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File: 1519921330438.png (687.88 KB, 886x960, altcows.png)

No. 517712

Previous Thread >>440296


Adora BatBrat
Drac Makens
Jake Munro
Jimmy Mercy
Sebastian Columbine

Etc, etc

No. 517725

With regards to what was previously discussed; I think IBF will end up packing up and heading back to NZ where her mummy can protect her and she can use Mr Owl for not only views but a home and love etc whilst giving very little back as she always does

No. 517756

>that fucking Avelina

Masterful OP pic, god damn. Well, in regards to IBF’s “Surprising Mr. Owl” video, just… I know she was going for lighthearted, but it just seemed tacky and crass, even though I feel they mesh. Hopefully she’ll address the cat issue soon.

No. 517758

I have to agree with the anon in the previous thread that the ending in IBF's new video felt weird. It was really awkward to watch the scene knowing that the real moment where they met hadn't beem filmed, so it came off as staged or acted for the camera. Imagine the situation where she puts on the camera for you to hug her in front of it so she gets some material for her video… Awkward. Apart from that I can't really say anything negative about her getting back together with him. He seems to he a better fit than matthias and nobody really knows what was or is between them. I do wonder about the cats and the tons of things too tho. She hoarded an immense amount of clothes and other crap due to sponsorships and bigger income the time she was in Germany… Moving all that to NZ seems impossible.

No. 517774


Sage but Avelina in OP pic kek

No. 517779

I quite liked TT's foundation video. It sucks having acne when you're not a teenage anymore when you've been told for years it'll clear up by the time you're over 18. It made me want to try that concealer.

The acne she has seems to be around the jawline which is hormonal, could be part of the weight gain.

No. 517787

She'll probably have to ship it all over like one of her exes did from Scotland. It'll take a while and isn't always guaranteed to get there. I feel she and Barnaby are a much better fit, although as someone said previously, it must sting a little for Nadia even if they are on good terms or if she broke it off with him.

No. 517854

Why is Adora there? She said in Simon's interview that she is not a goth.

No. 517858

She uses Goth and Synthare interchangeably over the years. The description in her blog is literally "Adora BatBrat is an icon within the Goth Subculture.
A selfproclaimed Queen of Goth and the dark Martha Stewart."

No. 517861

When she's not using either she's using 'Electrogoth' to describe herself so yeah, I'd say she's somewhat involved in the subculture.

No. 517864

Sha made a clear as day statement in that interview I mentioned that she is not a goth. So seems like a change, as I have seen her other videos she used term goth to describe herself.

No. 517867

The videoh I mentioned

No. 517910

Duno hovewer how much of importance that statement have IRL for her, is it a change or it's out of context.

No. 517933

Saged but OP pic is hilarious, I would have put jake as an emo tho just to piss him off because we know he visits here.

Even as someone who doesnt have that condition I watched the video out of curiousity and I must say I thought it was well made I think she should do more instructional videos-she was clea and concise. Also she did a great job at covering-I guess im ignorant to make up but I didnt realise pale make up could cover up to that extent.

No. 518027

love the pic but you should have put TT as "Poser Goth-Wannabe." because that's what she is, a fucking poser with no interest in goth music (or even punk rock or metal music), horror movies, scary books, etc… she doesn't even read Harry Potter books but obsess over the crappy movies.

re: IBF's video: there was a shot of her flipping the finger at the UK Border sign at the airport while boarding her plane. Real fucking mature, Freya. Fuck you dear and enjoy living in the hellhole of NZ in the middle of nowhere.


No. 518070

The initial intention was to label them a bit better but in the end I just slapped her on pastel and perky because they most suited her pink vomit style.

No. 518073

She really wants to visit the UK again yet reacts like that? Aye that's really gonna get you back in for this Edinburgh meet up you want Freyja.

No. 518098

Oh I understand that, I was >>517858 and said she does use goth and other things when she describes herself. She has lied about or been deceptive about a lot of things or changed things just to fuck with people over the years. I'm not saying you aren't right at all as obviously she said that, just that she has described herself as goth probably as recently as yesterday or last fridag on instagram as she frequently uses both Synthare and 'upper class goth' to describe herself. 'Goth boobs' being one of her favourite attention grabbing tags. I think personally she is still goth by the culture she surrounds herself with, her music taste and dress sense but if she suddenly wants to ditch it after 20 something years that's unsurprising from her.

No. 518146

I wonder what happened with Mr owl and Nadia . did they breakup because at the time him and ibf were patching things up ? He still has pictures of her on his IG .it's sucks that they're all in the same scene and will probably run into each other. Although I don't feel Nadia is the type of girl to be dramatic and bitter. I hope they address all this soon lol. She already filmed their reunion , might as full us in since they made it public. I wonder how mattias feels about this too..

No. 518154

Pretty sure Mattias doesn't care, he tapped out ages ago.

No. 518159


Those subculture charts all depict superficial stereotypes of fashion trends anyway, regardless of whether they are intended in earnest or in jest.

OP, I am the anon who requested the pic. Thanks for taking the time! It is better than I imagined it would be!


If Freya ships her hoard from Germany to New Zealand, and Raven ships her hoard from New Zealand to the US, we need an altcow to ship her hoard from the US to Germany to maintain the universal altcow hoard balance.

No. 518220

Wasn't Freyja furious that Nadia was 'copying' her by existing in the scene whilst backcombing her hair and caking on white face makeup? I remember her getting really mad about someone 'trying to be her' when Nadia started dating Barnaby. She seems nice though, pretty drama free other than the associated drama.

No. 518228

If Allison Eckfeldt was still on her "I'M NOT AMERICAN I'M GERMAN!!!!LOOK AT ME! SO SPECIAL!" kick, she'd have the money to move to Germany. Speaking of; does she actually have any kind of Scandi heritage or is this just another dress up attention stunt?

No. 518288

File: 1519956293902.png (1.16 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180302-020106.png)

Jake and TT. What.the.actual.fuck…? I have no words. Jake the chav is pretty fuckin bad, but this is a whole other level.

No. 518334

I have seen some of their videos from this period and I like jake like this, but that may be because of his personality he wasnt such a self-absorbed cunt back then and seemed fun.

saged for opinion.

No. 518348

He seemed like a reasonable human back then, how unfortunate that his next evolution was this smug gym-orbiting floor-squatter

No. 518397

I don't know about that. Her makeup is quite similar as well as the hair but that's a style most traditional goths have. Nadia dresses way different so she cant say she copies her. I was looking at Mr owls pictures and he had moon moon all the while before getting shipped to Germany. He was the backup plan and that's not fair even though they were always a right match. She thought she could do better and it didn't turn out that way now she runs back to him. Maybe this time it works out .

No. 518509

>that's unsurprising from her.

Why? I agree she used that term often, but why sudden abandoning term is unsurprising?

No. 518510


Is she from eastern Europe?

No. 518553

File: 1519981530180.png (72.95 KB, 886x547, Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 8.02…)

Im seeing a pattern here. Hmmm let's go back to Paris where her 'camera' stopped rolling. And they took all her film? OH THE DRAMA. Once again Freya you've managed to capture the attention of non goths around the world into your mystical 'magical' world of film making. Not only is this video impersonal (because let's face it she has to film EVERYTHING) even moments that are SO SPECIAL AND MEANINGFUL that perhaps she'll crowd fund another wedding?

Mr Owl. You're a fool. This overweight piece of work is a user, a nobody and I suppose has nowhere else to go but you.

It's not sentimental. It's MENTAL. Still a joke. Dude get some self respect.

No. 518556

File: 1519981860220.png (61.15 KB, 268x158, Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 8.09…)

I'm a firm believer if someone is toxic, it comes out through their body and their skin. Kaya is a greedy and lazy person who doesn't give a shit about anyone but her killstar hauls and being 'spooky' - girl, get some serious heath care. Eat properly and fucking exercise. You sit inside all day and do nothing. what do you expect? Biggest cow ever. Period.

No. 518557

total poseur. totally fake. an emotional train wreck - but that's what's COOOOOL about being a tumblr goht in 2015 or whenever the fuck she appeared. god, it's so LAME!!!!

No. 518561

>implying he reads that and even cares about opinion of some random anon


No. 518565

File: 1519983114492.jpg (73.36 KB, 750x453, 1519866219689.jpg)

Romantic gesture?! HAHAHA her mother paid for the trip and she has no other friends! SMH. Freya lives in a bubble. A bubble of self importance and severe attention needs.

No. 518566

here's hoping! ahahaha

No. 518567

I don't think it's a matter of caring - it's a matter or REALISING. There's a big difference - you idiot.

No. 518571

WTF now… just goes to show, anyone can look like a clown

No. 518572

shes so cringey and the whole dating a woman who looks like and is older than her mum is WEIRD

No. 518578


I believe there are cringier videos of Julia out there, like the "how to be pastel goth" where she is dead serious, or her jokes of music videos. This one I think is meant to be taken more lightly.

No. 518579


I believe there are cringier videos of Julia out there, like the "how to be pastel goth" where she is dead serious, or her jokes of music videos. This one I think is meant to be taken more lightly.

No. 518584

I hate that she has this attitude that she can't fix her acne though. There are tones of ways to fix 'hormonal' acne through retinoids or pills. She's just too damn lazy to actually fix it.

No. 518585


As a brazilian myself, I cringe so much at her accent, holy shit. Maybe she should start working on her pronounciation instead licking her auntie-looking gf's clit. She sounds like an arab native speaker, ffs.

And her giggling all the time. u g h

No. 518595

File: 1519992003422.png (478.47 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180302-065843.png)

No. 518600

Holy shit. Is she kidding? Is she even legally divorced or are they separated or what?

No. 518603

I'm not sure how things work over in Germany, but if they are legally divorced then that would be the fastest divorce I've heard of.

No. 518607

according to her FB they're just engaged for now

No. 518611


Wonder if she will have fans pay for their wedding again?
So you going to leave him again with your fans money?

No. 518612


Sorry mate, she sounds brazilian. As soon as i´ve heard it, I knew where she was from. This is actually how most of you guys sound to foreigners.

No. 518613


Lol, this is unreal. I don't know how Mr. Owl plays along with this shit, he must really love her.

No. 518647

File: 1519999298358.png (849.86 KB, 750x1334, 69DED86B-EBDC-4B7A-8AB1-C7C9EC…)

Facebook official. This is fucking pathetic. Jumping straight from one guy to the other and back is the worst Freezer, so fucking selfish. It’s like she’s the shitty ex in a romcom who realizes they fucked up and grovels, except the guy doesn’t have enough sense to find a girl who isn’t so impulsive and manipulative.

No. 518651

File: 1519999999263.jpeg (186.86 KB, 750x1334, 4C7242DD-F4AC-4189-B4E7-DAEF16…)

Someone actually bothered to call her out on the fuckery…

No. 518652

File: 1520000051668.jpeg (130.74 KB, 750x1334, 318737E5-8AEE-403A-8383-3B73D4…)

…only to be shut down by stans

No. 518656

"none of your business" so people can post whatever they want on the internet but as soon as someone questions the decisions they decided to share with the world it's none of their business? lmao I can't with her stans

No. 518657


Yeah, me too? I mean, I knew she was from Brazil because she sounds like lazy brazilians sound like. Especially considering she has a native mommygf. I mean, I am not fucking perfect either and I know most have a slight accent, but damn, sounds like she doesn't even make an effort to not say shit like "doggy" instead of "dog" or "wadda heo" instead of "what the hell". Sage for dumb sperg


Oh god, this is so pathetic. I'd expect this from teenagers, not 30 somethings?
Well, it's gonna be even milkier when they broke up.

No. 518676

File: 1520002959058.png (160.73 KB, 705x955, Capture _2018-03-02-12-01-55.p…)

Well, then…

No. 518690


I genuinely think Matthias is gay.

No. 518722

Not true, I've known Brazilian people with excellent pronunciation. She does pronounce words very strangely

No. 518724

This is super trashy idk. Maybe they have been talking for years behind the scenes. As we know, it's only been a week back together.

No. 518732


…and why do you think that? Not saying it isn't possible, just wondering why you feel that way.

No. 518738

Because she flip flopped between saying her sister was her daughter and then that she wasn't. She has used terms like UCG then abandoned them for a while, then started using them again. She changes a lot in both appearance and how she portrays herself. Not a bad thing necessarily I'm just not surprised by it. Very little about her is consistent or genuine to me other than her getting her tits out.

No. 518742

sage, because everybody probably knows by now but I never did understand. Is the sister really her daughter, or was all that just to create drama and get more attention?

No. 518743

Jake's constant berating and bringing her down won't be helping either. She's a selfish and petulant person surrounded by nasty, calculating, equally as selfish people. She also doesn't bother looking after herself as you say, she lives in a country that has very accessible and free healthcare, she doesn't have any commitments so she has all the time in the world to go down to her GP and have a conversation. The NHS are overworked but they're not idiots, they could help her pretty easily, but unfortunately as you say; for Kaya the answer would be to take better care of her body. There's most likely nothing medically wrong with her physically, but I think some cognitive behavioural therapy and anti-depressants would do her good.

No. 518745


I genuinely believe that her sister is really her daughter. I personally think she flip flopped between terms because once the story was out ppl kept referring to her as Adora's daughter, yet they never had a mother/daughter relationship.

I actually know a family with a similar situation so maybe that's why I see it that way. Saged.

No. 518747

I never thought about that actually, but you're right. She studied filmmaking, she's putting out what she says to be her real life while just fabricating this world instead, getting all the attention she could ever need or want. It's extremely narcissistic but not uncommon with youtubers, still, weird to think she's putting on a puppet show with real peoples lives.

No. 518783

Saying sage doesn't sage the post. It goes in the email field.

No. 518817

IBF hasn't learned a thing? She knew she married Mattias too quickly after jumping out of a relationship, and now the exact same thing is going to happen again. That commenter above is right to tell her it's messed up because you can probably bet her family and all her other arselicking fans are going to continue arselicking her whilst not realising they're setting her up for even more heartbreak and humiliation. I'm calling divorce number 2 before she's 35.

No. 518848

IBF broke off the engagement , left and married mattias then comes back to resume things as if the last two years or whatever didn't happen. It's weird. They lived apart , they changed . I hope thats what they really wanted again. Mr owl doesnt deserve to get treated like trash .

No. 518853

She's lazy and doesn't take care of herself. End of story. I'm also convinced that the more makeup you use the more your skin "needs" it to cover up all the clogged pores. I mean there are lip balm companies that formulate their lip balms to basically dry your lips out so that you constantly need to keep using it - so I wouldn't be shocked if makeup companies do this sort of thing with foundation.

No. 518888

From experience
>cleansing wipes+cleansers make skin red and sore
>Cover red patches with foundation
>Skin can't breathe, stays sore, gets spots
>Continue covering with foundation
>bad skin continues
>Realize my skin was fine before I started using makeup
>No cleanser ever again, only water, no foundation ever again, only light concealer under eyes and around nose+chin
>Skin fixes up and is perfectly clear and evenly colored+toned within a year

Sage for skincare chat but foundation and cleanser absolutely have a role to play in causing/continuing skin probs. Most beauty youtubers have very red, irritated and spotty skin under all the product

No. 518890


If anything, just use cetaphil.

No. 518895

Lovely. I don't use cleanser either. Just the oil cleansing method. I've notice that a lot of beauty youtubers have really awful skin too. It's so bad.

No. 518926


Not like she can do anything legally right now. She was married for less than a year. Once that’s over with, I wonder if she will start begging her fans for her legal fees for an offical divorce. Shits expensive in Germany.
She can’t marry in NZ with the marriage in Germany haha fuck this bitch has rocks in her head. I would love to spend a day in her fantasy world

No. 518934

File: 1520023877823.png (198.36 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180302-154930.png)

So…I was bored and decided to look up the process of getting divorced in Germany. She won't be able to legally marry Owl for a while and after going through a lot of legal stuff in Germany, it seems.

No. 519064

File: 1520033653374.png (439.04 KB, 872x578, Screen Shot 2018-03-03 at 10.3…)

Her head is a roundabout of strategy to get views = make money because she has no prospects. hmmm mr owl was popular. hmmm maybe i should go home because i can't speak german and being an extreme goth in germany isn't what i thought it was going to be… hmmmm mummy can look after me… hmmm mr owl will take me back because he's a fool and i have no other options. if you look at my views they have dropped and only when i post emotional stories or transformation videos they rise. hmmmm maybe i need another romance because my life is so empty. its pathetic. a real live puppet show. what's worse is she's still wearing the 'goth' badge. hmmm freya you're just a little lost girl in a world where you have no idea what you're doing - posting your life online is all you have. i find that incredibly sad. the universe? the universe will repay you for your dishonesty. your deceit and intentions. we all know you're full of shit.

No. 519126

Sadly she's 30 though, not a lost little girl, she shouldn't need others to fix her fuck ups and 'save' her every time. But of course we know this isn't how it's gonna go, she's gonna have mummy fix everything she ruined, defame and slander her ex for her because he gave her 'ptsd' (which doesn't prevent her getting in to another relationship or traveling long distances alone despite it being rooted in paranoia and fear of her husband/man), pay for her shit to be shipped back to NZ and to live extravagantly whilst complaining publicly about how poor she is. All her fans will fully support her while she begs for money for her new wedding that won't go ahead for several years, but they're all a bit too simple to work that out. I share your irritation, anon.

No. 519144

perhaps she'll pop another 'benzo' (because saying that on camera to her emo fan base is so cool) and lie in the bath and eat some more pizza contemplating life and 'the universe'. mr owl just lost my respect.

No. 519158

lol wut. Nadia is a common name in many cultures. I knew Pakistani, Iranian, white, Latina and Arab girls with the name Nadia. I don't think Nadia is from Eastern Europe, she's just a NZ girl.

No. 519161

Freya is such a cunt. I actually used to admire her and thought it was very brave of her to move all the way across the globe to Germany and try living there and make new friends. I thought maybe I'd take the steps to move to another country too and try living there. Instead, she stayed home most of the time in Germany, made no efforts to socialize with German goths or punks, and made boring haul videos, then she runs back to her mommy and ex-fiance on a tiny island. Such a major disappointment, a wimp, a weak girl.

No. 519195

File: 1520044317947.png (1.3 MB, 1080x1588, IMG_20180302_213008.png)

This was 4 days ago; it kinda seems like a double meaning since Freyja is back in town.

No. 519202

I know it's unlikely but just wanted to say; don't let Freyja being a shitty person and a failure stop you from moving and sticking it out. Germany is not goth wonderland and most reasonable adults would know that without having it spoon fed to them.Most people in the scene where I'm from aren't looking to separate completely from society to live in a utopia, as I'm sure you're not but that's what Freyja wanted. You have the gumption to make a move work because you understand what Freyja did wrong, so good luck and I genuinely hope it works for you. Obvious saged for moral support blogging.

No. 519257

i find it interesting how this is all so surprising to everyone. if she had UK entry there's NO WAY she'd be knocking on Mr Owls door and making 'cute adorable' videos to get symathy from everyone. it's fucking pathetic. she's always been a drain. lazy, unimaginative, cookie cutter tumblr moron. let's hope she disappears as quickly as she showed up. just fuck off already. no one cares about you.

No. 519258

So Kaya is holding a 12hour live stream to fund a trip to Tokyo because she "wants to see her friend Sophie and its been her dream for many years" but…were they not in Japan recently? Was there a reason they didnt visit Tokyo?(I havent seen her Japan vlogs so idk)

No. 519408

I personally like all that hideous pink and black together, but I have a theory Kaya started pink-ifying because her gym idiot boyfriend has a crush on Kelly Eden. Kelly posted herself wearing a grey wig on Twitter the other day, and Jake thirstily posted a photo in the comments of his "matching" newly dyed grey hair, along with one of Kelly's catchphrases, so I think the crush is still going strong.

Japan trip was sponsored and they could only go certain places/had limited time, but still this crowd-fund attempt seems like a reach

No. 519421

poor nadia. she seems really sweet. her style is so much cooler than freya's. at least she makes up her own look and it doesn't get sent to her from a label. we don't know what really happened but mr owl made the wrong choice imo.

No. 519461


I know this is really just a daft thing to say at this point but WHY can't she just get a job and save up for luxuries like travel like the rest of us?

How long is this youtube shtick really going to last? She'll not be able to keep making killstar and spooky shit box hauls when she's in her thirties. I'd be surprised if she was making enough to live on with the shitty content of her channel. She should really start planning her the long term because she'll fade into obscurity in no time.

No. 519479

So Matthias posted und that some appartment right next to their main huge apartment is now for rent. I assume that this is the small apartment that freyja used as a studio… seems like she is breaking down her tents in Germany. (Sry for no picture, fb wouldnt work.)

No. 519480

So glad I found this thread - all I ever see on their YT comments are overwhelmingly positive cringe from little girls.

I used to watch a lot of TBF/TT/Adora and found them mildly interesting at first - but I was I pulled in by their look - and in TBF/Adora's case because I go to the same festivals/music as they do and it was good to see people documenting them.

Adora seems she hasn't posted anything on YT in a while - anyone know the reason why? I don't think it's age catching up with her because her Instagram photos show her still out partying and dressing as an 18 year old (and by god she still looks good..)

Anyhoo, TT I don't bother with anymore. I did venture into one of her Twitch streams. People were asking her about x,y & z "goth" bands and if she liked them and she said she had never heard of them.. mean whilst she was playing Scooter & Cascadia and Japanese weabo shit in the background. Also state she won't go to some of the major european goth festivals because they clash with YouTube ones..

No. 519550

>Also state she won't go to some of the major european goth festivals because they clash with YouTube ones..

Or the real reason: she wouldn't enjoy it and she'd be surrounded by actual goths who would call her out as the poser she is

No. 519649

The timing of her adding pink to her look is suspicious, however it's not a new thing for her. She kind of goes through waves and phases with her colours and styling. I mean if I were dating someone as lazy as Kaya, Kelly Eden would look pretty good to me. That's pretty bad.

No. 519655

She'd be so uncomfortable and bored. She isn't saving any money from her 'job' so she'd probably awkwardly crowdfund any festivals she attended anyway. She's gonna end up sitting in her shitty flat in a country she hates with no savings, a hoard of clothes that don't fit her and a boyfriend who by that point is even fatter and cheating on her looking back at a failed 'career' she's too old for now. Sad but true.

No. 519656

Im confused.
Jake has said before that he makes no money on youtube anymore and that they both rely on Kaya'a youtube you make money.
How are they paying rent at the moment? feeding themselves? paying utility bills?

Kaya also wants money for her attic and to eventually move to a new place.

do those things not come before a trip to Japan? they don't seem to know how to handle money.
youtube isn't going to last forever for them so they really need to start looking for actual jobs.

sorry for long rant

No. 519659

All Bitching and ranting is fine if you sage it, just put sage in the email field and most won't mind as long as it's relevant. I too wonder how they're supporting themselves. Maybe Jake's parents or her parents?

No. 519764

this might be old news but I found Freyja's old blog
for anyone who hasn't seen it before like I haven't:

No. 519858

Lol check out the music section of her bio…. adam lambert? No goth bands to be seen… or heard of. Fucking poseur.

No. 519861

I think the same question applies to anyone that thinks youtube is a career option. The irony is that a social media platform requires social skills. How is that relevant to people who can't work with normies… ot other excuses they use to not be able to get a job. Yes indeed it doesn't last unless you keep pulling product from a box. How boring. Get some real work and learn what it's like in the real world. These youtubers have zero ambition. It's all talk.

No. 519951

The only thing I can add is in the regards to the attic kaya has a wishlist for everything (she has several wishlists including one for her cat) I do not know how much people gift her stuff but it would not shock me if she assumes most of her attic stuff will be bought for her which is why she wants to put this money towards the tokyo trip.

saged just in case.

No. 520019

>Implying that Malice Mizer and Moi Dix Mois aren't goth.

No. 520023

Hi Freya!!!

No. 520036

J-Rock is not goth. Just because you pose with hair and makeup does not a goth band make. That's something IBF did with that guitar pose. So laughable. I can see by emulating Malice Mizer hair and makeup was easy to copy…. still doesn't make her a goth. Values like loyalty and contribution to the scene is old school. Making videos about yourself is not contributung. It's showing off and frankly destructive. Represent with generosity. All she does is take. It might also help to buy mysic from artists as wel…. not just send an email out to grow your collection for free under the guise of maybe featuring it in your videos…. also copywrite free no less. Such a scummy approach to everything. Total leech.

No. 520053

Angela Benedict I've noticed does give aways. At least she connects with younger people about this kind of exchange. IBF and Avelina could learn a thing or two about this. I suppose they're too busy listening to Cradle of Fith and getting excited about Adam Lambert. Omg. The cringe is real.

No. 520061

Just curious but why/what was the point of the Japan sponsored trip? Was the trip sponsored by a Japanese travel agency hoping to boost more interest from foreigners to go visit a particular part in Japan? I always find sponsored trips weird unless the traveler is very famous and well-known like Casey Neistat or Pewdiepie, but TT and Jake are not that well-known outside the alt youtube community. saged for no milk

No. 520090

I think this also implies the date in which this blog was written you'd think someone with almost 10 years of knowledge would at least be interested in music that was relevant. Visual kei is just that. Visual. Take away the clothes and the makeup and there's not much left on offer with Freya. All show no substance. TT reaches for that too. They're both just shallow and never discuss anything interesting. Literally just fluff and rubbish. The only people that think they're cool are kids and non goths. If freya loved Germany and being hardcore wjy isn't she working or learning the language to stay? Because shes not committed. Everything is a throw away. Mr Owl is next. But I'm sure there will be another long winded story when that happens. Ohhh we rushed into it… oh this or that. I've noticed he hasn't updated his Facebook status either. Saged for rant.

No. 520124


Look here, you ignorant motherfucker, Mana is probably one of the founding people of the gothic lolita movement, and has been a huge influence in japan's goth scene. :/ some of you purists are just as retarded as the people you hate. sorry but goth didn't end with peter murphy.(calm down)

No. 520133

I believe LOLITA is a fashion movement. Not a musical genre. So before you try to continue your borrowed aesthetic argument which is the basis of your existence, let ME remind you that fashion is not at the forefront of the evolution of goth. Get that through your ranga skull you NZ hick. Goth = Music first. Lolita whatever, - even having travelled to Japan myself a number of times, it's a sub genre. Fluff it up all you want honey. It is what it is.

No. 520152

you should wash your mouth out with soap too - MF is not language ladies that went to elocution lessons use. Again, more money IBF's mother wasted. Air travel, manners… it's all going down the drain. Tie your trash bag tighter orright … yeah nah, just GTFO.

No. 520217

No. 520338

"Being an Art Director on film shoots"
which film shoots, Freya?

No. 520355

Good point. At the time that blog was posted it would be interesting to see her actual CV. Hells pizza and youtube. Pffft.

No. 520363

I think she was in What We Do In The Shadows but only as an extra. By "film shoots" she probably means crappy music videos she's had a hand in…

No. 520390

Ha! She can't even commit to a video schedule, how the hell did she think she was gonna make ALL of her wedding decorations.She is extremely lazy and I don't know anyone who made the entire thing alone, one regular person can't decorate a wedding in a few months from scratch.

No. 520392

could be that she started being more goff when she started dating mr owl

No. 520453

NAYRT but I can think of at least five musical artists or groups which are heavily affiliated with the style. Kanon Wakeshima was literally Mana trying to spearhead 'gothic lolita' as a musical genre, & musicians from bands like Kalafina, Velvet Eden, Ali Project, Versailles and Kokusyoku Sumire are regularly featured in magazines that cater to lolita/alt fashion. just because you're ignorant of another culture's scene doesn't mean it's irrelevant, honey.

goth doesn't stop with the music, either, so i don't know why you're so dismissive of the fashion/aesthetic aspect of the movement. you think someone in khaki cargo shorts and birkenstocks is going to be accepted at a goth club even if they can recite the lyrics of every song by heart? nah.(stop derailing)

No. 520518

samefag. it's not as if visual kei puts more emphasis on visual/fashion than goth does +they were heavily influenced by post-punk/deathrock/etc.

No. 520638

File: 1520198490242.png (1.34 MB, 1015x1005, tt.png)

TT looks insane.
Imagine seeing this 6ft pink and black monster walking towards you.

what ever happened to that walking app Kaya was going to use to get free stuff for her attic? has she given up on walking for free stuff now? I guess she's depending on her twitch for everything.
I watched one of their streams for a few minutes and I just find them so dull. There's no chemistry between her or jack whatsoever! I find it so strange they have lasted 8 years together.
I also find it so hard to believe that they're making decent money on twitch. I guess TT fans can't see how full of shit she is

No. 520648

File: 1520199270524.png (1.05 MB, 1203x735, cc.png)

No. 520649

let it out kaya. let it aaaaall out

No. 520657

>samefag. it's not as if visual kei puts more emphasis on visual/fashion than goth does +they were heavily influenced by post-punk/deathrock/etc.

They were copying both music and fashion of western punk/postpunk/goth a lot. That's why those bands have teased hair (yes, Mana's hairstyle and makeup is unoriginal as heck). Also pop (lolita fashion at early stage was almost literally a ripoff of Strawbery Switchblade clothing style) and Eurobeat. I would say they fossilized some of those trends even longer then they were popular in Europe. Some of those elements are making it's come back but in somewhat tranformed by Japan mentality and culture way.

No. 520669

was this from their "12 hour" live stream? Does anyone know how much she made from that? I was going to try and catch a bit of it for the lols but forgot all about it.

She looks so unflattering on twitch, she's not pretty from the side at all - whereas on YT she can fix her head in a good position at the camera or re-edit if she doesn't like it.

No. 520671

I watch an hour of it when I was waiting on a friend to get ready (she took forever in case you were wondering). It was super boring. Jake was playing all the games when I watched and Kaya just sat and watched. Some gaming stream. Ended up going to about 20 hours though. I think they made 1,500-2,000. And they were saying this may become a monthly thing. On a side note boyfriend had also pointed out that a lot of the popular twitch streamers do 8 hours daily so a 12 hour steam is no real feat.

No. 520757

I remember how she mentioned in one of her latest videos (I think a lookbook or haul video) that she has more beautiful wedding clothes and accessories than by the time of her actual wedding. So this adds to my impression that she wants to live in a fairytale world where she can have her romantic dream wedding with her goffic man cause the first one was 1) not fancy enough 2) didn't work out. She is so vain. From the blogpost you really see how it's all about the appearance for her. How can you be this quick to think about a wedding again? Sort your life out first oh my god. It's all so rushed and unneccesary. Getting married doesn't fix things but I guess it's good for another video to show off what a cool goth bride you can be.

No. 520780

File: 1520212041026.png (19.1 KB, 786x149, karenmacleod.png)

IBF's mom commented this on her latest video.

No. 520783


Her mother needs to chill the fuck out. IBF is by far a top cow here imo, but she hasn't even come out and told the story…so why is her mother blasting it all over the internet as if it's her story? She has never even met Matthias from what I understand, so how can she so confidently comment on his character and state that he is "a good person" when she really has no fucking clue.

No. 520789

File: 1520213800182.png (187.35 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180304-203559.png)

She also said this on fb…thanks mum for helping us put the pieces together more, kek.

No. 520817

So…. are we all forgetting most likely the reason she married Mattias was to stay in Germany? Of course he's going to sleep with other people if the relationship was a scam. What's appauling is making him out to be the bad guy. That's disgusting. Not to mention if it has been longer than people think where IBF and Mr Owl have courting or whatever that makes it all even more pathetic that she constructed this whole mess. For what? So she could film a goth wedding? Appear more goth than anyone who ever lived? Ugh. Freya is a user.

No. 520819

This whole look is her final attempt at pretty. Give it up. Japan is probably giggling at you all the way from Tokyo. It's a last cry for popularity in a niche market. Define niche. Kaya is definitely not niche.

No. 520850

nigga the relationship wasn't a scam because he literally asked to marry him not her , he cheated on her many times, how can you say he is not a shitty person ?

No. 520857


Different anon, but when the fuck did anyone say he wasn't a shitty person? The scam was on HER end. She didn't want to marry the fucking the guy. She married him for her own benefit (to stay in Germany). He probably caught on to that rather quickly and then went out and started seeing other girls, which is wronng of course,but Freyja is absolutely not innocent in this. She used him. Point blank. Go back and watch the video talking about their engagement and compare it to her old vid with Mr. Owl. She was blatantly unenthusiastic and awkward explaining her engagement to Matthias. He actually really liked her in the beginning I feel, but that's because he didn't yet realize the manipulative snake that she is. Pull your tongue out of Freyja's ass.

No. 520882

Well, the last few posts are pure speculation. Remember that Freya's mom posted like a month ago that Matthias is a terrible, manipulative human being and Freyja now has PTSD because of him… Suddenly, she now changed her tone - he "just" cheated, but "he's not a bad person" and she wishes him well… Eh. I have a feeling that she's bullshitting. I would take her posts with a grain of salt. We don't really know what happened and Freyja's mom certainly doesn't seem to be a credible source here.

No. 520893


You're right, pretty much everything is speculation. But I will stand by that she did not want to get married when she did. Not sure why she said yes…but it seems like she felt pressured and/or she saw it as a free ride. Not sure. But she was not excited about the engagement and during the ceremony she was more into her camera on the selfie stick than she was about the actual marriage.

No. 520896


Samefag, but pay attention to sage.

No. 520907

File: 1520223742360.png (250.66 KB, 720x978, wp_ss_20180304_0016.png)

She was literally crying in her wedding video (which she filmed herself with a selfie stick) and it wasn't from happiness.

It makes a lot more sense now that it was part of a bigger picture and an extended break from the relationship

Pic related: Some fan theories from Nadia's IG

No. 520992

Her wedding video was so depressing. She looked miserable. I thought it was because her family wasn't there maybe. And yes I do think they got engaged and married in order to stay in the same country - I've known at least two couples who've done that (and guess what they're still together DECADES later) but I suspect Freyja wasn't really over Mr Owl and Mattias was a rebound attraction that quickly got stale.

She's said she's been depressed for months - hard to know if that's because of or contributed to the marriage falling apart.

Bouncing back to Mr Owl seems FAR too quick but I doubt they haven't been in touch at all these past few years. I do wish them well if they make each other happy - and as for Nadia, it's hard to go out with someone who's still hung up on an ex and it sounds like she ended things because of that.

No. 520999

Her wedding video was a circus. She was crying because deep down she knew it was all fake. Nothing romantic about fraudulent ego. She's a piece of work. Crying into the selfie stick? Please….

No. 521007

Lol like her mother is her agent. Policing the speculation. Ahahahaha. She probably sympathized with Mattias as she knows her daughter is asexual and difficult as fuck. Freya your life is a mess. In a few short years youve convinced an entire community how bad behavior and childish antics get you banned from cemeteries, countries and prove that being an online puppet show is nothing to aspire to. Can't wait to see more embarrassing news. Its hilarious.

No. 521044


And her wedding was being filmed by a documentary crew at the same time!

No. 521046

there was something freya once mentioned where she didn't initially want to go public with Mattihas from the beginning.

from 4:40

"So as to be expected this new person, this new guy was excited to tell the world and insisted on making it Facebook official. And I knew doing so was a bad idea, don't tell me, I know it was a bad idea. I argued about it, I knew what the reaction would be, but he had doubts about me taking the relationship seriously. I mean, whatever, fair enough. And also my mum told me to go ahead and put it online, I really didn't want too but I agreed to it"

No. 521339

He was really in to her to start with and she usually puts out at the start of the relationship in order to snag them and make them think she's the perfect goff wife but then finds reasons like she did with Patrick to freeze up again and blames it on them all having terrible personalities or upsetting her, so she can fuck when she feels like it'll gain her something but not when she's 'in love' with someone. I can see why he'd be a bit hurt and think 'fuck it I'll find someone else'. The relationship was shallow and transparent but she's notorious for giving the impression she's in to someone then finding excuses to distance herself and still use them. Tldr; They're both assholes

No. 521362


Wow. That entire thread is toxic. I have seen her mother comment on videos in the past…but this takes the cake. What a rant, kek.

No. 521432


I feel like if this was happening to anyone else in the world, divorcing and moving countries and getting engaged so fast, you'd be seen as having a breakdown and be told to see a doctor.

No. 521450


I am anon you replied to…apparently her and her mother need to see a doctor lol.

As >>521046 quoted above from ibf video, her mother seems to have some type of influence on her social media presence. I wonder why though?? Seems like she wants to live vicariously through her daughter, kek.

Also, as a side note, it's curious why Freyja doesn't have her mother listed as a family member on her facebook? She has her sister, but not her mom. Seems strange since her sister has never been a part of her social media from what I can tell and her mother stalks the comment sections of everything Freyja is on.

No. 521628


My mother and I think 99% of all mothers would tell their daughters to suck it up, either move home and get a job or stay in Germany and tell them that getting back with their ex and being engaged after a week is fucking disgraceful.

No. 521706

Hasn't Freyja mentioned before that her mom is batshit (no pun kek)? I could've sworn in an old video or something she mentioned wanting to leave NZ partly because of her mom.

Sorry if I post stuff wrong btw, been a lurker.

No. 521714

Someone please mirror the new ibf vid!! Or at least summarize. I just got on the night shift and need some entertainment for break later, lmfao. I would do it if I could. Sorry in advance.

No. 521722

"Whatever, I don't really plan that far ahead"
No fuckin' shit woman, you just hop on to whatever feels good at the time, consequences be damned!

The nervous babbling was quite irritating; but from what I could discern: she's not planning on moving back to New Zealand, she still insists that the trip was a romantic gesture on her part for Mr. Owl, she admits that they kept in touch after she dumped him(she makes a brief mention of Nadia dating him, but that's it) and that Mr. Owl is her soul mate(that would explain you leaving him when he didn't want to move to Europe because you couldn't do a LDR-but she doesn't plan on moving back home, and they're an item now…? I guess LDR are ok when they're convenient to her story)

And I had to turn that shit off after that, because I just wanted to shake the shit out of her so she'd just spit out what she wanted to say

No. 521726


You are amazing, anon. Thanks!

No. 521727

i dont get it, she got engaged to mr owl but is leaving him behind by going back to germany?

No. 521729


That was the first time they were engaged.

No. 521737


She states in the most recent vid that she will be returning to Germany. See above post.

She has no choice, really. She can't even get a divorce in Germany for about a year…and then all the process after that would be a pain, I imagine, and won't be able to be done overseas.

No. 521742


Samefag, but I was able to finish the second half of the video. She states that she has no intentions of moving back to NZ. She has a visa in Germany that lasts another two years. She doesn't know where she will go when that is up, though. So what about Owl though? He never wanted to travel, why up and change his life for her?? I don't get it.

No. 521777

Lurk another anon said, she is married. She needs to get a divorce. Otherwise she can’t get married or do anything else legally. They’re expensive as fuck in Germany and you need to be separated for a minimum of 1 year. Since her visa is still valid, she will more than likely stay in Germany, divorce and then move back.
Bf said it herself, she doesn’t think that far ahead (or thinks of others), she will end up doing something else just as selfish and stupid

No. 521794

>Split up originally bc want travel, no want LDR
>Going to move back to Germany and have an LDR now

I guess that's growth. Or he has suggested to travel with her. Otherwise it's nonsense, they will see each other for a few weeks a year which previously was a leave-you-and-marry-someone-else worthy offense
IDGI. Saw some confidence/smugness in this video which I never noticed before so I'd say she's pleased with herself.
Also the camera-falling wait at door bit was obviously staged after the fact, but she's pretending it was organic/live and even referring to it in this video as such. People aren't that stupid IBF

No. 521807

does anyone know what kind of job Mr. Owl has? Does he have a type of job that he can easily find if he decides to move to Europe? Or maybe like others say, Freya will ride out her visa/divorce process in Germany and then go back to NZ. I very much doubt that they will keep up the LDR. It's not like a LDR between two people in Germany and the UK which can be worked around while two people make plans to be together in the future. We are talking about NEW FUCKIN ZEALAND, all across the globe. Impossible.

No. 521826

Someone I know actually had a LDR from Ireland to Australia. The australian girl is a reasonably famous Youtuber, really nice girl and the guy is someone I worked with who is a smug arsehole. Anyway they did this whole competition win to get flights, romantic reunions, living in each others countries on and off, it went on for years with her fans all supporting them, then he just dumped her for no reason and was whinging about being single on Twitter even though he did the dumping.
Summarily, people think romances across the world are Supa Romantic even if they are with arseholes, and are blinded by how Romantic it is, so it'll probably hold up for a while but I'm not sure long-term. Not saying I think IBF or Mr. Owl are arseholes but it just isn't a good idea

No. 521854

Don't know why people think she will go back to live in NZ. She never wanted to live there to begin with and she states in the new video that she has no intentions of moving back there. She will just pick some other country to stay in after her visa is up.

No. 521907

With her soulmate bullshit and cringey romantic instagram posts she gives me Lainey vibes. The difference is that this is a 30 year old woman lmao. She needs to grow the fuck up. And get fucking therapy and not just take anxiety meds.

I'd like to know this too

No. 521910

Samefag but just watched the video.
>I'm not a serial monogamist! I'm not a serial marrier!
Then why is it that you see the need to get enganged instantly when you're back together with your ex without planning things out first? The contradicts herself. Says she doesn't need to be married but posts on fb that they don't fuck around cause life is too short. Okay then it seems being married IS important to you. I don't even care it's just cringey as hell.

No. 521915

I am wondering why she made the whole "back together with Mr.Owl" thing public in the first place. Hasn't she learned from their last break up how unflattering and backlashing it is to make her messed up love life public? I always thought that she was a nice but a bit messed up person but her last videos stink of attention seeking and keeping her fame running with personal drama. If she really wanted her peace and relaxation from a bad period in her life, she could keep her private life privat or put yt on a rest for a few months. With her lovelife as the main attraction her "fame" and life will go down the drain in no time.

No. 521916

There was nothing warm or personal about this video. Going through the motions about what is already online was totally boring. A pathetic video for views with zero content. If you just got engaged wouldn't you be happy and excited? Not convincing at all. Im so bored with this. She's so painful to lusten with that posh fake tone. Makes my skin crawl. What's with the terrible lipstick? Disappointing thin lips are not as disappointing as clown makeup.

No. 521919

Funny how Ibf has come from a channel about trad goth lifestyle, makeup and festivals/Concerts to a bad soap opera. Its just so cringe.

No. 521921

Selling her lovelife out because she has nothing other to talk about is so painful to watch. Her channel is so boring in the last few months, shitty hauls, personal stuff nobody besides her 14 year old fans care about and lame homestorys cashing out on emotions like the one with her cat flying in from nz. Boring and pointless.

No. 521939

The fact that she's talking about her divorce, mental breakdown and taking benzos, in a public space is so trashy. Why couldn't she film this in a more private space? God she's a mess

No. 521959

What makes you think he's gay? He was married to a woman, flirts with multiple women, IBF is heavily implying that he cheated on her with another woman (or multiple women), etc. He's def attracted to women and I've never seen an indication he likes men.

No. 521962

Yeah, it's so strange, like why not at least date for a year or so before you slip right into getting engaged again?

No. 521968

Yeah it's really annoying. She used to be kinda cool and authentic when she was still in NZ. Now she's become extremely materialistic mess with one killstar/other overprized brand haul video after another. I know this was brought up several times already but that's the complete opposite what the goth subculture intended to be, it still has its origins in punk so they shouldn't turn out to be some zombies who only care about their appearance, hoarding goff clothes & accessories, getting as much attention as possible, creating relationship drama and so on. IBF and most other goth youtubers/instagrammers are exactly like those basic bitch mainstream normies they are against, only that everything they have is black lmao

No. 521978

In fact every Goth Yt is all about "buy this clothes, you must wear this makeup bla bla bla." I would love to see someone who is able to look cool without all this expensive. They should support the old spirit they want to represent so badly by either making their own clothes or at least buy from some of the nice etsy,etc… shops out there who offer handmade and often even tailord clothes. That would also solve the "Pig in a dress" problem for many of them.

No. 522003

File: 1520347369226.png (1.09 MB, 1305x879, Lie of the Century.png)


No. 522017

This is why you should never ever become a YouTuber! The ego blows up because they lose all sense of reality…

No. 522073

The only more genuine goth youtuber with a decent following I know is angela benedict, even though she does some budget haul videos for these shady asian websites. But apart from that she always tries to spread the message that goth was always more about creating your own look, diy'ing your outfits, thrifting and that it doesn't have to be expensive. She's really the only one who's not so superficial and materialistic, and she has a regular job outside Yt which is really refreshing compared to these cows that are full of shit cause their whole lives revolve around their online persona and who's the fanciest of them all.

No. 522086

File: 1520355968483.jpg (161.63 KB, 720x1033, IMG_20180306_181013.JPG)


No. 522087


I agree. I love Angela in terms of being a true goth. I would sub to her but I find her content pretty boring. I watch one video of hers every few months or so.

Whenever TT or any other one of those girls talks about "elitists" I always have a feeling that they are talking about Angela. You would think she would be someone they look up to as an elder goth who actually was in the scene when it was big, but they never ever mention her by name.

No. 522089


I didn't mean when the scene was "big" as in popular of course, I should have said when the scene was legit.

No. 522098

File: 1520356643606.jpg (126.11 KB, 400x300, radagast_roberto_savino_1x.jpg)

That white streak in her hair reminds me of this

No. 522123

>im not a serial monogamist but when the perfect man comes around you don't turn him away
>im not a serial monogamist but i have been in back to back relationships for 7 years

Yeah thats not how it works Freya.

No. 522231

File: 1520367597931.jpeg (62.98 KB, 600x408, 26b.jpeg)

No. 522232

Emo much? Affirmative.

No. 522255

Mr Owl is her Soul mate? I think I just felt a bit of sick in the back of my throat.

No. 522449

Aurelio Voltaire is the real g lol straight up pirate ridding a black dick’s unicorn(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 522643

Fuck off Voltaire, you're nothing but an aging hipster, and your music is ok. I liked you better when you stuck to comic books and stop motion animation.

No. 522678

He uses the suicide of his ex when they were teenagers to gain sympathy and sell records. Yes it's a terrible thing but he tells the full story on stage to sell himself as a deeper, more empathetic brooding artist. I can't respect that. Who knows if it even happened.

No. 522681

"Mr Owl is my Soulmate*"

*Terms and Conditions apply, this may include; til I find someone richer, better, with more status, more goff, looks better etc etc.

No. 522719

Right ? Aurelio plays victim at his shows so he gets some love from the crowd because his music is shit. I bet he just walks around NYC sucking every cock he can at clubs when he’s alone, the girl he walks around sometimes is just a pretend so he doesn’t look so bad around the most “normal” people , that fucker wants to blend in with everyone he can he’s just a cock sucker with a really bad taste in shoes(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 522889

I thought that depression and suicide youtube video he made with reeree and ibf was such bullshit. He is desperate for views.

No. 522907

I've been to four shows and I've never heard him tell that story. Weird.
He is creepy as all hell and a complete scumbag, can't keep his dick in his pants and when he gets called out for his behavior he plays the victim card and alienates his fans.
I had to unlike him on FB a few years ago around the time of his stupid '50 shades of the greys' book. Basically no one was excited and thought it was offensive and retarded and he sperg'd hard to the point people were saying 'YOU NEED A SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER'.
I wish Angela Benedict would stop pal'ing around with him through IG, I really like her.

No. 522913

Freya is an emotional cripple.

No. 523171

What was the book drama about and why was the book offensive? I don't follow him, so I have no idea.

No. 523401

I don't follow him either anon, but this is all I could find:

"A hilariously kinky coffee table book that will make you shoot Klingon raktajino out of your nose!

Extraterrestrials came to our world! They read a book called FIFTY SHADES OF GREY and became inspired ( or is that confused? You decide)! They came to the conclusion that the best way to understand the human race was to try all fifty shady shenanigans themselves! The result is a book filled with hilariously sexy, sci-fi kink! No fetish, perversion or paraphilia is spared as these Greys try out flogging, pegging, scatology, necrophilia, threesomes, orgies, water sports and just about every other subversive sexual act you can think of! And just to sweeten the pot, each hysterical image features a caption that parodies a slogan or catchphrase from one of your favorite sci-fi shows!"

I don't know about offensive, just crass and juvenile

No. 523457

I'm surprised people think Voltaire is anything but a cool gracious guy? Never saw this opinion anywhere outside of this thread. He sleeps around but what musician doesn't? He's kind of flirty(with both men and women) but i've never found him to be creepy. Only thing was kinda pathetic and weird to see him trying to ingratiate himself with goth youtubers for relevance. But his music is good so I can forgive that, that's all i want from him is good music anyway

No. 523548

I have friends who have opposing opinions on him after meeting him, but trust me, there are people out there who find him insufferable

I found it eyeroll worthy when he replied to one of Reeree's Instagram posts with "I meant it when I told you you are the most beautiful woman I have ever met"

WTF you doing dude? she's not leaving the dead-eyed lumberjack anytime soon
Fuck dude, give it up, she is not leaving the dead-eyed lumberjack for you

No. 523627

It was when he was playing Whitby, before he played Innocent. Met him there and spent some time with him as we were both in from other countries; He was nice but I didn't really appreciate the pet names he gives people he doesn't know and it's only later on that the whole ex girlfriend death thing seemed a bit tacky. I didn't know about the book but looked it up; very cringe.

No. 523635

File: 1520471039506.jpg (89.06 KB, 665x665, oldeadeyes.jpg)

No. 523689

Are people jusy paying her patreon to just be a lazy cow? Those poor people giving her money to holiday. Insufferably lazy. What happened to thrice weekly videos? Wtf is with thrice anyway? Ugh she's the biggest pretentious bogan ever….

No. 523695


LMFAO STAHP!! That kills me…

It seems like he constantly has this "behind the camera" gaze.

No. 523704

File: 1520477043916.png (763.08 KB, 952x591, 7587258235523.png)

Drac is beginning to slowly become more cow-like with her pretentiousness, read this convo she had with a fan on a pic on instagram.
"I'm focusing on my ART and I don't wanna be known as a youtuber who does makeup" please drac, you wouldn't even have any followers if it wasn't for your makeup.
Why can't she just say "I'm just busy with my shop" instead of having to be on a high horse?

No. 523717

I'm not a Drac fan, at all, and I see nothing wrong with her response. She was polite and said what she felt she needed to say. She gave a reason and it was valid. I mean, I don't see her getting far without her YouTube platform, but she'll find that out soon enough.

No. 523747

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with ReeRee or his partner they seem cool and they have way more integrity than the rest , they just don’t seem to talk with many people and ReeRee is cool because she’s into vegan stuff , she was just dragged down to this shitty suicide prevention collab video with Aurelio he’s not only a cocksucker but he drags people down to his shit , specially weaker people , same with Avelina I feel ReeRee was dragged to it and she never wanted to be a part of those pathetic handmade Chinese looking bags

No. 523752

That tattoo is horrible

No. 523774

Wow, her balance must be screwed with that ego. I know she has BPD but I honestly see a lot of autism in her behaviour although it's all different she has traits

No. 523820

My friend met Voltaire at Dragoncon one year. Right after he got his picture taken with him he reached down and fondled my friends junk and said something like "You're not shy are you?"
So, yeah. He's a bit creepy.

No. 523833

It's like he thinks he's this rock star who can get away with whatever he wants and people will just be glad he did it to them because OMG VOLTAIRE TOUCHED ME!
Like, no dude, you're just ruining their night.

I've seen that too, his ex wife Amy is actually really pretty and I wish she'd tie him down again so he could be chastity caged. When he's in a relationship he at least doesnt do that stuff openly, no doubt he's a cheater though. But at least his fans wont be subject to his pervyness.
I actually first saw him when he was still with Amy and he was so sweet to me, not pervy at all. Then a few years later he's creeping hard because he was single.

you must not be into the goth scene much but I know promoters who have him on a blacklist because he creeped out women at shows, and in one case flirted with a promoters fiance in front of him, and not in a ha-ha way. In a seriously propositioning her way.

He'd also posted some of the pictures on FB, which was a big no-no because a lot of younger fans were freaked out.

Sorry if my post is long and milk-less

No. 523901

>He'd also posted some of the pictures on FB, which was a big no-no because a lot of younger fans were freaked out.

Are they stil there? Would be a good laugh to read I think.

No. 523914

It's weird how guys were shamed for this sh*t with the #metoo extravaganza but everyone just tolerates this no-name (who makes shit halloween music) assaulting people because he's part of the goff community…
Or maybe not if he's blacklisted. Can you imagine what his phone looks like considering his IRL creepin' is already so excessive

Sage for I've never met/seen him but think he's creepy from a safe distance

No. 523939


No. 523945

File: 1520516213029.png (442.61 KB, 735x522, half 10.png)

Jake woke Kaya up at around 11:00 in the morning for breakfast. How is that a reasonable time?
no wonder TT could never hold down any jobs she's so beyond lazy

No. 523946

I was expecting "he made me breakfast in bed" but naah, Jake wouldn't do anything nice like that would he? kek

No. 523993

glad someone else noticed. the hand golfing the block looks like a grey noodle.

>building my name…as a designer

bitch where, aside from making drawings into pins, i haven't seen her design anything. she's not even that prolific with her art, and idk what she's doing to ~build her name~ but i still can't find any reviews of her shop

No. 524005


Girl needs to get herself a website that doesn't look like it was pulled straight out of a 12-year old's geocities page from the late 90s.

No. 524261

Drac makens art is shit , horrible, negative , soulless just like her

No. 524268

Drac doesn’t know how to conjugate textures, her drawings and makeup are overly extreme harsh like melted wax and she doesn’t know how to mix colors , I don’t understand how people see her stuffs art. It looks like kids art , I don’t like it

No. 524279

I used to follow CoalCandy just because he made cool vlogs about WGT but then he completely changed his content, he seemed he got frustrated with something and all the sudden he only makes videos trying to prove he was always goth

No. 524408

was it around the goth is all about music youtube drama?

No. 524455

>really bad taste in shoes
you fucking take that back you philistine
fluevogs are gorgeous

the majority of his fans probably would be totally cool with it. seriously, go look at the people who comment on his IG and check out their pages. most of them are either overweight and unattractive or aging moms (not the milf type) who are looking for a spoopy Harlquin-romance-tier escapist fantasy. they'd be positively giddy to be molested by him.

the thing that i find sort of interesting/appalling is that he's always like 'i would only be attracted to a woman who's close to my own age! it would be creepy to date someone who's as young as my own son!'…but the entire song 'folly of love' is about chasing after a chick who's way younger than him and bitching about how vapid she is because she didn't go for him.
i'm lit. half his age (26) and the first show i saw him at, he invited me back to his hotel room, so it's not like he actually lives up to those self-professed dating standards, either.

No. 524467

Right?? I have a few pairs that have taken me years to amass, but they're worth the price, and they will last you.

And I also get nothing but compliments for them.(no one cares)

No. 524483

0h I didn’t know he said that he was only into women his own age. He hit on me when I was 26 at a show and he was like 45. I wasn’t bothered really, but it kinda killed the show for me, (My friend did hilariously make him uncomfortable, after I made it clear I wasn’t interested )

Saged for no real milk

No. 524504

does Aurelio have kids? Sorry, your comment mentioned him having a son, but I wasn't sure if you meant metaphorically. saged.

No. 524505

I used to watch CoalCandy videos too, I liked how he was very much into nature, hiking, sports and also into goth/fashion/music. I don't see that combo too often on youtube.

No. 524508


He has a son that's somewhere around 18-20. I'm too lazy to lurk his IG tho. But he makes reference to him a lot.

No. 524510


Samefag, but a quick google search would have done you well. Just searched it myself and it comes up immediately.

No. 524513

his son is cute and I like his name.

No. 524515

it's interesting you say that. back in the 20th century, from the 60s to the 90s, it was "normal" for rock stars to grope and fondle girls and have sex with groupies. I've read plenty of stories about famous musicians fondling girls and girls were supposed to be excited, like "OMG HE TOUCHED MY BOOB! NOW I CAN DIE IN PEACE!!!" It was seen as rock star behavior and it was considered an honor to be touched by a rcok star. Now that kind of shit doesn't fly anymore and younger people aren't OK with being touched without consent. It seems that Aurelio and all other older musicians need to learn this and accept this kind of behavior isn't ok anymore.

saged for sounding like a SJW sperg.

No. 524518


He was never and will never be a "rockstar" lmfao. That is the difference.

No. 524537

Excuse me ? You have to be completely out of your mind ! Fluevogs are straight up goth pimp shoes ! He only needs a walking stick and he’s ready for the pimp business !

No. 524542

Wich fits his character alright !

No. 524564

Well, shit, guess that makes me a pimp

No. 524571

I was 23 and that was last year, so yeah I'd say he doesn't exactly stick to his own age. Good to know he has a pattern of being creepy though, and it's always at his shows. For me it was back stage as I knew someone in the other band playing that night.

No. 524689

Do any Anons with throwaway social media accounts/twitter accounts want to throw out some Voltaire #MeToo tweets? It seems unfair that he just gets away with it and people like that guy from Star Trek and the guy from Kiss got the works

Spread the word

No. 524861

Voltaire seemed like a cool guy until I met him at Dragoncon one year. Caring about the person behind the craft (wanting to meet them and getting an autograph) isn't my thing but my friend is a HUGE fan of him so I offered to film his panel for her since she couldn't afford to come. Per suggestion of someone else I asked him if he could say hi to her on camera after the panel when he was doing autographs and pictures etc. He proceeded to go on a tangent about how he doesn't like to do videos, why couldn't she be there, wouldn't take my explanation when given . . It was weird, and I was NOT about to tell her life story to this complete stranger. People were waiting their turn and I was put off so I was like if you don't want to it's no big deal but then he did a 180 and did this entire speech about how she should really go to one of his shows and he'll even give her a kiss when she comes. I recorded it and hightailed outta there.
The message was honestly really nice and my friend like it, but something about his personality and mannerisms were giving me a red flag that when I watched it on my own It was just uncomfortable. Even watching his videos on Youtube and appearances with IBF gave me the bad vibes.
I thought I was just an asshole but reading all the testimonies here makes me really uncomfortable that I made me my friend like this guy even more.

No. 524910

I'm sorry to hear he was like that, probably for the best your friend wasn't there and I hope that if ever she does meet him he doesn't take advantage. Maybe we do need to say something though since he was overly touchy/kissy with me too and whilst it wasn't a big deal for me I can see it being so for others. Maybe that's why IBF and ReeRee were so enamoured by him though since Matthias was cheating and Ngaree's marriage was a bit shaky at that point. Either way, I felt he kind of gave them the affection they didn't have at home and that's a bit sad of him to take advantage of women with low self esteem and broken marriages. Not at all surprising though

No. 525121

I dunno, man. I know that callout culture is all the rage these days but people know that Voltaire's a creep already, as demonstrated by the events/venues that have him blacklisted, and if you've been around the convention circuit for any amount of time you'll probably have heard some people speak disparagingly of his behavior. also, the guy isn't exactly 'rich and famous' and I would honestly feel bad for his kid (who is in an expensive-ass art school rn out on the west coast iirc) if the blow to his dad's reputation led to a loss of income and consequently impacted his ability to continue his studies at the school he wanted to go to.

I think he definitely needs to work on his boundaries with his fans (and also probably his drinking at cons) but also the fans need to be more assertive in telling him to knock it off when he's making them uncomfortable. he does get asked to do some pretty extreme things by people who do have the 'OMG HE TOUCHED MY BOOB! NOW I CAN DIE IN PEACE!!!' mentality going on, so I suspect that's where the 'rock star' self-image mentioned in >>524515 comes from, his ego seems to swing from one end of the spectrum to the other. kind of suspect he has some kind of neurological disorder, actually.

not to mention his fangirls are also rabid and would probably go after any person that talked shit about him with torches and pitchforks. but without having an identity to associate with this kind of story, imo it would be too easy to dismiss as a false accusation. i think i remember seeing him talk about this exact kind of situation in the comments on one of his IG posts at some point but i can't be arsed to dig through the archives for a screencap to see how he dealt with it.

No. 525194

Who in the world is a fan of a guy like that ? I can’t understand

No. 525195

He’s a huge creep!

No. 525243

File: 1520648462053.gif (279.89 KB, 500x378, giphy.gif)

No. 525252

File: 1520649889098.jpeg (436.5 KB, 1500x1920, 97871B82-1D20-4572-9515-3B6025…)

No. 525256

File: 1520650399797.jpeg (256.52 KB, 1500x1920, 5ADADF31-57F7-4F86-BCD6-2394E3…)

No. 525283

>inb4 voltaire finds this thread and uses it as justification to harp even louder about how he's been hounded by normie bullies throughout his whole life

way to go, provide the dude with more confetti for his personal pity party.

No. 525296

He’s a bully himself tho

No. 525313

Yeah around that , psychara made a video too in that topic so I immediately unfollowed her

No. 525360

He actually played a pimp in a movie once.

No. 525443

>Yeah around that , psychara made a video too in that topic so I immediately unfollowed her

What do you mean? Which one?

No. 525444

>making fun of alt clothing

you guys really like to pick low hanging fruits

No. 525458

In Velocipastor?

No. 525481

I agree with you but the "look at me" one is too funny >>525252 and makes more fun of his attitude

No. 525492

I can only assume the "POSER" video she made is the one Anon meant

No. 525504

Hmm.. just finished watching it, I don't honestly see a reason to unfollow.Plus all the drama was last autumn, and that video is only like a month old.

No. 525548

Then I am completely unaware of which video it was to be honest
Every 'goff' YouTuber makes one of these types of videos at least once a month nowadays to ensure the populace they are indeed still as goth as they were yesterday

No. 525584

OK, I wrote it, because that video was all about dressing and not giving a fuck what other people, alt people including, think about it. No about "am I goff or not". But maybe that anon would make it clear in next post.

No. 525744

So much positivity in the comments.

No. 525752

Drac in general seems to come off as pretentious as fuck. I know it's a topic we've went over but her asskissing of Kat Von D is so excessive and she's probably so pissed off because she wasn't accepted into the artistry collective or anything because let's be real. Most of her makeup looks get very samey.

No. 525761


Just type "sage" in the email field…JUST "sage" ffs.

No. 525854

I remember the first time I encountered that ABB chick…I was enjoying my drink at the bar away from the dance floor watching everybody stomping away, when suddenly some chick pushed me. My drink spilled all over me and then some douche with a video camera bumped hard on me so he can follow her to film. I remember being so pissed! And she dances like shit! Jumping up and down being loud? Pathetic. I never even got a sorry from neither of them. There were so fucking rude. sage for rage and rambling

No. 526040

Can toxic stop begging free stuff of people already? She even begs for resin wtf
How come she doesn’t work for the things she wants? Like does she even have life goals?

No. 526182

what ABB chick?

No. 526185

Random, but does anyone know what happened to Joji Gray? S/he was one of the first lolcows I used to read up about but left youtube tumblr and instagram, does she have any new social media? Always started new accounts when she got bored of her latest hobby (goth, cybergoth, dandy, lgbt, bone jewelry, southern boy, etc) so I'm wondering if she has a new persona now

No. 526211

Check the Joji Grey thread, Anon

No. 526216

I was talking about Adora Batbrat my bad lol. I should have spelled her name out.

No. 526236


To be accepted to the artistry collective you need to have a semblance of charisma and not awkwardly stand around like a potato.

No. 526343

JFC, people really come up with such a shitty nonsense as "subscription boxes", I'm honestly amazed.

No. 526540

Can she not take a decent thumbnail? You think with her apparent film skills would mean should could take a picture or even film where you can see what the box looks like instead just light reflecting

No. 526547

She made a point at the timing of saying publicly she didn't want to be part of the collective because she felt it was too restrictive and she didn't want to represent anything; which to me seemed like she was throwing her toys out the pram and having a bit of a "Well, if you don't ask me then I never wanted it at all and I totez trolled you guys in to thinking I needed it but…I…I totally didn't, shut up"

No. 526611

I just wonder how much longer Kat's gonna keep sending her free make up if she's not making make up videos anymore.

No. 526796

Looks like like Sebastian Columbine is trying to copy Toxic Tears now. Not only by using that pink, pastel goth aesthetic, but by making videos that mostly consist of shitty subscription box unboxings. Glad that quite a lot of people seem to be disliking her new "content".

No. 526879

omg she sounds like she's reading a script. do fucking dull.

No. 526942

Sebastian Columbine has always been boring with the voice to match
It's perplexing how so many people watch her shit and actually enjoy it

No. 526987

She seems to have stopped, or maybe just hasn't released anything in a while as I think Bianca bought the pointless 'smudged on purpose' eyeliner (because it's just so hard to smudge out regularly, apparently) herself. I don't know though as I don't check her insta too often.

No. 526989

Do you know if it was TT who started that shit? as Sebastian has been dressing like that for what feels like quite a while with the pink hair and whatnot and it'd be interesting to know which was first. Or rather who started pastels in goth as a thing so they can be personally chastised.

No. 527168

File: 1520872675457.png (1.01 MB, 1080x1553, IMG_20180312_163422.png)

Mmmhmm…she's some gumption. Begging for attic refurbs, begging for money on her Twitch to save up for another Japan trip, begging for anything else she can easily save money up for herself, then spending her actual money on tattoos instead? Wonder where the funds for this came from then…Patreon? Digging into those Japan funds maybe..?

No. 527194

Is that.. Is that.. a hairy crotch and legs?

No. 527205

pretty sure it's another moth. but… ha.

No. 527227

Omg two people who like both black and pink!? No Way!!!


No. 527255

It's a bumblebee.

No. 527318

File: 1520884112059.jpg (Spoiler Image, 133.4 KB, 698x752, tattoo.jpg)

This is all I'll ever see it as

No. 527340

i like this better than my moth or their bumblebee

No. 527372

If it was just adults he was like this with I'd be less bothered.

Most of the musicians I've met have been pretty normal once they're out of the public eye, not this douche though, he's full time creepy to the bone.

No. 527380

File: 1520890252682.jpg (46.96 KB, 750x758, jimmy.jpg)

Jimmy Mercy is a fuckboi. I've known him for quite a long time, and could go on about the cringe-y shit he pulls, including seducing underage girls on tumblr. He was recently outted for making racist comments, and so many folks have come out to say their experiences with him have been terrible.

No. 527384

File: 1520890454748.jpg (63.26 KB, 540x685, jimmy 2.jpg)

Incoming mini dump for Jimmy Mercy

No. 527385

File: 1520890483974.jpg (56.69 KB, 540x664, jimmy 3.jpg)

No. 527387

Or it's that the people he creeps on the most are younger and/or nervous types he knows won't say anything, give it a couple of years and they'll start coming out of the woodwork like they have been recently with Will Francis.

No. 527400


Oh, he absolutely does. I've known him for over 10 years now, though we haven't spoken in close to 5. This isn't new behavior of his at all. He's almost 30 now and still going after much younger women. His current partner is NOW of legal age, but from what I've heard she wasn't when they started getting together. I could go on and on and on about the garbage he's done.

No. 527414

Speaking of Wil Francis, are the accusations the real reason he stopped doing live shows so suddenly? He said it was to spend more time with his family, but come on. I was so pissed off to find out this bullshit about him, because (unlike Voltaire) he’s actually a talented musician and puts on an amazing show as William Control.

No. 527439

What? Where? When?
That's kind of sad then knowing William Control took place of Blood on the Dance Floor after the pedo accusations if that's the case

No. 527473

>This account is private

shit hit the fan I assume

No. 527497

Yeah, I only know him from some of the videos I had seen on youtube, is disappointing because he seemed like a nice guy, but i'm glad the truth has come out.

saged for opinion.

No. 527820

Hitting on 15? It's legal age in my country, but what is so interesting in them? Hmm must be ephebophilia as girl that age has neither body nor brain (which women tend to finally develop around 25, but some fail as this board shows us).

No. 527822

TT finished bee is the ugliest tat I’ve ever seen.

No. 527844

a tattoo that size would cost about 170 pounds.
she honestly doesn't know how to save money at all. that could have been used for the attic she wants so badly

No. 528213

File: 1520974758062.png (447.97 KB, 789x524, Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 2.56…)

does anyone else think it's totally ludicrous how the google image results for 'toxic tears' are complete misrepresentations of reality? she's not even recognizable now. if someone told me pic related was two photos of the same person, i'd think they were lying to me. it just goes to show that she really did hit her peak ~3-4 years ago.

No. 528217

File: 1520974863868.bmp (1.02 MB, 589x604, Untitled 1.bmp)

No. 528227

if she at least owned the weight gain, dressed for her body type and didnt act so damn defensive of it it wouldnt make her look nearly as stupid

No. 528238

I don't like the placement but other than that it looks nice. Wonder what it'll look like once it's healed.

No. 528269

How old is Matthias? Anyone knows?

No. 528286

He's 26.

No. 528359

Same. It's just too large for where it's been placed.

No. 528380

Is this because she wore black and yellow for a while a few months ago? I've never seen her be particularly passionate about bees and she can't like anything without it being seen as an integral part of her personality while also not actually being a passion, so I can only guess dressing like one didn't work so plastering it on her body will.

No. 528390

Yup, and looks like 36.

No. 528410

IBF getting a new tat as well in a similar spot to TT but smaller. Wonder what it will be…

Sorry, on mobile and hard to get screenshot and crop atm but it's on her IG story.

No. 528419

File: 1520987008653.png (895.81 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180313-202218.png)

Samefag…not reall smaller actually haha. Not the best capture but I tried.

No. 528473

Late to the party, but speaking of Voltaire, about 6 or 7 years ago a group I was involved with was hired to do some dancing for this band that did a few shows with Voltaire. He decided he wanted one of us to do a song for him too at the show and our youngest girl (20 at the time) liked his music so we put her with him. He tried to make out with her and was very creepy, even in front of her boyfriend who was our security. The night didn't end well and was probably one of the most uncomfortable jobs we ever did. I know in at least our circuit of entertainment he isn't favourably talked about.

No. 528485

IBFs husband has started an instagram
Schwazkittel.leipzig with mr owls ex and Angela Benedict being amoung his first few followers.
Unable to screenshot on phone sorry

Adding to the Voltaire pile,I was at the show ReeRee was at and everyone seemed creeped out by him.He spent a long time saying really sexual things to one girl in particular who is 19

No. 528693

Are reeree and her husband back,together ?

I thought mattias didn't have any social media but he's also on fb and sells his art lol

No. 528759

Ugh, how tacky.
Saged for personal sideeye

No. 528792

File: 1521023995478.png (775.73 KB, 939x532, milk.png)

What is it with people constantly complaining about money and e-begging getting tats lately?

No. 528905

Even if you only read this thread from the beginning you would know that ReeRee and her husband have been back together. Also, Matthias' social media accounts have been posted numerous times here. Please read the thread before asking questions.

These girls have no shame. I can almost guarantee that her psychotic mother or Mr.Owl the doormat funded it. They will never learn to grow up this way.

No. 528994

i thought mattius was in his 40's

No. 529007


>i thought mattius was in his 40's

He indeed sports a corpse look in a professional way, yet he looks older than he is to me even without makeup

No. 529049


You're thinking of Mr.Owl who is in his 40s.

Wtf is up with these newfags?

No. 529204

I've been reading all these threads. Perhaps I missed it? A simple explanation would have been enough .

No. 529233

His instagram hasn't been mentioned before - it's new. Previous poster is being a bit of a douche.

No. 529243

I thought he is around 28,but when I saw he is a student and graduated in 2016 I got confused. He is too old for crappy part time jobs…

No. 529283


How was I being a douche? I never said his fucking instagram was ever mentioned. That anon said that they didn't know he had a facebook to which I responded with they have been posted here numerous times. That is a fact. Get your shit straight.

No. 529293


Samefag but if you are just today finding out about his FB and that he sells his art then you are pretty far behind. There are screenshots all over the thread.

No. 529313


No. 529316


It…it's a joke. A meme at this point. I am 26. Also, sage your shit.

No. 529327

File: 1521062827592.png (144.76 KB, 500x607, its-not-a-phase-mom-this-is-th…)

No. 529328

Read the rules or gtfo. Why are you even on lolcow then?! That is exactly what lolcow is for. Goodbye.

No. 529363

At this point it looks like it’s the same person infighting with themselves. This thread has become a joke with no milk

No. 529367

You can tell who the troll is by the lack of sage…

No. 529396

She said in a video from some time back that "I've always been into bugs and always wanted to get a bee tattoo" I'm not sure why its only now she got it maybe its the cost because a big, coloured tattoo wouldnt be cheap but it doesnt seem like a recent fad shes going through.

No. 529408

File: 1521069236953.png (1.83 MB, 2022x1080, Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 23.1…)

Not actually an altcow themselves but there's this guy called Frank who comments extensively on nearly every well known alternative/goth girl's instagrams and facebooks trying to get their attention. He must be in his mid-late 40's and is in a relationship but it is a bit sad and creepy all the in-depth shit he writes on their pictures. It wouldn't be weird if it was just a few comments or compliments but he talks about their families a lot and tags everyone possible that may give him attention and to me it's a bit cringe.

No. 529410

File: 1521069428028.png (645.46 KB, 1017x1066, Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 23.0…)

samefag but as far as it seems he has never met her whilst he talks like he has and just stalks her social media and sends her gifts vying for her attention. I think it's the extensiveness and persistence of what he says whilst he has his own family and life that makes it a bit stalkery. Also apologies as I forgot to sage that.

No. 529503

he sounds mentally ill and needs help stat. Adora and other goth YTers better watch their asses.

No. 529517

Tattoos are not like marriages. You can't just change your mind if you decide you don't want it anymore. Im still totally smh abut how badly she treated Mattias. I feel sorry for him. Freya is a fake.

No. 529675

Did anyone catch this? She does say her films suck, Gotta appreciate the honesty but good god what a waste

No. 529690

Why does she have to film everything she does? She could have just posted the pic once it was finished, people know how tattoos are made.

No. 529703

Again. Mind blowing content. She's reaching.

No. 529754

File: 1521119210050.png (956.64 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180315-090610.png)

Getting another on her pinky ffs.

No. 529759

I don't get why she was accepted based on those films. There's nothing special about them. The stories are so cliche, weak and uninteresting. That second clip is especially terrible. Seems like she re-used some parts from her "Room Tour" video on Youtube. Glad that she at least recognizes that she just "narcissistically filmed herself". There's no depth there.

No. 529795

No. 529835


they'll accept any old shit in CalArts as long as you're rich enough to pay tuition. just look at rcdart.

No. 529925

shes got a very chunky manly arm and hand

No. 530155

File: 1521144476548.png (1.37 MB, 2017x1090, Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 23.0…)

Adding to the creep factor. I think this guy may have kids but still just wastes his time obsessing over Adora.

No. 530164

File: 1521144854404.png (944.4 KB, 1834x944, 1.png)

He has begun tagging some friends of mine who are just 18, and still with the acting Adora is a friend but she never reply. Same Frank.

No. 530167

File: 1521144929139.png (944.32 KB, 1825x921, 2.png)

No. 530171

File: 1521145013605.png (918.96 KB, 1849x855, 3.png)

No. 530189

So his fb has been up for some time but his ig is pretty new. No where had it been mentioned until someone recently provided the username. Stop with the lurk more shit.

No. 530205

So much for 'nice husband' when she's off fucking Ras. It's very obvious by body language that she is sleeping with him or at least getting to that point yet she won't really admit to all the people asking if her marriage is over and fawning over her as if she could do no wrong. It's not really a big deal but being secretive when you plaster your life online is a bit odd at this point.

No. 530225

Schwartzkittel FB was posted during the initial breakup way in the last fucking thread. Are you retarded? Lurk more.

No. 530235

they mean his instagram username

No. 530251

His IG username is the same, but that's irrelevant. There were anons in here yesterday saying his FB was never posted here but I will drop >>428173 here from two threads ago.

No. 530874

File: 1521196178986.png (724.13 KB, 640x1136, 262ACB89-1C5D-4690-828B-E2DCDB…)

Eat less, move more

No. 530876

She's just trying to get her fans to send money so she can afford a personal trainer. GET A JOB LIKE EVERY ONE ELSE

No. 530894

I wish I could be a fly on the wall in their rancid house for a few days. I don't understand what she does all day that she can't be fucked to go out for a short jog or something?! Even doing some workouts at home would be enough. All she does is sit on her ass and eat it seems. Portion control would probably do her some good too but she just doesn't care.

No. 530898

So far, things you gossiped about, but never happened IRL:

- Adora being a swinger and leaving her husband
- Ree Ree leaving her husband
_ Coalcandy being gay

No. 530900

Um reeree and her husband did split up for a bit. She posted about it on her IG as well as her depop and complained about how hard it was learning to be a "single mum". Sage your shit.

No. 530918

Shouldn't her own BOYFRIEND be doing this?

No. 530925

I still don't know what's going on with this Ras guy (if he's dating Adora or not… she claims that they're not partners, but I'm not sure I believe her… why spend Valentine's day and get a gift from him then?)… But is it just me or does he seem kind of uncomfortable around Adora? Maybe he jus doesn't like being filmed.

No. 530927

Shut up already.

No. 530938

Haha Jake is way too into himself to motivate Kaya. Or maybe he has and she really just doesn't want to. They could go to the gym together if Jake even still goes. That should be motivation enough for her.

Stop with your useless posts that mean nothing. It's wasting a post in the thread.

No. 530946

She's such a womanchild.

No. 530948

Look, if you're gonna complain at least read the threads properly. ReeRee herself said they split, it was speculated that Adora may have an open relationship before she and her husband began living separately, and as for Simon, it was briefly mentioned due to his flamboyant and androgynous appearance which is a bit less common among straight men even in alternative fashion. Please sage your bitching or leave if you don't like it.

No. 530957


Jake is too busy not doing what he advertises his job to be: daily vlogging (or any kind, really). I wonder how he can live with himself relying on TT's shitty unboxings to actually afford food.

The other day he posted about how he's going to focus on making music part of his career, I thought he was already doing that? Guess he needed a shitty instagram post with a shitty filtered photo to make it official? Who knows anymore.

Like anon above said, I'd love to be a fly in their rancid house and see exactly how their spend their time and come up with these subtle begging schemes to extract gifts and money from their viewers.

No. 530971

File: 1521216236343.png (781.15 KB, 640x1136, CA2517B4-BA3D-4E89-8235-0BB9A9…)

Oh no guys she has to refilm videos of all the free shit she got eye roll

No. 530984

Jesus Christ. She used to have a bit of variety in her videos. It's only a matter of time before her asslicking followers get sick of the same video over and over and over. I know it's been mentioned before…but if she actually put some effort into her diet and exercise then she would have something to work off of. Something that I'm sure a lot of her followers can connect with. Her followers don't connect with getting free shit and opening it just for fun.

No. 531127

It matches her thick neck and fatty skull. Which we now know about when she had a shaved head.

No. 531136

Adora has 3 kids. Shes in her 40s. She's been together with her husband for 20 years or more. As far as I can assume most of the people in here are not even as old as they've been together. So if she has separated and seeing someone new…. who cares!!! She's lived a full life and she's a lot of fun. At least she didn't get married for a publicity stunt or dare i say an illegal way to stay in a country. I think she's alright. Def not a cow. She takes the piss out of the internet most of the time… perhaps it's the audience that are the dumbasses.

No. 531139

Shes too dumb to get a job. Would you hire her? She's thick as a brick.

No. 531142

Wow. Imagine saying that in a real life job… technology failed me. Pity me. She'd get the sack.

No. 531150

Lying on the bed while getting a tattoo and holding onto the camera the whole time. Get a life. This is so despo.

No. 531152

Hi Ann! nice to see you around

No. 531175

Newfags need to sage. Read the rules. Stop bumping the thread for nothing.

No. 531299

again, you moron, stop saying "Hi, ___" whenever someone decides to chime in and defend one of the lolcows. can farmhands please ban people who write "Hi,___" nobody wants to read your stupid fucking post.

No. 531302

is Freya back in Germany yet? I thought in her last vlog which she posted about 1-2 weeks ago that she said she was spending 9 more days in NZ

No. 531447

Looks like they're both back in Wellington after their road trip, based on Mr Owl's instagram. But her FB pic has been updated with a Gothic Pogo frame like her intention is to be there in May.

As someone who doesn't know either of them from a piece of ham, I kinda wish she'd stay in Wellington. They seem to make each other happy.

No. 531666


Hi, newfag!

No. 531669

> Please sage your bitching or leave if you don't like it.

lel, newfag detected

No. 531677

That anon was right though?? There have been way too many posts in here being stans and not sageing their whiny posts. It's fucking annoying.

Are there no farmhands? Why aren't these people being banned? Everyday breaking rules and shitposting.

No. 531686


She´s keeps claiming to have computer problems… "Japan vlog" delay, computer problems, unboxings, hard drive problems. I believe these are just excuses she makes up, but if not, girl you're a professional youtuber! Invest some money in decent equipment, it´s supposed to be your job after all!

No. 531847

It's very likely she can't be bothered, probably just sits on her fat ass eating junk food then whines about gaining weight. What's the easiest excuse to come up with rather than just flat out admitting you're a lazy shit? Why, that would be "computer problems" of course…

No. 531947

File: 1521406134582.jpg (163.39 KB, 901x602, 17U4KhF.jpg)

How sensible… isn't she trying to lose weight? Or is this the billionth "treat" she's allowing herself? kek

No. 531995

>>531947 She probably thinks adding fruit makes it "healthy"

No. 532039

File: 1521412696114.jpeg (13.21 KB, 225x225, kek.jpeg)

No. 532077

She's turning in to an IBF clone, complete with laziness, spare tire and constant bawwing. They're all morphing in to one big lump of influencer

No. 532194

wow, TT is well on her way to becoming morbidly obese if she's not careful to cut down on calories and works out. It's sad how much she's let herself go.

No. 532195

Agreed, It really is summer here lately

No. 532234

cant find it what happened to it?

No. 532337

it's just schwarzkittel.leipzig, OP misspelled it which is easily done

No. 533803

File: 1521559401805.jpg (88.56 KB, 443x601, sogoff.jpg)

Cringe. And this guy wants to be taken seriously as a goth, topfuckingkek

No. 533915

he looks like a thumb lmao

No. 533933


And all the urinols behind him. Classy shit.

No. 533947

his band is named Munro..after himself.
It seems like his bandmates hate him too. whenever he puts them in his instagram story they look so fed up.

No. 533986

Anyone know what happened to Kaya's IG? Whenever I try to go there it says page unavailable.

No. 534004

goth ninja is so 2 years ago kek

No. 534030

It's fine for Me, you must of gotten blocked or something

No. 534083


Hmm that would be strange since I never followed her or commented on anything. Maybe just a glitch or my laptop or something.

No. 534147


She’s still there. Showing off her bare attic in her ig stories lol
Decided to goto her twitch. How on earth did she become partner so quick? Who honestly watches their bad shit and subs to it?

No. 534771

Assasin's creed is strong in this one!

No. 534811

File: 1521634309824.png (978.65 KB, 800x991, Screenshot_2018-03-21-05-09-59…)

No. 534820


Interesting! So I wonder if it will be in that apartment adjacent to Matthias?? So awkward…poor Matthias.

No. 534901

This poor fool. I hope ibf has actually changed for the better with her life experiences, because what a huge waste of time if he comes to see her and they end up ending it. I feel like they aren’t going to last and will keep going back to each other out of familiarity only.

No. 535062

she needs to have her nails redone. why on earth anyone would allow an up-close photo like that to be taken when their hands look so ratchet, i don't know.

No. 535076

Coz why not. newfag?

No. 535105

Right?! Kek, besides not knowing how to sage, that is such a nitpick. Didn't even notice she needed a fill until that anon pointed it out but whatever.

I'm now extremely curious as to whether they will be looking at places for the both of them to live while he is in Germany. I can't imagine, since she said he attends uni…but it's obvious that he is now more open to travel. We will have to stay tuned I guess.

No. 536322

If you lost the unboxings, how about re-filming them, you lazy lump? It´s your job, you're getting them for free for that sole purpose…. And on that same topic, we all have days when we just can't be arsed to wash our hair. But if you're gonna film a video for youtube, do you really want everybody to see your greasy disgusting roots? It just baffles me.

No. 536337

I know she complains about being fat and depressed all the time but she really just doesn't care anymore and doesn't try. She has a really cushy job with fans and other influencers blowing smoke up her ass and inflating her ego every day yet it's just toooo haaaaard to sit on her ass,hold some products up and give a basic description/her opinion. It couldn't be more basic a request for a video yet she still fails and still gives it not even a little effort. It's so fucking irritating. A lot of people have depression but they get up and do much more difficult jobs than she does, they do them well and they don't whine about it all the time. Fat people exist too and have jobs, so she has no fucking excuse as so many people have said before. Saged for rage and repeating.

No. 536341

It's not just her filthy roots but also her hair looks filthy from the sides as well despite her attempts to keep her hair behind her ears
If someone sends you shit for free then at least put in the effort to wash your greasy hair, it might even lessen your acne too holy Christ above
Anyone giving her free subscription boxes needs to cut their supply because this is not good promotion

No. 536495

This is probably the easiest type of video to do. You hardly need to do anything except edit it a bit and take some shit out of the box. If she were any lazier she wouldn't bother to breathe.

No. 536527

what really annoys me about Kaya is that THIS is her idea of a hard days work.
Opening a box she got for free and talking about it while the youtube ad money roles in.

if she ever tried to work retail or any other kind of job I'm convinced she would die.

I have depression and I can still work 10 hour shifts and clean the house when I get home and make myself presentable. She has no excuse!
she wants everything to be handed to her and she's going to have a very tough time when she's older and can no longer pull off the goth look and will have to actually get a paying job.

No. 536579

Not only that, but does she not backup her files? Especially after already having some issues with her computer in the past (unless she was lying about them, of course).

No. 536582

Also, this video is from January, so she has no excuse for why she's uploading it so late. Just pure laziness.

No. 536594

Once again she is literally begging people to subscribe to that stupid app so she can get money to redo the attic. She even has the audacity to say she needs about 4000 people to sign up. She has taken the time to work out the financial maths for her stupid project, but has devoted NO time into actually putting any of the work herself. She's not even making empty promises on upcoming projects anymore, it's all just "please give me money".

Her videos lately are all about how all her stuff is breaking and how she has no money to replace them, the goddamn attic, and patreon. That's basically all she does. Whoever thinks her content is worth supporting is probably worse than Kaya.

Speaking of lazy fuckers, has Jake given up on his "daily" vlogging completely? Are there no part time jobs in Belfast? What the hell?

No. 536757

Avelina's new wallet collab with Allison/Goblin Queen. How basic and $70 AUD.

No. 536821

Anon, she worked for Lush for all of a hot minute and promptly got fired for calling out sick too many times. Girlfriend wasn’t even a full-timer.

No. 536833

eh. I think he looks fine and would fit into any goth/industrial/alternative club or gig fine like that. shrug
Still think he's an utter twonk of a person though, don't get me wrong.

Kaya has truly given up, hasn't she?

No. 536835

yea, instead of walking to earn points herself, she just wants the shortcut to get stuff.

right, i thought jake was the professional life liver or whatever.

No. 536839

Does anyone watch Dre Ronayne? Does she belong on this thread? She seems pretty genuine and is talented to boot (can sing very well).
Surprised she doesn't have more followers, she's basically a younger, prettier and more talented ToxicTears with a hell of a lot more interest and charm. Okay, so she's nothing like TT. But you get the picture!

No. 536840

Fuck sake. I have a genetic illness meaning I'm in pain all the time,But I take medication get in my wheelchair if need be and go to work because like every other human I have bills to pay, as anons with depression or other conditions do, and they get the fuck on with it. Logic isn't something Kaya possesses even when she's expressly told what to do. She has to go and play with soap for a living and whines til she's fired. She has absolutely no excuse especially because she gets free fucking healthcare. Take meds if she has an issue, exercise, shut up and get on with it. Doesn't even need to be in that order. She irritates me honestly more than the fake spoonies do. Really sorry for blogposting, just mad.

No. 536843

She used to get talked about, mainly for her involvement with Kelly

No. 536865

You're kidding right? She's yet another emo trying to ride on the goth bandwagon. She's fucking cringeworthy

No. 536866

I miss this kind of videos from Kaya. They were way more interesting and genuine.

No. 536867

File: 1521840006763.png (1.12 MB, 1080x1448, IMG_20180323_211732.png)

Don't her parents quite literally own a castle or is that someone else? They're certainly rich, and she makes money through instagram and modeling, but here's another one begging.

No. 536892

It's her dad's place, but that doesn't mean he's paying her way.

No. 536956


This "DIY" is literally cutting the crotch pair off a pair of tights and putting it on your arms…. and then poking hole in tights.

come on calling this a "DIY video" is LAZY AS FUCK

No. 536966

Yet it's still better than what she does now

No. 537271


lurk more, she is mentioned often in Kelly Eden's thread.

No. 537289


I´m glad you mention this. Although I love Allison, I can´t believe people actually buy these fucking overpriced bags and wallets. Just looking at hers, the material looks cheap, and it´s somebody that i´d pay like 15 dollars for. How the hell do actual people order and buy this? It baffles me completely.

No. 537323


I was wondering when this was about to go ahead
Avelina wrote Allison in the comments about this shit ages ago, so I assume it's Chinese factory based probably through Alibaba
It was sad to see Allison fall for this shit too but alas, I doubt everyone's burning holes in their goff purses for this crap

No. 537342

So OfHerbsAndAltars made a video about how she's been on methadone (a hardcore opiate) this whole time. When I take a look at the list of side effects or symptoms of withdrawal, it really reminds me of her supposed "mysterious health problems": https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Methadone

She also mentions how she casually relapses on heroin a/or other drugs several times per year.

I thought methadone treatment is supposed to be done for like 6 months? It shouldn't go on for years, right? It all seems very strange and suspicious. Does anyone here have more knowledge on the subject?

No. 537348

A lot of people end up abusing methadone when they’d be better off with heroin. Long term methadone use isn’t generally a thing because it does terrible shit to your body.

Hell, I know people who abuse suboxone. If it works as a substitute it works enough to get you to keep using it. People even get hooked on kratom, which is lame.

No. 537365

Well that's a little funny
Herbs says that he's tapering every few days then going back to the usual "dose" to feel nice and get that "soul hug" but also that he's been reduced to methadone treatments to twice per week

Sounds like addiction tbh and he's struggling with it

No. 537483

Methadone clinics are usually privately owned, and they hire doctors basically to just sign the paperwork. They let addicts have most of all the control. ( Yeah. Let people with zero self control decide how to take drugs) so, the patient can decide when to go up or down with dosages milligrams and they let the patient come as long as they want as long as they are still paying. Many drug addicts will do methadone just like any other opiate because when they take a high dosage they get the same effects as heroin. People only have to have some opiate in their system when they start to get approved and most don't take private insurance but they will take state Medicaid. People usually have to come and dose every day when they first start for about 6 months depending on the facility and then they get weekly "take homes" where they get all the methadone they need for the week and they pay for the entire week. Like I said, they can choose to go up by about 10 milligrams per day until they get the level that they want or need. Many heavy addicts just go to the clinic opposed to trying to find drugs. I comes in a liquid form so if they are at the point they get "take homes" many IV users go back to shooting it up. If they are newer and have to go daily they have to take the dosage in front of a worker and wait about an hour to make sure you don't throw it up. Some people also can go to doctors and get the pills but the clinics are very popular and are basically legal drug dealers feeding addicts. Many addicts turn around and sell theirs also for a larger profit when they have their take homes.

Source: Seven years of hell and the cause of me leaving my husband because of his clinic "treatment". The fact that it's legal is crazy with how much they are supplying addicts and how easy it is to overdose on methadone. And yes, some people can and do mix it with other opiates and can still get high, many people die when mixing it with xanax because its not a opiate, and methadone 1000% still can get a person high

No. 537551

She's a big attention whore. She's been on several Swedish shows like Sweden's Next Top Model, Project Runway Sverige and Outsiders (a show about "freaks").

Here's a preview of when she was on Outsiders. She's talking about wanting to be a vampire and she's drinking her boyfriend's blood. I can't find the complete episode online sadly.

No. 537557

I was never trusted to have take-home due to relapse so if she keeps relapsing how is she deciding to take more? It's free in the UK and can go on for as long as you want it to. Some people I know have been on it for a decade or more.

No. 537567

Sorry to hear about your husband, genuinely, I wouldn't wish addiction on any family. I'm not sure what it's like in the UK where Dorian is but if it's the same I think in his 'self-destruct' periods he'd have a field day with that system. If he admitted it was a problem and not just mysterious illness; he had a bit of potential as a musician and could have hauled himself out of his filthy little room his girlfriend cleans for him in parents house. It's pretty sad to see.

No. 537569

Is that Xilmordas? It doesn't look like her ex boyfriend but I didn't think she dated that guy, maybe just weird angle/lighting as her ex had severe body dysmorphic disorder and so was usually very controlled over how people saw him and the amount of makeup to cover his looks.

No. 537936

sage for speculation, but I still think their girlfriend poisoned them, they took down the video but it talked a lot about how they only got sick when they're girlfriend was around, how the girlfriend acted weird when they wanted to take a short break for their health, how their health got better during that break, how they had a dry salad and then the girlfriend visited and the salad was mysteriously wet (most people thought it was probably some sort of ear/eye medicine that was clear and tasteless and would've been easy to sneak into food and drink). Then later they (OHAA) made a video saying it was all a mistake and they were back together, but I think Dorian just got lonely and was willing to forgive their girlfriend. The whole thing was suspicious (as well as the fact that Dorian mentioned it was an "age gap relationship" with the girlfriend being older, and given Dorian isn't young (mid-30s) I'm guessing the girlfriend is 50+).

No. 538021

Yeah, there was something fishy about their girlfriend. But it seems like they're not together anymore. She stayed there a few times after that poisoning drama happened, but we haven't heard about her for months, so maybe she's out of the picture now. Even though Dorian has also recently mentioned that someone who they aren't even talking to anymore convinced their mother to take some kind of loan and there was a speculation that it was the girlfriend again… She seems like a really shady person.

But regarding the "health issues" - Dorian's been mentioning them for years. Mysterious "food allergies" and being sick often and now the "mysterious" weight gain… I really think it's the side effect of their addiction and they just don't want to admit it. Plus they're also drinking heavily (mentioning buying bottles of alcohol in almost every video).

No. 538140

I'm an alcoholic, so i can sympathize with kaya. I imagine she's addicted to food. She has a miserable life and turns to the one thing that makes her feel good for a minute, before the regret and guilt sets in.

I know she's not going to get the shakes from going to the gym. She should at least cut down on the junk. I imagine jake is 0 help
This nitpick shit is do dumb. Materialism doesn't belong in a punk subgenre like goth.
I've been seeing a lot of girls in my local scene with the ibf bag and one with the drac makens bag. I didn't realize that the scene cared so much about online personalities. I mean when allison's band (esoterik?) came to the bar i worked at no one knew who the fuck she was.
Ex-heroin addict and recovering alcoholic. Most people i knew who got on methadone didn't want the high the end. They hate being addicts, but don't want to commit to sobriety yet. They should get on vivitrol and go to outpatient rehab. Vivitrol is an opiate blocker that saved my life. I don't like Dorian, i think they're cringey, but not a lot of people really get addiction.

No. 538167

Sounds really absurd that she would poison him, but then again her identity was totally secret so she didn't have to worry about people knowing who she was and could do pretty much anything. Who knows if the reality Dorian portrays is actual reality though, depends what he's on at the time.

No. 538243

>Dorian isn't young (mid-30s)


No. 538711

I think the girlfriend's identity wasn't totally secret… At least I remember someone finding her Facebook page. I think it was linked in one of the previous Altcow threads. Dorian mentioned that they deleted the accusatory video partly because people were harassing Phryne (the girlfriend).

No. 538745

No. 538751

No. 538752

She's actually pretty easily searchable, and is way more unfortunate looking than I thought. She's definitely much older than him.

No. 538755

Xilmordas knows how to make some funky beats

No. 538759

Dang, I'm becoming a fan

No. 538761

Holee moleee

No. 538777

I'm pretty sure that's Viktor Barkefors Nieminen? Maybe I'm wrong.
This is his instagram

I know that Victoria knows Xilmordas, but I don't think they dated. I didn't know Viktor had BDD, his ig bio says "Dysmorphobic Schizophrenic", but I thought it was just to sound edgy and dark.

No. 538786

No. 538789

I didn't think the face looked like Viktor is why I wasn't sure but he does wear heavy makeup and usually controls the angles at which he is seen so it's quite possibly him just wasn't sure from the short clip. I was surprised they broke up honestly since they made a huge thing about being Victoria and Viktor Lovelace etc.

No. 538799

File: 1522096699056.png (697.29 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-03-26-13-33-15…)

No. 538803

That looks awful, even for the art style. Maybe placement makes it worse but it's just…not great.

No. 538807

>but I thought it was just to sound edgy and dark.

ork cute

No. 538812

She's getting tattoos in German now to commemorate her failure to thrive in that country just as she failed to thrive at home! congrats freyja! You must be so proud. Or of course because it sounds totes goffick queen to have it in German; the goth wonderland she expected and was disappointed to find it's a real country with real people.

No. 538818

He does genuinely have some pretty severe BDD and other mental health problems but seems genuine and nice. He's engaged to this other girl already though so he seems to jump in. Semi-related but Victoria's new boyfriend likes to make himself seem mysterious and stays off a lot of social media, very much unlike her. Wish he'd stop caking on white face makeup when he has medium olive skin though, looks like a floating head in the few photos of him in a dark room.

No. 538836

File: 1522099305753.jpeg (163.78 KB, 640x624, 48128AE5-F130-4DBA-B564-AB1C9E…)


No. 538837

hello newfag

No. 538841

She reminds me a bit of Vicky Shingles with that face on.

No. 538871

I'm really confused about this video because Jake used to wear makeup all the time when he was a goth so he knows how to apply makeup and what the products are..so why the stupid ignorance?

No. 538874

samefag but oh my god is that dandruff all over Kaya's hair? the top of her head is really bad.
damn girl get some head and shoulders

No. 538896

H&S is one of the worst shampoo to treat darnduff

No. 538898

I really love plague doctors and their look back then, but this is awful. It looks really amateur with no real detail and the lines are just… i dunno. There's something very off about the hands as well. Bad tattoo and bad placement.

No. 538953


What's the point of getting detailed tatoo if in like 10 years you already have it blurry?

No. 538992

idk why anyone would vlog getting a tattoo… it's literally sitting in a chair for several hours. just show the after images. nobody wants to see you sitting there, holding still and doing nothing.

No. 539038

I think he was trying to be funny, but alas, as with everything else in his life, he failed. It´s only cringy as fuck, and boring, specially with that flat tone of voice. Urgh

No. 539045


Here's victoria's lovelace boyfriend insta. It´s mostly pics of her, but there's also some of him.


No. 539146

File: 1522123768175.gif (58.23 KB, 864x576, NewOldEnglish.gif)


The script is terrible in form and spacing. In no Old English or Blackletter script is that an "S". It is more of a bastardised "G".

No. 539348

No. 539358

File: 1522156410137.png (1.31 MB, 1274x1048, Phryne.png)

And she was the one who tidied his midden??? She must have been trying to give off wifey vibes because she sure as shit doesn't look after her own. His room was as bad if not worse and I don't think he really visited her very often.

No. 539375

He's actually kinda hot without makeup.

No. 539379

File: 1522159459318.png (3.23 MB, 640x1136, 555C34FF-1FC5-4A55-8B1D-229F44…)

This bitch though! Buy it like everyone else. Her begging is pathetic

No. 539384

Great, another pink babydoll dress for Kaya the giantess to look horrendous in

No. 539396

She doesn't need shit unless it's a kick up her fat arse ffs! The amount of clothing and other useless tat she gets thrown at her for FREE and it's never enough for her! It wasn't two minutes ago that it was the exact same "need" shit with that hideous Killstar jacket and where the hell has that disappeared off to? Girl needs to get with reality. Live on a low income without "sponsorships" and handouts then she'll know what it's like to "need".

No. 539399

>>539379 >>539396
Do you think she has a problem? Like a shopping/hoarding addiction of something similar? Like you said, it's never enough for her and she's always on the lookout for the next thing. Saged for speculation.

No. 539400

I feel sorry for anyone just starting to learn about the scene and finding these YT channels. They give off the impression that to be the right kind of goth you need £1000+ worth of clothes and make up. I'd find it really intimidating, none of them talk about getting clothes from charity shops or making them they just recommend going to expensive sites like Punk Rave or wearing KVD make up. They come across as intimidating and materialistic rather than having fun.

No. 539401

She begs and whines for things, then when they don't fit right or she gets even bigger we never see them again and she's away to find the next biggest size in pink tat

No. 539402

They're also up against 16 year olds from an upper class household acting holier than thou copying to the last stitch everything Siouxsie wore yet buying it or commissioning it instead of customising or sewing themselves and telling others they're not goth if they don't look exactly like them and that they 'miss' the 80's and trad, despite not even their parents being teens in the 80's. There's a lot of hypocrisy and misinformation, I agree that a lot of us are really lucky we got in to it in the 90's or even the 00's.

No. 539429


Okay small rant incoming but videos like these are almost always supposed to be wholesome and the boyfriends usually makes comments like "She is so pretty idk why she wears makeup" and such, but in Jake's case he just tries too hard to be funny and sarcastic and really shows the douche that he is. I'm not saying that he should be fake like the other ytbers but he really showed no interest in his gf in this video.

No. 539438


You could post the actual Instagram account.


No. 539509

the only reason they made the video was because they got to a 500 euro goal on patreon.
At the end when she finished her makeup look I though he was going to compliment her or say something nice..but nope

No. 539533

does anyone think that jake wants kaya to stay fat? She has no confidence that way and he knows if she dumped his jerk ass he'd be a complete nobody and vanish into obscurity whilst she'll be fine as she's the more e-famous one.

No. 539640

File: 1522185826026.jpg (135.66 KB, 640x812, 1912-german-script-intro-old-g…)

It's an old german alphabet, not english anon

No. 539916

somebody on here said that Freya has a mom body and holy crap, she does… I watched the video and there's a full body shot of her standing in the tattoo shop getting her arm stenciled. she's never given birth but looks like she's already had 3 kids and her body looks like utter shite… imagine how fat she will get in a year or 2. Her goth make-up and dress won't look good on her anymore when she gets fat.

No. 539963

Not everybody has to be conventionally beautiful or even good looking. She doesn't exactly sell herself as a stunning beauty who all should emulate.

No. 539987

File: 1522225155681.png (852.47 KB, 923x768, Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 09.1…)

oh kaya so much goth

No. 539988

File: 1522225185552.png (301.21 KB, 663x395, Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 08.5…)

IBF you cant hide those rolls

No. 539999


Did she just win all of those bears in the arcade, or did she bring them with her?

She's sporting more pink that Jill.

No. 540014

The fucking state of her… HOW can she think that's a good look?

No. 540017

Neither of them have star quality. It's actually really sad. That patterned killstar tshirt looks tacky af. The hug at the beginning was pathetic.

No. 540018

Avelina would not be friends with anyone unless she can exploit them to make money. They make the perfect couple.

No. 540020


They both look sad, bored and washed up. I can't imagine how strange it would look to the regular Belfaster to see this stumpy little chav wandering around yapping away into his selfie stick while his 6 foot tall girlfriend trails behind him covered in teddy bears.

No. 540023

File: 1522234683677.png (841.83 KB, 706x588, egrggg.png)

Kaya is such a giant!

No. 540025

File: 1522234874625.png (1.05 MB, 954x537, nnn.png)

their friends look like the exact kind of people you would imagine could only stick being around Jake and Kaya

No. 540043

has she shat herself? i just can't with her… she looks ridiculous, does she actually think this is a gothic look? kek

No. 540045

I'd be so upset if I got a tat and it turned out like this, this is bad.

No. 540059

File: 1522241976294.jpg (Spoiler Image, 119.18 KB, 480x480, freddie.jpg)

This tattoo is just tragic
It looks like it was done by an amateur who would also tattoo somebody else like pic related

No. 540061

Are you kidding me? People are always fawning over Freya callng he sexy and beautiful when she hides her body n photos or videos. She shoops her pictures too. I am pointing out how her body looks bad and will get fatter if she doesnt eat healthy or work out. She will end up like TT. Fuck outta here with your preaching.

No. 540063

Isn't she about as big as Kaya?

No. 540075

IBF is definitely bigger looking than Kaya. They may weigh the same, but Kaya is pretty tall so it's more spread out. Freyja's mid section is bloated and big…Kaya just looks very wide. Her legs amaze me. They look so stumpy even tho she is tall and have no shape….they are just rly thick looking (not the good kind). Freyja doesn't really seem to "care" about her weight like Kaya does though. She definitely doesn't mention it as much.

No. 540117

True enough. Kaya's weight is more spread out as you say whilst IBF seems to hold most of her weight in her belly for some reason? Look at her legs, they don't look like they belong on her body kek

No. 540154

Noooooo, that terrible hoodie again… barf

No. 540415

Their friend just makes me cringe so much. x-x

No. 540819

Jake filmed this on Valentine's day.
maybe they don't celebrate it or whatever but
-he doesn't walk beside Kaya at all
-doesn't sit beside her at dinner
-doesn't buy her the gas mask she wanted
-doesn't even speak to her at all.

I go to Dublin quite regularly too and if I saw Jake talking to his camera I would cringe so much.
not even in Dublin do people vlog like him

also all they ate all day is complete junk food.

No. 540835

Mommy time!

No. 540848

Why is it her lipline always looks like an ass hole?

No. 540852


>Why is it her lipline always looks like an ass hole?

Because hungry people always think about bread, you newfag

No. 540861

That image is both hilarious and horrifying

No. 540863

IBF is about 5'7 to though isn't she? She said she was in her TMI video at least. So she isn't short. On one of her wiki's her measurements are listed as 32-24-33 which is hilariously incorrect

No. 540867

She seems to buy a lot of tights and lingerie. I hope the trans thing isn't a fetish for her.

No. 540874



No. 540900

I wonder if IBF's mum wears all black to ~match her daughter~
If so that's kind of pathetic

No. 540902

Based on her FB she doesn't always wear all black. I think when Freyja is around, her mother tries to morph into her. From her comments on IBF videos I get the vibe that she wishes she could be like Freyja. It's quite sad and odd actually.

No. 540941

Despite what an absolute mess TT is do feel a sliver of sympathy for her because 1) jake does treat her shit 2) she did used to rather pretty but she’s obvs never going to like anywhere near presentable anytime soon but what made me wince when I saw this on YT was that I remember in another altcow thread someone posting a screenshot of a tweet she put up a tweet about how spent 20 minutes crying in the bathroom because of the way she looked in one of Dre’s vlogs/ thumbnails when they in the US and at this point I’ve been toying with the idea that maybe jake gets some kind of enjoyment in showing off how truly tragic looking TT is IRL in his vlogs ( when she’s not doing it to herself ) because after being with her 7/8 years, and how initially they were both a somewhat ok looking couple he MUST know about how triggered she gets about footage/photos of her w/o photoshop gets put out. I feel like it’s probably a source for a lot of arguements between them and maybe jake feels sick of it so out of resentment uses thumbnails and shots of her like this as a way of passive-aggressively trying make her feel more shame in how she looks now? Maybe it’s because he wants her to see how disgusting looking she is now and finally do something about instead of whine??

No. 540949

File: 1522343692924.png (888.6 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-03-29-10-12-43…)


She was hiding her face at the end.

No. 540960

File: 1522344761320.webm (3.58 MB, 640x480, cunt.webm)

He's such a cunt and did this on purpose
WEBM related

No. 540967

There's no way in hell he isn't doing it on purpose.

Girl have some self respect and dump his ass. Think ofhow much money you'd have if you didn't support his ass?

No. 541003

It is weird because i have seen her irl and she doesn't look that fat , her fat distribution is weird, but somehow doesn't look that bad, and tt is pretty tall and chunky if she dressed better , she wouldn't look so lumpy , idk if you compare them for them online photos you will think they are the same weight, but somehow tt looks bigger irl maybe is because she looks is taller and the clothes she uses are not flattering

No. 541007

He is a total cunt, tt should leave him ,i feel bad for her, she could lose the weight and look better but i guess is difficult to step out her comfort zone

No. 541009

File: 1522348853389.gif (1.54 MB, 365x205, twat.gif)

TT's a mess, but Jake is such a self-obsessed twat I can't help but wish she'd regain some confidence and boot his chav ass out.

No. 541011

Without TT he would quickly vanish
No one even knew or bothered he was playing in Dublin
Learn to appreciate what you have, Jake because you've fuck all outside of that and no one will care to remember your name once you're out because you're a scumbag

No. 541014

File: 1522349394432.jpg (43.85 KB, 308x261, IMG_2723.jpg)

this is jakes thumbnail…. does he hate kaya? why use such an unflattering shot?

No. 541034

I'm kinda questioning how kind he is to her. He could be reaching emotional and psychological abuse? A loving boyfriend wouldn't do that constantly to her when he knows it's upsetting her

No. 541044

Then again, why doesn't she ever have any makeup on in these vlogs? She must know that he's going to film. At least she could put on some eyebrows. And I don't get why she keeps wearing the same horrendous clothes. Not that I don't think that Jake isn't a cunt - I hate that idiot and Kaya definitely deserves someone better.

No. 541286

File: 1522369441843.png (467.99 KB, 865x491, Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 11.1…)

Supermarket shopping and her mother? Life isn't as interesting now that her adventures of being a gothic traveller around the world seeking new and exciting places - or filiming fake weddings. I bet her mother is thrilled to finally get a piece of the action on camera. She had to pay for it literally. I hear that you don't have to have sex to cheat. Making her daughter out to be the innocent victim…. Freya has no future. Especially when she keeps shadowing her bottom lip to make it look bigger… it just looks dirty. She's looking more and more EMO every day. Never goth. Just trash…..

No. 541288

i thought that was a man

No. 541340

File: 1522391596956.png (183.84 KB, 422x428, horse.png)

This horse is going to milk this bag thing.

No. 541342

The DUMBEST quote from IBF in this video - while stuffing her face with hot chips…. drum roll…. "One of the things I’ve found is, people are always try to like, mmm, what is it that really holds the goth community together round the world.. but try and find anyone that doesn’t like bags?"

No. 541428

No. 541445

File: 1522411707517.png (557.35 KB, 938x492, Untitled.pngvv.png)


No. 541452

No. 541518

File: 1522419345409.jpg (45.51 KB, 640x735, 29543055_1744360822296348_4520…)

Nobody can tell if it's a wig or not, I'm gonna assume it's a lacefront but whatever it is she should keep it! really suits her

No. 541528

File: 1522420129096.png (974.26 KB, 1080x1543, IMG_20180330_152521.png)

Don't be getting too comfortable with it just yet anon, it's indeed a lace front wig and she's going to fuck it up…yay! God knows how much a human hair wig like that costs and for her to just willy-nilly go about teasing it and crimping it or whatever torture she's going to put it through to get it looking like a "cotton candy dream", the thought fills me with dread…

No. 541530

Black hair was a mistake. It seems like she's going to dye it pink to fuel her loser boyfriends' Kelly Eden fetish, but I agree with you that this suits her very well

No. 541534

File: 1522420576257.png (675.78 KB, 1080x1663, IMG_20180330_153457.png)

Kek! Just you put that wig down, Kaya and sell it to someone more competent to fund your attic maybe?

No. 541538

guess i'm the only one who finds that blonde shade hideous. giving me cheap pornstar vibes.

No. 541552

The perfect base shade for "Kelly Eden Pink" tho!

No. 541569

The photo is probably heavily shopped but it does look good, perhaps a darker shade of blonde would suit her more though

No. 541582

That shade of blond does not look good on her though.

No. 541628

Even though platinum blonde isn't the greatest shade on her, it's definitely better than her black shade
Maybe if she tried a honey blonde she would look pretty with it

No. 541676


But honey blonde is not goffik, anon.

No. 541734

should've bought a textured wig then but i can't wait to see her fuck it up and then cry about it.

aside from the color, this kind of hair looks nice on her but she's hellbent on having a ~floofy~ mess for some reason

No. 541800

BATS ….they talked about bats.

No. 541803

wow it actually looks really nice

No. 541954

Thrilling. Bats do not hold the goth community together. It's still a dumb statement.

No. 541962

This could apply to so many youtubers.

No. 541975

I feel like they go out with the intention of NOT vlogging and just doing something together and Jake brings his camera so he can keep her away from him.

I just can't imagine how else this is constantly happening otherwise

No. 541986

man the photoshop on this picture is intense! especially around the eyes!
too bad we know what she really looks like thanks to her loving boyfriends vlogs

No. 541997

Another vlog about nothing special.
I find it a bit disturbing that she has to put everything there I mean mostly the moment at the graveyard. What for?

No. 542013

More of the same. Reason to justify getting paid by patreon subscribers. Who would pay for that seriously.

No. 542125

No hate, necessarily…but I am curious as to why you never sage?? Ppl here(not only in this thread)get banned for that. Very quickly. It seems that in this thread it is allowed to a large extent. Can someone please fill me in? I have been here for a few years. I have re-read the rules and there are no changes it seems. What's the deal?

No. 542254

Gotta say she seems really happy to be home. I think she should move back to Wellington to be honest. It's expensive to travel from NZ but not impossble, and mental health is more important than looking out the window going "gosh I live in Germany rar goffick"

No. 542282

Has there been any word recently from Kaya about her liposuction in Korea trip? Is she still getting it done or did the sponsorship fall through?

No. 542325


The thing about liposuction is that unless you are at your desired weight and just getting rid of excess fat in specific parts of your body, it is not sustainable. Any reputable surgeon would tell you that it is not a way to get slim.

It would leave Kaya with excess skin that would require more plastic surgery to get rid of - and I sincerely doubt she can pay for that. She is in no way a viable candidate to be done pro bono by any proper doctors, not even for promotional purposes. Let's face it, good surgeons don't need Kaya's help to get exposure.

She'd basically have to go under the knife for a long time, when all she should be doing instead is actually improving her habits. Not easy either way, but at least the latter doesn't involve a shitload of money and health risks.

No. 542378

newfags, lot of them

No. 542381

kayas instagram story is another killstar haul. she doesnt even wear the clothes!

No. 542480

TT has been talking about trying to lose weight for THREE YEARS. That's 36 months. Even if she was losing 1kg per month (and I am aware it doesn't work that way, so unclench) she'd be looong done now, cause I honestly don't think she needs to lose that much to begin with.

No. 542528

Right? I was bored looking through her IG and the amount of times she's posted pictures of shitty junk food captioned with something like "I'm just having a short break from my diet!" is insane. She's never going to shift the weight

No. 542841

I lost at a steady rate of 1kg a month! Had the same issues as she did, antidepressants held me back, I got rid of them and found other coping mechanisms, my hormones were holding me back, I switched birth control. Along with working out and cutting a few of my favourite comfort foods of course. I can definitely empathize with her saying that antidepressants or hormones were holding her back, that was definitely the case with me. WAS. She could easily do it if she wanted to. She likely won't take anybody's advice though(derailing)

No. 542964

Maybe it's just me, but antidepressants are simply placebo drugs anyway.
Perhaps it's a familial trait though that antidepressants just don't work. They definitely work in making you gain weight however, just like antianxiety and antipsychotics alike

Shift those and use something else and you'll get rid of the weight steadily with a healthy diet
Although it's not the best route, and definitely not long lasting, cutting out carbohydrates almost entirely with some brisk walking helps a tonne
It's just as much of a gimmick as veganism really but it works.
You'll lose your strength and shit for
a while but it's not cutting out necessary proteins entirely such as from eggs
TT could even try that for a while

It cuts cravings like none other too after a couple days because you can only eat some dark chocolate at best due to normal chocolate's carbohydrate content.(derailing)

No. 543204

File: 1522588793198.png (636.71 KB, 943x509, dracmakenfakeblood.png)

Drac said that her eye blood is a secret mix, unless she put eye safe sfx fake blood she is going to fuck up her eyes

No. 543236


I'm pretty sure Drac's "secret" mixture is her red gel or liquid eyeliner. She used to say that's what she would use in her bloody eye looks ages ago because it never irritated her eyes. Suddenly now it's a secret mixture but looks similar to when she would say it was just the eyeliner she would use instead of spending money on eyesafe fx blood.

No. 543238

My eyes are burning just looking at that, jfc.

No. 543292

She wasn't enough of a special snowflake when people knew what she was doing, she gets the attention and concern from 'fans' if she keeps secrets very publicly. I reckon you're right and it's just gel liner or maybe Inglot Duraline with red eyeshadow or liner and she just wants people to ask about it so she can feign getting mad from being soooo famous.

No. 543472

I remember she did a bitchy post about people stealing her hot glue teardrop idea, and she did it in that "oh well I don't really care but it's just annoying because it was my idea and now everyone is doing it soooo ^^''" super bitter way.. and now she is keeping her stuff "secret" instead.
I know Drac has BPD and people who have BPD often have an intense want to be special, different and to be seen as the best at what they do, all while they are completely incapable of doing any of that, I just wish she wouldnt be so passive aggressive constantly.

No. 543567

She must have it pretty bad, she exhibits symptoms pretty intensely all the time. I don't know how her boyfriend has put up with her shit for so long though, has anyone ever actually seen him? I've never seen them together or any photos of him, just one guy she thought he looked like. You're dead right though, this is a pattern for her, I'd forgotten about the teardrops and how defensive she gets.

No. 543633

File: 1522622022558.jpg (35.33 KB, 422x750, h6GHcTC.jpg)

Yeah his picture was posted in one of the previous threads, looks nothing like the native American guy she claims he resembles kek

No. 543766


That is just nasty, who in their right mind would want to make their eyes look like that?? Major barf…

No. 543770


Yeah, I mean beauty is in the eye of the beholder but from what was shown, he looks nothing like the picture she used to compare him to, far from it tbh.

No. 543774

Sorry, I missed that one! He really doesn't look anything like him. Just looks like a plain white guy, but that doesn't give Bianca any more oppression points to wail about.

No. 544050

I mean I'm glad she likes him and thinks he is hot, clearly he must be a pretty nice guy when he can handle being together with somebody with such strong BPD as Drac, I'm not even trying to be shady or anything here I'm being serious, those people can be hard to be around alot. He must be very grounded which is really good for her!
He just doesn't look like the picture she posted and I think she makes it worse for him by putting up a false image into peoples heads.
Would you wanna be seen with your bf/gf if he/she had posted pics of a hot model on instagram and compared you to that model first? Probably not, that would make me insecure af about people seeing me.

No. 544103

sorry I should have spoiler the pic
thank you to say what it was, she is probably going to fuck up her eye and it's not even as realistic as fake blood

he look like a white dude with asian ancestry or something like that, maybe a little bit native
but surely not as the man she compared him to

No. 544106

Brad Mondo (the hairdresser guy who reacts to viral haircuts and fails) included BF and her ex in his newest video.

No. 544222

File: 1522683745834.png (72.86 KB, 640x460, IMG_7411.PNG)

You mean businesses like dresslink and wholesalebuying? Which you supported when you did your haul videos?

No. 544233

When has she ever been consistent? Bitch can't keep up with her lies and exaggerated bullshit and is looking like an ass.

No. 544242

File: 1522685377870.jpg (65.79 KB, 793x372, IBF.jpg)

Hmmm, is it over this?

No. 544243

File: 1522685399792.jpg (77.28 KB, 804x308, IBF2.jpg)

And the reply

No. 544270

I didn't manage to get a screen grab, but everyone got kicked from the Belfry Bats group (IBF) on FB today. Something about concerns for IBF's safety?! Not really sure what threat the group was posing?

Saged for being a bit clueless

No. 544323

sage goes in the email field friend, I wasn't part of the group but that seems like Freyja just fluffing her ego and making herself seem more important. No one gives a fuck about her in New Zealand.

No. 544324

That's the girl whose shop she tried to put out of business last year! The girl who does the 40 years of gothic style videos responded to that tweet and said that nostalgia is overrated. After that a bunch of older goths told her off. I guess they all got deleted because they weren't praising her. Nobody threatened her so she's just being an entitled brat.

No. 544326

That was meant for >>544243 saged for mistake.

No. 544363

but necromancycloth is dumb as fuck tho… one has to make a hell of a lot mental gymnastics to make it seem like IBF was talking shit about eldergoths of the original scene. She just said straightfoward that people always think the past was better because of nostalgia and even our days when people are praising the past will eventually become the past so it'll be romanticized. It's an old concept and everybody knows of it. I guess Necromancycloth never even watched woody allen's Midnight in Paris…

No. 544433

Saying "saged" in your post does not make it saged. Please type sage into the email field and refer to the rules if you aren't aware of how to post here.

These were my thoughts exactly. I understand both sides, to a point, but some eldergoths don't understand that things change and adapt and they won't always remain to be exactly what they were at the start. Of course when talking about individuals like Kaya it can be annoying to someone who is truly in the scene, whether new or a vet…but there are many many out there who stay true to the roots and IBF is in fact somewhat right in this situation. Just admitting that she is was tough, kek.

No. 544630

Saged will go in the subject.

>>544363 I can see both sides as well. I did think she was trolling her to be fair but the other comments I read made me see it from the side of the eldergoths. The fact that she has a blog up from 2012 when she lists Adam Lambert as her favorite music with no mention of goth makes me wonder if they would react the same way to that tweet if another youtuber made it. I get your evolution point and agree but to the public IBF is the face of the subculture. After that Paris thing and then Sophies mum I can sort of see where they're coming from. She doesn't seem to care about the subculture.

No. 544693

Fucking no. Jesus fuck JUST PUT "Sage" in the email field. Not "Saged." You are doing it wrong yet trying to correct another anon. I'm seriously wondering if this thread has anyone controlling it. Seems unlikely.

No. 544696

Sage goes in the email field, is everyone drunk

No. 544730

They've been told several times already and it always sounds like the same people just not fucking listening.

No. 544742

One was me - first time poster. Sorry, thought I'd put it in the right box, but lesson learned!

No. 544748


Thanks for the heads up - lesson learned.

Yeah, I just joined the IBF group because I'm nosey! I just think it's being dramatic for drama's sake, clearing everyone out. She basically shares her life and whereabouts everywhere else anyway.

No. 545039

File: 1522739372061.png (732.14 KB, 597x588, 8979823748293.png)

So how do you guys feel about Dracs new pennywise tattoo?
I don't think the artwork is the worst ive ever seen but the whole pennywise thing is a bit… eh

No. 545055

Like any true youtuber she jumped on a band wagon last second and now permanently has a tattoo of another mediocre remake of a classic that some people actually liked because they did more in life than just listen to Manson cd's and suck KVD's cock …
Idk its transparent as fuck how much of a cop out the tattoo is, Can you imagine her stomping around a hot topic with her over drawn lips that usually smear due to too large septum jewelry, barn hay black hair teased until theres only yarn left and then to top it off under some rancid fishnet sleeve lies a IT tattoo that tbh anyone and their mom can see is the remake version. Its just a cherry ontop of this shit frosted cake.
(Not to be a fag who thinks any and all remakes are trash but original King movies are like the top of the iceberg of socially acceptable interest in the occult / weird. I can picture her getting a The Crow tattoo when the 2019 Remake drops, just lack of genuine passion honestly,)

No. 545119


It's not bad but I hate how the hands are shaded it looks poorly done and like sausages stuffed into gloves. That and the cracks in the forehead look bad to me too.

Yeah she's just riding the bandwagon and she's gonna be stuck with that tattoo whenever her obsession with the IT remake dies down.

No. 545137

The balloon looks like a red blood cell. Why is it flat in the middle?

No. 545145

Worst thing about Drac was when her boyfriend got cancer and she whined about how they couldn’t move in together anymore

No. 545150

Fat smug double chinned pennywise.
Truly terrifying.

No. 545168


I don't even understand why ANYONE, not just Drac, would get a pennywise tattoo. I can sort of understand if you're a hardcore King fan but I don't get what's appealing, artistically or emotionally, about this guy. Yeah yeah, you don't need deep meaning for tattoos, but yikes, there's hundreds of other characters I could think are better as a tattoo

No. 545177

The only thing I didn't like about the new IT movie was pennywise retarded ass design.. I have no idea how people can find a buck-toothed cockeyed chucky looking idiot with a receding hairline and a dolls costume on scary… he doesn't even really look like a fucking clown

Right, I remember how she was all like "I can't say what's wrong with my bf because he wouldn't like me talking about him but lets just say its gonna take some chemo ^^'' but yeah now we cant move in together and have to cancel those plans so I'm pretty sad…"

She literally almost worded it like this, threw in the mention of chemo randomly like it meant nothing to her at all and the moving out was the big deal in that…

No. 545223

Taken from her insta (no screen caps because it would take more than one, but you can check it there) "drac_makens: Okay so, I didn't really want to make a post dealing with this, but I feel like I kinda need to now. I'm not going to go into detail about the many reasons why I don't want to be on YT right now since it's all personal shit that only close friends and family need to know about, but just to give y'all a little bit of reasoning, plain and simple truth is, I just don't wanna be on there right now. Ever since I've stopped worrying about filming everything I do, I've found myself enjoying the smaller things in life and the very few people I hang out with A LOT more and am far less stressed out, withdrawn, and on edge. I have an appreciation for things that I never paid attention to, when I do get dolled up (which is very rare nowadays) I appreciate the artistry and the fun of putting makeup on a lot more when I'm not having to have a camera in front of me, and to be honest, it just feels good being able to live life without having to film it for everyone else to see, it's nice feeling like the things I experience belong to me alone or to whichever person I'm sharing the moment with at the time. I've also been far more focused on my work at @drac_makens_creations which I'm personally a bit more proud of than making a makeup tutorial, it's a lot more personal and it's far more laid back and less stressful on my part. I understand y'all like my videos, ain't trying to be a dick but I'm getting older and my mindset has changed A LOT over the past 3 years since I made my channel. I've gone through a lot of experiences (some good, but quite a lot of bad) and have had my outlook on life change, things aren't always going to be the same as they were a few years ago and there ain't anything wrong with that; I especially am not the same person I was in my very first video, at all. Am I saying I'm quitting YT for good? No, never said that, but YT is not my main priority, it was always just a fun hobby, but when it started feeling like a chore and was taken too seriously, that's when I started becoming more and more withdrawn from it. I'm just trying to enjoy life through my own eyes and be a better me, that's all. I'll be back when I'm ready to be"

How self entitled can this bitch be…? She is fugly af, has mediocre makeup skills, dresses like thrash, and has somehow managed to gather a following, she hugely disregards in the above post. Did anybody ask her to start a youtube channel…? No, she did it cause she wanted to. Plus, it has brought her loads of money in ads, art she sells, sponserships and even collabs like that horrible bag Avelina designed for her. I find this post so fucking disrespectful towards her fans.

No. 545284

That's so selfish, how vile and unsupportive when the man she 'loves' is suffering. She can't blame that all on BPD, she's just a bad person as well as selfish and self absorbed.

No. 545286

She only cares about the opinion of KVD who herself has been flaky as fuck throughout her career and is extremely self absorbed, so Bianca thinks it's fine to be that way too. That and Kat gives her stuff free and the only time she ever shows any gratitude or humility is when someone gives her valuable things

No. 545320

Very, she also talked about how expensive the treatment would be like it was annoying that his chemo was gonna take up all their savings… I really hope she just expressed very badly when she talked about this and she didn't actually mean it like that, because then holy shit that bf deserves somebody who is a tad more concerned with his chemo therapy than that

No. 545440

Does anybody know where this pic comes from? Facebook, insta, tumblr…

No. 545473

From her instagram story;
"I'm nearly 30, I can feel my bones twisting around and shit"
"My life is very uneventful"
"I don't wear makeup anymore and youtube stresses me out too much"
"It was gonna have to stop some time, I couldn't do youtube forever" (has been on youtube 3 years and uploaded on 295 videos)

So she has an uneventful and boring life, in which she has a lot of time to work on her 'career' since she doesn't have a job anymore I don't think(?) yet she still doesn't film videos because talking about makeup in to a camera is just too stressful and her boyfriend has encouraged and supported her the whole way while she threw tantrums about having to do anything at all. She's nearly 30, behaving like a spoiled brat, taking everything for granted while whining about not getting PR, shunning the people who supported her and thinks she can feel her bones twisting. Since her father has back problems she's now all of a sudden got a genetic disease and insinuating that she's gonna be crippled by 40. This all comes out when she gets criticised for not uploading or doing looks anymore, can't help but wonder why she's never mentioned her 'twisty bones' before, perhaps because she's pulled every other pity party possible and has to start on this. She's just ridiculous, and from what >>545320 anon said, her boyfriend should leave her and get on with his life. He has supported her emotionally and financially for like 6 years now and received sweet fuck all in return other than a fat, pasty, selfish, bitter, ugly blob of a girlfriend. I'm not usually one to go for personal insults but this bitch has rubbed pretty much everyone the wrong way. I hope her boyfriend has recovered and had his family to support him emotionally because if it was just him and his BPD princess through such a traumatic time I really pity him.

No. 545483

The fact she did a video-speaking story with no text tells me she might lurk here and doesn't want people to copy paste her shit

No. 545508

Thought that too actually and you're most likely right. The things she was touching on seemed kinda related to what is being said here

No. 545522

It´s either that, or because she doesn't want comments to be public. This way, if you do reply to do story, only she gets to read it. It stirs less drama, I suppose. But I do agree that it seems that she is directly responding to some of the stuff that was mentioned here.

I can´t believe some of the shit she said, for real. "I don't want to waste my products and not have anywhere to go", thing is, you do get that add revenue from youtube, so it kinda pays itself out? Also, fair enough, you don't want to do youtube anymore, nothing wrong with that, just don't be such an arrogant bitch about it. Instead of acting like youtube is this massive energy absorving black hole that she hates (because that´s the impression you get, from what she says), she could have just been like: Listen guys, youtube has brought me a lot of good things that I´m thankful for, but my life has moved in a different direction, and I just don't want to do it anymore. I think everybody would understand. She also mentions her shop and how sucessful it is, but thing is, without youtube, it would be far less popular… The only thing she says that makes sense is that she really isn't that special, which is do damn true. Arrogant little prick that hasn't got much to offer the world, yet acts like she´s the best thing around. She mistakes honesty for arrogance, and I think this is the true reason why she rubs so many the wrong way.

No. 545548

Just nit picking, but she was so annoying to listen to. Said "y'all" and "man" a million times.

No. 545640

Product she didn't pay for, to use to make money from youtube. Poor little Bianca can't possibly bring herself to have a hobby or use the free makeup to make more money for her store. A lot of people with her mindset think that you can just start one job and you'll instantly succeed and don't have to work to support that business you've started. Most artists don't just do art and nothing else to start with, so she's fucking herself over since she never got a chance to save the money from youtube and now has given up her only decent income.

No. 545643


why, are you drac and you worried about where the photo was sourced from? kek, it came directly from bianca herself when she wasn't tits deep into youtube like she is now, here is the post of the screenshot from her blog >>>/snow/387312

either way it's now both screenshot and the actual image is around forever out of her control so we can see just what a "native american sex god" her bf is, barf

also drac just aggravates me. I remember when she got her sides shaved and I commented how I had one side shaved but I hated that it wasn't symmetrical because it made it hard to do pigtails or braids etc and she just made a dry comment like "I don't do pigtails or braids" like bitch I never said you did, I was talking about me, I even said the hairstyle suited her so I wasn't even rude about it.

She said first how her ~art was so personal and private and healing and now she has store for it. She said how her sculptures were special and she's been dishing them out to every ass she's been licking. She prides herself on being "original" and blatantly copies KVD. She wanted Youtube to be a place of inspiration and now it's just draining her. Bitch, nobody EVER said or demanded that you put makeup on every day? like literally nobody is wanting you to wake up and go to bed wearing your makeup, nor would they care. I don't see why she can't do makeup for Youtube and also just keep her personal makeup a separate thing. Or why she feels obligated to record everything?… she's not even a vlogger.

Jesus Christ this woman is a whiny complainer and nothing is ever good enough for her.

No. 545980

Exactly, it's just a few hours maximum of wearing makeup she gets for free and maybe filming it or taking a photo. I did my own version of one of her eye looks I think it was the Depeche Mode one and she was almost insulted that I'd done my own version. I credited her for the inspiration and I have eyebrows so I can't exactly do what she did down to the detail. You'd think she'd enjoy the flattery and attention but she was pretty cold and disgruntled. I don't understand what she wants. She wants attention but when she gets it she throws her toys out the pram and lashes out at those who support her. Her hair looks fucking ridiculous on her anyway, it doesn't suit her face shape. But then again, when your expression is as petulant as hers I don't think much suits you.

No. 546046

is she srs(Don't post pics of children)

No. 546060


I'm just glad her poor child finally has teeth.

No. 546066


Anon I'm sorry drac lost her shit at you, I'd have been upset if I was inspired to follow someone else's look and credit it properly, only to get told off about it.

No. 546075

This was my exact thought when I scrolled past their pic.

No. 546103

There is no reason for Monami and her daughter to be posted here. She is not a cow. They did the makeup for a fun video. My mum would sometimes do my makeup as a kid because I begged her to. She never let me leave the house like that, it was just for fun, as Monami clearly states in her video. It's not wrong to let a kid experiment with different looks. Some parents let their kids have colored hair or experiment with different clothing. I'm not quite sure what you're getting at, anon. And to the othee anon picking on a child because her teeth came in late, why? That isn't something anyone can help. You newfags in this thread are ridiculous.

No. 546122


She has another thread on here, anon. Hence the comment about the teeth. >>>/snow/198674

I think you're the one right now who is overreacting, even if they posted in the "wrong" thread.

No. 546138

Nope. That shit doesn't belong in this thread, post wasn't even saged. Waste of time.

No. 546166

random (and sageing because not related to the above) but I came across zephyrlestrange because I was looking up shaved brows and her tutorial on her blogspot showed up, and she was so cute then http://tentaclesandteacups.blogspot.com

normal face, lips, just coloured/shaved hair and piercings, but nothing huge, I really liked her thrifted style although I did roll my eyes at an FAQ where she refused to "reveal" the totes secret mixture of her turquoise hair because she wanted to be ~special~ like give me a fucking break, who the fuck cares if you tell people what mixture you used, jfc

and I checked out her insta now and she looks like a generic alternative insta chick with buzzed hair (that doesn't bother me so much), definitely inflated lips, she's all "trans uwu non binary" which is weird since she never seemed to mention this in her blogspot at all and that was only a few years ago, she's just so bland and like everyone else who thinks they're special for being "different"


No. 546298

Good christ she's destroyed her ears. She's had them scalpeled to start with by the looks of it (or just fucking destroyed them herself by stretching way too quick and ripping her ear) and it looks like regret. It's so far up her ear any plugs she wears will just look horrible and misplaced. I'm glad to see she's giving them a rest but there's very little coming back from that. I like mods but fuck, my ears don't look anywhere near as bad and I was a bit speed happy when I stretched mine.

No. 546308

Nothing huge? She's had pointed ears and a split tongue for like a decade. I followed zephyr on tumblr back in the day and there where mentions of her being non-binary as early as 2011. She has a thread on here but there doesn't seem to be much milk.

No. 546571


Did anyone catch the last chunk of her instagram story rant? I only got half way through which is what was mentioned here already (to my knowledge) I thought there was more when I was listening to that but didn't have time to listen to the whole thing.

No. 546575


Do not give this cunt attention. I went to high school with her. She cheated on my mate with someone else. Then dumped my mate for the new guy and started cheating on the new guy almost immediately with another guy I ended up datinG.
Cassie is a massive cunt too. Tumblr game got to her head. She should belong in the fakeboi thread if anything since she’s so “trans”

No. 546787

Has anyone ever seen her and Skye Purdon in the same room?

Like twins. Also non binary where?? Sick of people who don't even TRY to be mixed gender or male/female claiming the title. Plz

+Barely counts as Goth, to the fakeboi thread with you

No. 546794

Skye has never identified as non-binary? She just likes having a shaved head?

No. 546804


I’m not sure who skye is but cas is from Adelaide in south Aus. She never has been goth. Started out enough, then went scene then cracked on to cybergoth when vampire freaks came out. She only jumps on whats the “in thing” to be special.

Bitch still walks past my house. Won’t ever forgive her. Put her in the fakeboi thread since she’s “trans” and has been for the last 5 years lol

No. 546965

Skye's from Glasgow in Scotland. She has her own dumpster fire of a thread but don't give her more attention, she'll only enjoy it and she's dull as fuck.

Why won't you ever forgive her? What has she done to you?

No. 547601

A’s I said. I went to school with cas “zephyr/teacups”. She fucked over my best mate, my friend and myself.
I know exactly who punched her in the face and why and she knows who and why too.
She just wanted to get pity on tumblr, lie about it and make up a story to make her the victim. And she still drags it out!
She’s a cunt. A liar. A cheater. Just all round fake.

No. 547660

Ah, I didn't realise you were >>546575

No. 548447

No. 548454

File: 1523059525894.png (791.03 KB, 663x437, Capture.PNG)

Did she just tuck them into her pjs?

No. 548461

I think she's lost weight. Good for her!

No. 548518

Her body was already looking smaller from the last Killstar haul, but a majority here kept insisting she looked like a land whale. She really needs to do some squats, cause girl got pancake butt going on.

No. 548618

she does look like she's losing weight. she's still a store bought goth. all of that killstar stuff looks so cheap and cookie cutter. why don't these girls put together looks that are not from a rack? no creativity.

No. 548705

She still looks big, just less so. A bit like Dre now I guess?

Right? Also they steal other brands' designs, I've seen that exact style of top in the thumbnail minus the crescent moon zipper by a different alt brand…

No. 549086

So why did she get punched in the face, over boyfriend stealing or something else?

No. 549092

Yeah, I killstar has a reputation to taking/slightly adjusting things, like they took angrygirlLcomics bat design and put that moon on it.
link https://twitter.com/angrygirlcomics/status/922864334153375744?s=21

No. 549127

Omg did she sue? Killstar are just a factory of moons stars and anything that is easy to reproduce and none of it is very interesting. It just makes little clones. Sad.

No. 549153

I recorded Drac's entire instagram story rant if anyone is interested.

No. 549156


hell yeah! I'd be willing to see her complain

No. 549207

I followed on twitter while it was happening, basically once her fans started commenting the phone case was taken down from social media and the KillStars shop pretty quickly. Low key glad I never bought anything from them (though I’m not a huge fan of the nugoth or whatever looks that are coming out now anyway)

No. 549353

Please! I missed half of it and would love to hear what she was bitching about.

No. 549358

This wouldn't be the first time that Killstar has ripped off another company
(Disturbia and more)

No. 549360

Most likely store bought goths keep being store bought goths because every other kiddie on the block is a store bought goth as well
It's her bread and butter at this stage and nobody cares to click on a "thrift goth haul"

No. 549482

File: 1523169224769.png (568.06 KB, 869x546, dragon shit.png)

seriously. this design is so revolting. it looks like something you'd buy in thailand off the back of a knock off truck. the colour reminds me of those really cheap stripper shoes.

No. 549606

I actually love it a nostalgic way, reminds me of Dark Star coffin bags and cheap ones I found in thrift stores back in the early 2000's that were like treasure to me. Sage for no1curr oldfag

No. 549611

Pancake butt alert

No. 549612

File: 1523191656617.jpg (95.13 KB, 419x800, Profile_art_-_Draculaura.jpg)


it's like Monster High merch. Dark and spoopy but it's for kids so let's add some color to it. Ironically, Draculaura the vampire has pink in her look

No. 549633


Don't give TT any ideas!

No. 549731

It looks really cheap and does so because it most likely is made in Thailand
I'm sure some of the 5 year olds will love it

No. 550219

File: 1523243157994.jpg (113.71 KB, 665x665, 未命名_meitu_1.jpg)

Victoria has been going ham with the shoop since she moved to LA, she now has a kim k alien head just like everyone else.

No. 550556

OMFGLMFAOROTFL dafaq. How can one even try this amount of "retouch"?

No. 550677


I'm sure some 5 year olds made it.

No. 550698

I used to like Killstar but now theyve gotten so 3edgy5me and its just tacky shit. I have a lot of their solid black stuff from a few years ago. wish they still did that. but I guess this "kawaii goth burn your church" bullshit is popular on instagram

No. 550810


No. 551082

She posted other selfies in her insta story right beside it that look absolutely nothing like this. She's tried to shop an ass on to herself and she just looks like drag queens when they pad their ass and not their thighs.

No. 551193

Her face remains as fat as ever, specially in the double chin department. Plus, wtf is up with that clown makeup? Gezz

No. 551281

Yikes, this is just sad. It reminds me of bad MySpace shoops
Besides, the Neanderthal brow is pretty much her trademark. What gives?

No. 551282

TT looks like she nearly fell in those heels and she also really needs to learn how tf to pose

No. 551288

That´s probably why she edits out the part of the twirl where her bum would show when she´s trying on those leather leggings. Could this girl be more ridiculous?

No. 551498

so apparently kaya and jake's anniversary falls on the 8th April, I noticed there was no video on either channel about it

No. 551562

Is she even into wicca/ is actually a witch or is she just in it for the aesthetic. I'm a beginner and there's a lot of stuff she should know in this. There's no references to her own wicca path? She pisses me off. It's such a lovely box and she clearly isn't into it other than the aesthetic.


No. 551620

Anon legit anything Kaya likes is for the aesthetic of it, she never ACTUALLY likes anything beyond the looks and has no hobbies, interests or likes that are more than merely superficial. Ofcourse she only likes wicca because it looks cool and its so ~GOTTHIC~
Shes depressed and a hollow shell with no personality inside, all she has is clinging onto aesthetics, without it she is nothing

No. 551640

Exactly. She has no interest in goth she just likes the look. She doesn't like HP (hasn't even read the books lmao) she just likes the yellow/black of Hufflepuff. Every interest she has is merely for the appearance and not anything deeper. It's pathetic to see.

No. 551687

"This is a piece of wood with… something on it"

"I don't know what this is, it's very pretty whatever it is"

"I don't know who this is but we'll find out later"

jfc why does she even bother? She doesn't even try to hide the fact she knows nothing about Wicca. I just can't imagine putting a video out like that and the whole time umming and ahhing not having a clue what things are but just shrieking "ohhh it's pretty!"

No. 551696

Her face is masculine and strong but I think she's beautiful in a modelish kind of way. She failed as a model though (despite the killstar gig coming up) and maybe she's just trying to look like everyone else is, more delicate and hyperfeminine to be more popular.

No. 551831

Kaya 5 minutes on Google about Wicca please
Even if it is just a sex cult for a horny man who wanted more sex outside of his wife, you could have put the effort in

No. 552162

File: 1523408754632.jpg (400.93 KB, 1920x1920, 3facesarebetterthan2.jpg)

I know her makeup is extremely different and changes but it doesn't mean the entire shape and size of her head changes. She looks like a damn bobblehead

No. 553349

What's even more sad that this isn't even a first witch box she opened on camera, this is like a 5th video with the same theme of "I have no idea what that is, but it's cuuuuute". Bleh. She's hopeless.

No. 555690

File: 1523739943954.png (58.55 KB, 640x535, IMG_7578.PNG)

Because it's entertaining.

No. 555776

TT's wig is an absolute mess
she posted it on her IG story and its Kelly pink, crimped and backcombed to shit

No. 555777

File: 1523746733975.jpg (Spoiler Image, 119.92 KB, 815x1024, IMG_20180414_235733.jpg)

Oh no, that poor poor wig

No. 555789

Because people know you're full of shit. Can't wait to see what happens to her stay in Germany. Sounds like she's not making nany friends there… that's what happens when you fuck people over.

No. 555791

Crimping synthetic hair is a dumb move. The brain cell capacity just isn't there.

No. 555815

But that's that same blonde human hair wig she posted about earlier right? Ouch it hurts

No. 555827

It's human hair, but still a terrible life decision with such a beautiful wig.
Cotton candy shit that will go into the rubbish bin in 6 months. I bet £5 on that

No. 555838

Has this clown no sense of self awareness? Wtf is up with that makeup and hair? It just looks like she ran away from the circus/a madhouse.

No. 555869

IBF and her mum are having a go at Renee on twitter.

No. 556011

Oh god.. what the fuck is that?! Please tell me that's a joke picture and she's not finished yet? She looks actually mental, jfc…

No. 556012

Screencaps? I don't see anything.

No. 556040

I think her makeup is ok and I do quite like that she tries different looks rather than rigidly sticking to the same look all the time, however her hair on the other hand… the shaved sides really don't suit her, and she should just leave her hair down or have lower pigtails at the very least

No. 556075

i love the contrast between what she thinks she looks like on her t-shirt, compared to what she actually looks like in the photo.

No. 556085

Her constant whining about her broken camera is getting tiresome. Why hasn't she bought a new one already? Is she again expecting that someone will buy one for her if she keeps mentioning it in every video?

No. 556121

Oh she's definitely hoping someone will buy a new one for her, but even she knows she can't directly ask for one so she probably thinks the constant whining will pay off. get a job like a normal person jfc

No. 556149

does this apply to her fans who watch her videos and interact with her public posts, lol.

tt did not disappoint with ruing that wig, she looks terrible in it, and it's apparently not fluffy enough.

No. 556163

File: 1523803868487.png (429.6 KB, 810x545, cringe.png)

Jake: "I get so much fanmail I usually have to get a taxi home because I can't carry it all"


Jake: "Any mail for me?"
Woman: "just this one letter for Kaya"
Jake: "Oh.."

Fucking kek

No. 556166

>pays well over £150 for her bee tattoo
>buys gardening tools. rakes,fences,clippers,flowers etc
>pisses money away on taxis when ALL THE TIME

youtube is meant to be her job but buying working equipment seems to always come last with her.

No. 556205

kekk that was great. Also when they saw the Millions sweet machines, he actually said "don't buy me one I'm on a diet" double kek, like anyone would get him anything. AND why is he STILL pointing at everyone and everything? Even when he points at buildings it's annoying, stop being so fucking rude has no one told him it's rude to point?

No. 556242

File: 1523809995339.png (987.64 KB, 949x542, pic80.png)

I almost died from cringing when he was at the hairdressers.
he's such an egotistical little prick.
you can see the people in the background look at each other like, "who is this douchebag?"

also it's so rude to thank someone while looking at yourself in a camera lens too. he can't even give them the decency to thank them face to face for cutting his shitty hair

No. 556367

It's funny, I was watching a random old video of hers from 2014 and even then she was complaining about her laptop breaking and not being able to vlog. She's either straight up lying because she's lazy, or whining in the hopes someone will buy her a camera. If it's true, get your shit together Kaya it's been 4 years jfc

No. 556906

File: 1523862276669.jpg (152.09 KB, 1182x563, ff.jpg)

finally got around to watching those her new videos…jesus, friday go easy on the chips.

No. 556945

You'd think in sydney they'd go somewhere classy. Er. No. Fish and chip paper is where its at. Scrubbers.

No. 556965

File: 1523871984728.jpg (200.34 KB, 439x1001, 0qTvOZa.jpg)

from TT's tumblr, kek. I like that she lists an equal number of hauls as the other video types. And I'd still count unboxings as hauls, maybe even makeup first impressions too. She's missing the point anyway, the person just wants her to do more videos with substance rather than showing off expensive tat she didn't work for nor deserves.

No. 557021


why is her excuse ALWAYS that she has "technical issues" and "broken equipment"?

No. 557046

I think she's just lazy and unmotivated (even here she mentions how Youtube "stresses her out"). She just doesn't want to admit it publicly, so she makes up these excuses. I mean, her camera is obviously broken, but all these mysterious laptop issues every few months - those are much harder to believe. You'd think that after experiencing first technical issue, she'd at least learn to back up her stuff. Also, doesn't she have more than one laptop? She could get something second hand as a potential replacement in case her main computer breaks. But no, she'd rather invest in tattoos, I guess.

No. 557059

The problem with that is they don't have a big enough following like the other alt cows.
It's like when they tried to make a separate thread for Onion's discord fags, people abandoned it and resumed talking about them in the main thread. I feel like as long as they are somewhat on topic and everyone is not repeating the same shit, or tinfoiling, then it's fair enough they get the occasional mention. It's annoying that there's all these thread police. Before sage was removed, they bitched that all the unsaged chatting about Raven was blogposting and samefagging and now sage is gone, they autistically screech about every little nuance or person needing a seperate thread even though these cows were discovered through Raven. By their logic, Josh should have his own thread then because he pulled all that random shit with Claudia. Or how about Ryan gets his own thread?
If people weren't so uptight, the discussion could be fun.

Also posting this here because anon is still creating another Raven thread and the board has reached maximum limit.

No. 557066

I didn't see any screeching, anon. Just some of us wanting to stay on the thread topic. Why not post this Ash girl here, she seems like an interesting mess on her own?

No. 557070

Still waiting for Ash to resurface on social media. She seems extremely two faced and quite the shit stirrer. Happy to throw her mates under the bus so she can seem not as bad.

Lilith Zombgora should also definitely be mentioned here, her youtube has enough cringey music to provide laughs for the ages. Her 'sweet dreams' cover made me laugh especially when she gets to the part where she's trying to do the creepy voice thing like Manson.

No. 557091

Found an old youtube account of Ash's. It seems she was once trying to do the youtube beauty thing like Raven. She only has 2 videos and it seems she got lazy and gave up.
Her unboxing video is like Raven's but no whinging and more soft spoken, but done in the same lazy style, no cuts or editing.
Also, not sure if it's dirt, but it looked like she had a big hairy mole on her hand.

No. 557095

The fact there was no complaining and her nails were clean makes this shit video a tiny bit better than Raven's crap.

Also she lied when she said that shit like 'that's why I don't vlog or whatever it's called'
Pretending not to know what vlogging is doesnt make you anymore believable Ash. She clearly was going to do a channel (probably inspired by Raven at the time, 4 years ago or so) ended up finding lolcow or who knows, posted here, realised Raven gets made fun of, and chickened out. Orrrrr she just got lazy and gave up on her beauty channel dreams.

No. 557103

File: 1523893159219.png (1.07 MB, 1068x2344, Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 11.3…)

It was mentioned in >>>/pt/506098 that Ash was posting on Facebook around the time that her posts about Zamboni were made in the Gravy thread. An hour later, she posts on Facebook that she was asleep between 9 pm and 6 am. But she posted twice on Facebook, once at 10:29 pm and again at 11:02.

No. 557106

I had a browse of her youtube and I don't actually think Zombgora's voice is bad. I mean she's not Adele, and the band and instruments are trash, but I would rate her voice as maybe a 6 out of 10.

A tip for her would be to find another band or musicians to jam with, and perhaps try to film interesting music videos where it's not just her posing and touching her face in one take like a cringe lord. Props to her for trying to pursue music.

Buttttt as a person, she's ugly as fuck, looks like Raven's twin, and is just as much as an e-begging waste of space.

If she got a job and or tried to be less cowlike on facebook and cringey on youtube, then she probably wouldnt be brought up here.

She also needs to stop interacting with people like Ash who are clearly throwing her under the bus and Raven, who I believe has somewhat influenced her look and e-begging.

Or maybe I'm being too nice and she is just a begging piece of trash just like Raven.

No. 557111

Here is Ashley's beauty review blog http://ashsangrebeautyreviews.blogspot.com/ (hasn't been updated since 2014) and her DeviantArt https://ashsangre.deviantart.com/ (full of keks, but hasn't been updated since 2015).

No. 557117

Ehm, you're reacting to something from an entirely different thread?

And who are these Ash, Raven, etc. people? What about some sort of introduction before you start spamming?

No. 557120

Yeah I feel like she's just a Vicky type who likes to sit on facebook all day and overshare to her 'fans'

She seems extremely two faced.

I feel like all these goth bitches pretend to be friends and then bitch and call each other out because the goth community is immature as fuck in general. Grown ups that play dressups and argue about who is the gothest and who is a poser and who talked shit about who.

Remember how many times in the past Raven would call out other goths in videos or rants on Facebook, because they 'talked shit'?
Ash Sangre is EXACTLY the same, except the only difference is that she's even more chicken shit insecure than Raven and probably wont ever make her profiles public again.

unless she hits 40 and decides she needs more online attention that is.

No. 557125

My bad, I meant to link to the Raven thread.
Also thanks for proving my point that posting their hijinks here was pointless, as I mentioned before they don't have enough internet presence to be in this thread alone and should be left in the Ravne thread where people actually know who they are.

But to make you happy, basically Ash is some random goth thot on facebook who made a post defending Raven. Apon inspection of her social media someone made a joke about her needing a thread, She panicked and started defending herself in the Raven thread and it was super obvious it was her. It's hilarious as fuck, if you wanna read up, it's in the Raven thread I meant to link but accidentally linked to Moo's thread because I'm a fucking idiot.

No. 557127

File: 1523894247982.png (1.4 MB, 996x1828, Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 11.5…)

Ash posts start here, in the Raven thread >>>/pt/504551

She's the admin of a Facebook group called Goth C#nts, kek.

No. 557137

Oh lord she sounds cringe. Almost like she's admitting that all goffiks do all day is smoke clove shit and fight on the internet with each other. Is she being ironic?

No. 557141

If you enjoy reading the alt cow thread and you haven't heard of Raven, you are truly missing out. I used to never bother either till I was bored one day and read through all her threads.
I believe Raven is the biggest and funniest cow out of ALL the alt cows.
Trust me, you will not be disappointed.

No. 557147

File: 1523895013517.png (73.77 KB, 960x228, Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 12.0…)

>calls Zamboni a fatty
>wears a size 3XL

No. 557151

Also Ash tried to humble brag several times about her 'enormous boobs' while disguised as other people


Judging from her old dead deviant art account she was truly obsessed with her own boobs for a long time kek

No. 557152

Yeah she's probably the least fat out of the 3, but her deviant art shows that she's still a fatty. Or at least was… her instagram before it went private seemed to show that she looks slimmer, but to be honest I could only tell from her face because 90% of her photos where just her face selfies.

No. 557159

File: 1523895857701.png (180.29 KB, 1708x414, Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 12.2…)

Native what? Is Ashley claiming to be Native American?

No. 557164

Native fuckwit

No. 557167

She's has lost weight and improved her look (except the eyebrows) but she looks just like early Raven in her thin eyebrow fatty stage on her deviant account.
mind you, she probably shopped her current profile pic.

No. 557170

Aaaand the group is gone. Hi, Ashley.

No. 557180

Someone should user their ~sekrit anonymous fb~ (kek >>>/pt/505674) to let Gravy and Zamboni know that their saccharine sweet friend Ashley (lol >>>/pt/505624) is throwing them under the bus on lolcow to cover her own ass.

No. 557181

Yeah I agree. Zumba is a fucking retard cow, but she should probably be told about what Ash has been saying about her. I do not condone cow tipping though, but this Ash chick is a sneaky drama whore who deserves to be called out by her cow friends.

No. 557182

What's the bet her lulzy deviant account magically gets deleted or privated next?

No. 557184

Maybe she means native Taylor, Michigan, because she seems trashy as hell.

No. 557194

Extremely trashy. I wonder what her bf Shawn is like? She mentioned him sitting with her reading the hate comments gasp

I wonder if he's an edgelord goffic like her, or a normie neckbeard type.

No. 557197

She has deleted her Twitter and Tumblr since last night. I'm sure once she remembers her DeviantArt password, it's gone.

No. 557203

That's so fucking hilarious.
She was all I COULDN'T CARE LESS HATERS and now she's baleeted everything like a coward. Ah well, the screenshots are there proving her lies.

Also she's a classic narc, she will either come back when she thinks the coast is clear, or she will try and reinvent herself with a new goffik persona and name.
Depends on how hungry she is for attention.
Doubt the bitch even has a job or real life friends so she'll get bored and come crawling back for attention and online asspats.

No. 557204

Pretty sure her boyfriend is the dude on her DeviantArt, Immortal Hatred aka Atticus aka Kevin Thorn aka Shawn (?). I looked at his Facebook; they've both been in a relationship since September 14, 2009.

He's super into WWE. So yeah, trashy edgelord goffic.

No. 557208

Oh my gosh, I thought that was her boyfriend. He looks like a Kane wannabe. Into Gothic stuff AND wrestling? Oh he's white trash for sure.

No. 557211

File: 1523897999762.png (115.13 KB, 982x354, Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 12.3…)

>Doubt the bitch even has a job or real life friends

Anon hdu, she's DISABLED!

No. 557215

She's actually just another Raven with her let me speak to the manager complaining bullshit.
Remember when Raven would give Dominos complaints? For being fat cunts, they both sound super fussy about food and service.

Also kek at 'disabled' People like Ash and Raven are an insult to those who are actually disabled. I know 2 mentally slow people that both have part time jobs.

Being a fat lazy unemployed goff is not a disability.

No. 557226

Is she trying to whinge that the restaurant would not allow separate billing? That shit is annoying but super common. All that I usually do when that happens is either all take out cash and pay it or have one person pay and you take money out or transfer the cash to said person after the meal.
It's like when places don't do eftpos. annoying as fuck but it happens.

Don't blame it on your 'disability'

No. 557230

File: 1523898728115.png (178.34 KB, 1008x536, Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 1.10…)

We are what's wrong with the world, kek.

Ashley, you said last night >>>/pt/505714 you were deleting your Facebook. What happened?

No. 557234

>I truly do not care what is being said
>mentions that she truly does not care what is being said

This bitch.

No. 557239

Maybe she couldn't remember the password to her old deviant account and gave up trying to delete evidence of her cringe.
Or maybe she realised without an internet presence, she won't get attention.

No. 557241

File: 1523899070267.png (82.57 KB, 950x280, Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 12.1…)

It was mentioned yesterday that all of her posts on both lolcow and Facebook looked like they were coming from an iPhone, due to the autocorrect consistencies. Turns out she is using an iPhone. It's not exactly hard evidence that she posted here, but it lines up with what anons were speculating yesterday. Her posts stuck out like a sore thumb, in part due to her phone's autocorrect.

No. 557245

It's weird, even without anons pointing out her typing style and phone, I reckon I could already tell that she was legit, and Zombora was a troll.

Plus there was that whole bullshit of her 'being banned for sage' even though her sekrit facebook friend (her) claimed that Ash didn't truly know how bad Raven's behaviour was.

No. 557246

It’s pretty fucking pathetic what you people are doing don’t you guys have anything better to do with your lives then talk shit grow the fuck up and leave people loan get on with your lives or get a life you people all over the fucking world make me fucking sick the fuck is wrong with all of you(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 557248

Zamboni's posts looked suspiciously like Ashley. I'm pretty sure she was just trying to take the heat off herself by directing our attention elsewhere.

Are you Ashley or Kevin?

No. 557250

Not sure if you are a troll, but if this is Ash, guess what, you are as bad as us.
Not only had you previously posted on lolcow, a site that apparently attacks your friends, but you then proceeded to throw on of your other friends under the bus to take the heat off you.

No. 557251

My money is on Kevin. No full stops at all.
He seems like the illiterate type.

No. 557254

Or maybe it's Ash's white knight Jeremy Goodman. You know…the one that was going to stab us in our stupid faces.

No. 557255

My name is John Ruyak I live in Canonsburg Pennsylvania you dumb fucks(good to know)

No. 557258

Hi John, So lemme guess, a friend of Ash Sange? Or are you a part of Childish Zambino?

No. 557259

At least I got the balls to put my name to the posts you guys don’t even have that So get a life and quit being so fucking pathetic you are a fucking losers people like you make me sick grow the fuck up and act your age not your shoe size

No. 557261

Tell us more about yourself John, I'm sure your social media is amaaaazing.

No. 557262

File: 1523899872165.gif (841.12 KB, 450x254, surejan.gif)

No. 557267

Who I’m friends with his none your fucking business that’s number one number two I’m not poor trailer trash trying to act all big and bad on the Internet

No. 557269

Do you even know why we expose half the people we do on this site? Because they are either terrible people, or they come here and defend terrible people.
Doing this is not going to grant you access to fuck Ash's giant tittys you cuck, only Kevin gets to wrangle that shit.

No. 557271

Hmmm I dunno John Ruyak sounds like a white trash name hmmmmmmm

No. 557276

You sure type like poor white trash, and you are trying to act big and bad on the Internet.

P.S. cool iPhone

No. 557279

That's weird. The only John Ruyak near Canonsburg seems to actually be 21 miles away from Canonsburg, and he's 80+ years old.

No. 557280

Anyway let's ignore John because he's boring af
Anyone found out what her so called 'disability' is? I wonder if it's tailbone problems like her twin Raven.

Basically Ash, Zimbabwe and Raven all have disssabilitys that stop them from working despite being on facebook all day and going outside to take selfies.

No. 557284

wouldn't surprise me to be honest, a lot of these ugly goth and alt cows have old white trash men like John creeping on their profiles.

No. 557285

Post links, I'm curious anon

No. 557287

If it's not a troll it's either Ash or one of her flying monkeys defending her in hopes that they will get to titty fuck her because she's sooooo hot and looks just like Kat Von D.

No. 557292

I don't want to doxx an 87 year old man. I found him on WhitePages. It's not him anyway. It's probably Kevin.

Judging by his Facebook posts, it sounds an awful lot like Kevin. He doesn't seem to know how to use full stops.

No. 557296

Yeah I reckon it's Kevin too. He's just like his nasty girlfriend, throwing other people under the bus so it distracts from their shitty behaviour.

No. 557301

I find it hilarious that Ash has the word Raven tattooed on her boob. Raven should get Ash tattooed on hers.

Also inb4 IT'S AN EDGAR ALAN POE POEM, I know, i'm joking.

No. 557307

Hahaha Kevin definitely barely uses fullstops and his shit is hilarious! He made a post asking if people were sick of other's bashing wrestling and calling it fake.

No. 557308

Found a John Ruyak on facebook:
Could this be our hillbilly whiteknight??

No. 557317

He sure looks the part.

No. 557320

Could be, if it isn't Ashley (or Kevin) throwing another random person under the bus. He and Kevin are both into wrestling, so maybe they know each other.

He likes the same hockey team as me. Gross.

No. 557327

Oh lookkie you found me dare on you fags to messge me

No. 557329

File: 1523902110480.jpg (61.08 KB, 972x972, 10712590_377259099118384_14162…)


No. 557331

Oh wow…guys we better not message him. He looks so tough

suppresses laughter

No. 557333

Nice dog tags. Were you in the military? Are you going to karate chop us or are you just wearing them like a poser?

No. 557334

lmfao that's a NWO/barbed wire tattoo on his arm.
>I’m not poor trailer trash trying to act all big and bad on the Internet

No. 557335

wanna find out bitch

No. 557336

File: 1523902365378.jpg (88.58 KB, 972x1296, 962174_163649783812651_1219053…)

If I message you, will you make me a pizza?

No. 557337

John, word of advice, clean your mirror, it's filthy from all your zit poppin'

Vinegar or methylated spirits is the best thing for glass and mirrors, doesn't leave streaks. Oh and remember to use newspaper or lint free microfiber cloths to wipe it down.

No. 557338

I feel like his eyebrows ran away and landed on Ash's face.

No. 557340

>shit bathroom
>dirty mirror
>nasty grout
>zebra-print shower curtain
>toilet paper not on a holder
>NWO barbed wire tattoo
>works at a pizza shop
>lives in Canonsburg
I can't tell if you live in a trailer, but you're definitely poor and trashy.

No. 557341

Learn to smile, you look so angry and blank faced in every picture.

I bet this guy has a tiny dick. He sure looks like he does.

No. 557342

Poor, trashy, ugly AND an idiot. Who doxxes themselves? Especially when they have photos of where they work on their Facebook.

No. 557343

Fuck off, we are clearly jealous of his million dollar pizza shop business and his amazing wrestling skillzzz he could totally kill us all with just an eyebrowless glare.

Quit being a hater kek

No. 557345

I don't think he still works at Toarmina's Pizza, that's in Michigan. But it looks like he did live in Taylor, MI, judging by this, plus the fact that he's in a Taylor gossip group. So he probably knows Ashley and Kevin personally.

I wonder if one of them made a Facebook post about us? TBH if I were ever posted here, I'd want to keep people I know as far away as possible from lolcow.

No. 557346

Props to John for being hygienic enough to change his shower curtain. Even though both are fucking hideous.

No. 557347

I know right?
These retards always come here beating their chests and carrying on. The reason I even FOUND Raven was because she mentioned lolcow in an old video.

No. 557349

I'm honestly not 100% convinced this is John. It could still be Ashley or Kevin posing as someone else as a deflection.

No. 557353

Yeah it's probably Ash, Kevin or a troll.
Either way, this guy looks cringey.

Maybe it's Ash's ex boyfriend or Kevin's ex mate.

No. 557356

Having said that, the intial 'John' poster hasnt saged any posts so far. I mean, there's a few anons that havent either, but it could mean that it's not a regular poster.

No. 557359

John went to Wesley High School. That explains a lot.
>Providing supportive, inclusive environment for students with autism, learning disabilities & behavioral health issues in the school. A referral is required for enrollment.

No. 557364

Okay that seals it for me, I'm just going to ignore his shit because he's clearly retarded and I feel bad. Plus he's not really alt, so there's that.
Ash on the other hand, although dumb as fuck as she is, is not disabled, so she's free game.

No. 557368

Same, now I feel bad for making fun of a truly disabled person.

No. 557370

Well you can blame Ash or Kevin for that. They probably either threw him under the bus to distract from themselves or they posted shit about lolcow on their facebooks and as a result, a mentally ill and autistic friend/fan has come here in their honour.

They truly are scum.

No. 557373

I wonder since admin banned him for self posting, if they can check the i.p and see if it matches up with the Ash ones in the raven thread.

No. 557399

I'm pretty sure John is their ex-roommate, and Ashley & Shawn (aka Kevin) live with Ashley's mom. Can't post source without doxxing them, but yeah.

No. 557425

John just changed his Facebook name, so I'm pretty sure it was actually him posting here.

So yeah, Ashley or Shawn sent a mentally disabled person to come here and defend them.

No. 557459

Does anyone know who that weird edgelord guy she keeps posting awkward photos of is?

No. 557461

It's her boyfriend, Shawn (aka Kevin Thorn aka Atticus aka Immortal Hatred).

No. 557477

File: 1523912445347.png (310.35 KB, 1000x1208, Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 5.00…)


No. 557499

Thanks for the update, anon! Looking forward to the upcoming Hagraven freak out video .

No. 557530


That's Ashley's gross bathroom.

No. 557697

File: 1523947437449.png (1.12 MB, 1366x682, Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 07.4…)

guys guys omg TT has a NEW killstar haul. I'ts been forever since she did a haul, especially a killstar one!! sense the sarcasm
She states the clothes are see through and youll need a bra and then goes on to shoe pointy nipples for views.

No. 557708

The problem with Ash is that she seems like one of those annoying cunts that vague post passive aggressive posts so you never truly know who she's talking about unless she tags the person's name.

No. 557724

Jake deadpan describing himself as having an "athletic build" in this vid made me almost spit out my breakfast

No. 557741

Killstar is so fucking overpriced for the quality

kek, fat build with a bit of muscle maybe…

No. 557743

Does this one count?
Don't see a new thread yet, and the old one is locked so can't post it there.

No. 557768

File: 1523967082324.png (1.28 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20180417-140435.png)

Did you notice how annoyed Jake looked in this video? Towards the end Kaya says
"OK, you can go" and he responds "good!" in a really bitchy way. It was pretty off-putting cause you could see how irritated and disappointed that made her. At the end he even throws the shirt at he. Lmao what is wrong with him? Seriously, sometimes it's okay to be rude in a non-serious way but he is just always like that and doesn't really show affection on camera. I felt bad for her.


No. 557769

File: 1523967118209.png (1.28 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20180417-140342.png)

No. 557770

File: 1523967195322.png (1.08 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20180417-140449.png)

Sorry for my shitty screenshots. I'm on my phone

No. 557780

It did seem sort of jokey but since he's always an ass it's hard to tell

No. 557843


slightly OT but jeez, what even is this dress? The material is so stretchy and thin and NOT in a good sense, it looks so cheap, aliexpress-tier. I can't believe Killstar is charging this shit for 35 pounds.

No. 557859


To be fair it's probably too small for Kaya and her massive nipples.

No. 557870

It was posted on her new thread here >>>/pt/506118

Come join in the fun!

No. 557896

File: 1523979782098.jpg (47.56 KB, 257x531, Clipboard01.jpg)

(sorry for the poor screenshoting job)

No. 557917

Ash is pisses at Craven. Is anyone friends with her on fb. It would be nice to know her fake account name.

No. 557941

File: 1523982745789.png (958.26 KB, 1000x2390, Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 12.2…)

No. 558134

File: 1523999829614.png (805.89 KB, 726x702, rhhrrrhhrrh.png)

Kaya replied to someone on Instagram today saying she never wears bras because they're too uncomfortable for her.

Kaya says in her video too that it's because of anti-depressants that she gained so much weight.. has she ever mentioned that before?

also fucking kek at Jake "this shirt was a bit tight on me so if you're an athletic build like me you should go a size up" you mean fat Jake…you're just fat

No. 558163


Jake genuinely irritates me so much with the way he portrays himself as the amazingly buff knowledgeable gym bro when his commitment to the gym is flakey as fuck, his ideas about nutrition are laughable and he's not even in any sort of decent shape. Yes, he has some muscle on his arms, but he's carrying enough weight that it's not very noticeable unless he flexes, and his core/chest seem weak.

I watched a video of his a while ago where he talked about getting in shape, and said that if he isn't going to be 'out of the house' much or hasn't got a lot on he'll basically let himself go, and that nobody is 'fit all the time'. It's such bullshit. I exercise a bunch because it's my profession and also because I love it and it benefits my health physical and mental. I feel like he just wants to look good, which is also fine, but his commitment and understanding of what it actually takes to be physically fit and strong are woeful. It's an entire lifestyle, not just occasionally going to the gym as an excuse to 'bulk' and eat loads of crap food.

Sage because I could rant about Jake and his smug, "I know so much about being in good shape" attitude when he's a barely muscled, lazy fat lump.

No. 558182

Anti-depressants have always been her given reason for it. The anti-depressants she took for a few months several years ago and decided to come off if it's the same excuse.

No. 558288

Raven has a thread in pt.
Stop posting that shit here

No. 558399

This. I was close with her when she started taking antidepressants (back in like, 2012? I think) She never filled her repeat prescription, so she was on them for 4/6 weeks total.

I caught up with her somewhat recently and she talked a little about her depression.

From what I know she started getting depressed back in 2011/12. She started taking SSRIs, stopped modelling, and sought comfort in food. She flaked out on her medication (presumably because she didn't stay on them long enough to notice any improvements in her mood/self-esteem) which lead to more unhealthy habits, being less social, eating more etc.

So now she looks back at that moment in time and thinks "It must have been the pill's that made me fat!" Meaning not only is she giving up on medication that could really help her, but she's failing to take responsibility for her own actions.

Anyway, her weight gain is not due to medication. Or thyroid issues. Or genetics. It's all because of poor mental health, her fragile self-esteem, lack of discipline and that abusive scumbag of a boyfriend.

No. 558627

Totally agree.

Kaya just doesn't want to take responsibility for the fact the weight gain is HER fault for overeating. It's easy to put the blame on anti-depressants or a thyroid malfunction, just like she blames her laziness on her "laptop breaking"

I was watching an older video of hers from 2016/2017 and she was saying all her problems fit Hashimoto's disease. Uhm, no, Kaya. You just eat too much, put on weight, and all your symptoms are a result of that. I've also noticed since then she hasn't brought it up anymore. Gee, I wonder why? Probably because she got tested and it showed her thyroid is fine.

No. 558632


There's another past video where she blames it on hyperthyroidism.

I genuinely think neither her nor Jake really understand how to eat well. There's a video of his where he talks about eating healthy being frozen veggies and microwavable bags of (no doubt white) rice and how much of a chore cooking is and it's clear they'd rather go for convenience than health. I also wonder how much money they spend on food because Jake also talks about buying sweet potato frozen and pre-cut because Kaya finds them "too hard to cut" which is just madness to me. Microwavable bags of rice are super expensive for a portion too. Like I understand frozen veg is fine for convenience but they both have shitloads of time and enough money to spend on tattoos and stupid trinkets so they could probably eat and cook super well if they put the effort in.

No. 558648


Someone said in one of the previous threads they were both anorexic at one point, so it's not surprising they have bad eating habits. What amazed me though was in yet another old video of Kaya's, she actually said calories are meaningless and unimportant. No wonder she's the size she is and doesn't seem to be losing any weight. Admittedly, she seems to understand now that was incorrect, but it still astounded me.

They're ALWAYS eating out at restaurants too. That's fine as an odd treat but that doesn't seem to be the case.

No. 558658

I remember Kaya saying that when she and Jake got their dole money they would go straight to the shops, spend ALL the money on sweets and gorge for days in front of the tv.
she can blame anti depressants and a thyroid problem all she wants but her size is very clearly her own fault

No. 558672

She also said she "used to be able to eat anything and never put on weight" - that's called a faster, teenage metabolism. I was like that too as a teen but when you get into your 20's your bad eating habits catch up with you and it's harder to lose weight as you age. It's not rocket science Kaya.

No. 558677

I know everyone recovers differently but legit all the people I know who used to suffer from EDs (to some degree including myself) are now super obsessive about healthy diet, in a way using that control in a different way to be healthy rather than thin.
I find it really hard to believe someone could have had an ED and also believe 'calories are meaningless'.

No. 558689

Is Kaya deleting comments? I only see positive comments under that video, even though Jake is behaving like a dickhead there (plus he's constantly bragging how "buff" he is). Those people commenting how wonderful chemistry Jake and Kaya have must be blind or something. I never saw it and I'm certainly not seeing it now when he's acting annoyed throughout his segment and towards Kaya. At least be glad that you got some clothing for free, you fuckwit.

No. 558698

That's what I had trouble with too - if she had an ED, how can she think calories are unimportant? Especially as that same person who said she was anorexic also said she used to count calories daily. My guess is when she gained weight, she tried counting and it didn't work out for a week or two so she assumed they were meaningless. kek

I believe she does, she mentioned before she deletes "rude" comments so you'll never see them unless you're fast enough lol

No. 558737

They're one of the cases where their vanity fueled their eating disorders. They were both thin and focused mainly on their makeup/style and trying to make a career from it when they were young, leaving them uneducated and with nothing to show for it now that they're older, have given up and their already disordered eating has become binging and they've expanded. It's really sad honestly how they're both too thick and conceited to be able to tell what they're doing wrong.

No. 558764

I loled so much at the video, neither of those cunts takes responsibility for their actions. They're fat because they overeat, not because of antidepressants. And jake saying he's "athletic built" just made me lol to tears

No. 558784

why the fuck suddenly altcows was hijacked to talk about these ash and kevin nobodies? Yeah, technically they are cows and also alt but it's not the kind of thing we talk about here. We talk and gossip about alt and goth personalities, people who are youtubers, instagram famous, etc. It's not really our thing to talk every single little detail of the life of any alternative or goth people who happens to be a cow so these posts looked really out of place. Maybe these people should have their own thread, maybe?
I get what some anon said that "if you guys love this thread youll love the Raven one" but I read Raven's thread and it's nothing like this one here. Raven is fucking crazy, seriously disturbed and does and says outrageous shit. Here, not so much, it's mainly gossip about goth and alt people who put themselves out there and do hypocritical stuff.

No. 558886


Kaya has never had an eating disorder. She was thin and ate whatever she wanted as a teen, but no longer. I remember on her Tumblr answering a question about this and she answered she could just eat whatever she liked and not put on weight.

No. 558903

I sincerely think that this was just because she was hardcore mimicking Dakota when she first started trying to market herself online, and part of Kota's whole schtick was her trying to pass herself off as being ~effortlessly~ kawaii uguu.

No. 558931

while antidepressants and otherp sych meds can cause weight gain, tbh, I don't think being on them for that short period of a time would.

usually the weight gain only has that large of an effect on people who have taken them for very long periods of time.

No. 558977


Very true. The tiny amount of chemicals in them need a very long, sustained time of continuous dosage to affect the body.

No. 559075

I (Ash) was put on here due to Raven. I’m not an online personality and don’t have a following whatsoever. I mean there is literally nothing to put on a thread beside how bad my eyebrows are drawn on.

No. 559095

Since most of you guys don't follow the Raven thread, I will briefly explain.

Raven got herself in online drama -again- and some of her facebook friends went to whiteknight her. Ash and Zombgora were some of them. We started nitpicking at them for that, and farmhands decided we could not discuss them in the Raven thread (>You can discuss their interactions with Raven here, but anything else needs to go in the altcow thread. >>506143)

After a while, Raven went batshit crazy at Ash, and she decided to not have Ravens back anymore and started to contact us to out some of Raven lies, providing screencaps and shit. We asked farmhands to unban her, and so she is currently providing info in the Raven thread.

Since Raven thread is very milky right now, I do'nt think people will come here to mess up the altthread anymore.

TLDR - Farmhands told us we should post that shit here. Its prob over now. Thanks.

No. 559867

File: 1524130487703.jpg (104.13 KB, 800x1000, 6tag-7473477524-17575869041636…)

Kaya's tagged pics, was looking for wig updates and…

This is a human hair wig that costs like $400

crimping the whole thing makes it look like a $5 wig from the party store. straighten the areas at the front and curl the wig, or at least curl the ends so they don't look frazzled. Or straighten the front and backcomb the back. I don't get why she likes crimping so much, it looks much worse than backcombing, curling, or any other style

No. 559874

Because crimping your hair is obviously uber gofffickk anon

No. 559890

Crimping always makes me think of little girl's hairstyling. Definitely not Goth, incidentally I have never seen anyone crimp (in adulthood) except Kaya.

No. 559922

A friend of mine still crimps as an alternative to backcombing or less backcombing apparently. They crimp it when wet. Hot fucking tool on wet hair. Makes me wince. So at least she isn't doing it to her own hair and just that poor wig.

No. 559929

File: 1524141693011.jpg (266.49 KB, 1080x1080, Screenshot_20180419-083553_Goo…)

idk why she does this teeny crimping looking for volume. she could've braided it or curled it around chopsticks. or just bought pic related and teased it as much as she wanted to. and i agree that some straight parts in the front would be better than whatever that is.

the broken hairs at the top make me rage, but this is what she spends her money on and then constantly botches about her camera lol.

No. 559975

Didn't a company send her that wig? They'll take one look at what Kaya did to their wig and never send her another item again and then Kaya that the only reason companies don't work with her is because she's too goth.

No. 559977

*Then Kaya will cry that no companies want to work with her.

(Stupid mobile)

No. 559983

Did anyone see ItsBlackFriday upload a photo of her new black-dyed Keto "fat bomb" on IG?
Seems like she finally realizes how chub chub she's gotten
However I wonder how long it will last?
You actually have to cook to do keto kek

No. 560016

File: 1524153137567.jpg (183.72 KB, 982x931, Ali.JPG)


Also, what happened to not supporting Aliexpress shops, Freya? Beyond hypocrisy considering that statement wasn't made so long ago

No. 560021

She will fail. Keto is not a good long term diet and anyone who has any basic knowledge on health and fitness knows this. Sure, it has benefits but I can't imagine her giving up chips anytime soon kek.

No. 560028

She's always trying some fad diet but never sticks to it, basically another Kaya kek.

And she does those tacky cheap looking bags with Avelina which I'm sure are made by kids in an Asian sweatshop…

No. 560055

I only ever owned one Killstar item. It was a plain black, knit maxi dress with a hood, long sleeves, and some intentional distressing on the sleeves, the upper back, and one thigh. The knit was incredibly thin - not something indicated on the site or in photos. When I took a photo in it I realised that I'd need to wear something else underneath because you could see right through it. But it was designed to be form-fitting, so wearing something additional underneath was kind of out of the question unless I wanted to look bunchy and frumpy. I paid probably $70-ish for it. What a freaking waste of money. I won't support Killstar ever again. Especially now that they're basically next-level Hot Topic.

No. 560147


I won a Killstar dress so I didn't spend any money and I'd never experienced clothes falling apart before in my life. The seams droop with every where, little hanging cottons and the armpits tore. It was the baggiest dress so its not like it was tight and I was squeezing into it. Just so disappointing and now they're just Wednesday Adams dresses and print tops for the 14 year old Tumblr nugoth kids.

No. 560264

File: 1524174167882.png (282.17 KB, 678x419, Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 22.4…)

20seconds in. "witch casket is made by white witches for white witches.. i dont do the whole witch thing"
no freya you just do the whole getting shit for free thing

No. 560286

The parts the pieces are made of are from aliexpress, the jewelry however is still handmade. I think it's a difference if the seller uses cheap material or straight up sells finished jewelry from China. So I don't see a problem there, at least she's supporting a small business instead of killstar and all these bullshit companies. That's the bigger problem imo.

Sage for jewelry talk

No. 560296

Kaya and IBF are competing for fake witch points kek

No. 560357

Kaya says she doesn't support such companies because Aliexpress iirc
But I guess she got these for free so it's okay now

No. 560382

ouch, as shitty as Jake was and all, this screenshot is just unfortunate
looking like a thumb here

No. 560638

File: 1524216063487.jpeg (67.86 KB, 576x280, 630CE2FA-5E82-4D3A-BB14-203049…)

TT has always been a work shy, lazy, wholly selfish person. Jake and kaya do not socialise nor actively take part in the alternative scene in Belfast and should not consider themselves a part of it. She doesn’t volunteer for charities nor does she do anything productive or useful with her time about from receive make up and useless plastic shit and occasionally blog about it. When of course she has “time” ?!

There are literally hundreds of things to do as an alt person, we have the war zone centre that holds festivals, gigs, even weekday vegan cafes and craft fairs, all of which I have partaken in and not seen kaya once. She calls herself a goth based entirely on the surface aesthetics (which are terrible at best). Kaya has only herself to blame for her weight gain, she unfortubately manages to delude herself further when trying to convince people her weight gain is a result of anti depressants. I think any intelligence person will know it’s a very weak and ill thought out excuse for her essentially getting older and no longer having the metabolism that can process the sheer amount of processed/ high fat/ high sugar content foods. It’s fairly obvious that she spends most of her day in bed doing nothing. Her house is extremely unclean and kaya is a habitually lazy person, when she used to live alone with Jake her house was absolutely filthy.

I think toxic is the appropriate word for kaya. She’s a toxic person and has a toxic relationship.

No. 560645

karma. She used to be an active member of PULL calling people ugly and making fun of their weight, whilst bragging she can remain thin no matter what or how much she ate. Jake was just as bad commenting on others' weight believing he and Kaya to be above them. It's no wonder they don't interact with other people and don't seem to have any friends, no sane person would want to associate with those two insufferable douches. But it must be Belfast right? What a shitty place to live in with no alt scene or anything to do! All the people are mean to them! Jake/Kaya - if it smells like shit wherever you go, maybe you should check your shoes. ;-)

No. 560647

File: 1524218741897.png (255.26 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180420-105841.png)

Belfast anon here. I wish Jake would fuck off back to Wales. There is no way he can get from one side of Belfast to the other in 4 minutes on his fucking board why does he need to uber and taxi every fucking where??

This was a reply to someone visiting Belfast and asking for things to do. The Giants Causeway and the rope bridge aren't even in fucking Belfast they're 60 miles away.

They do not socialise or go to events in Belfast. Belfast has parks, waterways, several sports parks, a lot of history, ancient relics dotted about the countryside. The city centre is compact but not tiny, great for shopping and nightlife. They went out to that Harry Potter event once and left within minutes because it was more of a themed bar. Perhaps if the two of them weren't known for constantly slabbering about the locals and where they live they wouldn't feel so ostracised. Even though they're to blame.

No. 560648

He had to Google what to do in belfast because all he does is go to chain restaurants and get his hair cut.

A city like LA was wasted on him. Him and Kaya did fuck all but go to supermarkets and buy junk food and sit inside Kelly Eden's apartment. They've no interest in culture as evidence by the Japan vlogs or lack of. They literally just stuff their faces and moan.

No. 560651

Jake is always getting ubers/taxis, so much for being "athletic" and fit eh? Can't even walk 10 mins kek.

I'm not even from Belfast nor have I ever been there before but the way he/they constantly criticise it for being "boring", "having nothing to do" or "no goth/alternative scene" drives me NUTS. I'm sure it has plenty on offer and even if the alt scene isn't big, I'm sure there is something. And even if there isn't, how hard would it be to travel out a bit and find one?! I think they both think too highly of themselves to bother associating with other alternative people. Kaya would never show her face in a goth club or festival because she hates the music and everything about goth except for the aesthetic. She's a fucking joke.

No. 560947

File: 1524255153382.png (1.66 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_2018-04-21-06-08-39…)

Hollywood meet and greet? Fuck what an ego. I can't stop laughing.

No. 560963

She lives in the area though…

No. 560980

She doesn't live in the area, she lives in Tamworth,New South Wales and is just visiting LA

No. 560985

but anon… she creates DESIGNER bags with all the big goth youtubers, she's a fucking superstar didn't you know??

No. 561041

Which is a country music town. They go where the money is. Weird as she's a metal head. Hubby pays for her. It costs a lot of money to look that cheap.

No. 561045

Not as funny as the meet and greet IBF did at WGT last year. The fame level is just dumb. People who idolize anyone with a selfie stick and a will to be seen. She would have been better off wearing a Santa suit and getting kids to sit on her knee. Cringe fest.

No. 561053


what's the T on this one? First time hearing she was on PULL

No. 561158

Don't know why I thought she did. Did she used to?! Does she visit a lot?! Maybe it's just that stanky vibe I get from her. Stuck-up wannabe e-celeb vibes.

It's funny how all YouTubers want to visit LA when it's seen as a trash city to a lot of ppl in the US.

No. 561203


There's a lot of alt anons on here that absolutely love Killstar but I can't see why?
If they actually used better material, or charged appropriately for what's being offered then it wouldn't be so much of a big deal.
The prints ruin most of the items and the Wednesday Adams deal died years ago. They need to cut those out. but I guess they're cheap to make.

Considering their bags have only a one month shelf life before falling apart, loose seams on clothing etc. There's really no point in paying full price.

Unlike Kaya who is piling up on so many full price Killstar items, she even said it's becoming a problem.
Time to invest that money into the attic instead of begging for attic monies TT

Horseface is pathetic, trying to show off a shallow "rich life" even though it all looks cheap and tacky.
Those bags are bound to fall apart in 6 months as well.
She needs to head back to the stables and re-evaluate her actions

No. 561223

File: 1524285026454.gif (244.89 KB, 334x577, mr.ed.gif)

No. 561241

She has started to say she will accept 'gifts' from her followers. So another amazon wish list e-begger. Disgusting.

No. 561242

is it just me or has that haunt furniture shit she's sitting on come apart? It looks like the velvet has come off the back behind her. Cheap ass goth shit.

No. 561244

File: 1524287625487.png (269.31 KB, 538x336, cheap.png)

see pic - saged for not attaching it!

No. 561354

No. 561358

I checked said video, cause that haunt shit is expensive, I think it might just be the reflection of light in the fabric.

No. 561361

Writing 'saged' doesn't make it saged. Read the rules before you post, 'sage' goes on the email field newfag.

No. 561410

Jake keeps saying he's getting fit and healthy for his summer music tour but he said in he last vlog that his manager hasn't been able to book his band anywhere yet.

lets wait for a vlog where he blames evrything else for why his tour doesn't go ahead

No. 561418

Why do you guys spend time complaining and talking about people that are literally pieces of shit in this world ? I’ve been reading all of the stuff you guys say and you just complain about their weight and the lame life moves they do. What the fuck are you guys on? Stop giving attention to those fucking whores cuz they read all of this shit and they love it when you guys talk about them. You’re probably the main reason they feel so full of themselves cuz I don’t think they actually have anybody else but starving pricks checking their videos out

No. 561419

File: 1524322379662.jpeg (59.87 KB, 515x640, 42208C91-CE96-4C89-A3B5-927390…)

IBF and Avelina Moray body type looks like that weird looking demented chick on a Marilyn Manson video , they are evil on the outside and on the inside

No. 561662

Velvet doesn't reflect. Looks torn to me.

No. 561696

If you don't like it leave. Let people have fun.

No. 561855

I don't see a tear? It's light reflecting on the black, shiny part of it, not the fabric.

No. 562576

File: 1524434635644.png (853.85 KB, 592x1038, Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at 22.5…)

It looks like she's sitting upright in a computer chair, and she likes to emphasise how large her chest is…so when the gut is sticking out further than that there's a bit of a problem Freyja.

No. 563132

She's pretty obviously leaning back. Look at recent full length photos of her. Yeah, she's carrying extra weight and her body type is thick in the middle, but she doesn't have a big preggy gut.

No. 563405

File: 1524515612837.jpg (77.32 KB, 668x421, GrVKyKg.jpg)

I beg to differ.

No. 563502


IBF has mentioned in an old video people have asked her if she's pregnant in the past.

No. 563506

there's other vlogs of her standing and there was a fulls hot of her mirror reflection and she had a big gut sticking out. She doesn't need to be stick thin but girlfriend should try to eat healthy, go on long walks and lose that gut. She'd look better.

No. 563537

Does she drink alcohol because that looks like a beer gut to me? probably alcohol and fried foods.

No. 563922

she's mentioned before how much she loves eating sweets and desserts. So probably pies, cakes, puddings, ice cream, etc. She needs to lay off that shit and go on a walk. She's getting older and already has a mom body.

No. 564198

She doesn't put out so looking good naked isn't on her list of priorities. Have another hot chip. Or sundae. Maybe a side of cow.

No. 564674

I really like Freyja, I think she has a quirky personality and I like her style. I also understand that getting free stuff is cool, but I have a hard time understanding how she can endorse a company that is super expensive (dresses are more than 100$, tops around 50$) when she herself states that the quality is ok, but not the best…? Would you want your fans to spend their hard earned money in something you endorse, when the quality is just not there…?

No. 564802

ngl, I have a lot of dark in love stuff and I think it's nicer than punkrave. then again punkrave is basically halloween costume tier in quality, so it's not like competition is tough.

No. 564803

You lost me at I like Freya…

No. 564867

Oh no, how will I continue living…?

No. 564886


Freyja doing the wave at 3:53 is gif worthy.

No. 564969

File: 1524634445320.png (549.69 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-04-24-22-28-42…)

Last week Freyja posted a video about unteasing her hair.

No. 564971

File: 1524634496486.png (554.36 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-04-24-22-26-37…)

No. 564975


In the Dark in Love video she says she's lost a bit of weight. She bemoans her "cone-shaped figure."

No. 565098

She just has those metal head genes. You can't hide behind the makeup.

No. 565706

File: 1524698381919.png (347.08 KB, 1080x1414, Screenshot_20180426-001215.png)

Kaya low-key e-begging again

No. 565740

bitch is out here begging for expensive dinner ware to eat shitty junk food on. bitch get some plates at tesco or whatever you have in the UK.

No. 565944


She's in NI, but the shops are the same and you don't need an entire set of luxury plates, so I concur

No. 566053


EVERYTHING is about the aesthetic with her, if she got those fancy plates they'd be used once for pizza no doubt then get put away in the back of the cupboard and forgotten about. As long as she posts a picture to IG showing it off that's all that matters right? Also BUY IT YOURSELF you lazy, selfish cow. Bitch pisses me off, so shallow and vapid.

No. 566056

File: 1524730153464.jpg (76.57 KB, 821x451, backrools.jpg)


keto is going super well I see

No. 566059


lmfao also: "make-up doesn't make you thin"

No. 566072

No class

No. 566074

You can't contour that mess.

No. 566076

No the dress isnt 'forgiving' lol. It's not meant to be. Fashion victim extraordinaire. Pudding enthusast. Oh my…

No. 566087

File: 1524734635786.png (131.78 KB, 1049x731, 2018-04-26 19.22.27.png)

Just exercise you stupid mole

No. 566119

Bleh, that's disgusting. Also, why even add butter to a tea? It's not like she HAS to add the fat into random stuff. Just drink the tea normally and then have a snack. Jesus.

This bitch loves sweets, so I can't imagine she'll be able to stick with this diet for long - she's going to gain all the lost weight back in a few days of binging and add some more pounds on top of that. Mark my words.

No. 566133

Right? She's always trying some fad diet and it never works for her. Like we've told Kaya - CALORIES AND PORTION CONTROL for gods sakes Freyja you lump

No. 566134

File: 1524741359167.png (23.51 KB, 733x168, BBBB.png)

Well yeah because all you did in LA was stuff your face with food

No. 566279

You dont need expensive china so you can eat your disgusting fatty food off.
i'm gagged
>backrolls kek

No. 566511

this tacky as fuck dress drac just got and is making even tackier for some event. the sleeves look too long and that fabric is gonna highlight all the lumps and bumps she has when not carefully posed.

No. 566513

File: 1524776273348.jpg (1.22 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180426-163930_Ins…)

samefag b/c the pic didn't post the first time.

No. 566541

Holy shit that's horrific. She really can't dress herself.

No. 566545

What. The. Fuck. Is. That?

No. 566564

Freja go up a size and invest in decent underwear in your size, no need to thank me.

No. 566567

probably a cheap imitation of something kat von d wore. Drac thinks she's avant gard that wears outrageous shit and any criticism is because you don't get it, when bitch, you are just tacky as fuck, you TRY to be this confident person who wears outrageous shit and comes out as a try hard who has absolutely no sense of what it fits. Theres good ridiculous outifits and bad ridiculous utfits, I guess we know which one this is

No. 566568

samefag but my bad for the double mistake writing "outfits"

No. 566613

I agree a 100% anon. All this bitch ever does is beg, and beg, and then beg some more. Move that lardy ass and go get a job if you want nice stuff, like everyone else does. If only she did mildy interesting content, I could understand people wanting to reward her. On top of everything, she´s fake as fuck, pretending to be a rolemodel of politeness and kindness, when we all know she was in PULL doing exactly what we do here not long ago. I just can't with this daft cow.

No. 566725


Lol backrolls can be genetic and from being older. I’m 42kgs and have back rolls like bf, hate them so much

No. 566850

oh it gets better, her planned makeup look is going to have a bunch of sacred hearts in it.

also i looked up that etsy and my eyes melted. this thing was $75 and made from lycra spandex lol.

No. 567118

another one of her pathetic attempts at being mexican?

No. 567262

File: 1524851656114.png (1.37 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180427-185123.png)

Continues in the next post

No. 567264

File: 1524851715090.jpg (349.04 KB, 1080x1812, IMG_20180427_185300_274.jpg)

Not really Avelina, more like a horsexual vibe.

No. 567288

>you captured me perfectly
>so sexy

kek, deluded much…

No. 567442

Another brothel inspired look. Why the fuckdoes she keep calling herself goth. It's so B grade porno vibe. Shudders.

No. 567450

That fabric looks bad and the sewing isn't great. (Also wtf is going on with her boobs? )

No. 567454

So another attempt to wear Kat von D's skin?

No. 567527

File: 1524870598793.png (99.01 KB, 1030x456, 2018-04-28 09.04.03.png)

I didn't want to make a big thing of it? Unlike filming your own wedding. God this chick is such a liar. I know people who know Mattius and she is a filthy pig. She is two faced and definitely scammed her way to Germany. I hope she gets her just desserts. We all know how she loves them. You're a joke Freya. What a cunt.

No. 567542

This is what bored housewives and failed musicians resort to. Don't worry Avelina I'm sure your fake personality will get you to 100k on insta. Gotta have goals yeah?

No. 567822

any milk on what she did to Matthias exactly? I got the impression he possibly cheated on her

No. 567894

Her mother said IBF and Mister Owl has been going on for longer than people think. If Mattias did anything it's probably because IBF used him for a greencard. Why did the marriage end so soon otherwise? She's to blame. I think it's pretty obvious.

No. 567910


ot but butter smells amazing so I'm not surprised someone is enjoying it

No. 567924

I can’t believe that her mother would reveal something like that. It doesnt make Freya look like anything but a gross slut. Not the victim her mother thinks she is. And poor Nadia. Freya needs to tell her mom to stop being so messy online. She needs her own life.

No. 567926

I don't mean to bodyshame for no reason but why are her boobs so.. far apart? She needs a good fitting bra!!

No. 567939

Avelina loves so much to push her ~*~im so rich~*~ lifestyle but I saw her commenting on an influencer's facebook, that girl was selling (second-hand style) stuff that she was given for free and Avelina dropped a comment in the lines of "I'll be also grabbing these", and the girl responded like they knew each other because she was too friendly. After a while Avelina designed a coinpurse for her (https://avelinademoray.com/collections/wallets/products/death-candy-coffin-wallet). Anyone care for me to search if I can find again that comment?

No. 567940

People who are happy don't stray. He obviously wasn't happy.

No. 567941

There are always 2 sides to every story.

No. 567943

It was a comment on YouTube but icbf finding it.

No. 568003

Have you cheated? kek

That's not always the case, some people are just like that. A lot of comments were floating around that he's seriously flirty with other women whether he has a gf or not

it could be that she grew unhappy/jealous of matthias' flirting and felt drawn back to mr owl. I'm not defending her at all, I don't particularly like her to be honest, but we don't know the full version of events from either party and we probably never will

No. 568015

Does Kaya ever fucking wear the free clothes she gets sent? She'll be all "ohh it's soo pretty!" but you never see her actually wearing them, ever. I was bored looking through her early hauls and in her first Queen of Darkness video she said she's an ambassador for them despite admitting she hadn't even heard of them before they contacted her. So then why was she chosen?! And why agree?!

No. 568025

If you guys check out kat’s 10 year anniversary video for her makeup collection this mess makes sense. Everyone is is gold in the video.

No. 568316

No I haven't cheated. That's a dumb question. I'm making a statement. Furthermore I think we are focused on Mattius being the bad guy's but the elephant in the room in Freya. Use your brain.

No. 568326

As long as nobody has any milk on that it's all pointless speculation. Apart from this I'm seriously wondering how she's going to manage her relationship overseas when she's not planning to go back to NZ. Does she think Mr. Owl will follow her? She doesn't even have a longterm Visa, I think it will expire after 3 years or so. I rewatched her vlog today where she explained her decision and it's unbelievable that she has no clue where she's going to live but decides to get enganged with someone in a different continent. That's not romantic, you're what, 31? What kind of relationship is this going to be?

No. 568383

Mr Owl is a fallback. Der…..

No. 568403

That's just hideous. Can't wait to see it when it's finished.

No. 568432

She certainly seems to have been the cheater since she tried so hard to push the "he's an awful abusive cheat and I have ptsd now" narrative til she realised it wasn't working and all of a sudden she's not making a big deal and she and mr owl have been together much longer. Definitely not why they split but; She never got his sense of humour which no doubt was a strain and the reason they never seemed close.

No. 568446

nothing fits well enough or long enough with her ever expanding waistline for her to wear it. She can't stand having those ham hock arms squeezed in to anything that isn't stretchy for longer than the video. She'd just shove that giant pink monstrosity of a jumper over it anyway

No. 568516

She's not a terrible singer but she's nothing special and as a front woman she seems to think she needs only the look and an interesting microphone. She isn't attractive enough to rely on that and not on her voice yet still tries. Also lies about it being 'live audio' in some music videos when she has reverb on her voice and has layered her vocals and possibly the guitars too. Unless she means live as in they played it, because it's mixed and has been improved greatly from her raw vocals which isn't exactly what I'd call live audio

No. 568527

why am I not surprised it sucks ass

No. 568536

Yeah waving her arms about making him a cheating bastard.. nice one. He probably cheated because he knew his loving wife used him just to stay in Germany. Its not hard people. Speculation yes but we also Speculated the marriage was fake. 2 apartments? Bitch… she planned the whole deal. I feel sorry for Mattias. He deserves better.

No. 568537

Does anyone know when the Allison handbag was first released? I know the wallet was announced recently but she also has a handbag. It only has 15 preorders which is kinda cathartic for me if it has been out a while as Allison is an irritating liar and her disingenuous pompousness is something I avoid as often as possible.

No. 568561

She was doing a handbag too I thought she only went for the dumb fury wallet?
Not to mention is there actually milk involving Allison? Other then her tragic trying to be lolita phase and totally over the top “I’m so Viking!” Stuff she always came off as boring and milkless

No. 568605

She can't decide her nationality and has a husband who wears a cringe wig is pretty much it, not much milk just strong secondhand embarrassment

No. 568798

DID she though? All she said was "it has been longer than you think", which I always assumed referred to the amount of time between Freyja and Matthias breaking up and her rekindling her relationship with Mr Owl.

I've never thought that Freyja literally rushed to her camera to tell the world they'd split within days of it happening. I could be wrong of course. I just thought things got crappy, it limped to a close, the pair of them started living effectively separate lives and then Mr Owl was all "oh hai since we're both single now…"

I also have no doubt that the marriage was for residency but that doesn't mean they also didn't care deeply for each other at the time. I know heaps of couples who have married purely to keep the other one in the country, even when the relationship is quite new. Many of them are still together decades later.

I don't know either of them from a bar of soap other than via the interwebs but I feel like Mr Owl and Freyja get each other and will hopefully make each other happy in the long run.

No. 568807

tl/dr: I think Freyja and Matthias may have split quite some time before Freyja made it official.

No. 568903

She barely wanted to kiss him at the altar. Let's not forget that her short lived marriage and the 2 apartments for some forward planning is not only obvious but the way she left Mr owl and now having him back after getting her residency is off. She also didn't want to draw attention to the breakup because ITS ILLEGAL. Marriage fraud is a crime. She's in over her head.

No. 568920

The wedding video was deeply depressing, that's for sure. She looked utterly miserable.

No. 568931

People who are in love don't look depressed and reject the person they are marrying at the altar.

No. 568940

True, but what if they are depressed, as she says she has been?

No. 568951

id rather shit on my hands and clap than listen to that again

No. 569081

Maybe it's just me but I never had the impression that she was sad or miserable in her wedding video. She cried, yes, but she also seemed to be overwhelmed by emotions. And I don't see the rejection, she was still crying in that moment, so it was probably just her being overwhelmed. Also with all that heavy make up and contacts it's hard to see how she actually looked kek.

No. 569125

In older videos when Freya first visited Germany, Mattias looked happy and excited to meet her, he looked like he was crushing on her big time. I think she conned him, pretended to be in love and asked him to marry her so she could stay. He probably realized later on what a fraud she is so he began cheating on her. Also did you guys see how none of Mattias's friends looked impressed by Freya? They were there for him, not her. Again I ask, why doesn't she have any friends in Germany? She's a fraud, that's why.

No. 569142


I fucking loled anon, thanks

No. 569219


Fun fact in a video she says how she moved to london on her own at 18 to ~*~pursue her dream~*~ and recorded some songs and tried to contact several producers. They told her she can't sing or write for shit.

No. 569626

If ReeRee is so vegan and against animal testing why she wears contact lenses?

No. 569665

Because most vegans just wanna be vegan for Morality Cred and don't actually care.

No. 569680

There are some lenses that aren't tested on animals (I think only one or two brands though). Of course, I have no idea if those are the kind she uses, but she might.

Also, she said in a past video that they obviously have to use some non-cruelty free products when it comes to medical things since most medicines require animal testing. They also feed their animals meat because it's part of a balanced diet for them.

People just do the best that they can with eliminating cruelty free products from their lives.

No. 569743

She quickly carved this 4 years on YouTube as a right of passage to being uber goth. So sad to think she had this bucket list of must do, wear, live and style to be a normal person. Seriously sad. It's almost bordering on try hard.

No. 569829

Dressing goth always is a try hard, that's why goths are so funny to every normal person

No. 569865

>Also, she said in a past video that they obviously have to use some non-cruelty free products when it comes to medical things since most medicines require animal testing.

you can live fruitful life without lenses. Just wear fucking glasses.

No. 569866

Because being vegan is trendy right now and she hopped on the bandwagon. all the youtubers were doing cruelty free makeup hauls but then in their next video you see them using animal tested makeup brands kek

Um, no. You might have a point about goths like IBF and TT (kek well Kaya isn't goth) who dress over the top to the point where it looks like a costume, but normal minimal goths aren't try hard at all. just sayin'

No. 569885

>Um, no. You might have a point about goths like IBF and TT (kek well Kaya isn't goth) who dress over the top to the point where it looks like a costume, but normal minimal goths aren't try hard at all.

They are.

No. 569908


You can say that to anyone about anything. No one gives a shit about your idea of a fruitful life, anon. Now get back to the milk.

No. 569909

Why so butthurt, honey?

No. 569974

DAFAQ it seems that Allison deleted most of her videos. Anyone knows WTF happend?

No. 569977

And by most I mean like 5 years of youtubing.

No. 569979

Goth is a form of self expression for many people, it's a very varied aesthetic and wearing it daily isn't outrageous, lifestyle permitting. And they don't give a hoot about normie opinions; you might think they're tryhard, but they don't exist to be validated by you.
I'm talking about goths in general, not necessarily anyone mentioned in this thread.

No. 569986

And expression needs attention ergo they are doing it for attention.

No. 569994

Looks like she just has her band stuff now? I know she changes phases but she’s loved making videos for years why the sudden change?

Besides the cringey things she’s done I like Allison she seems genuinely sweet

No. 570009

Lol gtfo

No. 570083

Think about it - what's the point of expression if there is no publicity? Who are you expressing things to? Yourself?

No. 570113


Oh no, it's platitudes troll! Quick, kill it before it starts to ramble on about how everything is relative.

Like anon said above, you can claim this about anything. According to this logic, one can easily say EVERYTHING we do is for attention, and just as well we are. If your drive for peer approval drives you to do stupid shit online, that makes you fodder for this website.

We aren't here to analyze your internalized hatred for people who aren't you, nor fulfill your need of misplaced entitlement to pursue stupid arguments on the internet.

tl;dr: gtfo

No. 570130

>We aren't here to analyze your internalized hatred for people who aren't you,

Why do you assume I feel hatred toward them?

>nor fulfill your need of misplaced entitlement to pursue stupid arguments on the internet.

but this page is very about stupid arguments.

No. 570360

Nobody has been banned in this thread for so long and it desperately needs to be done two months ago. What's the deal with that? It seems like the farmhands are actually the ones commenting stupid shit that doesn't belong on the site and that's why jack shit is done.

No. 570497

WOW shit and just when I was actually loving her YouTube videos
Wonder what the fuck happened?

No. 570577

File: 1525133674294.png (1.87 MB, 750x1334, E3A15C3C-4F47-4593-9A7E-80EDB4…)

Stop with the sacred hearts already…

No. 570664

but how will they know she's mexican?