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File: 1439315024379.png (208.14 KB, 339x340, HAES.png)

No. 156624

No. 156625

Old thread >21844

No. 156627

Sorry did not mean to portray I think I am fat I am average weight for my size. i post weight because I was thinking you lose these saddlebags with weight loss, since I do not want to lose weight (I would look retarded) I'm stuck with them. That's what I meant to say.

sorry for my bad english

No. 156629

It's not, that anon is just projecting and trying to get asspats/validation for their perfectly normal body

No. 156632

I'm the same anon lol, I seriously didn't know this was a normal thing. Sorry for coming off bad

No. 158015

File: 1439433555328.png (17.33 KB, 517x236, Untitled.png)

> shoplifting blogs = freedom of speech
> health blogs that feature photos of fit human beings instead of greasy hamplanets = banned


No. 158028

Tubblr has taken over. Hamerica the flabful!

No. 158030


No. 159538

File: 1439593813250.png (98.38 KB, 540x341, tumblr_nt2lvsGQrn1sq6fpoo1_540…)

No. 159553

>on my feet 4 hours a day
Wow! You're practically an athlete!

>I know HAES is true

>better than the medically-trained professional

>fatshaming is wrong!

>cried in my car for half an hour

No. 159657

>I politely told him to fuck off
In the next episode of things that didn't happen irl

This bitch is so stupid. A doctor asking her medical questions about her weight. Relating her knee issues to her WEIGHT is fat shaming?

fuck this world.

No. 160596


>This large study found optimum body mass indexes to be between 23.5 and 24.9 for men and 22.0 and 23.4 for women. As body mass index increased, risk of death increased. Men and women, with body mass indexes of 40.0 or higher, increased the risk of death by 250% and 200% respectively.
>There were much smaller increases in risk among underweight men and women.

Show this to chubby fucks who claim being over weight is healthier than being underweight.

No. 160627

>on my feet 4 hours a day
kek 4 hours isn't long at all and this is probably exaggerated. I work 12 hour shifts at a desk job but I stand at my desk for at least 8 hours, sometimes the whole shift. Our bodies are designed to stand/walk around all day unless you are a gigantic fatass.

I feel so sorry for doctors that have to deal with HAES idiots.

No. 160708

Well these HAES fatties seem to think they know more about medicine than doctors. Hoe dare this doctor assume her knee pain was related to her weight? She's healthy after all!

He saw an obese patient who was complaining about knee pain. It doesn't even take a doctor to put two and two together there. It's like these fatties won't even see the problem they have when they are 700 lbs and struggling for every breath.

No. 160714

>I s2g these fatasses

I work as a cashier for 6-8 hours a day and 4 hours is nothing. And most of my co-workers at central checkout are fat, and they don't complain. They're able to handle with good work shoes and whatnot.

No. 161480

File: 1439783388004.png (32.06 KB, 511x684, Untitled.png)

Tips for fatties

No need to exercise or anything, of course.

No. 161508

Or you could….you know.. Lose weight? That helps a ton.

No. 161520

File: 1439786069713.jpg (14.82 KB, 214x214, pppp.jpg)

>contouring double chin
Yeah, that'll work…

No. 161526

That Adachi pic is perfect. rofl

No. 161542

File: 1439788646086.jpg (7.22 KB, 180x200, fuck.jpg)

losing weight isn't THAT hard
i was getting a little fat. So i cut all pop and junk food and drank more water, and did some exercise. And that's it, I am almost at my goal weight.
and in the end being a bit overweight doesn't automatically make you ugly either, if you have decent personal hygiene, you aren't going to be treated like a circus animal or anything.
This is a whole new definition of lazy, holy shit. It reminds me of when feminists destroyed scales in a rally, it's just telling you your accurate weight, if you don't like what it says, it's your problem..

No. 161557

File: 1439789836937.jpg (81.23 KB, 500x500, Black.Swan.2010.1080p.BluRay.x…)

>This is a whole new definition of lazy, holy shit. It reminds me of when feminists destroyed scales in a rally, it's just telling you your accurate weight, if you don't like what it says, it's your problem..
Scales aren't that reliable tbh. A bloated, flabby starved 120lbs will look fat in comparison to a fit 145lbs. But if you're dieting or in the process of losing weight without lifting/running/etc, you won't see that and you'll feel like shit and think you haven't lost enough.
I don't agree with the fat acceptance movement or whatever, but following what the scale reads (as opposed to the actual shape your body is in) just isn't realistic.

No. 161563

Your entire post was pretty pointless though. People do need scales because it helps get them to a healthy weight. this isn't about starving yourself. wtf fattie

No. 161565

Not wanting to know your weight when you need to lose weight is really stupid though.

No. 161584

in the end of the day, it still tells you your accurate weight
scales don't lie, people just store fat differently.
It's still facts

No. 161587

Literally who mentioned starving yourself or glamorized being fat, you weird-ass ana?
All I'm saying is a number on a scale shouldn't be taken as progress or loss of progress. It's not hard to lose weight without a scale as long as you keep a close watch on your body. I've done it, ffs.

No. 161608

Som people have trouble to estimate what their weight might be.
I can never estimate my weight, if it wasn't for my scale I'd believe I was still obese. And you know you can't trust anyone to judge about this these days since no one wants to hurt your feelings.

No. 161610

It's funny because fatties seem willing to put in the effort for other shit (coconut oil for boob sweat kek), but are lazy about watching what they eat and exercising. Instead of taking the time to contour a double chin, they could use that energy to lose weight. But anything to avoid exercising and eating less, I guess.

While scales are imperfect, they do still give you a relatively decent indication of your your current health, especially when you are just beginning to work out. They shouldn't be the only tool used to indicate fitness level, but they do have a purpose.

And even if they can be a bit inaccurate at times, people making whole movements destroying scales seems more melodramatic than anything else. Scales aren't inherently evil. Those feminists could have focused on the root of the problem, like media with digitally-manipulated models or over-emphasis on a woman's looks over anything else she has to offer (even health). Destroying scales won't do much. They are still going to be used in doctor's offices.

No. 161611

I find it hard to trust the scale, mostly cause I keep thinking it's water weight I'm losing. But at least I'm better off than my fat friends, they constantly tell me how they've "lost 5 pounds!" in 3 days…it's just sad

No. 161613

you don't have to depend on a scale but it gives you the general idea of what weight you are and if you are losing or gaining
they aren't made by some patriarchy to lie to women. Why do you think they are used at doctors offices, if they "aren't telling the truth"?

No. 161614

if you have defined muscles and are 200 pounds
you are still 200 pounds
deal with it, goddamn

No. 161873

Doctors just use scales to oppress and fat-shame! It's very problematic.

No. 162019

That's why you have to weigh weekly and you'll know it's not water weight if you keep losing/gaining weight.

No. 162035

I do, but still find it hard to trust because I don't see the changes in my body the scale reflects. That's why I'm considering weighing myself once a month

No. 163053

File: 1439906098249.jpg (107.57 KB, 555x641, image.jpg)

Saw this on my twitter feed today.

No. 163083

I do think the body acceptance movement has a legitimate purpose. Like for healthy weight women who feel the pressure to starve themselves to a thinner size. It would also be great, as the image says, if more focus were put on breast cancer survivors, etc.

But I hate so much that it has turned into a movement solely for fat people. Being fat shouldn't be something people should accept. It is unhealthy and will eventually lead to medical problems.

No. 163171


well, after having to watch a fatty's class assignment that ended with a sledgehammer to her scale, I agree that it's totally melodrama. the girl said the scale was a symbol of all the people who made fun of her in school for being fat in her shitty small town, she had even written some of the things they said about her on it.

while a presentation like this would be considered artsy and brave and "yaaassss girl yaaassss", all it really showed me was that some people have a stupidly hard time letting go of things. she moved from her judgy small town to a big city notorious for accepting progressive ideals (San Francisco) and she really has every opportunity to turn a new leaf and start fresh.

the assignment was make a presentation that represents yourself; many people talked about a combination of their cultures, families, interests, what they want to do with their lives, etc. this girl just made it 100% about her weight.

and I find that a bit sad.

No. 163257

Bad idea. Studies show that people who weigh themselves more often tend to weigh less. When you're seeing how your weight fluctuates from day to day, it'll give you more motivation and make you less tempted to sneak in extra meals/snacks or slack on your exercise regimen. It might hurt to see your weight go up and not realizing why at first, but then you can figure out where to adjust.

Weigh yourself at LEAST weekly. Personally I weigh myself once a day in the morning before breakfast. Don't worry about how your body looks, just how your clothes fit; often you will gain weight when first starting an exercise regimen, but you'll probably notice your clothes feeling looser. Others will see the change before you.

I used to be 50lbs heavier and my fear of the scale was my biggest obstacle. I hated that confirmation that I was indeed a fatty. Getting over it is the best thing you can do for yourself. People are always like weight's just a number etc., and it is, but knowing exactly where you stand is a lot more conducive to weight loss.

tldr; don't be afraid of the scale and weigh yourself often.

No. 163271

> told him to fuck off
> cried in my car for half an hour


No. 163293

lmao that made me laugh

No. 163369

These titp stories always end up with crying in a car kek

No. 163933

That sums it up.

No. 163935

>b-b-but fat people aren't just about their weight!!1

Said every fat and obese person ever.

No. 163937

rofl I love you

No. 164043

File: 1439994478118.png (325.69 KB, 729x500, Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 10.2…)

No. 164055

This is true though. If your mental health is shit, it will likely still be shit after you lose weight. Your physical health might improve, but you'll not magically be happy.

No. 164419

Kinda off topic but I have scoliosis and standing for 4 hours can be very painful. But on my back, not my knees. Anyways HAES is bullshit and this girl is so fat the oxygen to her brain is getting cut off and she can't accept logic. Young knee pain is almost always caused by excess weight

No. 164429

You are happier when you're thin though. And every since I started working out 2-3 times a week, I've noticed I've been getting less depressed. These fatties are so delusional.

No. 164430

No. 164431

What works for your mental health doesn't necessarily work for everyone else, anon.

No. 164826

File: 1440040311837.png (113.01 KB, 417x606, 23_30.png)

vanity sizing: another way for oversensitive Americans to deny how grossly overweight many of us are

No. 164837

Also a good image for people who bring up Marilyn Monroe's dress size to defend their fat

No. 164882


MM had a 22.5 inch waist, and inches haven't been vanity sized. Keep reminding the fatties of that.

No. 164906

I fit a "1958's size 12" measurements but I actually do wear a size 12…? What store are they testing? I'm not trying to defend fatties because I know vanity sizing is real, but you can just look at clothing patterns for more accurate old sizing.

No. 165173

so true!

Former fatty here, I am much happier now than I was when i was fat. I didn't even realise being fat made me so unhappy until I lost weight since I tried to tell myself I was happy with my weight.

No. 165175

This confuses me so much. I usually wear S in stores but when I look up my measurements online it says I have M. Like for the brand "only" I had to wear XS because even S was too big, when I look it up online later it says I should have M.

Also, the 1958 give me same size for my waist and bust, the current sizing gives me 6 sizes difference!
I've read that people used to have a more outspoken hourglass figure though.

No. 165188

>boob sweat smelliness

And no. For the love of all that is holy do not wear crop tops is you are a fatty. I was stuck behind a a landwhale a few summers ago that was moving like a snail down a narrow walkway to the hospital. It was really hot and she smelled horrible. She had on a teeny crop top and booty shorts about three sizes too small. Her underarms and thighs were caked with baby powder and she was sweating buckets. As soon as cars stopped coming down the lot I immediately got around her. I couldn't stand it anymore.

So no, you can't get away with wearing that. This woman was just lucky I was polite. Other people may have laughed at her. Or vomited from the smell.

HAES is really just about fat blobs. Body positive=fat positive. It's insane. No matter what they say anout including others as well, that's it. It's all about fatties elevating each other to beautiful, sexy and healthy for the sole purpose of deluding themselves for another day.

No. 165207

Very few people can pull off crop tops. Fatties are in the zero percent that can.

No. 166089

found a video today you guys will love :^)

No. 166099

File: 1440150790227.jpg (85.28 KB, 938x371, tumblr_njs0s5d5Th1tl67puo1_128…)

No. 166100

File: 1440151112621.jpg (58.28 KB, 638x960, raptist.jpg)

No. 166101

File: 1440151154233.jpg (461.69 KB, 738x748, tumblr_n99tx6RVFc1ti09w9o7_128…)

No. 166109


You're hurting muh feels, anon! You shouldn't forget that fatties' skin needs to stretch much harder, much thinner.

>mfw having thick skin is thin privilege

No. 166113

>fatties skin needs to stretch
>thin skin
Is this why fatties are so quick to get offended?

No. 166125

And into the thinspo folder it goes
Maybe. Or maybe it's the fat cutting off oxygen to their brain

No. 166729

File: 1440231193266.gif (499.2 KB, 476x360, tumblr_lzpaj479Gr1r5fhv3.gif)

No. 166745

Why did the artist feel the need to bring race into things?

No. 166747

File: 1440233485416.gif (152.26 KB, 500x516, 1433222676214.gif)

Lots of articles being written on Project Harpoon.

No. 166749

it's a black and white comic with cartoon style people, how are you seeing race?

No. 166752

The artist is just showing sjw hypocrisy, I doubt it reflects how the author feels.

No. 166788

Because whiteness is one of the four deadly sins. The other three are being straight, cis, and male.

No. 166790

Are you one of those "I'm totally colorblind tee hee" people, or just pretending to be dense?
>fatty in comic is clearly brown

No. 166811

File: 1440245686698.gif (1.57 MB, 640x324, 1373630365447.gif)

to be fair, she's really, really light grey. she could just be tan for all i know.

No. 166815

she's…probably not brown.

No. 166842

>is white, but has darker skin than everyone else in the comic and complains about "white bitches"
Seems sensible.

No. 166858

But at that point it's just a mental illness and not the cause of a circumstance

No. 167001

File: 1440261756146.png (45.99 KB, 729x937, what-fat-people-actually-belie…)

This is disgusting, and not even one reblog that calls this shit out.

No. 167015

>Acknowledge that fat people get eating disorders too.
I mean, being fat literally IS an eating disorder. It's life-threatening and rooted in grossly unhealthy eating habits based on mental issues.
You can't shit on a severely emaciated person whose organs are on their last legs and can't move around without a wheelchair for being unhealthy, but insist someone who can't even sleep on their back without fear of their own fat crushing their organs and (similarly) can't move around without a scooter/wheelchair is totally healthy.
If the whole HAES movement were a bunch of girls and women who starved themselves and wanted to have anorexia/anorexia nervosa taken out of the DSM and no longer be considered a mental illness/health-endangering condition, the whole world would be in an uproar.

No. 167027

>fear mongering around "childhood obesity"
please let this person not have kids please let this person not have kids please let this person not have kids

No. 167035

with any luck they're too fat to get pregnant, once you reach a certain point you stop menstruating.

No. 167039

I think it's natural selection at work. It works the other way around too, under a certain body fat percentage you stop having periods as well. Isn't the human body amazing?
Also sorta a tangent but an anon in another HAES thread said something about it being difficult to prepare the bodies of fat people for display at funerals and cremation and some of the stories there made me kinda glad I didn't become a medical examiner. I had seriously consider that career path but can you imagine how annoying it would be to preform an autopsy on a morbidly obese body? Peeling away all that fat to reveal crushed and damaged organs. Also I learned that if the heart is about the size of the stomach, it means the person was so fat that it was putting massive strain on the cardiovascular system

No. 167058


>don't say the word obesity

>don't engage in pro-diet talk
>don't talk about thin as smthg good

Etc. which means, fuck your aesthetic preferences for thin people! Don't have your own will to want to diet! Don't believe doctors! Don't have a mind of your own

No. 167540

File: 1440332687034.jpg (70.18 KB, 980x490, landscape-1440195595-7076-1egc…)


Huehuehue we need to make some and post them on twitter/tumblr/wherever kids go these days.

No. 167543


Cosmo calling out "body shaming" LOL what's life

No. 167551

> Dont hold up health as the be all of everything
Oh lawdy lawd…

No. 167569

I don't get why they're so butthurt. Shooping athletic female game characters into fatties is fine. But shooping fatties thin is not?


The comparisons are amazing. This is what they could look like if they cared about themselves. No matter how much they asspat each other about how sexy and fabulous they are, the truth is that most men don't find obesity attractive. No amount of whining is going to change that.

No. 167585

>her face on that body

Sorry, her face suits a larger woman. Not saying obesity is great, but it looks out of place on a smaller build.

No. 167602

why are they so mad? do these people know what trolling is? this is a pretty harmless prank as far as internet pranks go. writing shitty butthurt articles will only incite them further.

No. 168225


My abusive momster is a landwhale with a "pretty face". Every time I see Tess Munster in all her morbid besity I get triggered. brb reporting her to faceboom for abusive content.

No. 168230

File: 1440387156216.jpg (61.9 KB, 686x515, a801c2_26711f779ccf49c7890ae9a…)


This one is really good, but her feet still look flattened and broadened by her weight. It's like a normal girl in hobbit feet cosplay covers.

No. 168234

I don't think it's really a prank, it's a cultural response to the prevalence of obesity and the increasing efforts to normalize/accept it

No. 168317

if she'd lose weight, her face would change too.

No. 168329

>everything I am completely unattracted to in one video


No. 168330

>made tess look like a human being
Okay. Were we ever expecting intelligence from Cosmo though?

No. 168331

It is the most hypocritical thing yet. They shoop out moles, wrinkles, even give already thin women thinner arms and legs, BUT– how DARE 4chan shoop Tess thinner?

It's seriously the pot calling the kettle black.

No. 168390


I hate FA drama, but I'd still pork her without a second thought.

No. 168404

File: 1440420076627.jpg (364.22 KB, 410x1184, britney_spears_cosmopolitan_ph…)


if that were really true, the movement would focus on fat pig males along with hambeast females. i've seen many times where obese men would justify their fatness by saying they are thick-boned, "strong fat," etc. my overweight brother eats four meals in one sitting because he "doesn't want the food to get cold." an actual movement that makes a statement on the prevalence of obesity would focus on the entire fat population.

at the end of the day, it is still only trolling. schoolboys pissing off some easily triggered feminists. entertaining to watch, but it is pretentious to think this will have any sort of social impact.

>It is the most hypocritical thing yet. They shoop out moles, wrinkles, even give already thin women thinner arms and legs, BUT– how DARE 4chan shoop Tess thinner?
cosmo is probably trying to gain points among the sjws. companies only appeal to this kind of shit when it means people might buy their products for being "body positive." they really don't give a fuck. it's just a marketing ploy- all bs at the end of the day.

No. 168405

Haha. Her left arm on the top photo is melting into her chest.

No. 168412

Wow, it is too. How did they think this was passable PS?
What even does getting rid of the crease between her chest and her arm on it achieve? Why is that considered unattractive?
I don't even understand. It just ended up making her look deformed, like she's growing an arm out of the middle of her chest.
That waist as well.

No. 168445

File: 1440426243493.jpg (11.74 KB, 320x240, 7066-26301.jpg)

damn thats pretty good. but imagine being catfished by someone with that level of PS wizardry..

No. 178714

File: 1442022271318.jpg (185.53 KB, 711x738, IMG_20150911_084110.jpg)

Posting land whale this to bring this thread back. I miss it. She has enough shit to make a thread about her, but I'm too damn lazy to start it.

No. 178719

I can't believe people keep buying Cosmo magazines. Fucking why

No. 178760

"no such thing as unflattering angles." uh huh. how cute.

No. 178769

every time i see tess shooped to have a normal human's arms it's like a breath of fresh air

No. 179534

File: 1442200852956.png (30.63 KB, 212x204, 5xpLpa0.png)

No. 179537

what the hell am I reading??

No. 179542

>it’s an unfunny and cruel fat-shaming video that guises itself about being about ‘health’. Its fat phobic and awful
>It went on for over for six minutes. I felt like I had been punched in the gut.
>Bullies like Nicole Arbour are the reason I am making this movie

The butthurt from fatties just from someone telling them the truth is bretty funny.

No. 179566

Fatphobic is such a stupid term, i swear. ugh

No. 179571

The video is really infunny, but lossing her job over it? Now that's retarded.

No. 179577

Is that even legal tbh?

No. 179580

>at the end of the day, it is still only trolling.
maybe, but it could still be a reaction to the haes shit. also let's be real most of HAES is women.

No. 179583


She said on twitter that she'd never been involved in the film anyway. So, some stupid director is just trying to ~make a stand~ and promo their movie.

No. 179596

File: 1442220492423.jpg (478.89 KB, 1512x1512, Wtf.jpg)

This fb is a gold mine

No. 179608


>5 minute Wikipedia search

>I'm a psychopath guize!!!
>Claims to be a psychopath yet openly and publically shares that fact

No. 180982

>they want you to ride their face


No. 181012

She looks like the deformed offspring of a pig and a bulldog.

No. 183803

This stupid annoying cunt oh my fuck

No. 183804


No. 183807

On the berg of tears

No. 183810


>F*ck your feelings

>Spends entire video BAWWWWWWing about her feelings

No. 183811

This bitch needs to lower her voice oh my fuck.

No. 183814

File: 1442789513341.gif (620.75 KB, 440x247, angry-rila.gif)


>Those eyebrows

She reminds me of Raven Sparks a little
How old is this bitch? She talks like an edgy 14 year old

No. 183817

No. 183820

No. 183822

No. 183876

File: 1442798134066.png (99.54 KB, 500x327, fatty boom boom.png)

Fatty's Muh alternutiv make-up company is in danger, oh noes!

Now that she has no money, you'll probably never see anything you buy.

>I personally wouldn't recommend ordering from this company. The owner is incredibly unprofessional and has been personally unprofessional to me. I disclosed that I did not want to purchase from them in the comments of a tumblr and the owner commented back asking if I was someone who was disgruntled due to possibly being rejected from receiving product from them and going 'crazy'. I had no encounters with the owner before so it was quite ridiculous to have been accused of that.

>I can't recommend ordering from this company either. The owner has drama issues. The pictures on the site look gorgeous, they remind me of Femme Fatale's photos. However, when I get a Femme Fatale shadow, it looks exactly like the photo. The Mon Ennui shadows do not. I assume she's tweaking them in photoshop.

>Like the other posters, I would not re-purchase from this brand. I wrote a sort of neutral review (neither negative nor positive) of one of their products and the owner took to facebook to write about how I am bad at makeup and that's the only reason I didn't love her product.

She actually steals other make-up artists' pics and pretends those were done with her "make up". Lord save us from thieving fatties:

>This submitter is referring to the earlier ViviEnnuiFails post about Vivi Ennui stealing photos from makeup artist and blogger Catherine Gajewsk, aka KatOsu. [Read Here] Vivi Ennui blatantly reposted a KatOsu photo, likely from Beautylish, and told customers via Facebook that the makeup look was a “stunning way to wear Year of the Pig.” The photo only received a few comments, but they were very favorable, and when one reader asked Vivi what other colors were used in the look, her question was ignored.


No. 183877

File: 1442798245778.jpg (17.97 KB, 218x300, vivi-ennui-218x300.jpg)

No. 183879


First the Munster hog with her t-shirts, and now this one? Are all enterprising fatties con artists?

No. 183880

File: 1442798472587.jpg (58.57 KB, 500x384, fupa con.jpg)

No. 183881

File: 1442798529865.png (57.11 KB, 500x190, poor fupas noone loves them.pn…)


It appears so. They'll hog your money in Reno, Frisco, they'll hog it anywhere.

No. 183882



> This is my response: cries nonstop for the entire video

No. 183883

File: 1442798634621.jpg (121.13 KB, 540x540, fupa revival.jpg)

No. 183884


Crying on camera and asking for money. I've seen porn like that with much more attractive people.

No. 183885


oh my fucking gods. Instead of closing the tab or walking away from the computer, they have time to make a response to a video they could've so easily ignored. Instead of putting that time and effort into actually losing weight. I hate fatties. they are most self entitled pieces of shits.

No. 183887


This board isn't that fast, you know. When you make a bunch of posts one minute after each other, we can tell you're samefagging. This girl sounds like a cunt but slow down lol

No. 183890


I'm so excited and I just can't hide it

No. 183893

No. 183906

Hey fatso, how ya been?

No. 183931

File: 1442818260954.png (665.12 KB, 517x577, 02_47.png)

Is fat a gender?

No. 183939

I'll assume any gender I want. I'm a chameleon!

No. 183949


The fatter you get the more genderless blob you become. Obese women? Full of PCOS, random hair, and infertility. Add random mold for that fat cunt smell. Feminine! Obese men? Full of metabolic syndrome, walking heart attacks, and buried penis that no one in their right mind wants to dig for. Add a nice ringbeard to rend the illusion of a jawline, and a layer of cheetos dust. Now that's a real man!

No. 183951

>Add random mold for that fat cunt smell.

Is that a thing?

No. 183952

File: 1442830821716.jpg (102.81 KB, 499x1183, mayonnaise.jpg)

>pic related
Old but gold.

I think fungus infectios are a thing. Imagine a FUPA full of skin desease. Not gonna smell nice.

No. 183953


Yes, there's a documentary with an obese twelve year old girl, and she complains of how the fungus infection between her rolls burns and itches. But HAES, y'all!

No. 183955

What is a FUPA? I assume googleing that might make me feel sick.

No. 183956

Name of the documentary, please?

Fat Upper Pussy Area. Basically if your gut gets so fat the rolls hang over your lady parts. Google it for pictures if you dare.

No. 183959

Thanks. I'd rather not google that. It reminds me of Quirkys horrible nudes.

No. 183963

File: 1442839098777.jpg (95.62 KB, 500x398, 1187432001_852c1dd9e8.jpg)

I googled it for you.

No. 183992

File: 1442849545683.jpg (38.56 KB, 529x511, 1442848125015.jpg)

>I love this pic so goddamn much

No. 183995

Every time I see that bitch on the bottom I rage.
Top one is a qt pie though.

No. 183999

File: 1442850462525.jpg (118.29 KB, 1000x746, 1435160546-buzzfeed-kristin.jp…)

same here her body shape is just…ugh I can't even describe it.

No. 184000

Is the chick on the bottom buying things that are smaller than her size on purpose? She could still dress herself for her size but if she insists on wearing a couple sizes smaller than herself she needs to lose weight.

No. 184001

File: 1442850672961.png (233.33 KB, 495x490, Screenshot 2015-09-22 at 12.49…)

No. 184002

it was a vid about 'one size fits all clothing' iirc. Not quite sure though

No. 184003

Yeah it was about one size fits all clothing
>should've been one size fits normal sized people

No. 184006


>Hikes all pants and skirts 2 inches above belly button

No. 184007

She has these odd hanging folds that form so strangely, particularly in her gut. It's so fucking disgusting.
You can't have such a grossly deformed body with lumps and dangling rolls bulging out and expect clothes made for average proportions to fit well.

No. 184008

She can't even reach her hip like the model does, jfc.
I bet she was out of breath just from standing there with her arm above her head.

No. 184009

Great message, but tbh the girl on the top could stand to lose 15-20 lbs too.

No. 184010

File: 1442852228320.gif (845.96 KB, 500x270, mean-girls-shut-up-regina-geor…)

She looks fine. She'd look emaciated if she lost 15-20lbs.

No. 184012

File: 1442852369371.png (172.47 KB, 486x441, 108iok.png)

Here we fucking go, there's always a spoopy ana-chan who doesn't even think the already thin girls are thin enough.
You're sick and probably have an ED if you think a girl this size needs to lose 15-20lbs.

No. 184013

Are you American/UK/Australian by any chance?

Size 0 at most American stores is a 24'' waist, which is thin on a 5'9+ model but really not if you're 5'3. If you're below 5'5 or so, your waist really shouldn't be over 22 inches. I mean, look at her thick mom arms and her thighs.

No. 184014

oh, you haven't seen the "lose weight" thread then. Everyone must be less than 100lb to be ok

No. 184015

are you Aly, by any chance?

No. 184016

>look at her thick mom arms and her thighs
You are deluded. Seriously. Seek help.

No. 184017



No. 184022

are you the same spoopy who stirred shit in the venus thread? pls go throw up somewhere else

No. 184035

There's nothing brave about looking like a fool.
There are just some fashion trends that you need to accept won't look good on you, no matter if you're a normal weight or overweight/obeast

No. 184046

troll somewhere else please

No. 184079

File: 1442861774707.jpg (Spoiler Image, 783.13 KB, 1500x2000, excellent.jpg)

Yeah. Those American fatties. Don't they know this is ideal?

No. 184255

Oink oink MOOOOO

No. 184256

I tried to wipe the dirt from my screen, then realized it was part of her filthy wall. what a dirty room.

No. 184257

Her ass would look like that if she were fat, too. Stop making excuses for yourself you cow.

No. 184259

File: 1442888467478.jpg (206.78 KB, 937x1400, 6hDPspd.jpg)

It's telling that you had to use a pic of a middle aged, methed-up prostitute as your example of an unattractive thin woman.

Yep, skinny people look gross when they're old and addicted to drugs - no shit.

But fat people look gross all the time.

No. 184267

I read that article and every pic was like that. She also mentioned a few times that she tugged her shirt down a lot. So obviously she was uncomfortable and knew it looked bad. But she had to do it for the fatty movement. If anything this proved the magazine article about crop tops being for thin women right.

No. 184270

12 years old?? Why hasn't child services stepped in?

No. 184271

Woman in top row is cutie. I hate that fat bitch on the bottom. she's disgusting and she shouldnt try to wear people clothing.

No. 184273

It's not just against rules of fashion. It's the law of the land.

No. 184275

Wow. Who is this model?

No. 184282

That was just the most relevant image I had I already had saved on this computer. And middle aged? She's probably like 30. I'm not saying that being fat is good, but when this one chick is saying that anyone under 5'5" is shouldn't have a waist exceeding 22 inches, that's a bit unrealistic. Then again, this is coming from a fatty-chan with a 26" waist.

No. 184283

Vlada. That's not even her at her skinniest.

Is it really that unrealistic? I mean, those proportions aren't common these days because of our obesity problem, but 50 years ago they would be. Shorter people's bodies are scaled down and that means their waist measurements should be smaller. People don't seem to understand this, they think that because a 25 inch waist is skinny on a 5'11 girl, that a 5'1 girl with a 25 inch waist is thin too.

No. 184284

File: 1442892511226.jpg (82.22 KB, 612x952, zz.jpg)

Uh, yeah. It literally depends on bone structure. Like, check out Tara; despite being 'shockingly thin' according to tabloid headlines, her waist is still thick.

No. 184287

Tara Reid is forty fucking years old and has had botched liposuction. Not even remotely a relevant example.

No. 184291

I don't think they'd put fat back in, even with a botched lipo. I'm not saving more pics to convince you of shit. You have your own ideas that you're convinced of. Can never reason with anorectics.

No. 184296

Your body shape and fat distribution changes as you get older, even if you're thin. I think it's pretty obvious that I'm referring to younger people here, although I guess it's hard for autistic people not to take things literally. Keep on thinking that anyone who disagrees with America's fucked up standards of "health" is anorexic.

No. 184298

Her knees bother me so much. She looks really hard for 40 years old.

No. 184301

She wouldn't even look bad if she were wearing a one piece.

Women who can't accept that they don't have an 18 year old's bikini body anymore peeve the hell out of me.

No. 184303

Seriously. Nothing wrong with wearing a one piece either. There's some cute shit out there. Bikinis in general are suited to a small number of people.

No. 184318

Same. That pic of Tara is an extreme example, but I see 23-25 year olds trying to pull off bikinis all the time and it's just sad. Bodies age, people have to accept that. No one's going to be hot forever.

No. 184327

File: 1442899859979.png (1.06 MB, 641x951, 1431988712630.png)

According to lolcow:

-no one can wear bikinis over the age of 23
-no one below 5'5" should weigh over 100 lbs– 100 lbs is chubby
-no one below 5'5" should have a waist above 22"
-you aren't a real woman if you aren't 5'6", firm tits, 95 pounds and exercise daily (with a 20" waist and a great diet.)

And if you disagree, well you are obviously just a fat American. Did I get it right?

>tfw no #assholegap

No. 184328

Unhealthy unrealistic body standards

No. 184330

>no one can wear bikinis over the age of 23
>no one below 5'5" should weigh over 100 lbs– 100 lbs is chubby
>no one below 5'5" should have a waist above 22"
>you aren't a real woman if you aren't 5'6", firm tits, 95 pounds and exercise daily

Are you letting the opinions of strangers hurt your feelings? I'm original anon who posted >>184301, but the reason why older women (not necessarily 23 but it's definitely situational) shouldn't wear bikinis is because they have saggy, wrinkly, lumpy looking stomachs. Tara's case is made worse by the obvious work she's had done to retain her figure. Though none of that would matter if she chose to wore stuff that would flatter her.
I'd be just as disturbed if I saw some 280 pound woman try to squeeze into a bikini. It's just not flattering.

As for the rest of that stuff I agree that some people on lolcow have unreasonable standards, but we're not a hivemind. I generally don't care what size someone is as long as they 1) Have an appealing personality and 2) Dress for their body type and look good to the best of their capacity.

I always thought the main reason why people had it out for Tess is because 1) She's a fucking bitch 2) She squeezes into shit that doesn't suit her and 3) She tries to convert others into her lifestyle and never shuts up about it. If it was about her purely being obeast then I think we all know at least one that we could bring lolcow to shitpost, but it takes a special kind of someone to be a lolcow. Her being as big as a house is just the icing on the shit sundae.

No. 184338

File: 1442902239582.gif (1.04 MB, 500x551, 1432086269347.gif)

>posts buttblasted tl;dr reply
>says my feelings are hurt

have you considered accepting pixyteri into your life as your lord and savior?

No. 184353

….whatever led you to that? Whatever you say anon? I like PT I guess.

No. 184356

pt actually looks somewhat skinny/not that fat at the beginning of the gif

No. 184357

ah Kirsten, always with that stupid expression making it super obvious how insecure she is and trying to laugh it away with "funny" faces.

Is this an American thing? I almost never see people with crop tops here in Europe except on the beach or with something under it. Wearing only a crop top seems pretty tacky to me, even for thin people.

No. 184359

>I like PT I guess
>I guess

Get out.

No. 184361

No. 184364

>Also, lèse-majesté is strictly forbidden. Don't insult the queen. The board is called /pt/ for a reason.

excuse u

No. 184366

>not liking our dearest Queen
>on a board named after her
shiggy diggy doo

No. 184376

Mainly stupid teenagers who want to look 'older' wear croptops. They look dumb on anyone not thin and not at the beach.

No. 184382

GUAAAAAARDS! (or admin)

No. 184394

I'd rather see a thin 40 year old in a bikini instead of a big fat teenage piggy. I've seen enough teenage girls who are fat but still want to dress just like their thin friends.

No. 184412

Jesus Christ, the salt. We get you're a fat fuck who thinks spewing your pro-ana shit is gonna make us think you're not a fatty, but please, take it to another thread.

No. 184417

lol why do fat people think that anyone who likes to be skinny is pro-ana

No. 184419

Try harder, fatty.

No. 184420

do you want to stop projecting and tell me why promoting a healthy body type is pro-ana? it's most likely worse to encourage someone to be on the middle or high end of the BMI scale, since 30% of people with a "healthy" BMI are actually obese by their body fat percentage! it's quite hypocritical to call other people fatties when you are a fatty yourself!
i know it makes you feel really bad to learn that your 5'3 115 lbs frame isn't as perfectly thin as you thought, but you can do something about it, you know? instead of tearfully slamming the keyboard to call anyone with normal ideas about weight a pro-ana fatty, try going for a run once in a while and not eating all those burgers.

No. 184443


I bet Tara Reid isn't thick around the middle as much as bloated. Bitch need to stop scarfing carbs, and needs to rely on the gym instead of a plastic surgeon.

No. 184449

5'3 115lbs here.
Never eat fast food, low fat diet, don't drink soda, excercise 4+ a week, 20% fat percentage. Weight is not a good indicator, sorry.

No. 184453

LOL but when has anyone claimed that it was thin?? You have some issues bud, call me a fatty as much as you want but it seems to melike yyou're the one with the disordered relationship with food.

Sage because this OT is fucking ridiculous.

No. 184457

Jw but is it just you furiously trying to prove to everyone that being 115 pounds is disgustingly overweight, or is it a joint effort between many samefags?

We get it. You think that a medically average weight is fat. Everyone who weighs over 100 pounds is fat. I don't think anyone has ever tried to prove that being 115 pounds is 'thin,' it's just not. But there's a whole range between 'thin' and 'obese landwhale' that you just aren't considering.

But you know what, sure. I'll take your word for it. Every woman over 5'5" should have a 22" in. waist or smaller and should weigh 95 pounds or less (and even then, she won't be 'thin'.) And if you disagree, you are an American shoveling hamburgers furiously into your mouth. Okay, anon. Whatever helps you sleep at night.

No. 184474

congrats you don't understand statistics. you're like the hambeasts who say arnold schwarzenegger weighs 250 lbs and he's fit, therefore you can't say "weighing 250 lbs is unhealthy and unattractive" even though it's right 99% of the time
~health at every size~

btw how was your bf% measured? by a scale? by an online calculator? because if it's not done by a doctor it's fucking worthless

you say you're on a low fat diet - so presumably you eat a shit ton of carbs. i bet you eat lots of sugary fruit because fruit is good for muh health even though it has as much sugar as candy lmao.

No. 184501

could you shake your salty cunt so i could get some salt on my mozzarella, thanks

No. 184595

File: 1442957775896.png (809.31 KB, 625x1284, salty fat fraudster cat hair.p…)

This fat cunt Vivi Ennui, who sells eye make up with cat hair in it, is really salty about some poor bitch offering her support.

No. 184601

File: 1442959470338.gif (1.16 MB, 225x400, tumblr_novtygtRcK1qjm4rbo1_250…)


No. 184602

File: 1442959512745.gif (1.66 MB, 225x400, tumblr_novtygtRcK1qjm4rbo2_250…)

No. 184603

The black PT

No. 184606

File: 1442960076357.gif (1.95 MB, 480x320, 1442096523070.gif)

No. 184611

Weird question, but how to fatties like this sit on a toilet comfortably?

No. 184612

File: 1442960721535.jpg (32.47 KB, 183x330, 914455_304482629733142_2097752…)


her thighs are like a rack of kebab meat from a paki takeaway

No. 184613

whhhhy do fat black women do this and think they're cute? bitch no.

No. 184640

File: 1442963379484.png (9.89 KB, 262x333, 207234K.png)

No. 184688


They don't, they break them and leave shitstains. That's why you never let a fatty into your house.

No. 184689


Well I remember on one occasion, I was with a student, and we were medicating our patients, and we came up to one order on the medication chart, and it said "pessary", and I was like what is that? Then I looked at what route to give it, and it said "PV", and I said to my student "what on earth? I've never even heard of that before". I was used to seeing "PO" (per oral), or "PR" (per rectal), or "IV" (intravenous) or "IM" (intramuscular).

So I was standing there thinking wtf, what is PV.

We opened the box, and there were these massive pellet/bullet looking things.

I said to my student "why is it so big? Someone would choke on that!!"

Then the patient overheard me. She was an obese Indian lady heifer, laying there staring at the tv, stuffing her face with junk food.

She turned and looked at me with her diabetic bloodshot eyes, and said "no love, I don't swallow that, that goes in my vagina".

Then I realised that's what "PV" stood for….per vaginal.

Then I said to her "oh, do you want us to leave it in the bathroom for you, and you can pop it in when you're next going to the toilet?" And she said "no, I can't put it in myself, I can't reach there, I can't even clean myself there, you'll have to do it for me."

My heart sank. She was there for an out of control UTI (urinary tract infection), which meant the room already smelt of rotting urine and fish.

So I glanced at my student, and said in a hopeful tone "you don't have to do one of these as a competency do you?", however she replied "haha, no", and smiled at me, with silent sympathy, as she understood why I was hoping that she could do it instead, but also appeared to be relieved that she didn't have to do it.

So with a heavy heart, I said "okay, we'll do it together".

I drew the curtain, and asked the lady to part her legs. She did, but all we could see were the rolls of fat on her legs. They were all sweaty.

So I asked my student to help hold the rolls out of the way, then I finally found her vagina, by lifting the plump sweating mound above it, and keeping her Labia open with my fingers.

Fortunately I'd double gloved.

The smell was putrid. It literally smelt like a fish market. There was white caked gunk all around it, with a yellow discharge.

I literally felt like vomiting.

There I was, getting ready to put it in, with my finger, dreading it, then the patient piped up, saying "oh there's an applicator stick for that, it's in the drawer next to my bed".

She reached for it and handed it to me.

It had dried gunk all over it, it clearly hadn't been washed since the previous few times of use.

I noticed by then that my students arms were starting to shake. She was tiring from holding the rolls out of the way.

I connected rhea pessary on the end of the stick, and pushed it in. As I did so, some more yellow fluid seeped out of her vagina.


No. 184693

No. 184706


I'm so sorry Anon.

No. 184803


>excuse me while I go vomit anon

No. 184806


Why did I eat before reading this. Why.

No. 184807

File: 1443007942607.jpg (174.43 KB, 1300x1003, image.jpg)

Holy shit anon

No. 184817

how did you get to become a nurse without knowing what a pessary is?

No. 184828


You'd be surprised at how bad nurse students are at studying. Some just barely make a passing grade, and they're set loose on the public anyway.

Many nurses are way ignorant and positively dangerous to patients because they're not just very bright, it's also a very, very fat, lazy and entitled profession.

No. 184829


If there are boys in this thread they're all gay now. Hoyay!

No. 184830

My Brother and I usually just call it a Gunt, i.e a Gut Cunt.

No. 184832

File: 1443018549676.png (722.96 KB, 688x768, our foundation is string chees…)


It's panniculus in medical jargon (or meat apron), but frontbutt in the vernacular. I've seen some Hamerican obeasts sport a double frontbutt, and a triple rack of extra tits on their backs. Amazing.

No. 184836

Yeah it's a base alright. The base of a giant redwood.

No. 184854

Yup. A lot of them get high marks but are cheaters so. I luckily live in a state with the strictest regulations when it comes to nursing hiring standards (California) Most of my nurses have been pretty cool, but I still get occasional wtfareyouthinking ones, so I can't imagine how it's like in other states, countries etc

No. 184863

A friend of minand is gee got her Associates in nursing and is getting her bachelor's now. I remember her telling me that the majority of her classmates, if they pass, will likely be nothing more then assistants in a doctor's office, who happen to be able to take blood pressure, etc. It's why it's still a lucrative field. Lots of dumb people think it's easy.

Whenever I think my legs are too big I will think of this image and be glad that they don't look like spoiled cottage cheese.

No. 184864

*of mine got her

I hate typing.

No. 184882


Well I mean really it's Fat Upper Pubic Area but that works too.

No. 184941

File: 1443039292049.png (372.16 KB, 684x555, 8H4SyKJ.png)

No. 184944

How do you boil the cals out??

No. 184945

Did Dana make this? Fucking lol.

No. 185440

Hey, I have that skirt lmao.

No. 185453

That looks like literal shit. And you cant boil calories out. You can substitute ingredients, but it changes the consistency and change.

No. 185482

It's obviously a joke.

No. 185485

>skinny girls are so ugly omg look at this anorexic I found on google

Why is it that whenever we have this thread there's always some fatty who gets butthurt and whines about how mainstream beauty standards and beyond her level of achievement? The average person is not a ham planet, get over it.

No. 185486

Isn't it too cold in Europe to wear anything cute? You wear them with a high waisted skirt or pants, so it doesn't really look like beach wear.

No. 185497

>Isn't it too cold in Europe to wear anything cute?
Ofcourse since Europe is entirely arctic and our only weather is snow.

No. 185504

You do realise Europe is like, a continent with different countries, and different temperatures and stuff? It like 24°C in Rome, but only 15°C in Berlin.

What am I even looking at??

No. 185507

File: 1443189391989.jpeg (32.03 KB, 400x400, X753etij.jpeg)

>Isn't it too cold in Europe to wear anything cute?

No. 185509

File: 1443189628903.jpg (20.58 KB, 460x288, loleurope.jpg)

aah right that explains why we never see them here, how silly of me
pic related, it's my neighbour

No. 185553

Then why are they all pasty ass albinos, huh fuck face?

No. 185555

Yeah, p sure I've never seen an Italian, a Spaniard, a Greek, a Turk, etc, etc, with any color in their skin whatsoever…

No. 185557

Those aren't Europeans, they're basically arab/middle eastern.

No. 185561

Anon, a person from Europe is a European. They are obviously ethnically different from everyone else in Europe, because people from every country are ethnically different. Some ethnicities more similar looking than others.
I just want you to know it's not possible to be offended by your statement as it is simply not true. It's like saying a Mexican person is basically south American, but no it is not true, even though they are ethnically similar, Mexico remains in north America.

No. 185568

File: 1443217240842.jpg (24.59 KB, 500x388, galotg.jpg)

No. 185571

Pretty sure you're talking to someone stirring shit for laughs, anon. Even American teenagers don't tend to be this stupid.

No. 185577

File: 1443223940403.png (56.69 KB, 591x395, Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 00.3…)

Back on topic, an oldie but one of my favs.

No. 185590

What I mean is that they are no European by ethnicity. Southern Eurofag shits are mixed with Arabs and middle eastern people.

No. 185621

The worst part is, this isnt the first time an obese person has caused a fire during cremation.

No. 185660


Who'll think about the PTSD suffered by the fire fighters covered in burned fatty fat? What about their triggers?

>MUH saiz uffuckts only me and nu wun else!

>MUH saiz iz non ya business!

>yur not MUH Doctor!

No. 185772

When I read this, the first thing I thought was that all that lard had been wasted. It might sound kind of sick on my part, but I kind of wonder why it's acceptable to harvest organs, but not acceptable to harvest fat to use as fuel or something. (So long as the person consents to it before death.)
They've consumed a massive amount of resources during their lifetime without giving back, I think it's only logical that we recycle.

No. 185775

thats messed up, but makes sense

No. 185785

File: 1443317335032.jpg (533.66 KB, 1900x1900, grubby paws larceny fatties.jp…)


Talking about resources, does anyone here work with obeasts who steal their food? Put one of these in the breakroom.

No. 185786


Morrissey otoh makes no sense. Does he write fat fanfiction?

>At this, Eliza and Ezra rolled together into the one giggling snowball of full-figured copulation, screaming and shouting as they playfully bit and puled at each other in a dangerous and clamorous rollercoaster coil of sexually violent rotation with Eliza’s breasts barrel-rolled across Ezra’s howling mouth and the pained frenzy of his bulbous salutation extenuating his excitement as it whacked and smacked its way into every muscle of Eliza’s body except for the otherwise central zone.

No. 185788

I thought racism wasn't allowed on these boards?

No. 185844

i read /v/FPH too anon

No. 185849

That's not even her blog or podcast. This bitch is so dumb.

No. 185852


A kebab doesn't get triggered, anon. It gets cut and eaten.

Does anyone remember that story of the kebab shop with the little girl on the spit? http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/1552482/Missing-girls-body-put-into-kebab.html

No. 185856

It would suck to be a ghost and read over an article of your own death, only to find they used the worst photo of you they could possibly find.

No. 185954

File: 1443376001227.jpg (10.59 KB, 236x236, 038b62be5edfe37c8b0d85cfa3473f…)

I sure hope I've never, and will never unknowingly eat people meat.

No. 186495

>winter is coming

No. 186501

I drive heaved about 3 times reading this.
Holy shit, anon, that's horrible.

No. 186595

It's old copypasta. I remember reading this on Imgur 3 years ago. Zzzz

No. 186643

"Lovato was rude, not classy and she lost a long time lovatic that day. I walked into the $350 M&G [meet and greet] and say hello she replies with 'fat' and I shook it off because I thought maybe I had heard her wrong. As I approached her and asked to do my pose she stared at me blank faced. I continued talking 'you saved my life' I say 'you're the reason I'm alive today.' She looks me dead in the eye and says 'you'll die soon enough fatty' and then whispered 'obesity.'

"I started crying I had never felt pain like this and she started laughing and said 'are you crying? Stop it. Stop it now' and she flicked my vagina.

No. 186778


Like she could even find a vagina with that huge frontbutt blocking out the world.

No. 187966

A cousin of mine just died from weight-related causes. She was only 37. The part that grinds my gears is that she not only had two children of her own, but was also guardian to her sisters kids. (she passed due to cervical cancer.) How incredibly selfish it is to allow yourself to be overweight to that extent. To leave behind children you were suppose to care for. To leave behind family and friends and parents all because you wanted to shove your face full of food and refuse to get better. There's no such thing as HAES. NOBODY is going to tell me that it's possible because I've finally experienced it first hand.

Stop spreading your disease. Obesity is just as unhealthy as smoking. It kills and it's not beautiful.

No. 187995

File: 1443845365372.gif (637.9 KB, 500x281, tumblr_n8g0s35mMX1rfduvxo1_500…)

No. 188008


This is why I hate it when obese trollops want affordable infertility treatment. Bitch, you can't even take care of yourself, it would be extremely irresponsible to help you create off-spring.

You're either gonna die on the kid, or make it fat as hell too, or will count on the kid to bring you food and wipe your dirty, rotten ass and genitals when you stuff yourself with oreos to the point of immobility.

Fatties are selfish scum.

No. 188012


I feel you. My favorite cousin had a heart attack a year ago. Her cousin, 34, also obese, died that year of a brain bleed. Instead of cutting down on gorging on food, she thinks she'll be okay if she just goes on enough walks. There's no reasoning with people with fat on the brain. We'll lose her within the next five years, and she'll leave three fat kids.

No. 188209


To add insult to injury, these fat fucks don't just get sick a lot, their rancid entitlement is the cause of back injury in many health workers.

>Be me - EMT for 10 years

>So a new place opened up about 20 minutes from where I was stationed, advertised as an "adult" playground. And no, not the bondage kind, you filthy animals. Anyways, one of the attractions of this place was a pit similar to that in the gif. It had multiple walls you could run on, flip off of, and trampolines to bounce onto. We'd been called a couple times for sprains and such, people thinking they could do parkour. No big deal. However, this call was much different. As we arrived, the first thing we see is a foot sticking out of the pit. Around it was a group of people, and so we figured that was where the incident happened. Immediately upon arrival, I just said "oh shit" as I saw the foot. It was like thisJPG, no ankle in sight. You couldn't tell where the calf ended and the foot began. My partners saw this too, and all had about the same reaction. Before many people noticed us, we turned inward, and played a game of rock-paper-scissors. I've gotten to be an expert at it after all this time, so I was safe. My partner for the day (poor guy) had to head on in there. Our third partner headed out to call the fire department as I stood over to keep people back. He navigated his way pretty easily inside, calling out to the coachbison as he approached. There was a mixture of replies, like a T-Rex with mouthwash roaring. He got within 5 feet, and suddenly slipped, but was luckily able to catch him. He waved he was fine, but kept making a face that he was disturbed by something. After reaching the sausage leg, he came back over to me with his hand in front of his nose. I went aside with him, and noticed a rancid smell coming off of him

>Him: "Dude, there's no way." Me: "How big? And what the fuck is that smell?" Him: "Pushing 400 at least. He pissed and crapped himself after he fell. And was drinking a soda."

>I couldn't help but laugh, however I've learned to do is discreetly. Good thing too as about that time I heard a roar of similar sound from behind as the ground shook. A female(?) of at least 350 lbs. wobbled her way towards up, screaming at the top of her lungs. Drool glistened off her chin, mixed in with the glistening of grease and sweat on the rest of her face. She wore a tank top 2 sizes too small, and shorts she had no business wearing at all.

>"What're you all doin just standing around?! Why aren't you helping him?! He could die down there!"

>Me: "Ma'am, given the position he is in, there is nothing we can do. The fire dept will be here shortly, and they will help us get him out."

>"Aren't you all supposed to be strong? Just pull him out! He isn't that big! You are all just being lazy!"

>Fuck no. I am not risking my back, my safety, or that of my partner’s.

>Me: "As I said ma'am, given the positioning-"

>"You need to do your job! Stop being such a bitch and help him asshole! If you don't I'll be suing you and this place too!"

>Thankfully she said the magic word sue, and so that gave me an out. I brought up my phone to text my supervisor, letting him know the dirty 3 letter word had been said. Gave him a quick rundown of the situation.

>Me: "I'm going to give you a number to call, my supervisor, and he will answer your complaints."

>"Excuse me?! I am talking to you asshole! You are the one who needs to do something now!"

>By this time the fire dept showed up, and we briefed them on the situation. A look of horror and humor filled their faces. They radioed it about the time couchbisons mate came waddling out.

>"I was not done talking to you asshole! Don't ya run away from me!"

>The cops had come along with the fire dept, and took care of her. She tried to push past them, but they instead made sure she got comfortable with the curb.

>The fire dept played with the idea of how to get him out for awhile before finally make shifting the gurney to pull him out. We had to wait for 2 other trucks before we could finally get him up, since he'd gotten stuck somehow on the bottom. As he was being pulled, he was wobbling back and forth in a fit. Several of the new firefighters had to hold their breath cause of the smell. He'd been down there over an hour when we finally got him up.

>After the incident, they obviously had to shut it down to clean up the filth left behind. The police had to take a report of the situation, and so I collaborated on what I saw. The manager informed us that the paperwork they signed before hand specifically states that the pit is not made for individuals over 300 lbs, since it would not bounce right for them. The manager had explained this to them but they had grown upset at this "accusation".

Gif related.

No. 188210


forgot gif, gif too large.


No. 188472


Horrifying. Do you have more of these stories?

No. 188585

Bless the EMT workers.. I couldn't deal with that. Do you guys at least have medical care in case you get injured on the job like this?

People over 300+ pounds should be left to die on the floor.

No. 188607


> Do you guys at least have medical care in case you get injured on the job like this?

Not always. The really fun part is that services and hospitals care only for their bottom line. So even when we're not supposed to lift these mastodonts, we are still put in positions where we have to, since we're severely understaffed. If we refuse, we get in trouble.

Then, when we do get injured because it's impossible for a 150 - 180 pound person to lift a struggling, entitled piece of shit that is over 300? The company/hospital will fight tooth and nail to prevent us from filing an insurance claim. Good times!

Word to the wise: unless you have a fetish for fatties and enjoy the stench of rotting flesh as well as a pervasive sense of hopelessness for the human race, for the love of good, choose a different field!

No. 188608

I'm in the middle of trying to become and EMT. Whoops.

No. 188612


The golden rule is: if it's difficult to safely lift them, DONT LIFT THEM. Use whatever excuse and wait for more people to get to the scene.

No. 188622

I think the golden rule should be, if it takes more than 3 abled bodies humans to lift a single person, they should no longer be classified as human and be left alone.

No. 188758


And this is why lol anas will always be less of a nuisance than fatties. At least you can lift them without effort.

No. 188902

How is that pit supposed to work? I've never seen one.

No. 188918

Lol this fatty is one of my classes was whining about that dear fat people girl. She did an assignment on her and would not stfu about what a mean bully she is lmao.
"She holds on to stereotypes and she's such a bully whaaa it's not comedy!"
Her assignment didn't even make any fucking sense. It did not pertain to the topic at all, she was probably just looking for an excuse to express her outrage.

No. 188945

inb4 secret fatty, i dont understand why everyone is bitching about the "dear fat people" video. honestly, if the chick who made it was more like george carlin, i'm pretty sure people would be less pissed. she wasnt even offensive in the least, just flat-out has no fucking idea how to be funny. i'd rather laugh at george carlin making fun of fat people than some annoying canadian bitch with no idea how to tell a joke making fun of fat people.

No. 188949

That's what I didn't get. Her video wasn't even funny. She was really tryng too hard to be funny or to be like Jenna marbles. So many fatties are obese but have the thinnest skin when it comes to comedy.

No. 189002

skin stretched out around those rolls makes it thin obvs

No. 189006

Haha, good one.

No. 189154


No. 189246

No. 189247

fuck, meant to ask what was the topic of your assignment?

No. 189257

It wasn't even painfully unfunny, it was just brutally truthful.

No. 189259

To find a kitsch object and to make an image that made it even more kitsch. Her object was a garden gnome and her image was that girl in a garden gnome hat saying mean things. I just don't get it.

No. 189329

Why can't it be both

No. 189408

File: 1444184458151.jpg (Spoiler Image, 283.04 KB, 1080x1920, tumblr_nfzehxwGUc1s08dvmo5_128…)

No. 189410

She looks fucking filthy, like she stinks of dirty, fishy cooch and B.O.

No. 189706

because she's shit at comedy and needs to learn from good ol george carlin.

No. 190985

File: 1444484138870.jpg (104.03 KB, 634x902, DAT stereotype.jpg)

No. 190999

File: 1444492416350.gif (700.6 KB, 500x200, House-of-cards-but-why.gif)

No. 191162


Dem disabulutuh payments for her cundishuns? I find it pretty disturbing that rightwingers like trump try to sell us the stereotype of the welfare queen as black.

Not gonna deny that a lot of black women are hella fat, and are leading in the obesity rates, but they are still a minority, and for as far as I can see, at least in every walmart ever, we're drowning in white trash welfare queens.

No. 191177

Thank u guys. Really thank u. I startedreading the old thread and had to vomit twice. I love reading disgusting stories.

No. 191179

File: 1444566564152.jpg (53.65 KB, 600x448, buttnaked butterhuffer.jpg)


You're welcome!

No. 191180

File: 1444566602077.jpg (80.02 KB, 700x785, backtits.jpg)

No. 191361

File: 1444618395098.jpg (77.26 KB, 750x600, Hagrid's mom.jpg)

No. 191378

Oh my fucking gods– she's practically flashing everyone. I would of called security on her ass.

No. 191379

>so much trash
Is that woman literally in panties?!

No. 191380

People like this need to be euthanized.

No. 191388


that's oppresshun, shitlord!

No. 191392

Is there a name for that "back breast" thingy.

Breasts 2.0 or sth like that?

No. 191393

They are fins, of your average land whale. When they appear, they should consider returning back to sea.

No. 191412

LOL. Thanks mate

No. 191433

IIRC they've tried to get them called fairy wings or some shit. Not sure if that ever took off or not.

No. 191440

back boobs
Like the front butt

No. 191569


>fairy wings

It's not as if fairy wings would have to be extremely light weight to fly, not to mention usually depicted as gossamer

>literally random lumps of surplus adipose tissue

No. 191805

Aren't fairy wings just bingo wings?

No. 191816


bingo or humongous bongo?

No. 191906

Bingo wings are the flabby upper arm fat that old ladies get. Hence "bingo".

No. 192132

Fairies are small and dainty. I'd like to see a fat fairy get her ass off the ground.

I've heard them called back boobs. And that seems to be what sticks. It's really sad when you let yourself go so bad that people can't tell your front from your back at first glance.

No. 192313

File: 1444831142746.jpg (116.35 KB, 1024x768, masq4.JPG)

No. 192314

File: 1444831165242.jpg (82.93 KB, 640x426, chrissnarky.jpg)

No. 192321

I usually don't believe most fat person stories in this thread but this is absurd enough to sound like an actual thing that happened.

No. 192872

only crop tops I see here are worn by gypsy sluts.
Are they really that common in america?

No. 192881

nice story but I'm not believing it.
How the fuck could you make it into any medical profession without knowing what a pessary is?

No. 192888

I have never seen anyone out in the open wearing a crop top and I live on the west coast where the weather would allow for it. It's always online, and usually by the fatties.

No. 192890

I live in the SF bay area and I see tons of people wearing crop tops. Then again, it is near San Francisco….

No. 193106

I live in NYC. You see plenty of thin/fit women in croptops. Some are tourists, but most are teens/young 20 somethings that live in the city too.

No. 200105

File: 1446688384753.png (2.25 MB, 1242x2208, image.png)

# no body shaming but you post a severely edited photo? That blurry arm though.

No. 215962

In the last townhall, we decided to merge the HAES and "fatty general" threads and move it to /b/. I'm now locking this thread: please use >>>/b/52638 instead.

Also, I do understand that there is a difference between HAES and general discussion of fat people. But since both threads often end up discussing the same topics anyway, it makes sense to merge them.

Rule of thumb: if a general thread is about a large group, subculture, community, or website (like a thread for all of Tumblr), with many different people mentioned, it should go in /b/. If a thread primarily focusses on a small number of specific people, it should probably go in /snow/.

General threads like those frequently lead to lots of discussion and debate around broad issues; often sociological and political ones. They tend to derail easily and not focus so much on specific people. The key theme of /pt/ and /snow/ is that threads should be about specific people.

Please read >>>/meta/1909 for more details. The continuation of this thread is at >>>/b/52638.

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