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Hellweek is over! Share your thoughts

File: 1445131262200.jpg (126.02 KB, 700x467, cream.jpg)

No. 4[Reply]

/cream/ is a special board for aggregating links to particularly entertaining threads and posts on lolcow.farm. They can be entertaining in either a positive or a negative way.

Users may post new threads here linking to any thread or post from any other board. However, if staff do not find it suitably entertaining, your thread will be deleted or locked.

You can also discuss things that happened in previous threads, but only if your posts are very on-topic and discuss nothing other than the specific events.

File: 1468004214022.jpeg (47.25 KB, 500x547, image.jpeg)

No. 69[Reply]

>Why are you idiots pretending to be girls?

No. 1737

You really think everyone here is a troon

No. 1738

I do

No. 1739

wow you're a fucking faggot.

File: 1469854268962.jpeg (123.55 KB, 466x700, image.jpeg)

No. 1693[Reply]

Behold, farmers! Come ye together, unite! For the 30th of July marks the anual celebratory day of rejoice in our Queen's honour.
Share your blessed memories of our fair Kawaii Goddess, bestow us with gifts of endless OC, and pray for the everlasting beauty to shower us eternally in radiance and purity.
Because this occasion is so momentous, there will be a moderation-free thread where we can sing praise and gift our beloved Pixyteri with truly heartfelt shitposts of yore. (Obvious exceptions being illegal images/gore)
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No. 1720

Is this picture shooped? She looks really pretty here even if she is a bit heavier.

No. 1721

The wonderful magic of makeup, nice clothes, and classy poses.

No. 1722

Are you new?

No. 1724

No. 1735

This is definitely shooped because her chin is nothing like that

File: 1445381202975.jpg (32.73 KB, 512x512, clever.jpg)

No. 6[Reply]

For posts I personally enjoy, but which aren't deserving of their own thread. Feel free to submit ones you like, as well.

It should be original content only. No copypasta (though original derivatives of copypasta is fine) or stolen jokes.

No. 7


>What utter haberdashery have you just uttered in response to me, you illiterate slattern? I’ll have you know that I graduated summa cum laude from Oxford's prestigious English Grammar program, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on linguistic descriptivists, and I have over 300 confirmed proper uses of the semicolon. I am trained in grammar warfare and I’m the top writer on the entire lolcow site. You are nothing to me but just another uneducated prole. I will annihilate you with grammar and spelling the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. Do you believe that you can make such sophomoric declarations on the Internet and yet escape my scorn? Think again, catamite. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of writers and linguists across the world and your IP is being traced right now, so you should steel yourself against the inevitable maelstrom of destruction that has been called down upon you. The maelstrom that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your grammar. You’re fucking dead, child. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can write a sentence in over seven hundred ways, and that’s only using words that don't contain the letter "e". Not only am I extensively trained in grammar and style, but I have access to every textbook of English grammar ever made, and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you tasteless plebeian. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “capitalization” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you third-rate hack. I will shit grammar all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking dead, kiddo.

No. 9


>Because being ordinary looking is not good enough for an attention whore. They want adoration from the common people for being beautiful angels who have fallen to earth but oh noes look at my tragic mental disorder i hate myself please buy my shit and feel sorry for me because i iz beautiful and its really tragic for a beautiful person to feel this way unlike you common plain janes

No. 23

File: 1457821882037.png (8.35 KB, 1336x104, fire.png)

I thought this was funny

No. 24


>This is me. What the fuck is going on. My name is Emma Kawaii Lilyrose and I'm a very private person. :s

No. 67

File: 1463320930176.png (50.87 KB, 1249x288, Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 8.51…)

i deeply appreciate whoever made this response, it started my day off with a hearty kek. bless.

File: 1460609684039.png (147.17 KB, 234x452, pd.png)

No. 64[Reply]

Thread 1: >>>/pt/182101
Thread 2: >>>/pt/185580

Kenzie ("Princess Doll") is a wannabe aidoru who posted several threads and over 400 posts about herself in /pt/ in an attempt to attain e-fame from this site. Even the negative attention from being considered a lolcow seemed sufficient for her.

All of her posts in the first thread are marked in pink.

The details were publicly revealed due to violation of this global rule:

>Do not post threads about yourself in /pt/ or /snow/.

No. 66


Several months after this event, PD came into one of the townhall chats with the name "nekoni", and the same IP she used both when posting the thread, and when posting as "herself" with the Princess Doll name.

She finally admitted to making all the posts (despite non-stop denying in the months prior), and apologized. I am only posting the chat logs here because it appears she is denying this occurred:

[Sat Oct 24 2015 21:01:54] <nekoni> people have low self esteem admin sometimes they express it weird

[Sat Oct 24 2015 21:08:33] <nekoni> i dont want you guys to hate me by the way,. I honestly just want good honest advice and people to talk to
[Sat Oct 24 2015 21:08:39] <nekoni> x.x cuz im lame
[Sat Oct 24 2015 21:08:43] <nekoni> and nobody likes me of course

[Sat Oct 24 2015 21:19:49] <nekoni> im sorry for making the thread too, btw. I was just honestly bored in school.
[Sat Oct 24 2015 21:20:27] <nekoni> i mean it was just something for me to laugh at
[Sat Oct 24 2015 21:20:35] <nekoni> and gather critisicm
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1445059841394.jpg (53.31 KB, 500x500, annie.jpg)

No. 2[Reply]


Annie is a formerly prolific /cgl/ tripfag who attempted to convince me to delete a thread that mentioned her. She sent me an email claiming some people in the thread were stalking her, and to further pursuade me that this was serious stalking, she used a proxy to make a post threatening herself with rape.

>If I ever see you at mcm again I can and will rape you

Annie was also one of the most active lolcow posters about British /cgl/ users up until this incident. >>>/pt/135859

The details were publicly revealed due to violation of this global rule:

>Do not try to evade bans or intentionally deceive or manipulate lolcowchan staff.

No. 19

Holy shit, she told me she was 'famous' in /cgl/. No idea she was like this but to be honest I ain't surprised.

Probably unrelated but last year or so I saw photos of her in a bodyline tea party with the Yan man; I got invited but was too busy that day.

No. 21

i used to be friend with her when i was 13 but she shitted on me and i unfriended her

No. 42

Whats with those eyebrows haha why do girls who look like men try to pull of this style?

File: 1452494038526.jpeg (85.39 KB, 636x638, kristen.jpeg)

No. 14[Reply]


The details were publicly revealed due to violation of these global rules:

>Do not post threads about yourself in /pt/ or /snow/.

>Do not post vendetta threads in the direct or indirect guise of a self-post, by impersonating someone you have a grudge against.

No. 17

Summary: Kristen, AKA dejaentedevil/vakarine on tumblr, is a professional self poster and amateur camwhale. selling snapchat nudes and sending anonymous questions about herself to various Tumblr users are her fav antics. Tumblr drama has followed her around due to her tendency to talk a lot of shit without being able to hide herself whatsoever; her distinct typing style always gives her away. Through the last year or two, she's fallen out with multiple bloggers including the "truth blog" circle and Megan Marie.

Kristen was found to have created her own thread about herself and posted in it and other threads countless times. After the exposé, she pretended that it wasn't her posting shit, but someone else. Eventually she admitted to her dirty habits but then removed her original blog and disappeared for a bit. She changed her handle to avoid all the evidence of her selfposts in her tag, and since all she does is submit porn of herself to random blogs and send anonymous asks, most are none the wiser.

Kristen has returned to the farm on a couple occasions to weakly defend herself. These days, she's gone back to camwhoring and lurking here, but hasn't self posted in a minute.

File: 1453871630016.png (42.91 KB, 540x364, 121.png)

No. 16[Reply]

I'm too lazy to write full descriptions for most of these threads.

If anyone wants to sum up the drama in all of them, reply in the thread and if I like it I'll add it to the OP (possibly with edits).

Pic unrelated.

File: 1452494068422.jpg (60.45 KB, 533x540, ember.jpg)

No. 15[Reply]


The details were publicly revealed due to violation of this global rule:

>Do not try to evade bans or intentionally deceive or manipulate lolcowchan staff.

File: 1452493674371.jpg (330.35 KB, 800x600, eboni.jpg)

No. 12[Reply]


The details were publicly revealed due to violation of these global rules:

>Do not post threads about yourself in /pt/ or /snow/.

>Do not post vendetta threads in the direct or indirect guise of a self-post, by impersonating someone you have a grudge against.

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