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File: 1483793485186.jpg (38.05 KB, 680x523, fraternal_grains.jpg)

No. 1797[Reply]

Dear sisters, may I procure some of your oats please?
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No. 1994

File: 1484077800914.jpg (74.16 KB, 564x682, a6713110b129212b3d29ad19f5da05…)

You shall sow your land for six years and gather in its yield, but on the seventh year you shall let it rest and lie fallow, so that the needy of your people may eat; and whatever they leave the beast of the field may eat. You are to do the same with your vineyard and your olive grove.

No. 2021

forced meme

No. 2044

File: 1484403810342.png (22.48 KB, 221x253, 1274035173279.png)



File: 1484990952811.jpg (259.66 KB, 1152x1536, Not laughing now.jpg)

No. 2106[Reply]

Whether you supported her or not you have to admit her failure is actually an achievement:
>$1.3B spent on campaigning (est)
>All celebrities behind her
>Katey Perry voted naked for her
>97% of media were behind her
>Former president to aid her
>Current president was publicly behind her
>Innumerable experience
>Known as the "Classy alternative"

Yet she got destroyed by an orange businessman.
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No. 2143

No shit Einstein. Lots of Americans are well aware of the impact of the past. What's your point?
Agree. It's not like America is an isolationist country who's actions and policies only have a domestic consequence.

No. 2144

>>the past
Historically speaking, things that happened from 2001 to now aren't the past but sure. As if that shit wasn't still on going.

No. 2145

File: 1485044702702.jpg (29.69 KB, 403x389, IMG_1545.JPG)

You want to argue about semantics?
I never argued that things were/weren't.

No. 2146

I'd be fine with universities losing a 1/4th or 1/5th of their federal funding, if only temporarily. Watch them flounder for a bit and see how they reorganize themselves to prioritize the programs and administration that are actually important to their operations.

If they try to price gouge their students even more through tuition rates, the point where even the most starry-eyed youths will be turned off by having to pay x amount of money for a degree is probably not too far away from where the current rates stand.

No. 2148

Why do Hillary supporters really love to cite that she "won" by 2.9 million votes, therefore THE MAJORITY of Americans wanted her? That's only like 2% of all people who voted and not even 1% of the population of the country. They're trying to make it sound like the 316 million Americans who didn't vote for Trump wanted her instead? Only 2.6 million people even showed up for the "Women's Marches."

File: 1481428554970.jpg (92.2 KB, 791x723, 1478357550926.jpg)

No. 506[Reply]

post em, be internet tough guys when people disagree with you
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No. 2047

File: 1484436555719.png (17.35 KB, 480x400, chart.png)

So many lefties in this thread. I'm a bit more centrist than I thought I'd be though. I guess college has pushed me away from the far right wing.

No. 2054

File: 1484592171131.png (17.24 KB, 480x400, chart.png)

Blue stronk.
It's a little baffling how so many women here are green. Well, I guess I'm not that surprised, just disheartened to see it's true.

No. 2104

File: 1485005598185.png (17.3 KB, 480x400, chart.png)

No. 2105

File: 1485027089135.jpg (22.03 KB, 780x469, 16195613_1293679280703019_8896…)

Me, except I start off a little further down and left

No. 2147

I've taken that test and I'm pretty much dead center, slightly socially libertarian. It flucuates slightly because I know some actual tankies and altrighters (don't know how that happened) and when they piss me off (which is often) I feel a bitnmore inclined to the other side.

It's reall annoying being a centrist on the internet, these days.

File: 1482364954053.jpg (27.61 KB, 534x401, BURNTHECOAL.jpg)

No. 671[Reply]

Why is it so taboo? I personally only date white guys and the occasional asian guy (mainly because i find black men physically gross and hispanic men generally are really really disrespectful to me), but why is it so taboo? Why do guys care so much?
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No. 1852

>Nice to see you not trying to refute what I posted at all. Are you ever gonna give citations, or are you just going to keep spouting conjecture and speculations?

Citations for what? There are 1.3 billion Han and about 20 million Uighurs and 3 million Tibetans. The end result is obvious.

Go shill elsewhere, half-chinese girl.

No. 1853

>Citations for what?

>In China the Chinese government literally push race-mixing and mass immigration to destroy Tibetans and Uighurs. They pay racially mixed couples an extra stipend, there's a patriarchal aspect to this too since the vast majority of Han in Xinjiang and Tibet are single male entrepreneurs with more money than the natives. So they're basically paying a bribe for Tibetan and Uighur women to fuck Han men and have Han babies to wipe out the native races there. I'm not a libfag so I don't care much about what China does vis a vis executing drug dealers/imprisoning libtard lawyers and sending them to labor camps etc, but that's one aspect of their domestic policy that makes me sick. It is soft genocide and it is what chinks have been doing for thousands of years, slowly eroding the ethnic cohesiveness of other groups through one-sided intermarriage.

Get to it. I can wait all week.

No. 1857

It's a mixed bag buddy. Homicide rate in New York was down last year. Others were slighty down or slighty up. The biggest outlier was Chicago.

No. 2099

is it really taboo in the real world though?
I pretty much only see people talking about it online. Or is it just that people won't voice those opinions in real life?
Also I feel like it's pretty much only taboo between white/black. I've been dating an asian guy for a very, very long time and only had like one comment on it, it's pretty common to see white/asian couples where I'm from as well, and white/hispanic couples so most people don't seem to notice those things

No. 2103

I'm deeply disturbed by anyone who thinks being with someone could possibly be wrong due to their race. It's something I can't even fathom. One family member of mine was born in the 40s and still believes blacks and whites should never mix, and even has the nerve to tell couples of this type they see to their faces. It's archaic fools like these that own the media and hold high positions, still influencing the younger generations because of their clout.

File: 1482975225975.jpg (71.78 KB, 640x360, nYjHK4g.jpg)

No. 901[Reply]

How do I abandon society and join the NEET life? I have everything I need - fridge, bar fridge and computer.

How do?
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No. 951

america? i've heard disability process in america is purposely shitty, you gotta apply a few times and make sure you don't miss deadlines for applications, eventually they give you welfare

No. 953

Chances are you're not going to be able to live comfortably as a NEET unless you leech off your poor parents until they drop dead. Stop being such a lazy piece of shit and just work like the rest of us.

Shit like this is so discouraging and frustrating. I'd love to apply for disability for a legit reason, but I've been told by some people that it can take years of paperwork and court bullshit to finally be approved. God forbid you have a mental health issue that prevents you from working. You might as well kill yourself because the process is even worse then.

No. 973

You're neither white or a woman, that's why.
Being a NEET means leaching off of somebody.
government gibsmedats aren't enough to support the expenses of the NEET life style.

No. 1118

Well you can learn how to tie a noose, That would be step one.

No. 2101

Just fucking apply. At worst you get denied, then you reapply and get a fat chexk for all the time from when you first appky to when you get gimmedeats
And lol at surviving on a $700 a onth check. Youll be hooking in no time

No. 2059[Reply]

What would you do if you woke up with a penis?
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No. 2093

grass is always greener on the other side fam

No. 2095

>there's some legit things like females never being able to experience true friendship as men can

>MRA is misogynistic

why am i ever surprised?

No. 2096

You're kind of missing the point. My point was that yes, (most) women have it easier and are cherished simply for existing… which stuns their personal growth.

Men have to prove themselves - which ultimately is a good thing.

No. 2097

i'd finally love myself probably

No. 2098

>Men have to prove themselves - which ultimately is a good thing.

I find this statement wrong on so many levels

you come quick to assume about >>2089 and resort to name calling than rather making a counter point to his statement
I'm just saying…

File: 1483454965932.png (60.86 KB, 1354x889, 1482729835001.png)

No. 997[Reply]

Does anyone else feel repulsed by people who talk shit about their former partners?
In real life, I will automatically think less of a person bringing up their asshole exbf/bitch of an exgf and will have a hard time taking them seriously.
If they whine about their current partners, I'll almost try to distance myself from them.
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No. 2034

>You either don't pursue the relationship once you see you don't really like the person you were interested in or only have yourself to blame.
stop victim blaming you bigot, people are not responsible for what they do!

No. 2043

You're kind of ignoring that a lot of the time once a person starts to show who they are instead of being on their best behaviour at the start of a relationship like a lot of people tend to be, that there's already emotions involved, and it's probably not as simple as "Yeah just view it objectively and leave them", right?

It's great you've never had a bad relationship if that's true, but you're being silly if you don't see why someone could be in a relationship that might not be best for them because they feel like they can fix it or the persons just going through something, or simply not noticing the change, or by that point already having strong emotions and simply not seeing the partner objectively as the negative influence they are, or any number of other reasons why someone would stay in a relationship.

I don't think many bad relationships come from the early dating phase before it's anything serious where it shows up they're dipshits or you just don't like them that much, it's later on those things lead to deterioration.

People who bitch about all their exes to make their current partner feel better or just to get attention are fucking annoying though, and are generally exaggerating pretty massively about their exes flaws.

No. 2057

What about the reality that tons of people get married to people they aren't even really in love with for whatever reason and then on top of that many stay together for years and years in an empty, meaningless marriage?

No. 2058

>victims of abuse only have themselves to blame!!!
>if you don't act just like me your duuum!!
>my breakups were ok there4 everyone'ss has 2 b!
Are you sure you aren't the one whose retarded?

No. 2078

Honestly I respect them, because they know they'll never find real love in life and settle for the most practical solution. Those that are impulsive and jump from relationship to relationship are just… ugh. I do really despise them

File: 1434152721209.jpg (97.66 KB, 1280x719, IMG-20150611-WA0014.jpg)

No. 424[Reply]

Since newfags wanna sperg out on this shit

(Image not related)
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No. 1824

Centaurs, unicorns, gnolls, and giant weasels.

Bearded dwarf women and tiny hobbit women have their merits too, as do pixies and giantesses.

Elves are too skinny to be attractive.

No. 1851

wtf is a negroid? I'm east african and black people dont all look the same dumbass, ugliest term ever. White people stay giving POC, these generalizing terms that sound so repulsive

No. 1856

Mongloid also sounds fucking ridiculous. I'm white inb4 >butthurt mongloid

No. 2014


Well its also called caucasoid, not caucasian.

No. 2076

negroid would be for west/central/south africans. technically east/north africans fall under caucasoid.

i believe those terms were made up to broadly describe skull shapes.

File: 1483492613049.png (1.54 MB, 1052x786, weeaboos.png)

No. 1013[Reply]

> Why are you a weeb?
> Do you feel embarassed by it?
> Don't you feel retarded and disgusting sometimes? {you probably should}
> If you're in your 20s and still cosplay/is a lolita/etc, why do you do that? Don't you feel like a wo/manchild?
> Are you, at least partially, the weeaboo stereotype {lacking social skills, too shy, or even way too loud, etc}?
> Do you secretly do/think extra weeby things?

Using /sty/ in case anyone wants to shitpost some weeaboo cringe.

I'm a borderline normie looking for answers.
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No. 2020

>I get free shit and get paied for being a weeb
What do you mean by that?

No. 2041

Sponsorships and whatnot. Think Jessica Nigiri/Momokun/etc on a smaller scale.

No. 2046

> Why are you a weeb?
My brother's made me watch anime since i was little
> Do you feel embarassed by it?
not really, i was an embarrassing weeb when i was like 9-12 but i grew out of the UWU KAWAII DESU NYA phase prety fast god bless
> Don't you feel retarded and disgusting sometimes? {you probably should}
used 2 when i was obsessed with anime, not anymore
> If you're in your 20s and still cosplay/is a lolita/etc, why do you do that? Don't you feel like a wo/manchild?
im 18 and i dont cosplay or wear weeb shit
> Are you, at least partially, the weeaboo stereotype {lacking social skills, too shy, or even way too loud, etc}?
im shy but only at first
> Do you secretly do/think extra weeby things?
not really
>Do you wear asian makeup {super dolly eyes, eye bags}?
i do azn skin care and makeup but nothing like living doll kinda look uwu

No. 2053

Meh, I just watch anime for free and I'm too poor to cosplay. I know some Japanese but wouldn't exactly call myself a weeaboo.

No. 2056

I'm not sure. I have always been interested in many other cultures, Japan has just happened to put out a lot of quality manga, anime and games with great storytelling. Sometimes I get embarrassed because I have tattoos of things from Japanese games that I like a lot, and at times having discussions about said games in response to the tattoos is extremely awkward for me. I'm in the latter end of the 20s and I dress like a little girl more often than not and I'm with someone who is generally ok with all of this but he has kids my age (they're estranged along with the delusional mother) and sometimes I wonder what they would think of me if they even so much as saw me. I think there's something wrong with me.

File: 1484066153114.gif (17.62 KB, 320x312, shrugging.gif)

No. 1990[Reply]

Can / should homosexuality be cured?
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No. 2048

Sigh I just wish I would stop falling for women/feeling sexually attracted to them. I am not gay, I'm bisexual, but i wanna be completely straight..Why do I need to go through this. I feel like this is wrong, this is not me. And i can't have access to gay therapy and ask a psychiatrist to try to help me with that but a man can chop off his penis and pretend he's a woman and everything is fine?? WTF.. I will never absolutely accept my sexually and it's driven me close to suicide.

No. 2049

If you mean gay therapy as in conversion therapy, you basically answered your own question. If you mean it as in therapy whose goal is to make you more comfortable with your actual sexuality, then that is pretty stupid/unfair, but I'm pretty sure that is a thing?
Either way, you got a bad case of self hate, over something you don't really have control over, my girl. You need to fix that, but acting straight probably isn't the solution. I say probably, because who knows, maybe you'll be that one out of I don't even know how many people, that it actually works on!

No. 2050

I've received professional help (to try to accept my sexuality) for almost 2 years but it didn't work.
Now I'm thinking if I should go the opposite way and try to repress it somehow, get gay conversion therapy or similar. Like i said, I'm not entirely lesbian, I like men the most, but if i had to explain my sexuality I'd say it's 60/40, so the gay is pretty strong, you know?

People always say GCT doesn't work but I really don't know what to do. I feel like lesbianism isn't/shouldn't be part of who I am. I was raised in a religious household and unfortunately I feel like I'm disgusting for being with women

No. 2051

Then just don't date women? You're bisexual, you like both. Seek out relationships with men if you want to be straight so badly.

No. 2052

I have done both. I said it before in previous posts. The thing is that I WISH I wasn't like this.

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