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File: 1419910348692.jpg (43.95 KB, 331x435, THE FINGER.jpg)

No. 35185

Military-obsessed stoner wolfkin dudebro. Some highlights include:

>Has a knife he "customized" (aka wrote "semper fidelis" on with a sharpie)

>Sent one of his friends on a "secret mission" to Palestine to look for Tupac

>Trolls tricked him into saying something he believed "converted him to Islam", freaked out, automatically assumed that makes him a terrorist and converted to Catholicism to "reverse the effect"


No. 35190

what's with all the pagan solstice shit all over his twitter?

No. 35194

This guy is an obvious troll, isn't he?

No. 35195

His friend is "a pagan now to try and get pussy"

Yeah, I think he is, but in fairness it might have a lot to do with him being off his tits whenever he streams. There was evidence for and against it on the wiki, it's pretty shit that it's down rn.

No. 35201

Post pictures of his lowcow-ness?

No. 35202

lolcow, disregard that, I suck dicks.

No. 35204

File: 1419913006767.png (50.63 KB, 646x519, wait what.png)

No. 35205

top kek

No. 35206

Ah, here's an older version of the wiki:


He's pretty funny either way imo but I think his persona is at least partly exaggerated. I don't know whether or not he could be classed as a lolcow because nobody knows exactly how much he's trolling and how much is legit.

It kinda reminds me of Beeblefoxx, I know he's clearly a troll but why spend all that money just for roughly 100 internet strangers? Maybe he's one of those people with a weird masochistic need to be laughed at?

No. 35208

I'll be dumping lulzy Jace cocks

Recently threatened Brianna Wu in a way that nobody would take serious. Obviously the shemale took it completely serious. After feministas started barraging him with GG bullshit he challenged Brianna to a street race to settle GamerGate once and for all.


No. 35210

Pissed off another SJW named Jamie Walton who contacted his mother and complained to her about his anti-SJW message (He still lived at home at the time and survives off autismbux). As a result he was forced to go to a bible camp for a month or so.


No. 35212

A troll crew by the name of Dicksquad would call in to his live streams on Skype and show him their dicks. The results were always autismal.


No. 35213

Jace is informed live on stream that his website has been hacked.


No. 35214

Attempts to show his badassery on stream by doing a shitload of pushups, passes out and pisses himself after 23.


No. 35215

File: 1419914278104.png (498.36 KB, 614x515, who even types like this.png)

No. 35219

File: 1419914549560.png (169.15 KB, 780x222, i feel bad.png)

No. 35235


During a livestream of him playing The Sims 3, Jace attempts to work out his issues live on Youtube by killing his father's avatar in the game.

No. 35236

Semper Fi, yet he's a "former Navy Seal".

>THE DEAGLE NATION LIFESTYLE believes in Living Live in the Fast Lane, Killin’ It, Going Hog Wild, Doing the Dew, Fueling the Fight, and/or Finishing The Fight.

>THE DEAGLE NATION LIFESTYLE is all about kicking back at the pool with the bros, cracking open a cold one, and while you’re at it, maybe even kissing a hot chick too :)
>THE DEAGLE NATION LIFESTYLE is staying up all night so you can spend the entire night smoking weed and playing Call of Duty… then not even bothering to go to school the next morning!
>THE DEAGLE NATION LIFESTYLE is secretly spending your dad’s credit card on $150 of anime swords because he doesn’t respect your life choices.
>THE DEAGLE NATION LIFESTYLE is all about not giving a fuck, wearing Affliction hoodies and sunglasses, not listening to cops, letting your haters be your motivators, and respecting females and soldiers no matter what.

No. 35238

File: 1419921534510.png (616.7 KB, 629x551, asgsd.png)

That's some stolen valor shit right there.
Dog tags do not fucking look like this.

No. 35240

File: 1419921589866.jpg (14.79 KB, 368x216, army_dog_tag.jpg)

For comparison, this is basically what they all look like.

No. 35242

File: 1419922189400.jpg (49.19 KB, 480x853, 968888_1526755757582404_503371…)

No. 35244

File: 1419922656823.png (395.17 KB, 405x610, gasdhashjash.png)

This guy cannot be for real.

No. 35246


thejobloshow3 months ago

I hate bullshit videos like this because he's pretending to make gamers look like losers and virgins while white knighting for SJWs like a massive beta googobbler.
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joeymaster43 months ago

He's not protecting he actually thinks all the things he does/did were for that Gamergate thingy
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Sam West3 months ago

if you think this is bad you should look at espilador's earlier stuff, also most gamers are losers and can't function in real life that's why they escape to video games most of the hate mail feminist freqency or zoe got were from her own people
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Tox Classic3 months ago

i can understand why people think all this deagle nation stuff is an act but i can tell you it's not dude. jace has been doing this for a couple of years and if this is an act then he's been dedicating quite a bit of time and effort into this and he isn't even that well known on youtube. his videos average like just a few hundred views and the streams only get like 200 viewers at a time max. if he were like pewdiepie levels of internet famous then i'd suspect that it's an act.

i'm not a doctor but i work in healthcare and i take care of quite a few paranoid schizophrenics and jace is exactly like them. so if he's trolling us then he has got to be the most convincing actor in history.
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Sam West3 months ago

+Tox Classic
what if he was like that he got wind of it to pay a trick on us so is acting like this now. Also I think it's Jace him self who posts on /k/ to get views. I personally feel sad for Jace if he is mentaly sick and if not he is a real comedic genius. Both ways he is very funny man
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Tox Classic3 months ago

+Sam West
he is really funny and almost everything that comes out of his mouth is gold but whenever i call into fact zone i can't help but feel guilty fucking with a severely mentally ill person on the internet.
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Sam West3 months ago

+Tox Classic
smae here I don't really like it when people bate him but can't help but laugh I hope conner sees the humor in it one day if he is not play acting
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Yola Charles1 week ago

no hes actually mentally ill

No. 35250

No. 35253


The best part about this is that I think it's Null that helped Jace host deaglenation.tv

No. 35254



Wait, no, I think the best part is that Mylar Balloon Sammy commented on his video

No. 35256

He's commented on several.

No. 35259

Does he even parkour?

No. 35261

Yeah, I've seen a couple but he kinda just strikes me as a run-of-the-mill sperg

Of course he can, anon!
…And by 'parkour', he means 'climb over a fence'.

No. 35262

Null hosts and serves as webmaster for both jace and Tyce's websites.

Yeah, kinda.
This is Jace and Tyce parkouring.

No. 35266

Jace used to pretend he could skate, but after he and Tyce had a falling out Tyce posted this proving otherwise. Autism at its finest.


No. 35269

Highlight reel should tell you what a typical Jace stream is like.


No. 35435

No. 35448

Jace is far and away my favorite lolcow ever. His streams always leave me in tears. Someone post the time where he broke his own monitor because of dicks.

No. 35470

No. 35818

If anyone's interested he's starting a livestream in 7 mins:

No. 35820


Sorry, I'm a tard, it's postponed for an hour

No. 35831

File: 1420071566713.jpg (49.47 KB, 471x298, cwcsims.jpg)

Oh my god

No. 36317

No. 36330

Oh man, I am SO HAPPY there's finally a jace thread on /pt/.

No. 36350

File: 1420245737440.jpg (32.71 KB, 474x306, pd91.jpg)

Oh man

No. 36351


They had a fucking wooden swordfight "just like in Skyrim" over who gets the most pussy.

And this was a livestream where he wasn't even very high.

No. 36557

I think this guy is hilarious regardless, but listen to his mom and tell me she isn't acting. She totally is, and poorly at that.

No. 36622

This dude is trolling right? He isn't being serious…?

No. 36624

wtf is this can someone explain

No. 36678

Ir REALLY doesn't get much better than this.


No. 36725


>I'm the fuckin' commander!!!

Hahahaha jesus fucking christ, Jace.
Press 1 if Tyce needs a sick WWE beatdown.

No. 36759

Brianna Wu took to Twatter to cry about her life being threatened by a Gamergater about a week ago. This was the 'threat'.


No. 36763

Another great chapter in Deagle Nation history:

Jace's mom gets sick of his autismal faggotry and kicks him out. He lives in the woods near his home for a few days and eventually tries to convince his mom to let him in the house. She refuses, so he runs an extension cord to her Prius and livestreams from her car.


No. 36769

I didn't bother even mentioning the epic end to this stream because it's too long to type here. Instead I'll send you to a wiki article on the stream that is featured on the wiki that is dedicated entirely to Jace.


No. 45059

Jace tried to race Brianna Wu in real life, and attempted to do so by putting a false hreat against her, forcing her to flee her home, and therefore would be left no choice but to race Jace since he would be waiting nearby. Thing is, he never made it.


No. 45199

Wow did this just happen? This is probably the most lulz inducing thing Jace has ever done.

No. 45209


I'm so glad the commander is back

No. 45397

Everyone check out Brianna Wu's twitter, she's chiming in on the video Jace made about her and both sides of GamerGate are watching his videos and it's hilarious

No. 45403

I always thought these guys were too funny to be real.

The main argument against them being fake seems to be "what's in it for them?" Does there have to be a reason beyond fun? Why does everything on the internet have to be about money or fame now.

No. 45450

File: 1422780122288.png (98.38 KB, 620x679, YlPrEsj.png)

I think right now is the moment of truth as to whether he's real or not; the fallout from the last video he posted made brought things to the forefront of the whole GamerGate clusterfuck.

He appeared to be mentally ill and crazy as fuck in this video yesterday >>45059 claiming that Brianna Wu tried to assassinate him, resulting in him flipping his mother's Prius that he allegedly stole in the first place. He admitted to sending her death threats in order to draw her out of her home and forcing her to street race him. Brianna saw this and retweeted it, the video has over 35K views by now which is insane for Deagle Nation videos. Everyone in GamerGate is accusing the other side of being responsible for Jace and everyone is confused. It really is a beautiful thing.

Pic related, it's Brianna's fron page google search.

No. 45451

No. 45529

this is so retarded to post a video of your car accident and say you were street racing. an insurance company could find that and BOOM no money for you and your premium goes through the room. i assume he flipped because of the snowy conditions, but to go and video yourself kicking the car and admitting to racing = your fault, not the snow

No. 45570

No. 46195

I'm actually rooting for Jace at this point, he ripped this dude a new one.

No. 53773

Apparently Jace has been found out to be some comedian.

There's threads over at /cow/ but they're almost moving as fast as the Peter Coffin ones so no point linking to one in particular.

So how did Briana Wu get a restraining order out on a fictional person?

No. 53777

No. 53778


Apparently 'she' never, but she did waste a lot of time and money trying.

For anyone interested, he's doing a final livestream on Wednesday featuring Tyce and Gail: http://deaglenation.tv/thank-you-for-playing/

It was fun while it lasted. Goodnight, sweet prince.

No. 53789


Honestly, it was obvious to anyone who wasn't completely up their asses (Briana) or autists (CWCki).

Seems like he's related to MED troupe or whatever you'd call it and they make a habit of targeting hipsters and SJWs.

I will miss him. I feel like there was a lot more people like him on the internet back in the day and nobody had any problem just assuming it was a joke. Even on Stickam some of the top streamers in the early days were gay guys who would just shit talk for hours and stir up trouble real or not (stuff like the old videos of Kiki being racist were par the course on early Stickam).

Now you can't do shit without people ruining the fun. I really feel like the fun is missing on the internet recently.

No. 53796


Yeah, it was quite obvious, but I think a lot of people didn't care because he was so funny

I'll really miss him though. I still can't believe he got Brianna Wu to try and file a restraining order against him.

I really wonder how Null will react. Robert Wayne Stiles is probably the next best thing but he's been around for years without cwcki/kiwi farms really showing much interest in him.

No. 53821

Null is most likely trying to parlay all his hard work done for Deagle Nation into some kind of payoff if these guys are truly getting an Adult Swim show out of this like they claim. (https://www.facebook.com/MDE.tv/posts/1061118673913895)

No. 53860

I feel like someone died. RIP the only likable lolcow that turned out to be some fag pretending to be a retard.

No. 53861

She didn't. If you read the comments on the faking bad video he's out of character talking about how she wasted hundreds of dollars and time in court trying to get a restraining order against "a figment of my imagination."

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