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No. 187399

Taking advantage of /m/ being a no man’s land to start a thread about ASMR and other voice content. Share your favorite videos, content creators, recommend channels, rate triggers, etc.
Please refrain from discussing ASMR cows or milk as they already have their own thread on /snow/.

>What is ASMR?

ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response. It is the term used to describe a tingling, calming sensation some people report experiencing in response to close personal attention or certain audio or visual stimuli. Not everyone experiences ASMR, but for those who do, they describe a pleasant tingling that starts at the top of their head and sometimes travels down the spine and limbs, accompanied by feelings of blissful relaxation and drowsiness.

No. 187591

idk why but EAR PICKING…it's so good omg. i've exhausted youtube for all of its ear picking content and have resorted to videos with less than 300views for the hit

No. 187615

Baking ASMR is where it's fuckin' at. I love the plap plap sounds of wet ingredients being mixed together and the sound of a whisk lightly clinking against a glass bowl. Some creators have small gas powered stoves and I love the sound of the gas coming on and the flame bursting to life, and the clicks of the temperature dial. The soft blowing noises of a convection oven. Fuck yeah. Baking.

No. 187657

Oh forgot to mention, talking about white noise/BGM is also fine. If it makes you sleep i wanna hear about it

No. 187829

Nice idea for a thread! I love ASMR and have been listening to it for about a decade. I found it helped take my mind of anxiety and while I don't get real 'tingles', I definitely go into pleasurable zoned out stupor when I get the right trigger. I go through phases where I obsess over different channels, for purely sounds I love ASMRBakery and Rya ASMR (the reason I like the latter is because she does this left to right panning of her sounds which is weirdly hard to find) and for videos with talking I love WhispersRed and TheWaterWhispers. There is a really small channel called FreeSpiritASMR made by a lady called Diane who lives with her animals and is into crystals and her videos are really old school ASMR, no fancy eqiupment, I just love them.

My favourite triggers are really deep in ear picking sounds like >>187591 but I also like tapping and whispering.

Oh if you enjoy white noise, I recommend brown noise, especially 'smoothed' brown noise. It's great for shutting out outside sounds, I used it one day when there was building work nearby and it really helped!

No. 187830

Yay for another ASMR thread, I’ve been into ASMR for nearly a decade now and it’s crazy to see how much more widespread it has become over the years!
My absolute favs are GentleWhispering, WhispersRed, ALBinWhisperland, Latte ASMR, LauraLemurex, Goodnight Moon, and LilyWhispers. I generally avoid male creators, but TheFrenchWhisperer and PJ Dreams are some that I do visit from time to time. I used to visit EphemeralRift’s content but I drifted away from his stuff.
I hate triggers involving food or excessive mouth sounds, but I love tapping on glass, wood, or plastic, soft crinkles, soft spoken and not too breathy whispers.
There are some Korean creators that I used to love, but they stopped making content. Dana ASMR and ASMRTomwhat (I can’t remember how she spelled it) come to mind.
Also, Cardi B’s asmr video with W magazine was so unbelievably good that it actually made me like her to some degree. Also Aubrey Plaza’s, but Cardi really knew what’s up.
Thank you, I am done now

No. 187833

Speaking of old school, I’ve been watching yanghaiying for the last few months. Very lofi and calming! She has such a great energy

No. 189361

I like whispers and soft spoken as a trigger, mostly from women. Men just don’t do it for me. I really like Peace and Saraity because she’s very gentle and relaxing. She’s also a mom so i guess that explains the vibe she gives off.

No. 189936

she has that 1960s mlm video and oh my god I love that shit. My fav is Maria gentle whispers. Does anyone remember her drama with making lewd asmr for money?

No. 192826

Yeah i stopped watching due to that and the paid promotions, as well as the weird spiritual stuff

No. 221382

I like chyna unique and life with mak

No. 221384

i wish there was more Snape asmr. This one is my favorite. His voice is nice.

No. 221385

When I was in MS one of the first ASMR videos I discovered was a Japanese girl eating fried chicken. I think she either deleted or private the video because I cannot find it. I didn't think much of it, but I thought it was kind of strange, well anyway, fast forward to a year later and I ended up watching this woman that I can't remember who was making some gift basket and oh my god I ended up passing out. Since then, I've been watching them and even thought about making a channel myself, but I'm kind of a weakling because I do not want to end up on /tingles/ on 8kun. I honestly think Trisha, as much of a cow she is, is pretty good at ASMR especially when I found vidrel, and the one where she's unboxing her Apple watch, long ago so I'm pretty happy about her ASMR channel.
I love steam, sizzling, crinkling, light scratching, unintelligible whispers, paper shuffling, page turning, crunchy slime, and wig brushing sounds but I'm not too picky. I don't really have any other favorite creators but like >>187830 I drift more towards female creators.

No. 227761

Sebastian ASMR had some good videos (a majority of which are now private unfortunately) among my favourites for ASMR content made by male creators, but hey, at least a few remain in audio form. Miss that visual flare, to best put it to words. I had saved them on my iPad for occasions when I was w/o internet, but lost all it when I needed to reset it cause I was locked out permanently. Such as life I suppose.

No. 229976

Never mind I have a second favorite creator now.

No. 237689

File: 1662757123540.jpeg (23.98 KB, 500x500, e12bc6ef3949c8b435f2f9e6e3dbd9…)

Nonnies do you have any recommendations for male asmr artist who do ear kisses? They don't even have to show their face. I tried to search on YouTube but most of them are short videos and the ones who do show there faces are ugly, help.
>inb4 you are a degenerate

No. 237826

Fuck you for reminding me about this guy. The whole channel is like this, have fun nona

No. 237835

Nta but Thanks for the bean flick material nonna

No. 237841

If you are a weeb this guy has decent stuff you have to dig thru his live vids though

No. 238089

thank you nonnies!

As a reward a non horny asmr youtuber. She makes very good cooking videos and the recipes are also good i tried some myself!

No. 238090

I love her videos, especially the mannequin ones!

No. 238092

Asmr magic and asmr zeitgeist are also who i enjoy, they have high production value

No. 260242

i really like Trisha's asmr. I know she's ''problematic'' but her asmr is good.

No. 262273

i lowkey like her asmr too.

No. 262282

Posted this from before and this is the only kind of asmr videos I like

No. 262283

No. 262287

No. 262288

All from the same channel

No. 265011

puppyboy has some really good asmr videos with nice animations.

I also like her asmr, its actually pretty good and most of her rps are funny. She also has an asmr podcast and I believe that she will be posting her episodes to her asmr channel.

No. 265012

I also like the asmr of this japanse vtuber

No. 265080

It turns me on but it makes me giggle too.

No. 265086

Ive been subbed to puppyboy for ages it’s amazing how he/she has improved in animating
Still dont know what it is originally, a webcomic? Anyway the vids are cute

No. 265097

Cp bump

No. 265474

I know they have a web comic but I'm not sure what came first, the comic or the asmr videos? It seems they will also be creating a video game but I'm not sure when it releases.

Kek I get it

No. 269078

I swear watching massage videos makes me feel the same relaxation

No. 278311

RRcherrypie and bonobos25 are old favorites of mine. I found them before I ever heard of ASMR, they just put me to sleep. RR has a great series "mini replica" of cute miniatures, and bonobos has a similar one "real figure" where she(?) makes miniature food irl.

No. 278312

Here's a mini replica called "straight from the farm."

No. 278313

And a real figure from bonobos25 of a Rilakkuma pancake ♥

No. 278741

I love this girls' hauls of Flower Knows and Calico Critters. She doesn't act like a farmer but her taste is really similar to anons on lc so I wonder if she knows of this site kek.

No. 278812

she seems so effortlessly calm and peaceful, i feel like she could soothe anyone

No. 278966

No way she's a farmer. Her "wife" is a tranny freak

No. 279028

There goes my interest in checking out her vids

No. 279123

File: 1677598139965.jpg (61.78 KB, 1080x940, x0yFu1O.jpg)

No. 280013


what a waste

No. 280024

She must really love that moid. Gross

No. 280038

Look at how disgustingly wide his skeleton is and how flabby he is and how skinny his arms are… absolutely disgusting all trannies should be sentenced to hard labor in the sun, cut off from all internet access and anime.

No. 284072

Do you think she's a terf?

No. 290514

Yknow, I used to think that too, although based off her tiktok she seems more like A TIRF or just a Marxist feminist.

No. 291342

What's gibi like in real life ?

No. 291356

I don't think so. I swea she did a facial feminization surgery asmr video. Unsubed because of it.

No. 291357

What having low self esteem does to a woman, smh…

No. 310497

I have to say, collabs are my favorite type of asmr videos.

No. 325842

Hate YouTube, but I'm really thankful for ASMR and the music of course.

No. 333702

No. 345331

No. 345335

KEK i fucking love her videos anon, though im not sure if they really count as asmr. They are more high tier shit posts, i love how she got her mother to act in that video as well.

No. 376380

I've always loved Eliza's videos so much, she's so calm and natural. She engages me so easily and distracts me with almost no effort.

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