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No. 1706

I have been thinking recently I'd love to have a thread where we could post documentaries. I watch a lot especially when doing stuff around the house so I can post a couple of favourites I recommend here in the OP, more in the comments if anyone is interested, and would love to find some new ones!

Interview with a Cannibal: Guy who met up with another guy online who consented to being murdered and eaten. Morbid but interesting watch. German, so subtitled.

Polygamy Doc: One Man, Six Wives, Twenty something kids. A guy in utah who keeps very very young wives and at the time of filming, being 40 ish, was trying to woo a 16 year old kid. (not a spoiler but he subsequently went to jail and a few wives left him, some stayed. Very interesting to watch and to look into after)

A historical one for variety: The truth about hygiene etc in Versailles. Stumbled across this and left it on while doing my makeup and really liked it! Sent me down a nice historical rabbithole, not of actual history per se but of little tidbits like this about daily life and lesser known shit (literally)

Ok back to morbid. If you haven't seen this already, it's insane, a little girl, "child of rage". Another one interesting to look into what happened afterwards (she was later put through attachment therapy)

Abigail & Brittany Hensel, conjoined twins who are cool to watch and learn about. They recently became teachers.

Another set of conjoined twins, Taty and Krista, the only time this sort of conjoinment has been observed. They essentially share a brain and nobody can imagine how they see through each other's eyes and how they're connected. Well made doc too

Documentary about Juliana Whetmore, a little girl with one of the most severe cases of treacher collins the world has seen. Like the ones above, if you watch docs you've likely already seen this, but if you haven't, it is a bit hard to watch.

Aaaaand one on incest and "genetic sexual attraction". Good for a shock watch.

These are just some basic ones to see if anyone is interested in the thread!I fucked up posting this like three times so here goes again my bad

No. 1707

I only watch ones on Netflix ATM but I’ve recently watched the Dirty Money series and I would recommend it, along with Michael Moore’s Capitalism: A Love Story.

No. 1708

File: 1518252960731.jpeg (19.77 KB, 300x168, EE76EFB7-BC03-41BC-AAE9-B037C4…)

I do the same, I mainly watch shock documentaries or ones that make me cringe so if that’s your sort of thing or you fancy a giggle,

40 year old virgins is about two people who go to America to meet sex therapists

A very British brothel is a family run brothel that shows it all in an almost comical light

The girl who became three boys is more serious but a really bizarre case

My barbie body

My granny the escort

A 2006 British drug trial that went wrong

Female serial killer Joanna dennehy is a pretty shocking watch

Life of human pups

The secrets of the living dolls and we’re not talking Venus, this is grown men putting on rubber suits

No. 1709

File: 1518254253453.jpg (58.69 KB, 426x597, ffd10abe9761bbb80d32ad4a05d756…)

Who Took Johnny. I believe its on netflix.

No. 1710

File: 1518256476594.png (1.01 MB, 1197x719, possibly terfy and aphobic.png)

Paris is Burning is a fucking classic, but that ugly AGP prostitute was my first peak trans. Especially when it was still on YT and everyone was reeing about terfs in the comments whenever someone called him creepy.

Oh, and Black Fish was depressing, but I liked it. I used to watch a lot of documentaries, but I can't remember any of them now…

No. 1711

I don't remember him being that creepy he just had a voice like he smoked a lot? He even argued that cutting your dick off doesn't make you happy

No. 1712

also this person doesn't have AGP he is just some gay guy that loves modern culture of money, fame, glamour etc.

No. 1713

not him! i love him! i'm talking about another guy. he was a prostitute, had a horse face, and talked about wanting to be a rich white girl… i think he was featured towards the middle or the end?

No. 1714

There's already a thread for this.

No. 1715

File: 1518280450450.jpg (16.76 KB, 500x248, 891208e9acd401b99c3bf2429418da…)

Do people outside of the UK know/care about Louis Theroux?

No. 1716

Yah he got big here when he covered the phelps

No. 1717

Kind of? Mexican public TV (Canal Once, specifically) used to play his works every know and then.
Also, contributing to the topic with this Youtube channel and the last doc I saw.

No. 1718

File: 1518284801953.png (104.35 KB, 500x281, venus.png)

venus xtravaganza?

i've always appreciated his panache and sass, but he had some fucked up ideas about what it is to be a woman.

No. 1719

File: 1518285807112.jpg (32.34 KB, 260x386, grey-gardens-129423-poster-xla…)

• Grey Gardens
• Sick: The Life and Death of Bob Flanagan, Supermasochist
• The Devil and Daniel Johnston
• The Impostor
• God Loves Uganda

In a way, all of the above docs are about lolcows of one description or another.

No. 1720

Love him!

I really recommend Zoo, it's about a group of Zoophiles and one of them dies due to internal bleeding after fucking a horse. Hilariously fucked up, not suggested if you're faint of heart or love horses.

Other ones I like:
Paris is Burning
The Cove
Carts of Darkness

No. 1721

OP here, I have been trying to find a place to watch Zoo for so fucking long and have never succeeded :(

Ireland here so it doesn't really count but yeah he's big here. I like his uh, subtly catty style lmao. I never copped that he was like that until my bf pointed it out too. I feel asleep during the scientology one though even though I was super hyped for it

I love you. I feel like our interests are identical lol

Here's a new one on furries and professional apologisers apparently but not available in my country:

Not a documentary but might as well be, crazy religious girl morning routine that made me literally laugh out loud a few days ago:

Trash quality but this is about jani and bodhi, if you havent heard of them it's very munchausen-y, their mom pushes a diagnosis of schizophrenia on both her kids by enabling whack behaviour and it's angering to watch tbh

Genie Wiley, a girl severely abused and neglected for her whole life as a teenager, left in a dark room chained to a potty, she wasn't retarded at birth but had absolutely no skills or language so they tried to see if they could teach her. This one makes me sad though.

People who parent those very lifelike fake newborns:

No. 1722

Highly recommended.

No. 1723

Also this one.

No. 1724

Love you too anon
I think this might be the furry one
The Genie case is incredibly sad, thanks for the links, going to give them a watch

No. 1725

This documentary is particularly interesting in relation to lolcows and their obsession with filming their lives. This guy became an absolute trainwreck of narcissism, drug addiction, and mental illness but didn't stop filming.


Rick Kirkham got his first video camera when he was 14 years old. It became his best friend and confidant. From that point on, he began documenting every facet of his life. He got his first break in TV as a dancer on American Bandstand. A little nudge from Dick Clark to pursue a career in television, and he was on his way. He quickly rose through the ranks from local TV news to a gig as a national correspondent for Inside Edition. His girlfriend then got pregnant, and they got married. Everything was golden . . .or was it? The flip side of his life was another story, and his camera shockingly captured both with the same candor and vigor. What unfolds in TV JUNKIE is a riveting journey into the heart of darkness, where one man's fight for survival is caught on tape in an unprecedented way. A self-imposed "The Truman Show" with a dark twist, TV JUNKIE transcends one man's tragic story and becomes a harrowing reflection on a generation obsessed with celebrity and technology. Utilizing more than 3,000 hours of footage, directors Michael Cain and Matt Radecki tackle the Herculean task of editing it with intelligence, compassion, and honesty to tell this unbelievable story that is both a cautionary tale and a gripping portrait of a TV JUNKIE.

No. 1726

who took johnny is on youtube. interesting case, but damn I feel so bad for the mother. she lost her marbles somewhere along the way, and thanks to certain professional leeches got led down a conspiracy rabbithole that just left her in more pain.

No. 1727

Beware Slenderman

Both girls have just been sentenced to psychiatric hospitalisation.

No. 1728

This is a fave of mine, a look at a female prison in Brazil. There are many stories about why those women ended up there, some really sad like moving drugs in order to get money for their children.
It's also about some beauty pageant inside the prison, and has some looks into butch lesbians.

No. 1729

I totally recommend this one if you haven't heard of it already. Basically a very ill and mentally stunted girl kills her mother only for it to be revealed that she's actually perfectly healthy and that her mom's been scamming people her whole life by forcing and convincing her daughter that she has some sort of debilitating disease (classic Munchausen by proxy).

Another one I'd recommend even though I haven't gotten around to watching it is 'The Imposter.' Apparently this family's son went missing and he turns up again after a few months- except it's not actually their son but a twenty-something year old man who looks nothing like the missing child. It's super bizarre because this man looks nothing like the kid and yet his whole family let him live with them as their son?? And the 'imposter' is now married with three kids- it's super weird.

No. 1730

File: 1518457554993.jpg (13.39 KB, 236x356, DUcLARhUMAAbEbJ.jpg)


more like these please! i love cringe documentaries, it's my bread and butter

life with lisa ling documentary about pickup artists:

the woman who wasn't there (about a woman who pretended she was a victim of 9/11):

short documentary on loveshy men:

true life: i'm an adult baby:

No. 1731

You guys probably know about this case but, just bringing awareness based on recent events regarding one of the killers.

Both these boys were given only 8 years in secure children's homes and new names. Jon Venables ended up in possession of child porn/abusive images multiple times, arrested,and given another new name. Just this month he was back in the news for again having not only child porn but, a pedo manual. James Bulger's mom is fighting to lift his anonymity for obvious reasons. Besides that, a woman has once feared him being the father of her child without knowing his past, again proving how fucked up it is to keep his identity from the public.

I recommend reading the wiki on this case, the details about what they did to James is disturbing and puts in perspective how messed up that they got let out so early with what seemed to be with little therapy or consoling.


No. 1732

File: 1518593373866.jpg (71.14 KB, 1008x515, neil.jpg)

The Up Series is a series of films (one is made every 7 years) that chronicle the lives of fourteen British children. It began in 1964 when all the participants were 7 years old and it has now gone on for nearly half a century.

Pretty interesting.

No. 1733

This case is the worst. It happened in my home town and the shopping centre is where my family and I used to go every week. It's still something I've got really strong feelings about, as apparently one of the lads who did it lives/lived where I am living right now. It's always stayed very local and it's so fucked up considering what happened to that poor boy!

No. 1734

Just read the details of his murder on the wiki and jesus christ, that’s fucking dark.

No. 1735


This is so fucked up. How the hell does he keep getting off so easy? You'd think at this point he would be locked up forever.

No. 1736

Hidden Killers of the Post-War Home

Other docs in the series include the Tudor Home, two about the Victorian Home, and the Edwardian Home.

No. 1737

Francis Bacon doc

No. 1738

Infamous streaker Mark Roberts struck again yesterday at the Olympics. Here is a doc about him.

No. 1739

>Not a documentary but might as well be, crazy religious girl morning routine that made me literally laugh out loud a few days ago:
anon what the fuck lmaoooo… im high af and this girl is blowing my mind, this is almost scary haha

No. 1740

>A documentary about two Australian men that traveled with their adopted son for him to be abused by men all over the world.
Very uncomfortable and infuriating.

No. 1741

One of my all time favorit documentary is the mouse Utopia.
Sadly it is not very long.

I really love psychology documentarys which try to understand behaviors, reason of specific acts and stuff like that.

The most evil, was interesting too. It is about mass murderer.

No. 1742

The mysterious death of Elisa Lam whose body was found in the rooftop water tank of the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles.

No. 1743

Dear Zachary, A letter of grandparents to their grandson

No. 1744

Documentary about two girls in the beauty pageant scene.

Adoptive mother of 11 special needs children.

Follows 2 teens in a detention center in NY.

No. 1745

The Town that Caught Tourette's

No. 1746

>>>/ot/81149 old documentary thread in case you want to check some of the ones posted there

No. 1747

Old documentary about a pedophile ring

No. 1748

Challenger: a rush to launch, about the Challenger space shuttle disaster

No. 1749

I'm watching this atm and there were so many details I didn't know about. It's intense and it's making me feel ill but I'm glad that they're drawing attention to this again. This should be required viewing for teen girls tbh.

No. 1750

Has anyone watched the Bros documentary: After the screaming stops. It's unintentionally hilarious, but it was nice to see the brothers settle their differences.

No. 1751

I’m kind of fascinated with Sebastião Salgado’s work and his life in general, he has an air of mystique about him which is intriguing. I think I’m more interested in his persona than even his photos as something about his way of being resonates with my own personal experiences. It’s very humanistic and disturbing, and yet he’s not forcing his ideologies down the viewers throat or condemning individuals for inequality. It’s like all he is saying with his photographs is to simply look and acknowledge the truth of the world.

No. 1752

i really want to watch this but i don't live in the uk or us :( everyone's going nuts about it.

No. 1753

Not sure if it's been mentioned but tickled is a really interesting documentary

No. 1754

I don't live in the US either, I just found it online.

No. 1755


No. 1756


Can't vouch for how safe/unsafe the site is so I hope you have a good anti-virus lol.

No. 1757


No. 1758

Three Identical Strangers

I watched it on 123movies last night.

No. 1759

The Burning Times

About witch trails, mostly in Europe. Sad, but interesting and informative.

No. 1760

Escape from Dubai: The Mystery of the Missing Princess

The doc is only available on Dailymotion


A follow-up article


No. 1761

Does anyone remember the pedo allegations against Michael Jackson and how they were swept under the rug?
Their resurfacing now in a new documentary coming out in match titled "Leaving Neverland", i read about this on an article and that sparked me to research the allegations,
since i was a kid when the courtcase happened and just assumed he was innocent but…

He really did molest so many boys, im horrified, he got AWAY with it and is still being celebrated, so fucked up.

What do you guys think?

No. 1762

No. 1763

File: 1550390291181.gif (2.91 MB, 500x320, 14C281B4-B90F-49FE-984D-1AA2F8…)

Request for YouTube documentaries? I’ve watched all in the OP and they’re like the only things that keep me entertained at the gym. Please and thank you!!!!

No. 13131

American Movie has always been one of my favorites. I used to comfort watch it when I was depressed.

No. 20159

thanks for this, anon - i'm about half-way through and i like it a lot. v funny

No. 20221

Are the allegations this time around credible? I haven't watched neverland yet.

No. 20322

Modern slavery of disabled people in South Korea

No. 20330

hoping to find a place I can download this Ryuichi Sakamoto doc from the 80s. I need a better quality version.
I watched his Coda documentary a few months ago and was blown away.

No. 20331

Also, I've been on the hunt to find this Takarazuka documentary. I've recently sent an email to kanopy, because they have another Kim Longinotto doc called Shinjuku Boys, so hopefully they'll add it to their catalog, maybe!

No. 20334

File: 1553069738623.jpg (98.02 KB, 1024x627, au-revoir-1.jpg)

I was also trying to find a good documentary about boarding schools, specifically in Europe. If anyone knows of any good docs on this subject, please let me know!

No. 20340

I really wanna watch this, let us know if you ever find the full version anon!

No. 21912

old post but I watched this documentary and while it was really sad, and I really want to believe it's true, at the same time it's hard to decide because the film maker didn't even once try to get the perspective of the jackson estate which is a big no no in journalism. A lot of people think they're doing this as revenge but it's hard to ignore the weird facts (like why did the parents OK their young boys sleeping in the same bed as him? Let alone let him be alone with young boys for extended periods..)

I highly recommend louis theroux's documentaries for anyone who's in love with documentaries like me. I'm sure most of you probably have heard/watched him, but the some what recent series on love with dementia was a total travesty to watch (in a sad but good way).

No. 22092


Louis is great. For anyone who is looking for specific recommendations, my two favorite pieces by him are:

– Louis and the Brothel: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x6ou9a6

Centers around one Nevadan brothel, it's employees and clientele, and in large part the character of one interesting and somewhat tragic sex worker. Her turbulent history with men gets told in part by her relationship to Louis and IMO it speaks to the strength of having himself as a character in his films as opposed to being a hands-off documentary filmmaker.

– Demolition Derby: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x6pqf7l

This one is just a good time fun romp.. he travels through middle America meeting with people in the destruction derby scene. They seem to actually not really connect with each other so their interactions are friendly but pretty stiff and awkward. It doesn't really have any sad or cringe elements to it so it ends up being kind of wholesome.

No. 22108

Documentarians aren't journalists, they're artists. Many of the best docs are made with obvious bias.

No. 22821

Just finished the "Gypsy's Revenge" documentary on youtube (I'm not in the US though so I'm not sure if this link will work for US anons)


I personally enjoyed it and do feel remorse for Gypsy. She was manipulater by her mother and then by her first 'boyfriend' while being mentally stunted–it was bound to turn out badly.

No. 22865

Journalists also have biases.

No. 27093

Example of absolutely awful crisis management. I can't believe those poor people died like this. All those students waiting for instruction…

No. 27164

This is outrageous. There was more concern about getting cameras on the scene than actually rescuing people!

What absolutely gutted me was the realization that the diver who testified in court later ended up dying of suicide. I played back his clip a few times because it was so poignant what he said about not being able to forget and questioning the elites who said they couldn’t remember. It hit me so hard. The crowd visibly reacts to his statement. It’s such a powerful moment.

Also I can’t help but wonder about all the students in the footage where they’re onboard waiting and talking about whether it’s one of those situations where people die when they follow orders and stay put. They probably really did end up dying like they predicted. Holy shit. What a horrific tragedy.

No. 27299


This is very good anon, thanks for sharing. Reminds me of this documentary about the Hillsborough stadium tragedy of 1989 where 96 people got crushed to death at a football match because of poor crowd control, and the cover up in the police/media in the twenty years that followed. It's one of my favourites, really recommend a watch.

No. 27308

Ugh, i remember this. i was also a high schooler when it happened and it horrified me. 304 people died… mostly kids…
There is also footage where the rescuers are near the ship when it was almost sunk and you can see someone bang on a window but they don't see it

No. 27319

Can you guys post your favorite wildlife documentaries? I watched this video and I'm craving more. Animals are so fascinating.

So sick to watch. The more I hear things about south korea, the more it resembles a 3rd world country. They have so many problems with legality and social issues, even abusing animals there is A-okay according to the gov.

No. 27868

No. 27916

Anything with Komodo dragons is cool.

No. 28213

Thank you, friend.

No. 28891

this is really heartbreaking
it's about abandoned and homeless children in russia
this brought tears into my eyes hearing what these young children have already been through and what they're doing to survive

No. 29305

I've recently watched an HBO documentary about Theranos and its creator Elizabeth Homes called "The Inventor". It's very interesting, but it got taken off from youtube by HBO. Dunno if links to illegal streaming sites are allowed, but I refound it on putlocker

No. 31241

There is a fund-raised documentary about pedophilia cases in polish roman-catholic church. It came out like 2 days ago + there are english subs

No. 32855

I know theres been so many documentaries about North Korea but I found this one interesting

No. 32911

No. 32957

is this the lady that has a natural cosmetics brand? Or is that a diferent Babushka Agafia? lol

No. 41130

File: 1563818714718.jpg (74.09 KB, 644x480, v1.jpg)

so i'm taking a relaxing day to watch documentaries about interesting people and i can highly recommend these:

-"I Think We're Alone Now" : a short doc following 2 people with aspergers who are kind of dangerously obsessed with former teen pop idol Tiffany

-"The Parking Lot Movie" : a bunch of misfit overeducated young men working as parking lot attendants and getting up to artistic shenanigans

-"Marwencol" : man with brain damage lives vicariously through a 1/6 sized WW2 era model town he built in his backyard. he makes dolls based off of people he knows and it's equally creepy and understandably sad

if anyone has recs like these i'd love to hear them, i love seeing life through the perspective of outsiders

No. 41312

This one is one of my favorites. Weird guy.

No. 41331

Damn how many times are people gonna post this one. Yawnn

No. 41741

I think about "I think we're alone now" a lot. Good rec

No. 107753

Has anyone seen the documentary on Netflix “Hot Girls Wanted” ? It’s super interesting look at amateur porn actresses and its pretty dark.

No. 107764

checked out marwencol- heartbreaking but hopeful. hope that guy is doing okay this year

found out they made a movie about him too. kinda wanna see it

No. 114159

If any of you are interested in one of a kind, beautiful and strong old ladies - you need to watch this documentary!
>For decades, Jola did what was expected of her. As a mother of six and the wife of an abusive husband, she would put on her make-up and colourful clothes to pretend everything was fine. One day something breaks inside her and she finds the strength to leave her husband and start living life to the fullest. She hangs out with her girlfriends, dances in Café Smile, writes poems and songs. She sings about love - something she's always dreamt of, yet never experienced. Unexpectedly, she meets Wojtek, who treats her like a queen. Will she be able to open up and embrace love for the first time?Especially, when she finds out that she has less time than she thought?
It's polish but available with English subtitles.
I'm in love with this beautiful old lady, what an inspiration. I hate society for brainwashing women into thinking that life ends once you are no longer X years old. I wanna be like Jola when I grow old, looking like an old Hollywood star and living in a house with a figure of Botticelli's Venus in the garden.

No. 114162

File: 1604585934430.jpg (478.05 KB, 1366x2304, image (3).jpg)

No. 114169

Definitely going to watch! Thanks fir the recommendation anon, it looks so sweet

No. 114248

It is amazing, but fair warning: it might pink pill you since present men ain't shit compared to women in this movie! Even the good one says a super shitty thing and the viewer can only hope that the later apology was for this bs.
The scenes with Jola's husband are hard to watch, but they are also short. Just a fair warning since he's a real piece of shit human being.

No. 114255

I'm >>20340 Finally found the full Takarazuka documentary! Hope you're still around here anon.

No. 114292

File: 1604695006367.png (600.82 KB, 1014x381, 490372548643525.png)

Fascinating stuff, I'm nta but I've always loved these ladies and been curious about the inner workings of the Revue. I find it mind-blowing (although I shouldn't) that even in an all-female cast they are expected to uphold "traditional" gender roles where those playing women are submissive and direct attention to those playing men. Right before this the other actress says those playing men get to be more "natural," which is telling of how we're simply socialized to fade into the backdrop. Also funny how the fans are talking later about how only a woman can play the ideal man, because we don't have any of men's "courseness" and typical failings. A lot of the shows they put on are standard romances where even the leading woman's goal is simply to be swept away by a guy. I enjoy romantic fluff as much as anyone, but it's saddening this also translates into how the actresses are treated outside of their work and that there seem to be few cases where their shows step outside that mold.

No. 114817

Yes I was so shocked about the whole "women serve men and women are in the background" mindset that translated into their performances. I thought that an all-women cast would diminish those conservative roles.
But idk anon I don't think the romance plots are something negative. To me it's similar to shoujo manga. Like the romance is purely for women and a way for them to escape from the sad reality of men being shitty. The two middle aged ladies who talked about their boring life and husbands went to the theatre in secret as some sort of escapism.

No. 114819

Sad. I wish they'd just do some epic lesbian love stories instead since they have an all female cast. Wasted potentional. Do a Gentleman Jack musical or something kek

No. 114998

File: 1605221653850.jpg (17.8 KB, 326x326, aQ3XUR0v_400x400.jpg)

I've been really enjoying watching anything Louis Theroux's made that I can get my hands on. I love how personal it all is and the weird, uncomfortable conversations that he doesn't shy away from engaging in. Unfortunately in the US it's difficult to get access to a lot of what he's made. Is there like some mega link any of you have access to with shows/films?

Here's a link with some:

No. 115000

if you have a vpn they're all on bbc iplayer! i love louis

No. 115009

I think a while ago I did try that while on a free trial. The problem I ran into was that I believe I had to create an account and prove that I had a british tv license (which I don't have).

No. 115013

nah, it tries to trick you with that but you dont have to have a license for it. it always asks for one but if you say you dont have one you can always watch the old stuff, it only prevents you from watching live which isnt an issue here

No. 115015

ohhhhhh okay thank you very much anon I just tried it and it works.

No. 115025

….. I thought that was john oliver.

No. 126874

File: 1612881674756.jpeg (95.24 KB, 600x900, Framing-Britney-Spears-1611264…)

Does anyone know where to watch Framing Britney Spears (aka the 6th episode of New York Times Presents) for free? I'm losing my shit trying to find it and I'm super curious about it!

No. 126881

the app HDObox has it

No. 127067

damn i'm curious, does this documentary talk about her brief relationship with fred durst?

No. 127208

Did that actually happen? When he did that thing with Christina Aguilera, he began coming out with all sorts of "famous ladies love me" bullshit.
I still cringe thinking about the music video he directed as a pretext to make out with Halle Berry.

No. 127400

thanks friend. I actually just saw that it was on some streaming service the other day and watched it, remembered I made that post here.

really interesting, I wish it were longer + more in depth however.

No. 127428

someone uploaded it to YouTube

No. 127933

File: 1613362274692.jpg (119.51 KB, 1200x675, p096ltk0.jpg)

Any Adam Curtis fans here? He has a new series out.

No. 129650

The Children of Leningradsky, Russian documentary (w/ English subs) about homeless children living in a railway station. It's heartbreaking, and really raw.

No. 129657

Can someone recommend me ocean/marine life documentaries with HD eye candy footages and minimal talking?

No. 130053

Documentary about suicides from the Golden Gate Bridge.
Interviews the family of jumpers, people who saved others from jumping, people who saw jumpers in their last moments, and a man who jumped but survived.
It's very depressing, but I think it's worth watching if you're suicidal. It gives you a sense of the collateral you will leave behind, no matter how much you feel like you wont.
Also: fair warning, it does contain footage of people jumping. You can't see anything graphic, but if that will upset you, you may want to give this one a miss.

No. 130055

File: 1614562098778.jpg (157.18 KB, 1400x1400, Gene-Sprague.jpg)

Seen it many years ago. I remember feeling really sympathetic for Gene Sprague and almost had something like a crush for him.
His livejournal is still around if anyone's interested:
And here are two more relevant links, in case anyone else cares:

No. 131162

Shy Boys IRL, I remember finding this on tumblr around 2012. My first exposure to incel and PUA culture when I was a teenager.

No. 131185

I have shit taste, so maybe this documentary isn’t good at all, but I’ve rewatched it a handful of times and I always get a kick out of it. Life 2.0 is about people living through the online game Second Life, including one particular couple that made me cringe. Last time I checked, it’s on Netflix if any of you want to check it out.

No. 131216

Sage for replying to a 3 year old post, but is this referring to the same Rick Kirkham from Tiger King??

No. 131245

You're not wrong, anon. It's the same man.

No. 131269

Wow, was everyone in TK a batshit camera-crazed narcissist??

No. 131822

This doc is sooooo good, the bitch in the basement who just smokes newports and works on her second Life empire all day is a queen.

No. 134481

File: 1617227335646.png (170.46 KB, 435x229, CA862C5E-BB3B-4985-81B3-242D1B…)

I’ve been enjoying the BBC Historical Farms series. A team of historians live as farmers from various time periods in British history for a year. I thought it would be boring but it’s addicting.

No. 135451

The Platform Master - Ulillillia Documentary

A doc about an autist obssessed with numbers and video games. It's bittersweet. He is functional and he has a job iirc, but he is to different to integrate. His family and his relationship with them is really sweet.

No. 137056

The movie isn't out yet to the public, but I'm really interested in watching this documentary when it comes out. Bjorn Andresen's life is tragic and I hope this documentary lets him share his story without exploiting him. Even though it isn't out yet (I head it's supposed to come out in May?) I thought I'd share because I learned about who Bjorn Andresen was through the farms so I know some of you would probably be interested in this too.

No. 137069

File: 1618297113753.jpg (106.4 KB, 480x720, p01ldp29.jpg)

These are incredible. I have watched every one. I love Ruth Goodman so much and Alex & Peter are amazing. The BBC keeps reairing these so I think they're popular enough but they havent made new ones in a while… they had better start again after covid or I swear I will find Peter, dress him in hose and make him coppice hazel rods for my delight.

No. 137071

oh no anon you opened doors in my mind i didn;t wanted open. but i'm actually very interested in it, i want to hear more from him

No. 138317

File: 1618867392755.jpg (192.19 KB, 1280x960, 71cMF8ijwpL._RI_.jpg)

This series is really good to binge watch.

No. 140724

File: 1620274198292.png (360.13 KB, 725x480, 3248932784732543.png)

Has anyone seen Caught in the Net? Or know how to access it outside of Europe? It's a 2020 Czech documentary where a team hired three young but legal actresses to play 12-year-olds and gave them manufactured social media accounts. Within 10 days they were contacted by 2458 male predators trying to show them their genitals, convince the girls to get nude and meet with them for sex. We all know sexual exploitation of girls is easier than ever with the rise of social media, but this seems like it would really put it on stark display. I can't include the trailer here since it's on Vimeo but link is: https://vimeo.com/395961830

No. 140739

Sorry I don't know but that's based

No. 140755

Just found it for you anons! Gonna watch it as well, very interesting. Apparently this is an uncensored version with English subs.
Warning, the page is retarded and it takes some attempts of clicking on the pixelated play button and watching youtube adverts before it works. I deleted my reply thinking it's a scam, but it isn't. The link does work.

No. 140756

works for me too, thanks for sharing!!

No. 140768

Ok, so I've watched it and it's honestly nightmarish, the sheer amount of men that would message these girls without being provoked in any way. I'm seriously glad I was growing up at a time where computers didnt have built-in cameras and there were no cameras in phones either. Even then I remember hanging out in chatrooms for kids and being chatted up by men openly admitting to be older and wanting to sext with a minor; and now with photos and possibilities of blackmail or coercion it's all just so scary. If I had a daughter I probably would be an awful overly controlling mom, there are just too many predators out there.

No. 140771

Thank you so much anon, you’re the best! Will watch soon once I’m through work.

God I’m glad the crew put in the effort to expose this stuff further but I agree it’s nightmare fuel. I look back on my childhood and remember some pretty fucked up things as well. I recall one older guy who was a police officer with a girlfriend chatting with me when I was underage and trying to get photos (I wish I had the maturity to know I should’ve reported him, although cops protect their own) but at least there wasn’t an existing culture of sharing stuff or being so sexual at a young age then. Guess I shouldn’t be surprised by all this, but it’s still depressing and horrifying.

No. 140784

So sorry this happened to you anon, good thing it wasn't anything more serious. Older generation had the whole stranger danger warning but it really was mostly about not trusting people who pretended to be your age and wanted to meet; no one ever really talked about dangers of being groomed by actual adults (mostly men of course). I recall some interactions I had with much more older men, they all went nowhere and I didn't think much of them at the time, but now realizing there was some 40 years old men trying to be my friend when I was 13, I think it's fucked up; back then I only thought he's nice. I wish it was easier to prosecute these men; it's awful that all these documentary makers could to is to talk to that one guy in hope he will maybe realize what he's doing, but no legal grounds to arrest him. I was happy to see "Misha" girl yell at that dude who tried to blackmail her with nudes but I wish he could actually end up in jail, not be only yelled at. It's all so terrifying and dangerous for girls.

No. 140795

I'm just 30 minutes into it, but I feel super weird about the psychologist saying that those predators aren't pedophiles despite showing their dicks to 12 years old girls because pedophiles 'want to be in the child's world', and those men are content (?) with no contact CSA. What the fuck is with that? BTW I legit wanna vomit from the sight of all the disgusting dicks. Stupid fucking males. Your dick is worthless, literally nobody wants to see it. Least of all, a child.

No. 140797

>I'm just 30 minutes into it, but I feel super weird about the psychologist saying that those predators aren't pedophiles despite showing their dicks to 12 years old girls
I've seen this take being discussed in depth in relation to pedophilia in church. Basically, what being a pedophile is, is being attracted only to prepubescent children. In many, many cases of sexual abuse of children though, such as in church or online, it's more of a "crime of opportunity". Majority of these men are fully capable of finding other adults attractive but still prey on children because 1- adults don't want them, 2- children are easier to manipulate, 3- children's immaturity gives them more power and make them more confident. So basically yes, the actions they take are pedophilic and they can be prosecuted as pedophiles but talking from psychology standpoint they're not necessarily pedophiles.

No. 140798

Thank you for your explanation. It makes more sense than the quote from the documentary. Still, I'm not sure if I agree. I think one has to be at least a bit pedo to get horny over a child. I could never. It's literally unimaginable to me.
>Basically, what being a pedophile is, is being attracted only to prepubescent children
You accidentally reminded me how much I hate when people say 'first of all, attraction to teenagers is EPHEBOPHILIA". I don't give a fuck, those people should be shamed as much as possible.

No. 140799

Ah no, absolutely not my point with "ephebophilia" or whatever, I hate it too. I think it would be better (and more accurate) if I've said underage not prepubescent here. Definitely unimaginable for me too and "crime of opportunity" is not any better than "planned crime" but I suppose psychology has to separate these different "levels" of pedophilia.
makes me especially angry that in this doc there was a woman trying to convince a "12 year old" to have a threesome with her and her husband, assuring it's not a problem she's so young and a virgin, somehow I hold women to higher standards so it's so disappointing some of them are just as degenerate as scrotes

No. 140805

File: 1620333318877.png (1.31 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot (295).png)

Finished watching it. Pic related is exactly how I felt the whole time. BTW did anyone feel weird about the guy talking to a 12 year old girl? I won't pretend I wasn't touched by the one wholesome moment in the whole documentary even though it seemed like it was there to push 'not all men' agenda and the guy was kinda cute but still… I don't know. I may have warped views on the topic.
I wish the confronted pedo's face was shown, since he said he doesn't give a fuck what anyone thinks about him. I completely lost it at:
>if you had a daughter of 12 years, you'd see it differently.
>Go down the road there and you can buy a 12-year old. That's normal here. Far worse problems aren't being addressed. This hit show makes Gypsies look great, but they're all on welfare. Why not address that?
WHAT THE FUCK AM I WATCHING. I hope his claim of pedo brothel is just his fantasy and not a reality, and that he's banned from working with children forever.
That women was horrifying. Unicorn hunters are cancerous, but pedo ones take it to the next level.

No. 140808

Yeaaaah it was wholesome that he didn't whip out his dick but once that feeling settled in, it's still weird an adult would talk to a little girl; especially remembering the rule that these girls would never reach out to the guys first, so seeing how young she is he still made contact. IDK maybe there's a super low percentage of chance he just saw a young girl and wanted to look out for her and warn her, but it's hard to be optimistic especially given how the rest of the doc was like.

No. 140814

The bit that got me was the couple trying to get the girl into a threesome. Obviously I know these people exist, often I think from some warped desire to please their pedo partners. But there is just something so perverse about a woman not wanting to protect children. I mean I expect this from men, we have probably all experienced it.

No. 140824

No. 140841

This doc is great. I wish more parents would monitor or severely limit their kids’ internet access because this kind of shit happens all the time.

I had a lot of adult men chatting with me when I was like 12-14 even when they knew my age. They almost always got creepy after a bit, but would often try to earn my trust and have “normal” conversation at first, “wow you’re so smart and mature, can’t believe you’re only 12!” Not to be a pessimist, but there is pretty much no good reason for an adult to have contact with a random child online. Just because he’s not sending dick pics during their first convo doesn’t mean he’s a good guy. Those guys are testing the waters and seeing how easy the girl can be manipulated.

No. 140856

>Just because he’s not sending dick pics during their first convo doesn’t mean he’s a good guy. Those guys are testing the waters and seeing how easy the girl can be manipulated.
Just for clarity's sake, the Czech subtitles stated that he spoke more times with the actress and he didn't pull any sexual shit… Still, my thoughts exactly! I'm deeply afraid that the guy is a more skilled predator, a groomer that can wait months before he moves onto sexual (or otherwise dangerous) actions. The type that makes his victim believe he is her boyfriend so that he can manipulate her even further. IDK what was the guy's agenda, but I feel like saying there is 10% chance it wasn't something skeevy is being generous. If it was a woman, I would believe she's looking out for a young girl, but a man? Fat chance of that happening. Honestly, it's more believable to me that the guy was set up by the creators of the documentary. It makes for more interesting narrative and deflects possible criticism that the documentary is promoting misandry (retarded take, but this is the world we live in).

No. 140859

>Honestly, it's more believable to me that the guy was set up by the creators of the documentary.
That actually makes a lot of sense and explains why he wouldn't mind showing his face in the doc; I can't imagine being ok with my face being shown in relation to this subject even if nothing suspicious would happen.

No. 140861

I also thought it's sus that he shown his face. At first I thought that it may be a proof that he isn't a creep, but then I realized that IF he had some unhealthy interest in underage girls, that would help him a lot ("You know, I've been in a documentary about this kind of thing, I'm one of the good guys!"). So I think I'm gonna stick with the theory that he is also an actor, playing a decent person without the girls knowing so that their reaction is honest.
>I was happy to see "Misha" girl yell at that dude who tried to blackmail her with nudes but I wish he could actually end up in jail, not be only yelled at. It's all so terrifying and dangerous for girls.
Forgot to mention it earlier, but this part also made me a bit satisfied, especially when she thew his drink at him. Still, I couldn't help but think that trying to talk these men out of their degeneracy is a waste of time. We are too kind to them, either because society is patriarchal or because women are too empathetic. I think the answer is to accept that some people deserve nothing more than a brick to their head… or at least prison. Maybe sex offender villages aren't that bad idea. If only they couldn't leave them. They 100% deserve rotting with other degenerates, secluded from society. I do not believe in rehabilitation of someone with sociopathic sexuality.

No. 140862

>We are too kind to them, either because society is patriarchal or because women are too empathetic
my pet theory is that guys defend these predators by all means possible because they see themselves in them, just look at how popular teen or barely legal porn is. these aren't isolated cases, almost all of us were creeped on online or irl at very young ages like the doc shows so it's not only a few bad apples, i truly belive it's at least 1/3 of men.

No. 140867

Yeah, it's a lot of men. People don't realize that if given the chance and the security of not being found out, there would be a lot of men willing to have sex with a teenager or a young girl. Could be even men you personally know and I think that this documentary shows that well. But they make the rules and they look out for themselves sadly. Maybe it's a retarded take, but things like these make me think that it's somehow in their nature, as much as I'd hate for that to be true.

No. 140876

Just look at how guys will always be at least slightly against "metoo" shit too. They tell horror stories of "fake accusations" which usually are nowhere as horrific as the rape stories themselves. Like most guys probably couldn't 100% confidently say that all of their sexual encounters with the women in their lives were enthusiastic and very clearly consensual, they start to sweat that something they did 10 years ago could come and bite them in the ass. While 99% of women can't relate to that thought, fortunately.

Honestly I didn't expect them actually showing so many uncensored dicks, but holy shit predators have the ugliest fucking dicks too. And the way the guy started squirming when the actress read his messages out loud in public, that was satisfying.

No. 140878

it's not retarded to think about it anon, i don't know if you watch history documentaries but this obssession with extremely young girls goes way back in time and in a lot of different societies. i would also love for it to be cultural so we can all work to get to a future where this doesn't happen to so many girls but yeah, being confronted with data like in this doc makes you lose a bit of faith
that's exactly it. they rush to defend themselves and others who do even worse things because there is a chance they did something wrong or might in the future. i remember a survey done where a significant number of guys said they would not rape a woman, but would force her to have sex in some way. guys like that will obviously not support victims from a crime similar to the one they commited.
it also reminds me of the movement against the sex offender registry and how they claim that peeing in public will get you there when only one case of this happening was proven.

No. 141403

File: 1620783955745.jpg (186.64 KB, 1280x720, mpv-shot0003.jpg)

encounters at the end of the world, dir. werner herzog

it's about antarctica. turned me on to this book called big dead place about the insane bureaucracy they have down there. basically the scientific bases are run by raytheon and everybody hates it. most of that's not in the movie though, herzog is too nice.

No. 141466

Michael Moore's docs make me feel weirdly mad, even though I agree with him? It's just so weird.
I remember watching "Where to invade next" and laughing out loud at the French school lunch scene. I'm a frog and I don't know wtf he's on bc that's far from being the average cantine meal.

I also watched Planet of the Humans and despite my hate boner for Elon Musk I found the whole doc to be oddly "holier than you"? I'm tired of seeing people who aren't in the field (but are educated) critisizing but not giving any better alternatives

No. 141476

File: 1620815712165.png (177 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210201-161956.png)

Reminds me of this pre-internet scumbag. He started seeing her when he put out an album based on the novel Lolita. It's not rocket science. I shared this info on a different imageboard & they didn't seem to get the job done. You're welcome ladies.

No. 141492

Marcel Theroux made a documentary about Japan's junior idol culture and acted like a worried dad throughout the whole thing, it was adorable. The topic itself is disturbing but if someone is familiar with the darker parts of Japanese culture, it doesn't really come as a surprise. The whole thing made my blood boil

No. 141505

>He started seeing her when he put out an album based on the novel Lolita.
Manson made an album based on Lolita? You are gonna get banned, btw.

No. 141509

I have some type of platonic crush on Louis Theroux. I find his docs so comforting for some reason, I wish there was more I hadn't seen. My mum ruined this a bit by saying he reminds her of my (v emotionally distant) dad & I can somewhat see her point. This is where I would put a cringe emoji. Anyway he's great, people say he's 'faux naive' but even if that's the case his stuff is still entertaining

No. 141525

Am I naive to believe some of these men really may have no sleazy intentions…? I guess I want to believe theres at least a speckle of decency in something this inappropriate

No. 141528

Mods pls can u delete this

No. 141529

you absolutely are jej

No. 141544

>Am I naive

No. 142672

File: 1621394186338.jpg (12.99 KB, 182x268, aaa_59.jpg)

I just finished watching this and honestly Im not sure if it deserves an oscar. The imagery was beatiful and knowing about animals lives is always intesresting but the guy felt so creepy and obssessive. So many people saying this movie was a revelation to them and that they never knew we were so connected with nature. Bitch what? We're animals. We are monkeys with pants. We are part of nature, of course other animals think too, of course they feel pain, and fear, and happiness. What are you? Dumb? Have you never left your house before?

No. 142685

did make me sad though

No. 142690

Abducted in plain sight on netflix.
Basically it’s about a close family friend who who kidnapped their daughter TWICE
Firstly, the pedophile "B", manages to convince the parents to let him sleep in the 12 years old's (Jan) bed while she slept. He said it was his “Therapy” because the church had already called him out for being obsessed with another little girl. He said his Therapy included sleeping next to Jan while listening to weird tapes.

The mother, Mary ann said it was weird but, “it was his therapy” so they allowed it. THEN B seduces Mary Ann, he grabbed her boobs, and then they had a little affair. Shortly after that, B asks the dad (Bob) for “relief” aka a Handjob. The dad does it. So he fucked the mom and got a handjob from the dad of his victim.

B then asks the parents to take Jan horse riding on a school night, the mom wasn’t “Comfortable” with it but she said yeah. B drugs Jan, takes her to Mexico and convinces her that she’s half alien and needs to sleep with him before she’s 16 to save her home planet. If she did not, he’d move on to her sister and someone in her family would die.
Meanwhile, Jan’s parents waited 5 days before calling the FBI and had to be convinced that B had kidnapped their daughter. After a month B’s brother got a call from B saying he wanted to marry Jan and he’d only come back if her parents gave them permission.
Apparently at the time they were already married and it was legal for a man to marry a 12 year old in Mexico.
B’s brother told Mary Ann and then called the FBI who tapped his phone and found Jan and B. Jan’s parents picked her up and Jan was extremely brainwashed.

They had the marriage annulled and B was charged with kidnapping. The FBI told Jan’s dumb ass parents not to have any contact with B or his family.
A month later B’s wife came and begged them to drop the charges, then threatened by saying that B would tell everyone about Bob giving him a handie and was a homosexual.
So Jan’s parents did what any parents would do when the wife of a man who kidnapped their daughter threatens them.
They signed the affidavit saying that JAN HAD NOT BEEN KIDNAPPED AND B THOUGHT HE HAD PERMISSION FROM THE FAMILY TO TAKE JAN. Doing this stalled the case and B would still write Jan letters and would sneak to see her.
But also during this time, B began to talk to Mary Ann, telling her he loved her, basically convinced her that he wanted to be with her. Bob found out and filed for divorce, but he took back his wife. He took back the wife who had a 8-MONTH affair with the man who kidnapped, raped and brainwashed their daughter.

He made her promise she wouldn’t speak to B again, 2 years later B takes a plea deal. He gets 5 years, but it was reduced to 45 days, and he only served 10 days (WTF).
B moves and opens a “Family Fun Center” and wants Jan to come. Jan wants to go, her parents say no, but then Mary Ann LETS HER GO.
So Jan travels to go see the man who kidnapped, raped and brainwashed her with the permission from her dumb ass parents. Of course, when Mary Ann decides to be a parent, she suddenly wants her daughter back home and B threatens her.
Then suddenly B doesn’t know where Jan is. Jan disappears again. While she’s gone her parents lie to people saying that Jan is with their grandparents because they are embarrassed.
They called the FBI two weeks after she’s gone this time. FBI find B, B has a fucking shrine in his house of Jan but Jan isn’t anywhere to be found.
A few MONTHS past and Jan calls home, says she’s okay and misses them. Said that she hadn’t spoken to B in a few weeks. Her dad then asks her does B still want to marry her, Jan says she wants to marry him. The dad asks again if B wants to marry her still and Jan says yes.

FBI finds Jan and finds out B had enrolled her in school under a fake name, pretending to be her dad. B gets arrested, Jan goes home and she’s depressed and brainwashed. B was charged with kidnapping but acquitted because he had a mental Defect, again wtf?
Jan tells her parents on her 16th birthday what B had told her about being half alien and needing to have his baby by 16 or bad shit would happen, Jan realizes it’s all a lie and begans to move on & heal.
Years later Mary Ann’s dumb ass writes a story about what happened to Jan, the same mom who fucked the man who kidnapped her daughter, handed her to him a second time and let him sleep in her bed for “therapy”. I also heard she left out her fucking B in the book.

B would harass Jan and show up to events Jan had to speak out about what happened and raise awareness. He showed up to a event, hurt some bikers that were trying to protect Jan’s event/Jan and the police came, B had a gun and he was charged with felonies.
B kills himself so he doesn’t have to go to prison.
Jan says she forgives her parents and in the doc, B’s brother admits he knew that B was a pedo, that he liked, “Young girls”.
This documentary will make you so mad, especially when you see the parents lack of emotions towards certain things, but the dad was really emotional when he talked about giving B a handjob. The real life phone calls are even weird and emotionless as well. I feel so bad for Jan.

No. 142691

File: 1621402314790.png (442.62 KB, 425x403, 1.PNG)

No. 142695

baffling. literally how can people be that retarded?

No. 142698

This is truly one of the most bizarre and frustrating true crime docs I’ve ever watched. The parents act like utter morons, the pedo kidnapper basically gets a slap on the wrist for raping and brainwashing a child, and said pedo kidnapper was free to terrorize the victim again as an adult because muh free speech. Jan is still fucked up and (understandably) has fucked up views of relationships, and of course the dude has at least 6 other victims who have come forward. I’m sure he’d still be at it if he hadn’t committed suicide. The law really does nothing for rape/grooming victims.

No. 143392

File: 1621563978125.png (287.01 KB, 424x327, Capture.PNG)

Goodnight, Sugar Babe: The Killing of Vera Jo Reigle. It's about a bunch of shitty people with shitty teeth killing a mentally disabled woman.
Seriously EVERYONES teeth in this is disgusting but it's still a good doc.

No. 146586

BALKA - Women, Drugs, and HIV in Ukraine

No. 148309

File: 1623757616006.jpg (14.96 KB, 300x450, 300x450.jpg)

Just came across a Belgian doc available to watch online for free talking about online harassment directed at women. I feel like this subject became so trivialized we barely talk about it anymore even though it's constant, disgusting and relentless, and tbh we keep seeing it on LC with regular raids, tho it's still nothing like when it's personal. For anyone interested, here's the link

No. 157009

Katie Piper was attacked with acid by her ex-boyfriend and an accomplice, causing major damage to her face and blindness in one eye. Piper underwent pioneering surgery to restore her face and vision. Documents her recovery.

No. 157010

Every year in the UK, 2,000 babies are born with ambiguous genitalia. Secret Intersex explores what it means to be born genderless by following a range of intersex cases: couples who have given birth to children with ambiguous genitalia and must decide, with a doctor’s help, on the gender of their child; a teenage girl who has lived with a penis structure for 15 years and is only now embarking on treatment; and an adult female who is still coming to terms with her gender after years of living as a male.

No. 157012

Secret Intersex. Another episode focusing on different people.

No. 157061

Boys Alone tested the common belief that a pack of boys left together in a house with no adult control for a long period of time will self-destruct – the theory couldn’t have been more right. This film applies the same house rules and observes what happens when ten 12-year-old girls are left in a house alone for five days.

No. 157062

Boys Alone. Take ten boys aged 11 and 12. A variety of shapes and sizes. A variety of backgrounds. A variety of experience of being away from home. Put them together in a house, with no adult control.

No. 162940

Death of a Welsh Spy. Gareth Williams died in a locked bag in a bath. Was his death covered up?

No. 163112

these are both so good. highly recommend

No. 186027

Hampow93, My Brother Which I Care For

Twin brothers who are completely unfiltered being documented just going about their day to day and talking about their lives. Set to a soundtrack of ambient music and edited in a very minimalistic style. I don’t want to give away too much but there is a bit of a twist towards the end so avoid the comments if you don’t want to be spoiled.

No. 186099

I watched Grey Gardens with my mom a few months ago and afterwards she just said that Little Edie really needed to get laid.

I watched that earlier this week! It really puts into context a lot of his work. I never assumed he was an intense gay masochist, but really that makes sense. It particularly puts into context the Black Triptychs.

This one really highlights the uniqueness and strangeness of people that end up in extreme places. Even the bus driver at the start had a crazy story about almost dying because of Central Americans or whatever. Pretty much everyone on Antarctica is some kind of expert in their own niche field and a corresponding weirdo.

Every documentary maker has biases and prerogatives, but Michael Moore is especially bad. He is very manipulative with the framing of events and facts in his documentary. Bowling for Columbine is a hard watch because of that, even if you completely agree with his position. I think he should let the facts stand on their own merits, especially if you think the facts are strong enough to use in the doc to start with, and not to twist them past the reality of truth.

Just saw this earlier this week! What the guy said sounds pretty cringy, but I think the emotions of being completely alone in a foreign environment like a kelp forest for hundreds of hours over the period of a year is hard to express verbally. Obviously humans live in nature, but it's something completely different to immerse yourself something like that every day for so long.

No. 186104

File: 1644684303996.jpg (107.54 KB, 1098x618, gamer.jpg)

Here are a few reccs:

Gates of Heaven
Documentary about two pet cemeteries, one successful and the other not. Errol Morris, the documentarian, just lets the people talk without interrupting them, so these people will ramble and say all kinds of weird things. Very colorful. If you like Gates of Heaven, I suggest Vernon, Florida by the same filmmaker. Same kind of thing, but with random rednecks in a small Florida town: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PxYik9RGEYo

Hands on a Hardbody
24 Texans compete to win a truck by holding onto it the longest in a contest. Quickly becomes a battle of wills and it's not about the truck anymore. This got adapted into a musical and I want to watch it sometime.

Undercover in Turkmenistan
Cool documentary about Turkmenistan, secretly filmed by some blokes. Tells you a little bit about the country and shows off the highlights. Despite Turkmenistan being a hardcore dictatorship, they have a good time and enjoyed it.

Alphabet: The Story of Writing
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7IUBglyvt8o (eps 1 & 2)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zVaE1A9EzF0 (eps 3 & 4)
English documentary from maybe the 70's about the history of writing, from the Egyptians towards modern times (only English). Especially cool because you see this guy's beautiful handwriting in a large variety of scripts. And he shows off how they made quill pens and things like that.

Outback Rabbis: The "Lost Jews" of the Wilderness
Orthodox Jews searching everywhere to find people with Jewish blood in Australia. Everywhere.

Chasing Ghosts: Beyond the Arcade
Documentary about the old school arcade nerds who got all the world records for games like Frogger back in the day and what they're up to now. Spoiler alert: they're almost all still creepy, weird losers.

No. 186329

Oh god I clicked on the human pups one and suddenly unlocked a buried memory of watching it with my parents as a teenager when it was first broadcast. Mortifying.

I know a guy who's exactly like this.

We live in Public
A massively autistic guy lucks out, making big bucks on the dot com boom and marrying an beautiful woman. He then ruins everything by conducting several batshit insane human experiments. The documentary attempts to understand why he did this. Recommended for anyone who likes cow documentaries. Couldn't find it on youtube, so here's a video of the subject getting beat up during a post-screening Q and A.

Deep Blue
Low budget but high quality documentary about chess computers.

Polybius Doesn't Exist
Explores the real origins of the Polybius arcade machine hoax.

No. 278660

Documentary; The Ghost Rapes of Bolivia part 1
An article on "the ghost rape of Bolivia" which inspired the novel Women Talking which the film Women Talking is based on. https://www.vice.com/en/article/4w7gqj/the-ghost-rapes-of-bolivia-000300-v20n8
Highlights from the article
>In 2005 men in the Mennonite community adapted a sedative spray from a chemical used to anaesthetise cows
>Every night they sprayed it into the windows of the bedroom where the women or children lay.
>It didn't matter if you were married, single, residents, visitors, the mentally infirm or even male.
>The victims recorded were ages three to 65
>The men would rape, bound, bruise and more.
>The victims would wake up dirtied, bruised and with pain "down below"
>The victims would at first keep it too themself because they have no idea what happened and are not educated enough to explain or know what happened.
>When they complained about it they were met with the accusation that it was just a wild female imagination or a cover up for an affair or even that it was a plague from God.
>Victims: wake up after sexual assault, clean their bed and themself, go about their day and repeat.
>In 2009 two of the men got caught which led to nine men begin arrested and they would have a trial in 2011
>The rapes still takes place despite them gone to jail. No one does anything to stop them but instead only puts better locks or bars on the windows, or big steel doors
>"Why would they need counselling if they weren't even awake when it happened"
>If the rapists asked penance from God, the colony would request that the judge dismiss their sentences and they would be welcomed back to the community.
>"…if she [the rape victim] didn't forgive, then God wouldn't forgive her."
>"That's all behind us now, we'd rather forget than have it be at the forefront of our minds."
>The victims didn't receive any therapy or counselling and even if it was possible they only spoke Low German and there wasn't any in Bolivia.
>The community had gotten psychological support offers from other Mennonite communities however the men turned them away.
>Rampant incest, sexual abuse and rape are the norm in Mennonite community
>One woman recounted who she gotten beat by her father at the age of ten because he had seen her brother fondle her. At the time she didn't know it was wrong and doesn't really remember when the sexual abuse had started.
>At age thirteen she had gotten raped by her brother. The assaults increased and she learned to live with it. It stopped when boys began to court her.
>After the woman had gotten married and given birth to two daughters. Her father would molest her daughters and her nephews would also do so. Her eldest daughter was three when she told her.
>"It happens all the time," she said. "It's not just my family."
>"They forgive a ton of gross stuff that happens in families all the time, brothers with sisters, fathers with daughters."
>While the woman took the case to the community leaders court which were all men, they excommunicated her father for a week and let him back into the folds as he miraculously turned his life around and agreed to the leaders promise not to do it again.
>The father continued to molest and sexually abuse but he hid it better.

No. 278661

The Ghost Rapes of Bolivia part 2

No. 278664

the new thread after the bunker >>>/m/210623
We should just continue to use this thread

No. 279836

This is proof that men aren't people.

No. 282810

>mothers and midwives told male doctors for years that babies need nurturing and caring
>moid doctors simply can't believe it cause "what do women know anyway"
>moid doctors instead perform convoluted, cruel and unusual experiment on monkeys with the end hypothesis that babies need nurturing and caring

No. 284034

not really a bizarre or shocking one but one that veganpilled me


i watched this one when my brain was still developing and its actually really fucked/sad. i watched it on youtube but its probably free somewhere else on the web

No. 284035

samefag but to clarify because i sounded dumb, earthlings is shocking just not in the way that documentaries about pervs are shocking/bizarre. everyone knows that stuff happens but seeing it really makes you feel horrible.

No. 284160

nsfl but also something everyone needs to see. only other thing i've ever watched on that level is "goodbye uncle tom" which has painfully accurate recreations of us slavery. couldn't finish earthings though (also veganpilled)

No. 297372

Cloning fraud and egg harvesting scandal, I haven't found the full tv expose but this video covers everything

No. 297386

Historical documentary about Marie Antoinette (2hrs)

Featuring a bunch of historians and myth-debunking about her life and how she was a much more complex person than the few disparaging pop culture lines we give her. It's in a mix of English and French, and the video has hardcoded English subtitles.

No. 297389

File: 1684525064705.jpg (7.68 KB, 276x183, 96707.jpg)

titicut follies, a documentary about a hospital for criminally insane and the patients in there. criticised, censored, disturbing film so watch with caution. includes nudity, force feeding, etc.


No. 297391

also, you can see doctors interviewing child rapists and so on so like i said, watch with caution

No. 297395

A short 12min doc about whalefalls and what they do in the deep ocean floor. The whole channel is about nature, and it seems like it's run by one guy who's always loved it. He has videos from when he was a kid making these still up lol.

No. 297403

File: 1684527710902.png (Spoiler Image,20.56 KB, 1080x494, Screenshot_20230519-111349.png)

Comment to clarify why this is so disturbing

No. 307214

More reason that moids should be roped. I hate them so much I hope that fuck dies a very miserable death

No. 324313

No. 324314

No. 324917

Georgian Skateboarders documentary.

No. 326118

No. 332572

File: 1699043897800.jpg (333.84 KB, 1000x1398, MV5BMmU1MTYwZmItYjc5Yi00MGFiLT…)

This documentary is different than how /pol/tards present it. It's about a Chinese company contracted to build a road in the Congo. It's the origin of the "it's all so tiresome" meme. You expect to see unique dysfunction from the Congo workers but actually you see how both sides have organizational problems in constructing the road.

No. 335353

I've been watching "Escaping Twin Flames" and lord I can't stop cringing, these "cult leaders" (scammers) are ugly as fuck. They literally look like the how poly redditors really look like meme

No. 335365

Tf some of them are hot

No. 335739

No. 345723

>Japanese Documentary about the people who live in the poorest region of china.

No. 347175

I just watched the most fascinating documentary about a woman who has a 7 second memory, and takes notes every second of her life. The ending was so interesting, because she met a man with her same condition who deals with the condition differently, and the difference in functioning is significant. Ms. Mizuta's note system is so efficient that it really helps her function in day-to-day life to the point that I almost started thinking "perhaps it's just a nervous crutch and she doesn't actually need it" until she met the man at the end of the documentary. If you watch this, I'd love to chat a bit about it!

No. 347380

this was such an interesting doc! man, ms.mizuta is so brave for facing her disability head on and fighting literally every waking moment to grab life by the horns. imagine if life was a series of stepping stones that disappeared as soon as your feet touched them, i dont know if i could cope half as well as she does. and the fact that she reviews her day every night and reviews her months again and again to slowly retain memories… i'm honestly surprised she shredded her journals without visibily showing how scared she was, though her constant laughter seems to be a nervous defense mechanism/brave face.
do you know if her mother and her is still alive? i tried googling but only got results for a totally different person and no updates on mizuta specifically. i can't imagine how i'd feel if i kept forgetting if my mom died and i had to find out all over again hundreds of times before it slowly started sticking in my mind. she really is one of god's strongest soldiers honestly. i wonder how far she could've gotten with her same tenacity if she didn't get sick

No. 347723

> i can't imagine how i'd feel if i kept forgetting if my mom died and i had to find out all over again hundreds of times before it slowly started sticking in my mind.
I was thinking the EXACT same thing! Like you, I also failed to find any updates via English language searching, I was about to try searching in Japanese but I stopped because I was afraid of seeing an update where her mom died for the reason you mention. I kind of don’t want to know, it would make me too sad.
Another thing I was thinking about is that she must have very painful repetitive stress injuries in her hands. I got RSI in my hand after I drew too much for an art assignment a few years ago, it still flares up to this day, and that was from just one day of overuse. She is literally writing every waking moment, I can’t imagine she’s not injured. I wonder if she’s just muscling through the pain?
Witnessing how much worse off the man at the end was with his inferior note taking was really eye-opening. Ms. Mizuta was able to keep herself oriented to what was happening and who he was throughout her visits with him, whereas he kept forgetting who she was and what they were doing. She is seriously amazing, I can’t imagine having such grit and determination, especially when it was revealed that she doesn’t even have “Ah, that’s right!” moments when she reads back her notes, and is really not remembering the events when she re-reads them. To find motivation to keep going despite that is a testament to her strong mentality.

No. 347738

Oh my god, her expression when that guy repeated himself over and over

No. 347743

This should be shown to all koreaboos (and weebs at that) about how these countries aren’t such magical places because of kdramas and K-pop and anime

No. 347744

every fucking day of my life

a crazed moid physically assaults his wife and children on a daily basis (hence the name of the documentary). the abuse is witnessed by multiple people who are interviewed in the documentary but nobody does anything and the wife continues to be beaten within an inch of her life and injured. one day she has enough and she and her teenage son work together to murder him.

No. 347746

I know, I feel like she was really internally wanting to give him note taking tips but was too timid/ could see that the guy was likely stuck in his ways after 20 years of operating the way he does.
I would like to be her friend, it wouldn’t bother me repeating things for her since I grew up doing that for a family member with a brain injury. I’d love to see her out of her shell. She seems so stressed out on camera at least. I hope she can avoid becoming too isolated.

No. 347747

This looks interesting, I’ll probably watch it tonight! I love the title.

No. 348093

did you end up watching it? if so i'd be interested in hearing your thoughts. half of the discussion online is people agreeing that they were justified in killing him and the other half is moids saying that it's wrong to kill a man while he's sleeping even if he is an extremely violent abuser who knocks seventeen teeth out of his wife's head and frequently threatens to murder his own children. personally i think some moids are too dangerous to live and if they hadn't put him down it would have just been a matter of time before he killed his entire family. even if they had somehow managed to escape he would have just found another woman to terrorize.

No. 348732

I did wind up watching it. IMO he was clearly a psychopath, she did the world a favor and I'm glad that she didn't get more than 10 years. Even the judge seemed to not want to have to sentence her.

No. 348792

I've been on a documentary binge these last few days so I'm gonna drop them and some thoughts.

>Midnight Family

In Mexico the government has less than 50 ambulances available for a population of around 9 million people, so now ambulances have become a privatized business and this doc follows one family who owns a private ambulance. It's sort of "day in the life" style, and at times didn't even feel like a doc. There were some moments that really cut deep at one point one of the men is working on resuscitating a baby and the reveal when the baby lifts it's arm was really upsetting It's such a harrowing look into capitalism, seeing this 17 year old boy race wit another ambulance just so they can get to the scene first and then after that still have to ask the injured people for money. There was also a part at the end that I found so conflicting but this is the reality that this family lives in.

>The Deepest Breath

I think free diving is a stupid and reckless sport, but this was really well made and interesting, and that opening scene where we just follow the dive down and back up in complete silence to then see this face come up and look like she was dying was a very good intro. About the dive at the end they were not prepared in the slightest. If this is such a dangerous thing to be attempting, why is there only one safety? why is there no visibility on the rope? I think steve needed those extra 20 seconds because his heart was beating too fast out of worry for the girl. Is there no led light or beacon or anything they could have put on the rope? And then the friends try to blame innocent snorkeling tourists for no visibility when they were the ill prepared ones overall a preventable death and what's crazy is that she's still diving to this day.


I really enjoyed this one and it's probably best to go in a little blind so I won't say much. Just one thing of course it was a man. There's not a single woman who would ever go to such lengths for a fetish. It is interesting however, to see so many men being victims of not even revenge porn, just something slightly weird they did when they were desperate for money, in conclusion gay men are degenerates as we all know

This is already long so I'll leave it there, but some other ones I watched were Tell Me Who I Am, The Imposter, Dear Zachary (wild) and Three Identical Strangers

No. 348977

Tickled and The Imposter are wild rides. i really enjoyed them.

No. 367517

File: 1712149438650.jpg (123.04 KB, 518x801, the Beaver Believers.jpg)

Reviving this thread to recommend The Beaver Believers. https://vimeo.com/ondemand/thebeaverbelievers (it's actually free to watch just click on the trailer and the whole doc plays). Really informative and entertaining doc about how beavers are a keystone species and all the good they can do for water conservation and creating habitat for other animals.
If anyone has any more hopeful nature documentaries I would appreciate any recommendations. I'm going to watch Fantastic Fungus today because I've heard good things.

No. 368370

I keep trying to finish this but it's I'm not sure I'll ever be able to sit through it all because it's too fucked up.

No. 373316

Three months later, I’m still thinking about Ms. Mizuta. Something about her story is really stuck in my heart and in my brain. I wish I could write her a letter (of course I don’t speak Japanese so its just a fantasy) but I wonder if she’d do well with a pen-pal? She’d probably need to keep a copy of what she sends back so she remembers what she said when she receives the reply, but she seems good at organizing so I bet she could do it without too much trouble. Pen-pals, being a long-term social relationship through writing, seems uniquely suited for her. I wonder if she corresponds that way with anyone already.
I think this documentary itches my heart because it makes me really want to walk through the screen and befriend her but it’s impossible. If I was fluent in Japanese I really would try to write her a letter.

No. 373879

File: 1714090941178.jpg (316.02 KB, 1280x720, p26708867_b_h8_aa.jpg)

currently watching pic related, only on episode 2 but i feel like ive already learned so much. i wasnt expecting it to go so heavy into details on the geopolitics outside of WW2 that happened

No. 373880


bored in a training with too many fucking scrotes(not your personal army)

No. 373881

fuck me wrong tab sorry janny

No. 376558

Short silent documentary about female Ama / japanese pearl divers in the 40s. fyi they are topless in the footage which is traditional according to reports (strongly suspect some of the men who went to photograph them after the war were not really doing it to document cultural practices; nowadays they wear a white diving uniform.)

No. 376559

File: 1714859652677.png (387.84 KB, 740x540, Girls Spend most of their time…)

it's a short doc but this intertitle / subtitle from it was hilarious so I wanted to share

No. 377201

there's something wrong with aunt diane

in 2009 diane schuler was returning home from a camping trip with her son, daughter, and three nieces when she drove her van in the wrong direction down a parkway before crashing into another vehicle. everyone in the crash was killed except for her son. witnesses found alcohol bottles in diane's van and an autopsy revealed that she had a BAC of 0.19% as well as THC in her system. the documentary explores whether or not the crash was an accident or if diane purposefully intended to kill herself and the children.


No. 377384

This doc has stuck with me since I watched it as a high schooler. It partially inspired me to become a child care aide. I still think of Didi from time to time. I really hope she's doing alright it's impossible to find updates about anyone in this doc.

No. 390007

No. 390837

No. 391168

love this documentary. does anyone have other 9/11 documentary recommendations?

No. 391170

Have you watched the Naudet brothers documentary? It's all raw footage and they're able to follow the firefighters around in the office lobbies. They were there to film a documentary about a rookie firefighter and then…9/11 happened lol.

No. 392773

Impossible? kek try looking up ''Bulgaria's Abandoned Children Revisited'' I'm from Bulgaria and this documentary actually led to a national outcry and major changes in our legislation. Because of it we are working towards closing all orphanages by 2025. Hope that helps!

No. 392826

Where will all the orphans go…?

No. 392887

Documentary about now adult children who were born from wartime rapes that were committed during yugoslav wars.

No. 393057

They are with foster families or “Family Type Care Centers”, obviously neither is ideal, but it is far better than the orphanages that existed 10-20 years ago.

No. 393110

Ooooh nice. I've always loved the topic of "inherited evil" and the guilt that comes after it. Can't imagine the internal turmoil they go through.

No. 395341

Seconding the Naudet bros documentary, the part where they hug always gets me. This one is great too. Some radio shows recorded the day of also make good listens.

No. 395613

not sure if it's been linked, but i think about this one a lot


No. 395621

Honestly I think the men have a huge chance of being rapists themselves and should be monitored. If he had even a little bit of “shame” they would kill themselves to honour their morher. But of course he’s busy wanking to porn and playing video games.

No. 395929

Can anyone recommend some documentaries about animators / animations / animation studios / history of cartoons?
the only ones i've seen is 6 days to air about south park (which was honestly kind of dull) and happy happy joy joy the ren & stimpy one. what else is there worth watching?

No. 398681

80s documentary on the rise of kfc in nippon, lol

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