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File: 1621803003674.png (202.93 KB, 407x243, 1619368236005.png)

No. 813895

Get your soul lighter without the need to pray.

Previous thread: >>>/ot/791206

No. 813902

File: 1621803926377.jpg (39.33 KB, 512x288, unnamed.jpg)

I just discovered that kinning hot muscular characters gives me life and motivation to have a better healthier and muscular life
Fuck coomer scrotes I'm claiming all the muscular ladies for myself!!!!!!

No. 813904

Shut up anon you're making kinning sound like a useful and healthy thing to do you're gonna make me do it too!! If I kin'd someone it would be jolyne, I want to be muscular and learn to not be insecure all the time and fight priests

No. 813907

I lost 20kg during the pandemic and seeing people whine about their covid gains makes me smile

No. 813908

File: 1621805313981.jpg (44.9 KB, 739x415, 898b5199-062b-47f9-b372-0af539…)

Girl let's just do it, let's be unapologetically healthy kinners

No. 813911

kek queen

No. 813912

Based, i'm jealous

No. 813913

Samfag but why can't you autists just say you like characters like normal people instead of "kinning"

No. 813914

right? aren't your brains fully formed??

No. 813917

Good job. I lost weight too but that's because I'm fucking broke kek. Now I'm severely underweight but I don't care lol. I guess eating every second or third day does that to you. The only downside of being hungry is that I have a hard time falling asleep.

No. 813934

I lost weight too and grew my hair out I am thriving while others are weeping.

No. 813942

You go girl. That's impressive. Remember - it's not a diet, it's a lifestyle. Keep it up.

I love seeing when people I went to high school and college with gain weight. It makes me feel so much better about myself.

No. 813982

>thriving while others are weeping
Mood, will tattoo it on my forehead

No. 814038

I gave up on dating because I look at these girls men idolize and I can and will never look like that. I'm always just gonna be cute enough to make a man hard and thats it.

No. 814043

No. 814061

Men will idolize and will want to fuck an ugly man in a dress if they can, nonnie, you only have to look cute for yourself.

No. 814064

File: 1621816472359.jpg (612.29 KB, 1416x1872, 1517881548302.jpg)

Yeah same honestly. My self esteem is not that low, I think I look fine and don't feel obligated to look like a model or porn star or w/e. But men are just so pornsick and are constantly inundated with extremely hot (often unrealistically so) women and many studies prove that it massively warps their perception of women. They have low standards for who they will fuck and even date, but they are idealistic to a crazy extent and I'll never be able to believe a guy is truly content with an average girl like me.

That said, I do think there are guys who are perfectly happy with average gfs and girls who are similarly or less attractive than me. It's just hard to tell which guy is that type and which is the entitled pornsick type, and I'm not that keen on taking a risk.

No. 814068

I wish my bf would let me call him daddy during sex, it would be so hot because he's way older than me

No. 814099

The women who they idolize arent even the girl they idolize which is why if they ever got the chance to be with one they usually try to cheat or watch porn/stalk other social media girls if they cant cheat. The ideal girl is someone pretty who treats them like they're subhuman, men cant do reciprocal love.

No. 814252

I still check my exes social media even if I'm over him and don't care too much what he's up to.

No. 814266

I hate most of that olivia chicks bedroom pop slow tempo songs but after giving her album a chance, the pop rock styled or non slow stuff isnt too bad. she should do more of that or upbeat pop and less of the snoozefest shit, it suits her voice better

she has potential she just needs to record and promote songs with a pulse instead of putting people to sleep

No. 814270

Before she changes to a faster tempo she should work on improving her lyrics. I get she and her audience are mostly teenagers but the vocabulary and arrangement is poor.

No. 814272

I do this with YouTubers I've followed for several years but ended up unsubscribing from kek

No. 814279

she's only 17, she's got plenty of time to improve
I did not go into the album expecting to like anything and brutal surprised me

it's brazen teenage trashy pop rock crap, I am here for it. I didn't understand anons in celebricows making an avril comparison but I can see it for that one measly song

No. 814296

I'm in a similiar position, although I lost only half of that. People are crying about becoming couch potatoes and putting on weight while I'm going out running mainly because the pandemic left me with enough peace of mind and energy that I can finally focus on my body, so I can't relate to people that lost motivation because of lockdown.

No. 814404

I have no life experience, but it doesn't bother me that much. I act exactly the same as I did in middle/highschool and have the same interests. So I'm always confused when people talk about adults having "more experience" compared to younger people, talking about "life stages" or acting a certain way compared to other age groups, "your former self" and other shit like that because there's literally no difference. No mental changes either, my brain never "formed", whatever that's supposed to mean.

No. 814415

Our brain doesnt really change but the way we react to things does.

No. 814424

Love my relationship heaps but I miss having my bed to myself and being able to sprawl out.

No. 814437

My siblings are a lot older than me. They always do fun stuff together and I’m feeling left behind. Rn they’re planning a vacation

No. 814453

I didn't gain much life experience (social anxiety induced ex-NEET), but my brain still reacts completely different to things now, than it did when I was 20. There are things I couldn't put together that I can see through instantly, and just can't get worked up over stuff that easily anymore. Also way less likely to catastrophize things. I didn't get therapy or anything like that.

No. 814458

I hate having to shave my face. Stubble feels nice, hell, even my fiancée likes it but the fear of being seen as a fakeboi is too prevalent. Fuck you, PCOS.

No. 814461

I'd rather be an escort than continue working a 9-5. Too bad being a whore Is illegal in the usa.

No. 814462

I love that feeling because then I just use tweezers and go ham on my face.

No. 814465

Thanks to my genetics I grow pretty thick facial hair so that would take me forever, also I'm a big baby and tweezers hurt lol.

No. 814484

Well mine didn't. Just a year ago I sperged out at the dentist out of fear (including grabbing them), they probably think I'm unironically retarded now. This year I nearly had a meltdown cause I thought my parents were about to throw out something important. Sometimes the same thing happens when I see posts I strongly dislike, because it feels like I'm being betrayed or my expectations for posts are too high And too many other moments to list but these are the recent ones.

No. 814486

Ok but you did that and you are aware it was retarded so you probably wont do it again. Adults still sperg out but we learn to stop the behavior quicker.

No. 814509

I can't relate with all those girls crying and being obsessive about hip dips or whatever, and it's quite awkward that they expect me to pity them when they just look normal to me. They also assume everyone is as insecure as them, my ex-friend was one of those weirdos and one time she started listing everything i should be insecure about when I showed her a selfie i took, wtf is wrong with them.

No. 814540

File: 1621874427709.jpg (5.45 KB, 236x197, 3ca134ed93c3893aaf3136ae237776…)

sometimes i like to pretend my period bloodclots are a misscarriage and mourn my child before flushing it away.

No. 814580

File: 1621875438949.png (83.46 KB, 300x469, 52564312.png)

The way I laughed

No. 814796

File: 1621886315259.png (333.91 KB, 500x602, tumblr_llfvy3vYEI1qe8ynlo1_500…)

Sometimes when I'm watching a movie or an interview or whatever that has a room with one or more males that I find attractive, I activate monke brain and I literally react like Jez in this episode of Peep Show, but genderbent. I keep looking at their crotches and thinking "heheh he has a junk under those layers of fabric… What is he hiding?"

No. 814816

I know this scrote who writes, he's been writing for years and lately he's been saying that he's lost with his work. He started to write these weird porny stories (he used to write a lot more creatively, like cyberpunk and science fiction shit) and over time he developed this obsession of writing and self-inserting as a very young girl in sexual scenarios. I know I should cut contact but I want to see how far he goes. Will he go full pedo one day? Who knows. He's kinda known too but he doesn't write under his usual name, so no one knows I assume.

No. 814851

File: 1621890630838.jpg (19.76 KB, 236x379, 28daf17dc548fdc9d20c0369ba9275…)

Just made the mistake of snooping and came across a recent video of my awful toxic ex and he grew out his hair and it looks exactly like pic related (he's Asian as well but doesn't resemble picrel much) and I'm soooo furious that he didn't look this good while we were dating. If I had to suffer for three years why couldn't it at least have been with this haircut fuck

No. 814872

atsushi is hot

No. 815002

File: 1621901818852.jpg (164.73 KB, 550x755, 4cf76a89832d675a757c4291123766…)

I make all my ocs in dressup/doll maker games including nsfw ones, yes even kisekae. I'm not bothered by the nsfw aspects as long as there's enough options, plus I can lewd my husbando in it, no other game has enough choices to create his design since his hair is pretty wild and distinct. And I can't think of that many other dollmakers that let you change the body, add weird facial features, and layer parts.

there's a sfw version anyway but I'm more deeply ashamed because of the autists associated with this and the communities being shit in general. There are some good designs out there though, the worse ones are usually the ones that leave everything on the default settings or give strange proportions. Unfortunately the worst and fetishy ones are all it's associated with.

No. 815009

Which dollmakers are the best? (including the nsfw ones) I'm genuinely curious

No. 815019

File: 1621903114539.png (55.9 KB, 668x484, 330A797B-E490-44B3-917E-B4B94D…)

Friend hasn't spoken to me since our fight a couple days ago and I'm afraid to send anything in the groupchat when she's still in there chatting with other people. I would rather she spoke again to me first. I have no idea what to say. I want to believe our friendship isn't over but its paining me that nothing has been said.

If I wasn't kicked from the groupchat then it means there could be a resolve, but I'm going to be quiet until she mentions me or messages me personally

No. 815030

Why can't you reach out to her first?

No. 815044

I guess it depends on what style you're into but most of my favorites were on dolldivine, azalea's dolls and rinmarugames (she shut down her site tho but her games are reposted on dolldivine, dressupgamesdotcom and some other sites). I can't be assed to list each of their dressups individually, I bookmarked so many throughout the years but their sites usually have categories and a search if you're looking for a specific look/artstyle. azalea's in particular is more fantasy focused.

As for nsfw..kisekae like I mentioned is the only one I can think of right now that I truly liked for some of the reasons stated before, some others are more like waifu makers/h-games like 3D custom girl, although you can mod for that one too but it was too hard for me so I gave up. technically kisekae was also a waifu maker originally but it has more leeway to create male bodies. You can create non-moe styles in this too, even realistic and cartoony, but you have to spend quite some time fucking around with the sliders and code editing/moving things out of bounds, which isn't difficult on it's own but if you want it to look decent that takes some time and constantly adjusting things around unless you're creating a real simple design or use someone else's export codes. Even with my own donut steels I often go back and change things days later. Plus you can save files for characters you made so that way you can reload it another time in case you delete your cookies or something.

Also I think that miku dance maker thing, MMD? also lets you modify and import/export things. I haven't actually played it yet tbh so Idk all the technical parts about it. I think this is mostly sfw but I've seen a few people make nsfw stuff from it.
If I remember anything else I'll get back to this later.

No. 815045

The fight didn't end too well and I'm afraid of mincing my words. The problem is that it means I'll have to tell her things about her that I have had trouble communicating in the past about her communication style and her dealing with her emotions has hurt my trust in her

basically she went off on me multiple times claiming she was being "logical" when she spent those times being emotional. she's bad at dealing with her emotional capacity which isn't super high and then acts like she doesn't have any emotions and is higher and mightier than thou whenever there's an argument. I have a problem in dealing with my emotional capacity to where I have many many emotions. We both have trouble with it and she's talked to me, but she can't accept most of the time when she's wrong or when she's hurt people because of her poor coping mechanism of claiming everything she does is objective, and I don't know how to phrase myself eloquently enough to say that I think there's parts of her that need to change that have hurt others

which sucks because when she's a good friend she's a really good friend. when she's a raging bitch or goes into "I am objective emotionless robot" mode she becomes fucking insufferable.

No. 815064

File: 1621907737395.gif (64.18 KB, 220x158, 066C353F-77FF-47B0-B035-89E120…)

periodically I get obsessed with an artist and internet stalk them.

No. 815072

Same anon from >>815044 also want to add if you're having issues with flash, there are multiple ways to continue using it (most involve changing something in the computer's system) the easiest ime is to just download a browser that still supports flash like waterfox classic or old versions of firefox, then install a flash add-on (it's basically like adding a chrome extension)

No. 815119

just found out about those nsfw bts twitter accs. kpop bitches are crazy posting random gay korean men porn clips…what the hell.

here to post bc i committed a guilty fap.

No. 815137

File: 1621917936847.jpg (24.85 KB, 306x340, kms.jpg)

anon…just wait until you discover the weird kink ones

No. 815139

i stumbled upon that side of twitter and all i saw was "he/him fujos don't interact i'm a real mlm" types thinking posting porn makes them true and honest men

No. 815144

A really rude tranny got fired from my job this week and I’m so glad we don’t have include “her” in our conversations anymore.

No. 815147

File: 1621920265447.jpg (46.32 KB, 389x386, 1438124550023.jpg)

ok but that fact that the acc i stumbled on was taking a poll of its followers and asked their ages…..and most of them replied that they were underage…
these kpop kids need help

No. 815149

between this and pro-ana and sh kpop stans the kids sure as hell aren't alright

No. 815150

stumbled on one of those accounts that posted some things that mightve been cp. the koreaboos are not alright

No. 815158

i knew kpoopies were degenerate but not to that degree, what would a teen fangirl even want with that?unless these are actually ran by adult pedos?

No. 815165

I've had better orgasms humping a pillow than every guy I've fucked

No. 815168

to be fair was just one account, and in some of those videos you can't tell if it is just a petite asian guy or… at least the thumbnails I mean, I'm not watching that shit so who knows. I can't remember if I closed out immediately but I hope I reported. honestly made myself forget but it was disturbing

No. 815205

Did any of those kpop accounts deepfake the idols into the porn? There's a shockingly high amount of deepfake accounts. In plain sight. It's awful

No. 815208

The fuck! do kboos do that? the ones I saw had the heads blurred out I think, so no. young zoomers need a talking to about porn, badly.

No. 815218

that's it I'm coming out to myself as straight. I mean I'm at least bi-curious but there's no use pushing it unless I actually get with a girl. who knows what the future holds but I don't wanna be shitty or fake

No. 815222

I would give blowjobs for money if it meant not having to live with my goddamn parents anymore

No. 815230

as a bpd-chan with no sense of identity or permanent memory i hate when account security questions ask for favorite [whatever]! just ask for objective facts like my mom's maiden name or something!

No. 815237

…you can get a job and rent a place (even with flatmates)?

No. 815248

I don't like receiving oral, I'm very much a g-spot only type. Of all the men and women I had sex with, I only let one give me head. He had a very pointy chin, so he'd basically chin-fuck me while licking my clit. That was good for both - he got to eat pussy which was his favourite sexual act, and I got my hole stimulated.
So yeah, I enjoy chin-fucking, that's my confession.

No. 815265

File: 1621935015607.jpg (117.82 KB, 1200x675, gakuenhandsome.jpg)

so which one of these is your husbando

No. 815274

I have a full time job I worked very hard to get, my dream job, really. But I'm kinda ashamed to say that I make the majority of my money gambling on sports. I'm autistic enough to actually enjoy analysing all the various statistics so it's something I'm naturally suited to. It's genuinely not an addiction either, I've been addicted to hard drugs so believe me I'd know if I was addicted. I calculate every single bet I make, and I told myself if my win rate drops below 75% I'll quit, and I do mean that. But it's currently at 89% so fuck it, free money.

No. 815276

there's accounts that are dedicated to kpop deepfakes, yes. they are taken down as quickly as they're created when stans report them into oblivion. probably not run by zoomers, likely older creep fans, nonetheless disgusting

No. 815280

File: 1621936366076.jpg (30.64 KB, 500x491, tumblr_inline_prq5twLkL11wn6sj…)

I wanna indulge in retail therapy so bad right now but I keep feeling guilty about the waste/emissions generated from packaging and shipping. But ahhh god I want a new plant right fuckin NOWWW

No. 815300

go forage for seeds anon

No. 815316

Sometimes me and my mother steal small branches from public and private gardens. Now that i think about it, that's the only way we get new plants.

No. 815327

File: 1621940405662.jpg (16.53 KB, 236x419, 88b1fe92b4ae81e5ddf8726c82da41…)

Stealing with momma, what a wholesome bonding activity lmao

No. 815376

Go to home Depot and take a clipping. I've done that a number of times.
Or do as this anon said: >>815316
Theres plants everywhere in public buildings too. Get creative.

No. 815391

Kek thanks anons, you're all nice to suggest things. I staved off the urge by just cutting a bit from my pothos to propagate. I unfortunately don't go out much because I'm unvaxxed and comorbid, so plant-stealing adventures will have to wait. (It's the first thing I'll do once I'm out there tho)

No. 815406

i'm going to get hated for this, i hope this doesn't cause an infight or anything and i'm deeply sorry but i think horny posters are gross, especially the ones into cum and breeding. i unironically get nauseous when i see their posts.

No. 815614

I already have a job, i don't make enough money to live on my own and i dont know anyone to become flatmates with

No. 815735

Thank you for responding nonny, that seems like a cool niche to explore, I wanna fuck around with dollmakers now

No. 815961

I used to pick my nose and eat it as a kid and I think it unironically improved my immune system.

No. 816424

File: 1622038823697.jpg (103.49 KB, 410x608, dwbh.jpg)

I spend a lot of time thinking about that one anon who went camping as a 10 year old and karaoked Don't Worry Be Happy in a Jamaican accent while being judged silently by a bunch of teenage girls.

No. 816430

Yeah, breeding sounds like they're talking about animals or they are a scrote Redditor.

No. 816436

I feel it too. I mean once a month my hormones do a thing and I might post in the sex toys thread or mention ordering a new toy but reading 'I want to peg/rim my bf' or 'I want to get force bred by my bf'.. I think a lil bit of my own sexual being dies off every time I read it.

No. 816550

i'm mixed ethnicity/race and i hate one of my halves. i've been thinking of pretending that half is something else less embarrassing

No. 816558

Braver than any soldier or marine. I’m sure Bob Marley would be fucking proud.

No. 816561

do it that other half probably sees you as an embarrassment yourself

No. 816566

As soon as i saw picrel i knew what your post would be about

No. 816600

I'm sorry but the idea that an ethnicity can be embarrassing is really funny. What is it?

No. 816613

nta but it has to be either white or black right

No. 816614

This is legitimately the funniest thing posted to this board

No. 816617

File: 1622053272131.png (401.61 KB, 1920x1200, wallhaven-w82vdx_1920x1200.png)

My tongue is wide but short. I can't do anything noteworthy with it, I just wanted to tell this to the world

No. 816635

i'm half white half black but it's actually my white ethnicity that's embarrassing and has a horrible reputation

No. 816641

In past relationships, at the height of emotions, I seriously considered and wouldn't have had a problem with doing myself harm in order to punish a bf at the time.

And I can separate myself from that and uneasily laugh about it as a single woman, but that psycho is lurking in there, ready to come out next time I'm attached. For now my solution is stay single, but I should work on it.

No. 816642

You might get banned or maybe me too but i say 86 them for sure anon! they probably see you as an embarrassment for being mixed so fuck em!! Good luck to you anon.

No. 816679

If you do that twitter sjws will rage at you for "blackfishing"

No. 816683

except i won't do that? just claim a different white ethnicity

No. 816686

I thought being white was an ethnicity.

No. 816690

are you american

No. 816691

I feel like this is one of those things where you care about it alot..and chances are nobody else gives a fuck either way.

No. 816693

In my experience twitter SJWs will bow down to the opinions of any person who is at least half black. Even if I'm saying some slightly "problematic" shit if I mention my race people act like it's illegal to argue with me, makes for some good laffs in sjw circles.

No. 816698

How are you going to fake speaking the language?

No. 816700

Let me tell you secret nonita: literally nobody, and I truly mean nobody, cares what Twitter thinks.

No. 816701

i already speak it, just practice it further until i sound passable

No. 816703

i wish i was american so people would just see my white side as just generic white and not the laughingstock of europe

No. 816711

I'm in the eu and can't pinpoint what you're talking about tbh.

Adults who make up senseless lies about dumb shit..tend to have some sort of personality disorder. Try not to go there.

No. 816712

What is it, i have to know now

No. 816713

Where are you from?

Romania? It's Romania, isn't it?

No. 816719

If that's the case anon should know that romanian and gipsy are two different things

No. 816725

I know, I don't either. It's just funny to see people get all worked up and suck up to anyone who is a pee oh cee

No. 816741

That gif of Dasha doing the sieg heil kinda turns me on ngl. I may be Jewish but her bouncing tits look so fucking good in that gif, it's mesmerising. I could save her.

No. 816752

I'm in the EU and racially ambiguous and it does not make sense to me either.
If you're mixed race, people are going to think you are some kind of African or some kind of Arab, and will give you shit accordingly. Nobody is going to care if you later tell them you are half Albanian or whatever.

No. 816758

thanks for the keks anon

No. 816774

I live in West Europe and I know this girl who's open about being Bosniak and that she spent her early childhood in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Literally no one thinks negatively about it whatsoever. She just looks like and behaves like a normal West European. I think it's probably just in your head tbh.

No. 816775

Western euros can be really shitty towards slavs and balkan people. Not that we don't deserve our bad rep kek but it still sucks when people go from being friendly to distant once they figure out your accent.

No. 816812

>It hasn't happened to me therefore it doesn't happen!
Will you fucking stop this already

No. 816818

this probably comes off as a surprise to a lot of people but some mixed people have white fathers which means having a last name that indicates his ethnicity. this is my last post regarding this topic and i think everyone should let it go, sorry for being a retard

No. 816827

It depends on where you live but I've been literally singled out in class by a British professor for being Serbian, people have openly told me they hate Serbs, when I told some of my classmates where I'm from you could see their face go from friendly to cold in a second.

Of course, whenever I complained about this people have had the same reaction as you - this doesn't happen, you're exaggerating, you're just being dramatic, that sounds weird and I doubt you're telling the truth etc. It always takes people being physically present and witnessing unprompted hostility from others to convince them. I don't deserve this because I personally don't hate anyone nor am I a bad person, and I would never treat anyone this way.

No. 816830

When I was young I had a very weird relationship with my cousin that is one year older than me where she would pretend to be my boyfriend n stuff. Now we are 10 years older and I barely talk with her even tho I miss her company but it is just too awkward and embarrassing and I don't know how to cope with the whole situation. I am now engaged to a dude and my cousin never had any kind of relationship till now (that I know of) and I am kinda afraid that I made her a lesbian.

No. 816836

>I am kinda afraid that I made her a lesbian
Kek nonatella don't be silly if she's in fact a lesbian then it was going to happen with you or with another pussy bearer

No. 816856

I truly think men are lower life forms, I don't respect any but can enjoy a few if they are actors or some shit. Irl? I would die happy if I never spoke one again.

No. 816863

Lol funny how you made that comment and a scrote right under you posts that

No. 816906

Proved my point, truly lesser than piece of shit.

No. 816964

id never ever actually do it but part of me wants to have sex with my boss and I feel weird as fuck about it

No. 816993

File: 1622078393391.png (176.59 KB, 806x270, F77EBEBB-2F66-4325-8325-93EEAC…)

I feel so fucking guilty for shipping these two together.
Like Fuuka is in love with Yousuke however he is a respectable kek man and refuses to acknowledge her romantically….. till she's 27. I wish she was 27.

No. 817020

I used to want to fuck Hank Green so bad

No. 817037

File: 1622082523509.png (554 KB, 521x517, eyeball girl.PNG)

Sometimes I am very tempted to buy Trevor Browns artbooks because he does have some genuinely nice pieces. I usually can't go through with it though because I fucking hate him and all the fetish/pedoshit art that probably takes up most of the books.

No. 817047

i agree, i like the ideas behind his art if only they weren't goddamn children. he's a complete asian fetishist and pedophile. sucks when such talent is wasted on a cumbrain

No. 817074

File: 1622088021933.jpg (31.65 KB, 283x320, 7808106.jpg)

I love kids (and hope to be a mom someday) but kids don't like me

No. 817083

i have a crush on this artist whose work i really like. i have chatted with him a few times just online. we aren't friends. he doesn't know what i look like or who i am as a person. i have had sex dreams about him. i am pathetic

No. 817124

haha nerdfuckeria

No. 817126

Are you ugly? Kids are shallow af and prefer good looking people.

No. 817131

I feel like this isn't that true. Kids seem to adore me and I'm not that attractive. Even when I was pretty overweight and didn't really take care of my appearance I still had the same treatment as I do now from them.

No. 817134

I miss these early 2010's times on /cgl/ and tumblr, things were a bit simplier back then. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? I was in highschool and visited /cgl/ everyday all day. Lolcow is now my place to be.

No. 817140

File: 1622096732967.jpg (126.66 KB, 540x785, 1601837291807.jpg)

hello, other me

No. 817141


No. 817145

When I was a kid in 2008 I created an embarrassing blog and stupidly put my full name on it and it’s been stuck on Google all this time. I’m worried that it will prevent me from getting a good job. I have a unique name so people will definitely know it was me.

No. 817152

you could try requesting it be taken down, if it's on something like blogspot

No. 817156

I think I'm in love with my therapist, even though I haven't seen him in forever. he's the only man I want to be with, and I will never be with him. it hurts so much.

No. 817185


No. 817186

I woke up in the middle of the night with an anxiety attack. I've been mulling over it and the stress of my IB English IO exams are killing me. While I was having the attack I felt so scared and started thinking about suicide and honestly, I'm a little convinced that If I didnt remember to do any of my grounding techniques I would have gone through with it. Lost all of my data on the work I did for the exams and I have to redo about a weeks effort in a whole day. Fuck the IB and I can only hope I make it out alive.

No. 817187

Oh my god I did the exact same thing! I emailed Google a bunch of times and filled out every form to get it removed, as many times as I could. I flat out told them it was something I made as a kid that is reflecting badly on me now. I never got a response, but now it doesn’t show up when I search myself. I also have a unique name. I don’t know how it happened and I hope it doesn’t come back.

No. 817188

As a matter of fact, I do honestly think it's because I'm quite tomboyish and not fashionable. The kids I see often all have very feminine moms.

No. 817190

Let's make a time machine anons

No. 817193

ngl this sounds a little scrotey, not calling you a scrote though

No. 817195

my mom is black you dumbass coomer

No. 817240

I believe if you're in the EU you have certain rights by law to get things like that taken down? I'm not really sure if it's that easy but it's worth looking into. How does it still show up if you (I assume) have deleted it?

No. 817241

this is really retarded but sometimes i whisper-read lolcow posts and pretend im one of those useless youtubers who read posts from reddit expect my topic is lolcow threads

No. 817244

That sounds like fun I bet your reading is 50 times better than the lame reddit videos

No. 817301

File: 1622120046952.jpg (56.76 KB, 477x600, Untitled.jpg)

whenever a young twink goes to prison i like to imagine how much he's getting raped

No. 817304

hello, fellow JCS fan

No. 817306

that's considered twink these days?

No. 817313

File: 1622120888984.jpg (72.98 KB, 680x510, 5ea.jpg)

Sminem's long lost American cousin

No. 817318

good god his interrogation was so cringey. i never watch mass shooters' trials or anything since they're completely uninteresting to me, but that detective who wasn't putting up with his shit was hilarious.

a twink is just a male who lacks muscle mass and body hair

No. 817324

>that detective who wasn't putting up with his shit was hilarious.
do you have a link to it? KEK

No. 817330

No. 817347

I feel you anon. I miss old tumblr too Sometimes I miss the old homestuck generals

No. 817352

File: 1622127585893.jpeg (30.1 KB, 540x540, 2E6A5D19-F1CF-405A-BBD8-64029D…)

I look at independent gravure models sometimes. I always feel guilty for sexualizing those girls even though it’s the intended purpose. I wish all men would go blind and only women are allowed to look respectfully.

No. 817373

File: 1622129147300.jpeg (19.39 KB, 800x450, t_dcdeb023c72844dfaff4682669eb…)

he looks like gypsy rose now kek

No. 817378

I honestly hate /cgl/. I've been considering creating an alternative to it for years now, but I have too much other shit going on, so that project is just chronically backburnered.

No. 817381

File: 1622129654683.jpg (39.02 KB, 550x404, EhbzzoZWkAAeR-_.jpg)


No. 817391

File: 1622130815390.jpeg (75.17 KB, 355x860, A9EB1D17-C55A-4098-BA33-CB0CC7…)

It’s honestly horrifying, I really feel bad for the famous people that has to live knowing that they’re part of someone’s fap folder even if it’s just by name.
>tfw I tried to find a retarded tweet like the one posted up thread but there was only faceless porn with the censored names of the artists.

No. 817399

Old /cgl/ and old Tumblr were so fun but they're simply not possible to recreate because the social landscape has changed so much. Look at what happened to lolcow - birthed from Stamina Rose, itself a cgl offshoot, now Twitterfags and Pulltards are only some of our problems.

No. 817635

Half of those tourette tiktoks look fake to me, but it's not like I have seen it irl or I am in any way qualified to even "tell" who is faking, so most have to be real? I guess? I feel bad that I'm judging them internally.
It's ironic because I too get tics from maladaptive daydreaming.

No. 817643

File: 1622149181976.jpg (87.01 KB, 500x600, 1475037936894.jpg)

I think about this everytime I visit or get into any current lolita space at this point. My way of coping is just visiting old tumblrs, livejournals, rbt/warosu and blogs under the pretense of doing "archival work" while blasting Kanon Wakeshima's and Ali Project's albums on loop.

No. 817645

Oh no they're absolutely fake

No. 817646

I'm sure they are, it's the new cool thing and teenagers feel pressured to take part. Notice how none of them have stupid tics. When I was a kid I used to have a tic of putting my upper lip to my nose and sniffing it. You don't see anyone doing that because it's fucking dumb

No. 817652

>I think about this everytime I visit or get into any current lolita space at this point.
How do you feel about the current scene? I lost all touch with lolita and jfashion in 2017-ish, I believe, so around 4 years ago. To think those times were going to change.

No. 817655

You unlocked this great memory of when I first saw that picture, nonnie, I love it so much, thank you!

No. 817657

NTA but in some secret santa on /cgl/ I got some of her stickers that an oldfag made. I was too dumb that I used them on something that I don't even have anymore but I love that horse

No. 817665

Sweet nostalgia. If I had never become a lolita and discovered cgl then I would have never ended up here, where I have wasted so much time
I will always love jfasion but it has ruined my life kek

No. 817674

what are good Ali Project albums to listen to if I loved the original Rozen Maiden opening?

No. 817787

sometimes i wish i liked kpop because there's so much merch and i just want to consoom

No. 817792

File: 1622165170737.jpeg (554.43 KB, 1920x1920, F1558441-B36A-480E-8521-FD2A4D…)

I’m glad to know I’m not the only one, it’s all so shiny and pretty, but I don’t give a single fuck about the singers. I like these magic wand things, I want something like this but of my husbandos or something cute.

No. 817793

I thought they were BDSM dildos

No. 817795

File: 1622165998905.jpg (Spoiler Image, 78.36 KB, 564x806, 1c040e7c8daa2e9182d31d970e9284…)

Kek I've been into it since 2014 and just bought my first album earlier this year. That's it, that's literally all I have and it's been 7 years since I got into kpop.

I just like seeing the pretty boys of my nugu bias group.

No. 817797

File: 1622166355134.jpeg (94.96 KB, 720x783, F8BC5A6F-CE41-4410-8007-B38C7D…)

Me too, but then I learnt they’re light sticks to light them up during concerts and stuff, like the Japanese ones.

No. 817800

I've been to kpop concerts in Japan and I have to say, 50 thousand people with light sticks doing fan chants is so fucking amazing. I'm not that into kpop anymore but normal concerts I've seen can't compare, Japanese/Korean fan organisation is next level.

No. 817801

File: 1622167099206.jpeg (15.58 KB, 400x300, 8914D2D0-C27B-436B-8545-3B51C0…)

Uhg, now I really want to at least go to a vocaloid concert just so I can dance like an autist with other autists.

No. 817834

That's fucking cool, happy for you nonna

No. 817835

Lightsticks always remind me of the only one episode of otsomatsu san I ever watched, and it's even worse because of how much otsomatsu there has been in the farm lately.

No. 817852

Oh boy can you imagine if kpop lightsticks had different colors for some individual members too? Just picture the fan-wars…

Yeah but aren't they like more well-behaved at concerts there? I like going wild at concerts so that sounds lame to me

No. 817887

Japanese fans are crazy well behaved, like quiet and sitting in their seats and all. If you go into their concerts expecting to mosh you'll definitely be disappointed, but tbh their concerts are more like highly produced stage shows. It's more fun to sit and watch because they have dancing, fancy sets, a lot of stuff going on that you want to pay attention to.

No. 817888

I had sex with someone else when I was already talking to my now bf. We weren't exclusive back then and it was before we even fucked. It still feels like I betrayed him. Why am I like that

No. 817913

I fucked my ex because I was horny when I was talking to my now bf. I even told him about it eventually. Tbh I was so horny because of my bf, but my bf was too much of a decent guy to fuck anytime soon when we were talking (and even when we got together for a while), so I knew I'd have to get some reliable d from somewhere. Not my proudest fuck, but I used my ex well.

No. 817918

How did your bf react when you told him?

No. 818029

I was jealous when other people liked my husbando, so I never followed or interacted blogs that had him as a main when I was still active in the fandom on tumblr. He was reasonably popular on there (probably upper middle half, if I had to guess), but the majority of blogs for him were either almost reblog-exclusive or inactive already, so I luckily didn't miss out on much (except for that one really active and I think rather popular user that I ended up blocking for some time). Bonus confession is that I did this when I was about seventeen. Bonus-bonus confession is, I'm getting back into the game, and thus the fandom on tumblr, again, but I still can't bring myself to follow blogs that main him.

No. 818069

is the game danganronpa

No. 818076

No, for once kek

No. 818084

I used my ex to get me off before I became exclusive with my now boyfriend as well. It feels like I betrayed him because I know if he was doing that, I would think he wasn't serious about me. I would not tell him though, it's none of his business. If you aren't committed, then it doesn't matter. Tbh men don't feel guilty when they are messing with somebody else before getting on with you.

No. 818093

WEW I'm in love

At work, just saw an EXTREMELY hot guy. Hair slicked back in a cute style, earring in his ear, beautiful shellac skin tone…. Fuuuuuuuuuck my panties lol

No. 818113

File: 1622210337974.png (1.07 MB, 1711x810, shellac.PNG)

which one was it anon

No. 818116

I'm jealous of my boyfriend's hair. He's let it grow out since covid and it's so thick and curly. Meanwhile my PCOS ass is always looking oily and stringy.

No. 818118

collect his shed hair and then make a wig out of it. YOU GOT THIS OP

No. 818122

File: 1622210952600.jpeg (37.36 KB, 450x450, c1f94ca0-69f7-4515-9888-ce3cef…)

sometimes when im too lazy to throw out the apple core (which is usually) i eat the whole apple including the stem. Apparently thats not good for you because apple seeds have like arsenic or some shit in it. But bitch id rather die from eating an apple core than having to trek from my comfy bed to my kitchen to throw it out. I figure if ryuk can do it so can i LMAO

No. 818123

i had the exact same problem with nonas post

No. 818135

File: 1622212346021.jpg (103.99 KB, 876x1314, f9b627e8221c491af231aa1817b778…)

Damn I'm retarded. I thought alabaster was the same as shellac….

Uh but here's a reference pic. His skin was this shade but he wasn't Asian or at least not 100% and his hair was slicked back

No. 818138


The seeds don’t have enough to be dangerous unless you eat like a stupidly large amount of them. The least healthy thing about eating an apple whole is that you get all the cracks where pesticide collects.

No. 818141

omg that just grossed me out. Damn humans ruin everything cant even eat a whole apple anymore LMAO

No. 818168

A trans man hit on me today and tbh I liked it because my first thought was "a woman finds me attractive" kek

No. 818184

I thought this was the kpop equivalent to a mom stick or something like it shows your 'bias' or something

No. 818234

Which group did you see nona?

No. 818413

File: 1622241086151.jpg (Spoiler Image, 328.42 KB, 1848x1152, how to kill a thread in 1 seco…)

He's not my favorite character at all but sometimes I feel like posting him more just to piss off anons. I want to post characters from naruto and other fun weirdly divisive anime too.
It's weird cause I tried avoiding this series for so long because of the fans and people saying how bad it is and "muh shounenshit" but once I actually read/watched it I started to like it lmao. Especially for the reader insert stories tbh even though I prefer some characters over others I don't truly hate any of them and don't get the extreme reactions

No. 818444

File: 1622244766484.jpeg (48.86 KB, 600x600, 843AAC29-124D-44E4-964D-987281…)

Hidekaz Himaruya’s art makes me feel less self-conscious about my art because the hands i draw always end up looking terrible, I feel like I don’t need to become an expert at drawing hands if I want to create art and tell a story.

No. 818525

I was shitposting but now I feel personally victimized by the mushroomposting in the shitposter thread. Spores and parasitic entities are a legitimate fear of mine, but that’s not what really bothers me. They remind me that we all die and even posting my disdain towards them on imageboards is meaningless. My grandmother passed a few days ago and everyone I ever loved will be placed in the ground and merge with the fungi that envelop the planet. I can’t stop this and I can’t stop human life from being finite. It hurts and I guess I needed somewhere to direct anger to, somewhere that conveniently matched up with something I’m terrified of. I’m sorry to the anon I called bipolar. I just don’t feel good to know that no matter how I spend my life, no matter what travesty and unfairness happens in the world, the beings greater than us will thrive on our end. I wish I didn’t view mushrooms this way because they are tasty. I’m not ungrateful for the evolution of life. But when I eat them it feels like I’m eating something still alive, and then I’m reminded that this is all I’ll become in the end. It makes me nauseous and scared that everyone and everything I’ve ever loved is more insignificant than the fungi that one-sidedly frightens me. It’s hard to admit.

I wish I never initially posted it in the shitposter thread because those anons were rolling with it and having fun, and I’m raining on it. Maybe I’m the one with bpd.

No. 818537

I'm scared of mushrooms too but only because they look weird and creepy tbh

No. 818578

I am in a happy, stable, long term relationship of five years with a man, but I hate all other men. I don't just dislike them, I just hate them. I despise them. Hearing about bad things happening to men at the hands of women makes me feel either absolutely nothing, or feel happy for them. I know this is abnormal and I should feel bad for it, but I don't.

No. 818628


I feel this way too. My confession is I hate when he gets together with his group of friends because its like I know they are just influencing him with dumb male pig nonsense, and so I seethe, even though on the other hand I am happy he has a normal healthy social life lol

No. 818632

My condolences anon. I had a death in the family very recently too, and I… I just can't deal with it, it's the hardest thing. But I know I will because it has happened before. What horrifies me is that it will happen again and again, no matter what I do the same horror awaits me - everyone I love will die and I will have to suffer through that until I die myself, after which everyone I love will still keep dying.
And we all live through this. I'm amazed how people aren't running around the streets screaming their heads off. It's all so hard and so frightening.

No. 818639

Have you considered the fact that your husband/boyfriend escapes your misandry because you actually know got to know them and they're good people, and not because they are somehow special exceptions among billions of men, and that there are many other good men besides them
who you too would turn out to like if you communicated with them? I'll never understand how misogynists and misandrists can function in society while hating half the population.

No. 818640

either you're a male or a male identified woman and both are significantly sad. bully for you.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 818649

You ignored my point

No. 818653

I once went looking in my dad's closet for his coin collection and I found a fleshlight.

No. 818654

Nta, but 99% of the time it's the "getting to know them" part that makes me hate them. I used to have nothing against men at all and thought most of them were good yet every time i befriend one or even just spend an extended amount of time around one they start to show their true colors. Yeah some of them are good people but but you'd have to get to know so many before you find a good one, it's exhausting. The juice isn't worth the squeeze, as they say.

No. 818657

>I'll never understand how misogynists and misandrists can function in society while hating half the population.
Misogynist don't, that's why they're socially impaired, spoiled incels who are mad that mommy didn't get them a girlfriend. Misandrists on the other hand have been driven to that mindset by their real life experiences and hate men as a societal class instead of individuals, unlike misogynists. None of the manhate anons here sit around 24/7 screeching about men and demanding the society to gas them all, they can deal just fine and even be cordial to male coworkers while still recognizing the fact that they hold male privilege which grants them a very different life experience. Misandry is often based on separatism while misogyny comes from a place of wanting to be in control of the other sex. That's why you don't see female counterparts of Elliot Rodger shooting down fraternities after chad refused to fuck them.

No. 818661

This may be a stupid confession, but I saw someone talking about fleshlights and it reminded me of something.

Around 5 years ago I got back together with an ex, and he had his fleshlight sitting in the closet and it was extremely obvious what it is. He was always such a beta male and I remember seeing and thinking to myself "What kind of loser owns a flesh light, why am I dating someone who got this desperate." Sorry not sorry, that left such a bad impression on me.

This same kid also proudly talked about what kind of honey moon we'd have after we'd only gotten back together for a week. Bullet dodged??

No. 818664

I will gleefully hate on men all day every day online but irl the absolute worst I do is ignore them kek it really doesn't affect my life or interactions with men who haven't actually wronged or offended me. I don't want anything from them except common decency or to be left alone, unlike misogynists who demand the world from women.

No. 818710

Lmao. Sorry but women who "hate all men" but will still deliberately shove their believe systems regarding men aside to get into a relationship with ~the only exception~ are truly laughable.

No. 818731

No,I think my boyfriend is probably a pig too. God knows what kind of sexist shit he says when women aren't around.

I don't even think he's the exception honestly. How sad is that? Our relationship is great but I guess that's a lie because I have this hatred beneath the surface

No. 818732

Forgot to sage my last post, sorry. Yes I agree with this entirely. I'm glad I got this off my chest.

No. 818749

I may be a bit biased because I have a fetish for watching dicks fucking inanimate objects kek but idk you have a dildo right? The only thing imo that keeps this from being a double standard is that men choosing not to have intercourse with woman is more likely due to Loserish causes, whereas woman choosing not to intercourse w/men is out of safety/common sense. The double standard comes in when we unpack why it's "loser behavior" to have a flashlight. Are we suggesting men must go out and fuck every time they get their urge? A lot to unpack here nonnie

No. 818764

Damn, that's actually traumatizing

No. 818771

I didn't have a phone for myself until I got out of high school, so I would sneakily use my mom's or dad's phone, whoever was home, to browse the internet and play games.
One day I noticed my dad was sexting someone who wasn't my mom. I also found out he had a foot fetish based on the play store searches and an app that was downloaded dedicated to feet pics. Absolutely vile.
I eventually told my mom I saw his sexts about 4 years later, but nothing came out of it.

No. 818820

Wew, that's disgusting. Must have been awful for you to see.

I borrowed my younger brothers phone for a day when he was around 13. It was full of big titty images but nothing worse than that, pretty wholesome all things considered. I was a bro about it and never told our parents, he appreciated that and it ended up being kind of a bonding experience. He's 19 now and we still laugh about it sometimes.

No. 818827

Thank you, I always kinda thought so, though it seems >>818771 has got me beat.

No. 818916

I used to think that this song was about two friends that became best friends and started sharing many great memories because long hair girl knew that short hair girl would have to leave to another place and that they wouldn’t be able to talk again unless it was by e-mail.

No. 818926

I unknowingly had sex in college with a guy who later went to prison for rape and sexual assault on minors. He was a grad student with a promising teaching career, but instead he used his student teaching position to vet and groom for minors and particularly those he worked with in theatric programs. From what I remember, we only hooked up and went on dates a few times but it made sense that he picked me in hindsight. I was only 20 years old at the time myself, and probably came off as immature for my age. Not to mention I was on the cusp of being a peak libfem pickme. I remember he used to tell me that he was a "hugger" and I remember actually not being creeped out by that because I was so touch-starved that I thought it was a good thing. Pft.
One night, he broke down saying he was in trouble for having done something "bad." I can't remember if he confessed to it specifically, but I'm sure he manipulated upon my empathy. In retrospect I see that he was totally using me. I think he expected me to stick around in the background so he could later use me to point and say "See?! I have consensual sex with of-age women and they think I'm a saint!" It's like he knew he was being investigated, so he tried to drum up as many positive female opinions about himself as he could to disguise the fact that he's wicked. He took advantage of his position and lorded it over a girl. Sometimes I wonder what would have happened had I said no during one of our hookups? Would he have played his "hugger" mojo over me and tried to have coerced me, and maybe even done so forcefully failing that? Who knows. After that particular visit we stopped talking. I presumed he slipped off my radar naturally like other hookups I had in college. It wasn't until the news story broke about what he was accused of that I found out the truth.

He's out of jail now. This happened several years ago and I think he spent about ~2 years in the clink. I looked up his address and know where he lives, he must always register as a sex offender now. His court case, and subsequent failed appeals, are published online to read. They're disturbing.
Disturbing in that the guy (and his mother, family, and some friends) genuinely believe he's not a predator! During his trial all he could whine about was how it would ruin his career. He had no remorse whatsoever for basically using schools to pick out which girls to fuck, and leaned hard on how they were "willing" sexual relationships so he was being framed in his defense. It's such bullshit. Also saw his mother defending him in the comments under the news story on Facebook saying that the girls were "obsessed" with her son and were stalking him, and so he didn't do anything wrong. I hate women like her, they blame other women for fucking everything and the sweet innocent boys they raised to be rapist men can do no wrong. It's no wonder he feels entitled to little girl bodies, his own mom believes that teenage girls are whore temptresses. Shit keeps me awake at night.

No. 818930

Ahh I want my friend's relationships to fail~ I literally have two friends and they're both beginning to stop caring about me because they found love, yeah I'm a vile and selfish bitch. I still want them to fail like I do. I'll keep telling them I'm happy for them but I'm actually really annoyed.

No. 818943

Yep, it's pathetic.

No. 819009

maybe you only have two friends because you unironically type like a fucking weeb~ you are not an anime protagonist mf~

No. 819057

nta but
>but idk you have a dildo right?
She mentioned this nowhere in her post; is having some sex toys as a woman so normal nowadays that this is a reasonable assumption? lmao

No. 819165

File: 1622352242994.png (74.04 KB, 456x160, 5.png)

I'm extremely angry and jealous of anons who resemble celebrities. Now I have yet another reason why I don't fit in.

No. 819168

first off, I can guarantee I'm uglier and fatter than you, so let's get that out the door.

secondly, when someone says they resemble a celebrity it doesn't necessarily mean they're as attractive as that celebrity, it usually means they have a trait that people associate with that celebrity. I can't think of any examples though.

No. 819170

it's ok anon. I posted in that thread for fun because I got 1 (one) comparison in my entire life, but said so in my post. My hair and eye color are completely different from the celeb and I am much less attractive than her obviously, so it hardly counts. other than that one time I never get comparisons either, so I understand the wish for someone to say it.

if you're worried about attractiveness, I know a lot of attractive people who don't get comparisons to celebs. I also know less than attractive people who got compared to very attractive celebs kek, so it's not really about that.

No. 819172

I feel like there's a good chance a lot of those anons don't even really look like those celebrities and there's only really a minor resemblance at best, if any. Like I've been told I look like Dakota Fanning but I've also been told I look like Lorde, and those two look nothing like each other. So arguably I don't really look like either of those two or I just share a minor trait from each of them. You also don't need to look like a celebrity to be considered attractive so I wouldn't worry about it.

No. 819185

resembling any kind of celebrity isn't really all it's chalked up to be, especially when the resemblance is marginal, or the celebrity is not considered attractive

when I took the online version I also got a ton of people I'd never been compared to before despite getting different comparisons irl. those perceptions and your own are entirely in the eye of the beholder. they're interesting but ultimately they don't make a difference. as other anons have said you don't have to resemble a celebrity to be pretty

No. 819192


Glad you felt superior for a sec there, but like the other anon I'm not so deluded to think he is some one-in-a-million, but I had to date through like 20 swine to find one mellow dude not overtly suffering from toxic masculinity. and since then I have put in a lot of work to make him even better. like 8 years is enough time to change someones shitty tendencies, believe me lol. I don't hate men I just hate misogyny and unfortunately it's shitty men who impose that on me (sadface)

No. 819199

i still feel regretful that i chose to hang out with my normie friends instead of watching the digimon tamers finale with my brothers when it originally aired on fox kids

No. 819240

Since when is adding a little wave at the end of a sentence an anime thing? You think weebs invented the tilde? Go outside more, fucking weeb.

No. 819247

NTA, but hasn't that always been an "anime fan" thing? I remember weebs using tildes at the end of their sentences as long ago as 2008. If there's any other usage of it I'm not familiar.

No. 819248

I keep having extremely disturbing, depressing intrusive thoughts that make me cry at night. Really wish my brain would shut off. Time for some more Freakin' Reviews on youtube since he's the only person to make me stop thinking for a bit

No. 819258

It surely is used by weebs, but I see normies or people not into anime using it all the time. It's more of a general quirky thing or a sort of text emoji to indicate tone.

No. 819263

the go-to mocking amy schumer thing is to bring up her saying "my pussy smells like a barn door", but honestly it cracks me up everytime i think of it. wouldn't describe myself as a fan of hers, but thats such a shitpost retarded thing to say that i think it circles back around to being funny

No. 819282

"They hated her beacuse she spoke the truth". this ban is retarded

No. 819283

did you try drugs nonnie?

No. 819326

When my ex started to take coke about 4 days a week I obviously realised shit was going nowhere and started the process of giving myself closure while using him for the few good things he could do. I will admit there were some nights I was horny af and would encourage him to be on the coke because it made him horny but he could never finish and I'd get to orgasm a bunch of times and do my favourite positions for however long and then tell him to stop when I had enough.

No. 819417

Growing up my dad was so strict that to this day I can't speak up to him.

He visited me a few months back at a time when my country lifted restrictions (that didn't last long) He just landed the visit on me, didn't ask just announced he was coming. I was worried about covid because he'd been attending an illegally open bar that whole time. To add to that I had my period and it was one of my worst periods. It was heavy, my stomach was upset from it, I looked pale and ill and felt it too. I bled through products 2 times that we were out of the house together and I just was suffering but couldn't tell him. He's one of those men that doesn't want to hear about periods, ever. So I hated it, 4 days of misery and secretly hating him/wishing my mom was not the one I'd lost so young. He was oblivious.

Now he's hinting at visiting me again and I at least have the excuse that I'm having work done on my house soon and I just don't know the starting dates yet. It's a big job that will get in the way of visitors. Hurrah. Once the work is done I'll have to find a new excuse. I don't want to have to entertain him for days or have him perfectly time another visit with my period because he never asks me when's good. He also loves to talk about my ex..saying he was a great guy even though I told him the reality of me being hit and cheated on. Does he forget or just not care? I dunno. I wish I had a mom still.

No. 819419

So many fathers are pieces of shit. I'd say most of them. Mine is narcissistic, phisically there but completely uninterested in me or my mental and emotional state, feeling like he has to be the alpha and boss of his little family who has to obey his every command. They also often fawn over male family members or boyfriends (like in your case). I'm so sorry you're going through that anon, it's even worse because your mother isn't there. Hopefully you'll be able to not see him for as long as you can. He really sounds like a prick.

No. 819434

Sending you love, anon.

No. 819453

I never feel bad for the victims in cases like jodi arias and shayna hubers because I've been in their shoes. You get some guy who thinks hes hot shit and has a madonna whore complex. In their eyes you arent good enough to actually be in a relationship with yet they still wont stop texting you and fucking you. These men dont see your crazy behaviour as a threat because you are a woman so they think it's funny or an ego boost. That kind of shit can make people go crazy and your love for the man eventually turns to hate.

No. 819490

I couldn't fuck with someones feelings without expecting them to plan some sort of revenge on me. Hell I've always been civil as can be even when breaking up with assholes… because if you scorn someone (who is already heartbroken) they'll generally find a way to come back and bite you for it. I can't imagine feeling so invincible while sexually using and emotionally toying with a so called crazy person. I'll never get how some people can just poke the crazy and feel untouchable.

I vent about exes on here because there's shit I just never said to them, I'd rather not live in fear of them out there holding ill feelings. There's revenge I could get on one of em…not risking it in case it's linked to me and he comes back twice as hard. If you just don't fuck with people they're less likely to come back at you.

No. 819684

File: 1622421190244.jpg (39.89 KB, 720x644, FB_IMG_1622302713508.jpg)

My bfs penis is too small for me and I don't have the energy to pretend im enjoying it anymore, if it wasn't for sex toys I would've left by now

No. 819694

How small is it?

No. 819714

Never had sex but finding out your man has a small benis is one of my fears

No. 819717

One time I was going to have casual sex at an anime convention and after a whole day of hanging out and flirting I was in bed messing around with my friend and he had a micropenis. It looked worse because he was tall. It was also strange because we talked to his ex that day and she was hot so why did she date him. I felt so cheated. I was so gobsmacked I said I "didn't feel ready" and I bowed out. One of the worst experiences of my life

No. 819720

Just below average

No. 819730

File: 1622427923800.jpg (71.92 KB, 1125x1039, 20210502_222002.jpg)

Had sex with a mutual friend the other night and his penis was small as hell (I swing w my bf) I felt so bad he ended up crying about not being able to put it in and I had to calm him down. Ended up fucking my bf in the room over while he slept, nerdy men are such weird prudes when it comes to sex lmao

No. 819754

Damn you brave to walk out. I had been flirting with this cute guy- totally my type. A little on the short side but I’m pretty short so whatever. No plans on anything serious. Tattoos, blue eyes, funny, he even sang and had an amazing voice. Finally we both break the ice, get naked and his dick was literally the size of my thumb. Luckily it was kind of dark cause I know I made a face. But we were already naked and making out and I was horny and past the point of no return anyways. And I didn’t want to be rude. He didn’t even use it that well either. I had to get myself off.

Worst part is he wasn’t even the smallest I ever had.

No. 819759

I've been told I resemble Christina Ricci.

If you could see me while I told you that you'd spit your tea out at the screen. Some people take empty flattery seriously and ride that wave for years after, repeating it to everyone they meet.

No. 819762

File: 1622433145872.jpg (32.03 KB, 400x400, -_sjwkFZ.jpg)

I used to think I was bisexual but over time I'm coming to terms that I'm actually a lesbian and its scaring the shit out of me.
Literally Writing this makes me want to cry

No. 819765

I love you anon, it's gunna be okay. bi anon myself but you're amazing and you're going to be happy someday

No. 819779

anon your life sounds… interesting

No. 819804

I've been at my current job for 2 years and I honestly haven't done shit since the day I started. I get paid minimum so I do the minimum.

No. 819823

Honestly I think it's a good thing to not resemble any celebrities. Think about it like this: the celebrity will likely be way more hot than you and when comparing a celebrity to you, it means that you look like a dollar store version of that. I wanted to resemble one too but I realized this fact after seeing Tinder guys flaunt about looking like some celebrity. Sure, they resembled said celeb but also 80% less attractive.

No. 819835

File: 1622443969819.jpg (19.5 KB, 300x309, 1617966946943.jpg)

I think I'm so desensitized to NSFL content the worst I've seen on this site is that Trisha Paytas picture with the crumbs on her asshole. Good lord

No. 819909

I know trigger warnings are not really a thing, but I'd still give a heads up if you're really sensitive to animal abuse.

I was dating a guy when I was 18 and they had an outside cat. I was visiting them semi-regularly (we lived like 50 kms away), but I've pretty much only seen the cat in passing, it didn't really like humans or just didn't like me, but we didn't really bond. It apparently got into a fight or got stuck on something, can't remember it anymore, but it developed serious scarring and puss filled bumps. It was something I was only told, I haven't seem its condition ever. I told them to take it to a vet, but they were against it, they didn't want to spend money on somehing they thought would sort itself out anyway. I haven't seen the cat once even around the house anymore, apparently it was still going out. The bumps were bigger and bigger, and my ex managed to convince them to take to the vet when it stopped eating and drinking and going out. They didn't even have a carriage or anything, he kept her in his arms and her blisters popped all over him, I had to listen to this in horror. Apparently the cat was beyond saving, but they didn't want to spend money putting it down so they brought her home to pass away. Next time I visited I asked where the cat is, and he told me it passed. Now if you thought this story was fucked up, it gets worse. He was acting kind of aloof, but I didn't really think much since he was always kind of awkward and a depressed NEET at that moment. Then before we went to sleep, he said he'd confide in me. He told me he couldn't stand the thought of the cat suffering anymore, so he put it down by hand. He killed it in their living room with a kitchen knife, and while he retold me he seemed positively out of it. He told me how he grabbed her and she started purring so he was bawling his eyes out while he stabbed her. I think I told him he was fucked up, but it's all kind of a blur, I think he wanted me to feel sorry for him. We did end up breaking up shortly, but it wasn't even because of this incident, I don't know why I tried to move past this, and never brought it up again. But sometimes in random intervals I remember this even a decade later and I'm absolutely terrified, because he's a very fucking average guy, and I can't believe he's out there with the inner knowledge in some corner of his mind that he killed his cat with a kitchen knife instead of paying a medium sum to give it a painless death (they weren't struggling for food or bills), and me living with the conscience that I wasn't acting concerned enough or explain exactly how fucked up and disturbing this was.

No. 819910

No. 820035

I think I would have an easier time not caring what people thought about me if my parents didn't constantly lie about me to other people growing up. I always feel so desperate it makes me sick to try and set the record straight if someone gets the wrong idea about me over something out of my control.

No. 820043

Interesting is an understatement but I applaud you for being polite and not saying what's on everyone's mind

No. 820096

I’m sexually attracted to my boss at my new job and idk why, he’s not particularly good-looking and not my type at all. Maybe a bit more charismatic than average but nothing that special. But he has this dominant energy that makes me want him to bend me over his desk
Fuck you can tell I haven’t had sex for almost a year

No. 820108

Kenna might be a tryhard snowflake, but I admire her for how crafty she is.

No. 820164

If we're talking about the same Kenna, I admire her for making PULLfags seethe

No. 820332

Same, I used to read her thread not because of her, but because of the users kek

No. 820366

Kek yes that too

No. 820375

My father is trash and i wish he died instead of my mother. Sending hugs. Sorry he is treating you like this. Try to lay down the law, especially if you are not ready for a visit. You sound old enough to refuse your dad an invitation. Your mental health comes first

No. 820376

Anon, never ever feel bad or rude to not want to have sex. Please, this is shit we need to teach more women. Not wanting to have sex even after you both get naked is still okay.

No. 820404

I'm 30 and my guilty pleasure is meeting scrotes on dating sites who think they're gonna have sex, sending them to an address that jsnt mine and then unmatching

No. 820405

File: 1622505372882.jpg (92.33 KB, 998x1024, EZoccWrUMAEND5U.jpg)

No. 820407

I know this behavior is middle school tier but it brings my joy

No. 820422

This genuinely made me cry. I wish so badly that I hadn't read it. I'm gonna have to believe he lied to you 'cause I can't handle this being real.

No. 820424

I don't separate my colors from my whites.

No. 820428

If this is real then it's dangerous. You might be sending angry scrotes to the home of some single woman

No. 820440

Everytime i remember how degenerate scrotes are, it makes me feel better about my own degenerate behavior cause at least I'm not doing anything illegal or hurting someone, I'm just cringe af. Being able to relate to most men's horniness and sex-obsession is very embarrassing and makes me feel like an actual animal.

No. 820447

File: 1622510353882.jpeg (91.11 KB, 698x524, CAF38FF6-67F3-446E-ADF4-B3B4C1…)

I drove on back roads with my tits out today just because. When another car passed I made sure to cover up but it felt liberating as dumb as that may sound. Nudism doesn't seem as weird to me.

No. 820461

I once had a hemorrhoid so bad I thought it was a miscarriage

I just randomly remembered this and felt really bad because I freaked my ex out over this and it ended up being nothing

No. 820487

I'm currently choosing looks over money/opportunity. Both treat me well and are good and ambitious people but their situations are very different. I have to pick the hottie.

No. 820494

Haha, that's based anon. I've actually thought about this a spergy amount, how nice it would be to just go topless especially during the warmer months like now. Men whip out their floppy man tits and beer guts guilt-free, why shouldn't we? It's even legal in places like New York. Then I remember I'd just be harassed nonstop and/or shrieked at for public indecency when I can guarantee my tits look better than a fat old man's kek.

No. 820508

in a better world men would not all have glorified titty fetishes and women could go topless fine and not worry about it, and only wear bras if they needed the support. unfortunately we live here.

No. 820564

I'm sorry, nonny, I just felt like I needed to write it out, since I sure as fuck won't be telling that story anyone in a conversation. I wish it wasn't true, since it feels so unreal and stuck so hard with me.

No. 820588

Oh I do this all the time. I first did it out of sheer frustration because I run hot all the time and just tore my shirt off in a rage but it's actually very liberating in a weird way. I only cover up when I'm back in town, if someone sees my tits on the back roads that's their problem not mine. If I get stopped by police I'm just gonna tell them I identify as male. What's the lil piggy gonna do? I'm a protected minority class and they're cucked by laws protecting me kek.

No. 820606

WTF. Anons, it's illegal to be publicly nude where you live? Where are you all from? In the UK it's legal but if a member of the public complains to the police they might ask you to move on to keep the peace. Of course, you can refuse. However, if it's believed you are nude to purposely cause distress (like hiding, jumping out and flashing members of the public) then it becomes a criminal offence.

No. 820698

Not any of the anons but the problem here isn't legality, just what comes of a culture where doing so is taboo. I'm in New York as well and no woman dares go topless in the city, only a few beaches. The law being on your side isn't worth a groping and being followed for blocks on end

No. 820846

MCR isn't emo and never was, there was literally a video of them saying emo is crap.

I'm too old for this shit but goddamn.

No. 821138

>>820447 That sounds like it’d feel really great but the idea of strangers seeing my tits makes me want to fucking die

No. 821147

I watch this video everyday cause it really turns me on for some reason

No. 821148

This one too

No. 821154

Dunno about being turned on by them but I really like the Ed Edd and Eddy ones.

No. 821155

Yeah those were epic i just watched them some minutes ago.

No. 821232

I will never forgive my father for refusing to pay child support. My mom raised me on her own and worked her ass off. I am very close with her and want nothing to do with my dad. I don’t care about him. I’ve ignored him enough he doesn’t even text me on my birthday or on holidays now. I probably won’t go to his funeral. The lack of shits he gave about me will be repaid from me to him for the rest of his life.

No. 821247

This is the creepiest thing I have ever seen wtf is wrong with you anon

No. 821277

I'm still pissed about my jerkass neighbor I can't stop thinking about yelling until I catch his attention and then blowing my brains out with a gun but don't worry I don't have a gun

No. 821281

>Lol it's funny and surreal bc sexual harassment at work
I regret watching this with my own eyeballs, I'm sorry Benson I know this isn't you

No. 821320

this is probably gonna sound so childish but I hate zombies, I can't watch anything with zombies in it cause they give me so much fucking anxiety and I will have nightmares. even when I hear my parents watching zombie movies from the other room making those zombie noises it stresses me out.

No. 821373

I think it's mainly the voice acting for me, is very soothing.

No. 821380

On my 18th birthday I got dressed and told my parents I would go out. Then I went to this tiny restaurant/bar by myself had dinner and a drink, never talked with anyone there except for the waiter and then went home because I never had any friends I could celebrate my birthday with. I am now 24 and still don't have any friends.

No. 821414

Aw anon. This made me really sad. It reminds me of all the times I lied to my parents about meeting up with friends, then just going to the library or the movies on my own. I don't really have any friends either. Sending you a hug rn for you girl

No. 821437

File: 1622647953792.jpg (31.91 KB, 550x545, clink bitch.jpg)

I ate so much Nandos this year

No. 821443

i'm a bi woman (febfem) and i'm tired of the lgbt community being so male-centric. at this point i only care about lesbians, bi women and the few biofemale trans people who aren't complete retards. also i'm tired of gay men lumping themselves with women but only when it's convenient to them. while straight men are indeed objectively the worst, that doesn't men gay men are inherently our allies

No. 821468

same here anons, i have and will continue to spend the rest of my birthdays alone because of how bad i am at friendship. hope it gets better eventually

No. 821469

Fully agree with you as a fellow febfem who rarely even finds men hot, i feel like a wannabe lesbian

No. 821518

I am the biggest womanchild on this site don't even try to argue with me. I'm incapable of doing the most basic simplest tasks without wanting to cry and shit myself, everything terrifies me and I have the same taste as 16 year olds, I'm basically a tranny-hating version of the average twitter user.

No. 821531

I’m passionate about quitting wagiehood. I always hated working. Only contempt for the concept of long term employment.
I liked college and did well but never finished my degree because the government stopped paying for it since my parents stopped being poor enough or something. Fuck you. I’m not buying a piece of shit paper. I scammed myself into jobs I’m mentally under-qualified for then I want to kms every day.
If I don’t figure out a way to live the NEET Princess life I know I’m destined for by age 30 then I’ll just die.

No. 821536

Do it. I haven't worked in years. There's so many ways to make side money. I just freelance graphic design, do random odd jobs, have a market garden etc. I'm poor obviously but I make enough to live, and I live freely. My life is chill as fuck.

just move to a welfare state (preferably with low cost of living) lmao foodstamps are dope, I use them to buy all the food I'd feel guilty buying with my real monies, and medicaid fixed my teeth.

No. 821539

Good nonnies, I envy you. I just want to make enough money to buy a house in the middle of nowhere and live a farming poorfags chill life. I don't care about money, I just want solitude.

No. 821541

same lol

No. 821551

i'm terrified of the prospect of actually having sex. i'm a virgin and i'm not worried it'll be embarrassing the first time or anything like that, i'm just horrified at the thought of piv. it makes me panic to the point of tears just thinking about it sometimes. it sucks because i want to be able to have sex with my boyfriend (ldr) at some point, i'm not asexual or anything, it's just horrifying to think about. i also don't ever want to get pregnant, i generally don't like the thought of things intruding in my body. wouldn't ever get implants or tattoos or anything like that either, it scares me. i don't understand it and i wish i did. it feels dumb

No. 821554

You are not dumb anon, I have the same problem. I've been together with my bf for about two years and we tried having sex but it would never "fit" because it hurt even tho we used lube and i was so scared. I also have an intense fear of getting pregnant. I sadly don't have a solution for it but I hope you can feel at least a little bit better because your problem is not that uncommon.

No. 821594

thank you, it's really comforting to hear that it's not too uncommon. wishing the best for you too

No. 821632

that's perfectly reasonable. Other acts of penetration (stabbing that penetrates the flesh, dentist tools that penetrate the mouth) can be scary, so it's sensible that PIV penetration would also apply

No. 821670

I'm in the same boat as you anon, the idea of sex is really nervewracking, especially if you haven't done anything like it before. Hopefully when you meet your boyfriend he'll be understanding and you can do things other than piv. Have you considered trying therapy? it seems like the phobia is really impacting you.

No. 821672

If I broke up with my boyfriend I'm pretty sure I'd never have sex with a man again

No. 821684

I actually like PIV sex, but I still hold a fear of getting pregnant, so in my mind giving up PIV is preferable to non-0% pregnancy. The fact that I don't want to be on hormone pills or have horror contraptions shoved up my vagina also poses a limit to it. Can't we just castrate all men (they can freeze some sperm, if they really want to)?

No. 821691

good for you

No. 821806

bought a bisexual flag pin for my work uniform. I have a lot of boomer customers and wanted to see if any of them would recognize it and be homophobic, since I live in a conservative state. nothing happened yet. it's got a cute animal on it so they probably don't notice the flag in the background

No. 821814

Tbh when he hands you the water and calls you sweetie I felt that deep in my kokoro

No. 821817

I fucked around with a married man when I was younger and they divorced soon after. I have no idea if it was because of me. It was so stupid of me. He was a long time friend and I genuinely had feelings for him. He was a couple years older than me and she was 15 years older than him. I never got closure for that situation and hurting that woman is one of my biggest regrets.

No. 821819

Good. You should feel bad.

No. 821825

>implying you hurt that woman
Unless you held the guy down and forced his dick inside you, he's the one who broke his vows and destroyed his own marriage. And if he wasn't going to cheat with you, then it would have been with someone else until the opportunity presented itself. It was his responsibility to reject your feelings and say no.
I hate the narrative of blaming the other person when it comes to cheaters, it cheapens their 100% culpability for being scumbags.

Yeah what you did was shit but why feel regret because some asshole couldn't control himself, was too cowardly to end his relationship honestly, and didn't value you enough to be with you in the proper manner? If anything you should be pissed at him too.

No. 821829

This whole post is dumb but,
>If anything you should be pissed at him too.
For what? She chose to have sex with him. She doesn't really have any right to be mad at him, when she chose to have sex with a married man.

No. 821840

You’re right in that the man was the one who ultimately broke the marriage but if anon knew he was married then she still has some partial blame.

No. 821841

It's not like I was so in love with him I couldn't help my feelings. He had feelings too but I didn't assume sleeping together meant we would be together. It was shitty of both of us and you're right in that I had no control over his actions but I'm not mad at him for getting me in that mess. We both fucked up and I don't expect the closure I want ever.

No. 821842

help my actions*

No. 821946

I recently realised that I developed anachan tendencies due to work overload from school. Ended up putting my work before my health and so whenever I needed to eat I would chew gum to help the hunger, drink only water/ coffee to stay awake, ate about once a day at night just so that I could have more time to do assignments. And I didnt know what the hell was going on until I watched a vid from anorexia survivor talking about her experience did I find out the danger I was in. The realisation hit me hard and I started tearing up cause the stress I had been going through was literally starting to kill me. Fml

No. 821975

I hope you're in a better place now anon but I'm glad you realised what's happening, starving yourself of food and sleep will inevitably ruin your studies as it slows down your brain. Bulk prepping meals can help with this if you're still busy with your studies, also meal replacements aren't tasty but I know two workaholics that swear by huel for lunch. If you're working late I find that a boiled egg or banana works well as a snack without making me sleepy.

No. 821983

Like the other anon is saying, starving yourself is not only unhealthy, it's also really bad for being able to study/do assignments efficiently. There's been studies saying women in particular function much better cognitively on a full (but not food coma tier) stomach.
For a quick meal you can make a whole bunch of smoothie in the morning by blending yogurt and any type of fruit together, like banana and strawberry. Then just store it in the fridge and fill a glass with it whenever you need it. It'll fill you up and it doesn't even take more time or effort than making coffee.

No. 821997

I get angry when people make gay jokes or content about my Husbandos, for e.g I've loved link since Twilight Sword, I wrotw self insert fics with him and then Breath of the wild and after that one scene there was huge boom of coomer made trap Link content, artwork and Fics, it was literally Unavoidable
Also I like Shawn Mendes, seeing ugly, unfunny, pudgy manlet fags Make the some dumb jokes about how Shawn is a gay bottom make me angry IRL, I would literally castrate any male who has made trap Link content or any fag who jokes about shawn Mendes

No. 822003

i may be a reetee but at least i never got into homestuck which does make me better than those who did

No. 822068

my friends have started telling people benign lies out of boredom and they tried to get me to do it too but all I could think of was to tell someone I’m autistic (too). Now I have to keep up this autism act

No. 822086

are you underage

No. 822091

maybe you are autistic kek

No. 822097

I went through a phase where if I was appraoched by a rando guy and chatted up…I'd talk about muh made up tism. It didn't even put any of them off me so I stopped. I really thought it'd work.

No. 822113

Anon, my heart goes out to you. I went through something similar in college. If I wasn't finished with a school project or didn't feel like I'd done enough for the day I would deny myself a meal. I even started feel proud of my frailness because for me it felt like I was prioritizing the "right" things, ie school and achievements, over "indulgent" things like eating a lot. Self-harm comes in various forms. Hope you're doing better now

No. 822122

File: 1622737553513.jpg (75.86 KB, 581x581, tumblr_c7310561c33cf82a1acab3d…)

Am a lez who just wanked to some hentai because I was horny and desperate for new material. Afterwards I looked at it again and I'm so disgusted with what I chose I kind of want to go to therapy over it. All this… for a nut

No. 822123

that's why i didn't feel too bad about it

No. 822128

File: 1622738233893.jpg (67.99 KB, 416x416, no brakes.jpg)

the past 3 years have been a long journey of me realizing just how mentally ill i am, but i refuse to do anything about it. am a doomerpilled doomcel.

>>820404 god i'd love nothing more than to get an update every time you did this

No. 822157

Not uncommon at all. I wouldn’t mind dying a piv virgin even though I’m straight. There’s all kinds of ways to maintain a sexual relationship without piv. Dont lose hope!

No. 822243

I was outside with my boyfriend in a good mood and saw a group of people having a picnic a ways away from me, too far for me to recognise them. They shouted at me to come join them so without thinking I immediately shouted back no thank you, then I heard them laugh and say they didn't mean me. At that moment I noticed a couple of teenage girls walking over from the direction I was walking in, laughing awkwardly and waving to the group. I apologized to the girls but tried to play it cool by not breaking my stride and immediately changing the conversation topic with my boyfriend but I wanted the world to swallow me whole. He asked me why I thought they meant me but I just made a joke and changed the topic because I wanted to move on from it. More than anything I still feel ashamed for thinking any group would be calling out for me to join them, especially not a group of teenagers, and how my boyfriend saw that happen. I'm 29, I must have looked so creepy and pathetic. I know he won't forget it but I hope he never mentions it again because I have to take this to the grave with me.

No. 822268

What is wrong with you two kek I’m so concerned

No. 822415

File: 1622766648181.jpg (61.78 KB, 1095x1578, b73.jpg)

Sometimes when I feel bad about myself, I look at pictures from five years ago when I was really pretty and fit–albeit the state of my self-esteem at the time never allowed me to quite appreciate it.

I'm a hideous cow now but it makes me feel good that who that was, was me at one point. It makes me sound like a has-been, but it gives me a bit of hope that if I ever got my shit back together (and hopefully minus such self-hate so I could actually enjoy it) that I could have that potential once more. Not to be who I was, but fanciful again in my own right. If not, I guess I had my moment to shine and I should just be grateful.

My biggest regret is actually spending those years with an ugly scrote who didn't appreciate me and not listening to everyone who told me I could've done better cause I was being a retarded pickme. Should've got some hottie D while the gettin' was good, dammit.

No. 822422

You're sperging over this way too hard anon, it was a funny accident. You responded to what seemed to be a group of people calling to you. Even if it was logically unlikely in retrospect, when we're in social situations we tend to just act automatically. I've had strangers genuinely call out to me for completely random shit, so it's not totally out of the realm of possibility. Anyway you should just have a laugh over it and move on, it's not a big deal at all.

No. 822427

Im not a virgin and I have regularly sex, and I feel the same way tbh. Piv just feels intrusive, and its still terrifying every time.

No. 822432

You can get fit. I believe in you. Do it.

No. 822450

I honestly just don't get this. Like, learn to fuck men, don't let them fuck you.

No. 822462

File: 1622776680850.jpg (76.24 KB, 723x702, 990283880000.jpg)

they're talking about lifting covid restrictions in my area and i'm ngl i'm not as excited as most, because it means having to go back to seeing a lot of friends/acquaintances irl again… and honestly having a year-long break from most of them has been pretty fucking nice.

i live in a college town so i'm surrounded by try-hard art school kids and cluster-Bs who got to spend quarantine working/studying from (their parents') home and developing stage 4 twitter brainrot. meanwhile, i've wasted the last year toiling in 'essential worker' wagie hell and developing stage 3 lolcow brainrot. (very different and vastly superior ofc)

aside from my coworkers there's like two people i've kept up with consistently through covid and tbh that's more than enough for me socially. i just can't see a future where i can muster up the energy to go to another friend-of-a-friend's shitty live show or another 'art exhibit' that's just Some Guy wrapping himself in christmas lights. is this what growing up feels like? kek

No. 822463

I mean I just use the term making love of just fucking, Its mostly missionary and cowgirl and it gets the job done most of the time

No. 822485

I can't listen to music without dancing or singing along. Usually dancing. I grew up in dance and am a good dancer but the shame in it is that I don't take classes anymore and haven't for some time now, so it's basically just a random adult improv dancing with headphones in. If I was actually in a dance company I could say I'm rehearsing instead of the actual explanation that I'm a hyperactive who needs to get her energy out sporadically throughout the day and I also for some reason can't listen to music without it getting my energy up resulting in dance.
God forbid someone other than family catches me, I always feel so ashamed when my family catches me but they're supportive and are nice about it. In college when my roommate was out I'd shut the blinds and make sure the door was locked and everything before popping my headphones in and dancing in our room.
My shame about this is off the charts tbh. I've had a former relationship of near 2.5 years and despite being together all the time I never told my ex this.

No. 822486

I'm gonna masturbate 3 times today and no one can stop meeee. It's my day off and I'm gonna coom.

No. 822488

Yo, same. I think I truly came into my introverted self and accepted it during quarantine/lockdown. When my friends say they want to meet people and go to bars, I mentally cringe because I so do not want to meet new people… Spending time with friends is already a bit draining (in a good way, but still tires me out), but with strangers? Fuck no, I do not want to fake smile, put on my social mask, and make small talk with strangers who I will probably never see again…

No. 822495

File: 1622784709570.jpg (3.55 MB, 1902x2743, img_8675.jpg)

Aw anon this is incredibly sweet pls don't be ashamed! I live by myself and I dance around with headphones on a lot too (I'm not formally trained tho lol). it's fun and a great way to burn off some energy! I sing in the car all the time too - not in my apartment bc I'm tone deaf and the walls are thin. Dancing and singing are like the most ancient forms of human expression!

Your post reminded me of this card (picrel) that my friend pulled for me from her deck of oracle cards a little bit ago – dancing is a celebration of your body and your being, Aphrodite said so!

Dance and groove to your hearts' content, anons. Literal goddess-tier behavior.

No. 822500

I don't usually get up and dance when I listen to music because chances are I'm in the car or w/e but I choreograph in my head kek, dance is truly the patrician way to enjoy music.

No. 822509

I don't crave normal internet attebtion, but I sometimes wish I had a lolcow thread. The idea of a bunch of girls obsessively analyzing my life gets me going in a way no amount of views or likes ever will. I will probably never unpack the psychology behind that.

No. 822515

File: 1622787531643.gif (934.99 KB, 520x302, D43592D0-B120-4D01-A46F-27573B…)

I have this same retarded fantasy, and I imagine they all get into arguments about whether I’m cool and based or a cringe fucking loser, and then they all post me in “women you’re ashamed to say you’d fuck” thread.

No. 822518

Every year during summer I feel the need to play Maplestory again. I download it (usually nostalgia private server) play it for like 2-3 weeks and then forget about it for the rest of the year.

I was 12 when I first started playing it, I'm 27 now with a career and working on my second degree on the side so this has been going on for about ~15 years now. Weird.

No. 822532

my boyfriend of over 5 years gained a lot of weight and I find myself completely unattracted to him sexually. i still love him and his personality so i feel like shit over this but i cant even stand to look at his body anymore

No. 822565

I'm the opposite in that I fantasize about being innocently adjacent to some lolcow drama (like I'm only known as some cow's peer or mutual) and farmers note how unmilky I am in comparison

No. 822568

Thank you anons, I appreciate the sweet responses sm!! <3

No. 822569

So tell him. I think in a good relationship you should be able to talk about that.

No. 822579

Man I cannot relate at all, I wish I could wipe my entire presence off the internet and be completely unstalkable and unsearchable. I pretty much am aside from Facebook, but the thought of losing anonymity/privacy is the worst.

I remember my fandom related tumblr getting shittalked a bit on an anon website like a decade ago because I accidentally unanoned and it's still one of the most embarrassing things I've experienced. I got all hot and sweaty just thinking about it lmao.

No. 822583

I’m still typing xD in the chat. I am so sorry.

No. 822585

I hate women who make their SO drop all of their female friends.

It's obviously not 100% the womans fault since the dude needs to grow a fucking spine too but idk why this shit is still accepted. Like I want to play games and hang out with him because he's an actually ok person not because I want to fuck him you insecure bitch, I'm gay jfc. Already lost two friendships that lasted over 10 years for this same reason.

No. 822600


I feel for you, anon. I hate how some people choose to hurt others by weaponizing their insecurities.

This exact thing was the reason I found it difficult to make/keep friends. Girls assumed I was competing with them for the attention of boys and boys assumed I just a failing-pick me, because those same girls disliked me (I'm sure both parties had their reasons, but still).

I can't imagine how it feels to lose meaningful, long-term relationships like this.

btw I'm gay too, not sure if it matters.

No. 822608

Men generally do not hangout with women they dont wanna fuck so better safe than sorry

No. 822612

I'm probably fucked in the head, because whenever a man implies that women want to sleep with him, I think that he must be wrong. I hate any man implying that any woman wants to sleep with him, regardless if she's present or not. I wish men never expressed their sexual desires publically either in spoken words or writing. No one fucking cares. I don't know if at this point I even believe that any woman honestly is attracted to their boyfriend unless they're actually like top 5% looks category and just go along with sex for peace and men think they're desired, and it makes my skin crawl.

No. 822617

This unironically
Every time I see this happen irl it's always the female friend being clueless about his intentions and the man in question quietly simping for his "friend", which his gf notices. >>822600 and >>822585 seem to be in a similar kind of denial.

If a guy dropped me because of his gf being jealous I'd see it as a red flag of him potentially being into me, not the gf. Girls usually aren't jealous for no reason unless you genuinely believe sleazy scrotes lying about their exes being crazy. Either he's a fuckboy or wants to fuck a specific female friend.

This is why I'm only friends with women.

No. 822618

Exactly. And op doesnt understand the reason her male friends can drop her so easily is because she is a woman.

No. 822621

I've know these guys since we were kids, they knew I'm gay and not a single one of their previous gfs ever had a problem with me.

He literally messaged me that we can't hang out because it makes her uncomfortable. Neither of them has ever hit on me or tried anything.I know you all here hate scrotes, I do too but come the fuck on.

No. 822622

The reason he can drop a friend hes known for years is because you are a woman.

No. 822623

That doesn't change the point from my original post.

No. 822625

That's great, but he clearly doesn't care about you in the same capacity since he's okay with replacing you with another pussy just like that despite your long friendship. So I don't know why you're still on here seething over his gf.

No. 822626

congrats on missing the point anon


No. 822627

If you have to have your partner cut off friends of the opposite sex (even lesbian friends kek) then that's destined to be one miserable shitshow of a relationship. You're being thrown away for something that's already doomed.

No. 822631

I've re-read your dumb post several times and still don't see how it's missing the point to point out that "I hate women who make their SO drop all of their female friends" is an awful take for reasons I explained above.

No. 822635

That shit happened to me in high school even when I was playing in a gang with my boyfriend. There's just some people you'll lose in life that way and it's no fault of your own. Let them isolate themselves

No. 822665

hey sorry, just scrolling by. you were in a gang? what?

No. 822668

Probably a friendship gang.

No. 822670

I used to masturbate to older hentai from the late 90s, early 2000s. but newer stuff got really deranged. Every now and again, i'm horny af and about to get my period and i cant help it. I really wish there was more actual good lesbian porn out there. it's so depressing

No. 822943

Like a gang of gamers lmao, a clan or a group.

No. 823019

people not wearing masks is really disorienting me, I can't tell if it's just a retard thing but seeing the bottom half of peoples faces when I'm working is really bothering me. maybe it's the fact that it's been so fucking long since I've seen them and burgerland finally declared masks can go away which I disagree with doing this early and I as a worker am still forced to wear one while seeing all these hideous saggy chins but I digress

No. 823029

I cannot WAIT till they stop making me wear a mask at work. me and my coworkers and everyone else who wanted the vave has already gotten it so why tf should i have to wear one? its uncomfortable and gives me acne and now its totally unnecessary too.

No. 823055

ayrt I'm tired of wearing them too, but still somehow zoinked out by seeing peoples faces. I hate feeling like this. It was our normal before covid. I should get used to it again. It sounds spergy not to. Am afraid there's gonna be another outbreak. Or that I'll have to wear one until long after nobody else has to, and the number of cases has gone down more significantly

No. 823056

Tbh I'm glad that I can finally wear a mask in public without being stared at
I've been immunocompromised my entire life, and for the first time in my life, I don't feel a million eyes on me when I leave the house
Obviously I still wish covid hadn't happened, but I'm just grateful to be able to go outside like a normal person

No. 823068

same, i'm fucking sick of it. the only thing that bothers me about customers not being asked to wear masks now is that i'm sure the most eager, shitsmirking ones definitely didn't vax.

No. 823139

I spent 10 minutes crying because I saw my husbando (and a few other characters I like) ranked very low on a tier chart. this is the second time this has happened. pls don't ask who he is for the love of god I just want to die

No. 823161

File: 1622867718747.jpg (80.86 KB, 680x1023, Pcvq8K-EoGSSbIsG.jpg)

I am extremely tempted to donate to the Queen's GFM

No. 823163

really? i'm the opposite, i hate when other people like my faves

No. 823169

well now you have to tell us who it is lol

No. 823249

You legitimately cried?

No. 823258

fuck no you'll probably make me feel worse. i'm so fucking tired of everything I like, even non-husbandos, being shit on.
yes. and honestly I'm still upset about this even hours later. I know it's dumb but I can't control it, I'm deeply attached to this character and think he deserves so much better than how the author and specific posters currently treats him. he's much more interesting and sympathetic than 90% of the characters in the series, especially the mcs, and I would unironically die for him. he has so much potential but it's all wasted on a bunch of bland retards.

No. 823265

One time i went to the bank and there was this really hot blonde guy working there. It was such a long time ago but sometimes he still pops into my head. I secretly want to go back sometimes and see if hes there but i dont want to be that creep who hits on people while they're at work. Plus that anyone that good looking is probably taken anyway.

tfw i will never have a gorgeous blonde king. sadface.jpg

No. 823280

File: 1622889932287.jpg (78.1 KB, 888x499, 52qxi2.jpg)

No. 823281

File: 1622889992237.png (13.53 KB, 462x367, beloved nonny.png)

Tell us the husbando, anon

No. 823288

Something tells me that you are danganronpafag

No. 823294

latest tier lists in the husbando thread are gayshin impact… anon….

No. 823298

Enjoy your husbando being unpopular. Seriously, he's all yours AND you don't have to deal with retarded kinnies claiming to have authority on what he is and isn't, or psychos calling him a troon.

No. 823314

Whenever I remember Grape-kun, I tear up

No. 823323

You can't tell me literally crying over a fictional character is not a mental illness

No. 823331

holy shit NTA but
>relating to and connecting to fictional writing is a mental illness
Anon, please take a few weeks off of lolcow because it has poisoned your brain into thinking feeling emotions from media and involuntarily reacting to those emotions means mental illness.

No. 823334

Samefag nevermind I misread TAYRT post and thought they were crying over something that happened to him in a book. But the way you worded your post just made it sound like a blanket statement on anyone that cries over a character and I was really about to have an issue with that.

No. 823350

unfortunately I really am this retarded as an adult. it's been like this for a long time.
definitely not these
I see what you mean it's just sometimes I want to connect and share with others or make a regular post about him and other things I like but without getting jumped on for it. Idk it gets kind of lonesome after a while. I want to belong somewhere. But it's also about getting attached to things too easily, don't know why. before getting into weebshit I used to get weirdly obsessed with my ex-best friend and cried over stupid minor shit like the way I'm doing now. idk if I'm explaining this well, anyway how do I uncringe myself?

No. 823357

Fds saved my life. I always had really low self esteem and didnt understand why I hated my interactions with men but fds made everything clear to me.

No. 823369

Good for you anon! You're so worthy and hot I bet

No. 823374

It's sad such a little thing like fds could change my total world view. Without it I'd be still doing the same dumb shit.

No. 823383

Yeah I worded it awkwardly

No. 823391

File: 1622908437578.jpg (12.9 KB, 323x500, vintage-swirl-murano-mushroom-…)

I never grew out of my hipster phase. I desperately wanted this mushroom lamp when I first found out about it but as soon as I saw it all over pinterest and tiktok, and all these trendy resellers advertising it, it became lame and cheap-looking to me.

No. 823499

I definitely try to avoid this place for the sake of my already deteriorating mental health, just looking at the Home Screen gets me triggered. Being on here isn’t healthy at all

No. 823503

Then why are you here

No. 823517

addiction anon

No. 823554

Depends on who you are as an individual. It's good for me to have a space where I have an outlet for what a lot of people consider wrongspeak or aggression

No. 823558

it's so wild to me when people say shit like this
like it's just the internet, it's not that serious

No. 823569

I have SA and OCD (medication has helped though) and I’m constantly busy with school work and regular work. Plus quarantine. Because of this, I hardly have time to socialize and I’m often lonely. As stupid as it sounds, playing Animal Crossing helps a bit. I know they’re not real but for the moment, it’s fun to imagine that I have a crew of friends that care about me. I think it’s kept me partially sane during the pandemic.

I know it’s horribly autistic and sad so I will never actually admit this to anyone. I’m almost done with school, so once I’m done with that, I’ll actually try to socialize for real.

No. 823571

I feel you anon. During my worst depressive episode, I played New Leaf every day. It made me feel less alone, and it gave me something to look forward to every day. I honestly don't remember much of that year, except for being so excited to "talk" to Punchy every day because I had no one else to talk to. Don't feel bad about it; having a silly coping mechanism is better than completely losing it.

No. 823574

Literally, just close your eyes damn. Just say you want some attention.

No. 823586

don't worry anon, you're not alone and it's not as stupid as you might think ♥

No. 823601

File: 1622932669755.jpg (75.41 KB, 1024x864, EEhmD8tW4AEwVFF.jpg)

No. 823656

I’m literally not talking about anons saying regular shmegular dumb shit like they always do everyday, just the fucking gore, the unsaged infighting and insanity, the constantly feeling like you’re talking to a brick wall instead of a human being. Your desensitization isn’t the objective standard on how people should view the internet, fuck off anon lol

No. 823686

there's some warmth sometimes

No. 823729

when i was 14 years old my parents went out and left me alone with money to order a pizza later. i ordered from pizza hut and when the pizza guy came to the door, he kept looking at me up and down then he told me i was cute and asked if he could come in. obviously it freaked me out and i said no and shut the door, but all night i thought about him. the guy was actually pretty cute and i wish i had the guts to let him in.

No. 823732

yeah i didn't say it just to be a bitch, i mean it
i literally cannot grasp being so sensitive that your mental health is in total jeopardy over some normal internet shit like watching people argue or muh scary pictures, if you're being 100% serious then toughen up

No. 823735

NTA but,
>muh scary pictures
Why are you mocking anon like gore and cp isn't awful to look at

No. 823736

> how can people have different feelings than me??¿

No. 823738

she didn't say cp, she just said gore
cp is obviously different so fuck off with that
feelings that make no sense, yes(infighting)

No. 823740

anon you should toughen up and just walk away from the screen if you're this pressed by a confession, jesus

No. 823741

I mean, I feel like it's safe to say that if anon is bothered by the gore, then she's also probably bothered by the cp that was getting posted. It was wrong of me to assume, but that still doesn't mean that someone needs to "toughen up" because they dislike looking at gore.

No. 823770

In the Shayna thread an anon said you have to be mentally retarded to watch spongebob every week and I love spongebob but I don’t make it my personality. The only spongebob items I own are socks and a book my grandfather gave me. Am I too immature? I’m only 20 but I like cartoons, I’ve been watching it since I was 3/4 and I feel like I shouldn’t anymore

No. 823775

this is almost completely unrelated but you just gave me a flashback to when my frienemy (who was not the brightest, to put it lightly) heard that "watching spongebob will make you retarded". I still don't know where she heard that. she later went on to become homeless, hang out with shady people, do drugs and have unprotected sex but she was afraid to watch spongebob. had to hesitate to tell her that trust me, you have nothing to worry about, but she wouldn't have known what I meant anyway.

No. 823779

I mean I’m not the brightest bulb in the box kek but I’d rather watch spongebob , occasionally, as a way to release some anxiety and take my mind off of the world.

No. 823782

I don't really see what's wrong with that and you definitely don't have to be retarded to enjoy spongebob, sometimes I want to kids shows just to unwind and stop thinking about the issues of the world, tried watching thundercats for that reason but I don't have the attention span.

No. 823785

There's always going to be people who think your interests are immature. Watch whatever amount of cartoon shit you want - you don't have to prove anything. I think a lot of things are cringe, but that doesn't and should never change the fact that people find joy and comfort in those things.
Do what you want. Life is too short to do otherwise.

No. 823791

I wouldn't take the opinion of people that analyze every zit on a camgirl's ass for days too seriously.

No. 823793

True and becomes even more true the older I get. Enjoy all the lame, cringey shit you want, you just need enough tact not to bother people with it and the ability to laugh at yourself.

No. 823814

File: 1622968517573.png (303.18 KB, 704x489, Penguins_of_madagascar.png)

My dad is over 50 and he watched morning cartoons often even after I long grew out of them. I'd wake up and hear him laughing at the antics of the penguins of Magagascar, and he's a well put-together businessman.

No. 823843

adding on to this : if i stopped doing something everytime i saw some post on here make fun of it, i'd have to upend huge parts of my life. using this site requires you to have the ability to shrug it off.

No. 823939

Your dad has good taste, the penguins are hilarious

No. 823958

File: 1622985939533.jpg (50.72 KB, 828x471, 1.jpg)

this but with lolcow

No. 824317

I think the superhero mustache guy from that cartoon is super hot. Why

No. 824453

This song fucked me up as someone who was in love with a straight friend while also believing I was straight

No. 824463

At least he’s normal, my brother has a job in which lots of people are constantly relying on him and he gets these autistic moments in which he acts like a child, he throws tantrums, runs around the house naked and wants to get pampered by mom and dad.
It’s honestly creepy how he can get a call from his boss and just change his personality completely.

No. 824487

File: 1623033661149.jpg (44.42 KB, 720x692, FB_IMG_1622721749543.jpg)

Thought I had a skin tag on my armpit that wouldnt go away so I briefly brought it up to my gp while I was in for something else. Turns out I have a 3rd nipple on my fucking pit kek

No. 824488

No. 824526

I'm bisexual and I'm in a happy hetero relationship but I wish I explored my sexuality more beforehand. I come from a conservative household and homosexuality is a no-no so I always repressed my homo tendencies and only dated feminine guys.
Now that I'm in a serious relationship where we're planning to move out together, experimenting with girls is definitely out of the picture for a long time. I'm not gonna die because I don't kiss girls, but it's annoying having a desire that can't be fulfilled. Permanent blue balls lol.

No. 824552

i had a s3x dream about logan paul and i didn't hate it. in fact i kind of liked it. i shall perish now

No. 824556

File: 1623047218272.jpeg (470.84 KB, 691x782, 162AF11C-9524-4714-836A-E4DF69…)

Im a stay at home mom and I love being with my kid, but sometimes.. I just wanna cry or masturbate or shower or shit or do anything on my own for 15 minutes but like without my child knocking on the door by the time my son is asleep I’m too jaded to be sad and too tired to be horny or motivated. Goodnight ladies

No. 824557

anon I was literally coming to bitch about my kid too. I get it, I hate feeling tethered to another being 24/7. Sure, cute, love them, whatever. But can I take a fucking bath?

No. 824564

sometimes I wish I was a comedian who could dress up as a man and play the character of an androgynous gay man, kind of like frank n furter from rocky horror picture show, but alas it will never happen

No. 824567

I mean,,,him getting beat up was kinda hot

No. 824582

have you tried femslash erotica anon? it's a sea of tranny shit and dumpster fires on ao3 but when you find a good one it's gold

No. 824687

My cat thinks I'm stupid.
He's right.

No. 824714

File: 1623076777411.png (75.02 KB, 262x296, 93258862016923.png)

Woke up from a vivid nightmare where my boyfriend had totally turned into Elliot Roger level evil incel after I found a bunch of creepshots on his phone and confronted him about it. For some reason even though I woke up crying I was pretty turned on by being sort of cucked by this library of porn in the dream. I hate myself.

No. 824726

Whenever a cow gets criticized for beating up her bf or something similar to that all I can think is

No. 824787

ma'am nani?? please get off imageboards they are rotting your brain and turning you into a scrote.

No. 825091


No. 825119

I'm so unbelievably jealous that Billie Eilish has similar boob size as me but hers are perfectly filled out while mine sag to my fucking belly button. God I'll take any other physical flaw but why did I have to have HIDEOUS tits

No. 825123

Just claim to be a tranny and get them cut off for free zoomer.

No. 825128

I don't want them gone baka I want them full

No. 825131

I never used to be the type of farmer who was scared of my post history but I've been a neet for over a year and thus had zero life outside of this website. Ik I'm definitely not the first neet to be on here constantly but man does it make me feel pathetic af. I spend hours here per day. I larp for fun on other sites and due to neetdom I've had enough time to keep up with the accounts instead of abandoning them as larpers always do. My larping online seems 'too far' to the point that autists say that whoever is behind the larp is autistic for it. Believe me when I say that I've looked into ASD and I don't have it, I'm just a loser with too much time which is why having fake accounts is so easy for me. But that seems so pathetic bc it is.
LC is great and I love the community sans the scrotes. I don't regret my time here bc I think it helped me to mature, like with shedding my problems of seeing moids through rose-tinted glasses. But ultimately, do I feel pathetic and feel like people would judge me if they saw how often I'm here? Yes absolutely. It's got to be like 6 hours a day on avg.

No. 825169

Every time I take Adderall I too end up spending like half my day on this site, no idea why. Luckily I soon won't be able to continue rotting my brain on image boards as frequently since I'll be insanely busy starting next month.

Neetdom and being chronically logged on can be a hard cycle to break but imo the first and easiest step is to throw yourself into a hobby (or multiple hobbies) that don't involve the internet.

No. 825173

You should set a time window everyday and only allow yourself to browse during that time.

No. 825176

Anon, I used to be the same way and would visit this site and other imageboards 24/7 and just refresh, refresh, refresh. Just install a website blocker and occupy your time doing something else. You'll mess up a lot at first and sometimes it'll be hard to think of anything else, but just keep going strong and even if you mess up, you can always try again. I've gotten my usage down to once a week or so. What really helped was just distracting myself with actually productive, fun things (like a hobby that's interesting or just a cool book). I promise you can do it too, anon.

No. 825180

I’ve never had the misfortune of coming across cp on boards and I’m hoping it stays that way

No. 825210

File: 1623130058319.png (376.23 KB, 499x500, 32d.png)

kek…I wish /ot/ neets could have a support group or something

No. 825214

File: 1623131340755.jpeg (1.58 MB, 1499x1125, 7E5C1217-87BC-4E5D-B596-610DD4…)

This is half a confession half a cry for help but goddamn I miss my long term internet fling. We were basically friends that happened to flirt a lot and I broke thing off at my then new-fiancee’s request. I understand why he wanted me to do that and I respected him even though I wasn’t happy with the decision, especially because he wanted me to cut contact immediately and not even explain why I was essentially ghosting said online friend. But anyway I did it for the sake of my relationship and now it’s been months and so much has changed in my life but I still sometimes think about what could have been. I feel so bad my fiancée would be devastated to know that I wish there was some timeline where I could have my cake and eat it too. The worst part is mentally I glaze over all the flirty parts and really just miss the friendship.

No. 825215

Also I feel I should specify I labeled this a cry for help because I was so damn close to trying to re-establish communication with internet fling but writing this kind of got it out of my system which is nice

No. 825217

We good I feel glad just sharing and borrowing the odd feel

No. 825230

File: 1623133785656.jpg (93.13 KB, 887x880, cz.jpg)

I'm a former ana-chan and well into recovery but I still can't shake my like 4+ can a day coke zero habit kek

No. 825250

File: 1623138451627.jpg (67.15 KB, 400x332, hetalia-pic-12.jpg)

>>818444 I cant believe I found another Hetafag in this day and age!
I really miss the fandom stuff from the late 2000s- early 2010s. It was so much more fun and the fandom always felt so welcoming especially since it was internationally inclusive. Now its filled with woke twitter rats who also attacked what was left of the fandom on tumblr and I cant stand to see one more tumblerina art version of America or Italy anymore. RIP George deValier.

No. 825260

It took years into recovery for me to quit it with the sugar-free energy drinks, and even then I've quietly slinked back into them lately. Recovery is a personal journey and unique to each person. You are ~valid~

No. 825272

Good for you anon to be able to stick to what's right! Putting thoughts like this into words really helps sometimes, LC will be there for you next time you feel like you're getting close to making a mistake.

No. 825330

Im at the beginning of my ~weight loss journey~ and I'm drinking more coke zero than ever. What's wrong with it?

No. 825333

a "weight loss journey" is quite different from ana-chans fumbling with recovery. drink whatever you want.

No. 825341

i cant tell if i am an awful person or i am kinda decent

No. 825343

You are right, of course. I was worried that drinking lots of coke zero is somehow bad for you, like you can get cancer if you drink it everyday for 10 years or something. LOL

No. 825344

That's true though.

No. 825345

Hmm, so the other reply was useless. Googled the topic and guess I will try to not get too overly attached to it.

No. 825353

File: 1623155821345.png (224.3 KB, 760x760, 6419198_preview.png)

I fucking hate the way my boyfriend dresses, he has the fashion sense of a boomer grandpa and I never post couples photos of us on social media with him mostly because of that, also because he hates social media and wouldn't feel comfortable with it but fucking god it makes me cringe.
I love this man don't get me wrong but holyshit i want to burn his closet, he doesn't bother me about my obnoxious egirl clothes (that he dislikes) so i won't bother him about his I just want to let it out.

No. 825355

Im losing weight too started at 340 and now 280 and was just drinking water at first but sometimes I need a treat so I drink Coke Zero too every once in awhile like maybe a can a day but not necessarily but I guess I’ll have to pass on it if it’s worse for me than regular soda.. that sucks haha

No. 825373

Convince him to get one of those men's fashion subscription boxes, tell him it's for his convenience because he won't ever have to shop again. Maybe even buy him one to make him experience how convenient it is

No. 825383

File: 1623158576166.jpg (51.99 KB, 500x750, f7af9e0b6436180aa4b8f11c5a3b82…)

He wouldn't take it, he dresses like a boomer ON PURPOSE, says it makes him look "professional" and shit, he has carefully crafted his Southern Proper-bought boomercore aesthetic, the fucker wouldnt be caught dead on black jeans and hoodie. (On his defense, it does work, he is the most well liked young person at his workplace of mostly old white men)

Take note anons this is the price you pay for dating a normie.

No. 825389

Can you send another example of what he wears I’m curious, he dresses like an old man even outside of work?

No. 825397

I got a bad review so I made a bunch of account and used wording and typing style similar to complaint person and then just spammed it with unstable stuff so it looked like they were just an unstable Karen and their review won't be taken seriously

No. 825398

I have lied because I didn't want to do it and this guy wholeheartedly believed me and supported me. It was nothing big and I am used to lying all the time to get my way but he is genuinely such a nice person… Now I feel like shit.

I don't feel like shit anymore

No. 825403

No. 825522

>grotesquely thin
I think she looks perfect

No. 825568

I live far away from my family and when I visited my grandparents for the first time in years I realized the uncanny similarities in personality and mannerisms between my ex and my grandpa. I am so glad none of my friends who knew my ex ever met my grandparents, I'm so embarrassed for myself.

No. 825585

Oh god do you think they would just straight up compare your ex to your grandpa? I can imagine noticing the similarities between the two is already a weird feeling so to have your friends bring it up would be mortifying kek

No. 825600

I think the similarities would be really obvious to anyone who has met both of them. I don't even know what kind of hardcore coping went on in my brain to be able to not see it for so long myself.
I never considered myself to have any sort of "daddy issues" but damn. It really is mortifying.
At this point I'm kind of afraid I'll see a picture of my grandpa when he was younger and find out they looked similar. I think I'd throw up.

No. 825606

When I was in high school and had boyfriends I still flirted with all my orbiters online. And I knew It was wrong. And completely just for my ego and validation. So I have a complete intolerance policy when grown men do this behaviour I stopped in high school because I matured and realised it was shitty. It's never innocent to inspire designing others while dating. I should know

No. 825607

I feel super embarrassed when I accidentally report my own posts. I usually end up deleting and reposting when that happens.

No. 825608

And yes they were always my first port of call after each and every break up. Some even sent gifts while I was dating others. This is immature behaviour and anyone outside of school age that does this should be avoided.

No. 825614

I miss her so much.

No. 825715

I scored a 24 out of 40 on the narc test. The entitlement score was the highest. Well, yeah I do think that I am entitled to things. We should all get the nice things and nice experiences that we deserve.

No. 825754

I take Adderall XR too and I find that it makes me do whatever task I want to do for hours lol, that might be it.
Thanks nonnies I appreciate it, I'm going to try and cut back but idk if I'll be successful

No. 825761

NTA but if anyone has resources on coke zero causing cancer or something really bad can you link me? I drink it everyday and could use something terrifying to help me quit. Otherwise if it's just like "it could potentially result in [something non-life-threatening]" then it's not gonna be enough to break my habit.

No. 825762

This is what every hot white guy who isn't a school shooter dresses like though. I'll take this over the moid who still wears t-shirts everyday with jeans.

No. 825767

i push you away because you make me feel insecure and self-conscious. you have made me feel like i was never worth anything to you. it’s such an ugly characteristic too and no one wants to be around an insecure little bitch.

No. 825778

There’s a proven link with osteoporosis (weakening of the bones) which can take years to develop and usually happens in later life but it’s nasty
> Sometimes a cough or sneeze can cause a broken rib or the partial collapse of one of the bones of the spine
Which can lead to long term pain and mobility issues.

I’ve heard it could cause cancer but I’m not sure if there’s a definite link yet. Personally, I only drink soda once or twice a month maximum and feel better for it. When I drink it now, my bladder gets irritated and I need to pee a lot but struggle to get it all out. Totally random side effect but makes me realise it’s probably not a good thing to be drinking so much.

No. 825798

There's a girl who I knew years ago who I was really into and thought maybe she was into me. I was too much of a pussy to be upfront with her and now years later I wish I told her how I felt. We've lost touch and now I feel so stupid wishing she was with me now.

No. 825976

Thanks anon, I appreciate it! Idk if I’ll quit, I’m gonna try to cut back gradually for now.

No. 826172

There's a woman in my hobby group who always slowly brings down the conversation because she's depressed about her family and wishes she had never been a mom despite having a 5 year old. I wish she'd get real help instead of bringing the tone down because it's ment to be a place to unwind from work or college. She's signed up to the main mods patreon so there isnt a way to kick her without looking like a jackass and I'm pretty sure we all do feel bad for her there's just nothing we can really do. I feel awful confessing this I just don't know if there is a way to have her stop spilling her guts about the same thing when conversations have nothing to do with our families.

No. 826210

Tell her to get a therapist already.

No. 826233

I'm detrans and the only real permanent change I have is my voice. Even after coming to my senses (Its years in my past now) I still weirdly prefer my new voice. I do have moments where if it's my first time talking that day or if I'm tired it'll come out so unintentionally deep that I feel awkward if I'm say serving a customer. Women over a certain age seem to do a poor job at covering up their surprise whenever it happens. They sideeye you lol. For the most part though I can control it a bit and deepen or soften it depending on who I'm talking to. Unwanted attention from men.. deepen it. Talking to women in general..soften. I have a range that I didn't have before. I used to cringe at recordings of myself because I thought I sounded mousy and timid.

I feel weird though when people are crapping on fakebois for the voice. Its so divided between people who claim they all sound like squeaky frogs and don't sound male at all.. or people who say detrans women are ruined because they're so manly sounding. So which is it?? I mean I wouldn't take back the change anyway but I hate reading those discussions.

No. 826237

I feel a little ashamed for being sad that my bf isn't chubby anymore. He carried a lot of weight in his butt and thighs RIP. He looks better in general now though.

No. 826253

I've had two different friends who whenever drunk enough would just admit to regretting having their kids. As a non mom how do you even respond to such a confession? It's an awkward spot to be put in.

No. 826256

My schizophrenia is really under control lately and as a result I keep wanting to quit my meds. I know that'll immediately crash my progress and potentially even affect my sobriety but I haaate being doped up all the time. The side effects, oy vey, one pill they put me on made me LACTATE! What kind of anti-crazy drug would effect that? I'm a bodybuilding Stacy and I want my body to be a temple. I hate having this shit in my system, which is ironic for someone who ate a whole pizza for lunch, but I digress. Anyway, if someone starts spamming /ot/ threads about glitches in the simulation and being gang stalked y'all pray for me.

No. 826265

>one pill they put me on made me LACTATE
risperidone? happened to me too

No. 826270

File: 1623254042593.jpeg (18.18 KB, 194x192, 1623189858102.jpeg)

My friend shares a flat with 2 gender special narcs and I can tell every time I see her shes getting closer and closer to peaking and I can't wait

No. 826271

Any stories? I love watching people peak.

No. 826273

It's probably the assloads of caffeine in coke zero that's going to give you problems more than anything else, although this study suggests that high consumption of aspartame will result in systemic inflammation https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/28938797/.
Also behaviourally, you're consuming masses of stuff your brain still recognises as 'sweet' even though there's no calories. That means you're training yourself to still be craving sweet things and possibly binging on them. It has an effect on your insulin sensitivity too, because your body expects a lot more calories than it's getting.
All in, you're setting yourself up for a fucked up diet, obesity, inflammation (which absolutely can cause cancer, as well as myriad other health problems), problems maintaining energy, and a lot more besides. Its just not worth it really. If you're going to quit, make a tapering schedule to help you stick to it.

No. 826282

That's the one. God that was fucking odd, I felt like such a freak calling my GP up like "uhhh… why am I producing milk?". At least I'm not alone in that though. Godspeed, fellow crazy nonna.

No. 826286

I’m addicted to the smell of detergent, bleach, and dawn dish soap. There is just something so amazing about sniffing the scent of these chemicals whenever I do laundry or wash something, it makes my mind feel so calm it’s like drugs

No. 826288

update when it happens

No. 826290

Same. I'm a slightly obsessive compulsive cleaner and can't relax properly until I've cleaned everywhere so the smell of all that stuff puts me in a trance. I think the chemicals only work if you're female though because I've never seen a man happy to smell cleaning products in his life. It's a patriarchal psyop, I tells ya!/s

No. 826294

Deep voices on women are hot, and I’m glad you aren’t suffering too much from the remnants of t. I nearly transitioned years ago and I feel like if I had gone through with it that I would an hero. So I’m glad u like ur voice anon

No. 826300

I used to be like this and then I spent like 3 days deep cleaning a huge house (against my will but that's beside the point) and the extended exposure triggered a migraine

now ten years later I still have to use all natural completely scentless cleaners and detergents because the smell triggers migraines for me now. just be careful to avoid overexposure anon and wear gloves too!!

No. 826301

It’s completely fucked that household cleaners are linked to cancer yet are scented to make you want to breathe the fumes in.

No. 826327

File: 1623259750257.jpeg (37.24 KB, 283x500, 4DF6C47A-425A-458E-826C-0E1B2B…)

Accidentally forgot to order my new birth control so I decided to just give my body a break for a month; two weeks in I’m actually convinced I’m a sex addict. I’m usually really happy with sex ~4 times a week, but I’m hounding my bf like a nympho for sex every hour and jerk off like 5 times a day minimum, cramming it in between work and study and house upkeep and hobbies and gym. I’m a restless animal, I have no peace from it! I almost came from a fucking ab machine. I was so embarrassed that I just left and didn’t finish my sets. I don’t know what to do since I’m starting non hormonal birth control soon and I have to assume I’ll just continue to be like this, secretly always horny.

No. 826357

Aren't you sore or swollen omg

No. 826443

sometimes i like to open the mtf threads and use their bodies to get used to drawing ugly people. Since the city is less populated it makes it harder to draw people since everyone is pretty far away, I've been struggling to get some practice in. But troons and their selfies are such good reference pictures, it's also the fact that sometimes they have the lighting that accentuates their features and it makes for really good shading practice too.

No. 826446

baste technique and reasoning

No. 826460

just found out via google that jimin is a korean pop star. i hope that jimin cant read english.

there is a lot of batshittery and degeneracy that he is spared by not learning the language.

No. 826461

I've been thinking about men's parts lately, please forgive me godess

No. 826463

I'm so jealous, my friend just startes to get swayed by them

No. 826464

Just be careful not to get pregnant during the month break

No. 826466

you and every other woman, anon. youre not special!

No. 826477

I stopped having sex a few years ago when I realised a decade of being sexually active lead to maybe 5 or 6 orgasms at the hands of others… Every orgasm I've ever had, thousands of them (minus those 5) were at my own hand. Wtf is even the point

No. 826478

not armchair diagnosing but possible bpd trait? im bpd and relate to this pretty hard.

No. 826485

how are you doing anon

No. 826506

u deserve it for being a poly degenerate. have some dignity

No. 826508

I feel bad for finding the way you worded this kinda funny? Very sad to hear though, my beautiful cat Sooty passed recently. i miss her.

Why DID you break up?

No. 826509

What is this newfag doing

No. 826510

lol same. my mum tells everyone i am a helpless autistic girl when there is literally nothing wrong with me and i have a good career and education.

No. 826513

yeah i find it fucked up that my dad owed my mum 10k in child support payments but never paid a dime. i love him but i resent him for fucking my mum over like that.

No. 826516

oh my god she's really gonna go through each and every single post lol. at least she saged i guess

No. 826526

My fiancée has a chart for potential sperm donors and ranks them on stuff such as their resemblance to me (hair colour, eyes, ethnicity, etc), their hobbies, perceived healthiness, job, and so on. It's kinda weird but ngl it's also kinda hot in a mad scientist sort of way.

No. 826534

Does he make faceapp babies too kek

No. 826538

it's weird to me when people say "haven't had sex in X amount of time" like do you have some sort of fuck quota?

maybe it's my libido being low but it's blowing my mind lately to realize some people supposedly need to have sex on a regular basis? this is why I never understood moids whining, like just get over it and do other things. is it really a human need?

No. 826539

She has made several face app babies and most of them are named. Broodiness is hitting her hard right now lmao.

No. 826543

Not being a fetish makes it more confusing nonatella

No. 826546

File: 1623272844052.jpg (40.83 KB, 406x406, 1620973232182.jpg)

It's official, this is the worst post on lc. no other spergy cringy post, old or new, will ever top this.
But if it's not a fetish, then why?

No. 826547

I've been asked by people since I've been single. It's weird. So like now I'm hyper aware in my head When's the last time I had sex, when was my last kiss etc. Not that it's anyone's business and no one asked me shit like that when I was in a relationship. Like hey anon, did you and bf fuck this week? Mind ya business.

No. 826548

Why did you touch your shit with your fingers?

No. 826549

> even though I washed my fingers my hands still smelled like shit
This gave me flashbacks to my days of reading sex toy reviews and okaying them to be published on a site. The amount of men who'd talk about struggling to get the shit smell back out of their toys.. sexy

No. 826550

*she sorry I'm dumb
that is so cute!! there's something so wholesome in thinking about the idea of your future child

No. 826555

that's bizarre to me. wtf kind of person asks that? it's TMI. also why does it matter? the whole idea of counting the days since you last had sex is so weird to me, I didn't realize people felt they should have it that often or place this much importance on it like it somehow affects your sanity to go without

No. 826560

doubleposting cause maybe someone will answer: were humans always like this? is there some kind of natural need that normal people have to keep having sex consistently, even if it's with random strangers? I'm not trying to make any points but I'm genuinely surprised at this and wondering if it's a natural human thing. I don't experience it so am I weird

No. 826563

Im suck a fucking pussy. I paid 50$ for cartilage piercing but took them out because my ears were throbbing from the pain. Kill me

No. 826564

Nonna I- Okay

No. 826565

I always found sex to be a chore while dating. I'm coming up on 3 years without sex..but I don't see that as a negative. My fave part of being single is not having to feel like I'm torturing someone or depriving them if I just don't want sex for a while

I can masturbate 3 times a day or not at all for a week. I can go a month without penetration and just do clit stuff. It's up to me and theres no guilt trip about it

No. 826566

File: 1623273671491.jpeg (27.52 KB, 240x210, DE3212FE-ED5D-442B-A58F-F742E0…)

Had to take a plan b yesterday actually due to being a fucking moron. This is torture, nonnies. My brain is coomer mush. Is this how the average Reddit user feels?

No. 826568

>I dont remember any time from when i was a toddler when i smeared shit on my fingers, so i thought, why not do it now?
I refuse to believe someone actually thinks like this.

No. 826569

I was reading about autistic kids doing this lately. I don't even know what my point is but just sharing.. The joys of parenthood when your kid starts smearing shit on everything.

No. 826579

Why would you shove a dildo up your ass without a condom? Fucking hell

No. 826596

File: 1623274730774.png (527.64 KB, 720x619, def42c7c8a1017b991989f8c5a4c53…)

No worries, nonna. And yeah, this is literally the best time period in my life. It's terrifying and exciting and my heart is going to explode from sappiness!!!

No. 826598

*Why would you shove a dildo up your ass without a condom? Fucking hell

No. 826605

It was either scrotes in a group setting where a few of us were drinking. I've had friends ask if I'm dating, been on apps, when was last time you had sex. They're not wanting like a date and time just a who and how recent. I've had some dudes ask it in a roundabout way on dates.

I know I won't die without sex but I miss it and I remember my last time cause it was with an ex boyfriend. It was good but I knew it was the last in a weird way so it's quite stark in my mind.

No. 826622

Tried baking bread for the first time and ended up triggered by the smell of yeast because my mom and stepdad were huge alcoholics and used to turn our tub into a place where they made homenade booze

No. 826636

I usually beat around the bush to try to get things back on topic because I'm not a mom either so there's no real advice or input I could give. There's only one other guy with a kid in the group and he likes his life so he just feels awkward too.

No. 826669

I’m sorry anon, that honestly sounds like a traumatizing experience. I hope you’re doing ok. Did you end up finishing making the bread or just yeeting it?

No. 826678

As someone who has always been the ugly little black girl with short hair/glasses whom looked like a female steve urkle and autistic hobbies….I honestly like being cat called. I started doing my hair better and wearing sexy clothes and only now at 29 do I get cat called. I feel disgusted with myself and when I'm with my friends I pretend like I hate it.

No. 826681

Keep acting grossed out, scrotes dont deserve an inch of justification. U do u tho.

No. 826684

Two scrotes at the bar bar grabbed me and I felt so disgusted knowing inside I was flattered.

No. 826710

I’m so horny I’m about to start gnawing on a doorframe or some shit. I’m sleeping with a guy who’s way older and way out of my league but he only has time to fuck once a week, or once every two weeks if he’s especially busy at work. Also, my grandma is staying with me in my tiny studio apartment for 2.5 weeks so he can’t come over AND I can’t even masturbate. I’m not into one night stands, so getting my rocks off with a stranger from Tinder is off the table. But it’s getting to the point where I’m getting in trouble at work because I can’t focus because I’m literally constantly thinking about getting my back blown out. Help.

No. 826714

Sometimes I wish I could grow a mustache and maybe a little beard. No I'm not a tranny or a scrote or thembie. I'm happy being a beautiful woman, I just want to be a beautiful woman with a mustache sometimes.

No. 826719

I finished it! It was a simple focaccia and I think it turned out really nice.

No. 826722

Is he some rich motherfucker or something? It's rare a guy is out of a younger woman's league

No. 826726

He’s married nonny in case you weren’t already aware

No. 826731


I know he is. That’s none of my business though, I’m just here for the sex and I wish it wasn’t biweekly.

No. 826737

No. 826738

Can't wait for the day someone cheats on you and you become like those mindbroken /g/ farmers kek stupid bitch

No. 826744

Lol gross. Grow some self esteem and also I hope his wife finds out and leaves him. Your heel arc is going to be fun for nobody.

No. 826752

No need to get triggered ladies. I’m sorry your shitty scrotes cheated on you with younger women. Good luck finding ones who won’t. They’re out there… somewhere.(bait)

No. 826753

File: 1623293949249.jpeg (14.21 KB, 300x290, 2E1E4E61-8639-48A3-A14A-47C386…)

> be on img board designed for women
> admit to doing something awful to a woman
> partake in degenerate coomer behavior
> call other women triggered when they shit on you

No. 826755

You're the one who has to wait for a man to fuck you which means you dont have many options. Women are supposed to pick when hook ups happen, pretty pathetic that you have to wait for a scrotes schedule to open up lmao(stop responding to retard bait)

No. 826756

Kek you're acting like your original horny post wasn't really sad and pathetic

No. 826760

You live in a tiny studio apartment and you aren't getting hot younger guys (nor other hot older guys) to fuck you in the meantime, truly pathetic of you to shit talk. Some of us have a conscience. I out every guy that tries to hook up with me to his girl if he's with one for the sole purpose of putting men in their damn place.(infighting)

No. 826761

File: 1623296209749.jpg (40.48 KB, 526x520, 1611778429552.jpg)

>mindbroken /g/ farmers
jesus farmers on that board need to get a grip

No. 826762

I wish my sister was never born. She has no drive to do anything besides coom and consoom social media, no talents, unable to have normal social interactions (probably autistic imo), scared of everything and everyone, no self awareness, no discipline, no motivation, no friends, no passions, no goals in life. In quarantine I really hit rock bottom, I ghosted all my friends, ignored my schoolwork, basically watsed a year of my life, and I've realized that I've become what she has always been

No. 826767

File: 1623297437580.jpeg (223.76 KB, 800x532, when-that-first-sip-of-coffee-…)

At night time I look forward to drinking coffee in the morning

No. 826770

I don't drink coffee til the afternoon because that's usually when I go to work, but that yummy iced latte is always the highlight of my day

No. 826784

>tfw you're anon's sister

No. 826789

Is it you Abby?

No. 826793

kinda wish I drank coffee now because there's nothing I look forward to about the morning, I dread it

No. 826795

File: 1623301981879.jpg (29.38 KB, 567x542, oh no.jpg)

I'm starting to lose interest in anime…

No. 826799

kek sometimes the anticipation of coffee is what makes me go to bed at night

No. 826802

I don't like coffee. can I replicate this with hot chocolate?

No. 826816

i have a massive crush on my grandpa teacher. he said the word bogus when we were chatting with each other and i thought it was adorable. bogus is now my favorite boomer word. just precious. hide your grandpas kids.

No. 826817

i don't usually say this but holy shit get help.

No. 826828

You can do whatever you want, anon. I'm not going to stop you. But only because I can't.

No. 826831

File: 1623305995324.jpeg (216.88 KB, 1125x546, 94ABD65A-79DA-49F8-90D5-3731CB…)

this sounds so ominous… what would you have done to stop me?

No. 826835

lmao don't worry nonners, I'm just typing shit to amuse myself. Enjoy your hot chocolate while you can

No. 826836

You could or you could try tea or seltzer

No. 826841

File: 1623306743431.jpeg (212 KB, 858x1300, C6204526-1C72-4A51-B87C-125EB2…)

I know and ily silly

hope it has the same effect or I will train myself to like coffee

No. 826867

>wahhhhh my degenerate coombrain cant be satisfied

I'm sure destroying a lifelong partnership is what you need to heal

You know you're the reason some poor middle aged woman cries herself to sleep

No. 826934

You're not alone, nonna. I'm very hairy and grow pretty thick stubble. I do shave but tbh I think it kinda suits me and I like the feel of it, hell even my fiancée likes it. I only keep it when I have time off though, I don't have the gall to turn up to work looking like that.

No. 826946

I really like Mickey Deer's frilly flowery lacy dresses I wish I could find some in stores.
But every store is intent on making a ~fashion statement~ with huge gaudy frills on a plain dress or ugly flowers on the ugliest dress I've ever seen. What the hell, just make a pretty lovely dolly dress for once, those high fashun dresses look horrible on anyome who's not a model anyway

No. 827037

File: 1623337719462.gif (1.11 MB, 250x445, nyannyancosplay.gif)

I miss her. There. I said it.

No. 827041

File: 1623338150996.gif (4.31 MB, 272x340, BoyBoy West Coast.gif)

He was cringe, but I miss him, too.

No. 827053

That first phase of tiktok was actually funny, only losers made videos

No. 827055

Now it's just recycled Tumblr discourse and soft porn.

No. 827063

If you want something horrifying to convince you to quit, Null from KF was a huge coke zero drinker

No. 827084

I love to tell customers to wear their masks just because it's always the arrogant newly rich fuckers who think they are so above it all and this is the only time I can be vaguely authoritative with them.

No. 827104

No. 827108

I reported some Amys the other day. I didn't even know wtf was going on that thread until just now. I'm sorry!

No. 827128

mao was right kill the landlords

No. 827131

A wave of genuine sadness hits me when I remember that 2d will never be real

No. 827133

im fucking obsessed with wax melts. when they melt i put them in weird containers and fill to the brim for no reason. you should get into these instead, maybe not as obsessively. that's my confession.
also, certain detergent brands actually sell candles that smell like their product, so look into those
lactate???? i was on risperidone and that didn't happen to me but maybe i wasnt trying hard enough for a mommy kink

No. 827239

What's with all the graverobbers these past few days

No. 827252

it's because risperidone increases the production of prolactin which is what causes lactation. i think it's a relatively rare side effect thankfully. that shit HURT, felt like someone injected lead in my tits.

No. 827288

my friend had top surgery and i'm so fucking jealous.

No. 827289

File: 1623357364310.jpeg (37.23 KB, 625x626, 38B2B3BD-1027-4942-BDCA-26AAFF…)

No. 827291

well no, it isn't bait at all. i have an eating disorder and feel like my boobs are lumps of fat. i hate it but me minus two lumps of fat is pretty appealing. friend talking about how flat she is makes me jealous.

No. 827292

Thought you were a fakeboi.

No. 827293

I hope you get therapy or something someday, anon. Imagine being jealous of a fakeboi who is probably also a mentally ill mess, it’s honestly sad.

No. 827306

I feel like in order to cope with living I have to ignore 60% of life. I don't understand how we're supposed to just live our lives knowing so much suffering is occurring at any given moment. I can't think too much about all of the disgusting men around me, the hurt children, the dying earth. I feel like everyone is supposed to just turn their brain off, but that doesn't feel right.

No. 827308

You've convinced me to get off my BC. I don't want to be like this but if Im even 10% of this I'd be happy.

No. 827329


I feel the same way. Knowing how absolutely awful some "humans" are and how many innocent people have suffered (and continue to suffer) at their hands makes me depressed. Had to stop watching and reading true crime stuff for that reason, I just can't control how fucking furious and upset it makes me.

No. 827362

I think we acknowledge it to a small degree when we say things like "you feel things a lot more when you're young", because as we get older we have to deal with all the horrible things we realise and compassion fatigue by just dimming our senses and getting a little apathetic

No. 827370

Unless paying attention is meaning you are being active about the issues (like, making more environmentally friendly choices) then it’s best to switch off for periods of time. There’s no point in suffering 24/7 just because. Feeling bad is not helpful to the causes, that’s just low level self-harm. Do what you can to help (which will make you feel better) and spend the rest of your time trying to be productive and happy in your own life.

No. 827373

me too anon

No. 827387

my landlord is making me very antisemitic

No. 827393

I've been on a decline and self sabotaging myself lately and seeming to go back to my ana days. Nothing seems to really interest me yet I'm over interested in said things at the same time. Hate that I see it happening, yet here I am anyways.

No. 827402

File: 1623364334310.gif (Spoiler Image, 19.89 MB, 600x936, A76B3362-C9AE-4384-8456-11C77F…)


Lori would absolutely abuse me and call me fat but lord I would endure it for a day just if I could………… ugh

No. 827403

File: 1623364344152.jpeg (18.46 KB, 320x320, 0F0FABCA-DEA3-4753-87B9-71E5AF…)

AYRT, I’m excited for you! To be fair, I was a fairly horny person before birth control so I think that has something to do with it, but it’s definitely intensified it. Godspeed and upd8 if it happens!

No. 827436

I've been a "lesbian" since I was a teenager, now that I'm almost in my 30's, I've found out that I'm actually bisexual. Nothing wrong with it, I was really young when I came out as lesbian and never gave it a second thought until a few years ago. I've been in a kind of relationship with a guy for a while now, it's been fine but not I'm just kind of… Ashamed? in a sense? To just say that I'm with a dude now.
It's silly and dumb and I know it kinda hurts the dude too, but idk. I never really cared when other people date whoever, didn't think I'd feel this conflicted when it's about myself.

No. 827450

A girl died from the Astrazeneca vaccine in my country today and all I can think is that I fucking wish it had been me

No. 827455

explain about how it was related to the vax pls

No. 827459

NTA but JJ and Astrazeneca were banned from a few countries for increased risk of a blood clot, especially in young women. This could be one of these cases. It's very very very rare but happens.

No. 827467

People think bisexuality is 50/50 when it can be 80/20 etc.

No. 827476

I was at the store today (I'll skip details) and basically there was this much older guy helping me and I was kinda attracted to him. It was mostly his personality. I don't have daddy issues at all, so I don't know man. Anyhow may our most holy goddess lolcow-tan forgive me for this sinful inclination, and spare me from the fiery pastures, amen

No. 827504

I'm white and grew up on a rez and because of my grades I qualified for a trip to an indigenous youth conference every year. I often wonder what my teachers thought of sending me lol like it was all out my control and my stepdad was native and from that band but even as a kid I felt kind of bad taking that place. (but I liked travelling and good food and the spending money they gave me)

No. 827533

I got the pfizer today, thus far only some arm pain
kinda makes me paranoid anyway

No. 827541

My main motivation for flossing every night is because it gives me a sense of superiority since a lot of people don’t floss. I don’t flaunt that fact like a weirdo but it definitely makes me feel smug on the inside lol

No. 827553

I wish I could think like this about things, anon.

No. 827554

Over the last year and a half there’s been this little voice in my head that’s been telling me to become a Twitch streamer and I’m seriously starting to consider it.

No. 827555

Me with tiktok

No. 827561

Ever since I started recently I find immense pleasure when I floss and it unearths some chunk from between my teeth… diggin for gold

No. 827562

I know that feel, I kind of want to be a Vtuber with a cute avatar.

No. 827564

I want to start filming little YouTube videos.

No. 827565

That's my motivation for everything, nice to see someone like-minded kek

No. 827567

File: 1623378899098.jpeg (42.73 KB, 500x364, 4A5A3FDB-E3EF-402F-B4E2-BD60F3…)

In solidarity anons I say we all listen to the little voices in our heads and being our internet content creator careers. Godspeed

No. 827571

kek nta but as one of the rare flossers of the world I am gonna start feeling smug about this too. just forming a shit eating grin at the grocery store because look at all these npcs. do you even floss bro

No. 827597

I, for one, feel smug compared even to other flossers because I water floss and get to enjoy both superior cleaning (29% more effective than string for plaque removal, 51% more effective for reducing gingivitis) and an easier, comfier way to do it.

No. 827600

One of the reasons why I haven't killed myself yet is because I'm overweight and don't want to die while looking like that.

No. 827605

It also makes your chances of survival higher. Anons may joke about how Demi Lovato survived her od's because of her weight, but more weight does mean more pills in attempting a successful overdose and a lower likelihood of dying, a "healthy" or bigger body will reject the pills more easily than someone who's crackhead skinny

No. 827607

the year is 2021 and i still consider my style icons to be zoella and zooey deschanel

No. 827612

Same with Zooey. I naturally have a somewhat similar style, dark hair, bangs, pale skin etc so I gravitate towards her as somewhat achievable goals but unfortunately lack the main traits that make her so pretty (big blue eyes, voluminous hair, cute face/demeanor). I do kinda look like Jess when I wear glasses and curl it though.

No. 827614

I just wanna be Jess from New Girl

No. 827634

Whenever I talk to myself while on the computer I often imagine that I'm a streamer who is commentating on some issue or video. That includes when I play games and speak aloud I imagine ppl are watching me stream just so I don't feel so pathetic shouting at my computer.

No. 827655

I fucking hate the taste and texture of toothpaste so much. I hate how it sticks to my mouth for too long. I hate brushing my teeth for this reason honestly, even though I do.

No. 827666

crazy bitch hours where i get thoughts like "what if i held out on sex until my bf broke up with me to see how much he loves me?" i get thoughts like this 100x a month. surprised i've never acted on them.

No. 827676

what toothpaste are you using bby? is it maybe a sensory issue? might sound fucky but maybe ask a dentist or try kids toothpaste, it's at least flavoured better. apparently there's specific toothpaste for people with sensory issues:
I totally get it though, I throw up a lot of mornings because my gag reflex is so sensitive and it's all too much, the taste/sensation/saliva reaction.
hope you can sort it out anon, report back if you find anything good? defs avoid "sensitive" toothpastes like sensodyne cause I find the like, baking soda component or whatever it uses is really gritty and salty and the absolute worst. good luck!

it's intrusive thoughts and they fucking SUCK I feel for you anon. do you also get l'appel du vide/"call of the void"? it's pretty fucky and weird and an awful sensation

No. 827679

File: 1623396971907.png (1.28 MB, 916x701, ben and bonaparte.png)

I think napoleon Bonaparte and Ben Shapiro look similar, aside from Ben's nose being less sharp and his eyebrows being thicker

No. 827692

I'm scared of teenagers
and his eyes being smaller and lips being thinner

No. 827705

Napoleon looks closely like someone I know whos of Italian/French ancestry just like him Ben doesnt have that look in my opinionù

No. 827706

Walmart version then

No. 827868

I desperately wish I could water floss. My parents have one and I tried it but it tickles my front gums in the most uncomfortable way that I just can't do it lol

kek I'm excited to go to a dentist and not lie for once that yes, I do floss, but I also equally fear him possibly saying "do you? because your teeth still suck" lmao would be the biggest bruise to my flossing ego

No. 828065

I like to spy on my boyfriend to catch him doing naughty things, but he never does and I always feel very happy about it. I'm talking mission impossible level, watching him in very spy ways. I also just love seeing him exist. Even though I'm a shithead, he's great. I don't deserve him.

No. 828079

You're me.

No. 828104

How do you spy on him? Cameras?

No. 828328

I'm a pretty raging TERF but I still watch UNHHHH

No. 828330

No I just crawl on my hands and knees and watch him from the top of the stairs.

No. 828332

Same and i think i would wanna have a chit chat with katya, trixie seems kinda shitty

No. 828334

No. 828343

Yeah, me too, everything that i've seen from Katya makes it seem like just a pretty genuine guy who came from humble beginnings who can't blieve he got to where he is now. Don't know about Trixie though.
It's a YT series where two drag queens talk to each other. They're actually pretty entertaining which is why I stick around, but the libfems referring to them as 'she' and 'women' still make me roll my eyes.

No. 828354

Katya's absolutely fried and deramged yet sweet seeming brain just seems so interesting, agreed. Trixie did come from humble beginnings too but I am 95% sure he would fucking bully me.

No. 828387

Holy FUCKING shit anon you have saved my life. I cannot express to you how much I hate toothpaste, the mint is so painful and disgusting, every few months I get extra upset and spend time googling unflavoured toothpastes, somehow I've never seen this one before?? Omg I'm going to get a new toothbrush to celebrate too. Can I make you a cake?

No. 828396

He probably would but it seems pretty obvious to me how all the rudeness, workaholism, narcissism and dismissiveness comes from a place of deep insecurity, so I would find it hard to take it that personally. I'm kind of surprised they're friends, trixie seems like he would be a social climber too, and katya is too chill to care.

Me too but there's lots about gay male culture I enjoy, mostly historical. I don't know who I'd be without John Waters.

No. 828411

I know this is old but this is me with Latale

No. 828532

This is probably going to be the most bizarre thing I've posted on LCF, but here goes.

I have trichotillomania, which is basically an addiction to hair-pulling. When I was a kid, I used to pull my eyelashes and eyebrows. At one point it was so bad I only had one eyebrow. However, when I went through puberty, I began pulling the hair on my groin instead. In the beginning I just pulled the hair outside the bikini line, but as time went on I began pulling more and more. By the time I was 20, I pulled all of it off. Not by waxing, mind you– it was individually with tweezers.

Every day, I spend about half an hour in the bathroom just tweezing hair. I can't resist doing it– I'll pull it even if it's just stubble. I'm desensitized to the pain to the point that doing it almost feels good. I imagine the follicles are damaged to the point that the hair will never grow back normally. The particularly weird thing is that I don't do it to any other part of my body– it's just my pubic hair. I shave my legs and underarms once a week and I only tweeze my eyebrows to shape them. I've never pulled the hair on my head, either. I think I've subconsciously gravitated towards pulling from my bikini area because it's a place no one sees, so it's easy to hide the habit.

If anyone knows how to kick trichotillomania, I'd love to hear it.

No. 828542

Unfortunately ripping out my eyelashes is the one tic I've yet to truly beat. I used to pluck my leg hairs by hand, but I eased up on that over time. I fell into a vicious cycle with my eyelashes though: my eyelashes fall into my eyes constantly, and I immediately go to start pulling them as if the problem is that they're bending backwards into my eye. Despite this scenario almost never happening, it's so hard to shake the habit, and the more I do it, the more debris falls into my eyes.
The best advice I could offer if you're stationary and very consciously pulling out hairs like that is to find ways to stay mobile when you begin feeling the urge. Once I began pacing frequently many of my tics became a lot less controlling. just from getting wrapped up in my own locomotion and mind.

No. 828543

I do the exact same thing, but never knew it would be considered trich. To me it's just good ol' fun with a nice end result. I grew out my armpit hair to start plucking there one day too, but ended up just keeping the hair for the past few years instead.

No. 828544

i had this problem as a child and spent 4 years plucking my eyelashes clean of hair. somehow i managed to hide it for a few years before admitting it was something i was doing to myself and didnt know why. eventually i stopped doing it and somewhere in that time transitioned to picking at my skin and hair follicles. i mainly pick at whiteheads but im a public hair head picker too- i think its just something about the way it feels in the skin tissue. self harm is equated with feelings of euphoria that releases mild adrenaline after injury. i dont do it conciously to self harm but ive had the thought cross my mind that it might have to do with the deeper horomones released by the body but idk. hope you find help bc its been a long journey for me and here i am lol.

No. 828546

I am also a hair puller and the only thing I found to help me stop was keeping it in a bun. Can't pull the unpullaable, right?

Anyways, my arms have bald spots now.

No. 828553

I started pulling at 11. I've pulled from everywhere, went through different cycles of where I 'chose' to pull from. Tbh I'm nearing 20 years of this shit and the closest I can get to improving is where you're at.. I pick the least visible spot and try to only allow myself that one area.

I pulled from my head and had patches before. I pull lashes alot and my eyelids often swell and are irritated from it. Pubes is such an improvement from any of that. Its so insanely hard to stop completely but sticking to only plucking unwanted hair is a good rule to start with. Beyond that I don't know.

No. 828569

I'm so glad anon!! make yourself a cake and celebrate with the new brush and paste my love.
genuinely FUCK YEAH cause sensory shit is so hard to explain/find workarounds for so I'm happy if it helped! update us with the results if you can!

No. 828580

When I read something that angers me I flip off my screen for a good five seconds then move on.

No. 828649

I just dropped another 400 bucks on oxycontin on the deepweb. I had taken a break for about seven months but my cat died and here I am again. Abloo

No. 828749

3 years ago I went through a break up. I was cheated on and my already low confidence plummeted. I moved away and have led a fairly reclusive life ever since. My new town is full of old people. Today I got talking to a guy at a train station. Turned out we were heading to the same place (home) and we talked for the entire hour that we were waiting as we both were just stupidly early for our train. Then we sat together and talked the whole journey. Turns out he both lives and works around the corner from me. My house is bang between his apt and his work. He seemed keen to get to know me. I never get out or talk to people so it was a weird chance meeting where the conversation flowed. I'm an anxious recluse and he's traveled half the world but we hit it off anyway.

I don't want to get ahead of myself here. Going from hardly talking to anyone under the age of 60 to having this guy tell me his life story and chat away seamlessly for hours.. I could get very carried away so I hope I'm not reading into something that's not there. This could be very good or very bad.

No. 828759

I actually like face masks because they allow me to laugh and smile and people can't see my crooked nose and fucked up teeth. It's so good, I'll be a little sad when no one will wear them anymore. I feel a lot more confident now kek

No. 828762

I mean, did he genuinely seem interested in you? Did he ask any questions? Or did he just talk about himself. If he just talked about himself, don’t bother. If he was interested in you, then I’d say keep an open mind. We’re numbers exchanged? Social media?

Kek I also enjoy the masks. I’m not ugly but I have social anxiety/ptsd and the masks help sooo much. People approach me less with the big sunglasses/mask combo. My state is about to drop the mask in most places in a couple days and I’m happy but also sad about it.

No. 828768

He asked all about me and was very open in telling me the good and bad about himself. We're both 32 so there was alot to go over. No number exchange but it's a tiny town and we now know which house each of us is in. He said he'd knock for me one of the days.

His fam are all in this town so I think that at least cuts the risk of him messing me around or using me. It'd be shitting on your own doorstep if he was like that. Worst case it's just platonic and I imagined more. He did talk about star signs tho.. which to me screams searching for compatibility

No. 828769

mom would be sad

No. 828772

my confession is that i don't know what eurovision is and it's too late to ask

No. 828774

Annual show where every European country hosts a singing contest

No. 828775

I don’t know what trans or detrans people’s voices sound like (I don’t know any and don’t pay attention to them online), but women with deeper voices are great! I’m sure that most people don’t even think about it much past their initial reaction to the unexpected deepness in your voice.

No. 828776

kek if you're being genuine it's a yearly music competition where countries from europe (and outside it like australia and israel, for some reason) compete with each other

my confession is that i finally realized the reason why i was obsessed with a woman working in my preschool (sorry ESL, she wasn't a teacher but rather someone who took care of the kids there) is because i had a crush on her…i think. obviously kids can have crushes already when they're six, and even on adults? right?

No. 828777

I am also cautious like that anon, but he sounds cute.

No. 828780

EBU countries participate to be exact, aussies can attend because they whined enough.

No. 828783

AYRT -Also an oldfag kek But the whole idea that he will just knock on your door is cute. I’d keep an interest just don’t let your loneliness and insecurities fog any red flags. Good luck anon!

No. 828797

File: 1623516062026.jpg (38.86 KB, 473x1024, 1623515302295m (1).jpg)

ı found the new look of nick bate attractive and hot.

No. 828799

>kids can have crushes already when they're six, and even on adults? right?
kek, yes anon, it's absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. One of my first crushes was basically half the cast of Rocky Horror Picture Show when I was 6 (no, I don't know why my parents thought it was appropriate for me to watch that movie at my age, but strangely enough most people I've talked to have seen the movie at a super young age too). It's a normal thing that happens. It's only a problem when the adult starts to reciprocate those feelings, obviously.

This feels like a selfpost mate

No. 828805

I have been without sex so long even middle aged men from my work start to look tempting. Fml.

No. 828808

File: 1623516945397.jpeg (42.07 KB, 394x394, 1622334667459.jpeg)

I'm absolutely devastated. I went to the doctor expecting to have lost weight, turns out I gained 16 pounds. I feel so awful. The worst part is, when I was at my "highest", I swore that I would absolutely not gain past that. Now I'm 16 past it. Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

I won't cry because this is my fault and I deserved it. I've been so stressed lately, baking cookies every night and eating ice cream. It's all good. I will lose it. I just have to… Keep pushing, I guess.

No. 828810

File: 1623517386490.jpeg (29.93 KB, 500x217, 6C444DC2-8E6F-471B-8479-0DCBF1…)

I know that feel, nonnie.
I went to the doctor thinking I was finally losing some weight, now I’m 104 kilos. At least I’m finally doing something about it, but it hurts reaching a higher weight.

No. 828817

Damn Anon. I would have done the same, I’m so attached to my cat. I’m sorry for your loss.

No. 828818

Since I’ve started meds, last year, I’ve gained ~10kgs. I feel so tired and unable to lose any more weight. I’m lucky “thiccness” is a meme because otherwise I’d be so much more devastated. I wish I could just cut my gut out

No. 828886

My fiancée and I went to a nudist beach today and it was surprisingly good. Once I got past the initial awkwardness it felt amazing to be basking in the sun nude. I got a few comments on my tattoos which made me feel a bit weird but the people there are just very open and friendly, they were making small talk to put us at ease I think, as we were kinda obviously fish out of water at the start. Only downside was some weird guy watching me and my fiancée kiss but that's nothing new to the lesbian experience, moids are gonna moid. My only wish is that there was a female only nudist beach to go to.

No. 828893

me, my gf, and my roommate despise our other roommate so we poured wine and ashes in her cactus plant while drunk. it hadn't been growing for as long as i've lived here so i was like damn let's put it out of its misery. it sprouted a new growth immediately and grows longer every damn day

No. 828896

tf i just checked on another plant of hers. it was also dying so drunkenly, again, i sabotaged it by snapping it in half and it grew another leaf. i'm bad at this sabotage thing

No. 828897

Shit bitch what did those plants do to you

No. 828898

a female only nude beach sounds awesome. and probably the only way I'd even consider going to one tbh

No. 828899

grow the fuck up. this is ridiculous cow behavior

No. 828904

she has, in my sight right now, 18 dying plants. i hate looking at them.
yes ma'am o7

No. 828906

I’m sick of having to smile and be happy for everyone around me, when they have things I want and I’m unhappy. I want to just cut ties with everyone and be a jealous bitch by myself.

No. 828931

File: 1623530989540.jpg (18.68 KB, 275x213, 1522771504181.jpg)

the danish soccer man almost dying on the field today scared me and i had a little cry while watching it

No. 828944

It was scary, I'm glad he's alright.

No. 828950

it was so scary and i felt so bad seeing his gf(?) out there and the coaches shaking their heads to each other like, holy shit glad he is okay or at least alive. i wonder what it was, a heart attack or something neurological?

No. 828976

I accidentally guilted someone who was in the drive thru line in front of me into paying for my meal, but they were just sitting at the fucking wrong speaker for five minutes while I kept motioning them. should I really feel bad?

No. 828982

i constantly fantasize about killing. i know i would never do it but its relentless

No. 828991

File: 1623539897361.jpg (114.9 KB, 1220x713, download.jpg)

I had a few drinks Friday night after staying away from alcohol for months. Ended up with some holes in my memory, and I have so much anxiety over it. I didn't even do anything too out of the ordinary, but I still feel like an absolute retard.

I hate the anxiety that comes with blacking out, but life is also so stressful that when I'm sober I constantly think about and wish I could get wasted.

No. 828993

I would never have paid for your meal if I were them. they were simply nice folk, enjoy and don't worry nonnie

No. 829142

tbf I had no idea what was going on so I feel bad in hindsight bc I kept gesturing them to pull forward to the next ordering station. basically the employee told me there was some kind of issue with ordering so it's probably not the persons fault. was a nice thing of them to do, thanks random stranger

No. 829166

It's really fucked up to think about the amount of disgusting and depraved images/videos one can find on the internet (not even the darknet, just regular shit you could find off a Google search). Like it's just very strange to me that with a few clicks I can watch a guy dismember and cannabalize and rape the corpse of the man he just killed, watch victims of cartels be tortured to death in the most horrifying ways, see 10 year old isis children behead people in high definition, some slavs bash a guys face in with a hammer till he's dead, etc etc…really the only horrific sort of material you can't find some of on the regular web is cp (and thank god for that), but it's still disturbing that it's so incredibly easy to find it on the deep web. I have literally stumbled across links to cp websites while browsing on Tor, and I sure as hell wasn't looking for anything like that.

I guess this belongs here and not the vent thread because I admit that ive watched everything I've mentioned, besides the cp obviously. I'm so desensitized to gore at this point, I ought to put it to use and become a mortician or something.

No. 829287

I haven't saw that much extreme stuff but even just shitting about on reddit I've saw death and gore. Even my brothers friends share videos like that through WhatsApp and have forwarded it to me for shock value. I try not to watch any of it because if i do I always get super depressed the weeks following. Like this lethargic state. I can't compartmentalise it and it freaks me out that people I consider normal watch it. When I was on twitter and any videos like that would come up, I'd report. Even in fb feeds. I don't browse either now.

It scares me how desensitised people get to it. Like the people in the videos behind the violence, how'd they get there. Where's the line that crosses you into commiting that violence and how do we stop it? Why can't we all just get along!

No. 830338

File: 1623711010917.jpg (19.83 KB, 549x412, sad beer.jpg)

I was groomed online when I was 13 and my parents don't know. I want to quit the Internet but I'm addicted and need to use it for my work

No. 830359

i was kinda mean online yesterday and i feel bad about it.

No. 830362

…… So you came to lolcow?

No. 830365

it's okay nonita. don't worry

No. 830425

Not sure if it was a heart attack but it was cardiovascular, he was told chances are he'll never play again. Very sad, also really fucked up they decided to keep playing instead of cancelling.

No. 830444


How do you watch that stuff without feeling numb ? The few snuff films I watched, I just felt nothing but in a weird empty sort of way.. I avoid it all together because that's not enjoyable.

No. 830446


Probably you feel ashamed because people always say lesbians are just women who haven't found the right guy and you've proven that stereotype..

No. 830479

I'm glad the birth rate is falling and percent of people who are virgins is going up

No. 830520

I play online pictionary just because I want compliments on my drawings. I do it all the time

No. 830908

File: 1623771860133.jpg (32.87 KB, 400x519, vincent-van-gogh-final-paintin…)

I can tell precisely when I'm having a depressive episode by how desperately I seek out porn (sorry lc radfems I love y'all)

No. 830912

same, nothing wrong with that!

No. 830915

My boyfriend is a swimmer, very fit and always posts half naked photos of himself on instagram. I hate it when he does that so I always report them for bullying and self-harm.

No. 830918

Have you asked him to stop doing that?

No. 830920

No. 830922

This made my fucking day, I love you

No. 830923

Heard some gossip that my ex saw some pictures of me and my partner and apparently she's "upset" that I look much better now and feels insecure that I'm dating a more attractive woman (her words, not mine). I don't even feel sorry for her tbh, I feel like maybe I should feel bad for her but I just can't bring myself to. I'm actually quite smug about it, like yeah, no shit I look better now, I'm not majorly depressed with a bitch for a gf who makes me feel inferior for being a lesbian, ugly for being butch, and on top of that has to constantly flex that I'm a stupid high school dropout and she's getting her masters degree. I find it very telling that of all the words she could've used to describe her feelings she chose "upset". It's a negative thing for her to see me doing well in life because it goes against everything she ever told me about how I'd end up. Well, tough shit. I'm hot, sexy and thriving.

No. 830926

Lmfao anon why can't you just tell him?

No. 830928

Yes I told him that I don't like it but then he always trivializes it aka "Oh but everyone does it" & "But I am proud of my body!11!"
He also always posts videos working out. I really cannot fucking stand it. I am anxious about every woman that likes his pictures and always count the likes - I even have a secret account where I follow all of the other women that like his pictures so I can see if he liked one of their pictures (thank god he never liked on of their pictures).
I also find it kinda cringey - I mean who the fuck cares about his stupid workout routine you are not Chris Heria calm tf down

No. 830942

This sounds like you problem anon; if the roles were reversed and it was your bf reporting your pics and telling you what youre not allowed to post on your social media all the anons would tell you to dump him because it's a toxic and abusive behavior.

No. 830954

I don't think I would ever post half naked pictures of myself in the first place since it's tacky but that's just my opinion.
Also I overheard him and his friends talking badly about a friends older sister who posted revealing photos of herself on instagram. So it's okay when he does it and I am upset about it but not okay when she does it??
Well, what do you guys want me to do? I hate it and it makes me paranoid.

No. 830955

See a therapist and work on your self confidence; him posting photos of his physique he worked hard on should not feel like a threat to your relationship.

No. 830957

a scrote forbidding a woman from posting revealing pictures is never going to be the same as a woman forbidding her scrote from attention whoring. Not that I don't think anon has bigger issues at play but let's not get crazy here.

No. 830961

Your boyfriend is either an attention whore that constantly needs validation or I'd consider it evidence of pre-cheating behavior.

It's inconsiderate unless you're a model or a legit athlete.

No. 830963

break up then babe or develop a feeder fetish and get him fat

No. 830965

>I overheard him and his friends talking badly about a friends older sister who posted revealing photos of herself on instagram.
scrote behavior. sounds like a winner nonna.

No. 830968

Nta, and I get why anon feels the way she does, but I really don't think someone who is into fitness posting pictures of their body (especially while working out) is pre/micro-cheating.

No. 830974

Regardless of whether it's okay he's posting half naked pics of himself, you do realize your behaviour isn't normal right? Like falsely reporting his pictures to get them taken down and obsessively stalking the accounts that interact with him is not healthy. You desperately need to work on your selfesteem.

No. 830980

Call him out, he's a hypocrite.

No. 830994

u do realize thats not a good thing right??

No. 831008

Integrate, summer child

No. 831015

This brutish, sometimes-creepy friend of a friend just got left by the woman he's been dating online and I couldn't be more filled with a salacious glee. She was well off, had a strong network of friends and family, and seemed to have many things in life go in her favor. Then the second actor approaches, the beastly man who somehow would get to be a part of it. I've never had such cattiness inside of me but this felt well deserved.

He whined to us about her the other day and called her a bitch after telling us she no longer had romantic feelings for him and was depressed, as well as lonely after having moved. This is a woman he once said he could see himself building a life with. He won't even go see her after she welcomed him to come on friendly terms. I don't care to reach out to her but I hope she doesn't let herself be guilted back into their affair. For now I'll delight in how vindicated I am.

No. 831057

u do realize that birthrates going up is equally not a good thing right??

No. 831113

I wish I was a male.

No. 831124


No. 831137

This is so damn mean but the fact that it sprouted and keeps growing longer makes me laugh out loud, holy fuck

No. 831144

I hope you ignore anyone who says his behavior is ok or you should get ocer it or w/e. Posting tons of selfies is just demented imo no matter who does it. Its jist vanity and insecurity on blazing display. Regardless of who they are or w/e i couldnt date someone who did that.

No. 831155

Question is whether he's been like this before anon started dated him or only began after. If the latter, the concern is reasonable, if the former - she is in the wrong because she willingly walked into it herself.

No. 831161

I sort of agree, but also, i would more understand someone posting pics like that if they're single. but i would kinda expect them to mostly stop posting sexy flex pics in a relationship unless theyre like a public fitness figure.

No. 831165

Thank you for your kind answers, nonas. We've been together for three years now, he always had an instagram account where he posted normal stuff normies normally post.
He started to post half-naked pictures ca. 6 months ago. I did not like any of the pictures and also never tried to have this conversation again bc i didn't want to start an argument again that would end with him trivializing the situation, defending everything and not even trying to listen to my opinion or feelings towards the situation. I feel like this is not the only thing that has been bothering me. I cannot even remember that we ever had an argument without him doing this and I am tired of always having to hide and eat up my feelings when I am dissatisfied. But how do I even argue with him and make him listen to me?

No. 831168

Fr. My dad was just zapping and we see everyone is standing up and people are crying in the stands… thank god he seems alright.

No. 831179

He's can also be very patronizing sometimes since I am not good with arguments or words (I would make a SHIT tier lawyer) or voicing my opinion since I come from a household where I had to keep my emotions and opinions bottled up to not enrage a freakdown of my parents.
How do I break this, become more confident, not back down and argue like a real person?

No. 831197

Thanks for giving us more background, while I stand by my therapy advice in general, I understand your concern now and you have every right to be concerned after all, since it's kinda sudden change of behavior for him and such attention seeking in relationship is a normal source of concern. If he refuses to address your concerns and continues being vain, it's a valid reason to break up with him. I'm sorry if I made you doubt yourself without knowing the full context

No. 831217

I’m in a big discord server and there’s 2 girls in there that I really admire, I want them to like me so badly. They can’t stand each other and are always catty when they interact so I try to limit my simping in the server to when one is asleep. Sometimes they both turn out to be online and I feel bad cause they can see I’m being friendly with them both.

Am I retarded? Yes. But I’m also a very lonely lesbian.

No. 831225

I have a hard time being mean to women. Even if I say something justified in defense or anger it makes me feel guilty. I'll talk shit about men all day though.

No. 831226

>implying the roles would ever be reversed because unlike most men, women are considerate of their partner's feelings and the seriousness of the relationship
Not to mention society judges the fuck out of women who post lewds while they're in relationships.
At least we could assume the scrote would be just acting jealous and throwing a hissy fit about his girlfriend showing cleavage, not a topless "fitness" pic kek.

No. 831278

File: 1623806532521.jpeg (89.2 KB, 749x866, 3D2E8560-0B52-4B6A-B099-6AEB0A…)

I wish I had a headless scrote as a friend to carry around with me like a purse.

No. 831298

I always have this fantasy of a male genocide. Years down the line when the population is mostly female and we only keep around a set number of healthy trained moids just to avoid going extinct. Main problem I can see from that is the eventual low gene pool.

No. 831308

Have you ever read Y the last man?

No. 831309

Sidenote, but that part of Lollipop Chainsaw was kinda cool. Too bad the heroine is still objectified. scrotes don't get they are not subverting anything if they still are sexualising female characters. He should have her fully dressed (or downplayed the cheerleader costume) and kept the bf as a sexy, half-naked miniature man (like a living Ken doll) if that was his idea lol.

No. 831315

I want to Troon out

No. 831316

No but I just read the synopsis, pls don't tell me it gets fixed

No. 831320

Even at the height of my pickme days, I still thought this game was big retarded and obnoxious. People still care about this lmao?? This is almost a decade old too.

No. 831322

Never did much, but anon brought up repressed memories

No. 831384

I really need to stop watching Handmaid's Tale, it makes me fantasize about attacking the shit out of my stepdad

No. 831401

good, keep watching it

No. 831417

File: 1623830928170.jpeg (186.42 KB, 750x733, 1614552598569.jpeg)

I'm addicted to refreshing this website and it has to stop. If anyone sees me on here for the next couple days, tell me to leave.

No. 831421

you and me both

No. 831423

get out of here

No. 831434

i asked my boss for permission to come in an hour early so i could get a headstart on my work (i do physical labour). instead i spend my hour alone in the store on my phone. for example : right now.

No. 831442

I’m afraid of driving. Just thinking about it stresses me out and I feel guilty about it. Honestly if I could I’d hire a personal driver or just move somewhere with good public transportation. If I told told my family this I feel they would look at me as a coward

No. 831445

I get angry and physically cringe when anyone (on lc and in real life but tbh mostly on lc) says "babe/babes". I just hate how it sounds. Doesn't matter who says it or what the context is.

No. 831447

I hate baby way more, it's both childish and sickeningly sweet.

That said my confession is that I love being on the receiving end of casual, platonic pet names and am a sucker for them coming from men or women of any age. Stuff like darl, hon, sweetie, love, etc. I'm really shy so the confidence it takes to use terms of endearments with people you don't necessarily know well always impresses me, and it feels nice to hear even though I know a lot of people find it condescending.

No. 831449

The driving school I went to had foot pedals in the passenger seat that the instructor could control. Good luck anon

No. 831452

Me too. I hate driving. I'm not good at it. I've had my license for almost ten years and I'm still not comfortable driving on a highway or anywhere unfamiliar. I hate that driving is considered an essential part of adult life and anyone who doesn't drive must be childish/retarded. Fuck off humans did not evolve to pilot a metal box at 50-100km/hour every single day I am not weird or defective for struggling with it.

No. 831457

You guys should move to some big city and just rely on public transport; I think it's reasonable to be afraid of driving and people who are not confident shouldn't feel forced to do it. I'm eurofag and it's in no way an expectation for adults here, I know a lot of adults without a driving licence and it's completely normal.

No. 831460

Sorry you feel that way babes

No. 831461

Driving is scary but people who dont drive (and dont have access to good public transport) usually end up overly reliant on other people who do drive, or spending absurd amounts on ubers. That is childish/retarded compared to just sucking it up and building your confidence driving more.

No. 831482

I like having body hair (and keeping it groomed of course) but I shave because I don't want to be called dirty or ugly by random people and family members.

No. 831503

File: 1623843752245.jpeg (32.77 KB, 500x375, plz-stop-post.jpeg)

Same, and my confession is that I posted in the lolcow graduation thread about how I was going to quit coming here but I only lasted a week. Old habits die hard.

No. 831506

File: 1623844500428.png (588 KB, 750x450, image0.png)

Yeah, I posted to that thread too. I downloaded a chrome extension to block websites, I blocked this one for a 1000 hours for a start, and eventually deleted the whole extension (that was blocking multiple websites for me) because I wanted to come here so much. It's an illness.

No. 831507

Same confession kek this place is too entertaining. I assume I will get out when I start going out again, in my country we're still in quarantine so I'm extremely bored

No. 831508

I listen to Hello Kitty by Avril Lavigne so often that I can't even claim it's ironic anymore

No. 831509

i remember my ex best friend used to openly boast about how "when they drive, they're going to go under the speed limit, it's just safer". imo certain people SHOULDN'T be on the road, regardless of how comfortable they feel. you're right though, the ones that don't drive (her) tend to mooch off their friends that do have wheels.

No. 831526

Hi babe

No. 831530

>You guys should move to some big city and just rely on public transport.

Makes complete sense. If they’re burgers, public transport in our country is absolute shit unless you live in expensive states known for their subway transportation like New York. Petition to give eurofags daily LC curfews from posting their ignorant opinions

No. 831535

How is that ignorant? Move to europe or shut up

No. 831540

The OPs didn't say they were burgers or that there are no cities in their country with public transport, so how is it ignorant to offer that suggestion?
t. someone who lives in the city so that they have never had to learn how to drive

No. 831550

>Petition to give eurofags daily LC curfews from posting their ignorant opinions
>How is that ignorant? Move to europe or shut up
Absolutely based eurofags. How the tables have turned

No. 831560

NY is way worse tbh. Too many crazies and creeps on their subway.

No. 831611

I am american, and I can tell neither of you have used much less relied on public transit in your lives. I live in a midsize noncoastal city with no subway, and the city bus system is perfectly adequate for my daily needs. Plus there's uber now for one off trips.

Can car driving suburban american losers please stop acting like they speak for the rest of us? Our cities are lovely.

No. 831612

Which city u live in? Cause Houston has shit public transport

No. 831616

>I don't have bad experiences so it doesn't happen

No. 831617

Most south west and south east cities tend to have shitty public transport I've noticed which is weird considering people who live in those cities tend to complain the most about gas prices but don't do anything to fix it and continue using tons of gas by taking jobs hours away, leaving during rush hour, just "going for a drive", etc

No. 831618

I just did unspeakable things to a ramune bottle. DIY dildo-chan is with me in spirit today

No. 831622

Oh my god anon. How did it feel?

No. 831623

Omg that shit w the ball in it? Lmfaooooooooo

No. 831630

File: 1623856970912.jpg (55.69 KB, 620x348, abject-destruction.jpg)

it was…alright. I wouldnt do it again… I think I'm just gonna stop being fucking weird and go buy a normal dildo now.

No. 831632

texas doesnt even have a modern power grid apparently so i dont think anywhere in texas counts as a real city regardless of size.

this is an astute observation. it is this way hecause those are red states that dont invest in public transit, and their republican voting inhabitants are car driving mongoloids.

thank you for the feedback - i will amend my previous statement to "Our cities in blue/purple states are lovely". Red state governments actively ruin their own cities so they probably are shitty. But i wouldnt live in a red state because, you know, a million reasons, so…idk, if you were born there and you're still stuck then thats sad i guess.

No. 831633

>Our cities in blue/purple states are lovely
still disagree as someone who grew up in NY

No. 831639


No. 831719

Name it "iamanewfag", Erika

No. 831720


No. 831723

did i break i rule or something?

No. 831724

Just learn to integrate js

No. 831725

MAAM this is embarrassing

No. 831729

i really thought people were actually gonna be nice here.. nvm. welp

No. 831730

You did, please read the rules at the bottom of the page and lurk a bit more

No. 831731

Shut up hoe

No. 831735

File: 1623865339579.jpg (51.36 KB, 512x512, unnamed.jpg)

No. 831737

File: 1623865437039.gif (2 MB, 390x271, 1455146222827.gif)

>i really thought people were actually gonna be nice here
where do you think you are?

No. 831740

I like my body hair too ! For my legs I just wear tights everywhere but if you’re somewhere hot that might suck.

No. 831742

This is an anonymous gossip imageboard.

No. 831746

Sometimes I'm not sure whether I meme'd myself into being a lesbian because when I first declared that I was bisexual back in middle school there was definitely a big part of me just trying to be quirky and special. I wonder if deep down I really was aware of it.

No. 831754

as a toddler I thought I had discovered scotland

No. 831755

No. 831760

When I'm washing my face or hair in the shower, I still get scared when I have to close my eyes to rinse my face. I always have to pull back the curtain and make sure nothing is there. What us it about showers that make me feel so vulnerable? Also I'm still a tiny bit scared of the dark

No. 831786

im super jealous of how much money shayna gets for doing the bare minimum. im eastern european so that kind of money is enviable in my case. i stream on twitch and some months i earn a lot but that takes a lot of effort and mental strength contrary to popular belief. i sometimes wish i had no morals and could do the gross shit shayna does just so i wouldnt have to sweat like a hooker in church every time i buy something remotely nice for myself and wonder if it's gonna impact my monthly expenses. judge me nonas

No. 831790

Damn you wanna be coddled eh?

No. 831800

she will suffer more in the long-run. anyway there’s a conspiracy that her parents are still giving her money.

No. 831808

recently got the 'ick' with a guy I was seeing. It was a longtime coming tbh, his dick is really tiny/thin and I was getting SO tired of faking my orgasms. Trying to explain to him what I liked and how didn't help, and the way he views sex is so… Not my vibe. 0 passion, completely. Everyday I wake up thinking of ways to break up with him but I know for a fact he'll blow the fuck up because he thinks I'm his 'dream girl' (cringe as shit). Going to probably do it when he comes back from vacation and I'm really looking forward to being single again.

No. 831815

Do it while he's on vacation. Don't feel bad. Don't give him closure. You said you know he's going to blow up at you, and he couldn't be assed to listen to your needs during the relationship, so why bother listening to his sniveling? Unless you just want to be there to witness the cringe, in which case, report back with details.

No. 831858

I don't think I've ever fully got over my mother issues. Nearly every partner I've had has, to some extent, performed a maternal role in my life. The older women I've dated have been the most obvious mother figures but even now with my partner being the same age as me I realise that sometimes she's very maternal with me… or maybe she's just caring and I'm a fucking freak who perceives basic acts of kindness as motherly love. Someone please just take me out back and put a bullet in me already.

No. 831907

can't wait for my grandma to kick the mf bucket!!

No. 831925

I'm >>827436 and I do know myself it's not the case, as I'd found out I'm bisexual quite a while before I even got to know the guy I'm with, but I can't say that's not part of the reason I feel kinda ashamed because… Well, it indeed is part of the reason. Not like I "proved them right" because it's not finding the "right guy" which led me to be bisexual, but men are dumb and would perceive it like that anyway and use it against whatever lesbian they meet.
When I came out as lesbian I was about 13-14 and now I think it was too early to even know what I was talking about really well, and never had a second thought about it for about a decade for reasons like 1. I am indeed more attracted to women than men (yes, even now); 2. Pride, pretty much and 3. I was sexually abused as a child and just didn't really know how much it affected me back then.
I just didn't feel well keeping on lying to myself and not accepting I'm actually bisexual, but accepting it myself and really saying it to everybody that know me for years is another thing entirely.
Part of me thinks this is just a dumb thing to be worried about but I can't help it

No. 831935

why anon?

No. 831995

File: 1623892574297.jpg (62.33 KB, 500x700, 5e9728ed049370ebdfee433321989c…)

A few days ago I had a dream that I was an amazing artist and that honestly gave me more motivation to study art than anything else as of late

No. 832024

I can never decide how i want to live. On the one hand i love nature and trees and being remote. On the other hand i love being in cafés and bookstores and museums and have always fantasized about living somewhere urban like new york.

No. 832060

I steal from the good will and salvation army

No. 832069

I sent my friend an anonymous gift card to her fav store for no reason (other than I love her but don't want her to feel bad for taking it)

No. 832106

I can't wait for the inevitable GC or SW infight and the surge of newfags going "omg i didn't expect you gals on some anonymous mongolian basket weaving forum to be so terfish/swerfish uwu", and am really looking forward to the shitshow it might cause.

No. 832158

i think i'm developing a foreskin fixation

No. 832165

I love parents dearly (especially my mom) and it will crush me to lose their presence and support. At the same time, I do day dream about when they'll die cause holy shit they are loaded (like 1% types). Rationally, I understand that having fat stacks and a '75 Charger will not feel better than having two loving parents, but I keep fantasizing.

No. 832182

Kek just imagining them seething when they get the notice that they're banned after trying to post their essay about how and why sex work empowers them and their "besties".

No. 832192

KEK same

No. 832204

Honestly, I don't give a shit about most people's problems. I don't want to hear them talk about how anxious and depressed they are. I'm mostly sick of these two particular people in my life constantly coming to me about how miserable they are, each time I just roll my eyes and want to ignore them. I only respond because I know I have to and I feel like a shitty person for even feeling this way to begin with. At the same time I also am tired of being their free therapist especially when I'm going through my own shit.

No. 832209

No one really texts me first so I made the habit of periodically texting everyone in my contacts just to check in with them. One of my friends confessed that he was about to kill himself before he got my message, and he says my text saved him (TL;DR version of the story). I am really glad to have him around still as I wouldn't be able to live with that, but it kinda bothers me to be this "beacon" for him. I don't know how to put it, I'm sure he isn't trying anything shady/making me feel responsible but it weighs on me to be a savior in his eyes. He is just a bit socially inept and I'm a bit autistic so I don't think he would understand that. I'm terribly insecure and it makes me sad I cannot do more. This texting thing happened like 4 years ago, but he still holds me up to a standard I am not.

No. 832217

Sounds like it could've been completely accidental. You sound like a good friend, people rarely take initiative nowadays, even with as much as sending a little message first. I know the whole "you saved my life" thing is big but think of it as of being in the right place at the right time, not any additional responsibility.

No. 832241

she's just a fucked up woman who harassed my mother for years until she became too old and feeble to stop. would spread shit about my mother being too ugly for my dad, her son. would purposefully walk in on my parents having sex and would later call my mum a whore/slut. gave my mother depression throughout her first few pregnancies, made fun of her when she had miscarriages and told her she was praying for more. tried to strangle my sister when she was a kid. locked my sister out of the house for no reason several times. the only reason she doesn't do any of this shit anymore is because she's heavily medicated and in her 90s. she's always lived with us because of my culture's dumb fucking rules about looking after your elders and she's a parasite. still i feel bad about wishing she'd pass away but our lives would all be so much better

No. 832251

Thank you nona, I think that's a very good viewpoint to go "a coincidence in the right time". Also thank you for your kind words.

No. 832253

File: 1623924866827.gif (460.79 KB, 245x261, Pah0sq4.gif)

Girl same, it's insane how some people presume other people's willingness to be their emotional dumping ground. The few people like this in my circles are also overly sensitive, which comes with the anxiety-depression package deal, and they tend to react badly to any response. They just want to be coddled constantly, whereas my response is usually like picrel

No. 832301

File: 1623933411390.jpg (30.83 KB, 500x375, Qnu_gR2LRSXuf2J5woEI_F1nwzxQOA…)

I wanted some comfort food so I got a double quarter pounder with cheese from McDonalds and now my heart feels weird. If I listen carefully enough I can hear my cardiologist banging his head against his desk. It should be illegal to be this stupid.

No. 832478

I wanna get laid but I don’t want to pursue anyone for sex.

No. 832482

Just go on tinder or stand outside of a bar

No. 832484

same. i'm terrified even thinking about it but feel at the same time i need it kek

No. 832507

coddle my pussy pls anon

No. 832784

I only groom for the worthy. Everyone else can get bent lol.

No. 832790

Anon that’s precious

No. 832792

Based. Razornazis suck my hairy toe.

No. 832794

File: 1623977106036.jpg (934.44 KB, 939x633, ipreenforsatan.jpg)

No. 832799

second. he needs a permanent vacation if your his dream girl and he can't make you cream. if you're his dream girl only bc of his wet dreams. pls no. get yours.

No. 832819

Almost fucked my best friend earlier today, we were working from home at his place and ended up cuddling and feeling each other up. We decided it was a bad idea, but the tension and how badly we wanted it and how off-limits it felt made it extremely hot.

No. 832825

That's hot

No. 832852

Jesus, that's a lot of bad shit. I think I would feel similarly if I were in your situation. My ex's mom died of a drug overdose and while it was incredibly sad, she had been putting a lot of pressure on my ex for years about their life choices, and I honestly think that in the end her death brought more catharsis than pain.

No. 832917

need this with woman rn

No. 832919

I wish I was you anon

No. 832923

File: 1623995401133.png (178.16 KB, 500x375, o1_500.png)

I unironically miss when yowapedal was popular on tumblr.

No. 832954

File: 1623998972333.jpeg (1.62 MB, 1375x1557, B7713C15-BE0B-4E07-ABB0-25D23D…)

God same, those were the golden days and this man was my everything.

No. 832959

I was reminiscing about this earlier too kek. To this day no fujo sports anime hits the spot for me like Yowapedal did.

No. 832962

File: 1623999614158.jpg (7.18 KB, 183x276, images.jpg)

im barely a fujo but love the fuck out of the doujins of this motherfucker. he's so cute..

No. 832967

Sister of culture

No. 832971

i miss 2015-2016 tumblr

No. 832976

File: 1624000403156.jpg (295.33 KB, 600x668, 46693507_p2.jpg)

I can't articulate why and I can't remember any of their canon interactions but I really shipped these two

No. 832979

because they're cute together

No. 832982

Ooo, name? Looks cute

No. 832985

File: 1624000923240.jpeg (475.61 KB, 900x650, 138D00D8-DB66-470D-858B-62C7FC…)

How are you forgetting the most important ship tho….

No. 832988

File: 1624001870652.jpg (57 KB, 960x540, CHFtbjUXAAIvbSz.jpg)

I preferred picrel but there wasn't much fic/art of it.

No. 833018

I love spoiling my pets every now and then with new treats or toys. They deserve to be happy and taken care of.

No. 833047

File: 1624009478449.jpg (538.06 KB, 2064x2690, based serval.jpg)

I like cringy weebs, autistic weebs, retarded weebs, moefags, shounenfags, female coomers , yumejos, and fujos, waaaay more than pretentious weebs, solely based on attitude alone

No. 833053

I appreciate all female weebs with the exception of those who pretend to love waifubait and coomer-oriented fanservice for male approval.

No. 833060

how waifubaity are we talkin here? sometimes I just like cute things and don't care how they're written, or just want to watch relaxing shows without thinking. And if there's any that focuses on cute boys, I'll watch that too (can't think of that many besides the fishing anime though). Not into ecchi though but I've seen a few lesbians admit to liking it so idk if it's all for male approval.
But there are shows that are cute without fanservice, so if it's like that is it really that bad? I don't want to think about character analysis and realism all the time, sometimes I wanna be dumb and have fun. The funny thing is, a lot cutesy stuff was originally more popular with women decades ago and even aimed towards girls, but once more men got into it it became associated with sexual otaku shit. Men will try to claim almost everything as waifus even if it's not for them.

No. 833071

File: 1624014285202.gif (289.83 KB, 500x283, 9Pdh2nA.gif)

god i love when the only fandom wank was about how physically repulsive midousuji was and not why a 2 months age difference in a fictional ship is pwobwematic and makes you a pedo irl. good times.

he wasn't my #1 fave but i even bought his and makishima's matching phone straps that they had in canon for my weeb online friend from another country. they were a pain to attach because our phones didn't have those pendant loops anymore that older phones had.

i guess my confession at this point is that i miss how fandom used to be on tumblr. and how you immediately knew a new episode had come out when everyone was reblogging pretty gifs of scenes you don't remember seeing in canon.

No. 833106

I love my sisters to death but I'm a chronic worrier and it drives me crazy some times. The eldest just turned 10 and boys at her school at starting to get creepy already, chasing girls, feeling them up too in worse cases. I've tried teaching her self-defence but she's very introverted and wouldn't dare retaliate. She thinks her male friends are above acting like that and I want to have faith in them, I really do. I've met one male friend and he was a very polite boy, but the Y chromosome really fucks them up. I find myself practically interrogating her sometimes and don't want my anxiety to ruin my bond with her. It's gonna be hard enough once she hits the tween/teen phase of thinking she's independent. Middle sister is 5, idolises me and copies me a lot which is worrying because I'm a retard who did atrociously in school. She's got a better home life than I had though so maybe she'll be ok. Youngest is nearly 2 and is hard of hearing and already I'm worried about the bullying and prejudice she might face for that. Fucking hell, why can't I just enjoy them? I grew up an only child, I should be thrilled to have three wonderful sisters now. I mean, I am thrilled, it just comes with a lot of fear. Almost wish they were boys so at least I wouldn't have to worry about the rampant misogyny they face as Muslims.

No. 833108

I've been a vegetarian for 3 years and sometimes I slip and eat ham. There's no quite similar fake meat alternative the way there is for chicken. I always feel so bad after. The taste of ham is so comforting though…
I also realized I could never be a vegan. I can obviously stand to go go weeks without meat as I've done it for a long time but I don't know what I would do without eggs. Sorry ugghh

No. 833109

I enjoy waifu/coomer bait sometimes, but only if it's extremely campy and fun outside of the fanservice. I also hate it if the girls are clearly uncomfortable or coerced into being sexualized, or if it the male lead is a creep.

No. 833110

Don't torture yourself with a veggie diet, embrace the ham.

No. 833126

Going vegan/vegetarian is no better for the environment and kills more animals, and exploits humans, plus is worse for your health. You crave ham because it has nutrients, fake ham might have the taste but its pure garbage for your body

No. 833127

What does ham have besides protein? Processed meats don't have many vitamins, right?

No. 833129

different anon but I hope it's not naive of me to hope that part of the "process" the meat goes through is fortification. if food producers aren't adding the few dollars production cost it seems like they're missing out on something

No. 833152

File: 1624023859263.jpg (32.41 KB, 600x409, moro-eua-600x409.jpg)

Lmao I live in south america and i get so fucking angry when Vegans say cattle farming is the reason why the Amazon is deforested, if it wasn't cattle farming it would be soy and other produce for vegan food, and if it wasnt that it would be for mining iron and other minerals, the problem isn't cattle farming its American meddling in our economy and politics whenever south american countries start getting more industrialized and not selling cheap shit to first world economies.

No. 833156

The thought of it loudly clinking around the bottle while anon does her thing is absolutely hilarious to me.

Good call nonnie. Thanks for sharing though I had a good laugh.

No. 833254

Why is the lead up to sex always infinitely hotter than actually fucking? I just wanna be on the brink of jumping someone’s bones at all times, the excitement is intoxicating. I wish I had a friend flirtationship again

No. 833295

i wanna be an anime superhero. but realistically i would be the hated useless fangirl character with no purpose beyond being horny

No. 833348

bauscally at the point after my reformed weebfaggotry where the only 2d male I newly find attractive is rick fucking sanchez and that's only because of the live action fan casting choices I've seen

I may have hit rock bottom but I'm not going back to being a weeb

No. 833351

>because of the live action fan casting choices I've seen
can we see

No. 833355

The milk / drama of most of these cows is normie high school behavior drama and it’s fucking boring, I miss PT-style weeb / fandom cringecows.

No. 833358


No. 833361

>Going vegan/vegetarian is no better for the environment and kills more animals, and exploits humans
Do you have any sources on that? I'm interested in reading more on the topic.
>and kills more animals,
But what about unthinkable things that we do to animals in the food industry? What solution is to that? I'm not vegan or vegetarian, because I have a lot of issues to sort out first, but I think they have a point when it comes to animal cruelty.

No. 833365

not this shit again noooo

No. 833369

Anyone else going through deja vu with these two posts or am I going crazy?

No. 833371

>plus is worse for your health
Deep sigh

No. 833377

File: 1624050590900.jpeg (11.16 KB, 554x554, images.jpeg)

I really wish I had a dildo like picrel. But I live with my family and I would die if anyone ever found it, more than having just a wand or whatever because this just screams obscene lol
I like penetrative sex more than clit stimulation so doing it properly with just my fingers is almost impossible.
One day….

No. 833379

God I know. I wanted to fuck him so badly but not actually doing it felt so much better. The tension is just so fulfilling on its own in a different way.

No. 833400

Literllay the first thing I did when I moved out of my parents was order a dildo kek

No. 833405

my favorites are willem dafoe and jim carrey being picked as potential choices on fancasting sites. also seen benico del toro as a potential choice

kill me

No. 833409

I had the unfortunate experience of once opening a package on behalf of my mother that contained a dildo she'd ordered when I lived with her. I wanted to kill myself right there

No. 833411

Despite agreeing with feminist and womanist beliefs I don't identify as a feminist because I enjoy reggaeton and weeb coomer figures too much. Enough feminists could point to why those things are "bad" etc that I don't feel like having to justify why I like them despite basically agreeing with why they're bad

No. 833412

I remember my brain seeing this title and scrambling it into Yowapedia or Yaoipedia

No. 833416

Kek anon enjoy your reggeton I won't tell

No. 833417

Yowapedal kind of made me wish I had gotten into Kuroko because of how memey the fanbase was, it gave me a similar vibe

No. 833418

>enjoy reggaeton
same nonna

No. 833434

lol what anon, you don't have to be ideologically pure and perfect to be a feminist. Just being willing to consider that the things you like might be 'bad' is more than most libfems will do, but if we cut out everything even remotely anti woman we'd be left with very little media to consume.

No. 833446

If it lactates keep it. Might get a pretty penny on the black market for that kind of milk.

No. 833447

If I ever get pregnant in the future I would probably abort it if the tests said that it was disabled. I'm not dealing with that.

No. 833544

I wish this was an acceptable opinion to share in public without getting attacked by do-gooders/fundies

No. 833551

Same we're valid anon. Abortion at any time for any reason is what I believe as well.

No. 833555

Same. Plus I'd feel bad for keeping them since they didn't ask to be born and forcing them to live a life where they can't ever feel "normal" because of whatever disability they have makes me sad and sounds like eternal hell. There's also the risk of them getting abused by special ed teachers at school without you ever knowing. Not putting a child through all that.

No. 833589

I feel very bpd but I blocked both of my scrote inclined friends. Let them help you with your issues cunts.

No. 833623

having scrote inclined friends is having scrote friends by proxy. good on you tbh

No. 833671


I think you shouldn't breed, period. Your kids will probably hate you disability or not, anon.

No. 833674


Fat hoe losers lmao. Deadass this website is female 4chan.(male)

No. 833677

Then go back to twitter

No. 833679

OK Gwen Hartley

No. 833695

Anon I’m completely the same. Whenever someone refers to me like that I feel so safe, and it makes it so much for me to have a conversation. I find talking so hard but for some reason that helps.

No. 833855

There's a gross imageboard where people can post their pictures of locals girls to ask for any nudes of them.
So I'm curious to see if I recognized any girls from my area. I saw with a familiar face with a picture of her nude and asking for more. So I found her on facebook and saw she was married not to long ago. So I ended up messaging the husband asking if he knew of these pictures. Because in that nude she had a facial piercing after she had gotten married.
In the end I pussied out and deleted the message.

No. 833861

Of all the posts he could have quoted, he chose the ones talking about dildos bigger than his mediocre penis. Makes you think.

No. 833865

i am in literal scrotopolis. last night while playing a game, this mf'r calls me a hermaphrodite as an insult just bc he was threatened at the possibility that i'd win. so sad.

also, the tech scrotes are THE absolute worst. two came in bragging about how they were ENGINEERS but couldn't figure out what's wrong with their computers? but they want to jump in and ask a million questions about the job you're doing just to feel valid and won't accept answers unless a man tells them the same fucking thing i said. fucking scrotes.

No. 833866

I wish you prefered to be an ally to a woman who most likely has no idea her private photos are being shared aroud local scrotes. For all we know it could be her husband who shared them.

No. 833869

>ally to women
Pick one tbf

It makes no sense really, why ask for more then. If you probably get unlimited in real life. If she's cheating then the husband deserves to know. If he did, it wouldn't change anything messaging him

No. 833870

techfags calling themselves engineers is my biggest pet peeve. I used to want to be an actual engineer and they'd always say "WhAt, do you want to design ROADS and RAILWAYS? Isn't that what a ReAL engineer does?"

No. 833871

Tbh even though we fight, on non-gossip board like /ot/ or /g/ I feel like we're often allies. Or worst case scenario at the very least we hate scrotes more.
>It makes no sense really, why ask for more then.
Sorry, I think I misunderstood that part, I thought the others are asking the person that posted it to post more. If it's the poster asking then I guess you will be right she's likely to be cheating.

No. 833872

Since the picture has a tell that gives a time reference, maybe you should message her about it? Just as I'm writing this I can see you and the anon above may be implying she's cheating. If you do message anyone I hope you don't make that the narrative without proof.

No. 833875

I would message her, not the husband. Not sure why the assumption is that she's cheating and not that she's being betrayed.
Unless you're trying to date her husband or something lol

No. 833876

>So I ended up messaging the husband asking if he knew of these pictures. Because in that nude she had a facial piercing after she had gotten married.

You'd be surprised at the probability that the husband is the one swapping her nudes around the internet in the first place.

No. 833879

For real. Even if she sent it to the husband, it's possible that he sent it to one or more of his fellow scrote friends (many cases of this), and for whatever reason, that scrote may have fallen out with the husband and is hoping others have more.
It's even possible that the husband dumped/shared the nudes on that board previously as an anon, and it's one of the people who were there for it trying to get the rest.

No. 833880

That's what I thought of as well. A lot of men dedicate group settings online to share what they've bagged, so to speak. Amongst friends, sometimes strangers (like the wife sharing subreddit). She could very well be doing it herself but the poster themselves asking for more wouldn't make sense if it were her, unless she was running a honeypot.

No. 833920

I was at a train station the other day when (I think) a transwoman asked me if they were on the right platform and about the trains usual timing. I'm a detrans woman so I have a pretty deep voice left over from that long gone phase and I had this weird moment where I had no idea if they would've attributed my voice to me maybe being an mtf too? I really don't know how people read me in general so the fact that I thought they were probably trans and the fact they might've clocked something about me too… it was almost comical. Just the thought of 2 people not knowing what in the hell they're looking at.

They were nice and all but it was just a weird moment. I stood up at to look at their ticket closer and there was about a foot of height difference between us so maybe they didn't read me as that but shit's confusing. You can detransition and a decade later still not know what people are attributing your voice or certain traits to, or how exactly you 'read' to people. And I can't say for certain what their deal was either. It's the future.. I'm part of the confusing future lol

No. 833928

But why would a husband send a nude picture of his wife to his friend?? That's your wife! Dont these faggots have respect for their number one woman or they treat her like a cumrag too? Is this really that fucking common cause if it's so I lost even more respect for the vast majority of scrotes

No. 833929

Shiiiit. I feel you on this. As an elder sib, I worried about it a lot too. Your sisters are in my thoughts. Regardless of faith women deserve to be respected when they are raised to be respectful. At this point an all girls school doesn't seem so bad. I'm terrified to procreate.

No. 833940

My (ex)friend sent me a nude of his current fiance asking me if I'd hook up with her. Not asking FOR her or anything, nope, just randomly.

No. 833944

anon, i have been thinking about this so much lately.

i had to leave a big city that i loved and move back to my suburban hometown during covid.

here, i reconnected with an old high school friend and we were intimate. but we are both about to leave on our own paths again. he wants to go off into the forests of apalachia, and i am about to move back to the city for work.

having lived and worked in the city for so long in the past, i know i will love being back, but getting together with this guy made me wonder if i would like being a forest hermit better. it's tough.

No. 833947

There's a whole big legal thing happening in my country where men have shared their exes (and current partners) nudes through groups and given out personal information about them… tens of thousands of women. Doing that to your ex is bad enough but now we're hearing about cuurent husbands doing this shit. Where will it end

No. 833950

are you a lesbian or bisexual? i've noticed men treating wlw as "one of the guys", especially if they're more gnc

No. 833953

Yup, I'm bi. Although he did it more in an attempt to get maybe a threesom or nudes from me

No. 833955

A lot of men hope they can corral women into being sexual with each other in the most haphazard ways. They don't even try to appeal to you or be subtle. Is that just male retardation at work?

No. 833956

Nta but I fit that description (and was even a fakeboi at one time) Being let in on chats about how sexy underage girls are and how much men picture themselves fucking rando women/girls who happen to sit near them on a bus or pass by them in the street has given me a level of distrust in men that I can't come back from. Hearing about how many of their fantasies revolve around the act of manipulating someone into sex. Getting it through normal means isn't as exciting.

They honestly expect you to just join in and say "yeah 13 year olds are so grown up and sexy nowadays, why can't I fuck them?"

No. 833962

men are so weird. do they like forget or just conveniently choose to ignore that butch women are still women so they wouldn't appreciate their disturbing behaviour either?

No. 833965

>Hearing about how many of their fantasies revolve around the act of manipulating someone into sex. Getting it through normal means isn't as exciting.

They don't even like sex do they, just like fucking girls over.

No. 833970

Even if you say something they start screeching about legal age because those retards don't understand that this law exists for disgusting people like them to not fuck kids

No. 833977

One time at work, I sliced my palm open with my box-cutter cause I wanted to go home early

No. 833985

No. 833991

File: 1624128601686.jpg (183.59 KB, 1000x1000, 71234.jpg)

95% of my farts come from the front

No. 834004

queefy queen

No. 834007

I've only ever queefed during sex, I need more detail on how this is happening lol

No. 834008

queefing and farting from the front (like that anon said) are two different things. I'm almost certain they mean that when they fart it rolls up to the front.

No. 834014

idk how it happens either tbh, it's usually when i just move my legs while laying down, and occasionally when i'm about to get up
actually meant the former lol i think i worded it wrong. but yeah not actual farts from my ass, those are rare for me for some reason

No. 834034

I worry this is why I get yeast infections but I have no reason to believe that

No. 834036

Doing physical work has made me slightly muscular and I have been staring myself from the mirror shirtless a lot.

No. 834038

You don't get yeast infections from that, silly

No. 834040

Good for you, hottie

No. 834044

I have had men talk about womens bodies in a very objectifying way and I always wondered of they were trying to provoke me or if they didnt "see me as a woman" because Im gnc.

No. 834062

I took the covid vaccine as another form of self-harm, clearly I’m still battling this issue while hoping all those conspiracies about this vaccine killing us later in life aren’t true.

No. 834070

I hate looking at gore and stuff but I lol when I see travis alexander's post mortem pic because all I can think is "he look Chinese"

No. 834116

I'm a former hentai addict, it got to the point where I'm masturbating to hentai daily at least three different times in my life, I quit for months or years then I relapse back. For the past three months I've been consuming it again more and more regularly, I just spent half an hour masturbating to it I feel so bad please somone shame me.

No. 834130

It's current year and women are still shocked that scrotes do this, as if there aren't countless stories of revenge porn? You can't trust anybody with nudes.

No. 834135

Even anons on here will talk about sending nudes to their bf of two weeks and get all defensive when you point out the possibilities. Saw it on g days ago.

I mean there's married men pulling this shit on their unsuspecting/trusting very long term partners.. we need to just not give the benefit of the doubt to any guy promising he'll fap and delete your pics. They don't delete that shit. Its a currency they trade amongst themselves even when you're long gone. After you've had your horrible toxic break up.. he has em and has more incentive than ever to trade and spread them. Anyone who has gone from all loved up to having a messy break up should know how much people change or new sides of them are uncovered.

No. 834136

agreed. in no way a feminist for saying fuck scrotes who exploit their gfs for money. imagine all the girls who got drunk at a party, trusting their bfs and then get "raped" these guys let this shit happen and get paid for it.

some weirdo tried to photograph me while we were being intimate. a few times I didn't realize what he was doing. who knows of there is a pic of me out there now? and then these pieces of shit have the nerve to call us paranoid. i took a few. let's start our own kek

No. 834139

I was a minor on a music messageboard and the male members literally had a thread to post the nudes of their girlfriends. These same cunts made a countdown for when I was turning 18 and one guy would constantly post ass pics of his ex gf even when he had a new girlfriend he also posted about. He said he couldn't get over her perfect ass which he would constantly post. I think hanging around on that messageboard is one of the reasons I've never sent nudes to anyone ever.

No. 834153

File: 1624142009090.jpg (23.16 KB, 720x492, shtoppit.jpg)

kek but for real anon I hope you get better

No. 834160

Was reading comments under a music video and I could see people replying to someone with the classic username of '80 percent of suicides are male but no-one cares' Their comment had been deleted so I could only read responses telling him to get help for his unhealthy world views

All I could think is how we're labelled as the emotional or even hysterical sex by the same men forever quoting statistics like that. If you can pick and choose statistics like that to suit your views then you're not helping anyone empathize with suicidal people. I almost feel ashamed at how little empathy I feel when men quote that shit but they suck the empathy out of you any time they twist womens mental health struggles into being hysterical/emotional/unstable/incompetent logic deficient womens issues.. meanwhile mens struggle is legit because they…kill themselves more often. Are emotions not involved in deciding to fucking kill yourself then you wise fact based non-emotional logic loving men??

No. 834165

Yeah, the idea of sending nudes is ridiculous to me. You can never trust a man fully, even if he seems reliable. If someone wants to see me naked they can do so in person or not at all. I had been with my ex for nearly a year when I got on his computer to try and find a work file since I'd borrowed it a few times before. Happened across a photo folder which I thought might include some of the shots we'd taken together (innocent stuff). In actuality it had some benign stuff along with several sub-folders of nudes and images of his exes with his dick in their holes. When I confronted him he said he "forgot" he had them. I made him delete them in front of me but I'm concerned for those women he still has a backup somewhere. All class, that one. And yes, it's common among the majority men. If you give them fuel for their degeneracy, you can be certain they will misuse it. Why take the risk? If you're that desperate to bang a man at least don't allow him to blackmail you at his convenience.

No. 834166

>Even anons on here will talk about sending nudes to their bf of two weeks and get all defensive when you point out the possibilities.
They've tried to call me a victim blamer before just for saying it's a terrible decision and women should stop doing it. It's so high risk and low reward, I don't know what they even get out of it that makes them so defensive and pissed off when someone points out the obvious.

No. 834173

>I don't know what they even get out of it
Male validation, the most abundant and useless currency in the world. Hopefully one day they will grow out of the pickme stage.

No. 834174

I posted here about 3 months ago that I had tried to hang myself and fucked it up. I used a purse strap, and one of the clasps broke, so I just woke up on the floor after a little while, the whole thing was done in half an hour. I was too scared to try again when I woke up, and I voluntarily committed myself afterward, which only wound up making everything worse because they refused to give me enough insulin, and the kind they were giving me isn't even the one I'm supposed to take, so I went into DKA in less than two days of being there.
A lot of shit has happened since then. None of it is anything good, it's all more medical appointments, half psychiatric and half endocrine because the DKA fucked up my kidneys, which weren't doing so great to begin with, and I've got blind spots in my eyes that aren't going away now.
I was told of course to find a therapist, so I called every one that my insurance covers, and made appointments with all three of them. The first one set me up for on appointment june 2nd, and that was two months after me retarded attempt; I answered questions for two hours, and was then told, okay, now you're on a wait list for our next available therapist. Haven't been called back yet.
My next appointment with a different one is September.
My psychiatrist has run me through every antipsychotic he's comfortable putting a diabetic on, since apparently most of them effect your blood sugar, and they all made me feel waaaaay worse. Not even just didn't help, it ranged from violently physically ill to seeing shadowy figures.
All my teeth are loose, and I have a consultation appointment in August with an orthodontist, my dentist said it's probably diabetic gum disease. Who knows when then they'll actually be able to fix them, since the consultation isn't even until August.
I dunno, man. My dad is so disappointed in me. I told my mom not to tell him what happened. I guess she's got to be disappointed too.
I'm coming back around to trying again. I really don't think anything is going to get better from here. The diabetes will keep destroying parts of me, there's no stopping that. But this mental health shit is getting way worse too. I feel much worse now than I did before I tried to kill myself.
I don't know, it just kind of feels like the stars are lining up in a certain way. It just seems like it's not just that there's no hope, but that everyone would be better off without me. I'm nothing good to be around, I need help constantly because I can't even drive now because I'm going blind. If I was useless before, I'm worthless now.
I don't want to keep going. I can't see anything good in the future for me, and I know I'm dragging everyone I love down. It seems like it would be the right thing to do to not fuck it up this time.
I wish I had someone I could talk to. All I ever did was cause problems.

No. 834181

I hate this stupid stat. Women attempt suicide at a much higher rate but the moids want a cookie. They wear it like a badge of honor and will say that women just can't "commit" to suicide. First of all, taking pride in actually killing yourself is some fucked up scrote shit. Secondly, women pulling themselves out of it and choosing to go on with their lives is far more courageous than being a hopeless man who cannot fathom a world outside of his feelings. Men, stop saying this shit

No. 834185

I'm sorry anon you went through all of this.
But that you need wait for therapist so long and get shitty pills from psychiatrist really pisses me off. You NEED help NOW and and these motherfuckers aren't doing their job properly. And people call suicide selfish? Then fucking look, look how people didn't help her.
This makes me angry.

I'm really sorry that you feel this way, sorry that you didn't get the help you deserve. I wish I could help, but I can only wish you all the best.
Also, I don't want you to try suicide again, but if you must do this PLEASE plan ahead so that you don't end up as a vegetable.

No. 834186

I've known two men that killed themselves,one being my uncle. They both did it in such a messy way and my uncle did it while my cousin was at home and had to break through the door to find his body. I will admit I've contemplated but it actually stresses me out thinking how people will find me or how they'll feel when they have to go through my possessions and all the unanswered questions they'll have. I think that's the difference in the psyche of men and women. Even in death women will emphasise with others finding them and pull through whereas in my experience men will kill themselves in extremely selfish situations, which sounds harsh cause they've killed themselves.

No. 834189

I really appreciate that. It's like I'm doing everything I'm supposed to, but I'm still being blamed for shit not working out. I really am trying, I never miss any appointments, I take all my meds on time. I don't eat anything processed and I brush and floss.
I'm not going to fuck it up this time, I found where my stepdad has kept the shotgun hidden, it was in the ceiling in the basement, honestly very clever, so if I try again, this time it'll work
I think I'll probably go the Cobain route and do it somewhere where investigators would find the body, not my family or people not expecting it

No. 834193

Anon I'm so sorry and I can't put myself in your shoes and I think it's atrocious that the health services are so lacking for you.

Maybe your dad should know that you're struggling, you need accomadated and helped. I'm sure neither of your parents want to contemplate you not existing. Is there anyway you can hold out for the next month or so. I wish I could wrap you up in cotton for the next while and keep you safe.

No. 834197

I hope it will be quick and painless.
But I really don't want you to end up like this, I really don't.
Do you have anyone close to talk about your feelings that would actually care for you?
I will pray for you and if you choose not to do so please write in this thread in a few months.
I am sending you warm hugs anon.

No. 834200

This is so true anon and I am deeply sorry your family had to go through that. I don't think it's harsh to recognize that men act selfishly when they do this, especially when they are supporting a family.

No. 834201

Well, she did wind up telling him, that's why he's disappointed lol
He never wanted much to do with me once I started getting sick, and now he doesn't want to see me at all
I don't know, I'm going to wait. I waited 26 years the first time, I think I like to be fair I have to wait a year. Things can change in a year. That's 9 more months. I applied for disability benefits a couple years ago when the blind spots started, I had been racking up complications, but that one pushed me over the edge. I have 7-17 months until my court hearing. If I got that, that would make me feel better, I would have enough money to get an Uber to the doctor, I could stop worrying about giving my mom rent when my savings run out. Not being a leech would make me feel better.
I guess reasonably I should try to hold out until the trial and see what comes of that, maybe if they give me it this time, I wait and see if it makes me feel better, and if they don't give me it, I take that as my sign to head out
Thank you. There's no one I can talk to, people do care about me, but that's part of why I can't talk to them. It just makes everyone sad. Just having to know what's happening is saddening, having to talk about it is depressing. My mom can barely stand to be around me sometimes even when I'm dead silent these days. It just hurts her too much to see me. I don't know, they really would be better off if I stopped lingering.
I'll wind up posting here again either way I decide to go. You guys are the only people I can talk to. This site really feels like my last bond. I haven't even looked at a cow thread in couple years now, I just use ot, g, and m.
I don't know, I appreciate you guys talking to me

No. 834208

You sound like a good and reasonable person anon. If you feel that things are really difficult and you need to vent to someone, why not leave an e-mail. Maybe I won't be a big help, but I can at least listen.
I really hope you get better.

No. 834219

That really means a lot to me, I'll try not to argue with it lol
I really appreciate the offer too, but that kind of scares me though, I know there's robo-scrotes lurking for any personal info they can get, they've been blowing up crystalcafe really bad lately, but I know they're here too

No. 834222

i wished someone was obsessed with me, not in a vengeful way, just obsessed, idk why

No. 834232

Of course anon! But if you decide that you need to talk, then write in these confession threads, I will be lurking and look for you.
I will think about you anon and at least pray for you. Once again, I wish I could help, but I can only wish you all the best anonette.

No. 834237

I’m scared that Jerma is gonna get a girlfriend soon :(

No. 834259

I want to beat up my boyfriend and make him cry. I have sadistic tendencies towards people I'm attracted to, but my boyfriend is so sweet, kind, and loving, that I can never do that to him unless maybe he begged me to. I don't think he's a masochist, so even if the fantasy pops up in my mind I don't dwell on it further out of respect for him. I used to hit my ex until he cried (consensually, of course), but I didn't feel guilty about it because he disappointed me in so many other ways. I miss the high it gave me so much, and the cathartic feeling after.

No. 834261


so true. either they can't stomach sexual abuse or lose their shit bc they thought they thought they could fake the family life and get everyone else except for themselves on disability for the money. funny how they are able to turn two blind eyes if any woman suffers but oh how they cry when it comes to themselves or their ideal perfect version, their sons. selfish until the very end. their stress and emotions mean more bc why?

>bc I'm a MAN


No. 834264

the thought just occurred to me that..maybe those guys taking those nudes are doing it for their dads. imagine how toxic that father/son bond is. >officially creeped

No. 834305

I forgot where I saw it, maybe it was a reddit post, of some guy admitting that he sent his girlfriends' nudes to his dad to get validation for snagging hot chicks.

Myy first boyfriend when I was a teen used to relentlessly harass me for nudes and when I sent him ass pics he posted them on his Twitter. I will never do that shit again and I hate how common it is despite stuff like >>833947 proving how risky it is over and over and over again. I don't care how "nice" you think he is, you can't trust anyone like that.

No. 834510

I think people who mourn about once being gifted kids and are now burnt out grownups are hilarious and not deserving of any sympathy. It's clear they have nothing else about themselves to brag about other than the fact that they had good grades in elementary and hate that the adult world doesn't praise them nearly as much as they're used to.

No. 834518

By all accounts I have a lot of good and exciting things upcoming in my life and yet I'm soured over small stupid shit like not being on good terms with some people at my job. What the fuck is wrong with me and why does shit like this take up so much rent-free space in my head! I wish I could knock this shit off.

No. 834596

it's such an american thing to me too. i don't know if gifted kid shit exists in other countries too, but in my country (european) the only kids that were put in separate courses and got different work to do were the ones lagging behind. whenever someone talks about being shitty in school and being treated as a lost cause by all their teachers, there's always someone chiming in about the poor gifted kids, boohoo. gifted kids are the academic version of skinny girls who cry for years about that one time someone told them to eat a sandwich.

No. 834616

i have a perfectly nice boyfriend and things are okay, etc, but recently can't stop thinking about a guy who ghosted me like five years ago.
why, brain, why

No. 834629

I roll my eyes everytime too. It's a self-pity party while also bragging about being superior. Worst of both worlds.

No. 834647

So many kids who're ahead of the rest…. quickly fall behind by the time they're adults. Being smart at like 10 often doesn't translate into much success later on. I don't know if parents are too quick to hype up their 'smart kid' or why it blows up in their faces so often but it's definitely a thing.

The only praise I ever got growing up was on my grades. Never heard another postive word spoken about me. At age 12 I went nuts and stopped attending school. Some weird rebellion I guess. That might be common.

No. 834653

Check out the song I Love My Boyfriend by Princess Chelsea

No. 834748

this is going the be the stupidest thing I’m going to say but I swear to god while I was working at my job that I recently quit I could have sworn that I saw jazz jennings, and they were very aggressive to me

No. 834753

What happened, what did they say?

No. 834756

they didn’t say anything, I’m not 100% sure if they were actually jazz or not but they looked EXACTLY like her and even at her current weight, it was insane anon. plus we live in the same area. i was just serving through the drive-thru but they snatched all the shit out of my hand and they just looked really, really miserable

No. 834801

I've tried to stop being a weeb but at this point I don't think it's possible. My family dunks on me for "still being into those animated dolls". It's embarrasing but cute anime gives me comfort and relaxation. Leave me alone already…

No. 834859

i really want to rub/smooth my hand over another woman's womb and it makes me feel like a scrote but i genuinely love the little slope it makes, it's so pleasing to look at from the side and it would feel pretty neat i think. when i lie down i hold a hand over my own but i'm chubby so it's not the same

No. 834863

Wait, is this that thing where people claim that the lil bit of belly fat most of us have is our womb protruding? Cos it's not

No. 834866

kek I hope so because otherwise she sounds like armie hammer

No. 834868

just learned what the omentum is. thanks nonnas my dreams are crushed but whatever i still like it

No. 834876

I start radiotherapy again tomorrow and it hasn't really hit me yet. After the initial shock faded I just went numb. I only thought of it earlier after having sex with my fiancée, and I selfishly thought "say goodbye to your muscles, looking good naked and making your partner orgasm". I feel like a disgusting incel scrote for thinking that.

No. 834883

Have you seen how he acts? No he won't, lol

No. 834905

I'm not interested in sex anymore. However, I did have a phase of being hypersexual and off the rails when I was younger, more naive, and dealing with horrible self esteem.

I still feel defined by the things I did and memed myself into "liking" all for the distant possibility of male approval. I'm not quite sure how to move forward and forgive myself as well as the men who used me.

I met some old "friends" who jumped to the defense of o