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File: 1501296659780.png (1.39 MB, 586x452, 1501285848185aa.png)

No. 417225

Last thread >>396612

>Dasha forgets the drama, rekindles friendships with old instahoe/adult film friends

>Mina is banned from the U.S. for 6 months after being harassed by TSA for not having a return ticket
>Edwin starts a charity fundraiser page begging his teen followers for $2000 to see Mina in the UK
>Edwin and Mina act like cunts to fanbase when the issue of either seeking legit employment is addressed
>Dasha has been frequently snapchatting with Simon
>Cyr is nowhere to be found
>Edwin refuses to find employment, continues to leech off his younger fans for money


No. 417228

>Dasha forgets the drama
Probably not.

No. 417231


Yeah, I was debating on leaving that there or not… should have said "been quieter than usual" idk my b

No. 417235

i cringe seeing Edwin having raised only $100 for his little fundraiser

the video is cringe and i feel like Mina was a bit pressured into it because Edwin is crying like a bitch and Mina was more light hearted about it

she is well on her way to not giving a fuck about Edwin the creep, he really needs to get a god damn job man - he is homeless in his moms house

No. 417242

File: 1501301424940.png (100.59 KB, 750x894, IMG_5998.PNG)

Actually laughed at this tweet Dasha retweeted. It's understandable tho, there's other things to donate to, like some serious charity regarding a cancer cure, orphans, animals that need help, stuff like that. Instead he's acting like a charity case to fund his Channel, a plane ticket, Mina's channel launch (lol), a meet up, and future videos. How many other YouTubers have done things on their own with money out of their own pocket? Or at least they'll work for it, but nope, not in this case.

No. 417255

File: 1501306001697.png (58.76 KB, 750x502, IMG_5999.PNG)

Didn't wanna be nit picky, but the way Mina writes is so annoying to me, I get that she's trying hard to be cute. But no honey, it isn't cute. It just falls into one of those stereotypes where the girl is a cute bimbo. And so many young girls look up to her, like it's good and attractive to act like your 5 and dumb down your intelligence. It's actually commen now to act like that, putting on a whole facade to be cute, what a shame.

No. 417256

Yea considering her passive aggressive retweets and snapchats about Edwin it's pretty clear she's still salty as fuck lmao. Its a shame shes been quieter because she provides the best milk when she goes psycho. But otherwise good OP. It's nice to see people don't white knight Edwin and Mina as much now.

No. 417335

I agree. Fundraisers are for serious stuff, like expensive medical or vet things, something that you can't do in your situation. Only in that case I could understand asking your followers for money.
But e-begging 2000 bucks to go see your friend in UK… I don't believe he cannot afford it in the first place, but the goal seems also too high for a simple plane ticket. They want their teen, naive followers to pay for their fancy vacation.

She sounds mentally stunted in the videos, too.

No. 417493

I have no more sympathy for Edwin, he came into lolcord overeager to spill tea about Dasha while pretending to be so over it. I do feel bad about Mina's airport experience and I can't shake the feeling Dasha somehow reported her in retaliation for all the talking here about Dasha being illegal. (Which Edwin also pushed)

Anon I'm sorry but you complaining about Mina's typing is funny since you misspelled

No. 417498


Not to defend Dasha by any means, but how the fuck would Dasha even know all the details like when/where of her flight. That is just reaching for straws. From the story it sounds like they got suspicious vibes from Mina for 1)having no return ticket 2)bunch of wigs in her suitcase 3)being young and on her own solely depending on 30 y.o. while in the states 3)she might have signed up for the wrong fucking visa that wasn't a tourist one. Day 1 of apartmentgate I would have believed it, but it's been a while.

Also not that anon, but I think what anon meant was the way she purposely makes an incohesive sentence to sound funny/cute.

No. 417535

I'll never get over her not just making an IG for a stuffed animal but taking this huge stuffed animal out in public. It was just so bizarre to me

No. 417545

File: 1501395281084.png (462.06 KB, 925x439, 1a.png)


Speaking of that….. lol

No. 417548

Ughhhh I get her using it for her smol doggo aesthetic but wtf at a man near 30 agreeing to go along with it.

No. 417550

Ughhhh I get her using it for her smol doggo aesthetic but wtf at a man near 30 agreeing to go along with it.

No. 417555

does he actually think he's going to reach his goal?

No. 417560

I've seen locals get $500 on gofundme bc their bf cheated on them and they needed to move out.
It might take awhile but if they get the money, I'm betting ed will live off it and have an excuse how Mina is having more issues coming back when he gets called out on it

No. 417579

I may have misspelled, I type fast, I'm not trying to spell check myself on here I don't really care. My point is that she purposely does it, and it's like that other anon said. It really does get annoying, it's trendy to purposely type like you're a 5 year old, a long with dressing like they're a child. She has so many tweets looking up to her, they try to type like her to achieve some sort of cuteness when it just sounds ridiculous and mental.

No. 417596

why did Edwin change his donation goal to $500 from $2000, that isn't enough to buy a ticket to the UK, what is he planning with that money?

Sounds like a scam.

No. 417646

File: 1501436799353.jpg (81.67 KB, 810x656, Capture.JPG)

Dasha put her twitter on private, but luckily I've been following her for awhile. She's been lurking again. Now Cyr is posting pictures of her over on his twitter.

No. 417653

if these two last another year, i'll applaude them

No. 417672

She ranted the same thing on Snapchat and then deleted it. It's not that you can't hang out with other people, it's that she's constantly posting the people she's hanging out with and it's never with her bf. They were out together last night though

No. 417674

She's so retarded. Yes, Dasha you can fucking hang around with your friends. But laying in bed with them/being in your underwear and laying in their bed/making lovey-dovey snapchats with them is what makes everybody talk.

No. 417848

Saw that too. Probably because its more probable that he reaches 500 rather than 2000, and remember if you dont reach the set amount you wont get the money. So he reduced it so he would at least get $500. Scammy af but what can you expect from a no-name youtuber.

No. 417880


Let's be honest, Dasha is way more invested in drama than anyone on this site. I'm sure she and her minions lurk this thread religiously.

No. 417933

It seemed like she wasn't lurking for a while. Remember that all her twitter rants were triggered from lurking these threads. I'm thinking the only reason she stopped sperging all over twitter was because she wasn't really checking up on what we were saying anymore.

No. 417944

File: 1501534793786.png (42.72 KB, 581x458, 34675623.png)

I have a feeling that Dasha will be sperging about this a lot. Maybe a substitute for the "fake accounts!!!1111"-whining?

No. 417946


No. 417949

At least what she's saying is truth, she probably went on here and got an idea. And Edwin tweeted about her even tho her tweet wasn't directed at them. He never deleted the tweets about Dasha, and his fans were thinking she was starting again. But this was some big shade lol, at least I can agree this time around. Edwin's and Mina are doing it purely for themselves and not because they care about the fans. Even if a fan did suggest it, they could have said "no we'll make money our own way we're not going to take people's money just because we want to see each other" he's doing it for future vids and meetup and Mina's channel launch. Which all sounds so fucking stupid. They swear they are that famous. Dasha should really focus on what's going on with her though, she seems to be doing well with her group of friends, going out more, instead of clinging to Cyr, Cyr should be going out with his group of friends as well and working on new material for YouTube. Relationships need that kind of freedom since they said Dasha always clinged to Cyr. The only thing is that Simon, even if he is her friend, they shouldn't be so attached like that.

No. 417953

File: 1501535872724.png (121.56 KB, 750x705, IMG_6102.PNG)

I agree with this fans statement too, Semi blogging, but my family had to raise money for a sudden death in the family and funeral costs. For someone to so selfishly ask for 2000 dollars, while other people struggle for it, like these people don't want to lift a finger. It really infuriates me. People want it so easy.

No. 417961

File: 1501537792619.png (204.65 KB, 1536x718, IMG_2012.PNG)

I just keep rereading this looking for the reasoning of needing a fundraiser.
Like you start a long distance relationship with someone who was visiting from another country and now can't stop crying and want people to give money so you two can see each other??? I can't believe he's so serious about this. People donate for emergencies.. people are dying and you know can't work. Why would anyone donate a cent to someone who won't work

No. 417968

Edwin is a lazy entitled piece of shit. Who the fuck does he think he is? GET A JOB, you aren't entitled to other people's HARD EARNED money just because you feel like you deserve it, you stupid little cunt. Leave Mina alone, stop trying to bring her down, she still has a chance at doing something with her life. You be a lazy almost 30 yr old who still acts like an overly emotional emuuu stuck in 2007, who doesn't brush his teeth if you want, but stop trying to ruin other people's life's.

I can't believe I was ever on your side. Get your head out of us, you got such high airs out of yourself just because people started siding with you. You ain't shit, you never will be, and you know it, which is why you're trying to use Mina, because she's the only way you get views on your shitty YouTube channel.

No. 417974

>trying to use Mina
You know, I can't help but think that Edwin may be the reason behind why Mina hasn't posted a single video on her Youtube yet despite it being initially hyped up and she did mention uploading a video soon. However I think it's possible for him to have kept her complacent to probably manipulate his fans for more patreon donations too. He's probably working up a plan on how he can gain $$$ from all this because let's face it – if Mina started uploading videos I have no doubt that her sub count would surpass Edwin's own in a matter of months. He is so irrelevant and not with the times (his stupid circa 2000~ edgy intro ffs) that he can't stand the fact that Mina has potential to surpass him. Tinfoil hat here, but maybe Mina needs to realize her potential of a YT career but Edwin is convincing her that since he's "been in the business" for several years to rely on him, and with her being naive af she fell for it and let him take over her channel.

IDK, just speculating.

No. 417975

Sage for irrelevance, but what's with this piddle ass chick.. is she supposed to be a famous YTer? I guess she was closer to Edwin than Cyr, lending him a place to stay the night.

No. 417987

I feel like Mina isn't even interested in doing YT, she just went along with Edwin bc it's all he does. Honestly wtf is she going to post videos on, can't be makeup or hair, too shy and awkward for vlogs or really any videos.

No. 417991

Piddleas? Edwin used her permission so he can further demonize Dasha. Cyr unfollowed her after that whole video Edwin put out. She's another whatever YouTuber. She doesn't put out good content at all either. Practically one of those girls who talks about not needing makeup and editing, like "I'm not like the other girls" type girl who's tomboyish. Shes friends with Mina which is funny cause she makes fun of girls like Mina and Dasha. She was friends with Cyr first as well and I think they were also in a relationship back then.

No. 417993

Yeah the youtubes she does with Edwin she speaks so slowly and awkward like her speech is terrible, and the Marina Joyce impersonation. She really isn't funny, she just has that ditsy and cute character. She's better just being a model. Dasha actually would be a better youtuber than a model on the other hand, she's not afraid to look ridiculous, I mean look at her profile pic, pics, and the vids she posts. idk even tho she's a bitch from all that drama, she's actually funny. Mina probably wants to just keep that pretty image, but Edwin's trying to make her something she's not, even if she says she's been wanting to do it, she hasn't made any effort for it. And the only couple reasons she left for Edwin in the first place is because they had a thing, and also do obvious reasons she didn't want to live with Cyr and Dasha. He was her way out along with her getting a place stay, food, and she still gets to stay in the US.

No. 417994

And Edwin gave her all the vegan food she wanted since they always went to get groceries and sushi lol. He also turned vegan for her.

No. 417999

File: 1501543581598.png (127.71 KB, 750x1031, IMG_6104.PNG)

Imagine going to a restaurant and seeing this. I feel like we didn't focus enough on Mina's and Edwin's stuffed bears account because everyone was focused on the drama. But I just can't believe..

No. 418016

Not to be that person, but just seeing Mina out in public the way she dresses sometimes a giant stuffed animal is the least distracting. Please someone reply that they've seen the my strange addiction Lolita episode because that is her

No. 418018

File: 1501545765776.png (11.68 KB, 287x178, robert.png)


And it took an actual human being with extra time on their hands to write this shit. Mina must have been bored af in Arizona.

No. 418019

File: 1501545908715.png (9.48 KB, 274x138, srs.png)


like seriously

No. 418038

I hate that I just thought this but wtf happened to the stuffed animal did she take it with her

No. 418046


I can't remember where, but Mina said that the it was with Edwin "keeping him company" or w/e

No. 418087

So, I kind of lost interest in all of these people for a minute, and now I just read through the end of the last thread. Wtf. This whole "hey child fans, help us fund our reunion!" is sketchy as fuck. Unless I am missing something here, why can't the two of them fund their own booty call trips? The only problem as I see it is that Mina got flagged and now can't return for 6 months. But they have somehow managed to spin this into an issue of needing money?? If Mina hadn't run into the problem of entry, then she would be seeing Edwin now. So….why can't she just take the money she would have used to buy her ticket to/from the U.S. and buy Edwin a ticket to come visit her? I was honestly more on their side before, but I just find it so unbelievably scummy to ask young fans to finance their trips overseas when they are both adults who are perfectly capable of raising the money themselves. Edwin really messed up here. He looks just as pathetic as Dasha. Also, whatever happened with the apartment he was supposedly moving into? From the looks of it, things fell through and now he is back with his mom? So once again, unless I am missing something here, why can't he just use the money he has saved that he would have been using for rent to pay for his own goddamn ticket? I mean, I know the answers to these questions, but come on Edwin. You have some nerve e-begging for more money on top of what you already get from your patreon, when you can only manage to put out "content" once every few weeks.

No. 418090

File: 1501558580550.png (3.07 MB, 1500x2256, IMG_1254.PNG)


>plzzzz fund my bootycalls

No. 418093


I find Dasha super unfunny, she comes off as just so try-hard and cringy. But yeah, at least she's not afraid to let bad pictures of herself exist on the internet.


Lol At least she found something legitimate to sperg about. She must be so excited that she has an excuse to talk about Edwin/Mina again. I predict another snapchat rant dropping soon.

No. 418097

Okay I don't think she's funny at all either or Cyr but I guess maybe it's just not my type of humor. Idk Everyone involved is just so awkward to me

No. 418098

How much would edwin be making of YouTube per month? seeing as he's moved into an apartment in AZ, would be even be able to pay for the rent?

No. 418113

Well wasn't he paying rent and bills in LA off that as well?

No. 418186

File: 1501601277375.jpg (59.54 KB, 1258x512, small time.jpg)

Edwin has gotten a small bump from the Skinwalker Julia stuff but he doesn't really earn enough monthly to pay rent in Arizona, let alone part of a downtown LA rental agreement.

Mike's YouTube income is even lower, with less frequent uploads. He lives in an apartment building where the two bedroom/two bath units start at $5.3K monthly.
tl;dr financial mysteries

No. 418225

the whole teddy bear thing, and edwin going along with it, reminds me of some ddlg shit. i do watch edwin's videos when mina is in them, because despite mina seeming like she tries too hard to be ~uwu cute~ and shit, i enjoy her personality for the most part, but i've noticed that a lot of the things they do give me those ddlg vibes, and it weirds me out. her clothing is childish but also super revealing, and then the way she acts with edwin in vlogs, like her being shy and trying to seem innocent and cute, and him taking the lead and talking for her and stuff.. idk it just reminds me of that ddlg kink. anyways sorry for the rant i just notice it a lot in their vlogs and it gives me the creeps lol

No. 418240

Edwin period just creeps me out. His try hard inappropriate jokes to a mostly young af audience is Onion level cringe. I'm still rooting for Mina. I actually like her presence in videos. I hope being forced to be away from Edwin opens her eyes and she moves on sooner rather than later.
She's not wrong lol. I still think she's a cunt but she is not wrong.

No. 418367

File: 1501639727383.png (1.15 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170802-120624.png)

Imo, I don't find someones nipple poking out of their tank top even remotely cute or sultry.

No. 418377


Lmao Dasha being extra per usual.

No. 418394

File: 1501644323456.png (102.37 KB, 750x1334, IMG_6242.PNG)

Mina and her are the same with all the extraness. Like Mina camping with her titties popping out in pictures, and her outfit at the park I can go on about her, and Dasha wearing a thong in front of Simon. Mina wore some heart thing this whole thing just looks weird

No. 418401


Is that like her hip bone or is the belt squeezing her fat? It's a bit of a weird angle, not sure why she's contorting her body like that.

No. 418410

File: 1501646058471.png (1.69 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1257.PNG)

Is it me or is Dasha going back to her old insta-hoe style now that she's hanging out with her old crew?

No. 418417

I think that's exactly what's happening

No. 418423

>cat got hit by a car
sounds like a shitty owner.

No. 418424

Eww nitpicking? I don't think she gives a fuck if anyone finds it sexy. I don't wear a bra either, it's not for attention or trying to be cute it's because bras are uncomfortable. Nipples exist get over it

No. 418433

The 6k Instagrams and Snapchats a day really show that she doesn't give a fuck.

Does she reward you when you manage to change the subject?

No. 418437

…It's not being nitpicky though, nobody wants to see her fucking nips

No. 418440

Well she isn't topless, what do you expect her to do?

No. 418446

her fans might?. the nip is barely visible, you're nitpicking mate

No. 418457

I don't know if your aware of this anon, but there are a lot of people out there that are "free the nipple" and expose their body. It's not surprising since Mina and Julia already preach that they're like that. I don't really like it, exposing kids to that type of thing, but these type of people have different views on it, it's not like they're trying to cover it up and be modest about it. They expose themselves a lot but nothing new, it's just annoying.

No. 418458

I don't think they're a shit owner, since animals do unexpected things, like my dog has occasionally tried to run out the door, don't nit pick that random person when you missed the point. People make fundraisers and try to collect money for vet bills, hospital bills, funeral costs, organizations etc. yet Edwin wants the easy way out and wants things handed to him because he 1: refuses to get a job. 2: is "unmotivated" to make videos. Like really he wants to do a British meetup and raise money for Mina's channel launch. Are you kidding, Mina doesn't need money for her fucking launch. And some other dumb shit. I even seen he went from raising 2000 to 500 since the goal he was going for doesn't make sense and nobody will give him that much money to see Mina.

No. 418460

i disagree. i don't think a shit owner would pay $1500 to try to save the cat when they could've just put it down. also indoor cats escape houses all the time, it could've been an accident. anyways, you completely disregarded the point.
i don't see what the big deal about seeing a nipple is, but in that picture it's not even her whole nipple. it's like 1/4 of her nipple at most lol

No. 418467

Lol @ Dasha for re tweeting herself casting shade at Edwin with the gofundme thing. She's so transparent. She reeeeally wants to talk about them but for some reason thinks she has to play this game where she's beyond the drama when everyone knows she's still obsessed.

No. 418475


I'm sure her fans are swooning over her nips lmao. I must be really out of touch because I think having your nips falling out of your top is trashy as hell. That being said, it's barely peeking out so it's not really a huge deal. It's only cringy to me when you can see them through her see through tops. And yes, that applies to Mina too, for all the die hard Dasha stans frequenting this thread.

No. 418492

Imo like whatever it's a nipple but both Dash and Mina try so hard to come across as 'sexuality open~' which makes me eye roll because they do these things with intent and purpose behind it. It's not cute. It's just try hard and unsexy.

No. 418504

Is he seriously 28? Wth? He seems so creepy, childish and lazy in my eyes now… I seriously need to rethink my pledge. I thought he was 21 or something, just needing a little help…. wtf… Am i seriously giving him money for sitting on his ass, posting 1 video a week and not Wanting to have a job….. 28? 28??? For reals

No. 418512


TBH if you're pledging money to a vlogger, you're already throwing your money away. At least donate to a youtuber that actually creates something.

No. 418533

I don't see any Dasha stans on this thread tbh, you'll assume cause Some people don't agree with you. It would be obvious if someone was. But I think it's because people are so used to Dasha and Mina showing off a lot, their nipples showing in pics becauses they have that free the nipple ideal. A long with their videos being untra slutty looking too. I don't like it either, trust, but it isnt a surprise, other people who Stan Mina support her showing off too. Like it's the new norm, no matter how annoying it is, id prefer people not to use excuses to show off their body, but people will automatically attack you for even saying anything. It sucks but that's the way it is.

No. 418534

Bruh, why would you think he's 21? He looks so… haggard

No. 418550


i have no idea, maybe it was his outfits or something..

No. 418552

Probably the way he acts and dresses too. He's very immature for his age. Mina and Dasha, makes sense why they act like that considering how young they are, doesn't justify Mina writing like a 6 year old and taking a stuffed animal out in public tho. But regarding drama, Edwin is too old to be acting the way he does

No. 418576

File: 1501710936303.jpg (99.25 KB, 750x870, IMG_2016.JPG)

No. 418600

If you're the same anon from the last thread complaining about nipples (and possibly some dumb shot of Mina's underwear) then you're really nitpicking. There are literally girls out in the world with perky c cup boobs who don't wear bras bc they don't like the underwire. Also, not sure if true bc I didn't look into it but I heard that the underwire weakens breast muscle and contributes to sagging. Anyway not trying to attack you or derail, I saged this post, but like some of you really need to stop being triggered by nipples. Dasha and Mina wear see through shit sometimes but it's really not a big deal. At least in California, most people don't sexualize it or care.

No. 418656

Hey guys, tinfoil but do you think Dasha unfollowed babydashtrash because maybe babydashtrash leaked that video of her sperging about Edwin and Mina and calling her a british cunt? It looked like a private conversation tbh and no one ever addressed the context of that video bc some anon derailed the real milk with some fake screenshot right after.

No. 418682

No she still follows her I checked, I think Violet (babydashtrash) is getting a grip on her own life now, because she was caught cat fishing, along with what seems like a bad break up. She was just obsessed with Dasha living through her, now she seems to come back to reality.

No. 418684

oh okay someone said one of them unfollowed but I never checked bc I didn't care lol. I still wonder who the f leaked that video on the blargh.

No. 418685

File: 1501734815358.png (86.12 KB, 1541x736, babydashtrash.png)

according to doesfollow they aren't following each other

No. 418686

File: 1501735070807.png (873.96 KB, 1251x1387, babydashtrash.png)

also maybe whiny cover photo is at dasha idk

No. 418687

File: 1501735239567.png (88.25 KB, 1436x841, babydashtrash.png)

sorry last one guys

No. 418689

They don't follow each other, I checked back when trash wasn't private and only simon and cyr still follow her. Trash just jumped ship to Tana Mongeau. And bad breakup lol, she's like 14 iirc. Pretty sure she's still catfishing too.

There was also another minion who apologized to Edwin after his first video who had gotten somewhat close to Dasha. Could've been them. I like the theory that it was trash though, I don't think anybody knows why she and Dasha fell out. There was some drama between the core group of minions so maybe that's why.

No. 418704

File: 1501744522769.jpg (267.18 KB, 1936x1936, IMG_6319.JPG)

Ignore the last posts, I don't know why the picture file wasn't loading, but I just checked and they follow each other. She's like going through some weird moody stuff, I don't think with Dasha, but probably the guy she was dating found out she was a weird Dasha stan and she's probably ashamed of it or embarrassed, which explains why she isn't openenly obsessed with Dasha anymore

No. 418706

it's painfully obvious there are SOME julia stans in here coming after edwin and mina, not all criticism but some. For proof lets remember than julia basically namedropped us and so did trasha

No. 418722

File: 1501754598209.jpg (274.26 KB, 1936x1107, IMG_6324.JPG)

Wondering why Mina chose to tweet about the same bracelet thing Dasha did not too long ago. Because Mina usually wouldn't tweet about something like that, usually it would be about animals of vegan stuff, Dasha on the other hand it's natural for he to tweet about stuff like this. Idk is it jus me of maybe Mina did it on purpose? What's your take?

No. 418723

Idk, I wouldn't see it as Dasha stans, everyone knows Dasha is problematic with her vegan rants, hanging out with her insta hoe crew again, her not paying enough attention to her own bf, yada yada. I think most people on here saw through Edwin's facade, because with all the clickbaity stuff, asking for hand outs, not having a job, dragging Mina along, and relying on her, she probably has to feel guilt because Edwin had no one, and Mina has a good amounts of friends and opportunities where she is. But people notice that Edwin kinda using her staying there to his advantage making excuses like the money will go towards Mina's channel launch and a meetup. In the last thread we were heavily focused on Dasha for obvious reasons. Not really on Edwin, if you even attacked Edwin for things you found fishy someone would accuse you of being Dasha or a fan. I felt bad for Mina and Edwin back then, but now since all of that was over, I thought about it again and nobody in this situation was completely innocent. Edwin seemed sketchy to me too. I dmed him questions back then, to which he got extremely defensive. But I let it blow over my head, and then I seen how he interacts with people like they're below him, if you say anything that they don't remotely like, they'll be on a defense mode. It's so unnecessary, I thought it was only Dasha that did that, but looking at it more made me realize how scummy all of them really are. If anything Edwin really needs a good kick in the balls, he's just fake, I can't believe I gave him any ounce of sympathy

No. 418729


I agree… cannot ever believe that I felt sorry for him. And yes, he does talk to ppl like they are below him >:( Trying to gain sympathy!!

Poor Edwin…

No. 418765

How do these nobodies rack up followers so fast?

No. 418808

I thought about that too, especially considering she's only got 120 followers on IG

No. 418813

The company that makes these bracelets is probably reaching out to instahoes for sponsorships. They probably both got an offer to promote the product and both thought it was stupid. I could be wrong.

No. 418826

Since when has Mina ever done sponsored posts? It's nothing more than a new twitter trend to mock the low standards people have in relationships. It's a reach to compare the two and look into it

No. 418829

File: 1501782650803.png (214.94 KB, 1513x1524, IMG_2018.PNG)

Nah she would post something similar to this if they did that

No. 418835

lol i wonder if dasha says "y'all" irl as well. i'd love to hear what that sounds like.

No. 418896

Do you think Mina got lip injections now? Because the major overlining has ceased. Her lips looks smaller in Edwin's vids, she used to edit her lips to make the overlineing unnoticable and she used to edit her lips bigger too. But now idk they just seem bigger.

No. 418898

i think she's been using lip gloss/ lip plumper

No. 418901

I know it has been discussed before, but is Mina half algerian? On her mother or fathers side?

No. 418911

If you look at her old pictures before she came to California the first time, her lips looked more plump and less over-lined too, so maybe she gets lip injections when she's in England?

No. 418912

Yes on her father's side

No. 418914


TY for your answer.
How did you find that out? Has Mina written that herself somewhere maybe?

No. 418919

It was just obvious based on her full name

No. 418920


Oh, okay.. that makes sense. I only know that her first name is Yasmina, never knew her surname.

No. 418922

I know you were aiming for intregrity here but she can't legally work in the US. Social media sponsored posts would be really easy to monitor and report.

No. 418928

I seen a YT post where Edwin revealed and made fun of Dashas lip injections, since he kind of pretends to be a feminist and support people on their image choices, that doesn't seem so feminist of him. mina getting injections is better for her though so she doesn't have to overline anymore and get picked at for it.

No. 418931

Edwin's been shady for a long time. Too bad the Discord logs are gone, I would've loved to out all the receipts he brought

No. 418932

File: 1501799633115.jpg (32.08 KB, 600x600, 7JKGe8n.jpg)

i saved most of it just in case but i'm not sure if i should leak.

admin said dasha's ask.fm archive was okay to post, so here you go
lots of milk if you can make sense of auto translate, kek

No. 418944

Anyone getting "Neon Demon" vibes from Dasha?

Mina = Jesse
Dasha = Ruby

Just saying

No. 418946

I know it seems like she doesn't edit her photos as much anymore, but she looked really good back then and dressed in a lot of club wear. She's been with the same people again so maybe she's reverting back.I've seen pics of Mina back then that we're posted on pretty ugly little liar, she looked pretty Hispanic with darker skin, along with her looks looking different. Btw I wanted to punch Edwin when he went on here trying to get praise from us, as if he wasn't one of the cows. I don't know why my hate for him is just a lot, I can't stand him, his personality, just everything he does, A long with how he treats people like peasants. I know Dasha is scummy, but my hate for Edwin is even larger, I just feel so bad for Mina, like he tried to frame the fake accounts on Dasha, and defended Mina so much, he basically blackmailed Dashas silence of he'll expose her. Maybe Mina feels like she owes it to Edwin because he probably makes her feel guilty that he's done so much for her. I see through his act, YouTube videos with Mina gain more views, along with drama vids. He's trying to milk Mina being gone and asking for handouts, he doesn't want to do things for himself that he's reliant on another person for support, like a dahm leech. It just annoys me, sorry for splerging, I just really can't stand him

No. 418947

Mina is doing better with her life, Edwin's trying so hard, I don't know whether or not they're together, but I hope Mina will move on and Edwin can stop lingering on her for his own best interest. The girl doesn't need to feel guilty

No. 418948


I feel Mina is just as sad as Edwin about the situation, but I could be wrong..

No. 418949

Yeah but I'm
Saying is that Mina's not seeing through what Edwin's doing. I mean she didn't even see through Dasha, she's not that aware. And Edwin's pushing a good savior narrative on himself when he is in fact a shitty person too. She could feel guilty because he really went all out to defend her, even went on here to defend her, along with framing Dasha with the accounts. He basically spoke for her. She doesn't deserve to be apart of his shitty life, what future will she have? He doesn't really try having a job, he's not doing well on YouTube barely posting because he has no one to post with, and it was suspicious that he moved the donation amount from 2000 to 500, he's just so sketchy a long with being extremely defensive with everyone.

No. 418961

File: 1501808686878.png (725.8 KB, 750x1334, IMG_6328.PNG)

Description of eds new vid. Honestly this video was just awkward. He inserts Mina in and she is just stumbling to makes sentence, and acts very child like. She's not really good at it. Along with some old stuff being brought up, more random vids with deefizzy when he stayed with him. He talked about an old New Years vid and it had Dasha in it for a split second, and asked people to watch it (even tho it has the person he hates in it) so I don't know why he'd promote it especially since people in the comments will blow him up feeding his ego. He talks about the whole Chester thing again even tho he already made a video about it. And then more Mina stuff and comments, and a montage of them. He's just reusing stuff and Mina just sounds like she's having a hard time speaking. What do you guys think?

No. 418962

He also made fun of what a fan said on snakt, I didn't really understand what she said, but he didn't have to act the way he did about it. It probably made her feel bad

No. 418970

She said "You and Cyr make me laugh".

No. 418981

Damn was marriage even mentioned in this thread? It would be easy for Mina to just marry him and divorce after a couple of years and be a resident, but luckily she isn't stupid enough to do that. I lowkey feel like he might be convincing her to though and maybe he's pulling this I'm miserable without you act to manipulate her.

No. 418982

He threw that little shade at Cyr in his video, about the whole twitch thing and Damon didn't even wanna comment on it, maybe because he's still friends with Cyr idk

No. 418996

i love how he used mina in the thumbnail even though she was only in a little bit of the video. i know everyone already knows this, but he knows he can't get views without her and he's really using her to get more clicks lol. he basically uses mina as clickbait

No. 418997

Not really, Edwin would have to have a decent/stable income (or get another sponser) and they'd have to prove that their relationship is legit in order for her to get a green card that way.

No. 419081

Mina was actually the only good part of the video. I find her really funny and charming without trying too hard. I think she should definitely make her own YouTube channel.

No. 419083

Girl do you know how hard it is to get a green card? It's hard as fuck.

No. 419096

Yeah I know people who have married for a green card, it isn't that hard

No. 419150

In my opinion, she made me cringe, and was trying too hard, I always find her annoying in eds videos because she talks like she's 5 very incoherent. Like she puts up a cute act, where back then she has more of a personality, sassy, and she actually spoke normally with such a sexy mature attitude. Now she put on a kawaii act since girls nowadays try to speak differently and alter their voice to be cuter. I preferred how she talked back then. She was in no way funny, just another add on to eds video, since his video was all over the place and random, bringing up something he talked about before and old stuff, like he was just adding what he could. Mina reminds of if those girls who get featured on shows for an obsession with being a child. Sounding confusing as Marina Joyce does. I wish she didn't change her speech.

No. 419165

File: 1501890290667.png (298.61 KB, 750x1334, IMG_6346.PNG)

Edwin tweeted shade to Dasha and Mina retweeted it, even tho that guy can just ignore that Dasha and stuff she says, I'm just seeing that he like to have drama and Mina eggs it on too.

No. 419166

File: 1501890681700.png (73.3 KB, 750x647, IMG_6345.PNG)

Dasha may be a total insta hoe ranting vegan nut, but I wasn't against her email think exposing those coffee scrubs to be fake. She's really annoying with her vegan rants, but It doesn't distract me from Edwin trying to poke at the bear again. It's obvious that him and Mina talk shit about Dasha like they're not over drama either. They like it. As much as they say they want it to be over, they could literally block and ignore her, they poked at Dasha again and from there she tweeted indirectly at him about getting handouts. And then he's probably trying to poke at her to get something out of her. He really needs another drama vid for those views!

No. 419182


Edwin, are you salty because Dasha is getting offered sponsored deals that actually pay $$$ while you're not? I don't really get why they are making fun of her about the deal.. it's not like she was e-begging her followers for cash like a certain someone. Edwin we know you're desperate to get to Mina and eat her ass, stfu.

No. 419198

>>419166 I hope Mina separates from this jobless, lowlife, fake feminist, attention whore. He's not even a good influence on her, she's shouldn't resort to pettyness like Edwin encourages. I like it better when she's in that "kill them with kindness" attitude. Edwin's just gonna make her bitter like him. Can't stand that wannabe vegan asshole.

No. 419220

This is very subtle. Keep up the good work guys.

No. 419226


Lmao anon, criticizing Edwin's bitchy clapback =/= Dasha stans pls.

No. 419227

Not a Stan, just hate Edwin strongly, doesn't mean I support Dasha and her shit she's done. I can go on about how much of a shitty person she is, but It would be too redundant since I expressed it in the last thread. Can I just hate Edwin without being called a Stan? I'm the one who posted the first screenshot by the way. I actually feel stupid for feeling bad for him, then confronting him about it made me see that he's a fucking nut too, I started seeing through him.

No. 419234

I believe Edwin eats ass as much as I believe that he needs $500 for Mina to do YouTube.
Anyways, I hope he's still reading this thread because he needs to know how fucking weird and pathetic it is for him to continue talking about his ex bff's gf for 8 months. I'm a female and younger than him and have had fights with childhood best friends just as bad and quit talking about it after a month. No sane person continues to creep on someone they supposedly want nothing to do with and continues to talk about them openly it's embarrassing. If the dude spent as much time working as he spent talking about these people, he would have triple the amount he's requesting by now. Dude needs a life.
And don't fucking accuse me of being a Putin Stan for this, she needs to quit talking about him too but at least you know she is a young female and it's not that abnormal for her

No. 419237


Anon, I was defending you. I wasn't the one that called you a stan, >>419220 fucking implied it. Read better pls.

No. 419241

Sorry mate, just got confused in what you put. I just seen too often how people can say someone is defending Dasha or is her Stan just because someone doesn't like Edwin, agree with what he says, or believes him. I felt like a fool knowing he can easily act the part of a victim.

No. 419243


Also I feel like it was overlooked that Edwin basically stole/possibly hooked up with Mina while she was still in a polyamorous threesome with Cyr/Dasha. Setting aside the fact that Cyr/Dasha were batshit and if the story Mina told about living with them were true, you can't overlook the fact that Edwin was fucking around with his so-called best friend's GF (Mina was in a relationship with them at the time so she counts as Cyr's GF). That's hella fucked up IMO.

No. 419246

Not defending Dasha here because of all the horrendous shit she did, especially to Mina, but there was also when Mina told Cyr when she was drunk that they could still be together if the poly thing failed. A long with the weird story how they got together in a three way, you don't just get pressured in, Mina was in total outrage since Dasha homewrecked her, that explains the fake accounts, I saw nothing wrong with Mina's fake accounts since the accounts later on supported Mina and Dashas friendship after they were good with each other. Mina definitely most likely still had attraction to Cyr, and wanted to experiment, since the two seemed romantic in their vids and pics. You don't just get over someone that quickly. You still find them attractive. And that's her type, look at Edwin, he's a step down tbh, Cyr definitely seems like more her type. They even said that they caught her kissing Edwin and she wanted to make sure Cyr still loved her. But she probably wasn't happy because of the whole thing with Dasha. Even after the drama was outted she told Cyr that she still wanted to be with him, but not with Dasha. And that's just the info that I heard all together. But all and all, that must have been on intense toxic household, I can understand Edwin feeling awkward there, It just seems like such a messy situation. Especially two young mentally unstable girls, Dasha with her heated splurging personality and Mina acting like a child who acts so unexplainably strange, and lets people talk for her. These men would have done better if they dated woman their age who actually are aware of themselves and their life. I could never think of any adult looking up to them. I just see weird children teens and I feel bad for them. They're all terrible role models

No. 419250

Edwin might be cringey and might be pathetic trying to make a living off if blogging bu if it makes him happy let him drown himself

You can't compare dashas manipulative abusive behavior to Edwin who is just needy when it comes to the only connection left he has to his ex best friend

No. 419251

You're naive as fuck if you think you can just get have a sham marriage and make it work especially with routine inspections

No. 419252

It takes two to tango. You can hate Edwin all you want but ever wonder why mina hasn't said much?
I could agree but there is no definite proof those events happened. Whenever team Edwin or dasha say something we can't just assume it actually happened. Especially the "we can be together again" comment.

On the other hand the "I'm going to ruin your life" comment seemed exaggerated at first but then we saw a live video of it so I'm inclined to also believe that she most likely did threaten to make cyr suicidal, I just can't say it happened for sure.

No. 419275

File: 1501940296121.png (302.26 KB, 1242x2002, IMG_8105.PNG)

interesting mina is calling dasha out this time about "fake accounts". prepare for the dasha deja vu where she shows those "screen caps" for the millionth time

No. 419281

Lmfao why the fuck does it even matter that Dasha is liking posts from Mina's friends? Worst things could happen, Putin could go on yet another splurge and divulge more sensitive information.. ffs stop living on Twitter or just ignore it.

No. 419282


We're not fucking talking about that. Edwin broke the "bro code" because of his thirsty ass. There's this little thing in the back of everyone's mind called a conscience that would have told him that messing around with your BF's girl is fucked up. As a way older person the responsibility falls on him.

No. 419284

Oh my. I'm really looking forward to Julia going batshit over this. And since Mina is getting cheeky I hope she'll slam Julia for wearing leather, that would make our "vegan" psycho mad as hell

No. 419289

I have a car and own a house. Shut the fuck up you dumbass.

No. 419291


I have a car/job/degree/stable full-time job – oops, too soon Edwin RIP :'(

No. 419293

Are you stupid??? Like not being rude mate but are you okay in the head???
They're dating, they've already lived together, how is that such a sham? It's not like they're strangers and she's paying him to do this. You're naive for trying to argue with someone who said they have personally seen it

No. 419299

Lmao who is this? Who stans for a nobody like Edwin?

No. 419301

Edwin and Mina really couldn't get away with it now that they've publicly addressed it's an option. All it would take is one google search of their names or an anonymous tip to find out that they're willing to try anything to get Mina in the US and it's not a genuine marriage.

No. 419327

Wow Mina actually has A VOICE? I can't believe it, she let Edwin talk for her for so long it's funny, idk why she's talking about fake accounts when the old ones were hers, and Edwin just framed Dasha and he said he doesn't even know for sure, even tho all the evidence points to Mina. I'm sure Dasha stans make fake accounts too, I've made one even, just to throw shade and call people out on stuff. Ain't that hard. But I'm just seeing them wanting to poke a bear, I like how their fans are like "omg she's still having drama she needs to get a life" when Edwin's been tweeting about her more lately than she does about him. I wonder what Dashas retaliation would be.

No. 419367

Wow not the anon you're replying to, but you seem to forget that this is lolcow, if he hates or makes fun of Edwin he has a right to, it doesn't matter what age he is, lolcow is for people 18 and over. All 4 cows are allowed to be talked about on this thread, you don't just tell someone to reveal their insta like an immature brat, get off lolcow if you can't handle it since clearly you're not of age to be on here sensitive Edwin stan anon.

No. 419369

Also, hate to break it to you anon, Edwin isn't likeable by Everyone. And Mina isn't all that, praised, and sought after by us men. My preference is a girl that fills out, which I've dated many girls of my preference. Mina is too planky and her personality and style are not what I'm attracted to. You're a naive ass anon. Some men prefer intelligence talent and someone that have good speech. You need to get off here if all you're going to be doing is stanning Mina and Edwin and harassing people over it.

No. 419376

File: 1501971296181.jpg (Spoiler Image, 165.88 KB, 1170x832, IMG_6357.JPG)

Oh wow anon nice defense, you really hurt us. By the way anon you know your IP can be seen on here by the farm hand, and can actually track who you are ;) just saying. But no "You're stooooopid" lol, good luck being Edwin's pathetic tween fan, I'm sure you get points just for defending him on here

No. 419378


Mina… ?

No. 419382

File: 1501972037646.png (24.6 KB, 540x230, o5t9rOv.png)

Stop the infighting. Some comments like pic related have been removed to clean up the thread.

No. 419387

File: 1501973341783.png (35.05 KB, 732x161, 3HVWZ1I.png)

thanks for the ban but i'm not a dasha stan or 'whiteknight' i think all of them are ratchet attention whores so ya

dasha is a manipulative cunt and edwin is irrelevant and edwin plays the whoe is me but secretly shares drama because he is a c o w

No. 419390

File: 1501973541875.jpg (483.61 KB, 2448x3264, 4YFUMyR.jpg)

No. 419392

File: 1501973597491.png (215.25 KB, 812x1232, T5xEvAz.png)

cyr is a cheat

No. 419393

File: 1501973611982.png (38.35 KB, 748x176, oewDZ3I.png)

No. 419394

File: 1501973693076.jpg (193.34 KB, 1152x2048, lg65Fnu.jpg)

No. 419399

This is old news. He also did it with his other girlfriends behind their back. Cyr has always been a massive man slut.

No. 419411


No wonder he didn't seem to care that much for Dasha lusting other men

No. 419412

sssshhhh just enjoy that this thread is finally getting some caps instead of just arguing back and forth about shit

No. 419414

File: 1501975115911.gif (585.8 KB, 664x1000, dasha.gif)

"I'm a professional model, I get sooo many jobs"
>takes shitty selfies in front of her door
>shooped to hell and back

No. 419421

I feel like this isn't new, she openly says she edits her pics. But I'm just wondering how that anon got all those pics, and if those coversation was true

No. 419427

Do you think Dasha found out about cyrs cheating and that's why she texted all that shit? Like dahm imagine? She said really horrible shit too, which only means Cyr fucked up somehow and she was keeping a cold hearted guard up with him whenever she got suspicious of him with other girls. And once a cheater always a cheater, he's so under the radar that it could be easy for him to cheat too, there's so much I wanna say but it could be too long. But dahm, they are in an abusive relationship. He hit her? Like forreal??? I'm not saying Dashas actions towards Cyr is excused, but I see why she acted that way towards him, and he probably kept lying about things which caused more mess. What a dick

No. 419429

Her and Mina used to edit themseld all alien like, Mina's photos back then too were too much. At least those are old photos and both girls aren't doing it as much anymore, even tho they both openly say that they still do some editing, not overboard like before

No. 419435

File: 1501977012904.png (570.83 KB, 1242x2208, 4LRArVQ.png)

No. 419436

File: 1501977040757.png (48.42 KB, 700x181, ywwmpDm.png)


No. 419437

File: 1501977137438.png (582.11 KB, 1242x2208, 959rqG6.png)

No. 419439

File: 1501977154817.png (333.55 KB, 954x1304, PSR8ndE.png)

No. 419440

File: 1501977226548.png (121.34 KB, 640x1136, yPTbhcd.png)

No. 419442

File: 1501977271514.png (123.84 KB, 640x1136, nJ8KwDy.png)

No. 419443

File: 1501977281136.png (113.78 KB, 640x1136, NAyi5H7.png)

No. 419444

File: 1501977289680.png (118.6 KB, 640x1136, GPphToB.png)

No. 419445

File: 1501977301827.png (135.71 KB, 640x1136, yZ7QtD8.png)

No. 419446

File: 1501977314012.png (110.72 KB, 640x1136, aKUha7C.png)

No. 419447

File: 1501977328195.png (132.72 KB, 640x1136, fkiqJ2s.png)

No. 419449

File: 1501977335253.png (121.46 KB, 640x1136, 6Wxi8w0.png)

No. 419450

File: 1501977345966.png (128.98 KB, 640x1136, q2oydJz.png)

No. 419451

File: 1501977411122.jpg (122.15 KB, 1023x876, K1jIOeR.jpg)

No. 419452

File: 1501977418748.jpg (62.57 KB, 1024x826, 9nFf4ul.jpg)

No. 419457

Edwin, honest to god let it the fuck go. You're on lolcow splerging this shit… as much as I enjoy the drama it's pretty fucking sad for a 30 y.o. man to be doing this.

No. 419458

This is all confusing, isn't this old? And who is that? What time frame is this? Like anon can you organize it a little with time frames? Didn't we already discuss this stuff?

No. 419459

Isn't Dasha Russian tho? Like I claim to be Korean Chinese and Dominican. Even tho I'm very pale, and don't speak it, it's just my families genes, why does it matter? All this stuff is so unorganized idk what's going on, just random post over the other, can you stop and fix it into ONE post

No. 419460

>dasha ate cream cheese

No. 419461

Edwin stop trying to dig up the old drama just because no one on lolcow is in your corner anymore. You're an adult. Shouldn't you be off e-begging to see your clickbait girlfriend?

No. 419462

ok so this seems like fresh milk but give us the context anon

No. 419463

File: 1501980117343.jpg (560.87 KB, 1936x1936, IMG_6370.JPG)

Mina as well, I thought those photos of Dasha have already been exposed, she even says she edits them so idk. Screenshot from a Video- and 3 insta photos, her and Dasha just edit a lot, Mina's insecurity is her nose so I see why she edited it. Both of them in their killstar shoots though, they look creepy, when I scrolled and seen that pic of Mina it looked inhuman. Like girls aim to have that waist and it's scary.

No. 419465

Can you organize this by time frame this makes no sense to me, so the screen shot saying she had stuff to spill about Dasha is before, and he one saying she'll believe in Cyr and Dasha is after right? Idgi, and Cyr cheated on Dasha and hit her?? Like the fuck?? Idc if Dasha is a bitch but you don't lay a hand on a woman, no wonder he's a fucking pussy. And I find her evil messages to Cyr making sense I hope her and Cyr break up even more now so she can reveal what that was truly about, maybe he cheated on her and he was trying to fix himself and "change" for her but she got suspicious of him and put up a "I never cared for you" attitude because that's what some of us girls do sometimes, when I found out I got cheated on, I said really fucked up shit too. Idk, I'm just curious about it now.

No. 419466

i cant wait for edwin to realize dasha and mina are practically the same person, both catty, fake, contrived, photoshopping young girls. edwin only defends mina because he wants to score more young pussy because no woman his age wants to deal with a man thats almost 30 but acts like a fucking 16 year old. grow up edwin and fucking move out of your moms house lol

No. 419467

I think Dasha cursed Cyr into constantly fidgeting back and forth on the computer with that irritating music. She did this to snap pictures with Simon.
I think she attracted to Simon because he looks similar to her and she lives herself that much

No. 419468

*she loves herself that much

No. 419469

Both of these girls are fucking hypocrites for preaching feminism and ~young impressionable girls~ bullshit while shooping. Dasha editing all of her chub away wouldn't be as triggering if she just stopped pretending to give a shit about body positivity, same goes for Mina and her round ass face. They don't give a fuck about giving their teenage fans unrealistic body expectations.

No. 419470

Edwin using that e-begging money to get a new pupper, probably gonna use the poor thing as retaliation against Dasha's dog in some way.

No. 419472

ITT: Edwin's last resort RIP :(

No. 419473

File: 1501985036910.jpg (108.24 KB, 1154x749, luv u little foxes.jpg)

we won this thread!

No. 419475

THIS! No one here is a fan of any of y'all so wrong audience to be showing this too.

No. 419477

File: 1501985734268.png (352.61 KB, 1536x1731, IMG_2028.PNG)

Well that got weird
Anyways, back to what is currently happening, Edwin got almost $800…

No. 419479

Did that greedy ass motherfucker raise his pledge from $500? Pretty sure that was the limit last time.

No. 419481

I mean they are assholes and cows but eons apart from mexican skeletor.

No. 419489

Why do I have a feeling that Edwin is posting all these screenshots? Not complaining about the milk but it's strange that the screenshots only appeared as everyone started complaining about him and that the screenshots are all of messages sent to him. If it's actually him then it is really pathetic that a grown ass man is trying to stir up drama so his shitty videos can get views and he can pay to go bang Mina. They're all equally as bad.

No. 419490

Why are there old pictures appearing like this? Even tho one with Dasha in that red bra, she deleted it. I doubt this is Dasha posting this, are you a Stan because idk if you just joking. And about Edwin, he kept raising his money then he went towards 500 to 700, I think when he got 500 he wanted to get more, so he rose the bar. It used to be a thousand so maybe that's what he's going for, it's dumb, Mina's channel launch won't cost money, I doubt she'll be good at videos she already sounds like she has a hard time even putting sentences together, the least we can expect is her looking in the camera posing and saying random words. And the British meetup is stupid too, you guys arnt big names.

No. 419491


Pretty sure they're just raising money only so Edwin and Mina can continue the ldr relationship but they're too lazy to actually work for their money so they're using their dumb teenage fans. As far as I know tickets from American to England are much $2000 so he's also probably trying to make an extra buck under the premise that he needs money for the meetup etc. Highly doubt that he actually needs all of that money for the reasons he gave, so basically he's just a neet who wants his viewers to pay for him because he can't be bothered to get an actual job that isn't his failing channel.

No. 419494

The price of of flight is from 500-900 he's getting free housing, plus the cost of food there and to by things.

No. 419498

File: 1501990689251.jpg (655.1 KB, 2400x2400, IMG_6395.JPG)

This makes me feel like it's Edwin cause Edwin's ass, I know Edwin also has t-mobile. That's also an old deleted photo that I couldn't find on Dashas page so idk where if came from. Newsflash ed, but Mina highly edited her photos around that time too. Her and Dasha were the same on editing, it's funny that bit where you say that Mina had no editing skills but her shopping comes unnoticed. Don't tell me her killstar photo is her natural form because that looks too abnormal, looking at other pics and her stomach area isn't that inverted and her hip bone isn't that prominent. Her face is edited too in the pic. Like Dasha and her would go far with shopping but people like it and look up to it, it's so sad, I would never want my child to idolize these people let alone look at them. Body positivity my ass.

No. 419499

>Feb 8th
>I'm just trying to move on from the drama!
>holds on to photoshop proof for 6 months despite Dasha being open about shooping

oh come on.

No. 419501

>I saw nothing wrong with Mina's fake accounts
>They even said that they caught her kissing Edwin and she wanted to make sure Cyr still loved her.
> there was also when Mina told Cyr when she was drunk that they could still be together if the poly thing failed.

There are no receipts for any of these events. Even if your theory was factual it doesn't change the fact that Mina wouldn't be innocent had she chose to cheat on dasha and cyr.

No. 419502

File: 1501991139715.jpg (741.49 KB, 2400x2119, IMG_6396.JPG)

Dasha and Mina do subtle editing now, not over the top, I found this one when scrolling through Mina's pics, the photographers and hers, I know it's different filters but she airbrushed her smile lines and face a little. It really goes unnoticed but you'd be dumb to think both girls have stopped it completely. They're on platforms, like a lot of models and instahoe models and whoever, the editing won't stop for that reason

No. 419506

he's not, these are caps I saved from discord but no one has really posted them others can verify from sexytacos channel

No. 419507

dasha and mina are pretty and aren't fat by any means, but the editing is crazy and for "feminists" that preach confidence and positivity you can smell hypocrisy

No. 419509

Tag the right comment you dumbass. Nobody mentioned Mina lmfao, again deflecting with the "she's a grown woman she can do what she wants!" doesn't stop the fact that Edwin's a greasy old dude who wants some young pussy, even enough to steal his best friend's girl. Real class act, Edwin.

No. 419511

Uhm it seems kind of irrelevant to post them now when the thread is mainly focused on Edwin and how he's a pos. The screenshots don't change anything

No. 419518

I mean it's not irrelevant for that reason, since all 4 cows are game. But the reason it's irrelevant is because a lot of us are already aware of it, Edwin even put some of the stuff in his vids. And that pic of Dasha was already known also, it's nothing new that these girls edit their pics, the only thing new to me is the weird screen shots from that convo, had me confused in fact. But we know Edwin is just as manipulative, just because you record yourself sad and crying doesn't make you sincere and real. Tears are a big manipulation tactic sometimes. Mina just goes off what Edwin says and still follows him, such a dahm pity neither of them are good mentally.

No. 419523

I think Edwin just lied to someone about Mina's post and that shit he posted making fun of Dashas email post. I was on his page and it really sounds like he fed someone bullshit

No. 419526

I seen she was trying to call them out on it, but I never seen the rest.

No. 419527

File: 1501995214464.png (373.63 KB, 1536x1789, IMG_2030.PNG)

No. 419528

File: 1501995263524.png (255.79 KB, 1536x1447, IMG_2031.PNG)

No. 419530

File: 1501995424171.png (196.72 KB, 1536x1210, IMG_2032.PNG)

No. 419531

File: 1501995439778.jpg (370.51 KB, 2400x1359, IMG_6401.JPG)

I think he went to check what she's talking about maybe and replied

No. 419532

I like how he's still replies for Mina, AND also I think we talked about it in the last thread, remember when he called out Dasha for a post she made that wasn't about him but about her ex. And he was like, she shouldn't encourage it, rebuke it, if theirs any negativity going on their side I rebuke, something like that, everyone I'm seeing is thinking it's Dasha, if it wasn't really towards her why don't there let their fan base know, and that email shit is such a fake excuse," yeah I read an email and Mina mimicked it" that's total bullshit, Edwin's manipulative as fuck, it's so weird because it was only a day after that he posted that. That girl was right it was obvious, but they like to push like they're mature and they're the good guys, oh please.

No. 419534

He's too old to not be owning up to his shit because he's just as messy if not more than dasha. he's a liar and at this point no one is even surprised. I agree it's possessive af for him to be talking for Mina and defending the both of them. If she doesn't ever want to talk or defend herself then that's on her, just speak for yourself mate she's not your child

No. 419536

I like how this girl tweeted to him maturely, and then he acts dumb to what she's telling to him and gets defensive over Mina lol, like really bro? you know what else I notice is that he's used to replying to a fan base, his unintelligent tween fans, and Dasha stans or fake accounts, he's used to replying to people like they're stupid. And the girl had the balls enouph to message him, because he will reply to you or block you or his tween fans will attack you. I had a separate account calling Dasha and edwin out, got blocked and Edwin got defensive and blocked me too along with a couple of his fans attacking.

No. 419537

He has the balls to constantly subtweet but can't say who it's about when confronted. It's like reading the timeline of a 15 year old girl all, well if the show fits lol. He's had no issue in the past calling her out on everything so why play different now?

No. 419541

it just seems like you're a fan who brought up old Dasha milk to take the heat off Edwin and Mina. Also funny that Edwin acted like Dasha was the only one talking about the drama when he was apparently privately sending every screenshot he's ever taken to the "sexytacos" channel (you're 30 dude, cmon.)

I wish Mina would stop letting him speak for her and learn to speak up in general. I get why she preferred to hide behind him when dealing with someone crazy like Dasha but now he's like her official spokesperson for everything. She did it in the apartment too by saying she was uncomfortable with the poly idea and how she suspected Dasha deleted her instagram but didn't speak up and her reasoning for not was really vague. She acts like she has no spine but then she'll tweet shade that she deletes so it's clear she has an opinion. Just fucking say it, you're a grown woman.

No. 419542

I seen, she actually showed two screenshots, one of Dashas email and one of Edwin's saying something about them being business inquires and how they're really similar because He posted his a day after. She basically showed him receipts, but he denied it. Like he doesn't expect people to call him out, he talks down to people and asks them for receipts. The minute someone confronts and talks maturely to him and gives him the receipt, he'll still deny it, even though its painfully obvious that he just came up with that and pretends to not know about the email post, wow Edwin you must be dumb to not know what she's talking about since you barely posted it. He played dumb still cause he didn't expect someone to catch on, like not everyone is like your unintelligent stans and aggressive Dasha stans, people are aware of your actions, believe it or not, your not as smart as you think you are, a young girl could even catch on to what your doing, you're not slick.

No. 419547

Apparently Mina is a child, anything you tweet towards Mina, you'll have to hear from him instead, let the girl fight her own battles, he acts like she's so innocent and can't speak for herself, she has no outer skin to protect herself, and she called out Edwin and Mina, Edwin chose to get defensive and reply to her, while Mina dumb tweets like she has a dahm body guard, She can go on like nothing happened, and if it really wasn't about Dasha why not tell her fans it wasn't about her? Because everyone in the comments seems to think it's Dasha, except for two people. Mina is a snake, and I'm stating to believe that I had her character wrong, she isn't that sweet girl going through a hard time, and Edwin's just that loser who hangs around her every word and defends her to the extreme. He even went on here to defend her, let that bitch speak since she wants to get cheeky now. Funny how back then she was so quite and everyone including me felt bad for her. Now I'm starting to see right through them. I thought Dasha was the only bitch in this situation, but she hasn't tweeted or retaliated. She just hangs out with Simon, plays video games, and hangs out with her insta thottie friends. I check up on her and I see the usual, with her occasional annoying vegan rants. That's it.

No. 419550

Did Edwin forget he was an anon lurking through here encouraging hate towards Dasha, what a hypocrite, it's so funny how his attitude changed because we starting talking shit on him. Saying who cares what people say about you and who cares what people think when he clearly cares what we though and went on her to defend lmaooo, Edwin you're the biggest hypocrite, and you're no better than Dasha, you only use excuses to justify whatever shit you're doing. When you get older, you're still going to be leeching off other people.

No. 419577

Can someone say how mina can affored all the things she have?
Probably she crush in Arizona with Edwin cause her family situation isnt the best but how she doesnt pay Edwins fly? Evertyhing seems too fishy

No. 419582

The age difference isn't bad, sage your shit if you're going to throw baseless accusations and insults >>419577
I think that maybe she wanted to make the most out of her stay in America. But yeah she left after her boss expired. I don't think Instagram models make crazy amounts of money. She could always get a real steady job but you know ~

Mina can always post her own replies you all act like Edwin chained mina to some basement and is abusing her or some shit

No. 419588

You don't get the anons point though, I see it, Mina CAN post her own replies, but she doesn't, because she's comfortable with the fact that Edwin's BEEN fighting her battles ever since they left. And when she does choose to talk, even in his videos, nothing really makes sense and she stumbles a lot, but she's very ballsy online, of absolutely anyone replies to Mina, Edwin will be right there as her attack dog. It's honestly redundant, and commonly seen now, someone called them both out on their tweets since it's clear who they're directing it at, yet when their fan base goes of saying "omg Dasha needs to stop" Dasha this Dasha that, they don't clarify to their fans that it isn't about Dasha, since Edwin wants to be quick calling out Dasha for not telling her fan base to stop bad comments towards them, even tho they don't stop their fan base either, they're full of obvious hypocrisy. They want their rep spotless all while they still get the bad rep and they don't stop it, they WANT their fans to assume it's Dasha they like their fans talking crap. Even tho they preach about positivity and put themselves in the good guy narrative, their actions do the opposite. They have underlying intentions, and it's fully clear that Edwin can be manipulative and fake, and Mina plays a role of sweet innocent positive, when she's just as bitter, and her character is not what it seems. She becomes ballsy in her tweets, when it comes to someone confronting her, she will ignore it and let Edwin deal with it, he does act possessive, but not in that commen way you think, it's in a way where he will not let anyone say anything to her that is negative, constructive criticism or even a question, like when that girl asked about them just getting a job instead, and they went off on her, for a SIMPLE question, so unnecessary, he'll talk down to people, and he's not who I thought he was at all along with Mina, my view completely changed after awhile of seeing their shitty actions and how things didn't add up. Mina needs to grow up, and act mature, she can't let a man protect her forever, he can't keep defending all her life battles, eventually this whole sharade will fall for them. Sorry if this post was long, I had a lot of thoughts I needed to get out.

No. 419590

File: 1502014129334.png (114.71 KB, 745x959, IMG_6402.PNG)

Lol at Edwin defending Mina's tweet when she got called out, saying that she didn't mean it towards Dasha, yet Mina isn't denying it and making it seem like she's agreeing with her stan. That stan also favorited the replies of Edwin talking to the girl who called him out. Like bitch, if you know Edwin is saying that it wasn't Dasha, then why do you tweet like it's her, their tween fans are fucking stupid unintelligent fucks. Mina is clearly proving that Edwin's a liar. "Spread love and positivity" my fucking ass. I cannot believe I used to feel sorry for this bitch, I feel regret for even defending either, she's a fake hoe too.

No. 419594

Meanwhile the last time we seen dasha active is when she said she was playing video games and hanging out with Simon. And in all honesty Simon seems funner than Cyr, Cyr just seems like a tired old man. I'm not as mad at Dasha anymore, I'm just mad that Edwin think he can out smart people and think that their stupid to believe is shitty obviously not true excuses, even that whole discord thing, I wasn't really aware that was like a curious cat, he was just as much adding to the fire. Even in his first vid on the drama he made it seem like he didn't say that much or it wasn't that serious, when he basically already made it seem like Dasha was a psycho nut. That mother fucker should be exposed too, since Dasha was exposed a lot but she hasn't been paying attention to it, and it's funny that they do and add onto it. It's so weird how the tables have turned. The only thing that annoys me of Dashas right now is her opininionated vegan rants and not really being open on what's going on with Cyr.

No. 419634

Even with all this posts about Edwin, I still think Dasha is the absolute worst. ?

No. 419702

I think we all do anon. Dasha is the female onision and an absolutely despicable human being, and I don't think anyone has forgotten that despite Edwin being particularly milky atm.

No. 419814

Yes,i get she have people beyond Cyr however it is just weird how he get out of the picture from one moment to another
It is normal to her fans feel confuse about how she take a picture with everyone but Cyr lately and how she is so evasive about the topic

No. 419907

Did anyone notice that Edwin made a video anot chesters passing and used videos that were seen on his twitter of Chester, just to add to the time on his videos, along with mentioning it again in his vlog, off topic but it reminds me of Anisa idubbz shitty girlfriend who used chesters death for views. Like Edwin's video literally was just old stuff added for more time. All random and the appearance of Mina was just awkward and her filming herself like she's a 5 year old walking around making random cutesy sentences and posing, I really don't get her appeal. She's acts like Marina Joyce, especially in a lot of other Edwin vids. A video of her back then showed a mature sassy woman who could actually make sentences and talk normally. Mina sounds like she's been on drugs and the way she talked changed. I don't know how she's going to have a stable YouTube channel with her just looking into the camera and posing and saying random things. But she'll have her young fans idolizing her and supporting her because they don't have enough intelligence to see that their is nothing really talented or special about her.

No. 419909

File: 1502083216346.png (188.73 KB, 750x1128, IMG_6413.PNG)

This was updated aug 3rd. His explanation of why he set it to 2000

No. 419915

So he's relying on young fans to pay for his trip instead of working for that money. Okay at least he clarified it there instead of all the bs excuses he keeps in the description of the donation page. What a pos

No. 419935

Did Cyr actually cheat on Dasha and hit her forreal or was it an accusation, I've been lurking but I couldn't find anything. If anything that would probably explain her crazy psycho episodes she pulled on him, I've known people to be in toxic relationships where their bf or gf would cheat, and be forgiven, but they always end up spiteful towards them for it. But your too comfortable or attached to leave because you're scared to be alone or feel abandoned. I wonder if they're heading towards a break up because they're not seen with each other. And also, Edwin exposed those messy texts, but it's just one part of a convo where Dashas said fucked up shit, I kinda wanna know what led to it and maybe edwin didn't know the whole story of it, like if Cyr cheated or abused her, Dasha and Cyr wouldn't want that outed cause they could get even more backlash for Cyr also being an abuser or a cheater. They didn't want more bad rep, idk, maybe I'm just theorizing but it had to have some sort of motive.

No. 419995

File: 1502114952309.jpg (109.54 KB, 1344x756, antz.jpg)

This is what I've never understood about Dasha and especially Mina's shoops. Why would anyone want to look like a character from Antz? It looks just so… ugly.

No. 420032

Dasha really does seem to be reverting back to her old insta model style. She's started reusing images from her old shoots on instagram.

No. 420042

This is what I've been thinking too. Edwin wanted to show what Dasha was saying to Cyr and would never give a reason for why she's acting like that just oh she's crazy and goes off on people. There's clearly more going on and he either doesn't know or doesn't show him in a good light so he won't go into detail. If he knew Cyr was abusive, then he's just as shitty for not speaking out on it. Doesn't matter how Dasha has treated Edwin that's fucked up not to help someone you know is being abused

No. 420100

I think he didn't show it in the first video because he was so focused on proving Dasha was a psycho and her being potentially abused by Cyr would've made people sympathetic towards her.

He also probably thought he and Cyr could be friends again once Dasha was gone, since it wasn't until the second video that he really went hard after him, so he didn't want to out his best friend as an abuser. Edwin has a history of ignoring scummy shit Cyr does that he only called out after their friendship was clearly over, like Cyr dating and cheating on an underage girl, cheating on countless girlfriends, etc. That or he realized it would reflect worse on him than on Dasha if he knew she was being abused and didn't do anything.

No. 420169

It's worse that Edwin ignored the abuse and flipped the skript to use against only Dasha, even tho it was their personal fights. Semi blog but, I've said really bad shit to my ex as well when I figured out he was talking to another girl online, when I was immature and stupid I just said I was talking to someone else too to "one up" him. Stupid, but sometimes when you're immature, young and not in your right mind you say shit to be spiteful and try to hurt the other person for hurting you, like you want the upper hand. So in a way I understand her talking shit to Cyr, but they should have ended it from there. It's toxic to keep a relationship with someone like that. Cyr and Edwin go for younger woman because no adult and set woman their age will be able to handle them. They're YOUNG girls. Still with immature mindsets, you're barely finding yourself too, and Edwin and Cyr are older than them and they're still not stable. I would intervene and talk to my friend about the abuse. If your just standing by seeing it happen then that's just fucking trash, and using it to make you look better is just disgusting.

No. 420591

If you have any receipts of this alleged "Cyr hit or abused Dasha and Edwin might have known but didn't tell it to the public in favour of slamming Dasha's image" then please provide, or are you guys just speculating? Because that's a total reach. And we can't really know who abuses who, it seems to be a toxic relationship in both ways.
What I'm getting from the present situation from looking at Cyr and Dasha's snaps is that they don't spend that much time together. Dasha keeps hanging out with friends or Simon and snapping it continuously (which in my opinion, is her way of provoking Cyr and trying to show him how she'd rather party and hang with people but him) and Cyr doing his own thing. Let's just go from there.. why aren't they hanging out?

No. 420592

I still think it's more likely that Dasha has narcissistic personality tendencies and that text of hers threatening to make Cyr suicidal and those fights are because of her problematic attitude and bad set of morals. To me she comes off still as a selfish and insecure woman but I'm not ruling out the fact that something else might have happened but it seems less likely. And from the snaps, Cyr is always alone or at home or even seems drunk and the only thing that really strikes me out of pure intuition is that Dasha is doing that to him on purpose, leaving him at home and hanging with Simon to make him jealous. I feel like it's not too long until Cyr becomes more sensible and break the relationship off. If he doesn't there's no helping him.

No. 420595

I'll have to lurk for it, so it will take awhile, Edwin provided insight on the abuse, along with him cheating on Dasha, and I remember reading from a YouTube comment that Cyr was really close to hurting her, but I have to lurk for that too. Edwin's known avoids this stuff but kept it under wraps because Cyr was his close friend and only really disliked Dasha, he only went off on Cyr after Cyr went off on him, because Edwin even said in his vlogs back then along with Mina that they would want a friendship with him but when Dasha is out of the picture. I'm just gonna do the lurking for now because I've seen it, hope another anon would lurk and provide proof too cause I feel like there was more I didn't catch.

No. 420599

Scroll up maybe before claiming people are reaching when it comes to the topic of abuse. Look at those screenshots one more time if you've been ignoring the thread >>419387

No. 420604

Why do people think she's intentionally trying to make him feel left out by going out without him? Cyr is like what close to 30 and Dasha is barely legal drinking age, it's not unusual for him to not wanna bar hop and she does

No. 420615

File: 1502173838708.png (1.78 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1436.PNG)

>Dasha hanging out with Tristan again

I don't think Putin and Cyr are even together anymore. Me thinks they've been broken up for a while now

No. 420622

In this photo she legitimately appears to have a deeper five o'clock shadow than Cyr. Are the sunken mouth pouches (nasolabial folds) the result of lip or mouth alterations?

No. 420636

What the fuck anon, that's such a fucking reach, even Mina has those deep lines, a lot of people do, it's barely even a shadow or noticeable, are you clearly ignoring that she's hanging out with her Fucking ex, that she talked shit about not too long ago!!! Like what the fuck, she doesn't even take vids of photos with Cyr, Cyr hasn't been active, I hope their over cause he's too old to have someone so young, she's still finding herself. And hearing that he abused her and cheated on her already, like maybe Cyr cheated again and they on a break and she's taking vids of people to make him jealous and see what he's missing out on, a lot of girls do that. But this is better for her, because she can go back to her insta thottie crew, some of her friends are more famous and known, one of them even posed with Halsey. She dresses more her age too a Long with being more natural, but maybe I could be wrong and he apologized to her and they became ok with each other, Cyr was friends with some exs like that girl Piddleas since they were together long ago.

No. 420638

Dasha said it was her birthday party. So this is probably a party with her old insta thotty friends and one of her close friends is friends with her ex, and maybe their was an apology in between there, Dasha is fiery as hell, like she hated and put down her ex because he was emotionally abusive. And she said she does forgive people easily on curios cat along time ago. Idk I wonder what made them talk again.

No. 420655

Her being younger than Cyr isn't an excuse for being a complete and rude moron/bitch.. who goes to party again with their ex who apparently emotionally abused her for what? To show off on insta? I bet she lied and exaggerated the whole thing again, playing her victim card since she's a pro at it. If he really did that to her how are they so casual now? I never believe what Dasha posts. I know a lot of 20 year old somethings who don't act like that. They need to break up, I want cyr to go back making more videos cus that's the only thing he seems to want to do. Idk about Edwin and Mina, I think they're better off not with each other. Mina still needs to pave her own path and she has potential although she wastes it on him, maybe she's really in love with him maybe partially because of the slight e-fame and attention she gets. But Dasha needs to go, she needs to grow up and try to be a better person cus she's toxic.

No. 420664

Anyway Cyr has vastly revealed how unstable and not mature enough he is with this whole drama. Cheating, dating younger girls who don't help him get his shit straight, I personally don't see anything too wrong with a 30 year old dating someone in their 20s but it's clear that the girls need some serious time to grow up and become more stable people but he latches on to Dasha anyway and ignores how fucked up their relationship seems to be. Sad for a 30 year old not to realize that. Jesus, at least date a YouTuber or something at least like that maybe you'll get more views and actually make a living off your YouTube and not have to continuously rely on your brother or parents for the apartment and working as a bartista. But then again, he claims to want to make art but he doesn't post or do much effort for his YouTube anymore.

No. 420669

I don't think it's because of her lip injections. If you look at the photo of her mom and dad, her dad has the same lines near her mouth area. Imo, I think she would look a lot better if they weren't so prominent, the lip injections def don't help bringing attention to the area

No. 420694


She legit looks like a 50 year old man here, yikes.

No. 420704

She is too young in that sense that she still wants to party, go out with friend, act like a girl her age should, you're gonna tell me it's not normal for some girls to go to bars and party plus it's her "birthday party" I don't think she lies about a least everything, only the things about the shit with Cyr, like she's covering up, and I believed her with Mina's accounts, but Dasha just sensationalized it to make it look worse than it should have, and the whole basis of Mina's real like friends being on there along with Mina liking those accounts pics, they also posted pics of Dasha and her together supporting them. But Dasha is just an anger management heated ass bitch. But I think it's better than she hangs out with her old friends because Edwin complained that she had no friends and made Cyr feel bad that he had to stay with her, she's at least giving Cyr freedom now than how she was clingy and always home as they said. They most likely had their fights because of cyrs cheating and abuse, and lack of sex drive, but maybe Dasha didn't want cyrs rep to go bad because he has a large following and fame, large youtuber friends that and more, there would be lots more backlash than what Edwin did. Point is, Dasha is young and immature, she ain't in her right mind, as like Mina isn't in her right mind, her and Edwin proved really sketchy too, I don't wish them the best, especially Edwin since we just talked about him. I'm just waiting to see more milk to see how she explains why she was taking pics with her ex. Because I definitely know she must be getting shit for it. Future milk will be good

No. 420776

So this has been in my head… maybe Dasha only recently started going out and hanging with her old friends because she realized her birthday was coming up and she would be spending it at the coffee shop with Simon. People do that so idk I just putting it out there

No. 420777

Wtf someone please post a better pic of him if there is one

No. 420889

File: 1502225191467.jpg (48.75 KB, 640x640, Tristan.jpg)

His insta is @tristanperry

No. 420987

File: 1502233402527.png (103.21 KB, 750x1013, IMG_6447.PNG)

The only activity I've seen from Cyr is 2 days ago he was on a stream with a boobie streamer. You know, one of those girls who had a basic or low amount of gaming skills, and use their boobs for views. I mean him and Dasha have been separate, I would think he was texting girls on the down low while Dasha is distracted. Men who cheat don't just stop, since he has a serious record of it, hes probably at it again. And I could be reaching but that winkie face though.

No. 421037

File: 1502235901489.png (267.33 KB, 579x379, Untitled.png)


No. 421064

They still follow and like each other's posts so idk at this point. He hasn't given a birthday shoutout to her, it might be tomorrow though I'm not for sure. And I hate how interested I am in knowing if they're together or not

No. 421076

File: 1502239061727.jpg (75.86 KB, 720x612, IMG_20170808_203603.jpg)

No. 421078

File: 1502239131602.jpg (46.58 KB, 720x319, IMG_20170808_203627.jpg)

Wasn't Charlie babydashtrash?

No. 421085

Ehm no, Charlie is Charlie… Can you newbz lurk more?

>wish we didn't become so distant
Lel Charlie, she only gave a fuck about you bc you were her #1 ass kisser/white knight when it came to all the Mina drama. Now that she doesn't care about Mina anymore, you're no longer usefull.

No. 421102

Shouldn't their anniversary have been recent too? I didn't see anything about that..

No. 421110

Yeah she says they began talking in may but idk not everyone celebrates anniversaries

No. 421133

i'm laughing at dasha's subtle shade to mina regarding her new hair. mina wouldve looked really nice in a cool blonde color, if only she went about it the right way, her poor hair is so fried

No. 421135

I don't even know wtf she was talking about with retweeting bleach doesn't damage hair what. Her hair isn't even that long she's wearing extensions. And I've never met a stylist that agrees to go from a dark almost black color to blonde in one session with absolutely no damage. Anyone who has gone from dark to light hair can back this

No. 421148

Mina retweets and favorites a lot of shade towards Dasha too. These girls are still going to be shadey towards each other anyway. And it's so funny Edwin made it seem like Mina wasn't pushing her shade towards Dasha when she's been favoriting tweets against Dasha and ignored Edwin's defense against someone calling them out, like a guard dog. Cyr doesn't even do that, only Dashas minions. They're really not gonna be fully over it, they shouldn't think that they're above the drama lol.

No. 421155

Bitch swears like olaplex completely prevents all damage from bleaching your hair.

Bruh, no one gives a fuck about Mina's shade when it's already been discussed. You're getting fucking annoying, always trying to divert the attention to Mina every single time someone mentions Dasha throwing new shade. Fuckin lil Putin whiteknight.

No. 421159

What the fuck anon??? Are you seriously going there, I just stated that they both throw shade and no on mentioned that part in this thread where edwin went on defense saying she didn't say it was Dasha while her favorites and replies confirm it. They was a lot of milk on that, so it should only be relevant, Id say your white knighting Mina and Edwin since you got defensive and act like a bitch. Didn't even say anything positive of Dasha and also said that Cyr can't even go in to defend his own gf, since they have such a fucked up relationship. You really need to fucking lurk and sage your shit. Acting like you know what I post and which anon I am, I'll gladly show you which on are mine. Fucking eh. Bitch be stupid

No. 421163

edwin/edwin's underage fan please go take a walk. both girls are shady both girls are fake cunts. nobody is a whiteknight for stating facts lol

No. 421164

Oh you mean like how for months every time anyone had something to say about Mina someone would REEEE about how Dasha is SOOO much worse as if that means we shouldn't discuss the milk considering this thread is about all 4 parties? Stop being an idiot and sage your whining.

No. 421166

So how do I share a video on here it tells me unknown file extension. I had an old vid saved to my old phone, I thought I might as well add it here.

No. 421174

Upload it to a site like vid.me or unlisted on YouTube so it's not taken down and then link it here.

Bleaching damages hair no matter how much olaplex you use, especially the amount of bleach it takes to go from dark brown to white blonde. Most stylists wouldn't like it but ultimately they have to do what the customer wants, and she went to an instagram stylist that does a lot of unnatural colours and they tend to be more willing to completely fry your hair ~for the 'gram~ than traditional stylists.

No. 421175

Yes, and you repeat the SAME THING every single time someone posts anything about Dasha throwing shade

>but but Mina throws shade 222

>butt butt da thread about all 4 demm!!1
No shit, that's why it's discussed when she does it. We don't need to hear the same shit over and over every single time Dasha throws new shade. Stay on fucking topic newb.

>no one mentioned Edwin defending Mina saying her tweets weren't towards Dasha

Lmfao, the tweets were posted, what else is there to add to that? It's already been stated that he's covering her ass. You're just trying to divert the attention back onto them over 2 day old milk.

>you need to lurk more and sage your shit

Plsss, do me the favor and fuck off back to PULL, you've been giving me a fucking headache since you arrived on the last thread. If I have to read another of your long ass paragraphs that make literally NO SENSE.

I've posted most of the hate/milk on Edwin, nice try dense cunt

Boo hoo, you got called Dasha on the first threads and you're still butt hurt about it. Plz cry me a river about it.

No. 421176

I'm placing bets now that Dasha will never show her natural hair because it has to be just as bad as Mina's. I change colors oftem and have had stylists refuse to have my hair go from dark to blonde in one day. It takes months if you don't want your hair fried

No. 421177

Woah it must be getting too late and you're cranky from lack of sleep. Come back in the morning after you've had some coffee

No. 421181

Your infighting is so cringy, I've posted a lot of milk too and A LOT of screen shots, quit acting like you know who I am, you've been banned already for infighting cause your that try hard ego superior anon. Btw I'm also the one who said I want to post a vid, I'll show you all my posts because you throw the word news around and white knight around getting your balls twisted over someone talking over milk that isn't even two days old it was just yesterday lmao. Oh god how long can you last? Because I'm just gonna keep posting, adding onto the milk and not reaching over something dumb like hair lol. You act like I'm all defense over Dasha when I've posted stuff about her and cyrs relationship, Simon, and her insta hoe friends, in the post I directed at you I said they want to act like their above the drama, that was meant for all of the cows on this thread, I ain't diverting, I didn't say "but Mina posts hate too". Im going to the point where these cows won't stop, and act dumb when it comes to someone confronting their shade and pettiness, like someone said that Dasha was acting petty about the olaplex comment and she was like "how am I acting petty" I'm talking all 4 of the cows, and get offended when I talk about Mina lmao, you don't fucking control this thread. My post was relevant at the time, go cry about it and thanks for Saging ;) I'm not gonna continue this cause I got milk to lurk and post.

No. 421183

Btw anon that post wasn't me, I'll gladly let you know which ones are mine ;) your a real retard if you think there is more and just a few people on this thread going against you cause your cringy hard on for Mina and your weird defensive infighting posts. Im not about to get banned just cause your on your rag all of a sudden.

No. 421185

She says she uses olapex and people swear on that shit, but your gonna have to do a few sessions before making it such a platinum color. If you do it in one go it's actually no better than bleaching, the difference is Mina also fucked up the process, didn't use the right stuff, right steps. She wanted that icy color like her wig, plus Dasha and Mina have different hair textures, Mina's is curly and hers is straight, there's not much heat styling damaging it too because heat styling it would just make it dryer frail and unhealthy looking. Both girls use wigs, so when times get rough, they'll just resort to that

No. 421189

They both had short black curly hair. I think Mina's is more damaged is because she did it at home, and I swear Edwin convinced her on that since that's what he does and his hair looks like shit.

No. 421190

I notice that too, he talked shit on olaplex just because someone said it would be better on his hair and made a tweet about it, Mina shouldn't follow what he says just to listen and mimic him, he hasn't been a good influence since he's pretty immature. Mina's hair would really look good if she would just listen to what experts say and maybe Dasha would shut her mouth about it.

No. 421191

I thought Dasha self curled them though. In her old pics her hair was always straight, texture doesn't really change like that.

No. 421192

Texture can change, especially after going shorter. Even hair coloring and heat damage can change it

No. 421194

I remember he was ranting how suddenly all his followers are hair stylists all of a sudden for giving him advice. Dude you put your life out on the internet and are gonna get super defensive every time you're criticized. Internet isn't for him, not just because of that but his personality sucks and no one really wants to watch boring vloggers who don't do anything or hang out with interesting people.

No. 421195

Uhm she's been drinking every night recently where you been?
And how does she look like her mom there's no similarities besides her unnatural lips

No. 421198

You are joking, right? Other than the big age difference and photoshop she clearly looks a lot like her mother. Makes me curious to see if she ages this poorly herself tbh.

No. 421199

The fact that she's been drinking on Snapchat the past few nights doesn't mean she's an alcoholic, anoooon.

>how does she look like her mom

Lmfao, it's common knowledge that Julia looks like her mom, where have you been anon??

No. 421200

Who tf said she was an alcoholic??? She is out drinking every night
You're always in such a bad mood dude either fucking jerk it or go to sleep

No. 421203

Every night for the past couple of days, not EVERY day of her life, anon. What else would you be implying by mentioning that?

>emerged jerk it off

Take your own advice, you clearly need it. Lmfao

No. 421205

Oh god, when you lost, you'll be nit picking at spelling. Cool mate, keep telling yourself that you're a real victor lmao. I'll be contributing the lot, and keep assuming other anons are me too, maybe I should put a name down so you can quote your bitching, last time I'm making a post about this.

No. 421209

She hasn't been dressing like kawaii for awhile now, ever since she's reunited with her old friends, and Mina left. It's been rare. If only Mina would do the same since her pics before look mature and better. Edwin needs to do the same too dressing like a hot topic employee from 2010

No. 421212

Everyone ages though, I don't see your point, how old is her mom? And is their pics of her dad now cause she also says she looks like him. are their any pics of Mina's family too? Or is that impossible to find? I would ask about cyrs but he's adopted haha

No. 421213

Edwin is high key stuck in 2007, listens to the same music since then, dresses the same, still acts like a teenager. I don't understand the behavior especially since he claims to have a bachelors degree.

No. 421215

File: 1502259756362.jpg (145.31 KB, 750x750, IMG_1458.JPG)

>Dasha no look lyke mum anon

No. 421216

But you were banned in the last thread for fighting with the same anon, both anons were banned for infighting which is what you're doing right now with other anons. Discontinue your petty rage that you started and actually provide some decent non- nit picking milk instead of trying to one up other anons. There's more than two people on this thread. You're not the one who controls it.

No. 421217

lol she looks like Rooney Mara but I can see the resemblance. Dasha shops herself to look like her mom

No. 421218

Wow her moms really pretty, never seen a clear pic of her when she was young. I've only seen a pic of her dad, but her dad was pretty handsome too, but I don't think this is something worth fighting over since everyone looks like either their mom or dad, it's dumb and you need to stop picking fights it's really derailing and not getting anywhere.

No. 421224

How do you have so many photos of her mom so quickly….

No. 421225

>>421223 uhm anon, I'm all for attacking Dasha but her mom has done nothing for us to attack her, it's cool to see pics and make comparisons, but her mom just takes pics like other moms do, their isn't anything wrong with what her moms doing. Where not picking apart Edwin's mom because she seems like a decent mom, we don't try to look up Mina's parents, because what does that have to do with anything, we don't even pick at Edwin's family or Dashas sister because they are not The 4 cows on here that are here for many reasons.

No. 421229

You're really not contributing any good milk just screenshots of Dashas mom trying hard for it to be milk, along with anons disagreeing with you and you attacking other anons. You seem to be the sensitive one here detailing, when originally our recent milk was about Edwin and Mina, then about Dashas scandolous videos with her and her ex, and her being a little too close with her friend and Cyr being out of the picture, instead of derailing why not wait for milk to come since there's sure to be more soon and it's Dashas birthday so she'll be posting a lot so we'll see if Cyr is in the picture. You need to stop with your superiority complex cause you just sound cringy thinking you got the upper hand. Anyway, how about I send it to someone on a fake insta so they can upload it I don't have a Vidme or YT. It's not really big, it's just an older vid I got from one of Dashas idiot tween followers of Mina supposedly making fun of her when it when all she was doing was just mimicking her while she was drunk. I thought it could contribute since it wasn't posted on any of the threads. I've tried to lurk through Dashas, Mina's or Edwin's stans since they seem to post some stuff.

No. 421232


No. 421234


Don't get mad just because you're a middle aged woman with the face of a deflated sex doll

No. 421235

Ya got me I'm totally her Russian mom so edgy so funny

No. 421237

You don't belong on lolcow, you're derailing is ridiculous. Your milk is just nit picking and unrelated. Stop posting on here if you really don't have anything worth posting

No. 421238

You lurk lolcow, where tweets, photos, snaps and messages from people's personal medias are posted, but you suddenly have morals and aren't a creep? I'm guessing refreshing someone's twitter and snap all day is normal now? That's fucking comical, lmfaooo

>putins mum is off limits!!11

Funny how everyone wanted to see more pics of her mom like 4 threads ago, but all of a sudden you're triggered/butt hurt and now it's off limits. Anon pls, take that dick out of your ass.

No. 421239

I was re-reading posts because I was confused what the infighting was about but I still don't get it lol.
Let's just calm down and sip some fucking tea haha.
Back to topic, it's Putin's bday today let's see what Cyr and her will be doing. I'm still half convinced they somehow hate each other at the moment. Still wanna know why Dasha hung out with her ex and if this whole abuse thing by Cyr or Tristan was true. And I wanna know what Mina and edwin plan to do with the money they accumulated, etc.. and milk more milk. Let's stop the mom harassment

No. 421241

I think ed said he was using it for a trip to visit Mina and would be using the money wisely by staying with friends. lol you have one friend there who you're fucking Ed but ok

No. 421242

Well we already know Intel on her mom so we don't wanna revamp all that, and tbh it was started just because the hatred was fresh for Dasha at that particular time so anything added was juicy. We're not all here to talk shit about her mom just because. It's funny at first but she really has nothing to do with the drama.

No. 421243

Ok anon I responded to you respectfully but you're just immature and you're just showing that you're not old enough to be on here. This thread is about 4 people, not their family or parents, and frankly it's ban worthy what you're doing. Your shit posting is really unexceptionable. Assuming who anons are, your bully tactics against other anons, you really need a reality check that no ones agreeing with you and are not on your side. You're basically attacking everyone on here, the same way Dasha or Edwin attacks so defensively when someone tells them something. I suggest you seek a therapist for your underlying anger issues and resolve them. Thank you (:

No. 421245

And man calm down lol were here to collect milk not keyboard warrior the whole thread.

No. 421246

Honestly I was just on here to lurk and post but I'm getting annoying at that defensive ass anon splurging and attacking everyone. Gonna do some more lurking tomorrow though because I'm really highly curious to see where Cyr and Dasha are at, the only recent vid they posted together is the one where cyrs making slurping sounds while she eats ice cream. And her tweets to him, thats it.

No. 421249

I wonder if Mina's parents would let Ed stay over at her place if he does come. And I think he'll have enough money really soon. He moved into a new apartment so I still don't get how he has no money. I'm also thinking maybe he has a shitty part time job otherwise how does he afford his money. Still though, if Mina's parents were okay with her just flying to LA and not really having a plan maybe they would let Ed stay over.
That's one thing that bothered me, what is mina's family situation we all know some stuff about Dasha but what about Mina? How does she get so much wigs and outfits but apparently she has a bad family situation. How does that work? I'm so curious and no one seems to have digged up anything…

No. 421250

How is her family okay with her flying over to America so much if Edwin mentioned that her situation at home was not okay? Who pays for her stuff. What's going on lol. I think though from her snaps that Mina has some rich folks who seem laid-back. What was her real name again?

No. 421253

Ok guys I was looking up Mina's legal name under images what not, cause maybe it would give me some pics of her personal life and I came about something I did not expect, I don't wanna drag back old dumb drama but it's about the fucking fake accounts. Like I did not expect another revaluation like this. Hold on while I make the collage!

No. 421255

whats her real name and spill

No. 421256

Comparing them and saying Dasha looks like her mom is hardly talking shit, but pls keep reaching anon

Post, fake account info is still relevant because we still don't know for fact if they were Mina's or not

No. 421257

Also found some unbelievably photoshopped pics of Mina in the process, her shopping was bad. Would it be illigal if I posted it here? Cause you know people went off on it

No. 421260

Can someone send me the list of ALL the fake accounts. Trying to lurk for it I only found one screen shot, I found something else

No. 421262

That's hardly illegal, just post

No. 421267

JFC just post what you have, you don't have to hype it up.

No. 421269

op is doing an intro-to-photoshop tutorial rn

No. 421273

File: 1502267252650.jpg (492.24 KB, 2400x2400, IMG_6478.JPG)

Mina Ticembal, and it was just casual lurking I still have more but I want it to fit so I don't splurge post

No. 421275

I just want the whole list cause I found accounts with names that look really familiar but I can't tell if they were apart of the fake accounts they found

No. 421276

File: 1502267471998.png (138.97 KB, 750x1291, IMG_6462.PNG)

I wasn't trying to hype it up but that adamolen account seemed like a Mina fan account and shit posted about her, just lurk but I found it strange.

No. 421278

File: 1502267576119.png (152.33 KB, 750x1113, IMG_6472.PNG)

No. 421286

where is the shitposting tho

No. 421287

I mean splurge posting, I'm tired right now anon, just doing a lot of lurking rn, I'm not on point with my typing.

No. 421296

Did a lot of lurking through Mina's stuff, remember when we were wondering if she had a sister? Cause one of those fake account posts talked about having a sister etc. she does have one, along with having an old curious cat, it's deleted but you can see minor things, and a tweet to idubbz. I'm so used to lurking though Dasha, I never really thought of lurking thought Mina before but she has a lot there.

No. 421305

Dasha already published Mina's surname. It was in an earlier thread.

No. 421312

We already knew Mina's sister was real. She posted her on snap and ig story like a month ago.

No. 421314

Mina has a tumblr too. Thats all I could find.

No. 421358

Edwin told his viewers in a stream a few weeks ago that Mina is the oldest of 3 sisters. Mina also lives with her mom, so I guess her parents are divorced/not together?

No. 421454

It's just weird how a lot of these accounts relate to Mina, like Lina being her friend, adamollen being a Stan, and the account stopped at certain point. Also accounts like that vanessa and hot girls accounts posting minor stuff when Vincent posted Dasha and him together for the first time. They're not a big deal though, Dasha went fucking overboard, and then this whole mess started. We already found out their true personalities though so I ain't complaining.

No. 421469

Dasha's ex is a heroin and pill addict. He's a club promoter so he gathers girls for clubs. She probably asked him if he could hook her up with a birthday celebration for the free booze

No. 421471

File: 1502307622927.png (135.69 KB, 750x748, IMG_6489.PNG)

Found an Edwin look alike lol

No. 421484

File: 1502308408348.png (51.07 KB, 729x408, IMG_6493.PNG)

This can probably confirm they don't have a good relationship

No. 421529

Dasha is not even with cyr right now on her birthday just her friends. They used to go out all the time but it's weird, maybe he'll show up later tonight?

No. 421537

File: 1502313731881.png (92.91 KB, 750x661, IMG_8980.PNG)

No. 421546

I was about to go on a rant saying how dare you compare Edwin to Craig Ferguson because I thought that guy was Edwin

No. 421578

"I regret nothing " is literally the least romantic sentiment he could have ended that with

No. 421592

Damn, her mom is Beautiful… no wonder Mina herself is a Beauty.

Where did you find that picture?

No. 421600

he's been posted in the first thread along with sickbrain, she's accused him of abuse and some bullshit
dasha is a natural blonde and mina isn't which would affect how much dasha would have to lift her hair
this anon hit the mark ^
minas mom looks generic white but i bet her dad isn't which explains some of her features, both their moms are pretty but dasha obviously wants to look like her mom

No. 421605

File: 1502320321320.png (210.04 KB, 584x471, Screenshot 2017-08-09 at 7.10.…)

Mina posted it herself
She has said she wished she got her mother's eyes, which might explain why she always wears those bright ass contacts, but I think it doesn't suit her at all.

No. 421621

I agree with everything you said except the part where she wants to look like her mom, seems like she's dislikes her mom because of other reasons, she even said she looks just like her dad and does a lot of posts about him. And only slight posts of her mom because her mom basically abandoned her so she lived with her grandparents. Her dad seems the most prominent in her life.

No. 421634

When I lurked through Mina I found really badly obviously photoshopped photos, of her face and waist, along with a site where I found her Stan accounts that looked familiar and typed the same awkward way. And Mina was pretty much obsessed with memes too. I swear these girls are so "body positive" get they went through extremes to make their body unrealisticly thin and it's so sad thinking of how many of their young fans must have starved themselves and went through extremes with insecurity issues because they seen how these girls were. Meanwhile there's better body positivity models like Diana and Ashley Graham who are against shopping and giving unrealistic standards.

No. 421635

I regret nothing aka I regret everything

No. 421640

If he was so abusive and manipulative then why would you continue to talk to him??? Dash wants to be oppressed so badly and reminds me of so many annoying girls on twitter who throw these accusations around like they have no meaning just so people will have sympathy for them. Just because someone is making you do something you don't want to do doesn't mean they're manipulative. Getting into a fight and getting a called a birch isn't being emotionally abusive. Or not every person you have a fight with is toxic

No. 421643

your usage of the word oppressed is really wrong, also you clearly have never been in an abusive relationship. if it were so simple to leave an abuser it wouldn't be such a problem right? however because its someone you grow to love and trust its not like you can flip a switch and just move on tbh

No. 421645

I think he used to talk shit on how she looked and prevented her from doing things, with mental abuse, and him going with other girls, along with him dumping her so he can be more successful but used it as an excuse since his pics are with a lot of other girls lol. Reminds me of that bitch Bree bunny that Dasha and Mina follow, she said cole sprouse mentally abused her even tho it didn't seem that excessive. Idk people want to through mental abuse around just because you have fights and say things you don't mean, it goes farther than that, and Dasha is dumb for ranting about it and talking shit about him if she's just going to talk to him again. Lol

No. 421653

But she left him awhile ago so hey it was easy for her to leave. Nice try tho

No. 421654

Sounds like you're talking about Dasha…

No. 421655

Post it then

No. 421666

I am, That last sentence said that Dasha wanted to look like her mom, but Dasha seems more ashamed of her if anything. She seems like she wants to look like her dad instead. Even though her resemblense to her mom is exact.

No. 421668

File: 1502325695040.jpg (1.02 MB, 2400x2400, IMG_6518.JPG)

Ok, this is not the end of it, Mina posts a lot of pics, I think she started shopping before Dasha came in the picture. Maybe Dasha copied Mina's photoshopping habits too lol. I'm gonna also lurk though Dashas older teenage pics, I'm sure most were posted here

No. 421673

I don't feel like Mina has a lot of money. Her clothes and wigs are cheap. She's never really had to worry about rent idk her spending just reminds me of every teenager working their first part time job it's nothing extravagant just cheap small things

No. 421675

I agree. The only way I can see people thinking she wants to look like her is because of the way she shops her cheekbones to look more sunken in. Her mom has strong cheekbones but I mean she's a lot older so that's not uncommon

No. 421678

File: 1502326220954.jpg (433.62 KB, 2400x2119, IMG_6520.JPG)

Same fag but this is funny, I think the pic with Dasha was posted here, but this one of Mina looks beyond how she looks, they're so creepy! Why do they shop themselves small faces.

No. 421684

The shopped lips are so unappealing I really can't stand it.

No. 421692

Went through Dashas ask, she was a preachy vegan even back then.

No. 421699

No shade but she she needs to quit calling herself vegan if she's wearing and promoting leather products. You ain't vegan bitch, you just have a plant based diet

No. 421707

File: 1502329021638.png (51.97 KB, 363x426, IMG_6504.PNG)

Mina's arm though

No. 421708

Reading from Dashas ask.fm She used to be in ballet and Fitness, she also frequently excercissed. I know she doesn't do that anymore, it seemed like her life was on a healthier track back then. Too bad now.

No. 421712

This is a reach. Maybe she didn't like it, a lot of us did sports when we were younger and didn't keep up with it when we had the choice to quit.

No. 421721

I wasn't trying to reach, I made an observation, but she seemed healthier in her pictures and the way she was, since exercise helps with depression and mental health, and she seemed to be doing it by choice like running and all that. I know it's kinda dangerous to run around in LA since it's sketchy out there and isn't as glamorous as people make it seem.

No. 421725

Milk is dry. If she wanted to exercise she could join a gym. She just turned 22, working out isn't usually a priority at this age for most people. Has she ever came out and said she struggles with mental health??

No. 421726

stop the nitpicking and health/diet advice

No. 421728

i thought dasha broke up with him? she always used to say he was her first true love even thought she does love cyr…
im feeling this theory more… she def got with cyr for the youtube scene and now he's dry

No. 421729

File: 1502331626550.png (129.22 KB, 750x1102, IMG_6408.PNG)

Yes girl get that wig code money instead of asking fans for money

No. 421762

Wtf even IS that outfit though?

No. 421768

This can be said for all of her outfit choices tbh

No. 421831

File: 1502358534889.png (566.67 KB, 811x511, Capture.PNG)

"cringe level 90000"

WHat the actual fuck is this? She`s seriously making out with her insta thot white amber rose friend and tagging cyr on it? Woooow. The attention whore in this one never fails to surprise.
Im trying to understand how Cyr reacted to this but knowing him he probably shrugged it off or even thought of having a threesome because he`s a cheat anyway. Pathetic, and they still stay together..really shows how out of touch with reality they are. This generation makes me sick.

No. 421832

how can anyone still look up to this woman is beyond me

No. 421843

Jfc I'm so annoyed by her ~bisexual~ bullshit. Making out and flirting with other people is exactly the same no matter if they're boys or girls, and the fact that she thinks otherwise proves that she's just trying to gain feminism points.

No. 421893

I can guarantee cyr probably just went "that's hot" he probably would go even so far to be the cuck in the relationship because he has no backbone.

No. 421905

30 yr old cuck who lets his gf make out with random girls and hang out with her abusive exes.. sounds accurate but honestly this pushes me more to believe that their relationship is so bad at this point that they`re just blatantly hurting each other.. so the big question, why are they still together?
i feel like dasha is one of those girls who stay in relationships even if things are shitty af, it wouldn`t be hard to imagine since she seems very stubborn and won`t bugde even when she`s wrong.

No. 421909

exactly. If she was making out with a guy and they put it on twitter with the same exact caption, all hell will break loose. yet, she wants to yell "equality!" this is fucking stupid.

No. 421912

I mean, she does claim to be poly as well. Maybe she considers this okay bc of that?

No. 421916


It's really gross when guys allow their girlfriends to cheat.. but only when it's with other girls, because that's wank material. Also, I'm positive Dasha got her friend to post this and tag Cyr in it because she's an enormous attention whore.

No. 421949

despicable. this is flat out cheating and tagging your boyfriend in the post wtf

No. 421969

I'm thinking she's spending so much time with this girl because she wants to have a poly relationship with her

No. 421998

New skinwalker material? She DID say she wants more tattoos recently.

No. 422006

I doubt she's skin walker material Dasha is too girly. That girl is pretty famous online, took pictures with Halsey the singer, she even just does casual kissing with other people, there was even a video back then before Cyr when she was with tristin and they shared a kiss. Maybe kisses arnt sacred to them and they pass it off as all fun, some girls do some weird shit I couldn't even think of doing, cause they think it's sexy or whatever, nowadays it's just casual behavior, but I could never think of acting lesbian with my friend, and there are more articles I've seen supporting poly relationships. It's just not natural to me, along with showing yourself off and acting slutty like it's cute.

No. 422095

File: 1502412128501.png (1.2 MB, 750x1334, IMG_6557.PNG)

The letters are from Cyr, seems they have an inimitate relationship from what he describes, he doesn't show up on social media much or in her pics, I wonder if he has a job now, or some projects he's doing for money, since he said he's going to try. I wish Dasha would publicize him more instead of her thotty friend, I get that they're close again, even closer than what's normal, since I think Dasha likes to get people talking, but she would look better in her character if she were more loving with Cyr since Cyr seems to think of her so highly. They don't even post each other on each other's Instagram, most likely because of the whole drama with Edwin and other things. I don't see why they can't show off their bf or gf like it's not hard for you to post other people.

No. 422098

I doubt Cyr sees it as cheating, his response to being tagged by her wasn't angry at all. He's one of those gross dudes who fetishizes two women together so she probably has a free pass because he gets off on it. She's also sooooo poly because she has "so much love to give" so they could be in another Mina situation on the low or Dasha could be the only one involved, and of course it's not cheating to him or her because they both clearly view lesbian relationships as less serious than straight relationships (remember Dasha saying she wouldn't be poly with two boys, but two girls and a boy is fine?)

No. 422112

I remember them saying that when the mina and Edwin left, Mina said she was still considering being with Cyr but not Dasha, I'll have to review the video, but it never happened and they went off on it.

No. 422138

Okay, I'm weirded out. I went to check on the adamollen account to lurk more since it's basically a Mina Stan account and retweets everything of hers, it just looks fishy to me. Then bam! As soon as I lurk something was entirely off! First time I found the adamollen account I checked the favorites and tweets, they were inactive since last year, im July I think. Their first favorite was a pic that we seen often when the fake accounts drama started, I screenshotted it the first time for later use. It was the pic of Mina and idubbz. Now today I check and I was shocked, looking at the favorites and they liked stuff just yesterday ALONG with unfavoriting the pic of Mina and idubbz, here I'm thinking "this cannot be a coincidence". An inactive Stan account that hasn't used their account since last year, all of a sudden became active. I'm sorry for the long post but I'm genuinely surprised I came upon something, like I have a feeling that person lurked on lolcow.

No. 422139

File: 1502421172789.jpg (659.22 KB, 2400x2102, IMG_6564.JPG)

The photo didn't load the first time sorry

No. 422141

File: 1502421766749.png (57.54 KB, 750x706, IMG_6500.PNG)

I wonder what Cyr said was true if she asked if idubbz was single. I just feel like the more I lurk the more I find something. This was also favorited by that account

No. 422166

I never once doubted the Mina fake accounts claim and her asking about idubbz. I get why they only ever defended these claims bc this was the only proof that others could see. Edwin and Mina just talked and show screenshots and everyone ate it up. Because really how can you prove that you aren't abusing your spouse when someone is saying you are. They couldn't really show proof for any other stuff.
And I wouldn't be surprised if Mina lurks and even contributes to this shit daily when she clearly knows about it

No. 422175


Lol and she goes "I would take this over an expensive gift any day!". As soon as people attach a price tag to something, it's obvious they're bothered by it.


Yeah, I think everyone agreed that the fake accounts were real, but weren't as dramatic as Dasha made it out to be (aka probably not bullying her). I wouldn't be surprised if that one account was run by herself or a friend and they saw what was posted on this thread, and ran to do some damage control.. which is dumb, because it's already documented.

No. 422211

There was only a little bit of evedense as seen on other threads where those accounts posted stuff when Cyr posted them together for the first time, like "this is who he dumped Mina for" and some other stuff like cyrs a fuckboy. But it's understandable for Mina to be mad at at that time because Dasha basically homewrecked, but Mina probably didn't want that rep on her about the accounts because she supports "girl love" and people would know that her support for love and kindness is fraudulent. It's just funny how ed went out of his way to find anything so Mina wouldn't look bad and frame Dasha, like dude we already know Dasha is psycho and needs get herself in check, but Mina's just made them accounts, let that be on her so Dasha would shut up about them, she only attacked more cause she was framed for it, that's how I kinda realized that Edwin was wack and he only does shit to get in Mina's good graces and pussy.

No. 422225

I think they want it to look like they are close due to the negitivity they have been receiving about their relationship. Just because someone writes someone a letter, doesn't mean that they are closer than ever, because evidently they aren't from an outside perspective. I don't know. I'm skeptical of their bullshit. It all just seems fake.

No. 422227

This whole group of cows seem fake I'm fucking over them they all deserve nothing

No. 422228

We know Edwin lurks (and occasionally posted back when the thread was more positive towards him lol) so Mina probably does too, or he told her.

I do think Mina's behind the fake accounts, and seeing as she was an 18/19 year old broken-hearted girl at the time she probably left mean comments too. Anyone would at least think unkind thoughts about the person their boyfriend cheated with. I doubt Dasha cared about the "bullying" until she realized they were Mina though.

No. 422236

I found something really weird while lurking, from researching adamollen I found more accounts and they all end thee activity around the same time in July. Like about 6 fan accounts with the same Stanish behavior and liking of idubbz, Cyr, Mina, and filthy frank. I'm feel like I'm reaching but It's also kind of too coincidental. Like I'm on some scooby doo stuff guys.

No. 422237

If you find anything relevant to the thread, just post it. Personally I'm curious what the fake accounts said to Dasha since she said she got hate from them.

No. 422238

File: 1502451210969.png (22.6 KB, 617x233, IMG_6477.PNG)

It's on previous threads. But just screen capped one to get the idea of it.

No. 422240

Some dumb petty stuff when they started dating, I followed this drama since the beginning I was really curious who they belonged to, since the whole situation was sketchy. Some people started talking to Julia saying they fought with those accounts even tho they only commented a little bit of times. And they seemed to turn into Mina and Dasha Stan accounts after they became friends. I understand Mina using them when she was heated and salty about Cyr breaking her heart, it's just dumb that it had to go to these lengths cause this whole group of cows pride and ego is far out.

No. 422241

Not trying to sound like a Mina Stan, but am I the only one who really doesn't give a shit about the "FAKE ACCOUNTS!!1!!" anymore?
I know the milk is dry right now, but I thought we already knew that Mina had fake accounts to talk shit with, that haven't been active since over a year. It's boring

No. 422242

Uhm this is good shit. A lot of people here weren't believing Mina had something to do with the fake accounts. Then ed went on this long rant how it's Dasha and now it just shows he will lie about dash to make him and Mina look better so what more could he lie about

No. 422243

We'd do the same researching for Dashas shitty relationship thotty friend and past with her ask. There's new stuff being stumbled upon and connected, so why does it matter now?

No. 422244

File: 1502452407979.jpg (598.41 KB, 2400x1545, IMG_6616.JPG)

Trying to piece them in one post I'll post more later. I don't have the good apps. But you get the idea. I'll post more later.

No. 422245

Ok but lmao that she tweeted Kim kardashian about givenchy

No. 422246

File: 1502452838314.png (136.15 KB, 750x1104, IMG_6565.PNG)

Found out that her friend niam whatever her name is follows some of these fan accounts like this one and two other ones. Like all connected in a weird way. I don't doubt it I've watched a lot of cat fish so I know how it is.

No. 422247

Well you're free to do researching on the other people.

No. 422248

I have on Dashas ask, But more later though since I'll have to use google translate for that, currently looking though Mina because there's a lot hidden. And with Dasha we went in real deep with her that there's practically everything about her on the table. Mina really doesn't get a free pass just because

No. 422251


Well, they're all the fake accounts, right? It's pretty sad someone has enough free time to run a bunch of fan accounts about themselves. We did know about them though no one has really bothered to comb through all them before.

No. 422264

what city does Mina live in? Like past it present?

No. 422275

File: 1502463352104.jpg (1.14 MB, 2400x2400, IMG_6698.JPG)

Look at the locations guys. Screen shooted a lot. I'll give more later on lurking went well. Mina don't delete these ok. Rn I'm tired.

No. 422290

File: 1502465600517.png (86 KB, 746x769, IMG_6463.PNG)

Wait hold the fuck up. That account has frequently interacted with Mina abs Mina interacted with that account. I can't believe looking back at the list just now.

No. 422348

File: 1502477771214.jpg (152.12 KB, 750x1334, IMG_6189.JPG)

It's that time again. Do you think she does botox or fillers?

No. 422350

Isn't that for laser hair removal?? She's been getting it on her pits…

No. 422351

Nah most people on here believed the fake accounts thing.

What people didn't believe was the whole "CYBER BOOLY" thing that dasha kept sperging about and how she never would elaborate on anything else. Dasha made it seem like the fake accounts were sending her death threats and being super rude when the comments were just shit like >>422238 which isn't a big deal at all. Yeah the comments are salty but it isn't stuff like "THIS FUCKING WHORE" or anything.

Not all the accounts in the screencap were fake. Some were proven to be real users, I think the annor_lilly one was a real person and I can't remember which other

No. 422353


Yeah true. They also do botox and fillers. I wonder if she gets a deal for tagging them?


No. 422355

She posted a pic getting laser and then right after fillers and Botox would have been noticeable. Move on to something worth talking about

No. 422356

Dash just over exaggerates period. I can't take nearly anything she says seriously even her IUD horror story like I've never in my life heard of someone passing out from the pain during insertion. But she either has health insurance or a good amount of money since she's getting it removed

No. 422376


I mean it's not exactly tinfoiling because she's obviously had her lips done. But no point discussing it if she's not going to be honest about it.

No. 422390

File: 1502482188655.png (122.16 KB, 750x933, IMG_6646.PNG)

Shadey tweet made around those times lol it's a funny tweet though.

No. 422395

I know but what I'm pointing out is how all of it comes full circle to Mina. Like Edwin had his fans believing it was Putin when he already got his revenge by showing her nasty personality and her shitty relationship. But a lot of weird sketchy stuff had been caught, inactive accounts all at the same time, and the adamollen account suddently became active when someone posts it on here. A lot of stuff coming together and stuff not adding up. Then Mina's location is the same as that fake accounts in London. Same area, crazy.

No. 422402


We know the fake accounts are real. If they weren't, Mina would have openly denied it. Edwin's fans are all young and will believe anything he says. I don't think Edwin is stupid either, he probably knows the accounts were Mina as well. What isn't certain is if the accounts were used to harass Dasha like she said they were.

No. 422405

Yeah but they were never really looked into before we just brushed through them. And we never got proof that there were hers, just assuming. There are those same accounts that stanned Mina also stanned her on twitter too. I actually think it's interesting because Mina was always sort of brushed over, and it was fun gathering milk about Dasha and Edwin, Cyr is another person brushed over but that guy rarely posts and we find stuff out about him little by little.
We looked into Dashas past a lot and found out a lot. It's just very fascinating to uncover these things

No. 422406


If you want to look through her accounts in your spare time, all the more power to you. But you should only be posting screencaps if you find anything milky.

No. 422413

There was stuff in Edwin's old discord posted and Dashas ask, some people just say to post what's related to this thread, why is it any different since it is stuff particularly fishy. A lot of stuff is posted of Dashas mom, her lips her hair removal and her ex bf and friend. I posted Dashas sketchy stuff with Simon, her crappy relationship with Cyr, and her insta hoe friends and then of Edwin and him being called out and his fundraiser for himself. So when I look into Mina, I didn't think it would be restricted. I've also planned to look through Dashas ask too. I'm gonna still post since I went through a lot of it, but I know people aren't particularly happy with me posting about her.

No. 422420

Obviously it's going to go back to Mina because they were Mina's fake accounts? Why are you making this more shady than it is? Mina was in London at the time of the creation of a lot of the fakes, so obviously they'd be geotagged to her location as well. We also didn't really look into the accounts because what was posted (screenshots were posted/linked to in previous threads) wasn't milky. It was just cringey edits of her and cyr/her and idubbz or reposts of her photos.

No. 422423


Okay, but what are you posting that we don't already know? You don't have to post proof that Mina had fake accounts because everyone here knows that. If you come across something interesting, go ahead, but don't just post every tweet because Mina wrote it.

No. 422432

Ok, but you guys are being on attack mode right now. I've lurked a lot on most of the cows like Dasha and Edwin, that's what I do, and I've contributed. What isn't on this thread is just the actual evidence, what I'm posting isn't cringey edits, and their wasn't anything posted on here looking into their geotag. We may already know it was Mina because we just assumed it was. But I just thought maybe I should look into it more because of what I found with the adamollen account. I've came across a lot that isn't just simple and I'm not trying to exadurate it make it's shadier than what you said. But it is shadey activity regardless, Iike I didn't think that I posted would be taboo since people are just posting about Dashas lip injections which is also confirmed by Edwin, and her lasering away her body hair. If you wanna talk about that go right ahead, I'll just post my stuff for the people who are actually interested in it.

No. 422435

Let people post their findings, Edwin still thinks those weren't Mina's. Mina had weird cringy fan girl behavior plus nothing was ever that looked into to be honest.

Like we're bringing up Dashas fake lips again, She'll most likely get them plumped again since her lips have gone down and she isn't against plastic surgery from her latest post.

No. 422440

>>422435 I just feel like there's serious double standards here if it was the other way around on Dasha or Edwin or even Cyr, we'd really look deep into it like we have with Dashas favorites, tweets, and sinister behavior. I know some people don't like hearing about Mina, like in the past threads I've seen fans of Mina and one actually giving their identity away that they support Mina. I understand you may like her but she's one of the 4 cows on here. These are actually new findings, we can settle that they're hers but they're not just random accounts, random tweets. It's just the behavior behind it. And Mina is acting very brave now, because she thinks she got off clean talking down to people(Dasha) with fake accounts. Like it's hypocrisy. I got mad at Dashas stupid hypocritical behavior when she was picking on Mina for her looks even tho she's all about "girl power". This stuff is allowed to be recognized too.

No. 422442

Just post it anon, there are lingering Mina supporters but just ignore them if they get pissy because like it or not, she's one of the cows here. As long as you don't act like screencap anon in the onision thread and hype up everything but only drop one thing a day most people won't attack you.

It's petty drama but all of this is petty drama, I doubt we're going to get another massive flood of milk until Dasha and Cyr finally split or Edwin flies to Mina. It sure as hell beats talking about Dasha's lip injections that anyone with eyes can see.

No. 422446

File: 1502492480705.jpg (675.78 KB, 2400x2400, IMG_6708.JPG)

You got it anon, I trying to limit posts as much as I can so I don't become a burden. This fan account on twitter that Mina interacted with and it's one of the fake accounts listed, said something off that lost its credibility. It said that it found Mina through Cyr when it's been tweeting to Mina since before they got together. It reminded me of the esmerelda account who lied also. I kind want to confront Mina with everything I have if she hasn't already looked on here since the someone suddenly started using the adamollen account.

No. 422460

File: 1502494027936.jpg (762.57 KB, 2400x2400, IMG_6711.JPG)

Ok, here we can see some obvious lying, one of Mina's supposable fake accounts interacting with her best friend, along with the accounts saying they were 14 in the bio, when on their twitter, that accounts blogspot tells a different story from 1994-2006? Like there's not straight story. Mina interacted with those accounts as well, I kind of have a feeling her best friend was apart of it too. It just reminds me a lot of the show Catfish. If you watch it you'll know what I mean.

No. 422476

>>422460 I wouldn't be surprised now if some allegations against her are true, she was obsessed with idubbz for a time and was somewhat spiteful. Maybe she just wanted to cover that up because her "speak love and kindness" persona would look fake. I can only wonder if that fake apology from the other threads was true too considering how much she fan girled over idubbz and was bitter towards Cyr and Dash. Her bitterness at the time was excused tho since Cyr is a fucking hoe

No. 422500

John from jacksfilms just made a video titled 'good people' and called Cyr one of them for helping him while filming what seems an old jacksfilms video. The only other person called by name who got their verse was Markiplier, for his charity contributions. Video talks about drama as a counter force too.

Sage for just reference, no milk

No. 422517

File: 1502506674983.jpg (55.09 KB, 720x447, IMG_20170811_225510.jpg)

Why was she complaining about mina kidding Edwin then?

No. 422518

File: 1502506787790.jpg (17.27 KB, 367x381, IMG_2057.JPG)

No. 422526

Uhm no anon the one she frequently hangs out with. Sick brain, she went on to say that she even tagged Cyr, and to be honest there's some girls who do that, I've known some girls to do lesbianic stuff to look sexy. There's another part of the internet you haven't seen.

No. 422527

I guess because they were together and Mina showed actually sexual interest in Edwin (ewe) stated in different occasions, there's a whole nother part on that. Seems very clear from their "platonic" relationship.

No. 422577

No there was no correlation between her kissing her bff to Mina kissing Edwin those were completely different situations

No. 422591


I'm not trying to attack you, it's just really annoying when you post something like, "WOW GUYS I FOUND SOMETHING REALLY WEIRD AND SHADY" and then post something we already knew about from months ago. I get that you think people are Mina supporters but it's not even that, I would be just as annoyed if you posted Dasha's old curiouscat responses and they were completely irrelevant. I know the milk is running dry because they're all pretty quiet, but there's no need to clutter up the thread. But whatever, that's my opinion.


I mean, Mina secretly kissing Edwin is a lot different from Dasha openly kissing one of her friends. I don't really agree with it because to me, if you're bisexual, same sex kissing is on the same level and shouldn't be treated so lightly. It's just attention whorey, not really cheating.

No. 422614

I think it goes father than curious cat questions to be honest. It's more intricate, and not sinister but sure is weird and enough to make someone look at you differently. I always knew they were Mina's without evidence, when there finally is some uncovered deep set lies, you just wonder what else is going on. It's well devised how they managed to keep things they were hiding out of the spotlight. Mina confirmed the that she looks at lolcow since he unused account had new activity. Somewhat I'm im starting to wonder other things are true, since they tried so hard to lie about it.

No. 422617

No, Julia, if you were queer you wouldn't have "gay moments" with other girls like it was no biggie.
This bitch is the most heterosexual being in the whole world.

No. 422621

I'm trying not to derail this thread but what new "deep set lies" are you talking about? The fake accounts just post what she was interested at the time in and tag her and the people she was hanging out with. I'm not a Mina stan. I know she's also done shady stuff. But the screencaps aren't new. They're pretty much the same as the fake instagram accounts. It's just mina tags, cyr tags, idubbz tags and stuff that Mina is interested in like veganism and aesthetic posts.

Obviously the fake accounts aren't going to be meticulously made, she had like 100+, so there's going to be discrepancy between them like ages.

Post them on here, it's nice to have new caps but it really isn't any new milk or any new info, this has all be posted before just under different fake accounts.

No. 422626


This is what I mean, you're talking about all this shady mysterious stuff but haven't posted anything new.. What deep set lies? We know Edwin was lying about Dasha possibly being behind the fake accounts, Mina hasn't said anything but imo she's lying by omission but we already knew that. I don't know what you mean by "other things" either, was there something else she was accused of that we didn't believe?

The only thing I could think of was the fake accounts harassing Dasha, which is kind of what I was hoping would come to light, but she may have gone and deleted the evidence. It's just as possible Dasha was lying about harassment because she responded very harshly to fake accounts that were just cringy tbh, and Dasha has proven herself to be vindictive/reactionary.

No. 422760

Are they lying about Cyr being dead or is he really dead because wtf

No. 422763

I just saw that too but it's only a retweet from dasha and nothing from anyone else

No. 422765

Im really wondering now I'm shocked

No. 422768

File: 1502569993164.png (124.39 KB, 750x1033, IMG_0324.PNG)

????? what

No. 422769

100% just a shit post

No. 422770

File: 1502570807563.png (74.14 KB, 602x622, V9lUfPw.png)

If they're memeing they're scum for letting this girl believe it

No. 422771

File: 1502570837141.png (37.81 KB, 582x281, 3hHQScY.png)

No. 422773


It's obviously not real lol.

No. 422774

If they're memeing they're fucking assholes, who jokes about that?

No. 422775

Dasha is a fucking monster if this is fake. Letting people believe that somebody is dead when they're not is another level of evil

No. 422792

…and Dasha deleted it

No. 422795

Dasha and Cyr have always had a weird ass relationship. Expecting her to actually respect death and loss is like asking a fuckboy to change his ways. Not gonna happen. Not sure why anyone had these expectations of her to begin with.

No. 422799

I looked at the original tweet's replies and I guess some people genuinely thought it was real lol. It was obviously just dumb memeing, she was tweeting about a pretty girl at the same time and hanging all over her bald friend on snapchat and she wouldn't be doing that publicly even if she was happy he was dead.

Cyr jokes about killing himself and other people all the time. The minions, Cyr and Dasha joke about killing each other and constantly tell each other to die. It's a common joke, it doesn't mean they don't respect death and loss. This is being blown out of proportion honestly.

No. 422805

There is a big difference between ~lol i'm gunna kill u today~ and retweeting a death message that seems legit, especially when some replies seemed to be genuinely worried. Not surprised that Dasha was dumb enough to do it tho

No. 422851

File: 1502585547972.png (892.81 KB, 682x910, ddd.png)

I see that Edwin booked his plane ticket to England.Looks like they were able to con their viewers into donating $886. Here's hoping their meetup goes downhill and Mina realizes she doesn't need him anymore.

No. 422857

File: 1502586374833.jpg (389.58 KB, 1936x1936, IMG_6751.JPG)

Stuff like this from what I can rummage through and I seen that he usually deleted hate comments back then. I don't know what to think of Mina anymore. I mean there's a whole system of accounts, even on twitter. Praising and defending herself along with her friend niamh interacting and following all of them, it all looks so strange. Of course it's very obvious they're hers now from the locations we seen to confirm it more, she did deny it and Edwin and her pinned it on Dasha. She strong insecurity over it, I would too. In other news Edwin said he booked his flight to london so I guess the free money helped lol. I wonder if he's actually going to do a meetup with that money, I don't think he's that famous to even do that.

No. 422865

Okay but does he not look like a creepy crew guy from warped who's in his 30s hitting on minors who tells everyone the meth he snorts all day is cocaine

No. 422869

Yeah he does, a long with a guy who works at hot topic. He said that he's vegan now, probably why he's so thin, but in his recent video he basically said it was hard while eating something non vegan. I wonder if Edwin can really put up with that lifestyle considering his diet before

No. 422881


He probably cheats alot and eats non-vegan while Mina's away.

No. 422883

Is the youcaring money funding this vegan lifestyle too because it's not a cheap one unless you're living off beans and rice

No. 422886

I peep that fresh dye job too edwin, everything is fun when it's someone else's expense

No. 422888

at this point i do believe mina did have the fake accounts and slf whiteknighted but dasha was over the top.
The accounts were just cringey fan accounts and edits.Mina should own up to it but it doesn't excuse dasha ruined edwins life over petty girl drama

No. 422891

>dasha ruined edwins life
Let's face it Edwin ruined his own life…

No. 422895

I mean if she were getting negative comments from the accounts, I don't doubt that she would've deleted them off she won't keep that shit on her page.
But she also said lolcow leaked her address did but Edwin and Mina did that saying she lives above the coffee shop she's constantly tagging on IG and Snapchat

No. 422897

sorry I know this is old but I actually talked to Niamh in the past bc we are mutuals and she said to me she didn't even know about the accounts until Dasha messaged her and that she was confused on the matter but doesn't believe they are Mina. That person who dmed Edwin is a snake anyway for pretending and flip flopping with all the cows.
same. I actually feel sympathy for Dasha now and I never thought I would. Edwin is kind of a fuckhead for spilling all that shit on Dasha in his videos but never Cyr. Cyr has a track record of treating women like shit, too. Might as well mention he has no problem slapping his girlfriends and fake crying about it after.

I agree with you all.


No. 422901

I don't think Mina claimed to have a bad family life. I think that was just anons speculating over time. Anyway, she's entitled to that privacy so whatever.

No. 422904

>it's so sad thinking of how many of their young fans must have starved themselves and went through extremes with insecurity issues because they seen how these girls were

calm down anon, they aren't that famous

No. 422905

whatever edwin did in arizona is on him, however dasha getting him kicked out is fucked. Dasha deleting minas instagram portfolio is fucked.She literally fucks with people's lives because she's insane

No. 422907

LMAO soo true I want to vomit
why are Mina's standards so low?
I can barely grasp why his actual girlfriend is attracted to him. I don't think this guy cheats..not because he is a good person but because he can't lol.

No. 422908

I feel like ed has always had a thing for Mina. If anything she could be with him just because she wants to be with a youtuber. If she wants to be in the US he's kind of all she has and her only friends were him, Dasha and Cyr

No. 422910


Lmfao I meant cheat his vegan diet reaching much

No. 422916

File: 1502599318587.jpg (609.79 KB, 2400x2400, IMG_6766.JPG)

So I was curios about Dashas claims against Mina since the one with the accounts being Mina's was true. Remember when Dasha went on a rant because people thought she also copied Mina on being vegan and saying Mina lied on the amount she was vegan saying instead of 5 years Mina was only vegan for 2. Did some lurking, she's been vegan since she was 17 almost 18, it was 2014 almost 2015, so technically only 3, 3 and a half, it's in her old tweets, but at least Mina was polite and answered nicely. A couple years off but I mean you don't have to add a couple years to make yourself a credible vegan.

No. 422917

I think she does have a thing for YouTubers since she was so obsessed with idubz noticing her and Joji. That's probably her attraction to him. With Cyr mostly because Mina had an obsession with Jonny Depp (even though Cyr looks Nothing like him) and that he's a youtuber too. Wouldn't doubt it.

No. 422919

>>I can barely grasp why his actual girlfriend is attracted to him
That's what I was replying to so don't try and call me out for reaching

No. 422922

Please stop adding irrelevancy to the thread. It's cool if you're lurking Mina no one thinks this is unfair but this isn't anything worth talking about. It's also okay if you don't find anything on her, she's not someone who puts her entire life on the internet so if anything it's likely you won't find anything better than the fake accounts

No. 422924

File: 1502601285736.png (137.85 KB, 750x1292, IMG_6767.PNG)

Reminded me of this tweet

No. 422926

Same thing can be said for Edwin's pictures and Dashas mom and vegan posts. I mean if you find something relevant to these people why does it matter. She lied about how many years she's been vegan and the accounts maybe there's more that can be proven but some people just don't like hearing about Mina tbh

No. 422929

Uhm everyone was pissed about pictures of Dash's mom being put out and discussed. Did you catch that or were you too busy lurking on Mina to find nothing interesting? This shit you keep posting on Mina is boring sorry you wasted so much time on it and are having trouble accepting it. Maybe lurk on Cyr because what all do you expect to find on Mina like she just graduated high school not even two years ago

No. 422936

Woah dude I'm not the one, you need to relax I'm just saying what's wrong with posting. The anon even said that they're gonna look on Dashas ask, you can be defensive all you want I know Edwin and Mina stans lurk this thread so prone to be sensitive, you guys also liked to talk about Dasha lying about her lip injections and her body hair it's the same thing. CHILL k

No. 422940

Is it just me or are some anons on here just too sensitive on what others post? It's at least milk..

Anybody is free to lurk, we lurked in Edwin's discord too, we mostly lurked on Dasha and Edwin, brought stuff up and found out more. Cyr is free to lurk through too but most of his posts are just edgy cringe type posts since he barely tweets anything serious. Mina on the other looked through, same as we did for edwin and Dasha. It shouldnt be forbidden unless it's just random posts that don't make sense. But as far as I see it's milk so..

No. 422945

Is it just me or are there only like two people who actually consider the Mina screenshots milk?

No one would be complaining if it was interesting but it's here on fake accounts (something we've already known for months) and her saying she's been vegan longer than she really has been

No. 422946

Sorry to interupt, but how is it any different than when someone got info that Dashas lips were fake and she lied about it and Edwin's sketchy e money business. Don't see the problem mate

No. 422947

I feel like it would be a different story if it was Dasha getting caught lying about how long she was vegan, and her injected lips. It's more brushed over because on other threads before I've seen a few revealed Mina stans. So I don't think it matters. Whatever we can find it's not like it's gonna be the end of it any time soon since all of them of them are lying rats

No. 422949


TBH I've given up trying to explain why it's not milky. If it entertains anon, they can clutter up the thread all they want.

No. 422950

Because those were interesting and worth talking about. How long did we talk about Edwin's fundraiser for?
Mina's fake accounts are old news, maybe 2 months ago this would have been the milk but like we all know by now mate it ain't interesting. Everyone is fair game if it's worth talking about

No. 422955

We just clutter up this thread with arguing with what's milky or not. The fact is we're already dry here. What's new is Mina lies, calls out other people for lying too, so I don't see a problem, her lying about being vegan is actually new and the actual proof that they are hers from the locations and interactions, so maybe there could be more that's overlooked, same can be said for other cows. If it's boring, brought up again, annoying, ultimately there's no point in arguing, there's no milk anyway

On the other hand people are allowed to make assumptions on Cyr and Dashas relationship and bring it up a lot of the time, we recently got proof that he hit Dasha and is a crybaby who acts victimized when it happens. We already knew he was disfuntional and they had a disfuntional relationship, but that was new evidence. Since most posts on here is assumption without evidence to be quite honest. It's good to see findings whatever they may be. It's definitely brought a new perspective on Mina and looking back on this whole ordeal, she mostly played an act of an innocent bystander. Maybe not after all only time will tell.

No. 422957


I don't know why it's so hard for some people to wait for something to happen rather than rehashing the same stuff over and over and talking in circles.. It's not NEW that Mina lies. We all knew she wasn't some innocent bystander. We keep saying that. Post all the caps you want, but don't hype it up like it's some BRAND NEW INSIDIOUS DEEP SET LIES because it's annoying.

No. 422958

oh god stop with the arguing that's more annoying, we get it you find it annoying, now shut up, they just said they know some of you are gonna find it annoying, leave it alone. If they wanna post let them fucking post not like there's anything to report on anyway. If you really want to get Mina's attention how about posting it to her twitter and asking about it like we did with Julia because we already antonginzed her with it. Maybe then people won't be such crybabies on her Dahm.

No. 422959


I literally said post what you want, just stop hyping it up.

No. 422960

While your at it post on that post of Mina's where she's talking about fake accounts directed at Dasha, that'd be a funny thing. She'll probably block you, just be cool to see her reaction, but probably would act the same as Julia and ignore the facts lol

No. 422961

Yes please do this and confront Mina with proof of the fake accounts and that response is milk. No one would complain about that but s2g if I see one more post of hey guys further info lurking and look more fake account interaction

No. 422965

They just need to chill in general. We have a rule against cow tipping and anon has proudly been in contact with Edwin and Mina's ex-friend already.

No. 422974

Wait who's been in contact and who's the ex friend?

No. 422976

It's not going to be cow tipping if they just send the screenshots to them, I don't think anyone would lead them to this thread, the only person Known to have done that was Edwin lol.

No. 422989


How about you do it yourself if you're so keen on the idea? I'm personally against contacting the cows directly, it's already known they lurk here.

No. 423016

Hate to break it to you but more than one person are into the idea. Milk is dry and this is milky, whatever has been said about Mina the last week, not milky. And it isn't leading them to the thread unless someone is all
Hey Mina look wth I found on lolcow come check if out!
Oh you know but call us all Mina stans because we said everything you found on her is old and boring

No. 423030

I will later, I'll just send her screen shots on some of her posts where they were just being cheeky and hypocritical tho not just random posts of hers. Mina is kinda preachy as well, not like Dasha tho lmao. But it be funny to just through that in in one of her rants towards her. Knowing them they're probably gonna think it's Dasha. But it will at least stir up something and Mina will have to kinda own up to it or ignore like Dasha does.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 423031

Oh I'm placing a bet on ignoring unless Edwin is tagged since we all know he speaks for her(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 423057

Cowtipping is against the global rules. If you must do it, don't announce it.
This thread also needs less infighting and bitching about who brings the milk. Some user have been given temp bans for cowtipping, derailing, infighting or posting without sage.

No. 423185

Mina's live on insta I think.

No. 423197

I think she 'throws shade' (or how you say it) at Dasha in the end of it, just slightly

No. 423207

What she say?

No. 423221

Woah Mina it's clear that she's not over the drama lmaoooooo why do these people lie? Like "I'm over talking about the drama I want it to be done with" but continues to post about her. It's crazy I woulda thought Dasha posted about them more but she's been with her insta hoe friend and no sign of Cyr.

No. 423226

She called her a fake ass bitch and her friend called her a psycho

No. 423231

I had to rewatch it, and I heard something aout the psycho thing, and also "we're going to expose Dasha".. it's really hard to hear what they are saying, their accents and more than one is talking at a time.

Dasha later posted, on her insta-story, that "I knew your false ass was gonna get exposed…", was that for mina, or what do you guys think?

No. 423232

Saw Mina's live and I feel like Mina is gonna blame the posts I posted of her on here on Dasha even tho it was just my basic lurking lmao, funny thing too I lurked and confronted Dasha about a lot back then and she blocked me. I feel like either someone sent Mina my posts or she lurked on here. Either way shes talking about the drama again.

No. 423233

File: 1502664907526.jpg (631.49 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_20170814_004740.jpg)

I wonder if Dash looks more her old style because farmers preferred it.

No. 423235

Did someone sent her the posts by any chance?

No. 423236

I think it's because she's hanging out with people like siiickbrain again. It seems like she adapts her style to whoever she's hanging out with.

No. 423245

Makes me laugh that all of Mina's followers are like "omg she needs to stop talking about you" "she needs to stop talking about the drama" meanwhile…..

No. 423263

What is there left for Mina to expose though? Edwin's already been over all the psycho shit she did in his videos, unless Mina's been holding on to something crazy nobody knows about she's just beating a dead horse. Didn't she say she just wanted Dasha to leave her alone? She could just ignore the ig live comments that bring her up, she ignores the "are you dating Edwin" questions well enough.

No. 423272

lol I know right? I confronted her on her girl love comment, and I said "is it also girl love to gossip and talk shit about another girl", basically doing the same thing as Dasha, but her spread love and kindness persona is fake, since she coulda ignored the comments and only read the nice ones, I'm just tired of this whole group of hypocrites, I wonder if Edwin gonna come up with an excuse on why Mina said that lmao. He can't keep defending her comments forever.

No. 423280

Edwin actually threw a little shade at Dasha again saying "don't worry we won't kick you out" these guys are into the drama anyone that says they want to move on is an idiot.

No. 423293

why does her head look so inhumanely gigantic in that ass photo

No. 423311

Eh, I think her head looks like it usually does not gigantic as you say. Maybe that's just your nit pick, but her style did change, it's better though. It's more like the real her and she edits herself way less. That separation from Mina just turned her back to normal? >>422851 Ed on the other hand looks really thin, especially from his collar bones and a sunkin in face. Mina said she likes skinny vegan guys, but you don't have to fit in the mold of what someone wants you to be. I just think he looked healthier and fuller before.

No. 423407

I'm not talking about her style I'm talking about how her head often looks disproportionate to how thin she facetunes herself to be

No. 423418


It's definitely an improvement. I just wish she would shape her brows so they weren't so straight, they're pretty tragic right now. Is she going for a Daenerys look with the braids and hair, I wonder?

The last pic is so trashy though lol. "Here, let me pull up my shirt so my ass hangs out, that's sexy, right?"


Oh man, they're all so stuck on the drama, it's ridiculous. I'm sure all of them watch this thread religiously. Except for Cyr, he's probably just drinking and trying to pretend he's an artist.

No. 423448

I think that's just how her head is I don't see it massive just normal since her other pics are like that. I think she mostly airbrushes now since I've been looking through the same photos to see if lines were bent or something odd, but I haven't in these ones. Just that she probably airbrushed the face, usually known for all insta models to alter their pics somewhat like Mina and her smile lines and nose and Dasha airbrushs her forehead and mouth areas as well. Maybe the girls took the hint on criticism

No. 423471

I think her head is just naturally large and therefore looks huge as fuck when she shoops herself down 3 sizes. I'm actually curious about her hat size

No. 423553

What's fucking weird to me, LA apartments are still expensive, yet Edwin has one along with raising 900 dollars. Does he have an actual job now, I'm just annoyed at him.

No. 423560

I think his new apartment is in Arizona, and he's living with his brother

No. 423698

Dude look at that third photo her head is bigger than her ass, she still alters her body

No. 423865

File: 1502820504605.jpg (239.75 KB, 688x649, milkingthecow.jpg)

I think Mina wants attention because she isn't getting any now.

No. 423867


She is definitely trying to look like Daenerys, that is why she makes her eyebrows look like that.

And hey, there is no wrong in that, Dany is a cool girl. But Dasha has almost like a trianguler wide face, that looks more wide when she makes her eyebrows flat like that. It also makes her forhead look bigger then it is.

There is no denying that Dasha is a beautiful girl, but she should make eyebrows that suits her face. :)

No. 423915

Kek that's actually pretty funny. I'm really hoping Julia will go crazy over this, she's been acting sane for way too long. I'm thirsty.

No. 423941

She hasn't so far, even the other shadey tweets she's been ignoring but Mina and Edwin keep acknowledging the drama. Sent pictures to Mina about her lies and people tried justifying her shit it's funny. I think she reported my account tho cause I they reserved my activity. I tried but I guess she ignores shit like Dasha. It's funny that she's throwin shade tho since before she wanted the drama to end and Mina and Edwin wanted it to stop and make Dasha stop talking, Edwin defends her tweets whenever it seems to be about dash and he'll say it's not like that. But clearly Mina's spread love and kindness motto is a fucking fake like her lmao. Anything for good reputation and attention though

No. 423949

Mina is so fucking brave now, where was that attitude before when Edwin spoke for her. She was always so hesitant on speaking and wanting things to stop. Her persona changed once she went back to London. Edwin will continue to be her guard dog. But it's funny she said a whole thing about girl hate when she doing the same. Double standards, the 4 of them are so wack and liars who wanna bury their fucking lies.

No. 423951


Mina is stirring up the drama again for attention yes… which is disappointing really. I thought she was the good one of all of them. But I guess, there is a reason they were friends….. similiar people attract each other.

Dasha may be psycho but Mina clearly isn't any better.

No. 423958

Mins definitely isn't as psycho as Dasha come on

No. 423960

You have Edwin and Mina in the meantime. Especially Edwin.

No. 423962

Definitely as unintelligent, however.

No. 423966

Her eyebrows just grow straight though she's done a couple of makeup tutorials on IG live. She did a slight arch once but said straight suit her more and idk I think it's true. If she doesn't naturally have an arch then it would look official she tried to fake one

No. 423967

She got balls once she got stuck in a different country. She seems jealous of dash imo bc Dash gets Cyr and is living in DTLA

No. 423981

Edwin's part time postmating on his Edwin's generations channel in the house tour he has their carrier bag on his table. Atleast he has some sense now to pick up something

No. 423983

When you put it like that, who wouldn't be jealous.

No. 423988

It's because it's easy to talk shit behind a screen AND in a different continent. Mina strikes me as the cowardly type that acts meek in irl confrontations and gets everyone's sympathy, then the moment she gets behind the screen…

No. 423989

True and with Dasha, exact opposite I can totally see her knocking someone out for talking shit

No. 423995


I never said Mina was a psycho. I said she isn't any better than Dasha. With that I meant the drama stirring…. Mina clearly loves it.

No. 423996


Her eyebrows doesn't look natural like that, she plucks them that way. She may have lower eyebrows, but she is overdoing it. Either way, these eyebrows she has now, does nothing for her looks.

She looked way better with the more arched ones, they opened her face and made her very beautiful.

No. 424019

I wonder what Edwin thinks about it since he always defends her words, and tries to justify them like she's not trying to talk about drama. But he did throw shade in his new video so he's really Just the same, I notice he hasn't favorited her stuff tho since he's been s little active. But since Mina's proving to be opposite of what she tries to make herself to be.

No. 424022

Omg I can see him "hey she never mentioned who she was talking about you're just assuming". He has to be loving it I mean this is really all they have in common they don't get along with the same people

No. 424026

He's been doing postmates since before he got kicked out of the apartment in LA.

Edwin is probably texting her some juvenile bullshit like "yaaaaaas queen drag her!" If it were Dasha we'd have another 2 hour long video by now but it's Mina and he defends anything she does. I'm surprised Dasha hasn't said anything, her minions saw it so she definitely knows by now. Mina and Edwin should stop before she starts again or she doesn't and their fans realize they're huge hypocrites, trying to start the same drama they say ruined their lives.

No. 424054

It's annoying how people nitpick Dasha with oh she has a big head and her eyebrows are weird. If that's the worst you can say about someone's appearance then they must be looking good. You don't have to be a Stan to admit someone is attractive and this has been going on thread after thread. If we're being real the only one who isn't that good looking is Edwin but even he knows that

No. 424081

Nit picking is also looked down on here, just repetition. People can talk about how bad Mina's makeup is, Dashas head, Cyr looking depressed, and Edwin's skeleton looks, but it's doesn't contribute anything but an opinion. Dasha and Mina admit to shopping it's nothing new, but anon before was arguing that her head is ridiculously big and she's shopped even tho you can't see it and she's been shopping less. Mina even used to shop herself and her face ridiculously back then a whole new face shape. But they both reduced how much they do it. Finally, but now their personalitys and characters tell a different story. I don't have an idea on what cyrs doing, but I haven't seen Dasha with him only with the same friend. But mostly she's ignored Mina and eds comments and shade, and Edwin receiving money from e begging a long with getting a new apartment. He raised 900 dollars for himself, all this behavior is so sketchy. Mina just seems to act so innocent on screen with Edwin but shows a bitchy all of a sudden cheeky personality, I feel like she's showing a true side of herself.

No. 424094

guys that was yesterday and i dont think she's ugly i just think she sucks at photoshop because her head often looks too big for her body

it sucks mina is now letting loose about the drama with that recent tweet but is it because she's not said anything for so long that she's built up this much anger and resentment and is finally letting it out? not condoning her behavior i'm just wondering why she's doing this like.. almost a year later

No. 424101

I agree with other anons that she's acting tough because she's a continent away, she doesn't have Dasha after her and her London friends are very loud, shady people if you watch her ig lives with them so they've emboldened her. She also has fans applauding her for standing up for herself even though it's months too late and contradicts her "spread love and kindness" motto and her wanting Dasha to stop sperging.

No. 424102

You know what too that wasn't talked about… did Mina ever even thank people for giving her fucking boyfriend over $900 to fuck her and start her free YouTube channel??

No. 424147

Lmaooo there's a few people in her comments telling her to stop and they were rooting for her and to move on, did they ever find out if her fake apology was real or fake? Idk I'm starting to believe Mina is a bit shadier than the few simple things she's lied about.

No. 424148

No, she's overall quite about it, I feel like her YouTube channel is going to be boring, but She said in her live she's doing a meetup with him lol.

No. 424175

Omg I'm going to lose it if the YouTube channel is all about her stuffed animal.
But I mean her makeup and hair.. it'll be vlogging don't have to worry about being a beauty founder youtuber. Vlogging is already super boring and a dull personality doesn't help

No. 424238

File: 1502875131989.png (402.52 KB, 926x448, 5675.png)

She actually believed that the anon with the breakup theory was serious. Kek.

No. 424243

Now that you've said it Edwin will probably make a video whipping out the crocodile tears and then cut to her smiling uncomfortably while she blinks constantly, and everyone thinks she's holding back tears but it's actually just those fucking ridiculous eyelashes she wears.

imo we should just stop talking about trash, she's embarrassing but since she's not up Dasha's ass anymore publicly she's not really relevant. She obviously loves the attention, that breakup theory post was days ago and barely talked about and she's bringing it up like there were tons of people saying it. Unless she does something relevant we should just forget about her, and if other anons want to talk about her cringey "I'm not a catfish!1!1!1!1!" catfish bullshit they could always make a thread in /snow/

No. 424252


Lol Mina trying to stir up the drama. She was pretty good at laying low and playing the victim. I'm glad she's started to be more outspoken, it's definitely going to trigger Dasha into sperging out on twitter. It's open game, if she can't stay quiet, Dasha doesn't have to either.


Personally I think Dasha's face is fugly but it might be the photoshop. She looks very pretty in Cyr's videos.

No. 424292

If Dasha is fugly Mina is fugly too. Not standing her but to me both girls are pretty but not "omg so pretty I want to look like her" pretty. Like the average pretty. There's plenty of other amazing unique looking girls that don't have to wear ridiculous costume wigs and try hard to look good. Seeing how girls want their figures and looks astonished me, I prefer hourglass thicker bodies along with unique looks, they're just so, average.

No. 424328

You're so right. If Edwin gave half a hoot he'd use some of that money towards maybe a give away but… ofc soosh isn't cheap and neither is wigged up pussy

No. 424402


I think Mina is actually very pretty naturally, but she cakes on this ridiculous clown makeup.. If she changed her style, she would look a lot better.

No. 424416


It doesn't matter if it was a ruse or not. She's just using it as a means for attention on herself, that's all she cares about.

No. 424560

Lol Edwin's new vlog: Mina feels tough now, very cringe worthy.

They are really reaching with this drama. Acting like they don't want it, girl….. give me a break. You know damn well like the rest of us that you are keeping this alive yourself! I am done fcking with these fake people. Fcking attention whores, wannabe victims….. Girl bye

No. 424626

Honestly I know. I like that Edwin's shit is clickbait like new tea, like "omg Dasha liked my pictures she still stalks me" Mina we just seen you stalk lolcow because we found more proof that you ran those fake accounts and as soon as someone posted about it there was new activity and you unfavorited a picture of you and Ian from one of your other fake accounts. Also did you tell your fans that you've only been vegan for 3 and a half years? Idk Mina seems like she's been trying hard for herself to be victimized. I used to feel bad for her now I'm like "shut the fuck up you fucking annoying fake bitch" Jesus Christ. And her part of the video was only like a couple minutes, Edwin is just doing it for views and it HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH HIM. Mina is so brave now why doesn't she do it on her own channel. Like girl, stop being fake.

No. 424628

I think Mina probably thinks one of Dashas fake account was mine because she's been getting "hate" no, I looked into things and confronted you. Just like I confronted Dasha. Is it so hard to believe that other people can see through your shit too. Like all of these cows are fake. Mina and Edwin, there is people that don't fucking fall for your innocence, your actually a shitty person like all the rest, and if someone confronts you on their real account, your annoying childish fans will go on rants because they're too blinded and no body wants to deal with annoying rats. That's why it's better to do it on fake accounts. I've been through it when I confronted Dasha, you guys are so fuckinf alike, difference is, you guys are keeping the drama up now.

No. 424661

I confronted Edwin on YouTube, he's such a hypocrite, like be realistic dude, stop pushing yourself like you're allowed to talk about it all when Dasha does or her stans, he posted for her to denounce it. Like Dasha is fucking annoying herself, but the dude really annoys me with the shit he tries to justify. Not to mention his shit was for clickbait, minor tea, Not a whole video about it. Which I expected by the title. Omg Mina you really exposed Dasha. But like we already knew she's fucking crazy like that, it wasn't a big reveal. If anything Edwin's doing this for views. People have even told him the same things too. Like I was sooo hateful towards Dasha, but I started hating Edwin more and more with the hypothetical things he's been doing, even coming on here to save his own ass. Just done with this fucking group of dramatic twats

No. 424664

I lowkey love how Dasha is living her best life rn out with friends everyday, going to Disneyland like girl is living the American dream. Meanwhile Edwin and Mina are broke and couldn't last in LA still talking about drama because it's the only interesting thing they have going on in their lives. At this point, if Dasha wanted to say something then she would've by now so I don't think she'll continue to. It's smart for her to just not respond and what she should've done at first

No. 424669

Dasha is still a bitch though, but I agree I tried confronting her through twitter about Mina so I can get some milk from her but she said she doesn't want to say anything because she doesn't care, she was saying she has better friends, living and loving her life, and that Mina and Edwin can keep focusing on it all they want. I was kinda disappointed, I thought there would be more too it and I could get more milk, but I couldn't get anything. Edwin's been really failing at his vlogs and videos so maybe this minor drama and clickbait title is gonna help him gain some more views. His best views are from the drama itself. And are Mina and Edwin basically sharing a channel now, because she could have just made a video herself. But he always has to add her In because it helps his YouTube rep. She has a channel now why doesn't she put her little rant there herself?

No. 424677

I would watch his blogs when he first started talking about the drama because obvious reasons but I tried to watch his next couple of vlogs and I just can't sit through them. His voice bothers the shit out of me and his whole personality is just so awkward and cringe worthy. Mina she was always just boring af and I see no point in watching them when I know at least two people on this thread will watch them and keep us updated on milk. But for now, not expecting milk until he lies to see Mina

No. 424703

File: 1502947165907.png (354.94 KB, 1509x1853, IMG_2075.PNG)

K you got plenty of money and with Mina now, why tf is the donation page still up your greedy bastard

No. 424708

jesus fuck can you believe only 34 fucking people, presumable impressionable young teens, wasted their [parents] money so these two lazy scammers could essentially get a free plane ticket for a bootycall, i really hope they just fucking break up and GROW up

No. 424724


I don't believe for a second that she doesn't care, but it's really smart of her to play it cool and ignore it. If she keeps it up, I think people will eventually forget about her psycho antics. Mina and Edwin are throwing themselves under the bus by clinging on to the drama, just making themselves look worse.

No. 424773

honestly Mina has probably moved on and just humours Edwin because if he commits suicide she doesn't want to be responsible for his depressive state so she just goes with the flow.

He is an emotional black mailer.

No. 424785

>living her best life
>proven ranting psycho
>lives with alcoholic bf who she uses and bullies
maybe cool it with the escalating of dasha to angelic status. one person being bad doesn't make another person good, hopefully your therapist will explain that to you sometime.

No. 424787


I can believe that Dasha is going through her followers and liking their posts. That seems like the Gone Girl level crazy that Dasha would do. But it's embarrassing that Mina/Edwin are the ones bringing it up when there's no real proof, and Dasha's been quiet these past two weeks (which is very good for her).

My guess is Dasha will see that the tides turn when you keep your mouth shut, and won't respond to their claims. Or she'll get drunk and sperg out, who knows.

No. 424818

Yeah I noticed that weird thing, he's told his followers a lot of times about being suicidal and depression, I've been suicidal clinicly depressed. When you're depressed you will not want to be doing anything at all, not even tweeting not going on anything. It feels like your auto piloting and will not want to be doing anything, sorry for semi blog, but I would not be using my depression for sympathy, it feels like absolute shit. He really can't be forreal

No. 424847

And maybe one day you'll actually contribute to the thread instead of constantly trying to argue about things that don't matter

No. 424922

you're completely right, i don't know what the other anon is on but you can see dashas natural brow shape in old photos and it isn't a giant painted line
dasha and mina aren't ugly by any means but people and critique their makeup and fashion choices. Calling edwin ugly again nitpicking
I do believe edwin has struggled with depression especially after losing cyr to dasha but he has said he's been feeling better. Cyr is definetely severely depressed as hell…

No. 424971

… thats such a reach it's really sad, Its highly likely Mina's followers also follow Dasha seeing as she has bigger following & a lot of Mina's followers found her thru Dash. The reality of Ed's videos is really sad, can you imagine being almost 30 writing notes for a video in which you cry on camera then rewatching it, then editing & doing retakes ? That shit isnt an impassioned livestream. Ed weaponizes/monopolizes his emotions

No. 424984

Agree with all of this. I was thinking of ed's situation of wow he lost his bff, home in LA and now his gf is in another country, he's so isolated and sad. Then quickly put myself back in check because he put most of that on himself. Shit happens and he let it take over his life refusing to take accountability for anything just play victim and continue to feed the drama. Lowkey I feel like he's always had a crush on Mina and they were hooking up while still living with Cyr but maybe that's just me

No. 425009

Honestly in my opinion, the newest video is a cheap attempt to bait Dasha into reacting and starting a whole new saga of drama. Mina claiming that Dasha was shading her when she dyed her hair blonde "the right way" felt ridiculous to me, for all we knew, Dasha was using vegan dye instead of the usual chemical dye. The follower claim was ridiculous too. Mina and Dasha were friends at one point, so yeah, they'd follow the same people.

I don't know, the cheesy "detective" music and the context just seemed so ridiculous. Is Edwin that desperate not to get another job that he needs more ad revenue on another drama video? Dasha actually hasn't posted about the drama for awhile now, she seems to be moving on.

No. 425015

i believe dasha is still being a creepy cunt but i do think edwin is trying to capitalize on it with clickbaity videos

however the reason dasha was able to easily dye her hair is because unlike mina she is a real blonde. Dasha has certainly moved on back into her old circle of friends which is reflecting on her style but just wait until she snaps again

No. 425019

If Dasha snaps soon, I feel like it will only be related to a Cyr breakup. There's no way their relationship is going great if she's staying at carolines every night and spending all day with her, it's making me miss Simon. And if a breakup is near, that explains why she's showing no interest in Mina and Edwin's old shit

No. 425021

I honestly don't think Dasha and Caroline are anything more than just friends. If you watch their IG stories, they just act like quirky girls. They probably just play up to the camera with their fake lesbian kisses. I think maybe Simon got a GF or just got tired of Dasha hanging around the coffee shop so maybe she jumped ship.

No. 425022

I'm not saying they're fucking, I'm saying it's a red flag that she's spending more time at her friend's and staying there every night instead of being with her bf who she's been living with for over a year now

No. 425045

Lmao anon must be an expert at relationships. How do you know she's staying there every night? They could just hang out alot since neither of them seem to hold jobs. Dasha re-uses a lot of her old video all usually on the same day and posts different pictures so it makes it seem like she's hanging out with them every single day when it's probably just the highlight of her day considering she A) does nothing all day and B) hangs out at the coffee shop to harrass Simon.

No. 425116

I am really not liking this "new" side of Mina, that I saw in their newest vlog. She makes herself look so horrible and nasty.

I was wrong about Mina I think(and Edwin). Mina looks and acts like a freaking bully and I am not here for it.

No. 425141


She really fucked up. That video made her lose any credibility of being an innocent victim of Dasha's wrath. Now they're basically on the same level to me in terms of bitchiness. In a way, it's worse to me because Mina's video seemed more insidious like.. "Oh, see these ways that Dasha is a horrible person? I'm being victimized still!" whereas Dasha is just dumb and volatile, but doesn't really have the self control to try and manipulate viewers.

No. 425185

lol I saw that and even though it's dry milk imo I still find it funny as hell that your account is considered "restricted"
you def triggered her

No. 425195

Unpopular opinion but I kinda understand Mina. Dasha sperged about her daily for months and encouraged and applauded her stans when they made fun of her makeup, titties, clothing and so on - all the while preaching about feminism and ~body positivity~. Although Mina ignored most of it she probably built up a lot of anger. Now that she's far away it's easier to unleash it.
That being said bringing up the drama is a dumb move. She gained more sympathy when she pretended to be the bigger person.

No. 425199

I thought the same when Cyr started disappointing me. He can't be that great if he was close to Onion for so long. That "birds of a feather flock together" saying comes to mind now.
I noticed, too, that she is more bold with her subtweets, now that she is temporarily banned from America. She has always posted shade, though, and at least it is actually funny, unlike the shit Dasha and the minions post. I can't really blame her for fighting back after everything they said about her relentlessly but it just looks bitchy and pointless to do it NOW when Dasha is seemingly minding her business.
Cyr looks derpy IMO but I see anons point.
Dude. They are both gorgeous. I'm sure a lot of the people who shit on their looks don't even come close. Mina's makeup is annoying af, though, but it seems to be getting better.
Holy shit anon that is a good point. If what I've gathered from this circus is ALL true, I think Dasha accomplished what she wanted to with this relationship already. She got exposure from Cyr and it's not exactly like there is going to be a sudden significant spike in follower numbers now. He doesn't update that often. And the following she has kept hardcore stan her and many will stay post breakup. She is pretty and her ~aesthetic~ is popular. People overlook her shitty attitude bc of that. She did what she said she would and "ruined" Edwin's life. Basically sent him to AZ and cut off his connection to Cyr. Embarrassed Mina by exposing those cringe ass accounts and also ruined her chance at instant social climbing by cutting her connection to Cyr. And although Edwina were winning a lot of support, at first, they have proven to be cringe on their own so why does Dasha need to bother at this point?
(I still think she is a cunt but she has nothing to gain by indulging cringelords who are less famous than her. Especially after "destroying" them while she gets to spend her time drunk in dtla with well connected people.)

side note: Dasha and Lyndsay Lovell don't follow each other on IG anymore and all of Lyndsay's posts of Dasha are deleted now. Wonder what that's about.

No. 425206

Mina is mutuals with that cow sasha and talked about meeting up with her in spain but sasha ~*is leaving before mina comes*~
just thought it was a lil funny to see mina who's all about positivity and kindness or w/e she claims is aligning herself with a catfishing thot whos been called out for her shit before

No. 425214

I guess she doesn't know sasha's a catfish. Because if Mina knew, then what's the point of inviting sasha to hang out? Obviously she's gonna decline, she can't risk exposing herself. Reaching out to her is pointless.
Not many people even know about sasha, so I wouldn't be surprised

No. 425237

who tf is sasha

No. 425263

File: 1503082102208.png (534.19 KB, 490x500, Screen_Shot_2017-08-15_at_06.0…)

she goes by @vyzdoravlivay on Twitter now
she's used to be really blowing up on instagram untill exposing pages got on her ass and she became "girls be getting crazy at photoshop" viral meme lol. She catfishes guys with her photoshopped pics, used to have a second Twitter account where she posted nudes and shit, she basically e-sugars? idk the terminology

No. 425294

you forgot how she pretended to be a russian studying in america (hence the name sasha) for years when really she's just a mexican living in texas

her thread is here >>>/snow/75205

i'm pretty sure mina and 90% of "sasha's" mutuals know, she went from russian to mexican/american and her face completely changed lmao

but people like mina (and dasha) don't care, they are mutuals with various problematic fake cows… those that have a decent following of course

No. 425300

I love Cyr's insomnia snapchats. He really loves Fight Club, and now he is truly becoming Tyler Durden. All hail the edge lord.

No. 425302

isn't she colombian?

No. 425317

No. she's a pathological liar who wants to be anything but Mexican. When she was caught lying about being Russian, she pretended to be half Columbian. And before that she was pretending to be an Irish girl named Holly.

No. 425349

File: 1503099185556.png (110.67 KB, 749x936, IMG_7452.PNG)

Edwin's response, edwin is so cringey, but look who sided with him, that used to be an mutual of Cyr, like deefizzy and Piddleas, all those cringey old scene YouTubers who don't have any good content and we're only popular during the scene era. But Edwin still talking about the drama is so fucking annoying already, I feel like he brings it up for that attention he's not getting. Like dude tried to excuse his e money in his latest video. He JUST got a new apartment, and you notice in that lastest video Mina compared Dasha spending on makeup to their free money donation. Like that's not the point Mina, you're getting money handed to you without hard work, idk where Dasha gets her money from, but Mina you're literally getting money from mostly young fans, when Edwin can really get a job and receive that himself. Like they brushed over a lot.

No. 425351

File: 1503099636701.jpg (590.13 KB, 1911x2048, IMG_7454.JPG)

Mina seemed to have more weight on her before. But I really don't like her current looks, even her recent pic with Edwin, her style just gets…worse. I don't know what to think about this but she seems like those type of models that would be on tumblr promoting being skinny anorexia. I cannot fathom how anyone would find this attractive or ideal.

No. 425355

That inner thigh and hip photoshop tho

No. 425372

Lawd, that shoop is ridiculous.

No. 425393

mina has shown off her wannarexic body for a few years now tbh, talks about how shes sooo body positive but only for skelly bodies like her own
also that is such a terrible wig lmao invest in a good lacefront not a damn cosplay wig

No. 425397

TBH, I would prefer someone using their fan's money to buy makeup rather than go to another country to go see their fuck buddy

No. 425493

why does she force her ribcage to stick out like that? it doesn't make you look thinner, you look sick and disproportionate.

No. 425512

I'm sorry but these people are idiots. Every time you visit another country you need a fucking return ticket if you don't have a visa. This is common fucking sense.

No. 425529

lol I'm sorry but whatever judge of character you have on her, the concept of her e-sugaring is fucking amazing. Taking money from gross pervs w/o having to be touched by anyone? Brilliant. I was kind of scared when you said catfish that she straight up was a fake account.

No. 425534

Just curious, how does someone get caught for lying about being Russian? Liiiike how can you prove someones ethnicity? (not defending her, just genuinely wondering how something like this happens lmao)
Lmaooo why does this look like someone shopped Mina's face onto a google image porno photo? I'm secondhand embarrassed.

No. 425537

shit. sorry for not saging. I'm high atm.

No. 425556

People who attended high school with her who had known her for years before she became a blurry Russian model. That's how she was caught out.

No. 425564

she also used really broken Russian straight outta Google translate.
But let's not derail anymore. She has her own thread.

No. 425567

before you start to defend her go read up on her thread or on PULL
she doesnt seem all that when you realize she was doing that shit while she was underage lol

No. 425635

Nahhh idc that much lol she doesn't bring the lolz like xbabyfox and edwina do. Other anon is right. Anyone who wants to continue the Sasha conversation should go to her thread. Thanks for indulging me though lol and sorry for derailing y'all.

No. 425729

probably just happens naturally, i'm as thin as her and it just shows like that when i arch my back.

No. 425735

sage, ana-chan

No. 425757

The go fund me was annoying but I got minas point when she called dasha out on her hypocrisy. If you spend 400 dollars worth of so hard earned sugar baby money and grimey photoshoots on makeup then stfu about what people do with their money. Idiots chose to fund edwins pussy adventure.

Dasha pretending to have righteous motives other than a vendetta is so gross.

No. 425775

File: 1503224811696.png (40.03 KB, 522x435, likes.png)


Yeah, and the fact she was retweeting herself like she was proud of it was pretty sad.. I don't know, they're all pathetic imo. Dasha is still liking tweets like this, so obviously she's still fixated on the drama just as much as Mina and Edwin. The only person being mature about it is Cyr. Or at least he exercises some self restraint. I wonder when he'll get sick of Dasha's bs?

No. 425823

File: 1503249963292.png (632.52 KB, 576x600, skljkjfd.PNG)

Don't think Edwin posted about is, so here. He was hanging out with some guy called KarimAbridged, who had some sexual abuse allegations pinned on him in 2014. Smart choice of friends. (On the actual Instagram post, Jason Veeoneeye commented too, so you get the idea.)

No. 425842

I mean at least that's money Dasha earned herself, even if it's through blowing old rich dudes or photoshoots for online shops. It might be trashy but it's better than begging tween fans to fund your trip to see your fuck buddy with no real benefit for them other than a few pictures on instagram and a meet up a small portion of your audiences will be able to attend.

No. 425863

File: 1503257173812.jpg (1.78 KB, 101x91, images.jpg)

>uptade on my life: Simon and I are still not dating and it's never gonna happen :)
^Dasha on her snapchat

No. 426034

god im sorry but is mina really wearing those damn ankle socks with her stripper heels with that uwu pastel loli outfit im screaming

No. 426065

Mina is going off on Twitter about Dasha still wearing her clothes and dressing her friends in them. I always thought that was weird and creepy so I understand

No. 426073

wtf i thought this was a double wedding photo before expanding the thumbnail. what's with the creepy his and hers outfits?

No. 426081

if im not mistaken didnt edwina take their fair share of stuff from dasha and cyr? like his vlogging camera? and dasha did tell mina when this whole thing started that she left clothes at the apartment and was free to come back for them so

No. 426085

They did set up a time to trade the camera for the stuff they left there like Mina's clothes but Cyr ghosted them about it for awhile, according to Mina they have a time set up now but Dasha still continues to wear her clothes.

No. 426086

Okay I'm sorry but if I quit taking to a friend and left something but knew we were on horrible terms, there's no way in hell im trying to go back and retrieve items of no value and wouldn't expect to get them back. You can't be mad at them when you left your shit.
Also, don't they always go on about how everyone has each other blocked so how would they be in contact asking to meet?

No. 426088

File: 1503288191883.png (256.23 KB, 1528x1579, IMG_2083.PNG)

No. 426100

According to Edwin he already did manage to go and get stuff from the apartment recently but none of it was the stuff he wanted. I don't understand why he couldn't just go through the boxes when he was still at Cyr's to make sure everything was there instead of driving all the way back to Arizona, realizing Cyr missed some stuff and then posting about it online. It would've been so easy for him to just FaceTime Mina and go through the box with her to make sure her clothes were there too. Personally if I was dealing with someone who ghosted as often as Edwin says Cyr did I'd want to make sure everything was done within one trip because who knows when they'll manage to successfully coordinate again and it saves him multiple trips. You'd think at least the nearly 30 year old men would know how to communicate like adults but then again, this all started because nobody in that apartment matured after high school.

No. 426112

I think Cyr and Edwina civilly communicate via e-mail.
Either way, they gave the borrowed camera back ages ago. If she didn't pick up her clothes right away, that is probably because Dasha was being terrifyingly vitriolic at that point. Mina deserves her clothes back. They are hers. Not Dashas. Hers.

No. 426114

File: 1503293992563.png (32.83 KB, 583x243, kok.png)

Dashas friend pretending that it's actually from her own wardrobe is kinda lame tho

No. 426117

Dasha is keeping Mina's clothes for a power trip, I think it's clear by now that she's not willing to give them up. They probably could not pick up the clothes when they gave the camera back. Dasha is very attached to them and wears them often.

No. 426121

I think Edwina doesnt have guts, they are too afraid of Dasha and Cyr to make the things right, they have to escape without telling anyone or grab anything they see just to get the hell out of the apartment, anyway maybe one day they both have the balls to be has agressive has they are on twitter and youtube in the real life

No. 426134


I think it's hilarious that Dasha thinks that retweeting her friends talking about Edwina is some kind of get-around to not talking about them herself. "I DON'T TALK SHIT, I MEAN MY FRIENDS DO AND I RETWEET/LIKE THEM, BUT I DON'T SO THAT MAKES ME BETTER, HA"

No. 426135

File: 1503301527157.png (349.99 KB, 470x466, Untitled.png)

Her face is actually repulsive. She needs to get someone to fix those brows, she would look 100x better.

No. 426141

Eh, that's really nitpicky. Her eyebrows are really minor in comparison to everything else wrong with the bitch.

Fucking agreed. They're all way too old to be acting like stunted kids.

No. 426156

What year was this even taken in ?

No. 426159

Those clothes look so cheap,Why is Mina soooo pressed about those fugly forever 21 shorts? none of that stuff looks particularly irreplaceable.
Mina is just as obsessed if she is responding to any message she gets about EVIL DASHA & spending 5 minutes talking about her in a video, Theres nothing else happening in her life ? Why not talk about her shoots or any other thing going on?
Also isn't it possible Mina's "fans" stir the shit to get her attention?

No. 426160

It's pretty creepy if someone is still holding on to your belongings and insta hoe clothing doesn't come cheap. She's probably gotten free shit from killstar or other edgy stores.

I mean you could say it's petty but dasha is still retweeting her faithful minions and it's nearly been a year

No. 426164


If they are Mina's clothes, it's really fucking weird. Dasha has the strangest, most passive aggressive way of messing with people, so I wouldn't be surprised if it was intentional. But that Caroline girl is just as bad if it's true. After all, how would a conversation like even go? "Hey Caroline, put these on, I want to take some pictures to fuck with this British cunt."

No. 426217

Y'all are seriously reaching in regards to the clothes, have any of you ever had a disagreement with a friend and left something because it is not this serious. Mina packed up and took off to another state and then another country, helps make this video bashing her the entire time but expects her to box whatever she left and ship it to her?? If you leave something and move out, you don't usually get it back. And her dasha were sharing clothes all the time, there is a crazy chance she doesn't know the difference between what she bought and what belongs to Mina.

No. 426222


For normal people, it would be reaching. This is Dasha we're talking about. She has proven herself to be a crazy bitch and I highly doubt she would forget that something belonged to Mina before. To be honest, I'm surprised she just hasn't outright burned her shit.

No. 426235

I just think it's wild that Mina expects her shit back. If she left an iPad or laptop, ok yeah would be really fucked to not give that back. But a few clothing items, get tf over it can only be mad at yourself for leaving it

No. 426240

Sometimes i feel Edwin manipulated Mina so she can start over the drama,she was being pretty quite until Edwin arrived

No. 426299

If someone left their clothes at my place I would not wear them. That's fucking weird. Any sensible person would just get rid of them if they don't care enough to return them. Stuff like this makes me think she still wants to wear her skin like when Dasha copied her outfits before they met. Or that she wears them because she misses her.

No. 426306

This. If it meant so much to Mina, then she shouldn't have left it behind.She can buy more clothes, it's really not that big of a deal. All of that drama ended so long ago and there's always someone out of that damn group that wants to prolong it for some dumb ass reason.

It's like they're trying to find a reason to talk to each other.

No. 426308

I wouldn't be surprised. The girl has no backbone at all.

No. 426310


I think it's more.. "Hey, I hate this bitch and she's wearing the clothes I left at her place". It's not about the clothes having any special meaning, it's that this girl who tried to make your life hell is holding on to your things and is wearing them herself, or having her friends wear them. Especially knowing that it's frustrated Mina in the past, at this point Dasha is just trying to get a rise out of her.

No. 426321

That would still be Mina's fault. If Dasha's trying to get a rise out of her then Mina is playing right into her hands. She needs to let it fucking go. All of them do. Just fucking forget the clothes, buy some more and move on already. They all act like children.

No. 426330

If they all were adults and didn't perform a midnight run for some stupid reason, and took time to pack all their shit and take it before leaving the state/country, then they wouldn't have this problem. It's fine that edwin and mina left, but they didn't need to run away and leave their stuff behind and all that overdramatic shit. Then they somehow pin all the blame on cyr and dasha for themselves leaving their stuff. I think this is all petty because no one can let go of the drama, so they have to be mad at every little thing to continue justifying their hate and drama tweets. Like how long has it been already and they are still going at it like it was yesterday lol.

No. 426346


It's really stupid, if they're going to use drama for views, they shouldn't rehash the same damn thing. It's like Dasha and the "B-B-BUT FAKE ACCOUNTS!" all over again. "BUT SHE'S WEARING MY CLOTHES!!" They all need to get over it, for sure.

I'm not even sure if those were Mina's clothes to begin with, Caroline (the girl wearing them) made that comment that implied they belonged to her, and what reason does she have to lie about it? Unless she's a garbage person too. They're really ugly shorts though.

No. 426415

She wasn't manipulated into it by Edwin, she's not some innocent lamb. Ever since she went back to London she's been getting more and more bold, long before Edwin came. In one of her first ig lives in London, when she was wearing that grey outfit with the gloves, she and her friends were openly shit talking Dasha which she would've never done back in Arizona. A combination of Dasha laying off, reverting back to her London persona, and distance made her feel comfortable enough to start throwing shade.

No. 426468

I don't think Caroline would be wearing her clothes either they're not even the same size or at least don't appear to be. It really doesn't seem as malicious as people are trying to reach. If they are Mina's clothes, oh well her fault for leaving them. If Dasha or her friends want to wear them, why not? It really isn't an issue. Does she expect her to just not touch them, if she likes them and they fit? Milk has to be dry af for us to be arguing about this

No. 426479


I disagree. It's weird to wear someone else's clothes, particularly if you hate that person. I thought it was interesting because Mina has complained about Dasha wearing her clothes before, so you would think Dasha would respond by.. you know, not wearing them.

No. 426488

I honestly don't think it's that petty of Dasha to keep her clothes. Mina expects fairness from Dasha when it comes to her clothes after she tried pinning her cringe ass fake accs on Dasha.

No. 426536


Uhh okay. So basically all the cows have done something shitty so that gives them all the right to be vindictive and dramatic towards each other, is what you're saying. I mean, it's funny, yeah, but that's a weak argument in support of Dasha seeing as how she's just as bad as the others.

No. 426562

I'm not defending Dashas actions. I just said that I get why Dasha isn't giving Mina her stuff back. Cause Mina publicly lied and played completely innocent

No. 426576

>>Dasha would respond by.. you know, not wearing them
wait, wut? She complains online, never reaches out personally saying hey don't touch the shit I left there and she's just going to be oh sure thing! Didn't Dasha request Mina to pay her money and she you know doesn't pay her back. Dasha doesn't owe Mina anything, she brought her to LA and then Mina takes off and forgets a few clothes that isn't Dasha's responsibility and she isn't obligated to never wear them. I would do the same regarding the clothes. It's not like she's thinking of Mina every time she sees her shirt, she probably just sees it as a damm shirt

No. 426578

File: 1503369032768.png (1.17 MB, 965x1710, itsapieceoffabric.png)

I vaguely remembered Edwin listing the clothes Dasha owes Mina in one of the drama videos so I went looking and found this email he sent to Cyr. He said Dasha had been seen wearing the clothes with asterisks as recently as within the last week, and the blue shorts were one of the items with an asterisk. I dug back in Dasha's ig and twitter and these were the only blue shorts I found (though the post wasn't recent, and she had posed with them before in December too) and then dug through Mina's twitter until I found the bottom picture of her wearing the blue shorts last June.

So at least the shorts are Mina's or Dasha/Caroline happened to have the same pair (to be fair they are American Apparel shorts and basically every instathot shopped there, and Dasha frequently talked about it so it's not impossible though it's not likely knowing Dasha) and I couldn't find any pictures of Dasha or Mina with the white top in Caroline's picture, plus I don't know if Mina was just claiming the shorts, the top or both anyway. Caroline wears a bunch of tight white crop tops if you go to her insta.

Last note (sorry for long post) all the clothes Mina wants back are very basic, not expensive Killstar stuff, so it's all easily replaceable. Idk, I'd rather let go of basic shorts from american apparel than get it back and wear it knowing local skinwalker Dasha was wearing it before.

No. 426592

Well if Mina wanted her shit back, then she should've personally asked for it instead of having Edwin speak for her as usual

No. 426599

Caroline is annoying. So is Dasha!
Dasha ruins Cyrs YouTube following and friends by making him be with her only and then starts hanging out with Simon. Then starts reverting back to her old self and hanging out with old friends who are Instagram has beens

No. 426627

Most of that stuff is basic ass shit. White trousers, red top, white top, blue shorts, pink shorts. And surprise surprise, edwin was the one to communicate for her. And edwin left his diploma there? Lol. Why is he acting like cyr and dasha stole that shit from them and they are going to do a trade-off when they left their junk there themeselves.

They leave "important" shit at the house, write an email to go there to get their shit, then fail to pick it up yet again when given the chance, and then expect people to wash it and pack it up nicely and/or ship it back to them? All while they continue to make expose videos this whole time and talk shit about dasha and cyr? I wouldn't expect someone who hates me to wash and nicely pack up some shirts/shorts i left at their house.

No. 426650

Mina's clothers are replaceable, I agree. But, I don't think it's so much, that because they hold value, that she wants Dasha to give it back. It's most likely a pride, "You're not my friend anymore, so you can't touch my shit", thing for Mina.

and Dasha of course thinks this is one way she can maintain control over this petty thing Mina is falling back on.

No. 426665


Well yeah, but she probably doesn't want the girl she hates to wear her clothes along with her friends. I don't know what these farmers are talking about, saying "oh it's just clothes, she should get over it". It's not about the material value of the clothes, it's about the fact that the person she despises is wearing her things after she's said in the past that she dislikes it. It's really gross on Dasha's end, and I have no doubts now about the fact that she's doing it deliberately.


I'm pretty convinced Caroline is getting involved in the drama. She looks trashy, so it's not a surprise her personality is trashy either.

No. 426673


Caroline looks like trash, just like Dasha. Trash people attrach each other.

No. 426675

In case you missed it, nearly all of the idiotic, petty fucks are participating in the old drama deliberately. Cyr seems to be the only one not stooping to kindergarten so far. Every single one of them is being petty as fuck and refusing to let go. Not just Dasha.

No. 426685

Agreed and tbh it really shows their age, it still freaks me out that Mina is only 20 so she was barely 19 when dating Cyr. She's just acting like a teenager. But if I were Dasha, I wouldn't give the clothes back either it isn't her responsibility or obligation.

No. 426690


No, I agree that everyone is being immature about it. I was disagreeing that Dasha is being a normal human being in this situation. It's fucking weird to hold on to your enemy's clothes and have your friends wear them. Do I think it's petty of Mina to demand them back when she's overseas? Of course. They're just clothes. But I also think it's petty of Dasha to continue to utilize them after being told not to. People seem to be taking this personally and picking sides, but it's really everyone who is terrible which is why they're all cows.

I think the only good thing about Cyr is that he's decent at PR, he has done shitty things but he knows to keep his mouth shut.

No. 426742


Mina's arm looks weird as fuck in that photo. I'm glad she got better at photoshopping.

No. 426776

Tbh unpopular opinion before all the milk spilt, I thought they were probs the best duo of instacows. Hoping for a reunion for new drama.

No. 426794

Why are people acting like Dasha is holding her clothes hostage? Mina failed to go pick them up, edwin failed to pick them up, and now they are upset they don't have them? When did dasha deliberately keep the clothes from her?

Mina specifically mentioned dasha should wash and nicely pack them for her, which i think is laughable to expect at this point. If she showed up, took her stuff back herself, and dasha refused to give them to her, then i'd see the point of her keeping the clothes from her.

Should dasha not wear them? Yeah probably not, but mina should have not left her shit there for months now and hope they will be in perfect condition for her when she feels like sending her white knight to get them for her.

No. 426816


I don't think anyone is disagreeing with you. We're saying both sides are being petty and immature.

No. 426818

So many Dasha stans here. Or is it all just her?

No. 426825

That's exactly what I thought. It feels like people are going out of their way to rationalize Dasha's weird behavior. For awhile now this thread has been leaning In her favor. I'm not one to go "hi dasha!" But seeing as she's already been proven to lurk here I don't really believe that she'd stop.
And get real guys, it's not like Edwina went there, saw the clothes and decided not to take them out of stupidity. Getting them back would probably require digging through her closet which they obviously can't do.

No. 426837

Just say "hi babydashtrash!" or nsfwmongol or whatever she calls herself now that she's discovered lolcow.

No. 426842

Agreed. Obviously Mina and Edwin have been particularily milky lately due to the e-begging but all this shit about them being "just as bad as Dasha" is fucking bs. Bringing up old drama/asking fans for money/lying about fake accs doesn't even come close to Dashas past behaviour. Unlike the rest of them Dasha isn't just a bad person, but an actual psycopath.

No. 426844

So many Mina stans here. Or is it all just Edwin?
see how stupid you fucking sound. sage your shit

No. 426850

Saged & off topic (I'm sorry), but I can confirm to you all that Dasha in no way knows Swedish (she claims to speak German, Swedish and Russian). I looked at her ask.fm recently and her Swedish looked like google translate crap.

No. 426851

>pointing out that the other two parts involved in the Dasha drama are petty and immature bitches just like her
>"Could it be… DASHA STANS!?!"
We've already milked Dasha for all she's worth, and at the moment the only ones providing drama are Mina and Edwin desperately grasping at straws to stay relevant.

No. 426858

It's so funny how you can't insult mina/edwin without the mina/edwin stans going "omg why are you only talking about mina/edwin when dasha is so much worse?!!!! is that you dasha??!!!"

But if they insult dasha and anyone brings up insulting mina/edwin as well, "okay, but like have you seen dasha?!! Shes literally hitler! Nothing mina/edwin do can compare, so why are we talking about them and not dasha?!!! Is that you dasha changing the subject?!!"

Can no one see that this thread is for all four of them and anyone can talk about whoever the fuck they want because they are all awful cows. People actually do think mina and edwin are trash here as well, regardless of how much worse you think dasha is.

No. 426876

If anything, since we've had Edwin himself posting here, it wouldn't surprise me if some of the Mina/Edwin wking comes from him

No. 426888

No one said you can't insult Edwina, I just think that shit like the "FAKE ACCOUNTS" isn't in any way milky anymore.
The new clothes stuff has been talked to death in the last 24 hours too. Dasha is a psycho for keeping the clothes & Mina is just fucking stupid to expect her clothes back after she left the fucking country. I don’t see the milk honestly.
Dasha finally wants the drama to die, but Edwina needs the YouTube bucks and tries to keep it alive with some random bullshit. It's uninteresting and old.
Would be milky if Dasha went on another YouNow rant about how Mina is obsessed with Drama for YouTube bucks though

No. 427006

I don't think we'll get another periscope rant from Dasha. She's been directly baited by both Mina and Edwin now and she hasn't directly responded other than liking and retweeting a handful of tweets.

With the way Mina's going though I wouldn't be surprised if we got a drama video from her since her channel's launching soon. That might trigger Dasha or it might just end up making Edwina look bad for stirring the pot when their tween fans still believe they don't enjoy the drama.

No. 427040

Ok not to be all Dasha stan because god forbid anyone defend anything regarding her but since Edwin has a history of over exaggerating and pulling lies out of his ass to make Dasha look insane (fake accounts) I can't believe a lot of what he claims about Dasha. I'm already expecting shit for this but whatever my opinion and Edwin bothers me more than Dasha. If she had a part in getting him kicked out, I still think Edwin has been more problematic. But again, my opinion so someone can still tell me I'm wrong and try to argue but it won't change until she does something really shitty and there's actual proof of it

No. 427047

Dasha should just send Yasmina a f21 gift card & call it a day

No. 427053

Yasmina Tecimbal could just buy it herself and pretend Dasha gave it to her lol

No. 427063

I believe some of what he says based off her behavior, but what I always thought was questionable was him claiming she said she'd make Cyr suicidal just to fuck with Edwin. It just doesn't make any sense, even if she doesn't love him he's her meal ticket and if he went and offed himself she'd lose her free LA housing, fans, and if she is illegal (which I also don't believe tbh but say she is) she'd have the police investigating her since they always investigate personal relationships when someone dies and her legal status would be revealed and she'd be sent packing to Austria. I feel like he made it up to make her look extra psycho, there's no proof and it doesn't make sense.

No. 427171


I mean, there were those texts Cyr had sent Edwin saying that he got into a fight with Dasha and she insulted him and was going to stay with an ex-bf from a past thread. She probably has various men lined up to take care of her if Cyr doesn't work out. But yeah, I don't necessarily believe Edwin on that point. She has however admitted to standing there and smiling while he was getting kicked out, which is pretty psycho too.. I don't know, Edwin's a snake, and Dasha is crazy, so it's hard to know who to believe in that situation.

No. 427173

File: 1503473730440.png (50.63 KB, 546x517, twitter.png)


I'm pretty sure she has her fans lurk the site. Or at least her fans take it upon themselves to follow this thread. I don't necessarily think there are a lot of Dasha stans, but it's really weird how people try to argue her position or derail the thread whenever people mention her.

No. 427180

As someone mentioned earlier, the same thing happens when someone brings up Mina and Edwin.

The thread is about all of them. All four, not just the psycho. Because of that, the subject will bounce around from person to person. That's what's meant to happen. All four of them are cows in their own right.

Can we please get back on topic now? The in-fighting is just as embarrassing as Dasha vs Mina.

When is Edwin supposed to visit Mina? Is he there already?

No. 427187

What I want to know is what up with cyr and putin? I read earlier/other thread that he hit her?? Is there proof on that?? Over the my clothes nonsense. It's just spammy at this point to talk about.

No. 427188

I personally don't think the Dasha is illegally in the states. She does a lot of modeling and I am sure she had to sign a contract when she worked for Limecrime. Cause I assume she got paid. And if you are illegal you can't do any of that

No. 427189

He's already in England, mooching off Mina's family and eating 'soosh' lel

No. 427190

Samefag but iirc dasha tried to play off the limecrime gig as her "receiving free makeup in return", maybe bc she couldn't receive actual payment? But that's just tinfoil spec

No. 427194


What, she didn't actually get paid for modelling for them? She really needs an agent if that's true, that's such a bad deal.

No. 427195

i know she got paid cause someone asked her in her ig comments on her second Insta

No. 427197

>and if she is illegal (which I also don't believe tbh but say she is
Report her to ICE just in case.

No. 427205

After that fake screenshot of Dasha saying she would pay someone to make the fake accounts photoshop thing and she would send the money by paypal, Cyr discredited it by saying Dasha does everything in cash. So you could definitely work illegally if you only do cash in hand jobs

No. 427206

The farmhand would know since all of our ip addresses show when we comment. I can't imagine they would stay quiet about something like that.
Remember when Dasha doxxed her on curiouscat for no good reason? That's what you're doing right now.
"lolcow is turning against them" Lol not a victory. We still hate Dasha. Calm down lemmings. Literally the only thing that would make me sympathize with those shitty texts she sent is if Cyr did or does indeed hit her.

No. 427209

somebody said it was from the sexytacos discord? idek what that is though tbqh

No. 427220

There's no proof of it other than Edwin mentioning it in passing in his discord, and he didn't show proof when he said it as far as we know.

She never said she got paid in makeup. They sent her a package before the shoot and after, but she said she got paid in actual money. You might be thinking of when she was sperging about Mina saying she was copying her and mentioned they sent Mina a few free lipsticks too after Dasha's shoot.

No. 427294

Not to be a dick, but when will this thread die? Milk has been dry since Edwin was ebegging. I don't think Edwin and Mina will ever quit talking about it

No. 427325

tbh I think it should be auto-saged until something interesting happens, because this thread is just infights, nitpicks and talking about same old stuff that was discussed to the last drop of milk.

No. 427330

So does anybody know when this alleged UK Meet and greet is going to happen he's been over there for atleast a week now

No. 427331


Oh, I don't know, Dasha having her friend wear Mina's clothes was new. But then you get people arguing whether or not something is milky or not. I think we should just let people discuss what they want as long as it's relevant to the thread.

No. 427352

It already happened a few days ago, check Edwin's tagged pics on instagram.

No. 427357

Wtf everyone argued about the clothes for days instead of discussing this? Can someone post pics? I hope it was at mcdonalds but you know he needed a thousand dollars to help fund this meetup so super curious

No. 427371

File: 1503518100938.png (168.83 KB, 637x691, IMG_0140.PNG)

They did it in some Barron field of a park where a hand full of scenies showed up, including the picture of that dude karim or w/e.. next two posts will be me posting more pics bc Mobile posting

No. 427373

File: 1503518127251.png (142.12 KB, 640x469, IMG_0138.PNG)

No. 427374

File: 1503518152803.png (194.26 KB, 640x879, IMG_0139.PNG)

No. 427384

I always wondered who their fan base was, I don't know why I was expecting anything but this. Could've at least brought them fucking candy or lettuce because vegan since the money was supposedly being used on a meetup

No. 427399

That's where he tricked us, saying the money is for a meet up but it was just to pay for his ticket, his expenses (barely as he's seeming to always be at Mina's house with her family), and to get new lingerie sets for his girlfriend to wear for other men in pictures.

No. 427401

Samefag but is he holding a bottle in the pic too? Like he can bring drinks for him and his sexy legal tacos but no snacks/gifts/party savers/ a snicker??

No. 427405

Exactly this. Seems like people were trying to throw us off from talking about Edwin.

It looks like everyone got trapped in 2005.

No. 427413

How does that work? He needed 1k to gather 25 scenies at a public park?

No. 427580

Don't forget some of it went to the "launching Mina's channel," because apparently she can't click the upload button herself and needs Edwin next to her in England to do it.

The ebegging money apparently went towards a trip to Barcelona too, they flew there today. They got their tween fans to actually finance a vacation for both of them. They're grown ass adults, if they want to vacation, get a job. Maybe then they'll actually have a reason to go on one in the first place, it's not like either of them is really working hard.

No. 427624

File: 1503546804925.png (272.42 KB, 750x1041, IMG_8027.PNG)

So crazy to me that Caroline shot with Halsey. That's actually some big modeling there honestly. Compared to Mina and Dasha, but Dasha seems to be getting in with bigger photographers hanging out with Caroline, and she finally ditched that weird fucking kawaii style and traded it for a more Kylie Jenner look. And I can't judge Carolines character but by the way she tweets, it isn't abusive, maybe they were her shorts? I can't speculate since they would literally have to put carolines shorts and Mina's shorts together in the same pic and @ Mina. American apparel clothes are just so commen to have tho, semi blog but I've went through a phase where that's all I would wear. Now I look back at all that basic crap you can easily get for such a cheap price elsewhere. Even on eBay. Idk Edwin and Mina some hypocritical behavior along with their fans being bias on them believing in their tragic victim personas. If Dasha did let Caroline use the shorts, she probably did it to be vindictive since Edwin and Mina still talk about her to the public, and Dasha wanted to get back at them in some way. Mina should have just got the clothes herself, or taken it. It isn't wise to expect much from someone you keep making videos about, especially someone with a hardcore vindictive personality like Dasha. It would be wise for them to stop with the brave upfront remarks and videos if someone still has your stuff. If I were in their shoes, and someone I hate was still slamming me I wouldn't be polite nice or even give them the satisfaction of anything. They really just should have refrained from making any videos until after they got everything. That would have been smart. But you know, none of these cows actually have commen sense or a brain to make rational decisions, they either like to pretend their above it all, intellectuals, or some weird smol and innocent crap.

No. 427634

It's really not that impressive to be in an editorial with Halsey, just impressive that she had a shoot for paper magazine. Not because Halsey is super problematic and annoying, but she's been in LA awhile and the scene she hangs in isn't that big. Her Tarantino themed Halloween party was literally nothing but LA IG famous peeps. If anything I wouldn't be surprised if they hung out before she became known.
But yeah with American Apparel it's a must have brand for skinny white girls, everyone has the same pieces from them.
Caroline doesn't send milky vibes, she seems like she stays out of drama for the most part. She got involved with the Mina shorts but she was being called out and didn't go on a rant about it. Maybe she's a good influence on dash and inspired her to lay low on drama.
Mina and Edwin are just boring people so their vlogs are boring but they rely on social media but they know keeping the drama going will keep people interested in them. At this point I don't think they care how it makes them look or what people say as long as they're getting attention. Clearly this lifestyle isn't made for them, don't see why Edwin wouldn't put his degree to use or go back to school since there's not a lot of job opportunities for a bachelors in psych.

No. 427821

for all we know maybe he did buy ppl drinks tho ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
kylie jenner look?? where? that's insulting to Dasha tbh but the rest of your post makes sense except I agree with the other anon that it's highly likely Caroline and Halsey were already friends before she became big. Indie famous LA people are super tight knit and you have to know already know someone to really get anywhere with them.

No. 427835

I would hope he didn't provide them alcohol since most people there don't even look 18

No. 427932

It really annoys me that 15 year old girls funded their Barcelona trip…. gross and embarrassing. Has he no f*cking shame? 30 year old man…

Now I know Why I never liked that dude.

No. 427965

File: 1503604922651.png (1.6 MB, 750x1334, IMG_8028.PNG)

Loads of money waisted on e begging, I thought it was just gonna be a london vlog trip. Why lie saying your gonna waste your money on a meetup and Mina's channel launch etc. You don't care about about your fans all you care about is what you can get out of your public when you fucking lie, you lied and white knighted Mina so she can have better rep, when we know she's a fucking insecure ass nut too who used fake accounts to boost her confidence and needs Edwin as her body guard until she gets brave all of a sudden. Just about all of his tween or scene fans believe him and Mina have good hearts and are victims, the only thing their victims of is still being stuck in 2010 with their whole scene looks. idk, I'm just kinda pissed so much at this fucking piece of shit. I can't believe that I had any ounce of sorrow for him. But he's such a shadey mother fucker, and he tried to excuse him begging fans for money, like both of you are fucking scammers. Funding your trips is so fucking wack of both of you, other people do need that money and I'm actually with Dasha on this one unbelievably. When they went after her for spending on makeup, even tho the comparisons were not the same. Like at least Dasha used her own money, however she got it from modeling or that sugar daddy site. It still isn't from tween irrational fans. But whatever, they're funding this loser and his failed YouTube channel so they're at fault.

No. 427987

Dash in on younow rn

No. 428005

She was shopping at urban outfitters with Caroline,!she tried on a few things & ended it after about 10-15 because it was kind of boring. She just announced her first upload which will be a Q&A video (yawn) She mentioned changing her style & being a size 4 nothing milky

No. 428015

carololine (siikbrain) is going to be the nextmina

she and sasha didn't really talk as much for awhile after she left tristian and now they're all buddy buddy again after caroline ditches tristian as her bestie (they unfollowed each other)

No. 428018

Ok every time she's live on IG it's super boring as well. But hey I give it to her for no longer speaking on the drama, makes me think she's really done with it. At this point Mina and Edwin are just poking the beast and trying to get a rise out of her but it's really just making them look bad

No. 428030

I'm glad she's changing her style to something that suits her and is more modern, other than being stuck in the kawaii phase and ditch those 2010 looks. Plus she isn't shopping herself unrealisticly for the aesthetic anymore. Her aesthetic now is changing for the better, close to cyrs aesthetic or her friend carol, But Mina and Edwin style is just soooo odd. Like hot topic workers. Mina looked really good back then, she had to match her hair with Edwin's and become apart of his e money scheme. I'm just mad about that. They raised close to a thousand, Im not sure, just for them to be taking a vacation together, Mina's channel launch will not cost money either, she'll make a shitty video of her looking into the camera, and acting like Marina Joyce. I just don't understand any of this and I'm annoyed.

No. 428271

I bet he spend a part of that money on that shitty camera he bought, i still dont get how he get so butthurt when cyr ask his camera back, he just lend it to him he never give it to him, but that didnt stop him to make himself a victim

No. 428274

There is no way Dasha is a size 4. That girl needs to stop lying about her body

No. 428305

She actually lost weight

No. 428315

Dasha seems too small to me to be a size 4 and I'm a size 6/8. Idk how she's lying she looks it and she looks smaller than me in her actual photos of herself where she doesn't shop, at least she's not saying she's a size 0. That would be ridiculous. She's probably trying to look more realistic now and changed into a better aesthetic models that her model friends do. It'll actually get her better modeling jobs other than the fucking photo shop she used to do and the weird kawaii trend and using her natural hair often now is a shock to me cause she was addicted to wigs. I feel like if Mina were to do the same she would get really good jobs with a sophisticated look.

No. 428320

If she wanted to seem more "realistic" she should be honest about being at least a size 8

No. 428325

File: 1503657841755.jpg (293.03 KB, 589x708, spookyscary.jpg)

Meanwhile mina posts this. She is too thin for my tastes tbh this is bordering anorexia.(nitpick, no content)

No. 428327

ok i can't stand dasha but a size 4 seems realistic to me

No. 428330

Uhm I'm size 8 I'm bigger than her. I'm even her height. It's also honestly so nit picky to argue about too since she seems like a size 4, least she's not saying she's a size xs or 0 or 2. 4 seems to be the border between s/m so it's realistic, me being size 8 I have more fat on me so calling her a size 8 is a laugh. She's getting more comfortable showing herself off tho un photoshopped. It's such a big change I noticed ever since she's been hanging out with her old group. At that rate she'll be getting better modeling jobs since no one wants to hire someone who unrealisticly shops herself to a new form. Back then her and Mina were terrible at it.

No. 428331

I'm just all around upset at the fact that they used guilt money for a trip somewhere other than what was originally planned. It just makes me see them for what they are. It's too bad their fans don't recognize it. At least Edwin could have been upfront and honest, or stop making excuses or justification and then attacking others for not agreeing with them. It's such a fucking pity.

No. 428333

No one gets jobs or hired for modeling work if you do that much photoshop or if your aesthetic look goes for what they want to portray. People want to see what they're working with and more with a portfolio and experience. That's a smart choice on her end not to continue that, along with changing looks and style.

No. 428347

she definitely looks like she's a size 4 though.

No. 428375

i remember seeing mina post on her snapchat story saying that she had already filmed a video/s and she was planning on posting it soon?? it was before they left for barcelona i think. There still hasn't been anything else on it tho

No. 428385

Well $1000 barely covers the price of the ticket to go to England, unless he used Groupon or some shit and he was there for a week. But I see your point, if he can afford Barcelona then he was able to afford U.K. Without ebegging

No. 428409

dasha and lyndsay lovell/ms blackeyeliner unfollowed each other
I wish we could know the milk on that

No. 428463

File: 1503688060012.png (10.25 KB, 569x61, Screenshot 2017-08-25 at 3.07.…)

Mina's really digging herself into a grave with this. if they supposedly paid for their trip to barecelona with their own money, why didn't they use their own money to fly Edwin out? Or maybe they really did dupe their underage followers into paying for their bootycall vacation. Her saying the fundraiser was for reuniting, nobody forced you to make that stupid fundraiser, you just wanted a quick easy buck from teenagers online. scummy

No. 428473

File: 1503689065212.png (822.98 KB, 1502x762, Capture.PNG)

No. 428476

Are you new to the thread? And are you cow tipping, I agree with Mina being shitty and trying to excuse her dumb bullshit. A lot of people have come to dislike her because her true persona is revealed. Her and her fans accuse anyone of being Dasha, she probably even thought I was Dasha when I confronted her on being vegan and the proof of the fake accounts. But I don't think your supposed to alert them of lolcow

No. 428478

all parties involved know about lolcow edwin posted in the last thread

No. 428479

thats not me, i just saw those :p

No. 428480

>>428476 yeah anon, especially since we all know taco smurf lurks the thread

No. 428481

File: 1503690010686.png (1.36 MB, 1536x2048, image.png)

I mean to be fair the commenter was a bit off, her "hooker" pictures were in England in a cabin lmao. Great to see their supporters funding a camping fuck

No. 428483

why does she deny she used that money to go on vacation. even if they had just used it to fly edwin out to britain, the money from her fans still could have been used to make their lives easier and mix it in with other savings they had to go to the trip. still, if they had savings why did they make a fundraiser? and she still hasnt done her channel launch so she basically lied to her audience..

No. 428484

i think they meant the newest pic of her

No. 428488

File: 1503690553925.jpg (153.64 KB, 720x697, IMG_20170825_203516.jpg)

No. 428495

File: 1503690870852.jpg (190.18 KB, 720x821, screen3.jpg)

No. 428496

Those comments are so cringe tho, I actually confronted her maturaly from a twitter account since there's going to be less people going after you and not much annoyance. But some other weird accounts went to say "so what she lied about being vegan for this long" "this isn't proof the accounts are hers" her tween fans are really stupid. Mina is a sketchy liar bitch. I used to think Dasha could never get out of this since she's proven to be vindictive, and I used to feel bad for Mina, but now I feel dumb to give them any ounce of sympathy or defense. She'll always use Edwin as a shield and use excuses to victimize herself until she gets brave. It's rather annoying.

No. 428501

I used to sympathize with her too until the video about the fundraising and the "She`s still obsessed" video. To me, she just revealed herself as someone manipulative. She uses the whole `cute persona`thing to defend herself and make people side with her, i souldve seen it from the start. Because of this, I actually feel that they might have lied about a lot of things with the whole drama against Cyr and Dasha. There`s no doubt that dasha is a horrible bully and person but I definitely wouldn`t think it`s below Mina and Edwin to have lied about a lot of things to get more sympathy. And still waiting for that channel launch..

No. 428510

Oh god the shoop on this is horrible.

No. 428512

Remember to sage anon and it's better not to leave cringy comments to the cows. I feel like the legal status went to far too when everyone attacked Julia for being illigal, I usually confront them on twitter, so when I asked about it awhile ago, she said she was here legally, and why does it matter to Edwin when he's against trump and for him to use it as ammo is stupid and he had people report her when she wasn't even illigal. She went on babbling from there but I kinda found that dumb as well. Like at least use something rational against Julia other than some dumb legal status and he wanted Dasha to tell people not to comment on Mina's stuff when his follows reported her and more. I still feel no pity for Dasha though because she is a bitch and really petty. But I see her moving on with her modeling friends actually having a life tbh. Cyr seems to be teaming up with anything4views. They're very separate so idk what's going on. Maybe she wants girl time for being a clingy loner for so long since she was always with Cyr and his friends. But she can lure in better guys from what I seen from her clubbing vids. I think It be better for all four of them to go separate ways. I don't think the couples do so well together is ugly and toxic.

No. 428515

from what i can see, Dasha and Cyr seem pretty distant. Maybe she`s realizing she`s used him up`? Cyr looks drunk from most of his snapchat posts and recently i saw that he had a 6 pack but was alone. He might be teaming up with anythingforviews but he`s still in a pretty pathetic state, boozing it up. Dasha and Cyr definitely need to break up and go on their own paths. Mina and Edwin as well because when don`t have anything to milk from this drama anymore, they`ll go back to their boring vlogs and mina just doesnt seem like she`d be a good youtuber (already showing from her lack of content and empty promises of making any sort of video). Mina has a chance in modeling if she`d grow up and Edwin needs to go and find a gf his own age and finally come to terms that his youtube won`t give him enough money to live by.

No. 428516

6 pack of beer

No. 428517

That video where "she's still obsessed" is funny because she probably thought the comments she mentioned were Dasha. Lol lolcow knows of her shadey work, not everyone that dislikes you is Dasha mina. We just realize that Dasha isn't the only scummy bitch in this situation. I had to comment to her on Snapchat to get evidence on her lying cause I wasn't sure. But Dasha liking people's pictures? Like what does that connect to? Are you just trying to find pieces to fit Dasha in the evil witch narrative and you in the victim narrative? It really is a laugh because one of those "strange" accounts were also me. Who also confronted Dasha on her shadey shit and was blocked by her, Mina needs to get her head out of Edwin's non existent ass or maybe Edwin needs to get out of her non existent ass. All these cows are fucking stupid

No. 428523


exactly, she`s even wrose in the fact that she constantly tries to be this victim type of person, as if she does nothing wrong. we`ve all seen dasha rampaging on twitter about how much she hates mina but mina tries to sweep her nastiness under the rug and uses her fans instead and ofcourse edwin to defend her. which makes her even more shady. tbh im doubting the whole thing now. was there really no reason that dasha hated her gutts besides dasha being vile? maybe she really did have a reason to hate mina that much. i want to see that side of the story.

No. 428566

I would hate someone for lying to me about fake accounts to be honest. Having a person like that live with you and then you find out they are sleeping with your ugly roommate on top of that. Also I never once believed Dasha pressured her to be in a relationship with them. Mina always wanted to be back with Cyr

No. 428592

Mina's "fans" egg it on & I'm sure make shit up to get her attention & she's completely fucking brain dead so she believes all of it.

No. 428641

Edwin just posted his hate for trump and that trump is an attention whore and it made me think of this post. Like dude, your literally went against Dasha for her legal status, something a scummy republican would do. Please attack better points like her shitty behavior, I strongly feel like it was karma on their end because now Mina got stuck in her homeland but they just settle for begger money for their "reunion". But once Mina goes back to AZ with Edwin how much work is abundant out ther for a model other than her being in London where it's pretty abundant. I see her getting some simple model work, which is more than what she would get in AZ. I just see a lot of hypocritical shit going on along with sketchy shit and I'm not liking it. If he goes and talks about lolcow I'm just gonna blast him for being on here participating and posting on here in defense of him and Mina along with adding to the fire. Like dude grow up you're almost 30 can't own up to your shit and still wants to victimize yourself. Your actions and what you put out really fucking show, and to constantly say, "Dasha ruins my happiness" you blocked that bitch didn't you? That bitch is just being some club hoe again and hanging out with her insta model hoe friends. Everybody's been thinking of your scammy internet begging money the same way, not just Putin. Probably one of the only points that's makes sense coming from her, since she used to be the type saying shit about Mina's makeup, I'm glad she shut the fuck up on there. But it's funny also reading YouTube comments, he wanted the drama and talking to end yet when someone confronts him on it and how Dasha was silent, he's like "so I'm not allowed to talk about her anymore" "just because she stopped talking doesn't mean I can't talk about her" basically. Like dude are you serious. Hypocrites are really fucking dumb, it's sorry to see alll these people so fawned over these cows and sympathize with them. Like no they're not angels, they're fucking trash.

No. 428650

Looked at Dashas tagged pics and some guy was fan girling over Dasha looking like the mother of dragons, and Chris Delia is friends with him and actually googled who Dasha is. Guess she must have went to a good club.

No. 428783

She must look better in person because when I see her all I see is a neanderthal lmao

No. 428806

Really hypocritical. Talking about ending the drama but still instigating it..plus the whole e-begging was ridiculous. They're not victims, they're horrible people as well. It's karma that Mina has a 6 month ban before she could even go back to AZ. Hopefully they separate before then, these cows need a life change forreals

No. 428814

>Like dude, your literally went against Dasha for her legal status, something a scummy republican would do.

You're serious because this thread has taken a turn into deranged standom but Julia did go psycho on him with the eviction bullshit. I doubt he wants to GoFundMe a wall to keep Austrians pretending to be Russians out of the US.

>they steal are limecrime jobs

No. 428817

if they're in the uk it is cheap to fly out to spain and amsterdam (just to give you all a picture of how much was actually spent)

No. 428819

that was in an entirely different context since cyr lied about why he was evicting everybody and dasha did get edwin evicted despite having no rights to the apartment

It was also brought up since dasha decided to run her mouth about mina's visa. It isn't hypocritical.
It is hypocritical for edwin to keep bringing up old milk tho

No. 428838

that still doesn`t eradicate the fact that they exploited those youngins money for their own leisure by crying in front of the camera and victimizing themselves like they always do.. and they promised to make Mina`s channel launch, which was one of the key "promises" on their fundraiser page yet they still haven`t done it (and as if that needed any money to begin with). The meetup too, it didn`t seem like they bought any of the people who showed up anything to need fundraiser money as an excuse to do it. Transportation might`ve cost them something but hardly anything to list it as a reason, especially since we don`t even know if mina`s parents helped them out with certain things like that. the fact of the matter is, they stooped to online begging for money but still somehow went to vacation right after they reunited? so they did have money to begin with if that`s the case and if they only worked to get the rest of said money to do whatever they set out for, nobody would have needed to do that fundraiser bullshit scam.
they`re lazy and the points they made in their fundraiser didn`t need all that money to be achieved. they`re literal scammers.

No. 428839

no one`s being Dasha`s stan. I just agrre with anon that something fishy was unnoticed and now its revealin g itself

No. 428842

Where did Julia talk about Mina`s visa?

No. 428843

Thought of reporting the fundraiser?

No. 428863

Dude I was just going after some points for example. No ones denying Julia's fucking evil behavior, I even mentioned that she used to run her mouth on Mina's makeup even tho she's all into that "body positive" shit. But due to recent changes, I'm more sour over how someone can get away with hypocritical behavior right now. Julia did in fact change, from shopping herself unrealisticly and keeping her mouth shut for a change. It's doing better on her end, even tho we don't know what's up with her and Cyr. No ones stanning her, there's just no milk on her really and she did say some points that were accurate that we've all talked about on Edwin. The begged money was just so off and any excuse to justify it is just ridiculous to me. I just feel like if the tables were turned things would play out differently as well. And before on twitter I used to confront Dasha on shit, get blocked and so on. I used to feel sympathy for Edwin and Mina, but I feel like I've been duped. Edwin can continue to cry victim but it isn't going to work anymore, and Mina's brave and cocky attitude gets on my nerves now, when back then she was just reluctant on continuing any toxic behavior. And then after this whole mess, you really see where these people were at fault. Especially if you continue to make petty videos on your enemy and expect them to give you your things in one piece like that's gonna solve anything. Their recent video was anything but tea, they tried to serve tea, but ended up just serving some hot water. Nobody wants or cares for it. Only their weirdo fans. I just felt like Dasha wasn't the only manipulative bitch in this group, Mina really revealed herself and Edwins a practical disappointment

No. 428866

you probably shouldn't evade your ban jibberish-chan

No. 428871

dasha`s not milky rn at all and i am so over edwin and mina`s whole facade. some of us should report their stupid fundraiser

No. 428881


TBH they're all boring and irrelevant. It was entertaining right after the blow out, but there hasn't been anything interesting since then.

No. 428887

True ?

No. 428917

We're all just slowly sticking around to see if cyr or Edwin gets dropped by these ladies first

No. 428973

it literally has the X right there which means you posted it lmao

No. 429006


No. 429007

Yeah I noticed that too, that's why I was confused when I ask anon if they were new to the thread. >>428473 you really should have went after her maturely and not on Instagram, she can delete your comments and you're really not gonna get anywhere. The only thing you'll get is her and her tween fans saying that you're Dasha. Those kindergarten comments won't do the trick. Just go on twitter like I did, confront her but send her screen shots and pictures of her lies and hypocrisy. She can't delete that, people will attack you but it's just her fans being in denial. I've done that with Dasha as well but I became blocked, Mina just reported my account I think but it wouldn't stop me from showing proof. Idk why you lied though about it not being you. We're all for getting milk and exposing the cows. But you have to be smart about your actions. Maybe you're not old enough to be on here either. And actually read the rules.

No. 429008

I feel like they left out far too much within the vlog. Yes there was a reunited moment but that's what we paid for? No video from the meet and greet, a small portion of cabin footage, and of course theyre milking this dasha shit still despite saying they're clarifying why they're doing it. They won't let it die bc it's what brought them so close together but to think back to the toxicity isn't good

No. 429009

Clarifying we as in the people who watch their videos still, I personally didn't donate

No. 429012

I'm just addressing comments blah blah (continues to justify why talking about Dasha) literally Mina and her friends talk shit about her on the down low as seen through her lives. Dasha probably just talks shit on the down low too. No big deal. They're really trying to milk it and make Dasha the "only" hater that comments. Like bitch bye, I confronted you too, I definitely don't wanna be compared to putin. But your actions just prove more shit tbh

No. 429013

The whole meeting looked so fake he hugged her a bunch of times just looked awkward especially with that cringe music. Dasha liking people's pics? Like is that all? Is it really a big deal she blocks people and more? Like dude you blackmailed her silence. I'm sure the only evidence he could get was on her so basically his blackmail is worth it anymore. I feel like that weird shadey behavior could be the same as someone saying "this is Mina's fake accounts" with the evidence provided, yet they wanted her to shut up about that and frame her even though there's proof it was Mina lmao

No. 429020

Not to bring up old milk but was the fake apology actually proven real? Like there's a video on it. But was it really real at all. I confronted about the fake apology before to them and they totally ignored it. So I'm not sure

No. 429037

Oh god , "I -I got a spiderman balloon .." wow she's 21 this year right?

No. 429041

Kinda funny how mina calls out dasha ignoring the drama when proof is posted. When and where did she ever speak about the fake accounts? oh yeah, she didn't. ever. Because theyre both cowards.

No. 429076

I actually had proof from one of my old accounts I used until Dasha blocked me. The person who had that fake apology had their name taken out cause they didn't wanna be apart of this disastrous drama. Back when I didn't know what lolcow was, I tried to look and search for chisme. I used to sympathize with Dasha, and I was confused about the whole situation but now after seeing all the proof on dash I dmed her about the Messages to Cyr and the other guys and got blocked by her, the messages are still there though when I used to dm her so I'd just have to log in, it actually has the girls pic I looked it up it's a real persons account. Dasha also sent me some video of Mina making fun of her and the messages of niamh but idk if that's even milky anymore. That was when the drama was at its prime though.

No. 429081

the music is so cringe. did he even thank the people who donated to fund his trip?

No. 429089

Niamh is currently on good terms with Mina. Can you tell us what the messages were about?

No. 429206

They were just of her talking about the fake accounts, which I do believe still, and she explained In video that it wouldn't make sense it being her since those accounts were made in January even I think. I asked her a lot of questions but I'd have to login first, it's been awhile since she's blocked me for being upfront with her about her relationship with Cyr and what she did. I used that account mostly for chisme and to lurk around. I'll get logging in though, idk if the fake apology was proven but I have the video a long with the video of Mina making fun of her idk how to post it on here though since it doesn't let me.

No. 429217

I think anon just meant to provoke her in public so her fans can see. They probably commented in Mina's public IG on purpose to troll her.

No. 429250

Very first thing I noticed! You don't get those little comfort packages in economy, and I'm not even sure if you get them in business class. Probably depends on the airline.

No. 429323

So if he flew standby…did he really need $1000 for the flight?

No. 429327

LAX to uk is usually 700 to 1k and the flight back is the same

No. 429334

Christ I used to fly ATL to London for $500 round trip. Student rate but NOT standby. Like a lot of people, I make LESS money now than I did then, whilst rent has gone up up up, so how the fuck is anyone travelling internationally anymore?!?

Even if he had a cheap standby ticket, there will be other expenses. I just hope (hahaha) he spent even a LITTLE bit of it on the meetup. Even if he just bought some food and drinks to share. SOMETHING.

No. 429633

maybe they didn't have the money for barcelona yet and they were saving from having actual jobs that they don't post about online..idk just giving them the benefit of the doubt.

No. 429643

post it all anon
maybe upload it "unlisted" on youtube

No. 429671

I've had them on economy plenty. It's airline and flight duration specific.

No. 429674

File: 1503918257270.jpg (22.48 KB, 592x177, simon.jpg)

Since Dasha started to snapchat Simon again, I'll just leave it here.
He has gf now. Wonder if she's comfortable with them being so touchy feely

No. 429676

He's probably dating that bald ho so they can have threesomes.

No. 429765

File: 1503941935507.png (171.11 KB, 750x1013, IMG_0641.PNG)

Not a Mina or Dasha stan but just can't imagine her actually being into Edwin. Do you guys seriously think she likes him? I feel like she can do so much better than him

No. 429772

he looks like a fucking 2008 gay scene boy skeletor i cant believe hes almost fucking 30 holy shit he is definitely getting used up by mina lmao

No. 429782

Of course she doesn't she's with him because he's her personal asslicker and money machine.

No. 429785

slight nitpick, but he looks ridiculous. This things he has going on belongs to Style Cemetery. seriously Edwin, stop.
He would look good with lots of tatts, wearing black, dark hair, you know, edgy. I can see it, somehow he has the face to pull it off.

No. 429852

oh yeah you're being very reasonable. she is waaay out of his league. it's not even the horrible styling just…look at their faces.

No. 429928

I kinda wish Mina would drop that ridiculous weeabo style of hers. Her wigs look super cheap (if you look at the hair line) and nothing ever matches

No. 429950

File: 1503955208471.jpg (169.55 KB, 1080x1350, minaxxbell_28_8_2017_16_18_45_…)

I'm honestly all for quirky outfits but I agree, some of the stuff she wears goes beyond twee/eccentric and honestly…looks like a bad cosplay. Especially with the wigs.

No. 429956

Honestly as much as it hurts me to say this. I gotta give Putin credit for at least wearing her wigs right. Hers never look cheap

No. 430117

She's with him because she's suoer insecure & he's been riding her dick since day one. There's nothing about her that doesn't scream insecurity & Edwin is smart enough to play into that it's really obvious in their videos together.

No. 430120

i mean DUH. She made fake accounts supporting herself. CRINGE MUCH?

No. 430129

File: 1503989806583.jpg (56.22 KB, 929x879, expensive wigs worn correctly.…)

You must have a short memory.
Aside from being visibly cheap, it's sitting halfway down her forehead.

No. 430130

Yeah but most of the time her wigs look better than Minas.

No. 430148

Even more Simon and Dasha ~luv~ on her snapchat. Gotta say it's endearing to watch, they suit each other more than her and Cyr.

No. 430194


TBH Cyr was probably only attractive to her because he was taken and a youtuber. Now that she has him, and he's dipped further into irrelevancy, she's ready to move on.

No. 430265

I cant even lie… even I would rather ride Simons dick than Cyrs right now

No. 430278

Cyr's looks have deteriorated a loooot since he got with Dasha. He looks super greasy and tired, if I were Putin I'd probably lose attraction for him too

No. 430299


And he has a girlfriend now too, right? Makes him even more attractive to Putin.

No. 430385

Mina and Dasha were definitely not good with each other. Too much insecurity and competition between them. If you notice Mina only hangs out with average not really attractive looking girls. She's really used to being the center of attention and people serving her and catering to her which there's plenty of proof of that in vids, pics, etc. Mina's above average, and I don't see her hanging out with girls prettier or that look better than her tbh, niam is her duff ugly bff who worships her and drove her ego as well. I've just got to say it. I don't care about the whole girl love thing that's bull. Where ever there's insecurity, there's jealousy, they go hand and hand, you don't have one without the other and it's proven. Even Dasha has this whole queen complex. So there can't be two, you can't cater to just one. They're so used to being the center of attention, once one gets more attention to the other it'll get hell. And mina seems kind of driven to prove that Dasha is jealous and obsessed with her, and she's the dominant and better one. Even tho they're about the same, except Dasha has more boob and body and Mina is just tall and skinny. Neither are that special. Put them in a room with someone absolutely gorgeous, see where that princess attention whore complex goes.

No. 430392

Imagine being so unlikeable that the only girl you'll ever have a chance with is your best friends ex-girlfriend . Talk about sloppy seconds

No. 430476

I think they are both above average in looks and have what it takes to be ~real~ models and I totally see your post because they are both INSANE bitches with princess attitudes but Dasha is more upfront about it while Mina is passive aggressive. I was kind of surprised that Mina's UK best friend wasn't a sexy insta thot too but tbf Mina wasn't as pretty as she is now when she became friends with Niamh.
lol good one anon. side note: I thought Simon was gay all this time.

No. 430876

It's unfortunate but Mina really had a glow down in the last year. She was pretty with dark long hair and she really did ruin her hair and it'll take at least a year for it to look healthy again. I really don't know what makeup tutorials she's watching but I've never seen someone who cuts half their false lashes and puts it on like that's only okay for Disney animals. I like Dasha more with dark hair but she still looks pretty. Just wish she would do more than one hairstyle everyday. I'm curious to see how she would look with arched brows tho. If you watch her IG live, they're pretty straight naturally and it's hard to draw on straight brows unless you have half your brow missing

No. 431172

Edwin finally asked Mina to officially be his girlfriend, it happened during their England meet and greet during a vlog kind of cringey

No. 431219

It was so cringey. I don't get why they tried to play it off as a surprise when Mina clearly knew he was going to ask assuming they haven't actually been dating the whole time, they've at least been fuckbuddies since they left the apartment, and to top it all off they were surrounded by a bunch of squealing teenage scene kids. Romance.

No. 431259

For those who avoided tempcow like fire, ~the news~
>LA photographer Natasha @deanastacia hired Dasha to do a photoshoot with an international client
>Day of the shoot, Dasha ignored all the texts, calls, and posted selfies in the meantime, then tried to sell Natasha some bullshit that she was in the hospital?? Sure aha
>Natasha put all of this in her stories on insta, where she warned other photographers about Dasha
>Dasha kept changing her url the whole day, and Natasha uptaded her stories every time with our cow's new handle lol
>Natasha said others reached out to her with their own stories about Dasha scamming, stealing, bailing
>Dasha has not given any explanation, just uploaded an instastory how small models get bullied by bigger people and need to stay strong, or some shit
>She's back to partying and drinking, nothing changed, no fucks given

Also nitpick, but let's write it in a calendar, for the first time in forever Cyr appeared on her snap. Lol

No. 431459

I wanted to comment but you basically said everything that was in my head hahaha. Especially the scene kids. The cringe was fucking real.
Tragic how people think they havent been fucking since day one when all the shit kicked off in LA. Just goes to show how naive and young Edwins audience must be. I still feel like Mina is using him to a degree for fame. I dont know why but she comes across as the type of girl who doesn't really feel romance, but likes sex and all the other aspects. I can imagine her to be quite cold and boring after a while.

No. 431460

Mina is average as fuck imho. Maybe it's because I'm used to see actual models every day, but I wouldn't look at her twice. Models usually should be really pretty, or/and have something that makes them stand out… And Mina is plain as hell, the only thing that would make her stand out in a crowd is her weird style.
But yes, I noticed that instamodels are usually very catty and competitive for no reason. Would never befriend one of them.

Thanks for the summary, anon. So Dasha bailed on her own shoot with an international client? Wtf, why would anyone do that? Do we have caps of the stories?

No. 431485

The caps from the international photographer were on their instagram story from what I know, so I don't think it's there anymore unless I try to see if the screenshots are still on the temp site

No. 431517

File: 1505066726135.png (119.28 KB, 300x500, 1.png)

no prob. yeah, she did exactly that lol. I can't even think about a reason.
here go said stories:

No. 431518

File: 1505066762220.png (154.71 KB, 300x500, 2.png)

No. 431519

File: 1505066772410.png (127.2 KB, 300x500, 3.png)

No. 431520

File: 1505066786285.png (86.26 KB, 300x500, 4.png)

No. 431521

File: 1505066796870.png (83.92 KB, 300x500, 5.png)

No. 431522

File: 1505066870827.png (205.25 KB, 300x500, 6.png)

here and example how she tried to evade by changing her url. She did that few times.

No. 431523

File: 1505066899709.png (86.15 KB, 300x500, 7.png)

No. 431526

She really is a narcissist who only thinks about herself..

No. 431552


Skeptic here. What kind of modeling gig pays upfront before the shoot, especially when they weren't familiar with a model's reputation to begin with? I'm sure as a professional they had backup models at hand, so the "soiled my reputation" and "could have made us cancel the entire shoot" makes Dasha seem more important than what she really is - a flimsy instaho model. So putting all your eggs in one basket seems stupid imo. Deanastacia's IG stories seem very self-serving and "oh woe is me my poor reputation almost ruined!!" They both suck though.

No. 431557

I don't get your point, to be honest. Even if the company did have back up models and that photographer just wanted to complain for sympathy points, it was still a dick move of Dasha to ghost & ignore her.

No. 431562

Except this person actually makes great photos, from the looks of her page, she puts a lot of effort into it. so how can you blame her for getting angry at such a selfish and damaging situation for her? lol, that is a really sour observation you made. put yourself in the artist`s shoes..

No. 431570

objective =/= sour
Lol, I'm not even defending Dasha so relax. You guys like to attack eachother for having disagreements constantly. It doesn't matter how talented she is, the artist was still passive aggressive with her outing of Dasha. It's kind of unprofessional. If Putin took her money and never showed up to the shoot that is one thing but making several IG stories about it doesn't solve the problem either.

No. 431595

So she decided to ignore a very good photographer that hired her for a paid photoshoot with an international company? Is she dumb? That would've got her both money and more exposure, maybe some other bigger client would've liked her and contacted her for another shoot. Also, nice and actually professional pictures for her profile/portfolio instead of the same iphone selfies. It's like autosabotage. Maybe there's something we don't know? I can't imagine a person that lives of pictures and followers refusing an opportunity like this.

No. 431597

She probably did it for the negative exposure, it's still exposure nonetheless but she probably sees it as her putting herself as a self labeled "too good for anybody" model

No. 431603

I highly doubt she did this on purpose for the "negative attention." you are giving her waaay too much credit.

she probably was lazy and decided to flake, thinking she'd get away with it like she does everything else.

No. 431604

That is so childish tho, Why not a facebook post? maybe I'm reading too far into it but its ig stories….. I'm sure it's just randoms & teenagers not industry professionals. Its the digital version of writing her name on a bathroom stall imo

No. 431605

>Maybe there's something we don't know?
I get you because what she did is just so ridiculous, but she really had nothing for her defense. It was like one instastory between selfies, not explaining anything, not even denying what Natasha has said. She didn't even continue her "I was at a hospital" lie. So I doubt there were any circumstances that would explain Dasha's behaviour to her favor.
Hmm… I don't think so. For how I see it, she's just irresponsible and spoiled, she didn't feel like going so she did not go, and avoided the photographer because she had no excuse and didn't want to deal with it at the moment.
It's like ghosting a friend when you made some plans and they start texting you if you're still up for it. You're not, moreover you're all comfy in your bed watching some show and you don't feel like thinking of an excuse and then explaining yourself for x minutes and making plans for another day etc. So you reply hours later, saying you were busy or some shit.
Or it's just me? (I know I'm terrible)
I wouldn't do that in a work/professional field, though. I know when I can get away with it and when there are consequences. I guess Dasha doesn't know.

No. 431636

File: 1505082344726.jpeg (232.73 KB, 1500x1731, 1505082196949.jpeg)

I don't know if this counts as nitpicking, but her eyebrows inspired me.

No. 431719

dasha worked with this photographer before (look @ her insta), like 2 times already so idk why she flaked this time the pictures looked really good

No. 431738


I just don't know why it's so hard to text someone and say you can't make it.. she would berate mina for being childish and avoiding communicating with her like an adult and here she is doing the same thing, except on a professional level. The photographer probably shouldn't have made all those posts on instagram because it's sort of petty but I can see why she was pissed. Dashas irresponsibility made things difficult for her

No. 431756

they're vomit inducing together

summary if you love yourself enough to skip this trainwreck:
>edwin's sponsored by audible now
>both of them accidentally ate chicken bc restaurant lied and said it was tofu (kek)
>complain for ages, go back to restaurant, meal gets replaced no hassle
>mina allegedly gets perv'd on when they take public transit by some old man
>go clothes shopping at Zara, mina is wearing a vinyl coat and micheal jackson glove for some reason
>edwin buys an ugly shirt and cheap walmart-tier underwear for mina because it's "cheaper than doing laundry" (shoutout to all the donators $$$$)
>boring trip to a garden
>mina's disappointed nobody liked her fart jokes in the last video
>talk EVEN MORE about dating each other
>ends the video offering to make a third video about when they "really really REAALLLY" started to like each other and wanted to start dating because two full vlogs isn't enough

No. 431773

Edwin is so fucking dopey-looking. His styling makes it even worse. What does Mina see in him?

No. 431929

So they started liking each other when Mina was in a poly relationship, that's probably why Edwin was so defensive of her and basically lied for her. He was already attracted to her while she was with his best friend and stuff that's fucking shadey

No. 431940

I mean we all know Mina's main interest was to get back with cyr, dasha was a middle man. Although it's shady of her mid way it was her scape goat. Did Edwin think she was hot before cyr left her for dasha

No. 431941

Idk how y'all see Edwin but I partially think Mina is there for kinky sex, with the whole babygirl and biting shit. They're both skinny too

No. 431949

I feel so bad for all the strangers in the background of the vlog. Some of them look pretty uncomfortable being filmed. Ugh.

No. 432047

So off topic but does anyone have any caps of right after Dasha had her lip filler touch up? Happened during lolcow down. Her lips were hilariously amazing and terrifying and awe inspiring but I totally didn't grab the before they disappeared from her snap story.

No. 432053


That's the reason I can't watch vloggers. They always film bystanders or get them involved somehow. I know I'd hate to be filmed without my permission, so I don't like it seen being done to other people.


This is actually crazy though. Why doesn't she just come out with a statement to explain wtf happened rather than trying to evade the situation altogether?! It's so stupid because this situation could have been avoided so easily if she actually communicated, and now she just looks unprofessional and idiotic.. She isn't afraid of confrontation at all obviously so I don't understand why she wouldn't have just said something to the photographer.. jeez..

No. 432947

You can do shit like that with literally anyone, I'm sure Mina could find an attractive person in place of this emaciated mosquito to put up with her retarded baby shit. If the whole poly thing is true Mina has zero trepidation in starting new relationships so after all of this time they weren't even THINKING of being official? She ran away with him when there was literally NO reason to, lived in his mom's house & came back to the states to see her "pal" ? Is she as starved for attention as her fake accounts!1!1 suggest? Maybe she just gets off to the fact that she is without a doubt the best looking person he's ever been with.

No. 433560

File: 1505342253203.png (Spoiler Image, 9.76 KB, 544x90, 2017-09-13.png)

No. 433591

No. 433634


No. 433755

Dasha just posted this long ass essay on instagram about why she doesn't want to share anything about her relationship but I feel like it's just her dodging the breakup allegations.

No. 433972

its kinda obvious that they are friends with benefits, she never talks about him anymore but takes random snap videos of herself in his bath tub with the dog, presumbly after going over for a hook up. That's the reason they both won't talk about it, particularly Cyr as it shatters his image of being a good guy when hes a fuccboi

No. 433974

Are she still living with him? Or Simon still being Cyr's roomate?

No. 433987

>>432047 I have them but im a tard and still have to upload them lol. But im so glad that i wasnt the only one who noticed, they look so bad

No. 433995


Yeah, I have a feeling that they're either just FWB or have an open relationship so she can fuck Simon. Cyr is not the type to settle down, he's likely bored of Dasha already. She's been forced to hide her crazy, so he probably took that opportunity to distance himself from her.

No. 434239

I have the feeling Dasha bored of Cyr, who wants to be with someone who is always too depress?
It was about time Dasha would get tired if he didnt go out with her or do some shit besides go for coffe

No. 434305

File: 1505442870659.jpg (32.12 KB, 541x444, IMG_2232.JPG)

I love Edward Scissorhands

No. 434340

File: 1505450000593.jpeg (322.04 KB, 2048x2048, 1505449876857.jpeg)

Old milk but I did some lurking on Niamhcat69's Instagram (Minas BFF) and I saw one of Minas fake accs active. Back in 2014. Before Mina was talking to Cyr. A lot of thosefake accounts were leaving comments on Niamhs pics. Also on "gayjpegs" insta

No. 434362

File: 1505457613993.jpg (176.56 KB, 1200x1193, IMG_6276.JPG)

Yeah I remember this pic I believe another anon posted it in the first thread with another with her to show what "Mina looked like before + before cyr". 2 questions though…. I thought people found out the "vannessa vildred" social media was like real, and there was a real girl whose it was and they had other social media including kinda regular snapchat postings? Like it was Mina's friend actually? I remember a sc of Mina saying "that's legit my real IRL friends social media page". Idk if it was true but I remember a bunch of anons saying it was? && did you see any other of Mina's fake accounts commenting anywhere else or just this account?

"These fake accounts evol meeeeena has created just to booly me, just to attack me and cyr!!1" -anakin skinwalker

But she herself has said they were around before she met cyr, and some even had pics of dasha, and dasha and cyr, and captions complimenting dasha. Other ig models. Do cheesy ship faggot collages and fan accounts and compliments under her own pics & self promo. It bothers me how dasha used this "Mina has fake accounts!! ZOMG!!1" to make it into this big shocking thing when she and all her friends have fake accounts and she had barely any evidence of mean comments and even the tiny tiny bit of "proof" was pretty tame, but not really bad or mean. Esp when you consider she posted that one or two "booolying" comments around the time she was cheated on with Itsbabystalin. Like how did all those dasha stans fall for it so hard that they defended her to death and acted like Mina had gangraped dasha and cyr at gunpoint when she hardly showed evidence of bullying and it was pretty harmless? It's like dasha used buzzwords like "fake accounts" & "bullying" to garner shock value in lieu of solid evidence of wrong doing.

>pic related: Putin cumrag confirmed

No. 434365

File: 1505458892960.jpg (86.96 KB, 600x786, IMG_6273.JPG)

Apologize in advanced for the dump
All saged, kek kek

No. 434366

File: 1505458932454.jpg (397.66 KB, 2337x1656, IMG_6278.JPG)

No. 434367

File: 1505458964419.jpg (130.95 KB, 1200x938, IMG_6282.JPG)

No. 434368

File: 1505459891155.jpg (58.24 KB, 543x960, dogobarf.jpg)

fuck's sake, why are they like this?

No. 434369

File: 1505460356609.png (89.46 KB, 750x1078, IMG_2270.PNG)

Isn't he 30 or something

No. 434380

…your point being?
He sure does have a huge ass forehead tho damn.

No. 434393

Not that anon, but he should probably be getting his life together since it's so far down the shitter.

This one is pretty funny kek

No. 434402

When I saw this on her insta story I thought it was james charles kek

No. 434439

sometimes i wonder if edwin is actually super closeted and in denial and the reason he hates dasha so much is because hes in love with cyr. saged for tinfoil

No. 434517

God damn, dasha's upper lip is looking more busted than usual lately.

But anyways, it looks like the milk is really drying out. Time to hang up the hats I suppose.

No. 435063

I've been thinking the same thing. Posts have been kind of reaching lately

No. 435169

File: 1505679608417.png (614.29 KB, 750x1334, IMG_4828.PNG)

Cyrs out here liking ALL of this hot twitter girls tweets……if him and dasha are still together she must be pissed

No. 435170

File: 1505679657994.png (766.5 KB, 750x1334, IMG_4829.PNG)

More of the likes, he replied to one too…

No. 435282

Dasha's two last insta posts had captions about dating and this last one is about how complicated dating apparently is that it's easier to find an alternate self from another dimension.. I smell a breakup and I don't feel like this is just a reach. Perhaps nearing a break up

No. 435431

File: 1505716899051.png (1.7 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1749.PNG)

What in the fuck is Edwin wearing? He looks so goofy and clown-like with those boots and something tells me he bought them with all that fan money he got.

As for Cyr and Putin, I think they've been broken up for a while now. Imo, that's probably why Dasha stopped going so hard on Mina bc she doesn't really matter anymore since she's not with Cyr anymore. Julia strikes me as the type of girl who obsesses over the exes of whoever she's dating at the moment, soon she'll have another victim.

No. 435460

File: 1505722467106.png (287.91 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-09-18-18-11-40…)

>still with Cyr
>just a thought I had to get out there

Sounds insecure be okay

No. 435470

And this one night stand tweet lol, are they still open? whatever, they're basically over anyway
imagine this scrawny creature without clothes… ew, mina

No. 435474

I wonder if Dasha is pretending to still be with Cyr so that she won't fade away and be forgotten.
And Cyr keeps mostly everything personal private and she knows he won't say anything unless he really needs to( like about the edwin/mina situation)

No. 435536

fucking dying at itsbabystalin lmao
also she was so hot back then tbh
nvr considered this but I loves this theory now thanks anon
typical fuccboi behavior.
I hope Dasha spills a bunch of milk on him after they break up. I actually dislike Cyr more than I do her. At least Putin is upfront about what a bitch she is. Cyr is a just a cowardly snake pretending to be a sweet sad boi when he will gladly throw whoever under the bus to get his.
"something tells me he bought them with all that fan money he got"
shut up lol
I could see that. I wonder if she has dirt on him.

No. 435551

File: 1505750333812.jpg (126.95 KB, 669x272, babydash.jpg)

according to this, she is still with cyr? i smell some bullshit happening.

No. 435555

File: 1505751495654.jpg (62.69 KB, 486x595, mina.JPG)

Her lashes are the worst, I swear to god

No. 435601

Her hair looks 50 shades of fucked up.

No. 435606

They still live together and she is on his snap. Pretty sure they are still dating.

No. 435610

Maybe she doesn't wanna be extremely public about it anymore. You can reach all you want. This milk is dry AF

No. 435704

I thought if I just ignored her head this would be a nice look but actually that just drew more of my attention towards how cheap and tacky looking everything is.

No. 435710

Her style got even worse

No. 435755

Honestly, I don't get the hate on Edwin and
Mina. Neither really seem that cow like to me. So what if Mina loves Edwin. Does it really matter? What if she loves him for being a nice person and not for his looks. I think she is likely just a nice person. I use to like this site, but honestly it just seems so full of venomous little twits with nothing better to do with their time than to drag people down. I get it when someone is over editing photos, showing the world something that isn't real or just being a massive bitch like Dasha (and photoshopping). But what the fuck are Edwin and Mina doing that is bad? I mustn't get it.

No. 435761

GTFO Edwin
Lolcow is to drag people down,little retard
Besides Mina and Edwin use the money of his fans to go fuck each other, they didnt invest a little bit in their possers meet up, and they keep bringing Dasha to provoque her and get views with that drama

No. 435765


Mexican skeletor is obviously taking advantage of this poor British girl with fake down syndrome (because it's edgy). She clearly obsesses over him, and I'd say Edwin would be the first to break up if such a thing happen. I'm pretty sure he's got Mina wrapped around his little finger. They aren't nice people, and they don't give a shit about their fans that helped with paying for all of their travel expenses.

No. 435771

Tbh this girl is prettier than dasha, I hope cyr moves on

No. 435799

That doesn't even make sense. Just because people paid for the meet up doesn't mean he doesn't care about his fans. It means that fans cared about them. They are autonomous beings, I am sure they can just not pay if they wanted to. Regardless, I don't see the problem with someone enjoying another person's company who is less attractive than they are. Why shouldn't she love him? I have spoken to her before on twitter and she is honestly one of the few people online that actually puts effort into answering their PM's. I don't answer mine and I don't have as many as she does. I just cbf, but I respect those who can. I am someone who doesn't care about my followers
, but Mina seems to.

No. 435812


She doesn't seem like the type of person to have a life or a job, she probably hangs out online unless Edwin is there.

No. 435814

She's kinda retarded looking from her knives videos. Is she supposed to look edgy or smth having a knife obsession? If she did krav maga or some shit more power to her, but she's just some scrawny white kid acting cool. Guess Cyr's won the jackpot here.

No. 435815

Did their retarded gofundme fly right over your naive head, anon? Or maybe their shitty pot-stirring? Did you also forget what site you happen to be on or maybe the thread title mentioning all four of their bitch asses?

All four of them are lazy little shits that are filled with drama. That's what landed all four of them here.

No. 435840

Honestly, I was on their side until they pulled that grofundme crap just so that they can fuck each other. I don't even care so much about the fact that they were stirring the pot, but you have to be absolutely stupid to not realize they were trying to bait Dasha so that there'd be more drama they can cash off by making YouTube videos.

No matter which way you look at it, that was extremely fucking sneaky and shady of them. Even if Dasha was liking pictures of people who commented on Mina's photos (which I completely believe because Putin is psycho) I still think that they're fair game for that little stunt they pulled. Mostly Edwin, because he's old as fuck and should have more important priorities than making videos about high school-like drama just so that he can have intercontinental sex with a girl almost 10 years younger than him.

No. 435883

HAHAHA! OMFG you guys must be so f desperate! you poor little girls in here must be so unhappy with your own little lives. But go on if it makes you feel better about your poor fates- I enjoy reading into your anons minds.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 435884

Lel. Moralfag pls, we all know you're here for the gossip


No. 435885

Well.. unfortunately there's is nothing left to talk about. And you're low little lives make you reach low. But how about YOU guys getting a job? Because it seems you have too much time on hand to scroll through someones SM to just end up bringing old ass shit. Or as you say it: THE MILK IS DRY!

No. 435893

>>you're low little lives make you reach low.
>>it seems you have too much time on hand to scroll through someones SM to just end up bringing old ass shit

What is the point you are trying to make? You're on fucking LOLCOW in the middle of the night calling out "low little lives" in a thread about 3 people that wont let "old ass shit" die ?

No. 435896

File: 1505817094097.png (380.11 KB, 501x497, ummm.png)


So… does she actually think this looks good?? wtf is that face

No. 435906

I think she looks better like that imo, but those lips drive me nuts. They're so unattractive, can she not get them so humongous? She realizes they don't even look natural right?

No. 435917


She looks a bit better here
But she still looks like a female, adult, corpse faced version of MaCaulay Culkin

No. 435919


This is so accurate, holy shit

No. 435920

File: 1505825363731.jpg (968.33 KB, 1920x1200, CorpseBrideBurton.jpg)

looks like

No. 435924


If you inflated her upper lip and drew two lines above her eyes with a black sharpie, that would be exactly it

No. 435952

She cando whatever she wants cause it's her body and she has the money. So can Mina. Stop they hate towards both of them

No. 435953

Stop hating on Mina she did nothing wrong she was pulled into this drama(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 435955

You're new here, aren't you.

No. 435960

Wow are Edwin and Mina sending their little fans to come here and defend them?

No. 435975

no1currs edwin went here to talk shit about dasha too

No. 435984


Dude.. Edwin came here to post about Dasha himself. And Dasha made an account ("Fawnie") on another gossip board to drag Mina. No one is innocent here.

No. 435985

File: 1505848190067.gif (434.09 KB, 350x200, smmm.gif)

>Mina posts first YouTube Video
>Suddenly "white knights" revive this dead as fuck thread

No. 435987

File: 1505848475984.jpg (Spoiler Image, 18.45 KB, 447x254, mina.JPG)

You can see her whole areola through her shirt
I'm done

No. 435988

Yeah it's pretty funny that the two that some say, "are innocent" are the same ones who are coming here to start shit.

No. 435991

Reupload of Mina's new lookbook

No. 435994

This is painful, Ikno its been said a billion times in all 4 threads but this can't believe this is a cutesy play dumb act she's got to be like actually slow.

No. 435995

Funny cause Dasha was gonna do lookbooks on her channel and even said it before

No. 435999

Mina always sounds like she has marbles in her mouth.

No. 436035

She looks like Venus' mom… yikes

No. 436042

I don't HATE Mina but her style is pretty awful. I really don't understand how on earth she gets so many positive reviews. it's random colors that don't go together, mixed with gloves that look like she got them from a 99c Halloween store. On top of that looks like a fucking scarecrow with her damaged as fuck hair

No. 436069

She's not doing it right… she needs to be putting the name of the brands of her clothing on there. That's how you get sponsorship deals lol. IDK a part of me wants her to keep vlogging and gaining more followers than both Cyr and Edwin (after she dumps his ugly ass).

No. 436089

File: 1505861169724.jpg (328.18 KB, 1988x1988, IMG_1843.JPG)

I actually like how she looks with blue hair, but holy shitttt her hair is soooo fried. She had the cutest natural curls too, what a shame. Why do people fuck up their hair like this?

No. 436099

this is green

No. 436100