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No. 3856[Reply]

I wanted some harsh, brutally honest and likely hypocritical responses to this scenario from femanons, so while I'm sure I'm going to get hate heaped on me once what I'm actually proposing is said, please do give opinions.

Think of the man you find most attractive on Earth, who you would most like to be with, then think of the man you find least attractive and have absolutely no interest in.

The first is wealthy and in a shape pleasing to you. He'll shower you with affection and presents, keep you in the latest fashions and constantly want sex, the catch? He has three to five other wives you would be sharing him with. So essentially you'd be given autonomy to pursue whatever hobbies you like, whenever he returns home it will be with presents for you, he'll constantly want to cuddle and shower you with love, but he does the same to the other girls. He doesn't go out and sleep with random women, and he would consult with you before bringing another into the household, but it is altogether possible there may in the future be more.

Second option is the guy you have no interest or attraction to. He has a low-paying job and would expect you to work as well. He has no designs on other women, but he may cheat in the future.

Which of the two would you choose? I've been pondering this question ever since I watched this video. It's the bit in the middle about the 80/20 rule. Essentially the claim is that when men are in total control, the number is closer to 80/50. Men agree with one another to each only take one public wife and possibly a mistress. But after the sexual revolution the number switched to 80/20, which is to say 80% of women reproduce with only 20% of men, seemingly happy to share a fourth of the attention of one "top" guy as opposed to having a lower status male to herself. This makes perfect sense from an evolutionary standpoint, better male means better children, but when I've discussed this with women the mere suggestion of it makes them angry.
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No. 4045

>At a cursory glance there's little to suggest any gender politics one way or another, but I did notice pictures of girls attending school, so at the minimum they're afforded the same opportunity.

That's not at all a statement on the freedoms of women in the country.

>address the specific claims within rather than attacking the sites publishing them.

Which I did, by pointing out that one had absolutely no sources for the claims it was making that didn't link back to the site itself, and that the other was irrelevant to your claim.

I pointed out that they're dogshit sources that shouldn't be taken seriously and then went on to continue to explain why, that their claims were not supported by evidence.

>but yes insulting someone in place of an argument is an ad hominem.

No, it's not, it's an insult. An ad hom is when you use an insult as an argument.

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No. 4046

>That's not at all a statement on the freedoms of women in the country.
Are you one of those "equal outcomes" people? Like I said, they're afforded the same opportunities. Considering where they're located I think it's fairly compelling the place is so much more stable, wealthy and -relatively speaking- modern when compared to so much of the rest of Africa, and seemingly the main difference seems to be legalized polygamy. It's almost like allowing the "top" most successful men with the biggest sense of commitment and responsibility to publicly spread their genes to multiple women results in more successful, productive children or something. It would be interesting to see a side by side comparison to any of the surrounding countries, Liberia for example. Maybe I'll do that.

>one had absolutely no sources for the claims it was making that didn't link back to the site itself

You'd have to go through the chain of links, but you never said anything about the WashingtonPost or HuffingtonPost articles, I guess because you accept those as valid sources you just pretend they don't exist…?

>the other was irrelevant to your claim.

This isn't refutation, it's dismissal. "Hillary Clinton is president of the United States." "…But Donald Trump won the election." "DONALD TRUMP IS IRRELEVANT TO THIS CONVERSATION. I'M ONLY TALKING ABOUT HILLARY CLINTON."

>pointed out that they're dogshit sources that shouldn't be taken seriously

Which is a logical fallacy. To put it in context, it would be like me going "Hitler was against polygamy! Yeah, that's right! No polygamists in Nazi Germany! How do you like that, Nazi? You side with Hitler!" Just saying the source is "dog shit" isn't refuting it's arguments. Who makes an argument has no effect on the argument itself. Does Chris-Chan's full-throated endorsement of "women's rights" and "lgbt rights" mean the issues themselves are retarded since the person advocating them is? This is why it's a fallacy.

>It's the difference between saying "You're stupid, and you are also wrong" and going "You're wrong because you're stupid".

Hence "This source is dog shit" as the entirety of your argument.
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No. 4359

I have no idea what the fuck you people are talking about because I can't be bothered to read all that shit but I'm sure that whatever it is, it's not worth such long ass posts

No. 4416

File: 1499644970941.jpg (43.08 KB, 300x300, 300x300.jpg)

Jesus Christ OP if you're still around read Lacan, that domestication shit is hardcore jouissance.

No. 4435

I'd much rather choose a reverse harem tbh.

File: 1509124508626.png (251.29 KB, 540x960, 22554463_10159358242330459_404…)

No. 4423[Reply]

Hey guys, I am here to expose Jillian Epperly and her self proclaimed "PoopCult"

Jillian ADMITS to forming a "poop cult" and has convinced seemingly thousands of people to drink large amounts of salt water to induce diarrhea which Jillian Epperly refers to as "waterfalls".

Jillian Epperly is a coprophiliac who literally is obsessed with ALL things related to poop. She even "waterfalls" on live stream after drinking a 34 oz of salt water to induce diarrhea.

Jillian Epperly talks about sticking #3FingersUpHerOwnButt to "circumvent" her "waterfalls". She also digs thru her own poop and takes pictures of "parasites" that she finds in her own dookie.

Sadly Jillian Epperly has also convinced parents to give their children salt water. There are many graphic photos of childrens bloody stool and bloody diaper in Jillian Epperlys group.

ITT I will provide you with clear evidence that Jillian Epperly is not only a poop obsessed coprophilliac but she is clearly brainwashing people in her own "poop cult" and sadly children are being subjected to salt water via enema, belly button, ears, eyes, and orally via a syringe. Parents trick their kids into drinking salt water because Jillian Epperly encourages them to do this.

Pic related, its Jillian Epperly talking about sticking #3FingersUpHerOwnButt
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No. 4429

File: 1509125220271.png (Spoiler Image, 238.63 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-10-13-21-51-02…)

And in this SS you can see that someone developed "fits of rage" that they took out on their spouse after consuming large amounts of salt water. They then admit to pooping their own pants 3 times the same day.

No. 4430

File: 1509125419592.jpg (98.11 KB, 540x960, 4weeks.jpg)

One of the side effects of abusing salt laxatives is that you can cause permanent damage and also poop out stomach lining.

Pic related, it looks like stomach lining. This image was reported after 4 weeks of salt water laxatives.

However in Jillian Epperly's poop cult, people think images like this are "parasites"

No. 4431

File: 1509125533036.jpg (97.19 KB, 540x960, kidsonjuice.jpg)

In this image, you can see a child being given a syringe full of salt water.

Jillian Epperly advocates that parents give children salt water "by any means possible" including enema, oral, bellybutton, ears etc.

In Jillian Epperly's cult, there is a lot of content where parents are asking for tips and "tricks" on how to "trick" their kid into drinking salt water.

1 tsp of salt can kill a baby

No. 4432

File: 1509125692992.png (Spoiler Image, 280.13 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-10-18-21-41-49…)

In this image, you can see people talking about mixing salt water into smoothies for children.

Then a graphic photo of a bloody diaper is shared. The group supports this type of behavior and encouraged the parent to keep doing jillian epperlys salt protocol

No. 4433

Now for those of you who are wondering How The Fuck Jillian Epperly brainwashed people into thinking its ok to give kids salt water, please watch these videos of Jillian Epperly attempting to explain why giving salt water to babies is OK

I am sharing a collection of 3 videos where jillian talks about babies on her protocol.

Jilly says babies are the same as human/adults:

How Much Salt Should I give My baby? Jilly explains here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0WQxS2CNh4

Jillian Epperly Discusses potential detox symptoms from giving a kid salt water

File: 1496546686334.jpg (76.56 KB, 1264x560, IMG_1077.JPG)

No. 4047[Reply]

Have you ever wished you were a different race?and why?
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No. 4406

Finally, the only acceptable answer.

No. 4409

basically when delusional guys fetishize another race it's like that "oh [none white race] girls are so hot, to prove it here's a picture of a girl that's whitened her skin and got surgery to look more western"

I find asian girls who are happy with their skin and natural features to be beautiful, the doll look is for dolls, not for humans

>>4403 agreed, basically people find whats a trend in their culture or community attractive, which is why no one can ever be perfect

in 00's mainstream, the tan skin, skinny, big tits, bleach blonde was hot, now plus sized curvy women with dark hair and big lips are now a thing, in the weeb community pale skin extremely thin bodys, unnatural face, etc are the standards, the average woman will never be perfect to any community unless she gets surgery or has perfect genetics, which is rare

No. 4410

"y-you mean, kpop stars, pale azn waifus, get zits and wrinkles, just like most girls of every other race??? IMPOSSIBRU!"

No. 4421

Yeah because none of the yellow fever girls itt are fetishising Asian guys?

No. 4422

>If the racists in this thread had taken a basic philosophy class, they'd know that beauty is impossible to define and determine

If you actually took a real class instead of listening to the dumb fuck opinions presented as philosophy from your unpaid dumbfuck assistant professor, you'd realize beauty standards have remained fairly consistent even throughout history. Lighter skin (in a relative sense), slim to moderate bodyfat (which is tempered by hormone levels, interestingly enough), and facial symmetry being a few of the ones we can statistically verify.

File: 1502678757298.jpg (182.89 KB, 1124x1024, cat.jpg)

No. 4420[Reply]

hello frands

File: 1492032733945.jpg (47.17 KB, 359x512, shirome aarin to akari.jpg)

No. 3005[Reply]

do you guys think females have more privilege than males?I keep hearing men say this lately. well, here is my opinion..I think in the west women and men are mostly equal on the levels of privilege. I think most men confuse female privilege with good looking women privilege. I don't mind when men say that male privilege in the west doesn't exist, but they only use attractive white women to prove that this is a fact…I mean obviously an attractive white girl is going to be treated better than an ugly/average man. Saying women have privilege because attractive white women are treated nicer would be like me saying that men have more privilege because tall and attractive white guys get treated better than me. Its like these men completely ignore the existence of women who arent good looking.
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No. 3867

File: 1496270436314.jpg (97.73 KB, 500x500, IMG_0788.JPG)


>become a productive member of society =)

Hey look y'all this degenerate neet thinks being a financial and emotional drain is contributing to society. What a loser.

I'm a fucking engineer you dip.

No. 3869

what type of engineer? I'm working on getting a computer engineering degree

No. 3894

Sure you are.
Why does it sound like "I can be anything you want, baby"?

No. 3906

>Women have to do so much shit just to be "average"
Do you go out and meet people at all? I've known plenty of "average"/conventionally unattractive women who are well-liked for their personalities and social skills. Obviously the ones lacking this don't get a lot of attention or are mocked. I don't see how its that much different for a guy.

Unless we're talking like, high school culture, here. Teenagers are brutal.

No. 4418

I think it depends. In liberal countries like Canada, women definitely get more in the way of societal support, for example.

File: 1451757864202.jpg (130.58 KB, 1280x780, d.jpg)

No. 1148[Reply]

Previous thread >>>/b/21625
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No. 3848

it's like teasing someone just to blueball them, you don't go start the engine in a car and don't drive it

No. 4005

File: 1496639679257.jpg (189.66 KB, 720x1130, male feminist.jpg)

I'm severely disappointed that this thread was moved to /sty/. What the fuck is with this new admin?

No. 4006

I thought this was going to be a thread where we could talk about hating men. WTF happened?

No. 4031

It's genuinely pretty hard to stop looking at porn. You may believe sexual desire is distributed independently of biological sex, but at least for me it's very difficult. From firsthand experience, cocaine is easier to quit than pornography. It seems strange for anybody to say porn is good, though.

Male attention whoring, trolling, and defensiveness.

No. 4417


File: 1497222794899.jpg (Spoiler Image, 245.33 KB, 2048x1536, rate-my-dog.jpg)

No. 4401[Reply]

Hello ladies, please r8 my dog

According to the rules of this website, this content is permitted on /sty/

To hide a thread, press the minus symbol "-" in the top left of the thread

No. 4414

why are u flashing ur crusty dog to ur pet

No. 4415

That's a nice dong friend.

File: 1492542561627.jpeg (17.61 KB, 299x168, fked up shit.jpeg)

No. 3293[Reply]

Some of you people really need Jesus/Buddha/etc, y'all are some evil, petty and disgusting individuals. Seriously the collective hate you people produce put Westboro Baptist Church to shame. There is trolling and riling someone up and then there attacking someone just because you can since you have a wall of anonymity to hide yourself with. If any of you were this vitriol and hate mongering in real life I can't imagine anyone loving you. If your mother/father/brother/sister were to see your posts what would they say? I hope at least some of you grow up and stop hating your fellow for their flaws when you yourself are no better. You all feed off of each other and just get more nasty and ugly. I sincerely hope some of you can sit back see what you're doing and move on from this god forsaken den of bullies.
3 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 3297

So which cow are you? Or which one is your relative/friend/etc?

Calling people haters is just a lame excuse people hide behind because they can't accept that other people's criticism might be legitimate.

Most of the people we discuss here are actually pretty fucking bad people. One was arrested for hitting on underage girls at starbucks. One is being investigated by the police for faking cancer and stealing from charities. One tried to plan a mass shooting and was arrested for it. One is a serial groomer of teenage girls. This is just the people being discussed on the front page right now.

Like, you should probably look at yourself if you find people who mock paedophiles and scammers worse than paedophiles and scammers.

No. 3298

probably dasha, today must have been overwhelming

No. 3299

what that anon said and also, this is just a place to discuss people

one of the big rules is no cow-tipping
most anons here respect that and we're free to discuss whoever we want, rarely do cows get interacted with if most people can help
and when they do it's often helpful, like PT, tons of people try to give her advice or genuinely help her out

No. 3300

File: 1492548049398.png (11 KB, 516x109, curiouscat.PNG)

Yeah its probs her. She was told to look here a little while ago.

No. 4413


File: 1497888547871.jpg (368.08 KB, 1366x768, room.jpg)

No. 4407[Reply]

What do girls do when they're hanging out?

No. 4408

they sploosh

File: 1495275588844.jpg (36.29 KB, 400x386, 1465286769108.jpg)

No. 3742[Reply]

>mfw all this low effort bait from males get more attention and sincere replies here than a female posting on /r9k/
You all should be ashamed of yourselves.

No. 3743

what did u expect from a site full of newfags, tumblrites and pulltards including the godawful moderators.

No. 3744

File: 1495303808304.jpg (48.6 KB, 608x720, vn.jpg)

REPORT thirsty gentlemen


No. 3755

there is someone with brains still left in this hellhole, wow

No. 4394

Srs. I wish mods would do a mass clean-up of the site and delete all these dumbass robot threads. Catalog is full of MRA copypastas and stupid questions from incels desperate for actual women to prove their agendas.

No. 4400

File: 1497137785689.jpg (203.47 KB, 926x1280, PUTA.jpg)


You know you want it.

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