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File: 1593648023862.png (879.77 KB, 744x1014, 1593585493450.png)

No. 5749[Reply]

A thread to discuss Shane "Shame" Dawson and Jeffree "Epstein" Star, and all the milky youtubers they hitch their wagons to, the ongoing Jeffree/Shane saga, Karmageddon, Shane/Jeffree's involvement in Dramageddon 2.0, as well as past and future projects. This thread is for Karmageddon and all included parties. (Non-Karmageddon/Jeffree/Shane discussion belongs in Youtube Beauty Community General)

Previous series/collabs include:
>The Truth About Tana Mongeau
>$10 Million Celebrity Mansion for a Day (Kathy Griffin)
>The Secret World of Jeffree Star
>The Mind of Jake Paul
>Investigating Conspiracies (Brittani Louise Taylor)
>The Return of Eugenia Cooney
>The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star

Required Reading/Viewing:
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No. 5751

Nikita's video is now live

No. 5752

Tinfoil: Jeffree Star had a hand in Will and Jada's open relationship being outed only days after they came for Shane

No. 5753

It was known for a while they were in an open relationship, maybe not to most people who don't follow them but it was known. Evidence points to Jeffree trying to distance himself from Shane as much as possible, though.

No. 5754

I thought about that as well. And this too, lol >>5752
Although it's possible it's unrelated. Maybe the media just saw they're receiving attention and tried to cash in with a story?

Is the anon who was suppose to read Shame's 2nd book still here? If so, did you find anything of interest?
I was reading his first book and nearly all of the interactions he's describing seem so fake ( that they're over the top goes without saying )
I'm confused about who this content was for - he has that typical sassy HS TV humour, but also shoves in adult themes in a graphic manner.
Adults aren't going to find it entertaining and young children shouldn't really be reading it. So who was this targeted at?

No. 5755

Do not ignore the announcements.

File: 1416648644623.jpg (11.41 KB, 480x360, minxy-wiki-id.jpg)

No. 4423[Reply]

Hey /pt/, I feel like you guys may be able to shine the light on this particular thing?

So if anyone knows MissHannahMinx, that big boobed youtuber who taught japanese, apparently she has been missing for a year….

things that are known:

1. That movie SlayBelles she was supposedly filming in was supposed to be released November 1st. The director of the film has already taken on other projects and the other actors have not mentioned one iota about it.

2. Apparently shes married according to a facebook profile but its private and no one has screenshots or proof that her private profile has said that. Looking at her minxyandjinxy facebook profile it seems like there is implication that the profile itself is fake.

3. Onision apparently has said that her phone has been disconnected.

4. /b/ looked for her possible address and found out she might live in a really bad part of brooklyn but nothing else, (they chickened out on calling her or finding out)

5. She might have had a website that is completely blank now.
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No. 4520

Go to onision thread if you want to talk about onision. This boob-being is long gone and if you don't have any new information about her then this thread should go and die . Shoo shoo.

No. 4521

Nb4 she's part of a sex traffic

No. 4522


go to bed, onision

No. 4523

Wait, I thought her disappearance was resolved, why is this thread still up?

No. 5646


File: 1458882054303.jpg (Spoiler Image, 42.36 KB, 960x960, 1524_10153188655770736_7373717…)

No. 101[Reply]


-visual kei wannabe/poser

-has a band called d.eluge(thinks their band is visual kei- music sounds suicidal)

-uses japanese but can barely speak the language

-hair looks overprocessed and fried

-makeup look drag

-fb: https://www.facebook.com/zak.aura

-ig: https://www.instagram.com/zk_cy/
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No. 3435

uhm… I wouldn't do something so disgusting…
I seriously have a lot to deal with right now, I'm so tired of friends and acquaintances messaging me this link.
again I'm honestly sorry if I've been a jerk or inconvenienced you in the past and if you want everyone to know that i did whatever, but this is ridiculous and untrue.. i would much rather be confronted with things I actually did, i get that it's really awkward and you obviously have a reason to hate me, but this doesn't solve anything or help anyone

No. 5634

I just know this guy as an acquaintance but from what I've through friends and my own limited interactions with him he's bad news. Hella racist, sexist, beat up on one of his ex girlfriends with a glass bottle, targets Asian girls that aren't even old enough to drink – and didn't pay his share when we were out with in a group of friends once, even though everyone agreed to split the cost before ordering.

No. 5639


No. 5640

daniel should stick to working with people who have actual talent

No. 5643

File: 1466918528349.jpg (305.4 KB, 2048x1278, wv8lxyo.jpg)

No. 2239[Reply]

is @thongria lolcow material yet? does anyone else even know her? Internet it-girl whose rise to fame was an article about how she slept with 100 men. now she seems to think that she is a feminist icon for posting racey selfies and talking about every yeast infection she gets and bragging about giving dudes std's.

bff's w/ molly soda and self proclaimed sexpert because she writes totes empowering articles about how tough it was to go a week not dressing "sexy".

her insta is pretty entertaining because of comical self absorption. tell me i'm not the only one that's heard of her before. idk i think its annoying af to have hyper sexual narcissism parading as feminism, as if women suffered for all those years just for some rich white girl that sells dildos for a living to sit on instagram all day. I'm so done. where do all these white feminists come from and why

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No. 2499

File: 1467867247807.png (148.58 KB, 200x196, consider the following.png)

How much money do you guys wanna bet that this chick made this thread so that she could position herself as a victim of cyberbullying and start a patreon/''''journalism''' career?

Like 90% of the posts in this thread consist of obvious samefagging from someone trying and failing to emulate chan culture and people calling her out on it. What would the purpose be of posting yourself to lolcow and pretending to be cyberbullies if there weren't some sort of material gain?

No. 5635


No. 5636

File: 1539127890718.jpg (91.44 KB, 1470x1040, 1534841826629.jpg)

i'm bored

No. 5637

No. 5638



File: 1466688265796.jpg (42.03 KB, 619x825, CliE64oVEAEhdzI.jpg)

No. 5043[Reply]

Speedrun/Super Smash Bros streamer who thinks she's hot shit because she's a trans woman. Recently got angry when she wasn't allowed to vlog about her life with just a webcam on a game streaming website and wants Twitch to include "vlogs and napping streams" onto their platform. Apparently gets posted on 4chan regularly.




Current: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-R8ghoWcuny0CUB3hmm9XA

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No. 5085

File: 1473152848485.png (25.77 KB, 571x187, c33f85cfcdaa5cbfaff1119bde042e…)

A bit late since I don't follow him anymore. He's quit Twitch and has since deleted his account since they won't allow his nap and "all about me" streams. He was streaming on YouTube but with the advertiser friendly guidelines, he might be looking for a new platform again.

No. 5086


Actually Narcissa was banned from twitch, he didn't quit. This video was supposedly the final straw.

No. 5087

File: 1473164902534.png (25.96 KB, 1139x366, 1472607676235.png)

No. 5088

That's weird, for me it says "Page could not be found, or has been deleted by its owner" that's why I assumed he just quit. Sounds like Twitch had enough of him.

No. 5633

File: 1518239179729.webm (1.22 MB, 1280x720, cowpoz.webm)

cow pose

File: 1473772933896.png (298.22 KB, 412x434, Cb5S3V0UcAA97GP.png)

No. 4862[Reply]


iDubbbz even more savage than the keemstar rant


Leafster pretending to be on vacation


No. 4863

this thread ending up in manure

No. 4864

File: 1473775953517.png (62.6 KB, 775x237, Screen Shot 2016-09-13 at 9.10…)

>If you are posting a new thread about someone who isn't widely known, and there are no previous threads about this person, then in the OP you need to include an explanation of why you consider them to be a lolcow.

No. 5632


File: 1476279267854.png (1.57 MB, 1435x1079, 1470845378500.png)

No. 5330[Reply]

How did this chan come to exist and what is its purpose? I don't know anything about it, people just told me it was "4chan for Females™". Is this true and if so will I get banned for not being a woman?

No. 5331

We get one of you faggots in every other month or so. This is just an imageboard. We happen to focus on talking shit about internet personalities. We have a board just for females. You won't get banned for being a male unless you post in that board. That is all.

No. 5332

File: 1476280472555.jpg (274 KB, 1082x1200, 55324532543253.jpg)

Yeah I was just wondering. I read the rules and didn't explicitly see anything against being a dude but this place is so heavily female (I think?) that I assumed their might be some rule against men being here. I don't really know if I will relate to this place to well being an autistic faggot (literally) but I might stick around just to observe this place. I like to observe things/places I don't understand. Also is there a specific reason this place exists? Some kind of history to it or anything? Did it splinter off another chan etc.

No. 5333

Also I am assuming the board guys can't post on is /g/? That's fine, I might read it a bit but it mostly doesn't appeal to me outside of a few threads I can see

No. 5334

Most of us are refugees from the glory days of /cgl/ and then Stamina Rose. The main board is /pt/, which is an homage to the one true queen Pixyteri.

And yes, /g/ would be the board just for females. Also, I would caution you about mentioning anything about you being a male since it's very much frowned upon here. We don't really give a shit if you're a male or not as long as you don't act like a robot.

File: 1475104528054.png (347.35 KB, 500x371, 1474393004969.png)

No. 5006[Reply]

How do we stop die Ewige Frau?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)
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No. 5009

Power fantasy that they'll kill everyone… but her

No. 5010

File: 1475106255478.jpg (61.61 KB, 768x432, serialkiller4.jpg)

The question remains, can we trust 'people' with such fantasies with the right to vote?

No. 5011

Trust me, you got a ton more of even more perverse lunatics voting anyway

You're scraping the tip of the iceberg, robot

No. 5013

Geej seems like you bovines beat me to it

No. 5014

Oh cool another not even slightly hidden robot thread, that's what we need.

No. 5002[Reply]

>ok I don't know much about this girl and whether I'm missing anything from here so sorry ahead of time that i have p much nothing on her, but the secondhand embarrassment I got from this video alone is awful enough for me to believe there's gotta be more out there

> won a Dolls Kill photo contest a couple years ago with this monstrosity (pic related)

> also has a gem of an instagram full of typical post-scene kawaii unif alt-model selfies


No. 5003

File: 1475027962816.jpg (92.26 KB, 640x640, 1966916_651957871506117_116745…)

oops sorry pic related is this v classy one

No. 5004

if you don't know much about her and feel you need to apologise in advance, why post her? you could have waited and done some more research. or not posted her at all.

File: 1467733055759.jpg (86.05 KB, 1080x1349, 13557049_250601245312524_90861…)

No. 2500[Reply]

Can we talk about this … thing and her devout followers who defend her excuse for being skellington status?

Claims to have a metabolism disorder.

19 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 2520

*unable to gain weight

No. 2521


so fucking what??? oh my god!! she doesnt have to disclose information about her weight if she doesnt want to.

in my opinion this takes exactly the same style as the alex clark thread, samefagging and all.

this girl has no milk. shes allowed to keep her disorder to herself. she has no drama and no milk.

No. 2522


No. 2523

I agree. Bushb4by is more of a cow than her.

Fucking bushb4by.

No. 5001

give me her city and ill call the nearest ward then she will get attention from doctors instead of begging for it on youtube then whining about people stating the obvious

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