the fuck would that achieve? You’d think that she’d at least be aware that she can’t do shit like that without the internet finding out and dragging her to hell for it, but evidently not, as she keeps repeating the same shit and not learning or growing from her mistakes. She’s a lost cause.

No. 606887

She's probably desperate to find some dirt on Mina to 'expose' and turn the internet around on her. Too bad for nosfertatu not every girl is a psycho like she is and Mina is an average girl.

No. 606936

Apparently Trasha screenshotted convos Mina had with her friends back when she stole Mina's phone and is editting them to fake texts. In this specific case she apparently tried to make it look like Mina was gossiping about her ex friend for buying followers on Instagram. So yeah she's still actively trying to turn people, or more specifically people who are/have been associated with Mina, against her. In the livestream Mina also talked about how she had a falling out with this specific ex friend a while back because he was talking to Trash, but said that she hadn't thought about him for a while and doesn't care whether or not he's buying followers and that this came out of nowhere.

No. 606940

File: 1543524299180.png (344.08 KB, 523x547, Screen Shot 2018-11-29 at 3.42…)

That awful shoop. She tried to edit away her saggy cheeks and third chin.

No. 606941

File: 1543524363108.png (408.55 KB, 661x537, Screen Shot 2018-11-29 at 3.43…)

Annnnnd when you photoshop your necklace into your skin. Girl we all know you look nothing like this, just stop with the Mina shoops.

No. 606942

Samefag but just looking at these two side by side you can see all the inconsistent editing. Her lips, eyes, nose and jaw are shapeshifting and these are from the same day

No. 607036

drawing her eyebrows so much darker and in so close makes her look so much older, that hair color is washing her out like crazy, and that mormon middle part is not fun or fresh she needs soft layers or even bangs.
i hope that's not nitpick because it's just a make up and hair thing she can hopefully fix.
and sorry but she needs under eye filler immediately, how old is she does she smoke or something?

No. 607167

File: 1543548734853.png (257.38 KB, 469x244, dasha.PNG)

This clickbait article keeps showing up on my facebook and every time I see it I think it's Dasha for a split second.

No. 607460

when I see Julia in her true angles it makes me realize why she's so hopelessly hell-bent on looking like other girls

No. 607868

What the fuck, spoiler this shit. Plus it’s a reach.

No. 607920

Chill minion

No. 608106

it's pretty damn accurate

No. 608428

What exactly would be legally prosecutable please?
I keep up on these threads because someone is doing the exact same thing to me and I had to go into intensive therapy. Anything helps, and it's also really nice reading Mina can do something about this psycho bitch.

No. 608430

The major one is revenge porn, for stealing Mina's nudes and semi nudes from her devices, then publishing them.

No. 609053

File: 1543870030311.png (508.28 KB, 832x590, Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 3.44…)

What in the name of fuck?

No. 609056

File: 1543870330727.png (576.67 KB, 784x585, Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 3.48…)

I'm gonna bet the dog has an eye infection that Julia the Vegan earth goddess neglected and spread to both eyes and instead of being a decent human being and looking after the dog properly just decided "oh i'll just edit the photo cuz I'm quirky and use him as a prop, I'm just such a good vegan". Even the fur looks shooped and like she used a cloning stamp to make the dogs coat look smoother and better kept.
Julia, you are a disgusting person and I hope at least Cyr looks after the dog with more respect then you do.

No. 609058

File: 1543870756289.jpg (790.26 KB, 4000x1499, muchfashoun.jpg)

She's been wearing the same fugly ass shoes for the past month. She's supposed to into fashion and modelling yet can't dress herself or even fucking clean her nasty shoes.

No. 609060

Her feet are gigantic

No. 609068

File: 1543872960399.png (221.13 KB, 1174x459, Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 4.35…)

They are expensive ass ugly shoes. Did Julia forget about being vegan cause they are leather…

No. 609257

YOOOO i actually have a ton of mutual high school friends who all know or knew this girl, what the fuck? whenever i recognize anyone irl on this site it just weirds me out so much, like the LA/ OC area is too small and full of snowflakes for comfort

i'm so sorry you're going through this anon, i've seen a friend go through something similar but not to this extreme. i'm thinking you should hang onto any and all concrete proof of harassment/ abuse/ manipulation etc. in her case she was able to get a restraining order but I believe that it didn't happen for a LONG time. shit like this is frustrating and it makes me really sad because you sooo rarely see any actual justice being served as a result. other victims will look at things like the mars argo case being settled/ fading into obscurity and get discouraged from even trying to take legal action. i hope things work out in your favor, stay safe!

sorry for no real milk, rly wish you could still sage in pt lol

No. 609271

She is only vegan when it benifits her memebr

No. 609360

Her "fans" don't question that she brags about being Vegan then buys 300 dollar leather sneakers? Wait, silly me, Julia doesn't have fans.

No. 609697

her "fanbase" consists of insecure young girls that seek validation through an "insta influencer" acknowledging their existence. someone with a "big" following private messaging and contacting them makes them feel special (while we all know how "genuine" that is of her and what happens when you go against her position). the people that stayed on her side after all what was revealed of her true nature don't care the slightest about any morals or principles, at all.

No. 609731

File: 1543974272796.png (575.31 KB, 927x593, Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 8.37…)

Still hiding her Catholic Monk hair cut with shitty wigs. She's been out of work for a while now and won't even bother linking the wig or other items she wears in hopes of a sponsor or more brand attention. It's like she's given up, she hasn't given up on shooping herself though. I mean it's hard to believe this is the same person as this >>602515 >>601889


No. 609846

funny that she's a fan of that new grimes song because she 100% strikes me as someone who'd be on poppy's side of the drama (aka the wrong side lol), also i could be remembering this wrong but weren't her and cyr friends with poppy and titanic at some point?

No. 609932