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File: 1438360823857.png (279.47 KB, 502x530, i see.png)

No. 147888

Last thread: >>51365

Nicole "Sheena" "Oum" is a cosplayer from Vancouver, BC who dropped everything to move to Austin, TX so she could sleep her way into RoosterTeeth. She "married" Monty Oum, something that was only revealed after Monty was in an allergy-induced coma (that she caused), after sleeping with him at a convention. It's highly suspected they only married so she wouldn't get deported because no one knew about their marriage (including Monty's family).

After Monty's death, she took thousands of dollars worth of donations for his care and funeral and went on vacation in England with Jnig, flaunting her new purchases the whole way. After returning, she used more money to get giant fake boobs despite having severe scoliosis.

She is currently living in LA with sushimonster/Chloe and her boyfriend, despite being in the country not as a legal citizen, and not being allowed to have a job in the country.

Let us continue to watch her sociopathic attempt at ~cosplay fame~ while causing destruction and death in her wake.

No. 147892

so did she get her ass worked on too when she got the titjob or what

No. 147893

Jesus christ she's ugly.

No. 147894

No, both of these are from the exact same convention. She uses her scoliosis to stick her ass way out in an attempt to make her rectangle body sexy.

No. 147897

File: 1438361337502.jpg (117.26 KB, 640x640, 11745899_985622808144110_75934…)

Her hair makes me cringe… please love yourself Nicole, please take care of yourself. Your hair looks disgusting, you need to condition that shit.

No. 147905

where is the proof she caused his allergic reaction?

No. 147909

That makeup looks pretty bad too, tbh

No. 147917

How did she cause Monty's allergic reaction? Any proof or is that just speculation?
And people knew they were married … everyone at Rooster Teeth knew??

No. 147919

You know you fucked up when your hair starts looking like Trisha Paytas'

No. 147920

Twitter posts of her feeding stray cats outside their apartment along with one of them from Monty where he took a picture of Nicole and said cat, on his bed asleep with the caption "guess I'll sleep on the sofa".

She allowed the cat in his bed and probably did not wash the sheets. He was getting a high dose of allergens in what should of been his safe environment. Probably why he also spent so much time at work at that point was because THAT became his safe place. They moved buildings and Joe the Cat 'retired' and went to live with Burnie so it was a clean area free of cat dander.

She shouldn't of allowed the cat on the bed, of all places, or in his main sleeping room, and he should of never allowed her to do those things.

No. 147927

Monty loved cats and even said one day he wanted to get allergy shots. Nicole wanted the move the strays they were feeding inside but rushed too quickly.

Monty began getting allergy shots to combat against the reactions he was having from said cats. He was being exposed to 100% cat allergens at home while getting shots with hold a smaller %of said allergens with other things to help build his immune system up. Now he was also a huge workaholic. He'd work 4 days straight and sleep one day; that kind of lifestyle is horrible on your system.

So, a weakened immune system + 100% cat + more cat and allergy medication threw him in to anaphylaxic shock.

And RT might of known, but they didn't say anything to their fans until Nicole needed money; suddenly THEY'RE MARRIED! All they ever referred to her as, was his gf and suddenly out of nowhere, she became his wife. Only when that was announced, did she change her social media names to Sheena Oum. So to some fans, that raised a red flag while questioning why or when the marriage happened. Which is happened before Fanime, iirc, so OP images taken are when she was 'married' to him.

No. 147948

There are pics from facebook and twitter in the previous thread.

No. 148006

I wonder if RT got a cut of the donation money because they're not under any sort of obligation to protect Nicole to this point. They could've dropped her and been like "your husband doesn't work for us anymore. leave."

No. 148023

actually none of her so called close friends knew she was married, not even her 'best friend' at the time (the Blake in the lingerie photos)

No. 148028

The donation fund was set up to go to "Monty's family" aka Nicole. She got all of it. It was through GoFundMe iirc, so they took a cut but otherwise EVERYTHING went to her.
I think someone said that RT paid out the rest of Monty's salary for 2015 to her as well, so she literally ran off with thousands of dollars.

No. 148040


That's even more of a red flag. I'll look into if it's possible to see marriage license given out during their dating period…

No. 148051

They paid out his paycheck and I think any life insurance the company had on him. That, on top of JNig also donating about 4,000$ and Chloe selling her Monty Oum Signed Weiss Blade (which he would of NEVER allowed), she got an extra 1,000$ from that, I believe.

The gofundme was about 250,000$ and she's already asking for more money and who knows how long it'll be before she asks Chloe to pay for things for her or bullshit her way out of ever paying rent.

Her twitch gaming is horrible. Hardly any interaction and it's mostly a live cam of her with a tiny tiny screen of the actual game. Being a GW2 fan, I couldn't tell wtf was going on.

No. 148055



I love cats too, but if my boyfriend had deadly allergies I would do everything I can to keep cats far away as possible, even if he loved them too.

Usually I come here for laughs but this is just so incredibly sad..

No. 148058

Only a few of Monty's closest friends and coworkers at RT knew the arrangements he had to do for bringing Nicole to USA. Everyone knew he'd have to marry her so she can legally stay longer than 6 months but he never treated it as a real marriage.

The only time they were referred to as a married couple was by Nicole herself after Monty was in a coma.

Not once in his life did he acknowledge her as a wife to friends and family, and that's the material point.

No. 148059

No one at RT made the gofundme page. They advertised it while Monty was in his coma, but it was one of Nicole's guy friends that had made it since she thought it would look suspicious if she had made it.

No. 148061

Someone had a screenshot of her getting donations on twitch that reached thousands or something. She's set up well for a good while.

No. 148076

Also not once in Monty's life did Nicole dare mention Monty was her husband.

After he was in a coma she went on his facebook account and changed their statuses to married on January 27. The comments on the marriage status have people going WTF.

Then after he died she unleashed several posts about him being her "husband".

No. 148081

I hate that she tries to justify her spending thousands of dollars with "Monty would of wanted this for ~me~".

iirc, I heard he was at ALA but no one saw him because he was really sick and when they got back to Texas, it got worse and he fell in to his coma and died Feb 1st.

I think she went to Katsucon, like 2 weeks after his death, and was partying, already in new costumes, and signing RWBY shit on his behalf but being oddly smug about being able to do so.

Many confirmed she was never and intern, never a freelance job, and never hired by RT but acted as if she was their official mascot and has it listed on her resume that she worked for them.

No. 148083

She was never an RT employee and can't legally work. Monty tried to get her an intern position on his team but she didn't have the animation chops.

No. 148091

But she listed it on her resume anyways? I think she claims she did animation or whatever.

idk, if I worked at RT and saw that someone was falsely saying they worked for me, I'd be a little ticked off.

No. 148099


Which begs the question how many RT people know that she's claiming work she didn't do

No. 148100

Is … Is all this stuff real life? Like, wtf? I feel like this is a fanfic or a soap opera … Is there any definite proof she did all these things, or is it just screenshots of other people saying she did? IDK, seems so far fetched to me …

No. 148107

This is why we need an annotated ED so the screenshots and links to posts are together in one place.

No. 148139

Apparently Nicole did some vague freelance for Monty and ran around telling everyone she was moving to Austin to be a producer on RWBY.

Another note, she told one of her friends in Vancouver to cosplay a different character in a cosplay group they were doing because she was too fat. Said friend then developed anorexia. Nicole blamed it on everyone else in Vancouver and tried to be the innocent angel.
This girl is still recovering, btw.

No. 148151

Not with her luxury spending, plastic surgery (tits & face), moving costs, vacations, conventions, etc. iirc she was saying she used up all the money and needed more.

Is it possible she could get deported? She's actively selling prints and similar things, and not paying taxes on them. The gift tax limit is $15k for this year, which it sounds like she's already gone way over.
I'm trying to figure out what kind of Visa she has, it seems like she's has a Non-Immigration Spouse Visa? I assume that because she's not working, but I'm not sure how long that lasts or if it changes when your spouse who's a citizen dies.
(My grandma was an immigrant, she moved to the USA from South America as a teenager and when her father passed away, she automatically became a citizen. She didn't find out until years later. Not sure if spousal things are similar.)

No. 148159


You would need to prove that she illegally worked during that time or prove that the marriage was a fraud


No. 148161

I'm pretty sure she was selling prints.

No. 148175


Well if you good evidence of this then report it. All I know is immigration/border takes working in the states illegally seriously.

One anon reporting means they'll investigate at least

No. 148179

>Apparently Nicole did some vague freelance for Monty

She never did and working for free doesn't mean freelance. Monty had severe money problems and has never tried to hire anyone.

No. 148180

>evidence of selling prints

Her whole storeenvy, website, twitter feed, facebook, instagram account talking about selling prints is not enough?

No. 148183

Spousal is not the same as a child or immediate relative. She would be fine though, if she's too dumb to figure it out she can get an immigration attorney's help with those GFM dollars.

No. 148184


Well you know what to do then

No. 148188


She seems that dumb enough to not think this through

No. 148191

You need actual proof that she made income. Things that show how much she's making, how much profit, etc.

Chloe's Myrtenaster raked in $4-4.5k. Somewhere in that range. So Nicole got about $8k just from Chloe and JNig alone.

Looks like she took it out? http://www.sheenaduquette.com/about/
Kek she was in Diary of a Wimpy Kid tho.

No. 148194

Uh it says in the bio section of her about that she's working a 9-5?

No. 148196

She literally considers cosplay a 9-5 job.

No. 148199

It's not a 9-5 job if you're not making any money. She's not like Yaya Han or Jnig, nobody is paying her to show up to cons.

No. 148201

Dumb question but would the GFM donarion count as gift? Cause that did go over the exceeded 15k gift tax

No. 148263

I'm not sure. GFM has to cover their asses, so I'll look at their legal section.

Also I'm willing to call the number to report her invalid and illegal marriage for a visa. It's a crime to marry for a visa, there's jail time and a huge fine involved.
Nicole, I know you're reading this. Have fun when the police come knocking on your door. Maybe if you weren't such a sociopathic bitch then you wouldn't be in such deep shit :)

No. 148269

No. 148271


Hit >>148269 too late, good luck when you call. Hope something comes from this

No. 148277

Considering this all happened only when her husband was on his death bed, she got a shit ton of money and spent it, moved to LA, on top of potentially being here illegally and using marriage to become a citizen, those are all kinds of red flags that almost makes it look like she intentionally black widowed him.

God speed, anon. You are truly my hero.

No. 148286

Please do it. She set off so many red flags like >>148277 said.

No. 148297

If anyone can help me put together a timeline of her relationship with Monty, when she came to the U.S., when they allegedly "married" etc that would be a huge help. I'll dig too before I call.

I've honestly watched her fuck over a bunch of my friends over the years. She's a sociopath and I'm sure she had BPD and some Narcissistic mental disorders too. I'm gonna take her down. I will destroy her.

No. 148312

Good luck anon, she has fucked over a lot of people but her situation has always come up roses.

She moved to US on December 21 2013 and says they got married May 10, 2014 just before the 6 month limit.

No. 148313

I do remember Monty and Nicole being at ALA in 2014. They started "dating" in September, right? Right after PAX?

God, the fact that they got married after knowing each other for like 7-8 months boggles my mind. I dated people in high school for longer than that. Then again, it wasn't a real marriage, was it? I doubt she ever loved him or even cared about him at all.

Do you have a source for when they allegedly got married?

No. 148327

File: 1438398129420.png (932.6 KB, 973x553, rubberninjer.png)

she's been hanging out with Ross O'Donovan an awful lot lately

without his wife. who is a cosplayer.

No. 148330

God I hope she doesn't become apart of Game Grumps. She really seems to be worming her way in to that group.

No. 148331

File: 1438398335672.png (1.59 MB, 975x863, rubberninjer1.png)

No. 148332


Better get all timeline information we can so that >>148297 can make the call. I don't want her to be a part of GG

No. 148333

I think her journals on the Rooster Teeth site have her journals up about her life with Monty and when they got married, iirc.

No. 148336

This does not look like the face of a woman who lost a husband earlier this year in such a horrific way.

No. 148340

File: 1438398901767.png (1.1 MB, 1366x610, rubberninjer2.png)

she's already been to their studio/office

I'm assuming Ross was friends with Monty and she's exploiting the hell out of that.

No. 148341

…sorry about the shitty screenshots.

No. 148343


No worries, thanks for the screenshot

No. 148365

And is Monty mute? why didn't he say anything?

No. 148366


Apparently people said he was quite beta

No. 148368

Wow. I used to think Ross was a cool guy. Why is he with this piece of shit?

No. 148369

Why am I not surprised.

No. 148371


To be fair he probably doesn't know anything

No. 148378

And she probably tagged along and probably barely talked to Ross but took a ton o selfies with in it to suck his fame out of him.

No. 148387

File: 1438402917063.gif (93.27 KB, 513x599, dates.gif)

No. 148389

>thanks for the games
>more freeloading

No. 148435

When Monty passed all the grumps posted things which seemed to imply they were buddies, I think Ross especially. I hope she stays away though :(

No. 148451

File: 1438409434076.jpg (15.34 KB, 530x530, 13696_792149360853743_14935639…)

They were good friends due to animation insterests. Yet another circle Nicole wormed into through Monty.

No. 148458

>This was Monty, a literal Bruce Lee of animation. He would slow down for nothing more than his amazing wife Sheena.

>Then I learn Monty is flying down from San Fransisco to join us. He literally flew down to Los Angeles to come to my going away party so he could wish me a safe trip home. It was then I knew that this guy was something special and a really good friend.

>He asked me if I’d be interested in coming to the US to work with him on RvB, I was so thrilled by the idea. I told him that if he could make it happen I would absolutely be down to work with him

>Later that year Monty and his wife Sheena came by and visited the under construction Game Grumps office with our mutual friend Jason.

On the way to the airport we drove past Monty’s hospital. I whispered to myself “goodbye Monty”, minutes later I get a call from Jason to inform me that Monty had just passed.


No. 148459

No. 148461


no mentions of Nicole, but funny how Monty told them both they were lazy pieces of shit.

No. 148463

>same lines as everyone else "That Sheena person who followed Monty around is awesome! I can't describe why!"

Ross knows a bit more than he lets on. He was there to see that Nicole was a new girlfriend unknown on the scene. She was 10 years younger than Monty and suddenly moving in with him. Ross would never dare say anything to strain things.

Like the rest of Monty's family, Ross also didn't know about the marriage or visa business until the facebook statuses Nicole made. That was on the same day Monty fell into a coma.

No. 148466

This says they were married in May '14, how do you keep your marriage a secret for 7 months? And for what purpose? I could maybe understand a month or two if it was strange circumstances… but idgi this at all

No. 148467


More like nicole said and we all know how good her word is…

No. 148470

Because it's socially embarrasing to say you got married in order for your GF to overstay the 6 month limit for Canadians visiting the US.

No. 148482

Nicole gave reasons for hiding the marriage on that blog post she stickied:


tldr; She pretends that she only recently moved and had a "contract" ending when they got legally married. Not that she was on a visitor visa which was nearly expiring.

Excuses are finances and time frame weren't ideal, it would overlap with a friends’ wedding, family and friends should be present, and it was supposed to be a surprise.

No. 148506

I think Ross is a fair judge of character, working for Arin notwithstanding.

He'll also call people out publicly, like his mother in law.

You're totally right though, Ross seems like a good guy, and I'm sure he can see what's going on. He's not quite as beta as Arin is or Monty was.

No. 148513

I don't see Ross calling Nicole out though, it's not his battle to fight.

It would have to be Monty's family and closest friends, but they were done with Nicole the moment they met her. The amount of things Nicole took advantage of when Monty fell into a coma spoke volumes. This is someone who was taking everything of Monty's, down to his signature after he died.

No. 148565

Does anyone know the names of Monty's parents? I want to contact them so they know their son's widow used donations for his care on fake boobs.

No. 148622

In a way I think I would be for this, because I want her bullshit to get exposure so she gets taught a really hard lesson on not fucking using people.

But I don't think this should be done.
I mean even if someone were to tell Monty's parents, what can they fucking do about it? In reality, you're only going to hurt them even more. By telling them about some girl who hurt their son in his last moments, and even after he's gone. What can they do about it? There's not much that will be done.

Yeah, they could probably sue her, but it won't stand up in court. They could do over pain and suffering, but court processes are lengthy as fuck, and they get dragged out by lawyers, and that costs money as well; plus they probably won't get much money out of her because she doesn't have a consistent or stable job - I'm sure her lawyer would say that if she could even hire one, and he'd probably also argue how they were money hungry going after their dead son's girlfriend. It just wouldn't be worth it.

I'm sure they don't need another hurtful reminder of what their son went through, and how he's still being taken advantage of even after he's gone. They might not know about it, but if this was my kid I don't think I would want to know because there would be simply nothing I could do.

No. 148624

Same poster

Thought about this again, they could sue for the donation money she took; but she probably used it all up. And again, her lawyer could say that it was used for funeral costs and aftercare for herself, if she had the bills to prove it then it would still fall through.

Idk, it just still doesn't seem worth it to me to put them through another horrible experience because of this bitch, like she already killed their kid.

No. 148631

I'm interested in their info so that when I report her, I have proof that they didn't know their son was married. That's a HUGE warning sign that they married for a visa.

In a perfect world I'd also contact RT but I know they won't respond, they're more concerned with keeping their image clean.

Tonight I'm going to put together a timeline of her immigration and relationship with Monty, both in text and with screenshots. Iirc she moved down saying it was for work, but I don't think she ever got a working visa. It's all very fishy…

No. 148642


You're doing good work so far, if you can confirm she was here illegal they WILL ban her from the states for a long time.

I know this first hand as my friend was banned from entering the states for 10 years due to accidentally revealing she was going back to work with no valid visa

No. 148662

You forget that she lives if California now.

In California, illegal immigrants can earn professional licenses. Doesn't matter if they can't work legally because they don't have a social security number.

>A variety of licensed jobs – including architect, barber, boxer and accountant – soon will be open to undocumented immigrants in California.

>The shift figures to change lives for tens of thousands of workers, either in the form of new opportunity or, critics say, in the form of a new wave of unfair competition.

>Under SB1159, a law signed in September by Gov. Jerry Brown, all 40 licensing boards working under the California Department of Consumer Affairs must consider applicants regardless of their immigration status. Previously, only legal residents with Social Security numbers could be granted licenses.

>The new rule is kicking in at various agencies now and will roll out to all licensed jobs by the start of next year. The boards for eight job categories – accountants, architects, barbers and beauticians, boxers and martial arts fighters, financial advisers, geologists, land surveyors, osteopaths and podiatrists – are already accepting undocumented applicants.


In California, illegal immigrants can PRACTICE LAW:

>Sergio Garcia's parents brought him to the United States from Mexico nearly two decades ago. He's been waiting for a green card ever since.

>But there's one thing the undocumented immigrant no longer has to wait for, according to a California Supreme Court ruling on Thursday: his law license.

>Garcia can be admitted to California's state bar and legally practice as a lawyer there, the court ruled.


Nicole can even get a California driver's license.

You have an uphill battle ahead of you.

No. 148666

I know there's an RT Animated Adventure that talks about Sheena being at Michael and Lindsay's wedding along with images of her. iirc, they were married in May as well? Or some time in spring. So Monty and her saw two friends get married then decided to do it themselves? That's…weird.

I kind of agree with >>148622. The only other person who might know of things would be Monty's sister. I'm not sure how her relationship is with Nicole? I thought Monty and his sister were pretty close though.

No. 148667

Maybe that's why she set her eyes on California and left so quickly.

No. 148671


curious to know if that would matter because everything she did was in the state of Texas. It's not like the crime she may have caused in one state gets sweeped under the rug when she moves to another. Granted I don't know how it works state to state

No. 148681

She thinks cosplay is a full time job, remember? She isn't going to try to apply places.

The main issue is that it is illegal to marry for the purpose of getting a visa, there's something like 5 years in prison and a huge fine if you're caught doing it. The fact that they married in secret 8 months after meeting pretty much proves it was for a visa. Btw, this is the anon who knows her Vancouver friends. They've confirmed none of them knew she got married. That's another huge red flag. And then he suddenly dies in a preventable way due to something she did, and literally 2 months after he's in the ground, she has another boy. No one can look at that and excuse it.

The fact that she also has received at least $50k (was it over $100k?) in donations and monetary gifts, likely without paying taxes, is another thing she can get in major trouble for.

I wonder how Nicole will do in jail?

No. 148687


Probably up to 200k in gifts. I imagine is she'll get a scare and get a lawyer paid for or at least funded partly by thirsty betas at least.

I don't know if she'll go to jail though. The worse is just telling her to back to vancouver where she'll be down for a bit, a few "loyal" fame seeking friends stick by her.

No. 148705

Ugh I dont want that weird bodied cottage cheese ass in my city. If she does move here she'll probably start shit with local van cosplayers.

No. 148710

None of the Vancouver cosplayers want her deported back to Canada.

No. 148713


What makes me even sadder is we say that but I know a lot would…welcome her back while talking shit behind her back.

I don't believe for a second that all of vancouver cosplayers would publically ostracize her

No. 148746

i just noticed she has an IP tracker on her site kek

No. 148749

She's basically blackmailing her former Van friends. That's not the right word but idk the correct term; basically they're afraid to speak against her because she's so manipulative that she can turn everyone against them. She also has an army of whiteknight neckbeards to set against people.
It's funny, she hasn't set them on this site because she knows it's all true. Nicole is afraid her fans will read this and learn the truth lol.

She has so few visitors that she can tell we're all from here? Lmfao. I'll just turn my VPN on, it's 2015.

No. 148750


Oooooh paranoid much

No. 148751


That's Bascially black mail in a sense but you are right on that. Even I'm afraid to speak publically on Monty because I know his fans will still attack and defend his honor

No. 148753

Monty's mother passed away a few years ago.

His whole family already knows about what Nicole has done and aren't associating with her because of it. They don't have money for lawyers.

Monty didn't have a funeral, it was a wake.

You need to read

Monty's sister already despises Nicole, all the leaked info the previous thread in relation to Monty's death was through people who know her. No need to tell her old news.

No. 148754

Yep, I've seen actual proof of Monty being a douchebag but its not like that'll do anything. I mean, him and Nicol bitching about fat RWBY cosplayers is enough to know.

Speaking of which, Monty's tweets about "I design characters with cosplayers in mind" struck me as extremely egotistical, like you know people will be cosplaying your shit? Really?
…and then there were a billion RWBY cosplayers, but it's still pretty egotistical.

No. 148755

Same. I have a few encounters myself but her white knight army makes me paranoid to say anything against her or Monty. Granted, I liked Monty a lot more than her and while he was a douche sometimes, I never would of wished what he had to go through on him or anyone.

No. 148756

Wait, weren't they collecting donations for funeral costs? Or was that just implied?

No. 148758

It was medical and for whatever happens if he should die. I don't think they mentioned specifically for a funeral but in the end, that would be costly and Nicole wanted as much of the money left as possible.

So he was cremated and had a wake. Cremations are cheaper than getting caskets and plots.

No. 148760

It's also still implied that the money is going to his whole family while the photo is of Nicole kek.

Still hasn't been updated from saying that Monty is in a hospital and his situation is curable if money is donated. Many people were duped into thinking the money would help him, including a few of his old pre RT friends.

No. 148761

No. 148762

Wait, so is it still open? Like people can donate to his care still? That should definitely be reported to GFM if so.

No. 148764

>Nicole had to insert herself

No. 148765


Well monty and the thirsty betas sure aren't.


No. 148767


You mean "I design characters for fit/attractive cosplayers only" as nicole and him would make fun of fat cosplayers.


My exact line of thinking. I've always said he was only good at fight scenes and nothing else. Apparantly though I'm not allowed to not like his show since his death because he died so I have to like it.

No I bloody don't!

No. 148768

Anyone close to Monty was well aware of his faults. The few months before he got with Nicole he had been depressed. He lost the confience of many old friends and was in a rush to find a new girlfriend to fill the void. When his first few options didn't work out he had to make do with Nicole.

No. 148769

Yes but GFM is allowed to stay up regardless. There are no rules.

No. 148770


Yup, the last donation was only 13 hours ago

No. 148793

Well actually that is a legit mindset when it comes to character designs. I know it was mentioned in a class once at school and the designs became much better afterwards when people started to think about what they would like to see people dress up in at a con.

Which explains Monty's design aesthetic.

No. 148797


The hell kind of design class are you in? Not once do I ever think or was taught "will people want to cosplay this" when I design characters as a design needs to service both the character and the story being told.

Guess in this context monty wanted to design something for weebs to do. Only fit ones though and if you don't like it or fit then don't watch it or cosplay it as he would say

No. 148839

I just looked into this. You can report a GFM as fraudulent by emailing them, I'm going to send them the link to the campaign as well as RT's death announcement and Nicole's post about it, it's pretty clear she's willingly leaving incorrect info up.

No. 148842

Better hurry or at least get screencaps before someone warns her.

No. 148868


God speed

No. 148887

It wasn't my class, but it was more that prior to saying this the class was producing generic lackluster designs. You know art school, only about 10% of people have any talent. I design more towards silhouette and recognizably as well as the things you've mentioned.

Do it anon.

No. 148895

>You know art school, only about 10% of people have any talent

So true. So many weebs at my art school with shit art

No. 148982

Nicole is an art school graduate.

No. 148983


She's a VFS grad which her ex paid for.

No. 149018

She lived off her ex and went on lavish trips to Hawaii and Japan with his family. He's better off now without her but she didn't pay him back and he doesn't want to deal with her.

When you think of how much travel such as to cons and luxury experiences she has on other people's dime it really adds up!

No. 149145


Dude ditto. Art school is filled with weebs and neckbeards. I read somewhere on reddit someone talking about how the actual video game/movie/animation industry is and how those people never make it. There are so many people that go to my school to just show up and sit on facebook or something. Their work is terrible and they're all annoying.

That makes sense that she came from VFS. A lot of people go to popular schools like AI or VFS and end up with shit because they think that the school itself will make them better.

No. 149217

The money from the GFM was to cover any medical costs, funeral costs, and to have monty's family flown in or whatever to attend the funeral.

The rest of the money from the GFM all went to Nicole. Nothing was given to the family, it's all gone to her. RT gave her a generous sum of money, aside from the GFM stuff as well.

There aren't any staff members that have spoken badly of her that I know of. She apparently mostly kept to herself, and didn't really interact with anyone. The staff just choose not to talk about her at all. They don't like talking about Monty (because it makes them sad ): ), so they just get awkward about it when it's brought up.

Afaik some RT staff, and RT site members know about all of this bullshit, some may have seen the thread. So it's not like people are unaware. I know one staff member specifically has seen this thread (although he didn't want to read the whole thing because he didn't want to get involved in her craycray drama), and I have showed RT members this thread and spoken with them about it, lol.

She didn't do jack shit for RT, so idk why she tries to act like she did.

Tbh, the whole RT community is full of drama and stupidity, and none of this is really that surprising. I was part of that community for a while, went to a lot of events, met staff, and at the end of the day, the drama that happens EVERY time is just ridiculous, and not worth dealing with.

tl;dr, she's fucking cray, and people know.

No. 149218

Most people never make it because a company doesn't need 50 artists and designers, it needs about 5. Yet everyone without a purpose in life rushes to fashion/photography(lel)/art schools because 'I wanna do what I looooove!'

Yeah, tell me how that's working out for ye.

No. 149265

The world needs artists too tho, so there's nothing wrong with going to art school or becoming an artist…

The ones without purpose in life are the people who bounce around University or community college taking random gen ed classes and complaining about how they have no talents or interest in anything. But in reality their too scatter brained or scared to sit down and put time into developing that facet of their life.

As much as a can't stand them, at least the annoying weebs that clog up the majority of art schools have passion of some sort, and are trying to do what they love.

Becoming an established and successful artist is a lot harder than just showing up to your shitty basic bitch 9-5 job and staring at Facebook all day for a paycheck.

No. 149287


I went to AI, in my experience the weebs tend to drop school within the 2nd or 3rd term and the neckbeards tend to be game design students. 90% of them end up game testing at EA games.

I remember one girl who was trying to be a concert artist but all she did in last term is watch code geass.


You're dead on about companies not needing 50 artist. If anything we need more tech artist! All the same it worked out well enough for me as my stuff was decent after school was done and I applied for entry level positions and moved up the ladder with tech artist roles.


I always saw it as fail at what you wanted to do rather than fail at what you didn't want to do. Even then no shame in taking say…starbucks jobs. Gotta Pay the bills somehow

No. 149503


Off topic, but what did Ross call out his mother-in-law on?

No. 149564

Yeah, in the second to third term a lot of people drop out because school becomes more about using programs and less drawing all the time. People tend to break under the pressure and realize its not for them.

When I started school I wanted to be a concept artist and character modeler. Two jobs that are hard to get. The schools classes have opened me up more to other things like environment and rigging. I noticed with my other classmates they all changed their minds on what they want to be. Animation is big still, anyone can become an animator.

No. 149616

did you go to an "art institute" for-profit 100% acceptance rate without a portfolio type school (this shit the-art-institute.pissedconsumer.com/
) or somewhere like the school of the art institute of chicago (like one of the colleges connected to museums)? a bunch of weebs ive known were duped into going there and sinking a shit ton of money and getting nothing out of it, kind of like in this article http://thinkprogress.org/education/2015/05/22/3660244/students-say-even-instructors-told-art-institute-degrees-worthless/ but even worse because they werent even "wasting talent" there– it was all the same traced anime shit

No. 149647

I've noticed it too.
Quite bluntly, that's fucked up.

No. 149711

His mother-in-law apparently abandoned her cat(s?) when Holly and Ross said they couldn't take them in. They went to check up on the house and the place was a mess and the cats in poor condition (something along those lines) They were forced to take the cats in and put the word out trying to find a good home for them (with an interview and preferably seeing where the cats would live).

No. 149759

According to this, Nicole went to 3 different schools for one term each.


Does this mean she kept dropping out after the intro classes? Seems she has no advanced skills.

Nothing suggests that she's capable of animation beyond school group projects and intern roles. We've yet to see any of her recent animation work despite her use of the job title "Animator" and no company to speak of.

No. 149771

No. 149860

kek she dropped out of UBC after one semester

No. 149888

Nicole did work for a studio in Vancouver, so she CAN do… art? I guess? I'm not sure what her position was or how her work was received.

No. 149917

Both roles were entry level and she only a few months long without any promotion.

No. 149938


Judging by her dev Art She can do art if that's what you want to call it that

No. 149940

You mean the traced art we saw in the last thread? kek

No. 149986

So she's a failed "artist" and a ""model"" who was an extra in 2 movies that weren't very big.

No. 149988

Nearly every cosplayer who ends up doing shoots like >>147888 is someone vain who wanted to become a model even though they were too short or ugly.

No. 150196

>Becoming an established and successful artist is a lot harder than just showing up to your shitty basic bitch 9-5 job

Don't you have to be 18+ to be on this site?

No. 150223

She was in movies?? o__o Wow. Well at least now we know she just really wants to be famous, not just an "artist". Pfft.

Do you have the link, anon?

No. 150301


Believe she was an extras on movies but of course played up as "actress"

No. 150342

It's on her resume on her website. She lists it as being a part of Boss Modeling, and her only jobs were 2 extra parts.

No. 150433

I'm guessing she was just an extra or in a crowd shot?

If that's the case then everyone who showed up to Rooster Teeth's Laser Team crowd shot is now an actor/ess.

No. 150566

You bet your sweet ass that had Nicole been a part of it she would put it on her resume that she worked for RT.

No. 150619


She already does that?

No. 150714

She changed it to "freelance" after someone threatened to tell RT that she was falsely saying she worked for them.

No. 150735

Previous thread has screens where she claims to have been represented by Boss Models.

It was actually a different company altogether that sends out unpaid movie extras who are not SAG members. Nicole got into all of two unknown movies as an extra.

No. 150757

Pft, freelance, okay. I don't think she was even credited to contributing anything really other than fucking the creator. That's not freelancing, Nicole.

Kudos to whoever called her out.

No. 150792

Her resume on her website along with her personal facebook say she was employed for Boss Models, I'm dying. What company was it really? I'm assuming just an online local extra casting site?

No. 150800

Nicole is truly gross and I wish people weren't so blind to the thousands she's scamming from people to do fun things but I can't stop looking at OP and almost vomiting at her face in both pictures.
It's the most unsexy face and she looks mentally handicapped.

No. 150886

Wait.. If she is here illegally, why doesn't someone REPORT her??

No. 150899


I believe someone here is Working on gathering the evidence, reporting someone tends to work better when the Feds got more information to work with

No. 151412

Hi, that's me. I got caught up with work, but I have tomorrow off so I'm going to compile all the info and post it here.

So far I have:
Her full name
The date she moved to the USA
The date she married Monty
The date Monty died

I'm trying to figure out exactly how much money she made from Monty's death and RT's insurance payout, if anyone can compile that then it would be awesome.
I'm also trying to figure out what kind of visa she has, she TOLD people she was moving to work for RT, so I'm curious if she got a work visa, a vacation visa, or a marriage visa. I'm assuming a vacation visa? Either way, marrying for a visa is absolutely illegal so there's a case.

I also have a small amount of info on her parents, and I'm in contact with a bunch of people who knew her before she met Monty. None of this info will be posted here unless the immigration people want more people to call, although her full name is easy to find out because she's used parts of it all online.

I'm not interested in doxxing, I'm interested in legimate legal action against her illegal and sociopathic actions.

No. 151414

Oops by "I'll post it here" I mean my compilation of screenshots, not private info.

I'm also interested in contacting Monty's sister to confirm his family didn't know about the marriage, I may have a lead so I'll figure that out as well.

No. 151464

Marriage visa. Look at the time she got married after moving, it aligns with the 6 month visitor limit that was approaching.

No. 151478

I also heard many times and was told by people that she she said she was there for a working visa? She was attempting to get a job with RT but after 6 months, nothing.

No. 151482

I looked into that, yeah. I was mistaken, I forgot Canadian citizens don't need special visas to visit the States.
She moved to Austin in November-December and married in May, it's really obvious. And she started "dating" Monty in September, after sleeping with him at PAX.

They knew each other for less than a year before marrying.

No. 151499


Yup, the only issue is if you move to the states to work without a valid work visa which is a huge illegal issue

No. 151624

No, the issue is that marrying for the purpose of obtaining a U.S. green card/citizenship is illegal, period. Nicole forced Monty into a secret marriage 6 months after traveling to the U.S., that's illegal. You can go to jail for 5 years for it, which hopefully Nicole will.

No. 151656


Er I touched nerve there. I meant its an non issue to go to the states for visiting. It's a huge issue though if you go for work with no legal visa on top of marrying for fraud which is a even bigger problem

My bad

No. 152251

File: 1438813497405.png (42.24 KB, 578x187, Screen shot 2015-08-05 at 3.22…)

She has no self-awareness whatsoever.

No. 152257

File: 1438813669346.png (20.17 KB, 580x92, Screen shot 2015-08-05 at 3.23…)

Sorry, I misread your comment. Saying you're going to work but not actually getting a job isn't illegal, it's just really stupid. RT has a couple employees and has had interns who immigrated from Canada, so I'm assuming they would've taken care of it.

I had wondered why Nicole and Barbara weren't friends considering they were both Canadians, but I'm sure Nicole was too jealous considering Barbara is absolutely gorgeous and actually talented. Also Barbara makes a better Yang cosplayer.

No. 152266

Barbara is important to RT by building the community and worked to get to where to she is. Nicole just hoped to sleep into the company and has never really given to RT only taken.

No. 153190

Apparently we scared her out of attending RTX lol

No. 153218


Ooooh did we? She mention us?

No. 153357

Dear lord, her work on her website is so.. Ugh. If she kept actually practicing she could have real potential. Her short film animation…???? That made no sense?? The animation was ok at best. So weeb.

No. 153386

What does this even mean.

No. 153406

It means the people who talk about her here are bad people even if they're cute, but meanwhile her nasty money-hungry ass is totally innocent.

No. 153437

File: 1438919440083.png (55.66 KB, 584x288, Screen shot 2015-08-06 at 8.50…)

Don't worry, no one thought you were ever working on RWBY.

No. 153454

I just reported Nicole's GFM as fraudulent. I highly suggest others do too, it's easy:

>I have a question about Fraud, Trust, and Safety.
>What is considered fraud on GoFundMe?
>"Report page" under explanation
>Fill out all the info
link to the GFM: http://www.gofundme.com/MontyandSheena

The campaign does fall under fraud, as seen here:
"The GoFundMe Team wants to know about any Campaign Organizer that is misrepresenting themselves or the stated purpose of their campaign."
On the campaign it says "This fund has been established to help Monty's family with medical expenses."

Unless that means Nicole's boobjob, they're misrepresenting where the money is going.

No. 153472

File: 1438921557905.png (68.49 KB, 744x412, Screen shot 2015-08-06 at 9.24…)

Proof. Also, GFM confirmed they won't tell her who's reporting her. I probably won't get any other emails about this, but once her fund gets taken down I'm sure she'll throw a huge fit about it.

No. 153473

I reported it too. She's gross. I used to think she was cool until I actually got to know her.

No. 153475

I read this as "her nasty monkey-hungry ass"

No. 153476

File: 1438921794015.png (98.25 KB, 370x210, 1405214445771.png)

I'm ok with this.

No. 153483

I went on and reported Dumbo too. Let's hope something comes of this.

No. 153484

Any stories you can tell?

No. 153487


I reported her a while back in the old threat so good on you for doing it

No. 153492

So what was all that panel stuff about?

No. 153493

She was supposed to hold an "Intro to Cosplay" panel with Meg from RoosterTeeth, but I'm assuming she bailed because 1) we all know she hates Meg even though she tries to hide it 2) more and more people are finding out about her from this thread.

No. 153499

Oh I guess also RT could've found out that she's been lying about working for them? They might not want any association with her anymore.

No. 153512


More and more? I don't know about that Unless you know something

No. 153516

Is it me or was that carefully worded to sound like she worked on it before?

Even someone tweeted this

No. 153518


Yup, it's a way to deflect criticism that she doesn't work on it and address her saying she free lance in the past

No. 153547

I wish RT would just confirm she never worked for them already, but they're worried (rightfully) about their image.

No. 153566


I'm not seeing the bigger picture here. What image could be possibly be damaged by confirming she doesn't work for them?

No. 153573

I followed RT for a long time. Their main thing is community. Their office is a community, their employees are a community. They don't want fans to see an possibility of an internal fight or anything negative happening within the company. I think a lot of fans honestly have no clue about Nicole other than she was Monty's wife, so for them to suddenly say "WE DON'T ASSOCIATE WITH HER" would be really strange and would probably cause rumors.

On top of that, Monty was friends with plenty of the employees. It's probably hard for them to cut Nicole out because she likely reminds them of Monty.

No. 153584


Ah, thanks for the clarity

I think with any community fans would prefer honestly instead of being told nothing. Maybe it's time they (or rather Nicole directly) all stop trying to outsmart the truth and let it have its day.

At least that's what I would want if I were a fan of RT.

Nicole seems to have the size of the ego he did but obviously zero of the talent to back it up

No. 153856

Lurked here for a little while, and I'm wondering how many people regularly comment on this thread. Since everyone's anon, it's hard to tell. So like 15? 30?

No. 153862

You'd be surprised. This website gets a lot more traffic than you'd expect.

No. 154002

She always had a big ego but after she rode his coattails she forgot that he was the only reason she got attention on the internet.

That's why when sales or traffic to her things started going down, she brings up Monty again. His signature or pictures "he took" for starters.

Adminsama said the site gets like tens of thousands of visitors a day. There way more lurkers than posters.

No. 154011

I think it started out as a few people and then got way bigger as the thread continued and more details came out.

No. 154256

I think it's really weird that Nicole isn't going to RTX considering they're having some sort of tribute to Monty, and his time at RT was arguable the most important in his life. I can see 3 reasons why she isn't going:
1. She can't afford it. She just moved across the country with no job, and it looks like her donations are starting to dry up.
2. She's afraid people from here/people who she's fucked over/Monty's fans will harass her.
3. Rooster Teeth told her not to attend.

All of them are pretty funny considering her ego.

No. 154340

She had a Guardian in wait for her but she literally did not show up. I think she's really just not wanted by RT people and that people are starting to see things she's done. She fled Texas pretty quick and so close to a huge thing like RTX? It seemed really sketchy.

Way to disappoint fans who came to see her though. Shows how much she really 'cares'.

No. 154345

Oh, so she was supposed to arrive yesterday, I'm assuming? That's really shitty of her wow. She's definitely trying to be Jnig, what with the blowing off cons and fans.

No. 154347

I didn't hear of anyone who wanted to see her because other than that tiny panel mention nobody mentioned she was going to be there. It's nothing like that thing in london where she made her fake guest banner with Jnig kek

No. 154351


Outside of being his visa wife there's not much reason for her to go:

1. Cosplay - Meg's got that covered and there will be tons of other cosplayers there. 90% bad ones sure but the 10% that are great will outshine her

2 - Animation - She has one 2D animation piece from school and that's it. Like Meg we got this one covered by several other people who actually worked on the show.

The only reason she would go is to show she's still grieving so she can get more donations which I am surprised she didn't go for that.

No. 154353

It's hard for her to be grieving considering she already has a new boy.

No. 154354

Maybe she'd go to plug her twitch stream? That seems to be her new "career" because she considers playing a videogame at home hard work!

No. 154370


True but no one would have the guts to out her in public or point that out. Seeing how the last time on reddit when someone asked where the donations went no one cared

No. 154588

File: 1439059439646.png (14.11 KB, 605x80, Screenshot_2.png)

Saw this on my feed. Immediately thought of Nicole. :') lel.

No. 154590

>I think Monty would've wanted her to be happy. Does it really matter where the money went?

No. 154607


Monty would rather be alive if we're really going with what he wants…

No. 154748

I don't think Monty would've wanted Nicole to run off with hundreds of thousands of dollars.
If she was a good person, she could've taken some amount of the money and donated it to allergy research or something in Monty's name. That's something he would've appreciated.

No. 154819

With all the money people donated, she is doing all the things he wished he could do.

But if you remember, he would never beg for money when he was alive. He wouldn't even sell his props or ask for money when signing things.

He easily could have and made more than that GFM. The difference between himself and Nicole is that he actually had some self respect.

Can you imagine Nicole streaming for money, selling his props or photos with his signature, begging for gifts while he was alive?

He would have ditched her so fast if he knew how she really was.

No. 154821

That could only happen if Nicole was truly the "wonderful, amazing, sweet and awesomely talented" person she and her neckbearded fans keep saying she is.

No. 156174

He would of been alive if he weren't so beta and desperate.

No. 156380

I just watched the "one 2D animation" someone else mentioned and… gd her animation and art are terrible for someone who went to Vancouver Film School AND Capilano to study animation. Holy shit.

No. 156646


Remember that she says she "equally talented" to monty as well

No. 156656

No. 156741

No. 157078

Where does she say this? And who would believe it?

No. 157292

oh my god the irony of this animation being about someone who dies in the hospital
jfc at all the comments being like "OMG SO TOUCHING AND BEAUTIFUL. I CRIED SO HARD."

No. 157332

I am the anon who mentioned the shitty animation way earlier, and like I said before it makes no fucking sense. Its horrible. Her portfolio is crap too. My shit is better than hers but I wouldn't put it in my portfolio just yet. She has potential? to be better maybe.

No. 157339

File: 1439384266509.png (890.98 KB, 1076x1172, Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 10.5…)

No. 157340

Too bad she'll never expand on that potential. Why do so when you can flash tits and fake cry for pity donations?

I heard she disappointed so many fans by ditching RTX and some were put off on just how quickly she packed up and got the fuck out of Texas to California.

Monty's brother was there and stopped by Monty's memorial area and he was announced for taking over the voice for Lie Ren (Monty's character in RWBY) so maybe she just didn't want to risk running in to him?

No. 157370

She also worked on the cartoon Dr. Dimensionpants, which sounds impressive until you realise DHX Media's hiring methods are basically just standing outside Capilano graduation ceremonies with a net.

No. 157451

She accused him of being gross and hitting on her at Monty's wake, so that could be very well true.

No. 157465

Sounds like wishful thinking/drama mongering to me. Is his brother known for being creepy or something?

No. 157494

Nope, she made it all up. She got mad that he "tried to kiss her", which I imagine was a family kiss on the cheek… If anything, he probably tried to actually welcome her as family, but he's not famous so he's a gross creeper.

No. 157538


Any link on this?

No. 157544


I'm still surprised she didn't go, more chances to be "oh woe is me". Especially if she could be running out of money

No. 158232


I made a mistake and realized it was from a very thirsty beta fan who said that in the AMA:


>It's terrible that we, but most importantly you, lost Monty, a talented individual, to quickly. I just wanted to thank you, whom Monty's memory still survives by, his equally talented wife.

No. 158607

File: 1439496456915.jpg (56.51 KB, 720x960, 11219596_999421663430891_61218…)

Apparently there are still people doing monthly donations to her GFM. But not in almost 2 weeks, lol.

Also, dat terrible blur and lipstick application. Girl needs to learn how to use lip liner.

No. 158999

So I know Nicole was suppose to go to RTX and even had a panel with Meg but looking through my RTX app, I don't see it anymore and only see "Nicole Salera Cosplay".

Is her real last name Salera? And if so, wow to the person who does the RTX app information for not listing her with Monty's last name.

No. 159006


Nah that's another cosplayer in general. Quick Google shows a girl who's a bit more attractive than Nicole ear girl but somehow a bit more trashy looking

No. 159007

Nope, her name is Nicole Sheena Petra Duquette.

No. 159021

Okay my bad. I just thought it was slightly coincidental that a cosplay panel was being held by someone named Nicole but was cancelled. Thank you for clearing that up!

That being said, it looks like they completely removed the one that she and Meg were suppose to do together.

Also, curiously, because she moved that means she had to clean out Monty's apartment, right? I hope she doesn't try to sell his stuff off as "look it was apart of our life! Buy this."

No. 159027


Give her a few months, that money well is drying up quicker than RT fans interest in her

No. 159109

I just realized it looks like Nicole's ear is on her neck. Reminds me of Mr.Crocker from Fairly Odd Parents kek

No. 159572

That is tragic. She calls herself an artist and animator?

No. 159574

The family doesn't want anything to do with her, sounds like she wants an easy excuse for not having any connection to his family while trying to use their name for fame.

No. 159637

It was listed for the whole of the convention and Nicole's fake name was never removed, which means she likely never told RTX staffers that she wasn't going to show. The line for it was decent (but I opted for the ProJared panel next to it. Hearing him rant about cosplay drama was fun) but that's probably because Meg's fem!Shep was on point. Had Nicole shown up in Yang of something it would have been clear just how much of a mess she is.

No. 159646


Maybe I missed it but how was Meg on point?

No. 159841

She's going to PAX Prime this month, apparently. Nicole posted on Twitter not too long ago: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1k4D5dm9Z9YdJojQSqvQkWkm5ybxj-TL72uP0Vv1sCbY/edit#gid=0

Orig. link: https://twitter.com/sheenaoum/status/632073303281156096

No. 159887

AND she's going to London in October? jfc. She really is living he life Monty could only have hoped for but he spent most of his time dedicated to his work. And now she's reaping all of attention and benefits?

God, I hope the anon who was working on her immigration shit has the best of luck. She's done nothing to deserve this luxury style of life.

No. 159968

File: 1439632608701.jpg (36.87 KB, 640x960, moderu.jpg)

>schedule for conventions

She really considers this "work" because it's where she gets more of Monty's fan's money.

No. 160497

I couldn't even tell that was her at first.

It looks like a combo of trying to be Asian and Madonna… Not a very good look. As someone with scoliosis too, this pose hurts to look at.

No. 160582

Wow everything about this is bad. Her hair looks stringy AND dry at the same time, her makeup is a 90's frosty mess that makes her eyes and lips disappear, she's doing her LOOK AT MY PANCAKE ASS pose, and what the fuck are those orbs??

She has no taste at all.

No. 160589

it was for a local hair salon I think, I remember they did the hair/makeup/outfits for her and another person so we actually can't really blame her for that

No. 160625

I give her a pass on that, but wow her hair must be damaged as FUCK if it still looks that dry at the ends after being at a hairdresser.

No. 160629

That post is beyond amateur. That make up is outdated and AGES her horribly. She looks like a 50+ year old trying to be a teenager. Especially that pink lipstick. holyshit

No. 161883

File: 1439828992781.jpg (66.92 KB, 600x800, image.jpg)

More lipstick? Thicker lips? Kylie Jenner?
Guess she's in the new apartment now?

No. 162217

God now she's starting to look different in every picture (and I assume she's trying to look like Lightning here.) Taking blurry photos in low light ain't gonna make you prettier in RL Nicole.

No. 162243

Girl needs to check the inner corners of her false lashes and learn the tightline.

And learn how to line her top lip properly.

No. 162727

hi, I don't see the issue? Sheena is a beautiful young woman who deserves the world.

No. 162735

no one cares about your opinion. read the thread and the previous one or go kiss her ass some more

No. 162742


No. 162767

she's calling in her white knights

No. 162781

I'm azn lol
Anyways, why does it matter? If you all post here you have the problem, not her.

No. 162788

Is this supposed to look sexy? Cuz honestly it makes her look like some really ugly mutant rodent.

I doubt it's a white knight. The name + intro + the way they type all screams troll to me.

No. 162799


I'd say it's Nicole herself baiting us. Trying to bait us that is

No. 162803

No. 162841

Huh I wondered how long it would be till her white knights would crawl in.

This almost seems like a last grasp attempt from the RT Neckbeards given the disappointed of flat out ditching RTX when she said she'd be there.

Hopefully those waiting got the hint that she doesn't give a shit about anyone but who can make her famous.

No. 162844


How long did it take? About 5-6 months? Either way baiting us not working much

No. 162970

File: 1439891786884.png (517.75 KB, 599x576, Capture.PNG)


Yup. :/ she seems to have moved into the new one, as seemingly provided by this post on Twitter:

Original link: https://twitter.com/Laughing_Says/status/633388170713763840

No. 162978

I just realized I saw her so much during AniRevo 2013. I didn't know who she was at the time tho, so it guess it is true van cosplayers don't like her lol. One of my friends would have mentioned her if she was at all important or interesting. I can fully see now how much she milked Monty. And god shes so unattractive. I hate the pic for this thread it makes me cringe so much every time

No. 163020

Aw man look at that grump merch. Suzy likes being the lone gamer grrl too much Nicole, you don't have a chance.

No. 163141


Would suzy out nicole as a sleeve?

No. 163183

Someone called it in the previous thread that she would aim for the GG.
But all the grumps have girlfriends so…
Maybe she will get rid of Holly because there can only be one pink haired gamer girl per group.

No. 163184

File: 1439922343007.jpg (105.95 KB, 750x831, image.jpg)

From the Suzy thread

No. 163192


More like there's only room for one cosplay girl which would be lame cause holly is pretty good at that and activity has youtube videos on showing how to do things

No. 163195

Holly isn't really considered an official Grump by most, even tho she is well liked by fans.

I thought Barry and Dan were single? I can see Nicole going after Dan even though he's not Asian… or into cosplay. Whoever Nicole dates next will likely be someone she can rope into making costumes for her (just like JNig.)

No. 163224

Personally I think she'd go more for "money and large impressionable nerdy fanbase" than "will make and promote my cosplays" when she goes hunting for her next partner. When you have both of those things, free and sponsored costumes tend to find you.

No. 163249

Markiplier then? He dated a Cosplayer, but Nicole would have to deal with dating in secret.

No. 163258

I think Markiplier already has a girlfriend?

No. 163260

At least until he's dead and she can reveal it as his poor girlfriend in tears. Oh wait.

So is she living WITH Chloe or did she somehow get an apartment all her own?

No. 164032

Please no.

In reality I think he would be able to see through her bullshit act. Or one can at least hope.

No. 164268

He's been in an abusive relationship before. He'd see through Nicole's bullshit in 0.002 seconds.

No. 164296

I think she has her own apartment somehow? She streamed for like 10 minutes the other day and made $300.

No. 164370


Jelly that happens no lie

No. 164396

What the fuck is wrong with this world…

No. 164397

Holly is way too good for the GG, tbh. She is actually talented and a kind person. I wish NSP and Danny/Brian would get away from that shit too, but they're too far in.

No. 164401


Some guys are just really, really thirsty. A former friend of mine donated 1k to a girl he has a 10 year crush to fund her trip to UK which she went to said trip with her husband

No. 164433

It's so embarrassing men like that even exist. I mean, jfc

No. 164475


Worse part is he would change his belief or ideas based on what the girl likes or dislikes.

Girl is vegan = hey guys I'm vegan
Girl likes twilight = hey guys I like twilight
Girl thinks water has feelings and 9/11 is an inside job = you kinda see where this is going

No. 164481

File: 1440027617994.jpg (73.26 KB, 960x637, 1157546_506924702721335_207539…)

Boobjob confirmed.

No. 164489


That moment when you know the asian girl spent less than a week on her costume and it looks 10x better than anything nicole can do

No. 164509

File: 1440029876474.png (409.72 KB, 1000x802, black widow oum.png)

No. 164663

>black widow oum

No. 164725

I almost want to say that's not even her costume. She either ordered another one or took Chloe's maybe. It looks very different from her original one or the one she wore to RTX last year.

No. 164768

Her face is so unfortunate. How old is she again?

No. 164920

Funny how she's still "friends" with her beta ex in this picture. Considering how she shamelessly hounded after Monty. Smh.

No. 164934


My god, is he? If he still "friends" then that's pretty beta

No. 164945

I'd say she ordered it. Chloe's looks way better than the one she's wearing.

In her early 20's iirc.

No. 164967

Oh, anon, you need to check the previous thread for more deets.
This is her ex:


If you look at his mouth and compare it with the photo posted just now, you've got a beta. Lmao.

The guy paid for her trip to Japan and her school stuff. She owes him money. Went straight for Monty; hasn't looked back since.

No. 164997

I think that might actually be her ex. SOURCE: I know what he looks like irl, those pics you linked are pretty heavily photoshopped.

If that's the case, then this is either
a) Sakuracon, with them cosplaying together
b) PAX, with them cosplaying together while she fucked Monty on the side (and Martin Wong apparently)

No. 165065


Thanks for the Intel. I'm wondering though if he's still "friends" with her as >>164920 makes it out to be

No. 165078

No, he's not. He's friends with the rest of her ex-friends in Vancouver that try to ignore her existence.

No. 165082

Well at least NOW they're not friends, but I just specifically meant the photo that >>164481 posted. Sorry for the confusion!

No. 165083

Ah, gotcha. I do know their breakup was long and drawn-out.

No. 165084

Martin Wong???.. I mean, I guess it was expected, but damn. lol

No. 165088

That's what I heard too. She still has photos of him in her Instagram if you dig deep. Lol.

No. 165109

can someone tell me why she doesnt have a ED
and can someone please do a tl;dr&

No. 165118

I'm down with making an ED.

No. 165120


No. 165122

Just do it

No. 165143


No worries, I'd be super worried if he's still friends with her after all the bullshit she did

No. 165161

she's on the ED suggested articles page but ppl were saying she's unproblematic on ED so…

No. 166478


I've heard from close mutual friends of her and that ex that he paid for the Japan trip as a birthday gift, and hoped it to be a way to re-kindle the relationship. Needless to say it did not work and they had a violent break-up 2 months later. Some people say they saw the text exchanges between his new gf, Nicole, and him and it was pretty funny, he apparently tore her a new one and they never spoke again after.

She pined pretty hard for Monty after that, but discovered right before PAX that Monty was into another girl(this other girl was rooming with Monty during that con). That, coupled with the fact that her ex had already gotten with someone new before she could get with Monty, bruised her ego to the point where she fucked Martin Wong, only to ditch him when the chance to scoop Monty up after he was rejected the very next day.

No. 166544


Is Martin wong as beta as her ex?

No. 166638

No. 166698

I do admit, that as a male that I find her face attractive.

But I hate her man. I've been on her twitter for a while now and I can count the number of times she actually mentioned Monty on my hands.

Fuck her.

No. 166717

You mean her shooped face, right? How could you find the cottage cheese face on the right in OP's pic attractive?

No. 167056

File: 1440265882601.png (406.01 KB, 598x336, CM-0jMCWgAA1oLT.png)

Am I the only one who thinks she's trying to suck Dan Avidans Dick?

No. 167088


As petty as it sounds, a clean room. I'm surprised

No. 167150

I'm going to go with yes. He's one of those cosplay photographers that will only take photos of "famous" cosplayers that he wants to fuck.

No. 167182


Hmm good to know. His standards must be low if he has a romp with nicole

No. 167208

Those giant nerd glasses are really off putting. They're like paintball gunning goggles.

Nah, not nit picky at all. All her images back in Monty's apartment made it look horribly cluttered and gross. Let's see how long she keeps that 'clean'.

I admit, I'm a bit jelly she got an apartment in LA so quick and easily for potentially not being a citizen. My credit's pretty horrible and it's hard finding a decent apartment in San Diego that's within my budget, not near gangs, and allows small animal without a ridiculous deposit fee.

No. 167209


I know right? Some days I wish I was born a hot asian girl to take advantage of the thirsty beta market.

Who knows, Maybe that anon will actually whistleblow on her and get her deported

No. 167221


An even better quest is to count the number of times Monty appeared on her instagram before he went into the hospital…

I'll give you a hint: you won't need your fingers to count for that one lol.

I remember right after he had passed, I went to her instagram from her twitter and actually thought I had the wrong girl because aside from maybe two pictures of him and her, there was absolutely nothing on her account that would suggest the two were living together, let alone madly in love and married.

And I know some people will brush it off as "oh maybe she just didnt want her relationship to be in the public eye", which is all fine and dandy until we realize her whole damn life is in the public eye by her own choosing and she certainly wasn't shy about their relationship when it came to asking for money after after he died…

No. 167227


Heck even now her twitch has "Oum" not there. I don't know about you but if my husband died I would keep his name

Of course she'll add back "Oum" when she needs money though

No. 169544

File: 1440548179241.jpg (31.5 KB, 627x960, 11891059_885446431542611_72734…)

Just saw this pic. It's from a concert at RTX, this is from a tribute to Monty.

That Weiss isn't even Nicole lol. She bailed on a literal event honoring her late husband.

No. 169608

We already talked about this earlier in the thread (pre RTX). You're PULL level late. Besides why would she honor his death anyways? All he was to her was a living wallet.

No. 169612

That Weiss is Casey Williams, the girl who sings all the songs on the RWBY Albums. She dressed as Ruby last year but did Weiss this year. There was the tribute concert to him that rolled in to the Barenaked Ladies and Jeff Williams one, iirc.

The Monty Memorial was nice to see but I'm glad there weren't pictures of Nicole everywhere. It was more a dedication to his work but I'm still glad she wasn't there to plaster herself around.

No. 169658


I'm sure she'll plaster herself around when she needs the money again

No. 169867


she seems to be making enough off neckbeard twitch money for now, playing and streaming league even though she absolutely HATED league in the past, but willing to sell out because that's where the viewer $$$ is at.

No. 171160

File: 1440792658039.png (370.97 KB, 596x523, Screenshot_12.png)

For someone who is very upfront about her modeling, she really has awful posture. https://twitter.com/Axton_Lunark/status/636622398276698112

No. 171178

Doesn't she have scoliosis or something like that? I remember it being mentioned in the previous thread

No. 171200


Yup, she also makes zero effort to ensure that it doesn't get worse

No. 171205

her face looks so bloated here. It almost looks like a totally different girl…

No. 171207

File: 1440799479738.png (88.49 KB, 275x306, Screenshot_2015-08-28-15-02-27…)

What the fuck is going on with her upper lips? Also dat Kota nasiolabal folds creases… ew.

No. 171270


The face that expresses having to do something with no pay in disgust when you know neckbeards will pay you $$$ to do nothing in twitch :/

No. 171674

Probably an out of place question but can anyone confirm if she was at the panel in the Benaroya Hall @ PAX Prime earlier? >_>

No. 171685

She's dressed as Riven from LOL today.

No. 171933

Can confirm that guy Sam came from England. Saw them making out. She really has no shame

No. 171968

File: 1440952080148.jpg (155.03 KB, 750x1178, image.jpg)

No. 172015

Well that was quick.

No. 172414

idk why this hit me as hard as it did. To the point I had to just walk away and sigh. I didn't expect her to be single forever after he passed away but I'm at a loss.

Last year she was there with Monty and they were already supposedly married. Sure he was an ass and she was strutting like she was RT's official cosplayer but Monty was there and (grossly) proud of her.

Yet now, here it is a year later and Monty's dead and she's already with a new boyfriend making out? Monty might of, again, been a jerk sometimes but he certainly contributed more to the community than she ever could hope to. It was only a year ago yet it seems like an entire lifetime has gone by and she seems to show no remorse or seems to miss him until she needs money.

How can someone come into someone's life, absolutely destroy everything and then just walk away and live with no show of remorse?

No. 172420


Because she only cares about herself and nobody else unfortunately. She milks Monty's death & her title as being a "widow" for efame and donations yet has moved on with someone else, it's truly disgusting.

No. 172452

File: 1441044274477.jpeg (30.62 KB, 572x648, received_996020283784011.jpeg)

you have no idea
i like how all her surgery and she didnt fix that saggy scrotal chin

No. 172470

My bad, didn't see you posted this already:

No. 172579

this might have already been said/discussed but if she's illegal she can get a job especially in california. So why she's living off donations and for free ? havent really kept up with her but read the OP summary Or she can go downtown and buy a green card just sayin lol

No. 172589

Research anon here. Immigration from Canada to USA via marriage is much more relaxed than other immigration. She likely has some sort of temporary residency due to being the widow of a citizen.

No. 172598


You're also assuming she was married to begin with which with her…could be a lie…

No. 172607

She's been in the country for longer than what's allowed for Canadians on a vacation. She's also traveled in and out of the country in that time. She was undoubtably married, but likely only for the visa.

No. 172617


Makes sense, I'm just a bit iffy on it cause as this thread has shown she isn't exactly known for her honestly.

All the same I hope that one Anon blows the whistle on the getting married for visa only purposes comes through

No. 172620


This makes me feel all levels of "SORRY" for all the people who pamper Nicole, and think she's "all that", and that Monty was "lucky" because he had her. It makes me SICK, that even her so-called "friends" would allow her to get by with this shit — especially those she became "friends" with just because they were friends with Monty.

It also makes me sick that she still has a photo of her and Monty as her BANNER, for fucking crying out loud, and her display photo, on Twitter. /TWITTER/, of all people, where she is incessantly unrelenting with broadcasting and pandering for all the crazy shit that her neckbeard fans and fangirls of Monty's work.

It makes me feel sorry for their so-called "community" — top kek, let's be real here — that they would allow ANYTHING Nicole does to be viewed as "perfectly alright", because of the LAME EXCUSE that "Monty would have wanted this for her." LOL PLEASE.

It also makes me feel sorry for Rooster Teeth that they can't step up to transparency, and IF they truly cared about Monty and all else connected to him, they would have done SOMETHING. Maybe tell Nicole to fuck off and stop promoting their shit. Right? Well. "Sense of community", huh? Good job.

For all the fantards reading this, I hope you feel happy about yourselves supporting a piece of shit like Nicole — who is not only MERCILESS with USING her husband and his name for her own benefit, but reaping the efforts of OTHERS in general.

She is NOT an artist, and NEITHER is she a decent human being, because for all intents and purposes, a WOMAN with decent REASONING AND LOGIC would NOT sugarcoat and attempt to "keep silent" just because it helps her look stronger. Um… No. Especially not after your husband has passed. Especially not for someone who was as reputable, loved, and well-liked as Monty. And especially not after you botched relationships with his family.

Nicole is the lowest of the low, a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR and a loser. What makes me sad about this is that she feels the need to "prettify" herself (lol please) when intelligent people can see past her bullshit, and she is taking advantage of people.

To her friends reading this, I hope you are happy with yourselves that you let a LEECH like this little girl run around.

To that Sam Batty person, whoever the fuck you are, I hope you made a decent choice and don't let her suck you dry. I hope you like spiders, because this bitch is a Black Widow at best.

No. 172673

If they were legitimately married, their marriage would've been documented by the county and there would be public records of this marriage.

No. 172681

File: 1441069114813.png (39.15 KB, 500x254, marriage license.png)

Yep. It's official.

No. 172684

Link please.

No. 172691

No. 172697

Of COURSE, it had to be a civil wedding. Smh…

No. 172714

I'm the person who wants to call immigration. Here's info I've found by researching online.

Her marriage
>Nicole and Monty married almost exactly 6 months after she came to the USA
>Canadians can stay in USA legally for 6 months at a time
>None of her friends knew she was married until after Monty died
>There's special circumstances for immigrant widows to stay in the USA, still trying to figure this out

Monty's death
>Caused by severe allergic reaction to cats
>Nicole adopted a cat while Monty was undergoing allergy therapy, increasing his exposure to his allergen

>Nicole cannot legally work in the USA
>Has received thousands of dollars in donations from Monty's death
>Even more from streaming
>Even more from selling prints with Monty's signature photoshopped on them
>USA only taxes gift money (something like over $30k a year) for people who would pay taxes normally
>Nicole may be tax-excempt due to not being a full citizen thus wouldn't need to pay gift tax

If anyone else has questions I'll do my best to answer. I think she's the only true lolcow/drama queen right now and I've known about her since before she even met Monty.

No. 172720

what I'm starting to wonder is why Nicole seems to want to stay in the US so god damn bad. I get that there's no one for her back in Vancouver but Canada's still pretty big and then she wouldn't have to worry about all the complications of not being a citizen.

No. 172722

Judging from posts here, she wants to stay to live the life of a famous person. In California she's able to cosplay all the time, leech off of Chloe, go see the GameGrumps in Downtown LA and flaunt it all on social media. Probably as a huge 'fuck you look how perfect my life is' to people back in Vancouver.

No. 172729

>None of her friends knew she was married until after Monty died
You forgot family.

>Nicole adopted a cat while Monty was undergoing allergy therapy, increasing his exposure to his allergen

The cat was taken in before. See Noodle's facebook account. They were trying to take in even more cats at the same time but Monty got scratched up badly.

No. 172730


Is her legal name is Nicole Duquette and she just added Sheena Petra in as fake middle names?

No. 172780


To add to this, if Chloe or GG don't work out she has tons of other youtubers and cosplayers to try to leech fame off of.

No. 172790

Like that whole weird friendship she has with Tina Dayton(?). Leeching off of her fame, which comes from Ray, that originally came from RT.

No. 173090

File: 1441155613509.jpg (423.09 KB, 1440x1080, 11923292_10152985975701712_321…)

What's the story on this guy she's always with?

No. 173125

Word on the street is that they are secretly dating and hooked up when she went to MCM

No. 173145

The thing is, though, there are still a LOT of people in Vancouver that could expose her as a conniving whore.

That's what I'm waiting for.

Also, kudos to >>172714 ; I've known about her even before the met Monty as well due to common friends and she has ALWAYS been the shady type. She tells a different version of her sob life story to different people.

No. 173146


Hey, anon, is there any way you could screencap the document in the link you provided? :/ On my end it says "Plugin not supported." Not sure if it appears on others' too.

No. 173180

Wasn't that barely over a month after Monty passed away? And she was already hooking up with someone?

I wonder if she was cheating on Monty and talking to this guy a lot while Monty worked.

No. 173191

Yep she's always been shady. I got the impression when she completely ignored friends of her friends who she didn't consider good enough for her.

It's absolutely possible she was emotionally cheating on Monty. When she was with her last ex she cheated on him emotionally with Monty.

No. 173493

That Sam guy has been in her streams for a long time, before monty passed. He was following her like a lost puppy at mcm, and now we can all see it's true that she used that money to fly him to pax. How long til she suggests getting married to get a uk free pass. Then to try and get rid of him like monty. How has this bitch not been brought up for causing his death and been put in jail.

No. 173540

He medically consented to getting allergy shots so that's on him, not on her. Yes, it's stupid because we all known Nicole was the one who pushed him to get the shots and was the one who kept bringing cats home but legally, he's the one who consented and went through with the procedure.

No. 173546

Sadly this.

While legally yeah, nothing can be done, but I guess morally everyone knows she willingly put his life in more danger and she was completely aware of her actions thus contributing to his death.

No. 173749

File: 1441241734532.jpg (212.06 KB, 730x657, tryingtorescuekittens.jpg)

He never did things with cats until after Nicole moved in.

No. 173752

File: 1441242147546.jpg (56.75 KB, 372x363, 1440560499875.jpg)

Jesus. He really should have grown some balls and told her that she can't keep cats if she stays with him.
He died all because he couldn't say no to some flat-assed, dumbo lookin bitch…

No. 173915

jfc if a cat fucked my arms up that bad, it would be gone. Monty was a super beta and that's why he died. He seriously could of prevented all of this and been rich by his 40s.

No. 174024

I only ever really skim this thread, but it really is like some twisted cautionary tale about why you shouldn't be a pushover.

No. 174191


I somehow think a lot of people would ignore being a pushover if the end result is you got your own show from making decent fight scenes and die hard crazy fans.

Downside being you ded

No. 174225

Does anyone know what kind of an allergic reaction he had? all I can find is that he was having a procedure, had an allergic reaction, went into a coma and died. I'm curious as to what he was allergic to.

No. 174321

No. 174326

But since when are allergy shots considered a procedure? The cause of his death was worded in such a way that it makes one think he had a minor operation or something like that.

Well whatever, he might have loved cats but he should not have had them if he was allergic. My boyfriend is allergic to cats, dogs, birds, pretty much everything but rabbits. I would never own animals that he was allergic to.

No. 174446

Same here, I met her at Fanime 2013, she was okay when she was drunk but when she was sober she was a super uptight stuck up cunt.

No. 174483

You can't get that severe of an allergic reaction from cats. I'm calling bullshit.

No. 174484

You don't know how allergies work. People can have allergies of different severities to the same thing, and when someone is exposed to their allergen their allergic reaction will get worse and worse each time.

No. 174490


I wouldn't say the cat allergies alone killed him. I think it was a combo of that, long hours of work which he is known for, low immune system and the shots for the cat allergies probably was too much for his body

No. 174566

You have no idea. I used to be super allergic to cats. I never grew up with pets (except fish) so anytime I was in contact with them I would blow up, get itchy, sneeze everywhere and basically become a vegetable. My best friend's mom had 11 cats. I love cats, I couldn't stay away from them and I had
terrible reactions.


Later on after a few years of that torture I moved in with my boyfriend and his mom who had 3 cats and a dog. My allergies stopped after a few weeks. I'm not sure if it's because I built a tolerance to them or something else. I now have a cat myself and I can rub my face all over him with no problem :^)

No. 174593

I'm told that what kind of cat you have also makes a bit of a difference. Supposedly, male cats are worse than female and black and white cats are worse still.

My boyfriend is also allergic, but he's seen me looking at pictures of cats and he's always wanted one, too, so we ended up adopting one that was going to be given away because her owners wanted dogs now. We went to visit her first and he didn't have much of a reaction and we found that there's a lotion approved by the RSPCA that you can use once a week to make the allergens less of a problem. He also likes to rub his face all over our cat and doesn't have a problem so long as I remember the lotion. There are such lotions for dog allergies, too.

No. 174653

yo Monty had asthma also

No. 174697

File: 1441382958823.png (394.06 KB, 579x474, Screenshot_3.png)


No. 174761


Man that guy is reallllly thirsty

No. 174767

File: 1441389460054.jpg (77.2 KB, 720x338, 1440867934851.jpg)

No. 174768

>pls respond

No. 174797


> m'lady

No. 175086

too bad he's not rich or famous. he's gonna be stuck in the friendzone forever.

No. 175531

She encourages thirsty guys like this by retweeting and interacting with them on facebook to donate to her. If they kiss enough ass, she places them in her private facebook group.

Her streams are just like her cosplays, awkward attempts at flirting with the viewers using ass or cleavage shots.

No. 175709


I don't understand these guys. There are cam girls who are:

- better looking
- "talented"
- probably cosplay better to

But they choose to focus on this one. Are they really thirsty for anything monty had sex with?

No. 175896

Hell, Kelly Jean is more attractive than Nicole. Why don't they throw their cash at her instead?
Oh yeah because she didn't fuck Monty.

No. 176611

Where can you find out how much she's making in total each stream? People are donating hundreds according to the feed.


No. 176612

File: 1441694187202.jpg (101.93 KB, 640x960, 11999619_1013276622045395_3862…)

>cosplay guru

No. 176620

jesus she's so ugly. it it weren't for monty she'd just be another one of those cosplayers that get posted on cgl's bad cosplay threads and on bad cosplay blogs.

No. 176621


What is she suppose to be?

No. 176622

Worst Riven (LoL) NA.

No. 176625

ugh she makes such a bad Riven… like an emaciated albino chimp

No. 176731

She looks like Bam Bam from the Flintstones

No. 176797

No. 176834


Oh no wonder cause I don't follow LoL. She certainly is the worst at that character.

Thought she was a watered down soul caliber character

No. 176841

What's even crazier is this is something she made a week ago. It's looking like a teen's first cosplay complete with lens flares in the photo.

No. 176879


It's okay, Photoshop will fix it and then donate to her cause she's like kawaii like sad like Desu over her husband deaths

No. 177213

I was in Commander Holly's WoW stream today just to check it out (it was pretty boring and I bailed soon after), but who shows up to the party?

None other than "Sheena!"

"Your husband was friends with my now dead secret husband. BIRBS, lol. Byee"

No. 177228

Really? I was thinking of logging on to check Holly out. I wish I did.

No. 177236

No. 177395

Yeah you know sheena doesn't edit her own photos? So put the lens flare down to the tog

No. 177543

it still looks like babby's first cosplay and her photog sucks if he's using lens flare

No. 177664

File: 1441848897674.jpg (51.04 KB, 748x713, 12007234_1001851463200893_1596…)

No. 177668

File: 1441849255991.jpg (43.31 KB, 480x753, image.jpg)

The back is fantastic. Cosplay guru.

No. 177671


Looks like the weight of it is fucking up her back then

No. 177697

Are you not seeing the unfinished (and likely hot glued) seams on the back of her costume? I'm talking about that, not her back.

No. 177711


I'm referring to her tweets above your pic though I do see how that would be confusing

No. 177712

Oh my bad.

I like that she's picked up Monty's weird nonsensical writing style.

No. 177714


No worries, I get bothered cause like monty she's saying the most generic life guru tweets thought but thirsty betas just eat it up

No. 177735

File: 1441854397103.jpg (640.24 KB, 1200x800, red-on-pink[1].jpg)

She calls herself an artist and her own shooping is far worse, so

No. 177738

Monty's silly lifeguru tweets actually had to do with overcoming a hard life at least. She just pretends to have had a hard life like he did.

No. 177743


Guess he couldn't overcome the hard life of being married to her.


No. 177765

File: 1441855997916.jpg (103.81 KB, 687x990, image.jpg)

They make their twitch debut.

No. 177767

>gotta show that cleavage
Ew she looks like a granny

No. 177772


They? Chloe and her?

No. 177779

Her implants

No. 177807

The pls donate fake tits

No. 177818


Did she get larger implants? wtf

No. 177837

those are unquestionably larger than they were before

all that insurance money is going into her chest

No. 177898

I think she might be wearing a VS bombshell bra. They make your boobs 2x bigger looking.

No. 177931

I had a look around, the upbra seems like a better option. More expensive, though. Look for some videos.

https://youtu.be/EOwzNcfxSIE?t=3m18s the girl here shows what it does when you pull the straps on it. I kind of wonder whether Kelly Jean uses one, too. Her boobs didn't look like that before she started doing streams.

No. 177981

How long did she wait after her 'husband' died before deciding to stream the fake tits for more money?

No. 177984

File: 1441913764749.jpg (205.78 KB, 2048x1365, 11890437_1016853761668618_7947…)

Everyone here looks punchable.

No. 177986


I'd say 2-3 months after he died as the money was running out…?

No. 178010

I'm disgusted that she essentially spent her marriage anniversary to Monty with that guy in >>177984 at MCM possibly fucking him and shopping because Monty would of wanted it for her.

No. 178021

Well, he could of lived if he wasn't a beta. Let that be a lesson to the few males on lolcow.

No. 178028

File: 1441918570051.jpg (87.94 KB, 960x720, 1430523662454.jpg)

Are you sure about that?
Reference.: >>92156

No. 178029

Could've, would've.

Pet peeve.

No. 178035

Her body is so ….not proportioned at all.

No. 178036

I make that mistake a lot. My apologies.

No. 178072


The few males on lolcow like myself wouldn't get on her radar anyway as we are:

- not beta
- don't make weeb shit
- not famous

No. 178079

>not beta
All men who still use the term beta are beta

No. 178081

I was actually wondering if there's some lens distortion going on or if it's a modified image. Her head is too small for the body adn her arms look really long.

No. 178083


Can't say for all men but shrug, 2/3 still means I ain't in her radar

No. 178087

Probably don't own an animation company either, right?
I wonder who she is going to leech off next?

No. 178092

File: 1441922169093.jpg (26.46 KB, 480x360, wendigo.jpg)

Sheena confirmed for Wendingo.

No. 178098

I'll take your word for it anon and I don't mean this in a snide manner, a constructive one rather, but the first step towards getting off the beta train is to stop having that retarded terminology in your vocab!

No. 178100


My money is on whoever is YouTube famous in LA


Whoa, they got her likeness down


Ah good to know you didn't mean it as snide. I tend to use beta as a quick way to say "one without confidence" but you make a good point

No. 178128

Well she's already dating the Brit, isn't she? But my guess is, since she's honed in on Chloe and the Game Grumps, she'll weasel her way in to that group and leech off of them.

Some bets were on Markiplier but I think he would actually have some balls to say nay to that. But, she'll probably still try to leech off of him.

The only other LA or SoCal based youtubers I can think of are Funhaus but they're teamed up with Rooster Teeth, and Mega64 but they're in San Diego.

No. 178199

Markiplier would definitely kick her out of the relationship. He's got guts.
It's pretty much confirmed she's going after GG next with all those friendly "oooh my god hey guuurl" tweets to suzy and nicole buying GG shirts and stuff

No. 178230

File: 1441936080242.jpg (17.81 KB, 600x600, CM3oDBwWoAElVPS.jpg)

They all have the same fucking hipster glasses.

No. 178232

Holyshit, they do!

No. 178278

Amazing, they even have matching outfits.

No. 178292

can you imagine being the waiter? you walk up to your next table and BAM everyone is a punchable, hipster-glasses-wearing turd.

No. 178293

This is so gross. No muscle at all. This is skinnyfat, the body. She has the body of a 60 year old woman because usually it takes time for this much muscle wastage to occur.

She must almost never move at all even to walk anywhere. Honestly, I would love to fight this bitch just because it would like be beating the shit out of an 80 year old and I would feel so powerful. But really it is a nasty weeaboo slag in her 20's that is the laziest piece of shit ever.

No. 178309

> a nasty weeaboo slag in her 20's that is the laziest piece of shit ever

And today she did a stream of simply cleaning her room a bit..

No. 178314

LOL "a bit." Wait for her to start making a mess behind her to show off on her streams how she's a "cosplay guru" = $$$$$

No. 178784

I'm imagining this but also with her in 8-inch stripper heels.

Does she have a new PO box or anything? I'm surprised if she doesn't.

No. 178788

File: 1442035206134.jpg (26.32 KB, 599x337, COq76dyVEAAN4mS[1].jpg)

What is wrong with her everything?

No. 178790

That's the worst kind of obvious pandering I've seen since JNig. Wow!! Fucking gross

No. 178888

They are dressed smart for being at the space needle, I don't see the problem here. Funny that they all have glasses, Nicole didn't think to wear contacts? Haha. Who's the couple with her and the Brit?

No. 178928

His best friend and gf from the UK as well, I think. Last thread someone mentioned she was flying the three of them out to see her for PAX way back in April or May.

No. 179271

>dressed smart

No. 179280


why does her left tit look much bigger than the one on the right what what is going on

No. 179373


Looking further down apparantly nicole is totally innocent you guys cause reasons and it's totally monty who filled the house with cats and totally wasn't nicole who like used the fan donations for other things like you guys

No. 179395

File: 1442165091074.jpg (20.64 KB, 430x122, sofunnyhaha.jpg)

She's whiteknighting herself.

No. 179404

Do they all cake their faces in make-up, tilt their head, prop their tits and pout with their lips like that? It's almost tempting to do a same-twitch-pose gif of all the girls I've seen exactly like that.

No. 180188


No. 180189


LOL ok
How does any guy fall for her shit? She's going to ruin this guy. Not like we didn't warn him here

No. 180199

Are you shitting me? Not a year since Oums death and already she's falling for another person 2-3 months afterwards. And now she wants him to live with her … Very nice.

No. 180202

Then again her marriage was only for a green card, not like she truly loved Monty. Only used him.

And these days he's only used as a sob story for sympathy or more money.
How long til she drops the oum on Facebook, she's back to duquette on everything else.

No. 180211

I love how he doesn't say the name because if people know it's her, people might stop funding her. Though I hope her neckbeards turn on her after figuring out she so quickly ran off with someone after Monty died.

No. 180241

He's obviously not posted it as they are trying to keep it secret and failing miserably. Too late we already know who this 'partner' is dumbass

No. 180270

Sure wish someone with the pictures we have here, his gofundme and whatever else we have could make sure it find it's way to reddit.

I wonder if any of her fans were butthurt about her flat out ditching RTX.

No. 180277

File: 1442370858843.png (80.78 KB, 590x358, thetexasarea.png)

Y'all think you're so clever. smh

No. 180282

Can someone please make an ED for her? I cannot keep up.

No. 180285

Can someone tweet him a picture of a warning sign with Nicole's face photoshopped on the sign

No. 180286

File: 1442374246362.png (105.55 KB, 589x528, ARE YOU KIDDING?.png)

The subtlety continues part 1

No. 180291

Sometimes I think this account is a Nicole sockpuppet.

No. 180292

File: 1442375741611.png (74.72 KB, 593x325, SUBTLE.png)

No. 180296


No. 180298

Wait.. how much did Nicole/Sheena/The Black Widow make off gofundme? Does anyone have the link to the original?

I don't say this often, but she's a fucking whore. Didn't even mourn her husband, made tons of money off him, and now she's moving in with another guy not even a year after her 'husband's' death? Despicable.

No. 180301

250K ?

No. 180305

The gofundme itself? Probably around 270k because she was still getting money after his death; at his initial death, she had 250k. She then got 4k from JNig on the gofundme. So it's roughly anywhere from 250-300k which she's already blown about, what, 80% through?

No. 180309

Holy shit, man. 270k could pay my rent for YEARS and most of my bills. I could just work easy part time jobs to keep up with it and put the rest in the stock market. Sheena is a fucking scheming moron.

No. 180317

This is so scummy, I want to cry.

No. 180349

This Sam guy is a piece of shit then. Quite happy to beg for money from people to go to the black widow. When he is well aware of all the Monty stuff. He's been in her streams since before Monty died. He couldn't wait to see Sheena at MCM and bang her like the whore she is after him dying what 2 months before it. Sure was over that quick.
Now she's in LA blowing through the money for rent and trying to get on gamergrumps on the sly.

No. 180350


He is live right now. Time to question him

No. 180357

I'm off to work buy oh god please screencap anything that pertains to this thread.

I'd love to hear why he refuses to call her by name even if it seems like a double edge blade.

One hand: Nicole's fans would flock to her to give him aid with all those bawl bucks she tries to jiggle her tits for. All her 'fans' are desperate for her attention they just throw money at her, however - -

- - On the other: Nicole's fans would realize she's a piece of shit already trying to move in with a new beau after the last one she had died because they lived together, no longer gives a shit about what happened to Monty and is now leeching off of GG because RT cut ties.

Please God let people start seeing her for the piece of shit she is.

No. 180360

Also adding; like 14 days after his death she already flew out to Katsucon and was signing autographs on his behalf and partying. He died Feb 1st. and Katsucon was 14th-15-th which is where >>178028 was taken.

That does not look like the face of someone who's husband just died horribly.

No. 180361

Are you absolutely sure the dates are correct? I do have someone I really love (though we're not married, we don't care that much) and I can't think looking that merry even after a year, if he ever died. Mind, I feel like he's crushed all of my preconceived notions about people and love and stuff, but I can't believe you could look like that after two weeks. Even just imagining something like that makes me sad.

No. 180363

Pretty dang sure. At least, Rooster Teeth announced it on the 1st that he had passed away but thegofundme at that point had already reached well near 250k.

I looked up Katsucon and it was Valentine's weekend and iirc she was there with friends and all the pity was there with her but she was actually enjoying that SHE got to be he 'creator' of RWBY and autographed things people missed Monty for and for his stuff they liked. I think it was mentioned in the other thread.

No. 180369

Someone should make a tumblr blog with all these screenshots and get it out there. And she needs to be put on ED. what a nasty cunt going to that con only 2 weeks after his death. All to soak up the glory of being his widow. I want to know how this Sam guy thinks she's ok doing these things.

No. 180370

How can she still have a green card? Surely it doesn't last forever now that he's dead. Plus it was all a lie. They may not be able to interview Monty but it's easy to see when they hid it from family too.

No. 180381

Oh my god please, I'm praying to the gods for it to happen. Someone has to do all of it. Please, I want to see this whore shut off and headed back to where she came from.

No. 180434

File: 1442437141500.jpg (59.93 KB, 640x567, image.jpg)

No. 180453

whoa hold on there that pic was taken at Sakuracon 2013 I believe, so this was pre monty

No. 180462

The badge in the picture even says 2013. This was before Monty. Not that I don't believe that she wasn't gleefully pocketing bundles of cash and living out her weeaboo dreams after his death.

No. 180481

Woops, okay that one was my bad. That's the image from before her boobjob that was used in comparison to now. I do apologize.

I can't remember if it was here on on CGL where an anon who went to Katsucon came forth and told what they saw of her when she was at the convention.

But, when she was at MCM she was partying with JNig and KJ and there was a video up of fans cheering her to chug beer[?] which she was doing. That was in May and near her marriage anniversary.

Everyone copes in their own way, but she was also with Sam at that time too so…

No. 180494

what is this even referring to

No. 180498

Here obviously!

No. 180499

File: 1442453222506.jpg (20.02 KB, 300x300, image.jpg)

No. 180571

File: 1442465275918.gif (19.31 KB, 647x411, biggestfuckwheniseeyou.gif)

No. 180574

Ugh, that Sam Betty girl looks exactly like my coworker- same haircut and stretched ears. And she's a huge sjw.

Is Sheena pretending to be sad over monty? that's hilarious

No. 180576


Gotta work those fake tears. She needs the money after all

No. 180592

Wonder if she read here about how it's easy to tell she doesn't give a shit about Monty's death and now pouring out the boohoos. Gotta keep switching that last name back and forth.

No. 180694

File: 1442508383476.jpg (135.03 KB, 960x640, image.jpg)

Tenleid just posted this on her cosplay page, seems like Sheena was working so hard on pushing her butt out that she forgot what to do with her face.

No. 180719

Ew her body looks disgusting

No. 180721

No. 180726

dat double chin doe.

No. 180728


The moment when you realize you know almost everyone in that pic and realize how close you were to be subjected to crazy

No. 180854


lmao wtf is she even trying to do with that pose

No. 180906

She's sucking in so hard , I'm dying

No. 180981

Nicole told everyone sob stories that she was poor and from a broken family that didn't support her.

What's all this then?


No. 180985

this doesn't really prove much. I get the feeling she's from a family of narc's, it looks like her and her mom aren't fb friends and she did say she's cut ties with them. That profile pic is from a while ago even though she just changed it. It's also full of "for my daughter <333" bs macro pics and if her mom is in fact narcissistic she would only be posting those to prove she's not the bad guy.

I'm just speculating here though, I don't 100% believe her family bawww story but I also don't doubt that she had equally crazy parents/family members that she cut ties from.

No. 180994

What what I can see they look decently well off. There are normal family pics, HS grad pics and the mother was around when Nicole and her previous boyfriend got an apartment. It seems Nicole cut people off when she cheated on the boyfriend for Monty.

Trying to understand the surname situation since Nicole has two different ones. Maybe her mother remarried a few times?

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

No. 180997

You dodged a bullet anon.

No. 181083


I don't know, I kinda wish I did meet her so I can share details

No. 181134

From what I remember of her, she was just pretty stuck up near the end. I met her at a few conventions and the ALA she was with Monty at, she just seemed quiet and a little shy. Come the next convention, she looked always pissed off.

I think Monty was telling everyone she was under the weather and getting sick but about 5 minutes after leaving the Artist Alley, she had those images up on twitter with her ass hanging out with the Starfire and Tenield or whatever her trip is.

Speaking of, didn't Ten do the same kind of thing? Wasn't she from Canada as well then came to California to live with Matt the tripfag from cgl?

No. 182086

I remember Tenlaid in Canadian conventions. Her costumes were mediocre and without shoop she looked way too old for the teenage characters she did.

She has changed now it seems. Almost all her costumes seem to be for the sake of getting more neckbeard fans.

No. 183177

>"We're always told, "Time heals all wounds." No, it's just our memories fading.

Blatant admission by the whore herself that she only married Monty for the money and the green card, NOT out of love, and she clearly doesn't give a rat's nasty ass about what the fuck she's doing with her life. She NEVER grieved, she NEVER gave a shit, she cut ties with people, even her family and friends and is jumping from one popular person to the next, hoping to get a clear and superb shot at fame.

So who's the next little boy she's going to use and dump in a ditch? This bitch is an emotional vampire and I HOPE the people in LA read this — including that Sam Batty person (I pity you, sir, that you have to chase someone who doesn't give a shit about you and is a professional liar) because if they know what's good for them, keep away fromthe root of the problem.

They've lost all common sense. THAT'S the heartbreaking part. A widow who ACTUALLY gave a rat's ass about her husband would be taking care of HERSELF FIRST instead of using others to elevate herself.

No. 183178

She always does that stupid-ass pose because she has "a different bone structure and posture" when she knows she's just horrible at it and she's a trying-hard maniac.

Excuses, excuses, Nicole.

No. 183181

We can rely on that one anon here that's been posting Nicole's shit from Facebook.

Thanks to that anon.

Also, someone HAS made an ED page about Nicole, right?

No. 183270

nope. there was a page suggestion on the "proposed pages" section but no real page for nicole

No. 183290

I'm posting on behalf of others but I don't know enough for an ED, sorry!

No. 183306

I had a wet dream about Nicole.
Please kill me.

No. 183470

File: 1442718977135.jpeg (94.47 KB, 733x776, image.jpeg)

Fuck this bitch trying to get in good with mark. Only tweeting him when it's also the Cyndago guys who lost one of their best friends. You heartless cunt using death once again to leverage yourself.

No. 183511


And they are mutual followers on twitter. She could have sent him a PM. But naw, she had to do it publicly

No. 183517

I don't think he has ever tweeted back to her.

She is trying to act like she's close with him on twitter, just like she did with Monty. Monty didn't answer her fanship tweets for a while, either.

No. 183525

Disgusting. She's probably going to boohoo about her own loss to try and get Mark to notice her and more pity bucks. She'll somehow turn this around to make it about her rather than Cyndago's tragedy.

No. 183527

File: 1442728951692.png (41.05 KB, 599x301, ys4XeCH.png)

No. 183528

She doesn't even seem to know the person that died?

No. 183529

She'll play the pity part because she's a "WIDOW" and say the usual rounds of "I can relate, I lost my husband" and linger around him because "SHE CAN RELATE." /eyeroll.

No. 183531

That's exactly what she'll do but someone should then link her to Sam's fucking gofundme with him trying to be with her because she SURE is a grieving widow.

No. 183532

No, she did. Sorry for not providing the tweet she replied to. It was this by Mark: https://twitter.com/markiplier/status/645398093383507969

Grieving black widows have no shame.

No. 183613


Please someone do this

No. 184076

Yeah pretty sure she's seen same go fund me already. She's announced she's going to MCM next month. So whys he asking for donations if he's seeing her next month anyway. She couldn't get a booth, no wonder. Last time she had to tag on to Jessica's table.

No. 184124

More so, showing her the link to shove in her face that people know she's not a grieving widow and she's only doing this towards Mark for attention since she's easily moved on from a tragic death, while Mark is lamenting and rather depressed over it.

Is JNig going to MCM again? She'll probably clutch to Kelly Jean since they seem to be close to one another now.

No. 184130

Don't think she is. Would of been announced already and her kelly and Sheena would have a booth which they don't so one can assume jnig won't make a appearance.

No. 184230

>Nicole wants to be part of Game Grumps

You called it!

No. 184250

I hate being right sometimes. At least I'm not a huge GG fan but ugh, seeing her face all around now will be annoying.

No. 184293


What are the chances that Suzy will put a stop to it?

No. 184325

wait what? Did someone actually confirm this is why she moved to LA?

No. 184340


I don't think it was confirmed but good reason to presume she moved to LA because she couldn't move any further up with RT and with more "friends" in LA and better chances of "fame" the move to LA made sense to her

No. 184381

I swear I could hear a small echo of Jon laughing in the background of the NYC skyline.

No. 184390

Fairly high. Suzy clearly likes being "That one girl" even though Holly is starting to make regular appearances and is more well liked then Suzy by Grump fans as a whole (and Holly and Ross have really good on screen chemistry, unlike Suzy and Arin. If you haven't watched the "Love Train" episode where they play a weird ostrich game I suggest it. Ross's concern over Holly is fucking adorable.) I don't think Holly wants to be a Grump however, but whether or not Suzy is a factor in that remains to be seen. My guess is yes, because Holly seems smart enough to not want to deal with the what would likely lead to a passive-aggressive cat fight. Nicole would be all about it however.

No. 184488

there is no way Nicole will become an official grump. They've said that even hiring their intern was a big deal. They want to keep the group as small as it is. They're also fairly picky about who they allow on grumpcade. There's a reason why the only people on it have been proven-good gamer youtubers.

Holly's just the super independant type it seems. I dont think she wants to be a 'grump' and is much happier being 'commander holly' especially because of the bullshit she already gets from being involved with them. She's started doing her own LPs on her channel and it seems to me like they've been doing well.

No. 184518


Good to know, I don't follow much of GG but suzy strikes me as the kind to control things with an iron fist and would feed arins fear of Girls only into him for money which nicole would do

No. 184522

>They want to keep the group as small as it is.
I can understand that on their end, but remember that Nicole likes to sleep her way into places. I can't see Arin cheating (because Suzy is so controlling), Ross is very much head over heels for Holly, and Kevin… might be beta enough for Nicole to seduce. Otherwise she has Dan and Barry's pants to get into (unless one of them has a secret gf/bf? which seems unlikely) and let's face it, Nicole will completely do what Suzy did and push her way into doing something on the Grumps channel. I can imagine Dan and Barry being sweet enough guys to want to include their girlfriend(s) if they wanted. Kevin too, but I think his current gf doesn't want to or doesn't care.

No. 184530

it really boggles my mind that people would actually sleep with nicole considering how disgusting she looks. yeah, yeah free pussy or whatever but she's literally a 2/10 at best. 0/10 would not bang.

i'm sure she'll find some weakness to exploit so she gets to be part of GG.

No. 184534

File: 1442948133423.jpg (22.5 KB, 500x644, 7f566b9cceae437033effaed2dcef3…)

Oh come on, Nicole is probably more like a 4/10 un-shooped. She's very average looking, but the more you stare at her the more bizarre she looks (because of that scoliosis. In the old thread, the OP pic bugged the life out of me and I didn't know why until it was mentioned she has a fucked up spine. That is not a normal/healthy way to stand) the more she can't be an actual 5/10. When she's shooped properly she's a solid 7. A 2 usually means severe physical deformity, which scoliosis isn't always, but with how Nicole takes care of her body… pic related.

And let's face it there are plenty on thirsty nerds who'd bang her just because she's a skinny blonde. Even if she is skinny-fat with straw hair.

No. 184535


Sadly I think there's a lot more thirsty ones who want to bang her solely because she's a widow of a weeb creator

I'm not sure what's more sad

No. 184536

File: 1442949041147.png (464.07 KB, 1313x385, ABRN_Infobox.png)

They'd probably want her to be cosplaying one of Monty's characters too.

Speaking of which, I don't know if it's been mentioned, but now that Monty's dead and it's not his dumb weeb aesthetic anymore, character designs look nicer.

No. 184540

Kevin has a girlfriend that he seems pretty head over heels for imho. I also hear that Barry has a girlfriend but they keep it on the DL because tbh it's none of our business.
Dan? eh he might sleep with her but if some rando thirsty chick was gonna get into his head someone would have done it long before now. He was already popular in his NSP days and he's constantly surrounded by hot models and the such. Nicole wouldnt have a chance with her looks or personality.

No. 184542

>That AU Ramona Flowers

They all still look like DA RP group OCs dont even try saying this is better. It's just as terrible but a different aesthetic of bad.

No. 184543

Eh, I didn't say they were great, but at least this artist isn't married to the idea that J-fashion and Final Fantasy are teh gretist evar. The first two look more like ATLA/LOK OCs designed by someone who doesn't call everything Asian a kimono.

No. 184544

to be honest, I always thought Monty's designs were cringy and deviantart-tier. No idea why he even got so popular and got so many people to cosplay from RBWY or whatever

No. 184545

It's because they hit the right weeb notes. Two are interpretations of Lolita (Ruby and Weiss) one is… some kind of Japanese street fashion (Blake) and the last is straight out of the reject bin of Final Fantasy (Yang). And that's just the main group.

No. 184549

I love Holly and her commander Holly channel. She has her own life outside of Ross, unlike Suzy outside of Arin, and her cosplay stuff is really good. I love her tutorials and hopes she goes back to doing more cosplay stuff on her own channel. I don't think she wants to be an official grump either.

No. 184550

I heard both Danny and Barry have girlfriends that they really like and want to keep out of online public bullshit. I don't know anything about Kevin though.

No. 184551

It's just embarrassing because it isn't good or creative in the slightest. Oh well, I guess weebs gonna weeb.

No. 184554

Have either fielded questions about it? I know the subject of Dan's possible gf was brought up in a Suzy thread, but the proof never came up. Dan def talks like he's still single, just stupid busy to be maintaining a relationship. Barry would have the self control not to talk about her, but he comes off as forever alone at times.

The only other 'proof' is that there wasn't a "Singletons Special" this year for Valentines like last year, with Ross and Holly on Steam Train instead.

No. 184560

I thought he brought up a gf in one of the later Sonic Adventures, and on Super Mario Galaxies….? Somewhat like, "Oh well, my gf…" or "My girlfriend told me…", but then he quickly changes the subject, or its breezed over and forgotten.
Idk if he meant ex, but usually he says "One of my ex girlfriends told me.."

I guess he's trying to keep most of it hidden though

No. 184582

He's mentioned a girl, who happens to be his friend, multiple times and her name escapes me but in one episode greatly stresses that she's a friend and not more then that. Even if your relationship was on the DL I don't think anyone would be okay with being called simply a friend on something that is otherwise very public and open.

And he does mention ex-gfs a lot otherwise.

No. 184683

> I don't think anyone would be okay with being called simply a friend on something that is otherwise very public and open.

Most people wouldn't, but think of how Nicole quietly dealt with being referred to as a gf when Monty was alive, just in order to have a place to stay.

No. 184685

I think that's why it was a huge surprise when suddenly she was referred to as his wife during the gofundme start up. No one even really knew he had a gf to begin with.

No. 184686

Please, she was enjoying the residual fame. Meanwhile, imagine having your BF call you a friend publicly while his fans are fawning over him online and off. seriously, their "NO HUGS" clause for panels is because so many girls want to touch Dan (Barry mostly just gets online comments.)

No. 184695


People really only ever liked the fight scenes which is no deep secret about it.

Plus it's weebs, you can pour sugar on top of anime shit and they'll ask for more.

No. 184696

Danny is attractive, but these thirsty bitches need to chill out and realize that they're pretty much harassing a poor man who is obligated to be at GG panels now.

No. 184698

Also, don't they care that Danny is 33-34 years old? So many Gg fans are underaged and it's fucking creepy.

No. 184703

Because why would anyone donate to a gf?

Gotta make it sound like she's family and the only person feeling his loss even though she only knew him for a few months.

No. 184711


Techicnally they were married but for green card purposes only

No. 184764

File: 1442989696327.jpg (108.67 KB, 600x900, pyrrha_nikos_by_sheenaduquette…)

I'm late in noticing she does this same obnoxious pose in every photo.

Someone needs to do a compilation.

No. 184792

she looks like that white trash, big eared, grandma bodied antm model that robbed that convenience store or whatever

No. 184809

I feel like she smells like farts and perfume

No. 184883

She could POSSIBLY be sticking her butt out everytime she walks to "compensate" for her "bad posture"…. Ew.

No. 184948

File: 1443039861839.jpg (127.17 KB, 730x1095, img_8799_sm_by_nyurt-d79ojrx[1…)

>got a bit of PT in her

She no longer talks about 3D printing props because it was all Monty's files and help.

No. 184968


Actually she 3d printed something the other day and was sanding it on twitch

No. 184984

wtf is happening on the back of her calf

No. 184985

What was it? You can download 3d models online and send it off to a 3d print lab.

Syphilis. On her leg.

No. 184990

Nice body. But her face.

No. 184992

Her body is shooped too. She's skinny-fat with a potato face. If she actually worked out…

No. 185044

You guys know her gofundme's still running, right? Some people have set their accounts to make a payment monthly.

No. 185045


Not too surprised, gofundme won't shut something down

No. 185062

Leg was shooped longer.

Turn the pic sideways and all the proportions look weird.

No. 185085

does it still say Monty's in the hospital? Because that's hellla rude that no one will change the update so some people donating may think he's still has a chance at life.

No. 185106


Yup, the last donation was 9 days ago as well

No. 185151

File: 1443077275953.png (296.44 KB, 588x395, it_begins.png)

No. 185173

the thirst is real.

Gross. I wish gofundme gave a shit or did something. If anyone tries to call her out though, the neckbeards would go on a rampage.

It's kind of sad though that you see her gofundme to help the widow of Monty but then there's Sam's gofundme to help go be with the widow of Monty.

No. 185175

Oooh man. Worming her way into GG

No. 185208


Is this a thirsty fan or a GG person giving her a gift…?

No. 185210

Suzy gifted her items from her overpriced etsy shop.

No. 185218


Suzy is already making Game Grumps go downhill, to have Nicole in it would truly be the end of it. Oh joy.

No. 185260

I can't believe a person like this exists… What a fucking charlatan… Reading through this thread made me physically sick with… Sadness, I guess is the best way I can explain it… She is full of nothing but selfishness, greed, and opportunistic behaviour, all wrapped in a sociopathic bow. Why? Why would she go out and party two weeks after her "husband" dies from something that was nearly 100% HER FAULT?! She was even able to face the vary people that her husband worked with, that she took HIS money from, and then had the nerve to take MORE money from his fans after he passed!?

I try to tell myself almost everyday that, "Not all people are bad. Some out there are still good and worth helping." but seeing this… It just broke what I think was my last hope that I will meet good people in my life anymore, ever again. I am so sorry, for the man that passed, and I pray that God at least has him in a better, less cruel place at the very least. That man worked for everything he had on his own it looked like, and was just starting to REALLY become successful… I can relate to him in many ways, in bother working for everything with no help, and by being taken advantage of by people I selflessly helped any way I possibly could…

I'm an idiot for caring so much. Why did I care so much.

No. 185275

It is a tragedy, I'll say that. It wasn't 100% her fault though. I hate her, I'll flat out say that, but she and Monty could of both avoided this had they actually cared for one another and had she not been selfish and he not so beta and a push over.

She did and still is, milking his death for all it's worth, all the while playing the poor widow and already shacking up with another guy that she was eager to be with only a few months after Monty's death. The fact it still says he's in the hospital on the gofundme is disgusting. She's made no effort to change it or tell people on her social media that the gofundme isn't up to date because obviously that means no more pity bucks.

Not all people are bad; there are a few good out there but I agree that she seems to suck out the hope that's left for any good people to emerge on the cosplay scene, let's play scene and gaming scene. She's fame hungry and will do whatever she can to get her way and her place in the spotlight.

I pity Rooster Teeth because they lost someone they all obviously really cared for but someone who did so much work for them because he loved doing it. RWBY might be shit but it was something Monty was so proud to work on and loved that fans were on board with it. Yes, he was a dick with Nicole when they made fun of fat people cosplaying his characters calling it gross, but I'd rather him be alive and possibly still making content than having him dead and Nicole use him as a cash cow.

I just hate that she's getting away with it. I hate that no one, not even me, has the balls to call her out because of her beta army. I don't want to deal with that but I wish she would stop getting away with being so disgustingly selfish in taking money that people donate with some glimmer of hope, for those who don't know, that Monty might recover and come back to work. He's not. He's dead. And she's happier than ever getting everything handed to her.

No doubt, she'd exploit another death without much of a second thought and it almost looked like she tried with Markiplier's friend.

Don't be hard on yourself, anon. Caring shows you still have a soul while Nicole doesn't after all the shit she's pulled.

No. 185283


Hopefully that one does decide to call in the Feds as it is illegal to marry for green card purposes

No. 185306

Nah man. They don't look like DA RP Group OCs, but they look like Tumblr RP Group OCs. Only thing missing is a red nose.

No. 185354

What goes around, comes around. Nicole will get hers eventually in one way or another.
Tbh, Monty doesn't really strike me as the victim in this situation. He could have easily prevented his death by not letting this stupid ho walk all over him, but he chose to be a beta. Not saying that he deserved death, but come on. There's pictures in this thread where his arms are badly sliced up from a cat that she brought in. I don't care how much of a pansy you are, sometimes you need to grow a backbone and tell people to fuck right off. Otherwise, people will continue to exploit you until you end up dead or ruined. Monty is a perfect example of this.
There are tons of good people in the world with great intentions, but there's also just as many assholes out there who only care about themselves. You cannot have one without the other, but you can choose to be human garbage or to spread positivity.
Don't let this incident ruin your faith in humanity. People have done way worse than this to each other, and will continue to do so, but there's also always gonna be people out there who want to help, love each other, and only want the best for mankind.

Like >>185275 said, Nicole is definitely my favorite lolcow but I can't stand this bitch for getting away with being so souless and self absorbed. I eagerly await the day when she gets dragged and it want it to be one big ol' public spectacle.
I hope she ends up in jail for fraud.

No. 185403

Someone please make an ED!

There are people out there who know her story well. Between this thread and folks like timelineanon, I'm sure something good will happen when it is made.

No. 185416

Dude I'LL call this whore out in a fucking heartbeat, tell me how to do it and I'll do it the SECOND I get home from work in the morning. I don't have any friends or anyone to impress, but I am a dude so it may be a little different coming from someone like me, I don't know and I don't really care. I'd honestly just like this trashy cunt to get BTFO'd and have what's coming to her… Come to her already. How do I pack a single punch hard enough to make her crumble and fall in one single hit? How do I publicly shame her into complete and utter embarrassment?

Regardless, thank you both for the replies. At least this cheeky bitch is on display as an example of what NOT to be or how NOT to act. It's hard for me to fathom that people are like this, but from the way it sounds, maybe you girls are right about Monty not totally being the victim… But then again, there's just no way he could have known he was gonna die from fucking cat allergens, that is so God damn bizarre.

If I dated a chick and she brought home strays, the first thing I'd do is calmly tell her that either the cats, or the cats AND her had to go, because I have the same problem with cat allergies + I cannot stand a shitty house with cat shit everywhere especially when no one actively takes care of it…

No. 185438

>>All that first part
I think I got aroused.

I honestly have no idea HOW to call her out. Publicly messaging her on twitter to tell her that the gofundme should be changed to tell people Monty's dead might be a good starter or linking that gofundme and Sam's gofundme >>180189 with their pictures together? idk. She's no longer a grieving widow clearly, but she's not willing to stop her gofundme while Sam is asking for money too.

No. 185459

Timelineanon here, I think lol? I'm the one who knows her ex friends and explained a lot of events, I put together her timeline of events leading up to now.

I'm pretty sure the best way to drag her is to make a big callout post on tumblr. I'd love to make it, but it would immediately get linked to me and my friends on tumblr and I'm not interested in the war that's sure to ensue.

No. 185473


War, war has changed

We appreciate the info though

No. 185480

Is there anyway to use a burner account or hide your IP? something?

No. 185481

I think you can report her to USCIS (US citizenship and immigration services).

1) Unfortunately she is legally married to Monty BUT they married right as her green card was about to expire so it does scream green card marriage.

2) She's earning money from print sales. As per how she got her green card, she is not allowed to work or have any form of income while she's in the US. Monetary gifts like donations are ok, but not profit.

3) She's not reporting and paying any taxes which the IRS takes very seriously. Even as a green card holder, she needs to declare how much income she's making and pay income tax.

4) The donations from Monty's GoFundMe are taxable since they exceeded $100k. After $100k, monetary gifts are taxable (gift tax) and need to be declared. Again, IRS takes not paying taxes very seriously and Nicole could get the boot just for not declaring taxes.

No. 185487

Ladies, pls

Alright, so I'm home from work and I've got a little info if anyone is interested. I was thinking about several ways I could go about really destroying her public image and character, at the very least it would shame her hard enough to the point where she'd no longer want to show her face at conventions, expos, cosplay events, etc. Unfortunately, doing a, "one and done" twitter attack or tumblr attack from a single person (who nobody really knows anyways) is going to be the least effective because she can delete it immediately and play it off like I'm just some asshole trying to attack her.

I think a good move would be for as many of us as possible to contact the admins of gofundme and point out to them exactly what she is doing and have them make the changes that she will not make, because this is fucking FRAUD. If you know anyone who has made a SIZEABLE contribution to her gofundme, they CAN take her to court WITHIN THE USA over this misrepresentation and misappropriation of funds, BUT it is going to be damn fruitless and the courts wont do a damn thing unless the donation was well in the thousands of dollars. If you ladies like, I can write a script to send to the gofundme admins for us to send, at least. A good idea would be to compile a folder of 'evidence' against her, showing the REAL pictures of her cosplaying at the expo she went to 2 weeks after her 'husband' died, we will have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that she is taking advantage of the death of her 'husband' for financial gain. This is a white collar crime and is a popular one.

I spoke with a friend whom is married to a Canadian national, and they went through the greencard marriage process. HE told me that the entire process took almost a whole year of them living together, and while living together they had to show proof of shared bills, shared property, they had to do interviews together and separate with government officials to prove that they were actually into each other, and they had to prove that the income they were making was going towards household and living needs (such as grocery receipts, house repairs, furniture, etc) in a SHARED manner, even if they were only on one income. He said it was a difficult, long process, and that he didn't know how people can play it off if they aren't doing it legitimately…

I think I've found the Achilles heel to this bitch. 50 bucks says that she never went through this process, at least not officially or 100% complete on the United States Government's terms. If we can notify a government official (not IRS, probably will have to be ICE) that an illegal immigrant is actively committing fraud via duping her husband's fans & friends out of their cash, that may just be our ticket to landing this whore in a federal kink. I don't think she was ever legally married to this dude.

Don't bother with the IRS. They've got the biggest, most powerful team of debt harassers and tax collectors, but there's not a whole lot they can do to an illegal, unless she starts working 'on the books' somewhere, then they can requisition her tax returns which would only hurt a little bit. There may be a loophole with the gofundme money she got, but I really don't know to tell you the truth. Other than her committing fraud to get it (which we need to focus on, like a boxer hammering a cut on someone's face over and over until it's a wide open gash), taxing that money may be the least of her worries.

I'm gritting my teeth with frustration how bad I want to smack this bitch down. I at first thought I should try to pose as a wealthy man and try to get her attracted to me, but then I realized that I don't have shit and I'm 25 and going bald anyways for fuck's sake. So that ain't gonna work.

No. 185495

I'm not sure how you think you could find proof that she wasn't into her husband or that her gofundme is a fraud. All she has to do is say that it's her way to cope with his death or that he'd have wanted for her to enjoy life and there isn't enough of a clear cut case for her to lose the support. A court would most likely consider people on the Internet finding "proof" and bringing this woman down to be a petty thing to spend any time over. In the worst case, those who are against her would be accused of bullying.

I've seen enough people doing things as bad as her or worse, both in the cosplay scene and outside of it to say that if someone really is a stubborn leech then there will be no amount of evidence brought forward: you'll always see other people defending them and claiming that there's an Internet mob going against her and that whatever bad behaviour brought to light is either a mistake of the past or an exaggeration or a fabrication.

The only thing that you can do to not increase these people's reach is to try and ignore them as much as you can - past experience tells me that any attention, positive or negative, just makes them more well known and the people who are likely to give her money in any way (via Twitch, Gofundme, etc.) are going to do it even if you show them videos of them stabbing kittens.

No. 185511

You're right… You're fuckin' right and I hate that you're right. Fuckin' a…

No. 185535

Several of us contacted GFM and they don't care. If donators get mad, they're safe because it's Nicole's fault. They get a cut, and she's getting so many donations that I'm sure they're rolling in money.

No. 185538

If it's any consolation it's only because I've seen other people receiving the same treatment. Been there, done that. In the end I realized that I'm better off spending time doing stuff I like, rather than hoping that some day this person receives their just deserts. I just ended up obsessing over that so much and in the end I realised that me and other people who really disliked this person and aired what we knew about them only made them more prominent. And then I saw the same process repeated over and over again for other people of the same kind.

Not that I don't relapse, mind. I am, after all, reading stuff on this board. But I found that spending more time doing what I like leaves me with a sense of accomplishment that makes me care less when I hear more news of this other person pretending to be an angel and begging for approval and compliments on various social media. No amount of warning people did any good, so I stopped. The people I care about know this person themselves and want nothing to do with them and are out of their way. The ones that want to be deceived, will be deceived. I've also (when I relapsed and checked their Twitter) seen that every now and then they complain about this or that friend dumping them, it's not like everyone's blind.

I landed a job in what I like precisely because I spent a long period ignoring my gripes with this person and put a lot of time and obsession into improving my craft instead. However I or them may end, I know that I can keep doing my job regardless of my age and looks, I can't say the same for them. So that might be the same for you: if you have a skill or something you like doing, spend time doing that and you can't be too wrong. Sheena and everyone like her will eventually become old news and won't have any special skill or self sufficiency to carry them for the rest of their lives.

No. 185541

PULL used to have a Nicole thread but that was the original PULL that got deleted.

You should honestly make a Tumblr callout blog for her. People need to know who they're donating too and where the money is actually going. "Monty wanted me to be happy" isn't cutting it when it comes to flying in her new man with "Monty's" donation money. Make a main blog and a bunch of password protected tumblrs on separate accounts, copy and paste every post you make on the main to the password protected ones. That way if your main gets deleted you can make one of your backups public and continue posting there and backing up those posts to your other password protected blogs. Continue until this info get spread everywhere.

No. 185603

Just make burner accounts because you you'll have to make several. Each will get taken down Ostrenga style until it gains real traction.

No. 185952

File: 1443375696286.jpg (1.35 MB, 1522x4813, kjexpose.jpg)

Surely it's possible to sow a little cynicism about her motives/actions among her followers?

Her twitch has over 4000 followers. Posting a clickbait link (my new nicole fanblog with loads of oc etc) could draw several hundred people at a time to a page that has a quick, clear overview of some of the more morally dubious and irrefutable things she's done. Plenty would blindly close it, but it wouldn't take too long (live audiences who insta-click would be best but fb, twitter, etc all potentially viable) to put a quick message in front of hundreds, possibly thousands, of her followers.

Of course, a properly written up / infographic call-out blog (something in the style of kelly jean's new tits, pic related) would be invaluable to link to for 'further reading' (only current alternative being these threads afaik which have taken me several hours to get through).

Question is what to highlight? With only a few seconds to get a point across it has to be digestible to an adoring fan but raise a question that she can't easily brush aside.


No. 185956

Also found this:


January 26th someone posts on /cgl/ enquiring about the worst GoFundMe pages that people are aware of. They amass a large collection of the most audacious, successful and downright insulting instances of people shamelessly begging for money.

January 30th an extremely successful GoFundMe page was launched that pushed the limits on the amount that could understandably be collected (after being met and re-raised several times), that managed to leave the creator in possession of a seemingly large sum of money, and yet retaining an extremely positive public image in the eyes of those who contributed.

No. 185957


Misuse of donations is damning, but irrefutable? She could cry med bills and move on as it becomes a he said / she said issue.

Timeline of her frivolous activities and how soon after his death they took place (which raises questions about money without pointing direct fingers)? This Sam character and his nauseating copycat pleas could be brought into it, and a grieving widow veneer starts to wear quite thin if she does go public with him anytime soon, when they have a documented history going back to a handful of weeks after Monty's passing (not to mention their friendship from before that point and her previous emotional cheating).

No. 185960

Where the donation money went could be a start. Also a rough price rundown of everything she's bought (price of implants+new cosplays+London trip, etc.)

No. 185961


I will never, ever shit on Kelly because when I was in a really, really bad situation and literally starving with no electricity or gas she was one of the few people that took pity on me and sent me some money to help me out.

She didn't need to and she got absolutely nothing from it in return, but she went ahead and did it anyway purely out of the kindness of her heart.

If you ever happen to read this Kelly, you know who I am. Thank you again.

No. 185962


To be clear I have nothing against KJ, that picture was just the best representation of someone being undeniably called out that I could find at short notice. I don't think anyone here would say she's more deserving than Nicole of a good public outing.

No. 185971

I had a completely different experience with her, she'd been a bitch. Good to know that she can donate money at least, but my opinion of her is pretty low.

No. 185980


idk how she responds to other people or what your situation is, but she was exceedingly kind to me for literally no reason so I'll personally always be indebted to her.

No. 185991

Nicole senses are tingling. /rubs nose

No. 186007


Did something happen like her calling us out on her twitch?

No. 186041


Release a public edit? Bitch needs to get told.


That's not a bad idea at all. There are some obvious spends that most followers will be aware of - advantage of her loving the lens so much.

Katsucon / Boob job / MCM May (London, so return flights) / PAX Prime (with 1 or 3 return airfares for Sam and possibly his buddies - can anyone confirm they flew on her dime?) / New apt in LA / MCM October (upcoming)

I don't know enough of her cosplay to rate expenditures since Feb, but the above must add up.

What have I missed? Obviously she's living a somewhat lavish lifestyle but I'm low on details.

No. 186094

iirc she tends to buy cosplays and just hems them in and calls them hers.

She also went to E3 so that can be on her list of conventions. She went shopping in London because Monty would of wanted it for her and while it was her 'anniversary' with him, she was busy with another guy but made time to boohoo on twitter.

I think I remember her saying someone named Adam, the photographer she was with, had helped her build a new computer which, if she got anything good, is a couple thousand dollars.

She seemed to up and leave Texas really quickly and moving is not cheap.

No. 186103


Remember guys monty would have wanted all of this. Not keep on living and making weeb shit.

He totally would have wanted all of this to happen guys -sarcasm-

No. 186192


From her Twitch bio:


Memory 16GB DDR3 RAM
Processor Intel Core i7-4790K @ 4.0GHz
Hard Drive Seagate 4TB Desktop HDD
Motherboard GIGABYTE Intel Z97 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0
Cooling System CORSAIR Hydro Series


Streaming Program Open Broadcast Software
Webcams Logitech HD Webcam C615 1080p \ Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 1080p


Mouse Corsair Gaming M65 RGB
Keyboard Corsair K70 RGB LED Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
Headset Afterglow Universal Prismatic Wireless Headset
Monitors Asus 24-Inch Full-HD

No. 186202

From NewEgg.com which is the average price range.



>>Memory 16GB DDR3 RAM
>>Processor Intel Core i7-4790K @ 4.0GHz
>>Hard Drive Seagate 4TB Desktop HDD
>>Motherboard GIGABYTE Intel Z97 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0
There's conflicting info. It's just the series of motherboard4s rather than the actual motherboard. It's anywhere from $90-#200
>>Cooling System CORSAIR Hydro Series
Same as above: $50-$100

>>Streaming Program Open Broadcast Software

Free or she might be paying for some special version, idk.
>>Webcams Logitech HD Webcam C615 1080p \ Logitech HD Pro Webcam
C920 1080p
$35 / $112

>>Mouse Corsair Gaming M65 RGB

Black - $52 / White-$100 I don't know which she has.
>>Keyboard Corsair K70 RGB LED Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
>>Headset Afterglow Universal Prismatic Wireless Headset
>>Monitors Asus 24-Inch Full-HD

Counting up the low quality prices, that's around $1,680 and that's not factoring in the computer tower/case.

I'm pretty jelly. I'd love to build a gaming computer but also, as computers go, this isn't TOO bad of a price. It's just that it was pretty much paid with blood money.

No. 186203


I think you could probably build a better or on par pc with the price she spent. Yours wouldn't be paid with blood money though

No. 186204

I need to fix up my PC. these are some pretty good specs.

No. 186297

She must be spending at least 4k/mo on general living in LA, plus the initial few thousand it would've cost to move all her shit cross-country.

Does she own a car?

No. 186590


Problem with counting cost of living against her, however generally lavish, is her followers have little trouble believing she deserves it and wouldn't see it as a devilish enough use of donations.

No. 186594


Establishing a definitive link between her and Sam too close for comfort to the funeral may be a good one. No neckbeard likes their waifu cheating.

No. 186649


>>167221 May be a point worth raising. It quickly and clearly raises questions about how secretive she was suddenly wasn't when there were donations to rake in. Especially if she's associated with someone else before he even died, as we see here…


Don't forget the timing of this thread, too:


No. 186756

Anyone have screens of him in the streams before Monty died?

No. 186771

File: 1443482003600.jpg (127.12 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

Excuse me, what the fuck is this….

No. 186772

File: 1443482033763.jpg (74.51 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

No. 186777

No. 186787


Are you serious

No. 186793

Oh my fucking god

No. 186799

While I'm disgusted with myself for saying it, I also don't know if Sam followed Monty or is/was a RWBY Fan.

That jacket is pretty popular and Monty even linked it when Vol 2 first aired that showed a character, Neptune, wearing that style jacket. You can find it pretty cheap on ebay or aliexpress.

However, since this is Nicole we're talking about, she probably did just give it to him.

No. 186838

Kelly has chronic Fatigue syndrome, she's sick a lot.
She's wearing a push up bra.

I can't believe this ridiculous jumping to conclusions

No. 186849

Isn't she living with Chloe though? So no rent cost.

No. 186854


Sam seems hipster enough to not watch it or like it ironically

No. 186855

File: 1443498955161.jpg (113.06 KB, 598x669, B1Inz.jpg)


No. 186866


Hahahahahaha she's clearly got the framework done by some well-meaning sap and not bothered to even look it over before giving out the link desperately. Check out the Recruitment page. She's spreading herself too thin - do enough people care that much?

No. 186868

hahaha like sushimonster would ever grow balls to move out of her house or get a real job. nice one anon-chan

No. 186874

so gross

No. 186876

Wait this isn't Nicole is it? It looks nothing like her

No. 186877

No, it's Kelly Jean or Ai Honey from CGL.
Although Nicole seems to do her makeup and hair similar so I wouldn't be surprise if she's trying to copy her in some way.

No. 186903

Nicole tried riding on her coat tails in London, right?

Is there any sort of timeline for this shit that went down?

No. 186905

She put all the cards in her bra?

No. 186907


Nah she doesnt live with chloe

No. 186908

People are working on timelines but most of the evidence has been documented in this and the last thread.

It was also Kelly's great idea for Nicole to make a dedicated neckbeard group separate from her cosplay page.

No. 186909

She actually has her own place?

Either way, raking in donations for medical funds and then suddenly packing up and moving to LA? Was that not a huge red flag for anyone?

No. 186912


You underestimate how thirsty and beta montys fans are to ignore red flags

No. 186939

What would be scary is if he was holding that same cat, which he already will be doing.

No. 186941

Just FYI: CFS doesn't make you get ill frequently. It generally makes you feel more tired than you should and makes it so sleeping isn't as refreshing as it should be. It varies from person to person, but it also usually makes your joints ache: it's a bit like having the tiredness and general aching of a very bad cold or flu, but without the fever and clogging of the nose and stuff.

No. 186943

He is into cosplay, anime and he knew about RWBY. How else would he have found Nicole exists to begin wtih?


No. 186950

It's also generally bullshit

No. 186953

He wasn't wearing it in any other photos on his social media, only when his hair turned blue right before he went to pax. So she must of given it to him. It's so fucking disrespectful. How can he be ok wearing that, scumbag

No. 187032

File: 1443558107928.png (314.28 KB, 1644x1230, Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 21.1…)

>2 Feb 2015

Trying to keep all search results regarding news on Monty directing to her GoFundMe page. Just as the initial flood of money would've been dying down (reached $150k in 24 hours) and she'd upped the goal amount significantly (took 12 days to get to $250k).

That money grabbing whore.

No. 187033

rofl. Now I wanna post monty shit everywhere on a fake account to spite this bitch.

No. 187035

No. 187059

Didn't she clarify she meant she didn't want people to roleplay as him anymore? Like a "don't impersonate my dead husband" sort of thing?

No. 187060

Kind of hilarious because she herself was a roleplayer on Tumblr before she decided she had "better things" in store for her.

No. 187097


I get why she wouldn't people to roleplay him. It'd be a bit of a stiff performance…

No. 187098

That's a killer joke.

No. 187101

File: 1443581213682.jpg (521.31 KB, 1600x1600, 636f0049-8553-46fd-a7e9-6b6069…)

Certainly its something to die for! ~

No. 187102

Anon pls, I'm about to keel over.

No. 187125

People were changing their profile photos to pics of him or with him in memory.

She took the opportunity to make sure that all the random people doing that knew she existed and would follow her twitter instead of RT for updates. She then changed her twitter name to Oum to make herself seem legit.

She started changing things back to Duquette everywhere when she slept with the blue hair guy.

No. 187127

And she only seems to change it back to Oum when she needs money or tries to convince people she's still the grieving widow.

I honestly hope RT has severed any ties with her for good. Sucks for the GGs though.

No. 187129


If only the GGs could be warned about just who she really is…

No. 187135

Ross has been having issues finalizing his legal immigration status, how he has to prove his marriage to Holly, the ridiculous evidence they ask for

I almost, almost tweeted to him to ask Sheena how she handled it with Monty

No. 187141

I'm starting to wonder if they were even legitimately married…

No. 187143

From what someone posted, I think it's a common law marriage? So not sanctum by a church but on the process to becoming legal? I don't know how Texas law works with immigration marriages but I would think they're more strict than California.

I would of thought there would of been a wait period and paper work but he died so quick I doubt they even got around to it.

No. 187152

immigration is pretty strictly Federal

the rules in Texas aren't any different from the rules in California

what may differ is the enforcement

No. 187171


That's where I'm more baffled. While I did see the early part of the thread where they were legit married the amount of little evidence nicole and monty had to show is a red flag to me.

If someone were to blow the whistle to the Feds think of how little evidence she would have to report…

No. 187187

With little evidence and the amount she gained so quick from gofundme it's a pretty huge red flag.

Even her social media shows real lack of grief and just her spending money gained from the gofundme.

No. 187317

Would've, should've. Not would of, should of. Would of and should of don't exist, damnit!

No. 187974

File: 1443839403607.jpg (57.25 KB, 576x1024, CP_ly3wUwAIZJSB[1].jpg)

Guess who is making another trip to London to see her bae

No. 187979

Did she get work done on her face? She looks almost bloated.

No. 188069

it's probably just because her hands are closer to the mirror but god her hands look like yaoi hands.

No. 188071

She looks like that weird long haired boy from high school who was obsessed with video games. Every high school had one.

No. 188074

I don't follow this thread but I swear to god, every time I scroll past and see a new picture of her she looks like a different fucking person in each one.

No. 188152

File: 1443913032413.png (1.46 MB, 1019x715, no emotion whatsoever.png)

She can't even emulate some form of emotion for a PHOTO, for crying out loud.

No. 188168


I'm surprise she didn't try to get more pity points and lookie there, no more Oum last name

No. 188177

Damn, this all sounds like that one fil!: 'The Proposal' except it's worse with Sheena

No. 188203

this is so accurate.

No. 188259

Well, we may not get much out of reporting Sheena's money fraud, but there is still the possibility of reporting her to the Feds for marriage fraud.

So don't lose hope, anon. We can get her kicked out of the USA, if at least not jailed up.

No. 188261

Her face is derpy as hell without make-up on wth

No. 188267

Her username is still @sheenaoum tho. >>188261
Her face is still derpy af with makeup on.

No. 188275

Her eyes are freaking me out.

No. 188340

Of course she'll use "Oum" for that, gotta make a trademark as "Monty Oum's wife" & keep the $$$$$ rolling.

No. 188616

imagine having to wake up next to this in the morning

No. 188634

Monty oum chose to marry this thing. He brought this all upon himself.

No. 188646

What the fuck is that thing?

No. 188985

She's sperging on twitter about something and it might as well be about herself.


No. 189000

I hate how she always tries to be so profound and enlightening.

So she's taking another trip to London (under the guise of MCM I guess) but Sam still has a gofundme to pay for his visit to see her/'his partner'? She could literally pay for his trip to be with her yet they're asking others to fund it.

No. 189007

I dont understand why people are STILL donating to her! i seriously do not get it.

No. 189008

In my experience, people who do this are exactly the type of person they're describing.

No. 189013

I wish I knew why people were still donating to her. She has her prints for sale and is clearly making money with her twitch shit but yet she keeps asking for money (and getting it) with the gofundme. I wish someone would call out this greedy bitch to close the gofundme because it's insulting to keep asking for money from your dead husband's fanbase while fucking off with a new guy already.

On top of that, I'm pretty pissed she's using Monty as an accessory now more than anything. She signs his name for shit and stamps it on all her RWBY prints she's trying to sell, iirc.

I wish RT would actually do something rather than ignore it. I felt bad for that one guy who just legitimately asked where the money was going to only to have her beta fanboys get on his ass about how she deserves it and who cares what she spends it on cause Monty! ugh.

No. 189017

It's just so gross to me. I work two jobs and this bitch isn't even from this country. She's here illegally and just asks her beta neckbeards to throw money at her and they do it. This ride won't last forever. I agree RT needs to stop ignoring her selling RWBY with monty's name on it.

No. 189129


Here's the thing to that makes me jelly, she isn't even interesting to watch so I'm more baffled as to why guys donate. Are they that lonely?

I encourage you to go on twitch and start Lping. If she can do it you can too

No. 189150

That's what I'm wondering: like why does she even have 'fans' in the first place? She hasn't even remotely done anything Yaya or Jnig-tier level shit to have so many damn neckbeards

No. 189152

Yeah, hopefully that anon here is still thinking about reporting her to the Feds. I know that GoFundMe and RT don't wanna do jack, but if Shenna can still be reported for marriage fraud, then her money fraud can be added as a 'side-note'/'follow-up' to that as well. Like she married for the green card, and is making money illegally on top of that.

No. 189167


They're clinging onto her as if she's part of Monty.

No. 189173


This pretty much. Her AMA had one fan declare her as "equally talented" as monty.

No. 189221

I'm the anon who threatened to call. I'm also the person who knew her before she met Monty. I'm at work now but I'll try to put together the info I need to call Immigration. Anything I can't fill in, I'll ask you guys for help.

Btw does she have a new PO box yet? I have something to mail her :)

No. 189235


Unsure about her PO box. Ask her on Twitter posing as a fan in a burner account? Make sense to mention its a nice and expensive gift ;)

No. 189270

File: 1444170525794.gif (147.76 KB, 500x333, tumblr_mrp9n2XX2I1ssbq4vo1_500…)

Sorry if I'm being too nosey, but what are you sending her, anon? I hope it's something good.

No. 189285

>"On top of that, I'm pretty pissed she's using Monty as an accessory now more than anything. She signs his name for shit and stamps it on all her RWBY prints she's trying to sell, iirc. "

FYI: Nicole is close to practically committing FORGERY with the base fact that she is COPYING Monty's signature style. Why? To rake in more $$$$? To put up some false worship of Monty and how he was her "husband" (lol pls, even with the papers and the marriage cert found online their publicity stunts were shady af.)

She is basically giving away the most BLATANT hints that she is getting away with the shit she's doing. As for her signature, as they say: imitation is the best, most sincere form of flattery.

I really do hope this black widow bitch gets what's coming to her.

For the anon that has known her before all this, good luck and update us all.

No. 189388

File: 1444180363727.jpg (113.93 KB, 750x907, image.jpg)

I found it! I'll post what I'm sending after it arrives :)

No. 189389

She's so gross

No. 189392

Btw I'm being vague because we know she lurks here. I'm not going to say what I'm sending or when it'll arrive but trust me, it's good.

No. 189412

>whoring out for freebies from neckbeards and flying over to London to have fuck the new guy

The picture fits just right.

No. 189475

Nothing like showing off what your dead husband's money went towards while desperately asking for free shit.

No. 189541


I went through her instagram briefly and compared some dates. She got new tits within 2 months of him dying.

Now she didn't just walk in and get them - that must've been booked at least a week in advance. That means it took at most 7 WEEKS after him unexpectedly falling into a coma and dying (would be devastating to deal with as it happened so suddenly) for her to decide she'll spend money donated for his medical care on getting new tits so she can live off neckbeards.

How absolutely vile. Sheena, I know you read this. How do you live with yourself? To emotionally cheat on Monty and e-cosy up to BattyBoy while he's still alive is contemptible enough, but to actively profit from his death while clearly giving so little of a fuck about him is something else.

No. 189544

I look forward to when her 'fanbase' dwindles over the next year or so as they slowly realise she has nothing to offer except a blood money cleavage and insatiable thirst for free money at the expense of any morality.

She'll grow old with no useful skills or value as a human, but without the intellectual capacity to realise what a waste of space she is.

I can't wait for the inevitable descent of her twitter into confused, narcissistic self-pity as her handouts dry up, leaving just her outsized sense of entitlement with nothing to justify it.

No. 189565

A true, bonafide charlatan and cunt. Fuck this trashy bitch, I hope she suffers for doing this shit. What a true vile woman.

No. 189566


Won't take too long as she's what? Mid to late 20s? She'll be replaced by someone younger, prettier and smarter than her.

So I imagine in a few years she'll end up like ginny queen

No. 189595

What about the wait needed to book the first appointment- and then schedule and go in for blood work and pre-op after said first appointment? Cosmetic surgeons are generally pretty busy.
I'm sure it was an immediate response to his death, maybe 2-4 after weeks -at most-.

No. 189745

If you have the money it's easy to schedule those types of things I assume.


The new couple is together again~

No. 189748

I hope she suffers soon. She doesn't deserve to be thrown money and housing accommodations

No. 190017

Someone get this cunt out of London please, we don't want her here or at any of the conventions as a "guest".

No. 190282

File: 1444354987379.gif (5.36 KB, 498x161, london.gif)

But she is so happy here anon!

No. 190294

File: 1444358836390.gif (412.63 KB, 500x260, april-stab.gif)


I hope she's shamed at MCM Comic Con. Bitch needs be confronted and needs to disappear.

No. 190303


Just report her GoFundMe page as Monty has been long gone. What she's doing is sleezy fraud.


No. 190461

She's going to be streaming on twitch in 10 minutes. From Battys bedroom no doubt

No. 190517


At first I thought this account is a sock puppet but now it just seems to be a sad Monty Oum fan who turned into this.

No. 190525


Silly girl, why chat with with "fans" when no money will be made?

No. 191051

Frustrated at how much nicole can get away with illegal things and not face consequences.

Case in point, Coworker would have been deported for working an extra week in her invalid work visa and had her passport revokved. The only reason why she didn't get deported was her record of good behavior.

Blows my mind how much nicole has done and nothing

No. 191077


Ah, glad to see you're still on the case. Good luck with everything, anon! I'll definitely let you know I come across any info that can be added.

No. 191097


FYI she's in the UK for 3 weeks, so she won't be picking up whatever your 'gift' is until she's back.

I hope that makes it better.

No. 191107

As she's in the UK and due to attend MCM Expo in London, Rooster Teeth are also special guests. Could be an idea to casually mention the con about her bullshit. I don't want to see this twat anywhere near the RT panel as she'll milk it for all its worth because she's "Monty's widow".

No. 191112


Was she invited as a guest or just showing up and leeching off someone else's table?

No. 191113

I read that she's in a pricey hotel with that Sam guy. Three weeks is a long trip.

No. 191123


She's probably leeching, no mention of her at all on any MCM social media. She did it last time with Jessica Nigri.

No. 191151

Oh good I hope USPS likes the smell!

No. 191245

File: 1444590108221.png (25.39 KB, 591x198, pot meet kettle.png)

Pot, meet kettle. Says the person who told different people her family sob-stories.

Oh, dear! Where, oh, where are the Seagulls when we need them?


No. 191246

File: 1444590216993.png (19.01 KB, 599x122, lel.png)

No. 191344

Why is her Twitter cover pic still of her and Monty when she's fucking a new guy in England? She's got issues.

No. 191350

She hasn't gone public with her relationship with him yet, it's just in private.

No. 191374


Easier to get donation from monty fans and the fantasy of "you too thirsty weeb can date her!"

No. 191398


>Stop validating gold digging as a healing process

No. 191406

File: 1444638288880.gif (664.46 KB, 253x200, 1443965606440.gif)

No. 191519

She got mad that nobody knew what character this shitty costume was


No. 191527

File: 1444678608726.gif (1002.01 KB, 500x263, tumblr_mwfryoPIQh1sgl0ajo1_500…)

No. 191546

Did she paint the prop with sharpies?

No. 191550


I'm surprised her costume wasn't a black widow

No. 191594


Wow, I think you're right anon! The more I see of this costume the worse it gets. No cutting no sewing, then there's a bunch of cardboard, markers and glue.

No. 191598

I like LoL I had literally no clue who that was supposed to be.

No. 191655

What an ugly Riven holy shit. At first glance I thought she was a retarded OC Pitt character thing HAHA. Not League of Legends recognizable at all. What an awkward pose too ew.

No. 191674

LMFAO what's even more hilarious is that at first glance the person who queried didn't recognize her "work." HAHAHA

No. 191684

File: 1444720662081.jpg (52.17 KB, 594x582, 01.jpg)

Gonna actually post the image since this is an image board and all

Her paint job is so bad. It looks like a kid did it.

No. 191686

Someone put that poor prop out of its misery.

She looks like she's just wrapped up in a sheet?

No. 191695


I don't play LoL but aren't the designs usually better than this or did she do that bad of a job?

No. 191789

File: 1444730852806.jpg (365.29 KB, 1215x717, Riven_0.jpg)

Ugh not this crap again. She looks like shit. She did such a terrible job, although the characters basic skin isn't an amazing design. It really only looks good in the game itself.

No. 191794

Is this one of the most simplistic designs for LoL? I imagine she only did it to jump on the LoL hype train cause all popular cosplayers do it, but it's also the laziest one she could try for.

No. 191796

LoL is shit anyway, and that design looks like it mainly gets recognized just for the sword and shoulder armor prop. She didn't even do those right or bother to style the wig.

No. 191822

It is one of the more simple designs in the game.
got it right

No. 191950

She only did the lol cosplay because Sam batty is into it. She has only been playing it for a couple months

No. 191952

Don't know where you read that. She's staying at his house, was streaming from there the other day.

>>191107 she won't be anywhere near RT. They have nothing to do with her and she avoids them because of the shit that went down.

She could t even get a table, she asked people to pre order prints and will be selling them outside. Haha desperate.

How long til her and Sam marry so they can stay together

No. 191953


Pretty sure that's illegal on MCM Expo grounds, the security there can be proper cunts about alot of things. Gonna just casually let them know for giggles.

No. 191973


Kicker would be getting married on the year anniversary of montys death. Don't worry as monty would have wanted this you guys -sarcasm-

No. 191980

Please do, MCM will get super mad if anyone's making money and they're not getting a cut.

No. 192003


Email sent to the MCM director. Shit gon be good.

No. 192011


Oooooh, keep us updated

No. 192015

File: 1444773619845.gif (418.49 KB, 500x236, 98410922.gif)


Will do anon.

No. 192095

File: 1444782465814.jpg (93.72 KB, 960x720, 33 (3)[1].jpg)

For the pose on the left, is she trying to push her ass out again?

No. 192096

lmao, I just thought of it as hiding her scoliosis a bit, but it kind of makes it more noticeable.

No. 192097

Is she there for MCM? She says is on vacation… a vacation from not working for the past few years


No. 192099


Being a full time cosplayer is hard work, especially on her back as clearly shown :p

No. 192103


MCM is next weekend so she'll probably leave sometime after. Such a hard life she must have earning free donations off Monty's fans and the neckbeards.

No. 192244


>she asked people to pre order prints and will be selling them outside

Source on this? MCM banned a photographer for trying to get people to pay for on site shoots, this will be hilarious.

No. 192469

Hahahahaha dying

No. 192477

File: 1444847161390.jpg (125.03 KB, 634x809, image.jpg)

No. 192480

File: 1444847314851.jpg (105.82 KB, 640x848, image.jpg)

To be honest I can't really see how they will stop her, I guess keep a eye on her social media for a meeting place or I guess she will be giving them to people that find her inside MCM.
I personally think it's hilarious she's selling without a table, all the cosplay fames

No. 192491


She's so desperate it's actually really sad.

No. 192495


Sad indeed, she'll end up like Ginny McQueen soon enough

No. 192713

The main image for this thread, where it says "Lying is such a cowardly thing to do" overlayed on a picture of her with a big butt, and then a small, flat butt, what is this meant to mean?

No. 192733

She thinks lying is cowardly but photoshops herself prettier and curvier to get attention. Photoshopping her appearance = lying, which she thinks is cowardly.

No. 193339

File: 1445043444735.jpg (74.51 KB, 639x607, image.jpg)

Appears they are staying at Novotel. Someone please find their room

No. 193341

File: 1445043492902.jpg (83.46 KB, 640x664, image.jpg)

Did anyone see her at worlds?

No. 193343

Sheena, Sam , Rikk what's with her and these 2 guys. Is she fucking that other one too then if she flew them both out. I don't get it

No. 193359


Wouldn't be surprised if she were

No. 193366

I really baffled as to why anyone would actually pay for prints of her. She isn't particularly attractive, nor is she an exceptional cosplayer.

No. 193409


I imagine its two things:

- really thirsty guys

- depressed monty fans who want to give attention to some sort of avatar that is related to him in some way which in this case is nicole

Either way it's sad

No. 193420

>prints supposedly taken by Monty
>prints with a signature she stole from Monty
>wanting to give back to Monty somehow

She never had any kind of following until she dated Monty and began to bandwagon with cosplayers like Jnig who were his friends.

No. 193947

Saw her at worlds yesterday with that batty guy and his friends. He looked pretty angry and wasnt looking at her. I was going to ask for a photo but didn't because something was obviously going on

No. 193949

File: 1445192271226.jpg (17.35 KB, 640x267, image.jpg)

Well Rikks girlfriend changed her Facebook relationship and posted that on Twitter. Can't help but think something has happened at worlds then.

Sounds like you are right. She's fucked rikk and it's all come out. She is unbelievable.
And Sam still has to put up with her at MCM hahahahahaha awkward

No. 194085

I don't follow the others much so, did Nicole fuck the other guy in this image and everyone found out ad there's drama now between her and that group?

That's some delicious drama there if so.

No. 194096

Well considering what above said about them being awkward and the other 2 breaking up the day after worlds…….
Doesn't look good. Not like we didn't warn Sam.

No. 194136

No. 194158

can someone tweet sam from a burner account and just be like "we told ya"

No. 194176


Man she's carrying Monty's legacy of super vague and 2deep4u messages.

No. 194189

So its confirmed that not only she is a black widow but she is a home wrecker?? Gg Nicole wish I had that seductive power you have with your flat ass

No. 194191

Seducing betas isn't anything to write home about.

No. 194202

Anyone noticed how she's like besties with Kelly Jean on Twitter? I take it they met up at Worlds or something judging by her tweets to her. Homewrecking bitches always stick together.

No. 194206

She was the same way towards KJ during/after May's MCM, too. I think they're just trying to use one another to promote themselves.

No. 194262

File: 1445261986635.png (45.56 KB, 587x255, AHAHAH.png)

No. 194316


So stay away from her, got it nicole!

No. 194324


Usually the absolute cunts IRL preach about how others should behave. Everything she talks about is exactly how she acts.

No. 194339


KJ is a homewrecker?

I did not know this.

No. 194494

Quick off-topic, then we can get back to Nicole. But I found this video regarding Kelly Jean speaking to Sky Williams about female streamers.

The comments section is amazing. :'D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gZ4RRJGRLRg

No. 194714

The cosplay world seems to be riddled with the filth that is "holier than thou" mentality. Sad.

No. 194728


Volpin allegedly slept around with cosplayers while married, the most notable one being Kelly Jean. Having followed Volpin for a long time I say it's pretty likely, seeing as he used to go to tons of cons, but now goes to way fewer and takes his wife with him much more often, there were a period of time where he said he was falling behind on work due to personal issues, also he used to plug Kelly on social media around the time she got way more free flights to America then went cold turkey and unfollowed her and now she hardly comes stateside compared to before.

It's suspicious enough for me to believe he probably cheated at some point, but cgl claims there's more substantial proof in the archives that I've never been able to find (such as Kelly Jean actually admitting to it while tripping, other cosplayers posting about sleeping with him but not knowing he was married, some sort of proof he kepts pics of her on his phone, etc). Would love links if anyone has any.

No. 194786

Doesn't USPS toss out packages that reek or are suspicious?

No. 194801


Funny enough this video can also apply to Nicole.

No. 195086

Who's Rikk?

No. 195164

I believe he's the guy that is not Sam in this pic >>177984

As far as I know he's not notable except for being friends with Sheena.

No. 195368


From what I have seen and heard, Rikk is Sam battys best friend.
After a quick google, he's some band guy so sheena probably wanted on his dick for that.

Sheena flew him, his gf and Sam to Seattle for pax.

Sheena cheated on Sam with him, it all came out and drama ensued.

I feel sorry for Sam, and Rikks now ex. He's a fucking idiot! Sheena isn't the least bit attractive or sexy. How do these guys fall for it.

That Autumn girls has tumblr anon on. Time to find out the gossip.

No. 195375


I wonder if sam will take down the gofundme now or maybe return that red jacket that may or may not have been montys

No. 195376

I don't get it either. Standards have become lower than ever in the geek community.

No. 195396


Standards were always low with monty fans

No. 195451

Wow. So is it confirmed she slept with Rikk? Also when did she do this? At PAX or like literally the night she got there?

Either or, I hope her UK 'vacation' is going horribly. Serves her right and I hope this drama gets spread around so people are aware how scummy she is.

No. 195494

Haha true. The fact that anyone likes RWBY and thinks it's good for anything other than fight scenes says enough about their questionable taste.

No. 195498

I'm surprised tumblr didn't latch onto RWBY. It could totally be a sjw favorite cuz "STRONG WOMYN" and there's an obligatory black character tossed in for brownie points and all.

No. 195500

Parts of tumblr latched on to it. Mostly the tumblerinas who don't want to associate with the AH/RT fandom but want to be part of the popular squad of internet groupies.

That and because of the long trickle of the hiatus after his death, fans kind of went quiet. Volume 3 premiers in a couple days so there will be more and Nicole will probably try to market off of it.

No. 195502


I remember talking to a person who admitted the show itself had poor characters, writing, design and animation…then right after he went on a 10-20 minute conversation on how he wants to build one of the weapons from the show as functional

I got confused very quickly.

No. 195504


Heck I'm more surprised I haven't seen more fans try to make monty a martyr leading up to season whatever they're on.

No. 195505

They kind of did with Screw Attack's Death Battle of Yang against Tifa. They played it up as a homage to Monty but also publicity for the new volume that airs the 24th.

His memorial kind of painted him like a Martyr but it was more a RWBY museum with some of his notes but just space for write things. Really glad Nicole wasn't there to play the pity sympathy up and use it for photo ops. Most convention attendees were generous though and didn't take pictures of themselves or cosplayers in front of it.

The 'cool' thing seems to be is to like it ironically. People know it's shit with shit writing but the characters are halfway decently designed that it pulled a Homestuck and relays on the fans to keep it alive with new material and better art or in Nicole's case, cosplay. She's their horribly written waifu come to life.

No. 195506


Makes sense on liking it "ironically" which somehow makes the fans even lamer in my eyes.

Alas she'll be their waifu weeaboo queen for now, cue her making some vague tweet about monty in the next few days as it premiers

No. 195514

If Nicole didn't work for RT why is she running an RT meetup?


No. 195518

Because she wants to be relevant and of course people would want to meet Monty's poor widow and it's good for RT because they can push for sympathy sponsors to get early access to things like RWBY.

I hate Nicole but RT is declining in a way they're trying way too hard to get money from fans by doing the bare minimum of work. RWBY has potential and they're killing it while X-Ray and Vav have actual decent writing.

No. 195529

>>195518 pretty much covered it but RT also has this whole thing about ~community~ and ~we are all one~ so they're keeping Nicole by their side as part of the big ol' ~RT family~. It's pretty much to show that they're such nice people that they'd never leave a grieving widow on her own. That would be too mean!

But also they're too afraid of the backlash they'd get from RWBY and RvB fans if they were like "ok she's no longer associated with us bye"

No. 195533

idk if they even would care about the backlash from fans tbh. It's the backlash from other companies that hire them for commercials or being representatives for Austin. Something like what she pulled is not good for business so they don't mention it.

At least that's my theory. When Monty died, they were still signing over to Full Screen and merging with FunHaus and Screw Attack and promoting their new movie; if what she did came to light, they might of all pulled out or looked on RT unfavorably.

No. 195537


With that info in mind, perhaps they'll quietly deal with her once eveything is signed and merge is complete

No. 195538


Works for both of them, RT gets to keep their "we're all one community" while nicole gets to keep on milking the widow act for monetary gain

No. 195540

RT likes to pride itself on being community based but they really aren't. It's the community that is community based. Fans help other fans a lot but RT likes to think it's because of them which, in a way, sure, but they don't seem to care anymore unless there's a gain in it for them.

I hate that she gets to sell herself still as the Official RWBY cosplayer and shit talks anyone else who does a character she has. She makes bank off prints featuring said characters yet RT shuts down everyone else. I really think they just do not want to deal with her.

No. 195648

Oh… huh. I don't think that (and consider) Rooster Teeth UK as "official"; only the US branch has relevance? I think RT UK is just a "side" thing and unofficial "branch"; a 'homage' to the US division.

Of COURSE Nicole is going to take up the opportunity to hang with those in the UK, because it simply means she's coward enough to face the US gang and she's ashamed because of what's been brewing here about her.

HOWEVER. The UK community for RT has to be aware of her unflattering antics, but they're going to shun that because she's 2 animu and waifu.

Besides, I think she's branching out to the LA area PLUS the UK because it just means "opportunities" for the trash she is.

No. 195650

File: 1445588187254.png (51.16 KB, 582x396, Screenshot_1.png)

No. 195664

Probably at pax as they would oh had a chance with the other 2 distracted. She's been staying at Sams house since she got to England so it must be been before

No. 195670

File: 1445591216914.png (1.47 MB, 1136x640, image.png)

Omg what's that in the corner

No. 195671

File: 1445591246553.png (1.35 MB, 1136x640, image.png)

No. 195675

File: 1445591701772.png (959.39 KB, 1136x640, image.png)

Sam looks so done with life right now. Why are they still together after what she's done. Fuck the bitch, if she wants to be at MCM so much leave her to do it herself. Sad to see him clinging on.
Why would both he and rikk go for sheena. That other girl is way more attractive, and not a man eating bitch.

No. 195679


Whoa he does look done with her.

No. 195681

It's like he just witnessed everything we've been saying about her all at once.

No. 195709

This is hilarious, Monty was always half asleep in his photos with her as well.

No. 195747

Had a response back from when I reported her for green card fraud. They are looking into it

No. 195759

File: 1445607625380.jpg (54.21 KB, 720x960, sheena.jpg)

The more selfies she uploads the more she starts to look like the dwarves from Snow White to me. Like Dopey or something. Her face is just so round and droopy at the same time, I really don't get it. I can't tell if this photo is just shit quality or if she edited the fuck out of it.

No. 195764

Is she wearing one of Suzy's Necklaces? Also holy shit her hair is really fried

No. 195768

File: 1445608430998.png (761.9 KB, 936x602, 8RBosYq.png)

looks like it

No. 195772

File: 1445609128103.png (1.22 MB, 640x1136, image.png)

Look how thin and straggly it is, she would have to cut it off to chin length to get all that damage off

No. 195773

File: 1445609226051.png (1.11 MB, 640x1136, image.png)

Holy shit. I know some people don't look great with make up but damn. Her eyes are weird.

Who puts that much effort in with coloured contacts daily, and all the makeup, trying to took totally different. She looks like a little granny troll

No. 195775

she looks so german.And that's nothing to be proud of

No. 195825


You did good, keep us updated

No. 195840

If they're taking it seriously then I'll report her too when I get the chance.

No. 195876

File: 1445629453805.jpg (137.21 KB, 1280x800, 1430523921215.jpg)

No. 196111

She's starting to look like kaka.

No. 196124

Thank you.

No. 196245

FANTASTIC work, anon. Hugs for you. Keep us updated! :)

My day is made.

I only like the color. Her hair is fried af.
Also, she looks like that "bird girl" from the movie "The Freaks", sans eyeglasses.

No. 196259

File: 1445663426986.jpg (65.03 KB, 600x800, CSA4cs4XAAApygV[1].jpg)

No. 196284

File: 1445665625637.jpg (78.64 KB, 600x800, 14456634269861.jpg)

No. 196300

Whispers of a court date

No. 196315

File: 1445676505957.gif (5.49 KB, 503x149, who.gif)

No. 196316

Just like you, Nicole. Just like you.

No. 196325

Either that's because Sam sat there in the back looking fed up as shit with you and he probably won't say, or you're trying to act like a saint again and taking a jab at us here because we're telling the truth. LOL.

No. 196328

Didn't she cause two friends to break up and cheat on her boyfriend and she has the balls to say OTHER people are disappointment? How much of a victim complex does she have? Does she really not see any errors in the shit she pulls over on people?

No. 196332

I have friends that are connected to her in the Tumblr community, because of her roleplaying hobby. She left the comm, quietly, ever since she hounded Monty and his money, but has been around on Tumblr forever of course because "look @ me i can cosplay."

I can tell you that she has been doing this FOREVER. The people I know have been SAYING that she tells each person a different story about her "life", acts like she's all that, then covers it up with nice things to do for people so they wouldn't leave her. Black widow supreme. So now you can imagine the truth that's been out there about how she's cut off people. Sad to say, that even before she sought the e-famu she has ALWAYS been like this, apparently. Then shit got even more unraveled by CGL.

She seems to cause problems and then bitch / whine about it. And then of course ignore that when people are upfront with her because she's confident NOW that unlike her friends before, people are "backing her up."

Sorry, I went on a rant here, but she's just one of those internet cunts and with all the stupidity she's done, I ABHOR her guts.

No. 196335

I absolutely understand your hate towards her. I've met her a few times and none of them ever left me with the feeling of 'wow what a nice person'. She had a way of just acting so quiet and like she was too good for everyone there. Honey, no, you were in a ghastly cosplay that was peeling and not even hemmed.

I really wish we knew how Sam felt at the moment especially since she's still staying with him, right?

Maybe the facebook post is about the supposed court date.

Also, the new RWBY Volume starts Sunday (Saturday for sponsors) so we'll see if she brings on the boohoos and whoring out her cosplay prints hardcore.

No. 196336

Why is it that every time she does something fucked up, she happens to tweet or write some kind of judgmental post that has to do exactly with what she JUST did, as if she had to watch someone else do it? Does she have multiple personality disorder or something?

No. 196338

Curious, which cosplay was it exactly? All of her cosplays are shit but it'd still be hilarious to imagine.

No. 196340

Her Pyrrha was practically peeling off of her, puckered everywhere and looked so awful. Her Cinder, while the gold was impressive in photos, looked so horrible in person. Bits of it was peeling off of the red fabric and her dress looked made of cheap satin that had some fraying and wasn't fitted to her at all so parts of it was so baggy.

I'm no cosplay God but it's disgusting hearing someone call her a cosplay guru and her believing she IS one.

No. 196426

I figured she would have her nose up in the air because Monty was on her side. Now she's groveling again. Does she ever sleep at night, I wonder? She has that "holier than thou" attitude and it's sickening. Disgusting.

Ahh I'm really sorry anon but what was the court date about? I must have missed out on something in this thread. (Or were you referring to the tweets where Sam and Rikk @'d each other for a location?)

I have to agree. I thought her Cinder looked too puffy at the bottom (needed more ironing, she should've known this if she was a "cosplay guru") and it looked WAY too stiff at the sleeves because of the gold, plus the bust part looked marshmallow-y.

Her Weiss just puts me off entirely. Nice in photos — but she's had to shoop so much of her face and the dress it looks immensely fake. The dress, not in photos, looks like she just slapped on everything and poofed it up.

No. 196471

Court date might have been about the anon who reported her for green card fraud. She might of got a notification that she needed to report to court on a specific date, but I don't know.

The lace she used on the bottom looked like it was glued on and from Walmart but that's just my nitpick. None of her cosplays looked ironed but that could have also just been from her wearing it around all day.

Her Weiss is absolutely horrible. The wig from the back is a frayed mess with the netting easily visible and she hardly kept it brushed when I saw her wearing it. The best thing she has done with it was photoshopped herself so much that it came out looking like a fanart painting rather than a cosplay photo. Closest thing to art she has done that's decent.

No. 196529


You know you fucked up as a cosplayer when nicole "forced" her asian friend to do a RWBY cosplay as a last minute group thing and the asian friend looked several times better despite throwing it altogether quickly

No. 196542

Yeah that SAMs had her staying at his house I guess for the past 2 weeks. She's probably flying home as soon as MCM is done as she got what she wanted, a place to stay for it and so she didn't have to go alone. She didn't even have a booth. Someone please message the MCM staff and let them know she's selling prints in the Novotel right now (7pm)

No. 196553


hopefully she gets to go home and see a court date notice though at the same time I don't want her deported back to my province :/

No. 196640

Can anyone post the fb status where it indicates that she's due in court

No. 196648

Perhaps I missed the update that said she was due in court, but to my understanding that's currently just hearsay from the thread. The anon who reported her did say they received some kind of response back saying the issues was being looked into >>195747 but other than that I think the first mention of a court date was >>196300 . If there is a court date then she likely doesn't have any idea about it since the news likely would have come while she was in the UK.

I could be completely wrong though, not 100% sure how they would contact her about that but I assume it would be via mail since that's supposedly be the most reliable way to alert her of it.

No. 196695

File: 1445742462782.png (1.16 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

Sam at the edge of frame again. Left side.

No. 196753

Please dear god stop doing a peace sign in photos. Every. Single. One.

No. 196833

Lol at her tweet thanking people, Sam was near the bottom

No. 196846


Did she thank with them a peace sign?

No. 196894

Her face is kind of bloated like Taylor in all the pics lately.

No. 196896


what the fuck is going on with her nose

No. 196940

File: 1445852364751.jpg (26.82 KB, 332x363, Sanjay.jpg)

No. 196951

I'm starting to think that him being cut off in pictures is already deliberate.

No. 197097

I think he's hiding that they're in a relationship to the RT fans.

No. 197193

I think they are stupid if they don't know.
She has him stay with her at last MCM
She flys him to Seattle
She comes to the uk for 3 weeks and stays with him

Yeah cos you would do that for just some guy. They were obviously together. Bet he can't wait til she leaves

No. 197194

Or maybe shit happened and he now regrets it. (I hope.) Ha.

No. 197214

File: 1445950342970.png (722.71 KB, 479x602, 2015-10-27_05-50-34.png)

It's funny when she looks hot in a picture and she's virtually unrecognizable.

No. 197215

That cheap gold makes it look like a taobao bought cosplay bu I wouldn't hold it past her to buy it, alter it and claim she made it.

That's so much blur shoop on her face too jfc.

No. 197227

The fuck is she sitting around with Yogscast? The one with the grey beanie is Sjin. (Hoping she's not trying to get involved with them now or leech for more attention)

No. 197231

>>(Hoping she's not trying to get involved with them now or leech for more attention)

That's probably exactly what she's doing. I wouldn't be surprised if she was using Sam to get chummy with more of the UK scene.

I hope it's brought to light about how she cheated if that's really true. It hasn't even been a year since Monty's passing and she's completely slutting it up and destroying relationships.

No. 197236

File: 1445959015159.jpg (105.27 KB, 720x480, 1546133_473573369415602_142485…)

did she forget there are still old photos of her on the internet?

No. 197237

It is a Taobao cosplay. She admitted she bought and "altered" it. (Probably just got custom sizing)

She looks like a 60 year old woman trying to be sexy to reclaim her youth

No. 197239

She has such bad genetics. She looks 40 years older than her actual age. It must suck to look hideous with and without makeup.

No. 197317


Offcial RT cosplayer my butt. Heck I would sooner accept sushi monsters and her friends as the official ones.

At least she makes the damn costume

No. 197334

She legit has jowls in that picture. No wonder she shoops the crap out of her face. Also that lip color is aging her like hell. I'm a firm believer that anyone can wear a red lip, but it's a matter of finding the right red. That's not the right red for her.

Also she'd probably argue that she's wearing a bad bar that's making her look saggy.

No. 197383

>dat chin

Some people really shouldn't wear bodycon dresses.

No. 197387

File: 1445999894701.jpg (68.11 KB, 600x800, CSUYMGRWEAEMuc4[1].jpg)

No. 197393

Left is exactly how I picture all of Monty's diehard fans who think RWBY is a masterpiece and now cling onto Nicole because she fucked Monty

No. 197401

You misspelled "hot", anon.

No. 197402

File: 1446004080555.gif (473.94 KB, 200x150, 1441081351731.gif)

Holy shit her new tits are huge.

No. 197405


Wait she got new tits? Like new new?

No. 197408

File: 1446013381921.jpeg (467.17 KB, 2048x2048, image.jpeg)


No. 197416

RWBY and masterpiece don't even belong in the same sentence tbh. I agree with your statement though about the fans.

No. 197433

Ugh I just realized the girl with Nicole is dressed as 'The Mad King' from X Ray and Vav. I hate that people still associate Nicole with being apart of RT and she barely does anything to set the records straight.

She only said something when she skipped out of RTX yet people still think she works for them or at least is their cosplayer.

While it takes two to tango, I hope Sam has wised up from this trip and realizes Nicole is not worth the shit she pulls.

No. 197444

Oh trust me, I'll never use RWBY and masterpiece in the same sentence ever again. I've only watched 2 episodes of the actual series, but just from those 2 episodes, I can tell it's like a 13 year old wrote the plot and character bios. The fight scenes tho… Pretty good.

No. 197484

File: 1446054451837.jpeg (87.27 KB, 960x960, received_10153583795785837.jpe…)

No. 197488


Well monty was bascially had a mentality of a 13 year old so no surprise there

No. 197497

Someone needs to get that photo of the true, flat-chested Nicole we all know. <3

No. 197543

File: 1446073257844.jpg (39.38 KB, 482x604, 1929700_31561510653_788_n.jpg)

Graduation pic from 2008

No. 197544

File: 1446073289244.jpg (44.44 KB, 604x453, 1910369_20063766711_8225_n.jpg)

No. 197545

File: 1446073422187.jpg (60.81 KB, 453x604, 1910369_20064701711_6424_n.jpg)

No. 197549

her grad pic is cute, makes her look better than in reality like seen here:

Also damn she's flat.

No. 197551


It's weird to see her so normal and kinda cute. Before the dark times…

No. 197554

She looks really cute here. Anons who have met her/know her, is she super disproportionate and awkward looking irl?
She seems incredibly gangly.

No. 197557

When I first met her she looked a lot like >>197545 but with longer hair. Her posture was the same and she seemed overly shy and quiet or at least withdrawn in to herself. When she would talk to Monty she'd barley speak above quiet room volume.

Honestly when I met her I thought she was nice but kinda quiet. It's staggering that she's become such a bitch but, apparently she was always kind of like that. Manipulative and hiding behind the sweet shy look.

No. 197566

Haha, yeah, it's all good, anon. No one who doesn't have the mentality of 13 year old anyway would like it, including Monty. He seemed mentally stumped.

No. 197567

ngl, she's really cute here.

No. 197575

The fuck is going on with the front of that dress ? It looks like she's wearing a hoopskirt with a giant chunk missing

No. 197578

Ugh she looks a bit like a cross between Margo and my friend's fat ex who is super tumblrina and has every mental disease on the planet.

Maybe she's the sort of gal that decides who she's going to go out with/marry based on what country she wants to be in and what green card she can get. Since immigration to the UK is extremely difficult (source: experience) unless you or your spouse are legit rich or you're coming in from Calais it seems, she gives up on that and onward to another country (and weiner). A bit like golddigging but location digging?
Or she's just a ho. Either way.

No. 197586


sry it's late and i've just come off a 12 hour work day but i just caught this and it bugs me

No. 197598


Well if one anon said is true nicole is in for a rude awakening when she comes home from the UK

No. 197645


I wonder, is the process for this pretty prompt? I'd imagine even if they were looking into it, it'd take them awhile to do anything…

No. 197675


Oh Nicole, you can't take "baby steps", you've siphoned a lot of money from people!

No. 197676

File: 1446108497799.png (21.65 KB, 684x205, nicole.png)

No. 197677

File: 1446108573697.png (93.46 KB, 755x732, silly nicole.png)

No. 197697

wtf is she even going on about? Is this is her attempt of pity party before dirt hits her fans that she's a whore who broke up two people in London? Is she painting herself a victim to justify whatever shit storm I hope is brewing?

No. 197741

shes always the victim in her crazy lil pinhead

No. 197750


This is the weirdest attempt of martyr-ing one self I've seen

No. 197776

Monty was given martyr-like worship and tons of media attention after she killed him. She wants a piece of that attention too so she thinks that if she presents herself as a saint, people will give her attention.

No. 197799


So true, heck even after I finish animation video that features one RWBY character I have to say how much monty "inspired" me to avoid any backlash.

Any real opinion on him would be met with "he's dead so you have to like him" mentality

No. 197849

Monty was a huge dick to his fans but most of his fans are too dumb to see/remember it

No. 197873

Anyone who claims to be nice and kind with a long speech like this are always full of shit.

No. 197874

It looks like she's asking for more money and presents from the internet, while pretending she has always paid others back previously.

>I grew up very poor

Art school, cosplaying, trips to cons, trips to Japan and Hawaii, a condo to live in at 18 don't seem like a very poor life.

It sounds like she's trying to copy Monty's lifestory and pass it off as her own.

>I have a problem asking for help

The GFM with hundreds of thousands of dollars meant for Monty and his family is not enough?

No. 197885


This, no one "nice" needs to remind everyone that they are. Might as well say it with a red light behind her

No. 197888


Don't forget the betas that donate to her. Didn't have a problem asking for help then…

No. 197936

>"I never expected to grow this far"

You mean, you never expected to lead people on with your dumbass BS because you killed your husband.

No. 197941

It seems to me as well she is posing as a saint and she is purposefully being selective about her memories now.

Nicole, photos tell a LOT of things you choose to forget, sometimes.

When she practically pushed her ex boyfriend to PAY for her trip to Japan, etc. Trips to cons as well, and her cosplaying.

No. 197946

Yet no one can call her out on her bullshit without the wrath of her neckbeards and 14 yo Monty fans.

She sounds like she really does have mental problems with selective memory and attempting to self martyr.

No. 197949

I don't think it's that anyone's afraid to do it, it's because they're all ADULTS and we expect them to know better. But no. There they have a little girl who leads them and killed her own husband for the sake of recognition.

You'd think that those problematic children can talk about their problems to a "saint" and yet, be aware of when the line is crossed.

Apparently not.

We're not the douches here for telling the truth.

I really hope IRS / whichever finally tracks her down and calls for a court date. Then again, we're pretty sure she'll be running. Why do you think she's suddenly hounding after the UK scene?

No. 197952

Part of me wondered if she was trying to jump ship from America to the UK but after the bought of drama that just went down I kinda hope Sam breaks it off with her and idk WARNS the UK community.

No. 197958


Isn't immigrating to the UK tougher to do?

No. 197965

Tougher, maybe, but she's trying to form indelible connections while dragging Monty's name behind her.

Honestly, I could care less about Monty now especially after I caught a glimpse of his Facebook account before where he OPENLY COMPLAINED why people were hounding him and kept asking about continuing Dead Fantasy — but he WHINED too saying something along the lines "Glad I changed accounts. Sick of these bitches asking me about DF." That right there is bullshit mentality. He prides himself as an artist and puts his shit out there, but complains when people endearingly ask him about his work? LOL.

Anyway, I seriously wish I had the screencap to prove it, but I was INCREDIBLY turned off when I saw that and have been quite unsupportive of Monty since he stopped working on DF. I don't even LIKE RWBY, for crying out loud; I feel like it's a mediocre piece of work, and people are glorifying it more than it should be. Then I find out Nicole is connected to him. Our circle just got smaller, and all this shit coming out about her, and all the other shit I found out about her and the people I KNOW… about how she says one story to one and a different one to another….

More than that, this bitch right here, Nicole, is just as disgusting as Monty's ego at times. The "woe is me", "holier than thou", "you don't need to give me anything (but it'd be nice if you did)" card is WAYYY too overplayed and makes her dumb ugly as fuck. I want her to be deported, I want her to FEEL the repercussions of her actions, as she has NO humanity left in her, clearly. But if she has people supporting her who are dumb as fuck JUST like her, then obviously we have degraded to nothing but subservient idiots.

Sorry. I went on a tangent here. But the point is, I would waste my time interrogating her in front of the children she leads, but I don't have time for children, and I don't have time for dumb fucks. I'm just hoping she gets the treatment she DESERVES. All this, the money, the glory, all because she severed ties with her family and Monty's family doesn't want ANYTHING to do with her…. I wonder how she's able to sleep at night.

No. 197974

I feel everything you do 100%. I have friends who support her and keep saying how bad they feel for her and I just want to hold my tongue because I know the moment I say anything I could be chased out of this world of RT. I am sorry to admit I find RWBY's characters cute and have made cosplays as well as some fanart but I do it for the fans rather than Monty.

I remember one time on twitter when someone said Barbara's voice acting with Yang wasn't that great, Monty took to twitter and actively called his fans to harass the people saying the critique.

I hope she gets the justice she deserves for the actions she has pulled. She dares ask for more money after blowing through nearly a quarter of a million dollars? I'm working 3 jobs to just get by for my own medical care on top of my father's decreasing health, my mother's paralysis and a drug addicted brother. I would do anything for that kind of money but I keep working hard to support my loved ones.

Sorry as well; I went on a tangent but I honestly just have no idea how she thinks, in her deranged mind, how being so selfish could be okay or an endearing quality. I hope everything comes crashing around her because she hasn't done anything to deserve the nerve to ask for money or gifts.

No. 198006


The only contact I had with RWBY (apart from watching a few episodes and realizing it was shit) was this abridged series: https://youtu.be/W2e2D7Lzq-U I think you guys may like it if you haven't watched them already.

When I had to stand my autistic friends flattering monty, his cult and his series, it was quite a relieve for me.

No. 198009

from what i've heard, a few of her (now ex) friends had tough times growing up too. they mention in passing but not brag about it for brownie points like Shitna here.
You're not special Shitna

No. 198053


Insanely. It's near impossible to get a work visa even if you're skilled and paid a fortune to study at a UK university. There are salary requirements, requirements regarding the position itself (and the shortage occupation list doesn't accurately reflect in demand positions tbh, but it is the bible w/r/t what firms can hire for), skill requirements, and many firms just cannot sponsor a visa unless they're huge companies. If you immigrate to live with a partner, that partner has to earn 18.8 thousand pounds per year from "approved" sources (so freelancers are out), and your own financial status, earnings, or earning potential aren't taken into account. That figure is supposed to go up to 23 thousand pounds in a few years, which doesn't seem like much, but with the UK as a whole's current employment situation half the country doesn't make that sort of money. It's easy to move there to study if your grades from previous schools are good enough to get into a university, but that's probably because it's something schools benefit financially from. It's also easy to move there if you're rich. Like multimillionaire rich.
Since she's Canadian and Canada is a commonwealth country, she might be able to swing it if she's got English parents or grandparents, but that's about it tbh.
I've tried to do it, and it's scary. I've got a masters from a UK uni and had serious offers of employment that only fell through because of visa requirements being so difficult and draconian, and I've been separated from my partner of 2 years for over 8 months now because he does not earn the required amount to bring me into the country.
If sheena manages to to move to UK I'mma be mad honestly.

No. 198057


That anon here, good to know all of this. She either has to do it the "legal" way or sneak herself in which she would probably advertise in social media as she's not too clever.

If she the latter we'll just report her to the proper UK authority as they seriously frown upon illegal immigration

No. 198059


Your friends are lame man. Get new ones ;)

Also I heard that story. I also remember one where he told fans to harass a girl who said RWBY was only "okay" on Twitter. On top of those things and what I personally know about him from friends who had to deal with him I'm glad he died.

But I feel you, me saying this publically gets me attacked by fans. Heck again I rememebr one friend said I have to "respect the effort" monty puts in his work.

Nah I dont

No. 198305

Shitna, if you're reading this, brace yourself. Bad karma is coming.

No. 198380

This has been pretty insightful for numerous reasons. She has no chance of immigrating there then. I've heard it's hard to even get citizenship through a legitimate marriage.

No. 198386

Did immigration start an investigation?

No. 198413

It is. Even families with kids get separated all the time, so kids end up growing up without their mum or dad. The government enacted policies to cut down on sham weddings, but sham weddings still happen, just to people with money. That seems to be all that matters tbh.

sage because this isn't really relevant to Nicole anymore

No. 198419


Could argue that she may try to jump ship to the UK if stuff doesn't pan out in states

No. 198535

File: 1446349163156.jpeg (262.07 KB, 1024x1365, image.jpeg)

Wtf is Team Teena?

No. 198539


She meant Team Tina.
Tina's a Twitch streamer.

No. 198541

Ray's girlfriend from [ex]Achievement Hunter, Tina, right?

Man she sucks up to them a lot because she's trying so hard to get Ray's followers to her streams since he made 19k on his first twitch stream.

No. 198542

Could be a combo of their names, Team Tina/Sheena; Teena. They are friends so anything is possible.

No. 198543


That actually makes more sense why it's Teena and not Tina.

No. 198545


Yep! Tina is Ray's girlfriend.

No. 198704

There's now way she's moving to the uk with Sam. The minute after mcm was done she was posting about all the things she can do when she gets home, and that's she's had stuff (Sam) stopping her geting things done. That's nice after he had to put up with her for 3 weeks. Plus after she broke up a relationship And cheating on him I doubt Sam wants anything to do with her

No. 198712

- Is she getting deported?

- What is the Oum family's relation with her like now?

- What's her job?

- How does she live now?

- What's her relation with Rooster Teeth like?

- Why has the internet done nothing to her yet?

No. 198757


Is it actually confirmed they broke up? Heck if I had Twitter I would just tweet him and ask directly

No. 198761

Wait she dated Sam since Monty died?

No. 198763


On the down low yeah.

No. 198801

File: 1446415977905.png (457.97 KB, 526x583, Screenshot_2.png)


Shitna, stop sticking your ass out. Not attractive in the slightest.

No. 198802

File: 1446416004586.png (428.59 KB, 526x541, Screenshot_3.png)

No. 198804

File: 1446416182605.png (417.82 KB, 531x794, dafuq.png)

No. 198807

File: 1446416302651.png (24.15 KB, 529x174, Screenshot_4.png)

Unsurprisingly, she never noted "we" in this statement.

So, Shitna, are you finally confirming because of your disoriented fondness for felines AND your selfishness, you killed your husband?


No. 198809

Looking at her arms and legs in this pic, you'd expect a slimmer body attached…

Who is this third chick? She manages to look better out of default.

No. 198810

her arm looks really long and makes her look like a chimp

She literally shooped out half of her face to make herself look more attractive. I think that says something about how hot she actually is.

No. 198812

File: 1446416506226.png (419 KB, 441x616, um no.png)

No. 198813

File: 1446416604046.png (296.03 KB, 528x514, joke.png)

Still doesn't explain, or justify, her obviously shitty cosplays.


No. 198814

Is she even trying to look human anymore?

No. 198818


I'm surprised its not a "buy from taobao"

No. 198828

File: 1446418298279.jpg (90.36 KB, 960x643, 522_452993674806905_1355684309…)

This is their goddess without Photoshop.

No. 198829

And that's her beta ex-boyfriend on the far left.

No. 198831


And on her right is her asian friend who did the costume quickly as a "what do I have in the closet" and looks about 10x better

No. 198832

This whole group is kind of a hot mess… the 2 Asian girls being the best looking. Yang is super man-face (not quite PT levels, but getting there) and Nicole is just jowl-y as fuck.

Her ex is sort of butter face, but it's weird when only half of the face is showing…

No. 198857

There was speculation they knew one another while she was with Monty and was emotionally cheating on Monty with Sam.

>>- Is she getting deported?
God I hope so.

>>- What is the Oum family's relation with her like now?

I believe they don't like her. They didn't tell them about their wedding and she told them about only about his death, not the week of hospital staying prior to his death.

Someone stated she was rather rude at the Wake and bitched on facebook how Monty's brother tried to 'kiss her' when it was probably a family sympathetic gesture so Nicole seems to not like them. They also never saw a cent of the gofundme money.

>>- How does she live now?

Pity donations and twitch streaming, I think.

>>- What's her relation with Rooster Teeth like?

This I'm curious about. She was suppose to be a VA in the new volume of RWBY but she bailed and ran away from Texas the week before RTX. She had a PA and was scheduled to be on panels but she just flat out didn't show up. The only RT people she seems to keep contact with aren't even RT. Just Ray's gf and Ray left RT/AH a while ago.

>>- Why has the internet done nothing to her yet?

Right now, even trying to spread the word of the horrible shit she's done seems so pointless. Her followers are too hanged up on the idea that she was apart of their savior(Monty)'s life. They'd refuse to see any bad in her because of her stupid logic of "Monty would want me to be happy; that's why I did all this".

No. 198898


I think you would need concrete proof of her being awful before you turn people againist her. Sure you won't get the die hard monty fans but they'll only be a handful compared to possibly the other 100 or 1k people who see the light

No. 198948

What's sad about this is that most of the "friends" she had are avoiding all of this because they want NOTHING to do with her, when they very well can provide the evidence we all need to make Shitna go down as she deserves.

No. 199072


Nicole can easily spin it as "friends who ae now jealous of my success" with a touch of "woe is me as I grieve"

I'm sure her "friends" could provide evidence but I think they would just rather not associate themselves with her or too chicken shit to do anything.

Easier to talk shit behind someone's back than call someone out on their bullshit

No. 199082

>implying any evidence shown of her being a backstabbing cunt in private chats won't be dismissed by her as edits.

No. 199219

Elaborate, anon. Hypothesize.

No. 199222

Or they could be waiting for her karma, like we are.

No. 199228


Not hard to explain upon, Bascially any evidence shown nicole can said how it's edited and how they're jealous of her success. Insert some 2deep4u paragraph and mention being a widow and viola you got people on your side again.

That will work on the die hard monty fans but the good news is you'll get people to at least question her and they start to get curious and maybe dig some more information

No. 199229

I still feel bad for the guy who just straight up asked where the money went on reddit but was completely shot down by so many of her supporters that she can use it for whatever she needs.

No. 199232


I do too, that person was asking it in a calm manner but yet everyone had to go "fuck off, it doesn't matter"

No. 199313

File: 1446528364818.jpg (50 KB, 486x76, sheena.jpg)

She just made this comment on Jessica Nigri's facebook.
Barf. Couldn't get farther up JNig's ass if she tried.

No. 199330


Man, at least be more subtle with your ass kissing

No. 199354

But, Shitna, you're NEVER down! :O Because as a black widow, you feed on others' support for your miserable antics. And it works, right? Stop playing nice, you know you're far from that.

Deliberate ass-kissing to keep people. smh

No. 199562

File: 1446595216326.jpeg (142.9 KB, 750x961, image.jpeg)

Huh. Want to read the stories about the people you hurt?

No. 199586


I died at: cosmic memories.

No. 199623

Where does she keep copying these statuses from?

No. 199628

It's hilarious, she's "friends" with a few people I know on facebook and she just leaves the most empty, overly affectionate ass-kissy comments on their statuses if they have any sort of internet popularity or authority.
She's so transparent.
Her Twitter is all just her rambling about nothing and desperately trying to give meaning to her meaningless existence. I feel like all this ~other people's cosmic memories~ bullshit is like passive aggressively targeting people who think she's dull and uninteresting and vapid as fuck because she knows they're right.

No. 199652

Jaden Smith

No. 199936

has she gained weight in her torso? what an unfortunate body

No. 199948

Sheena sounds like the kind of person to like inspirational quotes à la "don't let the haters get to you" and "if people make negative comments about your life, they're beneath you", all the while not realizing all the shitty stuff she's done.

No. 199957

You guys are missing the point that Monty never did or never said anything wrong to anyone and never mistreated his fans ever.

No. 199960


Monty has taught her well

No. 199968

At least Monty really was sincere and an angel.

No. 199970


Bait harder

No. 199978

Why are you claiming it's bait? Name one thing Monty did that was 'not cool'.

No. 199979

Haha, what? he was a beta idiot who got himself killed because he wanted sex with a white girl.

No. 199989


Don't bother with that beta, trying to bait you and all

No. 200360

File: 1446738400756.jpeg (41.33 KB, 539x960, received_1028463103873062.jpeg)

worst genetic combo ever seen
Sunken in eyes
No lips
Double chin
Massive ears

…at least her nose is decent

No. 200504


> What happened that she and Rundevinrun aren't best friends anymore?

No. 200513


I imagine its because rundevrin bf is friends with Nicole's ex so cue drama and taking sides

No. 200525

So are all of Nicole's victims friends now? Says a lot about what happened TBH

No. 200610


So much for "best friend." They had a long history of buddying up to each other and then stabbing each other in the back when they were friends. Nicole has ditched a lot of the people from her old life so I imagine one way or another Devin was bound to go. I'd love to know the specific incident that led them co tut ties, though.

No. 200763

Most of the defriending happend when Nicole went public with having cheated on her ex to be with Monty, which was soon before she moved in with him.

No. 200788

Lol don't turn this into a thread where we praise Monty or Shitna. There are specific threads for that. Gtfo of here.

I reckoned that she would cut ties with Devin. As far as I know, they worked together in DHX Media(?) when she was still in Canada. Everything just fell apart, perhaps, the more she started riding coattails and "chasing the dream". Lel. I can also just imagine Shitna starting to delete every ounce of her history on Facebook/elsewhere because she's a "saint."

She looks like a fucking shat-out dwarf playing dress-up and attempting to look young, let's be real here.

No. 200789

For anyone who has access to her Facebook, don't be shy — post ALL the juicy info here. ❤ We need them. You know?

No. 200806


Can I shit on monty instead?

No. 200812

No. 200824

File: 1446796339223.gif (4.47 KB, 498x116, roughlife.gif)

No. 200826

Boo fucking hoo. You have only yourself to blame for that, Nicole.

No. 200827

>her WCW is the girl who Johnny Junkers cheated on his long term GF with
l o l

No. 200834

Maybe she should just take a page from Davecat's book and buy a sex doll. At least she can't kill that.

No. 200919


No. 200921

Smh. Loser.

No. 200960


Wait, I thought she was living with sushimonster?

No. 201028

I thought so, too.

She at least helped Nicole move there but since she got there, I hardly see anything with the two of them doing anything now? Or I've missed it.

She seems to be gravitating more towards the GG people and uses Tina for Ray's fanbase.

No. 201031


Makes sense. Sushi monster cant do much to help increase her fame. I'm just surprised she didn't try for bigger fish

No. 201183

She is near Sushimonster but has a new apartment and is buying things for it now. She plans to upgrade to a better apartment in later months.

No. 201188


Hopefully immigration catches up to her soon

No. 201333

Vensy is a cosplayer, she worked at a studio that did the Overwatch props for Blizzard at Blizzcon and made an Arcade Misfortune cosplay that Jessica Nigri bought.

I really like her work but she seems to be hanging out with awful people lately :|

No. 201696

File: 1447013664121.png (74.15 KB, 598x564, wtf.png)

( aka: "i killed my husband & i'm proud of it" )

No. 201711


Nice to see monty bullshit tweets lives on

No. 201858

When will Nicole go public with Sam now that he's flying over to stay with her on Christmas?

No. 201859


They didn't break up?

No. 201860

I thought he wasn't able to raise enough money?

No. 201865

Holy shit Sam don't do it. From the pictures of them during and after what happened he'd still go for her? Sam, no. No.

On that note, was there any proof about her breaking up those two she was visiting? And did that happen ON her visit or PAX when they were also there together?

I don't know the timeline, I'm sorry.

No. 201998

heard from the LA scene this isnt the first time she tried to break up a couple anyways.

No. 202005


Do tell

No. 202022

Sam isn't going to see her they broke up. She flew him and his friends to Seattle in September. And they all stayed in the same hotel room, can tell from rikks exs Instagram posts. So she must of slept with rikk then and it's all come out when she came to England for worlds and they were all together. Rikks ex seems to be very vocal about things. And she had anon enabled on tumblr. Time to do some digging. Like that comment above. Her blogs deaddaysbrightnights.tumblr

No. 202027

Brave points to her for being so vocal. Please keep us updated if anything comes to light that can be screencapped and shown as evidence against Nicole's ways.

No. 202090


I hope nicole doesn't send in the betas to do her bidding

No. 202177

I swear this is the best fucking thread on lolcow

No. 202182


No. 202186

It's like a soap opera but better because it's real. It's got everything: sex, death with suspected intent, cheating, plastic surgery, excessive money, potentially illegal immigration, and more.

No. 202190

This sounds juicy, screens!

No. 202191

Those monthly donations meant for Monty and his family still rolling in.

No. 202202

This, above all things, is what pisses me the fuck off the most. She hasn't said shit about it nor closed it down and would rather leech money off of people who still think there's a chance Monty or his family can get better.

I don't think his biological family has seen a cent of whatever Nicole has gained yet she's moved to LA, went to UK twice, splurged on a ton of new shit, breast implants and other cosmetic surgery and mundane shit that she then begs for more money because she's being a selfish twat and spending it on frugal things.

Granted, an apartment isn't as frugal but the fact she's already looking to 'upgrade' is bullshit. Take what you can get in California and fucking save your money bitch.

I really wish gofundme would take it down but at least with it still up, Immigration can first hand see how much she got without her boo-fucking-hooing about it being a tampered screenshot.

Sorry for the tirade, this just pisses me off that it's even still going and it's almost been a year since his death and he's already dated and broken up hers and someone else's relationship through whoring it up.

No. 202236

I think you mean useless or unnecessary instead of frugal, but I still get what you mean. It's true, she needs to stop mooching off of people like that just because she can, it's totally disgusting and really shows the kind of person she is.

No. 202272


I think the worse thing about that GFM being up is even politely questioning why is it up is met with scorn from the RT community

No. 202322

how many anons really reported this black widow to immigration?

No. 202326


Reporting it to gofundme is pointless really, you need shit tons of valid proof of fraud happening, how you know this person and all that. I tried a couple of months ago and it's still there, she's milking cash off her dead husband's fans yet continues to go on expensive trips & cons, seriously what the fuck.

No. 202471

sounds like another reason added to why she has no canadian friends anymore. what a homewrecker

No. 202497

You guys better watch out for her. Since she digs into the SJW crowd (note the beta looking men) there might be chances of her becoming the next Zoe Quinn. She already scam people out of their money, cheats on her bf, and play the victim card of her dead husband. Now we wait for her to blame misogyny and tried to get the media to favor her.

No. 202503


I highly doubt that, she seems very low on the GGaters radar seeing how she doesn't do anything

No. 202811

She doesn't seem to realize how big what she has taken from us is. Monty was quite something to be honest.