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peepee poopoo

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erin never said she traces art lolwut she addressed that rumor months ago saying it was false and it turned out to be a random troll on Twitter that made it up. and i thought it was proven that she wasn’t self-posting. anon, there’s still no proof of her copying any art. no one gives any proof except for that one drawing. and that’s barely copying. what’s the point of this thread if there’s no proof or facts? feelsbad lol

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proof please? the only proof that’s ever shared is the one of the girl in the blanket, but that’s it.

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someone posted here saying her trauma was rape and being groomed by an old man when she was in elementary school but they got their posts deleted?

No. 900330

who would screenshot someone talking about their rape? that’s fucked

No. 900325

she used to post about it years ago. she’d ask for advice about it.

No. 900323

adding to that, she talked about it once not long ago when people were being shitty about it, when she was in elementary age a grown man was grooming her and exposing her to sexual things.

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by “drop out” she meant resorting to alternatives schools like homeschooling programs. she replied to someone in the comments of that tweet giving advice about homeschooling

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i thought she just turned 19 not even a month ago. where are you getting 20 from?

she posted that her mom is supporting her to move out. she’s been talking about going to college around winter for months now so this isn’t very surprising.

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they were joking. they’re friends

No. 896577

i thought it was disproved, the mods were banning the wrong people

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it’s not Erin, the “Claire” person is known to steal Erin’s pics and Erin has asked her not to a couple times in the past

No. 896249

there’s only 3 or 4 preset options and you can’t change very much of the preset’s face any further. none of them really look “american”

No. 896218

what? all she did was change the character’s appearance

No. 895825

anon it was debunked almost over a year ago that people were confusing her with another spam girl with a similar username that said they themselves were 5’7-5’8. that would explain why no one ever has any screenshots of erin saying she’s taller than 5’6. erin has only ever said she’s 5’6-5’5

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well it is basically a “fake” diploma for lack of better terms. i’m not one to shame people who get their ged so i hope that doesn’t sound rude, i actually think it’s a tremendous achievement for people in her situation (not getting a proper education for whatever the reason may be)

No. 893310

you get a diploma when you get a ged

No. 893309

I hope she does. She needs to get out in the world and make friends and get an education. Sometimes I feel bad for her because her education was taken away from her in a way? Since she was never steady in a school setting.

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Aw you poor little baby. You just want to hear about how some random girl photoshops her pics. Poor baby. Get a life

No. 893289

this is so fucking funny

No. 893286

Being a victim of something doesn’t always have to mean abuse, dumbass.

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Sounds awfully similar to her abusive ex dom situation. Except she let that happen over the course of years. She seriously needs more confidence when dealing with shitty guys. She lets everyone walk all over her and use her. It bothers me so much for some reason

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File: 1573700170711.jpeg (325.59 KB, 866x1437, 9268B389-6847-410A-AE29-D34315…)

Didn’t want to expose anything else about this matter but since you all want to victim blame, here you go. This is all I’m posting.

No. 893270

I never said she talked to his girlfriend. She told me he told her NOT to talk to the girlfriend because he said it would make things weirder, and of course she listened. Sigh

No. 893265

She apparently confronted him asking what the matching icons was about and he admitted that he had a girl in his life but it was “complicated”. Such a cheater thing to say imo

No. 893263

anon, we’ve been through this so many times. old milk, fake milk. piss off

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File: 1573699280060.jpeg (220.57 KB, 1125x2092, 8DC4CBD3-71C9-4964-B794-3D66B5…)

This is the same guy with the girlfriend. Really sick of seeing Erin get shit on for this when it wasn’t even her fault. Imo the guy is 100% to blame for not telling her he had a girlfriend and letting the sexting happen.

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File: 1573699184412.jpeg (567.84 KB, 1125x1897, 2C3F456D-7F35-451D-8037-09E478…)

Erin vented about this to me in the insta dms the other night because she was apparently feeling really guilty about the whole thing even though she didn’t know the guy had a fuckin girlfriend. The screenshots of the guy that had a girlfriend that she didn’t know of apparently.
She confronted him about his girlfriend the day after. Kept sexting her after that day. Grey text is the guy, blue text is Erin. I would beat the shit out of this guy if I had the chance

No. 893254

If I remember correctly she was talking about how the guy started flirting with her first and left out the fact that he had a girlfriend. There were screenshots and everything. Old, spoiled, fake milk. Fuck off this thread.

No. 893249

is this thread not a garbage dump, my bad

No. 893242

mods need to delete this whole thread it’s a shitfest

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Don’t know if you noticed yet or not but the screenshot of the video everyone keeps posting with the stripes on her face… it’s a fuckin snow filter LUL

No. 893238

Okay so a screenshot of a vid that she posted a couple months ago is sage worthy because it’s “old”, yet other people can post pics of when she was 14 (she’s 19 now lul) and not get fucked? Kk.

No. 893234

The screenshot anons keep posting of her with the stripes on her face. It’s a video. People are just screenshotting the dumb faces she makes in the video to make her look extra ugly kek

No. 893231

y’all sitting on here wasting your lives discussing whether a random girl’s nose is photoshopped or not.

No. 893228

Can we have a link to the actual video and not just a screenshot

No. 893217

Her nose in that video looks exactly like the selfies she posted yesterday. Come back when you have real milk lolz

No. 893182

What the fuck is sage

No. 893174

Just gonna ignore y’all saying I’m Erin that’s dumb as fuck lmao

No. 893168

Hey same guy here. Her voice only gets not high pitched when she’s mad at a video game or something

No. 893164

Hey same guy here. The friend that had a gf wasn’t really around when Erin was at our dorm because him and his gf were always locked away in his room. They never really spoke

No. 893162

Hey, same guy here to answer your question she doesn’t do anything promiscuous but her skirts are pretty short and that’s pretty much all she wears, and her panties show, I think at least accidentally. I’ve had to pull her skirt down for her sometimes and she freaks out and gets embarrassed I think

No. 893160

Erin doesn’t talk like that. She has a very distinct “uwu ‘m a smol babi uwu” vocabulary. kek

No. 893157

that’s a whole essay right there why would she do that herself. and it’s full of negative things about her. /hmm

No. 893154

Hey, took me a while to figure this website out lmao. Found this website in the comments on her Twitter. Would y’all believe me if i said i used to be friends with Erin in real life. I got so much shit to tell y’all. I’ve known her for two years, she used to hang at our dorm. Acts nothing like she does on social media. She’s too quiet and scared of everything and was nice to everyone in the dorm, almost puke nice because it was too much, except one of us because he avoided her, he had a girlfriend. She’s not tough or intimidating like she shows herself on social media. She don’t eat anything in public at least not in front of people. When you confront her about it she say she’s not hungry or she’ll straight say she’s afraid to eat around you. It’s sick because she’s thin but everyone was always too afraid to say please eat for Fucksakes. For the record, yea her nose is round like the pictures show but y’all got the wrong idea. It’s not like what y’all think and she don’t look like that pic of her with the black glasses. The regular pic of her with the blonde hair and stuffed animal in her hand is almost spot on to how she looks in person. I haven’t seen her in months so her hair’s really different since then but her face looks same. You guys make her out to be a celebrity on here and it’s weird as fuck because she’s almost boring in person and I almost thought I was reading about a totally different Erin Painter until i saw the blonde picture of her. If y’all got any questions ask. Shit load more things to say I’m here all night

No. 893140

Pretty sure she said she keeps her private life away from social media which would make sense considering we never hear anything about her life except about how she wants to kill herself all the time

No. 893134

Someone should take an off-guard pic of her now. I’m sick of seeing that one from 2014 there’s no way that’s an accurate picture anymore

No. 893109

Yes, that one. I think you have to upload it to an external video-sharing platform and attach the link here.

No. 893106

Did anyone save the video Erin posted of her face on @purinpet last night?

Erin posted a video of her full face on @purinpet last night, I’m surprised no one here has posted about it. She looks somewhat the same compared to the selfies she took yesterday, just at a different angle. All of this seems really strange. No one else saw it?

No. 893102

I feel like calling her fat is a bit much..? Especially when we all know she isn’t fat. I don’t like her either and I’m not defending her, but knowing that she’s struggled with ED, it gives off a weird vibe when people call her fat or poke fun of how she’s shaped.

No. 893094

RIP this thread and my fun work day since she deleted her accounts

No. 893073

If someone deletes their Instagram and you’ve reported it in the past, you’ll still get a message saying you deleted it even though you didn’t actually delete it. It’s happened to me before

No. 873316

Those pics of her are from when she was a child and extremely fat. 13-14-15. Don’t bring spoiled milk to this thread.

No. 872702

saving this to remind me later! thank you so much!

No. 872699

hi everyone, I’m not the original person who has the full screen recording, but i do have a snippet that might help, because it’s about Aubrey talking about Erin in the live! does anyone know how to convert a video into a link? or how i can send it to all of you on here? help!

No. 872689

For the record, I have followed Aubrey for about a year now and she used to say she was 19 before she came up with this weird “uwu don’t talk about my age I’m a small whittle baby” So yes, if she said she was 19 a year ago she would be 20 now. Oof

No. 872686

Erin 18 years old
Aubrey 20 years old
This is sad and so are all of you rofl

No. 872684

Have you people ever taken a moment to realise you’re arguing relentlessly over two internet girls who mean nothing to this world in general? Are you all proud of yourselves? Do you feel big and smart? Big girls and boys? Goo goo gah gah I’m fighting anonnies on the Internet over an 18 year old girl and a 20 year old woman because there’s super interwesting dwama that will eventwually mwean nwothing in the nwext week ^_^ uwu goo goo gah gah I need my daddy! Uh oh! Poopies! Stinkies! Uh oh!

No. 872679

if you would take a look at the thread once more, you would see other people claiming they saw the live and the screen recording. it wasn’t just one friend of Erin that saw it.

No. 872677

I’m definitely not Erin, I’m not on anybody’s side and to be honest I don’t support either girls. Real milk is all that matters here. This thread is full of assumptions and blatant lies regarding both situations. We just need truth here.

No. 872653

File: 1569359929647.jpeg (938.07 KB, 1125x1758, 809EFE7F-2AFF-441E-9C02-B1E0AE…)

Here’s what she said regarding that. There’s honestly no reason to believe she won’t deactivate because she’s deactivated different acoounts in the past and kept them deleted. I hope she does, it would really help her.

No. 872523

File: 1569342866438.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1125x2069, 5B5F15E8-8411-41F8-BAEF-C10394…)

after going through it on tumblr, i think it just means sfw petplay

No. 872519

probably hate-following, happens a lot in ddlg

No. 872464

i bet you feel stupid as fuck right now bro lmfao

No. 872461

I texted Erin about it and she sent me a screen recording that another person had sent her of Aubrey namedropping her. It went as followed: Person on an anonymous account commented in the live’s chat, “Why do you sound like a 5 year old, you’re into ddlg.” Aubrey then lashed out almost as if dropping her soft girl persona completely and started swearing, calling the person a piece of shit. She then said, “I know who you are, Erin!” The person then said more about her being in ddlg, which isn’t even a lie and I’m guessing that’s why she got so mad, because she doesn’t want her sheep followers to think she’s a pedo, and she replied with “Okay, Erin!” Her followers then started egging it on in the chat, leaving rude remarks about Erin, Aubrey then started going on a rant about Erin’s followers, calling Erin “their queen.” It was a clusterfuck and definitely did not make Aubrey look good. That’s probably why she left Instagram. She knows she fucked up. I wish I could post videos on here so I wouldn’t have had to type all of that out. The screen recording of the live is about two minutes long.

No. 872459

I heard it too! It would seem people are only saying she didn’t namedrop Erin because they’re mindless sheep feeding into Aubrey’s uwu angel girl aesthetic, and they’re willing to make another innocent girl fall into a mental breakdown. Tragic. Our angel Aubrey isn’t as innocent as we thought. Hope she stays off Instagram forever. She needs serious help.

No. 871808

Thread is officially dead

No. 871804

I’m not Erin, I’m been following her for a long time. In case you haven’t noticed, this whole thread is full of her backstories, Retard. I’m adding to it, since I’m not sure if people have followed her that far back. Most people seem to only know her as @pocketsizee right now

P.S. Pretty sure she doesn’t even know about this thread yet since she hasn’t posted about it while crying

No. 871794

File: 1569192343085.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1125x1869, 88A125F4-A3F8-486F-93C0-015A91…)

Key word is “Phase.” Baddie phase was back in 2015. She’s been an uwu soft girl for probably. 3 years now? She used to hide her age regression from everyone. I’m using the timeline of her breakup with her ex-boyfriend that abused her, since she was more open with her regression after that happened.
She posted this picture today from 2016 on her story where she looks like an uwu soft neko girl. Her username was “irlbby” during this and she had a boyfriend that she labeled as a caregiver (I’m guessing for age regression) Not much time passed before she stopped posting the uwu aesthetic, guessing because her nudez got exposed (She was 16 at the time) And today, she claims the way she is right now is her real self. This is the longest she’s gone without changing her aesthetic, she might be telling the truth rofl

No. 871717

Key word is Close Friends List

No. 871712

Erin has been put in psych wards before because of her hurting herself and her multiple suicide ettempts! And she talks about her therapy and medication experiences frequently to give advice to people that ask for it from her. She’s actually mentally ill, it isn’t baiting when you carry it out.

No. 871704

The point was that she claims she isn’t ddlg, smartass. And has a weird fetish tumblr hidden away so her stupid sheep followers don’t disown her for lying about her whole fuckin’ persona.

No. 871695

^ And @Pocketsizee (Erin) is daily proving that she doesn’t copy @usedpet. She’s been like this for years, I’ve followed all of her accounts throughout the years. Her old spam had 10k followers before she disabled it and that was around the time Usedpet started posting in spam. IMO Usedpet is copying ERIN

No. 871482

File: 1569122450177.jpeg (234.7 KB, 1125x885, D29F001E-CE38-4806-836E-F9A26B…)

and, proof that @scumbabie is Aubrey’s (@usedpet) actual tumblr. Ew.

No. 871481

File: 1569122315702.jpeg (342.59 KB, 1536x1536, D1BFB0CA-381A-43F1-BD79-2C8355…)

Here’s more proof of @usedpet being into ddlg/petplay and crosstagging nsfw porn with agere! She has all of you fooled. She is disgusting.

No. 871480

File: 1569122165919.jpeg (230.87 KB, 1125x1980, 8AF17EC8-E07E-4DF7-BB12-C59CDC…)

imo there’s way more milk on @usedpet (Aubrey) than @pocketsizee (Erin) if you check Aubrey’s tumblr. She claims she’s a sfw agere person but her tumblr is full of ddlg/petplay posts and even some of her own porn gifs (her in a tail buttplug wiggling her butt in front of the camera). She crossposts all of her ddlg porn posts with the tags “agere”. She has all of her brain dead sheep followers believing she’s a sfw agere angel, but she is another gross ddlg bitch. IMO this is much more disgusting than Erin ‘skinwalking’ her.