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No. 68958

Any guilty pleasures anons? Reveal your darkest bops.

No. 68959

Samefag but here is mine lol

No. 68961

No. 68967

No. 68981


No. 68986

Whenever I listen to Lonely Hearts Club or just the Electra Heart album in general, it takes me back to when I was 14/15, lol.

No. 68987


No. 69003

guilty as charged

No. 69010

I hate myself for liking this.

No. 69012

The entirety of Mindless Self Indulgence oh my god I couldn't even pick a song because I ended up relistening to so much of their garbage

No. 69014

are you me

No. 69020

I want to go back bros

I'm glad i'm not alone god

No. 69023

samefag. also I listened to all the songs here. Most of them brought back some buried memories

No. 69027

I used to listen to some songs by brokencyde, felt guilty about it even back then. now I actually can't stand it lol so glad I grew out of that.

No. 69069

I still unironically listen to 3!OH3

No. 69072

2000's house/dance full of naked women

No. 69073



I don't care what people say, but Butterfly from crazy town is absolute perfection lmao

No. 69074


also this one

No. 69075


and this

No. 69076


and … ugh this one.

No. 69136

I like their other song Movies more.

No. 69139

Here are some early 2010s eurovision jams.

No. 69140

No. 69141

No. 69142

No. 69144

ooh shit anon, I love Eurovision. This was my this year's favourite

No. 69201

No. 69332

No. 69381

my guilty pleasure since I was 9

No. 69384

I follow this Japanese artist that makes some really good music, but with really macabre and sexual lyrics. I know it's cringe and i rarely mention it to anyone but he makes such good bops i can almost ignore the lyrics

No. 69487

No. 69551

I love this kind of stuff, it makes me nostalgic.

No. 69663

Porn visual novels how some jamming intros

No. 69779

Jesus anon listening to this took me back to when I was 12 so hard I got whiplash. God Youtube was so much fun back then. I specifically remember watching an anime speedpaint with this song on it.

Related was my favorite DJ Satomi song back in the day.

No. 69935

I get a big kick out of gender pitch remixes, 80s remixes and
major key songs edited to be minor.

No. 69936

No. 69937

I'm also partial to cupcakke/kpop mashups

No. 69938

No. 69939

No. 69940

No. 69943

omg anon I love you, alien ant farm brings me back lol

No. 69977

this was every breakup where I got ghosted/dumped

No. 69996

I still listen from time to time

No. 70005

this is so much better than the real song wow

No. 70058

No. 70129

talking about guilty pleasure esc jams…

No. 70146

No. 70147

No. 70148

No. 70149

No. 70150

No. 70157

Absolutely based and same

No. 70164

I remember when esme got featured on youtube around christmas 2006. I was so excited for her when she got signed. Ugh, fuck the music industry.

No. 70167

Something about being the most awkward nerdy 13 yo but feeling like a hoe ass bad bitch on the inside

No. 70189

Her first album is my least-guilty guilty pleasure. It's genuinely good and I still listen to it if I want something laid back and nostalgic to listen to. She was my favorite when I was 10.

No. 70194

No. 70201

Thank you anon for coming through with an absolute classic!

No. 71288


No. 71364

No. 71365

I really liked demi's pop rock era.

No. 71466

No. 72005

No. 72347

It's so cringe but catchy as fuck

No. 72353

anon thank you for posting this. i was so obsessed with this song when it came out i cant believe i forgot about it

No. 72354


wtf. i haven’t heard this song in years but i still know all the words.

No. 72527

i've never heard this, but i'm hooked. thank you for posting!!

No. 72529

Love this!! They did an amazing job giving it that 80s vibe and also making it a good song.

No. 72670

Maybe not the most traditional choice but my guilty bops lately have been pop punk/emo shit. I feel like it's a severely underrated genre for straight up bops. You KNOW if you put on Sugar We're Going Down or Misery Business people will lose their gotdamn minds.

Dance Dance is one of the greatest bops of our generation fight me
>I only want sympathy in the form of you crawling into bed with me

No. 72690

Absolutely true and don't forget this banger

No. 72695

I'm sorry but this song makes me so happy
The lyrics are cute too

No. 72697

Bopping to a song about accidentally getting a girl pregnant sang by a Japanese program is vocaloid culture

No. 72708

Under the cork tree had such good hits. I still have all their early albums on my phone. My favorite jam is probably from Infinity on high though. Bang the doldrums is so catchy.

No. 72713

Fuck yeah anon this song and the whole album gives me massive nostalgia. Honestly I still have periods where I shamelessly go back and listen to all the great FOB tracks, their albums were so good up until around American Beauty which is just a mess. Folie a Deux is their masterpiece imo

It’s weird but even when I was an edgy teen I was never that into pop punk but for some reason I loved Fall out boy and Panic at the Disco

No. 72715

No. 72728

Post 00s anime openings anons.
Rewrite is honestly pretty good on it's own merits but I'd be kind of embarrassed telling people I enjoy it because of how I heard it and the fact that I associate an animu with it.

No. 72730

Lonely In Gorgeous by Tommy febuary6 from Paradise Kiss.

I also really liked Franz Ferdinand in the 00s and I nearly had a heart attack the first time I watched parakiss and Do You Want To came on at the end.

No. 72738

YES anon. that song still makes me cry more than a decade later. maybe I just associate it with the anime but there's something special about it

No. 72753

I used to love this song even tho I never watched the anime. I have realized now that the singer does not have the voice to pull it off lmfao

No. 72754

this is still beautiful. I also loved I Hear You Everywhere from the same anime ost

No. 72755

This plus Air and Clannad After Story opening (don't even like Clannad but the song was lovely. The Dango Daikazoku ending was also veru touching).

I have so many more but I'm gonna stop for now lmfao. Funny since I mostly read manga tbh

No. 72758

File: 1579419973654.jpeg (17.44 KB, 300x300, 47369800-D532-45CF-985C-130544…)


No. 72792


fucking classic

No. 72835


No. 72947

(direct onision link)

No. 72959

This will always be my favorite Bleach OP ever. Everything this band does is so damn catchy

No. 72980

Get out

No. 72987

No. 73039

No. 73040

I appreciate these hypersexualized videos because they are so riduculous to see as a adult when you just heard the song as a kid

No. 73041

No. 73042

No. 73043

You never saw those pervy music vids as a kid? Lucky you. I was ashamed for liking a song with such a gross video lmfao

No. 73044

My mom attempted to shield me from these types of videos. This did not stop me from being a degenerate, unfortunately.

No. 73045

Your mom was obviously doing her best.

The most embarassing media-related memory was being 13 on a school trip and hanging out with a friend of a friend and being caught by a teacher watching vid related (prepare to have your brain melted)
>come on girls, we are leaving the restaurant
>okay, but let us finish watching the video first
the dumbass straight admitted we were watching gyrating half-naked women in a trashy mv lmfao I wanted to die

No. 73311

No. 73553

Porcelain and the Tramps - Fuck like a Star

No. 73667

This just gave me war-flashbacks from my scene-phase.

No. 73985

I love this song but the high pitched noise in the background gives me a headache.

No. 74032

This song is a desperate, low effort attempt to stay relevant in pop, but I always find myself singing the chorus to myself.

No. 74168

Lol same.

No. 77888

No. 77976

No. 78593

I could never listen to this song in public

No. 78594

I know the lyrics like the back of my hand and it's ok

No. 79004

No. 79005

No. 79027

No. 79039

No. 79044

No. 79052

No. 79054

Not proud

No. 79056

No. 79085

I can groove to this

No. 79371

did i get emotional while listening to this? perhaps.

No. 79467

it's the sound of a lost youth

No. 80180

please confiscate all my electronic devices

No. 80230

I owned the album and crushed hard on them lmao

No. 81025

No. 81156

No. 81486

I've had this fucking song stuck in my head for a week

No. 81487


No. 81495

I fucking love this song. Miss my emo phase.

No. 81512


me too, anon, me too. rip

No. 81556

Anon ily for this, Shawty Wanna Fuck is a masterpiece

No. 81962

Nicki is trash, but I'm a trash for her music. Issa bop

No. 82712

It’s a guilty pleasure because of the weeb energy. She’s Indonesian but is singing in Japanese. Still cute though.

No. 82724

MGK released a couple of songs that are really reminiscent of mid 2000s emo pop punk, I'm here for it.

No. 82789

Same, Anon.

No. 82894

same, but it's really not a bad song. kind of not one you should feel guilty about imo. i hate feeling like a lonely slavic sugar baby stuck in south beach while hearing it tho

No. 85095

No. 85606

I also thought sounded great and it was pretty qt! I wanna save the song but there's also a part of me that doesnt because its a bit cringy and a ~nippon girl~ didnt sing it kek.

No. 87411

I'm a metalfag and this song is my guilty pleasure

No. 87415

half of my music taste consists of department store pop and emo music that no one else wants to admit still slaps, and I've come to fully embrace that

No. 87416

myspace war flashbacks

No. 87430

No. 87432

No. 87433

everybody gangsta til i pick this song for karaoke

No. 87435


No. 87445

I'm not that guilty about it

No. 89293


No. 89294

>understands absolutely nothing

No. 89334

Let me guess, you’re a fellow europanon who is bummed out that the esc got cancelled this year.

No. 89341

Perhaps, perhaps.. it could've been so good this year.. who knows how many bops they had :(

No. 92457

loving this at the moment

No. 92526

Emo vietnam flashbacks for this one oof

No. 92806

No. 92807

Just because most people find it really dorky and odd

No. 92819

Ahh you're my kindred spirit anon, I used to like Within Temptation a lot when I was a young teenager and even then my Edgy Friends that were into "real stuff" like Nightwish would consider it embarassing. I still kinda enjoy it, even though it really is tacky. In a fun way tho!

No. 93437

Thank you

No. 93625

Samee it's so catchy

No. 93808

File: 1590774333416.jpg (105.21 KB, 380x500, unnamed.jpg)

their music is like audio version of pic related. It's kitschy, but so enjoyable! I love to listen to them from time to time, seen WT live as well and it was awesome

No. 94018

hell yeah

No. 94299


No. 94317

my stripper song

No. 94319

i hate when meme songs are legit catchy

No. 94320

I know the lyrics like the back of my hand

No. 94321

No. 94322

No. 94365

I have a lot of nostalgia for mediocre pop/dance songs of the mid 00s, which is weird since middle school was the shittiest time in my life.

No. 94367

There's something really compelling about it.

No. 94369

unironically i think this is a god-tier song

No. 94409

No. 94892

No. 94893

No. 94896

Have to add this one too.
My 7 y/o self could not handle the serve and I still can’t.

No. 94952

Kinda wish she wasn't a crazy cunt because her music honeslty slaps

No. 94974

It used to. Her recent stuff sounds so amateur, like she alienated every contact who knew anything about production and mastering.

No. 95603

No. 96650

this fuckin slaps

No. 96661


her first ep absolutely slapped

No. 96662

Only guilty bc of her personality.

No. 96685


But do they slap

No. 96809

would you rather we go back to using "bop"?

No. 97199

No. 97205

and trollz

No. 97207

I'm not even sure I feel guilty tbh it's a bop

No. 97247

you are lying if you say you don't find this catchy

No. 97712

God, I'm ashamed.

No. 97753

when I'm in a shit mood I like to have it on repeat while doing stuff.

No. 97760

me too anon. why must we suffer this way

No. 97779

Guilty because it’s so basic bitch and I only listen to this when I miss my ex.

No. 97815

I love whiny sadboy music, i dont know why but i relate to fuckboy music a lot. When I'm sad or depressed it just makes me feel better

No. 97863

LMAO when i used to follow kitty on twitter i remember once she was bitching that riff raff didn't remember her

No. 97921

looking back to this i can't help but cringe a little ("I'm a kung fu masta, no I'm not Jamaican, but yes I'm a Rasta", the whole video itself) but 8 year old me really thought this was like the coolest song ever when it came out

No. 98025

hello fellow romanian
that song used to scare me when i was little ngl

No. 98198

looool i used to think the guy with the eyebrow piercing was cute then i found out he was an abusive piece of shit so no wonder he's talentless

No. 98474

I still don't get the whole fiasco with that timothy person unless someone with at least three braincells explains it to me very slowly. have listened to it shamefully every once in a while

No. 98476

No. 98479

Oh, anon, thank you! So nostalgic.

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