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File: 1451046671798.png (1.43 MB, 805x929, 1448479170792.png)

No. 217295

Old thread reached max posting limit.

No. 217296

File: 1451046765608.gif (5.43 MB, 640x360, 1435252622236.gif)

No. 217297

Some kind anon translated her interview. I'm posting it in this thread.

Krummenaab, Leipzig, London, Tokyo: Sabrina Schultes is 21 years old, but has a long journey behind her. That journey wasn't always easy, but it paid off for this young lady.

Constantly people approach Sabrina Schultes. However, the people in Tokyo know her by a different name. The 21 year old Himezawa lives her dream as a star of the cosplay scene, which is huge in Japan and growing in the rest of the world. Cosplay is part of the japanese Manga-Culture. The supporters of the scene dress up like the main characters from japanese comics. There are contests, where you have to dress up as a drawn or animated character. This cosplay-scene is a world of its own. One of their protagonists is Sabrina Himezawa Schultes.

Before Sabrina moved to Japan one and a half years ago, she already lead an extraordinary life: After graduating from school she moved from Krummennaab to Leipzig and then to London. She finished acting school at the royal opera house and worked parttime as a model. At a fashion show for a japanese brand she was scouted by an agency. Since then, she lives in Tokyo as "Himezawa". "My real name is not reasonable to the Japanese." she chuckled. By now, the name Himezawa is already registered in her passport.

Author, Model, Actress
She regurlarly makes appearances on television or the internet. She also works as a model on the runway and for photoshootings. By now she also published her first book, "Staubmaedchen". At the end of october, her debut single "Wagamama Love" Was also released. Author, Model, Actress and singer: In the entertainmentindustry of japan this is not unusual: Singers become actresses, models become hosts, and authors become singers. Sabrina first didn't put much hope in her singing career: "When I auditioned, I got interrupted right away. Not a good sign, I thought." A few minutes later the producer already came back with the team of the music label. "Accomplished it at the first try."

She wrote most of the lyrics for the single herself, by now she also already has a good grip of the japanese language: "At the beginning I had difficulties." Lucky that she had friends in Japan, who helped her. Japanese has about 240 letters as a base. Additionally there are old japanese letters, with different pronounciation and meanings. Also, Japanese people don't think very highly of other languages: "Most of them don't speak any English."

What sounds like a dream career, wasn't always so dreamy. "At school it was difficult for me." she admits. "When you find a liking for something that the other students don't understand, then this leads to teasing, mobbing and fights." Apparently she found an interest in the japanese popculture quite early, "many people thought that was weird."
During my school days I often thought I was an outsider, now that I look back I think, that everyone was on their own or in their own little group. A team spirit like in japanese schools didn't exist."

Small, but tight

This doesn't mean, that she grew up with no friends. "I had a small, but tight friend circle." Later she moved to Leipzig and then to london, wher it was easier. But she still doesn't regret those times: "If I'd have acted differently, to get into the bigger groups, I'd have never found out who I am and what I am able to do. To be like everyone else is boring anyway!"
She often likes to think of her hometown, and she even misses a lot of things: "Pretzels and riding with my bycicle on the right side of the road. Sometimes I also miss the calmness in the busy tokyo. I have lots of beautiful memories and also a lot of photos, that I like to show around. The most people cannot believe, how big the gardens are. Even in the countryside of Japan most people do not have a garden." However most people don't have a good relationship to christmas, even if it gradually is becoming more popular, though not as a christian festival. Thats why on the holidays everyone works normally. "I will spend christmas with friends, we decorate my apartment on the 24th and exchange small presents."

No. 217298

> To be like everyone else is boring anyway!
>Apparently she found an interest in the japanese popculture quite early, "many people thought that was weird.
>During my school days I often thought I was an outsider.
The special snowflake syndrome is strong in this one.

No. 217302

You could've added some links to her social media for other farmers.

Website: http://himezawa.com/
Instagram: http://instagram.com/himezawa/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Himezawako
Twitter: https://twitter.com/himezawa
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/himezawa

No. 217314

>A few minutes later the producer already came back with the team of the music label. "Accomplished it at the first try."
My favorite part kek

No. 217322

I thought she was already known among the farmers.

No. 217326

File: 1451064257416.png (16.24 KB, 485x166, facebook.png)

>Wow, you're amazing. It's great how you go your own way and what you have achieved so far.
Facebook comment to her interview. She's not only deluding herself but also her followers with this news article.

No. 217327

I read the original article and was like: did she write this shit herself?
This is not only snowflake syndrome but also screams I have rich parents, I don't need to work cuz my parents pay everything I want. Because if we're honest, being 'an idol' can't be considered as a real job

No. 217331

Oh my god that fucking OP.
I know it's mostly horrendous lighting but still, jeez.
I almost feel sorry for her getting caught in that shit.

No. 217347

Behold, the superior beauty of the white woman

No. 217366

The "problem" isn't that she's using her parents' money to do shit but that she's an arrogant nobody pretending to be some rising star/aidoru/model while her fanbase and fame is currently nonexistent.

You only have to read her blog and other interviews, particularly the German ones. This girl is wildly delusional so far.

No. 217409

Did any of you ever watched any of her livestreams on niconico? I'm so curious about how they are

No. 217414

Didn't she do the song/video by herself with money from her fans?

No. 217471

File: 1451122755691.png (595.6 KB, 637x684, datprofiletho.png)

No. 217472

These people need to visit lolcow

No. 217473

That nonexistent chin makes her nose stand out even more. Yikes!

No. 217480

Is this one of those owl cafés?
I'm so jealous that she got to go there

No. 217491


No. 217494

File: 1451140208203.png (786.25 KB, 567x697, creepychans.png)

No. 217495

File: 1451140261125.png (897.42 KB, 959x533, busuzawa.png)

Never forget

No. 217501

No. 217505

Whats bokutoooo supposed to mean

No. 217506




No. 217509

I think she means Bokuto, a character from the series Haikyu!!

No. 217513

pls go to /b/ lil nigger

No. 217514

I think she looks pretty cute here

No. 217529

File: 1451155564612.png (246.47 KB, 361x444, 1451140261125.png)

That wig looks like a pile of crap imo.

No. 217531

File: 1451155792040.gif (905.87 KB, 751x563, LOL-snow-white-claps.gif)

>But she still doesn't regret those times: "If I'd have acted differently, to get into the bigger groups, I'd have never found out who I am and what I am able to do. To be like everyone else is boring anyway!"
Well, aren't you fucking special?

No. 217535


Not same anon asshole, but with the amount of times Busuzawa went on about her aryan looks and how kawaii she is because of it. She's hardly an oil painting?

Aminyan make be black as fuck but at least she's cuter. Taylor R may have brown eyes instead of brown but she's pretty and more successful than this goon. Rola may not be half white and replaced with sand negro instead but japs love her.

Aryans and their airheaded selves need to be stopped.

No. 217536


I meant the aryans in Japan btw*

No. 217537


She's butt ugly.


Should've gone to specsavea

No. 217541

Her face would be 100% cuter with a nosejob. GO TO KOREA. GET A NOSEJOB.

No. 217543

File: 1451159042895.png (37.33 KB, 483x297, Untitled.png)

I wonder who this is talking about??? (Didn't know if I can post with the name shown, definitely will do if it's allowed!)

No. 217547

Is this Ami?

No. 217555

File: 1451161397467.jpeg (39.3 KB, 800x450, gaijin-ad.jpeg)

>Japanese people like tall nose bridges
>Busuzawa thinks her potato schnoz fits Japanese ideals
>Fuck the haters

No. 217574

File: 1451166954714.png (45.08 KB, 505x523, Amina du Jean 2015-12-26 22-53…)

Of course.

No. 217576

Wtf is a tall nose bridge anyway?

No. 217579

File: 1451167895433.jpg (37.48 KB, 480x328, nose_bridge_connection.jpg)

low nose bridge to high nose bridge

No. 217580

No. 217581

>i'm a real aidoru!!
>bitches about other people and has opinions publicly


No. 217602

so obviously aimed right at sabrina.

No. 217604

Who cares? You do realize that people that are haafu take pride and use it as their advantage right? Same as aminyan. I dont know youre mad. White and black are seen as "exotic"

No. 217606

I disagree. It's one of the few pics i think she looks cute. But thats just my opinion

No. 217607

I used to like aminyan but the fuck is this shit? Idols arent supposed to talk like this nor insult others or look down upon them.
Its hilarious how she thinks shes superior just because "im a black idol im unique" and claim they dont have any idea what an idol is when she clearly also doesnt know what an idol is.
Idols are supposed to be sweet. they cant voice their opinions nor bash others.
Her thinking shes superior is stupid. Reminds me of becky and dansa lmao

No. 217608

Also she whines that theyre "racist" while hes the only one being racist

No. 217610

It's not only that. Amina thinks she's superior because she learned to speak Japanese fluently, went to Japan as an university student and talked about having to support herself financially.

Unlike Busuzawa who even admits that her Japanese is basic, married some kind of fan probably for the visa and thinks her hobbling around like a monkey is decent dancing. Not to mention her tone-deaf singing.

I agree though that it was a stupid move of Amina to voice her negative opinions on social media. She almost sounds bitter too.

No. 217615


Tbh, all of these weebs/idols turn bitter once they step on jap soil. Instantly they think they're superior.

Fucked up

No. 217618

>just like my chinese cartoons

No. 217629

Amina isn't supporting herself financially.

No. 217637

>they have enough money to come to japan,speak horrible japanese and get the "aidoru experience" only because their daddy is paying for it
lewl she is really talking about sabrina?

No. 217638


God help if another black idol comes along, jesus fucking christ if the bitch is mixed with something like blonde hair and green eyes. They'd just cause uproar.

No. 217658

When she lost the Miss ID thingy she decided to shit on the girl for not being able to speak Japanese. Ami said herself "don't put yourself above other people or below them" but she's putting herself above the girl by saying "I speak Japanese y didn't they pick me :(".

No. 217660

yeah, i'm really disappointed.
i thought aminyan was a good person but i guess she's a salty bitch with a huge ego.
I never understood how any of these gaijin aidoru could even be proud.
like congrats on going to japan to please old men and barely being paid because idols don't get paid alot?

No. 217673

You guys realize that they all through shade at eachother right? Remember a few weeks ago when Keekihime commented about Venus and Sabrina got all butthurt about it. It doesn't make them bad people, they all just come across as salty or bitchy.

No. 217674

*throw jfc

No. 217675

Except keekihime was always a bitch and aminyan has a big ego.
all wannabe aidoru was disturbed bitches anyway

No. 217676

No. 217682

what the fuck that is a damn child??? why did they give him a rhinoplasty??????

No. 217684

Yeah she sounds like a two faced bitch and thinks she's better than other aspiring aidoru wannabees

No. 217685

File: 1451199586256.png (50.64 KB, 601x385, ew.png)

>3 new cosplays
ugh girl, we've seen enough of your cheap half-assed ebay cosplays.

No. 217686

File: 1451199656195.gif (457.84 KB, 470x332, Just-stop.gif)

>My new secret project

No. 217712

Amina has been doing this. I used to just push it to the side because I thought she was cool but no, this is her real attitude she's really bitchy and whiny. And Ami looks at lolcow. When people here would say "Oh I like Amina why does she fake her though?" She made a Tumblr post trying to blame racism saying something along the lines of "It's like you don't think black girls can be cute and feminine." Sorry for being OT. Do we have a Ami thread? If anyone still wants to talk about her we could move it there pls

No. 217713

She doesn't have her own thread, but you could continue talking about her in the wannabe aidoru thread >>>/snow/15288

No. 217724

File: 1451219188959.jpg (32.03 KB, 367x539, 11111111111111.JPG)

No. 217726

File: 1451220620956.gif (2.51 MB, 359x202, swampupurincessuchickendance.g…)

The amount of effort put into this is ridiculous

No. 217727

I fucking lost my shit

No. 217739

File: 1451229349214.gif (2.38 MB, 300x251, pft.gif)

That file name

No. 217740


Does she have something up her ass?

Is she holding in a shit?

Does she have back pains?

My granny could do better with her injured back and diarrhea!

No. 217741

File: 1451230231875.png (24.2 KB, 608x223, topkek.png)

No. 217742

I laughed way too hard!!
Just as >>217685 said
She'll probably end up wearing that shitty costume.

No. 217743

Buying cosplay is the most stupid thing to do when you have a mother who happens to be a seamstress. Jfc, this girl….

No. 217751

What a stupid reason to cry

No. 217764

Lmao i always thoughy sabrina looked like the guy from this commercial

No. 217785

Imagine swamp princess had a mother like magaret palermo ….

Just imagine it …

No. 217789

She is what Margret wanted Venus to be.

No. 217795

Nah, Margaret wanted Venus to be successful.

No. 217814

Burn hahaha

No. 217879

File: 1451259989895.jpeg (114.86 KB, 600x746, muh-career.jpeg)

This was posted in her last thread. Anyone got the source for it?

No. 217936

File: 1451279719482.png (511.27 KB, 586x630, 1448739199401.png)

the saga begins >>>/pt/208549

No. 217938

Don't give the wrong measurements and buy with plenty of time before a con, idiot. She acts like it's wrong to commission cosplays. I've never made my own cosplay and they've all been fine.

No. 217956

I'm pretty sure it's from her blog

No. 217958

From her Facebook which few people have access too. Which leads me to believe Kelsey, Abi or Beckii leaked it.

No. 217967

File: 1451298967717.png (15.52 KB, 577x133, tf.png)

Tis girl's a big joke

No. 217969

File: 1451299020500.png (16.53 KB, 579x140, bitchpls.png)

>stuf for secret pro

No. 217970

>secret project
Guuuurl, stop…. It's not like you won't end up failing this time.

No. 217971

File: 1451299456057.gif (494.9 KB, 450x249, giphy.gif)

>I am honest, not screaming for any type or attention
>Promotes the shit out of herself
>Claims she is famous in Nippon
>Buys fb likes and(probably) YT subs
>Is ridiculously self-obsessed

No. 217984

Tf did just i read

No. 218043

File: 1451339513448.png (471.15 KB, 582x611, comiket.png)

Despite how many projects she's done and the amount of online promotion, she isn't getting any significant attention. No one knows her.

It's one thing to do the things you love but another to act like you're popular, "big" in Japan.

No. 218045

File: 1451340029113.png (558.32 KB, 663x376, DESHOUU.png)

We'll get more TOP AIDORU DESHOU on 2016.01.09, kek.

No. 218049

i love that the japanese model has these nice professional photo shoots on location and himezawa has two edited selfies in her room.
~so famous~

No. 218052


I don't get these girls. Why don't they just all flock to modelling agencies? Kota made it, why don't they just go down the same route if they want Jap attenshion?

No. 218055

Himezawa was actually a model in Asobi System but now her profile has been removed: http://asobisystem.com/talent-post/model-women/

No. 218057

Kota only joined an agency because they offered her a spot and to fly to Japan and be on TV, which only occurred because she became really popular online. Himezawa doesn't have any pull like Kota does, no one knows who she is and no one is impressed by how she looks/her shoops. She just doesn't have that uncanny valley uber pretty uber fake look that kota does/did.

No. 218060


Yeah but she could still apply to an agency. Amina could, Venus could, ect they all could.

Busuzawa may be ugly af. But Japan has no taste in models half the time anyway and I don't think Busuface would even turned down. White pasty, blue eyes and blonde, gooks dig that shit.

Kota, just looking at the latest picture someone posted there with her hat and long ass nails. She isn't much of a prize herself. Again she's basic and the doll gimmick obv got her famous.

But anyone could just apply to shitty modelling agencies over there. Anything.

If Himezawa was really set on actually doing something and being a somebody, she'd do it. But for now she can just suffer as a wannabe aidoru.

No. 218063

Busuzawa is already doing modelling work if you look at her instagram.

She said somewhere that she doesn't want to give out tips on how to get into modelling in Japan.

That's probably why she doesn't talk about her agency etc.

No. 218136


Acqua Models is a huge joke, just like her

No. 218141

I thought you might have been exaggerating Anon, but then I started browsing through their listings.

No. 218167

>tfw really small button nose
>tfw always hated yourself for it

is it worse to have a button nose or a big nose? I think himezawa's is kinda cute…

No. 218186

A Japanese friend once told me to stay faaaaaaaar away from 'agencies' like that one if you really want to become somewhat popular. "Go to the real ones that grant you a visa" she said.

No. 218187

File: 1451375649307.jpeg (119.45 KB, 833x960, image.jpeg)

It's true, Japan gives no fucks how ugly their models are as long as they're blonde and/or have non-brown eyes. Or just white at the very least. Pretty much the only standard they do have for white models is clear skin and not being fat.

No. 218192

it really depends on the rest of the facial features. There are a lot of high tier supermodels with large noses, but their noses fit their faces and overall look. Himezawa's nose looks weird because the has other features that are pretty awful. If she had more of a chin and fuller lips, her nose would look less harsh and match better.

No. 218194

Yeah i noticed that too
why do i feel like she sends these people pics and asks for a promotion?? she's way below average, I'd never notice her tbh

No. 218195

That Sailor Jupiter tho <3

No. 218198

No. 218208

I heard anyone can be added to Acqua Models if you submit an application.

Fact is, she's doing modelling work and making vlogs of it:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uYj1mIPr0aw (Aymmy in the Batty Girls)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=28WdbXmFylM (Wella)

Busuzawa was part of Asobi System (the one where Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and other big names are) but now her profile has vanished so who knows where she ended up now. This girl is already a model of some sorts but this and her other activities isn't getting her any major attention/fans for now even though she likes to pretend so >>217879. She's delusional, nothing new.

No. 218209

She's right tho

No. 218210

File: 1451385741361.jpeg (99.1 KB, 694x1024, image.jpeg)

Ngl, she looks good here. Probably because of the excessive lightning erasing her huge snooze

If she got a nosejob, a little lip injections and started taking good photos, I think she could become a popular cosplayer

No. 218211

And forgot to say: Her eyebrows needs a fix too, they're way too small/far from each other

No. 218212

File: 1451385900590.jpeg (164.87 KB, 768x1024, image.jpeg)

And here is her in normal camera quality

No. 218215

her face is like half the width of the other girl's. posing together like this makes them look really bad.

No. 218217

File: 1451389548354.gif (496.49 KB, 500x245, tumblr_lxbg46QUOW1r76lino1_500…)

No. 218218

I agree but still..She's just a pale boring white girl who can't even pose. Doesn't stand out from the rest of the white girls

No. 218219

File: 1451390023981.png (782.91 KB, 926x590, busuzawadesu.png)

In this pic she looks like these girls' mother kek

No. 218220

File: 1451390150871.png (696.99 KB, 566x593, ranko.png)

No. 218221

Wow…she looks so dead inside

No. 218222

File: 1451390353247.png (679.66 KB, 806x581, busuzawa.png)

dem sleeves

No. 218223

File: 1451390363191.jpeg (111.26 KB, 600x750, image.jpeg)

Jfc she looks nothing like Ranko

No. 218224

She's boring

No. 218225

it's pretty hopeless for her to cosplay female characters with that long face. idk maybe she could pull off males ok.

No. 218233

File: 1451400728801.jpg (53.51 KB, 461x580, 1309271342beavisbuttheadp21.jp…)

Maybe she should try western cartoon characters

No. 218245

Was this her 'bought cosplay' she was worried about?

I would not have recognized she was Ranko without the picture aid. Though she's my least favorite character, so take that with a pinch of salt.

I had a feeling her entire idea/fantasy of being an 'idol' was based off idol m@ster. This just reinforces it.

No. 218258

She looks like margo here

No. 218263

She's not even smiling with her eyes. what a shit model

No. 218265

That's what the character is supposed to look like?? Inaccuracy of the costume aside, her face is just no. She didn't even bother.

No. 218352

She also seems to be a big fan of Aikatsu and Love Live. Explains her real life anime aidoru delusions I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 218354

Goddamn I didn't even notice. But you're right!!

No. 218362

No. 218365

File: 1451432094382.png (27.41 KB, 698x358, jimusho.png)

No. 218371

Haha just looked through it and found two girls I know… Serious model DESU.

No. 218374

If this wasn't about Asobi System, she might still be signed to an actual jimusho or agency now. Who knows. Maybe her anime aidoru delusions aren't so farfetched after all.

No. 218376

Naaaaaaaaw. Was probably a 1 year contract with Asobi (someone said she won it through a contest in the UK)

No. 218377

Oh god, no, whyyy

No. 218379

Yooooo, that last sentence might be about her now husband. If you look through his Instagram, you can see his case was signed with "Himezawa@ then later changed to "Ich liebe dich".

Maybe he stalked her to Laforet? Kek
Venus and Himezawa married their stalkers, Audrey married her nanpa. Wth is wrong with these girls?

No. 218402


They'll do anything for asian cock as long as their kawaii glorious semen grants them their wishes. Every squirt into their miserable faces grants them their wish :)

No. 218403


May be small but azn cock can make big dreams cone true!

No. 218409

File: 1451438554013.jpg (Spoiler Image,200.32 KB, 1024x1024, 10960171_10204001920114382_533…)

No. 218424

What is even happening here? I'm laughing so hard.

No. 218439

No, she got dropped, She was supposed to be making an appearance at Moshimoshi Nippon, but then was suddenly taken off the schedule, then shortly after that removed from their website. Word is she did something to piss them off

No. 218448

Did he get a half boner at being burned alive?

No. 218494

her wig is too flat. that character has big bouncy curls. her wig is super flat and is sticking together. she needs to brush it out and separate the some of the hair to make it look like it has more volume.

No. 218501

No. 218507

maybe they finally found out about her husband

No. 218524

>Word is she did something to piss them off

Where did you hear that from? Deets, please.

No. 218528

Uh, it's not like she was hiding it

Anon is probably just full of shit tbh

No. 218529

File: 1451482366825.png (444.92 KB, 443x669, nosezawa.png)

No. 218530

File: 1451482547277.png (1.1 MB, 868x591, obaachanhimezawa.png)

No. 218531

Is she crying in this pic?

No. 218535



No. 218538

The same anon posted in the last thread with a similar claim (she totally got dropped etc.) but never backed it up.

It would certainly be more interesting than another one of these pointless nose comments >>218535.

No. 218540

Before enlarging the pics I thought anon was trying to circle someone in the background. I was so confused what was so important about someone in a panda suit. Then I realized it was her stupid fucking bow.

Anyways, I don't know her face just doesn't match cute or girly characters. It looks too mature to be kawaii.

No. 218541

File: 1451485425088.jpg (139.87 KB, 1200x520, Moaning-Myrtle-JK-Rowling-name…)

She could totally pull off Ghost Myrthe
NOT trying to offend her or anything but think about it

No. 218552

I thought the same thing! I was really confused about the dude in the panda suit.

No. 218556

This is hilarious because the Myrtle actor was 37 during the movie

No. 218557

Dat hairline. Gurl doesn't know how to wear a wig. Calls herself the top aidoru of Japan and works as a moderu lol

No. 218572

File: 1451494332376.jpg (155.88 KB, 763x1336, CXes7evUMAE681R.jpg)

No. 218573

File: 1451494942615.png (585.52 KB, 868x591, 1451482547277.png)

No. 218574

File: 1451495206153.jpg (58.61 KB, 377x660, CXes7evUMAE681R.jpg)

kawaii anime waifu

No. 218576

File: 1451495481692.jpg (454.06 KB, 1920x800, LOTR - The Return of the King …)

Wow good job anon!She looks like Liv Tyler omg

No. 218577

Nice hairline

No. 218579

Did she cut those bangs by herself?It's baaaad

No. 218580

File: 1451496320173.jpg (336.84 KB, 500x750, IMG_6206.jpg)

No. 218581


She's so ugly OMG. Money really can buy you anything huh? Even with that butterface, just flash enough cash and become a moderu. Christ.

No. 218587

File: 1451496902921.png (1.98 MB, 831x1251, creepy.png)

No. 218588


If I was her I'd get a nose job and lip injections. She just reminds me of dobby from peep show

No. 218595


And stop with that horrible aging eyebag makeup

No. 218604

She desperately needs sleep, them eye folds look exhausted

No. 218608


i don't think it has anything to do with sleep but rather with her unfortunate genes. she looks way too old for her age.

No. 218614

File: 1451501501885.jpeg (13.49 KB, 296x242, article-2628556-1DD6D37.jpeg)

Many Japanese people like tall noses. She doesn't need a nose job.

No. 218616

i know right? it's pretty outrageous.
haven't we been over this already? japanese like tall AND graceful AND small noses. himezawa's sorely lacks the latter two qualities. i don't give a shit if she gets plastic surgery or not, but let's just admit that her nose is unattractive.

No. 218621

Jesus, what's with that make up?

No. 218622


It's the wide fleshy tip that is so ugly. Not the tall bridge, although that does have a kink in it

No. 218625


I may not be a white aryan kawaii fav like busuzawa but thank god I have a cute little nose

No. 218626


I can't believe the gooks are froffing at the pussy and cock over this

No. 218627


Why do they all do that under the eye thing though? It's terrible.

No. 218628


Meh, she cheated anyway. I'd much prefer to be a nobody and have a face that isn't entirely disgusting

No. 218629

The weird bags under the eye is called aegyo sal
pretty retarded trend.

No. 218632

>implying Busuzawa isn't a nobody

No. 218634

No. 218635


Depressing, the models are awful.

No. 218647

File: 1451509139293.jpg (65.74 KB, 600x900, rika56.jpg)

Actually it works for girls who have youthful faces

No. 218651

aren't those under-eye bags supposed to make you look younger? It makes her look even older imo

No. 218653


Kek, touché. What I mean is she was rich enough to cheat her way into being in the spotlight (a very small one, alas a spotlight). I guess this makes her a 'somebody' right?…however if you're a model and you can't even look good you're pretty much fucked

No. 218656

She posted about it on her FB. Her appearance cancellation at MMN happened after she did something without her agency's permission. I think you can piece it together.

No. 218657

Not really. I still think they look like they are tired or have bad allergies.

No. 218663

Exactly. She aimed for sweet, young and puffy and ended up looking like she needs a benadryl or five.

No. 218670

Screencaps? There's nothing on her Facebook except of photos. I don't follow her on FB.

No. 218675

File: 1451514169117.jpeg (150.78 KB, 960x639, p.jpeg)

Photoshoot in Ebisu.

No. 218676

File: 1451514253275.jpeg (150.96 KB, 960x639, pp.jpeg)

No. 218698

They're really not though.

No. 218703


She looks nicer here than she does in cosplay or lolita. She really suits a mature look imo

No. 218758

Thats not the type of tall nose they like lol.

No. 218779

Yeah, they like tall Asian noses with very subtle point, not the harsh western nose.

No. 218792

File: 1451531644868.jpg (313.05 KB, 500x750, fsdfdsfsdfsfs.jpg)

i tried

No. 218794

i think her eyebag makeup is cute

No. 218796

but the tall asian nose is either done with makeup or PS.
asians dont have tall noses.
they have small big noses

No. 218843

File: 1451544192734.jpg (300.24 KB, 500x750, 1451531644868.jpg)

I re-tried kek

No. 218849

why does her hair look like a wig

No. 218851

'Cause it's a wig.

No. 218886

She looks like she's at least thirty years old. It does looks kinda good, thought, she can really pull off mature-looking characters if she wants too. (I don't know the character she's cosplaying, I judge only by her appearance)

Why won't people like her just accept the fact they matured too quickly, then just get married, make babies and look after their pretty little garden while waving at their passing neighbors? She will get to it in a few years anyway and will probably be ashamed of her past, not letting her coworkers google her nickname.

No. 218894

dat rosacea

No. 218905

File: 1451583479204.png (16.83 KB, 529x277, t.png)

Himezawa-chan has come so far. She has finally learned Kana now, nyaa.

No. 218920

>>218796 most western people don't have the nice straight tall noses. But her nose is deff not what they want..the ones you see in ps is what they want..not that thing on himes face, nobody would pay for that.

No. 218921

take your racial insecurities somewhere else and stay on topic - that is himezawa

No. 218925

lol what
who wears wigs daily?

No. 218926

Lolitas and J-fashion girls.

No. 218931

She said she spends 2 hours every morning getting ready, so why wouldn't she

No. 218932

the fuck she spend 2 hours on then? i use wigs when i wanna be quick about getting ready.

No. 218933

oh well good for her! considering she doesn't go to college/uni nor does she have an actual job…whatever keeps her busy i guess

No. 218966

File: 1451611317504.jpg (272.38 KB, 694x1024, fsdfdsfsdfsfss.jpg)

No. 219005

Them eyebrows are still too far apart

No. 219007

File: 1451649718189.png (580.01 KB, 507x544, makeupfail.png)

No. 219008

File: 1451650431688.png (19.93 KB, 755x234, candylife.png)

No. 219010

No. 219016

her spotlight is more like a flashlight

No. 219021

Her nose grows bigger with every picture I swear, probs all that lying she does.

No. 219039

File: 1451667594892.jpg (246.62 KB, 990x885, enhanced-buzz-wide-3807-136751…)

she reminds me of those old jew caricatures

No. 219040

not so arian

No. 219041

File: 1451667695189.jpg (73.19 KB, 714x430, qYIZwh_web.jpg)

No. 219061

File: 1451672808297.png (15.17 KB, 640x294, askfm.png)

Long time no see, Princess Doll.

No. 219068

Princess doll moved to Japan? Is there a new thread on her?

No. 219070

Are you retarded?

No. 219077

the I can't handle criticism rant

No. 219083

jfc grow the fuck up busuzawa
you get nitpicked bc you act like some hot shit when you're obviously not. you want to be japans top aidoru, yet you don't even bother to improve your dance/singing skills. you sounds like a spoiled rich parents kids, it's like no one ever told you that you're not special or/and talented.
this is internet, grow the fuck up.

No. 219085

>death threads

No. 219149

she butchered the bangs wtf

No. 219207

my god she looks so old here
when will she realise that her puffy eye make up sucks ass and doesn't fit her at all

No. 219223

she looks really pretty here… and I know why - she removed that bump from her nose

No. 219258

What's a chica idol?

No. 219261

File: 1451757255913.gif (88.47 KB, 312x301, c4d4102d4f7ae0e84f1c94388241ca…)

No clue, all I can think of is pic related

No. 219265


No. 219266

No. 219273

underground idol. like amina and kerukkuma. They usually perform in underground live houses with small capacities like maximum 30-100 PAX but usually these are lives where a lot of different chika idols perform, usually like around 10 groups, so they somehow fill up the capacity of the live house. there are hundreds, if not thousands of chika idols in japan, almost anyone can become one.

No. 219276

Can you be a chika idol when you're married?

No. 219278

well I don't think that she usually tells the visitors that she is married when shes on stage, and she also doesn't make it very obvious for japanese ppl. If she would mention it on stage, nobody would be interested in her. It just doesn't work. Idols are supposed to be pure and exclusive for their fans. It would be different if she would just try to be a normal singer, then being married wouldn't be that big of a problem (but even super popular gaijin-singer leah dizon lost all her popularity after she got married).
Anyway she says she wants to create a niche or something, but it won't work. Japanese idol-wotas won't dig it.
The best would be if she would just focus on modelling, imo.

No. 219293

Why does she insist on putting blusher right next to her eyes? It makes her look tired and somewhat Ill

Himezawa. Plz stahp

No. 219294

Not defending her, but it's a huge trend i japan. I do that too.

No. 219301

Some people in this and Kota's thread don't seem to know anything about fashion and make-up in Japan, lol.

No. 219306

File: 1451785512183.jpg (281.25 KB, 1104x1534, pt2016_01_03_01_43_24.jpg)

Pretty certain it isn't supposed to look quite like that though. She looks like she has a rash or something.
The trend is supposed to give a cute glow. Not look like a pink explosion. Pic related

No. 219308


Doesn't mean it looks good anon. Most Jfashion make up looks fucking terrible and unnatural.

Anything kawaii unless it's natural then it does not look good in person. I'm sorry but it doesn't, it should be for pictures only and that's it.

It hurts how it's ALWAYS people who don't suit the trends who try pulling off this bullshit.

Eye bags, circle lenses, sickly looking blush… It's all a disaster.

No. 219310


Remember when kota did this too?

No. 219311

I thought so but Himezawa seems to insist that being Western >>219061 makes people not see her as an underground idol, not the fact that she's already married and doesn't fit the pure idol image.

No one would deny Keekihime who's also European was a legit idol for example.

No. 219319

It is, but speaking from experience, a lot of make up artists in Japan go overboard with the pink blush. I even saw it in professional ads- A cute model, everything about her makeup is on point except fucktons of pink blush on her face.

No. 219338

This so much. A lot of it looks so dumb in real life. People need to do their makeup in a way that flatters their face shape, not do random Japanese kawaii shit that makes them look like a kid that got to their mom's makeup.

No. 219347

This and this! Tons of 'kawaii' looks are awful irl. People need to stop this bullshit and dress for what flatters them personally.

No. 219404

File: 1451823391845.png (547.43 KB, 756x803, kek.png)

Oh yes, found it! Funny stuff

No. 219405

File: 1451823415320.png (390.47 KB, 746x729, busuzawa.png)

No. 219406

File: 1451823534059.png (318.88 KB, 740x679, starhimezawa.png)

>She is 21 years old and a star in Japans capital city. Sabrina Schultes from Krummennaab is a popular model

No. 219407

File: 1451823637712.jpg (5.1 KB, 153x152, images.jpg)

No. 219408

File: 1451823951586.gif (368.84 KB, 500x281, get.gif)

B-but anon-chan!! Girls in anime blush all the time! It's so kawaii desu!!

No. 219410


No. 219411


Wonder who her parents had to pay to make her Official Cosplayer of Comiket and Anime Japan? Can I go next?

No. 219413

It's a shame because she has really good cheekbones, and if applied correctly - she could be attractive.

Heck, she could be really attractive if she stopped trying to emulate a BJD completely.

No. 219415

File: 1451824445371.png (192.46 KB, 786x655, 1.png)

No. 219416

File: 1451824454977.png (53.11 KB, 772x565, 2.png)

No. 219417

File: 1451824527432.png (335.61 KB, 492x339, insta.png)

No. 219418

WHAAAT?? It's a disaster!

No. 219419

>>Official Cosplayer of Comiket

Uh, no. What are you smoking?
She was a cosplayer for someone AT Comiket, not for Comiket itself. jfc anon, don't give her that much credit.

No. 219420


I don't think different make-up would help the crooked beak nose, fat nose tip and non existent lips. Being generous with lip liner and contouring can only go so far.

No. 219421


No. 219422

File: 1451824836915.jpg (20.65 KB, 577x128, image.jpg)


Chill I'm just quoting the article, I don't know everything about her or these things.

No. 219429

Okay, well, she just worded it VERY into her own favor

No. 219441

official cosplayer my ass ahahahha
she was just standing at one of thousands of booths from an indie circle
trying to appear so special, huh? shes so desperate

No. 219444

Lel I can personally confirm from being at comiket earlier this week that every "booth babe" cosplayer I saw was either lardy or uggo with shit make up and a limp frizzy wig. Even the girls I saw selling their cosplay gravure dvd looked haggard and chunky when I walked by.

No. 219446

File: 1451835143897.png (736 KB, 588x674, nihontv.png)

No. 219447

dats not kawaii at all

No. 219448

File: 1451835341323.png (645.28 KB, 574x654, kek.png)


No. 219449

File: 1451835355078.png (678.46 KB, 588x713, newspaper.png)

No. 219450

When you can't impress people with your talent or looks…..

No. 219453

I know some of you farmers are in Japan. Will you get an issue of 日本経済新聞 to see your beloved Swamp Princess?

No. 219505


Yep, I can totally picture her in a porno.

No. 219507


Pink blush is only good in pictures, they suit the kawaii uguu bullshit pictures these j-models do with blur blur and more blur. Yeah, it suits that. But it doesn't look good in person, no kawaii ugu make up looks good in person. Only make up with fake lashes, blusher ect is make up done properly. Kawaii make up is always terrible.


It's true, I agree. Just because it's "cute" in pictures and Japanese magazines is never good because those pictures have been edited to fuck. Doesn't mean it's nice in person.

No. 219508

File: 1451850405594.jpg (327.14 KB, 580x824, 240_01.jpg)


Fashion-Squid did her make up all kawaii too but she kind of pulled it off because it didn't looked as overdone. Recently she's gone less weeb though thank fuck.

No. 219510

File: 1451850484619.jpg (190.58 KB, 680x479, 240_01.jpg)


But even there, picture without much edit. You can see it doesn't look as nice without filter/edit and that's what it'd be like in person.

No. 219514

She really tries to make herself look more popular then she actually is , 2011 she was in German TV ,some documentation about the DCM (German Cosplay Championship ) they interviewed her and followed her around , she acted as if she was the best cosplayer in Germany,it was awful. She probably pays all those newspaper ,telling them to write how a big star she is,she even buys commissions and calls them "Fanart".

I never saw someone so hungry for fame.

No. 219515


She and kaka should just go on big brother as animu fuck dolls. They'd get ALL the attention they want :)

No. 219516


You know what makes me kek about weebs like Taylor R, kota, himezawa, ect ect ect

They all come on the scene with just standard weeb looks and then they get the additions like aegyo sal, very pale sickly skin, brow lips ect like they magically got them to grow on their faces over night.


No. 219531

Kota's situation is completely different from weebs like Himezawa.

Kota is an established foreign model who has to follow what her Japanese colleagues do while Himezawa etc. imitate make-up trends because they think it looks cute on them too and maybe in the hopes of fitting in with other J-fashion interested girls. Weebs like to copy everything Japanese girls do, regardless of whether it fits them or not.

No. 219540

File: 1451855629484.png (315.28 KB, 491x373, 1448337848323.png)

>when asians and whites fight over who has the better noses and this kid's before nose is better than all of theirs

No. 219541

I can't see anything to criticize here, she looks nice.

No. 219542

she is too skinny for these quick dances
she really needs a flowy delicate dance and not a fast paced one because it makes her look like she is doing a weird skeleton dance (not that she is too skinny, i just think the dance style she is trying to replicate looks bad on her body type)

No. 219547

She has a kinda small wardrobe by lolita standards though.

No. 219549

i don't even think that would be a problem if she just got better fucking angles
every angle she chooses and all the makeup she wears is for asian girls
the undereye thing is for rounder faces and she has a square face so it makes her look like she went a month without sleep
most of the angles are meant to accentuate wider almond eyes but she has thin tall eyes which makes her face look long and bony
same with the heavy contouring i see her do
it's just that everything she does is meant for a person that looks completely different

No. 219552

>it's just that everything she does is meant for a person that looks completely different
lel, you could tell that to half of the J-fashion interested weeb girls who just emulate what they see on Asian girls even if it doesn't fit their own features.

No. 219591


Yeah but kota was once a weeb, now she doesn't do make up. It's bare and boring. Tbh she still is sort of a weeb in a sense.

They're all fucking weebs.

No. 219592


She would probably look better if she just did western make up and wore her shit tbh

No. 219600

Agreed. What these dumb weebs don't understand is that you can still look kawaii desu with makeup suited for western faces. They're just stupid and want to do whatever the Japanese girls do and don't consider how bad it'll look on them.

No. 219638

File: 1451881587657.jpeg (266.83 KB, 750x1104, image.jpeg)

Kek, she felt offended by your post, so she just posted this, a day after the first. Look at the caption.

No. 219639

File: 1451881612710.jpeg (192.61 KB, 750x1059, image.jpeg)

No. 219641

File: 1451881644399.jpeg (221.73 KB, 738x1100, image.jpeg)

"Gotta prove the haturs wrong"

No. 219696

Lol I think she's trying so hard to catch the attention of a Lolita brand. Baby already has Yukapee and Kooter, and AP will having nothing to do with her since she filmed without permission at their anniversary party (photo/video of fashion show is a huge no-no). Plus nobody is going to want an Asobi System reject

No. 219697

lel a typical rich parents kid

No. 219698

File: 1451895765833.png (466.95 KB, 387x760, eugh.png)

Everything looks fine except that face…

No. 219700

Exactly. She's like a childhood friend of mine, who would always try to impress me with all the "cool things" her parents bought her. She was really boring tbh and didn't have anything much to say

No. 219701

Never heard of contacts?

No. 219709

Haha, she filmed at AP's show without their consent?

No. 219711

There was a vlog I believe? She filmed the fashion show, which is a big NO NO, and the staff specifically asked the attendees to not shoot.

But of course himezawa thinks she's way above AP staff and filmed it anyway.

No. 219713

That wig and high forehead jfc. Those bags under her eyes age her so much and she'd look so more more plain and decent looking without them.

No. 219736


why did asobi throw her out?

No. 219740

She did something without their permission

No. 219743

we will never know
she is just too wrapped up in asian cosmetic trends for us to see if her face is redeemable enough

No. 219755


No. 219756


I saw aegyo sal for the first time today on some asian. Defo korean looking and I cringed to myself walking down the street.

Looked like a some bug had bit her under the eyes D:

No. 219770

File: 1451926476207.png (1.18 MB, 1280x804, demshialabeoufnostrils.png)

No. 219798

i know her personally, she is so cute

No. 219799

No just no

No. 219801


No Sabrina.

No. 219802

Having rich parents doesn't make you cute, Sabrina

No. 219803

File: 1451937618348.jpg (48.68 KB, 560x575, 1413213674597.jpg)

those eye bags tho

No. 219805

No,himezawa,You're not cute

No. 219807

Pretty sure it's a troll kek

No. 219809

I'm not a troll, if you meet her in person she is really cute… even though Lolita doesn't suit her and her nose is huge

No. 219810

100% sure this is shooped, IF this is Himezawa.
the nose originally is twice this size.

Compare with >>218676

No. 219813

lol no it's def not himezawa

No. 219814

This isn't PULL,faggotchan.

No. 219815

cute personality or not, she's seeking for attention in a hardcore lolcowish way.

No. 219833

so much envy… :)
well understandBle, she is young, slim, she is living in her dream country, is doing what she likes and has rich parents lol
I guess most of the üeople on lolcow are weebs themaelves, no wonder that there is so mch envy :)
well, funny to read though, I'm enjoying it ^^

and btw, you are right, ahe is attention seeking… but all the people you see on TV, every scientist, professor and so on is attention seeking - well, human nature.

I would love see how the people writing on lolcow look in real life. Maybe similar to the creatures of walmart ^^
lolcow itself is just lol♥︎

No. 219834

File: 1451940496975.gif (231.27 KB, 500x281, 1429976069702.gif)

The fuck did just I read…
Oh you must be sooo new here.

No. 219836

Not that Anon, but Taylor is pretty much all that (minus young) with an attractive face and sincere personality. Can't speak for anyone else here, but if I was jealous of anyone it'd be her.

No. 219837

Hi, Himezawa-chan. Could you get a little further away from the screen pls?…Your nose might tip it over isf you sit too close, you know

No. 219838

no, not new :)
just enjoying all the bs the lolcows on lolcow produce and laughing about their envy and the hard work they invest in getting some "milk".
well you are doing good work I guess, you are entertaining lots of people (including me) :)

No. 219839

…you know that "lolcows" are the people discussed on the site, right?,,,

No. 219840

I know, that's the intention of this site…but if you read the content and the bs people are posting here you can't be sure anymore who the real lolcows are….everything is just lol. the people discussd as well as the people discussing. everything is just an entertaining joke ;)

No. 219841

Yeah sure! We're sooooo jealous of her! A Who wouldn 't want to be a NEET? ;)))

No. 219843


I don't know about you anon but I can't really laugh at anonymous faceless people who state their opinions on an imageboard. Farmers =/= lolcows. Sabrina doing a spastic "freestyle" dance on the other hand is fucking priceless.

No. 219844

Get some sleep Busuzawa

No. 219846

There are definitely some people on this board I envy for their beauty, lifestyle etc. But it's NOT himezawa

Even PEENUS chans life is more enviable of swampprincess one. I mean peenus can atleast shoop her face to hell and back and she'll look somewhat cute in the end. Taylor has been already beautiful and SUCCESSFUL before she jumped on the living doll thread and even Dakota has some kind of an interesting vibe to her.

Himezawa just has rich parents, but beside of that she has nothing. She's the most boring person ever. She isn't even funny. Even the cringe she gives are boring.

This is coming from someone who hasn't bought their followers and still would have more than the nose princess if she hadn't bought all hers. At least my videos get more views and my tweets more rt's

No. 219858

You know, i totally agree with that. I love lurking around lolcow because of kota, kiki anda taylor… I only heard abot himezawa here. So i went to check her instagram. Shes got just a few followers, but shes not that ugly bitch you all say, shes got a huge nose, but she is cute. I also wonder how you guys look, if you can do better cosplays than she does, or if youre just wallmart weirdos kek

No. 219861

Great that there's no walmart in my country, so you're obviously not talking about me, murrica chan

No. 219862

She looks like haggard af, but if that's what you find attractive have at it bud.

No. 219863


Lol theres no walmart in my country either but i have internet lol!

No. 219865

Im not saying shes attractive, but i agree when anon said youre probably as ugly as her or even worse, oh how i wish to see you faces lol

No. 219866


No. 219868

Wow, I have Internet too…who else her got some Internet??

Seriously, stop white knighting urself himezawa. It's embarrassing af

You know, a person with an actual CUTE PERSONALITY would stick out much more of the crowd than himezawa couldn't even dream of. Because it's the cute character of a person who makes them cute, beautiful and interesting.

No. 219872

well, so I guess everybody on this board must be ugly af, because people who are posting such bs on lolcow definitely also don't have a cute personality ^^
thanks for clearing that up :)

No. 219874

I didn't call her ugly I said haggard you troglodyte.

No. 219876

Dakota is cute, Taylor is cute…Mira well I'll throw her a bone on that one.

No. 219879

If you are somehow offended by what we are doing in out spare time without a hint of any seriousness and/or devotion - you are seriously fucked up in the head. People come here to write bullshit and discuss drama, nothing more.
If you actually are the Swamp Princess or one of her friends (if she has any) the only thing you are showing is that you CARE about hate, CAN'T ignore it and it IS offending you to the point of coming and posting here, trying to look "so neutral desu :) ;) ^_^". The right move is to leave us alone and not let us get any milk by improving yourself or disappearing from the scene. We won't milk the cow if it doesn't have anything lolcow worthy about it.

No. 219883

Oh, a fellow German.

The idea that everyone who dares to say anything bad is just envious is really silly. While I do agree that she doesn't look nearly as bad as most anons make her out to, making an ass out of herself on some stage to become a RIARU AIDORU is embarrassing when everyone knows that it's not going to happen. She's wasting her time trying to follow some dream, and if her husband is supporting that, great. But after it all falls through (and it will, she's not young for Japanese idol standards), what is she going to do? Become a housewife?

No. 219884

don't worry I'm not offended :) I'm just using my spare time to laugh about you and the people who are writing such bs.
please just continue what you are doing, it's really amusing.
my formula: 90% of the farmers are weebs themselves + writing bs about people (not such a cute personality) = ugly lolcows.

well I don't care, I just enjoy reading. please continue

No. 219885

Lol yeah

No. 219886

Ohhh you must be so nice!

No. 219887

OMG THIS. I love having fun around here trying to imagine how pretty and nice these farmes are lol

No. 219890

To be honest, if she wasn't so arrogant in her interviews and online posts, I wouldn't find her so unpleasant.

The way she self-promotes and exaggerates her achievements is actually kind of smart. Making people think she's successful = more potential fans. And she isn't ugly for Japanese beauty standards when it comes to foreigners. No one there cares about her big nose tip.

Also, her dancing and singing might suck but that applies to many of these underground idols. It's not exclusive to her.

No. 219899

And her redeeming qualities?

No. 219907

This sounds like someone talking to themselves.

No. 219908

>And she isn't ugly for Japanese beauty standards when it comes to foreigners. No one there cares about her big nose tip.

I seriously doubt that.

No. 219912

English skills, exotic looks, being a foreigner. And she knows it, especially the two latter ones.

I find her rather boring but it won't mean anything in Japan even though the amount of ambitious foreign blonde girls have increased over the years.

Well, her nose didn't prevent her from receiving modeling work, getting into Asobi System (even though she's been thrown out) and two upcoming issues of a Japanese newspaper.

No. 219916

She had her appearance cancelled at the Moshi event because of it, then was removed totally from their website. Iirc she posted about it on FB but in a locked friends entry

No. 219919

>because of it
>posted about it
What exactly was "it"?

No. 219921

Probably taping the AP 15th year anniversary.

No. 219923


It's pretty much been established that Sabrina's rich parents bought her way into modelling. Come on, you honestly think shed be a model other wise? Her face is busted as fuck.

No. 219926

You'd be surprised to see what kind of foreigners get to model in Japan. I didn't say she would become popular, like Dakota for example. Sabrina's fanbase is still too small for that even though her ego is big.

No. 219928

It's right that it didn't prevent her, but it sure as hell didn't get her any bonus points.

No. 219931

>tfw the traffic in this thread is literally the peak of himezawa's success and popularity.

No. 219932

Agreed, she has less instagram followers than i do lol

No. 219936

Speaking of which, how does she have 5k followers and only get 150 likes on average? I have like 300 followers and get at least 40 or so. Following that, shouldn't she be getting like… at least 1k likes on her photos, if not more?

No. 219939

>when anon said
Are… are you trying to samefag?

No. 219940

Bought followers.

No. 219950

Idk, but the more you talk to and interact with your followers, the more likes you'll get though. I used to get more likes before, now I don't even bother putting text under my photos.

No. 219951

You type like you're 14.

No. 219953

This is pretty relative. I've got 18 k followers and an average of 400 likes. Some people have less followers and get more likes, i guess it depends on what kind of stuff you post, or your followers engagement. I didnt buy followers, maybe a lot of them are inactive, idk

No. 219964

For fucks sake already, it's because she did that embarrassment of a music video

No. 220000

Again, you don't know that. All theories.

No. 220025

She uploaded the dance version of her song: http://youtu.be/r0qMu3bBdPs

It's really bad

No. 220032

The part from 2:45-3:00 kills me inside.

No. 220037

this so much

No. 220038

File: 1451991973252.png (23.45 KB, 565x190, asif.png)

calm down bitch you're not that famous yet

No. 220039

oh my god

No. 220040

She looks ill and tired

No. 220041

File: 1451992635784.gif (1.41 MB, 480x270, giphy.gif)

No. 220042

File: 1451992668435.png (14.41 KB, 554x97, lewl.png)

No. 220043

I couldn't watch the whole thing
Too boring !!!!

No. 220051

Her legs are ugly. Her knees look like they belong to a grandma.

No. 220053

This is fucking awful. She has like zero energy. No youthful bounciness, no cutesy charm. She's so long and scraggly she just looks like a corpse being pulled around by strings like some kind of undead marionette. My granny looks livelier doing the nae-nae.

No. 220054

Now I kind of want to see someone outshine her doing her own dance.

No. 220056

The worst choreo I've ever seen

No. 220061

imo this song actually fits the dance


No. 220062

File: 1452000476651.png (511.05 KB, 754x770, 7ae.png)

this was really hard to watch

No. 220063

File: 1452000674178.gif (474.43 KB, 500x375, giphy.gif)

That move at 0:23 got me rolling on the floor.

No. 220064

Which weeb would do this though?
Is there anyone that desperate to leech a few more subscribers?

If anyone can suggest a dancer, I'll message them and ask them to cover this mess

No. 220065


No. 220068


I already see princessdollofinvitea doing it kek

No. 220071

It's just as cringy as Beckii's original choreos

No. 220072

Damn those ninjas cutting onions……

No. 220074

File: 1452001938824.png (88.77 KB, 589x756, lmaof.png)

No. 220075

I'm fucking dying !!!!!!!!

No. 220080

File: 1452003283796.png (229.17 KB, 848x430, lolcow.png)

No. 220090

kek she sounds so snoby
pretends she doesn't care but still lurks this lurks here 24/7

No. 220093

Is this entire thread about her snoz. I'm male so I don't see the problem. I know some /cows/ are terrible people, but whats wrong with this girl.

I'd just like to say I'd totally be fine with someone who looks like this. Unless she is a jew.

No. 220095

>im a boy tee hee xD
post dick or gtfo

No. 220099

> I know some /cows/ are terrible people
Sabrina is a scammer so I guess it makes her a terrible person

No. 220100

>I'm male so I don't see the problem
seems legit

No. 220102

Holy shit that dance, it's like she is trying to summon a skeleton army.

Was that coreo made by thinking "how many random twig moves I can shove into a dance…the more the better!!!"

No. 220110

She isn't a terrible lolcow, just delusional and kind of ridiculous.

I don't get the snoz posts either.

No. 220131

The sorry excuse of a "idioru" blocked me on instsgram

No. 220133

File: 1452018649719.jpg (1.89 MB, 4000x3000, ANIMAX-Jeanne-Die-Kamikaze-Die…)

so bad
so so bad
I'm sorry Jeanne

No. 220135

File: 1452019698550.jpg (96.36 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

Found her VINE

No. 220136

File: 1452019828135.jpg (109.75 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

Her husband aint ugly tho

No. 220142


Compared to her no, but Jesus are you kidding me? He looks like an old gerbil

No. 220149

They look equal. He isn't attractive in any kind of sense and she well we all know how attractive she is..n't lol so yes, they suit each other

No. 220150

>isn't that ugly

come on anon

No. 220153


>isn't that ugly for someone who's desperate for the Japanese D…I mean visa…I mean attention… whoops

No. 220154


Nah Beckii's original choreography is way better than Swamp-chan.
Yes it is a mess of weeb flailing. But she puts energy into it and makes the moves look sharp.

She also manages to make it look like some sort of choreographed routine where as Swamp-chan just looks as though she is making if up as she goes. Especially with the pause at the start of her dance version, where she obviously forgot what she was doing.

No. 220156

Wait… So from wat i observed on vine her husband does the cooking while she dances around like a man-child in cheap nylon frilly clothes? Does she even work or contribute to the household?

No. 220157

Holy fucking shit!!!!T-that was so awkward…….
She should've hired a choreographer

No. 220158

File: 1452025968227.gif (2.08 MB, 400x226, Conan-rofl.gif)

I'm watching this for the 5th time. Can't stop laughing!!

No. 220159

i wonder if her husbando watches her cringy dance videos

No. 220163

why is this so good

No. 220167

Auuuuugh… Of all the characters to cosplay, why my beloved Kaitou Jeanne…

No. 220177

keekihime should do it. himezawa would go batshit crazy

No. 220179

Good idea.She should do a parody of her

No. 220180

I read somewhere that he was a fan before they got married or sth? No idea how that influences a relationship but yea. I doubt she works.

I think it's best to dismiss lolcow's beauty standards alltogether. From the picture you can't really tell what he looks like and at least they seem to be having fun?

No. 220181

Why does she have to ruin poor Arina's work… Can't she just run back to doing more shitty sailor moon cosplays

No. 220184

You could always check either of the IG. He's not ugly just average tbh.

No. 220185

I want someone to publicly call her out for straight up putting her hand over her mouth for the rapping part because it's the most annoying part for me

No. 220196

>I read somewhere that he was a fan before they got married or sth?
She received a fan letter from him and signed a handy cover for him. It's all on her blogs actually but none of the farmers care enough to check out the rest of Himezawa's social media.

No. 220229

Aside from that anon, most of us already knew, yo. It's been discussed tons of times.

No. 220233

this shit is gold LOL every move looks the same but 2:30-2:35 kill everything ahahahahha
> This video is NOT sponsored
what the actual fuck

No. 220236

There's also a live version which is marginally worse since she obviously only had the one attempt. The amazing choreography mentioned by >>220233 looks even worse (it starts at 2:14 in this video) and is followed not long after at 2:43 by an awkward 3 seconds of her shuffling like she's missed a move. 3 seconds isn't long in real time, but it feels like an eternity in a dance.
She also doesn't know what to do at 2:58-3:00. She's not a natural dancer at all and I couldn't see her getting much better even with professional training. She clearly has trouble remembering each move, there's no flow at all.

No. 220237

Something about watching her long, spindly limbs flail just disgusts me…. she needs to wear clothes that make her seem shorter

No. 220239

Never bothered to look it up what she was cosplaying, but teenage shojo heroine was not on the list of my guesses. She just looks way to maternal for that.

No. 220240

The more I see her horrible "choreography", it reminds me of a karaoke night. So bad.

No. 220241

Even the Wotas at the front fins it hard to keep up their enthusiasm with this train wreck

No. 220314

That body irks me. She should not reveal so much skin it's like she has almost no body fat

No. 220316

File: 1452062244475.gif (841.25 KB, 200x114, 8247 - Raw autoplay_gif clappi…)

No. 220325

File: 1452074118053.jpg (169.04 KB, 540x389, Whiny Post Of The Day.jpg)

No. 220328

What?..Show them your giant snoz so they would become scared and run away?

No. 220329

What's the reminder. Her face profile picture? It just remids me of how giant her shnoz is.

No. 220330

Wish she'd shut up about maybe being on TV for half a second this Saturday

No. 220331

This only reminds me of how much I hate my own nose

No. 220334

File: 1452076241225.jpg (137.16 KB, 540x389, image.jpg)

Even after kawaii dolly azn profile shoop she still looks like my 40-something mom. Now I really can't understand what the hell is wrong with her face.

No. 220336

Does anybody know how she got into Asobi System in the first place?

No. 220337

her upper arm is terrifying. it wasn't quite so apparent in lolita than in this skimpy outfit. she should try gaining some weight, maybe that would fill out her figure and face and she wouldn't look so boyish and bony.

No. 220338

She won a cosplay competition and that was the prize.

No. 220340

File: 1452078784408.png (6.53 KB, 645x773, Thatface20110725-22047-wlaopv.…)

I think somewhere deep inside her husbando knows his waifu is a trainwreck…

No. 220341

The guy was a sad nerd and probably a virgin. Of course he'll stick with his blonde aidoru gaijin garufurendo

No. 220348


How the fuck did she even win?

No. 220350

Have you seen the kawaii aidoru girls from the UK? All busu

No. 220355

File: 1452090444960.jpeg (56.7 KB, 640x360, image.jpeg)

Looks better (lol at the fingers, sorry)

No. 220358

Not surprising she made this tweet when all you talk about are her schnoz and her thin arms.

Her looks aren't really a problem in Japan, especially with that styling and make-up. She can forget the married idol schtick but modeling she can do. There are far uglier people, both Japanese and foreign, who get to model.

Yeah, she doesn't seem to get that being on TV as a foreigner is nothing special, unless it's a lengthier appearance this time.

No. 220361

I think she should drop the kawaii look, it just doesn't suit her at all. Her face is just too mature looking.

No. 220362

That nose job would make such a difference.

No. 220366

File: 1452093753123.jpeg (6.02 KB, 220x200, dc7jRjRpi.jpeg)

If she got a nose job, you farmers wouldn't have anything else to complain about.

No. 220372

>cant sing but thinks she's amazing
>cant dance to save her life and looks like a halloween decoration being jingled around
>even when she's autotuned she still sounds bland and terrible
>scammed people and still refuses to live up to it
>Cant land any real jobs and then still gets kicked out of any subpar ones she does get
>Brags about fans and popularity but has the lowest twitter following of her 'peers' (Abipop, Kelsey, aminyan) who all have 1000s more followers
>Thinks everything is about her
>tries way too hard to follow trends and be kawaii even though she looks terrible

There's tons to complain about and even with a nosejob she'd be average at best and then it wouldnt do anything for her fashion sense or lack thereof

No. 220375

Even if nose princess was the most objectively good looking aidoru out there, there'd still be her weird, bratty/delusional fame fantasy.

Go look at her old threads, robot. She didn't start off getting posted because of her honker, it's just a defining feature you really can't ignore.

I'm sure I'm just replying to b8 right now, but sweet lord you newfags need to go contain yourselves to your own speshuful, no 'harmful appearance comments!!!' Hugbox. I don't even understand what you're trying to accomplish. Like, gold star, you're so special and unvain you judge everyone for what's inside not outside!!!!

Now git out there and fill some threads with what you consider 'real milk' if you want change. Or is sucking on nose princess's nostrils milk for you? Kek

No. 220377

Yes Sabrina, that pinocchio snoz makes you soooo beautiful

No. 220380

All these nose comments are cancer.

No. 220381

Besides, her giant ears are way worse.

No. 220382

Not to mention her nasolabial folds.

No. 220395

File: 1452102626747.jpg (904.84 KB, 1067x1600, tumblr_o0fjg4h4Tx1stxqaco1_128…)

Yet there are shit tons of Japanese girls who don't fit the kawaii style but still wear it anyway. Most Japanese girls don't fit the kawaii loli look.

Himezawa is a shitty person with no talent but not as ugly and old looking as people say she is.

No. 220396

the thing is whether they are attractive or not, most japanese girls are petite with round faces, which make them suitable for kawaii infinitely more than sabrina with her lanky body and long bony face.

No. 220398

Kawaii shit looks retarded on anyone over the age of 6.

No. 220400



No. 220401

Well, >>220395 probably is small with a petite bodyframe and has a round face, she still looks unkawaii. This obsession with "le eternal youthful petite asians so kawaii desu neeeee" seriously needs to fucking stop. Being asian, even being petite and having a round face does not instantly turn you into kawaii ugguuu dolls. If you ever take a look at asians beside overshooped meitu pics on the internet, you'll notice they are just like every other population on this planet: Some are pretty, some are cute, most are average and some are ugly.

Hate me all you want, I think Sabrina could suit the Lolita Fashion/J-Fashion well if she did better make up (no more nasty eyebag make up, and a decent lip/eyebrow).

No. 220402

That girl looks just as rough as busu

No. 220406

>>even being petite and having a round face does not instantly turn you into kawaii ugguuu dolls
as i said, it's not that having those features makes you pretty, it's that they give off a cuter (more childlike) vibe that's more in harmony with "kawaii" fashion. for example, though the girl featured above is not beautiful, i do think she has a sweet/endearing quality to her.

No. 220414

She never will though. She'll keep trying to copy every 'kawaii' trend and never actually use makeup that suits her busted face

No. 220419

Actually, a longer/slim face has recently been seen as more "kawaii" and "dolly". The hime cut hair style has been becoming more popular again because it slims the face. Also, that is why the "toothache" pose a lot of Japanese girls do is popular, makes the face look slimmer.

Being petite and having a round face doesn't automatically make you look childlike. >>220395 The girl in the photo has a huge wide nose and small eyes which is not childlike. She actually looks kinda old, maybe late 20's-30's.

No. 220428

i'm pretty sure though that what is desired is a kind of heart shaped face with a tiny chin, not himezawa's oblong, masculine one.
>>Being petite and having a round face doesn't automatically make you look childlike.
it helps though. like a lot.
>>The girl in the photo has a huge wide nose and small eyes which is not childlike.
yeah, but imo she still has a cute vibe overall due to the aforementioned reasons. don't agree that she looks old.

No. 220452

Because none of these girls fit within the requirements of fashion models. Dakota probably wouldn't have gotten signed had she not had her huge following and extensive and well edited portfolio, but she's just skinny/tall/pretty enough to qualify as a potential commercial model for the japanese market. The same couldn't be said about most of these girls.

No. 220454

Being tall and thin is great, but I've never seen someone make it look as bad as Himezawa. It's impressive that she makes that figure look so bad. I don't even know how she manages to do it. Maybe her body is just suited for Western fashion. What creeps me out the most is that her thighs are almost the same thickness as her calves. Perhaps being thin is okay as long as you don't resemble Slender Man.

I see Himezawa as looking good with a look similar to Heroin Chic? Rugged torn clothes, tussled hair, black eyeliner and a nice motorcycle jacket?

No. 220458

My aunt got her nose done n the recovery time is better than a breast augmentation so i dunno why shes waiting for maybe she doesnt have the money :\

No. 220460

this girl reminds me of another german because they look so similar to each other, but I can't remember her name. one time she made a big post about how cosplayers should only cosplay characters of their own race or whatever. she was obsessed with incest and being more intelligent than everyone else. i think she quit or changed her nick again, i don't know. but there used to be threads about her on cgl.

No. 220461

oh and she also wanted to be a singer/model/actress and if you said it was difficult she screamed about people not believing in her superior talent lol

No. 220466

File: 1452123609483.png (8.5 KB, 764x132, lolitacandylife.png)


She doesn't really see her nose as a flaw. Pic-related.

No. 220470

She's delusional.

No. 220471

I think I remember which bitch you're talking about. She was known for her Namine cosplay, right? I think she went by Berry something and kept changing aliases?

No. 220526

fuck yes that's her if we're talking about the same girl. she was always threatening suicide and so on.

No. 220536

Found her DA username, Rosenbraut. Yup, same bitch that kept threatening suicide. Her ugly nose does look an awful lot like Himezawa's. I wouldn't be surprised if the two were friends with the whole delusional and craziness.

No. 220545

File: 1452140499453.png (550.09 KB, 473x396, omg.png)

shit i'm over here kekking so hard. they should team up.

No. 220547

That Rosenbraut girl has a better body tbh. Himezawa would probably get jealous and wouldn't help her.

No. 220550

Jfc Himezawa looks like a trap in that pic.

>When you realize Himezawa looks better as a twink boy than as a girl.

No. 220553

File: 1452142554811.png (1.41 MB, 800x1178, briar_rose_by_rosenbraut-d5lo9…)

This, at least this chick has a butt. That face though… I'd rather look at Busuzawa, and that's saying something.

No. 220554

Are we sure she isn't?

No. 220556

File: 1452142761503.jpg (173.1 KB, 1024x1536, himezawa__cherry_blue_sailor__…)

she looks so much better here. what happened to your face??

No. 220560

Euuuggggh… She's so gross without all the damn photoshop

No. 220561

kawaiilyfe stressed her out.

No. 220562

File: 1452145783938.png (267.11 KB, 623x434, himezawa.thumb.png.cb43fd736d1…)

No. 220564

her nose looks totally different

No. 220566

sheepcream?she's fat tho

No. 220567

she looks sooooo much better compared to >>219007

No. 220568

It's the angle + photoshop

No. 220569

And the ugly eyebag makeup

No. 220602

No. 220604

No. 220605

File: 1452167811561.png (1.22 MB, 1076x713, italy.png)

No. 220606

File: 1452168112236.png (387.16 KB, 370x539, sab.png)

No. 220607

imo she should've stuck with cosplay. it makes her much more appealing than kawaii lolita style

No. 220608

No. 220609

No. 220610

File: 1452168465973.png (508.32 KB, 599x365, image.png)

No. 220611

Reminds me of my good old weeaboo days..

No. 220629

My music education ears hurts

No. 220630

Thats just so cringe. Im actually glad that i didnt have and friends interested in japanese culture…

No. 220631


No. 220636

The girl in question was confirmed to be >>220536

No. 220640

you don't have to have education in music to realize she basically just hit a guitar until it made a sound that sounded vaguely like what could be a song.

No. 220645

Nah, you can clearly hear that she is playing simple chords, but the strings are really old and out of tune. And it also sounds like she's playing with her tumb.

No. 220653

oh shit, we were friends for a few years.

No. 220655

crossplay at that

No. 220656

i still cringe so hard when i see pics of busu's bikini scene. she probably thinks she looks hot or something

No. 220658

I legitimately thought this was a transwoman
She has a body of a teenage boy

No. 220659

*no offence sabrina :/

No. 220679

"No racist, but… <racism here>"

No. 220723

The bikini scenes looks like they are taken from a really b porno

No. 220748

Someone tune that fucking guitar.

No. 220871

I can't believe she doesn't see how bad this actually is

No. 220873

File: 1452268212578.png (208.03 KB, 524x338, kawaii.png)

No. 220875


I think that's what I can't wrap my head around the most with her… that intense lack of self awareness, how?

Like what does she see when she plays back her videos? To see the world through her eyes, wtf.

I would not be surprised if sabrina had like, vision problems and refused to wear proper contacts/glasses. Because that would explain so much. It might even explain how she frequently mistook random crowds as 'her adoring fans' kek…

No. 220876

Those pigtail braids look like clumps of shit escaping her head

No. 220880

her moves are so… campy

No. 220975

She's extremely self-deluded. Almost like PT

No. 221076

Is she cosplaying a boy? Why the eyelashes?

No. 221116

For some reason a common belief among female cosplayers is that longer lashes make cosplaying male characters more convincing.

No. 221122

Which is counter productive since they look like twinky dykes in the end.

No. 221126

They do straight lashes for those cosplaying boys.

No. 221328

File: 1452484371510.png (279.45 KB, 750x1334, image.png.53e41ed0d5d07a56efc3…)

No. 221337

Keekihime is so petty it's sad and entertaining. Is she in Japan? I hope for drama and more shady tweets between the wanna be idols.

No. 221362

i actually like keekihime
she doesn't act so uguu kawaii and innocent like other wannabee aidorus.

No. 221388

she is so petty and sad. not to OT from queen sabrina but theres this one niconama of keeki and yuka where they do a poll on who is cuter. needless to say, yuka wins. keeki cries. top kek

No. 221414

Himezawa's wardrobe post is up.

No. 221416

>tfw all that stuff looks way cuter on hangers than on her

No. 221418

Is keeki selfposting here or what? Why do we care about her whiny ass tweets?

There's also the live where she cried and said she was going to jump in front of a train because some russian guy wouldn't hug her. She also showed her panties and bra off as well as made a joke community pretending to be her own hater. Keeki is the just as cringe as swamp princess

No. 221419

No. 221421

When you know that only one of these fucking dresses is about 150-300$ and more. And shoes and blouses aren't less expensive. Rich parents. I want rich parents

No. 221423

Going by conservative estimates, using partly the values of her pieces at their resale value and partly the original selling value, I calculated her wardrobe to be around $11,000. She has a few rare pieces/sets and many accessories and blouses.

What's strange is I've seen pictures of her this year (posted on Closet of Frills, of course) with pieces not in her wardrobe. So I reckon she buys/sells things quickly to make her wardrobe seem a lot bigger than it actually is.

If it makes you feel any better, this is considered only a medium sized wardrobe by Lolita standards.

No. 221424

I know it's only medium sized, but I believe she owns way more. And compared to a lot of other lolitas she didn't need to work her ass of for these, she just need to ask mommy and daddy for some money

No. 221426

I wonder if she does own more? I don't understand why she wouldn't photograph it if she did, considered she took pictures of like 20 fucking blouses.

And you're right. Most Lolitas with mega huge wardrobes work to get to that point. I am not a spoiled rich kid either, so I feel your pain.

No. 221427

I bet she still has some of her stuff in Germany since extra luggage is always a little tricky bla (don't think that she cares abt the priece).

I always kimda want to get into lolita since this was the first jfashion I discovered, but right now I might have the money to start building up the wardrobe, but I won't have the time to wear the stuff I buy, nor the space to store it. That'd just make me sad lol

No. 221430

Himezawa is like the most talentless cow I've ever stumbled upon. It's like all she has are those expensive clothes.

No. 221432

She didn't even posted her pettis. I guess that usually you'll have at least 3-4 and a good petti is also anout 70-150$ each

No. 221447

I don't think anything she has is really that rare. She has some nice pieces, sure, but nothing that lolitas would consider a status symbol dress.

No. 221463

For how long has she been into lolita by now? I'm wondering how much she spent a year on it..

I can easily see someone with a decent income accumulating a wardrobe of a size like hers in about 3-4 years or even in a shorter time frame. It's nothing unusal if you are smart with money.
But I know, it's doubtable that himezawa is smart or holding a good job so we all know where her money comes from kek.

No. 221464

Honestly her wardrobe isn't that impressive. Especially considering that she lives in Japan, so she has no trouble with shipping or taxes, and second hand buranod is pretty cheap is you go to ClosetChild or y!auctions/mbok. Consdering most of her pieces aren't highly sought out after dresses and taobao, her wardrobe is nothing special for someone who has access to cheap burando.

Lol where do you buy pettis that expensive? As long as you don't buy new burando pettis they'r enot that expensive (and rarely included in warrobed-posts).

No. 221688

File: 1452656735621.png (699.02 KB, 627x798, busu.png)

This girl really knows how to take unflattering pics

No. 221698

for her, that IS flattering.

No. 221710

File: 1452669899027.jpg (1.21 MB, 1141x1711, 5head.JPG)

on her website and looking through her photo gallery

her hairline is trying to run away from her nose

No. 221711

File: 1452670007042.jpg (441.86 KB, 1280x852, thatshitaintkawaii.JPG)

also there's several shots of her dancing around with a bottle of wine in what looks like an empty smoking area of a club


No. 221716

Ugh that baby makeup trend with the blush by the eyes is so fucked. this whole look on her is horrid

No. 221741

File: 1452692097370.png (781.24 KB, 1253x1500, wwwtff.png)

That make up
oh dear god whyyyy

No. 221745

File: 1452693730435.jpg (156.9 KB, 810x795, IMG_20160113_230152.jpg)

No. 221754


Be honest, wouldn't you run away too? (inb4 "stop insulting her nose")

No. 221755

She looks alright here ngl

No. 221756

I see you've misquoted. Allow me to fix your post for you:

She looks alright here ngl

And with this correction, I almost agree. I say almost because in spite of the stunning resemblance, I realized this is actually a picture of a monkey - not Himezawa. Hard to believe, right?

No. 221757


Cool ape cosplay

No. 221769

I'm fucking crying

No. 221793

File: 1452713825457.gif (977.09 KB, 500x300, himehimesukisukidaisuki.gif)

No. 221794

her draw 2015 video says:
- she had "boob cancer"
- she knew about it since her time in the UK and left it untreated
- she had an emergency operation to get rid of it
- and now she is fine? The same week she was posting karaoke NND videos.

She went out of her way to say some cancers are just tumors and get cut out, no chemo, no radiatio, no hair loss, no side effects. I mean, I didn't think breast cancer - especially untreated for years - was one of those cancers.

I don't know a lot about breast cancer. Is it ever like what she describes?? I'm really skeptical, sorry. But this is more a curious post than an accusatory one.

It sounds like she had a fibroadenoma…

No. 221795

My boyfriend's mom's friend had early stage breast cancer. She had radiation, chemo, complete mastectomy and reconstruction. She was also tested from the BRCA gene but was negative for it.

No. 221796

she probably had that, a cyst or something similarly non cancerous. i'm thinking it's a cyst cause you can't cure them but only treat it.

No. 221798

why do you think she called it cancer, then? Attention?
I mean, if she had a cyst, would she need emergency surgery? She didn't say anything about mastectomy or lumpectomy.

No. 221799

wow that's intense. She's OK now?

No. 221800

if it was a cyst then it would just require remoging fluids which would be a simple outpatient surgery. she may just have gotten confused because cysts can be referred to as benign(or it's just for attention) also, cysts can also be removed in emergencies as well, a bit more complicated but still fast recovery.

No. 221833

Oncology geek here. First of all, you don't just leave breast cancer untreated. With breast cancer, early detection and treatment is crucial to your chances of survival, and any reputable doctor would have stressed that to her so that leaving alone wouldn't have crossed her mind if she even remotely cared about living a healthy life. Secondly, there's no way that she'd be totally cured within a week, especially if it required emergency surgery (usually in the context of oncology, emergencies are tumors that actually impede bodily functions, like brain tumors - not simple breast tumors). She'd have to do several follow-ups, and they'd probably do chemo as a precaution to get rid of any micrometastases that might have formed, since breast cancer is one of the more metastatic ones.
I'm not an MD, so don't quote me on anything here, but I'm 99.999% sure she's lying about it being cancer.

No. 221837

Wonder if she'll take down the video. Because even if she just said 'cancer' by accident it's nothing to make jokes about or to just use it because you're too lazy to look up the translation for the illness you have. And IF she really used it for the cause of attention: himezawa then I wish you to get real cancer, and I wouldn't even feel sorry about that. I saw children!!!die of cancer so don't ever fucking use it for attention. It's one of the most cruel deseases one could get

No. 221841

Yes, thankfully. Poor woman cant catch a break. Her husband lost a super high paying job just before Christmas and right after the wife finished treatment and before a second reconstruction surgery, and this poor lady had brain surgery a few years ago due to an aneurysm.

No. 221842

also the way she said that she was too embarrassed to talk about it is really bad, people have been working to get rid of the stigma about breast cancer for ages and then some weeb trash convinces her young followers that talking about boobs isn't kawaii and risks them being embarrassed to check for lumps/talk about it.

No. 221843

she said it numerous times and even talked about the usual connotations of the word "cancer." I remember in lieu of birthday gifts she asked people to donate to a cancer charity (after finding out "her friend" had cancer). That is a great thing to do in general, but I wonder if this wasn't also a planned tie-in for her kawaii cancer battle.

I feel like an ass being suspicious, but I am.

Can someone save that video? I won't be at a real computer for awhile and we all know she reads here

No. 221856

She probably got a suspicious mole removed, or a small benevolent tumor. We Germans go apeshit over stuff like that, it's not hard to believe she and everyone around her blew it out of proportion so much she actually believes it was "cancer".

No. 221857

guys it was almost 'too late'

No. 221858

>convinces her young followers

Don't uh… don't worry about that, Anon. She doesn't have any

No. 221880

File: 1452728865891.jpeg (108.21 KB, 736x1083, image.jpeg)

No. 221881

File: 1452728902866.jpeg (150.97 KB, 750x875, image.jpeg)

She "suffered and didn't realize" for TWO years. Couldn't have been cancer. Probably just a mole.

No. 221882

File: 1452728959681.png (943.06 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Such an attention whore

No. 221892

Fucking drama queen.

No. 221895

If she did have cancer and let it go for two years, she'd be end stage or dead. Lulz.

No. 221912

Histology scientist here. It would not have been cancer, you cannot leave it for 2 years at all. She probably had a benign growth which can increase in size and can be left untreated if it isn't growing rapidly or at risk of necrosis. Plus breast cancer is not common in her age demographic.

If she had a tumor removed she'd have a drainage tube sticking out of her boob for a week after surgery.

No. 221922

File: 1452743246997.jpg (57.1 KB, 460x538, gallery_202697_985_43106.jpg)

LMAO!!!! she's making up stories bc having life threatening illnesses makes your bio more interesting
>cancur survivor

whatever you had wasn't cancer, probably nothing serious

No. 221926

It was probably just some enlarged lymph node.

No. 222039

Underrated comment.

No. 222059

I think it's great that she pointed out all these errors in her newspaper interview but if she claims to have cancer without having it, well, it's a misunderstanding.

But don't fuck up cosplay vs. lolita!

No. 222064

File: 1452797268346.png (4.96 KB, 743x65, delusional.png)

>being someone big
>implying she's not one of many others

Bitch is more than delusional. There are tons of foreign weebs who want to "make their dream come true" in Japan and she seriously thinks she's special, holy shit.

No. 222069

File: 1452799826823.png (974.05 KB, 1080x1682, Screenshot_2016-01-14-20-26-35…)

Not this shit again.
It's up for 7hours now, she only got two questions (one is from her 'friend').

She seriously must have bought her followers: first, I got far less than her, but get around the same amount of 'likes'
Sec: if these 5000followers of her where 'fans' why won't they ask her any questions? Even I get more comments on whatever photo I upload and I don't even have 1k followers

No. 222088

I just looked it up, it's possible to 1) Have breast cancer removed in a single surgery and 2) have breast cancer for many years without the cancerous cells spreading

so she could be telling the truth.

>inb4 stop selfposting Himezawa

No. 222101

These days, drs usually remove both breasts as a preventative measure. Even if you cut out the tumor, it can come back. This is also why radiation and chemo is done in conjunction with a mastectomy.

No. 222102


her legs & body looks so much better in this, she looks a bit softer but not big. this body would suit dancing a lot better, though idk if anything can help with that much lack in talent

No. 222168

thanks, can you give me some types to look up where that is true? Serious request. I couldn't find anything like earlier.

And what about the NND karaoke posted immediately after she got home?

No. 222170

yeah but she told people, "just because you have it (cancer), doesn't mean you have to get it removed right away" - what doctor would allow a patient to wait and see with CANCER?

No. 222199

Not the person you replied to, but I recall reading somewhere that lymphomas are often cancers you "just watch" for a while.

No. 222202

Poor deluded girl

No. 222239

I had cancerous cells on my cervix that they watched for 6 months before treating it cryogenically. Also, my Dad just underwent surgery to remove his prostate after they found cancer. He didn't need to have it done, especially right away - there is another treatment they have where they "seed" it with pepper-size bits of radiation. He had it removed because he was worried about his lymph nodes - my uncle died of lymphoma. But if she had an issue that was that bad, they would have removed it.

No. 222244

kek, she deleted that first question

No. 222247

lol did she just get offended because of a shoop joke?
what a cow

No. 222253

Not sure if that's true. My uncle had Non Hodgkins lymphoma. He had to do radiation and chemo. It went away. Then it came back. It went away, then he got leukemia from chemo. Then it went away, and he developed myleofibrosis. He also was born with heart problems and died two years ago in his fifties.

No. 222258

Don't forget:

I mean why the hell is she drawing on ugly eyebags if she hates her own? I know they aren't the same kind, but they still make her look awful.

No. 222259

File: 1452863310333.jpg (65.88 KB, 1314x341, kek.jpg)

So desperate for media attention

No. 222260

File: 1452863883109.png (475.87 KB, 605x769, sosexy.png)


No. 222261

>>My agency was not right for me. I felt uncomfortable, got no jobs, I think it was because of my emergency surgery

Basically her excuse for being dropped from AsobiSystem. She said her part time job (Moshi Moshi Box) was also hosted by them, and she left both.

Probably got dropped tbh.

No. 222273

>probably got dropped
She's delusional but not an intentional liar. There's a reason why she got no jobs.

No. 222290

Soo….are we sure that she didn't used to be a guy? Looks like a dude in a wig

No. 222291

that wig makes her look like a drag :/

No. 222293

>be confident in your body
much inspiration
very original
so confidence!!!!

No. 222294


No. 222304

You don't understand the definition of butterface, do you?

Cos himezawa is a butter everything

No. 222319

You would think she'd have jobs lined up after "leaving" Asobisystem. That's a pretty big label. I think it's more like they realized she was ugly and unmarketable so they left her lul Seriously…wtf is she doing right now besides pretending to be a somebody?

No. 222343

I worked with prostatic cancer for years and prostate cancer is so slow developing you die of old age before the cancer kills you in most cases. The only worry there is if the cancer reaches the margins of the prostate and spreads to the pelvic lymph nodes or the bladder above. They try and save your prostate to save the ability to have sex. Hopefully the chemo beads work, they are great a shrinking it making it easier to pee too!

No. 222344

While you're right about that, wasn't himezawa claiming breast cancer or something? I think we can all agree that there are some forms of slow cancers out there, but that hime is also full of it.

No. 222346

Am I the only one, who finds this girl not hideous at all? Rather ordinary average. This goffick queen suzy girl has a fugly Face in my opinion or ashley isaacs…but himezawa? Only because of her big Riechkolben? Nope

No. 222352

imo if she lost weight, did her makeup better and learned to dress better Suzy would be way better looking. Personally between the 2 I think Suzy would take less to look better.

No. 222353

I think her nose, jagged face shape and weak chin are triple teaming her face. Also the wacky inflatable tube man body doesn't help.

No. 222365

I feel like you don't really fully grasp her ugliness til you see her in motion

No. 222389

I certainly think her face isn't her worst feature. Normally I think really skinny girls are cute, but Himezawa's body is just creepy and emaciated looking… like there's something wrong with her.

No. 222411

File: 1452938638635.png (187.42 KB, 551x599, lmao.png)

No. 222412

File: 1452938970277.png (227.41 KB, 584x723, ok.png)

Oh,oh let me try!!

No. 222413

File: 1452939106420.png (151.99 KB, 493x664, hmm.png)

No. 222424

It doesn't matter what farmers think because her looks, hideous or not, aren't really a problem in Japan. She's just a foreigner there.

No. 222439

I think you mean buttereverything.

No. 222442

That wouldn't be implying her looks are the only thing holding her back from being a successful foreigner… this girl doesn't have a single redeeming quality, in Japan or not

No. 222476

actually theres a thing called microcarcinoma

> More than a third of the population turns out to have these tiny cancers

Only the rare microcarcinoma develops the capacity to behave like a dangerous, invasive cancer. (Indeed, some experts argue that we should stop calling them “cancers” at all.) That’s why expert guidelines recommend no further treatment when microcarcinomas are found.

No. 222484

My mom has little lump(s) in her breasts, I think it's microcarcinoma
they said it's not cancerous so there's no need to surgically remove it because there's zero chance it'll turn into cancer
But some people get them removed just "to be on the safe side"

No. 222492

Carcinoma = cancer. If it's not cancerous, then it can't be that. It's probably fatty lumps or something.

No. 222531

A lot of ya'll seem to have really bad reading comprehension skills.

Hime specifically said she had breast cancer. Not a slow growing cancer, but breast cancer. Which doesn't typically grow slowly for years and years. Even early stages need quite a lot of invervention. Mastectomy, chemo, radiation, reconstructive surgeries, etc.

She's totally lying about it.

No. 222556

hope everything turns better for both of them,sounds like she's a nice person.

No. 222561

She is a very nice person. She raised four kids and her husband used to work for the department of defense,hopefully he finds a good job soon considering he's putting his kids through college and re-did his house so there would be more space.

No. 222623

kek she just wants attention

No. 222625

File: 1453014149527.png (389.32 KB, 627x640, wut.png)

Holy fuck,that make up!!

No. 222626

File: 1453014184267.png (462.02 KB, 674x606, kawaii.png)

No. 222627

File: 1453014630496.gif (1.79 MB, 240x196, no.gif)

Good lord that's absolutely disgusting!
That's NOT how you apply blush

No. 222634



No. 222635

She looks so old.

No. 222636

Jesus Christ, even in the 1980s they never applied blush this badly. This looks both horrible and she looks downright creepy in the second photo, like something you'd see in one of those gross horror anime.

No. 222645

File: 1453027720003.jpg (Spoiler Image,174.28 KB, 1000x1023, hentai girl creampie cum pouri…)

Is this some hentai girl inspired make up?

No. 222646

now that you mentioned…

No. 222651

she's so famous
a total of 61 viewers in 30 minutes
i need an autograph

No. 222653

I get about 60-120 in that time on twitcasting and usually it's the same with as with niconico: ppl look at your live, think you shit and leave. Only 5-10 will stay for the whole time.

In my best days I manage to get about 250-400ppl with 50-100viewers for the whole live.

No. 222700

That blush makes her nose look even bigger

No. 222712

You sure that's not normal with Niconico broadcast with foreign cosplayers?

No. 222717

well she is aiming to be the next top aidoru…
on niconico its easy to get views since it counts the passerby's with it
so the 61 views are the views in total for 30 minutes.(so maybe only 5 people were watching it in the end who knows)
For someone who supposedly has "fame" and is a gaijin aidoru she should've gotten more than that.

No. 222720

She looks ill, but it's probably just her terrible makeup

No. 222724

File: 1453049908113.jpg (80.16 KB, 480x600, 481e6de9ac1fa4073a7bf7e10894eb…)

jeeesuuus why
Ranko doesn't even blush that much

No. 222731

No. 222733

File: 1453050726927.gif (30.72 KB, 275x237, 947.gif)

No. 222735


I thought she grew out of self-posting phase
It's so embarrassing

No. 222736

She obviously did not post this.

No. 222739

File: 1453051751686.png (162.16 KB, 827x531, himezawacgl.png)

It got deleted, but here's a screenshot for anyone that missed it.

No. 222740

She's so dumb. You'd think she'd stop self-posting at this point but nope, she wants fame so bad. She's not popular in Japan and sure as he'll isn't popular outside of it.

No. 222741


>the laughing bovine ranch

I love how creative the remaining /cgl/ users have to be when directing people here since moot banned lolcow.farm from being posted to 4chan kek

No. 222748


For anyone who missed it. There's all of like 5 posts, probably farmers, making fun of her.

No. 222755

File: 1453056048255.jpg (302.19 KB, 1280x854, tumblr_mk0xgaIWUK1rpg9pxo2_128…)

The cringe…..
About a year ago she created an otaku house cosplay idol thread with a picture of her shitty Maki's cosplay attached saying it was her "favourite contestant" kek

No. 222756

That obvious eye shoop. Can't afford contacts?

No. 222757

how do u know this?

No. 222767

She looks like IRL Yoshitaka Amano drawing. Not that it means she's pretty but it's got that vibe

No. 222785


are there even any decent looking German weebs?

No. 222792

There are lol

No. 222794

No. 222834

i'll need a source on that.

No. 222838

File: 1453077089727.jpg (167.04 KB, 900x900, photo.jpg)


No. 222839

Not that Anon but she's pretty cute.

No. 222843



not sure if selfpost.
cute, but with dem filters, i won't be holding my breath

No. 222848

File: 1453077974562.png (737.87 KB, 1079x758, Screenshot_2016-01-18-01-45-02…)

I guess if you are easily fooled you would consider her pretty yes

No. 222850

File: 1453078099423.jpg (39.98 KB, 600x400, CRczXiiWIAAREHO[1].jpg)

well that was disappointing.

No. 222851

Damn you sure that's the same girl?

No. 222852

File: 1453078537941.jpg (49.29 KB, 600x450, CU_eM2OWwAIL3MG[1].jpg)

found her twitter, it's her.

No. 222854

No fucking way try again mate

No. 222857

you're quoting the wrong post.

>>222852 is >>222850, but >>222848 is a different chick apparently.

No. 222861

File: 1453079098049.png (821.68 KB, 1079x1331, Screenshot_2016-01-18-02-01-30…)

I just google photosearched, apparently her name is Yazochan and you can stop selfposting now

Could we get back to snout?

No. 222862

This is the first (and probably only) flattering picture of her, just because I don't need to look straight into her witch face

Her eyebrows are microscopic.
She's the exact opposite of lauryn kek

No. 222866

File: 1453080027300.png (639.49 KB, 852x948, Untitled-2.png)

are you blind or just really fucking bad at Google?
I had no idea she existed before >>222838 and still it's not hard to figure out that she's a different person. That YazoChan chick seems to be one of her friends, they're in a video together. It took like 5 minutes ffs.

She goes by AndiMaknae

Andi in motion:

Yazo in motion:

sage because both of them ain't shit

No. 222889

File: 1453083994360.jpg (189.19 KB, 1067x1600, 8034284.gross[1].jpg)

No. 222890

why photoshop your eyes but not that nose, smh

No. 222909

still better than this >>222625

No. 222914

I don't know much abt andi, but yazochan is the most spoiled brat on earth.

No. 222916

Finally someone posted that bitch here. Tbh she needs her own thread in snow. Her little 'fans' always think she's such a cute angel, but the truth will hurt them lol

No. 222920

If there's any actual milk on her then go ahead, make a thread and stop shitting up this one.

No. 222979

File: 1453118553163.png (604.47 KB, 854x969, Bildschirmfoto 2016-01-18 um 1…)

How is this?

No. 222982

Cut off her face and it'd look cute af

No. 222983

what horror, her forehead is twice the normal size. she looks like one of those headcases you see at people of walmart.

No. 222984

Not really. her hands and legs are kind of… weird looking.

No. 222985

Kimmy Gibbler is that you?

No. 222988

Why do her hands look so off?

No. 222993

some people just don't have the face for kawaii fashion….himezawa needs to realize that

No. 222997

She doesn't have the anything for kawaii fashion though nothing she does is doing her favors

….she should wear one of those creepy anime girl masks. Maybe she'd get a little more attention from the weirdness factor.

No. 223004

File: 1453126407065.png (600.92 KB, 1570x798, busuy.png)

Honestly the outfit itself could have been saved by some extremely simple styling changes
i. is the original image no shooping
ii. Simple matter of some slight bang action and messier buns for the hair, and wearing the skirt a bit lower would make her legs look less disturbing. Her lack of any form of hips makes it actually seem like her thighs are an extra foot long while the short socks and ankle cut of the shoes make her shins look half the size and oh my god she should not be allowed around platform shoes ever.
iii. Extra shooping because I thought messy braids and those big baggy socks would have been a better styling choice all around cause if you're trying to look young? Why would you choose buns which little girls will rarely wear???

then I tackled her posing (I'm not a model or anything but I have watched many seasons of ANTP)
iv. her pose.
v. A more open and dynamic version of her pose. I switched the legs around to make it a bit more natural but in general her pose is too closed in. There are a million better poses but her 'rawr' pose looks more like a fly landed on her ear when she was trying to do something else and she went to swat it away.

No. 223025

Damn anon you are wise. That really does look way better.

No. 223029


I prefer the ponpons though, maybe it's just because the braids are shooped on

No. 223048

I agree with you. I think it's because Himezawa already has a longish face, so the braids just accentuate that by leading the eye down into her neck.
In the silhouette drawing, it almost looks like she's wearing a choker, which would perhaps offset that effect.
The loose curls of the bun hairstyle make her face look wider & thus more proportional, so I think that's more flattering.

No. 223060

Is it just me or does the hand next to her face look really huge?

No. 223098

it's a clusterfuck in every conceivable way.

No. 223105

File: 1453158836937.png (147.76 KB, 480x480, 1408085513717.png)

No. 223231

File: 1453215379786.gif (1.42 MB, 500x280, Dooneese-Maharelle-Cats.gif)

That's like Dooneese from SNL.

No. 223236

she's in this holy shit

No. 223248

i'm more surprised if she's not in that compilation, cause she is cringy as heck

No. 223256

Kekkity kek
about time

No. 223276

File: 1453226432092.gif (240.2 KB, 281x360, 5cac07e3.gif)

Why did I watch this?

No. 223296

I can't stop laughing at this

No. 223300

All that generic Japanese at the beginning. Me no speaky moontalk…but understands what Sabrina is saying because anime.

No. 223301

O-ha-yuuu-guuuuuu-zaimasu! Is definitely not how it's pronounced damn you himezawa, I can understand if it's difficult for English speaking people to pronounce Japanese right, but for Germans it's super easy

No. 223313


No. 223316

>difficult for English speaking people to pronounce Japanese right, but for Germans it's super easy

No. 223318

wtf i dont even know what shes saying its so mispronounced

No. 223319

Germans speak most of the letters the same way Japanese people pronounce them. We say 'a' not 'ey' like english speakers do. We say 'i' not 'ai' etc

It's not meant in a bad way, I've only recognized it before, that for most native English speakers it's difficult.

No. 223321

Ah, so that's why Germans suck so bad at speaking English. I've been wondering about that for a while.

No. 223322

If I recall my basic German, the alphabet is as follow:

ah, bay, say, day, ay, eff, gay, ha, ee
yot, kah, ell, em, en, oh, pay, kah, err, ess, tay, uh, vey, iks, upsilon, zett.

No. 223324

Also like Japanese, the ends of words are pronounced. Like wassermelone. It's pronouned vas-ser-mehl-ohn-ay

No. 223325

that alphabet sounds similar to French. it's so cool how so many different languages share words/sounds/etc even though their origins are different.

No. 223326

Umm…not really. But not sure how to write it in a way you could pronounce it right.


I often struggle with correctly pronouncing the 'th' in English. The other letters are ok. But th is a bitch.

No. 223327

Where do you got that 'ay' from it's a silent 'e'

No. 223328

What's funny is if you know German, you can make out most Yiddish words as Yiddish is just a bastardized version of it.

I know how to say the letters but was trying to recall from memory what the best way to write it out was. It's difficult.

Isn't th pronounced like z?

No. 223329

File: 1453235115667.jpg (41.04 KB, 600x450, Keep_desu.jpg)

No. 223330

IDk, I took German for a year in college and was trying to sing the alphabet the way I was taught, but being able to write it out proved more difficult. Trust that I can pronounce them, though. Wouldn't have gotten A's if I couldn't speak it well, lol.

No. 223332

some super cringy sailormoon live action right here

No. 223334

Wasn't ment as an offence. I'm impressed by every foreign person who tries to learn Japan. Just like a Japanese person is impressed if you know a Japanese word. Like you can say 'hallo' and I'll totally freak out that you mastered to learn such a difficult language

No. 223335

Ten bucks she's better at moonspeak pronunciation now since she lives in glorious nippon.

No. 223336

File: 1453235419589.png (437.07 KB, 597x578, 1453218230837.png)

No. 223337

Who tries to learn *german

No. 223338

She def doesn't have the face for cute cosplay characters imo she should try villains instead

No. 223339

this is depressing…

No. 223341

I did. I had to take a second language and I chose German because I wanted to learn it, which is ironic considering my Polish and Romanian roots, lol.

At the time, my dad always believed he was part German but it wasn't until after my grandparents died that he did a DNA test and he found out he wasn't German at all.

However due to my mom being Ashkenazi Jews, she learned Yiddish and a bit of Hebrew growing up, and spoke it to me and my sisters. Yiddish is very similar to German in some ways and it wasn't until I took German that I found out what my mom meant when she called people schwartzes. in German in means black but in Yiddish it specifically refers to black people in a derogator manner. That was the day I found out my mom was a terrible person for calling people that.

No. 223342


No. 223344

Well practice makes perfect. My boyfriend's accent is very thick so it's hard to understand what he's saying a lot of the time.

No. 223345

Not only yiddish is similar to German. I think it can help to understand most of the nordic languages. Just like latin can help to understand romanian languages

No. 223347

Yiddish is the first one that came to mind simply because it's what I knew growing up. Of course you're right, it's not the only language similar to German.

No. 223348

Also my German friend who lived in Finland said that if you speak Finnish, you can understand Estonian and visa-versa. There are probably a lot of sister languages out there. Look at Japanese, I speak a little Mandarin too and I've noticed kanji and hanzi are very similar and share many characters.

No. 223349

I know, I recently started to learn some mandarin and it's in some way pretty similar

No. 223357

>tfw grew up learning Spanglish no cool storie.

No. 223361

File: 1453237361166.gif (4.11 MB, 400x200, giphy[1].gif)

No. 223362

just like french,italian and spanish are very similiar#

No. 223365

You guys can probably only understand some of the kanji that was taken from Old Chinese when Japanese written language was formed. I speak Mandarin fluently, and while I recognize Japanese kanji and can sometimes construe the meanings of those characters, I do not pretend that I know Japanese. I promise that you cannot understand Mandarin (especially spoken Chinese) just because you have a weaboo level understanding of some other East Asian language. Js. Some characters written the same way and having vaguely similar meanings does not mean it's the same language.

No. 223367

File: 1453237972706.jpg (60.75 KB, 257x316, 1453227670784.jpg)

Good….The world needs to see this

No. 223368

That's definitely right! I only wanted to point out that some of the signs are similar and share a similar meaning. Once had a kanji pro course at University were we also learned the ancient meaning as well. I'm just very interested in languages. That's why I won't limit myself to a weaboo knowledge of some asian languages. I'm fluent in some European languages as well

No. 223369

I never said that the characters meant the same. I just said that kanji and hanzi are very similar. Of course you cannot speak Japanese by knowing hanzi, never said you could. The only thing I DID say was that my friend told me she can understand Estonian because she was fluent in Finnish and in that case, they are similar enough that she did not have a problem when visiting Estonia.

No. 223370

I'm also not a weeaboo, k thanks.

No. 223374

I believe it's called a mutually intelligible language when two languages are so close together than one can understand the other. Like Afrikaans and Dutch, and Russian and Ukranian.

No. 223377

So is your issue with the soft or hard th?

No. 223381

Like the th in 'the' 'this' 'that' etc

No. 223384

It's ok to struggle, no one should be making fun of you for something like that.

No. 223386

However, Mandarin/Korean/Japanese are not mutually intelligible. You might understand some easy things when they are written down, but apart from some few words the languages are far too different. I speak Japanese, and when we went to Taiwan I understood some signs, but it's mostly guessing. When spoken the languages are very different…

No. 223389

They are not and I never said they were. I said SOME languages are, such as Dutch and Afrikaans.

No. 223391

I said that I noticed some kanji and hanzi characters looked the same or very similar, nowhere did I say Mandarin and Japanese were mutually intelligible.

No. 223397

This article explains exactly what I am talking about.


No. 223410

Here's some advice try placing the tip of your tongue behind your top teeth and blow air through when saying those words. That's the way my mom taught us (or tried to teach me as I had a lisp). Sorry I had to caller her for pointers regarding that.

No. 223424

Only weaboos have to point out that they aren't actually weaboos. Sorry you're so butthurt 哈哈哈

No. 223431

I live in Sweden and understand Danish, norwegian and a liittle Icelandic. All these countries have very similar language and its not uncommon to see swedes, danes and norwegians speak to each other but in their own language.

No. 223433

I'm not a weeaboo, just someone interested in linguistics.

No. 223450

Don't worry, weeb-chan is just mad people are into other parts of Japan than anime

No. 223469

stay mad :^)

No. 223482

thanks for the blog fam

No. 223502

looks like it worked for her

No. 223679

File: 1453276406382.png (530.1 KB, 917x595, japaneseaf.png)

No. 223722

What's this pose supposed to be?

No. 223736

File: 1453296761467.png (117.28 KB, 302x307, 1453276406382.png)

She looks like Andrew Lincoln lol

No. 223739

File: 1453297146878.jpg (22.42 KB, 360x240, AMC Walking Dead Panel Comic C…)

Holy shit anon. Now I see it too.

No. 223804

Invisible bird?

No. 223831

Nihonjin love beautiful gaijin-san. She will become popular. ^^

No. 223862

File: 1453312965885.jpg (15.57 KB, 540x126, mmmohmygod.jpg)

This is one of the comments under her choreography video.

It's so sad, either she's lying because let's be honest: her "freestyle" looks exactly like the dance to her song, or if it's true (probably not) she should ditch that guy immediately because he has no idea what he's doing.

No. 223879


white wimmin r da new japanese woman xo

No. 223880


Shame there aint no zombies to eat her off

No. 223884

actually i think that most of the choreo is by an actual choreographer.
Because judging from her dance covers like her kyary pamyu pamyu ones or her idolmaster ones, she will always make any choreo look ridiculous. she messes up the moves, has absolutely no sense for rythm, and so on. imo, if she was a better dancer, the choreo for her single would look much better.

No. 223885

Just like I think. Non of her moves look fluent, more like the ones of a robot

No. 224153

I had a nightmare last night that my undereyes looked just like Himezawa's…. Christ. I'm glad it was just a dream

No. 224158

That's so generic and mispronounced, I have such a hard time understanding her. that ain't the only thing I'm cringing at though

No. 224165

that's because japan started using chinese characters, removed them completely and then added them back in. japan and korea actually used only chinese characters for a while.

No. 224254

I call bs on that
the choreo is SO SLOPPY only she could've come up with it

No. 224259


No. 224343

So she has her nickname (Himezawa) on the wall over her bed, and pictures of her on her bedroom walls.

No. 224380

lol…I always imagined her to be a bit… weird and arrogant, but she must be brain damaged, or the biggest troll to set foot on this earth.

No. 224423

it says a lot about her lol

No. 224424

Busuzawa is self-deluded

No. 224600

Still the craziest thing is that she has 'himezawa' on her passport. Like gurl that's your fucking nickname! You are NOT a celebrity who needs to hide their true name

No. 224801

Her reason for having that nickname on her passport is even funnier. She talked about it in the newspaper >>217297.

No. 224811

I see you watch that far as well anon

No. 224813

I wonder what Himezawa thinks of Mira and vice versa. Himezawa thinks she is the embodies what Japanese people consider beautiful and Mira thinks she's Japanese. Also both have a unique relationship with Jrcach. I wonder if it was between Himezawa and Mira would Jrcach still choose Mira.

No. 224830

File: 1453470986907.png (692.96 KB, 929x581, gold.png)

>book questions
I'm fucking dying

No. 224831

Bitch thinks she's J.K.Rowling famous kek

No. 224974

Nobody cares….

No. 225998

File: 1453784875655.png (564.18 KB, 908x574, tf.png)

>the i-am-so-dead-inside- expression

No. 226000

File: 1453784896752.png (294.36 KB, 519x435, tf.png)

No. 226075

Since when does she tag her pictures #novelist?
Not too bothered with her expression tbh, looks appropriate for kimono like this.

No. 226156

there' s no problem with this photo, she looks great

No. 226159

Sabrina is the most boring aspiring aidoru i've ever seen

No. 226202

*because she's hiding her nose

No. 226214

She could at least look as though she is enjoying the tea. There is absolutely no emotion in her face whatsoever.
I get that she probably aimed for the sophisticated grace often associated with Kimono wearers, but she could have smiled the slightest amount just to bring some feeling into the picture

No. 226215

I hope she actually gets popular this year. At least her delusions would be justified.

It's embarrassing to read her interviews where she raves about getting attention and thinks she's becoming popular.

The photographer probably told her to pose like this.

No. 226230

No photographer wants a subject who is completely dead in the face.
They want at least some expression in the eyes

No. 226249

On a side note, has someone translated this German interview yet?


No. 226480

File: 1453842556033.png (555.59 KB, 507x632, news.png)

The Japanese news article. Thought it was going to more than just 5 lines.

Any moonspeakers here?

No. 226483

Himezawa and the Technicolour Dream Kimono

No. 226485


Thing is, it's annoying because she probably will go viral even though she looks like a blonde alien. Japan will probably lick her cunt because she's aryan to fuck.

No. 226501

>she probably will go viral
Wouldn't surprise me. There really are uglier and plainer white girls who get to model in Japan.

She's already one of the prettier ones despite farmers' opinions on her supposedly ugly nose.

No. 226533


Most of these plain janes Japan chooses makes me want to tell them to be ashamed of themselves.

No. 226539

I'm not usually one to be mean but i really dont think so, she doesnt just have "plain" features, they are too erh.. "different" for people to like them, Big nose, weird eyes, small face, boy body, weird smile there isnt anything nice about her.

No. 226541

Wait, is that the newspaper article she was making such a big fuss about?
Keekihime also appeared on the same newspaper but had 2 whole pages in colour…

No. 226549

> "i am aidoru!"
> i only have one song now but i believe in myself to move forward
> german girl sabrina schultz, aka 'himezawa'.
> scouted in england, came to japan 1 year ago.
> london royal open house something
> didnt understand japanese at all but was influenced by idol videos online
> i love singing and dancing, she says with sparkling eyes

No. 226551

lmao the tag novelist is so relevant to her boring ass shit posts

No. 226564

You don't need much to get model jobs in Japan as a foreigner, especially as a pale-skinned and blonde one. Doesn't automatically mean you'll get successful though.

>Keekihime also appeared on the same newspaper but had 2 whole pages in colour…

According to her Twitter, there are two newspaper articles but I only found this one. And we all know she likes to make a big fuss about her minor achievements.

No. 226569

File: 1453850268028.jpg (82.38 KB, 744x744, Audrey-M-Model-Interview-iLHP-…)

I just dont think so.. Like, at all.. Her features are too harsh and dont go together, the models there altho plain usually look somewhat symmetrical and harmonious

No. 226573

File: 1453851317960.jpg (24.19 KB, 600x600, CZQDWwMVAAABgIW.jpg)

I've seen uglier foreigners on advertisements but I can't find examples right now.
Himezawa is like middle-tier? If you scroll up, there's a photoshoot of her with a wine bottle that looks pretty okay to me.

No. 226580

Idk she just looks weird, not ugly.
There maybe be "uglier" girls but as i said they tend to look harmonious.
Okay this is gonna sound very mean but she kinda looks like she was born too early? And its an attractive look.

No. 226581

its NOT* an attractive look oops

No. 226633

Being premature doesn't generally effect how you look later in life

She is just ugly… no other simple way to describe it

No. 226750

i love how much she brags about being a "writer".
honey it's the 21st century, ANYONE nowadays can publish a goddamn book. especially with your parents money kek

No. 226752

Writer is just another word for unemployed

No. 226753

Hi Sabrina.

No. 226754

Didn't the start her Patreon to have enough "money" to post 2 videos per week?
Where are they? I dunno… I think when you ask to be sponsored, then you should at least DO what you "promised".

No. 226755

No. 226759

>She is just ugly…
And still gets to be a model in Japan.

Japanese (and all other Asians for that matter) should really stop worshipping pale foreigners and paying them random compliments. No wonder expat egos, including hers, are so huge kek.

No. 226909

File: 1453928517676.gif (1.7 MB, 320x180, 3I5UjZ.gif)

No. 226920

No. 226933

File: 1453933891381.gif (1.75 MB, 228x128, 1417836722482.gif)

>mfw Davido-san's dancing looks better than Sabrina's.

No. 227030

Maybe it's because I've grown up around German before seriously studying it but honestly I don't understand why it's hard to learn about pronunciation in different languages, especially since languages like German and Japanese are pretty much uniform unlike English.
She very likely knows how to say it correctly it's just stretching it out to sound cute makes it sound wrong.

No. 227038

her nose looks like some sort of beak what the fuck

No. 227081

I really don't understand why she doesn't get surgery to fix her nose. That type of nose is fine for a guy but not for a girl. She would be so cute with a smaller nose.

No. 227134

File: 1453962076982.jpg (15.45 KB, 300x300, img-thing.jpg)

No. 227215

Lol not everyone gets surgery because there's something they don't like. And she firmly believes Japanese like her kind of big nose if you read her blog.

No. 227288


Fully loled at this, I knew she reminded me of something but couldn't put my finger on it, but there it is. Comedy disguise glasses.

No. 227423

Well people think that Taylor pays to get her gigs and she's actually pretty so why not assume that Busu has her parents pay to get her gigs too?

No. 227424

I heard nose jobs is one of the most painful surgeries you can get. A lot of people who don't need it don't get it because you wake up feeling like you've been hit by a bus. On top of that, you are drooling and can't breathe properly for at least 3 days. who the fuck wants that? Also, risk of a botched nose job is still high.

Hime has a shit personality, but if she doesn't want to fix her nose, that's probably good for her.

No. 227455

My aunt got a nose job, she said it was worth it. She looked much better and she felt more confidant.

It would help her in Japan, Japan doesn't like girls with big man noses. They like softer and more childlike features.

No. 227883

File: 1454163039477.jpg (65.86 KB, 640x640, 12407596_1177925805570238_1919…)

I vomited

No. 227884

tf is with that 90s make up?

No. 227885

File: 1454163165494.jpg (90.48 KB, 640x640, 12407596_1177925805570238_1919…)

No. 227886

File: 1454163322190.png (32.75 KB, 335x303, 1453227587624.png)


No. 227890

Real talk, why is she not in /snow/?

No. 227892

File: 1454168002200.png (48.78 KB, 509x599, notascammer.png)

I think because of an alleged scammer past that got cleared up on her Tumblr later:


She claims that getting involved in drama isn't beneficial for her but in this and other cases, it would be better to come out and clarify things instead of getting branded as a scammer again and again.

No. 227899

Sorry but I'm gonna need more receipts other than busu's 'word'. She claims a LOT of things (like y'know actually being popular) when they're blatantly not true. If the scamming wasnt true she wouldnt have been banned on the sales page (I think she's banned from lace market too) because honestly it takes like 50 warnings for anyone to actually get banned.

No. 227907

File: 1454170449126.png (39.23 KB, 490x518, facebook-scam.png)

I snooped around and this is the only other clarification I could find.

There's more to her than this scammer thing but maybe not enough to let her stay on /pt/.

No. 227915

File: 1454172809252.gif (2.04 MB, 450x219, Jake-Gyllenhall-Point-and-Laug…)

>I have received a pileof apologies from people making up and sporting the scammer scandal last year
Nice story but I just don't buy it.

No. 227922

File: 1454173699772.png (242.75 KB, 654x302, toallthehaters.png)

She's mad, kek.

Nothing's wrong with her face imo, but her attitude and inflated expat ego stinks.

No. 227927


That last part tho…

> Asia adores white girls with blonde hair and blue eyes so fuck you!

^ basically what she's saying

Himezawa, idgaf if Asia bones that the most. Fact is you're desperate, ugly and even Aminyan is getting acceptance. Stop trying to make it all about you and how only girls who look like you are top shit. Fuck off.

No. 227968

I know how it feels to be an average pale white girl. She obviously can't accept that. So sad…

No. 227971

>>All of it was a huge plus in the modelling industry in Japan, especially my nose and lips

Lips, I can believe.
Nose? No way

No. 227972

File: 1454182293952.jpg (5.51 KB, 230x220, 1453298731182.jpg)

kekkity kek she def lurks here
>neither do my eyebags bother my singing
Honey, you can't sing for shit anyways…

No. 227974

Her lack of self-awareness doesn't surprise me. A lot of people who publish a book or music video think they're talented and hot shit.

No. 228104

File: 1454205837770.jpg (71.56 KB, 583x409, Himezawa.jpg)

I think she actually looks really good in this photo! I don't know what it is, maybe the angle, maybe the fact she doesn't have a stupid amount of blush on right next to her eyes making it look as though she's suffering an allergic reaction… but she looks very pretty here

No. 228117

That lazy wig styling ruins it for me. Why don't people ever cut proper side bangs on their wigs instead of pinning the untrimmed fibers off to the side? It makes it look instantly more fake IMO.

Ngl I want the dress she's wearing, but part of me is ashamed that I want something she owns.

No. 228136

File: 1454211877825.jpg (71.7 KB, 583x409, 1454205837770.jpg)

I think she only looks pretty to you because your brain is processing the picture at a weird angle

Pic related, flipped it for you

No. 228140

The angle is very flattering to her nose tho.

No. 228144

I think it's mostly that she's slightly washed out so her nose bump and pump nose tip isn't… noticeable.

No. 228164

>think they're talented and hot shit
This is soooooo Himezawa kek
She always sounds like a spoiled little girl

No. 228165

File: 1454223710912.png (729.2 KB, 533x612, oldaf.png)

No. 228166

Sorry Himezawa, you don't fit their ideals. Being a blonde white girl is not enough, most cultures prefer a small nose on a women. Yours is way too big and manly to fit their ideals, it's not cute and childlike which is the Asian ideal.

No. 228175

The dress is from Baby the Stars Shine Bright last year, anon. it's called "Key to the heaven~Holy church of the bless" and she's wearing the one-piece version if you didn't already know about it.

don't let her ruin the dress for you if you like it, anon, I'm sure you'd wear it better anyway.

No. 228179

File: 1454232447811.png (301.13 KB, 597x576, 1453235419589.png)

Sorry himezawa

No. 228180

I think she looks great only and ONLY in normal mature-looking clothes. She looks pretty decent here, kind of like those responsible-looking moms from family-targeted advertisements with smiling kids next to them. If she will ever get a modeling job it will probably be for one of oriented-at-30-something-women kind of magazines.
But nooo, she's trying to pull of kawaii young loli and cosplay cute teen characters. It's fucking pixyteri all over again.

No. 228182

lol calm down shes ugly but she doesnt look 30

No. 228188

I think her main problem is that due to her unfortunate nose and face shape overall she looks too mature for her age. I already said and I will say it again: she looks like my mom, just less wrinkly.

No. 228194

She doesnt look 30, you sound underage and like your giving backhanded "compliments", its stupid

No. 228208

>backhanded "compliments"
Reminds me of good ol' PULL.

Read her rant again. The point was she did NOT want her nose to fit a Western stereotype in Japan.

She's under the impression that you can/should want to be natural and accepted for ~wbo you are in Japanese entertainment industry when hundreds of Japanese actresses and singers get plastic surgery and if you're ugly, you're immediately out.

I get her reasons for setting an example for young girls and opposing plastic surgery. But it's not up to a delusional foreigner who can't even speak Japanese fluently to change anything.

Sabrina only gets to do things because she's a slim, pale foreigner with decent features. She shouldn't flatter herself.

No. 228213

that program is messed up though. It gives bizarrely young results for some people and bizarrely old ones for other people. Like normal people would never guess the ages it spits out

No. 228232

I think she does look 30 >>227883 look at her mouth

No. 228235

Why are all her vlogs are nearly complete blurry?

No. 228243

I am convinced the people trying to say she looks decent or not a hag are blind.. or have severely low standards. She's not doing modeling in Japan or idol shit that's out of reach of any person. She doesn't even have a consistent fan base outside of her own delusions.

No. 228340

File: 1454281532851.jpg (126.95 KB, 639x873, image.jpg)

hahaha, wow the girl she made a shoutout for has 3k more followers than her

No. 228379

and shes a fellow lolcow to boot

No. 228434

oh the fat one

No. 228522

Oh the cringe

No. 228530

They have the same nose!

*tbh I first thought that it was hime herself, but the face was too round

No. 228541

File: 1454343186986.jpg (233.14 KB, 400x630, himezawa_03.jpg)


No. 228787

I like more himezawa's nose

No. 228852

lol whut

No. 229052

did she delete this?

No. 229091

It seems like the girl himezawa made the shoutout for had a shoutout competiotion or something on her insta. After the competiotion ended, himezawa removed the picture

No. 229253

lol she has really big ears too I wouldn't have noticed if not for this picture

No. 229256

Her looks are a problem because she doesn't have talent. She acts as if her looks will carry her to fame. She can't sing or dance, she is awkward and gangly, uninteresting and seemingly empty. I love girls with interesting faces, but only if they are interesting and talented themselves! She has no grace or personal style, no interesting personality, I don't understand why she wants to be simply famous for dressing up as anime characters and batting her eyes in a monotone music video. She has no depth, if she does, she does not show it.

No. 229466

No. 229531

moar plz

No. 229536

I mostly agree, but being gangly in Asia would actually make her stand out compared to everyone else.

No. 229547

This so much!

No. 229563

You forget she's a blonde foreigner in Japan.

That's more than enough for fame/success in some cases but Sabrina isn't there yet.

No. 230067

File: 1454584756425.jpg (573.1 KB, 1280x1920, db074713-4ac8-4d8f-a979-c2b61b…)

No. 230068

File: 1454584767904.jpg (161.56 KB, 1280x853, f4966383-d179-4c58-8d79-c4b106…)

No. 230070

File: 1454584863322.jpg (475.38 KB, 1280x1919, a63e27f1-d386-411b-988b-ea3989…)

No. 230076


I really quite like these photos.

No. 230082


Please don't tell me Busuzawa is actually getting a fan base…

No. 230088

Ehh tbh I don't think she's that ugly. I mean, there's nothing wrong with her face, it's just that that kawaii-ugu style doesn't really fit her. She could dress more mature, like a more grown up stylish but still cute kind of look, and she should definitely stop wearing those ugly wigs, they don't flatter her face at all!
I tend to think people should wear whatever they want, even if it doesn't fit them. But she's not just a random weeaboo, she's trying to make a career out of her looks so she should at least be trying to make herself look the best she can.

No. 230090


I don't think it fits her either and I think that's where she's going wrong with this.

But I don't think she's cute either. She doesn't hold that cutesy appeal Kota, Venus or Taylor has. With Venus and Kota I can see cute. With Taylor I think she's somewhat cute but looked better before and holds a natural grace. But Himezawa comes across as "normal". I don't think she's ugly but she doesn't have that… charm?

What bugs me is that I feel as if she's just after becoming an idol as something to accomplish for a fan base or being a somebody. Not because she enjoys it. Nowadays it's all about fans and shit. We've all seen how hungry she is for a fan base. To me, Himezawa is just another girl in Japan who wants to be famous because Kota got lucky and white girls over there get the upper hand. That's basically it.

No. 230092

I still hate her guts, but the photographer did a good job at making her look decent.

No. 230191

File: 1454601767800.jpg (20.18 KB, 456x340, jelly.jpg)

No. 230208

I don't. Her jaw looks square and big, nose yet again takes most on her face and thanks to visible (for some reason) wrinkles she looks as if she's in her late twenties. Not the aidoru material imo.

No. 230325


Course I'm jelly anon. I'm jealous I don't look like a pubescent boy in a wig and party popper vomit dress.

C'mon you know better than to start using the "omg ur so jel" excuse. Some people just think she's shit. End of.

No. 230343

Yeah, if she wants to be famous, she needs to dress differently. There are tons of butt ugly Japanese girls wearing kawaii style but they do it just for fun, they aren't trying to be famous. She doesn't have he right look to be a kawaii style model or an idol. If she wants to model, she needs go for more mature clothing. If she wants to sing, she needs to be a normal singer and not a kawaii idol.

No. 230393

>If she wants to model, she needs go for more mature clothing.
She's already doing that. Did you even see her drunk girl-photoshoot or the one where she got to wear a kimono? She only wears lolita fashion in her free time.

>Not because she enjoys it
She likes several idol anime. I'm sure she enjoys it to some extent, even if it means performing in front of ugly virgin men.

No. 230419

she looks so old in all her photos, wtf? are you sure she's 21?

No. 230758

goddamnit burn that wig already, that shit has single-handedly ruined all of her coords including it to date.

No. 230936

Not that anon, but I think that this is the mature style that would suit her. Just normal western-style clothing with occasional Japanese motifs and plain natural fashion.

…but of course this will never be an option because it's not kawaii.

No. 230937

File: 1454700306237.jpg (1.1 MB, 1500x1000, TB2xSH6bpXXXXcvXXXXXXXXXXXX-75…)

forgot the pic

No. 230952

If/when she grows up she could just naturally grow to like this sort of clothing, like most women do when they get over their adolescent "I'm so special" phase and become okay with looking normal most of the time. Bottom right outfits are super cute and definitely would suit her btw.

No. 231082

All these are hideous except the one with the lavender jacket and maybe floral dress. The rest looks like soccer mom attire.

Agree about the normal fag stuff. I used to be goffik with fish net shirts, band shirts all black blah blah blah and when I turned normal fag I felt much more comfortable with myself. I could focus on having fun rather than trying to be cool based off of a stupid outfit.

No. 231101

File: 1454713268020.png (434.58 KB, 636x459, 49847338237a68d6f7fb9922e2e91f…)

I was watching this vlog and I think she would look better with shorter hair.

No. 231260

I can't see anything BUT soccer mom in her face tbh…

No. 231264

You couldn't pay me to dress this ugly… Sorry anon but you have shit taste. There is a middle ground between too young/kawaii and ugly Chinese mom.

No. 231265

reminds me of margo

No. 231284

damn she's plain af

No. 232459

File: 1454844630955.png (514.85 KB, 858x565, newspaper-2.png)

The 2nd part of her newspaper appearances.

No. 232460

Her Japanese pronunciation sounds less embarrassing than before.

No. 232508


I'm gonna just say it. I wonder who she's fucking to get into the news paper. Kinda hope Aminyan gets her break soon.

No. 232539

>indirectly flattering Sabrina kek

No. 232617

didn't she say she was going to appear on TV for something? Did anyone see it?

No. 232662

Can't be bothered to find the tweet but she said her part was cut out.

No. 232755

this medieval pageboy hairstyle she has going on in the front is doing her NO favors, fuck.

No. 232767

"Himezawa-chan deshou!" though
pls no

No. 232823

File: 1454881598992.jpg (29.29 KB, 400x332, hime-hairstyle.jpg)

lol it looks like a hime cut to me. Some girls in Japan wear it.

No. 232829


gooks suit it

awk white busuzawas dont

No. 232831

That cut looks like a pain in the ass to maintain.

No. 232841

It really doesn't suit her because the entire point of the hairstyle is to slim your face when her face is already slim enough.

No. 232936

If you don't have naturally pin straight hair it can be. I want bangs again (not a hime cut, but bangs) and having wavy hair is annoying when you want bangs like that.

It's also if you have unruly sideburns, well that's how the tradition started in Japan at least.

No. 232942

Maybe I'm just a lazy fuck, but I have stick straight azn hair and even regular bangs end up such a huge hassle that after a little while I start clipping them back and praying for them to grow out as quickly as possible.

But now I want bangs again, that shit is kawaii.

No. 232952


The only bad thing about this pic is her face. Something is off about her, look at her eyes, you can't see any emotion/feeling. She's not a good model at all, she looks the same in every photoshoot…

No. 232968

Not that long ago I used to be able to just put a headband on after I washed my hair to "straighten" my bangs and let the rest air dry and curl naturally, that stopped working after awhile. I still don't know why.

No. 233208

you are, when it comes to hair.

i agree that in theory it would be the worst thing for HZ but in her case the short parts don't stick to the sides of the face so it doesn't have the slimming effect asian girl's haircut does below.

No. 233329

Get over it guys. Her hair doesn't suit her, she doesn't suit kawaii ass clothes and she's just in this for attention no matter how hard she's "working". It's all just a "Look at me" spree. Like all these living dolly weebs.

They're all the same. I can't believe this still needs to be discussed.

No. 233435

well said anon

No. 233910

File: 1455002150966.png (589.97 KB, 601x602, Bildschirmfoto 2016-02-09 um 0…)

Right or left?

No. 233920

Left, tbh!

Related question: Am I alone in thinking a lowkey "rocker"/"scene"/"alt" look makes almost everyone look cuter..? The pale/blonde/dolly look suits so few, whenever I see these same people in darker attire/makeup/hair, I always find them significantly more attractive.

My opinion alone, probably. AFAIK, most people dislike "darker" styles.

No. 233925

right if she gets rid of that ugly bow

left one looks so outdated, like mom's makeup

but most likely she would look best in something in between, most likely dark blonde/light brown hair

No. 233960

so she actually used to be kind of pretty, guess that's where her ego comes from.

imo while it's true that dark brown hair is generally very flattering, a striking hair color like blonde or red can really be dramatic and attractive on some people.
i think the biggest problems with her recent look are 1) obviously fake bad wig 2) not enough eye makeup to distract from her nose which now completely dominates her face 3) cute things like that headbow emphasize her lack of natural cuteness in contrast 4) her lips are weird so they should be downplayed

No. 234157

>her nose which now completely dominates her face
>her lips are weird so they should be downplayed

See >>227922 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 234286


anyone who knows even a bit japanese can hear that she doesn't know the language but has mostly just learned just what to say in this video. also she talks like an idiot?? desu nee himezawa chan lol like the first thing you should learn is that you don't use san/chan/kun etc when talking about yourself, what an idiot

No. 234355

Did it for a while, it sucked to keep it looking right. It looked fine on me, but probably not the best look now that I'm 20 and unkawaii.

No. 234434

she looks like a dude with that ridiculous blonde wig

No. 234492

You'd think with her husband being Japanese he'd help her out more.
Her particles are all messed up and her sentences are either super basic or just don't make sense. She seems to only be able to connect sentences with "no de" and "kedo". But considering she's only been there for a year or so, whatever. She'll get better.

No. 234614

>saying newspaper instead of shinbun
>deadline instead of shimekiri
>that awful accent
>pretty sure she got some particles wrong

I'm not even a native speaker amd her bad Japanese triggers me.

Also kek at how she's arrogant enough to think anyone would ever make an anime adaptation of her shitty novel.

No. 234662

bitch sounds like she has no fucking clue what she's saying.

No. 234669

Her japanese makes no sense. How long has she been in Japan? Isn't her husband japanese? She can barely communicate, very low level grammar and vocab, but her pronunciation is not that bad.

No. 235039

Obviously she rehearsed, and didn't even do a good job judging by all the frame cuts.

She probably has no Japanese friends to chat with outside of her husband. It's not hard to make friends when you act "normal" in Japan, but these foreign idol wannabes never seem to be able to communicate with the natives. I bet they all feel inferior despite pretending to be gifts to Japan on the internet

No. 235077

>no Japanese friends
Well, she sometimes talks to Japanese followers on Twitter if that counts.

No. 235092

I couldn't stop looking at her neck the entire time

No. 235112

It doesn't really count tbh. Typing in Japanese is way easier than speaking because you have the IME to help you out. Also, you can use online dictionaries when you're talking online, because slightly delayed replies are acceptable. Face to face conversation doesn't allow you those luxuries.

No. 235340

File: 1455169897961.png (393.64 KB, 432x417, pigguface.png)

No. 235343

She can't decide for an eyebrow style wtf??? Why is the left one straight while the right one arched? And why do both styles don't suit her??

No. 235360

She looks kind of like Kate here.

No. 235407

This doesn't really make sense, as when speaking Japanese you can work around missing vocabulary super easily as half sentences are acceptable. Online you have to use at least somewhat full sentences. IME also only helps if you already know what a word sounds like, it only converts kana to kanji and doesn't give you an idea of which particle etc to use. Sure, when writing you have more time, but your mistakes are also much more obvious.

No. 235596

The inner parts of her brows are also spaced too far apart, it only makes your node bigger. I know she thinks her big bumpy nose is super kawaii, but seriously.

No. 235621

I never noticed that because I tend to 'wear' mine rather far apart too (it suits me though since my nose bridge is hilariously slim and when they where close together they'd tend to look like a monobrow all the time) but it really makes her nose look even more weird…I think she should get them closer together by either drawing or letting them grow. I'm not sure if straight or arched will make her look better, but she should definitely make them a little thicker. So noseprincess, since we all know that you read all the threads about you, please take your brows to a specialist who can help you a little. I don't like you because you're a spoiled brat pretending to be 'famous' but I also don't like if people are ugly but could be more beautiful with some effort.

No. 235635

I have a nose that's wide and round so keeping them closer works better for my face. I think the same would work for as well as an arched brow rather then a straight one. I personally think I look mean with an arched brow, but they tend to look better on white people then straight brows do.

No. 235645

I think arched brows make (most) ppl look older than what they actually are (up to ten years lol).
I'm white and arched brows definitely don't work for me, I also don't think it's about the race but more about facial structure in general. There are asian girls who definitely rock the arched eyebrow better than the straight one and vice versa (? Is it written like that???)

No. 239242

New video. Why she intentionally emphasizes her huge nose and eye bags is beyond me.

No. 239243

>dat nose contouring

No. 239246

Uh that blush… it looks like if someone punched her in the cheeks.

No. 239247

Aegyo sal is in right now. They don't care that it doesn't fit everyone.

No. 239351

File: 1455960912267.png (1.41 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-02-20-01-32-14…)

Unfortunate photo of both

No. 239358

File: 1455963071871.jpg (105.56 KB, 1080x1080, 12677338_428226577375607_86413…)


Her eyebrows are transforming into Andi Autumn's

No. 239359

She literally have no upper lip, wtf

No. 239360


No. 239387


Well they should. It's fucking horrendous.

No. 239388


I went on Andi's instagram the other day for the first time, I couldn't understand aside from the fact she does modelling why she was that popular? I find her average at the most. Cute but meh.

No. 239396

Few years ago she used to have a really cool style, and her photos weren't edited to death. Now she's just as washed up as her filters.

No. 239398

I really miss her aggressive scene /lolita hybrid, but I also miss early dakota so I guess I'm just living in the past in general.

I wish Andii didn't shoop so much, sometimes her forehead looks insane, but she's clearly doing fine on instagram and it's at least capable to appearing to live the good life so who am I to judge. I doubt Himezawa would have the same ability to control every aesthetical decision so precisely as the well oiled Andii machine.

No. 239406

She's so boring :/
But I must admit, that I like her appearance, she has not that boring run of the mill face. Hope she doesnt get a beauty OP or shit like that, even if most lolcow users would appreciate it

No. 239431

The obv reason why she doesn't look super cute and attracts people (except the majority normies who follow her) is because of her eyes: they are too close together so basically they are ruining the whole cute look for Andi. (and the eyebag thing makes it stand out even more, tragic)

No. 239488

File: 1456003236930.png (598.15 KB, 792x407, quasimodo.png)

She's so freaking gross imo

No. 239489

> blurs nose into oblivion

No. 239490

File: 1456003299681.png (454.37 KB, 665x379, missjapan.png)

No. 239491

> nose hits alternate dimension

No. 239492

since when are short eyebrows desirable?

No. 239493

She looks legitimately like some horror movie villain

No. 239495

It's a tumblr trend.

No. 239503


She actually looks like a man

No. 239504

File: 1456010178439.jpg (15.67 KB, 364x418, jimmy.jpg)

No. 239522

File: 1456012564044.jpg (24.76 KB, 638x113, interview.jpg)

B-but Japanese strangers say I'm beautiful!

No. 239533

i lost it

No. 239558

File: 1456029433039.jpg (150.29 KB, 640x696, image.jpg)

I just have to say it: I'm getting so extremely annoyed by her Instagram now. Literally, the only thing she posts is some random pictures of herself, and adds おはようございます and then later the same day posts another picture of herself and adds おやすみなさい。I mean come on girl. Is that the only thing you can write in japanese? Come whit something new already.

No. 239563

I'm just bothered by how she bothers to use contouring while not even trying to fix the bulbous end of her nose with it.

No. 239566

that nose will never be kawaii

No. 239573

File: 1456035887694.jpg (22.99 KB, 720x405, 0cf.jpg)

No. 239590

Nice to know I'm not the only one that gets distracted by her nose.

No. 239601

you must be new here

No. 239612


I could translate it, if you guys still are interested in reading it.

No. 239613


Everyone is distracted by it anon

No. 239624

Try to convince her of it when Japanese tell every foreigner on the street how beautiful they look and how they envy their "high noses", kek.

Please translate.

No. 239627

She looks special(if you catch my drift)

No. 239628

File: 1456069882188.png (628.64 KB, 508x761, ratface.png)

No. 239631

File: 1456070030396.gif (182 KB, 450x338, tumblr_n2fnh83gGR1qksk74o1_500…)

No. 239632

kek why would she upload this

No. 239645

So fucking bozz-eyed.

No. 239667


Honestly, I am one of the very few anons that think she doesn't look that bad, but then she posts shit like this and I regret it.

No. 239672

Her lips are so pitiful. Fuller lips would already help balance her nose.

In all honesty, she's not that ugly, just slightly below average. It's her shit attitude that makes her repulsive.

No. 240079

File: 1456194878247.png (100.7 KB, 489x368, agency.png)

New agency.

No. 240112

She's not even below average. She IS average. Everyone's views here are so skewed…

No. 240132

No anon, she is below

No. 240190

She'd be average if she had a better body. Right now she looks like a crackwhore with a massive nose and no lips. If she gained a little weight, did makeup that flattered her features, and wore her hair in a less dumb style, she'd be pretty decent looking.

No. 240246

I'm so fucking confused by this girl. Watching her videos she has no kind of spark, she's just going through the motions. She's average looking at very best, and she doesn't seem to have any kind of notable talent or appeal (less than 6k followers on instagram with most posts under 200 likes, so aidoru~). Does she get any kind of work at all? What the hell is she even doing in Tokyo all day every day?

No. 240254

Yeah, she gets modeling work and joined some agency. It's all in her vlogs but they're quite boring to watch.

Japan and other Asian countries are pretty good at making foreigners feel "special" and attractive so a lot of these foreign girls think they could make it big despite their mediocrity.

No. 240369

Idk man, she kinda looks like the illegitimate offspring of Babar and Peyton Manning to me.

No. 240892

her fake cheerfulness irks me it's like she's dead inside or autistic

No. 241101

File: 1456336542961.png (12.35 KB, 690x193, blog.png)

New blog post about her newspaper appearances and her Japanese author video: http://www.himezawa.com/blog/nikkei-newspaper-interview

No. 241172

File: 1456345266183.jpg (31.04 KB, 419x261, aoz8kgx8pzknypz7z38n.jpg)

No. 241175


I like how she had to point out she isn't another pop culture obsessed weeb like the others. No bitch, you're just another average white girl doing exactly that, don't make me laugh.

No. 241178

The way she's going "look at me I'm authentic Japanese" is starting to remind me of Mira.

No. 241181

They'd be a great team!! I already see it coming, 10blog posts from here and swampprincess will claim to be 'a real nippon jin'

No. 241194

Yeah, she generally comes off as an extreme special snowflake on her social media and interviews.

No. 241385

>implying she's not just another weeaboo
keep telling yourself that….

No. 241459

File: 1456418543862.png (626.3 KB, 865x596, rant.png)

Sabrina rants about work, showing us that she does not sit at home in Tokyo all day long!

No. 241487

her japanese is so bad

No. 241488

How long has she been in Japan? Becaus because it looks like baby's first Japanese

No. 241489

where does she even work

No. 241503

If her work is so exhausting, why the hell is she wearing lolita, a wig, and a ton of makeup? Taking all that time to get ready seems like a poor use of time when she's working 14 hour shifts. (Not to mention lolita isn't comfy and it's the last thing I'd want to wear to work).

No. 241507

lol it's probably an old picture

No. 241513

boo hoo

No. 241517

The picture seems to be from one of her recent photoshoots. Probably doesn't have anything to do with her rant.

No. 241570

Even laying down she has an old lady chicken neck

No. 241592



No. 241651

File: 1456442055654.png (95.78 KB, 586x1016, molester-saga.png)

Himezawa being a good foreigner and more ranting about work.

No. 241658


Welcome to real Japan Sabrina. Work is very exhausting and your life revolves around it.

No. 241705

I have such a hard time believing shit like this ever actually happened when conceited princesses like Himezawa or Kiki or Mira pat them. A lot of people who act like they would 100% step in and cause a scene in the event of any abuse or emergency, but really most of them would just look away and pretend not to be there.

No. 241727

Sabrina might exaggerate sometimes but it doesn't mean she's outright lying here.

A Westerner intervening in these kind of situations sounds believable to me. She also talked about not being as reserved and modest and so forth as Japanese girls.

No. 241731

Himezawa can't speak Japanese I call bullshit

No. 242125

Why would she lie about something like that? I dont really think shes sane, but Himezawa never really struck me as mean. It mostly just seems like bragging rights.

No. 242333

Working hard=taking selfies/recording videos all day long/attempting to write a novel and become the next J.K. Rowling
Sabrina please

No. 242508

Come on. She's one delusional girl but it's not hard to believe that she does have a legit job.

No. 242624

File: 1456606689034.png (705.92 KB, 929x571, fashionshow.png)

She posted a couple of pics from a fashion show. Nothing too interesting.

I'm more curious about the new agency she was hinting at on Facebook >>240079. Sounds like something idol-related?

No. 242626

Looks like a student fashion show tbh.

No. 242629



It probably is.

No. 242822

File: 1456637114054.gif (1.3 MB, 275x236, 1450887053890.gif)


Busuzawa is trying to prove us she's not a lazy piece of shit sooo hard it's just funny

No. 242823

actually it is kek

No. 242850

behold the superior beauty of the white woman(>>>/b/)

No. 244248

himezawa is so cringe

No. 244873


different anon, but since nobody followed up…

>…notice me because I stick out like a sore thumb. Sometimes when I walk around in the streets on an average day, strangers greet me by saying "A beauty!" or "a real doll!" because in some aspects I match Japanese ideals of beauty (fair skin, light eyes and hair).

No. 245115

jesus christ

No. 245127

Wow, what a bitch

No. 245132

Jesus, she's so conceited.

I love it when self centered, spoiled weeb snowflakes move to Japan to be worshipped for being speshul, only to eventually find out that fitting in and being humble and committing yourself to your work are very important to Japanese people. The more you try to stick out and be different while claiming you know so much about their culture will actually damage you in the long run socially.

No. 245217

Some foreigners take random compliments from Japanese way too seriously and let them go to their heads, like in her case.

Even below average-looking people get told how beautiful or handsome they look in Asian countries. Older locals especially just want to be nice to visiting foreigners while younger girls squeal at everything foreign.

No. 245233

It's just a practiced nicety to compliment foreign looks, just like how you tell women in the States that they look MUCH younger than they actually are. It's an empty compliment people say because you're insecure about looking older and in foreigners in Japan case, looking different and not fitting in.

No. 245436

>taking crazy to a whole new level

No. 245500

I get those compliments as well. It's nothing special, you just look different and Japanese people find almost every white face beautiful. As long as you're not fat.
It's really easy to get a huge ego in Japan.

No. 245627

i agree. 'ningyo-san' aka doll is practically a stock phrase to describe any foreigner.

No. 245642

You don't have to be white to get a compliment in Japan. If you are pretty they will compliment then ask where your from. Whites just get egotistical because no-one pays attention to them anywhere else.

No. 246034

Somewhat agree with this. I never see anyone white being called ugly in Japan, I don't know about other race though.

No. 246070

File: 1457410744669.jpg (201.37 KB, 750x1013, Suz3RrR.jpg)

they treat white people nicer in hopes of getting them to teach them english
i heard that it's expensive but most people want to learn to get better at jobs that require a bit of english, so if they see a gajin that looks american they'll treat them extra nice and butter them up to get them to teach them some stuff

No. 246274

I had that before but it was a mutual thing and I knew it was happening. Most people are too up themselves to notice

No. 246386

haha, the salt is oozing from your pores

No. 246502

Why does very single thread on this website boil down to "Japs are liars"?

No. 246618

that anon doesn't even say anything about "Japanese are liars"

No. 246894

File: 1457543677676.png (313.21 KB, 502x509, capture-20160309-181226.png)

is she really friend with him

No. 246898

Are you stupid? Hang out = ask him for a photo on some fan meeting.

No. 246899

Are you stupid? Hang out = ask him for a photo on some fan meeting.

No. 246920

this dumb bitch probably bumped into him on the street. I doubt she has even played a single SH game or any other game he composed music for.

No. 246923

that makeup is a disaster, everything bad in her face, she just makes it stand out more.
Aegyo sal and that sick looking blush I'd expect it to look bad because it's made for asian faces and even there it doesn't look good on everyone but controuring, no excuse to fuck up that bad

No. 246927

Non weeboofag here, but who is he?

No. 246989

As >>246920 hinted above, he composed the sountrack for Silent Hill and some other games.

No. 247069

I wonder what its like having a nose bigger than your career

No. 247075

Fucking Rekt.

Oh my fucking god. I lost it.

No. 247083

No. 247103

File: 1457576687731.gif (2.99 MB, 355x201, 1359133878418.gif)

No. 247187

I'm surprised she didn't call him her "fan" kek

No. 247340

She talked about being a SH fan on her old blog: http://himenosawa.blogspot.de/2014/10/himezawa-in-japan-moshimoshinippon.html

We all know she's a little delusional and conceited but every once in a while we get some random anon who makes up things about Busuzawa just to bash her. Are you a troll? lmao

No. 247382


>Enjoys Silent Hill

I hope she means that, because Yamaoka hasn't a clue about the story, just makes good music

No. 247500

>I'm a big fan of the work he did on Silent Hill, as it's my favourite game!!

I don't believe this for a second. She hops on every possible band wagon and I'm surprised she didn't pull the "gamer grrrl" card yet.

No. 247517


tbh I don't think it's all that farfetched.

The Silent Hill games are notoriously easy, anyway. It's not the sort of game you'd use if you were trying to play the "omg nerd grrrl xDD" angle

No. 247661

I know her in person and she really likes Silent Hill. She did a SH Cosplay with her past crush when she lived in Germany.

No. 247663

Of course he does. He was even a producer for the first movie.

No. 247674

Sabrina pls go

No. 247700

>i know her in person
seems legit

No. 247714

We've had some Germans who personally know her go to lolcow or PULL and post really old things or stories. But believe whatever you want.

No. 247759

yeah, I'm one of them. I'm good friends with her ex. and Silent Hill is a pretty low-key fandom thing, at least around here. Everbody knows just enough to cosplay it, most people have played it, even weebs who aren't too much into video games.

No. 248451

File: 1457896408195.png (191.31 KB, 1079x1082, Screenshot_2016-03-13-20-07-59…)

I don't know if this has been discussed before, but for the moonspeak people: shouldn't it be 'balblaになりたい'? and not をやりたい?

No. 248464

Yeah, it should. Her Japanese is atrocious.

No. 248467

Particle mistakes are easy to make but that's a simple one to figure out. But apparently having bad Japanese is sort of lovable? so maybe she's going for that. (Likely not.)

No. 248470

I wonder what her new song n video gonna be like

No. 248471

That I want to become is にならたい is even a thing google translate can tell you. Does she even know how to basic Japanese?

No. 248763

Did she post about it?

No. 249454

No. 249504


>Notoriously easy

Now you're the one that sounds like a massive casual. The first three games that include a difficulty max for the gameplay and puzzles are incredibly challenging. Even on easy mode, some of the gameplay and puzzles can be challenging for a beginner with this type of genre. I would say from the fourth one on they get a little easier (but really who cares about anything after the fourth game lol).

No. 249509


Ok cool, noted, but this thread is still about Himezawa

No. 249554

File: 1458154780963.png (489.18 KB, 522x528, sharkdesu.png)

>so quirky desu

No. 249555

Some ugly donkey ass teeth…

No. 249556

No. 249630

ugh her voice….

No. 249639

oh my god. i didn't realize until now that the problem with her nose is that it was super bulbou. it usually just looks long and out of place, but god damn girl. she almost legit looks like a horse.

No. 249675

those mamelons…

No. 250069

That's so gross …so not cute

No. 250847

No. 250856

K'she's thin but her legs look like she doesn't do any sports at all. Like they're thin but look pretty wobbly and unhealthy

No. 250860

She's not thin. She's average weight (by North American standards) and really flabby.

No. 250862

She's thin for average outside of the farm ppl's standard. And for overweight country nr 1 america, she must be less than a stroke

No. 250884

>She's not thin.
Biggest lie in this thread.

No. 250886

Some north american anafag. Let's not listen to dem. They don't know reality

No. 250888

she's thin lol

No. 250893

をやりたい means…
i wanna fuck

No. 250907

She mentions a new agency in her recent video.

No. 250909

She should model for uniqlo and forever21 and get a nosejob

No. 250921

Kek, it looks like a photostudio she paid to have her photos taken at

No. 250922

File: 1458422920769.jpeg (27.57 KB, 436x338, image.jpeg)

No. 250928

why would she have to bring her own clothes to a photoshoot? even if she was modeling something like hair/ accessories the stylists will have stuff for you to wear, so it goes with the items

this just seems like she paid someone to fluff up her portfolio or some shit

No. 250936


>>"2, 3 sometimes 4 appointments in one day!"

translation: "I paid a guy to take pics of me in his tiny apartment up to 4 times in one day!"

This is the first time I've watched a non-dancing video of hers and she seems so deluded by her "fame". How can you be so smug when you're so talentless, without even a hint of beauty to make up for it? smh

No. 250948

>why would she have to bring her own clothes to a photoshoot?
I am working for an agency right now and we usually take polarois of models in swimsuit and then ask the models to bring something to take casual polaroids

No. 250956

again, this is normal for things like showing pictures to designers/ companies to see if they like you, or adding it to your own portfolio. If its a legit photoshoot for a legit… something… you wouldn't be bringing your own clothes, especially if you're a nobody.

No. 250960

>How can you be so smug when you're so talentless, without even a hint of beauty to make up for it?

lol it'd be hard NOT to feel smug as a tall, skinny foreigner in Japan.

No. 250980

even with a nose job, she would still look awful because she has no upper lip.

She should get lip fillers first, and see if that balances out her face.

No. 250981

So many gaijin "models" (Katie,etc) do this. Bringing your own clothes to a shoot just to pad an amateur photog's portfolio does not a model make

No. 250986

Some street fashion magazines in Japan do shoots with models that put up outfits with their own clothes, but that's because these street models are people with interesting and personal styles and the point is to show what these people wear.
I don't what the fuck is this shoot tho. As mentioned above, this looks like a shoot she paid to add specific photos to her portfolio.

God she's so talentless.

No. 250992

Wasted potential to look gorgeous tbh

No. 251026

I've studied Japanese for less time then her and I know for a fact it should be になりたい

Surely what she's saying is "I want to do(questionably using やる instead of する) top idol" rather than "I want to be a top idol"?

No. 251031

File: 1458465194974.jpeg (41.05 KB, 640x614, image.jpeg)

>I want to do Japan's top idol!


Correct, both of you. やる is "to do" and やりたい is used as slang for sleep with/fuck kind of the same way in English that a guy wants to "do" a chick. Soooooo Busuzawa, after living in Japan for, what, a year? And claiming to have studied Japanese before that, to make such a hilarious and basic mistake… Wow. Comedy gold. Even Google translate knows that. Her Japanese is worse than Google's.

No. 251042

she's a fucking stick. and in her case it's not a compliment (as usually being thin is the best thing a girl can be), she would look 1000 x better if she gained weight and worked out.