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No. 921473

The thread for premium grade-A free range dumbassery

Previous dumbassness >>>/ot/915219(avatarfagging)

No. 921474

My redemption arc begins now

No. 921475

even if you're on the list, if you don't want to be gangstalked please leave imageboards forever. they target mainly women
William Edward Binney is a former intelligence official with the United States National Security Agency (NSA) and whistleblower.

No. 921478

You're so consistent, very admirable

No. 921479

which side quests? which list? how do I know? How do I SAVE??

No. 921480

burn charchoal inside your house to save

No. 921482

Plank on nearest balcony to save

No. 921483

Anon your husbando is ugly and a premature ejaculator

No. 921485

wtf is this? is this schizophrenia???

No. 921486

File: 1632444909266.gif (926.73 KB, 268x195, DC38178E-8E3C-4D10-BB8D-0BCC76…)

we need a sonic exterminator in here

No. 921489

who are you talking about

No. 921490

no, autism

No. 921492

weaponized autism

No. 921493

File: 1632445022705.gif (830.11 KB, 320x240, 9a8.gif)


No. 921494

it's my gangstalker, do you want him to be yours?

No. 921495

we need a Jim Carrey exterminator in here. no one killed my egg man boner quicker than hollyweird goddamn you know what, they didn't even know I hated Jim Carrey when they cast him because I didn't even know I hated him. but the sonic movie is cursed through and through. they shouldn't have made it at all after the outrage. I refuse to watch it/ it's kind of scary to me. especially since Jim Carrey is in it. I'm not happy because I was going through a really autistic sonic phase when the movie was coming out and it really disappointed me. I needed what a good sonic movie would have given me at that period in time. but that's another story for another day.

No. 921496

File: 1632445190165.jpg (54.1 KB, 550x700, 055c6f0719268d4050a815ead24656…)


No. 921498

what a sexy stud

No. 921500

File: 1632445311751.png (314 KB, 840x925, 199-1990353_dr-robotnik-sonic-…)

Have you ever seen such a round man with this much swag and dynamism???

No. 921501

his hump. his lovely eggy lumps. checkitout!

No. 921502

File: 1632445374935.jpg (20.85 KB, 395x750, Roliepolieolie5.jpg)

Other than the obvious choice

No. 921503

Sonic avatarfag

No. 921505

he's not my husbando

No. 921509

based millennial

No. 921512

this thread is a fever dream

No. 921513


No. 921516

Are you being stalked online or in real life? Answer me or you're fucking lying

No. 921517

If you get on the list I hear they send you a 25$ gift certificate to red lobster. You don't even have to fill out a form or anything because they already know your full name and address and social security number

No. 921518

I got quintuple d tits

No. 921520

I want Janke-esque bra pics or you're fucking lying

No. 921523

Some kpop ib sys admin hacked my laptop then my router for months then in august textbook gangstalking started. I just wish I knew small imageboards are places to get new victims.

No. 921524

why you in particular?

No. 921525

Pls GSs send them my way! I'm begging you!!

No. 921526

Revenge probably

No. 921527

Revenge for what?

No. 921529

That’s millennial??

No. 921532

I remember someone took a screenshot of a discord where one of the mods was really annoyed at this one anon and threatened to doxx them in the discord lol the thread got taken down real quick though and I was too scared to even interact with it. So what you're saying wouldn't surprise me.

No. 921533

File: 1632446483804.png (109.36 KB, 253x243, 1557105509465.png)

just another night of bpd mood swinging, good thing I already pushed all my friends away

No. 921534

i'm 20 ft tall

No. 921536

not another fucking sonic threadpic, jesus

No. 921538

File: 1632446650920.jpg (121.85 KB, 1024x768, 2325002.jpg)

Get used to it babyyyy

No. 921539

Just write your long ass sperg with screenshots already, I fucking the suspense and idiots who aren’t able to create a fucking paragraph.

No. 921540

I got banned from there once so you're kinda spooking me anon, I'm waiting for you to say this was all a joke

No. 921541

Those were fake sis

No. 921543

What does gangstalking even mean

No. 921545

actually worried for how gullible some of you are

No. 921546

i hope they ban your autistic ass for samefagging

No. 921547

Fuck off gangstalker.
It's not a joke. I would do anything for this to stop. It's even impossible for my brain to be schizophrenic since I have literal aspergers. GS is real and that's it.

No. 921548

CCC mod found

No. 921549

there's at least two of us bby

No. 921550

I’m in your walls

No. 921551

No. 921552

I don't believe the gangstalking but the list is creepy. It's easy to brush it off as a schizo anon (which it most likely is) but the admins there do have that power still. I remember ccc got exposed for having a tranny mod (or admin?) before a new one took over

No. 921553

damn I love him I'm so sorry

No. 921554

i am the eggman
i am the gangstalk
i am the sonic
choo choo ca goo

No. 921557

I am fucking dying omg

No. 921558

File: 1632447149159.jpeg (56.43 KB, 800x533, AFBEC1FF-129D-44B0-A554-BE650A…)

I know what you’re wearing.

No. 921559

Of course you do

No. 921563

I'm glad we got another sonic threadpic. May it bring much autism to this thread. The hate for Sonic anon makes me want to root for her more.
Anyway, wtf is going on here?

No. 921564

Hello!!! Can I join the LC gangstalk discord? Pwease

No. 921565

What episode of black mirror is this

No. 921567

I'm not the gangstalk anon but you're making it kind of obvious you're a ccc janny

No. 921568

I wanna be gangstalked too, where can I sign up?

No. 921569

it's actually twilight zone

No. 921571

do the gangstalkers have connections to hwood and how do I sign up for a starfucker job

No. 921572

do you want to fuck Jim Carrey?

No. 921574

Hello; gangstalk operator? Give me ccc janny privileges right now

No. 921575

that's the ariana path

No. 921578

yutaschizo take your meds

No. 921579

bitch I don't want that much ps

No. 921580

can any ccc anons here tell me why anons use roastie over there? is it an all-female board?

No. 921582

File: 1632447853060.jpeg (82.94 KB, 1197x798, 0A4A371C-4285-4B0F-92A0-2D302E…)

This is the episode where I kiss Fionn Whitehead’s cheek and get him to date my best friend who’s got a crush on him.

No. 921583

No. 921584

They have the y chromosome

No. 921585

a guy with a botched chin

No. 921586

No. 921587

I'm not. Calm down.

No. 921589

So it's just filled with larping trannies?

No. 921590

yes we are all female we just think it's funny

No. 921591

They will never post a photo their hands to prove their sex like our admin here, they can't even say "i'm not trans".

No. 921594

How much has kpop dulled your brain to think saying misogynistic shit is funny

No. 921600

File: 1632448700697.jpg (27.69 KB, 564x564, 18b220c4776f174e986bef17fac953…)

lighten up roastie(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 921601


No. 921602

>yes we are all female
[x] doubt

No. 921603

File: 1632448823288.jpg (62.61 KB, 933x816, EuaVMDYUYAE96Ot.jpg)

No. 921604

I weigh sand stone

No. 921606

Night girlies I'm going to ask God to comfort you all in my prayers

No. 921607

I will not disgrace my god given gifts by displaying my gorgeous quintuple d over the shoulder boulder Houlders

No. 921608

The beautiful
by transexuals

No. 921610

No. 921612

Troon spotted

No. 921613

they post vocaroos constantly if they’re trannies so is everyone who’s voice verified in the lc discord

No. 921614

File: 1632449073207.jpeg (220.3 KB, 736x736, EB6D316A-47A5-4315-8BAF-D39814…)

roastie is a term of endearment(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 921615

File: 1632449135661.gif (4.95 MB, 406x202, 457.gif)

No. 921616

File: 1632449189551.jpg (149.52 KB, 1200x1200, CgAx20AUUAAPFFh.jpg)

Rhymes with bestie for a reason

No. 921617

It doesn't tho.

No. 921618

you're on a chan dedicate to nitpicking and bullying woman get off your high horse autista

No. 921619

File: 1632449305150.jpg (61.34 KB, 1029x772, EUtjIcMXgAAHhf1.jpg)

No. 921620

I bet you have a y chromosome.

No. 921621

Shut up about roasties, it makes me hungry

No. 921622

Yeah I know, it's amazing to see how much HRT has advanced!

No. 921623

File: 1632449395441.png (338.58 KB, 500x333, shutterstock_52796098.png)

Post yer favorite pupkin

No. 921626

File: 1632449483521.jpg (31.61 KB, 618x412, IMG_20180520_005908.jpg)

All of that could be true and you'd still be fucking cringe.

No. 921627

>the only way she knows how to be funny is copying moids
embarrassing tbh

No. 921628

File: 1632449536361.jpeg (36.25 KB, 500x500, E4C98F38-5D4D-4005-8875-1CEF41…)

thank you anon, googling ‘pumpkin dog costume’ has made my night exponentially better

No. 921630

and you'd still be worse

No. 921631

Whatever you say, asshurt-chan.

No. 921632

File: 1632449607136.jpg (158.11 KB, 466x350, Kasper Boo_0.jpg)


No. 921633

File: 1632449696262.png (742.22 KB, 640x632, 64494185-D4EE-4E42-80BA-98F6EA…)

someone escaped from /lgbt/

No. 921635

File: 1632449791897.jpeg (303.73 KB, 1400x1077, 714BCB8A-A9C7-4EE6-BE9A-2809E5…)

Pine, apple, best, friends.

No. 921637

File: 1632449881139.jpg (27.7 KB, 480x481, 81xwmh8atnl-sl1500-1535567378.…)

This is allowed

No. 921639

File: 1632450171837.jpg (60 KB, 564x671, fadbd115f57f34f01c6432b3b8ffcb…)

The humiliation

No. 921646

File: 1632450775496.jpg (104.44 KB, 1079x1079, EXxXMaLVAAEE2Aq.jpg)

terrible detective work

No. 921647

Anon, you're already on the List.

No. 921648

File: 1632450857942.jpeg (146 KB, 750x750, B1A7C80C-A4F9-47F2-A5F6-9084B0…)

I come back to this thread and all I feel once again is pain

No. 921649

File: 1632450879968.jpg (38.91 KB, 563x447, 387ebe71c4a6ecbdc030ea4af82c65…)

No. 921651

File: 1632450993402.jpeg (80.02 KB, 780x439, main-qimg-ca195915748b9a30ca81…)

stop it

No. 921653

I'm so glad kpop handmaidens got sent to a containment board tbh

No. 921656

Why is everything sanic the porcupine

No. 921659

File: 1632451403815.jpeg (100.86 KB, 819x656, 62E7069E-CDFC-47F4-9212-ED5231…)


No. 921661

it's the autism

No. 921669

File: 1632452139382.jpg (47.43 KB, 563x400, dazai.jpg)

I'm not much of a fujo, and didn't even particularly like Bungo Stray Dogs, but his character seriously read to me as a deeply closeted gay man.

No. 921670

Iirc his backstory was one of the only good things about the series

No. 921674

this always makes me laugh

No. 921677

where your containment is gonna be when lc inevitably dies before christmas

No. 921678

esl-chan… let's try that again one more time…

No. 921681

I fucking hate cc jannies. anyway the board itself is rife with insecure and vulnerable women looking for a hugbox and men LARPING as women thinking you won’t be able to tell. a lot of them start retarded arguments like “I’m a woman and all the other bitches in my field aren’t ambitious like me, don’t have kids like fat Trisha” not realizing they sound like a man’s version of a woman. Also lurk and post retarded shit in response to vulnerable women venting. Also fuck you cc jannies for banning because I said the truth. “Better to be hated for what I am than loved for what I’m not” - Azealia Banks 2021

No. 921684

how is your diabetes going burgerfag

No. 921685

bitch you stan azealia banks your opinion doesn't matter

No. 921686

back to twitter

No. 921687

File: 1632454003969.png (425.6 KB, 800x497, chinchiller.png)

whoever said sanic is a chinchilla this is for you

No. 921688

I adore this

No. 921690

this shit doesnt even autorefresh on mobile anymore rip lolcow

No. 921693

It does for me cutie pie

No. 921698

No. 921700

I'm trying to come to terms with the fact that I'm a loser. I have a dead end low paying job with no career in sight, no education and no redeeming qualities. I do have a loving boyfriend but that's about the only thing I have going for me. Worst of all, I'm too lazy to change anything because I've become complacent in my mediocrity.

No. 921704


No. 921706

What's so unsatisfying about just living life and enjoying the little things? You don't need to live up to any expectations, you just need to live. If you feel a drive to do something, I'm sure you'll find the energy and confidence to do so eventually, especially if you have a loving boyfriend. You're not worth any less for just being alive and being you, anon. Your life has just as much meaning and beauty as anyone else's.

No. 921712

I want to sleep but I have to finish something on my game or it'll go to waste… when I beat my mobile game addiction it is over for everyone

No. 921751

I think I finally understood my grandma who sees all consoles as Playstation when I told my niece I liked that Sugarmelon Honey song by One Direction and she told me it's Watermelon Sugar by [whatshisnameagain].

No. 921780

I need to sleep 9 hours every day or else I am a cranky mess.

No. 921786

This but 12 hours

No. 921797

this but all 24 hours

No. 921843


No. 921844

i hope i'm like this bc of my period, i still hate rich kids in La Sorbonne still ✨(emoji)

No. 921846

fuck i posted an emoji

No. 921853


Can anyone give me the tldr of this woman?

No. 921864

I thought she maybe some psychologist who may have some Antivax views but didn't expect her to have elaborate conspiracy theories about being "targeted"

No. 921865

Justice is done, annoying sonicfag is banned

Are you fucking 16

No. 921866

Particle Physicist at CERN
at the Large Hadron Collider, Geneva, 2008-2010.

No. 921869

That's new, there are a lot of dumbass psychologists who have retarded views, rare to see a physicist act like this, though she doesn't to seem retarded views more akin delusional paranoia

No. 921877

Sorry for grossness but, I like garlic bread, I like garlic chicken kievs, I like sour cream and onion crisps… but it's almost not worth having any of that stuff when I can smell myself sweating it out the next day or the taste just comes back into my saliva after already brushing several times.

No. 921881

She's a mentally-ill Romanian-born German scientist currently residing in England. She believes multiple intelligence agencies have been targeting her since she was nine years old. https://wikispooks.com/wiki/Katherine_Horton

No. 921883

>t. glowie
Her husband is William Edward Binney, a former intelligence official with the United States National Security Agency (NSA) and whistleblower. They are both targeted by the glowies.

No. 921889

File: 1632482129656.png (877.3 KB, 1326x814, ttss.png)

No. 921948

I don't get those anons who go to the advice threads and say shit like
> btw I know that I should do 'this thing' but I simply wont so don't you dare give me smart advice, give me the dumb advice that I want to hear instead.
No lol

No. 921956

The general tinfoil thread is so fucking radioactive, I shudder in horror thinking one of those schizos could be giving advice and whatnot to farmers in other threads.

No. 921976

good advice is good advice no matter who it comes from
t. schizo

No. 921978

You don't have to tell me you're a schizo, you cringe woman.

No. 922019

I posted about writing for NaNoWriMo yesterday and today I started looking into how to prep for it. I needed a pick me up at work so I went through my phone to look at pics of my dog and found screenshots I had saved of a story my friend came up with because we were talking about our native names and she came up with a dumb gay love story based on the literal translations of our names… and now I want to write that too but GOD my brain will really melt.

No. 922025

File: 1632495621178.jpg (360.16 KB, 1535x2048, daddy.jpg)

I just wanna live in a world where 90% of men were buff alt boys, is that so wrong ?

No. 922033

My mom said I should gift a painting to my doctor and I thought that was a nice idea but dad says I shouldn't paint with oil paint because I shouldn't breathe in chemicals and I don't like drawing with soft pastel because when I spray it with fixative it turns darker so I can't tell beforehand how it will look, and I don't know how to paint with watercolor well and I don't think I have any suitable paper. Errrrr do you think I could paint with soft pastel on canvas kek

No. 922039

File: 1632496767526.jpg (299.42 KB, 713x438, 1534838032789.jpg)

Look what they did to my girl, RIP Sheila 2000-2018 died from asphyxiation from too tiny belt.

No. 922040

fucking gross

No. 922061

File: 1632499003627.jpg (212.52 KB, 1200x1200, realbody.jpg)

Unrealistic body standards, even the marsupials aren't safe.

No. 922068

File: 1632499821521.jpg (86.9 KB, 600x800, 0989a7d0b67b4cb0d1315269bd4e5b…)

I know the drama has died down significantly but I still feel awful for the director of Enrico Casarosa, he based it off his own life, fantasies and experiences, the story was never meant to be about romance but for some reason woke straight women clung to this
I don't think I saw a single actual gay man who supported this thing, it was all straight(mostly white) women who for some reason were so insistent about the possible gay romance between two males

No. 922070

You're right anon, thank you for your kind words. I think I just needed some sleep because I feel a little better today.

No. 922077

the way the nose is drawn boy gives off skunk vibes. you want skunk man?

No. 922084

I'm paranoid and retardedly afraid someone's stalking me, but at least I'm not this lady

No. 922089

I’ve been putting work off for two or three months now. I’m low energy and lethargic all the time. I need a nonny to tell me she’ll sneak into my house and murder me if I don’t work now and develop a good work ethic.

No. 922090

>mostly white
what’s the relevance? go back to twitter

No. 922098

Samefag but I had so many goals for the start of the year and I didn’t even try. Just lies in bed. I’m not as depressed as I was at the beginning of the year but I NEED TK WORK NOW

No. 922103

I've been having some intense 'I suddenly want to die' style pms this month. I couldn't sleep with it lastnight so I was looking up stuff to do with suicide.. as you do.

I ended up coming across an article where a pregnant woman was consumed with thoughts about wanting to die. She tried over and over to get help and people laughed it off like
> Ha! Yeah that's pregnancy for ya
She had a 3 year old kid already and was googling ways to somehow kill herself without killing the unborn baby (crazy shit) and whether kids with parents who commit suicide are more prone to depression themselves.. she was in a bad way and every professional laughed it off.

No. 922114

File: 1632504764286.png (98.39 KB, 360x351, imagen_2021-09-24_123249.png)


No. 922119

>womanhood is a tranny twirling their skirt
please I need these people to die

No. 922120

Yeah fuck those suffering ciswomen with their problems… says the people who're always bitching about how we don't understand their particular flavor of suffering and their problems?

No. 922122

File: 1632505183318.png (66.67 KB, 535x537, imagen_2021-09-24_123941.png)

why did you delete this?

No. 922124

Cry me a river. Like scrotes haven't been making porn of every wholesome, female-created/cherished media ever while fetishing lesbians like there's no tomorrow

No. 922125

it's always either the skirt with them or, to quote, 'an expectant, gaping asshole'

No. 922127

why are people so dirty

No. 922128

Fucking kek I remember the OP of that post blocked me a while ago because I responded to some retarded but not serious thing they said. Then I realized that the OP was a FTM

No. 922129

File: 1632505731562.png (558.8 KB, 1080x1080, imagen_2021-09-24_124847.png)

is this real?

No. 922133

>womanhood = skirts and twirling
Why does the crowd that yells the hardest that traditional gender roles should be nuked, always fall back into the most stereotypical traditional genderroles? Never ceases to amaze me.

No. 922134

depends if you think the vaccines are bad or not.

No. 922138

File: 1632506474508.jpeg (47.15 KB, 447x686, BE1DCD6D-786F-4583-BF85-6D9B2A…)

Their mom should’ve aborted them. I’ve lived in the East and West, hung out with female war refugees, eccentric European female travelers, and girls from retarded ME villages. All of these women would’ve enjoyed womanhood if it were not for its weight, weight that transwomen (and I’m not even a TERF) do not biologically have.

Looking at all the girls I knew who wanted to be boys, I think they would have enjoyed womanhood if it weren’t for things like FGM. Getting your clit cut off because, you know, whoredom and all. They would have enjoyed if it weren’t for the sexual harassment at age 8, 9. If it weren’t that which kept them in binds. I’ll never forget the time a friend of mine from the Middle East was excited to be accepted in a scholarship in the US. She was 14, 15. The jocks sexually harassed her since she was new, laughed about it in her face, and then proceeded to lie to the teachers. And I fucking hate flared skirts. 1970s wide feminist glasses pleated skirts supremacy.

No. 922140

File: 1632506549298.jpg (93.86 KB, 620x420, kilt.jpg)

Men being initiated into womanhood

No. 922142

File: 1632506698865.png (1005.6 KB, 1280x716, imagen_2021-09-24_130500.png)

No. 922143

File: 1632506923556.png (57.62 KB, 441x302, ZHmHih5.png)

No. 922145

This could be either bait or 1000000% serious depending on who posts it, wild.

No. 922146

This is funnier knowing that they fuck each other in Islamic schools after being segregated from women for song. Taliban, the only truly queer group.

No. 922151

My vote goes for someone baiting, but you are right that it could be a brain-damaged twitterfag just as well

No. 922157

This is obviously just another iteration of a really dumb meme thats been going around, it's not serious

No. 922162

I know this is likely made up but the amount of americans who can't comprehend racial dynamics and ethnic issues outside the american is so fucking infuriating and how they try to apply those racial standards to the rest of the world is just maddening
the Taliban (who are pashtuns) are racist against anyone who isn't a sunni pashtun and commit ethnic cleansings, even before the Taliban in ancient history the pashtuns were such fucking assholes that muslim punjabis sided with the sikhs rather then suffer against the afghans


No. 922163

Jokes on you, silly billy.

No. 922173

File: 1632508906552.jpg (106.71 KB, 1000x600, 7zx62q25qn_WWF_Jaguars_and_Wil…)


No. 922183

interesting creature

No. 922184

imagine if we lived in a world where all men were sexy. No uglies or fatties

No. 922186

>implying that drawing isn't ugly

No. 922189

nobody is ever going to agree on whats physically attractive so there will always be uglies

the subjectivity of taste will always guarantee uglies exist

No. 922192

it's disappointed and disgusted with the world

No. 922193

this looks like a racist caricature

No. 922195

Is Sonic holding an artery

No. 922204

File: 1632510526299.gif (1003.82 KB, 500x380, lemon.gif)

This is gonna sound autistic af, but does anyone else relate their cycles to the moon's phases . I'm not an 'uwu tumblr wiccan' or anything, I just like the idea of how ancient women kept track of their periods since women initially thought that their periods were related to the phases of the moon since the moon's phases happen every month

No. 922206

but what if they already tried the 'thing' and it didn't work? is this about my post where i mentioned not wanting to hang out with fans who like the same character as me

No. 922215

Why are anons so retarded STOP MAKING THREAD DUPLICATES you should be banned for your incompetence

No. 922216

File: 1632511342238.jpeg (130.41 KB, 892x1024, CA0C7EE1-ED0E-472C-9CF9-8BE2FE…)

I think it's a straw

No. 922218

When I was a young girl I read that your first period will happen around the full moon of your 12th or 13th birthday. I was pretty amazed when it happened just so. Although it never really linked to the moon cycles thereafter.

No. 922220

Funny enough I'm currently on my period and it's full moon week. Neat, I might keep track of it like that, I love the moon

No. 922221

making a new thread right after the 1100 post mark should be grounds for a several day ban. Last night we had two lyrics threads and two vent threads practically on the front page. Sad!

No. 922222

File: 1632511681669.jpg (119.11 KB, 1080x634, Screenshot_20210924-142717.jpg)

God I hate relativism

Yes there's different aspects and features people like and dislike, but if you think beauty isn't universally identifiable then you've drank to much Tumblr Kool aid

Basically we wish less men looked like ogres. Pic related

No. 922225

And now we also have two dumbass shit threads because miss smellypussysanicfan120 had to make the next thread pic an ugly ass aiden meme and thinks she’s so cute for doing it. Mods should start banning people for making duplicates because it’s so annoying and confusing when people don’t stick to one thread and it messes up the organization of the board. I just know this has to be a newfag too

No. 922227

Ew why are his nipples like that

No. 922230

you're not wrong but >>922025 is still ugly unless you put a bag over his head

No. 922231

Jesus christ you're right. Seriously jannies please start locking/deleting premature threads and ban the shit out of the newfags who make them especially whoever made the new song lyrics thread kek

No. 922232

This is amazing. It is sad tho that in 2021 this could be shared with 0%irony

No. 922233

No. 922235

why did you have to make me notice

No. 922236

I 100% support the Sonic thread pics, but I do get the point about it being confusing on mobile. I just scrolled by the Stupid Questions thread and thought it was the Mundane shit thread.

No. 922237

idk who's slowly invading the board with sonic imagery but i enjoy it lmao

No. 922238

I hate it because I can't remember which sonic belongs to which thread when I'm browsing the catalog ugh

No. 922241

I promise there is more than one person doing this, I only made the one thread with Sansic

No. 922242

I 100% support the Sonic thread pics, but I do get the point about it being confusing on mobile. I just scrolled by the Stupid Questions thread and thought it was the Mundane shit thread. The solution isn't to stop the Sonic thread pics, but to make the thread pics different Sonic characters

No. 922243

Joe Rogans been taking chimpanzee testosterone since the fear factor era. He's now reaping the rewards by resembling some sort of human chimp chimera, as well as having nipples that are visually offensive and defy common decency.

No. 922245

very fair, i just find it hilarious

No. 922247

it's really confusing, most of thel have nothing to do with the thread content so it's hard to tell them apart.
plus anons usually come up with funny/cute thread pics, these are neither.

No. 922251

I thought I deleted the first post, but I can't delete either of these now lol. Oh well.

No. 922252

because they’re an annoying unfunny newfag that needs to be banned and thankfully they were, thanks lurking janny for banning autist-chan

No. 922253

>to make the thread pics different Sonic characters
No, it stops being funny at that point.

No. 922255

Not a newfag, not banned. Settle yourself.

No. 922257

there's more than one person annoyed by the sonic spam, tryhard-chan

No. 922260

What's your point? I posted only this thread, I originally used a borzoi pic but three other anons asked for another sonic picture. Sorry to offend your senses.

No. 922261

File: 1632513696082.jpeg (401.33 KB, 750x934, 5B4D47A1-D27D-4332-9B1D-D94F07…)

one of your titty partners was redtexted

No. 922263

That was literally me anon, it was more of a warning than a ban, to not participate in the avatarfagging again after this.

No. 922269

the point is that sompe of us feel felt the sonic shit stopped being funny after a while. we can't tell who posted what but we can tell ti's annoing. hope that helps

No. 922270

>Justice is done, annoying sonicfag is banned
You're going to regret this once a newer, bigger autist arrives

No. 922273

I didn't want to upset people, I regret my choice

No. 922287

so bizarre that americans eat potato chips during their dinner or other meals. shit like this makes me genuinely fear living over there.

No. 922289

it's gonna be hard to top the komaedafag

No. 922293

File: 1632514802779.jpeg (54.53 KB, 460x561, F6FF7882-BF4C-4F55-A12F-E0F84B…)

natural potato's fried in some oil with salt on top doesn't compare to the amount of SHIT inside potato chips anon… christ

No. 922300

a dozen fries per serving usually. the dozen or more potato chips inside one of those small potato chip bags = there is way more calories and saturated fat and sugar in potato chips. it disturbs me because those eating habits are fucking disgusting? people that eat normally don't have to work out just to stop themselves from ballooning up due to the horseshit they consume on a daily basis

No. 922304

File: 1632515206082.jpeg (318.44 KB, 828x777, BE637BFF-6173-4823-9986-D2CC0A…)

where did you pull that shit from?

No. 922309

3 ounces is 85 grams and the serving in your pic is a whopping 117 grams, that's not a serving, that could be an entire half of a meal. are you sure you're not american?

No. 922311

because the "small" serving in your source is more than a regular serving lol

No. 922317

File: 1632515512919.jpeg (36.37 KB, 828x198, 7559EE5D-AAF6-43C6-A7CD-973BCF…)

i don't wanna call you retarded but stop being fucking retarded

No. 922319

Just eat the fucking fries

No. 922320

File: 1632515559344.jpeg (76.58 KB, 827x589, E953A755-338E-4238-AEFB-16D440…)

neck yourself fatty

No. 922321

I went to a festival and I think I met a /w/ cow. I'm not 100% sure but she at least gave me the same name, and she had the same hair color and length, makeup style, fashion style and build, her smile looked really familiar and the festival was in range of where the cow is known to live so I'm pretty sure it was her. She didn't post anything about the fest on social media so I can't confirm, but she doesn't overshare as much as other cows so it wouldn't be out of character. She was cool, she gave me a rubber ducky and a hug. I should have asked for her number but I was rolling too hard to use my phone. Don't do drugs nonnies. I could have made a cow friend but instead I did the drugs.

No. 922323

holy shit you think cutting and frying your own fries at home is a big deal? literally how obese are you?

No. 922325

brits are some of tha only people almost as fat as americans lmao. and for one thing, most potato chips have just potato, oil and salt as ingredients. And for another, you can have baked potato chips if you like. Overall a BLT with some chips is considerably healthier than fried fish and fried potatoes tbh.

of all the american things to be grossed out by, chips is a weird one. now potato salad…that i don't like.

No. 922326

it's 100 grams of fries, and there's 60 grams in a small pack of potato chips… at this point you can't convince me you're not a fat bitch coping

No. 922328

yeah you eat unholy amount of potato chips and think it's the same thing

No. 922329

Another day another stupid pointless fight on lolcow.farm, I am amazed every day at what random things are argued about, we should start writing them down

No. 922332

Home-made fries are one of the easiest and cheapest snacks to make. How lazy do you have to be to consider making your own french fries a chore? Pathetic.

No. 922333

Fuck this

No. 922334

File: 1632515898085.jpeg (266.82 KB, 828x1166, 80E26301-A637-4D84-897B-DE1B53…)

1 serving of what? why are you cropping the image? i literally doubled the amount to account for fat bitches like you, a serving of potato chips is actually less than 30g

No. 922339

Why are you fighting over chips? And deep frying is annoying

No. 922341

What was the fight even about? I missed the deleted posts

No. 922342

Chips vs fries, which is more disgusting and who is fatter brits or burgerfags

No. 922344

No we don't anon, what do you mean?

No. 922350

Lol fatty deleted her posts

No. 922351

Just a fatty losing her shit over other fatties enjoying different fatty things than her. No dog in this fight because I like chips and fries, but I found it hilarious when her comeback was that anon couldn't possibly be making her own fries at home, which didn't land the sick burn she wanted but instead proved that she had the level of incompetence and laziness that can only be found in the fattiest of fatties.

No. 922353

Isn't the fact Americans are referred to as BURGERfags enough to decide.

No. 922354

I know this is the dumbass shit thread, but I swear some anons must have mistaken it for the ultimate retarded shitposting steaming pile of dump thread

No. 922356

….You sound unhinged.

No. 922357

Nta but damn it I wish I saw her posts

No. 922358

File: 1632516818762.jpg (132.03 KB, 1200x800, shutterstock_560512450.jpg)

In Brazil, we eat something similar to chips, except the potatoes are cut julienne and we eat it in our meals sometimes and in burgers and hotdogs.

No. 922359

I see, thanks anon. We don't wat chips at dinnertime though, so idk what OP meant

No. 922360

Mmmm fuck yeah, that's the way to eat a potato right there

No. 922362

That sounds good! Is it crunchy all the way through?

No. 922363

I like these too. Potatoes rule.
Ayrt, I am nta and I was making fun of her too.

No. 922364

she's the unhinged one? are you sure? why are you still seething AFTER your deleted your posts? you literally couldn't tell the difference between differences in grams, portion sizes, calories, even the difference between home made and fast food. you literally said no one makes homemade fries as if it isn't one of the simplest most common things people do. die fat

No. 922365

File: 1632517037973.jpg (69.37 KB, 953x730, 060.jpg)

Calm down

No. 922367

clicked the wrong post sorry

No. 922368

I forgive you. Kiss kiss potato sis

No. 922371

File: 1632517184706.jpg (245.48 KB, 1500x924, 81dR1aD2ouL._SL1500_.jpg)

Since we're talking about potatoes, here's my favorite snack. A friend bought them when we were studying abroad in Japan and I've been addicted to them ever since, super crunchy and yummy flavors! If you get them freshly made, they have a thin crunchy outer layer and nice hot soft mashed potato inside. 10/10 would recommend.

No. 922374

You're telling people to die and neck themselves over serving sizes, yeah I'd say maybe you're a little on the unstable side.

No. 922377

File: 1632517470105.jpeg (27.93 KB, 550x440, 3b3c2921-bb4d-4790-b74b-eb072a…)

Pretty crunchy, yes.
If we are talking about aactual chips, I prefer the supposedly healthy ones like sweet potato chips. But salt and vinegar chips are great too

No. 922379

Salt and vinegar chips make under my eyes feel sweaty, it's so weird, but I love them so much. Does anyone else experience that?

No. 922381

Will be trying these, thanks nona! Here's another easy tasty potato snack for fellow potato fatties to try: boil whole mini potatoes until soft. Smoosh them with a measuring cup or small plate, then deep fry until golden. Sprinkle with salt or your favorite seasoning. Crispy crunchy outside, soft and fluffy inside.

No. 922382

File: 1632517610422.jpg (97.07 KB, 945x939, received_996572717429790_(1).j…)

Which is your fav sketti

No. 922384

Shredded potatoes in a waffle iron for super easy crispy hashbrowns!!

No. 922386

I'll be trying this. Thank you queen.
SSSSSSSS I'll eat that shit on anything

No. 922388

File: 1632517997758.jpg (49.69 KB, 1200x800, D1062_16_290_1200.jpg)

Mmmyes, very classy choice. I'm a ghettispa lady myself

No. 922390

all hashbrowns give me diarrhea

No. 922392

titty or whatever that says.
You're just weak.

No. 922394

Oh nooo, I'm so sorry, you don't deserve such hell on earth

No. 922422

File: 1632519482036.jpg (41.27 KB, 713x401, angry cat.jpg)

I'm a zoomer but have never been depressed (yet). I'm not even particularly 'mentally healthy' or anything. Am I an exception or do I have a big storm coming? I hear that a lot of zoomers are depressed

No. 922428

they lying. or they think being sad occasionally is having depression. or they think because they don't feel happyhappyexcited on a permanent basis, they're depressed. sadbaiting has been around since the concept of depression was invented by early modern psychologists. perhaps it was a mistake

No. 922429

File: 1632519837891.jpeg (63.19 KB, 640x639, 1618794770948.jpeg)

I think it's time for me to escape into my fantasies and meet up with my husbando

No. 922430

Depressed zoomers are a loud minority. Most of my zoomer family members are happy and successful with only one exception… but she had a legitimate reason to be depressed and seems to be recovering well. I'm sure you'll remain fine.

No. 922432


No. 922434

File: 1632520170956.jpg (849.25 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210924-174856_Gal…)

we have these too, usually called potato stix. i like them ok, and they're in every grocery store but no one talks about them ever. like ive never heard a single person say these are their favorite, and they never make them in any other flavors. i feel like people only use them for salads…or as like a chili topping? kind of a mystery to me, theyre pretty good really.

No. 922444

Women need to start editing wiki. Look at the pics, the general focus on women. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Physical_attractiveness

No. 922458

That article is so autistic holy shit. You can immediately tell that it was written by BDD incel freaks.

No. 922473

Yes it is but I cba to edit the info. I am going to balance it out by uploading some hot men soon as I find pics I like. Definitely changing that retarded waist pic, it's not even in the right place! Insecure fags.

No. 922505

When I was a child, I always thought hashbrowns were some variant of edibles (I have no idea why I knew what edibles were at that age) because hash is another word for weed (or something? I'm not too deep into the lore) where I'm from.

No. 922513

Is tom hardy raycis?

No. 922516

Calm down it's just a dumbass picture I found online, not everyone is baiting or a twitterfag.

No. 922518

Did you know some people actually get those tattoos sponsored by companies for free advertisement? wild

No. 922521

Any actual provable cases of this? I know that Suicide Girls offered free subscription for getting their logo tattooed but never heard of anything else

No. 922524

I heard of some airline giving a guy free flights for life after he showed them his tattoo of their logo

No. 922537

men keep posting here and seething because they know their y chromosome is busted and janky as fuck

No. 922539

Whenever I'm on Isabella's thread, I always pronounce Janke like janky in my head.

No. 922547

I know this is retarded but I want to watch some vice vids where they hide the person's identity but I can't because masks creep me out too much. The sound quality is way too muffled to just listen and I can't scroll down, cut the image out of view and read the subs because they randomly blow up half the subtitles mid screen for some stupid reason. I'm trying to desensitize myself, but it's not going well kek.

No. 922553

When you find two recipes online that are really similar, how the fuck do you choose which one to follow?

No. 922556

One with less pretentious filler shit before the actual recipe.

No. 922561

Depends on the differences. Cook time/temp? You can always cook something more but you can't cook something less. Start with the lower of the two and if it doesn't come out right then adjust towards the other. Ingredients? If you're new to cooking then try one with fewer ingredients, less to prep so you can focus on getting everything done right. Technique? Depends on your experience level, again if you're a beginner go with something you'd be comfortable with, if you're not then maybe you want to try something new. Also remember recipes serve better as guides rather than law. Following a recipe to the letter usually doesn't turn out too great because chefs may make adjustments on the fly and don't always measure their ingredients accurately (unless it's baking) so you wanna be flexible enough to adjust to taste. You may even want to combine parts from both recipes if it suits your needs.

No. 922570

why does water fix everyone else's problems except mine. i've drank it for several years but my skin and digestive issues are getting worse. nothing else really changed besides peeing 60 times a day

No. 922571

They're probably people who lived on soda and had problems caused by not drinking water to begin with. There's no reason to think it would fix any random ailment, it's the bare minimum requirement of being healthy. You should see a GI doctor and a dermatologist for real answers. I've been drinking a tonne of water for over a decade now, still had to go on accutane to fix my skin.

No. 922578

File: 1632536306100.jpg (189.3 KB, 828x1185, Tumblr_l_12255497792123.jpg)

I want to quit smoking everything but weed helps so much. I crave the act of smoking so bed especially cause I quit cigarettes a few months ago. Aaaaah

No. 922586

Just do it x

No. 922590

Thanks anon, I'll try to remember this. I think the only major difference was the amount of eggs in the recipes, I ended up going with the recipe that has 2 eggs cause I wanted to divide it.

No. 922591

I should report you for this.

No. 922595

File: 1632537840304.jpg (10.45 KB, 275x271, 1632252572889.jpg)

all jokes aside, i want him to kiss me slowly while he sings "choke me like you hate me but you love me", i'm in love

No. 922604

I just want him to be irrelevant

No. 922612

i want you to say sike. or go to /g/

No. 922613

File: 1632538828126.gif (6.02 MB, 498x280, 8372267272.gif)

He was like 13 in that picture.

No. 922614

he looks like his dick doesn't work because the fat is making him produce too must estrogen

No. 922617

File: 1632539719596.jpg (29.34 KB, 550x568, 1632254072542.jpg)

he looked better as kid, FBI, don't come to my house please

No. 922619

lmao he looked the same anon. just with shittier hair

No. 922621

he talks about choking and knife play, his dick already doesn't work properly for the simple reason of being porn brained

No. 922625

Goddamn you have shit taste. I refuse to believe that you're not underage or Corpse himself.

No. 922633

That's the fat edit, are you dumb

No. 922635


No. 922636

Good choice.

No. 922642

File: 1632541988581.jpeg (117.83 KB, 1103x554, 1632298127786.jpeg)

No. 922647

Haven't tried making them myself yet, but a local bar used to serve 'pork fat (lol) potato smash (lol)' and they tasted amazing despite the stupid 'how can we octuple the cost of this poverty dish' name.
Approximated recipe:
>parboil a small variety of potatoes until they're tender enough to crush with something
>once they're tender enough to crush, drain and heat up some lard with some salt until it liquifies (try to get the kind that isn't solid at room temp because that's been cut with trans fats)
>put potatoes on baking sheet greased with a neutral oil and pour lard over them, using some sort of gentle contraption to ensure that the lard has covered the potatoes
>bake at a somewhat high temp until crispy
>garnish with pepper and lemon zest (VERY IMPORTANT)
>waa laa

No. 922651

This sounds amazing, anon. But also
>waa laa
that had me weak. I assume you know it's voila and were just being cute and goofy

No. 922660

hard choice between spatti and se for me

No. 922665

his little flaccid cock must be wrecked, he's masturbating too much to anime loli hentai

No. 922669

kek honestly dream and cry are uglier than him

No. 922672

File: 1632544645025.jpg (123.66 KB, 800x450, plant.jpg)

No. 922674

File: 1632544731987.jpg (33.83 KB, 300x300, 87539.jpg)

>TFW you discovered Aphex Twin from playing Sex Kitten Sim Date on newgrounds as a kid
>Still listen to those tracks like 15 years later

Coomer moment

No. 922678

Literally who… Actually don't answer that

Who's that on the right? He's gorgeous

No. 922679

That's someone's CH fanart, that is their headcanon CH and you're right it's beautiful

No. 922680

it's a Corpse Husband fanart

No. 922681

File: 1632545111787.jpeg (23.98 KB, 300x250, 26D21148-EE88-49D1-AB56-DE3F71…)

Why is Tinder showing me female genderspecials when my settings has it that so I’m only interested in men?

No. 922726

femme lesbian to enby trans masc they/them gay furry pipeline

No. 922727

Those newgrounds sex games ruined my life. I can’t get horny without thinking about some nasty moid fetish shit, all because I played too many meet’n’fuck flash games as a 5th grader.

They did have some pretty good music though. Like keygen music, it’s always better than you’d expect.

No. 922740

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (Italian: Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo, literally "The good, the ugly, the bad") is a 1966 Italian epic spaghetti Western film directed by Sergio Leone and starring Clint Eastwood as "the Good", Lee Van Cleef as "the Bad", and Eli Wallach as "the Ugly".

No. 922742

rip nonnie. in the same boat.

No. 922745

i really love it when you pop a pimple and it sounds crunchy.

No. 922749

you made out of paper nonni?

No. 922769

>ignored shayna threads, but start browsing them recently
>she looks a bit fat but not hamplanet tier like anons are making it sound
>randomly open a 2 year old thread on her
Ok, now I fucking see the difference.

No. 922836

File: 1632568989010.png (1.14 MB, 1178x966, GM.png)

No. 922882

File: 1632574269315.jpg (715.29 KB, 1170x869, animal crossing.jpg)

I think I might have yellow fever…I don't even watch anime so idk how I could've gotten this

No. 922884

for men or for women? are there many east asians in your area?

No. 922888

I had jungle fever not too long ago. don't listen to rap music. don't really know how it came to be

No. 922896

I don't think I have any specific preference for asian guys, but I watch a lot of Taiwanese and Japanese films and so I find asian guys more attractive then most people

No. 922898

is there a term for the opposite, when a non-white girl has a fetish for white guys

No. 922901

i heard of the term "potato fever"

No. 922904

I've been called a nethanderal lover or caveman lover by hoteps

No. 922906

I was catching up with the whole gabby petito thing and I saw the asshole bf is now offically a wanted man.. because he stole 1,000 dollars from gabbys account.

It reminded me of some other case but I couldn't put my finger on it. It hit me finally.. chris chan stealing money from his mam and null deciding that was the last straw. Rape…murder.. not a big deal… steal a few hundred dollars, clearly immoral and needs to be taken seriously! Crossed a line there buddy.

No. 922908

Seems to me that they needed something to pin officially on the scrote. Since there is lack of proof that he killed Gabby, even though it's obvious. Not gonna comment on Null, since he's cancerous

No. 922912

Bank fraud is just an easy charge to arrest people on, it's not really about what crime they're taking more seriously. They're going to have to put together way more of a case to prove that he committed a murder, while they can basically show that he stole from her bank account solely by requisitioning the transaction activity from the bank.

No. 922913

File: 1632577430277.png (22.99 KB, 1200x600, c.png)

>"Okay, so bear with me here, there's this bigass island full of dangerous venomous shit, right?"
>"So, my idea is, we take our criminals, and send them to this island and have them colonize it for us."
>"What!? How the fuck would that work? How would you even make sure the criminals are working?"
>"Now, that's the genius part. We take the better behaved prisoners AND we make them the police of this colony."
>"Holy fucking shit, James! You're a genius! Someone get this guy a peerage!"
>and thus Australia was born

No. 922917

I wasn't talking about the warrant, I know they needed something proven and that worked out well for them. I was talking about peoples reactions, men. Alot of men were sticking up for brian saying his 'odd behaviour' like him running away is just an example of everyone grieving in their own way ?? lol. The 911 caller saying he slapped her several times.. well she probably was annoying him? Then the footage of him emptying her bank account came out and oop can't excuse that.

No. 922921


No. 922923

and none of them would even have a realization about their bullshit even after they accept that he had something to do with it

No. 922929

Nikocado Avocado is absolutely revolting. I feel physically sick. Just the thought of him.

No. 922930

I think having money stolen from you is something that everyone has to kind of worry about, big or small, male or female. Thieves and scammers affect everyone without much bias. And that's why men can accept that stealing is the line he most definitely crossed and no excuses are being rolled out for that one action. Sad

No. 922931

Men will always put themselves in the position of the male in any given situation, always. No matter what he's done, they will roleplay as him in their minds and form defensive rationalizations, though they might not speak about it out loud. That's why so many are saying she was an abusive bitch because he had a scratch on him, so poor man snapped and had no control. She MUST have caused this!!! Most men can easily imagine killing someone themselves and have fantasized about it, you will see these confessions lurking their anonymous spaces.

No. 922932

ew. That's a porn term

No. 922934

I saw his asshole.
It was so traumatic it made me nauseous and delayed my period.

No. 922967

what did it look like I'm curious

No. 922974

File: 1632582089556.jpg (Spoiler Image, 47.11 KB, 640x768, 197h3b81l5k61.jpg)

Censored version. Basically the same if you squint.

No. 922983

poor little cat, being used as a euphemism for the rotting entrance to hell.

No. 923002

File: 1632584498417.jpeg (407.17 KB, 1242x1553, 312B4D1B-3332-4DDF-8593-F6F7BB…)

I want to have lots of pets, a rat, a schnauzer and a cat. I would cuddle with all of them, I would name the cat after the forbidden man, and the rat would be called sniffs, the schnauzer would be named after a Greek god or goddess.

No. 923006

A rat and a dog specifically bred for rat-catching? That's going to go well.
Hope you like "Survival" type nature documentaries.

No. 923011

Do rats need the company of other rats to stay happy?

No. 923016

NTA but yes

No. 923022

Would it be really that bad? I mean, would the dog really just start trying to eat the rat or something?

No. 923030

The rat would probably be really stressed with the presence of two predators, but if you kept the rat on a separate floor the other animals werent allowed on and made sure the dog was trained very well I think you could make it work. And ofc getting multiple rats

No. 923032

Check his thread on here, there are videos and pics taken from his only fans. It is hilarious but also disgusting

No. 923033

File: 1632587876656.jpeg (272.04 KB, 1080x1072, B234D7B3-001D-482C-9238-6FE23B…)

That makes sense, thank you for the advice, nonnie.

No. 923112

File: 1632591985494.gif (6.54 MB, 256x256, 9F86049E-76CF-4EE5-93A8-AB8BC7…)

No. 923128

Ate the CD listened to it then levitated. That hamster is dark sided

No. 923130


No. 923134

File: 1632593560308.jpg (28.19 KB, 437x410, d2721z6-890bc769-daea-4524-824…)

i miss them

No. 923157

it made me cry when people were saying horrible things about Clippy. He was trying so hard to be helpful and was always smiling, no matter what. I wanted to protect him. I miss him so much!!!F1 was the cutest though

No. 923182

File: 1632595489730.jpeg (56.73 KB, 650x464, 1614759156806.jpeg)

>In the last years of her life she suffered from depression and heart trouble, while her husband began to lose his eyesight, becoming almost completely blind in 1986. In 1976, then 61-year-old Sheldon wrote Silverberg expressing her desire to end her own life while she was still able-bodied and active, but saying that she was reluctant to act upon this intention, as she didn't want to leave her husband behind and couldn't bring herself to kill him. Later she suggested to her husband that they make a suicide pact when their health began to fail. On July 21, 1977, she wrote in her diary: “Ting(her Husbands nickname) agreed to consider suicide in 4–5 years.”

>Ten years later, on May 19, 1987, Sheldon shot her husband and then herself; she telephoned her attorney after the first shooting to announce her actions. They were found dead, hand-in-hand in bed, in their Virginia home.

Honestly couple goals

No. 923196

i always liked clippy. fuck the haters

No. 923224

links! baby.

No. 923238

I just want customers to leave me alone so I can daydream about my husbandos fucking me in peace.

No. 923351

File: 1632605553256.jpeg (408.54 KB, 750x862, 48320B5B-171D-4BCE-99F7-5EFA34…)

what every incel wishes they were

No. 923356

Cute, where is he from?

No. 923358

Please don't like Rance, he's a dick and he should die.
Hentai game series.
Unironically played Sengoku Rance for the gameplay back before I hated it.
I tried finding a way without the hentai.

No. 923363

File: 1632605999056.png (322.13 KB, 490x468, EAY3M0xXsAEDLw9.png)

I hate Thrift Thick but she is the only beauty YouTuber I've found with the same skin color, eye color and hair color as me so I'll continue to follow her.

No. 923366

he's a rapist, isn't he?

No. 923370


Rance, a rip off Berserk anti-hero hentai character. Yes exactly nonnie, he’s a rapist and has a slave he repeatedly has sex with but oh no wait it’s not all bad! He bullies her and treats her like shit but he’s a tsundere so all of his raping = truly loves her! The wiki is killing me with how much they defend his actions throughout the game.


No. 923377

File: 1632607041498.jpeg (34.57 KB, 480x480, F83A79C3-DED2-423B-9C85-8E1FAD…)

Jesus Christ.

No. 923379

File: 1632607175800.gif (11.19 MB, 640x355, 20210925_135657.gif)

I just discovered I can make gifs with my phone

They are laggy asf but its still cool

No. 923383

What is that in your gif?

No. 923390

Soap being cut

It's an asmr thing

No. 923394

File: 1632608648846.jpeg (48.56 KB, 768x430, 1434395C-D449-41FE-9517-36E110…)

Awesome, my fatass thought it was some strange chocolate.

No. 923395

that looks kinda yummy

No. 923396

File: 1632608747020.jpeg (341.93 KB, 1061x1043, 13DA38EF-F515-4A9E-9BA0-7CB7DF…)

Now imagine eating these in public and then offering some to anyone who stares for too long, I didn’t know it was possible to make chocolates look like this.

No. 923397

File: 1632608751877.jpg (14.9 KB, 600x431, 1632323724932.jpg)

why do men never close the door when they go to the bathroom can they not be fucking pigs for one second

No. 923398

File: 1632608920391.png (417.35 KB, 425x425, imagen_2021-09-25_172811.png)

Yes! we have a chocolate candy in mexico that looks like tiny rocks.

No. 923401

Having a gender in your profile is like openly stating what cult you're from. Imagine if people went like "I'm catholic, zionists DNI" on their profiles. Same thing.

No. 923403

I’ve never wanted to eat rocks as much as right now.
Well, when I was a kid I also wanted to eat some rocks, but the idea of them being yucky stopped me from trying. 7 years old me would be so happy.

No. 923405

I want

We only have 1 bathroom at worked and one time I walked in on a guy peeing because he didnt lock the door

No. 923408

Oh my god this… my dusty brothers always leave the door open and stinks up the entirety of upstairs. Fucking shameless scum.

No. 923413

File: 1632610504042.png (251.91 KB, 317x500, imagen_2021-09-25_175510.png)

There are plenty of brands and offbrands from mexico that carry choco rocas, they even sell them in little carts on the street or as a topping for ice creams. Try to search for them at a local mexican/hispanic market or on amazon

No. 923414

File: 1632610565583.png (1.49 MB, 1000x1000, imagen_2021-09-25_175601.png)

just look at how cool they are!!!

No. 923415

kek I'm so glad I don't want to fuck ancient tubers

No. 923609

I'm in a hotel and I'm pretty sure someone has jacked off into the conditioner bottle. It was lighter(had half of it missing while the soap and shampoo were almost full) and it smelled different from the shampoo one. More salty and pungent? I'm so glad I smelled it before using it.

No. 923629

File: 1632649166983.png (229.5 KB, 580x1075, 1629318126918.png)

Some marvelfag on the wikipedia team keeps putting wandavision facts on the did you know section every day

No. 923646

File: 1632651076107.jpeg (341.77 KB, 800x800, 3786F148-B542-403B-A58C-D5C44B…)

Omg stone chocolate! I used to eat them all the time in Turkey. Truly no other chocolate is as satisfying to eat as these

No. 923661

File: 1632654493077.png (3.97 MB, 1280x1904, binturong monk circa 1895.png)

I cannot stop shipping otter and binturong; they are the perfect couple.

No. 923662

this dude would kill you if it wanted to

No. 923690

File: 1632657166244.jpg (19.18 KB, 500x277, 232323.jpg)

Right wing twitter user introduces his Nicki Minaj stan girlfriend to his fellow neo-nazis

No. 923695

THIS. Are they animals in a fucking barn? Close the door you beasts. I swear to god men need to be chained and MK ULTRA mind controlled to act civilized.

No. 923704

I don't care if it's a "girl game" I love the sims because I can play as farmer girls raising horses or I can play as an alien in the future in neon bars or I can play as a girl building robots and hunting the desert for perfect robot parts or I can play as a witch with a cat and vampire boyfriend in a little house in the forest or I can be a vampire inventor or I can be a mermaid on the beach or I can have a yacht house. All that and so many more, every day I can do something else I just pick a different save game.

No. 923705

I imagine at 70 I will have a nice brick house with a big fenced in backyard. My front and back will be a forest of perennials and the entrance will have a trellis with purple clematis flowers. You go in my home and instantly smell cherry almond and old wood. The walls are covered with framed pressed flowers, good memories and kitsch art. You enter the study where I'm hunched, silver haired and saggy, over my PC with 5 monitors. I got a couple of electro-nodes suction cupped to my head and I'm inside the simulation making sweet love to my husbando.

No. 923707

can someone motivate me to do my 3 assignments so i can play games afterwards. i will just sit here getting distracted for hours. please. please. please. please.

No. 923729

Same, I grew up with the Sims although I didn't follow it past Sims 3. I downloaded a crack of 4 and played for a bit, but it felt soulless compared to 3. I remember playing the first Sims, it wasn't localized and english isn't my first language so I had no idea what the hell was happening half the time, I had to figure out everything by trial and error.

No. 923737

Does anyone else find the browser version of Spotify hard to navigate? I'm always clicking around trying to find what I'm looking for, I feel like my mom who's digitally lost.

No. 923750

Set your timer for 25 minutes and give it all you got. Then have a break (sip water or do some exercise), but keep it under 15 minutes. Then set the timer again, rinse and repeat. Once you completed all of your assignments, you can allow yourself to play video games. Important: do not play video games in the breaks if you feel you wouldn't be able to stop and go back to your assignments

No. 923760

>I downloaded a crack of 4 and played for a bit, but it felt soulless compared to 3
I pirated TS4 and had the same feelings about it. I downloaded some mods and then it became a lot more fun. I don't normally install sex and drug mods in sims games but Wicked Whims, Woohoo Wellness and Basemental Drugs have had me playing TS4 for hours at a time. In combination the mods recreate the chaos and dysfunction of modded TS2.

No. 923764

File: 1632665792433.jpeg (51.79 KB, 263x208, AF472385-5A25-4515-ABCF-A77EA4…)

The most basic bitch choice but I would fuck this guy all night but he would have to tape his own mouth and never speak because his voice and opinions are disgusting

No. 923779

File: 1632666995855.jpg (7.53 KB, 199x199, 1557445288489.jpg)

Reading up about Khitan empress Xiao Yanyan and how based she was, she captured 100 pretty Han Chinese boys and made them into her slave boys.

>The Khitan were a Mongolic steppe nomad people living in Mongolia and Manchuria.

>Khitans founded the Liao dynasty which ruled most of modern day Inner Mongolia, Outer Mongolia and Manchuria.
>Khitan women served in the Liao army and trained in horseback mounted archery.
>The Khitan Xiao Yanyan was chosen by her father over her brothers and sisters to become empress because when she was an excellent horserider, was artistic, and intelligent.
>Her father said she was a high minded girl who would become great one day.
>Khitan Empress Xiao Yanyan became regent of the Liao dynasty for her underage son after her husband the emperor died.
>The Empress had a personal army of 10,000 Khitan cavalry.
>Khitan Empress Xiao Yanyan invaded Song dynasty China, defeated the Chinese army in every battle and then kidnapped nearly 100 of the most attractive, prettiest and good looking Han Chinese boys that she could find.
>She brought them back from Song dynasty China to Liao dynasty Mongolia
>when the boys got too old Empress Xiao Yanyan's armies in another raid kidnapped new Chinese boys to serve her

No. 923780

File: 1632667097687.png (984.84 KB, 750x1000, imagen_2021-09-26_093821.png)

No. 923794

She was a sociopath who castrated infants and forced them into slave labor. You failed to mention the 'prettiest Han Chinese boys' were under ten years old. Why celebrate someone like that when we've have had many intelligent, successful female leaders who actually improved the world?

No. 923800

File: 1632668624840.gif (3.46 MB, 420x286, 1629754508051.gif)

my personal lolcow just self diagnosed herself with autism

No. 923805

Bpd..autism, easy mistake lol

No. 923823

File: 1632670040494.jpeg (32.5 KB, 800x533, 392072D2-991D-4C86-BDDE-524E72…)

Cute patootie protected.

No. 923827

I'm hoping the child castration aspect was just han propaganda and she really had a harem of Chinese pretty boys

No. 923829

There's no point moralfagging history. Even someone as mild as JK Rowling will lose her reputation to that shit after she dies. If everyone in her era was castrating enemies then that's how you get shit done. Go worship your man's cock and balls in rememberance ancient lobbed off Chinese cocks

No. 923838

hate how attracted i am to griffith. evil man. fuck you griffith

No. 923841

I would like to be in a foursome with him, Guts, and Casca, desperately

No. 923864

Again it could be likely propaganda as this supposed "fact" about her was recoded 200 years after her death, when the Liao state had already collapsed

No. 923870

I deleted because I saw >>923794, but thanks I guess.

No. 923890

i finished them. i got 3 hours of sleep last night so i am going to get a bad grade but whatever i did it

No. 923908

File: 1632672943316.jpeg (21.74 KB, 739x415, 1620648551288.jpeg)

What's wrong with instagram? First the ads are about the most basic shit ever like food you can buy when doing groceries, sometimes they show more accurate and specific things like video game trailers since I like video games, now I'm getting "sponsored" posts about random half naked men posting selfies. They're not even advertising some products like influencers usually do, they're just posting their abs and biceps. Are people really paying to shove their selfies on other people's TL for no actual profit?

No. 923989

Dreamwidths are so cute I want to open one so much but I have, quite literally, nothing to write about…

No. 924025

not everyone is into shotacon anon

No. 924073

The chinsperg in the plastic surgery thread on /g/ reeks of moid. Imagine caring about what your chin looks like to the extent of wanting plastic surgery. Femcels truly are just like incels.

No. 924089

I had to go check it out
>well-structured chins
>weak chins
Sucks to be them, my chin is so well chinnish that sometimes I even have 2 chins.

No. 924091

File: 1632684221919.png (1.84 MB, 1105x765, jimbo.png)

Why do some countries justify having weirdly sexual stuff in their kids' animations by saying that American kids' animation has a lot of violence…even though most children's programming (like cartoon network, Nickoleadian)or movies (Pixar and Disney films) don't really show any violence? like, maybe I'm forgetting, but most violence in kids shows and films is off-screen and usually is just used to convey a more serious tone. I'm not saying that American kid shows don't have problems with creators shoving their sexual fetishes into their shows,dan schneider

No. 924093

I've had a similar thing except my explore suddenly filled with selfies from slightly retarded looking older women for a couple days. Algorithm's broke

No. 924099

People say that? That makes no sense at all. I can't even think of a single american kids show with violent themes

No. 924102

I'm not anywhere near the US but I feel like practically every show and film I grew up on was american anyway. I have a hard time thinking of non american ones apart from shows for veery young kids. Boring slow paced educational stuff for
toddlers (from the UK I think) was shown here but that's it.

In a country with its own distinct accents here… I often even met kids with full on american accents all because they watched so much tv and heard it all day lol

No. 924107

File: 1632685252151.jpg (Spoiler Image, 208.54 KB, 1824x1368, 144378904216679.jpg)

>Imagine caring about what your chin looks like to the extent of wanting plastic surgery
That's basically south korea

No. 924109

File: 1632685346644.jpeg (369.43 KB, 716x1024, 205CD13A-340D-4CAA-9428-5B18A0…)

I’m about to break down, white boy summer Chet Hanks was in the live action Bratz movie? This is breaking my mind

No. 924148

I didn't know they took such large chunks, that's scary

No. 924169

one time a flight attendant gave me a button sort of like they give kids sometimes (i've seen my niece get one before) and i didn't really think much of it then but i just realized she probably assumed i was either autistic or never been on a flight or something because i kept enthusiastically looking out the window because i found the view of the snow covered mountains in alaska and the kamchatka peninsula fascinating on the way to tokyo and it was my first time leaving the americas and i have only visited the caribbean and south america prior. it was completely foreign looking to me and of course i wanted to stare at it idk why people dont look out the window much during flights.

No. 924176

File: 1632690196240.gif (35.15 KB, 200x200, milk.gif)

>contribute to the chin sperg in the plastic surgery thread as a way to vent (in hindsight I should've done this in the vent thread but the topic of weak chins triggered me)
>anons talk about my sperg out in other threads because I was acting so autistic
At least I feel better after sperging and the anons saying that I was acting insane kinda helped me ngl. Sorry about my outburst, anons

No. 924210

File: 1632693990798.jpg (33.76 KB, 537x571, beauty and beast.jpg)

I wonder what the anon attracted to neanderthals think of ron perlman

No. 924211

File: 1632693999364.jpeg (48.8 KB, 680x399, E-ZxLgWWEAE2ELb.jpeg)

hopefully my gut feeling is wrong but why am I getting hunches of grimes pulling an elliot page

No. 924213

You mean these aren't french fries?

No. 924216

transitioning out after the woman gives birth is what men do, not women silly!

No. 924218

At least she'd pass with that man-face

No. 924221

She can pull a they/them, she has the look.

No. 924228

i could easily see grimes they/them-ing but not full on transitioning. i think kristen stewart is gonna troon out next tho.

No. 924233

imagine if elon trooned out. the milk would floweth over

No. 924234

Elena Musk and Clark Boucher

No. 924252

If their child X transitions, will it change its name to Y

No. 924287

I rediscovered this channel and I found this video and I love the absolute seething from the YouTuber and the comments for ‘infantalising’ Roy, even though he had the most cutest and boyish face and mannerisms compared to the other men and as if it’s a major travesty for a man to be viewed as cute, rather than a chad. I also love how the YouTuber keeps on talking about how to the women aren’t being objective, even though this is a Hofmann Jubilee video, not a scientific experiment

No. 924293

>kristen stewart
That would destroy me

No. 924307

oh god please no

No. 924310

Why would you say this

No. 924346

i cant believe my mom baked my vegan organic obsessed sister-in-law a birthday cake straight out of a box mix. i cant imagine she'll even eat it and tbh if i was her i wouldnt either if for no other reason than being offended by the lack of effort

No. 924357

nothing wrong with cake out the box tbh

No. 924367

you and your SIL are both entitled cunts

No. 924377

File: 1632711301023.png (70.12 KB, 1804x152, perfumegenius.png)

i know crohn's disease is legit and painful and whatnot but it still kind of makes me laugh when people talk about it so seriously, pictured here sandwiched between sexuality and domestic abuse

No. 924383

It’s pronounced “Ash,” so I guess it would be Y pronounced as Ashely

No. 924388

Tell your mom to tell her it’s all special and vegan and watch I swear SIL won’t know the difference t.know how snobby food people work

No. 924420

File: 1632716001258.png (1009.18 KB, 828x1446, imagen_2021-09-26_231327.png)

No. 924425

File: 1632716189186.png (495.47 KB, 1242x1175, imagen_2021-09-26_231635.png)

No. 924494

Jeez, none of those guys are even attractive.
Just normal/ugly, not even normal cute.

No. 924502

File: 1632726003201.jpg (35.27 KB, 604x436, Sephardic_Jewish_family.jpg)

>The Hebrew patriarchal family was a vast economic and political organization, composed of the oldest married male, his waves, his unmarried children, his married sons with their wives and children, and perhaps some slaves.
>The oldest head of each family group participated in a council of elders which was the last court of law and justice in the tribe, and which cooperated with the leaders of other tribes only under the compulsion of dire emergency. The family was the most convenient economic unit in tilling the fields and tending the flocks; this was the source of its strength, its authority, and its political power. A measure of family communism softened the rigors of paternal discipline, and created memories to which the prophets harked back disconsolately in more individualistic days.
>The economic basis of the institution was its convenience for cultivating the soil; its political value lay in its providing a system of social order so strong that it made the state —except in war— almost superfluous. The father’s authority was practically unlimited; the land was his, and his children could survive only by obedience to him; he was the state. If he was poor he could sell his daughter, before her puberty, as a bondservant; and though occasionally he condescended to ask her consent, he had full right to dispose of her in marriage as he wished. At first marriage was matrilocal; the man had to “leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife” in her clan; but this custom gradually died out after the establishment of the monarchy. Yahweh’s instructions to the wife were: “Thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee.” Though technically subject, the woman was often a person of high authority and dignity; the history of the Jews shines with such names as Sarah, Rachel, Miriam and Esther; Deborah was one of the judges of Israel ,and it was the prophetess Huldah whom Josiah consulted about the Book which the priests had found in the Temple.
>The mother of many children was certain of security and honor. For the little nation longed to increase and multiply, feeling, as in Palestine today, its dangerous numerical inferiority to the peoples surrounding it; therefore it exalted motherhood, branded celibacy as a sin and a crime, made marriage compulsory after twenty, even in priests, abhorred marriageable virgins and childless women, and looked upon abortion, infanticide and other means of limiting population as heathen abominations that stank in the nostrils of the Lord. And when Rachel saw that she bare Jacob no children, Rachel envied her sister; and said unto Jacob, Give me children, or else I die.”

>The last chapter of Proverbs states the male ideal of woman completely:

>Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies. The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her, so that he shall have no need of spoil. She will do him good and not evil all the days of her life. She seeketh wool, and flax, and worketh willingly with her hands. She is like the merchants’ ships; she bringeth her food from afar. She riseth also while it is yet night, and giveth meat to her household, and a portion to her maidens. She considered a field, and buyeth it; with the fruit of her hands she planted a vineyard. She girded her loins with strength, and strengtheneth her arms. She perceived that her merchandise is good; her candle goeth not out by night. She layeth her hands to the spindle, and her hands hold the distaff. She stretched out her hand to the poor; yea, she reached forth her hands to the needy. . . . She maketh herself coverings of tapestry; her clothing is silk and purple. Her husband is known in the gates, when he sitteth among the elders of the land. She maketh fine linen, and selleth it; and delivereth girdles unto the merchant. Strength and honor are her clothing; and she shall rejoice in time to come. She opened her mouth with wisdom, and in her tongue is the law of kindness. She looked well to the ways of her household, and eateth not the bread of idleness. Her children arise up and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praised her. . . . Give her of the fruit of her hands; and let her own works praise her in the gates.

>This, of course, was the man’s ideal; if we may believe Isaiah (iii, 16-23), the real women of Jerusalem were very much of this world, loving fine raiment and ornament, and leading the men a merry chase. “The daughters of Zion are haughty, and walk with stretched forth necks and wanton eyes, mincing as they go, and making a tinkling with their feet,” etc. Perhaps the historians have always deceived us about women?

No. 924505

>perhaps some slaves
Kek. So funny to me that the moment the white people being discussed have "stein" or "berg" at the end of their last names, slavery isn't a big deal. Just a bit o' slavery here and there. Some light cracks of a whip for the cotton. An afterthought, really.

No. 924512

This was the Iron age, slavery was practiced by pretty much every "civilized" society, though most of the greater empires consider the Hebrews to half barbarians

No. 924515

If women are nice and don't want a man to go home and cry, men complain. If women are no-nonsense and let ugly men know exactly what they are, men complain.
As always, the best strategy is to just ignore them.

No. 924564

Lmao I looked up Billy Talent for the first time in years to see they released a song with Rivers Cuomo YESTERDAY. Honestly not a collab I ever imagined as a teenager who was obsessed with Billy Talent and Weezer kek

No. 924575

Your post made me look up some old bands and artist too. Found out that Black Veil Brides went full christian. Now I'm sad.

No. 924585

It‘s crazy how irrelevant some of these bands are these days. This video only has 9457 hits as of now and when I was a child/teenager, they were huge. It is so weird because when I look at them, I still feel like my teenage self and get really starstruck even though they are now middle-aged dads that no one really cares about. I have this with Jimmy Eat World in particular.

No. 924604

File: 1632745116151.jpg (162.82 KB, 1017x671, Christ.jpg)

Imagine this is you and you look like this and you're just like " oh yeah, this is fine, there's nothing wrong with my existence "

No. 924612

I would kill myself so hard.

No. 924613

File: 1632745824750.gif (854.93 KB, 245x215, A0E3376D-39AC-4677-83EE-C9DF96…)

Yeah, sure. Anyways, free Palestine!

No. 924615

If it was illegal to expose the public to your fetish, 90% of mtfs would have to detransition.

No. 924616

This is exhausting, I can’t read big walls of text on an image board

No. 924617

I am going to sound like a newfag but why was this thread retexted? What is avatarfagging? I’ve never seen it before and can’t find the meaning, sorry

No. 924618

lol fr thought this was a joke or something

No. 924619

Don’t even bother anon, it’s just trying to spread tradthot ideology, slavery, and archaic family system, but it’s okay because technically Jews aren’t white so it’s fine if they enslave others, demean women, and take their land.

No. 924622

> it’s just trying to spread tradthot ideology
that wasn't even close to what I was trying to say, what I was trying to explain was the specific circumstances that led to Judaism and later the other Abrahamic faiths to have their unique brands of misogyny and homophobia that weren't ever present in other religions and cultures, the specific disdain towards homosexuals and abortions cause they were population hinderance
the Hebrews needed large numbers to fight their many neighboring enemies and to an extent it worked, they were the dominant in the levant due to their military might up until the conquest by the Assyrians

No. 924624

one of my professors looks EXACTLY like him it's almost creepy

No. 924625

Why didn’t you just say that anon? Kek.

No. 924631

File: 1632748477167.jpg (29.69 KB, 452x452, joji-nectar-1cd-2020.jpg)

I don't like his music but I appreciate the eyebag representation on this cover

No. 924632

I assumed you'd all be able to figure it out, Like did you really think we should act like a bunch of Iron age semites who were considered weirdos even for their time

No. 924634

i need to fuck this crusty ass dude so bad with his boring softboy music playing in the background

No. 924635

He has one of those faces where he goes from looking rough as fuck to looking okay again and I don't know how he even does it. The transformation back and forth boggles my mind.

No. 924636

File: 1632749217044.jpeg (8.29 KB, 224x224, finally.jpeg)

The funko pop we've all been waiting for

No. 924655

File: 1632751858512.gif (4.54 MB, 444x250, 9C1B5131-C4CC-407A-8753-5695DB…)

No. 924667

Why is every mutherfucker "aromantic" now? I swear it's never been a huge trend, usually being asexual was centre stage, now everywhere I go it's like all these aromantic weirdos have crawled out and taken over.

No. 924675

File: 1632753799670.jpeg (190.96 KB, 1242x1298, 6420DFDA-39B1-44EF-870C-55800F…)

No. 924677

They think because they're not in love with anyone they're incapable of loving someone romantically. I dunno why we need labels for normal behaviour.

No. 924678

I love him ugh

No. 924679

where do you all hang out to notice these things?

No. 924692

Nta but I'm in a forum about text based games and it attracts lots of these. Most people claiming to be asexual or aromantic are very young or just plain autistic. Strangely enough they're horny 24/7. That you can conclude by just looking at the discussion threads in the forum. Romance is a big thing.

No. 924696

File: 1632756284214.jpg (Spoiler Image, 347.22 KB, 2896x2896, 20210927_172017.jpg)

I was watching the new Life is strange gameplay when suddenly the album art on the right popped up. First thought was that old cow Wlyo kek

No. 924706

sorry if i say i dont eat beef and then some lazy bitch hands me a hamburger and expects me to be grateful

No. 924710

>Calling your own mom a lazy bitch

You're right, if she wasn't lazy she'd have given you both a nice beating with the chancla

No. 924714

File: 1632758048085.jpeg (210.97 KB, 1242x520, D2F7104B-613E-43E5-B027-8AE613…)

No. 924717

Dale anonita dale para que apprenda

No. 924737

You need to be 18 to post here.

No. 924747

>Wheezer is completely irrelevant
Good, I've been sick of everyone fellating that shit band and the creep running it
I remember when Futures (and the entire JEW discography) was considered the greatest thing ever. I couldn't get into it, I was bored by almost everything except Pain and Work (???).
Huh? I haven't found any info about that, beyond them releasing an album with vaguely christian themes (like, almost reaching NGE level of christianity as a window dressing)?

No. 924755

so why don't you make your SIL a vegan cake, anon?

No. 924757

I’m playing through the Reignited trilogy again and I guess I’m in the minority because I overall like Sheila’s redesign. I like most of the redesigns actually. Although Elora and the baby dragons from the third game look like ass.

No. 924758

i can't stop thinking of the long ass dog, with the giant long nose, that motherfucker is long

No. 924762

someone delete the ugly disgusting nasty long ass fuck dog from my mind

No. 924763

I a-log this fat hog so hard. His video about Chills made me seethe. How are going to call Chills a grifter? He makes spooky videos for fun and you pander to your creepy fucking audience with iCarly and Barbie videos. Yeah I'm reaaaaally sure you're into those Quinton. You know, Chills makes a 10k donation to the food bank every year? But you guys, he dehumanizes people! Because he said a lady in a spooky video looked like a ghost! But calling Chills a cryptid and a grifter for doing silly videos is totally not dehumanizing. Also let's make fun of his voice and not do the bare minimum research to find out that he has a collapsed lung. Dope. Sorry for ranting…

No. 924772

Clippy and rover were my faves

No. 924797

File: 1632765585873.png (285.52 KB, 720x720, imagen_2021-09-27_125953.png)

No. 924808

File: 1632766151257.png (440.75 KB, 640x702, imagen_2021-09-27_130917.png)

No. 924819

I miss the days when I was with my first proper bf, we'd watch some stupid youtube video and a line would stick out as funny so we'd repeat it to death and be in stitches every fucking time. The guy I saw after him.. we never had that.

No. 924824

this happened to me once

No. 924827

I never even knew these trends existed if it wasn't mentioned here

No. 924828

Really? why did you break up?

No. 924837

what's with the constant twitter caps lately
can't stand this ugly fucker

No. 924840

My mom died, I was grieving hard and I think it was alot to live with. The break up hit me out of nowhere. I was wrapped up in one thing and then that blindsided me.

No. 924847

Jeez, like I get it may be hard to give someone the support they need through such a hard loss, but to break up with you over it? How insensitive is that? That boy was mentally weak.

No. 924854

I don't disagree, but I feel like this comment would be 'based, sucks that his mom died, but you don't owe him anything' if OP broke up with a bf instead

No. 924856

time to listen to let it rock by kevin rudolf and lil wayne on repeat i guess

No. 924860

File: 1632769995127.gif (1.5 MB, 480x400, giphy (2).gif)

Because when I arrive
I, I bring the fire
Make you come alive
I can take you higher
What this is, forgot?
I must now remind you
Let It Rock
Let It Rock
Let It Rock

No. 924862

Nah I think it would be very hurtful to be broken up with after your mom just died regardless of what's between your legs.

No. 924867

I've seen one anon in particular vent about the same old depressed/anxious bf over and over again for probably well over a year now and I do hope she dumps him.. some day lol.

No. 924870

kinda wish one of my parents would just die sometimes

No. 924878

Being employed sucks. I have all this weed and money and no time for it.

No. 924884

File: 1632772601264.gif (1.29 MB, 348x208, spare-change-begging.gif)

No. 924886

File: 1632772757082.jpg (30.97 KB, 480x610, 552bcc0c6a374212f3983219e9bd48…)

My package didn't come today even though it was allegedly being delivered. I can't even do anything about it until later today.

No. 924888

File: 1632772952873.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.65 MB, 498x280, 092D833F-0203-459D-A4B3-E29526…)

No. 924895

I am not at all on the trajectory that I wanted to be on in terms of being in love and having a family but I've suddenly found myself on what I imagine is the George Clooney trajectory except no young handsome man is going to marry a single 60+ year old woman. What I'm saying is I'm going to die alone

No. 924896

File: 1632773342556.gif (162.95 KB, 220x223, 6FB88B18-E4E9-4F8F-80FE-DE585C…)

No. 924902

Why do some of you post vents outside of the vent thread?

No. 924905

It's not a vent

No. 924908

Trajectory is a neat word.

No. 924910

>George Clooney

definitely not a vent kek

No. 924913

File: 1632773974825.jpg (9.97 KB, 207x200, LoisIRoden.jpg)

I mean I'm sure you could find some younger inexperienced guy, maybe for at least a marriage while he waits for you to die
Lois Roden(the original founder of the Branch Davidians
) a started a sexual relationship with David Koresh when she was in his 60's and he was in early mid-20's and he stayed with her up until the day she died

No. 924917

File: 1632774090106.png (909.47 KB, 760x931, Screenshot_20210927-151627.png)

No. 924921

She looks awful, if I become rich enough I'm going the kris jenner way when I turn 60 and getting me a corey gamble.

No. 924925

This chai tea better fix me

No. 924927

This entire gif is smelly

No. 924931

Older women dating young men is about as disgusting as older men dating younger women. Just find someone your own age, the fuck you need a 20 year old for when you’re 60 year old? For them to change your diaper and blend your mash potatoes into a smoothie? Disgusting piece of shit.

No. 924934

File: 1632774663241.jpeg (428.71 KB, 1242x1858, 350D629C-0B5F-4EC6-A418-8B7CF2…)

Mmmmm mashed potatoes smoothie, perfect for dipping some tomatoes and asparagus.

No. 924935

except most women don't try to take advantage of the younger guy they're dating and middle aged men are uglier

No. 924938

Why do you think 60 year olds are so decrepit? My dad is 71 and gets mistaken for early 60s. You have no concept of time

No. 924939

>3.3 star recipe

Guess the pumpkin spice pinterest girls didn’t take a liking to it.

And some older women aren’t ugly? Get real anon.

No. 924944

I don't know why anons are getting upset over this post. I will gladly make fun of anyone dating someone way younger than them, especially old men.

No. 924946

That’s because most people are retarded, your dad is still 70 years old in health and mentality no matter how “young” he appears. He’s old and decrepit.

No. 924947

File: 1632775164809.jpg (26.66 KB, 347x251, 5e623cada609abbe7189392bb9bd4c…)

Nonnie, you reminded me some manga I bought two monthes ago hadn't arrived yet, so I checked their website and turns out I typed the wrong address, why am I retarded
Doesn't almond butter feels much oilier than peanut butter?
Men are uglier in general

No. 924949

Significant age gaps are gross, I don't see many older women trying that shit tho. It's mostly men obsessing over getting the youngest possible woman they can secure.

No. 924953

I can't stop thinking about the blood clot that I had yesterday that looked like a little black worm. I literally thought it was a leech or parasite, even after I realized it was just a blood clot I had to keep watching it to make sure it didn't move. This sounds like the start of a horror story

No. 924957

I can’t stop thinking about the horror-chans who think the rest of us want to read about their chunky period blood and PMS, take that shit to /g/ please

No. 924961

Lol I get the same thing it’s fucking disgusting. I’m actually fascinated by them they’re like thick black leeches. I blame birth control. I used to just have normal period blood all the time.

No. 924962

Where did it say it was about a period and get a life also

No. 924967

Grow up
I don't usually notice my blood clots, but they are interesting! It's kinda freaky once you remember part of it is uterine lining. I couldn't believe how dark the clot was.

No. 924971

Lolcow is a site for women and we can talk about women issues anywhere anon

No. 924974

Idk if it's to do with Libra season but I've literally been flirting with everyone lately and unintentionally like my voice does the thing and changes and I'm acting a twat. I can't help myself

No. 924978

File: 1632776460412.jpg (25.17 KB, 600x600, st,small,507x507-pad,600x600,f…)

My monthly blood slugs are the closest I'll ever get to birthing something, tbh I'm weirdly fascinated whenever I pass one of a decent size. That and I'm reminded of scenes from those alien films.

No. 924990

File: 1632776947801.jpg (87.15 KB, 800x1000, image-1.jpg)

I want the ugly model trend to go away now. Some of these people are painful to look at.

No. 924991

File: 1632776990651.jpg (83.18 KB, 800x1000, image2.jpg)

Looks like a cartoon.

No. 925007

holy shit why are his eyes so small, he's hideous

No. 925025

He looks like Pauly D from jersey shore got shídddéd on

No. 925041

is that a fucking asexual pride flag? tell me, who the fuck is out there killing asexuals? i need to know where to send flowers

No. 925057

Imagine making a modelling career from having the same face as botched Elon Musk

No. 925071

Nobody unfortunately because most asexuals are sexual depraved 20 something year olds who spend far too much time on the internet whinging and not enough time showering.

No. 925080

I hope he was bullied as a kid. No guy deserves self esteem, much less the ugly ones

No. 925083

Radio is shit because I need my music explicit. Fuck the kids, yo

No. 925092

asshole fucker crackhead disgusting nasty awful shithead ugly ass dog

No. 925099

File: 1632784239760.jpg (192.52 KB, 595x642, IMG_20200508_235443.jpg)

corpse and dream being doxed in the same year and turning out to be both equally ugly

No. 925101

File: 1632784367803.jpg (276.61 KB, 682x1024, istockphoto-1050347308-1024x10…)

No. 925108

File: 1632785202235.jpeg (119 KB, 275x231, 7ED8864D-A628-43E3-9C33-09FF09…)

I'm going to fall for this guy even tho he's thousands of kilometres away from me. FUCK

No. 925125

File: 1632788268127.jpg (185.24 KB, 1080x1350, fd5.jpg)

I just ate a ghost pepper carne asada burrito and drank a large latte (4 shots) goodbye, nonnies.

No. 925127

File: 1632788368498.png (98.52 KB, 504x600, nose.png)

posting borzois? i'll post one too

No. 925139

File: 1632790098629.jpeg (243 KB, 640x451, 40B8B501-F998-482C-9D03-2F64F0…)

I just want to float in space forever and have a freaky looking alien boyfriend

No. 925140

File: 1632790139417.gif (646.02 KB, 220x220, EF3CB24B-9CF9-491D-AA9C-D24D84…)


No. 925142

It's like an anteater

No. 925147

File: 1632791115961.jpg (596.65 KB, 790x527, luciano_candisani_paratyfoco_2…)

My borzoi puppy can walk in two legs
What's an anteater?

No. 925150

God you could ski down that nose.

No. 925158

the rest of my family live in another state, so i can only judge them from afar if they dont take my advice to look up a recipe and buy the ingredients themselves. idk why the idea of doing something for someone on their birthday that the person would actually appreciate sounds like too much effort for some people.

No. 925168

This is cute in pic mode, but if I saw this thing running towards me I'd die on the spot with shit halfway out my ass.

No. 925183

what's this image from?

No. 925192

couldn't remember the word "mercurial", brain goes
>do you mean "windiferous"?

No. 925199

File: 1632796669662.gif (3.99 MB, 300x300, 0DCB35E0-3EEF-476A-8C1B-B96B7C…)

Literally what

No. 925207

there you go, love

No. 925212

Tbf, your mom can make a box cake vegan. I'm pretty sure some box cakes don't have dairy in them, and you can find substitutes for eggs. Anyway, I agree that if you're gonna make something for someone's birthday, then you should accommodate their diet.
>t. vegetarian

No. 925222

thank you!!

No. 925237


No. 925251

i want a sexy powerful alien to dominate me

No. 925252

his fucking funny giant and long nose makes me want to throw up, please stop now

No. 925253

File: 1632801553847.jpg (152.15 KB, 660x740, borzoi.jpg)

No. 925256

I've never heard my parents say I love you to each other LMAO

No. 925258

I thought this borzoi had three eyes at first

No. 925261

File: 1632803388019.jpg (71.41 KB, 826x960, aECjv9b5PcoLuS76kmuhX_n_7WYFgI…)

No. 925266

kinda same, i think ive only ever heard my parents say it to each other over the phone as the obligatory "love you, bye"

No. 925280

An ex-coworker of mine (in his 40s, either autistic or has Aspergers, never had a relationship, pretty much never goes out) was hanging out at a subway station near my place the other day and I cannot help but think he might be stalking me. The same day he wrote to me inquiring how I have been and it's just feels creepy

No. 925302

I'm so used to lolcow and tumblr, I'm getting whiplash when I'm on reddit or some other non-predominantly female website on the rare occasion, and all the comments are coddling the male while the woman in the post is a bitch for daring to be unhappy with him acting like a child or something.

No. 925323

too bad ukfags can't easily head over the next boarder to get gasoline…sucks to be on an island

No. 925326

File: 1632816909869.png (13.57 KB, 500x330, 4d4848fb-ecc8-4a7c-883e-37abe7…)

I have an unread email from a hiring manager who offered a good job. I don't want to open it because it might turn out the job is not that good and I'll be disappointed but also am hoping it will suck so I can still chill a bit longer at home because I'm still burnt out from my last job. I've been unemployed for a month and didn't have a minute to rest.

No. 925339

I opened it. The work hours are from 10am to 6pm, 6 days per week, wtf? Wouldn't be able to do shit in the morning or evening

No. 925352

why do you people have the expectation that everyone sides with the woman just because she's a woman

No. 925365

why do I always see the opposite of this aka women getting reasonable advice with hundreds of updoots? Am I just lucky?

No. 925366

Someone else would chime with it though. I think you are correct though, you don't do this to someone already going through a tragedy

No. 925405

convince me not to drop out of university

No. 925407

i will if you convince me not to take speed at 8 am

No. 925408

If you think you can work a trade or find a job that pays well without a degree do it. Otherwise stay in school.

No. 925409

im sorry i can't do that in fact i wish i had access to it myself to help me study

No. 925410

anon i've never related to something more. lets pretend its 2008.

No. 925411

my recommendation to you is to find some speed and stick to your studies… or just the latter

No. 925416

I don't expect them to side with her just because she's a woman, it's just that on websites like reddit users tend to demonize women for being upset when her partner doesn't even do the bare minimum of household chores for example (this specific example was actually what triggered my post).
I'm not talking about advice specific subs (with that one I can actually agree, if the post gets reasonably popular). It's more about users personal anecdotes or when it's commentary on things that go viral.

No. 925421

There’s so many motherfucking cockroaches in the kitchen that I want to die. I hope my aunt can take the dog with her during the time I will pour poison every fucking where so they can all fucking die already.
I just want to go back home, I appreciate my uncle’s help, but this apartment needs to get fumigated or I will throw up.

No. 925448

if my boobs grew during pregnancy id be so mad because i don't want to start wearing bras well into my 20s

No. 925449

my boobs grew when i gained covid weight and they are still there…

No. 925464

File: 1632840200877.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1125x1101, 4962F341-D9D4-4995-A2D8-7EDC91…)

He looks like he’s going to work.

No. 925473

Use boric acid if you aren't already! My whole building is infest but I find that after applying it, the number of roaches I see in my apartment has lessened.

No. 925476

i’m not straight, but frank iero is frank iero

No. 925477

File: 1632841548659.jpg (243.9 KB, 1138x758, seasonal-produce-landing-page.…)

Finally finished my rose scented body wash and now I'm using the citrus scented one I bought recently and god the smell reminds me of when I used to travel overseas to visit extended family and the soap they'd let me use in their showers. Damn, never realized it was a citrus scent.

No. 925508

I hope I'll find a girlfriend one day who's love language is also physical touch. Not only to cuddle and hug all the time, but even to just hold her hand or hold onto her arm while out and about. My ex didn't really like that I always wanted to hold onto her.

No. 925509

Getting paid aboce minimum wage feels so good. How could I live this long without knowing this feeling?

No. 925514

Money laundering feels even better

No. 925516

i hate grapefruit AHHHHHHH

No. 925521

I don't eat actual grapefruit but I looooove anything grapefruit scented or flavored lol

No. 925538

File: 1632845819143.jpeg (64.54 KB, 630x420, A0487513-40A8-47BC-8FC4-85F46A…)

try this soda if you can, it's grapefruit cherry and delicious

No. 925547

Paris Geller from Gilmore Girls is a better character than both Ross and Monica Geller combined

No. 925570

File: 1632849123597.png (700.52 KB, 655x1004, 2e5.png)

the worst thing about this fucking volcano is that if shit goes down i just KNOW there is NO plan to evacuate and they won't even bother to warn the population to get the fuck out of the coast
i just want to grab the cat and my gf before any waves come

No. 925577

File: 1632849763104.jpg (108.96 KB, 900x900, yum2.jpg)

Bro why are omelettes so yummy

No. 925580

File: 1632849873745.jpeg (153.87 KB, 660x440, 69EF1970-D112-4CEC-9F97-0A0725…)

I’m sitting next to a dude who looks just like Chris Cornell

No. 925582

i'm obsessed with lourde leon's met gala look

No. 925594

File: 1632850729915.webm (1.9 MB, 1440x1080, 1621701783933.webm)

I literally spent an hour, of what was supposed to be study time, listening to a half-asleep guy ramble on the financial situation in South West England and how people from the South West are racist and have a bunch f power-tripping bus drivers

No. 925595

I used to hunt for Faygo because of Homestuck and now I guess I'll have to hunt for it again because FUUUUCK I want to try it!!!

When I took a trip to Korea they sold grapefruit soda in the convenience stores and UGH. I would kill for that shit again.

No. 925613

i used to drink pink grapefruit soda all the time when i was little

No. 925622

Big O is so good. All I wanted was for Roger and Dorothy to kiss. Also get to studying anon.

No. 925629

File: 1632852874672.jpg (17.01 KB, 300x309, xly2TCa.jpg)

After the CreepShowArtGate and the furry artists selfposting on the Art Salt Thread, I have been wondering if other artcows have posted here, and how they would interact in the farms.

What if Jay and Ivy are getting into infights with other anons and trash talking each other on different threads?

What if Nemu is active in the Horny posting thread? Or if she is just active in /g/ in general?

What if Rcdart/Rory has gotten secretly pinkpilled and is posting in /snow/, mostly the FtM and art industry cows threads? Since it seems that a few anons have gotten into the same art school as her

I even remember one anon who mentioned being a somewhat known milky artist whose art keeps getting posted on the farms, I have no idea who she was, but I keep thinking about it.

No. 925660

File: 1632854858495.jpeg (241.16 KB, 1125x559, ABC1D186-9240-4B6E-9088-25009B…)

I like how my anthropology textbook is dissing on Ancient Aliens kek

No. 925666

Guy looks like someone made Jreg and Joseph Gordon Levitt reproduce and also take the worst features from both of them.

No. 925669

File: 1632855545440.gif (2.19 MB, 300x345, 1631947163800.gif)

I always think about it too, but not limited to art cows. Charms, the Ostrengas, that Emilyologist chick (ex cow) and even momokun are all confirmed posters. What if I've read a hornypost from one of them. Or an infight. Or a shitpost. What if one of them is a d#verfag
I bet most cows (and ex cows) that are also farmers already peaked but keep up up the TRA façade

No. 925674

File: 1632855857281.jpeg (594.5 KB, 2448x3264, EBDF04EF-6AE4-491E-83B2-BBAE48…)

ot but I really miss how snack bags had that transparent window in them. some brands like Cheetos still use them for certain products but it's something that needs to come back. I don't care if it means my shit's less fresh. look at it.

No. 925675

written so unprofessionally it hurts me on an intellectual level

No. 925676

that's still a thing in mexico

No. 925677

I was talking to a guy lately. He's heavily tattooed and I've a few so we were talking tatts in general and he described the placement of someones lower back tattoo.. so I said 'oh like a tramp stamp' and I laughed..

He got all serious and said he doesn't like to say that word. He told me he used to call his ex a tramp whenever they were arguing. Just an awkward moment I keep thinking back to ever since. Dude you did not have to offer that piece of info up to me. Why would you casually tell me that?

No. 925688

one more reason I should just move there

No. 925690

I used to always go by a nickname or online name, but nowadays I feel like it's so hard to do that online. I have to introduce myself as my actual name or the nickname based off my actual name as opposed to an online handle. I feel like someone will find out and call me a filthy liar for not using my real name even though I grew up playing MMOs and was called like 50 different names based off my characters' name instead of my actual name/nickname.

No. 925692

I get so irrationally angry (inside) when people I'm not close with touch my things, not even using them just even touching them. Is this autism? I think I've been like this since I was a child.

No. 925694

Everything you do or think that is not in tune with the Borg collective is autism.

No. 925696

I still use made up usernames. If they can't guess that my real name isn't Xx_Yukiko-Hime_xX that's on them.

No. 925698

Is that like a Bjorn Borg fanclub?

No. 925703

I have one made up handle that's pretty distinct but doesn't resemble my real name at all, and another one stems from my real name but it's basically been through so many iterations of nicknames that I'd be really surprised if someone somehow guess my actual name from it lmao. I love using fake names and it's like in recent years I've forgotten the freedom I have on the internet to change up what I want to be called.

No. 925738

Nah it's still fine to go by a nickname/online name and anyone who tries to get on you about it spends too much time online. Internet safety isn't stressed as much as it used to be when it should be stressed even more nowadays.

No. 925740

My lip is cracked in one of the corners and I just yawned really hard and I hate that I didn't stop myself because fuuuck

No. 925746

This brings up fond memories of my pink tennis racket with Bjorn's signature printed on it

No. 925766

Have been struggling to consistently workout and not self sabotage/scream at myself when I feel like I haven't worked up enough of a sweat or when I'm just too tired to or whatever else, and youtube recommended me this guy and something about him just made working out, progressively and consistently, click in my head. Sorry I'm a big dumb dumb and yeah I need someone to hold my hand and tell me it's okay if I don't work up til I puke everyday of the week because I will and have quit working out when I give up because I'm tired of my stupid self sabotaging ass. I'm working on separating working out for myself (for my own strength, wellbeing, and health) versus doing it for others (body image). It's mostly a shitty uphill mental fight, but I hope I'll get there one day. Maybe not swole but maybe enough so that the number on the scale and what I see in the mirror doesn't matter anymore and make me want to self implode.

No. 925768

To think this is required text which costs $100+ per access code…

Dark academia is real, just not in the artsy kind of way zoomers would imagine.

No. 925783

Just saw my middle school bully (who I also had a crush on because… I don't know) and he's so bland looking, even bordering on ugly. I cried for what?

No. 925803

File: 1632868512919.jpeg (41.03 KB, 640x398, 6204C47F-586A-4773-ABD0-DA298D…)

Anon… You’re not pirating your textbooks?

No. 925822

i think i love being cruel to my exes its such an ego boost, i'm not doing it consciously but i give off this innocent, extremely self-conscious, weak, needs protection aura at the beginning and they tell me they want to break up with me because i'm too weak, we make up then i break up with them and become a powerful evil bitch they beg to get back together and i always refuse, only one of them saw through this façade and we've been mortal enemies since because he has became as powerful as me now that he knows my secret power

No. 925823

Can someone pretty please revive this thread
It's so fun and mindless

No. 925831

>political convention at the hotel i work at
>exactly one(1) participant with dry af cotton candy colored hair
his voice was so deep nonnies, he didnt even try

No. 925847

forget teaching women how to perform abortions at home, we need to teach them how to perform vasectomies (or castration, a woman deserves the right to choose of course).

No. 925848

you aren't that powerful if you weren't cruel to them before they dumped you

No. 925849

I hate that apple doesn't let you delete books from ibooks. My friend made me DL a free nsfw book years ago and it's stuck there… I didn't even like it…

No. 925863

I can’t pirate them if the have access codes

No. 925875

File: 1632882651295.jpg (273.32 KB, 1241x1369, 20210816_080100.jpg)

My bfs orgasm face is v hot

No. 925879

This board is too damn slow for anons to be reusing images every few days as often as they do!

No. 925888

File: 1632884144111.jpeg (208.67 KB, 556x1234, 5CB70FA5-F046-4174-B373-4F31A0…)

his arms aren’t even proportionate to his legs, looking like he’s about to walk on all fours and steal princess peach what the fuck is this thing?

No. 925892

He looks like an exquisite corpse

No. 925897

literal turkroach anon kek

No. 925902

I've been really anxious about something that I was supposed to do tomorrow and have been losing sleep over it. I finally get over my retarded ass and feel ok with it and then they call me to say "nah, we don't need you anyway." I can't help but feel relieved but I also feel annoyed with how much time I wasted freaking out over it.

No. 925903

is this nick jonas

No. 925922

looks like kevin jonas

No. 925978

I’ve lived in an area that has a lot of bears. They’re like raccoons to everybody. Anyway, you sound like a pussy

No. 925980

People have gotten mauled to death by black bears in the city i live in but k

No. 925985

>deleted post
>”a-actually black bears have t-totally m-mauled a bunch of people here!!”
The cry of an embarrassed pussy

No. 925989

Sorry didn't mean to trigger you by deleting it. But considering dogs can do a lot of damage it would only make sense that something larger than a dog with bigger teeth and claws could also hurt you especially if it has cubs or thinks you're on its territory. Not saying it isn't rare but it still happens at least where I live.

Now just forget me and go back to sperging over Billie Eilish's fine lines for a thread and a half or whatever.

No. 926000

Only a pussy would get this defensive over being a pussy.

No. 926003

I’m in my first Zoom meeting and I’m nervisss

No. 926008

it's gonna be fine

No. 926010

calling anons pussies is your kink, we get it.

No. 926041

File: 1632919149040.png (175.85 KB, 280x322, Art.png)

I really like the neural blender it speaks to me

No. 926050

File: 1632920174566.jpeg (596.82 KB, 828x1214, 87825392-526C-4B19-8336-E01BEC…)

No. 926051

No incel is worth chasing or pursuing, why did you post this?

No. 926057

File: 1632921128987.jpeg (34.67 KB, 452x280, 79FB4F77-5F2B-403A-AAAA-DA0AD2…)

No. 926059

Beautiful, I will frame this and put this in my living room.

No. 926070

>"we" can get rid of them if "we" just dated them, heh
He should've just outed himself as desperate incel instead of writing… this. Whatever this is lmao

No. 926082


No. 926092

File: 1632924487206.jpg (17.31 KB, 400x400, 1630737346831.jpg)

I will likely never find out what happened to my crush and it kills me, he knew me as a friend of a friend but I loved him so much and I don't think I can ever be with anyone other then him and I don't know where he is
he has no social media presence, he was a loner and even the people "knew him" didn't know much about him
God I don't know what to do

No. 926101

I had a crush from like over a decade ago that I never had any closure abt either, plus he was like 20 yrs older than me haha. I just maladaptive daydream about him. stupid shit like me saying the dumb things I do and him finding me so hot. Just coping lol.

No. 926106

private investigator time

No. 926108

A decade? Damn if you're willing to hold onto a crush this long then you must be loyal in a real relationship. This seems really unhealthy tho.

No. 926112

I am not a healthy person (in the mind) :) It's not like I am so infatuated with this man it's just like a past-time to think about idk. but yeah pretty strange maybe I'll bring it up in therapy.

No. 926115

i'm lowkey glad my ancient crush has no internet presence whatsoever, otherwise i would be tempted to stalk him
just believe that he is happy nonnie, it helps sometimes

No. 926118

I waited a year for a guy I saw at a store in a different city. even went out of my way to go there hoping to run into him again. he's probably the same as every other scrote. love is useless

No. 926124

nta but I get it, I've created this fantasy for this guy based on how little I knew about him

No. 926138

I got a capo for my guitar and it's class. Now my playing skyscraper by demi lovato will sound even better

No. 926167

very sad. i’m assuming it has something to do with hormones acting a fool during pregnancy. i don’t medicate so i’m just spitballing here, but could it be b/c she would have to be taken off meds after giving birth, and that would fuck up her hormones again?

No. 926189

if he was that much older a decade ago i bet he's middle-aged by now

No. 926234

I was having a phone convo and shit talking my co worker, not terribly tho but still. they heard me and although what I said wasnt even that bad it's all I can think about now. "They know"

No. 926249

File: 1632939007672.png (417.03 KB, 1756x488, beautiful.png)

No. 926255

I too welcome our sonic overlords

No. 926281

I know that a few anons dislike the sonicposting, but it actually makes me kind of happy seen this character, he brings me good memories.

No. 926284

Personally I don't dislike it, I find it funny and charming and this is a thing that happens on imageboards all the time. I wish more anons randomly chose characters and did this too even if someone people complain. The only thing is, its kinda confusing ngl

No. 926312

File: 1632942255042.jpg (117.35 KB, 1400x1050, popsocket_influencer.jpg)

I have a popsocket on my phone and I hate holding phones without one now, it makes me feel like I'm gonna drop them at any moment and I have to hold them with an iron grip. I'm constantly in fear of dropping my much nicer company provided phone but I am simultaneously too cheap to just buy a stupid popsocket for it because my big plan is to eventually upgrade my phone and get new popsockets for it, then reattach my current old popsocket to my company phone. Popsockets have ruined my grip.

No. 926319

I'm hot and retarded but the universe gives the hardest battles to her strongest soldiers so I know I'm being challenged for a reason

No. 926330

I think I'm really pretty, I don't care what others think but they probably think I'm pretty too. Anyway. I've been thinking about my husbando all day, of waking up on top of him after drinking and when I try to get up he begs me to stay so ok of course I stay. Whenever I lie down to sleep or rest I think of him

No. 926347

File: 1632945084739.png (458.8 KB, 1166x518, FLAB.png)

This really warms my heart.

No. 926348

just sounds like he's not doing roids to get an instant six pack, good on him

No. 926352

File: 1632945430048.jpg (105.31 KB, 1090x1200, 1709.jpg)

nonnies keep complaining about how there's too many posts on lc about men but when i make posts not related to men i don't get as many responses as the anons who post about men, so i just gave up

No. 926358

Same. Apart from I do post about them now, but only to laugh at them. However >>926348 types ruin the fun.

No. 926369

Yep, or taking obvious and boring bait. I hate when I specifically choose a thread that hasn’t been posted on in hours to bump with my topic and 2 min later some anon posts retarded bait or something about men or trannies so my post gets buried.

No. 926378

Cute Riko, but Dia is better

No. 926411

i don't recognize half the anime character pics i save tbh

No. 926427

I don't really care about responses, I usually just share my heart's content regardless if it has to do with men or not. I've seen some breakup story get a lot of (you)s in some thread on /ot/, but I just follow the "don't like, don't read" philosophy and ignored that conversation thread.

No. 926457

on every level except legal I'm not british

No. 926460

File: 1632954418194.jpg (8.49 KB, 171x401, 1612563668235.jpg)

I got put out to pasture for a low-effort shitpost and I feel bad about it. Public shaming really does work

No. 926464

Been there nonny. Hope you learned your lesson. I got b& for months over a retarded shitpost in /pt/. My mistake still haunts me and I pray that jannies will be merciful every time I post because I know what an intolerable retard I am.

No. 926468

hard same

No. 926474

Damn nonnie what did you do to earn a months-long ban?
>Hope you learned your lesson.
I have. The worst part is that I knew exactly what I was doing but I didn't have the self-control to stop.

No. 926481

I swear the only reason the mods keep me around is the fact that they find me cringe if not nonthreatening, there are times I swear I should have been excommunicated for my stupidity

No. 926486

if you can convince them you get off on their redtexts they won't be as ban happy probably

No. 926501

My final strike was posting an emoji, but I was being pretty autistic and not saging my shit before that too. I admit it was a deserved ban but the length was pretty harsh. I realized it was because no one wanted me around if I was going to be spergier than the cows. I'm a changed woman, still admittedly a retard but I try to keep it within a tolerable range.
>The worst part is that I knew exactly what I was doing but I didn't have the self-control to stop.
Me too sis. It's an incurable disease.

No. 926503

I've heard people say that periods should be painless and that if your menstrual cycle is painful then you just need a better diet, and it's kind of funny to me because my diet isn't anywhere near great, but I've always had damn near painless periods.

No. 926507

Who told you that, a tranny who thinks his diarrhea is a period? Ah yes, what a relief we can alleviate period pain by partaking in diet culture! Or maybe it's because we aren't sexing good enough or because we aren't using the latest trendy makeup or eating enough drugs. I love when retarded moids tell us how to fix our silly misbehaving hormones.

No. 926509

I've seen women say it here and there, but you're right. I'm sure a good diet can have positive effects on a woman's cycle, but I don't think it's as simple as "eat better and all your symptoms will go away".

No. 926522

No doubt that a poor diet will make you feel shittier overall than a good diet and eating bad on your period could make you mistake gas for period pains. But it sounds like another excuse to neg women for experiencing pain rather than take them seriously (not directed at you nona if that wasn't clear, just the notion of this really annoys me)

No. 926546

I'm already planning on commissioning custom friendship/matching bracelets for my closest friends and myself and I know I'm going to have to shell out quite a bit for the 5 bracelets but I think it's gonna be a cute idea. I have one other friend who I usually get presents for but he doesn't get me anything in return (not that I expect anything) so I'm just gonna have to skip getting him a birthday and Christmas present this year because I'm spending too much on my other friends kek. I have a small friend circle who I regularly get presents for and it already adds up… thank god I don't have any more friends than this.

No. 926567

I'm a health nut with stage 4 endometriosis and anytime someone claims periods are controllable I want to punch them, everything wrong in the planet always gets pinned on women

No. 926574

Diet doesn't change anything for me, I have pain every time and usually end up having some kind of intense depressive episode before, during, or after. Sometimes multiple episodes.

It's weird too, because I'm usually a pretty normal/cheerful person except during my period. Then I become depressed and clingy.

No. 926588

File: 1632970479044.jpg (15.48 KB, 275x275, 1602531455026.jpg)

I loathe this shit "just eat better, exercise, and lose weight!" that people always pull. You could have pcos and have to hardcore work out an hour a day to keep the same weight all while having adrenal fatigue that comes with it, and people will still say stop stuffing your face fatty.
Tinfoil rn, but I think all the female health knowledge was wiped out and modern medicine doesn't fund any research because all these hormonal problems keeps women down and weak.

No. 926595

I’m currently going through a period where I’m like… where tf do I know these names from when it comes to people I’ve met recently. Did a quick search on here and found they were mentioned back when I followed the Mariah/Momokun threads c.2017 lmao

No. 926650

This is so fucking cute, god I wish I was your friend.

No. 926709

File: 1632986050934.jpg (137.74 KB, 720x899, 7ow4rb0tgiq71.jpg)

Hello based department

>“Laughed at and abused by the police when they reported being raped by Yadav, the women took the law into their own hands.”

>“He violated women to control men, ordering his henchmen to drag even girls as young as 12 to a nearby derelict building to be gang-raped.”

>“But the 32-year-old was never charged with rape. Instead, the women say, the police would tell him who had made the reports and he would come after them.”

>“According to residents, the police were hand-in-glove with Yadav: he fed the local officers bribes and drink, and they protected him.”

>"’In the circumstances they underwent, they were left with no alternative but to finish Akku. The women repeatedly pleaded with the police for their security. But the police failed to protect them,’ said Justice Bhau Vahane.”

>“…he threatened to return and teach every woman in the slum a lesson. Hearing that Yadav was likely to get bail yet again, when he returned to court, the women decided to act.”

>“As he walked in, Yadav spotted one of the women he had raped. He called her a prostitute and threatened to repeat the crime against her. The police laughed. She took off her sandal and began to hit him, shouting, ‘We can't both live on this Earth together. It's you or me.’”


No. 926714

It's bullshit. When we were teens my sister and I had the exact same diet. Her periods left her unable to move for the first 2 days while I didn't even feel one coming.

No. 926750

What does it mean when Americans say they “hooked up” with someone like does it just mean having sex or is it more general like any kind of romantic/sexual interaction

No. 926755


No. 926756

generally means sex

No. 926761

is there such thing as yumejo/himejo hybrid media? as in waifu x female reader

No. 926774

File: 1632997892926.jpeg (68.95 KB, 1170x472, 7DADA09A-E5DB-49B1-A8A5-335499…)

It’s such a vulgar term I’m surprised it hasn’t been canceled yet

No. 926790

I just saw someone refering to male troons after genital surgery as having a "mancave". Amazing.

No. 926791

sexual connotation over romantic always but the specifics are vaguer. Can be just kissing or fooling around up to sex once or in a repeated no strings attached situation

No. 926792

One of my favorite lanes of discourse to watch on this oh so holy site is anons who go full schizo thinking just one anon is replying to them over and over when it's multiple anons kek like calm down it's a conversation, not a conspiracy

No. 926797

File: 1633000488233.png (2.88 MB, 1280x1302, 1632951468896.png)

Whenever I see this image my mind, for some odd reason, reads it as "lord forgive me but it's time to get the taco bell out of me" which makes me laugh harder at it

No. 926810

i personally prefer stinkditch

No. 926815

i thought he was holding a dildo what the hell is that gun?

No. 926832

File: 1633003385177.gif (3.13 MB, 268x368, 05555e9f49a778101e1dcae5d0e7a1…)

live action nishiki should be played by the forbidden man

No. 926840

we all know the yakuza cast is whitewashed as hell but even driver his cock into a pencil sharpener is too white for him

No. 926842

Nta but I really can see the resemblance, he really looks a lot like the forbidden man.

No. 926849

I love the Yakuza series but the fandom is overrun with annoying newfags so watching them throw a tantrum over Adam Driver pulling a ScarJo to play Nishiki would be fantastic tbh.

No. 926851

jared leto

No. 926856

Most of the characters like Majima, Kiryu or Kasuga should unironically be "racebent", they barely look Asian and it's not like the japs would even mind anyway. Only the western SJWs and yellow fever freaks would be offended.

No. 926866

File: 1633006417131.jpg (69.36 KB, 411x550, Seuss02.jpg)

i agree, anon, picrel is what REAL non-whitewashed Japanese representation looks like

No. 926870

File: 1633006876883.png (630.43 KB, 700x816, notliablet2roll.png)

No. 926872

File: 1633007551802.jpg (232.35 KB, 800x1075, 800px-Toshiro_Mifune_1954_Scan…)

I watch Japanese and Taiwanese films, there are some east asian males look do look like cast of Yazkuza however they are rare, most likely having some Ainu/Indigenous ancestry, in the case of Taiwan those actors are of Manchurian or indigenous descent
even the biggest action star in all of mainland China, Wu Jing is also of Manchurian descent
so again guys who look like Yakuza members do exist in east asia but they are in unofficial ethnic minorities and mutts

No. 926876

Or just have them played by white men JFC

No. 926878

No that would be fucking dumb, just have them played by mixed east asian actors, that's closer to their look anyways

No. 926880

File: 1633008384293.jpg (200.54 KB, 1400x700, Attack-On-Titan-Live-Action-Ba…)

Are you also offended by Japanese actors playing canonically white anime characters in movies?

No. 926882

that's why it's so funny to me that they are all caucasian looking. how likely is it that all these pretty hafu looking fucks are all in the yakuza but also interacting with each other extensively? just get castrated if you're gonna sit here and make a game about your chadspiration

No. 926886

East Asians are notoriously white worshipping, why does this surprise you?

No. 926889

>make a game about your chadspiration
that's literally every single video game with a male protagonist, nonny.

No. 926891

File: 1633009303809.jpg (67.86 KB, 976x549, japanese-Burakumin.jpg)

Its not completely inaccurate either, The Yakuza is made up of mostly men from the Japanese low-caste Burakumin(who have significant indigenous ancestry) as well ethnic koreans, despite making make up only 0.5% of Japan's population, 30% of Yakuza members are ethnically Korean.

No. 926894

File: 1633009494819.jpg (289.52 KB, 1500x1500, clown-colored-smoke-174526.jpg)

I will become a clown.
I will go through a clownification.
I'm going to become a clown woman, and I'm gonna wear my clown paint, my clown clothes and my clown hair everywhere.
It's not even about trying to "be" funny or deep, I just want to go find comedy and meaning where it happens and I love bright colours and cute honk honk doot doot noises anyway.
Being sincere is treated like a joke anyway so why not go all the way and out myself as a sincere human punchline. I don't want to continue an existence where I'm urged to veil my true intentions and passions behind irony.
And if going all out like this is the only way I can do it, then honk honk beep beep that's just more reason to admit I was born to become a clown.
There's no difference between doing it as a protest or doing it for fun. It's neither or it's both. It's just be.

No. 926895

lmao is 0.5/30 Japan's 13/52

No. 926896

File: 1633009517333.jpeg (146.62 KB, 1300x953, 3D2401CC-88AD-49DB-B02B-5847FF…)

I stand by my word

No. 926901

korean in japan are extremely over represent in organized crime and poverty, same with the okinawans(poorest province in japan),the ainus and especially the Burakumin

No. 926903

Indigenous doesn't mean white lol, neither does Korean. Come on

No. 926907

File: 1633010819086.jpeg (236.13 KB, 750x1361, DDA190C2-5B8B-4717-98D7-D90A34…)

People shipping themselves with animal characters are weird.

No. 926909

File: 1633011045245.jpg (11.36 KB, 300x213, 300px-Hokkaido_Ainu.jpg)

the mixed Indigenous population of Japan and Taiwan tend to give Caucasian appearing people, and the japanese Indigenous population looks like this

No. 926913

>A study by Kura et al. 2014 based on cranial and genetic characteristics suggests a Northeastern Asian ("Arctic") origin for Ainu people. Thus, despite Ainu having morphological similarities to Caucasoid populations, the Ainu are essentially of North Asiatic origin. Genetic evidence support a relation with Arctic populations, such as the Chukchi people.[85]

>A study by Omoto has shown that the Ainu are more related to other East Asian groups (previously mentioned as 'Mongoloid') than to Western Eurasian groups (formerly termed as "Caucasian"), on the basis of fingerprints and dental morphology.[86]

There's a lot more but tl;dr: they're Asian lmao

No. 926916

I'm saying they look caucasian, not white
even native americans can look caucasian without being white

No. 926919

Then the yakuza should be played by these fully Asian indigenous people, not weirdo European ones like the rat man, no?

No. 926922

they should just not make a live action

No. 926968

I just remembered this one too

No. 927018

Learned that my grandma peacefully passed away last night, we weren’t close at all and it’s been years since I last saw her so I’m more in a little bit of shock over losing a family member than actual sorrow.
Doesn’t stop me from using it as an excuse to weasel myself out of meetings or tasks I don’t feel like dealing with today like an asshole

No. 927032

this makes me feel like i’m the whore anti-christ fighting against god

No. 927036

i personally like this one

No. 927042

live-action videogame adaptations are shit

No. 927048

File: 1633020603117.jpeg (205.65 KB, 1242x716, D579A706-B344-4DD3-B0FE-F66DD5…)

I want a rainbow monkey but there’s no way I will ever either buy it with my own money or ask for someone to get it for me as a gift.

No. 927049

No. 927068

I sometimes fantasize about sneaking into a strip club and changing the music into purposefully awful and or meme songs and see if they would be awkward or awful enough for all the customers to leave

Songs I'd choose would be
>Doin' Your Mom by Ray William Johnson
>Subway Sexist by Yung Spinach
>Anything by G.G Allin but If I had to pick one I'd choose kill the children, Save the food
>The entire album of trout mask replica
what are some awkward and offensive songs that you'd choose for thus hypothetical scenario

No. 927083

It’s so catchy.

No. 927085

the pedophile oingo boingo song

No. 927086


No. 927087

just go the classic route and rickroll them

No. 927089

No. 927090

the point is for a song so unnerving that makes men and the strippers just straight up uncomfortable and leave, a song like this

No. 927092

and this too, or she's so kawaii

No. 927098

Maybe this one.

No. 927100

cringy but not offensive enough, I need something more like this >>927089

No. 927103

Hmm, I just watched a movie about a woman who did everything alone, preferring to eat alone at lunch and shit and I was like OK cool sounds like me. Then at the climax she breaks down and says she just pretends to prefer it and she's lost me there to be honest.

I do sometimes feel sad, but only on my birthday, Halloween, St Paddy's day, Christmas and New year's. Liek every other day fo the year I have a STRONG preference to be alone, but I cant seem to strike the balance of being invited places on holidays but also not socialising with people day to day.

Anyone else have this?

No. 927108

>Catboys or Don't Touch, both by Lil Mariko
>Tainted Love by Soft Cell but it's mashed up with the Duck Tales opening theme
>the generic circus theme (tattatadadadadaddadaaduh) but bass boosted and probably earrape if that's what it takes
Or perhaps this embed

No. 927111


No. 927113

the song you posted really isn't that awful sounding

No. 927122

kek this one too nonnie

No. 927123

samefag but this one goes hard too

No. 927126

I think the chaos of the club, catboys could be misunderstood by the male goers as being about a girl, also most of of Lil Mariko's song seem like they would already be played in a strip clubs

No. 927149

No. 927160

I'm having a stupid teenage tier crush on this male vocalist atm and I just wanna sperg to my bf about it, but I don't wanna risk making him feel self-conscious or him getting weirded out. I just wish we could be mutually horny for this dude, how can heterosexual men literally not feel an inkling of gay feelings once in a while when they see a beautiful boy.. I probably I need more girlfriends.

No. 927192

I brought my cat to the vet to get her shots and when I brought her back home, she immediately flopped down in her favorite spot and let out the biggest most world-weary sigh I've ever heard from an animal.

No. 927203

File: 1633029039410.jpg (76.11 KB, 954x944, 39674360ccd3aa480e6ade0670f0cc…)

i had my first seminar for a module and half of the class was wasted by my teacher going around asking us to tell everyone our pronouns. i hate this world

No. 927208

I am going through the same right now and I have absolutely no shame about this tbh. I mostly share my thirsty thoughts about this musician with my best friend, but I recently also told my boyfriend about it and he thought it was funny. He also thought the musician was really ugly, kek. And he allowed me to buy him a shirt from a certain brand so that he looks a bit more like him, but didn’t agree to change his hairstyle. It is no big deal because it is a celebrity you will probably never get close to, anyway.

No. 927210

Normally I'd say this is fucked up, but he probably looks at and fantasizes about other girls in porn as well, just sperg out at him

No. 927211

I get so scared whenever I go to the bathroom with wireless headphones in. I know it's gonna happen one day if I don't stop being careless about them. Also, I feel like a retard when I don't charge my headphones before I sleep.

No. 927223

"everyone whose pronouns will surprise me, put your hands up. Otherwise you'll be reffered to according to how you present." boom done in 3 minutes.

No. 927230

Yes except the prince of persia movie I liked that one

No. 927266

I feel like such a little retard mixing powder and water together just to make peanut butter. It doesn't even taste that good

No. 927277

This song's got me ready to buy the baggiest jorts I can find to wear while I blast this and try to beat my high scores on THPS.

No. 927280

tell him your pronouns are ex/tra/credit

No. 927357

File: 1633045401699.jpeg (29.16 KB, 400x604, 0503151B-378F-4ED2-90B5-CF0601…)

If I see another fucking sonic picture, I’m going to fucking explode. I can’t take it anymore.

No. 927376

hot take: they’re worse than komaeda-fag who at least has some self-control

No. 927385

The original would be fine too, kek.

No. 927389

File: 1633049703333.jpg (281.5 KB, 1024x768, gettyimages-597185451-1024x102…)

I'm bored and procrastinating

No. 927393

i'm tired of looking at them too ngl. looking forward to being able to tell threads apart again

No. 927413

its not as bad as the food thread pic, which will never fucking go away

No. 927438

the haggis?? yeah I think it looks gross too. I've hidden that one for ages

No. 927446

File: 1633056627146.jpeg (69.21 KB, 1000x1000, 78A07228-02DA-468A-86EF-3D0C90…)

Has Cholula gotten spicer lately or is it just me?

No. 927450

I thought this was a big pile of turd

No. 927456

i ate so much chips ahoy cookies and i’m shaking like a bitch right now and i have a massive headache, full of regret nonnies

No. 927459

kek same

No. 927462

File: 1633059224683.gif (4.16 MB, 498x498, teletubbies-laa-laa.gif)

Oh no nonnie, I hope you don't start throwing up. I did that with Ritz bite sized crackers once and I was vomiting on and off for like a solid 20 hours

No. 927466

I'm being subjected to Boston Legal and some parts are kinda funny but the casual misogyny and the men that look like a pile of salami against the 11/10 women they cast… Tiring.

No. 927470

File: 1633059679651.jpg (Spoiler Image, 113.83 KB, 1907x907, Screenshot-2021-09-30-010137.j…)

It makes no sense that she didn't get caught here

No. 927473

god speed anon, those ritz crackers had to be eaten somehow

No. 927514

>Mom and Dad's Pussy by Destroy All Monsters
>They're Coming To Take Me Away Ha-Ha by Napoleon XIV
>Why You Never Became A Dancer - Whitehouse
>Jesus Loves Me by CocoRosie
>Only Acting - Kero Kero Bonito
>EAT BABIES? - the tender surrender

No. 927515

Samefagging because this one too

No. 927517

Or this. Might be too preachy, one for the pick-mes at the club lol

No. 927521

No. 927528

Any of Shaggy2dope’s solo stuff works too

No. 927532

my mom was talking about someone and said he was "a few nuggets short of a happy meal" meaning he's crazy. I wheezed out loud as I have never heard that before, definitely using it in the future

No. 927534

Don't cry out loud

Just keep it inside

And learn how to hide your feelings

No. 927537

the bush shoe-throwing journalist has become my new rolemodel

No. 927541

isn't he also a wife abuser?

No. 927569

I bet my step brother who is in special branch has saw me via cctv on so many drug deals with gang members. Like I'm not in a gang I just didn't know who else sold weed.

No. 927572

I'm going to make a list of essential albums I must never listen to with a man I have developed romantic feelings for because I fucking ruined The Subways for myself doing that and I fucking love The Subways

No. 927576

File: 1633084304513.jpg (99.91 KB, 978x1024, IMG-20180816-WA0035.jpg)

Hope this scrtoe loses all his money and ends up broke and homeless

No. 927579

Footballers are always the worst. All athletes suck but they are just on other level.

No. 927581

Ugh I hope she cheats and finds someone richer.

No. 927583

He should perish multiple times. Also, you Nigerian anon? Surprised to see others on LC

No. 927585

Gambian actually, I hear nigerian scrotes are some of the worst in africa, any truth to this ?

No. 927586

this is so cute. how is she now?

No. 927588

IDK what anyone else would say, but I think it's true. I wouldn't date a Nigerian man if my life depended on it, they're trash

No. 927589

I hear the only loyal nigerian are the muslims ones but their awful cause their islamists

No. 927590

I feel so weird when I go througha thread reading answers and then finding one of my own comments I forgot I left. It's weird to see some proof of existence of myself in the past in what feels like a "random place".

No. 927611

I thought it was because No.29 was there and he wasn't about to shoot her. I'm not sure tbh

No. 927632

It's been years since I've stopped taking antidepressants and I still get brain zaps sometimes randomly. I'm probably gonna die

No. 927634

I wish I could take it away for you. that has happened twice before when I was unable to access my meds and it was just like the time I touched an electric fence as a child. it felt like some kind of sci fi torture!! I hope it stops for you eventually…

No. 927635

Thank you anon ♥ you're right though, it really does feel like sci-fi torture kek. Luckily they're not super hardcore

No. 927741

File: 1633104821764.png (251.72 KB, 1200x628, Nicholas-fuentes-800-01.png)

Ever notice that a lot of white nationalists often barely look white (borderline Arab/Hispanic). From what I have seen, a lot of these people end up having dark brown eyes, black hair, and dark white/olive skin. On some online community, a white nationalist who posted his picture ended up looking like a Mexican. Many others also said he looked like one and he would get super defensive when anyone would say that. Also, I knew this Russian white nationalist (he was pretty extreme) who said he and he and his father were mistaken for Arabs in Dubai. another one who often spouts about the bell curve and race IQ bullshit is literally 1/8th black and is insecure about his "negroid" noise and said he got teased for it when he was younger
Its kinda funny, I know some guys who Im sure these guys would describe as "pure" aryans or whatever and most are just normie dudes who have non-white friends and partners and most don't care about race bullshit

No. 927748

I've noticed this too, and the ones who do look fully white are obese kek

No. 927750

That's where the 51% meme comes from lol

No. 927751

Someone outside is hammering something and the muffled sound is an awful lot like my cat getting ready to throw up so every single time I hear it I get a little panicky and run out of the room to him and he's just laying there

No. 927752

nick fuentes is definitely gay as well because we all know that he doesn’t know what a WAP is like ben shapiro

No. 927757

There's also Tara Mccarthy whose of Indian decedent

No. 927762

it's hilarious. I'm mixed but infiltrated wn communities with ease when I was younger. people really see what they want to with race and it's honestly pointless to be racist when it's culture that differentiates most of us.

No. 927770

My husbands uncle was actually a member of an aryan brotherhood gang, he told me most of the guys didn't care about the ideology or anything, they were just poor white people gangs and a lot of guys were often of hispanic descent in some cases
he told me the only ones who cares about white nationalism as ideology were guys who were barely white themselves and sometimes they had jewish or hispanic moms, I mean Ryan Faulk(a /pol/tard) grandmother was a black woman
its just ridiculous really

No. 927783

Aryan Brotherhood and other organized crime groups are pretty distinct from other WN groups, but
>the only ones who cares about white nationalism as ideology were guys who were barely white themselves
seems to be a real thing. iirc albanians as a group were banned from stormfront for sperging too hard lmao

No. 927791

I remember there was a half-afghan guy on that board as well that they used to complain about

No. 927840

Honestly, no. Europeans have diverse looks. I'm guessing you guys are from the US.

No. 927851

>a lot of these people end up having dark brown eyes, black hair, and dark white/olive skin
..? white people can have dark eyes and hair though?

No. 927861

Yeah and so-called "ethnic features". They have no clue what we look like IME. US whites are mostly Irish and German descent, who can be dark too I know, but most are light-eyed and very fair-skinned, so that's their starting point re comparison. Americans online like to debate whether certain European ethnic groups are 'really' white or not based on phenotype too for some reason. Genetic info is readily available online so I don't know why this debate continues.

No. 927880

You know what I like? I like when retards try to argue that iberians and italians aren't european

No. 927884

i have little southern european in my amerifat dna but for some reason my moms german side is the one with tanner skin

No. 927888

File: 1633114897750.jpg (50.01 KB, 500x397, Do Vibes.jpg)

There's CP, don't scroll

No. 927893

It's gone now

No. 927908

My favorite shit is when Americans argue that Italians, Spaniards and anyone from Latin America that has mostly white ancestors aren't white and right after that they'll call native North Africans white supremacists who oppress the """real""" Moors, that shit's hilarious. Or when people start debates over whether Kim K is a WOC or not.

No. 927909

its true. i am not from europe but i am italian and my moms side has really dark features, so she looks almost middle eastern or persian.

No. 927912

File: 1633116149700.jpeg (343 KB, 659x670, A92DC7BD-AB6E-4AEC-B6E2-11FDAE…)

finally a decent female monster design without it looking sexy

No. 927920

File: 1633116678592.png (865.19 KB, 1592x928, Screen Shot 2021-10-01 at 2.31…)

No. 927939

File: 1633118890531.jpg (136.86 KB, 1024x768, 1024px-Al_Assad_family.jpg)

I know the Al-Assads are brutal dictators ruling over Syria but I can't get over how they look like an awkward Midwestern family in this pic

No. 927957

File: 1633120838502.png (219.67 KB, 352x328, 1611639236617.png)

There are people coming of age on this day, people who are now old enough to vote, who have never lived in a world without 4chan.

No. 927961

went to an incredibly based restaurant today that only had two restrooms - women's and disabled

No. 927964

File: 1633121738933.jpg (195.42 KB, 1229x1279, 1603582185272.jpg)

>ordered new phone because I thought my current's phone's battery was dead
>it was actually just the charger that wasn't working anymore after nearly five years of noble services
>new phone's interface looks ugly as fuck, forces me to use google apps by default
>new phone is way too big for my hands and pockets, would be easier to use if I were a literal gorilla
I already regret spending 300€ on this. I'm a real dumbass. Should have picked a Samsung.

No. 927974

File: 1633123159335.jpg (66.3 KB, 650x451, motorola_razr_v3_magentapink.j…)

I felt like a coolest bitch in the world with this phone. I kind of miss pushing actual buttons and feeling that clickity click. Looking at this phone fills me with such a rush of nostalgia it actually hurts. I hate that I can never have that time back, it makes me want to cry. I actually had friends to text back then.

No. 927975

They have no idea how to live an analog life. It's ogre.

No. 927982

File: 1633123783677.gif (14.64 KB, 176x204, 86004E96-A9AB-4741-9BB2-53550D…)

I just remembered this game, I loved it so much, I used to download it to my grandma’s phone because I couldn’t do that on my blackberry, so I would spend the afternoon playing this game and getting a cute black lab to pet it all day long.
I will always love the swimming mini game the most.

No. 927984

File: 1633124052303.png (18.47 KB, 246x246, 54038504375340.png)

May have giggled when I saw this book title since it immediately made me think of all the nonny/nona/nonette/anonita nicknames here

No. 927985

I thought this was a lolcow edit lol

No. 927989

I miss this phone everyday. I fucking hate touch keyboards.

No. 927991

I did too

No. 927994

File: 1633125080484.jpeg (18.68 KB, 273x275, dumbbitch.jpeg)

so it's come to this dear nonnies. i've hit rock bottom. i'll start selling used panties online. apparently you can get shitloads of money and dont even have to show your face. any tips? condolences?

No. 927997

File: 1633125301891.jpg (82.43 KB, 626x419, free.jpg)

A while ago my gf and I talked with another (female) couple about transgender bs and other gender nonsense and they told us they had their doubts about a few things. Fast forward we showed them the mtf threads and they peaked. Now we constantly joke in our group chat about troons and I love it. I feel so free.

No. 927998

Oh god you just reminded me of how I almost sold my soiled underwear for $50 to this older man online. I didn't do it because he kept sending me selfies of him with 'waiting' as the caption and it grossed me out and I ended up ghosting him. Good luck to yous. Don't send with a return address.

No. 927999

I wanted this phone so bad and never got it. You were the coolest bitch in my world at least.

No. 928001

File: 1633125862087.jpg (103.47 KB, 598x900, 5-yellow-throated-marten-david…)

No. 928007

where did you find this creep?? I have a literal panty hoard that's just waiting to turn to dough

No. 928008

File: 1633126393677.jpeg (1.3 MB, 2000x1335, 6278FA52-B42F-4946-9995-3BB1A5…)

cute, it reminds me of a badger

No. 928011

>tfw you can never experience cellphone nostalgia cause parents wouldn't let you have a phone until adulthood and by that point only smartphones were around

No. 928014

>selling used panties
>apparently you can get shitloads of money and dont even have to show your face

A lot of people wanting to get into sex work are so delusional. Nonnie it's 2021, girls are spreading their assholes wide open for $3. Not saying you won't make any sales but without showing face you've gotta either have an amazing body or connect with these guys by sexting.

No. 928015

Based anon. I wish I was part of your friend group

No. 928018

An app called Whisper.
I didn't straight out advertise though because I didn't want to get banned, so I made some posts hinting towards it and he came into my dms. We talked for a bit until he finally decided he wanted to buy. So if you don't mind the hassle of having to have a conversation with them then do it, but just make sure you're not going to regret this later on.

No. 928019

I want in too!

No. 928021

How can you stand it? I thought whisper was a site full of kids venting about their parents. This guys probably a pedo.

No. 928030

love yourself and get a real job kek or even if you dont want a job… maybe reflect and just offer to mow your neighbours lawns i think that is a better way to hold onto your dignity

No. 928054

File: 1633132292195.jpg (25.12 KB, 500x375, 86145a95741a5a73d849c8db6695f1…)

the way many postd from previous drrss up game threads lead to dead links bothers me so much :(

No. 928055

File: 1633132455433.jpeg (174.99 KB, 518x501, 1D9F0D5E-FEFF-41FE-8E48-0AF0D7…)

this pic makes me want to say “nonny pls hold me (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ“ the word nonny is so unbelievably cute to me

No. 928057

Oh I couldn't. I don't use it anymore. It was just easier for me to use since you don't have to make an account.

No. 928220

File: 1633155688156.png (208.77 KB, 303x440, 49237483258430534.png)

This bird thing is cute

No. 928221

File: 1633155760318.jpg (59.92 KB, 374x424, 66045378248320.jpg)

You're a sweet nonny, hope you have a great day or night!

No. 928224

My retarded ass bought hair pomade instead of edge-wax at the store today

No. 928226

I'm laughing hard nonnas. My stubborn foul-tempered mother used to be against smoking weed/edibles since I can remember. She has befriended the arrogant weed addicted asshole neighbor (literally weed is a personality trait), and he talked her into trying weed. She deadass tried it tonight because of him. I love how she's willing to throw away any principles she has away just because she wants his praise.

No. 928233

Woke up hungover and almost thought I'd managed to lose my bag with my wallet and passport so I was near a panic attack but luckily I had just left it downstairs instead of in my bedroom for some reason.

No. 928236

File: 1633158697590.jpeg (168.69 KB, 1400x1400, DD577126-80D4-4FDF-ADE9-5A4075…)

idk why this makes me think of this

No. 928239

NONNA I WAS JUST WATCHING THIS like an hour ago now I see it here no way

No. 928275

File: 1633167685923.png (108.32 KB, 441x382, 2349082309725.png)

I can see it! Round, cute, comforting, similar color palette. Thank you for sharing more chonk

No. 928276

Just remembered how good my hamsters (RIP) use to smell when they just woke up. Like little furry sweet babies. Holy shit maybe I should get a hamster.

No. 928281

why do all white 4chin moids have a cuck fetish but try to play it off as ~saving muh white race~

No. 928282

File: 1633168700366.jpeg (29.47 KB, 219x200, 59600A72-0603-468A-8925-2C6365…)

I want to see a revival of old and wholesome internet memes. Like lolcats, and this owl.

No. 928283

I love just picking up my hamster and giving his back kisses he's so soft. You should get one they are so low maintenance

No. 928289

I had a lovely Syrian hamster when I was a kid. He would climb into your hand when you opened the door of his cage. He would fall asleep on you if you wore a big soft hoodie. He used to climb inside your sleeves cos it was cosy hideyhole. He never bit anyone. Ever. Even when me as an awkward 7 year old was picking him up every 5 mins and he would take food from your hand like a gentleman. He was so loud and hyperactive at night you could hear him absolutely bollocking that wheel. He loved going in his ball. He lived to be almost 4. Then after that we had a terrible hamster that bit everyone and everything and was constantly having health problems and died before it was 2.

No. 928291

My half-Mexican friend in high school used to browse Stormfront and wrote a paper on Mein Kampf.

No. 928292

Damn these Samsung ads are getting clever.

No. 928298

Can we please stop talking about 4chan guys? They're not serious about anything, you're a dumbass if you take their jokes to mean anything whatsoever. Even if polsters were sincere it's a tiny community, not representative of the average man's opinions, so who the fuck cares what they talk about? They're insignificant.

No. 928299

I’ve noticed that. They all have brown eyes and hair, tan skin etc. Very few are actually aryan natural blondes or even redheads.

No. 928318

I know right, I had a friend in school who was obsessed with nazi imagery, she tried to make some sort of cult around it and wanted to be called something like the tittle of hitler? Like foorehr, sounds like furry.
Anyways, it was funny because she’s like a short, dark skinned, brown eyed, dark hair, skinny lesbian and there’s no way she would’ve been accepted by the nazis in any shape or form.
I don’t know if she dropped it because I stopped caring about her when we finished school, but it was indeed bizarre.
I feel like most kids fall in love with the idea of being some cool super soldier I guess, or with the “dark and mysterious” aura of nazi shit because it has been seen as something forbidden, so therefore it’s “cool”.
Basically a bunch of retards who never dropped their satanic phase as a way to rebel against their parents, but this time it’s actually some dangerous shit in which most of them would be cannon fodder by the time nazis would ever get strong enough to be supported.
I wish there was some sort of statistics showing the sexuality, skin color, hair color and eye color of every nazi supporter just so I can point and laugh at the edgy retards who think they’re part of the “good ones”.

No. 928330

Why do so many couples look like siblings, it freaks me the fuck out

No. 928335

People are usually attracted to others with similar genetics.

No. 928358

idk how people can handle streaming. i hate having other people watch me play games.

No. 928363

Nta, but isn't the opposite true? That nature prefers diversity so people tend to pick partners who are as different from them as possible?

No. 928368

both of these are true, i’m not white but i’m mostly attracted to people who are outside of my race and ethnicity. i guess it really depends on the person

No. 928381

They probably have siblings of their own and have a complex that they're not aware of.

No. 928411

God I wish my mom had aborted me

No. 928415

My boyfriend went out with a friend yesterday and managed to drop his airpods and wallet in the ocean, spilled 4 vodka red bulls, then fell face first into some concrete flower pots and then had to be taken to the emergency room in a taxi by his mate to get stitched up.
His dads response apparently was that he had done a lot worse so now I'm wondering what his dad was like when he was young lol.

No. 928428

>>927585 Wait a damn minute we have African farmers here, and yes Nigerian and Ghanian men are at the bottom of the barrel.

No. 928443

just read a conspiracy theory that the majority of SIDS cases are actually infanticide committed by mothers with PPD or neglect. fucked up if true

No. 928486

What is sids and what is ppd?

No. 928494

sudden infant death syndrome, post partum depression

No. 928495

SIDS = murder
PPD = regret

yeah i said it

No. 928501

I can’t stop thinking about my aunt’s cats’ twitching skin. It’s so bizarre, and it’s even more bizarre how her dog also does that.

No. 928508

thats a lot

No. 928512

Can you link me to where you read that please? After my youngest sister was born I had an irrational fear of SIDS to the point where it caused me nightmares and I'd be ringing my father and stepmother at 3am to check on her. I'm planning on having a baby within the next couple years so I like to keep read up on things, even if it is tinfoil.

No. 928543

I just unsubbed from all youtube radfems (except maria mchlachlan but I dont know if she's even a radfem), even vanessa vokey who I had faith in. They abuse the "community" feature to go on hysterical rants about vaccines and masks constantly. One of them was making like 20 posts a day and clogging up my subscriber feed. Also they feel the need to screenshot every internet argument they get in and share it with us (vanessa did this on her IG too). Also vanessa keeps spamming Meghan Murphy for some reason and screenshotting it and posing it everywhere. Like really, we dont need to see every internet slapfight you get into. It's embarrassing.

No. 928552

Your issue is that you’re following the “radfems” who only talk about trans shit. Those types are almost all unhinged secret right wingers.

I only follow 2 or 3 radfems on YouTube now, and I will say I’m suspicious of everyone after Teri Strange flipped to dick worshipping kek

No. 928558

File: 1633201879201.gif (321.36 KB, 220x155, 24F419BE-421D-4E58-8024-77448E…)

i remember reading the femboy thread at night and I couldn’t stop laughing, whoever said doo doo dick is an absolute comedic genius

No. 928565

Vanessa Vokey is a baby cow in the making, she’s pretty fucking insane. No one could ever be as iconic and genuine as Magdalen Berns and it’s pretty disappointing, I don’t see the radfem movement lasting very long.

No. 928573

Man the James Bond CBT scene was so horny tbh hnnnggg

No. 928574

>Teri Strange flipped to dick worshipping
in what way?

No. 928599

Did she though? She started dating a man (who I think she broke up with like a month later) and basically stopped uploading except for her ~tarot readings~, but I was under the impression that her inactivity was due to medical reasons

No. 928619

Can you elaborate on how she's completely insane? So far I've mostly just seen cringe autistic behavior from her (and she has straight up said she's autistic)

No. 928623

She started dating a man and suddenly walked back a lot of her views. She made a whole hour video on Instagram about how the d changed her life and now she wants to be nice but radfems are such meanies

She even fucking went on about men having divine energy inside them and how they are kings and on the same level as women

No. 928627

>She started dating a man and suddenly walked back a lot of her views. She made a whole hour video on Instagram about how the d changed her life and now she wants to be nice but radfems are such meanies
>She even fucking went on about men having divine energy inside them and how they are kings and on the same level as women

Fucking seriously, could you post screenshots I wanna see for myself, it sounds fucking hilarious

No. 928628

>radfems are meanies
>friends with leah tverly
kek ok

seconding thisss

No. 928631

why are so many 'alt' leftists redbrowns? it's like any self-proclaimed leftist with a public presence is an eggshell-walking woke persxn or seething 'economic left socially trad' nutjob

No. 928633

What is a redbrown?

No. 928636

"leftism" with fascist characteristics.

No. 928640

we discussed this sometime back but it bears repeating, radical feminism isn't really about hating men, sure you can hate men and be a radical feminist but simply hating men doesn't make anyone a radical feminist without understanding theory and history, radical feminism has its roots in marxism and analyzes the gender though a marxist lense, where men are the "oppressor" class and women the oprsssed, this is the core of radical feminism
the problem with simply hating men is that some point you will likely meet men who defy your expectations of what men are like and your view points will be challenged but that's not what radical feminism is about, understanding the societal as well biological realties that shape our current gender dynamics is what's important, its a bit pretentious but that's what radical feminism is

No. 928644

Shayna's thread is such a fucking great exercise motivation for me. Seeing obese people is not that shocking, but seeing someone ruin their health and body shape over time is a wake up call.

No. 928649

File: 1633208276603.png (Spoiler Image, 808.47 KB, 640x1136, 53356EB2-8304-4847-9C62-796153…)

Oh yeah and her man was a creep. She broke up with him since but still wtf. There’s more screenshots and tweets in this thread


>friends with leah

I was wondering about that too. They appear to still be friends… how? But Leah is a cow too so I guess it works

Just a sec gotta find the video. There wasn’t much to screenshot though since it was just her talking

No. 928650

there were some radfems on tumblr a while back who went from "divine feminine energy" type gals to neo-nazis, the whole female goddesses divine feminine shit can easily lead to pagan larp and supremacy bullshit

No. 928656

>They appear to still be friends… how?
Honestly, and this is complete tinfoil, but I get think Leah's a misogynistic narc who uses radical feminism to cover for her psycho behavior ("if you think I'm insane you're sexist") and Terri's just gullible as fuck.

No. 928661

Here’s Sekhmet’s response. We had a lot of the same thoughts. I couldn’t believe more people weren’t responding to this kek

And here’s the insta video link for convenience

No. 928670

they also love whiteknighting for karens who actually harass and call the police on black neighbors or randos, they love to play oblivious about what an actual karen is

No. 928672

sorry anon i read it on some random twitter thread, if you search "sids+infanticide" on twitter it might come up.

mainstream, but this article is interesting: https://www.npr.org/2011/07/15/137859024/rethinking-sids-many-deaths-no-longer-a-mystery
a lot of SIDS deaths in the past (and currently) have likely been misattributed and were actually from unsafe sleep practices. the woman they interviewed who investigates SIDS deaths said in nearly every case she's seen, the infant died bc of accidental suffocation due to unsafe sleeping practices.
>"The vast majority of these are preventable deaths. There's been very, very few that we've seen that could not be prevented."

what really pisses me off is that parents who accidentally kill their children via unsafe sleeping practices (i've seen several where they've actually rolled over on top of their child in their sleep and smothered them) are trying to blame vaccines

No. 928673

>I started dating a man, when I had come out 10 years ago and dedicated myself to a lesbian lifestyle
>a lot of people had problems with me, which if you don't understand radical lesbian feminist politics in terms of understanding heterosexuality as a social thing, as a political thing, then you're probably not going to understand anything else, but I was living as a lesbian

Man, I still have a soft spot for Terri but she's just so full of shit on this. She was never a lesbian, it wasn't radical feminism that forced her to larp as one, and she was never a "face of lesbian feminism" because she's not a lesbian.

No. 928690

Right? Watching her morph and melt before my very eyes truly keeps me on my shit.

No. 928709

Samefag, but I just got to the part where she's saying "trans people exist" and "I don't see a lot of mutual respect", biiiiitch. Mutual respect is MUTUAL. I always thought she was kind of a ditz, but this is really over the top. She's trying to walk back basically everything she ever said because she fucked a dude. Can't believe she's got the raw nerve to larp as a lesbian for 10 years, but is unable to admit that she obviously thought lesbianism was a choice, and that's why it was okay in her mind. She can accuse radfems of being shitty to sex workers, but can't site an instance. She can complain about misogyny in the radfem movement, but still hangs out with Leah, whose persona was primarily just shitting on women (but she called them "libfems" so it's not misogyny). Complaining about creepy shit with right wingers, when, if memory serves, didn't Terri give out "Ceres' Revenge"'s info out to a right-wing affiliated radfem?

>[people who identify as radical] don't really understand what it means to go to the root, which is where I'm at, like are you really going deep here, are you really uncovering the truth

Bitch, are YOU? Terri puts the cow in coward.

No. 928736

> didn't Terri give out "Ceres' Revenge"'s info out to a right-wing affiliated radfem?
Ohh what’s this about? I always wondered what happened to Ceres’ Revenge. She just disappeared overnight

No. 928763

File: 1633216788394.png (1.82 MB, 1000x1000, cookies.png)

I really like reading my old posts, especially in the Mundane Shit thread. If future me somehow finds this, Hello!

No. 928772

File: 1633217541709.gif (7.65 MB, 334x336, 36CD0525-81CA-4350-B0F6-0E7389…)

fuck your cookies biatch

No. 928785

Those cookies are the most wack shit. Why are they popular in America?

No. 928790

Every time my cat walks into the living room he lets out a loud dumb sounding MMMEROW and I love him!

No. 928793

Was hanging out at a friend's house and she jokingly referred to herself as a femcel because she rages at other women when she's gaming. I got excited at first because I thought I found myself a misandrist sister, but I guess we had different interpretations of what a femcel is. Alas…

Bitch that's so cute! Hope you gave him a good pat for being such a qt boy

No. 928794

I thought this was going to say fart.

No. 928798

File: 1633219534246.gif (4.39 MB, 480x272, smackdown.gif)

Leave cookie anon alone, this is why everyone talks shit about you

No. 928807

femcels, at least by the original definition, aren't misandrist. they're desperate for a boyfriend.

No. 928816

You're just salty that those cookies are cuter than you

No. 928822

based? based on what??

No. 928828

I fucking hate TikTok. I feel like a old man bitching about the things the kids are into these days but Jesus. I know it’s partly just teenagers being teenagers but giving them a platform that is literally destined to make almost every post go viral was one of the worst things we could do to a generation. The combination of internet witch hunts, terminally online people with no self awareness, and kids being stupid will ruin some lives for things previous generations were really just able to brush off.

No. 928837

based on these nuts

No. 928859

File: 1633227668744.jpeg (26.3 KB, 471x471, AC92EDA4-CB72-4517-9C83-546FE8…)

My friend told me that I’m like this Pokémon and I can’t stop thinking about it. What did she mean?? Am I clingy?? Am I some sort of energy vampire??
The Pokémon dexter thing says that this Pokémon absorbs life energy and that its got a fake smile or something like that.

No. 928871

its just cute i think

No. 928875

File: 1633229920438.png (523.71 KB, 806x1178, 1566582540505.png)

I don't want to go through the pain of another break up so it's better for me right now to have a crush on someone who doesn't know I exist + I know nothing about and enjoy that sweet sweet parasocial relationship

No. 928879

That’s exactly what I’m doing. I can’t handle being with a real person right now but I just project onto a Twitch streamer and feel better.

No. 928888

I just wrote an essay on why my favorite character is the cutest thing ever (I did my research on cuteness to write it) and I feel good. This is the most wonderful thing I have ever done.

No. 928889

File: 1633233487127.jpg (37.47 KB, 500x253, tumblr_inline_p0mvum4Hz11v0lkr…)

I wish you nothing but the best anon! I hope you're enjoying your parasocial relationship as much as I'm enjoying mine

No. 928896

My bf is being slow about buying new clothes after losing weight so everything just looks sloppy on him and making me irrationally mad kek

No. 928900

I swear to god we must be living the same life because I developed a crush on an e-celeb because I’ve been very lonely lately and it pains me because he is perfect for me but no, I have to be an irrelevant prison of flesh

No. 928916

this, as someone whose worked retail entitled upper middle class white women do exist, sure they aren't on the same level as abusive men but they are a pain to deal with, for some reason radfems always side with shitty women no matter the situation and so no wonder they get recruited by white supremacist types

No. 928927

I had this mutual on tumblr who I didn’t realize was a radfem until she unironically reblogged a post that said Jodi Arias did nothing wrong.

No. 928930

When an infant dies due to bad sleeping practices… is that ruled as an accident? or as a murder?
If someone has a child and lets it sleep in a weird way on purpose, what is it?

No. 928932

I really wish tarot and "godess worshipping" shit stayed out of of the terf turf. For a movement that claims to be all about science and biology, believing in ""magical cards"" sounds effing retarded
>An atheist radfem.

No. 928933

Real radical feminism (not the stupid "godess worship" tumblr one) also knows some women can be bad people, but every woman is worth saving from themselves. Ignoring accountability as a radfem would be so stupid.

No. 928936

File: 1633240422327.jpg (51.63 KB, 430x482, tumblr_onahkyLHbx1qefrmxo1_500…)

again I don't understand that aspect as well, not just the wiccan stuff but the obsession with female goddesses, (usually Artemis, Athena, Freya e.t.c) as well the amazons and the fucking "divine feminine" energy bullshit
Its cringy alight and off-putting

No. 928940

Imo if you identity as a radfem and aren't white you're in for a world of hurt. Self identified radical feminists are usually retarded and unironically larp as witches in their free time, don't actually up on what radical feminism stems from (marxism), and usually just hate trannies or men (if they are lesbians).
If you're not white, this isn't really an option. We don't have the power as a class to sit comfortably in the west and whine about men on tumblr all day. There are bigger issues for us, because we are often killed by men in our own communities, but we also face racism and these white radfems don't have empathy when our brothers and fathers can be killed.

No. 928941

crazy, I had no idea that RF was rooted in marxism, but that makes sense and I've noticed a lot of radfems are marxists/communists (well, the ones I've seen on twitter, they may not have been real radfems). admittedly I know very little about it but this is really interesting, I want to learn more about it

No. 928942

>identified radical feminists are usually retarded and unironically larp as witches in their free time, don't actually up on what radical feminism stems from (marxism), and
Radfems claim that both right wing and left wing men are exactly the same and yes this maybe true but feminism is inherently left wing and radical feminism has very clear roots in marxism, you can add-on that philosophy but you can't remove it or simply just ignore that history
I am non-white though so I don't really care when the men of our communities are being killed by each other and not ebil white people

No. 928951

I'm a poorfag mexican and I'm a radfem. And I would not change it for anything. I know plenty of ex muslim women that are radfems. This whole "if you aren't white you will have a bad time" sounds like a scary tale made by troonies to scare other women into organizing.

No. 928954

True feminism is always inherently left wing. Radical feminism puts oppressed women first. We know it's women of color who suffer the effects of patriarchy more in this disgusting male-centric society.
People just love saying that radical feminism is right winged because we hate transgendered males who pretend to be women.
Anyone who is right-winged and radfem is not a real radfem.

No. 928962

File: 1633243878711.png (293.29 KB, 1069x295, cruing.png)

Who hurt you?

No. 928988

I have a higher sexual and romantic preference for women but when it comes to dating I guess I would rather date men. I'm just too scared to fuck up with women, I feel so awkward when it comes to talking to women. Women are so pretty and always smell nice and I'm just a stupid retard. At least with men I'm not afraid to fuck up because men deserve 0 sympathy.

No. 928991

Weird because I have seen a lot of girls say this but I feel the opposite. More sexually attracted to men but a relationship with a gf sounds so much better.

No. 929003

The only thing that keeps me from wasting away the whole day in bed and killing myself is doing my skincare routine every morning and evening. I finally have a reason to wake up every day and going to bed in time. Slathering my face in serums and creams and witnessing my heavy acne slowly fading away made me feel a lot of joy and happiness that i haven't felt in years.

No. 929004

File: 1633252205990.jpg (62.95 KB, 720x519, _20211003_100459.JPG)

Special snowflakes on Twitter who post shit like this unironically. This one in particular reminded me of those 'my eyes change color' kids

No. 929031

Tf2 scout voice actor looks like my group theory professor

No. 929032

What do you mean? It's very sexy

No. 929034

Wow. This guy must’ve gotten +500 social credits for making this video

No. 929040

No. 929074

File: 1633266912604.jpeg (53.82 KB, 540x304, E9CA14CE-4B52-4F7E-BB83-9FB3E2…)

lord forgive me for I have 10001101101010000101101010010110100110101010101010110100001010111101001000110110

No. 929093

Where is this from? I see it everywhere.

No. 929094

The profile of someone who should be thrown in a jail full of angry buff inmates.

No. 929124

Do you mean the image or the message? The image is from RBD, mexican teen soap opera (that actress was ana-chan by the way)

No. 929171

Damn women who give birth are put in a prison where if their kid does something bad/is sick/etc it reflects on her, and it's all her fault and she should've done more. Life sentence except it'd be less stressful to just to to jail. Babies died all the time before modern medicine, it's reduced but some still died from random undetected stuff.

No. 929175

I think she mentally broke from isolation + disability and hopped on trump worshipper dick. Hating men can either be fun (shit posting, improving self) or stressful (reading about all the horrible shit they do basically giving yourself extra dose of female socialization).

No. 929178

I hate these bitches too

No. 929185

just testing something because i don't know if it will work

No. 929192

Thanks nonna. You are very cute.

No. 929199

Radical feminism can resemble a cult-like mentality sometimes. It's so funny when they preach about supporting women but then proceed to attack one another in Twitter.

No. 929211

i need to test this too

No. 929223

why does tess holliday get to be a model but my midget ass can't

No. 929246

File: 1633286263502.png (1002.27 KB, 1128x884, jjfh.png)

I was just thinking about this because I was checking out picrel jacket. Models are either gigantic, androgynous skellies or obese. Both make clothes look shit. I wish they'd start hiring slim, well-proportionated feminine-shaped women. And why does height matter? Cheryl, on the right, is only 5'2. Who on earth could tell?

No. 929258

connections and luck?

No. 929262

Isn't she wearing heels though?

No. 929265

there’s two kinds of models: commercial and high-fashion. commercial models tend to be more diverse in height and weight and high-fashion models look like abuse laxatives. you could still model anon but high-fashion is a little difficult because they have deranged height and weight constraints

No. 929274

My best friend better fucking love her birthday present because I just paid $141 to ship it from fucking China. It's something she saw online and really wanted and it suits her tastes (specific house goods with a design aesthetic that she likes). The shipping cost is probably going to go up because the weight was only estimated, and I asked the agent to really pack that fucker with bubble wrap because I WILL lose my mind if it cracks or chips during shipping. $141 was the cheapest shipping option too. God fucking dammit. I try not to care too much about the monetary value of gifts and I went into this knowing that shipping would be a lot but FUCKKKKK it doesn't make it hurt any less. On top of this I really wanted to get her extra gifts that would complement the main one… UGHHHH why do I love my best friend so much… Actually a better question is why don't I work a higher paying job so I can spoil my friends more kek.

No. 929296

They're both wearing heels. I just don't get the need for tall models when if a woman is well-proportioned it's impossible to tell how tall she is anyway. And clothes hang-off skinny women, when they fit and follow form on a slim woman, giving some idea as to how they drape. It's both informative and makes clothes look great, so why it's not more common confuses me lol.

No. 929304

your friend is lucky to have you, hope she doesn't take your love and devotion for granted

No. 929318

What did you buy her? please I need to know

No. 929325

> I asked the agent to really pack that fucker with bubble wrap because I WILL lose my mind if it cracks or chips during shipping. $141 was the cheapest shipping option too
Anon I really hope you paid attention that it's not Sea shipping, that shit is usually the cheapest option but takes 3-7 months to arrive and is notorious for breaking things without any insurance.

No. 929326

File: 1633289727029.jpeg (7.14 KB, 233x217, 4346777.jpeg)

please don't tell me this is that ugly bearded guy that keeps getting spammed a zillion times with those shit edits i stg

No. 929333

I think it was. Nonita is such a tist

No. 929340

File: 1633290793718.png (232.17 KB, 375x377, JqdEDZHn.png small.png)

She loves me as much as I love her! I have my moments where I think she is overbearing and annoying, but at the end of the day I'm happy that I met her and have her in my life.

She doesn't browse here but I did link her a thread on a different board the other day so I hope she doesn't fucking see this lmao. Here's the link if you'd like to buy it yourself! https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=629736468355

I picked EMS shipping! It actually didn't give me options other than UPS/DHL/EMS and some other random one that wasn't SEA. I feel less bad because I looked up different shipping calculators and at most I paid an extra $20ish for shipping. I know the agent usually makes money off international shipping so its to be expected that there was an extra cost somewhere. The package is also about 12lbs and I'm shipping it to burgerland.

No. 929347

So pretty! Nice choice!

No. 929348

is there any way to tell if i'm actually a virgin when having sex with a guy for the first time? i don't know know why i lied that i was. we're supposed to do it in a few days.

No. 929352

I don't know if this is a Southern thing, but I love when I'm driving and I see a billboard that says shit like "JESUS DIED FOR YOUR SINS". It's just really funny for some reason, they're not even advertising anything.

No. 929354

Nah. I would think that the only possible way they could tell is if you're good at sex and know what you're doing, but there's also plenty of non-virgins who are still terrible at sex too. Even then I don't think they'd be able to tell.

No. 929355

File: 1633291983690.jpeg (45.78 KB, 739x415, 6DEEC779-BB34-46BB-8E77-96F244…)

This is so dumb, especially because I take pride in not having to rely on external support, but my life has been shit lately. I have shit health, no job, and no money. Everything is fucking bleak. I can’t feed myself and I don’t want to be here anymore. Can someone say anything that cheered them up recently? Or made them smile or cackle? Besides the fact that we’re going to die one day. I’ll even allow talks about your husbandos. Pic unrelated.

No. 929358

You mean you lied about being a virgin? Easy, tell him you masturbated and took your own virginity. Say you used a hair brush or something, who hasn’t been there (or tried)?

No. 929359

File: 1633292190743.jpg (86.36 KB, 800x794, dzs3z7aw8ts11.jpg)

Can I interest you in the positivity thread anon? >>>/ot/867435

I hope that things will look up for you one day. Love you nonnie

No. 929361

You're cute anon, I hope things get better for you. Something that made me smile recently was watching funny/cute videos of dogs and cats

No. 929365

alright that's reassuring because i actually barely know what to do.
yeah i lied about that. is it a believable thing to say i broke my own hymen? can you break your own hymen with your fingers or does it have to be an object?

No. 929369

Yes, hymens can break super easy and are in no way an indication of whether someone's a virgin or not (some women can even be born without one). If the dude says something, he's a freak (and not in a good way) and you should take that as a sign to leave.

No. 929373

alright thanks so much nonny

No. 929375

File: 1633293944536.jpeg (225.89 KB, 750x682, FC5EB4D9-9947-4EAF-A654-9988A6…)

alright i’m not gonna lie white gay twinks make me laugh, but does that mean i think that they should have rights? no.

No. 929377

Objects can break your hymen. Fingers are less likely to break your hymen though. Just say you went a little too enthusiastic with a hair brush or something and bled a little, it happens.

No. 929379

Thanks anon, I’ll check it out.

Thank you. I love cattos.

No. 929382

My throat feels like sandpaper, anything other than warm saltwater to help this?

No. 929391

Maybe try having warm lemonade with honey?

No. 929392

>is it a believable
Realistically do you think the man you're about to fuck knows enough about women's anatomy to know if it is believable or not?
I'd highly doubt it

No. 929398

Don’t do this >>929391 hipster eurofag shit, make some hot tea and put lemon, ginger, and turmeric

No. 929400

File: 1633295517190.jpeg (728.14 KB, 960x960, 03dea5ec-d88a-4aab-8515-4b124a…)

About to try pic rel and I'm kind of scared. The cheese powder smells like Kraft mac and cheese.
Also, apparently you're not supposed to microwave these cups, so I'm currently waiting for water to boil just for this.

No. 929402

pls report back with how it tastes

No. 929406

That looks good. ngl

No. 929412

NTA but it’s okay, it’s in a weird in between of Mac n cheese and ramen. Wish it were cheesier tbh it’s just watered down cheese juice

No. 929413

whoa I'm intrigued. if it's good nonnie I might have to get one when I go shopping later

No. 929414

well dang

No. 929419

Ok so, it's not that bad. The cheese flavor isn't very strong at all, I think it could've used less water than the directions say to add, it was super liquid-y and not very flavorful.
Anyway, I feel like a dumb ass because I'm a vegetarian and I checked the ingredients after eating it, just to realize it has chicken in it lmao. Besides that, I wouldn't buy this again because it was just ok.

No. 929421

Wow, sonic boom’s animation is shit.

No. 929449

File: 1633298950966.jpg (193.42 KB, 720x737, IMG_20210930_152855.jpg)

popular musictubers have to be either painfully unfunny or mediocre at best, no in-between

No. 929495

File: 1633303275728.jpeg (600.72 KB, 3437x2578, 5559CC45-7C31-4FF6-B1A6-D0668C…)

I’m thinking of buying rollerblades. My dad bought me a pair when I was very young and I used to skate up and down the block. I stopped skating and they gave my skates to a younger cousin. I started following a guy on instagram who skates to work and it makes me want to pick up skating again. Not to commute or travel anywhere because despite putting in bike lanes, I’m terrified of getting hit by a car. Skates are like $100 though and I feel like I’m just throwing money at another new dumb hobby. I got into climbing before the pandemic hit but the membership is too expensive for me to keep right now, and I just have my climbing shoes and harn